Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 10 of 112
Page 10 of 112

Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 9
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Averett University - Pendulum Yearbook (Danville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

n Q' 'M f, ' Bl CURTIS VANCE. BISHOP, A.B., A.M., LIT'I'.D. President The class of l948 is unique in the history of Averett College. Twenty- six per cent of its members are men. The presence of these men is due to a tragic chapter in human history! but their presence has been an agreeable experience in Averett's history. May their participation in your history serve as a constant challenge to each of you tO work constantly and diligently for permanent peace in the world. To each of you, men and women alike, Averett will look for a fair share of the leadership that the world sorely needs in this year l948! QQ? 749K if 'YSKIG lhiinitfva I-1 u-A-num T .EM 'R l A1 lil n L.irb""'Q I Avdfu sl1lP and of mel ' lthiip mild 75110559 pled! l This mel T wi11.l'm,,, " by the be I ,I alwalf ly fl other and l . wilys 8531 f is only gl 1 l abide 6 , with ll them U ' at I Twin if you no T the balm ol ' Over WMP membeiisyw slfifld , L into action uninns, W are Wlse ml " ln nhvne 1 , ISSJE 'M BE "Any Plan: spoils IW' .ivaiillu 5353 physical elm lcins sal? She the W. A. 5 Hockeyw Lenibcr 22 W :ill live. llisf publicity and .ve can.0Xlm with Stmtlon some lime in lcorgc Wafb n the school: ball opens nl games have lr ning pool is ivemlay exce 'or them who Interesting vith lliss Je: Jannecluhm n Tuesday a 'hc Fulk Da flonrlay evenn noel some mg The ping p up for anyonf .Jislics lo play mclo lor than nom dancing, n interest, th ut. Miss Jenkn eecls mpre gn rom the stud. Peanut e Re On Scptenih l. C. the 5 ivuutt Colleg x dinner in h now juniors n year. While i busmes ther have peanut We all looks ' wonder at thi it was, li w 5 class to :egg have "Pram lint to eigh' of fun and' sehml nan 3 lmlllll. l he the dn Student 1, 3 name Q L .Alterleiy tting her 1: Ra Small Q H Lfonlinnc X the we ,em M gletting i lone who were he: l This 1 Uh M, i A1 mg huh, ku AWN 'WL li " ' ' L' ""4 .Y V "' ie 1. 'T' ,- ' ' ,--.1 ls- .A , , , K g1,.'x,r. fL':i.,.'.:'gx..- ': : 'lf' ' .. " S' " "za v , , , . , , , .. ..-M Jw, , -.A-..,..,, A..,..,- ,. -A , ,-I.-V -M -ff-W.-. . -. ,va A H ggi I, . , , , s., . , ,,,.., V u --,.,..a-,.,- - ..4 AV, A , - . 1 . V . - , . ., Q- ,4 'Q . ., X. Y - A V in - . . . A. -. . M ,WM ., ..,,i , U., J ,vs-, -..L ,.,.,..,.,,4.,.:.-f5,. .-,,.,,,,,e, , 7,71 .,-u Y ,.--.., ,. -s - " , .

Page 9 text:

1 X6 Y. V bw ilu. -Q s C X DR. MARGARET LAN HAM , EDICATICDN With a feeling of admiration and gratitude for the professional and personal integrity that is hers-an integrity which has inspired each of us to strive toward becoming a higher and finer type of person-we dedicate this PENDULUM to Dr. Margaret Lanham.

Page 11 text:

ledges Completed By Student Body JU 'U'i"Y'llQeaders For Year Nameq :XX'l'l'ull'5 Sm-on , H IJ. A International Relations Club Begins Discussions Sion of world n-nd intel-national uf worded quite 8 treat on 'I'hurS the names of all new Ju I fl e .1 fairs and is sponsored by the 'Car R d 'bloosijtiij of tht Avuctt Coljegc das mgh cert waS fcrmine which society eg ncgic Endowment for InLe1'nutionzM mt met recently WU I the Averctt auditorium by Ong to The completed is Pence. Mr. Muthcny, the club sponso tm to dull 0 the local chap n Gurney, the wel L ulletm bo amd Baxrbairzx Britt, the president, u umt ft On the work thc- Ayer t L ne who was a member of theas poSsibl I looking.: i'urw:u'd to the first of tluink vX1lSl:fldd01Y1E this year A mcftt Mdtrgpolitan Opera COmpany forhfi NEMO eight meetings which is to be hum on on S0Pttmber 26 with iod of nne years During t lPrcsiden sometime lute in October. The in mmm and flclllly advisers 0 mg he perfolmed in thirty 0ratorlf?Vicc Pres: Ann ings :irc sometimes held in Mr. Somc of th OH HHN ytai S xttivities portrayed Hfty diflffent Ch11faSme a thcny's home, but for the most Kills MHHL Cioatitivntlts discussed were S Mr Gurney was accompari10dlfNews Rcpor Ann ax,-c conducted at the college. I shows u I it hospitals with talent phmlp Morgan Chaplain Marianna . 1 The full topic of the Iiitcrriatiithlg ,VLH :VI guise in Home Nursing, is selections given in fouii??:5:Studtnt Cr Joan l 2 4 M Relations Club has not yet been hm alma L Swing, Lljuygc Winch included songs in English PHIL0 cimled, but during thc winter mo COUXSL YV Started 'ind 1 nutrition German They were the type Preside Angel t C the discussions will concern eitheif I mall enjoyable 0 Vice Pres: en United Nations, Russia, or Pkllflfy 'hoisting 123511131 date time WH 1, I ngbgtlhzllretnlts Odle deserving menfSecre a Veg? During the your the Carnegie lcruud In -1 students who art in s Guioris All Day on the Prairfqcwh Repo' I Car dowmcnt for International flute Ru, CI-l0'1Hllg this Averett o gong wrlttgn especially for Chapla Kitt sends to the club ten or twelve boom ow nl may Another song which rf-:CG Student Cri Mario y and pumphlcts,f1'ee 0fCl12ll'gC, on remendous ovation was an encore, 'T world conditions. nm, club arclnot chosen until the end uf the 3-ur, we' '. fl' Q S Q members " ' B r H. , . 1113 lldllll S lui' hi -1- l I , "W" :,,:2:rsnJl:Hllfuilsxif'VWVU' 1-looted mil Muny interesting cyents ure plun- Rwu- ,xwwn Smdem has bwn Iwwlwvn Swgll-wll'.l1y, lmwvvor, Ul0l'gllCll for thu Internntiomxln Relations' .venting the words: "l nu-opt the IH S Aix 'ww prlwidllmliees imulv sirim-.Ulllll Uf Awhrvlt COHCIIC- lhv Cllllli' ls tlun-ity nf thu Student Council of :ls :md D l' S line SL-Illilllilno Tllolmcolwclillcll mth the Study and dlbtubi it-1-,-gg College in nuitlvrs of citizen- ollicors, Tim Sm.0l,hHg, Odiffxitwo "UW ip and honor," lt is tho requirement llcllvniv C,,u,,k,il lnm3lhNfL'5t' Ol' P1111 QW School that every Student luke luwsg US' mi' Us f0l- is pledge und promise hor willillil' V fss to uphold if bb' llel' Sllflmmw' Prvsil' l ZEX This pledge nwuns that the person vii llill , .. ...Izmvt Smullox' ill, to the best of her ability. lllmlv Q wxldcm ""'t"""' -'-- P Girixv Vano- ' the rules of the school, There will ' 'l"m"Y and Tl'l'2lSlll'u1'. l':it-'l'c:1Slci' ways be rules in one form or un- ROR ' ' .her and although one does not ul- p,.cSidum , I nys agree that they ure the best, 11 vice Plucsilivbl-li ......., ,,,.,,,,. Pi-is Newell only fair und 1-ight that one should svcrulmiv M '1Qi:,x.'..l,, ara .lo llollt-mlm hide by them while in connection ' K-lelll'0l'. Gene Tzlylor ith the establishment that has soup. Q KPK iem up, E . I , ., ,,.,.,. Joan Suntucci The Student Council is asking thuisnfw 1'-:idcnt ,.,.,....,,,,.,.....,. Lee Guinn- l you would read over the Pledgil ii Ll'Ll1ll'Y Q Treasurer, Ann Kuclin: ne handbook und p0SSiblb' talk i DPS . le ver with one of the Student C0UH0lPI'0sident. .. . B iembcrs, perhaps you could undc1Yicu President, i,',i, ,Hughes ta-nd it, better, Then you could PILSQQ. LQ Trans. .. ., 51.12. , gun Brut Usulm the Jumol membms of the Ito at-tion the sentence: "ThGSe Fel ' 5 'O RQUINA' lations. to the best of my knowledfp TFT 1 ho X01 re wise und just, und it is my desi'YffT'd0"l-l- .. plu- Sylvia Kildulr l -N '2'f1""'V93 mid Slipl-wrt them-" SiZi0511Rfl2lz0llt ..., .....,,.,.,., Bebe Jones due tn th ' TFCBSUVCYU Vmldll Sharp Senior nu BEGINS .aCT10N1i,-QSM ,,.sr,, SA fiffhcflq 1- Vice Pre-s.., ...,, Q LGCHC. Thomas mg: ,ME AM, Plum for tht ,KH and msec. Sz Tl-cus vqnpu L- oo Rlttc-nbql-g :cu n rts must lic wlmt the student: AI,P1f.txl'iSgIg:-at-Callol Lucas li ut." says Bliss Jenkins, our xiox-pwsidont A WA mmm ll b , . . , is L u c 'Su-:il olluculiuii Lcaiulicr. Miss Junl A .. .. .L..,Pi1t Ayres 5,,,m,M,g,,,,' s says Shu will lmuck up any plains W A A W A, A have S . , "V UB' 5'1S1!l 4 pcncl Blom nv. on c. . ,S . -it q .4 mum l it Lx 5 x I I E S 1, iw 22 fu -. - . a I P F1 12:11. Pe f0Qfdm' OU nf llrllj' mul iliu-11-sl shown thus fur vain export il guml seusun. A gum The ivA,.xk presented tht I 1 iimrl' 'I I- - I X -- - 0 lH'0l-ffillll Tl -- . - 1 C lapel ., - . on 1.15 -lun Stliunlulcml lor I 1 'med-15, Oclubcl- 10- The 0 lllilu in IM-ccrnlwl' Games with :LZEIILZSC iff lgc IJl'0gl'zun was to 'n rgt- Washington High and tennis 9 10 0 icers of th ' I - he school are also planned. Basket- the Sports 'mmi'l!'f"5 Und i0lL:t:h1alld opens after hockey season and gli-is out -for Sports and gene,-:HCT ws llllxl' been plunnml The swim- llillyi the Vmerust UU!-l Slfirit in utll g pool is open from four to five gum' I 'ydaiy except Friday :xml Sutilixlny, P1'0Sident of the 0I"Lllll . - those who wish a dip. Bucket Boothe, opened thi P1.Zd?,0n' ilcrustiils clubs lizxvc been formeal gil tgescllibmg the Various ucliitiidg Bliss Jenkins cliim-cliiig. llodcrn WH 9 Xl.-1.-L A skit followed in cu club will met-r from four to live l Ich the oflicers and sports mm .lLl0Sll1ij'2'Hl1l TllLll'Stl1lj' afternoon. 3553 were lntl'0dUC6d. The model.: I-'nik Dance Flulv will meet on Josie gffmll gave their inipx-Qsslon of rluy L-veiiziiggs. Swimnimg Club will dahcs lfllmers D0em, Trees: a folk some night during thc week, Club sallam presentedg and the Hockey no ping pong: table has been Sei folloxyedni Lheli- Song- A few cheers , ed b5 the cheey, leaders. Ps are: Bucket Boom or unyouc who has free time and The oflice prefd - . ,Q A 0, a11dblCllliifcPCElt Alles' wee-pl-esldellfi The N V 459. secretary-tl-Qasurel.. A sports manage,-5 are. hockey Put Fresg tennis Term, Kar' . ,I - US' budmix L- on, Ann lxl!lChlOCQ baseball Ll h Czliilllllf swimming, Peggy faucet V0 Oy bali, Gene . . ,, ei in-is Kiigour. Timm' basketball' us lv play Plains are also being' - for those who wnnt to learn ball dancing, lf enough people show item-st, these plans will be czlrrictl ss Jenkins thinks that Avcrctt a more spirit, but this Jnust rmnu the stiivli-v-H " V, , t W ek' Q amlle-eslablished ence Bagel? Clgiit Mlilehlelsenl Flo' ' 0 an Irene T. ,' d J '. - 45101 flirlxde-ean .Chine Richey. The cheer gran "fa ' ' ton September 10'-ll Hi ll llshlng of .8 the Alumni Association 5 ,. - . vc tt College from that area, ga d ' I e in honor of the 50111015 as 141116 mei' I . - tt t is H T juniors !'Cw"'mlg to Abelzjnd old O S . wmie dascussinzf 1332, you Suu ftion 0 neSZai1hL?tq:'::k'Z" was lJf0ugh upa 3 , L 8h an looked Mm what ider at the question ab the Senior .as It was decided Y . . nd N - - me the old Uadluon a . is t0Pre:ut week" during Octobel ve H eanu ' - avyveek at to eigbth.1PeaE:2hxxj5ll4d:1L m -the and fr0lC d 'na flgi wan have hcl' name pm? win lo ut On October first there h pean - I Q by eac the drawing ofeixfiztqolsi Wm fmd udem. lr? tlgi Poi VOUQ classmates. name 0 ' ' fthout let- fter learning Who She ls' XM fu lace' , , ch day YOUVH V I ng he1'Wll' ea rd in her room. small glfr orufzeanuv. This wail . - 'Ho . ,gning it as abweck- The last nite oi onlmue, fin -'11 resent her with a. iugcffDramatic Club On Monday evening September 29th the formal opening of the Av erett Dramatic Club was held The ing to Join this year ueie present The Dramatic Club has as its Presi dent Joan Santucci with Miss Eliza beth Otwell as faculty advisor The club holds meetings every Monday night and it gives one semester cred it and allows three cuts a semester At this meeting the new people were required to fill out a form stat- ing their names whether they wished to act prompt take care of lig s make-up the players or work back stage. Requirements for admittance to Delta Psi Omega the national on- R Ou ul p orary dramatic fraternity were - he wee 5 H and Sign your nanicp g fxffa mee gl, V that you WOW th several other activities the club spon- 'eulng her lim-l sweet to hcl' YO sors throughout the year. Each mem-' one who wah my ' ber is awarded a certai-n amount nf were her peanlili I-Oved to be one 'points for work done. He must earn Th: Wei? 332,Sp,.n Averett. S0 a definite number of points in order ,y,,. mum - -- --' ANTICL lained alon with the mention THE CH EER AVERETT ON y BUCK 1 HE COL G ' . GIATE PRI-:SS ASSOCIATI usmesn or Tm. vmcmm INTERCOLLE i ma P THE COLUMBIA scHoLAS'ric PRESS ASSOCIATION 0 ' f rmshmgb 4 is anymms .heed Upen an- 'V he mamma o u - 'rel co1.LscxATS Pnsss I M t g The mokef M f u t MEMBER or IN L Subscription rate S100 Wt IGH S here of the 5 CXUSWQIXQSSH fees an pon and eatre The members of the cu t . -' , a T 1 I - Y l old members, as well as those .wish- A I . Yi , . - ll , , ' i . , hi , , h , ex of IT E 4 c l r e IM lonfhlf I i i I ' 0 mo p nd ex he under gy Pfinted Spire Impro If E W S T A F F PRISCILLA 'NEWELL of Gung Ph' Notch antony Autumn Dance Octo 1- elven ual ui: Marble afkerfs in-ChieL ,. .....,.. ,,,.. . ., ,..... ., ............. .,.. - ,....... ANN Kszurw l-- . t b S allfllmn dance f emo! e1 of t 1 e he Editor V- -- """ """"' ...,. , .4,.. .Auczun Suwos JnAN GANTUCCI ,, . ,, , Ye, Every Wednesday at Chapel mme en Y the stude f SP0nsired ills 18 'fled he S

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