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. ,E sgrt: 1 , W iii' iw :JMWSM f S, ,,4 I AUBURN UNIVERSITYIS YEARBDDK-W GLDNIERATA 'IS77 AUBURN, ALABANIA -EDITDR- GARY NICDLANAHAN -ASSISTANT EDITDR- DARDL. BLANKENSHIP -DESIGN EDITDR- KEITH LIGHTSEY -JDURNALIST- EDNA VVASSDN -PI-IDTD IVIANAGERS- RDYCE TYREE DAVE BRDVVN BDBBY LINDSEY -BUSINESS IVIANAGER- JENELLE IVIINIS -ADVISOR- DR. EDVVARD B. TAYLDR DRAW A LIN BENl:::lNG 'ro SUPPLY DE FINITIQN on 'Mum 7 V ' A.-ummm. 1 :M mm M l lI!"l".i I I Q 'gf F C FQ!! x . , . -av I - Q Q A Q . fi- 3,923 335751 ' x -fb' f-zwwzf' 2- 'FE ., . i' v ' 6 H14 ,mm ' 4 ' , -wi-'1 l,1Qg,,.,,,,,,45y-f1-,-vx--:fww-fn? - Q 'ami 2. 015 ,foi Liv see' YKQLJZOM R f ffaL2:1! I :i f f 12131114 , IVIIX A COLD A lg 3 A , A, ,Y I 7 QMEQ SF Ef ' is it , F , ww f"' m Q A '5 M f 1, Xu V .X '33 V M W gi M Q iw qv if ,Lb 'lk 4 1 an Y L5 W 1- M 'ws ' wc 2 ,1-1v wx i , af' Y, , 5 , PM M, I 1 . U' Q W" V' Ei 35 4 ti 'f ai 'F 42 rf M 2 :Ez 3 'Q' fs- ng. As a ,fm Q wi 6 M , if 2 J i 5' 1 Q if 45 e 7' " if We Mm ,- wx W is 'U in V. :H H3 " "S, , 'W ., J 5 w 3. Q Xi ji-xi s 2 2' M If 4 H 4 B X wi,.,,Af 1 .v Nw K-A 'iiliw , W 3 'm !Hv in ' ff? , .W . 3, sup, 123+ . f 1 5 ,Y is , 'M ,A V 'SQ' wg , W J. "" ' ,V :Q Wi qi .. 4 , A., 5 ' Q ' 1 . 1 .41-E Q is sw 4 Q gk i 4 S 5 E 5 ,M .V 'Em , . -f.. 1 , 3 ,H K , .U .nn ,E M 4, 4 1 A A ' f, Q 5 'Q W fi 5' 1 i .' l ' V ml ' 1' 5 .' 'W kv- Q an V r' ' G a,, Q- fr 'M "Hs: , , Q i wigadf, 1 , S ' V , ' . ' W' N V ai ,lava 1. ' W 21? , ., , JW ' Q 'ZR X ". f 'Q , 1 ' -, M ' - g"""" , W, y EE! X Q xg? A sas me X iw U an k , , f W' V ai. mf uni? " A ei? V , , , H E A W A 5 1 - 2 M V , f Q. SQ Ag , V K ,L K W K I "" 'N ' " K - U ci? , . ' ig- V H V2 ' , ,Emi . ,,..- Y S if f ' , wif Q 1 fp 'E 1 Q H , " x ,Sf ' , ,,,Wg.fY f U , , 5 'f Q A YN ' V YNVV x ' M X 1 I V W 'V ' ' 2 ? 4' .4 ,S F ' A QE -, 5 M V V 3 2 K H 'Sega' , H :ww 1 ' W ' , M A -N "'A , , ,,,, , " gf 3 W " L , SF www' f ' ' ' an ' -, ' glib: Q ' ,,,, 'ry ' H-er ' 4 N Mew , impl- W - W, V 1 ,,, Q n ' 1 . V dr, 'W' J wttmv ' i 'Q' gi' K ' Q1 4 Q a W ,A , of D! , , M J "- ' 'hi f Q E Q Aw ,. 1 , 1 Wig! If N F 'ig' If G ' 6 6 V . if sf '+':'. .,- .WW X- 2' -sw . ,fb ' -'uf 4- ' fs' 1 mi" -'vi " 'Eff It 'Q in '8!?'f."'fl1' 'f- xfvg 'Q ' if I X if 5, .N m ' ini: '1 '. QW1' 5 nffn ' in ' f V? G 'U' Z 2 u a 'g' " 1 5 1 'c ' , 'A 1 H" -2' -- K :VW '55"3' SHN. :YN f- U ' . . - A nv. . wavy?-ling' W 0 WWW Qs' ' urn f1fw.:""" 1' gt h 'W' U 4 Q, .UL w.. a,'vT-iikftx. QQ :"g"?q,l Q, . is nu up ' A' 51 .6 " 'ln . L' . --A, zvawfnr V fif,-,QL :I "Via P 35, . 4. 0- ,' K ' Q' IMS' 0. 'If . - Q' 'A , 5 ff., Hal, M, ' .,"4 , . 'W if 5: 1' A Xa- xfggi , 2 yn F9 a My .. 1 :Um f ,. . -+-mf ff WS- "3 - 1,,'ff -rv-. ' SEE ' 'bw EQ . V ltfmjf ' 1 vig' 'vw 0 d5":, :M-:. 5.3! 'hum' 1 f' 3'-'f 1"""""2" 'g-?e ss? ' 1'-.J Q " X ., 'T V H 3 . W A ,-A's .fm W . K ' , r -1 14 '- -' f -Q, X1 K ' wwe! X . if QQQQ' '15, 1 it 35? f a N qi ' ":3'5 1 Y 1 Q. F ' V 4' Q' ggi? i , A .1 A A N .W M 1 feb: 5 gsm r MQ WM 1 , Y V ' ,nk if J W X , Kgs-E .. fQf 2 . 1 .- an W 2 1,45 A ,A R 7 ' q 4 "' 55? ' . F2Qs'I2.a W 5 3,0 ' W 1 Amd, ' 1,535 A' , js f'la',,-A W 34.5 w K ,A X ' V V ' ,fr u"m :,k ' '-1 1, .23 5 ,g H' u m 'Q ji QF I ,sl ,K 5 's 'Q Mwfas' Quik 1 ?' lg Q 3' mf,-. 'gpxffgi Q.. All L 'ya ,, Q ' V Wy' ,U-.N E W fm H 'Q' ,5 .X 'Q L fa I 21 N! 'WV ,A ' H V P "YZ . 'H' ' ' . - - w Y ' .p ' ,- , V ' W uggyrjix W sa. A f' , ' 4 f ' 5 5 VQWQ 3' ,A 6 . ir Q Q, ti A XWK W ff . -1 ff- X li E . ' HN M if". ,Wu 1' 1 Wg! .4 Q - an "xi," -wav ', ' ' EZ, Q' Q 1 A A , - " fill ",N ' Q ww-R , ,N -Wai, HA wi? A y Q f ,,'A, ,K " .-'54 , , -15 - V 1, f X lm W as lr I K ' X a " ii? 4 ma 'Q' 'Q ,K ' .lb we 5,,i -- .. M, W? we f M ff - 1 ' W . .s M ,A , , . an vu - gh nw ' ,Q K 3' 1+ 1, ".9.'4,f ' y 1, my ,h A Y ' -N I' ' -W' .9 my l - ,, 'lf .M , . U was U J" ' , X ' Ri I 1 im? ' t'-'mn 5 Min' ' vain si Av MA 1 ,V AQ ,N f . . .Z-fy.. 1 Q du. Q .. my -fm. va'-1 W.- ff .mi 'il P' -' 5" ?, ' " QM .1 'Q W M fwj, -ff' A ,wi ,f .ig ,, .pg,5 I' A qt., ,mtv Ev Q! ing gg, Q 'YE' if my Sh .gy fLM's'gKff5wi 5 X if ' W fi M 'as ' unit WMA, .iP"j: f gf , 5, QQ' G W P9 1 ,mg Q o'u"3x'Q A s it w ff? ,,, Amy, Q fue !,,vf"w " " 5 if ' Q fi' W' Dbbb LINE . OOLOF! . OINIENSION . VVORLO IN ENTIFIETY -11 4 f f-1 911.5 3,M: M me NA K 1 ff QC L' -f .QL ' ,N ' V 3 M 4, . J .... 5553""lH?EEii:""A5E6F1 fd? QQEEHW 4 limiifiiwiiuFPf2i?gQ5"'QfJQHQi'Wiw'xf?55' ELS 2 , vw ig1,5a.a:41"-H ,, 1 , :Iwi ga: gs,-aaaggy, L- ' F ' ?.EEiQEf1UE'3J:fL 4 ! ' f - , ,wwihka ,wwrfirmwwwd 'wwmg - -, ww- 1 yxx, , ,, , , ' ' V div ,. , , '- A K - Y H+ :Wim 'fel w w --y 'V ' H, Aft N,-.ff f W Y --QH-'Q2'3,aQw'Jm.-,r-ff 4-1-inzeew--5,5 ff ."'Yi4vd'uW"'11i Hn ' ' M-v 'nm ' 'QI 'in wb. "H Nw vf5Eg9'3E2g,g1g1g,!1"'L!w2' ',"H+y-1Q'k1,'WEi?F93E'iaisg.1Qf'f 1m.vHmw ' A , .1 W A .mf w.U,?w-ga.,--ew, .sg 'U J1iMqg'fQ',gy., ' ,, , TH N1 SEQ- H Q ,' Y 'M ,5i?i5eW'32 W 'H 9 E 'U' f',E1'U'W??'fWfvN'1f 2 f'CI'M1 1' W Q , ,,. Vywmigfggxif , y 1, SE. I "1 ' Y N 1 Y ggiswifv E H E adj: NLT' '- Eg , W1 I f N1 sw -Qi 3 2 df? 1 3 bp - . 'fp 1 " 'L 1 is J, AND IN THE wonLn ig,AnouNn AUBURN, YDU HAVE TD BE SITTING IN AWE :JF THE COMPLEX SIIVlPLll'f lTY ol: CREATION. A AIVIEN --1 W N 1 1 I 1 I 1 l W. V Ji' 1 w N r w l f W 1. W, 1 v 'W . 1 1 - ' V FIEDRAVVING THE LINE None of the lines that are drawn in the world are perma- nent. Look around you - some lines are changing by them- selves, and others are altered by man to fit his needs. Three things broughtthe most changes to the lines in Auburn: time, new people, and Title IX. 23 1977 BRINGS PHYSICAL Changes l Title lX, building improvements, and student suggestions have resulted in many changes on campus during the past year. The Title IX shakeup prob- ably caused more differences and additions to Administration, housing, and Greeks than any other develop- ments in the last several years. Major construction face-lifts were also under- taken, including The University Chapel and new Pharmacy and Architecture buildings. Due to student recommen- dations, a Pedestrian was established for trial purposes, and its success or failure was to be the deciding factor in a permanent Ped Mall. nn changes TITLE IX FORCES REORGANIZATION The University Administration, in an attempt to comply with Title IX guide- lines, reorganized two high-level posi- tions during summer quarter. The two administrators whose jobs were affected by the change were Deans James Foy and Katherine Cater. Foy's new duties include direction of all student activities, programs, organ- izations, publications, radio, frater- nities, and discipline. Cater is now responsible for all housing programs and continues to direct sororities and social life. Her official title has been switched from Dean of Women to Dean of Student Life. Changes Change Changes Changes Change Changes 24 C nges . fffi- v Y M . , . sf f 5 ,IE 2 M 2 was i I 2 LOCKS REPLACE I.D. CARD VALIDATION The antiquated validated I.D. card and its corresponding night watchman were ousted this year in favor of a combination lock system. The new locks were installed during fall quarter. They eliminated curfews, signing in and out procedures, and late penalties. However, along with the benefits came some unexpected complications such as broken or jammed locks that made getting into the dorms impossible after doors were locked for the night. Girls who had partied too much during the night often forget the four numbered sequence or can't seem to find the necessary manual dexterity. This prob- lem, in combination with broken locks, forced many girls wanting into the dorm to scream and plead with sleep- ing residents to come open the door. STUDENTS DESIGN CAFETERIA IVIURAL A new look was added to War Eagle Cafeteria this year - a mural that covers the entire left wall. The mural was designed and painted by second year Architectural Design students, who were divided into teams of four. Each team's model was judged by the cafeteria management and by the Architecture Department professors. Members of the winning team were Jimmy Latham, Cleveland Adams, Phillip Pennington, and Sonny Barnes. The design was actually painted onto the wall by the winning members. Changes Changes Changes Changes Changes Changes Changes Changes MALE VISITATION OPENS DORIVI ROOMS In compliance with Title IX, campus housing authorities allowed male visit- ation for the first time in women's dormitories. Each dorm was given the opportunity to vote on exactly what days and for how many hours the resi- dents could have male visitors. The results varied from completely open housing to no visitation at all. However, the Equal Rights regula- tions were also to be applied to Mag- nolia Dormitory. A controversy quickly developed between administration and dissatisfied Mag residents. Female visitation, which had previously been allowed at Mag, was restricted to weekends only. Residents of Mag strongly disagreed with the new policy and requested Administration reconsideration. After a campaign of several months, Mag residents suc- ceeded in securing a change back to the old system with the only stipula- tion being that a unanimous vote in favor of visitation be obtained from residents. According to Mag residents, there has not been any problem get- ting the vote. rt Ch Chan es Ch ang? Chan e Changes 950995 -- ' 5 W - . A s ' : . - fgW:j'. ' N "L' ' I :,.Lgg A ' I A I A . .L 1 g gs x-we ,P QW! ' e in V if' dummies' 4 H is Q1 twwfe g +1 gi J N, S? , 5 7 Qqgrns Z: Ness ,, s , S 3, . , , ' fi N- 5'-"H -.s- A, I . . w E-am as . SKIING WEEKENDS A NEW REASON T0 GET AWAY This year, for the first time in recent Auburn history, there was a mass stu- dent exodus for the slopes. Students who had never seen snow, much less with skiing experience, joined the ranks of those heading for the moun- tains - usually Gatlinburg, Maggie Valley, and Beach Mountain. There, the mainly unexperienced crowds of stu- dent skiers banged, bumped, and ran into each other during what most de- scribed as the most fun they'd ever had. ATTENDANCE POLICY MEANS FULLER FRESHIVIAN CLASSES Auburn students used to boast about never having to go to class be- cause "the professor can't do anything about it." This is no longer always the rule. The faculty and administration compiled a set of requirements dealing with class attendance for freshman and sophomore level classes. This year, each department decided on its attendance policies, which range from no required attendance to lowering grades by one letter if a student misses more than three class days. The main reason for the drastic policy change is attributed to concern over low class attendance. It was ar- gued that freshmen and sophomores often do not possess the necessary maturity to attend classes when not forced. Also, professors felt their time was wasted lecturing to empty class- rooms. 26 . Changes f- .. .. ., Q- .w..ft.. ',fn..sfz1:ui5g.g-gg,..1fv,:-ive if. 4-x.x.'.11.:.-V THE KITCHEN SERVES QUAD WITH FAST FOOD A recent face-lift to the quad post office Cformerly the University Social Centerl has resulted in a new student late-night hangout - The Kitchen. Sandwiches, pizza, and snacks com- prise the menu of the Kitchen, which is only open week nights after 8 p.m. The atmosphere wobbles from quaint to almost tacky, but it is definitely a relief from the basic Auburn cafeteria. The Hill Dorms' counterpart to the Kitchen is the Filling Station, located in a small section of one side of Terrell Dining Hall. lt, too, is a favorite place for study breaks and for quieting stomach rumblings. Magnolia dormitory's Quiet Appe- tite offers a similar menu to the new Quad and Hill eating spots. Fortunate- ly, Chef's Club cards are acceptable at all three - a necessity to many de- pleted student bank accounts. PED-NIALL BLOCKS CAMPUS CENTER TO CARS A Pedestrian Mall went into effect January 24 after President Philpott's final approval early in January. The proposal for a Ped Mall was first passed by the Student Senate, then approved by the University Traffic and Parking Committee and Faculty Sen- ate before being sent to Philpott. Road blocks were set up daily be- tween 7 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. on Thach Street from the lower Social Center Drive to Duncan Drive, and on the por- tion of Tiger Street by Thach Hall. iChanee flr t f .sl aii. rfsrflfrf . . Qh - in-'z 1'f1"ff:f t. 'ff 5 lfhWf!f Ch ml .. ..... -f s-7. f STA. 5 ii 5 f Q .. Lk'g t1f7E ' ..'. -.t' X Q -Q3 . , . . . Qin! . , .... c.,,,, ,,, T gygs , tg sf.i A 4 g yygg isr. 3,252 iiff if STSAT LQELQ ' ifsy.. .rfs i-ii A l , A A A A sst. f A S I . . iffy: of SAAAF Q A i Q . 1 r - Ieiff fit - . . 1' ' A A 5 stsfr '-sr '..f ...ii ti .sg.s g igytil T27 C. .VLV . Li ,KL.V,k-,. Changes E Q i 2 1 3 E v i . I w 1 A 1 ln election was considered ax tossfupy9 wlthW Ford and Carter receiving ia'Imosst"fexaectly the same percentage -fTl3jQ4I"'bdlQ'SQ Of greatest concern tofbdth Candi? dates, however, was the large bloclof uncommitted yoters, many of whlomi did not make up theirmlnds Lintilthejk reached the yotingiboothsq 3 ' Most analysts wereoo'ncernedsaboUt what they called "voter,a'pathy"geethe smallest voters turnout Alvi r ecent 'his- 3D SMCtOl Break out the Soapbox tory was predicted. But the voters pulled through. Though the turnout was by no means as large as in some past races. 52 per cent of the nation's eligible voters cast their ballots. The election remained undecided until the early morning of November 3. Carter swept the south and many of the liberal northeastern states, and Ford received the majority of votes in the midwest and west. About 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, with the votes from Missouri swinging the balance. Carter was projected the winner in electoral votes. When all the votes were counted. James Earl Carter became the nation’s 38th president. During fall quarter, the Auburn campus suddenly sprouted red and blue bumper stickers reading "We need President Ford" and green and white t-shirts announcing "Gimme Jimmy." Many Auburn students became involved. both directly and indirectly, in the campaigns. The Young Democrats and Young Republicans both caucused for their candidates, setting up tables on the Concourse with information, distributing pamphlets and buttons, and. for the most part good-naturedly, competing with each other for theattention, and the vote, of the Auburn student. Students chose many ways to spend election night. Some simply went to bed, deciding to read the returns in the next day's newspapers. Political groups arranged what they hoped would be victory parties, and spent the night talking politics and drinking wine while waiting for the returns. In the Plainsman office. Tuesday nights are work nights, so someone brought in a television set and the staff kept informed. Quite a few students drove to Plains. Ga.. only an hour from Auburn, to watch the returns. There, a giant projection screen had been set up, and people from all over the nation, gathered in Plains as if it were Mecca, watched Walter Cronkite. drank beer, listened to music, and had a good time until the results were announced. On the "morning after” classrooms were rather empty, as winners and losers caught up after a long night of waiting and hoping and in some cases, celebrating. After it was all over. Auburn returned to normal, with only some still-stuck stickers on car bumpers to remind a passerby of the excitement of the previous months. The nation retained a state of hopeful optimism and generally rallied around the new president after his inauguration January 20. 31 Soapboxcreased in recent years. Fraternity delicatessan style opened near cam-parties and first-run movies aren’t the pus. The Subway, located across from only places to take a date—a relief Biggin Hall on Magnolia, specialized in from the routine of a few years ago. pizza and beer along with their sand- The most notable change this year wiches. Further down Magnolia, next occurred when the one-mile from cam- to the intramural fields, Mama Goldberg’s and Solomon’s specialized in mix-it-yoursetf sandwiches with a "" number of different breads, meats, and cheeses. Students who wanted beer and disco - pfli music frequented the Blocked Punt, I the Casino, and the Undergrad and the "'Alt jfe Pub, when the two were open. War Eagle Supper Club provided the beer, i . ■ but replaced the disco with pizza. 32Two restaurants provided students with a little more class than they had been used to in the countless hamburger joints. C. L. Torbett’s, a converted house on Opelika Road, served excellent food and mixed drinks in quaint surroundings of antiques. Uptown Auburn was the site of Courtney’s, a combination bar, restaurant, and self-proclaimed discoteque. Students who were able to wait in line long enough to be seated said the food was good. Still lacking in Auburn was a good discoteque, and many students made trips to nearby Columbus, Georgia, to visit Nichol’s Alley. It may not have been the most exciting nightlife in Alabama, but it beats seeing the Union Movie three times. 33Si3ifiQEiiifli,'iiQii iiiigii The desire to learn dance steps has experienced a rebirth in the last few years, spurring many students to practice partner dancing and new "disco-dancing" routines. Joining the Hustle in the experi- enced dancer's repertoire are a variety of shuffle-kick-boogie steps, vaguely similar but known by such different U U i W1 if fl! M " gif? ,E N ,,,. ,. Ilig Vvgg 'Vg:5i '1."' "i"if Z A 4 ii. 'i'fii ' 'iifi r,iA ,cttt ,. 34 Stepping Out 'if 4! names as Watergate, Bus Stop, Shuffle, or Moonwalk. For the student preferring more traditional steps, the Snag or Pretzel combines several Jitterbug moves slightly changed to fit modern music. But whatever your choice-Snag or Shuffle-it's time again to break out the records and practice. 3 5 Stepping Out  Changes: Since its modest beginning in the "horse and buggy days," the little church on the corner of Thach and College Streets has been renamed, re- modeled, and restored. The First Pres- byterian Church was built in 1851 on a grassy plot of land surrounded by quiet residential dirt roads. Today it is known as the University Chapel and stands among academic buildings and fast-food establishments on one of Auburn's busiest intersec- tions. S The church was once used for class- rooms in 1887 when the main building at Alabama Polytechnic institute burned. Because of the church's growing membership and because of the statev wide student membership, ag larger church was built on the corner of Thach and Gay Streets. Auburn Uni- versity traded this lot to the church for the original church lot and building. The building became the Univer- sity's Player's Theatre in the late 1920's and remained a theatre until the early 7O's. The chapel will continue to serve Auburn University students and faculty members as it has throughout its 125 year history lts chief purpose isto pro vide the University community with a place for personal meditation The chapel may be reserved for occasions ranging from weddings to organ and small ensemble concerts that include sacred music Religious services and other devotional activities may be held in the chapel The church s original stained glass windows woodwork and brickwork was cleaned and repaired and a new ceiling, a steeple, and doors were add- ed to the structure. A masonry wall now partially surrounds the building to keep out some of the traffic noise A new pipe organ was donated by an alum Chi Omega sorority in honor of their 50th anniversary on campus contributed an altar and pulpit One of the main features of the chapel is the apse a projection of one of the walls The apse is lit from both sides and receives symbols of the dif ferent faiths that are part of the Uni versity community The functional interior of the chapel includes moveable seating also em- phasizing the interfaith aspect of the chapel. The Architecture Building will have a small exhibit gallery for the students' works, a coffee shop, adequate office area for faculty members, a 250-seat lecture hall, a "Commons Area" where students can gather and improved lightingfor drafting rooms. The complex also features a two- story library with a sky-light over the stairwell to create a balcony effect. A one-story wood and metal workshop was constructed so that other floors may be added on. The Architecture Building, Telfair B. Peet Theatre and Goodwyn Hall are phases ofa Fine Arts Center which, in the future, will also include a new art building. Changes: An Olympic athlete - the pinnacle of athletic perfection, self-discipline, and true sportsmanship - one who can compete with his fellow sports- man in a spirit of peace and friendship, without regard to race, nationality or ethnic belief. Auburn University is proud to have in its ranks two men who are not only Olympic athletes, but Olympic medalists as well. Harvey Glance, OZHPR, who tied the world rec- N T ord last spring in the Men's 100 Meter dash led the United States men's relay team to a gold medal victory in the Men's 400 Meter Relay. Bill Forrester, 01PB, stood by two other American swimmers to take the Bronze medal in the 200 Meter Men's Butterfly. This mental, physical, and psycho- logical training began two years be- fore the Games for Forrester, including three to four hours a day while he was in high school at Jacksonville, Florida's Episcopal High. There the long road began. There were stops along the way, like the world Games in Bogata, Co- lombia in 1974 and the Olympic Trials 40 Top F THE RLD in Long Beach, California. Then it was on to the heavily guard- ed Olympic Village in Montreal. The heavy protection stood as a sad re- minder of what had happened four years ago in Munich. There were some political overtones in Montreal but to American swimmers it was cash in time. John Naber, the four time Olympic medalist, was Forrester's hero during the Olympics and led American men to their most productive Olympiad ever. It was a proud moment for America, and every time Bill Forrester made a step on the road to Montreal, it was a proud moment for Auburn as well. For Phenix City's Glance, the road to Montreal was longer and in the end much more rewarding. Two years ago, Glance was an unheralded sprinter from a poor family. His journey is somewhat of a realization of the Amer- ican Dream. Glance began his successes in Au- burn dual meets, but was still un- heralded until the NCAA Indoor Track Championships. There Glance took honors in all three sprints: the 60, 100, and 200-yard dashes. Glance also took all three SEC sprint titles in route to SEC Athlete of the Year Honors. After the Olympic trials, Glance was on his way to Montreal to compete against the specialists of the sprint: Valery Borzov, Don Quarrie, and Has- ley Crawford. Glance won all the pre- liminaries and was the favorite to cap- ture the 100 meter dash. But such was not the case. Glance took a third place finish and a bronze medal. But the quest for gold did not end. Glance joined three other Ameri- cans to take a gold medal in the 4 x100 meter relay. For the young man who wants to coach track and help young people de- velop natural talent in track the mo- ment of victory was something that -only four short years ago was merely images on a television screen. 4 On Top 'I ' n MM- , g 1' -V, 'LW 1, V 1 A Wuwii nquuunduug 'QW' , 1 L J ' f1,"""':V', V, it 'M 5 .f , -fnf,,..'-'V 1 i. M L A vi , W1 W g?QvM4'5'g..,i,g,,y4r, 'ilffh ,fhfff121f,-52,3114 Hin? I N uf, :V ',m'mtn:it351"'.: 3 ,. . L X . I ' 'X'fGfw X Q 1 fi afQxx' rw w I .' k A 5 'ju jv RQ, X 3 .x 3 1 .-,K F Z: X' X 'Ayn M 1,iM.W1u-Ny. Y , -ki. . W 4 .:-'r x 'X X x M53 1 .-fskxx. U Lx' vax 2 ,A . A , , uf v -I , ,P ,L , , r - Q ,Q x . A1 ww N N 12' ,' W 5 V 1 i f M T X, ' A. XXXMN2 1 .' H " ' 1 X fix, 'MX xx, xu. X. Rx Agwqxmv. ,R x . N N KX x x K uk ffxfuf'-,x. 1- . E 1 X H . ,XIX "N.u'fE 'f xv-- 1 , w., ' MQW. X x , .twirl "1 'rl' ,h1wW"w mv' H -TW. , gf. , 1 ft' . rn EM R- R 6 x , Q A 23 s Q w , e 15 J? E Ar 'J LL Q A 1 Mm Q 'gay " fi , ,gg K f 'X N 5 , X 'F G Xi m XX 'qi f, 4 X 9 . 1 X , Ay 9 , X H t a F 'M ' , H ' ,,.wMaw,fQmLglQ.mzhw'1M -+.j9f'WF V "Wx, 1 f ,g QfQ31.vffmlelwif-E11f+gf M f A f ' "' ' ' m,.,,. In , IL N -1 ui , qw WW-'WW"9 QA M ,,,,,,,W"- WMM-.Mm - A fl ff w w ' ,t wzg as. ' . ' ., WWW 'Gy' gx, ' fi? 525' WW ' W ,, vb ,X .1 P' TW Hip, Ping, ?ri51?SQ'. l2f ' , 5,,3f1.+,,,.wwwffwwfcfH'v'9"f'Eif'f W f" 4 ,X P -L .f -, w fi" ix' -fp, vw- ' 1 , -Q, um- W. W' M' , ' " 1 , J, Y V, wx---1 ,ge g 'gifLQ1.l,y W1 M,wWdM,,k. 'w :wW5,,wvwvw'N " My V3 QL MjA,,W.,A,,gy ig, V wwauwvwixff W """"WM ,Y M , ,. , ,.Pr,J ,m f .WM H' --.- 4, LW. N,nmmmw'ww , f ' an , -u W 'M 'L 93.1 . w m ai? 1: T ia, .Z2L,,. fYi'i 9, ,,1,1,,-wwiw-,QM Y wwhaemWY 5,53 - V , W,X4A,.1w,A,,.-A.:--.Migf v ' 'Wim ' ,X :A ' if A mm '52, U Q ' , wmh5'WW"'WW'd W, ' N 'Seine " ,, :X , WW WM M :Q m.n,,X,,,, ., ' M V, 3 ' ff K ' , 1 .- ' A - ' AW MW 1 f , f f , , , W 1 :fu .f pm mm? , . - uw.: 'Wad' X , . V fx 4-"wxf,mQ Y 1w',,Ps wan Wx - -Nw ,wi H ,M f - 1' w 9 , Aww. ., .mu -' ' ' 1 " , ' u ,u p. k ff - "1 iw, . 1, , , ,,,, N . -..MMM .1..L,4-m,W.,A....,-,,..,QuJ,. MMQMM MMQA, ,,m,,w,,Y WMA , mm,,0gW,,,wWm:--NMA ,EMM .M Kathy Raiser second alternate Q 2 z. 55315,-1, 'i rf? 151 s 5 atv' 2 1 I V , as 5 K an A F Q WIN! V wa , 1 WM W. f ,nw 5 a i 1 Q gy 5 5 I 2 Taylor alternafe Sheila fourth altefnfztc R Hiaiiigil- ' K - EW' ww ww. x- . , M, M ,,1fw,, my -K 'M vm Karen Davis 48 Letty Stewart Kathy Cos ton Rnu1« Cherie Murphy 49 Abbie Taylor Lauren BartholomewJean Roberts 50 Christy Sumner t»IUW»Sissy Crampton 5 1 Davis Anne Denson Betsy AndersonBetsy Bradley 52 Beiut«» Cheryl Clements Cindy WilliamsMrs. Auburn Judy Davis 53 54li ,H W uf ' J f Llggxw, ' "3ls4:E1' f SJ M , fmqpfhfif 1 1 ,ef 25,14 5 YQEEQL K n P+ . ,R , Q Y iii 'fy M H , X 1 ,V 4 Sheila Morris Miss A-Day 56 Miss A-DayKaren Kroft Derby Darling Cindy Murphy Miss Fall Rush 57 BnnuiiesMiss Homecoming Denise Capps 58Finalists Debbie Fleming Sally Land Caroline Lipscomb Karin Daniel 59 IVII ING THE COLORS All the things you watch, all the things you do, add color to the lines and dimensions of your life. Sometimes the color is a cool, icy blue, and the world around you is calm and secure, other times the world explodes around you in anx- ious, fiery, oranges and reds. But whatever the colors, they're yours, yours alone, to keep or share. ? 1 - E H 'Qi 1 H , A F' . A-'I 5 1 S . 2 qi .M Z4 James Taylor, one of music's biggest stars for several years, performed in Auburn April 20, 1976 to an audience of over 7,000. Taylor has recorded 6 successful albums, the first of which was Sweet BabyJames. The Auburn concert was delayed to allow students held up by bad weather enough time to arrive, Taylor walked on stage 20 minutes late and began playing without his backup band, The first song. from his "Mud Slide Slim" album, was "You Can Close Your Eyes." After several more solo songs, Taylor brought out the first band member - James Taylor entertains the Auburn audience with some new songs as well as many of his well-loved old ones. lbs ,XX My in COIICGIT Cyl i Kootchmar, With Kootchmar supplying the guitar rhythm, Taylor sang 2 more songs and then brought out the rest of his band. The first song with the entire band was "Daddy's On The Road" from his latest album. The song explains the loneliness of being con- stantly on the road touring. After a 20 minute intermission, Taylor sang some of his older hits such as "Carolina On My Mind," "Walking On a Country Road," and "Fire and Rain", Taylor then ended the concert but the audience demanded an encore. Lighting matches and stamping their feet, the audience made Taylor return for a three song encore which included his theme song, "Sweet Baby James." Taylor takes time out to chat with his fans and displays a sharp sense of humor. Bruce Springsteen performs before a continuously-standing crowd of Auburn students. Springsteen gets the audience involved as he sings "All Night.” Bruce Springsteen played a non-stop 2 and half hour concert for Auburn students May 13. 1976. Although 4700 tickets were put on sale, only a tiny crowd of 1500 students attended. Springsteen, known best for his album "Born to Run." came on stage at 8:15 dressed in a coat, vest and dark glasses. His backup. the E Street Band, is a disciplined, talented reflection of Springsteen's own voice and guitar playing. Piano solos, fast paced bass and drum playing, and acoustic guitar and piano chord-ing were major factors in Springsteen's electrifying performance. The concert was rated by many of those who witnessed Springsteen as one of the best Auburn has seen in several years. Several times during the night. Springsteen jumped off stage and into the audience, which served to increase the already high level of enthusiasm. The crowd remained standing, clapping and singing throughout most of the evening and gave Springsteen and his band countless standing ovations. Springsteen performed a variety of pieces, including "It s My Life." "Thunder Road." and She s the One.” The songs ranged from fiery rock and roll to soft, delicate ballads, and were definitely examples of Springsteen at his best.Starbuck. the Southern rock band from Atlanta. Georgia, performed for Auburn students in a free concert October 6. 1976. The Student Activities Building was filled to capacity ten minutes after the doors opened. Their unique soft rock sound came through in "Moonlight Feels Right" and "I Got to Know." "Moonlight" was Billboard's No. 1 Southeastern album and a former No. 1 hit in the nation. The seven-man band satisfied the audience with cuts from the "Moonlight" album and several releases. Another crowd pleaser was an X-rated song called "Knox- A member of the Starbuck band displays his talents on the harmonica. Auburn students enjoyed listening to Starbuck as they sang the encore. "Bordollo Bordeaux,” ville, Tennessee." The 75-minute set also included an encore performance. "Bordelle Bordeaux." The Special Events Committee of the UPC sponsored the event. Despite the short set and technical difficulties. Star-buck performed one of this year's best concerts. Starbuck s lead singer sings their hit. "I Got to Know." and "Moonlight," in concert'Awww K ,t.w.r,- V .,.f, Z ,, .., W, M r " , f 'Wild Z is- is ' e Mus' ' 'W ,ixi I in Y A mx l f A W' ar Q. ef John Denver returned to Auburn Univerf sity for his second appearance since Spring 1975 on November 20, 1976. The success' ful Starland Vocal Band with their hit "After- noon Delight" was the accompanying group on tour. Denver performed songs from former albums as well as from his latest release "SPlRlT". A different look was provided to Memorial Coliseum especially for Denver's concert. A special stage that rotated every 38 minutes was flown in and the speakers John Denver greets the many fans who came to his November concert. Denver's second Auburn concert proved to be as suc' cessful as his earlier visit. were suspended rather than set up in front of the stage for a better view. These special effects added to his new show, which critics hailed as being one ofthe best this year. as , 11 I ,W I fn? , - ZA- l W, 'S f '22 f . A - 2 ' ,, mm-W 1 M , 1' aj -2 Vis E The Starland Vocal Band was an enjoyable addition to the Denver concert. fffsf' H. mu.. Sam tho Shorn would have boon more entertaining if ho had stuck to music instead of philosophising The November Homecoming concert, billed as a "50's show" was considered a loser from all points of view. It not only lost money but also left most of the audience dissatisfied and unhappy. in cc There were complications from the begin- I ning with the concert, which featured the Coasters. The Drifters. The Platters. The Pharoahs. and Sam the Sham. First, several groups such as Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Starship refused to play a college campus. Another difficulty was that many performers were too expensive for the Auburn concert budget. Bill Cosby's fee. for example, is S20.000 a day for the entire time he is away from home for a concert, which can be as many as three days. Another problem leading to this year's disaster was most performers had finished their tours before Auburn's Homecoming and refused to make a special trip for just one concertWork on selection of entertainment began Spring quarter. 1976. The IFC. with the help of the UPC. compiled a list of desired performers. All the entertainers on the list were contacted, but 19 responded that they were not available. Three groups answered they might be interested and requested more information. However, after they were given firm offers from Auburn, all three replied that they were not available. Some of the performers who refused were: The Eagles. Grand Central. Elvin Bishop. Gino Vanelli. The Carpenters, and Linda Ronstadt. The final decision about who would play at Auburn was made at the last minute by approximately six IFC members. The Coasters were one of the better pans of the concert in spite of a missing member The group billed as the Platters did a fairly good job. even though they weren't the originals Tickets, which went on sale in the middle of October, sold for $4. S5. and $6. Attendance was low — only about 3.000. Many of those few who did go left long before the end of the concert claiming it was a total flop. So. for the second time in four years, the Homecoming concert did not make money. The two that did come out ahead to show a profit were Bob Hope and Dionne Warwick. A variety of excuses were offered by both IFC and UPC and a controversy over whether the IFC would be allowed to continue sponsoring the concert developed. Many of the people involved think UPC alone could do a better job in handling the entire concert because their business is Auburn entertainment while the IFC is a fraternity organization. Whatever the reasons for the problem, a solution. Auburn's reputation as a poop drawing card for big audiences is growing and likewise student dissatisfaction with the situation of less than big-name groups is also increasing. 70 lftCOAC «tBrick, a five-man disco-jazz band, performed for a free concert February 23. Brick has recently played with many well-known groups such as The Spinners. Ohio Players. Commodores, and Brass Construction. The concert music was a combination of disco rhythms and jazz melodies performed before a full house. UPC's major winter quarter concert. Gordon Lightfoot, was held February 17 before a crowd of about 4.200 people. Lightfoot’s opening act. singer-guitarist Lynn Kellog. warmed the audience up with eight country-flavored songs. She also performed a medley of songs she wrote for ABC's "Animals. Animals. Animals." Lightfoot then came on stage and opened his concert with "Summertime Dream." The songs that followed during the next 70 minutes included love songs, folk narratives, and just "plain people songs." Together with his back-up band. Lightfoot created an alive, purposeful combination of good music and a message. 71 In Coo «f1ALMA FINALLY DISCOVERS that she loves John Buchanan and goes to give herself to him, JOHN BUCHANAN AND HIS SLUTTISH GIRLFRIEND. Rosa Gonzalez, discuss their pasta and futures. No one seems to be able to deal with the present, S '-Q ""7" Y 5 af L AEK L f fn L '4 r: ff f Am M , mi E 5 L 4 2 is sf? ,xv , as 1 1 A J 1 ' it .,,. ig fit' .SY . iii 'V 4 qi 4 if Sig 1 1 'rf -w get in Y ..W....,,,. r ,L he ,N lHW Tennessee Williams' "Summer and Smoke". a play with the touch of small iouthern town feeling. was presented May 8-22 by the Auburn University Theatre Department. The play. the last in a series of ve Bicentennial productions. deals with the 'ansformation of a prim young preacher's aughter, Alma, as she tries to win the affec- ons of the man she loves. Alma's difficult role. played by Malinda lrowder, improves throughout the play with er most outstanding performances coming t the end. Cynthia Nicholson as Alma's iother, Steve Cochran as Roger Doremus. nd Lee Harrison as John Buchanan, Jr., the ian Alma loves, all give excellent perfor- 1ances. Other good performers were Marilyn ,yrd as Nellie, Debi Meall as Rosa. and Hal 'lclntosh as John's father. Director Arthur Miller inserted a short film egment to take the place of Tennessee Wil- ams' prologue. an odd but very impressive zature. The set designer. Joseph Falzetta, mployed an interesting method of stage etting. He placed three sets on stage. but lit nly the one where the action was actually :king place. These features, along with the xcellent use of costumes and the good cast made "Summer and Smoke" an entertaining nd enjoyable production. ' AFTER FIGHTING WITH ROSA, a drunk JohngBuchanon comes to the angel for comfort. There he finds Miss Alma. MISS ALMA learns that John is now engaged to flirty little Nellie. My .. A s An outstanding performance of William lnge's "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs" was presented April 22-May 1 at the Telfair Peet Theatre. The Auburn Players, with Dr. Cleveland Harrison. excellently portrayed this stirring drama of a family's experiences and problems in trying to cope with a progressing and fast moving society. As the story unfolds, there is no definite plot revealed, rather simply a story of delicate human relationships. The characters realize the fears and feelings of insecurity possessed by the other characters and learn that they can share one another's burdens and live each day with the help others offer. The superior acting throughout the play came from Thomas McCracken as Rubin, Robert Harrison as Sonny. Joyce Marie Flem- ing as Cora, and Jan lnfante as Fleenie. Hal Mclntosh as Morris Lacey and Trip Wald- heim as Sammy Goldenbaum along with others also comprised the excellent cast. ark at th op of t Stair i Ki 2 W 4 , - Y .Q-.. Q... , qlm ' V ,Y Y XVN ' u f ,, 1. """'9' 7 -75 V af I bfi 1 W 1, ,M , ,Z K V.. SAMMY ROSENBAUM COMES TO PICK UP RENNIE FLOOD so that they can go to the birthday party of the local rich girl. FiENNlE'S FFHEND, FLIRT. brings news of Sammy Rosenbaurrfs suicide. .fm 1 S V .L fm. ,Ki 1 :Jia 1 , Y L un Y ' TRACEY FINDS OUT THAT THE AFFAIR SHE THOUGHT WAS A DREAM WAS REAL. Tracey s little sister witnessed the whole thing and tells her about it-C.K DEXTERHAVEN tells Tracey Lord how she can get out of her marriage to George The Phila- delphia Story 76Don9! Drink the Water An entertaining play, but one filled with minor mistakes was the "Philadelphia Story.” presented August 5-7 and August 12-14 under the direction of Peter Webb. The outstanding reputation of the "Philadelphia Story" was not fulfilled in this production, yet many of the small technical problems went unnoticed by most viewers. In spite of the problems, several cast members displayed excellent performances. Celia Barrett, as lead player Tracey Lord, promoted and improved the play with her sensational performance as a snobbish, un-likeable character. Rhonda Hill, as the loveable little sister. Cinah Lord, generated a number of smiles from the audience with her comical part. Mark Cole did a great job with his role as George Kittredge, the jilted boyfriend, and Joyce Fleming gave one of her best performances as "Liz" Imbrie. THE AMBASSADORS SON got scolded by his father for an assortment of things, including allowing hi father to get shot in the leg whilo aiding hi girlfriend to escape the Communist country THE AMERICAN TOURIST, played by Jackie Gleason in the movie, finds himself safe only m the American Embassy THE EMBASSY HOLDS A COSTUME PARTY for the visiting Sheik 77The fall production of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" by the Auburn University De- partment of Theater was truly an enjoyable and admirable display of professionalism and talent. The play was reflective of the tre- mendous amount of skill, precision and dedi- cation possessed by all those involved. The portrayal of the character of Miss Jean Brodie was expertly executed by a very gifted and commanding actress, Becky Calk. Her performance was totally believable as were the performances of other members of the cast, including Joyce Marie Fleming. Jan lnfante, Katie Dickinson, and Bonner Nelson. 5 'Q J! gf, x Xyxg f '!!r 5"aGi,, r if 5' T in .iv , t its E r V YV- Q, W t-M ir? i View i i Wfmifaieiaazl 5 3 i 'Q :aa a ii , 2 I Ml ' vwiaaau-iil"""rdi Y ,Q 'wifystf 2 T Lakin W qu' 2 it 5 5 'M AT TEDDY Ll.OYD'S STUDIO, Sandy is given a copy K il 5 3 of "The City of God." the book that changes her life. BRODIE, LOWTHER. AND THE BRODIE GIRLS picnic outside of the school building. Prim of Miss J an Brodi THE NUN AND MR. PERRY DISCUSS HER BOOK, a national bestseller. THE BRODIE GIRLS ASSEMBLE at Teddy LIoyd's Studio. Here they discover that Teddy can't paint anyone except Brodie. SANDY FINDS BRODIE AND MR. LOWTHER while they are shopping to reveal a surprise - Jenny is posing for Teddy Lloyd. 79 AFTER SINGING NONSENSE TO EACH OTHER. Milt and Ellen Manville decide to get back together WHENEVER THE WILL OF LIFE pops out of Harry 8erlin. he goes stiff all over.p. MILT OECIOES THAT THE ANSWER TO HIS PROB LEM Is to got Hotry and Ellen to fall in love ELLEN SHOWS HARRY a graph of their sexual contacts over the last 18 months si MILT COMES BACK AFTER BEING PUSHEO OVER THE BRIOGE. and the three assume a "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” pose COMMITTING SUICIDE IS DIFFICULT FOR ELLEN, as Harry gets involved in a tug-of-war to keep her from killing herself with a knife. Auburn hosted Telfair Peet Theatre's production. "Luv," between October 21 and October 24. 1976. Written by Murray Shisgal. the play satirizes emotionally hypocritical society and effectively conveys a thought-provoking message, cleverly disguised in the comic script. Each performance displayed professionalism and skill by the three characters. Robert 0. Crabtree. Tommy Canary, and Marilyn 8yrd. They carried out their roles with hilarity, charm and polish. Along with the high praise extended to the cast, credits should be given also to those who were responsible for the fluidity with which the play was run. Director Ralph E. Miller and the scene and lighting director. Joseph Falzetta. handled each detail with style and precision, helping to provide the enthusiastic audiences with fond memories of "Luv."wg ikwwawgxgv ' B2 Cabaret Nearly one hundred students auditioned for ‘'Cabaret” winter quarter. Try-outs, open to anyone who was interested. lasted three days. Including the chorus. 42 students were chosen 10 of which were major roles. Cabaret was the most elaborate and expensive production of the year. Directed by Dr. Ralph E. Miller. The play cost approximately $5,000. It ran from February 21-27. The set design was a result of the joint effort of the Departments of Theater, Music, and Health and Physical Education. The actual construction lasted eight weeks. Students in the Theater department were responsible for the entire project. There was actually only one permanent set. which had several levels that served as five different locales. The orchestra was located at the back of the stage instead of in the usual Orchestra Pit. 83B4 Cabaret The emcee. played by Michael Lee. and surrounded by the all-girl Kit Kat Orchestra welcomes everyone to the cabaret. 85English-born Sallie Bowles welcomes American Clifford Bradshaw. played by Robert Bouchillon, to the cabaret. "If you could see her through my eyes. she wouIdn't look funny at alI." The emcee sings of the benefits of living with two women. -4: ' 4 V? ,Q 1 Zi f 3.4 , ma , 'Wa 4 G, .W 4 -wh J 5, if give A Q 9 '95 m.,, 2 5,29 ,fav sa f ,as .ef 'vin-W fwfadff .M ' ' ' 1 W 240.59 5, V L' - fm , ' V W , 4.M.,,,, 3 X WHKWI 6 3 3 ' lf f " V L f ,, A i M A , 1 W Za M, a mffgi ,, W ,,, 5 1 1 ht . Vw? A Exam "' x , i, 5 ,135 3 f 3 4 X FL 6 pe, Potpourri Magician Doug Henning performed be- fore a capacity crowd in the Student Activi- ties Building May 18, 1976. The illusionist's skills included shredding a newspaper and quickly reassembling it as one piece and levitating his assistant. The show's finale was the "Houdini Meta- morphosis". Henning handcuffed his assis- tant, placed her in a tied bag. and locked her in a wooden box. The magician then stood shouting on top of the box and abruptly dis- appeared, while his assistant suddenly ap- peared where he had stood seconds before. Opening the box. his assistant revealed Henning handcuffed, tied inside the bag. and wearing different clothing. The Amazing Kreskin." world famous mentalist. appeared at the Student Act Build- ing April 20. The audience was captured by feats which he termed "mysteries - not miracles." To begin the program, Kreskin joined 3 rings belonging to members of they audience into a chain and then separatedl them. Next. he read the minds of students - by receiving thoughts that the participants concentrated on. This included naming the suit and number of cards selected by audi- ence participants. Kreskin's check for the performance was hidden in the Student Act Building prior to the show. The entertainer agreed to forfeit his pay if he did not find the check - but he did, to the amazement of all observers. I ! X S 5 l l l ! 5 s 3 1 5 1 l 3 s 3 4 z In a quarter that saw such superstars as James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen. Auburn also saw one of the biggest near- stars of rock, ELI. The group gave an abbreviated show due to University regulations that limits noise after 9 p.m. on Sundays. But the group per- formed masterfully aided by a terrific light show and a very alive Graves Ampitheatre crowd. Climaxing the show was a sight and sound tribute to the Beatles complete with projections of Beatle history and a very reasonable facsimile sound that brought back memories of another when Taylor and Springsteen near-stars of rock. sandwiched in between the controversies of William Colby. and the energy of the Au- burn Jazz Ensemble. the Spurlows, a patriot- ic singing group gave a Forum Credit crowd a little bit of apple pie. Their program, "Let's Celebrate America!" featured a bicentennial theme similar to the Johnny Mann performances years ago. "Ns-...f-sf' t'-...swf Potpourri Fred Waring and the Young Pennsyl- vanians presented "The Fred Waring Show" Tuesday, February 8, in the Memorial Coliseum. Waring is one of the country's top choral directors and arrangers and has been performing for 61 years. The Young Pennsylvanians present- ed a comprehensive grouping of favo- rite songs from the approximately 70 Waring albums, which have been re- corded since the 192O's. Each song was delivered with fast paced and pre- cise choreography plus special light- ing, and costuming. Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd Band performed to a fuli crowd in the Union Ballroom Tuesday, Jan- uary 19. Herman's band included five trumpets, four saxophones, three trombones, a bass, and a piano and drum rhythm section. Herman's style is reminiscent of the fast paced older blues - jazz bands. Songs included "Taking' it to the streets," "Corazon," and "Superstar." Herman closed with "Fanfare for the Common Man," which was probably the best presentation of the entire evening. For two hours on Tuesday, January 11, Jack Ross sang and played his guitar in a coffeehouse style concert which was held in the Union Ballroom. His songs varied from the very amu- sing to the very sublime. Ross opened with "Tonight l'lI Be Staying With You". He relaxed and began singing "You done stomped on my heart and you mashed that sucker flat" to the partial accompaniment of a kazoo. The performance was most noticeable for Ross' strong voice, excellent guitar playing, and wit. Drummer Buddy Rich and his Big Band Machine performed October 19 in the Memorial Coliseum. Rich, billed as "the worid's greatest drummer," in the late 194O's, continues to amaze audiences with his speed, dexterity, and variety. Consisting of the usual rhythm, brass and saxophone line-ups, the Machine plays the contemporary music that has drawn new fans for Rich while still pleasing the old ones. As the New Yorker magazine said, "His drumming is an awesome con- centration of speed, precision, and originality. Rich pushes and lifts the band with a ietlike beat . . . Keeping it airborne and on course with an endless array ofaccents and fill ins . . Johnny Porrazzo performed a free concert for AU students on Valentines Day Hs unique sound which is actually a combi nation of numerous other individuals was entertaining His songs included contem porary hits along with rhythm and blues country and western and some Elton John and Stevie Wonder hits Throughout the concert Porrazzo performed on a personal level thus leaving the audience feeling as though they had seen a true performer who was going to rise in success Backwater a jazz based band out of Birmingham performed at the Student Act Building Fall Quarter. The group featured the tenor sax of Al Hardin and the keyboards of "Trippy" Thomas. They played selections from their half 'live half' studio album. Featured were original compositions from members of the band. 92 Potpourri  Hypnotist Edwin Baron performed in Auburn for the third consecutive year on Oct. 13. Baron is alleged to be one of the fastest hypnotists in the world. Within seconds, he had hypnotized student volunteers from the audience. According to Baron, approximately 90 per cent of all people can be hypnotized. However, only 40 per cent or less can reach a level deep enough for powerful suggestions or subjection to hypnosis. While under the influence of hypnotism. Baron's subjects performed amusing acts, such as imitation Martians and barnyard animals. Baron did stress however that "all students are treated with respect and courtesy." No one can be hypnotized. Baron said, unless he wants to be. and it requires a cooperative, imaginative person. S3Potpourri Approximately 600 people filled up the Union ballroom to hear singer guitarist Tom Chapin, January 17. Many of his songs included audience involvement. After a slight hesitation when Chapin first requested they sing along, everyone joined in. The sing-alongs and Chapin's friendly humor added a warmth and comradery to the entire evening. Chapin opened with a quiet number that emphasized his pleasant voice and wide range. The next song, "Travelin' Man" was Chapin's first request for audi- ence participation. Other songs included "Song for Harry," which revolved around his famous brother, Harry. "Sorrow Takes A Bow" was about two friends who were getting divorced. Chapin's tremendous voice combined with his beautiful guitar playing provided excellent entertainment that proved Tom Chapin was much more than simply Harry's brother. N x "Madame Butterfly." an opera in three acts by Puccini. was presented to Auburn students by the Opera Workshop of the Auburn University Music Department on March2and 9. The opera was performed in English in the Orchestra Hall of Goodwin Music Building. Admission was free. Faculty performers included J. W. Tamblyn. pianist: Joseph Stephenson, assist' ing pianistz- Phillip Preston. and Mary Jo Howard. The set construction and lighting was done by Robert Greenleaf. 96 Word of Mouth Charles Berlitz, author of The Bermuda Triangle spoke to a packed crowd in the Student Activities Building Thursday, January 13. Surveying the crowd, Berlitz commented, "l think this is the number of people who have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in the last thirty years." Throughout hisnearly two hour speech, Berlitz used slides to illustrate his com- ments. According to Berlitz. approximately one plane disappears every two weeks and one ship every week into the Bermuda Triangle. The.Triangle, or Devil's, Net, is an area of ocean 440,000 square miles off the southeastern coast of Florida. Berlitz favors the natural theory as an explanation - "natural forces that cause disintrigation." He also stressed that "l don't want to discourage you from visiting this part of the world. lt is probably no more dangerous than going driving on a super highway." However, he then added., "the only difference is that they are able to find your body." Dr. Benjamin Spock. famous for his "baby books," spoke to Auburn students on February 28 as part of Student Health Week. Spock turned political activist upon retiring from pediatrics in 1968. In the 1960's Spock campaigned against the Vietnam war and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. speaking to Universities. Before this time, Spock "had a lot of anti-South prejudices, but I found that Southern students were just as liberal and much more polite and better dressed than Northern students." The People's Party. to which Spock be- longs, favors several areas involving children's rights. "Children should be given responsibilities, including the right to vote, as soon as they express an in- terest in them," Spock said. Spock explained that he was working on three major areas: poverty, discrimina- tion, and lack of medical care. "There should be free: quality medical care for every American. lt shouldn't be the privi- lege of the well-to-do." On June 28. Richard Wilbur was presented by the Fine Arts Committee of the University Program Council. Wilbur, a poet who has received a Pulitzer Prize for his work, gave a lecture and reading that night The following morning he held a poetry workshop for interested students Wilbur began writing poetry during World War II and since then has composed many works He has won numerous awards for his work, including the National Book Award. "Things of This World" and "The Beautiful Changes" are among his more famous works. Wilbur is presently employed as professor at Wesleyan College. Richard Valeriani. keynote speaker for the 1977 Southeastern Invitational Model United Nations, is the NBC News State Department correspondent. Disarmament, a new Panama Canal treaty, the Middle East, and Sduthern Africa are. according to Valeriani. the major foreign policy areas that President Carter will have to deal with. Carter's hope of eliminating nuclear weapons is "utopian rhetoric" Valeriani said. "From a strategic viewpoint it doesn't make any sense. We would just have to increase the size of conventional forces, and the smaller the nuclear arsenal is. the greater the temptation to knock it out." Valeriani contends that we are still the most powerful country in the world but added that the country needed to get used to the fact that it "is no longer the undisputed king of the world's mountain." Former Black Panther and author of Soul On Ice Eldridge Cleaver, emphasized that "We enjoy democracy here and don't even know we have it.'.' Cleaver spoke to Auburn students February 21. Cleaver traced his participation in the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960's to his recent return from exile. During this 7 year exile. Cleaver experienced a religious conversion which brought him "back to the religion of my childhood." He lived in Cuba. Algeria, and France and visited several African and Asian countries under socialist governments. "I was trying to sell the image of the United States as a beastly Facist country." Cleaver said. About his experiences in foreign countries. Cleaver commented: "I met hundreds of people in my travels. In other countries people are subject to abuse and oppression that would be unthinkable here. Without trying to cover up the shortcomings, the U.S. comes out way ahead in solutions to problems." 97 Wcxdol MouthNovemberl - George Plimpton, world- famous "professional amateur" and Jack-of-aIl- trades delivered a candid, humorous lecture on his chosen profession. "participatoryjournalism." While most journalists report what they observe as spectators, Plimpton's job is to become in- volved in various occupations and report on them as a participant. Well known for his television specials, Plimp- ton has also written many books and articles such as Paper Lion, Out of My League, The Bogey Man ldescribing football, baseball, and golfl. Plimpton's Auburn speech included an amusing slide presentation and anecdotes con- cerning his varied experiences. Plimpton des- cribed pitching in an all-star baseball game. and playing third-string quarterback for the Detroit Lions. He also mentioned some of his non-sports projects: playing the gong, triangle, and bells with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra: swinging on a flying trapeze with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus, and acting with John Wayne in "Rio Lobo." Altogether, George Plimpton's lecture was well-prepared, warm, and entertaining - an event to be long remembered by AU students. Howard Simons, Managing Editor of the Washington Post. believes "Print journalism will be around forever. Newspapers can do something television can't. Television has a defi- nite limit - which is time. We don't have that." Simons' October 15th appearance brought to Auburn a revelation of what exactly happened in regard to the uncovering of the Watergate Scandal and the two Post reporters. Bob Wood- ward and Carl Bernstein. Reflecting back over the Nixon administration. Simon said. "l don't doubt the fact that other administrations abused their powers, however. I do doubt that anyone did it as systematically as the Nixon administration. They had a marve- lous notion on how to celebrate the bicentennial - eliminate the Bill of Right." Simon felt the quality of the 1976 Ford vs. Carter presidential debates was "God awful." and believed. "Pound for pound, Southern news- papers are better than Northern newspapers." 98 William M. Kunstler, who served as defense attorney for Father Berrigan in the Maryland draft records burning and the "Chicago Seven," spoke May 24 to Auburn students. The FBI, according to Kunstler. is "the most amoral, corrupt. over-sanctified group that we have in the U.S." Kunstler also accused the CIA and local governments as being "corrupt organizations." Commenting on politicians. Kunstler said Richard Nixon wanted "to go out lof officel richer than he came in. and he damn well suc- ceeded." The five presidents before Nixon were guilty of the same thing Kunstler said, with only one exception: Nixon was more honest - "he taped himself." ll 0llIl 01 l0l 'l'll Refuting allegations that the CIA has engaged in widespread domestic spying or plotting foreign assassinations. William Colby. former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, spoke in Auburn on April 15, 1976. He explained that "only a fringe group within the CIA reported on what fellow Amer- icans were doing" and that these investigations were not authorized by the agency. He further stated that Senate examinations concerning alleged CIA assassinations had concluded that these reports were untrue. Colby defended the CIA investigational capacity as "essential" to solving world problems and avoid- ing confrontation. He foresees danger in the "frus- tration, bitterness and terrorism" of some poorer countries when viewing more affluent nations," and also in the fact that, "only 20 or 30 out of 140 countries are still democracies." Commenting on the effects of publicity on the CIA. Colby conceded that it had caused a decrease in foreign cooperation with the agency. However, he claims that the overall effect was beneficial. The former director, who spent his entire career in the CIA, is currently writing a book to "expIain the true nature of American intelligence." the future of the country. level of community concerns. and under estimate the profits they pay. Pollster George Gallup, who spoke on May 12, 1976, explained American's attitudes and responses to politics, crime, economy and education to an attentive audience of 700 students. According to Gallup, recent polls show Americans have a renewed confidence in National polls also reveal that Americans rank economy highest on issues of public con cern. Crime and lawlessness, which ranks second on the National polls, ranks highest on the A Gallup study dealing with college students professors, and educational attitudes revealed that attitudes are becoming increasingly liberal from the freshman to senior year on topics such as legalization of marijuana, abortion and premartial sex. Student understanding of busi ness is at an all time low. "Students today grossly over estimate the profits of big business 'IDE Tiger pitcher Robert Hudson lets one fly . . . Auburn pitcher led the SEC in innings pitched while posting an 8-4 record. Curt Cope prepares to hit. The Auburn-reared Senior batted .310 in an all SEC performance for the Tigers. captured a berth in the College World Series. The pilgrimage to Omaha was not without its troubles. After ripping through sixteen of its opponents in the longest win streak in SEC history the Tigers lost nine of their next fifteen. But according to Tiger infielder J. B. Brown, there was never any thought of losing it. "We knew that there would have to be a tapering off period somewhere along the line, but we knew we would come out of it. Baseball is always a game of cycles." Dom Fucci added "We never felt like we would fall apart, we just need to buckle down." Buckle down is exactly what the Tigers did in the remaining games of the season. The Tigers swept a three game series at Starkville against Mississippi State to clinch the division. then the Plainsmen came from behind to beat Kentucky 14-6 at Plainsmen Park as Mickey Miller squeezed a pop fly for the last out. Another element that was important in the Tiger championship drive was leadership. "Everyone provided leadership in one way or another," Fucci said. Whether it was sliding hard into a base or getting a clutch double to get a couple of runs in." The Tigers went on to rain drenched Tallahassee and defeated FSU, Jackson- ville University and Middle Tennessee to win the Southern Region of the NCAA. The 1976 team joined Auburn's 1967 team as an Auburn representative to the College World Series. An ex-Tiger lefty watches the action. "The Man" pitched for the 1932 Auburn SEC champs. Tiger fans in a pensive moment . . . Crowds played a big role in the championship drive. Pitcher Robert Hudson, catcher Tommy Morton and Coach Paul Nix discuss strategy in a crucial situation. The 1976 team had a number of its players named to post-season all-star squads. Juniors Joe Beckwith and Robert Hudson and Seniors Ritchie Howard, Curt Cope, and Tommy Morton were named to the All-SEC team. Mickey Miller and David Dufner were named along with this group to the All Western Division team. Coach Paul Nix was named both SEC Coach of the Year, and District lll Coach of the year. ln a nutshell the 1976 baseball team Auburn was in the words of Dom Fucci "a group of dedicated, enthusiastic winners." 'IDS mm mmu... Houston wrr-- W 5-0 Houston L 0-7 8'ham Sou W 4-1 Troy State W 12-0 Alabama W 4-0 Alabama W 5 2 Alabama W 11-5 N Alabama W 120 N Alabama W 3-1 Notre Dame W 10-2 Notro Dame W 9-0 Notre Dame W 8-6 Ole Miss W 3-2 Ole Miss W 6-4 Ole Miss W 1-0 Ohio Umv. W 6-4 Ohio Univ. W 7-4 Ohio Univ W 2-1 Ohio Univ. L 8-9 Ohio Univ. W 6-4 Miss State I 1-6 Miss State I 1-3 Georgia W 11-3 Georgia L 2-3 Jax State W 5-3 Jax State I 6-7 Gray Morrison propnros to put tho tog on a Kentucky playor who was caught leaning. We Wuz Robbed ... Kontucky players lost the argument as well as the S E C. titleWe’re Number Ono ... Victorious Tigers celebrate winning the SEC The Tiger bench mirrors the mood in Omaha — of lost hopes and expectations of a national title Still, the Tigers emerged a group of winners LSU L 3 4 LSU W 5-2 LSU L 1-3 Umv. N 0 W 5-1 Ole Miss L 1-3 Ole Miss W 5-2 Ole Miss L 2-9 Mercer L 4 10 Mercer W 6-2 Miss State W 7-0 Miss State W 2-1 Miss State W 3-1 LSU L 0-2 LSU W 5-1 8'ham Sou W 13-4 Mercer W 9-4 Mercer W 4-3 Kentucky L 6-7 Kentucky W 6-0 Kentucky W 14-6 Go Tech W 6-4 NCAA Regional Mid Tenn W 10-5 Fla State W 2-1 Jacksonville W 7-5 College World Series Clemion L 4-9 Maine L 8-9 105'I DE A Kick in the Grass Don Coppedge, left halfback, utilizes a head pass to maneuver the ball into position for a shot on goal. Mike Haynes executes a bicycle kick as teammate Cary Drake covers against opposing defense. "Soccer is definitely on the upswing at Auburn: this is the best season we've ever had," commented Greg Garcia, Player- coach for the soccer team. Under the leadership of team captain and leading scorer. Wes Wingo, and veteran team mem- bers Darden Cobb. Jamil Abadi, and Mike Haynes, the Tigers concluded the 1976 fall season with five wins and two losses. The season began with a 4-2 win over South- western of Nlemphis, with Wingo scoring all four Auburn goals. Freshman Phil Miller's steady playing added stability to the success- ful fall season. After Greg Garcia suffered a broken leg in the Alabama game, Miller substituted as goalie. His performance against Georgia Tech and Georgia was out- standing. Garcia cited the victory over Georgia as the highlight of the season. The Bulldogs lSEC Champions for the past two yearsl fell to Auburn during pouring rain by a score of 7-2, the Dog's only loss in two years. Right inside Forward, Mike Haynes l5l, looks for an opening to pass to teammate Ruben Puerta, Mike Haynes uses a head shot in an attempt to catch the opposing goalkeeper off guard. Ruben Puerta l3l and an opposing player look on as the shot is made. me-f' 5 , ' i Q , A W. fi , . 5 .W . Sri? s wt 'Ai' F' ft a. Q. W, 76 V sw 'W .s . Reserve Forward Ruben Puerta, a native of Peru, approaches the ball anticipating his first pass. l 3 5 f .----v 5 4 '--" '- 'F w::s-:i--- ,-.r!.,":r --W - -'S'-1 .5 : . l ll? .swan , ,:.5Et5gsw.gs3,,,,, .,.,,g-Jaws, ..,..... . l if t fr T T " "" -: ""' f----- :L+ ' , ' MW ..... 1 ,SM ..... ,..v 5 - . 'ID 7 A Kick in the Grass KM| Harvey Glance and Tony Easley hit the tape in almost a dead heat The international reputation of Glance is well known, but few realize that Easley also represented the US on our Junior Olympic team Five years ago. the Auburn track program was a picture of dispair The outdoor team had just finished a dismal eighth in the SEC meet There were fewer track scholarships for Auburn runners than for any other SEC school It was just downright difficult 1977 OUTDOOR TRACK Dual Meet Auburn W 95 Bowling Green 59 State Record Relays W Triangular Meet Auburn W 106 LSU Five way Meet W SEC Third NCAA Eighth to be competitive But as Tiger track Coach Mel Rosen says, progress in cycles, and so it has been for the Auburn Track Program Now there are scholarships, and best of all. Auburn is a now recognized power in intercollegiate track The 1976 team was "the most balanced team I’ve had at Auburn" said Rosen. "Balance" was the key in Auburn track this year Sixteen of 20 Tigers scored in the SEC meet leading Auburn to a strong third place finish one point behind runnerup Willi® Smith shows the concentration that earned him to repeated success in 1976 He set a new Auburn record in the 440 yard dash and was an alternate on the U S Olympic team 108iWHtMKSjjl Hurdlers James Walker and Tony Easloy strido Tho discus is not of stone, but Ross Schaflstall par- gracefully toward the tape Walker set new Auburn ticipatcs in an ovent that has chongod little in 3000 records in the 110 yard hrgh hurdles and tho 440 years intermediate hurdles while Easley set a new Auburn high |ump record and won the Commissioner's Trophy as the high scorer at tho SEC meet Florida. Tennessee repeated as SEC champ. The Tigers also made their presence felt on the National level Auburn finished eighth in the NCAA meet held in Detroit. New school records came in a wide variety of track and field events, including the 3000-meter steeplechase, long jump, high jump, shot put. three-mile run. and high and intermediate hurdles. Auburn's best performances, though, came in the sprints. Willie Smith clocked a 45.6 in the 440. and won an alternate berth on the U S Olympic Team. Four other Auburn records were set by gold medal winner Harvey Glance, including a world-record 9 9 in the 100-meters. John lewtcr hands to Willio Smith m tho mi'e relay Tho relay teams in t976 were part of Coach Mel Rosen's best Tiger track team 109 — To use an old cliche would be acceptable in the case of Auburn Indoor Track — just mo Br bng INI Tap like fine wine, it gets better with age. The aging process began last March at the NCAA Track Championship in New York City's Madison Square Garden, deep in the part of the world where Tiger Coach Mel Rosen developed a love for track. It was in New York that people began to really stand up and take notice that Auburn was on its way back as a National Track power Starting this Fall, the Tigers prepared quietly while football and basketball took the limelight. There Mel Rosen's "best" team took over where the "major" sports had failed. After running well throughout the season despite Front row. (l-r): Les Porterfield. Daniel Sims. Terry Baker. Frank Ogles. Mark Jordan. Jeff Hamilton. Gerald Russell. Rick Mustek. Harvey Glance. Mike Barrett Second row: Willie Smith. Ricky Watson. Jim Dunaway. David McKannan. Neil Murphy. Andy Pmtus. John Cecil. Gary Lindquist. Bob Montgomery. Tony Easley. James Walker. John Richardson Third row: Vernon Cousins. Barco Davidson. Steve Brown. Jon Fox. Ross Schaff-stall. John Lewter. Bret Dull. Jeff Curry. Wayne Wolfe. John Boone prepares to make his kick as he comes into the final stretch One of the most highly recruited high school athletes last year. Mike McCrmdle chose to do his vaulting with Auburn. Willie Smith gauged another premier season for himself and Auburn's successful track team last year. Smith came to Auburn from Uniondale. N Y. for track reasons despite his high school ■'All-American'’ football capabilities. He was a "good deal" for Auburn and one of the main reasons for the team's success. During the 1975-76 track year. Smith was conference champ in the indoor 440 and runner-up in the outdoor 440. Smith was a member of the United States Olympic Team as an alternate in the 4 x 100 relay team and was less than one tenth of a sec- Willie Smith warms up lor a race with a slow jog The junior came into his own in 1977 ond away from participating in the 100 meter dash All his hard work and skill reached a new peak when Auburn won its first SEC Indoor Championship. He set a new conference record in the 440 at 47.1 and ran the last leg for Auburn’s record mile relay team. At the NCAA Indoor Meet Smith is rated as the top runner in the 440. Smith is no longer over-shadowed by Harvey Glance. "Within the last year. I have broken the ice in my track career." Smith said. “And when people think of Auburn track, they also think of Willie Smith . . . now! injury to gold medalist Harvey Glance and other performers, the test came in Baton Rouge. The Tigers nosed out perennial power Tennessee by three-quarters of a point on the strength of Auburn's Mile Relay team of Mike Furgoli. John Lewter. Willie Smith, and James Walker, who some thought came through with one of the fastest times in the world. 3:12.4 minutes. Smith also set two individual marks; one in the 440 preliminaries at 47.2 seconds and the second in the same event in the finals with a time of 47.1 seconds. The injury-plagued Glance was healthy in Baton Rouge and set an SEC record in the 60-yard dash with a time of 5 9 seconds Tony Easley also gained recognition as high point man in the meet with 16 points. Performances like these paced what the Auburn Plainsman portrayed as Mel Rosen's double barreled attack With the SEC indoor title under their belt. Auburn's track team traveled to Detroit for the NCAA Championships Hopes of bettering last year's sixth place finish were given a boost when Willie Smith took the 440 in impressive style. These hopes were soon dimmed as Harvey Glance was upset by Greg Edmonds of Houston in the 60-yard dash. The 440 relay team, holding the fastest time in the nation, was also upset, and John Lewter and James Walker failed to score in the hurdles. Auburn ended the meet with 10 points, two less than last year but enough for a sixth place tie with Alabama. Rob Will colls his body and sands (ho shot to a now Auburn Colisoum recordThe 1976 golf team was easily the best in Auburn History . . . The team started early in the season by winning its first major tournament ever, the Seminole Invitational at Florida State . . . The team then went on to win the SEC cham- pionship for the first time in its history . . . Three golfers, Senior Ed Davis, Junior Buddy Gardner, and Sophomore Bud Smith made first team All-SEC . . . Gard- ner also went on to earn third team All- American, Auburn's first to do so. Gardner had a great year, finishing second in every major tournament, in- Don Shirey, a former walk-on, played in only three tournaments all year, but the Tigers won two of them. Shirey had a 76.3 stroke average, and was fifth on the SEC title team. ll-rl: Bud Smith, Don Shirey, Bob Dumas, Coach Anthony Dragoin, John Coker, Ed Davis, Buddy Gardner lseated in chairl . ,. 'VIE Fled-Hot twfwwmmzmwww C M t r i r r rrr r r r rrr rr ey ff'i:2i,sffs11'-"ii-1-fZ.ii,e:'fw" ' H 'I l Hww?WiWMQ!WE 11',:'i 'A:E': fl' : : ,: ,, i' z 1 1 11: FMaWweWWe,tmmw gbf' 2VE,.A.:, Vzbv Vv-,2 IAEZA W.. i W rm. --1... Auburn's All-SEC golfers smile confidently after leading Auburn to its first SEC title, ll-rl They are Buddy Gardner, a iunior from Montgomery, Bud Smith, a Sophomore from Birmingham and Ed Davis, a junior from Shawmut, Al, Q rie 4' i wi 5 7 K V 'YQ ji 2' Y 5 x , f Many years of patience and hard work finally paid off as Coach Anthony Dragoin brought SEC crown to Auburn in 1976. Buddy Gardner led the team by averaging 70.9 strokes per round in 20 rounds His best round was a 66 at the Chris Schenkel tournament. 'l'l3 Wlth outstanding cheerleaders and a fine athletlc tradltlon, So let's get those hands up for a big Auburn students have plenty to cheer about. K U X E' Under the leadership of co-captains Kelly Mossburg and Kenny Hopkins, Auburn's Cheerleaders steadily improved from their first performance at A-Day all the way through football season. By this time they were clearly one of the best squads in recent years. Many felt they were the best in the nation. Certainly no group that visited Jordan- Hare was in their class. The football season ended with the an- nouncement that the group had placed in the top 10 in the nation and that they would be judged at a basketball game in January. The judges were there for the Alabama game: usually a good game for cheering. Such was not the case this time as Auburn blew a win. In spite of a game that did not allow them to show how good they were, the Cheerleaders finished third in the nation, quite an accom- plishment by anyones' standards. S  . Coach |)6«g- rH®kMwanted a winning seas»n. Auburn payers wantelran SEC-ChanCjjionship. Students-wanted a post-season bowl. None of them got their wish ... 116"ns Ho knew following a legond would not bo oosy. but new head coach Doug Barfield accepted the challenge and began proparmg his first team for the fall season in early April. A-Day was also highlighted by tho presentation of a bust of himself to Ralph "Shug" Jordan The Auburn Tiger football team entered the 1976 football season as an unknown quality. The War Eagles had suffered through a 3-6-2 season in 1975. the legendary Shug Jordan's last year on the Plains. Graduation had taken its toll, with the defense experiencing the heaviest loss. However, there remained an excellent offensive nucleus. so Auburn fans were fairly optimistic. The season actually got started early in May with the annual A-Day game in Jor-dan-Hare Stadium. The morning spring rains and grey skies of Saturday. May 8, didn't keep Auburn fans from celebrating the biggest event of spring. Some 20.000 fans turned out to watch as the Orange team defeated the Blue team 38-36. For the fans who like an offensive show, it was a dream come true. And for what is usually a fairly dull game, the 1976 A-Day game was an exception. As a matter of fact, the game wasn't won until after the time had run Auburn's "Boar". P.W. Underwood, works with his defensive unit. The football season begins in the hot days of April and May with Spring trainingout and Neil O'Donoghue kicked a 41-yard field goal to lift the Orange team from a one-point deficit to a two-point advantage. "We're still a long way from being consistent of offense." said the new Auburn head coach Doug Barfield after the game. "But we did a pretty good job for a spring game." So the spring practice was over and it was time for the real thing — the 1976 football season. Antons . . L19-31 Baylor . . 1 14-15 Tennessee W 38-28 Mississippi W 10- 0 Memphis State ... L27-28 Georgia Tech . . 1 7-28 Florida State W 31-19 Florida L 19-24 Georgia . . L 0-28 Alabama I 7-38 Spring troining climaxes with the annual A-Day game. This year Shelia Morns, a senior from LaGrange. Georgia, was chosen Miss A-Oay by the "A" Club William Andrews finds the going tough in the middle of the Blue team s line. A-Day action turned out to be a powerful offensive display.Auburn charges onto tho fiold to the familiar cry of. "Here come the Tigers!" Football time has again returned to tho Plains. Sonior defensive end. Lee Hanson just catches Arizona quarterback Mark Luntsford by the shoe laces as Luntsford tried to roll right The Tigers traveled to Tucson. Arizona, to take on the Arizona Wildcats in the season s first game. Before a crowd of 52.206. Arizona took advantage of several Auburn mistakes to trip the Tigers 31-19. The first quarter spelled Auburn's doom as the Tigers fumbled three times deep in their own territory to set up Arizona touchdowns. At one time in the third quarter. Arizona led 28-0. before Auburn finally scored. Barfield was encouraged by some things he saw in the game, notably the ability to come back after being down so far in the first half. "One game doesn't make a season ' Bar-field said, "and we ll just get back home, get to work, and get back on the track " Home wasn't any nicer to the Tigers, and next week the Baylor Bears took advantage of 8 Auburn fumbles to edge the Tigers 15-14. The score could well have been 21 -0. Auburn, or worse. The Auburn offense am- massed 359 yards total offense, and the defense, led by freshman Freddie Smith, had its best day in a long while, keeping the Bears at bay. Smith, in his first starting assignment had 17 individual tackles and 11 assists. But Freddie couldn't do anything about Auburn fumbles — Baylor recovered six. "When you make as many mistakes as we did today, you deserve to lose." said Auburn quarterback Phil Gargis after the game. "We have the desire to win and I think we know how to win. but we just didn't prove it today." Leading 14-7 late in the fourth quarter, the Tigers had the ball on the Baylor 30-yard line before senior Mike Henley fumbled it away. The Bears drove 61 yards in 10 plays for a touchdown, and then made the two-point conversion. Barfield said that Auburn lost the game in the first instead of the fourth quarter. "The score should have been 21-0 in the first half." according to Barfield. "But we fumbled within their 3-yard line twice." Phil Gargis turned in his best day over against Tennessee. passing for 224 yards, running for 73 yeards and being in on four touchdowns Selected as permanent co-captain along with Phil Gargis. Jeff McCollum gave a little more than 100% all year. Here McCollum makes tho stop despite being on the ground The drought finally ended next Saturday E at Legion Field, as Auburn trounced the I Tennessee Volunteers. 38-28. before 50.000 d fans and a regional television audience. The | victory was the first for Auburn in 11 months, j Auburn ground out 478 yards in offense and. £ more amazingly to fans, did not commit a | single turnover. The lead changed hands six times — f enough to make the ABC commentators y happy and to keep the fans in their seats. In addition, no scoring drive was less than 73 F yards and Neil O'Donoghue set an Auburn K record with a 58 yard field goal in the first ! quarter. Quarterback Phil Gargis and linebacker Kim Sellers were named the outstanding players of the game by ABC. Gargis said after the game. "We really needed this one. We've beaten ourselves for two straight weeks, but maybe we've gotten ourselves straightened out after this win."Question: What do Birmingham native Clyde Baumgartner and Neil O'Donoghue, from Dublin, ireland, have in COIT1m0n? Answer: Strong legs. For the past two years O'Donoghue and Baumgartner have put the "kick" in the best kicking game in the S.E.C. Baumgartner came to Auburn as a highly touted quarterback from Berry High School. An excellent baseball player, Clyde was draft- ed bythe pros but chose football and Auburn because he was impressed with Coach Jor- dan. In his spare time Clyde enjoys golf and snow skiing. He also enjoys getting off by himself to play his guitar and relax. O'Donoghue, known by his friends as "lrish", found Auburn through a much differ- The legs to Auburn's kicking game . . , Baumgartner also holds for O'Donoghue's PAT's and field goals, ent route. After playing Gaelic football be- fore crowds of up to 60,000, Neil came to the U.S. to play soccer for St. Bernerd College. He earned All-American honors, but the school dropped soccer after his sopho- more year. Coach Jordan took a chance on him and put O'Donoghue on scholarship even though Neil knew nothing about foot- ball. His teammates joke that on his first en- counter with a football uniform, Neil manag- ed to get his girdle pads on backwards. But he learned his job quickly and Coach Jordan's gamble worked out very well. Both marketing major Baumgartner and physical education major O'Donoghue are hoping to play professional football.  Botty Plunkett, a graduate student from 8owden. GA„ completed her fifth year as an Auburn majorette in 1976 Tho Afro-American Association shows their love for Tech. The Georgia Tech game is more than a game played on the field It is a weekly event of fall quarter. Coming to Auburn as a quarterback. Chris Vacorclla was moved to flanker last year. This year ho was an integral part of Auburn's improved passing game Freshman Freddie Smith became almost a folk hero at Auburn with his outstanding performance against Bayfor. Here Freddie teams with Allan Harden to stop a Georgia Tech back. 123 ItSKKwrSaturday, October 23, brought Florida State to Jordan-Hare for the annual homecoming game. Auburn fans and players worried about the Jordan-Hare jinx — the Tigers hadn't won a home game since 1974. "We haven't won here in so long it isn't funny," said Phil Gargis the week of the game. "It's getting to be a mental thing. We've got to break it this week " Evidently Gargis decided to do something about it as he scored four touchdowns to lead the Tigers to a 31-19 victory. Gargis was named Southeastern Back of the Week for his performance. Auburn lost the next two games of the season for two different reasons. A 24-19 loss to Florida was caused by three big passes — of 44. 63. and 64 yards. Next week, critical turnovers helped the Mississippi State Bulldogs to beat Auburn for the first time in 16 years. In halftimo coromonies at tho FSU game. Miss Denise Capps of Huntsville. AL was crowned Homecoming Queen Bob Brodloy goes high above his blocker and would be tacklers in search of running room. The sophomore from Miami was a consistent runner for Auburn all year.-7" Allan Harden breaks up a pass intended lot Wes Chandler. Chandler watches the ball as it falls harmlessly to the turf. Freshman Joe Cribbs returns a kick off white freshman Foster Christy blocks. Many first year men were pressed into scrvico due to injuries to starters. 125And the irony was that it was Alabama not Auburn that did the fumbling But Auburn couldn t take ad vantage of them The Tide fumble three times to Auburn in the first quar te twice deep in its own territory but the War Eagles failed to capitalize The first half ended with the Tide in front 14 0 But the third quarter did the Tigers in Alabama scored 21 third quarter points to seal the victory Auburn s sole touchdown came late in the fourth quarter after Alabama s Bear Bryant had called off most of his first stringers. Phil Gargis rolls right to pass. In 1976 Gargis proved to everyone he could pass ending the season with 1118 yards through the air. He added 534 yards on the ground and became Auburn's 2nd all time total offense leader Kevin McLee finds the going rough IH the mid dle of the Auburn line Although stopped for little gain on this attempt the Georgia back had a great day gaining 203 yards We M45 l Auburn faced another pack of Bull- dogs the next week, only these were higher rated. This pack, from Georgia, 1 was undefeated in the SEC and ranked number six in the nation. l Even with these credentials, Auburn T was expected to put up a fight. They 2 didn't. Georgia rushers churned our . 470 yards as the Bulldogs romped to a I solid 28-0 victory. Next came THE game - Auburn vs. Alabama. The scene was Birmingham's Legion Field, where Auburn had beaten Tennessee nine weeks earlier. But the artificial turf wasn't as nice this time as A the Crimson Tide smashed the Tigers 38-7 before some 72,000 fans. fl i EVE E223 ..e,,,,, :s-:cameras Dave Ostrowski came a long way from home to play football. The all-state lineman from Peru, Illinois was highly recruited by Notre Dame, the Big Ten schools and a host of other major college powers, but he wanted to come south because "the quality of foot- ball in the South is better than in the Big Ten." He chose Auburn because the coaches took a personal interest in him, the friendly atmosphere and because former high school teammate Jeff Gilligan was already playing here. Although football is his first love, Dave is 'IEE It Slipped an all-round athlete. He enjoys tennis. swimming and the outdoors. His brother Mark says Dave is easy going and can get along with anyone, but he has one bad habit, "chasing girls." Dave's father was a four year starter at Notre Dame and played seven years with Washington. Crediting his father as the major influence on his life, on and off the football field, Dave hopes to follow him into the pro ranks. A four year starter. Ostrowski hopes to follow his father into the pro ranks. "Alabama won it in the first half." said Auburn's Doug Barfield after the game. "We got four turnovers and didn't get the points and I'm sure if we'd gotten something it would have given us a spark and inspiration. I think at the worst it should have been 9-7 our way in the first half." The nine points Barfield referred to should have come from the toe of All-American kicker Neil O'Donoghue. but the Irish soccer-style kicker missed three field goals in the first half. "The simple thing about the matter is that Alabama just whipped us." continued Barfield. "The score was pretty bad and I'm embarrassed for Auburn, but at least we hung in there and didn't give up." Alabama back Tony Nathan breaks through the Auburn line as Freddie Smith closes in for the tackle. Having probably his best game of his young career. Nathan picked up 141 yards against Auburn Steve Parker reflects the spirit that makes Auburn great and warns everyone that Auburn will be back But for now senior Ronnie Jones represents the feelings of the past season. Barfield did see a bright spot in the game, though. "I saw some bright spots from our young people." he said. "Our sophomores and freshmen did some pretty good jobs considering the situation. It will help us later, which right now. is what counts."M1 Mm F :we ff ff Wm ' ' ,f ff, ,kv gr " .-5 r awww, I. ..,.xm? A .af -fm 1- 5 ve HN .ggmf U43 ef 2 '£reat Expectations." That Charles Dick-s title summed up the prevailing preseason attitude about Auburn's 1977 basketball season. After all. Tiger fans had a lot to base those expectations on. Eddie .Johnson, their favorite "hotdog” guard, was returning for his senior season, and would Umost likely break the all-time scoring rec- Stan Pietkiewtcr harasses Tennessee's olympian Emie Grunfeld The junior guard kept Auburn close m 5P many games with his sharp shooting and tenacious ■defense ord sometime during that campaign. Big Mike Mitchell, the forward who had been drafted by the New York Nets in the 1975 NBA draft, and who had a successful sophomore season, was returning as the team's leading rebounder. And more shooting power and ball control talent was coming back in consistent performers Stan Piet-kiewicz. Myles Patrick. Cedrick Hordges. Wayne Bracy and Pepto Bolden. But things didn't work out as expected. Instead of running away with the SEC as some expected, or instead of making the race a close battle, the Tigers struggled out of the conference blocks with three straight losses. Fans coming back after Christmas break were surprised that Bama was able to stay on the court with their Tigers Auburn had carved a 6-1 record in preseason play, defeating the Jacksonville University. Appalachian State. Richmond. Farleigh Dickenson (Bob Davis’ 500th Career Victory). Virginia Commonwealth and Rutgers The lone loss came at the hands of Creighton in the opening game of the Louisville tournament Bama did stay on the court with Davis' Tigers, and handed the War Eagles their first conference loss. 74-71 Two nights later, once again at home. Kermit Davis brought his Mississippi State bulldogs to Auburn and led by freshman sensation Rickey Brown, staged a come-from-behind victory over AU. Conference loss number three came in Knoxville, where a 14-rebound edge helped the Volunteers to victory. With Milos Patrick in tho piviot Auburn goes through its ''Globetrotter" drill The drill has become quite popular with Auburn students and usually receives a standing ovation Senior guard Eddie Johnson drives agamst Tennessee's Mike Jackson Eddie became Auburn's all time leading scorer m 1977 ! Junior guard Mike Mitchell works against Tennes- All-American. Bernard King. 'Mitch' became Auburn's third (e 129 8ittersweet BounceThat's about the time most fans really counted Auburn out of the conference race. Johnson. usually Auburn's most consistent player. was given a tongue-lashing by Davis after the Alabama game, and Johnson admitted he didn't exactly appreciate the situation. Admitting he didn't play up to par, John- son said Davis' remarks had upset him. "Over the years, after you play a lot more games, you approach the game differently," said Johnson. You know more about what's expected of you and what you can accom- plish without someone telling you." Auburn's first conference win came against the Georgia Bulldogs. The effort was sparked by a 40-point performance by Mitchell, prompting Davis to say "We've A recruit of the future watches pensively as his favor- ite team does battle in Memorial Coliseum. Cedric Hordges fights Charlie Dorsey for a rebound. The Montgomery sophomore was a part time starter for Auburn this season. Biffersweel maybe snapped out of our slump. We played with some enthusiasm and intensity." The next week, against Vandy. however, the Tigers allowed a 20-point lead to dwindle to two before hanging on to defeat the Commodores 74-69 in Memorial Coli- seum. Pietkiewicz was injured in that game, however, putting the Tigers in even more of a bind. Kentucky put an end to the two-game win streak with a 75-68 victory, but the game was closer than indicated. It was only in the last five minutes that the Cats were able to put the game out of reach. largely due to Auburn walking turnovers. Florida came into the Coliseum next and "got everything - every rebound, every loose ball, every jump ball, everything," according to Davis. The Gators took a seven-point halftime lead and held on for the 75-71 victory. The tigers split on their next road trip, losing 77-73 to LSU on television and defeating Ole Miss in Oxford, 82-75. "l feel a lot better after this weekend," said Davis after the Mississippi victory. Bubba Price hits an easy layup as Georgia's Dorsey defends. The Birmingham freshman proved to be a con- sistent player for the Tigers in the '76-'77 campaign. Stan Pietciewicz lays one in against powerful Ala- bama. The junior from Winter Park. Fla. had his finest game of the season against the cross-state rivals. ! 'Wu-sq 111 'ful' ,id 6. Patrick guns from the foul hne as a Tennessee player tries In valn to block the shot Patrick drlves around on Ole Miss defender 'I 31 Bittersweet Baum'-" Bittersweet Bounce Tennessee scoring ace Ernie Grunfield made his last trip to Auburn a good one. as his volunteers demolished Auburn in their second confrontation of the year. 93-83. Grunfield scored 19 points, which combined with Bernard King's 22. paced the attack. Mike Mitchell turned superman the next Monday, scoring 31 points against the Georgia Bulldogs. Auburn dominated the boards in that game, outrebounding the Dogs 67-39 to take a 95-71 victory. The Tigers had never won in Lexington, and the jinx held true, as Auburn lost 89-82 in spacious Rupp Arena the following Saturday. But "Saturday—Monday" string was extended with a 76-71 overtime win over Vanderbilt in the Commodore Coliseum. The victory marked Davis’ first win in Vandy's home court. Auburn travelled to Gainesville the next weekend, the home of the fighting Gators, and were handed another Saturday defeat. 79-68. Eddie Johnson broke the All-time Auburn scoring record in that game. A few nights later. Auburn rolled over Jacksonville University, 80-66. and that game marked Bob Davis' 100th game as Auburn's coach. Myles Patrick's foco shows intonso concentration as he prepares to shoot a free throw The Tigers put in a lot of hard work in preparing for this year's season, with Coach Oavis always willing to offer his viewpointsEddie Johnson, trying to break the 2.000 point mark, had a few of those points come easy, such as with this Snowbird lay-up. The LSU Tigers can do nothing but stand by and watch as Mike Mitchell dunks the basketball, a recently legalized shot Jacksonville W 92-75 Appalachian St W 84 61 Richmond W 86 63 Fairleigh O’Son w 86 59 Va Commonwealth w 109-59 Creighton L 76-81 Rutgers W 78-75 Alabama L 71-74 Miss State L 79-81 Tennessee L 79 87 Georgia W 95-71 Kentucky L 68 75 Vanderbilt . W 74-69 Florida 73-77 LSU L 73-77 Ole Miss W 72-65 Tennessee L 83 93 Georgia .... W 83 74 Kentucky L 82 89 Vanderbilt W 76-71 Florida L 68 79 Jacksonville W 80 66 LSU L 76 86 Ole Miss W 97-84 Alabama L 77-81 133 B'tW'SMCISs 4? QS Bl1"l'el'SWGGT Bounce over Jacksonville University, 80-66, and that game marked Bob Davis' 100th game as Auburn's coach. At home again, the Tigers continued the "Saturday-Monday" jinx, losing to LSU 89-76 on Saturday and defeating Ole Miss 97-84 on Monday. The two SEC schools which sent Auburn on its early-season downhill plunge, Alabama and Mississippi State, polished Auburn off in the final two games of the season, but the Crimson Tide didn't get out without a fight. Alabama won a close one, 81-77, and then the Bulldogs defeated a dispirited Auburn team the next Monday, 85-79. Great expectations. Most of them weren't realized. Auburn wasn't represented on the All-SEC team, although Eddie Johnson did travel to the Portsmouth, Va., Invitational Tournament, where he distinguished himself enough to make the All-Tournament team. The Championship didn't materialize- Auburn wasn't even close, as the Tigers fought, and lost, a struggle to finish in the upper division. And Auburn's "return to respectability" was dealt a crashing blow with the team's failure to live up to those Great expectations. Eddie Johnson. scrambling aher a loose ball, looks inside for an open man under the basket. Siiifrf it 7 ffmiivimm W'i'W"m'i'w"imi?M'T'MMMm"""a' "Buddy, AP in Birmingham needs some information on Freddie Smith." "Did we give the sports editor of the Georgia Tech paper a press pass to Saturday's game?" "Buddy, when is Coach Davis scheduled to have that press conference?" Being in charge of publicity for Auburn sports is a full-time job, and no one knows better than Sports Information Director Buddy Davidson. Assisted by Mel Pulliam, Davidson has an underrated job that can be overwhelming at times. Some weekends Davidson has to get information on a tennis match, a track meet and a baseball game to the AP, the UPI and several newspapers. Sports information Director Buddy Davidson, armed with his trusty calculator, figures up the final stats after an Auburn basketball game. Add to that a continuous flow of press releases on everything from Auburn's recruiting prospects in what- ever sport is in season, to how close Eddie Johnson came to finally breaking John Mengelt's record. That doesn't leave much time for Davidson to pursue his two favorite hobbies, fishing and golf, but the job does have its advantages. Davidson was there for 17-16, Auburn's big 76-70 basketball victory over 'Bama in 75, as well as countless other great moments in Auburn sports since he took the SID job in 1964. Things like that tend to make you forget about the ones that Q01 away. 5 si2ffiisQmsefeatriwsieaaaeieieisis ff ei it 5 if 'I 34 "Bittersweet Bounce li' :M uit A ,,..-19 A crowd of Tigers and Gators under the basket await the referee's call, with some likely candidates for a foul apparent, Pepto Boldon prepares to sink a freethrow. The senior forward came back from injuries to star for the Tigers in his last year. we 3. Coach Davis, dejected after still another homecourt loss, looks back on a season where great expectations turned into disappointment. Stan Pietkiewicz. closely guarded by an LSU Tiger, missed a good part ofthe '76-'77 season with an injury. W. 1977 . . . a year for Auburn swimmers that Coach Eddie Reese would call "the most ex- citing year in the history of Auburn swimming." The year began last September with the cornerstone of the Reese philosophy: hard work. Deana Sorenson, who serves as timer for home swim meets, also swims freestyle and butterfly for the Auburn's women swim team. V if 15 x ,af Wt U ,223 R i T . The year also began with the Tigers ranked ninth in the nation and with a group of fresh- man swimmers that Alabama's Mike Curring- ton described as "the most talented group of young swimmers in the United States." These freshmen, led by Olympic bronze medalist, Bill Forrester and David McCagg, lived up to expectations. They came from places as near as Birmingham and as far away as Thunder Bay, Ontario, but it didn't matter where they came from, because meshed with experi- enced swimmers like Gary Schatz, Don Langen- mayer, Dave Harbach and other returnees, the Tigers were indeed a power to be reckoned with. First, the Tigers took an easy win over Tulane in the season opener, then a second place finish in the Tennessee Relays in Knox- ville on New Year's Day . . . Next, a Saturday that will be long remembered by those who fol- low Auburn swimming. January 8 was the day that Auburn handed powerful Tennessee its first home loss and only its fifth loss in the last 100 meets. Tom Alexander took double .ronors in Knox- ville swimming the 500 and 1000 yard free- styles to a win. Another freshman, Scott Spann. led the 400 yard, medley relay team to a win in the 64-49 victory. The next three weeks could be chronicled under the title, "So Close But So Far Away." Auburn battled powerful cross state rival Coach Eddie Reese clocks his swimmers at the North Carolina meet. Mike Pearson and several other team mem- bers look on as Auburn walked away with the meet. Donnie Langermayer plows toward the finish line in the 200 yard butterfly. After a disappointment against N.C. State, Auburn took N.C. with ease. 136 All Wet iw .efat9'--ii,-1 -' ts .lt l l f - H 5 .Fa iw ,wt 3 Q25 'iff Q, A W i 4. me j , 2, t-aseazfssrif' c lt... ,-, ,W S f- 1- ws- ztsfmaifr 2- r I 3 3. g 2:5133-is 1:12. get at, 'V Q .f . . Isla 5 7. 'i , T' ., is NL. , -gm 4, , f fm . ':- f ,- I lilffibf .IQCf?g3??H5ill3 wigs,si--.TTfF5fi31lOQ 3321" ' 'fi 1 x. li-li ef . -.- --agstsv: f- it -.sQgs, ffip"yy ,.ff9iT.54'fQi4F1m5' ,,,.5i','44g5?'12'f it - ' . xiii All wet, Alabama to the wall before falling 61-52. This bitter disappointment was followed by a 58-55 loss to the sixth ranked North Carolina State Wolfpack. But the talented Tigers bounced back to blitz North Carolina - taking all but two events in the meet. Auburn then captured its second straight Southeastern Intercollegiate Swimming Championship behind Scott Spann's four individual victories. The Tigers then traveled to Talahassee, Florida to face the defending National Independent Champion. Florida State. Swimming in an outdoor pool, Au- burn picked up an easy win that climaxed their dual meet season. The SEC Champion- ships followed with the Tigers placing a somewhat disappointing third. But the meet was not a total loss: Auburn had four championship swimmers in the meet. Olym- pian Bill Forrester set a new American record in the 200 yard butterfly with a time of 1:46.251 breaking his own record set in the preliminaries. Forrester was also a member of the winning 800 yard freesty.le relay team which included David McCagg, Scott Spann gasps for air as he powers toward the finish line in the butterfly event. Bill Forrester is congratulated after setting a new U.S. record in the 200 yard butterfly at the SEC. ,ww ww . W" 5 A Q , we-5 - Coach Eddie Reese watches the troops take a rest during the swimming team's summer workout. 138 AllWet . .. Tl i Don Langenmayer, and Richard Hartman. Freshman Scott Spann took top honors in the 200 yard breaststroke breaking his previously set record of 2:03.004. Paul Breitfeller took accolades for the Tigers in the one meter diving event, Auburn quali- fied all but two swimmers who made the trip to Athens, Georgia for the SEC meet for the NCAA Championships in Cleve- land, Ohio. Scott Spann led the Tigers to a 5th place finish at the NCAA by winning the 200 yard individual medley and the 200 yard breast- stroke. In winning Spann set new American records in both events. Gary Shatz finished 2nd in the 50 meter freestyle, 9th in the 100 meter freestyle and paced the 400 yard and 800 yard freestyle teamstto 3rd and 5th place finishes. Bill Forrester turned in a sec- ond place finish in the 200 yard butterfly while Richard Hartman placed 10th in the 100 yard freestyle. lronically, Auburn set new American records by finishing 2nd in the 200 and 400 yard medley relay. Foreign swimmers on both winning teams invalidated their winning time for the record. Gary Shatz became the second man in history to go under 20 sec- onds in the 50 meter freestyle, the first man to do so touching a fraction of a second be- fore him in the same heat. An Auburn diver is silhouetted against the Natatori- um's glass during the North Carolina meet. Gary Schatz lets loose his power stroke in the 100 yard freestyle against North Carolina. 139 All wet .. o o o Third seed. Chuck Highley. prepares (or a match Highley's play was a key factor in the improved Auburn Tennis Team Senior. Orew Evort. turnod in consistent play as Auburn number one seed and teamed with Jackie Bushman to form the number 1 seed doubles team Luther Young approached the 1976 tennis season with cautious optimism He knew Drew Evert. Jackie Bushman, and Chuck Highley would be competitive, but the success of the team would depend on how the lower seeds played Coach Young's appraisal was correct and as the lower seeds improved. Auburn was on its way to its best season in years. 11 wins and 7 losses. The Tigers came on strong in the stretch. Fresh from victory in the Crimson Tide Classic. Auburn played host to the SEC tournament and finished a strong and improved sixth. After taking the singles crown at the Crimson Tide Front row (l-r): Bill Sutherland. Chuck Highley. Drew Evert Chip McCarthy, Fred Ponte. Greg Gridm Back row: Coach Luther Young, Kenny Wright. Neil Tyson. Larry Wolf David Greenfield. Brad Milton Classic. Jackie Bushman slugged his way to the finals in the S E C. Bushman was selected "Most Valuable Player" in the tournament and became Auburn's first All-SEC netter. Bushman also teamed with top seed Drew Evert to form one of the SEC’s toughest doubles eai — West Georgia W 8-1 Illinois State W 8-1 Tcnnosscc Tech W 9-0 Western Kentucky L 4-5 Ohio Stato L 4-5 LSU L 1-8 Minnesota W5-4 Florida Callod-Ram Columbus College W8-1 Samford W 9-0 South Alabama W 9-0 Alabama L 18 South Florida L 4-5 Columbus College W 7-2 Georgia LI-8 Samford W 9-0 Kentucky W 5-4 Tonnossee L 4-5 Junior Jackio Bushman fires a backhand down line. I Coach Luther Young will finally have time for some of those Lake Martin bass and the odd jobs around the house that have somehow accumulated over a 31 year coaching career. From 1945 to 1976 Luther Young was head tennis coach at Auburn University, his alma mater Now retired. Young remembers his years at Auburn as a happy experience Several things represent high points for him in his career He has seen tennis come from an obscure facet of Auburn Athletics to a major spring sport The Tigers finished sixth in the SEC in the 1976 season. Auburn's best finish ever But. Luther Young's most pleasant memories stem from the years of his career when Auburn dominated play with the University of Alabama. For some eight consecutive years the Tide fell to the Tigers in tournament play. “My entire tenure at Auburn University has been a very pleasant time. I'll tell you when you've been to other schools and seen their students it really makes you glad to have been here at Auburn." Coach Young commented Luther Young loves Auburn, its students and its spirit — this spirit will always be a part of him and in some way he will always be a part of it Luther Young has been the tennis coach at Auburn, his Alma Mater, for 31 years Here. Young poses at the net with his top-seeded 1976 player. Drew Evert Before each game, both teams met with the referee. After going over the ground rules, he checks for illegal equipment and nonstop action begins. As both teams form a loose ruck. Auburn takes control. Scrum-half Buster Lehomon waits to get the ball. Winners, that's what you have to call the men who play rugby for Auburn University. In every match this fall, the scrum lsimilar to the line in American footballi was outsized, often by more experienced players. They had to make up for their lack of size with quick- ness, hussle and a steel-willed determina- tion. The Rugby team was also handicapped in that they receive no university funds for equipment, uniforms or travel. The ruggers had overpowering victories over Ole Miss, the University of New Orleans and Springhill College with the smallest margin of victory being 25 points. Led by Captain Craig Dyas and coached by John McDaniel, the team compiled a per- fect 7 and 0 record. Outstanding play in the backfield was displayed by Dan O'Donnel and Claude Betbeege while the gritty scrum lFront Rowl James George, Wess Stevens, Skip Kemp, Mike Speaks, Claude Betbeze, John Brodie, Ed Sellers, Brad ll-lotdogl Patterson. Tony Salco, Kenny Culpepper. lBack Howl Craig Dyas lcaptainl Dan O'Donnel. Dave Brown, Pearce Westfall, Gary Clift, John McDaniels lCoachl, Dudley Wilcox, Rusty Walton. Neil Scott, Brian Wilson. Not pictured William Page and Dave Baker. 142 Give Blood, Play Rugby ., X ., .WM New fi fi: A r - Seri 'wvpgw ,W 3- -fs rfff-1.f:'.-use was anchored by Skip Kemp, Tony Salna and Neil Scot. The powerful leg of kicker Dudley Wilcox gave Auburn scoring power from any- where inside the 50 yard line. So impressive was the play of the team that they were invited to tour the Dominican Republic. However. they probably will not be able to make the trip without University support. Anyway one chooses to evaluate Auburn's Rugby team. they come up winners and promise much in furthering Auburn's tradi- tion of winning. Sv :5f2'1 lifY'l"535u3I r-WY" WY341 gB?Hi55SiS:5"ti?fi'Yfglrez'SVQKKLYPI Af?Yl3ff'f3fJ'?:9fFu7Mfff'?45?lf57?3i iviklktyfllMw"Y3fiW'5?7 A W , ,...: .. , . ,, , , K F'f9miMr15i'ffwl,,f.-if-eil, v Qi1g..gQifiJ? aigyg, 1zi?m:f if -Waits we K ...i1,.......i.w, f .mg Qif:?QgQ5, ,fg4Kegg,gggggg3gy3, ,k 'r rr we 7 5? sifsffefi " 'Mfif?i45F,s.-Q.'-ineif'Zfi? W lm: f fa .L filly ,S . W l lg:.:ffffi5i.iefQ,gfifa.sgeialgsfg we 3, , .waz fi we J YM- V xr, -' V1 'L f-' 4 V'-rY?Q.E vi A619 7-Wiz .fiflfrq xii: ' J ,5. si' f giving ligmllk HQ? fpfblwe:aifw'e1wlQffa+ffrsal. ewwvgfwilaaz retails ..ii,...i.Q .aiwzfwst Both teams line up parallel to each other and per- pendicular to the boundary for a "line-out". Similar to the tip-off in basketball. the ball is put in play by throw- ing lt between lines. After a QsJ8d ball scrum-half Buster Lehman watches as the opposition gains control from a set scrum. 143 Give Blood, Play Rugby +1 2 Mgglyyi'-r L ffr 4 f 5 X E an R E gg Ai X, K mf' , fs M WWI' QW ay as 'J .fr , in x XE' ' v ,f,, NZ, ,gy fu' 1 Q! X , ,Um . My About the only thing one can say about the 1976-77 Auburn wrestling season is that the squad beat Alabama. The intra-state victory came early in the season and formu- lated hopes for the remainder of the season. But the win against Alabama would be the lone meet victory in the conference for the Tigers. By the season's end, Auburn was 1-6 in the conference and 1-4 outside of confer- ence play. Late in the season the Tigers did place sixth out of 13 teams in the SEIWA Tournament held at Maryville, Tn. The Auburn losses in conference action were against LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky. Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Other defeats came against the University of Tennessee at Chatt. ltwicel and Missouri. The SEC Wrestling Championship held at Memorial Coliseum in early March ended a poor season for Auburn. The Tigers finished last in a tourney of seven teams. Defending champ Kentucky captured the crown, and Florida and Tennessee followed. Wrestlers for Auburn in the event were: 118 class Steve Ralston: 126 - Troy Downey: 134 - Ray Downey: 142 - Don Murphy: 150 - John Stallings: 158 - Mike Pearson: 167 - Pat Wright: 177 - Mark Snider: 180 - Tom Powers: and the heavyweight was Phil Samec. Troy Downey attempts a standing sitout to escape from 1977 118-pound conference champion Steve Stalnaker of Tennessee. lfrom Ieftl Phil Samec, Mark Snider, Jack Murray, Chuck Decker. Don Murphy, Jeff Shelton, Ray Dow- ny and Troy Downey await their introduction. 145 it gs DN THE IVIAT Don Murphy, Auburn's 142-pounder. attempts to escape from his University of Alabama opponent. Coach Virgil Milliron can only look on in frustration as his 1977 team, racked with injuries, finishes last in the SEC tournament. Right around the middle of this year's wrestling season, John Stallings was "down." As he put it. "l quit the team during the season, I had trouble keeping weight down, and I almost had a losing season." The sophomore from Atlanta, GA, the winner of four state high school champion- ships at Woodward Academy, had never quite lived up to his potential, and scratched out a 5-4-1 record going into the SEC tournament. Then, a week before the SEC meet, Stal- Iings sort of sat down and had a talk with himself. "I knew I could win the whole thing," he later said. "I just proved to my- self and a lot of people that I could do it." Never mind that he wasn't seeded. And never mind that he would have to wrestle defending 150-pound champion Larry Tusick of Alabama and two-time SEC champion 5: , , tl at 'I 4 6 is if On the Mar Jf JI at? M if in Buddy Walker of Tennessee to win. "You're always going forward, you can never look back." is Stallings' motto, and he turned his back on a lack-lustre season, winning both the 150-pound SEC crown and the outstanding wrestler award, an honor voted on by the coaches. A dedicated competitor like Stallings can only devote so much time to outside inter- ests, but the sophomore in biology educa- tion said that when he can he enjoys water skiing. "Wrestling is like a hobby to me," he said. "I like to compete and I like to win." So it's not hard to figure out that the SEC's outstanding wrestler had a very good time at this year's conference meet. John Stallings walks off the mat after defeating two- time champion Buddy Walker of Tennessee to take this year's 150-pounder SEC crown. , . may .. .pta Mt W f 4 l One bright spot did emerge from Coach Virgil Million's team. John Stallings took the 150-pound SEC Championship before the home fans, by defeating two defending champions. Stallings was named the most outstanding wrestler in the tournament and advanced to the NCAA Championships at Norman. Oklahoma. Senior Stovo Ralston. Auburn's 118-poundor. tries to escape from a tight waist ride by a Tennessee wrestler John Stallings is given the 150-pound championship plaque as Alabama's Larry Tusick and Florida's Bob Savitle. two of Stallings' victims, look on 118-pounder Stovo Ralston attempts to control his opponent by keeping him on the mat with a headlock 147 On Th« Mji UT. Chattanooga . L Alabama W Ball State Invitational .... 5th Missouri L LSU L Tennessee L Kentucky L UT. Chattanooga . ... L Alabama L Florida L SEIWA Tournament ... 6th Georgia L Middle Tenncssco W SEC Championships .... 7th 1 the Money Women's athletics at Auburn established itself during the 1976-1977 year when it became a division of the University Athletic Department and obtained a fulltime director. Dr. Jody Davenport. With the addition of track and soft-ball. Auburn's women now participate in eight intercollegiate sports. The program has gained additional strength with the financial support of the Athletic Department. 1976-1977 marked a milestone in the brief history of Auburn women's sports because it was the first that the department was able to award scholarships to women athletics. Prior to this time. Auburn had held its own in women's varsity sports even with the monetary disadvantage. Talent should multiply in all areas now that the coaches and staff can recruit more competively. The future for women interested in playing varsity sports at Auburn University is unlimited. The next few years should mean nothing but improvement and increasing solidity for Women's Athletics here. andy Walker propares to sink a putt. The Huntsville eshman looks to the futuro of women's sports with Rhonda Voges returns a baseline shot. Vicki Stookey receives congratulations after a cross country victory150 Womerfs Sports We're in the Money cont For the second year in a row, Auburn's women's tennis team finished first in the Alabama Association for intercollegiate Athleticsfor Women. The team also captured individual championships in each of six divisions of the 1976 tournament. Team members stress the importance of dedication and they strive to match Coach Betty Brown's enthusiasm. The players find it difficult to incorporate their practice sessions into their school schedules. Coach Brown sees the addition of athletic scholarships as a great asset to the women's tennis team and other women's athletics at Au burn, Lori Tynan chips toward the green. The women's golf team entered 1976 with veteran players and high hopes. These hopes became reality at the National Intercollegiate Tournament in East Lansing, Mich. where Auburn finished an amazing sixteenth in the nation. The long hours of practice on the links at Still Waters paid off. Lost to graduation were Rene Wolfe. Jan Jekle and Sue Dempsey, members of Auburns first women's golf team. Returning regulars Jane Baker of Gardendale, Alabama and Mary Pat Kircher from Pittsfield, N.Y., became the first women to receive golf scholarships at Auburn. ll-rl Lori Tynan, Candy Walker, Mary Pat Kirshner. Reba Haynes. Sally Marble. Jane Bake, Sue Karamanian, Coach Ron Murphy. ini Laura Branyon prepares to deliver a forehand volley Becky Sutherland follows through with a deep base- line shot. ll-rl first row: Lyda Brown, Pam Cook, Becky Suther- land, Cindy Neel, Mary Ann Shouseg second row: Jo Ann Umphrey, Mitzi Minor, Laura Branyon, Sandy Bain, Becky Rawls, Margaret Turnage, Sandy Thomp- son, Rhonda Voges, Coach Betty Brown. We're in the. Money The middle of Auburn's infield. Kay McCreery and Jane Adams turn a double play during the Florida State Tournament. A ig J., mga-gage-3- --,ff- .. :. , . W , , H: as H W E A t A . K. ' . ',a" e"n 1 I A' A Z.. ,'ff- iii,-v.,sv,,.f,W! L .' - ff if 'K . 'Tiillf ' . ,, Lf f"""' 1 ,.l1"..i,i,'W"i-E I ",k 3 7f?7f"i , J f J a',,a - ' fs'-11 'e'ee'e A K g . ,Mm 1 V,,, . M' awtm l A 16:4 Q, -:::aa,,.,.l , 'r V' , y. V ,, 6 W , ., A, ' ' R A M2 H ' M I,, , , V M .. J., . . V, First row. Ginny Davis, Dee Kennemer. Bobby Fincher. Mana Tidwell, Nancy Martin, Jennifer Jarvis. Second row: Mary Pat Morris, Tina Moles, Jane Williams. Debbie Stokes, Jane Adams, Rita Shoenfeld. Third row: Susan Clark, Pat Brooks, Laura Allen, Carlene Clark. Kay McCreery, Cynthia Lee, Reita Clanton. Mary Pat Morris takes a good cut at the ball. This was sof'tball's first year on the Plains. The 1976 softball team was the first in Auburn University history. Coached by Reita Clanton, a former Auburn athlete and All- American softball player. the team travelled in the area to play in single games and par- ticipate in tournaments. Though the team was handicapped by the lack of a home field. softball boasted the largest number of par- ticipates of any other women's sport. 'I 52 We re ln The Money 5 at 'I-51.221, ', ". " K fr t .Wa ,.,,.. , gfgiiiyggdgigwiy 27 4 W,,N, A .,,. ' , Q , ' Wm, ,, i K' -mmm at 1976 marked the initial year for Women's Track on the Auburn University campus. The team began practice in early fall quarter when they would compete in cross country competition, then move to the indoor track and field events. Coach Liz Johnson was pleased that none of her girls graduated and that ten girls were able to begin an early schedule of practices. Slight difficulties were encountered by Coach Johnson when sched- uling cross country meets as Auburn has the only cross country team in the state: there- fore. all of their competitors were out of tt- M state. Mary "Juice" Kuester strides over the often lonely cross country. Hours of diligent practice must be put in before a meet. Fans enjoy the indoor track meet at the Coliseum dur- ing the cold winter quarter months. Cathy Newton flies toward the sand pit in the broad jump during the Auburn Invitational Track Meet. 153 We're In The Money We're in the Money Once again in 1976, the Auburn women's volleyball team proved themselves as a powerhouse of competition. Coached by Sandra Newkirk, the team compiled a record of seventeen victories, thirteen defeats and captured second place in the State Tourna- ments. Team standouts Becky Kuci and Debbie Stokes were named to the All State Team and Shiela Smith was a member of the All State Tournament Team. First row: Lynn DeShazo, Bobbi Fincher, Sybil Smith. and Pam Duys. Second row: Sandra Newkirk iCoachl. Salli Mathis, Debbie Stokes, Becky Kuci, Martha Strick- ler. Shiela Smith. Cynthia Harper, and Carlene Clark iAssistant Coachl. Cynthia Harper follows through on a spike as her op- ponents go up in an attempt to block the shot. 'I54 We're In The Money Shiela Smith jumps high for a spike. The spike is a fast, powerful shot that is quite difficult to return suc- cessfully. Becky Kuci prepares for a bump. Many times this move is the only defense against a powerful spike. Susan White, also a scholarship gymnast. performs on the uneven parallel bars. Nancy Schneider displays the grace that makes the balance beam a favorite Olympic sport. First row: Nancy Schneider lCo-Captainl, Jeanne De- noon iCo-Captainl. Second row: Gail Payne, Susan White. JeAnne Peircy, Ed Bengston lCoachl. Third row: Carole Cullen, Kathy Garmon, Cindy Smith, Cathy Thomas. Not shown: Betsy Burnett, Cathy Smith. Jeanne Denoon executes a back walkover on the balance beam. There has been a marked interest in gymnastics since the summer olympics. "We have experienced quite a jump in the quality of our program in the last four years and the girls are very excited about it," commented Ed Bengston, coach of the women's gymnastic team. "We have all our girls returning from last year including the three girls on scholarship, Jeanne Denoon, Nancy Schneider, and Susan White," said Coach Bengston. The team was Alabama AIAW champions and placed third in the region, the highest finish of any Auburn's women's team. 'I 5 5 We're ln The Money  Shawn Corrigan strotchos toward the water as she begins her heat in the backstroke A lone swimmer puts in some after hour practice time. Swimming takes many hours of hard practice A new coach was appointed for the Women's Swimming Team; Kenny Wise, a graduate student has worked under Eddie Reese for two years with the men's team. Coach Wise commented that his girls would work a lot harder this year and that he was looking for more dedication among his swimmers. The team will travel with sixteen swimmers and divers including Ann Skelton, who received a scholarship for her aquatic ability. Alma Jones. Glynn O’Donnel. and Teri Lee head up a list of returning starters and will be joined by freshmen newcomers Deana Sorenson. Shawn Corrigan. Sue Howard, Kim Keller, and Kathy Engleman. First row: Shawn Corrigan. Margal Myrick. Kathy Kraft. Pam Revie. Sissi Carroll. Glynn O'Donnell. Helen Stith. Sue Howard. Amy Aldrich Socond row: Kenny Wise. Deana Sorenson. Shawn Corrigan. Kathy Englemann. Ann Skelton. Sally Blankenship. Beth Gray. Linda Wecht. Mimi Markeiwicz. 156 Wo ro In I ho wonovWe're in the Money The women's basketball team faced a dis- appointing season in 1976-1977. Compiling a record of seven wins and ten losses in AWISA competition, the team was led by Coach Jan Pylant. Stalwarts Marianne Merritt and Bo Cavin were named to the All State Team and Auburn team standout Cynthia Lee captured a position on the All Tournament Team and was the first recipi- ent of the Whit Lee Memorial Award which honors Alabama state's female athlete who best exemplifies sportsmanship. academic achievement, and athletic ability. First row: Jaci Chambers, Marianne Merritt, Cynthia Lee, Becky Kuci, and Lisa Norrell. Second row: Paula Wood lMgr.l, Anita Wheeles lTrainerl. Lisa Johnson. Ginny Davis, Salli Mathis, Jennifer Garvis, Bo Cavin. and Jan Pylant lCoachl. am. Marianne Merritt puts up another shot. Merritt led the team with 21.6 points per game. Cynthia Lee leaps for a rebound against Alabama State. Lee averaged over 8 rebounds and 15 points per game. We're ln The Money sports of sorts "The purpose of this program ... is ... to provide competition and recreation for every student, faculty member and administrator at Auburn University." This statement reveals the committment to build a first class intramural program on the part of Claude Saia, the newly appointed Director of Recreational Services and Intramural Sports. The appointment of Coach Saia early last spring showed new emphasis that the university is placing on Intramurals. Coach Saia feels that since Auburn requires physical education for only three quarters, it is mandatory that intramurals offer a complete sports and recreational program. Therefore, the program has been completely reorganized into two divisions and three conferences. The recreational services division provides services for various areas such as the pool, tennis courts, sports David Poroz prepares to delivor a ringor as Gunter Buy looks on. Auburn offers a wide varioty of intramural activities each quarter Torri Kilgore delivers the softball for campus champion Kappa Alpha Theta Women s intramurals are becoming more popular each year Conference II - Spring Quarter Softball Campus Champ Foghat Fraternity Champ Delta Chi League A Champ Sigma Nu League B Champ Delta Ch. Independent Champ Foghat Dorm Champ Badminton Fraternity Champ Delta Chi Leaguo A Champ Lambda Chi Alpha League B Champ Delta Chi Dorm Champ Division NO Tennis Fraternity Champ Sigma Alpha EpsUon League A Champ Sigma Alpha Epsilon League B Champ Delta Chi Dorm Champ Division A Horseshoos Fraternity Champ Omega Tau Sigma League A Champ Omega Tau Sigma League B Champ Alpha Gamma Rho Dorm Champ Division RP Track League A Champ Lambda Chi Alpha League B Champ Delta Chi Independent Champ Navy 8lue Dorm Champ . . Division RP 15B ■-.-■xt or S xt»— Conference I — Spring Quarter Swimming — Alpha Gamma Delta Archery - Vet Wives Bowling - Alpha Gamma Delta Softball — Kappa Alpha Theta Golf — Delta Gamma All Sports Winner — Off Campus Independents David Hall lots the softball fly toward the plate. Hall pitched for Big Mac. an independent team Linda Reed, secretary at the intramural office, greets everyone with a smile and is always willing to help "Auburn students are not an interruption of our work — they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them — they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so." That's the Auburn University Intramural and Recreation Department Creed, penned by Claude Saia. who took over that agency last June. Since he assumed command of the agency. Saia has worked for increased facilities, more student interest and alumni support for his work. Saia's enthusiasm about his intramural department may be a big reason he is able to accomplish so much. He lists goals — things he wants to accomplish for the Auburn students — and follows up on them. "It's easy to get fired up about this job when I realize there are 17.500 students I can help." says Saia. "We can't find out what the students want unless they tell us." stated Saia. "I have an open-door policy and will be glad to listen to any suggestions. That's why I'm here, to serve the students: I feel honored the students are giving me the opportunity to be their intramural director." New inlramural director Claude Saia has completely reorganized the program. Improvements have been amazing HD 159 Conference 1 — Fall '76 Football Campus Champ Fraternity Champ Phi Kappa Tau League A Champ League B Champ Independent Champ Green Machine Independent Runner-up Zonk Dorm Champ Division A Dorm Runner-up Division RP Volleyball Campus Champ East Glenn Indopondont Champ East Glenn Independent Runner-up Fratornity Champ Lambda Chi Alpha League A Champ Lambda Chi Alpha League B Champ Phi Kappa Tau Dorm Champ Division A Dorm Runner-up Division RP Swimming League A Champ Kappa Sigma League A Runner-up Sigma Nu League B Champ Phi Kappa Tau League B Runner-up Farm House Golf Fraternity Champ League A Champ League B Champ Tau Kappa Epsilon Independent Champ . . Stanley Albright Dorm Champ Division A Auburn' Olympic Gold Medalist. Harvey Glance, presents the campus wide volleyball trophy to East Glenn Shug presents the Campus Championship Trophy for football to Phi Kappa Tau Phi Tau captured the title by defeating the Green Machine. Taking the path of least resistance, a Theta Xi. loops outside the blockers to pressure the Teke quarterback arena. Student Activities building, and a twenty four hour recreational equipment checkout service The Intramural Division coordinates such sports as volleyball, basketball. football, and tennis. This division also tabulates points of each team and awards an All-Sports Trophy in each conference. The three conferences are Conference I composed of fraternities. Magnolia Dormitory, and an open division. Conference II consists of a sorority and Independent division while Conference III is a co-recreational division open to all. The program is financed by an allocation from the student activities fee amounting to 95c per student. A Board of Students with seven members coordinates all Intramural Sport activities. Their purpose is to per- Dr. Jody Davenport, the new assistant Athletic Director for Women's Intercollegiate Athletics, prosents the campus wide trophy for volleyball to Kappa Kappa Gamma Conference II -Fall1976 Shulfleboard Singles . Marion Whito. Phi Mu Ooubtes Leigh McMillan and Edith Slcder. Alpha Gamma Oelta Ping Pong Singles Rachel Talmage. Kappa Kappa Gamma Doubles . Martha Stricklor and Sally Marble. Pi Beta Phi Racquetball Singles labclla Stowurt. Alpha Gamma Delta Volleyball Campus Champion Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Champion Kappa Kappa Gamma Independent Champion Wosloy FoundationAlpha Omicron Pi Leigh Camp shows a look of determination and concentration as she prepares to make a set — Elbows, knees and a good shove Intramural football is not a gentle game Pi Bota Phi Beth Sparks takos her turn in shufflo-board while Gamma Phi Beta Dcaone Church looks on 16T Inlumu'Jlt 162 Sports OtSem give forth a tremendous effort, and at the same time learn to observe the rules of the game, regard the rights of others and stay within bounds dictated by decency and sportsmanship Tony Bohannon ol 8SU awaits a rebound. BSU fought its way into its league finals with this victory sports of sorts petuate traditions of athletic competition and to promote high standards of sportsmanship Intramurals have made vast improvements in 1977 under the capable direction of Coach Saia and Susan Nunnelly. assistant director. There has been a steady increase in participation in all areas. The football playoffs were held in Jordan-Hare Stadium for the first time. Probably the most outstanding achievement was the approval of a new intramural facility to replace Max Morris Drill Field The new lighted fenced complex is scheduled to be finished by Fall 1977. Space for eight football fields or thirty-two softball fields will be constructed. Also, a new field house containing an office, rest rooms, and an official's locker, and an equipment and storage room. Coach Saia is sincerely interested in involving the entire Auburn population in a meaningful and realistic intramural program. He summed up his position on intramurals by saying ‘Tntramurals and athletics, in its rightful place, can be the most wholesome, exciting and valuable activities in which young men and women can possibly participate It is the only profession I know of that teaches young people to have complete control of themselves, to gain self respect. Dorm C battlos Superstars Women s intramurals otter some rough and tumble play Conference II — Winter Quarter Basketball Campus Champ . . Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Champ Gamma Phi Bota Independent BVI Bowling Pi Beta Phi Billiards . . Jennifer Jones Lois Sparks, runner-up Badminton Singles Cynthia Harper Doubles Kappa Kappa Gamma Rachel Talmadgo. Sharon Cathy Track and Field Kappa Kappa Gamma Conference I Winter Quarter Table Tennis Fraternity Chomp Alpha Psi League B Chomp FarmHouse Dorm Champ Division J Bowling Fraternity Champ Delta Tau Delta League B Champ Delta Sigma Phi Dorm Champ Division S Rn.ckotball Fraternity Champ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leaguo B Champ FarmHouse Dorm Champ Division RP Baskotball Fraternity Champ Lambda Chi Alpha Loague 8 Champ Dolta Chi Dorm Champ Division A Independent Champ 1 Felta Thi Across from the track field is tho sight of the new intramural fiolds. They are scheduled for completion by Fall of 1977. Susan Nunnloy gives instructions to hor basketball class. Coach Nunnloy fills two jobs as Assistant Director of Recreational Services and Intramural Sports Dolta Chi Jim Robbins goes up in an attempt to block a shot in a gome against Theta Xi. 163 Spons Or Sort UUTSIDE 0F AUBURN The Auburn Community exerts a shelfing influence on Auburn Universi- ty students, wrapping them up in a shroud of self-containment. Auburn is a little world itself, complete with work, recreation, and fast-breaking news items about the campus and its admin- istration. Outside the orange-and-blue micro- cosm, outside the dorms and class- rooms and bookstores, the world packs newspapers and broadcasts with people caught up in the events that will be tomorrow's history. 'IS4 Oulside ol Au Violence continued to erupt in South Africa as the black majority rebelled against white rule in the country. Commanders and fighters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army pay their last respects to Chairman Mao Tsc Chung. Women cadets are first accepted to the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. New York. Nadja Comaneci became an Olympic favorite with her excellent performance in Women's Gymnastics. American Bruce Jenner won the Olympic Decathlon competition in Montreal. Here. Jenner is shown winning the 400-meter run. 165 Outwto o» Auburn7wz'a med 'ISS A little rain The alarm clock seems to ring ear- lier and louder than usual, the trek to Haley Center is about as enticing as a bicycle ride up Lookout Mountain and typically scarce parking places are downright non-existent. The reason for this phenomenon? lt's just another rainy day in the "Loveliest Village." Parts of equitorial Africa have the rainy season, and the Philippines are plagued by months of monsoons - Auburn students match these meteor- ological periods of precipitations with winter quarter, a nine-week test of endurance against chapped faces, rain-frizzled hair, and the inevitable dropping of a 513.95 textbook into a puddle while trying to balance seven books and a calculator under one arm, the other taken up with an umbrella. The devoted, knowledge-hungry few who manage to roll out of bed and brave the elements can be seen splash- ing their way to Haley Center, which rises like a huge volcanic island above the newly formed "Lake Concourse." They come clad in Levis, soggy tennis shoes, and rainbow-colored slickers moving in a slow, dripping, zig-zagging walk to circle around puddles or to avoid the hazards involved when hundreds of drenched, deadly um- brellas are maneuvered through a crowded concourse of War Eagle Cafeteria. Among the circus of colored um- brellas and slickers is a special feeling of adventure, of having survived the journey down the muddy slope from the dorms on the Hill, of having con- quered the treacherous rapids flowing down the steps on the Quad, of having located a parking space through the foggy, speckled blur on your wind- shield, of having achieved the ultimate victory - forcing yourself from the warm, snug luxury of your bed for the simplefsake of education. Yes, you can call it the spirit of adventure - some- times you might even call it insanity - but whatever it is, it is Auburn on a rainy day. Furry critters are on the upswing. As companions they are continuously in good moods, never beg av few extra dollars for a big date Saturday night, and are perfect confidants that absol- utely will not spread malicious gossip. Thus, the perfect solution to the age- old question: Who can I possibly stand to room with next quarter? ,In keeping with the college tradition of hard work, perseverance, and devo- tion, students often go to extremes to obtain and maintain members of the animal kingdom. For example, experi- mental albino rabbits have been known to mysteriously disappear from the Funchess animal lab and then miraculously reappear inthe halls of some fraternity house or dorm room. Only when the new found pet decides to have a picnic from their owner's brand new S26 Stan Smith Adidas tennis shoes, do the infamous rabbit- nappers decide maybe' the little var- mint isn't too cute after all. . Dorm residents have been known to sacrifice rugs, bedspreads, clothes, friends, or virtually anything perish- able Cincluding their necks if they are discovered in violation of dorm Iawb to 'IBB . Pets xe,1O'l'2 , am.- v'tE,-.f'sStf?2:'x- .A Q. Furry Critters vis the jaws and paws of teething puppies and kittensl y Occasionally, a more serious case crops up. The all important "Blocked Punt Sinking Account," the "dates who-are-wdrth-spending-money-on Ac- count," orl the "Emergency Florida Trip Account" are dipped into by a desperate pet lover to pay the extra deposit required of apartment owners who have pets. l r, the next time you hap- pen to e a forlornstudent stand- ing in the eet with all his belongings at his a mass of wriggling fur tightly hed under one arm, and his d prepaid lease fno pets allowedjru the other, you will also certainly able to catch that special e that belongs to a smirk of self animal lover. rv' : -f ls. . 1 - B5 l 1 S Pets ln the middle of the night, at least two termi- nals in the L-Building Computer Center are being used. At one end of the U-shaped room is an Electrical Engineering student, running a long graph for tomorrow's class. At the other end, three students cluster around a blue Cathode Ray Terminal, which spits out letters onto its television-like screen. The three aren't plotting a polynomial curve or running some other pro- gram for academic studies. Instead, they're crawling through a cave with 21 rooms, hunting a suction-cup-footed creature called a Wumpus with a bow and five crooked arrows. lf they aren't hunting Wumpii CHow would you make a Wumpus plural?J, they might be hunting Klingons from the USS Enterprise, or attempting to beat the computer in blackjack. Or - any one of a number of games that have been program- med into the system, just waiting for an inter- ested computer-user to call them up. While the most popular game seems to be a version of Star Trek, where you get to boost your ego by making the galaxy safe for humanity, over 70 different games are usually available. Due to their popularity, the games are now only available on one terminal, and there's usually a wait to use it. But with a little spare time and a touch of computer knowledge, you can choose to race at LeMans, replay the Civil War, or eat chocolate chip cookies with one poison chocolate chip. If you can imagine it, you can do it on a com- puter -just ask a gamer. FL H5 LD llx ..l, i 5 1 The games are only available on CRT's so S 2 l s I , l E E T i l that paper won't be wasted. , Even at night, the game terminal is generally z S being used. E The center itself is open 23W hours out of every day. 'I 7 D Please Log In GET-AUBURN RUN AUBURN WELCOME TO THE AUBURN-OLE MISS FOOTBALL GAME AT JACKSON. SAUG NEEDS SOME HELP. WILL VOU CALL THE PLAVS FOR AUBURN7VES FINE. THE COMPUTER WJLL CALL THE PLAVS FOR OLE MJS3. OKAV. COACH-FIRST, LET'S GET ACQUAINTED. WHAT'S VOUR NAME7LEQN OKAV LEON, TVPE ONE OF THE PLAV NUMBERS FOLLOWED BV A RETURN. THE PLAVS ARE: l-SJMPLE RUN; 2-TRJCKV RUo „ , „ „ „ 171 PlMS Log InUHOLD SE? T72 Will You Hold, PWai«? You can’t beat a telephone for getting dates, catching up on assignments for that class you cut three times last week, or finding a tolerable ride home next weekend. In the mobile world of students, locating a fellow classmate by phone isn’t that easy: numbers change too quickly to be listed in city directories. And, since Auburn students seem to be reluctant about writing down that special number when they get it, the Union Desk answers hundreds of calls a day—giving out phone numbers and assorted campus information. Handy. But what poor soul, after twenty minutes of blaring busy signals, hasn’t heard that deadly phrase: (Click)AuburnUnionwillyouholdplease (Click)?John "Rat" Riley, a former Auburn University football star, leads the weekly bible study known as 'Rat's'. Weekly studies of the scriptures have sprung up in many fraternity houses and dorms. Taking notes in HC 2370 is as common on Thursday nights as it is during History classes. Who would ever believe that the let- ters LTC, FCA, or "Rats" would have anything to do with religion? Well, as the saying goes, "No where else but Auburn." Glancing at a bulletin board in Haley Center, the Union dorms or printed on T-shirts, you are likely to see a huge rat with a long, slender tail, tiny point- ed nose, and prominent whiskers. This is not the average campus advertise- ment and is somewhat shocking to say the least. John "Rat" Riley has been leading a Bible study for students here for several years. A former kicker for Au- burn's football team, "Rat" combines his love of God, vast Biblical knowl- edge, and refreshing sense of humor into a dynamic study. Audiences of over 500 have often filled all the seats and floor space in a Haley Center audi- torium on Thursday nights. The abbreviation "LTC" signifies a leadership training course which is conducted by Campus Crusade for Christ. Bible studies, special speakers, 'I 74 Be Fruitful very popular with young people. auditorium is in the aisles. Students use several different versions of the Holy Bible, including the Living Bible, which is Sometimes the only empty space in the 512-seat retreats, and a daily noon prayer held in the Union are all components of this organization. Countless smaller Bible studies and prayer groups meet during the week in dorms, apartments, and trailers. Their goal is to meet the needs of students desiring to understand God and the Bible. It is often said by parents, grand- parents, and the "outside world" that college students are selfish, too liberal, and generally unconcerned with things they deem important. Obviously, these accusers haven't visited Auburn ex- cept for possibly a surface glance. Otherwise, they would have discovered the special spirit, and the special life- style which can only come from a deep love and faith in God. 175 Be Fruitful Entertainment has become an inte- gral part of each American's life, whether that entertainment is found in the mild serenity of contemplating one's naval, or in the intense excite- ment of eating in War Eagle Cafeteria. While the creative individual can concoct some activity for his enjoy- ment, the more sedate person is left to the mercy of those who earn their live- lihoods by bombarding the masses with their interpretations of entertain- ment. Five areas of commercial enter- tainment - television, movies, books, magazines, music - are summarized here to serve as a reminder of the high- lights of "things to do" in Auburn dur- ing the 1976-1977 year. Many TV program themes remained the same as previous years, but there were several trend changes in pro- grammingthat warrantmentioning. If you were an avid fan you must have noticed the increasingly more important role that women played in television. But despite all the talk of women's lib and sexual equality, the producers still found monetary suc- cess with the "bod-flashing" role - not displays of equality. Concepts of women coal miners and factory workers just didn't seem to be hitting the top of the charts. And it certainly wasn't the intricately detailed plot of emmy award winning talent of such shows as "Charlie's Angels," and "Wonder Woman" that lured a large male audience to the TV for a mind challenging evening of intellectual stimulation. Rather, it was the flamboyant cos- tuming for lack of itj, the provocative insinuations, and generally luscivious tone that overcompensated for the close to high school acting and even closer to corny plots. When the script- writer's lack of imagination couldn't draw the public's attention, a display of bra-less 81 beautiful females with an over-supply of hair was called upon to raise blood pressures and ratings. Equality did win a major victory in the realm of newscasting when Bar- bara Walters was contracted as the 51,000,000 co-anchor woman of the ABC Evening News. While she has not yet fully mastered the basic pronunci- ation of the English language, she initiated and hosted three different special interviews - John Peters and 176 t's Enterta' ment! OO ll 000 on gg OO QCII. OO OO OOO IO ' 'QCII' .ll CII .Cl flllllf O.. ll... ..... gggggg QQ. Q59 0000 IIDOCO O00 0000 0000 Mrs. Barbra Streisand, President and Gerald Ford, and President-elect and Mrs. Jimmy Carter. Three Presidential Debates pene- trated a new area of political coverage. While the debates nearly provided some information about each of the candidate's views on important issues, no actual winner was decided. Probab- ly the most memorable part of the debates occurred when the sound por- tion of one debate failed, and the pub- lic expectantly waited for Jimmy Carter's face to crack from over-smile. Nostalgic programs were still pop- ular, the Henry Winkler "Fonz" fad reached new heights. Reruns of the series "Happy Days" brought more revenue than reruns of any other show in the history of TV - including "I Love Lucy." "Laverne and Shirley," a spin-off 50's program received high ratings. These shows provided a posi- tive comical relief from the flood of Album covers were many times as distinctive as the music inside the jacket. crime dramas. lf you managed an 8-11 Early Bird, 3-6 Owly Bird, or 8, 9, 4 Grand Canyon Schedule, it was possible to view the proliferation of soap operas available for 'enjoyment' These real-life dramas generally included a plot similar to this: Which lady's dead husband would return from the grave after his scorned girlfriend of a different race had al- 0 ready served 5 years for his murder when actually he had recovered after extensive treatment by his childhood best friend doctor for the amnesia that developed from the blow received when he was thrown a V2 mile clear of an accident which occurred when he drove his wife's car off a cliff to collect insurance - returning to haunt her day-old marriage to his brother, who would find out that his father was in- capable of producing children and that he is only 15 minutes away from mar- rying his unknowing half sister, at which time he would find out that she was already pregnant by his step- mother's ex-lover who was secretly carrying on with the split-personality of his boss's girlfriend? Misty-eyed students didn't seem to realize that the script was an exact replica of a two-year old story, the names changed to protect the guilty. "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" continued to boggle sane minds in a night spot in programming. This satire of daytime soap operas allowed curi- ous students to frolic in the distasteful world of adultery, incest, and basic sexual and non-sexual abnormalities of everyday modern life. Where else could you watch a man drown in a bowl of chicken soup, or witness a five-year old preacher die, in Mary's poignant words, "for the sins of the six o'clock news?" Other popular themes in shows in- cluded super-hero crime fighters, like "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman," and the stretching of a novel into season-long, weekly movies. "Roots," Alex Haley's true story of a Black man's search for his heritage, became the most-watched show in the history of television. The story, al- though filled with excellent actors and lots and lots of truths, probably had a little too much editorializing -- por- traying nearly every White as a heart- less, sadistic, money-grubbing, lizard. Johnny Carson was still a night-time favorite, but the most popular late- night show for College students was a 90-minute long collection of live ab- surdities and social comments - "NBC Saturday Night." Satirist Chevy Chase's resignation from the program hurt the ratings, but the remaining 'Not Ready For Prime Time Players' continued to produce nearly consis- tent excellence. ln movie land, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" walked away with five Academy Awards, and would definitely have to be called the top movie of the year. Dealing with the horrible realities of life in a mental institution, "Cuckoo's Nest" awakened the major- i L l I SILVER STREAK appeared as one of the sleepers of the cinema year. ity of the public to the fact that some forms of treatment do not rehabilitate, but rather further the insanity of the patients. "All the President's Men" won im- mediate box office recognition partly because of stars Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, and partly because of the Watergate Mania which was rapidly spreading throughout the country. Barbra Streisand produced and starred in a remake of "A Star is Born," the most popular film in the "love story" category. Also starring Kris Kristopherson, the movie dealt with a love affair between a famous but declining rock star and the woman he helped make famous. The film's soundtrack became a popular album. Hollywood also remade "King Kong," adding modern conveniences and a beautiful new "actress," Jessica Lange, whose only talent close to real acting was moaning in orgasmic ec- stasy. Depending on your mood, the movie was either touching or ridicu- lous. The sleeper of the year, "Silver Streak," starred Gene Wilder and show stealer Richard Pryor. A unique blend of suspense and outlandish comedy, the movie was well received by Auburn students. Paul McCartney's 'Wings Over Amer- ica' tour, called by many the best rock tour of the new decade, pushed him to a top position in the pop music world. This pleased many Beatles fans because McCartney's group played several Beatle's "oldies" Several groups, including Loggins and Messina, and the Allman Brothers, broke up during the year, but the most significant split was that of "The Band," Bob Dylan's back-up. A fare- well concert drew stars as Ringo Starr, Joni Mitchell, and Dylan himself. Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder won the 1975 and 1976 Grammy's, respec- tively. Simon's album, "Still Crazy After All These Years," contained the hit single "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover." Wonder hadn't cut an album in two years, then exploded again in popu- larity with the best album of his career, "Songs in the Key of Life," a double album. Those who enjoyed heavy rock, elaborate, and dramatic theatrics, probably found an idol in "Kiss" The group wears so much bizarre make-up in concert that no one could recognize them without it. Boz Scaggs produced an 'adult rock' on his album "Silk Degrees" that won awards - "Lowdown" took Best Rhythm and Blues Song at the 1976 Grammys. Ex-Auburn student Jimmy Buffet enjoyed a cultist popularity on the campus when large numbers discov- ered his first three albums, packed full of attention to details, booze, and the sea. Album number five, "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes," saw several cuts getting air time, the big- gest public exposure of Buffet since "Come Monday," his only hit single. As mentioned earlier, "Roots" was immensely successful as a TV series - but the success wasn't limited to the tube. The 12 year, tri-continental search to discover ancestry was an overwhelming best-seller. Another non-fiction book, "Helter Skelter," found success in print and on television. The thick story of the Manson family and the Sharon Tate murders sold more than just a few copies in Auburn. On a totally different plane, the "Foxfire Series" became popular with those who were interested in country cooking, quilting, home remedies, and numerous other quaint notions. In the area of magazines, "Playboy" As if reading for classes wasn't enough, students also enjoyed many best sellers. was probably the most renowned of the year. lt wasn't the passion provok- ing playmates that were responsible for public attention, but an interview with a farmer who just happened to be a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Jimmy Carter's inter- view was candid in regard to his inner- most sexual desires - a frankness probably not at all desirable in a Presi- dent. "Hustler," a hard core men's maga- zine, gained attention when its publish- "SOMETIMES SHOCKING, SOMETIMES MEMORABLE, ALL-THE-TIME ENJOYABLE . . ." er, Larry Flynt, was jailed on obscenity charges. The magazine left absolutely nothing to the imagination - no air- brushing or strategically placed arms like other magazines. A weekly look at stars as humans, and humans as stars, became a big success as "People" hit the news- stand. The easy reading content made "People" an important magazine to supplement a student's almost-filled- with-classwork reading time. Think about it- entertainment was as important a part of 1976-77 as were classes. Not limited by the categories discussed here, entertainment was a sometimes shocking, sometimes memorable, all-the-time enjoyable diversion from the bustle of college life. 'I7 7 That's Entertainmen | covering the student body Still a popular Item this year were work over-alls. Sweaters became the thing to wear from solids to bold patterns. A visitor unfamiliar with Auburn might easily believe that Title IX had actually brought equality to the campus fashion trends. Amazing? Not at all. simply look around. Certain basic styles are preve-lant in everyone's wardrobe. For example. a common sight is both males and females strolling casually to class in a pair of basic white Painter's Pants (successor to last year's Khakis) or possibly straight-legged Levis rolled once at the cuffs. There are. of course, certain clothing differences between the sexes. Men on campus displayed the new wilderness look consisting of flannel shirts with rolled-up sleeves and Levis. Long underwear tops replaced the conventional tee-shirt and were displayed underneath the flannel shirt. Two years ago, who would have believed longjohns would become the epitome of good dress? Another Auburn trend was crew-neck sweaters with shirts Gym shorts became very popular with women on A common sight for both males and females campus with the warm days of fall quarter. this year was the straight-legged Levis and flaps. T7B Centring The Student Bodyunderneath that have button-down collars. To be part of the latest trends, button-down collars are an absolute necessity; monograms on the collars are optional but definitely a desirable added attractiveness. Females ignored the wilderness and opted for a more feminine look found in jumpsuits, gauchos (a compromise between dresses and pants), and much to the delight of the male population — more skirts. The cowl-necked sweater. a cousin of the immortal turtleneck made a successful comeback and quickly became a part of every female's wardrobe. Footwear was also subject to some rather drastic changes. Boots for women suddenly became very popular displayed with gauchos. skirts, and even rolled-up jeans. They resembled cowboy boots that rode the range once upon a time more than the expected feminine styles of a few years ago. Topsiders remained extremely popular. Blue pairs appeared along with the original brown. Their main competitor is still the eternal Adidas (or a less expensive imitation), which, besides Basic white Painter' Pant (Successor to last year's Kkakis) became the casually dress for class. Down-filled coats became a success on campus along with the still popular light weight wind-breaker. A more feminine look found this year in Auburn was (a compromise between dresses and pants) gauchos. having probably the best longevity, is definitely at least equal in comfort to theTopsider. Some things never change at Auburn including the overriding preference for comfort. Therefore, to a stranger's eye it would appear as though high fashion was not a major concern to students. Trends here certainly wouldn't be featured in Vogue Magazine. However, the fashion seen in Auburn does lend itself to a classic campus look found “nowhere else but Auburn." Certain basic style were prevelant in everyone's wardrobe. But the perfermge for comfort was most important. 179 Covering IheSlwOenl Body1BOE NDING THE DIIVIENSIDNS From the moment of birth, your life is broadening, expand- ing. With everything you do and everybody you meet, one dimen- sion of your life deepens. And another dimension of your life as you experience something new. Each of the activities at Auburn University had one pur- pose -to broaden you along a particular dimension. 'lB'l The major power of governing Auburn University policies is in the hands of the Board of Trustees. Trustees are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate; their term is twelve years, however, they serve until reappointed or until their successor is named. The Trustees have various occupations; lawyers, businessmen, teacher, a state senator, a congressman, and an ex-coach. All the trustees attempt to combine their concern for Auburn and its students with the best possible management of funding and resources of Auburn University. The major problem the trustees say they have faced in the last year is funding; however. they are also concerned with the quality of education, job placement and forward progress — "change on a sensible and sound basis.” However, in some areas the opinions of the trustees seem almost con-flictitory. The Trustees want the total good for Auburn and Auburn students. yet at the same time the majority of them are opposed to a student representative on the Board — much less a voting student representative. Trustees feel a voting representative would not truly represent the majority of the students and would not have enough time for the Board and his studies. "A voting student representative would represent a special interest group and this is what the Board has tried to stay away from.” "I think a member of the board would be a tax payer." “A student is really only tran- Ralph “Shug” Jordan Sue Fincher Chairman, Gov. George C. Wallace Congressman Bill Nichols Frank Samford 1B2 Tru»lcc»R.C. Bamberg Walston Hester Wayne Teague sient here for four of five years. He couldn’t possibly understand the total operations of Auburn well enough to make solid judgements about finances.” It must be noted however, that not all members of the Board have voiced open opposition to a voting student trustee. It must also be noted that students have not taken full advantage of joint trustee student meetings; on the contrary. Attendance has been low and as one trustee said, only a small unrepresentative handful of students appeared, seemingly only to voice their gripes. 183 Triwiee "I keep as many people happy as I can and the institution operating as well as possible. I'm the middle man; the trustees have charged me with the day to day management of the affairs here.” Dr. Harry Philpott is the chief representative of Auburn. In the 12 years he has been here. Dr. Philpott has seen many changes in the campus and student life, notably a 50% enrollment increase. Dr. Philpott predicts a decline in enrollment soon, however. "The decline will allow the university a chance for more emphasis and experimentation on education. It will favorably effect us if we can capitalize on it.” In five years, according to Dr. Philpott. Auburn will be graduating more people than there are jobs available. He adds, “students have to know the risks. Auburn must point out these risks. Students are becoming more serious now because of the lack of employment opportunities.” Philpott talks with students during SGA Awareness Week. The Middle Man. Philpott and Kenny Howard discuss Auburn football. Most Auburn students consider Dr. Philpott the hub of administrative activity. He is also the man who lives in the big white house on the hill, who gives the freshmen a picnic each year at the beginning of fall quarter and then mysteriously disappears into the depths of a plush office. Dr. Philpott is other things to other students; those who see him at various Auburn athletic events realize he has a deep interest in student activities, and just like many students, likes to swim and play golf. Dr. Philpott is definitely more than an inaccessible force beyond barred doors. 1B5 At th« top Philpott “students have to know the risks they’re taking.”Dr. Carroll is concerned with matters relating to the faculty and student research. at the top These men are the decision makers; Auburn policy revolves around their administrative programs. Located in Samford Hall, their offices are a focal point of campus operations. Dr. Ben T. Lanham, Vice President for Administration, came to Auburn almost forty years ago as assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics. He holds the second highest position on campus, and acts as President when Dr. Philpott is absent. Dr. Lanham has seen enrollment increase from 2.000 students in 1939 to almost 20.000 today. However, he emphasizes that he would like to strengthen present facilities and build quality through total programming. The reason for Auburn’s continued increasing enrollment. according to Dr. Lanham. is that Auburn offers curriculums that appeal to a wide variety of students, excellent academic records, and a unique Auburn spirit. In his free time. Dr. Lanham enjoys vegetable and flower gardening and wood burning. Nearly twenty years ago. Dr. Taylor D. Littleton came to Auburn as an English instructor. Now. as Vice President for Academic Affairs, he is in charge of all aspects of the jobs of approximately 1000 faculty members. He is responsible for improving the quality of the environment to enhance teaching. When asked how he thought Auburn has changed. Dr. Littleton replied. "The scale of things has been one of the biggest changes. Auburn works on a large scale format now. This means that there is a problem of trying to give entering students a common experience. Auburn students are work oriented. but haven't changed much otherwise. However, the institution is a richer place of learning." When he is not working. Dr. Littleton spends time with his family and is involved in many community activities. He also enjoys reading and play- Auburn University's student population has grown from two thousand to almost 20.000 during Dr. I.anham's career with Auburn. ing tennis. Dr. Chester C. Carroll has been Vice President for Research since September, 1972. "I am responsible for the research policy across campus, research contracts, and grant activities. He spends much of his time developing programs to get outside funding for the research of faculty and graduate students. While in this office. Carroll has seen faculty interest in research increase as well as an increase in the facilities for research. Support has become better in the last few years, and now all the departments of Auburn have space and financial backingforstudies related to their field. Dr. Gene A. Bramlett is in charge of the management and supervision of the extension and public service programs on campus; cooperative exten- 1BB Al ihc lopsion and continuing education are his two main concerns. He works with academics to help establish continuing education programs. Coordination is his big task, so that programs will not be duplicated. Regarding changes at Auburn. Dr. Bramlett said, “it's apparent that Auburn University is improving its quality every year." Referring to extension and public service, he stated “We're making great progress.” Dr. Bramlett is constantly working toward identifying new ways to serve. Dr. Littleton expresses his concern for student experience in academics. 1B7 At the lopat the top Dr. H. Floyd Vallery began his present position as Assistant to the President in 1960. Although an L.S.U. graduate, Dr. Vallery now considers himself "one of the many threads that make up the fabric of Auburn." Dr. Vallery insists that his job has no written duties but his doors are open to anyone. IBB At the top As the Assistant to the President, Dr. Vallery deals with many problems that student may have. The job has variety, and Dr. Vallery likes it that way. Even though Dr. Vallery has noted Auburn's overall growth and enlargement, he feels that there has been no real change in principles but rather "the continuity over the years of the ability to convey the concept of the image of Auburn University is what is outstanding.” Dr. Harold Grant is the Special Assistant to the President. Dr. Grant has "direct administrative responsibilities for food services, health services, student development services and federal regulations involving students.” Thisyear, Dr. Grant concentrated on the food and health services departments. He wants to make it one of the best university services in the country. Dr. Grant is an Auburn graduate and he has been a member of the Auburn staff for two years. He is also mayor of Waverly, Alabama, and commutes to Auburn each day from his farm in Waverly. Over the years. Dr. Grant feels that the kind of Auburn student has changed. “Once they were more practically oriented, more gregarious, more socially oriented. Today they are more theoretical and more individualistic.” When asked about his duties, Rhett Riley. Business Manager, said, “I’m charged with all of the custodial re- sponsibilities of all funds that enter the University. I collect, report, and disperse all revenues and manage all investments.” Mr. Riley is the financial advisor to the President and the Board of Trustees. He is the Presidential advisor. Mr. Riley says that the physical layout of the campus has been one of the biggest changes he has seen. Also, the budget has increased from $35 million to $118 million. The biggest recent project has been to place cost saving measures into effect. He has curtailed the use of electricity, and has frozen the purchase of additional University vehicles. Dr. Grant feels that today's students are more theoretical and more individualistic. Mr. Riley came to Auburn in 1962 as head of the Accounting Department.Three administrators on campus are concerned solely with making life a little less complicated for Auburn students. When talking of the Dean of Student Affairs. Dean James E. Foy, very little even begins to touch on the true spirit and gusto displayed by this man. Where many people work the eight to five day. Dean Foy’s work day began 25 years ago and has not even reached the lunch hour yet. “You know Auburn does everything better than any other university." These words are of course those of Dean Foy. Where you may find a number of people who would say that about their respective university, you will find no one who believes and lives by that statement any more firmly than Dean Foy. Dean Foy’s responsibilities range from orientation of a prospective Auburn student to student government to student communications to a religious supply program. These many varied responsibilities are linked by but one common factor, the student, and it is for the student that these different One of Dean Foy’s traditional duties is to lead an impromptu "Wah Eagul” pep rally in front of Mary Martin Hall. Dean Tincher works with student admission to Auburn. In his new position he has the title of Dean of Student Services. 130 AtttoTopprograms exist at Auburn University. Beginning with a student’s acceptance at Auburn until graduation, his college days run a little more smoothly because of the efforts of Dr. William A. Tincher, Dean of Student Services. Under Dr. Tincher’s guidance, a new admissions program has been developed which will go into effect fall quarter 1977. Students with high A.C.T. results can have their scores sent to Auburn. An application for admittance is then sent to the student and a place reserved in the freshman class. Student Services has also recently begun keeping microfilm copies of confidential student records in order to simplify some of the time and space necessary for these procedures. Change is constantly occurring on the Auburn campus, taking place amidst the scurrying of students and the faint sounds of construction. The biggest change that has occurred recently is the establishment of Title IX Guidelines. These guidelines created new titles and jobs for many of the campus administrators: among them was Dean Katherine C. Cater. Her title was changed to Dean of Student Life from Dean of Women. Her duties also took on a new look as she became responsible for all the housing supervised by Auburn University. Dean Cater still works with the sororities and advises the Panhellenic. Duties do not stop with the students presently attending Auburn but include informing prospective students about housing and Auburn University in general. Several changes have been made in the office of Dean Cater. The most noticeable change is that of her title to Dean of Student Life. 'IQ'l AtlhoTopGraduate School “The basic function of the graduate school is to oversee and administer all graduate programs in the university," according to Dean Paul F. Parks of the Graduate School. As Dean. Dr. Parks is responsible for the administration of all applying to graduate programs and the monitoring of these programs. He approves study theses and dissertations and works with those ready to graduate. He also sits on various councils outside of the school and the university. One of the Graduate School’s most important projects concerns the Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lectureship. Each year one member of the graduate faculty is recognized for continuing ex- Dcan Paul Parks gestures to make a point during his Glomerata interview. Park’s office is located in Mary Marlin Hall. Graduate courses can sometimes be more of a challenge to teach. Dr. Larry G. Magness teaches both graduate promotions and logistics courses, as well as undergraduate marketing courses. 192 At the Top“Why did you come to Auburn” is the question people most often ask Ruth Aponte. She explains that she didn't plan to come to Auburn, in fact she only came to the United States to bring her younger brother to a private academy. But. after visiting the campus and talking with Graduate School professors, she decided to stay. "I'm here because 1 like it.” she says. A native of Caya. Puerto Rico. Ruth has been an Auburn student for 2 years. Participation in campus activities is obviously important to Ruth. She is Vice-President of the International Students, a member of Los Tucanes (Spanish singing group), and has been on the University Modeling Board. Ruth likes Auburn mainly as a place for study, preferring the cosmopolitan life of larger cities. Yet. her plans do include remaining here to obtain her Ph.D. in Spanish. The Auburn social life was difficult adjusting to because Puerto Rican students go out together as groups rather than in couples on dates. "Ay dios" is definitely her favorite saying (translation: Oh my God!), and her hands are in constant motion as she speaks. Years from now when Ruth looks back on her years at Auburn, she will remember it “like a dream" because life is so much better here than in Puerto Rico. cellence over the years and is awarded the Lectureship. At the end of this second year of awards, the school hopes to soon make this into one of the most distinguished lecture series on campus. Another important project is that of evaluating all graduate programs. Also, reviewing criteria for membership on the graduate faculty is a current project along with the evaluation of admissions criteria to graduate school. Holding a Graduate Teaching Assistantship involves more than just teaching a class. Not only do they have personal class work but grading papers is also a responsibility. !S3 At the Top Dr. Grady Anthony is a man devoted to his job. He says that in his spare time he works on his research. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Anthony earned his master’s at Texas A M and his doctorate from Cornell. He and his wife Carol came to Auburn in 1953. They have one daughter. Eleanor, now living in Austin, Texas. Dr. Anthony serves as an Presbyterian Church and through the church has worked extensively with under-priviliged children and the Head Start program. Currently Dr. Anthony is working with a waste recycling program for cattle. Since the cow does not completely digest its feed, much of the nutrients and energy remains in the waste materials. The process is conducted with confined reared feeder cattle. After the waste is collected, it is blended with some other feed stuff such as hay or grain and fermented to remove pathogenic organism and improve the exthetic qualities. Dr. Anthony calls his mixture “wastelage.” Although the formula varies according to the energy needs of the specific situation, it usually consists of 60% wet manure and 40% ground hay. As Dean of the School of Agriculture, Dennis Rouse says, "I'm not an educator. I’m an agriculturist who is concerned with helping the student to fill the required role in today's agricultural society.” Dean Rouse does extensive traveling to find the new problems agricultural students need to be aware of. what areas potential employers want students to be knowledgeable in. The Department of Agriculture is in the process of relocating and renno-vating the Fruit and Vegetable Horticulture Research Station from its present location to a new site between Auburn and Montgomery on 1-85. The facility, called the E. V. Smith Agriculture Research Center, will relocate between Winter and Spring quarters. Dean Dennis Rouse has led the School of Agriculture during its period of greatest growth ever. Since he took over as Dean, many new facilities have opened and the enrollment in the School has doubled. School of Agriculture 194 School of AgricultureA group of research workers from ihc fisheries deparlmcnt sort catfish according to size. This allows researchers to breed for the fastest growing and healthiest fish. Mr. Jeffus examines tomato plants. Dr. Green-leaf and he have been crossing different strains to gain a plant more resistant to the adversities of climate and insects. according to Dr. Donald Y. Perking, Head of the Department of Horticulture. Another project now in the planning stages will provide new recreation areas for Auburn students. Several man-made lakes will be constructed across from the Jovon Inn to service this purpose and to beautify the approach to the Auburn Campus. Dr. Wilbur B. Duvall. Head of the Department of Forestry will dedicate a new forest products research laboratory in 1977. The facility will be used to continue twenty research projects now under way in the department. The School of Agriculture is also the only school in the South to receive a two year grant on the study of mine land soil classification from the Cooperative Research Service. Other research projects under way include a study of weedicides for tree nurseries. made possible by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service. Paul Bowser and Kevin Hopkins, members of Auburn's world famous fisheries school transfer catfish to a new pond at the north Auburn research station. Henry Parr and Bobby Felton transfer chickens from a crowded coup to a laying house so that cleaner eggs can be produced. 195 School of AgricultureMany architecture classes require mathoard models of projects. McPheeters is interested in the correlation between Architecture and Fine Arts. Sometimes just getting outdoors makes you think better. Dean E. Keith McPheeters of the School of Architecture and Fine Arts, also serves as Chairman of the Performing Arts Committee which arranges for such groups as the Atlanta Ballet. Buddy Rich, and Woody Herman to perform in the Memorial Coliseum. At the present, a new Fine Arts Complex is under construction on the hill between Parker and Burton Halls. Dean McPheeters reported that the theatre and portions of the music facilities have been completed. He mentioned that the new architecture building is scheduled for completion and usage by the fall quarter of 1977. In the Art Department. Dr. Charles J. Hiers announced that an extension grant has been used to provide for an art exhibition to travel throughout the state. Next fall his office will move into Biggin Hall. Now the art department is spread out over six building. Dr. Hiers said "The move will consolidate us into one and this will be a tremendous help.” The school also sponsors university theatre productions. Dr. A. Cleveland Harrison, in the theatre department, announced plans to expand the children's theatre progr Tn by including special features like puppets. Dr. Harr n was also proud of the fact that this is the oldest children's theatre in the state, and they would like to introduce it into the public schools. In addition, the School of Architecture and Fine Arts provides an architecture extension service which includes public services for off-campus developments and a continuing education program. Each spring the school has a Fine Arts Emphasis Week to increase public awareness of the arts. Dean McPheeters said. "I am concerned that many students and other citizens are not aware that architecture and fine arts related. I am interested in making the public more aware of all the arts and their similarities." The week is culminated with the Beaux Art Ball. 19B Al Ihe topSchool of Architecture Fine Arts The tools required to make the job easier can take n large chunk out of an architecture student's budget. If by chance someone walked up to you today, and told you they spent last evening in "The Jungle.” “The Magic Forest," or even "Hell,” would you have any idea where in "Heir they spent last evening? Of course the answer would be. they spent last night in their fabricated world at Biggin Hall. There exists on the Auburn Campus a discrete, and relatively small group of students which compose the populous of the world of "The Magic Forest.” This world, though small, does occupy a sizeable portion of the third ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ floor of Biggin Hall. The inhabitants of this world are a strange, relatively speaking of course, group of people comprised of third year architecture students. In a sense they are pioneers in that they begin their world with only open space, drawing tables, and an idea. The idea, their own. is the basis for which they shall design and construct their settlements. In many senses of the word, this settlement will be their world for the next year. These many settlements vary as much as one personality differs from another. While one person may want his world to be exact and percise in design, another may wish his world to a “shack.” In fact, the settlement referred to as the "shack" is one of the most eye catching of the colonies in the "World of Biggin." In the realistic world, this concept stems in part from an idea of Prof. Bill Guin. Initiated a few years ago. Prof. Guin feels this chance for “conquest.” in reality the construction of their personal work area, accomplishes much more than merely establishing an individual work area for each student. He feels the act of designing and building this area has a great psychological effect. Besides giving the student the opportunity for self-expression, this area allows Prof. Guin. as well as the student, to see the growth that takes place in the student as the quarters progress. By adding on. and i.e., redesigning their area, the student experiences growth in maturity, mind, and pride. This. Prof. Guin feels makes it worth the while for the year to year continuation of this somewhat unique approach to learning. 107 At the lopSchool of Arts and Sciences Dean E.H. Hobbs from the School of Arts and Sciences said his duties are similar to the duties performed by other deans on campus. He helps manage the administration and business affairs of the School. A variety of new and important academic programs are underway this year in the School. The largest is the launching and implementing of a million dollars into the ‘‘Health Care Education Fund Drive,” sponsored by the Arts and Science Health Professions Advisory Council. The Head of Geology, Dr. T.J. Carrington, mentioned several new programs in his department. The development of a new curriculum, Earth Science, a reproposed graduate program and several grant proposals. The Department of Mathematics has unified the freshman level of physics and math courses into one. according to Dr. L. Burton. It has proved to have a successful effect on freshmen here and elsewhere. Animal Biology, a very lime consuming course, is an Arts and Science elective. Haley Center houses the Arts and Sciences Department. Halls sometimes become very crowded and hectic during class changes. Dean Edward H. Hobbs reads over a list of questions from a GLOMERATA interview. As Dean, he helps manage the administration and business affairs of the School. 198 Al Ihc TopParker Hall houses the Math Department and its courses. Classes taking exams arc a frequent sight here. Physics labs, one of the more involved labs offered at Auburn, are usually held in Saunders Hall. Auburn University is the only school in the country to offer a combined foreign language and business major, and the only place where undergraduates can receive a degree in International Business. Dr. Carlos Madrigal realized the need for such a program two years ago. but not until fall. ’76 was International Business officially introduced to both business and foreign language department heads. Madrigal says. “The program is unique to this area. There is a greal need for business majors with foreign languages — they’re able to gel jobs easily.” The curriculum is set up so students receive well-rounded coverage in both areas. Already, there are 25 students enrolled, and 15 are Spanish majors. Madrigal feels “the program prepares students for graduate work in either school — Business or Language. Job opportunities lead them to VISTA, oriented work, import-export companies. and well-paid positions as translators.” 133 At tho TopAuburn’s undergraduate School of Business, which was recently accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, offers a wide variety of programs including the Student Intern Program. This program allows students to receive practical experience in their major while earning college credit. Dr. C. A. Baker, head of the Department of Marketing and Transportation, commented; “we are feeling a need from students for them to be more involved in their chosen field of endeavor." Delta Nu Alpha, the transportation honorary and the students of the American Marketing Association are working to increase outside business contacts for student job possibility. Research on part-time work for women is currently underway. The Labor Department recently donated a $50,000 grant to the school for this project. An addition to classes is the use of audio-visual equipment which is expected to increase student interest and understanding. In summarization, Dr. George Horton, Dean of the School of Business said, "we try to coordinate all programs in a master plan aimed at making the School of Business the best." Thach Hall houses the management. marketing, transportation and dean's offices. Dr. Henley often interacts with students after his class. Fundamentals of Salesmanship. Computer courses in Business require )oanne Rearer and other students to put in hours of work. 200 Allhclop School of Business mediate punting In the stereotyped television world, the college professor leaves his classroom and retires to his comfortable suburban home to write papers, prepare interesting class lectures. or compose an exam. Not so for at least Auburn professor. Dr. Hugh Guffy commutes each day from his farm in YVaverly, Alabama where he grows a wide range of vegetables and raises an assortment of farm animals. It is, as Dr. Guffy explains, a ‘‘McDonald’s farm." Not only a hobby, the farm is totally unexpected in the student’s normal professor conception. Naturally, teaching is his first love, and the farm is simply a ‘‘place to live: it is not a place to make a living." Dr. Guffy explains that he always wanted a degree while growing up. Yet. he also wanted a farm for his children and for leisure and relaxation. The result is a quantitative analysis for a marketing professor who farms. Television has yet to invent such a uniquely realistic combination. K Dean Horton emphasizes a "master plan aimed at making the School of Business the hest." Most higher accounting classes meet in Tichenor Hall inlaboritoricssuch as this one. 2on Al the topSchool of Education Dr. J. E. Blackburn, Dean of the School of Education, is responsible for the daily operation of the School and for both short and long term projects within the School. Thus, Dean Blackburn provides leadership program development, obtains funds for faculty projects and works with students on special programs within the School of Education. The major project currently in his department is the "Center for Vocational Adult Education.” The objective of this project, according to Dean Blackburn, is to give "the people involved in adult education an opportunity to become more proficient in their work." The Center is also being expanded to include facilities for the handicapped. Dr. A. J. Atkins. Head of the Department of Secondary Education said his department is currently involved in a program with the Inter- Dean Blackburn of Education is currently involved with several projects. The most important is the "Center for Vocational Adult Education." All types of courses are needed for an education decree. Elementary Education Art prepares students for the younger kids. 202 School of Kducolion Overseas summer employment utilizing your field of study; a wonderful experience for eleven vocational rehabilitation students last summer. The group spent their summer in Guatemala fulfilling vocational rehabilitation internships. They had clinical patients to work with and also helped the Guatemalans develop rehabilitation programs. After a tour of Guatemala's vocational rehab facilities. Dr. Robert Couch organized and coordinated the summer internship. The participants, Jane Major. Beverly Riofski, Mike McClanahan, Steve Olson. Joanne Lipton, Johnny Webster, Brad Hugall, Tom Spice, Dee Wyant. Susan Hilchey and Clarence Brown received no pay for their 10 weeks of work other than pride in their accomplishments. The students worked with handicapped persons in polio clinics, mental health hospitals, social security hospitals, facilities for the deaf and blind and children's hospitals helping them develop their skills and return to the job market. For the amount of time spent in Guatemala, they feel they contributed to the country in an area of great need.Rcmmie Fain is diligently tackling an assign mcnt in education art. national Paper Company. Auburn gives professional advice and recommendations on schools requesting improvement projects and the paper company funds them. Eleven different programs in the Department of Vocational and Adult Education were the concerns of Dr. R. W. Montgomery. Education, like any other degree, always re quires one extra subject — sleeping. This girl seems to be getting plenty in the l.RC. Block work is a must for most education degrees. Two students are checking out some work with the teacher. 203 School of EducationSchool of Engineering Auburn University was the first school outside of the state of Georgia to receive a Calloway Foundation Professorship. It was through this grant that Dr. David Lewis came to Auburn as Hudson Professor of Engineering and History. Dr. Lewis holds the distinction of being one of the few historians of technology. He incorporates history and technological advances into one course, “Technology and Civilization" for students with technical majors. This is his main activity in which he teaches 1200 people each year. In addition to being a historian, Dr. Lewis is an author and is currently working on a history of Delta Airlines to be published in 1979. He is also “Director of Auburn Project on Technology. Human Values, and the Southern Future." This conference discussed how technological changes will affect the South in the future. Dr. Lewis also gives talks to groups all over the South on aspects of technology, the history and development of engineering. Professor, lecturer, author, and even church organist describe Dr. David Lewis. During his GLOMERATA interview, Dean Haneman from the School of Engineering told of his hopes for more engineering facilities. Dean Vincent S. Haneman presides over the School of Engineering and considers an important facet of his work to "bring together the talents of the engineering faculty, to provide support for the heads, staff and faculty in order to develop a cohesive whole," which will result in one of the best Schools of Engineering in the United States. The School "educates young people to be professional in the field of Engineering.” according to Dean Haneman. However, a major problem is that the shortage of available funds hinders the creation of the best possible facilities. The excellent faculty. Dean Haneman says, does counteract help to the shortages of funds. SQ4 School of EngmtonngJust like any other curriculum, engineering likewise has many labs. John Hornsby is running an experiment in the Environmental Lab. Jerry Dooley and Andy Trawick are working on a senior project. 205 School ot CnguMoong Dean Haneman praises the quality of Auburn students, who he explains are "energetic, mature, hardworking and dedicated." Engineering students at Auburn have a much heavier workload compared with other students in the Southeast, he adds. New programs for the School of Engineering include the addition of micro-electronics laboratory which should be the best in the nation, Dean Haneman says. He also predicts a possible limit placed on enrollment in the next few years. Drafting labs arc the basis for some engineering curriculums. Here freshmen arc being introduced to the beginning techniques. Shop work is an important aspect of engineering. Auburn has woodworking metalworking and mechanical shops.School of Home Economics As Dean of the School of Home Economics and Home Economics Research, Dean Ruth L. Galbraith oversees the direction and coordination of the teaching, research, and extension programs of the School. She also works closely with the faculty to improve the instructional opportunities for students. They are emphasizing the expansion of the number of travel-study, work and internship options open to the students and the establishment of audio-visual tutorial centers within the building itself. The faculty also hopes to increase their own teaching effectiveness by revising and updating courses and curricula. The Student-Faculty Council of the School has been working on career orientation programs for Home Economics. This spring, they have also planned visits to hometown high schools to explain the opportunities in Home Economics at Auburn. Dr. Murray Krantz, Head of Family and Child Development, is starting a new' program this spring for infants. Mostly high-risk, infants with problems, will be sought for the Child Study Center. The Department of Nutrition and Foods has had the largest increase of students in the School, according to Dr. Bessie Fick. Handicraft arc an important part of the School of Home Economics. Students often enjoy loarning the techniques of ceramics. _ At noon each weekday, the student migration from Haley Center to War Eagle Cafeteria begins. Totally oblivious to this hungry and often exhausted mob are the children of the Child Study Center, who play contentedly throughout the exodus. The Child Study is a facility for student training and research in family and child development. Students work with the children as part of course requirements, as interns, or for counciling experience with the children and their families. The center serves the dual purpose of teaching both Auburn students and the children of approximately 70 families. Enrollment is open and works on a first come, first serve basis with 2 to 5 year old children. Usually, there are between 30 and 50 students observing and working during the day. The program is both academic and play oriented, with the necessary emphasis on each. So. next time you are part of the daily luncheon stampede, glance to your left and take note. There are children at play along with the rest of us. SOB Al th«-TopDean Ruth L. Galbraith heads up the School of Home Economics. She oversees teaching, Research and extension programs of the School. Concentration is an important factor when weaving. Different types of looms may be used to learn different techniques. Students spend hours on Home Economics projects. Weaving is one of the more decorative skills learned. ■ Many Home Economics experiments often involve glassware. Their cleanup is one of the never-ending chores. A Home Economics curriculum involves all types of studies. Learning to use complex machinery is an often encountered occurrence. 207 At IhoTop School of Pharmacy Dr. B.F. Cooper feels his duty as the Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmaceutics is above all. “To provide leadership for a program built on excellence. ' Dean Cooper stresses the importance of quality teaching, tries to create an ideal climate for research, and supports service to the Auburn community. Revision of the undergraduate curriculum has introduced an educational development program which includes a close-circuit television system, a Learning Resource Center, and a program of continuing education. A new building now standing at the corner of Duncan and Thach Streets houses the only state supported pharmacy in Alabama. The Pharmacy building’s study center is complete with closed circuit T.V. Two students find this an excellent place for studying notes. The School of Pharmacy works with the community in making the public aware of health problems. The main emphasis of the Drug and Poison Information Education Program is to point out health hazards we fare everyday. Dr. Sam Coker says the most abused problems are legal. “We concentrate too much on the illegal stuff like drugs. Tobacco is number one on the list, while alcohol ranks second. The abuse and misuse of prescription drugs and mind-alerting drugs is critical, but also covered in the program are the difficulties encountered with marijuana. LSD. and other narcotics. Pharmacy students are prepared to make presentations through slide shows and lectures. Another useful technique is demonstrated by the after-effects of animals who are given the drug. Other health problems incorporated in the education program are the detection and care of diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure, and Veneral Disease education. Dean Cooper is confident progression SOB At the TopAfter a year of construction, Dean Cooper After work comes relaxation. The Pharmacy moved into his new office. He feels his duty is buddings central lounge is often crowded "to provide leadership for a program built with students between classes. on excellence." Anyone entering the school of Pharmacy must be prepared for hours of labs. Here a student works on one of the numerous experiments encountered in Pharmacy School. in ihe School will not stop at the end of 1977. Within the next few years there will be an increase in off-campus clinical training. The graduate program plans a self-study directed at the development of a PhD. program. As of January 1978, Auburn University will offer continuing education to the Pharmacist. Because of the increasing number of students large auditorium classes are a must for some courses. Freshman chemistry is now taught in the new Pharmacy building's auditorium. 200 At the TopSchool of Veterinary Medicine The School of Veterinary Medicine is continuing to grow and strive for better ways to serve its students. Dr. James E. Greene, dean since 1958, is responsible for the academic programs, research programs, extension services, and budget requests of the Vet School. There have been a number of major changes recently, according to Dr. Greene, such as remodeling of the Large Animal Clinic and the Learning Resource Center. New experimental animal quarters have been added and a diagnostic lab, which is a joint project with the State Department of Agriculture and Industries, is now under construction. Another addition being planned is the Scott Richey Research Building. Funded by the estate of Scott Richey, the facility will cost approximately $1.3 million. Dr. Greene also explained that the department is working toward a satellite clinical program through a joint project with the Commission on Higher Education of Kentucky. After 20 years as Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, jimmy Greene will resign to do some serious bird hunting and fishing. A vet student examines slides under the binocular microscope. Much of a student’s time is spent in labs. 210 At Ihe lopVeterinarians at Auburn have through the years pioneered new techniques in veterinary surgery. With an outstanding faculty and excellent facilities. Auburn should continue to be a leader in veterinary medicine. With the Basic Science Building in the center and the Large Animal Clinic on the left. Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine expands over its Wire Road campus. he lounge at the vet school gives students a chance to take a wrell earned reak from the 8-5 routine of classes and labs. uburn's vet school offers clinic facilities that give students a chance to take practical application of classroom material as well as provide a jrvice to the community. snn AI Ihe lop212 Honoraries OUTSTANDING STU DENT LEADERS Kirby Adams - Treasurer Jimmy Barber Carl Bartlett Debbie Baughman Richard Bendinger Betsy Blackburn Hazel Blair Steve Boucher Tom Byron Paul Cortese Betty Douglass Linda Eskind Donna Fisher Steve Forehand David Friddle Clay Glenn Trina Gordon Kelley Griswold Karlene Hager Lynne Hawkins - Secretary Daniel Haygood Christy Fludgins Ken Jordan Steve Kerekes Cynthia Lee Mark Limbaugh Bobby Lindsey Jimmy Lockwood Lyn Lufkin Gary McClanahan Celia McGilvray Kenneth McMillan Jenelle Mims Steve Monk Robert Montgomery Ann Neely Pattie Neiil Jeff Ockerman Gene Oswalt Lillian Randall Buck Ruffin Thomas Samford Gary Schatz Ken Scheinert - Vice-President William Somerall Jim Stewart - President La bella Stewart ' Mary Anne Thompson Shannon Vinyard Shad Williams Janet Wilson OIVlicRON (IeItA liAppA Front Row: Jimmy Lockwood. Lyn Lufkin. Steve Monk. Carl Bartlett. Kirby Adams. Pattie Neill. Bobby Lindsey. Debbie Baughman. Kelley Griswold. Lillian Randall. Lynn Hawkins. Hazel Blair. Jim Stewart. Ann Neely. Second Row: Janet Omicron Delta Kappa was established at Washington and Lee University for the purpose of bringing student leaders together from all aspects of campus activities. The purpose of ODK is threefold. First, it recognizes those students who have a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, and thus inspires other students to strive for similar attainments. Secondly. ODK helps to mold the sentiment of the university on questions of both local and intercollegiate interest. Finally, it brings members of the faculty and student Wilson. William Somerall. Thomas Samford. Cynthia Lee. Ken McMillan. Karlene Hager. Jeff Ockerman. Celia McGilvray. Paul Cortese. Jenelle Mims. Steve Kerekes. Steve Boucher. Buck Ruffin. body together on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. ODK encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, social, service, and religious activities, and campus government. Membership is awarded to junior and senior students on the basis of character, participation in campus activities, and scholarship (upper 35%). Each year. ODK sponsors the Wilbur Hutsell Cake race, which was established in 1928 to discover possible track team members from the freshman class. The top 25 finishers in the 2.7 mile race receive cakes, and the first place runner also gets a kiss from Miss Auburn. ODK is in charge of Homecoming activities including the float competition and the crowning of Miss Homecoming. ODK presents student awards for high scholastic achievement and outstanding leadership conferences and workshops for students and faculty, and meets with faculty and administration to discuss campus problems and developments. 213 Honour SENIOR HONORARY Spades - "the highest hon- or an Auburn student may ob- tain" -- is an organization of the 10 most outstanding mem- bers of the senior class. Mem- bers are tapped each spring by the retiring members on the basis of leadership qualities. New members are announced each year by the posting of a sign near Samford Hall naming the members underthe group's symbol ofa golden spade. Steve Boucher Donna Fisher Christy Hudgins Tom Hurst Steve Monk David Paulson Buck Ruffin Jim Stewart Al Thompson Shad Williams Front Row: Donna Fisher, Steve Boucher, Buck Ruffin, AI Thompson, Christy Hud- gins. Second Row: Steve Monk, David Paulson, Jim Stewart, Shad Williams. 21 4 Honoraries spixdes om R bo Rd'-.E Front Row: Ginger Avery, JoAnn Michaiik, Ann Neely, Mary Anne Thompson, Beth ln- gram, Lynne Hawkins, Lynn Overstreet. Sec- ond Row: Christy Hudgins, Helen Hunter Linda Alexander Ginger Avery Carl Bartlett Debbie Baughman Betsy Blackburn Hazel Biair Suzanne Brock Betty Douglass Pam Freeman -eeAnn Fuilerton Elizabeth Graham Eveiyn Hanes -indy Harper -ynne Hawkins Nlancy Holland Dhristy Hudgins -leien Hunter 3eth lngram- Treasurer Lillian Randall, Leah Prim, Elena Newman, Pam Freeman, Suzanne Brock, Nancy Hol- land, Lyn Lufkin, Hazel Blair Lind Har er , Y D . Betty Douglass. Third Row: Jeff Ockerman, Cynthia Lee Lyn Lufkin JoAnn Michaiik- Secretary Ann Meely- Vice President Elena Newman Jeff Ockerman Glynn O'Donnell Lynn Overstreet Leah Prim Lillian Randall La Bella Stewart Mary Anne Thompson- President Jayne Tiffin Jane Wallace Debbie Wehie Janet Wilson Betsy Blackburn, Lee Ann Fulerton, Jayne Tiffin, Janet Wilson, Debbie Baughman, Lin- da Alexander, Cynthia Lee, LeBella Stewart, Jane Wallace, Glynn O'Donnell, Carl Bartlett. SENIOR HONORARY Mortar Board is a national honor society for outstanding seniors with at least a 2.0 overall scholastic av- erage. Members are selected on the basis of distinguished ability in scholarship, leadership, and service. 21 5 Honoraries SQUIRES SOPHOMORE HONORARY Squires is a local honor society which recognizes outstanding sophomores. Its fifteen members are selected every year by the members of Omicron Delta Kappa on the basis of leadership in the areas of scholarship. student government, athletics, and student pul lications. Front Row: Ann Allen Brown, Carol Blankenship. Virginia Norris. Da-nita McCauley. Second Row: Vance Baker. Kerry Bradley. Charlie Payne. Buddy Fuller. Roy Weeks. Vance P. Baker Carol A. Blankenship Andy Bolt Kerry M. Bradley Ann Allen Brown Clifford Fuller Mark Lebertf Danita McCauley Virginia L. Norri; Charles Payne, Jr Robert John Reilly Mike Seyfriec Roy C. Weeks. Jr . SOPHOMORE HONORARY UMbdA siqMA Lambda Sigma members are selected in the spring of their freshman year. A 2.0 gradepoint and participation in campus activities are required. Lambda Sigma fosters leadership, scholarship, and fellowship. Front Row: Carolyn Boyd. Shannon Boscow. Virginia Norris. Vance Baker. Linda Johnson. Barbara Travil-lion. San Harney. Alina Palacios. Karen Candler. Second Row: Mary Anne Bekkin. John Bullington. Julie Farish. Ruth Riley. Kelley Goss. Stony Jackson. Tina Shields. Terry Peck. Kerry Bradley. Tricia Hen-ders. Allan Huffman. Kathy Wood. Third Row: Beverly Pierce. Cynthia Harper. Guy Abernathy. Beth Reddy. Andy James. Jack Sherrer. Libby Martin. Carol Blankenship. Jean Adams. Ginger Wilson. Ann Allen Brown. Jay Blackwood. Guy Abernathy Daryl Abrell Jean Adams Vance Baker Gayle Baxter Mary Anne Bekken Jack Blackwood Carol Blankenship Shannon Boscow John Bullington Karen Candler Jan Crow Julie Farish Kelley Goss Nan Hanson San Harney Cynthia Harper Tricia Henders Libby Martir Virginia Norri: Alona Palacio Beverly Pearc Terry Peel Beth Redd; Ruth Rile; Melanie Robert -I, Carolyn Boyd Kerry Bradley Ann Allen Brown Allan Huffman Stony Jackson Cindy James Linda Johnson Tina Shield Barbara Trovillioi Ginger Wilsoi Cathy Woo'phi ItAppA phi NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Phi Kappa Phi recognizes superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. Senior students in the upper five percent of their class and Juniors who have a 2.80 grade point average are eligible for membership. OFFICERS Bert Hitchcock President Gerald Leischuck Vice President Louise M. Valine Secretary-T reasurer H. Ellsworth Steele Public Relations Donald G. Perkins Marshal E. L. McGraw Past President Daniel Adomitis Brenda Albright Samuel W. Alexander Thomas A. Ansley Dorothy B. Aultman Elizabeth Sharon Baker Mary K. Baker Richard P. Bingert Elisabeth A. Biship Ruby L. Bishop Judith Bixins Kathy T. Borum Sheree K. Bowlen Scott C. Briles Janice P. Brown Randall W. Buss Ben B. Byrd Roberta K. Byrum Lynn H. Carpenter Gerald J. Casius Susan C. Challoner Joseph B. Chandler Pamela Chandler Ellen A. Cliburn Ceceila Corley Betty Cox Glenn William Cox Marshall P. Craver Catherine V. Curry Louise D. Daniell. Jr. Charlotte Davis Cynthia A. Davis Douglass P. Davis Larry H. Davis Mike A. Demaioribus Sara M. Dominick Mary E. Dorfunger Delores D. Driskell Richard F. Druckenmiller Robert W. Dumas Martha Dumas Cynthia J. Dumont William M. Duncan Nancy Dupree Pamella D. Ellis Daniel R. Erickson William G. Erwin Joseph M. Evans Martha Ellen Evans James D. Everett. II Becky J. Faulkenberry Connie Formby Deborah K. Fountain David Frasier Ben H. Freeman Paul R. Frey James C. Frinak Jeri J. Fritz James B. Gallanger Anita Gentle Clavin T. Gibson Deborah C. Godfrey Kaye F. Gosline Sylvia Gossett Mary Graves Delores Green Richard C. Griffin Barbara Hale Cathy P. Hale James H. Hamilton Sarah Hamlet William M. Hand Levis W. Handley Nancy Harding Frederick F. Harshbarger Nancy S. Hawkins Myna C. Hayles Karen E. Heath Kenneth Henderson Robert C. Hiib Henry W. Holcombe Donna J. Holmes James A. Holmes Felix R. Hoots Elizabeth Hughes Ledonna Hunter Steven A. Isbell Karen Johnson Karen E. Johnson Nancy C. Johnson Susan J. Johnson Laird R. Jones Patricia Jones Sharon D. Joudah Paul Judkins Debra D. Kislanko Myrna N. Kowalski Trudy Knight Jane A. Koehler Steven R. Krause Mary E. Lamar Thomas H. Lane Irene Law Patricia Laws Sidney G. Landreay Thomas R. Lewis Talph G. Lloyd Kathryn H. Limbaugh Yau Lin Gall R. Linkins Amelia Lockwood Jacquelyn L. Lufkin Wayne Allen Lundberg Dale Lyle Emily Machen Robert A. Malseed Alan D. Marcelus Linda McCaseland Donna K. McCauley Timmons McClanahan David A. McCurdy Susan McEwen Donna K. McGauley GraigS. McGee John B. McIntosh Thomas R. McIntyre Susan C. McKelvey Lisa M. McLean Joan C. McLendon Jerry A. McMillan Janice R. Meadows Toni Merrill Carol Elizabeth Mickle Jane Milien David Millhouse Janet Moberly Janet Meiswender Linton Newlin Joan S. Newton Dorothy Nichols Sara Nichol Joan Nist Kalman Oravet Katherine Owens Gwen A. Palmer Ann W. Pearson Leonard P. Perry Daniel C. Ponder Sandra K. Ponder Susan Powell Carol A. Prater Lorrie Price Ann Little Priester James H. Purnell William T. Rawlinson Jeanie M. Richardson Marleen R. Rickersten Marion H. Riley. Ill Richard R. Rissman David B. Rose Ricki B. Rovner Patricia A. Russell Robert 0. Sammons M. Timothy Sanders Angelia B. Sasser Sallie R. Satterwhite John A. Schaeflel Ken L. Scheinert Donald S. Schenk Ann Scogin William B. Scott David D. Sexton Kemper Smith Ronald L. Smith Mickey Spillers Martha Spruce Nancy Srusham Bill Someray Jesse R. Stafford Yvaughan Stapleton Laura E. Stevens Sally G. Stevens J. Michael Tanner Richard D. Teague David Herman Teem Anne V. Thompson E. Warren Thompson Kay L. Thompson Berle J. Topping Dorenda K. Trott CraigS. Tucker Ernest 0. Varney Diane R. Walker Nancy S. Walls James P. Warren Denise Wetherbee Margaret L. Whatley Clarence Whisonant James L. Whitehead. Jr. Thomas A. Wilke Charles Wilkerson Daniel Williams Ester M. Williams Joan Williams Kelly A. Williams Janet L. Wilson Paula Ann Wilson Sharon L. Wilson Rex A. Yancy Linda A. Young Lucretia Young Glenda J. Ziglar 217 Honoraryxx! sf fit Alpha .... Lambda elta: 2! ss-Q W A 55155 , lei, .gfs vis. Q. i sz. 01 fslfsislss A i S 'R FRESHMAN HONORARY Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society for freshmen making a 2.5 overall average their fresh- man year. Pamela J. Allen Anne C. Ard Ellen T. Armour Sabrina A. Arnold Teresa A. Ashcraft Claire M. Bailey Mary Lynn Bajt Nancy Baker Susan Bealle Carin A. Bedard Julie A. Best Theresa A. Birdener Lil Blackmar Leslie A. Blackmon Nancy J. Botdorf Judith L. Bourland Mary Ann Bovay Amy L. Britton Cindy J. Brooks Ann Allen Brown Mary M. Brown Patricia Bryan Carol J. Buchanan Pamela Calloway Deborah L. Cannon Honoraries Front Row: Gayle Baxter, Corres- ponding Secretaryg Regina Sanders, President: Carol Williams, Reporter. Second Row: Beverly Pearce, Proj- ects Chairman: Corrie Johnson, Vice President: Linda Johnson, Treasurer: Jan Crow, Recording Secretary. Cater S. Clay Lisa C. Cleveland Ann L. Coker Diane L. Collins Lori A. Corigliano Charlotte A. Cotton Brenda L. Cowan Margaret Dailey Karen D. Davis Traci L. Detchon Lisa J. Dingler Vicky Douglass Katherine E. Duke Lynn A. Dumont Lisa B. English Mary K. Finch Jayne M. Fischer Ruth E. Flanders Tamera Fortenberry Karen A. Fowler Kirsten B. Granklin Kathleen Grazier Polly J. Gardiner Sarah F. Gilchrist Debra J. Gradick Cathy L. Greenfield Milinda K. Greer Selby Greer Barbara S. Griffes Patti J. Guthrie Susan E. Haffner Lynne B. Hammond Jayne S. Handlin Sharon H. Harrison Virginia D. Hawkins Mary L. Hendon Amy A. Henley Tami S. Hopper Donna L. Howell Cristy E. Hudson Cathey J. Hutson Mary Catherine Hyde Leah C. Kameson Theresa L. Janes Betty L. Johnson Carole L. Jones Susan L. Karamanian Karen G. Kroft Carol D. Lacquement Mary A. Lane Katherine R. Lanier Luanne Lockwood Catherine A. Long Kim A. Luhrs Evelyn B. Mack Leigh A. Marshall Mary L. McAiley Danita D. McCauley Cathy L. McClinton Janie McCrory Catherine McCutchen Susan McKinney Jamie McPhail Laura S. Miller Mitzi L. Minor Starla K. Mixon Jeanne A. Morris Pamela L. Nichols Marybeth Nicholson Pamela A. Nunnelley Sherry M. Oliver Anita G. Owen Josie B. Parker Cynthia Parramore Jenniifer Huffman Payne Ramona E. Pelletier Anita S. Peterson Leslie K. Pratt Jeanne M. Regan Robin Reichelderfer Cynthia L. Riner Katherine R. Ripley Melanie W. Roberts Cheryl J. Robinson Elizabeth Robinson Lisa K. Robinson Donna C. Robuck Lisa S. Roby Nancy H. Salter Linda J. Sanders Jan T. Schrubbe Deborah L. Searfoss Tina M. Shields Diana L. Skaggs Laura L. Slappey Barbara L. Smith Loree L. Smith Margaret D. Smith Mary A. Smith Laura C. Stelpflug Deborah A. Stanford Sharon L. Street Elizabeth Sutherland Rebecca Sutherland Leila C. Tatum Cynthia L. Taylor Cynthia Theodorou Ann K. Thomas Jane E. Thomas Cynthia L. Thompson Edith T. Thompson Mirriam L. Thornton Elizabeth Tierney Martha W. Tillman Patricia Tonsmeire Tamara Townsend Sheyla Tucker Alisa K. Tyner Elizabeth'J. Vann Ma ry B. Ventress Deon Vigil Peggy Vives Debra Vogel Sylvia A. Walter Terri K. Walters Nanette Wardy Martha G. Warren Deborah J. Watson Nannette N. Weaver Marva L. Wescott Charlotte W. West Diana M. Westhoven Pamela K. White Ellen Wiederholdt Annafay K. Wiggers Jeannie Williams Lila J. Williams Hildegard Wolverton Sally K. Wooten Nancy A. Wyne Kathryn A. Yates EPM Eta Sigma --nlu -nn-innu-1-an na-ai--n-n--ln-l-1 au William T. Alexander Conrod M. Allen, Jr. James D. Armstrong Robert G. Baker Julia A. Best James R. Bishop Paul J. Boreli Robert J. Brackin William C. Brisendine Clifford J. Brooks Richard C. Brown William C. Bryan Jerry W. Bush Timothy A. Bush Vlilton F. Cadenhead David L. Carden Nilliam R. Carroll Charles E. Cassidy Qichard M. Christopher, Jr. Roland M. Cofield Raul S. Corkish Vlark X. deLorenzo James H. Duckes, Jr. Qussell R. Durrett 3ascom D. Eaker Kevin A. Eyl David B. Farmer James A. Fleming Thomas D. Fluker Joseph R. Frasher Thomas A. Gilbert Walter S. Glaze Joseph L. Hamm Darrell J. Hand Willima F. Hand Christopher C. Hardee Thomas A. Harrison, IV Phillip E. Hart Larry G. Hegi Kenneth R. Hibbs Stephen G. Hill Harry C. Howell Wayne R. Hucaby Michael E. Hulcher Karim O. Huneidi Chris Isaacson John S. Jackson Clyatt W. James Randall B. Johnston James P. Kaetz Russell L. Keller Steven W. Krietemeyer Leonard L. Langford, Jr. Robert L. Lansden Johnny L. Latham Greeley M. Lee, Jr. Steven P. Livesay Charles C. Logan John E. Long Richard C. Lovelace James E. McAloon Landis L. McGauhey Hiram M. McKinney Rubert Hogan McLees Michael J. McMillan Steve E. Mancill Murray D. Mitchell Rodney D. Mortenson Robert M. Nelms Scott W. Owens Lewis N. Payton James C. Peeples Steven P. Petcher Brian K. Rainer Christopher J. Tehm John B. Richardson James M. Riethmaier Russell L. Riley FRESHMAN HONORARY A national honor society honoring high scholastic achievement. Phi Eta Sigma is open to freshmen who obtain a 2.5 overall average their first year in college. Robert W. Rouse William L. Sanders Robert P. Sansom Kevin C. Scoble Roy E. Sexton Marc A. Sharit George C. Smith, Jr. David L. Stevenson Richard K. Straus James H. Strickland Byron E. Sturgis, Jr. Ricky W. Thomas Robert M. Thompson John R. Thorington William H. Van Hooer Peter J. Velotas Wayne W. Walker Clyde R. Webb David R. Wilkes Hugh C. Wood Samuel R. Wrigley Ricky G. Yates Jeffrey M. Young Zwetko Z. Zekoff 21 9 Honoraries Lambda Tau MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY HONORARY Lambda Tau is an honorary for outstanding students in medical technology who have completed one year and maintained a 1.5 overall average. Ann Askew Linda Baker Diane Bogush Gene Borcher Lynn Carleton Nille Childs Davis Cooper Jeannie Dragosit Barbara Estridge Marla Firth Janelyn Fowler Wendy Gaddis Joanne Geddeo Bruce Greig Catherine Grigg Ann Hackney Cecelia Harden Melvy Jensen Laurie Jones Herbert Kohl — Advisor Karen McBride Danita McLain Myrna Nelson Ann Perry Cecelia Peters Janice Riley Sharon Webb Diane Wiggins Front Row: Nille Childs. Catherine Grigg. Melvy Jensen. Herbert Kohl. Ann Hackney. Heannie Dragosit. Janice Riley. Davis Cooper. Second Row: Marla Firth. Linda Baker. Donita McLain. Ann Perry. Barbara Estridge. Myrna Nelson. Karen McBride. Laurie Jones. CeCilia Peters. Wendy Gaddis. Diane Bogush. Third Row: Sharon Webb. Diane Wiggins. Janelyn Fowler. Joanne Geddes. Ann Adkcw. Genie Borcher. CeCetia Harden. Lynn Carleton. Bruce Greig. Kappa Delta Ri EDUCATION HONORARY An international honor society for students in education. Kappa Delta Pi is open to juniors and seniors with a 2.00 average who are in the upper five percent of the School of Education. Mary McComas Dr. Edith Miller — Advisor Ann Neely Mrs. Joan Nist — Advisor Myra Stewart Kathy Wilkes Mary Winkle Ann Neely. Mary Winkle. Kathy Wilkes. Myra Stewart.Ri Delta Phi Kathy Abney Ginabeth Brown — Treasurer Dorothy DiOrio Mary Ellen Dorflinger Barbara Fourier Lee Ann Fullerton Cynthia Goree — Vice-President Elizabeth Graham — President Linda Hixon Paul Kouidis Cathy Land Lisa McLeon Mary Millman Hampton Morris Linda Morris Jeff Ockerman Alexander Posniak Sue Robel Karen Russell William Smith Sarnia Spencer — FRENCH HONORARY Pi Delta Phi is a national honor society for outstanding students in French who have completed one quarter and maintained a 2.00 average in French courses. Cathy Land. Edna Wasson. Ginabeth Brown. Barbara Fourier. Kathy Abeny. Jeff Ockerman. Catherine Vandegrift. Cindy Gorea. Alexander Posniak. Elizabeth Graham. Hampton Morris. Advisor Gaetane Thompson Mary Anne Thompson Catherine Vandegrift Patricia Walters Edna Wasson — Secretary Dmicron Kappa Pi INTERIOR DESIGN HONORARY Omicron Kappa Pi is an honorary for students in Interior Design who have maintained a 2.00 average in the design curriculum and have a 1.50 overall. Ann Gosdin. Lynn Edwards — Treasurer. Donna Davis. Zan Boiler. Beth Roby. Liz Cohen. Becky Waters. Debi Bauman — President. Mary Overly. Bill Greer. Becky Tiller. Marcia Andruzzi. Eugenie Virdcn. Kathy Russier. SSI Mono' ' P 'EXTILE HONORARY Keith Bible -- President Wilford Bickel AVIATION HONORARY Alpha Eta Rho is an honorary for students in- terested in aviation manage- ment. Front Row: Col. H. R. Decker, Mark Makowski, Prof. Gary Kitely. Sec- ond Row: Haden Swift, Angela Mas- sengale, Leigh Pinkston, Joie Slee- man, Mike Johnson, Luann Caval- laro, John Bunnell, Mike Smith, Mitch Hamic, John Regan. Third Row: Bill Best, Rusty Johnson, Alan Lowrey, Dwight Yarbrough, Roy Lewis, David Rothenanger, Jeff Meadows, Van Swofford, Dr. J. L. Kennedy. -Bill Best John Bunnell Capt. A. W. Callan - Advisor Luann Cavallaro Steve Conn Col. H. P. Decker - Advisor John Dennis aaa Phi Psi is a professional fraternity for students out- standing in textiles who are at least a third-quarter sophomore with a 1.5 over- all average. Front Row: Jane Meeker, Emily Newman, Jackie Guthrie, Steve Price, Terry Wilson, Martha Mont- gomery. Second Row: John Gettys, Greg Henderson, Susan lrvin, Terry Price, Willie Weeks, Wilford Bickel, Prof. Robert Walker, George San- ders, Steve Johnston, Paul Card- well, David Green, Nan Luckie, Keith Bible, Trey Hodges. Paul Cardwell - Steve Johnston - Secretary-Treasurer Junior Warden Senior Warden Steve Price John Gettys Nan Luckie -- Terry Price David Green Corresponding Secretary George Sanders Jackie Guthrie Jane Meeker Prof. Robert Walker - Greg Henderson Martha Montgomery - Advisor Trey Hodges Vice-President Willie Weeks Susan lrvin Emily Newman - Terry Wilson Alplm ETA Rho E Bob Dynan Advisor Skeeter Power Cliff Eckert Roy Lewis John Regan -- Paul Gipson - Alan Lowrey Secretary Pledge Trainer Mark Makowski David Rothenanger Mitch Hamic Robert Russell Tom Hamil Joie Sleeman - Mike Johnson Treasurer Rusty Johnson Mike Smith Dr. J. L. Kennedy - Haden Swift Advisor Van Swofford - Ellen King Vice-President Prof. Gary Kiteley - Dwight Yarbrough clelm siqwm pif Karen Albright John Anderson Virginia Anderson Hugh Bostick Susan Boteler Melinda Britnell Kathy Brooks Vicki Busby Jane Cammack Sandy Cawood Paul Cortese Sara Dauah Rhett Donaldson - President Denise Dyess Ginger Eckert David Elder Norma Ezell Pamela Freeman James Galloway Phil Guthrie Rodelle Haley Katherine Harris Thomas Harrison David Heeter Sara Heeter Debbie Hensel Terry Hulsey Andrea Jackson Ronald Jackson Susan Johnson Mary Jones Steve Kaporic Dan King Linda King Susan Komar Billy Koons -- Vice-President Art Leadingham Bobby Lindsey -- Clint Ginn Vice-President Patricia Graves Professional Activities David Ivey Paul Kislanko - Vice-President Marion Mostellar Patsy Nichols Pi Mu Epsilon is a nation- Daniel L. Noneaker al mathematics honorary Kathy Phifer for students who have com- Ralph Quigly pleted two years of math in- Becky Shields - cluding calculus with a 2.00 Secretary-Treasurer average. Linda Vanstrum John T. Vaughn Kent Brown Geralyn M. Wood Trent Dunn Jan Wootan Janie Entrekin Linda Young Jackie Guthrie Kim Hams - David Ivey, Kim Harris, Jackie Guth- Presldent rie, Kent Brown, Becky Shields, Carol Haynes Ronald Higdon Paul Kislanko, Janie Entrekin, Carol Haynes, Patsy Nichols, Marion Mostellar. Carol Lynn Dave Madlener Jimmy McDaniel Jeff McKnight Billy Meixell -- Secretary Charles Montgomery Deborah Moore Mike Nash James Norris Jeff Ockerman Jerre Pearson Doug Pritchett Jane Randall JoAnne Rearer Richard Reece William Reeves Karen Rothenanger Sarah Runyan Sallie Satterwhite Cordelia Sauter Brenda Schambach BUSINESS HONORARY Delta Sigma Pi is a pro- fessional fraternity for stu- dents in business with soph- omore standing or above. A 2.00 overall average is re- quired. Holley Sheppard Jonathan Simpson Marcia Sims Bonnie Spears William Sproule Laura Stevens Thomas Taylor Dewey Teague - Vice-President Pledge Relations Lisa Townley Randall Trasher Kevin Troxler - Treasurer Jimmy Tucker Lori Tynan Mark Walker Terrell Watts Sam Williams Dale Wilson Carol Zimlich ..--'-i- pi Mu Epsilon: l H 223 siqiviA UivibdA chi BUILDING SCIENCE HONORARY Sigma Lambda Chi is an honorary fraternity for outstanding students in building construction. They must have completed two years of study, maintain a 1.80 average, or be in the top twenty percent of their class, completed resident study at Auburn for six months, worked in industry at least three months, and give promise of leadership. John Conner. Steve Schuette. Steve Young. James Packard. Frank Vandiver. James Short. Bob Bassett. Charles Wood. Matthew Stuart. James Prock. David Acton — Secreta ry-T reasu rer David Baker Bob Bassett John Conner — President Ken Davidson Herbert Hard James Packard — Vice President James Prock Michael Quinn John Rogers Steve Schuette — Advisor James Short Matthew Stuart Frank Vandiver Charles Wood Steve Young CHEMICAL ENGINEERING HONORARY Omega Chi Epsilon is a national honor society to promote high scholarship in Chemical Engineering for juniors with an overall gradepoint of 2.25 and a 2.00 in chemical engineering courses. Joe Alexander Kay Appleton Hazel Blair Kathie Carroll 22a Honor it in Carl Cox Lee Dodson W. Lamar Griffen Keith Hamby Dr. Leo Hirth Dennis Hudson Robert Layfield William Lewis Mike Mays John McDaniel David Motes Fred Pehler Bud Rogers Martin Sauer Lisa Scrugham Fred Stacks BobTonks Front Row: Lisa Scrugham. Mike Mays. Robert Layfield. Dennis Hudson. Second Row: Hazel Blair. Dr. Leo Hirth. Carl Cos. W. Lamar Griffin. OMEqA chi EpsiloN:1 1 1 chi epsilon E Front Row: Gary Saliba, Dennis B. Dickey, V Chris Burns, Olivia K. Owen, Ken L. Smith, Carol A. Petty, Carl E. Kurt, Charles M. Ford. Bill Wright. Second Row: Linda S. Boles, Donald M. Cullen, Michael F. Allison, Daniel C. Yates, Glen R. Summerall, Bruce Melton. Willard Adams -- Secretary Mike Allison Don Arkie - Vice-President Ernest Bankhead Michael Barilone - Editor Linda Boles Randy Brown Christopher Burns Don Cullen Dennis Dickey Gary East Bill Edmondson Robert English Baxter Farr Barry Faulkner Charles Ford Curtis Fortenberry David Giles Mark Hallmark Reginald Harris Dennis Harrison - Marshal Donald Helsel Michael Hodges Weldon Holcombe Robert Holmberg Jerry Hopkins Charlotte Howell Gary Huffman - President Jeff Hundley Harris, Baxter M. Farr, Dar Row: Michael J. Barilone, Don Arkle, Gary Huffman, Harry Rile, Gregg Rosser, R Nichols Third Willard Adams ennls Harrison. bert Holmberg, Robert M. English, Ernest L. Bankhead, Reg 1 . iv Joe Sullivan, Randall W. Brow Dr. Carl E. Advisor es Allen Lass Treasurer kham James Ma Bruce Mel David Jon Mark Mar Larry Mo Scott Osb Olivia K. Carol Pet Lloyd Pitt Harry Ric Lloyd Rob Greg Ros Gary Sali Gary Sch Russell S Steve Sho n, Mark Helsel. Hurt - iter - rtin ton TE Dan Nichils urn Wen EY erts er a tz elton rt Ken Smith Jim Stothirrd Glen Sum Joe Sulliv erall in Bobby Te plin ell Tom Tidw John Walk Thomas VN el' l Bill wright Engine Repres Daniel Ya allace ring Council ntative GS Fourth Row: Barry K. Faulkner, Lloyd L. Pitts, Tom Tidwell, Scott Osborn, Jerry Hopkins, Mark Hallmark, Russell Shelton, David Jones, Larry Moore, Allen Lassiter. CIVIL ENGINEERING HONORARY Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize characteristics of the Civil Engineer deemed funda- mental to successful pursuit of an engineering career and to help develop those characteristics in the Civil Engineering student. In order to contribute to the im- provement of the profession, Chl Epsilon encourages technical abilities as well as sound charac- ter traits among its members. The organization is dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profes- sion. y 225 I Honoraries FURESTRY HONORARY Xi Sigma Pi is a national honor society for students who have completed at least fifteen quarter hours in pro- fessional forestry courses and rank in the upper twenty-five percent of the class. Front Row: Mike Bailey, Mark Meag- her, Rebecca Wright, Charlotte Sage, Thomas Souther, Sharon Mohney. Second Row: David Duff, Phil Glassco, Jim Cupp, Steve DuBose, Pete Zubowicz, Wyatt Reaves. Third Row: Nancy Aber- nathy, Rod Varner, Merrill Nall, Jay Purnell, Phillip Woods, Edd Kennedy, Beth Wellbaum. ENGUSH HGNORARY Sigma Tau Delta is a na- tional honor society for stu- dents majoring or minoring in English and have com- pleted at least two upper level courses with a 2.00 average in English and are in the upper thirty-five per- cent of their class. James Barrett Brenda Bowen Robert Burkhardt Kay Carr Alicia Davis - Secretary Treasurer Donna Dunn Joe Eddington Pam Ellis Bonnie Falk Pam Goodwin Lynn Hanson 226 Nancy Abernathy Mike Bailey Bill Bryant Jim Cupp David Duff Steve DuBose George Franklin Phil Glassco Mary Hawkins Ellen Hiller Geanne Holland Michael lvey Deborah Johnson Karen Johnson Patricia Jones Patricia Laws Tim Lockhart Susan Martin Lisa McLean Katheryn Owens Jane Page Russell Sanson Regina Scrivner Beth Shaw Peter Strianse Christeen Tyson Mary Vehro Celeste Waid Margaret Weldon - Social Chairman Sandra White Vickie Whitlock - President Kathi Wilbanks xi siqwm piE David Harelson Charlotte Sage Edd Kennedy Thomas Southern Mark Measher Rod Varner Sharon Mohney Beth Wellbaum Merrill Nall PhillipWoods Joe Norton Rebecca Wright Jay Purnell Roger Young Wyatt Reaves Pete Zu bowicz siqivm AU delr E Front Row: Regina Scrivner, Steven Carol Balentine, Dena Cumbes Pittard, Deborah Johnson. Second Third Row: Ginabeth Brown, Alici Row: Miller Solomon, Tim Lockhart, Davis, Vicky Whitlock, Michael lvey icRoN NUE HOME ECONGMICS HONORARY Omicron Nu is a national honor society for outstand- ing students in Home Eco- nomics who are in the upper ten percent of the junior class or the upper twenty percent of the senior class and have at least a 2.00 Karis Ann Adams Dorthy Janice Allen - Editor Dorothy W. Bedard Elisabeth Anne Bishop Betsy Blackburn Mary Karen Bracken Mary Esther Brocato Eugenia Vance Brown Janice Peacock Broun Julia Ann Bruns Karen Gaye Buff Ann B. Carton Carol Chambless Susan Lynne Conlee Linda Ann Connor Jane McClendon Conradi Donica S. Creasy Cheryl Anne Crocker Robin Rosanne Dorough Marguerite Susan Ellis Johnna H. Flowers Mary Elizabeth Frits Mira Angela Frosolona Cynthia Leigh Gilbert Melissa Sue Grimes Scarlotte Bunn Hall Patti Jane Hammond Debra Mason Hartford Susan D. Hazenfield Karen E. Heath Carol Ann Holaday Janet Gayle Kelly Lynn Ann Kieffner Cheryl Ann Lance Patti Carol Lanier Margaret Allen Lott Karen Frances McCoy Marsha Faye Mclntyre Jamie McPhail Gloria Louise Majors Lydia C. Nlaness Paula Elaine Manning Mary Talmadge Maxwell Rachel McAllister- Vice President Sharon Kaye Motley- Secretary Teresa Ann Murphree Cherry R. Page Melissa Anne Parker Larry J. Perdue Sandra Kay Ponder Delina Carol Pickens ZET E grade point average. Carol Pinkston Sarah A. Rankin Mary F. Reymann Sandra Lea Sellers Janet Carol Spear Linda Margaret Stefa nchick Julia E. Summers Melissa Mary Thompson Carol Valerius Jane Wallace Carol Ann Walthall Wendy Carol Welch Deborah Mae Wiley Elizabeth Wilkinson- President Kelly Ann Williams Mary Virginia Zorn AGR'CULTURE H0 Alp cultu agr ple wh ted ose grade point average places them the Front NORARY ha Zeta is an honorary agri- al fraternity for outstanding r :culture students who have com- one and one-half years and in the upper two-fifths of ir class. Row: Cindy Grimes, Beth Wellbaum, Mary Ann Thorington, Kay Smelley, Sharon Mohne Leta O J. E Ken Bur Doz y, Susan Corcoran, Rebecca Wright. rrison. Second Row: Charlotte Sage. .Avrard, Leslie Long, John L. Buttler, Edd ned ns, ier, y, Perry Oakes, Mark Blanpied, Joe Bill Pace, Leonard Perry, Dr. William Lu Willis, Cory Brown. 227 Ho ia Phi Mu Alpha is a mu- sicj honorary sfraternity opento any student who r shows an interest in mu- sic and maintainsa good J scholastic averages Honoraries hi mu Alplm E p MUSIC Robert Bouchillon Terry Dobson J Howard Frontz N Mike Gill Kris Gray Paul Harris y THEATRE HONORARY Alpha' Psi Omega, the national theatre honorary, is opento anyone who has obtained a silvercAuburn Playersjpin and has a 2.00 average in all drama courses and at leasta r1g35ioveraIl average. ' Greg Berron Tommy Canary J Steve Cochran it Joyce Flemming C Debra Huntiy r J i Janlnfante Bonner Nelson by J Cynthia Nicholson Ami Poteat David Tomlinson Len Horton Norman Sinback in James Jackson Bill Someral J Keener Lynn Jimmy Tiptor Jeff Meadows Tim Whitley g Bo Patterson Mike Yates Mary Peinhardt J I l ii ' ""--- A p A psi omeqni i x E Q 5 Alplm Epsiloiv delm Walter Alves, Jr. Edwin Armitage Kellee J. Arnold Walter Arnold Ruth Barron Owen R. Bell Robert Bell Richard L. Bendinger Mark R. Biggers Frederick Blackmar Linda Blackwell Debbie J. Blanton Diane Bogush Glen Brawley Charles Broadway Linda B. Cameron Lezlie Carroll Arthur Carson Pierre Clothizux Jon Conary Sage Copeland William Dailey James Daniel Rita Davis gy Sandra Deloach Thomas Dodson Maureen Dollinger Donald Draper y Martin Drey Thomas Estes Ronald Evans . y James Faulkner Marla R. Firth Leslie Ford Janelyn Fowler Susan Frederick Robert T. Grant Charles Griffith Catherine Grigg Richard Halbrooks Kenneth Hamrick Claude Harbarger George Hardy, Jr. Jack Harnis Joseph Bawkins, Jr. Hilary T. Hight Mark Hodges Renee Holloway Robert Jackson Clyatt James Allen W. Jones, Jr. Scott Jordon Gloria Kerr Joseph King TrumanKing William Kittrell Abha Kochhar Cynthia Kyser Brian Larson Eric LaRue Michael Linnan Caroline Lipscomb Teresa Lisenby Richard Little James Lock Byron Machen - Scalpel Reporter Lucinda L. Maine g LaurieMassey Michael Mays John McBurney Charles McCollum Deborah McEnerey David McKenzie James McKinney William McLaughlin Caroi McLaughlin- . Treasurer Jo Ann Michalik -- S J Secretary . Marynoel Monson Deck Neisler Robert Nichols Jeffrey Nicholson Robert Pare Ben Parrish 4- Vice President Charles Payne Susan Phillips Karl Potts, Jr. Allen Querens iJames.Rawlinson John B. Richardson Mark Rounsaville ,Michael Sforzini - Historian Patricia Skaggs Allen Smith Kenny Smith .William Somerall, Jr. Georgia Theriot Duane Thompson Michael Tindal Susan L. Tipton Robert Tonks T Marvin Trott, Jr. Harvey Valdez William Varnell Richard Vining Steve Wade -- President Randal Webb Keith Wells Wallace Wells, Jr. PRE-MED. HONORARY Alpha Epsilon Delta' is a national honor society for outstanding pre4med and lab technician students who rank in the top twen- ty percent forthe sciences and the upper thirty-five percentin general scholf arship. T f S g l, I T EES ' Honoraries E3 D Honoraries ETA kAppA NU Don Allen Charles Blackburn Harry Blackmon Alan Bohnhoff Melvin Bolt Don Boyd Suzie Bramlett- ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HONORARY Eta Kappa Nu is a naa tional honor society for outstanding students in electrical engineering. It is composed of juniors who are in the upper one- fourth of their class and seniors who are in the upper one-third of their class. E 2 4 3 Engineers Council Vernon Buchanon Dan Caoell Myron Carter A- Recording Secretary Marion Cooper Richard Cox John Davidson Mark Dixon Craig Dowdy Robie Elms Dan Erickson Roy Fain Herman Fletcher Phillip Foshee William Frix Mark Frost Al Garber Mark Gardiner Robert Garlington - Vice-President Ken Garrick Paul Goggans Joe Grantham Keith Grayson - Corresponding Secretary Joe Haggerty Scott Harris Cindy Hess - President Ronald Higdon John Hinshaw Randy Jones Steve Jones David Kaeto Randy Kelly Steve Kemplin Steve Krause Larry Lewis Bert McDowell Mark McLeod Tim Martin Richard Morrissey Jerry Nelms William Nesmith Keith Palmer Steve Palmer Bruce Parsons Allen Patterson Sam Phokachaipatana Al Plourde Rod Papwell Don Richardson S Ken Riddle Lloyd Rigg: Hassanali Sadegh George Schafnel Stuart Schenk - Bridge Corresponden Maynard Schmalc Glenn Sheffiek Robert Srniti Tom Srniti Bob Snide David Taplej Chris Thomas Rickey Thoma: Frank Vasse Ray Welci Eddie Wheele James Whitt John William: QA MA Epsilo E MVN Rm V X: 3 Verner Guthrie - Genne Myers - I Q President Secreta ry-Treasurer Egzifglcgfmh viii Rose Kilpatrick - Ronnie Nickel ' Vice President Mark DaviS Brenda Frazier - Craig Weatherby Corresponding Secretary BUSINESS HUNORARY Ann Stoddard Elizabeth Burgin Jennifer Case Christi Cannon Karin Daniel Patricia Davidson Lori De la Torre Janet Donnelly Nancy Plant Carol Dixon Linda Eskind Katherine Fogarty Debra Freeman Patty Gaffney Carol Goodwin Pamela Green Linda Hixon Janice Humphrey Carol ln'a chock Carole Kelly Mary Mayberry Dr. Robert Pierce, Genne Myers, Ron- e Kilpatrick, Brenda erGuthrie. Carol McCracken Ann McEwen Cynthia McHugh Beth Metts Amy Pointer Kathy Scholefield Linda Sherrill Beth Sparks Sandra Stewart Jayne Tiffin Cynthia Walker Juli Winter T EARTH SCIENCE HONORARY Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the national honor so- ciety for outstanding stu- dents in electrical engi- neering who are juniors in the upper fourth and seniors in the upper third of their class. Phi Chi Theta is a pro- fessional organization for people interested in de- veloping their knowledge ofthe business world. 231 Honoraries PHARMACY HONORARY A Phi Lambda Sigma is an hon- orary for leadership and service iofystudents in Pharmacy who have attained a 1.20 overall and completed three quarters in the School of Pharmacy. PHARMACY HGNORARY J Rho Chi isa national honor society for students in pharmacy who have completed one-third of their required pharmacy course work and rank in the upper 2091 of their class with at least a 2400 overall average. . phi lAmbdA siqmA Richard Bendinger Maggie Carter Mike Carter L Mike Collins Mary Lynn Daigle Richard Dennis Nancy Dowdle Greg Dugger Amoret Eiland T Joel Ellis Kathy Ellis Richard Bendinger Kathleen Blair y Donald Boshell Caroline Broughton Susan Brownlee Kenry Calhoun James Davis Sue Dempsey Nancy Dowdle Roberta Drummond Rho cl1iE Randy Evans Scott Godfrey John Gunnels Mark Mann Patricia Newton Sherry Parker Sandra Pierce Gary Taylor Dwayne Teague David Windham Cynthia Wright A Mary Ann Dunnavant Joel Ellis Thomas Franko S Debra Goff Deborah Howard Maria Johnson Charles Lloyd ' James Lockwood John McVay C David Morrison Arthur Mueller Patricia O'Neal William Philen Albert St. John Luanne Sherrel Debra Silvey James Teague Kathryn Teague James Tew Beverly Thomas Gregory Vaughn Dorothy Ward Holly Whitmire George Whorton Samuel Wilson VETERINARY HONORARY Phi Zeta is an honor so- ciety for students in veteri- nary medicine who have completed 2V2 years of their vet course work and are in the top 1O'Z1 of the junior class and the top 25'Zi of the senior class. Baine Bowden Bilderback Brown Byron Carroll Iii zem Copeland Lundberg Courtney McDonald Ellenburg McMillan Glenn McWhirter Harris Rybka Hume Spillers TAU IJETA pi Kirby Adams Kazem Alerza Donald Allen Michael Allison Sandra Appleton Barbara Barnes Harry Blackmon Hazel Blair Melvin Bolt Glenda Bramlett Vernon Buchanan Daniel Capell Myron Carter Richard Cox Jan Crow John Davidson B. Bryce Davidson James Dodd Thomas Dodson Jan Dozier Roger Duke Herman Fletcher Phillip Foshee William Frix Lamar Gantt Mark Gardiner Robert Garlington Clark Gibson David Gibson David Giles Sharon Girior Ronald Grantham Walter Griffin Jacqueline Guthrie Robert Hamby Reginald Harris William Harris William Hendrickson Lloyd Herlong Cynthia Hess Micheal Hodges Henry Holcombe Charlotte Howell Dennis Hudson Gary Huffman Robert Hurt John Hyatt Randy Jones Randolph Kelly John Keown Scott Koeppel Steven Krause Barbara Kruse William Lackey Allen Lassiter Robert Layfield William Lewis Mark D. Limbaugh Stephen Lowe Robert Malseed John Markham Timothy Martin Curtis Massey Michael Mays David McCurdy I Bert McDowell Mark McLeod James Melton Larry Monroe Lawrence Moore Richard Morrissey David Motes Edward Murphree Gary Orr Robert Overbeek Stu rrock Velasco Wakefield Wilson Woodard ENGINEERING HONORARY Tau Beta Pi is a national honor society for students in engineering whose schol- arship places them inthe upper eighth of the junior class or in the upper fifth of the senior class. Cheryl Owen Olivia Owen Lloyd Riggs Gary Saliba Donald Schenk Elizabeth Scrugham Bruce Singer Robert Smith Kenneth Smith Robert Spears James Stothard Norman Stringfellow Rocky Sullivan Glen Summerall David Tapley Dave Tatum Bobby Templin Christopher Thomas Rickey Thomas James Thorington Milton Vaughn Bryan Williams John Williams 233 Honora Gamma Sigma Delta is the honor society of agriculture. Seniors and graduate students in the School of Agriculture who are in the top 15 per cent of the school and top 25 per cent of their entire graduating class are eli- gible for membership. Annually, Gam- ma Sigma Delta issues awards and scholarships for outstanding academ- ic achievement. I M A sigwm cIElT "la a, Hgh gf Front Row: Karen Lambert, Diane Walker, Leigh Jacobs, Nora Lowman, Jan Meadows. Second Row: Bruce Eason, Gordon Forster, Robert Wells, Lee Handley, Bill Brom. Third Row: Dan 234 Honoraries Ponder, Bill Burchfield, Ralph Lord, Ed Stanley, Joe Openshay. Fourth Row: Mike Moore, Britt Schatfeld, Rod Underwood, David Cunningham, Mitch McCullers. Front Row: Mae Langley, Barbara Hale, Debbie Wilson, Tom Stama. Second Row: Jackie M. Snell, Leonard Perry, Jeff Sellers, Mark Davis. Third Row: Mark Watson, Wyatt Godfrey, Alfred Lamb. wh 9 Distinction to a U a Degree Fifty students were selected this eligibility and students are chosen by chosen for membership is the national year as members of Who's Who in a secret committee, according to the recognition of the award, which can be American Colleges and Universities. Dean of Student Affairs, James E. Foy. of significant help in obtaining a job. There are no specific requirements for Possibly the greatest benefit to those A Marketing major from Nashville, Tennessee, Linda Eskind plans to be a marketing representative at IBM upon graduation from Auburn. Linda was elected to be Miss Auburn in 1976. She was also a War Eagle Girl, in the Marketing Club, and a member of ODK. Commenting on her four years at Auburn, Linda said students are offer- ed a variety of scholastics, campus ac- tivities and organizations, and social Linda Eskind activities and "the student who con- tributes to his maximum to each of these facets will have obtained the mostfromacollege education." Christy Hudgins l have found few challenges like that of a newspaper, few people with the flamboyance and audacity of report- ers, few professions with such ideal- ism, few places holding as much love and healthy fury, and no place or time like the four years given to me at Au- burn with the Plainsman," said Christy Hudgins, Plainsman editor for 1976- 1977. Christy, who plans either to enter law school or work as a reporter after graduation, was also a member of ODK, Mortar Board, Spades Cwens, and Alpha Lambda Delta. She was a recipient of the Keith Bedwell Memo- rial Scholarship and worked as an intern last summer in Senator John Spa rkman's office. Jim Stewart served as President of the Student Senate for 1976-1977, Se- nator for Architecture and stroke Fine Arts, President of Omicron Delta Kappa and was a Plainsman and a member of the Communications Board. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. God has used this verse to produce the self-development Jim Stewart in my life that only Auburn could pro- vide. I must continually grow and de- velop in order to reach the full poten- tial that God has planned for me," says Jim, who majored in Architecture. Upon graduation from Auburn, Jim wants to work for an architecture firm with an emphasis on application of solar energy to architecture. E35 Wh0'S Wh U UCC... lull ' ulll Chris Vacarella is from Birmingham, Alabama and majored in Marketing. He was a member of the A-Club, varsity football, Phi Eta Sigma, All SEC Aca- demic, and recipient of the Bill Street Award. To Chris, "The things which stand out at Auburn are the friendly people and learning how to apply classroom knowledge to the real life." Chris plans to attend law school in Birmingham. "Auburn has given me many th ings. But, the things which now have the greatest relevance are those responsi- bilities l've realized in the past four years." Ann Neely, a native fromiAshe- ville, N. C., majored in elementary education. She was vice-president of Mortar Board, Capers Commander, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, War Eagle Girls and the Pan- hellenic Council. She plans to go to graduate school in Broadcasting and eventually go into Children's Tele- vision. After two-and-a-half years at Auburn, Robbins Richardson feels that Auburn has been the most important part of her education. The pre-med student from Montgomery majors in Psychology and feels Auburn has stimulated her to strive for excellence in every phase of life. Auburn "has given me a deep sense of oneness among our student body and a reali- zation that we are body of the uni- versity." Robbins was President of the Association of Women Student Gov- ernment, Director of Student Health, President of Dorm 6, University Sen- ate, and University Health Committee. Robbins also says Au burn has been the best years of her life. Robbins Richardson "I feel that my four years here have well prepared me for a career as a Naval officer by providing me with an excellent education, organizational experience, and positions of respon- +sibility." Lee Ann Fullerton is from Woodbridge, Virginia and majored in French. Lee Ann was in Naval ROTC, Secretary-General for SIMUN 1977, vice-president of Cwens, elections chairman for Mortar Board and a members of Pi Delta Phi and Pi Sigma Alpha. ln June, she will be commis- sioned as an ensign in the United States Navy. Chris Vacarella Ann NGCIY Lee Ann Fullerton 236 W ho's Who The reason Jim Carson came to Auburn was to obtain an education. However, he adds that "the friends I have made and the maturity l have gained have become equal to that education." Beginning in the Fall of '77, Jim who is from Birmingham, will study Law at Cumberland. While at Auburn, he was a member of ODK, Press Secretary and Director of the Free University, and President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jim Carson AI Thompson As a marketing major from Bay Minette, Alabama, AI Thompson says his education at Auburn cannot be measured. He also feels "more Auburn students need to become active in University life." Al was the vice- president of the student government, a member of Spades, off-campus senator, University Discipline Com- mittee and the University Health Com- mittee. Al says students should not surround their lives around them- selves but "rather surround them- selves with Auburn itself." Donna Fisher "Our environment - the different personalities we come in contact with - is where we learn the most," ex- plains Donna Fisher, a Marketing major from Athens, Tennessee. She adds that the most important aspect of education is, according to Donna, Hlearningto think." Donna's participation in campus groups include SGA Senator from the Hill, President of Chi Omega Sorority, Spades Honorary, and the University Communications Board. 237 Who'S Wh IIIIID' lllll ' Cont. Shad Williams says, "Academics is only part of a college education." Shad, who is from Anniston, Alabama majored in finance. He was active in Spades, Omicron Delta Kappa. He plans to work with the Electronic Data Systems Corporation in Dallas, Texas after graduation from Auburn. Phil Gargis A native of Leighton, Alabama, Phil Gargis majored in industrial Management and "hopes to find a job in business." As Auburn's first string quarterback for three years, Gargis says one of the most important aspects of his four years here was "just getting to know the people, especially the people I played football with." 238 W ho's Who O The word which best describes the most important part of David Marsh's education is "interaction" David ex- plained by saying that "interaction with people tends to lead to partici- pation, which leads to involvement, and in the end results in a more com- pleteindividualf' From Birmingham and a Public Ad- ministration major, David was Presi- dent of the School of Arts and Sciences, an Off-Campus Senator, and President of Lambda Chi Alpha. Upon graduation he plans to attend Law School. Shad Williams David Marsh "Realize that college is only a small portion of your education and it is probably the most important, unfor- gettable, and enjoyable." Carl Bartlett, Jr. is from Roanoke, Alabama major- ing in finance. He was President of Sigma Pi Fraternity, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, and Phi Eta Sigma. Carl plans to attend law school beginning in the fall of 1977 li, -fs- 1? Elizabeth Graham Don Marzelh QNX It it a X is lgagsa-ta Carl Bartlett "From the moment freshman orien- tation begins in Haley Center to the moment you receive that diploma in the Coliseum, Auburn is you and you are Auburn," says Don Marzella a Marketing major from Montgomery. Don's campus activities included IFC Committee Chairman, and Admin- istrative Vice-President, SGA Married- students Senator, and a Union Board and Performing Arts Committee mem- ber. "The most rewarding aspect of Auburn in my life was the chance to be part of the Auburn spirit . . . some people call it magic, but I prefer to call it simply people being themselves and treating each other as they would like to be treated." Elizabeth Graham is from Ft. Lee, Virginia and is receiving a double major in Music and French. She was the President of Pi Delta Phi, Music Director of Delta Omicron, and a mem- ber of Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Harp Ensemble. Re- flecting on her years at Auburn, Elizabeth says, "The inspiration I have has been instrumental in making my four years at Auburn very happy and rewarding." Charles lBuckj Ruffin "An education at Auburn is valuable in that it helps to guide an individual into his particular corner of that world that exists beyond the city limits of Auburn or of some hometown," explains Charles lBuckj Ruffin. Buck served as President of the SGA this year. He was also a member of Spades, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon, and was Presi- dent ofthe General Assembly of Model UN. After graduation, Buck, who is an Economics major, plans to attend Law School. He believes that "the Auburn experience is an education in the highest sense because while one is challenged in the classroom, he is also challenged by a growing, matur- ing environment." 239 Who's Who IIIIIU' ll 0 Cont. "The most important part of my education at Auburn has been the opportunity the University has afford- ed me to express myself as an indi- vidual through my actions and educa- tion." Janet Wilson is from Washing- ton, D.C. and majored in Political Science. She was active in Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Cwens, Mortar Board, and director of SIMUN 1977. Janet's future plans include law school. Jan et Wilson Kelley Mossburg, reflecting on his education at Auburn, says, "College may be some of the best years of a person's life so they should be lived to their fullest extent." Kelley is from Atlanta, Georgia and majored in finance. He was the captain of Auburn cheerleaders, Secretary of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and a member of the lnterfraternity Council. 2 w Kelley Mossburg 4 D ho's Who Bill Somerall Bill Somerall graduated in June 1976 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music in Applied Oboe. However, he is now presently working on a degree in Chemistry. Bill was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, Band, Orchestra, and Univer- sity Chamber Organizations. He was also a former member of the Auburn Knights Orchestra, representative for Student Advisory Council to the Dean of Architecture, and the Classical Music Announcer. Bill's future plans include medical school. Upon graduation from Auburn, Ella Boyd will begin work on a Master's Degree in Consumer Economics, which she hopes will lead to a job as a "consumer advocate in the same E l l 1 3 s i e Ella Boyd capacity as Ralph Nadar." Ella, who is from Mobile, says that campus involvement played an "essential part in developing my values and goals." SGA Director of High School Relations, University Singers, Capers, and Greek Forum Chairman were some of her extra- curricular activities. "Set a goal and move toward it in a way that will not incite a lot of opposition", is Ella's philosophy of life which she says arose from experi- ences and everyday encounters while atAuburn. I Dawn Halbrooks 1 j Paul Cortese For Dawn Halbrooks, the most im- portant part of her education at Auburn "has been to learn to strike out on my own and not to let defeat or stress or anything else get me down." Upon graduation, Dawn, who is a Fashion Merchandising major, will begin work as an assistant buyer- executive with Davidson's of Atlanta. Her activities at Auburn have included Southeastern Conference Executive commander of Angel Flight, Vice- president of a fraternity little sister group, and Vice-president of Auburn students Home Economics Associa- tion. Betsy Blackburn Paul Cortese is from Boca Raton, Florida and majored in economics. He was active in Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi, Squires, and director of Student Rights, dorm president, and men's on-campus senator. Paul says Auburn has given him "the chance to learn responsibility, to gain knowledge, but most of all, to learn self-respect." Graduate school in Business Admini- stration will be Paul's main objective after leaving Auburn. "Working with many different types of individuals has shown me how to cooperate with and respect others for their own opinions and values. At the same time, this has made me realize my own priorities and goals." That is what Betsy Blackburn from Tuscumbia, Alabama says about her years at Auburn. Betsy is majoring in Nutrition and Foods. She was president of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and a member of Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Nu, Cwens, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Betsy plans to attend graduate school in Clinical Nutrition. Steve Monk "The college educational experience which has benefitted me the most is the education of my inner self," com- mented Steve Monk from Birmingham, Ala. Steve majored in accounting and hopes to enter law school at Cumber- land. While at Auburn, Steve was active in Spades, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chairman of the Budget Finance Committee, and Squires. He was also a student senator and a recipient of the Jeffrey Frazier Stein Memorial Award. 241 Who's Wh a . Cont. lllll 'S lllll Carol McLaughlin will begin Medical School at the University of Alabama in Birmingham this summer. "ln addition to an excellent education," Carol says that Auburn "has meant lifelong friendship, involvement, and enthusi- asm." The combination of all of these aspects of college life, Carol feels is "essential to all that we learn. While at Auburn, Carol was a majorette, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta. l ' Carol McLaughlin l Richard Bendinger, whose future plans include Medical School, was a Pharmacy major and is a native of Miami, Fla. "Activities" says Richard, "have been the most important part of my education." He adds that "they have helped me to deal effectively with others," which he considers essential 242 W ho's Who Richard Bendinger as preparation for all fields. The activities Richard participated in include Senator for the Pharmacy School, Phi Lambda national Vice- President, and a regional delegate for the Student American Pharmaceutical Association. Lillian Randall Majoring in accounting and a native of Huntsville, Alabama, Lillian Randall was President of the Kappa Delta sorority and a member of Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, and the SGA Elections Board. For Lillian "Auburn has been a maturing and motivating experience." She has plans to either attend graduate school or get a job in accounting. Jeff Ockerman, majoring in finance from Lexington, Kentucky, says, "Stu- dents shouldn't limit themselves to participation in one area only. Auburn has more to offer than most people realize." Jeff was a member of Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Recipient of the Outstanding Junior in Finance award, Academic Honesty Committee, and a four-year letterman and co-captain of the varsity swim team. After gradua- from Auburn, she plans to study for a Master's Degree in Business and hopes to someday begin a community newspaper. While at Auburn, Betty was Summer Editor of the Plainsman, Tiger Cub Editor, a member of ODK, Mortar Board, and Alpha Lambda Delta. After graduation, Beth Ingram would like to work for an Alabama community newspaper. Beth, who is from Montgomery, majored in Journa- lism and has worked on the Plainsman staff. Beth was also active in Mortar Board and Angel Flight. She believes that "the most important learning that takes place in college is not that which takes place in your classes, but the learning that occurs from taking on responsibilities, meeting chal- lenges, and experiencing failures." tion, he plans to begin law school at the University of Kentucky. "You cannot love Auburn without wanting to change it," says Betty Douglass, a Journalism major from Jackson, Tennessee. After graduating 1"N Jeff Ockerman For Debbie Baughman, a well- rounded college program includes a combination of academics, activities, and social life. A Journalism major from Atlanta, Debbie would like to work in television production and direction or in some aspect of public relations. "Working with other students outside of the classroom through various campus organizations is a valuable experience for later years," Debbie commented. While at Auburn, Debbie was a War Eagle Girl, a member of University Singers, Concert Choir, Capers, and Mortar Board. Betty Douglass Beth Ingram Debbie Baughman 243 Who's Who lllll ' lllllll n Cont. Ken Scheinert, a Political Science and Marketing major from Birming- ham, was Vice-President of ODK, Presi- dent of Pi Sigma Alpha, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. After graduation, Ken plans to work in the marketing area. Steve Boucher Q 1 ? Shannon Vinyard 244 Who's Who 1 "Auburn, its students, faculty, and staff are an unbeatable combination," says Steve Boucher, an accounting major from Opelika. Steve, who was a senator for the School of Business, SGA Secretary of Academic Affairs, and a member of Spades, plans to pursue a career in public accounting. He believes that the four years spent at Auburn go "beyond work in the classroom and long hours of study." College, he adds, "includes the oppor- tunity to meet and communicate with many different and friendly people." "I feel the most important part of my education has been my personal growth," says Shannon Vinyard about his education at Auburn. A native of Albertville, Alabama, Shannon major- ed in Agricultural Engineering and hopes to go to graduate school. He was active in Omicron Delta Kappa, Squires, and Phi Eta Sigma. Ken Scheinert Marcia Sims, an Accounting major, comments that "One important part of my education at Auburn was in- volvement in the different activities offered." Marcia's campus partici- pation includes Panhellenic president, Delta Sigma Business Fraternity, and the committee on Fraternities and Sororities. Marcia Sims "Learning responsibility and organ- ization through these activities" has been an important aspect of an Auburn education for Marcia. How- ever, she also includes the respon- sibilities involved with studies have been influential. Lynne Hawkins, a native of Bir- mingham majoring in accounting, Secretary and a member of Mortar Board and Capers, Lynne says, "The hopes to teach at the University level some day. She comments that Auburn has helped her to become "More organized." A quad and Home Eco- nomics senator, Omicron Delta Kappa most important lesson l have learned is to set a goal and work toward it. When you reach your goal, set another, only in this way will you develop yourtrue potential." wht ,,. . .1 -. I Lynne Hawkins Karlenne Hager get LaBelIa Stewart After graduating from Auburn, LaBelIa Stewart plans to attend Grad- uate School in Public Relations. She is from Montgomery and was a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Cwens, Capers, and a fraternity little sister. Joe Beckwith "lt's been real: it's been great, but it hasn't been real great," was Karlenne Hager's summation of her years atAuburn. Karlenne was a Speech Pathology major from Birmingham. She plans to obtain a Master's Degree in Business Administration and then wants to be employed by a large firm in a Public Relations capacity. Karlenne was a member of SGA Concessions Board, a Horizons Dl- rector, Coordinator for the University Program Council, and a dorm Social Chairman. Joe Beckwith, a native of Auburn, majored in Business. Joe was the pitcher for the Auburn baseball team and a member of the A Club. He also helped represent the U.S. Baseball Team in Seoul, Korea. Joe feels that Auburn has given him the opportunity "to learn a great deal about the cul- ture of people outside Auburn and what other universities are like com- pared to Auburn." In the future, Joe would like to play professional baseball 245 Who's Wh lllllll' lllll uCont. l David Paulson "Auburn is a great place to build dreams, friendships and security - I hope it never changes." Mary Anne Thompson, a French major from Mobile, plans to attend either Cum- berland or the University of Texas Law School after graduation. Mary Anne was President of Mortar Board, SGA Assistant to the President. SGA Director of Interschool Relations, University Committee on Fraternities and Sororities, and the Panhellenic Council. Concerning her years at Auburn, she adds "I just don't want to spend too much time looking back and miss something up ahead." 246 Who's Who After graduation from Auburn, David Paulson plans to work with television news in Birmingham. David, a Mass Communications major, was Program Director for WEGL in 1975-76 and Station Manager the following year. David says, "Sooner or later every individual must make a commitment. If you know your commitment is a sound one, then have the guts to stick by it in the face of adversity and criticism." "I consider the most important part of my education to make friends and for the opportunity to study Veterinary Medicine," commented Larry Stutts who is from Cherokee, Alabama. He was the President of Farm House Fraternity, Vice-president of the Pre- Vet Club and was also Chairman for the Athletic and Recreation Com- mittee and a member of the Student Senate and Code of Laws Committee. In the future, Larry hopes to have a private veterinary practice. I 5 s I 3 4: Larry Stutts 2 i Mary Anne Thompson 6 2 warg E 4 5 is currently working for a public accounting firm in Birmingham. Auburn, for Cynthia Lee, has been "a wealth of experiences and obser- vations." She adds that the four years spent here have been a "very exciting and self-satisfying time." A Speech Communications major Linda Alexander Auburn has prepared me for life as a successful human being by help- ing me to understand the important things - like paying my fees on time so that my schedule is not cancelled, gsixfil parking in the proper zone, and, most of all, always signing my male guests into my residence," says Linda Alexander. She is a native of Birming- ham and majored in accounting. Linda was active on Mortar Board, The Glomerata, Auburn Acting Associa- tion and Phi Chi Theta. She was also SGA Ombudsman Director. Linda Gary McClanahan Cynthia Lee from Franklin, Tenn., Cynthia was a member of ODK, Mortar Board, SGA Administrative Vice-President and a Varsity Basketball and Softball player. "I feel like l am a better and wiser person because of my association with Auburn students and Auburn people," says Scarlotte Hall. Scarlotte is from Leighton, Alabama and majored in Interior Decorating. While at Auburn, she was a member of Omicron Nu, Angel Flight, and was head Majorette. Scarlotte plans to work in the field of interior decoration after graduation. "You can't be profound in your words unless you're profound in your life," says Gary McCIanahan, a native of Auburn who is majoring in Market- ing. Gary was editor of the GLOME- RATA, recipient of the Jeffrey Frazier Stein Award, and a member of the SIMUN staff. Active in Omicron Delta Kappa, Squires, and several Student Government offices, Gary was also a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and served as Arrowman for Pi Beta Phi Sorority. Not Pictured: Eddie Johnson Mark Limbaugh Albert St. John STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Government Association is the main governing body on campus. The association consists of three executive members, thirty representatives, to the student senate and individual school officers. The Senate allocates student activity fees, lobbies for student efforts, and has the responsibility for presidential nominations. Charles "Buck” Ruffin, President 24B Organtfattons 249 Organisations Al Thompson, Vice President Shad Williams, TreasurerThe Executive Cabinet of the SGA has four major divisions to anticipate and serve student needs: ACADEMIC AFFAIRS sponsored free calculator rentals, a 24-hour study area in the Quad, carpeting in the Library and an Honors Banquet: STUDENT WELFARE sponsored campus drives, a reversal of dorm visitation policies, Black Heritage Month. Student Health Week and a look into a campus shuttle system: POLITICAL AFFAIRS sponsored 250Miss Homecoming and Spring SGA elections, and worked for a student ex-officio member of the City Council, Landlord-Tenant legislation, a student voting member of the Board of Trustees and on-campus voter registration; PUBLIC RELATIONS sponsored a leadership conference for high school students, coordination of SGA—community relations, a program to channel volunteers into the SGA and various publicity functions. S51SGASENATORS Rick Bendinger — Pharmacy Steve Boucher — Business John Bush — Arts Sciences Susan Carlisle — Education Tavia Copenhaver — Hill Lesa Crocker — Off Campus Steve Escobio — Men’s On-Campus Steve Forehand — Off-Campus Rick Geesey — Agriculture Sheree Graves — Off-Campus Lynne Hawkins — Quad David Marsh — Off-Campus Don Marzella — Married Students Joey McEnerny — Grad. School Jenelle Mims — Arts Sciences Steve Monk — Business Thomas Moore — Off-Campus Pattie Neill — Education Jeff Ockerman — Off-Campus Kaye Owens — Arts Sciences Rusty Parker — Off-Campus Al Patterson — Engineering Stuart Patton — Off-Campus Charlie Payne — Off-Campus Cathy Raymond — Off-Campus Susan Robinson — Home Ec. Dennis Shilling — Off-Campus Jim Stewart — Arch. Fine Arts Larry Stutts — Vet. Medicine Mike Weiksner — Engineering253254 CABINET DIRECTORS: First Row: Michele Staple-ton. Tom Edwards. Anne Farmer. Jeanette Wilson. Patricia May. Jamie McPhail. Robbins Richardson. Paul Cortese. Annelise Quinilan. Second Row: Bobby Lindsey. Duncan Powell. Mark Searcy. Robby Steindorff. Chuck Rotolo. Robert Heath. Lewis Colley. David Gibson. Daniel Hay-good. |; ■ • OrganizationsCABINET: Keith Harper — Student Welfare. Christy Jackson — Academic Affairs. Gene Oswalt — Political Affairs. Andy Bolt — Public Relations. Organisation SIMUN: First Row: Eva Maddox. Vance Baker. Crawford. Janet Wilson. Gary McClanahan. Steve Lee Ann Fullerton. Sheree Graves. Jane Perry- Witlock. Phil Loftis. Rusty Parker. Royce Tyree, man. Lynn Cox. Beth Cheney. Back Row: Scotty 256 OrganisationsPRODUCERS STAFF: First Row: Lloyd Townsend. Trent Dunn. Paul Hartford. David Petrizzi, Pam Lauren Kling. Steve Oberman, Emery Stapleton. Hosy. Fourth Row: Eddie Perkins. Eric Ludgood. David Paulson. Second Row: Rod Popwell. Chuck A. J. Wright. Brian Larson. Dave Schmidt. Mcascl. Pam Platt. Scott Hanson. Third Row: COMMUNICATIONS ORGANIZATIONS SPREADING THE WORD This year. WEGL-FM provided a controversial program of cultural alternative listening for Auburn students. The controversy centered around the selection of music. Most students felt that the Top 40 should be played while the WEGL staff felt another approach was needed. Classical, country and western, jazz. soul, folk, and other sounds added a new and innovative sound to what would have been another broadcast jukebox. By providing specialized music and information programs in addition to campus oriented information, the University radio station offered a unique sound to the Auburn community. MANAGEMENT STAFF: First Row: Gordon Walters. Cindy Voight. Lynn Henscl. Lloyd Townsend. Suzi Petrizzi. Robyn Hyde. A. J. Wright. Second Row: Mike Bishop. David Petrizzi. David Paulson. Dr. Harold Drake. Dan Griffin. iNGINEERING STAFF: Gordon Walter. Cindy 'oigt. 257 OfRjotfjiioniwmmszmmgmwyw if SPREADING THE WORD STATION MANAGER: David Paulson 545 ,V tim: ,Z , , A5525 1 . f wwf W Y SPORTS STAFF: First Row: Trent Dunn, Scott Hedeen, Mike Bishop. Second Row: Phillip Gentry, Stan Knott, Corv Smith. Communications Organizations li if iv , 6 Q... is L , fa 3 , 'W' 16 51 K in fi ' if ,KU fi ' z 2' wr, iz. Q , .V y,W,g.,4,,,. ti ,..,, T ttii . fi ,li ,:,, I f T fltfw' 'K 'V f ",,5fg:,. f ,. nm, PROGRAM DIRECTOR: David -filth ' 'I , , Q he 4- , -.. Jfiil. i ,iii O ,ft, , H . . i Petrlzzl i 2 A 1 ' A , K, MW 1252. MUSIC DIRECTOR: A. J. Wright , ..i .T H PRODUCTION MANAGER: Lloyd Townsend NEWS STAFF: First Row: Scott Hedeen, Eric Paulson, Lauren Kling, Jim Teed, Dan Griffin. Ludgood, Pam Platt. Second Row: Mike Meister, Third Row: Becki Thomas, Larry Moore, Eddie Phillip Gentry, Lynn Hensel, Lou Ann Kopen- Perkins, Robin Hyde, Craig McCall,Trent Dunn. hefer, Lloyd Townsend, Rick Whisner, Dave Communications Orgamzaxluns The Auburn Circle is the University's student magazine. Now in its fourth year, the Circle provides an added dimension to student activities through a two-fold purpose: providing entertainment through a literary .medium and serving as an experimental publication for student writers, artists, and photographers. Published quarterly, the Circle contains articles, short stories, personal SPREADING THE WORD essays, poetry, photography, and artwork. The Communications Board controls the campus radio station and all campus publications. The board supervises the financial operations of these organizations and is also responsible for selecting the managers (and some editors) of each. Students and faculty alike are represented on the board. COMMUNICATIONS BOARD: First Row: Mary Foy. David Paulson. Buck Ruflm. Ken Edwards. Rybka. Martha Duggar. Christy Hudgins. Donna Tex Williams. Hal Drake. Jack Simms. David Fisher Second Row: Dr Edward Taylor. James Housel. Garth Jenkins. Jim Stewart. Steve Monk. 260 Convrunicibont Oiganujboot wxmw N1 Mm Mgt K 'mi' , V. , . ,fa -W swf r 5 ,lf 1"fff-syfya , -M-""' CIRCLE: First Row: Mark Winne, Jerry Roden. Second Row: Martha Duggar-Editor, Cecelia Harden-Asso. Ed., Tomie Dugas, Sharon Stacey, Kaye Lovvorn-Advisor. Communications Organizations MKAQ AV Nl eAuburn Plainsman 1 The Plainsman comes out on Thurs- day, but it's a week-long process. As the first copies of the paper roll off the presses, section editors and staff members are busily thinking up ideas about next week's paper. And even on Thursday, which should be a day of rest, the office is filled with bragging about this week's issues and starting work on next week's hoped-for masterpiece. Ads need to be sold, stories assigned's an on-going process. lt's not easy. The hours can be long, the work itself demanding, but it's more than just seeing The Plainsman come out on Thursday that makes it all worth it. lt's being associated with people who tend to mix a certain insanity with the journalistic skill needed to win seven Pacemakers, five consecutively, an unprecedented record. Head honcho is editor Christy Hudgins. lf you can't find her in her office, look in the closet, where a port- able mattress is located. You'll prob- ably find her there, catching up on lost sleep. Her somewhat able assistant is Brad "Basketball Forever" Davis, the coach's son, who is not above breaking into a chorus of "Hooray for Plains- man" at any hour of the day or night. And then there's business manager Ken Edwards, the resident trivia expert, whose dream is a 96-page paper stacked full of ads. Edwards and his staff have to work hard to please the Plainsman's other customers: the ad- vertisers, who pay a big part of the budget. John Carvalho, managing editor, can be seen at his typewriter, plotting another column against the SGA while shouting "l'm not against the SGA! l'm against injustice!" Meanwhile, Maureen Drost, acco- ciate editor, sits quietly at her desk, laying out pages, stopping only to ad- vocate the joys of "a balance between news and features," even when there's no news. Betty Douglass and Lisa Harris split news editor duties this year. They both had one thing in common: the way they would gnash their teeth when a writer would dare to break the rules of style. Meanwhile, their assistant, Jackie "Rip-em-up" Romine, would just sit there and chuckle with a laugh reminiscent ofTinyTim. Suddenly the air is pierced with a shrill cry: "What ayem ah gowen to do?" lt's not Scarlett O'Hara. lt's the resident Southern belies, Susan Harri- son, features editor, and her assistant, Carol Williams and Ruth Ann Dunn, lamenting the difficulty of putting to- gether a Plainsman Probe. Somewhere behind in the pile of papers on his desk is Sports Editor Gene Vandiver, who's always happy to tell you how he and Phil Gargis grew up together. Now and then his assistant, Mike Forchette, will float in with his spacey remarks, sure to leave Editor Christy Hudgins was faced with making sure the "weekly miracle" came out on time. Photo Editor Dan Dougtie is a whiz with a camera and in the darkroom. Dan took most of these pictures. Weekly Staff Meetings brought everyone together at the same time. 262 Auburn Plainsman mi 'X Brad Davis, Assistant to the Editor, and John Carvalho, Managing Editor. NEWS STAFF: Front row: Maureen Drost, News Editor Lisa Harris, Mark Sparkman. Second row: Stephanie Wolfe, Roxanne Anderson, Debbie Nixon. Third row: Susan Counts, Jackie Romine, Lisa Rigsby. Fourth row: Dewey English, Rebecca Hargett, Ted Laseter. 44,12 U 2 Q Trivia expert Ken Edwards and Spacey La Hudge. L S BUSINESS STAFF: Front row: Susan Franklin, Mary Gardiner. Second row: Tommy Lloyd, -L, Becky Dickson, Business Manager Ken Ed- . wards. Third row: Ken Harvey, Larry Klein, John Ag Brinkerhoff. 263 Auburn Plainsman you scratching your head, more in confusion than amazement. Then there's Rick Harmon, enter- tainment editor, who loves to discuss obscure rock 'n' roll groups with his partner in resident coolness, Dave White. Photo editor Dan Doughtie emerges from his darkroom or his Constitu- tional Law textbook from time to time, just to say hey and to show everyone this week's color picture. Betsy Butgereit and her copy staff always make their presence known, whether giving out the weekly stet Cfor services renderedj and delete award CFor services Hinderedl, or screaming in unison for some unlucky section editor to come into the copy room. Armed with an exacto knife, techni- cal editor David Boggus rules his part of the office, the layout area, with a stiff hand and a sharp blade. And style consultant Mark Sparkman is al- TECHNICAL STAFF: Editor David Boggus, Pete Burton, Huey Davis, Bill Gibson. COPY STAFF: Luara Livingston, Janet Hightower, Editor Betsy Butgereit, Jeanne Regan, Brooxie Sharpe, No! pictured: Kim Peacock, Jane Pitts, Danielle Murphy, Magaret Fuller. ways happy to tell you what you're doing wrong . . . after you have done it. Sure, we're a newspaper staff. That's obvious. But we're more than that. We're close friends, with a common kind of pride running through a mostly-volunteer staff of about9O hardy souls. And when that paper is finally com- pleted, or the Pacemaker award is 264 Auburn Plainsman ENTERTAINMENT STAFF: Editor Rick Harmon, Jennifer Bohler, Kim Roberts, Dave White, Pam Platt. Not pictured: Susan Camp, Stephen Simpson, Andrea Harrison. Another week, another paper. Different staff members greet the new week with different expressions. given to us, or when a student stops you and says, "Good paper today!" lt makes it all worth it. T PLAINSMAN SECRETARIES: Freita Fourhands, Charlene Changeonproof, Carol Dugger and Melanie.lohnston. FEATURES STAFF: Marion Hollon, Ruth Ann Dunn, Gerald Waid, Editor Susan Harrison, Carol Williams, Donna McGlawn, Debbi White, Jayne Handlin, Jan Rutland, Sharon Mitchell. PHOTO STAFF: Editor Dan Doughtie, Ford Risley, Vickey Hunt, Patty DeRienzo, Grant Castleberry, Gordon Bugg, Innocent Mcvictim. SPORTS STAFF: Paul South, Dan Newton, Dick Parker, Editor Gene Vandiver, Brad Davis, Jim Hooper, Rose Caltagirone, Chuck Anschutz, Biz Binnings, Mike Forchette, Nancy Evans, 255 Auburn Plainsman GLOIVMQ77 TUESDAY MORNlNG, FEBRUARY 15, 4:00 AM: lt's 33 degrees outside, and you're home, asleep, not caring that the bell in Samford Tower just chimed. Outside the Union Build- ing, Gary McClanahan is jogging around the parking lot in a shirt unbuttoned to the waist, He hasn't slept in three days, and this is the only way he can wake up enough to work for the next few hours. lnside the office, Mike Sell- ers is stretched out, face down, on a carpet that is stained with carbon paper and choco- late ice cream. John Cook is in a stale-smelling darkroom printing pictures, and when he's fin- ished Mike will wake up and start the FlJl pages in the book. Ken McMillan, his shirt tail out, sits in the sports corner. surrounded by walls covered with comic strips, photographs, and Mark Twain quotes. Ken quietly sips Scotch and occasionally suggests a title forthe swimming section. Across from Ken's desk is a pile of second-sheets and an ashtray mounded with Salem Long Lights butts, Here, in the copy area, Edna Wasson is queen. But Edna went home to sleep thirty minutes ago. Now, Juli Withers listens to Ken's suggestions, not com- menting unless she has something caustic to say, spacing those few words between short bursts on the typewriter where a yellow sec- ond-sheet, half finished, describes nightlife at Auburn. The stereo, relocated from Carol Thomas' dorm room, begins to play Bob Dylan's Great- Group pictures have a unique way of dis- appearing. Lynda Merkl found it out helping with organizations - she did classes by herself. pm, .W f 499 R H, f Y K .. .. W f ' ","- Y K 7'i, fx.-ff fe gfffiawhw- .. 5 A .n . ,9p:f.,gif1.i5g:q,,-f . ., ai, 4 M I 52 1' ' , 1 fy 1 ' f -roi t Editor Gary McClanahan became Gary Glom or Gary McGlom during the year. Credit Edna. EE 6 Organizations est Hits Volume l for the third time in a row, a concession to the fact that Juli and Mike are still working. As soon as they leave, or quit pro- testing, Carol Thomas, Ken, and Gary will stack Jimmy Buffett records on the phonograph and spend the next three hours singing along. Buf- fett smiles from the cover of an album on a table covered with Chartpak and Normatype lettering. He's wearing a white sport coat and Another picture is added to Gary's door. Bogart's picture is already there, of course. At the pageant rehearsal, Keith Lightsey tells the contestants that he wants to see noth- ing but buns when they turn for the finale. Karen York giggles and makes comments about the possible talents that some of the girls could demonstrate, and Jan Matthews blushes. She sits down with Gary and Melissa 'Holliman, listening to Cindy Harney explain some point to the beauties. Gary makes a prej- udiced remark, and Jan smiles. She under- stands. Kakie sits at her desk studying. She's upset because she has nothing to do. Nobody be- lieves that attitude. Gary has just finished a phone conversation with the advisor for Phi Zeta, and he storms around the office, fired up about the last rude comment the advisor made. He announced that Phi Zeta has just made the Glom Rot List, along with Navy ROTC. The thought crosses his mind, and he tells everyone within earshot that he intends to write Air Force ROTC a thank-you letter for their help with the book. Dave Brown and Rick Penry have finished off the best part of two cases of beer, and are beginning to actually enjoy sifting around the office at 2:00 AM watching people work. "Liv- ing and Dying in 314 Time" is playing on the stereo, and when Jimmy Buffett sings "God's Own Drunk," Brown and Penry get hysterical. They look at each other and decide that they're not just "Knee walkin', slip' sliding', Reggie Youngin', commode-huggin' drunk." Carol Honoraries came in on time every deadline. Credit Carol Thomas for that - and the stereo. holding a pink crustacean, ln the back of the office, the floor is covered with discarded lay- out sheets, and Lynda Merkl and Carol Blank- enship hunch over a drawing table, silently working on organizations spreads that were left unfinished when the organizations editors quit because of time conflicts, Carol Thomas is hunting for a picture of Carl Bartlett that she swears she's seen, but can't find. Her Who's Who pages lie on the table, finished except for Carl's picture. Carol asks someone to put a Buffett album on. Gary has returned, windy and rosey-cheeked, and obliges. Jimmy, Carol, Ken, and Gary sing about the problems of rob- bing filling stations. Merkl loudly points out that she doesn't have any pictures of the IFC officers, she's going to use a picture of a foot- ball player and pull it on the proof. Everyone is tired enough that they laugh. lt's 4:30 DECEMBER 16: Most students are home for Christmas holidays. Not Glommers. Several cots are set up in the office, and Betsy Rey- nolds and Elizabeth Emmett join Edna Wasson in writing copy. Ken and Gary debate whether or not to call the football section "lt slipped through their fingers." Gary won. Merkl hasn't slept more than 6 hours in the last four days, and she's typing, slowly, in Jenelle Mim's gen- erally unused office. Merkl is wearing her over- alls with 'Brad' embroidered on the seat, prompting everyone to ask the inevitable "Who is Brad?" question. Later, at lunch, Gary com- ments on Shoney's tacky plastic plants. Con- versation comes to a standstill when the wait- ress tells them that the plants are washed weekly in the dishwasher. M Mlke Sellers became the first independent Greeks. editor in memory during November. agrees. Rena Godfrey brings over a layout for Gary's approval. Mike has just taken over Greeks during the middle ofa deadline, and is organizing a vendetta against the Phi Delt'si who have neglected to bring in the Roman Party slides that one arrogant brother had loudly promised would be in. Several Phi Delt's come through the office and apologize for his actions, then decide to cover Bump Bama. Ken Mclllillan sits in the Sports Corner a few minutes before his ODK picture was taken. A pageant and the book's graphics were Keith Lightsey's projects for the year. Curtis "Rock" Morgan and Gary are sitting at Gary's drawing table, discussing Howard Hughes and the article about Hughes in TIME, When the Rock leaves, Gary comments to Mike Sellers about how much he likes Curtis. Every- one likes the Rock. Dan Doughtie emerges from the hallway that links the PLAINSMAN office with the GLOM, bringing another picture of Edna to tape to the wall. Gordon Bugg and Grant Cas- tleberry come with Dan, and Linda Johnson mobs them, asking about David Steinberg pic- tures. Neither have negatives, but both agree to shoot some kind of assignment for her. The PLAINSMAN comes to the rescue again. Mike returns from upstairs with a tray of cokes, nut- ty-buddies, and juju beans purchased on Edna's Chef's Club Card. Al Bean, one of Gary's fraternity brothers, wanders in, and Gary and Al go to the Editor's office to talk. Janet Logan squeals: the song on the radio is her favorite. Mike turns up the volume for her, but points out that it's her fifth "favorite" song of the day. Linda Johnson and Beverly Pearce are en- gaged in their favorite pastime: trying to figure out who has the negatives for David Steinberg. Guardian Angel Dan Doughtie sits in an orange drawing chair, ready to talk, flirt, or help any- body anytime anyway possible. Kelley Goss rushes through the office on her way to an architecture lab, and fills out assignment cards for everything Gary tells her to shoot. Edna sits at the copy desk, complaining about the protein diet her doctor put her on, and wonder- ing who in the world would have taken the Night Life copy out of the basket, Elizabeth Emmett, known as Emmett, sits next to Edna, confident that she is helping, even though her official title is Staff Jester. She is helping, in her own way, Mike and Edna kid Emmett about her love, and Marion English sits and listens. Georgette Dickenson and Jennifer Lysaght are trying to finish the Greek composite sec- tion. .lennifer alternately types and talks, Journalist Edna Wasson chose this picture out of all those Dan took of her. arguing with Gary that the little chewey fruit things the cafeteria sells are called Ugummie bears." Gary and Edna disagree, calling the things "juju beans," and are very adament about it. The argument is stopped when every- one begins to throw the as-of-yet-unnamed things around the office. Georgette can't find 7 FlJl's, and Gary goes into hysterics - then finds them by Jennifer's typewriter. Edna de- mands to know who wasted the good red juju beans by throwing them around. Carol, Juli, and Mike read the Who's Who quotes aloud, laughing at most of them, Gary looks up from his table, where he is drawing a design for a silkscreen, and says that the last quote sounded like Steve Monk. lt was. Every- one laughs. and Karlene Hager walks in, blush- es, and changes the quote on the sheet she's turning in, Everyone thanks her. Wanda Kenton bubbles into the office, tell- ing everyone that she got some good shots. John Beck comes out of the darkroom, where Steve Jones is mixing the color chemicals for another run. Mark Seeley brings in a nega- tive of his girlfriends house, filling the office with photographers, Rena looks up from her Linda Johnson, the Features Editor. spent almost every noon hour on the telephone. table, says hello, and goes to work again, Tom- my Payne also says hello, going back to work also, writing Mike's Identification. Ken calls Jeff Conway long distance for some wrestling pictures. By now, Ken has Gary's student lD number memorized, and can get on the WATS line by himself. Mike Lozar comes out of the darkroom, pictures dripping Getting the dirty jobs was Carol Blanken- ship's present for being Assistant Editor. on his jeans and Theta Xi jersey. Bobby Lindsey and Cheryl Jones enter the office through the back door. Cheryl sits by Gary, her big brother as a Beta Theta Pi little sister. Bobby pulls her away, going into the darkroom to print now that Lozar is finished. Before Bobby leaves, he asks Gary for Quantative Analysis help. The phone rings: it's for the Union Desk. If that's coffee on the table, that's Edna's helper .lull Withers in the chair. Will Dickey is printing his beauty pictures. the best in years, as Cindy Harney waits for the prints to finish her layouts. Tomorrow is her interview for Miss Auburn. Will takes a break to eat half of a Solomon's sandwich that Gary brought him. lt's 3:00 AM. Gary storms from the Business Managers office, in a fit of anger almost as intense as the famed Fall Finals Fiasco. After bumping in- to Pete Peters and Betsy Bradley upstairs, he returned to the GLOM office, grabbed a 114 inch steel bar and bent it into a knot. Dave Brown can't believe that McGlom is that strong, even when he's angry. Bobby Lindsey tries to calm Gary down. The only one Gary thinks can do it is Karlene Hager, so he calls her on the phone. No answer, John Cook is walking from person to person doing a remark- ably good Inspector Clouseau impression. Gary puts on his orange parka and walks to a final. Bobby follows him. The steel knot is added to Gary's door. Cindy Harney is standing at the Aubu'n Air- port in the rain, holding an umbrella ov ar Will Dickey while he photographs Cindy Wil jams. Gary holds a second umbrella, over Cindy, jumping back out of the way just before each shot. Fast Freddie jumps Gary and Jack Mallette on a bicycle outside the office. Ken and Gary are still debating whether the Pi Phi's or the Phi Mu's are the most wonder- ful coeds on campus. Ken is wearing a Phi Mu t-shirt from Derby. Gary counters with a Pi Royce Tyres came in every afternoon to make photographic assignments. Lots of fun. Phi jersey, an arrow pin, and an "l'm for Pi Phi" button. Mike and Edna just look at each other, not believing the conversation. ln the front office, Mike, Juli, and Edna wait for Mike's sister Theresa so they can go to lunch. Through the picture window, they see a car pull up on the grass in the Union Parking Lot. As soon as the owner is out of sight, the three huddle around the typewriter, compos- ing a note guaranteed to make parking on the grass again an unlikely occurence. Thanks to the Thesaurus, the word 'chi-chi' is born. They leave the note under the window-wipers, and laugh all the way upstairs. Gary and Wanda sit in the darkroom until 2:30 in the morning discussing religion - Wanda's fiance is a Mormon, and the two are listing the differences between the Church of Latter Day Saints and the Baptist Church. Wan- da's legs are sunburned badly from falling asleep under her sunlamp. ,,. 5. Q :Q , , I Features assistant Beverly Pearce could al- ways be counted on to help kid Linda. ,,- E 9 i L- Over at Edna's typewriter, John Cook is composing another letter from the French Historic and Research Society. The phone rings: it's for the Union Desk. Keith, Dave, and Gary leave Auburn at 4:00 AM to drive to Charlotte. At each state line. Keith picks up his feet and screams - a habit guaranteed to drive Gary wacko. While at Char- lotte, they are treated to a swanky diner. Dave wore a white leisure suit, Keith a sweater and 'i I fl fl' ,S ,it .,.. . ,, J, .fzif if wi its zili"M,. ' 'iw .L .1 ff i yvjwn, rf f .. ra v i ' 7 fist ' I f ' , Janet Logan was writing for Edna whenever she wasn 't listening to the radio. lt's the wee hours of the morning, at Keith Lightsey's trailer, and the party is finishing with a kissing contest. Out on the patio, Jack Mallette is involved in a little kissing contest of his own . . .and winning. John Cook, Keith, and Ken start telling Elephant Jokes. Will Dickey is attempting to shoot Wendolyn Taylor for the fourth time at Torbett's3 the first pictures were too dark, and the next two times at least one person in the picture didn't show up. Stoney Jackson can't believe that he has to tape tinfoil to his shirtfront so that less shadows will be on Wendolyn's face. At the same time, Steve Tincher has to stand, facing the bar's mirror for twenty minutes. Finally Gary gives Steve some tinfoil so that he won't feel left out. Dave Brown has just finished telling four or live people the finer points of college life, like where to get illegal parking permits and ID cards. For some reason, Dave knows every way to bend. break, or go around a rule. mak- ing him a useful person to have around, Gene Vandiver staggers into the office, con- fessing that his mind has turned to mush after watching Donnie and Marie and the Brady Bunch the same night. He and Gary make plans to play golf as soon as Spring Quarter starts. lt's a weekend, so Ken McMillan's not in' town - back in Union Springs, Ken's bird hunt- ing and eating tea biscuits made by Emma. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be the week- end, as long as the season's open, Julie Her- mecz has just made a proof sheet of Ken's in- tramural pictures, and she'd like him to check it. Mike does it for him. Becky Harmon gets the "Glom Trooper" award for typing all night to meet Ken's dead- line, then packing up and going to class. Other glommers have worked all night - but they've decided not to try the class circuit. Jennifer Lysaght was a good typist, even if she does call juju beans "gummie bears." a suede coat, and Gary a grey pinstripe suit- a unique combination. Linda Johnson forces Gary to remove the story about her nickname from the copy, Dan Doughtie escorted Linda and Beverly to Bogart's Birthday Party. ES 7 Organizations GLDIVI j Dave Brown, Fall Photo Manager, helped get Photo supplies on bid - a smart move. tcome on magic fingersl Tacking some advertising assignments to the bulletin board, Jenelle leaves the office, taking a handful of checks with her. Freddie Boddie is outside the office, playing around on a skateboard with John Cook. Dave Brown takes their pictures, It's two months until the first deadline, and the office is quiet. Bill Bledsoe, Larke Lanier, Donna Brown, Rebecca Hayes, Carter Elliot, and Less Lee help Ken with the Sports Section, a division of KLMEsq, Some write copy, some take pictures, and others help with layouts - Keri does a little of everything. Tommy Payne, the index editor. can't start on his work until the book is finished, so he writes more lD's for Mike's greeks. Allen Pat- terson brings in some of the pictures taken by Village Photographers for the book, but they're color negatives, so Bobby will have to use Pan- alure paper to print them. Most of the staff meet Gary's brothers, the Betas, at Humphrey Bogart's Birthday Party. Karlene Hager wins the Roscoe award for best costume over Dan Doughtie, Linda Johnson, and Beverly Pearce in their Killer Bee suits. The fact that about 30 Pl Phi's cheered wildly for Karlene in the Audience Appeal Judging helped. Carol Thomas wears a workshirt and cutoffs - a female Jimmy Buffett. Much of the PLAINSMAN staffers are also at the party, dressed as anything from Southern Belles to Samurai Photographer to a Pinball Wizard. The party was a small way to thank the PLAINS- MAN staff for all of their help -lots of it. Will's Toyota Celica is skimming over Au- burn backroads at 85 miles per hour, trying to keep an appointment with Cindy Harney and Beth Ann Duval. Inside the car. Mike and Gary sit frozen, talking in higher than usual voices. 1 iq - Betsy Reynolds wanted to meet Dr. Guffey in person after her interview with him. Though the student index got ditched. Tommy Payne helped with lD's and the index. 268 Organizations Georgette Dickenson found the seven miss- ing FlJl's - so McGlom wouldn't kill her. Ken's crazy friend Rainer is the item of conversation, and Gary has to admit that he's finally met his match in eccentricity. February 13, and Gary has just come into the office from taking some Pi Phi's to the late Union Movie, bringing an arrow cake with him. As everyone flocks around to get a piece of the chocolate cake, Gary goes back outside to paint valentines to the Pi Phi's on the windows. By the next morning, the cake is gone, but the carpet is covered with crumbs. Rick Watkins and Dave Oberman drop into the office on their way to play ping-pong. Dave jokes with Gary before going over to flirt with Carol Thomas. Rick, one of Gary's brothers, watches Gary type some Glom copy. Linda Johnson leaves the office, afraid that someone will embarrass her. Mike Lozar sits in the back of the office, fin- ishing a project for one of his classes. John Beck walks in, wearing a golf cap, and singing pieces from songs off the Eagle's new album Royce Tyree finally talks John into shooting an assignment the next night, then goes back to the phone to call other photographers. The Agronomy Club calls at 3:30 to get a photog- rapher for 7:00 that night. Now, Royce has to find a photographer home who can take the picture - not an easy item in three and a half hours. Royce continues to call until 6:30, when he finally gives up. Gary borrows a camera and shoots it, and Royce goes back to the Beta house to study. Dave Brown adopts the Photo Code: "We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing." 10,000+ hours of labor, 21 typewriter ribbons, 3000 sheets of photo paper, 1500 feet of film, 38 bags of juju beans, 13 dozen Bic pens, 150 playings of Jimmy Buffett, 73 sheets of Chartpak, 800 Cokes, 200 Tabs, 2 prescrip- Kelley Goss did Student Life and brought cookies for the last deadline. tions of Vallium, 136 long-distance phone calls, 1 Arrow cake, 51 hours of dropped class- es, 3200 copy sheets, 33 all-nighters. Ken spends Saturday night before the last deadline sitting in the office, waiting for dif- ferent photographers to print pictures he needs for his pages. Then bad news comes - Mark Seeley, a dependable veteran photog- rapher, didn't forget to print his basketball pictures. instead, Mark has come down with the measles, which are sweeping the Auburn campus a week before Winter Quarter Finals. Grabbing his coat and a coupon good for a dis- count on nine pieces of Krystal Chicken, Ken heads for the TKE house to find out what he can from Mark, pictures or negatives. John Cook listens to the Auburn-Alabama basketball game from the darkroom where he is develop- ing Plus-X film. Giving up his Saturday night for the Glom wasn't all John's idea . . . Ken said that he would kill whoever didn't print pictures by tonight, and the wild look in his sleepy eyes indicate he may just be serious, Glom staffer Edna Boone Wasson, the pride of Huntsville High School becomes a hero by helping the police capture two men who robb- ed a store and attempted to murder the owner. l Rena Godfrey finally got a picture of George Wallace, finishing up Administrations, While driving through Auburn, Edna and her sorority sister Cindy Butler see a car speed off from a small store as the owner of the store runs outside, jumping up and down and hold- ing his bloody side. Realizing the two men in the car must have just robbed the store, Edna decides to play Josephine Good Citizen, and follows the suspects in her 2802, stopping oc- casionally to ask people to call the police. The black-and-whites finally catch the culprits. who had stabbed the owner, and Edna spends an hour in the police station filling out forms. Needless to say, she lets everyone know about her heroics. What a woman: Gary says "if she only had red hair . . The telephone rings: it's for the Union Desk. l Janelle Mlms handled the business end of the book - mostly from the SGA office. Georgette has to figure out how to space candids throughout the Greek Composites to make thern come out even. She and Gary try about Eleventy-Million different combinations before one looks good. With that out of the way, Georgette and Jennifer begin the long Clndy Harney's distinctive voice filled the office when she worked on Beauties. labor of alphabetizing, finding out curricu- lums, counting, recounting, and typing. lt's even enough to drive crazy Glommers insane. Carol Thomas observes the attitudes of those crazy Glommers and makes this state- ment: "Y'all, l've got the perfect Jimmy Buf- fett quote for the staff. You know from 'Chang- es in latitudes. Changes in attitudes?' How 'bout 'if we weren't crazy we'd all go insane." It fits. Bobby Lindsey followed Dave Brown's foot- steps in handling the darkroom. Edna Boone gets help from a whole crew: Dana Norris, Cindy Walker, Shane Quarries, Jere Andrews, Carolyn Simpson, Karen Kroft, Lauren Bartholomew, Larke Lanier, Eloise Lundberg, Amy Watson, Mary Ann Shouse, Cindy Neel, Marion Hollon, Stephanie Wolfe, Theresa Sellers, Ann Griggs. But most of the work is done by her and three helpers: Juli Withers, Janet Logan, and Betsy Reynolds. That's a whole lotta typing. Royce can't find anyone to take a picture on Saturday night, so he finally asks the PLAINSMAN Photo Staff for some help -they come through with room to spare. Gordon Bugg takes the picture, and Royce finds other people to take pictures later in the week. John Carvalho, a PLAINSMAN staffer who comes into the office occasionally to share the latest warped joke or an anecdote, tells Gary that the easiest way to fill up GLOM copy is to be sure and use his name. John Carvalho. John Carvalho, John Carvalho. John Carvalho. John Carvalho. John Carvalho. Jack Mallette added artwork and another beard to the staff. Bad luck strikes: John Cook's roommate drives John's MG into a ditch. Edna Wasson has three exams and two research papers the week before the final deadline. Mike Sellers has a project due. Ken has exams. Julie has exams. Carol Thomas gets an early morning call from the president of the International Students asking her "are you the troublemaker?" Mike Sellers grows a beard, John Beck grows a beard. Gary McGlom grows a beard. John Cook doesn't shave for three days, but his beard is red, so he quits. Rick Penry sits quietly in anger, tired after his last burst of profanity and amazed that someone would steal his camera while Dave Brown's more expensive one was in the same roorn. Every once in a while, Penry will break into a half-hearted grin and softly ask: "Okay. I know it's a joke. Who's got it?" Time conflicts forced Lori Leberte to resign halfway through the Organizations year. Kakle Strata: took over the-secretary's job Winter Quarter. Dan Doughtie tapes cardboard over the Muzac speaker in the front office, so that Kakie can work without music. Freddie Boddie puts up with a lot of static about her name. A lot of static. Half the staff stands outside of Keith's trail- er, singing Christmas Carols and decorating Keith's tree. A couple of days later, Glommers, along with a "Yea, Keith!" sign watch Keith graduate. They can't believe he's gone. Entertainment copy was Amy Watson's pride and joy. She was one of Ken's Phi Mu's. lt... i Linda and Beverly still haven't found David Steinberg negatives. Carol Blankenship takes the organizations proofs home with her for the weekend, so that she can make corrections, Blessed with labs, her winter work is mostly at night and on weekends. Gene Vandiver and Mike Forschette do some free-lance writing for Ken, taking some of the load off of him. Gary has to fly to Charlotte to make some changes in the page numbering of the book, but he hasn't slept in three days, Little does he know it, but Eastern Airlines in Atlanta is hav- ing computer malfunctions, so that every plane is being assigned to fly to two different destinations. When Gary boards the jet 20 min- utes before takeoff, he falls asleep. Waking up as the engines turn on to taxi, he notices that the plane is only half-full. 'There can't be that many restrooms on the plane,' he thinks, so asks the man next to him where everybody is. "The people for Charlotte already got off," he replies. "HAVE I SLEPT ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO NEW YORK?" Gary quickly -J ,,,.. ' f ,7 IL.,f' sl ' li? its ,,., 'i '5' z 'f' ' . , ' s 4 M N , A J J f 1, ' WZ., fix ,, ' 5 ,fe,l,- ,L 'fwkhyio G 'tier .W .,,J.., C ze., 517523 rr: fm Vx WWA, , H , , ,y,?yiijy,, 'L l " T A ' ., 1 ,ef ret? X ,f J ,e f me A 7 ,Q Q' 4 , ff W f of Elizabeth Emmett became the first official staff jester for Glomerata 1977. spurts. Finding out that an announcement was made, and those going to Charlotte and New York just deboarded. Gary asks where he's headed. The answer: Houston and Tuscon. Out of his seat and waving for a stewardess, Gary stops the plane, gets off, and finds his flight to Charlotte. He was just twenty more winks away from ending up in Tuscon, Arizona. Ken invents the TS Stick' for Edna. Edna decides that Ken is a '1O.' Only Juli and she know what it means, but Ken acts sufficiently insulted. Christy Hudgins comes in, wearing a yellow warm-up suit, asking if anyone has a bike she can borrow for the rest of the quarter, Her famous Mercury broke down, and it's gone to that great parking lot in the sky. The last of Rena's pages, due the first dead- line, come in on the last deadline. The Board ,NX ke.. Karen York and Jan Matthews backed up Keith Lightsey with the Pageant work. of Trustees just aren't the easiest thing to get a picture of. The typewriters were turned off, the Chart- pak put away until next year. A much needed floor cleaning was performed. Sticking the 'Final' sticker on the deadline package became a ceremony of significance. Glommers went home to sleep or party, breathing fuller breaths of weightlessness. Ending was simple, the staff could smile special smiles at each other. They tap-danced their way to stardom, it's over, lt's over A thanks to Boz. With a name like Freddie Boddie, the Fall secretary had to put up with some poor jokes. GLOM PHOTOGRAPHERS:"Susan theTough" Bobby Florence,LittIeton Chatham,John Cole- man, Will Dickey, Mike Lozar, John Cook, Julie Hermecz, Bobby Lindsey, Caroline Mont- gomery, Kent Smith, Rick Penry, John Beck. Wanda Kenton. Not pictured: Roy Adams, Jeff Conway, Steve Jones, Mark Seely. 25 9 Organizations S70 UPC UNIVERSITY PROGRAM COUNCIL Karlene Hager — Coordinator Bruce McGowin — Horizons John Venters — Major Entertainment Chuck Steward — Special Events Sandra Lawhon — Publicity Lee Young — Visual Arts Jeannette Tomb — Fine Arts Jim Packard — RecreationAs the official hosts and hostesses of Auburn University, the main goal of the PLAINSMEN ANDWAR EAGLE GIRLS is to promote pride in the University and all of its functions. The selection of members is through interviews and members include Miss Auburn and Mrs. Auburn. War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen also provide services for the Student Government Association, athletic department and the offices of CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES the President, faculty, and staff. In addition to representing Auburn at receptions and teas, War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen work in the press box during football games, provide campus tours for visitors, and assist the Athletic Department in recruiting athletes. War Eagle Girls and Plains- men represent the spirit of Auburn University. UNION HOSTESSES are the officia hostesses for Auburn Union and are 2 service group of the University Program Council. Their function is tc work with the Union and UPC commit tees in a variety of ways. Union host esses usher at major events sponsorec by UPC. They also act as guides a' Union functions and assist in making special guests feel welcome. Elma .. ,e.,n,,,...,...c ,Wu l E I 5 I 5 S z WAR EAGLE GIRLS AND PLAINSMEN: Front row: Linda Eskind, Cindy York, Laura Miller, Ginger Mullins, Lanie Mounger, Keigh Parrish, Barbara Mangel, Nancy Holland, Ann Griffen, Judy Davis. Second row: AI Scott, Ann Neeley, Debbie Baugh- man, Debbie Felts, Beverly Boerner, Dottie Pip- pin, Carol Wade, Carl Bartlett. Third row: Evan Smith, John Richardson, Rhett Bentley, Jim Stewart, Robbins Taylor, Stewart Wilson, Jim Bradley. E I 'WMM M mm - - ' - , ' z w w V, 'el -Q 5. ra Q - 15 5 ,iggwas sg W ,. we ..,..,.,.. . , fr .. ... . . W S :I nl. :I , M . .. . , me mu ,S - Y .Qu , :A f fs, . is E nga , any mi gk , , . amen so ga, M ea B. . K W 5 asa' ,bali-lmpi-,Q-: -, -, lm. : :u f-:: ::- wES,, ,fwe QisWni,,.,3Q- gm Xa aw 3, Liga Wm f ex ,gfigivs , f rx A EH ffm X 55,5555 ggm'5gm.1en5agwfggguwxmv aim, , nam, - - was Q.. , wglenm. WQQQEAI, mx wig msfggg,Q,,5gt5g get 'w if my 5'-NS' L' fi3?f3iE',f'.'5f hEH?W 'S E NA A iv Y MA mggX5?iqFingxAQDEkM?nQ5M1Q ?Ig !?n xL was E ' V4 am H' is 95 EEMSWWEH UNION HOSTESSES: Front row: Abby Taylor, Sharpe, Lisa McLeroy, Linda Johnson. Not Debra Stone, Kim Hanson, Kay Jordan, Janice pictured: Ginger Avery, Patti Burch, Sonja Hand, Humphrey. Second row: Kathy Bagwell, Peggy Judy Davis. ' SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS A HELPING HAND ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national Scout camporees. We have continued an service fraternity based on the princi- ples of the Boy Scout Oath and Law. The Delta chapter of APO has been on the Auburn campus for 49 years, and this year celebrated the 25th anni- versary of its oldest continuing ser- vice: The student non-profit Book Exchange located on the first floor of the Auburn Union. ln its service pro- gram, APO performs projects which benefit the campus, community and nation. This year some of these proj- ects were: registering student cal- culators to aid police identification in case of loss, working to beautify near- by Tuskegee National Forest: working with the Red Cross Swine Flu inocula- tion and blood drive, and cleaning up land behind the Coliseum for a pos- sible camping area. We also worked with the Boy Scouts of Alabama and Georgia, in holding and working at to care for and house War Eagle IV, Auburn's mascot. As Delta chapter enters its 50th year of service, we are striving to uphold and continue the traditions of service which have been built over the years. Gamma Sigma Sigma is the national women's service organization on cam- pus. They serve the University and community by helping with the Auburn Blood Drive and Swine Flu Shots along with the Red Cross of Opelika. Other Projects include working afternoons in the Student Health Center distribu- tion of Glomeratas, and ushering at Step Sing and plays. Throughout the year members work at the Human Society and the nursing home. With the help of their faculty advisor, Betty Thomas, Gamma Sigma Sigma serves both the campus and the com- munity of Auburn. Service Organizations ALPHA PHI OMEGA: Standing: Pat O'Reilly, Dave Hills, David Hermecz. Sitting: Dave Reifsnyder Woody Jones, Larry Hamilton, Mike Foley, John Johnston, Tim Thomason, Gerald Jernigan, Jim Long, Daryl Abrell, Bill Murphy, Doug Ahrens Barney Hart, Jo Ellen Allen, Janice Jackson, Chip Swann. Thlrd Row: Earl Langley, Sue Brown Lawanna Prater, Karen Hide, Naomi Lange Ellen Puckett Irene Hermecz Jane Cammack Donna Dawkins Susan Williams Cindy Payne Karen Maggart Susan Stansell Sherry Meeks Fourth Row Al Taylor Jim Daniel Gary Campbell Bob Anderson Jim Elms Ed Moody James Warren Mike Haggard John Buttler Billy Kittrell Paul Entrekin Mark Shull Frank Buttler Dan Lessley GeorgeThomas Dean Pitts The Agriculture Council is composed of the President and Senator elected by the School of Agriculture, representatives from each recognized student agricultural organization, and an Agricultural hostess. The Council coordinates and promotes the advancement of agricultural organizations on campus. RODEO CLUB: First Row: Dr. Michael McCoy — Advisor. Jeff Wall. Royce McClung, Ben Fredricks. Fran Watson. Larry Davis. Tim Watson. Second Row: Clayton Bromberg. Bonnie Chancellor. Cornel Peacock. Peggy Snow. George Stevens. David Miller. Third Row: David Johnson. The Auburn Rodeo Club cultivates fellowship among students. The club members actively participate in intercollegiate rodeo and sportsmanship on campus and with other colleges and universities in the Southeast. Barbara Murphy. Cindy Coston. Margaret Brown. Charlotte West. Dorrie Adams. John Pottinger. Fourth Row: Sally Young. Rusty Young. Denise Petty. Rhonda Martin. Buddy Looney. Scott Clark. Johnny Land. Randy Davis. Lamar Hooks. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: Front Row: Rick Knoulf. Chuck Howard. Michael Carnley. Bill Neel. Second row: Marvin Carter. Johnny Yates. Stan Brooks. Wade Fleming. Terry Foshee. David Wilbanks. Brian Grantham. Ed Robison. Bill Hopewell. George Cargile. Phillip Carroll. Harry Whitt. Winford Hill. James Ward. Ronnie Silcox. Dan Porterfield. Mae Langley. Joe Brown. Tony Prince. David Cunningham. David Faulkner. THE GOOD EARTH Promoting high ideals for students planning agricultural careers is the purpose of the Collegiate FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA. The members strive to instill pride and knowledge in all future farmers while teaching new farm techniques and developments. The Auburn student chapter of the WILDLIFE SOCIETY is organized for the students with a professional interest in wildlife resources. The Auburn POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB has as its purpose the stimulation of student interest in the poultry industry. 2B2 Agricultural Organisation WILDLIFE CLUB: Front Row: Frank Rogers, Debbie Rogers. Ken Sims — Pres. Second Row: Mark Siegel — Sec.. Blake Roper. Vicke Cana-day — Treas. Third row: Thomas Madigan. Tim Ivey. W.T. Deer. Fourth row: David Pylant. George Horton. Tommy Counts — V. Pres.. Keith Thompson. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB: Front row: Ray Hil- Jordan. Eddie Bruce. Jimmy Morgan. Third row: burn. Carlos Putnam. Craig Henry. Jim Don Rice. James Patterson. Pete Bates. Nick Rittenour. Second row: Dorman Grace. Greg Evans. 283 Agricultural OrgarvcatiooiBLOCK AND BRIDLE: First Row: Dr. Harris-Adv.. Marsha Cashwcll. Chris Hardy. Marion Hughes. Lelia Cox, Nancy Carter. Mary Ann McGraw. Debbie Swan. Suzanne Brock. Sandy Sellers. Angela Avery. Dr. Scarth—Adv. Second Row: Dr. Edwards—Adv., Karen Phillips, Beth Bybee. Karen . Ronnie Silcox. Ed Robison. Jake Harper. Bill Cook. Bill Gulsby. Darden Kirby. Jimmy Smitherman. Nancy Dicks. Doug Harris. Leigh Jacobs. Len Michelbacker. Mimi Markie-wiez. Randy Davis. Dave Altman. Terry Phifer. Ron Cameron. Russ Chauers. Greg Baxley. Wayne Gemeinhardt. For students in animal science, the Block and Bridle Club helps to promote all phases of the department and to encourage a higher scholastic standard among its students. The club participates in the bull and boar sale, the Ham show and sale, the AQHA approved horse show, and Little International showmanship contest. The members also host the judging competition for 4-H and FFA clubs. 2S4 Agr uNute OtptnuMieasThe Agricultural Economics Club helps students to gain a practical insight into the field of agricultural economics. The members take field trips to business firms and publish a brochure to advertise seniors to prospective employers. The Auburn Agronomy Club serves the students who are interested in crop and soil sciences and shows them the many opportunities available in the field. Projects include the publication of a newsletter and fundraising activities for the club. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB: Front Row: David Edwards. Ann Burbach. Jim Rittenour. Second Row: Joe Yates. Leo Allen — Pres.. Rick Geescy, William McAbee. Jell Clark. Third Row. Richard Brown. Steve Lott. Philip Bradberry. Billy Powell. Kenneth McMillan. Fourth Row: John Vandiver. Paul Irons. Johno Weed. Mike Tarpley. Fifth Row: David Christcnbcrry — Sec.-Trcas.. Jeff Lott — Vice-Pres.. Wayde Washburn. Andrew Williams. Steve Tate. Mark Hamilton. SB5 AgrxuXtx 0 B ' ' l'°n THE GOOD EARTH HORTICULTURE FORUM Executive Committee: First Row: Mary Ann Thorington. J. E. Avrard. Jacque Bankston. Second Row: Anne Howard. Leonard Perry, Tim Kant. Joe Burns. David Conkle. Chuck McDowell. HORTICULTURE FORUM First Row: John Lowe. Kim McDonough. Chuck McDowell. David Conkle. Second Row: Mary Tyberghein. J. E. Avrard. Mary Ann Thorington. Nancy Connor. Gladys Stephens. Third Row: Leonard Perry. Joe Burns. Ann Howard. Stanley Sistrunk. Ted Mitchell. Teresa Ashcraft. Fourth Row: Tim Kant. Joe Kacmarynksi. Jacque Bankston. Ken Baker. Ricky Bearchamp. Dale Hughes. 286 Aflr u'luio 0 9 vr l c«»Glassco. Jeb Ewing. Pete Zubowitz. Fourth Row: Harry Craze. M. Benton. Mike Kelley. Bobby Franklin. Ronnie Gilbert. Jeff Ingram. 8iran Agnew. Prot. Don Janes. Alan Bruce. Clayton Schwind. The Horticulture Forum strives to give students the opportunity to put into practice things that they have learned from their studies. Meetings are held twice a month and often include guest speakers, from places such as Callaway gardens, New York and campus speakers. During work meetings, members help in the campus Green House with plants that are to be sold in the annual spring quarter plant sale. FORESTRY CLUB First Row: Nancy Abernethy. Becky Wright. Hank McKinley. Jim Cupp. Pat Williams. Second Row: Mike Bailey. Don Van Houten. Beth Wellbaum, Sharon Nohney. Charlotte Sage. Third Row: David Stihl. Paul Padgett. Wayne Ford. Phil The Forestry Club strives to advance the science, technology, education, and practice of professional forestry. The club also promotes fellowship among forestry students and maintains a flow of thought among people interested in forestry. Firewood sales, a Winter banquet, the state Forestry Festival in Montgomery. and competition in events at the annual Associated Southern Forestry Clubs Conclave are some of the group’s activities. 2B7 Agiicullur A ABOVEC The Auburn University Marching Band, under the direction of Dr. Bill (Doc) Walls, provides colorful halftime entertainment during football games. These Saturday afternoon performances are the result of hours of practice time on the Plainsman Park Baseball Field. Band members are required to come to Auburn two weeks earlier than other students fall quarter in order to begin practice as a group for the football season. Freshman members are easily recognized by their ‘rat hats’ and trumpet players by their Tau Pi Tau jerseys. The band also practices every weekday during fall quarter for an hour and for several hours on Saturday mornings. These long hours of work have resulted in one of the finest college marching bands in the country. 288 Mutx Ou) niiJi«mGaixxma umultkl Betty Plunkett, Kathy Absher, Carol McLaughlin, Mollie Hardy, Scarlotte Hall, Beverly Marks, Paula Taylor Vicki Martin, Dell Paradise. i i 289 Music Organizations CONCERT CHOIR First Row: Margaret Owen, Martha Nipper, Mary Martin Murray, Paula Hitchcock, Tammy Roberts, Ginger Malone, Lynn Unger, Gerald Arrington, Paul Smith, Jimmy Tipton, Larry Farrow, Donnie Arrant, Joe Elder, Diane Owen, Kent Hooper, Donna Carter, Connie Shedd, Marjorie Lowery, Amy Tompkins, Regina Scrivner. Second Row: Melanie Henry, Lynn Snow, Debbie Owens, Joanna Youngblood, Julie Best, Mary Beth Cunningham, Bryan King, Ken Young, Keith Rose, David Garrett, Bob A ABOVE C Derickson, Ron Hodges, Tim Barton, Jeff Middleton, Dale Farmer, Carol Barrett, Katherine Agerton, Kristen Hallberg, Cathy Carrier, Betty Pack, Lynn Dawson. Third Row: Rhonda Jones, Cindy Wilkerson, Tammy Townsend, Pam Royer, Debbie Godfrey, Vicki Tatum, Scott Tidwell, Ron Coble, Scott McDaniel, Chip Quisenberry, Albert Barton, Buddy Fricke, Tim Stevens, Tim Patterson, Jeff Meadows, Howard Frontz, Ken Hinkle, Nancy Buckelew, Margaret Phillips, Terry Thompson. Lynn Overstreet, Donna Jo Jetton, Dani Downs, Leslie Whitehead. Fourth Row: Sandra Cotney, Mindy Duncan, Anne Snow, Chris Christenberry, Shirley Whatley, Gayle Baxter, Becky Canterbury, Julie Gilmore, Tim Pugh, Robbie Bouchillon, Mark Morris, Pat Rice, James Jackson, Marc Stevens, Vincent Shipp, Terry Dobson, Chuck Harmon, Craig Pittman, Dave White, Vance Baker, Louise Edwards, Amy Watson, Cathy Sasser, Ellen Armour, Karen Fuqua, Theresa Robinson, Virginia Jackson, Carol Haynes. l Music Organizations UNIVERSITY SINGERS: First Row: Gerald Arrington, Mindy Ducan, Paul Smith. Second Row: Marie Donovan, Jeff Meadows, Rhonda Jones, Vance Baker, Mike Yates, Karla Vinson, Stan Sawyer, Carol Barrett. Third Row: Lynn Unger, Ken Elmer, Melody Daniel, Jimmy Youngblood, Joe Elder, Nancy Buckelew, Mike French, Debbie Baughmon. Fourth Row: Dottie Pippin, Hal Maney, Celia McGilvary, Robbie Bouchillon, Dale Farmer, Cathy Sasser, Donnie Arrant, Carol Haynes. Fifth Row: Ella Boyd, James Jackson, Joanna Youngblood, Kerry Bradley, Paul Smith, Babie Brown, Jimmy Tipton, Louise Edwards, Sixth Row: Terry Dobson, Jamie Cates, Howard Fronz, Ron Coble, Kurt Wadowick. ragtime, and other styles. Much of the music is complimented by choreo- graphy which is originated and taught entirely by mem bers of the group. In the past four years, the Auburn University Singers have been in con- stant demand as the group has per- formed for television specials, civic club conventions, shopping centers, and for varied campus events. The Auburn University Singers have enter- tained guests from all over this country and abroad. ln August of 1974 the group was fortunate to be a part of the Ambassadors for Friendship pro- gram which provided the opportunity of taking the message of music and friendship to the people of Romania: land yet the University Singers are always willing to perform for a group ,of Boy Scouts or a local Women's Club. The group has a spirit of its own that it shares each time it sings - wherever it may be. 291 Music Organizat o ESE Music Organizations AUBURN KNIGHTS: Jackson, Ricardo Alemenderes, Joe Daughtry. First Row: Kay Bush, Rod O'DonneI, Mark Calk, Third Row: Bo Patterson, Gerald Arrington, Tim Purley, Becky Cain, Mike Watford. Second Gary Taunton, Bob Morrisson, Mike Holienshed. Row: Leah Burton, Dave Perley, Paul Harris, David J i The Auburn Players is made up of students in the Theater Depart- ment. In order to be initiated into the club, members must earn points by working with plays which include acting and backstage work. The Au- burn Players host teas before each play for crew and invited guests. They participate in Fine Arts Week and they have an annual Progressive Christmas Dinner. Each year ends with the Sidney Awards, which is similartotheOscarAwards. The Choral Directors Association promotes the finest types of choral music with the goal of providing ar- tistic and spiritual experiences for participants. The group also encour- ages rehearsal procedures that are conducive to attaining the highest level possible in musicianship and artistic performance. 293 M s'c Organizatio MANAGEMENT CLUB: Patti Davidson — Pres.. John Adams. Spence Adcock. Carol Auerbach. , Rick Dyer — V. Pres.. Elaine O'Kelley — Sec.. Dan Bailey. Joe Connell. Greg Cox. Jim Crowley. Mark Rowan — Treas.. Dr. Fred Adams — Tim Davidson. Drennan Defrall. Trudie Dyer. Advisor. Dr. William N. Ledbetter — Advisor. David Dysart. Steve Fuller. Glynice Humphrey. Janice Humphrey. Jan Hurlbut. Jay Hohnson. Robert Lilly. Mike Mizzell. John Morris. Mark Panther. Jimmy St. Clair. Randall Thrasher. Martin Young. NOT JUST A MONOPOLY GAME The BUSINESS COUNCIL is com-posed of representatives from all of the organizations in the School of Business. Members help to coordinate activities within the school in order to benefit all students involved in busi- BUSINESS COUNCIL: Front row: Jim Schenk. Sherrie Smith. Mona Crump. Doug Eddleman. Miears. Chuck Sims. Third row: Rhett Donaldson. Buddy Fuller. Shelly King. Karin Daniel. ill Bobby Lindsey. Second row: Susan Landrum. Tommy Taylor. Fourth row: Dave Madlener. v-1 Terrell Watts. Jean Hipp. Lou Ann Dresher. Lori Tom Guest. ness. The ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION and MANAGEMENT CLUB help students interested in business and management-related fields improve their professional knowledge of their fields. The FINANCE CLUB is mainly concerned with orienting finance majors about job opportunities in finance 294 e»sO»gaiwa«iontBUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS ACCOUNTING CLUB: Front row: Lynn Holland. Goodwin. Linda Hixon. Ann McEwen. Brenda Burt Holmes. David Geeter. Tim Barton. Tom Schambach. Third row: Oliver Gilmore. Tim Land. Mary Lipinski. Mary Jones. Juli Winttcr. Davidson. Ray Scott. Jena Ann Rutledge. Carol Second row: Robert Grace. Patti Whitt. Sharon Zimlich. Mona Crump. Delia Sawter. Fourth row: Stacey. Sherri Smith. Louis Anderson. Carol Rita Coleman. Robin Cole. Harriet Riherd. Terri Warrington. Herbert McAbee. John Stam. Fifth row: Michael Brown. Paul 8runner. Tim Pack. Tommy Taylor. Jim McDaniel. Dr. Glover. Lynn Collier. Susan Landrum. FINANCE CLUB: Front row: Jim Thompson. Don Hendrix. Stan Roberson. Rick Anthony. James Brown. Mark Schaefer. Bill Whitmore. Terry Rose — Professor Of Insurance. Jim Schenk — Pres. Second row: John Dean. 295 Qovncii Organisation;The Geography Club provides an organized opportunity to see slides and to hear guest speakers for stu- dents interested in traveling. This year guests spoke on Mainland China, Russia, and Nigeria. During Spring break, members went to Big Ben National Park. The National Collegiate Association for Secretaries CNCASJ is a profession- al organization for undergraduate col- lege men and women who are planning business or teaching careers in the secretarial area. The organization has .business and program meetings. They attend national conventions every two years. The major activity is "Tiger Typist" who type any papers or docu- ments on short notice for a very small fee. This service is professionally done by the members of any one needing typing done. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ASSOC. FOR SECRE- TARIES: First Row: Cathy Hadden, Jean Yeilding, La Juana Wiggins, Susan Reed, Debra Stroud, Kelley Lloyd, Jan Wooten, Lorabee Bise, Susanne Morris. Second Row: Patty Bond, Karen Kiteley, GEOGRAPHY CLUB: First Row: Juanita Ether- idge, Dr. lcenogle, Cathy Miller. Second Row: Griffin,Jeff Clark, Dr.Jeahe. David Faulkner, Bill Etheridge - Pres., David l i s l l l l i l 5 i E l l 5 l l Julie Stone, Angela Quinn, Mrs. Mary Street, Martha Fuller, Marilee Knellinger, Betty Jo Smith, Judy Hand, Mrs. Helen Brown. Third Row: Joann McKinney, Mrs. Evelyn Bond, Jackie Ham- mell, Marsha Robins, Belinda Raiford, Donna Rabun, Sandy Pierce, Karen Kennedy, Mrs. Bon- nie White, Sharon Love, Carol Key, Lauree Farm- er, Mary Hoerlein, Miss Mary George Lamor, Mrs. Frances Hale. The Auburn Student Chapter of A.S.P.A. is part of a national organiza- tion of over 300 profesional and student chapters with a membership of over 15,000 persons who have an interest in the personnel administra- tion field. The purpose of the Auburn student chapter is to promote inter- est and to increase the student's knowledge of the complex field ,of personnel administration. The activities include bi-weekly meetings, with a personnel adminis- trator speaking on an area of interest in the personnel field, and trips to various businesses to discover how the personnel department functions in each particular business. The chap- ter also publishes a yearly pamphlet of resumes of its graduating mem- bers in order to further the career search of these individuals. ASPA Front Row: Dave Madlener, Carol Peddy, Tom Guest, Ginny Anderson. Second Row: Tim Bow- ers, Mark Rowan, Jim Allred. NOT JUST A MONDPOLY GAME MARKETING CLUB: Belinda Allred, John Anderson, Nancy Attaway. Rebecca Batts, Harry Bishop, Frances Brandes. Ronald Brooks, Beth Burgin, Stephen Byrne. Pat Campbell, Cristi Cannon, Charles Carson, Gail Casey, Clifford Chambers, Robert Council, Steve Curlee, Jeff Currey, Karin Daniel, Billy Davis, Doug Eddeman, Patty Gaffney, Mary Wright Gardiner, James Glaze, Eddie Harris, Jim Hendon, Angela Huffman, Carole Kelly, Randy Kirkland, Kathy Kraut, Beverly Lane, Carol Lewis, Jennie Livingston, Mark McCullers, Cindy McGilvray, William Meixall, Charles Montgovery. Sherman Moon, Marciel Ann Moore, Elaine O'Kelly, Mary Nell Partridge, Louise Patton. Stuart Pursley, Ann Ragsdale, Susie Richardson, Doug Sherrod, Bill Strickland, Lisa Townley. Richard Thompson, Paul Tucker, Lorraine M. Tynan, Cindy Walker, Kim Wilson. HOME EC ORGANIZATIONS THE AMERICAN BACKBONE Fashion Incorporated is a professional organization to all students. The main emphasis of the group is on apparel, design, and merchandising. Designers and merchandisers from fashion centers in Atlanta often come to Auburn to help students with new ideas. The Dietetic Association, in the School of Home Economics, offers its members help and advice in preparation for careers. New developments in food preparation and biochemical discoveries are presented. Intern positions in area hospitals are also found for students. STUDENT DIETETICS ASSOCIATION Brocato. Mrs. Christenberry — Advisor from Majors. Nancy Nolen. Kim Bass. Allenc Mar- Front Row: Dr. Deber — Advisor. Lori Baker. Regional A.D.A. Second Row: Betsy Wilson, shall. Marsha McIntyre. Jo O'Rear. Kathy Koeppel. Wahilda Moore. Marilyn Lance. Martha Gar-Sheila Matthews. Cindy Bond. Mary Ester rett. Nancy Nevins. Cheryl Crocker. Gloria 298 Home Cc Organizations293 Home Cc Organization Karla Abney. Vicki Alisch. Frances Anderson. Allison Ashley. Gail Baldwin. Kim Bass. Karen Bracken. Janice Brown. Shirley Burnette. Barbara Burt. Donna Carpenter. Theresa Carter. Libby Carter. Debra Chittam. Susan Clayman. Katherine Cox. Stephanie Culps. Rhonda Driver. Chris Duff. Sandra Goldon. Kathy Groves. Christa Guthrie. Betty Harris. Kim Hooper. Mary Huff. Lynn Jones. Carol Kendrick. Jan Kelly. Barbara Kennedy. Karen Kinter. Pat Lake. Melinda Langford. Patti Lanier. Jennifer Lysaght. Elizabeth Marshall. Sara McClendon. Jan McDowell. Becky Merkle. Phyllis Merritt. Marilyn Mills. Jennifer Mullins. Debra Nolen. Paula Simpkins. Lyn Smallwood. Sylvia Smith. Yarisa Smith. Tricilla Snell. Cheryl Stewart. Ann Tackett. Melissa Thompson. Martha Turbyfill. Jean Walton. Marcia Wiggins. Mary Wilson. Mary Zorn. The Home Ec Association covers all aspects of the field and is open to all students within the school. This organization presents programs on consumer affairs, nutrition, and family development, while also helping new students in the school decide on their professional aims. The Modeling Board is the service oriented portion of Fashion Incorporated. Each year members are chosen in a modeling contest before judges from area retail clothing stores. In order to give its members experience in modeling and in coordination shows, the Modeling Board holds an annual Bridal Show. MODELING BOARD Clements. Adair Brevard. Kathy Rush. Debo- Allen. Jan Hardy. Stephanie Wolfe. Pam Gat- Front Row: Pattie Guthrie. Tina Gross. Kathy rah Tucker. Third Row: Jenny McCall. Kathy tis. Cathy Eubanks. Jean Davis. NOT PIC-Krout. Sara Brady. Second Row: Ycvonne Gibbs. Allene Marshall. Paula Manning. Ann TURED: Gale Talley. Hartzog. Betsy Bradley. Kip Campbell. Cheryl Ragsdale. Robin Rummel. Sherri Paulk. Kim jr- --—- LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON: Diane Flutey. Mike Hargett. Donald Lakey. Ann Daughtry. Cathey Cone. Cheryl Jones. Hervey Mastin—V. Pres.. Ott—Pres.. Paula Wilson. Kim Settles. Mike Craig Cass. Bob Stoner. Dr. McNorton. Rebecca Bishop. Larry George. The Auburn Pre-Veterinary Medical Association promotes student interest in veterinary medicine and prepares members with what to expect in pre-veterinary school, veterinary school and as veterinarians. The A.P.V.M.A. strives to improve scholarship and to elevate the quality of the individuals entering Veterinary School at Auburn University. The club provides students with pertinent information regarding curriculum, scholastic requirements and other information. Lambda Alpha Epsilon is an organization for students interested in criminal justice. Meetings are held twice a month and guest speakers are often invited such as detectives from the Auburn area. Judge Wright from Opelika, and a University of Pennsylvania professor who spoke on criminology in Moscow. The Builders’ Guild serves students in building construction. Their speakers orientate them to the field of construction. job opportunities, and building materials. 30a Organization THE GOOD EARTH PRE-VET ASSOCIATION MEMBERS: Ann Brown. Bill Andrews. Don Brown. Henry Abadin. David Brown. Jay Blackwood. Guy Bradley. Buck Buchanan. Valri Brown. Julie Best. Dana Bunch. Greg Baxley. Anthony Bruno. William Bradford. Richard Brown. Alan Byrd. Eva Baily. John Christian. Joe Cobb. Charles Calvert. Larry Chestang. Charles Cloud. Debra Cross. Clare Dunn. Jim Denton. Jane French. Charles Franz. Debbie Fletcher. Holly Gill. Richan Griffin. Tamara Gavin. Mike Gross. Carol Holcumbe. Les Hutson. Karim Huneidi. Tim Helton. Jerry Hawkins. Carol Hall. Greg Hamil. Cindy Harris. Connie Hopper. Anne Hoppenjaws. Dale Ingram. Slott Jackson. David Jones. Lisa Johnson. Mary and Philip Kromis. Steve Kendal. David Knight. Tommy Knight. Robert Lansden. Donna Lauderdale. Agnes Murchison. Ron Montgomery. Jayma Moore. Gregg Moore. Elizabeth Mullins. Joan McKnight. John Newton. Virginia Neeley. Myrna Nelson. Debra Oxley. Scott Owens. Steve Parson. John Parrish. Terry Robinson. Elton Rogers. Sara Rowe. Paula Rhodes. Scott Sims. Chas Simon. Karen Snow. Patric Stano. Alethia Stringer. Eddie Srother. Phyllis Schenk. Tommy Shaw. Jack Teague. Tim Thomason. Wendy Treadwell. Charles Stroup. Melvin White. George Woodley. Bobby Wilson. Jeff Waits. Tod Schaffer. Rick Strobaeus. Mary Yett. Zekie Zckoff. Scott McLclland. Barbara Bengtson. John Henderson. Lee Jones. Christopher King. 301 Org»n zj|ioniAUBURN CHAPTER COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN: Jim Toney Pres.. Susan Basch. Connie Imsand. Orew Malizio. Connie Williams. Barbara Hudson. Connie Bridges. Tom ClacKley. Eileen McCarthy. Debbie Stewart. Kathy Rumps. Peggy Cox. Mae Caskey. Karen Adlers. Betty Melazzo. George Patton. Margret Howard. Kathy Scott. Terry Nale. Kay Caldwell. Anne Kelley. Lou Ann Waters. Beverly Ray. Liz Puntice. 302 Rchabililalwn»i7otionsREHABILITATION ORGANIZATIONS HELPING OTHERS The Exceptional Children’s Association promotes the educational needs of exceptional children through stimulation and strengthening of the interests of students and to encourage professional responsibilities. This year, the Association gave a Halloween Party for Uplift children, donated money for the Valley Haven School, presented a Christmas program at the Opelika Nursing Home, and donated funds for a special education classroom. Members also built chairs for children with special problems. Auburn’s Speech and Hearing Association is a professional organization for students majoring in speech pathology. audiology, and education of the acoustically handicapped. Through the Association, students are introduced to job opportunities and special problems that exist within the profession. The Auburn Rehabilitation Association is the local chapter of the Alabama Rehabilitation Association. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in working with the handicapped in rehabilitation process and job opportunities. The Association's purpose is to advance the role and function of rehabilitation counseling. SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION First Row: Valerie Arnold. Suzanne Brock. Carolyn Baumgartcn. Second Row: Sheila Gilbert. Linda Van Gossen. Debbie Boucher. Lynn Carmichael. Cynthia Heaton. Third Row: Cherie Cunko. Kathy Curry. Cynthia Thorton. Susan Rice. Mary Kay Shine. Donna Glover. Fourth Row: Jan Barnette Marie McCann. Debbie Hall. Sharon Fischner. Devery Van Cleave. Donna Jacobi. Jill Watson. Terri Villis. Kathryn Agerton. Ruth Jacobs. 303 Rtti-ibiliUtion OfRAiwalion an ""' PHARMACY ORGANIZATIONS A LIFE SAVING PROFESSION 4? 304 Pharmacy Organizations STUDENT AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSO- Holly Whitmire - Sec., Nancy Dowdle - Treas., CIATION: Mary Lynn Daigle - Pres., Maggie Dr. Thommasson-Advisor. Carter - VP, Claire Rosenburger - 2nd VP, SAPHA, the Student American Phar- maceutical Association, is the nation- al professional society of pharmacy students and an official subdivision of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. SAPHA is involved at the stu- dent level with important professional and special interest activities of its pa rent society. The local chapter at Auburn has approximately 250 members providing each member many professional, educational, and social opportunities. SAPHA members are involved in sever- al committees such as Poison Pre- vention, Hypertension, Drug Abuse, and Veneral Disease Education. The organization also presents a good opportunity for a large number of stu- dent members to become familiar with the affairs of the Association and Pro- fession by attending the Regional and National meetings. Involvement in SAPHA presents many professional and educational opportunities and is limitless in its benefits. Officers for 1976-1977: President, Mary Lynn Daigle: lst Vice-President, Maggie Carter: 2nd Vice-President, Claire Rosenberger: Treasurer, Nancy Dowdle: Secretary, Holly Whitmire. The Pharmacy Student Council is composed of twenty pharmacy stu- dents each of whom represents an organization or group within the school of pharmacy. The Council's function is to insure student input into the policies and procedures which govern pharmacy students and to co- ordinate activities within the school. PHARMACY COUNCIL: First Row: Rick Bendin- ger, Amoret Eiland: Kappa Epsilon, Randy Evans: Pres., Scott Godfrey: VP, Ben F. Cooper: Dean. Second Row: Sherry Parker: COS, Kathy Ellis: Phi Lambda Sigma, Ann Dunavant: Kappa Epsi- lon, Keen Blair: Rho Chi, David Windham: Phi Delta Chi, Mark Mann: Phi Delta Chi, Gary Taylor Rep. Third Row: Pat Newton: Phi Lambda Sigma Nancy Dowdle: SAPHA, Lee Stewart: Kappa Psi Dwayne Teague: Kappa Psi, Joel Ellis: Ro Chi Cynthia Wright: Rep., Mike Carter, Pitt Phillips 305 Ph rmacyOrganizatio S PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITIES KAPPA PSI The Delta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Psi serves as a professional fraternity for pharmacy students. Begun in 1879, Kap- pa Psi is the oldest and largest pharmacy fraternity in the United States. The fra- ternity gives pharmacy students the op- portunities to express themselves and be- come involved in many leadership and professional activities that will serve to benefit them. For example, Kappa Psi sponsors andfor is involved with many activities such as Hypertension Screen- ing, the annual Summer Blood Drive, and the Annual Pharmacy Tennis Tourna- ment. Today the field of pharmacy needs professionals and leaders who have a genuine concern for those needing med- ical attention. Kappa Psi brothers and sisters are aware of this need and strive to fulfill it. The Kappa Psi display during the Annual Pharmacy Health Fair showed the components of blood. 3CH5 Organizations The Kappa Psi brothers constructed this home- coming float on the grounds of the pharmacy building. According to Rod Lindsey, the highest point of the softball season was beating Phi Delta Chi. BENDINGER, RICHARD L.: 5PY, Auburn, AL: BOSHELL, DONALD C.: 05PY: Carbon Hill, AL: BROWN, GEORGE D.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: CALHOUN, HENRY E.: 05PY, Selma, AL: CARTER, MICHAEL L.: O4PY, Fyffe, AL: CHEN, LIANG-MING R.: O6PY, Auburn, AL: COLLINS, MIKE D.: OSPY, Clanton, AL: CONNOLLY, PAUL D.: O3PY, Florence, AL: DAVIS, JOHN L.: O4PY, Albany, GA: DENNIS, RICHARD N.: O4PY, Opelika. AL: GRAVLEE, GLENDON E.: OSPY. Cordova. AL: HASKEW, MEDFORD L.: 05PY, McKenzie, AL: HAYWOOD, RICHARD W,: O3PY, Talladega, AL: HEIDEPRIEM, ROBERT W.: 05PY, Auburn, AL: HERRING, CHARLES C.: O4PY, Hartselle, AL: HOLLEY, PAMELA L: O3PY, B'l'iam, AL: HOWARD, THURMON E.: O6PY, Auburn AL: IOHNSON, ANN C.: SPY, Iacksonville, FL: IULIAN, ROBERT B.: O5PY, jasper, AL: KOCHMAR, RAIPAL S.: OGPY, Delhi, India: LAWRENCE, MARY C.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: LEE, IIM H.: O6PY, Taipei, Taiwan: LIN, PHILIPS, P.: OSPY, Auburn, AL: LINDSEY, RODNEY O.: O-QPY, Auburn, AL: LOVELL, DANIEL W.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: MORGAN, MIKE: O4PY, jackson, TN: MORGAN, PATTI: O4PY, Auburn, AL: MOORE, LINWOOD: OSPY, Phenix City, AL: 0'NEAL, PATRICIA A.: O4PY, Gadsden, AL: PARKER, SHERRY L.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: PATRIDGE, IERRY M.: O4PY, Andalusia, AL, PHILLIPS, IOHN P.: OSPY, Auburn, AL: RENKA, IAMES M.: OSPY Mountain Home, AK: REYNOLDS, GWENDOLYN E.: O3PY, La- Fayette, AL: SIGMON, IULIE L: O3PY, Anniston, AL: SPENCER, KENNETH P.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: STEWART, LEE E.: O4PY, Tallahassee, FL: SWANN, GERRY D.: O3PY, Decatur, AL: TEAGUE, JAMES D.: OSPV, Hartselle, AL: THOMASON, CLAUDE L.: : WOOD, HENRY M.: O3PY, Norcross, GA: WILKEN, LEON O.: Faculty Advisor, Auburn, AL: 307 Organizations L ADAMS, JAMES J.: OSPY, Cantonment, FL: ALLPHIN, CINDY: O4PY, Birmingham, AL: ANDERSON, GLEN K.: 03PPY, Birming- harn, AL: BARNHILL, ROBERT W.: OSPY, Robertsdale, AL: BEADLES, ROBERT J.: O4PY, Enterprise. AL: BEEBE, Dr. ARCHIE J.: Executive Director. Auburn, AL: BELL, JAMES D.: 05PY, Au- burn, AL: BOATWRIGHT, J. BARRY: O4PY, Opelika, AL: BOOZER, RICKY W.: 05PY, Oxford, AL: BORN, Dr. CHARLES K.: Faculty Advisor, Auburn, AL: BOYET'T, LEMUEL G.: 05PY, Au- burn, AL: BUNN, ALLEN J.: O4PY, Auburn, AL: BUSH, 0. AUBREY: O3PY, Wetunpka, AL: CARTER, MARGARET F.: St. Augustine, FL: CLARK, RICHARD J.: OEIPPY, Elba, AL: CLAY, RICKEY E.: O5PY. Decatur, AL: COKER, BARRY L.: 03PY, Crestview, FL: DAVIS, ALLEN J.: O4PY, Eufaula, AL: DAVIS, ELIZABETH G.: O5PY, Gulf Breeze, FL: DAVIS, JAMES W.: O4PY, Millbrook, AL: DAVIS, STEVEN D.: O4PY, Els- mere, KY: DUNAVANT, MARY A.: O5PY, Sweetheart, Pulaski, TN: EVANS, RANDY A.: 05PY, Cincinnati, OH: FLYNN, FRAN S.: O5PY, Auburn, AL: FRANCO, TOM G.: 05PY, Auburn, AL: GENTRV, DAVID B.: 03PY, Allceville, AL: GLOVER, GLENN E.: O3PY, Rome, GA: GODFREY, G. SCOTT: O4PY, Secretary, Ceder Bluff. AL: GRIFFIN, WILLIAM W.: 03PY, Midway, AL: GRIGG, GLORIA: O4PY, Tuskegee, AL: GUNNELS, JOHN P.: 05PY, Vice-President, Birmingham, AL: HESTER, THOMAS W.: 02PPY, Birmingham, AL: HODGES, RONNIE M.: O4PY, Geneva, AL: HOLLEY, JERRY E.: O4PY, Anniston, AL: HUFF, JAMES S.: O4PY, Montgomery. ALI HUNTER, JAMES R.: O4PY, Mobile, AL: HUTCHINSON, RON: 05PY, Enterprise, AL: KEMP, WILLIAM R.: O4PY, Middlesex, NC: KLEINKLAUS, JOSEPH E.: O4PY, Gadsden, AL: LaFAYET'I'E, ERIC H.: O4PY, Sylacauga, AL: Phi Delta Chi The Chi chapter of Phi Delta Chi, active on the Auburn campus since 1921, is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity. The fraternity strives to serve its members academically and socially as well as professionally. Phi Delta Chi is very active in the School of Pharmacy as well as in the com- munity, sponsoring window displays and other services such as diabetes and hypertension screenings. Chi chapter proved to be the fourth best chapter in the nation last year. Thanks to the perseverance and dedication of its members, Chi plans to be the num- ber one chapter inthe nation this year. James Davis and Rodney Sumners take time out before an intramural football game to dis- cuss game strategy. 308 Organizations A - Lim, ww ow. Andalusia' AL: LOCKWOOD-JAMES 1 sllss i OAPY- Lufaulal AL: LUTHER- PHILIP w- JR.: OSPY. AL: Lm, L,, g MANN, MARK A.: o5Pv, President, Oxon Hill, MD: MARTIN, DAN- : ig, V Q ff' ' ::I-f ig, ' NA E.: o4PY, Montgomery, AL: MARTIN, TIMOTHY A.: o4Pv, ope- g .- ' A f l , A A f ,V L lika, AL: McCONAGHY, DAN c.: o3PY, setsuma, AL: MINOR, ED- r A WARD r.lll:oaPv,Rurledge,TN: f MBV' p H , :W -A -f 'A,,'L ' W 5 , MosLEv, WILLIAM T.: O5PY, reverse, AL: MONEY, JOE L.: 03PY, g A ' Rome, GA: MoNTEFusco, RONALD s.: o3PY, Huntsville, AL: 'Q j ,,, L- MOORE, THURSTON H.: 04PY, Nashville, TN: MUELLER, ARTHUR In ' I' : A A " ' 1' ' 'Lear-' J.: 04PY, Birmingham, AL3 NEWMAN, MICHAEL C.: 04PY, Ozark, f i A ia. , A L,,: 53 I , AL: NlLEs, CYNTHIA lc.: o3Pv, Marshall, NC: NORTH, RANDALL A f - : H.:o4Pv Knoxville TN' l"f' ' . ,,,, W " " ':" ll' l e A . . we , I ,. oGLE, RANDALL Y.: O4PY, Lineville, AL: oLlvER, LARRY: o5Pv, iw ff : fi fiff? f' f if f ,l "3',fL,:f':1ii ' Auburn, AL: PHILEN, RONNIE: O4PY, Treasurer, Auburn, AL: ,,:V :L ,., H - 1 PLANT, RANDALL T.: o4PY, Tallassee, AL: PIERCE, SANDRA L.: ' -- ' , 04PY, Chipley, FL: POWELL, CRAIG M.: O4PY, Huntsville, AL: A A . , REED, DEBBIE D.: O4PY, Lanen, AL: Rosa, RONALD A.: oz-xPv, 451.5 f i 2imf::fA1::.' :ff fl 1 :-' A Q5 gf. L-:,. . 1 , :I - ' , HUflfSv"'e'AL2 - 1 ,... ' -, 1 5 " "l" ' 1 A' i .L Al . A . . ,-. U Ross. wlNsToN R.: O5PY, Auburn, AL: scRuLMAN, GLENN: "LA , ,l'Ll ' o4Pv, Hialeah, FL: scorlELD, ROBERT F.: o3Pv, Arab, AL: 'V , ffl .'-- fs' 'nilfff " -V A 4 JZ, krk' 'V"e 1 L ' j-.5 hifi SMITH, F. Ml'I'CHELL: O4PY, Birmingham, AL: SPARKS, MIKE F.: . lA-l' ' A -I '.L'l 'l-' Q o3PY, Lineville, AL: sToNE, DONNA L.: 03EE, Stone Mountain, 4V-A it Q MEZZ ,L ' GA: SUTTON, BRENT N.: o5Pv, Auburn, AL: TAMAsc0, RUSSEL . . .k,,., 7 : L . L.:O3PY,Grand Bay, AL: emi: L., , 1- l A ' V f::i:::l1s: 'i ' A W , 'ii"' A if THAME5' WW'-"W A-1 04PY: Evefgfeefll AL: VWYARD: RONNW , , A A L.: O4PY, Gadsden, AL: WEBB, JAMES W. JR.: 05PY, Auburn, AL: fi i'l'r 'i'i, A i'li h "l" 7f5'3 W'L50N:CEC'L D-:04PYlEaSfBVSWWHLALLWINDHAMLDAVUD B2 ,A , A M 04PY, Russellville, AL: WRIGHT, CYNTHIA: 04PY, Huntsville, AL: yi W ,igfgggrk 3: ffm Rf A sg: 53? YOUNG, JAMES D.: 05PY, Auburn, AL: SUMNERS, RODNEY V.: if A 1 . Dr. Archie Beebe, National Executive Director of Phi Delta Chi talks with little sister Maggie l Carter. This informal talk during a formal affair shows one of the advantages of being a professional fraternity member - association of a profes- sional atmosphere. Shown here are James Webb and Allen Davis. SPIKE SHOE CLUB Front Row: Allan Peffcr. Steve Brown — Pres.. Jeff Currey — Sec.. Willie Smith — Vice-Pres.. David McKannan — Treas. Second Row: Jeff Hamilton. Alfonzo Wright. Tony LeVecchio. Harvey Glance. Isadoor Moore. Les Porterfield. Mike McCrindle. Jim Dunaway. Third Row: Tony Eas- ley. Mike Frugoli. Ricky Watson. Bill Lenon. Theo Abston. David Peeler. Scott Goslin. Melinda Stubbs. Joe Franklin. Bob Montgomery. Mark Jordan. Fourth Row: Gary Linquist. Marc Valentine. Buddy Jessup. Mike Anderson. John Boone. Vernon Cousins. Paul Borelli. Paul Reagan. The Spike Shoe Club, as the name implies, is based upon advancement of the sport of track. The organization is open to all lettermen in varsity track and varsity cross country. Members are able to improve their skills in track through association with others involved in the sport. The Camera Club’s purpose is the advancement of photography, the promotion of photographic skills, and the encouragement of excellence in photographic craftsmanship. Meetings are similar to an informal class, and members help each other develop craftsmanship and technique creativity. Speakers are often local professional photographers who discuss subjects such as lighting and mounting. Projects of the club include setting up exhibitions in the Auburn area and entering pictures for campus publications. CAMERA CLUB John Coleman. Susan Rogers. Will Dickey—Pres.. John Clarke. Keith Nolcs, Gary Ehrlich. Mike Mike Hawke. Littleton Chatham. Regina Rhoades. Lozar. Scott Croomes. 310 Special Interest Of garwationtPARACHUTE CLUB Front Row: Steve Ratteree. Ken Webb. Dennis Benson. Cristi Childs. Chris Edwards. Jeff Nicholson. Robert Heffernan. Win Smith. Second Row: Larry Weaver. Janie Jernigan. Mike Shelton. Kathy Walker. Mike McBride. Kandy Jones. John Sherrcr. Doug Austin. Cid Alexander. Third Row: Bob Smith. Barbara Glover. Tom Ridgeway. Al Yoder. Bruce Wody. Mike Perkins. Allen Stevenson. Don Martin. The purpose of the Auburn Parachute Club is to promote the art and spirit of student involvement in the sport of parachuting. To promote safety and the art of relative work — Fly united. The team participated in demonstration jumps, competition student training and performed for charity drives. A-day games and other celebrations. SPECIAL INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS ’CAUSE I LIKE IT 311 Special Intereil OrRam ationi’CAUSE I LIKE I RIFLE TEAM: Front row: Jerry Light. Robert Mike Jones. James Miller. Dale Ramsey. Robert McCorkle. Mike Ballard. Second row: David Dubois. Susan Brown. Lynn Cox. Maj. Ballard. Steve Christensen. Bob Head. Cornel Wadham— Coach. Peacock. Third row: Carolyn Boyd. John Allison. WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB: Front row: Jim Sullivan. Bill Webb. Jim Thompson. Jim Perry. Fred Smith. Wilt Farris. Alan Bunn — V. Pres.. Bubba Griffin. Second row: Tim Ivey. Dan Gilland. Randy Edwards. Mike Gilbert. Buddy Hayes. Kelley Schultz. Joel Slocumb — Sec.. Charlie Lindsey — Pres. I 312 Or arwdttomThe RACQUETBALL CLUB is a relatively new club on campus. In its second year the club has gained many members interested in this rapidly growing sport. The KARATE CLUB members enjoy meeting together to practice their sport and to learn how to perfect their skills in this ancient Oriental art. The thrills of this sport has not just appealed to males; women are also found within the realms of this club. For those interested in the sport of marksmanship, then the RIFLE CLUB is provided. Not every member is a member of the University's ROTC programs — students from all areas of study have joined. Besides their own leisure and enjoyment, the members also compete for the University in intercollegiate competition. For Auburn students interested in body-building, the WAR EAGLE WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB is the solution. The student weight room, located in the coliseum. is the place where practicing members are seen at all hours of the day. The club also provides recreation for those who are interested simply in good physical condition. RACQUETBALL CLUB: Front row: Debra Tillery. Keyton. Kristen Conrad. Jeff Grill. Mark Self. Ann Dabney. Dianna Swisher. Randy Tillery. Alan Meachum. Third row: Dirk Gordon. Sam Valerie Arnold. Second row: Carol Lewis. Betsy Redding. David Rutherford. Julie Graham. KARATE CLUB: Front row: John Nolan. Mary Logan. Jimmy Ingram. Rick Rovner. John Pink. Ray. Second row: Al Fromhold. Elaine Giese. Edward Fields. Rilla Tacy. Third row: William Ingram. Leroy 313 OrganizationsThe International Relations Forum membership consists of Auburn International students from approximately 10 different countries plus any individuals from the area who are interested in the International students. Film programs, displays, lectures. discussions, and entertainment are part of the regular yearly events. There is also an annual International students banquet and talent show. One major activity is arranged each quarter such as a covered dinner. The Forum assists its members in assessing what they are striving to accomplish by aiding in development of their philosophies, attitudes, and appreciation of the complexities involved in international interaction. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OFFICERS: Mar- Bhurtel. Dr. R.V. Andelson — Faculty Advisor, wan Haddad. Katerine Vandaemale. Moha Nadim Haddad — Pres., Sherif Stino. Saleh. Kanetoshi Hattori. Xiomare Ruiz. Shyam 3ia Special Interest Organizations’CAUSE I LIKE IT For over ten years, the War Eagle Flying Team has represented Auburn University in intercollegiate flying competition. Participating in regional and National competition, the team excels in accuracy landings, cross country navigation, and air drop. Events also include aviation related ground events. The Afro-American Club encourages Black Students at Auburn to take an active role in all aspects of campus life. Their main activity is the organization and execution of Black Heritage Week Winter quarter. The club brings in speakers, films, and singers as part of the week's presentation. 315 Spccul Iniemt OfgjrwjlomThe Auburn University student chapter of the AMERICAN SOCIIETIVY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS provides a forum through its bi-monthly technicalfpro fessional programs to improve chan' nels of communication between its members and members of the practic ing civil engineering profession The mixture of technical and professional topics is designed to acquaint civil engineering undergraduates with the economic, political, professional, and Front row: Jerry Hopkins, Mike Richards A Pres., Lloyd Pitts f- f-r- Sec., Bill Edmundson, Raymond K. Moore, Xiomara A. Ruiz, Bill Frazier, Dennis Henderson. Second row: Stan Clark, Chris Burns M- Treas., Curtis Fortenberry, Ken l.. Smith, Glen Summerall, Olivia'Owen, Bill Wright Gary Schatz, Jennifer Bates, .John Bergs legal problems associated with the profession and its practice. The ENGINEERING COUNCIL. is corny posed of representatives from all the organizations in the Engineering School The Councilis purpose is to coordinate the plans and proposals of the various groups. The INSTITUETET OF ELECTRICAL, and E.l.ECiTRONIC ENGINEERS provides professional knowledge in the field, cnneider, Scott Osbouin Third row: Charles M. Ford, Baxter, M Farr, Michael S. Maddox, Richard R Miller, Bubba Bowden, Nemesia O. Gonzalez. Russell D, Shelton, Jimmy H Taylor, Bradford C Brightman Timothy L. Eason, Owen M Scott. Fourth row: W Deriney Pate, Bruce Melton, Danny Mardin. Charles Munden, Willard Adams, Allen Lassiter, Keith Bryant, Steve Strengh, Jim Summerell. Don Cook, William Foster, Mark Helsel, Alan Barton. Fifth row: Steve Short, John McCarthy, Gary Saliba, Carol Petty, Mike Allison, Mark Markham, John Crawford. ENGINEERING COUNCIL: First row: Prof. William Sherling - Adv., Bud Rogers --M V. Pres., Randy Barton - Pres., Ron Smidt -Treas., Gary Saliba - Sec. Second row: Tommy Huddleston. Robert Garlington, Dave Hunt, Robert Malseed, Leslie Johnson, John Mangham, Dustin Chaucer, Suzy Bramlett, Charles Richardson, Jan Dozier, L.C. Davis, Sherry Sublett, Oscar LeHands, Walter Rutledge, Charles Ford, David Linton, Steve Johnston. lg I.. aw 1,53 My , rlk, f 3 gi 4 M ,.. . 1, ,,., , Es - .'.. ' ,,,,. g I " KZ-4: 41 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS IN IVIEIVIORIANI DEAN A. JOHNSON O4ChE Phenix City Alabama born: 5-31-54 died: 8-15-76 Along with a dramatic increase in size, the student chapter of the Ameri- can Institute of Chemical Engineers' has increased its involvement. The AlChE not only introduces valuable contact between students and the in- dustry of which they will soon be a part but also provides its members with an important opprtunity to meet outside of the classroom. In the past year the organization has strived to expand the interest and involvement of underclassmen and continue to contribute to the development of both chemical engineering and chemical engineers. Activities have ranged from a relaxed afternoon at a nearby lake, to listening to engineers from several companies, including Exxon, Proctor and Gamble and Union Carbide, to 5 1 5 1 i e 1 l 5 5 l S s 2 E Q 2 1 Z AICHE Kay Appleton, Tat Wai Au, Hazel Blair, Tommy Bobo, Lisa Boydston, Larry Burger, David Bush, Greg Bush, Katherine Carroll, John Cobb, Carl Cole, Don Colgrove, Jon Commander, David Compton, Barbara Crawford, Ronnie Crow, Craig Davis, Lee Dodson, Vicky Douglass, Liz Duchock, Clara Ellenburg, David Elliott, Richard Glass, Chris Graham, Lamar Griffin, Keith Hamby, John Hardiman, Karen Harris, Charles Hartline, Ed Hartwig, Charles Hawkins, Rick Heeth, John Heil, Dennis Hudson, George Jeffrey, Eugene Jones, Keith Jung, Robert Layfield - Pres., Sharon Levesque, Mike Limbaugh, John McDan- iel, Frank Magazine, David Malcolm, Kathy Mal- laney, Chris Manley, Mike. Mays, George Miller, Larry Monroe, Jim Morrione, David Motes, Mark Nall, David Nordness, Ken Nunnelley, John O'Donnell, Fred Pehler, Ralph Quigley, Willard Reed, Christine Rice, Lynn Richardson, Bud Rogers, Paul Romine, Ralph Runge, Deborah Schmitz, Lisa Scrugham, Evan Smith, Janice Smith, Norman Smith, Pat Smith, Randall Smith, Fred Stacks, Kip Van Steenburgh, Steve Sutherlin, Howard Swann, Steve Wade, Wayne Walker, Nannette Weaver, Clara Welch. ! 3 3 I i Q t E 3 S l 31 B Engineering Organizations .' 1 -Q55 ,J I - 'I gf . in 9 J 5 . gg. , ,Q i ' i' Qi 5 QF AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING, METALLUR- GICAL, AND PETROLEUM ENGINEERS: First Row: Genne Myers, Tommy Huddleston, Tom Ridge- way, Robin Rathbun. Second Row: Don Atkinson Steven Parks, Larry Perry, Mike Creest. Third Row: Dr. Wartan Jemian, Dr. Roy Wilcox, Steve McGee, Al Looney. PAss THE T-SQUARE AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS First Row: Mark Bishop, Chad Bowman, Shannon Vinyard, Bobby Washington, Dave Wright, Jim Roberson, Perry Oakes, Ricky Pendley, David Singleton, Tim Chamblee, Mark Blanpied, Jim Burns, Bruce Coody, Tim Crawford, John Hughes - Pres., Danny Glover, Fred Henderson, Dr. Cliff Flood - Advisor, Elizabeth Harris. working on establishing test files and a studyroom. The American Society of Agriculture Engineers meets twice a month. Mem- bership is open to all students major- ing in Ag Engineering. Field trips to places such as the Dothan Nuclear Power Plant, Research Farms, and sub- stations in the Black Belt compose a portion of the group's activities. The society is currently restoring a case steam tractor that was built in 1908 and plan to construct a solar energy collector that will be able to heat a room in the Agricultural Engineering building. I The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engi- neers is an engineering organization which is open to anyone interested in materials engineering. Programs include field trips to in- dustries such as U.S. Steel in Birming- ham and Industrial N.D.Y. in Charles- ton, South Carolina. Meetings are held every two .weeks and guest speak- ers are often invited. Through this organization, the ap- proximately 15 members keep in touch with icurrent, metallurgical information and events. 31 9 Engineering Organizations PASS THE T-SQUARE The American Association of Mechanical Engineers meets every other week. Activities include hav- ing guest speakers, plant trips to, for example, the Dothan Nuclear Power Plant and Ampex of Opelika, and having a social luncheon every quarter. Members also serve as tour guides during Engineering week and the Association belongs to the Engineering Council. ASME First Row: Lee Tocho, Jan Dozier, Bill Lane, Lau- rence Williamson, Jackie Guthrie. Second Row: Jim Reece, Carl Robinson, Sue Winter, Emily Earle, Kayhan Kamali. Third Row: Jim Callahan, David Green, John Reamer, Dennis Bazzy, Warlick. Fourth Row: Rick Almond, Trent Steve Minor, Tom Ludwig, Ed Murphree. Row: Richard Headley, Max Milton, Fred Diggle mn.mvsm5,,H,,.ng-gm IILITARY ORGANIZATIONS ERVICE IN UNIFORM SEMPER FIDELIS First Row: B. Tiller, R. Maturrese, J. Wilkes, D. Calivor, P. Grooms, D. Fornier. Second Row: S. Joseph, M. Jones, J. England, C. Wil- liams, J. Evans, B. Pike. Third Row: J. Conrad, T. Sly, D. Jaquith, J. George, R. Fagot, J. Charette. Not Pictured: Maj. T. Sullivan - Adv., R. Ministeri, D. Salter, R. Reckart, D. Colson, B. Hayes, H. Nellums, T. Klinefelter, C. Ellington, B. Wager, D. Miller, R. O'Brian, J. Haddock, D. Merrifield, L. Southerland - Sponsor. Semper Fi is an honorary and service fraternity for Marine officer candidates. The group strives for pro- motion and education of Marine Corps purposes within the Auburn area. Semper Fi meets twice monthly. Guest speakers talk to the group about various subjects including, for exam- ple, opportunities of law in the Ma- rines, flying in the Antarctica, flight training and air controller responsi- bilities. Each fall, Semper Fi holds a formal dance to celebrate the Marine Corp's Birthday. The group also gives free helicopter rides over the Auburn campus to students throughout the year. Spring quarter, members also work as aides in the Blood Drive. Steerage is an honorary naval so- ciety for outstanding NROTC students who are either juniors or seniors with an overall gradepoint average of 1.5 and a Naval average of 2.0. STEERAGE First Row: Speer, Robertson, Gilbert, Gayla, Rath- burn, Myrick, Hardcastle. Second Row: Wilkes, Baclocco, Anderson, George, Marrow, Butler. Third Row: Cox, Rathburn, Lawman, Josup, Bunig, Gengo, Walker. 321 Military Organizations 322 Military Organ SERVICE IN UNIFORM The NAVY-MARINE ROTC prepares young men and women to serve as officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The unit at Auburn currently consists of 153 Navy options and 25 Marine options as well as 90 NESEP officers candidates. The NROTC program offers scholar- ships to all interested students who can qualify. These scholarships include tuition, books, uniforms, and S100 each month. Unit activities consist of naval science classes, community service projects, and rigorous physical fitness programs. There is also a social side of NROTC which is climaxed each year with the traditional "Ring Dance." Capt N C Youngblood USN N I 01152. Gayla Sauerbrey Navy Sponsor 323 Malutary Orgamzatnons . SERVICE IN UNIFORM AIR FORCE ROTC offers a stimulat- ing curriculum and the opportunity to work for a commission as an Air Force officer. The many cadet activities in- clude visits to Air Force bases, orien- tation flights in Air Force aircraft, and the Flight Instruction Program for those who qualify. Additionally, schol- arships are available for highly quali- fied students in all majors, with special emphasis on Engineering. The Air Force is a challenging and exciting service, born in the Aerospace Age and steadily growing. "Go Air Force" is a practical and modern formula for success. AFROTC OFFICER STAFF: First Row: Colonel Hall. Second Row: Lt. Colonel Henderson, Major Woods, Captain Merritt, Captain Nath. 095955 'Y' 324 Mllitary Organizations 1 " W' ,sw 'N V ..,-E, 7, , E ' St .1 -ax -- I f- ,Q QW . A . Qi.v2fQsiS.'??f eiyiiiffg Awliz il' AFROTC NCO STAFF: SSgt. Price, SSgt. Metcalf, TSgt. Samuels, SSgt. Hayes. aka 325 Milwtary Organizations ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: First Row: Carl Buans, Jim Stewart, Jim Fleming, George Daniel, Win- ford Speakman, Ozzie Mullins, Jerry Brannon, Mark Crail. Second Row: Sammie Williams, Paul Foshee, Don Cullen, Allen Scheibe, Brent Hill, Charles Bailey, Buster Barksdale, Rhonda Wil- Iiams, Chris Wilkerson, Donnie Dyer. Third Row: Jenell Runzelman, Bobby White, Ron Davis, Dwight Yarborough, Bob Patterson, Bill Moore, David Cahela, Bob Wells. Fourth Row: Mike Harrington, David Rothenanger, Stephanie Phil- lips, Allen Hume, Bill Warren, Ron Mumm, Cole Seckman, Col. Henderson. SERVICE IN UNIFORM 1326 Military Organizations WH An ""' ANGEL FLIGHT: First Row: Nancy Holland, Ann Laurie Hartwell, Terri Peck, Ellen Galvin, Beth Griffin, Broxie Sharpe, Sally Alford, Carla Coffey, Ingram, Rhonda Jones. Third Row: Col. Pete Mary Ann Blevins, Barbara Stanfield, Cathy Henderson, Christy Jackson, Melanie Greene, Gutan. Second Row: Elizabeth Jernigan, Jenelle Holly Hall, Dawn Halbrooks, Jenni Yelventor, Mims, Nancy Nolan, Lynn Jones, Emily Newman, Lisa Phillips, Paige Long. wif' x The Arnold Air Society is the Air Force Honorary. Their co-affiliate is Angel Flight whose purpose is to assist the Arnold Air Society and the Air Force ROTC. Both organizations serve the University and the community and to promote interest in the United States Air Force. They participate in the March of Dimes Walkathon, the Blood Drive, the Sheriffs Girls Ranch and with the Auburn Headstart Pro- gram. The Auburn organization is ranked number one in the nation. 327 Mit yOrgan t SERVICE IN UNIFORM ARNIES AND 328 Military Organ ANGELS izations SCABBARD 8- BLADE: First Row: Steve Anderson, Joe Gengo, Jan Robertson, Jim Lake. Second Row: Gary East, Tom Lawman, AI Jones, Greg Meadows. Third Row: David Cunningham, Mark Presson, Kathy Brown, David Vander Veen. Fourth Row: Steve Owens, Wayne Bryant, Verne Guthrie, Kelley Griswold. 329 Military Organizations SERVICE IN UNIFORM Training and education are provided to Auburn students through the ARMY ROTC program. This program also makes students responsible as officers in the United States Army. They usual- ly receive a two year duty oligation, while a few Army students being com- missioned to receive only three to six months active duty for training. ROTC students benefit from classroom in- struction and hours of drill exercises. Army ROTC is not always hard work, there is also a social aspect. The cli- max of this is the annual military ball which is held annually in the spring. For those interested in Army ROTC, Auburn University provides an excel- lent training ground, with superb lead- ers and facilities. BATTALION STAFF: Paul English, Lynn Sample, Bobby Templin, Jeff Head, Richard Robbins, Mike Feehan, Kelley Griswold. Below: RANGER COMPANY - First Row: Sisson, Nichols, Cun- ningham, Wilden, Allen, Head, Dailey, Bugg, Lit- tle, Adair, Cook. Second Row: Owen, Jordan, Crawford, Dubois, Copeland, Neura, Pearson, Dunahue, Dodds, Vinyard. Third Row: Cox, Owens, Johnson, Maney, Whilbanks, Sowns, Fluker, Wise. ARMY ROTC: HHC - First Row: Wayne Bryant, Stamps, Melvin Little, Sidney Brewer, Ed Verner Guthrie, Gary-East. Second Row: Les tage, Robert McCorkle, PaulEnglish. 2 ! Q . a i i 330 Military Organizations ARMY ROTC: Top - A Company: First: Chris- tenson. Second Row: Ballard, Dison, Busbee, Catlett, Newton, Chandler, Presson, Mixson, Boyd, Diehl, Atterbury, Guillotte, Noell, Ditt- mann. Third Row: Smith, Carmack, Hinton, Moody, Morris, Wiggle, Bankston, Walker, Far- rell, Selvey. Fourth Row: Cooper, Whitleley, Mul- lins, Adkins, Lee, Shine, Randall, Purcell, Gibson, Nixon. Middle-C Company: First Row: Moore. Second Row: Moriarty, Mastin, Sherk, Stalling, Rempell. Third Row: Boatner, Nix, Buchanan, Helms, Randall, Brinkworth, Brown, Skrine, Vanderveen. Fourth Row: Kerr. Bottom - Ka- dettes: First Row: Spina, Second Row: Lysaught, Dean, Johnson, Joseph, Barrett, Bead. Third Row: McCreary, Wiggins, Baumhaver, Dickinson, Porter, Morvis. 3131 Military Organizatlons 75 I4 SERVICE IN UNIFORM PERSHING RIFLES is a national honorary for outstanding students in Army and Air Force ROTC. The organi- zation was founded in 1894 by General John J. Pershing, and serves on the Auburn campus as the official Drill Team and Color Guard. CAPERS is the coaffiliate of the Pershing Rifles, serving the military, Auburn University, and the community in various social and civic projects. W 1 ei PERSHING RIFLES: Wayne Bryant, CO Kirk Casey, Steve Christensen, Bob Crabtree, Don Colson, Denise Dailey, Bill Fargason, Bob Flowers, Donna Glass, Jim Lake, Greg 332 Military Organizations Meadows, Sandy Mease, John Meister, Bob Montgomery, Phil Roberts, Jim Shanks, Bill Wade, Marty Wells, Wood Coleman. ll. E CAPERS: Front row: Sarah Petit, Cindy McGilv- ray, Anita Cottingham, Celia McGilvray, Peggy Sharpe, Nancy Scott, Carol Auerbach, Julie Oswell, Elena Newman. Second row: Linda Eskind, Ann Neely, Jan Fowler, Cindy Grant, Annette Beason, Melinda King, Julie Gilmore, Jane Brown, Fran Farris, Lynn Unger, Becky Mattmeuler, Labella Stewart, Kirn Smith. Third row: Ann Reynolds, Ann Allen Brown, Christi Sumner, Teresa Browning, Debbie Michalik, Nancy Neal, Debbie Baughman, Stacie Afcenit, Lynn Hawkins, Caroline Lipscomb, Jan Crow, Ann Ragsdale, Ruth Ann Dunn, Jim Lake, Fourth row: Greg Meadows, Karin Daniel, Barby Brown, Ella Boyd, Betsy Bradley, Lee Ann Sellers, Kim Hanson, Cheri Williams, Sissy Helms, Sloane Drennon, Linda Van Fassen. 333 Military Organizations PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Marcia Sims - President Ann Thompson - Vice President Betty Bopp - Secretary Susan Ellis - Treasurer Alpha Chi Omega Cindy Smalshof Jayne Tiffin Alpha Delta Pi Leah Prim Nancy Taylor Alpha Gamma Delta l Betsy Blackburn Lynn Overstreet Alpha Omicron Pi Ginger Avery Barbara Thorton Chi Omega Donna Fisher Susan Ellis Delta Delta Delta Jane Wallace Gina Lytle Delta Gamma Linda VanderArend Ginger Gage Delta Zeta ' Jennifer Case Susan Hazenfield Gamma Phi Beta Lyn Lufkin Nancy Blue Kappa Alpha Theta Sandy Garikes Debbie Goff Kappa Delta Lillian Randall Ann Neely Kappa Kappa Gamma Elena Newman Melanne Millisor Phi Mu Grace Hennessy Sheila Morris Pi Beta Phi Susan Smith Karin Daniel Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Glen Phillippi Leigh Cage Delta Sigma Theta Winnie Williams Lynne Burks Alpha Kappa Alpha Debra Huntley Kay Lane JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Carol Browning - President Ginny Sorsby - Secretary Alpha Chi Omega Lynne Cagle Jane Ellen Hendricks Alpha Delta Pi Melissa Holliman Hunter Fearing Alpha Gamma Delta Sherri Paulk Sharon Bowen Alpha Omicron Pi Holly Borders Phyllis Mallock Chi Omega Beth Crane Grace Gunderson Delta Delta Delta Donna Dearman Ann Glascock Delta Gamma Jane McNulty Carol Browning Delta Zeta Kim Grubbs Debbie Vogel Gamma Phi Beta Margie Sherer Casey King Kappa Alpha Theta Jill Comfort Maria Mitchell Kappa Delta Lori Leberte , Nancy Nichols Kappa Kappa Gamma Beth Harrison Phyllis Hill Phi Mu ' Lisa Hunter Kelly Cooper Pi Beta Phi Kim Griner Lenore Wynn Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Orman Gina Sorsby Lnmnnuxi-I 1-.1 323 4 Panhellenic PANHELLENIC The PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, founded in 1923, is the coordinating body of the Greek letter sororities. It strives constantly to further an active cooperation and better understanding between sorority and nonsorority women. Panhellenic Council promotes fine intellectual achievement and sound scholarship, maintains high social standards, and promotes worthy projects on campus. It also formulates and enforces rushing regulations. Organized in 1950, the JUNIOR PANHELLENIC is an organization that brings two representatives from each sorority together to acquaint them with the Greek system here at Auburn. 335 Panhellenic 5 5 r 1 X Interfraternity Council: Alpha Epsilon Pi- Doug Tambor Alpha Gamma Rho - Jack Everett Alpha Psi- Mike Wilson Alpha Tau Omega - Bill Brannan Beta Theta Pi - Scotty Crawford Chi Phi -Gary Revere W Delta Chi- Dave Tatum Delta Sigma Phi- Bill Foreman Delta Tau Delta - Jack Early FarmHouse - Daniel Haygood Kappa Alpha - Randy Schrimsher Kappa Alpha Psi- Primus Ridgeway Kappa Sigma - Kirby Adams Lambda Chi Alpha - David Marsh Omega Psi Phi- Henry Aldridge Omega Tau Sigma - Dick Jordan Phi Delta Theta - Jimmy Lockwood Phi Gamma Delta - Mark Limbaugh Phi Kappa Psi- Steve Burns Phi Kappa Tau - Frank Branham Pi Kappa Alpha - Keith Smith Pi Kappa Phi- Rod Monroe Sigma Alpha Epsilon -Jim Carson Sigma Chi- David Perez Sigma Nu -Craig Ferguson Sigma Phi Epsilon -Art Kleiderer Sigma Pi -Carl Bartlett Tau Kappa Epsilon -Julius Blackmon Theta Chi- Steve Copeland Theta Xi- Nick Nichols BROTHERS AN D SISTERS The Interfraternity Council coordi- nates the activities of the Auburn fra- ternities. The lnterfraternity Council sponsorsGreek Forum, publishes the IFC Newsletter, provides the check cashing service in the Student Union, and maintains the ideals of honor, service and brotherhood upon which the fraternity system was founded. Winter quarter, the sisters of Alpha Chi held a party celebrating the initiation of their new sisters. The party was held in the Chapter Room on Wednesday, january 19, 1977, and refreshments were served. For the All-Campus fund drive, the Alpha Chi's along with the Alpha Tau Omega fra- ternity held a Halloween Party. The carnival raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Fund. The Alpha Chi's also held a bike race for the Cystic Fibrosis Fund. Each year, the sorority also participates in all campus events. The sisters also have an annual winter formal and spring house party. This year the winter formal was held in Atlanta from january 29-31. Enjoying the party after formal initiation, Donna Gudo, Carol Allen, and Debbie Weathers talk to their sisters. Party for sisters follows initiation Karen Fuchr receives a gift from her big sister, Pam Hull, to congratulate her on becoming a sister. Initiation is a time of happiness and excitement Suzanne Parker receives a hug from her sisters lan Stewart and Sandy Hoveyatt. Elizabeth Bantt and Lori Coriglono show that they are having a good time through the excitement on their faces. 338 Alpha Chi Omega at ""'1 "DNA if-" lan justice and Lisa Longley add a bow to their outfits after opening the gifts they received. A toast of friendship is shared during the party by Leigh Sutherland and Laurie Dean. The party was a time for happiness and friendship as these sisters show by gathering for a group picture. 339 Alpha Chi Omega This year on February 17, the Alpha Delta Pi sorority won first place for "best over-all production" in Step Sing and also received the award for the most original presentation. The group performed "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and was judged in three categories: Nlusicality, presentation and audience ap- peal, and originality of song, costume, ex- pression and movement. Practice for the contest began the middle of lanuray. The sisters worked on the song each day for an hour until two weeks before the perfor- mance when they began daily two hour prac- tice sessions. Other Alpha Delta Pi activities for the year included a "Speak Easy" party for the All-Campus Fund Drive with the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, a Headstart Christmas party with the Fiji's, a winter formal in Atlanta, and a Scholarship Banquet. Learning routines to go along with the music took up a great deal of time, but added to the total performance. V T chan: anooga Choo-Choo wlns Step-Smg Cindy lax and Betsy place a 340 Alpha Delta Pi Grant, Cindy Williams, and Tricia Beale re- enjoy the other Step-Sing acts. Bradley directed the ADPi's to their first nd most original awards at Step-Sing. Her newspaper tucked under one arm, jan Rhine- hart uses the other to aid in the motion ofa train. The sisters put everything into their rendition of the 1940's hit. I After finishing their performance, the sisters got a chance to relax in the Coliseum stands. Giving a shine for a dime, three sisters polish up the act. 3 41 Alpha Delta Pi Richard McCIosky and Sarah Barnes at the Lamp- lighter Dinner Theater. Posing for a picture together Robin Rathbun, Pam Grooms, lim George and Karla Flemming. Waiting for the play to begin are Penny Davidson and Sabrina. The Lamplighter Dinner Theater in Mont- gomery was the scene of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Winter Formal. During spring quarter, the fraternity had their annual Road Rally and Bamboo Bash. The Auburn chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi also has an active little sister program 342 Alpha Epsilon Pi Dave Tutierton and Lynette Abelkop standing in lobby after watching the theater in the round pro- duction. After enjoying dinner lim Thaggard and janey Sue Hensel relax before the play. Lamplighter site of formal entertainment to start. 'Pr Alan Adler, Debbie Kanner, Mike Hill, Kim Nlan- ning and Dianne Terel wait for the evening of 343 Alpha Epsilon Pi janie McCrory, Nancy Cook, and Cathy Eubanks sit on a wall with new friends. Several new pledges, along with sisters, just en- joyed the sun and dipping their legs in the pool. Party provides post rush relaxation Even though everyone didn't go in for a swim, several did enjoy the water and relaxing on floats. The afternoon of Squeal, the AlphaC-iamma Delta sorority in cooperation with the Auburn Alumnae chapter, held their second annual swimming party in honor of their new pledges. Other activities during the year included altruistic projects with the Sheriff's Girls Ranch and contributions to their Inter- national Altruism project - cleft palate research. The Alpha Gamma Deltas also partici- pated in International Reunion Day and Achievement Day. Last summer, some soror- ity members traveled to Norman, Oklahoma to recolonize a chapter there. The sorority was also active in campus parades, winners of spirit during A-Day. 344 Alpha Gamma Delta After the excitement of Squeal Day, jenny McCall and Sheri Paulk were able to enjoy a day with new sisters. Enjoying a few rays before classes start and the cold days of winter come are Ann Compton, Debra Tatum, Christi Sumner, and Becky Nlerkle. Caroline Lipscomb, a native of Auburn, saw the day as a good time to meet the future sisters. With their new sorority shirts, pledges Pam Long and Kathy Yates also wore matching overalls. Winter quarter, on January 24 and 25, the brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho, held their annual little sister rush. Girls were invited to the house to meet and talk with the brothers. Little sisters were then chosen from the group of rushees. Highlights of the year for the Alpha Gamma Rho's include sponsorship of an all-campus little sister softball tour- nament, an annual Founder's Day celebration, and participation in many intramural activities. Charles Snipes and Bubba Pate entertain Peggy Meadows, Susan Scott, and Susan Lee at Little Sister Rush. New Little Sisters picked through rush 346 Mike Williams talks to Amy Thomas about the Little Sister program. Cindy Bailey and Jim Mitchell listen as Tom Cammack explains the virtues of being a Little Sister. Alpha Gamma Rho k , f we-Ji Russell Rasco dances with a candidate as David Wingard watches. Larry Croft listens intently as one of the Little Sister candidates chats with him. .. ,e .A Lirr M M. ,,e1 j , v ""-any-1' Jimmy Cleveland pours a drink for Jim Mitchell as the party progresses. James Thomas enjoys the punch served at the party, while listening to a conversation between one of the Little SisterRushes and Russell Rusco. 347 Alpha Gamma Rho Competition between organizations is one of the highlights of the Roundup. The greased pig chase is one of the events for women. The Alpha Psi Roundup is a time for all of Au- burn's cowboys to enter the spotlight. Unlike the movies, sometimes the cattle win. Alpha Psi is a professional Veterinary Fraternity which has boasted the highest scholastic average for all fraternities on campus thc past two years. lt is the oldest Veterinary Fraternity on campus and was founded in 1912 shortly after the initiation of a veterinary curriculum. Every spring, the fraternity sponsors a Spring Round-Up, for both Greek and ln- dependent groups. Competition in various rodeo type events ranges from goat tying and a greased pig chase for women con- testants and wild bull riding and a calf scramble for the men. The frequent bumps, collisions, and spills provide for a day of entertainment and comedy for spectators and participants. Goat tying is another enjoyable event for contes- tants and spectators. As two women compete in this event, they are watched by Mickey Woodward, Marshall Putnam and Hugh Hodges. 348 Alpha Psi - Alpha Psi also engages in social functions throughout the year, such as parties on foot- ball game weekends, a Winter formal, and a weekend houseparty in Florida. They also have an active little sister program and a Wives Auxiliary. Mark Richl assists two participants in the dress a goat contest. Members of Alpha Psi, their advisors and friends viewed the Roundup from the judges booth. Students get a chance to play cowboy Brothers Marshall Putnam and Rick Danbar help walk Grant Castleberry after a hard spill at the Roundup. No rodeo is complete without a bronco riding con- test. The only problem the rider tries to get off at his discretion. lan Hardy and lulie Gordon struggle in an impromptu wrestling match on the floor of the AOPi chapter room. lan won. Discovering that there are other things to do at school besides studying after the formalities are over, Kip Campbell, Edie Carroll, and joan Tanner take time to eat and talk about the night. -fi iw ,.,., t ,,,,.lV D l A g ljlghf Squeals and tears mark finding "my big sister" Through the Big Sister- Little Sister pro- gram, new pledges learn to adjust scholasf tically, intellectually, and socially to the col- lege environment. They find the meaning and importance of one to one relationships and are provided with a learning experience. Few relationships will ever be as intense, as inspirational, and as challenging as these. One of the program's highlights each year is a party which ends a week of secret gifts and anonymous hints to the pledges from their still unknown Big Sisters. This year's party began with a scavenger hunt for clues that led the pledges throughout the campus and eventually ended in the Chapter room. The girls then pieced together their last clues and discovered their new big sister's identity. Through the hugs and tears ofjoy,glimpses of the beginning of a lasting friendship were visibleg one that would stretch beyond the four years of college. 350 Alpha Omicron Pi After the excitement died down, Ansley Boling and Lynn Kaiser grabbed a seat on the couch. Looking over Laury Edwards' shoulder may not be the easiest way to look at the scrapbook, but several sisters try it. Every sister must sign a pledge's paddle during the pledge period. Mary Pennington adds her name to one here. Having a photographer around brings out the ham in Alice Roberts, Martha Stevens, Barbara Thornton, Lisa Stephenson, and Gail Casey. 351 ' Alpha Ornicron Fl Winter quarter, Alpha Tau Omega held a "Hay-Seed" party. Turkeys, chickens, hay covered floors, and partiers dressed in over- alls combined to produce a rural atmosphere in keeping with the theme. The Auburn Vet School loaned Alpha Tau Omega some of its experimental animals which were an added effectiveness to the decorations. Community service is also a part of the fraternity activity. The Alpha Tau Omega Brothers and their dates enjoy a break from the books at the "Hay-Seed" party. During a band break a few fast games of foosball A little jug is a required item at a country party are one of the many things to fill up time before Steve Artman brings his to add to his costume and the music starts again. provide refreshment 352 Alpha Tau Omega Lee Denson shows that she's into the spirit of the party by holding one of the many chickens that were used to add atmosphere. Taking a break from the dancing, Betsy Barrett and Dean Snow relax on the hay-covered floor and talk over the things that have been going on during the evening. Overalls and straw set party theme T While the band plays, many of the brothers and their dates decide to just listen to the music instead of dancing. Halloween Carnival and the Wild West Sa- loon party have become annual campus events. The Halloween Carnival, which is presented jointly with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, contributed its proceeds to Cystic Fibrosis research. The Wild West Saloon held in the spring with the help of fraternity little sisters, directs its proceeds to the All Camp- us Fund Drive. 353 Alpha Tau Omega To raise money for the All-Campus Fund Drive, the Beta's and the DZ's held a 72- hour rock-around-the-clock. By the time the last couple climbed from the chair at noon on A-day, over 352300 had been pledged, the largest amount ever for a Fund Drive Proj- ect. The eleven foot tall rocking chair, built by brothers james Myers and Gary Leeds, was placed on Haley Center Concourse next to a table where students and faculty could make pledges. Between classes, a PA system was used to play music and count down the 72 hours. Twelve couples signed up to rock six hour shifts - one shift running from mid- night to six in the morning, made easier by the fact that students dropped by all night long just to make sure the rocking chair was going all night long. Some unlucky rockers drew shifts in the rain, spending their time under umbrellas or a make-shift awning nailed over the chair. Beta's and DZ's gathered around the chair on Saturday to count off the final minutes, then walked to the stadium to watch the football game. There, a series of surprises awaited the Beta's. Along with winning a trophy for raising the most money with a rock-a-thon, they also received an SGA spirit award, and the AOPi Trophy as the Most Outstanding Fraternity on campus - their second consecutive year as the number one fraternity. A-Day Rock-a-than wins trophy 41-1 l 354 Beta Theta Pi the footof the chair and 'talk lo the rockers. the Beta House, Saturday to count otli the final stri es o Sanford Tower, then went to the game. jennifer Case and Rusty Parker were unlucky enough to rock their six hours in the rain. The time passed quicker whenever a friend would stand al Amoret Eiland and Dave Coats paint the pledge board which showed donations from area bust ncsses. This work was done in the living room o Many brothers gathered around the chair at noo ' ' ' 'k 1' the belli Beta President Steve Strength was one of the last two rockers in the 72-hour marathon. l if v M ,N ffm? V5 f a.,,,7 During the breaks between hour classes, a PA sys- tem was used to play music and announce thc number ol' hours that had been completed. Man- ning the system here are john Adams, Steve Wil- Iiamson, and Laura Finlrock. Rick Watkins, Steve Strength, Steve Williamson, and Tommy Payne receive the AOPi trophy for the Betas. 35 5 Beta Theta Pi When food's around and there's no studying to do Nan Roark and Karen Fowler used the ice cream party as a time to catch up on the latest VIEWS. Cups from Auburn football games come to good use for Sally Phillips and the other Chi Omega's. i Get-together breaks routme for SISIBIS 355 Chi Omega Before the hectic schedule of class- es began Winter Quarter, the Chi Omega's got together to watch tele- vision, sing, and eat snacks. Through- out the year, the Sisters try to spend time with each other on an informal basis by having ice cream socials, tele- vision parties, and "Owl Hoots." Susan Richardson, the 1977 Presi- dent explains that "Even though study- ing and campus activities keep us on the go, we try to relax and just enjoy being together as often as possible." This year, Chi Omega contributed to the All Campus Fund Drive with money raised from co-sponsorship of the "Hoe Down-Boogie Down" and the "Bump Bama Bash." The "Hoe Down- Boogie Down" was a combination square dance and band party. "Bump Bama Bash," held the weekend before the Auburn-Alabama football game, was designed to promote school spirit for the long standing rivalry. Beth McCullough is a freshman from Florence. Cindy Kiley goes over music for step-sing at the party. Chi Omega also contributed to the restoration of the Auburn University Chapel, which was completed Fall Quarter, 1976. Sisters served as Host- ess for the official opening of the Chapel by giving tours and explaining the history, restoration, and future use oftheChapel. Marianne Ogletree, Cindy Allphin, and Gloria Grigg talk seriously after having a good time at the party. Kathy Hillis and Lucy Dean listen to a story being told by Beth McCullough. 357 Chl Omega Throughout tall and winter quarter, the Chi Phi fraternity held several Keg and Disco parties. Mixed drinks were also served. Brothers, their dates, and little sisters ca me to party together. The Chi Phi's are completely remod- eling their house. All rooms and the outside of the house will'be redone. The renovations are expected to be completed by the end of summer quarter, 1977. The fraternity has three theme parties during the year: the Roman, Occult, and Christmas parties. Fall quarter, the brothers and little sisters have a hayride and fish try atTuskegee Beach. Good conversation helps make a party more enjoyable here Mike Harrington talks with friends. 358 Chi Phi Refreshing themselves at the bar are Bruce Krupp, Mike Watts and Gary Revere. Steve Anderson and Janice Burson enjoy a slow dance together. Dancing at a party is a favorite for both Diane Richards and Charles Smith. Barbara Carter and Guy Bradley struck this pose for the photographer. f yogi if ,-., is i M X Brothers held annual formal rs-.fri-if ""-M i X mf. M B Guy Bradley, Luke Frisbee and Steve Anderson enjoy a beer during a break in the dancing. 359 Chi Phi Dancing the night away is Steve lngersall and Cathy Spence. Gary Hollman and Robin Rummel are one of the couples to enjoy the Delta Chi formal 360 Delta Chi John Beck and Dana Dollar relax from the dance floor with a drink and a good laugh. The Delta Chi fraternity held their annual formal at the Stouffers lnn at Pine Isle on Lake Lanier, January 28 and 29. lt was extremely cold and de- spite the accommodations of the re- sort, there was little to do but enjoy each other's company. Saturday eve- ning there was a banquet followed by a dance. The fraternity's major concern for the next several years is the planning and construction of a new house. It is to be completed sometime within the next four years. Last year, the Delta Chis won the All-Sports trophy in league B along with trophies for softball, tennis, bad- minton, racquetball, bowling and track. They were also ranked 7th among fraternities scholastically. .leff Coughran watches as Laura Bates pins Jo- anne Rearen as the new Delta Chi Sweetheart. Formal weekend a welcome relief The brothers and their dates enjoy the banquet held before the dance. Disco many be the current dance craze, but Ray Huff and Mary Ellen Renn still enjoy a slow dance. 361 Delta Chi The pledges dressed as firemen look lorward to the competition of Derby Day after marching in the awe parade. David Edge looks like "my dog spot" after winning first place for Tri-Delts in Dress-A-Pledge competi- tion. wp. 3 aw 4.2 In the week-long Sigma Chi Derby Fall quarter, the Delta Delta Delta Sorority cap- tured first place slots in five divisions, in- cluding the skit night and best costume for a Sigma Chi pledge. The sorority also won the over-all trophy for the week. Participation with the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity in their annual Spring quarter tennis tournament raises money for dona- tion to cancer research. Also, the Delta Delta Delta's have won first place trophies the last several years in the campus blood drive. Sisters in the stands show their support for those in competition by cheering and clapping for both the winners and losers. 362 Delta Delta Delta M, Tri Delta stresses community service na- tionally with an annual event called Sleigh Bell Day. The chapter selects a charity and fund raising project, This year, raffle tickets for 100 gallons of gasoline were sold to raise S500 to give the Children's hospital in Bir- mingham. Skating parties, banquets, Christmas and Halloween parties, window paintings, and gossip sessions are also part of being a Delta Delta Delta sister. placing first At the end of Derby Day the Tri-Delts show the spirit of friendly competition and happiness of Flve Fleld Day w1ns help capture Derbf D Coach Richard Carmack counts the pennies that Leone jones dug out of the flour pile. The three legged race showed that Elizabeth Bates, Gina Lytle, and Mary Anne Abel had the ability to work together in a difficult event ,L v 3623 Della Delta Della Every year the Delta Gamma sorori- ty has a retreat for sisters and pledges to get acquainted with each other. This year the retreat was held at Camp Rotary in Wetumpka, Alabama. Satur- day was the day for skits and games and Sunday a sunrise service was held. The Delta Gams participate each quarter in Philanthropy-Sight Conser- vation and Aid to the Blind by screen- ing eyes in cooperation with the Head Start Program. Annual get-togethers include formal, Halloween, Christmas, and beach parties. The transition to Greek life can be hectic for a pledge as they try to get to know their fellow pledges and the sisters. A retreat and a good time help make this transition easier. llfeiend retreat held for slsters and pledges 364 Delta Gamma Getting together for skits and good times made the retreat enjoyable for all. Kathy Engelmann and the other DG s gather around thedining hut at Camp Rotary in Wetum pka. for sisters to relax and just talk. The Rotary porch served as a good place Marilyn Lance, Susan Haffner, ,Jamie McPhaiI and Jane Floyd share their talents to entertain their sisters. Retreats and the great outdoors create big appe- tites and cause a lunch lineto quickly form. 36 5 Delta Gamma 'The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity held their annual winter formal this year at Lake Guntersville Convention Center. The formal, which lasted from February 4th through the 6th, included a banquet and dance. Other fraternity events included the 1 Miss Fall Rush Contest, little sister rush during winter quarter, and a "Shipwreck" party A-Day weekend. Rox Green found that dancing was cooler without a coat. His date is Melissa Haynes. GLOM photographer Julie Hermecz says that Leonard Cichowski, a Pi Kappa Phi alumni in Geology, does more than just "hunting rocks!" 35 6 Delta Sigma Phi its is 2x is 2 i S 2 4,2 ima 5 1 3 it f 5 3515 A ff, 2? Emory Stapleton and Jay Waldo went all out for the formal dressing in tuxes and tails. Bill Litty transferred to Auburn from a Fort Walton Beach Junior College. ,WH fa Formal brings getaway to Guntersville dance. "Homestead Act" provides the music for the 367 Delta Sigma Phi 368 Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, lnc. is a public service sorority. This sisterhood emphasizes high cultural, intellectual and moral standards among its members. The sisters of Kappa Upsilon chapter at Auburn University are united in their dedication to a program of sharing membership skills and organizational services with the public. Delta's public service program centers around educational, economic, community and international activities, housing and urban development and mental health. We salute the 22 women who founded Delta 64 years ago. fs Mail :www This year Omega Psi Phi's basketball team made it into the playoffs of the small fra- ternity division. But despite the efforts of the team members, they could not out score Delta Chi for the championship. The Sigma Delta Chapter at Auburn was founded on May l9, 1972, with fourteen charter members. Brothers sponsor quarterly food drives for the needy, community dances and volunteer their services for community-related events. 369 Omega Psi While the origin of Mardi Gras celebration in the South is hotly contested between the cities of Mobile and New Orleans, neither realize there is a third contender among the merry-makers. The Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sorority have the distinction of producing their own Mardi Gras each year on the Auburn Campus. Traditionally, the celebration culminates on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednes- day and is the last chance for many cele- brators to take full advantage of the oppor- tunity before Lent For the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity the occasion is based on festivityg however, the main purpose of the event is to benefit the All-Campus Fund Drive. Their Mardi Gras celebration doesn't last for weeks, in fact it isn't even on Fat Tuesday, but they do try to emulate Mobile and New Orleans in that they fill one day with as much mirth and merriment as possible. Bands, marching units and fraternity and sorority built floats parade throughout the city. This year's theme was "America's Fa- vorite Past-time," and awards donated by local merchants went to the best float and most original costumes. That night, Auburn Mardis Gras celebrators danced to the music of Sailcat. Students and townspeople gathered to watch the parade of floats down Magnolia and College Streets that were built by different groups on campus. Alan Stegall and Phyllis Carns posed for a picture taken by the Delta's photographer who covered all the events for the fraternity. Helping in directing the floats into position for the parade was one of the duties handled by Mike Abernathy. Spring brings .Mardi Gras to Auburn 37 D Delta Tau Delta A parade is not complete without a firetruck, and the city of Auburn provides one manned by a lovely crew. Held under a canopy, the dance provided students a chance to enjoy good music by the group Saiicat. Ted Bertolett and his date show that they had a good time at Mardi Gras by the expressions on their faces. 'fi 5 Q 3 L 5 Xi I 4 if I, 'kk..' J V A Q, Fred Martin, Mike lohnston, and limmie Lott re- lax on the railing to the judges platform before the prizes for best floats were awarded. 371 Delta Tau Delta Good food, conversation and friends helped make the party a success as the sisters and pledges relax before the last two weeks of classes start. Barbara Carl helped serve covered-dish supper to her sisters at the DZ Thanks- giving party. K Thanksgiving celebrated with dinner Thanksgiving brought a special time to Delta Zeta Sorority. Seeing the holiday as a perfect time to get together, share memories, and grow in sisterhood, the sorority planned a Thanksgiving dinner for sisters, pledges, Big Brothers, and alumni. The covered-dish supper, held in the chapter room on Sunday, November 21, followed formal initiation for DZ Big Brothers. The dinner provided a per- fect time for giving thanks together, and relaxing before the last two weeks of classes and exams. The Beta Xi Chapter of Delta Zeta parti- cipated in many activities throughout the year. December brings an annual Christmas 372 party for underprivileged children. The DZ's also support a Navajo Indian girl and aid the Auburn Halfway House. Spring quarter 1976, the DZ's won a trophy for contribu- ting the most money to the all-campus fund drive, raising it by rocking for 72 hours in an eleven-foot rocking chair during a Rock-a- thon with Beta Theta Pi, An alumni-spon- sored Senior Banquet ends each school year by recognizing graduating sisters and their accomplishments. New Big Brothers were initiated before the dinner. The Big Brothers are picked during Spring quarter each year. Waiting in line with Big Brother Russ jimmy Ray Loyiess and Kathy Richburg Sedlack at the Thanksgiving party are talk after dinner, Loyless has been a Big Jayne Batt and Kathy Bellinger. Brother for three years. r Polly Eitzen used the afternoon study break. party as a Sunday 373 Delta Zeta Brothers of the Farmhouse frater- nity often get together downstairs in the house to study, plan activities, or just to talk. Fall quarter, the fraternity set up booths on campus that provide infor- mation for newcomers to the campus. They also help with such organizations as Head Start, Red Cross, the Auburn Beautification Committee, the Nlarch of Dimes Walk-a-thon, and the Cystic Fibrosis Bike-a-thon. At the beginning of each quarter, Farmhouse holds a retreat for its members at which the brothers spend time together discussing fraternity activities and goals for the upcoming quarter. Even though the snow fell, Mike Johnson made it to class to help keep up Farmhouses scholar- ship. Building men a major fraternity goal Concerned with a man's moral fiber, the broth- ' ers hold a Bible Study in the livingroom. 1 374 FarmHouse Homework beckons to be done and answering the call are Hugh Stone, Jim Hooper and Larry Abel. Participating in the intramural swimming com- petition is as much fun as work for Hugh Stone, Mike Tyberghien and Frank Williams. Grant Steele and Hugh Stone entertain their brothers with their musical talent. With classes cancelled for the day, John De- Loach enjoys one of Au burn's rare snow falls. 375 Farm House Kathy Carrier and Lisa Powell look excited about what will happen at the banquet held for the new sisters. Libby Martin and leanne White proudly show their award after being recognized in a Big Sister- Little Sister presentation. W g,ir'2gf::i1tpfas-ff - k3,sgi,7e,5: ..,Vi ,,.,, Q . , f7-f - .. ..,. -- , L -QQfegzfQl9ssQ?5fi5w,r1itig.f-eggs gi-it , f tt s 1 Pfi- S-flk-fe ,. - 1 pt i V i,.i,.a, V 5.55, ,iw , V K ,tg , , , Q- f..-,. 1. J r, --its-V f ,QA 2 my 5 11 i Banquet caps mitxatlon weekend 376 Gamma Phi Beta l Winter quarter, the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority held an annual initiation banquet at the Heart of Auburn Restaurant . . . Sorority awards for outstanding pledge was given to loanna Newberry, most improved scholar- ship to Alice Laney and Libby Martin and jeanne White won the Big Sister Little Sister Scholarship. Mrs. Norman Zimmerman was the guest speaker, along with presentations by both the president of the sorority and pledge class. ln the crowd, Lee Ann Fullerton and Sandra Mann talk over the things that had gone on during the days of initiation. As pledge class president, Margie Sherer than ks the Good company and conversation adds to the en- sisters of the chapter and presents them with a gift joyment of Lynn Cox and Lisa Still at the banquet. from the new sisters. Annually, the sorority sponsors a Korean child and contributes funds to campus for underprivileged children. One camps is lo- cated in British Columbia and the other is in Denver, Colorado. The Gamma Phi's also have an active Big Brother program and often give popcorn parties along with the annual Romeo Picnic in the spring. The sisters hold a Halloween party for the chapter and pledges give the Christmas party for the sisters every year. This past year '75-'76 the McCormick Medallion was presented to the Auburn chapter by national for holding the most activities for a chapter. Barbi Schrantz, Mary Bryan, and julie Muckelrath share stories and friendship with each other. 377 Gamma Phi Beta Germ Black and George Hardy share a horse and the same grey and black t-shirt style. More than one design was screenprinted for the weekend. Southern belles accompanied the southern gen- tlemen in the parade. Almost all of the KA brothers rode or walked in the parade. Donny and Al Thompson escorted their dates on the back of a convertable in- stead of on horseback. 378 Kappa Alpha Peggy Owen, the KA Rose wore an outfit reminiscent of Scarlett O,Hara or another character in "Gone With the Wind." ln April, the Kappa Alpha fraternity brings to life the southern tradition of rebel yells, "belles" in long, flowing dresses, and the southern secession from the Union. Why all the grandeur and rembrance of the South's hardest times? johnny Morris says, "lt's because our hearts are proud and our heritage is strong!" Old South began in the early 1930's with the Dixie Ball in Oklahoma, when a KA chapter there held a costume party where gentlemen paraded in gray uniforms and belles donned frills and flowers. Macon, Georgia, may boast of founding the Old South tradition as it is today. An alumni chapter there decided to do a take- off on the original Dixie Ball. The idea actu- ally came to life before World War ll after the first showing of the legendary movie "Gone With The Wind." However, Old South made the biggest impact on all southern KA chapters after World War ll. During the l95O's, the tradi- tional march began on Peachtree Street in the heart of Atlanta which was closed off in order to host a big parade for the KA Old South. The scenery has changed - College Street is not in Atlanta - but it is the heart of "Dixie Land." Each year, since the l95O's, Auburn students line the old tree-lined street awaiting the call of rebel secession because, as Randy Schrimsher says. "The South Shall Never Die!" Secession, return of chivalry occur at Old South Davis Anne Denson was just one of the pretty belles in the Old South parade. Randy Schrimscher announces the KA's seces- sion from the Union while Cindy York listens. 379 Kappa Alph 380 Kappa Alpha Theta Letta Stepp ties the string to her homemade kite with the help of Marquerite Freeman. Cindy Bailey and Leslie Denny work on another homemade kite. 5 e-eekfsrv The message on Cindy BaiIey's kite helped -the kit got airborne. A futuristic plastic eagle-kite held Carol Bowler's hopes for flight. ffl! -vga we L., it Bo Brown flew a plastic bird-shaped kite. Each year, Kappa Alpha Theta holds a kite flying contest for their pledges. Awards are given to the kite that flies the highest and for the prettiest. The pledges are required to make their own kite with the help of their big sistersg the only stipulation is that the kite must be flyable. Kite flight provides diversion Getting a kite in the air usually takes the work of two people. This year, the Kappa Alpha Theta's contributed to the Speech and Hearing Clinic and visited the Girl's Ranch at Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Annual parties include a Crazy Hat party, a Founder's Day Banquet, a Winter quarter party, and Parent's Day inthe spring. 3 B1 K ppa Alpha Theta The annual Kappa Delta White Rose Banquet was held Winter quarter in honor of the pledges. Each year an alumni speaks about her experiences as a Kappa Delta. Awards are also presented for scholarship, service to the sorority, outstanding Senior member, Model Sister and Model Winter quarter, the Kappa Deltas also have a spaghetti supper given by the pledges for the sisters and a Wendolyn Taylor and Evelyn Mitchell snare a joke duringthe banquet. White Rose banquet an annual event ,...a.,,.a Lisa McAilely, Chris Wyne, Tricia Lyon, and Leigh Hilyer hammed it up for photographer Will Dickey. Cissy Yarbrough presents gift to former presi- dent Lillian Randall. Valentine's Day party for children in the Headstart program. Their formal was held in Nashville, Tenn. this year. Fall activities included a Halloween and Christmas party, and a picnic for both sisters and pledges. A party was also given by the sorority for Headstart children. Susan Quinlivan is a freshman from B'ham majoring in Clothing and Textiles. White roses served as table decorations for the banquet. Shown here is Teri Lee. A group of sisters gather outside the banquet room. President, Abby Taylor, applauds the speech given by Kappa Delta alumni. 383 Kappa Delta Amanda Kruidenier sits on Santa's lap to tell him what she wants for Christmas. Debbie Cunningham serves as Santa Claus. Like everyone else, Karen Bougeois enjoys the ex- citement of Christmas, and the anticipation of what her package contains. - - - - D l I Santa reports on sister s past year 334 Kappa Kappa Gamma Each fall quarter, the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority celebrates Christmas with a party for all the sisters. Gifts are exchanged, refreshments served, the "Kappa Pickers" ithe sorority's singing groupl present a skit, and a Christmas show is given. Santa also visits, but instead of bringing gifts for the sisters, he brings amusing information on their behavior during the past year. The Kappa's often hold socials for the sisters before Chapter meeting, and also have an annual Halloween party at which the pledges discover the identity of their new big sisters. They participated in the 1976 All Fund Drive by holding a raffle with the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity for a vacation in Acapulco. One of the greatest joys of Christmas is the sharing of your gifts with others. Here Dell Hardinian shows her presents to Paula Hitccock and Gail Allred, No sorority party is complete without "munchies." Susan Corcoran holds the plate as Virginia Norris reaches for a piece of divinity. Teresa Poor looks at a pledge's Key to see who's signed it so far. Glancing at it with her is Ruthie Lowman. One of the Highlights ofthe party was a series of skits performed by the Kappa Pickers. Here, Laura Cain and Debbie Boucher ham it up for the sisters. Debbie Moore has her attention diverted by a call from across the room. Peggy lVicDayid is taking her time and has not gotten her present unwrapped yet. 385 Kappa Kappa Gamma Jim McGinnis and little sister, Kathy Luka, took advantage of the warm fall to stuff the float. Spring Fever can hit Fall quarter, too, so Dennis Brittain and Bill Edwards relax. Work for the float was done on the lawn in front of the Kappa Sig house. 386 Kappa Sigma Some of the finishing touches of spray paint are added with the advice of helpful crowd. Edgar Nobles and Whit Bramer helped with some of the finishing touches necessary on a chicken wire and crepe paper float. John Hancock stands near the large Tiger head on the Kappa Sig house roof. Brothers, little sisters built Homecoming float The Kappa Sigma homecoming float, titled "Pound on the SeminoIes," was built by both the brothers and pledges., lt was designed by one of the brothers, John Hancock. Before the game an alumni dinner was held for visiting brothers. The Kappa Sigmas also sponsored a family from the Auburn area at Christmas. The brothers participated in the Blood Drive last year and con- Bob Painter discarded his books and notes for an afternoon of work on the float. tributed a turkey to the Fire Depart- ment on Thanksgiving. For the fourth consecutive year, the fraternity won the first place trophy for intramural swimming. 387 Kappa Sigma The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity had a new house and an inconvenience this fall. Construction, which was hoped to be com- pleted by early fall, lingered on until the end of November. The addition was built to ac- commodate the growing membership of Lambda Chi, one of the largest fraternities on campus. The new building includes a li- brary study area, a large game room, a mod- ern kitchen, a dining room, a formal living room and the "conversation pit" ia sunken fireplace with a brick sculptured walll. Until Several brothers gather on the front walk of the new house, built on the site of the previous Lambda Chi house. Studying is one of the necessities of college life everyone must endure. Scott lVlcLelland prepares for his next exam in the new study area. David Bishop plays his guitar, while Mark Morris calls to get a date for the weekend. 388 Lambd 1 Chi Alpha Relaxation takes many forms, each as varied as the individual. leff Waites reads a current magazine, joe Harrison watches television, and Buster Leh- man relaxes after a shower. David Richardson types up a report of the chapter for the records of the Lambda Chi Alpha National Office. New house flmshed Wlnter quarter . - lg be held outside. now an architect. the weekend of Homecoming, parties had to Funding for the construction came al- most entirely from the active brothers with some help from alumni contributions. The plans were drawn up by a brother who is During winter quarter, the National Presi- dent came for the official dedication of the new house. In November, there was a house warming tea for all the sorority pledges. A fire is a natural gathering place during Winter Quarter. The Lambda Chi's enjoy their new sunken fireplace as a lounging area to relax in. 389 Lambda Chi Alpha pam. N at Spooky Corrigan and a friend sit in a corner and sell tickets for drinks. Dancing made a lot of people thirst. Paul Porter and lim Britt tend bar as the "bash" continues to the music of Ruskin. Robert Tent was among many Pe0ple crowding into the house to escape the rain and cold to enjoy themselves. SSD Plii Delta Theta 'ks 3 fi Est gi 'ti 5 1 E 5 2 E 5 "bash." Emory Ellis has one of the maroon and white T-shirts that the Phi Delts and Chi Os were to publicize the 5 Students "Bump Bama" for charity i " SA si . I i 1 - a fst s ii auf- it x - 1f -. ' ' -rjL-51:51-7.10, . if f - EEK . AV I' A"' if? Y ' Brian Dekle was one of the many brothers who worked at the "bash" to make it successful. Fall quarter the Phi Delta Theta fraterni- ty held the second annual Bump Bama Bash with the Chi Omega sorority. The purpose of the Bump Bama Bash was to raise money for contributions to the All-Campus Fund Drive. lt was held the weekend before Thanksgiving vacation in honor of the Auburn-Alabama game. Members sold tickets for the party, which was held at the Phi Delt house. A band from Georgia, "Ruskin", provided the entertainment, Because of rain on the night of the party, the band had to set up inside the house resulting in an extremely crowded situation. During Spring quarter the Phi Delts held a Beer Drinking contest during Greek week. Trophies were awarded to the Greek mem- ber who drank the most beers within a lim- ited time. The Phi Delts also sponsored a tennis tournament in the spring to raise money for the American Cancer Society and for a brother who required a long hospitalization after being seriously injured in a swimming accident. Trophies were given to the winners of men's and women's singles, doubles and for mixed doubles. 391 Phi Della Theta Dancing is always a favorite pastime and Stony Jackson shows his style to the crowd. A social is a good chance to make new friends. Hal Brendle and Moose Maley get acquainted with Christy Summer. Social livens up a Tuesday nlght 39 E Phi Gamma Delta Winter quarter, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity hosted the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority at a social. Mixed drinks were served.iOther ac- tivities during Winter quarter included the "Happy Birthday Hawaii" party. Spring activities included the annual Fiji island, the Fiji-Kappa Kappa Gam- ma annual all-campus fund drive, and the Fiji Frisbee tournaments. The fra- ternity, along with the Alpha Delta Pi's, also hosted a Christmas party for Headstart children. Miss Fall Wall was also held during fall quarter. Girls were judged on-how well they sat on the wall and were asked ridiculous questions. Jim Rittenour, Elizabeth Horbet, Dave Housel, and Lynn Walker enjoy the social and smile for the camera. Moose Maldy and Ann Alred "boogie" down to the music at the Phi Gamma Deltas put on an- other great party. Bruce Bartholomew talks with Chris Gray and Nancy Knowles during the disco party. other's company at the social. Charlie Payne and Susan Carlisle enjoy each i 393 Phi Gamma Delta Ricky Reece leads the way to the food at the 3rd Phi Kappa Psi birthday party. Eric Likes enjoys the food with a little help from h is fri end . 1 ...i f Q 394 Phi Kappa Psi Looking out over the new house with pride is John Derickson, No birthday party would be complete without advisors and Jim Stinson enjoys the party. Fratermty celebrates On January 29, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity held its third annual Birth- day Party commemorating the found- ing of their chapter. Guests included alumni and brothers from other chap- ters of Phi Kappa Psi. In the past year,the fraterrnty has acquued a new house recewed an Auburn Spirit Award, and also received a Rmph Brown Draughon SodaISen vice Award. Mike Caldwell discusses the state of the chapter with an Alumni. ' third birthday advisor prospec Sonya Branum and Rick Reece listen as Chapter James Warman discusses the chapter. The Phi Kappa Psi's use their party to rush a tive member. 355 Phi Kappa Psi Lynn Crew and Mike Yarborough warm up on the sideline. A four year starting quarterback, Mike led the high scoring Phi Tau offense. Andy Sorrell and Bill Franklin take a break from the action to discuss the game and get a brief moment of rest. The people who make a quarterback great f Paul Roy, Danny Boyd, and jim White give the quarter- back time to find a receiver. , J W ,, L Shug jordan, a man who has a few wins to his own credit, congratulates the fraternity on capturing the fraternity championship. jeff Lott looks toward open field while Rex Butler prepares to throw a block that could send him TD bound. Championship captured in Jordan-Hare Three fraternity sports championships were claimed by the Phi Kappa Tau fraterni- ty fall quarter 1976 - the campus football championship and League B lsmaller frater- nitiesj swimmingand volleyball. ln the foot- ball game for first place in fraternity compe- tition, held December 2, the Phi Tau's de- feated Pi Kappa Alpha 20 to 0. The follow- ing day, Phi Tau captured the campus-wide championship with a victory over an inde- pendent group, "the Green Machine." After the game, Shug jordan presented the Phi Tau's with a trophy, and they received points toward the all-sports trophy. For the past 4 years, the Phi Tau's have won their division championship under the leadership of quarterback Mike Yarbrough. Fall quarter, the Phi Kappa Tau's also participated in the Auburn Hunger Aware- ness Week, and held their annual Wasail Water party. The Wasail Water party, given each year before Thanksgiving Holidays by the graduating brothers, centers around sing- ing traditional fraternity songs and drinking punch made by the seniors. The Phi Tau's also have an active little sister program which includes a large number of activities with the fraternity throughout the year. Intramural football causes alot of minor injuries. The tape on Steve Lott's hand makes playing with jammed fingers less painful. 397 Phi Kappa Tau Buffie Wagner and Joe McDowell relax while not Amy WBYSOH and Eric 5Ch0PPm3n STFUCK thiS working the bar or gambling tables. P059 for the Ph0T08f3Phef- i 5 2 E 2 E s E 3 E Sisters become bunnies for charity Marie Hornady tries her ears on Mike Henley. The annual Phi Mu Playboy Club was held last winter quarter in cooper- ation with the Lambda Chi Alpha fra- ternity. The entertainment was a disco and casino. The sisters dressed as bunnies and served as hostesses. 398 Phi Mu .,...,,aw! Besides the all-campus fund drive, the Phi Mus hold a Pledge Formal each year in honor of their pledges. They also hold a Founder's Day Dance. Both were open to the public. As their national philanthropy, the Phi Mu's hold a fund-raising project to sponsor the hospitalship, the USS Hope. Their winter formal was at Pine lsles, Georgia and spring houseparties are always held each year in Florida. Sandra Johnson and Dell Paradise had a great time as they worked to raise money for the all- campus fund drive. Kathy Absher and Bill Brewer both worked at the Playboy Club. Louise Patton and the other Phi Mu's worked at the club for the all-campus fund drive. 399 Phi Mu The second annual Pi Beta Phi-Sigma Chi dance Marathon was held the second week- end of winter quarter. The couples in the Marathon raised money by asking people to sponsor them for every hour that they danced. Fifteen couples entered the Mara- thon and at the end of thirty hours seven couples remained. All proceeds went to charity. Pl Beta Phi's portion ofthe money went to Arrowmont, the national philan- thropy, and to Camp ASCCA, an Easter Seals Camp. Throughout the entire mara- thon the sisters played cards, danced and cheered for the couples. Besides the Dance Marathon, Pi Beta Phi also supports the philanthropy by holding Arrowcraft sales at various times during the Steve Roddy, jennifer Lysaght and Debbie Hall collect money from the people who came to dance and support the Marathon. Couples dance hours for chanty Beth Hicks and Dave Oberman were one of the seven couples to complete the entire thirty hours of dancing. Fun and excitement were enjoyed by all at the dance, includingClaudia Ware, Kim Cudd and Mari- lee Knellingcr. 4-DD Pi Beta Phi l the winners of the 1977 Dance Marathon. Laura Cain hugs lames Lloyd as they were declared Tumpy Woodruff and Lois Sparks share the fun at the Marathon with refreshments and friendship. Although not contestants in the Marathon, lan Kim Cahoon brought a friend, Laura Harrell with Matthews and Les Lee were still able to enjoy the her to watch the contestants during the final hours. music and dance. l year, on time being on A-Day. The chapter and their guests are encouraged to buy these crafts which go to aid the summer mountain craft workshop held in Gatlinburg, Tennes- see. Within the sorority there are many Inter- est Groups covering college and fraternity life. SIG fScholarship Interest Groupl, BOD fBeautify Our Dorml and FOG flfraternity Orientation Groupl are groups that meet regularly to help the sisters and pledges in these areas. Foster Sisters and Fraternity Heritage and Development are two of the more serious interest Groups that fulfill needs of those less fortunate and inform Pi Beta Phi's about their history. 401 Pi Beta Phi The Pi Kappa Alpha Bohemian Brawl, held on February 5 is the fra- ternity's first rush party of the year. Brothers work on decorations for the party the entire week before the Brawl. One portion of the decorations is a completed maze that must be crawled through in order to have access to the rest of the house. High school seniors are invited down for the weekend to party with the Auburn Pikes. The fraternity won first place in the large fraternity football competition Steve Trawick and Ben Gillis entertain their ' l friends at the Bohemian Brawl. Brawl" theme for maze party 'Tl 402 Pi Kappa Alpha pf Jim Hollway and Mark Rives look on as someone keeps the party hopping. Ben Gillis shows his bartending skills as he helps one of his brothers with another drink. 5 E 1 E 2 5 Q E 2 s x l for 1976 and was second for softball in their division. Last year, the Pikes winter formal was held in Gulf Shores and the house- party spring quarter was in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Other activities in- clude an annual "luau" party in the spring and the yearly A-Day weekend for both Alumni and rushees. One of the many couples of the Brawl, Carol Dixon and Rick Reynolds flash a big smile for the camera. eweoww -. f fl Ton Buckalew and Maggie Hennessey watch and laugh as people try to make it through the maze. Enjoying a break from dancing, Tricia Stevens and John Welborn talk to Carol Ann Person and Tom Samartino. 403 Pi Kappa Alpha Lihpf! Old and new Pi Kapp's got a chance to meet each other. Friday night before Homecoming, Alumni gathere at the house for a lawn party and cookout. d 404 Pi Kappa Phi 2 A couch inside the Pi Kappa Phi house made a great place to catch up on the old news. Even if the ages differ, they're all brothers. lames T. Russell, the first Pi Kapp at Auburn spoke at the anniversary banquet. Homecoming brings alumni to 50th anniversary On October 2, 1976, thirty-two men were granted the charter that established the Alpha Iota chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at Auburn. During the October 22nd Home- coming weekend, "Pi Kapp" hosted a 50th Anniversary Banquet. The activities began Friday evening with the arrival of 250 alum- ni, "supper on the lawn", and an open bar. Saturday, after the game iand another open bari, alumni, brothers, and pledges were treated to a banquet at the Union Building. The guests ranged from the first initiated brother of the Auburn chapter, to the 100th pledge. According to Roy Hoffman, Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi, the two speakers at the banquet were Ted Sharfenstein, the national president of Pi Kappa Phi, and james T. Russell, the Auburn chapter's first brother. Russell, a 1927 chemical engineer- ing graduate, had prepared an extensive visu- al presentation telling of 50 years of Auburn Pi Kappa Phi history. However, Russell was forced to expalin to an amused but disap- pointed audience that he had forgotten to bring the presentation. The Pi Kappa Phis also sponsor The Greek Belles ia directory of the yearly soror- ity pledge classi, "The Easter Bunny Con- test", "The Red Rose Formal" iwhere the Pi Kappa Phi's pick their sweethearti, and the annual "A-Day African lungle Party." 405 Pi Kappa h Mellissa Sherrill acts out the characteristics of one brother as everyone else tries to guess who she is imitating The brothers and dates watched as the little sisters performed skits about the brothers 2 406 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Small talk between the little sisters and brothers make the party a success. Pete Nice talks with Elizabeth Walters. There is always a crowd around a keg. johnny Wilson fills his cup as Claude Chambers pumps and David Thorpe watches. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and their little sisters had a "Burn the Brothersl' party winter quarter. The little sisters dressed like brothers and a Charade game followed. During winter quarter, the frater- nity sponsored the Miss Auburn University Pageant. They also won the Bed Race and their Winter Formal was held in New Or- leans. Other activities during the year in- cluded the Bankers Ball, House Party in Panama City, a Christmas party, and a Stu- dent-Faculty Dinner. Brantly. Gathering around the fireplace to relax and chat are Paul Noto, Buddy Barfield and little sister jane Llttle slsters roast brothers Marshall Ray, Dirk Lightfoot and Bob Blackburn sat outside after the show and talked for awhile and enjoyed the beverages. 407 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fred McCallam showed up at field day in his jersey, ready for some laughs at the day's event. Fall quarter 1976 was highlighted by Derby Week. Steve Roddy, this year's Derby Daddy, was coordinator for the hectic week. "l can't take all the credit", Roddy said. Congratulations must also go to the sorori- ties that competed, and, of course the Sigma Chl brothers." During the week, sororities competed in events such as the scavenger hunt, smile day, and riddle day. Derby Day brought the so- rority pledge classes to the track for field day events - flour pile, skinning the snake, three-legged races, and the selection of this year's Derby Darling, Karen Croft. Paula Cox was formally presented as the new sweetheart of the chapter. Tri-Delta won the Derby competition, with Delta Zeta and Alpha Gamma Delta in second and third respectively. Delta Zeta won the spirit com- petition. Derby Week is only a portion of the activities of the chapter. The Sigma Chi's also co-sponsor the annual "Dance Mara- thon" with Pi Beta Phi sorority and sponsor the annual frisbee tournament during Greek Week. The Sigma Chi's also host several theme parties including an A-Day lunch and jimmy Buffet parties. Derby week brings sororities together in competition Biggio Drive was filled with people coming to watch or participate in the Derby Saturday morning. Tim White still had his derby on Saturday morning, so he must have had a tough riddle for Riddle Day. 408 Sigma Chi By the time the girls got started into the flour pile, it was difficult to see what was happening. Appropriately enough, this event is called 'Skin the Snake.' The Phi Mu's dressed their Sigma Chi pledge as a mermaid. Derby Daddy, Steve Roddy, interviewed the Derby Darling contestants. Whatever Karen Kroft said to Steve was good enough to win. 409 Sigma Chi john Stivender spent a great deal of time behind the bar mixing drinks for the thirsty customers. Preparing for Casino took up a lot of time. Gary Woodham, Dave Poudstone, and john Stivender helped by painting the walls built for the party. h f Gambling Casino run for charity 41 O Sigma Nu Eli Cee provided music for the fifteen hundred students that attended the charity function. The Sigma Nu fraternity contributed to the All-Campus fund drive this year with money raised from their annual Casino party. Held April 23, Casino attracted a crowd of more then 1,500 students. Six dif- ferent types of gambling were available as entertainment. The fraternity has several other parties throughout the year, including the spring quarter "Lauau" and "Roman Orgy" parties. Both of these are for the brothers and their guests. Fall quarter, the brothers held a little sisters were auctioned to brothers for about S10 to 520. Each little sister was required to work an hour for the brother who had paid high bid for her. V Craig Tergreson and Randy Pittman wore vests and sleeve garters while serving as dealers at the differ- ent table games. Making announcements during the evening was one of the many duties of Ricky Ruston, the Sigma Nu social chairman. 'n- , iis, enjoyed the music and refreshments. Taking a break, Bobby Grant and, Perry Woodruff 4'I'I Sigma Nu Winter quarter, the Auburn chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity sponsored a Regional Leadership Academy for 27 other chapters throughout Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisi- ana. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss fraternity business and to meet brothers from different areas. Friday and Saturday meetings, seminars, and an awards banquet were held. After the banquet Satur- day evening, a party at the fraternity house was given for the visiting chapters, three Auburn sororities, alumni, and national fra- ternity officers. Winter quarter was also the time for the annual Winter Formal held this year at Niag- gies Valley, North Carolina. Spring quarter, the fraternity participated in District Day held in Tuscaloosa. Their annual Wai Kiki party was held, and house party was in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Ronnie Battagli, Dana Williams, and Billy LeGrone relax at the party held in honor of the Sig Ep's who attended the regional conference. 412 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Ep's from chapters in the southeast took a break from a successful conference to have a good time and party. The conference wasta great success, john Cheney and Larry Harrison talking over interesting items at the party. l 08 's l S l Bob Pare and Kim Bagley decided to ham it up a little for the photographer. A good time was enjoyed by all including the Sig Ep brothers here and their dates. I Regional Conference meets in Auburn Tamara Townsend helps out the bartender by pass- ing a drink to Nlark Gasser. 4-'I 3 Sigma Phi Epsilon Niel McKinnon and Carl Holloway talk with two rushees to get to know more about each other and discuss what it will mean to be a little sister. A friendly atmosphere was provided by the broth- ers for the little sister rushees to meet and make friends. 414 Sigrna Pi As one of the bartenders, Chip Townsend helps the party get underway by mixing drinks for those that wanted refreshment. Carrying on a conversation to find each other's common interests is one way of getting to know each other. Doug Koehler and housemother Burladine Newton discuss the activities that have taken place during little sister rush. Punch, conversation fill little sister rush Winter quarter, 1977, Sigma Pi fraternity held their annual little sister rush. The first night, mixed drinks were served and approxi- mately ninety girls were invited. A Daiquiri party was held for the second night of rush and later in the week, the new little sisters were surprised by the brothers with a disco party and each girl was given a red rose. The fraternity also holds a little sister Halloween carnival, Christmas party, and Valentine's Day party. Each February, the The main activity during little sister rush is conver- sation between the brothers and candidates up for consideration brothers have a Founder's Day Celebration and Spring quarter, they hold the annual Spring Luau. 415 Sigma Pi Forty-eight brothers live in the Tau Kappa Epsilon house and each room is an exhibit of individual taste. Their Winter Formal was more like a retreat than any- thing else, and it was held at Walt Disney world in Orlando, Florida. Spring quarter was their "Speak Easy" - the all-campus Basketball games are a popular pastime at the house. Here several brothers enioy a break from studying. 41 B Tau Kappa Epsilon Kraig Nelson relaxes on the steps to the Teke House with a companion. Rusty Williams and Kevin Stone are two of the forty eight brothers who live in the house. ,tiff T E ei ii I gf' 5 friiekiimv tif -"' 'I :"' is Eg , Lfikk A fund drive in cooperation with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. A-Day the brothers held their annual South Sea Island. The chapter also traveled to Georgia Tech for Spring Fest - the gathering of regional chapters for a day of meetings. Their House Party was held in Pensacola. Clarke George relaxes outside on one of Auburn's sunny days. Fraternity house provides different lifestyle gtg. The house provides a gathering place for brothers and little sisters. Tim lVlcGuire and Renee Siminon look over notes for a class. Coming home to the house after a day of classes is a welcome relief. Tommy Watkins makes his Auburn home at the fraternity house. 417 Tau Kappa Epsilon The Theta Chi fraternity had their Winter Formal in Sapphire Valley, North CArolina. "Ruskin" was the band. Spring quarter, the fraternity had their annual Caveman party and Keg Toss. The Rebel Reunion was held in Ft. Walton and their house party was in Pensacola. David Gardiner and his date enjoyed both the band and friends at the formal. Formal held at Sapphire Valley 41 8 Theta Chi Wendal Williams maneuvers the boat to shore so he and Liz Dotie can disembark. Enioying a swing can still be lots of fun. john Lee helps Ashley get a good start. Good times and good friends made the formal a success for everyone. Bobby Pollock gives boost to joe Allen as the party went on into the night. Lucky Crocker and his date share a laugh and some conversation. 4"l 9 Theta Chi lay Southerland enjoys the punch as john Lisman and Susan Sanders survey the crowd to see who came. The Brothers and little Sisters start the Christmas Season with a good party and good company. Mom's punch provides Christmas cheer 420 The annual Theta Xi Christmas party was a "big success" this year, according to one of the brothers, Mike Lozar. Mike explained that the House Mother, Mom Gay, served her famous punch, which helped both the brothers and little sisters get into the holiday spirit. However, the party became somewhat too spirited, and one of the little sisters was tossed into the pond. Pond parties are a popular pastime at the Theta Xi house, and brothers are known to unwillingly frequent the cold waters. Of a more serious nature is the Valentine party for underprivileged children in the Auburn-Opelika area which the Theta's Xi's and the Delta Delta Delta sorority give each year. The Theta Xi's also sponsor a beer tasting contest for sororities and fraternities during Greek week. "Mom" Gay refills the bowl with her famous punch as the brothers crowd around for refills. A pond party is one of the "dangers" of becoming laviliered to a brother, Ann Gilmore finds out. "Assis- ting" her are Glen Gammon, Tom Munhollen and Tim Mason. Little Sisters Debbie Bachus, Mary Winkel and Barbara Gardner struck this pose as soon as the photographer showed up. szfw No Christmas party is complete without Santa and one of his elves. "Elf" Pride Nichols watches as Billybob Meadows sits on Bill Strickland's lap to receive his gag gift. 421 Theta Xi Entertainment is provided to the festival parti- cipants by one of the Bluegrass bands. Randy Cooke shows Candy Frvin where to eat as Bob Wilbanks fixes ner barbeque sandwich. Good times and good friends made the Blue- grass Festival a success. Dennis Heald, Carol McLaughlin and Ike Calloway "buddy" up for an enjoyable day. Blue grass music, barbeque and picnics make for an enjoyabie May day. 422 Omega Tau Sigma Corn on the cob seems to taste out. Phil Elsea tries out this idea Even a Spring shower could spirits of the festival goers. better at a cook- not dampen the Bluegrass music fills pasture 'L x The annual Omega Tau Sigma Blue- grass Festival, held in May featured a Barbeque dinner, Parachutist exhibi- tion, Arts and Crafts sales and exhibit, and open house. Ten Bluegrass bands played throughout the day beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. New Vet students from other states were invited to come and meet Auburn stu- dents, tour the school facilities, and were given advice about housing and necessary equipment. Omega Tau Sigma also holds an open house in April each year for pros- pective Vet students. In November, the fraternity sponsors a Banquet for returning alumni and in co-operation with the continuing education pro- gram. "Be Prepared" is also the motto of OTS as they prepare for rain. 423 Omega Tau Sigma 424 Zeta Tau Alpha After dancing for a while, Fam Mahan and Ricky Green relax on the floor by leaning against the wall. Dana Clark and Lee Wilder are shown after the awards dinner the Zeta's held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 4-of 3 so e at l l Cindy Singley and Kim Humphries hug each other aftera banquet where humorous awards were given. It's easy to have a good time at a formal - just look at Connie Duck and Steve Forehand's faces. at the banquet. 6 fi Sheryl Golden and Stephen Parker take their places Posing for a picture in the hall are Laura Walker, Greg Holman, Robin Rummel and Susan Nelson. Skiing formal held in Gatlinburg Doing a dancing routine together are sisters Ginny Dominick, Mary Glen Phillippi, Nerna Smith and Nancy Orman. The Zeta's held their Winter Quarter Formal in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and al- though it rained that weekend almost every- one got a chance to ski or go ice skating. The theme for the weekend was "Love Will Keep Us Together." At the formal banquet, many sisters re- ceived serious and crazy awards. Ginny Dominick won the first annual award as Best Sister. The Gamma Rho chapter was installed at Auburn on May 22, l976. The sisters won the Brag Skit award in Tuscaloosa on Zeta Day, and the pledges won the Burn the Bull- dogs Parade during November of l976. 425 Zeta Tau Alpha AS A RECORD ES 427 ALLEN, CAROL: ZAC, Atlanta, GA, ARTHER, IAN: 4SED, Birm- ingham, AL, BETCTEL, MARY: 3Cl, Montgomery, AL, BOYD- STON, LISA: 1CE, Montgomery, AL, BRANUM, SONYA: ZEEE, Montgomery, AL, BRETCHES, PAM: 1PM, Atlanta, GA. BRETZ, BARBARA: ZAT, Birmingham, AL, BROCK, SUZANNE: 4RSS, Montgomery, AL, BROSMER, LISA: 3CE, Huntsville, AL, BROWN, IANICE: 4VHE, Griffin, GA, BRUNO, SANDRA: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, BUFF, KAREN: 4VHE, Pensacola, FL, CAGLE, LYNN: ZNS, Montgomery, AL, CARNELL, TERESA: 4MH, At- lanta, GA, CHAMBERS, BONNIE: ZPB, Dothan, AL. CARROL, IOY: 3PG, Hurtsboro, AL, CLASSEN, SUSAN: 3EEE, Birmingham, AL, CONDE, TAMI: TGMH, Birmingham, AL, CONNER, VIRGINIA: 3AR, Montgomery, AL, COOPER, PEGGY: 3PB, Stone Mountain, GA, CORIGLIANO, LORI: 1PB, Chamblee, GA, COSTA, GAIL: 1TH, Henderson, NC, DANIEL, DEBBIE: 3EN, Opelika, AL, DEAN, LAURIE: 3AC, Anniston, AL. DOZIER, IOYCE: 3GB, Wetumpka, AL, DUNKELBERGER, CATHY: 1PPY, Auburn, AL, FARLEY, CAROL: 4SSC, Birming- ham, AL, FENN, ANITA: 4EEE, LaGrange, GA, FORTENBERRY, TAMMY: 1GOP, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, FRENCH, SUSAN: 1PN, Jackson, AL, FUCHS, KAREN: 1EEE, Opelika, AL, CANT, LIBBA: 1NF, Montgomery, AL, GIRODO, DONNA: 4CI, Decatur, AL. GROSE, EMILY: ZGC, Columbus, GA, GROSS, TINA: 3FM, Demopolis, AL, GUYTON, ELIZABETH: 3EEC, Oneonta, AL, HARDY, BETSY: 2RSM, Opelika, AL, HARDY, SUZY: 3GB, Opelika, AL, HEARD, DENISE: 3AC, Franklin, GA, HENRY, DEBBIE: 1EEC, Auburn, AL, HICKS, VICKI: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, HILL, CAROLYN: ZEEE, Montgomery, AL. HOLLIS, PATRICIA: 'lPB, Fairfax, AL, HOLLY, DEBRA: 3IM, Auburn, AL, HONEYCUTT, SANDY: ZGB, Birmingham, AL, HUDDLE, KIM: ZVOA, Atlanta, GA, HULL, PAM: 3GB, Iackson- ville, FL, HUMMA, MISSY: 3GB, Stone Mountain, GA, HURD, ROBIN: ZEEC, Atlanta, GA, HURST, IAN: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, HUNT, LAURA IEAN: 'lMRB, Memphis, TN. HUSTON, KATHY: ZGBI, Huntsville, AL, IERNIGAN, IONI: ZFCS, Shalimar, FL, IOHN, SUSAN: 4Fl, Tuscaloosa, AL, IONES, IAN: 3BA, Auburn, AL, IONES, LAURIE: 2LT, Huntsville, AL, IUSTICE, IAN: 1PN, Huntsville, AL, KEITHJETH: 4GFL, Mont- gomery, AL, KROUT, KATHY: 3GB, Brent, AL, LAMBERT, COURTNEY: ZGB, Birmingham, AL. LAMONS, IENNIFER: 1PPY, Greenville, TN, LAWHON, SAN- DRA: 3PY, Winter Haven, FL, LEDYARD, LAURA: 1PN, Mont- gomery, AL, LEE, SHERYL: 1PPY, Orlando, FL, LONGLY, LISA: 3FCD, Chattanooga, TN, MANGHAM,IILL:1FM, Montgomery, AL, MARLEN, PAM: 3MB, Anniston, AL, MARLOW, CINDY: 1GC, Stone Mountain, GA, MAZZA, CHRISTINE: 4VA, Hunts- ville, AL. MAZZA, SHARON: 'lPB, Huntsville, AL, MERKL, LYNDA: 3lE, Decatur, GA, McCAIN, MELISSA: 4RSM, Ashland, AL, Mc- COLLOUGH, DONNA: 1GC, Elba, AL, MCKINLEY, SHARON: 4PY, Bonifay, FL, MCKINNEY, NANCY: 3CT, Florence, AL, MCMILLAN, MARISA: 3PN, Orlando, FL, MILLER, BECKY: ZPB, Linden, AL, MILLER, DEBBIE: 2lD, Opelika, AL. MURRAY, MARY MARTIN: TVHE, Florence, AL, OWEN, MARGARET: 4MU, Ft. Payne, TN, PARKER, SUZANNE: TNS, Huntsville, AL, PARRISH, LYNN: ZEED, Montgomery, AL. PARTRIDGE, CATHY: 1GC, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, PERKINS, BECKY: 'IEEC, Montgomery, AL, PERRYMAN, IANE: 2EEE, Grif- fin, GA, PHILLIPS, KAREN: 1PN, Williston, FL. PHILLIPS, PENNY: 2PB, Columbus, GA, POWELL, NANCY: 3FM, Mobile, AL, PROVIN, SUSAN: 2SSC, Enterprise, AL, RAULER- SON, BETH: ZPL, Haines City, FL. REED, SUSAN: ZSED, Birmingham, AL, RICE, KAREN: 2EEE, Linville, AL, RINER, CINDY: 1PB, Chamblee, GA, ROBINSON, IAN: 1GC, Wetumpka, AL, RUNNELS, ELAINE: ZEEC, Mont- gomery, AL, SAWYER, CINDY: 2PN, Huntsville, AL, SELF, MARY: 4EED, Decatur, AL, SELLERS, SANDY: 3VHE, Okeclto- bee, FL, SMALSHOF, CINDY: 4HPR, Columbus, GA. 42 B Composites 'WSW A . ..,...... .... ,......,. . Q. r . it Q t it ag. Z X A , A at .: w 5: :vt Q' A ie -i '-:- B aia' . 3 .. . S i ' .1's7- ' '13 " N ! X Nkx as -B :img . C vga t t .tt X , 'M 'S 'IIE ls t 3+ t '33 I s Sega a s S X Wwe M hi: Y S at B335 get s HJ, SSE is at Q Q W I+: 'Q'-1 ,A 5 NN H L s it r ga N xl F ..... ,... x Q if X , fm - ':"-'S ' V .sn . -, r 2 Q , NX f s la : -. we ., t Nt is A M X is i as I f. ., , if t it P3 , im ' fee in it . . 2 "'.- . 5 " ' 3:1 it tg, - .. ,, R ,I I x 2 N -- '- .Q---N . Nuff.. .wt Q E , at 2 X t I S 5 I fa . wt. . .t. W . 5, ' N, ig x .ti sr.. 3 to ? +A -:gt .... 'P . . , 'Was.'4F'vN- I , lA I t u ,,k. E i t , :- ' X t + at i if r A t 2 Q: .N , .tt . 5 XS t z' r -,.::as::f-N' ' xx " " ext te t 1 ,gg N ss Q L Af :rf X ,. i tz- Sc. fff':'?' R x 555 N 3 tt g XR .. . , '21 .Q it . :E 5 A so X -. L i S . H ,,., ,:,, ,,,, I , I .,.. . . i if Big t t . . 2-gr ,- j, .M ,,.. ,.,,. , ia 3: E .:... my H , 1, 225 vi vi t figs . ., 1-.1 If-H f if I B X A WE ii A ' ' . :"' xr E fi x- 3:.:s:-+::- - ' time ' 'S if ' ' ' .FW A 'fl' " :fx .' "11- M. X an r - '- : ,er-Q.. Yxn t . , X . S - ' , ' 5 SMITH, ANNETTE: 3VOA, Opelika, AL, SMITH, CHERYL: 3NS, Bay Minette, AL, STEPHENS, CAROLE: 2Bl, Decatur, AL, STEWART, IAN: ZEEC, Birmingham, AL, STEWART, MYRA: 4EEE, Birmingham, AL, STRINI, ANNA MARIE: 4HPR, Mel- bourne, FL, SULLIVAN, CHERYL: 2PN, Montgomery, AL, SUTHERLAND, LEIGH: BGB, Mobile, AL, SWEAT, WHITNEY: 4FM, Atlanta, GA. TEMPLIN, LAURA: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, THOMPSON, CINDY: 2PR, Birmingham, AL, TIFFIN, IAYNE: 4MK, Tampa, FL, VAN CLEAVE, DEVERY: 4GSC, Columbus, CA. VARNER, IENA: ZID, Opelika, AL, WADDELL, DEBBIE: JEEC, Decatur, AL, WATSON, LYNDA: 4EEE, Montgomery, AL, WEATHERS, DEBBIE: 1EEE, Atlanta, GA, WEBSTER, WANDA: 1PB, Birming- ham,AL. WELCH, WENDY: 3FCD, Montgomery, AL, WESTMORELAND, SARA: 1GC, Gainesville, FL, WHITE, CAROL: BHPR, Eustis, FL, WILLIS, DEBI: 4RSM, Atlanta, GA, WILSON, MARKA: 2AC, Opelika, AL, WILSON, IANET: 4PO, Washington, DC, WILSON, IEANETTE: 4SED, Birmingham, AL, WILSON, PAULA: 3Cl, Thomaston, AL, WYNN, LAURA: 4EEE, Ashland, AL. ADAMS, RUTHIE: 3PY, Talladega, AL, ALLEN, PHOEBE: 3NS, LaGrange, GA, BARBER, OUIDA: 1PB, Montgomery, AL, BEALLE, TRICIA: 1CH, Atlanta, GA, BRADLEY, BETSY: 4MK, Albany, GA, BRANTLEY,lANE: 3FCS, Montgomery, AL. BREWER, BARBARA: 4RSS, Atlanta, GA, BRUMBACK, SANDY: 3GC, Birmingham, AL, BRYAN, MARY BETH: 3EEE, Montgom- ery, AL, BRYAN, SANDY: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, BRYAN, VIC- TORIA: ZPG, Montgomery, AL. BYRCH, PATTIE: ZHM, Birmingham, AL, CAMPBELL, AMY: 3PG, Montgomery, AL, CARR, ANNA: 1CH, Lakeland, FL, CHILDS, NELLE: 4PVM, Macon, GA, CLARK, CHKISTI: 1GFL, Montgomery, AL. CLIFTON, BETH: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, CLOYD, REBECCA: ZFCD, Birmingham, AL, COBB, MARCIE: 1FM, Montgomery, AL, COLLIER, KAREN: 3FSA, Tampa, FL, COX, MARY: 4FCD, Birmingham, AL. CRUMPTON, CARAMIA: 4PG, Montgomery, AL, DAHERTY, KATHY: 2PPY, Greenville, SC, DAVIS, REBECCA: 3RH, Auburn, AL, DELOACH, SANDRA: 3PY, Auburn, AL, DENNIS, NANCY: 4EEE, Albertville, AL, DENSON, DAVIS: 2FL, Miami, FL, DIL- LON, SARAH: 3GEH, Atlanta, C-A, DOE, BECKY: ZGC, Mont- gomery, AL, DOWDY, CONNIE: 4PB, Birmingham, AL. DUVAL, BETH ANN: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, EVANS, IANET: ZHE, Cameron, SC, FARISH, IULIE: ZEED, Atlanta, GA, FEAR- ING, COINE: 1GC, winter Haven, FL, Fiux, KAREN: 1RRs, Huntsville, AL, FENGLER, KATHY: 4PLPG, Lakeland, FL, FIELDA, POLLYANN: 4BE, Vidalia, GA, FLEMING, DEBORAH: ZGC, Muscle Shoals,AL, FLEMING, MARY IANE: 3GSC, Huntsville, AL. FOWLER, SUSAN: 4FI, Little Rock, AK, GILLESPIE, IANET: 4Cl, Atlanta, CIA, GRANT, BETH: 'lGC, Albany, GA, GRANT, CYN- THIA: ZGC, Albany, GA, GRIGGS, VALERIE: 2AC, Dalton, GA, HAND, SONIA: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, HARTSFIELD, RHONDA: 'lGlM, Birmingham, AL, HARVARD, PENNY: 1PM, Opelika, AL, HAWKINS, IANNA: 3AC, Athens, TN. HAWKINS, VIRGINIA: 1PL, Florence, AL, HAYES, DEBORAH: 3RSC, Notasulga, AL, HELMS, SARAH: 3PB, Chattanooga, TN, HENLEY, AMY: 1GC, Tampa, FL, HIPP, MARY: 4TN, Birming- ham, AL, HOLLIMAN, MELISSA: 3FL, Huntsville, AL, HOLT, DEBBIE: 3FM, McMurray, PA, HOLT, MARY: 1FM, McMurray, PA, HOWARD, ANITA:1NS, Eastman, GA. HOWARD, LUCI: JPB, Eastman, GA, HUGES, BECKY: 4GC, Auburn, AL, HUGHE, GRACE: ZGPC-, Sheffield, AL, HUNTER, HELEN: AHPE, Alexander City, AL, INGRAM, REBECCA: 3HE, Florence, AL, IACOBI, DONNA: 3RSS, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, IAGER, MERRI2 3EE, Birmingham, AL, IENKINS, LILLIANZ 2TH, Albany, GA, IOHNSON, IOELLEN: 2VA, Birmingham, AL. IOINER, IAN: 3RSC, Dublin, GA, IONES, ALMA: 4PE, Birming- ham, AL, IONES, GINGER: 4EEC, Birmingham, AL, KALLA, PA'lTY: 1PB, Shawnut, AL, KIEFFNER, KAY: 2FCD, Auburn, AL, KIEFFNER, LYNN: 4HEQ, Winter Park, FL, KIRKLAND, CINDY: 3EE, Enterprise, AL, KIRSCHENFELD, KIM: 1SP, Montgomery, AL, KIRSTEN, ALICE: 1PB, Birmingham, AL. 429 Composites KUBIK, VICKI: 3RSS, Smithfield, NC, LAMBERTH, LAURIE: 2EE, Alex City, AL, LAND, SALLY: 3PV, Birmingham, AL, LEE, CYNTHIA: 4RSS, Franklin, TN, LINTON, LAURA: 1EE, Birming- ham, AL, LIPINSKI, MARY: AAC, Lakeland, FL, LIPSCOMB, FREDDIE: ZHHE, Auburn, AL,LLOYD, PAMELA: 3SED, Miami, FL, LONGSHORE, LAURA: 2HE, Montgomery, AL. LYON, SUSAN: IPB, Birmingham, AL, MABBETT, ANNE: 4EE, Griffin, GA, MAGNUS, SALLY: ZSED, Birmingham, AL, MAN- GEL, BARBARA: 3PUB, Titusville, FL, MARSHALL, ALLENE: ZNF, Montgomery, AL, MARTIN, LESLIE: 3SED, Birmingham, AL, MARTIN, MARGARET: 1lND, Nashville, TN, MCADAMS, DEB- BIE: 2FCD, Montgomery, AL, MILLER, AMANDA: ITM, Leslie, GA. MORGAN, KIM: 4RSS, Atlanta, GA, MORRIS, MARY: 3HRA, Miami, FL, MURPHY, CHERIE: 3AC, Albany, GA, NEWELL, PATRICIA: ZFCS, Birmingham, AL, NOLEN, IENNY: 1PB, AI- bertsville, AL, NOLEN, NANCY: 4NF, Albertsville, AL, NORTH- CU1'I,lULIE: 1VA, Montgomery, AL, OSBORN, ALLISON: 1HE, Potomac, MD, PAYNE, BETTY: 3EEC, Albany, GA. PHILLIPS, LISA: 4EEC, Auburn, AL, PICKENS, SWEET: ZFEH, Au- burn, AL, POE, KAREN: ZPB, Tampa, FL, POE, LYNN: ICC, Tampa, FL, POE, MARILYN: IGC, Tampa, FL, PRIM, LEAH: 4GC, Montgomery, AL, RADER, IANIS: 1TH, Birmingham, AL, RHINEHARDT, IANN: 'lFM, Andalusia, AL, RESPESS, SU- ZANNE: 3IND, Huntsville, AL. ROBERTSON, IOY: ZPVM, Birmingham, AL, RUSSELL, CYN- THIA: 'lSEH, Atlanta, GA, POUNDS, IAN: 'lEE, Decatur, GA, RYAN, ANNETTE: 3NS, Atlanta, CA, SCHAEFHAVSEN, CINDY: ZFL, Birmingham, AL, SCOTT, KATHY: ZSED, Metairie, LA, SELLERS, LEE: 2HPR, Ramer, AL, SINGLETARY, BETTY: 3SED, Blakely, GA, SMITH, SUZANNE: 1PB, Greenville, SC. STALLINGS, NANCY: 3MB, Montgomery, AL, STARK, KAREN: 4Cl, Atlanta, GA, STRICKLAND, LEANNA: ZGC, Auburn, AL, TAYLOR, CATHY: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, TAYLOR, CINDY: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, TAYLOR, IENNIFER: 4MB, Auburn, AL, TAYLOR, NANCY: 4PO, Auburn, AL, THOMAS, AMY: 3EE, Birmingham, AL, THOMAS, SALLY: IHPR, Birmingham, AL. TROY, IULIE: 1RSC, Birmingham, AL, TUCKER, SALLY: 2RS, Chattanooga, TN, VANN, AMY: 4TN, Birmingham, AL, WADE, EMILY: 3NF, Montgomery, AL, WADE, IAN: 3E1, Birmingham, AL, WARD, DOLLY:1HM, Demopolis, AL. HASKEN, LANE: 1EE, Birmingham, AL, WIGCINS, CATH- ERINE: 1CC, Birmingham, AL, WILLIAMS, CHERI: 3FM, Mait- land, FL, WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA: IEEC, Maitland, FL, WRIGHT, DONNA: 1PG, Dothan, AL, YARBROUGH, TERRI: TMB, M0- bile, AL. ALLEN, KATHY: 2EEE, Evans, GA, ALRED, ANN: 2HEQ, Gun- tersville, AL, ANDERSON, BETSY: 2SY, Gadsden, AL, BAKER, KAREN: 4EEE, Childersburg, AL, BAINS, BEVERLY: 1EEC, Oneonta, AL, BARNES, DANA: ZFM, Decatur, GA, BARTHOLOMEW, LAUREN: 1jN, Atlanta, GA, BAXTER, GAYLE: 2SC, East Point, GA, BEAUCHAMP, AIMEE: 4FCD, Mont- gomery, AL, BLACKBURN, BETSY: 4NF, Tuscumbia, AL, BLACKMAR, LIL: 1AR, Columbus, GA, BOWEN, SHARON: 1PB, Prattville, AL. BRADLEY, CINDY: 1PB, Mobile, AL, BRANNON,lACKIE:1PPY, Donalsonville, GA, BREWER, MARTHA: 3VHE, Montgomery, AL, BROWN, IANE: 3MK, LaFayette, AL, BUCKELEW, NANCY: 3EED, Opp, AL, CANNON, CHRISTI: AMK, Montgomery, AL, CARLISLE, SUSAN: 3HE, Columbus, GA, CARROLL, SISSI: 1GC, Dalton, GA, CARTER, SUSAN: 4MU, Augusta, GA. CAWOOD, SANDRA: 4FI, Atlanta, GA, COLE, SUZANNE: 2PB, Pelham, AL, COLEMAN, DRU: 1PB, Ft. Walton, FL, COMPTON, ELOISE: ICC, Montgomery, AL, COMPTON, ANN: 4EED, Montgomery, AL, COOK, NANCY: ZRSM, LaFayette, AL, COOPER, SANDRA: ZEED, Selma, AL, CRAMPTON, SISSY: 4FM, Montgomery, AL, CROW, IAN: 3IE, Montgomery, AL. DIFFEE, SALLY: 1RSM, Iackson, TN, DRESHER, LOU ANN: ZPB, jacksonville, FL, DRIVER, SALLY: 2PB, Winter Park, FL, DUNN, DONNA: 4SEH, Freeport, FL, DUNN, CLARE: 3PV, Salem, AL, EDWARDS, IANE: isec, Tuskegee, AL: ESKIND, LINDA: 4MK, Nashville, TN, EUBANKS, CATHY: ZFM, Boaz, AL, FARMER, ANN: 2FCD, Mountain Brook, AL. 43 D Composites WWA -2 sta: - .- . -f.ii,vali::t. ' .1'w- ' -3 H1555 .. H X Z ' 'j, :iff .tif J 5-I. . -iw ' ' . -5 ,-. J. -we at, ,fr xx. fu 5, ii, if Ma: A152322 Q, ff :if A ,I wr, -,-. ,..'. f,. . ,ki M 1 7 .- .-. lil! 'Z P' - A 5 I ' .. .... i . . wiiamh -:,,,,-3 .swam X in , . Q"' ,,,,,,M,, WM . f . -2 , 'll E we f - -' ' Q ' Q . . 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HILLER, ELLEN: 3SEH, lasper, AL, HOGAN, LAURA: ZAR, Mo- bile, AL, HOLLOWAY, RENEE: 3PM, Mobile, AL. HOLMES, MELANIE: 4HPE, Letohatchee, AL, HOYT, NANCY: 1PB, Rome, GA, HUEEMAN, ANGELA: 4MK, Montgomery, AL. HUNT, KIM: 4EEE, Griffin, GA, HYDE, CATHY: ZPR, Birming- ham, AL, INGRAM, BETH: 41M, Montgomery, AL. IERNLGAN, ELIZABETH: asss, Brewmn, AL, IETION, DONNA: 3MU, Wetumpka, AL, IOHNSON, CORRIE: ZHEQ, Rome, CA, IOHNSON, LINDA: 2PM, Birmingham, AL, IONES, LISA: 1PB, Wetumpka, AL, IONES, RHONDA: 4MU, Boaz, AL, IORDAN, IUDY: IHEQ, Montgomery, AL, KENDALL, ZPB, Coral Gables, FL, KIMMEL, HELEN: 3FM, Camden, AL. KNOWLES, NANCY: 3RSM, Montgomery, AL, KRAFT, KATHY: 1PB, Winter Park, FL, LACEY, KATHY: ZPB, Montevallo, AL, LANDHAM, MARY IEAN: 2EEE, Talladega, AL, LEE, CATHY: ZSSS, Montgomery, AL, LEWIS, CAROL: 4MK, Mobile, AL, LITILETON, RHONDA: 2PB, Clanton, AL, LIPSCOMB, CARO- LINE: 3PY, Auburn, AL, LIPSCOMB, NATALIE: ZPB, Demopolis, AL. LONG, EONDA: 3AC, Smiths, AL, LONG, PAMELA: 1PN, Birm- ingham, AL, LONG, PENNY: 4RSS, Birmingham, AL, LONG, SUSAN: SEEC, Birmingham, AL, LOUGHRAN, LESLIE: ZRSS, Stone Mountain, GA, LYONS, MICHELLE: IEEE, Birmingham, AL, MALOY, PAM: 4SSC, Enterprise, AL, MARSHALL, LEIGH: 1PY, Pittsburgh, PA, MATHEWS, IOANNE: ZID, Gadsden, AL. MCCALL, IENNY: 1EEE, Montgomery, AL, MCMHESNEY, IANE: 2SMH, Auburn, AL, McCONDICHIE, SUSAN: 1EEE, Ponte Ve- dra, FL, MCCRORY, IANIE: 1FM, Florence, AL, McEWEN, ANN: 3AC, Columbiana, AL, MCLAUGHLIN, CAROL: 4MBI, Auburn, AL, MCMILLAN, LEIGH: 3SW, Talladega, AL, MERKLE, BECKY: 4FCD, Demopolis, AL, MIMS, IENELLE: 3C-PO, Prattville, AL. MIMS, NANCY: 'lPPY, Prattville, AL, MOORE, DANA:'2MED, Oneonta, AL, MORRIS, IEANNE: IGEH, Birmingham, AL, MORRIS, ANNE: ZEEC, Tuscaloosa, AL, MURPHREE, DONNA: ZPB, Decatur, AL, NEEL, CINDY: ZGC, Birmingham, AL, NEL- SON, BONNER: 4STH, Talladega, AL, NICHOLLS, BROOKE: IHPR, Talladega, AL, NICHOLS, PAM: ZEEC, Auburn, AL. ODOM, SUZANNE: ZRSB, Opelika, AL, OVERSTREET, LYNN: 4MED, ozark, AL, PARKS, ANGIE: 3PlR, Auburn, AL, PANKEY, VALERIE: 1ID, Birmingham, AL, PATE, MARTHA: IRSC, Burk- ville, AL, PATE, VIVIAN: 20T, Burkville, AL, PAULK, MALA: ZGEH, Montgomery, AL, PAULK, SHERRI: 'lCnC, PEARCE, BEV- ERLY: 2P8, Birmingham, AL. PITTMAN, SUZANNE: 1FCD, Gadsden, AL, PRICE, LEAH: ZCC, Montgomery, AL, PRIESTER, ANN: 4MK, Opelika, AL, PRIEST- ER, SHARON: 1CC, Opelika, AL, REISER, KATHY: VA, Birm- ingham, AL, REAVES, SHERRILL: ZAC, Camden, AL, RICE, SUSAN: 4RSS, Birmingham, AL, SCHRUBBE, IAN: 1NF, Birm- ingham, AL, SELDON, EDITH: ZECD, Falls Church, VA. SHEPPARD, HOLLEY: 4AC, Demopolis, AL, SMALLWOOD, LYN: ZFCS, Birmingham, AL, STAPLETON, MICHELE: 3MC, Mobile, AL, STEVENS, DEBBIE: 3PB, Opelika, AL, STEVENS, LAURA: An, Gadsden, AL, STEWART, IOANNA: mc, Mont- gomery, AL, STEWART, LABELLA: 4RSS, Montgomery, AL, SUMNER, CHRISTIE: 2PB, Nashville, TN, TATUM, DEBRA: 3EEE, Wetumpka, AL. 431 Composites UMPHREY, I0 ANN: 1EEE, Dothan, AL, VANN, VICKI: 1TH, Dunwoody, GA, WALKER, LYNN: 3lNM, Ashland, AL, WALK- ER, SHERI: 3GB, Birmingham, AL, WALL, AMY: ZVA, Ozark, AL, WALTERS, SUSAN: 4RSB, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, WALTON, CANDY: 3EEE, Harpersville, AL, WASHBURN, SUSAN: 'IMDT, Ozark, AL, WEATHERLY, LAURA: 3FCD, Phenix City, AL. WEAVER, KIM: ICED, LaFayette, AL, WHITE, DEBBIE: 4EEE, Atlanta, CA, WILKINSON, DEBBIE: 3EEE, Prattville, AL, WILLIS, TERRI: 3RSS, Talladega, AL, WOOD, ANN: 2LT, Tyler, AL, WOOD, CATHY: ZPM, Selma, AL, WOOD, ELIZABETH: ILT, Selma, Al., WOODRUFF, TERI: 3FCS, Columbus, GA, YATES, KATHY: 1PPY, Birmingham, AL. ALLEN, IAMES: 4AEC, Cromwell, AL, BLUE, LAUCHLIN: 4BSC, Montgomery, AL, CAMMACK, TOM: 3BSC, Selma, AL, CART- WRIGHT, IOHN: 4BSC, Auburn, AL, CLEVELAND, DAVID: IGB, Auburn, AL, CLEVELAND, jAMES: IGB, Demopolis, AL. COOPER, VAN: 3HPR, Valley Head, AL, CRAFT, jAMES E.: 2FAA, Aliceville, AL, CRAFT, LARRY: ZADS, Gordo, AL, CROW, ROBERT: 4AC, Thomasville, AL, DAWSON, MICHAEL: 4AC, Prattville, AL, DAWSON, RICKY: 1GB, Prattville, AL, DU- LANEY, IAMES: 1GC, Prattville, AL, DUNN, SI-IERRER: 3WL, Union Springs, AL, EVERETT, jACK: 4SSE, Alabaster, AL. FENDLEY, TOM: ZAC, Prarie, AL, FRAZIER, BILL: 4CE, Ft. De- posit, AL, GALLAGHER, jAMES: 1EE, Louisville, KY, GENTRY, WILLIAM: ZAC, jasper, AL. GRACE, DORMAN K.: 3PH, jasper, AL, GRIFFIN, DAVID: 4CE, Prattville, AL, GRIFFIN, MICHAEL: 3Fl, Camden, AL? Gull-AT- TE, GARY: 30H, Salem, AL. HARPER, IAKE: QIADS, Oak Hill, AL, HARRIS, FRANK: 3AEC, Camden, AL, HOGG, DONALD: 4MK, Uniontown, AL, IONES, WILLIAM: 4AG, Camden, AL, IOWERS, jAMES: 2AC, Linden, AL, LEDBETIER, CHARLES: 3FY, Linden, AL, LEWIS, IOHN: 4AN, Gallion, AL, MATHIS, IAMES: 3AY, Montgomery, AL, MCCARTHA, CHARLES: 1PM, Tallassee, AL, MCGRAW, EDGAR: ZHPR, Camden, AL, MCGRAW, HENRY: 4MN, Camden, AL, MCMILLON, ALLAN: 4FY, Auburn, AL, MEINSLER, CARRY: 3PPY, Union Springs, AL, MILTON, IAMES: ZBSC, Red Level, AL, MITCHELL, IAMES: 4MK, Phenix City, AL, MOODY, IEFFREY: 3INM, Columbiana, AL, MUGNIER, GARY: ZHPR, Birmingham, AL, 0'CONNOR, THOMAS: 1AE, Rock- ville Lentre, NY. OWENS, RICHARD: 3AG, Eutan, AL, FATE, CROWELL: 4PH, Lowndesboro, AL, RASCO, RUSSELL: ZAC, Columbiana, AL, SHANNON, BILL: 3AEC, Camden, AL, SHERIDAN, STEVE: 'lFY, Prattville, AL, SNIPES, CHARLES: 3AY, Demopolis, AL, STONE, DAVID: 4FY, Wilsonville, AL, SUMBLIN, ROCKY: 3AE, Kinston, AL, THOMAS, IAMES: 2AEC, Fitzpatrick, AL. THOMPSON, IEFFERY: 1ADS, Enterprise, AL, TUCKER, jIM- MY: 4AC, Uriah, AL, VOAK, DONALD: 2AY, Headland, AL, WESTBROOK, GARY: 3AC, Demopolis, AL, WILKINSON, EVERFIT: 4FI, Lamison, AL, WILLIAMS, CHARLES: 4FY, Linden, AL, WINDLE, ROBERT: 3AC, Auburn, AL, WINGARD, DAVID: 2AC, jasper, AL, HOWLE, DORIS: Housemother. ALEXANDER, IAMES H.: 4VM, Bentonia, MS, ANDERSON, TOMMY NEAL: 4VM, Macon, MS, ARNONE, PAUL EDWARD: 2VM, Montgomery, AL, ASHWANDER, CHARLES W.: 2VM, Auburn, AL, AUSTIN, RICHARD DUFF: 1VM, Auburn, AL, BAILEY, RICKY EDWARD: 1VM, Mayslick, KY. BAKER, RANDALL T.: 4VM, Spring Hill, IN, BAKER, RODNEY B.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, BARR, GERRIE C.: 4VM, Brundidge, AL, BENTON, RICHARD A.: 2VM, jackson, MS, BERRY, BILLY B.: 1VM, Scottsboro, AL, BERRY, MARTIN L: 4VM, Picayune, MS, IIIENKO, RAY I-I 4VM, Tarpon Springs, FL, BILDERBACK, MAR- TIN G.: SVM, Auburn, AL, BLASS, CHARLES E.: 1VM, Birm- ingham, AL. BOWLING, ALAN B.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, BROADSTONE, RICH- ARD: 3VM, Lewisburg, TN, BROM, WILLIAM H.: 1VM, Au- burn, AL, BROWN, IAMES H.: 4VM, Salvisa, KY, BUSH, ROB- ERT C.: 1VM, Andalusia, AL, CHEW, CLINTON j.: 4VM, Pensa- cola, FL, COFIELD, SAMUEL C.: 2VM, Wedowee, AL, COMP- TON, IOHN L: 4VM, Greenwood, MS, CROMER, DAVID W.: 2VM, Auburn, AL. 43 2 Composites f ' 'W iff? iss is ., iiss B: X . ii N: , as S2 X is . -' w e A -- :. ,V ..'. S pf-.V5.V . 5' ".f.:?Hq ?':5:-.:,:-j.5-- ,,..-'Q If if W w V-'af j . A i . .... . . ,Q Q 4.2 ,. .. . .. fl. I : A asa. s .. ...,., . .. .. r -- ,. 'ff cm - ..-, A5 5-V Www Vg, V MTA. , F. +V.: ,v- , J .... P .kyk ..L... . . g K K .. 'V ,,.,,- V g L ., -- - .:. .1 . A ., Y Y: s 1 asr- ' ' . A, . Q, .,.. -gl -. m, - - ' K r ,V s K, V F :. Vere. . S - if . ' . A V .. - ' . if ' rx. ' I f f 5? .LEEPIE V . V R- V 5 .'-. ' - I 'ff' ff- v-,- -V E . '- 5 . ' ' W SWS?-. I P , - ', pw- ' s Qua i X Ns.. 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FAIRCLOTH, IOHN C.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, FARR, ALAN M.: 'IVM, Auburn, AL, FERRISS, MICHAEL E.: 2VM, Auburn, AL, FICK, KENNETH BURGWIN: 1VM, Wilmington, NC, FULLER- TON, IAMES R.: 3VM, Arab, AL, FULPER, NORMAN P.: 3VM, Booneville, MS, GENEOS, SPYROS: SVM, Auburn, AL, GOOD- WIN, DONALD D.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, GORMAN, PATRICK B.: 4VM, Auburn, AL. GRIFFIN, RICHARD B.: 1VM, Greenville, MS, GUIST, STEVEN R.: 1VM, Columbus, MS, HARRIS, CHARLES E.: 3VM, Chapel Hill, TN, HARRIS, KENDALL W.: 1VM, Pell City, AL, HEAD, MICHAEL A.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, HENDRICKS, LARRY L: 4VM, Clarksville, TN, HODGES, HUGH E.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, HOL- LADAY, IOHN A.: 3VM, Oakridge, TN, HOPPER, RICHARD M.: 3VM, Brandon, MS. HUNT, GARY L.: 'IVM, Opelika, AL, HUNT, RONALD I.: IVM, I3CkS0n, MS, HUNTER, WILLIAM D.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, IN- GOLD, IOHN W.: ZVM, Franklin, TN, IACKSON, IAMES H.: 4VM, Walnut, MS, IACOBS, ROBERT M.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, IOHNSON, PAUL E.: 'IVM, Auburn, AL, IONES, IACK: SVM, Auburn, AL, IONES, MIKE: ZVM, Auburn, AL. IORDAN, KEN M.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, KENNY, WILLIAM D.: 5VM, Auburn, AL, KLINE, CHARLES D.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, LAZENBY, LOUIS R.: ZVM, Auburn, AL, LEWIS, IOHN C.: ZVM, Monticello, FL, LIPSCOMB, EDDIE I.: 1VM, Louisville, MS, LOWE, IEFFREY L.: 'IVM, Huntsville, AL, LUKE, IAMES N.: 2VM, Philadelphia, MS, LUNDBERG, WAYNE A.: 4VM, Ti- tusville, FL. MAGEE, DANNY L.: ZVM, Brookhaven, MS, MALLAY, MI- CHAEL I.: 'IVM, Russellville, KY, MARKS, DOUGLAS L.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, MARSCH, WALTER H.: 2VM, Auburn, AL, MAR- TIN, ROBERT E.: 1VM, Geneva, AL, MAXWELL: HERRIS2 3VM. Auburn, AL, MCCANN, MARVIN B.: 4VM, Henderson, NC, MCDANIEL, DANNY E.: 4VM, Brandon, MS, MCDONALD, ROBERT K.:1VM, Philadelphia, MS, McMILLAN, WILLIAM R.: ZVM, Baldwyn, MS, MCMURRAY, PAUL A.: ZVM, Roanoke, AL, McWHIRTER, HOWARD R.: 4VM, Ecru, MS, METCALF, IAMES F.: 4VM, Enterprise, AL, MOBLEY, SUMMER Q.: 3VM, Madison, TN, MOORE, IOHN W.: 4VM, Vangham, MS, MOORE, THOMAS GREER:1VM, At- more, AL, MULLINS, STEPHEN L.: 1VM, Auburn, AL, NABERS, FRED F.: 4VM, Louisville, MS. NEWTON, IOE C.: 3VM, Sweetwater, AL, OSBORNE, STEVEN C.: 2VM, Decatur, AL, O'STEEN, IR., REUBEN: 4VM, Auburn, AL, OWENS, MILES: SVM, Auburn, AL, PALERMO, DONALD I.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, PALMER, HERMAN E.: 1VM, jackson, MS, PANCO, PETER I.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, PARKER, ROBERT F.: 2VM, Heidelberg, MS, PHILLIPS, WILLIAM L.: IVM, Mobile, AL. PINKSTON, STEPHEN T.: IVM, Harrodsburg, KY, PUTNAM, MARSHALL R.: 3VM, Hope Hull, AL, RAINES, RAYMOND C.: 1VM, Birmingham, AL, RANDOLPH, IAMES W.: 1VM, Gulfport, MS, REAGAN, ROBERT M.: 1VM, Hattiesburg, MS, REID, IAMES N.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, RIEHL, MARK E.: 1VM, Auburn, AL, ROGERS, IAMES H.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, ROYALS, NA- THANIEL B.: ZVM, Lumberton, MS, RUSS, WILLIAM: 3VM, Hattiesburg, MS, SANDERS, GUY: 2VM, Birchwood, TN, SCHAFFELD, WALTER: WM, Eufaula, AL, SHROYER, DAVID: 4VM, Sarasota, FL, SINGLETON, WHITT: 1VM,Auburn,AL. SLOCUM, MARK: 'IVM, Coldwater, MS, SMITH, LARRY: 4VM, Memphis, TN, SMITH, RANDALL: SVM, Bridgeport, AL, SMITH, WENDELL: 5VM, Scottsboro, AL, SONNE, IOHN: 3VM, Bardstown, KY. SPROC, RICHARD: 2VM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, STEWART, STE- PHEN: SVM, Oneonta, AL, STEWART, TIMOTHY: 3VM, One- onta, AL, ST. CLAIR, COY: ZVM, Fordsville, KY, STOKES, HUL- ET: 3VM, Preston, MS, STUTTS, LARRY: ZVM, Cherokee, AL, SYMES, IOHN: 2VM, Bay Minette, AL, THOMAS, NOEL: 2VM, Hollow Rock, TN, THOMPSON, RICHARD: 3VM, Eustis, FL. THORN, CHARLES: IVM, Tuscumbia, AL, THRASH, DANNY: IVM, Grove Oak, AL, THRASH, IAMES: 3VM, Fulton, MS, Pres., TRUHETI, TOMMY: 2VM, Gulfport, MS, VELASCO, EDWARD: 4VM, Brandon, FL, WALKER, CALVIN: 3VM, Pascagoula, MS, WALKER, DANNY: ZVM, Auburn, AL, WALKER, RODNEY: 3VM, jackson, MS, WATSON, WILLIAM: SVM, Georgiana, AL. 433 Composites WATTS, THOMAS: IVM, Columbia, MS, WHITE, CALVIN: 4VM, Poplarville, MS, WHITE, IOHN: ZVM, Olive Branch, MS, WILKES, RICHARD: 3VM, Dutton, AL, WILSON, PAUL: 4VM, Monticello, MS, WOODS, DOUGLAS: SVM, Decatur, AL, WOODWARD, MICHAEL: 3VM, Auburn, AL, WOODY, BEN- NY: IVM, Roanoke, AL, WALKER, SALLY: 4ID, Birmingham, AL,Sweetheart. ALLEN, RETA: -ICTM, Auburn, AL, ATKINS, KAREN: 3CDP, Birmingham, AL, AVERY, GINGER: 4SSC, Prattville, AL, AVER- BACK, CAROL: APB, Montgomery, AL, BAYNE, MICA S.: IMRB, Dawson, GA, BEKKEN, MARY A.: 2NS, Huntsville, AL. BENDALL, LYNN: 3PB, Birmingham, AL, BERRY,TAB: IPB, Falls Church, VA, BOLING, ANSLEY: 2lFE, Tampa, EL, BOOM, RENE: IGPC, Huntsville, AL, BORDERS, HOLLY: IHEQ, Carrollton, GA, BRASWELL, TRACEY: IPB, Birmingham, AL, BROCATO, MARY E.: 3NF, Birmingham, AL, BURSON, FRANCES: 2NS, Birmingham, AL, CAMP, LEIGH: 3RSS, Gardendale, AL. CAMPBELL, KIP: ZPD, Coral Gables, FL, CAMPBELL, PAM: IGC, Macon, GA, CAMPBELL, PAT: 4MK, Oakbrook, IL, CAR- ROLL, EDIE: IHEQ, Edina, MN, CASEY, GAIL: 4PUB, Mercede, CA, CHRISTENBERRY, CHRIS: ZFCP, Montgomery, AL, CHRIS- TENBERRY, KATHY: 4FM, Montgomery, AL, COBB, BELINDA: 2NF, Huntsville, AL, COMBS, PAM: 2PT, Huntsville, AL. COX, DAWN: IPB, Huntsville, AL, CRUMP, MONA: 4AC, Birmingham, AL, DAUPHIN, CATHERINE: 2LFL, Montgomery, AL, DAWSON, LYNN: ZGC, Birmingham, AL, DURHAM, CONNIEI ZRSB, Montgomery, AL, EDWARDS, CICELY: 4HPE, Selma, AL, EDWARDS, LAURY: 4Cl, Lyman, NB, EDWARDS, LEE: IPB, Huntsville, AL, FARRAR, LINDY: IPB, Columbus, GA. FERRELL, EILEENC 3GPC, Huntsville, AL, FERRELL, KATHLEEN: IPM, Huntsville, AL, FLYNN, LESLIE: IPB, Trustville, AL, ERA- SER, LINNEA M.: ZCC, Atlanta, CA. FREEMAN, NANCY: 2LHY, Birmingham, AL, FOWLER, CATHY: 3Cl, Dunwoody, GA, GOFFREY, PATTY: 3MK, Birmingham, AL, GAUSE, GEORGENE: 4VDE, Stockton, AL. GEER, RUTH ANN: IWL, Huntsville, AL, GIBSON, CYNDY: 2VOA, Birmingham, AL, GILMORE, IULIE: ZSMA, McCalla, AL, GORDON, IULIE: 3HPR, Montgomery, AL, GREENE, MEL- ANIE: 3ID, Greenville, SC, GRASS, AMY: IPB, Mobile, AL, HAMNER, MELANIE: IPM, Montgomery, AL, HANOCK, KIM: ITH, Penson, AL, HARTIN, LEE: 2EE, Muscleshoats, AL. HARDY, ION: 2C.C, Chattanooga, TN, HARTLEY, ANN: ZHPR, Chattanooga, TN, HECHT, ANN: 2GC, Memphis, TN, HESKE, KATHY: IPL, Cheyenne, WY, HILL, FRANCES: IFM, Birming- ham, AL, HOWARD, S.: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, HUDSON, PAM: ZEEC, Sylacauga, AL, IENNINGS, SHARON: ZEEC, Car- rollton, GA, KAISER, LYNNE: 4RSM, Elberta, AL. KENT, IULIE: IRSM, Birmingham, AL, KING, NANCY: IGPO, Montgomery, AL, KLINE, SUSAN: IGC, New Orleans, LA, KNIGHT, LEAH: 3AR, Birmingham, AL, KROET, KAREN: IGFL, Decatur, GA, LONG, CATHY:IPB, Carrollton, GA, MURPHREE, IODY: 3VBU, Sylacauga, AL, MALLOCK, PHILLIS: IRSB, Birm- ingham, AL, MARKLE, PAIGE: IPT, Birmingham, AL. MARTIN, KAI: 3EE, Montgomery, AL, MCCLINTON, CATHY: IGC, Bessemer, AL, MCGOFF, MARI: 2LT, Decatur, GA, MATTNULLER, BECKY: 4EEE, Northport, AL, MCGUIRE, SU- SAN: IGPG, Huntsville, AL, MCKEON, DEBBIE: 3SSS, Atlanta, GA, MILLER, LAURIE: ICSC, Dawson, GA, MORRIS, KAREN: ITH, Birmingham, AL, NEILL, PATTIE: 4RSM, Birmingham, AL. NORWOOD, CINDY: IGB, Fayetteville, 2EEE, Birmingham, AL, PARCUS, PAM: PINNINGTON, MARY: 2GC, Beaverton, IVA, Pensacola, FL, PIERCE, IAN: IPB, LENETTE ANN: INB, Lighthouse Point, 2FCD, Notusulga, AL, REYNOLDS, IEON AL. TN, OWEN, MARY: INF, Huntsville, AL, AL, PHILLIPS, IULIE: Prattville, AL, RAIA, FL, RAINER, IANE: NE: 4FCS, Notasulga, RIDDLEHOOVER, DEE DEE: 4HPD, Sylacauga, AL, RIDDLE- HOOVER, KATHY: IFM, Sylacauga, AL, RILEY, LISA: ZFM, Flossmoor, IL, ROBERTS, ALICE: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, ROBIN- SON, KINDAL: IEEE, Lowndesboro, AL, ROBINSON, LISA: IPB, Dunwoody, GA, SCHRIMSHER, LORI: IEEE, Huntsville, AL, SEARS, BARBARA: 2EEE, Birmingham, AL, SELIKOEE, LES- LIE: ICC, Montgomery, AL. 43 4 Composites 7 ,5 A V A I la? K L , A .,,. ,, L,-,gf , 3, '. i,.:j3 ,..' . f ,". 5' " - 41 :'i " A " f ' 1 ' :Wil ' wwf, "f,' - .vv ff -'j ' W ' - y,E,,,,. ,. . ., in L . sta '- vm . - ' fa YM, , 1 X: L, g L iil k,, v ,.. 'Si " A if N' A A: ,, ' A an H ' . J I ' . U ' ---, 1 t . f ..:: . ,. 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':'i r,V .. .I VIA 7 I" I - ' V, ., .. .. 1 f . . . I V 'V 1 ' -' :gl ' " , .. " -gf-ff ' - A Atttir ,feng If .gy SHERRILL, MELISSA: 3GAT, Birmingham, AL, SIMMONS, IEONNE: ZPNM, Decatur, GA, SMITH, ADRIANNE: TPB, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, BELINDA: 4MBI, Birmingham, AL, STEPHENS, MARTHA: ZEEE, Birmingham, AL, STEPHENSON, LISA: ZEEE, Rome, GA, STEPHENSON, MARCIA: 1PB, Rome, GA, SULLIVAN, MUFF: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, TANNER, IOAN: 1VDE, Montgomery, AL. THORTON, BARBARA: 3OT, Birmingham, AL, TOWNSEND, IAN: 2VOA, Birmingham, AL, TRAFTON, PATTY: 3PB, Birming- ham, AL, TRAFTON, PEGGY: 3PB, Birmingham, AL, TRUNK, EHARON: 1RSB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, TUCKER, KAKI: 3PB, Au- urn, AL. VINES, GWEN: ZMCH, Birmingham, AL, WALKER, CYNTHIA: 3PB, Huntsville, AL, WEINBERG, CINDY: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, WELDON, ROBIN: 3EEE, Montgomery, AL, WESTBROOK, SUZANNE: 4HPR, Decatur, GA, WHYTE, ROBBI: 2VA, Centre- ville, DE, WIGGINS, DIANE: 3LT, Atlanta, GA, WILLIAMS, SHERON: 2RSS, Athens, GA, WILLIS, LEIGH: 1LT, Birmingham, AL, WIL- MORTH, DONNA: 1GC, Birmingham, AL, YARBOROUGH, NEAL: ZGSC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, ZIMMER, MARGARET: 1RSS, Montgomery, AL. ' AGNEW, BRIAN: 3FY, Lookout Mtn., TN, ALEXANDER, CHUCK: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, AMMON, BOBBY: 4BSC, C0- lumbus,GA. ANGWIN, OSCAR: 'lPN, Birmingham, AL, APPLETON, IO- SEPH: 4BSC, Birmingham, AL, ARTMAN, STEPHEN: 3CPO, Lakeland, FL, BAIR, NORMAN: 1PB, Columbus, GA, BITTICK, IOHN: 3CI, Forsyth, GA, BLACK, PHILIP: ZPB, Homewood, AL, BOWERS, FRED: SAED, Rembert, SC, Grad. in Res, BOZEMAN, STANLEY: 4INM, jacksonville, FL, BRANNAN, WILLIAM: 4BSC, Columbus, GA. BRANTLEY, LEE: 3MK, Birmingham, AL, BROWN, WILLIAM: 1Cl, Birmingham, AL, COBB, DOUGLAS: IAR, Montgomery, AL, DANION, IAMES: ZHPR, Auburn, AL, DEAN, GARY: 4BSC, Samson, AL, DEVAN, WILLIAM: 3VA, Birmingham, AL, DRAKE, CARY: ZPN, Coral Gables, FL, DRESHER, IAMES: 4INM, jacksonville, FL, EDWARDS, GREG: 2PB, jacksonville, FL. ELROD, WILLIAM: 3PG, Huntsville, AL, ERWIN, TIMOTHY: 4lNM, Huntsville, AL, FLEMING, EVAN: 1AR, Memphis, TN. GAMBRELL, DAVID: ZPB, Atlanta, GA, GARDNER, ROBERT: 1AEC, Memphis, TN, GIVHAN, RAYMOND: 'lPY, Acworth, GA. GOODSON, MARK: 3ME, jacksonville, FL, HANDLEY, WIL- LIAM: 2PM, LaGrange, GA, HARDY, RANCE: ZPB, Birmingham, AL. HENSON, IAMES: 4CE, Albany, GA, HIGGINS, DAN: 4HPR, Friendswood, TX, HILL, BROCK: 4CB, Crossville, TN, HOFF, EINAR: 3MK, Birmingham, AL, HUNDLEY, GARRY: 4GB, Pana- ma City, FL, HURST, IAMES: 4Fl, Opelika, AL, IRISH, IAMES: 4EN, Metairie, LA, IORDAN, ANDREW: 4HPR, Moultrie, GA, IORDAN, GARY: 1PM, Columbus, GA. IORDAN, IAMESI 4C.B, Columbus, GA, KEY, IACK: 1PB, C0- lurnbus, GA, KINGSFORD, SCOTT: 3PB, Memphis, TN, KIN- NET, DONOVAN: 3CrB, Ft. Valley, GA, KINSEY, DAVID: 1PD, Birmingham, AL, LAMB, RICHARD: 3GB, Coral Gables, FL, LAND, IOHNI 4HF, Apopka, FL, LANE, MARK: 4Fl, LaCanada, CA, LeGE'I'I'E, TOM: 1CrPO, Cairo, CA. LOGUE, STANLEY: 3LPO, Albany, GA, LOTT, DAVID: 4AC, Ft. Myers, FL, MADLENER, DAVID: 4PIR, Cape Canaveral, FL, MCCULLOHS, NEAL: 3BSC, Phenix City, AL, MCDONALD, WILLIAM: 3FY, Columbus, GA, MCINTYRE, IAMES: 3MK, Memphis, TN, MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS: ZPD, Auburn, AL, MeGAHEE, IOSEPH: 3MK, Birmingham, AL, MQGAHEE, KEN- NETH: 'lGB, Birmingham, AL. 43 5 Composites MISON, BILL: BBSC, Columbus, GA, MONEY, IOHN: IPB, Al- bany, GA, MOULTON, EDWARD: 4GB, Albany, CIA, NICHOL- SON, IIMMY: 3FY, Huntsville, AL, NICHOLSON, TIM: ZPB, Plano, TX, NIXON, IOHN: 4PO, Birmingham, AL, PARKER, WILLIAM: 4PY, jacksonville, FL, PATTILLO, ROBERT: 4MK, Dothan, AL, PEARSON, jERRE: 4FI, Montezuma, GA. PHILLIPS, ROBERT: 4AC, Knoxville, TN, POWERS, MICHAEL: 3AR, Charleston, SC, REA, STEVEN: 4BSC, Moultrie, GA, ROBERTSON, WADE: ZPT, Columbus, GA, RUMPH, HOW- ARD: 4AC, Tifton, GA, SAMFORD, THOMAS: 4GPO, Auburn, AL, SEAGLER, PHILIP: 4lM, Roberta, GA, SEAGRAVES, SAM- UEL: 2PB, Kennesaw, GA, SELF, THOMAS: 2EE, Hurtsboro, AL. SHERROD, PEYTON: ZBSC, Birmingham, AL, THOMAS, SIM: 30P, Columbus, GA, SIMPSON, IOHN: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, SMITH, ELLIS: 4GPO, LaGrange, GA, SNOW, DEAN: 4MK, Birmingham, AL, SPERRY, IOHN: 4CE, Albany, CA, SPERRY, WILLIAM: 3CE, Albany, GA, STRICKLAND, WILLIAM: 1GPO, Cairo, GA, TAYLOR, IESSE: 4FI, Opelika, AL. TAYLOR, WILLIAM: 4EC, jacksonville, FL, VERNER, DAVID: 3MK, Atlanta, GA, VINTERS, IOHN: 4MK, jacksonville, FL, WALL, MARK: 4BSC, Huntsville, AL, WALLACE, RONALD: 4AC, Huntsville, AL, WIGGLE, FRANCIS: ZPB, Opelika, WIL- LIAMS, RANDALL: 4Bsc, Albany, GA, WILSON, norm: 3ME, Macon, GA, WIMBERLY, MARK: ZPN, Port St. joe, FL. ADAMS, IOHN C.: 4FMN, Enterprise, AL, ALLISON, IOHN F.: 4ACF, Lexington, KY, BAKER, VANCE P.: 2PV, Birmingham, AL. BARNETT, MARK D.: IFY, Atlanta, GA, BEAN, ALBERT E.: TGC, Cary, ILL, BETTS, PHILLIP G.: 3ACF, College Park, GA, BOND, IOHNNY: 3BY, Auburn, AL, CHAMBERS, MICHAEL A.: 3lE, Montgomery, AL, COATS, DAVID L.: 3FY, Clarkston, GA. COX, CLARK H.: 1BS, Birmingham, AL, CRAVEN, IOSEPH F.: 3CE, New Orleans, LA, CRAWFORD, SCOTT L.: 4ACF, Decatur, GA, CRUSE, WALTER M.: 4BI, Hueytown, AL, DUCHENE, DAVID D.: ZCHE, Auburn, AL, DUKE, CHRIS N.: IPV, Mobile, AL. EDWARDS, MARTIN M.: 3ME, Birmingham, AL, FERNALD, CHARLES L.: 3EC, Quincy, FL, FLEMING, IAMES A.: IEN, Birm- ingham, AL, GOODSON, IAMES M.: 3AR, Birmingham, AL, Gmrris, CHRISTOPHER R.: 4AR, Tuscaloosa, AL, GUNTER, TIMOTHY I.: 1FY, Atlanta, GA, HUGHES, IOHN W.: 4FY, Huntsville, AL, LARSON, IEFFERY D.: ZPM, Memphis, TN, LEEDS, GARY M.: 4BSC, Auburn, AL. LINDSEY, ROBERT L: 3MK, Montgomery, AL, MACKIN, j. STANLEY: 3ACF, Birmingham, AL, McCLANAHAN, GARY E.: 3MK, Auburn, AL, MILTON, IAMES D.: 4FMN, jacksonville, FL, MINOR, MATTHEW H.: ZHPO, Arlington, VA, MUELLER, MICHAEL A.: 2FY, Birmingham, AL, MYERS, IAMES F.: 3BSC, Pine Mt., GA, PARKER, RUSSELL Q.: 3MK, Birmingham, AL, PARKER, STEVEN W.: 1SW, Rome, GA. PATE, KERRY E.: 3CHE, Auburn, AL, PATTERSON, ALBERT E.: 3EE, Montgomery, AL, PAYNE, THOMAS P.: 485, Auburn, AL, PUMPHREY, ROBERT B.: 3BA, Tallahassee, FL, RHOADS, AL- LAN L.: 1GC, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, RISLEY, IAMES FORD: 'lSY, jacksonville, FL, SCEBRA, IACK D.: 3PPY, Auburn, AL. SCHOBELOCK, DAVID j.: 4lE, Auburn, AL, SCROGGIN, WAR- REN R.: 3EC, Ardmore, OK, STANKARD, DAVID: 4EE, Auburn, AL, STRENGTH, STEVE: 4CE, Auburn, AL, STEWARD, CHAR- LES: 3ACF, Birmingham, AL, STRICKLAND, IAMES: IEE, Birm- ingham, AL, SUMMERELL, IAMES: 2CE, Montgomery, AL. SWEAT, IAMES: ZPN, Tallahassee, FL, THAXTON, G. DONALD: ZME, Auburn, AL, TIFFIN, KENNETH: 'llD, Tampa, FL, TYREE, ROYCE: 3HPD, Birmingham, AL, VIGNES, BERT: IPD, Mobile, AL, WATKINS, RICHARD: ZPB, Pahokee, FL, WAUCH, HAR- RY: IPB, Tallahassee, FL, DAVIS, GRANT: SAED, Auburn, AL, Grad. in res., MCINNIS, ANDREA: 4ART, Decatur, AL., Sweet- heart. ADAMS, MARY ELLEN: 4ID, Atlanta, GA, AFFENIT, STACIE: 3LFL, Miami, FL, ASHLEY, ALLISON: 3FM, Montgomery, AL, ARRINGTON, MARY: 3HPR, Decatur, AL, ANDREWS, IERE: 2jM, Huntsville, AL, ANDERSON, LYNDA: 2EEC, Andalusia, AL. 436 Composites ..- f. 4: W 1 l """ ' 'll W ' f "" .... .V 'f I ' .t Sym- ,. iw! Ag' , . fl aSf,,:::1- . V, .V .. . f .::,-. W4, .nm .. 65 k I 1 , :fs-'r .. A i . -. .f- ' . . . iw- --"- , ,L v V .ef .g A v, .V .E R . 4.. V Q' " , - Z 'A . I: .A ,fig sr: git., In V-.Mm MH .737 1 ., A , ax if -f V. 'f I .f ii 'if 'fri-ala. 1. : 'r vme,ff2.i:. N1,',ii':t 'A X k?.L',l?L 'rogzt' .'s.f w1z,:,,,gg 5,1 '--...:'::S'f. ,L - f r ' .A . 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ALLPHIN, CINDY: 4PY, Birmingham, AL, BAILEY, CALIRE:1VA, Montgomery, AL, BAROUSSE, LYNN: 4SSE, Orlando, FL, BAUGHMAN, DEBBIE: 4ClM, Atlanta, GA, BENTON, PATTIZ 3EEC, Opp, AL, BERRY, MELANIE: TGSC, Birmingham, AL, BLACK, BECKY: ZEEC, Coral Gables, FL, BLALOCK, LOU: 4PY, Atlanta, GA, BOLTON, SISSY: ZNS, Montgomery, AL, BOOHER, BETH: TPB, Coral Gables, FL, BOPP, SARA: 2VA, Montgomery, AL, BOPP, SUSAN: 3RSC, Montgomery, AL, BRAGG, TONYA: TPPY, Decatur, AL, BRYAN, PATTI: ZPB, Dap- hane, AL, BUCKNER, CAROL: 4RSB, Birmingham, AL, BURN, CATHY: 3PB, Athens, TN, BUTLER, CINDY: 3PY, Huntsville, AL, CHRISTENBERRY, MARY: 3PB, Bay Minette, AL. CAVALIERE, CAROL: 3GSC, Huntsville, AL, CHAMBERS, CLARE: 2GSW, Brundige, AL, CHAMBLESS, CAROL: 4HEQ, Montgomery, AL, CHEATHAM, LISA: 1EEC, Birmingham, AL, CLANTON, KAY: 4FM, Birmingham, AL, CLEVELAND, KAROL: 1NS, Auburn, AL, COCKRELL, KAY: 3SAT, Decatur, AL, COD- DING, PAM: ZSC, Decatur, AL, COTTON, CHARLOTTE: 2PM, Russellville, AL. CRANE, BETH: 1PB, Decatur, AL, DAVIS, DONNA: 4ID, Ash- land, KY, DAVIS, KAREN: ZRSM, Columbus, GA, DEAN, LUCY: 1HRA, Montgomery, AL, DEUSCHLE, IULIE: 3CDP, Ft. Lau- derdale, FL, DOSTER, LEE: 4GB, Headland, AL, DOWNS, LILLI: 1PM, Huntsville, AL, DRENNAN, SLOAN: 4EEE, Miami Shores, FL, DRISKELL, IEANNE ANN: 4AC, Hialeah, FL, DRISKELL, KAREN: ZPB, Hialeah, FL, EMMET, ELIZABETH: BGPO, Montgomery, AL, EICH, BE1'I'Y:3FCD, Birmingham, AL, EVANS, NANCY: 4FM, New Orleans, LA, EDWARDS, CARO- LYN: 4EEE, Tuskegee, AL, ENGLISH, MARION: TVA, Auburn, AL, EASTMAN, MARY: 'lGC, Montgomery, AL, ELLIS, SUSAN: 4HME, Centre, AL, FISHER, DONNA: 4AC, Athens, TN. FOWLER, IAN: 4LT, Atlanta, GA, FOWLER, KAREN: 1PB, At- lanta, GA, FOSTER, MARTY LOU: TGIM, Dunwoody, GA, FRYER, IANE: 1GC, Brundidge, AL: GABNERI BONNIE! ZVHE, Dunwoody, GA, GODFREY, IAN: 3VBU, Birmingham, AL, GOSS, KELLEY: ZAR, Ft. Worth, TX, GRIGG, GLORIA: 4PY, Tuskegee, AL, GUNDERSON, GRACE: 1HRA, Homestead, FL. GURAK, STACIE: ZEEC, Homewood, AL, HAILE, CAROL: 4PY, Baton Rouge, LA, HALBROOKS, DAWN: 4FM, Birmingham, AL, HARTSFIELD, ANN: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, HARTWELL, LAUREY: 3RSB, Mobile, AL, HAYNES, CAROL: 4GMH, East Point, GA, HENDERS, TRICIA: ZSMH, Chipley, FL, HENNESSY, MAGGIE: 1EEE, Decatur, AL, HILLIS, KATHY: 1HRA, Mont- gomery,AL. HOLLIS, DIANE: 1PPY, Birmingham, AL, HUTSON, CATHY: THEQ, Huntsville, AL, IRWIN, CAROLYN: 1PT, Nashville, TN, INIAYCHOCK, CAROL: 3PlR, Coral Gables, FL, IACKSON, MADELINE: 4EEC, Montgomery, AL. IAY, MELISSA: 1PPY, Andalusia, AL, IOHNSON, EMILY: 1GC, Centre, AL, IONES, GAYLE: 1EEC, Auburn, AL, KILEY, CINDY: ZGC, Huntsville, AL, KILGO,lENNIFER: 3GPG, Attalla, AL. KIMBERL, SUSAN: 3PB, Mobile, AL, LEE, SUSAN: ZFCD, Ft. Deposit, AL, LINTON, ALICE: 2ID, Birmingham, AL, LOCH- RIDGE, IANEI ZNS, Huntsville, AL, MADDOX, EVA: 2LPO, Port St. loe, FL, MCCULLOUGH, BETH: 'lFM, Florence, AL, MCINNIS, ANDREA: 4AT, Decatur, AL, MCGAUGHY, DEBBIE: 3FCD, Montgomery, AL, MEADOWS, PEGGY: ZSAT, Colum- bus, GA, MERRILL, ERAN: ZHEQ, Andalusia, AL, MURPHY, CINDY: 1GC, Montgomery, AL, NOTMAN, LORI: 1GC, Coral Gables, FL, OGLETREE, MARIANNE: TPB, Birmingham, AL, PART- RIDGE, MARY NELL: 3PB, Mobile, AL, PATTERSON, CAMILLE: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, PAYTON, ROBIN: ZEEC, Decatur, AL, PHILLIPS, SALLY: 1PB, Gadsden, AL. POPWELL, BEANIE: ZFCS, Birmingham, AL, PORTER, BETTY: 4EEE, Selma, AL, PRICE, MEREDITH: 1GHY, Centre, AL, PUR- SELL, CHRIS: 3RSM, Sylacauga, AL, QUARLES, SHANE: 2GC, Dalton, GA, REYNOLDS, BETSY: 3LPO, Dadeville, AL, RICH- ARD, PAULA: 2PB, Montgomery, AL, RICHARDSON, SUSAN: 3EEC, Montgomery, AL, RIDDLE, LYNNE: 3GPO, Arab, AL. ROARK, NAN: 2PB, Greenwood, SC, ROOT, TINA: ZGIM, Coral Gables, FL, ROPES, DEBBIE: 3GSC, Miami, FL, SANFORD, HARRIET: ZSMH, Dadeville, AL, SAUERBREY, GAYLA: ZVHE, Decatur, GA, SAUERBREY, GRETA: 1HRA, Decatur, GA, SCOTT, SUSAN: 3PB, Wetumpka, AL, SCHNIEDER, NANCY: 4HRA, Mt. Brook, AL, SHARIETT, MITZI: ZIND, Decatur, AL, 437 Composites SHARPE, PEGGY: 3LHY, Birmingham, AL, SHIELDS, TINA: ZPB, Huntsville, AL, SHOUSE, MARY ANN: ZGIM, Terre Haute, IN, SIMPSON, CAROLYN: 'IAR, Houston, TX, SI1'I'ASON, SHELLY IO, IHPR, Decatur, AL, SMITH, SANDRA: 1PB, Mobile, AL, SMITH, SYLVIA: 4HM, Mobile, AL, SORRELL, CINDI: ICC, Birmingham, AL, TANNER, MARY HELEN: ZFCS, Atlanta, GA. TAYLOR, PAULA: 1PPY, Sylacauga, AL, THOMAS, IANE: 2PN, Huntsville, AL, THOMPSON, EDITH: IGC, Mobile, AL, THOMPSON, MARY ANNE: 4GFL, Mobile, AL, THWAITES, DEBBIE: 4EEE, Atlanta, AL, TODD, LINDA: ZGFLS, Mobile, AL, TURNEY, MARY: 3AC, Nashville, TN, TUTAN, CATHY: 2PB, Coral Gables, FL, UNDERWOOD, IULIE: 1VA, Decatur, AL. WALKER, KATHY: 20T, Auburn, AL, WALTERS, ELIZABETH: ZFCS, Troy, AL, WASSON, EDNA: 3CFL, Huntsville, AL, WAT- KINS, DONNA: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, WEBB, CARLA: 3RSB, Birmingham,AL. WHISENANT, SHEILA: 2NS, Piedmont, AL, WHITE, KAREN: INS, Auburn, AL, WILKERSON, CINDY: 3GFL, Atlanta, GA, WILLIAMS, BARBARA: IHRA, Montgomery, AL, WILSON, GINGER: ZGC, Montgomery, AL. WIMPEY, LYNN: ZPB, Atlanta, GA, WITHERS, IULIE: ZGEH, Atlanta, GA, WOLFE, STEPHANIE: ZSEH, Montgomery, AL, YELVERTON, IENNIE: 3VHE, Birmingham, AL, ZOOK, SUSAN: 1GC,Huntsville,AL. ANDERSON, STEVEN: 3LHY, Cherry Hill, PA, BRADLEY, GUY: ZPVM, Birmingham, AL. BROWN, WILLIAM: 4VA, Gallatin, TN, CAMPBELL, DAVID: 4AC, Clanton, AL, DUNNAVANT, DAVID: 2PV, Elkmont, AL, FIEDER, FREDERICK: 4PB, Montgomery, AL, FRISBEE, LUKE: IOC, Montgomery, AL, GRIFFIN, THOMAS: 4AR, Winter Park, FL, HACKNEY, WILLIAM: ZGHY, Auburn, AL, HARRINGTON, MICHAEL: 3MB, Kevlavik, ICELAND, IENNINGS, IAMES: 4EE, Decatur, AL. Au- RE- veiu, GARY: 4c.Po, Auburn, AL, scriwmn, CLAYTON: 4rv, Coden, AL, STROUD, WESLEY: 6VAG, Little Harlem, ' WATTS, MICHAEL: 3WLW, Thermopylae, AL, WILKERS ROBERT: 3BSC, Fairfax, AL, DIAMOND, RANDALL: Advisor. KRUPP, BRUCE: 4GPG, Lacrosse, WI, PERRY, FRED: 2PB, burn, AL, RAMEY, ROBERT: 3555, Panama Canal Zone, AL, oN, ASHBURN, MICHAEL: BIC, Titusville, FL, BASKERVILLE, JAMES: 4LHY, Birmingham, AL, BATES, GLENN: 4AR, Auburn, AL, BATES, MICHAEL: IPB, Birmingham, AL, BECK, IOHN: 4lM, Savannah, GA, BOCK, STEVEN: 4PUB, Prattville, AL, COPENHAVER, LARRY: SCH, Port St. loe, FL, Grad. in Res., COUGHRAN, IEFFREY: 4Bl, Cedartown, GA, CRAWFORD, RICHARD: 3FI, Trion, GA, DAVIS, VICTOR: 4MK, New Or- leans, LA. ENDERLE, MARK: 2PNM, Herndon, VA, FARRAR, ROBERT: 2VA, Phenix City, AL, FERRELL, GEORGE: 4ID, Crossett, AR, GARTH, RICHARD: 2iM, Athens, AL. GLASS, ARNOLD: 4MN, Auburn, AL, GOODSELL, TIM: ZBSC Florence, AL, GRAVES, BRYAN: 2PB, Sheffield, AL, GULDENSL CHUH, DAVID: 3GB, Rome, GA, HARDEN, DAVID: 30H Orange Park, FL, HAYES, WILLIAM: ZAM, Lilburn, GA, HEN: LEY, STEPHEN: ZPB, Auburn, AL, HEVMAN, WILLIAM: 3AC, Fort Walton Beach, FL, HOLLMAN, GREG: 4MK, Atlanta, GA, HOLLOWAY, TERRY: 3PCY, Birmingham, AL, HUFF, RAY: 3LEC, Waycross, GA, INGERSOLL, STEPHEN: 4ACF, Fairhope AL, IACKSON, ROBERT: MBI, Rome, GA, LAMBERT, MARK: 3SC, Huntsville, AL, LIGHT, IERRY: 'lWL, Rome, GA, LUDWIG THOMAS: 4ME, Huntsville, AL, MANNING, BENIAMIN: 2PB, Marietta, GA, MCDONALD, MICHAEL: 4MN, Fairborn, OH. 43 B Composites MESSICK, DONALD: 3C:B, Enterprise, AL, NEILL, WILLIAM: ZEN, Shalimar, FL, PACE, WILLIAM: 4FMN, Auburn, AL, PAR- RISH, IOHN: 3PV, Auburn, AL, PITCHER, DAVID: 3INM, Law- renceville, GA, POTTS, DAVID: IVA, Florence, AL, PRATHER, EDMUND: -WA, Auburn, AL, PRICE, LARRY: 3AC, Merrit ls- land, FL, ROBBINS, IAMES: ZPB, Atlanta, GA. ROGERS, GREG: 3SC, Troy, AL, SELLERS, STEVE: 2PB, Clear- water, FL, SIMPSON, DAVID: IGBI, Centre, AL, SIMPSON, IIMMY: IPPY, Centre, AL, SMITH, FLETCHER: 4C1, Tuskegee, AL, SMITH, THOMAS: 4FI, Auburn, AL, SOUTH, PAUL: 2lM, Fairfield, AL, STEINBERG, DAVID: 2GPO, Huntsville, AL, STULTS, THOMAS: 4GAT, Savannah, GA. SUTHERLAND, BILL: 2PB, Sarasota, FL, TATUM, DAVE: 4INE, Shalimar, FL, TILTON, WILLIAM: ZEE, Tampa, FL, TURBER- VILLE, LEE: 3AR, Fairhope, AL, WESTROPE, DOUGLAS: 4Fl, Auburn, AL, WOOD, WILLIAM: IPN, Enterprise, AL, WOOD- RING, WILLIAM: IPB, Birmingham, AL, ZENONI, PHILLIP: ZGMH, Atlanta, GA, BATES, LAURA: SRSB, Auburn, AL, Sweet- heart. ABEL, MARYANNE: 4FCD, Coco Beach, FL, AVANT, ALETHA: 4EEC, Prattville, AL, BAGWELL, KATHY: 3EEC, Auburn, AL, BARR, MARTHA: 4FCD, Florence, AL, BARRETT, BETSY: 3VA, Abilene, TX, BATES, ELIZABETH: 2FM, Greenville, SC. BATSON, CAROLINE: 2CZ, Greenville, SC, BOSWELL, AMY: IFCD, Montgomery, AL, BOTDORF, NANCY: IFCD, Atlanta, GA, BOWLING, KELLY: IHME, Montgomery, AL, BRICKEN, LOUISE: IHM, Montgomery, AL, BROOKS, BONNEE: 3FCS, Tampa, FL, BROWNING, TERESA: 2AN, Orlando, FL, BURK- E1T,lEAN: IPB, Huntsville, AL, CHAMBERS, S'AN: 3PM, Mem- phis,TN. COBBLE, CAROL: ISMH, Ft. Payne, AL, COLE, ROBIN: 4GB, Miami, FL, CONNER, PATTY: IPB, Tampa, FL, CONNER, SAN- DY: BGSC, Tampa, FL, COOPER, MARGARET: ZEEC, Atlanta, GA, COTTER, IANET: INF, Huntsville, AL, COULTER, MORRI: IGC, Huntsville, AL, COX, CARY: ZGC, Atlanta, GA, CRIGLER, NANCY: ZRSB, Magnolia Springs, AL. DAVIS, KAY: IGPO, Centre, AL, DEAN, CYNTHIA: 2VA, lack- son, MS, DEARMAN, DONNA: IPPY, Niceville, FL, DIMILLO, LAURA: IAR, Hollywood, FL. DYKES, STEPHANIE: IPM, Tampa, FL, EBERT, AMY: IPB, Foley, AL, EMERSON, LAURA: 3HRA, Chattanooga, TN, ENGELSON, ELLEN: 3PB, Stanford, CN. PAIN, REMMIE: 3RSB, Atlanta, GA, FOLKS, PAM: ZPB, Hunts- ville, AL, FUGE, NANCY: 2PB, Miami, FL, FULENWIDER, CATH- ERINE: IFCD, Savannah, GA. GARLINGTON, VICKI: 2LT, Plantation, FL, GARNER, DAPHNE: 3HEQ, Newnan, GA, GARRISON, CARLA: IPB, Athens, AL, GAULD, DEBBIE: ICED, Birmingham, AL. GAY, HOPE: 3AC, Auburn, AL, GLASCOCK, ANN: 1PPY, Look- out Mtn., TN, GOODALL, SUSAN: 3EEC, Gadsden, AL, GRAVES, SHEREE: 3GPG, Auburn, AL, GRECO, STEPHANIE: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, HAGERMAN, KELLIE: ICC, Gadsden, AL, HAMILL, AMY: ICSC, Panama City, FL, HART, EMILY: 4C:SW, Gadsden, AL, HUTCHINS,TERRI: IGHY, Huntsville, AL. ISBELL, NANCY: IPPY, Huntsville, AL, IAMES, CYNDY: ZGPG, Lake Park, FL, IENSEN, DULARI: IEEE, Mobile, AL, l0HNsoN, IENNYI 3PB, Atlanta, GA, IOHNSON, NANCY: ITH, Fl0renCe, AL, IONES, KATIE: 3FCS, East Palatka, FL, IONES, LEONE: IPPY, Fairhope, AL, KASTANAKIS, IULIE: IGC, Huntsville, AL, KELLER, KIM: I PL, Palos Verdes Estates, CA. KEYTON, Bnsv: 4Rss, Dothan, AL, Klltnmfw, BESS: 3EEE, Ft. Gaines, GA, KIMBALL, MADISON: 4AC, Virginia Bch., VA, KNOWLES, SUSAN: 4AC, Jacksonville, FL, LASATER, PAM: IFM, Huntsville, AL, LASATER, SUSAN: 3SSS, Huntsville, AL, LEE, GERI: IPM, Savannah, GA, LEWIS, LINDA: IGHY, Dothan, AL, LINK, SHARON: IPB, Huntsville, AL. 43 9 Composites LIVINGSTON, IENNIE: 3PB, Pensacola, FL, LYKINS, CAROLE: IGC, Auburn, AL, MAPEL, DONNA: IEED, Apopka, FL, MAR- SHALL, CAROL: ZEEC, Huntsville, AL, MASK, LYNN: IFY, Dun- woody, GA, MCGEHEE, DEDE: ZADS, lacksonville, FL, Mc- GEHEE, MARTHA: 3VA, Greenville, AL, MCTYEIRE, KATE: 3HEQ, Birmingham, AL, MONTGOMERY, MARTHA: 4TM, Sy- lacauga, AL. MORSANI, LEANNE: 3GSC, Tampa, FL, MORSANI, SUZI: IGC, Tampa, FL, MURPHY, DRYDEN: 2NF, Atlanta, GA, NEELY, EL- LEN: 3RSS, Montgomery, AL, NELSON, NANCY: 4GMH, Mont- gomery, AL, O'DONNELL, GLYNN: 4GPG, Dothan, AL, PARKS, VAN ELLEN: IFCS, Savannah, GA, PATTERSON, PAITY: ZGC, Montgomery, AL, PEPPER, NANCY: ZPB, Tampa, FL. PERRY, DEBBIE: IMN, Tuskegee, AL, PLAUCHE, PATRICE: ZVOA, Biloxi, MS, POUNDSTONE, NANCY: ZHPR, Mont- gomery, AL, PYLE, PAT: 2FCS, Winter Haven, FL, REHM, ANDY: IGC, Mobile, AL, RICHARDSON, IEANIE: 4MK, Huntsville, AL, ROBERTS, CATHERINE: IGBI, Gainesville, FL, RICHARDSON, MELANIE: OENF, Coca Beach, FL, ROS, CHARLOTTE: 3HEQ, Panama City, FL. ROYER, PAM: 2VOA, Maitland, FL, SANDY, SUSAN: 3RSB, Maitland, FL, SCHOBLOCK, LAURIE: 4HRA, Montgomery, AL, SIRMON, VIVIAN: 1RSM, Daphne, AL, SPROUSE, SHERRILL: 4GM, Dothan, AL, STREETMAN, IEANNIE: IPB, Montgomery, AL, SUMNER, SUSAN: 4RSM, Montgomery, AL, SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH: IOH, Huntsville, AL, TAYLOR, PAULA: 3PB, Birm- ingham, AL. THOMPSON, CINDY: ISSC, Ft. Payne, AL, TOOTHAKER, TAMMY: IFCD, Montgomery, AL, TRUNDLE, SUZANNE: ZFM, Signal Mtn., TN, TUCKER, BEV: 4FM, Auburn, AL, TUCKER, DEBORAH: IRSM, Gaylesville, AL, TUTEN, ANNE: 2PB, jasper, FL, VENTRESS, BLAN: 2PB, Clayton, GA, VIRDEN, EUGENIE: 3ID, Greenville, MS, VOGES, RHONDA: IPPY, Lookout Mtn., TN. WALKER, CANDY: IPD, Huntsville, AL, WALLACE, IANE: 4FM, Tampa, FL, WALSH, LISA: ZGIM, Atlanta, GA, WHINERY, IANIE: 4MK, Amarillo, TX, WIGGERS, ANNAFAY: IGC, Savan- nah, GA, WILKERSON, RUTH: 2PB, Jacksonville, FL, WILLIS, LU: 3ZY, Anniston, AL, WILSON, BETSY: 2NF, Marietta, GA, WOLF, LISA: 2GlM, Auburn, AL. ALDRICH, AMY: 3HPR, Boca Raton, FL, ALLEN, LAURA: 2EN, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, APPERSON, SHARON: 3AR, Chas., WV, AU- TEN, LILLIAN: IPL, Birmingham, AL, BALD, SUSAN: 3FM, Nashville, TN, BERRY, JULIA: 2PB, Newnan, GA. BEST, IULIE: IPV, Oxford, AL, BORCHER, EUGENIE: 4LT, Waterloo, IA, BRIDGES, BARBARA: IEEE, Deatsville, AL, BROWN, BARBARA: 3EEE, Hattiesburg, MS, BROWN, IILL: 2FI, Hattiesburg, MS, BROWNING, CAROL: ITM, Sylacauga, AL, BURSON, IANICE: 3SMH, Huntsville, AL, CALDWELL, KIM: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, CALLAHAN, BONNIE: IPN, Clinton, MS. CANNON, DEBORAH: IGC, Sparta, NI, CARTER, BARBARA: IPB, Florence, AL, CHANDLER, LORI: 3SSS, Gardendale, AL, COKER, CATHERINE: 3HPR, Hayneville, AL, COLLIER, SHEILA: 4AC, Rarner, AL, CONN, ANN: IGPS, Cusseta, AL, COX, PAULA: 4MK, Houston, TX, CURLEE, REBECCA: IID, Atlanta, GA, DANCE, MARY: IRSB, Madison, TN. DARK, DONNA: 2PY, Alexander City, AL, DEASE, LESLIE: IGC, Montgomery, AL, DeSHAZO, LYNN: 3HPR, Birmingham, AL, DOWDLE, KAREN: 3AC, Ieffersonville, IN, EDWARDS, CAROLYN: ISED, Madison, FL, EIFERT, SUZANNE: 4EEC, Montgomery, AL, ENGELMANN, KATHERINE: ILT, Greenville, SC, GENDLEY, DONNA: ZFM, Auburn, AL, FLOYD, IANE: 3RSB, Gainesville, FL. FOLSOM, CYNTHIA: ZADS, Tuscaloosa, AL, GAGE, GINGER: 4SW, Atlanta, GA, GARRETT, MARTHA: 3FF, Leeds, AL, GER- NERT, ANN: 3OH, Batesville, AK, GOGGANS, SUSAN: IPN, GOODMAN, MELANIE: ZGSY, Tallassee, AL, GRAHAM, GIN- GER: 2PPY, Talladega, AL, GREGG, MISSY: 2FM, Berwyn, PA, GREEN, IOYCE: ZADS, Mary Esther, FL. GUTTERY, CYNTHIA: IGEH, Dunwoody, GA, GAFFNER, SU- SAN: 2AC, Birmingham, AL, HARPLE, LINDA: ZAC, Ft. Lauder- dale, FL, HARTSFIELD, BRENDA: IPV, Leeds, AL, HAYNES, REBA: IPN, Pell City, AL, HOLLINGSWORTH, ANN: ZNF, Car- rollton, GA, HORNSBY, IANE: IAR, Rock Hill, SC, HOWELL, CHARLOTTE: 4ENE, Auburn, AL, IENKINS, IULIE: IPM, Mari- etta, GA. KNOWLES, ROBIN: 4EEC, jacksonville, AL, LANCE, MARILYN: 2NF, Miami, FL, LANIER, MARCIA: IEEE, Auburn, AL, LANK- FORD, KATHRYN: ZRSB, Brandon, FL, LEECH, PAULA: 2AC, Chamblee, GA, LEWIS, SONIA: ZRSS, Enterprise, AL, LIND- BERG, DOROTHY: ZSSC, Huntsville, AL, LUKE, PAMELA: IEEE, Thomasville, GA, LYNCH, VIRGINIA: IHM, Scottsboro, AL. 440 Composites MANCINI, LYNN: TGC, Trumbull, CN, MARTIN, DEBORAH: TPB, Gallatin, TN, MAY, IOBYNA: ZPM, Ft. Monroe, VA, McCRAY, CYNTHIA: ZPPY, Greensboro, AL, MCGAUGHY, NANCY: 1OH, Montevallo, AL, MCNULTY, IANE: 3EEE, Miami, FL, MCPHAIL, IAMIE: 3FCD, Florala, AL, MILLER, CYNTHIA: 3RSM, Montgomery, AL, MONTGOMERY, CAROLINE: 1PV, McLean,VA. MOORE, SUSAN: ZNS, Montgomery, AL, MORRISON, MEL- ANIE: 1MDT, Winter Haven, AL, MOSELEY, SONYA: Florala, AL, MOUNGER,jAME: 4AC, Houston, TX. 'lPY, MURRAY, MELISSA: 1PN, Hobe Sound, AL, NICHOLS, PAME- LA: 1EE, Birmingham, AL, NICHOLSON, MARYBETH: Plano, TX, OLIVER, MARY: 4SEH, Enterprise, AL. 3PlR, PATTERSON, KATHY: TGC, Birmingham, AL, PEARSON, THERESA: 1PB, Autaugaville, AL, PRATT, LESLIE: 'lRSB, Atlanta, GA, RALLS, VIRGINIA: ZEEC, Gadsden, AL, RICHARDS, DI- ANE: 2BSC, Florence, AL, RIVES, MELISSA: TGC, Selma, AL, ROSS, jULIE: 4RSR, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, SIKES, GWENDOLYN: ZNS, Saraland, AL, SMITH, CINDY: 3OH, jackson, AL. SMITH, SHEILA: 3HPR, Alexandria, VA, SMITH, SUSAN: 3VA, Phenix City, AL, SNELLGROVE, MARGARET: 1FY, Greenville, AL, SUDDERTH, GRACE: BRSB, Leary, GA, SWANGO, RENAE: 3EEE, Auburn, AL, TAYLOR, PAMELA: 4PIR, Montgomery, AL, TILL, CAROL: 4Cj, Minter, AL, VANDERAREND, LINDA: 4PUB, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, WALKER, SALLY: 1GC, Ft. McPherson, GA. WEED, MARY IANE: 4HPR, Brantley, AL, WELDON, MARG- ARET: 4GEH, Montgomery, AL, WIGGINS, ELIZABETH: ZGC, Milledgeville, GA, WILLIS, ELIZABETH: ZADS, St. Petersburg, FL, WILSON, CINDY: TPB, Atmore, AL, WILSON, DONNA: 2GC, Auburn, AL, WISE, GINGER: 3EEE, Brantley, AL, WOOD, ROSEMARY: TEEE, Tyler, AL, WRIGHT, CYNTHIA: 4PY, Hunts- ville, AL, BEATTY, SAMUEL: 4CH, Orlando, FL, BERNARD, DAVID: 4HPR, Decatur, AL. BORCHIK, jEFFREY: 4Cj, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, BUCK, PETER: 4AR, Mobile, AL, CHAMBLISS, FREDERICK: 4BSC, Mont- gomery, AL, CICHOWSKI, LEONARD: 4GL, Fairhope, AL, COLE, WILLIAM: 3AR, Key Biscayne, FL. COPELAND, CHARLES: 1PD, Shorter, AL, DIXON, MARK: 4EE, Tuscumbia, AL, FOREMAN, WILLIAM: 4ME, Enterprise, AL, FRENCH, MICHAEL: 2PN, Pensacola, AL, GOOD, KEITH: 4LPO, Powell, TN, GREEN, RAY: 4GPO, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, GREEN, STEVEN: 3AC, Ft. Walton Bch., FL, HALL, TERRY: 3Cj, Prattville, AL, HARRISON, IACKIE: 4RSR, Andalusia, AL. HEATH, BRUCE: 3FY, Daleville, AL, HINKLE, STEVEN: 4IND, Mt. Vernon, AL, HOLTON, STEVEN: 4MK, jacksonville, FL, IACOBS, ROBERT: 3ZY, Decatur, GA, IONES, ROBERT: 4ME, Prattville, AL, KELLY, RIXEY: 4ME, Savannah, GA, LEES, GARY: ZME, Columbus, GA, LITTY, WILLIAM: ZPB, Attalla, AL, LUBY, THOMAS: 3EN, Akron, OH. MASSEY, MICHAEL: 1AEC, Memphis, TN, MCCUTCHEON, MARK: 4BSC, Birmingham, AL, McDURMONT, MICHAEL: 3BSC, Enterprise, AL, MILES, BRI'I'I': 3PG, Montgomery, AL, MILLER, MICHAEL: 2GC, Mobile, AL, MILTON, MAX: 4ME, Autaugaville, AL, MIMS, IIM: 4AC, Enterprise, AL, MON- TEITH, WALTER: SAE, Ft. Walton Bch., FL, NEEDHAM, THOM- AS: -IMC, Wilmington, NC. NELLUMS, HANK: ZGPO, Milton, FL, OWENS, GREG: 'lFY, Titusville, FL, PARRISH, BEN: 4PM, Enterprise, AL, PE'I'I'Y, RAYMOND: 3PV, Aliceville, AL, PIPITONE, PAUL: SME, Akron, OH, ROACH, WILTON: TCE, Memphis, TN, SCHMIDT, DAVID: 4GSC, River Vale, Nj, SIMS, HARRY: 1PV, Mobile, AL, STAPLETON, EMORY: 3MC, Livingston, Nj. STEVENSON, IACKIE: 4BSC, Daleville, AL, STEWART, IAMES: ZCH, jacksonville, FL, THOMAS, ROBERT: TPB, Birmingham, AL, WALDO, IAMES: 3HEC, Atlanta, GA, WELLINGTON, RAY- MOND: 'lAVM, Maxwell AFB, AL, WELLS, GREGORY: 4BSC, Montgomery, AL, WHITTEN, RICHARD: ZEE, Fairhope, AL, WISE, MARK: 1PB, Andalusia, AL, HORTON, ESTELLA: House- mother. 44-'I Composites ABERNATHY, IOHN: 4AE, Trenton, TN, ADAMS, BRUCE: ZBSC, Cocoa Bch., FL, AMBROSIO, MICHAEL: 2PPY, Green- lawn, NY, ATHINSON, ROBERT: 1MTL, Birmingham, AL, BAR- TON, ALBERT: 1SMU, Eufaula, AL, BENIAMIN, DAVID: 2PB, Cortland, NY. BENTLEY, STEPHEN: 4AM, Valley Forge, PA, BERTOLETI, TED: 2PB, Sarasota, FL, BRADSHAW, HOWARD: 1AC, Birmingham, AL, BRULE, STEVEN: 2CE, Mobile, AL, BYERS, WILLIAM: ZCHE, St. Petersburg, FL, CARMACK, COMER: 1ME, Columbus, GA, CHESTER, MARK: 1VA, Atlanta, GA, CIRIGLIANO, THOMAS: 1GC, Birmingham, MICH, COBB, IOHN: 3PY, Montgomery, AL. COCHRAN, HAROLD: 'lCl, Merritt Island, FL, COLL, IACK: 3AC, Blackwood, Nl, CORK, TRAVIS: 3lM, Valdosta, GA, CRAWFORD, DAVID: 1PPY, Kingsport, TN, DAVIS, EDWARD: 4MK, Shawmut, AL, DAVIS, IOHN: SPY, Albany, GA, DAVIS, RANDALL: 2PN, Birmingham, AL, DICKSON, WILLIAM: 3PUB, Mobile, AL, DONAHUE, MARK: SZY, Auburn, AL. DRIVER, IEFFREY: 3AC, Greenville, MS, DUKE, ANDREW: 2WL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, EARLY, IACK: 4AC, Birmingham, AL, ELLIOT, DONALD: 'lEN, Dothan, AL, FOSTER, ANTHONY: 4AC, Auburn, AL, HAM, ROBERT: 4BSC, Auburn, AL, HAIN, IOHN: 3MK, Selma, AL, HALL, SCOTT: 1FlM, Maitland, FL, HARRISON, THOMAS: 'lPB, Memphis, TN. HEIDLER, DAVID: 4lM, Auburn, AL, HODGES, MARK: 4CHM, Birmingham, AL, HODGES, MICHAEL: 4CE, Section, AL, HOOLEY, ALAN: 1PN, Rockledge, FL, HORNSBY, WIL- LIAM: 1PL, Hueytown, AL, HOWSER, STEVEN: 2PB, Tulsa, OK, HUNDLEY, THOMAS: 3MB, Chattanooga, TN, IOHN- STON, MICHAEL: 4IE, Alexander City, AL, KNIGHT, TOMMY: 1PV, Birmingham, AL. KRAUSE, DUNCAN: 4MB, West Point, GA, LACY, DARRYL: 1AES, Ewan, Nl, LATHAM, IAMES: ZAR, Tuscaloosa, AL, LEADINGHAM, ARTHUR: 4AC, Chesapeake, VA, LILLY, ROB- ERT: 3AC, West Palm Beach, FL, LOVE, BRIAN: 1PB, Phenix City, AL, MCLAIN, BRUCE: 3MN, Nashville, TN, MILLER, HOWARD: 1EN, Birmingham, AL, MILLER, IOHN: 2MN, Man- akin-Sabot, VA. MOULTRIE, DANIEL: 2lD, Birmingham, AL, NALL, KURTIS: 2EE, Cullman, AL, OCKERMAN, IEEE: 4Fl, Lexington, KY, OX- FORD, IOHN: 1GB, Spartanburg, SC, PARKER, KEITH: 3Cl, Au- burn, AL, PERRY, IIM: ZHPR, Montgomery, AL, PETCOFF, IOHN: 4AM, Pittsburgh, PA, PETRUZZI, CHRISTOPHER: 3AC, Auburn, AL, POULSEN, KEITH: ZEE, Auburn, AL. RAMSAY, DAVID: 1PPY, La Crosse, WI, ROBINSON, PHILIP: 1EE, Chattanooga, TN, ROTON, BURTON: 4GB, Montgomery, AL, ROYAL, DAVID: 3MK, Selma, AL, SCHATZ, GARY: 4CE, Midland, TX, SELF, MARK: 3EE, W. Palm Beach, FL, SHANKS, IAMES: 3GB, Ft. Payne, AL, STEGALL,WILLIAM: 2EE, York, AL, STROUP, CHARLES: 1PV, Headland, AL. TARPLEY, PRICE: 3MN, Auburn, AL, THEMSON, GEORGE: 1GPO, Bonita Beach, FL, THORNTON, DALE: 4MK, Annandale, VA. TRAYWICK, ANDREW: 4EE, Tampa, FL, WARD, FORT: 'lPL, Florissant, MO, WILKINS, LEE: 4BSC, Atlanta, GA. WOODS, IOHN: SHPR, Auburn, AL, WOOLFOLK, KYLE: 2BSC, Midlothian, VA, WRIGHT, DAVID: 2GC, Warren, MA. ADAMS, IULIA: 1EEE, Stone Mountain, GA, ANDRESS, CINDY: 1 HEC, Pensacola, FL, ARNOLD, VALERIE: 2 RSS, Clark, GA, ARONSON, ANN: 3AC, Tallahassee, FL, ASHLEY, SARAH: TEEC, Madison, FL, BARNER, DRUCILLA: 2AT, Millbrook, AL. BATT, IAYNE: 'lID, Huntsville, AL, BELLINGER, CATHY: 4SEH Roswell, GA, msnor, DIANA: -um, Auburn, AL, BLAIR, HA: ZEL: 4CHE, Boulder, CO, BLAKNEY, DAWN: 4RSB, Auburn BRELSFORD, CAROL: 'lPL, Plantation, FL. 442 Composites AL, BLESSING, PAMELA: 1CT, Huntsville, AL, BODEN, NAN: CEE: 2FM, Panama City, FL, BOND, PATTY: 20A, Miami, FL, BROOKS, KAREN: 1GFL, Lakeland, FL, BROOKS, PAT: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, BROWN, IESSICA: 1ClPL, Huntsville, AL, BURTON, LEAH: 3GB, Tallassee, AL, BYRD, SHARLENE: ZPO, Huntsville, AL, CARL, BARBARA: 3HRA, Olympia Fields, IL, CARTER, DONNA: TEEE, Sylacauga, AL, CARTER, MAGGIE: 4PY, St. Augustine, FL, CARTER, SUZANNE: 3AC, Donalson- ville, GA. CASE, IENNIFER: 4AC, Columbus, OH, CLELAND, RHEA: 4HPR, Leesburg, FL, COKER, LISA: 4SEH, Leesburg, FL, COL- LINS, DIANE: 2FM, Jacksonville, FL, CREASY, CYNTHIA: 1LT, Birmingham, AL, DAVIS, GABY: 3EEC, Montgomery, AL, DEASE, LEIGH: 4MB, Montgomery, AL, DELONEY, CARRIE: 3sC, Dothan, AL, DIXON, SARA: 2HM, Tuscumbia, AL, EILAND, AMORET: 4PY, Clio, AL, EITZEN, POLLY: 2RSS, Homewood, AL, EVANS, SARAH: 4HRA, Glencoe, AL, FIN- FROCK, LAURA: 4HY, Copperhill, TN, GILY, CAROL: ZGFL, Purvis, MS, GOREE, CINDY: 4GFL, Winter Park, FL, GRAVES, REBECCA: ZEEC, Auburn, AL, GRISI:TI'E, PAIGE: ZMK, Long- view, TX, GRUBBS, KIMBERLY: ZPG, Fort Walton, FL. GUILLOT, IANE: 3GjM, Montgomery, AL, HALL, ALLISON: TGSC, Auburn, AL, HANSON, KIM: 4MK, Miami, FL, HARRIS, CATHERINE: 4MH, Bay Minette, AL. HARRIS, DONNA: 4EEC, Birmingham, AL, HARRIS, IANET: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, HAYNES,BE1'I'Y: 4SEH, Murfreesboro, TN, HAZENEIELD, LESLlE:1PN, Ozark, AL. HAZENFIELD, SUSAN: 4CT, Ozark, AL, HENLEY, CATHY: 1HPR, Auburn, AL, HERITAGE, SUSAN: 2AC, Murfreesboro, TN, HIETT, KAY: 1PB, Forest Park, GA. HOBBY, STEI-I-A2 ZSY, Haynesville, AL, HOLK, FRANCES: 3HPR, Foley, AL, HOLLEY, IACKIE: 1FM, Montgomery, AL, HOOPER, KIM: 2CT, Clayton, GA. HOUSTON, IEANNINE: 3Cl, Montevallo, AL, HOWARD, SARAH: ZEEC, Huntsville, AL, IACKSON, ALICE: 4AC, Clio, AL, lACKSON,IANIS: 4RSS, Birmingham, AL. IORDAN, KAY: 4VHE, Gulf Breeze, FL, KELLEY, IULIE: 1PB, Dunwoody, GA, KING, STARLA: ZRSM, Dothan, AL, KIRK, BRENDA: ZGSE, Montgomery, AL, KOMAR, SUE: 4MK, Chest- erland, OH, LANIER, PATII: 3CT, Summerville, GA, LEE, VICKIE: ZPV, Montgomery, AL, LUCIO, ADA: 3CT, Houston, TX, LUDLUM, NANCY: ZHEC, Gadsden, AL. LUMPKIN, IANET: 2FM, Vernon, AL, MADSEN, WENDY: 3PY, Miami, FL, MALLORY, BETH: ZNF, Huntsville, AL, MALONEY, LESLIE: ZEEE, Roswell, GA, MQBRIDE, KAREN: 2LT, Huntsville, AL, MCCAULEY, DANITA: 2TN, Chickasaw, AL, MCDONALD, SUSAN: 3NF, Bayou La Batre, AL, MCELVEY, SOOKIE: 2Cl, Winter Haven, FL, MCHUGH, CYNTHIA: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, MCINTYRE, POLLY: 3PLPG, Indialantic, FL, MICHAELS, ERIN: ZRSM, MICHALIK, DEBRA: ZAC, Montgomery, AL, MICHA- LIK, IOANN: 4PM, Montgomery, AL, MOSELEY, LINDA: 2PG, Wetumpka, AL, MUELLER, ELIZABETH: 4FL, Auburn, AL, MURRAY, MARIE: 2FM, West Point, GA, NAVE, TERI: ZSC, Columbus, GA, NESBITI, SANDI: Adviser, Auburn, AL. O'BRYAN, MICAL: 'lVED, Montgomery, AL, 0'MARA, IOAN: ZHPR, Anniston, AL, OWENS, KAY: 4PL, Dothan, AL, PAF- YORD, IANEI ZPPY, Monticello, FL, POINTER, AMY: 3PlR, Birmingham, AL, POOLE, KATHY: 3 RSC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, PUCKETI, IANET: 1SED, Montgomery, AL, REMPPEL, KAREN: 3lM, Columbus, GA, RICHBURG, KATHY: 3VHE, Auburn, AL. RIHERD, HARRIET: 3AC, Lake Butler, FL, ROBERTS, DOTTIE: 1NS, Gadsden, AL, ROBINSON, SHELLEY: 4PIR, Alamo, CA, ROBINSON, TERESA: 2LT, Birmingham, AL, RODGERS, KATHY: 4HEQ, Birmingham, AL, ROUSE, AMY: 3FCD, Midway, KY, ROWE, KELLIE: 1VBU, Birmingham, AL, SCHOWALTER, LYNN: 4EED, Ft. Benning, GA, SEGREST, IUDITH: 1EEC, Grace- ville, FL. 443 C0mposites SHARMAN, ANNIE: ZEED, Auburn, AL, SHEDD, CONNIE: TGMU, Roswell, GA, SMITH, CATHAY: 3EEE, Auburn, AL, SPENCER, AURELIA: 4LT, Shelbyville, TN, STAFFORD, CINDY: ZGED, Indian Harbor Beach, FL, STEWART, PAM: JMK, Talla- hassee, FL, SYPULA, AIMEE: 1GPG, Sarasota, FL, THORNTON, SUSAN: ZPIR, Birmingham, AL, THYE, CINTHIA: 2MRB, Silver Spring, MD. TOWNSEND, TAMARA: TSMU, Fairfield, AL, TROUPE, KAY: 4MN, Birmingham, AL, TURNER, IOYCE: 1HY, Opelika, AL, VOGEL, DEBRA: 1SED, Indianapolis, IN, VOGLER, SUZANNE: 3RSS, Neenah, WI, WALKER, KIM: 1PB, Auburn, AL, WARNER, LEIGH: 1PB, Montgomery, AL, WARNER, MARY: 4RSS, Mont- gomery, AL, WHITMAN, LYNN: 1LT, Eufaula, AL. WILKINS, MARY: 1RSS, Mobile, AL, WILLIAMS, DANA: 3EC, Auburn, AL, WINSLOW, NANCY: 1VA, Clarkston, GA, WOOD, YVONNE: 4PUB, Anniston, AL, WOOD, SHARON: 4EEC, Tyler, AL, WYAT'I', GINA: 4SEH, Birmingham, AL, YEAGER, MARCIA: 2ENH, Potomac, MD, YEAGER, SUZANNE: 1GC, Huntsville, AL, YEARTA, LISA: 1AC, Dothan. ABEL, LARRY: 3ME, Gadsden, AL, ABERNATHY, SIDNEY: ZEN, Dalton, GA, BENNETT, IAMES: 3AM, BIBLE, KEITH: 4TM, AL, BLACKMAR, FREDERICK: 'lMCH, Columbus, GA, BLACK- MON, HARRY: 3EE, Pensacola, FL. BROWN, STEVE 2IE, Smyrna, GA, CARROL, CHARLES: 1GC, Dalton, GA, CARROL, WILLIAM: 'IADS, Dalton, GA, CASTLE- BERRY, GRANT: 3AE, East Point, GA, COBB, IOHN: 4CHE, Ox- f0rd, AL, CUNNINGHAM, DAVID: 3ABE, BIOOICWOOG, AL, DARNELL, SCOTT: 3ME, Grand Bay, AL, DECKER, CHUCK: 3VlA, Auburn, AL, DeLOACH, IOHNI 3lE, Lanett, AL. ELLIS, CHARLES: TEE, Montgomery, AL, ELLIS, WILLIAM: AL, FOSHEE, TERRY: ZABE, Horton, AL, 4AC, Clanton, AL, GOODRICH, PHILLIP: GOLDEN, MICKEY: 2PVM, Tallassee, AL, ZCHE, Adel, GA, GRAHAM, WILLIAM: AL, GRANGER, IACK: 3ABE, Equality, AL. SINE, Montgomery, FOSHEE, WILLIAM: 2BSC, Satsuma, AL, GORNTO, BRUCE: 4BSC, Birmingham, GREGG, STEPHEN: Chattanooga, TN, ZPB, Dalton, GA, GRIFFIN, SAMUEL: 4ADS, GRIFFITH, CHARLES: 4PM, Eclectic, AL, HAYGOOD, DANIEL: 4GB, Thornaston, GA. HAYGOOD, STEVEN: TPB, Thomaston, GA, HOOPER, IAMES: IPM, Tampa, FL, HUGHES, THOMAS: 3EN, Chattanooga, TN, IOHNSON, IAMES: 2AM, Memphis, TN. IONES, PATRICK: 3AC, Gurley, AL, LESTER, IAMES: 2ADS, Burlington, NC, LITTLE, IOHN: 2ME, Dalton, GA, MATHEWS, CRISP: 4LHY, Dalton, GA, MCCRARY, MIKE: 4ADS, Crestview, FL, MURPHY, DONALD: 2AC, Normal, IL, PARHAM, RAN- DALL: 4AR, Zebuloh, GA, PARKER, WILLIAM: 3PY, Leighton, AL, RUSH, CARL: 4AY, Mobile, AL. STEELE, EUGENE: 3AN, Sheffield, AL, STEPHENS, TIMOTHY: 3EE, Bessemer, AL, STONE, HUGH: 3AN, Florence, AL, TAY- LOR, RONALD: 1AM, Mobile, AL, THACKER, DARRELL: 3ABE, Horton, AL, THORINGTON, IAMES: 4ME, Birmingham, AL, THORINGTON, IOHN: 1GB, Tampa, FL, TOMLINSON, CHAR- LES: ZMN, Cherokee, AL, TROXLER, KEVIN: 4AC, Nashville, TN. TYBERGHEIN, MICHAEL: SIE, Lincroft, Nl, WHEELER, RALPH: 3EE, Adel, GA, WHELESS, IACKZ BEED, Thomaston, CA, WIL- BANKS, DAVID: BVAC, Athens, AL, WILLIAMS, FRANK: ZPL, Federal Way, WA, WINDHAM, STEPHEN: ZEH, jasper, AL, VINYARD, SHANNON: 4AN, Albertville, AL, ESTES, HELEN: Housemother, Tallassee, AL, LANDHAM, MARY: Sweetheart, Talladega, AL. ACROYD, BETH: TGC, Lakeland, FL, ALLEN, IO ELLEN: 4GB, Columbus, GA, ANKENBRANDT, SUE: 1PT, Huntsville, AL, ARRINGTON, SUSANNE: 4SSC, Birmingham, AL, BAKER, BETH: 3GlM, Chiclcamauga, GA, BAKER, NANCY: 'lGMH, Chickamauga,GA. BATE, CAROL: 1PB, Plano, TX, BLUE, NANCY: 4GB, Greenville, SC, BOPP, BETTY: 4GFLS, Montgomery, AL, BREEDLOVE, PAM: ZRSB, Birmingham, AL, BROOKS, DIANA: ZGEH, Mont- gomery, AL, BROWN, BEVERLY: 4EEC, Huntsville, AL, BRUNO, CONCETTA: 4GB, Birmingham, AL, BRYAN, MARY: TNF, -Miami, FL, BURNETT, BETSY:1GL, Miami, FL. 44 4 Composites BUSBY, VICKI: 4AC, C-raysville, AL, BUTLER, DENISE: 4FCF, Gadsden, AL, CARRIER, KATHY: 1MU, Coral Gables, FL, CLEVELAND, CAROL: TGC, Huntsville, AL, COOK, ELENA: 2PN, Virginia Beach, VA, COOK, LISA: 1PV, Huntsville, AL, COST, LESLIE: ZRSS, Birmingham, AL, COX, CAROL: ZPB, Fair- burn, GA, COX, LYNN: 3Cl, Houston, TX. DALY, IANFT: 4GlM, Mobile, AL, DeNESMORE, TANYA: 1PB, Atlanta, GA, DENNIS, IAYE: ZPB, Warner Robins, GA, ED- MUNDSON, LOUISE: 2PV, Mountain Brook, AL, ELLIS, ANN: 3EEE, Auburn, AL, FULLERTON, LEEANN: 4GFL, Woodbridge, VA, GARDNER, CINDY: ZHEQ, Shalimar, FL, GARMON, KATHY: 2PT, Birmingham, AL, GEDDES, IO ANNE: 4LT, Ozark, AL. GILLASPY, GAYLE: 4SAT, Gadsden, AL, GILLASPY, GLORIA: 1VHE, Gadsden, AL, HARBOUR, LAURIE: 3EEC, Birmingham, AL, HARRIS, DEBBIE: 2PPY, Grove Hill, AL, HARRIS, SUSAN: ZVHE, Coral Gables, FL, HART, LYNN: 2EEE, Miami, FL, HEN- SEL, LYNN: 4EEC, Nashville, TN, HOOPER, MELODY: 4ID, Huntsville, AL, IONES, CINDY: 2GC, Birmingham, AL. IEWELL, LEE: 1PB, Chickamauga, GA, KING, LYDIA: 3PL, De- Funiak Springs, FL, LANEY, ALICE: 4HPE, Montgomery, AL, LUFKIN, LYN: 4GSYS, Atmore, AL, MACE, KATHY: ZGIM, Los Alamitos, CA, MANN, SONYA: 4GAT, Huntsville, AL, MAR- TIN, LIBBY: ZPM, Homestead, FL, MEAGHER, LINDA: IEEC, Chamblee, GA, MEEKS, SHERRY:1LT, Sylacauga, AL. MERRITT, BRENDA: 3EEE, Lanett, AL, MONK, CINDY: ZSSE, LaGrange, GA, MORTON, LEEANN: 3GEH, Jacksonville, FL, MUCKELRATH, IULIE: 2LT, Mobile, AL, MUNDEE, KAY: 3PB, Albany, GA, NEWBERRY, IO ANNA: 1PNM, Sylacauga, AL, PECK, TERRY: ZGEH, Pensacola, FL, PINKERTON, SHARON: 3SSS, Pensacola, FL, PICKENS, CAROL: 4FE, Montgomery, AL. POWELL, LISA: 2PPY, Quitman, GA, PRYCE, BARBARA: ZADS, Maitland, FL, RAGSDALE, ANN: 4FM, Columbus, GA, RIES, lANET:1PB, Pensacola, FL, REARER, IOANNE: 3PB, Ladson, SC, REED, DEBBIE: 4PY, Lanett, AL, ROBERTS, KATHY: 2GC, La- Grange, GA, ROBERTS, GAIL: 4AC, East Point, GA, SANDERS, DENISE: EIRSS, Auburn, AL. SCHRANTZ, BARBI: ZEEE, Fernandina Beach, FL, SHAW, CON- NIE: 3VBU, Birmingham, AL, SHELBY, MYRA: ZHEQ, Canton- ment, FL, SHEREP, MARGIE: 'lHRA, Mobile, AL, SMITH, BET- SY: 1MRB, Nashville, TN, SMITH, LISA: 1555, Doraville, GA, SMITH, SUSAN: 2GHY, Prattville, AL, SMITH, TONNA: 2FM, Fort Walton Beach, FL, STANSELL, SUSAN: 1PPY, Manchester, GA. STOCKMAN, CINDY: ZEEE, Dunwoody, GA, STUTTS, CATHY: 4IE, Columbia, SC, TATE, DENISE: BSMH, Oxford, AL, TEAGUE, IAN: 3EEE, Decatur, AL, TIPPINS, NANCY: TID, jacksonville, FL, TRAWICK, NANCY: 3RSB, Montgomery, AL, WHITES, IEANNIE: 1GMH, Greencastle, IN, WILLIAMS, LILA: 1FS, Birmingham, AL, WILLIAMS, ROBIN: 1EEE, Gadsden, AL. WILSON, LINDA: 4EEC, Birmingham, AL, WIRTS, CARLITA: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, WOODALL, CHAVEN: IGSC, Atlantic Beach, FL, ZIMLICH, CAROL: 4AC, Mobile, AL. ALLEN, LAMAR: ZHPR, LaFayette, AL. ALOGI, MICHAEL: 4AC, Birmingham, AL, APPLETON, WIL- LIAM: ZAC, Albertville, AL, ASBURY, HARRIS: ZGB, Opelika, AL, BARGANIER, PAUL: 4PD, Fort Deposit, AL. BINFORD, STEVE: BBSC, Simpsonville, AL, BLACK, GERM: 4MK, Dadeville, AL, BRAWLEY, LARRY: 4CH, Marianna, FL, BULLARD, FRANK: 3BSC, Birmingham, AL, BUNN, IEFFREY: 4TM, Alex City, AL, BURTON, PETER: 1PN, Nashville, TN, CAUDLE, CHRISTOPHER: 1PB, Atlanta, GA, CAUDLE, IIMMY: 2PB, lonesboro, GA, CHRISTOPHER, NEIL: 1PM, Guntersville, AL. CALLFTT, GREGG: 'lAR, Pike Rd., AL, CONNER, WILLIAM: 3Fl, Huntsville, AL, COPELAND, KIN: 3PM, Decatur, AL, COPPOCK, DONALD: 2PN, Huntsville, AL, COX, SCOTT: 3MK, Huntsville, AL, CRENSHAW, IOHN: 1GC, Fort Deposit, AL, DAVIS, BRAD: 3IM, Auburn, AL, DEESE, MIKE: ZGC, Grady, AL, DEUPREE, CHUCK: ZHPR, Sylacauga, AL. 445 Composites DISHMAN, MICHAEL: 1PM, Decatur, AL, DRIGGERS, BOBBY: 3PL, Selma, AL, ELLINGTON, PAUL: 1PB, Atlanta, GA, EN- GLISH, DEWEY: 3JM, Auburn, AL, ESKIND, BRADLEY: 1PN, Nashville, TN, FENDLEY, STEVEN: 1PM, Auburn, AL, FINCHER, BUSTER: 3HPE, Wedowee, AL, FITE, DAVIS: 2AC, Decatur, AL, FLYNN, STEVE: IPB, Decatur, AL. HAM, ROBERT: 4PL, Sylacauga, AL, HARRARGER, MARK: ws, Huntsville, AL, HARDY, GEORGE: 4DBl, Alexander City, AL, HAWTHORNE, RAYMOND: asc, Montgomery, AL, HAYES, ARMSTEAD: 'lPV, Notasulga, AL, HEADLEY, RICHARD: 4ME, Birmingham, AL, HENNESSY, THOMAS: 1PN, Birmingham, AL, HESTER, BRYAN: 2PB, Guin, AL, HICKS, ALAN: 4Aos, Selma, AL. Holms, EDWARD: soc, Auburn, AL, HowLE, TOMMY: 405, Griffin, GA, HUMPHREYS, ROBERT: ZPB, Greenville, SC, IOHNSON, KIRK: 2PM, Huntsville, AL, IOHNSON, ROBERT: 2MK, Albertville, AL, IOHNSON, ROSS: 3MK, Rome, GA, KELLEY, CRAIG: 4GB, Montgomery, AL, KELLY, THOMPSON: 1AEC, Huntsville, AL, KINCEY,lOHNNY: 2WL, Selma, AL. KIRKLAND, RANDY: 4MK, Birmingham, AL, KNOX, CHARLES: 1PN, Luverne, AL, LEBERTE, MARK: 2PM, Huntsville, AL, LWETER, IAMES: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, LITTRELL, THOMAS: 3PB, Decatur, AL, LOOSIER, EDDIE: 4GB, Albany, GA, MA- THEWS, DAVID: 3BA, Talladega, AL, MCCLENDON, HUGH: 3TN, Lafayette, AL, McCLENDON, IAMES: 1PO, Lafayette, AL. MCCULLOUGH, ROBERT: 2PO, Auburn, AL, MCDOWELL, CHARLES: wa, Atlanta, GA, MCGEHEE, THOMAS: 3HY, or- lando, FL, MILLER, CHARLES: WN, Louisville, KY, CHRISTO- PHER, CHRIS: 1PM, racksonville, AL, MIZE, GEORGE: 1PB, Columbus, GA, MORRIS, ROBERT: 1AC, Atlanta, GA, MY- RICK, GORDON: SBS, Gulfport, MISS, NICHOLLS, BARRY: 4AS, Talladega, AL. NORVELL, CARTER: 4AC, Florence, AL, NORVELL, NEAL: ZACF, Florence, AL, NOWELL, DONALD: 1PUB, Marianna, FL, OWEN, LYNN: 4AC, Auburn, AL, PATTERSON, GARY: 4INM, Birmingham, AL, PAULSON, DAVID: 4MC, Birmingham, AL, PEAK, BRUCE: ZGC, Selma, AL, PHTY, CHRISTOPHER: 1PG, Decatur, GA, PICKERING, DAVID: 3PM, Montgomery, AL. POFPER, BRUCE: ZPB, S. Miami, FL, POWELL, STEVE: 3BSC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, PRIGDEN, IOSEPH: 3AC, Bay Minette, AL, RANEY, THOMAS: 3IM, Atlanta, GA, REDDEN, RAYMOND: 2PB, Ft. Deposit, AL, REED, IAMES: 4FY, Auburn, AL, RUSSELL, IOHN: 1AR, Letohakkie, AL, SAMPLES, MARK: 3FI, Auburn, AL, SCHRIMSHER, RANDALL: 3BSC, Huntsville, AL. SCHRIMSHER, THOMAS: IPB, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, DOUG- LAS: 2AY, Minter, AL, SMITH, PAUL: 2AC, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, ROBERT: 2MK, Decatur, AL, STAUB, CHARLES: IPB, Birmingham, AL, STEINBERGER, MARTIN: 2AC, Huntsville, AL, STEWART, MICHAEL: 4INM, Vredenburgh, AL, SULLIVAN, TOM: ZBSC, Louisville, KY, THOMPSON, AL: 3MK, Bay Min- ette, AL. THOMPSON, DUANE: 4GCH, Montgomery, AL, TURK, ROB- ERT: 3BA, Atmore, AL, TURNER, FRANK: 3AC, Bay Minette, AL, VANDIVER, RAYMOND: 4BSC, Huntsville, AL, WAIN- WRIGHT, SAM: 1PN, Dothan, AL, WALLACE, WILLIAM: 3AEC, Decatur, AL, WEBSTER, HUGH: 4AC, Huntsville, AL, WHITE, IEFFREY: 1Cl, Huntsville, AL, WHITWORTH, CHARLES: ZVM, Madison, AL. WILKINSON, IACK: 4CHE, Auburn, AL, WILLIAMS, IEFFREY: 1GC, Selma, AL, WILLIS, AL: 3GC, Huntsville, AL, WILSON, KIM: 4MK, Ft. Deposit, AL. YANCEY, READ: 2PPY, Rayville, LA, ZORN, IACKSON: 3EN, Lineville, AL, OWENS, PEGGY: 3FCS, Minter, AL, KA Rose, RICHTER, ELIZABETH: Housemother. ALLEN, BETTY: 4GPG, Atlanta, GA. BACH, SANDRA: 1IF, Montgomery, AL, BAILEY, CINDY: 3PB, Salisbury, NC, BAIT, MARY LYNN: 1ZY, Lockport, IL, BARNETT, BECKY: ZADS, Dothan, AL, BENIAMIN, NANCY: ZGC, Birm- ingham, AL, BENTLEY, KIA: 3GSW, Garden City, NY, BLACK- BURN, ALLISON: 3PB, Decatur, AL, BLACKMORE, DENISE: 1HPR, Enterprise, AL, BLEVINS, IILL: IPB, Birmingham, AL. 446 Composites BODINE, ANN: 4CT, Birmingham, AL, BOWEN, KAREN: 3PL, Huntsville, AL, BOWLER, CAROL: 2PN, Montgomery, AL, BOYKIN, STARR: 1HPR, Mobile, AL, BROWN, BO: 4CI, Birm- ingham, AL, BROWN, MARLA: 3lD, Hartselle, AL, BROWN, GINABETH: 3GEH, Montgomery, AL, BROWN, TRACY: 2PN, Ft. Walton, FL, BUCHANAN, KAY: 1PB, Eufala, AL. CHAMPION, LESLI: TGC, Montgomery, AL, CHILDORS, PAT- TIE: 1VA, Selma, AL, COKER, ANN: 1GC, Auburn, AL, COM- FORT, IILLI TPB, Birmingham, AL, COMFORT, IULIE: 1PL, Birmingham, AL, CONDON, MARY: 3EEE, Montgomery, AL, CULP, KAY: TPB, Florence, AL, CUMMINS, DEANE: ZRSS, At- lanta, GA, CURRY, CATHY: 4RSS, Shellman, GA. DAILEY, DENISE: ZGIM, Palcida, FL, DAILEY, MARGARET: TE, Williston, FL, DAVIDSON, LESA: 3PlR, Atlanta, GA, DAVIS, CLAUDIA: TBA, Mobile, AL, DAVIS, SUZANNE: 2PB, Mobile, AL, DEMPSEY, SUE: SPY, Huntsville, AL, DENNY, LESLIE: 3HPR, Birmingham, AL, DINOS, SUSIE: 2PB, Atlanta, GA, DOKE, NANCY: 3PB, Brandon, FL. DOUGLASS, BETTY: 4GlM, lackson, TN, DOUGLAS, SUSAN: ZFM, Riverdale, GA, DREWRY, LISA: 2FL, Lakeland, FL, DUCK, KAY: 2PB, Montgomery, AL, DUNN, RUTH ANN: 3G1M, Birm- ingham, AL, DYE, CATHERINE,: 1PPY, Pensacola, FL, FERGU- SON, SUE: TGMH, Florence, AL, FOGORTY, KATIE: 3ACF, Atlanta, GA, FOSTER, ELIZABETH: 3555, Hurstboro, AL. FREEMAN, MARGURITE: ZGC, Birmingham, AL, GADDIS, WENDY: 2LT, Chamblee, GA, GARBY, CHERYL: 4MB, Atlanta, GA, GARDNER, BARBARA: 4VHE, Atlanta, GA, GINN,CARLA: 4MU, Huntsville, AL, GINN, SHEILA: TGC, Huntsville, AL, HALL, HOLLY: 3EEE, Auburn, AL, HANDLIN, IAYNE: TGEH, Birmingham, AL, HARDWICK, KIM: 3GPG, Birmingham, AL. HARDWICK, PAIGE: ZPL, Birmingham, AL, HELMS, HOLLY: 1GC, Dothan, AL, HUANG, IOYCE: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, IN- GRAM, GAIL: QIGPOS, Wetumpka, AL, IACKSON, CHRISTY: 4SEH, Killen, AL, IACKSON, TRUDY: 3SAT, Opelika, AL, IAMESON, TINA: 'lCHE, Overland Park, KN, IESSER, KATHY: 4FCD, Honolulu, HA, IOHNSON, ANITA: 3RSS, Ft. Walton Beach,FL. IOHNSTON, ROBIN: 3LPO, Birmingham, AL, IONES, ELIZA- BETH: 1C.TH, Marietta, GA, IONES, SHARON: 2555, Birming- ham, AL, KELLY, PATRICIA: 1EEE, Germantown, TN, KILGORE, TERRI: 3GPGS, Montgomery, AL, KIRCHER, MARY PAT: 4GPO, Pittsford, NY, KITCHEN, KATHY: 1SED, Nashville, TN, LANK- FORD, SUZANNE: 4VOA, Carrollton, GA, LAUNER, LAURA: 1OT, Seaford, DE. LEONARD, PAULA: ZCI, Birmingham, AL, LEWIS, MARTHA: 1GC, Homewood, AL, LISENBY, TERI: 4Cl, Atlanta, GA, LONG, PAIGE: 4GFL, Atlanta, GA, LOYD, PEGGY: 4EEE, Birmingham, AL, MCCALL, LESLIE: TBY, Titusville, FL, MCCREARY, MAR- CEE: 3RSS, Columbus, OH, McCREARY, BARB: ZRSS, Colum- bus, OH, MCCULLOUGH, MARIANNE: 2FlE, Atlanta, CA. MCDURMOT, RUTH: 3MB, Montgomery, AL, McKAY, CINDY: ZHEQ, LaGrange, GA, Mcl.AURINE, GAYLE: 3NF, Huntsville, AL, MANLEY, SUSAN: 1PBM, Dothan, AL, MARLOW, IOYCE: 3NS, Nashville, TN, MATSOCK, IOHANNA: 3, OH, MITCHELL, MARIA: 2PB, Montgomery, AL, MONSON, NOEL: 3MCH, Durham, NC, MONTGOMERY, MOLLY: ZGPC, Cave Springs, GA. MUMMERT, MARIAN: 3GMH, Decatur, AL, NORD, LORRIE LYN: 1GPO, Tampa, FL, NORDYKE, NAN: ZEEE, Nashville, TN, OAKS, CINDY: ZEEE, Miami, FL, 0'CONNER, RACHAEL: AFM, Eastman, GA, O'REAR, SUSAN: 3FY, Attalla, AL, PHILLIPS, KATE: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, PIKE, CATHY: 1LT, Huntsville, AL, POLLOCK, CAROL: 4RSC, Decatur, ALA PORTER, VICKIE: 2VHE, Ft, Walton Beach, FL, POTTERFIELD, SHERRY: 4GSC, Orlando, FL, PRATHER, AMY: 1CC, Gallatin, TN, PRIM, LESLIE: 2CI, Montgomery, AL, RALSTON, KAREN: 3GC, Milton, FL, REAL, MELISA: TGC, Detroit, AL, REINS, ROSLYN: 3MU, Decatur, GA, ROBY, LISA: ZVOT, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, SCHROLL, HELEN: TSEE, Dothan, AL. SEWELL, PAM: 1PB, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, CHERYL: ZPN, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, SMITH, NANCY: 3EEC, Montgomery, AL, SNOW, IANET: 4CT, Atlanta, GA, SPAIN, SUSAN: 1PB, Flor- ence, AL, SPRUCE, GINNY: 1HPR, Birmingham, AL, STEPP, LETA: ZGSC, Rome, GA, STEPHENS, ELLEN: 4CT, Atlanta, GA, STROUD, KATHY: ZPSY, Memphis, TN. SORRELL, CHARLOTTE: 1PG, Atlanta, GA, TARIKES, SANDY: 4EEE, Birmingham, AL, TAYLOR, ANN: 3SSE, Birmingham, AL, THOMAS, KATHA: ZACF, Montgomery, AL, THOMPSON, LAURIE: 3LEH, Brentwood, TN, TONSMEIRE, PAT: 2RSU, Mo- bile, AL, VAN FOSSEN, LINDA: 3GSC, Wilmington, DE, VIVES, PEGGY: 2PM, Auburn, AL, WATSON, IAN: 2C-IM, Anniston, AL. 447 Composites w5an, MARY: zoc, coral Gables, FL, WENTWORTH, LAURA: 355c, Mobile, AL, wHtr5, BECKY: 4Rss, Atlanta, GA: WIG- GINS, LA IUANA: 4VOA, Atmore, AL, WILLIAMS, CARUL5 2PT, Auburn, AL, WILLIAMSON, KIM: 4RSU, Montgomery, AL, WILLIAMSON, PATSY: 1PT, Miami, FL, WINKEI-1 MARY! 4EEE, gay village, OH, WOOD, BETSY: ZRSM, Homewood, AL. BARNES, HARRIET: 2LT, Manchester, GA, BAUMHAUEIL I-EAI ID, Mobile, AL, BIDDISON, SUSAN: 1SMH, St. Pete, FL, BLAKE, SALLY: ZGC, Auburn, AL, BOLLING, VALERIE: 3AC, Mobile, AL, IIOTELER, SUSAN: 3Fl, Selma, AL. BOWDEN, FRANKE ANN: asv, Eufaula, AL, novo, cARoLvN: 2i5, Auburn, AL, BRADLEY, ALLISON: zPR, King's way, AL, aR5vARo, ADAIR: asc, Mobile, AL, BROWDER, PENNY: ZAC, Columbug, GA, BROWN, ANN: ZPVM, Montgomery, AL, BRYANT, CAMMLE: icc, Lakeland, FL, CAMMACKf KIM: 3555, Selma, AL, cARR5LL, ELIZABETH: 250, Decatur, AL. COMPTON, CINDY: 1FM, Nanafalia, AL, CONNER, ANN: 2GC, Eufaula, AL, CONNER, LYNE: 1GC, Huntsville, AL, COOK, ALLIE: IPB, Union Springs, AL, COPELAND, PAM: IEEE, Montgomery, AL, CUMMINGS, IANET: 1GC, Mobile, AL, CUNNINGHAM, CAROLEE: ZCFL, Birmingham, AL, DAU- GHERTY, ELIZABETH: 1FM, Nashville, TN, DAUGHERTY, EL- LEN: 3EEE, Nashville, TN. DIXON, ALMA: 3GB, Montgomery, AL, DORLAND, KAREN: ZLT, Mobile, AL, DOUGLASS, VICKY: 1CHE, Gulf Breeze, FL, EZELL, IO: 3AC, Troy, AL, FARRI5, FRAN: ZAC, Dothan, AL, FLOYD, CANDICE: ZGB, Bloomington, IN. FLUKER, KATHY: 1VA, Auburn, AL, GADILHE, CHERIE: 20H, Brunswick, GA, GREENE, KIT: 4EH, Auburn, AL, GRIFFIN, ANNE: 3GFL, Montgomery, AL, HAMBRICK, IAN: 3EEE, Scots- boro, AL, HAMMELL,lACQUELINE: 4VOA, Killen, AL. HANSON, NAN: ZPG, Newnan, GA, HARDIN, MARCELLA: 1AT, Opelika, AL, HARLAN, DEBBIE: 4FY, New Orleans, LA, HARRIS, ALTA: 1PT, Montgomery, AL, HENDERSON, LAURA: 4LT, Praire, AL, HENDERSON, LORRAINE:1GC, Praire, AL. HIGHTOWER, MEG: ZEEC, Sylacauga, AL, HILYER, MARY: 1PB, Troy, AL, HOOD, ANN: 4EEC, Huntsville, AL, HOOPER, KENT: 3EEE, Selma, AL, HUMPHRIES, GRAY: ZFCD, Mont- gomery, AL, IEMISON, ANNE: ZEEE, Birmingham, AL, IONES, MARY: ZAC, Opelika, AL, IONES, PAMELA: 1GB, Birmingham, AL, KELLER, NAN: 4SY, Florence, AL. KEMLEIN, PEGGY: 4SW, Atlanta, GA, KETCHAM, DENISE: TMDT, Demopolis, AL, KING, MELINDA: 3RSM, Atlanta, GA, LANCASTER, DEBBIE: ZGC, Andalusia, AL, LANEY, DINANE: SEEE, Atlanta, GA, LANGSTON, CHRISTY: 'lGB, Huntsville, AL, LEBERTE, LORI: 1GC, Huntsville, AL, LEE, TERI: ZHEQ, Golds- boro, NC, LEPHART, BECKIE: 3EEC, Arlington Heights, IL. LIITRELL, MARY ELLEN: 3FY, Decatur, AL, LIVINGS, LIBBY: BEEE, Montgomery, AL, LOCKWOOD, LUANNE: 1GC, Eufaula, AL, LUKA, CATHY: ZGB, Memphis, TN, LUNDBERG, ELOISE: ZPM, Huntsville, AL, LUTZ, STELLA: ZPB, Mobile, AL, LYON, TRICIA: ZEEE, Mobile, AL, MARTIN, EUGENIA: 3PY, Auburn AL, MASSEY, MARY: 3AC, Titusville, FL. 1 MCALILEY, LISA: IGC, Eufaula, AL, MCALISTER, LINDA: 1VA, Dothan, AL, MCCULLOCK, CAROLINE: 3Cl, Huntsville, AL, McENERNEY, DEBORAH: 4GFL, Montgomery, AL, MCGILV- RAY, CELIA: 3PY, Opelika, AL, MCGILVRAY, CINDY: 3MK, Opelika, AL, MCKINNEY, SUSAN: 1GC, Mobile, AL, MIT- CHELL,'EVELYN: 2PT, Auburn, AL, MOQUIN, SARAH: 3SC Huntsville,AL. I MEADOWS, IEAN: 4EEE, Opelika, AL, MOGGE, DENISE: 1GC, Birmingham, AL, MURPHREE, TERESA: 4FM, Hot Springs, AR, NEELY, ANN: 4EEE, Asheville, NC, NEELY, IANE: 'IPB, Ashe- ville, NC, NICHOL, TRUDY: 1PL, Selma, AL, NICHOLS, NAN- CY: 1AC, Birmingham, AL, NONNENMACHER, MIRIAM: 4HPR, Mobile, AL, 0'BARR, DENA:1GC, Huntsville, AL. OWENS, ANNE: 1GC, Birmingham, AL, OWENS, LESLIE: 4FM Birmingham, AL, OWENS, PEGGY: 3FCD, Minter, AL, PACE, CINDY: 2HPR, Mobile, AL, PARKER, PAM: ZFCD, LaFayette, AL, PARKER, SUZY: 4RSC, Andalusia, AL, PEARSON, CAROL: 4PG, Decatur, AL, PIPPIN, DO1'I'IE: 4SMU, Andalusia, AL, POLLMAN, IENNIFER: 4VA, Mobile, AL. I 448 Composites PRESLEY, MARY: 3MN, Clarksdale, MS, PRICE, SANDRA: TPPY, Sylacauga, AL, PRICE, TERRI: 4HY, Sylacauga, AL, FURYEAR, LYNN: TGPG, Franklin, TN, QUINLAN, ANNELISE: ZGC, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, QUINLIVAN, SUSAN: 1CT, Birmingham, AL, RADCLIFF, ELIZABETH: 2Cl, Mobile, AL, RAINER, MARILYN: 4EEC, Montgomery, AL, RANDALL, LILLIAN: 4AC, Huntsville, AL. REED, GRACE: 4SY, Sylacauga, AL, REHM, DEBRA: 30A, Mo- bile, AL, RILEY, RUTH: ZGB, Cartersville, GA, ROBERTS, MAR- GARET: 2GC, Columbus, GA, ROBERTS, MELANIE: ZPY, De- mopolis, AL, ROCKWELL, FRAN: 3FCS, Selma, AL, ROWE, DEBBIE: 3RSM, St. Pete, FL, ROWELL, BONNIE: 3EEC, Minter, AL, ROY, EVIE: 4AC, Mobile, AL. RUSH, KATHRYN: 1BSC, Auburn, AL, RUTLAND, LUCY: 1HF, Montgomery, AL, SCHRIMSHER, PAM: 1EEE, Huntsville, AL, SCOFIELD, IULIA: 1MB, DeFuniak Springs, FL, SHERRILL, CIN- DY: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, SMITH, ELLEN: 3EEC, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, NATALIE: ZSY, Huntsville, AL, STEWART, LETTY: 1FM, Belle Mina, AL, STONE, RHONDA: ZSY, Gurley, AL. STOUGH, KATHY: ZSSC, Montgomery, AL, STROTHER, ROB- IN: 3AT, Selma, AL, TATUM, LEILA: 1FCD, Opelika, AL, TAY- LOR, ABBIE: 3AHR, Andalusia, AL, TAYLOR, MARION: 3VA, Andalusia, AL, TAYLOR, WENDOLYN: 1PL, Brundidge, AL, UNGER, MARY LYNN: ZSMU, Fayette, AL, VANDIVER, IRIS: 3SSS, Huntsville, AL, VARDAMAN, PAM: 3FCD, Huntsville, AL. VINCENT, SUSAN: 4HEQ, Sylacauga, AL, WAGES, RITA: TMDT, Dothan, AL, WAID, CELESTE: 4EH, Dothan, AL, WALKER, IANE: 2GFL, Shorter, AL, WALKER, MARGUERITE: 4Bl, Shorter, AL, WELB, DOROTHY: ZEH, Selma, AL, WEST, CYNTHIA: IGPC, Newnan, GA, WHITE, IEANIE: 3MT, Opelika, AL, WHITE, LEIGH:1AR, Montgomery, AL. WHITEHEAD, LESLIE: ZEEC, Huntsville, AL, WILKINSON, ARA- BELLA: 4EEC, Selma, AL, WILKINSON, DOROTHY: ZEEE, Sel- ma, AL, WILLIS, PATTI: 3FM, Montgomery, AL, WOOD, ALI- CIA: 4CT, Columbus, GA, WOODSON, SARAH: 4HY, Tusca- loosa, AL, WYNE, CHRIS: ZEEE, Huntsville, AL, YEARGAN, IOSEPHINE: ZFM, LaFayette, AL, YOUNG, BETH: ZGIM, Put- nam, AL. ADAMS, IEAN: ZMRB, Demopolis, AL, ALLRED, GAIL: IPB, Ozark, AL, ASKEW, RUTH: 4Fl, Atlanta, GA, BAGGETT, MARI- LYN: 1PN, Tampa, FL, BAKER, BEVERLY: 2VA, Tallassee, AL, BARBER,l0Y: 4EEE, Moultrie, C-A. BEVERLY, MARTHA: 1VBO, Talladega, AL, BLANKENSHIP, CAROL: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, BROWN, IANE: ZRSM, Roan- oke, AL, BLACKMAN, LESLIE: 1PL, Ozark, AL, BOUCHER, DEBBIE: 3GSC, Opelika, AL, BYRD, MARILYN: 4TH, Enter- prise, AL, CATHEY, SHARRON: 2OH, Eutaw, AL, CAPELL, TERE: 2EEC, Sheffield, AL, CHILDS, WILMA: 3LT, Opelika, AL. DONOVAN, MARIE: ZMU, Birmingham, AL, DRIVER, CAROL: 3RSS, Decatur, AL, ERWIN, ELIZABETH: 1GC, Tampa, FL, FELSHER, SHERRY: ZRSM, Auburn, AL, GAME, PAM: 1lD, Tampa,FL. GLICK, PAM: 1GPG, Orlando, FL, HARDIMAN, DELL: 2AMH, Enterprise, AL, HARRELL, LINDA: 1GC, Montgomery, AL, HENLEY, DEVANY: ZP8, Tampa, FL, HEREFORD, SUSAN: 3EEC, Huntsville, Al. HIGGS, LEE ANN: 1PN, Tullahoma, TN, HILL, PHYLLES: TGC, Trussville, AL, HURST, SUSAN: 1OT, Opelika, AL, INGHRAM, CINDY: 1LT, Birmingham, AL, IOHNSON, LEE: 3lE, Atlanta, GA. IOHNSON, PEGGY: 3GPOS, Ozark, AL, KENNARD, BETH: 3HEQ, jacksonville, FL, KING, IUDY: 4EEE, Atlanta, GA, KING, LESLIE: ZGSY, Tampa, FL, KING, TAMMY: 4EEE, Atlanta, GA, KNAPP, DEBBIE: BGFL, Auburn, AL, KRUIDENIER, AMANDA: 3GlM, Decatur, AL, LLOYD, KELLEY: 3VOA, Springfield, AL' LOWMAN, RUTHIE: 3PB, Andalusia, AL. I I-YNN1 CAROL: 3PB, Birmingham, AL, MARTIN, MERRY: 'IGC, Waycross, GA, MASON, IULIE: 1RSM, Tampa, FL, Mc- DAVID, PEGGY: 3HPR, Birmingham, AL, MCLAUCHLIN, ANN: ICJ, Tampa, FL, MCLENDON, IOAN: 4GPG, Cottonton, AL, MEHAFFEY, IUDY: ZEEE, Lanett, AL, METCALF, IO ANN: 4VA, Clearwater, FL, MOORE, DEBBIE: 2PB,1acksonville, FL. 449 Composites MYRICK, EDITH: 1GC, Memphis, TN, NEWMAN, ELENA: 4RSS, Atlanta, GA, NICHOLS, IAN: 4VA, Montgomery, AL, NIEMANN, SUSAN: 3PL, Birmingham, AL, OPITZ, KATHY: 2GFL, Sarasota, FL, 0'REAR, IO, 3NF, jasper, AL, PACE, RE- BECCA: 3RS5, Eastaboga, AL, PARKER, MELISSA: 3FM, Enter- prise, AL, PITTMAN, LYNN: 2PT, Roanoke, AL. PRESSON, SARAH: 1PN, Enterprise, AL, PROUDEOOT, BAR- BARA ANN: 1PB, Fairfield, CT, REED, SUSAN: 4VOA, Birming- ham, AL, ROLLINS, KATHY: 4HPR, Mobile, AL, SAUER, MARY: 1PB, Middletown, OH, SCHRAMM, LINDA: 4RSS, Sheffield, AL, SHINE, MARY KAY: SRSS, Birmingham, AL, STEIN, CLAU- DEA: TGC, Fox River Grove, IL, STITH, HELEN: 4GMH, Paris, KY, SUMRALL, ANN: ZFM, Anniston, AL, SWINDALL, NAN: ZGC, Goodwater, AL, TALMADGE, RACHEL: IVBU, Atlanta, GA, VINSON, KARLA: 1PM, Anniston, AL, WAITES,'CINDY: IEEE, Enterprise, AL, WALKER, LAUREN: 3GFLS, Birmingham, AL, WATSON, ANGELA: IPB, Warner Robins, GA, WATSON, MARY: 3ID, Annapolis, MD, WEHLE, DEBBIE: 4EEE, Tampa, FL. WEIKSNER, MARY: ZNS, Maitland, FL, WEISE, DEBBIE: 1GC, jacksonville, FL, WHEAT, MYRA: ZPB, Aliceville, AL, WILKES, BECKY: 3GSC, Decatur, CA, WILKINSON, KAREN: TFCD, Blue- field, WV, WINBON, TERESA: 1GC, Orlando, FL, WOLFE, ALEX: 1GC, Nokomis, FL, WOOD, KENDRA: 3PV, Vinemont, AL, WOOLFLEY, KATIE: TLT, Briarcliff, NY, ADAMS, KIRBY: 4EN, Hartwell, GA, BALDWIN, READ: 4GB, Covington, LA. BARBER, RICHARD: ZPB, Talladega, AL, BARDEN, DOUGLAS: 3GB, College Park, GA, BARNES, DOYLE: 4WL, OPP, AL, BEAR, WILLIAM: 3MK, Auburn, AL, BEARD, RICHARD: 4INM, Birmingham, AL. BEASLEY, PALMER: 3vAG, Columbia, AL, BOREN, BLAKE: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, BRAME, ALBERT: 3FL, Goldsboro, NC, BREWTON, LLOYD: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, IIRITTAIN, MI- CHAEL: 4GB, Anniston, AL, BRUNO, VINCENT: 4PO, Auburn, AL, BRYAN, FRANK: 4PY, Columbia, AL, IIURDETTE, NORM- AN: ZTE, Opelika, AL, BURGIN, MARK: 1EN, Birmingham, AL. CANDLER, WALKER: 4ID, Atlanta, GA, CHAPMAN, STEVEN: Icy, Opelika, AL, CECIL, GREG: 4MK, Cary, IL, coox, DouG- LAS: 4EE, Birmingham, AL, CRANE, DOUGLAS: 'IGC, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, DAVIS, ERIC: 4MRB, Auburn, AL, DAVIS, KENT: 1PO, Covington, LA, DONALDSON, TIM: 4AG, Opp, AL, DRIGGERS,lONATHAN:1CHE, Dalton, GA. DYE, DONALD: 1PB, Tallahassee, FL, EDWARDS, BILL: 3PO, Atlanta, GA, FENGLER, IEEEREY: 4Bsc, Lakeland, FL, FOSTER, IAMES: SADS, Tallahassee, FL, FREYRE, IORGE: 3PM, Lithonia, GA, GOODWIN, TRAVIS: 4GPO, Sylacauga, AL, GREIG, BRUCE: ZMDT, Denison, TX, GRIFFIN, TONY: 4lM, Opp, AL, GRIGGS, BUBBA: 1PB, Dalton, GA. IIAIs1EN, ALBERT: IPB, Brundidge, AL, HAMIL, WILLIAM: 3PV, Carrollton, GA, HANCOCK, IOHN: 2AR, Tampa, FL, HAND, WILLIAM: 'lPN, Houston, TX, HARRIS, IAMES: 1PB, Talladega, AL, HARRISON, THOMAS: 3C:B, Bradenton, FL, HENDERSON, DENNIS: 4cE, Anniston, AL, HOLLEY, CRAIG: ZPL, Opelika, AL, IOHNSON, I.: 4MK, Atlanta, GA. IOHNSTON, RANDALL: IPB, Tallahassee, FL, IOWERS, IOHN: TPL, Clayton, GA, KRANZUSCH, STEVE: 3PB, Appleton, WI, LANE, GREGG: 2PB, Opelika, AL, LETLow, LESLIE: 3Bsc, Ope- lika, AL, LOEFGREN, KEN: 2cE, Carmel, IN, Lurz, DAVID: 4GB, Clayton, GA, MANGHAM, IOHN: 2PB, Atlanta, GA, MARTIN, IOHN: 3EN, Auburn, AL. MATHISEN, WILLIAM: 4GSC, Coral Gables, FL, MERRILL, ROBERT: 4PB, Opp, AL, MGGINNIS, IAMES: ZPL, Albany, GA, MITCHELL, STEVE: 4MK, Montgomery, AL, MOORE, IAMES: 2Fl, Perry, FL, MORGAN, CAMERON: 4GHY, Tallassee, AL, MORRKON, DONALD: 4MB, Montgomery, AL, MOSSBURG, KELLEY: 4FI, Dunwoody, GA, MURRAY, IOHN: ZMN, Atlanta, GA. NEWTON, MICHAEL: ZVDE, Decatur, GA, NOBLES, EDGAR: 4AC, Pensacola, FL, NUNNALLY HUGH: IMRB, Atlanta, GA, OLIVER, CHARLES: 3PL, Keystone, CO, OSBOURN, SCOTT: 3CE, Massillon, OH, PHARR, RICK: 3GL, Atlanta, GA, PIKE, ROBERT: ZGCH, Frankfort, KY, PITTMAN, IAMES: TCHE, Birmingham, AL, ROYSTER, CLAUDE: 4BSC, Fort Walton Beach,FL. 450 Composites SCHUMANN, GREG: ZZY, Huntsville, AL, SCUNZIANO, MI- CHAEL: 4EC, Theodore, AL, SHORT, EDWARD: 3FY, Shell- man, GA, SORRELLS, ROBERT: 2PL, Auburn, AL, STEVENS, RICK: 1PD, Bel Air, MD, STOCKMAN, WILLIAM: 1PB, Dun- woody, GA, THOMAS, ALBIN: 3PL, Atlanta, GA, THOMP- SON, IIM: 4FI, Atlanta, GA, TREADWAY, BENNY: 2PB, Muscle Shoals, AL. VALLELY, IOHN: ZEE, Opelika, AL, WARREN, THOMAS: ZGB, Atlanta, GA, WELDON, BENNETT: ZPL, Opelika, AL, WHITLEY, DAVID: 1Cj, Opelika, AL, WILLS, CHILL: 4INM, Abbeville, AL, WILSON, IOHN: 1GBI, Chattanooga, TN, WRIGHT, ELTON: 4AG, Bessemer, AL, CALTON, MARTHA: Housemother, TH- WAITES, DEBBIE: 4EEE, Atlanta, GA, Sweetheart. ABERNATHY, STEPHEN: ZPUB, Birmingham, ABERNATHY, TREY: 3ADS, Birmingham, AINSWORTH, WILLIAM: 3MK, Birmingham, ASHMORE, IIMMY: 1AC, Montgomery, BAR- BER, IAMES: 4MT, Montgomery, BARROW, DAVID: 3BSC, 'Andalusia, AL. BENSON, RAYMOND: 2PV, Birmingham, AL, BISHOP, DAVID: 3Fl, Sl. Petersburg, FL, BISHOP, IAMES: 3CE, St. Petersburg, FL, BLACK, PHILIP: 3AR, Chattanooga, TN, BOUCHER, STEVE: 3AC, Opelika, AL, BREWER, BILL: 4TN, Birmingham, AL, BRY- ANT, IAMES: TPM, Stevenson, AL, CAIN, MARTY: 2PB, At- lanta, GA, CARROLL, ROBERT: ZGC, Birmingham, AL. CHEATWOOD, KEN: ZCE, Oxford, AL, COCKE, IOHN: 2PV, Birmingham, AL, COEIELD, RONALD: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, coox, RANDY: 315, Huntsville, AL, COOPER, MICHAEL: ZPB, Montgomery, AL, CORDES, BOBBY: 5AR, Trussville, AL, DAVENPORT, BILL: ZGC, Miami, FL, DAVID, IOHN: 4BSC, Montgomery, AL, DAVIES, SAMMY: 3HA, Birmingham, AL, DAVIS, DANIEL: 1FY, Birmingham, AL, DelARNETTE, MI- CHAEL: 'lPB, Decatur, CA, EDDLEMAN, DOUG: 3AC, Birm- ingham, AL, FAGEN, PAT: 1PN, Iekyll Island, GA, FREEMAN, CLINTON: ZPB, Opelika, AL, FRENCH, ROBERT: 3EC, Atlanta, GA, GOBER, FRANK: 1PB, Atlanta, GA, HALLMARK, MARK: 3CE, Birmingham, AL, HANES, TIM: 4GB, Decatur, GA. HARTLEY, CHARLES: 4Ci, Montgomery, AL, HARRISON, IOE: 4Fl, Bradenton, FL, HAWKINS, BROOKE: 4MK, Chatta- nooga, TN, HEARN, GARY: 3EE, Birmingham, AL, HELMS, DICK: ZAE, Birmingham, AL, HICKS, IAMES: 1PL, Miami, FL, HILDEBRAND, IAMES: 3MK, Chattanooga, TN, HILL, DENNIS: 3CE, Trussville, AL, HOPKINS, DOUGLAS: 4Cl, Atlanta, GA. HORN, IAMES: 4INM, Oxford, AL, HOUSE, SKIP: 3IE, Hous- ton, TX, HUME, ALAN: 3AM, Columbiana, AL, IRELAND, DON: 1AR, Chattanooga, TN, IRELAND, KELLY: 4AM, Birm- ingham, AL. IOHNSON, ROBERT: 9ME, Auburn, AL, IOHNSTON, STEVE: 4TM, Malvern, AL, KEREKES, STEVE: 4AR, Chattanooga, TN, KLEINERT, CHRIS: 3CE, Miami, FL, KOPORES, STEVE: 4UNC, Atlanta,GA. KRAMER, DANIEL: 2PB, Dunwoody, GA, LAMB, TRIP: 4ZY, Dublin, GA, LAWLEY, wrLuAM: 3PB, Montgomery, AL, LEH- MAN, ROYCE: 3uM, Nashville, TN, LEPPER, BOBBY: 2PB, Trussville,AL. Lorr, GUS: 4EE, Brentwood, TN, LoYLEss, IIMMY RAY: QAED, Brinson, GA, MARSH, DAVID: 4PL, Birmingham, AL, MAT- HEWS, ROBERT: 2PB, Atlanta, GA, McCRACKIN, BEN: 2ME, Fayette, AL, MCDONALD, ION: 3PV, Birmingham, AL, Mc- GARRY, MARK: 3PUB, St, Petersburg, FL, MCKINNEY, STEVE: 4GB, Muscle Shoals, AL, MCLELLAND, SCOTT: 3PV, Scottsboro, AL. MCNEAL, DAVID: TCHE, Blakely, GA, MEADOWS, IEEFREY: ZPB, Warner Robins, GA, MENDENHALL, MELWOOD: 2MK, Atlanta, GA, MONK, STEVE: 4GB, Birmingham, MORGAN, IOHNNY: 3GB, Opelika, AL, MORRIS, TAYLOR: 1AR, Birming- h3mV Al-I MORRISS: MARK: 3555, Headland, AL, MORTH- LAND: BILL: 3AR, Ocala, FL, NADEAU, STEVE: 4HA, Mont- gomery,AL. PENTON, SIM: 2PM, Montgomery, AL, PRESTON, IEFF: 4PUB, Birmingham, AL, POPE, HENRY: 4AC, Tampa, FL, RAYMOND, MICHAEL: ZUNC, Oxon Hill, MD, REGAN, RALPH: 3PO, Au- burn, AL, RICHARDSON, DAVID: ZPB, Dunwoody, GA, ROGERS, RICK: 3CiB, Birmingham, AL, ROTOLO, CHUCK: ZCE, Thibodaux, LA, RUSSELL, ROBERT: 2PL, Montgomery, AL. 451 Composites SANDERS, GARY: 3MH, Troy, AL, SCHMIDT, WILLIAM: IPB, FL, SCHOPPMAN, ERIC: ZCE, Miami, FL, SCHWAEMMLE, IOHN: ZPB, Atlanta, GA, SELF, ROGER: 4lNM, Oxford, AL, SMITH, IAMES: 1PPY, Birmingham, AL, SMITH, OPIE: 3MT, Opelika, AL, SMITH, TOMMY: 4MK, Birmingham, AL, STAM, IOHN: 3AC, Gadsden, AL. STAUB, EDWIN: 3Bl, Birmingham, AL, STEINDORFF, ROBERT: 4lE, Montgomery, AL, STEWART, WILLIAM: 4FlR, Sheffield, AL, STOKES, IOHN: 4CI, Stone Mountain, GA, STONE, IOHN: Advisor, Auburn, AL, STRAUSSBERGER, IOHN: 4BSC, Chatta- nooga, TN, STRICKLAND, AARON: 4MK, Hartford, AL, SWANN, IOHN: 3PY, Chattanooga, TN, TAYLOR, THOMAS: 4AC, Birmingham, AL. TEICHERT, DAVID: 3TN, Miami, FL, THOMPSON, ARTHUR: 3MK, Florence, AL, TISDALE, ALBERT: 2HY, Montgomery, AL, TOLAR, IAMES: 3Fl, Birmingham, VINCENT, IOHN: 1PPY, Birmingham, AL, WAGNON, TROY: 3HPR, Gadsden, WEEKS, ALAN: 3CE, Birmingham, AL, WAITS, IEFFREY: 3PV, Birming- ham, AL, HARPER, KEITH: 3UNC, Stone Mountain, GA. AUSTIN, DAVID: 4CE, Mobile, AL, BELL, IEFFREY: 1PB, Tampa, FL, BLUE, MARK: -IME, Dalfell, SC, BRITT, IIM: 4OH, Eufaula, AL, BUSBIN, WILLIAM: 3GB, Rome, GA, BYRNE, STEPHEN: 4AC, Auburn, AL. CHASON, RUSSELL: 3AC, Port St. loe, FL, COLE, WILLIAM: 4GPO, Eufaula, AL, COLLIER, KENNETH: 1PB, Tampa, FL, CORRIGAN, ROBERT: 1PN, Mobile, AL, COX, GREGORY: 3BSC, Birmingham, AL, CRANE, FRANK: 1PN, Mobile, AL, DOWNEY, RAY: BHPR, Birmingham, AL, DOWNEY, TROY: 3HPR, Birmingham, AL, ELLIS, RICHARD: ZCHM, Birming- ham, AL. ELLIS, WILBUR: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, FANNING, IAMES: 3AC, Auburn, AL, FARMER, DONALD: 4FI, Dallas, TX, FER- GUSON, IOE: 2CF, Mobile, AL, FONDE, IOHN: 4FI, Mobile, AL, GOTTLIEB, RICHARD: 1CE, Mobile, AL, GRECO, RICH- ARD: 4Cl, Tampa, FL, HARRIS, GREGORY: 1AR, Safford, AL, HART, CHARLES: 3PL, Pulaski, TN. HEGGEMAN, BERNIE: 2PB, Mobile, AL, HOLBERT, IACKY: 3ENH, Trinity, AL, HOLT, MICHAEL: 3BSC, Bainbridge, GA, HOWELL, DOUGLAS: 3ENT, Orlando, FL, HUDGINS, DREW: SGEH, Tampa, FL, HUNT, TIMOTHY: ILPO, Tampa, FL, HURST, CRAIG: ZME, Miami, FL, IRELAND, WILLIAM: 2PB, Birming- ham, AL,IOHNSON,lAMES:1FY, Hixson,TN. IOHNSON, IOSEPH: 6IE, Auburn, AL, Senior Advisor, KEN- DRICK, WILLIAM: IGSC, Tampa, FL, KENNEDY, THOMAS: 1PN, Mobile, AL, LANGHAM, BURKE: 3PY, Auburn, AL, LARISON, ROBERT: 2PB, Auburn, AL. LAWHEAD, IEFFERY: 3PUB, Mobile, AL, LARY, TODD: 3GFL, Miami, FL, LeTOLLIER, CARROLL: ZPB, Auburn, AL, LILES, CLARKE: 1GC, Mobile, AL, LOCKWOOD, IAMES: 4PY, Eufaula, AL. MARSH, MALCOLM: 3PB, Auburn, AL, MAYFIELD, IOHN: 3MK, Auburn, AL, MAYNARD, CHARLES: 3AC, Bainbridge, CA, MCKINNEY, WALLACE: 4FI, Mobile, AL, MEADE, IOSEPH: 1GPO, Florence, AL. MITCHELL, ANDREW: 'lGC, Mobile, AL, O'CONNELL, PAT- RICK: IPD, Hixson, TN, PATE, IAMES: 1PB, Auburn, AL, PEPPER, IACK: 1PB, Tampa, FL, PERSINGER, IOSEPH: 4AM, Lookout Mtn., TN, PERSINGER, STEPHEN: 1PB, Lookout Mtn., TN, PITTS, RODERIC: 3BSC, Montgomery, AL, PORTER, PAUL: 2EN, Montgomery, AL, POWADA, FRANK: 1BA, Ft. Worth, TX. RAMOS, WILFRED: TAR, Tampa, FL, REGAR, DONALD: IPB, Tampa, FL, REID, RANDALL: 1AC, Temple Terrace, FL, RHODES, ROBERT: ZMU, Alexander City, AL, ROBINSON, FRED: 4Fl, Lookout Mtn., TN, RYAN, ALLEN: 3CHM, Green- ville, AL, SANBORN, ROBERT: IPB, Port St. loe, FL, STEPHENS, KENNETH: 3BSC, Temple Terrace, FL, STROTHER, GEORGE: 2PN, Birmingham, AL. SUTTON, HERBERT: 4AR, Auburn, AL, TAYLOR, CHARLES: TPB, Mobile, AL, VANN, FRANK: ZADS, Camilla, GA, VASSER, FRANK: 3EE, Texarkana, TX, VERNEVILLE, LEA: 1AR, Mobile, AL, VOGES, ALAN: 2PY, Lookout Mtn., TN, WEBB, IAMES: 3FI, Mobile, AL, WILLEY, IOHN: 4EE, Texarkana, TX, WRIGHT, l0HN:1PB, Coral Gables, FL. 452 Composites ABBOTT, RICKEY: 3PUB, Bessemer, AL, ADAMS, DARRELL: 3CHE, Montgomery, AL, ADCOCK, IERE: 4MK, Roanoke, AL, AUSFELD, WALTER: 1C.B, Dunwoody, GA, BARNARD, LLOYD: 3AR, Atlanta, GA, BARNETT, ROBERT: ZPL, Florence, AL. BARTHOLOMEW, BRUCE: 3FI, Griffin, GA, BARTHOLOMEW, GARY: ZPPY, Griffin, C-A, BENDINGER, RICHARD: 4PY, Au- burn, AL, BRADLEY, KERRY: 2PB, Nashville, TN, BRENDLE, HAL: 4GPG, Montgomery, AL, BRIGMAN, IIM: 3AR, Auburn, AL, BRUNEY, CHARLES: 3AC, Dunwoody, GA, BULLINGTON, IOHN: ZPM, Auburn, AL, BUSH, IOHN: 3GPO, Millbrook, AL. CADENHEAD, MILTON: 1lE, Auburn, AL, CAMERON, DON- ALD: 4AC, lacksonville, FL, CARGILE, IAMES: 1CE, Millbrook, AL, CARROLL, LEE: 1PD, Geneva, AL, CARTER, LARRY: 3PPY, Tuscumbia, AL. CLEVELAND, PAUL: 4EC, Huntsville, AL, COOPER, HAL: 4HPE, Huntsville, AL, FITZPATRICK, SEAN: 4MH, Auburn, AL, FORE- HAND, STEVE: 3LAC, Alexander City, AL, FULLER, CLIFFORD: 2PB, LaFayette, AL. GEESEY, RICHARD: 4AEC, Pike Road, AL, GORAY, LAWSON: 4lE, Montgomery, AL, HAIEK, MICHAEL: 3BI, Auburn, AL, HAMMOND, DOUGLASS: 2PL, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, HAN- NAH, HERBERT: ZPUB, Montgomery, AL. HARRELSON, CLEVELAND: ZGB, Alexander City, AL, HARRIS, EDWARD: 3GB, Sharpsburg, GA, HASLAM, IOHN: 3GlM, Sylacauga, AL, HENDERSON, TED: ZAC, Park Ridge, IL, HOP- KINS, KENNY: 3AC, Montgomery, AL, HOWELL, CLAY: 1NM, Dothan, AL, HUBBARD, WILLIAM: 2AC, Montgomery, AL, HUFFMAN, ALLAN: 2CHE, Birmingham, AL, IACKSON, RO- LAN: ZEN, Homewood, AL. IEFFCOAT, EVERETT: 4AG, Opp, AL, IEFFORDS, IEFF: 3ME, Bainbridge, C-A, IOHNSON, MITCHEL: 'lAE, Montgomery, AL, IONES, SAM: 2CE, Auburn, AL, KEYTON, IOHN: 1PD, D0- than, AL, KNOWLES, CHARLES: 3PB, Griffin, GA, LIFAYETTE, ERIC: 4PY, Sylacauga, AL, LIMBAUGH, MARK: 4ME, Birm- ingham, AL, LIPSCOMB, LAN: TGC, Auburn, AL. LITTLEPAGE, THOMAS: 1EN, Montgomery, AL, LITTLETON, DOWE: 3HY, Auburn, AL, MADONIA, EMANUEL: 2GB, Birm- ingham, AL, MALOY, STANLEY: 2PB, Geneva, AL, MARTIN, IAMES: IPB, Auburn, AL, MCBRIDE, ALLEN: ZGC, Numford, AL, MCCORD, EDWIN: PPY, Roanoke, AL, MCCORMICK, REID: ZBSC, Ponte Vedra, FL, MCDANIEL, KENNETH: ZBSC, Huntsville,AL. MQKEAN, RORY: 4AR, Montgomery, AL, MCMILLAN, ALLEN: 2EN, Talladega, AL, MCWATERS, IOHN: ZCE, Atlanta, GA, MORRIS, WALTER: 1Bl, Dothan, AL, OSWALT, GENE: 3PUB, Montgomery, AL, PALMER, THOMAS: 2PN, jacksonville, FL, PARKER, RICHARD: 2GPO, Cedartown, GA, PAYNE, CHAR- LIE: 3PM, Columbus, GA, PEEPLES, IOSEPH: 3AC, Waynesboro, VA. PIITARD, ROB: 3lM, Stone Mountain, GA, RAY, CARLTON: 1PD, Ozark, AL, RHODES, ION: 1AG, Hueytown, AL, RITTEN- OUR, IAMES: 4ACE, Montgomery, AL, ROGERS, EARL: 3CHE, Andalusia, AL, RUZIC, IAMES: 2PB, Mobile, AL, SAUNDERS, IOHN: 3ME, Auburn, AL, SCHEINERT, KEN: 4GPO, Birming- ham, AL, SCO1'T, HERMAN: 4IE, Montgomery, AL. SCRUGGS, DAN: 3PVM, Huntsville, AL, SEARCY, MARK: BGB, Dothan, AL, SHERRER, IACKI 3PM, Prattville, AL, SMITH, IAMESI SEEE, Covington, GA, SMITH, KENNETH: TPN, Birming- ham, AL, SPEAR, GARY: 1PL, Auburn, AL, SPENCER, EDWARD: BGB, Auburn, AL, STAMPS, LESLIE: 4PUB, Boza, AL, STEVEN- SON, DAVID: 'lPN, Auburn, AL, STUART, GEORGE: ZBSC, Spanish Fort, AL, STEPHENS, MARC: SPD, Bessemer, AL, STEWART, ROBERT: 3Bl, Montgomery, AL, STRAUS, RICHARD: 1PD, Columbus, GA. TERRY, BRUCE: 4AM, Vero Beach, FL, THORNBURY, IOSEPH: 3EED, Birmingham, AL, TREXLER, GEORGE: 1GB, Atlanta, GA, WALLACE, THOMAS: 3CE, Brundidge, AL. 45 I3 Composites WANN, PETER: 4FY, Atlanta, GA, WATSON, RICHARD: 4555, Ellerlwood, CA, WEIKSNER, MIKE: 3ME, Maitland, FL, WEST, MAX: 4EC, Huntsville, AL, WILSON, MARK: 1PM, jasper, AL, WILSON, ROBERT: 4ADS, Pike Road, AL, WILSON, ROBERT: 3AC, Huntsville, AL. BELL, ROBERT: 4MCH, Birmingham, AL, BURNS, STEPHEN: 4FY, Northport, AL, CHAMBERS, CLIFFORD: 3PlR, Auburn, AL, DAVIS, HUEY: 2EC, Vestavia, AL, DERICKSON, jOHN: ZCE, Montgomery, AL, DOZIER, jOHN: 4IND, Birmingham, AL, EOSHEE, jEFF: 3EC, Montgomery, AL, HOFMANN, PETER: 2WL, Huntsville, AL, IERNIGAN, MI- CHAEL: 2PB, Shalimar, FL, KILPATRICK, jOHN: 4WT, Auburn, AL, KRAUS, STEPHEN: 4EE, Mobile, AL, LIKOS, MARK: 4LHY, Huntsville, AL, LOCK, jAMES: ZPL, Montgomery, AL. LOWERY, GORDON: 3AE, St. Petersburg, FL, MCBURNEY, IOHN: 4CH, Opelika, AL, NASH, MICHAEL: 3AC, Montgom- ery, AL, PEEPLES, jAMES: 2PPY, Talladega, AL, REECE, RICH- ARD: 3AC, Montgomery, AL, SPEAR, ROGER: 4AR, Hartford, AL, YOLI, THOMAS: 3AC, Montgomery, AL, WARMAN, IAMES: Faculty Advisor, NAGLE, H. TROY: Chapter Advisor. ANDERSON, LARRY: 4Fl, Birmingham, AL, BENTLEY, RHETT: 4EC, Garden City, Nj, BODINE, PAUL: 3PPY, Hixson, TN, BOTLER, REX: ZME, New Hope, AL, novo, DANNY: 2GB, Sprague, AL, BRANHAM, FRANK: 4HY, Bremen, GA. BUZBEE, DWIGHT: 4HPE, Goodwater, AL, CARROLL, KEVIN: 4AS, West Palm Beach, FL, CARPENTER, ALAN: 1PY, Luverne, AL, CARPENTER, jOHN: ZPPY, Luverne, AL, CARPENTER, MONTY: 4PY, Luverne, AL, CHASTAIN, DAVID: 2FY, jackson, AL, CREW, LYNN: ZBSC, Deatsville, AL, FRANKLIN, WILLIAM: 2Cj, Wetumpka, AL, FRENCH, DONNIE: 3HA, jackson, AL, GENTRY, R. B.: 4GCj, Montgomery, AL, GRANATA, SAL: 4CE, Miami, FL, GRAYDON, BLAIR: TEN, Montgomery, AL, HAND, IUDSONI ZSC, Wetumpka, AL, HESTER, LANCE: 4ADS, Cave Spring, GA, HOGAN, MICHAEL: 3BSC, Birmingham, AL, IOHNSON, PHILIP: 4AM, St. Nokomis, FL, KELLY, RUSSELL: 3CE, Montgomery, AL, LOTT, STEPHEN: 4AEC, Citronelle, AL. Lorr, IEEEREY: 4As, Cirronelle, AL, OVERBEEK, ROBERT: 4lE, Huntsville, AL, OWENS, SANFORD: 3FI, Tilton, GA, PADGETI, OLEN: 3FY, East Brewton, AL, POUNDSTONE, DAVID: 4GPO, Wetumpka, AL, RANDALL, IAMES: 2PB, Bran- don, AL, RANDALL, IOSEPH: IGB, Notasulga, AL, ROBINSON, WILLIAM: 3AS, Wetumpka, AL, RUDD, IAMESI 'lGjM, Gads- den,AL. SELVEY, ROY: IPL, Andalusia, AL, SMITH, HUBBERT: ZPN, Birmingham, AL, SORRELL, ANDY: 2HPR, Alexander City, AL, ST. CLAIR, jIMMY: 4INM, Center, AL, ST. j0HN, PERRY: 3AR, New Providence, Nj, THAMES, RAY: 2GC, Wetumpka, AL, TOMLINSON, WILLIAM: 4Cj, Lafayette, AL, TOULMAN, FLO- RIAN: 4ADS, Hope Hull, AL, WATT, RICHARD: 3EE, Pensacola, FL. WEED, IOHNO: 4AS, Brantley, AL, WHITE, IAMES: 4MK, Ope- lika, AL, WILLIAMS, BILLY: IBSC, Montgomery, AL, WINTERS, MARSHALL: ZSEDSC, jackson, AL, YARBROUGH, MICHAEL: 4AC, Wetumpka, AL, PARK, CHARLO'I'I'E: Sweetheart, Mont- gomery, AL. ABSHER, KATHY: 2FM, Atlanta, GA, ALFORD, SALLIE: ZPL, LaGrange, GA, ALLEN, BARBARA: 1PB, Lafayette, AL. AMBURN, CINDI: 1PB, Huntsville, AL, ANDERSON, LISA: 1EEC, Gainesville, GA, BATLEY, LISA: 2NF, Montgomery, AL, BARRY, PATRICIA: 3EEE, Montgomery, AL, BAXTER, NANCY: 1CiC, Atlanta, GA, BEARD, IONIE: 1HA, Montgomery, AL. BECKETT, SUE: 3FM, Sylacauga, AL, BE'-WU: ANN! 3FM, l3Ck- sonville, FL, BENTON, BARBARA: 3EEC, Birmingham, AL, BONAU, MARIA: 3AR, Conyers, GA, BOREN, I-'NDN Atlanta, GA, BOTFCHER, IANE: ZMT, Oneonta, AL. 3PG, 45 4 Composites BRYANT, ROBIN: 2LT, Bessemer, AL, BUCKNER, IERRY: 3PG, Birmingham, AL, BULLOCK, IAN: 2VA, Decatur, GA, BUR- FIELD, CINDY: 3EEC, Boca Raton, FL, BURKE, LYN: 3PB, Char- lotte, NC, BURT, TRACY: 1PB, Columbus, GA, CARTER, DEE ANN: 3VOA, Gainesville, GA, CASTELLOW, KAY: 4RSM, Co- lumbus, GA, CHAMPION, CINDY: 4PB, Montgomery, AL. CLARK, KAY: 1EEC, Birmingham, AL, CLAY, CLAY: TGC, Mac- on, CA, COLE, CYNDI: 1ADS, Frankfort, KY, COOPER, KELLY: ZGIM, Decatur, GA, COPENHAVER, TAVIA: 3PO, Port St. Ioe, FL, COSTON, KATHY: 3EEE, Hueytown, AL, COUCH, GAYLE: 1GC, Crossville, TN, DECKER, VICKI: 4BVU, Crossville, AL, DENTON, BONNIE: ZEEE, Montgomery, AL, DOWDY, LISA: 4MT, Montgomery, AL, DUNCAN, TAMMY: WA, Atlanta, GA, EASTERLING, SUSAN: 2PN, Montgomery, AL, EGGE, MATHILDE: ZRSM, Gulfport, MS, FLETCHER, IODY: 2FLB, Decatur, GA, FOGARTY, PAULA: 4RS8, Selma, AL, FOUNTAIN, LESLIE: 2RSB, Atlanta, GA, FREDERICK, HARRIET: 1GPG, Mobile, AL, FREDERICK, SUSAN: 3PM, Mobile, AL. FREEMAN, PAM: 4AC, Winter Garden, FL, GARRET, DANA: 2PO, Carrollton, GA, GIOVONELLI, PATRICE: ICC, Rivervale, NI, GLOSSACK, SUSAN: 2LHY, Stuart, FL, GOBER, CANDY: ZPB, Atlanta, GA, HAGAN, IANE: ZMT, Cullman, AL, HALL, TERRY: 2lD, Martinsville, VA, HARDEGRUE, BETSY: 1VA, Chattanooga, TN, HENNESSY, GRACE: 4AC, Birmingham, AL. HILL, ANETA: 4RSB, Montgomery, AL, HILL, SARAH: ZVDE, Mobile, AL, HINDS, CINDY: 3RSS, Birmingham, AL, HODGES, BOLAND: 4GSW, Auburn, AL, HOLLAND, NANCY: 4lD, Put- ney, CA, HORNADY, MARIE: 3FM, Monroeville, AL, HUNTER, LISA: 'lPUB, Birmingham, AL, IVEY, GINNY: 3PR, Atlanta, GA, IAROS, DEBBIE: 2MT, Decatur, AL. IENKINS, SANDY: ZFM, Birmingham, AL, IOHNSON, SAN- DRA: 1HPR, Titus, AL, IOHNSON, TERRY: 3SAT, Titus, AL, IONES, LIBBET: 4AC, Atlanta, GA, IOSEPH, STEPHANIE: 4AC, LaGrange, GA, KEEBLE, MARY IO: 1RSC, LaGrange, GA, KIRKPATRICK, DEBBIE: 1FM, Mountain Brook, AL, KOG- STROM, MICHELLE: 1PB, North Palm Beach, FL, LANE, BEV- ERLY: 4DE, Birmingham, AL. LANE, FRANCIS: ws, Birmingham, AL, LANIER, LARKE: 2vA, Auburn, AL, LAUBER, IAN: 3CiB, Sylacauga, AL, LIVINGSTON, KATHERINE: 3LPO, Marion, AL, LOVELADY, LOUISE: 3EEE, Montevallo, AL, MALESKY, KATHY: 3MT, Atlanta, GA, MARKS, BEVERLY: ZPB, Gadsden, AL, MATTHEWS, CINDY: 3CH, Birm- ingham, AL, MCCARTHY, EILEEN: 3NS, Independence, KY. McCORMlCK, TRICIA: ZPPY, Stone Mountain, GA, McLEROY, LISA: 3EEE, Columbiana, AL, MEYER, CHERYL: 3PAS, Langley AFB, BA, MITCHELL, BARBRA: 4GGC, Dothan, AL, MON- CRIEF, BONNIE: 3FCD, Montgomery, AL, MORRIS, SHELIA: 4SSG, LaGrange, GA, MULLINS, GINGER: 3VHE, Decherd, TN, MURPHY, IEONNE: ZCI, Decatur, GA, NEISLER, BRENDA: -ISEH, Auburn, AL. NEWTON, LISA: 1PB, Bessemer, AL, NUTTER, CAROLINE: 1TH, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, OWENS, SUSAN: 2GC, Hueytown, AL, PAPFAS, DOROTHY: 3GIM, Vestavia Hills, AL, PARA- DISE, DELL: 1VA, Birmingham, AL, PARRISH, KEIGH: 3EEE, Winder, GA, PATTON, LOUISE: 3MT, Atlanta, GA, PEDOTA, CATHERINE: 30H, Atlanta, GA, PENN, AMANDA: 4CSY, Florence, AL. PENN, SUSAN: 1SAT, Florence, AL, PINCHBACK, IULIE: ZPB, Lexington, KY, PIRELLO, RHONDA: 3FM, Miami, FL, PLUNK- ETI, BETTY: 4GSC, Bowden, GA, RAGLA, DEBBIE: 4EEE, Atlan- ta, GA, REED, GINGER: 3GSC, Tuscaloosa, AL, RICHARDS, VICKI: ZPPY, Port St. Joe, FL, RICHARDSON, SUSIE: 3PB, At- lanta, GA, RIDDLE,IO BETH: 3EEC, Birmingham, AL. RIPLEY, KATHERINE: 1RSS, Atlanta, GA, ROBINSON, RENNIE: 3PB, Bessemer, AL, ROWAN, DIANE: 4FCD, Atlanta, GA, ROZELLE, ANNETTE: 3MT, Anniston, AL, SCOTT, SUE: 3C.SC, Marietta, GA, SHARPE, BROOXIE: 3lM, Memphis, TN, SHIP- MAN, ANN: ZRSB, Dyersburg, TN, SIGAFOOS, ANN: 1GC, Aurora, OH, SIMS, TERRI: 4AR, Birmingham, AL. SINGLETON, IODI: 1VA, Wetumpka, AL, SMITH, DONNA: 2POS, Mobile, AL, SMITH, EDITH: ZEEC, Florence, AL, SMITH, FRAN: 3PO, Tucker, GA, SMITH, TALLY: 1VA, Tucker, GA, SNELL, TRICIA: ZRSS, Birmingham, AL, THOMP- SON, LAURA: 2VA, LaGrange, GA, TIDMORE, CINDY: 1VBU, Panama City, FL, TURNER, LEIGH: 3GSW, Birmingham, AL. WAGER, BUFFIE: 1GC, Atlanta, GA, WALKER, SALLY: 4IND, Birmingham, AL, WATSON, AMY: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, WEHBY, LISA: 3ENH, Nashville, TN, WELCH, IENNIFER: 1GC, Luverne, AL, WHITE, MARION: 2PB, Dyersburg, AL, WHITE, NANCY: 4RSM, Dyersburg, AL, WHITAKER, ELAINE: 1PB, Tucker, GA, WILBORN, MARSHA: 3RSM, Birmingham, AL. 45 5 Composites WILLIAMS, MARII: ZZY, Bessemer, AL, WILLIAMS, SHARON: 3EEE, Hueytown, AL, WILSON, ASHLEY: ZLT, Mobile, AL, WOODLIFF, IANE: 3EEC, Gainesville, GA, YANCEY, SUSAN: IGSC, Atlanta, GA, ZUBER, LINDA: 4HPR, Dunwoody, GA. IENNIE ALLEY: ZGPG, Birmingham, AL, ASHBY, LEDRA: IGC, Roanoke, AL, APPLETON, KAY: 3CHE, Birmingham, AL. BAGGETT, PAIGE: 2PB, Huntsville, AL, BANKSTON, IACQUE: 20H,- Atlanta, GA, BARRON, RUTH: 3PM, Athens, GA, BEA- SON, ANNEITE: ZEEE, Birmingham, AL, BOLDING, CINDY: IVA, Decatur, AL, BONDS, CHERYL: 4RSB, Birmingham, AL. BOSCOW, SHANNON: 2NS, Dunwoody, GA, BOWERS, PHYLLI5: ISSS, Decatur, AL, BOYD, ELLA: 4FM, Mobile, AL, BRADFORD, LEA: 2PN, Huntsville, AL, BRIGANTE, SAM: ISSS, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, BROGDEN, IOAN: JHEQ, Head- land,AL. BROWN, DONNA: 2PB, Mobile, AL, BUNTIN, BETH: ZCT, Jackson, TN, CAHOON, KIM: INF, Birmingham, AL, CAL- COTE, SALLEY: 2SAT, Knoxville, TN, CASKEY, MAE: ZRSC, Birmingham, AL, CLARK, VIVENNE: 2FM, Lompoc, CA, COG- GIN, SHERRY: 4VBU, Birmingham, AL, DANIEL, KARIN: 4MK, Columbus, IN, CUDD, KIM: 1PB, Birmingham, AL. DOROUGH, BONNIE: 3NS, Birmingham, AL, ETHEREDGE, CINDY: ZHEQ, Greenville, AL, FEAGIN, MARY LYNN: 4GSY, Grove Hill, AL, FORD, DEBRA: IPN, Montgomery, AL, FOR- MAN, LEIGH: 4SHY, Birmingham, AL, GEBERT, CLARE: 3GEH, Greenville, SC, GODFREY, RENA: 2ZY, Auburn, AL, GosDlN, ANN: 4ID, Ft. Myers, lL, GREEN, PAM: 4MK, Birm- ingham, AL. GREER, MELINDA: IPM, Dadeville, AL, GRINER, KIM: ZPB, Kildeer, IL, HACKNEY, ANN: 4LT, Talladega, AL, HAGER, KAR- LENE: 4RSS, Birmingham, AL, HALL, DEBBIE: 3GSC, Evergreen, AL, HARMON, BECKY: IFM, Deerfield, IL, HAYES, REBECCA: ZEEE, Mobile, AL, HEATON, NANCY: IOC, North Palm Beach, FL, HICKS, BETH: IGPG, Macon, GA. ' HOPPER, TAMI: IGMH, Huntsville, AL, HORN, CAROLYN: ZEEE, Auburn, AL, HOVEN, SUSAN: IPB, Mobile, AL, HOWELL, HOLLYE: IHPR, Birmingham, AL. IACKSON, MARY SCOTT: SGPG, Ashland, AL, IACKSON, VIR- GINIA: 3SMU, Opelika, AL, IENKINS, IENNIE: 4RSB, Birming- ham, AL, IERNIGAN, ARABELLE: IPB, Decatur, AL. IOHNSON, LYDIA: IPB, Dothan, AL, IONES, CHERYL: 3Cl, Fairfax, VA, IONES, ELISE: 4EEC, Sylacauga, AL, IONES, NAN- CY: 2VA, Florence, AL, KNELLINGER, MARILEE: 4VOA, lack- son, MS, LAMB, ANNE: IPPY, Dothan, AL, LACKEY, RHONDA: IRSS, Sylacauga, AL, LEE, MARTHA: ICC, Lagrange, GA, LY- SAUGHTJENNIFER: 3FCS, Huntsville, AL. MCCLENDON, SARA: IFCD, Moulton, AL, MCCLURE, MARY ANN: ZGC, Tallahassee, FL, MCCRACKEN, CAROL: 3PlR, New Orleans, LA, MARBLE, SALLY: 2HPR, Columbus, IN, MAT- THEWS, IAN: ZEEC, Birmingham, AL, MAXWELL, DEBBIE: 3FCD, Birmingham, AL, MOHNEY, IAN: IGPG, Birmingham, AL, MULLINS, GINGER: ICC, Opelika, AL, MURPHY, DANI- ELLE: 3GPC, Huntsville, AL, MURPHY, KAREN: 3RSM, Birmingham, AL, NEVINS, NANCY: 4CDP, Birmingham, AL, OSTEEN, LINDSAY: 4EEE, San Fran- Ci5C0, CA, PEARSALL, CATHY: 2VOA, Huntsville, AL, PEAVY, NAN: IPPY, Gadsden, AL, PETTY, CELIA: 3PB, Birmingham, AL, PROCTOR, IOANNA: 2PPY, jacksonville, FL, PROCTOR, SAN- DY: 1FY, jacksonville, FL, RILEY, TAMI: IPB, Decatur, AL. ROBBINS, MARSHA: 4VOA, Birmingham, AL, ROBERTS, IEAN: IEEE, Dadeville, AL, ROGERS, SUSAN: ICC, Ft. Lauder- dale, FL, SAMS, EVELYN: IEEE, Atlanta, GA, SANDERLIN, IO- ANN:1GC, Orlando, FL, SAWYER, MINDY: 4GMH, lndialantic, FL, SCOTT, LYNN: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, SCOTT, NANCY: ZGSC, Montgomery, AL, SCRANTON, BARBARA: 2FCD, Birmingham, AL. 456 Composites SEALE, SUZY: TPB, Mobile, AL, SHIRLEY, CLAUDIA: TVOA, Birmingham, AL, SIMS, MARCIA: 4AC, Tuscaloosa, AL, SMITH, SUSAN: 4RSS, Birmingham, AL, SMITH, SUZAN: ZRSS, Syla- Cauga, AL, SPARKS, BETH: 3AC, Huntsville, AL, SPARKS, LOIS: 4PUB, Birmingham, AL, SPEARS, BONNIE: 3AC, Doerun, GA, TAN, INRI: 1PD, Birmingham, AL. TEMPLETON, IANICE: 1HEQ, Spartanburg, SC, TROVILLION, BARBRA: 1GPO, Orlando, FL, TURNER, SARAH: 1VA, Pensa- cola, FL, WALKER, MARILYN: 'IGED, Montgomery, AL, WALLS, NANETTA: 3GPG, Alexandria, VA, WARE, CLAUDIA: 1FM, Mobile, AL, WELDON, AVA: ZVBU, Stone Mountain, CA, WEST, LIZ: 1PB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, WHITE, PAM: TGC, Ft. Payne, AL. WILLIAMS, SUZANNE: 1FM, Avon Park, FL, WILLIAMSON, KIM: ICC, Birmingham, AL, WINDHORST, IAN: 3VOA, Birm- ingham, AL, WILSON, PAULA: 4GSC, Birmingham, AL, WOODRUFF, TUMPY: 4HRA, Birmingham, AL, WOOD, TERESA: THEQ, Atlanta, GA, WORKS, DOTTIE: 1PL, Ft. Lauder- dale, FL, WRIGHT, IILL: 1PB, Decatur, GA, WYNN, LEONORE: ZPB, Iasper, AL. ALBERIND, MICHAEL: 4BSC, Savannah, GA, ANDERSON, DAN: 3GB, Chattanooga, TN, BAIN, IAMES: 2CE, Mont- gomery, AL, BARTON, HUGH: 4BSC, Birmingham, AL, BENT- LEY, IAMES: 1ADS, Sylacaga, AL, BETHAY, STEPHEN: 1PD Huntsville, AL. BISHOP, LARRY: 4FS, Sheffield, AL, BLACKWELL, IACK: 3GB, Panama City, FL, BLAIS, RICHARD: 1GL, Birmingham, AL, BONDS, FRANK: 1PB, Auburn, AL, BROWN, ROBERT: 3MK, Tyrone, GA, BRUMBELOE, GREGORY: 2PM, Boaz, AL, BUCK- ELEW, THOMAS: 2PB, Montgomery, AL, BUCKNER, STEVEN: 3MKT, Birmingham, AL, BURFORD, IAME5: 4PB, Birmingham, AL. BURLESON, THOMAS: 2PD, Birmingham, AL, BURNS, ALLEN: ZENT, Sheffield, AL, CHAPMAN, IOHN: 3Cl, Birmingham, AL, CLEMONS, PHILLIP: 4ME, Tallahassee, FL, CONNORS, WAYNE: 4PC, West Caldwell, Nl, COOK, MARK: 4GB, Mont- gomery, AL, COOK, STANLEY: 4FAA, Montgomery, AL, DAV- IS, IAMES: 4PY, Columbiana, AL, DRANE, ROBERT: ZBSC, Florence, AL. DUNCAN, MARK: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, EBRITE, RICHARD: 3FI, Schenectady, NY, ESDALE, ROBERT: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, FELL, CHARLES: ZGC, Birmingham, AL, FISCHER, SCOTT: 3GC, Spanish Fort, AL, GAINES, MARK: 3PO, Birmingham, AL, GANNON, EDWARD: 1PVM, Montgomery, AL, GILLIS, BEN- IAMIN: ZPL, Birmingham, AL, GRUENDEL, MICHAEL: 'lPG, Tampa, FL. HALL, DANIEL: 'lPE, Fort Davis, AL, HAM, WILLIAM: 4HRA, Auburn, Al., HANRAHAN, MARK: ZIEN, Miami, FL, HEN- DERSON, MICHAEL: 'lAC, Millers Ferry, AL, HIRSCH, MAR- TIN: 2CrB, Atlanta, GA, HOFFMAN, DEAN: ZGC, Covington, GA, HOKE, EORNEY: ZPB, Huntsville, AL, HOLCOMB, DALE: 4HRA, Auburn, AL, HOLLWAY, IAMES: 2PM, Dalton, GA, ILER, STEVEN: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, IRBY, PEARMAN: 4BSC, Lakeland, FL, IOHNSON, IEFFREY: ZAN, Florence, AL, IOHN- SON, STEVEN: 4MK, Fultondale, AL, IONES, DOUGLAS: 1CHE, Birmingham, AL, IOYNER, DAVID: 2IEN, Dalton, GA, KING, IAMES: 2GC, Greensboro, AL, KING, TRUMAN: 4PM, Lanett, AL, LACKEY, GEORGE: 1SY, Boaz, AL. LANE, IOSEPH: 1AN, Deland, FL, LAWRENCE, RANDALL: 'IBSC, Mt. Brook, AL, LAZENBY, CARI.: -IINM, Florence, AL, LEE, IOE: -ICE, Fayetteville, GA, MACKEY, IAMES: ZAGB, Birm- ingham, AL, MARSHMAN, HENRY: 1GC, Homewood, AL, MCCARTY, ERNEST: 3PO, Birmingham, AL, MITCHELL, RICH- ARD: 1ADS, Syracuse, NY, MITCHELL, WILLIAM: ZAGS, Greensboro, AL. MOORE, GREG: 2PVM, Huntsville, AL, MURPHY, COLIN: 1PD, Huntsville, AL, NEVIN5, CRAWFORD: 4BSC, Birmingham, AL, NEvlNs, IAMES: 1Bsc, Birmingham, AL, NEWTON, KEITH: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, NEYMAN, IAMES: 3GB, Scottsboro, AL, PATE, DOUGLAS: 1AR, Auburn, AL, PATE, STEVEN: 2AC, Birm- ingham, AL, PATRICK, IOSEPH: 3HA, Birmingham, AL. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, REYNOLDS, RICH- ARD: 2AC, Atlanta, GA, REYNOLDS, STEVE: 1PL, Tampa, FL, RICHARDS, ROGER: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, RUNYANS, IOHN: 2CHE, Birmingham, AL, SAMARTINO, THOMAS: ZCB, Miami, FL, SAMS, TRACY: 2PD, Huntsville, FL, SANDS, BRE1'T: 1GC, Huntsville, AL, SCHILLEGI, KEITH: 2PB, Stone Mt., GA, Smlnf DAVID2 2GL,RUSSHllVill6, AL, SITZLER, KIP: 3IR, Birm- ingham, AL, SLADE, WILLIAM: 3MK, College Park, GA, SMITH, DOUGLAS: 4GC, Clanton, AL, SEIGERWALD, IOHN: 2GC, Huntsville, AL, STEVENS, WILLIAM: IPB, Opelika, AL, STICK- NEY, IOSEPH: 3PB, Greensboro, AL, THIGPEN, CARL: 3AEC, Gallion, AL, TIFFEN, IOHN: 3PB, Culman, AL. 457 Composites 1 TRAWICK, IACK: ZBSC, Birmingham, AL, TRAINTO5, PETE: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, VAKAKES, TIM: 3MKT, Birmingham, AL, VELOTAS, MICHAEL: BMKT, Birmingham, AL, VELOTAS, PETER:1PN, Birmingham, AL, WALTON, MICHAEL: 'lEE, Birm- ingham,AL. WEDGWORTH, DONALD: 3AC., Akron, AL, WELBORN, IOHN: 2CE, Sheffield, AL, WHITMIRE, GEORGE: 4GB, jacksonville, FL, WHITTEN, DAVID: ZEE, Florence, AL, WRIGHT, IACK: 3PB, Birmingham, AL, CARTWRIGHT, NEVA: Housemother. ABERNATHY, BILL: 3MC,, Birmingham, AL, ALLEY, GUY: 1EN, Miami, FL, AMBOS, GEORGE: 3PB, Savannah, GA. BAKER, CURTIS: BCEN, Andalusia, AL, BAKER, WILLIAM: TEN, Birmingham, AL, BASS, EDDIE: 2FY, Andalusia, AL, BEATY, THOMAS: 4MK, Clayton, AL, BROCK, IAMES: 3AM, Panama City, FL, BROWN, MARK: ZLPA, Newnan, GA, BUSH, ROBERT: 4VM, Andalusia, AL, CAWTHORNE, IAMES: 2BM, Auburn, AL, CLEMENTS, CHARLES: ZPB, Coral Gables, FL. COBB, MICHAEL: 2PM, Hartford, AL, DAVIS, CHARLES: 4VA, Columbus, GA, DICKSON, STEVEN: 4MB, Andalusia, AL, DODDS, PETER: 3GHY, Milton, FL, ELLERMANN, GARY: 2AR, Slidell, LA, GIBSON, CLARK: 3CHE, Sheffield, AL, GLOVER, ROY: 4AR, Odenville, AL, GOMILLION, TONY: ZAC, Say, FL, GRANT, EDGAR: 3MS, Louisville, AL. GRANT, PERRY: 4AC, Louisville, AL, HALL, THOMAS: 2EN, Napoleon, OH, HENRY, THOMAS: 2FY, lay, FL, HOFFMAN, ROY: 2PL, Atlanta, GA, HOLT, RALPH: 3FY, Shawmut, AL, HUTCHINS, DONALD: 3SSC, Dighton, KN, KELLY, THOMAS: ZCE, Atmore, AL, LONG, DAVID: 4GB, Smiths, AL, LOWERY, HENRY: 3GB, Atmore, AL. MARKS, MICHAEL: 2Cl, Elmore, AL, MAYD, GARY: 3AEC, Birmingham, AL, MCEACHRON, GARRETT: 2PE, Rockledge, FL, MILLSAP, WILLIAM: ZBSC, Atmore, AL, MONROE, ROD- NEY: 3MK, Savannah, GA, MURPHY, WILLIAM: 4MV, Gads- den, AL, NEWTON, DAN: 2FL, Edwardsville, IL, PHILLIPPI, GEORGE: 4AR, Brewton, AL, QUINLEY, WILLIAM: 4PUB, lack- son, AL. RASBERRY, IOE: 3VAG, Florala, AL, REEVES, WILLIAM: 3AC, Bluffton, SC, RICHARDS, IEFFERY: 1PVM, Louisville, AL, WALKER, CECIL: IBSC, Baileyton, AL, WEEKLEY, NORVELLE: 3PY, Bay Minette, AL, WELCH, WALTER: SRSS, Montgomery, AL, WILLIAMS, IO- SEPH: 2PVM, Luverne, AL, WRIGHT, CHARLES: ZCEN, Shef- field, AL, WYRICK, CHARLES: 1AM, Newnan, GA, KING, WILLIAM: Chapter Advisor. ALLEN, MICHAEL: 2PL, Columbus, GA, BARFIELD, KEN- NETH: 1GB,lackson, MS. BARNETT, IOHN: ZGB, Fitzpatrick, AL, BLACKBURN: 3FI, Newnan, GA, BLAKIE, THOMAS: 1PB, Montgomery, AL, BOOKER, RONALD: 3FY, Montgomery, AL, BLEDSOEI WIL- LIAM: 3ADS, Autaugaville, AL. BOLTON, DUDLEY: 1PB, Theodore, AL, BOSTICK, HUGH: 4AC, Selma, AL, BOSTICK, OSCAR: ZAC, Selma, AL, BRENDLE, IDUS: 3C-B, Montgomery, AL, BRICKEN, IAMES: 3VM, Mont- gomery, AL, BRIEN, RICHARD: 4MK, Atlanta, GA, BROM- BERG, CHARLES: ZVM, Birmingham, AL, BURTON, ROBERT: ZAR, Birmingham, AL, BURLESON, ROBERT: 3AC, Birming- ham, AL. BUSHMAN, IACK: 4EC, Montgomery, AL, CARSON, ARTHUR: 4PG, Birmingham, AL, CHAMBERS, CLAUDE: 2C-B, Brundidge, AL, CLARK, KENNETH: 1PVM, Dothan, AL, CLEMENTS, LEE: ZAR, Montgomery, AL, COBB, CHARLES: ZEN, Birmingham, AL, COBB, PAUL: 3CE, Chamblee, GA, COLEMAN, ALGER- NON: 3INM, Montgomery, AL, CONNELL, IOSEPH: 4lNM, NashviIle,GA. 45 B Composites COLLINS, ROBERTS: 3INM, Mobile, AL, COLLINS, WILLIAM: 4GB, Mobile, AL, COPE, CURTIS: SMT, Auburn, AL, COP- PEDGE, DONALD: 2FY, Coral Gables, FL, COPPEDGE, KEN- NETH: 4MT, Coral Gables, FL, CREEL, DOUGLAS: 4FI, Dothan, AL, DAVIS, IOHN: IAC, Alex City, AL, DICKSON, GEORGE: 4PlR, Lowndesboro, AL, DONNELLAN, IEFFREY: IGL, Vienna, VA. DORLAND, IOHN: 3GB, Mobile, AL, DUDLEY, MAC: 4BSC, Auburn, AL, DUKES, MARTIN: 4GPO, Pike Rd., AL, ELEY, WILLIAM: 4MK, Montgomery, AL, ELLIS, MICHAEL: 2PDN, Birmingham, AL, GADDIS, ROBERT: IVM, Montgomery, AL, GOODWYN, WILLIAM: ZGB, Montgomery, AL, GORMAN, STEPHEN: IGB, Birmingham, AL, HALL, BART: 2Fl, Mobile, AL. HARKNESS, WILLIAM: IPB, Mobile, AL, HARRELL, IOHN: 4AEC, Hayneville, AL, HARRINGTON, ROBERT: 4BSC, Mont- gomery, AL, HASTY, TIM: 4MK, Miami, FL, HODGES, DON: ZPB, Mobile, AL, HOLLOMAN, IOSEPH: 2EE, Savannah, GA, HUDGENS, WILLIAM: 4AM, Millbrook, AL, HUDSON, RAY- MOND: IPB, Brundidge, AL, HUTCHESON, IOHN: IBSC, Montgomery,AL. HUTCHESON, PAUL: 3BSC, Montgomery, AL, IONES, RICH- ARD: 2VM, Montgomery, AL, IONES, ROBERT: ZPD, Mont- gomery, AL, IONES, STANLEY: 4MK, Cardova, TN, KIRKLAND, WILLIAM: 4MT, Birmingham, AL, KREIS, FRANK: 4CE, Birm- ingham, AL, KREIS, WILLIAM: IPB, Birmingham, AL, LIGHT- FOOT, ROBERT: 4MPG, Montgomery, AL, LITTLETON, ROB- ERT: 4AR, Gulf Breeze, FL. LOWREY, CLIFFORD: 4ADS, Auburn, AL, MACON, WILLIAM: 4ADS, Mobile, AL, MCADAM, KERRY: ZME, Montgomery, AL, MCCLURE, IOSEPH: SGB, Patrick AFB, FL, MCCLUSKEY, GEORGE: IPM, Columbus, GA, MCGARRAH, CHARLES: 2PB, Columbus, GA, MANN, RICHARD: 3HA, Montgomery, AL, MAXWELL, AL: 4GSC, Montgomery, AL, MILLER, BRIAN: 4MK, Akron, OH. MITCHELL, DON: 3Bl, Eufaula, AL, MOORE, CHARLES: 4BSC, Starkville, MS, MOORE, IOHN: 3PVM, Birmingham, AL, MOORE, THOMAS: 3CrSC, Birmingham, AL, MORRIS, WAR- REN: IEN, Prattville, AL, MORRISON, IOSEPH: 3FI, jackson, AL, MOSELEY, EDWARD: 4VM, Montgomery, AL, MURPHY, RANDY: 4BSC, Montgomery, AL, NICE, PETE: 2PVM, Birm- ingham,AL. NOTO, PAUL: 4GSC, Birmingham, AL, OLIVER, IOHN: 'lPY, Mobile, AL, FATE, HAROLD: 4VM, Burkville, AL, PATE, RICH- ARD: 40H, Burkviile, AL, FATE, RUSSELL: BGSC, Columbus, GA, PEARSON, ROBERT: 4MK, Opelika, AL, PLASTER, ROB- ERT: IPB, Autaugaville, AL, POTTER, BRIAN: 4Fl, Huntsville, AL, PRICE, MICHAEL: IPB, Pinckard, AL. RATLIFF, BRYAN: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, MARSHALL, RAY: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, REEVES, IEFFERSON: 1FY, Bluffton, SC, ROBERTS, DANIEL: 1PL, Birmingham, AL, ROBERTSON, IOHN: 2PB, Daphne, AL, RUSH, ATWOOD: 3AC, Montgomery, AL, SCHOPP, IOHN: 4HS, Birmingham, AL, SKINNER, IOSEPH: 3BA, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, RICHARD: 4MT, Stockton, AL. SNELLGROVE, CRAIG: 3PL, Dothan, AL, SPEAKE, CHARLES: IBSC, Birmingham, AL, SPINK, BRUCE: 4Bl, Decatur, AL, STALLINGS, DANIEL: IBSC, Montgomery, AL, SUHR, SCOTT: 4AC, Marietta, GA, TATUM, OSCAR: IPD, Opelika, AL, TAYLOR, IAMES: ZPVM, Auburn, AL, TAYLOR, WATSON: 3PB, Montgomery, AL, THORPE, DAVID: 2PB, New Orleans, LA. TILLERY, DON: IPD, Winter Park, FL, WAID, CHARLES: IAR, Dothan, AL, WALKER, BENJAMIN: 3MK, Marietta, GA, WAT- KINS, RICHARD: 4EC, Marietta, GA, WATSON, WALTER: 4BSC, Montgomery, AL, WEBB, RANDALL: 4BI, Marietta, GA, WEST, WILLIAM: 4EE, Birmingham, AL, WILBANKS, WILLIAM: 2PB, Alex city, AL, WILLIAMS, DAVID: 4MK, Atlanta, GA. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM: IPV, Birmingham, AL, WILSON, IOHN: 2PM, Birmingham, AL, WILSON, TERRY: 3TM, Panama City, FL, WORLEY, ROBIN: 4TM, Bremen, GA, WOMACK, WIL- LIAM: 4MG, Birmingham, AL, WRIGHT, TONY: 4AC, Mont- gomery, AL, YERBY, FORREST: 2BSC, Stapleton, AL, TAYLOR, IENNIFER: 4MB, Auburn, AL, COST, MAE: Housemother. ABERNATHY, WILLIAM: ZMRB, Worthington, OH, ALEXAN- DER, IIMM: 4MK, Auburn, AL, ALLEY, MAURICE: IPPY, Birm- ingham, AL: BARDIV ROBERT: 305, Atlanta, GA, BASS, BRETT: IAR, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, BIDEZ, WILLIAM: 2PN, Birmingham, AL. BRANDON, GRAYLE: IBSC, Birmingham, AL, BREWSTER, DAVID: 4lNM, Rome, GA, BROWN, PETER: ICC, North Palm Beach, FL, BULLOUGH, ROGER: ZCHE, Florence, AL, BURKE, DAVID: 4MN, Nashville, TN, BURKE, DONALD: 3LPO, Atlanta, GA, BUSBY, DAVID: IPN, Birmingham, AL, CARDEN, DAVID: IPN, Seale, AL, CARMACK, RICHARD: ZAR, Chattanooga, TN. 45 9 Composites CANTLEY, DAVID: 4TN, Birmingham, AL, CARPENTER, HEN- RY: ZAC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, CAVANAUGH, IEFFREY: 1PV, Montgomery, AL, CAVANAUGH, MARK: 3PM, Montgomery, AL, CHEW, STEPHEN: 2GlM, Florence, AL, CLARK, DENZEL: 3GBl, Killen, AL, DIEHL, WESLEY: 2MBI, Nashville, TN, EDKA, DAVID: 1GL, Birmingham, AL, ELLIOT, CARTER: 3MN, Talla- dega, AL. EWING, HARRY: 1AC, Alexander City, AL, GANT, PAUL: 1PVM, Birmingham, AL, GOGGANS, THOMAS: 4Cl, Mont- gomery, AL, GRANT, ROBERT: 3PM, Pensacola, FL, GUY, ARTHUR: ZEE, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, HALL, CLARK: ITN, LA, HALLEN, IOHN: 2lE, Atlanta, GA, GARRISON, IOSEPH: 3HPR, Alexander City, AL, HAVRON,lAMES:1PD, Mobile, AL. HEATON, BEN: ZGPO, North Palm Beach, FL, HENAGAN, CHIP: 3PB, Atlanta, GA, HAZELWOOD, KEITH: TCI, Pensacola, FL, HENDERSON, BILLY: 4AR, Covington, GA, HOPE, LUCIEN: ZPB, Atlanta, GA, HUDSON, RODDY: 4MU, lackson, MS, IOHNSON, IEEE: 3IE, Atlanta, CA, IOHNSON, TIMOTHY: 1PD, Columbus, GA, KARMAZIN, MICHAEL: 4GHY, New Or- leans, LA, KING, GEORGE: 4IE, Nashville, TN, KING, WILLIAM: 2ME, 1FY, Birmingham, AL, Atmore, AL, KRONSHAGE, SCOTT: KRYSIAK, RICHARD: 4AM, Atlanta, GA, LEE, IACK: 4HPR, Marshallville, GA, LEE, LESLIE: ZPB, Chattanooga, TN, LEE, THOMAS: 3lE, Foley, AL, LEES, ANDREW: 2ME, Nashville, TN, LUTHER, RANDY: 4AR, Nashville, TN. MADDOX, WILLIAM: 3AC, Auburn, AL, MALLETIE, IACK: 4GC, lackson, MS, MANLY, HAROLD: 3PV, Birmingham, AL, MARKS, HERALD: 3ID, Killen, AL, MAULDIN, LEONARD: ZAEC, Leighton, AL, MCCOLLUM, FRED: 2PM, Florence, AL, MCMILLAN, KENNETH: 4AS, Union Springs, AL, MIZERANY, MICHAEL: 4GB, Birmingham, AL, MOREY, WILL: ZPB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. MOTAHURI, MOHAMUD: TGPO, Auburn, AL, MUENOW, STEVEN: ZPM, Charlotte, NC, NAFTEL, IAMES: 3CI, Nashville, TN, NEILL, IOHN: 4PV, Shalimar, FL, NESMITH, NICK: ZPB, Anniston, AL, NORDAL, IONAS: ZP8, Pompano Beach, FL, ORTEGA, GEORGE: 4GB, Miami, FL, OSBORNE, BRAD: 4FI, Whittier, CA, PEREZ, DAVID: 4AC, Mobile, AL. PERLEY, TIM: 4LSY, Birmingham, AL, PETTY, CLAUDE: 3AC, Atlanta, GA, POPPER, RICHARD: SGB, Miami, FL, PRESCOTT, IAMES: ZGPO, Tallahassee, FL, QUIGLEY, RALPH: 3CHE, AL, RADCLIFF, WILLIAM: ZEE, Cullman, AL, REED, 1PS, Orlando, FL, RENNICK, WILLIAM: 1Cl, Lookout ROBINSON, KARL: ZAC, Atmore, AL. Florence, GEORGE: Mtn., TN, RUCKER, Roanoke, LARRY: 4TN, Nashville, TN, RUSH, KENNETH: IPB, VA, SALMON, nosinr: 2Gc, Nashville, TN, slut- RELS, GARY: ZPB, Birmingham, AL, SCHUTTLER, DANIEL: TPS, Orlando, FL, SELLERS, IAMES: 1ZY, Montgomery, AL, SEY- FRIED, MICHAEL: ZPM, Birmingham, AL, SHAFEER, IAMES: 1Cl, Alexander City, AL, SMITH, ALLEN: 2PB, Annandale, VA. SMITH, ALVAH: 2GlM, Thomaston, GA, SMITH, DAVID: TAE, Maitland, FL. SMITH, HAL: 3BSC, Panama City, FL, SMITH, STEPHEN: SGPO, Cape Coral, FL. SPRAGGINS, CHARLES: TTM, Alexander City, AL, STAMATE- LOS, NICHOLAS: 2PPY, Stamford, CT, STOUT, LOUIS: 2CE, Little Rock, AK, STRIANSE, VITO: 4GEH, Nashville, TN, SUD- BRINK, CRAIG: 2PB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, SWIFT, RICHARD: ZPB, Philadelphia, PA, TIEDT, SCOTT: ZPB, Miami, FL, TOWN- SEND, IEFFREY: TAR, Birmingham, AL, WEIDMAN, HAL: 'lPN, Birmingham,AL. TURNBULL, DOUG: 3PV, Birmingham, AL, WHITE, TIM: 2PV, Birmingham, AL, WILSON, MICHAEL: 3PB, Auburn, AL, WIL- SON, BOB: JPV, Birmingham, AL, WORKS, DON: 3PIR, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, WRIGHT, BILL: 3CE, Montgomery, AL, YEZZI, RICK: JMK, Springfield, VA, WHITWORTH, KIRBY: House- mother, COX, PAULA: 4MK, Houston, TX, Sweetheart. ABEL, WILSON: 4PlR, Gadsden, AL, ADERHOLT, MICHAEL: -GAC, Birmingham, AL, ALBRIGHT, DUDLEY: 3GB, Birmingham, AL, AMOS, ROBERT: SCHE, Huntsville, AL, ASK, CHARLES: 2Cl, Troy, AL, BAKER, ROYAL: 3FY, Camilla, GA. 45 D Composites BALLARD, ERNEST: 3PVM, Birmingham, AL, BARTON, RAN- DY: 4EE, Tuscaloosa, AL, BEAVERS, DAVID: 4EE, Shelbyville, TN, BECKWITH, IOSEPHI 4BA, Auburn, AL, BIRD, IOSEPHI 2HY, Marietta, GA, BLISS, RICHARD: ZPB, Talladega, AL, BRASWELL, FREDERICK: 4Cl, Dernopolis, AL, BROWN, WIL- SON: 3PlR, Langdale, AL, BROOKS, ROBERT: BCE, Vienna, VA. BRYANT, KENNETH: zoc, Talladega, AL, non, ANDY: 2Pl3, Anniston, AL, BOYD, SCOTT: 3AC, Huntsville, AL, BURGIN, ROBERT: TBA, Cuthbert, GA, BURKE, BILL: 4MK, Montgom- ery, AL, CAGLE, BRIAN: ZAC, Decatur, AL, CALHOUN, MI- CHAEL: 2AC, Lyons, GA, CARLISLE, THOMAS: TBA, Opelika, AL, CARLTON, ROBERT: 4BSC, Huntsville, AL, CHANDLER, DARRYL: TEE, Decatur, AL, CHRISTOPHER, GREGORY: ZPVM, Athens, AL, CHRISTOPHER, MICHAEL: 4ADS, Athens, AL, CODY, DAVID: 3GFF, Montgomery, AL, COLLEY, LOUIS: 2PUB, Prattville, AL, COLLIER, LYNN: 4AC, Gadsden, AL, COOPER, DAVID: ZAR, Montgomery, AL, DEN- NIS, IAMES: ZPB, Prattville, AL, DUKE, WALTER: 3BA, Gadsden, AL. EASTERWOOD, CHARLES: 4AC, Gadsden, AL, ELLIS, RICH- ARD: TAR, Montgomery, AL, FERGUSON, CRAIG: 4AC, Birm- ingham, AL, FERGUSON, FREDERICK: 3MRB, Sylacauga, AL, FLEMING, LARRY: ZEN, Huntsville, AL. FLEMING, IOHN: 5VM, Vidalia, GA, FRANKS, TOMMY: 3AC, Fayette, AL, GASTON, IOEL: 3HPE, Sylacauga, AL, GAUTIER, LAWRENCE: 1PB, Miami, FL, GIBSON, FLETCHER: 4Ac, Flora- la, AL. GIBSON, WILLIAM: 2AC, jasper, AL, GOLDING, THOMAS: ZBA, Decatur, GA, GRIBBIN, SCO'I'I': 3PVM, Northport, AL, HARRISON, RONNIE: 1PY,Tuscaloosa, AL, HEATH, ROBERT: 3PO, Pensacola, FL, HENDERSON, ROBERT: 3PM, Keystone Heights, FL, HERNDON, IAMES: 3BA, Tuscaloosa, AL, HIXON, ALLAN: TFV, Tuscaloosa, AL, HIXON, MICHAEL: 4AC, Tusca- loosa, AL. HODGES, MANLEY: 3HPE, Langdale, AL, HODGES, OWEN: 4TM, Langdale, AL, HODGSON, BILL: 4FI, Montgomery, AL, HODNETT, IAMES: 3AC, Elkins, WVA, HOIT, CHARLES: ZBA, Montgomery, AL, HOWELL, BOBBY: 4HPE, Pleasant Grove, AL, HOWTON, BARRY: ZAC, Bessemer, AL, ISBELL, GILMER: TBA, Gadsden, AL, IOGNSON, HUGH: ZPB, Decatur, AL. IONES, MARK: ZPN, Sylacauga, AL, IONES, PATRICK: TPVM, Dothan, AL, IORDAN, ROBERT: sasc, st. Petersburg, FL, IOSEPH, THOMAS: 3GHY, Montgomery, AL, KAIN, ROBERT: 3ME, Tuscaloosa, AL, KEOWN, IOHN: 3IE, Decatur, AL, KEY, MARK: 3FY, Tuscaloosa, AL, LANKFORD, HENRY: 4BSC, Gads- den, AL, LEE, ROBERT: 1PD, Huntsville, AL. LEE, IAMES: TPD, Huntsville, AL, LONG, CHARLIE: 4BA, Lake Alfred, FL, LYONS, IOHN: 4lNM, Langdale, AL, MACKEY, WILLIAM: TPVM, Demopolis, AL, MATTMULLER, MATTHEW: TCE, Mobile, AL, MAY, ALLEN: ZPB, Tuscaloosa, AL, Mc- CLENDON, THOMAS: 3PL, Ozark, AL, MEACHAM, ALAN: ZPB, Homewood, AL, MELTON, IAMES: 4CE, Prattville, AL. MERIWETHER, WALTER: 4AC, Montgomery, AL, MOORE, WILLIAM: 2AC, Montgomery, AL, MORRIS, STEVEN: 3ME, Birmingham, AL, MORRIS, WILLIAM: 4MK, Pensacola, EL, MOSLEY, MARSHALL: 3AC, Lyons, GA, MURPHY, TOM: 3AR, Russellville, AL, NIPPER, IOE: TPB, Decatur, AL, NORMAN, DAVE: 2AM, Manchester, TN, PATTON, STUART: 3AC, De- catur,GA. rEAcocR, DERRICK: 1PN, Vidalia, GA, PHILLIPS, IAMES: 3PY, Huntsville, AL, PORTER, EDWIN: TPOP, Dublin, GA, POUNDSTONE, DAVE: 3DED, Montgomery, AL, READE, IEEE: TPM, Montgomery, AL, ROBERTS, ROY: 2PM, Talladega, AL, RUEFIN, CHARLES: -IEC, Vidalia, GA, RUSH TON, RICHARD: 4PA, Birmingham, AL, RYAN, THOMAS: 4PIR, Greenville, AL. SAIA, PAUL: 3VBU, Auburn, AL, SAUER, MARTIN: SCHE, Franklin, OH, SAVAGE, IOHN: ZAR, Huntsville, AL, SCOTT, BRIAN: TPVM, Appleton, Wl, SIMMS, STEPHEN: 3AC, Winter Park, FL, SMILIE, STEPHEN: 4AR, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, THOMAS: 3CHE, Huntsville, AL, SPEER, HARVEY: 2TM, Ozark, AL, STEELE, WILLIAM: TEN, Huntsville, AL. STEWART, IAMES: 4AR, Talladega, AL, STIVENDER, IOHN: 4MT, Gadsden, AL, SUMRALL, FRED: 3EE, Mobile, AL, VIN- SON, CHARLES: SMN, Mobile, AL, WARD, IAMES: 3BA, Syla- cauga, AL, WARD, WAYNE: 3FY, Sylacauga, AL, WEAVER, STEVEN: TPM, College Park, GA, WHITT, IEFFREY: 2PD, Gads- den, AL, WILKINS,lAMES: 3AC, Sylacauga, AL. 461 Composites WINGO, STEVEN: 4EE, Birmingham, AL, WOOD, TOM: 3LD, Birmingham, AL, WOODHAM, GARY: 4MK, Florala, AL, WOODRUFF, OLIVER: 4HPE, Lownclesbora, AL, WRIGHT, PATRICK: IAC, Prattville, AL, WYATT, HUB: 3ADS, Sylacauga, AL, YANCEY, RICHARD: 4MK, Atlanta, GA, HALE, BENNIE: Advisor, GRIMM, RODGER: Advisor, ADAMS, DAVID: IWL, Scottsboro, AL, ANDERSON, BRUCE: 4lNM, Towson, MD, BAGGET, KENNETH: 4AC, Brewton, AL, BATTAGLIA, RONNY: 3MK, Fairfield, AL, BENTLEY, IAMES: 4lD, Atlanta, GA, BICE, THOMAS: 4RSM, Alex City,'AL. BICE, TIM: ZMRB, Alex City, AL, BISHOP, CLARKE: 4EE, Montgomery, AL, BLANKENSHIP, KENNETH: 3ACF, Bessemer, AL, BOLEN, WILLIAM: 2ME, Birmingham, AL, BOLT, MELVIN: 4EE, Auburn, AL, BROWN, IAMES: 4ACF, Huntsville, AL, BURE5, SCOTT: IAMH, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, CAMPBELL, GLENN: ZME, Atlanta, GA, CHAPMAN, GILBERT: ZAM, East Point, GA, CHENEY, IOHN: IPN, Montgomery, AL, CHENEY, ROBERT: 3EE, Montgomery, AL, CLEVELAND, DANN: IMRB, Gettysburg, PA, CLOUD, ROBERT: IPB, Atlanta, GA, CULVER, MARK: 3PB, Dothan, AL, DAMPIER, GLENN: ZPPY, Birmingham, AL, DAVIES, IAMES: IPB, Atlanta, GA, DAVIS, NICHOLAS: ZTC, Opelika, AL, DONALDSON, LARRY: IPVM, Homewood, AL. DOWDY, LARRY: 3EE, Montgomery, AL, DRIVER, MARVIN: 3HPR, Montgomery, AL, ECHEVARRIA, ISAAC: IPL, Rochester, NY, EDMONDSON, DENNIS: 2PB, Alex City, AL, EILAND, STUART: IAN, Clio, AL, ELLITHORPE, DANIEL: 4WT, Atlanta, GA, FELSHER, GHESTEN: 3AC, Auburn, AL, FOLTZ, DOUG- LAS: 3AR, Miami, FL, FREEDMAN, ALAN: IPB, Roswell, GA. FUTCH, R. WILLIAM: 3LAC, Ocala, FL, GARDNER, IAMES: IPB, Atlanta, GA, GASSER, MARK: ZMRB, Wheaton, MD, GAUCZA, LOU: 2PB, Dothan, AL, GREENE, MICHAEL: 3AC, Opelika, AL, GUY, NORMAN: 3Fl, Montgomery, AL, HAL- BROOKS, RALPH: 3PVM, Montgomery, AL, HARRIS, L SCOTT: 2lD, Montgomery, AL, HARRISON, LARRY: ZCHE, Vestavia, AL. HAWKINS, MARC: 4AMN, Knoxville, TN, HENDERSON, VANN: ZAMN, Anniston, AL, HERBANEK, IEFF: 4IE, jackson- ville, FL, HODGES, GREG: 4lE, 45lE, Morrow, GA, HOWLE, CHARLES: 1HPR, Birmingham, AL, HULLET, RICHARD: 4MK, Tarrant, AL, KLEIDERER, ARTHUR: 4WT, Houston, TX, LAM- BERT, EDWARD: 4AC, Dothan, AL, LEE, ROBERT: 4AY, Daw- son, GA. LEFFARD, DAVID: 3AC, Mobile, AL, LITTLE, BRIAN: 4MK, Al- bertville, AL, LLOYD, IAMES: ZBSC, Anniston, AL, LOWERY, STEPHEN: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, MARTIN, DANIEL: 4Fl, Mont- gomery, AL. MARZELLA, DONALD: 4MK, Montgomery, AL, MCNIGHT, IEFFREY: 3AC, Dothan, AL, MILLER, ROBERT: ZAC, Birming- ham, AL, MILLER, TOM: IEN, Birmingham, AL, MIZE, IAMES: 3BSC, Dothan, AL. MOORE, IEFF: SPG, Tacoma, WA, MORGAN, RICHARD: 3MK, Dothan, AL, MOTLEY,IOEL: ITM, Opelika, AL, NABORS, DAVID: IPB, Huntsville, AL, NORRIS, IAMES: 3AC, Atlanta, GA. OLIVER, IOHN: 4Fl, Fayetteville, CA, PARE, PAUL: IPM, len- sen Beach, FL, PARE, ROBERT: 3MBl, lensen Beach, FL, PAS- CHAL, WALLACE: 3ME, Opelika, AL, PATTON, IOHN: 3TM, Alexander City, AL, POHLMAN, ROBERT: IPB, jacksonville, FL, POOLE, MICHAEL: IBA, Decatur, CA, PORTER, IOHN: ZADS, Orlando, FL, QUAINTON, RODERICK: 4AG, Clinton, MD. RATEAU, RICHARD: 4ADS, Hampton, VA, ROBERTSON, IOE: 3VlA, Montgomery, AL, ROBERTSON, MICHAEL: 4ME, Pow- hatan, VA, ROSKA, PAUL: IAM, Mequon, WI, RUDNER, ROBERT: ZGHY, Little Silver, NI, SAWYER, DOUGLAS: ZPB, Coral Gables, FL, SEABORN, ROBERT: IPM, Montgomery, AL, SEDLACK, RUSSELL: 3ID, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, SELAK, RICHARD: IGBI, Pascagoula, MS. SHARP, CHARLES: ZWL, Midway, AL, SHERMAN, GREG: 2AM, Paducah, KY, SMITH, CHARLES: ZPB, Opelika, AL, STEPHENS, KENNETH: 3PME, Grove Hill, AL, STILL, STEVEN: IPD, Decatur, GA, STRANGE, PHILLIP: ZPVM, Albertville, AL, TAYLOR, G. STEVEN: ICC, Oxford, AL, TODD, IIMMY: ZAE, Oakwood, GA, TURNER, STEVEN: IME, Athens, AL. 462 Composites UFCHURCH, IAMES: ZAM, East Point, GA, WADLEY, WIL- LIAM: 2PN, Tampa, FL, WALKER, MARK: 3AC, Atlanta, CA, WILLIAMS, SHAD: 4FI, Anniston, AL, WILSON, EARLE: 4AC, Brewton, AL, YOUNG, PETER: ZPB, Montgomery, AL, ZIM- LICH, DONALD: IPCN, Mobile, AL, ZIMLICH, THOMAS: 1PN, Mobile, AL, BLANKENSHIP, ELIZABETH: Housemother, ABBOTT, IOSEPH: 4AC, Cropwell, AL, ABLES, STEVE: 3POP, Fort Payne, AL, ALVER, IAMES: ZCHE, St. Pete, FL, ANDERTON, MICHAEL: 3LSC, Birmingham, AL, ARNOTI, MATTHEW: ZPB, Spanish Fort, AL, ASNIP, WILLIAM: 3EH, Monroeville, AL. BAKER, IAMES: 2ME, Daphne, AL, BALLARD, WILLIAM: 4lM, Selma, AL, BARTLETT, CARL: 4FI, Roanoke, AL, BALTON, IAMES: SCE, Fayette, AL. BOONE, DANIEL: 3BSC, Fairhope, AL, BOONE, KEVIN: SGH, Fairhope, AL, BRAXTON, TERRY: 4GB, Anniston, AL, BROWN, TUCKER: 2PD, Roanoke, AL. BROWNING, DANE: 4AC, Birmingham, AL, BURGESS, ALEX: ZGB, Macon, GA, BYRD, CHARLES: 4MK, Selma, AL, CLAP- PER, I. G.: 3Cl, Prattville, AL. GRAIN, MICHAEL: -IPM, Anniston, AL, CREWS, WILLIAM: SAGB, Headland, AL, DANIEL, IOHN: 1PN, Roanoke, AL' DAVIS, WILLIAM: 4MK, Scottsboro, AL. 1 DOWNARD, IOE: ZPD, Selma, AL, EARLES, PAT: 3EE, Hunts- ville, AL, EDWARDS, HUGH: 4Fl, Vincent, AL, EYER, CRAIG: 2AC, Huntsville, AL. FERGUSON, WILLIAM: 1PB, Folsom, PA, FONDE, ALLEN: 2HF, Mobile, AL, GEORGE, IAMES: 4APS, Graceville, FL, GOLDIN, DAVID: ZIE, Atlanta, CA, GOODGAME, CHARLES: 4MRB, Russellville, AL, HALL, IAMES: 1PM, Luverne, AL, HANDLEYf BEN: 4TN, Roanoke, AL, HARRIS, CLAY: 1PVM, Birmingham, AL, HENE, HENRY: 3AR, Atlanta,GA. HENE, PAUL: 3P5, Atlanta, GA, HENSEY, TIMOTHY: BEC, Sara- sota, FL, HOLLOWAY, CARL: 3GPO, Homewood, AL, HOLLO- WAY, KEITH: IPM, Birmingham, AL, HOLMAN, WALTER: 4MK, Fairhope, AL, HUTCHESON, CHARLES: 3GPO, Lithia Springs, GA, IOHNSON, TIMOTHY: 1GBl, Good, TN, IOU- ANA, IOE: 3IND, Fairhope, AL, KINARD, BILLY: ZPB, Broad- view Heights, OH. KIRKLAND, HARRY: 4AN, Birmingham, AL, KLUMPP, GEORGE: 4VAG, Fairhope, AL, KOEHLER, DOUGLAS: ZGB, lndianpolis, IN, KOEHLER, STEPHEN: 4OBI, Indianpolis, IN, KNOWLES, IOHN: ZPB, Bradenton, FL, LANZA, CHRIS: ZPB, Huntsville, AL, LITTLE, RICHARD: 3MCH, Marietta, GA, LONG, RANDY: 4GB, Opelika, AL, LUKENS, MATTHEW: 4BSC, Ft. Thomas, Ky. MacEWEN, DAVID: ZPD, Auburn, AL, MATHEWS, WOOD- SON: 3AC, Columbus, GA, McKINNON, NEILL: 1PB, Chamb- lee, CA, MILLER, RICHARD: 3CE, Charlotte, NC, MOORE, DON: 4AY, Marion, AL, MOORE, TERRY: ZCI, Birmingham, AL, MULLINS, HENRY: 3PM, Fairhope, AL, NEWTON, BUR- LADINE: Housemother, Auburn, AL, PENNY, RICHARD? 4AM, Daphne, AL. PIERCE, IEFF: ZMK, Spanish Fort, AL, PILCHER, IOSEPH: ZGB, Selma, AL, PINKSTON, OLIN: IFN, Pike Road, AL, PITMAN, HENRY: 4BSC, Roanoke, AL, PORTER, WILLIAM: ZGB, Selma, AL, ROBINSON, THOMAS: 4HRA, Ft. Payne, AL, ROYSTON, WILLIAM: 1PB, Roanoke, AL, SANDLIN, IOHN: 2PPY, Marion, AL, SHERRILL, PHILLIP: 3CE, Hamilton, AL. SMITHERMAN, PERRY: 4TM, Sylacauga, AL, STEPHENS, RAN- DY: 4GPO, Talladega, AL, SUMMERLIN, GLENN: IPB, Atlanta, GA, TEMPLETON, DAVID: 2AM, Shelbyville, TN, TOWN- SEND, IAMES: 2PL, Clark, AL, TURNER, HUBERT: 4PlR, Ope- lika, All WEEKS, ROY: 3TM, Sylacauga, AL, WHITE, RONALD: 3AC, Montgomery, AL, WILKINSON, STEVEN: 4TN, Haines City, FL. 46 3 Composites WOOD, TRAVIS: 1PVM, Birmingham, AL, WOODS, CHRIS- TOPHER: 1MRB, Birmingham, AL, GOODWIN, GEORGE: Advisor. ADAMS, MICHAEL: 2PD, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, ANDERSON, IOHN: 4MK, Tell City, IN, ARMlNGTON,l0HN:1PN, Dothan, AL, AVERY, WILLIAM: 2PD, Miami, FL, BALLARD, DAVID: 3ME, Saraland, AL, BARRETT, IAMES: ZAM, Havertown, PA, BLISS, ROBERT: 2PB, Birmingham, AL, BLACKMON, IULIUS: 4BSC, Auburn, AL, BOYD, OTIS: ZPB, Athens, AL. BROWN, DAVID: 3ME, Newnan, GA, BURKS, SIDNEY: 2AM, Nashville, TN, BUSS, ROBERT: 3AC, Orlando, FL, CONNER, DONALD: ZBSC, Auburn, AL, COWPERTHWAIT, ROBERT: ZEE, Pennsville, Nl, CREEL, ROBERT: ZCE, Birmingham, AL, DAVIS, PAUL: 1WL, Columbia, TN, DEAN, PAUL: 4FY, Huey- town, AL, DEHART, THOMAS: 3ME, Massena, NY. DONALDSON, SCOTT: 4BSC, Toms River, Nl, DUDNEY, RICHARD: 3EE, Huntsville, AL, DUGAN, IAMES: SBSC, Nut- ley, Nl, DUNAVANT, ANDREW: 3CH, Athens, AL, ESPY, PAUL: 2CE, Prattville, AL, EVANS, P.: 3SSC, Albertville, AL, FERGUS- ON, CHARLES: 4Cl, Canal Zone, PA, GARCIA, GREG: 3ME, East Point, GA, GORDON, WILEY: ZADS, Oneonta, AL. CRIMES, ADNAN: BBSC, Chattanooga, TN, GRISWOLD, ROB- ERT: 4PIR, Columbus, GA, GUILLORY, ALLEN: 1BSC, Phenix City, AL, HALL, IOEL: TCHE, Anniston, AL, HALL, ROBERT: ZAM, Anniston, AL, HILL, LEWIS: 2AM, Gadsden, AL, HURST, DAVID: IAE, Beckley, WVA, IONES, DAVID: 3CE, Athens, AL, KAUFMAN, DON: ZME, Auburn, AL. KEIDEL, DANIEL: ZCHE, Northbend, OH, LAW, BII-LY! ZAC. Vero Beach, FL, LEE, TONY: ZPB, Selma, AL, LEROY, PAUL: 3BSC, Wetumpka, AL, MAHER, MICHAEL: 1PM, Hollywood, FL. MAY, CHARLES: 2PB, jackson, AL, MCGOWEN, CHARLES: 1PN, Birmingham, AL, McGUIRE, TIMOTHY: 3PL, Lansing, MI, MCLAUGHLIN, BUD: 4GlM, Pennsville, Nl, MILLER, LUTHER: 2VBU, Bessemer, AL. MITCHELL, LARRY: 2Fl, Gadsden, AL, MOE, KENT: 4Cl, Birmingham, AL, MOFFETI, PAUL: 4AM, Larchmont, NY, NELSON, KRAIG: ZGIM, Eastaboga, AL, NORDNESS, DAVID: 4CHE, Birmingham, AL, NUNNELLEY, FRED: 4GB, Anniston, AL, PIPER, MICHAEL: 4lE, Childersburg, AL, RICE, SAMUEL: ZSMU, Auburn, AL, ROBERT, HEWITI: 4Fl, Auburn, AL. ROBERTS, LLOYD: 4CE, Montgomery, AL, RODDY, DAVID: 4ME, Rockwood, TN, RUNGE, RALPH: ZPCN, Montgomery. AL, RUSSELL, IAMES: 3AG, Anniston, AL, SMITH, KENNETH: 4AC, Dothan, AL, SPROULE, WILLIAM: 4AC, Kingston, TN! STONER, ROBERT: 4Cl, River Edge, Nl, STOWE, KEVIN! IAC, Marietta, GA, TAYLOR, IAMES: 2FY, Opelika, AL. THOMPSON, PATRICK: 1PN, Birmingham, AL, WACHTEL, IOHN: ZEE, Milton, FL, WACKERLE, ANDREW: 4AS, Selma, AL, WARREN, GEORGE: 3PY, Eustis, FL, WATKINS, THOMAS: 3VBM, Athens, AL, WILLIAMS, RUSSELL: 3GB, Selma, AL, WISE, THOMAS: 3AC, Whitefish Bay, WI, WRIGHT, WILLIAM: 4lE, Auburn, AL, STAHL, IACK: Advisor. ADAMSON, WILLIAM: 3PB, Atlanta, GA, ALLEN, ROBERT: 4ED, Monroeville, AL, BAKER, DONALD: 3HPR, Guin, AL, BARNETI', IAMES: ZBSC, Huntsville, AL, BAUN, LAWRENCE: 2AR, McLean, Va, BILES, MICHAEL: 4VM, Bay Minette, AL. BOWDEN, WALTER: 4VM, Monroeville, AL, CARSWELL, ROB- ERT: ZAR, Florence, AL, CLAYBROOK, HERBERT: 4MK, New Site, AL, CONNER, EUGENE: 2Cl, lacksonville, FL, CONNER, IERRY: 4Bl, Tuscumbia, AL, COPELAND, STEVEN: 4SY, Decatur, AL, CROCKER, LAWRENCE: 1PEN, Florence, AL, CROCKER, WILLIAM: 4EE, Florence, AL, DODGEN, IOHN: 3HPR, Good- water. AL. 464 Composites DUNN, GREG: 4FY, Bay Minette, AL, EGUES, RALPH: 1PB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, FASSNACHT, DAVID: 1PN, Chattanooga, TN, EENDLEY, GARY: 4MEN, Bay Minette, AL, FLETCHER, CHUCK: 4MEC, Bay Minette, AL, FLOYD, IOHN: 4PlR, Birmingham, AL, HART, IOHN: 4AEC, Dothan, AL, HAGAN, MICHAEL: 4PG, Geneva, AL, HOLT, CRAIG: 2GC, Auburn, AL, KENNEDY, MICHAEL: 1CE, Mobile, AL, KRAMES, CARL: 1CE, Maitland, FL, KUEHN, GREGORY: 1AR, Phenix City, AL, LEE, IOHN: 1PB, Mobile, AL, LOCKHART, TIMOTHY: SEG, Hart- selle, AL, LOGAN, TIMOTHY: 3OH, Guin, AL, MARTIN, CLOYCE: 3Bl, Statesboro, GA, MARTIN, MONTGOMERY: 4BSC, Memphis, TN, MILLER, ROBERT: 3AR, Greenville, AL, MOODY, RANDY: 2WT, Centreville, AL, MURRAY, IOHN: ZAR, Montgomery, AL, NELSON, RONALD: TAEN, Birming- ham, AL, NIX, ALAN: 4AEC, Campbell, AL, O'CONNOR, PATRICK: 3PL, Helena, GA, PERRET, IOSEPH: 3VA, Andalusia, AL, POLLOCK, BOBBY: 3VED, Andalusia, AL, POLLOCK, CHUCK: 2FL, Andalusia, AL, PURNELL, IAMES: 4FY, Decatur, AL. REYNOLDS, KENNETH: 2AM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, ROBERTS, GREGORY: 4AM, Linville, AL, SCHENK, IAMES: 4Fl, Thomas- ville, AL, SHEFFIELD, GLEN: 4EE, Miami, FL, SMITH, KENT: 1GC, Andalusia, AL, STAMPS, IRVING: 4RSE, Bay Minette, AL, SUNDBACK, IOHN: 3OH, Decatur, AL, STROM, GREG: 4FY, Bay Minette, AL, TEEL, GERALD: 1FY, Eufala, AL. TERRY, IOHN: 1PB, Decatur, AL, THOMPSON, DANIEL: 2PM, Lanett, AL, THOMSON, THOMAS: 1PB, Northport, AL, WIL- I-'AMS' WENDELL: 3CHE, Ashland, AL, BISHOP, GRACE: Housemother. ADAMSON, ANTHONY: 4lNM, tanen, At, ANNERS, Mute 4MT, Vidalia, GA. BECK, GENE: 3GAT, Auburn, AL, CHAPMAN, ALLEN: 3lE, Perry, FL, CLAPPER, TIMOTHY: 3lNM, Lenexa, KS, COLLINS, STEVEN: 4ME, Shelby, NC, CONNER, DON: 4CS, Guntersville, AL, CONRAD, IOHN: 4MK, Daleville, AL, DARNELL, MIKE: 3AGEC, Auburn, AL, DOUGLAS, GEORGE: 2CE, Nashville, TN, DUNN, DOUGLAS: 3CHE, Kingsport, TN. GAMMON, GLEN: 1PN, Birmingham, AL, GREEN, DAVID: -ITM, Opelika, AL, GROGAN, DONALD: 1AR, Birmingham, AL, HAGOOD, STANLEY: 1PB, Birmingham, AL, HANDLIN, HARRY: 3CHE, Birmingham, AL, HAWTHORNE, ROBERT: 2PN, Birmingham, AL, HOLLOMAN, HARRY: 1PN, Ft. Rucker, AL, HOLMES, GERRY: SIE, Birmingham, AL, HUDDLESTON, THOMAS: 4MTL, Gadsden, AL. IOSEPH, STEPHEN: 4AM, Kingsport, TN, KAAN, DENNIS: 4AM, Montgomery, AL, LAWMAN, THOMAS: 3lE, Greenville, NC, LISMAN, IOHN: 4MN, Opelika, AL, LITTLETON, DAVID: 4GB, Opelika, AL, LOZAR, MICHAEL: 2CE, Miami, FL, MANN, DONALD: 'lME, New Hope, AL, MARTIN, FRANKLIN: 2IE, Alex City, AL, MASCHOFF, DONALD: 1AE, Macon, GA, MASON, TIMOTHY: 'lPN, Birmingham, AL, MCCULLERS, MARK: 4MK, Snellville, CA, MCKENNEY, MARK: 4GB, Hixson, TN. MCKINNEY, RICHARD: 4VA, Hueytown, AL, MEADOWS, ROBERT: 3Cj, Opelika, AL, MOODY, STEVE: ZAC, Montgom- ery, AL, MOORE, GIL: SAE, Richmond, VA, MOORE, WIL- LIAM: 3lE, Perry, FL, MUNHOLLEN, THOMAS: 2IE, Decatur, AL, MUNISTERI, ROBERT: 4GB, Houston, TX, NICHOLS, GEORGE: 3FI, Rockledge, FL, NICHOLS, NICK: 4AC, Birming- ham, AL. PARTRIDGE, IERRY: 1HPR, Birmingham, AL, POOLE, IOHN: ZPB, Leesburg, VA, ROGERS, IOHN: 4ADS, Morris, AL, SALT- ER, DAVID: 4PS, Milton, FL, SANDLIN, RUSSELL: 1PN, Huey- town, AL, SECKMAN, THOMAS: 4EE, Nashville, TN, SOUTH- ERLAND, IAMES: 3AC, Birmingham, AL, STRAIT, RICHARD: 1GC, Montgomery, AL, STRAIT, WILLIAM: ZVM, Montgom- ery, AL, STRICKLAND, WILLIAM: 4MK, Vidalia, GA, TARVIN, IAMES: ZAM, Naples, FL, THOMPSON, HAROLD: 3AR, Decatur, GA, TOLBERT, IIM: 4GlM, Albertville, AL, WAGER, WILLIAM: IME, Chattanooga, TN, WAITS, ANDY: 1CE, Winder, GA, WOODHAM, KEITH: 1PB, Warner Robins, GA, YOUNG, RICHARD: 2C-SY, Montgomery, AL, GAY, MOM: House- mother. 46 5 Composites ANDERSON, MARY ANN: IVM, Murray, KY, ANDREW, IAMES KEITH: 4VM, Albany, KY, ARMSTRONG, GERALD K.: 3VM, Hueytown, AL, ASHLEY, DAVID R.: 2VM, Dunbar, W.VA, AYERS, MARK ALLEN: ZVM, Beckley, W.V., BARBER, IIMMY L.: 4VM, Portland, TN. BAXTER, PHILIP WILLIAM: 3VM, Auburn, AL, BECKMAN, DAVID T.: 2VM, Villa Hills, KY, BENNE1'l',lOHN BLAIR: 'lVM, Fairplay, KY, BEVIS, THOMAS G.: 3VM, Tallahassee, FL, BILL- ER, DAVID S.: IVM, Greensboro, NC, BLACKBURN, GERALD DAVID: 3VM, Auburn, AL, BOSWELL, BETTY ANN: 'lVM, Hen- derson, KY, BOWEN, LOLA ELIZABETH: 'lVM, Harrells, NC, BRINKMAN, MICHAEL: 3VM, Covington, KY, BROCKMAN, IAMES L.: 3VM, Winter Garden, FL, BRYANT, DOUGLAS L.: 2VM, Gadsden, AL, BUCKLEY, KERRY MOORE: 1vM, Kevil, KY, BUMGARDNER, DAVID P.: 1vM, Athens, AL, BUSCIYLIO, NORMAN: 2VM, Auburn, AL, BYBEE, ELIZA- BETH MARIE: TVM, Birmingham, AL, BYRON, THOMAS H.: 4VM, Arlington Heights, IL, CARTNER, IAMES P.: ZVM, New- land, NC, CASHWELL, MARSHA ELIZABETH: TVM, Hurtsboro, AL. CAUDILL, CHERYL ANN: ZVM, Morehead, KY, COLEMAN, CHRIS w.: 1vM, Mobile, AL, COLEY, ROBERT B.: 3vM, La- Fayette, TN, COLLEY, IERE FOLMAR: 3VM, Auburn, AL, CON- NELLY, WILLIAM IAMES: ZVM, Florence, AL, COOKE, RANDY P.: 4VM, Auburn, AL, CORNWELL, ALLIE ANN: IVM, Selma, AL, COURTNEY, CHARLES: 4VM, Gainesville, FL, COWLES, WALTER: ZVM, St. Petersburg, FL, CURTIS, MICHELE: 3VM, Hollywood, FL, DOVIE, IANINE H.: 3VM, Notasulga, AL, DAVIS, IAMES F.: IVM, Waverly, AL, DAVIS, KAREN LEIGH: IVM, East Flat Rock, NC, DAWKINS, THOMAS P.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, DOPSON, LINDA CATHER- INE: 3VM, Tampa, FL, DOUGLAS, TAYLOR I.: 1VM, Lexington, KY, DOWNING, ROBERT G.: 4VM, Lexington, KY, DUCK- WALL, RICHARD WADE: 'lVM, Charlotte, NC. DULTON, DONNA L.: 2VM, Versailes, KY, ECKERT, DALE RICHARD: 4VM, Melbourne, KY, ELSEA, PHIL WAYNE: ZVM, Piney Flats, TN, ENGELBRECHT, MARY C.: ZVM, Boston, MS, EUBANK, IOHN HADDEN: IVM, Mt. Sterling, KY, EVANS, FREDRICK C.: 4VM, Albany, KY, FARRAR, MIKE: 3VM, Fay- etteville, TN, FRAZIER, TERRY G.: 1VM, Goldsboro, NC, FREEMAN, ROBERT STEVEN: 1VM, jefferson, NC. FRIDDLE, DAVID W.: 4VM, Birmingham, AL, GAINES, CLARK MILLSAP: 3VM, Birmingham, AL, GARRETT, MARK BENSON: 2VM, Oak Ridge, TN, GAYHEART, LEO: ZVM, Hendman, KY, GLENN, CLAY: 4VM, Lewisburg, TN, GROSSMAN, BRIAN: 4vM, Miami, FL, HALL, ANITA LYNN: 1vM, sylaeauga, AL, HARMON, BARRY GLENN: 2VM, Maxfeild, KY, HARRIS, MICHAEL G.: 3VM, Mt. luliet, TN. HARVEY, IIM WESLEY: 3vM, Okeechobee, FL, HAwKINs, IAMES V.: 3VM, Auburn, AL, HAWKINS, RICHARD WRIGHT: IVM, New Durham, NC, HEALD, DENNIS: 4VM, Prattville, AL, HENDRICK, GREGORY KENT: 3VM, Lexington, NC, HEWITT, RICHARD HERBERT: 'lVM, Tuscaloosa, AL, HOOKER, JOSEPH RICHARD: 2VM, Citra, FL, HUTTENHOFF, BRADLEY IAMES: 2VM, Waverly, TN, IVEY, IAMES MICHAEL: 'IVM, Sy- lacauga, AL. IASPER, BRUCE L.: 'lVM, Somerset, KY, IONES, KANDRA LOUISE: 3VM, Gainesville, FL, IONES, ROBERT H.: ZVM, Au- burn, AL, IORDAN, RICHARD LEON: 4VM, Chattanooga, TN, KENNEDY, ROBERT: 1VM, Eddyville, KY, KINSLOW, COLE- MAN: 2VM, Auburn, AL, KNAPPER, WILLIAM: ZVM, Louis- ville, KY, LAMPRU, ANNE: 'lVM, jacksonville, AL, LANCAS- TER, DOROTHY: 3VM, Montgomery, AL. LONG, WAYNE: 2vM, Albertville, AL, LUM, BETSY: 1vM, vieksburg, Ms, LYNCH, MURPHY: 3vM, Auburn, AL, MAAs, WAYNE: 2VM, Ft, Lauderdale, FL. MACHARG, MARGARET: 1VM, Pinehurst, NC, MAXWELL, GUY: IVM, Raleigh, NC, MAIORS, GERALD: 3VM, Corbin, KY, MCCOY, IOANNA: IVM, Grayson, KY, MCLENDON, KENNETH: TVM, Tuscaloosa, AL, MCNEW, IOSEPH: 3VM, Salyersville, KY, MIMS, RANDALL: 3VM, Okeechobee, FL, MITIEL, LINDA: 1VM, Louisville, KY, MODE, MARGARET: 'lVM, Franklinton, NC. MOORE, ROB- ERT: 3VM, Dunedin, FL, MORAN, IOHN: IVM, Flemingsburg, KY, MORGAN, CAROLYN: IVM, Burlington, NC, NACH- REINER, RAYMOND: Advisor, NELSON, IKE: 4VM, Prince- ton, KY. ONKS, IERRY: 2VM, Buffalo Valley, TN, PARKER, TERRY: 2VM, Auburn, AL, PATRICK, CHARLES: 4VM, Auburn, AL, PENCE, IIMMY: 4vM, Attalla, AL, PENNINGTON, MARION: 3VM, London, KY, PRYOR, EDGAR: 3VM, Turners Station, KY, QUALLS, DOUGLAS: 2VM, Auburn, AL, RAY ANNE: 3VM, Florence, AL, RAY, BUDDY: 3VM, Hickory, KY. ROBISON, DANIEL: 3VM, Winston-Salem, NC, RYBKA, GARY: 4VM, Raleigh, NC, SEARCY, KARL: 4VM, Ponte Vedra, FL, SCHROYER, ANDREW: IVM, Lexington, KY, SCHWENDI- MANN, VANN: 3VM, Auburn, AL, SCHWINGHAMER, DE- NISE: 3VM, Huntsville, AL, SHEARER, DOUGLAS: 2VM, Venice, FL, SHUFFETT, MICHAEL: IVM, Greensburg, KY, SIMMONS, LELAND: 4VM, Auburn, AL. 46 E Composites SIMS, GALEN: 4VM, Boaz, AL, SMITH, DEIRDRE: 1VM, Finch- ville, KY, STRICKER, DAVID: 4VM, Highland Heights, KY, STURROCK, IACK: 4VM, West Palm Beach, FL, SUTTON, HARLEY: 1VM, Georgetown, KY, SYKES, BOB: 4VM, Laverne, AL, TARKINGTON, BRUCE: 1VM, Winston-Salem, NC, TRAN- THAM, IAMES: 3VM, Auburn, AL, TWEHUES, IOHN: 3VM, Silver Grove, KY. VAN HOOK, DENNY: 3VM, Homestead, FL, VANIS, DAVID: 3VM, Auburn, AL, VAUGHAN, TED: 4VM, Luverne, AL, WAKEFIELD, T. VICTOR: 4VM, Lewisburg, TN, WALKER, DON- NIE: 3VM, Louisville, KY. WALKER, PATRICK: 2VM, Auburn, AL, WARD, E. EDWARD: 4VM, Westliberty, KY, WEAVER, STEVEN: 1VM, Matthews, NC, WHITLEY, DAVID: 4VM, Falkville, AL, WHITLEY, H. L.: ZVM, Fremont, NC. WILBANKS, ROBERT: 4VM, Burlington, NC, NC, WILSON, JAMES: ZVM, Auburn, AL. 2VM, Columbia, TN, WILKINS, IEFF: WILLIAMS, IAMES: 1VM, Fayetteville ZVM, Killen, AL, WILSON, I. MARTIN: WOLFE, DWIGHT: 4VM, Memphis, TN, WOODARD, DAN- IEL: 4VM, Columbia, TN, WRIGHT, THOMAS: 3VM, Auburn, AL, PAUL, LARRY: 1VM, Havelock, NC, BROWN, IULIA: Hcusemother. ALLBRITTON, ANN: 1GC, Camden, AL, ATKINS, PAM: 3EEC, Gadsden, AL, BATES, DONNA: 2PB, Montgomery, AL, BISHOP, DEBORAH: 4SC, Minter City, MISS, BOLES, RHONDA: 3PPY, Hanceville, AL, BRAKEFIELD, TERI: ZFM, Huntsville, AL. BROWN, SUSAN: ZPPY, Macintosh, FL, CAGE, LEIGH: ZHEQ, Selma, AL, CANDLER, K.: ZPPY, Rome, AL, CARLSON, DON- YA: 1VA, Gainsville, FL, CASH, IEAN: ZRSB, Huntsville, AL, CLARK, DANA: ZEEE, Lanett, AL, COE, MARTHA: ZEEE, At- lanta, GA, CONLEE, LYNNE: 4FM, Sarasota, FL, COWANT, CATHY: ZPB, jacksonville, FL, CRAUSWELL, C.: ZGC, Vestavia Hills, AL, DAWSON, VICKI: 2PM, Montgomery, AL, DENNIS, KIM: ZEEE, Cullman, AL, DENT, ARLENE: ZEEC, Montgomery, AL, DICKERSON, LEAH: ZPB, Chatmon, AL,DOMINICK, GINNY: ZLSC, Homew00d,AL, DRAKE, IOANN: 2MH, St. Augustine, FL, DUCK, CONNIE: ZPB, Alexander City, AL, GIBBS, LYNN: 1PT, Cartersville, GA. GILBERT, KAREN: 3FM, Marietta, GA, GOLDEN, SHERYL: 2PEN, Huntsville, AL, GRIGG, ALECE: 3PY, Lawton, OK, HUD- GINS, SHEILA: 4EEC, Albertville, AL, HUMPHRIES, K.: 2FM, Birmingham, AL, IOHNSON, LAURIE: ZPSS, Huntsville, AL, KEITH, KATHY: 1GC, Nashville, TN, KYSER, CINDY: 3MPG, Huntsville, AL, LAKE, PAT: 4FM, Vinemont, AL. LOVELADY, E.: 1FM, Vestavia, AL, MAHAN, PAMELA: 2OA, Birmingham, AL, MARTIN, KATHY: ZSE, Huntsville, AL, Mc- CARTHY, EILEEN: ZRSM, Ft. Walton, FL, MCKNIGHT, LINDA: 2FY, Huntsville, AL, GODWIN, ANN: 3BED, Daytona, FL, MITCHELL, VICKI: ZGC, Birmingham, AL, MYHAND, LEA: 2PB, Lake Charles, LA, NELSON, SUSAN: 2CJ, Montgomery, AL. ORMAN, NANCY: THEC, Birmingham, AL, OSWELL, IULIE: 3PY, Huntsville, AL, RADGETT, DEBORAH: ZGPG, Chickasaw, AL, PEAK, BETH: 'lGP, Montgomery, AL, PERRONE, ELISA- BETH: TPD, Plantation, FL, PHILLIPPI, MARY GLEN: 3EEC, Birmingham, AL, RABURN, D. L.: 40A, Evergreen, AL, RA- BURN, TERRI: 2SPP, Evergreen, AL, RAGAN, LESLIE: 1PB, Dun- woody,GA, RAINS, KATHY: 4EED, Albertville, AL, RATIEREE, SUSAN: 3PB, Atlanta, GA, REEVES, ROBIN: ZHEQ, Lumberton, NC, REVIE, PAM: 2PB, Quantico, VA, ROBINSON, CLAIRE: TGC, Neptune Beach, FL, ROBINSON, TERRI: 3HPR, Huntsville, AL, RUMMEL, ROBIN: 2FM, Dunwoody, GA, SAMPLE, DEB- BIE: TEEC, Birmingham, AL, SASSAR, CATHY: ZPPY, Birm- rngham,AL. SINGLEY, CYNTHIA: 2PT, Thorsby, AL, SMITH, BARBARA: IGC, Plantation, FL, SMITH, CATHY: ZADS, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, VERNA: 1PG, Selma, AL, SORSBY, GINNY: TGC, 'lomewood, AL, STEVENSON, LAURA: TRSS, Birmingham, AL, l'HOMAN, BARBARA: 1GPO, Birmingham, AL, WALKER, .AURA: TPB, Birmingham, AL, WEBB, WENDY: ZCI, Prattville, KL. 46 Compos 7 ites GRAD 458 Graduates Although most Auburn students can't find time to watch a lot of television, soap operas and special events usually find a large number of viewers seated in front of the Union Building television. ABNEY, KARLA: EEE, Auburn, AL, ADAMSON, CATHY: SC, Wedowee, AL, ALLGOOD, ROBERT: EE, Montgomery, AL, ARCHER, CHALMERS: AED, Lexington, MS, BACCUS, RICHARD, S.: BA, Columbus, GA, BAILEY, LYNN P.: RSM, Wadley, AL., BAKER, HELEN L.: RSR, Tuskegee, AL., BARBER, RAY N.: ZY, Dothan, AL., BARRETT, CORNELIA 1.: asc, Wetumpka, AL., BECKMAN, ROBERT, F.: PM, Tuscumbia, AL., BELCHER, MARY C.: SC, Auburn, AL., BLACKMAN, PAIGE L.: CED, Mobile, AL., BOGARDUS, THOMAS B.: BA, Eufaula, AL, BOWEN, LINDA L.: MSE, Roanoke, AL, BOYD, IAMES K.: HF, Auburn, AL, BRADFORD, BE'I'I'Y A.: SC, Auburn, AL, BREWER, CHARLES K.: MHY, Opelika, AL, BREWER, IULIE ANN K.: SC, Opelika, Al-I BRINSON, CAI'-3 CA, l3CkS0n, MS, BROWNING, NED E.: SC, Auburn, AL, BRYANT, IOSEPH E.: IE, Auburn, AL, BUREORD, LINDA A.: GC, Montgomery, AL, BURKS, DAVID G.: EE, Auburn, AL, CALDWELL, IAMES P.: MSC, Miami, OH, CAMBRON, DENIS E.: PG, Louisville, KY, CANDLES, WILLIAM B.: AEC, Auburn, AL, CARR, FREDDY, G.: PB, Auburn, AL, CARTER, WILLIAM A.: HY, Auburn, AL, CARTON, ANN B.: VHE, Rogersville, AL, CHAN, IEN-LEE: PY,Yuanlin,Taiwan, CHERNESKI, IOHNNIE S.: SC, Auburn, AL, CHESHIRE, MARK A.: RSR, Sneilville, CIA, CINCIRIPINI, DOREEN D.: SC, Auburn, AL, CLACKLEY, THOMAS I.: RSM, Auburn, AL, CLARK, STEVEN I.: BA, Lanelt, AL, CLARY, IEFFREY: VAD, Akron, AL, COLES, RICHARD E.: EE, lemison, AL, COLMER, WILLIAM I.: FAA, Auburn, AL, CONKLE, LEAH: PY, Phenix City, AL, CONNOR, CHARLES D.: ZY, Montgomery, AL, COOPER, THOMAS H.: BA, Auburn, AL, COX, PAMELA I.: ZY, Tunica, MS, CRUMPLER, RHONDA F.: GC, Enterprise, AL, CULPEPPER, TANDY K.: SC, Pensacola, FL, DANIEL, GEORGE S.: AM, Sandersville, GA, DAVIS, IIM K.: IE, Auburn, AL, DAVIS, PAMELA P.: CC, Columbus, GA, DAVIS, RONNIE B.: CIM, Dallas, GA, DEMAIORIBUS, MICHAEL A.: EE, Huntsville, AL, DERICKSON, BOB: SMU, Montgomery, AL, DRITENBAS, IOHN R.: BA, Vero Beach, FL, DUNN, LUCY A.: ID, Wilmer, AL, DUPREE, WAYNE: ZY, Deatsville, AL, DUREN, DONALD B.: IND, Auburn, AL, DUTTA, OMEO K.: FAA, Auburn, Al. 459 Graduates FCONOMUS, DEBRA E.: SC, St. Petersburg, FL, ENGLISH IR-1 IOHN W.: CIM, Auburn, AL, ENTREKIN, NANCIE I.: IE, Columbus, GA, ESSLINGER, ROBIN E.: SC, La Mesa, NM, EVERETT, IAMES D.: SC, Prattville, AL, FAGERSTROM, LEONARD I.: AEC, Auburn, AL, EANNIN, NATHAN A.: FY, Goshen, AL, FARMER, DALE: sMu, B'ham, AL, FELL, SUSAN M.: MSE, Pensacola, FL, FERGUSON, IUDITH D.: RSR, Huntsville, AL, FERRELL, KATHERINE A.: AT, Thomasville, GA, FLEGEL, MADELIN L.: EEE, Ashland, AL, FLOWERS, IOHNNA H.: FCD, Auburn, AL, FUNK, SHERRY L.: VHE, Shreveport, LA, FUQUA, KAREN L.: AR, Huntsville, AL, GALBREATH, DURWARD H.: BA, Auburn, AL, GILBERT IR., RAY W.: BA, Lanett, AL, GONZALEZ, NEMESIO O.: CE, Rio Piedras, PR, GUEST, THOMAS R.: BA, Chattanooga, TN, HAMPTON: MICHAEL W.: HY, Harriman, TN, HANDLEY, LEWIS W.: HF, LaGrange, GA, HANKINS, LINDA A.: PB, Chamblee, GA, HARDAWAY, GORDON K.: GCH, Leesburg, FL, HARRIS, ELIZABETH A.: AN, Brewton, AL, HARRIS, MARIA P.: SC, Opelika, AL, HARRISON, PATRICIA I.: SC, Auburn, AL, HARWELL, MARK R.: PN, Auburn, AL, HATTORI, KANE: RSR, Auburn, AL, HEIDEPRIEM, PHILLIP M.: MCH, Alexander City, AL, HELLER, SHEREE: SC, Hollywood, FL, HILB, BARBARA I.: FCD, Auburn, AL, HILB, ROBERT C.: lE, Auburn, AL, HOFIUS, KATHY M.: GED, Mobile, AL, HORNSBY, IOHN S.: CE, Atlanta, GA, HOWARD, IAMES S.: HY, Ozark, AL, HOWARD, WILLIAM I.: IE, Auburn, AL, HSIEH, YOU-LO: CA, Taipei, Taiwan, HSU, KUANG-HONG: CH, Auburn, AL, HUANG, Il-CHAW: ME, Taipei, Taiwan, HUANG, SHUIUN M.: CHE, Taipei, Taiwan, HYDER, IEFFREY L.' BA, Ft. Walton BeaCh, EL, ISMAIL, MOHAMMAD: TR, Auburn, AL, IVEY, TIMOTHY L.: WL, Sylacauga, AL, IENG, KEE-CHING G.: PY, Auburn, AL, IENG, SUE-CHUAN G.: lE,Auburn,AL, IENNINGS, STEPHANIE: CDP, Pensacola, FL, IOHNSON IR., IAMES K.: VM, Auburn, AL, IOHNSON, MARK M.: VA, Auburn, AL, IOLLY, CURTIS M.: AEC, Dominica,West Indies, IONES, RITA C.: BA, Opelika, AL, l0RDAN,' CLIFFORD G.: CE, Auburn, ALJ IORDAN, DIANE: MH, Auburn, AL, KING, BRYAN T.: MU, Winter Haven, FL, KNIGHT, TRUDY: EEE, Sylacauga, AL, KOEPPEL, SCOTT L.: CE, Auburn, AL, KRAUS, KAREN A.: GPO, Mobile, AL, LAMPEN, STEVEN I.: EE, Grand Rapid, MN, LANE, KEITH W.: MH, Auburn, AL, LANGSTON, IAMES W.: EE, Auburn, AL, LAU, CONNIE S.: PY, Kln, Hong Kong, LEE, BERNARD: EH, Opelika, AL, LEGG, MILTON H.: PL, Athens, AL, LIKENS, DENNIS A.: SSE, Tuskegee, AL, LIN, KAN: ME, Taipei, RO, LO, YUN-SHIH: CHE, Auburn, AL, LOWTHER, GUERRY S.: EC, Auburn, AL, LY, MIN-SHIN: CHE, Auburn, AL, LYON, PAUL D.: CE, Auburn, AL, MACHEN, EMILY I.: EEE, Sylacauga, AL, MANUEL, KENNETH L.: ZY, Niceville, AL, MARSHALL, HERBERT M.: BSC, Florence, AL, MARTIN,CECIL E.: EE, Montgomery, AL, MARTIN, FRANCES S.: SMH, Auburn, AL, MASCI, FREDERICK: BA, C0lumbuS, GA, MATTHEWS, MARTHA S.: EEC, Milton, FL, MCCLANAHAN, GREGORY A.: MH, Auburn, AL, MCCOLLOUGH, MICHAEL L.: PS, Talequha, OK, McGHEE, IACK: MCHE, Summerville, GA, MCNUTT, CATHY L.: GC, Huntsville, AL, MENG,SHAN: CHE, Taipei, Taiwan, MEREDITH, IOHN A.: PN, Pelham, AL, MIDKIFE, RICHARD L.: FY, Montgomery, AL, MILLER, SUSAN V.: TR, Dadeville, AL, MINER, HAL P.: BA, Auburn, AL, MITCHELL, EVA I.: ADS, B'ham, AL, MONROE, MICHAEL A.: SMH, Auburn, AL, MONTGOMERY, CHARLES A.: MK, Talladega, AL, MORGAN, IAY F.: HY, Fort Payne, AL, .r. ..Q " fi ' "L" ":2 7"h- " W '-" .r 5 .:' - -f- 'IL . . 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WALCOTT, MICHAEL o.: AEC, Auburn, AL, WALLACE, Q. 55. , fig - : jigs TQ z 'h ge nf Q 5 Q, Q DAVID C.: EH, Auburn, AL, WALLACE, MARYQK.: RSS, Cleve- - ,, Q- -- H X: Iona, TN, WARAMITRA, SONCSERM: AY, Auburn, AL, f ig ,QQT Q QQQ , Q Q- Q Q - , Q wEATHINcToN, BILLY C.: CH, Auburn, AL, WEBSTER, . ' 1 pf 'K f :fi , IOHNNYP.:RSR,Childersburg,AL, 5 5 ,,,, , ---. F 'A' -. .," 5' 5 .. E 5 sff bgff " 5' 55 ' I 5 Q,QQQ , r I P wHITTINCToN, JANET B.: sRC, Auburn, AL, WILLIS, CELIA ,M " 'i ' ':" QQ A Q0 : ff Q .5 .,QQ, Q: QE '- i E .'-' C.: VM, Marianna, FL, WOOD, ROXANNE M.: EEE, Auburn, 1 A ,QQ Qi , AL, WOOGUN, IOE: BTP, Oxford, OH, WOOTAN, HARRY " :MT Q --QS: fr , L 5-,Q Q: 5Q ' P.: EC, Morrown, CA, WRIGHT, IANICE M.: HPR, Loxley, AL, i ' ' QQ ' K ' QW WYATT, DEBORAH E.: RsR, Roehesrer, NY, YELvINcToN, , Q, fi, Y r 1 I. 5.33915 1 , :-: IOHN s.: EC, jacksonville, EL, YOUNG, LINDA A.: IE, ' B'l1HmrAl- 'fissile 1. 2 ig A - f rf re ef? f 5 W r - As a graduate student in account- ing, Lanier Davenport can't find enough time for all of his interests. The lack of time is common, Lanier's interests aren't the run of the mill kind. Lanier presently owns a Model A Ford and a 1957 190 SL Mercedes, shoots pool betterthan most hustlers, writes and plays Christian music with his partner, Lewis Moore, and has Cut a record with Lewis. A pretty M L... . Q, QQ,. 5 .L 5 Q, Q55 QQQQ Q,,,Q,,Q -:.. -:r ref: We -:fr::,::,amz:,, .. use r-a:::aaul:r:.:r..,ef: vers over his CB radio. The interest in old cars is attributed to an uncle who lives in Pine Moun- tain, Georgia. After buying a Model A from his uncle, Lanier began to re- store it. "I cut some Corners l wouldn't cut now. But then, I didn't even know what a carburetor was." While working on the car off and on for two years, Lanier found and bought several other Model A's and old trucks-in fact, he's owned five e as : with truck dri f' Lanier has been the Campus cham- pion with a pool cue, an interest he began 15 years ago. But Lanier . doesn't stop with two highly profes- sional interests. An excellent guitar A player, he sings and records Chris- tian music with another Auburn stu- Q, dent, Lewis Moore. Most of the music the two record was written by themselves. When it comes to time manage- ment, Lanier Could probably give A as diverse combination. Model A's in all. other students lessons. The first way f Lanier was interviewed while driv- With his experience in restoration, to use some time wisely would be to Q ing to his home in Lanett to show Lanier is Considering opening an get to know Lanier-when it comes Editor McClanahan his cars. Between antique and Classic auto restoration to being interesting, he's got a cor- ii answers to questions, Lanier joked company, neron the market, IEGADLDATES GRADUATES GRADUATES CEEGAUDUZAXT E47 'I Graduates 472 Seniors lenette Wilson, a senior from Birmingham, and Edna Wasson, a junior from Huntsville, silkscreen t-shirts the week before the Auburn-Alabama football game. lenette, the Student Government Association Di- rector of Spirit, was in charge of the screen- ing, while Edna, a Glom staff member, talked photographer Dave Brown into letting her get in the picture. ABROMS, PHIL L: PY, Florence, AL, ACTON, DOUGLAS LEE: BSC, B'ham, AL, ADAMS, IAMES E.: SSS, Eclectic, AL, ADAMS, IOHN R.: AR, Miami, FL, ADAMS KARIS: FM, Miami, FL, ADAMS, THOMAS W.: TM, Midway, AL, ADCOCK II, ROBERT S.: PB, Gadsden, AL, AGERTON, KATHRYN: ENH, Greensboro, FL, ALBERT, IOHN C.: HPR, Decatur, AL, ALBRIGHT, BRENDA A.: RSM, B'ham, AL, ALBRIGHT, STANLEY L: HRA, Oxford, AL, ALDRIDGE, HENRY L: EE, Auburn, AL, ALEXANDER, TERESA A.: NF, Scottsboro, AL, ALISON IR., MONTGOMERY W.: AY, Auburn, AL, ALLEN HOLLY A.: SSS, Leeds, AL, ALLEN, PAMELA L: NS, Miami Beach, FL, ALLENBACH, IOAN M.: EEC Mobile, AL, ALLISON, MICHAEL F.: CE, Bluff City, TN, ALLRED, IAMES B.: PIR, B'ham, AL, ALTMAN, IOHN D.: MK, Dothan, AL, AMASON, MARY I.: VBU, Ramer, AL, ANDERSON, ELAINE: AC, Alex City, AL, ANDERSON, FRANCES E.: VHE, B'ham, AL, ANDERSON, IOAN M.: GPG, Montgomery, AL, ANDERSON, ROXANNE: GIM, B'ham, AL, ANDERSON, VIRGINIA M.: PIR, Ozark, AL, ANDREWS, IAMES B.: VM, Coosada, AL, ANDRUZZI IR., ANTHONY M.: EE, Auburn, AL, ANTHONY, TIMOTHY H.: LPO, Alex City, AL, APPERSON, BONITA A.: EEC, Charleston, WV, ARMITAGE, EDWIN K.: MCH, Dryden, NY, ARMOUR, NANCY K.: PY, Luverne, AL, ARRINGTON, NITA I.: CT, Boaz, AL, ASHCRAFT, FRANCES M.: HEQ, Mobile, AL, ASTIN, CAROL A.: LT, Boaz, AL, ASTIN, CLARK T.: PY, Boaz, AL, ATKINSON, WILLIAM: TN, Opelika, AL, A1'IAWAY, NANCY L: MK, Iuniper, GA, AU- GUST, IANET D.: RSR, Auburn, AL, AUSTIN, DENISE P.: PIR, Phenix City, AL, AUSTIN, MARGARET: SSS, Selma, AL, AVERY IR., IOHN D.: WL, Huntsville, AL, AWBREY, PATRICK G.: AEC, Roanoke, AL, AYERS, EVON: EEC, Phenix City, AL, BACCUS, IEAN M.: SMH, Montgomery, AL, BAGWELL, PHILLIP W.: FI, BOEIZ, AI., BAILEY, BENIAMIN C.: EE, Opelika, AL, BAILEY, CHARLES: ME, Fairfax, AL, BAILEY, DONNA M.: SEH, Wadley, AL, 5AllEY, PAMELA D-1 CSV, B'ham, AL, BAILEY IR., LEONARD L: EE, B'ham, AL, BAIRD, CAROL A.: CMH, Bessemer, AL, BAKER, IAMES D.: VDE, Attala, AL, BAKER, IAMES E.: SSS, Shawmut, AL, BAKER, SHARON: EEE, Childersburg, AL, 473 Seniors BALDWIN, GAIL S.: VHE, Columbus, GA, BALDWIN, GEORGE C.: BIS, Opelika, AL, BALLARD, WILLIAM M.: CE, Saraland, AL, BANKSTON, DEBBIE: ME, Trinity, AL, BARBER, BELINDA: AC Iacksonville, FL, BARNES, DONNA L.: GSY, Mountain Brook, AL, BARNES, GLOVER W.: PB, Andalusia, AL, BARN- ETTE, IANE R.: AC, Abbevilee, AL, BARNHART, BEVERLY L: GIM, St. Mtn., GA, BARNHILL, ROBERT W.: PY, Robertsdale, AL, BARRETT, ROBERT C.: BSC, Guntersville, AL, BASS, MARLA K.: CDP, Andalusia, AL, BASS, MARTHA E.: GB, Auburn, AL, BASS, STEVEN F.: DBI, B'ham, AL, BASSETT, DELBERT M.: AM, Auburn, AL, BATES, BONNIE I.: ADS, Auburn, AL, BATSON, BRIAN G.: AC, Auburn, AL, BAUMGARTNER, CAROLYN: RSS, B'ham, AL, BAXTER, IOHN H.: AM, Auburn, AL, BEAIRD, MARSHALL: GCH, E. Gadsden, AL, BEAN, IOAN E.: LT, Auburn, AL, BEATY, REBECCA: GMHS, L0uiSville, AL, BEELER, LEE: AC, Knoxville, TN, BEESLEY, SHEILA G.: AC, Red Level, AL, BELL, SHERRIDIAN A.: RSB, Roanoke, AL, BENNETT, ROBERT K.: IE, Opelika, AL, BENNETT, THOMAS M.: VA, Opelika, AL, BENTON, SUSAN D.: EEE, Dadeville, AL, BERGERON, MARK A.: EE, Opelika, AL, BERRY, LYNN P.: EEE, Section, AL, BERRY, ROBERT G.: FY, Notasulga, AL, BERRYMAN, KARAN A.: SSS, Cuthbert, GA, BERTAGNOLLI, KATHY A.: SEH, Ashford, AL, BETBEZE, MERRIE A.: GIM, Mobile, AL, BEVEL, IERRY G.: AR, Grant, AL, BICE, VERNON C.: AC, Auburn, AL, BISHOP, GEORGE A.: VAG, Fairhope, AL, BISHOP II, HARRY E.: PB, Auburn, AL, BITTNER, SUSAN L: GGL, Mobile, AL, BLACK, CYNTHIA A.: SSS, Temple Terrace, FL, BLACK, DEBRA I.: EEC, Waverly AL, BLACK, SAM H.: AC, Arab, AL, BLACK- WELL, MAX A.: SSE, Columbiana, AL, BLAKE, MAUREEN C.: EEC, Columbus, GA, BIALAS, GEOFF S.: GC, Auburn, AL, BLANKENSHIP, TONY R.: PB, Sylacauga, AL, BLANTON, DEB- BIE: MCH, Decatur, GA, BLEDSOE, ROBERT E.: ME, Salem, AL, BLIEN, CHRIS W.: GL, Enterprise, AL, BOBO, TERRY D.: CH, Auburn, AL, BOERNER, BEVERLY L: HEQ, Huntsville, AL, BOGGUS, LARRY V.: BSC, Guntersville, AL, BOHANNON, THOMAS A.: HPE, Montgomery, AL, BOLAND, BECKY A.: AC, Opp, AL, BOLLER, ZETA A.: ID, Auburn, AL, BOOZER, RICKY W.: PY, Oxford, AL, BOULWARE, WALTER M.: ME, B'ham, AL, BOW- DEN, LOCKE D.: CE, Hurtsboro, AL, BOWERS, CHARLES T.: PIR, Auburn, AL, BOWLES, SANDRA L: GSW, Florence, AL, BOWMAN, VICKI R.: PB, Geneva, AL, BOX, IEANIE: EEC, B'ham, AL, BOYD, DONALD W.: EE, Gadsden, AL, BRACKEN, MARY K.: VHE, Brewton, AL, BRACKIN, TARA L: TH, Dothan, AL, BRADBERRY, PHILIP A.: AEC, Florence, AL, BRADFORD, LOUIS H.: CI, Cullman, AL, BRADLEY, CAROL A.: GEC, Decatur, GA, BRADLEY, MARGARET A.: PY, Mobile, AL, BRANDES, FRANCES C.: MK, Lithonia, GA, BRIDGES, BRENDA I.: PV, Fayette, AL, BRIDGMAN, ROGER: TR, Notasul- ga,AL, BRINTON, MARK E.: FI, B'ham, AL, BRISCOE, PATRICIA L: RSS, jasper, AL, BROGLAN, LINDA R.: PNM, Huntsville, AL, BROMBERG, FRANK W.: GHYS, B'ham, AL, BROOKS, IAMES M.: AC, Florala, AL, BROOKS, MARLIN D.: SSE, Fairfax, AL, BROWDER, PAUL L.: GB, Gulf Breeze, FL, BROWN, BENNIE F.: CHE, Auburn, AL, BROWN, EUGENIA V.: FCS, Iacksonville, AL, BROWN, IOE A.: PB, Mobile, AL, BROWN, IOE L: UAG, La- Fayette, AL, BROWN, KIM L.: VHE, Haines City, AL, BROWN, MARGARET A.: EEE, Pine Apple, AL, BROWN, RICHARD N.: AEC, Auburn, AL, BROWN, SHERRY: PV, Pleasant Grove, AL, BROWN, STEVE L: BY, Huntsville, AL, BROWN, WILLIAM G.: AM, Williamsburg, VA, BROWNING, CLAIRE C.: RSB, Ashland, AL, BRUMMAL, VANCE W.: AC, Mt. Pleasant, TN, BRUNO, IAN M.: PV, B'l1am, AL, BRYANT, AMY B.: HPR, Auburn, AL, BRYANT, ANNETTE: PV, Huntsville, AL, BRYARS, GWYN A.: EC, Bay Minette, AL, BRYSON, HERBERT M.: AC, Samson, AL, BUCKLEY, BRYAN G.: EE, Auburn, AL, BULLINGTON, KEN- NETH H.: EMH, Mobile, AL, BURBACH, ANN E.: AEC, White- fish Bay, WI, BURCH, RICHARD A.: EE, Ft. Mitchell, AL, BURGKART, BARBARA L.: MK, B'ham, AL, BURKE, TRAVIS A.: EE, Roanoke, AL, BURKHALTER, DON D.: GPG, Auburn, AL, BURKS, MARI- LYNNE: GBI, B'ham, AL, BURMESTER, CHARLES H.: AY, Cull- man, AL, BURNETT, IAMIE K.: VAD, Auburn, AL, BURNS, CHRIS L: CE, Rochester, NY, BURNS, IOSEPH G.: OH, Griffin, GA, BURT, ROBERT K.: FS, Sheffield, AL, BUSBY, ROBERT L: FAA, Auburn, AL, BUSH, DAVID N.: CHE, Montgomery, AL, BUSH, LAURA I.: EEE, Wetumpka, AL, BYRD, IAMES A.: PB, Brewton, AL, BYRD, ROBB H.: VDE, Opelika, AL, BYRUM, DAVID: LT, Auburn, AL, BYRUM, ROBERTA K.: AC, Auburn, AL, CADENHEAD, SARA I.: SMH, LaGrange, GA, CALDWELL, MARGARET L: SSE, Dadeville, AL, CALDWEll, MARIETTA: PUB, B'ham, AL, CALDWELL, P.: GC, Dadeville, AL, CALDWELL, SUSAN K., RSM, Samson, AL, CALHOUN IR., HENRY E.: PY, Selma, AL, CALLAHAN, IAMES W.: ME, Mon!- gomery, AL, CAMERON, RONALD K.: ADS, Reform, AL, CAM- MACK, IANE M.: AC, Indianola, AL, CAMP, SUSAN P.: GIM, Albertville,AL, CARLEE, RACHEL S.: FI, Atmore, AL, CARLISLE, RICHARD E.: BSC, Auburn, AL, CARLSON, CHARLES W.: MK, Ft. Benning, GA, CARNS, PHYLLIS D.: EEE, Guntersville, AL, CARPENTER, KAREN A.: LT, Huntsville, AL, CARPENTER, KATHY: HPE, Phenix City, AL, CARPENTER, RENEE: GC, Decatur, GA, CARR, KAY B.: SEH, Ashland, AL, CARROLL, GARY M.: AR, B'ham, AL, CARROLL, GRANDY H.: SSS, Opelika, AL, CARROLL, PHILLIP W.: VAG, Kennedy, AL, CARSKADEN, SALLY A.: SSS, Guin, AL, CARSON, WILLIAM F.: VA, Bedford, VA, CARSON, WILLIAM R.: GSC, Auburn, AL, CARTER, MARVIN A.: VAG, Farmersville, AL, CARTER, MYRON H.: EE, Auburn, AL, CART- ER, THOMAS I.: ME, Auburn, AL, CARTON, IOSEPH I.: AC, Rogerville, AL, CAsH, CARY A., ADS, Trafford, AL, CAsslDY, WILLIAM B.: SSE, Oxford, AL, CAVIN, ELLEN I.: HPR, Auburn, AL, CHAFF- MAN, MICHAEL D.: PY, Montgomery, AL, CHAMBLISS, IAMES P.: MK, Greenville, AL, CHAMBLISS, IOSEPH R.: BA, Auburn, AL, CHAMPION IR., SAMUEL L.: IND, Huntsville, AL, CHANDLER, CHARLES E., FY, Cullman, AL, CHANDLER, GARY T.: FY, Sylacauga, AL, CHAPMAN, SALLY M.: FCD, Alexander City, AL, CHARETTE, IAMES M.: CI, Goshen, NY, CHENAULT, RICHARD A.: Fl, Auburn, AI., CHERRY, CARRIE E., SMU, Newton, AL, CHRIST- ENIIERRY, DAVID E.: AEC, Fayette, AL, CLARK, AVA A.: EEE, Dothan, AL, CLARK, IOHN S.: PB, Harvest, AL, CLARK, STAN- LEY F.: CE, Anniston, AL, CLEVELAND, DAVID M.: LPO, Get- tysburg, PA. COBB, DONNA F.: HEQ, Heflin, AL, COBB, RAlPH W.: SMU, Lanett, AL, COCHRAN, FRANKIE D.: VA, MCCalla, AL, COCH- RAN, vAN L: EE, Valdosta, GA, CODY, NANCIE E., AR, Clay- fon, AL, CoE, PEGGY: CPG, Miami, EL, COHEN, ELIZABETH W.: ID, Maitland, AL, COLEMAN, IOHN E.: EE, Bremen, GA, COLEY, NANCY F.: HPR, Alexander City, AL. COLLINS, MIKE D., PY, Clanton, AL, COLQUETT, CATHRYN L. GPG, Opp. AL, COLVIN, BILLY A.: EE, Geraldine, AL, COMP- TON, L. DAVID: CHE, Opelika, AL, CONWAY, IEFFREY S.: BSC St. Mtn., GA, CONNOR, LINDA A.: CT, Huntsville, AL, CONNER NANCY D.: OH, Auburn, AL, COOK, RONALD L.: EE, B'ham AL, COOPER, DAVIS S.: LT, Huntsville, AL, COPELAND, CARLYN: PUB, Dallas, TX, CORDELI., IUDITH A.: GB, Hope Hall, AL, COTTON, RALPH D.: SAT, Opelika, AL, COUNCIL, CYNTHIA A.: LCE, Fairhope, AL, COUNCIL, Ron- ERT M.: MK, Silverhill, AL, COUNTS, TOM U.: WL, Tuscumbia, AL, CowsER, HARRY T.: HRA, B'ham, AL, Cox, BONNIE Il., RSM, Quincy, FL, COX, KATHERINE W.: HM, Huntsville, AL, Cox, RICHARD w., EE, Attalla, AL, CRADDOCK, CANDACE, SMH, Ozark, AL, CRADDOCK, DEBBIE: HPR, Dothan, AL, CRAIG, BRENDA L.: SSE, Auburn, AL, CRAWFORD, ARTHUR C.: PB, Prattville, AL, CRAWFORD, IoHN D.: CE, Auburn, AL, CRAZE, wAYMoND B., EY, Auburn, AL, CREAMER, DANLEY R.: BSC, Montgomery, AL, CRESAP, EDWARD D.: GMH, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, CRIITENDEN, IEANEITE: vau, Auburn, AL, CROCKER IR., BENNY D.: PB, Enterprise, AL, CROLEY, DONALD F.: EE, Childersburg, AL, CROW, RONALD L: CHE, Dearmanville, AL, CROWLEY, IAMES H.: INM, B'ham, AL, CRUMPLER, BAR- BARA I.: FCD, Enterprise, AL, CSAR, DOUG E.: PB, Huntsville, AL, CULPEPPER, KENNY C.: CSY, Cullman, AL, CUNKo, CHERIE S.: RSS, Panama City, FL, Curr, IIM R.: FY, Decatur, AL, CURREY, IEEE R., PB, Florence, AL, CURRIE, HAYNES E.: AY, Auburn, AL, CUTTER, PATRICIA D.: PUB, Huntsville, AL, DABNEY, ANN M.: RSS, Atlanta, GA, DAIGLE, MARY L.: PY, Pensacola, FL, DANIELS, LAWRENCE E.: CAE, Waverly, GA, DAVID, ALICIA: FM, Dothan, AL, DAVID- SON, EDWARD T.: AC, Auburn, AL, IIORSL ENHQFSSSENHQFSSSENIORSSENUQESSEN415 Seniors Three weeks before Fall Quarter starts, most stu- dents find themselves relunctantly putting away sum- mer clothes and packing for an Auburn Autumn. Melissa Charlton thought shed be in that boat. A LawfPolitical Science major from Birmingham Melissa was planning to intern Winter Quarter before EET graduating at the end of Spring. A phone call change all fha.. The call came from Dr. Bill Kelly of the Political Sci- ence Department, asking Melissa to intern in Wash- ington, D. C. starting Fall Quarter. Senator john Sparkman s co-op student from Au- burn had quit, and, unable to replace him with fee We another co-op student, Sparkman had turned to the 47 B Senlors Women s Christian Home, a dorm for girls who work- you can probably imagine why everyone calls it the Zoo'. ' Melissa handled constituent requests, typed did A general office work, and opened the daily mail. r While she met a number of Senators regularly enough to recognize them, she found only one out- 1 standing. Dale Bumpers fromIArkansas was great, he if went the extra mile in everything he did. Sometimes ui gee have to go to, just because he was interested in a par- POIIIICBI SCIENCE Interns for help. ticular blll. Most Senators wouIdn't do that." if Melissa got the job, and immediately became the "I guess you'd have to say that I learned two big butt of Congressional secretary jokes. Adding fuel to things from my work. First, I've got a lot more confi- the fire was the fact that Melissa couldn't type. "I dence in the system-it really works. But at the same learned to once I got up there, though" she points time, my eyes were opened on the day-to-day failings Out. of lndlvldual Senators. Does that make sense?" AA While ln Washlngton, Melissa llved ln the Young .AA A a A ...Ae A . ..-, a., A .VII ,. A . go ,fi V... ,,, . ,..ff I-'I"fs"Az.g I . '- .. ,... , ,I .,,, , V 'w5a..5x' , uw." " ' .Z'h:.:.QZZi -,g.1'....gi1' 'bar' .R AA- -,.- I 1:.,,.. - .W p M -f .. .fo .Ar ,..-.,..f '- '.- ..,.-.A :fy 'eo-1... . ...wffdy .A DAVIDSON, IOHN R.. EE, Decatur, AL, DAVIDSON, PATRICIA I I , R.. Ps. Auburn. AL. DAVIS, D0l0Rf5 F-1FC5fI2CI4S0f'S GAP, A . tt . AL. DAVIS, DONALD l.. AM, camp Hill, AL, DAVIS, IAKE A.: ' , 5 I I g ' , .I Qgw' jf., IE, Oppalala, AL. DAVIS, MARK S.: ZY, Auburn, AL. DAVIS, " U . W y i . K A'-IFS .. 5 PI-EAS E.. AM, Auburn, AL. DAVIS. RANDY D-2 ADS, PTAIIYIIIQ. AL. DAY, loHN E.. AM,Auburn,AL. M. -I Lrrjf 5 , W 5 ,, mf QA , , MMM' Tk? f """ .. . H . H A- . V -ffl . DEAN, CHARLES R.. HPR, Boaz, AL, DEAN, RAMONA L.. PY, ,A I . 5 I' ' V Florence, ALL DEAN, SHERRY: PB, Georgiana. AL, DEBROW, If ' nil , . V Q , 4. 1 2 ,1 my ' , f j IPD., A Z 5 A ANGHA D-1 R551 P-IIbUIIIf Alf Offs' 'AMES I-1 5551 Aubumf 1 E 'i" ' I ' A .4 45 ',i' ' AL, DEENALL, lAMEs D.. El, cafdendale, AL, DELOACH, A g I"' 1 , f fl". LL' 'Aff' REBECCA I.: SSS, Montgomery, AL, DENT, HENRY, GEC. VK, ,' 5 ,7 :' ' fag? " ff g Eufaula,AL, DEw, SUSAN A.. EEE, PaIatka,FL. ' A - I , 1 tt' " A ' 53 .51535 .Do-..,z'6'-':e. fri ..' 7, I , , '11 A A . -LAA . , .,.., ff , DICK, IANET E.. GPG, Ozark. AL. DICKEY, DENNIS D.: cf. A . Gardendale, AL, DIGGLE FREDERICK I.: ME, Tuscumbia, AL. . . f r 5 I : Av fi' , vj: ,V A A .. DINO, KIM M.. cPc, Huntsville, AL. DIXON. MICHAEL D-2 75 ,II I W . if f ' 123. if ' L ' Ps, Foley, AL, DoDD, IAMES la.. cE, Atlanta, GA. DoDsoN, . THoMAs L.. cHE, Roswell, GA: DOLLINGER, MAUREEN D.. 5 , . . ,, .- ,a .ff - j MCH, Miami Beach, FL, DoNALDsoN, THOMAS M.. AR, , ffejw H. , ra , A . I f AUDUYTLAL- .a , we .," -A' . -vfl ' ' f '--v' f A A. fz: .-.- ,,.. A ..f. ff-, . 2 .f ., s-. , I I I'I2 ' 'I ' . DONNELLY, IANET L.. MK, Auburn, AL. DOOLEY, GERALD E.. IAI- , .Q , , ME. Mobile, AL. DOROUGH, ROBIN R.. FCD. Irham. AL. . I A I , AIR. 'I -A f A DORSEY, ROBERT E.. WL, Hollywood, EL. DOTHARD, DEBRA' - I . 3 j L L.. EEC, Arab, AL. DouGHTlE, DANIEL H.. c,lM, Waynesboro, . . A if -gy 'I-I ,55 P S : ' fa ' ' VA, DOWDLE, NANCY R.. PY, B'ham, AL, DRAKE, MELvlN L.. ,V " ,, ' , A . cE, B'ham,AL, DRosT, MAUREEN E.. sEH, Huntsville,AL. I I , ' 5 ',,, " . .,.. DUBOSE. CRAIG M.: CIM, Mobile, AL. DUCKETT, MARTHA ritl . . , W L.. Ecs, Albertville, AL. DUGGAN, PEGGY L.. oH, Huntsville, f ' "i' ""' . 'i" I ,',. I - III' ' " . . f , AL. Ducc.AR, MARTHA E.. clM, Montgomery, AL, DuMAs, A , X ig , rea j g AL I ullv , A . ROBERT w.. El, Auburn, AL, DUNAVANT, MARY: PY, Pulaski, , ,, A Q. . Z.. , if ,,. , I A . W I' . : ' V, 1.2.5 AL, DUNN, IEFFREY T.: ME, Anniston, AL, DURBIN, KIM: PT, H Q -, 5' It I ' I ,ff VV Mobile, AL, DUREN, CATHY W.: VA, Auburn, AL, . , ,' ' - ' I I, ,. , 6 M ig.. ,, ASX wg. . A .I ,Ak ., ' , ."j- I 5 .I I , ,AAA1 ,, DUREN, RICHARD: GBI, B'ham, AL, DURHAM, KATHY L.. - j , . :,,, GEH, Clemson,SC, DYER, DONALD D.. AE, Miami, EL. DYKES, A, ., ...IA H A ,V.,,A L A I' DAVID R.: PV, B'ham, ALj EARLE, IOHN H.: EE, Auburn, AL, T I I 'Z "'i Q VM. I f r W., .E .,, ig ,, ,he EAST, GARY L.: CE, Larayene, AL, EBAUGH, jENNlEER D.. , , ' . - fy A -f ii 1 A A. ZY, sfham, AL. EDWARDS, LESTER L.. PUB, Hinesville, GA, A '.I"I ,, f, ' , ,I A ELDER, IOE R.. sMu, PhenixCity,AL. III' ...,, ,f , L 5 9 . if gy .A , at WH' iii 5 A 'W??L. - L. ... 2 ' ' ...- " , --vv . ... , ' ELKINS, HOUSTON: EE, Athens, AL. ELLENRURG, KATHY A-2 , A I L PY, Arab, AL. ELLEY, MARY SUSAN R.. Pv, Selma,AL. ELLIOTT, ' ' I' 22, A' ,, . L, ' DAVID L.. CHE, Mobile, AL. ELLZEY, CYNTHIA l.. LT, Alexan- ' 1 , 'I ee der City, AL. ENGLISH, ROBERT M.. CE, Monroeville, AL. ' A I , I IIIA .g f ,,,, V. 2 7 ENSTROMATHEODORE lI..Ac, Butler,ALp ERICKSON, DANIEL . 'A - A' , A R.. EE, Madison,WI5 ESCOBIO, STEVEN L.. GPO, Mobile, AL. I. II. 7 ' If ,,.. f ' I I I'l.I .I II' I II',I., w .- I - V ' SEINIUDITPYS SEINIHQIEGS SENIORSSEINIUCDIFSS SENHQIFSS ed on Capital Hill. About 90 of us lived there, and , A.. Thats no small task-it took me at least an hour a .T you'd see him in a committee meeting that he didn't 3 SD ESTRIDGE, BARBARA H.: LT, Alexander City, AL, ETHERIDGE, IUANITA: SSS, Mobile, AL, ETHERIDGE, WILLIAM I.: GGY, Mobile, AL, EUBANKS, REBECCA I.: HRA, Huntsville, AL, EVANS, BETH: EEE, Athens, AL, EVANS, MARTHA E.: LPG, Auburn, AL, FAIN, ROY W.: EE, Thomaston, GA, FAIN, SUSAN A.: HPR, Thomaston, GA, FALK, BONNIE C.: SEH, Fairfax, AL. FANNIN, LOUIE L.: CI, Ft. Payne, AL, FARMER, VICKI L.: VBU, Geneva, AL, FARROW, LAWRENCE D.: SMU, B'ham, AL, FELL IR., THOMAS W.: PV, Mobile, AL, FETHERLIN, ROBERT H.: EE, Auburn, AL, FISHER, CATHERINE L.: HEQ, Huntsville, AL, FISHER, ROBERT S.: AR,'Miami Beach, FL, FLEMING, IOYCE M.: TH, B'ham, AL, FLETCHER, HERMAN E.: EE, Auburn, AL, FOLEY, ANTHONY O.: GPO, MICHAEL W.: BY, Eufaula, AL, dosta, GA, FORD, CHARLES M.: LESLIE A.: MCH, Columbus, GA, Phenix City, AL, FOLSOM, FOLSOM, KENNY L.: EE, Val- CE, Montgomery, AL, FORD, FORD, STANLEY W.: FY, Line- ville, AL, FORTENBERRY, CURTIS B.: CE, Pascagoula, MS, FOSTER, NANCY L.: VIA, Harpersville, AL, FRANCIS, THOMAS W.: TM, Camp Hill, AL. FRANKLIN, GEORGE M.: FY, Americus, GA, FRANKLIN, NAN- Cv L.: RSS, B'ham, AL, FREEAR, DEBBIE A.: vA, Montgomery, AL, FREEMAN, ANDY N.: BSC, Columbus, GA, FREEMAN, DEBRA N.: AC, Auburn, AL, FRENCH, MARY L.: EEC, Florence, AL, FRICKE, RACHAEL S.: EEC, Guntersville, AL, FRINK, WIL- LIAM D.: PS, Opelika, AL, FRIX, WILLIAM M.: EE, Gadsden, AL, FRONTZ, HOWARD C.: SMU, Atlanta, GA, FROST, MARK G.: EE, B'ham, AL, FULLER, MARTHA L.: voA, B'harn, AL, FUT- RELL, CLAUDIA I.: VTI, Eufaula, AL, FUQUA, IoE A.: SMU, Auburn, AL, GAMBLE, RICHARD A.: PB, Dothan, AL, GANDY, ALLEN T.: ME, Auburn, AL, GANN, CARALOTTA A.: AC, Ider, AL, GANT, LESTER: ME, Scottsboro, AL. GANTT, CLEVELAND D.: OP, Little River, AL, GARRETI, DAVID I.: GB, B'ham, AL, GASKIN, WILLIAM L.: AM, Blountstown, FL, GEHLHAUS, DEBORAH A.: VA, Warrington, PA, GEIGER, IAMES B.: DCH, Dothan, AL, GENGE, WYATI' I.: FI, Heflin, AL, GENGO, IOSEPH T.: ME, Mobile, AL, GEORGE, LARRY G.: Cl, Huntsville, AL, GIBB,IAMES w.: Bsc, Dothan, AL. GIESE, ELAINE: MB, Huntsville, AL, GILBERT, IOAN G.: EEE, Lanett, AL, GILLIAM, TIMOTHY R.: AC, Pine Apple, AL, GIL- MER, MIRIAM G.: GFL, B'ham, AL, GILMORE, OLIVER: AC, Lanett, AL, GINN, CLINTON G.: AC, Atlanta, GA, GLASS IR., RICHARD: CHE, Attalla, AL, GLASSCO, PHILLII' L.: rv, rt. Payne, AL, GLOVER, DONNA K.: GSC, Cullman, AL. GLYNN, MARY M.: HEQ, jackson, TN, GODREY, SCOTT: GC, Cedar Bluff, AL, GOLDSMITH, IAMES H.: BSC, Decatur, GA, GOODSON, WAYNE R.: SSS, Phenix City, AL, GOODWIN, WILLIAM A.: VM, Attalla, AL, GORDON, DIRK P.: AE, Warner Robins, GA, GORDON, MARK S.: GHY, Athens, GA, GOSS, BONNIE I.: FM, Cedar Bluff, AL, GRACE, PETER I.: MRB, Vicksburg, MA. GRAHAM, GARY W.: WT, Rogersville, AL, GRAHAM, IULIE D.: HPR, Florence, AL, GRANT, LINDSAY I.: VHE, Auburn, AL, GRANTHAM, IERRY M.: EE, Ashford, AL, GRANTHAM, RON- ALD I.: EE, Ashford, AL, GRANTHAM, WILLIAM G.: EE, Ozark, AL, GRAY, REBECCA L.: vPE, Gadsden, AL, GRAY, ROBERT N.: AR, Poplar Bluff, MO, GRAYSON, STANLEY K.: EE, Green- ville, AL. GREEN, DAVID H.: ME, Century, FL, GREEN, ELLEN P.: NF, Red Level, AL, GRIFFIN, DAVID W.: SSS, Columbus, GA, GRIF- FIN, IENA A.: Cl, Bainbridge, GA, GRIFFIN, WILLIAM A.: GPG, Montgomery, AL, GRIMES, CECELIA C.: VA, Chatta- nooga, TN, GROSS, IANE ELLEN: FM, East Point,GA, GROVEN- STEIN, SANDY: MB, Mobile, AL, GUTHRIE, VERNER N.: GL, Notasulga, AL. GUYTON, DEBRA K.: GSC, Auburn, AL, HAAS, LAURIE C.: EEE, Palm Springs, FL, HADDAD, MARWAN: PM, Auburn, AL, HADDAD, NADIM S.: PY, Auburn, AL, HADDOCK, HEYWARD H.: EE, Florence, AL, HAGGARD, MICHAEL W.: SSS, Attalla, AL, HAGGARD, RICHARD I.: AC, Montgomery, AL, HALEY, RODELLE A.: AC, Huntsville, AL, HALL, KATHRYN E.: RSR, B'ham, AL. HALL, MORRIS T.: VAG, Red Bay, AL, HALSTROM, TIMOTHY C.: SSS, Colonial Heights, VA, HAMBY, DENNIS S.: BSC, Au- burn, AL, HAMIL, IOHN T.: AM, Huntsville, AL, HAMILTON, BRENDA K.: VDE, Montgomery, AL, HAMLETT, ELvIN A.: HPR, Wadley, AL, HAMLIN, ROBERT T.: IE, Thomason, GA, HAMM, vIvIENNE D.: EEC, B'ham, AL, HAMMACK, DENNIS E.: PY, B'ham, AL, IIORS SENHCCDEES SENUQEESSENIORSSENUQRSEN4 7 7 Seniors HAMMONS, IOHN R.: VM, Auburn, AL, HANES1 EYE'-YN: MU, Columbus, GA, HANEY, DARALE G.: ME, Gadsden, AL, HARDEN, SHEILA M.: EEC, Phenix City, AL, HARDY, CHARLES D.: VAG, Rogersville, AL, HARDY,THOMAS: VAC, Rogerville, AL, HARGETT, REBECCA D.: Cl, B'ham, AL, HARRELL IR-1 DOE I.: PY, Pensacola, FL, HARRIS, BETTY L.: FCD, Brewton, AL, HARRIS, CHERRY K.: SMH, Dadeville, AL, HARRIS, IOHN M.: AY, Auburn, AL, HARRIS, MARY K.: SMH, Anniston, AL, HARRIS, PATTI W.: HPR, Rockford, AL, HARRIS, PAUL C.: PY, Auburn, AL, HARRIS, REGINALD W.: CE, B'ham, AL, HARRISON, DENNIS D.: CE, Dothan, AL, HARRISON, IOE F.: AC, Wedowee, AL, HARRISON, MARY S.: CIM, Greenville, AL, HART, BARNEY C.: GB, Sebring, FL, HART, CARLOS C.: VAG. Gainesville, FL, HART, LOIS D.: SAT, Demopolis, AL, HART- ZOG, YEVONNE A.: NE, Clayton, AL: HASSETT, IANET L.: EEE, Alexander City, AL, HAWKE, MICHAEL: AC, Leary, GA, HAWKINS IR., IOSEPH B.: MCH, B'ham, AL, HAWKINS, LVNNE M.: AC, B'ham, AL, HAWKS, STEVEN A.: PB, Killen, AL, ae: HAYES, VIRGINIA s.: ENH, Orlando, FL, HAYNES, IERRY P-1 ,, , -. INM, Opelika, AL, HAYNES, MARGARET D.: VA, Tuscaloosa, j L 2 gi- fs i g rm by S ' AL, HEADLEY, DEBBIE If.: SMH, Montgomery, AL, HEATH, A . I 5. , T' ' I a , -31 fi? KAREN E.: rcs,Anni::on,AL, HEETER, DAVID D.: AC, Dothan, . '- - , ark . ' , - ' fl '- AL, HEETER, SARA S.: MK, Dothan, AL, HEETH IR., RICHARD ' . .I qqu: ,,,. Q . 1 ,,,. ,,-- 1 M.: cHE,1 k 'll ,FL, HEIL, IOHN R.: CHE, Elb Y ,AL, , , ,, , - - '- . an Som' e 6' 3 A . ,fi-it are SEA a A ,.,. . 'LM , 1 A . fi are .emu mv -..f- aa ,,..-. ..e. .::.... r ' li I iiil es.-:W P -- -- ' . ..,, " ' "- "Af " ,, .,., , ...A r W ":-: Mage gfgg I HEILMEIER, ERNEST I.: Pv, Foley, AL, HELMS, PENNY S.: is Q X 5 PIR' Auburn, AL: HENRY, LINDA I-: PB, Huntsville, AL, tii 1 . -"i' " A ' HERBERT' ROBERT R-2 PB, Hueywwn, AL: HERLONG. LLOYD . A A r- A I - . ' . . L.: IE, Huntsville, AL, HERMECZ, IULIA A.: VA, Fairhope, AL, i - - ' Q-E' . HERRING, DONNA S.: G1M, Barney, GA, HERRON, SUSAN - ' ' 3, ' , ji. , 5..- G.:VA,Auburn,AL,HICKS,REBECCAM.:EEE,Alberta,AL, 'X . if X ' 'f .,.. .,,. . is HIGGINBOTHAM, ANN R.: AR, Chattanooga, TN, HIGGIN- - "": - A soTHAM, EMMETI' L.: cl, Auburn, AL, HIGGINBOTHAM, ' H ,,., '- 1, ..., 1 SUSAN E.: PY, Auburn, AL, HIGHT, CORINNE M.: OH, si 'N -, . re. ggi-af? -. Yf 'K jackson, TN, HILL, BRENT E.: CE, Oak Ridge, TN, HILL, 'S S , DOUGLAS E-i 555' M0mS0me'Yf ALP HM' Gulmf Li EEE' .I Roanoke, AL, HILL, HARRIET A.: Rss, Langdale, AL, HILL, Aga T . Q i g L' ,J g ' 'i- LUANITA v.:PY,AleXanderciLy,AL, Rl - " WI Q X i H- Q A .Q - ...... ,.. ,. .. ,. HILL, wINroRD v.: VAC, Ohatchee, AL, HINES, EDWIN D.: -I I- is S ii li EE, Dadeville, AL, HINKLE, NANCY c.: oc, Buekhannon, AL, I . I , , g 1 HINSHAW, WILLIAM D.: sss, Midland City, AL, HIXON, A -4 ' I rf , I LINDA E.: Ps, College Park, GA, HoDcEs, RoNNIE M.: PY, , A , ,,,: I , I L :L Geneva, AL, HOERLEIN: MARY M.: voA, Auburn. AI, HOFHEINS, SHARON L.: GPG, Mobile, AL, HOLDER, IAMES ' V, Q It ,,. , iffy , S ,. , g S ,hki an A I ,,,.,,,,. , A HOLLDADAY, CAROL A.: CDP, Mobile, AL, HoLLEY, IERRY H . Q I E.: PY, Anniston, AL, HOLLINGSWORTH, FRANK w.: DcH, " B it A A Q A 2- - , ,-, r -, S A' . ,a ' - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, HOLMES, DEBORAH I.: SMH, Enterprise, 'L v E i t Q 1 . ' .,.. : F A . -' QS gh AL, H0lTr LAURA I'-: SAT, Bram, AL, HOOKS. BYRON G-2 . IE, Tucker, GA, HOPEWELL, WILLIAM c.: VAG, Talladega, AL? A , ...f , - ,X Pa. 4, ' , "0"K'N5f FERRY W-1 CE' Ceda' Blufff All HORNSBYI A i t , ' ag' .a ,,,-- sa if., , ' ,- SHARON A.: LT, Tallahassee, AL. K ff Q -rr Vt - at I ao. 'eww ., I L sw 'if 5 lf lt'S two o'clock Friday after- of ratings by playing requests for noon, and your radio's turned to old songs that students call in, as 55 SEZZI . . . WEGL, you'll hear a mixture of mu- well as offering special salutes to . . . . if sic, trivia, contests, and jokes called famous groups and assorted con- "ObIe's OldIes." The show, named tests. The contests range from sing- after disk jockey Steve Oberman, IS alongs to stumping the Dl's with the second most popular show on trivia questions. the campus station. ObIe's Oldies IS the only oldies Q? . . . Oberman's assistant on the show show In the area, and the unique- IS Brian Larson, the "Actual Factual ness of the show makes It a favorite Man" who adds a little history among students. Where else can about each song or group as the you relive all of the wonderful mo- - records are played. ments In the past that happened to Oberman keeps the show on top the sounds of that special song? I 479 5 U Seniors HORTON, WILLIAM P.: PIR, Huntsville, AL, HOSEY, IAMES M.: BSC, Athens, AL, HOWARD, CLARANN M.: MB, Ozark, AL, HOWARD, MICHAEL A.: PIR, Lincoln, AL, HOWARD, ROBERT D.: EE, Auburn, AL, HOWARD, WILLIAM M.: VAC, Ohatchee, AL, HUBBARD, GEORGE R.: PB, Ozark, AL, HUDDLESTON, REBECCA A.: EEE, Millerville, AL, HUDSON, DENNIS L.: CHE, Spartanburg, SC, HUDSON, IACK M.: CSY, Five Points, AL, HUFF, THOMAS R.: AR, Anniston, AL, HUFFMAN, GARY L.: CE, B'ham, AL, HUFFSTUTLER, IOHN W.: EE, Auburn, AL, HULL, ANNE K.: SAT, jacksonville, FL, HUME, ELLISON M.: HEQ, Dallas, TX, HUMPHREY, GLYNICE D.: GB, Gadsden, AL, HUMPHREY, IANICE: CB, Gadsden, AL, HUNT, NANCY E.: RSS, Shawmut, AL, HUNT, REBECCA E.: RSM, B'ham, AL, HUNTER, CYNTHIA I.: RSB, Montgomery, AL, HUTCHINSON, CRAIG E.: PN, Dothan, AL, IGOU, IENNIE L.: RSB, Athens, AL, IMSAND, CONNIE L.: RSM, Mobile, AL, INGRAM, ION R.: FY, B'ham, AL, IRISH, STEPHANIE: RSB, Metairie, AL, ISON, MELANIE I.: AC, LaFayette, AL, IVEY, DAVID R.: CMHS, Henagar, AL, IVEY, MICHAEL C.: CEH, B'ham, AL, IACABS, STEPHEN I.: CC, Columbus, OH, IACKSON, IAMES T.: SMU, E. Tallassee, AL, IACKSON, IANICE K.: AC, Huntsville, AL, IAMESON, LORI L.: CSC, Cedartown, CA, IARVIS, VIRGINIA A.: VHE, Waverly, AL, IEFF, LESLIE A.: EEC, B'ham, AL, IENNINGS, BEVERLY L.: RSS, Huntsville, AL, IERNIGAN, IAMES R.: AC, Columbus, CA, IOBE, GREGORY D.: PB, Biloxi, MS, IOHNSON, CECIL B.: FI, Geneva, AL, IOHNSON, CHARLES E.: AR, Chickasaw, AL, IOHNSON, DEBORAH L.: GEH, Huntsville, AL, IOHNSON, DONNIE L.: SSE, Auburn, AL, IOHNSON, EMILY E.: SEH, Douglas, CA, IOHNSON, IAMES B.: CE, Fitzpatrick, AL, I0HN50N, IONI M.: HF, Tallassee, AL, IOHNSON, LEIGH A.: EEC,Anniston,AL, IOHNSON, LINDA I.: AC, Anniston, AL, IOHNSON, STEVEN P.: AR, Dothan, AL, IOHNSON, SUSAN L.: LT, Auburn, AL, IOHNSTON, DONALD G.: EE, Valparaiso, EL, IOINER, EILEEN: EEE, Coodwater, AL, IONES, BETTY R-1 CT, Opelika, AL, IONES, CARA L.: PB, Gadsden, AL, IONES, EDDIE P.: AEC, jackson, TN, IONES, ELLIS E.: CHE, Gadsden, AL, IONES, KACY: VM, B'ham, AL, IONES, PALMA L.: HEQ, Bay Minette, AL, IONES, PATRICIA A.: SEH, Sylacauga, AL, IONES, SHIRLEY A.: EEE, Greensboro, AL, IORDAN, IOHN S.: HPR, B'ham, AL, IORDAN, LESLIE M.: BSC, MacLenny, FL, IORDAN, LU A.: HRA, Leary, CA, IORDAN, MARK W.: SAT, Pensacola, FL, IORDAN, SHARON C.: PY, Gulf Breeze, FL, IORDAN, STACIA M.: RSB, Athens, CA, IULIAN, ROBERT B.: PY, jasper, AL, KAETZ, DAVID M.: EE, Bessemer, AL, KAMALI, KAYHAN: ME, Tehran, AL, KANT, TIMOTHY M.: OH, Spanish Fort, AL, KARST, KEITH C.: PB, Montgomery, AL, KEETON, KATHI R.: EH, Auburn, AL, KELLER IR., GEORGE E.: EE, Auburn, AL, KELLY, IAN G.: CT, Meridian, MS, KELLY, KEVIN M.: AC, Auburn, AL, KELLY, PATRICIA C.: AC, Mobile, AL, KEMP, PHILIP S.: FAA, Dudley, NC, KEMPLIN, STEVE C.: EE, Montgomery. AL, KENDALL, DIANE I--5 GEH. Auburn, AL, KENNEY, GEORGE L.: IE, Auburn, AL, KILBORN, AMANDA C.: GPG, Decatur, AL, KILGOREI KAREL2 NF. Capsden, AZ, KING, BRUCE: SSS, Ft. Payne, AL, KING. GROVER M-1 TC, Montgomery, AL, KING, KAREN E.: AC, Webb, AL, KING, SANDRA A.: FCD, Auburn, AL, KINSEY, SUSAN L.: FM, Monroeville, AL, KISLANKO, IAMES P.: CMH, Auburn, AL, KLEINKLAUS, IOSEPH E.: PY, Gadsden, AL, KLINE, CATHY M.: CH, Eufaula, AL, KNDUFF IR., IOSEPH R.: VAC, Town Creek, AL, KNIGHT, DEBORAH A.: PB, Shawmut, AL, KNIGHT, KING EE Bham AL KOONS WILLIAM: AC, Decatur CA KRAUSE, BRUCE I CFL West Point, CA, KROMIS MARY S PV Daphne AL KROMIS PHILLIP A.: PV Huntsville AL KURLAND,ROSSA CSC Bartlesville, OK, KUYKENDALL STEPHENW PV Ft Payne AL KYLE, KAYREN E HM Montgomery AL LAIR CYNTHIAF GPC Auburn,AL, LAKE IAMESH Cl Pensacola FL LANCE,CHERYL A.: VHE, Auburn AL LANE,MARGARETM CIM San lose CA, LANE, SHELIA A CDP Russelvllle AL LANGFORD, DAVID M.: VM Auburn AL LANGLEY, MAILEY A EEE Wadley, AL, LARSON, BRIANI MBI Memphis Tn LASSITER, ALLEN G.: CE Montgomery AL LAW GEORGEL AR Troy AL 479 Seniors LAWRENCE, IAMES G.: ENT, Decatur, AL, LAWRENCE PATRIC- IA A.: SMH, Homewood, AL, LAXON, CAROLYN K.: EEE, Athens, AL, LAYFIELD, ROBERT P.: CHE, Beaumont, TX, LEAGUE, IANET R.: EEE, Decatur, AL, LECOMPTE, IULIAN B.: AEC, Coffee Spring, AL, LEDBETTER, DEBRA I.: VBU, Tallas- see, AL, LEE, CHARLES R.: VIA, Dothan, AL, LEONARD, IOHN R.: GB, Cornersville, TN, LEONARD, WILLIAM S.: EE, Auburn, AL, LESLEY, THOMAS M.: SSS, B'ham, AL, LESSLEY, DANIEL A.: MBI, Talladega, FL, LESTON, LYNN: SAT, Columbus, GA, LIGHTSEY, HOWARD K.: ID, Mobile, AL, LIMBAUGH, MICHAEL L: CHE, Gadsden, AL, LINDSEY, STEVEN I.: SMU, Enterprise, AL, LIPPER, STEPHEN W.: GSC, Dadeville, AL, LISENBY, ROBERT H.: PV, Newville, AL, LITKENHAUS, IAIME D.: RSB, jacksonville, FL, LITTLE, PHYLLIS D.: GjM, Section, AL, LLOYD, CHARLES K.: PY, jasper, AL, LLOYD, KAREN U.: SSS, jasper, AL, LOCK, IAMES S.: MCH, Montgomery, AL, LOCKE, SANDRA K.: SSC, Brewton, AL, LOCKLAR, HANK R.: AC, Enterprise, AL, LOFTIS, PHILIP R.: GPO, East Point,GA, LOGAN, LEIGH: EEE, B'ham, AL, LOGAN, RICHARD T.: BY, Ozark, AL, LONG, FONDA R.: PY, Dallas, NC, LONG, KAY: PY, Lakeland, FL, LONG, WILLIAM A.: FI, Powder Springs, GA, LOUCKS, BILLIE H.: GC, Auburn, AL, LOVELL, DANIEL W.: PY, Auburn, AL, LOWERY, REBECCA I.: Cl, Huntsville, AL, LOWRY, MARIORIE I.: SMU, LaGrange, GA, LUCKIE, LAURA: LT, Montgomery, AL, LUTHER IR., PHILIP W.: PY, Boaz, AL, LYLE, EVERETT S.: BSC, Auburn, AL, LYNN, LISA R.: EEC, Crossville, AL, LYONS, DONNA H.: RSR, Selma, AL, MADDOX, GLORIA I.: VBU, Opelika, AL, MAGGART, KAREN M.: AC, Enterprise, AL, MAIKIS, RUDOLPH I.: AM, Auburn, AL, MAINS, MIKE D.: MB, Auburn, AL, MAIORS, GLORIA L.: CDP, Pine Apple, AL, MALCOLM, DAVID W.: CHE, Huntsville, AL, MALLON, MARY A.: GFL, Mobile, AL, MALSEED, ROBERT A.: AE, Auburn, AL, MANGHAM, THOMAS R.: CI, Opelika, AL, MANN, MARK A.: PY, Ft. Washington, MD, MAPP, SANDRA S.: EEE, Cragford, AL: MARDIS, DANNY R.: CE, Town Creek, AL, MARLOW, MICHAEL: PY, Auburn, AL, MARTIN, BRENDA W.: SEH, Phe- nix City, AL, MARTIN, DANNA E.: PY, Montgomery, AL, MARTIN, IAMES P.: CE, Englewood, FL, MARTIN, RAY D.: LHY, Goodwater, AL, MARTIN, TIMOTHY G.: EE, jacksonville, AL, MARTIN, TIMOTHY A.: PY, Opelika, AL, MASON, HERBERT I.: OH, Tallassee, AL, MASON, IOHN W.: AC, Homestead AFB, FL, MASON, MARIE A.: EEE, Shawmut, AL, MASSEY, CURTIS R.: EE, Coffee Springs, AL, MASSEY, LESLIE: AC, Childersburg, AL, MATTINGLEY, STEVEN D.: INM, Starke, FL, MAYBERRY, MARY L: PIR, Demopolis, AL, MAYHALL, DEBORAH G.: EEC, Halevville, AL, MCBRIDE, MICHAEL I.: ME, ShawAFB, SC, MCCAIN, ANNA M.: EE, Line- ville, AL, MCCALLISTER, DONNA I.: EEE, Dothan, AL, Mc- CLOSKY, RICHARD M.: EE, Auburn, AL, MASSEY, LAURIE A.: MCH, Gadsden, AL, MCCOLLUM, DEBBY M.: GSY, Opelika, AL, McCO0K, CHARLES I.: VIA, Mclntyre, GA, MCCORD, REX C.: AC,'Au- burn, AL, MCCRARY IR., PARK T.: AG, Cottondale, FL, Mc- CULLEY, REBECCA A.: MB, Montevallo, AL, MCCURDY, DAVID A.: AE, Montgomery, AL, MCCURRY, GORDON R.: VM, Auburn, AL, MCCURRY, IAMES B.: AE, Auburn, AL, MC- DANIEL, IIMMY A.: AC, Enterprise, AL, MCDANIEL, IOHN M.: CHE, B'ham, AL, MCDANIEL, RAY L.: INM, Auburn, AL, MCDONALD, CHERYL M.: AC, Mobile, AL, MCDONALD, DENNIS A.: HPO, Pulaski, TN, MCDONOUGH, KIM H.: OH, Madison, TN, MCDOWELL, BERT A.: EE, B'ham, AL, MCDOWELL, CHARLES S.: OH, Clanton, AL,lMCELMOYL, SHELIA S.: EEE, Auburn, AL, McKAY, IOHN P.: ADS, Auburn, AL, MCKINLEY, HENRY K.: FY, Auburn, AL, McKINNEY, IAMES D.: MCH, Pine Level, AL, MCLAIN, DANITA G.: LT, Headland, AL, MCMILLIAN, REBECCA E.: GSC, Selma, AL, MCWHIRTER, DEBORAH L: EEE, Georgiana, AL, MCINTYRE, MARSHA F.: CDP, jackson, AL, MEADOWS, GREGORY S.: AM, Enterprise, AL, MEADOWS, IANICE R.: ZY, Long Beach, MS, MEADOWS, IEFFREY A.: AM, Venice, FL, MEADOWS IR., ROBERT L: AR, Columbus, GA, MEAGHER, MARK R.: FY, Chamblee, GA, MEDLEY, IUDY T.: FCD, Phenix City, AL, MEIXELL, WILLIAM B.: MK, Butler, AL, METCALF, DAVINCI C.: LPO, Tuskegee, AL, METTS, BETH: FI, Macon, GA, MIAKINKOFF, MICHAEL: AC, Opelika, AL, MIAOULIS, WILLIAM M.: Fl, Montgomery, AL, MICHAEL, DAVID P.: BSC, Athens, AL, Seniors MICHIE, MELANIE A.: FCD, B'harn, AL, MIHELBACHER II, LEONARD G.: PV, Huntsville, AL, MILES, MELINDA M.: GIM, Hueytown, AL, MILLER, RICHARD M.: Fl, Huntsville, AL, MILLS, MARILYN: VHE, Luverne, AL, MINTER, KATHY L: HPE, Camp Hill, AL, MISSILDINE, IAMES C.: EE, Leeds, AL, MITCH- ELL, MICHAEL: IND, Sheffield, AL, MITCHELL, TED M.: OH, B'ham, AL, MOBLEY, WILLIAM T.: PY, Fayette, AL, MOFEITT, RICHARD C.: ENH, Auburn, AL, MOLNAR, MARIE: LPO'Columbus, GA, MONEY, STEVE: AM, Headland, AL, MONTEZINOS, EUGENE R.: AR, Charlotte, NC, MONTGOMERY, STEPHEN T.: ADS, Florence, AL, MOODY, MARILYN M.: VHE, Foline, AL, MOON, DALE S.: GSC, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, MOORE, DEBRA L: GSW, Waverly, AL, MOORE, FREDERICK L: SMU, West Point, GA, MOORE, LARRY: MSC, Auburn, AL, MOORE, NANCY E.: EEE, Marietta, GA, MOORE, WAHILDA: NF, Decatur, AL, MORGAN, EARL S.: ME, B'ham, AL, MORGAN, IAMES T.: MCH, Gadsden, AL, MORGAN, IOLENE M.: RSS, B'ham, AL, MORGAN, MARGOT N.: CMH, Alexander City, AL, MORGAN, PATTI: PY, Auburn, AL, MORGAN, ROBERT T.: GSY, Auburn, AL, MORGAN III, CARL C.: OH, Auburn, AL, MORING, ESTER: NS, Abbeville, AL, MORON, ORLANDO S.: AR, Auburn, AL, MORRIS, DEBORAH M.: CDP, Panama City, FL, MORRIS, ROBERT C.: GFL, Auburn, AL, MORRISSEY, RICHARD M.: EE, Auburn, AL, MOSTELLAR, MARIAN P.: GMHS, Wedowee, AL, MUELLING, CLEONE I.: GPG, Atmore, AL, MULLINS, OSWALD Y.: AC, Tuscumbia, AL, MUNDT, SHIRLEY I.: AC, Auburn, AL, MURPHY, GLORIA P.: SSS, Roanoke, AL, MURRAY, DENISE I.: RSR, Montgomery, AL, MYERS, MARY C.: NF, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, MYNATT, IACQUELYN S.: VDE, Gadsden, AL, MYRICK, BEN E.: SMU, Auburn, AL, NALL, MERRILL H.: FY, Atrnore, AL, NAYLOR, RANDALL E.: GPG, Millbrook,AL, NEAL, THERESA C.: PY, Gadsden, AL, NEISWENDER, IANET E.: GSW, B'ham, AL, NELMS, IERRY W.: EE, LaGrange, GA, NEL- SON, ROGER L: FY, Huntsville, AL, NICHOLS, ELISA A.: EEE, Enterprise, AL, NICHOLS, PATSY A.: SMH, Luverne, AL, NICKEL, RONNIE E.: GL, Montgomery, AL, NIX, BRENDA A.: PY, Phenix City, AL, NOLEN, DEBRA E.: FCD, Geneva, AL, NORMAN, MARTHA B.: CISYS, Dothan, AL, NORMAN, THOMAS E.: CI, Winter Park, FL, OATES, CAROL L: CIM, Dothan, AL, O'KELLEY, ELAINE D.: GB, Sylatauga, AL, OLIVER, DAVID W.: AR, Attalla, AL, OLOUGHLIN, LAN: FAA, Auburn, AL, ONEAL, PATRICIA A.: PY, Gadsden, AL, OREILLY, PAT- RICK S.: TN, Huntsville, AL, ORR, GARY B.: IE, Bossier City, LA, OTTO, ROBERT I.: Fl, Langdale, AL, OWEN, DAVID K.: EE, Auburn, AL, OWEN, OLIVIA K.: CE, Auburn, AL, OXFORD, GLEN P.: AR, Auburn, AL, PACE IR., THORNTON C.: IE, Oxford, AL, PACKARD, IAMES B.: BSC, Huntsville, AL, PAF- FORD, IAMES M.: FI, Monticello, FL, PAPIO, EMIL M.: VA, Auburn, AL, PARAMORE, MARLENE L: GPOS, Iasper, AL, PARKER, DONALD R.: AR, Tuscumbia, AL, PARKER, DONNA I.: PY, Tuscumbia, AL, PARKER, PAUL R.: BSC, Pensacola, FL, PARKS, SHERRY L: PY, Anniston, AL, PARONE, VINESSA A.: ENH, lacksonville, FL, PARRISH, LANELLE: EEE, Dothan, AL, PARRISH, VICKI L: RSS, Montgomery, AL, PASS, ROBIN M.: CT, Clemmons, NC, PATE, HENRY E.: ADS, Auburn, AL, PATE, IOHN W.: AR, Ft. Payne, AL, PATRICK, KIMBERLY I.: SSS, Iackson, AL, PATTERSON, ALLEN R.: EE, Auburn, AL, PATTERSON, LORENA I.: PY, Lineville, AL, PEACOCK, EMILY K.: HPR, Auburn, AL, PEACOCK, IERRY E.: HHE, Quincy, FL, PEACOCK, ROBIN S.: CE, Bonifay, FL, PEARCE IR., EARL H.: AEC, Springville, AL, PEEPLES, SHELBY A.: CT, Dalton, GA, PENICK, IANICE C.: MB, Auburn, AL, PENLEY, DORIS E.: SSE, Lanett, AL, PENN, RHONDA M.: HPR, Wetumpka, AL, PERK- INS, EDWARD M.: EE, Guntersville, AL, PERRY, ANN M.: LT, Brewton, AL, PERRY, EDWIN L: SSE, Auburn, AL, PERRY, IAMES L: MTL, Auburn, AL, PERRY, LEONARD P.: OH, B'ham, AL, PETIT, SARAH: SAT, Annandale, VA, PI:TI'Y, CAROL A.: CE, Dothan, AL, PHILLIPS ALAN M.: EE, Auburn, AL, PHIPPS IR., IOHN S.: BSC, Franklin, TN, PHO- KACHAIPATAN, SERMSUK: EE, Auburn, AL, PIERCE, SANDY: VOA, Chattanooga, TN, PINKSTON, CAROL: NF, Dadeville, AL, PINKSTON, LEIGH: MB, Auburn, AL, PIRTLE, IOHNNIE C.: FY, Auburn, AL, PITTARD, STEVEN W.: SEH, Panama City, FL, Seniors PITTS, BEVERLY I.: EEE, Lanett, AL, PITTS, DANIEL L.: AG, Northport, AL, PITTS, WILLIAM D.: EE, Montgomery, AL, PLATT, PAMELA L.: GSC, lndialantic, FL, PLOURDE, ALFRED E.: EE, Opelika, AL, POLIDORO, BENIAMIN L.: GB, Auburn, AL, PONDER, SANDRA K.: FCD, Gadsden, AL, PONDER, TERA L.: AR, Gadsden, AL, PONTE, FRED B.: PB, Trenton, AL. POPWELL, ROD G.: EE, Auburn, AL, PORTER, ANN L.: MU, Chatom, AL, POTTS, CATHERINE E.: AC, Shawmutt, AL, POWELL, DUNCAN M.: FAA, Indialantic, FL, POWELL, MY- RON A.: AR, Albany, GA, POWELL, WILLIAM H.: AEC, Linden, AL, POWERS, LOIS A.: VHE, Huntsville, AL, PRATER, ERNIE D.: EE, Auburn, AL, PRESSNELL, STEVE A.: HPE, Auburn, AL. PRITCHETI, DOUGLAS E.: AC, Linden, AL, PRITCHETT, PATSYE A.: EEE, Finley, TN, PROCK, IAMES A.: BSC, Auburn, AL, PRUCNAL, IAMES R.: BA, Gadsden, AL, PRUITT, SHAN- NON R.: GFLS, jacksonville, AL, PUERIA, RUBEN D.: CE, Pana- ma, Republic Panama, PURDY, IEFF: AR, Piedmont, AL, PUZA, DEBRA T.: GSC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, QUINN, ANGELA I.: VOA, Boca Raton, FL. QUISENBERRY, HENRY L.: EY, Enterprise, AL, RALEY, IAMES M-1555, Gadsden, AL, RAMSEY, SARAH E.: GIM, Norcross, GA, RASBURY, BONNIE A.: VA, Huntsville, AL, RAWLINGS, MARTHA P.: MRB, Chattanooga, TN, RAWLS, RENITA: HEQ, Ramer, AL, RAY, BEVERLY S.: RSM, B'l1am, AL, RAY, MARY I.: PY, Atmore, AL, RAYMOND, CATHY V.: CT, Oxon Hill, MD, REAMER IR., IOHN G.: ME, B'ham, AL, RECTOR, IOHN D.: ZY, Gadsden, AL, REEVES, IAMES L.: AR, lackson, MS, REGIS- TER, REBECCA A.: EEC, Graceville, FL, REGISTER, STEPHEN P.: Fl, Graceville, FL, RENKA, IAMES M.: PY, Mountain Home, AR, RETTER, DEBORAH I.: RSM, Iacksonville, FL, REYNOLDS, BE- LINDA: EM, Montgomery, AL, REYNOLDS, MARILYN: GSW, Abbeville, AL. REYNOLDS, RALPH I.: SSS, Abbeville, AL, REZNICEK, ANN: RSS, Montgomery, AL, RHODES, PHILLIP M.: ME, B'ham, AL, RICE, DONALD A.: PH, Phil Campbell, AL, RICHARDS, C. IANE: EEC, Hartford, AL, RICHARDS, MIKE C.: CE, Brundidge, AL, RICHARDSON, DONALD C.: EE, Montgomery, AL, RICH- ARDSON, PAMELA L.: CIM, Union Springs, AL, RIDCWAY, DEBRA H.: HPR, Auburn, AL. RIGGS, LLOYD S.: EE, Auburn, AL, RIHERD, MARY B.: CT, Lake Butler, FL, RILEY, IANICE L.: LT, Marietta, GA. RILEY, MARION H.: EC, Huntsville, AL, ROBBINS, RICHARD E.: SSS, Munford, AL, ROBERTS, GREGORY L.: AM, Lineville, AL. ROBINSON, CHARLES T.: GSC, Auburn, AL, ROBINSON, TER- RY: FI, Mobile, AL, RODERICK, LARRY P.: AR, Hueytown, Al.. RODGERS, IOSEPHINE M.: PY, Whistler, AL, ROGERS, MARR E.: AC, Huntsville, AL, ROGERS, ROBERT A.: AR, Ft. Lauder- dale, FL. ROLLINS, MARY-LOU: FY, Northport, AL, RONEY, CHARLES S.: ADS, Newville, AL, ROPER, IOHN R.: GHY, Huntsville, AL. ROME, IOHN W.: ENH, Auburn, AL, ROWE, PRISCILLA R.: EEC, Camp Hill, AL, RUNYAN, DIANNE: AC, Ashland, AL. RUSH, CARL A,: AY, Mobile, AL, RUSLLER, IACOB: IND, Huntsville, AL, RUSSLER, KATHARINE F.: ID, Huntsville, AL, RUSSOM, IENNYE L: SSS, Fairfield, AL, RUTHERFORD, BREN- DA I.: GFLS, Thomaston, GA, RUTHVEN, MARY V.: EEC, Pana- ma City, FL, RUTKOWSKI, BEVERLY: EEC, Enterprise, AL, RYAN, TERRY: BSC, Smyrna, TN, SADEGHI, BARZAN HAS- SANALI: EE, Auburn, AL. SALMON, ROBERT: PY, Pensacola, FL, SALTER, DENNIS A.: GPG, Athens, AL, SALTER, DAVID I.: PS, Milton, FL, SALTER, LAURAL I.: FCS, B'ham, AL, SANDERS, ALAN D.: SEH, B'ham, AL, SARGENT, SHIRLEY A.: EEE, Lakeland, FL, SATTERFIELD, RITA: EEE, Decatur, AL, SATTERWHITE, BECKY: PB, Mont- gomery, AL, SAWYER, RICHARD M.: AC, Auburn, AL. SCHAEFER, MARC R.: FI, B'ham, AL, SCHAMBACH, BRENDA L.: AC, New Orleans, LA, SCHENK, DONALD S.: EE, Moulton, AL, SCHLEMMER, NORMAN C.: GEH, Huntsville, AL, SCHO- ENFELD, RITA F.: HPR, Belle Glade, FL, SCOGGINS, IAMES E.: AM, Auburn, AL, SCQGIN, ELIZABETH A.: GPO, College Park, GA, SCONYERS, DAVID H.: PB, Dothan, AL, SCOTT, BOYD R.: AC, Auburn, AL. SCOTT, RICHARD C.: AC, B'ham, AL, SCRIVNER, REGINA G.: SEH, Hayden, AL, SCRUGHAM, ELIZABETH AJ CHE, Green- ville, AL, SEAY, BENIAMIN M.: ME, Auburn, AL, SEAYQ Ml' CHAEL R.: IE, Auburn, AL, SEGREST, IUDV H-1 EEC, Auburn, AL, SELLERS, IANE E.: RSB, Auburn, AL, Sfllfns, IEFFREY C.: ZY, Mobile, AL, SELLERS, THOMAS M.: IND, Montgomery, AL. SELLERS, ZANDE2 SSS, B'ham, AL, SEYMORE, IAMES D.: PM, Cullman, AL, SHAUGHNESSY, RUTH A.: CMH, Huntsville, AL, SHAW, FRANKIE D.: VAC, Gadsden, AL, SHAW, HUGH E.: FY, Tallassee, AL, SHAW, MARK L.: PS, Auburn, AL, SHAW, STEVE D.: PB, B'ham, AL, SHEFFIELD, DAVID: GSC, Marianna, FL, SHEFFIELD, HARRY A.: AC, Prattville, AL. SHEIKH, TAUFIQ M.: ME, Auburn, AL, SHELLEY, RENE: RSS, Headland, AL, SHEPPARD, SHARON I.: SSS, Eufaula, AL, SHER- ROD, DOUGLAS M.: MK, Montgomery, AL, SHERUM, DIANE S.: PL, Daviston, AL, SHORT IR., IAMES L.: BSC, Auburn, AL, SHORT, STEVEN N.: CE, Athens, AL, SIGMON, IULIE L.: PY, Anniston, AL, SILLIMAN, KEITH C.: IE, Auburn, AL, SILVERS, MICHAEL S.: PUB, Boaz, AL, SIMMS, MICHAEL S.: GB, Lanett, AL, SIMPSON, IONATHAN W.: AC, Macon, GA, SIMS, DARRELL A.: BSC, Opelika, AL, SIMS, GEORGE O.: INM, Geneva, AL, SINGER, BRUCE W.: EE, Poughkeepsie, NY, SlNG- NETON, NONA L.: PY, Brundidge, GA, SKAGGS, PATRICIA L.: MFL, Louisville, KY, SKAGGS, SUSAN G.: VHO, Auburn, AL. SKELTON, ANDREW D.: HPR, Scottsboro, AL, SKINNER, MARY E.: VA, Montgomery, AL, SLAGLE, Al: Fl, Lanett, AL, SLEDGE, REBECCA R.: HPR, Monticello, FL, SLEDGE, ROLAND! OHV, Fairfax, AL, SMILDSIN, CARL D.: AR, Auburn, AL, SMILDSIN, THERESA O.: GEH, Auburn, AL, SMITH, BETTY 102 VOA, Arlington, GA, SMITH, CARL B.: EE, Montgomery, AL. SMITH, DIANE: VA, Dothan, AL, SMITH, DONNA L.: IND, Vineland, Nl, SMITH, DOUG C.: FY, B'ham, AL, SMITH, F. M.: PY, B'ham, AL, SMITH, KENNETH L.: CE, Daytona Beach, FL, smmi, MARK D.: ssc, B'ham, AL, SMITH, MIKE s.: EC, Camp Hill, AL, SMITH, PHILIP O.: HPE, Wadley, AL, SMITH, REBEC- CA L.: EEE, Bridgeport, AL. SMITH, ROBERT E.: EE, Opelika, AL, SMITH, SABRINA S.: SSE, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, SEBIE B.: BSC, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, WENDE G.: SFL, Greensboro, AL, SMITH, WILLIAM Y.: GFL, Andalusia, AL, SMITHERMANJIMMY D.: PV, Elmore, AL, SNELL, LAURA: HPR, Pinckard, AL, SNELLGROVE, SARA V.: PY, Abbeville, AL, somuzu, RALPH E.: DBI, Pelham, AL. SORRELI., RICHARD E.: EE, Opelika, AL, SOUTHERLAND, IULIE L.: SMH, Charlotte, NC, SPARKMAN, HELEN E.: PY, Belleville, NI, SPEAR, IANET C.: HME, Langdale, AL, SPIEL- BERG, SUSAN I.: RSS, Gadsden, AL, SPILIOS, GEORGE F.: GHM, Opelika, AL, STACKS, FRED E.: CHE, Hartselee, AL, STAGGS, BIFFZ SSS, B'ham, AL, STAINBROOK, BRUCE W.: IE, Severna Park, MD. STANLEY, IANICE F.: RSM, Montgomery, AL, STARR, IAN M.: HME, Huntsville, AL, STEADMEN EDMOND F.: PV, Mobile, AL, STEELE, LAUREN C.: UM, Auburn, AL, STEPHENSON, KAREN M.: VBU, Wilsonville, AL, STEWART, ALFRED A.: OH, B'ham, AL, STEWART, GLENDA I.: PB, Bessemer, AL, STEWART, IAMES N.: Cl, Montgomery, AL, STEWART, SANDRA S.: AC, Auburn, AL. 483 Seniors STILLWELL, RANDALL E.: CHE, Graham, AL, STOKES, GOR- DON M.: EE, Millbrook, AL, STOKES, SUSAN: HPR, Atlanta, GA, STONE, DEBRA: Fl, Pine Apple, AL, STONE, IULIE: VOA, Leeds, AL, STRICKLAND, SALLIE E.: GSC, B'ham, AL, STROUD, DEBORAH C.: VOA, Auburn, AL, STROUD, IERRY C.: AR, Au- burn, AL, STUART, DENNIS M.: BSC, Auburn, AL, SUBLETT, BILL: IE, Auburn, AL, SULLIVAN, ROCKY I.: CE, lasper, AL, SUMMERALL, GLEN R.: CE, Dothan, AL, SUM- NERS, RODNEY V.: PY, Ashland, AL, SUTHIPRADITH, ROS- IARNA: LT, Auburn, AL, SWAEFORD, KENNETH M.: AY, Hartselle, AL, SWANN, HOWARD: CHE, Gadsden, AL, SWANN, STEPHEN B.: SMH, Wedowee, AL, SWIFT, ANNA L: VAG, Monroeville, AL, SWOFFORD, IAMES V.: AE, Erwin, TN, TAFE, GERALD E.: Fl, Auburn, AL, TAMBOR, DOUGLAS B.: IE, Auburn, AL, TANIA, EVELYN S.: EEE, Auburn, AL, TAPLEY, DAVID W.: EE, Alexander City, AL, TARPLEY, MICHAEL A.: AEC, Gunters- ville, AL, TARVER, CRYSTAL A.: PIR, Auburn, AL, TATUM, DONALD E.: TN, Scottsboro, AL, TAYLOR, GARY M.: PY, Au- burn,AL, muon, IANIS P.: TN, Bfham, AL, TAYLOR, IIMMY H.: CE, LaFayette, AL, TEAGUE, IAMES D.: PY, Hartselle, AL, TEMPLIN, BOBBY R.: CE, Auburn, AL, THOMAS, BEVERLY G.: PY, Mont- gomery, AL, THOMAS, GEORGE R.: EE, Auburn, AL, THOM- AS, LAURA A.: PY, Camden, AL, THOMAS, MARYANN P.: HME, Dothan, AL, THOMAS, RICKEY I.: EE, Sheffield, AL, THOMPSON, GAYLE T.: FCD, Geneva, AL, THOMPSON, IOEL K.: GPG, Evergreen, AL, THOMPSON, MELISSA M.: VHE, Mobile, AL, THOMPSON, SUSAN: GB, Wetumpka, AL, THOMPSON, THERESA M.: RSS, Montgomery, AL, THOMP- SON VALERIE L.: MRB, Cherry Point, NC, THOMPSON, WIL- LIAM B.: PIR, Mobile, AL, THORTNON, CYNTHIA I.: GSC, B'ham, AL, THRASH, REBECCA A.: EEE, Albertville, AL, THRASHER, RANDELL H.: INM, Albertville, AL, TIDMORE DORA O.: PY, Moundville, AL, TILLERY, DEBRA C.: CPC, Cullman, AL, TISDALE, DEBORAH R.: LT, Andalusia, AL, TIS- DALE, PHYLLIS M.: EEE, Opelika, AL, TOCHO, LEE F.: ME, New Orleans, LA, TOLAND, DICK M.: HPR, Auburn, AL, TOLAR, KENNETH M.: BSC, Dothan, AL, TOMPKINS, IOHN R.: CIM, Brantley, AL, TONEY, IAMES H.: RSM, Auburn, AL, TONKS, ROBERT D.: CHE, Miami, FL, TORBERT, IANICE A.: AC, Opelika, AL, TOWNLEY, LISA L: MK, Huntsville, AL, TOWNSEND IR., LLOYD E.: GL, Newark, DE, TRACHSEL, KAREN D.: SSC, B'ham, AL, TRAMMELL, GLENN S.: CE, Opelika, AL, TRAY- WICK, ANDREW L: EE, Auburn, AL, TUCKER, PAUL M.: MK, Auburn,AL, TUCKER, VICKI L.: EEE, Nashville, TN, TURBYEILL, MARTHA C.: VHE, Tucker, GA, TURK, ROGER F.: OH, West Palm Beach, FL, TURNER, ANGELA R.: PB, Clayton, AL, TURNER, HAIDEN W.: AC, Avondale Estates, GA, TURNER, LYNDA S.: HPE, Lu- verne, AL, TURNER, SONYA L: GMH Russellville, AL, TWIN- EM, NANCY E.: SEL, Huntsville, AL, TYNAN, LORRAINE M.: MK, Tuscaloosa, AL, UNDERWOOD, DIANE P.: GB, Auburn, AL, UNGERER, IOHN: AR, Jackson, MS, UPTAGRAFFT, RAYMOND: INM, Butler, AL, UTLEDCE, PATTI: PV, McCalla, AL, UTTER, PAULA S.: ZY, Riverside, AL, VALENTINE, CAROL E.: GEH, Auburn, AL, VALERIUS, CAROL A.: FCS, Auburn, AL, VANDERWERF, LISA I.: VHO, Chipley, FL, VARNER, RODERICK E.: FY, Sylacauga, AL, VAUGHT, ROGER: ZY, Huntsville, AL, VEAUDRY, PATRICIA M,g GSC, Ft. Benning, GA, VENABLE IR., ROBERT H.: IE, Signal Mt., TN, VIDKERS, MARY E.: FCS, Alexander City, AL, VIDAL, RALPH L.: AR, Miami, FL, VINSON, CARLA D.: EEC, Roanoke, AL, VINSON, LAURA L: GB, Opelika, AL, VINYARD: PY, Gads- den, AL, WADDELL, EDWARD L: AN, Rogersville, AL, WADE, DEBORAH A.: PY, Phenix City, AL, WADE, NORMA L: EEE, Menlo, GA, WAGNER, BYRON, K.: PY, Oak Ridge, TN, WALD, GERALD L.: MN, Gadsden, AL, WALDEN, IILL P.: EEE, Gadsden, AL, WALDRIP, MICHAEL C.: FY, Anniston, AL, WALKER, CATHY I.: GBI, Columbus, TN, WALKER, PAUL W.: PG, B'ham, AL, WALKER, ROBERT K.: AR, Montgomery, AL, WALL, PHILLIP G.: FY, Auburn, AL, WALLACE, STEVE G.: AC, Pleasant Grove, AL, WALTERS, MARY IO: EEE, Auburn, AL, WALTON, ANNIE I.: VHE, Lapine, AL, WARE, IAMES R.: INM, Lanett, AL, WARFIELD, IANICE I.: Cl, Eustis, FL, WARLICK, TIMOTHY A.: ME, Auburn, AL, WARREN, DONALD L: ADS, Danville, AL, WATERS, STEPHEN 3-2 Fl, Auburn, Al-2 XS a ll ' ff VVL' ' Nxbq ., i Ifzw , , , wATroRD, MARK E.: AR, Montgomery, AL, WATKINS, , ,..,,, . V ei , . L, QQQQQ "" ' Iim' Q ,- . VL A ' Q Q R i g ' . " ' STEVEN I.: BSC, Plantation, FL, WATSON, GREGORY H.: HPE, Kajf f Q ' . Q: X Q, Enterprise, AL, WATSON MARK E., zv, ri. Payne, AL, ' T I - 'AA', ft? 'T f ,',, - WATTERS, RICHARD I., Glvos, Mobile, AL, WEAVER, IAMES f ,,,. . I I.: AM, Auburn, AL, wELLIzAuM, ELIZABETH M.: FY, Hixsbn, QQ Q ff . Q QQ Q, M QQ TN, wEsLEY, IOY: RSS, Enterprise, AL, wEsT, Ron w., Fl, ' E s- L.L . e. .,., '- ' E -- , X -,-- ,. Q ,Q ss, LAALA if 1'L1 I , .. A 'L-" , wEsTER, IANEI vao, Geraldine, AL, wHATLEY, RICHARD A., , ,, , J A , ,,. ' . ADS Lineville, AL, WHEELER, CYNTHIA A., vA, Tuxedo, NC, e,,., ,,, .., ,, ,Q Q, A se, . . , E., , ggg e S- , 5 I 8, WHEELER, PAMELA A.: HEQ, Laneir, AL, WHITE, IAMES R.: sit' " " ' it I cj, Huntsville, AL, WHITE, PAUL D., Ci, Auburn, AL, WHITE, , I Q ,,Q ' ., , SANDRA G.: sEH, Auburn, AL, WHITE, SIDNEY I.: CI, Monti- QQ 'figs QQ ,,QQQ eelIb,rL, WHITE, STEVE A.: CHE, HuntsviIle,AL, s - sas:-as 1 , , N fs 1 s 'A 1. ,Ls , . " ' " -f'l 1 . A , . X , , WHITE IR., PAUL G.: IE, Irliarn, AL, WHITLOCK, STEPHEN Q . , , .A ff, - , A iffj,KQ 'k A-2GPO,St.Mt.,GA: WHITLOCK V'CKYl-1CIEH,0P0likar we Q A .3 , 1 QQQ g f' x , 1 ie L AL, WHITMIRE, CAROLYN H.: PY: Vero Beach, FL, WHITT, ' f 'Q f V SA HARRY L.: vAG, Attalla, AL, WHORTON, GEORGE E.: PY, . Q. L ., ag . Gadsden, AL, WILKINSON, ELIZABETH: vHE, Ozark, AL, A ' ' ' ,A Q, Q ,QQ , I Q WILLIAMS, CAROL A., GIM, Auburn, AL, WILLIAMS, 1oHN- ' iifljl? lk L' A if L Nlf K-fWTfAUbUfnrM1 .., es.. . ,.., A .. L Y ' + I WILLIAMS, KHLEY A.: FCD, B'ham, AI, WILLIAMS R- BRAN- L., .. -s-3 . s, - . , . ---- s , ,ix , - s , . R' s , soN:INM, RiverView, AL, wILLIAMs,sARA I.: HPE, Monroe- Q ',., f .1Qi -111 Q I, A ji , 5 ville, AL, WILLIAMSON, LAWRENCE E.: ME, orrville, AL, 1f'j.f if , - if ' ,i ' 1 ,5 WILLIAMSON, TERRY C.: AY, Andalusia, AL, WILMOTH, 9. gilt , .Q fs e.1 .,f .,,, 2 -.,- i IONATHAN N.: GELS, Auburn, AL, WILSON, ELIZABETH G., A A I , 5 i , 2 - as RSC, ornadnd Bezaeli, FL, WILSON, SMMY D., ME, Opelika, Qi, 'Q Q Q 'ti Q A Q . , 2 Q i Q, AL, WILSON, MI HAEL B.: PB, Scotts oro, AL, efsfgu t g ., 5, , . Q s . Q ., -, . ,. Q , Q .L "fi A- ' Q . Q. Q A Q- wINCARD, OLIVER: EE, Montgomery, AL: WINGO, PAT T., 1-I . if" , . Q Q . Q , ,Qi Q 'Q PB, Shawmut, AL, WINTERS, LEONARD A.:QSSS, Cloverdale, Q , ,QQ ,,.f,Q..,, Q.., , , QQ , QQ Q, AL, wINTrER, HELEN s.. ME, Bessemer, AL, wINTTER, IULI 'A a r . . 1QQ w., AC, Hollywood, EL, WITHERSPOON, ROBERT: GL, Gads- . ,, A' A .I 'Q ,Lt . den, AL, WOLFE ln., HERMAN L., AR, Savannah, TN, WOOD, , if Rsll is J si CHARLES L., ssc Nashville TN- wooD, DONNA E.: GrLs 'Tix 'rn ' L' , W. 'i-- A Decatur, AL, L . jf A . . . ...Q .gg .. .... A L't' 1 'D " ' ' Q ., Q ., - .QQ ,gg ,- QQ 5 Q WOOD, IAMES S.: AC, Auburn, AL, WOOD, JENNIFER L.: AC, QQ, s- we -A 5. 5 ,g.Q,.. - 3 f S- ,es s Five Pbinis, AL, wooD WILLIAM D., Aos, a'Iiarn, AL, . . 1,53 X Qgl 2 I Q- - WOODWARD, CHARLOTTE A.: CFL, Leesburg, FL, WOODY, ae ii Q '5 ifi i f' A DALE I.: LT, Roanoke, AL, WOOTEN, MICHAEL D.: VM, Au- li., 5. CQ .Q if f- QQ, 1 burn, AL, woIITHY, ELIZABETH E., GPG, Phenix City, AL, A .Q Q Q . ,Q I .ea ?2s.s,Q Q 3 Q WRIGHT, DAVID N., Ga, Laneu, AL, WRIGHT, DAVID E., AC, ' , Q Q .. Auburn, AL: Ek .,.,.. - . . QQQQQ . is Rillt 5 ,1" Q . , QQQ QQ wYATT, DEBORAH I.: GIM, Huntsville, AL, wYATr, IUDY s.: Q gf , I ,. Ffr zf' -." L Q . , -Sis 1 't.. L . Q, QQ if EEE, Kellyton, AL, YATES DIANNE L.: GSW, Huntsville, AL, ,Q ,Q . - i Q , H 5 K. , ,, 2. YATES, MICHAEL w., PY: Florence, AL, VESTER, MARY M.: ,,,, I ' QQ K . l'- " t PCD, I3'liarn, AL, YODER, ALBERT w., PNM, Smyrna, GA, ,Q 45 . - QQQQ A. - QQ . Iit YOUNG, lAMEs D., PY, Evnarn, AL, YOUNGBECK, 1oHN M., ii,,3,,,Q Q QQ , L " ei TN, Mayville, WI, ZELLNER, BERNY H.: ADS, Florence, AL: AS A? Apartments and dorm rooms offer many of the lux- gf UTIES of home - television stereo and often a kltch- ' ' - - iii. nette. But when the dlrt Clothes Ile u , and the al- . , . . wa s do ou know It s time for a trl to the laundro- Q ' IV? 5 mat- very few living quarters provide that. Wlth a llt- tle practlce, you learn the Ins and outs of bleach, de- tergent, and the many little goodies that make washing 2 Clothes easier. The student at left has discovered that Waltlng for the Clothes to wash IS easier with something to read. Somethin to read? At a universit that EQ , usually means something to read for a Class. ,Qu iii l as 4 Seniors 486 Juniors Twice a year, student volunteers man elec- tion tables at various spots on campus so that voting can be held on elections and referen- dums concerning Auburn University policy. As a reward for voting, students receive another one of the countless holes that are punched in ID cards. ABBOTT, LAWRENCE P.: PB, Arab, AL, ABRAMS, STEVEN R.: FI, Lilburn, GA, ACREE, EILEEN M.: EEE, Iacksonville, FL, ADAIR, KAREN L.: vso, B'ham, AL, ADAMS, CLEVELAND R.: GB, Monroeville, AL. ADKISON, THOMAS W.: ME, Gadsden, AL, AKRIDGE, IAMES R.: AY,'Opelika, AL, ALBRIGHT, KAREN L.: PB, Huntsville, AL, ALFORD, IOHN D.: GC, Auburn, AL, ALI-GHANBARI, SEIEOL- LAH: CE, Auburn, AL. ALISCH, VICKI L.: FCS, Mobile, AL, ALLGOOD, ADA: EEC, Brooklyn, NY, ALLMOND, RICHARD A.: ME, Muscle Shoals, AL, ALSTON, ELIZABETH! EEE, Linden, AL, AMICK, DAVID R.: PN, Hueytown, AL. ANDERSON, LOUIS L: PB, Montgomery, AL, ANDERSON, ROBERT E.: CHE, Pensacola, FL, ANDREWS, ANDA V.: PS, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, APLIN, IOEL D.: VA, Samson, AL, ARGO, LEE A.: FM, Prattville, AL. ARINGTON, STANLEY C.: FB, Auburn, AL, ARNOLD, BRADLEY D.: SSS, Selma, AL, ARNOLD, KELLEE I.: PY, Anniston, AL, ASAVASERANEE, DANTI: CHE, Auburn, AL, AUR, AMIN C.: AE, Memphis, TN. AVANT, IUANITA! PV, DDlhar1, AL, BACKER, CHERIE K.: AC, Tampa, FL, BADER, MARK D.: IND, Huntsville, AL, BAGlfYf NINA T.: CIM, Pike Road, AL, BAGWELL, KATHY N.: PV, Ozark,AL. BAGWELL, KEITH T.: PL, Auburn, AL, BAILEY, CINDY L.: RSM, Wadley, AL, BAILEY, IAMES P.: MCH, Arab, AL, BAIRD, BUD- DY: TE, Alexander City, AL, BAKER, DAVID: GC, Huntsville, AL. BAKER, DIANN M.: PY, B'ham, AL, BAKER, HAROLD H.: LAC, E Tallahassee, AL, BAKER, LORI L: CDP, Phenix City, AL, BALDWIN, RONALD B.: GSY, Bessemer, AL, BARNES, GINGER A.: PY, Florence, AL. BARNES, TANDA I.: RSR, B'ham, AL, BARNETT, IUDY G.: AY, Rogersville, AL, BARTLETT, CAROL: EEE, Guntersville, AL, BARTLETT, ROGER D.: PB, Gadsden, AL, BARTLEY, IAMES S.: AY, Ozark, AL. BARTON, ROBERT Q.: AR, Wadley, AL, BASS, RUTH E.: EEE, West Point, AL, BASSETT, SUSAN I.: SMH, Quincy, FL, BASSIR, HAMID R.: ME, Khorramshahr, Iran, BATSON, ADIN R.: PY, Florence, AL. BATSON, ALPHEOUS E.: FY, Dora, AL, BATTLES, BOBBIE L: PB, Huntsville, AL, BATl'S, REBECCA S.: MK, Rock Mt., AL, BAVADA, RAIENDRA D.: PY, Auburn, AL, BAXTER, IOHN R.: EE, Camden, AR. 487 Iuniors BEASON, KENNETH E.: GPO, Attalla, AL, BEATY, GEORGIA P.: VHE, Louisville, AL, BELCHER IR., MELVIN L.: EE, Brundridge, AL, BENDL, CRAIG R.: PY, E. Brunswick, Nl, BERGSCHNEIDER, IOHN F.: CE, Milton, FL, BICKERSTAFF, AUDREY G.: VDE, B'ham, AL, BICKERSTAFF, EDWIN N.: PY, Iasper, AL, BLACK- BURN IR., CHARLES R.: EE, B'ham, AL, BLACKWELL, LINDA K.: PM, Centre, AL, BLACKWELL, ROBERT H.: GPG, Decatur, AL, BLEVINS, MARY ANN: CSC, Chattanooga, TN, BLOUNT, ROBERT H.: CE, S. .Pittsburg, TN, BODENHEIMER, IACOB M.: INM, Anniston, AL, BOGUSH, DIANE M.: LT, Huntsville, AL, BOND, CYNTHIA A.: CDP, Enterprise, AL, BONE, WILLIAM B.: AY, Sebring, FL, BOOS, WILLIAM F.: PB, Alexander City, AL, BOTELER, BARBARA: GPG, B'ham, AL, BOTTS, CLYDE E.: IE, E. Tallassee, AL, BOITSEORD, RICHARD D.: AC, B'ham, AL, BOUTWELL, DELORES D.: GFLS, B'ham, AL, BOWDEN, RICKY D.: PM, jackson, AL, BOWLBY, ROBERT L.: LPG, Anniston, AL, BOWLING, IOHN W.: INM, Childersburg, AL, BOYD, ELEANOR G.: CT, Ramer, AL, BOYD, SALLY I.: VA, Chattahoochee, FL, BOYETT, THERESA B-I RSS, Huntsville, AL, BRACKETT, GORDON G.: LPO, College Park, GA, BRADLEY, CHERYL A.: GC, Kingsport, TN, BRAMLETT, G. SUSIE: EE, Hartselle, AL, BRAMLETT, STANLEY H.: EE, Stevenson, AL, BRASHER, ELISE M.: PY, Milton, FL, BRATON,lOHN T.: AM, Auburn, AL, BREWER, KENNETH BL: AR, Portland, TN, BRIDGES, CONNIE M-I RSM, Pensacola, FL, BRINKMAN, WILLIAM F.: PB, Pensacola, FL, BRINKWORTH, GARY S.: EE, Lake Wales, FL, JRITTON, ROBERT K.: ME, Danville, IL, BROADWAY, CHARLES E.: DCH, Eustis, FL, BROOKINS, PAMELA G.: HEQ, Cottonwood, AL, BROOKS, FRED W.: EEE, Goodwater, AL, BROOKS, RONALD E.: PB, Atmore, AL, BROOKS, STANLEY T.: GAT, Magnolia Springs, AL, BROWN, CLARA A.: PD, Phenix City, AL, BROWN, FRANCIS IOHNSON: HEC, Huntsville, AL, BROWN, GLEN C.: FY, Decatur, AL, BROWN, IAMES K.: GSY, Tucker, GA, BROWN, KATHRYN A.: ADS, Mobile, AL, BROWN, KATHY E.: GPG, Henagar, AL, BROWN, MICHAEL E.: AC, Lanett, AL, BROWN, RANDALL W.: CE, Dothan, AL, BROWN, THOMAS I.: PB, Melbourne Beach, FL, BROWN, THOMAS L.: GC, Auburn, AL. BROWNING, BRENDA: PY, Dothan, AL, BRUCE, EDDY: PH, Albertville, AL, BRUNER, LINDA B.: HPR, Ashford, AL, BRUNER, PAUL A.: EE, Ashford, AL, BRYANT, IOANNE: FM, Panama City, FL, BRYANT, MARK P.: CI, Birmingham, AL, BRYANT, THERENCE T.: PB, Dothan, AL, BRYSON, BONNIE G.: GSW, Selma, AL, BUCHANAN, MARTIN R.: VA, Birming- ham, AL, BURGIN, ELIZABETH A.: PB, Cuthbert, GA, BURKETT, MARK G.: TM, Equality, AL, BURNETTE, CALVIN G.: CI, Montgomery, AL, BURNS, IAN: EEC, Huntsville, AL, BURNUP, LEE W.: FY, Marietta, GA, BURSON, SANDRA H.: AC, Auburn, AL, BUTLER, RHONDA G.: PY, Oxford, AL, BUTLER, ROBERT W.: PB, Huntsville, AL, BUTI'LER,IOHN L.: MB, Birmingham, AL, BUTTLER IR., FRANK C.: EE, Birmingham, AL, BUTTS, MARC M.: EE, Childersburg, AL, BYRNE, RICHARD D.: SSS, Hunts- ville, AL, CADDELL, IUESTA M.: GPG, Montgomery, AL, CADWELL, IOHN D.: PB, Montgomery, AL, CAEFEY, CARLA D.: FCD, Birmingham, AL, CAHELA, DONALD R.: CHE, Opelika, AL, CALDWELL IR., IOHN H.: PB, Sylacauga, AL, CALL, STEVEN C.: EE, Huntsville, AL, CALLINS, TIMOTHY R.: SSS, Greenville, AL, CAMERON, ALLAN E.: SMU, Auburn, AL, CANN, LEIGH S.: PB, Miami, FL, CANOLES, KAREN A.: EEE, Birmingham, AL, CAPPS, DENISE: GSC, Huntsville, AL, CARDWELL, PAUL I.: TM, Sylacauga, AL, CARLEE, HAROLD W.: HPR, Selma, AL, CARLETON, LYNN M.: LT, Grove Hill, AL, CARLSON, ROSE M.: EEE, Montgomery, AL, CARMICHAEL, CAROL L.: RSS, Mulga, AL, CARNATHAN, KITTI L.: HEQ, Auburn, AL, CARR, MARVIN K.: VAC, Cullman, AL, CARRICK, KENNETH I.: PS, Montgomery, AL, CARROLL, BARRY W.: PB, Montgomery, AL, CARTER, BETH S.: EEE, Dothan, AL, CARTER, MARCILLE G.: SEH, Auburn, AL, CARTER, MARK: PB, Dothan, AL, CARTER, MARK S.: PL, Phenix City, AL, CARTER, MARY T.: HME, Auburn, AL, CARY, BECCA: CI, Oneonta, AL, CASE, SHIRLEY I.: GPO, Montgomery, AL, CATES, IEFERY C.: PIR, Columbiana, AL, CATHEY, ROBIN T.: HME, Auburn, AL, CAUDLE, KEITH: PB, Cullman, AL, CAUDLE, MARY: PB, Cullman, AL, CHAMBERS, CHARLES H.: PB, Huntsville, AL, CHAMBLEE, TIM R.: AN, Oneonta, AL, CHAPMAN, TERRY A.: EE, Gadsden, AL, CHESSER, ELESIA A.: PY, Auburn, AL, CHEVERE, IUAN I.: SFL, Phenix City, AL, CHILDS, SAM N.: PY, Mobile, AL, CHI1'I'AM, DEBRA C.: VHE, Athens, AL, CHITWOOD, ROBERT W.: WL, Seale, AL, CHRETIEN, SANDRA I.: PD, Lewiston, ME, CLARK, RICHARD I.: PY, Elba, AL, CLAYMAN, SUSAN L.: FM, Mobile, AL, CLAYTOR, MARY E.: PV, Holleywood, AL, CLEMENTS, IOWANA H.: EEE, Dothan, AL, CLENNEY, TERRI A.: GSW, Abbeville, AL, CLEVELAND, IOHN C.: AEC, Wadley, AL, CLIFTON, STEPHEN D.: BSC, Columbus, GA, COALE, ANN E.: PY, Pensacola, FL, COBB, IEEE: HPR, Auburn, AL, COBLE, MICHAEL E.: AG, St. Mountain, GA, COLEMAN, NANCY E.: OH,Marion,AL, COLSON, SANDERS: PB, Eutaw, AL, CONARTON, PATRICK: LT, Ozark, AL, CONE, MICHAEL E.: CI, Hanceville, AL, CONKLE, DAVID B.: OH, Sylacauga, AL, CONNER IR., IOHN B.: BSC, Auburn, AL, CONNER, STEVE: EE, Mobile, AL, COOPER, IEANNIE: CH, Butler, AL, CORDAY, GARY S.: RSR, Warner Robins, GA, CORLEY, DAVID L.: BSC, Leeds, AL, CORNUTT, WAYNE F.: PY, Gadsden, AL, CORWIN, SANDRA L.: EEE, Montgomery, AL, COTI'EN, IOSEPH E.: GGL, Huntse ville, AL, COTTINGHAM, ANITA T.: EEE, Opelika, AL, COUSINS, HARRIEI' A.: PY, Chester, VA, COUSINS, VERNON L.: BSC, Chester, VA, COWDIN, DANIEL B.: AM, Hollywood, FL, COX, IOE D.: AG, Phenix City, AL, COXWELL, IOE T-I SSE, Iackson, AL, CRANE, DAVID: FY, Mobile, AL, CRAWFORD, STEPHEN M.: PNM, Prattville, AL, CREWS, M. GAYLE: SSE, Geneva, AL, CREWS III, HARRY C.: PNM, Huntsville, AL, CROOMS, VICKI D.: PY, Lynn Haven, FL, CROWDER, MALINDA R.: Fl, West Point, GA, CROWLEY, KEITH: Cl, Abbeville, AL, CULLEN, CAROLE S.: GMH, Enterprise, AL, CULLEN, DONALD N.: CE, Auburn, AL, CULPS, STEPHANIE: HEQ, Athens, AL, CUMMINGS, LEON K.: PY, Abbeville, AL, CURRIER, RAY E.: EE, Scottsboro, AL, DABBS, MARIA L.: PY, Douglasville, GA, DAILEY, ROBERT D.: EE, Selma, AL, DANIEL, MELODY A.: SNW, Roanoke, AL, DANIEL, MICHAEL: AE, Lithonia, GA, DARDEN, PAUL A.: BSC, Auburn, AL, DARRAH, SALLY E.: PB, Talladega, AL. IORSJUNHQRSJUNUQRS JUNIORS JUNUQR JUN 489 Juniors M W i g' E Q ' S b-"f'f::- -:.. , : .f,-........-,, . , DASARO, IOSEPH L.: VA, Hnnrsvrlle, AL: DAUGHTRY, IAMES ,, A IW' UmAh A . - H.: GPG, Huntsville, AL: DAUGHTRY, IOHN E.: ssc, Green- ' ,:.: Y' j I , ' ' .2 f ville, AL: DAVID, HENRY A.: ssE, Cedartown, CA: DAVID, . -, V . f 5: l' V I -fi' KAREN C.: EM, Columbus, GA: DAVIS, BEVERLY I.: RSM, it V 'E Huntsville, AL: DAVIS, ELIZABETH G.: VHE, Gulf Breeze, rt: 'R' ,F i 'Y .ff l .ai -g :F L. I :reef DAVIS, KENNETH S.: sss, Ashford, AL: DAVIS, LARRY w.: A 'V :Qs V V W A .. A, e,mV ,VV :: 'le Vi Pv, Opelika, AL: . ' . , L ' X E' I., I .. , DAVIS IR.. ROBERT S: TM. Iuxley. AI: DAWKINS. DONNA ,, -eie . ,A.. .,,,,, L.: sEH, Iarewten, AL: DAWKINS, KATHY M.: EEE, Lineville, V V V. ,.- , . L- V III :,, V. --r'- , , A V L AL: DE LA ToRRE, LORI: PB, s'harn, AL: DEANHARDT, KAREN r ve . -. ,., ,,. VV B.: EEC, Phenix City, AL: DERRICK, DAVID E.: AY, Fyffe, AL: V , Q iff 'l" Lm' : V s r,', 3 V, QV... gf: ' E Dl:TWIlER, NANCY: vA, Homewood, IL: DGER, DAVID M.: I ' "'r V f V 4 - A - 25,35 VV Pocas De Caldos, Brazil: DECKEY, CLARE A.: GPG, Prattville, " ..., L l if -,.. K . V N.k:: , , -I1 . Q AL' ' ' -fl ier. ' is 'N A lv 5-ft: if " -" QQ: ' ' A DICKEV, WILLIAM H.: ca, Chatom, AL: DIcKs, NANCY E.: E ..... 1 -:" ,,,r L ..,, ADS, Auburn, ALI DICKSON, REBECCA L.: PB, Huntsville, ALI S 3 r " - ' I V., is -:,, V g V .ff . .. VV. A - . V - ' V . DIIT, IOHN L.: PB, Montgomery, AL: DILTHEY, SUSAN I.: I . tae: . - V . :.,V,.,, VV V ,S V CEH, Miami, FL: DIXON, THOMAS: AR, Brownsville, TN: gg K ' - 111 5? lg? . . DOBSON, TERRY: SMU,PrattVille, AL: DONOGHUE, ROBERT: ,,,, . ' - ' , if Y VAC: Auburn, AL? DORRIS: MYRA: SEH, B'ham, AL: - V f V, ' .. - :Vi e .V ' UVVVVVVVV 1 VV VV:VVgLV.VV V WE A. W, VV ', . -. VVV ' V, 1 E V: :Ii V. .. 1 Aj? 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VVV 15: 25:5 ,.,, When you're around john Conner, a junior in Build- ing Science, you Can't really trust that what you see is really there. lohn's special is making you think you saw something extraordinary happen, when in actuality, it didn't. How? lohn's a professional magician, a veteran of several hundred performances. "l'd rather call it physical distraction instead of magic. Things appear to break physical laws, when they really don't. The only real magic is spiritual," john confessed in his interview. His interest in magic developed under the influence of his uncle, a magician who told john stories about the art when books in logues," available audience john was about 12. "l learned most of it from the library, and of course from Magic Cata- said john. The catalogues are books full of tricks or effects, which describe what the sees, leaving the actual trick secret. For a fee, you can receive the secret to the effect. Now that lohn is a student, he doesn't find as much time for magic, but has developed it for another pur- pose. "Magic is an excellent means for spreading the Gospel," john pointed out. "Since my Christian life is the root of all the other interests-magic and music- the other things are a means of sharing my life." at L... GARLINGTON, ROBERT L.: EE, Eufaula, AL, GARRETT, LINDA FOSTER, IAMES D.: IND, Mobile, AL, FOSTER, RICHARD: ADS, Tuscumbia, AL, Eox, ALICE C.: MDT, Felton, PA, Fox, LARRY D.: AR, s. Pittsburg, TN, ERAlsER, CATHY D.: GEH, Fyffe, AL, FRANKLIN, SUSAN A.: FCS, B'ham, AL, FREEMAN, TIMOTHY C.: PN, Gadsden, AL, FRY, SUSAN E.. SSC, Athens, AL, FUHRMAN, DUANE G.: NF, Gadsden, AL, FULLER, MARGARET: LjM, New Orleans, LA, FULLER, STEPHEN V.: PB, Key Biscayne, FL, FUNDERBURG, REBECCA E.: ADS, B'ham, AL, GAINES, IOHN B.: GSC, jacksonville, AL, GALLIMORE, TOM L.: INT, Huntsville, AL, GAMBLE, SHARON: PB, Dothan, AL, GANTT, WANDA D.: SMH, Andalusia, AL, GARBER, AL C.: EE, B'ham, AL, GARDINER, DAVID B.: BSC, Decatur, AL, . F.: SSE, Roanoke, AL, GARST, KAREN W.: EEE, Mt. Olive, AL, GASTON, SAMMY S.: PUB, Russellville, AL, GATES, DONALD w.: FAA, B'ham, AL, GATEWOOD, REBECCA A.: HPR, Monm- gomery, AL, GATLIN, STEVE A.: CBI, Andalusia, AL, GAULDEN, GERALD M.: ME, Easton, MD, GENTRY, DAVID B.: PY, Alile- ville, AL, GEORGE, IAMES M.: APS, C-orley, AL, GILBERT, ELLEN W.: GPA, Chancellor, AL, GILMORE, CAREN E.: RSB, Cantonment, FL, GOIDEL, EMMA: EEE, PY, LaFayette, GA, GILLEY, KELLY L.: GILMORE, ANNE: GSC, Deatsville, AL, OH, Huntsville, AL, GINDL, LINDA A.: GLADNEY, KAREN: GSC, Cullman, AL, Cullman, AL, GONCE, BETTY N.: SSE, Stevenson, AL, GONCE, RICHARD D.: SSE, Stevenson, AL, GOOD, CHARLES E.: PB, Pensacola, FL, GOODWIN, CAROL V.: AC, B'ham, AL, GORDON, CAROL E.: VA, Vestavia, AL, GORDON, PAMELA E.: EEC, Newnan, GA, GRACE, ROBERT W.: AC, Huntsville, AL, GRAFFUNDER, SABRINA A.: CFL, Highland Home, AL, GRAHAM, BENNY F.: ME, Gadsden, AL, GRAHAM, DAVID S.: WL, Atmore, AL, GRANGER, RANDY: Fl, Quality, AL, GRANTHAM, ROBERT w.: EE, Ozark, AL, GRECO, VALERIE I.: RSB, Columbus, GA, GREEN, PHILLIP P.: VA, Muscle Shoals, AL, GREEN, ROBERT: AR, B'ham, AL, GREENE, SONNY W.: AC, Merritt Island, FL! GREENFIELD, DAVID B.: SSS, Columbus, GA, GREENHILL, IEFFERY L: CHE, Russellville, AL, GRIFFIN, BRIAN, L.: ZY, Auburn, AL, GRIMES, CINDY L.: WL, St, Petersburg, FL, GRIFFITH. KENNETH M.: AY, Dothan, AL, GRIGG, CATHERINE A.: LT, Opelika AL2 GROOMS CISSY: GPG, Owens Cross Roads, AL, GROOMS, PAMELA S.: CIM, Decatur AL' GULLE'I'l'E, ALVIN B.: EE Tuskegee AL, GULSBY, CHARLES W.: PB Montgomery, AL2 GUTHRLE, IACQUELINE: TE Pell City AL' GUTHRIE, PHILLIP AC, Boaz AL GUYE IR , CARL E BSC Falrvlew TN HAGAN, IOSEPH F.: AR Madison TN HAGGARD, WARREND AC Montgomery, AL HALBRooKs,RlcKA PM Bham AL HALLJRANK G-1 AM Montgomery AL HAMBURG, MARIANNE: HPR, Lexington KY HAMMON, LETHA A GSW Newark, DE, HAMMOND, PATTI I HEQ B ham AL HANBY, HELEN F.: SSS Montgomery AL H osw Melbourne FL HARDLNG, PAMELA L EEE, Cull- man AL HARDWLCR, RussELLr PY Auburn AL HARKNESSI RoY A cj si Petersburg FL HARRIS, nMMY D.: vAo, Attalla AL HARRIS PAUL: GC Wetumpka AL HARRls, ROBERT L PB Homewood AL HARRIS. ROBERT E-1 PV. Decatur AL john's interest in music is no small thing, either. As an excellent musician on the saxophone, he played on a record some friends cut lately. On the record, john also played the flute and the piano. "l've got to leave in just a minute, 'cause the jazz Ensemble is going to play a composition of mine at four. Can I show you a couple of tricks before l leave? While editor Gary McClanahan took pictures, john showed staff member Carol Thomas a few card tricks. When john had finished and Carol was left sitting with a half-puzzled, half-amused look on her face, she com- mented "That's an interesting guy." Carol's right. Juniors HARVEY, DONNA I.: PY, Louisville, KY., HASTINGS, IOSEPH G.: CEDM, Tallassee, AL, HATCHER, IENNIFER D.: EEC, Mulga, AL, HAVRILAK, IAMES I.: OH, Harrington Park, NI, HAWKINS, CHARLES M.: CHE, Auburn, AL, HAYDEN, IULIE A.: PY, Mo- bile, AL, HAYDEN, SHAWNDA K.: GEH, Atlanta, GA, HAYES, IANEY I.: EEE, Sylacauga, AL, HAYES, SHERRAD C.: SSE, Lanett, AL, HAYES, SUSAN: EEE, Crossville, AL, HAYS, IACKIE A.: TE, Mobile, AL, HAZLEWOOD, IERRY: PY, West Point, MS, HEAD, DANNY B.: MK, Boaz, AL, HEGI, LARRY G.: EE, B'ham, AL, HELMS, IANN A.: VHE, B'ham, AL, HELMS, REBEL L.: VIA, B'ham, AL, HELSEL, DONALD M.: CE, Delran, NI, HEMMER, STEVEN M.: FY, Pensacola, FL, HENAGAN Ill, CHARLES S.: PB, Atlanta,GA, HENDON, DAVIS S.: PY, Lineville, AL, HENRY, IEANNE R.: IND, Montgomery, AL, HENSEL, DEBORA A.: PB, Butler, AL, HEREFORD, WILLIAM L.: PV, Curley, AL, HERNDON, IENNIFER L: RSS, Huntsville, AL, HERNDON, RONNIE K.: OH, Decatur, AL, HESS, CYNTHIA L: EE, Huntsville, AL, HESTER, BENIAMIN F.: PL, Bessemer, AL, HESTER, DANA: AG, Tuscumbia, AL, HIGGINS, DAVID S.: SSS, Lanett, AL, HIGGINS, KATHERINE E.: FM, Roanoke, AL, HIGGINS, RHONDA I.: SSE, Hueytown, AL, HIGHT, HILARY T.: OH, Iackson, TN, HILL, RHONDA S.: TH, APO, NY, HILSON, WORREN B.: CH, Huntsville, AL, HINSHAW, IOHN A.: EE, WarrerrAL, HOBAUGH, PATRICIA C.: PB, Ft. Myers, FL, HOLLAND, KATHRYN E.: SSS, Hartford, AL, HOLLAND, RON L: LEH, Leesburg, FL, HOLLEY, IOSEPH D.: FY, Eclectic, AL, HOLLEY, PAMELA L: PY, B'ham, AL, HOLLEY, SHARON: RSB, Montgomery, AL, HOLLIS RAYMOND M.: AY, Headland, AL, HOLLON, MARIAN E.: GIM, Montgomery, AL, HOLM- BERG, ROBERT W.: CE, Lapine, AL, HOLMES, BARRY V.: SSS, Langdale, AL, HOLMES, BURTON W.: AC, Montezuma, GA, HOLT, AMY: vp., Montgomery, AL, Hou, MERCEDES F.: sMH, Fairfield, CA, HOLT WALDEN H.: PY, Auburn, AL, HOPF, MARGARET A.: PV, Point Clear, AL, HOPPER, CYNTHIA L: EEC, Auburn, AL, HORN, ERIC C.: CE, Ashland, AL, HORNE, CINDY P.: RSS, Chipleg, FL, HORNE, IANET E.: RSS, B'ham, AL, HORNE, MARY S.: IE, Enterprise, AL, HORNSBY, LEIGH M.: PY, Geneva, AL, HORTON, LEE: FCD, Mobile, AL, HOWARD, CHARLES H.: VAC, Talladega, AL, HOWELL, DANIEL H.: CHE, Houston, TX, HUBBARD, STAN D.: ME, Sylacauga, AL, HUD- SON, BARBARA L: FCD, Huntsville, AL, HUDSON, MARY M.: HEQ, Tuscaloosa, AL, HUGHES, ION K.: EE, Oxford, AL, HUNKAPILLAR, DIANNE: PB, Decatur, AL, HUNT VICTOR C.: AR, Prattville, AL, IACKSON, MELVIN A.: ME, Mobile, AL, IACKSON, RONALD C.: AC Autaugaville, AL, IACOBS, DEN- NIS K.: BSC, Elbaal, AL, IAMES, DAVID H.: OH, Opelika, AL, IAMES, EDMUND H.: ME, Towson, MD, IAMII- ABADI. AI-I1 CE, Auburn, AL, IENNINGS, MIKE I.: PD, Camp Hill, AL, IENNINGS, KATHRYNE E.: CT, Gonzalez, FL, IERNIGAN, GERALD D.: VBU, Henagar, AL, IOHNSON, CYNTHIA I.: GC, Woodstock, MD, IOHNSON, DAVID W.: EE, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, IOHNSON, DEBORAH L: AE, Pensacola, FL, IOHNSON IR., EMMETT F.: CE, Ft. Rucker, AL, IOHNSON, HONEY L: LT, B'ham, AL, IOHNSON, STEVEN L.: AR, Gads- den, AL, IOHNSTON, DAVID: VA, Huntsville, AL IOHNSTON, DENISE A.: IE, Enterprise, AL, IOLLY, LOIS I.: SMU, B'ham, AL, IOLY, CAROLYN M.: GMH, Florence, AL, IONES, CINDY L: SAT, Alabaster, AL, IONES, CYNTHIA R.: PY, B'ham, AL, IONES IR., DONALD H.: PB, B'ham, AL, IONES, EMILIE W.: HEQ, Mobile, AL, IONES, IACK: VA, Bay Minene, AL, IONES, IEFFREY L.: SSS, Decatun AL, IONES, KATHERINE D.: HPR, Montgomery, AL, IONES, LAURA L: EEE, Monroeville, AL, IONES, MARTHA I.: EEE, Huntsville, AL, IONES, NEITH L: GC, Albertville, AL, IONES, STEPHEN E.: PB, Montgomery, AL, IONES, WOODY: FY, Auburn, AL, IOR- DAN, LISA A.: FCD, Leary, GA, IORDAN, SUSAN: PB, Andalusia, AL, IORDON, CHERYL I.: AC, Florence, AL, IUDAH, SHARON K.: HPR, Eufaula, AL, KENNEDY, KAREN A.: VOA, Vance, AL, KENNEDY III, EDD: FY, Lower Peach Tree, AL, KEY, IAMES R.: PS, Prattville, AL, KIDD, SANDRA E.: VOA, Harpersville, AL, KILGORE, ALLAN: EE, Grove Hill, AL, KIL- PATRICK, ALAN: GBI, Haleyville, AL, KIMBRO, WILLIAM L: ME, Pensacola, FL, KING, IOSEPH L.: PB, B'ham, AL, 492 lumors KING, KRISTY I.: GFL, Auburn, AL, KINTER. KAREN AL: FM. 5miCk5burg, PA, KIRBY, IEFFREY B.: HEC, Anniston, AL, KIRK, HENRY C.: OH, Auburn, AL, KIRK, REXFORD B.: AR, Mont- gomery, AL, KITIRELI., WILLIAM Z.: MBI, Phenix City, AL, KLINE, TIMOTHY R.: FY, Eufaula, AL, KNIGHTEN, GORDON R.: PY, Centre, AL, KOEPPEL, KATHERINE K.: CDP, Auburn, AL, KRATZER, GEORGE A.: VA, Auburn, AL, KREIDER, CHRIS S.: PV, Huntsville, AL, KRUDOP, RICHARD E.: SSS, Andalusia, AL, KUYKENDALI., LEONARD K.: AY, Et. Payne, AL, LAGRONB VICKI L: EEE, Daleville, AL, lAIR, IOHN T-2 IND. Auburn. Al-I LAKEY, DONALD S.: CI, Auburn, AL, LAMBERT, SHARON K.: SMH, Camden, AL, LAMBERTH, E. GRADY: asc, Alexander City, AL, LANCE, IOSEPH E.: PB, Lanett, AL, LAND, RODNEY C-I MB. Rainsville, AL, LANDERS, IERROLD S.: IE, Hartselle, AL, ME, LANE, KAY Y.: PY, Anniston, AL, LANG, CHARLES A-I Florence, AL, LANGFORD, ALFRED B.: PB, Columbus, GA, LANGLEY, FRAZIER W.: EE, Opelika, AL, LARKIN, IAMES G.: CHE, Huntsville, AL, LASETER, EDWARD P.: GHM, Mont- gomery,AL, LAYToN, ,AMES I.: EE, Montgomery, AL, LEACHr PHILIP B-1 VA, Gadsden, AL, LEAR, RICHARD E.: HPR, Parma Heights, OH, LEDBETTER, TONY M.: GSC, Tallassee, AL, lEDl0wr ELIZABFTH L.: SSS, Shelbyville, TN, LEE, IAMES H.: EE, Demo- polis, AL, LEE, VIVIAN C.: NF, Montgomery, AL, LESTER, ANN? PY, Decatur, GA, LEVESQUE, GREGORY S.: PB, Childersburg, AL, lEWIS, CHARLES M.: EC, Dothan, AL, LEWIS, PAMELA I.: OH, B'ham, AL, LEWIS, ROYALL G.: AM, B'ham, AL, LIKENS, RICKIE D.: SSE, Tusedgee, AL, lIlES, RANDEE E.: WI., Iackson- ville, AL, LINDSEY, DANNY E.: AEC, Ramer, AL, LINDSEY, DE- BRA A.: BHE, B'ham, AL, LINSLEY, KATHLEEN E.: RSM, B'ham, AL, LITTLE, DANA C.: FY, B'ham, AL, LIVELY, IAMES D.: FY, Lillian, AL, LIVINGSTON, IOE H.: HPE, La Grange, GA, LOCKLAR, MELISSA R.: AC, Enterprise, AL, LOONEY, ALAN: MTL, Scottsboro, AL, LORD, THOMAS M.: AC, S. Miami, FL, LOTNEY, DANDRA F.: GC, Alexander City, AI., LOTT, MARGARET A.: HEQ, Ft. Harrison, IW, LOVE- LADY, DEBORAH I.: HPR, Childersburg, AL, LOWERY, CYN- THIA D.: VBU, Ashland, AL, LOWREY, GORDON A.: AE, St., Petersburg, FL, LUCKIE, NANCY W.: TM, Alexander City, AL, LUNSEORD, KENNETH S.: PB, Eclectic, AL, LYLES, IANET E.: GL, Ft. Payne, AL, LYNCH, SUSAN M.: El, Albany, GA, LYNN I. KEENER: PUB, Auburn, AL, LYNN, TROY F.: AR, Nashville, TN, LYONS, SUSAN D.: VDE, Guntersville, AL, MADIGAN, THOMAS W.: ADS, Mont- gomery, AL, MAHAFFEY, MARY KAY: CPG, Auburn, AL, MAIER, DENISE S.: CHE, Enterprise, AL, MANGHAM, STAN M.: ME, Leeds, AL, MANN, ATHENA M.: SMU, Monroeville, AL, MANNING, PAULA: FM, Valley Head, AI., MARSHALL, DEBRA K.: RSB, Huntsville, AL, MARTIN, KATHY W.: SEH, Alexander City, AL, MARTIN, MARK D.: FCS, Clayton, AL, MARTIN, RHONDA R.: HPR, Gadsden, AL, MARTIN, VICKIE L: PB, Phenix City, AL, MASSEY, KEITH W.: PB, Opelika, AL, MATHEWS, FELECIA: LT, Phenix City, AL, MATHEWS, MICHAEL M.: EE, Gadsden, AL, MATHIS, SALLI I.: HPR, Gadsden, AL, MAXWELL, MARY T.: FCD, Pensecola, FL, MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM D.: PN, Ozark, AL, MCUMBER, ANDREW G.: IND, Montgomery, AL, MCBRYDE, CYNTHIA A.: SEH, Andalusia, AL, MCCAIN, PAUI. G.: EE, Lineville, AL, MCCALEB, RAMONA B.: CT, Sylacauga, AL, MCCANN, MARIE S.: RSS, Northport, NY, MCCART, EARL: IND, Opp, AL, MCCARTNEY, MARTHA L: VHE, Huntsville, AL, MCCONNELL, IIMMY L: GPG, Phenix City, AL, MCCRARY, SHARON L: EEC, Bonifay, EL, MCCRORY, LESLIE D.: GSY, Florence, AL, McDANIEI., ANDY D.: AEC, Rob- ertsdale, AL, MCDANIEL, TERRELL M.: GPG, Auburn, AL, MCELMOYL, GARY D.: EEE, Auburn, AL, MCGHEE, LONNIE E.: GPO, Fair- fay, AL, McLAIN, EDDIE W.: RSS, Childersburg, AL, MEA- CHAM, KATHY M.: GSW, Columbus, GA, MEAGHER, SU- ZANNE: EEC, Auburn, AL, MEANK, IEFFERY T.: LT, Clanton, AL, MELAzzo, EuzAsHH M.: RSM, Auburn, AL, MEREDITH, IAMES H.: LHY, Summerville, GA, METCALF, MICHAEL W.: PB, Woodville, AL, MILLER, CATH- ERINE E.: VIA, Greer, SC, MILLER, GEORGE W.: CHE, Auburn, AL, MILLER, TANYA C.: PM, Ocee, FL, MILLER, VICTOR E.: PB, Pinckard, AL, MII.lICAN, MARSHALL R.: IE, Perry, FL, MILLSAE, ANNA K.: FY, Atmore, AL, MINOR, SAM I.: OH, Florence, AL, MITCHELL, DAVID M.: BSC, Tuscumbia, AL, IIDRSJMNUQIESSJUNHQEHS JUNIORSJUNUQEE JUN 493 luniors 494 Iuniors MITCHELL, SHERI I.: RSR, Phenix City, AL, MONEY, IOE L.: PY Rome CA, MONEY, PAMELA L.: PB, Phenix City, AL, MONTGOMERY, MARY E.: PB, Opelika, AL, MOORE, CYN- THIA A.: PY, Clanton, AL, MOORE III, IAMES M.: CE, Fayette, AL, MOORE, IAYMA A.: PV, Huntsville, AL, MOORE, IOHN W.: CFL, Donalsonville, CA, MOORE, ROBIN K.: PY, Decatur, AL. MORELOCK, ALFRED D.: HPR, Selma, AL, MORGAN, ART L.: AEC, Montgomery, AL, MORGAN, IOHN S.: VA, jackson, MS, MORRING IR., CHARLES L.: AE, Curley, AL, MORRIS, SUSAN K.: PB, Atlanta, GA, MORRISON, KATHRYN: GSC, Oakman, AL, MOSLEY, CYNTHIA L.: FM, Greenville, AL, MUMFORD, IOHN M.: IND, Stuart, FL, MUNROE, KIM S.: FCD, Talladega, AL. MUSSER, STEPHEN H.: AY, Auburn, AL, MYERS, GENNE M.: GL, B'ham, AL, NALL, MARK A.: CHE, Dothan, AL, NAUGHER, RICKEY S.: HPE, Centre, AL, NEAL, ROBIN C.: VA, Gulf Breeze, FL, NELSON, MYRNA L.: LT, B'ham, AL, NELSON,ROBBIE L.: BY, Tusawmbia, AL, NELSON, TARA S.: FCD, Albertville, AL, NELSON, WALTER M.: HA, Auburn, AL. NETT, IOHN L.: Altamonte Springs,FL, NEVINS, IOHN I.: FY, lacksonville, FL, NEWTON, STEPHEN I.: PV, B'ham, AL, NEW- TON, STEVEN H.: ME, Montgomery, AL, NICHOLS, FRED A.: EE, B'ham, AL, NICKLES, MICHELE: CPO, Ft, Lauderdale, FL, NOLL, ELIZABETH M.: VA, Anniston, AL, OAKES, PERRY L.: AN, Sylacauga, AL, OAKLEY, EUGENE F.: LPO, Dothan, AL. O'BRIEN, MIKE: PB, Auburn, AL, OGLE, MARLAN I.: HRA, B'ham, AL, OUTLAW, RONNIE: MK, Iackson, AL, OVERTON, BARBARA D.: HEQ, jackson, AL, OWEN, CHERYL D.: IE, Clan- ton, AL, OWENS, IANICE K.: RSB, Decatur, AL, OWINGS, BILLY R.: TM, Cusseta, AL, OXLEY, DEBORAH I.: PV, Auburn, AL, PACK, BETTY I.: RSM, Gadsden, AL. PAGEL, I0 NAN: PY, Huntsville, AL, PANNELL, TERESA I.: EEE, Lake City, AL, PARKER, HENRY L.: AR, Montgomery, AL, PARKER, STEVE E.: VAC, Holly Pond, AL, PARSONS, STEVEN H.: PV, Mulga, AL, PARTIN, BARBARA G.: AC, Winter Haven, FL, PASCHAL, ANN: IE, Huntsville, AL, PATE, DENNEY W.: CE, Gadsden, AL, PATE, PAUL A.: PL, Ft. Payne, AL. PATTERSON, BO: EE, Auburn, AL, PATTERSON, MIKE G-1 AY, Opelika, AL, PAYNE, DAVID: EE, Bay Minette, AL, PAYNE, RICHARD P.: FY, Bay Minette, AL, PEEPLES, PAUL DAVID: PN, Chatsworth, GA, PEINHARDT, MARY I.: SMU, Hanceville, AL, PENA, CIRO T.: VA, Rome, CA, PENDERGRASS, SUZANNE: GSW, Livingston, AL, PENDLEY, CHARLES R.: AN, Rogersville, AL. PENICK, GREGORY M.: LT, Huntsville, AL, PENTON, SANDY: VOA, Childersburg, AL, PEPPING, IANET E.: VA, Ballwin, MO, PERKINS, HENRY S.: GSY, Anniston, AL, PERKINS, NANCY A.: SSE, Anniston, AL, PERRY IR., IOHN T.: PB, Opelika, AL, PETERSON, GREGORY D.: ME, Lillian, AL, PETTY, IENNIE: AC, Greenville, AL, PHARR, STEPHEN A.: AR, Ocala, FL. PIERCY, IEANNE K.: HPR, Huntsville, AL, PINKSTON, CATHY S.: PY, Anniston, AL, PITTMAN, ELIZABETH: CSW, Dothan, AL, PITTS, IANE E.: CIM, Hatchechubbee, AL, PITTS, LLOYD: CE, Brewton, AL, POE, KRISTA L.: PM, Loxley, AL, POELLNITZ, HENRY w.: ME, Wham, AL, POPE, PATRICIA L.: SMH, camp Hill, AL, PORTER, MICHAEL L.: PB, Thorsby, AL. POUNDERS, RANDY L.: VAC, Red Bay, AL, POWELL, CA- MILLE: CPC, Sarasota, FL, POWER, WILLIAM H.: AM, B'ham, AL, POWERS, WILLIAM I.: HPR, B'ham, AL, PRATER, LAWAN- NA: EEC, Anniston, AL, PRATER, WILLIAM M.: IE, Auburn, AL, PRATT, CHARLES R.: PY, Demopolis, AL, PRESSON, IACK W.: AM, Hurlburt Field, FL, PRICE, MARILYN L.: CMH, B'ham, AL. QUALLS, IOHNNY D.: HPR, Huntsville, AL, QUERENS, ALLAN E.: DCH, New Orleans, LA, QUINN, IEFF L.: AR, B'ham, AL, RALSTON, KAREN D.: RSB, Milton, FL, RAWLS, DONNA I.: RSS, Robertsdale, AL, REDMON IR., DANIEL I.: FM, Phenix City, AL, REED, MARTIN I.: FY, Selma, AL, REEVES, PAT: SSS, Mobile, AL, REGAN, PAUL D.: OH, Stony Brook, NY. REIGIS, PATRICK I.: Ft. Rucker, AL, REYNOLDS, GWEN E.: PY, LaFayette, AL, REYNOLDS, IAMES K.: EE, Geneva, AL, REY- NOLDS, NANCY: CSW, Abbeville, AL, RICHARDSON, HAL: HRA, Abbeville, AL, RICHARDSON, MIKE: CHE, Gadsden, AL, RICHARDSON, ROBBINS: CPG, Montgomery, AL, RIDDLE, KENNETH: EE, B'ham, AL, RIDGEWAY, PRIMUS: PN, Mobile, AL. RIDGEWAY, PAULA M.: HME, Enterprise, AL, RILEY, ROY H.: PB, Dothan, AL, ROBERTS, LISA: HPE, Dothan, AL, ROBERTS, NANCY: PB, Albertville, AL, ROBERTSON, TANYA: EEE, Lang- dale, AL, ROBINSON, CONNIE R.: PV, B'ham, AL, ROBIN- SON, EDWARD E.: VAC, Russellville, AL, ROBINSON, SUSAN D.: FCS, B'ham, AL, RODRIGUEZ, REGINA G.: PV, Auburn, AL. ""i Q ., M-in ,. L P - I ' X i i ROECKER, DAVE: LSY, Marianna, FL, ROGERS, DIANE R.: HPE, Q 8' K 1 K 5 ---' Geraldine, AL, ROLLINS IR., IOSEPH E.: PB, Freeport, FL, s - i i ROWNE' IACQUEUNE C-:GlMfFf1iffie'dfAli 3055: NANCY - : ,Sf L S LL,L1fFi I :L ig 1 j L.: Rsc, Dothan, AL, ROSSER, GREGORY K.: cE, Milton, FL, H , ig . L N V,,, ROTHENANGER, DAVID A.: AE, childenbufg, AL, ROTHEN- I Q ' La i , 'VP '.:- ANGER, KAREN I.: PB, Childersburg, AL, ROUKEMA PA- 'I 'i ' ' i il i m'C'A A-1 EEC' 5P'if'8fie'dfVA- I ,La-,::L .--' GLW L L , -5:3 '--- ,, - -,L L- .L .1 .L ' .,... . L L ' I' LL L L L L L N Rows, MELANTE M.: Ac, Guntenyille, AL, RUSH, NANCY L.: gi L ' . ' LL Sili f - L L S - PB, B'ham, AL, RUSSELL, SHARON D.: HA, B'ham, AL, RUT- L LLL L .L Ex , I ' ff F :jg H L Q N LEDGE, WALTER H.: AE, McCalIa, AL, RYAN, LINDSEY C.: BSC, g - ": R- Smyrna, TN, SALTER, DOUGLAS A.: PS, Milton, FL, SANDS, I' wi if W L, S L, . 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SEYMOUR M FCS U L S L M mom ,MS 1 L ' ' 'N ' 'L ' ' ' L LL .LLLL " - t I "'0" P"'1SSf P QL., L N 255 H ' , ' t L -L 'L L - ,LLM H.: EE, Talladega, AL, SMITH, LYNDA I.: LPG, Pittsburgh, PA, L I L L LLLSL L? LLV L SHAFFER, NANCY s.: vA, B'ham, AL: SHATKH, MOHAMMED I t ii ' I I 'L Q L? R Q-2 Mft Auburn: ALF SHAW' IAYNE A-1HPRf5Y'aCHUSHfM2 L 3.3 2 , iL" L if iL.i L SHEEHELD, NED F.: Ps, Montgomery, AL, SHELTON, RUSSELL ' D.: cs, Huntsville, AL, SHEARIN, TIMOTHY A.: GL, Bessemer, ' ' " L A - A A AL. li-A :F iii? Si? 1 S I 5 Fa - : E.: LLL. LL L L LL.. , - L L ""' f LL.. SHFRK, IAMES E.: GHY, Homewood, AL, SHlPP, VINCENT E.: L. ' L. S X SLL MU, Cvlumbl-IS. GA: SHIBEY IR-, DONALD B-2 PB, Ft. Pa ne, L .L.. : .. ..-: L . , .L .L .,.. L .L.. . L L L .- Y 1 f I 5 ' ALFSHORVBERFORDA-1PVfG00dWHfef:M1SHROUTJOHN f A . 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H LL .....-. 5 l : L LL::,, SLOCUMB, 1oEL D.: Pa, Phenix City,AL, SMELLEY, KAREN R.: -A t f S' E ff? 2-zipigv i' SMITH, CHERRY L.: EEE, Reform, AL, SMITH, CHRIS I.: VAC. .LL LLLLLL Lea? ...L LW., .LW . sen.. L S.. L. .. S. - tae... t S .Le LLLHL L ' is Ohatcheef-L:5MlTH:ClNDYi5AT.B'ham:AL15MlTHfC0N' ' I 1.1 A . 4 Eff 5 i-i '1 e f! .1 I iiiii' L- 59" I NIE D.: FCS, lay. FL: SMITH: FRED C-2 PL, DHYIOUG Beafhf F'-I 'F - if? P ref SMITH L M'PY B'liam AL - .L L LL. . ' L 'l'L.-' We tm ft' .i... Lt L-I ' ' " ' f ' ase..wL1: ,t S ive , 'A A - t .L LP : w x, fit: t'5??1"a tif? gf "- ' .L A L, ,at LL L . - . . The PICIUFES of LJEHULICS :'-t . . R ? were taken much differently this LLLL A iSL.fW w e yea r, making the job of photograph- ' - - - ef A . L f See . A ln g the girls harder than it had been L 'n the Past- Will Dickey, a junior ln business, gt ".-L . ....: L 'L ---.L . 1' LL .if ,,.- 'fLL 1 , g '- , -f. 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The criminal justice and wildlife major from Maryland A seems to enjoy any activity that has to do with the wilderness. links transferred from the University of Maryland, trading a A Y place on the Maryland gymnastics team to escape the city. He it chose Auburn for its forestry school. Now in school here, he 9' Qa 5 has changed out of forestry In hopes of becoming a game warden. .5 Backpacking in the Shenendoah Valley started his interest in the outdoors, and now in Auburn, links and a close friend, ' Doug Halbrooks, find time to hunt, tube the Tallulah River, go 5 ,li canoeing, and fish. When the two can get away to other areas, they skin dive, shark fish, and even go cliff diving. A "Last spring break, Doug and I drove down into the Florida : Keys. Two of us, sleeping in a little Toyota most of the time. But W when we were in the Keys, we slept on the catwalks under the ,Q bridge. I had to strap myself to the catwalk with my belt to keep 5,3 from falling during the night." -3 . . . . if His clothing styles, jeans and flannel shirts, also reflect an out- j . :arg door theme. Add the clothing to links' mud-covered jeep, and your guess is probably right. He'll make a good game war- den, loving the outdoors the entire time he lives in it. 5 N At if is af SMITH, HARRIEI A.: Esc, l3'harrr, AL, SMITH, lANIcE K.: CHE, A L A Zlz A A Ullf I I If ! Falkville, AL, SMITH, IO A.: EEC, Stevenson, AL, SMITH, A' AA A is Z A I KA AERA K3 A - ' " A A - it 2- ' Q MICHAEL E.: AM, Alexander city, AL, SMITH, PAMELA D.: A A L .A 5 L Lx , VOA, B'harn, AL, SMITH, PHILLIP C.: GHY, Auburn, AL, . - .-L' AA'-ff' L I Q .. SMITH, RANDALL B.: PR, Mobile, AL, SMITH, SHERRI L.: ff! L Ax AL - A 1 PB,Auburn,AL,sMITH,TEREsAl.:cl,Aleranderciry,AL, I , LL . .L : A' f :fg53.ii?,'L A f f . ' slsss . A ' , SMITH, YARISA D.: CT, Alexander City, AL, SNIDER, ROBERT LL AA , .. k5::: A Lfffvj' ' "f-s f A 1 A E.: EE, Clinton, AL, sNow, KAREN: Pv, Esrabega, AL, SNOW, -f A r r ' A- ..... - A ,L.,L.fA PEGGY: Pv, Fairhope, AL, sNow, THEREsA A.: Mu, Marion, gg- ff? fy' I A . AL, SOLOMON, LEAH L.: Lpo, Selma, AL, soMIIooNKuLA- A i J i..,, Q :fa : 2 A L vuD, NANA: PY, Auburn, AL, SONANSTINE 1R., WAYNE A.: ' ff . , ",:' 5, 3. SSC, Montgomery, AL, SOWELL, MARK S.: CHE, Brewton,AL, 5 ",- A M1 aL,.. W' , ,Q A AA Aff Ti W A :PL" ,A , f ' SPARKS, MICHAEL E.: PY, Lineville, AL, SPEAKMAN, lEAN R.: ::-:' ,A A' A voA, Decatur, AL, sPEAKMAN,wINEoRD A.: Ps, Auburn,AL, gg M Lf Af. AA, LL A- A f A w A A Y SPEAR, SAM: EE, Gadsden, AL, sPEIcHT, ,Av A.: wL, A A :rf A ' L Auburn,AL, SPINA, CATHY: Pa, B'Irarrr,AL, sPIvEv, GLENN D.: r- LA, 1 A A: L A:,gjA A L gift. fig?-A LE, Weaver, AL, SPORT, PHILIP R.: sss, Brantley, AL, STACEY, A L I , er Q f L A L L L All: ,L "" sHARoN K.: PB,Fri5Co City, AL, . gg AWA I. A AA QA Leag, .gfj . A , , . ..,, . ,..:.. ,,,,,, STEEN, CHARLIE H.: wL, Pind Apple, AL, sTEPHENs, KENNETH Qt A . T.: EE, Auburn, AL, STEWART, ALFRED M.: WL, skipperville, L -r A -:L ,LL - :gf A. . AA L . - .A 5 A, AL, STEWART, CHERYL L.: FM, Ringwood, Nl, STILLWELL, A ,L A A Ap.. .. .53 A . e L A EDWARD E.: PB, Neiasulga, AL, STONE, DONNA L.: RsM, sr. A V: r A W 3: A I 1323 Q :Se L MIn.,GA, sTRATAs, KAKIE: LT, Montgomery,AL, sTRAucHN, r- 5, - A ..,. A S! f GAIL: RsM, Andalusia, AL, SUDDARTH, THOMAS K.: APB, LN' .2 A' ..... - XL Ga"f"fnfTNf 1 P li A A A M .:. ' ' . e .. , -...:r::..' .. " L i"" I A' EW 5::f .LWLLL .. L- r ,.. r:!:' i L L ,V :,,... SULLIVAN, KAREN A.: PY, Anniston, AL, SULLIVAN, MAUREEN A AA "'i "" A.: Pla, Ft. Rucker, AL, swANGER, DAVID II.: sMH, Childers- "ir A ' - A L A L, ..,. AA bur8, AL, SW-ANN: DEBORAH A-2 WL, Gadsdenr ALJ 5W0F' A ' Q gd e r fa: A T' A A' iff' wa FORD, TERESA G.: PB, Atlanta, GA, TALLEY, GALE Y.: Gsc, A ,gm AL A A L, - L.. s r. A f e. A: l Gaithersburg, Mo, TAUNTON, KEITH R.: PNM, Chester, vA: 1' f .. 5 - ' Wi: L L L A A A 5 TAYLOR, CHARLENE D.: EEE, B'ham, AL, TAYLOR, RONALD L, A' ,S LP5 L " -- .,.i LLL.: J' - - A ' AL A AA A f : af L. A ,,.... rrr: A A .. .,..... A ..,,... ...... --'--' - TAYLOR, THOMAS A.: VAG, LaFayette, AL, TEAQUE, TERRY: S ,Ly A ft' f Ai V ' A Y A L... ... rf IND, Eclectic, AL, TEED, IAMES D.: GSC, FI. Belvoir, VA, A :S Q, QAAAAQVL fr A A ' 'W L ,AA A' I Y -' 'Aif T MJ TEMPLETON, WILLIAM l.: ssc, Alexander city, AL, TENNI- .5 ar 1 ,L 'TA A ' g,., - r- L SON, MELANIE A.: PB, Athens, AL, TERRY, LEONARD A.: PB, 5' A ig, '- , f- Qcxgff . Hillsboro, AL, THAGGARD IR., IAMES N.: GTH, Bradenton, FL, Lik V ,fy ,V Af? : :' 'A THERIOT, GEORGIA M.: MCH, Phenix City, AL, THOMAS, 55' ",i gag I A ,A v A :Ag CAROL E.: VOA, Summerville,CrA, Q--A Q.. W 1 'PY L A . A ' ..,. , TH0MA5rl-AURA!-1PY,Camden.Al-1THUMASKQGERI-i A 5 A . IND. Auburn, AL: THOMPSON, CATHY T-: MU, Enterprise, A . A A ' Aftt AL, THOMPSON, CLAUDIA M.: HPE, B'lrarn,AL, THOMPSON, , LA - , A DALE T.: rv, oaknran, AL, THOMPSON, ROY K.: wL, Phenix 'A 'A' n ip ' A A A r 23 ' . . A gg, : Li . if City, AL, THoMPsoN, SUSAN D.: LT, Gadsden, AL, THoR- , .::A 2 ' A A INGTON, MARY A.: oH, wharn, AL, THRASHER, STEVEN II.: ' : If L, - Q AL ML . A A' A J S.: A . :A 9 AM' Wham' ALA -AL.., ,L 4 L :AA ai ii S W' v r rr TIDWELL, THOMAS W.: CE, Burbank, IL, TILL, BRUCE: GB, Sardis, AL, TILL, SHIRLEY E.: EEC, Montgomery, AL, TILLERY, STEVEN M.: PY, Phenix City, AL, TIPTON, KAREN M.: GSW, Abbeville, AL, TODD, IUDY B.: EEE, Decatur, AL, TODD, RICHARD I.: INM, Bainbridge, GA, TOMPKINS, AMY W.: MU, Winter Garden, FL, TONEY, KEITH P.: AM, Gadsden, AL, TOWLE, IAMES S.: FI, Piedmont, AL, TRAWICK, NITA A.: SSS, Auburn, AL, TUCKER, IOEL E.: GIM, Lanett, AL, TUCKER, TERI L.: SSS, Panama City, FL, TUMLIN, LYNNE R.: PV, Gadsden, AL, TURLEY, GARY M.: PB, B'ham, AL, TURNBULL IR., IOHN I.: PB, Gulf Breeze, FL, TURNER, IANICE E.: EEE, Kellyton, AL, TURNER, ROBIM D.: EEE, Haleyville, AL, TUTWILER, VIRGINIA P.: PY, Greensboro, AL, TYBERGHEINr MARY T.: OH, Lincroft, NI, TYLER, VICKI A.: SSC, Bay Minette, AL, VANN, FRANK S.: AM, Auburn, AL, YANSTORY, RUSSELL R.: AM, Gadsden, AL, VARNELL, WILLIAM D.: MCH, Rogers- ville, AL, VATHANASANTI, CHUTCHAWAN: PM, Auburn, AL, VAUGHAN, TIMMY S.: RSM, Chantellor, AL, VAUGHN, CAROL C.: EEC, Dothan, AL, VAUGHN III, HENRY C.: OCH, Dothan, AL, VICE, DAVID L.: IE, Wellington, AL, VINSON, LARRY A.: HRA, Montgomery, AL, WADE, STEPHEN R.: CHE, Opelika, AL, WADE, VALERIE G.: GSW, Robertsdale, AL, WAGNER, PA1'I'I G.: EEE, Alexander City, AL, WALKER, IEFFREY A.: FY, Panama City, FL, WALL, IEFFERY: ADS, Quinton, AL, WALSH, BUZ: GMH, B'ham, AL, WALTHALL, CAROL A.: CT, Crestview, FL, WAMSLEY, PATRICK I.: PL, lacksonville, AL, WARD, VICKI L.: RSM, Pratt- ville, AL, WARE, IOE R.: PB, Riverview, AL, WARLICK, GAIL V.: NF, Auburn, AL, WARREN, DANIEL H.: MRB, Rogersville, AL, WARREN IR., IAMES M.: SSS, Bay Minette, AL, WASHATKA, DAVID I.: AE, Destin, FL, WATKINS, CHARLES E.: PV, Elmore, AL, WAT'I', KATHERINE L.: PY, Montgomery, AL, WATT. RICHARD C.: PN, Pensacola, FL, WEBB. SUSAN C-I SSE. Leedif ALJ WELRER, losirn: HRA, lacksonville, FL, WELLS. GEORGE W-1 EE, Pensacola, FL, WELLS, IOHN D.: ME, lacksonville, FL, WELLS, TOMMY L.: MRB, Auburn, AL, WELSH. IOAN l-2 SSS, Wadley, AL, WESSON, NANCY E.: EEE, Sylacauga, ALJ wssr, DAVID C.: GPG, Marianna, FL, WESTGATE, SHIRLEY R.: PY, Selma, AL, WHATLEY, L.: GC, Atlanta, GA, WHEELER, sHELlA A.: HPR, Alexander City, AL, WHITE, WOODIE P-2 PB, Oxford, AL, WHITLEY, LARRY w.: CE, rr. Payne, AL, WHITLEY, TIM A.: ME, Falkville, AL, WHITI. PATH L-1 PB, Huntsville, AL, WHIITLE, HOWARD H.: PB, Troy, ALI WIDNER, VIVIAN L: EEC, Arab, AL, WIGGINS, IOHN M.: LBI, Andalusia, AL, WIGGINS, PAUL L.: GSY, Monroeville, AL, WILCOX, DUBLEY C.: GC, St. Petersburg, EL, WILKERSON. ROBIN L.: PB, Columbus, GA, WILLIAMS, ANDREW I.: AEC, Columbus, AL, WILLIAMS, BEN: EE, Huntsville, AL, WILLIAMS, BRYAN A.: ME, Tuscaloosa, AL, WII-I-IAM51 MELISSA I.: RSM, Auburn, AL, WILLIAMS, SUSAN D.: VHE, Evergreen, AL, WILLIAMS, THOMAS R.: PB, Matthews, GA, WILLIS, MARK H.: GIM, Montgomery, AL, WILSON, IANFI' L.: PM, Atlanta, GA, WILSON, WALTER S.: PB,,Marietta, GA, WINAND, IONATHAN P.: PD, St. Louis, MO, WINDSOR, CLARA ROSE: EEE, Mont- gomery, AL, WINTER, STEPHANIE L.: VA, Huntsville, AL, WIS- WELL, GEOFFREY N.: IND, Auburn, AL, WOLF, WAYNE L.: PL, Mobile, AL, WOOD, GERALYN M.: GMH, Montgomery, AL, WOOD, H. COLEMAN: EE, Fairhope, AL, WOOD, HENRY M.: PY, Norcross, GA, WOOTENI IAN M.: EEC, Geneva, AL, WORTHEY, CLAYTON D.: PB, Capsham, AL, WOZNIAK, BRIAN P.: PV, Tuscaloosa, AL, WRIGHT, DAVID M.: Pine Hill, AL, WRIGHT, IR., MAURICE G.: PN, Fairfax,AL, WU, GUNTHER S.: GB, Auburn, AL, WYATT, CATHERINE L.: EEC, Mobile, AL, WYATT, DORIS I.: ADS, Cottondale, AL, YARBROUGH, DIANE: VA, Huntsville, AL, YARBROUGH, WALTER M.: PN, B'ham, AL, YATES, DANIEL C.: CE, Wedowee, AL, YATES, DAVID B.: PM, Huntsville, AL, YATES, IOE A.: AEC, Pell City, AL, YATES, MARK C.: PB, Huntsville, AL, YEILDING, IEAN C.: VOA, Florence, AL, YOUMANS, CLETUS D.: AY, Dothan, AL, YOUNG, DONNA R.: VA, Montgomery, AL, YOUNG, STEPHEN M.: BSC, Auburn, AL, YOUNG III, LUTHER T.: TH, Florenfe, AL, YOUNGBLOOD, IOANNA L.: SMU, Tuskegee, AL, ZEBOS, IULIE E.: CT, Des Plaines, IL, z0ABlr MOHMMED, M.: CE, Auburn, AL, ZORN, MARY V.: VHE, Milton, FL. IORSJMNUQEBSJUNUQEES Juulons .iumluon JUN 49, Iuniors 498 Sophomores During two times of the year, football season and campus elections, the store windows in downtown Auburn are covered with tempera paint.Since most students walk or drive through the downtown section each day, the painted windows serve as an inexpensive and efficient way of getting your point across. ABERNATHY, GARY D.: PB, Huntsville, AL, ABNEY, RICHARD L.: PM, Langdale, AL, ABRAMS, SHIRLEY L.: FY, Lilburn, GA, ABRELL, RAYMOND D.: AR, Montgomery, AL, ACTON, DANNY F.: PB, B'ham, AL, ADAMS, ROBIN W.: PPY, B'ham, AL, ADRIAN, KARAN I.: PB, Centre, AL, ALBERTY, TERRI S.: FCD, Lauderhill, FL, ALEXANDER, CARYL E.: HEQ, Milton, FL, ALEXANDER, IILL L.: RSR,Winfield,AL, ALFANO, IANICE L.: EEC, B'ham, AL, ALLRED, KARIN A.: NS, Opelika, AL, ALVIS, DIANE E.: PB, B'ham, AL, ANDERSON, KEITH C.: PB, Oneonta, AL, ANDERSON, NYLA S.: PV, Mobile, AL, ARNOLD, CYNTHIA L.: CHY, Albany, GA, ARNOLD, RACHEL L.: GMH, Lllhonia, GA, ATKINSON, MARY L.: HEQ, West Point, GA, AUTRY, RICHARD A.: BSC, Chelsea, AL, BACH- MANN, IAMES P.: PN, Auburn, AL, BACIOCCO, DAVID A.: PN, Annandale, VA, BACKES, CHRISTINA L.: PN, Mobile, AL, BAGLEY, BARBARA D.: sss, B'ham, AL, BAILEY, DAVID T.: PNM, St. Mtn., GA, BAILEY, FRED S.: FY, Wadley, AL, BAKER, BEVERLY I.: LT, Vincent, AL, BAKER, CHERYL R.: PN, Atlanta, GA, BAKER, KENNETH E.: OH, Griffen, GA, BAKER, WILLIAM H.: WC, Homewood, AL, BAKER, WILLIAM T.: PB, Nashville, TN, BARFIELD, KEITH M.: PB, LaGrange, GA, BARNETT, CLIFF G.: ADS, Ormond Beach, FL, BARNETT, ROGER C.: AR, Athens, TN, BARRETT, CAROL E.: SMU, Bremen, GA, BARRETT, DEBRA L.: PPY, Monticello, FL, BARRETT, ELIZABETH I.: HPR, Guntersville, AL, BARRINEAU, LISA: MU, Mobile, AL, BASS, RANDALL E.: PM, B'ham, AL, BATES, CHARLES T.: BSC, Enio, OK, BATT, TIMOTHY C.: PPY, Huntsville, AL, BATES, SANDRA L.: RSM, B'ham, AL, BAUCHMAN, ELIZABETH A.: PB, Rocky Mtn., AL, BEAIRD, STEVEN G.: PB, Scottsboro, AL, BEAM, SHEENIA L.: PC., Section, AL, BEASLEY, DEBORAH c.: vau, Pell City, AL, BEASLEY, MICHAEL E.: GL, Decatur, AL, BEASLEY, PATRICIA A.: HRA, Atmore, AL, BEASON, BRENT W.: PB, Huntsville, AL, BECKHAM, IOELLYN M.: GSC, Bessemer, AL, BECKMAN, MICHAEL I.: BSC, Tuscumbia, AL, BEISEL, SAVANY W.: PC, Acworth, GA, BELL, IENNIFER R.: PPY, Langdale, AL, BELL, LAWRENCE M.: AY, Repton, AL, BENNETT, ELIZABETH A.: HEQ, Atlanta, CA, BENTON, TREY: GC, Atlanta, GA. 499 Sophomores BERDEAUX, IEAN A.: LT, Prattville, AL, BERRY, IAMES L.: ME, B'ham, AL, BERRYHILL, GILA A.: PB, Montgomery, AL, BERRY- HILL, LISA R.: GSC, Oxford, AL, BINGHAM, MICHAEL G.: PB, New Market, AL, BISHOP, ROBERT L: EE, Avondale Estates, GA, BISHOP, SAMMY R.: PN, Glencoe, ALI BLACK, DAVID E.: GPG, Huntsville, AL, BLACK, ROBERT G.: PB, Brewton, AL, BLACK, THOMAS A.: PB, B'ham, AL, BLANKENSHIP, KAREN E.: EEC, Auburn, AL, BLANKENSHIP, SARAH A.: WL, Talladega, AL, BLOODWORTH, MATT S.: PNM, Germantown, TN, BLOUNT, AL D.: FY, Millry, AL, BOGLE, FRANCES E.: EEC, Marietta, GA, BOHLER, IENNIFER D.: GIM, Prattville, AL, BONE, IO B.: GSC, Sebring, FL, BOOHAKER, IEANETTE: PPY, B'ham, AL, BOSWELL, IEFFREY E.: APS, Phenix City, AL, BOURLAND, IUDY: ADS, Indiatlantic, FL, BOWEN, ANA M.: VA, Miami, FL, BOWEN, ROGER W.: FY, Roanoke, AL, BOWMAN, BILLIE L.: EEE, Ft. Deposit, AL, BOYD, KENNETH E.: BSC, Cullman, AL, BOZEMAN, CHARLES H.: PN, Huntsville, AL, BRADLEY, SHAR- RON D.: PPY, Evergreen, AL, BRADSHER, HAL D.: LPO, Mont- gomery, AL, BRADY, ROBERT G.: PG, Huntsville, AL, BRANDES, MARY S.: PB, Ellenwood, GA, BREHM, KAREN I.: RSC, Sylacauga, AL, BRIDGES, BARBARA I.: RSS, Hueytown, AL, BRITTON, KATH- LEEN H.: CT, Mobile, AL, BROCK, DARRYL E.: MRB, Mt. Olive, AL, BROOKS, KENNETH F.:PL, Killen, AL, BROWN, DAVID E.: GL, Fairfax, AL, BROWN, DOUGLAS L.: PB, Marco, FL, BROWN, GREGORY D.: PN, Huntsville, AL, BROWN, IONI V.: PB, Mclntosh, AL, BROWN, RANDALL I.: EE, Pensacola, FL, BROWN, SUSAN I.: PB, Tifton, GA, BRUMLEY, IEANNE L: GC, Paducah, KY, BUCHANAN, KAREN L: FM, Gadsden, AL, BUGG, STEVE W.: VA, Mobile, AL, BULLARD, PAMELA R.: RSS, Florala, AL, BURGESS, ARCHIE W.: PN, Dora, AL, BURKHALTER, EDWARD W.: GPG, Auburn, AL, BURLAND, CYNTHIA L.: RSR, B'ham, AL, BURMEISTER, FRED G.: PV, Fairhope, AL, BURNS, IAMES W.: AN, Griffin, GA, BURSON, STANLEY I.: PN, Auburn, AL, BUSH, IERRY W.: PPY, Opelika, AL, BUTGEREIT, ELIZABETH: GIM, Vestavia, AL, CALLEIRO, RUBEN C.: VIA, East Point, GA, CAMACHO, HIPOLITO L.: PN, Philadelphia, PA, CAMPBELL, FAYE L.: PB, B'ham, AL, CAMPBELL, MICHAEL E.: PPY, Tuscumbia, AL, CANADAY, VICKI L.: WL, Freeport, FL, CANANT, IIMMY C.:. PV, Hueytown, AL, CARGILE, GEORGE E.: VAG, Millport, AL, CARLETON, IANE K.: EEE, Evergreen, AL, CARPENTER, WILLIAM S.: PM, Livingston, AL, CARTER, ANNETTE: PL, Graceville, FL, CARTER, GREGORY A.: BY, Spanish Fort, AL, CARTER, STARR: PPY, Dadeville, AL, CARVER, CORENA S.: IE, Bessemer, AL, CASEY, CINDY M.: PPY, Montgomery, AL, CASSADY, mtEsA R.: sss, rr. Deposit, AL, CAVANAUGH, IENNEE E.: PCN, Auburn, AL, CAVANAUGH, RICHARD I.: PS, Pinehurst, NC, CHAMBERLAIN, SCOTT A.: CE, Titusville, FL, CHAMBERS, DAVID L: PM, Huntsville, AL, CHANDLER, HARRY T.: PN, Randolph AFB, TX, CHAPMAN, EMILY C.: PB, Decatur, GA, CHASTAIN, ROBERT L.: CHE, Iacltson, AL, CHASTEEN, LARRY L.: PV, B'ham, AL, CHERRY, RICHARD W.: GC, Montgomery, AL, CHRISTENBER- RY, DAVID P.: AEC, Fayette, AL, CHRISTIAN, IOHN A.: PV, Hueytown, AL, CILLO, IAMES F.: GGL, Holmeson, Nl, CLARK, BOB: PN, Auburn, AL, CLAUSEN, BRANDON R.: PN, Andalu- sia, ALA, CLAYTON, BARRY E.: IE, Attalla, AL, CLEMENTS, CHERYLL G.: VA, Auburn, AL, CLEMENTS, IEFFREY W.: OH, B'ham, AL, CLENNEY, KAREN A.: ID, Elberton, GA, CLEVELAND, SUSAN E.: RSR, Marietta, SC, CLOTFELTER, DEBRA K.: GMH, Hunts- ville, AL, COBB, MICHAEL H.: PB, Hartsford, AL, COFIELD, IEFFREY P.: PB, Anniston, AL, COFIELD, MARY L: PN, Flor- ence,AL, COLBURN, SCOTT: PD, Winter Park, FL, COLE, MARION K.: EEE, B'ham, AL, COLEY, SHEREE L: HPR, Glencoe, AL, COLLIER, MIKE R.: PPY, Tullahoma, TN, COLLINS, DAVID L: OH, Harvest, AL, COLQUITT, NANCY L: PB, Lanett, AL, COLVIN, SANDRA I.: PB, Auburn, AL, COOK, CYNTHIA G.: NS, Montgomery, AL, COOK, HORI5 R.: OP, Auburn, AL, COOK, LESLIE F.: PPY, Lanett, AL, COOPER, CHARLES A.: MRB, Robertsdale, AL, COPE, IOSEPH D.: PB, Andalusia, AL, COPELAND, KEITH W.: PB, Huntsville, AL, COSBY, DANNY P.: PB, Dothan, AL, COTNEY, CAROL A.: HME, Huntsville, AL, CO1'TLE, MARGARET N.: GEH, Tallassee, AL, COWDEN, GEORGE H.: GSC, College Park, GA, COX, DANNY C.: PN, Gadsden, AL, 500 Sophomores Q , , il? , r r , ,:,, , .,. mm.: . Cox, DONALD S.: PM, Tulla Hema, TN, COX, IAMES L.: Pv, if j 'm-h as Q Q , :QQ Q TQ ,sq ,sg Arab, AL, Cox, IAMES R.: C1M, Opelika, AL, Coz, LELIA: Q, fr, ,ii , ga A if HME, Leesburg, AL, CRAFT, DAVID M.: sss, Newell, AL, LL,: . Q ' ' 15 CRAIG II, THOMAS I.: CHE, Durham, NC, CRAVEN, DANIEL: ' . QQ QQ , QAQ Q - QQQQ, S., Q ll q PN, jasper, AL, CRAWFORD, IESSE: PL, Fr. Mitchell, AL, - QQQQQQQQTF QQ Q, Q Q2 5 I CREACAN, MARIAN E.: NF, Birmingham, AL, . .. . . . I -1-. a t . CROW' KAY l-1 PL, Gadsden, M: CRONINGFK, CARI- P-1 Q , M' If I , . Q V l ' " .. ji 31: A fl r NX CBI, B'ham, AL, CROSS, DAVID R.: MRB, Montgomery, AL: ggzfg, . ' QQ I"I E, , .,,.. i f -- is i cRozIER, WILLIAM A.: PB, Atlanta, GA, CULBRETH, IAMES . ss.. 9 9, A-A s was .1 - A 1 ass- is . .sf f Ame' , .5 er - - if-r ,, - QQ Q ,sf r,Q E Q A gf-Q , g f ' . 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R 2 .1 V, I r P 3 EQ, , A A., Ps, LaGrange, GA, DIAZ, ANA T., PN, Miami, rf, DIAZ, e f ' , 'N Y FQ ?" - ii 5 - - I :QQ Qim z 5 Ra mi, ' GLORIA M.: PPY, Pahokee, FL, DICKINSON, KATHLEEN: TH, 595: f - I mf Newville, AL, DICKSON, STEVEN E.: PN, Columbus, GA, A QQ N ' Q DONALDSON, WILLIAM C.: PN, Auburn, AL? DONNELL1 fi r if E Q4 DAVID: HR, Spanish Parr, AL, DOOLEY, PATRICK T., PN, :, : . P ,ff , f' 4'f""N' I M b'I AL' . . s . a tg . ,e . , s o Ie, , I' sm E: Q l , C,, L I ,,, , . Q Q Q. rr, 1, .,.., ,, Q I . , DOOLEY, SUSAN P., ES, Collinsville, AL, DoRMAN, ED: EE, w g' I qx l Q Q ' Q f R l"'1 ' Qgf - .4 Q Q 'I QM Q Auburn, AL, DoRRELL, ROBERT Auburn, AL, DowDY, ' X' iQ ' , , i A ",P I , 2 g , ,gas WALTER C- PB Montgomery AL DowLINc IOYCE M- .. , - .:, ' E - -'E , s A 'S - .Pg . . ' - - - k - g-fs,-. if -a K - . .. , , , , .. fi A lf: A ' TQ ' s Q CT, Opp, AL, DRANE, MARK R.: IND, Tuscumbia, AL, DU- . QQ Q Q Q, Q . rri BOIS, ROBERT I.: RT, Ozark, AL, DUIIOSE, STUART C., PL, 'R Y ' -Xl' 'X Q, P' r A A A i'fjgg'ir,,,, :wi Jackson, AL, DUCKETT, DONNAS.: PB, Geneva,FL, ' it ' 1 . - ' 'L .- . fx - :EN ,. a r r " I , WS' --:Ste-vis ' N ,, , ,... r ...... mm , .. .. , X s ':"':"" l":' E E . A . Q 5 1 ,g 5 DUMONT, LYNN A.: PT, Mont omer ,AL,DUNLAP,1ERRYL., Ae. er - Agn., . s. ., E. .t , , ..s ei 7. ,, -. W. S, g y ,X , f P . AR, Huntsville, AL, DUNNING, CHARLETTE M., EEE, Derhan, 2 ' Q Q P ' -E , is AL, DUPREE, KATHY R.: EEE, Opelika, AL, DYE, DIANE: MRB, f a , E- 'P' ' B'ham, AL, DYKES, wAITE H.: MCH, Huntsville, AL, EDGE, ,Q I . ' f'.f'- Q' . Q ,gg " QQ, . Lf' -.J DON C.: PB, B'ham, AL, EDGE RICKEY M.: EE, Oneonta, AL, .a,g'?A1siaA.., ' , a .,, a, 3 S EDWARDS,GE0RGEP.:PB,Ch.1Imblee,GA, '- arpg ii? f f 'f . ' 'i .Q MZ- . X "': ' A.- f . ' . A rw- Prefer F' " 'A at .,.,. . --,- . . .. .. . Q . s.,gagi, A 5 ' . H l eff: QQ A ig EDWARDS, KAREN E.: HRA, Atlanta, CA, EIFERT, ELIzAIIETH, .5 I -"' T1 I ' I fir, Q r A . .li ff Q Q EEC, Montgomery, AL, ELDER IR., MELVIN R.: PN, Cleveland, Q. Q1 - Q. I A' I Q I Q TN, ELLI01'I', CYNTHIA A.: EEC, Montgomery, AL, ELLIOTT, , .. . 3 : , , ,gg . Is- SUSAN I.: CC, Newman, CA, ELLIS, KENNETH C.: PD, caus- t ,, .,. . 4 ,N gy . . . , Q .- ,,Q, Q R den, AL, ELLIS, MALINDA E.: VA, Georgetown, GA, ElMS, f .sg I. lv - I ris. lv' ,K r IAMES w.: PM, Auburn, AL, ENGLISH, HARRIS C., PPY, Men- I 3 A I A . L 1 '0eVl"efALf - E- seem: ..... mmm - . . ., . , A -'-' 7 fi g, ff P ' Hz. . - 5 Q , gg M is ENNIS, DAVID H.: PB, Alexander City, AL, EPPELE, KYLE: PM, ,.,, if' F , , , E ,Q Q : z . . ,S Weaver, AL, ETCHISON, DEXTER w.: TH, Lanrali, AL, ETHER- A 1 ' ' fix ' A if Siiin ir EDGE, RODNEY M.: PNM, Conyers, GA, EVANS, ROBERT: FY, s lr - B'ham, AL, fvfkffr, MARK: oct, Anniston, AL, EAMBRO, X Q ,A A . - Q i E QQQQQ QQQ KATEIRYN A.: Gsw, Rome, GA: EARNELL, DANIEL R., LHYr E 5 - M, QQ 5 :35555 Rf . Ra ggi Q - r Mobile, AL, EARROW, MARTHA F.: GSY, Dadevllle, AL . " - 1 A-f"'? W ' ,. - I 2 E' ,is-Q ' Although Toomer's Corner is most widely known for its impromptu pep M45 , rallies, many students have found P5 , , that the old-fashioned vanilla or gs cherry Cokes from Tommer's Drug- Q? store are great for quenching a late , afternoon thirst. Two students wait for their drinks, as the afternoon , sun drops behind them. 5572 la DHQMQLRESSQPHQMQEQES SOPHOMORES SCD? 5D'l Sophomores FEE, IOHN M.: PB, Huntsville, AL, FEIST, WARREN: PM, CZICIS- den, AL, FINLAYSON, ALLEN D.: PPY, Monroeville, AL, FELL, CHARLES A.: GC, B'ham, AL, FLOWERS, ROBERT A.: PB, Panama City, FL, FELTHAM, IAMES D.: PB, B'ham, AL, FLYNN, KATHRYN M.: FY, B'ham, AL, FRAILEY, IOHN A.: ME, Stroudsburg, PA, FORTSON, DEBORAH L.: SSS, Boaz, AL, FOSTER, KEVIN L.: IE, Columbus, GA, FOSTER, PATRICK M.: PN, West Palm Beach, FL, FOSTER IR., RALPH S.: PB, Montgomery, AL, FOURNIER, DAVID E.: PN, Wellesley, MA, FOWLER, KATHRYN: PB, Bankston, AL, FRANCIS, HUGH A.: PN, Auburn, AL, FRANCIS, LINDA G.: CFL, Mobile, AL, FREEMAN, BETSV L.: PPY, SCOtISboro, AL, FRICKE, ROLAND W.: PN,GuntersviIle, AL, FRINAK, TIMOTHY R.: ZY, Childersburg, AL, FRITTS, CHERYL E.: RSS, Decatur, AL, GABRIELSON, IILL R.: RIM, Seminole, FL, GADDIS, DONALD E.: GC, Lexington Park, MD, GALLAHER, ,AMES P.: PN, Sheffield, AL, GARBER, HARRY w.: wL, Huntsville,AL, GARDINER, PAMELA K.: PS, Gadsden, AL, GARDNER, THOMAS R.: APS, Dadeville, AL, GARDNER, WALTER T.: PM, Pensacola, FL, GARRETT, GLORIA L.: CT, Moulton, AL, GAVIN, CAROLYN I.: VOA, Macon, GA, GAY, WILLIAM I.: PM, Auburn, AL, GAYHART, KRIS L.: GPG, Dothan, AL, GEORGE, WILLIAM C.: PN, Vero Beach, FL, GEORGE, RUSSELL A.: AR, Ocean Springs, MS: GERWIG, KATHLEEN A.: GC, Montgomery, AL, GIEGER, LORI A.: AR, Covington, LA, GILBERT, GEORGE D.: PN, Oxford, OH, GILES, DEBORAH G.: GILBERT, MIKEL W.: PCN, Auburn, AL, HRA, Florence, AL, GILES, IOHN M.: PB, Lillian, AL, GILL, PATRICIA L.: EEC, Huntsville, PB, Atlanta, GA, GISLER, IOAN M.: OH, Montgomery, AL, AL, GINN, IACK T.: GIVENS, BILL K.: GPG, Montgomery, AL, GOODBEYI EI-IZA' BETH A.: EEC, B'l13m, AL, GODLEWSKI, KAREN L: LT, B'ham,AL, GOLDEN, CATHY: LT, Ozark, AL, GOLDEN, WILLIAM L.: PM, Brundridge, AL, GOODWIN, DONNA D.: PB, B'ham, AL. is Q . ,: GOODWINQ WILLIAM LQ: VMQ AQQQMQ MQ GOTCHERQ HENRY ., ' ' ' A . . 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' , Q ville, AL, HERTZOG, LINDA K.: PV, Huntsville, AL, HESS, QQ-A QQ, ' , , em Q? ..-' QQ-AA Q THEODORE C., CI, Huntsville, AL, HICKS, PATRICIA: MU, 5 . , - .. , 3' --,, Si " 7 ' , . Opelika AL- ss. . if 1 X i 5' T , ,Eg ,AA ,.,,, A , ' ' . ,....... ..,,.. I... . .. . .. fig. ' fr '::" .,.,, . . .... r r T N .--,. - ' . QQ ., s K , .. . s .QL Q6 Q .. .Q QQ . , QQ Q HIDE' KAREN L: GC, B,hamQ AL? HILL' LON TQ: PNQ Mom- ' , ,QQ MQ Q A' ' ri g 1, sn, Q tb, gomery, ALI HILL, MELISSA L.: PPY, Gadsden, AL, HILL, .lf ' 1- .1 A i, ,iv . Q T IUANWA V-I PY, Alexander City, AL, HIMIC, STEVE P., CE, .. Y ' ' C0l'-ImbUS, CA: HlNKlF, IAN E-I GBLCQTTT Hill,AL: HIRANO s .. . r. . s.. ,.,, r ., ,.... . .., ., .. L .. ,r P f Q. 5 Q ' jr ' ,Q ,", i .Q MICHAEL R., RSM, Weaver, AL, HOCUTT, MARION K., PNM, 'L 5,6 if A T, RW: ,, - .2 Elba, AL, HODGE, IOY E.,TH,MarIetta, GA- Q- vga 4, 1, ' s , ,T gg ' S ' ,i sa r. ' ' 'Ty' 'ff' 1 tE.i21i'f!lf, T' l A 5 li "':'- R ':"' l -, l ' ,. 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Q , . - A.: HME, Gadsden, AL, HUFFMAN, MIKE I.: PV, B'ham, AL, , 1 es :ij Q ' ess .LM HUGHES, BARBARA I.: HEQ, Hartford, AL, HUGHES, BENITA ' f- ' , Q f' rang' PM fx .A ' w ' di I.: Pv,Marbury,AL, HUGHES, KAREN G.,FM,Dothan,AL, , rn r 'I sf, -ru...---Q. ,QQ fi Q P A 'Q - -'-- 1 T A Q QQ .. r, ,Q Q in W- , gk A . ,,,. f , . "' :-, 1 A . ae, " A V . " ""' .,,, s QQ - . ,,QQ Anrr HUGHES, wILsoN N.: PB, Tuscaloosa, AL, HUMPHRIES, Q - , Q ,..-.. 'Q l Q , Q QQ - AA' I 1' 53: KAREN I., GSC, Gadsden, AL, HUMPHRIES, MARGARET I., se ,T bi-1 ' f A ' , ' QQ Q Q " VA, Auburn, AL, HUNNICUTI' SUSAN: HEQ, Buelthannon, ' Q ,P ' wv, HUNTLEY, RUTH A., RSS, west Point, GA, HURD, X -'X Q51 , it Qrr , Q.. LANCE A.: B'ham, AL, HYDE, ROBYN A.: GSC, Chattanooga, Q Q ,'f. J fs ,"'. . ,S 1 Q TN, IRVIN, SUSAN I., TM, Alexander City, AL, IvERsON, I . fl' -A K A' ui Q Av-f LESLIE I.: GMH, Ocean Springs, MS, Q . .. --" " Tn .,,,....:.m ' -r... . - 1 f i,- T .,., ..... --rr -- Q Q . IACKSON, CHARLES G., PM, Auburn, AL, IACKSON, QQTQQ ' . 5 Ar E Ag , Q Q ' " Q f .L QQ QQ "Q Q 1 IULEIGH: PB, Alpine, AL, IACOBS, MARK W.: PL, Huntsville, a PQ . L i' Q, Ai 'QQA " f AL, IAMES, CLATT w., PM, Auburn, AL, IENKINS, BONNIE Q,,r, . ' E., MDT, Gadsden, AL, IENNINGS IEROME K., Pv, Auburn, . , A I I 'li f fiiia ,, '- All lENN'NG5r SARAH 5-i GlMr Merrill lslandr FL? IOHNSA . Q.. fr, 5Q QQ,'ff?"fQe3i Qi Q'i?i?,25 .2-., g 2 5' R , IOHN L.: PM, Buena Vista, GA, IOHNSON DARLENDA G.: I .Q X Qff 5, '? L ' ' V. ,F PB, Sl.Mtn.,GA. l , .fm-, rtr.. F ' J fr L1 , .n if., -U :A , ' 'R ' ,gig S, X . ' ,,..5,5QNQQ3i-Q3 - .1-:AQQIQ 503 Sophomores Some students finish Auburn in four years. Others take an extra couple of quarters, mostly because of light loads or changing curricul- ums. Donnie Thaxton, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, plans to take five years to graduate in a four year curriculum. And he has no qualms about it, because when he area of study. graduates, Donnie will have a year and a half practical experience in his Donnie is a co-op student, one of many on the Auburn University Campus. "I decided to co-op be- cause l wasn't sure if Mechanical Engineering was what I wanted to be in," Donnie said. Asked if his co- opping helped him make a decision, Donnie added "Yep, sure did. Now I know that's what I want to do." Donnie works Winter and Summer Quarter at the Union Carbide Plant in Greenville, South Carolina, where he lives by himself in an apartment. "The living expenses take up most of the pay, but you can't beat the prac- tical experience I'm getting from the work." Originally, Donnie worked as a draftsman, but is now designing an exhaust system to remove toxic fumes from a process used to make carbon yarn. "Now that was fun- designing something that had to work." According to Donnie, the co-op experience hasn't helped him that much in his Classes. "I don't see a lot of things in the books that I've done at work, there's really only a little Correlation between the two. But like I've said the experience is what counts.' The Union Carbide Plant is under no special obligation to Donnie after graduation, but, then again, Donnie doesn't have to go to work for them. IoHNsoN,IENNIEER T.: PPY,Gadsden,AL, l0HNSON,IERRV - g t..rer sf , g X . , D.: AY, Auburn, AL, IOHNSON, LISA L.: sss, Gadsden, AL, P' TN ,'... in Q iiiii a A . 'L' -sa N we gg Q . IOHNSON, REBECCA M.: EEE, Opelika, AL, IOHNSON, SHERI 5, f - ." Pl 1 1 je' A A ' gg , P 'gif' L.: sEH, Dothan, AL, IOHNSON, WILEY C.: ENT, Auburn, AL, Alisfg .,' P ,,,, 1 ' A Q ' ' - IOHNSTON, THoMAs K.: PB, laeltsunvllle, FL, IONES, ELLEN gi' , 1 1 jf, ,,. , . . . F I.: GSY,Alabaster,AL3 l0NES,GINGER A.: Springville, AL, ,S -a A ' f 'fl ls W .mwesasawvi - 1 -I? , ,, ik B ' IONES, IENNIEER A.: C.1M, Decatur, AL, IONES, MICHAEL I.: A . ,., ' '.r,, "': ' I P CE, Black Canyon, AR, IONES, MICHAEL L.: PM, Ormond fi? K 5 ' X fag. Q, ,Q I ' . f it' W " ..-, Q., Beach, FL: IONES, REMoNA: GC, Gadsden, AL, KEENE, KIM K i g a ,-, , I ,,-. Q S, 1 -,QQ 5 .0. ty M.: PB, Brandon, Ms, KELLEY, BENIAMIN s.: CE, Trey, AL, I ,,' , 311, 4 ' fi iifr, . .3 . KELLEY, STEVE: CE, Fort Payne, AL, KELLEY, TERRY I.: GMH, ,Q -.: a' W ij , i' L.. K B K ' '-A, 'i A . - , , , , , K., S . . s, - z- :.,, ,g ear 5 K - ag P B ham,AL, KEMP, DAVID A.. PN,TusCaloosa,AL, .Msn K kr ,X . .-.- ls 92 Wk' 5 'sg Mig. P Q 1 ' a ' .. I S:...s.B5,ag. x : 1 : " t a ' -":-- W -A ' --- - e.P-V5 . .. - .f .,.-.. . -f... ...., . , .:-- . , ... r . a Kiss'-ER: Al-ETA A-2 Clayton, AL, KETCHAM, DON L.: PN, ..', Q I . : 1-1 ..-. I::. -2.' t Vik 'skf rsafli ta fr-,- A ,,,, K Abbeville, AL, KIDD, DAVID K.: AR, Greenfield, AL, V A , I -': ,Q ,... g ::' g ' I 'klr - 5' if KIEDINGER, ROBERT E.: PN, B'ham, AL, KING, DAVID A.: r', 5 K- - ..,: t ' , W, : X T5 : - sa:-. CE, B'harn, AL, KING, DAVID 1.: Gc, Samson, AL, KING, ae ' fill L ff' 'R "1 ,A ffl- ELLEN C.: PNM, Milledgeville, GA, KING, TERRY G.: CE, 5 fkr' fx i s 1 . Pg, "-,:, L,-N,,:: Q ' - - - I S -'P . : -ar 'ina i 'PSS irii fr' " .:' +P Hamilton, AL, KIRK, IAMES R.. GMU, Belmont, NC, t A fm , ::,,' N .. 1 yn , 1 , G s f -. KIRKPATRICK, KENNETH G.: Pv, Piedmont, AL, KITCHENs, "1- ii . .-'i s . A1 .. LYNDA: PB, Huntsville, AL, KITE, BEN: HPE, Cotton, AL, KITE, .H qll ,L .... L 1 5. gg qgrr a It f , D in -I .A W CHARLES: PN, Dothan, AL, KRAMER, DANIEL L.: PB, Dun- V . rgl 5 I ' ,V , 1 ji' ,Y ,L f' ' 1. , z y woody, GA, KRULIKOWSKI, STANLEY E.: PB, Boca Raton, FL, 'fi - :in if I -':'f'1 Wfjj gi 'VL it 'J f fgf LACEY, WILLIAM A.: FAA, Guntervllle, AL, LAKE, SHERRY A.: 'P DL :-' ,,,, ji jgf! ' fm' 'ii, iiaiafff , an RSM,B'ham,AL, LAMBERT,MICHAEL C.: PPY, Bonaire,GA: 1.511 ft.-ss" ... :ff :X 'N ' 6 " , . ,,, . 1 3 Ml '.,. '.i' ' : iiii . .... -. .. A ... I .. LAMBERTH, IENNIEER M.: oH, Montgomery, AL, LANE, .y U E I ': 3 MARVIN R.: PB, LaGrange, GA, LANGEORD, SAMUEL E.: RT ,,,, at . . ii lqqu zlgq Q 1 , sa- , I . .,. 4 : 1 PN, Decatur, AL, LANGLEY, THOMAS E.: PB, Montgomery, AL, gn, eg, U 5 f' P 'FQ fs, :S+ ii ' S LANGsToN, FRANK L.: PB, Tallahassee, EL, LANIER, MARTHA :a s y -i. P Q A ,, , 5 fr: -, A.: RSS, Huntsville, AL, LANKFORD, RONALD W.: FY, Scott P .,.. . .,,. 51- M -1 A 1 M ... f Qrl' 3 Aj f I PL... e 7V,k at AFB, EL, LARKIN, CAROL I.: BI, Huntsville, AL, LARUE, 'i ' ' ,y g,ff,.sg: ,, Aw I e ay. A KRIsTINE A.: EEE, Winter Haven,PL, We y 3 ",:'f. F - . ,... . a ..,,' : '::" . 'aal ,, ., . . LASETER, LETA A.: HPR, Montgomery, AL, LAUDERDALE, P DONNA G.: PV, Elkmont, AL, LAW, BILLY: PB, Vero Beach, FL, A ,. K ' V ' .1 if "Q : " 5 get Q ' ,.,:..' " ' 1 I f ak, LAWRENCE, IAMES H.: ENT, Decatur, AL, LAYE, MICKEY P.: :ai :ef . fl 4 L. wat,-, lf, tif, A . if A-P PB, Hartford, AL, LEE IR., GREELEY M.: PN, Greenville, AL, .jg irf 1' - 1 ' T , 1.53 ',, if A ' LEE, HELEN: PPY, Talladega, AL, LEOPARD, MICHAELE D.: ..-:, . . Q g ' j P . X HRA, Athens, AL, LEvEsQuE, SHARON A.: PB, Childers urg, ,. y , ...faa ft, ,,..: giff ., as . A B M P, AL: 'I flw P f' P' . it ggaglai 5 -' ' . ..... ""'t' : 'ar' F P- 1. :.. . ...... ::- 2 -'-:: ," . -::-. . . ,.'- . LEWIS, MARGIE A.: PB, Laneh, AL, LEwIs, RICHARD D.: PB, ,,., 3 gizu g N i , Phoenix, AZ, LEWIS, STANTON C.: PCM, Sweet Water, AL, -, 1: - ha ','-.' L, " K. it 35, .:-" "" . A , -- 'if ,P s',-. 2 fi A LINDsEv, CHARLES M.: PB, Phenix city, AL, LITTLE, MICHAEL ,, ' . "g f P: .I as - , " , .:- A . Q qu. P' ' re . ,. I L, ' ' 1 5' g D.: Auburn, AL, LITTLE, TERRY W.: FY, Section, AL, LLEW- Say, ifS7"f . is Y ' i 'L A ELLYN, TOMMY w.: AR, Tuscaloosa, AL, LLOYD, RENEE s.: sa 1 ,Q f I , , ti we J ,J vBu, Prattville, AL, LOCKLAR IR., CECIEL E.: PV, Union .Q ' . ...aa-s. gg i ,.' 6 Springs, AL, : ii-:Y A :::: A P z.,.f 'K T. " . , -- ::-- va-.. . - , . . . .... .,. ....,, , . W -..' .... :"',' LONG, IAMES T.: CH, Headland, AL, LONG, WILLIAM L.: . gi' 5 Q - :ai ts, ,'s, ::. -. Xk.. -" . .S t ' Q CI, Albany, GA, LONGCHAMP, IEFFERY: SHM, Duthan, AL, Utltl, K ,H . at :'g:. . Q - is f F .1 LORD, IULIE A.: GEL,Mlarni, FL, LOWE, LLOYD, R.: PB, B'ham, I , 542 ,ef . Maisy . 5, ' . " ji . f R AL, LOWERY, IAMES T.: PN, sylaeauga, AL, LUNDY, WILLIAM ai, ' j g A, ga .... A s A gk P' K.: GC, Huntsville, AL, LUTHER, IOEL E.: SEH, Boaz, AL, . 4 Y, W K: A : 1 Fa. ,,0,,S,,.0,,,.,,,, C, ,.,,,Sha,,,nu,,,.,, Q... . L ev! P 'I Asi a .: . ' V ,i: :..:: .:- ::.:- s - I ' . . I 5 ..., I SQ PIHIOMCCDRES SQ PLPHOMCDEPSES SOPHOMORES G E 5D4 Sophomores "I can't give you any really inter- r A esting or funny stories that you can ,g f .,f ' ,, . . . rt ,ij 5 . 1, print," Donnie said. "What was fun- A lg: ' gg., ' ,,,, , ,.. M ' E 'ii""l -'S ny, though, was when the plant had ziyxy g to be closed down partially due to it the energy shortage. Everybody, no .Qi f.s, I , ' Sf' f . ' 7 5. ' matter where they worked, had to I .,: .4 'ttt - use one door to the plant-all the , '23, :Q-Lv, . . ,.,,, t.,., . ..., gm, W others were closed to conserve en- f.. 3259 :'- 9' in 7 A ergy. And the guy that wrote the . "Use this door" sign spelled it ' Qi 'doo re'." ll f I ff lift' 'P ' ' I m not sorry at all that I co-opped. , , Q, Ithink it's great." MACHEN, PAMELA I.: PPR, Sylacauga, AL, MAGAZINE, FRANK I-I CHE, Baton Rouge, AL, MALARRESE, RICK: Auburn, AL, MANNY, RICHARD P.: PPY, Cairo, GA, MARTIN. IAMES N.: PB, Monroeville, AL, MASILLA, EDWARD SJ PB, Phenix City, AL, MASON, PAMELA A.: SMH, Cairo, GA, MASON, Rosfnr w.: EE, opp, AL, MASSEY, CAROL E.: ID, Tullahorrta, TN, MATARRESE, RICK F.: CE, Sussex, NI, MATHEWS, MARILYN K.: CSV, Athens, AL, MAY, PATRICIA E.: MMH, Childersburg, AL, MAYHALL, DOUGLAS I.: PB, B'ham, AL, MCCARTNEY, MIKE H.: PB, Gadsden, AL, MCCOY, MARGARET T.: PB, Winter Park, FL, MCINTYRE, BARBARA I.: VA, Greenville, AL, MCMATH, SUEELLEN: HRA, Auburn, AL, MCMILLAN, MICHAEL H.: PD, Huntsville, AL, MCALARNEY III, IAMES L.: PN, Monroeville, AL, MCARTHUR, ROBIN P.: RSC, Fairhope, AL, MCCARTHY, EILEEN M.: RSM, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, MCCLURKIN, SAM P.: PB, Montgomery, AL, MCCOMB, FREDERICK P.: AR, Largo, FL, MCCONNELL, DAVID G.: FY, Huntsville, AL, MCCORD, LEON T.: AY, Prattville, AL, MCCORKLE, ROBERT D.: AN, Springville, AL, MCCULLOUGH, ,BONITA K.: PN, Ft. Fichardson, AK, MCDOWELL, KENNETH I.: ENH, Fairfax, AL, MCDURMONT, PATRICIA A.: SMU, Tallahassee, AL, MCELVY, CAROL, D.: PB, Shawnut, AL, MCFARLANE, PATRICK A.: CE, Mobile, AL, MCKAY, SUSAN: FM, Maitland, FL, MCKEEN, GARVIS G.: PB, LaGrange, GA, MCKOY, EDWIN M.: PN, Newnan, GA, MEEKER, IANE L.: TM, Stevenson, AL, MEISTER, IOHN M.: AE, Sterling Heigh15,MI, MENG, PEGGY M.: GJM, Hatche- chubbee, AL, MERKLE, ARTHUR: PD, Lincoln, NB, MERRILL, ZACHARY A.: PN, Piedmont, AL, MERRITT, MARIANNE: HPE, Colquitt, GA, MERRITT, RICHARD B.: FY, jacksonville, FL, MERRIWETHER, DAVID E.: CE, Mobile, AL, MERVIN, IOSEPH D.: PB, Boonton, NI, MEZICK, GENE R.: HPR, Alex City, AL, MILBURN, I0 ANN: PB, Huntsville, AL, MILLER, ANNETTE L: AR, Laura, OH, MILLER, IEFFERY Y.: AMH, Cincinnati, OH, MILLER, MARSHA C.: HPR, Summerdale, AL, MILLS, CHARLES K.: GSC, Goshen, AL, MINOR, PAMELA A.: PPY, Douglas, AL, MITCHELL, DEBBIE L.: PB, Phenix City, AL, MITCHELL, IEANIE W.: PB, Columbus, GA, MITCHUM, SUSAN K.: PB, Huntsville, AL, MITCHUM, WILLIAM A.: FY, Opelika, AL, MOENCH, ROBERT W.: PB, Nashville, TN, MOLZAHN, MICHAEL P.: AR, Clearwater, FL, MONEY, ROBIN: PB, Abbeville, AL, MONTGOMERY, BRENT E.: FY, Stuart, FL, MOON, BRIAN A.: AEC, B'ham, AL, MORGAN, MARY M.: SSE, Huntsville, AL, MORGAN, PAMELA L: PB, B'ham, AL, MORGAN, RICKY R.: PB, Decatur, AL, MORRIS, BRIAN W.: EE, Auburn, AL, MORRIS, DEBORAH L.: PB, Huntsville, AL, MORRIS, THOMAS M.: EE, Opelika, AL, MOTES, THOMAS I.: PL, Sylacauga, AL, MOYER, DAVID K.: PB, Columbus, GA, MUSICK, RICK L.: GC, Fairborn, OH, MUSSLEMAN, LINDSEY G.: GC, Florence, AL, MUTH, DONALD P.: GL, Worth, IL, MYER, ION: PB, B'ham, AL, MYRICK, DONNA I.: SMU, Gadsden, AL, NABORS, AMY L.: PB, Bessemer, AL, NATHAN- SON, CHARLES B.: CI, Kettering, OH, NEIDERT, PAMELA M.: VA, Tucker, GA, NELSON, CHARLES R.: HPR, Millbrook, AL, NELSON, DAVID W.: PNM, B'ham, AL, NELSON, DONALD: MB, Chipley, FL, NELSON, MARK H.: PM, West Palm Beach, FL, NICHOLAS, THOMAS H.: PB, Greenville, AL, NIX, NAN E.: PB, Columbus, GA, NOLEN, RUSSELL A.: TH, Ashland, AL, NORWOOD, DAVID E.: PN, Auburn, AL, NORWOOD, THOMAS W.: PB, Scottsboro, AL, NOWELL, IAMES L.: EE, Auburn. ALF NUNN, BETH A.: PB, Metairie, LA, NUNNELEE, PEGGY A.: GC, M0ntgomery, AL, OLIVE, DAVID W.: PB, Tuscumbia, AL, vmomoneeeoemomrotnee sopnomoneseorg 505 505 Sophomores OLIVER, DEBRA A.: FM, Dunwoody, GA, OMARY, ARNIE A.: PB, Auburn, AL, OTTO, EMILY D.: GIM, Auburn, AL, OTTO, IOHN D.: Pv, Langdale, AL, OWENS, CASSANDRA F.: PPY, Decatur, AL, OWENS, ROBERT L.: GSC, Gadsden, AL, PALACIOS, ALINA S.: GFLS, Auburn, AL, PARKER, IERRY D.: ME, Rocky Mount, NC, PARKER, PHOEBE L.: GC, Atlanta, GA, PAULSON, VICKI S.: VA, Decatur, GA, PEKIN, WENDY L.: PB, Hallandale, FL, PARRISH, THOMAS M.: PB, B'ham, AL, PARTAIN, Mix: M.: Ps, Wham, AL, PASSWATER, KAREN L.: PB, Huntsville, AL, PATTERSON, cmnv L.: EEE, opp, AL, PMTERSON. DENISEE RSR, Auburn, AL, PAULING, sauce. ADS, Panama City, FL, PAYNE, IENNIFER H.: GFLS, Huntsville AL, PAYNE, KENNETH R.: PN, Huntsville, AL, PEARSON, MARK A.: PNM, Auburn, AL, PEARSON, MICHAEL G.: HPR, B'ham, AL, PEASE, LEILA A.: FCD, Manchester, CA, PEDDY, CAROLYN M.: PB, Prattville, AL, PEELER, DAVID R.: HA, Huntsville, AL, PERALES, DAVID E.: PN, Tucson, AZ, mzxms, WALLACE G.: i ll" I " ' : " ' ME, Stevenson, AL, PERRY, MARSHA L.: EEE, Auburn, AL, PERRY III, FRED B.: PB, Auburn, AL, PETERSON, BEVERLY PG, Auburn, AL, PETERSON, IOANNE: GEH, Auburn, AL, PETROWSKI, TOM S.: BSC, Prospect Park, Nl, PHILLIPS, PAMELA E.: PB, Skipperville, AL, PHILLIPS, STEPHANIE B-2 PM,Prattville, AL, PHILLIPS, TIMOTHY I.: WL, Valley Head, AL, PIERCE, DAVID A.: AR, Montgomery, AL, PILLITARY, MARY L.: PPY, Gadsden, AL, PINYERD OHN S.' CHE Huntsville, AL PITTMAN, CHAR I - , 2 ' LOTTE it sss, Carrollton, AL, rosrv, KAREN I.: EEE, Cleveland, AL, POSEY, KAREN S.: OH, Mobile, AL, POWELL, BUSTER: PB Huntsville, AL, POWELL, DEBORAH A.: PPY, Samson, AL. T-shirts are more than just a way to cover the body for most Auburn students. Hundreds of standard designs are avail- able at bookstores and clothing stores around town. But for the people who don't want a standard design, there is a way to get your own design on a shirt- silkscreening. Several students have set up small scale operations to duplicate the printing jobs that large shirt-manufacturing businesses perform. Almost any design can be put on a shirt, but you need a different silkscreen for each color in the design, making two-, three-, and four-color shirts more difficult and more expensive. The custom printed shirts are put to two major uses-to advertise All-Campus Fund Drive projects, and to campaign for of- fices in student elections. For the Fund Drive projects, the only wearers of the shirts are usually members of the group sponsoring the project, but during elec- tions, the campus explodes in different colored shirts and designs. Many fresh- men wear campaign shirts for people they don t know-simply trying to be one of the crowd. The silkscreening procedure is simple enough that any student can do it when supplied with a screen. Most students will make a silkscreen from a one-color design for under S20. By adding about S7 worth of ink, you can print the design on four or five hundred shirts. The silkscreen is an open rectangle of thin wood, covered with a tightly stretched piece of polyester. This polyes- ter is covered with a bluish-green rubber- like photographic emulsion, leaving the design open and uncovered with the emulsion. By pouring ink into a screen, placing the screen on top of the shirt to be printed, and pulling a squeegee across the design, you can transform a plain shirt into a custom printed one in less than 15 sec- onds. That's simple, and the shirts cost less than a billboard for advertising, look good, and allow you to create your own design. Not a bad buy for as little as Set a shirt. POWELL, STEVEN T.: HPE, Opelika, AL, PRICKETT, SHERRY: MU, Phenix City, AL, PRITCHETT, LORA H.: VOA, Thomaston, AL, PRITCHEIT, THEODORE E.: PCN, Mobile, AL, PROVIN, SUSAN L.: SSC, Enterprise, AL, PUMPELLY, ELLEN D.: GC, Louisville, KY, QUENELLE, ANNE R.: GC, B'ham, AL, RAND, MARY K.: PV, Huntsville, AL, RAY, MARY S.: GFL, jasper, AL, REEVES1 BARBARA S.: RSB, Lanett, AL, REEVES, CINDY C.: OH, Abbeville, AL, REGAN, IEANNE M.: GSY, Miami, FL, REGAN, IOHN F.: PNM, Matawan, NI, REHM, CHRIS I.: PV, Mobile, AL, RELFORD, ROBERTA L.: PV, Gadsden, AL, RENAKER, DAVID B.: GC, Nashville, TN, REW, STEPHEN D.: AE, Seabrook, TX, REYNOLDS, BRENDA F.: EEE, Phenix City, AL, REYNOLDS, LYNN Q.: VA, Macon, GA, RHYNE, MARY L.: HEQ, Atlanta, GA, RICE, DEBBIE A.: GA, Carmel, IN, RICE, DEBRA I.: PB, Opelika, AL, RICE, IENNY: PB, Uniontown, AL, RICHARDSON, LAINEY B.: GPG, Atlanta, GA, RIGGS, BLANCHE: PN, Fairhope, AL, RILEY, IAMES: IND, Tulsa, OK, RILEY, WALTER I.: EE, Maxwell AFB, AL, RINDT, ELAINE: CMH, Sheffield, AL, RIVERS, BOBBY H.: GC, Union, SC, ROBBINS, DONNA L.: LT, Goodwater, AL, ROBERSON, TONY A.: PN, Demopolis, AL, ROBERTSON, DONNA L.: EEC, Cedar Bluff, AL, ROBERTSON, PEGGY I.: FCD, jasper, AL, ROBINSON, IOHN I.: MBI, Leesburg, FL, ROBINSON, PAM: GC, Auburn, AL, ROBUCK, SONYA C.: NF,B'ham,AL, RODGERS, LISA R.: VA, Athens, AL, ROGERS, CALVIN: PN, Montgomery, AL, ROGERS, STEPHEN L.: PPY, Huntsville, AL, R0NEyr LINDA G.: PPY, Samson, AL, ROSS, CHERYL A.: LT, Cullman, AL, ROWE, ALICE E.: EEC, Montgomery, AL, ROWE, SARA E.: GC, Athens, AL, ROYSTER, RANDY G.: CE, LaFayette, AL, RUSHING, TERESA K.: PPY, Sulligent, AL, RUSSELL, RICHARD G.: BSC, BIIIHITI, AL, RYAN, IOHN R.: PN, Gadsden, AL, RYAN, MICHAEL P.: FY, Childressville, AL, SADLER, MICHAEL L.: AR, Montgomery, AL, SALTER, SUZANNE: IE, Clanton, AL, SANCHE, DANIEL H.: HF, Guate- mala City, Guatemala, SANDERS, DEBORAH K.: GSW, Laverne, AL, SANDERS, IAMES B.: GC, Montgomery, AL, SANDERS, REGINA A.: PB, Huntsville, AL, SANDERS, SUSAN A.: GPG, Louisville, KY, SATCHER, DOUGLAS: PM, Anniston, AL, SAULS, GINGER E.: PB, Phenix City, AL, SAXON, NEAL H.: PPY, Greenville, AL, SCHAFFSTALL, THOMAS E.: PN, Chamblee, GA, SCHMITZ, DEBORAH R.: CHE, Eufaula, AL, SCHOMBORG, SUSAN A.: SSS, Phenix City, AL, SCRUGGS, TAMELA L.: VBU, Clanton, AL, SCULLY, PATRICE M.: PM, Auburn, AL, SEAVER IR., GEORGE A.: EE, Auburn, AL, SEGREST, ALAN L.: PPY, Huntsville, AL, SEWELL, LAURA L.: FM, Section, AL, SHAHAN, SUSAN G.: VOA, Huntsville, AL, SHARMAN, ANNIE M.: EEE, Auburn, AL, SHAW, HUNTER: FN, Mont- gomery, AL, SHAW, SHEILA C.: SSS, Shawmut, AL, SHIPMAN, IUNE C.: SMH, Louisville, AL, SKINNER, CYNTHIA F.: VA, Opelika,AL, SLATON, ROBERT I.: AR, Montgomery, AL, SLAY, LINDY L.: FCD, Talladega, AL, SMART, AMY I.: HPR, Sylacauga, AL, SMITH, CLIENT T.: PN, Fairfield, AL, SMITH, EDWIN: CHE, Butler, AL, SMITH, IEROME: PL, Albertville, AL, SMITH, RUTH E.: EEC, Pine Mtn., GA, SMITH, SUSAN L.: RSS, Auburn, AL, SMITHWICK, LEE: PV, Auburn, AL, SNOW, WILLIAM L.: PN, Florence, AL, SOUTHALL, SUSAN K.: PPY, Farmville, VA, SOUTHERLAND, IULIUS: SMH, Char- lotte, NC, SPEER, MARGARET E.: EEE, Wetumpka, AL, SPILIOS, PATSY I.: GC, Opelika, AL, SPIITLE, KEVIN S.: PB, B'ham, AL, SPRAY, ROBERT G.: WL, Greensboro, AL, SPRAYBERRY, AMY G.: PV, Goodwater, AL, SPURLOCK, T. THOMAS G.: PPY, Gadsden, AL, STANLEY, CHARLES W.: PN, LaGrange, GA, STANLEY, DAVID B.: AR, Hubert, NC, STAND, PAT: PV, B'ham, AL, STAPLETON, MARY I.: PPY, Fairhope, AL, STARKEY III, WALTER A.: PN, Auburn, AL, STEELE, DAVID E.: FY, Beatrice, AL, STEELE, SALLY: RSM, Albany, GA, STEEN, TERESA A.: FCD, Nashville, AL, STEPHENS, CARL W.: MH, Columbia, TN, STEPHENS, WILLIAM E.: PCN, Bay Minette, AL, STEPHENSON, KEN A.: PCN, Mobile, AL, STERLING, IAN: PB, Guntersville, AL, STEVENS, KATHERINE N.: PB, IaCkS0nville, FL, STOKLEY, LARRY A.: EE, Opelika, AL, STONE, IEFFREY I.: CE, B'ham, AL, STREBECK, WALTER R.: PN, Opelika, AL, STREET, CATHY E.: EEC, Selma, AL, STRICKLAND, TINA M.: PB, Huntsville, AL, PHQMQRESSQPHQMCDFSESSOPHCMORESSQ?50, Sophomores sTRICKLIN, TOMMY C.: HPR, B'ham, AL, sTuBBs, DONNA ,,,,..' .,,.. K C.: TH, Montgomery, AL, SULTENFUSS, IUDITH A.: PN, Vrn if ,.,: 'mm'kk ' ., I , ,.,. A, Tampa, FL: surroN, BILL E.: PV, Huntsville, AL, swINDAL, J: E... I 3 . -: , ' 2 ' . ROBIN K.: PB, B'l:am, AL, TALBOT, CHERYL L.: NS, Troy, AL, I I ' I f f-5 : ' TATUM, KRISTINA: PB, Montgomery, AL, TAYLOR, FRANCIS , ff m,'A I '- 5 ,wx :MN D.: PM,laeR:onville, FL, TAYLOR, IEFEREY A.: OH, Huntsville, , .', E X , AL: I "': z . ' .'- . , I W i '." ' it ' 7- if 'X -. Q A . 5 - - ::. ---f...:. S y TAYLOR, IOHN E.: PCN, Opelika, AL, TAYLOR, KAREN A.: it . - ' f PB, Savannah, GA, TAYLOR, KATHRYN L.: PM, B'ham, AL, E y ,F " If .X ' ,-L.- i .A , ' ' g f . TAYLOR, KEN H.: PB, Oxon Hill, MD, TAYLOR, SUSAN A.: 1 Al.: ' if L ,gg T1 gif' ' AA11 1 'jf gjj .' EEC, Brewton, AL, TEAGUE, IACK: Pv, Eclectic, AL, TELSON, y A ' , f - . Ross D.: EE, Orlando, FL, TERRY, REGGIE I.: PN, Trinity, AL, ' Q Q A i k r ' I - TESTAS, KIMBER L.: EEE, Montgomery, ALg Pi.-lik j , ,... M -...t .. ,...,. 1 .... ,. . . .-.. 1 .aw " ' , .,-, TH'fSr URENDAI VBU. Birmingham, AL: THOMAS, llll E-1 CH, .,,. :EH :..- ' A V' Atlanta, GA, THOMAS, PEGGY D.: PB, Clearwater, FL, ' 1 'tt 'i -" . :'i-' . ,, ' , - T 'f' P' THOMAS, REBECCA L.: PPY, Opp, AL, THOMPSON, AIMEE , .y,:A. 1 A I . 'fl' Q., :. - A. 'I C.: GC, Mobile, AL, THOMPSON, DAVID O.: PN, Ozark, AL, X i'r. . gf, V . 'il la :QQ - , -' - " ,Ri THOMPsON, DONNA w.: PM,Monroeville, AL, THOMPSON, "'l il bkll P 9 .L g3,::gf - Q GREGORY L: GPO, San Antonio, TX 5 THOMPSON, TERRY E.: P I Z 3. S: .P LQ TSSS - Q r.,.-. il , ' ,I ' 'i.3f,5,, . 1 ,... . ., -.,, . v ,:rrfX. . :,.., ., ..- A .. ,g41, ,-.:., MUIEUSWFLF .... I .:. f- Niall, ' lz, r ,. ,.rP ' '::s:i:!iff .-'r-. f - x ,, ,- " .,t a, K Q . ,..-.. . - "-t: r -'r' -r::- ...,. s ....,,.:: THAI . - THOMPSON, VALERIE L.: MRB, Cherry Point, NC, THRAsHER, :-.-. , "-- ,,,, I - r- GREGORY s.: PB, Ozark, AL, TINDELL, DOUGLAS R.: PN, i my QLIA : I 5255? I f: J 1:ii . ...,.. . if ,P ' V ,L Camp Bellton, FL, TINNEY, CLAUDE L.: PCN, Sylacauga, AL, :t' I- .,. , ,Q-71 We ' :., X ,E - ' ' ' y as 1, ' P TORBERT, CHARLES s: VAG, Opelika, AL, TORRANCE, ' . fij- :A i',: ja Qakir, 5 m y U CATHERINE L.: ssE, Orlando, FL: TRAPP, THERESA D.: GPL, if A ,...-iO , 1 ' , ,... ,.,, ' Montgomery, AL, TRELOAR, PATRICIA I.: ZY, Ormond ,MAggg?,,,,iijf . ' , iw ' if BeaCh,FL, TuCKER,PAMELA P.: RSS, Mobile, AL, P Pg ' ' ,,-i, 35:a . -' LASER t it I I w ,. ..,-- . .r.,.. Y. "" ' -"'i t' . ..,.,.. TUCKER,TERESA D.: FCD, Sweet Water, AL, TURNER, DEBBIE E A :,, ' ,,,Af y - Q V 3. Q D.: PB, Lincoln, AL, TURNER, EDNA L.: Aos, Key Biscayne, FL, 3 ' N ' i . ii'i Q I Eff . "' M TYSKOWSKI, IANE A.: MU, Reston, VA, VALLELY, IOHN I.: t ' Aw :,: :vw g . W Osram. , it 5 f' PN, Opelika, AL, vINsoN, VIRGINIA N.: RSM, Mobile, AL, W 1 ' ' i . f i VORAN, STEVIE: PB, Mobile, AL, WAKEFIELD, ROBERT D.: , ,X ' ,y -.g , I N MU.SYlacauga.AL: WAlDHElMr HUGO: TH,Mai1land, EL: . f. .,:: .,., ..., to iiil A . is ... 5 A f A R PPP Ps A f 1 ifi. T:P.f sf. 1 if I ,.,. o.,...a. ---: - - :ora .ri. . .:" :':: .:-- .t.:r:. Q , .. .Q I ,f:......,.. WALKER, CECEL A.: BSC, Baileyton, AL, WALKER, DONNA s.: P x"" ' 9- PB, Montgomery, AL, WALKER, ROLAND N.: sMu, Atlanta, 1 .,,-' ' ' IA b 1 I H. GA, WALLACE, BARBARA A.: PCN, Whistler, AL, WALLACE, , -. ra x X . f ri-: '- 5 ' - J Amiga, DAVID L.: EH,Auburn,ALg wALLACE, EARL: ssc, MobiIe,AL, :.,-, - t .ri D ' A ,5 P A :il l y. WALLACE IR., MELvIN C.: PPY, Shawmut, AL, WALLACE, ' , ll . f A . ,,, , A: b ,Q NANCY L.: EEC, Montgomery, AL, WALLS, DAVID L: PB, X . 5, : K' ,V f giwf' I ,ig , x Lanett,ALp If if 1 M gm , ,?.a:F,.x f a S . . E "' , ,,,...,.. . WM--ERS' DONNA L. PCD, Melbourne Beach, FL: WALTON, :li S- 'ix ,,, ,i L KA : P PI vICKIE C.: GC, B'iiarn, AL, wARD, CHARLOTTE A.: PPY, xg, , jg .gf Gadsden, AL: 'if ' Q QQ., ' ' " . ":,: f " ', ' aia . ...: 2 , : --I: ., 4, ffr - WARD, SHEILA M.: LT, Saraland, AL, WARDEN, ANDREW D.: R if ' '-" 1 A9 -' PB, Ormond Beach, FL: WARREN, KEITH D.: PN, Auburn, AL: " 52? ,wm.:o. A N .i Pt. wu t A .2 P..:: g f ' WARREN. MARTHA G.: PM, B'ham, AL, WATKINS, ALAN H.: , ' g ie AR,Athens,AL,WATKINS, DANIEL E.:CB, TaIIassee,ALp ' P ' i Wi: A . ---'- ' WATKINS, IOHN B.: PL, B'ham, AL, WATSON, ALAN w.: PN, ' .,' Huntsville, AL, WATSON, CAROLE L.: vBu, Fairfax, VA, xxx If . Q 'ii : 5 A N ' : .... , WATSON, DABRA I.: EEE, Dothan, AL, WATSON, HARRIFT G.: " ': PM , I rt EEE, Anniston, AL, WATSON, LAURA D.: PB, Plantation, FL7 '- lfgifl 952 ,, .. s ,,-Q, .. .WD-. N .-,, mwwo-wo:: WATTS, CHARLOTTE N.: GC, Greenville, AL, WATTS, STEPHEN E ,5 2' - A-I MRB, Demopolis, AL, WEBB, SHARON R.: LT, Cullman, AL. 'I if ' - I I tffagl N ry, 3' SAR A A ' B .::::--:tomv'fPiRw:i ,fo--fl:-,:o:-ao, I--,.,av:e,:,,, .ao ft., ..f,.,.o,,,.., ....,,r....,.,,,,,,, . . ami...P:i:i:::R5'oo:fre,:::::.:o,...iar:E:2d,::r:,,.a:.1 W 21.23 A A ax X 5 SQPHQMQEEHESSQPLPHKDMQFSESSDPHOMORES D8 Sophomores .Leer alii Q -.vX k':, Ai S ,tie -I K ,. ,fx f r- 1115 WEED, WILLIAM: AY, Auburn, AL, WEEKS, EVELYNE M.: SEH, I g ,, Q M 5 Cullman,AL, WELLS, KENNY: HA, Mobile,AL, WELLS, ROBERT ,L ."1 Q5 . ' ,fo - -, L Q ' -, I' gg ,Ei D.: EE, Pensacola, FL, WERNER, RICHARD c.: Ps, Hanover H 3 Y ....V, 1 1 235 .::,,, L ,,--- ij ,gl A I Park, IL, wEsr, DEBRA L.: EEc, ryharn, AL, WESTBROOK, ti v e, 9, VLL Ek' , " gil, CATHY' I.: FcD, Clayton, AL, wEs1RoPE, DEBORAH S.: Eco, :: , L L A - A :,, A A . I I ,LLL L.L g I ..,, .:.,: , M wHlrIILE, GEORGE II.: GHY,Glenaide, PA, WHITACRE, DONN Q Az' , 1 " R "" , ,blx A., AR, Hunrsviile, AL, WHITE, DANNY R.: Pv, Decatur, AL, I .gn fr I . , . if gf WHITE, DAVID E.: GPS, Maxwell Ara, AL, WHITLOCK, ' af "fi e L' X ' :mf . l ' -::1 L W' L . - L E LINDA I.: PB ,,,, y V a. , A L J , r ,',.. L , S... RHONDA I.. Aos, Camp Hlll, AL, WHITMOR , , -A aff tr L, ir' , if , fl gf -"' 6 f t Oxford, AL, WIGGINS, PHILLIP: PD, Dothan, AL, WIGGINSI gist? . ... .. . I v,:.- -K my Jawa -.. N, ,.fk my wlu-IAM B.: INDI Greenville, AL. wlclfyl EVEREIT I.: ar , 1 an X . es. , .L EE'MarieualGA: A 1 '.::. A QL, ,,.,. . A-'- f .:.,. ..... wlLxEs, IACK L., AE, aflaarn, AL, WILLIAMS, ANTHONY M.: . if f-' ., L ....' "' , . I S Gsc, rt. Walton Beaen, FL, WILLIAMS, BARBARA E., HPE, H Q if ,gm ':V. ' mf I 5 A A E, Lumpkin, GA, WILLIAMS, BRADLEY c.: ss, Nashville, AL, J, at ' E ET X lf i t af ka QQ 'Egg gg: fr WILLIAMS, DALE C.: AG, Homestezigi GVSLEQMS, L "7' ' gli: - Q P K' . ' D9UGL5s.VElE'L?:Li?, lJAlxluEIfx Jgnf omer TIT .75 L R'n'Lg.f5fi gx ,v ga L' A ffiiif R allllrinks RH:JNDAlC'PUB Deeaiur AL- g Y' I t . L-5:51. 15 'z W L fa,-' AA' it A ... I - .,.. WILLIAMS, STEVEN D.: vA. Pell city. AL: WILLIAMS. SARA I-I ' i ,, 'ZII TH, Griffin, GA, WILLIAMS, TAMI A.: PB, Brewnsbdro, AL, X li :"' :--..,,, I 'I I ' 1, fi II: wILLIAMs, VALERIE R.: voA. Auburn. AL: WILLIAMSON' .VI ,M - e,,, , , . LUCY K.: EECWILQISESLOISAISL:AWIESSJI ElOFFflA1tRE53fx1, "-:- I .-,' ' ' e i -- I A. . I.L - I i. . - P - - L .: , an din, , - L I Q. . ,-.. , r :" llbNALD I.: lvfr, Midfield, AL: WILSON, STEPHEN . . S i V si? , ig is-ai E.: PUB, RusseIlville,AL: . Q g 'I'EI'- , Q -EE'I if WILSON, THERESA c.: cl, Manchester,GA, WINNE, MARK C-I T 555 I . . L. 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K ::, ,, 1 Q- I T PNMI Meridianvillel ALI WRIGHT, RHQNDA AJ HPR' Mgmt. pea, if M 'gt Q' 'f , F gfl .QL Vg - gomery, AL, WYLER, HERMAN W.: LBS, luarez, Mexico, is f If ,j ,," P' 9 , 4 I y ' YARBROUGH, DWIGHT L.: PNM, Ashland, AL, YEIlDlNGr Lx fsgai, If Qite--ig IACK w.: ME, rldrenee, AL, YOUNG, ELAINE M.: Gsw, -o Q , X :-, ,I . Opelika, AL, YouNG, PHILLIP w.: Mu, carnp Hill, AL, 'f' , U as f T" qififi , zELLNER,clNDYlf.:HM,Fldrenfe,AL. L - ,...-. L g When most Auburn students think of Auto Racing, an image of the Talladega 500, complete with beer-bellied good 'ole boys in stock Chevys. Other students may have clearer pictures of the racing world, spouting names that they heard mentioned on the Wide World of Sports. But few students know Auto Racing from the inside-as a participant. lim Russell, a sophomore in marketing from Birming- ham, is one of those few who have driven a race car. lim's interest in racing grew from reading some of the numerous racing magazines found in current magazine racks. Since he began racing in june of 1974, jim has been in 42 races, winning 26 of them-a healthy percent- age for any athlete. Most of his racing has been of the 'Solo Two' variety, where a course is laid out on a large, flat area. The con- testants race against the clock, instead of driving the course at the same time. Skill and practice are required to be able to weave through the obstacles at high speed without losing valuable time. Since the races are only a one day event, lim finds that this is the easiest racing to fe s L Last june, jim attended a Racing school in St. lovalot, Canada, where he practiced in formula 4 racing cars. Only ten people from the United States attended, and two varieties of racing licenses were required in order to attend. During the three day school session, lim learned a lot about safety and handling a car at high speeds. lim's favorite racer is jackie Stewart, and lim hopes in the future to be able to race in England. ln the near future, he plans to run in SEC club races after his gradua- tion, the next step in the motor circuit after Solo Two's. After saving money, he plans to make his move to Eng- land. There, according to lim, there are bigger clubs and professional teams. Later, he hopes to bring that pro- fessionalism back to the United States. Presently, lim owns an Austin Healey Sprite, but hopes to move soon into a formula car, a one-seater that's smaller than a Grand Prix car. lim's ultimate goal-to win the Grand Prix. lf you hear his name in the future over the radio, you can tell your kids you went to school with him-where else, but at La fi a A22 Le if Q do while going to school. Au burn. We LL aa. 5552 5240? an s 509 Sophomores Freshmen Lil Blackmar crosses the finish line in the ODK-Wilbur Hutsell Cake Race, run on November 18. The race was open to women for the first time in its 62 year history, and two women were among the 210 freshmen in the race. Lil was the only woman to finish. ABADIN, HENRY G.: PV, B'ham, AL, ADAMS, DALE W.: PB, B'ham, AL, ADAMS, DAVID K.: WL, Scottsboro, AL, ADAMS, IOSEPH M.: GB, Midway, AL, ADAMS, ROBERT L: PN, B'ham,AL, AHRENS, DOUGLAS L: AR, Florence, AL, ALEXANDER, TIM: PPY, Aliceville, AL, ALLEN, DEBORAH K.: RSS, Sylacauga, AL, ALLEN, ELIZABETH A.: GED, Tallahassee, FL, ALLISON, NEWELL S.: GC, Lookout Mtn., TN, AMMONS, PAMELA A.: LT, Ozark, AL, ANDERSON, BRIAN: PN, Oxford, AL, ARMSTRONG, IAMES: GPG, Fort Hood, TX, ARNOLD, HERBERT L: PN, B'ham, AL, ARNOLD, SUSAN: GC, Abbeville, AL, ASHBURN, MICHAEL A.: CH, Titusville, FL, ASHCRAFT, TERESA A.: OH, Mobile, AL, ASHURST, IOHN M.: AR, Mont- gomery, AL, AVERY, PAMELA I.: RSS, Huntsville, AL, AWBREY, LYNN E.: GC, Roanoke, AL, BAILEY, IANNISE: HPR, Wetumpka, AL, BAIN, SANDRA L: HPR, Memphis, TN, BAINS, BEVERLY M.: EEC, Oneonta, AL, BALDWIN, PATTI E.: GPC., Montgomery, AL, BANKS, LEIGH W.: LT, Wetumpka, AL, BANKS, SCOTTIE: PM, Prattville, AL, BARKER, BRAD N.: PPY, Auburn, AL, BARNES, CAROL: PB, Florence, AL, BARNES, IEFFREY L: PN, B'ham, AL, BARNES, WILLIAM A.: PB, Carbon Hill, AL, BARNETT, BILLIE M.: HEQ, Fitzpatrick, AL, BEAN, BARRY F.: PN, Hartselle, AL, BEANE, PAMELA I.: SSC, Semmes, AL, BEASON, BELINDA V.: GPC, Huntsville, AL, BECK, CYNTHIA: GC, Upper Marlboro, MD, Bl.EDSOLE, WILLIAM S.: PB, B'ham, AL, BELCHER, BETSY: PB, Guntersville, AL, BELL, E. SCOTT: PM, Indialantic, FL, BENCE, LINDA L: VHE, Opelika, AL, BENTLEY, MICHAEL: PM, Sylacauga, AL, BEOVICH, DOMINIC F.: Pensacola, FL, BERRYHILL, LYNN E.: GPC., Oxford, AL, BERRYHILL, STEVE F.: PN, Montgomery, AL, BERZETT, SUSAN C.: RSS, Athens, AL, BETSCH, RANDY W.: PB, B'ham, Al, BIEBERSTEIN, IANEI' L: VBU, Stone Mtn., GA, BIRDENER, THERESA A.: PN, Anniston, AL, BISHOP, I. RICHARD: PN, Montgomery, AL, BLACK, HARRY V.: PN, Dadeville, AL, BLACKWOOD, WILLIAM R.: FY, Huntsville, AL, BLANKENSHIP, SUSAN H.: MV, Auburn, AL, BLEDSOE, BETTY I.: FCD, Autaugaville, AL, BLEDSOR, HENRY A.: OH, Langdale, AL, BOAY, MARY ANN: GC, Lakeland, FL, BOGGS, KATHY G.: NS, B'ham, AL, 51 'I Freshmen BORELLI, PAUL I.: CMH, Huntsville, AL, BORSUM, MICHAEL R.: PN, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, BOULWARE, DEBRA S.: LT, Chelsea, AL, BOUNDS, ELIZABETH L.: PB, Auburn, AL, BOUTWELL, LISA: NF, B'ham, AL, BOYER, DARRELL A.: PS, Millinton, TN, BRAGG, DEIDRE E.: RSS, Macon, GA, BRASHER, TANIA L.: PB, Sterrett, AL, BRASWELL, EDWARD1PV.AShville.AL2 BRAUN, KIM: GC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, BRAY, BARBARA A.: PN, Leeds, AL, BREWER, RALPH M.: EH, Jacksonville, FL, BRIDGES, WILLIAM C.: PN, Mobile, AL, BRISENDINE, WIL- LIAM C.: VAG, Ft. Payne, AL, BROADHEAD, DONNA S.: GC, B'ham, AL, BROOKS, CINDY I.: CH, Huntsville, AL, BROWN, RICHARD C.: PV, Huntsville, AL, BRUNO, ANTHONY I.: PV, B'ham, AL, BRYAN, IAMES L.: GMH, Daphne, AL, BRYAN, WILLIAM C.: PS, Montgomery, AL, BRYSON, BETH A.: NS, Samson, AL, BUGS, GREGORY M.: PN, Gadsden, AL, BUNGERT, DAVID I.: PB, jacksonville, FL, BURCH, ROBERT E.: PLN, Ft. Mitchell, AL, BURCHFIELD, RENEA D.: FM, Huntsville, AL, BURCHFIELD, SHANE K.: PM, Albernant, AL, BURFORD, LYNNE: GC, Montgomery, AL, BURKETI, SU- ZANNE L: GC, B'ham, AL, BURKHOLDER, DAVID L: PN, Goldsboro, NC, BURLAND, LAURA E.: GC, B'ham, AL, BUR- SON, ANTHONY I.: PN, Newnan, GA, BURTON, BOB: BSC, Auburn, AL, BUSH, GREG E.: PCN, Milton, FL, BUSSEY, GRACE L.: GC, Fairfield, AL, BUTLER, DALE L.: PN, Andalusia, AL, CALDWELL, MICHAEL W.: PB, B'ham, AL, CAMP, BRUCE A.: PD, Oxford, AL, CAMPBELL, LISA K.: PB, Scottsboro, AL, CARBINE, DENZEL H.: PN, Florence, AL, CARDINAL, PAUL G.: PN, Memphis, TN, CARMICHAEL, RICHARD D.: PN, B'harn, AL, CARPENTER, DELILAH F.: PV, Newville, AL, CAR- PENTER, SUSAN M.: GC, Huntsville, AL, CARROLL, SHERRI- NEIL I.: EEE, Vernon, AL, CARTER, IACK T.: PL, Sylacauga, AL, CARTER, KELLY L.: FCS, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, CARTER, WILLIAM: PB, Plantation, FL, CASEY, KIRK D.: PM, Montgomery, AL, CASEY, PATRICIA A.: GSW, Florence, AL, CATER, LOUIS A.: PN, Munford, AL, CAT- LETT, IACK C.: PCN, Athens, AL, CATREIT, PAM: SEH, Auburn, AL, CHAMBERS, IACQUELINE D.: HPR, Montgomery, AL, CHAMBERS, WAYNE E.: PV, Guntersville, AL, CHAMPION, CAROL: VBU, Elba, AL, CHANDLER, THOMAS E.: PN, Flor- ence, AL, CHAPMAN, PHYLIS I.: PT, Mobile, AL, CHASON, IOHN K.: PD, Tallahassee, FL, CHASTAIN, IEAN I.: PPY, Tal- ladega, AL, CHENEY, SARA C.: PUB, Winter Haven, FL, CHRIS- TAKOS, GREG I.: PN, Andalusia, AL, CHRISTENSEN, STEVE H.: PNM, Auburn, AL, CHRISTIAN, IERI B.: PPY, B'ham, AL, CLAR, STEVE F.: GC, Miami, FL, CLARK, ERIN L: PM, Auburn, AL, CLARK, KEN: PV, Dothan, AL, CLARK, LISA M.: GPO, Miami, FL, CLARK, TANYA E.: GC, Montgomery, AL, CLARKE, LUKE W.: PN, Taft, TN, CLARKE, RAYMOND H.: PD, Anniston, AL, CLAU- SEN, MIKE D.: PN, Andalusia, AL, CLEMENS, MICHAEL C.: PB, Montgomery, AL, CLOUD' CHARLES D.: PV, Homewood, AL, COBB, CATHY A.: PB, B'ham, AL, COCHRAN, HAROLD W.: GI, Merritt island, FL, COLE, KAREN L.: FM, Marietta, FL, COLLINS, OLIVE: PPY, Ha- vena, FL, COLSON, IEANNE M.: GC, Eutaw, AL, CONOLY, STEVEN L.: FY, Huntsville, AL, COONS, SUSAN L.: EEE, Mont- gomery,AL, COPENHAVER, DIANA I.: LT, Winter Haven, FL, CORRIGAN, SHAWN E.: PN, lacksonville, FL, COSTA, GAIL S.: TH, Hender- son, NC, COWAN, BRENDA L: GPG, Venice, FL, COX, LEWIS L.: CI, Auburn, AL, COX, RANDALL P.: GC, Huntsville, AL, CRANE, CINDY D.: PB, B'ham, AL, CRANE, PATRICIA AL: PT, Valdosta, GA, CRAWFORD, TIMOTHY D.: AN, Greensboro, AL, CRESWELL, TOMMY C.: BY, Henegar, AL, CRITTENDEN, IOAN D.: HPR, Fairhope, AL, CROSS, VIRGINIA M.: PM, Ft. Myers, FL, CULLISON, SUZANNE: HEQ, Ocala, FL, CULWELL, IULIE C.: VA, Decatur, GA, CURTIS, BRENDA C.: RSM, Opelika, AL, DABBS, RICKY: PN, Fairfax, AL, DABIDSON, IOSEPH T.: PO, Helena, AL, DANIEL, DENISE: HEQ, College Park, GA 512 Freshmen DANIEL, IOHN M.: HEQ, Roanoke, AL, DANSBY, CAROL E.: FM, Columbus, GA, DAVID, LAURA A.: FM, B'ham, AL, DAVIS, DENISE: PB, Griffin, GA, DAVIS, DENNIS F.: MU, Camp Hill, AL, DAVIS, DOROTHY: PN, Gardendale, AL, DAVIS, IEAN E.: GC, B'ham, AL, DAVIS, IOE L.: AR, Taft, TN, DEL SIGNORE, MARY I.: HRA, Montgomery, AL, DESMOND, LAURENE: PN, Ole Saybrook, CT, DETCHON, TRACI L: GT, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, DEWITT, CAROL A.: FCD, Greensboro, AL, DICAPUA, DIANE L: PPY, Ormond Beach, FL, nicxfv, no M.: cs, Macon, GA, DILLARD, PHILLIP C.: PN, Ramer, AL, DONNANGELO, LINDA L.: ID, Miami, FL, DOWN- ER, MICHAEL I.: PN, Ft. Payne, AL, DOWNES, KEVIN R.: OT, San lose, CA, DUFFY, SUSAN M.: GC, Atlanta, GA, DUKE, KATHY E.: GC, Mobile, AL, DUNCAN, MINDY: TH, B'ham, AL, DUNLAP, GAIL L.: GIM, Decatur, GA, DUNN, BARBARA D.: ZY, Atlanta, GA, DURRETT, RUSSELL P.: PN, Eutaw, AL, EARLE, FRANKIE L.: ID, Huntsville, AL, EAST, IANICE K.: PU, Lineville, AL, EDGE, EMILY S.: PPY, Opelika, AL, EDGE, MARGIE 1.: cj, Talladega, AL, Enwmtns, sauce E.: PM, Columbia, CA, EDWARDS, IOHN K.: PM, Ft. Payne, AL, EIDSON, WILLIAM C.: PL, Dunwoody, GA, EILAND, DAWN L: SMU, Dora, AL, ELLISON, YEVONNE: PPY, lemison, AL, EL- MORE, CAREY L.: PN, Stone Mtn., GA, ENGELMANN, KATH- ERINE E.: LT, Greenville, SC, EVANS, IAMES H.: PN, Nashville, TN, EVERED, SHERRY L: PB, Miami, FL, FAIR, LEONARD O.: PCN, Ft. Payne, AL, FARGASON, WILLIAM H.: PN, Anniston, AL, FARNEMAN, WILLIAM S.: PN, Florence, AL, FAULK, TERRY L: GC, Phenix City, AL, FEARING, HUNTER, GC, Winter Haven, FL, FINCHER, MARK I.: PN, Eutaw, AL, FINNEY, SUSAN I.: PB, Decatur, AL, FISHER, SCOTT A.: PV, Huntsville, AL, FITZPATRICK, ANN C.: GPG, Nashville, AL, FLANDERS, RUTH E.: PB, Anniston, AL, FLEMING, EVAN S.: AR, Memphis, TN, FLYNN, BERTIE M.: RSM, Charleston, SC, FLYNN, THERESA A.: MH, Tallahassee, FL, FOGG, IAMES A.: PM, Tuscumbia, AL, FOREHAND, WAYNE C.: PB, Winter Garden, FL, FOSHEE, IAMES S.: PM, Huntsville, AL, FRANKLIN, BRIAN L.: PN, Montgomery, AL, FRASHER, IOSEPH R.: PNM, Greenville, SC, FRAZER, FRANK R.: ZY, Montgomery, AL, FRAZIER, KATHY: PB, Tucker, GA, FRENCH, PEGGY: VA, Mobile, AL, FRYER, IANE M.: GC, Brundidge, AL, GAFFORD, WILLIAM L.: PD, Mobile, AL, GAINES, ROBIN C.: PT, Huntsville, AL, GAMBLE, NANCY C.: EEC, B'ham, AL, GAMMON, GLEN T.: PN, B'ham, AL, GARDNER, CHRIS C.: AR, Signal Mtn., TN, GARDNER, ROB- ERT B.: AEC, Memphis, TN, GARVIN, ANNE K.: PB, Miami, FL, GASTON, IANET E.: PB, Griffin, GA, GAULDING, CLINTON I.: PN, Auburn, AL, GAVIN, TAMARA: PM, Columbus, GA, GEORGE, KENNETH: MU, Ocean Springs, MS, GIBSON, WILLIAM H.: PB, Melbourne, FL, GIBSON, GEORGE E.: PN, But er, AL, GILCHRIST, scorr M.: OH, B'ham, AL, GILMER, DANNA L: PL, Trussville, AL, GIPSON, ROBERT L.: PN, Montgomery, AL, GIVENS, DANIEL M.: WL, Montgomery, AL, GLADIN, COL- LIER B.: PM, Atlanta, GA, ,GLASGOW, STEPHANIE E.: GC, Manchester, GA, GLOVER, DANNY K.: AN, Akron, AL, GOLD- SCHMID, RUDOLPH A.: PB, B'ham, AL, GOODMAN, CAREY S.: PB, Plantation, FL, GRADICK, DEBRA I.: LT, Rome, GA, GRANT, BRUCE I.: AR, Montgomery, AL, GRAVES, DOROTHY M.: PPY, Montgomery, AL, GRAVETTE, DEBORAH A.: PPY, Goodsprings, AL, GRAY, ERIN E.: GC, Tampa, FL, GRAY, WENDY S.: GMH, Wetumpka, AL, GREEN, GWEN: GSC, Brewton, AL, GREENFIELD, CATHY L: ZY, Miami, FL, GRIFFIN, RICHARD A.: PY, Centerville, AL, GRIMES, THOMAS D.: PNM, B'ham, AL, GUILLORY, ALLEN L.: BSC, Phenix City, AL, GUIN, KEVIN: PN, Montgomery, AL, GUTHRIE, MARCHETTI R.: GJM, B'ham, AL, HADDEN, DEB- ORAH K.: PV, B'ham, AL, HAGAN, LYNN M.: PN, Midway, KY, HALBROOKS, THOMAS E.: PN, B'ham, AL, HALL, GIGI W.: FCD, Montgomery, AL, HALL, HEATHER C.: VA, Decatur, AL, HALLBERG, KRISTIN T.: PM, Auburn, AL, HAMPTON, IANET L: HPR, Bartow, FL, HAND, WILLIAM F.: AR, Huntsville, AL, HANLEY, GERALDINE A.: PV, Auburn, AL, HARDEE, CHRIS C.: ADS, Chiefland, FL, HARDEN, GARY D.: PB, Columbus, GA, HARDEN, HARRY M.: GC, Phenix City, AL, HARPER, RICHARD 0.3 CE, Columbus, GA, HARRELSON, SELENA A.: FM, Dadeville, AL, SHIMENFRESHMEN FESESLFUMEN FFBESLFHMEN 5,3 Freshmen Fall brings football season to the loveliest village, and the campus ex- plodes in a flurry of activities center- ed around football. The local bookstores begin to stock up on an outrageously varied collection of orange-and-blue every- A body's got to have one articles. They range from toilet seat covers to plaques to garters to baby booties to underwear. The front windows of the bookstores, as well as many some clever takeoff on the oppon- ent's mascot. Merchants sell more than the normal quantity 'of chicken wire and crepe paper, as groups build floats for the Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Homecoming. For the two Georgia games, a parade is held, the course running through the campus. Greek pledges and several other groups carry their floats to Graves Amphi- theatre or lordan-Hare Stadium, 51 4 Freshmen statesmen waving orange and blue shakers from last week's game. The cars spread over the city, meeting others for pre-game lunches, before converging on the stadium. After the game, half the cars edge slowly out of town on crowded roads while the other half rendezvous' at local motels for free-flowing parties. lfthe gametook place out of town, and if Auburn won, Toomer's Cor- ner is turned into a mass of waving other stores, are covered with tem- where they group for a large pep- toilet paper by half-soused fans pera paint messages. The street art, rally. chanting "Go to hell, Alabama," no painted on the windows by SOFOTIIIGS Game day brings a morning flow matter who the opponent was. and fraternities that persist in spell- of cars from outside of the city, ing says as 'sez', usually consists of stuffed with alumni and influential HARRIS, CLAUDIA A.: LIM, Abbeville, AL, HARRIS, CYNTHIA Wktfe- -1 . I V t A A zzz. , QNQ, .Lx S I A.: Pv, when., AL: HARRIS, DIANE S.: cc, Huntsville, AL: - 'i A A . A to ... i HARRIS, DOUGLAS E.: ADS, CulIman,AL, HARRIS, IULIA A.: : wee ' R , , : -, if P PB, Camden, AL: HARRIs, IUNE T.: EEE, ootley, AL: HARRIS, f i yet, f i I . t R0NAlD L.: PPY, Ozark,AL: HART, CLIFTON L.: Gcorlendo, - . 'I i . FL, HARTSELL, KATHY A.: EEE, Montgomery, AL, kg i, M -, K 4 ,i i , if . 1,::5.e,,, ' te , 'I' 15355 ' L: l H 9 .. 1 i.a.t',etf.:" ' A W HAULR, lAMEs M.: PNM,coyington,GA: HAusER,MARK w.: . , , .,, PN,HUdS0l1,WlFHAVERf KATHHUNF A-2 PT, FHlfl10PeiALi " 'ff - ,, ' I I , f n: HEALY, LAWRENCE R.: GC, Key Biscayne, FL, HEATON, r y- f -f' ' 5 ,K . .. 32? i-I ,.r-- ti ELIZABETH A.: PPY, Thotsby, AL: HECK, DANA A.: Pv, cull- ee' , i i iff? ,I I T?5:i"' i ' ' I A man, AL: HEETLAND, BRADLEY R.: PB, Plantation, FL, ::: 5 ,,,.r fig? -EE! I' Q ey. 5 t fi ,X 1 , 2 HENDON MARY L.: sMu, Pelham, AL: HENDRIX, PAUL D.: 5, ' i-R t ,,.. , .... .. HENLEv, MALCOM v.: PB, cIeyel:tno,rN: HENsEL, IANIE SUE: R"t -. ' EEE, Nashville, TN, HENsoN, RAUL D.: PN, cheton, AL: , my I . . E i, : 5 Q, . 5 ' HERNDON, DONNA: PN, Montgomery, AL: HERMEcz, -. 'R . A , Ig IRENE F.: vA, Feiihope, AL: HERRING, ANGELA M.: VOA, . ef 3 i f g.,,, , if Opelika: All HESTEK SAM R-1 GPO: Fl- Wa"0'1 Beach: FL? 'fl ' Aisoefl Y' , HICKS: LON S.: PB, Coral Gables, FLG HILL, RICKY A.: AR, - ::.,:::..-, Ep . . INV 2,6 A K 5 I.k ,A 5 K K te: , -- ,E .,.. I., mg .ki Ops' a L ' I X W E ,fit if .I . ....: 1 .,. . .. ,,.... - - HISCUTT, PETER I-2 AR, Stone Mountain, GA, HOBAUGH: I ' i s , : 'Z " , "::I I"" ' I iii' I Q N SANDRA R.: PB, Fort Myers, rt: HODGES, aossv A.: VOA, i ' i ckisg A - 'i 1 N mg 5 , g mg H Shawmut, FL, HOFF, DONNA L.: PPY, Murfreesboro, TN, I ,TNQ HOFFMAN, LEDA H.: GC, St. Petersburg Beach, FL, HOL- A lt: ' R fox 1 , 1 coMnE, CAROL L.: PUB, Attello, AL: HOLLAND, KATHRYN I t A P- , f z ,:' R.: PN, Geneva, AL, HOLLIDAY, FREDNA I.: PN, Montgomery, A , i ff " I ': ' ' AL: HOLMBERG,ROY DANIEL: PN,L:tpine,AL: ' A ., Q HOOD' WAYNE M.: PN' Biham, AL: Hopf' MICHAEL T.: r wg gamm a : 31 L- : X Ji PN, Point cleat, AL: HOPPER, coNNIE E.: Pv, Anniston, AL: if - A ii f . fig Y T , ' HORN, STEPHEN c.: PN, B'ham, AL: HoRNRucItLE, KEITH F.: L, L Q N .AAI L' ,A A I PN, Huntsville, AL: HoRNsnv, WILLIAM M.: PL, Huntsville, Q A 5 3 e ffl - ' . .131 AL, HOWARD, KAREN E.: GIM, Phenix City, AL, HUCABY, Q .. K 1 A -I WAYNE R.: BSC, Nashville, TN, HUDSON, CRISTY E.: PN, 4i ?'i7fe?lQ i . A . . 1 en.,..,.t, 1' I P . . A ' : q .....t.. ....- , . . .. . A5 . rf: 'Q .,,. .. . HUDSON, :man A.:oc, Phenix city,AL: HUDSON, NANCY g i y I I , A g. G.: MDT, Mobile, AL, HUDSON, ROBERT F.: PB, Dalles, GA: Q :ff ' il , L' g. , ' E - HUFF, MARY C.: CT, Decatur, AL, HUFFMAN, IOHN M.: Cl, ' ' Saw je, ew , 5 tt Elf- . I Q - - '1 E .ij eg f B'ham, AL, HUGHEY, PATRICIA: PN, Montgomery, AL, i i ' 'I ' .ye-S i ei HULSEY, GOODNEY M.: oc, Cornelia, AL: HURLEY, ANNE L' ,,,, , gl M.:RsM,we:t Point,cA: IMLER, DANIEL H.: PN,ve:tevie,AL: , A .1 -. : . A ' :" - :'f ' I A 45' I ' 1 I ' A i ' Q I lem Q5 LNGRAM, DALE w.: Pv, Altoona, AL: INGKAM. mon .,, .... "l'A'l' X . " ssc, Mobile, AL: IRONS, PHILLIP P.: Rss, Metairie, LA: gi . if Q " ' IsAAcsoN, CHRIS v.: WL, Ia'h:in:, AL: IssELL, NANCY A.: 'P we., ,te GEN, Fort Payne, AL: IACKSON, DAVID: vAo, Pell City, AL: , , sg., 2. , peg. ' IACOB, SALLIE A.: vA, Palm Beach Caron, FL: lANAsAIt, gg, ' '- 9. ' -' KEVIN I.: EL, Htintsyille, AL: lAMEs, rHEREsA L.: HPE, . ,- , Livingston' M, 4 X 4 , . 6,4 . qx Q ,. .,.,, .,.. . , . . . . , . . IOHNSON, nmv I.: HPR,Phenix City, AL2lOHNSON,CAROL iiii "- A M.: CIM, B'ham, AL: IOHNSON,ELIZABETH L.: Pv, Anniston, 'P . -A A e. I I I Q 1 ' I . N - AL: IOHNSON, IACK M.: asc, Fitzpatrick, AL: IOHNSON, gg , gxfif 1 QM i g , i f .to : in IANICE c.: oc, B'h:t:n, AL: IoHNsoN, IILL It.: PPY, Gadsden, :tts , g . 3 by 5 ' A .. AL: IoHNsoN, LUDIA D.: PB, Dothan, AL: IoHNsoN, WIN W e 5 I ' - A I A E.: MRB, Montgomery, AL, IOINER, ELIZABETH E.: GC, 1 53' A, f an K Q if "" , Sign VA :ij K ' FEZESWMEN FRESWMEN FRESHMEN FFEESHMI IONES, CAROL: L.: ADS, Cohs Neck. Nl: IONES, CATHV I-2 FM, LaGrange, GA, IONES, GRACIE E.: EEC, Eufaula, AL, j0NES, KATHRYN L.: PL, Prattville, AL, IONES, KENNETH W.: GC, McKenzie, AL, IONES, RICHARD D.: PPY, Birmingham, ALJ IOWERS, IOHN M.: GC, Clayton, GA, IUSTO, LEIGH ANN: HPR, B'ham, AL, THOMAS, KAREN H.: AN, Clanton, AL, KAVOOKIIAN, STEVEN H.: PB, Dover, DE, KEENUM, DONNA D.: PV, Homewood, AL, KELLER, RUSSELL L.: PN, Ft. Lauder- dale,AL, KELLEY, RAY K.: AG , Headland, AL, KELLY, DONALD L.: PN, Alexander City, AL, KENDRICK, MARY B.: W.: AR, Lakeland, FL KENT, TOMMY: ANl KELLY, MICHAEL W.: GB, Olio, AL, EEE, Montgomery, AL, KENLEY, DAVID KENNEDY, NEDRA F.: PM, Fairfield, AL, Oneonta, AL, KERBS, DANA A.: GIM, Maitland, FL, KERL,RUSSELL R.: PN, Huntsville, AL, KERSHNER, CONNIE S.: PPY, Manchester, GA, KILCREASE, BRENDA K.: SEH, OPP. AL, KIMBROUGH, MARIA L.: Cj, B'ham, AL, KING, IOHN W.: PL, jacksonville, FL, KING, WILLIAM S.: PCN, Tuscumbia, AL, KING, TOMMY: PN, Montgomery, AL, KLEIN, jEFF W.: PM, Altooma, AL, KLIMA- ZEWSKI, MATTHEW V.: PB, Mansfield, GA, KNIGHT KAREN S.: PM, Alexander, City, AL, KNOWLES, LESA L.: PB, Griffin, GA, KOCH, THERESA M.: GC, Nashville, TN, KOGSTROM, MICHELLE A.: PPY, North Palm Beach, FL, KRAAK, KAROLYN K.: RSM, Ft. McClellan, AL, KRATZER, ROBERT G.: PB, Montgomery, AL: LANDHAM, ROBERT B.: FY, Griffin, GA, LARIMORE, ROBERT K.: FY, Scott AFB, FL, LA POINTE, PATRICIA: PB, Miami, FL, LACEY, PAULA D.: MDT, B'ham, AL, LAMBERT, STEPHEN H.: FY, Breman, AL, LAMBERT, CHARLES L.: PB, Monroeville, AL, LANE, WILLIAM R.: PM, Dallas, GA, LANG, GREGORY R.: OP, Huntsville, AL, LATHAM, IOHNNY L.: AR, Sylacaua, AL, LECROY, IAMES L: PN, Springfield, VA, LEE, EARLINE: PB, Talladega, AL, LEONARD, KIM D.: PN, Pensacola, FL, LEWIS, RHONDA j.: MDT, B'ham, AL, LILES, IEFF B.: AG, jacksonville, AL, LIITLEFIELD, KAREN D.: PB, LaGrange, GA, LIVESAY, STEVEN Y.: PN, Lawrenceville, AL, LIVINGSTON, DAVID P.: HPE, Lagrange, GA, LLOYD, j0SINE A.: HRA, Prattville, AL, LLOYD, SHIRLEY j.: EEE, Salem, AL, LODGE, PHILLIP S.: PN, Lillian, AL, LOGAN, CHARLES: PB, B'I1am, AL, LOGAN, LISA A.: PB, B'l1am, AL, LOMAX, ROBERT R.: PB, Phenix City, AL, LONG, CAROL L.: PB, Union Springs, AL, LOTT, MARY E.: VA, Ft. Harrison, AL, LOUCKS, MARIE E.: GC, Auburn, AL, MAC WILLIAM, ALEX D.: PL, Vero Beach, FL, MACK, EVELYN B.: GC, Miami, FL, MALONE, VIRGINIA G.: MV, Monticello, GA, MANLEY, RUSSELL H.: PPY, Florence, AL, MANN, IOHN M.: BSC, Trussville, AL, MANN, jULIE E.: PPY, Elberton, GA, MAPLES, jANE E.: LT, Elkmont, AL, MARINO, IERROLD A.: ZY, Huntsville, AL, MARKWELL, DON G.: GSC, Montgomery, AL, MARSH, WILLIAM S.: AEC, Leisure City, AL, MARTIN, CHARLES T.: PN, Meridianville, AL, MARTIN, KAREN L.: GMH, B'ham, AL, MARTIN, PAULA j.: NS, B'ham, AL, MARTIN, SUSAN R.: PPY, jacksonville,AL, MARTIN, WILLIAM C.: AR, Coral Gables, FL, MASON, MICHAEL A.: PB, Auburn, AL, MASON, NANCY S.: GC, Benton, AL, MASTERS, CATHERINE A.: GC, Atlanta, GA, MATTHEWS, GINA K.: GC, Guntersville, AL, MAUGER, ANN MARIE: RSM, Alexandria, VA, MAXWELL, RANDY P.: AR, jacksonville, FL, MAYES, TINA D.: RSS, B'ham, AL, MCCARTNEY, IOHN T.: PN, Gadsden, AL. EEESIIJJMEN FRESHMEN FERESWMEN FERESUIUMEN 5,5 Freshmen 5'I B Fresh men Ikl Still more popular to toss around than a football or baseball, the fris- bee can be seen floating around al- . most any large open space on cam- : pus. The plastic disks are inexpen- sive, virtually indestructible and light-weight enough to carry to Che- wacla or the nearest Florida Beach if during Spring quarter. MCCARVER, SAMMY: PN, Prattville, AL, MCCURRY, IOE D.: AR, Columbus, GA, MCREYNOLDS, MICHAEL L.: PN, Lexing- ton, KY, MCALLISTER, DARRELL B.: GC, Columbus, MS, MCCALL, LESLIE R.: MRB, Titusville, FL, MCCLURE, ALISON A.: EEE, Tucker, GA, MCCRAY, MARILYN: NS, Greensboro, AL,' MCCULLOH, ANDY D.: PN, Fairfax, AL, MCCULLON, CAYE C.: CC, B'ham, AL, MCCUTCHEN, CATHY E.: MRB, Rantoul, IL, MCDOWELL, ROBERT M.: HPE, Montgomery, AL, MCGARRAH, ROBERT E.: PN, Pascagoula, MS, MCGAUHEY, LANDIS L: GIM, Au- burn, AL, MCGINTY, CHARLES I.: PB, Montgomery, AL, MCGLAWN, DAWN E.: RSS, B'ham, AL, MCGOUGH, CHERYL E.: PB, Cocoa Beach, FL, MCKEE, NANCY L.: TH, Dun- woody, GA, MCKNIGHT, DORINDA I.: PPY, Dothan, AL, MCLEES, ROBERT H.: PN, Dublin, GA, MCMILLAN, MARILYN: HME, B'ham, AL, MCWANE, PHILLIP C.: PB, Auburn, AL, MEADOWS, CAROL I.: TH, Marietta, GA, MEADOWS, SU- SAN: OT, Decatur, AL, MEEKS, NACY L.: AEC, Pisgah, AL, MEINBERG, RANDALL L.: PN, B'ham, AL, MESSER, DAVID L: GC, Ft. Knox, KY, MILLER, BILLY: PB, Auburn, AL, MILLER, I. VINCENT: ADS, Winnsboro, SC, MILLER, TOM D.: PN, B'ham, AL, MILLICAN, GLENN H.: PM, Ionesboro, GA, MINOR, WILLIAM A.: PCN, Orange Park, FL, MITCHELL, CONNIE: HEQ, Montgomery, AL, MITCHELL, HOWARD K.: AR, Leeds, AL, MITCHELL, IULIA A.: SSS, Franklin, TN, MITCHELL, WILLIAM T.: VA, Smiths Station, AL, MOODY, BABS M.: FCD, Florence, AL, MOORE, ALEX R.: CI, B'ham, AL, MOORE, GARY W.: PN, Mount Olive, AL, MOORE, HOLLY E.: PL, Alabaster, AL, MOORE, RICHARD D.: PN, Sterrett, AL, MORGAN, REUBEN G.: HRA, Clemson, SC, MORRIONE, IAMES W.: PCN, Mont- gomery, AL, MORROW, NANNETTE: FM, Decatur, AL, MOSE- LEY, SONYA A.: PPY, Florala, AL, MOSELEY, WINNIE R.: VA, Guntersville, AL, MOSELEY III, IOSEPH R.: PCN, Rome, GA, MUELLER, GUS: PV, B'ham, AL, MUNGENAST, KATHERINE M.: FY, Montgom- ery, AL, MURPHY, ANNE B.: SEH, Florence, AL, MURRAY, MADGE S.: PB, Buena Vista, GA, MUSGIERD, KATHLEEN L.: GC, Montgomery, AL, MYERS, SARA F.: PPY, West Point, GA, NAIL, VICKI S.: LT, Cullman, AL, NEISWENDER, WAYNE A.: GSW, B'ham,AL, FRESHMEN NELMS, ROBERT M.: PN, LaGrange, CA, NESON, MARCIA D.: PB, Montgomery, AL, NETTLES, LAURA S.: SMH, Mont- gomery, AL, NEWBERRY, MEDINA M.: OH, Huntsville, AL, NEWMAN, BARBARA G.: PB, Tucker, CA, NEWMAN, IAMES R.: PPY, Florence, AL, NEWMAN, IERRY W.: PPY, Florence, AL, NEWSOM, MARK H.: PN, Milton, FL, NEWTON, IOHN W.: PV, Bridgeport, AL, NEWTON, LEAH A.: PPY, Grove Hill, AL, NICHOLSON, ELIZ- ABETH A.: ID, Monroeville, AL, NIEMAN, TRACY I.: MDT, Montgomery, AL, NIX, OLIVIA E.: GED, Gadsden, AL, NUN- NELLEY, KENNETH S.: PCN, Huntsville, AL, OVERSTREET, MAR- GARET A.: EEE, Decatur, GA, OWENS, WILBUR: PN, B'ham, AL, PACKER, IENIFER A.: LEH, Homewood, Al., PARKER, STEVEN W.: GC, Montgomery, AL, PATTERSON, WILLIAM E.: PN, Scottsboro, AL, PEACOCK, KIM: PB, Montgomery, AL, PEAVY, VAN M.: PN, Harpersville, AL, PEEPLES, MICHAEL A.: PN, Chatsworth, CA, PERKINS, ROBERT K.: PN, B'ham, AL, PETERS, IOHN W.: PN, Ozark, AL, PETERS, VICKI L.: CMH, Opp, AL, PETERSON, FRANCES D.: PB, Tuskegee, AL, PHILLIPS, DAVID I.: PN, Warner Robins, CA, PHILLIPS, HENRIETTA R.: FM, Gadsden, AL, PHILLIPS, IAMES I.: PD, Alex City, AL, PHILLIPS, MATT G.: ADS, Huntsville, AL, PHILLIPS, PAMELA A.: PN, Montgomery, AL, PICKREN, RE- BECCA L: CH, Phenix City, AL, PICKETT, KATE: GC, Mont. gomery, AL, PIERCE, IENNY C:: CED, Auburn, AL, PIERSON, IEAN A.: VOA, Montgomery, AL, PILKERTON, TIMOTHY: CPO, Fairfield, AL, POWELL, LIND: ID, Huntsville, AL, POWERS, MARIAN L: HPR, Columbus, CA, POWERS, MARY I.: OH, Griffin, CA, POWERS, WILLIAM D.: PD, Huntsville, AL, PRATHER, DENISE E.: VA, Cusseta, AL, PRESSON, STEPHANIE A.: VBU, Hurlburt Field, FL, PREWITT, BRIDGET I.: PM, Albany, CA, PUCKETT, ELLEN I.: GPO, B'ham, AL, PULLAR, ROBERT B.: LPO, Annan- dale, VA, PURCELL, IAMES E.: FY, Marbury, AL, RAGLAND, GEORGE E.: PB, Nashville, TN, RAINS, GREG G.: PNM, B'ham, AL, RAMEY, GEORGIA: RSC, Auburn, AL, RANDOL, MARK B.: PN, Homewood, AL, RANKIN, CLARK C.: PN, Montgomery, AL, RAWLS, SUSAN R.: PPY, Robertsdale, AL, RAWSON, CAROL L: PV, Spanish Fort, AL, REAVES, MIKE N.: ID, Lu- verne,AL, REED, WILLARD M.: PCN, Montgomery, AL, RENNICK, WIL- LIAM H.: CI, Lookout Mtn., TN, REYNOLDS, ALLISON G.: HEQ, Winter Haven, FL, RHODES, ROBERT C.: BSC, B'ham AL, RICHARDSON, CHARLES: CO, Little Rock, ARK, RICH- ARDSON, GWENDOLYN D.: PB, Beatrice, AL, RIDDELL MARY F.: PN, Mobile, AL, RINDONE, VICKI D.: SMH, N Marshfield, MA, RIPLEY, KATHERINE R.: RSS, Atlanta, CA, RISER, LEISA: PB, Huntsville, AL, ROBERTS, ELLYN T.: CFL Palm Harbor, FL, ROBINSON, RONALD B.: PV, Huntington ARK, ROBINSON, TERRY L: PV, Elkmont, AL, ROGERS, ED: WARD W.: PPY, Maxwell AFB, AL, ROGERS, SHAWN A.: PN Cullman, AL, ROYSTON, WILLIAM T.: PB, Roanoke, AL, RUSH, CYNTHIA I.: PPY, Sykesville, MD, RUSK, SHARON L: HA, B'ham, AL, RUSSELL, DEBBIE K.: PN, Huntsville, AL, RUSSELL, MICHAEL L: PN, Greenville, AL, RUTHERFORD, ROBERT H.: PB, Tuskegee, AL, RUTHERFORD, TERRY RYBO5, LORI B.: CBI, Montgomery, GEH, Greenville, AL, SANKEY, GAYLE: SAMDUCE, MICHAEL D.: PL, Auburn, I.:GEH,Greenville, AL, L: PV, Oneonta, AL, AL, SALTER, NANCY: GC, Montgomery, AL, AL, SANDERS, LINDA SANDERSON, EMILY R.: EEE, Huntsville, AL, SANFORD, PEGGY L: GC, Pinson, AL, SAUNDERS, DAVID E.: PD, Douglas- ville, GA, SAWYER, CHARLES R.: HF, Anniston, AL, SAXBY, ROBERT I.: PN, jacksonville, FL, SCARBROUGH, PANNE P.: RSC, Montgomery, AL, SCARBROUGH, MARY T.: VA, Mont- gomery, AL, SCHOGGINS, SHERRY L: AR, Ashland, AL, SCOBLE, KEVIN C.: PN, Huntsville, AL, SCOTT, MICHAEL L.: PB, B'ham, AL, SEARFOSS, DEBORAH L: AR, Lakeland, FL, SEAY, IOHN H.: PN, Auburn, AL, SEI'- TLES, MARK L: PB, Lookout Mtn., TN, SEWELL, ALAN R.: PD, Ft. Worth, TX, SHACKELFORD, IAMES E.: CC, B'ham, AL, SHERRILL, SANDY L: AR, Dunwoody, CA, SHOEMAKER, STEVEN V.: PS, B'ham, AL, SIERSMA, KATHY A.: CMH, Hunts- ville, AL, SIMS, SCOTT: PV, Mobile, AL, SIVELL, WENDY C.: ADS, Pine Mtn., CA, SKINNER, SWANSON A.: CMH, Wetumpka, AL, SLAPPEY, LAURA L: PV, B'ham, AL, SMERAGLIA, GINA M.: PPY, B'ham, AL, SMILIE, SUSAN C.: PB, Montgomery, AL, SMITH, ANN E.: CMH, Tallahassee, FL, SMITH, DEBORAH L: GC, Huntsville, AL, SMITH, GLENDA: GED, Montgomery, AL, ESWMENFRESHMEN FERESIHMEN FRESHMEN 5,7 Freshmen 1 I SMITH, IANET I-1LT.M0bile,AL: 5MlTH:HARRlETA-:EEC .a " at " n ,.... , Q Blwmf AL: SM-TH. MARY PB. GA: SM-TH. MIKE - -A . PN, vesmavia Hills, AL: SMITH, PAUL I.: PNM, Hillsdale, Nl: j-rg if-L : . LfLL..: ,: SMITH, ROSTON M. IR.: BSC, Anderson, SC: SMITH, ROY A.: ' ,.:f : ' LL L X ' ' Ziff ' f L -. S A PV, Pageland, SC: SMITH, RUSSELL F.: AEC, Indianapolis, ID: Q 5: L LL SMITHERMAN, GEORGE C.: PN, Lineville, AL: . "" - ' ' . ..:,. 1" 'fi . A P- ,:,- I -. - ..,: af -- '- H ' Im' G ASSS ,. it SMYSER, WILLIAM: PB, Montgomery, AL: SNELLMAN, STE- ,,, .A ,-,, A L. A ,H LL 5 . '- PHEN I.: AR, Mobile, AL: SNIDER, SHAWN R.: LAC, Lakeland, E iff : fi fi ' A' 5 fi L , ' :'. T A- 35:2 FL: SORRELL, VICTOR M.: PPY, Lanett, AL: SPAFFORD, 1uLlE ,.,- . ' - , L A :iz . A.: o1M, Mobile, AL: SPEARS, 1ACK: AR, Orlando, FL: SPEARS, : Li ' LL DZ: , L KATHY 1.: Cl, Newhope, AL: sPlDEL, SANDRA M.: PB, Tucker, :s g . fi A F :L . GA:SPORT,IOHN R.:AR,Luverne,ALp A L LL , LL it 1- 3: -2. - . . S --.. .,,.,:s'f,g. . .WM M Lk'L .f - . ,. .saws : fr-A f- ::gg:.:::, L. Q ,,.f:.Q- A 'S- -as :s'::::,. ff .. . Axxf : :se-112' Q-Hmeaiw. F? .. STACY, CHRlsTl S.: FCD, Fairfield, AL: STANLEY, PATTl A.: gi ' A fi: :--, ' L L . i:"i - L - MBI, Tampa, FL: STAPLETON, IACKIE M.: PT, Fairhope, AL: L ,L -:k 3: il: LQ KL- 1' ' ' "L"k f' , .Q-1 Lf L ' T ' STEAD, RICHARD H.: PN, Greenville, AL: STEEDLY, HOMER S - -NL L- Lg b,,. 'A L L . L L: ' .xi R.: AR, Bamberg, SC: STEELE, SYLVIA D.:MCH, Stevenson,AL? L ' " A l STEPHENS, IACK D.: CC, Auburn, AL: STEVEN, DAVID P.: - s A , - ee. PB, Ailama, CA: STEWART, CARLENE N.: NS, Auburn, AL: , L' .,,, ,, Qi S' L.: 4,915 M w .. : " 1 A 5..'::5 a':"5:?::SE ' ,. . 'l - . 'tvsfizsmasx :Mi W ,.,,.l..l , " "i' V . . ,,..g:QQ:e::i: .... P Q. e.. zz. LQILWLLL X . :.. , .....: L LL ..,L .. L .. STOKES, KAREN M.: PT, Mobile, AL: STOKES, STEVEN R.: A , ,..., : ii' 1 lli , , L . L . PN, Tallassee, AL: STOLZ, ROBERT B.: PT, East Point, GA: L X, L L , L ' -L W ' 'L I lf? STONE: KATHRVN2 PB, Pine Apple. Mi STOOKEYI V'CT0R'A ' ' if? A ' L' . I .g:fL5 ' : ' ii,i f L.: PV, Mobile, AL: STOREY, GARY M.: MK, Ozark, AL: L L I Lag, 3 - STREBECK, ZONA 1.: MDT, Opelika, AL: STREET, SHAREN: L5 LL L LL , , L .- PB, B'ham, AL: sTRlNcER ALETHIA A.: Pv, Prattville, AL: L , :::.: i .f .- fe. 5 - -: 1 L LLL L .L LLL LL . LSLLL, ABLLL Aggie: : . ,TL L,..:,. . . , K W., -::--....: P -a -- ' . ---- ..: :--- . iI-' f i'i iii- " S ..,. , iiai . - N t STRUTHERS, KAREN A.: EEE, Montgomery, AL: STUHLINGER, . -' is L 'f A HANS C.: FY, Huntsville, AL: STUMBO, DONALD A.: PN, . L 'L 11' iSAL:i"I 5 ff: if gf: L,-. Concord, TN: SUBER, MARY K.: PN, Montgomery, AL: SULL- . :LL A '- . - ' :L lvAN, CHARLES s.: CC, Camp Hill, AL: SULLIVAN, KELLY I.: 'f ffi L j. :.:,i , - 'ili Pi'iL a L7 PPY, Anniston, AL: SULLIVAN, ROBERT E.: PB, Vestavia Hills, f a il 5: 3 L, if 'fi Lt. J 5-.: AL: SUMMERLIN, GLENN w.: PB, Atlanta, GA: SUTHERLAND, A L REBECCA'-iGCi5afHS01H:FLi 1 A A 1 Y LIQQ swAlN, sCoTT M.: PY,Dayiona Beach, FL: swANzY, LISA M.: I LL .L ...: L L if' ,. i . Rss, Newbefn, AL: SWIFT, HADEN: PNM, Monroeville, AL: I' . , 'E 1 SWINT, aRlncETr: PN, Guntersville, AL: TANKERSLEY, TERRY 3,1 ' L ML .Lx A ' LL i . N.: FY, Lagrange, GA: TATE, STEVE: AEC, Huntsville, AL: - 1-,Li-: L - L L ' ,L . L AQ TAUNTON, KEVIN E.: PN, Chester, vA: TAYLOR, CARL E.: L, LL i ,Y L , i L PN, NY, NY: TAYLOR, DONALD B.: PB, Ridgewood, NJ: :Lg L L - f' ,L L. v X if A I.. ' .i,. .g 1. . . - Q1 A 1 ..- :Le 5? In the last two years, the University Pro- ram Council has be un to use the windows S of the War Eagle Cafeteria to promote UPC- sponsored HCIIVIIIGS. David Oberman, a We freshman from Birmingham, painted many W L.. .... of the windows, slgnlng each one with a , small "Goob" ln the lower left corner. '21 -GQ ftgg, QQ Freshmen TAYLOR, DOUGLAS R.: AR, B'ham, AL, PCN, Opelika, AL, TAYLOR, WADE D.: TEAGUE, RICHARD D.: Cl, B'ham, AL, CI, Huntsville, AL, TERRY, IOHN E. IR.: THIBUS, PATRICIA S.: RSC, Atlanta,GA, TAYLOR, IOHN E.: FS, Rainesville, AL, TEIR, WILLIAM V.: PM, Huntsville, AL, THOMAS, ANN K.: PV, Auburn, AL, THOMAS, BOBBY R.: PNM, Adamsville, AL, THOMAS, GEORGE E.: PN, B'ham, AL, THOMAS, RICKY W.: PB, Sylacauga, AL, THOMAS, ROBERT M.: AR, B'ham, AL, THOMPSON, ANNE C.: CC, Mobile, AL, THOMPSON, DAVID: PN, Ozark, 'AL, THOMPSON, IAMES B.: PN, Goshen, AL THOMPSON, MICHAEL R.: PB, Childersburg, AL, THOMP- SON, REBECCA: NS, B'ham, AL, THORN, CHERYL L.: EEE, East Point, GA, TIDEMANN, PAMELA I.: PV, Mobile, AL, TIDWELL, CHARLIE A.: PPY, Pleasant Grove, AL, TOPE, TERRY A.: PN, Adelanto, CA, TOUNG, BRIAN R.: PM, Daytona Beach, FL, TRAYLOR, DAVE T.: PM, Homewood, AL, TRETTEI., IANE E.: PN, Mont- gomery, AL, TURNAGE, MARGARET T.: HPR, Chattanooga, TN, TURNER, MARY I.: FM, Montgomery, AL, TURENER, RE- BECCA R.: GHY, Atlanta, GA, TUTEN, AMY C.: PB, Huntsville, AL, TYNER, ALISA K.: PB, B'ham, AL, VAIL, WALTER B. IR.: AN, Armstrong, Al., VALEN, BETH I.: PV, Auburn, AL, VANDIVER, IOHN W.: AEC, Madi- son, AL, VANN, ELIZABETH I.: BY, Camilla, CIA, VARNER, GARY M.: PNM, B'ham, AL, VAUGHN, FELECIA D.: NS, Samson, AL, VENTERS, IOHN A.: ADS, Opelika, AL, VICKERS, BARRY R.: PN, Lanette, AL, VIGNES, BERT L: PD, Mobile, AL, VOIGT, CINDY L: PN, B'ham, AL, WADSWORTH, VERA E.: EEE, Tuskegee, AL, WAGGONER, IERI A.: SAT, Ath- ens, AL, WAGNER, LINDA L: EEE, Roswell, GA, WAITES, DAVID G.: GC, Tallassee, AL, WALKER, HENRY B.: PB, Mont- gomery, AL, WALL, BYRON H.: FAA, Montgomery, AL, WALLACE, ANDY: AR, Springville, AL, WALLIS, KATHEE D.: FM, Columbiana, AL, WALLS, IANETTA S.: AR, Alexandria, VA, WALTERS, TERRI K.: ADS, Shalimar, FL, WALTHALL, DAVID E.: PN, Crestview, FL, WALTON, WILLIAM O.: PL, Lafayette, AL, WARD, EDGAR E.: PL, Florissant, MO, WAR- REN, MAE E.: GBI, Montgomery, AL, WATSON, DEBORAH l.: GPG, Enterprise, AL, WATSON, SHARON K.: GPG, Headland, AL, WATSON, SU- ZANNE E.: VBU, Fairfax, VA, WEAKLEY, DONALD C.: PD, Col- lege Park, GA, WEATHERS, DEBORAH L: EEE, Atlanta, GA, WEAVER, NANNETTE N.: PCN, Alexander City, AL, WEBB, CLYDE R.: RSB, Anniston, AL, WEBB, LISA G.: RSB, Anniston, AL: WEBBER, CARMEN A.: PM, Miami, FL, WELDON, DAWN: RSM, Sterrett, AL, WELDON, NANCY MA.: PB, B'ham, AL, WELLER, LESLIE K.: GSC, B'ham, AL, WELLS, EDWIN B.: GL, Huntsville, AL, WEST- HOVEN, DIANE M.: PB, B'ham, AL, WHILDEN, RICHARD K.: PN, Vienna, VA, WHISNER, RICHARD E.: GIM, Montgomery, AL, WHITE, DEBBIE N.: GFL, Albany, GA, WHITE, RICHARD C.: PPY, Dadeville, AL, WHITLOW, YOLANDA F.: PNM, Auburn, AL, WIEDERHOLDT, ELLEN F.: PB, St. Louis, MO, WIGGINS, BAR- BARA L: GC, Montgomery, AL, WILEMAN, LINDA S.: GC, B'ham, AL, WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS L.: PB, Macon, GA, WIL- LIAMS, KAREN E.: MDT, Albertville, AL, WILLIAMS, MARGAR- ET R.: PPY, Signal Mtn., TN, WILLIAMS, MARTHA I.: HEQ, Greensboro, AL, WILLIAMS, PHILLIP H.: PM, Signal Mtn, TN, WILLIAMSON, APRYL L: VA, Mobile, AL, WILLIAMSON, IUDY w.: HM, Orrville, AL, WILLIS, KENNHH D.: PN, Clanton, AL, wilson, DAVID s.: PN, B'ham, AL, wilson, LYNN M.. cc, Decatur, AL, wrLsoN, MARK c.: PD, ra. Payne, AL, wrmmsn, llll: lT.Dunwoody, GA: WIND- rau, DIRK: PM, Beverly Hills, CA, WINDHAM, vrcxr D.: Ac,s'nafn,AL,wiNrlELD,1uDv1.:PN,Adarnsvil1e,AL, WOLFF, GILBERT E.: PN, Pensacola, FL, WOOD, CHARLES L: PN, Auburn, AL, WOOD, HUGH C.: PB, Bluefield, WV, WOOD, SHEILA A.: PN, Mobile, AL, WOOD, STEVEN H.: PB, Miami, FL, WOOD, TRAVIS B.: PV, B'ham, AL, WOOD, WILLIAM I.: PN, Enterprise, AL, WRIGHT, DEBRA SUE: HEQ, B'ham, AL, WRIGHT, WANDA L: NS, Graham, AL, WROBEI., STAN I. IR.: AR, Scottsboro, AL, YADON, IOHN L: PN, Germantown, TN, YATES, DAVID B.: PM, Huntsville, AL, YATES, NANCY L: HEQ, B'ham, AL, YEllE, IIM M.: PM, Huntsville, AL, YON, lUI.IE A.: RSS, Tallahassee, FL, ZETTLE, ROBERT S.: PN, Florence, AL, ZIEGLER, LISA L: CMH, Mill- brook, AL, ZIENERT, KEITH E.: PN, Scott AFB, IL, BESIHJMEN FRESHMEN FIRESWMEN FRESHMEN 5"I S Freshmen Wealthy planters from Harris County. Ga.. were the founders of Lee County. At the time of their arrival, in the 1800's, the area was inhabited by the Creek Indians. The settlers soon realized that the region should be legally established as a town in order to obtain school and church privileges. Thus, in 1836. Judge John H. Harper. obtained a charter, which was to set the boundaries and the locations of the school. From the time of its initial proposal. Auburn was intended to be an educational center. As the years passed academic and collegiate institutions were established. '■Geneva" was the original name proposed for the community, however, the citizens refused to accept it. Instead. a rather turn of events led to the name "Auburn." John Harper. Jr., at the time of his father's chartering attempts, was courting Miss Lizzie Taylor. On one of University Bookstore Jan’s Town and Country Village Mall 5SQs ' -A The Bank of East Alabama FORMERLY OPELIKA NATIONAL BANK Opelika c Auburn n Midway Plaza L .—. ” 1 3 ■ ' -V foil . in Auburn Fabric Center 752 E. Glenn 887-6828 We carry a complete line of materials, patterns: McCalls, Burda, Simplicity. Butterick John Jr.’s visits to see Miss Taylor, he explained some of his father’s adventures in the settlement and added that it was still unnamed. Miss Taylor, remembering Goldsmith’s poem “Deserted Village.” exclaimed. “Name it Auburn, sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plain!” Later, straws were drawn for the two names proposed (Geneva and Auburn). Here the fairytale came to a perfect ending; Miss Taylor became Mrs. John Harper. Jr. and lived in the first frame house built in Auburn. The new town prospered and soon had a large number of businesses and homes. Auburn was an attractive town with lovely flower gardens and streets lined with huge oaks that afforded not only beauty but also refreshing shade. The Masonic Female College was opened and stood where Head Start on Gay Street is today. Few of the original houses remain 521Auburn National Bank "Too Good to Be Without” Providing Auburn Students With The Finest in Banking Services Since 1907 Banking 24 Hours a Day at Two Convenient Locations With our Anytime Tellers Main Office: 100 N. Gay St. University Branch: Union Bldg. Il 522Farmers National Bank Opelika Auburn. Member F.D.I.C. People you can talk to! today because Auburn has almost been destroyed three times by fire and twice by storms. By the 1850’s, the Masonic Female College had closed and in its place a new college was founded — the Methodist Conference College for men. Naturally, the opening of a new college was important event for a small town, and all of Auburn was there. Mrs. W. B. Frazier in her Early History of Auburn writes about the day the college cornerstone was laid: "Visitors from all parts of the country were there. That was the greatest day that Auburn ever experienced up to that time." The college was closed in less than four years, however, because the building was needed as a hospital for Civil War soldiers. The First Baptist Hospital was also converted into a hospital but was destroyed in a storm. Interestingly enough, during that storm the roof was blown down and came to rest on the pews, which Aral Bank’s Campus Plan makes college an occupation you can afford. Join now and you won't even have to no t It mill’ll registration. As a Campus Plan nx-mlvr you'll net: Unlimited checking your checks will have your school emblem on the cover, vt uni can sltow your odors when you pay your hills. Cash Transfers—allows you to net money from home quickly and safely. Credit Checking write a check for more money than you have in your account, without taking up a collection. Campus Plan T-Shirt a T-shirt to put on your kick, in case you just used yours to pay your tuition. Another Book but this one can really help you with your finances, both now and later. All these- benefits for only $ 1.50 jvr month. Plus some other things that help collide students net started in tlx- financial world. Comehv your nearest Central Bank and ask. we ll behind to siyjn you up. e CENTRAL BANK 523DYAS CHEVROLET, Inc. CHEVROLET 823 Opelika Road AUBURN, ALABAMA 36830 Symbol of Satisfaction 821-9091 Hudson-Thompson P.O. Drawer Q Montgomery, Alabama prevented it from crushing the wounded soldiers. Today in Auburn there still exists remnants of that first female college. The chapel of The Masonic Female College was moved to the men's college and was incorporated into what is now Langdon Hall. In 1872. the Methodist church donated 200 acres of land and a building for the East Alabama Male College. In 1892. it became the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, which was the college’s official title until 1960. At one time, fire destroyed the entire college, including the library, laboratories, and museum. However, insurance and legislative appropriations funded the necessary reconstructions. One explanation for Auburn's continued growth and success is found in the 1952 Glom: "friendliness, infor- Parkers Downtown and Midway PlazaCONE FABRICS----Staying ahead in Changing Times? For 82 years, Cone Mills has been the kind of company that stays ahead. . .by manufacturing fabrics that are most popular with youth around the world. Cone denim, which marked our beginnings, is still America’s leading fabric for casual apparel. Cone Corduroys are another example of modern textile manufacturing at its best. In twenty-two Cone plants the company creates an extensive line of quality fabrics for casualwear, sportswear, sleepwear, uniforms and career apparel. The company also makes decorative fabrics, fabrics for homesewing, polyurethane foam for the furniture industry and textile dyestuffs. The 14,500 people who are Cone Mills take pride in the company's reputation for staying ahead. Cone EXECUTIVE OFFICES Gr «nit 0 0. N. C Cone makes fabrics people live In. Casino Auburn’s Largest Gameroom Pool Tables Happy Pin Ball Hour Foosball Mon.-Fri. Shuffleboard 2-6 504 Beer Casino Package Store Around Back—Coldest Beer in Town PH.887-3488 AUBURN. ALA. 525Campus Drug “Harco Drug Stores all Over the South” J M BOOKSTOR U YOUR TIGER OF A BOOKSTORE mality. cooperation, and enthusiasm and love for the ‘loveliest village." ' It goes on to say that the "thrill is working together, all members of the team to meet our problems and build an even greater Auburn." Success thus stems, in part, from the intangible and undefinable Auburn Spirit, which is elusive only when attempts are made to capture its essence with words. This Spirit is always immediately recognizable and felt by anyone who is acquainted with life on the Plains. Tiger Motor Co. 52653 7The Silver Bullet 1344 Opelika Highway Auburn, Alabama "Your Complete Gun Shop” S and W Weatherby Colt Browning Ruger Buck and Kershaw Knives "We buy. sell, and trade new, used, and rare guns” 124 W Magnolia Aye Auburn AL 36830 205-8211137 ¥ anders 528529 Denise Capps. Miss Homecoming, wears one of Gayfer's new looks for evening atop Eagles Nest in Haley Center. Cindy Murphy. Miss Fall Rush, models one of Gayfer’s latest fashions on the steps of the President's Mansion. GAYFERS VILLAGE MALLLEADERS in PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 1905 OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS 15 WEST 39th STREET NEW YORK N Y 10018 (212) 279-1990 PEPPFPFIL CARPETS Something Big West Point Peppered Berry College Board of Visitors is a group of business, professional, and civic leaders committed to higher education . . . willing to share their expertise and viewpoints with students. They bring the "outside world" to the campus. And they take the campus to their plants and offices when field trips can be arranged. These photos were made on a recent visit of a Berry student faculty team to the Carpet Rug Division of WestPoint Pepperell in Dalton, Ga. Briefings, plant tours, question-and-answer sessions ... led to a better understanding of business by students, and a higher regard for students by businessmen. CofPO'Jte Hejdqujrtsrt Wctt Point. Gcorqucompliments of 533— Magic Mirror Uptown Auburn Men and Women Styles Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5 Sat. 8-1 Announcing the opening of Phase II Of Ridgewood Village 219 actional loft making a total of 536 toft. 500 Webstar Road 821-2298 Ridgewood Village is a modern luxurious mobile home It possesses amenities that no other park in the Auburn-Opelika area offers. Among these amenitiesare a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, convenient modern laundry, television cable, underground electrical service, city sanitation and water facilities, fire protection and city school system. Ridgewood Village has wooded lots beautifully landscaped with concrete patios elevated to eliminate unsightly and hazardous steps and well lighted forty foot wide paved and curbed streets to accommodate traffic and parking.BUICK Pontiac TRUCKS BENCE MORRIS MOTORS, INC. 1419 SECOND AVENUE OPELIKA, AL 36801 ‘IF WE SELL IT WE WILL SERVICE IT H. S. BENCE 8uS. Phone (205) 745-5711 RCS. Phone (205) 749-8787 Direct Valley Line-644-1334 1105 COLUMBUS PARKWAY OPELIKA, ALABAMA 36801 100 Rooms Restaurant and Lounge Live Entertainment 205-749-8377. Exit 62 off 1-85Advertising .......... Afro American Association . Agricultural Economics Club . Agriculture, School of . . . Agriculture Council . . Agronomy Club . . . Air Force ROTC . . A pha Chi Omega . . A pha Delta Pi . . . A pha Epsilon Pi . . A pha Eta Rho .... A pha Gamma Delta . . A pha Gamma Rho . Alpha Lambda Delta . . A pha Omicron Pi . . A pha Phi Omega . A pha Psi ...... A pha Tau Omega .... Acpha Zeta ......... American Choral Directors Association ....... American Institute of Chemical Engineers . . American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers . American Pharmaceutical Association, Student Chapter American Society of Agricultural Engineers .......... American Society of Civil Engineers . . . American Society of Interior Designers . . . American Society of Mechanical Engineers . American Society of Personnel Administrators . Angel Flight ........ Architecture Building .... Architecture and Fine Arts, School of ........ Army ROTC ........ Arnold Air Society ....... Arts and Sciences, School of . . Atlanta Ballet ......... At the Top ......... At the Top of the World . . Auburn Circle ..... Auburn Knights . . . Auburn Players . 535 Index Backwater ........... . . .92 Band, The Auburn University . . . . .288 Barrow, Edwin ......... . . .92 Baseball . . . . . .100 Basketball .... . . .128 Berlitz, Charles . . .... 96 Beta Theta Pi . . . . . .354 Block and Bridle . . . . .284 Brick ........ .... 7 0 Builders Guild .... . . .301 Business, School of . . . .200 Business Council . . . . .294 Cabaret ..................... 82 Camera Club . . . . . .311 Capers ..... . . .332 Changes . . . . .24 Chapin,Tom . . . .94 Cheerleaders . . . . .114 Chi Epsilon . . . . . .225 Chi Omega . . . . .356 Chi Phi .... . . .358 CircleK . . . . . .277 Civitan Club .... . . .276 Cleaver, Eldridge . . . . .96 Colby,William ..... . .98 Communications Board . . . . .260 Computer Center ........ . . .170 Concert Choir ........... . . .290 Council for Exceptional Children . . . . .302 Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The . . . .74 Delta Chi ............. . . .360 Delta Delta Delta . . . . .362 Delta Gamma . . . . . .364 Delta Sigma Phi . . . . .366 Delta Sigma Pi . . . . .222 Delta Sigma Theta . . . . -368 Herman, Woody ....... . . .90 Delta Tau Delta . . . .370 Homecoming Concert ..... . . .68 Delta Zeta . . . . . .372 Home Economics, School of . . . . .206 Denvenlohn ---- - - -66 Horticulture Forum ..... . . .287 Derby Darling ...... . . .57 Indugtrialljegign Sgciety Don't Drink the Water ............. 76 gf America ,,,,,,, . . .279 I Interfraternity Council . . . . .336 A Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ...... . . .317 International Relations Forum . . . . .315 1 4 H Intramurals .......... . . .158 Education ................... 202 lumors """""" ' ' '486 Elections ....... . . .28 , Eli ............ . . .88 " V.', 2, Engineering, School of . . . . . .204 q,.v V'., .Q Engineering Council . . . . . .316 f E ' ! ' ' A Entertainment .... . . .176 Eta Kappa Nu . . . . . .228 Kappa Alpha . O . g . . .378 A 3 g',. A V- up 1 .1,eV 3 , Kappa Alpha Theta . . . .380 ff A Kappa DeltaPi . . . . . . . .220 . . O . . . . ' Y F ' fi KappaKappaGamma . . . . .384 I Kappa Sigma ...... . . .386 Farm House . . . .374 Kappa Psi .... . . .306 Fashionlnc. . . . .299 Kellogg, Lynn . . . . .70 Fashions ........ . . .178 Kreskin ..... . . .88 Finance Club ....... . . .295 Kunstler, William . . . .98 Flying Team,War Eagle . . . . .310 Lambda Chi Alpha . . . . . .388 Football ......... . . .116 Lambda Alpha Epsilon . . . . .300 Forestry Club ....... . . .286 Lambda Sigma ..... . . .216 Freshmen .......... . . .510 Lambda Tau ..... . . .220 Future Farmers of America, Lightfoot, Gordon . . . .70 Collegiate Chapter .... . . .282 Luv ...................... .80 Gallup, George . . . .... 98 Madame Butterfly . . . . .94 Gamma Phi Beta .... . . .276 Management Club . . . .295 Gamma Sigma Delta . . . . .232 Marketing Society . . . .297 Gamma SigmaSigma . . . . . .275 Miss Auburn . . . . . .54 Geography Club . . . . . .296 Miss Fall Rush . . . . .57 Glomerata ..... . . .266 Miss Glom .... . . .42 Golf ......... . . .112 Modeling Board . . . .299 Greek Composites . . . . . .428 Mortar Board ....... . . . .215 Mrs. Auburn ............ . . .53 National Collegiate Association Henning, Doug ........ . . .88 for Secretaries ......... National Rehabilitation Association Navy ROTC ........... Night Life ...... No Biz Like Show Biz . . .296 . .302 . .322 ...32 ...36 537 Index Omega Chi Epsilon . . . .224 0megaTau Sigma . . . . .422 Omicron Delta Kappa . . . .212 Omicron Kappa Pi . . . .221 0micron Nu . . . . . .227 Omega Psi Phi ................. 369 Ross,lack . . - .90 Rugby . . . - - .142 F 4 Panhellenic Council . . . . .334 Parachute Club . . . . . .310 Pershing Rifles . . . . . .333 Pets .......... . . .168 Pharmacy, School of . Pharmacy Council . . Phi ChiTheta . . . Phi Delta Chi . . . Phi Delta Theta . . . . .208 . . .305 . . .229 . . .308 . . .390 Phi Eta Sigma . . . . . .219 Phi Gamma Delta . . . .392 Phi Kappa Phi . . . . .217 Phi Kappa Psi . . . . . .394 Phi Kappa Tau . . . . . .396 . . .230 . . .398 . . .223 Phi Lambda Sigma . . Phi Mu ....... Phl Psl ........ Phi Zeta ....... Philadelphia Story, The . . . . . . . . .231 .76 Pi Beta Phi ....... . . .400 Pi Delta Phi ..... . . .221 Pi Kappa Alpha . . . .402 Pi Kappa Phi . . . . .404 PiMu Epsilon . . . . .222 Plainsman ..... . . .262 Plimpton, George . . . . . .98 Porazzo,lohnny .... . . .92 ...283 Poultry Science Club . Pre-Vet Club ..... Prime of Miss lean Brodie, The ......... 78 ...301 Racquetball Club . . . .313 Rainy Days .... . . .166 Religious Life . . . .174 Rho Chi .... . . .230 Rich, Buddy . . . . .90 Rifle Team . . . . .312 Rodeo Club . . . . .281 538 Index Scabbard and Blade 329 Semper Fidelis . . . ..... i321 Seniors .............. . . .472 Student Government Association . . . .248 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ....... . . .406 Sigma Chi ........... . . .408 Sigma Gamma Epsilon . . . . .229 Sigma Lambda Chi . . . . .224 Sigma Nu ..... . . .410 Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . .412 Sigma Pi ..... . . .414 Sigma Tau Delta . . . . . .226 Simmons, Howard . . . . .98 SIMUN ....... . . .256 Soccer ..... . . .106 Sophomores . . . . .498 Spades ....... . . .214 Spike Shoe Club . . . . . .217 Spock, Dr. Benjamin . . . . .96 Springsteen, Bruce . . . . .64 Spurlows, The .... . . .88 Squires ....... . . .216 Starbuck ........ . . .64 Starland Vocal Band ....... . . .66 Steerage ............. . . .321 StudentAccounting Association . . . . . .294 Student Dietetics Association ..... . . .298 Student Home Economics Association ..... 298 Speech and Hearing Association .... . . .303 .72 Swimming ................... 136 Summer and Smoke ...... . . 1 1 I Tau Beta Pi ................... 231 Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . . .416 Taylor,Iames . . . . .62 Tennis .... . . .140 Theta Chi . . . .418 Theta Xi . . . . .420 Track ...... . . .108 . . . .172 Union Desk . . Union Hostesses University Chapel .. ...273 University Program Council . . . . .270 University Singers ..... . . .291 .96 Valeriano, Richard . . . . Veterinary Medicine . . . . .210 War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen . . . . .272 .90 Waring, Fred ......... . . WEGL-91 FM ...... . . .257 Weight Lifting Club . . . . .312 Who's Who ..... . . .233 Wilbur, Richard . . . . .96 Wildlife Society . . . . . .283 Womens Athletics Basketball .... . . .156 Golf ...... . . .150 Gymnastics . . . . .154 Softball . . . . . .152 Swimming . . . . .156 Tennis . . . . . .151 Track .... . . .152 Volleyball . . . . .154 Wrestling . . . . . .144 xi Sigma Pi ..... . . .226 Zeta Tau Alpha . . . . . .424 Volume 80 of the Auburn University GLOM- ERATA was printed by Delmar Publishing Com- pany of Charlotte, North Carolina. All printing was done using the offset lithography process. Paper stock is a unique 80-pound Mountie Matte created by Henley Paper of Charlotte epe- cially to meet the specifications of Editor McClan- ahan. Endsheet stock is 65-pound Simpson-Lee Corsican Gray printed in PMS inks. The cover is a two-color silkscreen on unbleach- ed library bookram. The graphics are the work of Keith Lightsey, who also designed the graphics on the division pages. The cover typeface is Micro- gramma Bold Extended. Special effects in the GLOMERATA include Steel Engraving on page 148, a Mezzotint on page 127, and Art Conversion or Line Art on page 139. Artwork includes the opening spread, designed by Lightsey, McClanahan, and Mike Sellers, color art work by lack Mallette 128-293, and black and white art work by Sellers Q34-357. Spot colors in the book were mixed on a process color chart on loan from University Printing Ser- vice. The spot colors on 62-99, 148-149, and 212-234 are spot colors in PMS inks with added 2004 black screens. Body copy was set as follows. Student Life, Or- ganizations, Honors, and Advertising - News Gothic, Sports and Features - Univers, Greeks - Theme, Administrations - Meliorp Composites and Classes - Optima. Most body copy is 10 point medium with 2 point leading, and identification consists of 8 point bold and medium with 2 point leading. Headings which are not Univers or News Gothic came from Chartpak, Normatype, and Zip-a-tone graphic arts products. The page numbers were each created individually out of 12 point Micro- gramma Bold Extended. All graphic arts products were hand set by the GLOMERATA staff. Composites were taken by Vantine Studios, Camco Photographers, and American Composites. The class portraits were done by Rappaport Stu- dios. Photos of the year were supplied by Wide World Photos. Other photos were taken by stu- dents or former students of Auburn as indicated in the Photographic Credits. 13,600 copies of the 544-page book were printed. e .. e. ..ft 7223 14. The following townspeople were of great as- sistance in the shooting of beauty pictures: Dr. and Mrs. lohn Presley, Mrs. Harvey lohnston, Mr. Wendall Webb, Gordy Germany, Allen Nix, and Chris Crockett. C. L. Torbett's, Courtney's, and Imperial Formal Wear also assisted. A new concept of beauties was possible due to the help of the following 'face men:' lohn Bush, Stoney jackson, Waverly johnson, Scott Kings- ford, David Marsh, leff Ockerman, Rick Scott, Steve Tincher, and Stewart Wilson. Allen Patterson of Village Photographers sup- plied the GLOMERATA with pictures of several fra- ternity and sorority events that the GLOMERATA was unable to cover. 539 Fully intending to let these last two pages be a written sigh of relief, I sat down at the end of our last deadline, allowing myself four hours before my self-determined afternoon flight from Columbus to Charlotte. Ready to spew discoveries about people I loved, people who meant Auburn to me, I found the thank-yous sparcely sprinkled through caustic barbs. So I shut off the type- writer, shelved the liquid paper, and saved the soul-searching copy for Spring Break. Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil, seafood, Jimmy Buffett, and a sand- scratched body sunburned through overcast skies slowly salved the martyred mental glare. Sitting alone on a carpet snagged with sand burrs, watching the Gong Show, I focused fourteen single-spaced pages on the people I intended to enshrine on these pages. That was too much-not only space-wise, but emotionally as well. The number of people mentioned began to lessen the im- portance of mentioning them. I unplugged the typewriter, tossed it in the back seat, and drove home on backroads, mentally writing and re-writing this ending. The staff knows that I appreciate them. These words didn't tell them that fact-I think it was the way I began to look and talk at them after a couple of all-nighters. But as I drove home, the wind through my open window squint- ing my eyes as much as the sun, three groups surfaced over and over again in the eleventy-seven different endings I tried. While I put together the book, they put me together, picking up fragments of a shattered editor. From the office next to ours came Plainsman staffers, usually led by Dan Doughtie, to share anything along the lines of photos, copy, food, jokes, and advice. Their dartboard vented more frus- tration than I can describe. Out of the office, Karlene Hager and the Pi Phis sympathized long enough to catch me off guard, then filled me full of motherly admonitions, sending me back to work encouraged and cared for. 540 And finally, a group of men called Betas who endured a sand- paper tongue and stretched-to-breaking nerves for an entire year, then good-naturedly prodded me back into a smile. This book, the hours of work after it quit being fun, are to thank AI Bigger for all he has taught me, my Uncle Gene for a loving con- cern only rivaled by Tommy Payne's, and Stewart Hartford for the strong guiding force his memory still holds for me. But most of all, this book serves two purposes: to thank my parents for all they have given me, tangible and intangible, in twenty years, and to glorify God, who gave me all of the things that are life. 541 Y DUF-'I DIIVIENSIDNS LIIVIIT YOU TD DNEPVVCJRLD. Photographic Credits Roy Adams: 352, 353, 380, 381, john Beck: 32, 33, 84, 85, 86, 87, 152, 206, 208, 360, 3615 Debbie Bishop: 5273 Dave Brown: 38, 39, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 72, 73, 74, 75, 78, 79, 80, 81, 109, 112, 113, 116, 117, 118, 119, 123, 126, 140, 148, 149, 150, 151, 226, 227, 228, 229, 231, 272, 294, 299, 302, 312, 334, 3357 Gordon Bugg: 36, 37, 170, 171, 256, 330, 331, 341, 412, 4137 Grant Castleberry: 174, 374, 375: Dave Camp- bell: 358, 3597 Littleton Chatham: 2963 leff Conway: 106, 107, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 246, 248, 266, 3497 lohn Cook: 36, 71, 82, 83, 86, 87, 110, 111, 153, 156, 158, 159, 160, 168, 200, 201, 206, 220, 222, 2767 loe Craven: 354, 3555 will Dickey: 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 160, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 169, 191, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 202, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 257, 203, 258, 270, 271, 277, 286, 288, 291, 311, 314, 319, 329, 382, 3835 Dan Doughtie: 1, 25, 26, 34, 35, 63, 70, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 544 The End "Everything science has taught me and continues to teach me strengthens my be- lief in the continuity of our spiritual exist- ence after death. Nothing disappears with- out a trace." -Werner Von Braun 105, 121, 127, 129, 130, 131, 136, 137, Ford Risleyz 136, 240, 241, 244, 245, 147, 156, 159, 166, 167, 182, 183, 235, 313, 332, 333, 368, 3695 Mark Seeley: 243, 246, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 32, 33, 40, 41, 128, 129, 238, 239, 241, 268, 269, 4097 Bobby Florence: 231, 243, 243, 258, 278, 2823 Kent Smith: 275, 304: Mike George: 342, 343, lulie Hermecz: 24, 156, 174, 236, 237, 241, 3047 Allen Holiday: 348, 3497 Steve lones: 214, 223, 272, 310: Rod lacobs: 366, 367: Thomas loseph: 410, 4117 Wanda Kenton: 237, 240, 242, 246, 247, 329, 338, 339, 416, 417: Bobby Lindsey: 38, 76, 77, 110, 111, 122, 153, 154, 155, 157, 161, 175, 190, 215, 216, 210, 224, 238, 247, 266, 297, 298, 318, 3213 Mike Lozar: 25, 70, 71, 211, 218, 219, 235, 238, 241, 244, 389, 407, 242, 245, 398, 399, 247, 315, 376, 377, 388, 400, 401, 402, 403, 406, 414, 415, 420, 421, Ioseph Millard: 1257 Gary McClanahan: 176, 177, 267, 268, 269, 292, 354: joe McNew: 422, 4235 Scott Newton: 386, 3873 Larry Parker: 18, 195 Rick Penry: 223, 227, 229, 230, 266, 268, 390, 3913 Allen Pat- terson: 310, 332, 344, 345, 418, 419, 424, 4255 Dean Pitts: 2743 Ken Edwards: 36: 225, 230, 242, 282, 340, 341, 346, 347, 1356, 357, 392, 393, 416, 417: Bruce Stough: 362, 3633 Noah Walker: 319. The maiority of the copy in the 1977 GLOMERATA was written by Edna Wasson and her assistant, luli Withers. Entertain ment copy was written by Amy Watson, and GLOM copy by Gary Mc- Clanahan. The following students were also responsible for copy: Cindy Neel, Mary Ann Shouse, Lisa Harris, Dan Norris, Marion Hollon, Larke Lanier, Paul South, Mike Forchette, Rebecca Hayes, Bill Bledsoe, Ken McMillan, Brad Davis, Gene Vandiver, Rick Don- nell, lohn Carvalho, Tommy Payne, Shane Quarrles, lere Andrews, Carolyn Simpson, Eloise Lundberg, Stephanie Wolfe, lanet Logan, and Theresa Sel- lers.

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