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1.-, .1 ......-.. ,.....................-.. .,.., - X. N, , is '1 53' 3' PRESINIINIJ NIEMIIRIIS IN REVIEW Al-I5 0056 2 1 -lj? L X Q -A Dk I X511 ' 1 31 0 1' . cox 0 O o o 4 o 17 4 I Published 1 fails iv' f IIHIICAIIII As we approach the end of our high school career, we can see very clearlythat with out the deep understanding and remarkable efficiency of our friend and principal , M Dollar, we could never have accomp lished our goal as seniors of 1950 To Miss Chenault, for her never failing kindness, her loyalty to us and to our school, her willingness to accept extra burdens, her continued interest in our welfare we also wish to express our deep est gratitude It is with sincere affection that wededl cate this 1950 volume of the Austinville Hivh School Annual to Mr Dollar and Miss Marvaret Chenault D f'1 Z! 2 4- f - ' my ,, y Vpwl ll nv Q! My IACIIHY Miss Frances Collier E ur e rs S M D01 p History Coach Physical Education U 'ww-Mm.: J L Miss Mavis McCaghren Mr gSYi2Cg Price MTS Cecil Teague Bus H953 Home Economics 13 MSN'Do1I- Manual Training Miss Margaret Chenault Principal Erqlish 3 1 Y Mr. ly M . la Q K: lf: l bl gf xifpr l' P. 'L I . 2 42.51 l I'. . V. la Twelve years ago, a kand of eager students started out in the'r first Yea? to d0lV0 into the mysteries of 'Peadin' 'R1t1n', and 'Rlthmet c' Out of 40 students who started in 57 58, there are only four Elaine Millwood, Ethelene Crowe, Barbara Jones, and Martha McCulloch who have re mained to the end The rest of the present senior class have joined these either in the grades, or in high school In the third grade we had a new comer to enter our class Jimmie Hill from Maywood, Illinois After going through many trials and tribulations of elementary and junior high, we started out in our sophomore year with many new faces From Noulton Heights came Jewell P hcCulloch, Lewis Key, Nilton Russell Grace Hitt, Irene Johnson, H1lda.Ledlow , Inez hullican, and Sara Nell Pettus From Decatur came Frances Arthur, Ralph Sharp, and Scott McClanahan and Robert Fields From Danville came Petty Hoveland From Flint came Letha Glasco and Carolyn Howard When we came to school as 1un1ors, our class had lost several old faces, whom we missed very much We wave a most successful Junuor Senior Panquet u der the direction of Miss Mavis McCaghren In lQ49, as seniors, we started out Margaret Chenault, with an enrollme t of Coker and Don Compton, just after school all of whom we hope will raduate in '50 to edit the school paper, NThe Black and to graduate with our new sponsor, Miss 22 but we lost two of them, Ted began Our enrollment is now 20, This year our biggest 1obs are White Gazette,n the annual, and We will always be grateful to our parents and teachers for making it possible for us to arrive at this junction of our Education careers far? xuv Y ,u4" 4 Frances Arthur Class Historian of '50 I ' 1. . . - 4 A , , Lf! , . Q A .1 11 - l ,,, F , ' A J ,, . Q l -- I . -.. A 1 0 ..-, . . . x . Q T , -. 1 vw - - I rx 4 - ' , 3 . T ' .- . I l f, 1 , 4. x X - - I ' . f I '- x .' x ' 0 . ' I , , Y 5i"f'57 m Q , S S ua" .Q 'D CLASS OFFICERS Secretary, Irene Johnson president Eth 1 C , e ene rowe TPS-9S111'61"p SHPE Pettlls Vice President, Ralph Sharp l Y " Q 4 11,71 gd i 1. Q .V , , 3 ?,. 1 ' 'fn I N-------"" .. ,, ww w,H ii ff " V '-8 gt 4 ir x K XX N ,- ati L' Yigfyukleir X Nfl, Jbiledba. Aj-Lqffi, A o ' I , ,p,l M.,AJ, N f I ,tl Qr Lgqgjl.,-lf-7111 "eff ,IJ ' fixjgj r ' fi A Jlrene Johneonm uNlss Austinvilleu Zlass Secretary Annual Staff Paper Staff n Beta Club FTA 4, L N f u "mi O3 of lu! W fp 'I n 1-an 'of 0 J 0 Cr ,V :as V ' ' Jimmie ill Annual Staff V A 1 AJ? Ethelene Crowe Pres. Senior Class Student Council Annual Staff Beta Club FTA Q Paper Staff ii' Jewell McCulloch Nullican Annual Staff L Staff Beta Club Paper Staff FTA Beta Club FTA 6 I. ,QW riff!! l' xng 9'2- 490 f we IV .5 M5 Milton Ruesell Elaine mllwood " St ff Pres. Student Council Aging? Stiff Basketball Team Bgta Club Annual Staff f Mfg, ya t5?fe Carolyn Howard Secretary of Student Council J fp! Annual Staff Paper Staff f, fl :Q Beta Club FTA 1 V, 1 1 ,Lpjl X iv l ,LW uf? ',-11, me C J f ff' Sara Nell P ,tus QI' u Class Treareurer- A WCW "Cl3l9U3h9n Annual Staff eport: Lditcr Paper Staff Annual ogaff meta Club Paper Staf FTA 7 I Robert Fields Basketball Team Annual Staff ,foo-oiuxj Martha McCulloch Annual Staff Beta Club Hilda Ledlow Annual Staff Paper Staff 4-H Club Q Beta Club Letha Glasco Ralph Sharp Annual Staff Class Vice Pres Beta Club Basketball Team Annual Staff fauna Barbara Jones A Good Citizenship Gir Annual Staff Paper Staff Lewis Key Annual Staff Betty Hogeland Annual Staff Beta Club Paper Staff Beta Flub 4 H Club Grace Hitt Frances Arthur Annual Staff' Annual Staff 9 FTA Club , s o ' fl . e' 'll l 4 L, X , "A K 1 f Ai It we' ' 11 I ' X K' ,Il 1: -P j ,fp 'IN 5 J kb 1 fl ln 021 M A -nw Sissies" """'9lf Dream Girlsi' No- Caught off Guard? om UN Look Out" w Us-an 1 icy-cle vi Hold that Po e Leap Frog' A Built F I' Twof, Winkn' olinkn' nod9 Farm' 90195 69 wo Q and Bad Boys TO Mba gg iw..--'wmv fr lf Q SUCCESS in Mr' J 3 fy NXX A Look into the Magic Lake of X m fff Qt X, The Future wrfN 'Q X x Walking through an enchanted garden I came upon a magic lake stared in hewildermert at the signs that appeared before my eyes on the different waves as they passed out to sea On the first wave that comes into view I see a studio where a talented young artist is seated at her easel As I look closer I see that she is Barbara Jones h is that a picture of the president she is painting? As the second wave comes closer I see a large office building On the neon sign I see that it's nScott McClanahan Jr Insur ance H With his sales talk, he's sure to make a success The next wave has on it a modern New York dress shop, where there 1 featured, exclusively "'The Howard Style " It seems Carolyn has quite a chain of shops across the nation, and she designs clothes for the movie stars On this wave that now comes into View I see a Wac working on some special reports for an Army General It has been whispered she's saving her salary to start a childrens home Not a bad idea, Elaine What a strange lowing, I hear coming from tb' green wave of grass country Here are hundreds of prize Hereforos Of course this could only be the "Key" Ranch and there is Lewis walking into the ranch house now Well what is this? Two lovely vine covered cottages Just alike On the mail box I see one belongs to Mrs. Lonnie McCulloch, and although I can't see the name on the other, it must be Sarah's, because one could see that those little red headed boys could only be hers. The next scene is a very familiar one, the gym of Austinville High School. The Senior boys are practicing basketball and who do you think is the coach? Yea! you guessed it, it's Ralph Sharp. Here comes the next wave. Well who is this lovely young girl whose smile is so radiant? Can it be she's modeling Colgate Tooth Paste. No, it's Irene Johnson, who is now a dentist's wife. I see on the next wave a young lady taking care of two darling children. Could this be Ethelene Crowe? Yes! well anyone can tell they aren't her own. She is still fancy free. She's acting as governess for a rich, young, widower's children. No fair Ethel! Better stick to taking care of the kids. 135 iff . ' f Y A f " -. ' . . . v , A.. A 4""t'- U. vis - .. 7 ,I -pa..-2 --:V La ' " " "" " ' -j JJ 'ju - ...f- "I ' I. ft A Y 'tri I 0 , .Mg ,f 5, . I My iggk lbf' F -fm "' fr I 'ref 'wk JD, .,, .,-f" L' 'W TY 45 la H- 'Tflkffe ", w'frr '32 E F J' fx 14 W' sau' ,C -m.mwJ 'H 5. -:- '- "' ' -w 55 022.1 ' .3 A:-1' Ffa' Z .-gg ' ,.y '95, 'gn' Q ' V ' . -. .4 if v , X r . 1.. 3 au' X. i ' AIX' f igffrgggwzy : fx X Aal , - s fglnfsdeqfe I ,A 5 'THa4',AMQlg-53114 "'.-.V-Q .gwgL4,.:v.JT5IS'EPi.4n ' . I .J . I U , . s --- I . - Q I 3 . J I - J I A I y .- U U n I And here comes an Architect busy at his drawing. He's de31gn1ng the New White House. This is a very important job, but 11m Sure he's capable since this is one of the artists of the l95O Senior Class at Austlnville High School, Jimmy Hill Look at that, here comes our cute little red head, Letha Glasco She is now modeling for Powers Bet she makes the men turn their heads In a tiny hospital room I see an attractive blond nurse, Betty Hogeland, taking care of a male patient With a nurse like that I'm sure these patients will stay on the emergency list How did that plane get on this wave? Anyhow, I can see the pas sengers looking comfortable and happy It's no wonder with stewardess like Hilda Ledlow Coming from this next wave I hear nCalling Dr Russelln nCall1ng Dr Russell Wonder how Milton finds time to squirrel hunt now that he's a doctor The Verdict, "Not guilty " Yes, Robert Earl Fields has finally done it He ha just been admitted tothe bar and he's just won his first case I'm sure ever one ill R b t last achieved his success as a lawyer W agree O er nas at What's this I hear the sound of a typewriter on this Wave? And what language that secretary is using' Could it be Inez Mullican is still making mistakes in her typing? I see lext a crowded night club, where many are enjoying an evening of dining and dancing, and there is Martha McCulloch She is now singing with Tex Beneke Does this town look familiar? Why yes' This is Moulton and who do we see picking flowers in the rose garden surrounding the tiny Glenn Home Frances Arthur well, 1sn't sh the lucky one? Look at that sign on the next wave It's a road id fil s e ling station and Bar B Q stand combination and yes, there's Grace Hitt She's ri t p va e secretary and bookkeeper for the boss I bet she is kept busy The waves go by, and the magic is gone as we stroll further into the enchanted garden of the future J ,Ov L all +3 I2 . . a . .il . , 0 :B . ---by Grace Hitt I 1 yn Q Nil ' H- ' 0 X me: U I msgs. 'gn f5 6.55 J as ,.. ll AKD' 'Q' O X X '71 3- l 1 X 5' , UT XIYL x 6 4 I, Martha McCulloch, sound body, do ordain and the Senior Class of 1950, Irene Johnson, will my 49351- L.: i BNHS IHI lASI Wlll A IIHSIAMI I S IIIIHIMSS ll! ll being of fairly sound mind and supposedly establish the last will and testament of as of January 9, l95O beauty to Vernelle Haley Jimmie Hill, will my love for Carolyn Coker to any body who can get Jewell McCulloch, will my basketball technique to Laverne Alexander Hilda Ledlow, will my sporty ways to Carolyn Isley Letha Gla co, will my winning personality to Bobby Smith and Bess Vallace Ralph Sharp, will my curly hair to Billy Don Looney Martha McCulloch, will my noisy dispo ition and friendly smile to Pheta Faye Summerford and Kenneth Parpe Robert Fields, will my divnity a d neatness to Carlton Key Inez hullican will my friendly ways to Carl Cooper Petty Hoaeland, will my belief that all roads lead to romance to Joan Grizzard Barbara Jones, Carolyn Howard, will my ability to sinq to Kenneth Harpe will my ability to gab to Clara Cothern and Don Harris Grace Hitt, will my flirty ways to Judy Pgwtlgy and Dwight Rgtliff Frances Arthur, Elaine hillwood will ny neatness to June L1 derman , will my bright brown eyes to Boyd Johnson Sara Pettus, will my ability to make A's to Wanda Rose Scott McClanahan, will my typing ability to Billy Jack Smith Milton Russell, Ethelene Crowe, , Lewis Key, will will my way with women to Filly Hughes will my oratorical ability to Jimmy Ray Ratllff my executive ability to Thomas Walls. Martha McCulloch Lawyer of l95O I3 her 'I J K .I ix 2 Q- 1 FF. t- E v 2' at I xh . If 0 v 'P . N fi- a,. x'1.' , Q I K E l -J S If s 4 O O , S- g-A ,? x O 51" f ' ' 0 o '32 ' -f S- ' g 3 L? fb K 24 Q I I Q' Y A 5?g -gg Bri? I Q Z if ' I l' 1 ff 4 if 13 5' ' is I I '5 I, . I, p I, . I, , I, s I, ' ' . , I, .V s I, , K ., W A . I 1 , , 11 i 1, ' 1 , I, ll ll I! 4 0 Ig '. 'I Q I, T . I! o I, . I! - o Il 0 I .Ill IIIRS lllll FIRST RON Wanda Rose, Joan Grizzard, Vernelle Haley, June Linderman, Carolyn oker, Clara Cothern, Bess Wallace SECOND RON Miss McCaghren, Boyd Johnson, Billy Don Looney, Judy Bentley, Carolyn Isley, Rheta Faye Summerford, Laverne Alexander THIRD ROW Don Harris, Billy Hughes, Billy Jack Smith, Carlton Key, Jimmy Ray Ratliff, Dwight Ratliff FOURTH ROW Thomas Walls, Carl Cooper, Bobby Smith Kenneth Harpe, not pictured ' 'T 1 ,fs President Vice president Secretary 8 Treasurer Boyd Johnson Carlton Key Carolyn Isley 14 4 . Q . 1 .X 1 Q f - I 1 ' 3 Q I Y x ' 1 'T ,b .-.f I Y o . fu K1 u o ' I . C n n . Q . J 0 O :fx TI f -vu. 4 . xp s I X , 5? . ....., Lf . Q ' ' j W HI Sl RS In 1950 I see my classmates, now seniors, have changed ouite a bit Carl Cooper makes HAH on everything Kenneth Harpe has been neither absent nor tardy Don Harris is the quietest boy in class Judy's mother throws out dish water without spilling it on Billy Don Billy Hughes is giving the girls a pain he won't notice any of us lhomas Walls stands high on the ball team Boyd Johnson its Dwight Ratliff has more interest in his alma mater Jimmy Ratliff is interested in some eleventh grader Billy Jack Smith actually takes life more seriously Bobby Smith tries so hard to keep his mind on history Judy Bentley is our most dignified girl June Linderman has chosen an Austinville boy Carolyn Coke such a smooth player in Phy Ed Joan Grizzard has fallen for one of her classmates instead of that fine Athens fella Vernelle Haley is studying instead of day dreaming Carolyn Isley's mind isn't ent irely on her senior duties Wanda Ros is exempt on an HAH average instead of HBH Rheta Summerford isn't interested in any certain fella Linnle River won't break her HAH record Laverne Alexander is the 5 senior girls' ball player. Bess Wallace is a swell apple polisher. Clara Cothern now puts her shoes on after Phy. Ed. I5 .ga - qi H ' H ' H liz, S ra across the room from Vernelle. Carlton Key is president of the class. . is . c 1 ' SIIPHUMIIRIS FIRST ROW Betty Ruth Carpenter, Doris Crow, Dora June Hitt, Mary Blagbun Josephine Jackson Adelle Linderman Marjorie Maner Marjorie Isley SECOND ROW Frances Murdock, Elese Murdock Sue Busby Billie Evans, Sylvia Kitchens, Frances Johnson, Carolyn Roberts, Wynelle Hall Estelle McCaig Carolyn Cartee, THIRD ROW Robert French Early Lee Price, Jerry Jones Billy Schrader, L A Walden Herman Rigel, Melvin Wimberley Roland Nix, Duane Smith, FOURTH ROW Dennis Allred Roland Oliver Percy Miles Arthur Morris O'Harrell Jones Raymond Riggs, FIFTH ROW Dovell Haley Bobby Herbert Billy Free Fred Barber Wallace Daniel, Malcolm Hogeland, Ennes Roper, Daw on Sparkman, Bill Stover, B111 Spears, J B Austin, Eroy Turner Mr Price 550 Pl-X54 mlm lifla 18 5 3 9 ' 3 ' 2 5 3 3 CIral,Junior Georgeg,Willard Hamilton, SIXTH ROW:FTank Sparkmang 4, , J ' NW I -P" N .N 1 Q ' . , i. . I . ff 6 We We I, I IH GRAIN RISIHIHIII S We the Sopdomore class of IQQO rake the following resolutions Carolyn Roberts, resolve rot to make eyes at a cer air serior anyrore Jerry Jores, resolve rot to flirt with 'iss Alexarder since ste nas changed her name Marjorie Maner, resolve to be more careful wher having my picture made ok' girls' I, Bill Stover, resolve not to go steady for a wblle Billie Evans, resolve not to be too mean to dumb a imals Cboysl , Ennis Roper, Arthur Moris, and J B Austin, resolve to be more friendly with the Decatur girls Frances Johnson, resolve not to slap L A again aymon Rlggs, resolve to quit batting my eyes at all the girls Marjorie Isley resolve not to s1t too close to Jacklyn , Percy Miles and Roland Tix, resolve not to fight over a certain girl 1 who wears glasses Josephine Jackson, resolve not to take up w1th all the green trucks O'Harrell Jones, resolve to require the girls to refrain from the use of profanity in my presence Duane Smith cheese c ex Sylvia Kltchens very efficient librarian solve not to let the girls around me go hungry for , resolve to resist my weakness for busdrlvers and be a Frank Sparkman, resolve to get me a car so I can keep up with the romarces of my class mates Sue Busby, resolve not to walk home from the bus line by myself Dennis Allred, resolve to put some neat on my nbones by next year Adell Lindermar, resolve to neither lend HOP borrow HGXU year Roland Oliver, resolve to gPOW twelve inches by next year Carolyn Cartee, resolve to continue to be easy or the eyes Bill Spears, resolve to develop some muscles by next year Betty Carpenter and Doris Crowe, resolve to go home after Junior George resolve not to be so lonesome when Wynell's Elese Murdock, resolve to take Home Ec more seriously just might need it Robert French, resolve to Hbrush up on Pirate stories Frances Murdock, resolve to keep the same boyfriend for at weeks Fred Barber, resolve to carry along enough help to push if won't start church not around in case I least three the car L A Walden, resolve not to push France off the seat on the bus , Wallace Daniel and Willard Hamilton, resolve not to wait until lunch I ! D to get our English Early Lee Price and Herman Rigel, resolve not to drop in on Mr Price unexpectedly. Dora Hitt, resolve to break at least one rule. Malcolm Hogeland, resolve to make a better basketball player next year Melvin Wimberly and Bill Schrader, resolve not to bother Miss Collier with Algebra next year. Dawson Sparkman, resolve not to trust the air brakes on my truck. Wynelle Hall, promise not to yearn for a certain green Dodge. Billy Free, resolve to quit ordering two cokes at lunch. Bobby Herbert, resolve to grow two inches by next year. Dorene Burgess and Mary Blagburn, resolve to learn everybody's name by the end of school. Eroy Turner, resolve to carry out my duties as safety patrol. 17 YV ' " 1 1- n I, t , L .. . I, 1 I A . .' , ' I, ' I A , ' V, Lo . J . . g I' . I, , . n . . VV - c A W iz, R ' V H 1? . 2 . , 4- X1 C I, , ' . We ' I, ' , I, W I, Estelle McCaig, resolve to retain the Miss before my name. I1 J T9 . H h ll. I, ' I, f 1, I . I, I I H 4 . I, . I, . I, . I, . We L r . I, , I . I, . I, . - H I I, . I, . I, o 0 Sl 0 We We . , I . I, I, I, I, I, g I, I , HHSHNIE ST Billy Lois erdy, Eetty que ohnsor, rbestlre Jall, rarces 'c i h+ 'a+Hyl eoe Mc orald, We Q Joyce urch SECO m D01 Dernice Tkorr, Virginia valxer, SH rley Corur, petty Lora, ele Tay'1eld, lda Tbleor, Irs leavae Auburn Jilliams, Jayre Lott FOUQ1H POv ayre Ratl ff, Billy Gene oodall, Jack Daxis, Sorny TcCla abar rdle olbevt, Carol Anr Hames, hary Catherire Irick l "I Ill , ,yr-ml? Sonny McClar1ahar1 Tommy A11 n Tommy fallace Pr sident Vice president SSCFGCHPY IB ,J FIR l ECW: L D . - c J A E . L. L F , M R g ,, M U. e H A T A A gvy cores, : . E, a.T: - . l . y , E ' .1 U - JH H n J l' Te A - . I . W C' . THIRF ROW: Eobb Soarkman Tomm Wallace Tomm Allen, Co Smith, . D .9 V , T , A , Am, , W: W 4 i W f L. I n A ., Wi. H - ,U 1 A A 0 aj' -I . I 1 Q . - dr - 'fffgll ,. ' 'rc-.gfA"N - 'J ' y ' eh ,z N "- 'Q--' lx ,'. S .J 9 - . Can Can Can Can Can MBU Can Can Can you you ycu you you you you you Can you vou you you you you you you yfu you you you you you you you you Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can ban an Pan Can Can Can Can imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine grade boyso Can you imaglne girlso Yllll IMAHI Mathyleen NcDonald actually liking a red head Tommie Wallace being tall, dark ani hand omeo Auburn Nilllams being able to sing Norma Billy Retry Tommy barol Wayne Franc Pobby Jean Engle be'ng ro sy Noodall buying his own baper Long keeping her mouth hat lH stuly ball Allen living without ba ketoallo Ann Hames being hort and chunkyo Ratll having a queaky Joice s Mclight living without her man Sparkman having black hair oy Smlth being able to wrlteq Peggy Jo Jones with blue eyes? srnestlne Hall being mb Berrice Thorn not l king more than Nayne Lott talking loudo Joyce Burch without Preckles9 Betty Sue Johnston being lazy Helen May ield being chillishv Nindle dolbert liking S 9 Jack Davis not being serious mlndedo a time when Virgina Walker dld not go to school here9 who Mary Fatherine likes? Billie Louis Dendy without l1pst1ck9 Nelda Nelson without a haopy smileo the rlnth grade girls not liking the tenth, and eleventh two boys at onceo the ninth grade bovs not being jealou of the ninth grade I9 CA lt v 1 '7 Y Y Q , .. 1 , : 1' :- A ., f 1 x 3 J. 1 f X O fw U Y A o , r YOL Z .Y Ju d V S. ' o A ' 1 ,. .1 l S ' f-1 .. S 1 .H M . v ,,,. ,- u l. H S I Y ' S : 0 A 'P aan D J -J 4 V , rw . Q . Tw Fw '7 O .M . . . 1 1 .- '7 n , fl cl -w , v Y t. . . c ' r . v I I - 1 u . A 4. ' 1 . l S 4 K 'Ov f 'Qt' ' ,..l00 ff OO!! R '0T'of j FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Thorn, Patsy Dockeryg Helen June Ryan? Virginia Millerg Betty Joyce Stover' Patsy Mitchell' Betty Marie Vandiverg Rebeca Oliverg SECOND ROW: John Kitchens! Marlon Hamiltong Betty Gay Hamiltong Marjorie Kingg Melba Standridg93 Dorothy Kookeng Bascom Scotty Jimmy Paul Garnerg THIRD ROW: Vernie Haleyg Buddy Pattersong Christine Bondg John Allen Ratliffg Betty McCulloch3 Gilbert Robertsg Ruby Raperg Robert Manerg Dewey Lee Millerg FOURTH ROW: Buddy Dockeryg Charles Ballg Jacklyn Jacobsg Wilburn Hogelandg Robert Hallg Gathel Parkerg Jack Corumg Alwin Stephensong Mrs. S. M. Dollar. 20 F- x 1 , 1' QS, , R: x n JR ll " - L .- 'Q ' :t f Q , 4' sn 4' 1 , Q . 0 X O ANN W' EPII HS UHIII JR ll ASS Hall 'Life is not so stort but the e lS time for cour J Ryan 'Patience is the best remedy for every trouble horn 'Happiness is the product of work well done Scott nNothing is so difficult but that it can be done chens Honor lies in honest work Parker 'A pound of pluck is worth a ton Miller UWork while you work, play while Mrs Dollar HA smile means the same in all R McCulloch HA good reputation is more of luck H you play languages valuable than money terson 'Hapoy am I from care I am free Dockery 'He is like the cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow ' andridge 'Kind words turneth away anger ' over HA witty woman is a treasure ng 'H r ways are ways of pleasantness Mitchell 'After the verb 'to love', to help is the most beau iful W A Ratliff nOne day in the country is worth a month in town ephenson nlt is better to learn late than never W rum 'He stands four square to every wind that blows oken uGod bless the man who invented sleep H ley 'If you could only cook ' Cto Margiel ogeland nSpeak fitly or be silent wisely a l NRest first then work ' Oliver nOh, how dear it is to us, this life we live and see Bond NA good sport always plays the game, no matter what happens shall be the same rner nThe great end of life is not knowledge but action milton 'My heart is like a slnging bird' o erts nBe ilent and safe Silence never betrays you oper nLife is not at all without deli ht N Vandiver HTrue to a vision, steadfast to a dream Hamilton 'He who works for humanity will succeed Maner NTears, idle tears, I know Dockery 'Quietly she assumes the Jacobs UNO one knows what he can Miller nLet thy speech be better Rivers 'Progress is made by work not what they mean duties of life do 'til he tries than silence, or be sllent alone W . QQSQEISFQD. . . 21 s -- A A' "Ml ' ' s ' 4. ig BSI 1 ' . ' t ' o A" Q 0 I J fo VB AI' . Cl R. -' . r ' tesy.n H. . -' ." M. L. T -' .N B. - .N J. Kit -W - .H G. -' . V. -, . .ll U 1 A 01' B. . - .H B. Pat -' 3 .H B. ,-' I M. St -' f B. J. St - .N M. Ki -' e .N -V 5: . - .3 ' A. St - . J. CO -' .n D. Ko - .n V. a -' .' W. H - ." C. B 1 - .' R. - .H C. - Il J. Ga - .N M. Ha -' ' .' G. R b - s . .N R. R " rf Q B. - .W B. -I .fl R. - .N P. -1 .n J. - J .W D. - . ' .N Sl -' O I ' I JR. I FIRST ROW Johnny Matthews, Faye Daniel, Mary Elizabeth Lake Shelby Johnson, Paul Linderman, Betty Mayfield Lorene Jacobs Allie Ray Morris, Patty Jo Sparkman, SECOND ROW Donald Kooken Maxine Roper, Martha Mae Johnson, Mary Ann Schrader, Frances Rigel Lynn Isley Rudolph Berryman, Bobby Dockery, Joe Lee Hamilton, THIRD ROW Samuel Cooper, Jean Terry, Louise Hampton, Billy Doris Weaver, Charles Owens, Sara Pearl Sparkman, Margaret Walden, Betty Hitt, FOURTH ROW Mary Frances Jones, Alton Carr, Aldena Liverett Betty Wear, Sarah Jane Russell, James Royer, Miss Collier, Cloyd Campbell, Jimmie Cartee, Wayne Braswell Thomas Freeze, Windell Parker, Tom Whitehead, SIXTH ROW Kenneth Golden, Billy Long, Walter Cooper, Bllly Don Braswell Thomas Hill 'i fs!! Sylvia Igley Joe Lee Hamilton npgsident Vice President 22 : . . 3 A . . 5 3 . . I : 3 J 3 . . Norma Walker, Sylvia Isley, Sue Morgan, FIFTH ROW: Odis Walden, . . . 5 I I I . 5 0 ., ,, . n 1 X , . so X - J . , X , Q J 'i 4' AMB Ill Sarah Pearl Sparkman to have Smaller feet Thomas Freeze to be a banker Jean Terry to get a little larger Wayne Braswell to be a school principal Louise Hampton to go to college James Royer to be an airplane pilot Lynn Isley to be James R's co-pilot' Frances Rigel to oe a school teacher Tommy Hill to be an artist Mary E Lake to be a nurse AltonACarr to be an outlaw and cowboy Sara 51153911 to be a missionary Samuel-Ccoper to be a baseball coach Faye Daniel to grow taller Jimmie Cartee to be a millionaire Sue Morgan to be a nurse Shelby Johnson to be a Cadillac owner Margaret Walden to get slim Donald Kooken to be a contractor Aldena Livereta to be a secretary Joe Hamilton to be a horse racer M8Xif1G Roper to be a school teacher Tom Cooper to be a farmer Mary Schrader to be a nurse Johnny Matthews to be a florist Patty Sparkman to e a doctor Betty Mayfield to be a s hool teacher Rudolph Berryman to be a rarpenter Martha Johnson to get thin Billy Long to be a basketball champ Donald Shippley to get fat Allie R Morris to be a nurse Bobbie Dockery to be a secretary Tom Whitehead to be a doctor Lorene Jacobs to be a school teacher Betty Wear to be a nurse Cloyd Campbellto be an explorer Billy D Weaver to be a secretary Otis Walden to be a basketball coach Norma Walker to be a nurse Windell Parker to be a lawyer Betty Hitt to be a school teacher Billy Braswell to be a softball pitcher Sylvia Isley to be a doctor Kenneth Golden to be a football coach Miss Collier to get married 23 JR.I II S Mary FQ Jones to be a singer. ' SPIIIHS 3 Woodall Haley Egg :QUE II QQ, ' A -4 ,Q-lv Allen Smith, Manager Patterson Austlnvllle 2 EVE tlmes iunnq t capvf ll ar 43 32 only and 19 14 g ll! t Stl g d 1 nten s1de scored d hsii n Y dc 'eatcd stay ed Austmvllle SPORTS ustmvllle .Irs AU5f' glh D y b DVOP AHAN -1 'O ot ana theg ve game! ha v a Ullhg th l1xen up tthe bas t1re all s1n only e ent11Q the hrs 1 es the end he same am unts du1'1ng1 23591 bv me e ast quart lhlfd quar FH kt Q O Scom on 1 a whez Key reall fellmo ' harp 1151 half bu er w S y beh1nd and they couldnt catch up Came b fhlfd quarrel Th t Hues record an sco1ed 13 pomts vthlle holdmg and at 3 won the Black and Wh1te team to only 6 po1nts io n'-ake the scoreboa c Ke then' f1ve NV, ngest that X eve L, I g oi r of lelds r w h vs 'ldersc V1 LS -43 Key Fields FALKVILLE SRS Player Brown F Moore F F Tota Hogan ulwe Box RO? Playel Allen F Patterson C A4 Ha Plsye Dunna W1lh1te Copeland Laney G an ootba Out o 13 tshmes alker led Preu r1ng the last quar rncd on the stearrl the vxmners were 14 polnts to h1 Jselw bv Rober nas the f1rs Allen has fa le 7 po n's Buddv Patte me Haley 4 es SCOFIUZ f 'e mllov-.ed clc l'1ed for tl 1nd Copel t1nv1lle anu or top spot s as both C uhlle w1n1 Ofich f the samd-Iames Thomas c Jr: 0' ll The A 11 38311 from l-4 Then of Deca' e at h mth 1 lm? nl vunners B b artu gausun xu had ,hd quar AU and the A 37 to a v.1nners KK ere 2 po1ntx B1lly nd Robert Fall ,sers Bennett was 1th ll pomts to h s -Z by Easterwood and T01 h 10 pomtsi er 8 den nd 131111 ww Ykltll u terson and Halev plaved a ood floor I T n1t1 w E411 Jn mth 6 each Aus ulles next game v11ll be w1th Decatur Fndaw n1ght 1n whzch hlS game should turn out to Decatur 15 the onlv been able to be a thr1l team 1n I' OI' beat should ISCE Fx Fa beat would qBox J Total uQt-1 Il 'ACKSONvILLE, Fla Smith 1dwell 1n a gxeat comb1nat1on He wxs Tndwell spun a .U of f1elded ugh: throws f0l 139 yards .ses that carrled h1s Rebel All The Yankees also had a great 25 9, SJ Loorev 1 . , Q l Q Q ----.Y . . Q 1-F X I . I ' lf' f I f ' y -3 ' 97 - F 1 I g IAN l , ' 2 ' y -1 - lc sl WO1 A , A N N . 1' 1 'A 1 " A A 'A 2 1 Fl ' U-a fe 2 . 4 . a 9 n' U2 ' 1 . . ll it 113 lf .- I X 5, t .4 1 I 1. 1 to tl 8 . , .V 1. 8 11 1 . 0 , ,. be - 121 - ty e r- . A I 1 ' ' . D he A ,. 14 -- ' 1--..,. - S ' n Z ' A' M . Rl I " -e BL 'wx pc i of ' A re. t ' 2- wz 'll g ty ,' . ' in 2 'IH ,K ' 5 :f A ' by 4, ' . le ' -we ,. ,. ' of .1 ' IS 1, A., lt I - ,Cr ,. ' .A - A1 - 08 ' ' 1 in 1 " . g Alt U ,. ' 2 c I , .A I L e J J V. . '. ' een nun 111 me I I ' t t W 1 . by 1 3 x A 7, ' ' 'V 1 mann, 1..-.:, ,- , H- 1' U ,Junk , - . v . . l X1 - 1 Dm - Tic ' ':.:,, fn? H31 D, .er- V L , , , I, 5 h - -- 1 4 1 f., - ' 1 N ' z 5 f 1 NX e' I I ' I' V.. 1 4 she A ' A ' H' ' '-, , 1 , g N5 V ' Y ' le. , 5 I ,P I 4 1 . V 4' in A . l , zs.-3 lc 1 A ' n , ta , , , ' ' .. 4 2 ,V F ' to ' ' 1 - ' . .. 0 - lf, t - -' 1 3 9 1,.. 4 ' - : .. l t I 2' 1 mth 11.. ,led 2 . ' 2 lll 11 3:1251 1 -1 ' Q ,1 01 B 8 sv. . ' ' .s.-14 - 1 P rg n p ' rg X ' P' W 1s1 5 1 1 ' 0 0 0 , g A . ............,... 2 1 0 H 1R 0 1 1 - 'I ..................,. 1 0 2 6 jF? 4 1 3 y . 1 , ..... .....,.........,,,, 0 ., 1 6 1A 5 3 5 , ........................., 1 ' lw 0 0 0 er 1' ee ....... 1 1 0 1 2 gf 3 S' 3 1 .-s 1 0 I--3 4 25 +111 o 0 0 ' ' ' ft 0 - M A IL I 1 y 1 ., l 0 1 - -yo 0 o H -F 2 18 '1 14 4: 1 .-32 I 1 1 rg ft cl 1 , ............ -,0 2 ITL ! , I I , . 11 . s , V 'R 1 I . . ' ' I 1 - F , , G ,. , za eb f Y - ,f , 11, . 1 Ou ' 55 nf J S X., McC1anahan, Woodall, Hall, Jacobs, Patterson, Wallace Stephenson, Allen, Isley, Haley 194' EG U 0 ' O Y Q ' . s o ' x. '.' ,' P' fxxof f'f Ryan 25 HollyPond 16 Union H111 Decatur 31 Morgan 19 Flint 20 Plainview 21 Ryan 17 Trinity-14 Decatur-47 Eva-25 Priceville-21 Falkville-21 Danville-29 Moulton Hts -30 Danville-15 Morgan-50 Priceville-28 Eva-52 Trinity-19 A.H.S. 55 A.H.S. 24 A.H.S.-50 A.H.S.-25 A.H.S.-57 A.H.S.-20 A.H.S.-41 A.H.S.-27 A.H.S.-24 A.H.S.-22 A.H.S.-29 AqHoSv' 54 A.H.S.-58 A.H.S.-54 26 Z5 .1 Sl IIIRS ' in !'f'-,551 -'t x qs : 5:21 y . 4 : , . ' R er h Shar Captaln LOOHSY: Key Russell, op , G 1 Coac P: ' 11 Principal -XX Ryan 45 Holly Pond Union Hill Decatur 26 Morgan 38 Decatur 45 Priceville 40 Fhlkville 54 Danville 34 Union Hill 67 Danville 56 Hartselle 33 Pricevillo 44 Eva 43 Trinity SO 27 Waterboy I N X K' N . x --a--M.- A.H.S.-44 - X j f A.H.s.-47 -32 f A.H.s.-52 -so , - 1' A.H.s.-22' - , A.H.S.-C56 - - . - A v 3 , A.H.s.-25 - Inn Q 1 ' XX A.H.s.-36 Eva-41 J -L'-N N, - ,D A.H.S.-36 - 4 A.H.s.-51 - V A.H.s.-41 - A.H.S.-42 - 1 - A.H.S.-57 - If A.H.S.-32 - K A.H.s.-4o ,- ,447 -, X A.H.S.-40 - A.H.S.-28 - V MG 'C A YA- - ,S ' 6 02.6- , Q9 0 4 4zgxQ Q7 Oc X' O O X it fs ff fif Q26 SY X 4 xjfYQXf, Q9 f' X X 0 I I O, KX., ".',,3:' : H. I Nqgx Seated Ethelene Crowe, Typist, Betty Hogeland, Typist, Car olyn Howard, Artlst Sara Pettus, Asslstant Business Manager, Jewel McCulloch, Business Manager, Letha Glasco, Typist, Mar presentatlve, Vernelle Haley Assistant Editor, Lewis Key, Editor, Scott McClanahan, Advertising, Miss Mavis McCaghren Sponsor, Jimmy Hill, Artist, Sales, Barbara Jones, Artist, Frances Arthur, Historian, Grace Hitt, Prophet, Inez Mulli can, Sales, Milton Russell, Sports, Hilda Ledlow, Sports, Pobert Fields, Photographer, Irene Johnson, Photographer, Typist, Ralph Sharp, Advertis1ng, Miss Margaret Chenault, Sponsor, Elaine Millwood, Features 26 tha McCulloch, Lawyer, Standing: Carolyn Isley, Sr. II Re- . , . . . , mx, Standing Carlton Key, Vice Pres Alwln Stephenson, Marjorie Maner, Representatlves Joan Grlzzard, Vice President, Seat ed Faye Daniel Peggy Jones, Ethelene Crowe, Vernelle Haley, Representatives, Milton Russell Pres Carolyn Howard, Secre ta y and Treasurer Standing: Scott McClanahan, Sports Edltor, Miss Mavis McCaghren, Sponsor, Hilda Ledlow, Business Manager, Barbara Jones, Artist' Carolyn Howard, Artist, Inez Mullican, Feature Editor, Seated: Elaine Millwcod, Typist, Jimmy Hill, Artist, Lewis Key, Editor in Chief, Sara Nell Pettus, Assistant Editor, Irene Johnson, Typist. 29 A . Q r Aw l Hr' X, - x vi 5 V , l,l I '1 , , . . ' 5 : . - 2 1 - . . 0 - r . 1 1 W ' - 1 mm, FIRST POW Shelby Johnson, Lynn Islev, Johnnie Matthews Rudolf Berryman, JOhI'1 Kitchens, Tom Whitehead SECOND ROW JaCklYW Jacobs Windle Holbert, Lewis Key, Auburn Wmlliams Jimmy Caftee, THIRD POW Billy Hu hes, Bill Spears, Dawson Sparkman, Carlton Key FIRST ROW Sara Russel, Allie Ray Morris, Norma Jean Walker, Bobbie Dockery, Billie Doris Weaver, Jean Terry, Peggy Jo Jones, Sue Busby, SECOND ROW Marjorie Maner, Estelle McCa1g, WYU0110 Hall, FPHHCSS McRight, Carolyn Roberts, Sara Pearl Sparkman, Sylvia Isley. THIRD ROW Marjorie Isley, Miss Frances Collier, Carolyn Coker, Sylvia Kitchens, Mary Catherine Irick, Rheta Faye Summerford, Hilda Ledlow. 30 W 4-p...--...- -. Q f , X. r XC, : ' U I if i ' . ' I ' . , ' xl ' .4 i- , M , 'K' - 'rl " - ' - ' ' ' E. I Lslfg . . . ye, i 1 - 3 5 .. - 5 l JV N . . V , I 0 V . , 1 " - 1 ' . . . Q , I, I . Q Jo Evans, Carolyn Cartee, Estelle McCa1g and Sara Pettus SECOND ROW Ethelene Crowe, Marjorie Maner, Elese Murdock, Inez Mullican, Frances Johnson, Irene Johnson, Jewell McCulloch THIRD RON Miss McCaghrcn, Grace Hitt, arolyn Howard, and Carolyn Roberts FIRST ROW Ethelene Crowe, Elaine Millwood, Inez Mullican, Sarah Pettus, SECOND ROW: Lewis Key, Carolyn Howard, Mrs. Cecil Teague, Irene Johnson, Jewell McCulloch. 31 FIRST ROW: Adell Linderman, Marjorie Isley, Wynell Hall, Billie WHIIS WHO MOST AMBITIOUS D T DDDTU Jewell McCulloch Lewls Fey 1 ia Ledlow Ralph enar 86 MOST DIG'IFIED Irene Johnson Jimmie H111 TEACHERS PETS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Elaine Millwood Lewis Key Lewis Key Sara Pettus 32 SR. III e a 7. ny ' " E ' '-, , Sew fs' t' 5- 45" 'ov' ' 0' . I: ' O' 2' . KJr I sl ,it JW' , K qt v' :ard I' Ki MOST Qi JI LS DTGOEST DOOW CRV Barbara Jones uSllS Key Carolyn Howard MOST POPULAR Ettelene Crowe Lawns Key NLATEST MOST ROMANT C Ralph Sharp Letha Glasco Frances Arthur Robert Field Betty Hogeland Jimmie Hill BEST ALL ROUND EMG QT Tow BOY R Qlsilgirfl Barbara Jones O er e ds 33 I I' ','l K , ,Q . I '1 , I ,,, f 'I , . mv1nv' I. C 1 . , A 1 N rr , v IHTYY A , WJ A., AJ' . 1, Lu. A, U U -T ,,- -4 ' . il' ' 1' ' ri- .. , .' ' ' , 4 I I A . - , - T'l W N .1 t ll., 1- aaa Q If rnfq, FLIRqTEST NOISIEST Grace Hitt Scott McClanahan Martha McCulloch Ralph Sharp CUTEST BEST DRESSED Jewell McCulloch Ralph Sharp Elaine Millwood Milton Russell FRIENDLIEST Prettiest a Most Handsome Inez Mullican Scott McC1anahan Irene Johnson Milton Russell 34 - J n m V 7 I J A I Q 'Tw i 4. XR 7 s , I f ' Q o 5 v , a 'Ya L Look at 11 Smlles Baby? 5 n P ns Little Francee IUBYI Let's play Dall GossiD" Um good Slim' ud1'L NWS fs Piggy back The Gay A little windy' be Margie9?? if s couldn't Elaine' 'lla Up wlth 'em Mama's little girl' N1D6tl6S" IP' Some Freshmen Ange1??? Taking it easy 35 MISS AUSIlNVIlll 'SW MISS IRINI JUHNSUN IZHISRAHI '21 Mlm Milli 'gl S1 QUEVW 'ONTESTAN TS Faye Danlel 7th Grade Patsy Mltchell Sth Frances McR1ght 9th, Betty Sue Payne lOth Vernell Haley llth Irene Johnson 12th WH IIA COSTUME CONTEST: Bernice Thorn, Shirley Corum, Robert French, Marjorie Isley, Marjorie Maner, Wynell Hall, Miss Mavis McCaghren, Miss Ann P av uckett N, ,3 ,, r' as miffx . ,. we U " " aw ' Z WP .LL-44 is new wmzzfx Tv 'db 11 -I' H ' 'nyg ' yn . Q -- -I 2 ' ' 3 1 I , . Y Q 41. . . ,I ' - O 'f uf K' i , s ' ' 5 j 1 , ' . V5 S V . s - I I . M 5 ' f J X1 fe . i 1 ' hx y ,fz ' Xu'-S 5 , r x I - ' E x'f1 M A ' ' 1 ,,, A . . 'J' U : c 1 .v " I K, 1 0 K Q A 1 . , i z , Ill f ' 1 f ' Lk. ' 2 4 'xl' ' Q? 5 "7 ' A-:J ,J i. 1 A .. "" 'K gil, '04 6 A In Q CP' Ak- 0 I .lux fir .ff-. 'f 0 N 44, ' ju 1! i . -1 Q- , r"' .SE """"7 '32 " X ' W an ,gre , ' 4-rv 519 WHY NOT EAT HERE CAFE Decatur s Finestn Second Avenue Decatur Alabama Compliments of TOHL N SANOTTN P SON COMPANY Hardware Garden Seeds Fishing Tackle 505 Second Avenue Phone 19 Compliments MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES Decatur, Alabama WALLACE BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP 7 C A Telephone 1232 Trained Barbers Trained Licensed Operators Only We specialize in RADOR PERMANENT WAVES 704 2nd. Avenue Il 1 ! -1, A I ' , f v Y I B A L, T 1 q .J A,. . -' A. .'- of ' A of 4 wi -GA ,N rj J 5 i. L ., xg Q .ll ' Nach, 1 X s Omplimente NRO K AND SDIGHT FOMDAKY Wholesale rooer since l89Q K'Q5" DSCHPUP Alabama L 4,uAQm,,, K' N' W X MAo'S SFUDTO Portraits 8 Commercial Photography SPUCIALTQT IN SFHOOL PTCFURES Phone 2615 4162 Bank Street De atur, Alaoama eompliments NATTONAL CTOTHTNG 'OMPANY 506 Second Avenue Phone 850 'Credit With A Smileu of alia hi' ' A , -1:5 gyq, - U L 6 .l.T ' N x . I . f'4! G 'lui sl 1-"'-1" , . Q -- ' nf u I A f 'li xxx- AT Jf NQ ,. 'gm A ' . Q 4:91 HE 6 l fl, ""' R" YM ' I . , jf XQE5: ., A x Y , .Q VI, A . ' I If Ny m 6 Q 4 el ' Q . E . ,,,, , -if A . A ff' I 1 6 19 of vl- 5 f'f 515 Compliments of BRITTAN CLOTHING COMPANY Popular Priced Suits Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 2595 2nd. Avenue Decatur, Alabama Compliments V J ELMORES 5 R lO Store Phone 9l2l Decatur, Alabama ' en Moving Think o " ELLIOT TRANSFER COMPANY Phone 1040 Johnnie Giles Htl UU! pl? -A 4159, Compliments PUODS gf - 211 Ufrrsn rAsr ,O C 4 j ' swam ogmk PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 245 E Moulton St Decatur, Alabama Fr1Q1da1re Maytag Baldwin Pianos ROBTNSON FURNITURE COMDANY 402 Rank Street Pnone 93S Decatur, Alabama Compliments R K CRATG G OCERY Austinville, Alaoama Phone 9248 Comoliment ORBFS V SONS PIANO CO TMC Fine Pianos Mason Hamlin Chickering Wurlitzer Story 8 Clark 518 Second Avenue Decatur, Alabama Q I 5 'X ls -- :I ' - 4 A V Xa' ,. xt N14 T ,, .NM Y f U L 1 , ., , 1, I of F u Q A - -' ' of 1-1 E. E. I .-. Q S 7 H , . .A D X -- - i . 1 A - , 0' x fowpliments CLJORUH PCNPA Y 5 9 lO Store Ph 201 HOUSE?-VS FLORIST one Phone 1ea Night Phone 1110 XM Decatur' Alabama nFlowers Whisper What Words Never Say 255 E Moulton St Decatur, Alabama M S A J Hous 1' Owner n P J C ompl iments W Sq M RYANV: TIRE 9 BATTERY SERVICE fi 0 Cf Q, Ni Q .1 4th Avenue Sc Moulton Street, East Phone 236 Decatur, Alabama .fiv 1 . x ,A 'fo fl x VU , V ' VJ j ' ,rf Q 4 'gf' - A U I r Ki, , ' J A A A - of an I , . I -1 .- RJ 1 - , 1 n r . . . e , gg-'32 . s-1 Vufail 11' gh- rcs H I f V Q f il VU L Q 1:2 . 'Nun 1 W' , Q , 1 Vlvl gs: .J W of I , X x f A ' I ' I , - SX N 616 4. lf I ROYAL TTRE SERVICE Q Lee Qtreet Telephone 585 Decatur, Alabama Compliments of HARLOW WHOLESALE COMPAkY Grady Young, Owner Decatur, Alabama Phone 1098 N "e I V7 4 A W 'of Joe C. Hagler Cx ET A .1 ,gk Q 4K1 vrv' ' '40 Refreshment headquarters DECATUR COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY WILLIAMS AUTO PARTS COMPANY 118 East Moulton Street l eflfi Phone ees - ees VALLPY OAL Aw LUWER fox my 'Eve y rung to P1111 4 h Decatur Alabama Phone 160 vp jf ,-if MTYALVL Lfffm 204 ompliments AFDERSOY U'QINEQS OLLEPE Decatur, Alabama D iwents PUJTINVLQ 7 uLE NEPS Y A PVQUS 5550 C AT R 3- 117 0115 M9 .J Phone 5198 Do you want to se 9 Ne want to buy See Forrest Plant He doesn't lie Vomplimertq 505 Second Avenue Decatur, Alabama H RYAN APPL ANC TTR? 'Your Maytag sea l5 East Boulton street Phone 2686 NL T H A N K S l The staff of nMemories In Reviewn takes pride in extending their best wishes to their faithful supporters. -1 ' ,U-. 1 A 1 ' 'V gg Compliments of ,yff S R " f P D'-up gif 7-iii?-ii! 2'."A"'! ,J ' fis.riowtors, Plnxtit? fJ,g1-tE ooo-36 H L f Et Decatur, , x, 1 D Y 5 9 . Q A U Il e 11. ' E ' I ' w L '. , 1" A A - of 1 . T J E 5: '7f'RY'1 - . N ' . , ' ler f- A So LCN? NNy dryers -'Seq gov uv fha, U P 1x1Y1-zlzsfbyf MIX 1+ ARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS I :o.,':.o , X A f 1 K I n.9 'g:i IHf V-'xCfN1-XAIR5 CF Qll-NIH u..Q' I . . , ..-...........-,..,,. .., -,......,.,. 1.5 5 T e is ,I 1. f 1. HI' ,Ar J. ai' 4 .Q- Q tix. . S We :4 1 Wk X X 1 W

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