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,- 5' ,Ma Q, Q, , UN. if QQ Qi -V 'L L2 K Q' V ,, Q13 QQ Q Q Q e Q Q Q Q: wp., I Q fi .Q , Q , 5 Q. , 1 .MTW Q- ' - .IV A. , . V '-'X' A--+, i..j 2 f ' J " --' ' QA,-fl' M ' -1,-qi, 5, H , " ff E ' ,1 5 M'-za-wx 4, - - Q, " 5 ? . 1.5 ' ,i . ' ? ,Q ' . . 'Y' MH . - S5 ' ' - Q 5 Wg ' a L 5 5 Q 1 S 2 ' E E 1 mv ' 1 j . H. 1 Q . . 1Q,, . I ' 3 Q 5 Q i f .h, .5 gf ,.,.. Q K ' Q f f " Q .Q J 5 Q .- Q Q -Q Q Q Q Q ' .,, Q Q e 2 K 'E 1, E ' A 3 J 5 ' 'A' 5 5 , Q ,f 2 U1 EQQQQQ Q.k. QQQQQLQQQQQQ QQQQQQ A , , I U Q Q L ' ' vi' mai.: Q Md, M Y "2 A K Q ,W ma .3-17:4 w , X m e k -mJ..,,., , -A if .Aa , .. M . " ., H . . -, -pw., Q E xx- - ,W .- "" Qlf kw l l v 7 ,A , 5 , ' . , , K L A -- f P . .. ' I, Q Q., .Q M .QQ QQ? ,QQFW YQ JQQQ Q Q Qs. ' y gf ggi' 5 i. f:eS2Si ,W:ffiQ'z,f ' - L " 6 . . 4 " P - f 1 sw 1' . .ff + v' lf., "' :,':, ei: 3-"ff A - M . .. J f ' .,,. 1 -, ,.Q QQ V13 . A , ,QQQ ,Q ,QM Q2 asm Q if QQQJKQQQ 1, Q ' ff, gigw Qgflwf, wif, 1fg-'3E.,55av'j.- I1f9P?Tf.E.z14fQi,5Y',-iff. .... A ' A , Q 1. - ' A . . 1 Z 'W 1 V , ' " m' ,. 1 A - H ,, A ,wwf 4, v,,j?Xc2'+'W 4 K " 'EP' 3,-1xS',gx,,lfb'x 4:35 ' Lg - ,. ,.:1 -f ,k,.. 6.51 Q, . '1g -:. gf my -w' ,.., 5' 1 . :L " " if :f5SfQ'fi'n:.- Y' Q . Q Q Q , ' L' '- 'f'f- AWA "T ' V' .. - f V , g f WM . f,, ,. ' my.. 1-Vg:-,L-Q 4 at 5 3 P i . 1 6 5 K SCWVWOL HDD' . .1,,4...22:P,g:,u M- 15,4-'r W or-hi ", . ., A' - 'if-if 4 mm' ' f .fw'y:"l'A'k'ai"1Gi k'x 'ggi ' '-Z:?: l4'!? .- , ' " ' " r f mf! ,wa-.fu 'wa I.. ur I949 Yearbook , .. III2123513151215313153:::::::"::'::::::::::::........:. ,,,, ,, , 1111-- of mfolfa High School ALJT-SOMA, T'HE.2LJURI is R 9' 2 1 er Q , ' Av Sr , , fy f f ,gi N - i .ff f I gf ffi. V14 fi ' s1zCW28 X 140 ing Capacity 1.50 he Small Stage size 16 X 214 To Supt. Roy F. Litle, who dreamed the dream, and to the administration and patrons of the Aurora' schools who made pos- sible this magnificent auditorium for which we are truly grate- M ful, we, the seniors of 19b8-149, do hereby dedicate this pub- lication, "The Kennel". Administration 0 R l Hoy F. Litle Wamf O LEADER uperinfenclenf The l9L8 issue of HThe Kennelu car ries a very interesting history of the activities of the Aurora High School. This year has been a year of progress. Je are especially proud of the beauti- ful new auditorium and the well- equipped farm building. These added facilities give us a school that more nearly meets the educational needs of our community. These have been a dream of students and teachers for years. we take pride in this volume of UThe Kenneln and know that it will be a school record that will bring much happiness, in years to come, to all of us. meef ur .gnferea 4 xt-ei ' g'f . VE RWHMPTL ,N 4-'XX Q 1 il? f ' rincqaa B- - ly ..... a Lest we forget the accomplishments, the students and teachers, and the good times of one of our best school years Cl9l+8-19I+9J the Aurora High School makes this year book. Many changes have helped make this one of our best years. We have a new auditor- ium, a new shop building, a new art room, and new classes such as general shop and drivers' training. However, I feel that the greatest contribution to this good year was made by our fine staff of teachers, both old and new, and our excellent administration from Superintendent Litle and theAurora Board ofEducation. Another importanzfactor is the fine student body and their officers and leaders pictured in this book. I wish to extend congratulations to the year book staff, its advisors and sponsors on the completion of this fine year book. hr. George hcConnell Y 43 5'5p s En! "-fn , -sf .vel OUR BOARD 0F EDUCATHDN F 0 E- wore, Presidentg Dr. c. E. Blytheg A. Dennis. Second Mow: Roy F. Litle, Supt.g J. O. Pierceg Eugene Edwa:-dsg Charles Faulknex F .jfl949e0I fo SOFUQ 01,01 loyogfemb 'Q' 0UR 0FFlCE STAFF Mrs. Yete Oldham Urs. Moy r. Lluie ulaeryi gegl Our ,911 fe redtj in flw igg OUR FAC LTY To earn while we learn Coach Jeff Neal Physical Education l"g ,LX X K3 X NG? To make ourselves strong SNNN wxfkix 72 5 Miss Vera Mhsson Mr. Eugene McDanie1s Diversified Occupations YK Sir Ev -D Y gilt. Home Economics To cook and sew S?-S f!iifiigE?f"2k' Mr. Charles Rohde It. voc. agr. Mr. O. H. Tripp Voc. agr. To do, to learn, To live, and to serve Mr. Albert Baumgardner It. voc. agr. Mr. E. D. Muhleman It. voc. agr. 2, TA GHT I English Speech Spanish lr hr Patrick ,cvs Woclal Studi G To know our neighbors To inf bm. Gene Loy of-ii bmsic and speak their languafe V what to say, how to say it 0 5 ! or C fx 1 I L.. 1 . x 35. 4 42' Q H ., 1, -L srl I K ,V J IE, 1' To march and Miss Edra Cox Commerce How to draw and paint it fi! fig I7 Q play and sing To watch our figures and I'o applv them with skill. ABC BOOK ,Q Miss Reitha Baxter Art English gnunnnul 2-1-H: - I 'Z 6:f U' . Hmm, .,.,.,g br' Y' Mrs. lrene Hartley Mathematics Mr. Kenneth Fast ' Science Y 7 .k., F N' . 1 ' -' I Q' NEW.,-, N4 : ' Z , 1' 3 717 A- 441 ' X in s J OIR MAINTENANCE FORCE N Mr. Haywood Howerton Mr. Eldon Howerton Mr Everett Fare CU s TO DI A N s AN D 4 A 'T 4 fi' BU s DRIVERS .M Q, .5 Brought us to and from ' H Ale a k and X Aww'-' .. 'X Swept us in and out :-' l i r A .A 'K ' c A FE T E 12. 1 A coozzs lg AN s g ff 5 Planned our meals and served us Lowell School Mrs. Cecil Fritts Mrs. C. H. King Supervisor: Mrs. Nell Wooten Franklin School Mrs. Allen Wilson Mrs. Clarence Sta ,,,, S rk IDRS Senior Class fficers 'W 3 1 5 11 X asfi f fn 0,112 em-...J f 'LS' President--- Russell Halterman V1ce-President--- Neil Graff Sec'y-treas--- Norma Lee Barker Representat1ve--- Erma McConnell M 0 Jgnowf gf! onlliclence ig the , -Key fu Success Under the leadership of President Russell Halterman, Vice-pres- ident Neil Graff, Secretary-treasurer Norma Lee Barker, and Repre- sentative, Erma McConnell, who were sponsored by Mrs. Irene Hartley and Mr. Kenneth Fast, the class of l9L8-L9 has established a fine record. Although a small class, it has worked and won the distinction of the wealthiest class of A.H.S. As juniors they planned and honored the l9L8 seniors with a junior-senior prom. They joined the l9L8 seniors in purchasing dark shades for the new auditorium. They also presented a junior play, UShoot the Worksn, which netted them the greatest profit of any class play ever presented. The senior year was highlighted by the senior play, sneak day, the football dance, and the final steps of class day and graduation. The time now draws near for them to leave A.H.S. taking with them, besides their knowledge, many wonderful memories of school activities. when they depart, Dear Old A.H.S. will lose Lettermen, Russell Halter- man, Johnny Bill McKinley, Don Ellis, Neil Graff, John Dyes, Russell Shomer, Gerald Petty,Eugene Tate, Bob Lear, and ball squad bids farewell to Halterman, Rose, and Charles Elliott. A goodly number have marched their These are Erma McConnell, Jimmy Bowman, Gene Fulp, and Bob McPherson. H. C. Wiley, James Campbell, Wayne Holmes, Jozane Hilton , Kenneth Peterson. The basket- Ellis, Graff, Hilton, Cleek, lastwith the Aurora High Band. Jack Strictrodt, Teddy Lawson, May this yearbook be a standing memorial of the class that pub- lished it, the senior class of 'L8 and 'h9. jf' it H Phoebe Lee hadine Simpson Glee Club l-2-3, f 4 if ' Il. 'CTP' Band 3-L, Junior Play 3, Glee Club 1-2-3, Kennel Staff L, F. H. A. 2-3, Reporter 1, Cheer- leader 2-3-L, Senior football attendant Nancy Neale Jozane Hilton Glee Club l-2-3, Boys' League Sec.-treas. L, Football 2-3-L, Basketball 2-3-A Band 3-L, Glee Club l-2, Spanish 3-A, Art 2, Debate Team 3, Girls' League Recording Sec. 3, Senior Football attendant Russell Halterman Glee Club 1-2-3-L, u.o. Club L, Kennel Staff A, Class Pres l-2-3-L, Basketball 1-2-3-A, Track 2-3- A, Secretary Boys' League 3 F. H. A. 1-2-3 Jimmie Bowman Band 1-2-3-L, Orchestra 1-2-3-L, Glee Club 1-2-3-L, Junior Play 3, Houn' Tales L, Kennel Staff L, Spanish 3-A, Class Rep. l, Vice- pres. Student Council UID? , , . Us wpfaw "6" 5 6 N Stark Football Queen L Robert B. McPherson Band 3-L, Orchestra 3-L, Glee Club 3-L, Jr. Play 3, Kennel Staff L Spanish 3 Glee Club 1-2, Junior Play 3, Kennel Staff A, F. H. A. 1, U. O. Club L, Spanish 3, D. O. Club Sec. L,,Footbal1 attendant 1-2-3, Don Ellis Bob.Lear Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 1-2- Glee Club 1-2, D, 0, Club Football A, Golf 2-3 Glee Club l-2 Lois Marie Jones Glee Club 1-2, Spanish 3, u. O Club L, F. H. A. 1 Erma F. H. A. 2-L, Class Hep. A, League Corresponding Sec. A, D. o. Club L, Boys' League Pres. L, Football 1-2-3-A, Football Co-Capt. L Glee Club 1-2-3, Soph. Rep., Phyllis Edwards Band l-2-3, Orchestra l, Glee Club 1-2-3, Junior Play - ub L, F. H. A. 1-2 Band l-2-Bb, Orchestra l-2-3, Glee Club l-2-3, Junior Play 3, Houn' Tales L, Kennel Staff L, F. H. A. Vice-pres. L, Girls' Maid of Honor Football Dance L, 3, Hnun' Tales A, Kennel Staff h, Russell Shomer Football 3-L, Basketball 3 Boys' League Sergeant of Arms, Football 2-3-A, Track L, Basketball 2-3-L Bernice Mitchell Band 1, Glee Club 1-2, Kennel Staff 4, D. o. Club A, Span- ish 3, F. H. A. l, an-.,, Ne al Jeane Hedlin Glee Clubl, Junior Play 3, Houn' Tales staff L, Kennel Stelffh, Spanish 3'Lp FQHQAQ 1. R. C. Wiley 4, Glee Club 2, Football 7 .vi 4ln "!:'- Jack Muench Glee Club 1-2-3, Football 1-2-3, Golf 2-3-L Kenneth Peterson Boys' League Vice-pres. A, Football 1-2-3-L, Co-cept. Football L 115 Bogart Bend 2, Junior Play 3, Houn Tales L, Fresh. Vice-pres. Norma Lee Barker Glee Club 1-2, Houn' Tales L, Kennel Staff A, D. O. Club L, Spanish 3, F. H. A. l, D. O. Club Vice-pres. L, Sec.-trees. A, Girls' Learue Vice-pres. h Margy Ann Miller Glee Club 1-2, F. H. A. 1 Mary Ellen Fare Glee Club 1-2, Houn' Tales L, D. O. Club L, F. H. A, 1 1 Wayne Holmes D. O. Club h, Junior Pres. . -3- Football 1 L Shirley Band L, Play 3, Epperson Glee Club 1-2, Junior Spanish 3-L, Art 2, F. H. A. 1, Secretary-treas. 2, Cheerleader L, Girls' League Treas. 3, Mo. Girls' State 3, Betty Jo Combs Orchestra 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3-L, Junior Play 3, Houn' Tales L, F. H. A. 1-2-3 El ia Helen Davis Girls' League Pres. A John Clifton Dyes Junior Play 3, Kennel Staff L, Vice-pres. 2-3, Pres. of Stu- dent Council L, Boys' League Vice-pres. 3: Football 2-3-L, Track 1-9-3-A Boys' State 3 Kennel staff A., D. o. Club 3, Ted Lawson Band 1-2-3-A, Orchestra 1-2- Glee Club l-2-3, D. 0. Club Junior Play 3, Gerald Petty Basketball mgr. L 3'!+9 I+, Nita Lee Donica Glee Club 1-2, Jun- ior Play 3, D.O. Club L, F.H.A. l- 2-3, F.H.A. Report er-Vice Pres. Wilma Gene Lusk Glee Club 1-2-3, Spanish 3-A, E Lewis williams Staff A F. F. 6' Boys' League S Band 2, Glee Clun 3, Kennel A. 1-2-3-L, erg. at Arms 1 lv' Bettie Lu rajne Glee Club 1-2-3 F. H. A. l-2-3 -h, Houn' Tales A, Emmett heidle Glee Club 2-3, F. Lois Wallace Orchestra l-2-3, Glee Club 1-2, Kennel Staff A, Houn' Tales L, R- Herb Cox D. O. Club A 'W ,Harliene Smith Glee Club l-2-3 Spanish 3, D. O. Club L, F. H. A. 1-2 if F. A. 1-2-3-L Charles Elliott Glee Club 2-3, F. F. A. 1-2- F. F. A. Sec. 3, Pres. L, Bas ketball L 3 A, nouise Forester Glee Club l-2-3, Houn' Tales A, Kennel Staff L, F. H. A. 1-2-3, Clifford Lee Summers Johnny Hendrix Glee Club 1-2-3-L, D. O. Club L James Campbell F. F. A. l-2-3, Football 3-A Eloise Clopton Band l-2-3-A, Or- chestra l-2-3, Jun- ior Play 3, Houn' Tales A, Glee Club l-2-3, Cheerleader 3, Football attend- ant 3 ee Club l-2-3. D. O. Club A Bellis Glee Club 1-2- Gene Fulp Band 1-2-3-L, Orchestra l-2 Glee Club l-2-3, Junior Play 3, Houn' Tales L, D. O. Club L, D. O. Club Treasurer L Tom McCaffery Glee Club 1-2-3, D.0. Club A, De- bate team 3, Foot- ball mgr. 2, Track mgr. 2-3, Basket- ball mgr. 2-3 lg bs 'llnr , 'li' Paul werdein Glee club l-2-3-h, D- 0- Club Anna Lee Miller D.O. Club 3-A, Glee Club 2, F.H.A. 1-2 billy Faucher Glee L Neil Graff Glee Club 2-3, Junior Play 3 Vice-pres. L, Football 3-L, Track 3-L, Baske 3-L 1 tball Club 2-3, F. F. A. 1-2-3-L Ablea Lee Band 1, Glee Club 1, Houn' Tales 3-L, Kennel Staff L, F.H. Bill Cleex D. O. Club D. O. Club Pres. A Eldon Clark Houn' Tales Staff 3-L, KODHO1 Staff 2'L, Art 1-2-b Dean Mohling Band 1, Glee Club 1-2-3, F.F.A. l, Class Treasurer l- 2-3, Hudson High School Roundup l-2 -L Frank Elliott Reporter A, Ho Kennel Staff George Golding Bobby wilkin F. F. A. l-2 un' Tales 5 Loran nose Band 1-2, Glee Club l-2, F.F.A. 3-L, Basketball 1-2 Dallas Friend F.F.A. 1 amy Elliott cle. cm, 2-3, F. F. A. 1-2-13-L Eugene Tate Glee Club 1-2, F. F. A. h, F. F A. Sentinel BLL, Football A Willis Hamby Glee Cluh 1-2, F.F.A. 1 l'l PRINCIPAL S Louise Jhiteside, Eula Jean McConnell, Bonnie Bisby, Willodene Williams, Jean Wilcox, Mr. McConnell, Helen Davis, Connie Gardner NAM Norma Lee Barker Junior Bogart Dorris Bellis Jimmie Bowman Eloise Clopton James Campbell Betty Jo Combs mldon Clark Helen Uavis william Cleek Phyllis sawarus Herb Cox John Clifton Dyes Billy Elliott Shirley Epperson Mary Ellen Fare Charles Elliott Frank Elliott Louise Forester Nita Lee Donica Don Ellis Lois Jones Wilnm Jean Lusk Billy Faucher Dallas Friend Gene Pulp Loran hose Hussell Shomer Ablea Lee Phoebe Lee George Golding Cv Senior AMBITION To raise a family To own the Advertiser To get out of school To conduct a N.Y. sym- ony orchestra teach at A.H.S. ph To To understand girls To be a housewife To be a commercial artist To be e tinter To inherit a million dollars To be Bob Lear's sec- retary To be able to stay at a job To be an engineer To be a farmer To learn alfebra To raise a family Big ranch owner To be a ranch owner To be a secretary To raise a family Strike gold in Alaska To be a nurse To be headcook at the Bank Hotel To be Treasurer of U.S. To be a midget in a circus To own the M. F. A. Mill- ing Co. To be President of U.S. To be President of U.S. To be a Prose and Poetry writer To run Lee Farm's Inc. Knight of the road ll1hltl0l1S NAME Neil Graff Russell Halterman Willis Hamby Erma McConnell Jeane Nedlin Anna Lee Miller Johnny Hendrix Jozane Hilton Margy Ann Miller Wayne Holmes Ted Lawson Bernice Mitchell Nancy Neale Bob Lear Richard McCaffrey Tom McCaffrey Johnny McKinley Bob McPherson Betty Lu Payne Nadine Simpson Dean Mohling Jack Muench Kenneth Peterson Gerald Petty Emmett Heidle Jack Strickrodt CliffordVSumners Eugene Tate Paul Werdein R. C. diley Louis Williams Bobby Wilkins To To AMEITION own a new Pontiac get out of school To own a motorcycle To be Jimmy Howman's secretary To be a doctor' To graduate To own a cleaning shop To be a chef in the army To talk in public To play football for Michigan To To To To own a filling station own a skating rink coach Notre Dame own Marlin Mfg. Co. Strike gold anywhere To be a commercial pho- tographer To coach at Notre Dame To be Justice of Supreme Court To be a secretary To be the Queen of Bu To To To To To To To To To To I' lesque be Xing of Burlesque be golf pro own Mestern Auto Le a doctor be president of U.S play pro football own Old's avency play pro football own a floral shop own an appliance store To grow tall To be heard Zbf if 0 W BWP jeam I x 1 1 H+- QM ,4"Q1L ine OUR UNUERCUNSSMEN WONDER IF ITS WORTH IT Gx J . I CLASS OFFICERS President--- Louise Whiteside Vice Pres1dent--- . Harold Paul Pottenger Secretary--- Bonnie Gaye Rowe Representative--- Nonma Lea Riggs THE FOUR AND ONE HUNDRED Double a score, Theirs is not to reason why Double a score, Theirs is but to do or die With I+ and a score totaled. For to be a senior by and by And the juniors you have Still four and one hu dred. Counted and cornered. Stormed at by pedagogue and bell For, it's juniors to right of us, Boldly they climb and well Juniors to left of us Into senior rank with Juniors behind us Mortar-board with tas-sol A climbing four and one hundred. Ambitious four and one hundred. Oh, will their numbers never wane? Or will they always maintain The four and one hundred? Yeal Yea! Noble four and one hundred. 445, 4 54 f K-:ff ' Junior Garringer Mildred Forester Glen Atkeeon Erma Jean Stooos Dorothy Fern Rimmer James Savage Mary Jane wells Don Cline 1' f- I1 5 5' ..f Yf" N.'!, , dank I I f f' S ':,- ' 04' XXX f' ,' 'qi Nl' 'cf "' ' A - A lif.5-ffgva 17 Nadine Wilke Noel Hollingehead Lizbeth Wiley Joe Paul Pachlhofer Raymond Fare Angela Pilkenton Rex Scott Lola Ruth Crumoley 17 1 K Dores Trilby Q J Mary Evelyn Niven! 'mr 'F' Don Bisby Carol Jean Talbert f G fxjiiigf' 1, A Alf ' ::.':,. ffi Eiif Q. Betty Taylor J Boyd Forrester Norma Lee Riggs Johnnie Dunning KI? ae-is J, 25, 1 ew eg 'K' Q wa V wg my 11+ 5 W 5 ,L 2. J agp QR ts ,Q in of j 2 as -1, I 1 M tzff' p-ef 1 my hd' all D 'qs 'w dfffff NfQf,f.Vw A V' , 'L Q emmsssswf f iewewsnws Q. s If As 5 2 ,.h,- K K ., a s fww-my swag as az ff M nw. .... we t,, em 'S ,ef W'h7' f . A f-- . ff- s Mil Q at sm I , aff' :g 1 nqicw 5 K, ww , if 1, ' in sf all Q ' f Franklin Parvin 9 Louise Whiteside A -.pi -'Quai' gry R- Richard Johneo K-U ' '7' n X V Lester Pannell his 52 1 Florence Ellis Hugh Muir 'a"p Diane Davis HH' ' sf' Jimmie Jones M 1 'Q' ' I 'uf l l a A: ' " ' l ' D 1 . Kenneth Lassiter Dorothy Elliott Sammie McCarrell Charles Crowell Grover Phillips Fonnie Dowell John David Brougher Gaylene Ross 1 fiififai Xb A . , ., -- f W ' w-Z-'-' , ? Bob Schmitt Lorraine Emhoff Wayne Barnes Fern Hartin Betty Jean Miller Donald Zinn Francis Williams Bob White "sf E N Carl Tyndall Bonnie Gaye Rowe Vernell Goold Phyllis Rauch Patty Calton James Garris Nellie Langwell Allen Edwards ek . y Fx' 1 R- hd , ffvvr A . Q 6 ."4.NL3J1 ll' . I P sr ' -- Q4 ..,,. X f X I ff ,fvm Sammy Lafollette Dorothy Trollinger Wilma Mitchell Gabriel Read Ernest Holllnzahead Rosemary W1 se' Gene Baker Carol Lu Irby ff a 3 ' elk Willodene Williams Q P Clyde Sharp ig:L Lenora Cleek A lf Nickie Eubanks ,, 55: 4 y Bob hcGew Charlene Bailey l' A' Dennis Parsons Wanda Holmes In ff ffy -P we, . I-I fp, .1f- 'la A w- N 1' 7 6? S' GW . or 'J' 1- ,rf ,435 5 - r- .Je-eff-Nj? f or .f 4 N i?1"5f' ,-if lele iffy -A 2 .m xffiiv me 45 f-Vllp. M gy. NJ' fu-'nm' ihf'f 051 B J! EST f 3 J- i r5m5Vl hvvvn iiiIiiF J x fggl Muriel Edwards Bonnie Bisby Joan Clanton Harold Paul Pottenzer Jimmie Phillips Jean willcock Boneta Browning Phyllis Payne 'W 'tif J ,Q., Xl, K nn: JQYQQEL .KKVLV AJS il fif n-gn 'vxx y,a,,NK. 2 , J .,?'vl3um q QVQ' ,Q Q? ikfkqky d o -.5 B I , e,y Miami 9 X . uf, L - ff' X fy J 2 YK Iggy lgggg J A . F, WgwW?5F Silllmlllll .,, -, my mg ' af 'gli aqui' R I W igighf ",. J , ' aww is 'fi' 25952 ew iw ?'7,a S , , ,nw J any ww' mf me ,Q haf' Q i , , af-fff' ,wm1 Maynard Kirby Joyce Gardner Zora Gall Jones Mary Jane Fulp Joanna Howard Mona Lou Boswell Jane Ann Muench Gale Pate ,,-, J si, .W Jerry Keas Mildred Walker Betty Holderby Helen Marie Sharp James Jirik Lula Mae Burbridge Jean Berry Ray Jean Muench JET' H, 5, MSS' ' ' -1. ,r K A -5 1 1 NQr:' L ' 0 I Philip Hatsfield mb snmmn 12 '- ,.. ,L-. . Grover Phillips J ' " John David Brougher .-- :vu Denis Parsons Richard Bagby Joan Johnson Richard Nichols Fonnie Dowoll Fi 'fy -out or-fd QF" Eu . V f Jr'i.L .jr HN S 94 F, i4"!t"-"4!!-++- W., A -1 UAB! X, 3?-l ' v Afllfiw A A OUR SOPI-IOMORE PALS 'Q "'l Representative President Sec'y treas Bula Jean McConnell Bob Fly Warner wilson OUP SODhomore Dale wonder if it is food fOr The sophisticated sophs d'l9L,8-A9 number 77 and have won dis- tinction as a class of both capability and audibility, for they not only "do" but are always "heard" in the affairs of A.H.S. Their greatest sophomore triumph was keeping the record set by l9L7-L8 sopha of electing the Band carnival queen, for their own Sue Gard- ner received the crown from Dianne Davis. They boast a first team football player, Warner Wilson, and 6 who reported for practice all season. The basketball sauad number 9 aophs. In the band proudly march 18 sophs and 32 are Home Ee. Club- bers and 15 are F.F.A. members. The most promising artists of the class are Leroy Sumners and Harley Reid, who began their art career as freshmen and hope to continue for two more years. All in all, the sophs are versatile, vivacious, and venturesome. ."5vQ June Bailey Harley Heed -J ' Txx A Elaine Mason 2, V E Joyce Estes A. e- tijg . P. ir I .4 '9, . 'f L, JY fxf UQ -sul thounht or thoueht for food? F J' if A ' 'G . V ' f 09 P J S95 .:.,,, ,K., PM . C C is K, 4 7' . on an 5: gf' W, KJNQL wi i wi fi uf ' V 515' ' , I 6, 5 R z Yrzf' P l l ,All ,M W I - ' w,,,.-- . . K K af' R 1 ww NSLSQZSQ , . -7 - ' A f gg Phyllis Simpson Raymond Mais Patty Tlnkle Dale Allen Max Miller Sue Gardner Harvey Fulp Mary Phiefer Ki Robert McCullnh Lela Jo Griffin Charles Johnson Margaret Cox Elaine Mason Charles McCann Gaytte Pannell Wayne Skaggs is W rs. fm if jf, J vu .- , k5' LCN i Q ,g,w ml' '- -5 .4 ,mv-' " V Q: inn 3 uw 1 ' :L if-T 'J I an-M' -env!" Sul" Paul Ash Marilyn Palmer Charles Leltle Pat Murphy Elnora Lawson John Thurman Lorene Furlow Jimmie Jones ,N vi-5 ' nf Q-"7 Y Q w a. SK Ai x .Q fyifn-v m . 79? ' S. J Lois Newton Joe White Beverly Welch Everett: Owens Frank Lee 1 -sv D fi , 'Q' -I .-fd N, sd -,f ...f 6? I ' 1 . Marine Smith N' Roy Wheeler 'ry F' Audrey Laswell 9 3' 2 Q Y. --' V " Raymond McCluv'e "" X V- L -' V Dorothy McKinley D A f D Darrel Wheeler r i .x Georgia Pease ' 1 Kfih ' I fl Aim 4-A Q' , ,- f' 7: ' " I- 1' Virginia Lee Wolfe '-" ,, fm, -rl k Wayne Gold fr' "' , ' 'M' Mar-y Jane Hadley 'I if O. A. Chaney - ' 73 f"!" Fl I 1 Q Fl l wa. .. if 2 at-5 ,' .J Jeanne Woods e 'l 'ff I Dick Norman l, '-"' Q., , Helen Flovfehe X Xi ' U Johnny Sullivan f, , ggi! Q 5:5 A pe,- L.eRoy Summers gn, -'ff' 1 I Ruth Petty A l 2:1 Don Herndon E T1-page Mnolee W I Q 1 Eula Jean McConnell warner Wilson Rosella Arney Dale Stoops J. C. Jones Betty Garringer Kenneth Sikes Avanelle Bellis rf Marion Dummit Marilyn Beck Raymond Williams Janet White Dorothy Tucker Bobby Fly Connie Gardner Billy Ed Litle . e 6 I 1 C A Glendon Walker Mqgftnl- Joyce Meadows C'r Lynn Dyes La Junta Shoemaker Patsy Campbell Harold Combs Patsy Schmidt Jack Barker OUR FRESI-IMEN PUPS P I 1' Z' 4' r WWW M y X Our first-year pups face rearful facts of enrollment and'orientation, make new friends, and carry old books. hnowinp that there is safety in num- bers the eighty-two banded together, learned the customs ci'mAurora High houn' dawn and organized early in the year with the following officers: President Bob Hatzfeld Vice-pres. Jack Halterman Sec'y-trees. Larry Davis Representative Larry French Cheerleaders Alma Jo Peterson Carolyn whisler Throughout the year the group proved themselves real houn' pups with a future for dear old A.H.S. in mind. They ranked high in the contest sale of tickets for the Band Halloween Carnival and their quem, Betty Moore, was second in the race. They were also runners-up in the Kennel queen and prince charming contest with Joanne Wallace and Jack Halterman as the class candidates. In sports events of the school year, five boys of the class reported for foot- ball practice with one, Jack Haltcrman, making first team. The other five were Jack Ware, Charles B. Faulkner, R. G. Brown,Thomas Williams,and Jerry Phillips. A fulldozen freshmen reported for basket- ball practice. Class enrollments include 21 members in the band, thirteen in vocational apri- culture and 82 in the required courses with an average l8 attaining honor roll averages each quarter. 'ni -r""'l" ZF? 1 ,ff Fredalene Hutchinson Jack Ware Jo Anne Wallace Larry Davis , Q? f K in T :FW l I we b' y 5 Jackie Lee Fare QZL hwr f A ,,. -'l' 25,95 5 Sue Wolfinbarger ,Q . , My all r V..,.fi,.1 f i yew? Joe Malcolm if l Q' wgjfif a nnfn Gloria Ann Fulp ' 3+-pw 6-eiiass-rirat or I nn. + :"V ,,fx axxi nM4qg5QQ54:iQWn5L5Xf,3i .giigif :.'.Q 2 do b Arlie Edwards 1, M Y d wg ii - -of Betty Moore Qi Q, lg 155' Charles B. Faulkner e W , to -r' , v Anna Margaret Rowe 4""1nl"l y y Y , 'xiii 7k'. A W A 'gi 'gg Q. J ky'-- ly, x 3 lf . f. I Carolyn Whlsler My ' Richard Broyles 2 lf, Barbara Eppereon , 3 a Dawain Rose 5 if l W W at V :Ling fag, x G ., wt . rw K f 3 3 , R , W 1 'ih- Ki ,wr i we vw' i Fw J J 'Oli QQ fl -'F' n fl and ' a er ' of 1 A ., , ogy Myrtle Phillips Carl Wlshon Patsy McCulla.h Leland. Herron Joe Allman Mary Lou Hilton Jimmy Burbridge Nancy Campbell Larry French Ella May Tunnell Fon Garner Farrell Scott Norman Fortney Dorothy Furlow Bonnie Cline Ronald Gammon -nl' ,WV :.5f,. Q .aff-' I, .I fl fc' F' f 'J'-7 QQ G A S 'X 41--, Richard Johnston Alma Jo Peterson Marilyn Fulp Bob Hatzfield Leonard Berry Leota Bruffet Doris Forester ' Don Williams 1 'I f sl' .,-I" N 3 f ,f K1 5 ,av -H nik ' ' P 9' ,, . ff x gi!Ei" :!!iI I H c , fi .V ' f Qt 3, 2 -..., r , . John Jirik Marilyn Crook Beverly Trower R. G. Brown Gene Berry Margaret Munday Carrol Davdy Bill Gautney 4 vw gan 5 ab H .,. any 'W' ' 'Uh -, if if T A Q . ' X. 195 , or Edward Trilby Dolores Nissen Jack McCu1lah Norma Mullins Velta Mae 0'Ne1l Thomas Williams Jacquie Hadley Ulys Elliott fy qw-sv V A df? , -we je U, e ff gf , if mf em. 'A K' E" , r--, ,,gycQfy QQWQQV ,'g .. mx X Q- fx-S gf 3 i Wag' s h, , avr W xmi' Q f Patricia Lundy Freddie Crabb Doris Parsons Carrol Hilton Bob Redner Mildred Hall Dale Brown Shirley Crowell MS fziii ' 75f' 'Wiki K 'A ii. fl, ,A -.rf H -A 5 W--yr I """ I 6-W-fe", fi ' K 7 ,.r: I 1 5. Q , , Ie V E: A XR ' . . ,4 4 A 'E -w A L? I -I , L . sq' .. f - , . ff Q' . Ri , M - 9 5 JV? ' H,-eiwis 'E wt V V ,. - 'j . gg . Y , ,: I 71 n A K il , X, , X V y K wierd: ' Ellen winzer Joe McCu1lah Shirley Murray Jack Hslterman Gene Cummings Marlene Msples Jerry Sumners Rosemary Reid ,riiyw-JIT ...xv-NX n ff V i f f ,, filiiiiiy 2::IIITrx ,pu a v ,f 'ravi ff 1...-f wg . Tv ok I R 3 f 4 fn- f ,, ,-gg X gf Nr .....' IJ I A Geraldine Roach,Dean Sanders Gene B0Wl1ng 5 . ,Ng w XQ, f 39' flung gxww k His. 5 I Wkwm Y. 'Em j . ,O rp' 0w'D' Gtwf Three bus routes including the Jenkins Route, the North Route, and the County Line Route trans- port ll8 students to grade and high schools. ALL ABOARD! Over roads of dirt, black-top, and gravel Three of our buses do daily travel Transporting students north, south, west, and east Including all sizes from biggest to least, who soon do adjust and rightfully enjoy Many opportunities due each girl and boy, who want education and a host of new friends, As well as good times and big dividends. Thus to anyone interested in becoming a Houn', We extend hearty welcome from our whole town. M. . , I f I --i! cl'rK I Il 4- L A.. l .vuuie ua,e none, Norma Lee earner, noiea Lee,-lnyiiis LQWEFGS, Erma McConnell, Eloise Clopton, Production Manager--Phoebe Lee, Typists--Louise Forrester, Lois Wallace, Gene Fulp, Jeane Medlin, Art Editors--Eldon Clark, Muriel Edwards, Carol Lu Irby, Harley Heed, Lee Roy Sumners, Dorothy Elliott, Wanda Holmes, Don Bisby, Business Managers--Russell Halterman, Neil Graff, Circulation Managers--Betty Jo Combs, Helen Davis, Bob McPherson, Nita Lee Griffin, Frankie Stark, Lewis Williams The ennel Staff PLp?:jBooK P Ig-' -- f 1 ' . 4 Q, .-- Senior Jimmie Eownmn Editor-in-chief Senior Jeane Medlin Associate Editor PLANNED PHOTOGRAPHED AND PASTED +. rf!! E23 ,J 1 , fda' 3'QgLgnhn M' Q! ,wi Nl! -al The Houu 'IA S N 'f , f .SUP . f qui' . Ho un Tales Staff Sponsor Miss Cox Co-Editors Eloise Clopton Jeane Medlin uusiness Manayers Erma McConnell Richard Nichols Production Managers Gene Fulp Jimmie Bowman Joe Pachlhofer Maynard Kirby Art Editors Eldon Clark Leroy Sumners Muriel Edwards Gossip Editor Norma Lee Barker Feature Writer Louise Forester Sports Editors I E9 1 , ., M as -. ll A 'lg' E3 5 ' 'Ll ' 4' 1-R 1 k S E55 UI-an? Odsbuv 3019 - T I rf' TIAIUGNNG Lynn Dyes gqemn sv 'r Junior Bogart SNOOPEID, SCOOPED, AND SCRIBEID W " , We 3, QE- ii LDAOH ml , J 24-'fa eague fficers President..... Johnny B111 McKinley Vice-Pres..... Kenneth Peterson Secretary..... Jozane Hilton Sergeant-at-arms... Don Ellis J fe Y f' as mxgg , 5 J N Off If I ff' X .-- Every girl of Aurora High School is a member of the Girls' League and every boy of the high school belongs to the Boys' League. These organizations were begun in 1930 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Eunice McClure and Mr. Gene H. Loy, dean of girls and boys respectively. Mr. Loy has remained the boys' sponsor but Miss Icea Algeo is dean of girls at present. The purpose of these two organizations is to promote a better feeling of understanding between classes and between parents and students. A Mother and Daughter Tea is geven annually by the Girls' League and a Father and Son Banquet is the major event of the year for the Boys' League. Pres1dent..... Helen Davis Vice-Pres..... 4, Norma Lee Barker Treasurer... Norma Lea Riggs Recording Sec'y.. Lola Ruth Crumpley Corresponding Sec' Erma McConnell Q-W Student ouneil Adviser--lk. McConnell Student Pres--John Dyes Vice-pres--Jimmie Bowman Senior pres--Russell Halterman Junior pres--Louise Whiteside Soph.pres--Bob Fly Fn pres--Bob Hatzfeld League Presidents: Helen Davis John McKinley Class Representatives' E M C 11 rma c onne Norma Lea Higgs Lula Jean McConnell Larry French MADE GOOD LAWS AND ENEGRCED THEM, TOO gs. D Debate Club fx' j " " ARGUEI, H 'E -A-Jfi ,fe Ls' 1 0ur library Staff AGREED ALIBI-ED 1 Bob McGaw Lester Pannell Frankie Lee Betty Moore CHECKED OUT BOQKS AND RENEVVED, THEM Bonnie Bisby, Dorothy Trolinqer, Dorothy Himmer, Nadine Simpson Carol Talburt, Phylis Fischer, Bonnie Howe, Mildred Forester, Zora Gale Jones, Elaine Mason, Sammie McCarrell, Bettie Payne, Fonnie Uowell, Ruth Petty, Pat Murphy, Norma Lea Riggs, Lorrain Emhoff w ur Classes In Session L-.J HYGIENE PLANE GEOMETRY 'Rss A f I f , '4N 1 ,. rr-fs .J ENGLISH IV Tenwwv Grows Wav B zum curl! x -N A 1417 14 ' ff C L ,y , ' .' 1- 9 .' .' -1 . sw a I- .. . ,A 1-wx . .' ,x '..,'. .','.'f 'iff P '.,-, :' -.wh f 'I ' 'A -4 .- L, . . SPANISH II CLAS TYPING I ork li ' Al Will K iluf' X,- Jil ' x . .-', K :-2:55, ' . 'www Q ,.,. , .:, nguyj-Aa:-. -- ,f:-:--s -.-,r 1'- .nz-,gg X 'lt n., 1 x N x x 1 IIIIL' 'lIllVfY,7!n, 1 . Jean mkes W 1 Eldln CIIFK 1 , f 1 BY "'4 , , ucun nun. ' 0 W Shirley Epperson, Barbara Epperson, Mary nou Hilton, Gaytte Pannell, Phil Brown, Wayne Skaggs, Marilyn Crook, Joe Allman, John Brougher, Warner Wilson, Bob Fly, Harold Pot- tenger, Bula Jean McConnell, Lloise Clopton, Norma Lea Riggs, Bonnie Bisby, Jimmy Hathaway, Raymond Williams, Hoy Gene Muench, Richard Johnson, Maynard Kirby, Billy Ed Litle, Ted Lawson, Lester Pannell, Bob White, Tony Robson, Richard Randall, Nancy Neale, Third Row: Anna Margaret Rowe, Carol Lu Irby, Phyllis Fischer, Lorraine Emhoff, Louise Whiteside, Jerry Dan Fulp, Dorothy Trolinzer, Marlene Maples, Gene Fulp, Gale Ann Kepner, Sammie McCarrell, Beverly Trower, Betty Moore, Jimmy Phillips, Bob Hatzfeld, Bob Roy Litle, Charles B. Faulkner, Edward Trilby, Second Row: Bonnie Gaye Howe, Carol Talburt, Jane Ann Muench, Erma McConnell, Janet White, Marilyn Beck, R. G. Brown, Margaret Munday, Director Gene H. Loy, Sue Gardner, Rosemary Wise, Jimmy Jones, Marilyn.lalmer, Bob McPherson, Jack Barker, Jim y Bowman, Front Row: Connie Gardner, Don Cline, Phoebe Lee lirecfor , ipaq,-.H 2l'5 Kms' 5523522 Www? ffwfe if n M .,z . -,l fu . ,..' x4W"arD Q' XM , ' S, A v X - Qif" M I ' "' "":.w -arm , X .Ei-E.-5 ' in , gpg, v el, JY! - fl 74- 6 , M 1 YW' R'mE5N5 'HQ I Ill: 'I ' N 11 H R I ur A1 i LMFMHI nfl-.llnll 1. I 3 5 1 I Back Row: Mrs. Burnett, Beverly Sikes, Sammie MoCarre1l, Mary Lou Hilton, Joanne Wallace, Bob- by Fly, Harold Paul Pottenger Bula Jean McConnell Richard Johnson, B111y Ed Lltle Ted Lawson, Maynard Kirby, fim- my Phillips, Bob McPherson, Jimmy Bowman, Betty Moore, Dorria Skaggs, Rosemary Nash, Mr. Loy Middle Row: Bonnie Eubanks Mary Ruth Harter, Norma Bea Riggs, Marilyn Palmer, Charles Skaggs, Erma McConnell Barbara Epperson, Marilyn Beck, Carol Talburt, Gene Fulp, Shirley Crowell, M. T. Davie Jr., Bobby Miller Front Row: Joan Johnson, Joan Howard, R. G. Brown, Sue Gardner, Rosemary Wise, Jeanne Woods, Margaret Munday Back Row: Middle Row: First Row: 'x af? A A MV? Boys'Glee Club Director--Gene H. Loy, Kenneth Sikes, Johnny Sullivan, Edward Trilby, Dale Brown, Richard Johnston, Arlie Edwards, Bob Red- ner, Charles NcCann, Paul Ash, Eldon Clark, Dale Allen, James Jirik, Charles Lee Faulkner, Lynn Dyes, O. A. Chaney, Kenneth Lassiter, Marion Dummitt, Gene Berry, Dean Mohling, Charles Johnson, Larry French, Ronald Gammon, Joe White, Harvey Fulp, Larry Davis Carrol Hilton, Norman Fortney, Roy Wheeler, Carl Tindall, Har old Lee Combs, Jerry Sumners, Leland Herron, Sammy Lafollette John Jirik, Harley Reed, Thomas Williams, Jerry Phillips, Leonard Berry, Evertt Owens, Wayne Skaggs, Richard Nichols, J. C. Jones, Bob Fly, Richard Bagby, Joe Paul Pachlhofer, Paul Werdein, Johnny Hendricks, Raymond Mais, Leroy Sumners. Russell Halterman, Johnny Bill McKinley, Don Cline, Bob McPherson, Harold Paul Pottenger, Jimmy Phillips, Roy Muench, Gabriel Reed, Jack Halterman, Jack Barker, Warner Wilson, Billy Bd Litle, Maynard Kirby, Jerry Keas, Richard Johnson, John David Brougher, Jerry Dan Fulp, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Bowman. Mr. Gene H. Loy, supervisor of music in the Aurora schools, dir- ects the Girls' Glee Club on Konday Glee Club on and Mixed These music and orchestra, and Friday, the Boys' Tuesday and Thursday, Chorus on Wednesday. groups, with the band present an annual Sprins musical and also sins for Baccalaureate services 6- 6 Al ear ld ... in nl' K f .AA E Q' xv X- 1 Pl.. Qu" vb' Back Row: Kiddle Row: First Row: We irls' lee Club Velta Mae 0'Neal, Fredalene Hutchison Ann Fassler, Pat Murphy, Leonora Cleak, Patti Tinkle, Connie Gardner, June Bailey, Jean Wilcox, Frances Williams, Mary Jane Hadley, Elaine Mason, Nadine Wllks AGeorgia Peas, Lorraine Furlough Roselle Arney, Jacquie Hadley, Shirley Crowell, larilyn Fulp Myrtle Phillips, Mary Lou Hilton, Marlene Maples, Patricia Lundy, Rosemary Reid, Alma Jo Peterson, Nancy Campbell, Shirley Murray, Sue Ann Wolfenbarger, Ellen Winzer,Patay McCullough, Delores Nissen, Helen Flowers, Margaret Cos, Dorothy Jean Gertz Audrey Laswell, Nila Jo Griffin, Tressa Maples, Mildred Forester. Zora Gale Jones, Lula Mae Burbridga, Virginia Wolfe, Joyce Meadlowes, Lois Neston, Avanelle Bellis, Patsy Schmitt, Elizabeth Wiley, Marilyn Crook, Barbara Epperson, Carolyn Whisler, Joyce Estes, Betty Garringer, Margarita Nunday, Phyllis Simpson, Joanne Wallace, Barbara Williams, Anna Margaret Rowe, Doris Parsons, Gloria Ann Fulp, Erma Stoops, Patsy Campbell, Willodene Williams, Patty Calton, Joan Johnson, Ernestine Young. Carol Talburt, Betty Jo Combs, Bettie Lu Payne, Ruth Petty, Phyllis Rauch, Dianne Davis, Gaylene Ross, Jean Berry, Gattye Pannell, Marilyn Palmer, Eula Jean McConnell, Beverly Trower, Betty Noore, Marilyn Beck, Sue Gardner, Mary Jane Fulp, Angela Pilkenton, Jane Ann Muench, Lola Ruth Crumvley. Accompanist--Bonnie Gaye Rowe. jj' J' lffmfwf f :L W Wing A AIN tb 4 'till' is 'W love ou my V all W on U I ull, Fifty-one F.F.A. members averaged 3.6 projects completed last year with a labor income of S23,000. Bob Ray elected state v. pres. of the Missouri F.F.A. Five boys attended the National F.F.A. at Kansas City. Fifty-five head dairy cattle shown at local show in June. Dairy Judging team won first at Springfield. Field Crops Teal placed third at Springfield and won B- rating at Colu bia. Frank Elliott placed first in public speaking in sub- district and fourth at Springfield. The Livestock Judging Team placed first at the Springfield Fair and second at the Tri Count Fair ,A-. init - y . At the Springfield Fair Charles Elliott, Bob White, and Eh wtt Reidle, showed grand champion cow, ewe, and bull. At the Tri-County Fair 30 boys showed livestock with Billy Elliott, James Savage, and Emmett Reidle winning grand champions in the open division. 'hm S.: OFFICERS President Charles Elliott V. President Don Zinn Treasurer Bob White Sentinel Eugene Tate Secretary James Jirik ne port er Frank Elliott F.H.A. Calendar l9L7-L8 Sept. 23: Urganimed. Affiliated vith State and National Organization. Pro- ject for next year--spring trip. Sept. 28: Committee attends Sub. District, planning Conference in Monett. Nov. 1: Sub. District Meet. Cassville. Thirty-five Aurora F.H.A.'s attend Joan Howard elected Treas. April 28: Presenting Uhollyhocks For Youu. May 2: F.F.A. Hosts to F.H.A. HHot Dogu May 19: Awaited day arrives. Start trip! May 20: Big day seeing sights in St. Louis May 21: Visit State Capitol, Bagnell Dam, arrive home tired but happy. l9b3-L9 Sept. 28: Election of Officers and Club Mother Oct. 2: Committee to Monett to plan Sub. District Meet. Oct. 27: Sub. District Meet. Marionville. Attend en' masse- Jane Ann Muench elected Sub. District President. Teacher--Miss Vera Wasson Club Mother Mrs W D Beck President--Jane Ann Nuenoh Vice-pres--Erma LcConne1l Secretary--Angela Pilkenton omlbw Reporter--Eule Jean McConnell 0ur D. 0. Club The group pictured above is made up of members of the junior and senior classes of A. H. S. who are using work experience as a method of learning. Since l9LO, when the first Diversified Occupations class was started in Aurora, approximately one-half the members of the senior classes have been members of the D. O. classes and, under the supervision of their coordinator-teacher, have worked in a wide variety of the business establishments in Aurora. These students receive high school credit for their learning experience on the job and graduate with the other members of their class. Training received in Diversified Occupations prepares young people to move from full- time school to full-time work by giving them an opportunity to learn an occupation,to learn to get along with adult workers and to be a good citizen in the community. Officers of the D. O. Club this year are: President .............. ........ ...... ..... ........ Bill Cleek Vice-president ............... .... Norma Lee Barker Secretary ...................... ......... ..... Frankie Stark Treasurer ...... . ...... . ..... .. .... ............. .... Gene Fulp Members of the group with their place of employment, are: Eloise Clopton-Dyes' Drug Store, Johnnie Dunning--Aurora Laundry, Phyllis Edwards-Marlin Mfg. Co., Louise Forrester--M.W.M. Color Press, Lois Jones-Frank's Cleaners, Ted Lawson-Snodgrass Service Station, Anna Lee Miller--Ben Franklin Store, Margy Ann Miller-Southwest Mfg. Co., Frank Parvin--Oklahoma Tire and Supply, Harliene Smith--Marlin Mfg. Co., Clifford Sum ers-McNatt Service Station, Mary Ellen Fare--Sim's Motor Co., Bill Cleek--Aurora Laundry, Norma Lee Barker--Aurora Farmers' Exchange, Frankie Stark--M.W.M. Color Press, Gene Fulp-M.F.A. Milling Co., Neil Graff--Charles white Garage, Nita Lee Donica--E.B. Todd Mfg. Co., Russell Halterman--Marlin Mfg. Co., Johnny Hendrix--Frank's Cleaners, Wayne Holmes--Armo Co., Wilma Jean Lusk-Bank Hotel, Tom McCaffrey--White House Grocery, Bernice Mitchell-Hughes' Drug Store, Dores Trilby--Juvenile Shoe Corp., Paul Werdein--Aurora Greenhouse, Dick McCaffreyh-Dyes' Drug Store Herbert Coxf-white Locker Service, Bob Lear--Marlin Mfg. Co., Johnny McKinley--Aurora High School, and Don Ellis--Earl Crook Service Station. ff ,, Q, U, 'LW ' ff , 'i' F ' 'NRC sf, 321 of IT ll fff f 1 K 'W'.fN,1,N,v.sXN S SPO RTS l sw ' , - 7 M i 1 ' ' ,A 'J .5 N. I I vnq, is if -X t az .. I 'Zi l ' . 2 N e e 1, of mi f0-W , ' i I- L f-". i.L 1 W' is lm , , M.. s 1 H e l 1- o sh ff K F . I ,. , ':,, .K V? nf ' A B BYIIIBII ll " 5 Pictures not available in uniform Rusfell Halterman LE, James Campbell RG, Grover Phillips, RT ,Q Coach Neale Jozane Hilton, FB Y 1 , e W , if , if -Q :- 2 ,.,ln . John Bill McKinley, LT B0b Lear, G in sw, l Kenneth Peterson, QB Neil Graff, RE Don Ellis, QB Russell Shomer, LHP Jimmie Jones, C Q ug in me I 1 ll Ill xml nl lr! il' nj 4'- Q. f 'Vx Q N ara .tv.s. - -' etlermen X bl WAYNE H01m95, if Don Fishy, HMB Wayne Barnes, G John Dyes, RHF Warner Wilson, LHB Gene Tate, T R. C. Wiley, E Jack Halterman, QB kg... mR7rdih I ffffff PY W: 5 X, 25 ff., , 1 1 fi S A A 4 A X. . .31 . .N S+ fa gc Arpt l-an ,, . X .W .so i ,fr P in 5 Q fs f aw.. SQUAD First Row: Neil Graff Russell Halterman Charles Elliott Jozane Hilton Don Ellis , Back Row: Gerald Petty 4, xo Joe Pachlhofer Loran Rose Bill Cleek Coach Nea , 4- 1 P4' w. . 0 H, X 15, 9 I x bb L 1 fr i , . kk . 'Tar SQUAD EE First Row: Gerald Petty, Leonard Berry, Jerry Phillips, Larry French, Jack Ware, J. C. Jones Second Pow: Johnnie Sullivan, Warner Wil- son, Jack Halterman, Bob Fly, Gabe Reed, Jack Barker Third Row! Bob Redner, Bob Lear, Charles B Faulkner Billv Ed Litle 1 ' J '-. V: :A Gene Berry, Richard Johnson 7lGOLF an ' ' ,-Q ssrAs'l if 5,5 5 . Q gg, for of N A Q 'fa T ffl as wg jf'?a- A QJ5 ' F iss W X K s gg , X P I-ETTERMEN PEPPERETTES ht N Jack Barker Jack Muench Bo Lear 'fl . ,, 433 0 warner Nilson , 4 an me jo Lwzizek v e erson ' Carolyn Li'2,j5h r . . ey Nhlsler . Phoebe - I A Patti Ice Tinkle Shirley -V 4 LaJunta E v QNOY I Shoemaker pp' ' x If ' iii J! N, G'-l ji.LYLi "-"- L Sl F' 8,0 K., an GJ s hr. nad del, of GLISH I Endllsh--Johnny Sullivan reformed by Miss Good English--Eula Jean McConnell, with the Mr. Proper Noun--Billy Ld Litle, his wife Coumon--Marilyn Palmer, their children, Per- son, Plate, and Thing--Janet white, Joe White, and Hoy Wheeler, Mr. Transitive Verb--Lynn Dyes, his wife, Mrs. lntransitive--Connie Gardner, their children, Direct Object and Predicate Word-- Phyllis Simpson and Lehoy Summers, Uncle Conjunction--Bob Fly, Aunt Verbal--LaJunta Shoemaker, The Adverb Fraternity--How, When, Where, and Sometimes Why--J.C. Jones, Marion Dummit, Wayne Skaggs, jection Prononn Kenneth Tucker, Warnif Wilson, the Adjective Co-eds--Elnora'Lawson, Beverly Welch, Patti Tinkle, Inter- the look--Raymond Mais, Mr. Relative Pronoun thf butler--Jack Barker, Mies Personal the maid--Sue Gardner, Miss Indefinite Pronoun--Ruth Petty, Mr. Demonstrative Pronoun-- Sikes, the Pronoun Servants--Elaine Mason, Hosella Arney, Patsy Campbell, Dorothy Joyce meadows, Everett Owens, the Preposition Pep Squad--Audrey Laswell, Jeanne Hoods, Avsnelle nellis, betty Garringer, Patsv Schmit, Gaytte Pannell, Lois Newton up 'U PRESENTED BY ENGLISH II CLASS Presented by Future Homemaker's Club HOLLYHOCKS FOR YOU Mr. Sherwood-- Jane Ann huench hrs. Sherwood-- Carol Lu lrby lewy Hmnmmb- Mary Jane Fvlp Hill Sherwood-- Lisbeth Wiley Friends of Helen: Jean--Dorothy Trolinger Betty--Norma Lea Riggs Tom--Rosemary bWse Qmggggs S new - ll wap, NU 0 jam gf'- M I 1 .,iQ,y,,,k yt... U Ab' ?i 4l,. A ABT' S LIVING PICTURES Eizht living pictures with music and poetry accompaniment were presented by the Art Depart- ments of Lowell, Franklin, and high school with eighty children taking part. Jimmie Bowman, mas- ter of ceremonies, and Muriel Edwards, interpreter, introduced the following masterpieces:'HBoy- hood of Raleighn, UDancing in a Ringu, HFeeding Her Birdsn, HThe Gleanersn, HThe Spanish Dancersn, HAngel Headsn, UThe Return of the Mayfloweru, and HThe Solemn Pledgen. Presented By English II Class Martha Washington-- Sammie McCarrel1 Mary Todd Lincoln-- Norma Lea Riggs Dolly Madison--Patty Ann Calton Bess Truman--Betty Taylor Eleanor Roosevelt-- Dorothy Trolinner Edith Galt Wilson---Gaylene Ross -'xy' v 9 .X I 'H PHE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS EVE 'Tl "'l"'! .L Q , Presented by Speech Class Mrs. Gessner-- Louise Whiteside Sophy-Bettie Millel Helpers-- Joyce Gardner Helen Davis Anton Novak--Don Zinn Count Novak-- Noel Hollingshead The Beggar--Harold Lee Combs C7261 tures OFTEN OUR WORK WAS PLAY X F3 rrsffx5 5 e I f1"ll,Tf'? X dj -ii ff! lf 'X ff X W J Oxixtkx C, fx N- cxflx I lfcx 3 L ff - Y A 0ur Class Pla tion is under the supervtslon and direction of M15 Hart ley, Mr. Fast and Mr Los class snon ors Stage Manager Ted Lawson vf H E I 0 R C L A S Q Susiness Manager Gene Fulp L Cast of Characters Q Kate Ashworth Floise Clopton PRESENTL Owner of Re tful Home for Restless People Laura Ashworth Ethel Jean Medhr W I ' Lucinda Livermore Betty Jo Combs Wealthy guest at the Home vsho has romantic ideas l Lou Undine Nita Lee Gflfflfl A COII16dy In Three Acts A guest vsho has a phobia about chalrs Ruth Bright Erma McConnell by Jud Clarendon Russell Halterman Don Pierre Max Neal - Neil Graff Student Directors F k- Sta .k Sh' 1 y E Homer Boylston J mmy bowman ran le I lr ev ppm-Son A deaf old man interested ln buylng the Home Guy Priest - Gene Fulp TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 1949 Jake Moore - 2:15 and 8:00 P. M. Sally Hunt - HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Special Numbers Tap Dance ---- - - - Connie Gardner Music - - High School Band Dex Newall - Jcshau Perkins Bessie Perkins Y , Q H if December 17 I l9L8 1 , 1 I 2 Spring Fever Henry Purcell- Jimmy Jones Phoebe Purcell- Muriel Edwards Anne Purcell-- Carol Lu Irby Prof. Virgil Bean-- Maynard Kirby Ed Burns-- Jimmie Phillips Vic Lewis-- Jerry Fulp Vivian- Norma Lee Riggs Aunt Maude-- Gaylene Ross Mrs. Spangler-- Hosemary Wise Howard Brant- Harold Pottenger Lou Herron-- Elizabeth Wiley 1' 3 T. -SN J -fin F il 2? , I Sponsored by: Miss Vera Wasson and Mr. Eugene McDaniel said H www M E 5 A QUEEN 1948 M X" 4- 0 V' wi .. 'fu ' 'fl as Ns ,X 'fh- XX 1 4 5 UL x K, x.,sx IE -.Q ,MW 1 Q- 3 E. gr k , 5, . .3 N, isa 3 X "4" - "' -if- 2-.K.: . f-Si tisstm ww E M1 YNUff!i1Rfi5' 'B "5V" 'X' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' if oil l all HIRE 0 Q if ,vi 'N 1 I 'N' '--lp-an ATTENDANTS Phoebe Lee Jozenne Hilton Nancy Neale 'Mayne Holmes Dianne Davie Russell Helterman Betty Holderby Neil Graff Ernestine Young Hob Leer Sue Gardner Don Ellis Janet White Hussell Shower Mary Lou Hilton James Campbell Herbere Epperson John Clifton Dyes J 4.-M,-,,4llll" At 8:OO,Thursday, cember 2, l9L8, the nual football dance staged at Teentown proved to be one of De- an- was and the best and most entertain- ing ever held. Co-cap- tain, Johnny Bill McKin- ley crowned Frankiestark queen for l9L8, and CO- cwptain,Kenneth Peterson escorted Erma McConnell, the maid of honor. Dancing followed the crowning ceremony with Jerry Pettit and his or- chestra playing until!!! THE Compliments LJARDROBE U 10 the Rom M CLEANERS OO in Y-uq P tx TI-IE Some Equal--None Better REXALL DRUG STORE Madison at The Square f AURORA, MISSOURI Aurora Missouri HlfEUlfEUlHlfF-UWIHWHHIF-'fl COMPLIMENTS DALE STORE Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes Aurora Missouri 455 so vu ITE HXRDVARE SLEJUHN VIOTURLU. 9RYg5 gy:1ptE gmug 'Solar P'wWiL Xgimininiuxirogioiifing Yours For The Future SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY a.,-if-----.ab fa S if " lg Q- xx "'o -,, 1 I7 PIERCELUHBE R10 Quality Building Material B fl -V' - Pho. 360 .L L 'X BREITENSTEIN PHONE-ll LIQNHAIIT STUDIO Senior and Annual pI"IO'I'JOC1Y21PI'1G.Y' FAULKNER SALES COMPANY "GREAT Fri gid Hoover Maytag Zenith NAMES IN HOME APPLIANCES" aire Refri gera tor eaners Cl Washers B Radios AURORMIISSGURI I HAM CHROEVOLET CO. AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE K . 1 Genuine Chev. Parts ,Q OFFICE an PARTS DEPT ' for' Phone 18 Night 139N Afte SERVICE DEPT. Jn WRECKER SERVICE Dey Phone 662 Night 31t,W -Ion and COMPANY Dry Goods - Clothing Shoes AURORA , MISSOURI Compliments of Q .,.nuRoRHjTInnRBLL co. 'Q' . Phone 2314. SIMS MOTOR COMPANY sues ssnvucs AURORA, MISSOURI 10 DR. HARRY T. DAVIS CHIROPKACTOR AURORA, M0 . A E C0 comon Pnwss LITHOGRAPHERS 121-29-31 N. w. 'rnlno snzn PRINTERS d OKLAHOMA CITY 1, QKLA. DE5'GNER5 PWNCE55 WW-R BEN FRANKLIN STORE PM 3 WESTERN AUTO EARL CRUUK TYDUL A55ocaAn2 srona W SERVICE PH6ERIE'3so Z5 the X AURORA LAUNDRY Compliments of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS V EBPQKJCS Howard Snodgrass, Lessee k Operator Madison k Church Street AURORA , MISSOURI 9 , HARIU suNmcH DAIRY H. Max Tindall and D. L. Gwinnup Jeweler and Optometrist Q27 A23 i3?3r2v3Sue Aufwna mo. 'L tl! Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments REXVNSNATT TH AU BQNK :GGG 454407-E4G?"!'f'llfv!' 'li-943' D-X Super Service Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Wholesale Retail AURORA, MISSOURI 'Friendly Efficient Service' 3,-fr , S Phone 51,5 'f 9 27 -,,:,' -J WERE GOSNG fo Qc+looL Too-- nfffd L I l-i T P Cigx I-,.,. CONSTANTLY studying the newest, most modern techniques in electric utility operation . . . So we can adapt the best of them to The Empire District Electric Company. Constant improvement, expan- sion, and modernization means better electric service . . . and a higher standard of living for all! Congratulations to the class of 1949! THE DISTRICT ELECTRIC CU IIIPIIIIH' W A A Y 'i Serving the Empire District of the Southwest for 39 Years TAYLUH TRUCK R EU. FARMALL-'rRAc'roRs-mc 'raucxs ROUND HERE "MOST EVERYBODY n1ncERs-REFRIcERA'roRs BARN EQUIPMENT-noun FREEZERS READS THE IHC as NEW HOLLAND HAY BALERS WE APPRECIATE Yoon BUSINESS ADVERTISER" f'V '- s , 'f Q Fd x E 9,5 Q E Elly L S 3 G . ' Il ' x al Aurora roczrr Co Compliments Of KYIQS N I1 MOL OY PONTIAC 64.8 om Fimenffv 0 ONE DOLLAR PAID 1. French Standard Service 2. House Grocery 3. Payne Radio Shop A. 0. K. Rubber Welders 5. B k B Motor and Machine 6. Combs Beautorium 7. Aurora Beauty Shop 8. White House Grocery and Meet Market 9. Aurora Bakery 10. Wilkerson Insurance Co. ll. Dr. Ethel Ross 12. Binion Furniture Co. C 13. Lloyd Barber lb. Sayer's Hardware 15. Squeeze Inn 16. Aurora Farmer's Exchange 17. Okla. Tire a Supply 18. A1exander's Cafe 19. Ralph Hilton Implement Co 20. Robson Office Supply 21. Wiley Tire k House Supply 22. Munday Grocery 23. Frenk's Cleaners 2L. M. T. Davis Lumber Co. 25. Bank Hotel M Coffee Shop Seniors Eldon Clark Eloise Clopton John Dyes Phyllis Edwards Shirley Epperson Jeane Medlin Phoebe Lee Sophomores Bobby Fly Jeanne Hoods Jack Barker Marilyn Beck Harold Combs Connie Gardner Jimmie Jones Charles Leitle Billy Ed Leitle Eula Jean McConnell Raymond Mais Joyce Meadows Lois Newton Marilyn Palmer Ruth Petty Mary Pfiefer Harley Reed LaJunta Shoemaker Maxine Smith Leroy Summers Dorothy Tucker Beverly Welch Honor Roll WE ACHIEVED THE GOAL FOR WHICH ALL STRIVED Freshmen Rosemary Reid Anna M. Rowe Beverly Trower Ellen Winzer Nancy Campbell Marilynn Crook Larry Davis Carol Dawdy Barbara Epperson Charles Faulkner Leland Herron Carroll Hilton John Jirik Joe McCullah Betty Moore Nhrgaret Munday Shirley Murray Doris Parsons Juniors Joan Clanton Louise Whiteside Richard Nichols Mildred Forester Carol Lu Irby Maynard Kirby Sam ie McCarrell Wilma Mitchell Mary Nivens Lester Pannell Dorothy Rimmer Bonnie Gaye Rowe Betty Taylor Carl Tindall ur Sophomore Citizens mmfK'?ss1?z Kmw2aA,a'os mffauammzsw views asa, bw City fi C? Z ' V 4 X f I' High-ranking Sophomores in Leadership, Scholarship, and Service to the School who were Honored by UThe Ladies' Saturday Clubn with a trip to Jefferson Bob Lear--19L7 Louise Whiteside--19g8 Bob Fly--l9L9 H0140 . ii' ..,.......W. f,g.-.wb M ww" Mp..4-fm , - 1 g If X 7 Q. W r :W f J U, wmv-

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