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R »o a WO 0RC N»ZA n 0 45»GLOMERATA NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AUBURN. ALABAMA DOUG HAWKINS • EDITOR DAISY GOLSON • BUSINESS MANAGER “ » umu,tiWITH A "HI WHEN YOU ENTER TO A WAR EAGLE AS YOU LEAVE WILL BE AT YOUR SIDEPEOPLE YOU MEET . . . OF FRIENDLINESSTO THE CHURCH YOU ATTEND . . OF REVERENCE10 WORK TOGETHER W 1H . . . Of SUCCESS A.ND kCCOMPUSHMENTAND ON THE« • . . . IN EVERY WAR EAGLE The President mm RALPH B. ORAUGHON President Ralph B. Draughon has inspired and encouraged the following improvements at Auburn during the fiscol year 1957-1958. The 1957 1958 budget increase was used entirely to obtain o revised salary scale. The new academic policy was charged to endorse scholarly goals of the faculty which include dedication to the advancement of knowledge through the search for freedom to teach the truth. All professors relieved of their job are given written statements of the reasons and are allowed a hearing with the Board of Trustees. Other improvements were: seventy-five tnousand dollars was granted by the Atomic Energy Commission for atomic energy training; Non Acaoemic Personnel Office was established: twelve women s dormitories and two dormitory units for men were named: the scholarship ;und was increased. These improvements will help Auburn remain the leading educational in-stitut on in the South. Dr. Draughon. by backing these fine improvements, furthered Auburn's growth in spiritual and educational wealth.Governor, Board of Trustees R. C. BAMBERG t the representative from the Sih District. Ho was born in Conterville, Alabamo, ond graduated from Auburn. REDUS COLLIER is the rep'esentafive from the 8th Oistrict. Ho wtt born in Athens, Alabama, and graduated from Auburn. PAUL S. HALEY it the reprotontativo from the 7th Dittrlct. He wat born in Marietta, Georgia, and graduated from Auburn with hiahett honors. JAMES H. HITCHCOCK it the representative from the 3rd District. He was bom in Inverness. Alabama, and graduated from Auourn. M. H MOSES is tm representative from the 5th Diitrict. He was born in Hamilton Alabama, and received his BS and MS from Auburn. EDWARD A. ROBERTS is the representative from the 1st District. Hn was born in Mobile. Alabama, ano atterded Auburn for two yoars. FRANK P. SAMFORD it the representative from the 9th District. He was born in Troy. AJabame. and graduated from Aubu'n. VERNON S. SUMMERLIN is the representative from the 2nd District. He was born in Fuller Cron Roads. Alabama and d d not attend college. ECGAR I. WYNN is tho representative from the 4th District. He wes born in Talladega. Alabama, ond graduated from Auburn. GEORGE H. WRIGHT is the representative from the 3rd District. He was born in Auburn. Alabama, end graduated from A-ibutn. R. C. 3AM3ERG REDDS COLLIER PAUL S. HALEY JAMES H. HITCHCOCK HIS EXCELLENCY JAMES F. FOLSOM M. H. MOSES EDWARD A. ROBERTS FRANK P SAMFORD VFPNON S. SUMMERLIN EDGAR I. WYNN GEORGE H. WRIGHT AUSTIN R. MEADOWSAdministration DR. DAVID W. MULLINS E eettivo Vice President DR. MORGAN W BROWN Medical Director MR. CLYDE H. CANTRELL Director ©I libraries MISS KATHERINE CATER Dear o‘ Women MR. POSEY O. DAVIS Dimclor ol Aoricullc'c E«terv on Seivice MR. CHARLES W. EDWARDS Registrar MR. JAMES E. FOY Director of S'udent AffairsCOLONEL L. E. FUNCHESS Bui dings and Grounds DR MICHEL C. HUNTLEY Dean of Faculties MR. WILLIAM T. INGRAM Business Manager MR. L. O. 8RACKEEN Director o Public!! MR. WILLIAM D. POORE Director o' Non-Academic Personnel MR. JOSEPH B. SARVER Executive Secrefa'r of Alumni Association DR. EDWIN V. SMITH Dirocto- oi Agr cultural Experiment Station MR. EDWARD WEGENER Director of Educational Tele sion The Schoo The School of Agriculture graduates men with a knowledges of many varied fields. Today’s formers have to know more than just how to plow and harvest crops. The farmer is an engineer, accountant, conservationist. ana sanitation expert all rolled into one. He must fix tractors, keep records, save his soil, and keep his farm up to certain sanitary requirements. The School of Agriculture offers such varied subjects as: botany, dairying, animal and poultry husbandry. agronomy and soils, forestry, horticulture and entomology. The student’s choice of a subject is often a difficult one, but no mattor which ono is chosen the student will receive the best instruction possible. The Auburn graduate is sought by many of the top industries. Auburn's job is not just to turn out farmors. The undertaking is much greater than hat. The School of Agriculture exists for the purpose of training men to do more than farming as such. Agricultural engineering and agricultural administration are courses which train men for progressive and profitable careers as farmers or in industries which are indispensable to agriculture. The School of Agriculture has several bureaus closely allied with it. Tne bureaus assist the farmer who has not been able to acquire technical knowledge by going to college.Comer Hal'The School All work offered n the School of Architecture end the Ar-s is for the development of creat've skill. By means of guided instruction the student is trained to develop a v'vid imagination and artistic ability. Biggin Hall, the most moccrn building cn campus, offers facilities for 700 students. Drafting and lecture rooms c ay modeling and interior design abs. an exhibit room, and on 8.000 volume library are available for student use. These facilities are in use far into the night as students display their interest and devotion 'o their work. There are few who have never heard of the ate lights in Biggin". The deportment of architecture is accredited by the Notiona Architectural Accreoiting Scare, endorsed by the American Institute o; Architects, and is a member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Arcn'tecture. The Na iona; Association of Schools of Des'gns accredits the department of art. These accrediations make it possible for the groduate to receive recognition in his chosen field. life drawing c osj in oclicn Tom Otwald. Vico preiidev; T'm Wheeler. PretideM; Sarnual T. Hcr»r. of Architecture and Arts Biggin HellThe Schoo In this time of competition of world powers in the field of medicine, electronics, and other technical fields, the importance of chemistry soars uowaro. Auburn is proud of its Schoo of Chemistry. The school offers the student the opportunity to obtain a thorough know edge of rhe fundamentals of sciences, and also advanced training in the courses of chemistry ano physics. Consisting of the branches of chemical engineer ing. department of chemistry. and laboratory technology. the school offers curricuia which lead to degees of Bachelor of Science, in chemistry, and in chemical engineering. The school is located ir the Ross Chemical Laboratory. with departments located in Wilmore Engineering Laboratory. In Ross Chomical Laboratory are located very modern, fully equipped aboratories in addition to the Emerson R. Miller Library. Because of the active research of the faculty, the students may learn about modern research techniques. Combining this research with thoir knowledge in teaching, the faculty members train each student to best meet the problems he may confront in the futuro. This program is maintained for and is striving to do its part in contributing to the fundamental research which i$ chiefly the province of colleges and universities.Ar ol«c ro!ysii ODorinorf in Jno making 8i.ddy Lcmay. Vico Pretidont; George UitcMI, ProiidoM; Oeon Ourtof K. Saunde'i. of Chemistry Roji CKomlca Laboratory nViniULThe School Auburn's School of Education is responsible for trainirg teachers. Supervisors, and administrators for the educational system of our country. The students trained in Auburn’s education department will take their places among the future educators of our nation ond apoly their newly-acquired skill for the promotion of modern, diversified education. Auburn’s School of Educot'on, for many years, has contributed greatly In filling the need for educators. Programs designed to prepare the future educators for elementary and secondary schools include instruction in the special fields of vocational agricu ture. home economics, industrial arts, and physical education. Tne School of Education also instructs educators in 'he fields of music, art, dramatics, and speech. Reading specialists, guidance counselors, psychologists. personnel managers, and various other specialists are trained by the education department. Alabama has long been in need of an efficient and stimulating educational system. Auburn's School of Education is taking groat steps to alleviate this situation. Through modern teaching methods Auburn's competent education instructors are turning out more end better educators for Alabama’s classrooms.Tno teaching of Social Scicncai Silly AiWm, Vic P'Mtdtnl; Ann Rulh Et «. P'Ciiiient; Oean Trunsn f ‘«rc . of Education Thadi Holl irampr" UE:IU Vl iu The S c h o ho School of Engineering is perhaps the fastest growing of all schools on the Auburn campus. With •his rapid growth Auburn has developed ore of the best engineering schools in the nation. 'he school requires that a student be fu ly prepared to meet the necessary standards and assume responsibility in modern industry. The school offers baccalaureate degrees in aeronautical, civil and electrical engineering. In aO-dition, options in communications, electric power, engineering ohysics. mechanical engineering, textile engineering, aeronautical administration, industrial management, and textile management are offered. The curriculum in engineering is basically the same :or all different branches for the first 'wo years. The last two years may be devoted to specialization courses in the particular field desired. For these students wishing to obta'n a Master's degree in engi-naming, a fifth year of gracuate work is offered. The programs of study have been liberalized by the inclusion of a series of social studies and literature course which extend through the four years of the Curriculum. Students who qraduate in the engineering or management curricula are prepared for many positions of responsibility in industry, engineering organizations, and government aqencies. Auburn engineering graduates are greatly in demand by the government. a »»tf » 1 The School Opportunities in education for home and family living and job insurance are offered in the Home Economics Curriculum. fa Family Life ond Nursery Education, work with children in pre-school laboratories increases understanding of the nature of children, and provides experience in working with them effectively as individuals. and in groups. Family Life Research evaluates conditions that can be charged, circumstancos that are anticipated, and things that require acceptance w th a wholesome philosophy of life. The field of clothing and textiles gives personal satisfaction in providing clothing for o family, and it con lead to professions in retailing, journalism, or textiles. Foods and Nutrition g'ves us dietitians, caterers in hotels and c'ubs. food technologists and research workers. Future homemakers should plan to study Home Management, while young women seeking vocational work in rural areas should enter Home Demonstra tion. After studying Nursing Science at Auburn for three years, a girl may transfer to an accredited hospital for the Registered Nurse certif'cate. The curriculum for all Home Economics students is similar the first two years. This similarity gives the girls a basic knowledge of all fields of Home Economics. The students are then more able to choose the -ield n which they wish to specialize.Jell Sle O' of Home EconomicsThe S c h o There Is much more to becoming a druggist than a lot of hard concontra ed studying. A druggist must be a man of high Ideals; he must have a pleasant disposition; and he must be dedicated to the people. Pharmacy Is a profession that requires a great deal of experience. This Includes those mdnight calls and patients who know they a'e qualified to write their own prescriptions. He develops his personality to meet people at all times and under all circumstances. A druggist is always neat and clean, giving an example of the purity with which he fills the prescriptions presented to him. A pharmacist’s attitude of servitude and dedication to his profession makes the term. "The Friendly Druggist." an often used one throughout our state and notion. The health of the community ofton relies on the quick ar.d effective filling of prescriptions. The field of pharmacy is growing so rapidly that the demand for well-trained men is increasing. The fine staff of teachers in the School of Pharmacy should be congratulated for the ’ob they are doing in this expanding department. Their job is a dual one. training minds and personalities.of Pharmacy The School The School of Science and Litorature is the old9s school of Auburn. It helps the student become bettei acquainted with the world in which he lives today. The school provides a broad and liberal education, and enables the s'udent to carry out more effectively his duties as a citizen in our democracy. Whatever course a student may select at Auburn, he takes certain fundamental subjects taught by this school. A student who has not yet chosen his vocation is wise to use the facilities of the School of Science and Literature as a guide. If he later decides what his vocation is going to be. then he can transfer to one of the technical schools in this institution. Its program and instruction tend to serve a two fold purpose. 1. Curricula are designed to lead to specialization as businessmen, accountants, statisticians, secretaries. mathematicians, historians, physicists, journalists, and sociologists, and professional instruction is given prospective lawyers, doctors, oentists. and veterinary doctors. 2. The school also functions as the main service division for the professional schools of the college. It is the purpose of the School of Science and Literature to give a broad general education along with a specialized field: botn aid the graduate in living intelligently and in serving effective while making a living.Ihii phyiics OKporimont roqu! Johflry Fearer Sue londo Oe « Roqe' W. Allee. Tichenor HallThe School The School of Veterinary Medicine ot Auburn i$ one of the oldest schools in the South. This school was established in the early years of the twentieth century ano has continued to grow and make its place on the Auburn campus. A student wishing to ootain o degree in this field must successfully complete two years of pre-voterin-ary training before being eligibe for admission into the school of veterinary medicine. A ’:er completing this requirement, he must then complete four calendar years before receiving his degree. The six years be come an etc'nity of labs and lectures before the dim light of graduation appears. However, the students are warned before tney start and prepare thomselves accordingly. The last qua'ter of school before graduation must be devoted to practicing as an intern with an approved practitioner. The graduates of this school are given many ex cellent opportunities in varied areas of work: in the armed fo'ces, with public health departments, in government or stote disease control programs, w‘th commercial aboratories. in teaching and research, and other specialized practice. Through constant efforts on the part of schools like Auburn, the legendary "hoss doctor" has become a highly recognized crofessional man.Nocrooty of boviro porformod by on instructor H. £. Wh;tloe r. Vice President; Donold B-own, President; Desn R. S. Suggs. of Veterinary Medicine DEAN W. V. PARKER Graduate School An upsurge of interest in advanced study and re search is asserting itself at Auburn as elsewhere in the nation. The enrollment in our Graduate School has more than tripled in the last ten years. To meet the needs of the gracuatc students, the Graduate School makes constant efforts to provide course offerings, research facilities, and a faculty of recognized competence. The most amb’tious advance in grad uatc wort at Auburn has been the initiating of a doctoral program in 1952. which will become a milestone in Auburn's development. The activities of the Gracuato School are many and varied, and the time requirod to complete a master's degroo depends solely on the individual. Many students procure oart-time teaching jobs whi c working on heir degrees. Th:s source gives Auburn many fine teachers to relieve a small overworked faculty. The requirements in the Graduate School differ in kind and degree from those in the undergraduate curriculum. The student is thrown mo'e upon his own initiative and resources. He is expected to demonstrate his capacity for intens've and critical study and for original investigations. Emphasis is laid primarily upon basic leraning end creative activities, upon fundamental rather than applied research, upon discovery rather than invention. Students with such odu cat'onal backgrounds become assets o; immoasurabe potentialities to socioty.Summer Camp 1957 Col. John Lackott; Professor. Military Science and Tactics The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps of Auburn offers students practical and theoretical military instruction so that they may become eligible for commissions os second lieutenants in the Officers Reserve Corps. Auburn has one of the best military departments in the South: this is due in part to the fact that all qualified mole students are required by low to receive two years of basic ROTC instruction. In the basic course, the fundamentals of all Army Branches are taught as a preparation for the advanced ROTC program which is of;cred to juniors who can meet the requirements. Specialized study in either Art'llory. Corps of Engineers. Armor, or Signa Corps is offered in the advanced program. A student is enrolled in the branch which most closely parallels with his curriculum, whenever possible. The advanced cadet receives a regular monthly monetary a lowance. Advanced students attond one six weeks summer camp at an established Army Post where they apply by practical work the theory and training learned in the classroom. Normally students portic’fnto in the (.imp i oriod between their junior and senior years. Graduates cf the advanced course rece've commissions as Second Lieutenants in the Officers Reserve Corps. Advanced students possessing outstanding quality of leadership and mi •tary aptitude are awarded cert'ficates as Distinguished Military Graduates. Army R. O. T. C. Army ROTC Stoff 4tFlight Training Class Col. S. L. Crosthwai?: Professor, Ar Seianco and Tactics Air Force R. O. T. C. Air Forco ROTC $taf! The purposes of the A r .Force R. O. T. C. program are to provide orientation for successful living In a society with a rapidly increasing emphasis on air power and to select and train codets as future leaders in he United States Air Force. The four year program is divided into basic and advanced courses, each of two year duration. Emphasis is placed on leadership and scholarship, providing students with a Icnowl-edge of air power, ts capabilities, and emoloyment oppor-tunities. Se ection for advanced courses is based upon leadership, aptitude, academic achievement, anc physica1 f tness. Advanced cadets are required to attend a summer training period at an air force base. This gives the student a chance to test and apply his classroom knowledge and to experience an Air Force environment. Cadet activit’es include the Rifle Team, the AFROTC Honor Flight, and the Arnold Air Society for advanced students. 42Pcmacolo Fic'd Trip Cepto’n W. C. Johnson. Jr.: Professor. Navol Sc'onco Navy R. O. T. C. Auburn's Naval ROTC unit is on© of 52 such units found at certain select colleges and universities throughout our nation—units which mould and make the future naval eaders of our country. Careful judgement is used in the select’on of these future officers. Mental tests, physical examinations, interviews, and passage by a qualifications board are neces sary to gain acceptance in Auburn's NROTC unit. Outstanding stuoents who so desire are accepted into a scholarship program which ncludes a cruise each summer. This cruise not only allows students to see the world, but it also puts to use c assroom training and brings them into close contact with other people—men of other units, real Navy men. and people of other nations. Careful selection and thorough training produce men in whom our nation can confidently place its trust. Navy ROTC Staff 43Spirit Advances STUDENT GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS and HONORARIES At AuburnKCN MATTINGLY P'osident Student Government Association WALTER Glenn V‘c« Preston Auburr s Student Government endeavors to represent student opinion to the admimstration. to coordinate a I student extra-curricular activities, and to provide members for ioint student-faculty committees. The outstanding leadership of the Stuoont Government has oeen a vital factor in maintaining Auburn’s spirit and high standards. As president of the Student Body. Ken Mattingly presides over the Executive Committee and selects its memoers. Working more closely with the Student Body, the presicent appoints committees as needed, to dee! with the various problems that confront Auburn students. Walter Glenn, in his capacity as vice-president. assists the president in eve'y possible way but his primary duty is that of presiding over the Senate. Taking the minutes for the Senate and com mittec meetings and keeping the records of Student Government are the jobs of the secretary, June Shorty Moore. Ray Daniel, treasurer, handles the finances for the Student Government. The Student Government consists of three branches: the Executive Branch, composed of the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the Student Body and thirteen Cabinet memoers; the Legislative 9ranch. composed of fifteer senators; and the Judicial 3ranch. consisting primarily of the Juris-orudence Committee. RAY DANIEL TroajurorS» d ffl, l ft » R hlr B b HUf». Soifiy St«;«. Job leisg, Lewll Ard ft©n. M« v JohniO-». Bob lyM Urry Hub PKII O'Jo-i, L«»t to Rink,. Cl „ , W UCompt . M-Mtlwjly. Judy lorb-ldg . R h fd Sly . u!d? T ’ ' Gl " ’ Executive 'He thirteen members of the Executive Cabinet are appointed by the President of the Studont Body. Thoy sorvo In an advisory capacity, and assist him in carrying out his administrative duties. This year's activities of the Cabinet were Village Fair, Religious Emphasis Week, the All Comous Fund Drive. The Au-burn-A abama and Auburn-Georgia Tech Better Relations Meetings, investigation of the campus parking situation. Investigation of student insurance programs, a Leadership School for presidents of campus organizations, investigation of ways to expand our Concort and Lecture Series, and ©Forts to get more religious education courses in the curriculum. Cabinet members are as follows: Supt of Finance—Dan -indsey: Chairman of Village Fair—Lewis Anderson; Supt. of Campus Drives—Tom Brakeficld: Supt. of Political Affairs— Bob Hurt; Supt. of Stucent Spirit—Sonny Stein; Suot. of Public Relations—Bob Long; Supt. of Women's Affairs—Judy Lochridge; Supt. of Social Affairs—Glen Phel; Supt. of Organizations—Bob Lynn; Supt. of Student Welfare—Phil O Berry; Supt. of Intramural Sports—Macey Johnson; Supt. of Religious Affairs—Richard S ye; Supt. of Men's Residence Halls—Larry Hanks. 47Judicia Our judicial department at Auburn acts in much the same capacity as our federal Supreme Court. They study and inter-pret any motion passed in the Student Senate which might conflict with the rulo; sot forth in the Constitution of our institution. Decisions are rendered according to the committee s judgement. This court has seven justices, representing both the faculty and the student body. Professor A. B. Metzger, of the history department, acts os Presiding Justice. The six Associate Justices are students appointed by the President of the Stu dent Boay. The students serving as Associate Justices for this year are: Lewis Anderson, Tom Espy, Doug Hawkins. Sue Landon, Jimmy Rickets, and Bob Tarte. IHt to a.ght: r A. B. MeUQCr, » Ardenoti. Dojg lorn lpy Su» l««don. Jimrry RicUt . Bob Tj» . 48Legislative Tho duties of the legislative branch of the government aro carried out by fi;tecn student senators. Presiding over -his group is Walter Glenn, Vice-President of the Student Body. Representing the students are Fifth Year Senator Carroll Woodard: Senior Senators Gene Burr. Polly East. Billy Kight. Stewart McKnight. and Terry White: Junior Senators Be Davidson, George Eggo. Don Meadows, and Morris Savage-Sophomore Senators Tony Glasgow. Charlotte Rawls, and Bill Sewell: Freshmen Senators Kyle Kyser and Kenny Schultz. A Senate committee is working on a satisfactory plan for student insurance. Another project is that of securing a tiger to be used as a mascot at football games. Also being considered by the Senate is the idea of changing the name of the school from Alabama Polytechnic Institute to that of Auburn University. In order to present an opinion to the Senate, students merely refer their suggestions to one of their class senators who, in turn, introduces it n he Senate. MB Sea’ed, loir to RiflM: Felly E«» . ft’rv WM» . SlMirt M Knight Wal e' G ?-n Kytr'. s ’,e '• Sdwll . Jo Da. d.on. . Jy«e Moo'e CH«r’oMe G ' J«ff. Oor M9"' Sorage. To . G'otqow. C "Ol Wood«-o 8 , K,gM. M odo« Gwg ffld . Kv1 49cynthia mcarthur Soc rotary SYDNA ROTON Troaturor JUDY LOCH RIDGE Prasidont Student Government W. S. G. A. membership consists of all women students en-rolled at A. P. I. The purpose of W. S. G. A. is to encourage a sense of ind'vidual responsibility and to further a spirit of unity among the women students. W. S. G. A. consists of four parts: the Executive. Legislative, Judiciary, and Dormitory House committees. The Executive branch is made up of all the elected W. S. G. A. officers. The Legislative branch is composed of the presidents and vice-presidents of the dormitories and elected officers: this committee makes rules, holds the annual workshop, and wo-ks on the proqram of the Freshmen Advisory Council. The Judiciary Council, functions in a disciplinary capacity, is mace up of six members and the President of W. S. G. A. All problems and cases which cannot oc handled by the dormitory officers come before this council. The House Committee is composed of the President, the Vice-President, the Devotional Chairman, the Head Desk Girl, the Hall Monitors, the Head Resident, and the W. R. A. representative. This committee handles infractions of house rules. Officers are: Judy Lochridge. President: Catherine Earle. Vice-President- Cynthia MacArthur. Secretory: Sydno Roton, Trosuror; Mary Lynn McCreo, Social Chairman; and Laurel Gibbons. Town Representative. 50left to Right: Judy loeh’Ioge. An Sullivan. Pa Booth, Cynthia M;Artn, . June Mon- . Jare Sulfb A Ice Faye Vaughn. Association Pin Row latt to Right: la»r«l Gibbons, Ma-y Lynn McC «a. Catharine Ee-le. Judy I ochridge Cyn‘- a McArthur $y na Polon. Second Ro»: Jane Wright, Ann Spice' Cj’o! Run. Cuida Cunningham. Lojiie Smith. Sara Bare-. Barbara Saunders. Pat Pruett. Judy Newman. Inird Row: Joyce Reynolds Martha lv n Boggan Ju-e Bagwell. Carolina Maenja. Margaret Paco. Audrey Neumarr, Jane Cuneir-v i Sosnrge Jo Stuckey. Fourth Ro»- Gail Haynes. Martha Pa Brown. Sally Morgan Pat hall. Joyce Carpenter. Sue G'llit. 51Spades The highest honor an Auburn man can attain is to wear a spade. Each year ten outstanding juniors are selected by the retiring members of Spades. Spades set forth the following preamble to their constitution: "Whereas, feeling the need of some organization in the Senior Class of the institution which, wholly independent of the social and other relations, shall seek to gather together the most prominent and influential men of the class and of the institution, this society is organized." Spades have no officers. LEWIS ANDERSON GENE BURR TOM ESPY WALTER GLENN JERRY GCDARD DOUG HAWKINS BOB HURT KEN MATTINGLY 52 STEWART McKNIGHT BOB TARTEPAT SOOTH Eleanor chenault MARGARET CRUSE CATHERINE EARlE LADY FOY DAISY GOlSON SARAH HAMILTON ARLENE KNOX SUE LANDON JUDY LOCH RIDGE FRANCILS SCOTT ANNA BESS SOBERG Nof Pictured, JOYCE VAN TASSEL Sphinx-Chapter of Mortar Board was established at Auburn during the Fall Quarter of 1955. This honorary was first established on our campus in 1935 under the name of Sphinx. Its purpose, then as now, was to recognize scholarship, achievement, activities, and leadership. The highest honor that can come to a senior woman at Auburn is membership in Mortar Board. Requirements for membership include an overall B, or above, scholastic average and leadership and service qualifications. Mortar Board sponsors many worthwhile projects. During registration Mortar Board, jointly with Omicron Delta Kappa and Blue Key, provides information boothos to assist now students. This year Mortar Board began a new service project on campus in the form of a mum and boutonniere salo on Homecoming weekend. In the Spring Quarter there was a picnic for foreign students; also, a gift is given to Susan Smith Cottage. Mortar Board, in conjunction with Blue Key, sponsors Skit Night for inter-Greek competition. During the bpring Quarter, Sphinx Sing is presented. The winnng fraternties and sororities arc awarded cups in each of theso events. Three scholarships arc presented annually to qualified coeds. An award is made each year to the sophomore girl with the highest over-all scholastic average. Mortar Board also spon-sorfCwens, sophomore honorary for women. Officers this year were: Anna Bess Soberg, President; Patricia Booth, Vice President; Sarah Hamilton, Secretary; Francile Scott, Treasurer; and Joyce Van Tassel, Editor. Mortar Board p in Who's Who AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES PAI BUNIZ GENE BURR PA! BOOTH IOM BAXTER LEWIS ANDERSON ELEANOR CHENAULT CATHERINE EARLE TOM ESPY LADY FOY WALTER GLENN JERRY GODARD DAISY GOlSON HAROLD GRANT MAURICE HARGROVE DOUG HAWKINSSUE LAN DON NORMAN KOHN BILLY KIGHT BILL KLEMM BOB HURT JUDY LOCHRIDGE I KEN MATTINGLY CYNTHIA McARTHUR stewart Mcknight BART MORROW' AL PARISH ANNA BESS SOBERG GLEN PFHL JIMMY PHILLIPS JAMIE PRICE LIBBY RICHARDSON BOB TARTE JOYCE VAN TASSELL TERRY WHITE CARROLL WOODARDLEWIS ANDERSON TOM BAXTER TOM CANNON TOM ESPY WALTER GLENN JERRY GODARD HAROLD GRANT MAURICE HAGROVE BILLY KIGHT JOHN LEE BOB LYNN JIMMY ' RED" PHILLIPS JAMIE PRICE SONNY STEIN BOB TARTE Net Pictured. 31LL REGAN Omicron Delta Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. ODK’s purposes are threefold: firsf, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspiro others to strive for outstanding attainments; second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Omega Circle, which was founded in 1928, annually sponsors the ODK-Wilbur Hutsell Cake Race, awarding a cup and a hugo cako to the winnor. Socially, ODK offers tho campus tho ODK-Glomerata Beauty each fall. In addition, tho Circle in conjunction with the University of Alabama circle, presents a cup to tho Winner of tho Auburn-Alabama football game. Officers this year woro: Walter Glenn, President; Lewis Anderson, Vice President; and Jerry Godard, Secretary-Treasurer. KappaBlue Key Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, founded at the University of Florida, was established at Auburn on March II, 1926. The members are selected from the most outstanding men in the junior and senior classes on the basis of their past achievements and potential. They havoas their goals: to study, discuss, and strive to further the best interest of Alabama Polytechnic Institute; to foster intercollegiate relations and develop a national collegiate spirit by placing their stamp of approval on college leaders, making it possible to recognize them wherever they may be found. A. P. I. chapter of Blue Key lists in their annual efforts: freshman orientation, sponsorship of the Miss Homecoming contest decorations and Most Valuable Player competitions for Homecoming, Skit Night, and the Bruce Grcenhill Scholarship award for journalism students. In addition, this year Blue Key sponsored a two-hour concert with Stan Kenton and his orchestra. Officers are: President, Gene Burr; Vice-President, Stewart McKnight; Secretary, Carroll Woodard; and Treasurer, Bob Hurt. Not Pictured. AL PARISH PAT BUNTZ GENE BURR RAY DANIEL DOUG HAWKINS PAUL HEMPHILL BOB HURT NORMAN KOHN KPN MATTINGLY STEV ART McKNlGHT BART MORROW LLOYD NIX GLEN PEHL CARROLL WOODARDPhi Kappa Phi Phi Koppo Phi Notional Honor Society is the highest scho ostic honor society in tech-nicol institutions. It provides recognition for professors, graduate students, ond seniors who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and achievement in all technica and professional fields. Phi Kappa Phi Initiates, Spring Quarter 1957 Norman Harold Alford William W. Arrold. Jr. John P. Brandol Thomas H. Cannon. Jr. Botty Ann Chadwick Warner T. Clark John C. Cooper, Jr. Samuol R. Crain Robert Madison Farrar, II Roth Evans Hardloy BUckshoar Thornton Hartley. Jr. UNDERGRADUATES Elmer Gerald Griffies Robert G. Haley Charles Haddock Hendry Lucv V. Hodnette Mary Bottle Kinq John E. Lee. Jr. William Camobc'l littlo Margaret Lonello Mothos Dorothy Thomas Morgan Patricia Pattorson Franklin Moore Propit John Edward Reed Ava Ann Rogers Sylvia A. Scarborough Grace Mar'e Smith Larry Dalo Stamps Wilton Sturrjns. II William E. Sul ins. Jr. GRADUAIES Botty Dylcos Hawthorno Ruth Pari Lehmann Bruce Evan Hopper Jamoi Lee Lowry Jaoo Evorett Lynn William Tortoll Tucker Grady Reubin Vines, Jr. Carolyn Susan Wallace Dee Wallace Ward. Jr. James Roy Watson, Jr. Vernon Bell Watwood. Jr. Kothryr Ann Willirqnom Gene David Wilis Vida Sharman Phyl is Rosaiyn Rackin Jam«i R. Cothrono Carl E. Colley Joseph R, Mosely A. L. Worlund William Ha'o d G'ont Lou Ellen Ballard Jamos W llam Boroihoim Jean Marberry Buih Phi Kappa Phi Initiates. Summer Quarter 1957 UNDERGRADUATES Sheilo Ann Oliver Francos Goldon McConiol Mary Elizabeth Hall Moultrie Carolyn Elizabeth Ward Mooro Edward Loo Daniel James Don'oy Sherman Patricia Poterson Georqe C. Robbins John P. Jones Earnest Patrick Buntz GRADUATES Henry Leo Taylor Eizaboth Riley Dyson Leon Wa ker Turnor I overt. P. Guthory Tarosa Hondo-son Campbell Jamos Word Lee Char os K. Gorham John H. Hoquo Ave'v N. Clark. Jr. James R. Beeson Harriott D. Matthews Walter Frank Sowell Loon Hartwell Allen. Jr. Mrs. Jesnine Nolin Arnold Elliot Rico Bakor Bill Barnett Foster Farris Beasley Patricio Booth Sidnoy Brcoks Hoys Phi Kappa Phi Initiates. Fall Quarter, 1957 UNDERGRADUATES Thomas Talbot Butler William Grant Carson Charloi Harold Davis Will am Hasty Golden Roger L. Hammer Judith Marvoy WiTiam Harold Moon Ralph Wallace Norman S. Kohn Joe S. Larmon Shirley Jo Lindsay Wi liem A‘e»ordcr Mack'in Wi lio Loo McDan'ol. Jf. Josephine Newsom James D. Parke'. Jr. James L. Rice Frank Mu'fav VAII am;on Gone Alton Wyatt GRADUATES Mrs. Reese Guy Sparks 581958 Glomerata I His year the GLOMLRAf A staff has made every effort to induce originality, expression, and spirit into your 1958 GLOMERATA. In the opening section we have tried to picture the Auburn student as he lives each phase of his college life. Believing that a reflection of life of the A.P.I. student oody could be portrayed in good taste in color, and in good photography, the staff proposed to produce a book that would meet the standards of our student body. With a subject as big and wonderful as Auburn, a great deal of effort must be exe-ted to produce a good portrayal. This work began early in the spring when the Editor. Doug Hawkins, and Business Manager. Daisy Golson. were cected. The staffs were immediately appointed. They are pictured on the following two pages. The GLOMERATA is under the direct supervision of the Auburn Publications Board. The Editor and Business Manager went to Nashville to plan the layout with Benson ?' nting Company early in the summer. Every page is planned in goneral at this time. Throughout the year, work on every page is supervised. In order that the student may receive their books on time, each section has a definite deadline. Ai this work assures you of recoiviro Auburn's No. I pub-ication. your GLOMERATA, at its best. It takes the constant help of many others to produce a good yearbook, and we deeply appreciate the’r services. DOUG HAWKINS Editor DAISY GOLSON Sui'ficv.Gl omerata Staff SONNY CLINGAN Assistant Editor PfcctogracK ROB COLLINS Asiistan Editor Copy JOYCE REYNOLDS Secretary DAN KUYKENDALL Activities Editor WAYNE RINGER Snorts Edito- TERRY WHITE Sororities Editor JIM WILLIAMS Erataroitias Editor DOUG 8ARCLAY S t-oo:s and Administrations Editor SONNY STEIN Circulation Manager CHARLES DUNLAP Advertising Manage- BOOLIE HILL Astistan- Organizations Editor HOWARD DAVENPORT Organizations Editor 60JUDY NEWMAN Honorariej and Student Government Editor BEEBE RAY FREDERICK Military and Publication fd’tor BONNIE GUILLORY Beauty Edito HOYT SHERARD S’aft ®'oro9racKe' EVA MAE JERNIGAN BILL JONES Co-Editor. Clan Section Co Editor Clan Section left to Rightr Barbara Witte, Ken Korley. Libbo Apple-on, Co"rad Floret. Peggy Rodgert, Janie Sue Oalt, Rachel Youngblood, Lit Ranaolph.Plainsman A student trips ever a white blob of paper going to o sever o'clock class. Yep. the Plainsman s out again, and by four in the afternoon copies are scattercc all over the campus. (Nobody ever takes the trouble to put them In the waste bosket!) Yes. by four in the afternoon, four-fifths of the Auburn students have reod one of the best college-published papers in the South—and those papers don't just happen! Bob Tarte didn't run a popularity contest a Sunday ofternoon meetings. Getting copy in four days early didn't prove the simplest chore for reporters and writers either. Jerry Godcard handleo the monetary yes s and no s this year, using GLOMERAIA funds to balance he Plainsman ' budget. As in an operation of this nature and magnituoe. not enough credit can be giver to the unsung heroes—the reporters, the copy readers, the typists, the f unkies, the cirty-wor W'llies. Yes. it wa? quite a job. but a lot of fun. covering a nationally top ranked football team, but the Plainsman staff rose to the occasion. Throughout the year there was someone at every LEFT, Seated: Jerry Godard, 3ujincss Manager: Stard nq: Boo Torto. Editor IOM BAXTER Editor. DOUG MclNTOSH Nowi Editor GEORGE WENDELL Managing Editor MARIE PE NHARDT Features EditorScatod loft o right: Sandra Rom. Betty Sutton, Standinq: Charles Stoinar. Nadine Boeoh. Marion Ward. Ronnie McCullars, Kannin Ho’mes, Bryant Castallow. Auburn sports event taking notes, summarizing, organizing and preparing material to give something informative ana interesting to the Auburn student. Editorials, features news, photography—all add up to one fine job for a fine stoff for 1957-1958. BUI WAII—is there room for mprovement? YES. Just two doors down from the Plainsmon office in the Unon Building s the office of the Number I Publication, the GlOMERAIA: its staff exemplifying the highest standard attained by a publication at Auburn. It is quite a mystery why the Painsman can t at least narrow this vast margin of publishing superiority. During the Grid Classic, the GLOmERATA again showed the characteristics of superior organization and superb coordinated efforts. To this office the "Plainsman" contlnua ly looks for guicance and wr ting know-how. Let" to right: Boyd Cobb. Sue Herrin. Jim Kilpeiric. Isom Ingram. cranL Prico, Juoy McCautoy. Soatad: Sua Townsoao. HOYT SHERARD Art Editor PAUL HEMPHILL Sports Editor PAUL ADAMSON PAT BUNTZ Circulatior Editor Advertising Editor 63Jo« Hagan, Editor; 8ud Walla, Butiroit Manage Auburn Veterinarian A professional puolica'ion, tne Auburn Veterinarian, is o scientific journal puolished by students of the Auburn chapter of +he American Veterinary Mcdica Association. Its purpose is to disseminate advances in veterinary science and to servo the veterinary practitioners in the Southeast. The articles arc for the most port written by members of tne Veterinary Schoo s faculty. Senior students, under faculty supervision, write some of the main articles and case reports. Tne magazine was originated in 194b and has sirce grown and gained stature among other ve erinory publications. The circulation is nationwide and also includes fifteen foreign countries. The magazine is producec once each quarter. On occasion, special issues are published as the need arises. The Editor this year was Garrett Hagan Jr. Howard Waite was Business Manage'. Faculty advisors this year were Dr. Carl Clark and Dr. B. F. Hoerlein. Latf to Right: JoKn Hytaad, Billie Adel . Burton Blast. Arnold fleishar, Lvnwood Barter. 64Auburn Engineer The purpose of "The Auburn Engineer" is to promote further unity and better relations among the students in the various fields of engineering by providing them with a source of well rourded information pertaining to the interest of engineers. The Auburn Engineer contains news of alumni, local campus news and humor, reports on the research program here at Auburn, articles of particular interest written by students, and news of the latest developments of the nation's eading industrial and research projects. The Engineers Council sponsors the monthly publication "The Auburn Engineer." In addition to being sold by subscription to engineering students, alumni, and many industries, the publication is circulated to many Alabama high schools and to various other engineering colleges. It is therefore valuable as a means of advertising Auburn's rapidly growing School of Engineering and as the voice of Auburn's engineers. 'tarn Drummond. Editor; Doug Lovelace, lutlneti Manager. Left to ft'ght: Mary Arnold. Karen Eat'burn. ?alp Schuiling, Jaxei ledbe'fer. Annette Street, Audrey Moon. 65TIGER CUB I9S7-S8 Edition of Tiqor Cub Tiger Cub MAURICE HARGROVE JOHN HAMILTON Editor tmincit Manager The Tiqer Cub or the Student Handbook is the freshman s best friend. It helps him complete the growing acquaintance with a new life as a part of the Auburn Student Body. Although this publication is mainly for new stucents. almost everyone uses it, Including the faculty. The Cub is a condensed cross section of campus life. It includes sections on the Administration and Schools, Student Activities. Organizations, the Greeks. Soorts. Rues and Reg ulations. Editor of the 57 58 Tiger Cub was Maurice Hargrove. John Hamilton was Business Manager. Other members of the staff were Doug Barclay. Roy Abell, Ann Hargrove, Gloria Smith. Linda Selsor, and Paul Adamson. It is the goo1 of the 57- 58 Staff that each student will become throughly familiar with hi$ ‘Tiger Cub until he feels he full responsibility of being a loyal and active Auburn student. lc- to ft gh?! Gloria Smith, Doug Sard . Paul Adamion, Ann Margrave.Publications Board Left to Right: Mr,. R.b, Riche,d,or. W»": Muw„ E. fo,. C i-rren; Mr. L O. Brack .; Ker M,r.i«g r: j0M Hamilton; Mr. W. I. I'.gram; Ger. Be',; Tom Burwr; To E,py; Jerry Gcdar«j. ! r-tt»'7 The supervisory body lor all campus publications supported by student activity lees is the Board ol Student Publications. The three major areas ol responsibility ol the 8card ere: qualilication ol candidates lor elective positions, general supervision ol financial programs, and approval ol editorial policies. The Board, composed ol both students and faculty mem- bers. consists ol 14 persons, 6 ol wnom arc cxofficio members. The Director of Studont Affairs, the President'$ Reoresenta-tive, the Business Manager ol the college, and a journalism in-structor are the faculty members. They are supported and aided by four members ol the sonior class and tho exofficio members, the editors and business managers ol the GLOM-ERATA. “Plainsman", and "Tiger Cub". 67Spirit Sparkles with BEAUTY at Auburn tFinalists roceivo congratulations ODK Glomerata Four Frojhman apoear at Ajburn tor first timo This year, the 1958 Beauties were presented at the annual ODK-Glomereta Beauty Ball. The Auburn Knights orchestra furnished the music with the Four Freshmen as an added attraction. These beauties were selected from twenty semi-finalists and the eight final beauties are featured on the following pages of this Glomerate. Presentation of eight tinalistjCouples enjoy music with the Auburn Knights Condidotes ewoi‘ finalist selection Beauty Ball loft to riqht: Ge'ry Soratlin, Joyce Ven ’esse , Rosamond Rencher, Sore Alice Stephens, Kathleen Searcy, Blanche Baiter, Mary Emma Moetes, and Marjor o Joctiich. f.Miss Gerry Spratlin SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHAo N S o e° M'sS joyce s,gma Van TasseMiss Sara Alice Stephens SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHAMISS AUBURN. Juna Fincher Miss Auburn is th© highest honor on Auourn coeo con receive. She •S choson by a carrpu$-wide vote from five finalists. One of her most important duties is to lead the parade on the day of the Auburn-Alaoama football garre. Juna is a son.'or in Homo Economics from Culloden. Georgin. ard a member of Kappa Delta. MISS HOMECOMING . . . Evelyn Ray Miss Homecoming is chosen during Fall elections to reign over the homecoming festivities. Sho is prosonted with her court during the half-time ceremonies of this game. Evelyn is a sophomore in Interior Design from Dothan, Alabama, and a member of Aloha Delta Pi.Miss Mary Emma Moates SPONSORED BY DIVISION J. MAGNOLIA HALLMiss Rosamond Rencher SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA PHIMiss Kathleen Searcy SPONSORED BY SIGMA CHIMiss Marjorie Jockisch SPONSORED BY ALPHA GAMMA DELTAMISS MARJORIE TRAWICK • MISS BETTY HOLLOWAY • MISS SUE LeCOMPTEMISS RACHEL YOUNGBLOOD MISS FAY MITCHELL MISS MARY LYNN McCREE ZMISS BARBARA CLANTON MISS NANCY SMITH MISS PAT MURPHY 2 72—MISS MIRIAM PARK MISS PEGGY ROGERS MISS PAT GENTRY Jl________ 85MISS HELEN STROTHER • MISS RACHEL MURRAY • MISS PAT THEIRINGMISS PAT ETHERIDGE MISS CONNIE COTTON MISS QUEENIE SANFORD Miss November GROVERNELl LITTLE Miss September BABS SMITHEY Miss October LYNDA WELCH vliss January BLANCHE BAXTER Miss December SUE TOWNSENDMiss March SANDRA ROSS Miss April ALICE FAYE VAUGHN Miss June PAT BATTLE Miss February JANICE HIPSH JUNE BAGWELLSpirit writes the ritual of every GREEK at Auburn IMEMBER ELECTED MISS AUBURN, THREE CHOSEN AS Tarry M. Adam Medolyn Anderson Eliiabelh Appleton Beverly Baggett Barbara Bed Vlrq nia Blythe Eliiabeth 8yet Frances Chappail Margaret Clayton Alberta Collint Carolyn Corner Carol Co»ey Kay Cuney Diana Devidson Jean Daw ion Joan Dickson Augusta Fault Jean Ferris June Fincher Betty Fowler lady Toy Florence Glover Frances Gra ely Mary Eleaeo Grigg Foye Ann Halstead Sara Frances Hamill Sir Hargrove Gail Harrison Carol Hatty Ann Herbert Jan'ce Hipsh Jane Hodge Joy Hudson Jute Huey Anno lee James Eliiabeth Ann Johnson Mildred Johnson Susie Allen Jonos Katherine Jordan Susan Kennedy Ann Kimbrouqh Stewart la Grave Margarite lambert Laura lidell Judy Mallory Julia McDonnell Lynn Miffletoa Rachel Murray Audrey Neuman Mary Norris Martha Jane Northcutt Anne Howsley Linda Ray Rosamond Re.ncher Paula Robinson Molly Sarver Sue Saion Kathleen Searcy Francile Scott Annette Screws Jane I, Smith Ginger Spear Virginia Spieth Carline Stephens lois Von Seeberq Janice Waite's Joan Waite'S Eliiabeth Anne White Annette Wilcoitcr Margaret Anne Wood Julie Wright 92SIGMA LAMBDA CHAPTER Kappa Delta Sorority Kappa Delta arrived at the Loveliest Village 32 years ago to found the Sigma Lambda chapter and thus become the first sorority on the Auburn campus. Olive green and white are the colors of Kappa Delta and the white rose is its flower. For its rational philanthropy Kappa Delta supports a ward of the Crippled Children's Hospital in Richmond. Virginia. Kappa Delta sorority was founded in Virginia, the aristocratic state of the Old South, on October 23. 1897. The girls have tried ever since to live up to the Southern belle tradition. Everyone knows. of course, that a Southern belle is beautiful, charming, sweet and gracious. Now upon further analysis of these virtues we find that beouty is the best substitute for brains: charm is using the method of giving a person a shot in the arm without letting him feel the "needle: sweetness is thinking all you soy without soying oil you think] and graciousness is what some people have, whereos. others just go ahead and tell the truth. It may easily be seen that the girls o Sigma Lambda chapter have lived up to their ideal ir every possible way. Chief instructor of these Southern belles in the eqe-old sr ifcr Jits fcssvi; |i?mt oV £ TEfc. r?UoW h JciVlk r 1 c ••liar. Lynn Ledy Foy. F-.sid.nt: j„.„ Dawson. Vlco PrnsIdcrt 93GLOMERATA BUSINESS MANAGER, THREE SELECTED TO Jvlielte Aldridge Miilli Androwi J il Archer Sara Bake-Sue Ba-'eil Elitabeth Beikervillo Ann Bliliard Barbara Booh Pat Baoth Toby Boyd Roianne Churn Dorothy Campbell Margo Coe Kay Collier Helen Copoland Janie Sue C-a't Carol Davit Margie On-irir Pat Etheridge Peggy Jo Forehand Martha Fowler Linda Freeman Mary Ann Gainey Scottie Gamble Dorothy Gideon Deity Cotton Charlotte Greene Barbara Greer Bonnie Guillory Helen Herpe Inda Hightower Martha Hodge: Eliiabeth Holley Beverly Joyce Virginia King Shirley Lindtay lucy McG'nVt Vivian Meadowi Ruth Mwndine Jody Newman Peggy 0" nt Nancy Page Glenda Plunkett Brerda Pope Linda Rankin Anita Reynold: Carol Run Ma-y Jane Smil e Barbara Smith Seian Stewart Carol Story Jo Stacke Fltie Teague Connie Tebo Mary Thcmei Beverly Thralh Gwen Veaiey Marion Wa-d Nel ie Whitehead Barba-a Wikle Char otte Williamt Rebecca Witme Ann Wooten Rachel Youngblood Lynn Zell 94Chi O Corral ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Chi Omega Sorority Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Arkansas on April 5. I89f . For its colors cardinal and straw were selected. The white carnation was chosen as its flower. In the true Panhellenic spirit, boxes are given to needy families at Christmas and a scholarship award is given to a sociology student each year. Chi Omega first qal'oped onto the Auburn campus to the tune of The William Tell Overture back in I9?3. Before long they had pinned the X and horseshoe on quite a few unsuspecting co-eds. Now everyone knows that the horseshoe is a symbol of good luck?, however, it is a good luck symbol only when it's on a winning horse. Tough break girls. Now. the X is a different story. It is a well known quantity on a ten dollar bill but an unknown quantity in algebra. These cowgirls believe in sicking to the brands they can recognize. Not that we would say they are qolddiggers. We don't have to- the boys on campus say it for us. To be perfectly honest though, they are girls who love a man chiefly for himself, and only for his money up to a certain point—the decimal point. Why. last year they even won the OTS Treasure Hunt. Having the greatest gift of grab is Daisy Golson. Anita Reynolds helps her choose her victims. Shirley Lindsey calls the role of these human gimme pigs while Pat Booth keeps a record of the take. NOT PICTURED: Jeequ lyn Doyei. Henriette Elliion. Eunice Ferroiro. Jeen Do'-V GoUon Prosicont- Anita V ro- Fi-.cher, Linde Hell. SU'ee Hell. Linde Ivey. Mery Lumpkin, Judy Murphy, Jeen Prclidcn Perker Send-e Peek. Joy Smith, Selly Smith, Jeen Ihompion. Mery Ann Wil. lieim. 95OUTSTANDING SORORITY AWARD WINNER, PANHELLENIC Janet Barter Sally Back Reverly Barry Su Ana Boatwright Betty Sue Bobo Brenda Brown Sandra B'own Sua Elian Bruce Rachel Buth Linda Calloway Dot Carter Maria Coftman Evelyn Couch louite Crew Carolyn Orinltard Luc Oritcol Barbara Drummond Ma'tho Dunnaway Patricia Evert Anne Ford Joyce French Elaine Gillikin Anita Griffith Nan Haynia Becky Hanley Shirley Hickman Anne Holleday Mary Shdin Howell Ma'iorie Joe kith Carolyn Keley Martha King Arne little Patty Meadert Fay Mitchell Sally Mo-gan Rochelle Morrit Li: Norrit Martha Pago Lillie Phillipt Kay Pittman Charlotte Rawlt Nancy Reichert Sydna Roton Betty Rowley Jane Savage Carolyn Schaefer Jane Senn Jane Sentell Julie Sheppard Marcia Simplon D. Ann Siiamore Gloria Smith Martha Snow Anno Bett Soberg Anne Spencer Pat Spencer Ann Spicer Dot Stewart Sylvia Stone Helen Strother Patty Thigpen Nana Toye Todd Ma y Etta Van Devender Alice Faye Vaughn Janie Wade Charlotte Weaver Jane Weaver Greta Weekt Fran Wllliami Gledyt William! Jackie Wilton Mary Francet Wilton 96Havo tho bcoljtorot closed? GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Or. May 30, I9C4, a group of girls at Syracuse University in New York found that they had something in common— they all liked the colors red. buff and green. So they do-cicco to establish the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. They chose crimson and buff roses as their flowers. Every year the Alpha Gams treat the campus to a very unusual ard entertaining activity. This is their Sunrise Dance at the Union Building. In 1939 the Alpha Gams picked up their books and headed for the lovliest village" to establish the Gamma Delta chapter. Those girls will quickly toll you that they came to college to got an education. Oh well, it’s as good an oxcuso as any when you can't get a date. While most girls are getting MRS degrees, the Alpha Gams have to settle for BS degrees. These arc the girls who sit up all night and worry about advanced theoretical subjects of which the rest of the students on campus know nothing. As proof of this, ast year they won the Panhcllcnic Scnolarship cup. However, we don't want to be too hard on these girls. They can't help being the way they are. To be perfectly honest we must admit that the Alpha Gams are interesting beyond a certain po'nt—the point of departure. They are the type girls who lack the power of conversation but not the power of speech. Mary Frances Wilson was chosen the girl most likely to monotonize a corversat'on. Alice Faye Vaughn helps her keep the conversation ho-humming. Martha Snow calls the roll and makes sure each girl answers with a yawn while Shirley Hickman collects the dues. NOT PICTUREO: Olane Edge Margaret Ellen Hor.m. Charlotte Jonei, Anne Jonton. Faith Lahgleir. Am Maples. Martha Sanderson. Mery Carol Shu«. Jeyee Van Tassel. Ida Jane Wallis. Pat Wells. Oottic Edrsey Sue Ellen Feller. Trltio Harris. Connie Sturkie. Sara Ward. Mary Francos Wilton, Provdont. Alico tayo VauqHr. Vico-Prosidcnt. 97WINNER OF INTRAMURAL PARTICIPATION TROPHY Anno Addison Alice Ba:h Judy Barbee Pat Bite Joy B-om Betty lynn Brown Cynthie Browning June Borrsy Carolyn Campbell Catherine Coker Gail Cole-nan Marion Connor Connie Colton Margaret Crute Diana Dalton Louise Fvl'on Ann Gentry Susan Giles Ann G-in Fleanor Maleiroo Linda Hall Pal Hall Ann Harper Martha John Ha'tis Eleanor Haynes Eleanor Mdr«rCOd Jo Marie Holt Jane Johnson Judy Jones Sarah Kennedy Belly lahrange Carol lane Margie Anna Langston Marine Lott Jo Ann lovvorn Sandra McAllister Jan McGarr Louise McGinn Rita Maldonado Anne Mallory Ann Melof Barbara Meshed Carol Newsome Janet O'Barr Gail Patterson Glenda Peters Martha Ponder Jereathia Pwgh Elisabeth Randolph Breeiie Reeves Wanda Renegar Joyce Reynolds Beverly Richey Peggy Richey Barbara Robison Sandra Ross Dianne Shepard Babs Smithey Jane StauMer Peqge Slurkie Sue Thomson Peggy Tidmo e Jo Ann Vaught Nina Jo Wann Loj Ann Whaley 98All dresied up and rtjwhero to qc BETA XI CHAPTER Delta Zeta Sorority On October 24. 1902. a new sorority was founded. It was named Delta Zeta. The girls who established this new group picked old rose and vieux green os their colors. The Kilarney rose was chosen as their flower. Beta X! chapter came to ♦he Auburn campus on May I I 1940. Each year they give a scholarship to a student in speech therapy and foster a Korean child as their service project. The Delta Zeta pin is very distinctive. It is shaped like a lamp. Now most people were perfectly satisfied when electricity was invented, but not these girls. We havo heard it inferred that, since light is a thing that travels inconceivab y fast until it reaches the human mind, these girls can use the extra candlepower those lamps put out. One of Delta Zeta's most outstanding accomplishments was getting three of their girls chosen as majorettes in the Auburn band. Delta Zeta also has the President of the P. E. Club again this year. We have heard that this sorority is going to change its status from that of a social sorority to that of a professional sorority for P. E. majors soon. Margaret Cruse teaches the Delta Zeta's their major sub cct—alibioogy. Assistant Professor in this school is Ann Melof. Margie Anra Largston makes sure none of the girls came to college to got an education while Louise McGinn collects the fees for these special courses. Ann Melof. Vire-President: l arqarei Cruie, Pro -dont NOT RICTURCD: Joon Covon, Judy Tullor. Barbara Jordan. Olivia Klndiq. Ma-ion lindtoy, Grevatnollt LiHU( Jana McBrida. Baity Sullen, Barbara 8annatl Upshaw. Su. Ward. 99AUBURN'S MISS HOMECOMING, THREE MEMBERS CHOSEN Barbara Ab'e Joan Askew Patricia Bailay Gail Ration Batty Browder Mary Laa Beam Sherrye Cauthan Gail Chambers Jo Ann Chance Suionno Clamantt Ann Cobb Betty Cobb Ann Coggan Beverly Cook Bannia Oaniay Charlene Oamptay Mary Evelyn Diekjon Tomilyn Eager Mary Rob Ellington Doris Flnklaa Joan Forshaw Donna Foster Rosalyn Freeman Nancy Frial Marguerite Garner Be bare Gladney Sutanno Goodman Joan Hall Peggy Hill Ann Hotfhaus Betty Holloway Judy Ingram Harriet Jenkins Jo Ann Jonas Janet Landers Gail Laggelt 8everly Mann Barbara McCorguodale Jeanette Millar Mary Emma Mo.itas Frances Morgan Wanda Moring Taika Pearson Evelyn Ray Diane Richardson Gail Rilay Shelia Rogers Martha Singer Mary Singer Sandra Slay Martha Louise Smith Garry Spretlin Leila Stapleton Sara Alice Stephens Lyn Thorburn Brenda Tilltn Rosemary Trotter Gail Turner Carolyn Weaver Martha Sue Wheeler 100AS GLOMERATA BEAUTIES What n««f Authur Murrey? BETA OMEGA CHAPTER Alpha Delta Pi Sorority A pha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan Female College in Macon. Georgia, on May 15. 1851. The sorority, known at that time as the Aselphean Society, chose the violet as its flower and pale blue and white as its colors. Ninety-one years after its founding Beta Omega chapto' was established on rhe plains. Throughout tne year Beta Omega chapter works with the Crippled Children's Society and each Christmas a party is givon for noody children in Auburn. The Alpha Delta Pi’s are the girls who really know how to make feminine capital out of masculine interest. You can spot an ADPi anywhere. They are the girls with the R.S.V.P. eyes. Some people would accuse the ADPis of being flirts—in other words girls who believe it s every man for themselves. It's not that way at all. its just that because an ADPi has a way with her. she usually has a man with her. These co-eds answer more questions over the phone than they do in class. They came to college, rot to pursue learning but to learn pursuing. Each of them should graduate with highest honors in that field. Mary Rob Ellington instructs the sisters on how to graduate with a MRS degree. Mary Singer has proven to be her star pupil. Charlene Dempsy checks the roll to mo!;e sure ol the sisters have dates and Joan Forshaw checks the boy s assets to make sure the girls are concentrating on "good catches." NOT PICTURED: Alice AitWn, Rebecca Arnold, Nancy Bell. Gail 8ro»ft, Frd»c«t Crouott. Kdttmine Dickenson, Joy Hair. Ida loci' McG«oh «. Floy Mor«r-ian. Y»«M« Morgan, Lindd Sue Rarl«r, Jnanotl Shnppord, Martha Dud ey. Caroline Jorvot Moliy Storny. Mary Sinaor. V co P'otident: Mory Reb El Inq'on. ProjidantPRESIDENT OF W. S. G. A., SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND LIT Betty Baker Pat Battle Blanche Baiter Mary Ann Bentley Fall Birford Franca Bithop Mary Ann Botfo Mikell Brown Virginia 8'Own Judy Buchanan Elite both Byrd Phyllli Byrd Vlrglaia Cherry Ann ChrSitian Ann Cochran Sutanne Coker Connie Conn Carolyn Culp Marty Davenport Betty Davit Paggy Oeiters Deanna Duffey Virginia Ettet Jerry Farr Carol Garrit Joanne Gill Betty Glenn Harriet Henton Sue Herren Barbara Hobart Sylvia Holladay Annette Holiingiworth Ba'ba'a Huggint 8etty Hughey Eva Mae Jernigan Barbara Johntfon Carolyn Jona Gayla Jonat Sandra King See Landon Morio'ie Langley Judy Lochridge Jody Luciak Judy McCauley Beverly Mclemore Kathryn McPherton Sylvia McSpadden Mery Ann Maddoi Marilyn Madonia Kay Matthew Marlyn Mitchell Judy Parton Peggy Rodgeri Virginia Rotella Ruth Setter Kitty Seller! Judy Slay Mickey Stephent Sylvia Stephen! Gloria Stevent Suianne lowniend Betty Underwood Catherine Upihuw Barbara Welch Betty Jo Wikle Alicia William Anna Wocdall Sandra W-inkle Cecil a Young 102PRESIDENT, GREEK GODDESS B!u« ini too? ALPHA MU CHAPTER Phi Mu Sorority Following its founding in 1852 Phi Mu established many chapters and finally arrived to form the Alpha Mu chapter at Auburn in 1946. These girls arrived on the Auburn campus in dresses of rose and white and wearing enchantress carnations in their hair. The Phi Mu's are quite active the field of philantrophy. They assist with health mobiles, oid children's hospitals, give toy carts to children and award scholarships to outstanding col.ege students. It has been rumored that these girls are social climbers. Heaven forbid. However, we did hear a Ph Mu remark the other day that she had friends she had not even used yet. A few people have even been known to refer to those healthy All-American co-eds as girls who feel superior to everyone e'se on campus. This is a rumor which we wish to dispel immediately. The fact that a Phi Mu walks around the campus as if she is balancing the family tree on her nose is no reason to condemn her. Thank goodness we have now managed to silence those dark rumors regarding these fine wholesome girls. It was once commented that these girls arc just average. If so. then. Auburn has some mighty high averages. Some of these "average girls" include the President of WSGA. two dormitory presidents, president of the school of Science and Lit. the president of Owens and many others of equal note. Voted the most avorago member of all was Sue Landon, but Judy Lockridge ran her a close second in the race. Beverly McLemore checks to make sure no more outstanding girls slip into the chapter by mistake and Peggy Dieters collects the average dues and sees that they cover the bills. NOT PCTUREO: Jara Barfiald. Batty 8arnatt Carolyn Carfar. Nancy O'tqqe-Cynthia finlqy, Marqarat Hickman Linda Mitchall, Kay Rawli. Si.® Landon. Prosidont; Judy Lockr'dgo. Vice-President 103WINNER OF AUBURN'S ANNUAL SKIT NIGHT, PRESIDENT Zella Andrews GjII Barclay Carol Bod sole Barbara Bools Berdee Bu-ge Kay Calton Nancy Carr Ann Cromwell 8«verly Crowder Kay Cuneinqham Mildred Diteker Joyce Enior Ann Erwin Carol Erwin Annie Ruth Files Elaine Fortenberry Gwen Gibson Nancy Gregory Melba Ham Dainah Hearn Harriet Horst Louise Jackson Judy Jones Paula Jordan Mona Ray Kelly Lila Jo Kent Arlene Kno Peggy Lindsay Sara Longshore Gloria Lovelace Pat Lovvorn Annette McClendon Peggy McCorkle Mary Lynn McCree Mary Lynn McDonald Trieie McOuttie Peggy McIntosh Nancy McKinney Anne Miller Judy Molay Gail Moon Lydia Moore Joye Nickerson Ellen 0'8rien Pet Oldham Jean Parker Nancy Parker Becky Powell Annette Ray Terry Reader Libbie Richardson Janett Rogers Barbara Saunders Jane Scheuer Carolyn Sellers Eve Sellars Mary Ann Sewell Nan Shelley Evelyn Smith Judi Smith Sandra Smith Marjorie Spencer Pat Sweet Mary Towle Jenny Trammell Margaret Vires Lynda Welch Joey West Phoebe Williamson 104Curtain Call DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority Alpho Omicron Pi was founded January 2. 1897. at Barnard College in New York. The founcers selected cardi nol os the color :or their new sorority and the |acoueminot rose os their flower. In 1946 the AOP:'s journeyed into the deep South to estoblish the Delta Delta chapter nere at Auburn. The girls of Delta Delta chapter contribute clothes and toys to the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky each year. As a local project they put on a skit for the benefit of the Campus Fund Drive. These girls really go in for skits, plays, and the like. You can always spot an AOPi. They a--e always so terribly dramatic. Of course, some people say they're just plain terrible. but we ll overlook that. Because of their acting ability you really have to watch these girls. They ore the girls who. when they ay their cards on the toole. usually hove another deck up their sleeves. These ore fire upstanding girls, however, and we would like to say some nice things about them now. First, they are . . . well then, tney have . . . Let's see. t.ney . . . Come to tnink of it we hod better just skip this port. too. A--ene Knox was chosen to play the starring role in the chapter. Annie Ruth Estes serves as her chie; uncerstudy. Gwin Gibson sees thot each g rl has a part in the current production, anc Annette Ray keeps up with the ticket sales and pays the actress's salaries. NOT PICTURED: D'» B'ya«, Ellta CKardlor Pat C'addock, Hclan Cwrltc, Pot Poin Hoyd. Potty Gavntt, Sand'a Kiacaid, Chariot1 laniaf, loey l« and MortKa Mottin, «t Lynn fa m r, Rowtmond Rhyna, Jana Riqglni, Carolyn S im»i Chatlotlo Van Vaikarburqh Arlono Kno». Prosidont; Arnio Ru h Estos. Vico ProsidontAWARDED SCHOLARSHIP IMPROVEMENT CUP, LAST YEAR'S Sandra Boiarqe Sybil 8'itfain Ann Burqait Joan Gorreler Francat Clark Roberta Clary Margaret Coppedgc Margaret Deloach Connie Dufford Judy Gaortner 0 11 Gantt Laurel Gibbon ItaOalla Hendarion Brand Jollav Grace Jordan Barbara Kaarley Patiy Lamar Mary Jana Lowly Louiia Lloyd Sally Long Cynthia McArthur Kitty McCollum Jimmie Morrow Joyc Mullini Peggy Ogbum Alic Roevey Ann Simmon Judy SUgh Nancy Smith Nora Francey Smith Batty Tillery Rebecca Wa'rtt Joann Webb Beverly Woody SIGMA CHI DERBY WINNER S.S.Z.T.A. GAMMA RHO CHAPTER Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority A bouquet of white violets tied with ribbons of turquoise blue and steel g-ay would be the favorite corsage of quite a few qirls on the plains, for they are the flower and colors of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Zeta was founded at Long-wood College, Farmville, Virginia, on October 15, 1898. It was the first women's fraternity chartered in the state of Virginia. For many years It confined its growth to the South, linking its future with that of this region. In 1951 it saw the potential strength of Auburn and became a part of tne Panhellenic group here. Each year the Zera's contribute to the cerebral palsy fund. Beginning this year they have broadened their philan-throphy to include the presentation of an award to the outstanding sonior co-ed in the school of education. The Zetas are really quite clever girls. C everness is the skill in making a point without making an enemy. All one has to do to spot this is to watch a Zeta in action for a little while. They are past masters at two of the oldest trick in the book. A ZTA knows how to make a man think that he knows more than she does and she also knows how to give a man her own way. Nancy Smith shows the girls how to see others as they see themselves. Frances Clark serves as her best example. Betty Tillery sees that everyone has learned their lessons well and Alice Reeves collects the fees for the lessors. NOT PICTURED Ann BlocksSear, Ann 8Ucl»ell. Jeonno Creel. Froncet Keene. Elaine Kelley, Mery Lens Kennedy. Mergeret Colette long. Shirley Levis. Potty Pitt Mollie Smith, Diane Snyder. Stiton Steele, Am Williams Nancy Smith, President; Francos Lee Clark. Vice-PresidentTHREE SELECTED TO WHO'S WHO, WINNER OF LAST Virginia Appieh Mary Am Brittain Barbara Burnt »»n op Ball Eleanor Cheneutt Barbara Clanton Dora Clark Mild'ed Collint Carolyn Copeland Babt Cofllo florente Culpepper Ouid.« Cunningham Mary Claire Oardil Barbara Dunn Catherine Earl Molly Earnett Sarah Gaddit Carole Gholton Teddy Glenn Virginia Hardenborgn Mary Jane Margeft Harriet Match Peggy Minton Carol Ann Holt Carol Ho« ll Kathryn Jacoby Fraacet Earle Jonat France) Virginia Kennedy Mary Jane Kennedy Jettie Kilhchen Betty lutk Terri Martin Sutanna McBride Corra McDonnell Ann Morton Marcia 0«to'd Virginia Patferton Mjrie Pinehardf Judy Petty Martha Phillipt Peggy Pierton Bettye Reynoldt Madge Richerdton Ann Rivers Terry Simmont Betty Jean Smith Ju’ie Smith Marianna Snowden Dot Terry Courtney Arn Thamot Merle Thomaton Mimi Trammell Katherine Upthaw Jacey Varner Anne Vowell Joyce Waifec Mi'iam Ward Terry White Stella Word 108YEAR'S SPHINX SING mg going cn PHI THETA CHAPTER Delta Delta Delta Sorority Boston University was the birth place of Delta Delta Delta in 1888. The pansy was selected os its flower, and silver, gold and blue as its colors. Phi Theta chapter came to the Auburn campus in May. 1954. Each year Phi Theto os its philanthrophy. gives a scholarship to an outstanding Auburn coed. Ironically enouqh, Tri Delta was founded on Thanksgiving eve. That must have been a dreary Thanksgiving indeed. To be Thankful after an event like that is hard to imagine. The Tri Delta's are the only girls on campus who come complete with a solid gold shaft. Now far be it for us to say that these girls are fickle, but a Tri Delt is often described os a girl without a heart who makes a fool of a man without a head. ODD not only stands for Delta Delta Delta, it also stands for Date ’em. Dazzle ’em and Desert 'em. Most girls depend on beauty, poise, charm or a sparkling personality to gain popularity; however, these girls’ only fascination lies in the fact that they are just as insincere os the boys they’re doting. As a matter of fact these girls are so hard the only thing that will make an impressior on them is a diamond. Teaching the girls the old adage. "Do unto others as they would do unto you. but do it first," is Peggy Pierson. Ann Morton assists with the lessons. Betty Lusk checks to make sure that each girl has her own personal shaft, while Joyce Waites pays the victim's hospital bi’ls. P»ggy Pierson. President: Ann Merton dent NOT PICTURED: Patrisia Driqqt, Bitty Gilmoet, Georgette Hardenberqh, Judy Hilt. Martha Leo Hcdqet. $gt«n Jordon, Dtbs-ah Moor . Lemuel Mo-rlton Alice Prathe . Nellie Taylor. Oottie Tinsley. 109 V ce-P-esi-AUBURN KNIGHT'S VOCALIST, WINNER OF INTRAMURAL Barbara Bo »ia Jarilyn Bjiay Marilyn Inly t tk 0 n J No«l Egg Jan Fanaall Robb' Ann Gibbon Olga Hamilton Sarah Hamilton Nancy Hargatt Harriot Hollifiald Danni $u Mackin Anna Morgan Sharon Mullican Annatta Nall Dianna Quanall Batty Lou Sh» ton Malania Tarroll Margi Trawick Barbara Wellbaum Pat Wood Glo Yarbrough noHow's tho sco, qulls? GAMMA OMEGA CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Having reached the ripo old age of one and a half years. Gamma Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta seems to be on the campus to stay. Kappa Alpha Theta, founded January 27, 1870, at Indiana Asbury College (now DePaw University) in Greencastle, Indiana, was the first Greek letter society for women organized with principles and methods akin to those of men's fraternities. For their flower this grouo chose the pansy and for their colors they choso black and gold. Though the Gamma Orroga chapter is young, it started in immediately to assist sisters throughout the country with the support of the Occupational Therapy Department at the Institute of Logapedics and with the support of a oan and ‘‘ellowship drive. They also give considerable aid to the Auburn Fund Drive each year by having a very entertaining and profitable slave auction. An auction is usually considered to be a place where you can buy something that someone else wants to get rid of. Not so in this case. It is only a temporary deal, for at 11:00 these girls imitate Cinderella and return to their sorority after a busy day of washing cars, shining shoes, and running errands for their "masters." Befke DeRing was voted Kappa Alpna Theta's most outstanding slave, while Anne Morgan came in a close second in the election. Noel Fgge checks the roll to make sure all of the slaves show up at the auction, and Betty Lou Shelton collects the money from the buyers. NOT PICTURED: Jo An Mory Ann lull. Kay Parktr. Mary Jo Purvis. M ry Carol Sattong, Ann Tliarpa Gcnctt Wk« l y Gltnda Kay Shal'on Ann Morqon, Vice-President; Bofke DoRinq, President 111WINNER OF THIS YEAR'S "BURN THE BULLDOG” CONTEST, Chriy Barrett Patty Barry Jo Ann Bartlett Jon Bishop Kathy 3 ihop Mary Key B anchfield Rotyln B'ock Delores Eusbee Francos Oavis Catherine Diion Polly East Ruth Fugue Money Geute Patsy Groves Judy Gudgar Sylvie Hester Joan Hocking Judy Kilby Nancy Lay Goyla laa Jan lewis Barbara Palmar Marty Parith Janiea Saur Pot Tho'ing Sandra Vaughn Sara Wade Billie Ann Walling Ann Wilbanks Mary Wild Beverly Williamt 112SENIOR SENATOR Bod "ime. girl . . . PI PHI GAMMA CHAPTER Pi Beta Phi Sorority lr September 1956 a baby was born in the Greek World at Auburn. This baby was Pi Phi Gamma colony. It was christened Alabama Gamma chapter of Pi Bela Phi in February 1957. Pi Phi was founded April 28 1867 at Monmouth College in Illinois. It has the very distinct honor of having been the first organ'zation of college women established as a national fraternity. When the infant chapter arrivec on the Auburn campus its cradle was beautifully decorated with its favorite colors— wine and silver blue. Sprays of wine carnations were scattered throughout the nursery. Even as new as the chapter was it began to contribute to many national activities. It helps to maintain a Settlement School at Gatlinburg, Tennessee which was established in 1912 as a memorial to their founders. This Settlement Schoo also has a health center ard a small hospital. They give a Christmas party each year for under privileged children. When the Pi Phis shot their arrow into the sky over Auburn their aim must have been fairly accurate for the chapter has grown and prospered amazingly in its first year and a hah. Jane Lewis won the William Tell award for best archer. Goil Morton's ability with tne bow won honorable mention for her. Catherine Dixon checks the role to make sure each girl has a well stocked quiver of arrows while Patsy Groves pays the enormous bills they run up ot the sporting goods store. NOT PICTURED: Ann Iruqh, Franco! Bgrt Karon Clovoland. Pot Herley. Barbara Muflay, Carol A«n Kinraid, Joyto Mo thoimer. Gail Morton. Barbara Roqors, Martha Wilkot. 113 Goil Morton. Vice-President: Jano Lowlt. Prosid«rtPan-Hellenic Junior Pan-Hellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is composed of two outstanoing members from each sorority working together to better serve their own interests and the interests of the college. A major project of the Council is the co-sponsorship of Greek Week wi h the Interfraternity Counci:. The Council also conducts a wor $hop for the discuss on of problems of interest to all sororities and presents sorority scholarship awards. This year Panhellenic awarded the foreign students scholarship to Nicolaia Mitsiari from Athens. Greece. In recognition of their outstanding work as a co-ordinating body of the Greek etter sororities, the Auburn Panhellenic was one of two runner's-up for the Fraternity Month Award for the most outstanding Panhellenic in the Nation. The Junior Panhellenic Council was organized five years ago. Its purpose is to bring together the pledges from all sororities to foster a cooperative attitude with the Pan-hellenic group and to dovolop in thorn a seen sense of special responsibility as campus citizens which sorority membership involves. This Council is composed of two pledge representatives elected from each pledge class. Junior Panhellenic discusses questions and problems of the different pledge groups, and programs concerning various phases of campus and sorority life are presented. The Council was advised this year by Miss Susan De ony. Assistant Dean of Women, and Fva Mae Jemigan, Adviser from Panhellenic. FIRST ROW: fvj Jn-nigan. Janet O'Barr. Martha Ounje j, Joan Hall. Rita Ma Idonaoe, S'stee Hal , Sna-o‘ Mill can. SECOND ROW: Miss Suian Delony; Pat Spenser: Joy Hair; Jeanette Miller, President; Fall Biv'ord. Secreta-y; Mollv earnest; Carol Rust. THIRD ROW: Mol s Sarvo'. Susan Kennedy Anre Tharpe Frances Davis. Ba'oa'a Hobart. Jeve’ly Woods. Lynda We ch. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Sneets, Jeanne C'eel, 8aroara Palme- Teddy Glenn. MEMBERS PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES MARY ROB ELLINGTON. £ ros dont Alpha Dolta Pi MARY SINGER. Representative .. Alpna Dol a Pi MARY FRANCES WILSON Prosioont Aloha Gamma Dolta JANET BAXTER. Representative A pna Gamma Delta ARLENE KNOX President Alpha Omicron Pi MARY LYNN Me CREE. Representative Alpha Omicron Pi DAISY GOLSON President Chi Omega BCNNIE GUILLORY. Representative Chi Omega PEGGY PIERSON Prosidont Dolta Delta Delta TERRY WHITE, Ropresontativo .. Dolta Do ta Dol'a MARGARET CRUSE. President . .. Delta Zota JOYCE REYNOLDS. Representative Delta Zeta SARAH HAMILTON. Prosidont . Kappa Alpha Theta BEFKE DoRING. Ropresentotive .Kappa Alpha Theta LADY EOY. Prosidont Kopoa Dolta ANN HER8ERT. Roprosontotivo . . Kappa Dolta SUE LANDON. Prosidont Phi Mu EVA MAE JERNIGAN. Representative Phi Mu JANE LEWIS, President .... Pi Beta Phi MARY KAY BLANCHFIELD. Representative Pi Beta Phi NANCY SMITH. Prosidont.............. SANDRA BOSARGE, Ropretentarivo Zeta Tau Alpha .Zota Tau Alpha JEANETTE MILLER JOY HAIR JOAN HALL PAT SPENCER MARTHA DUNAWAY CAROLYN SHEETS LINDA WELCH SISTEE HALL CAROL RUSS TEDDY GLENN MOLLY ERNEST JANET O'BARR RITA MALDONADO SHARON MUcLICAN ANNE THARPE . MOLLY SARVER SUSAN KENNEDY FALL BINFORD 8ARBARA HOBART . BARBARA PALMER FRANCES DAVIS ELAINE KELLY BEVERLY WOODS EVA MAE JERNIGAN Alpha Dolta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi A pha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta . .Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Cmicron Pi Chi Omega Chi Omega . Delta Delta Dolta Dol’a Delta Delta Delta Zefa .........Delta Zota Kappa Alpha Thota Kappa Alpha Tnota .. .Kappa Dolta Kappa Delta . Phi Mu ...........Phi Mu .........P. Beta Phi ....Pi Beta Phi Zeta Tau Alpho .....Zota Tau A pita Panhellenic Advisor 115Auburn Interfraternity Council TOM ESPY. Pr«ji J«nt The Interfraternity Count I of Auburn received the highest honor obtainable by an IFC when it received the Grand National Award for having the most outstanding Council in the nation in 1957. ''ho oresentation was made at Colorado Springs on Thanksgiving Day at which time Auburn received two of the four awards made. The presentation of the Grand National Award was oased on three phases of IFC services: service to the school, service to the community, and service to the member fra ernities. A I three are of equal importance and equal emphasis is placed on them by the IFC and its officers. The various activities in which the IFC participates are: Rush Wees, tho Foster Parent Plan, intramural sports activities. housing for various campus events, and scholarship. Also, in cooperation with the Campus Drives committee, they promote the Blood Drive and the All-Campus Fund Drive. The IFC realizes that a person comes to Auburn in quest of higher education; they also realize that good scholarship is a must for a well-organized fraternity system. Because of this the IFC encourages high scholarship by presenting trophies to the fraternity with the highest grade point average for the year and to the fraternity showing the most improvement during the year. The IFC also distributes to each incoming Freshman a copy of Your Guide to Efficient Study," a bookie which $ very helpful in formulating good efficient study habits. The IFC coordinates its efforts with the Pan Hellenic Council in February to put emphasis on the Greek organizations during "Greek Week." At this time all those affiliated with tne Greek organizations strive to exhibit to the college and to the public the services, purposes, and ideals that Greeks uphold and accomplish. The Auburn IFC consisted of thirteen member fraternities when founded in 1924. Since that time it has grown to include twenty-two. It is the law making body of the member fraternities and has os its purpose the creating and maintaining of harmonious relations between the Greeks in such a way as to benefit the fraternities and Auburn. The members of the IFC include the President of each fraternity and one duly elected 'epresentative from each fraternity.■■■ Honry Long Sonny Colvort Carroll Woodord Earl Freecle V rliam Pruitt Wendell Ni Eddio Korn Jo© Hcwell Sob McLaurin Sill Klernm Sonny CulpODpar Dave Pew oil Kim Kimbrough Randal! S’oles John Stallings Dick Ancorson Don Meadows Buddy Hurt Jim Williams Charles F. Bach Jerry Sutton Harold Grant representative members HENRY LONG . . . SONNY COLVETT CARROLL WOODARD EARL FREEDLE . . WILLIAM PRUITT . . WENDELL NIX EDDIE KERN . . . JOE HOWELL .... BOB McLAURIN . . . BILL KLEMM SONNY CULPEPPER . Alpha Gamma Rho . Alpha Tau Omega . . . . Alpha Ps! .... Delta Chi . . Dolta Sigma Phi . . Delta Tau Dolta . . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma Lambda Cni Alpha Omoga Tau Sigma Phi Dalfa Thata DAVE POWELL KIM KIMBROUGH RANDALL STOKES JOHN STALLINGS DICK ANDERSON DON MEADOWS . BUDDY HURT . . JIM WILLIAMS CHARLES F. BACH JERRY SUTTON . HAROLD GRANT . . . . Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa A pha ... Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon ........Sigma Chi ..........Sigma Nu . Sigma Phi Epsilon .........Sigma Pi . Tau Kapoa Epsilon .... Thota Chi ..........Theta Xi 117PRESIDENT OF BLUE KEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF Jo A. Aiken George E. Bagwell Heywood C. Beckham Sherwood B Bickerstaff John C. Boehl Eugene Bu'r Sen Carroll John M. Carroll Thomas A. Carter C. Lloyd Clay Torn O Coleman Conrad E. Cock John T. Cooper Edwin L. Crane Joe Cunningham Allen M. Easter ing Bobby Evans I. I. Fain Fred O Fay John E. Feathers W. R. Fowler C. Lewis Gholston M Lane Gilchrist Robert Gooowin Mark L Grable Hugh B Gurley Joe N. Guy Donnie Hall Reece Harvey BHly Herrin William Hightower J, Ma’l Jackson Robert L. Jordan A Hurley Langford Charles F. Lewis, Jr. Raul L. Mayton William E. Morris Robert Morr son T. Hubert Moseley William O'Banncn Clyde C. Rearson Chris Rennewill Mabry S. Phi.lips George Rreits Thad H. Pruett Jack W Poole Edward L. Rand Rcbett Ray Albert M. Redd Marlow Reece Ernest E. Rowo William E Saunders Mae J. Smith Samuel J. Spurgeon John T. Stallings Bolling R. Starke Charles R. Stewart Frank Venable Edward D. Walker 118IFC, SWIMMING CHAMPS Mitt Homoccming ond he' CO-ft ALPHA MU CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity The SAE's are still in town!! They were recently discovered living in the middle of tne swamp behind the woods way out West Magnolia Avenue. Their new modern house has a lake for a front yard. They say it is the best looking fraternity house in town, although up till now no outsider hos dared brave the wilderness to investigate these rumors. History shows that Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in Tuscoloosa (Ugh), Alabama, on March 9. 1856. coming to Auburn on June 15. 1878. This (?) was API's first fraternity. The Aloha Mu Chapter has alwoys been successful ir campus activities. Their first love is intrarrurals: a first olace trophy was captured in tennis last year. A first place effort at the swimming meet wasn't unexpected—let's face it. these fe lows are fish, one way or another (or another). The SAE's refused to let the lake interfere with their plans for a homecoming decoration. They successfully launched a watertight decoration that brought them an honorable mention. Social life in a swamp is difficult, though not impossible. An annual "Undertaker's Ball is held in commemoration of a member who was lost at sea on his way home one stormy night. The formal honors the purple and gold. Patio Parties have been temporarily discontinued. Head swamper is Mark Jackson, with Mickey Chandler in the number two spot. Other big men are Louis Golston and Ben McDanie s. NOT PICTURED: Gloner Brayfield. Dudley C. Calhoua. Cecil B Canty M'lton E Chand er. George S Culltn. Reuben O. Dyley. Ion Hamilton. Ron Hamilton. Robert Herriyoo, Jim Hymn, Metthow H. Hitchcock, G. SKford Jotnion William I. Kemper. Joe Smith Lambert, 8ill little C. G. Mills. Robert A McCord. Jamey R. Pcarion, I. Clayton Ponhellegon. Oon Rieryon, Jamey Ruyhton, Joe Rutland, John D Sample, le-ii Stanton, Donald H. Stubby. Paul 8. Turno-. William D Walker. Huay S. Wright. Jon Chancey. 8ob Hager, Jarnigan Hall, Tommy Howard. Ban McDaniel. Frank Walton. President. Mark Jackson; HouyomotKcr. Mrs. Dcak Moore: Vice-President, Mic «y Chand or. H9FIRST PLACE AWARD FOR WRECK TECH PARADE, SPONSOR John Andrewi lob Andarton Iryant Byrd Paul Byrd Roy Carton Teal Corte Johnny Crutcher Dooley Cvlbertton Sonny Culpepper Wallace Oa»;t Len Dickay Stanley 0««t Chuck Dunieth Wilton far rail La-von Forraitar Snooty Fowler L«« Hall lob Marpor Jimmy Holloway Witheri Moulton Tcm Johnton Dick Mjhle Rat McCall John McCollum George McKean Butter Maatt Randy Michaalt Harry Myatt looit Peeler Autlin Ratco Clark Richardton lao Seifoo Joa Singletary Zaka Smith David Stalliwo'th Larry Staphant Rott Stavant John Tatum Law Thompton Horace Turner Raggia Vachon Haywood Warrick Billy Waiton 120COMMUNITY DAY PROJECT And «ve built if! ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Phi Delta Theta Fraternity If was the day after Christmas in 1848 when six students at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, decided that hey would like to become fraternity men. Since none of the six were willing to face the rigors of an initiation, a new fraternity was founded and they ceclared themselves members. The red carnation was chosen as flower, azure and argent (blue and white in English) were to be the colors, and the little group called themselves the dirty holf-cozen, or as they say in Greece. Phi Delta Theta. Thirty-one years later the Phi Delts came to Auburn in the form of Alabama Beta Chapter and since have shown their worth (?) in many fields. The new Phi Deli house was built ir. the form of a large glass-faced trophy case and it holds proof of many successful seasons of irtramural sports together with such accomplishments as the top award from the recent Wreck Tech Parade. Everyone is still wondering just what was done to win the large stone lion that was seen on the roof during Homecoming week. If trophies were awarded for prize parties, there would undoubtedly be a large supply of these on hand. too. as parties are a specialty of the boys from South College. Weekends, which are celebrated every four days, are marked with formats, beach parties, etc., (mostly etc.). Chief window washer. Gene Robbins, is assisted by Lide Glenn, who handles the polishing cloth. John Andrews takes note of their progress, while Don Greer buys the Windex. "Miss Bill" Bradford is the able housemother who makes life in a trophy case bearable. NOT RICTUREO: Jim Adams. C»»« Blackball, Logan Honk. Mika Bfiant, Jock Brandal. Tommy 8uca. Glann Byrd. Jimmy Colon. Bill Church. Dick Coopar Drc» Oo-tirq, Walltr Ernatt.AI f«ld r. Sill Htalay. D«»id Hoqua. Jock Hogua. Sofald Hudson Tom Humphrias. Sonny Irving, Johnny Karn Gordon l« G'ondo. Billy McAfaa. Ralph McCen Bob Maradith Jimbo Mostallar. Glonr Norlhcutt John Phillip . Oi k Billonfl. Irby Rop«. Dan Rrout. Ralston Reynolds. Gana Robbing Raymond Rutland. Jook Shjrr. Oli»a» Sinclair. Norvillo Smith. R«t« Staphans Ja«k Thomas. Raarca Tya, Johnny Warran. President, Gene Robbins; Vice-President. Lide Glonn. 121PRESIDENT OF STEERAGE, TREASURER OF STUDENT Jack M. Abbott Dor. R Adairi William S. lame s Ralph E. Bailey Grayson Bailey Ernest S. Beattie William F. Bond William Boswell Robert Bradshaw Edward G. Branch Richard O. Brooks Ted E Carr Bert I. Chamber Albert S. Coker Charles 0. Cole Frank H. Colvett Devid W. Crosland Ray Daniel Marry A. Edge George V. Eggo Mitchell Ellington Don Fay Richard E. Fuller Ted M. Gilreath Wesley E. Grant Shelton 0. Granada John R. Griltin Jarre C. Galley Wallace I. Hj-nb ick Robert H. Hammer Clyde F. Mare William D, Jonas Fred G. Jones W lliam C. Kel urn James 3. Kieree Dennis lunsteadt Don Mikell Karl Monroe George N. Morton Charles £. Mundine Edward I. McCanco Lawrence H. McCluskay John W. McCree William A McIntyre William G. McK bbon Charles Nelson James M. Patterson Don W. Powell Charles N Proach Ruffner D. Robinson Robert L. Savage Myron Smith James R. Sullivan John W. Toney Wayne 8 Vaughn Noel C. Wads-orth Ira M. Weissinger David L. Zuck 122BODY, JUNIOR SENATOR ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Shortly after the war between the stares, three confederate soldiers at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, undertook a glorious three-man campaign to rebuild our war torn notion and to improve north-south relations. Taking as their motto, "No North, No South, No East, No West, But One Great Nation—What a Mess," these battle weary heroes officially founded Alpha Tau Omoga on September I I. 1865. The blue and gold of ATO first appeared on the plains in December. 1879, with the chartering of Alpha Epsilon Chapter. This became Auburn s third fraternity. Although the original worthy aim seems to have been somewhat modified, the ATO's still have been known to accomplish an occasional worth while deed. Politics and campus hon-oraries are points of achievement for this clan. Included in the ranks are members in Blue Key and Squires. Ireasurer of the Student Body. President of Steerage, and President of the Junior Navy Class. A better than average portion of the intramural sports hardware is taken back to West Mag and more than one All-Sports trophy may be seen Here. As for night life, the A 0‘s go all the way at their "Go To Hell Party": the "Hobo Party" this year seemed to be more of a ' Come As You Are Party." There is no ack of originolity. however, for who else has an "Orchid Ball' when their fraternity flower is the White Tea Rose? Head hobo. Fred Jones, gets his help from Shelton Granade. Edward Branch doodles during chapter meetings, while Sonny Colvett roods the report of the treosurer. NOV PICTURED: William Barton Rarirord W. Boierren. Bo Davis. Charles f. Oo»is. James J. Do is. Francis A. Duke. Howard Ellirqton. Will:«m H, EUisor, Geotqo H. Gioen. Robert Hodges Me' ey Lai. Thomas Moore, Peul C, Morqan, Frank E Myers. James l. McGee. Joe E. Pate. Dovid M. Porter, Jack S. Rice. Don C. Roqers, Tobin W Savaqe. Robert Schenbecker Aleiander J, Simirons. William J Simmons. William S Simmons, Bolts Slinquff, Jack O. Tackett Jim Tackett, Cydo A. Turret, Howard W, Tutwilar, Thomas N. Walkup, Thurman C. Waller, Randolph E. White, Joseph C. Wilson. m President. Fred Jonet: Housomothor. Mrs. Thoron Bur} : Vice-Presidort. Siolton Grenade. 123UNDEFEATED IN INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL, RUNNER UP Jamos Albright James J. Awbrcy William Bassett Thomas 0. (arson Frank R. 8ynum Will:am G. Cheney John O. Christian Robert 6. C 0’k Joseph H. Collins Aleiancor M Co tins Mark S. Corr Gama C. Crana John H. Crim Edward 8 Davit Jamos E. Dearman Joe M. D«» G'ady F. Edwards Thomas F, James I. Faulk Henry £. Fl0-ey Arthur W. Fort Philip A. Glenn Harold M. Harrit Robert a Harris Julian R. Haynes ftyqcr R. Hemminqhous William T. Hendon Neil F. Hout’on John S. Howie John E. Huay James H. Hurst Daniel R. Hurst James R. Hurt Robert P. Jonas Jaroma I. Jordan William H. Jordan Edward E. Kennedy Edward F. Kern Jamas E King James R King H. 8. lea Samuel 8. Liqcn James W. L:ttle Samuel G. Lowery William M. Mayo Hammond P. McCain William H. McCorvey Allred H McDonald Wi'liam J. McKinney Jamas A. McKiasey Edwin H Millar William T Morgan Ralph 8. Morrow Albert A. Nettles Cecil L. Nii Charles 8. Ogle William P. Pa (more Earl 8. Parsons Bennett Pierson Norman T. Piigrcen Caleb W. Pipes William F. Powell Richard A Quinn Luther Ray Frederick W Renncker Charles T. Reynolds James C Rogers Donald E. Russell Morris Savage Clarence L. Seale Raymond M Sims Joseph R. Taylor William R Turner Robert E. Wabb Tilman E Wheeler William G. Wolft Roy O. Wyatt 124FOR ALL SPORTS TROPHY "What, me work?' NU CHAPTER Kappa Alpha Fraternity Four days before Christmas in 1865 at Washington College at Chostertown, Maryland, the Society ;or the Protection and Preservation of Better Memories of the War Between tho States" (called Kappa Alpha for short] was organized. This group, operation under the colors crimson and old gold with tne Magnolia and Reo Rose as flowers, has spread to eighty-one coliege campuses throughout the South. Tho Kappa Alpha Order was first seen in Auburn on November 24. 1883, when a detachment of rebel cavalry drew rein at the main gate ano proceeded to recece from the union. The secession is now an annual event for Nu chapter marking the beginning of Old South Week-end" for the men of KA. Anyone who takes part will te I you how tho week-end is spent in upholding southern tradition, though rumor has if that more time is spent sipping M'nt Juleps and searching for their cannon which is borrowed in the midst of festivities. The year has been quite successful as far as sports are concerned. Refusing to be outdone by the Tiger team, the KA's went undefeated in intramural football and brought home sufficient points to be named runner up for All-Sports Trophy. Besides the Old Sou h Formal during the aforesaid O d South Week end, various blasts are held throughout the year to help ccp the minds off the books for at feast a day or two each quarter. Tom Burson leads the troops with 8:il Jordan as adjutant. Bill McCorvey handles the roster. NOT PICTURED: Samuel J. Baker, J,imn N Beatty, Oon.ild M. Botwell. William I Campbell. Ronald T. Coffea, Harry T. Daniel. Joteph A Oclan, Robert H Griffin Luciut R Harvard, Henry W. Hawthorne. Vernon N. Hopkint. Arnold G. Johmon, Frank T. Lorino, Jatrej W. Morrow. Thome» L. Mebr q. Rkhord R Perklni. Jamei G Phillipv Harrit A. Pippen. Edqar T. Rambo. C erlet R Rich-a'di. Robert H. Simmon. Greene A. Takloe. Donald L. Tripletf. William T. Wadjworth. Cjllcm Waller. Georqe H Wheaton, Claude B. Williamt. 125SECOND PLACE AWARD FOR SKIT NIGHT, UGLIEST All " Beard Goo-ge BircMIald Cary Bryan Richard Byrd Tom Cannon David Carter Charles Casey Bill Cornett Corley Chapman Wayne Crew Walter Roy Crow Jimmy Crjrrbley Gary Daan Ralph Draughon Charley Ourlap Bill Eaton Tom Edward Jere Fail Jarre Garner Bryan Good Allen Gordy John Go'-ie Ed Gunnell Billy Guyton George Harrell Jerry Huguley Robert Jerviy Ed Jonei John Joney George Joney Lee Joney Raul Krebi Wardlaw Lamar V C Loley Rardy McKinnon Pat Meagher Billy Milly Ronald Mitchell Jim Moon John Newman Ed O G-yrr Bond O'Neal Wayne O'Neal Wa ton Orr Bill Rappanaytoy Jim Patteryon Kermit Potty Bill 0 inn Collier Rawly Joe Richie Charley Rowe Jim Scarbrough Graham Santord Robert Santord Bill Schulti Ken Schulty Van Sharpe Tommy Simy Sonny Stalling George Stephen Don Thome» Bob Thrasher Carlyle Towery Ed Vickery Brent Watson Tommy Watty Billy Weber Boyd Whigham Tommy Whitman Charley Williamt J. T. Wood 126MAN ON CAMPUS WINNER BETA THETA CHAPTER Sigma Nu Fraternity Back in 1867 a group of fun loving cadets from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, founded a fraternity. Although the name chosen for this organization was Sigma Nu. they are sometimes known as "Snakes." This title, of course, referred to the similarity of the method of travel of the typical brother on his way home from a party. The original motto of the group (later modified) was "Don't Tread On Me Firgors," while the chosen colors were black and gold. Thirty-five years later, the Snakes slithered into the plains, chartering Beta Theta Chapter in 1890. Since that time the Snakes" have played leading roles in many phases of Auburn activities. The annual Toilet Bowl game is played with the Tneta Cni’s displaying an honest effort to wipe opponents from the f eld observing colleaia e rules. The proceeds from this event go to charity. Another recent accomplishment of the Sigma Nu’s was the addition of a new trophy to the house for a first place performance in skit n ght. As in the past, the Snakes like to party or any occasior. An annual Sweetheart Party is held in honor of all girls wearing the pin of Sigma Nu. while the "Texaco Party ' is the one where everyone gets gassed. The White Rose Formal needs no explanation. Top Snake is Commander John Jonos, with Lt. Commander Don Meadows in the number two spot. Ralph Draughon puts everything on paper, and Bryan Goode was voted the most unpopular officer. 127 Prosidoef. Johrny Jonos: Housemother, Mrs. Frances Hobbs; Vice-President, Don Meadows.WINNER OF INTRAMURAL ALL SPORTS TROPHY, Daniel Elliot Acker Robort Parke' Aoams Paul Burgess Adamson. Jr. Winfred Harold 8laclrnarr Robert Lynn Boyd Thomas Hewitt B-akefietd Robert Terrill Bunnell Henry McKentie Burt 8ryant Thomas Cast el low John Douglas Cates Isaac Jen Chappell James Clarence Clinkicolet Jacton Daniel Clo»dus, Jr. Mac Homer Cochran Oscar McCall Dauphin William Che-let Davit Wayne Paul Elliott John Norman Fendley Beebe Ray Frederick. Jr. F-ed Be-t Freamen Jr. Jerry Holton Goddard George Hantel Godwin. Jr, Da d Gordon Grabensteder John Eric Hamilton Harotd John Allen Helms Milton Trotman Herrin Charles Frauds Holleman Wiley Hayes Hooble-Thomas McCalley Hooper William Hooper, Jr. Arthur Gholton Howard, Jr. Dallas Aaron Hurston Ellis Flavius Kimbrough Jr. Frederick William Kno« Emery Kyle Kyter Phitlio Albert Lavaller III Ralph Ervin Lemay. Jr. william Edward Leslie William lithgow Liddell. J' William Burfo'd Malone Robert Feiron Mann Lawson $ykas Martin Robert Horace Meiwell William LeRoy May William Thomas McCollister Gerald Denny McGill Aubrey Allred Miller. Jr Perry Frank Miller Stephen Porter Mo-Ion William Berry Morion James Victor Neel Samuel Herren Oliver Dale Richard Owtnt A-thur Bonner Patrick, Jr Jerry Scout Pierce McClelland Ratchford. Jr Gregory Bedell Rust William Roderick Sewell Stanley Aa-on Sheppard William Eugene Shreve Eugeno R. Smith John Douglas Smith Bruce Lodge Sponser, Jr. John Stanley Stein William G-ay Stone. Jr. William Rodney Summers Bobby Gene Tanner George Boyd Traylor III Keith Taylor Underwood Benny H. Welker John Joseph Woed D-lght Moody Wilhelm Wayne Nelson Williams 128WINNER OF SPHINX SING What's the rotio here? UPSILON CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity It oil began on the campus of the University of Virginia on March I, 1868, when a group of social minded mer decided their campus lacked a little (?) something. The result was the founding of PiKA. Time passed and although rhe new fraternity didn't necessarily grow bigger and better," it did grow bigger and bigger," until there are now 112 chapters of PiKA found on the campuses of colleges and universities across the nation. Each proclaims allegiance to tne "Lily of the Valley" and the colors, gold and garnet. The Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered here in May. 1895, where local growth has now passcc the century mark by eighteen. Does this eave any doubt concerning who made the largest contribution to the Blood Drive or the largest donation to the All Campus Func Drive? While the federal government has made attempts to breok down monopo ies, they have met no success with Pike’s local political control, which includes representatives in the student senate. Spades. Squires. Glom staff. Plainsman staff (the school newspaper), as woll as chairmanship of various committees. Recent honors of the Pike Clan arc: top place in Sphinx Sing, second in intramural debate, and the All-Sports Trophy. Socially, the football dances in the fall were followed by the Bohemian Brawl, the annual Dream Girl Formal, and the beach party in Florida. Officers of the mighty horde are: president, Bob Coates: vico-presidont. Buddy Lomay: treasurer. John Hamilton-and secretary, Jim Kilpatrick. NOt PICTURED: Clarence Kendrick Andrewt. Jerry Mai Barnet, Robert Ray Brown. Wayne Culvin Burnt. Robert Roy Coalt J'.. Hubert Glenn Collit. Jamet Delmei Cook. Guy Tony Crittenden. Joe Rutvell Culver. Freak Hora DuBcte WTIliem Siler Francke. Sum Hooper Gemmil I, Howard Laulice Hal . Carl Rhea Herrit, Thomat Henry Henderton. Robert Bynum Howard, William Jemet Jordan. Robert lacy Killough, Jimmy Gai-tet Kilpatrick. Wallece Gene Ke tner Will Ham Arthur Lo . Charlie Benton Matthewt, John B McDonald. Frederick Allen Miller. Franklin Edward! Putnam. Charlet Armand Rivard, Aiel Roth. Thcmei William Simpton, Thcmat Harvey Southerland. Richard Franklin Vinton, Thomat Clarence Waldrip David Horace Wall. John Perren Weathe-bee Jr George Robert Wendell, Thomat Edmund Willoughby, louit Edward Yerby. President, Bob Coatet: Houierrother, Mr . Helen Di«on; Vice-President, Buddy Lemey. 129 SECOND PLACE BASKETBALL ... SECOND PLACE till Baughman Phillip Bcjrd Pete Colhosun Jim Caro Feid Cohen Theron Collar Itob Collins Leo Corner Richard Drake lee Dunn Choi In C es Harry Etho rrn Ewell Elliot Tommy Elliot lob Fosom Charlie Faulk » Frederick Dorsey Fjller Joy Grandy Jjmti Grant James Gregory Richard G'aetter Patmon Hackctl George Hammond Alvon Harrit Fred Mover Joe Howell Jimmy Howell Keith Ho-io Preston Huddleston Bobby Jackson Hugh Jackson Lowrenco Joyner Norman Kohn Don Lelthauser Phillip Mollhe-s Bob Mdwhlnney Finis McClenney William McDonald Boyd Megginso A. 6, Michel Rick Milas Richard Norman Wynnton Overstreet George Porter Hugh Presley John Roberts Jerry Rogers Tucker Rose Joe Sheperd Richard Slye John Stewart Tom Stull Raymond Sykes Vic Talbert John Tamplin Robert Terrell CliH Walker Michael Ward Harry Welkins 8roughton Williams lylo Wise La land Wcod 130Where ore iho gir s? BETA ETA CHAPTER Kappa Sigma Fraternity The oldest fraternal order in existence, Kappa Sigma, was founded in 1400 by a group of students at the University of Bologna in Italy. The Lily of the Valley" was the chosen flower, and when no one wou d compromise, three colors were accepted: scarlet, white, and green. In 1869 the Kappa Sig's crossed the sea and located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville: and a mere f ve hundred years after the initial oundinc. the Beta Eta Chapter of Kappa Sigma appoarod in Auburn. The local Sig's have demonstrated their political knowhow by filling large numbers of campus positions, their constructive know-how by gaining honorable mention with their homecoming decoration, and their athletic know how ends where it starts—with the uniforms! Even so. chief recognition is due to the fact that they know how to throw a party! Members wero so enthusiastic about an unusually big affair known as the ' Bamboo Party" (which received campus-wide recognition) that they ate bamboo casserole for weeks afterward—oxpensivo it's been said. For tho six month period following, the Kappa Sig's apparently lost interest in social life because there was nothing resembling a party to be seen (but oh. wnat wasr't seen). Tactics wore reversed, however, and a new soundproof, lightproof, (alcohol proof?) party room was the site of the recent "Midnight Party." which wou d have been quite a success if anyone had been able to see how to dance. Joe Howell handles the gavel with Ronnie Stanley as first substitute. John Tamplin and Bob Terrell aro tho smaller of the big men. NOT PICTURE!): Jimmy Ard, Sill B'ayellon Denver Collin. Goo-90 Dunn. Rorinio Hall. Jerry Hallman Oaryt Harkleroad. lynn Mendricky. Ken Hewitt! Cecil Hitchcock Ocwq Holder Tommy Hollingywo-th, Jo« Horn. Jack Kaitrer, Glenn Kenemer. Foul Kolb. Claude lackey. Jimmy Lott, Kirby Marring, Jimmy Martin, Leroy Mirny. Jackyon Mcetoy Rater Moyeloy. William Owen. Judion Oweny. John Parker, Terry Perry, Allen Potter. Eorl Pugh Eerreyt Reoo. Bennett Rigdon, Rennie Stanley. Marvin Stewart, Jerry Tucker. Proiidont Joo Howoll: Hou ©mother. Mrs. J. P. McLaughlin: Vico-Protidont, Ronrio Stanley. 131WINNER OF INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL FOR SECOND August Bellsnyder Anthony Bush Rictjrd Coiner Chariot Cro«der Ray Davis Stave Dean Dick Elrod till Francis Sob Gilmore Sill Gray Mike Gray Sennia Greer Keith Henson Bill Horrtdon Jerry Herring Dave Hickey Buddy Hurt Ralph James Larry Kemper Bob Kennedy Lovell Killingsworth Martin Letter Roger McCeffery John Miles Bill Miller John Nielson Ed Olson Winston Payne S Herbert Phillip Robby Robinson David Sibly Jimmy Sims Joe Sparks Vernon Smith Phillip Sutton Virgil Tew Tommy Watts Jimmy Williams 132CONSECUTIVE YEAR Time out to eat ALABAMA ALPHA CHAPTER Sigma Phi Epsilon The natioral founding of Sigma Phi Epsilon took place at the University of Richmond. Virginia, in 1901. The quite original colors chosen to represent the fraternity are purple and red. whi.e the favored flowers are the American Beauty Rose and the violet. The red door of SPE came to 152 North Gay with the signing of the Alabama Alpha charter in 1907. where it has remained to this doy. Fall of 1957 saw sixty-throo SPE's, (UMOC included) celebrate their fiftieth year in Auburn by moving into their completely remodeled house (except for the door, it's still red). With intramural championships in both basketball and football to defend, there is no doubt that the Sigma Phi's will bo athletically active this year. Parties planned for the year are no small get-togethers. By the time the "Roman Party." the "Hobo Party." the "Shipwreck Party," the Wai-ki-ki Party" and th© Valentine Party" are all over, the house will be just about due for another remodeling (except, of course, the door). With this much activity is there any wonder that Alabama Alpha is responsible for the best chapter publication of 148 chapters of Sigma Phi Epsilon? Head door painter Ra'ph James lets Bob Gilmore clean brushes. Buddy Bel snyder counts the empty paint cans and keeps tally, while Richard Coiner buys the rec paint. NOT PICTURED: Fred Benton, Jim Bernoiki. Ken C’oddoek. J»H Dunn Emery Ford. W. C. Gordon. Harold Hermon, Ted Heqen. Jim Heetherly, Leonard Heotho-ly. Ron Hodqe. Bobby Howie. John Howie Bob Jomet, lorry JutFon, Connie Korekit, George Keney. Frank URvim. Jeok Moddo«, N«l«n Neleoi. Richord Pete. Fred Rivet. Denny Steer. John Stelnkeuer, Elle Stevent. Junior Tomitlno, Lowell Wcmmotle. Edmond Wet!. Jerry Wilton, Gary Yetet, Frank lavoy. Kenny Mormon, John Swonn. lorry King. Fronk Wiiton, Fraternity - •-- President. Ralph Jamos- Housemother. Mrs. James V al ace: Viee-Presidon . Boo Gilmore. 33CHAIRMAN OF UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL, FOUNDER'S DAY Clyde Adjmt Milton Adeem Fred Blake too Boor Dell But Ernest Cempbel Frank Chelfont Jim Christen Diion Cooke Jerry Conner John Covtint Robert Corcoren Jim Creel Jimmy Cunningham Brenton Doer Roger Oiekimen Lee Dickson Bob Dothard Bob Duqgleby Bill El ledge Jerry Galloway BUI Garrison Fete Gregor Jim Hammond Rennie Herris T. Wellece Hawkes Buddy l ey David Mare Bill Marsh Tom Matthews Charlton McArthur Ralph Mitchell Jim Nelson Cory Berks Ebb Pete Glen Pehl Sill Pruett Jim Purvis Julian Street Hero'd Tuck Joe Tuggle Jerry Twrbyville Jim Wallace William Wallace John Walk Sonny Westberry Joe Whitesell 134BANQUET IN BIRMINGHAM Surdey eftornoon ot th© Delta Siq Houle KAPPA CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity In New York City in 1899 a group of students at New York City College wanted very much to belong to one of the many local gangs like the other juvenile delinquents. As they were refused membership every where for having no motorcycle boots, they chose to organize their own troup. The white carnation was taken as the flower, and green and white were the colors chosen by the men who called themselves (Greek as it may sound) Delta Sigma Phi's. Eight years later a branch of the Delta Sig's. known as the Kappa chapter located in Auburn. For the last fifty years they have held their own with the other local groups. Like all successful gangs, the Delta Sigs have excelled in politics, and quite often they succeed in getting "the right man' in office. The intramural sports field is another place where the green and white flys high. A second place award was captured during Skit Night last year, which displayed other talents possessed by this group. Needless to say. this mob stands out particularly in the social field, and this is no wonder with all of the practice that they get. Founder's Day Banquet and Ball at the Tutwiler in Birmingham was a blast this year, as usual: and the annual Sailor's Ball was so realistic that everyone was staggering around the deck before the voyage was over. There is no need to elaborate on the White Carnation Formal and the Beach Party. Bill Pruitt is number one man and is assisted by his head henchman Glenn Pehl. David Maney keeps both sets of books, while Jim Christen handles the loot. NOT PICTURED: Paul Beard©, William tandall, Raiding Gumpast, Ed E.arv Jo« Mill. Don lugar. Jim McCro-l©. Jim McCun©, Andy Palmar. 8111 Parsons. John Phillips. Sam Sanford Ashton Smith. BUI Sparks. O. B. Sullivan. Ronnie Tabor. Dennis Turner. Dal Williams. Tad Woroibty. Vice-President. Glen PoM: Houtorro'hor, Mrs. Holcn Drawbouqh; President, Bill Pruitt. 135PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, Henry J. Baker Charles R. Becker Henry P. Brooks Donald S. Brown Marshall H. Bryan M«iKh l Wayne Cotton William O. Cowart Ronald J. Crael Floyd R. C'jm Stuart P Dowling William W. Duggar George 6. Dyer George M. E swa-di Edward S. Ford Marvay $. Goner John E. Grey Jack F. Harrii Owen W. Haster Fred W. HoU Robafl 0. Horn Earl Horton Beniamin F. Hurt James R. Iiball Wesley E Jacssors Charles W. Joiner Jerry T. Jowets Gerald 0. Lee Morcui F. Martin Bobby P. Mattoi Homer R. Meads Theodore W MaQginson James Miller Charles N. Mu-phy David C. Mtmelman Harold M Nelson Robert L. Melton Jamei A. Neville Ph'llip A, O’Berry Ronnie Osborne William P Pinion John 0. Powell Willi J. Ray Henry F. Richter William Robinson W. Douglas Roberson Robert I. Rollins John E Saidle J. Thomas Sanders Richard P. Shinn H. B. Smith Earl W Stanton William C Sle-arl Stanley F Stookey Raymond E. Su'livan Lomas Teal Homer B. Tisdale John E Watts Hilard E. Whitlock Ralph S. Wilhelm Leslie R. Wilkinson J Carroll Woodard Billy J. Woodruff 136FIFTH YEAR SENATOR THETA CHAPTER Alpha Psi Fraternity The national founding of the social and professional fraternity known as Alpha Psi took place (of all ploces!) at the home of the nation's second best football team. Onio State University, in Columbus. Ohio. This fraternity was founded with the purpose of promoting a greater spirit of interest in the veterinary medical profession. The chartering of Theta chapter on April 4. 1942. brought the horse'' doctors to Auburn, where they set up operations” at the "house on the hill” on West Magnolia Avenue. The past forty-six years have seen tho Alpha Psi's successful in not only the promotion of their professional interests, but also in various campus activities. Politics soom particularly attractive to these medical maniacs as they place men in various officos and honorarios. such as student senate, secretary of IFC. Who's Who. Blue Key, Presidency of the School of Veterinary Medical Medicine, and the Junior American Veterinary Medical Association. Success in the intramural sports field was not unexpected: what other group would have more experience at a cow pasture game like softball or would be able to match their horse shoe pitching? Concerning parties, the situation is under control. House parties are a common evert with the Alpha Psi’s. At Christ mas a party is given for children. February brings the Moon light Ball, when all the spirits may no be for the profession. Head Surgeon is John B ack who is assisted by Rodney Lee. Tom Mink keeps notes on all operations of the chapter- Bill Penson collects for work done. NOT PICTURED: William I Adams. Donald I. Applagata. William D Arnold. Andrew M. 8a ley. Gary 8. 8 ard. John M. Slack. Joseph M traly George I fra-ar. Haory F. Cu"r. Harry C. Darly. Paul W Eroch. Paul C Eilat. Jack D. Goodman. Sidney S. Gronnlt. Jamn $. G'abla. Garralt Hagan. John R Ha'1. Jamat F. Harwell. Don O. HopUnt, Jotaph Howtll, O. Edward Jamai Donald R. Klnnlngton, George E. Kralt, Rodney 0. lea. William Lowry, Paal Lyle Alai-andar W Macklln, John Manning, Thomas F Mink. Harold Mullen Wallace Peacock. Jamat F. Peguetie. Walter R Rica. Illly J, Smith Thomai C. Smyth. Loren M Snow. Howard G. Waite. Claude Willlami, Abner 8. Wlie. I M Crawled Jake W Purvit, lee M Rutlell. President. John Black- Housemother, Mrs. Excise Thorpe: Vice-President. Rodney Lee. 137FIRST PLACE PERFORMANCE SKIT NIGHT, FIRST James Bertow All«» Charles Donald 8jird Thomas Nail Hack William Franklin Bludsworth Robart Laroy Boggan Phillip Ray Bonner William W Branch, Jr. Tarrill i Bridgas Ernest Patrick Bunti Jearald Dyar Cabin Tom Canty Robert Gerald Chandler Ernest Boyd Cobb Jimmy Cochran Chariai Actor Coopar Richard Elmar Oodolt Thomat J. OtWeete. Jr. Lucius Mehlon Dyal. Jr. Yancty Chares Earlo Culpoppor Eium III Harold Ando'ton Fall Allard Corlay French. Jr. David Laurence Galling 0 it Odall Godwin, Jr. Richard Collier Graan Tom Gregory Laurence Gilbart Griffis John William Hackaday Jr. John Edward Hall John David Hamilton Harry lee Hanay. Jr. Marvin Eugana Harris, Jr. Robert Dovglai Hayno Lowell Harry Hughen Thomat Eliot Jonat Jamai Robert Lowe Thomat Joseph Lynch Alfrtd Raymond loiano Ed Maion Bobby Ray McGowin Benjamin F. McPherson William 0. McIntosh Jr. Robert Laa McLaurln, Jr. Geo.-ge Mitchell Phil Wood tin Mock William Austin Mulherin Charlie Parker John William Parker, Jr. Tom Harper Parkt, Jr. Thomas Patterson David Price Billy Prim Bertis C'awlord Rasco Oave Robbins Dan Shackelford John Richard Slaughter Werren Clark Smith Fred Murray Stewart Robert Earl Summers William Telfair Tailant Kersnelh Donald Tillman Robert Walker Towles Jim Henry Waters, Jr. Al Reamt Watson Jake Millard Williams 138PLACE IN CAKE RACE "Step into my parlor . . OMEGA CHAPTER Lambda Chi Alpha November 2. 1904—Boston University, Massachusetts, of course. Sec uded spot? Always. Founding anything? Well, maybe—you guessed it—Lambda Chi Alpha. And only si short years later Lambda Chi turned eyes to the Lovliest Village of the Plains to found one of their most promising chapters. Omega Zeta. The Omega Zeta group is active in all the Greek activities. Yep, they sneak out of the long low shack at 176 West Magnolia to take pert in the various ospects of Auburn life. Some prefer to follow the footsteps of their illustrious member, Harry S. Truman and play politics, while others prefer to do or die’ for Lamboa Chi on ye ole athletic field. The pledges were strongly impressed with this idea and "did"—bringing home a first place recognition from the Case Race contest. If there is one activity in which Lambda Chi excels, it is in being "social." Yes, they will have a party or two. The "French Party" gives the brothers a chance to play the lover bit. and the "Crazy Party" lets them be themselves. Wo cannot overlook the "Satellite Party '—everyone is high, and the girls look ou of the world. Hay-rides will be hayrides. and Hillbilly parties are fun. too. The social highlights are the Crescent GiH Formal and the Florida House Party. Ronnie Brown is chief Sputnik. Stratosphere command goes to Pat Byrne. Pat Buntz handles the atmosphere and Bob McDonald finds that O.. can't balance a budget. NOT PICTURED: Oovld Merman Amo'd. Som G Berry Bill Berioll, Joo Welter B eko. Charlie Bruce. Jomes Vickers Burleson. Patrick Byrre, Richard Cheothom. William Clara Howell E. Cobb Irwim William Cunlift III. Fred Albert Creasy. John Leighton Detwilar, Tommy Edwards. Robert Murray Funderburk, Heron Cecil Goolsby, Walter lee Groer. Harold Owen Greg. Gary Halson Griffiths. Larry Stanlill Guinn. Donald Hardy. William Carson Hollar. Harwell Holmes. Rickard Hale. Larry Hull. Isom Ingram, Walter Jorrrs, Seaborn Macay Johnson. Jr., WII liom Scott Loath Wayne Alan lighlsoy. Frank Billups loveless. William Roger Maihis. Robert Staring McOenalc, Ed Moralock Richo'd Morgan. Wiliam Thomas Musgrovo. Jack Danle Ni«, Jamas Parker Parker. John Lester Robertson. John Alton Synco. Malcolm Thompson. Lea Tyslngor Bill Vinson. Fred Brown Fraternity President. Ronnie Brawn; Vice-President. Pa Byrne 139PRESIDENT OF AUBURN I N T E R F R A T E R N I T Y COUN Bill Alien Tommy Allen Emory Beker Cob Bakken Bob Bates Bob Boot! Ben Blount Joe So'end Ted Bolen Charles Borden Tom Bout Bob Bragg Jarre Bray Belie Caldwell Bhil Chapmen Dick Collier Carl Coven Jim Crawford Bo Davidson Bvddy Davis Tommy Doming Tom Espy Baddy Gardener Bay Garrett Mark Goodwin Willie Gray Richard Heffner Newt Hancock Don Harris Fil Hearn Joe Hendrie Chuck Hoffman John Howard BiJ Hughes Jim Hunt James Jerkiewict I. F. Lanier Jim lec'oy Ed lockerd Re McBr'de Fred McDullie Bob McLendon Barry Messer Hugh MjrpSy Charlie Neal Donald O'Brien Benny Overstreet Benny Bedgett James Bhillips Bill Bierce Rod Richardson Arthur Sanderson Burke Sylvest Don Thieme Joe Thompson Marlon Tisdale Jim Vun Kan non Gary Walp Bill Wann Tom Ward Karl West Jim Wiggins Bill Wilhelm Bally Williams Neal Winters MOWhnt, me worry? CHI CHAPTER Theta Chi Fraternity If you ever find yourself in a place called Auburn. Alabama and happen to drive down a street by the name of West Mongolia Avenue, you may notice a low brick bu:lding with gold letters on the tronr that say "OX." Although it's true that this is the "OX" House, there is no connection between this place and the School of Veterinary Medicine. This is just another way of saying Theta Chi. The Theta Chi's originally came from Norwich University in Northfield. Vermont, where the charter was signed on April 10. 1856. stating cniefly that the official colors would be red and white with the red carnation as flower. A few years oftcr the national founding the OX's came south to charter Chi chapter on April 20. 1918. Since this time things have gone well for the local Theta Chi's with this yea' being no exception. Chi's may be found in many positions of student government work, in stuoent senate, in ODK. as president of IFC. and in varsity sports, claiming "Red" Phillips. All-American end in eighteen polls. The entire year was consioered a success athletically as soon as the "Toilet Bowl" charity footoall game had been won by a handy margin (Big Rod wasn't on the field, was he?). The social activities of the year include a real raunchy "Roman Party.' a Pirate’s Ball. ' and a South Sea Island ' Porty. each of which was a "staggering success. Top OX is Jerry Sutton, followed in order by Maurice Wilhelm and Bo Davidson. President. Jerry Sutton; Housomothor, Mrs. Donna Sellers: Vlce-Protideni Maurico Wilhelm, NOT PICTUREO: Ludlow Acemt Jo« I jl«, Myron Chriitenten. Davy C'0 l tt Ronnie Crott J'm Do-uglet, Pat Duke. George Tauten. Doug G!o»er, Kenneth Hemphill. Charlie Mill. Merry Mifteh, Joe Jeckton. Lamar Jjrrjrd, Doug Ka ter George Kaiier. Jim Kennedy. Earl Noel, Jack Perry. Jim Setvey, 8u« Smith Pran«.i Smith. K. Sm th, Lane Smith, Don Squiret, Jerry Sutton. Maurice Wii helm, Paul Sweat. Joe McConnell. 141HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AVERAGE AMONG SOCIAL Larry Wlntord Accocl PI ©yd King Agee, Jf. Samuel Eugene A'mistead Roy J. Boyd Harrison Morgan Bryce Jo R. Carothers. Jr. Jo« Frank Cobb William Seat ' Colli ', Jr. Jerry Robert Dav'dson Lei! and Motart Oak James Allan Dukes Donald Mercer Ellis William Dickerson Flowers Oanlal Harvey Gillil John Frank Grant Samuel Thomas Hall John Clinton Hardin Phan's Frederick Harmon Joha Dee Hawk William Ted Heath John Torbit Henry Wayne Ingram Dan A. Jamas Oscar H. Jones. Jr. Lawrence A. Knight, Jr. Jack Ellis Land Robert Lynn langttoo David Earl Latham John Howard Lester Robert S. Linbeugh He-schel Joseph Logan Henry Addison Long Jamas Chandlar McGaa Benny Ray McManus Wilson Wright McManus James Aleiender Macbeth William David Maples Thomas Waymon Paul Georg Burton Pearson Banks Perkins James W lliam Philips Thomas M. Pruitt. Jr. Charles H. Pritchett Richard C. Schnaider Wallis Perry Scheussler Charles Edward Sellers Thomas Newton Sollers Rentord Oneal Smithermen 142 ■■FRATERNITIES ON CAMPUS Imposed milk itom Opo ika, agh! XI CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity The big news on the Auburn campus this week are the rumors concerning the investigation of Alpha Gamma Rho for suspicion of communistic affiliations. It all started when someone recently discovered the connection between the sickle on their fraternity pin and the big hammer used by Henry Long on Wednesday nights, although the explanat'or offered by those involved is that the sickle means they are an agricultural f'nternity one the hammer is just to keep order during meeting. Past history shows that the national founding of Alpha Gamma Rho ook place on April 4. 1908. at the Clay Poole Hotel in Indianapolis. Indiana, where green and gold were chosen the favorite colors. Since that time thirty-three college campuses throughout the nation have been infiltrated by the AGR’s. their existence in Auburn being made public with the announcement of the chartering of Xi chapter on April 26. 1910. The local Alpha Gamma Rhos have always put on an innocent and sincere front, seemingly interested in all campus activities. Highest scho'astic average among social fraternities was once again achieved, and their teams are still particioating in intramural sports. They hold parties just like any other group, some of which are the Homecoming Party, the Alumni Scholastic Barbecue the Florida Beach Party, and the Pink Rose Forma . Marshall Henry Long is assisted by Comrade O'neal Srrvtherman. Joe Maddox writes propaganda, while Jack Lard collects party dues. NOT PICTURED Randall Wii«j Allan. William Ellit Atkini. Jamei Cobby Bain. Jamet Amal Buford, Hoyt Ellit Burqcst. Don Contrday Jett Cecil Gardner. John Thomat Goirt, Paul O. Johnton lilac Noah Lambert, Larry McLennan, Joteph Varnar Maddoi. Samuel G'a»in Nerr't, Jr,. Jamei Wille'd Raad, Jamet Edward Raavat. Thomat Wilton Sealt. Hamel Samuel Shaeea'd, Wyeth Holt Speir, Jr., Walter Houter Strickland. Wiriton Stuart. W. C. William ton, Jr.. Jamat Allen Lindtey, John Patrick Tidmora. Prat'dont Honry Long: Hcuinrrothor. Mrs. Mittin Ga os: V co-P'OS dont, C Noal Smithorman. 143GLOMERATA EDITOR, TIGER CUB EDITOR, SECOND Walter Leroy Abell Freak Mcoty Awbrey Douglas Hines Bdrcley Jackson Gibbs Beatty Alfred tell Robert B ce George Edgar Bruner James W Bushey Lerry Eugene Clerk deck Andrew Cembee Howard Clifton Daniels deckle Rhillp Dedmen Nath Culpepper Douqhtie Thomas Williem Emlinger Char let L. Feltus Robert Gl'more demet Nelton Green dehn Arent Grott Richard Hargrove Al en Darrell Herkint John Malcolm Hartley Raymond lewit Hatcher Robert Douglas Hawkint Robert Edward Ho'lertdt Allan Clyde Horn Robert Merthell donet Walton Wallace donet Lvmut Kinyen Kerley George Terry King Ray Leggett Robert Rentom Memiet George Dewey Mitchell Glenn Arthur McCaffrey Nathaniel OeHatt McClure Charles Elltworth McOanal Thomat McNeill Samuel Ralph Rate Ray Elliten Rerry Robert Walter Phillips James I. Rittman Ira EUit Reaves William Eugene Reynolds Jack Sylvan Rhoades Wallace Rhillip Robinson Raymond L. Soulh Jamas Rardall Stokes Thomas A Streetmar John Frederick Suhr Judson Hugh Upshaw Emmettee R. Waite Thornton Augustus Waller Robert Ooaeld Weaver M4PLACE WRECK TECH PARADE J PM7U16 AAAGGGHHH!! ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity The national fraternal organization known as Pi Kappa Phi was originated at the College of Charleston. (South Carolina) or December 10. I9C4. The Pi Kap's arrived in Auburn twenty-two years la er with the charter of Aloha lota Chapter on October 2, 1926. The flower disp ayoo at all formal occasions is the red rose, and the colors white anc gold aro used for decorations. The biggest event of the year for the local Pi Kappa Phi's was the housowarming last February. The act was foiled by the efficient (?) Auburn Fire Department, who extinguished the blaze bofore any damage was done other than destroying all clothes, books, furniture, etc. Now there is only a rebuilt house instead of a new house as had beer planned. The fire bugs are active in campus activities, placing second in the recent ntromural swimming meet and second in the Wreck Tech Parade by building the largest coverec wagon ever to roll down College Street. They have supplieo the Tiger Cub with an editor tor the last two years, besides furnishing the 958 GlOMERATA with it's number one man. There is not only a Red Rose Formal at the Pi Kappa Phi House, but immediately preceding Christmas, the'e is quite an affair called the Pledge Formal. Although there is no questioning the complete success of these two endeavors the general consensus reveals that the Florida Beach Party is the favorite of oil. Chief arsonist is Ray Perry who is assisted in his dirty-work by historian Robert Phillips. Ellis Reeves buys the matches with Pete Hatcher scratching down the proceedings. NCI PICTURED: Naal Nicholes August. Georg® Hun'er Cochran. Henry Pearce Elli« 8r«!l M. Green. Charles Leon Hew eft Gary Gen Modnett. James Row. lend Ivey, Waff S. Jensen. Ricti-d King. William Russell King. Billy Ray Kright. Will am Radi® Mann. William W MtCa n. James Philip McGahan. Charles tarr Neighbors. Marr Phllpot Oxns. James Reger Payne. William Phelps Exon Russell Roicll®, Waller Nathaniel Roicl ®. Wili am Stephen Shank. William le® Stephens. Sidney Lanier Taylor. Murray Ross Thompson. Petty: Housamothar. Mrs. Su'.in PrasiTr««»vf r t Us Reeve;. 145REPRESENTED IN SPADES, BLUE KEY, ODK, SQUIRES, John Mitchell Allmen John Montague Averill Roy Thomas Bouler Thomas Weldon Brower Kenneth M lei Brown James Richeid Bullington David Wilton Cer«»ar Ralph Patrick Cobb Cherlev Herman Cos James Welter Daniel James Kellett Darlington James Leon fldwn Roy Fay Ethercdge John Alvie Parmer Edward Mobbt Feller Peel Williem Hell Joel Reete Kilgore Weyne Steve King Ire Oen Kuykendall O'bra Lee Lemberl Sidney Leo Lenier Maurice Franklin lew James Robert Ledbetter Douglas St. John Lovelace Stewart Davidson McKnight Robert Linton Morris Carl Preston Myett Wilbur Broiton Owens Harry Alvin Partlow Erwin Humes Petty Robert Jackson Phillips Jamie Eetl Price Ralph Harry Powell Richard Bloi» Sims William Harrell Sommerville Hubert Sayle Sumners Wyatt Collier Simpton Willie Edsel Themes Melvin Delaine Thornbury Kenton Reeves Vance Joe Edward Voss Charles Ootle Weakley James Reed W iliams Charlton Claude Wilton Harold O. Wright 146WHO'S WHO, AND SENATE House win! ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Sigma Pi Fraternity "The Phantom Strikes’ are the words that bring action into the meetings at Alpha Delta chapter of Sigma Pi. There is a rustling of change and the pot grows bigger and bigger. A pledge rushes out of the house to get to Tamplin Hardware (a commercial) before closing time. The order of business is rushed to get on with Operation Moonlight. The group gathers in the front yard, eyes lifted, as two silhouettes rise slowly to the city water supply. Then seventy smiling faces see Sigma Pi reign high again over the Livliest Village of the Plains. The Alpha Delta Dope is the publication sorving to keep alumni posted on the latest accomplishments of the Dooes of Alpha Delta—not a very large publication, it's said. The Sigma Pi’s are quite active politically, running an un usually high number of men for office and having an unusually low number elected. There has been an improvement in sports, however: the softball finals were lost by an error in the ninth. These boys have quite a reputation for scaring the fire out of thoir opponent. But they just don’t have the heart to break the morale of a scrappy team. History? Tradition? Nope, this bunch just doesn't have any. The story goes that the bunch at Vincennes University was just spoofing. In 1897? Impossible! No one at 141 South Gay was livinq then. How could they believe that bosh? Officers? Well, after a sort. Jimmy Daniels is Chief Phantom. Joe Roy Kaplc is fast fading and Hubert Sumners is completely in the dark. John Arnold is out of the picture (monetarily, anyhow!) President. Jim Daniel: Housemother, Mrs. “Do I" NOT PICTURED: Joel Stott Alldredge. John Kno» Arnold. Richd'd Walker Born- C oy: Vice-President Joe Roy Capo, well. Latter Elgin Bridget. Neil A. Carter. John Lawrence Grim. John Curtin. Oennit Daniel Doet Melvin Olnev Dulaney. Norman Ed Durant, Clarence Lacey Dykes. Doneld Bennett Hoover. Wllliem Eugene Jorvet, Joe Roy Keple. Thcmai Albert King. Michael David McMillan, Charles prank Norris, William Rusted Perrith. Hal Norman Pennington. Mika Rogov . William Bennett Scretlin. Robert Earl Turner. Jomet William Scott. U7INTRAMURAL BOWLING CHAMPIONS, SPONSOR ALL Gaorga Rail Altmil •• Raata Thomat Arrington Jarald L. Inrratt Barry laRoy Baont' Thomat Harold Birehtimd Frank A. Brow lyn G'afton Burka Thomat Talbot B.tlar Arthur Wallaca Corlitla Clarence J. Chappall Warren Edward Claflia Boyce Wayne Cook Jamat Raw Covart William C. Culver Edward V. Davit Otcar Earl Davit Stewart Adamt D'apar Jamat E. Dupraa Tarry Otto Eatt Donald David Fraaman Waltar Harman Glasgow William V. Guy lariy Harris Sentell C. Harper Pretton lock Haitlar Joa Haynia Robart C. Hood Billy Howatl Amot Bennett Hull Jamat Laon Hughes Fomia Atbury Hughat Wiliam Higgant Janlint Jamat Anthony Joint Ma colm Millican Kitchant Wiliam Austin lanktod Frederick M. Lang.orthy Danial Lavon Lindsay Robart Allan Luay Robart W McCracken Irby Hugh McCalla Charles W McRae Ray Robart Matigar Gaorga Wayna Moblay Wi l am Stawart Moorahaod Jamat Wabttar Mount Franklin Navilla John Michael O'Brian Clark Morgan Ovm Damptay Laa Owan laa Madison Ollay David lynwood Peacher William Michael Potion David Edward Powell Mar Powell Rubin Bur Pratar Jack Arthur Prita Allrad Paul Rotan Jamai S. Roy Billy LaRua Rumblay Tarry f altars Monty Durwood Jimmont Stacey Earl Simmoni Eugana H. Sylvaitar Donald C. Sharrallt Jamat W Thomal Arthur Jaroma Turnar Rogar C. Vaughn Charlat Earl Waugh Garald Whitney Wilton Robart Tuckar Wingata Lowell Athar Womack 148CAMPUS SHOE SHINE lu' I don't n««d a white mouse. ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity The national foundirg of Phi Kappa Tau occurred March 17, 1906 at Miam University, Oxford, Ohio. Reaching legal drinking age. twenty-one, it was decreed that a chaptor should be inaugerated at Auburn. One December 3, 1927 the Alpha Lambda's of Phi Kappa Tau came to Auburn with their red carnation in their lapels. They had Old Gold in their pockets and Harvard (or is it Tuskegee) Rec on their heads—love those caps! Activities of the Phi Tau's induce collecting various road signs to decorate their back yard, shinning shoes on the campus (once a year), and washing windows in their greenhouse. Notable events of the year induce a high intramural sports rating, an honorable mention for tneir homecoming decoration, the longest Wreck Tech float in quite a few seasons, and (let's not forget) some quiet clever parties. The parties of the largest magnitude are the Homecoming Party, the Christmas Party, and the Florida Housoparty. and the Red Carnation Ball. The most interesting of these social flings is the Wassill Water Party. The afternoon before the party a large punch bowl is filled with the contents of quite an array of bottles. The Phi Tau's are made to (surely not of their own accord) sit in a circle around the bowl and oroceed to partake, thereoy getting in the mood" for the party to follow. Frank Neville is in charge of the Wassill Water while Olin Andrews stirs the mess. James Jones keeps recipes and Dan Lindsey goes to Opelika for contents. NOT PlCTUREO: Claude M. 8'own, Sob For. Harwood Co« Gay. Clog Green. Stewart Memracl James Allred Helms. Carl Jeffcoet. Claude V Johntfcn. James lee Jones Robert Edwin Lunsford. Richard Terrel Moremaa, Cecil Allea Robin-ton. Gerald N Padqelt. Frank Pierce Ronnie SiQler. Ronald Surton Srrith Ferman T. Stantell Jamet Howard Stewart John Daniel Vaughn, Julian Wade Robert F Weaver, Harris Ho»e I Whitbeck, Sruce White Frotidont. Frank Novilla- Hcwiemotho-. Mrs. S. F. Teague: Vice-Prctidont. Olir Anore»vs. 149FIRST PLACE HOMECOMING DECORATION, PRESIDENT Edaaid C. Abbot! Loil Anderson Richard 8. Anderson Frederick Baggett Shelby Baker George R Baker Robert A. B«ni John W. Blum Charles n eoitoi Edward L. Brinson Glen Borfer Brock Edwards L. Broekway Lewis N. B'own Marcus 0 Bye's Gerold C. Coggin Earl L. Cook Charles R Da-win Louis R Davis Raymond B. Duncan James $. Ector Thomas R. Elliltor Albort N. Ellis Ernest M. Eltl Bawl K. Farmer Edmund E Faulk John C. Gallard Leslie C. Grice Thomas W. Harwell John C. Henry Albert S. Hill Marvin 6. Humphreys Baler M. Kenyon James W. Kighl George 0. Lindsay Robert R. Long John F Lyle Daniel E. Lyons Guthrie A. Mabry Samuel N. MacBean Cecil W. Martin Lawrence J. McKinney Lanqslon W. McWce Maurice W Mldgette Robert W Mor'is Terrence H. Murphree Thomas H Oswald Howard E. Ba'mes C. K. Bickett Edward I. Bitman John G. Borter Waller S. Byne William Queries John D. Reaves Herbert H. Reed William C. Regan Thomas F. Sapp Herbert D. Smilie Jon Spano John S. Vovell Gaylord B. Willard 150Two I?) of the boy aovertiso Dcroy Day GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER Sigma Chi Fraternity On the campus of the University of Miami at Oxford. Ohio a group of boys drew on odd shapod cross and declared. in Greek of course. In This Sign We Corquer. This was the national founding of Sigma Chi, taking place on June 28. 1855. Since this time the Sigma Chi's have conquered and moved In at 130 colleges and universities. March. 1934, saw the blue and old cold roach our campus, and the past twenty four years have been spent in attempting to conauer Auburn. Although they have not been entirely successful in their aims, they have made many conquests. By supplying a Tiger with a steam-shovel with which to stack gators, a first place award was claimed for homecoming decorations. The number one spot was also taken by their Village Fair Float. An outstanding event known as Sigma Chi "Derby Day" is an occasion for the local girls to run around in potato sacks and to throw eggs and pics at each other, which provides a certain amount of entertainment for the non- fi'crrn,s ..?1icr cvents °f tKc ear !nc,ude Mard. Gras Party and the Swcctncarf Formal. The man ,n charge of mapping the conquests of the of ,h° ,,Z"c —. O..U, ammmm Vlco-Prosldon . Po5vy BJ'V K fh»: Mrs • President. Chariot Darwin. 151WINNER OF IF C SCHOLARSHIP TROPHY FOR SEVEN John t. Author Di id Arorton Jemet Aycock Cherlei Baird Lynwood Barber far it Beailey Stob«rl O. Biekmon Gene R'rgtam Glenn Boatright Bill Bona Johenven R. Brinkman Bill Srookt frank Brown Randolph S Oi n Donald 0. Bryan Vernon I Carter Roger Choiiter John Chrlirian Emery C'erk Wilford Colleile Ewell P. Conyert Clay Ca'rent Melvin Davit Richard Dalrrrt Boyd Dodton A ca| Duckworth Ronald Durret Richard Farrit Richard Featherttone Jemet France Edward Franklin Scott T. Greon George Grimet Bobby Gailfoil Frank Gv'leridqe Jamot David Mala Wiley Devine Helet Henry W Hall Jamat Molloday Franklin Holland John L. Hyland Robart Jenkint Thomat Jonat William Klamm Robert Kuykendall Joe Lermon John lawranca Bill Morkt John McCormack Bill Mittlidino William Molpot Jamat Perdue Richard Perkint George Pickint Jack Pogae Howard Poole Donald B. Popjoy Jack Porter J. C- Redd Thomat Royal Larry Sconlen Nolan Sharp Dave Sidcll Fred Soifer Melvin Stein Clyde Taylor W. P. Thrather Henry Walton W W. Williamt Carl Wlltoa Jamet Wooldridge 152The year was 1906. The place was the University of Pennsylvania. The occosion was the organization of the veterinarians-to-be and the national founding of a social and professional fraternity known as the ' Kow Killers In-corporateo." or Omega Tau Sigma. The chartering of Zeta chapter on Morch 26. 19-40 brought OTS to the plains. Although M . Webster tells us that the word veterinarian originally meant "pertaining to beasts of burden" and good for nothing more." the local examples sometimes step out of line and do something more. They annually sponsor a treasure hunt for all sororities (and this doesn’t mean that they hunt sororities!}, and also se ect an outstanding veterinarian each year to receive the Zeta Award. Absolutely nothing is acking scholastically, as the IFC Scholarship Award has been sitting on the mantle at 138 loomer Street for seven years (this vet medicine must be quite a crip course). As for politics, the fact that OI'S founded the War Eagle Party should give some idea of their interest in this field. And. yes. the doctors like to party. The SOTs. er OTSs that is. are noted especially for their "Casino Party' and "Calypso Party." and the "White Carnation Formal" is no small affair. Top Dog around the house is Larry Scanlan. When help is needed James Hale takes over, and next in line come Robert Sylvester ond James Hollodoy. NOT PICTURED: James Angel. Charles Auiic. Wayrnon Bamberg Robert L Barlow, Paul Beard. B II Carlton Robert Chamb ess. Dan Crenshaw. Robert Crow Carl Culver Robe-t Grace. James G-egg, Harold Gettridge. Billy Henson. Lynwood Hightower. Herbert Houghton. Richard C. James. Charles Kyaselsky. Wayne loll, Morris McNay, Jim Montgomery. Warren Nash. Jim Paine Bill Petty. Joseph Proffitt. Delberl Ridgeway. Carl Russell, Julian Sendelur. Lewis J. Serrano William Scarbroegh. Damo Slembridge, Robert Sylvester. Don Thompson. Jim Word, Jim Wells. Alei Williams. Allan Williams. Philip Wood. Mji Freeman. Hugo Hempel, Albert Martin. Joe Tipton. Pr«iid«nt, Lorry Scanlin: Hous«rrother Mrs. Minn! Homll; Vico-Prosidont. Jim Halo. ZETA CHAPTER Omega Tau Sigma Fraternity Tired or Borne? 15 JVICE PRESIDENT OF AMERICAN PHARMACEUTI Charles Fredrith Each Tommy Wilburn Barron William Michjel B-acknty Timothy Fontaine Cuff! John Cecil Derdy Cdword Owen Duke Huqo L«on Esaeul Frederick F. Fcagn Richard l«» Fearn Thom t Elwood Hunt Sober! B'» l»«y Elmer Ma-vin King Mich Warren Moloney Joel Davis MeGuftoy M i Money l.aon Carli Minor Otis Semtord Moreman William Eegar Motriion William Jofry Odom John Pitts Sidney Anthoney Reynolds John Ervin Rourk Billy Jo Roy Id’kin Calvin Smith Albert Edmund Steel Harry Wayn Thames Alan Smith Thompson Wendell Newton Whi’n John Alan Williams John Foshec Wilson Charles Edward Woodrow Cecil Weight Frans Ellis Zipp«rer 154CAL ASSOCIATION Tho Four Fretrtmon viiit Tefces BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity The well known "cross bones one skull" of the Tou Koppo Epsilon Fraternity originated at Illinois Wesleyan College in Bloomington. New York, where the national founding took place on January 10. 1899. The ' Tekes' have grown rapidly on a national scale and are now found on the campuses of 146 colleges and universities throughout the nation. The colors favored by this group are cherry and grey while the flower worn for all special occasions is the quite original red cornetion. The "Pirates of East Mognolia Avenue arrived at the village on July 14 1947 with the chartering of the Beta Lambda Chapter. In little over ten years, the local membership has risen to forty-eig.nt. and recognition has been gained in many fields of fraternity competition. Scholastically the Tekes" rate as the second most improved fraternity on campus. They apparently don’t follow the example set by a certain for TKEs known as the "Four Freshmen." who seem a bit overdue for classification as sophomores. The main events of the year, socially speaking, are a homecoming dance, a Sweetheart Party on Valentine's Day. and the big Red Carnation Ball. Of course, there are those little affairs known as "Patio Parties" wnich may take place most any time the boys feel a need for one. Captain Marvin King leads the motley crew with first mate Bruce Ivey second in command. Leo Wright draws treasure maps while Tim Currie wants pieces of eight. MOT PICTUREO Ttomai Edward lynch Brother luciee Roil Both, George Pitihogh Carter. V.-l Alfonio. Corley, Robe' 0 Donnavan. Cha'let loc'an Harmon Arthur Heptint Glenn Hoctabee. B'oce R Lund. Patrick Julian Me. honey Oavid Elmo McKeniie. Mallard Lee Martin. Pi low. Jamet Martin W Miami. Stewart McDonell Ertkine President. Morvin Kinq- Housemother. Mrs. O ve Gonnison: Vice-Pros dont, Bruco Clvoy. 155PRESIDENT OF A. I E. E., PRESIDENT OF PI Thomas H. Battle Larry geatley Jomei Bereifcein Horace Brady John Bromley Phil to R. Carter Rebar! Cauthan Ralph Chabot Bryanl Crutchfield James Reginald Denial Jotaph E. Drill Jamai Fowler Earl Fraadla Robert Gardner Semrnie L, Ginn Morrie E. Hamrick Williard Motines Marcut Hydo Pawl Jackion Jamai Keane James E. Luker Ronnie MeCullen Richard McCuliert Jack Muntt Lawrence I. Norman Roderick M. Schlosser Erie Smith Charlai O. Stephant Dennis Stephens Norman Stole! Frederick M. Vann David B. Whatley Oala Winqo Mark Yount) 156A. P. I. CHAPTER Delta Chi Fraternity With tho decision to take red and buff as thoir official colors and the white carnation as flower, Delta Chi became a national fraternity on October 13. 1890, at Cornell University in Ithaca. New York. It was on May 5, 1951, that the API chapter of Delta Chi was chartered in Auburn. They sot up housekeeping in the middle of a fifty acre (well, almost fifty acre) lot on West Glenn. Some say this large back yard was originally p anned as a sort of private Biggio flats (to be known os Delta Chi flats), while others believe the purpose is protection of the neighbors from the sounds of fraternity life. Actually, however, it was planned to keep the noisy neighbors from interfering wit.n the strict study habits of the Delta Chi's, besides being an excellent place for the freshmen pledges to play. Seriously though, these men ore active athletically, politically, and socially, but mostly socially. Parties may be held to honor any occasion and usually are. There are football parties during the fall, a formal honoring that flower of all flowers—the White Carnation—during the winter, and chances are that you could find the group in Florida for a houseparty some weekend in the spring. Head groundskeeper. Phillip Carter, is sometimes aided by Bryant Crutchfield. Tim Battle and David Marshall do what's left when they can't get out of it. NOT PICTURED William l » Black Clarence Breoker, John Burqeii lee 8uth. Charles Butler. chard Ceraell. Jifr.n W.,ltrr Denial, W.lllam t Gentry. Donald Grlffit. Alan Mo land. James G. labeltif. J«r llllich, Peter McConnal. Floyd McKniqht, Kan Peduch. Jo Plowet, John Reich «y. Rowell D. Rebellion Jamei Sarlin, David G. Trammell. Jamei E. Warren, William Wilvon, Sidney Godfrey. David Marshall, David C. Schuli. Vcco-Pros'dont, Bryant Crutchfield; Mcutomotho-, Mrs. Mory Webster; Pros.. Phillip Carter. 157PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT BODY, PLEDGE CLASS RANKED Wendell D- Alderman Lytle DeWitt Burnt Richard G. Carlton. Jr. Alton 8. "Sonny" Clingan Felix W, Derrick Allred H. Eubank George B Fottard Raymond Gould Jotin T. Hendetton. Jr. Richard I Higgins Curtly G. Logan Robert I lynn William H Marlin Thomat K. Mattingly Walter F. McDaniel William E. Mon Jimmy Nix Normonl Pittman Frank H. Price Javon D. Rainey Roy H. Rcddcrton Randy T Rickell Richard W. Roll Frank N. Selton Jamet M, Shipman Jomey K, Slephert Joieph M, Wolfe Charley M. LoveTOPS SCHOLASTICALLY Put. oon'f pull EPSILON ALPHA CHAPTER Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Ninoty-rvn9 years ago (that's 1859 for anyone who can t count backwards), a few Bethany College students founded o fraternity with the purpose of promoting greater ntcrcst in purple, white, and gold. wi h a secondary object of increasing the popularity of the Purple Iris. This novel group, known as Delta Tau Delta, lived, grew, and gave birth to over eighty chapters before a trick of fate in 1952 resulted in the formation of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Auburn. Not only has it been rumored that the local Delt's have done away with the purple and white, caring only for the gold, but some say these irresponsible DTD's would just as soon have a party as plant a Purple Iris! They are quite adept at this partying, however, ond the fall football parties are followed by a Halloween Party, a Christmas Party, a Gree Party, and even a formal dance. Despite these and other similar shortcomings, the Delt's are recognized on campus for various accomplishments. Two of the DTD's chief claims to fame are Ken Mattingly, president of the studert body, and Fakir, the only French pood e in town. Curtis G. Logan wears the royal purple of the cion, while Wendell Alderman lends a hand now ond then. Dewitt Burns takes notes on white paper leaving only the gold for Frank McDaniel to hand e. PS—The parking lot holes have been filled! ! ! NOT PlCTUtSO: FrMcii I, Alkov. Jock Aodtodo. tdword S. torn . Hobart W lock. jAckton | Oivnvkov Jomot G. W«n 3«ll I. N.. Provident. Kit logon; Hnucrvmothor, Mrv. M riam Carroll: Vico Pros dont. Wordoll Aldorman. 159WINNER OF IF C AWARD FOR MOST IMPROVED FRATER Kevork M Ballon James A Botti Thomas H. Djuqherty Wallace 0. Oriskell Robert FrosneOo Lawrence M Foley Robert S. Ford darnel W. GeO’qe William W. Gibson William H. Grant Neal C. Harmon. Ill Georg W Hearn Joseph A. Hotifield Billy J. Kennedy Edwin F. King John M. Laurendine Fracis 6. McKinney Donald Marks Lucian K. Raul Harold G. Peacock William H. Phillips Jr. William G. Raines Charles H. Stainer Robert E. Tanner James F. Thompson Dean L Upshaw Jerry E. White Edwin S. Wilson William T. Wright 160BETA ZETA CHAPTER Theta Xi Fraternity A group of draft dodgers attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy. New York enjoyed each others company so much that they decided to found a fraternity,?). Thus Theta Xi became the only national fraternity founded during the Civil War. A though it took quite a few years, someono finally saw the light, and ninety yoars after the national founding, the blue and white found its way south to the plains of Auburn, resulting in the chartering of Beta Zcta chapter on February 25. 1954. Since this recent arrival. Auburn's youngest fraternity' has Quickly gained recognition and made numerous advances in many fields of fraternity competition. The rush activities of a growing chapter have been so successful that there is a present danger of having pledges outnumber the members. which is quite an accomplishment for any fraternity rush program. Scholastically speaking. Theta Xi is the most improved fraternity cn campus (Lots o: room for improvement they say). While the Xi men arc not noted for their athletic ability, there is never a lack of erthusiasm and they sometimes have been the David of a trophy bound Goliath of the fraternity world. Part ics at the Theta Xi house a'c second to none across the campus and include such gems os the "Frenchman's Ball, the Fireman's Picric" (complete with fire engire), and the White Carnation Formal. Harold G'an holds the number one position of the group with Edwin Wilson as righ'-hand man. Donald Marks records the absences while Bob Tanner tries to collect duos. N? LflwTUwE0: °Tb"’ Chorlei B-idlord. Willard Early NalKan H Hazard Tarry D. M.lcl-,11 William D. N«lt n Johr W Pjrli R JohA P. S-.aA.T Ralph Trt . Jot.pR, A Tud.r. Chari !' Walker f' c ri l H W t». President. Harold Grant: Housomothcr. Mrs. Lcnicc Stuart: Vica-Praticont. Ed in Wilson. IAIaiti wv :• i- ‘ ,?v, 5!J. Spirit cheers every SPORT at AuburnProi'dont Ralph Creuqhcr addro»e» Auburn Oav Crowd Coach Jordan oroisos No. I student body bif the lAAcciated • • • f s No lof turns for the WAR EAGLES 1 FOLD OUT The Auburn Tiqers. picked in the pre-season national po'ls to finish no higher than fifteenth, finished the 1957 qrid season as the No. I footbal team in tho nation. Hoad Coach Shug' Jordan brought tho Plainsmen home with their first National Championship, the SEC crown, and their first undefeated and untied season since 1913. However, despite an undefeated season and the highest honors. Auburn was not a concidate for a New Year's Day bowl oame. The A. P. I. athletic department was paced on o three-year probation by tho NCAA in 1956 for recruiting violations. The probation penalty prevented the Tigers from competing in any bowl games. Seven regulars were missing from the 1956 squad when pre-season practice began. Such stars as Ernie Donjean, Chuck Maxime, and Howell Tubbs were lost to graduation. This composed quite a problem of rebuilding for Coach Jordan, but he quickly solved it with another winning combination. Auburn, in winning ten straight gomes, the only maior team in the country to do it—held its opponerts to 65.S yards in the air and 67 on the ground—a totol defense average of I 32.9 yards per game. It has been a decode since the nation has seen such a defensive record. Ihe War Eagles were also second in the SEC in totol offense with a 288 yards per clash average. Home Of THe eFoo tbs II a 4 CkatnpichA of the £€C!FIRST ROW (all left to right)—Bobby Lauder. I lay wood Warrick. Billy Atkins. Oscar Knox. Jimmie Ricketts, Billy Austin, Jackie Burkett. Edcy Jackson. Jimmy Reynolds. Jerry Hutchinson, and Albert Chisenall. SECOND ROW—Jimmy Phillips. Cleve Wester, J m Jeffery. Teddy Foret, Kon Paduch. Ben Preston. Dan Presle James Warron. Leon Myers, and Mickey Welch. THIRD ROW—Richard Rush, Lloyd Bachr, [)0n t . ■ Frank LaRussa, Lloyd Nix, Johnny Kern, Brydri| Harvard Mac Champion, Goorqo :qqo, Caot. Tim Baker, and Zeke Smith. FOURIH ROW—Don Bureson. Pat Meagher. Harvey Cope-lard. lornmy Lorino. Jimny Laster, Bobby Hoppe, lemor Rawson. Billy Kitchens, Jinmy Reece, and Ronnie Robbs. FIFTH ROW—Jeff Weecley. Mike Simmons, Charlie Wilson. Morris Savage, Pat Tidmore Richard Wood, Jerry Wilson. Booby Wasden, .eo Sexton, Hindman Wall, and John Whatley.The Men Behind First and foremost, a successful athletic program must have fine athletes . . . young men to get on the field or court ond be directly responsible for the team's success or failure. But it takes more than that. Besides the obvious playing of the game, there are many other jobs to be done . . . and it's a toss-up as to which is the most important. There is coaching to be cone, naturally, and tickets must be sold. Thoughtful administration is an absolute necessity, too. And in case it has been forgotten, there are many other unpublicized jobs to be done, such as issuing and caring for equipment, keeping athletes in playing condition and maintaining strong school spirit. W'thout the conscientious administration of these many thankless but highly-important jobs, no school could hope to have a tremendous sports year such as the one experienced by Auburn in I9S7-58. So. we take our hats off. right here and now. to the Men Behind the Men" at Auburn. They deserved, as much as anyone, to be in the headlines, too. RALPH "SHUG- JORDAN Hood Football Coach JEFF BEARD Athlotic Director TOP ROW. loft to right; C. L. ’ Shot" Sonn. effonsivo lino coach: G. A. "Buck" Bradborry, backficld coach: Gcro Lnrendo. end coach; Ha Herring, defensive coach. BOTTOM ROW: Joel Eavos. end coach; George Atkins, assistant lino coach; Virco Dooley, ass stent back field Coach; Kenny Howard, trainer.Coach Jordan and Athlotic Publicity Director, Bill Beckwith The Men Manager Ted Gilrcath and John Rom CHEERLEADERS— (Kneeling) Bob Hurt; (loft to right) Fayo Mitcholl. Rodney Summer , Rosamond Freomond, Don Fay and Ju o Huey. Not pictured, Mark Goodwin. 9S7 AUBURN FOOTBALI COACHING STAFF Left to Right; Fir t row: George At«'n . Vince Dooley, Shot Senn. Head Coach Ra pn Jordan. Joe Conna ly, Ha! rforring. and Buck Bradberry. Second row: Joel Eaves. Gene lorondo and Dicl McGowon.America JIMMY ' BIG RED" PHILLIPS Co-Captain of the 1957 No. I team in the nation . . . 205 pound senior end . . . named on 21 first team All-American squads . . . plus two scholastic squdds . . . starred in the East-West Shrine qame . . . Hula Bowl in Hawaii . . . Senior Bowl ir Mobile . . . named Auburn's Player-of the-Ycar by the Plainsman . . . received Lineman of the Year'' honor from B'ham Quarterback Club . . . teamed with Jerry Wilson to form the top pair of encs In the nation ... led SEC in pass receiving in 1956 . . . "Lineman of the Week" in '55 ... Sophomoro of the Year" for the SEC . . . cxcclls on track as a sprinter and shot-putter .. . aggressive olay contributed invaluably to Tigers success . . . first round draft choice of the Los Argeles Rams . . . honored by hometown. Alex. City with Jimmy Phillips Ddy" . . . appeared on two network TV shows announcing All-Americans . . . married to former hcac majorette of Auburn band, Mickey Kennedy. Biq Red” receivci All-Arrerican nonorHonors . . . TIM BAKER—195 pound sonior—Captain o’’ the Auburn Tigers—ployod in Ihc North South qamc ono of football's t-uly "unsunq horoos played behind Danjnan ns a iunior. JACKIE BURKETT—215 pound verier—"Sophomore he year' In SEC -sccono toam ShC all-around aiMe’o- tremendous I nobeclcr—All-Sophomoro souad. BILLY ACE AIK NS 195 pound sonior fullback voted by Us teammates os the most valuable player on the squad for ‘57—All SEC— broke Tiger individual scorinq record with 82 points—third in nation in scorinq—played in Senior Bowl—North-South «ame—drafted by San f'encitco. JERRY WILSON—210 pound junior end— All-SEC- pro-type end— played opposite All-American Phillips—"Outstanding Linomon" of un-defeated 1955 freshman team.Atkins breaks -cose for 19 yards V «r Eaglo £u eet fefieHfe Auourn's scrappy Tigers obtained the ' Sweet Taste of Revenge’ by cefeating Tennessee, the defending SEC champions 7-0 before 46.000 rain soaked fans in Knoxville's Shields-Watkins Field. The Plainsmen wc'c continually threatening the entire game and were without doubt the superior team on the field. The Volunteers could not move agoinst tne strong Auburn forward wall, led by ends Jimmy Phillips and Jerry Wilson, and center, Jackie Burkett. Fullback Billy Atkins, the forgotten man n Auburn's speedy backfieid. Dlunged tor the touchcown and then kicked the extra point in leading the Tigers to the upset win over the Volunteers. The touchdown drive was good for 57 yards. Key ploys of the drive were a 10 yard pass. Lloyd Nix to Jerry Wilson, ond a Nix fumble which Lamar Rewson picked up at the 10 and carried six yards to a first down at the four. Tennessee showed flashes of its 1956 form on y in the fourth period wher tne Vols, backed by tailback Al Carter ond fullback Tommy Bronson, drove to the Auburn 29 yard line before the Plainsmen took over. It was Auburn $ first victory over the Vols in 20 years, and it was stirring revenge for a Tennessee rout of Auburn in the opening gome last seoson. THE YARDSTICK Tennessee Auburn First downs 6 II Rushing yerdago 79 297 Passing yardage 5 10 Passes 12 1-3 Passes intercepted by 1 0 Punts . .6-40 3-31 Fumblos lost } 0 Yards penaliiod S 0 HALFBACK TOMMY LORINO. JR. HALFBACK BOBBY HOPPE. SR. Nil in Voij territory M Mceet —TV-- K_I Auburn • Tennessee ,.r Ttyert take Chattanooga A Band Day ' crowd of 17.000 saw Auburn s highpow-ered Tigers win its second straight gome of the season, crushing a fairly strong Chattanooga Moccasin team 40 7. Coach Shug Jordan used a toral of 43 players as the Tigers scored in every quarter while using various means of racking up the six touchdowns against the Tennesseans. Auourn's first unit, which ployed about a third of the gome, sco-ed twice, the second unit tallied twice ond a combination of third ond fourth units odded two TD’s. Six different Tigers tallied six-pointers in the high-scoring affair. Quarterbacks Johnny Kern and Bryant Harvard scored on "keep" plays: Jimmy "Big Red ' Phillips, scored by recovering a blocked punt behind the Chattanooga goal line1 regular fullback Billy Atkirs plungeo across for another TD: Pat Mcaghc' scored once and Jimmy Reynolds, fullback on the Tigers' third unit, scored the final TD on a beautiful 34-yard sprint. Chattanooga's lone score came in the third quarter when they drove 80 yards in 11 clays. Quarterback John Green passed to the end Jim Tucker for the 24-yard touchdown. Auburn • 40 Chattanooga • 7 THE YARDSTICK First downs .......... Rushing yardage Passinq ya-daao ... Possot .......... ..... Passes intercepted by Punts ................ Fumblos lost Yards panolijed ChaManocq a Auburn 12 19 ...31 34? 125 98 .7 19 6 10 0 5 b 1C.6 4 33.1 1 ?0 1 Tigers throw quarterback Johr Green f an 4 Hehtucklf Hoy. who'i got !ho ball? Auburn, with Billy Atkins in the starring role, defeated a stubborn University of Kentucky team 6-0 before 30,000 nerve-wrecked fans as the Pla’nsmen took their 16th straight triumph in Cliff Hare Stadium. The Wildcats, who entered the game a two touchdown underdog, battled the Tigers to a scoreless first half, which was a manly, leatner popping contest. The outcome was very much in doubt until senior fullback. Billy Atkins b'cke through the Kentucky line, deflected a pitchout by quarterback Lowell Hughes and a ertly recovered the bell. Bobby Hoppe then got six yards at loft enc. and Tommy Lorino got the same amount on a tour of the opposite flank. Lloyd Nix lost four yarcs. and Lorino got six at right end before All-American Lou Michaels stopDed him—not with a tackle—but with a jarring smash of hi$ huge elbow. Kentucky -hen drew a fifteen-yard "unnecessary roughness" penalty placing the ball on their own six yard line. Atkins then gave the final verdict by plunging for a touchdown. Kentucky's deeoest penetration was to the Plainsmen 17 yard line in the second quarter. But the Wildcats never scored, thanks to primitive tackling by ends Jerry Wilson and Red Phillips. Jackie Burkett, o gieat sophomore center, guard Zcke Smith anc other muscular linemen. riot downstripA Tech ... Coach Shug Jordan's blue shirred trooos marched into an old Auburn hell-hole celled Grant Field and won a brilliant victory. 3 0. from a fighting, stubborn Georgia Tech eam. Auburn's Billy Atltins broke up the shutout with a 31-yard field goal on the first ploy of the second Quarter, after he Tiger's second unit had driven 48 yards, in 11 olays to set up the score. Alkins also kept Tech deep in its own territory wi h boomng. hign punts all afternoon Auburn's defensive heroes could be numbered by its playing lineup, os the Tigers proved again their No. I notional defensive rank by allowing Tech oniy 148 yards, tota offense. Twice after Auburn finished its offense, Tech roared to the outskirts of the Auburn goal, once to the four and later to the five, but the Tiger defense, with Jerry Wilson and Jimmy Phillips leading the way. then rose to tne occasion to protect the slim three-poin lend. Phillips showed 41.000 football fans his crccentials for All-American by ocing all over the field and never giving the Tech backs a free moment. Lloyd Nix was the game's leadmc ground qainer with 48 yords in 13 tries. THE YARDSTICK First downs Georqia Tech 9 Auburr 10 Rushing yardage .... 61 130 Passing yardage 89 36 Passos IM6 3 6 Passes intercepted by 0 0 Punts 8 37.2 9-36 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 6 10 Auburn • 3 Ga. Tech • 0 7h« Chattanooga Choo Choo TACKLE JAt ES WARREN. SR. TACKLE CLEVE WESTER. JR. Aco Atlins wrecks TechHomecoming... and the Florida Presentation of Mitt Homocoming Tommy Lorino and Bobby Hoppe, fwo highly advertised halfbacks, furnished the breakaway punch os Auburr defeated the Florida Gators, 13-0 before an overflowing Home coming crowc of 36.000 in Cliff Hare Stadium. Auburn's ruqqea defense held the Gators to a mere 37 yards rushing and 46 yards passing, while gaining 301 yards on the ground ond 80 yards in the air. Leading the Plainsmen forward wall wore ends Jorry Wilson and "Red" Phillips, center Jackie Burkett guard Zeke Smith, and tackle Ben Preston. The Tigers orcw -heir first blood late in the second quarter with 3ryant Harvard at the controls. W th the boll on the Gators' 31 yard line. Hoppe sprinted 25 yards on a reverse to the Flo' da six. and fullback Billy Atkins slamrrec through left tackle for the score. Jimmy Dunn, Florida's quar er-back. blocked tie point. Hoppe croshes F orido ire The Plainsmen scored aqain the first time they got the ball in tne third quarter. Two 15-yard holding penalties nullified a pair of Lorino's fine runs and found Auburn on its own 37 yard lino. Nix then rolled out to the right, hit Phillips 20 yards downfield, and Big Red pulled away from two Florica defenders and cut 'an another to the ond zone. Phillips rocoivod the outstanding player award presented by the Blue Key ond determined by the visitinq sports writers. He performed ike the A l-Ame'ican that he was predicted to be. THE YARDSTICK Florida Auburn First Downs . 4 16 Ruthing Yardage .37 301 Passing Ya-daqo .... 46 80 Pessos 6-14 3 M Pass Intercepted by 2 2 Ports 9-36.8 7-36.6 Fumbles Lost 0 1 Yards Penalired 57 78 Lloyd Nir in G tor . ,rr;t0ry Auburn • 13 Florida • 0Houston is a breather... but Where is the Auburn offense? This question hod just begun to be heard, after narrow victories over Tennessee. Kentucky, and Georg a Tech, when the onswer finally arrived. The olace was Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas, one the opponent was the Houston Cougars. This was the same team thot hod upset a good University of Miomi team 7-0 earlier in the season, and this was the Cougars' Homecoming game. The Auburn Tigers, in one of their best performances, turned this homecoming into a runaway by toking the steam out of the Houston team on the first play from scrimmage with a perfectly executed touchdowr pass from Lloyd N x to Jimmy ' Rec Phillips. The Tigers went on from here to defeat the Texans 48-7. There were many brigh spots in the Auourn attack but one of the brighte' ones was calm, conficent Lloyd Nix. Nix completed three of six passes :or 114 yords and was one of tne leading ground gainers. His understudy Bryant Harvard a so played a tremendous game. Ben Preston, a whale of a tackle, was outstanding defensively as he continually crashed through the Cougar line to ma e c utch tackles. The Hcuston'ans found out quickly that Preston. Burkett. Smith. Pnillips. Wilson, and the rest of the Tiger lot were well qualified to apply the brakes. This oil town on the Texas coastal plains will be echoing the War Eagle battle cry nrd rocking from an offensive explosion in Rice Stadium for quite a while. THE YARDSTICK Houston Auburn Pits! downs 1) 14 Rushing yardaga ... 77 25 7 Passing yardage 79 116 Pa ssos • • 4-12 4-14 Passes intorccproo by 2 Punts 1-34 Fumb'as lost ... 6 0 Yards penalizeo • IS 7S Auburn • 48 Houston • 7 Hindman Wall scores against Cougars TACKLE DAN PRESLEY. SR. Guard ZEke smith, soph. 178£tate u aM t Stacey moots Auburn Maroons on Ni»s trail Coach Shug Jordan’s fines'! football machine took the test of a true champion by having to come from behind to defeat a determined Mississippi State team by a score of 15 to 7 before 43,000 in Birmingham's Legion Field. State gained a half-time lead of 7-0 on a beautifully executed 57 yard scoring pass from reserve quarterback, Tom Millor to end Ned Brooks with three minutes loft in the first half. The first half was a hard-fought, defensive battle which found both teams using every opportunity to kick to safety. Auburn was an aroused team on its return after halftime, and drove 76 yards in 13 plays for the tying touchdown, with senior fullback Billy Atkins scoring from the two. Atkins also booted the important extra point, i The Plainsmen picked up a safety in the fourth quarter when Jackie Burkett crashed through , the State line and forced BilU Schoenrock, who was back to punt behind his own goal line, to run, and "Big John" Whatley nailed him. The Tigers' last touchdown came when guard, Zeke Smith, recovered a Maroon'fumble ,-,on the State 10-yard line, later Billy Atkins snot t Three plays later Billy Atkins the score. ' V through the State line for Billy Stacy, Mississippi State's great quarterback, did not complete a pass and was held to minus yardage by the Number One defense in the Nation. V THE YARDSTICK M ri Fin downs Rushing yardage Passing yard a go Partes Pastos intorcopted by Punts Fumbles ost Yards oonaliiod Mississippi S'ate W} 8C y si -.5 0 6-42 ? 40 Auburr 10 208 17 3-7 5-37 l 55 I Hr Auburn • 15 Sit w, % M iss. State • 7 ! i A four-yard pass from quarterback Lloyd Nix to Alternate-Captain J’mmy Pnillips in the ast minute of play in the first half alloweo Auburn to defeat an upset-minded University of Georgia team 6-0. be;ore 26.000 excited spectators in Columbus' Memorial Stadium. The War Eagles. who enterec the game as the nation's leading exponents of defense, allowed the Bulldogs only three first downs, only 74 yards on the ground and 23 yards by air. a total of 97 yards. Georgia had little but defense to offer, but a? no time did the Bulldogs allow the Tigers on easy moment. Twice Auburn drove to within tne Georgia ten-yard line and failed to score. On the ouchdown drive which started at the Plainsmen 48. reserve quarterback:. Bryant Harvard, threw passes for five and six yards. Then Nix came on and threw to fullback BiLy Atkins fo 13 be "ore hitting Phillips w th the six-point strixe. There were few offensive stars in the 61st game of the oldest series of soutnern football. Nix was one. completing nine of the ten passes he threw for 72 yords. Phillips caught five passes for 34 yoros. ond Tommy Lorino ron 10 times for 61 yards. Leading the Tigers defensively were Smith. Burkett. Phillips, Baker, and the entire secondary, 'his was the fifth time this season that Auburn has shutout its opponent. THE YARDSTICK Georgia Auburn First oowrs 3 13 Rushing vardago .. .74 140 Pattinq yardaqo ... . 23 87 Passat 2-6 12-16 Pastas in arcap od by 1 1 Punts . 10-35.5 6-35.9 Furrb os lot 1 2 Yards ponallied 2S 35 t-arva'd on h© koop Auburn • 6 Georgia • 0Auburn • 29 F.S.U. • 7 Tne undefeated Auburn Tigers, soorting the rumber ore defense in the nation, coasted over a courageous Florido State team 29-7 before an audience of 16.000 ir Tallahassee. Tne Plainsmen, making their bid for the national football championship, he d the offensive minded Seminoles to only 79 yards total rushing. This was the 13th straight victory and ninth in a row for the Orange and Blue this season. Fullback Billy Atkins broke the school scoring record for ono season as ho slammod for two touchdowns and booted two extra points. Atkins responded gallantly when the touchdown chips were down as he has done all season. Floridian Lamar Rawson bul ed one yard for Auburn's second touchdown, and halfback Tommy lorino ran two yards for the Plainsmen s final six-pointer in the third quarter. Fullback Ronnie Robbs also booted one extra point. Auburn's tremendous ends. Jimmy Phillips and Jerry Wilson. contributed a safety in the closing seconds. They tossed F. S. U. quarterback Joe Majors for a 16-yard loss and the two points. Florioa State's touchdown, the fourth sco'e on the Plainsmen all year, came on a pass from Majors to end BUI Kimber. THC YARDSTICK Flo. State U. Auburn First Downs 9 15 Rushing Yardage 29 2CI Raising Yardage 106 ICI Posses 14-26 8-15 Pastos Intoreoplod by i 6 Punts 5-24.1 4-27.1 Fumbles tost 0 ‘ 2 Yards Penalijed......................................76 121 and Braswell.Sema fmeA ... to end a Birmingham's Legion Field was left with strains of War Eagle.'' after Coach Shug Jordan's Auburn Tigers rolled over the Alabama Crimson Tide 40-0 before 44 000 shivering football fans. This was the day the Plainsmen won the National Football Championship, the first Soutneastern Conference championship. anc for the first time since 1913. went undefeated and untied. Auburn, with a tremendous first holf. matched the No. I defense in the nation with a versatile o ;ense for its 14th consecutive victory. Tommy Lorino was the key offensive back as he ran four times for 56 yards, and also turned one of Alabama's passes into a 79-yard toucndown run. Center Jackie Burkett and guard Zcke Smith, both sophomores. were key linemen on defense. Burkett also pulled in a Bama pass and outran both his blockers anc the entire Tide secondary 66-yards to paydirt. OUARTEREACK LLOYD NIX TACKLE BEN PRESTON The score at naif-time was a surprising 34-0, and tho Tigors came back in the third quarter to score the final TD. a 7 yard pass from Lloyd Nix to Jimmy "Red Phlliips. This impressive victory over Bama was proof onouqh that tho No. I football toam in tho nation in 1957 was truly the AUBURN tigers. THE YARDSTICK Alabama Alburn First Downs 10 11 Ruvhing Yardage ••• n 237 Pawing Yardaqo 105 106 Pastes ..10-3? 5H Pallet Intercepted by 2 5 Punts .. .5-38.4 4-37.5 Fumble Lost 2 l Yards Ponalitod 30 75 Ati'm tcornc Againperfect V 'A Auburn • 40 Alabama • 0Hofld botlotbo'l Co«o Jool Eaves Basketba Auburn's basketball charges under the direction of head coach Joel Eaves finished the 1957-58 season in fine style as they copped the runner-up position in the SEC. This is the highest they have finished in he race s:nce it's beg nnirg. In fact the Tigers came within an inch cf annexing the title. They had one of the most amazing comeoaclts in the history of the Southeastern Conference. After the first twelve games the Plainsmen were given up for lost and everyone was waiting "for next year.' But the Tigers finished with a flourish, copping their last e even games ir a row. Some of these victories included: a 64-65 victory over Kentucky, the f’rst over tne Wildcats in fifteen years: a close 67-65 triumph over ho Alabama Crimson Tide on a last second field goal by Junior captain and sparkplug Rex Frederick. The Tigers started slow and after eleven gomes sported o 1-3 SEC mark and were seemingly out of the running. Part ofShot ' Joh niton block Ray Allen's ioyup Re scores oqoinjt Vondy this was due to the loss of ace guard Henry Hart, who was red-shirted because of an injured knee. It seemed like the team was havirg a hard time shaking off the effects of this great loss. But during this dry spell Coach Eaves still had faith in his charges and they came ‘hrough for nim. On two occasions it took a last second shot to pul the game out of the bag. In Georgia once agoin it was Frederick who dropped in the winning two pointer. Frederick, for his tiring performances and great team play was selected on the All-SEC first squad. Jimmy Lee was picked on the third team. Also Frederick ended fourth in field goal percentage in the SEC os well as being in that same position in the rebounding department in -he conference. As far as eam performances was concerned Re grabbed most of the laurels. He took 335 rebounds off the boards curing the regular season compared to his nearest rival Manly Shot Johnson, with 134. Lonky Bill McGriff. who looked like an All-American in the Tiger’s stretch drive was the leader in field goal percentage as ho shot at a 9.5 clip. J. B. Bearden, another element in the Villagers win skein was the leader in free throw percentage although he did not play as much as the 'egulars. The left handed wizard shot an amazing 81.1. In the ooint race once again it was the work of Frederick which garnered him top position. He stripped the nets for 355 markers while following him were Jimny Lee with 304. Bobby Tucker with 231. Johnston with 144 and McGriff with 141. Ice ttoali ball from ZinnFrcdoricl goti much-earned praim RECORD Auburn............89: Jax Stale............50 Auburn............78; Wake Forest .... 66 Auburn............75: TCU..................63 Auburn............37; Miss. State..........52 Auburn............55: SMU..................65 Auburn............53: Baylor ..............62 Auburn............54; Phillips ............78 Auburn..........106: Howard...............47 Auburn............42; Miss. State..........70 Auburn............71: Ole Miss.............51 Auburn............66: Florida .............90 Auburn............65: Alabama .............83 Auburn............80: Ga. Tech.............72 Auburn............90: Geo-aia..............62 Auburn............77; Vondy................69 Auburn............99: Tech.................78 Auburn............75: Georgia..............73 Auburn............76: Florida .............69 Auburn............76: LSU .................58 Auburn ... 63: Tulone ..............49 Auburn............72: ennessee............64 Auburn . . . 64; Kentucky ............63 Auburn............67; Alabama .............65 Ammorman and Tuetor ttruggl© tor control MrGriff pjlli or© inFreder cl oeatj ©-0 out Afler the Plainsmen dropped two consecutive warmup games to Florida State on the annual spring training trip to Florida. hey began to click and jumped to an early lead by winning successive series from conference foes Georgia Tennessee. Florida, and Kentucky. Two days later, the Tigers found themselves trailing Tech and almost out of the running for the SEC crown. A split of the season-ending two game set with Florida kiiled all chances for even a tie for the championship. Overall, Auburn won 16 and lost 10. The corforonce record was I 1-4. gooo enough for third place behind Tech and Florida. Professional signees off the team were captain and shortstop Billy Roy Rooerson (Cleveland Indians) and alternate captain and hurler Wynton Overstreet (Milwaukee Braves). Baseba Seven returning lettermen and a fine crop of sophomores made a happy man of baseball coach Dick McGowen early in 1957 as his Tigers preoped for a run for the title in the always-tough Southeastern Conference. Although he had lost five regulars from the 1956 sauad which finished third with a 12-11 overall record, McGowen predicted the bost baseball season in Ajburn history. Until the Tigers hit a snare of late-season troublos :t looked like the personable Auburn coach had hit the nail on the head. Firs basaman Lloyd Ni« First Row: L. F. lonior. Tommy loriro. Jimmy tailor. Chariot Carlan. Horblo Pea'C . Bob Jarrnt. -’at Duke and Henry Dumoi. Secono Row: B v R«v Rcbc-ion Frod McDuffie. Lloyd Ni., Morrii Savago, Horace William-,. Wynton Ovorslreet. Tommy Watt-., and Jack Crctcn. Third Row Manager Tsrry Vaughn John Martin. Jackio Burkett Geo-go Wood;. R« Fradorick B Cowl Horne, and Coach Dick McGowan.1957 RESULTS Auburn. 2: Plot da Stale . 8 Auburn. . 1: Kentucky . . 0 Auburn S: Florida Stato . 10 Auburn 10: Kentucky 1 Auburn . . . 7; Georgia . ) Auburn 10: Florida Stale ? Auburn II: Gecrqia . 0 Auburn. . 4: Flir'do Sia:e 10 Auburn : Tennessee . 1 Auburn. 1: Gcorqia loch 2 Auburn 4; Tennessee 0 Auburn 3: Georgia Tech. 2 Auburn 7; Tennossec . 3 Auburn . 7; Georgia Tech 8 Auburn 6: Howard . I Auburn II: Alabama 8 Auburn 14: Mercer . I Auburn 4: Alebomo 8 Auburn IS: Morcer . s Auburn. 1: Florida 2 Auburn 0: Florida . 1 Auburn 7; Florida 5 Auburn 8: Florida 6 Auburn. 6: Alabama 16 Auburn 12: Kentucky . S Auburn. . 7; Alabama 10 l P. Lanier double in Bona game Bemo p ayor sole at bag TIGERS PITCHING STAFF |L to R| Coach McGowan. Watts. Dumas. Cawthrono Williams. Overstreet, Martin. Outfield-jrs: 8u'left, Freder-el, and Lanier Infielders: Crouch. Roberson, Young and Nix T rack First Row: • ote Calhoun. O. H. Wesley. Sonny Alsup. Bill Yarbrough. Ellsworth Richter. Jimmy Phillip , ond No-on Sharp. Second Row: Tommy Hollingsworth. Bob Jonas. Paul Krobs, Tommy Waldrip. Roy Costner, and Ross Womack. Third Row: Jerry Hutchinson, Louis Pruitt. Bobby Does. Tom Stull, Mavorn Po'kor. and Joan Cartor. Fourth Row: Coach Wilbur Hutsol'. manage- Bob Fo»worlhy. and assistant coach Melvir Roson. 190Coach Wilbur Hutsell's cinder squad continued to place at the top of SEC thinclad competit or in 1957 by winning three out of four regulor season meets, plus second place in the conference meet. Hutsell. in his 36th consecutive year at the helm of Plainsmen track and fie!d teom, brought the fracksters home with their second straight runner-up position, after having won the championship in both 54 and 55. When the season opereo the Tigers were faced with the problem of replacing such outstanding performers as Dave Powell. Don Johnson, and Louis Preis. Seasoned veterans such as Bil Yarbrough, El sworth Richter, O. H. Wesley, and Sonny Aisup joined able replacements up from the freshman team •o form another winning ccmbinat'on. Hutsell s forces were handicapped by numerous injuries tnroughout the track season. Bob Jones, Tommy Waldrip. and Pete Calhoun saw only limited action curing the 57 campaign, because of injuries. Bi I Yarbrough, caotain of the cindermen from the Plains, received the A-Club award for the Most Outstanding Senior Athlete of the past sports year. In the conference meet, LSU and Florida were co-favorites to capture the crown, but the War Eagles slipped by the Gator 34 3 5 to 33 3 5, to finish close behind the SEC champions. LSU. In the preliminary conference competition, Florida hod fourteen men to qualify compared to nine for Auburn, and the Floridians had also defeated the Plainsmen in a dual meet earlier in the spr ng by a score of 71 to 54. Pacing the Tiger point makers were Ellsworth Richter, who successfully defended his two-mile itle. and BUI Yarbrough who scored 10 points by placing first in the high hurdles, second in the bread jump, and tied for fourth place in the nigh jump. Other tracksters scoring in the SEC meet were Sonny A sup. tied for second in the oole vault; Roy Costner, third In discus: Pete Calhoun, fourth in high hurd es; Pnu Krebs, fourth in 880: Marvem Parker. third in mile; Red Phillips, third in shotput: Leonard Allen, fourth in 440: and the Plainsmen finished fourth in the mile relay. COACH WILBUR HUTSELL RECORD Auburn.............. 86: Georgia .................50 Auburn...............89; Tech.....................37 Auburn...............75- Alabama..................56 Auburn...............54; Florida.................. 1 Placed second n the SEC meet in B'rmingham. Bi'l Yarb-ough jumps low hurdlos Tommy Walrip shews speed on 440Wrestling Coach Arnold Swede Umbach for the twelfth consecu-t've year led the Tiger grappling team to o decisive Southeastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Tournamont victory to brlnq to an end another successful wrestling season. The Timers entered the soason with a 14 match winning streak and aeded to it victories over Marshall, VMI and Emory to ta e the Quadranole Meet held in the Sports Arenn early in December. They dofeated Maryville College in their first match of the winter quarter nnd two days later went down in defeat before VPI on the r home mats. They then completed the regular season wi h wins over Emory. The Citadel, Chattanooga. and Swanee. Taking top honors in the season ending tournament held a Emory, Georgia were Gerald Cresaps, Bob Moson. Arnold Haugen Leonard Ogburn. Marx Bronnum. George McCrary and Pat Tidmore. Emory Kirkwood and Ken Green placed third in their weight divisions. This year marked the second gold medal in a row to be won by Cresacs. Haugen and Mason. Haugen in his first year in the 157 lb. class had litt'e trouble capturirg tnc 167 b. and under division title. Most of this year s squad was composed of sophomores and juniors and with the exception of Bob Mason, all wil return next year. Mason, the only senior, had on outstanding understudy n James Clmkscalcs so the future of next year’s squad looks every bit as promising as this year's record. RECORD Auburn...............24: Marshall .................6 Auburn............. 21: VMI.......................5 Auburn .............29: Emory....................3 Auburn...............27: Maryville.................5 Auburn...............II; VPI ....................21 Auburn...............31: Emory....................2 Auburn...............24; The Citadel...............5 Auburn...............26: Chattanooga ..............6 Auburn...............32; Univ. of the South . . . . 0 W nner of the SEIWA in Atlanta. Georgia Loft to right: Goorga McCrary. Gar d C'aiao. Bob Maion Jamas Clinktcala. Laonard Ogburn. A gutf Ballmydar Emory Kirkwood. Arnc'd Haugon. Konnath G'oon, Mar« B’anntm, and Pat T dmo'o.Vic Talbert, Den AcVor Pau Hal, Gene Carter MiVo Tu jq e RoH debit son. Marvern ?etVer. attci Ccacb V l W VAu's«'-I Cross-Country The 1957 Auburn Cross-Country Crew, under the direction of Coach Wilbur Hu'sell, finished their latest season by winning two out of three dual meets and fourth place in the SEC meet. The Plainsmen barriers were not quite as successful in the conference meet as tney hove been in recent years. Havinq tied for first place in '55 and finlshinq second to Tennessee in 56. The thin clads from the plains suffered a tremendous loss due to graduation, losing two of the best runners in the conference. Elisworth Richter who finished second in the SEC meet and 0. H. Wesley, who •Tnished eighth, were bo h missing in '57. Leaning Hutsell's trackmen in the dual meets were Hal, Johnson, and Tuggle. Tuggle finished third in the Florida oss, Johnson placed second against Boma, and Hall grabbed first against Tech. Paul Ha l was also the too man for Auburn in the SEC meet. Others finishing high for fhe Orange and Blue were Captain Vic Talbert. Tuggle and Johnson. The Florida Gators took the conference Crown by scoring only 74 points. Close behind ttro Eiwidws wore VAiv.ivdppr Stole end Kentucky with "ft o V) points respective y. record Florida...............Mourn......................1' Alabama..............."iQ . Auburn............... Tech....................4fy, Auburn............. Results of the SEC Meet Florida................1A-. Ga, Tech . . . Miss. State..............TV. Georgia . . . Kentucky................Vh Alabama . . m Auburn.................R1;Loft to ftiqht: Chorlie Moronoy, Jack! Ded-nan, lanqjton McNko. John Gross Roy Aboil Golf In his initial year at the helm of the Plainsmen golf team. -oach Ken Wheeler moldec a group of incxporienced soph omores into a formidable outfit which putted and drove tc o • 500 season, winning five and losing five The Tiger golfers also finished ninth in the Southern Collegiate golf championship held in Athens. Georgia. John Gross, a sophmere. held down the number I position a ' season. Other toD oosit'ons went to Donnie Smith and Lewis Ray. both cf which were top golfers. The ‘earn was made up of six sophomores, one junior, and one senior. Donnie Smith being the only senior and letterman not returning for the 58 campaign. Prospects appear even b' ghtsr for next year with seven returning lettermen and several outstanding freshmen. One of 'he brignter spots of hi$ year's record was the upset win over the University of Alabama. RECORD Auburn . . . ... 1 : Florida State .... 20 Auburn . . . . . . 14' ?: Troy State ■ • • .... 31 2 Auburn . . . . . . 14l j: Alabama . • - .... l2l 2 Auburn . . ... 10 : Georgia Tech . .... 16 Auburn . . . . . . 18 ; Mercer .... . . . . 0 Auburn • • 6 2: Florioa State . . . . . 201 , Auburn . . . . . . 6 : Georgia ’ech .... 20 Auburn . . ... 1 1 : Mercer .... .... 10 Auburn . . • . . . I61 ?: Troy State . . . .... H 2 Auburn . . . . . 13 : A abama . . .... 14 194Tennis Luther Young in his twelfth year as tennis coach at Auburn tutored a group of inexperienced netmen through a very dismal season in 1957. The Tiger racqueteers accounted for two wins against ten deficits and a tenth placo berth in tho SEC tournament at Baton Rouge. Louisiana. Before the season opened Phil Adams. No. I man for the racquet squad qu't school to join the Army, leaving Ed Miller and Charles Evans the only returning lettermen. Tom Purser. Neely Inlow. Bobby Jackson and Howe'l Hagen roundec off the inexperienced Villagers. Miller and Evans wore the top combination in doublos. Evans and Purser teamed together for the next doubles position with Inlow and Hagen rounding out the other doubles team. Holding down the number one single position fo-the netmen was Charles Evans—followed by Miller and Purser. Troy State Teachors College was the only team to yield to the Plainsmen. The Tigers young squad gained valuable experience which should point tc brighter years ahead. RECORD Auburn . 0: F’orida Auburn . . . 0- Georgia Tech .... Auburn 3: Mercer Auburn . . 2- Mississippi State . . . ... .7 Auburn . . 0: Georgia Auburn .4: Mercer . . . . 5 Auburn 6: Troy State . . . . 3 Auburn . . • 2; Alabama ... .7 Auburn 0: Howard ... .9 Auburn . - • 1; Howard . . . . 8 e|jon Coach Luthor Young Chorlio Evons, Tom Puncr, Comoron Lowronco. fcdd'O Mil o'. BobhioFreshman Football FIRST ROW (a 'e t »o floPO: - Mor' » Da.e S-e-s l« "in' E o s lew St «ton Jo L ► ' "' Bobby Modg»i Neil Hcndor-.on. San Marowt. SECOND ROW: bo Davit, Wayne f'aiior, ludwig Geer?. Gordon Ni Nolan Nakos. Ken Sice, J nmy Kino. THIRD ROW 6" Beiohlavck, G. W. Clapp Teddy Jenii ns Jnr-y Gul eage. Bil little, Tommy Buce, Jimmy Philpor, Pc"v Boykin. FOURTH ROW- Jacrn Spence-, Cnvlie B nelielO. Junior Thonavro, Richard Pale Jimmy Petlus. Robe-t C’aniton. Oliver Sinclair. £IFTH ROW: Wayne Proiliil, Rav Gentles. Con FvtU. George Hultj. Murray Mgllinox, £o Dyos. Jofr McGeeve . PICTURE front Row: Porfor G bort Dav d Vauohn, Steve McCuteheon, Wait Jackson Tommy Henderson, anc Bob M let. Back Rcw. Coacn B II Lynn. Mack Whitake . Jce Woods, Gerald Smith, Lloyd Bankson and J m Douglas. Freshman Basketball 196Women's Intramurals The intramural sports program for women is under tho capable supervision of the women s Physical Education department. Ihe program is co-ordinated by student chairmen for the particular sport. The officiating and superv'sion s clone by interested students. The program strives to promote a program that wi’l fit the recreational needs of women students and to create a spirit of friendliness and sportsmanship among the members of the student body. Trophies ore presented to winners in each division. Tennis, volleyball, basketball, co-rocrcafional vollevhall, softball, basketball, bodminton and archery ore the seven sports offered to the students. SPORTS CHAIRMEN Tonnif............ Volleyball . . . Co Roc. Volleyball 8e5lo boll . . . . Softball .... Afchory .... Badminton . . . Swimming . . . . . SARAH HANSON CAROI ANN HART . GAIl COLEMAN . LOUISE FULTON MARY JANE LEWIS . INEZ DONAVAN . CAROLYN CULP . . . . TOBY BOYD Suo 8orrott—Equipment check out. Phi Mu. womon's bas ctbal Champs. Kappa Alpha Thnfa, wrmon’s volleyball Champs.Men 5 Intramurals The intramural program is sot up to include oil men interested in sports of any kind. Any t'me enough interested students request a sport it is nado available if at all possible. The mens' Intramural program is under the direction of Coach R. K. Evans, who is assisted by the student director of in4ramural sports, Macy Johnson. The board of control of the intramural sports program is composed largely of students and the supervision and officiating is done by nterested studerts. Touch footoall, basketball, softball, volleyball, track, swimming, tennis, golf, horseshoes, table tennis, badminton and bowling give Auburn welve sports in the ntramural program. Trophies are presented to the winners of each league. COACH 808 8van$ KA football Champs. Macy Johnson, Studon• DiroctO' of Intramural Sports. Co-Rac actonFoot bo II KA BSU Dlv. Q Loafers Magnolia Ha l fcailefbel Champj Basketball SPE BSU Div. u Florida Five Softball PKA Wesley Div. G Spades $A£ Frogmen, Top Fraternity jwimrrer}. Magnolia Hall Football Champ .and Row: Pat Meaqner Ti F'ank LaRuvta. Paul Kroo; Secretary; Pat Meaqhor. President. and "A" Club The A-Club Is an organization comoriscd of men who have earned letters in one of the four major sports or os a cheerleader for at least three years. As members, these men enjoy the social life of a club and ot tho samo time ore offered the opportunity to supoort worthwhic compus activities. The A-Club sponsors tho annual ' A Day festivities, highlighted by an intra-squad game which climaxes the foorba I spring training. Tho selection of an Auburn coed to reign as Miss A-Day ‘ is handed by the club, and she is presented at halftime of ?ho game. Half of the proceeds from the spring training game goes to the band scholarship fund, while tho other half is used for various athletic projects. Another annual function ot the A-Club is the presentation of a handsome 25-inch trophy to the Most Outstanding Senior Athlete.' The A-Club cottage, located in Graves Centre, offers members games, television, and comfortable easy chairs for reaxation. Officers are: President Pot Meogher; Vice-President none at present: Secretary. Hawthorne Wesley: Treasurer. Lloyd Nix. 200Loft to right: 8fyont Harvard and Loo Soxton rocoivo Bost Player awards at A-Day garro. Action from annual A-Day game. Top I oft to r'ght): Sponsors for Alobamo oomc wore Nancy Weekly, Carol Baler, and Mickey Phillips. Bottom: Bill Yarbrough (R) receives award for Outstanding Senior Athloto from President Droughon and Pat Meagher.Spirit inspires the ORGANIZATIONS at Auburn fw UNION SCHEDULE ■JRSGAY FEB 27 ROOM TIME rSHOH r TRYOUTS BALL 300 J 319 400 dance CLASS 320 4 00 NA FELL 319 700 N AMATURE HOCKEY CLUB 301 700 ! JfiURNAMENT 322 Agriculture Council The Agriculture Council is composed of two representatives elected from each recognized agricultural organization. one facu ty advisor, and exofficio members from other agricultural organizations. The purpose of the Agricultural Council is to maintain a functional body for coord'nation and promoting the activities of the agricultural organisations. The Agriculture Council sponsors the 'Alabama Farmer" and helps on the annual Open House. FIRST ROW: W. R. Frazer. O-uht Harrlj Torbif Merry. Edain HoJconiDe. SEC OND ROW: Veaiey Jackior, John Jonov. Jim Jur tw‘cz. Wallit Schueule-. THIRD ROW: A'lhar Smith. Sj’le Svlvest. Le« » S. Thompson. le« V ew'er. FOURTH ROW: Joo Wiitow Elbert Williams, NOT PICTURED: 8enny MeW lliamt, Frank Stanton See Peetc. Hen-y long Gene 8 rgharr,, We ter Jones. Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beto Alpha, local honorary collegiate 4-H organization was established on the Auburn camous in 1949 for the purpose of promoting 4-H activif es one recognizing students with outstanding 4-H sorv co ana achievements: and fostering and developing high standards of scholorship. character leadership and a spirit of fellowship among its members. FIRST ROW: Jo Anno HO«m»n Oaylo MeKmnov. jeanefe Moore. Hanchoy ►. leguo. SECOND ROW Sarah Matthews. Wary Faye Clark. lotf.e Stccqh. Mldred Johnson. THIRD ROW Bon McDonald. Woyne Boulware. lou s Culver. Melvin Bariev. 204Alpha Epsilon Delta Founded at the University of Alabama in 1926. Alpha Epsilon Delta is the national honorary society for pre-medi-cal students. The purposes of the socioty are to encourago excellence in pre-medical, pre-dental, and lab-techno ogical work by furnishing o goal towards which the students may strive during tho early quarters of his or her college career and to bine together the similarly interested students. An annual award is presented by AED to the sophomore in Premedicine. pre denistry. or lab-technology who maintained the highest average fo' his or her freshman year. FIRST ROW: Harold E. Cannon. Jam » Robert Coecoran Pn.n.p A. Lavallet. Sue London. SECOND ROW: Donald Chapman Moaoowi, Eljofceth Ann Morton Edwo'd Tyler Niehoit, Lon M. OvtM. THIRD ROW: Nelli Jean Porker. 8«njar-"n Somu Pate. William A. Potter, Oicar David Taunton. FOURTH ROW: Thomo L. Wo'ro". Jacuvelyn Wilvo-i Edward Porter Young. NOT PICTURED: F. Frank C‘»n Ev«lyn FarrH. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a notional Scholastic honorary for freshman women. The A. P. I. chapter was established in the Winter Quarter for I9S2. A 2.5 over-all average must be maintained during tho freshman year to be eligibe for membership. Officers are: Rochelle Morriss. President: Joy Smith. Vice-President; Ann Sullivan, Secretary; Evelyn Ray, Treasurer Charlotte Rawls. Historian: Pat Booth. Sr. Advisor; Jean Parker, Jr. Advisor. RST ROW: Rebecca Rote le Bu't. „erry C-n«a-d. laurel G bbonj iith Potf'oio An« G-ovey. SECOND ROW: Fa.e Hakanson , Marie Hoi . Da»n Keith. Jerelyn McCal . Roc e le Me” ts. THIRD JW: J«»n Pjrk«r. Ann Poa. Elisabeth Randolph, Cnarlot R»«li .elvii Ray. FOURTH ROW: S-tty S_ Reavei. Marcia Sugg. Am Sul ran Jane Wade. NOT PICTUREO: Grata Go-in, Dolly Gbboni ia'ier« Gilmore. Ma-y Katharine Johnjton. Faith Langley Joy Smith 203FIRST ROW: Mj'fy Maic Soft Ampi, Jim Couey. Erman Forfenftorfy. Jarrvet Olnkle. SECOND ROW: B n Ooli. M vn Camp E4 GelUtt, Ma'o' ■: kaion. Georgy Clark. THIRD ROW; Eorlc Wing. Jack GotxJma i tarry Doyle. Ed Gsllatl. Dave Arnold. Alpha Phi Omega, a rational service fraternity, was founded at LaFayette College, Easton. Pennsylvania, in 1925. Auburn's chapter was organized in 1927 and is rhe third oldest, but due to technicalities, it was designed Delta. The membership is composed of students who have had previous association with scouting as scouts or scout leaders: who have the cesire to render service to their fellow men and community, and have a sufficient scholastic average. Alpha Phi Omega aims to produce active, educated citizens by promoting and developing friendship, leadership, and co-operation among its members. This year, as usual. Alpha Phi Omega operated the Student Book Exchange. The exchange gives students an opportunity to buy and soli their used books at fair prices. Among other services rendered by A-Phi-O were helping during Fresh man Orientation. Homocoming. Villago Fair, and the All Campus Fund Drive. Career" was distributed for senior men by A-Phi-O. They also sponsored the annual U.M.O.C. contest. Officers are: President. David Arnold: Vice Presides, Jack Goodman: Secretary. Harry Haney: Treasurer. Gudlow Adams. Alpha Phi Omega 206Alpha Zeta The rational honorary agricultural service fraternity, Alpha Zeta, was organized on the Auburn campus to recognize those outsanding in scholarship, c tra-curricular activities, character end potentialities os leaders. The ob ects of the Paternity are to promote the profession of agriculture and to establish, foster ana develop high standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and spirit of fellowship among its members. Officers are: Benny McManus, President; Henry Long. Vice President; Oyette Chambliss, Secretary; Titus Adair, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Bil T. Aaelr Leon H. Allen Clin N. Andrew), J n W. Baughmon, E'jton T. Bco-ner, John V. B’abaon. Domald S. Brown Morcut D. Be.ers. 0 eltc .. C-am blln. SECOND ROW: W C ork Jamev T, C IT’on. Marry C. Current Coy W. Da’y. N«th C Dourj'" • Jan ev £. Grago Jamev Me mi, Jo"n T. r-en-y. T«l|ij 0. Mud von. THIRD ROW: Jamev J. Jwr» ew j, Jo • ev Motbeth. Wil Ion-. D. Vae'ti Benny R. VcMoeuv. Herman W. Nelvwende-. s-nei V . Nunn, .erry I. Parlor Grange 3. Pea’ von. JoHn I. Porter. FOURTH ROW': Willie J. Ray. Boyd 8. Rove. Hulon I. Webifcr Gerthe.n E. Williams. NOT PICTUREO: Carl M. Camp S'dney D. Fu ler William 1. Ho» Gilbert C. Marbott, Dan J. P-esley. Jamev D. Pul or. W'llilam T. Howe. Henry A. long, O'Neal Smlrherman. 207American Ch emical Society The Auburn Student Affiliate group of the Arrericon Chemical Society functions in order that undergraduate students might gain some insight into the professional side of their chosen careers. It affords an opportunity for the students of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to become better acquainted, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, and to instill a professional pride in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Officers are: Karl W’egard, President Dwight Covington. Vice-President: Jean Parker. Secretary: Richard Bohnhoff. Treasurer. FIRST ROW; Robe-t Amoi, Richard BohnhoH Pa’frcia Booth, Tom 8. Branlly, SECONC ROW: Dwight Cor -qto . Davla Gat iivj. Conaly Goooman. LJ Mar,, ni'q. THIRD ROW: Pete Meyers. George M tchell Ann Morton. Jeon Parker. FOURTH ROW: Karl Wiegond. SOT PICTUREO: John Rooge-s. American Institute of Architects As a student branch of the American Institute of Architects and the Alabama Society of Architects, the A.I.A. promotes professional comradeship among architectural students and establishes a basis for participation in its parent organizations. It en-ceavors to present affective programs, to sponsor interesting field trips, and to otherwise create an understanding of the aims and ideals of architecture. Officers are: Gene Smith. President: Wally ln-scho. Vice-President: James Bennett. Secretary: Ken Montgomery. Treasurer. OFFICERS (Lad fo R.gM): tvg.r,. $m,th. Wa'- l»K'o. Jam fernett. Ken Montgoma, 208American Institute of Chemical Engineers The Auburn student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides a means to develop a professional spirit, to supplement the training received in the regular curriculum, and to introduce the National Society for the benefit of the undergraduate students in the Chemical Engineering. Off’cers are: Joe Thomas McMillian. President: Charles S. Davis. Vice-President- Walter Pyne, Secretary; Charles N. Bottom. Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Richard Bohnkotf. Jmi C. C" 9cman. Charley M. davit. Cha-le-. M. SECOND ROW: David I. Galling. Irby C. Jones. Joe Thomas McM lar. Peter Hamilton Me er». THIRD ROW: A»j Ahmed Mian. Gco’gc D. M tcholl. Harry A. Pjrtlow. Wol-er R. Payre. FOURTH ROW; George M. Se-.aU Jamay Riley Sheffield. H. Oavid Smille, E.oe-o T. To"". FIFTH ROW; Wit itm 8 Wen-therlord. James 8. Wood. NOT PICTURED- Frank J Blacewell. Theodor P. C'are. Jennet H. Co-bltt, Thon-et N Hocpe . Robert £. Litlletoe. G«-a d E. Nicholt. Done d Stephen C-ane. American Society of Agricultural Engineers The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is a national organisation 'or profossiona agricultural engineers and students enrolled in Agricultural Engineering. The Alabama Student Branch at Auburn p'orrotes. directly and indirectly. the interest of students enrolled in Agricultural En-ginee'ing—particularly since these interests relate to their profossiona acvanccment. Officers are: Jesse C. 8ush, President; Arthur Smith Vice-President; James Henry. Secretary; Arrin Hudgins. Treasurer. FIRST ROW; If j F. Baker. F-eaklln D. Bates. Jesyle C. Susy Corl R. Comp. SECOND ROSY: Cc. V . Dor .Glenn Crvtnmond, John R. Haroor To'blt Monty. THIRD ROW: Arvin Q. Hudgins, HoflNrl D love, L«on«l G. Mart nei. Hugh 8. Mu orow. FOURTH ROW; M Iner M. Perry. Ch 'l t H, Pri-ehelt. Jamri P-ihee Wiley . Scott. FIF'H ROW: A-thi r T Smith. Dorald M. Smith. =. 8. Sta -or Jo-nev M Y n . OT PICTURED: Robe-t K B'ackt.m James G. Hend-ic- Joe L. ocn. F-e J 8. Moc'c Jimmy C. Roden Jack H. Shep»rd.American Institute of Electrical Engineers Auburn's A.I.E.E. is a student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. It is a professional organization open n membership to a I electrical engineering students. Student membership offers stuoenls the opportunity to begin a life time connection with the ceding organization for aiding the development of the latent abilities of stuccnts. Officers ore: Chorles A. Owen. President: Eg Dowling. Vice-President; Kenneth McAlIley, Secretary; Don Latham. Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Oa-io-. F. 8 K. I 0. Bow ". J. P. Byt cr Donald I. fcnplicid. SEC ONO ROW: -a , V. Fowl '. Jan-. ! A. G-avdon. G C'3« 6. Gi'iatr. J. A. Ha • marl. T-IRD ROW: Krnnelh J. Hammond. leroy Hanky. JamM A. HjQhey E. t. K j. FOURTH ROW: Dona d N. CEo'ley W. long • '!« t. Cha !?» £. Mcr'I . FIFTH ROW. Dfl' K. Pfty. C. N. Ray, Jo-in F. Rome . Gordon L. Rooe'lJOf . J'. SIXTH ROW: W. 8. Seyyiom Rc!d C. Shan-vc- Oa-lcj F. Skc» Patrick T. Spcocc. SEV£NT-' ROW; J. . Tau■bet. Pay J. W I any. NOT PIC lURfcO: Jamey t. Wa"in. 210American Pharmaceutical Association Tho Auburn Student Chaptor of tho American Pharmaceutical Association was founded on the campus in 1939. Through meetings and socials, the association strives to stimulate a greater professional interest and friendly relationship among pharmacy students, to acquire a better knowledge of professional problems, to assist in the elevation of the practice of pharmacy, and to aid in rhe advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge. Officers are: Anthony Brooklere. President: Wilburn Maples. Vice-President: Kenne'h Hunt. Secretary: Willie J. Benefield. Treasure'. f re Scot's. J t«1 Si ailing! MarlKi J. TtomAion. 211American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of C;vil Engineers, installed in 1852, is the oldest national engineering socie y in America. The First Student Chapters were formed in 1920 for the purpose of advancing the professional and sciences of Civil Engineering." and the society. Objectives include the stimulation of early professional consc'ousness and he ps to preoare the entry into the profession and the Parent Society. The objectives are: to provide an opportunity for pro fessional contacts, furnish a chance for broadening personal and public relations, and social activities. Officers are: Jesse D. McGill, President: H. A. Manson. Vice-President1 L. Cavo, Secretary: Perry S. Ransom. Treasurer. FIRST ROW: C. F. Davit. H A Manor, L. H. Cave, J. 0 McGill t. S. Rarvo'- S. AuiOiaucn, W, R. lipsw'b. SECOND ROW: J. M Sirmon J. H. Keller Jr. T. K. Kina, J. Franks. N. Park C. F. At a jo lo, W, 0. Rice. THIRD ROW: 0. L. Sr®, M. Copeland R. C. Francis. G 0. Stovdon'ts re M. S rqh, I. M. Prk«tt H. fc. Wa ker. American Society of Mechanical Engineers The Auburn Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is affiliated with the national A.S.M.E. The organization is opon to all engineering students who are majoring in mechanical engineering and aeronautical engineering. The purposes of the Society are to promote better relations among students, to keep students abreast of the latest developments in the engineering field. Bi-monthly meetings are held at which technical movios are p'esented. various industrial speakers are presented, and at which faculty members are also presented as speakers. A studont member is entit ed to all rights and privileges of membership in the National American Soc ety of Mechanical Engineers. Officers ore: Marvin van Wonderham. President: W. M. Brockncy, Vice-President; W. W. Boswell. Secretary: H. C. Mossenbury. Treasurer. FIRST ROW- Frank W Aldrida Metes Ac .and?-. J. L. la'ett Horn F loots TFornat 0. 1-rson. SECOND RCW: A'tFvr W Cj-CiW Wj te- ftov C'o C. R. Dar»in. iromas J. De cese, E. H. D c ey. TH:RD ROW. W, b« ' Mack A. Fc g to«. Ja"-«t lrv.« Goo r. Ja et C. Gj ler G. R. Guthrie. FOURTH ROW; Robot Howell Jervis Sd Jones. J: l T. McCcrrc I. B. J. McDaniel R. H. Mite'ell. FIFTH ROw. R. f. M.e::er R. t Morro . J. W., F-a«kl.n 0. Rector. T. T. Sa .er. SIXTH ROW: k. J. Servos. Marskall SUIeqt. Glonn t. Webb W. R. Wo ehel. T. J. Well .Arnold Air Society The Arnold Air Society is an honorary society for the students in the Advanced Corps of the Air Force R.O.T.C. The Arnold Air Society members function to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense: promote American citizenship: and create a closo and more efficient relationship among the Air Force R.O.T.C. The colors are red. white, blue, and yel ow-orange. The flower is the reo rose. Officers are: Pat Odom. President: Ronald Mitchell. Vice-President; Alien M. Easterling. Secretary: Douglas Rainey Treasurer. Wcnr ROW; V.rg r,a Qn fy, Mary Emma Montei, Nancy con. Florae 6lo .f, Sye Alee Stephen . THIRD ROW: Janice Wal-ert Anne Gc'-y Payne. riRST ROW: Jacc Land. F-ed l 'e. Al en Hark ni Coudlay Ran ,. Jim Ector. A len Eaiterllrq. Rcr MitcFol: Hen-, Long. Con SoundeM. SECOND BOW i.w tin Raico. Waite- Jo- «. oa«- Wvto. I. T. Fain Hulon Wcbite-, Charlej Kendrick. JoNnn, Jere Pat Odo-n. THIRD ROW: Eiea- Balle,. W I 10 Cr o-Il. , Jannat Burdette, Sa-n Armittead, Shelton Srarade. Tea Hjghulec Caotsr Naoie . John Gl'e., 213Art Guild The Art Guild is the honorary and professional organization for the Art Department. E igibility for membership is based on outstanding scholastic achievement in art courses. Function'ng as a service organization. ho Ar Guild spon ors lectures, movies, and the Annual Sidewalk Exhibit: makes posters for campus organizations: participates in the Fresh-mar Reception; ard co-soonsors the Beaux Arts 3aII. Officers are: Norman Kchn. President; Chorles Stokes. Vice-President; Caro Hano. Secretary; James Jonninqs, T rensurer. ONO ROW E'Yi‘ f'®°Ha‘?ld Hagcwood. S£C ROW: Arn Ri„ ,.' jVn. ?.' " ’’c .N 'Mn‘ ,J,°- iro Wright. NOT PICTURED R , • 5,rVin' V w r« fOU TH «OW- ul. T - Vod ■ Corel Hard. Nove- LotKi Rjl( - Mark v' Hum S'evenj. Deonli Waldroo. Auburn Debate Council The A.P.I. Debate Council, fo'med in 1931. supports al types of forensic activity, both Intramural and intercollegiate, on the Auburn Campus. The council a so provides opportunities for the participation in various dcoate and speech contests over the country. Many national ard regional events arc attended such as the Southern Speech Association and Congress of Human Relations; the National Tau Kappa A -pha Tournament: the Annual Al -Scutnern Debate lourna-rnent and the Florida State Univorsity Invitational Debate Tournament. Outstanding $poa ers may oc tapped for Tau Kappa Alpha, National Honorary Forensic Fraternity, whose local Chap er P-csidcrt is Charles G. Gibson. Officers of rhe Council are: Don C. Williams. Presioent; Barbara A. Dodd. Vice-President; and Melvin T. Jackson, Secretary. FIRST ROW: TTomai 0. B.v.ri. Gaorge W. Clark. ftvbara A. Dodd. SECOND ROW: Robert Ora,. George Mram. velv.n T. tMIRO ROW. R.chard 0 Ni vi . A'-i Ge jld Stroud, Oot.i'n C. W ll ami. NOT PICTURtU lomm» I. Anderion, Oia»l»i C. Gibwn, Jimmy H. Hjilifkl. 2U Block and Bridle The Alobamo chapter of the National Block and Bridle Club was orqanized in order to promote and increase interest among the students of Animal Husbandry and to bring about closer re ationships between the students and the men pursuing some phase of this field as a profession. Annuolly the club sponsors the Little Internat'onal Livestock Judging Contest, the A.P.I. Livestock Judging Team, and a Club Banquet. Membership is open to all students majoring in Animal Husbandry and those interested in the various fields of this profession. FIRST ROW: Jim C ilron. Jjm« Dry • Cl'flon Hardin. Roy Holmey. SECOND ROW: John Ho. t Volley Jackion. Kobcri I. Johmov Oita- Jonei. Jr. THIRRD ROW; Ju-n Eovi'a 81 l» Map ei Root' Murdock. C a»de Noll. FOURTH ROW’: Roper I, Sanford. Lu -. A. Sa'do". Lo ‘i S. Thompioo. NO! PICIURkO: tommy Jones. Bobby Anderson Joe Ricbburq. C»no")r Summ lorrti Dean Parris, WOyfsn Davit. Don R-eilay. Circle K Circle K, an international service club, was founded under the sponsorship of Kiwanis International at Carthage College Illinois, in 1947. At the present time there are 149 act ve chapters in colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. Circle K provides an opportunity for joint as well as individual participation in many activities for the service of humanity and for campus and community betterment. It broadens the opportunities available to students through personal contact with business and professional leaders. It also proviecs a means for development of initiative and leadership among students, not to be found in the regular curricuum. Membership is op cr to any male student who shows on interest in campus and community service work. Among the services rendered by Circle K is the new voting booth at the main gate which was built in conjunction with A Phi O. For the past two years Circle K has contributed to the All Campus Fund Drive and has helped with publicity and tours for Village Fair. FIRST ROW: Chalet Webb. Ja, 8l m. Ronnie SU«'»y. leroy Manly. SECOND ROW: 0- I Mj'-ky.i, Fred Move Bob Terrell. Jim Caro Fn d Cob a. THIRD ROW: Johnny Feoaley. Earl Mom. Re. Spa hoi. 215Caisson Club Caissons, Artillery Honor Society, was founded in January, 1948, to foster friendship, cooperation, and good fellow, ship among the Advanced Artillery Students and the Army instructors. Goals of the society ore the development of efficient ond dependable Artillery officers for the services of our country and the development of interest in its military affairs. Officers are: Jim Walker, President; James B. Askew, Vice-President: Benny McMannus. Secretary; Donald Olive, Treasurer. fIRST ROW: T-.o'noj O. Colerrei, TKonet E. Hun . John W. Bachman, Benny R. McMarut Beany J. B'Oon, Anfhofty J. BrooUere, Thomet W. Paul. Jane 8. Atke«. SECOND ROW: Janet A. Helrrt, Charlie Oflie. Billy A. lylot. Oo a d E. Oily . Daniel l. llndtey, Janet D. Wallace.Chi Epsilon In order to recognize those characteristics in the individual engineer deemed fundamental to the successfu pursuit of an engineering career and to aid in rhe development of these characteristics in the undergraduate ergineer. Chi Epsilon was founded. Its broad objective is the increasing of the civil engineering profession as an instrument of social betterment. Officers are: H. Eutus Walker. President: Arthur W. Fort. Vice-President; Jesse D. McGill, Secretary. FIRST ROW: Thomot H. Eiey, Arthur W. Fort Robert C. Franc j. SfcCOND ROW: 'homai P. Hucdleiton, Jetse D. McGill, William E. Pago. THIRD ROW; Wi i am D. Rice. Michoel l. Tu j«jl«, H. t. Waiver. FOURTH ROW: Ocnc A. Wyatt. NOt PICTURED: William David Camp. C. H. Pata'ton. Dairy Science Club The objectives of tho Dairy Science Club aro to provide an informo meeting place for students and faculty members who are interested in Dairy Science and to establish and maintain good relations between students and dairymen throughout the state. The Dairy Science Club establishes and maintains contact between students and outstanding workers in the dairy industry. The C-ub promotes fellowship and scholarship among those at A. P. I. who are interested in Dairy Science. Officers are: Walter Jones. President; James Hill. Vice-President: William Phillips. Secretary and Treasurer: Dr. K. M. Autrey. Faculty Advisor. FIRST ROW: Joint, Ab-»mi, Perry B-anyon l»rry R. Flynn. StCONO ROW. James T. Hill, Johnny W. Jonet, Waller L. Jones. TM RD ROW: Thommy Sellers, Tommy Wii'Or William Wyatt, NOT PlCTURtD: William Wiley C'ceo Jad I. Davit. Joe Lo’l, Dempsey, Porlth. Williom $. Phi lips. 217Dames Club The National Association of University Dames was founded at the University of Chicago in 1921. The purpose of the organization is to establish and strengthen bonds of f'iendship among students' wives, to develop® and provide for special interests of its members. The Alabama Polytechnic Institute Chapter of Dames was organized in l94o unoer the sponsorship of Mrs. J. H. Neal. HRS ROW: $h • ey Yeager V rqinia Maion, joar Jackson Evelyn Rawls Ruth Dickerson Sand- Blackmon. C»ro r C'Ow Betty MeMufty Joyce «••, Joyce Lard '. SECOND ROW; Nancy Neal. July Graydoa. S . H nr Ma-y Lari in. Oof Motley. Ruby 0 nr.;h Ba-ba-e Bayne Cwc Wailn Sat Sra Champion. Frances Cole- Jane Adams. l-’iRO RROW: Mi'-cella Thomptoa, Eo- a Empfielo. Eo'lce Clement. Nancy St'ange Helen Clement. Deane Scott. Lavor's Lewis, Mary Com war Jan« Fulcher. Jan e Ellis. FOURTH ROW; Wiihe French. Jean . mbavgh K»' c J. Gunnels, Ma'y G. Nelson. Patric'a Sowell. Mary Olive Hagen. Co de »e K. Wal , Lynoa Cook ?u h W.lcor Pat Wiinelm Ka liy Hendrick FIFTH ROW: Barbara Bnrret. Faye Anoerton. Mary Low Dav dson Patsy Vuacenr, Jua- m Colye't. GlO’ a Hya t Moraine Griffi’h Claudette Colima Jo Nell Toedte Sa'ba'a Dcvglos lobb c Littleton. Rot'-yn Jones Morthe Sfittin. Jehaell Dupree. Dana King Gatchel! Club The Dana King Gatchell Home Economics Club was formed for the purpose of promoting a professional at titude ard interest among students in Heme Economics. Meeting monthly the club's activities include both local and state service projects, a cake sale, and of course many interesting programs are on the agenda. Officers are: Anna Bess Soberg, President; Margarite Johnson. Vice-President; Greta Weeks. Secretary; Marie Pine-hart. Treasurer. FIRST ROW Ma- « P.nehardt G end Plunkett G'ela Week Shirley Tra wick Frar William Wando Renege’. Ana Johnson Nonnig Day. , SEC OND ROW: Lij Brer Susie Oue. Lind Freeman. Carolyn Donovan Jan ce towery Mi’iom Sibley. No mc McClure, Sara Fcshee Anna Ben Sob -g. IHlftD ROV : Mar.etta Vanoivend - rCappy K.rveh. Merger t Johnson, Janet Bell. Barbara Wei daun Helen Dud e Ann Carol Hogan. Jjna Fincher, Mrt. Lee Cannon. FOUR H ROW: Ann Ma-plea Annette Na I. Sara Ward. Polly East Rachel Bush Jan e Sun C;o‘t L»Ot Ca 'e' Barba-a Sedler Nancy Freel D-. Mane Chaste n. Ad.nor. 218Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University School of Commerce. Accounts and Finance, on November 7, 1907. The installation of Beta Lambda chapter, March 21, 1931, raised the chapter roll to fifty-six. Todoy. this figure is nearly doubled, and Delta Sigma Pi is the second largest p'ofes-sicnal fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi is an international professional Businoss Administration fraternity which fosters the study of business in universities: encourages scholarship and association of students for their mutual practices: promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of commerce, and further a higher standard of commerce, and further a higher standard of commercial welfare of the community. Officers are: Elliott Baker. Presioent: Walter Glasgow, Vice-President- William Herndon. Secretary; Tom Eilinor. Treasurer. FIRST SOW: Joe H. Allen lewi» K. Andrrjon. John Kno« Arnold. III. Elliott Baker, William P. $ ckham. Samuel A. Bray. Thomar L. Camerton David W. Caraway. Jimmy Eliott Chritten, Richard Coiner. SECOND ROW: lymon A. Col ins, Thome Bcnjant Culbreth, Cha'le L. Donie », Tnomai S El or. Ct-orlei H. Evan . John E. Feather . Ea-le G. Ginn. Walter Gletgo Shelton Granatic William J. Herndon. THIRD ROW. Arthur Ray Jcre . Cvca- Jo"e . Rc coe Kirkland. Robert Nell lackey. Jackie W. lean ard Daniel lc on llrdvay. George D. Lindsay Robe'! Long, Lawson Syke Martin I. Edwin Moore. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence McCl.ikey T'avi McGow n Thome F. Noland. Harold G. Prather Bill Pruitt Fred A. Rivet. Jr.. Sammy Run. JoKn R. Sitten. Allen Hilt Sedge Bob Summer . FIFTH ROW: Ro and William . Jr. Fred W. W.lion. NOT PICTURED: Roger Devi . B'uce Gunnel . R ch r0 E. Oliver. Maurice F. Wilhelm. Jr.. Jon Edgar Anderton. R har j I. Carlitte. Sdwarg Jarre Manning. Julian H Maynard, Jim Wallace, she-mar G. Oiborn . 219Delta Omicron This organization was founded to create and fostor fellowship among musicians during their student days, with the idea of attaining the highest degree of musicianship in-dividually. AIMS: 1. To give material aid to needy and worthy students. 2. To promote American music and musicians. 3. To further the work of American Women Composers. 4. To give music students an opportunity to meet with one another and by personal contact and exchange ot ideas broaden the individual outlook. 5. To encourage appreciation of good music in any com munity. 6. To encourago high ethical standards of professional conduct In the musical world. 7. To manifest interest in young women entering the professional world and be of service to them. 8. To do any and all things conducive to the service betterment and ultimate welfare of the women in music. Active chapters of the Sorority are estabished only in Colleges. Universities and Schools of Music of high standard and well established reputation offering a thorough musical education. Members are chosen from the women students who are seriously pursuing the study of music as a major or minor field. Tolcnt. ability, versatility and scholarship are considered requisites. Officers are: Arlene Knox. President; Barbara Robinson, Vice-President; Martha Johnson. Secretary-'reasurer; Sylvia Bailow. Publicity Chairman. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is a national engineering honor society which was founded at the University of Illinois in 1904. The association was formed that those in the profession of Electrical Engineering, who posses marked ability and interest in their chosen field, may be recognized. XI Chapter was established ai Auburn in 1902. Officers are: Cecil Gregg, Presiaent; Williom Hasty Golden. Vice-President: James Stanley White. Treasurer. HRS! ROW: Thomas Talbot But er j rr s Robert Clinton John C. 0o-.l., ' chaff) M. Dlckinsor. SECOND ROW; Marlin H. Fonvom W I lam -ally Goiac . Cedi Clovd o'ego Strode Allen Odom. THIRD ROW: Troy Ed-In Flunk, Thomas I. Porter Frederick Lee Smith Ha-o'd Van White. FOURTH ROW: James Stanley White. FIRST ROW: Sylvia Sallow, Zadio Chatham. Marge Cbpbfdge. 8 ck Deck. SEC OND ROW: Am Erwin. Carol Erwin Annie Ruth Estci Undo Had. THIRD ROW Lculie Jackson Martha Johnson. Judy Jones A-lene Kno«. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Lancaster, Sylvia MeSpadden. Ja-ba-a Robison Ma-y Ann Sewe I. FIF’H ROW: Sara A Ice Stephori, Kathryn Upshaw. NOT PCTUREO: Pot C'addock Alice P»a her, Jane Johntors. 220Forestry Club The Forestry Club was organized to unite n a strong brotherhood those students who have a deep interest in forestry. It promotes the social, moral, cultural, and professional interests of its members. The Club nas enjoyed an excellent year in presenting a variety of programs emphasizing professional forestry. Each year the Club publishes an annual. The Auburn Forester. The Forestry Club sponsors several social events each year, highlighted by the Woodchoppers Ball in the spring quarter: the Ball is enjoyed by the entire student body. Officers arc. Walter Edgar Hazcn. President: Orvin Earn est. Vice-President: William Frarer, Treasurer. FIRST ROW! Kannath David Ball . Winfred H. Blaflma" William Cams 6lack«el, Edward . Branch, Jamei William Carpenter Jamei C. Davenport. Larry Ma-thall Oot e. SECOND ROW: Jamei A lea Oukei Orvin B. fa-neir. Jr., W liatr R. F'a:e Ron Neal mamilfon. »a-i F-ed-ick Hi'irvr, Cona'd Boone Ham», Walter id ar Ma:er Sr. THIRD ROW: Jamei Eli Howell. Robert Ivnn longitcr. Robe'! Edwaro Leonard .sto Robe'! Lo»e. Anqu Murphy. McMI lan. Herman W. Nen-cnde' Patrick Wal ,i New by. FOURTH ROW: Tnomai Wa.mon Paul Jamei 0. Spear . Michael h. Staa'prd Jo-n Mi chel Tinte. Ruben Mao-Ice Will,am- am fcdwa-d W.ndlwm; NOT P.C.- TUREO: Paul Vernon Belcher. Chariei Ca te» McCall. 221FIRST ROW- Sora Margaret 3?ly r 3a-bara Sounder Joan fo« «. Collin- Eo-le. 8»b» Smith ,. R«ch l Yo ngb! x d. V.rg.n.a Spicth. SdwONO »OW; Sh ley H.ckmo- Mild-ed Jot non Gingc? Seear Anno Lee Jam . Joy Hwdion. Janet 8 11. Terry Adam. Mary lynn McDonald. Wanda Renegar Be f, Bo-mar. ■ " Myrfr.ek._V j. Edd r . THIRD ROW; Are Vaught, D anne jocHe Jonei Varela oVcsiiO'ei Audrey Neuman, Margie Scercer. Ana Bilwo'd. Jane Smith. SIXTH Row. Sa'bara Booth bale Gantt Margaret Race. Anre Thomat Ooll Soyd. Ma'garel Huey. Sa'an Ann Thompton. Lynn ZeU, Margo %-oc. Jane Sue Craft . Morton, Rovorrond Sharon St'ange. Judy Gatener, Carolyn • net. Nina Jo Wann, Linda Hall. Jo ra SantSng. Eva Mae Jermgan. Stewart uida Cunaingbam. Virginia Ha'deoburg. Jane Smith. SIXTH Row: Bari Freshman Adv isory Council The primary purpose of the Freshman Advisory Council is to help new women students become adjjsted to college life ot A.P.I. and to obtain the most from their college career by offering guidance, assistance, and advice to them n the capacity of friend and sister. The council was established n the Fall o 1947 by the Women’s Student Government Association. 222Future Farmers of America FIRST ROW: Jf»« B '4« . B "«f 'd, (rtw Bonn J«"y C«ldw n. SECOND BOV . Ron.i (1 Cantrall, Ov»'» Oamhlitt. I nyd C. eveiarrt, Jerry Croit. THIRO BOW: G;enr Uod bln. Loj c EnII. I. mood Ham lion Jamej Hole'. FOURTH ROW; £d»n Holcomb, War on Jackion. Ba-aal Parono'e Je'-v Parker. FIFTH ROW Wayne Pol e'c. Dov.q’a» R jne» Boyd Rate, U» n Seales. SlXT— ROW: Jo'n S C-" Srm-h. SOT PICTURED: F-an- Sta- o" Sd « Fuller Hut Smith, Chock Sbi ' Eugene Woodtin, Hinlon StiMOi . Caude H ington, Marihell G'eene, J R Hunt, Barney Hendervon. Training prospective teachers in F.F.A. work is the primary ourpose of the Auburn Col egiate chapter of the Future Farmers of America. The Chapter meetings are hed every two weeks and entertaining as well as educational programs are presented. Members are encouraged to take an active part in all chapter activities. Officers are: Curtis Smith. President: John Sims. Vice-President: Boyd Rose. Secretary: Erston Bonner. Treasurer: Hue Smith. Reporter; Lynwood Hamilton. Sentinel. 223Horticulture Forum HRS' ROW- Morr'i T vn McCreiqht, Geo'qe X nq. CF»r:o» til otl. 0«v d B «n, Jo Vooie. SECONO ROW: Troy Kctbl«. l«» MontitU. Oa«de Brown. Joe O'Nea . Charley Stewart. 3, ion Slcor, Tommy Cov nq-on. THIRD ROW: Refold Matthawt John Matlhowf B‘ll Bauqhrran, Aunare Cross. Leo Bayard. Sonny Colyett. The Auburn Horticulture Forum was organized in 1949 by a group of Ornamental Horticulture Students with the aims of fostering a close relationship among the students of Ornamental Horticul ture. and to dissimirate information in the field of Ornamental Horticulture supplemental to snow-edge gaineo in the classroom. Active membership in the Forum is open to all s udent$ majoring in Ornamental Horticulture and other students and faculty with an active interest in the Forum. Officers are: Benny Jack Morriss. President; Tom McCreight. Vice-President: George King. Secretary; Charles D. Elliot, Treasurer. Industrial Design Forum FIRST ROW: John A No - Ma-io A. Co'oqgio. RoDer- 0 MitehRlI. Jot an R. Havnei. Den G. La'd. Raj! M. i,ta. SECOND ROW: Tcetl Brtaqei Henry 0. Ac'ee, Lea S. Sehultj. Oer-rc'l D. Be-eTic'd, Lorry T. Jonei, W'lHo-i Cawthorne. Jerrei C. Ryion. THIRD ROW: Tfanl A. Warren Hoe Wosiwo'ih. Drayton N, Lowell H. Hoqhen A-ttur M. Shetamc-Gary H. GriMithi. Founded at Auburn in 1949, the Industrial Design Forum is an honorary service organization for students enrolled in tho Industrial Design option of the School of Architecture and Arts. The purpose of the For jm is the promotion of interest in the pro fessicn of Industrial Design among students, manufacturers. ond consumers. Exhibits prepared by the Forum have been shown at Alabama State Fairs: at several national studen design exhibits: and at Auburn's annual Village Fair. Village Fair exhibits designed by the Forum won first prizes in 1956 and 1957. Movies and guest speakers of many professions are featured at the Forum's twice-monthly meetings, and field trips to nearby industries arranged. Officers of the Industrial Design Forum are: Bob Mitchell. Presidont: Frank Warren. Vice-President; Dan Laird. Secretary: Art Shelamer. Treasurer. 224Institute of Aeronautical Sciences The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences is the representative society in America for engineers and specialists In all the sciences related to aeronautics. The basic mission of the Institute is to facilitate by all available means the nter-change of technical ideas among aeronautical engineers in this country and abroad. Its meetings p'ovide an ooen forum for the testing and evaluation of new ideas. Student membership was established by the lnstitu o to provide the future engineer or sciences! with broad opportunities to engage in activities associated with his future career in aviation. Tho Auburn branch of the Institute was established in 1940. Meotings are held bi-weekly at which aeronautical movies are presented, speakers from the airlines, aircraft industry, faculty or students membership presont papers or discuss developments and problems in the aeronaut cal field. Annually I.A.S. membors attend sectional conferences Such as last year's in Atlanta and Dallas.Texas. At these conferences technical popers were presented by Ajburn students in competition with papers from other schools. Numerous interesting and educational field trips are planned each year to visit such activities as aircraft manufacturers. test facilities, military air bases, end fire power demonstrations. Ore such trip included a day ong cruise on an aircraft carrier to observe carrier flight ope-ations. Other activities included parties, dances, and an annual banquet. Officors are: Walter H. Jones. President: J. M. Hunter. Vice-President- Chanlton C. Wilson, Secretary: Cecil D. Crell. Treasurer.Junior American Veterinary Medical Association The Auburn Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association strives to promote a spirit of friendly relationship among veterinary students, provide additional professional know cage, demonstrate organized effort, build character, and leadership, promotion of professional interest and moke ovoiloble opoortunities offered by the A.V.M.A. to its students chapters. All students in the School of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for membership and 98% of these are members in qood standing. Meetings are held twice a month w'th outstanding members of the Veterinary profession and allied fields as guest speakers. The Chapter s highlight for the year is the annual picnic and barbecue, which is attended by members and their wives and other guests. The Chapter publishes The Auburn Veterinarian which is printed each quarter and contains items of interest to the profession. It is edited by a student qroup. The Chapter has a counterpart in the form of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary. This or ganization is made up of the wives of the veterinary students and functions as a coordination unit. Their meetings create friendship among the student wives, offer classes in office management and veterinary nb techniques, and present orograms on Home Management and cultural arts. The main orojects for the year include a Christmas party for rhe entire Veterinary School, an annual Spring picnic, and a yearly gift to the Veterinary School. Working together, these organizations are contributing their best to further the profession. Officers are: Mrs. Stuart Dowling, Presioent: Mrs. John Lawrence. Vice-President: Mrs. James D. Hale. Jr.. Secretary-Mrs. Frank Hoodlcy. Treasurer. MEMBERS FIRST ROW: John Lamar Anthony. Thomas Lynwood Barber. Robert Oglesby Bickham. Gene Austin Bingham. Billy Olen Blackburn. Glenn Stuart Bcat'ight. Roy Johansen Brinkman. SECOND ROW: Donalo Sherwood Brown. Donald Dean B'yan, Vernon Lee Carter. Wilfred Lorie Collette, Ewell Powel Conyers. Hersche Wayne Cotton. W iliam Oliver Cowart. THIRD ROW: Floyd Russell Crum. Harry Clay Current. Stuart Pjgh Dowling. William Wilford Dugger. George Edward Dyer. Henry Tyler Feirleigh. Edward Sinclair Ford. FOURTH ROW: James Arthur France, John Euclid Gray. Scott Thomas Green. Wiley Devine Hales. Henry Watson Hall. Frank Gray Handley. David H. Kelly. FIFTH ROW: Samuel Wayne Keyes. William Rooert Klemm. Robert Roy Kuykendall. James Cameron Lawrence. Gerold Dale Lee. Marcus Ferrel Martin. Homer Ray Meads. SIXTH ROW: William Lamar Molpus. David Carl Musseman. Charles Nunley Murphy, Robert Louis Nelson. James Benton Pardue, Jimmy Ray Peacock. John Parket Pogue. SEVENTH ROW; James Howard P00I9. Donald Butler Pope-joy. John Lincoln Porter, John Duncan Powell, Willie Joe Ray. J. C. Rudd. John Thomas Sanders. EIGHTH ROW: Charles Everett Short. F'ed Kenneth Soifer. Melvin David Stein. Henry Duke Watson. Gaylard Parke' Willard. James Carroll Woodard James Thomas Wooldridge. NOT PICTURED: Billio Luella Aoels. Marshall Hatcher B-yan. Max James Freeman. Hugo Oscar Hempel. Robert Lanier Rollins. Walter White Williams. 226227Institute of Radio Engineers The Institute of Radio Engineers was organized in 1912. to advance the art and science of radio communication and electronics, and to promote the professional welfare of the engineers therein. The A.P.I. student branch of the I.R.E. was founded at Auburn in 1947 in oraer that the Auburn students might receive the benefits tha accrue to those who early ally them- selves with their technical society. Membership in the Institute of Radio Engineers is open to all Auburn students enrolled in Electrical Engineering. Officers: William H. Golden. President- Charles E. Gilmer. Vice-President- Donald B. Mauldin. Secretary: Marl n H. For-strom. Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Oonnle AMe . Henry G. A-miiteod Boob, F. Bryant Robert 0. Cohort lonn.e J. Oaytoa. J. R. Cl rton. Janet W. Dar.el Richa'd M. 0 el.ntov SECOND ROW: Jer»y I. Dooley. Marlin H. Fo-it«o-n. Harry V. Fo«le- William H. Fulcher Jo n A. Goor e. W’luam H. Golden, Janet A. GrayOcn, John A. Hallmorc. THIRD ROW: . T, Ha-rin Jamov A. Hnjhat, Ja-net A. jorat, Jamet P. Jo«ei Roy J. siarl Jack Robert I. lark In. C -ar!et Long. FOURTH ROW: Do-a d s. Wajlgn. K»»nets W. My- : WHia-n C. Parrith J»m», Jibart Re-ert Troy E Flunk. I'a T. Fop Tkomat L. Po-er W h. F-etcof. FIFTH ROW: H-rber- R«»-i Jo-" Rrmas 0on»id Ru t lema I. Tew Fran« B Torret Howard Wells. ? jI J. Wllliamt. NOT PICTURED: ChaMe, F. Gl -ter Leon T Fain. 228Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon is a national pharmacy frotornity for woman. It was founded in 1921 at the State University of Iowa for the purpose of uniting women in pharmacy and stimulating a desire for high scholarship. Phi Chapter was installed January 28. 1956 with 14 charter membors. Officers are: Sandra Massey. President- Faye Sellars. Vice-President: Martha Jane Thomason. Sccrc tary: Anne Snead, Troasuror. FIRST ROW: Nina Jo Jor«j. Celia K I ingvaerth. Ruth tarrbert. Annette McC endon. SECOND ROW; Sand-a Maitcy, A. Faye Sclla'j, T. Anne Snead, Judy I. Strong. THIRO ROW; Martfca Jane Thorratcn, W.llcne Murray Wj-d Mazy F-ances NOT HCIURfcU: Jati io Crawtorc. Ba'Da'a JoF-nio-n Majori. Mary K. Moon V« t;n Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society for students in the field of education. Its purposes are the encouragement of high intellectual ond scholastic standards and the recognition of worthwhile contributions to education. It invites to membership such persons who exhibit commendable persona dualities, worthy education ideals and sound scholar ship. The society endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members. The Alpha Phi Chapter was started at Auburn in 1925. Officers are: Jo Ann Clyatt Paris. President: Anthony Dragoin. Vice President; Mrs. Inez R. Smith. Secretary- William Cantrell. Treasurer. FIRST ROW; Bryan Cal 3 oy Paul W. Sc'eld. Mri. Inez R. Sznith Mrt. F'Once McDaniel, JeAr.n Clyatt Faria Barbara Payni, Eliiabctn Cla l, Barba-a Orum mond. Judy Nr.nan, tettie J. Rijer. SECOND ROW: Gltnn C. Roger», Carolyn Horn Foitar Mary Francoi Wnion, Unar otto Groan, .o-«t a Lwcoi. Sylvia Hello day A icia Williamt Mary E. Smith. Peggy J. Stott loah RawU Atiini. Sui-inna Color. THIRD ROW: William M. Coopt . T i:( 0. Hudion. Fuger.z i Cr.y 1 Do»ell Pitta, Ma-y Anne Gainey ElMyn Grider Wilton. Mary Arp Brittain, Ba--' bara Booth. Goil Coleman. 229Latin American Club The Club Latino Ame'icono was founded at Auburn in 1945. being one of the youngest organizations on the campus. It stimulates its members to bind qooo neighbor relations in America. The purpose of the club is to build a better understanding among its members and to help those Latin-American students who lack a complete knowledge of English to become Auburn students. This Club is affiliated to Pan American Union in Washington, D. C. Officers are: J. R. Orteqa-Lopez. President: Rafae Bustamante. Vice-President: Jose Mejia. Secretary: Karel Vander Sluys Veer. Treasurer. Mr. John Hamilton. Advisor. FIRST ROW: Rita Marin Maldon rto, jcrtjig P o»on Cue'vo Ka’tI van oer Slwyi Ve ». J. Roberto O-taga. Jcv Mejia. Jo n W. Marril-ton. Joon lui Cotta . SECOND ROW; Oita- Waldhe m. Guttavc Arguallo. Joaquin Fernandez, Teoftlo Alyaraoo Manuel Gonzalez. Jam Zapata. Carioi Ortega topaz Hecto da 'Paula Aria . THIRD ROW: Dovglat M. Hud rg. Gu'Harno Guerra Raul Vazquaz l o»el Zalzman. Robert Maion. L«it A. Sa'doo, Rafae Buttamante. Omicron Kappa Pi Omicron Kappa Pi. Honorary Society for Interior Design students, was organized on the campus in 1939. Its purposes are to foster interest in Interior Design and related fields and to give its members the opportunity of professional associations. One of the fraternity s contributions to the campus is the sponsoring of exhibitions and lectures pertaining to interior architecture and design. Each year Omicron Kappa Pi joins the other organizations in the school of Architecture in sponsoring the Beaux Arts Ball, Open House, and the annual Freshman Reception. Officers ore: Virginia Patterson. President: Terry Adams. Vice-President- Jackie Kennington. Secretary Joel Brown, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Tatty Adam . Ann Black-all. Joal Brown. SfcCOND ROW Foy Ann Hulitod. Jack! Ktnnington, Virginia Pattonon, NOT PICIUREO: Allca Aitkin, 230FIRST ROW Doh Bonn ' George Cl«'k, Bob B. CoMland, Geo»g Oufdnn, Ted Forr«|f«r. Oennii Gotdin lerry Hank . Mo»flfd Hard . SECOND ROW: Mario Henoe, Howard Mole . Marlin MolUngtwortfc Rod JoSnion Oo glai Joirer, John E. Jcr«i. 8 II Maclina-. Berry Joe McDarlel. THIRD ROW; Jlrr Mcltod. Robert Moody Peter Myert. Sanford Ra'e. Tommy Richard Sen- Xy» . David J mmy S‘arpe. FOURTH ROW; Elmer Simoton Gerald Stroud. Don William , Te-fy Yarbrovga. NOT PIC TURED Frank Lcveleu. Pcfer Robe-f ©«. Clyde Williom . Magnolia Dormitories Student Government The Mognolio Dormitories Government is composed of sonetors electee by each of the twenty-nino dormitory divisions. The President of Magnolia Dormitories, elected annually by a dormitory-wide election, presides at the bi-weekly meetings. The organization offers an opportunity to the residents of Mognolia Dormitories to make specific recommendations concerning the dormfory program and administrative policies. Its committees develop and promote interest in the cormitory program and campus activities. The organization is divided into several committees, among which aro: fl) public relations and publicity, (2) dormitory newspaper. (3) poi’tical affair , (4) spirit. (5) special occasion. (6) buildings anc grounds and (7) student interest. Two members of the dormitory staff serve as advisors to the organization and coordinate its activities with the policies of the administration. Officers: Larry Hanks. President: Benny Joe McDaniel. Advisor. 231Omicron Nu Omicrcn Nu. National Home Economics Honor Society, was founded at Michigan State College, in April 1912, to recognize and promote scholarship, eadership. and research in Home Economics. Alpha Nu chapter was installed on the Auburn campus in November 1951. Members consist of stu-donts, chosen from tho Junior and Senior classos. graduate students, faculty, and alumnae. Officers are: Eleanor Chenault. President; Anna Bess So-berg. Vice-President: Barbara Drummond. Secretary Daisy Golson. Treasurer; Jane Sehauer. Editor. FIRST ROW. loij Ca t Nona Ktt Co«ir«f(ve. f cano- Crenault. to'Ofo Drum mold. SECOND ROW: Catherine £ •'». Auguite Fault. Ca'o'r Foiter, Daily Goltcn. THIRD ROW: Helen Ann Hi-p -. Jane JoAnton, Jacdu ine Jonay Judith Maytan. FOUR!” ROW: R«b««a S n rield Sitk. Sa'bar Sm t i. Ann Beit $a b '9 NOT PICTURED: S»l»i lew i Mug-ei. Jane Campbell Lorendo Dottie M©r gat Jane Senaue- Mary E. Smith. Joyce Van Taiiel. Phi Delta Chi has oeen a professional fraternity for Pharmacy majors since 1883. Chi Chapter at Auburn wos originally chartered on April 9. 1921 with sixteen charter members, one of whom was Dean L. S. Bialre: and continued in active operation until May 1931 when it withdrew its charter from the fraternity. Chi Chapter was reactivated on April 20. 1953. The objects of this association are to advance tho science of Pharmacy and its allied interest and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among :ts members. Officers ore: Rex Riggins. President; Bert English. Vice-President; George Hommond. Secretary: William Salter. Treasurer. Phi Delta Chi FIRST ROW: Jarrei f. Avtew. Willi® J. Benefield. George R Bolling. Anthony J. Broo e-e. SECOND ROW: John D. Cupman Edvard O. Ouke. Bert T. Engl th. Gec'ge D. HimruM. THIRD ROW: E. Drayton Hdlrret, Kenneth A. Hunt. Wiliam I. Maplct Wiliam f. Nickel. FOURTH ROW: Kim T. Odum. Sid R yno dt. Re» R Riggm-. William R. Salrer. FIFTH ROW: Jamei ?. S «rfcoroug Fr j M Woodi. NOT PICTURED: Dewey Wendell Barnhill. Hardy M Eubankj. Robert D. Hal Edwin M. Joyner Charley Platt, Wallace Simrri. 232Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fratern'ty. has as its purpose the promotion of mathematical scholarship in institutions of university grade: the fraternity brings together in fellowship undergraduate students, graduate students. and faculty members. This organization was founded in 1914 at Syracuse University. The Alabama Beta chapter was installed on the Auburn campus in 1953 and became the 54th chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon. Officers ore: Paul E. Major. Pres dent- George T. Crocker. Vice-President: William H. Fulcher. Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. L. P. Burton. Advisor. FIRST ROW Robe-1 Aqee. Clirabeth Barter John 8.rdei aw. Ph.lllp Cvtr. Bryan- Ca»tell©w. lewii Covin. Thomat Dauoheity. SECOND ROW Lucy OriveoH. Jan-ei Dupree. Marlin forktrom Robc » Fra« i» V' I'arr Foie'?-. W ham Go den, Cec Heine- John Herman. THIRD ROW: Mallory JKuon, John Jc nr ca-. -jo Lanier William McCorvOy William Maitin Donald F i«-'e Pegqv Pierion ’ho-rai Porte- FOURTH ROW; Rob ' Savag". John Sehltlith, Riley Sheftiel:l Nor.y Smith. Jo»t Wiling. Wayne W,Miami. NOT PICTURED: Win Va-bo-oude John W ion W I iir Allen. Oira' Ba ny. Pawl Sic- Pit Booth. g ne»t 1 nomai BuMOn .Dona d Clanton] Jam»j Clinton. Charles Davit, Stephen Denton Don Duke. luciut Dyol. A-thur Fort James Goodwin Theron Hawke Wary Holder, Ke.fh How . Chifle» Johnson .. ••• V M Myrick, Harry Nairn . William gar Rawls. Herb Reed. Marion Riley, lee Saurvoer . Frank Sp 'eJ, John Swann, CHHo-d Waller. TF«odo-e Woroiby . 233Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha—Sinfonia of America is an honorary music fraternity. Its membership is not restricted to music majors. The purposes of this fraternity are: to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual we fare and broth erhood of students of music, to develop tho truest fratornal spirit among its members, ard to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Phi Mu Alpha was founded October 6. 1898, at rhe New Eng and Conservatory of Mus'c in Boston, Massachusetts. Delta Psi Chapter was founded Juno I. 1948. One of th's Chapters main activities is the sponsoring of an annual All American Composers Concert, ond assisting the concert and lecture series programs as ushers. Officers are: J. McCaa, President; R. Perry, Vice-President; G. Godwin. Treasurer: H. Prorher, Secretary C. Flores. Historian: J. Thurman, Warden; B. Gray Executive Alumni Secretary; and J. W. Tamblyn, Faculty Advisor. FIRST ROW: Jo n A. 6.,'dcinaw. Beniamin P. Clark. Jamei C. Clmlv.jin. Dor ala M. fcliii. SECOND ROW': Covad C. f.'orei Allard C. French. e©-ar H. Godwin Robert E. Grtv- IMIRO ROW; Tson-as W, Gregory, Wa fer R. Mffmei, A be-t R Kgykenda Finit McCunoy, FCURIM ROW. Roger C. Ma» n Jo-.n Motley Ray Re"y. Walter Porte-. FlFlH ROW: Harold Prather, Robert W. R ch-a dtc«. ScF.etU ' Wi IUm C St. Jo't. SIXTH ROW Mart mer J. Thur njn. Jack Powell. NOT PlCTUREO Cta-i-t H. -own Waite' M. Jaclio- Waller C. MeClenny, Will am C. Slone. Phi Lambda Upsilon An honor society for students in chemistry and chemical engineering. Phi Lambda Upsilon was founded at the University of Illinois in 1899. The purpose of the society is to foster a spirit of fel owship among stucents in the field of chemistry, and to place honor upon those students deserving recognition because of their meritorious work. Officers arc: Henry Anderson Holmes. President: James Sheffield. Vice-President- Donald Stephen Pierre. Secretary: Professor R. E. Wingard. Councilor. FIRST ROW: Geo'ae Sarrk«l b -cMield. Jamei Hwgh Corbitt. D»)oM H. Cor-rgtor, Cha»lev Harold Dam. SECOND ROW: Jotcph Donald Duke, Roqcr Roy Hammlnghavt, Henry Andenon Hoimet, UoFn Fred lyl«. IMIRp ROW: William H. Me Mahon Gerald D. McClamery Imeoroe M. Sewell, J.vnet R ley Shot- -Id FOURTH ROW: Mj- cr H Tisdale. NOT PICTURED: Ronald V. lumpen William Rrttell Pa'ith. Donal-i Slepnenv P e-re. Kennel-, Bennett Roy. Joe Tbumo. McM lan 234FIRST SOW: Jo« Allen. B.vy Icmt Earl Cook. Eugene Coobff Jchr lk mai Danie Roger Davis. Johr Booby Hallmjrk Albert Howard. SECOND ROW: Roderick John ton. Wiliam Jone' Paul Julich. Donald Lone. $! war| langdon. £ iw« d h Cn«'le» McRuo. Joie Mai'lo. TH:RD ROW: Tho-nai Noland. Jo'n O’Brien Mal'y Phi ilot Char et Rogert, Terry Sell«rt Ca-| Seel ey. Norman Sho«:. W Iran Sh'ere FOURTH ROW: Donald Smith Ga-r M. Street. Cnarlet Woodrow. NOT PICTURtU: Edward Goldh II. J. E. Greere, W Ibur Motley. Ruuell Prlmm. Thor-at Tytj a. David Vance. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Ela S’qma Is a freshman honor society. It was founded in 1923 lo encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among the men members of the freshman class. There are now ninety-three chapters located in leading colleges and universities throughout the United States. In 1937 the organization was admitted to membership in the Association of College Honor. Officers are: Charles L. Rogers, President: John M. O’Brien, Vice-President: William E. Shreve. Secretary: Edward J. Manning, Treasurer. 235236 Phi Psi Founded upon ideals of promoting and preserving fellow-ship among textile brethren. Phi Psi. national professional te; tile honorary fraternity, was organized at Philadelphia. Penn sylvania.on March 18. 1903. In 1936, Lambcia Chapter was established at Auburn n an effort to enhance the congeniality among shuttle and spind o students and members of industry. Recognising the essence of human relations. Phi Psi sponsors numerous social functions throughout the year to create interest and understand'nc among textile students, both on this campus and at other colleges. The a ms of Phi Psi are to broaden the purpose of the textile industry by mutual com-patobility. by more lofty standards and to interweave character. quality and virtue into the warp and woof of life. Officers are: Owen Duffy President- J. Price. Vice-President; Jack Colquitt. Secretary Jerry Hych. Treasurer. F1 SSI ROW: Charley Ba lev. Gerald Bciemon Milton Brown Jacl S. Colujitt Jamey Cornett. SECOND ROW: O-en l)„Hy, Joe C»eyy. Haro i Gambclc David Ha I. Raymond Hamer. THIRD ROW': Clyde Hinton Jcry Hychc, Rypere Me-Daniel, Gerald McGill, Norman Mor-ii. FOURTH ROW. Bobby Mom . Jam's Price. Donald Raney. Robert Sc-oqginy. Charley Spraqgmt. FIFTH ROW: Sanoor Temple, George Toedte. NOT PICTURED R chard Beal-d Rotten tridgman DwiqM Carliylr Sherfil £!rqd, Don Hailov. W iliam Hcddleytoo. Wallace Jsnef. Peer, KIr g, Wi'lam Newton, Jotepn Pill rglon, Ronald Srnill- William Wallen Murray Williamson Richard Ande-;on, Ge'alci Andrew!. Thomat Oowrey. Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon, national professional fratornity in marketing. sales management and selling, was founded at the University of Georgia on May 14. 1952. The Epsilon Chapter was established on the Auburn Campus. Decomber 8. 1956. Active membership of the fraternity is composed of students and faculty members and is sponsored by the Montgomery Sales Executive Club. The purpose of Pi Sigma Epsilon is to bring together aca-dom cally qualified s udents who oxpress a desire to enter the fields of professional marketinq, selling and sales management. and to instill in its members ano the profession the highest possible ethical standards. Officers are: Carl Hill. President; William Hinton, Vice-President; Dan Chilcress, Treasurer; M. F. Burkhoad. Secretary- Don Adams. Serqeant at Arms. Faculty Advisor is Mr. Charles W. Lewis. FIRSl RCW: Donalo Adamy Marion F. Burlread, Hal f.-.hc- Ted hton-oe Gil 'fair,. ST CON D ROW Joe H«r«y. Carl Hll . W ilum F. H nlon, Chad : Men eric1. THIRD ROW: Bcbby Ray Parle- f.yrl William Po-ler Ray cott W.llle Hugr, Sicwo J-. FOURTH ROW: Sidney M. Wilion. NOT PlCTURkD: Dar Slew ar CMIdreyy. Charley G’iFtln Gibson. Jr.. Jac« Merdri. Charley W. l « y, R L. Pohlman, Donald G. Schneider. Cecil Star.Pi Tail Sigma Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engineering honor society was founaea to foster the high idea s of the engineering profession to stimulafe interest in coordinate departmental activities, and to promote the welfore of its members. Pi Tau Sigma recognizes men who. by their academ'c or practical achievements, manifest a real Interest and marked ability in the’r chosen work. It brings these together in a closer bond o fellowship which will result in the mutual bene fit to those men in the study and in the profession of mechanical engineering. The Alabama Tech Chi chopter was established on the Auburn campus in 1940. Officers are: Paul Brackney, President; W. A. Orr. Vice-President; M. C. Van Wanoerhom. Secretary. FIRST ROW: J. 9. Aik«», J. J. Awb’tv. 6. I. Bailey. J. I. Barrett, ». f, Slack W M 8 a krey, W J. Brown E C. Bryan, T. 0 Burton C W O-Mtopher. SECOND ROW: 0. R. Cornell, F. I. Covington, f. J. Crenttiaw. C. R. Darwin. T. M Daugherty. W. T. Edwerct. A. N. Ellis R. M. Mangrove. R. J. Harrit. J. M. Mermen. 1HIRD ROW. M. 8. Jac«»on F. 0. Johnjor C. D. lamb R. W. McCracken R. 8. R E. Mue er C E. H. A. Nairn. P. R. Ol- '. T. H. Pe' ». FOUR!-- ROW W. J. Patter ton J. W P»:iKp» R. w. Pniliipy w. J. Q. nb» 0. Rare J. M. Ra, 0. J. Ro» a d. 0. I. Runell. G. W. $imt. W. C. S-nlth. FIFT-t ROW W. F. Smith M.H. Staggs. R. L. Tarfe. R. I. Vechon M. C. l anWa-cerl-a-n. W. H. Wedenbock. R. G. WTute w. J. Wilhelm. NOT PICTURED: V . R. E ack S. J. Denton. J. E. Farnell. J. J. Goc J» ", T. . M » n ji, E. A. Rawls. M. F. Scott P. E. Wi! a t. 237Pi Tau Pi Sigma Pi Tau Pi S gmo is the National $ gnal Corps Honorary. It consists of selected outstanding members of the advanced Signal Corps un ts in universities and colleges. Pi Tau Pi Sigma was founded nr the University of Wisconsin ir 1924. National headquarters is presently ot Psi chapter at Alabama Polytechnic Institute. The objectives of Pi Tau Pi Sigma are to improve the esprit de corps and general prestige of the Signal Corps, to create an honorary brotherhocd of men wno meet the requirements In the Signal Corps of Cadets, to promote tne Quality and standards that a good office- must possess. ond to brinq together academically qualified cadets so that they may exchange dees for the betterment of drill in the Signal Corps ROTC unit. Advisors are Major W. G. Foreman and Captain F. R. Champion. Officers are: Donald Latham. President: Jim Le-croy. Vice-President: Mar Smith, Secretary; Bryan Goode. Treasurer. PlRSf ROW; E. C'cnma R Wilton. J. G -nn. si » I. cMi Ian, J. R. Collim, O. D«JOhm. SECOND ROW: Major W. G. Po-ama -, T. DcWeoia R. Demon R cha-d No mjn. Donalo La-Jamei Wnito. Sonmy Ginn. I . Pjj Ma-tin. THIRD ROW; ®onalJ Dale. Mac $w!lli, Kobe t W-ng»te. B'yan Goode. G. Str ne» Joiepn Arde'ion. J. R. Co«»ay. Poultry Science Club The Poultry Science Club is on organization for students who ore interested in Poultry Husbandry. The objectives of the club are: I) To encourage students to take more active interest in Pcu'try Husbandry. 2) To bring about closer rela tionship among students and faculty of Poultry Husbandry. 3) To coopcrotc with other organizations in the promotion of enterprises for the advancement of agriculture or the institution as a whole. 4) To establish, foster and develop character, leadership, and the spirit of fellowship among its members. The Club meets on the first and third Tuesday night of each month. Officers: Ellis Cross. President; Ramon Clement, Vice-President: Paul Johnson. Secretary and Treasurer- Wallis Sheusler. Ag Representative. FIRST ROW: Joe S'oadwjlcf, Ran-on Cement. ft»no ,j Clemen . SECOND ROW': Elia C'an. R i - X go-e Jo - Minor. THIRD ROW. Wj,i y Sahoenc t-o old Weight. NOT PICTURED Paerv Uttlo. Pa, Jetnion. Jc-- v Jo«ei. 238FIRST ROW: W. N. Wl Cam . J. E. Croton. I). C. MmJowi, J. C Mocr. C. A. Bulh T. J R'cho-cji. T. W. G cgo'v T. E. Wheeler T. W. Herxell. G. L, Homphil . H. A Holmei J. 6. Duke. SECOND ROW- jamri Askew E. Alosgi, J. R. Si» «n T. M. Dougherty. C. H. Jaclior T D. Cobb. D. M. Stubbi T. F. Cur-ie. W. J. Wa ter, J. f. Sc;« u’C P Helms H T Yo'b'ougn. THIRD ROW: R. V. N«rman. J. W. Ja ghnan. R. A. Perry. T. A. Streetrron. J. M. Co-roll. J. R. Coney W. Ringer. R. T. Agee. J. R. Hurt' T.’ M. Chriltopfcpr. I. M. Oral. L. H. Cave. FOURTH ROW. i. L. Bailey R.W. Wittoo f. A. Warren, R. 1. Jacksor G. E. W, Kami, R t W rgote B. C. Go«l«. L C Del one v 0 M Dauphin R. W. Pea«Kl. J. M. Ke ley. J. S. Wh te. FIFTH ROW: O. S. Mo-eman. j. E. 5urdet?e. I. T. ham. R G. Wh.te. J. $..!- ’«•. 6. Raney. P, R. Oiom T. E. Huguley L. W. Jones. D. R. Wood, D. C. Saundari, W. H. Jones. A. P. Marlins. S. D. Granade. J. R Giles. R. A. M.rehell. Scabbard and Blade The Society of Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904. Company I, 5th Regiment was established at Auburn in 942. The purpose and ideals of the society are: to raise the standards of military education in colleges and universities, to unite in closer relationships their military cepartments, to encourage and fostor the ossential qualities of gooo aid efficient officers, and to promote friendship and good fellowship among cadet officers. The Society of Scabbard and B ade is the sole sponsor of the annual Joint-Military Ball. Officers are: Henry A. Holmes. President: Lynwood Bailey. Vice-President: Bob Stien, Secretory: J. D. Duke, Treasurer. OFFICERS: H. A. Hotmei. Don Oukc J. R. $itt«n Etcor Boiloy 239Scarab Scarab. a national professional architectural fraternity, was founded at the University of Illinois n 1909 and Khufu tempe was established at Auburn in 1930. Scarab has p'ovidcd a means for attaining a broader now edge of architecture and allied arts providing friendly competition among students in the school of architecture, and creating fellowship within the fraternity. Among the local activities Scarab sponsors a freshman reception, a sketch competition, and the Beaux Arts Ball. Officers: Edward Molpus. Prosidont: Ralph Inscho. Vice-Presiden - Patrick Marcus. Secretary: Stuart Lecroy. Treasurer. FIRST ROW- J.vmr-v f) Embry W«rn.« C. -nn.nrj»on. Ralph W. lnK«0. Sftart C. lec'o.-. SECOND ROW: Patrick C. M r«w R Melon Kenneth R McMjcnt-. W O Voortfie'd. TH 0 SOW. Frank M. Nev-i-'c Ua».d I Poacher. Avrtin T. Roieoe. E.gene R. Smith. FOUST-' ROW: Shannon S.etmar Uiman E. Whecc, NOT PICTURED: Robe-l L. And«»K r, Oko? Walohc-n. Society of American Military Engineers The Society of American Military Engineers was formally organized on January 14. 1921. The Society was organized by military engineers out of the need for a professional organizat on of Military Engineers. The Alabama Polytechnic Institute Student Post was organized on Morch 21. 1941 as a professional organization. Its ideals being: To promote professional comradeship between military students at Auburn; To organize an effective program of extracurricular activities and to advanco the knowlodgo of the science of military engineering. Officers are: R. C. Francis, President; W. A. Orr, Vice-President; W. M. Brackney, Secretary and Treasurer. FIRST ROW: R. F. Along!. J V Awtrrll W W Badger. W M Brack, nev M. V. 8u'l, R. A. Cancer. SECOND ROW: J. M. Ca"oll R S Chebot, J. V. Chriitophei, J. R. Couey T. £. Demina t. H. Dicie.' THIRD ROW: G. I. Dolei. J. C. Cvna-a . N. =. Ear oy W, T Ed-' ward . J. M. En . R. C. F'B»ci». J., FOURTH ROW: 0. M. Hail C V H r fat A. ft. Howard. Jr.. M. Jnckton, A C. Jonec J. jouc' FIFTr ROW J. M. Kelley H. A Lamiiton H. A. Martton J D Mr Gu fey C. R. McClirvton. N. D. M Cl«r«. SIXTH ROW; W.’a O" A. B. aat-ic w. E. Pjqc. J. C. Richie. G. M. Sewell M.’h s»i i o-d. SEVENTH ROW: M. M. STagqi J. A. Sh ser fc. . leaner C. E. Wjvgh W. J W. helm. C. 8. W ilmni. NOT PlCTURFO- C f Da I W C. Farretf J. A. Po'ter 6. P. Rrdmon. H. S. Wright R. D Hayno.Society for Advancement of Management MEMBERSHIP ROLL Go'ocv D. Adamj. Kail R. Alluvii' A lhur R. AnJcivc-. W IIi.»—i P. Arvde'Kxv Do qlai E. 3siley. John H. Baket. Robert 3alch. Jchr O. Ballard, Billy G. Bowman. James A. Brown Joel B. B'vco, Larry W. B'yce. Joseph R. Bryan, Will am C. Bryan fcrnest P. Bunli, Richard I. By'd Patrick By'»e. William P. Caddah. Alfrptf C. Carrawav. James Cars Barmy 6. Champion W i iam A. Chandler, licut B. Chatta n. Myron D. C''ttensen, Charlci H. Cobb. William R. Cochran. Oi«on Cooke, Bobby E. Coopland: C or!cs E. C'awlo d. Fred A. Creasy, Barry E. Oavis. James 8. Davis, Jr., Allen E. Davidson. Dan 8. De oney, Sfewar- Draper. Jamet L. Eiehison Grover C. El is. A'lhur R. E'rchson. Charles W. Evans. W. John F -cha . James M. Folmar. Oariel . Fort e'. Robe't E. Foster. B I y W. Fo» cr Robs - L. Gilliland, Orlan I. Graham. Reirsard I. Green George Gr df . Errest L. Gunn. John £. Hal Robert H. Hamrar Alan G. Moines Ihomas M. Mood. William. I. Hutson. Marcus I. Hyde. John W. Johnson. James A Jones. Cecil 0. Kinney Rale O. t-noley. Dojo as $. love ace. Cur is G. Logan Robert E. Ivnsfc'd, Rcberr 0. Marfn. Wiliam P. Mathews, te"y I. M.sylield Kaowel T. McCluskey. Benn-y J. McOarsin . C'a'Ies M. McKniler, Waynn V. McPmrson Jcvglai F. McRae, Boyd W. Megginson, Charles R. Mi Is James C. Moon. Franc L. Moore Mn'S‘eli V. Moore. Ma'r r E. Moorer. Jack .. Newman, ►reman C. Sewsom Wi ham Newsome LlwOOo . Oliver Zelma A. Pa- sh. Jr., James D. Pa’ker. Jr.. James W. Pa'ie . Jol-n E, Payee. Ray A. Perry, Jjmue C. Pipkin. George E. Pniyaw Raymond E. Rat iff. Ker'eth W. Ray, Wendell L. Rmije' George I. Riser Gee I A. Rob.nson, Chesl e A. Rob nson, Jr.. Ean G. Rohinson Thomas G. Rosser. J- Wi nm f. Roval. Si! t. R.,vifc ey. Robert I. Rtppen"a: Benny Rush. Charles N. Sample R. M. Sch asser. George 0. Sims. J-.. Rudnei R. Sisc Cho' es Smith. Thomas R. Spvling. J .. lonn r W. S’abler. J'.. Wode S. Meveii. Cha-nic I. Strong. Eugene H. Syl vester. Robert E- Tanner Charles W. James P. Thomas. Jam®-. W. Thomas Jr., t-ed M. Thomason. Robert B. Vance. Hedrick V . Var den. Jerry F. V rsor James C. Vunkannon John F. Wa'f, Willie F W.ster. Je'ry P. Wate'S. Gerald W. Wotts Joseph T. Weidenoach Carlos F. Wesiberry. Jr.. Bo d w- gt-am. Jerr, E. Wnite, James L. W llcoi. Clay P. W I lams, Charles W. Wilson, W I. iam 8. Worth rgton. Henry G. Yarborough. Jr.. C. N. Cobb. Faculty Advlto-. FIRST ROW: James B. Davis. Jr.. Lucus B. Chasta r. Fred Creasy. Barney E. Champion. Jr.. Lin Cjnn, Dan B. Deloney, Boo Foste'. SECOND ROW; Robert tt. Ea ch 8ilty W. Fow cr. Ra p“ C. lindley, la Rue Rumb cy. Cecil Robinson Terry Mayfield. THIRD ROW; Charles W. Thomas. Jerry F. Vinson, ChesLc A. Robinson, jr., Elwood L. Oliver, B lly G. Bowman. Wi Hum P. B'yan The Society for Advancement of Management is the recognized national professional society of management people in industry. S.A.M. is motivated by an unselfish zeal to spread the benefits of scientific management wheneve' management is required. The Auburn chapter of S.A.M. was first such chapter to have a constitution. The Auburn chapter offers its members frequent tours of industrial plants, discussion meetings and round table discussions. The individual members of S.A.M. are presented with the opportunity for well-developed fields of management, not only taking what the Society offers, but by contributing his own ideas. Auburn's chapter of S.A.M. ranks second in the nation. This chapter has enjoyed its best year in all respects. Officers are: Bob Foster. President- Clay Williams. Vice-President; Bob Tanner. Secretary; Fred Creasy. Treasurer. 241Spiked Shoe Tho Spited Shoo Sociofry is an organization whose chief purpose is the advancement and furthering of track ard field competition. The Spiked Shoe Chaoter ot Auburn was the first in the S.E.C. and one of the mainstays during the period of national establishmen . Activities of the Auburn society include officiating at the Cake Race, the State High School Meet and other such competitions. Members of this organization are lottermen in track or cross country. Officers are: Vic Talbert. President; Pete Calhoun. Vice President- Preston Hassler. Secretary. FIRST ROW: Dan A le- Dick Acker, Ch«»‘«r A-ncld. CK»' ei Bcnncy Bill 8’ar r. SECONO ROW; Pete Cal Bom E».g n CaHer. Jin- Ctdto-i Gl«"n D'y'nmond, Ed Ffarll'r. THIRD ROW: F. O Frankl n. Prmton Hauler, Howard Holley, W thfri HouMov John Hyie. FOURTH ROW: Rod Jofcnion Bet Jorei Ed P.tman. Nolan S'arO. Vic Ijlbcrt. FIFTH ROW Mice T.aolc, Ed Walter. Hawthorne Weiey. NOT PICTURED: Jc« Godwin. Pawl Hall. Ray Mona". C. raroroygh. Leotard Allen, Fred Grajfeder. Cwens Being tapped for membership into Cwens is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a sophomore girl at Auburn. This honor society was first established on this campus in 1940 under the name of Ow:$. In the spring of 1957 Owls received its charter to become P Chapter of the National Society of Cwens. Each Spring Quarter freshman girls who have portrayed scholarship ability and campus leadership are tapped for this organization. Officers of Cwens for 1957-58 are: Eva Mne Jer-nigan. President: Charlotte Rawls. Vice-President: Rochelle Morriss. Secretary; and Faith Langley. Treasurer. FIRST ROW Barbara 8 ck Jarei B 1100. Na»cy COu-da Cu» ninghan. Am Fo’d. SECOND ROW: Mary laurel G'fcbont. I Hall. Eva Mm Jcroigan Gayle Joncv Fa th Langley. THIRD ROW Rochelle Wo"lu CFarioift Ra« . E»ei n Ra.. Anita Revnoldv. Joyce Re.eodt. FOURTH ROW Madge R c ardkcr Ba'oarj Saooderi Joy Smitr. Jja: Sh h. He'en St'otoer. FIFTH ROW A-n Sv »ar Jo Anr Vauav. Jane Wade MafBa Sve Wh« e-. STUDfcN' ADVISORS: tleano- CScnault. SIXTH ROW: Peggy P "ton, Ann Vorton.Squires Every Spring fifteen mer ore chosen 'rom the freshmen class and arc tapped for Squires. These men arc chosen through the joint ejection of Sue Key and Omicron Delta Kappa National Honoraries on the basis of athletic ability, character, scholarship, leadership and future promise of out-s'onding leadership in Student Government or Studen Publications. Election into this sophomore men's leadership honorary is the highest honor attainable by a freshmar at Auburn. Squires is an organization native only to Auburn. Its service to Auburn has been and is an asset to Auburn's greatness. Each quarter one day is set aside for "Hey Day." During this day Squires encourage the entire student body and faculty to participate in soeaking a friendly word to everyone he meets. Squires a so assist in other big events throughout the year such as Hcmecominq Activities ano Village Fair. Officers: Bill Ham President- Edward Kern. Vice Presi dent: Douglas Barclay. Secretary: B li Sewell. Treasu'er. FIRST ROW: Oc.g'si BarcUy, B«- 6« R«y W t r H. O'moo i»r y Hsikt B»oli« Mill. SECOND ROW B II Jon«i. fdd •». Bill Sewe I Joe Ed Vou. Ji-n WiHiinu. NOT PICTURED: $id Bcwfrar. Johnny Ke-n. 6-bba Philliot Bi'l Mam. Tom V rner. 243Student Education Association S.E.A. is rhe local educational organization for future teachers. This organ’zation is a part of the Student National Education Assoc ation. formerly known as Future Teachers of America. This year the college organizations have formed S.E.A. in ordor to distinguish between college ano high school groups of future teachers. The purposes of S.E.A. arc to provicc members with opportunity for developing personal growth and professional competences: for gaining an under standing of the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession: for participating in cooperative work on the problems of the profession end the community: and for active orofessional membership on the local, state, national, and world levels. S.E.A. seeks to provide experiences which will interest capable students in teaching as a career: encourage the careful selection and guidance of persons admittec to teacher ecucat on programs: and. through higher standards of preoaration and the dissemination of irforma'ion. cont-ibute to a reasonable balance in teacher supply and demand. Officers are: Mary Frances Wilson. President- Dor-$ Finklea. Vice-President: Judy Newman. Secretary Peggy Hinson. Treasurer. Th» bi-weekly meeting ot the Stjcent Education Association Track and Saber Track and Saber is an honorary society for the students in the Advanced Course Armored R.O.T.C. The purpose of this organiza’ion is to foster friendship. cooperation and good fellowship among the Advanced Armored R.O.T.C. students. Officers are: John F. Soileau. President: Frank E. Putman. Vice-President- Donald Fay. Secretary: Don H. Stubbe. Treasurer. FIRST ROW J. 8 Slrm. I M. 1. M WcRoMad 8 T Agee, T. M Pot'on J. 0. Ma'phev t. 6. E lion J R. Siircn J. R. H.rt. SfcCONO ROW I. T Cj'fie. C. R Skbbi. J. W. Finn . W. 2. Fut'ol W. 0. fa . 0. Coob. C. M. S b!« . T. Jaclion. J. Putmaa. THIRD ROW W. P. Mc-lo-. D P. Ro nc, J. W. F.ncy J. R. Wcldo« C. Ocl-crt,. J. t. W.i |m«i W. T. Smith, £. C. tlhridgc M. H. tf.«ie- J. 8. God- a. W. £. Wal'oa, FOURTH ROW. R. M. Hamfie'. fi. fc. Lee. R. M. Rarchlord, j. W ggham, C. McAHfcer, I. Jon?t. 6. Jaokuta, J. R. So !c.»u. 244Steerage Steerage is Auburn's N.R.O.T.C. honorary. The recognition of outstanding midshipmen and the promotion of officer-like qualities is the purpose of the Fraternity. Since its founding in 1949, Steerage has become an active organ of the N.R.O.T.C. Through its efforts, a better understanding has been reached between midshiomen and officers. Officers are: W. C. Kcllum. President: H. H. Ekholm. Vice-President: J. R. Brondle. Secretary: George McKean. Treasurer. Lott to Rirjhtr Bill K«llum. Goorqo MrKnon. Jack Brondol Sonny Fkhom FIRST ROW: Dick Coopev Jerry P'ercc. Tony Sjv!i Sill Kellyin, Geo-gc McKeen ,a k 3-andel. Sonny Eihcl-". SECOND ROW: W lliarra. Johnncv F:no:-v Dc-Meadow. J0K1 Herrran. Sjddv Redd Jonn Neiljon. Rcrr.i Harm. Carl Camp. THIRD ROW: Sill Healr Ric' ird Grirfin Sot Mav tinnei b Sa-aqe Pot McColi. Marion I djdale. Wa-d’aw lomar. FOURTH ROW: Henry Holmer. John Croftin. Fred Rive». Jim Moon. Ralph Park Richard Come-. Phil Matthewj. Tom Ci ald.Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is a national enq'neer'ng honor society which was founded at Lehigh University. Bethlehem. Pennsylvania, n 1855. It now has 99 jndergrocuate chapters, ard over 88,000 initiated members. Students are elected to membership by the chapters from the top 20 per cent schoiastically of their engineering c'asses cn the basis cf character and service to their schools. Alpha of Alabama was established at Auburn in 1921. Officers ore: Don Duke. President; Bobby Clinton. Vce-President; Roge' Hemminghaus. Corresponding Secretary; Darwin. Rcco'cing Secretary. FIRST ROW: Jane; 8. Anew. Jo d I. Barrett, Paul E. B'ack. W lian M. Br«chr y, Ew C. B’yan. John A, tlu'deihaw PfciPip R. Carter. Janet R. Clinton. SECOND ROW: Low i C«H Coven. John Ce I Dengv. J. Don Duke Merlin H. For'Hom. W .liam H. Golcen. John A’len Holman, C J iry H.fkn. John K. Jonei THIRD ROW Joe Tborrat McMil an. R. 3, Morrow. Don K. Perry. Conoid S. Pierce. Troy E. Plunk. Thomas I. Porter. William D Rice. J. Riley Sheffield. FOURTH ROW: Mac Smith Michael L. Tuggle. H. Von White. Jarnet S. Whi-e. Frank M. Williamtcn. Robert T. Winga'e. NOT PICTURED Cho-ioi H. Dovit. Roger HcmminghaLt. 246Women's Recreation Association PURPOSE: To promote a program that will fit the recrea-tiona needs of women students at Auburn. To create a spirit of friendliness and sportsman-ship among the members of the student body. To lend assistance to any extra-curricular activities that might be under the sponsorship of the Department of Health and Physical Education at Auburn. To promote activities of co recreational nature. Momoorship in WRA is open to all women students. WRA sponsors tournaments in volley ball, basketball, softball, golf, tennis, and other sports, during fall, winter, ana spring quarters. Officers are: Eleanor Chenault. President; Mary Jane Smi io. Vice President; Noel Eqgo. Secretary; Peggy Hinson. Treasurer. Peaqy Henson. G»y Jow, Jane Lewis, Lulu Fulton Inez Donovan, lossy Boy a. Noel t } K Mary Jane Swl e. In Appreciation . . . For the rrony hours of hard work that were so graciously contributed to enable this section to oe completed. To the students who gave so f'cely of their time and ef ort we soy a most sincere—THANK YOU!! THE GLOMERATA STAFFStudent Council of Religious Activities The purpose of the Student Council on Religious Activities is to provide a functional organ for promoting and sponsoring campus-wide religious activ ities. All religious organizations are represented on the council olong with representatives from various campus organizations. Each year S.C.R.A. works with the college and the Auburn churches in sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week. This committee of students and faculty working on this week is headed oy Allen Moody, assisted by Bart Morrow and Joanne Palm, co-chair men. The S.C.R.A. also sponsors religious films for Christmas ond Easter and the Religious Arts Exhibit Easter. (An exhibit of Religious Art work done by Auburn students.) Officers ore: Richard Siye. President; Walter H. Porter. Vice-President: Millie Manning. Secretary. riltst ROW: JjH S'.rrrvon J'. SX.iw Ri K»»d N «g«le. Ric -wd Syte. Millie W-v ••). Jack -Jonat. Ja’« Wright. SECOND ROW: Di Ann S temoro, R«v«rt J Stohcni, Norm. J-5,cn Carponfcr. Mnr, j, King. 0 il M (nn'. THIRD ROW: Will m Roora Tom Gregory. Mr. IrymCald. Hom«r TitUala, Or. R tha diofl, W ,l r Rcrtar. Canterbury Club Canterbury Foundation is a student parish of the Episcopal Church. It is governed by its own vestry (composed of 12 men and women) and is financially supported by the contributions of its own members. Its purpose, as is the purpose of any local church, is to deepen the Christian commitment ond concern of the already convinced and to reach out to others with the Good News. The life of the Church centers in the worship of God. especially in tho celebration of Holy Communion. Students therefore gather at 7:C0 a. m. every morning for this service and the breakfast which follows. Other activities include the Sunday evening Canterbury Forum, tho York Club for married students. and various small study groups and service guilds. All these, plus pastoral visaing and counselling, are intended to help each student in understanding and love of God. Officer: Benny Padgett. President Th« Canterbury Club—studnnt or )nn’'Jat! ;n at th Faitccoal Church 248 F ' awthip Rotmatt Baptist Student Union j • The B.S.U. is the connecting link between you. at a college itudent. and the local Baptist Church. It is a movement fostered by our denomination to coordinate the religious activities of Baptist students on the Auburn campus. You automatically become a member of the B.S.U. when: you join the local Baptist Church; or you join one of the Sunday School Classes. Training Unions. Y.W.A.. or Brotherhood in the college church; or you are an active member of your home church ond commute to college. Its weekly activities include: Noonday Meditations. Morning Watch. Bible Study, Prayer meeting. Student Choir. Friday Night Mission, and the regular Sunday services. Some of the other events during the year are: Pre school retreat. Spring retreat at Shocco Springs. Alabama Baptist Student Convention. Ridgecrest ossembly. ond Glorieto ossembly. The B.S.U. center at the First Baptist Church offers ping-pong. television, a library, and listening parties for all sports events. TraininQ Ccnvantion CHRIST IN ME HOPEAuburn Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Student Movement on rhe API campus. It takes its piece in the completion of the education of the Auburn student through its program of Worship. Study. Fellowship and Service. The Foundation provides a home away from home" for the students—a place and atmosphere in which they can grow spir'tually while they are In college. The Wesley Building on South Gay is the center of the program which includes many various activities, some of which are Sunday School. Foundation Time. Cho'r. Chapel of Prayer, drama, sports, fellowship suppers, "firesides, service projects and oartios. Tho Foundation is church-related, be ng part of and sharing 'n the worship services of the Auburn Mothodist Church. The Wesley Foundation is directed by Rev. Ashland Shaw. Counselors are Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Lapp, and the Choir Director is Mr. John A. Williams. Mrs. A. F. Rumph serves as Office Secretary. The Student Cabinet includes Jeff Sirmon, President; James Chapman. Vice President; Mary Jo Clearman. Secretary; Elizabeth Chapman. Treasurer; Rochele Morriss. Publici y Chairman: Jimmie Sharpe. Outreach Price Williams. Witness: Greta Weeks. Citizenship: and Jo Johnson. Fellowship. Minister of the Auburn Methodist Church is Rev. Joel McDavid. Tho Wejloy Choir prov dot music fer tn© Sunday evonmg lorvicos Wm 'i nuir'-wmWestminster Fellowshi AIMS The dims of the Westminster Fellowship ere to help students ... to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior ... to accept thoir Christian responsibility to glorify God with their minds through the vocation of study ... to live as Christians through all areos of campus life ... to think and live and work within the life of the Church ... to come to a Christian world view ... to establish a Christian homo ... to discover Christian insights for vocational plans . . . to meet human neeos through the use of their education ... to under-stanc the life and work of the World's Student Federation ... to influence higher education for Christ and His Church. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RAY NORRIS MARITA GARIN NANCY CARR . . PAT BIGLER D. ANN SIZEMORE BILL BRANCH . . .... Provide"! . . . . Vice-Pfeviden! ............ $ icr«»ory . . Treasurer S.C.R.A. Rop'ctoniotivu . . . . S.S. Preside"! Prove' o"d Mecllatloo Wonhip P RAY NORRIS Stud ! D ’• tor B b e Study fC lowlh'p ACTIVITIES Worship B'ble Study Reading and Study Groups Prayer Groups Church School Evening Meetings Experience with Great Christians Personal Co-Tr.oi'r'g Fellowship Conferences and Retreats Summer Service Opportunities and Work Camps Services to Local Churches, the Community and the World 251Spirit sketches the ACTIVITIES at Auburn7 0 Cakd ftacdUNION PUeuCITY COMMITTEE NEEDS MORE MAIE.... TAIENTYOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION Pi EASE All TOGETHER NOW- 1-2-3-llfjRICKETTS CRANDY MUSE stmm TUGGLE VOTE K R MQDINE1 SkcwmHome £ » Ihc 77 : t r 'til nnn CHITIT ; THE NEW Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRATERNITY HOUSE. 1HE PESStBT,WHERE DO YOU PU'-l THAT CARD FOR CASINO 231? THIS WON! HURT. BUT GUYS. IT S ONLY 18 DEGREES. BLANCHE ANO ONE AUBURN RAT HAT VOURE UNDER ARREST. COACH. YOU SHOULD M HARRY. TOO. %.UBUftN THE WHEN YOU AND I WERE YOUNG MAGGIE?; MY HEADS TOO ROJNDl LOOK MA—I'M A CHEERLEADER MUSCLES NO LESSSpirit attends the CLASSES at Auburnleu’ii A. AcHmon, Jr. 6 illy li»«i Adair C arencc Adams, J-. Gaines Dan el Adam John Quincy Adim Anna Katherine Addison BHIi I. A doll Fi-oyd K. Agee. J». James Wyndel A«in Ma’gie Albritton John Reese Aldred David W. Aldermen Francis lee AUov Joel Scott Atld'edge Gerald Allen leon H. A len, Jr. Karl R. Allquilt Robert Farl Arnes Moltorr G. Ammons lewii K. Anocrson Thomas E, Anderson Clarence K. Andrews Cloyton D. Andrews O.’in N. Andrews, Jr. William Ansley John I, Anthony, Jr. virgin! Lee Applch Felipe Arqucllo-Cavaro James M. Arndt James 8. As'«cw Frank M. Awbroy. Jf. Jaci C. Awbroy First Row: • LOUIS ANDREW ACHIMON. JR- Tallassee. Alabama; Agricu t-rai Education. • BILLY n'US ADA R Vn non. Alabama- Ad-Cultura Eaucafion Alctj Zeta. Futu-e Farmers of America. • ClARtNCfc C. ADAMS JR,, Annisron A'abnma; Industrial Management. • GAINES DANIEL AOAMS C? tar 8 A Alabama; i dustrial Management. Second Row: • JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. AtM«nd Alabama; Educatoe. • ANNA KATHERINE ADDISON. Smyrna Georg 0; Educator. De to Zera. • llll'E L. AOC.S, Aub.m, Alabama; Veto'ina'y Mcdlcino. A.V. MA A p, . Radio C ub. • FLOYD K. AGEE. JR. Athens a bamo; Business Administration. Alpho Gamma Rho. Third Row: • JAMES WYNDEll AKIN. Carrol ton. Georoa- £ net- cal Engineer ing. • MARGIE HElLiN ALBRITTON, WetumpLe Alabama Ho • Economici Education. • JOHN REESE A.DRED. Florence, Alabama: Ornamental Horticulture. • OAVIO WENDELL AL0r MAN. lain land. Florida; Industrial Management. Delta Tau Delta. Fourth Row: • FRANCIS LEE ALKOV, Pensa a. Flo Delta Tea De n. • JOEL SCOTT ALLOREDGE. Gu n. Alabama edustria Management • GERALD ALIEN laactt, Alabama Amer can C-emi a: Socle'.. • LEON HART. WELL ALIEN. JR. Opell o A'aLar-ia; Aqricultural Sc «r e. Phi Eta Sqma; Alpka Zeta: Ag-ceomy Club. F fth Row: • KARL R CHARD AllQUIST. Ro-m fire-g.v leduitr •gemeat. • ROBERT EARL AMES. Jacison. Mississippi; Chemist. A'pha Chi Omega. A-e-on Chamice • AMMONS. C- ' ' • LEWIS KIN CAIO ANDERSON At onto, Oeo-g a; Business Adm. rlirrat on. Sigma Ctil. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sdui'es. Chairman o Village Fa'. Spades. W-io's Who n A rcrican Colleges and Un«ersitic». S th Row: • THOMAS EUGENE ANDERSON Troy, Alabama; E--' gieecring. • CLARENCE KENORICK ANDRtwS Auburn Alabama Mechanical Engineer rg Pi Kappa Alena. • G.LAYTON DAI f AS DREWS. Bi'm'ngn»r-., Alabama; Aeronautical Fnginee-ing. • OLIN NOV6LLER ANDREWS. JR.. A.burn Alabama; Agr Cultural Science Phi Kappa Tau. Sovonth Row: • William anSUy. Laura Hill Florida: Agriculture A pKj Zeta. Agronomy Cub. • JOHN L. ANTHONY. JR.. S-a'C Colleqe, M ssisiippi; Veterinary Medicine. Omega Tag Sgma. Ar-»r- • V R INIA Lit APPIC A e.andria, Virginia; Interior Design. Delta Oaita Delta Decor Club. "Plainsman" $’aW Union Building Committee. W.S.G.A.. S'u-■tea1 Cabinc ol Architecture ana the A-ts. • TEUPE ARGUELlC CAVAZO. Bar-anera. Guatemala. C’vil Engineering. American Society ol Civil Engineers, Eighth Row: • JAMES MATTHEW ARNOT. Cullman. Alabama; Pharmacy. • JAMES BARTOW ASKEW. Auburn, A eb.amg; Mechanic Engineer ing. Lambda Cnl Alpha lau Seta R . P- Tau S’gma. Scabbard and 6lace V ce-P'eildsnt Caiisons; American Society of Mechanical Engineers • FRANK MCOTY AWBREY. JR. Columbus. Georgia; Ae'cna.tical Administration. Phi Kappa Phi. • JACK C. AWBREY. Roanoke Alabama; Industrial Management.Flist Row: • ARTHUR R. ANDERSON. Opp Atebamo; lndu;1»i«l Management. Soc'ety for ‘he Advancement of Management. Auburn Veteran’; A;-sociation. • V llliAM J. AYCOCK. O'-atur. Alabama; ArcKtectu-e. Kappa Aloha. Newman Club. American Institute of AicklfKft. • CHARIFS E. BACH. New Hope. Pennsylvania; Electrical Ergineer. rg. lee Kappa EptilOn Inlet.fraternity Council. Ame-icar. Ir.vtifjte of Electrical Engineer;.’ • C-ARENCE PINKAY BAGGETT. Castlo berry. A abama, Agriculfu’e. Educate. Socond Row: • HARRIET HAll BAGGETT. Monroeville, Alabama; Home Eco nomics Educat on. • WILLIAM MICHAE. BAGGETT. Pentacola, Florida; Eioct'ieal Engineering. American Insti'utc of Electrical Engineer;. • ARMCNO LAMAR 8AGGS Vienna. Georgia; Aeronautical Administration. • ESCAR LYNWOCD BAILEY 8-Gcorga; Mechanical Engireering. Pi Tea P; S:-cmo. Pi Mu Epsilon. Scabbard and Blade, Arnold A r Society. American Society of Mechanical Engineer . Tau 8eta Pi. Third Row: • JAMES EDWARD BA LEY Alabama City. Alabama; Industrial Management. • KENNETH DAVID 8AILEV. Birmingham. Alabama; Forestry. Xi Sigma Pi. Forestry Club. • MELVIN A0I6 BAILEY, Langdale, Alabama; tailm •• • ACHHAR SINGH SAI$. Naoha. India; Civil Engineering. Fourth Row: • EDWIN E. BAKER Sp'inghill, Alabama; Mechanical Engince’ing, American Society of Mechanical Engineer;. • ELLIOTT RlCF 8AKFR, Can’on. Georgia; Business Admlr.ittration. Phi Eta Sigma, President, Delia Sigma Pi Phi Kappa Phi, • JOHN HERBERT BAKER JR.-Eufouta. Alabama; Industrial Management. Society 'or Advancement Ol Management, e MACK DONALD BAKER. Aie ar,der City, Alabama; Agricultural Sconce. Fifth Row: • CLARENCE OPLAND 8AKKEN. Denver. Colorado; lndu;tri»: Management, Theta Chi. • Sylvia SMITH SALLOW, iSviagtfoo, Alabama; Education. Auourrs Band. Music Education Cluo. Delta Omieron, Glee Club, Freshman Advisory Council. • DANIE. WAL TER BALZLI. Mooilc Alaba • Electrical Engine • THOMAS LYNWOCD 5AR6ER Dothan. A al-ama; Veterinary Medicine. Omega Tau Sigma. American Vctfr rary Mediea Association Si»th Row: • TRAVIS LEON BARDON, Fariti s; Agricultural Edu- cation. Future Farmer; cf America. Auburn Veteran’; Association; Wesley founcation. • RHETT G. BARNES, JR., Silurio, Alabama; Ag-iculiurol Education. • 8111 M. BARNETT, t.jrrtt Alabama; Science ard Literature. • EDWARD FRANKLIN BARNETT Goshen. Alabama; Science and Literature. Seventh Row; • CLIFFORD ROUNTREE 8aRR. Birmingham, Alabama; Art. • CHARLES NEAL BARRETT. Florala, Alabama; Irdusfr s Management • JERALO LANOiO BARRETT, Aebura, Alabama; Mechanical En gineering. Ph Kappa Tau. Tau Bota Pi, Pi Tau S'qma, American vnchanical Engineers. C-jissons. • JAMES WILLIAM BATES, Ha cyvlllo. Alabama; Pharmacy. American Pharmaceutical Association. Phi Delta Chi. Eighth Row; • MORRIS DEAN BAUGH. Atren;. Alabama; Aeronautical Administration. • JOHN WILLIAM BAUGHMAN. Fort Wo-th, Texas; Ornamental Horticulture, Kappa Sorry. • Thomas Raymond BAX1ER. San Antonio, Teias; Science and Literature. Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilcr. Pi Tau P: Sigma, Auburn Independent Organinficr, Managing Editor. Plaiatmca, • WANDA SUE BEARDEN. U Alabama; Home Economics Education. Ninth Row; • ONEN D. 6ELCH;R. Birmingham a abema; Agricultural Science. • DONALD CARLTON BELL. Longdae. Alabama; Induttral - ent. • JANET BELL. 8 nomics. Kai:s a Delta. Home Economics Club. F esnman Advisory Union Dance Committee. • S. Margaret Balter, Pike Read. Aabama; Education, Futuro Teache't of Amer’ca; Presided, Canterbury Forum; R.E V . Commirfee; Froshrran Aovisory Counci’. Canterbury Vestry. Tenth Row: • DERREL. DEAN BENEFIELD. Chunchulie, Alabama; A-t. • WILLIE J. 3ENE'IELD. East Ga'Jsdcn Aaoama; Pharmacy. Secretary T-easurer. RIo Chi Vice-President, pfi Delta Cn. Phi £ta Sigma. Tr-asu-e'. Amt'.’cae Pharmaceutical Association. • HENRY ,v. BENNETT. Tnttogea, Alabama; Pre-Medicine. • JAMES . BEN NETT, pieemont. Alabama; Bulircss Adn-inistrotion. A'thur R. Anderson William J. Aycocl Cha-lcs F. Bach Clarence P. Baggel Harriet Hall Baggett Wil iam M. Baggett Armond I amar Baggs Escar L. Bailey James E. Bailey Kenneth D. Bailey Melvin A Bailey Achhar Singh gals Edwin E. Bate' Elliott Rice Bake' John M. 8-tter. „r. Mack Donald Baker Clarence C. Bakken Sylvia Sm'fh Bal ow Danie Walter Balili T nomas t. Baroer Trovis Leon Bvdon Rhott G. Barr-es. Jr. 8ill M. Barrett Edwa-d F. Barnett Clifford R. Barr Charles N. 3arfetl Jerald L. Barrett Jarre; William 8a es Morri; Dean Baugh John W. Basghman Thomas R. Batter Wanda Sue Bearden Onen D. Bekhor Donald Carlton' Bell Janet Bell S. Margaret B»lser Derrell Dean B-nclield Willie J. 8eneii ld Henry W. Bennett Jamei K. 8cnrettSnnn Your Dent’ I aloly? E N O R S Edward R. Sennlch, Jr James W. Be'esheim Philip Beverly Vernon Clifton Bi:o Robert O. B’clham William P Bickham Gene Austin Biftgnnm George S. BucMield Thomas H. Bi-chtie d Richard C Bishop !c"ell fcdwjrd |i|T«P Pau Edward Slack Ralph Daniel Black Billy Olen Blackburn Rober Oavid Bl»nkbs.rn Winfred M. Blackirorr Frank James Blackwell Rjlui 8. Blankenship Marion M. Blevins. Jr. Glenn $. Boatfigh . Jr. Suanae Boatright R chard Jon Bohntsoff Narcy El rabeth Bui' E'jkon T. 8onner Lewis Edwin Booker William R. Boon; Ratric'o Booth Herman Joseph Boss Ronald M. Boswell W. Weston Boswc I Leo Donald Bowen Ja'nes V . Bow es. Jr. Fi’sf Rcw: • EDWARD RAY BENNlCH JR. HartMlI . Alabama; Electrical Engineering. Insfitvte of Redo Engneers. • JAMES WILIAM 8ERESMEIM Gainesville. Florida; Civil Engineering. Oe to C'i. Amer can Society of Clvi Engineers; American Society oi Military Engineers; Sigma Tau. • PHILIP LANIER BEVERLY, Jathaa, Ale beme; Electrical Engineering. Institute ot Radio Englnee-s. • VERNON CLIFTON 8ICE, Rockford. Alabama; Agriculture Science. Second Row: • ROBERT O. BICKHAM. a | fdttfuiy Med c aa Omega Toj S gma. American Veterinary Medical Associatioe • WILLIAM PIERSON BICKHAM. Auburn, Alabama; Business Ad n iniilrat on. Baptls Student Urlon. • GENE AUSTIN BINGHAM Hollywood Flo’ioa; Veterinary Mecicnic. T-easurer. Omega Tau Sigma Preslden-. American Veterinary Medical Association. • GEORGE SAMUEL BIRCHFIELD. Dothan. Alabama; Chemico En-g.nee-leg. S gma Nu. Third Row: e THOMAS HAROLD BIRCHFIELD. Wadlev. Alabama; Agricultural Education. Pnl Kappa Tau. e RICHARD CLARK BlSHCP. Hr ina. Alabama; Electrical Engineering. • TERRELL EDWARD BISHOP. Langdate, Alabama; Industrial Management. Society tor Advance ntanl el Manage meat, e pah EDWARD • I a .tbama- Mechanica1 Engineering. American Society ot Mechanical tnginee's; Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Tav Sigma: Tau Bets Pi. Fourth Row: • RALPH DANIEL 8LACK Maury City. Tennauai l« i Final Man agtmanl. Society 'or Advancement ol Management. • 8ILLY OLEN BIACKBURN Aliens Alabama; Vetn’inary Medicine. Baptist S', deni it- m; A Medical Association, e ROBERT OAVID BLACKBURN. Bsirtv - Alabama; Agr • ra S • • WINFRED HAROLD B.ACKMARR Atlanta. Georgia; Forestry PI Kappa Alpha. Fifth Row: e FRANK JAMES BLACKWELL. Dacatl '. Alabama; Chemical Engineer ng Amarican Institute ot Chemical Engiaatrs. a RUFUS BERNARD BLANKENSHIP, A e»a'der City. Alabama; Business Admin iilratSon. • MARION m BLE’ INS, JR., fo't Payne, Alabama; Agr cultural Science. • GLENN STUART BOATRIGHT. JR.. EHrabethfon. Tennessee; Veterinary Medicine. Omega Tau Sigma; American Vet nrirary Medical Association, Si» h Row: • SUANN6 BOATRIGHT Montgomery. Alabama; Education Alpha Della. • RICHARD JCN BOHNHOFF. lorley. Alabama; Chemica Engineering. Pi Tau Pi Sigma. American Chemical So :iety America latlilute el Ci mlcal Engineers. • NANCV ELIZABETH BClT. Auburn n sr it • $------------------- j. • ERSTON T. BONNER. Corona. Alabama; Agricultural Educstior. Sovonth Row; • LEWIS EDWIN BOOKER. McKenjie. Alabama; Mechanlcol Enqi nee' 0 American Society ol Mechanica Engineers. I ahona Fellow s’ P Student Cothc I on Religious Activities, • WILLIAM ROBERT BOONE. Mobile. Alabama; Industrial Management Oel a Sigma - Advancemyr- M I laMCM. • PATRICIA 800TH Montgomery, Alabama; Chemistry. Treasurer, Chi Omega Mortar Board, Judicial Council o-" WSGA, Alpho Lambda Delta, 0»N. Pi Mu Epsilon, f'cshmar Advisory Council. WSGA Legista live Council. Orchestra, American Chemical Society. Dormitory Vice President. Putal c Relations Committee. Vice-President School of C «mistry. Who's Wno in American Co'leges and Universities. • HERMAN JOSEPH BOSS. Birmingham Alabama; Industrial Man agement. Auburn Veteran’s Association, Society for l- c Advance men! ol Management. Eighth Row; • DONALD MORRISON BOSWELL. Georgia; Industrial Management. Kappa Alp'a. • W. WESTON BOSWELL, Montgomery. Aabama; Mechanical Engineering. A pha Tau Omega. Amer'can Society of Mechanical Engineer.. • LcO DONALD BOWEN Somerville. Alabama Electrica Engineering. American Engineer . • JAMES WILLIAM BOWIES JR. Shawmut. Alabama; Architecture. Kappa Sigma, Auburn Pla ers. Alpha Phi Omega. Pi Taw Sigma Scabbard an i Blade. American Institute of A'chl'ects.First Row: • BILLY CENE 80WMAN Anniston, Alabama; hdnlritl men . Society lor Advamnwl o' Management. • NOVEL RU DOlPH BCYD JR.. Columbus. Georgia: Zoology; A Club: Hock «nd B'ldle Club. • SAM C BOZEMAN. Sylac.suga, Alabama; I" Manage men . • JOHN MILLER JRABSON MllMIK A ■ bame; Ornamental Horticulture; Agriculture Council; Auburn Vet erans Association. Second Row: • WILLIAM M. BRACKNEY Auburn. A'aba- nee'ing; T,au Kappa Eos Ion. Society cl Amer can Mi itary Eng n«e's. American Society ol Mechan'cal Engineers. P: Tau Sigma. • ROBERT GIBSON BRADSHAW JR.. Denver. Colorado; Industrial Management; Scabbard ana Blade. Arnold Ai- Society. Society for the Advancement ol Management. • LOTT WHITT BRANTLEY. Bermuda. Alabama; E •• • tommy k. branuy. Mon-, gomery. Alabama; Civil Engineering, Sigma Ri. Third Row; • ARGUS LEVI BRASELl. Aie«and r City Alabama; Aanana ■ • Administration. • DORWYN RAPHlfcL BRASWELL. Dev.-bama; Mechanical Engineering. • DONALD LEON BRAY, Mats! gomery, A abamo; Civil Engineering: Amoricon Soc'ety o' CivI’ Engineering, SAMUEL ARIAS BRAY. Stapleton, Alabama; 6 tine s Administration; Delta Sigma Pi. Fourth Row: • RONALD DEAN BRETZ. Auburn, Alabama: Music; Phi Mu Alpha. Auburn Knignts. Producer and Oi-ector API TV. a TERRELL B. BRIDGES. Birmingham. Alabama; Art; Lambda C'i Alpha. • ROY J. BRINKMAN Pascagoula. M'ssitti pi; Veterinary Meidcine: JvVor Amnri-an Ve-ennary Medice Association. Omega Tau Sigma. • MARTHA DAVIDSON BRISTOW. Ei-jpatrick. Alabama; Educaton; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row: • SYBIL ANN BRITTAIN. Jacksonville. Alabama; Clothing and Tc« tiles; Zeto Tau Alpha. "P elnsmon" StaH. Home Econom cs Club. • JOE B. BROADWATER. Athens. Alabama; Agricu lural Science. • ANTHONY JOHN BROOKLERE B rminghem. Alabama; Pharmacy • BARBARA LEE BROOKS Shalfla t Alabama; Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, Future Teachers ol America Wesley Foundation. $i»th Row: • BENNY J. BROWN, Muscadine, Alabama; E!ectrical krgn; « Caisson C'ub. American Irvstitu-e ol Electrical Engineers. • SllUE ANN 8ROWN. Birmingham, Alabama- Home Econom ct. • CLAUD HERBERT BROWN. JR.. Oselilo. Alabama; Ornamental Horticulture. • DANE RAE TOMER BROWN, St. Cloed Florida; Sciewce o- I literature: Alpha Lambda Oe la. Sovonth Row: • DONAID S. BROWN St. Cloud. Florida; Veterinary Medicine; • pa Phi. Alps Zeta. • JOHNNIE WILEORD 8ROWN. Par.i, Tennessee; Cnamical Engineering, a MILTON P. BROWN. Roanoke. Alabama; Tc tile Enginoerng. a ROBERT BEN NETT BROWN. Birmingham, Alabama A-t; AH Guild. Eighth Row; • RONALD DAN BROWN. Plr-ni. City A aUsr a; Aeronautical En gineering; lestitute Aeronautical Sciences. Glee Club. • SHIRLEY ANNE BROWN Atlanta. Georgia; Chemistry; On t.n Delta Delta a JACK BENJAMIN BRUCE Shawmu’ Alabama- Industrial Management. • ROBERT AQUIllA BRUCE Birm ng-»m. Alabsma- Me ctanical Engineering; Amer can, Society Mechanical Engineer. Ninth Row: • FRANK D. BRUNSON. Oiarl. Alaoama; Business a DONALD DEAN BRYAN. A'dmore Tennessee; Vefe- nary Medicine; Omega Ta„ J tannery Medical Asscclai o'.. • ERNEST CARY 3RYAN, Un'on Springs. Alabama- Meehan cal En i; Sgme Nv. • MARS-ALL HATCHER BRYAN Brendidge Alabama; Vererinary Medicine; Alpha Psi, J». American Veterinary h edical Association. Tenth Ro w: a BOBBY FRED BRYANT, Ann.stcn. A'abemj; Electrical Enginre-ing. a HARRISON MORGAN BRYCE Silver Springs Many gr . Agricultural Science; Alpha Comma Rho. • RICHARO W. BUCK . an a iban 5: Mr uoi Engineering. • Charif$ EDWIN BUIS. JR.. B rrwinghan . Alabama; Business Admin’st'at'on. Billy Gene Bowman Novel Rudolph Boyd Sam C. Bozeman John M. Brobson Wi Kam M. Brackney RobertG. B'adthaw. Jr. Loti Whitt Brantley Tommy K. B'ontly A'gus Levi Breiell Dorwyn R B'atweii Donald Leon 8-ay Samuel A'ios 8'ay Ronald Dean B' n Terrell 6. Badges Roy J. Brinkman Martha D. B'istow Sybil Ann B'lltain Joe B. B'oad water An’hoay J. B’ooklere Barbara Lee 3'ooks Benny J. B'own 8illie Ann B'Own Claude H. B'own, Jr. Dione Rae Tomer Brown Donald S. B'own Johnnie W. B'own Milton P. Brown Robert B. 8'Own Ronald Dan B'own Snirley Anne 8'Own Jack Beniamin 8'ucn Robert Agu lie Bruce Frank D. Brunson Donald Dean B-yan Ernest Cary B'yan Morshatl H. Bryan Bobby Fred B'yan Harrison M. B-yce Ricna-d W. Buck shew Charles E. Buis. Jr.SENIORS Be-.s Bullock E'nett Patrick Bui : James E" Burdette Rooer Eugene Burell Bardee Bu-ge Anne Gentry Burgess Marion F. B.'lhead John W. Bu neH. Jr. Barbara Nenl Burnt Joveph Cloy 8u-ns June Louise Bu'fii Thomas Oanie. Burton JciSO Charles Bush Fe-'ill 8 Butler Jack P. Butler Thomas Talbot Butler Harris D. Byiwm Morye Galiya Bynum Rickard Turner B.rd Patrick Bvrre Je.srald 0. Cable Jacob Jamej Caldwell Peter W. Cal noon Linda R tch Call«»ay Robert 0. Calvert Robert l, Came»ot, Jr. Carl R. Camp, Jr. Joseph Lee Camp WTI u m Sidney Camp Hugh M. Campbell Robert Jeral Campbel Thomas H. Cannon First Row: • BESS BULLOCK, Jackson, Mississippi; Art. • ERNEST PATRICK BUNTZ. Mekenile, Alabama: Indust-lai Management; Secretary, Lambda Ctrl Alpha; Presdetrf. Alpha Phi Omega; Society for -.'c Advancement ct Management. lljhona Fellowship. Advertising Mae age’, "Plnintman; Phi Kapr a PM, Whoi wno in American Cot-egei arvg Un ve'iitlet. • JAMES ERV N BURDE’iE. S"»'q'r, Alabama; Aeronautical Enoineer ng. Scabbard and Blade. Arnold Air Soc'e'y. IAS. • ROBERT EUGENE BUREll. Mobile. Alabama; Mecnanical Engineering, ASMS. Second Row: • BAROhf BUR Alabama; Home Economic ; Alpha p, • ANNE GENTRY BURGESS. Birmingham, Alabama; Sd'anca and I forature; Ze a Taj Atpna, Union Building Culture Com m'rttee. • MARION FRANKLIN BURKHEAD. Florence. Alabama; Ai niitratioa; K Sigma Epsilon. • JO’ N W. BURNETT. JR.. Gadtden, Alabama; Electrical Engineering. Third Row; • BARBARA NOEL 3URNS Dothan, Alabama; Education; Oelta Del’a Delta Freyhrijn Adultery Council. Union Social Commiltee. FT A. GLOmERATa Student Spirit Committee. Village Fair Com-raitte . • Joseph clay burns At heat. Alabama; Elacti gu-eer ng; AltE. • JUNE LOUISE BURNS. B:'-ning“am Alabama; Education. • THOMAS DANIEL BURSCN A - - A r • cngnical Eng.'nee-ing; Kappa Alpha. Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma. Pi Ml Epsilon, Phi E a Sigma. ASME, Scabba'd and Blade. Steerage. Fcurlh Row: • JESSE CHARLES BUSH. Eufaela. Alabama; Agriculture ; ag; ASAt. • FERRHL 8. BUTLER Aub.-r Alabama; A n Egjcat'on. • JACK P. BUTLER. Cullman, A'abama; Electrical fn. giaearing; AiFE • THOMAS TALBOT BUUER. Anniston. Alabama; Electrical Eng nearing; Phi Kappa Tau. Fi th Row: • HARRIS D. BYNUM Birmingham Alabama Machani I -g; American Society of Mechanical Eng rents. • MARYE GIAIYA 8YNUM, Gadtgen Alabama; Home Economcis; Horn Economics Club. • RIC-ARC TURNER BYRD. Gaosder. A'abama; Industrial Management; Sigma Nu Society for Advancemen' of Management. • PATRICK BYRNE, 8a. Mine'le. Alobamo; Aerono I ing; lambda Ctii Alpha. Si«Th Roar; • JEARALD D. CABLE Birmingham. Alabama; Mechanical Engineer ng; lambda Chi Alpha. Union Dtnce Committee. Sportt Executive Committee, American Society of Mechanical Fngineeri. • JACOB JAMFS CAIOWFlI. Oemopolis, A -bama; An'onautlra Administration. • PETER WEI -BORN CALHOUN. Atlanta. Georgia; St ance ano Literature; Kappa Sigma. A Cl b, Spiked Shoe. • LINDA RITCH CALLAWAY. Columbus. Georgia; Alpha Gamma Oelta; Education. Sovonth Row; • ROBERT DAIE CALVERT Cullman A r •g Institute ot Radio Eng nee'-.. • ROBERT I. CAMERON, .R. Union Sp'Irvgt. Alabama; Agricultural Sconce. • CARL ROSSER CAMP JR., Centre. Alabama; Agriculture Engineering; Alpha A "-''lean Sod'S ot Agrlcultu-al Eng rce-s. • JOSEPH LEE CAMP, Mcmpi . Tennessee; Agricultural Science. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM SIDNEY CAMP. Athens, A’abama; Mechanical Engineer rg. • HUGH MARTIN CAMPBELL. Htflia Alabama; Mtchan -cal Engineering. • ROGER JERAL CAMPBELL. Roclma't. Georgia: • MAS H. CANNON JR., fe.e-rr A'abai s: Irdustr al Management; Sigma Nu. Omic'on D'lta Kappa; Rho Cnl; Society to' the Advancement of Manage men .first Row: • GEORGE WESLEY CAWS. OpcMj. Alabama; Business Adm.r-ist aticr. • TEODY EARL CAWS. LSptCOmb, Alabama; B. ling Construction; Builders G.'U. • RICHARD I. CARLISLE. Thcnnasvil e, Alabama; BwiMM AdminiitratiMi. • JAMtS Me DAVID CARO, fer-saco a. Florida; Industrie Management; Kapoa Sigma, Society for the Advancement of Manage meat. Cire e K Club, Camera Club. Soeond Row: • JAMES WILLIAM CAREEN Inga. Alabama; Forestry. • MARY lOIS CARTER. Troy. A abama; Home Economics; 0»k, Mortar Doard Omicron Nj. Freshman Advisory Council. Mo-no economics cut-. W.R.A.. Gymnastic Club. • VERNON LEE CARTER. JR.. Wadley Alobamo; Veterina-v Mod't'ro; Omega Tau Sigma. Phi Koppo 3 . • CHARLES RALPH CASEY. Anniston. Alaba-io; lutiwt) Administration; Sigma Nu Scabbard a ad Blade. Traci and Saber. Third Row: • LAWRENCE HAROLD CAVE JR., Mobile. Alabama: Civil Engl neer ng; Am«-i an Society of Civi Engineers. American Soc’ety of Military Engineer . Scabbard and Blade Military Society. • ROBERT L. CAV IHON be Pun a Springs, Florida; Bus ness Administration. • NONA TUTT BECK CAWTHORNE. Montgomery. Alabama; Home Economics; Alpho Gamma Delta. Doipn'n Club. S.G.A. Senate. Union Program Counc l-Publicity C’iairman; Freshman Advisory Coenc I. • FRAN FJLON CHALFCwT. Birmingham. Alabama; Mechanica Engineering; Delta Sigma PM. A.S.M.F.. Canterbury Club. Recreation Commi-tee, Enfer-ainmen Committee. Fourth Row: • JOSEPH l PE CHAMBLfSS. Birmingham. Alabama; Forestry; Xt SSgitM Pi. So: e y of A'rer :an Fortes • OYETTf CHAMBLISS Georgiana. Alabama; Agricultural Education; 8af.tlst Stjdenf Union, Alpha Zeta. Futu-e Fa-men ol Amntrlco. • STEWART MCWHORTER CHAMPION JR.. Hoynesvlle. A abama; B. I ding action; $igmo Alpha EptiltM. • JAMES CONNEll CHAF MAN. JR„ Birmingham. A sbama: Chemical Fngin«»rirg. Fifth Row: • THOMAS OAZE CHAPMAN, lowlcy, Alabo -iltra-ion. LUCIUS BEDSOl f CHASTAIN Jackson, Alabama; Indus, t-ial Management. • OLIVER J. CHASIAIN Jackson, Alabama; Ir Oust-ial Management; Lambda CM Alpha. Society for Advancement of Management Pi Tan Chi Honora-y, "Plainsman" Writer, "Engi itop" Writer. R E.w. CoT-nittee. We- e, Foui lation • ZAlDEE GRAY CHATHAM. Mob .e. Alabama; Education; Delta Omicron. Union Activities Committee. Sixth Rom: • ELEANOR OsENAUiT. Decatet a ibama; Home Ecot Delta Delta Del-a. Mor-ar Board. Pres dent. Delta Delta Dtlta; Pres ident, Omicron Nu; President Women’s Recreat'on Association; C (b Cwe-s. • WALTER KELLY CHENEY. Panama City, Flo-ioa; Aft. • VIRGINIA LOUISE CHERRY 8a-ne ville. Georgia; Eoucation; Phi Mu. • |ILLV HAYNES CHILDERS, Hamilton. A u hamo; Civi Engince-ing; A.S.C.E. Seventh Row: • DAN STEWART CHILORESS. Cale«o Alabama; Streets As- - istraikjo; p; Sigma Epsilon. • frank miChaEI c-oifwinski. Mobile, Alabama; Education • jiu E. CHRISTEN Bitmiaghann te Sigma PH. • MYRON DENN S CHRISTENSEN. Mary Esther F orida; Irvdustrial Management; Ihela Chi, S.A.M.. Gamma Delta. Eighth Rcw: • Charles W. Christopher. Svfeceuge. Aistams; Mecnenicai Engineering. • TERRY MACK C-RISTOPHER Athens. Alabama; Mec anical E-ijineerng; A.S.M.E.. S.A.M.E. Scabbard a-.j 8 ade. • MARY CHARLES CLACKIFR. Wetumple A • on • HENRY A. CLAPP. JR.. Alburn. Alabama; Industrial Managemjnt; Society for Advancement of Management. Ninth Row: • DORA .UC LIE C.ARK. Dncatu-. Alabama; Home Eccomics-Delta Del-a Delta. • JCSE FRANCISCO CLARK. Geneva Alebeme; Me. lanicel Engineering; A.S.M.E. • JOSEPH williams Clt land I - • a:a Ed', a-.or; S.E.A • JAMES SIDNEY CLEMENTS. Montgomery. A abanva; Chemical Eng reetr ng; Ame-iran institute of Chemical Engineers. Tenlh R yw: • JAMES IHEODORE CLIFION. Asiteegeville. Alabama; Agricultural Science; Cross Country. Track, Block ano 3-iole Cub. Alp a Ze a. Livestock Judging Team. • JAMES R08ERT CLINTON Jack-son Mississippi; E.'cc-riia E e DAWN JOANN C Tuslegee. Alabama- Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Union Bon-d. Freshmen Advisory Council. Woman’s Student Government. e C' HUGltA COBB. Mon-gorrnry. Alaoame; Industrial Management; Society lor the Advancement of Management. Geo-qe Wesley Capps Teddy £a-l Capos Richard I. Carlisle James McOavid Ca-o James W. Carpenter Maty Lois Carter Ve-non l»e Carter Charles Ralph Casey La«ren« H. Care. Jr. Ronen- L. Ca »thon Nona Tut! Carr!homo Front Fulton Chalto-vt Joseph lee Chamh'nn Ovettc L. Chambliss S. M. Chamption. Jr. J. C. Chapman. Jr. Thomas 0. Chapman Lucius B. Chastain Oliver J. Chastain Zaidee G. Chatham Eleanor Chenault Wa ler Kel y C"eney Virginia Che ry Sit y Haynes Cniiders Dan S. Chi dress Frank M. Cholewintki Jim E. Christen Myron D. Christensen Char n-. W. Ch-lstonhe-Te-'y M. Ch-istophc' M»-y Char Clacker Henry A. Clapp, Jr. Dora Lucille C’arr Jose Francisco Cla's Joseph W Cleiiand James S. Clements James T. Clifton James Robert Clinton Dawn Joann C vatt Charles Hvgha CobbGENE BURR Pin.idrnl of Blue Key SENIORS Emslay Foster Cobb Joe F. Cobb Raymond W. Coot Thomas Darwin Cobb Harold W. Coch'on James £. Coch'on William R. Cochran Mario Coffman Arthur Ferd Cohen Waller James Coke-Buford Clifton Cole Thomas O. Coleman Wilfred L. Colle'fe Carl Edward Col'ey flenson Collins Lee Marcus Con er Robert N. Conkle Marion L. Conner Paul C. Conner Ewell Powell Conyers Henry Lee Cool. Jr. Join Gordon Cool William Cool 0!«on N. Coo«e Carolyn Copeland Helen Hall Coceland Patsy Sue Copeland James Hugh Co’bltt Wili am P. Corley William Prank Cosby Leman lovelle Cost He-schel W. Cotton First Row: • EmSlEY POSTER COBB. Jacl da; Electrical Eny iseering; Pi Kappa Phi. American Institute of Electrical Engineers • lion; Alpha Gamma Rho "A" Cub. • RAYM N by, A abama; Agricultural Edueobon; Future hjrmers ol America. • THOMAS DARWIN COBS Woodvillo, Alabama; Business Ad ministration. Socond Row: • HAROLD W. COCHRAN Sy(MOM«. Alabama; AgriCul -'a' Administration; Future Farmers of Ame'lca. Alpha Beta Alpha. Ad' Cu feral Council. • JAMfcS EUGENE COCHRAN. Plainfield, ladtana; Veterinary Mndic ne; Omeqj tau Sid"- . • WILLIAM R. COCHRAN. Mot « tbtmt; Industrie MaMgnment. • VARIE COPhMAN. 8 rmiisgham. AlaPoma; Art; Alpha Gamma Delta. Woman s Oder, Art Guild. Third Row: • ARTHUR PERD COHEN, Ampr cus. Gro-gla; Busirest Ad tion; Kappa Sigma. • WALTER JAMES COKER. Ha«ncv Ho, Aia bama; Business Administration. • BUFORD CLIFTON CO..E Dade rill . AIsl;.,- i; EdsrCdtion. • THOMAS OLIVER COLtMAN. V«r-gomer,- Alabama; Mechanical Enginee-irg; Sia" a Alpha Epsiiov Caisson Club; American Sorie’y of Mechanical Engineering. Fourth Row: e wit FRFO I. COLlETTf. Fort Uuderdele. f . Omega Toe Sigma. • CARL EDWARD COiiey, Birmingham. Meehan .1 Engineering, • DfcNV.JN COLLINS Birn ng ham, Alaoarra; Chemical Engineering; Kappa Sigma. • EE MAR CUS COMER. Se ma. Alabama; Industrial Managemert; Kaopa Sigma. Fifth Row: • ROBfRT N. CONKif. City. Alabama; Pharmacy. • ma RION L CONNER. Birmingham. Aabnma; laboratory Technology; Oelta eta. e RAUL C. CONNER, Ge-a dme. AijPama; Education. • EWELL POWELL CONYERS. O-mgsv.iie, Kertuc-y. Vetnnnary Medic ne; Omega Tag S'gma, Alp'a Ze’a, American Veterinary Medicine Association. Si th Row: • HENRY LEE COOK. JR., Pheni. City. Alabama; Madwnical Er ginoering At or Socle’y tor Mr;»as ai Engineer . • JOHN GORDON COOK. Andalgsio, A abama; Electrical Engineer-g in ytilwte of Radio Erqineen. Ame-icon Institute of Electrical Engi-wn Sigma PI Sigro. • william HUGH COOK. Sbowmut, a a ban i; Bvtinost Administratioa. • dixOn n. COOKE, Sprot . Ala bama; Industrial Ma-«g»ment; Delta Sigm Phi. Sorenth Row: • CAROLYN COPELAND. Manchester, Georgia; Home Economics: Dota Delta Delta. Home Economics Club. R.E.W.. A abama Farmer. • HELEN HALL COPELAND. Marietta. Geo-gia; Indus-.iyl Maroqe r-ient; Chi Otryoga, 5; iLOMERATA, • PATSY SUE COPELAND. O-inonta Alabama; Morn - fronomics; Kappa Delta Home 6c Ci„h e JAMES HUGH CORBITT, Elba. Alabama; Chnm. ical Engineering; Phi Lambda Uosilon, Taj Beta PI. Eighth Row; • william Pinkney CORLEY, caiman. Alabama; Mtcbarvical Engineering, • WILLIAM FRANK CCSBY. Montgomery. Alaoama; Building Construction, n lUMAN LAVEllE COST. Slm-lp tam Ain ba-ra; Art. • HERSCHEl W. COTTON. Abbeville Alabama VelOf inary Medicine.First Row: • TRANCES EVELYN CCUCH Annistoo. Alabama; Education. Alpha Gamma Delta. • WlNFREO ONEAL COUCH. Fa-kville. Alatami.-industrial Management; Disciple. Stjdent Fellowship Society fo’ Adv.s'rement of Management. JfftRY EDWARD COULTER, Phenii City. Alabama; Edstealion; Theta Xi. • JOYCE DORNt COULTER. Opelim Alabama. Education; Auburn Band. Socond Row: • WILLIAM f. COULTER. Opelika. Alabama; Education, a BOBBY CMMII COUPLANl) Birmingham. A abarra; Mjragemcnt. • DWIGHT HOWARD COVINGTON. Pentaccla. Florida; Chemistry; Pi Tau Pi Sigma. American Chem'cal Society. • FRED LAMAR COV-INGTON Montgomery, A ibaria; Aeronautical Engi'eerlng; Arnold A!' Society. Scabbard and Blade. Pnl Era Sigma Pi Tau Sigma Third Row; • WILLIAM OLIVER COWART Troy. Alabama; Vcterinaty Mej-icinc; Alpha Pti. Junior American Veterinary Medicine Association. • CLINTON RAY COX. Brewtcn. Mahs-mv'ial Myiw ■rent. DWAIN COX. Lafayette, Alabama; lullntd Administration. • RUFUS HERMAN COX. Dadev lie, A'abatra; Electrical Engineering. Fourth Row; • JOHNNIE HAMPTON CRANCE. Pell City. Alaoama; Fsh Management. • THEODORE POOLE CRANE. Chknan. Alabama; Chem-i peering; Americon Inttitule of CheMicO Engineers. • FRtD ALBERT CREASY. Jackson. Tennessee; Induttnal Management; lamb-oa Chi Alpha. Society to Advancement ol Management. • JAMES MARION CREEL. TutCumbia, Alabama; Mechanical Engineer ng; Delt.i Sigma Phi. Fifth Row: • MARY ELLEN CREWS. Simon, Alabama; Home Economic); Home Economics Club, Auburn Independent Organization. • HOLLEN CRIM Birmingham, Alabama; E.'ectrica Enu reeri-g. • ELLIS O'NEAL CROSS. Red Boy Alabama; pharmacy; Auburn Deba’e Council, Fehire Far America. Alpha Zata. • JAC CROUCH. Coral Gable). Florida; Building Construction; "A" Club. Sinlh Row; • FLOYO R. CRUM, Mooile, Alabama; Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Pti. • MARGARET CRUSE. Tuscaloosa. Alabama; Pharmacy; Pra dent, Delta Zeta. Rho CM; Mortar Board. • JOHN MARSHALL CRUTCHER, Athens. Alabama; Businett Administration; Phi Delta Thata. • WILLIE CLAUOf CULBERSON, Alexander Cily. Alabama; Chemical Engineering. Savonth Row: • DOOLEY EWELL CUL8ERTSCN, A banv, Geo-gia; Mechanical Engineer ng; Ph. Delta Theta, American Society ol Mechanical Engineers. Society of American Milita’y Engineer); Student Union Com A.ou'n Rifles; Canterbury Fo-undstion; "PtaSnimaa." • STERLING G. CULPEPPER, Montgomery. Alabama; Industrial Man • Pm Del’j Theta. • S'JSAN W. CULPEPPER. Otmopol bama: Education; Kappa Delta, e JOHN LAWRENCE CUNOIFF, Irvington, Alabama; Engineering Physics, Eiqhlh Rcw; • IRVINS WILLIAM CUNUFF. Tarrant. Alabama; Architect-e-Lambda O'! Alpha, American Institute ot Architecture. • HARRY CLAY CURRENT. Millo-burg. Kentucky; Veterinary Medyine; O-megi Tau SIgmo Alpha Zeta. Phi Zeta. Junior American Veter naty Med icoi A.-cciat on. • DORIS F1AINF CUNTIS. Birmingham. Alabama; Home Economics; Freshman Advisory Council- Wesley Foundstion-Pi Taj Chi. • WILLIAM HENRY CURTRIGHT, Tuskeqee. Alabama; Pre-Medicine. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ninth Row: • MOSEA RONALD DAILY. Selma. Alabama; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association. • MARRY tAMARR DANIEL. Camp Hill. Alabama: Business Administration. • CHARLES C. DANN. JR„ 8 rm pgham, Alabama; Pharmacy. • LOUIS ARTHUR DANOS, JR.. Cantonment, Florida; Electrical Enoineer ng, Tontl Rsdw: • MARTY DAVENPORT. Atlanta. Georg a- Sec'et.vial Tra ring- Phi Mu. • ALLEN EDWARD DAVIDSON. Watriagtoa Floe t.v Irvdettria Management; Society (cr the Advancement ol Management; Au uu-n Vete-an s Association; Newman Cluo. • BARRV EDWARD DA VIS Montgomery, a abama; Industrial Management; Society for the Advorcement of Management. • CHARLES MONROE DAVIS e -mingham, Alabama; Chemical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Frances Couch Winlred Couch Jerry E. Coulter Joyce Dorn£ Coulter William r. Coulter Bobby E. Coupland Dwight M. Covington Fred L. Covington William Oliver Cowart Clinton Ray Co 0»ain Co Rufus Herman Co Johnnie M. C'once Theodore Poole Crane Fred Albert Creasy James Marion C’eel Mary Ellen Crews Hollen Crlm Ellis O'neal Cross Jack Crouch Floyd R. Own Margaret C'use John M. Crutcher Willie C. Cu'-berson Dooley E. Culbertson Sterling G. Culoepper Susan w. Culpepper John L. Cundiff Irving William Cunliff Harry Clay Current Doris Elaine Contis William H. Curt-igM Mosee Ronald Dailey Harry Lamarr Daniel Charles C. Oarsn, Jr. Louis A. Oanos. Jr. Marty Davenport Allen f. Davidson Barry Edward Davis Charles M. DavisTOW ESPY Procidont of tho I.F.C. N I O R S Donald Gene Davis James 6. Davis. J . Wallace B. Davit. Jr. Wayne F. Davit William C. Davit Jean Dawson Mary fliiabeth Day Gary Daniel Dean James E. Dearman Jr. Retecta Jar. Deck Peqqy Lee Delters Margaret D’loach John Cecil Dcnjy fjmmer Je’ty Denny John t. Detwiler V illiam T. Ceup'ee, J-. Ihon-ot J. Deweese, Jr. Ciro Orlando Dia» Richard M. DitUnvjn Lee P. DicLton Roy Eugene Dldson Miriam 8. DismuVe Waller L. Dixon V llliam I. Debtor. Mary Anne Doby fmil Doorlar. Jr. Joseph Jamet Doherly Robert f I or d Donchoo Jerry lee Dooley Coy William Ooty Stuart P. Do-linq Stewart A. Draper Pint Row; • DONALD GENE DAVIS. P-cn . City A ir . - • . • JAMES 3. DAVIS. JR,. Troy, A'abama; Industrial Ma-agement; Sigma Nu. Society lor the Advancement o' Management. • WALLACE B. DAVIS. JR , Marian»a F c-ida; Science erjtv'e; Phi Oella Tfeta. • WAYNE E. DAY S. Siptey. Alabama; Agricultural Science. Second Row: • WiiJAM Chari ES days. Montgomery Alabama; Industrial Management; Pi Kappa A pha. Society for -he Advanceme-.' o! Manat. • JEAN DAWSON Scottibo'o, Aabama; Science and lit. eraterc; Kappa Dcl'a, Union Committee Freshman Advisory Council. • MARY EL ZA8ETH DAV. Centre, Alabama; Butinots Administration. • GARV DANIEL DEAN. Montgomery. Alabama; Industrial Maneger-ierl; Sigma Nu Society for the Advancement o' Management. Third Row: • JAMES E. DEARMAN, JR. Birmingham, A jcmi; AoroMuticol Acmlnistration; Kappa Alpny, Alpha pr ; Omega. Institute ot Ae'O noetic v rncf. • REBECCA JAN D: I • Alabama; Education; Oelto Omic'on. • PEGGY LEE DElTERS. A iar y. Georqia; Education' Ph Mu Futu-e Teachers of America. Newman Club Un a- Socia Committee. • MARGARET DELOACH Roanoke Aiy bama: Busin-ss Adfii niyttotioa; Zeto Tau Alpha. Fourth Row; • JOHN CECIL DcNDY, Albertville, Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Tau Kappa Epti«n, tau Beta Pi, fcta Kappa Nu. PI Mu Eptilon. • iii Engineers Engineers Council. • tammer JERRY DENNY, Elmore. Alabama; Education. • JOHN LEIGHTON Ofct WILER Montgomery, A oba»a; Clectrical Engineering; lor-.boa Cn‘ Aip-a. • W LIIAM THOMAS DEUPREc JR . Ta ivJega. Alaoama; Mechanical Engineering. Fifth Row: • how AS JUDSON DEwEESE jR„ Pensacola, Fieri m- Meehan leal Engineering; Lambda Cm Alssha. Pi Taj Pi Sigma. American Soc ety of Mechanical Engineers. e CIRO ORt-ANDO DIAZ. Cama-guuy C.oa; Mechanical Engineering, e RICHARD McKINlEY DICK INSON. loxlev, Alabama; Elecrica Engineering; E'a Kappa Nj. Tol PI Slymj Institute of Radio Engineer' • LEE P. DICKSON. Prattville, Alaoama; Agricultural Science. Si.lh Row: • ROY EUGENE DICKSON. Co embus. Georgia: Bolding Construe-tion. • MIRIAM BOBBE"E DISMUKE Auburn. Alabama; Education; Physical Ed.rat-on Club. • WALTER LEONARD DIXON. An daluiia. Alaoama; Education. • WILLIAM TERRELL DOBSON. Ian ett. A'aoama; Business Administration. Sovonth Row; • MARY ANNE DOiY. Montgomery, A aba -. C-t. »t Omicron Pi. • EMIL OOERFER. JR.. Kaia naruo. Michigan; Meehan leal Engineering; American Society M JOSEPH JAMES DOHERTY. Lawrence. Massscnusetts- Business Administration; lambda Chi Alpha. Newman Club, • ROBERT flOYD DONEHOO’ Oneonta. A )bama; Electrical Engineering; Imlitu'e ol rtadi© Engineers. Eignth Row: • JERRY LEE DOOLEY. Aabama City. Alabama; Electrical Engi-neerlng- Ins'itu'e o‘ Rad n Engineers. • COY WILLIAM DOIY Cleveland, A abama; Agricultural Engineering American Soc-ety ot Agricultu'a' Eng-nrers. Alpha Zeta. • STUART P. DOWLING. Au bj n Alabama; Veterinary Medicine; Apha Pii, Alpha Zeto. Junior American Vetkinas Medical Association. • STEWART A. DRAPER. 3 rm'rgharr. Alabama; Management- Phi Kappa Tjg.First Row; • RALPH BROWN DRAUGHON. Auburn, Alabama; Business Administration; S'gmo St. • LUCY ANN DRISCOLL. Puerto O'dar Venejuela; Science erg Li'eratu'e. Alpha Ganmo Oclta. • BARBARA DRUMMOND. Jaspe-. Alabama; Home Economics Education A pha Gamma Delta; Omicron N«. Freshman Advisory Council Bap tiifl StuddOt Jr.: on; Mixed C'O-uS. • GLENN DRUMMONC An Chorage. Kentucky; Agr:cultu'»l Engineer ng. Socond Row; • JOHN M. DUDLEY. Pheniy City, Alabama; 3u.-ncss Admin »r-a tion. • HEFLIN OWEN DUFFEY. River vie . Alobon a; Textile Man-agamanl. • WILLIAM W. DUGGER, late Worth. Florida: Veterinary Medicine; Alpny Psi. American Veterinary Mcdic’re Association. • JOSEPH DONA.D DU E Muaytown, Alabama; Chemical Engineer ng Third Row: • WILLIAM HOWARD DUKE. Birmingham. Alaboma; Aeronautical Engineering; Institute Ae-onau i al Sciences; Chairman REW; Westminster Fellowship, Student Council on Re igloos Activities, • BARBARA STONE DUNN. Koanoie. Alabama; Ed-cation; Delta Della Delta. • GEORGE 6- DYER. Keoxvilte, Tennessee; Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Pci. Junior Ame-icar Veterirysry Medical Association. • CHARLES CANNON DYKES. Loeisvilte, Alabama; A-'; Kappa Sigma. Art Guild. Glee Club, Wesley Fou"da,:o«. Fourth Row: • CATHERINE EARLE. 8ay Mlnarte. Alabama; Home Economics-Vice-President, Del'a Della Delta; Vice-President. President. Dorm!, tc-ry 111; Jodie ary Council, Vrco-Presicent, WSGA; Devotional Chairman. Wesley Foundation; REV . Village Fa r. Cm cron Ng. Mortar Board. Who's Who in American College; and Unive-tities. • NEAL EOWARD EARLEY. Bessemer. Alaboma; Ir.Ju-.-ria Won ogerrent; Society for the Advancement cl Management. Society tor • CHARLES RICHARD EARNEST. Carrollton. Geo-gia; Industrial M.teege-r.ent. • PAULINE EAS' Wrignfivilla, Georgia; Home Economics; P Beta Phi Sen'or Senator Homo Eccr-omies Club. Fifth Row: • ALLEN METCALF EASTERLING. Montgomery Alabama; Indus trial Maugamant; Sigma Alpha . • JAMES $. ECTOR. Co- lumbjt, Georgia; Anronautieal Administration; Sigma Chi. Arnold Air SoC'Oty, V es’-ey Foundation. Scabbard and Blade. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. R.E.W. • GRADY FINOLAY EDWARDS. JR,. Deca’u . Georgia; Industrial Management; Kappa Alpha. • WII-BUR THOMAS EDV ARDS. Ml Charlotto. North Carolina; Meehan :col Engineering; Sigma Nu. P' Tau Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilon. America' Society for Mechanical Engineers. S.A.M.E. Scaoba'd and 8'adn. Sixth Ro-w: • HARRY HILOING EKHOLM. Miami. Florida; Industrial Management Kappa Sgm». Stee'age. Vice President 2nd Class NROTC; Supe-intendent of Men's Resident Affairs- President. Magrolia Hall. • CLARENCE RONALD ELDER, Longdale, Alabama; Industrial Man agement; Sociafy for tf e Advancement of Monogemen . • MARY ROB ELLINGTON. Morstgarne'y. Alaboma; Education; A pha Delta PI. Treasure . President; Panhellenic Council. Future Teachers ot America. Student Union Committee. • THOMAS ROLAND ELLINOR Pensacola. Ro'ida; Business Administration; Sigma Chi. Delto Sigma Pi. S’eerage Union Social Committee. Chairman. Union Soc:a! Committee; Sophomore Senato'. Villaae hair Sovor-th Rcw; • ALBERT NELSON ELLIS. Birmiagham. Alabamo; Mechanical Engi searing; Sigma Chi. • ERNEST MATTHEW ELTZ. Birmingham Ala bama; Boi ding Construction; Sigma Chi. • BERT TREADWELL ENGLISH. E:ba, Alabama- Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. Ame-ican Pharmaceutical Association. • ARIHUR RANDOLPH ERICKSEN Mo-tgome-, A abama; Industrial Management. Eighth Row: • CHARLOTTE FARMER EROS. Birmingham. Alabama; Education; Newman Club. • JOHN W. EROS, Anniston, Alabama; Industrie Management; Society for the Advancement of Management. Union Building Staff. • STEWART McOOWELl ERSKINE. Montgomery. Alabama; Education; Taj Kappa Ep-.ilcr, • THOMAS HAROLD ESPY. Troy. Alabama; Civil Engineering; Theta Chi. Vice-President; I PC President; Spades. ODK Jurisprudence Committee, Who, Who in American Col'eges ard Universities. Ninth Row: • ANNIE RUTH ESTES. Sylacaugo. Alabama; Education; Alpha Omi ron Pi. Band. Opera Workshop President School of Lduustion. • AL H. EUBANK. Hueytown. Alapama; De fa Tou Delfa. IAS. • CHARLES HARMON EVANS. Oeatsville. Alabama; Business Ad ministration. • CHARLES RiCHARD EVANS. Florala, Alabama; Business Administration. Tonth Ro'w: • CHARLES W. EVANS. Birmingham. Alabama; Industrial Management; Society lor me Advancement of Mnnngement. • ROBERT SMITH EVANS. Auburn. Alabama; Art; S gt-a A r-ha Epsiloa. e PARKER M. EZELL. Llsman. Alabama; Agriculture Educator; FfA. • LEON TAYLOR FAIN. JR.. Montgomery. Alabama; Electrical En-ginccring; S'gma Alp- a Epsilon. AIRE AlEE. Scabba'd and Blade. Arnold Air Society. Ralph B. Oroughon Lucy Ann Driscoll Sa-ha'a Drummond Glens Drummond John M. Dudley Heflin Owen Duffey William W. Dugger Joseph Donald Duke William M. Duke Barbara Stone Dunn George E. Oyer Charles Cannon Dr«cs Catherine Earle Neal Edward Earley Charles R. Ea'nes Pauline East A en M. Easterling Jamas S- Ector Grady F. Edwards. Jr. Wilbu- T. Edwards Harry H. Ehholrn Clarerce R. Elde Mary Rob EH'nqton Thomas Ro and E linor Albert Nelson Ellis Ernest Mathew Elfr Be'’ Treadwell English Arthur R. Ericisen Charlotte Farmer Eros John W. Enos Stewart M. EniRIne Thomas Ha-old Espy Annie Rv»h Estes Al H. Eubank Charles Ha»mon Evans Charles Richard Evans Charles W. Evans Robert Smith Evans Parker M. Eiell Leon Taylor Fain, Jr.Graduation Tears SENIORS William Faircloth Henry Tyler Fairleigh Mildred Je a dine Farr William John Farrar Auguste M. Fault Frank V. Faust Walter D. Fav. Jr Helen Nickerson Feegin John E. Feathers John N. fendley Joaquin Fe-nender June I. Fincher W. John Fincher. Jr. Dorij Louise Fiellea Join Wiley Finney George Hal Fithe- S'own'ee Fivensh Grover Clyde Fleming Jack Lloyd Flippo Conrad C. Flores H. Edward Florey. Jr. Charles Walter Floyd Go'dor Lee Flynn Lawrence Fo ey James Milton Folrnar Edward S. Fo d. Jr. Robert Cobb Ford Merlin H. Fo'strom Arthur William Fcrt Du’mOOd O. Fothee. Jr. Robert £. Foster Betsy Fowler First Row: • WILLIAM FAIFCLOTH. Troy. Alabama; Civil Enq Neritf, • MtNRY TYLER FAlRlElGH. Louisville. KertuCky: Veterinary Medic re. • MILORED JERALDlNE FARR. Wauchvla. Rofido; Science a-s Literature; Phi Mu. Social Committee, "Pto'nsmaV a WILLIAM JOHN FARRAR Birmingham. A’aoama; Education; Kappa Delrj . Second Row: • AUGUSTA MATTHEWS (AULL. Birm ngham. Alabama; Home Eco nomics; Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club. • FRANK V. FAUST Oneon’a. Alabama Agriculture Sigma Chi. • WALTER DONALD FAY. JR., Fort Payne. Alabama; Business Admieistration; Alpha Tau O ■ ega. Cheerleaders. De ta Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Track and Saber. • HELEN NICKERSON FEAGlN. Aiesander City. Alabama; Education; Concert Chair. Student Education Association. Third Row: • JOHN EDWARDS FEATHERS, Oemooolis. Alabama; Bus no Sigma Alpha Epsi • JOHN NORman TCNDLEy. Andalusia, Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Pi Kappa A | • JOAOUIN FERNANDEZ, Havana. Cuba: Mechanical Engineering. Lam pda Chi Alpha, American Society ot Mechanical cnginne'S. l.stn.American Club. International Relations Club. • JUNA I. FINCHER. Culloden, Georgia; Home Economics. eppe Del e Mi.s Auburn, Sweetheart ot Theta Chi, "Plainsman.’ Fourth Row: • W. JOHN FINCHER. JR.. Auburn. Alabama; Industrial Management; Society lor the Advancement of Management. • DORIS LOUISE FINKlEA. Beatrice. Alabama; Educat o»; Alpha Delta Pi. Vice President; Futu’e Teachers o- Ame-ica. Freshmen Advisory Counci:. • JOHN WiLEY FINNEY. Seotttboro. A'abe-a; Agricu tore, e GEORGE HAL FISHER. Lancaster South Carolina; Business Adm'n-istratJon; Baptist S'udent Union. Alpha Pn Omega. Auburn Inde pendent Organization. Fifth Row: • BROWNLEE FIVENSH. Selma. Alabama; Agriculture. • GROVER CLYDE FLEMING. Enterprise. Alabama; Architecture. • JACK LlOYO FLIPPO. Birmingham. Alabama, Electrical Engineering. • CONRAD CHARLES FLORES. Montgomery. Aobeme; Aeronautical Administration; Pni Mu Alpha; Camera Club. Sixth Row: • M, EDWARD HOREv, JR.. BSraingt Science; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES WALTER FlOYD. Clarion. A a bona; Educat on. • GORDON LEE FLYNN. Birm rgham. Alabama; Mechan cal Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau. LAWRENCE FOl fY. 8r mingham, Alabama; Business Administration; Ine a X . Seventh Row; • JAMES MILTON FOLMAR. Wes- Po rt. Georgia; Industrial Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Society for -he Advancement of Management, e EDWARD S. FORD, JR . Rem?-. A aoma- Alp'a Pi . VatorlMry Medical a ROBERT COBB FORO,' Selrrj Alabama; Bus.ness Administration. • MARLIN HERBERT FORSTROM. Willmer, Minnesota; Electrical Engineering; £ra KtPPa Nu. Tau Beta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon, Institute of Radio Ergireers. Eiqhth Row; a ARTHUR WILLIAM FORT, Anderson Sou-h Ca-o Ira; Civil Engi nearing; Kappa Alpha. S'eerage T u Beta Pi Pi Mu Epsilon Chi Epsilon. • CURWOOD OSCAR POSHES. JR. Jacksonville F crija Building Comtfvction Buildon Guild. • ROBERT £. FOSTER 8--mingham, A abama; Industr el Management; Society for the Advancement of Management; Auburn Veterans’ Association, a BE’SY FOWLER. Columbia. Tennessee; Art.Firjf Row; • B LLY FOWLER. Anniston. Alabama; Industria Management- Taw Kappa Epsilon. • HARRY VICTOR FOW.ER. Mobile. Alabama; Electrical Engineering. • MARTHA FOWLER. Luverne, Alabama; Home Economics; Chi Omega. • SAIL COLEMAN FOX. Birming'-am. Alapama; fduc.nton; Delta Ze"a. Future Teachers of Amer'ca. Past recreta’v ana president of Physicn Education Ma-O's Club. Fresh, man. Advisory Council; Kappa Delta Pi. Socond Row: • 1AOY TOY. Avondale Es’ates. Georgia; Educatio - Kappa Dcto, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi. Who's Wno in American Colleges and Universities; Rel giewt Emphasis Week. • ROBERT C. FRANCIS. JR.. Harfselle, Alabama; Civil Engineering; 7 u Beta Pi. Chi Epsilon Phi M, Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society for Cvi! Enginee's, Society fo- American Military Enginee's. • WILLIAM RUSSELL TRAZER, LaFayette. A abama; Forestry. • GERALD BROWN FREDERICK, Jasper. Alabama; Business Admlnist'atior. Third Row: • HUGH FREDERICK. Winfield Aaba-na; Agricultural Engl -earing. • EARI EULESS FREEDLE. JR. Birmingham. Alabama; Art. Delta Chi. • MAX JAMES FREEMN. Pient.s Ga-da P oridd; Vet e’inary Medlcino, Omega Tau Sigma. Phi 7et«, American Veter inary Medicine Association. • JOYCE FRENCH. Samson, Alabama; Education; Alpha Gamma Delta. Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: • JOANN FRIDAY. Birmingham. Alabama; Art Art Guild. • WALTER iSAAC FRIDLEY. Bessemer. Alabama; Mechanical Engineer-ing. • ALBERT T. EROMHOlD. JR.. Cu Iman. Alabama; Music; Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Pi Sigma. Pn Mu Epsi’on. Newman Club. Band. Woodwind Ensemble. • WILLIAM FULCHER. Auburn. Alabama; Engineering Physics. Fifth Row: • RICHARD ELLIS FULLER. Montgomery, Alabama; Aeronautical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Scabbard and Blade, Arnold A:-Society. IAS. • LOUISE PATRICIA FULTON. Talladega. Alabama Education • MARY ANNE GAINEY. Augusta, Geo g a; Education; Chi Omega Auburn Ployers, Future Teachers of America. Kappa Del-a Pi. • BILLY HAROLD GAMBLE Union Springs. Alobama: Industrial Management. Sixth Row: • MARY SCOTT GAMBLE, Headland. A obemo; Education; Ch' Omega. • NANCY SUE GARRETT. Munford, Alabama; Home Eco nomiet Education; Mited Chorus. • WILLIAM W GARRETT, Mont-gomery. Alabama; Science ard Lite'ature. • WILTON O. GARRETT. Auburn, Alabama; Aeronautical Administration; Institute ot Aero-nautical Sciences. Sovonth Row; • JACK E. GARY. Morris. Georgia; Aeronautical Administrator,. • FRANK WILLIAM GEARHART. Rockfo'd A abamo; Business Admin-stMtion. • SIDNEY EDWARD GEIGER, Opelilo. A abama; Business Administration. • JAMES HOWARD GENTRY. Phenix City, Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu. American Institute ©I Electrical Engineering. Institute ot Radio Engineers. Eighth Row; • ARTHUR SANFORD GEORGE. Roanoke AUbama; Education, e JOHN ALTON GEORGE. Attalla. Alabama; Elecrrica E-gineering. • FARRELL O'NEIL GIBBONS. Thersby. A abama; Pharmacy- A-rtr. 'can Pharmaceutical Assocotion. • GWEN GIBSON. Fa:'fax, Ala bama: Business Administration; Alpha Omicron Pi. Ninth Row: • DANIEL HARVE GILLIS, Selma. Alabama; Pharmacy; A pha Gamma Rho. • ROBERT E. GiLMORE, Pairhope, Alabama; Zoology. Pi Kappa Phi • ROBERT NOLAN GILMORE. Onecrlo. Alabama; Civil Eng,rearing; S gma Phi Epsilon. • PETER RUDOLPH GINDL Cantonment. Florida: Agricultural Education; Future Farmers o‘ America. Tonth Rtfw: • EARLE G. GINN., Alabama; Bot nets Administration. • BARBARA ANN GLADNEY. 8-erren. Geo-g a; Home Econom t; Alpha Delta Pi. Home Economics Club. Fresnman Advisory Council. Panhet eric Rush Adv sor. Natio-a Student Educational Astociatron. • WALTER HILL GLENN. Bi'mingham, Alabama; Science ard Lit e-ature; President. Omicron Celto Kaooa; Vice-P'esiden’ Student Body; Secretary Student Body; Baptist Student Union. Steerage. Spaaet, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. • JERRV H. GODARO. Coral Gables. Floridn; Education; Advertising Manager Ass stant Business Manager. Business Manager "Plainsman;" Omicron Delta Kappa. Secretary-Treasurer; Vice-President. Science and Literature; Phi Eta Sigma, Squires. Secretary. Alpha Epsilon Delto; Discipline Committee. Registration Committee. Kappa Delta Pi. GLOMERATA Bus noss Manago"; V Mage Fair Spades, Who's Who in Ame-icon Co leges and Universities. Billy Fowler Harry Victor Fowle-Ma»tha Fowler Gail Coleman Lady Foy Robert C. Frarcis. Jr. William Russell Frazer Gerald 8. Frederick Hugh Frederick Ear E. Ereedle. Jr. May James Freeman Joyce French Joann Friday Walter Isaac Fridley Albert T. From hold William Fulcher Richard Ellis Feller Louise Patr'cia Fulton Mary Anne Gainey Billy Harolo Gam be Mary Scot Gambe Nancy Sue Garret" Wil iam W. Garret" Wilton C. Garrett Jack E. Ga'y Frank W. Gearhar" Sidney Edward Ooiger James Howard Gent-y Arthur Sanfo’d George John Alton George F.vell O'Neill Gibbons Gwen Gibson Oanie Harre Gillis Robert E. Gilmore Robert Nolen Gilmore Pete' Rudolph G'rdl Earle G. G n Bsrhara Ann Glad't-y Walter Hill Glern Jerry H. GooarcWALTER GLENN Vice President oj the Student Bod. SENIORS Edward I. Godbole James I. Godwin James T. Godw William H. Golden Oaisy Gotson Bryan Colier Good Dcrold W. Goodman Bertram Al en Cord Edwaro R. Graf John Franc Grant William M. Grant John E. G'ay James A. Graydon Jesri Sea Green Rei a'd L. Greer Scott T. G'een Walter Lee Greer Cecil Cloyo Gregg Harold Owen Gregg George I. Gride . Jr. £. Gcald Grilles Emmett 6. Griffith. J . Thomas Lewis Griffith Josep W. G’imes Fred Arnold Gross Gecrae Edward Gsillatt Sharr Lai Gupta Hugh 8. Gurley. Jr. Gerald Ray Guthrie V rginia S. Guthrie Harold Sanders Gorin So Oman P. Hacked. Jr. First Row: • EDWARD LEWIS GCOftOlD, Montgomery. Alabama; Business Au ministration; Alp's Tau Omega; Troci j-. Sip- . • JAMES IRV H GODWIN. Birmingham. Alabama; Mcehanlca Enginee ing Arne' lean Society cf Mechanical Engineers. • JAMES TAvLOR GODWIN. Brant ev. Alabama; Industrial Management, Trace ard Saber. So defy -o the Advancem«nt o Ma • william GOLDEN. East lallassee. Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigrpa Tau Seta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Eta Kappa Nu. Vice-President Phi Kaope Phi; Ane'ican Institute of Electrical Engineers; Eng nee'Ing Council, Institute of Radio Engineers. Second Row: • DAISY GCLSON. Calhoun. A ebemo; Home Economics; Rush Cha rman. V'ce-President. President. Chi Onega; 8usi- ss Miragrr. C ass Section Editor. C'garira'ions Section Co-Editor. Favon te. GlOMERATA; Pannellcnie. Morton Board. Treasurer, Omicron Nu; Registration Chair-t an. VI las»e Fair; Greek Week Senior Personality. Publications Board. Horn Economics Club Who's Wno in American Colleges and Universities. e BRYAN CCLLIER GOOD. Mo«tgome y. Alabama; Engineering Pnysics; Sigma Nu Scabbard and Blade. P. Tau Pi Sgma. Pi Mu Epsilon. • DONALD WAYNE GOODMAN lallassee Alabama; Chemistry. • BERTRAM ALL5N CORDY. Co lumb.s, Geo gia; B-usiness Administra'ion; Sigma Nu. Third Row: • EDWARD RAYMOND GRAF. Cullman. Alobima; Eiect-ical Engl-neoring; E e Kappa Nu. Tag Beta Pi. Pi Mg Epsilon. Ar-erieen In ll'ifefl o; E ccr-'ca Engineering Institute o; Raoio Eng neers. • JOHN FRANK GRANT. Comer. Alabama Agricultural Educe’'««. • WILLIAM HAROLD GRAM. Phenn City Alabama; Psycho’cgy; Theta Xi. Kacct Delta Pi Debate Council. "Plainsman," Newman Club. Who's Who n American Colleges ano Un vers ties. • JOHN E. GRAY Mt. Olive. Alaoarra; Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Psi. American Veterinary Med cal Association. Fourth Row: • I Mf $ ALVIN GRAOON. Chickasaw. Alabama; E eetr eel Erg. neer ng. American Institute o! E OCtr c,sl Enginee's, Institute of Radio Enginee's. e JESS.E SUE GREEN, Langston, Alabama; Education. REINARD L. GREEN, Jackson, Alabama; Industrial Management; Socle's tor tno Advance"-.;-, o ' Mjsjqtnfv. • SCOTT T. GREEN F»an«,-©rt, Kentucky; Veterinary Medicine; Phi Kappa T»u. Junlot Veterinary Medlca Anodot on. Omega Tau Sigma. Fifth Row: • WALTER LEE GREER, Biffl ngSgr A abamo; Ctemicel Engineering; Lambda Chi A pho. • CECIL CbOvD GREGG. EUntoal. Ala-oorrwa; Electrical Eng'rcering. e -AROLD OWEN GREGG, Se mn Alabama; Bus ess Adminisl'a’ion; Lamoda Chi Alpn.s • GEORGE LAWRENCE GRIOER. JR. -jfaule. Alabama; Indus’’ al Manage ment. $i th Row: • f. GERALO GRlFFIES. Birmingham. Alabama- Mechanical En. ginea'ing. • EMMETT EDWARD GRIFF.TH JR. Ulead. -.. rr-: Mechanical Engineering- American Soc Ity for Mechanical £nginee s. • THOMAS LEWIS GRIFFITH. Ann stc . Alabama- Aqr Education- Future Farmers ol Ama’ica. • JOSEPH WALKER GRIMES, Tuscaloosa. Aabin-a; Su Idlng Construction; Builders Guild. Seventh Row; • FREO ARNOLD GROSS. Gecsoer., Alabama; Educatior. • GEORGE EDWARD GULLATT Columbus, Georgia; E ectr cal Engl, neerirg; Alpha 9nl Omega. Auburn Band. Americon lns 'tu e of Electrical Engineers. • SHAM LAL GUPTA. Nobna. P„n ab. Indio-Chemical Engineering. • mi_Sh benjamin GuRLEv. j . Thomss- • He. Georgia; Business Administration; Sigma A pha Ecs'lor. Eighth Row; • Gf-RAlD RAY GUTHRIE, Birmingham. Alabama; Meehan ca t g. American '«i»rv ‘or Mechanical Engineers. • VIRGINIA SMITH GUTHRIE Birm.ngh-am, Alabama; Education; Future Teacher-, of Ame-icn. • HAL SANDERS ©WIN, Trutsville, Alabama; Engineer Ing Physics. • SOLOMAN PATMON HACKETT, JR. Tuskegee Ala bama; Ac'cnautical Administration; Kappa Sgma. Auburn Plovers. Institute ol Aeronautical Sclerces Westminster fellowilip.First Row: • FREDERIC STEPHENS HAIRSTON. Motile. A'aoarrj. Chem ca. Engineer ng. • HANNON S. HAIRSTON. Mobi e. Alaboma; Me chonicpi Engineering; American Soc efy 'or Mechanical Engirec-s. • WILEY D. HALES. Birmingham. Alabama; Veterinary Medicine: Omega Tag Sigma; Junor American Veterinary Medicine Association. • DAVID M. HALL. LaFayette, Alabama; Tesrtiie Cham 1stry; Society fe American Military Enginee- ; Phi Pii, Alpha Pri Omega Arne1-.c«n Chamicai Society Auburn Engineer S’atf E'Oiree'i Council. Scconc Row; • EDWIN LOWELL HALL. Montgomery. Alaoama; Pha'rracy; Au bum Veteran's Association. American Pharmaceu'icil Associatic', Phi Eta Sigma, Pm Del-o Chi. fth0 Chi. • HENRY WATSON HALL. JR. Brentwood, Tennessee; Veterinary Medic ne; Omega Tou S'gme Junior American Veterinary Medical Association. • SAM T. HALL. M dway. Alabama; Agricultjra Eng peering; Alpha Gamma Rho. • HAROLD LEE MALI MARK, Birmingham. Alabama; Industrial Man. agnmant; Soc'ety tor Advancement o' Ma'agement; O'Chest'n. Third Rcw: • JOHN ARTHUR HALLMARK. JR.. Birmingham. Alaoama; E ec trical Engineering; De to Sigma Phi. American Institute of s ec ’•■cal Engineers. Institute of Radio E-o reers. • JOHN ERIC HAMILTON, Jasper, Alabama: Mechanical Engineerirg; T'easurer. Pi Koppa Alpha; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Adver tiling Manager. GLOMERATA- Business Manager. "Tiger Cub: ' Publications Board. • LYNWOOO HECTOR HAMILTON. Hamilton Alabame- Agricoltgral Education- Future Farmers of America, • ROYER TAYLOR HAMILTON, JR.. Trussville. Alabama; Bu Id'no Construction; lambrta Chi Alpha. Builder’s Guild. Fourth Row: • SARAH CONSTANCE HAMILTON, 8uH«lo. New Yo-k; Ft-.s-ca' Education; President Kappa Alpha Theta. Mortar Board. P-.sica Edu cation CluD. • GEORGE DONALD HAMMOND. Dothan, Alabama; Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma. • VAXTER GAY HAMMOND. Roonokl Agricultural Education. • JAMES THOMAS HAMN. Mo-.-gotrerv. A'abamo; Ifd.str'al Management; S’gma Alpha Eosion. Fifth Row: • FREDERICK EUGENE HANBY, Bessemer. Alaoama; Mr Engineering, e CAROL WATFORD HAND. Dotha- Alabama. A1"; A pha Omicron Pi; Secretary. A't Guild; Freshman Advisory Council. • FRANK G. MANOLEv. Pahokee. Florida; Valarinary a JOHN P. HANSEN Mo- gomery. Alabama; Industrial Ma-agement. Sixth Row: • MOHAMMED SHAMIMUI HAQUE, Karnchi. Pakistan; Meehan Engineer! ?. • WILLARD MARSHALL HARBIN, Cullman Alabama: Education. • DOUGLAS MEIERE HARDING. Atlanta. Georgia; In-torior Design; Delta Chi. • MAX MARTIN HARDWICK. Enterprise. A'abamo; Ae-onautical Engineering. Seventh Row; • HAROLD EDWARD HARDV. Ccljmbus. Georgia: Educate-. • JAMES IRA hardy. Titus. Ala bains- Building Construction. • RiCh. ARO MAURICE HARGROVE. JR Rutledge. Alabama; Aeronaut cal Engineering; Pi Kappa phi; O.D.K.; Editor, "Tiger C-b' ; "Plainsman"; GLOMERATA; Publications Boa-d; Vil age Fair Committee; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; Pi Tou Sigma; I.F.C.: Arnold Air Society; Scabba-d and 8!ade; Who's Who in Ame-lcan Co leges and Un've'sities. • JIMMY D. "ARMON. Noteiulge, Alabama; Bus-nes-. Administration. Eighth Row- • ANN HELEN HARPER, lesse-ne- Alabama: Horne Fconomirr-Delta Zefa; Home Economics CIud; Freshman Advito y Council; Omicron Nu. • SENTELL C. HARPER. Auburn. Alabama; Education. • OALE DALLAS HARRIS. Monroevil e. Alabama; Pharmacy. • DWIGH" MOODY HARRIS, JR.. Ashville A'abamo; Agricultural Science. Ninth Row: • DENZIL WAYNE HARRISON. Chamblee. Georgia; Business Ad-m nistretion. • ROBERT LEE HARRISON. Greenville. Alabama; I-dustrial Manageme-' A met in Society of Civil Engineers • ADOISON REESE HARVEY. Montgomery Alabama; Arch rectum; Sigma Alp‘0 Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Seaboard ard B'ade; Tau Ni, ■ au; Society of American Military Engineers; American Institute ot Architect . • JUDITH HARVEY. Amerces. Georgia; S: H Li-e'atu'e. Tenth RoV; • THOMAS WILLIAM HARWELL. Aerarder City, Alabama; C. Engineering; Sigma Chi. Scabbard and Blade. • WILTON THERON MATAWAY. Atm,are Alaoama; E'ectrical Engineering. • MARTHA RUTH HATCH Columbus. Georgia; Home Economics Education • RAYMOND LEWIS HATCHER. Ch Idenbu-g Alabama; Mechanic.-.: Engineering- Kappa Ph'; Ame-iean Societv of Mechanical E o neers. Fr de»ie S. Hairston Hannon S. Hairston Wilev 0. Hales Oavio M. Hall Edwin Lo»ell Hall Hen y w. Hall. J . Sam T. Hall Ma’old Lee Hallma'l John A. Mallmarlr, Jr. John Eric Hamilton L.nwcod H. Hamilton Royer T. Hsmilton. Jr. Sarah Hamilton Geo-ge D. Hammond V.nte- Goy Hammond James Thomas Hamn Frederic! E. » Ca»o Watfo'd Hand Fran! G. Handley John P. Hansen Monamm.ed S. Hague Wi lard M Ma'pln Douolas M. Harding M.s« Martin Hardwick Ha-old E. Ha'dy James Ira Hardy Richard V. Ha-g'Oue J'mrnv D. Harmon Ann Helen Harpe-Sentell C. Harpe-Oale Dallas Harris 0 gh M. Harris, Jr. Demit W. Harrison Rocert I. Harrison Add son Reese Harvey Judith Harvey Thomas W. Harwell Wi ton T. Hetawav Martha Ruth Hatch Raymond L- HatcherO R S B II Hawkins Rd'oort D. Hawkins Philip Ronald Mays Philip W. Mayes Walfo Edgar Hare-Dina Rjth Hearn George W. Hearn Bobby Thomas Helms Charles Porter Helms Mercer Oavie Helms Roger R. Homminghous Hugo Oscar Hempel Paul Jamos Hemphill Isabelle Henderson John Ben wenderson Milter A Hendricks John Robert Henson James Mughie Het'er Glenn I. Hickman Richard T. Higgins William S. Higgins George H. Hill, Jr. Peggy Hinton Clyde 8urfce Hirton William f. Hinton Jane Hodge Mary Jo Hodge Cary Gere Hodnott Evelyn Holder Philip E. Hollodoy Sylvia Agnet Holladay Spright 0. Holland First Row: • Bill YANCEY HAWKINS. Auburn Alabama; Industrial Man agemenf; Phi Kappa Tau. SoCflity for Advancement of Management. • ROBERT DOUGLAS HAWKIN' A aba-ra; v Medicine; P'etident, Pi Kappa Phi; 6 ue Key. Soadet. Ed to'. "Tiger Cub;" Ed tor of GLOMERATA, Publication Board I.F.C., "‘Alabama Parmer'' Staff Village Fair Central Committee. Who s Who in American Colleges and Unlvertities. Jud'C'81 Conte I. • PHILLIP RONALD HAYES, La-eft, Alabama; Bus ness Admir stm. tier. • PHILIP w. HAYES. Dothan. Alabama; Science and Lite-ature; Sigma Nj. Second Row: • WALTER EDGAR haZEN RocInwH, Georgia; Forestry; $ giro Phi Epsilon. • DINAH RUTH t-EARN. J rm ,ham. Ala.; Education; Alpha Om c-on Pi. • GEORGE WESLEY HEARN C; rone Is, Alabama: EdvCaflon; Baptist S'udetf Ut:on. Debate Council. Summer Feature Ed tor of "Plainsman". S’ucsent Educational Asso - at on T- tn X,. e BOBBY THOMAS HELMS. Fort Payne. Alabama: Meehan cal Engirrering. Third Row: • CHARLES PORTER HELMS. Gto-e Hill. Aebama; Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E . Scabbe'a ano Blade. • MERCER DAVIE HELMS. Pensacola, Fio'ioa: Sc once and lite-ature; A ph Tau Omega. "Plainsman." • ROGER R HEMMINSHAUS. Decatur. Ala pama; Chemical Etsgineering; Kappa Alpha. Tau Be Pi. Phi lambda UpS’ion, Americar Institution o' Chemical Engineers • HUGO OSCAR HEMPEL. levington, Kentucky; Veterinary Medicine Omega Tau Sigma, AVMA. Fourth Row; • PAUL JAMES hemphill, a.rm, Alabama; Science e-t literal,-e- "Plainsman." Sports £di o'. • ISABELLE YOUNGBLOOD -ENDERSON Roanoke. V rginia; Art; Zeta Tau Alph . • JOHN BEN HENDERSON, Camp Hill. Alabama: Agriculture, e MILTON A. HENDRICKS, Paimerdsle. Alabama; Business Administration. Fifth Row: • JOHN ROBERT HENSON.Glencoe, Alabama; O--- t f-gin e JAMES MUGHIE HESTER. A Alabama Education FFA. • GLENN L. MiCKMAN. As-and. Aabsme; Agri Cultural Sc erce; Ag'onom, Club. • RICHARD THOMAS HIGGINS, Lakeland, Florida; Industrial Engineering; Delta Tau Delta. SAM. $ fh Row: • WILLIAM SANDERSON HIGGINS. Montgomery A'aba-t A it Alpha Gamma Rho; GLOMERATA; Student Union Recreation Com mittaa. • GEORGE HOWARD HILL. JR.. Birmingham. Alabama; Mechanical Engineering. • PEGGY HINSON. Coumbus Georgia; Education Delta Delta Delta; T-eetu'er. FTA; Treasure . Wo-en’s Recreaticra! AssocViors; Sbi'it Committee Rush Advisor. • CLYDE BURTON HINTON Tallassee. Alabama Teitile Management Phi Psi. $©v jn h Row; • WILL AM F. HINTON. Montgomery. Alabama; Bui nest Aomir istralion. • JANE HODGE. Scottsbo-o. Aebama; Educe :© . Kappa Celta Kapcx Alpha Delta Pi, Futu-e Toache's o' America. - • VARY „0 HODGE. Talladega. Alabama; Psscholog . • CARY GENE hODNETT AtacendW C . a .sbama; Rrg.V- s PI Keppa Phi. Eighth Row: • MARY EVELYN HOLDER Birmingham. Alabama; Soe-M M I .feral,re; Pi Mu Eps Ion. • PHILIP E. HOLLAOAV ■ - I same; Civil Engineetitag; American Society of Civil Engineering. • SYLVIA AGNES HOllADAY. lanett. Alabama; Education; Phi Ma, hufu-e Teache's Association. • SPRIGhT 0. HOLLAND. Boat. Alabama; Industrial Management; So-L'Cty for ttse Advancement ol Management.i| «.5 J f i t m in _ 2 « 9 9 l £ 9 Z ££3 v r s2®Ii2t ■c « O « 5 -i . VIKll •« O-j 10 J.I ? 5£ z z 11 i z° S |5 o » • !5 j, • .Si I sa? - ' m i§I ;oo •li _z£ »z“ , z !o : • .. »«' V-? sz{.;!!3- vmhi 9 F f o .. 9 —' c ? si • i If u 2 -v UtS • 1 V cS g'i. •sv 2? ' x Ui V ZO «2 2S tSx 5 ' 2 £ -2 o|f iii ssp '551 ± = 0‘f • 8 f ll “ Q I ° J o° t£ • X : .ss- u : 5 i 0 ..1? ’ 3 o f -K .Q ff ,5e?“" ?o. : ■f . « e si|: Sjj j - Go s i x!oI y - A Jill M 2 v • tu; ex' • f 9 «z g 1 25 iti £ .. ;oi.? nn ?--5£ 9 ■f ° i? Ipj S t i p s .£ 2 ■£ oliii : ■ £» ? g 5 it- S _ 1 ;.Oi 9 4 ir] . ..i £ - e ? e| 9 -?t c Ui S -A yzs-]; ;2t«? i?x ?3 v o jx « rii w K i Z o O ” OC 9 _ z j;j . . li 3 S c E£U 2t 0 ‘ ?t§ 2 x 8 i5l •• os ?2x ' XX. "I IS •? rl ?§? 55“ « - 3 « 5.5 6 - o IriJ f i ???• lifil in: 5 ill "i5 e. « « J •• jstjiau I" £ 02 5 x c»£ « iO 1“ 9 VI J3 UJ — 2 £• O . Js S’ z c ►- i O o V “ “ 2 . •f s v 5 = if Is .?z « t? J ?« 5 IJi3 f ? 5 i 8sM fli- s s' « 2. 0 2 ?i5 a 9 sjx"i - ,- 2 5 9 i ? "» .. o v 2 _ - IbU« t ? .1 c 2 c » U. C • 5 - a . - • !| 5 .• s| 9 sis 3i ai Hi o «. o x ill o M X •- 8| :it »si s ? :s-b- 581-15 mm1 [lJ :-•! 5,- u. U -5 Z 5Z “ i.E I i f 2 •DAISY GOLSON Business Manager oI the Glomerate SENIORS Neely S. Inlow Ralph W. Insche. Jr. Clarence M. I'vin Fi«d w. iibell. J'. Charles E. Jackson Clifford H. Jac cn J . Geo'ge H. Jackson Howard Tracy Jackson Marlon Jeukson Jr. Vesiet I. Jcciten Jo" O. Jacobi Ralph Fd»a’d Jarrei william J. Jeffrey Jarrei 8. Jennings Kenneth F. Jernigam CLorlei 0. Johnson David H. Johmon Franklin D. Johnson John-..- W. Johnson Helen Johnson Jane B’ackin Johnson Jane Johnson Marin Johnson Marina Jo Johnson Mary Johnson Robe" T. Johmon Seabo'n M. Johnson Marguerite Johnson Gayne! Johnston Arthur Rar Jones David A. Jones. Jr. Harry A Jonas, Jr. First Row: • NEELY S. IN.OW. Canter, Alabama; Science and Li e'Otu' ; Delte Cn Aiiberr p aye's. Tennis Tear- • RALPH W. INSCHO. JR.. B'xminghen Ale.; Alpha • CLARENCE MADISON IRVIN. Langdale. Alaboma- Mechanical Eng neering. • FREO WILLIAM ISBELL. JR. 8 rm rgharr Aabam.n; Electrical Englnee-leg; American institute of Electrical Enginnn's. Second Row: • CHARLES EDWARD JACKSCN Ta lanoe, Alaoama; Industrie Me-age-ren . a CLIFFORD HENDERSON .ACKSON JR.. Theodo e Alabama Business Adm •!,’rollon. a GEORGE HINTON JACKSON. Coo. Aleberrvs; Industrie Managemen'; Soc ety fo» Advancemen-of Management. • HOWARD TRACY JACKSON. Heahville. Ala bansa; Eng rcering Physics; Pi Kaoca Alpha. ”hird Row: • Marion jackson jR. Hanceville Alabama; Ag- c.i-.',. Education. • VEAZEY LESLIE vACKSON Alexander C ty. Alabamv Agricultural Science; Block e'd Bridie Club. Fu’ure Farmers o' America. • JOHN C. JACOBS. Lcfa.'tt? A abar-a F-e Dairy Science Club. • RALPH EDWARD JAMES. Pelaski Tennessee Mechan!col Engineering. Fourth Row: • william .AMES jtPPttr Sylacaugs, Alabama; A-r a JAMES BARNES JENNINGS Montgomery. A abama; Advertiilng Dcs gn A- Guild. • KENNETH FLOYD JERNiGAN. B-'-tor Alans"., Civil Engineering; Ame-ican Society of Civ I Enginee-i. • CHARLES D. JOHNSON. Awbu r . Alabama; Engineering Physics. Fifth Row: • DAVID “ARO-D .OHNSON Headland. Alabama; Business A ministration: Sigma N.. • FRANKLIN 0 JOHNSON. Gndlder.. Alabama; Mechanical F-glnen'Ing. a JOHNNY WHITFIELD JOHN SON. Columbus. Georgia- Business Adminittretion. a HELEN V R GINIA JOHNSON, Boat. Alabama; Education; F'aihman Advisor-. Council. Student Education Association. Row: • JANE BRACKIN JOHNSON •. »; Home Eco norricy Education, a UANE ElIZABET-r JOHNSON Euta». Ala oarro; Educator; Of ta Ze’a. • MARTHA ANNETTE JOHNSON Noteieloa, Alabama; Education • martha jo Johnson, t-n, A'nbamn; Ar»; Wesley Founr stlon. RfW Pmmotlon. Chairman. P. Tau Chi; Freshman Advisorv Council. W.S.G A. Savgrth Row: • MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON. M lion Flo-loa; Education; Teachers of Amcr co. W.S.G.A.. B.S.U. • ROBERT THOMAS JOHN SON. l.,Fa,e’1e. Alabama; Agriculture: Bloc« ard Bridle C ub • SEABORN MACEY JOHNSON Mob In A nbaira; Education; Lsmsxtn Cn Alr-a. • V. MARGUERITE JCHN Home Ecencmlet: Kappa Delta Home Economici C ub. Canterbury foundation, Dentorth Fellowship. Froihman Advisory Council. Eighth Row: • M. GAYNfll JOHNSTON Bi'mlnc- .- An: T Dance’s. Unon Committee. • ARTHUR RAY JONES. Sha mvt Ala baffle; Bui nns Ad-mlitrjtior. e DAVID A. JONES. JR., Sracauga Aabama; Aeronautical Adt-mutra'icn. a HARRV ALFRED JONES uR.. Auburn, Alabama; Mechanical Eng neerlng; Sd" Phi Eps Ion.Firtt Row: • IR8V CULLEN JONES Horpta. A abama; Chemical EagtUMt mg. • JACOUEL NE R. JONES H Bmh - 3 Geo-cin; How Eco nerve ; Home Economic Club. Frethmar Advliory Council. S.C.R.A Secretary. Gamma 0« t«; Omie'on Nj; GlOMERATA. • JAMES ANTHONY JONES. Canal Zone; ndu tfial Management; Pni Kapoa Tau; Society for tne Aovarcement o; Management. • JAMES FRANCIS JONES. Euta Alabama; Chemiilry. Second Row: • JAMES PRESTON jONr A acarnv Electrical E-n Radio E’t Man; Bap'- S'udenr Ur • JOHN EARL JONES. B«"y. Alabama; Agricultw'd Sc!«n««; Poultry Science Club; Magnolia Hall S na»o-. • KENNETH WAVNE JONES P .chard. Alabama; Aeronaut col Engineering; Imfitute of Ae’ono. teal Seieneei. • MARION ‘-ORACE JONES. AmVon. A’abama; Mechanico Engineering. Thiro Row: • ROBERT CARROLL JONES. Atlanta. Georgia; ladaiirial Man aqemert; ’A” Club, Society fc' tne Aovarcemert c Managemen-Spike and Sho Club Vanity Track Team. AuOu'n Veteran' As o rlat'c’. • JANIE GRACE JORDAN Myrtlewood. A acami; Home Economic Eoucation; Ze’a Tau Alpna. • JEROME TLRNER JCR DAN Biminq-am. Alabama Aercnautica AdmlniiHatiorv Kappa Afa. • JERRY TURNER JOWERS Wetu'-pka Alaoamj- Yeie--a-, Medicine- Alpha P i. Fourth Row; • JAMES JUDE JURKIcWlCZ. Summe'ca-e. Alabama; A ac "«■ Agricultural Administration; Tneta Chi, Alp a Zete, Alabama Fprme'.' Ag Co-jnei Ao Eccromic C'ub. • JAMES ALBERT KEENE. JR. Bi-mingSam. Alabama Mechanical Engineer rg Orta • MARY ANN KELLER, Atmore. A abama; Home Econcm c Education. • CHARLES JOSEfM KELLEV JR. 5 -go- A-bama; Arronautiua Adm'nVfotion. Fifth Row: • DAVID H. KfcL.EY. Ro;»ic A r ■-, • Veterinary 0 M Junior American Veterinary Medicai Alienation • ALBERT CLAY KELLY. Evergreen A abama; Industrial De ign Industrial Oei an Forum. A t Guild. • CHARLES CLYOE KELLY. Slocomb Alabama Science and literature. • '.v lliam G.FNN KENADY. Wodle A abama: Science and Lite'afu'e. Si«th Row: • MORRIS FULLER KENDRICK. Sutte. Alabama; Buiineit Aon • l.tratlon. • WILLIAM HENRY KENDRICK Ptantenvilla. Alabama. Ao-icuitu-ai Sceince. • ROBERT m. KENNEDY B miaghem. A a bama; Aeronau'icpt Admlnlytration; Sigma Pni Epsilon Institute 0 Ae'o'aaticsl Science. • WALTER JOSEPH KENNER Dalton Geo -0 a; Agr'cu'tL'al Sc e'ce. Sovonth Row • JACCUELYN WALTON £NNING"ON Abo-, Sru-g o: la ter or Design; Secretory. Decor- Vice-Pteiident Alpha A o'a Gamma Spring Show SS. Thea-e' Dance- a WARHIE CRAWFORD KEN NINGTON. JR.. Jarkion. Mississippi; Architecture- Scarab. • SAMUEL WAYNE KEYES, Hajtehu'st, Mississippi; Veterinary Medic r ; Alpna Psi. Ju« or Ame-can Veterina-y Medical Associat on. • JAMES W. KlGHT, Montgomo’y. Alabama; Industrie Manage ment; V c« President, Sigma Chi; S nio- Senator, Chairman, Dance and Ree'earlon Committee ; Union program Council. Society tor the Advancement o‘ Mpnogemen- Ci'de Chairman Eagle Ner Who- Wng In American College and Unlvcrsifie . Eighth Row; • JOHN WILSON KILGORE Birmiegham Alabama; Eogieeenag. • HUGH L. kiluan It. a im '■ •u'a E tt • • EDWIN EUGENE KING Valdosta ' Geo q e - ' • ELMIR MARVIN KING. IM. Atm0-c Ac b«m»; Business Adm.'nislrot sirs; Tau Katca Sbs'lon; I.F.C. Ninth Row: • GEOROE TERRY KING. Fell City, Alabama; Textile Engineering; P Kappa Phi. Phi P I Spirit Committee. • HERMAN S. KING Nouvoo. Alabama; 8»vre A-jm lustration. • HOMAS .. KINS. JR., fritco City. Aiabam.- M • 'ttOMAS KEITH KING. F-isco C ty. A ibama; Civi Engineering; Amenctn Society of Cull Engineer . Tenth RcTw; • WILLIAM THLRREl KING, Opel ka. Alabama; e.siren Adm r iltretien. • EARL T. K NZER JR.. Birmingham. Alabama; E- j Physics; Sgma Pi Sigma, ’au Be'a P , P: Mu Eos'lon. Cor-fcrblKy Foundal • MARGARET NANETTE KIRKLAND. Mont. gomC,,' A a bam. v Education; Future Teacher ol Ameriru. • CATHERINE JOANNA KlRSCH, Auburn Alabama; Home Economic . Irby Cullen Jone . Jacqueline R. Jone James Anthony Jone Jome Franci Jonet Jame P-eiton Joee Jonn Ee'l Jone Kenneth Wayre Jcnci Marion Horace Jone Robe-t Carrel Jcnei Jan'e Grace Jordan Jerome Turn - Jordan Jerry Turner Jewer Jane Jude Jurkieakz Jame A. Keere. Jr. Mary Ann Keller C'a le J. Kelley. Jr. David H. Kelley Albert Clay Kelly Charlc Clyde Ke ly Wilflam G nn Kenady Mo". Fulie- Keng.Ick Wiliam M. Kendrlcl Robi't M. Kennedy Wa"f J. enr.?r Jocgueim Kenn'ngton Wa'He Kenoinqton Jr. $amu l Wavne Keyei Jame W. Kignt Jonn v .lion K go'e Hugh I Killian ld»in Eugene King Elmer M. K ng III George Terry Kino Herman S. King Thomai J. King Thcr- ,n Keith King Wi lijm T. King Ea'I T. Kinier. Jr. Ma-ga-et Ki'kland Catherine Ki'KhAin't it tho Truth! N I O R S Malcolm M. Kitchens Will am R. Klemm Jimmy R« d Knight lowrercc a. Knight. Jr. E. A'leae Knor Frederick W. Kno« John C. Kocste' No-man S. Kohn James M. Kress Roy Jet K-nve-g Rob.- R. Kuykendall Claud J. I ackny Jr. Robe- Noil lackey Patricia Anra lama-Carl Douglas lamb Marguerite lambert Jack Blit land Sue London Ms-je-ie A" Lang ey Carl Jack Lanier Robert I. Larkin B« y. G. LasM.y David Earl Latham Donald Neal Latham Jam.s C. lawrence James Alvin lecroy Ea»a-d L. lee Gerald Dale lee John Fdwarrs lee. Jr. Roy Harvie lee Johr RobJrr leign Ralph Ervin lemay First Row: • MALCOLM MILUCAN KITCHENS. Albartvi le. Alabama; Agri. Cjiturol Administration; Phi Kappa Tau. Agricvltural Economics Club. Baptist Student Union. • WILLIAM R. KlEMM. Memph Tennessee; Veterinary Medic nc; Lambda Chi Alpho. Omega Tau Sigma, Rhi Kappa Rhi. Junior American Veterinary Meoieal Asia elation. I.PC.. "Pia nsman;" Auburn Veterinarian. Who's Who in A—lean Collages anc Universities. • jimm reio knight Lin , v ile. A eba r,v Business Administra-iO". • LAWRENCE A. KNIGHT. JR., Ping Apple, Alabama; Pre-O.ntittry; Alpha Gamma Rho. Second Row: • E. ARtENE KNOX, A b.rtville, A abame; Educat-on; Alpha Omicon Pi, Mortar Board, Delta Omicron. Mus c Education Club. Kappa Delta Pi. Theatre Dance-s, 5s-erta:nment Committee. • FREDERICK WILLIAM KNOX. Decatur. Georgia Industrial Manage-me.t. Pi Kappa Alpha. • JOHN C. KOESTER Miami, f otida: Aerorautica Engineering; Student 8ran-.ri of Inst lute O Aeronautical Sciences. Aloho Phi Omega. • NORMAN SCOFIELD KOHN. At snta Georgia; Art; Kappa Sgrra. President. Art Guild; Blue Key Union Building Entertainment Committee Who's Who e American Co' leges and Universities. Third Row; • .AMES MORRISON KRESS. Mobile. Alobama: Fo-es'ry. • ROY JOHN KRUSVERG, West Point. Georqia; Engineering Psislcs; Pn' Eta Sigma, Institute ol Radio Engineers. Amer can Institute of Eiectrca Engineers • ROBERT roy kuykendaii. Newton. Mis. sitsippi; Veter .'.ary Meoicine; Omega Tau S gma. Junio- American - ociation. • CLAUDE JOHNSON LACKEV. JR. Pores . Miss ssippi; Build "j Construction; Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: • ROBERT NEIL LACKEY. Langdele. Alabama- Business Administrator Delta Sigma Pi. • PATRICIA ANNA .AMAR. Auburn. Alabama- Education; Zeta Tau Alpha Physical Eaucation Club, futu-e Tes;• tff of America. • CARL DOUGLAS LAMB Birmingham, Ala-hama- Mechanical E'ginee'ing; P Tau S gma. Pi Mu Eos Ion, Phi -m Sigma, Ar-»-;ar Society o- Mechanical Engine rs, • mar GUERITt LAMBERT Darlington Alabama; Education; Kappa Delta. Fifth Row; • JACK ELLIS LAND, Columbus. Georglo; Industrie Management; Alpha Gamma Rno. • SUE LANDON. Birmingham, Alabama; Pro. Medicine; President, Phi Mu; Mor-ar Board W.S.G.A. Alpha Eo silon De a. Alpha Lambda Delta. Coens. Jurisp-udenre Council. 9snhellenie Council. "Plainsman - Staft. Do’phin C;ub. Who’s Who n Amoricoo Collages and un-• . • MARJORIE ann lanG-IFY. Mobi a. Alabama; Home Economics; Phi Mu. • CARL JACK .ANIER, Collins. Georgia; Electrical Engineering. bi«’h Row; • R08ERT L. LARKIN. Mobile. AljDama: E'cctricel Eng neering; American Institute of Electrical Enginee-s. Invti'ute of Rad o Engl, neers. • BETTYE GAYLE IASHLEY. I nevilie. Alabama; Education. • David fari iat«am. Rame-. Alabama; Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rto. • DCNAID NEAL lAl-'AM Birmingham, Alaoama; Electrical Engineering; P' Tau Pi Sigma. Ame-ican Institute of Electrical Engineers, lntt- uto of Radio Eng’ncering. Seventh Row: • JAMES CAMERON .AWRENCE Mobile. Alabama- Veterinary Medicine; Phi Delta Theta. • JAMES A.VIN IECROY. Rob Alabama; Electrical Eng neering; Theta Chi. Baat'st Student Union, Institute Cf Radio Engineers. Pi Tau Pi Sigma. Scabha-d and Blade. • FOWARD LEGRANDF lEE. Albany. Georgia; Mechanical E'gi ‘•'cchanical Engineers. • GERALD OALfc LEE, Silas Alabama; Veterinary Medicine; A pha P-.!, Amer. ■can Veterinary Medical Association. Eighth Row; • JOHN EDWARD .EE. JR.. Di - Alpha Gamma R o. A pha Zeta. Alsha Beta Alpha Agricultural Council. Alabama Farme-. • ROv -ARVIE LFE Blountsvl In Alaoyma; Agr.-cultural Education; Futu-e Farmers of America; Poultry • JOHN R03ERT LEIGH, Birmingham. Alabama; Electrical Enginee-■ng: Am 'can lnit.-u « o‘ Electrical Eng tra Cluo. • RALPH ERVIN LEMAY Shef-ield. Alaoama- C -em cal Engine ,;-.,, Pi Kappa Alpha.First Row: • HOWARD CLAY LESTER Atlella. Alabama; Agricultural fcd ue-h'Ofl; Theto Xi. • ROBERT C. LESTER, Dedov lie. Alabama; P't D" tistry. • JANE SUMMER LEWIS Birmingham. Alabama: Science and Literature; Phi Beta Phi. French Club, Triangle Club. Phi Sigma Iota, College Theater, Choir, Y.W.C.A. Intremjrel Soar’s. Meth odM S’udent Movement. • william EDWARD LEWIS, Gutters ville, Alabama; A' ; Theatre Dancer . Second Row: • JAMES GILBERT LIOE Montgomery, Alabama; Irdustr al Manage meet, e ROBERT S. LIMBAUGH Ch Ide'ibu-g, Alabama: Elect-icol Engineering; Alpha Gamma Rna. • RALPH O. LINDLEY. .'nicer, Alabama: Industrial Management. • JOHN G. LINDSAY. Steven-son. Alabama; Business Artm'nlstretion Third Row; • DANlfcL LEVON LINDSEY, Andalusia. Alabama; Business Admin, istration; Phi Kappa Tau. Delta S gma Pi, Caissons, Swpt. ot F nance. S.G.A. • WILLIAM CARL LINDSEY JR. Sheffield A aba-ra: Electrical Engineering. • WILLIAM ROBERT LIPSCOMB Wetompto. Alabama; Civil Enginee’ing; American Society of Civi Engi-ee-!. • JAMES W. LITTLE, Ann sfon. Alabama: B.. - I ’ration; Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row; • SVLVIA GAIL LITTLE. Gaaio '. Alebsme- Ho-e Economies; Homo Economic-, Club. • WILLIAM CAMPBELL LITTLE. Pinson. Aloboma; Agricultural Engineering; Sigma Pi. Ame-icpn Society of Agricultural Engineers, Alpha Zeta Ag Couneii. • ROBERT EDWARD LITTLETON. Hahire. Georg a; Chem cal Engineering; Amer. icaa Institute o' Chem'cel Eng reers. • SARA LOU LOCMRlDGE. Montgomery, A abama; Science and Literature; V'ce-P'eiisJent. Pni Mu; President. Secretary W.S.G.A.; President. Alpha lambda Delta: Vice-President, Owls; Auburn Playe’s, Mortar Board. Who’s Who in American Collages and Universities. Fifth Row: • ROBERT LEWIS LOCK. JR.. Birmingham. A'aoama; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Meehanicol Engineer!. • WILLIAM EDWARD LCCKARD JR.. Montgomery. Alabama; Architecture; Theta Cn • CURTIS GRANT lOGAN. j.c ard Fio-ida; In-dustr'ial Management; President, Delta Tau Delta; ‘'Plainsman,'’ Spring Show. Society for the Advancement o' Management. I.F.C.. Auburn Rifles. Village fair. • THOMAS CLAY LOGAN. ?irm ngnam. Alabama; Industrial Management. Si«th Row: • CHARLES WILLIAM LONG. Birmingham, Alabama; E'eC-ica Er gineering; American Institute o Electrical Enginee-s. Institute of Radio Eng rn«-s. • HENRY AODISON LONG. JR Tyfgr Alabama; Agriculture Science- President. Aipha Gamma Rho; President. Vice-President. School of Agriculture; Arnold Air Society A pha Zet.a. • GLORIA GEAN LOVELACE. Dadavillo. Alabama: Home Economics; Alpha Omic'on Pi. "ot Eco’c — Gl C lib Union Committee. • JO ANN IOVVORN, Ecleotie. Alabama; Education; Oeita Zeta. Phys’cal Ecucotion Club. Freshmen Advisory Council. Future Teochert of America. Seventh Row; • JAMES WILSON LOYD, Birmingham. Alabama; Ae’onou’ieel Ac-ministretion; Auburn Veteran’s Assoca 'on, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. • MARY LORETTA LUCAS, Mobile, Alabama; Education; Theotre Oancc- Mari Teachers cf America. • BETTYE CECILE LUSK. Birmingham Alobama; Science and Literoture; Secretary, Oeita De ta De'ta; Westminster Fellowship Council. R.E.W. Com-• CAMERON FANT LYLE, Eclectic. Alobemo; Agricultural Science. Eighth Rcw: • JO”N FREDERICK LYLE. Mobile. Alabama; Chemical Ergineer. • ng- Sigma Chi. • JAMES ALEXANDER MACBETH. Albany. Georgia; Zoology; Alpha Gamma Rho. • DANNIE SUE MACKIN. DeCalur. Georgia; Science and Literature; Kappa Alpha Theta. Urion Dance Committee. Opera Workshop. Auburn Knigh’'s O'chestra. • VICTOR S. MALDONADO. Vega A ta. Puer’o Rico; Meehan cal E gi. nee»irg; Trjck and Saber. Scabba d and 8 «de. Varsity Wrestling. American Society of Mechanical Engneers. Nin’h Row: e HAROLD EDWIN MANNING. Jacksonville. Florida; Chemistry, e JOHN MANNING. Mob’le. Alabama; Scienca and lite'atu’e. e HARRY ALEXANDER MANSON. Birm ngham. Alab.s- -ginee'ieg; Soc efy of American Military fng neers. American Soc ety of Civil Engineers, Scabbard and Blade, e WILLIAM DAVID MA PIES, Athens. Alabama; Agricultural Science; Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle. Tonth Rotw; e OONALD EARL MARKS. Florence. Alabama; Chemica Engineer-ng; Theta Xi. • JOHN LEE MARSHALL. JR. Atm0re. Alabama; Of Radio Engineers. • CHARLES C. MARTIN. G dsden. Alabama; CMI Engineering. • JOHN A. MARTIN. Fayette, AlaPama; Irdusfral Management. Howard Clay Lester Robert C. Lester Jane Summe lewis William Edward Lewis James G Ibert lide Robert S. Limpaugh Ralph O. Lind ey John G. Lindsay Daniel Laron Lindsey William C. Lindsey. J». William R. Lipscomb James W. Litt e Sylvie Gall Lift e William C. Little Robert E. Little’on Sa-a Lou Lochridge Robert L. lock. Jr. William E. locre-d Jr. Curt $ Grant Logan Thomas Clay Logan Charles William long Henry Aodilpn Long Gloria Gean Lovelace Jo Ann loworn James Wilson Loyd Mary Loretta Lucas Bettye Ceciie Lusk Cameron Fart Lyla Jom Frederick Lyle James A. MacBeth Dannie Sue MacHn Victor S. Maldonado Ha'Old Edwin Manning John Manning Harry A. Manson William David Maples Dona d Earl Marks John L. Mashal . Jr. Cha' es C. Martin John A. Mar’inDOUG HAWKINS Editor of tho Glome-ata Robert P M«M 1 Roger C. Martin Thomas £ Jr. James H. Mason. J'. Jan Cranda Mason JcseH R. Mason V Ham E. Mason. J Hear C. Mass«"«W’9 Sandra Massey wi liars c. Mast;is Enoch Mathews. Jr. I. Matrews William P. Mathews Toor-ias K. Matfngiy Dona'd 6. M,s; din Janis Mo na'd Julian H. Maynard. Jr. Paul I. Mayton P'et'oo 0 McAbee Cynthia McA'tnj' William J. McOa Edwa'd I. McCanm Michael 8 MeCa'tney F nis M. McClures Bats McCo-qvodale Robe-t W. McC'aclen James W ft McC'ea-, Ruoe't A. McDaniel Sara B'uee McDane David L McDnv d J . Sen O. McDo'J d SENIORS First Row: • MARCUS FERREL MARTIN, PiasOfi, A’arama: Vete- Med cine; A • Avbsire Veler nary Mn-tirioe A'tocia-ion. • ROBERT D. MARTIN. Trussv la. Alabama: Indus’ria Management. • ROGER CARROL I MARTIN. fcr r[ se. Aiaoama; pre Med-c' : Phi M. Alpha S c -a. • THOMAS E. MARTIN. JR. Gaatensrilla Aabama; Pharmacy; America - Pna-maceutical Association. Second Row: • JAMES HOWARD MASON JR. Lanoda e. Alabama: Education. • .AN CRANDAll MASON St. S rrorss Is and Georgia; Edutstion-Future Ir.'i-'-. o America. • JOSEPH R08ERT MASON E a i Mi n. A .-barra: E«uc«tion- Wrest ino Team. Gymnastic Club P'es -sen P Tau C' Honor Sec efy. Cou'seic Maqroii.s Hail. • WILLIAM E. MASON. JR Auburn A abama; Art; Aub.m P ase-s. A Guild. Third Row; • -ENRY Ciay MASSENSURG, f oraa -e Alabama; Machenice E«g rearing; Sigma Nu. American. So «rv o Mechanical Engineers. • ANDRA MASSED ■ A .scam» P- •• Uc-s: on, P-es oent. Vice P'es den», Cha-te Membe . Kacba Epii on; American Pha-maccutcal Association. Student Council School o Ptyarmaey, Alpn» Chi Omega Aup.-n Engineer Kn Uc. • WILLIAM CHARLES MASTIN Clant©' Alabama E-.ginerring Phssics; Pi Mu Epsilon. S jmo Pi Sigma. • ENOCH MATHEWS JR. Phenli C: . Alabama; Inoujt’iol Managcmev. Fourth Row: • '-ARO.D .. MATHEWS Lineviie. Alabama Agricultural Sc • wi.liam Philip MATHEWS. £ :•• Valley Georgia; lad t ia Management; Kappa Sigma. Circle K Stee'agn Society te Ad . H.a eah. Flo da; Aeronautical Engiree'-ng; Del-a Tau Delta Pres, dent, S.G.A. Who's Who in Am, "ican Cc-leges and Uniue'sit es • DONA.D SREN'Lfy MAJLOIN. F.,i-(ie d. Aacama Electrical Eng neerl-sg. Fifth Row: • JANIS MclNNlS MAYNARD. Montgomery. Al-soam.o Eoucaric'; Alpha O" cor P: Fu'u-e Teachers of America. • JUL AN »(. MAYNARD. JR. Robe-tsdale Alabama; Business Administration-Delto Sigma Pi. • PAUL L. MAYSON Mobile. Aloisma: Industria Management; Sigma Alpha Ecsi c . • PRESTON DANIEL M:ABEE. Milleryillf Aabama; Science ana litcature. Si«th Row: • -.'H A JANE McARTHUR. Montgomery. Alabama; Sc ercr and Literature; Zeta Tau Alpha. Junior Panhellenic. Secretary W.S.G.A.; President WSGA (Summer Ou r e'); Da«m Vice-President Panhe len c GLOMERATA Favor to. GLOMERATA Staff. Who s Who r American Collages and Universities. • William JACKSON MeCAA. Troy. Alabama; Educot on; Kappa Sigma. Aubu'n Men's Octal, Haa«« B.s -:. Captain. 3snd. • edward lENHARI M CANCE. Pttsburgn. Pennsylvania; Antonautica Engineering. Atp’a 'au Omega. • MICHAEL BAILEY Ml hRTN ba'i-a; Chemical Engineering; Sigma Aloha Epsilon; president Student Chapter ol American So: e»v of Chemical Engineers. Seventh Row; • FINIS M. McClJNEY Gadsden Alabama- Isllaill AdmiaHira-t on; Kappa Sigma Phi Mu Alpha, Band. Tennis Team, • BASS McCOROUODAl E. Jackson, A joama; Home Demonst'atlon; Alp a Delta P. GLOMERATA 5ta f. Future Teachers of Ame- ca, Un.on Entertainment Committ , B.S.U. • ROBERT W. McCRACKEN Birmingham Alabama; Meehanica Engince-ing; Pedgemastc'. PH Kappa Tau. PI Tau Sigma, GLOMERATA Staff. America' Society • Mechanical Ergl'-ce-s • JAMES WIRT McCREARY. Montqom. ery. Alabama; Business Administration. Eightfi Row: • RUPERT alien McDANIEL JR. la Grange. Georgia: Tailiie Chemistry; Phi Psi. • SARA BRUCE M-.OANEl Janet I, Alabama: Education. • DAVID LANIER McDAVID. JR.. Montgomery. Alabama; Building Construction Guild. • BEN O. MCDONALD. Rnc. Mils Alabama Agricultural Education; Alpha Beta- Future Farmers g-America.First Row; • DOUGLAS MONAHAN McGOUGAl. PimfmMt, Aia©a'- Engineer 9 Amc-icon Sc; • • EafitMn. • ROBERT R. Mc£NTvRE. Birmingham Alabama; Irter'or Design; Lambda CM Alpha. • JESSE DENSON McGill Wtdlif, Alabama; Civl Eng • nwering; Chi Epsilon. Aaqrlcu Society of Civil Enqinoan. • WINSTON 8ENARD McGill Mobi . A abama; Buildng Construction; 8uiide»t Gu Id. Saconc Row: • JOE MORGAN McGUIRC. Jasfce'. Alabama; Ae'orauflcal Engi. nearing Rhi Kappa Tau. Institute of Aeronautical Science. • WILLIAM G. M:KI3BON. JR.. Fairhope A jbama- loouaf'Ial Ma'JOr meat Alpha Taa Omeqa. • GORDON WINFIELD McKlNNEY. Lin-Nebraska: S w ; .................... • wu 11am r Mekinnon. Bl'minghem, Alabama; Business Adm nistratlon. Third Rcw: • BEVERLY f. MclEMORE. Bi-minghem, Alabama; Education; Phi Mu. • BOBBY LEE McClENOON. Prichard A .it) Management; Tnera CM. • AODIE JOAN McLEOD. Aubu'». Ala-bama; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. • BENNY RAY McMANUS. Roanoke. Alabama; Agricultural Science; Alpha Gamma Rho. Caissons. Alpha Beta Alpha. A phe Z»ta Agriculture Council. Fourth Row: • ANGUS MURPHY McMillan. Pervacola. Florida; Forestry Fo-nst-i Cut. • JOE THOMAS McMILLAN. Birmingham. Alabama-Chemical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. Phi lambda Uosilon. Pi Tau Pi Sigma. Pi Mu Epsilcr, Phi Eta Sigma American Institute ©t Chemical Engineers. • THOMAS EOWARD McMURTRY. Alamo. Tennessee; Educat on. • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN McPHERSON. Birmingham, Alabama; Sc ence and literature; Lambda CM Alpha. Fifth Row: • JOSEPH L. McPOlAND. Bi-mnigha-n. Alabama; Business Ad • GEORGE HEACOCK McWILLIAMS. Alabama; Education; Auburn Pavers. Preiitsert. • HOMER RAY MfAOS, Montgomery. AlaDama; Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Psl American VaN........ MtdiciM Association. • PATRICK CONREY MEAGHER, Auburn. Alabama- Aeronautical Administration; S gma N Sixth Row; • MARTIN N. MEDNICK. New Orleans. Louisiana; E ectrical Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Institute of Radio Engineers. Came-a Club. • CHARLES EDWIN MERRILL. JR.. Birmingham. Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Inst tvte of Radio trg,net's Amercan Institute of Eleetricel Engineers. • ROBERT S. MESSER Carte's. Georgia; Mechanics Engineering; American Society o’ Mechanical Engineers. • ZORAH BOONE MESSER. Headland. Alabama; Home Economics. Seventh Row: • PETER HAMILTON MEYERS. Dug-ay. Utah; Chemical E-d teeing; American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, e aZIZ AHMEO MIAN, Dacca. Pakistan; Chem cal tn I ----- -9. • DON JOE WINTON MIKEll. Some-vii e. Alabama; Electrical Enginee'Ing; Alpha Tau Omega. Camera C ub. President. Secretary. Treasurer; American Insti’ute Of Eloctrical Engineers. Weslev Foundation. • JOHN B. MILES. Moo'esvil e, Alabama- Ag-I cultural Science- Sigma Phi Eos Ion. Eighth Row: • RIChaRD VANCE MILES, Tosco loose, Alebs Kippo Sigma; Forestry Club. Agricelture Council. Alabama Forme’. Idifo’. • EARNEST CARL MlSSILOINE. Palmerdale. Alabama- Agricultural Science. • GEORGE OEWEr mitcheli. Hertsboro. Aiebeme; Chemical Engineering; P Kappa Phi. • RONALD ALLEN MlTCHlU, Huntsville. Alabama; Industrial Management; S-gma N«. Ninth Row: • BILLY RAY Mill Eft. O-ens Cross Roads. Alabama; Ag'lcultural Science. • Charles RICHARD mills Knt Alabama; Indus’- »! Maragement; Westminster Fellowship. Society for A-a v,»ne m«n of Management. Veteran-. Association. Internationa Re lations Club. "Plansman" Staff. Tiger Club. • JOHN WILLIAM MILLS. Blrmigham. Alabama; Business Adminiitrstlcr. e BOBBY ROSS MOOBS. Cedar Bluff. Alabama; Agricultural Education. Tenth RoVv: • SURENORA MOHAN. Motihri Bihar, ndie; Civs E gireering. • WILLIAM LAMAR MOLPUS. Phil.aoelphia, Mississippi. Veter Vary Meolelne; Omega Tau Sigma. Junior Auburn Veterinary Medico Association. • CHARLES E. MONCRlEF. Tal assoo. Alabama; 3-. re-.s Administratioe. • JOSEPH M.ONIZ. Birmingham. Aaba-ra-Electrical Engineer ng- Institute of Radio Engineers; American Institute of Radio Engineers Amer'can Institute of E'ectrical Eng neers Douglas M. McGougal Robert R. McEntyre Jesse Denson McGill W ns’on B. McGill Joe Morgan McGuire Wm. G. McKibbon. Jr. Gordon W. McKinney W lam R. McK n»o Beverly F. McLemo'e Bobby L e McLendon Addle Joan McLeod Benny Ray McManus Argus M. McMillan Joe Thomas MuM on Thomas E. McMgrtry Beniamin F. McPherson Joseph I. McPo end George H. McWilliams Home' Ray Meads Patrick C. Meagne' Mar'in N. Mednick Cna'les E. Merrill Jr. Robert S. Messer Zorah Boone Messer Peter H. Moyers Aril Ahmeo Mian Don Joe W. Mikell Joha B. Milos P chard V. Miles lamest Carl Mistildine G«o-ge D. Mi'chell Ronald Allen Mi'chell Billy Rev Miller Charles Richard Mills John William Mills Bobby Ross Mobbs Kurendre Mohan William I. Molpus r )'!rs E Moncrief Joseph Mo nilBOB HURT Mead Chee-leadn I. Eowir Moore Frank L. Moo'e William O. Mootefietd Otis S. Moteman Stanley F, Morgan Nc»man S. Morris Ralph 8. Ma-io Jr. Robert l. Morris John H. Moiloy R'chara 6. Mueller Thomas L. Muld'cw Charles E. Mundinc. Jr. Donotd C. Mjndy Charles N. Murphy John Darryl Murphy Peggy J. Murphy James I. Murrell Rachel Iris Murray David C. Mvstlerran Anna Ruth Nalley Robet't L. Nance Betty Jean Nea Charles Edwin Neal Herman Neiiwonder Marry A. Nelmi Byron B. Nolton, Jr. Robert Lou s Nelson Albert A. Nettles, Jr. Freni Hulett Neville Milton O. Newberry Joseph'ne Newsom Ronald lee Newiom First Row: • I. EDWIN MOORE. Pnenii City Aaberre; Business Ad-ton. • FRANK I. MOORE. Cpeliio. Alobama- Inciuit'lal Manaae-• WILLIAM OLIVER MCOREFIELD. Kingipor-. Te ne»e«: Arch ttclure; Americao institute o; Architects; Scarab. • OTIS SAMFORD MOREMAN LaFayette, Alabama; Engineering Phys'cs; lau Kappa Epsilon. Soconc Row; • STANLEY E. MORGAN. Birmingham. Alafcoma; Civil Eng neer ieg; American Sccctv of Civil Engineer . • NORMAN 5. MORRIS. Thomaiton. Georgia; T «tile Moregemert. Fri PsJ, e RALPH B. MORROW, JR. Birmingham A-abamg; Mochonical Engineering; Kappa Alpha. Blue Key. Pi Tau Sigmo. Taj Beta Pi. Pi Mu Epsilon. Phi Eta S'gma; President. Westminster Fel owship; Chairman, R.E.W.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Chairman. Homecoming Decorations; Who's W'i in Amer can Colleges and Universities. • ROBERT LINTON MORRIS, Bay Mirette, Alabama; Forestry; Sigma Pi. Third Row: • JOHN v-ARMON MOSLEY. Evergreene Alabome; Education; Koopa Sigma. Auburn Bard. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio. • RICHARD EOWIN MUE.LER. Sptinghill. A a borne: Mechanical Eng netting; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. • THOMAS LEE MUl-A ibnma Mansgement. • CHARLES FOWARO MUNDINF. JR., Birmingham, Alabama Business Admia. isfration; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row: • DONALD Cl EVE MUNDY Anri-on. A' bama; Man agement Society ‘O' the Advancement of Management, Caissons. • CHARLES N. MURPHY. Birmingham. Alabama; Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Psi. Junior American Veterinary Medical Association. Auburn Knights, e JOHN DARRYL MURPHY. Crenshaw. Alapama; Industtial Management; Trace and Saber. Society for the Advance-ment of Management. Auburn Ri'le Drill Team. Counselor Magnolia mall. • PEGGY J. MURPHY. Capps. Alabama; Home Econom.cs Education, Fifth Row: e JAMES LEE MURRELL, Do'ta". Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Ame-'can Institute of Electrical Engineers, e RACHEL IRiS MURRAY Montgomery. Alabama; Secretarial Troinieg; Kappa De ta. Lam pda Chi Alpha Crescent • DAVIO C. MUSSICman. Florence. A obame; Veterinary Medicire Alpha Psi. Junior Amer-«an Veterinary Meaica Auoc»«tiou. • anna ru h NALLEY. Birmingham Alabama; Home Economics. Sixth Row: • ROBERT L. NANCE. Bangor Alabama; A't e BETTY JEAN NFAl. Birmingham. Alabama; Home Economics; Freshman Advisory • me Economics C ub • CHAR.ES EDWIN NEAL. Chickasaw. Alauamj- Mechanical Engineering- Tr ota C p Tau Sigma. • HERMAN w. n£i wendsr. Montgomery. Alabama; Forestry; Forestry Club, Xi Sigma Pi. Alpha Zefe. Seventh Row: • HARRY ARNOLD NELMS, East Gadsden. Alabama; Mechanical Engineering. • BYRON B. NELSON. JR.. Tallassee. Alabama; Edu-eotion; Pi Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT LOUIS NELSON. Coral Gables. FlO'ioa; Veterinary Medicine; Alphs Psi, Junio- American Vet-errary Medic J Associat on. • ALBERT ALEXANDER NETTLES. JR.. Monroeville. Alabama; Scierce and life'eture; Kappa Alpha Au burn Bang. Eighth Row: • FRANK HULETT NEVILLE, Meridian. Mississippi; Architecture-Phi Koppa Tau. • MILTON O'NEAL NEWBERRY. Andalusia. Ala-tana; Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Associat'on. e JOSEPHINE NEWSOM, Sandersvllle Alabama; Science and Literature; Chi Omega. • RONALD lEt NEWSOM. Civ I; Amer-icen Society of Civil Engineers.First Row: • HERMAN CHESTER NEWSOME. Coltoetoa, Alabama; industrial Ma-agerrert; Society tor the Advancement ot Management. • WILLIAM GARY NEV SOME. Cottortcr, Alabama; Industrial Man. age-re't; Society ter Advancement ot Management. • GERAIO E. NICHOLS. Nemacolin, Pennsylvania; Chemica Engineering; Auburn Incependent Orgoniiaticn. • JACK NICHOLS. Enterprise. Alabama; Aeronautical Engineering; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Sncord Row: • FRANCES AOIAR NICHOLSON. Collinsville. Alabama; Ed.-a-tio-i. • JON v, NIELSEN. Birmingham, Alabama: Chemical Engi-near ng; Sigmo Pni Eosllon. Steerage. • WfNDEll 8. NIX. Kings-CO't. Tennessee; Phys:cs; Delta Tau Delta. Phi Eta Epsilon. Men's G »■' r it l.f.C. • FRANKLIN D. NOLIN. Entn-p-isa. Alabama; Business Administration. Third Row: • LAWRENCE LAMAR NORMAN, SavOMMh, Gec-gia; Electrical Engieeering; Delta Chi. • RICHARD M. NORMAN. Elba. Alabama; Mechanical Engineer ng Kaopa Sigma. Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade. American Society o! Meckan'ca! Engineers. • JOHN ALLEN NORRIS III. Birmingham, Alabama; Art; Industr y Des gn Fo'um. • RAMCN I NORRIS, JR.. D»catu A abama; Pharmacy. Fourth Row: • ROBERT REYNOLDS NORRIS. Columbus, Georgia; Business Administration. • JOHN CLVDE NORTON. Selma. Alaoama: Business Administration. • JOHN WILLIAM NORTON Phenix City Ala bama; Mechanica Engineering; Amsericon Society of Mechanical Engineers. • GEORGF AllFN ODOM, mo-iir-a. U«i|I|H; flcctri. cal Engineering. Fifth Rcw; • PAT REYNOLDS ODOM. Decatur. Alabama; Ae'onautico' Engineering; Tau Beta PI; Pi Tau Soma. Scabbard ano Bade, Arnold A! Soc ctv. Institute o‘ Aeronautical Science. Baptist Student Union. • PEGGY N OGBURN. "horsby, Alabama; Bus ness Admin, isfration; Zrrta Tau Alpna, • CHARLES BURKART OGLE. Decatur. Alabama; Mechanical Engineer ng; Kappa Alp-vj. • ELV OOD LE VON OLIVER, Mcnfgome'y, Alabama; Industrial Management. Sixth Row: • WALTON ALBURTUS ORR. Union Springs, Alabama; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Nu. • PATRICIA RUTHERFORD ORUM. Mid-way. Alabama; Education; Kappa Oelta. • PAULA ANN OSBORN. Birmingham. Alabama; Science and Literature; Theta Upsilon. Alpha Alpha Gamma. Canterbury Foundation, Secretary ot Panhellenic Council. • SHERMAN GRADY 0S30RNE. JR.. L«-ett A.abama; Business Administration; Treasurer. Delta Sgme Pi. Sovonth Row; e WYNTON REX OVERSTREET. B'ewton, Alabama; Chemical En-g rearing; Kappa Sigma, "A" Club. • WILLIAM EDWIN OWEN. Auburn, AlaPam.a Aeronautical Engineering; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. • WILLIAM EARL PAGE. Woodvlle. Aabora; Ci ! En g neering: Scabbard and Blade. Chi Eoailon. Tau Beta Pi. American Society fo' Civil Engineers. Society of American Military Engineers. • WILLIAM ERNEST PAPPANASTCS. Montgomery Alaoama; Ae-o nautical Engineering; Sigma Nu. Institute o‘ Ae'onautleal Sciences. Eighth Row: • JAMES BENTON PARDUE Paris. Tennessee Veierinorx Medicine Omega Tau Sigma, Junior American Veterinary Medicine Association. • HEY PICKETT PARK, Montgomery. Alabama; Civil Engineering; American Society fo Civil Enginee's. • 8O8BY RAY PARKER. Ft. Payee. Alabama; Business Administration, e CHARLES W. PARKER, larett. A abama; Education; Alpha Tau Omega Ninth Row; • DONESE SAMUEL PARKER. Columbus. Georgia; Education. • JAMES WILLIAM PARKER. Andalusia. A abama; Industrial Manage mmt. Society lor Advancement ot Monogement. • JERRY I. PARKER Cullmon, Alaoama; Education. • CAMELIA ANN PARRISH. colo. Florida; Chemical Engineering; Bard; American Institute for Chemical Engineers. Tenth Refer: • JUDITH ANN PARSONS. Birmingham Alabama; Home E 0-■-'j. • HARRY A. PARTLCW, Lincoln. Alabama; Chemical Eng neering; Sigrra Pi. American Institute for Chem cal Engi-eeers Aubure Veteran Association. American Chemical Society. • 8ENJAMIN SANFORD PATE. JR.. Ashfe'd. Alabama; P-e Medisine; P- 6 a Sigma, Alpha Eos Ion Delta. • LEONARD FARRELL PAT-" TERSON. P-entersv.lie. A abama; Business Admmrifraf o . Herman C. Newsome Wi.llam G. Ne-some Gerald E. Nichols Joes Nichols Francos Nkholson Jen V. Nielsen Wendell B. Ni« Franklin 0. Nolin La-rence I. Norman ficha'd M. Norman John A. Norris. Ill Romoo L. Norris, J'. Robert R. Norris John Clyde Norton John William Norton George Allen Odom Pat Reynolds Odom Pcagy N. Ogbure Charles Burkna-t Ogle Elwood Levon O ive- Walton Albedos O" Patr'cia R. Orum Pauia Ann Osborn Sherman Osborne. Jr. Wynton R. Cvertstreet William Edwun Cwor. William Ea'I Page William Paocanastos James S. P.srdue Nay Pickett Pfl'l Bobby Rsy Parkor Charles W. Parke- Donese S. Parker James W. Parker Jerry L. Parker Cornelia A'n Pa"ist, Judith Ann Parsons Harry A. Partlow Beniamin $. Pate. Jr. Leonard F PeffersorJUDY LOCH RIDGE f'eildM! ol v . $. G. A. SENIORS Geraldine Payne Walter R. Payne Dry id t. Peacher Jimmy Ray Peacock Owen M. Pearce James Louis Peeler G’en Eugene Pehl Jimmy R. Pemberton Harry La Ion Pentecos Dan K. Perry Jack J. Parry James Loren Parry Erwin H. Petty Geo-ge P. Petrnick, Jr. El ison A. Phillips. Jr. Wrn. Archie Phillips William S. Phillipi Geo-ge E. Phllyaw william T. Pibil Jer y S. Pierce Donato S. Pierre John 6. Person Peggy J. Pie non Samue C. Plokln T'Oy Edwin Plunk John Parker Pogue John w. Pollard Ho»' A. Ponder. Jr. Mo'lha Gay Ponder Howarn Foo‘n Bcbb e Jean Pope Ma-iman E. Pope Frit Row: • GERALDINE PAYNE. Bre-Mn, Alabama; Ejuca- on. e WALTER R. PAYNE. Birmingham A aba- a; Chemical Enginec-ing; African Imlilate ol Chemical Engineer. • OAVID LYNWOOD PEACHE . Bi-mingha-n Alabama; Archilecrure; Phi Kappa Tat . • JIMMY RAY PEACOCK. BloWstown F orida; Vnrnrlnary Medicine: Junior Ame-lc.nn Veferina-y Mcdka Association. Second Row: • OWEN HERBERT PEARCE. Birmingham. Alaoama; Building Con struetion; "A" Club. Blue Key. Senior Senator. Scadey. Varyity Base-ball. Ring Committee. Publications Board. • JAMES LOUIS PEELER, Birmingham. Alabama; E cctr cal Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. • GLEN EUGENE PEHL. Mobile. Alabama; Business AHmi-stratiov Vice-Pres dent, Oelta S:gme Phi; Squirm Auburn Playeri. Sophomo'n Senator. Supt. ct Socia Attain. Chairman. Auburn Union Program Council; Vcce-Cna rman. War Eagle Political Party; Spring Show, Chairman. Union Dance Committee- Who's Wna in American Col-egei and : • • JIMMY RALPH PEMBERTON Ac.a- der City. Alabamy; Aeronautical Engineering. Thrd Row; • HARRY IAFON PENTECOST, Duke Alabama; a. Ad miniitrafion; Institute ol Ae e DAN K. PER - Aleiandr.a, Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Tau Be'a Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; American Intfitute of Electrical Engineers, • JACK J. PERRY, Kinston. Alabama; Education; The'a Chi. • JAMES LOREN PERRY, Gorgai, Alabama; Educa-Ioe; Pi Tau Chi. Weyley Foundation. Fourth Row: • ERWIN ft. PETTY Cna'farcoga. Tennessee; Industrial Mn'sqr menf; Sigma Pi. • GEORGE P. PET7NICK. JR.. Montgomery, Air • ELLISON AVERY PHILLIPS JR. Ashland, Alabama; Building Construction; $ qma Chi; Builders Guild. • WILLIAM ARCHIE PHILLIPS A , -• . B Adminittrat on. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM SHEPHERD PHILLIPS. Auburn. Alabama; Agricultural Science; Dniry Science Club. • GEORGE E PH 11 YAW. Po-t St. Joe. Florido; Mechanical Engineering; American So: ety ol Mecharka Eng reery. e WILIIAM THEODORE PIBIL. Unionfcwn. Alabama; Me chanical Engineers e jFRRy s. PIERCE Birmingham A'abarra; Science arxt Lite-a"u'e; Pi Kacoa Alpha. Skill Row; • DONALD STEPHEN PIERRE. Mob t A ltai a Chamica Eng necring; Ph Lambda Upsilo-v Pi Mu Epsilon; American Institute ot Chemical Eegieesn. • John BENNETT pierson. M«n «eviiie. Alabama; Chemical Engineering; Kappa Alpha. • PEGGY J PIERSON Brcrdioge. A abama: Science and Literatura; Delta De fa 3r p.nn-e enic Council. Owens, Pi Mu Ep» low. e SAMUEL C. PIPKIN. 8»y Minette A abama; Industria' Management; Sccinty tor the Advancement of Management. Seventh Row: • TROY EDWIN PLUNK Henderson. Terrewee; Electrical Engineer ing; Tau Beta Pi. ft.y Kappa Nu. Pi Mu Eosilort, Institute ol Radio Engineers. • JOHN PARKER PCGUE. California. Kentucky; V«te-inary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma. June American Veterinary Medical Atiocaition. • JOHN WAYNE POLLARD Rpaburne, A a Agricultural Educa-ion. • HOY A. PONDER, JR. Russell ville. Alabama; Science and Literatu-e Baptiyt S’udent Union Secretary. Alpha PH Omega. Eighth Row; e MARTHA GAY FONDER. Fai-fied Alabama Education; Delta Zota. • JAMES HOWARD POOLE. Montgomery, Alabama; V,te. nary Medicine; Omega To. Sigma. Junior Amercan Vete- -ary Medical Associate-. • BOBBIE JEAN POFF Aiharj Alabanva Home Economics Education, o MARIMAN E. POPE Ayn or. i a a Kama; Agricultural Science.First Rcw: • WALTER PCPE. Columbus. OtC’Qii: Bui dlno Construction. • CONALD SUTLER POPEJOY. Havtv' !c. Alabama; Veterinary Med-icine; Omega Taj Sigma, American Veterinary Medical Association. • GECRGE R. PORTER. Jackson M Ml •- • Engineer, rg; Kappa Sigma. I PC. "Plainsman." America Society 0‘ Me. "•anica: Enqinee's. Glee Club. Mi«ed Cho-us. • JOHN GLEN PORTER. Mobiie. Alabama; Mecha ical Engineering- Slgmss CM. Arnold Air Society. American Society oi Mechanical Eegireers. Second Rovr; • JOHN .INCOLN PORTER. Cyntt eea Keetecky; Veter • •, Me J one; c ,ma: Alpha Zeta. • THOMAS LAWSON POR TER. JR Ml 1MMMM Qadliu Engineering. • WILLIAM EARL PORTER, Birmingham. Alabama; Business Administration. • WILLIAM MICHAEL PCSTOW. Roanoke. Virg'ra; Business Admin-st-ation; Phi Kocpa Tau. Track and Saber. Tfiird Row: • KERMIT HOWARD POTTS. Birmingham. Alabama; Civil Engineer-i g: Sigma Nu. Spadev Senior Serator. Omega Delta Kappa. Pres-dew Sioma N.. • JACK BRUCE POWELL. T-oy. Alabama; Educa-lien; Sanrt. Chorus, PM Mu Alpha Sinton a. • JOHN DUNCAN POWELL. Joeeiboro. Tennessee; Ve’erina'y MediC re; Alpha Psi. JuniO Ame-icar Veterinary Med ice A It n. e MAX POWELL, JR.. 8irm.naham, Alabama; Electrical Engineering; Phi Kappa Taj. Fourth Row: • SAXON PACE PCYNfcR. Dothan. Alabama; A-ch.tec'.re; Amer-can Insti’ute o1 Architect!. • HAROLD GRANT PRATHER. Rive-view. A'abema; Business Acministrotion; Secretary. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Delta Sigtra Pi. • JAMES ARTHJR PRAYTOR, Besse-re-. Alabama; Elect-ical Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineer . • OAN JASPER PRESLEY. Opp. Alabama; Aoricj tu-a Science. FiTth Row: • HUGH S. PRESLEY. Scot’sbo'O. Alabama; Science and literature; Kappa Sigma. • SEN FREDERICK PRESTON. Cotfontcn, Alabama; Agricultural Educat on. • jamil EARL PRICE. Sylocauge. Alabama; levtile Cnemijrry; Sigma Pi. Vice-President, School ot Chemistry. Blue Key. Who Who in American College arg Universities. • IHAC HARPER PRUETT. Montgomery, Alabama; Civil Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sixth Row; • PATRICIA C. PRUITT Anniston. Alabama' Interior Cesign. • WILL AM LYLE PRUITT. Pine Hill. Alabama;' Business Admnistra. •:ce; Delta Sigrro Prl. • FLOYD E. PUCKETT. Enterprise, Alabama; A-chircctw-e; S9-J Nu. • CHARLES G. PULLEN. Hvntsvi le. Alabama; 9.Hying Construct on; Sigma Nu. Seventh Row: • JAMES DAVID PURVIS 8"rirgram. Alabama; Industrial Man. ' Delta Sigma Phi. • WALT STEWART PYNE. O- a-jo Building Construction; Sigma Chi. • WALTON J. OUINBY, Birmingnam, A a bam. Mechanical Engineering; Delta S gma Pei. • DOROTHY ANN RAFF. Talladega, Alabama; Education. Futj-e Teachers o' America; W.S.G.A ; Freshman AdvitO'y Council. Eighth Row; • MARK H. RAINER. JR.. Bellamy Alabama; Agricultural Sci •ne . • JASEN 0. RAINES, Mo»’gomery. Alabama; Business Ad - -.•on; Deta Tau Del-e. • WILLIAM GENE RAINES C-s: man. Alabama; Business Administration. The»e XI. • William TRUMAN RAMSEY, JR.. Montgomery. Aabama; Ae'ensutleal Administration, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Ninth Rcw; • DONALD PAUL RANEY, Huntsville. Alabama; Textile Manage ment; Phi Psi; Track and Saber, e DOUGLAS RANEY, V cdcnlurql-. Alabama; Ae-onaurical Enq neerirg. ELEANOR RANEY. Madison Alabama; Sec'etaria’ Train'ng. Alpha Omicron Pi; W.S.G.A. Vice-President. Dorn; W.R.A.; Fwlimu Advisory Council. e pfRRy S. RANSOM, JR Montgomery. A abam.n; Civil fng!»ne'ing. Tenth RcV: • McCLELLAN RATCHfORD JR.. Atlanta Georgia; But -es-. Ad ninittration; Pi Kappa Alpha. e JAMES BA’EMAN RAWIINSON. Opelika, Alaoama; Animal Husbandry; Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN L. RAWLS, JR., Winter Haven. Florida; Engineering Physics; Sgrra Pi Sigma. Tau Bata Pi. Ins'itu’e of Radio Erglnec-s. • Elllfc NATHAN RAY Ononta, Alaoama; Electrical Engineer-g. Walter Pope Dc.'oid Butler Pope oy George R. Porter Jo'n Glen Porter John Lincoln Porter Thomas L. Porter. Jr. Willipm E. Porte' William M. Posts Kermit Howard Potts Jack Bruce Powell John Duncan Powell Mae Powell. Jr. Savon Pace Poyner Ha'dd Grant Prather James A-thur Pray'or Oar Jasper Presley Hugh S. Pres e» Ben F. Preston Jamie Eatl Price Thad Harpe- Prje't Patricia C. Pruitt W iliam Lv e Pruitt Floyd E. Puckett Cnar'es G. Pullen Jamos David Purvis Wal Stewart P ne Walton J. Quinby Dorothy Ann Raff Mark H. Raine-. Jr. Josan D. Raines V illiam Gene Raines William. T. Ramsey, J-. Down Paul Raney Douglas Races Eleanor Raney Pe’ry S. Ransom. J». M. Ratchtord. J'. James B. Rawlnson John L. Rowls. J-. Ellie Nathan RayKEN MATTINGLY Vr«. dent of the Student B'-dy SENIORS Wi’lie Joe Ray. Jr. Charles J. Redwire He-bert H. Reed G'ft’i.1 J»w Rwv« Alice Reeves Ira til l Reevet wi liam C. Regan John J. Reh JoFn F. Reyimer Charles I. Reynolds Howard t. Reynolds w; Cam W. Rhodes Mjv Rosamond Rhyne Wi Cam David Rice Thomas L. Richards ECiabeth R chardson Robert W. Richardson Walker M. R'ddie, Jr. Earnest D. Rigney Rhett Enxor Riley Sybil Anne Rive'S Thomas S. Robbirs. Jr. Ada Elljafceth Roberts Dorvtld Eugene Roberts John 8. Roberts llcwcl »r T. Roberts Shulord A. Roberts John I. Robe'ton Wi Cam R. Roberson Cheslie Robinson, J'. Curtis t. Rob'nson Otis C. Robiason, Jr. Firth Row: • williE JOE RAY JR.. Auburn, Alabama; TelniNg Mad tsa; Alpha Psi; Jun'tor American Vete-inary Medica Association- Alpha Zata. • CHARLES JACKSON REDV tNE. Spartonb . rg. South Car-Olitsa; Education. • HERBERT H. REED. Mamphit, TaiMMUa ; E'C tr cal Engineering; S gma Chi. Sojres. Steerage Pi Mu Epsilon. Institute of Radio Engineers. Ame'ican Institute ot E'ectr cal En. gineers Tau Beta Pi President. School of Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu. Eaginears Council. • GLORIA JANE REEVE. Birmingham, Alabama; 3vsiness Administration; Delta Zeta. Mouse Committee. Baptist Student Un on. Soccrd Row: • ALICE REEVES, Elorala. Alabama; Education; Ze»a Tau A pha. Eutu'e Teachers ol America. Freshman Advisory Count! . • IRA ELLIS REEVES, Woodbury Georgia; Bus.ness Administration; Pi Kaopa Phi. • WILLIAM CUMM NS REGAN. Mobile. Alabama; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Chi, American Society ot Mecntn a • JOHN J. REM. Rome No. V„., ing; Pi Kappa Alpna. Row: • JOHN f. REYIMER Mobi e. Alabama; Electrical Engineering. • CHARLES THOMAS REYNOLDS. Selma. Alabama; Industrial Mon. egement; Kappa Alpha; Society fo' the Advance-rent of Management. • HOWARD LOMAX REYNOLOS sbama; B. ■ M(I Adit • ttratioa, • WILLIAM WALLACE RHODES. Cuthbert. Georgia; Agricultural Science. Fourth Row; • MARY RCSAMCND RHYNE. Montgomery. Alabama;; Alp-a Omicron Pi. Freshman Advisory Council Opera Workshop Student Education Association. Women’s Glee Club, llnicn En’er-tainment Committee. Theater Dancer Accompanist. • WILLIAM DAVID RICE Bircn ng s: Civ I Engineering. • THOMAS LEE RICHARDS Oavtcn. A abarr.0 Pharmacy; American Pha'ma cewtiea Association. • ELIZABETH BURKS RiCHAROSCN Mont-gomery. A'abama; Home Economics; Aip a Omic'on Pi, Frcsdent. Panhellenie Counci ; Ange Flight, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Fifth Row: • ROBERT W. RICHARDSON. Prichard. Alabama: Education; Men’s Glee C ub. T-ack ano Saber. Phi Mu Alp'a Auburn Band, Or-• WALKER McDaniel RIDDLE JR., a 4 - oam,; Pre-Law. • EARNEST DOUGLAS RIGNEY. Copeland. Alabama; Agricultural Education; future forme's of America. • RHETT ;N ZOR RILEY. Andoluslo, Alabama; Business Admin’stralioo. Siyth Row: e sybil ann • |ia: Aft; ta De ta Oelta • THOMAS SCO IT ROBBINS. JK.. B.rm ngham, Alabama; Civil f' can Sac ft. of _ v i Erg naars. • ADA ELIZABETH ROBERTS; Collinsville, Alabama: Education; Future leacters • Am,erica; Mi»eo Chorus; Wesley Foundation. • DONALD EUGENE ROBERTS Ta ladega, Alabama; Agricultura Science. Sovonth Rev; • 8. ROSFRTS. CKaitarcoga. Taaaessta; Pharmacy Kappa Sigma. • LLEWEUYN TALMADGE ROBERTS. Athens. Alabama: •- •• pha Gamma Me. • SHUFOtO ALEXANDER ROBERTS Birmingham, Alabama; Mechanical Engineering. • JCHN LESTER ROBERSON. Bessemer. Alabama; 8us:ress Adm ristration; lambda Chi Alpha. Eighth Row; • WILLIAM RAY ROBERSON, Florence. Alabama; Butina Admin-ttratioa; A Club. • CHESLIE A ROBNSON JR., Evergreen Alabama; Industrial Management; Society (or t»e Advancement of Management. • CURTIS LEON ROBINSON. Anniston. Alabama; Electrical Engineering; American Institute ot Electrical Engineers. Inst-lute ol Radio Ergince's. • OTIS CLARENCE ROBINSON. JR.. Birmingham. Alabama; Electrical Engineering.Fiiit Row: • EDWARD G. ROCK. Montgomery. Alabama; Science and Liters • •••; Ph Kappa Tax. • KAIHRYN REBECCA RODEN Pisgoli, a:, bars; (lew Economic-. Education. • RICHARD NEIl RODGERS. Pi-von, Alabama; Mechanical Engineer eg. • JIMMY lON ROGERS. Thom.aston. Georgia; Textile Management. Sacond Row; • ROBERT IANIER ROLLINS. JR. Summt. Mississippi; Yal Medicine; Alpha Psi; Junior American Veterinary Medicine Associa-lion. • JOHN J. ROMEO. Columbwt. Georgia; Electrical Engi. nee-mo. • BOyd BEECHER ROSE Spring Garden Alabama; Agri cultura Educat or; Futu'a f-a'meri ot America. Agriculture Council, AlD"J 2ala. • EDWIN ALLEN ROSE. JR. b rm « ........... A in - Industrial Management; Kappa Sigma. Third Row; • HAROLD EUGENE ROSE. Nauvoo Alabama Agricultu-a Edu-cation; Alpha Gamma Rno. • JO-N WILLIAM ROSS. Tuslcgce. Alabama; Eoucation. • CHARLES CORLEY ROWE Mo-.-go-cry Alabama; Business Administration; Sigm Nu. • ERNESI ELWOOD ROWE Shrevepo’t. Louisiana; Forestry; $:gma A phe Epsilon. Scab oard and Bjde. Caissons Forestry Club. Fourlh Row: • DONALD JOSEPH ROWLAND. St. Nltrsbwg, Fatida; Meehan ical Engineering; P Tau Sigma. Tau Beta Pi Nee-man Club. Ame-ice Society ol Mechanical Engineers. • JAMES S. ROY. Auburn. Alobar-ia; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau. American So «ty u1 Mecbortical Engineers. • william E. ROYAL. Barley. Georgia; Indust-ial M KOPPO I • J. C. RUDD. Felicity. Ohio; Veterinary Medicine; Junior American Veterinary Med-cine Association. Fiflh Row: • ROBERT LAMAR RUPPENTMAl. Moveo-r-y, Alabama i-Manage- W. Society o A-J-ance-rent of Management, • JENNY RONALD RUSH, lue'a V la, Georgio; Induslri.s Manage-moat; Society tor the Advancement ©I Management. • CLARENCE KENNETH RUSSELL Tampa. Florida; Veterinary Med cine; Alpha PsI, American Veterinary Med.cine AtfOClOt on e Cl INTON HUNTER RUSSELL Dallas Teras; Building Construct on. Sixth Row: e HARRY MERRITT RUHAND. JR.. Guntc-s.ille Alabama; Pre-Dantittry • ROBFR’ M RJIlAND. Guatersv - Alai It »; A •ectu'e. • GEORGE DARBY SAGE. Oaytona Beach. F'arida; Building Const-.cron, e john THOMAS SANDERS, Graenvilte Alabama; Veterinary Medicine; Alphs Pti; Junior American Veterinary Med Icine Association. Seventh Row; • CAROLYN J. SANSING Woodstock. Alabama; Home Economics; F-eshman Advisory Council Alpha 8«ra Alpha. Home Economics Club. • JANE WOODS SAVAGE. Piedmont, Alabama; Educalioa; Alpha Gam.-no Della. • JANE FRANCES SCHAUER. 8Iri -Alabama; Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi. • RODERICK M. SCHlOSSSR Birmiegnam. Alabama; Industrial Management; Delta Chi. Soc’ety for the Advancement ol Management. I.F.C. Eighth Row; • JOHN EDSEl SCHMITH, Cantor. Alabama; Science aad idc-.i .-- p: Mu Epvilcr. • ARNOLD OSMOND SCHNABEL. JR. C-cinnati Ohio; Aeron utkal Fng rearing; Institute of Aeronautica S: ences. • RICHARD C. SCHNEIDER. Decatur Georgia; Agricultural Education; Alpha Gamma RFo. • FRANCILE M. SCOII. Leeds, Alabama; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta. Ninth Row: • PEGGY JONES SCOTT. Birmingham, Alabama; Educa’ion; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Education Assodat o». • WILEY 8. SCOTT De cafur, Alabama; Agricultu'a Ergic «rnig; American Society cf Agri cultural Engineers. Bap’i-.1 Student Union. • WILLIAM NEAL SCOTT. Opelika Alabama; Interior Design. DECOR. ROBERT P. SCROGGINS. Opelita. Alobame; Testilc Management; Sigma Pi. Tenth Rtfw: • RAYMOND T. SEIBERT, Gnrden City, Alabama; Elect-ical Engi. • ALICE FAY£ SELLARS, Race-tidale. Alabama; Pharnvacv; Kappa Epvilsws, Am »y icon Pharmaceutical Association F'eshman Adviso-y Council. "Aufcc'n PhatffllcHt." • BRYCF lvNWOOD SELLERS. Dothan. Alabama; Sjs re-... a • e WIILIAM PATRICK SELLERS Mob le. A'aCama; Education- 8and. Orchestra. Future Teachers o! America. Edvard G. Roch Kathryn Roden R chard Neil Rodgers Jimmy Lon Rogers Robert L. RolHns. Jr. John J. Romeo Boyd Beecher Rose Edwin Allen Rose. J Ho’O d Eugene Rose John William Ross Charles Cd'ley Ro»e Ernest E. Ro«e Donald J. Rowland James S. Roy William E. Royal J. C. Rudd Robert I. Ruppenfhal Benny Ronald Ruth Cla-ence K. Russell Clinton M. Russell Starry M. Rjtland. J-Robert M. Rutland George Da-by Sage John Ihgmot Sanders Carolyn J. Sensing Jan Woods Savage J.sne F-ances Schaue' Roderick M. Schlosser John E. Schmitts Arnold O. Schnabel Richard C. Schneider francie M. Scott Peggy Jones Scott Wiley 8. Scott William Neal Seolt Robetrt P. Scroggins Raymond T. Se be-t A ice Faye Sellars B'vce Lynwood Sellers William P. Sellers STEWART MoKNIGHI President pr©7 m of the Senate Jane Sean Eugcne R. ShecUev George F. Shadd Reid C. Shannon James R. Sheffield. Jr. Patricia Shepherd Mansell S. Sheppard Juliet Rhett Sheppard Hoy Sherrard, J'. James 0. S‘erman John A-den Sniper Richard Lane Shobe Charles E. Short Davia McLain Sibley Peyton Andrew Sloes Mohlnder S'ngh Sicsnd Charles P. Sikes Rufvs Elmer Simpson Geo-ge O'en Sims. Jr. M ndr a Singh Oa »In S. Siaiard Jef"‘ M. Sirmon Rebecca Jean Sisk Rodner Ray $!sk John R. S'ttnn. Jr. Allen Hilt Sledge Geo'ge T. Slider Martha Eml y Sloan Richard Ea l Sive Me’berf 0. Smille Arthur Thair Srtvfh Charles Clyde Smith SENIORS First Row: JANE SENS. Auburn. Alabama- Secretarial Training; Alpha Gamma Delta. • EUGENE RAYMOND ShaCKlEY. Cambridge. Massactu-Mttt; Electrical Engineering; Ins'iij’e Radio Enginee's. • GECRGE FRANKLIN SMAODIX. larett. Alabama; Education. • RElO C. SHANNON’, Mob le Alabama; Electrical Engineering. Second Row: • JAMES RILEY SHEFFIELD. JR.. Selma, Alabama; Chemical Engineering; P' Mu Epsilon. Phi Lambda Upsilon, American Institute of Chemical Enginee-s. • PATRICIA SHEPHERD, Birmingham. Alabama; Laboratory Technology; Auburn Playart. • MANSELL SAMUEL SHEPPARD, Albany, Georgia; Building Construction; Builders Guild. • JULIE RHcIT SHEPPARD, Montgomery. A absma; Alpha Gamma Delta. Wesley Choir R.S.W. F-.T.A. Third Row: • HOYT Sn-ERRARD, JR. Decs'.• theme; AcrOtsa tica Engi nee'ing; President, Como'a Club; A't Editor. "Plainsman ’; Staff Pno’og-apne-. GlOMERATA; Institute of Ao'onsutlcal Sc ■■ • JAMES DONLEY SHERMAN Birmingham. Alabama; ELI Kappa Nu. Pi Mu Epsilon, institute o Radio Engineoes. • JOHN ARDEN SHIVER, Ash.toro. A abama; Delta Tou Delta, Society of Amor can Millta-y Engineers, • RICHARD LANE SHOBE 0- ; )hom. Alabama; Phi Kappa Tao, Amr'can Institute of Electrical Engineers. Intitule o‘ Radio Engineers. Fourth Row: CHARLES EVERETrE SHORT, spoita. Tennessee; Veterinary Medicine: Med Ml A • OAVID McLAIN. SIBLEY. Rusielly.lle. Alaoana; Ag'icul’urol Administration; Sigmo Phi Eos ion. • PEYTON ANDREW SIDES Montgomery Alabama; Education; 8and. • MOHINOER SiNGm SIKAND. Napha, India; Civil Engineering. F fth Row: • CHARLES PHiinP SIKES. Roanoke, Alabama; Electrics: Engi-naarirvg; American Institute of Electrical E«g neers. • RUFUS ELMER SIMPSON. Alabama City. Alabama; E’rctrlral Engineering. • GEORGE OREN SIMS. JR. Samson. Alabama; Industrial Manage-Soc ety fo 'he Advancement ot Management. • MUNORIKA SINGH. India Civ'l Engineering; American Soc ety of C'vil I ngl neen. $i»th Row: • DARWIN SIMS SINIARD. Ande'son A abama; Agricultural Edu-cation. • JEFF M SlRMC’. - ■ ■ Alabama: Civ I Enginrn'I'g; American Sc-ciefv of Civil Engineers; President. Wes ey Foundation; SCRA. • REBECCA JEAN SiSK. Malone. Alabama; Horre Economics Education; Home Economic Club, • RODNEY RAY SISK Ta ladega. Alabama; Industrial Management; So: nty for the Advancement el Management. Amateur Radio Cljb. Sovgrth Row: • JOHN ROBERT SITTEN JR., Montgomery. A'abama; (vainest Ad min stration; Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Sigma P:, Scabbard and Blade. T'ack and Saber. Magnolia Hal Sena’e. • ALLEN HILT SLEDGE La Grange. Georgia; Business Administration. • GCORGE THOMAS SLIDER. Jacktonvil e. Flo'lca; C vil Engineering; Sigma Ph Epsilon Auburn Veterons Association. American Society of Civil Engineers. • MARTHA EMILY SLOAN Ta - "• a iban t; Home E Education. Eighth Row; • RICHARD EARL SLYE. Birmingham, Alabama; Soence and Lit erature; Kappa Sigma. Squires. S.C.R.A.. R.E.W.. Student Caninef. Club, Sigma Pi Epsilon, Pi Mj Epttlon. • HERBERT DAVID SMIUE Columbus. Georgia; Chamidl Engineering. • ARTHUR THAIN SMITH. Auburn. Alabama; Agricultwra Engineering. • CHARLES CLYDE SMITH, Stocomb. Alabama; Industrial Manage rr nt.Firaf Row; • CLARENCE R. iMHH, Birmingham, Aiaoama; Mechancai 6 oinec'ing American Sockhl of M-chani«,el Engineers, • CURTIS V. SMITH Maplesvil e Alabama: Agriculture Education; Futu'e farme s of America. • ELGEN ; RUSSELL SMITH. Andalusia. Ala-bams: Architecture; PI Kaoca A pha. • FRANCES SMITH. Birmieg ham. A Ibarra; Sc once aM literature; Auburn Plavert. Theatre Dancers. Second Row: • FREDERICK LEE SMITH. Montgomery. Alabama; Electrical Engi neeriftij; P Mu Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu. Tau 6n a Ri. Pn Eta Sigma • ' of Raa'O fcng.neers. • JAMES FRANCIS SMITH. V I - Alabama; Mechanical; Iheta Chi. • LARKIN C. SMITH. $«« Antonie Texas; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. • MAC JONES SMITH, Montgomery. Alabama; Engineering Pn.sies; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Row; • MEGAN lane Smiih, Prichard, Alabama; Suiinni, AdminSttM. ■' • NANCY ELAINE SMITH, Oecatur. Geo»g a; education; Zo a Tau Alpha. Opera Workshop. Conce't Choi . Miveo Cho'ut. Ranhcllcrlc Council, Village Fair Committee. F.T.A. • NORMA K. SMITH, Headland, Alotoma; Science nnd literature • RALLIE JIM SMITH. Tailassee. Alabama; Eoucation. Fourth Row: • ROBERT EUGENE Smith. Lane-, Alabama; Aeronaetica Engi • r-nri g. • VERNON C. SMITH. Birmingham. Alabama; Architecture Sign n Phi Ei io -. e 8A8S SMlTl‘Ev Huntsville. Alabama; Science and Literature Dc ta Zeta. Ttmat'e Dance's. Ne»man Club, Vi lage Eair Un:on Committees. Auburn Engineer. Freshmen Advisory Council. • THERESA ANNE SNEAD. Eufaua. Alabama: Pharma:. Epsilon Assistant Editor. ' Auburn Pharmacist.” Fifth Row: • DAVID EARL SNOOOY. Roacrsvll c. Alabama; Mechanical Eegi neering; Amrican Society fo' Me:nanical Enginee !. • LARAY GILBERT SNOW Auburn. Alabama; Chemical Enginee-ing; car Imtitote of Chemicel Engineers. • rcier- h. snowotn pi-Te»as; t I • ANNA BESS SO BERG M I abama; Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; President. Home Ec. Club; Trees-urer. Mo' a' Boa'd; Vice President Omic’on Nu; R.E.W., Wesley Founda on Choi’, W o’s Who In American Colleges and Un'me'-I Sixth Row; • FREO K. SOIFER. Miami. Flo’o- : Vete'inarv Men ci-e; Omega Tju Sgme. Jr. American VlMriuty Magical Assoc ation. • CHUl SUP SONG. Seoul, Korea; Chemical Engineering, e MARK S SOWELL. B' »tcr. Alabama; Building Construction; S:gma Nu. • JOE CHARLES SPARKS. Birmingham. Alabama Education; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Seventh Row; • JAMES OOYlE SPEARS. Con»a,. Arkansas; Forestry. • WYETH M. SREIR JR.. Eu'man. A'abama; Agricultural Education; Alpha Gamma Rho. • CLAYTON MARLIN SPENCER Meridieitville A; bamo; Mechanical Engineerir.g,- Tau Beta Ri. Alpha Zeta. Phi Kappa Phi. Gamma $ gmo Oc to. Scobbord o'd Blooe. Ame-’cen Society of Mechonica' Erg neert. • CHARLES 1. SRRA GlNS Loootl, A'n bamo; Textile Engineering. Phi Psi. Eighth Row: • MARION MAOEN STaCCS. Gadsden, Alaba - Mnehnniea E" ■ American M • JAMES K. STALLINGS. JR. Pigeon C-eel. Alabama; Pharmacy; Americsn Pharmaceutical Association. • DANIEL HADEN STANFORD gomery Alabama: Industrial Management. • MELVIN DAVID STEIN. Tuscaloosa. Alabama; Ve’e-inw Mrdi- ne; Omega Tau Sigma. American Veter na'y Medical Association. Ninth Row: • ALEX V. STEVERSON. Bonifay. Florida; Business Administration. • ES'CN STEVERSON Jacksonville. Georgia; Ecucation. • CHARLES RAYMOND STEWAR'. Savannah Georgia: Ornamental Horticulture-Sigmo Alpha Epsilon. • DONALD LEON STEWART. G-iftir. G»o gia; Aeronau"Ical Engineering; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Torstfi RoVv: • JACQUELYN LOU STEWART. Eight Mite, A i . ion. • SUSAN CROSS STEWART. Hertselle A abama; Eoucation; Cv Omega, student Education Association Women s Recreate' Assoeia rio . • Chari es asnER stokes Gadsden, Alabama; a--; a-t Guild. • DONALD STONE. Jack. A|lb - Engineering. Cla’ence R. Snsith Cuftis V, Smith Eugene R. Smith Frances Smith Frederic L. Smith James Francis Smith Larkin C. Smith Mac Jones Smith Megan Lo»e Smith Nancy Elaine Smi h Nornrie K. Smith Pallie Jim Smith Robert Eugene Smith Vernon C. Smith Babs Smithey Theresa Anne Snead David Earl Snoody Laray Gilbert $no Robert H. Snowden Arro 8ess Soberg Freo K. Soite-Chul Suo Seng Mark S. Sowell Joe Charles Soar -. James Doyle Spears Wye'h H. Soei' Jr. Clayton M. Spence-Cha'lei L. Sp'aggins Mi' on Haden Staggs James K. Stallings, J Oaniel Haden Stanford Me yin David Stem Alex M. Steve'son Elton Steverson Cha es R. Stewar Donald Leon Stewar Jacgueiyn Lou Stewar Susan C'Oss Stewar Charles Afcrer Sto es Donald S’oneSENIORS Molly S’o'v Wilfred H. Strove’ Janice Sue Strain lamerle Strang Lonnie Joe Street Chalmos W. S f ckland Jinei N. Strickland Welle- H. Strieiienti Cotumb.s W. St'Cvd Jove Sturkie George F. Sube-. Jr. Adam Sudduth Jane Allison Svlibr WHIism R, Summers Robert E. Sumne’t Jeny t. Sutton Eugene H. Sylvester Victor I. lalbe'l Jose Enrique Tails! W'illiam T. Tallent Booby Geno Tenner Robe-1 Earnest tanner Robert lee Tarte John McKenzie Tatum Robert Allen Terre I Thad A. Terry Francis Cleburne lew lee H. TNsnes James K. Tojlbee Joseph R Taylor Sill'e Mi- Teague t arltio Jane Tee- Firs! Row: • MOLLY GILCHRIST STORY. Livingston Alabama; IducatM A : n-ir., Pi • WILFREO n STOVER. Jacksonville Florid : A. Sural lug ..... • JANICE SUE STRAIN. J rmingham. Alabama; 6 n«M a trrin rtrition • . AMEPif MAUDE STRANGE. Odoevilto. Alabama; Home Economic!; Home Economic! Club W«l»» fouvla-•ion. R.E.We., Chairman, Women's Ret-eat-onal Assoc otion; Freeh, -nan Advisory Council. Village Fai-. Che 'man. Gl » Club. Second Row: • LONNIE JOE STREET. Gadsden. Alabama; Pharmacy; Rho C •V I . A otioa Alpha Bc-a Ap-a • CHAIMUS WILLIAM STRICKLAND. Anni-.ton. Alabama; Pharmacy; American PI it ■ Cy Aolio . • JAM'S NELSON STRICKLAND, Blediheer. Georgia; Aeronautical Engineering; Scc'eiary. Inylitutc of Aeronautical Sciences. • WAITER HOUSEN STRICKI AND Albany Georgia; Saildiing Construct o.n; Builde-s Guild, Alpha Gamma R-io. Third Ron: • COLUMBUS WALTON STROUD a I bar - Construction. • PEGGY JOYCE S'URKIE. Auburn, Alabama; Educe-•ion; Delta Zcta, Pnyiical Educatlona Club, Beorist Student Union. • GEORGE f. SUBER JR.. Po-i Si. Joe. Florida; Pharmacy; R o Chi. Kappa PsI. Arne-Icars Pharmacy Association. • ADAM SUD-DUTM. Roanole. Alabama. Fourth Rcw; e JANE ALLISON SUiZBY. Birmingham. A'obemo; Science and lit-e-ature; Women's Stuaerr? Government Association. Justiciary. Vice nt Women'! Rec-ea-iorval Association. • WILLIAM RODNEv SUMMERS Huntivilt" A abama Mechanical Engineering; Pi Kappa A pha. • ROJcRI EARL SUMNERS. Vincent. Alabama; Business Iretion; Lambda Chi Alpha. • JERRY L. SUTTON, A i-g •on, Virgin a; Industrial Management; S.A.M.; Theta Chi fratc-rsity. F Itn Row; • EUGENE HARPER SY.JESrfs. Montgomery Alebeme Kappa lau Sa.m, e victor irving Talbert Ren-.jcoa, Florida; Education; Kappa Sigma, "A" Cub' President Soci'ty ot the So’lted Shoe; Captain. C-ovs-Covnfry lette-man, I. 7 ), A; Trock letletmon. I. ?. J. a Sgui'es Honorary, Treasu-er; Sipt o‘ finance. ?• Delia Signs PI, Freshman Council. Treasurer. Circle K. I ?• Sup!.' ol Campus Drives, e JOSE ENRIGUE TALLET E ectrical Engineering. • William TELFAIR TALL ANT McKenzie. Alabama; Electrical Engineering; lambda Cn Alpha. $i«th Row: • BOBBY GENE TANNER Huntsville Alaban »; Meehan near ng; I'- Kappa Alpha. • ROBERT ERNEST TANNER. C.r-onr:i- meet; Theta X • ROBERT it' tap!' Jacksonville, flo'lda; Mec-an.cel Engineering; Editor. The "Plains man”- Tau Beta 9 . Pi Ta-j Sigma. O.D.K.. Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities, e JOHN McKENZIE TATUM Mechnnice Engineer ing; Decatur, Alabama; Pni Delta Theta. Seventh Row: • ROBERT alien TERI Business Admin Stretioe; Kappa Sigma. • THAD A. TERRY. Cou-tland. Alabama; Business Administration. • FRANCIS CcEBURNE TEW, Solu-ra. Ala bams; :"a""ac,. • .EE H. IHAMES. Monfgome y. Alabama; 3. ness Administret o». Eighth Row; • JAMES KENNETH tau.BEE Mobile, Alabama; Eladrical tngi nearing; American Institute of Elect'ical Engineers. • JOSEPH RAINE TAYLOR. Rome. Georgia; Business Administrators; Kappa Alpha. • BILLIE MAE TCAGJE Talladega, Alabamo; Edecat'on. • MARTHA JANE TEER Auivn A abama; Education; 8.S.U.. Town Representative W.R.A.; Physical Education Club.First Row: • PATRICIA ANN THEIRING. Poniard. Orcqon; Art; Phi Beta PHI A"' Guild Fdllmil Advisory Council. • CHARLES WATSON THOMA Marjgemert. • OONAID SMITH THOMAS Ae»ander City. Alabama; Pre-Oentistry; S;gnj N.. • JAMtS PATRICK THOMAS. JR.. fiiiHMd. Alabama; In. di,-.trial Management; Society for the Advancement of ManagemeV. Sccono Row: • JAMES Will I AM THOMAS. JR.. Ann.von. Alabama; Industrial Management Phi Kappa Tau. Society for • Advancement o' Mar. agenent. Cante-bu'y Foundation. • WILLIE E0S5.L THOMAS. Poll City. Alabama; Pharmacy; S'gma Pi. p” Dc a Chi. Alabama Pha macevtical Association. • FREO McAOORY THOMASON. Otarh. Alaba-.a; Industrial MonogemeM. • MARTHA J. THOMASON. Anniston. Alabomo; Pharmacy; Thcto Upsilo-r, Cantcbury Club. Kappa Eptilpn American Pnjrmaceuticat Association. Third Row: • EONA JEAN Thompson Alabama: Heme Economic : Ch. Ci'"n3a. Marne Economics Club. • BEVERLY ANN TMRAS". La G'ange. Georqia; Education; Ch. Omega. Full- Teachers cl America Freshman Advisory Council. W S.G.A Legislative Counci . House Council. • MELVIN DE-AINE THORNBURY. Albertville Ala btM; Electrical Enqlnee-inq; Siqma Pi. • JAMES ROBERT THRASHER. Anniiton Alabamo; Inoust’isl Management Siqma Nc. Society for the Advancement of Management. Fourth Row: • JOHN PATRICK TIDMORE. G'eensooro. Alabama; Education; Alpha Gamma Rho, Football. • PEGGY TIDMORI Alabama; Laucat.on; Delta Zeta. • FAYE JEANETTE Till f-R. Phenir Al«l e Economics fcoucal.on. • CLARENCE WARNA TILLERY. JR., Phenir City. Alabama: Mechanical Engineer rg. Fifth Row: • KENNETH DONALD TILLMAN. Andalusia. Al«l Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha. • JOE DIXIE TIPTON. Oneonta. Alabama; Veter nary Medicine; Omega Taw Siqma; Jr. American Veterinary Medical Auociation. • JACKSON ELLIS TIREY Jasper. Alabama; Industrial Management; Society to’ the Advancement ©f M.inacrw'ii • RUBY JOANELIE TODD. Warrington. Florida; Hone Economics; Baptist Student Union Hama Ec. Club. Spring Show. $i th Row: • WILLIAM GENE tocd Decal on. Alabama Manage- nr«; Society ton the Advancement o Management, • GEORGE 8URL TOEDTE, Montgomery Alabama; Textile Enginee-mg; Phi Ps . • JAMES GROVER TOMLIN Teskegee, Alabama; Edecalian. • EUGENE T. TONN. Florence. A abamo; Chemical Enqinccr'rq; American Institute of Chemical Engineers Gammyt Delta. S.C.R A. Sovonth Row: • JANE P. TONN. florencc. Alabama; Education; Delta Zefo. Oolphin Cub. Physical Education Club. Gamma Delta. • FRANC BERNARD TORRES. JR.. Pr'cFard. A'abama: Electrical Eng -eering. • AMELIA TRAMMELL. lOMOtt Alsoama; Home Economics; D" 11 b. • THOMAS ANTHONY TRAPANI, Savannah. Georgia; 8uildirvg Construction. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM TERRELL TUCKER. CedaMown. Geo-g-a; Chemistry; F»i Lta Sigma American Chemical Society. • MICHAEL LARRY TUGGLE. Mulga. Alabama; Civil Engineering; Ta» Beta Pi. Chi Ep silon. American Society of Civil Engineers. • JERRY JAMES TUR SYVIllE. Harrimen. Tennessee; Mechanical Engineering; Cello Sigma Phi. • JACKIE LORENA TURNAGE. Ckeaky. Mississippi; Home Economics; Glee Club. Assistant Di'cctot. Sp'ihg Snow; A.I.O.. Home Ec. Club Eulure Teacher of America Club. Carrera C ub. Ninth Row: • Richard ARNOLD TURNER. B irmiegham, Alabama; Mechanic Enginee-ng- America Society of Mechanical Engineers. • DEAN LEE UPSHAW. Auburn. A abamo- A-c taclgra; Theta XI. • RICH ARP BIDDLE UPSON Holly Mill. F:©rida; Electrical Engineering; President, Secretary Treasu'e'. A.P.I. Radio Club. • REGINALD IRENES VACHON Virgin a Beach, Virginia; Mechan cal Engineering; Phi Delta Theta. Tnn’h RoV; • FREDERIC WARO VAROEN, Nolosuga. Alabama; Industrial Mar- A amaat ©‘ Management. • JO'N DANIEL VAUGHAN, JR . Pensacola, Flor'da- Industria Manage-men’; Phi Kappa Ta - Society ‘or the Advancement of Management • SIMPSON t. VAUGHN, Montgomery. Alabama; Industr. ! Man age meet • srank A. VENEBlf keorgia; But ministration; Sigma Alpha Cpitlon. Patrick Thei'irg Charles V.'. Thomos Donald Smith Thomas James P, Thomas. Jr. James W. Thomas, Jr. Willie Edsel Tnomas Fred M. Thomason Martha J. Thomason Edna Jean Thompson Beverly Ann Inrash Melvin D. Thorabu'v James R. Thrasher John p. Tidmore Peggy N. Tidmore Fa»e Jeanette Tille Clarence Tillery. Jr.. Kerne I h 0. Tillman Joe D xio Tipton Jackson EH s li' y Ruby Joanell Todd Wi liam Gene Toed Geotge Burl Toed’e Janes Grover Tomlin Eugene T, Toms Jane P. Tonn Frani 3. Torre'. J'. Amelia Trammell Anthony T-apan Wil iam T. I ucker Michael Lar-y Tugg c Jerry J. Turbyvil e Jackie I orere Turn.ngn R-Charn A. Turner Dean Lee Upshsw Richard 6. Upton Reginald I. Vachon Frede'is. Ward Varoen John D. Vaughan. Jr. Simpson E. Vaughn Frank A. Veeeb eANNA BESS S06ERG President of Mo'tar Board SENIORS James Leon Vanable James Earl Vic . Jr. Geo'ge Edmond Villa Vicfon E. Villa Terry F. Vinton Tommy Lamar Vinson Jove Camille Wail '. Murray lewis W) drop Clifford M. V alker. Jr. Hasten Estus Waller Mary Ella Waller William Allen Waller Dorcna M. Wallace James D. Wallace Will Henry Wal ace William M. Wallace JCih walling. Jr. Gjrdirer Re WoJis Wilene Mu'ray Ward Frank Al’en Warren Join R. Warren la»ry Howard Warren Ihemas la-ty Wa'ran Ivan Hovt Washington Harry W. Watilns. Jr. Al Rearm Watson Hen-y 0. Watson. Jr. William J. Watson Charles E. Waugh Wi llarr Weatherford Oavio B. Weathers Joarre Webb First Row: • JAMES LEON VENABLE. Shell eld, Aabams; Machaaical Fr glnee'lrio; American Society of M IMW. • JAMES EARL VICE. JR.. Sweet Water. Alabama; Business Adm nittratlon. • EDMOND GEORGE VILLA, t .abama; Mechanical Eng 'fleering; American Society of Mechanical Engineer . • VICTOR E. VILLA. Birmingham. Alabama- Mechanics Engineering; A-e-ican Society of Mechanical Engineers. Second Row: • TERRY F. VINSON. T'o«, Alabama; B.siness Adminiitrarior; Sigma N«. • TOMMY LAMAR VINSON. S’ocomb. Alabama; Indus-trial Management. • JOYCE cam.ile WAITES. Domopolit. Ala-Ecucation; 0 IU DtHa Celry • MURRAY IFWlS WAlOROP. Birmingham, Alabama; Industrial Management. Third Row: • CLIFFORD MERRETT WALKER. JR. SalflM Alabama; Elect-ical Engireerlng; Kappa Sigma. • HASTEN ESTUS WALKER. C opto" A.scama; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. • MARY ELLA WALKER. Adamtville. Alebame; mice. • WILLIAM ALLEN WALKER Decatur. A abama; Education. Fourth Row: • OOR6NA M. wa. tu e; Del’a Zeta Auburn Rlaye's, Sweetheart ot S-gma P ' Flams, mjn’ Staff, Angel's F ight (Arnold Air Socle1)). • JAMES DOW-ALO WALLACE. Florence, Alabama; Buiineyy Admlrlytrat on; Delta Sigma Phi, WILL HENRY WALLACE Sha-mut. Alabama; Indus trial Management. • WILLIAM M. WALLACE Opeiito, Alabama; Building Construction. Fifth Row: • JOSH WALLING. JR-. Huntsville, Alabama; Psychology Pi Mu Epsilon. • GARDINCR REX WALLS. O-eni Cross Roads Alabama; Pharmacy. • WILENE MURRAV WARD. Aebure, Ann Phar •cy; Alpha Gemma Delta. • CRANK ALLEN WARREN Tellouce Alabama; Art; V ce.Presioent. Irdustrial Design Forum; Scabbard and Blade. Tract and Saber. SI«th Row: n JOHN R. WARREN. I: eerie Alacama Prelaw; Sceoba'd and Blase. Caissons. • LARRY HOWARD WARREN. Bi mingham. Ala bit mo; i- trial Mat it. • THOMAS LARRY WARREN. East Tallassao, a al sey. • ivan hOYT WASHINGTON. Sp'inguille, Alabama: Education Sovcnth Row: • HARRY W WATKINS. JR., h A .it.m,i; Chril Engi neering; Kappa Sigma. AL REAMS WATSON. Brewrsville Ter., nessee; B. linoss A i-n ni-.ira» o«; lambda Chi Apr). • HENRY 0, WATSON. JR. West Point. Mississippi; Veterinary Medicine; Am 1 ran Veterinary Medicine Adminijfr a'lon. • WILLIAM JOSEPH WATSON. Birmingham A abama; forestry; Fo'estr, Clvb. Eighth Row: • CHARLES EARL WAUG■ ■ A--1 - Alacama; Mechanical £■■ gireering; PS Kappa Tau. American Society of Mechanica Engi. neers. Society of American Milita-y Engineers. Scabbord and Blade • WILLIAM D. WEATHERFORD Uriah Alaba -si Engi. neering; American Instituta of Chemical Engineers. oavid BRANDON WEATHERS. Spring Hill. Alabama: Chemica Engineering; Sigma Chi. • JOANNE WEBB. Rio Pitdt • CO; Sec' t ri Training- Ze'a Tau Alpha Women's Octet.First Row; • WALLACE GlcNN WEBB I M • Busies' Administration. • HUlON LfcX WEBSTER. Winfii Agri. cultural Science- Phi Era Sarnia. Aloha Zcta, Amo'd A• Solely Agronomy Clvb. • RICHARD L. WEBSTER Sr acavga Alabama; 6u5'i»v» Administration. • jOttN JOSEPH WEED. Andalvtia, A a bame; Business Administration; Pi Koppa Alpha. S«cord Row: • ASOJS QUINTON WEEMS. Oneonta, Alabama; Bus rest Admin iltratioa. • MAX J. WEEMS. JR.. Cloptee, Alabama; Ac-Science. • WILLIAM HENRY WEIOENBACH JR.. Auovn. Alabama; Mechanical Engineering. • JIMMY MAC WELDON. Bay MinHo, Ala bama; Business Administration. Third Row: • JOHN LAWRENCE WELK Pansacota Florida; Machaaica En q neerinq. • BARBARA ALLENE WELLBAUM. Talladega. A Home Economics. • HOWARD W. WELLS, Montgomery. Alabama; C ec'r cal Eng'reering. I.R.E. • OTTlS HAWTHORNE WESLEY. JR.. BuCkhcaJ. GeO-ga; Mechanical Engineering,- Vani , Traci. Vanity Cross-Country. "A" Club. Spiked Shoe A.S.M.E., Soc ety ot the Blockhouse. Fourth Row: • DOLORES JC WEST. S ma. Alaoarra; Education; Alpha Omic-on Pi. • JAY 'RANKLIN WEST Key We-.t. Florida; Incust-ial Man. agorae at; TJseto Cni. • STUART WARREN WHATLEY, Opalika. Ala barna: Agricultural Science; P Kappa Alpha, Wrestling, • KEN NETM L. WHEELER. Gadsden Alabama: Mechanical Engineering. Fifth Rcw: • E.IZABETH TERRY WHITE, Monroe- taco ard litc'a’u'c: Delta Delta Delta. Sena’e. GLOmERATa ‘Pialrsma-s," Union Program Counc . Who's Who n American Colleges and Lri • HAROLD VAN Wlti'. Aabama; i Engineering. • JAMES STANLEY WHITE, Cothor. Alabama; Electric Engineering. • ROBERT RICHEY WH IE. Valley Head. Alabama- Industrial Management. $i th Row; • ROGER GLENN WHITE Grove Hi Alabama; Meehan cal Eng. nee'ing; Pi Taj S’gma, American Soc ety ot Mechanical Engineers, Scaofcero ana Blade. Arnolc Air Society. • WARNER LEIGH WHITE. Aubj'n. Alabama Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Al pha. • JOSEPH HENRY WHITESELl, Largo, Atabamso; Omansenta' Horticulture, • JAMES AAON WHITT. Gadsden, Alabama; Arch ■ tecfur . Seventh Row; • KARL EDWARD WlEGAND. Aanistoo Alabama: C......... • BARBARA ANN WIKLE. Huntsville. Alabama; Education; Ch Omaga • SAMUEl E W I COX Magnol A Springs. Alabama; Aeronautical Administration. WALLACE GENE WILDER. G Alapama; £ actrical Engineering. E'gntn Row; • WILLIAM JEAN WILHELM. Mobile. Alabama; Mechanics E gir.eerirg; Theta Chi. Taj Beta Pi, P! Tau Sigma. Society American Military Frginenr, • A - » ) WILKINSON A ebama; Business Administration. a GAvLARO PARKER WILLARD. Mobile. AlaDama; Veterinary Medicine; Sigma Chi, A.V.M.A. Alabsma- Ve’erina-v Medicine; Sigma ChT. A.V.M.A. • JAMES L. WILICOX Birmingham, Alabama; Industrial Management; Society Advancement of Management. Ninth Row; • CHAR.ES A. WILLIAMS. Dot ban, Alabama; 8.' M Im -istratlon; SigTa Ng. • C..AY ? WILLIAMS. JR.. Sylacauga. Aia-bama; Industrial Man I • GERALD I. WILLIAMS, Auburn Alabama; Business Anr-inistretion GERIHEN cLBLRI WILLIAMS JR . Selma Alabama; Agricultural Science. Tonth Ro’ -: • JAKE MILLARD WILLIAMS. Mobile. Alabama- AM- Lamdca Cn Alpha. • KENNETH I Wl IAMSON Wedowee Aabama a :-cultural Administration; A S.A.E.. Caissons, Seaboard and B ade, Auburn Engineers. MINNIE VAN WILL AMS Sulligen . Alabama-Home Economics Education. • PAUL J. WILLIAMS GeergeM A abama; Elecf-ieel Engineering. Wallace Glenn Webb Hulon Lei Webster Richard I Wehsfnr JoHis Joseph Weed Asdus Q. Weems Ma» J. Weems. Jr. V . H. Wedenbach. Jr. Jimmy Mac Weldon Jchr La»'ence Well Barbara V llbeum Howard W. Wells O H Wnley. Jr. Dolores Jo West •lay Franklin Wes! Stua't Warren Whatloy Kenne'h L. Wheeler Eliiaoeth Terry White Ha-old Van Waite James Stanley White Rcbe ’ Richey White Roger Glenn Write Warne' Le'gh White Joseph H. Whitese I James Aaron V - ill Ka l Edward W egand Rarba'a Ann W ile S.amuel E. Wilcox Wallace Gene W Ider W l«am vean Wiihoim Alex 0. Wilkinson Goylard P. Willard Jcmes L. Wi Icox Charles Wi liams. Jr. C ay ®. Wi liams. Jr. Gerald I. Williams Ge'then William s. Jr. Jake M. Wili ams Kenneth I. Willionson Minn'e Van Wili ams Pau: J. WilliamsBOB TARTfc Editor of thr? Plainsman SENIORS Waite- W. Williams WII iam M. W lliamt F an« M. W iamton Bobby M. Willis 8 lly J. Wilton Donald G Wi ten Jacquelyn Wilton Mary F»a«cet Wilton Robed GraOy Wi tr.n Tommy M. Wilton Wil iam E. Wind Robert I. Wingate Robert W. Wo"i t( H. C. Womblo Leiand 6. Wood, J'. Jarrrt C. Woodard Soo Woodham Chariot M. Woodley £ Ndbelh Woodruff Jarret T. Wooldridge Armit L. Wo'lund , dnel C. Worthy Ciide C. Wright Harold O. Wright Gem Alton Wyat-Roy O. Wyatt. Jr. Charles R. Wynn Aobria M. Yarbrough Merry Yarbrough. Jr William L. Yeilding Marc’d J. Youmart Jonn Zguvat Firtt Row: • WA.TER WHITE WILLIAMS. Loo-anon. I«hmum; Veterinary Med Oe-»ga Tat Siqm . e WILLIAM MARUN WILLIAMS. I : t c- a Engineering; Sigma N«. • FRANK MURRAY WILLIAMSON. Eat! TaMaf.ce. Alabama; Te.ti « hi Ton 8't- Pi, Pn' Kappa Phi. • 30B3Y H. WILLIS. Selma. Alabama; Veler 'ary Medicine; Alpha Pi . Socond Row: • BILLY J WILSON Jack Alabama; Elecliica Engineering .R.E. • DONALD 6. WILSON. Do-a. Alabama; Mrctjn .a Eng • Meehan cal Enginee't. • JACQUELYN ANN WILSON A.burr A'abama; Labc-ato-y Technology; Alpha Freshman Advisory Council, Alpha Epsilon I • VARY FRANCES WILSON A-ni-.ton. A abarra; Education; Prati drnt A pt a Gamma Oelta. Tnird Row: • ROBERT GRADY WILSON Mobil Alabama; Mechanical Engineering; American Society o( Mechanical Engineers. • TOMMY MAURICE WILSON. Columbus. Georgia; Mechanical Eng f.rering. • WILLIAM EDWARD WINOHAM Bay M netre il t ©stry. • ROBERT TUCKER WINGATE. Auburn, Alabama; Meehan • cal Ergireering Phi Kappa Tat. P’ Mu Eptilon, Tau Beta P . P Ta« Sigma; Scaobord ord 3lado Pi Tau Pi S’grra. American Society oi Moct-antcol Enginee-t. Fourth Row; • R08ERT WENDELL WOMACK Roma Georgia; Business Ad min trratlon; A'pha Phi Omega, Senator. Count or Magno i« Hall. • Deattvi le Alabama; Education • 1 El AND SDWARD WOOD JR.. Florence. Soutn Ca-olina; Industrie Man. agement; Vice-Pretident. Kappa Sigma; Business Manager, 'Tiger Cub.” C'Oorita'iont Edtio GlOMERATA- S’.dent Representative •o Regiitiation Committee; Radio and Televltion Publicity Chair- 9$7 V lege Fair. • JAMES CARROLL WOODARD Burning-am. Alabama Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Psi; Student Senator; Inter Fraternity Court! ; 8 ue Key; Who't Who in Ame’ican Co! leges nod Uniuert'tles. Fifth Row: e BOB WOODHAM i :.i A I ban a • CMARLtS MUNTfcR WOODLEY. Montgomery. Ai tr V- I no; Alpha Zeta. • ELIZABETH WOODRUFF Gaffney Sooth Caro! ra; Education- Chi Omega. Future teacheri ol America Re giowt Emphasis Week. • JAMES T. WOOLDRIDGE. Cempbellt villr. Kentucry; Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tat Sigma. Junior Chapter ol American Veterinary Medical Association. Sixtn Row: • ARMIS LENALL WORLUND. Ne» Market Alabama Me - o ring; P Ta S gma • lONFl DORSEY WORTHY. Pyfla. Alaoama- E ectricat Eng nearing A.P.I. Radio Club. American In • r.m of Electrical Engineers, • CLYDE COYSE WRIGHT, Mont gome' . Alabama Mecnanlcal Engineering; American Society ol Mcc’-anical Engine: ., • t'AROLD O. WRIGHT, A too no. Alai •— : Agriculture Sigma Pi. Poult'y Science C ub. Block ano 8'idle Club. Soten h Row; o GENE ALTON WYATI Montgomery Alabama Chen giree’ing; Chi Epti on. American Society of Chemical Engineers. • ROY O. WYATT. JR Decatur Alabama; 0 « Kappa A phe. • Charles RAv wynn C ayton A at »n Agr culture Educa'ion; Wei’ey Foundation. Auburn Independents Or P Tau Chi. • AUBRIA McKINLEY YARBROUGH, Holey yille. Alabama- Butinets Adminittration. Eighth Row; o HENRY G. YARJROJGt'. JR. Birmingham Ala be suitria Moragemcrt; Society lor the Aovancemont ol Management. • w LLIAM l YEiLDING Auborn, Alobama; Business Ad.........a a .i , Veterant Association. • HAROLD JUNE yOUmans Hepeville. Georgia; Business Adminittrat on; Theat'e Dancc't, Un:on Committee. P'aymakers. Auburn Players. Village Fair Committee. Ste'duiters. a JOHN ZGUYAS. Mo-stgo e'y. Alabama; Mechanical Engineering.UNDERCLASSMEN EDWIN CHARLES ABBOTT Birmnigham. A a.; Flect'ical Engineering (?) JACK MADISON ABBOTT. Rockmaft. Ga.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); Alpha Tow Omeqa. WAITER LEROY AlELI, JR. Colvmbui. Ga.; Architecture (2); Pi Kappa Phi. JAMES THOMAS ASERNATHY, Gadsden. Ala.; Inoust-ial Management (1|. MARGARET 8ARBARA ABLE Albany Ga.; Science and lite-alufe (I); Alpha Oe ?a Pi. AUBRAY I. ABRAMS. JR., Oha,c ee. Ala.; Agricultural Engineering ( JOHNNY WILSON ABRAMS. JR.. C «o . Al».; Agricultural Sc enee (I). WANONA SIBYL ABRAMS. Doatsville. Ala.; Horne Economics (? . DANIEL ELLlOTT ACKER. Anoerson. S.C.; Aeronautical Eng reefing (?). RICHARD MIDDLETON ACKER. Ande-son. S.C. Aeronautical Engineering (|). HENRY DENNIS ACREE. Laurel. Min. A't (?;. RAUL RAYMOND ACLAMEK Montgomery. A a.; C vil Eng reefing (J). ANNIE RUTH ADAMS. Montgomery AU.; Heme icoooml'i ()) CLYDE BEDELL ADAMS Bi-mlngham. Alo.; Industrial Moregment (?), DONElSON ROSS AOAMS, 8 'mingharr Ala." Building Conduction II); Alpha Taw Omega. DOYLE 8. ADAMS Ste verson. Ala.: Business Administration (I). DWIGHT LARRY ADAMS. Graceville. Fla.. Electrical Ergineefing |l). JAMES CONRAD ACAMS. Phoeli City, Ala.; Business Adm n itration (}); Alpha Taw Omega. JAMES PRESTON ADAMS. Opelika. Ala.; Ciwi Engineering ()). JOHN OUINCY ADAMS Ashland. Ala.; Educat on (J); Pi Kappa P- . LEON CAROL ADAMS. Gadidan. Ala.; Pre Denti,trv (2). MARGARET TERRY ADAMS. Birmingham. Alabama- irter'or Oes'gn ;J;; Kappa D' fa. MILTON EDWARD ADAMS Mobile. Ala. MecKanica Engineering (J). ROBERT HOWARD ADAMS. Montgomery. Ala.; Meehan cal Enginearirg (I). ROBERT P. AOAMS, Jackson. Mississippi; Architecture (?); P! Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM MORGAN AOAMS. JR. Warn - Rooms. Ga.; Electrical Engineering (2 PAUL BURGESS ADAMSON Birmingham, Ala ; Industrial Management (J) Pi Kappa Alpha. LARRY WINEORD ADCOCK. Pensacola. Fla.; Zoology (2); Alpha Gan,-.,a Rho. RALPH FRANCIS ADCOCK. Ridgelarso. Miss.; A" (I). S AVASM AD BZAOFm, Teheran Iran; Civil Engineering (3). CARLOS RAY ADKISON Montgomery Ala.. Architecture (I). ROBERT TAYLOR AGEE JR.. Ca how«. Ga.; E ectr'cal Engineering (3). JOSEPH ALBERT AKIN Birmingham. Ala.; Mechan. a: Engineering (?)• Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARLES MAX AKRlDGE Oiafk. Ala.; Aeronautical Eng neeting (I). JAMES EDWIN ALBRIGHT. Co umbus. Ga. Pre-Medline 13); oppa Alpha. LINDA ELIZABETH ALBRITTON F-isco City. Ala.; Home Economics (21. FEDERICO ALOARONDO Mayag.e». Pu»-to Rico; Architecture (4 . DAVID WENDELL ALOERMAN. Lakeland. F a.; Industrial Management (3); Oelta Taw Oclta. C. JULIETTE ALDRIDGE Co umbel, Ga.; Science and Liteartu'e (I); Chi Omega. FRANK WARREN ALDRIDGE Auburn. A a.- Mr: jnical E -« neering (3|. HUGH HOWARD ALEXANDER. Birmingham. A.a. Mechanical Engineering (2l. MOSES ALEXANDER ill. Eufaula. Ale.; Mec‘en,eel (? . WOODY DEAN ALEXANDER 8-mingham Ala. Mechar'cai Engireering ( JOEL K. ALFORD. Samson. Ala.; Inauifrial Management (2). ALTRICE GARRETT ALLEN. Bellamy. Ala.; A-t ( . CONNIE ASHLEY ALLEN. Mob le. A'a.: Aeronautical Administration (I); Pi Kappa Pni. DONNIE EDWARD ALLEN. Milton Florida; Electrical Engineering (2;. JOE HENRY ALLEN, Opelika. Ala.; Business Administration (21. JOHNNY GLEN ALLEN. Birmingham. Ala.; MecKanica Engineering KENNETH BURLANE ALLEN. Ba-to- Fla.; Music (2). 374UNDERCLASSMEN PAUL GRAV ALLEN Bench, Ala.; A- (2); Sgm« P,. THOMAS DURRETT ALLEN. 61'mlngham. A a.; Industrial Menage" erf ; Tneta Cl . WILLIAM FLYNT ALLEN. Chickasaw A'a.; Electrical Engineering (3); Theta Chi. JOHN ROBERT ALLISON. JR. Mobil . Ala.; Engineer ng P-ysIcs (I). JOHN MITCHELL ALLMAN. Gs in. Ala.- Cermica Engineering (2): Sigma PI. BOBeiE JOANNE ALHMOND. Phenl City. Ala.; Home Economics (I). MARTHA GLADYS ALLSOPP. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economic J3J. JOSEPH f. AllUMS Oh’I, Ala.: Penile Eng rearing (2). DEWEY JOSEPH ALMON JR. West Point. Ga. Electrical Engineering (2). THOMAS EDWARD ALMON. JR. Flo-e-ce, A;a.; Mechanic Engineering (J); Theta XI. R08ERT EARLALONGI, Birmingham Ala.; M :na«Ical Engineering (J). GEORGE RE S ALSMIllER JR Anniston Ala.; Mr h n!e. l Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Tau. EDUARDO C. ALVARACO Panama; Architecture (J). IEOFILO J. ALVARADO, Aim rante, Panama; Engineering (2). JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH AMARl. B rm ngham, Ala.; A-t (I). ROBERT EARL AMES. Jackson. Min.; Chemistry (J). DORIS ELEANOR ANDERSON Mobile, Ala.; C‘emlstry (I). PRANCES E.LcN ANDERSON. Cltronelle, Ala.; Busina:: Administration [2 . GEORGE RUSSELL ANDERSON Gadsden. Ala.; Electrical Engineering |2). JAMES CLEMONS ANDERSON. Huntsville A'o.r Te tlle Manage-e«t (II. JERRV MAX ANDERSON. Alpertvil e. Ala.; Mechanical Englnrering (I), JON EOGAR ANDERSON. Albany. Ga.; Bus.ness Adm nlstnatio (2). JOS£P“ MARTIN ANDERSON Watson A a.; Mechanical Engineering (3) LINDA MARIE ANDERSON Atlont . Ga. Education (I). MADOlYN BOYD ANDERSON. Montgomery. A’a.; Educat on (I); Kappa Oclta. PAULA ANDFRSON. Auburn A a.; Education (J), RICHARD BABB ANDERSON. Cie elard. Tenn,: Tvatlle Manage-rent (21' Sigma Ch . ROBERT McCUTCHECN ANOERSON. JR., Signal Mountain, Tenn.: A»chi-acture (a). WILLIAM PAUL ANDERSON. Birmingham. Ala.; Industrial Managemert (3). •RANK JO» N ANORAOE. Mobl'r A'a.; Elect’lca: Engineering (I)- Oelta Tau Della. LESTER DONALD ANDRESS Honoravllle, Ala.; Education (I). BEITr LORRAINE AN0R6WS. Opelira A a.; Home (2). JOHN FONTAINE ANDREWS Montgomery. Ala.; Pre-Lam (3): Phi Delta Theta. JOHN T. ANDREWS. Eo!rfo« Ala.; Bylines: Admingtraton (3). MARTHA ANN ANDREWS Auburn Ala.; Home Economics Educatioft (I); Chi Omega. ZcLLA LOVE ANDREWS. RI»e--lew. nia.; EovCotlon (2); Alpha Omlcron PI. JAMES EDWARD APLIN. G'een, He. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2); Oel«a C -:. SARA EII7ABETH APPLETON. Atlanta. Ga,; A« (3 ; Knppa Oeltn. GALE ARCHER. La FayeHe Ga.; Home Economics (3): C‘" Omega. IDA JANICE ARDIS Atmore A a. Home Economcis (I). JAMES KNOX ARGO. Birmingham. A a.; Chemistry (I). GUSTANO ALBERTO ARGUfcLLO G anad». N caragua; Architecture (3 . JAMES M. ARIAIL. Wellington. Ala.; Forestry (I J. BOBBY MARTIN ARMISTEAO. Blrmirgnam A a. Mechanic : E' ilnurering (3). HENRY GARLANC ARMISTEAD. JR.. Birmingham Ala.- Electrical Engineering (3 SAMUEL EUGENE ARMISTEAD Rainer Ala.; Agriculture (2); Alpha Gamma Rno. JERRY GREGG ARMSTRONG. Bessemer Ala.; Electrical Eng reerlng (I). ROBERT DAVIS ARMSTRONG. Moh I . Aia.; Mechanical Engineering (?;. ROBERT I. ARMSTRONG Auburn Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). R08ERT PAUL ARMSTRONG Los A-qelea Calif.; Ae-ona.rlcal Admlnlitrat on Sigma Chi. 325UNDERCLASSMEN -AMES RONNIE ARNETT. At'ens Ala.- Mecnanical Engineering (I). OElORIS M ARNCTTC. Enterprise Ala.; Home Cconorrlct (3). BILLY G. ARNOLD. Kroxvile, •»«.; Forestry (3). DAV D MERMAN ARNOLD. Sylacauga, Ala.; Business Administrat on (}); Lambda Chi A1 pha. JOHN KNOX ARNOlO, Montgomery, A Business Administration (!)• Sigma PI. LtCI- MALCOLM ARNOLD. Florence. Ala.; C'vil Engineering (3); Theta XI. MARY SUSAN ARNOLD. Afmore. Ala ; Electrical Engineer ng (I). REBECCA ANN ARNOLD Ameicus. Georgia; Education (3). Alpha Delta PI. TERRY GRANTHAM ARNOLD. Montgomery. Ala.: Mechanical Engineer hg (I). OAVID BERNARD ARONSON. St. Petersburg. Ha.; Veterinary Medicine (4). REESE THOMAS ARRINGTON. Birr , ngha . Ala.; Mechanical Engineer rq (I); Phi Kappa Tau. CHARLES WAYNE ASHMORE. Reform. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). JOAN ASKEW, Auburn, Alabama; Education (3); Alpha Celta Pi. HARRIET ASKEW Auburn. AlaDama; Secretarial Training (I). WILLIAM JERRELL ASKEW Opel la. Ala.; Education 3 . HARRIS E. ATKINS. Wayc'oss. Gco'qia; Aeronautical Engineering (I)■ Sigma Pi. JAMES JACKSON AWJREY. Dalton. Oa.; Meehan cal Engineering (3); Kappa Alpha. GRFSHAM CALOER AULTMAN, Fo»» Valley Ga.; Mechanical Engineer ng (2): S gma A pha Epclon. LARRY JOE AUTRY, Bessemer, Ala.; SiiiImu Administration (2). C-ARIES OAVID AUXIcR. Manila. y.; Yele'ina-y Medicine (2); Omega Taj Sgma. ThOMAS G. AVANT Montgomery. A a.; Chemica Engineering |2). JOHN MONTAGUE AVERlll. Monteruma, Ga.; Mechanical Engineer ng (3): Sigma P.. ALEXANDER ‘lENRY AVERYT. Albertville, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering |3). MORRIS RJBlN AVZARAOEL Montgomery. Ala.; Industrial Management (3). JAMES E. AYCOCK. Hollywood. Fla.; Veterinary Medicine (3); Omega Tau S gma. MAC ROGER AYERS. Kenneoy. Ala.; Forestry (I). MANOUCHEMR A mOUOEm Teheran. Iran; Chemical Engineering (2). PRESTON ALLEN BAAS, E«ce . Ala.; Electrica Engineering (I). MARGARET Al CE 8ACH. Montgomery. Ala.; A-t (2l Delta Zeta. Glenn Ralph baChar. Mot' . Ala.: Chemical fcrgineering (i). JACOUEUNE KATHERINE BACHAR, Mob le. A a.; Secretarial Training (I). GEORGE LEWIS BACON. JR.. Birmingham, A a.; Mec'ar ca E"9 neering I). WILLIAM WILEY BADGER Mob 10. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (3). JOHN A. BACDER Atlanta Ga.; AH (2). LLOYD F. BAEhR, New Orleans. La.; Agricultural Engineering ;2). 3CVERLY ANN 3AGGErT. Mooilc. Ala.; Education (2) Kappa Delta. FRED KING BAGSE’T, Montgomery. Ala.; Business Administration (I); Sigma Chi BARBARA JUNE BAGWELL. Ala.; Home Economics (I). GEORGE EARL BAGWELL Montgomery, Aio.; Mechanics Engineering (I); Sigma A pha Eps 'em ALEXANDER WMITELAW BA LEY. Newberr. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). BARBARA ANNt BAILEV Bi-mingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training |lj. BARBARA LOUISE BAHFY Fairfield, Ala.; Secretarial framing |2). CHARLES GRAYSON 8AHEY. Athens. Ala.; Forestry (I) Alpha Tau Omega. DOUGLAS EUGENE BAILEY. Florence. Ala.; Industrial Management (3;. JAN FH7A8ETM BAILEY. 8 rmmgham, Ala.; Home Econom cs (2J. PATRICIA GRACF BAILEY, Rcarole. Ain.; Home bcoromict Education ('); Alpha Oelta Pi. RALPH EDWARD BA LEY JR., Eagle lake. F a.; Mechanical Eng reering ;2); Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM WAYNE BAILEY, Leeds Ala.- Electrical E g neering (I), MARTHA CONSTANCE BAINS, Aucurn Ala.; Interior Ocs'gn (I). CHARLES DONAlO BAIRD. Bessemer Ala.; Veter nary Medicme [3J; Lambda Chi Alpha. 326UNDERCLASSMEN CASEY WALLACE BAKER. Roanoke, Ala.; Butinen Admiimtration (2). DONNA SIMS BAKER Jaipe'. Ala.; Science and Literate (2). DWIGHT BAKER. Huntiville. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). ELIZABETH REESE 8AKER. Birmingham Mi h.: Educat on (3); PM Mu. FORREST LAMAR BAKER Opelika. Ala ; Aeronautical engineering (2). GEORGE ROBERT BAKER. Mobile. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (21: Siqma CM. HENRY JOHN BAKER. Ocala. Ha.; Vete-mary Medicine ;3): S gma Ph Epil'M. IRA FRANKLIN BAKER. Albe'tvile. Ala.; Agricultural Engineering (3). JAMES 0. BAKER. Jaicer. Ala.; Induitr a Ma-aqemen» (2). JOHN LUTHER 8AKER Atheni. T«r.n.: Electrical Engineer ng (3). ROBERT P. BAKER. Gadiden, Ala.- Electrical Eng neering (I), SAM EMERY BAKER. Detuniak Springi. Fla. Meehan,cal Eegineern'g (l): T-e-a Cm . SARA FRANCES BAKER. Adamiville, A a.; Educator (3); CM O’nega. SHELBY HAROLD BAKER. Auburn. Ala.; Agricultufai Science (2): Sigma CM. ROBERT H. BALCH, Ear Gedtoen. Ala.; Indutt'ie Management 3). BILLY W. BALDWIN. Oto'i. Ala.: Agricultural Sconce (2). KEVORK MISAK BALIAN A Cer-o. Syria; Architecture |2); Tn-ta X . JOHN ROBERI BALL. At-em. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3). ROBERT PARKER 8ALL Sylacauga. Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg (3). JAMES O'NEAL 8ALLENGER. Birmingham, Ala. Mecnanical Ergineem g (3): Sigma Phi Epiilon. PAUL ALLAN BALLENGER. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Eng neering (I). ROBERT MAURICE 8ALZLI. Mobi e. Ala.; Mecnanical Engineer ng (3). LLOYD DOWNER BANKSON. Cumberland A a.; Agr cultural Admin yfation ( :. WILL AM STEWART BANKSON. Ea • O-a-ge. NJ.: Electrical Engineering (I); Sigma Pi. JUDY PATRICIA BARBEE. Phenir City. Ala.; Education (2); Delta Zeta. CATHERINE MARTIN BARBER. Dctt-an. A a.; Education (I). DOUGLAS HINES BARCLAY, Huntiville. Ala.; E ectrical Engineer rg (|); p; Kappa p|.;. PATRICIA GAIL 8ARCLAY. Sheffield. A'a.; Engineer,ng (2). TRAViS LEON 8ARDON, Fernbank, A a.: Agricultural Eaucation (3). JOSEP-t ALLEN BAREFOOT. Acme'. Ala. Electrical Engineering I). CECIL LESTER BARNES. Birmingham. A’a.; Civil Engineering (I). EDWARD E. 3ARNES. Lake Worth. Fla.; C-emical Eng neering (2|: Delta Tav Dc to. MELVIN LURIE BARNES Dothan. A a.; Pharmacy (I). CHRISTINE BARRETT. Birmingham A a.: Education (2): Pi Beta Phi. MICHAEL REID BARRETT, Gadiden. Alo.. Mechanical Engineering (I). MYRNA SUE BARRETT. Auburn. Ala.; Sec'ctaria Training (2): Chi Omega. ROBERT EDMOND BARRETT, Montgomery, Ala ; Cher, cal Engineering (3). JAMES FRIT7 BARRINGER. Montgomery Ala.; Industrial Management, (J). JESSE MILFORD 8ARRON Section, A!j.; Bcileeij Adminijfra'ion (I). LOUISE LAURA BARRON. Section. A a.; Butineit Adminiitration (I) TOMMIE W I BURN BARRON Mobile. Ala.; Aeronautical Eng neering (?) Tau Kappa Epiilon. MARY RUTH BARROW. Auburn. Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Delta. PATRICIA ANN BARRY. B.rmingham. A a.; Secretarial T-alning ( ; P Beia P I. JO ANN BARTLETT. Wedouee. Ala.; Science and Literature (3); P. Beta Phi. MARTHA CELESTE BARTON. Tarrant, Ala.; Education (I); Zeta Tau Alpha. HORACE R. BASER. West Mempn t. Ark.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). ELIZABETH REFDER 9ASKERVILLE. Kno.ville, Tenn.; Chemistry (3); O Omega. KENNETH EARL BASS. Pensacola. rio.; Aeronautical Eng ineering (I . RAV DEAN BASS. Slacomb. Ala.; C'u Eng near,eg (3). WILLIAM RANDALL BASSETT Montgomery. Ala.- Civil Engineer nq (3). Kappa Alpha. 327UNDERCLASSMEN JOHN A. BATCHELOR. JR.. Conferment. fla.; Phytict (2). TROY LEE BATCHELOR. JR Macon So.: Mechanical Engineering (I). B03BY EDGAR BATES. Brmlrqham. Ala.; Induitciol Management (3): T'e'a CM. FRANKLIN DELANO BATES. Cullman. Ala.; Agricultural Englreorng (2). HARRY EUGENE BATES. O'lando. E a.; P-.iIct (I). GARY WARD BATSON. AnnlitOft, A a.; CNc-'e l Englneer.rg (2); PM Kappa Tau. vOAN SAIL BATSON, Florence. Ala.; Interior Oeclgn (I), Alpha Delta Pi. PATRICIA IONE BATTLE Montgomery. A a.: Her.; Economic! I 1: PM Mu. THOMAS HARTWELL BATTLE. 3 rmngham. Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg (2): Delta CM. JOSEPH STEPHEN BAUMAN. Pe-iacola. Ha.; Interior Dos gn (2). SHERWOOD EVANS BAXLEY. Columbu; Ga ; Brtinot'. Adm ftittroton (3). SIDNEY LANEAN BAXiY. Marlon S.C.; Engineering Ph.niei (I). Blanche Baxter iodine ai .; Education;■): pm mu. JANET FRANCES BAXTER, Atlanta. Go.; Home Economic (J); Alpha Gamma De ta. GEORGE LEE BAYARD. Co’umbui. Ga.; Ornamental horticulture (J). JOYCE LOUISE BEAN Mobile. Ala.; Education (I). CHARLES ALLEN BEARD. A.burr Ala. Mechanical E gl"ee-Ing (I); S'gma Nu. GARY 6. BEARD Leedt. A a.; Veterinary Medicine (4). JAMES TAv.OR BEARD Birmingham, Aia. Mechamca Ertgineer ng (I). PHILIP HAROLD BEARD Mculttle. Go.; Indui-Ia Management (J). FOSTER FARRIS BFASlEY, JR NMhvi le. Tenn,; Veterinary Med r I tie («); Omega T u Sigma. JAMES RONNIE BEASLEY Tampa Fla.: Aerc'outlca Engineering (2). JOSEPH WHEELER BEASLEY Redbay. Ala.; Chemical Engine;'!'-! (I). KENNETH GUNNAR BEASIEV Mobi e. Ala.; Electrical Eng.nenr ng (I). LARRY FRANK BEASLEY Pr chard. A i ■ Aeronautic j Engineering (I); Delta Cl". JIMMY WARREN BEASON. Sprngv le A:».; Agricultural Education (2): Pi Kappa Aloha. FRNEST S. BEATTIE. A'heni Ala.; Civil Englnee- g (I); Alpha Tau Omega. JACKSON GIBBS BEATTY MI1 to-.. Fla.: Builnw-. Admlriitratlon (3). BARBARA BECK. Andalui-a. Ala.: A»f !?); Kappa Oe ta. tAURA ANNE BFCK Geneva. Ala ; Home E-tvuvmct Education (2). SARAH ANDREWS BECK. Montgomery. Ala.; Education (2): Alpha Gamma De ta. CHARLES RIKNARD 8ECKER. Florida City. : a,: Veferlna-y Menlclne (2); D; to Tau Delta. HEINO 8ECKERT. Huntwille Ala.; Zoo’ogv (2). SIDNEY DWAYNE BECKETT Bruce. Min.; Veterlna-v Medicine (4). HEY WOOD CLEO BECK-AM. JR Spring! A a.; Agr Cultural Sconce (3); Sigma Alpha EpiUon. SONORA CAROL BEDSCLE. Montgomery, Ala.; Educat on I); A phe Om cron P JEWEL G. BELCHER JR.. Do-a. Ala Mechanical Engineer ng (2). ALcRE0 J. BELL. Amerlcui. Ga.; nduit'Ial Management (3); Pi Kappa Phi. MARV EVELYN BE.LIS, Aubutn, Ala.; Pharmacy (I). AUGUST LOUIS BEllSNYDFR Birmingham Ala.; Butlneu Admlnlitrat o« (?) SIgmn Phi Epcilan. FREO MICHAEL BELUE. SM'Idd. A'a.; Mechanlca Engineer ng (2). MICHAEL GEORGE BENOIK. -a 'hepe. Ala.; Mechanical feng'neer.rg (I). M icNOELL BENEF ELD, A fcertvllle Ala.: Agricultural Education (3). BARRY LEROY BENNER. Annliton Ala.; Vrchanlcal Engines- ng (2 Phi Kappa Tau. JAMES EUGENE BENNETT, Naihvllle, Tenn. Architecture (4). JAMES EUGENE 3ENOSKI. BIrmIng-am. Ala.; 3uilne» Admr.Iitratlon (2). NORMAN RAY BENSON. Blrmlng'am, Ala.; Ae'craullca Engineer rg (I). BARBARA ANN BENTLEY. Gadtden Aia.; Home Economic! (3). BARBARA VAN BENTLEY. Rockford, Ala.- Home Eco'.omict (2). ROBERT D. 6ENTZ. Warrington, Fla.; Mechan'cal Engineering (2; TPjta Chi. 328UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT A BFN7 Pensacola Fia.; Pre-U (I); Sigma Chi. ALICE CAROLYN BERRY. Birmingham. Al».: Inters©- Design (I). BEVERLY REEDER BERRY. Pulaski. T nn.: Education (I); Alpha Gamma Delta EUGENE HUSO BERRY. Gadsden. A a.; Electrical Enginee-Ing (2). SHERRELL WINONA 3ERRY. Prattville. Ala.; Education (I). SYBIL JUNE BERRY. P-allvill- Ala.; Educalio . (2). JAMES EDWARD BETANCOURT. Mobil , Ala.; Ae-onautical £«qinee' ng (3) JOSEPH PARKER BETHEA. B'fwton A'a ; CNmical Engineering (I) LARRY SEVlS. Columbus. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT EC WARD BICE, A!c«ond©r City. Ala ; Mechanical Enginee-ing (I); P Kappa Phi. SHERWOOD 6. BlCKERSTAFP. Birmingham, A Industrial Management (}| S qma Alpha fca lon. JAMES ROBERT BICDLE D.-mopo is. Ala.: Chemistry (I). GEORGC STEPHEN 6IERLEY Birmingham. Ala.; Building Contraction (I). ALVIN JAY BIGGER. Grady, Ala.; Educa'ion (I). "UGH P. BlGifR. JR 8 »m, Alt,; Mechanical Engineering ()) WILLIAM ERNESI BILES. Mobil . Ala.; Chemical EAgie enng (2). JAMES 8. BILLINGSLEY, Yloa, A a.- Bctinett Administration (2). OCIE EDWARD BILLINGSLEY. Ill Tallossee. Ala.; P-e law (I). NELLIE FA.i. 8 NFORO. Birmingham. Ala.; Horn Econom ct j ; Pr Mu. WILLIAM WAT’S BlNZEl. Birmingham. Ala,; Industrial Management (I); .ambda Chi Alpha. TRANCES ANN BISHOP. Montgomery. A a. 8usine:s Admin st-eti©n {2,: Phi Mu. JANET MARKEY 8 SHOP Ann'itan, A a.; Secretarial Tra'ning (2); Pi B ’a Phi. KATHRYN RUTH BISHOP Anniston Ala.; Art (l}; Pi Beta Phi. PATRICIA ANN BITE B’rmingham. Ala.: Secreta'lol Training |2). THOMAS DAVID BIVIN. JR.. Syacauga Ala.; Te.tilo Management (2). 8URTON BLACK Bi-mingham, Ala.; Veterinary Medicire) t DO.LIE JOAN BlACK. Winfield, Ala.; Education (I). RE8ECCA BlACK. Sylaca-ga. Ala.; Education (3). WILLIAM NORMAN BlACK Hattiesburg, Miss.; Bviidirg Construction (J). DANNY .AFAYfTTf BLACKBURN Shawmcit. Ala.; Mechanical fngirrering |l). ROBERT K. BLACKBURN. Warrio Ala.: Agricultural Engineering (2). ALICE JEAN BLACKMON Roanoce Ala.; Education 2. NOlA McCULLOH BLACKMON. Co'umbus. Ga.: Secretarial Training (2). OUIDA ANN BLACKSHEAR. Panama City. Fia.: Education (3). KENNETH LEON BLACKWELL Bi-rrelgham Ala.; Aeronautical Enginee-ing (I). SARA ANN BLACKWELL Ann ston. A a.; Irte- or Design (J); Zeta lau Alpha. WIILIAM CAMP Bt ACKWfll, Columbia, Ala.; Forestry (2). RALPH EUGENE BLAIR. B rmirqham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). FREDERIC L. BLAKE. 8ess m©r, Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (3); Del o Sigma Phi. JANICE CAROLYN BLAKE. Montgomery, A a.; Secretarial T-a mng (I). JOSEPH C. BLAKE. Selma. Ala.; Business Administration (2). LONNIE LEE 6LAKEY. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee-ing (2). ROBERT W. BLAKELY. Ma'letta Ga.r Aeronautic. Administrat on (I). MARY KAY BLANCMFIElO. Birm ngharr. Ala.; Education (2); Pi 8eta Phi. GRACE VIRGIN A BLAND. Cuthbert. Ga.; Educat on (I). HAROLD P. BLANKS. Scoltsboro. A a.: Prela» (I). MYRNA LAURA BLANTCN p.rta Gorda, Fla.; Home Economics (2). CHARLES EDWARD BLAU. P»en.. City. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (2). DONALD EUGENE 8LAHOCK. Sul igent, Alo.; Mechanica Engineering (3) JACK REED BLESSING, Gadtden. Ala.; Electrical Eng neering (2|. 329UNDERCLASSMEN ANN MILAM BLIZ7ARD, Hartselle Ala.; Education ()); CM Onwflt. BENJAMIN 81UFORD BLOUNT Wrightcville. Georgia; Industrial Management (: Theta CM. BETTY JO BLOUNT, Le'oy, Alabama; Home Economics Education ( ;. EVELYN J. BLOW. Talladega. Ala.; Business Admin stration {?;. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BLUDSWORTH. Samson. Alabama; Bus'ness Administration (J). LYNNfc 3LUMBLRG. Atlanta. Ge.; Education (I) Kappa OeKs. VIRGINIA FORD BLYTHE, Courtland. Alabama; Design (?): Kappa Del'a. BETTE SUE BOBO, Gadsoen. Alabama; Ad (J); AlpKa Gamma Delta. BRUCE SHOITS 8080. Florence. Ala.; Building Conit'uclion (2). MARY ALICE BOBO. B rrr rghjm, Ala ; Home Economics (I). ANN MARIA BODDEN. Mobile. Ala.; Horn Economic (21. JOHN CLEMEN' BOEHL. -R.. Pensacola, Fia.; Engineering Phy. cs (I). S'gma Alpha Epsilon. BURT JEFFERSON BOGARD. Fayette. A a.; E g flooring (1). MARTHA LYNN BOGGAN. 8'rmirgham. Alabama; Science and literature (J). R08ERT LEROY BOGGAN. Montgomery, Ala.; Industrial Management (2 ; Lambda Chi Alpha. JOSEPH SAMUEL BOLAND. Montgomery. A'a.; E ectrical Engineering (I);; Theta Chi. EOWARD SNOW BO.EN. Decatur, Georgia- Aeronautical Fng'rreri-ig (?); Theta Chi. GEORGE RICHARD BOLLING, Hamilton. Ala.; P a-macy (2|. JACK GAUNT! BOLT. Longdole, Alabama; Chemical Englecr- ng (I). CHARLES NATHAN BOLTON, Theodore Ala.; Chemical Engineering (J.: Sigma Chi. GLENDA REE 80LTON, Sylacauga, Aabama; Ie ’ite Management (I). .AMES WESLEY BO.TON, Columbus, Georgia; Industrial Management (2). LEONARD CALHOUN BOLTON, Bamesville, Go.; Chemical Eng neering (I). WILLIAM FRED BOND, Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (2); Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT W. BONr. Auourn, A a.; Industrial Management (l|. WILLIAM JENNINGS BONE. Auburn. Ala.; Veter nary Medicine (2); Omega Tau Sigma. DONALD WAYNE BONNER. Shawmut. A a.; Industrial Maragement (3). OONAIO WORTHY BONNER. BitmingFam, A'.v; Electrical frg.rer. ng (2|. MARCUS R. BONNER, 3utler, A a.; Clectrical Engineering (l|. MARTIN HOYT BONNER. JR., Birmingham, A'a.; Agricultural Science 2|. PHILLIP R. BONNER. Ashland. Ala.; Education (J); Lambda Cm Alpha. PHILI P R. BONNER, Auburn. Ale.; Education (II. WA.LACE DOHN BONNER Barnes vilie. Ga ; Pla'fltdCy (2|. CHARLES BONNSY, Nashville. Tenn.; Veterinary Medicine (?l. BOBBY EUGENE BOONF. Phen City. Ala.; Business Administration (l|. BARBARA JOYCE BOOTH, Birmingham. Ala.; Education (J); Chi Omega. WILLIAM LARRY BOOTH. Cocoa. Fla.; Electrical Eng reering (2|. JOSEPH CHARLES BORDEN. Montgomery. Ala.; Business Administration (I; Theta Chi. JFRRY PATRICK SOR;N, Hayden Ala.; Indus!'.ai Management (21. THOMAS F. BORST, Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (II. SANDRA HALE BOSARGE. Bellamy. A a.; Education (31. HERMAN JOSEPH BOSS Birmingham A a.; Induit-ial Management (J|. BOB M. BOSTICK. Mobile Ala.; Civil Engineering (2|. JAMES CARSON BOSWELL. Mob le, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). VIRGIN A RUTH BOSWELL. Robedsdile, Ala.; Science and lifo-a'.’c (2|. JAMES ANTHONY BOTTA. JR.. Mobile. A a.. Pre-Vetednary Med cine (I); Theta K.'. MARY ANN 80TA, Birmingham. Ala.; Education (I); Phi M.. WILLIAM JAMES BOTTCMER, Cullman. Ala.; Agricu tural Eng rearing (2'; Pi Kappa Alpha. V ALTER J. 30UCMER. Cpelir.s Ala.; Business Adm initiation (II. ROY ThOMAS BOUlER Demopoiis. A o.; Education |J); Sigma P-. MOUNDERCLASSMEN CHARLES GLEN BOWDEN, Florala Ala.: Civ Engineering [2]. CARLOS WAYNE 80WEN. Talladega. Ala.: Industrial Management (IJ. DONALD THOMAS BOWERS. Athe-.i, Ala.; Industrial Management (?). 3AR.8ARA DUANE BOWIE Columbia. Tenn.; Hone Economics (2); Kappa Alpha Theta. CARL MICHAEL BOWIE. Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Enq'neeriag (I). ORA SUE BOWIES. Stevenson. Ala.; Education (I). SETTYE BOWMAN. Piigah. Ala.; Education (2). DONALD LEE BOYD. McRae. Go ; Forestry (I). DORCAS ANNETTE BOYD. Chattanooga, Tens.; r-omy Economic'. (I); Chi Om«ga. DOROTHY REBECCA 8CYD Montgomery. A'a.; Science and literature (3). MICHAEL ARTHUR BOYD. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical EngVeering (I). ROY JEROME 8OY0. Graov. Ala.; Pre-Law (2); Alpna Gamma Rho. ROBERT LYNN 30VD. Montgomery, Ala. Business Administration (3); Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM H. BOYD, Aetaugaville. Ala. Forestry (2). JACK WESLEY BOYKIN. SrhUuRI. Ala.; Chemical Engineering [I]. VERNON EUGENE BRACKETT. Mooile. Ala.; Eiectr cal Engineering (I). ROY MAX BRACKIN. Miltan. fla.; forestry (3). JAMES THOMAS BRADLEY. Jay Minett , Ala.; 8usi" lS Admin Oration (2;; Kappa A pha. HORACE M. BRADY Birmingham. Ala.; Industr al Management (I); D- ta Chi. WILLIAM JOSEPH BRADY. Pensacola fla.: Chemica Engineering (I). D. ALLEN BRAGG. Haiel Green. Ala.; Ag-icviltcrol Engineering (I). ROBERT LEE BRAGG. Mopile. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (2); Theta Chi. RAY BRAKEEIElD. J»tp« . Ala.; Indut’riai Management -;2). THOMAS HEWITT 8RAKEFIELD. Nas-iv I e. Tenn.; Business Admin sfation |3): Pi Kappa Alpha. EDWARD CACHET BRANCH. III. Montgomery, A o.; Forestry (3); Alpha Too Omega. WILLIAM V OODWARD BRANCH. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Eng nearing (2). ROBERT ALLEN BRANDON. Huntsville, Ala.; Electrical Ervgiwing (I). DAVID ARTHUR BRANDT. Ba rington. III.; Science and Litcratu-e (I). JOE HARVEY 8RANNEN. 8a«iev. Ga.; Industrial Managen r-nt (3). 8ARBARA f. BRANTuEY. Mobile. A a.; A'r (2J. OLIV A JOSEPHINE BRANTLEY. B-cwton. A s.: Horn Economics (2). THOMAS BENJAMIN BRANTLY. Clermont. Fla.: Chemistry (3). THOMAS HAROLD 8RANTLEY. A.ourn. A a.; Pre Medicine (I). HUGH STANLEY BRANYON. Fayette Ala.; Education (I). MARX H. BRANJM, G-ee«»ille. A a.; Acrorautico Engineering (3). PERRV 0. BRANYON. Fayette Ala.; Agricultural Science |3). RICHARD PATRICK BRASSEU. Mobile A a.; Mechanical Eng rearing (3). RAV BRASWELL, RoberfiJj e Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). ROBERT EUGENE BRASWELL. Eutaua. Ala.; Te-tile Management (I). AUGUSIUS R. BRAY, JR. Dadev-lle. Ala.; Mechanica Engineering (21. JAMES HUBERT BRAY. Scottiboro A a.; Electrical Engineering (2). JAMES OLIVER 3RAY. Msntgamery, Ala.; Pharmacy (I); Theta Chi. SAMUEL ARIAS 8KAY. Stapleton. A a.: Butineit Administration (3). CATHERINE ANN BRAZELTON Selma. Ala.; Scene and literature (I). GEORGE P. BREEDING. Decatur. Ala.; Business Aaministrolon (I); Theta Chi. JAMES B. BREWER. Sylacaogo. Alo.: Aeronautical Engineering (3). SHIRLEY ANN 3RCWER. Lanett. Ala.; Home Econcmict (I). WILLIAM EUGENE BREWER. Whistle-. Ala.; Education (3). EDGAR A BRIOGES, JR.. Pensacola. Ha.; E eetr cal Engimeerng (3). JAMES EDWARD BRINKWORTH, Late Wole . Fla.; Electrical Engineering (3). 331UNDERCLASSMEN EOWARO LEATHERBJRY BRINSON. Mabi e. Ala.; But ness Administration •?): Sigma Cni. GLENN HOWARD BRISENDiNE, Fo-t Payne. A a.; Industrial Management VARY ANN BRITTAIN. Gadsden. Alo.; education ();. ROY CLYDE BRITTAIN. Fo-t Payne. Ala.; Architecture (I). BE’TYS Elizabeth BRUTON, Selma Ala.; Eouea-ion (2; JAMES C. BR'TTON. Bwcetf'nna, Min. Agriculture (2). SILLY C. BROACH. Sna»muf Alo.- Electrical Eng nee-ing (I). GLEN PORTER BROCK, JR., Mobil . Ala.; £ eetrical Engineering (3); Sigma Chi. JAMES MOODY BROCK, Eu'aula. Ala.; Pharmacy (2). MARTHA NELL BROCK, Gadsder, Ala.; Education (I). ROSLYN LANELL BROCK. Opelisa Ala.; Education (21. R08ERT EARL BROCKMAN. B rmingham. Ala.: Industrial Management (31. EDWARDS LITTLE BROCKWAY, Mobile. Ala.; Building Construction (2); Sigma Chi. VARY JOY SROV. Birmingnam. Ala.: Home Economics (I); Delta Zeta. JOHN EDWARD 8ROMLEY Mobile. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I». PRANK TURNER 8ROOKS, Tareweil T nn.; Veterinary Medicine (2). HENRY PELVFR BROOKS. Dofnan. A a.; Veierina-y Medic'ne (a); Aip -a Psi. JAMES GERALD BROOKS. A'examer City, Alabama; Chemical Engineer,ng (I), JIMMY ALLEN BROOKS. Oneon-a. Ala.- Industrial Management (I) JOSEPH F. 6RCOKS. FoM Walton Beach Fla. Business Adrrinisl'a’ion (I). RlCHARO ORME 8ROOKS, Bir-nnigham, Ala.; Engineering (2); Alpha Tau Omega. THOMAS WALTER BROOKS Cottage H II. Florida; "dustrial Management (I). WILLIAM BURTON BROOKS. Dothan, A abair.a; Pre Veterinary Medic no (2). BETTY BRIGGS BROWDER. Atlonta Ga.; Home Economies (2); Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS WELDON BROWcR. Savannah. Ga.; Aeronaut,cal fcnginen-ing (I): Sgma Pi. ALBERT AMOS 8ROWN. Auburn. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). BETTY LYNN BROWN. Huntsville. A a.; Secretarial '« ning (2); De"a Zeta. BOBBY C. BROWN. Langoale. Ala ; Mechanical Enginee-ing (2). BRENDA 3ROWN 5 rminghem. Ala.; Education (t); A pha Gamma Delta. CAROLYN ANN BROWN Roarole. Ala.; laboratory Technology (3). EOWARO MITCHELL BROWN. Defjn a SP'inas. Fla.: Mechanical Engine ' r.g (I). FRANK ALLEN BROWN. Mobile. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (l); P Kaopa Tau. FRANKLIN ASA BROWN. Ow ngsville. Ky.; Veterinary Meoiein (2); Omega Tau Sigma. FRFD RONALD BROWN. Montgomery. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2): Lambda Chi Aloha. JAMES ALEXANDER BROWN, Birmingham, Ala.; Industrial Management (3). JAMES FOSTER BROWN. JR., Mobi . Ala.; Mecnan'cal Engineer ng (I). KENNETH MILES BROWN, Mmria, Ala.; Bus ness Admin strati on (2); Sigma PI. KENNETH P. BROWN. JR. Mobile. A a.- Mechamca Enoinee-inq (2). LOUIS NELSON BROWN 8 rmingham. A a.; Aeronautical Adm nitration (I): Sigma Cfci. MARY MIKELL BROWN, Atlanta. Ga. Education J2); Phi Mu. R08ERT CLINTON BROWN. Eve-g-een. A'a.- Electrical Engineering (I). ROBERT WESlEv BROWN. Birmingham, A a.; Mechanical Engineering ,2); SANDRA JOAN 8ROWN. Jasper. Alabama; Educat on (I); Alp-.y Gamma On ta. THOMAS JOEL BROWN. Colgm ws. Ga.; Irdusfr al Oesign |3). VlRG NIA PEARL BROWN, fo-t Val ey. Ga.; Educa-ion (3| . Phi Mu. Wll IIAV JFROMF BROV N Flbn. A nr-- sma; Aeronautical (3); Kappa Sigmsa. RICHARD HORACE BROWNE Birmingham. Ala.; Art (2). CYNTHIA MARGARET BROWNING, B'i »gepo-t, Ala.; Horn Economics |); Delta Zeta. KElTON C. BRJCE C'o-.'.ville, A a.; Aeronaut ca Engineer ng (3). NEIL ROBERT BRUCE fort Payne A a.; Aren.teethe («). 332UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT AOUIILA BRUCE. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). SUE ELLEN BRUCE Atlanta Ga.; Education (2); A pha Gamma Oe »a. ANNE ESTFllF 8RUGM. I rmirghan- Ala.; Moire Economics (I); Pi Be'e PE'. GEORGE E. BRUNER Pine.He. Ky.; P-e DRMbtry (i): PI Kappa JERRY M. 6RvANf. Montgomery Ala. (3); E ectrlcal Engineering 3). MARGARET ANN BRYANT. Talladega. Ala.; Ecucetion (2). MEIV N At.EXANDFR BRYANT Bessemer, Ala.: Mechanical Engineering (3) ROBERT E BRYANT Montgo-nT’y A1 ,; Industrial Management (2). WILLIAM CLARENCE BRYANT Gooo-atar. A t.; Indusir al Management (J). ROBERT WILLIAM BUCK Mobile. Ala ; E ectrlcal Enginee-Ing (I): Delta Tau Delta. JUDl C. BUCHANAN. Birmingham. Ala.: Education (2|; Phi Mu. EDDIE E. BUFFINGTON. Gainesville Ga.; Electrical Engineering (J). ANTHONY WAYNE 3ULGER Wefumpla. Ala.: Pre-Oentistry (2). JAMES RICHARD BULLINGTON, Cka tanooga. Tenn.; Chemical Englnee- ng (I); SIqma Pi. THOMAS JONES BULLOCK North Cha'laston. S.C.; ticc'rica Engineering (2). JAMES AI8ERT BUMGARNER Ch Ide-sbu'g. Ala.: Elect'ical Englnec-ng (I) ODD BUNES. LHIettrom, No'«av: Civil Engineering (3). GARY MAX BUNN, A a.; Civil Engineering |l). ROBERT TERRELL BUNNELL, Mnmr'is. Tern.; Aeronautical E ginee- flg (I ; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY A.ICE BURCH Moulton. Ala ; Home Economies (I). JOHN ACREE 3URDESHAW Do han. Ala. Engineering Physics (J). JAMES ERANKUN BURDETT B -m ngham. Ala.; Education (2). JAMES ERV N BURDETTE. B 'mlngnam. Ala.; Ae'onaut cal Eng nee'ing (3). HOYT ELLIS BURGESS. Clanton Ala.; Ag-cultural Eoucotion (I). GEORGE W. BURKART, “ a cevll e. A a.; Mecnanical Englnee- ng (3). IfN G. BURKE. Birmlngnam. Ala.; Ag-icultural fng'nee'ing (2). BAR3ARA JO BURKETT. Dosieville. Ala.; Home Economics (I). ALEX w. BURNS. Gadsden. Ala. Bu-.Inos-. Adm n st-atlon (I). LYTLE DEWITT BURNS. A enta, Ga.; Elect-ical Engineering (I) Units T.i . Dnlta. PHILLIP DUV AYNE 8URNS Tj|l0kV«c. Ala.; Architecture «). EUGENE EDWARD BURR Memph s, Tenn,; Architecture (a); Sgm-a Alpha EpsHon. WALTER DALE BURSON. Auburn. Ala.; Industrial Management (I). HENRY M BURT JR Ta ladega, Ala.- Mr.rhnncnl Engineer ng (3); Pi Kappa A'p'a. JOE E. BURT. Sylacauga. A a.; Architec»u-e (I). DELORES BUSBEE. Andaluse. Ala-: Architectu'e (I): Pi Beta Phi. EKtlUA JARILYN B'JSEY. E-.sco City. Ala.; Edscat on (2): Kappa Alpha Theta. RUTH MARILYN 3USEY. Frisco City. Ala.; Science and Life-ature (21-Kappa Alpha Theta. CHARLES A BUSH. Dot-»n a o.: Mechanica Engineering (3): Sigma Phi EpiMon. CHARLES RICHARD 8USH, Laurel. M ss.; Chemlca Engineering (I). JULIAN OEll BUSH. Albany, Ga.; Architecture (i); Delta S'gma Phi. RACHEL RUTH BUSH Atlanta Go.; Home Ecorsorriits (2); Alpha Gommo Della. JAMES WALTER BUSHEY. Chi de'sburg. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); PI Kappa Phi. MACK OLIVER BUTLER JR.. Camilla Ga.; Industrie Management (I). PCNllOPC JEAN SUTLER. Jacksott. M ss ; Sc ence and Lite-aturo (7| Delta Delta Delta. OON ELLIOTT BUTTS. CHIdersburg. Ala.; Electrical Eng neerirtg (21. MARCUS OAVIO BYERS. JR. Huntsville, Ala.; Ornamental Horticulture (3). MARY ELIZABETH BYERS. Muntsv.lle. Ala.; Home Economics (I) Kappa Del'a. FRANK KITCHEIL BYNLM Birmingham. Ala.; Architecture (I). MARV LEE BYRAM, Gaoscen. Ala.; Education (I); A phe De ta PI. BRYANI EUGENE BYRD McCuMoh Ala.; Ao-onau'ical Englnoeting (2); Phi Delta Thata. 333Catherine donna byrd, Birmingham, Aia.; irtcr'or Designfij ELIZABETH ANNE BYRD IrOy. A abame; Education (2); Phi Mu. GARY MAX BYRD. Harford. Ala.: Agricultural Education (I). JAMES CLYDE BYRD. Columbus. Ga. Electrical Engineering (I). PAUL McCULLOH 8YRD. Blanton, Ala.; Art (3). PHYLLIS ANN BYRD Montgome-y. Ala.; Ejection |l): Ph Mu ROBERT MALCCIM BYRD MoMava lo, Ala.; Electrical Engineering {I). JEARA.D DVAR CABlP. Birmingham. Alabama; Mechanical Enq neering (3J- Lambda Chi Alpha. WILL AM PAUL CADDElL. Birmingham A a.; Indust'iel Management (3) SANDRA ELIZABETH CAINE. Auburn, Ala.; Home Eoonomici (2). DON V . CALDWELL. Jaelsons Gap, Alabama; Aeronautical Engi-ee- ng ()). JAMES MERRELL CALDWELL Ale ander C tv. A a ; Electr'cel Engineering (4). RONALD CHARLES CALDWELL. Dadeville. Ala.; Te.-ile Engineering (I). BARNWELL RHEI1 CALHOUN. JR.. I.Con. Ga.; Management (I). BETTY ANN CALHOUN, Ti'ton. Gn ; Home Eeonomcs (1). JAMES ALLEN CALHOUN Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). LARRY HILL CALLAWAY, Leetburg, Fia ; Pnjrmoey (2). SARAH KAY CALTON. Farctte A a.; Educator (I); A pha Owcton Pi. WILLIAM H. CALVERT. Hualsville. Ala.. Electrical Eng neering (I). THOMAS LEE CAMERON. Union Sp'ingt, Ala.; Busmen Ad«.n st'align (31. HANEY BALCN CAMP. Centre Alo.; Pre-Medicine (2). JEAN ANITA CAMP. Gadder. Ala.; A ! (2). CAROLYN JOY CAMP8FII. Sco-tsboro. Ala.; Edr-nfer (I); Delta Zata. CARROLL w. CAMPBELL. Boar. A a.; Mechanical Eng neering (3). CLARtNCE COVEY CAMPBELL. Montgomery, A'a.; Aconau'ca' Enq neering (2j. DOROTHY IRENE CAMPBELL. Atlanta Ga.; Sc’ence ard literature (?’. Chi Orrega. LRNEST EDWARD CAMPBELL. JR.. 8 rmingham Ala.; Electrical Eng nce-ing () . JAMES STEPHENS CAMPBELL. Heflin. Ala.; Forestry (2). JERRY L. CAMPBELL Henage’ Mechanical Enq neering (?-, JOHN FATRICK CAMPBELL. JR.. Atlan-a. Ca.; ndg,trial Oesign (I). MARILYN JOAN CAMFBEH. Sheffield. A a.; Education (3|. ROBERT LAWRENCE CAMPBELL. Morgon C'lr. La.. Mechanic Engineering (2|. ROBERT JERAL CAMPBELL. RocRme't, Go. Industrial Monagemert (31. WILLIAM M. CAMPBELL. Gamboa Canal Zone. P-e Dentistry (3J. RA.PH A. CANEER, JR., Huntsville. Ala.; Mechanical Eng neering (31. ROBERT HAROIO CANEER Mun'svi le. A a.; Mechanical Er.g reering HAROLD EVERETT CANNON. East Tallassee, Ala.; Pre Med.cin (3). SARA ANTOINETTE CANNON. Pelham. Ga.; Home Economic (?;. RONALD EMMET CANTRELL, 8eeverton, A'a.; Agriculture Education [3]. •HOMAS FRANK CANTY HilltParn. N.Y.; Education (IJ; Lambda CH Alpha ELIZABETH ANN CAPPS. Hartford. Ala.- Education (I). DAVID WILSON CARAWAY. Columbus, Ga.; Business Administration (3); Sigma Pi. JACK FRED CARAWAY, Louilv lie. A'a.- Civil Eng'neering '3), WILLIE DADC CARAWAY. JR.. Mobile Ala.; Ele-t.ieal Eng.leering ;2). CHARLES H. CARLAN. DeFvniac Springs. Fla.; C vil Engineering (3). ARTHUR WALLACE CARUSlE. Birm'nglwm, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2); Phi Koopo Tou. RICHARD GROGAN CARlSEN JR., Atlanta, Ga.; Electriee Engineering (I); Delta Tau Delta. Al'VIN H. CARTON. Gadsden. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering I). WILLIAM TOMMY CARNES. 8oaz. A'e,; Agricultural Eoucation (3). ANGUS McDAVIC CARO. Persaeola Fla.; Mecnanieal Enginre-ing (2); Kappa Sigma. 334UNDERCLASSMEN JOE ROB NS CAROTHERS. JR., W.nfietd, AG.; Agricultural Education (I); Alpha Gamma Rio. E. JOYCE CARPEN’ER W«do » A a.; Hem Economics Education (3). BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CARR, Muvqu ..ety. Ala.; Ci.'l Enqineo-irg (2). BENNY M. CARR, luverne, Ala.; Agriculture Engineor ng (3). NANCY JANE CARR. Birmingham, Ala.; Home Economic (2); Alpha Omicron Pi. NORMA JANE CARR, 8essome’. Ala.; Secretarial Training II). STFllA JOYCE CARR. Alhn'tville. A'n.; Se nre nno literature (I). JERRY LYNN CARRE. Moollc. Ala.; Chemistry 2). JOAN .OUISE CARREKER. Athens. Ga.: Business Administration (2) Zeta Tau A pha. BEN S, CARROU. Oiad, A’ .; P elam (I); S grra Alpha Epiilon. J. MARVIN CARROLL. Ore'k. A'e.; Me henicol Engineering (2); S'gm.a Alpha EpsIT n. WILLIAM DONALD CARROLL B -mirg am, Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg {3). RAYMOND PAUL CARSON. Albany. Co.; C vil Engineering (2); Phi Delta Theta BILLY CARTER B-undidge. A a.; Agricultu-a Education (I). CHARLES LYNN CARTER. Auburn. A s. Mechanical Engineer g (I). DAVID EARL CARTER, Montgomery A».; Building Construe’lor (|). Sigma No. DOROTHEA KAY CARTER. Troy. A a - “our Economies (l|- Alpha Gamma Delta. TLOYD WINSTON CARTER. JR., Sheffield Ala.; Ac-oiautical Engineering (2). GERALD EUGENE CARTER. Montgomery Ala.; Interior Design [2i. I ARRY W. CARTER Odord. Ala.; Pre-Ve'erift'ay Medicine (2). PHILLIP RANDOLPH CAR’ER. Chattanooga. Tenn.; E'ectrcal Ervginee-ino (3); De ta Ch . THOVAS ALBERI CARIER. Opel.ta, A a.; Business AdminUtra’ion (2); Siqrna Alpha Epsilon. JOHN BIAN CARTWRIGHT. Columbus. Ga.; Civil Engineering (3). TRANCES ANN CASE, Nashville. Tern.; A-l (I). HOWARD DONA.D CASEY. Montgomery. Ala.; Education (I). JOAN ELIZABfTM CASON, Atlanta Ga,; Hnme Economies (2); Delta 7ofa. MARI ANN CASON, Ashiard. Ala. ttome Economics (2). LOUIS A CASSEL, San D ego Calif.; Aeronautical Enginee-ing (2). 8RYANT THOMAS CaSTPUOW, Montgomery. Ala ; Builolng Construrtion (3); Pi Kapra Alpha. MURAL TRANK CASTLEBERRY, West Memphis. A'iensas; Civil Engineering (3). JOHN DOUGLAS CATES Montgomery. Ala.; Education (2); V Kappa Alpta. RANNY E. CAUTHEN Honorgyi In Alabama Industrial Management (2). RCBLRT LEL CAUTHEN, Thomasville. Ga.; Industrie' Management (2); Delta CM. WILLIAM D. CAWTMOPNE. Montgomery, Ala.; AH (2). RA1 Ptt SAMLf L O.MABOT, Birmingham, A ».; Me: ’lemicel Eogioocrirg (3); De to Chi. NE10A JOAN CHADWICK Birmingham. Ala.; Education (I). BERT LATHAM CHAMBERS. JR, Monroeville Ala.; Science and literature [3J Alpha Tau Omega. CARL GARY CHAMBERS, FolHie d. Ala.' Civi Engineering (2). GAIL $vlVIA CHAMBERS. Houston. Te ai; Seeretar al Training |');Alpha Delta Pi. JO ANN CHANCE. Selma, A a.; Secretarial Training (I); Alpha Delta Pi. ROY E. CHANCE. Chiplcy. fa. Agricultural Scene (2). ROJERI GERALD CHANDLER, Mobile. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (2). RUSSELL LAFAYETTE CHANDLER, Ta lassee Alabama; Educaticr (2). TERRY WINFCRD CHANDLER. Cullman. Alabama; Education |3). WILLIAM ALLEN CHANOIER. HuMsvillo. Alabama; Indjstria Monogenonl 12). FARRICR EUGENE CHANNELL. Alr.ander City. A'a. Civi' Engineering (3). WILEY BROWNEECHANNELL. TrussviHa, Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (3|. CORLEY CHAPMAN. JR.. Trey. Ala.; Architect ;•« (I); Sigma Nu. JOHN D. CHAPMAN Grove Hill. Ala.; Pis-macy (3). MAX 8. CHAPMAN. Demorest, Ga.; Mochorsical Engineering (|). 335UNDERCLASSMEN PHILLIP McCRAE CHAPMAN. Mgrlqo-rci Ala.; Iivjuiltlql Mqnqqf'prl (13', Theta C ii. THOMAS DALE CHAPMAN, la-ley, A abama; Btii reu AominiHrafion ())• CLARENCE JOSEPH CHAPPELL. Pensaco a Ho.; Electrical Engineering 3): Phi Kapca Tau. TRANCES ANDERSON CHAPPfcLL. Union Sor ngt. Al».; Secretarial Training I); Kappa Delia. ISAAC JESS CHAPPELL, Dadeville, Ala.; Atrorautica Engineering • I); _____________Pi Kappa Alpha. JANIE LOR-TIA CHAPPELL. Honcevilte. A'a.; Music ( I. DONALD AM CHEATHAM. Auburn, A ebama; Veie-ina- Median [21 W HIAM GARNFR CHENEY. Jackson Ala : Chemical Enginerrl'g (I): Kappa Alpha. T£RRY P. CHESSER, Red level Alaooma Elect-leal Engineering (I). DAVID LANE CHILDERS, Hamillon. Alabama Chemical Engineering I). JAMES RILEY CHILDS. linevil a. Ala.: Chamica Engineering 11). ANDREW I EE CHILES. JR.. Der-.opclis. A a.; Electrical Engineer ng (2); Della Chi. DOROTHY BUCHANAN CHINN. Truuville. Ala. Education (I). ROGER MORRISON CHCISSER. JR., Ceral Gables. Fla.; Vete-ina-v Medicine (3): Kappa Sigma. MYRON OENNIS CHRISTENSEN, Mar Esther. Fla.- Industrial Management (3). ELIZABETH ANN CHRISTIAN. Calhoun. Ga.; Edueotional (IJ; Phi Mu. ElOYD IE.AND CHRISTIAN Opelika. A a.; Arcnilectore (I). JOHN OWEN CHRISTIAN Birmingham. Ala.; Veterinary Medicine (3): Kappa Alpha. ALBERT NEIL CHRISTIANSON, M lion flj.; Eleilrice Engineer ng (I). ROSE ANN CHJNN Montgomery. A'a.; Secretarial Training I); Chi Omega. DONAl RAECIEUTAT. Mobi e. Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (3). WARREN EDWARD ClAFlIN. Weaver. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (3); Pn Kappa Tau. BARBARA SAIL CLANTON. A ante, Ga.: Science and liter«»u'e (2). FRANKLIN CORYCON CLAPP Eutaula Ala.: Civi Engineer rg (2). BEN P. CLARK, JR . Gadsden A'abama; Education (2). EMERY CLARK JR. Carlis e. Kv. Vote- na-y Medicine (2); Omega Tdu Sigma. FRANCES LEE CLARK Jackson Mis-..; Architecture (4); Ze»a Tau Alpha GEORGE THOMAS C.ARK JR. Ssrlacaugo Ala.; Business AsJm'n Is'rotion (2). GEORGE WILLIAM Clark And»». a a.: Ag Science (1) HERMAN J. CLARK. Mobile. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (2). LARRY E. CLARK Ale.ander City. Aia.: Construction (I); Pi Kappa Phi. MARV EAYE CLARK, Daviston. Ala.; Home Economics Educat on (I). ROBERT BRUCE CLARK. Birmingham Ala.; Business Administration (l|; Kappa Alpha. ROBERTA LEA CLARY. Huntsville. A'a. Home Economics (3) CHARLES llCYO CLAY. Macon Ga.: Pre-Medicine (I): S.gma Alpha Ep'- Ion. DALE ROBERT CLAYTON. East Tallassee. Ala.; Bui ding Construct on (I) FREDER CK PAUL CLAYTON. JR., Shalimo", Fla.; Aeronautical Emginee'ing (IJ. LONNIE J. CLAYTON, Ph«ni» City, Ala.; E ectrical Engineering (3J. MARGARET CLAYTON Eutaula. Ala.; Science and Literature (3); Kappa Delta MARV ELIZABETH CLAvTON, Mobile. A a. Home Economics (I). WILLIAM DONALD CLAYTON. Sylacaiga. Ala.; Electrcal Enginee-mg (I). MARY JO CLEARMAN Dothan. Alj.; Home Economics (3). RAMON LINDEN CLEMENT Jasper, Ala. Agricultural Science (3). RONALD JACKSON CLEMENT Jasper Ala.; Agricultural Sc cnee (3). DAVID WARREN CLEMENTS. Birmingham. Ala.; E ectrical Enginee-ing (3). EllFN SUZANNE CLEMENTS. Arlington. Ga.; Education (2); Alpha Delta PI MILLARD LAWRENCE CLEMENTS. Auburn. Ala.; Zoology (3). ALTON B. CLINGAN JR., Jacrson, M ss.; Architecture (3); Delta Tau Cclta. JAMES CLARENCE ClINKSCAlES. Auburn A a ; Science and Literature (2). JOHN WALLACE ClOTfEtTER Gadsden. A a.; Irdustr-al Management (2). 326UNDERCLASSMEN JACKSON DANIEL ClOWDUS JR. Birmingham Ala.- Electrical Engineering I); Pi Kappa Alpha. GUS SYMMES COATS'n, Aij. Mechanical Engineer ng (3). ANN MFISTER COBS. Birmingham Ala.; Secretar el Tracing (2): Alpha Delta P. DONALD CA.VIN COBB Mil brooi Ala.; Civil Eftqineer'r.g (J); lambda C A pha ELIZABETH ELLIS COBS Birmingham Ala.; Education (?) Alpha De ta Pi. ERNEST BOYD COBB. HuMtvill . A’a.; Electric Engineering (2); Lambda Chi Alpha. RALPH PATRICK COBB Monrceville. Ala.: Induitrial Management (2); Sigma Pi. REX NORMAN COBB, Hartford. A a.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). JUDITH WARE COBBLE Attolla. Ala.; Education (I). WILLIAM HENRY COBLE, lenriiburg. Tenn.; Adminiitration (2|; Sigma Pi. '•AROLO W. COCHRAN. A a.: E'ect'ical Engineering (I). HELENA ANN COCHRAN. Union Sp'ingi. Ala.; Eoucation 3): Phi Mu. JAMES TERRV COCHRAN Birmingham Ala.; Butineti Administration (I): lambda Chi Aloha. MAC HOMER COCHRAN East Point. Go.- Industri.i Management (J); p Kaora Aioha CAROLYN COE. Hartford. A a.; Education (I). MARGARET ELLEN COE. Selma. Ala ; Sc once and literature (?); Chi Omega. VIRGINIA ANNE COGGAN Atlanta Ga.: Science and Literature 12': Alpha Delta Pi. GERALO CALV N COSGlN. Moolle, Alabama; B.’.inesJ Admin stratipn (2); S gma Chi. BARBARA ANN COGGINS. Marietta, Ga.; Home Economics (I). WILLIAM HARRIS COGGINS, JR.. Bi‘" ogham. Ala. Mechanical Enginee- ng (I). RICHARD S. COINER, for Worth, Tares; Sul'" ! Adm -iitration (}); Sigma Phi Epsi on. AlBfRT S COKER G'eenville. Ala.; Pharmacy (2); Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES MICHAEL COKER Armo e. A'a.; Sus:nevs Adminiifrahcn (2). LEE DOUGLAS COKER. Atmo-e, Ala.; Iiugvitrial Management (2). MARY CATHERINE COKER. Tallauee, Ala.; Secretarial Tracing ()!' Delta Zeta. SUZANNE COKER. Tal adega. Ala.; Education (J)- Phi Mu. CHARLES D. COLE Birmingham Ala.; E'ect'ical Enq reeriag [2). CttARLES OUBOSECOlE Mon'oeville, Ala.; Bus nets Administration (21; Alpha Tau Omega. CHARLES E. COLE, L nnv lie A a. Agriculture Science (3). RONALD LEE COLEMAN V e»t Memphij. Arkansas. Aercnautical Ergineer ng 2). WILLIAM 8. COLEMAN. What ev. Ala.; Business Adminiitration (3). WILLIAM H. COLEMAN Huntiv lie. Ala,; Education (2). JAMES BENNETT COLLETT. Oneonta. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). KAREN WAYNE COLLIER, Gradv. Aiaba" a- Secretarial Training (2): Chi Omega RICHARD PHELPS COLLIER. Huntiv.lie. A’o. Mechanica Engineering (I). SYLVIA DARt COLLIER Wetumpva Ala.: Buiineii Admin stralion ;2). TttFRON ODfl I COlllFR Mojlt'in, G.i ; Industrial Management (I); Kappa S gma. WILLIAM BAXTER COLLIER. G'aity. A a. Pre Dentis-ry (I); Alpha Gam mo R! o. ALBERTA COLL NS. A.bum. Ala.; Educat on (I); Kappa Delta. ROYAL FARI COLSON, Mobile Ala.; Induttrial Management (I). HFNRY W COLLINS. Montgomery. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). JOE HOUSER COLLINS. T' jmot He. Ga.; Business Adm nistrotion (I); Kappa Alpha. JOHN RONALD COLLINS, Aihford. Ala ; Mechanical Engineering (J). JUDIF ANN COlllNS. Auburn. Ala : Science and Literature (I). ALEXANDER MOSELEY COLLINS. Oco’o Fla.; Business Aumiaistration (I); Kappa Alpha. MILORED ELIZABETH COLLINS. Eufaua. Ala.; Eoucalion (I); Della De la Delta. RC8ERT WALKER COlllNS, Maber, Miii.; Business Administrafon (3); Kaopa Sigma. DOVARO KELLY COllUM. Auburn. Al».; Education (I); Del Chi. RONALD BENJAMIN COLLUM, Tuscaloosa. Ala.: Forestry (I): Kappa S'gms. LYMON ARDEN COLLINS, Mentone Ala.; 6usinc i Administration (3). 337UNDERCLASSMEN WYMAN MOY6 COlSON, Mobil Alabama; Industrial Management 12); Theta Chi. FRANK HARMON COLVETT. Memphis, Ten ,; Ornament a' Horticulture 3i Alpha Tan Omega. KENNETH F. CONAWAY. Anniston. Ato.- Chemica Engine®' ng (3). FARlS LYNDLc CON80Y. JR.. Trussvillo, A a.; Forestry (2). PEGGY CHARLVNE CONN, Rome Ga.; Art ,i); On. Mu. DONALD RAY CONNEU. B'undidge Ala. Mechamca Engineer g (J). ARTHUR EMANUEL CONNER. Ph n » C-ty. Alabama; P»arma:y (3). CAROLYN OBERA CONNER,, A! .; Education (I); Kappa Della. DAVID ALLEN CONNER. Pensacola. Flp'isJa; Electrical Engine , tg (I). JERRY TINSLEY CONNER Srm ngham. Ala.; Electrical Engl" ' ■ 1 (2): Delta Sigma PM. GEORGS ROBERT CONNO.LY Mobile A a.; Chemical Engineering (I). ALASON ALEX CONWAY. Birmingham Alo.: Electrical Enginee-ing (3). JOHN RAYMOND CONWAv Sylacauga, Ala.; E ectrical |2). BEVfcRLY HOLBROOK COOK Highland! N.C • Busness Admiriitrat or. (3); Alpha Delta Pi. BOYCE WAYNE COOK Anniston A'a.; Mechanical Engineering (2) Phi K«o a T.i.. CONRAD E. COOK Montgomery. A a.; Ae' Engine - g (2): Sigma Alpha £ov ion. DON COOK. Miami. Pla.; Veterinary Merli-lne (K). EARL LEWIS COOK. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Engineering Physics (2): Sigma Chi. GLENN E. COOK. Andalusia. Ala.; Electrical Engine ' ng (2|. HORACE WAYNE COOK PrattviLe Ala.; Induttria Management (l) NANCY SUE COCK. OeaNville. Ala.- Home Cconomici (I). THOMAS HOLLOWAY COOK. Th-cmatton, Ga.; Chemical Engineer ng (I). WILL AM MARTIN COON. Selma A a.; E ectr cal Engineering (3). ALEX L. COOPER Thomaiton Ala.; Agricultural Education (2). B. CAROLYN COOPER. Se na, A a.; Sc:«nce and Lite'atu'O (2). CHARLES A COOPfcR. J'm ngham, Ala.; P«e Oen .ttry (2|; Lampda Ch Alpha. JAMES WILLIAM COOPER. Birmingham A afcamj.; C'emica Ergirecring (2). JOHN THOMAS COOPER Colump t, Ga.; Electrical Eng nee- ng (I); Sigma Alpha Epvlon. LEON CURT S COOPER. Montgomery, Ala.; E ectrical Engine®' ng (I). RICHARD S. COOPER. Caracas. Yennruela; Aeronautical Frgir r ng (3): Ph Delta Theta. W;lllAM EDWARD COOPER. Jacison. Tenn.; Art (2); $ gna Alpha Epslon. BOBBY B COPELAND A'ao. Ala.; P'e Meoiciee (2). GLENDA COPELAND Gadsden. Ala.; Bun not Administration |l). VANDY JUADON COPELAND, Auburn A a.; Mechanical Engineer ng (I). MARGARET ANNE COPPECGE. Auburn. A a.; Music (3); Zr'a Tau Al: • . EDITH ANN CORBETT. Pheniy City. Ala.; Pre Medicine (2). JAMES R08ERT CORCORAN. 3 rmrgham. A'a.; Pre Medicine (3). MICHAEL EDWARD CORLESS. Lagrange, Ga.; Mochar.ica Engineering (I). CAROLYN JOYCE CORNEIUS. Birmingham, Ala.; Home Econom cs Eoucatio (I). ROBERT EAR- CORNELIUS. 8lountjvi|le. A a.: Agriculture Education 12). JAMES CARL CORNETT. Opelita. Alabama; Teytile Management (3). WILLIAM FELTON CORNETT. Selma. Ala.; Veterinary MeJiulre (2); Sigma Nu. MARK STROUD CORR C ln»on loe ; Mechanical Engineering (i); Kao: a Alpha. ATIHO IGNATIUS COR'E. JR.. Fairn.ope, Ala.; Bus-ness Administration (I); Pni Delta Theta. MARTHA C. COSBY. Gadsden, Ala.; Education (2). JAMES FRANKLIN COSTA. JR.. 8r.ghton. Ala.; 8wi.ness AJmir on (I). BARBARA COTTLE. Montgomery. Ala.; Business Adminiitration (3); Delta Del'a Oe 'a. HERSCHEL W. COTTON. Aube.ille Ala.; Veterinary Mect cine (S); Alp-a P . . LAURA CONSTANCE COTTON. Atlanta. Ga.; Education (I); De ta Zeta. WINFR• 0 ONEA'l. COUCH, Pa Lv.lle, Ala.; Indu;trlal Manage' ’ent (3). 338 UNDERCLASSMEN JAMES ROY CONEY. Prichard. A'a.; Civil Engineering (3). MURRAY WAITER COUNTRYMAN. Mobile. Ala.; Mechonital Eeginee-ing (J). JAMES BORDEN COUPLAND Birmingham Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). WILLIAM EDWARD COURTNEY. JR.. Hentlv'.lle. Al .; Civil Engineering (I). JOHN L. COUSINS. Mt. Olivet. Ala.; A-t (0: Delia Sigma Phi. LEWIS CARL COVAN. Moolte. Ala.; Electrical Engineer -g (3). JAMES REW COVERT. Laurel. Mss.; Architect (21: Phi Kappa Toy. MARTHA CAROL COVEY. Montgomery, A'a.; Art (I); Kappa De t . JAMES THOMAS COVINGTON Savannah. a.; Ornamental HOfiCulKre (II. CHARLES HERMAN COX. Boar. Ala.; Education (I); Sigma Pi. JOHN WILLIAM COX Montgomery. Ala.; Industrio Management (2). AY ERANCES COX. Tallassee. Ala.; Education [»). SANDRA EAYE COX. Trustvillg, A'o.: Laboratory Technology (I). FRED C9AET. Cullman. A'a.; E eetrical Engineering ()). JANIE SUE CRAET. Hjnfjville. Ala.; Horn Economica [3); Chi Omega. REX JULIUS CRAET. Columbus. Ga.; Building Conduction |2). EDWIN IAN0ON CRANE. Montgo-ery, Ala.; Business Adm niitration (3); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GENE CARLTON CRANE, Dc;alv'. Ala.; Mechon'cal Engineering (2); Kappo Alpha. CHARLES EDWARD CRAWFORD. B-e.-on. Ala.; Industrial Management (3). CLEVELAND SEAY CRAWEORD Sylacauga. A a.; Interior Design (I). JAMES WALTER CRAWEORD. Gallion. A a.; Agricultural Science (2): Thela Chi. LESTER M. CRAWEORD Ga lion Ala.; Pre-Veterinary Medicine (2). WILLIAM DAVIS CREAMER, Pantaco a. E:».; Mechanical Engineering (J). CECIL DAVID CREEL. Anda usia Ala.: Aeronautical Engineering (1), EMMA JEANNE CREEL. Tuscumbla. Ala.; A'ch tcetu-« (2); Ze‘a Tau Alpha. JAMES MARION CREEL. Tusccmt-.ia A'a.; Mechanical Eng neering (J); Delta Sgma Phi. RONALD JOSEPH CREEL. Ne.ion A'a.; Pro-Veterinary Medicine (I): Alpha Pti. THOMAS HO UTS CREIGHTON III, B 'mnignam. Ala.. Industrial Management (I). EDWARD JOSEPH CRENSHAW, Mobile. Ala. Mechanica Engineering (2). GERALD HANSON CRESAP. New O'lears. la.: Architecture (2). CLARA LOUISE CREW. Jasper, A! .; Secretarial Training (2); Alpha Gamma Delta. WAYNfc JOHNSON CREWS. Heaoland. Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (2); Sigma Nw. WILLIAM CLAY CRI8SS. Sulligent. A’a.; Electrical Eng neering (i). JOHN HUBERT CRIM. Bev-vror Ala.; Indus'rij Management II); Kappa A pha. JESSE ElBERT CROIEY. Atmoro A a.; Business Adm nistratioa (I). ANN GIL8ERT CROMWELL, Florence. Ala.; Home Economics (3); Alpha Omicrors Pi. JOHN WILLIAM CROSBY. Talaoega. A’a. Civil Engineering (I). OAVID WOOLLEY CROSLAND. JR. Montgomery. A:a.; Agricultural Science (J); A pha Tau Omega. AUNDRE KENSION CROSS. Ancalus a. Ala.; Ornamental Horticulture (2). JERRY C. CROSS. Wils«r ille. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I). HUBERT LEE CROW. Athens. Ala. Business Administration (2). WALTER ROY CROW. Troy. A a.; Mechanical Eng rearing (2|: Sigma Nj. BEVERIY SVALYNE CROWDER. Shaumut. Ala.; Education (2). CHARLES ROGERS CRCWDER. Birmingham. A a.; Irduslr ol Management (J). THOMAS E. CROWDER, franklin, K .; Electrical Engineering (2). ALVIN MACK CROWE. Morris Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT RJBEN CROWE. B-minghem, Ala.; Veterinary Medicine (2). JAMES REID CRUMJlEY. Clayton, Ala : Business Adm nis'ratinn (J); Sigma Nu. ANNETTE CRUMPTON, Tuskegeo. Ala.; Home Economics (I). JOSEPtl KELLER CRUNKILTON. Arlington. Virginia; Pre-Law (I). 339UNDERCLASSMEN BRYANT EARNEST CRUTCHFIELD G-een. He Ala. A.t |3). ROBERT NEiL CULBERTSON. Glencoe. Ala.- Aeronautic ' Engineering iJ). THOMAS B GUI BRETH, Columbia. Al .; Business Aom n strati on |J). CAROLYN E. CULP. Rome. Go.: Science and literature (J); PM Mg. E. BARTOW CULP. Charleston, S. C.; Mechanical Engineering (I). FLORENCE CHAFFEE CUIPEPPFR. Cullm n, AU ; Art (2); Delta Oelfa Delta. LESLIE ANN CULPEPPER. Bitming-iam. Ala.; AH (2). JOE RUSSELL CULVER. Auburn, Ala.; Bus'nets Administ-ation (3); P Kapoa Alpha. S. LOUIS CULVER. Oeativille, A'a.; Business Adm nittratlon 11). WILLIAM CLAYTON CULVER. Selma. Ala.; Ci» Frgineering (2). LONNIE CURTIS CULWELL. Repton. Ala.; Electric Engineering |2). JACK ANDREW CUM8EE. JR.. Atco. Ga.; Eiect'Ica Engineer :ng (2): PI Kappa Phi. IDA JANE CUNNINGHAM Headland. Ala.; Home Economics Education (3). JAMES FRED CUNNINGHAM. Birmingham. Ala.; Bus bus Administration 11) JOSEPH BELTON CUNNINGHAM. JR.. Al ceville. Ala.; Agriculture (2) Sigma Alpha Fr.cilcn OUlDA MURIEL CUNNINGHAM Jackson. Miss.; Home Economics (I); Delta Delta Delta. WANDA KAY CUNNINGHAM Piedmont, Ala.; Lobofotroy Tecnnology (I); A'pha Omicon Pi. TIMOTHY FONTAINE CURRIE A'rrore. Ala ; Business Administration |3); To-j Kappa Epsilcn. WILLIAM VAIDEN CURRY. Cam.ben. A a.; Business Adimnistrat on (I); Kapsa Alpha. KAYE FRANCES CURSEY. Selma. Ale.: Education (J;; Kappa Oelta JOHN G. CURTIN. B 'mingham. Ain.; Industrie Msnagemerst (I); Sigma Pi. JOHN THOMAS CRUTCHER. Do'-an A a.; Eng cering Physics (2). ELDRIDGE H. DASJS, Aloandc' City Ala.; Civ Engineering |3). O. Gregory Dagnan Birmingham, A .v; Electrical Engineering |2). DIANA DALTON, Georglana, Ala.; Busircss Administration 13); Del’a Zeta ANN DANIEL, Seneca. S.C.; Horn Economics (21. JAMES REG NALD DANIEL, Thomaston Ga.: Architecture (I); Delta Chi. JAMES WALTER DANIEL JR, Chattanooga Tcnn.; Electric Engineering (3); De lo Chi. JAMES WALTER DANIfl, Seneca, S. C.; Me:n n cal Engineering (2); Sigma PI. JOHN THOMAS DANIEL. JR. West Pe nt Ga.- Elen'rirsl Engineering (2). RAY ALLEN DANIEL, M-mpi s. enn ; Aeronautical Engineering ij): A pha Taj Omega. ROBERT JOSEPH DANIEL. Camp Hili. Ala.. Building Construction (I). CHARLES LEE DANIELS. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration )). HOWARD CLIFTON DANIELS. Childe'Sburg Ala.; Electrical Engineering I). CHARLES RAY DANIELSON. Selma. Ala.; Business Administration (I); Kappa Alpha. BENNIE CAROL DANZEY. Dothan Ala.; Education (21; Alpho Delta Pi. MARGEAN V. DARDEN. Montgomery. A a.; Secretarial Training ;i). MARY CLAIRE DARDIS. Birmingham, Ala.; EduCOt on (I); D ’.i Oelta De la. JAMES K. DAR.INGTON, Havana. Cuba. Mechanical Enqlsee- og (2); Sigma Pi. C-'ARlFS ROBFRT DARWIN, Dayton, Ten .; Mechanical Engineering (Jr Sigma C i. THOMAS HOWARD DAUGHERTY. Florence. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (J The-a X OSCAR McCAl DAUPMN. Montgomery, Ala. Elec'ri-ai E'gineer ng 3 Pi Kappa Alr.h, JAMES CARNARD DAVENPORT. Jerrison A a.; Fo-esfry JAMES HOWARD DAVENPORT Jirmmg-gm, Ala.; Business Admin sfation ) ALIEN EOWARD DAVIOSON. Wa-rington. Fla.; Industrial Management '3 OIANA VINES DAVIDSON. Docat-j-. Ala. Education (- ; Kappa Delta. EOWARO WHITE DAVIDSON, Thomasviile. Ala ; Agriculture ■}). FRANCES IRtNfc OAVIDSON. Mentgome'y. Ais.; Home Ecoroniics Education '?) GEORGE GARDNER DAVIDSON Mobile. Ala. Electrical Engineering (3); The'a C JERRY R. OAVIDSON. Vinega- Bend Ala.; Forestry (J); Alp a Gamma Rho. 340UNDERCLASSMEN ROSEMARY LOUISE DAVIDSON, Chickasaw, Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Delta. AUBREY DAVI$, ? Man, A'a.; Forestry (I): Sign's Pi. BENJAMIN S. DAVIS. DeFuniak Sprirqs. F a.; Building Conduction 0). 8ETTY JEWELL DAVIS, Fort Davis, A a.; Education (2); Phi M ,. CHARlfcS E. DAVIS. Ml. V»rson, A a.; Civil E«g (J . CHARLES EDWARD OAVIS Mobil Ala.; Electric. Engineering |3); 'beta CM. CORAL NCNME DAVIS Mar’a«na. Fla.; Home Economics (3); CM Omega. EDWARD BRANTLEY DAVIS Cad c I ■ — Ala.; Business Adminittr it ion (I) Kappa A oho. EDV ARD VERNON DAVIS, Birmingham, Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Tau. ELIZA8ETH W. DAVIS. Columbwt, Ga.; Horre Economics (I). FRANCES ANN DAVIS. Mobile A'a.: Education (I); Pi Beta Phi. GAIL ELAINE DAVIS. Covington. T»nn.; Interior Design (I). GEORGE LOUIS DAVIS. Rock Mills. Ala.; 8. I ding Construction (I)' Alpha Taj Omega. JACK T. DAVIS, Gcorqiana Ala.; Aq'lcultufol Edocat on (2). JARED THOMAS DAVIS. Phanls City Ala.; Chemical Eng r.eering (I). JIMMY EOWARD OAVIS. Rome. Ga.; Electrical Engineering !i); Del'a Tai. Delta. JOE WARREN DAVIS. Fa rfa« Ala.; Education (} . JOHN OUPREE DAVIS. Oo-han A a.- P'» O-ntistry ()) Phi Del'a TFeta. JOHN ROBERT DAVIS. JR Bessem - A’a.; Chemical Engineering (2). JOHNNY eOY OAVIS. Payette. Ala ; Mechanical Engineering (3). LANNA MARILYN DAVIS. Birmingham Ala.; Home Economics (II. LEWIS RAY DAV S Waycross, Ga.; Civi Engineering (3); S gma Chi. MARTHA PAY DAVIS. Camp Hi I. A a.; Home Economies (I). MELVIN H. DAVIS Birmingham Ala.: Pre Vete'inary Medicine (I). MCNTE VANN DAVIS No. Market. Ala. Aoricuitura Science (3). OSCAR E. OAVIS. JR. Gulfport, Miss.; A«ch tectur (I); Phi Kappa Tau. PATRICIA JOAN OAVIS Bessemer. Ala.; Edocaton (I). ROGER ROYCf OAVIS. Dothan Ala.: Business Administration (J). WILLIAM E. DAVIS. Baton Rouge La ; Mechanical Engineering (I). WILLIAM RAY OAVIS Birmingham A'a.; Electrics! t»olnee»inq (I); Sigma P'I Epsilon. CLARA EUGENIA DAWSON. Sco-tsbo-o A a.; Science and literature (3). JEAN DAWSON Scot’sbo'o. A a.; Sc ene and lite'ature (3': Kappa De 'a. GEORGE HARVEY DAY, Bay Minetf Ain.; Civil Engine rg (|). JOSEPH PAUL DAY. Pensacola Fla.; Electrical Engineering (3). BUFREY DUVELl DEAN. A e.arder City Ala.- Te.til Engineering (I). CLAIRE THOMAS DEAN, JR.. Scottsboro Ala.; Science and literature (3). ELLIO'T LAWRENCE DEAN. JR.. Enterprise. A a.; Chemical Engineering (2). GARY DANIEL DEAN Montgomery, As; Industrie (3); Sigma N. LEONARD YANCEY DEAN. Eufau a. Ala. Electrical Engineering (3). STEPHEN PAUL OEAN. Dothan. Aij.; Electrical Engineering (2) S gma Phi Epsilcr. VICKIE FAY DEAN. Mon-go-rery, Al .; A't (I). JOHN PICKENS OFASON America A s.; Education (3). DANIEL W. DECHMAN. JR.. Melrose. Fa.; Industrial Management (3). lamoda C" Alpha. EDWARD WALTER DECKER. Foley, A a.; Electrical Engineering |l). MARCIA DECOUDRES, Sylacauqa, Ala.; Education |1). RICHARD E. DEDELS. Birrringtsam Ala.; E ectr cal Emiiniering |2); Lambda Chi Alp‘a JACKIE PHILIP DCDMAN O d Hickory, T nn.: 8j Iding Construction (2). MARTHA CAROLYN DFES Repton Ala.; Education (l|. WILLIAM STANLEY DEES Dothan, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2 ; Phi Delta Thera. DELORES OE LA RUA, Pensaco'o Fla.; Home Economics (2). 341UNDERCLASSMEN RICHARD ALPHONSE OElMAS. Pascagoula, Mill.; Velerinory Modicine (3}; Omega Tau Sigma. ROBERT LEONARD DELOACH. Union Springs, Ala.; InJultriol Manage meal (Ji. DAN BROWN DEcONEY, Ozark. A a.: Indpitfial Maragement (2). CON L. DEMENT, Beisetrer. A .; Civil Engineering (I). EOWARD LAWRENCE DEMENT. LaLima. Hordurai; Civil Engineering TOMMY EUGENE DEMlNG. Prichard. Ala.- Civi Engineering (J); T‘.e a C '. CHARLENE DEMPSEY, Rome. Ga.; Education (J); Alp'ra Delia P‘. HcRBtRt JOfc DENNEV. Talladega, Ala.; Mechonicil Engineering I). J. THOMAS HETI IN OFNNEY. LaF.v.ette .Ala.; Te«ti e Management }). HECTOR deJESUS de PAULA ARIAS. Cuba; Architecture (I). GORCON EOWARD DERAMUS. Selma Ala.; Mechanical Erginee-ing (2). JOANNA DEEKE OERlNG Tomoa, Ha.- Te.-ie Management (3). FELIX WAVNE DERRICK. Decatu' Ala.; fo-eitry (2); Delta Tau De fa. JOE HOWARD DEW, Columbus. Ga.; InauiHial Management (2): Kappa Alpha. 6RENTON JAMES DEWAR. JR.. Largo. Fla.; Education (3). THOMAS JUDSON OEWEESE. JR., Peniacda, Fla.: Me-.nanicol Engineer' (3); Lambca Chi Aloha. WALTER GROES8ECK OEWiTT. ent»co a. Fla.: Chemiitrv (I). GEORGE JOHN DEZENStRG, Mobile, Ala.; Engineering Phyiict (2). FlIZABET- CLAIRE DIAMOND. Memphis. Tenn.; Science and L teratore (3). LESTER YOUNG DIAMOND. Mobile. Ala.; E ectrica Enoineer -g (2); Sign a C-i. MARVENA DICK. Aihland. A a.; Education (2). ROY O. D CKERSON. Wylo r. Ala.; Aeronautical (3). LEONARD HENDERSON DICKEY, Marion, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3); Phi Delta Theta. KATHRYN PATRICIA DICKINSON. Rag and. Ala.; Scionce and L te-arer« (2); Alpha Della Pi. ROGER C. D CKINSON Altar,. Ga.; Building Construction (2); De ta Sig-ra Phi. INA JOAN DICKSON. Jom-.boro, Ga.; Education (I); Kappa Delta. MARY EVELYN DICKSON, Anniiion Ala.; Home Economic (3): Alp-'.i Delto Pi. DAViO RAY DIETZ. Mobi e. Ala.; Building Construction (2). MILDRED ANN DISEKER Ca-terw lie. Ga.; S: ence and lite-ature (2); Alpha Omicron Pi. MIRIAM BASBETTE DISMUKE Auburn Ala.; Educa-ion (3). REESE COA'S DISMUKES. Greensboro. Alj.; Pna macy (I). ALEXANDER BEACH OIX. Mots le. Ala.; Aeronaut cal Admin stration (2); Lambda Chi A pt a. TMFlMA CATHERINE DIXON. Andalusia. Ala ; Education (3); Beta Phi. TROY GLEN DOBBINS. Long Island. A a.; Agricultural Education (2). CLAUDE CRADY COBBS. Truiwlle. Ala.; Art (I). JAMFS WOOD DOBBS. BirmingNsrs, A a.; Mechanical Eng rearing (I). BARBARA ALLEN DODD Phonic City. Ala.; Education (2); Oeita Ze a. THOMAS EUGENE CODCEN Roarote. Ala.; Tc'Ci-fy (I;. BOYD CRANFORD DODSON Mr. f easav, Tenn.; Vete-inary Med cine (4;. JANSA CAROL DODSON, Montgomery, Ala.; Pre.Veterinary Med cine (2i: Kappa Alpha T-e‘a. GEORGE LEON DALES JR.. Pensacola. Fla.; Eect-ical Engineering [3;. 3ENARD ANTHONY OOMNING. Mob le. A a.; Mechanical £.-.g reefing J?;. JANE EARLE DONAI DSON Birmingt-nri, Ala.; Home Econom-cs ; MARLON TALMAOGE DONALDSON Daossn. Go.; Mcchanica; Engineering MIRIAM INEZ DONAVAN. Marion. Ala.; -tome Ecoooen Cl (31; Kappa Delta. JANE HCSTER DONOVAN. Hjntsvlilc. A'a.; Home Economics it). ELIZABETH DOFSON, Covington, Kv.; Home Ecv omics (I). CAROLYN HOPE DORCUGH, Notusulga. Ala.; An i). HENDIEY WYMAN DOROUGH. Notasulga Ala.; Zoology 2). JAMES HAROLD DORRIS. Florence Ala.; Aeronautical Adminlirration (2) 342UNDERCLASSMEN MARGARET LIDDELL DORSETT. Birminghvsn. Ala.; Secretarial Training (J); Chi Omega. DAVID PERRY DOSS. Adamsville. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). JOSEPH ROBERT DOTHARO Mount Oive, An.; Industrial Management (71; Delta Sigma Phi. NATH C. DOUGHTIE. Atlantic Beach. Ha.; fo-estry (31; Pi Kappa Phi. PAUL SHERMAN DOVER. 8 fm rgham. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (}). WILLIAM EDW N DOWDELL. Charlotte. N.C.: Electrical Ergineering (3). LARRY MARSHALL DOYLE. Oel R.dge. !enn.: Forestry (I). RICHARD F. DRAKE. Montgomery. Ala.; Aeronautical Eng neering (2); Kappa Sigma. ROB-.RT LtV lS DRAKE Lafayette. Ala.; Industrial Maeogement (I). JOHN ADAM OREHER. Birmingham. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I). CAROl YN DRlNKARD. Thorrosville. Ala.; Education (31: Alpha Gamma OeI a. JERRY FRANCES DRlNKARD Montgomery, Ala.; Science and lite’ature (?t. WALLACE DAVIO DRlSKELL Sheffield. Ala.; Agricvllura Engineering (I). ROBERT A. DRUARY. lerifgton. N.C.; Education (2). EDDY IYNN DRYDEN. Hefiin, Ala.; Forestry (I). JAMES TODD DRYLIE. Elmore, Ale.; Agricultura Science (2). SHERMAN W. OUC.K. Fa rhope. Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (3). ANCtL LEE OUCKWORTH. JR., Greenevi He, Tern.; Veter'nery Medicine (4); Omicron Tau Sigma. GEORGIA HEuEN DUDLEv Opelika. Ala.; Home Economics Education (3). MARTHA JANE OUDLEY. Cp li«a A'a.; Education [3); A pha Delta Pi. DONALD 8ERREY DUffEY, Opel ka. Ala.; Aeronaut cal Engineering (2); .jMiiijj Ch A pha. FRANCES DEANNA DUFFEY. Carrollton. Ca.; EduCa-on (I); Phi Mu. CONNIE LONE DUFFORO. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration (I); Zeta Tau Alpha. ROBERI V ADE DUGGLEBY, Albany Ga.; Industrial Management (I); Delta Sigma Phi. EDWARD OWEN DUKE. Mobile. Ala.; Pharmacy (7); Tau Kappa Epsilon. IfcILAND MOZART OUKt. JR.. Vicksbgrg. Miss.; Elect-ical Engineering (2|. JAMES ALIEN DUKES. Shorter Ala.; Forestry (2); Alpha Gamma Rho. RONALD LEON DUMAS. Crystal River, fla.; Veter nary Medicine (3) Omega Tau Sigma. J. C. DUNAWAY. Falkville, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (31. MARTHA VIRGINIA OUNAWAY. Gadidnn, Ala.; Pharmacy (I); Alpha Gamma Delta. JACK MORRISON DUNCAN, Hunts !: e Alj.; Chemica Engineer,ng (I). RAYMOND PHILLIP DUNCAN. Huntsville Ale.: Chem cal Enginee-Ing (I); Sigma Chi. CHARLES RALPH DUNLAP. Montgomery, Ala.; Science eng Lileretu-c (2); Sig-na Ni FRED W. DUNLAP Moultrie. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (3). BARBARA STONE OUNN. Roanokn. Ala,; Education (3); Delta Delta Delta. DANIEL R. DUNN. Birmingham. A'a. Civil Enginecrnq (2). LEE ANDERSON DUNN, Moultrie. Ga.; Business Administration (I); Kappa Sigma. WEDSEl D. DUNN. Samson. Ale,; Agr,cultural Engineering (I). WILLIAM DOUGLAS DUNN Sterrett, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3). CHARLES N. DUNNAM Semmes, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). CHARLES ALLEN DUNStIH. Oo'han. Ala.; Architecture |3); Phi Oelta Theta. HOLLY VAN DUPREE. Fort Valley. Ga.; Education (I). JAMES FDWARD OllPREt. Co embus. Go. Electrical Engineering (3): Phi Kappa Tau. GEORGE FRANK DUROEN. Dothan. Ala.; Business Admieiitrat on (2). IARRY GENE OURDfcN. Theodor . Ala.; Civil Engineer.rg (I). RICHARD MARY N DURHAM. Theodora. A o.; Elect-ical Engineering (I). JAMES EOWARD DWYER. JR.. Mobile. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (2). LUCIUS MAHLON DVAL. JR.. Guayaquil , Ecuador; Civil Engineering (J); Lambda Chi A pha. JOSEPH E. DYESS Opp. A a.; Fertile Engineering (2); Oelta Chi. 3X3UNDERCLASSMEN FRANCES TOMILYN FAGAR A Burr A a.- Secretarial Train -g (I); A pt) Del'a PI. YO'JNS CHARLES EARLE 8 a:«ihlre. A B.tlnen Admlniitratloe (3): Lampaa C'i Alpha. MOLLY MAY EARNEST. Auburn. Ala.; Laooeator Technology (2): Oelta Delia Delta ORVIN BERNARD EARNEST. JR.. Cotar.bui. Ga.; Fo-eitry (J). HAROLD C. EASON, Decatur, A a.; Electrical Engineering (J). TERRY OTTO EAST JR. Birmingham Ala.: e ectr'cal Englnee-Iog (I); Phi Kappa Tau. KARtN ESTHER EASISURN. Mob le A a.; Educat on (I). BUY DANIEL EATON, Andalusia, Ala.: Electrical Eng -.eerlng (i»; Sigma Nu. ALI MOHAMMEO EBRAHIM. Teh-on. Iran; Civil Engineering (I). VIRGINIA BONNETTC EDD NS, friico C t . Ala.; Laboratory Technology (2). LARRYGENE EDENFIELD. Coiumbui. Ga.; Electrical Engines- r.g (I). HARRY ARIHUR EDGE. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Mes- Eng.fee- rg (J). CECIL LUTHER EDMONDSON. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Arc" tectu-e |2); Phi Kappa Too. OOROTHY RUTH EDNEY, Monlgome-y. Ala.; O-narre'tal Hc-t Culture (2); Alpha Gamma O' to CLARENCE ROY EDWARDS. Gadiden, Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg (I). GEORGE M EDWARDS. Oca a. Ra.: Ve-erlnary Medicine (2); Alpna Pi I. JESSE ERANKLIN EDWARDS. Eatl Gadvcen. Ala.; Mec'anlca: Engineer ng (3). LOIS ANNETTE EDWARDS MobI e. Ala.; Education (2). SANDRA MAXINE EDWARDS. Cutieta. Ala ; Education (I). GEORGE V. EGGE, JR., Ne. Olreanc. la.; Pre law (J); Alpha Tau Omega. SHIRIEV NOEL EGGE. Gulfport, Mill.; A't (2); Kappa A pha Theta. JAMES HAROLD Eh l Altoona. Ala.; Mechanical Erginenrlng |j). JAMES LEON F.IOSON. Cjllman, A a.; Irdgifrlal Management (3); Sigma P . MARGARET LOUISE EILAND Andalu-. a. Ale. Secretarial Training |l). BETTY JUNE EILEDSE, Huntsville. A a.; Science and Li'eratu'e (I). WILLIAM OBERHEIMAN ElLEDGE. Birmingham. Ala.; Induitrla Management |J); Delta Sigma Phi. ROBERT MITCHELL ELLINGTON Montgomery Ala.: Mechanical Engineering |2): A pha Tau Omega ALTON DORAN tlLiOTIE. „R. Huntiv lie. Ala.; Electrical Engineering II). CHARLES OGBURN ELLIOTT. Montgomery. Ala.; Pharmacy {)). EWEll H. ELLIOTT. JR . Auburn. Ala.; Induitrlal Management (J); Kappa S gma THOMAS NEAl ElLlOTT Auburn. Ala.; Science and literature (2); Kappa Sigma WAYNE PAUL ELLIOTT. Childc'iburg. Ala. 8ui nen Admlniitralion (I); PI Kappa Alpha. DONALD MERCER ELLIS. EnterprI.c, Ala.; Zoology f3). GROVER C. ELLIS, Andalusia. Ala.; Induitrial Management (2). JAMES AlDEN EMBRY. Knonrilla. Tenn. Architecture (3; JANET GAIL EMFRSON, B'rmingham, Ala.: Sc-ence and I rera-ure (I); Oeita Zfa. THOMAS WILLIAM EMFINGER. Birmingham. Ala.; Busmen Administration (3 OONALD IRWIN EMPflElO Opetko. Ala.; Electrlco Eng meeting (I R08ERT GENE ENFINGER. Wave ly. A abama; Aeronautical A imln»itra ion (2'. ROBFRT THOMAS ENGEL. Atlanta. Ga.; Mechanical £ng'r.«e'.n-| (j JOHN RONALD ENGLISH. Birmingham. Ala.; Electrical £.ng reefing 3 : Kappa A pha. JOYCE ENZOR, Do'han Ala.; Secretarial Train ng (2); A pha Om cron Pi. FMORY OANS FRB. Montgomery, Ala.; Verar,nary Medicine (I); Kappa Sigma CHARLES DEAN ERICKSON. Birmingham Ala.; Aeronautical Adm ,n.|fra-.on (n. CAROL ELIZABETH ERWIN, Tarrant, Ala.; Education (21: A pha Om cron Pi. JULIA ANN ERWIN. Ta'tonl Ala.; Educat on (2); A pha Om cror PI. HUGO LEON ESNEUl Atmore. Ala.; fducatloe (3). BILLIE JOYCE ESTES. Wetompka. a a.; Education (2) HAROlD lOYO FSTES. Wetjmpka. Ala.; Inoutt-ial Management (J). VIRGINIA ESTES. ColumtKri Ga.; Secretary Training (2) 344UNDERCLASSMEN ROY FAY ETHEREDGE. Thomaston. Ala.; Industrial Manaqemcnt (J|; Sigma R'. MARY JIASNE ilMUlOSS Atlanta. Ga.; Secretarial T-a nlng (I). NANCY ETHERiDSE Birmingham Ala.: Mot Economics |2). ’ATRlClA ANN ETHERIDGE Birmingham A s. A-t (2): Chi Or-tqo. Will AM TRACY ETHRIDGE B rm rqham. Ala ; Business Administration (2). JAMES ELMER EUBANKS. JR. Ard • ore. A a.: Elcct'ical Engineering (2i. JOHN I. EC8ANKS Carrollton. Ala.; Forestry (2). WILLIAM HOWARD EVANS, JR. Hjrtse’le. Ala ; Electrical Engineering (3). PATRICIA EVERS. Andalusia. Ala.; Educat oa (2): A pha Gamma Delta. CULPEPPER EXUM III. B rf»irqham. A'a.; Ercfrical Engineering (I), lambda CM Alpha. BARBARA ANN £Z£ll. Birmingham A a.; S c' r a-.I Literature (I). BOBBY DALE EZELL. York. Ala.; Civil Englnee-irg (2). KARCN HARWELL EZEU. Ward. Ala.; Education (3). THOMAS RAV EZZELL. Auburn Ala.; Industrial agemer.t (l| THOMAS FREDERICK FAGAN Foil Val . Ga.; Industrial Management .'? Kappa A pha. WILLIAM JfcRE FAIl Dolhar. Ala.; Industrial Management (1); S qrra Ni. LEE J FANT. Birmingham. A'a.- Business Administration (I). NORMAN SMITH PARIS. JR . Center Pol at. Ala ; Industrial Management (2): Sigma Nu. GEORGE GlAVIN PARISH. Monitor Ala. Chomiitry (?) Theta Chi. JUDITH KAY FARKAS. Decatu' Ga.; Education (I). JOHN AIVIE FARMER. S »m'rgham A!a.; Industrial Management (I); Sigma Pi. PAUL K. FARMER Ale»anoer City, Ala.; Oemica Engineering |2); Sigma Chi. IARRV DUV'AUL FARR, Columb aria. A a.: Electrical Eng,n«ering (I). WILSON WRENSHAl FARRELL Columbia. S.C . E ecfrieal Engineering (I); Phi Delta Theta. VIOLET INEZ FARRINGTON Dadovillc. Ala.; Home Econom (s (I). CHARI ES MFRlF FARRIS. Eldrldge A aChemical Engineering (2). RICHARD DONALD FARRIS. Nos . lie. Ton.: Vrle .nat Med cine (I); Omega Taj Sigma. SHERRILL ANN FARRIS. Ca era. Ala.; Home Economcs (II. THOMAS LEE FARRlS. Fot’voe. Ga.; MecFanicol Eng ne ring (I). MARION JANE FARROW. Dadev.lle. Ala.; Home Economics (2). CHARLES N. TAULK. Selma. Aio.; Zoology (3): Kappa Sigma. EDMUND EUGENE FAULK Byron. Ga.; Elaetrical Engineering (2). JAM;S LEONARD FAUi C ’ ten A a.; C v I Engineering ); Kappa A pha JOHN ROBERT FAULK. W Mcr Haven. Flo.: C vil Eng rearing (2). FREDERICK O. FAY, Union Sp-li-os, A'a.; Sc cnee ano Literature (2); Slgmo Alpha Epsi on. FREDERICK FRANKLIN FEASIN Mobile. A'j. Agricultural Sc erce (3); Tan Kappa Epsilon. JEFFERSON BALL FEAGIN. JR,. Falls Church. Va.; Science and literature ( ). RICHARD LEE FEARN. Mobi e A a.: P-„vica (3!- RICHARD OUDLEY FEATHERSTON. Le. ngton. Ky.: Veterinary Medicine (2): Omega Taj Epsilon. HAROLD ANDERSON FELL Sncltie d Alj.: Mechanical Engineering (I); lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT LOUlS FELTS. Montgomery A'a.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). CHARLES LAMBERT FElTUS, Fairhope. A'a.; Forestry (|): Pi Kappa Phi. FRANK D. FENN Clayton. Ala.; Sc ence and I te'atur (I). LORENA JANE FENNELL lament Ala.; Hctre Economics |2); Kappa A pha Tteta AMY JEAN FERRIS. Birmingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training (2); Kappa Delta. GEORGE JASPER EIClOlNG. Rocito-d. Alo. Ecucation (3). ROY VICTOR FIELDS, Sy acawqa. Ala.: Mechanical Engineering ||). EVELYN PIUS FINCH, Pittsview. A'a ; Inter,o Design (IJ. MARY CECIlt flNCtt Mobile. Ala.- Laboratory Tethno’cgy (I): Kappa Delta. ROBBIE ANNETT: FINCHER Wedowee. Ala.; "one Economics Education (3). 345UNDERCLASSMEN CHARLES FREDRICK FINNEGAN. Mobile. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3). CECIE FINNEY. leFavette. A a.: Tesfile Management |2). LESLIE JEAN FISCHER. Montgomery. Ala.; Education (2); CM Onega. R08ERT STANLEY FISHeCUGH. Diablo Heights Parana Carol Zone; C vil Engireering (2). HAROLD I. FISHER. JR,. Birmingham, Ala.; Industrie Management (3). GEORGE CALVIN FLAHERTY. Selma. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). ARNOLO LESUF FLEISHER. Miam', Fla.; Veterinary Medicine (a); Phi Alpha. GLENN A. FLEMING Pensacola. Fla.; Mechanical Engineering (2). JAMES WALLACE Fleming, Monroey lie, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). CONRAD CHAS. FLORES. Montgomery. A a.; Aeronautical Adrnlnlitratlon (3). JOHN CHARLES FLOURNOY. Chickasaw, Ala.; Business Administration (2). JANIE MAE FLOWERS, Ihcmasfon. Ala.; Education (2). WILLIAM DICKtNSON FLOWERS. JR.. Montgomery. Ala ; Agricultural Science (I). JASON H. FLOYO. JR.. Senatobla. Miss.; Electrical Engineering (3). THOMAS DAVID FLOYO. Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Engineering |l). Mil TON LOUIS FLUKER. Bessemer. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3). LARRY RArBURN FLYNN. SulHgent. A a.; Agricultural Science (I). HOWARD STEPHEN FCGELSON. Charlotte. N.C.; Mechanical Engineering (2). ROBtRT BRYANT FOLSOM, Elsa. Ala.; Industrial Management (3); Kappa Sigma. WILLIAM AUBREY FONDREN. Mattlo-d. Ala.: Mechanical Engineering (2). CHARLES DURWOOD FOOTE. Scale. Ala.; A-t {I). ANN FORD. Wedowee, Ala.; Education (2): Alp‘a Delta Pi. ANNE FORD. Mobile, Ala.; Education (2). LEE FORD, Mobile Ala.; Home Economics (I). ROBERT STEPHENS FORD. Sheffield Ala.; Electrical Eng neeting (3); Tt-efa Xi. PEGGY JO FOREHAND. Hurtsboro Ala.; Education (21; Chi Omega. MIKE FORMAN, Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Engineering ;t). KESS LAWSON FORRESTER. Dothan. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I); phi Delta Theta. WALTER TED FORRESTER. Columbia. Ala.; Elecvical Engineering 13). JOAN ELI7A8£T' FORSHAW. Montgomery, Ala.; Home Economies (2): Alpha Delta P . ERMAN FORTENBERRY. JacVson. Miss.; Architecture (3). FRANCES ELAINE FORTENBERRY. Birmingham. Ala.; Art (2); Alphi Omicron Pi. CHARLES HERSCHELL TORTNER. Trussville. Ala.; Business Admin.station (I). SARA PATE FOSHE6, Cordele. Ga.; Home Fconomlcs (2). AN0R6W JOSEPH FOSTER. Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I], 808BY LEVAN FOSTER. Leeds. Ala.; Architecture (I). CAROLYN HORN FOSTER, luveme Ala.; Home Economics Education (3;. DONNA ANNE FOSTER, Atlanta. Ga.; Education (2); Alpha Delta Pi. DANIEL FOWLER. Red level, Ala.; Elect-ical Engineering (I] JAMES EDWIN FOWLER. Huntsv le, Ala.; Civil Engineering (2|; Delta Chi. PELHAM 8RYCE FOWLER, 8 rmirgham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT EVANS FOWLER. Montgomery. Ala. Att (I). WILLIAM R. FOWLER. Mcrtgomery. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. W NFRED H. FOWLER. Columbus. Ga.: Pre-Law (2); Phi De fa Tneta. GEORGE BROWARD FO77AR0. Jacksonville. Fla.; Engineering Physics (I); Delta Tau Dolta. JAMES ARTHUR FRANCE, Bradenton. F a.; Vctorina-y Medicine ( ]; Omega Tau Sigma. ODUS WILLIAM FRANCIS. Dothan. Ala.; Mechanical F g reering (2); Sigma Phi Epsi on. ROBERT CARLTON FRANCIS. JR.. Hartselle. Ala.; Civil Engineering (3). CHARLES EDWARD FRANKLIN. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical {"gmeering (i). EOWARD OCTAVE FRANKLIN. Germantown. Tents.; Veterinary Medicine J2); Omega Tau Sigma. 346UNDERCLASSMEN H. GEORGE FRANKLIN, Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). ROBERT RAYMOND FRAYNE, Summordalo. A a.: Agricultural Science (2). 8O8BY OOYAL FRAZIER. Rome. Ga.; Industrial Management (3). JAMES NEWTON FRAZ ER, Evergreen. Ala.; Irdurtr a Management (J). SARAH GLENN FRAZIER. Tor Deposit. Ala.; Educator (I). 8EE8E RAY FREDERICK. JR.. For Deposit. Ala.; Business Adrninistrot on (2); Pi Kappa Alpha. PHILIP WALLACE FREDERICK. Foley. Ala.: C vil Eogireering [l). REX FREDERICK, Corner. Ala.; Education 2). DONAI D DAVID FREEMAN, Sirri ngham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineer rg (2). EDWIN RAY FREEMAN. Geraldine, Alabama; Mechanical Engineering (I). FRED 9ERT FREEMAN, JR.. Talladega. A'a.; Pr« law |2): Pi Kappa Alpha. JAN FREEMAN, Columbu . Ga.; Secretarial Training (I). LINDA JANE FREEMAN. A'iarta, Go., Home Economics (I)- Ch! On -ga. ROSALYN TREEMAN. Troy. Ala.; Education (I); A pha Delta Pi. WILLIAM AUGUST FREISE Ear-hope. A a.; Aeronautical Admin.strafion (2). ALLARD C. FRENCH. JR.; Evergreen Ala.; Education (2); Lambda CFi Alpha. ROBERT FRESNfcDA, Santiago do Cuba- Mechanical Engineer rg (3); Theta Xi. CLAUDE W. FRIDAY. Selma. Ala.; Ag-icvltu-e Science (2). CHARLIE F TZMUGH FRIDGE. Atmore. Ala.; Pre-Dent. (39. NANCY C. FRIEL, 8av Mine-te, A a.; Homo Economic '.2J; Alpha Delta Pi. JAMES TUCKER FRY. Epworth. Ga.; Industrial Management (I); Sigma Pi. JAMES RICHARD FUCCI. Columbus. Ga.; Elect'ical Eng reefing (2). FRANK MEWEI1 FULFORO. Eutaula. A a.; Business Administrat on (3). DENNIS E. FULLER Carrolllcr. Ga.; Ae'Oneutical Engineering (21. DORSEY WILLIAM FULLER. JR.. Tuilegee. A'a.; Industrial Management (l): Kappa Sigma. EDWARO H. FULLER. JR.. Cul man. Ala.; Mechanical Eng Veering (;); Sigma Pi. JAMES HARLAIN FULLER. JR.. Gabba-tvlile. Ga.: Businast Adminittratisn 3;. ROGER FORD FUILER Sultle. Ala.; Forestry (I). SANDRA JEAN FULLER Notaiuigo. Ala.; Home Economics (2;. SUE ELLEN FULLER, Montgomery, Ala.; Eoucation (3); Alpha Gamma Dr ta. WILLIAM PLANT FULLER Opelika. Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (|J. JAMES LOUIE FULTON. Betteme'. Ala.; Pre-Veterinary (2). MARGARET ANN FUNDERBURK, Aliceville, Ala.; Secretarial T-aining i .. PEGGY MERRELl FUNDER9URK Birmingham, Ala.; Home Economics (I). MARGARET R. FUQUA. Sea e. Ala.; Home Economics (2). SEN FRANKLIN FUSSELL. Mob I . Ala.; Civ.I Engineering (I). WILLIAM ROBERT FLTRAl. Goodwater. Ala.; Agriculture Science (4). SARAH LOUISE GAOOIS. Prollvile. A'a.; Education (I); Oe to Delta De ta. JUDITH N. GAERTNER, New York City New York; Eoucation |2); Zota Tau AlpFa. SAM JOSEPH GAGLIANO, Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engmee-irg (2). JOHN CALDWELL GAIUARD. Mobile Ala.; Architec-ure (I): Sigma Cni. MICHAEL THOMAS GALLAGHER Jacksonville. Fla.; E eetr eel EngineerVg (2). ROBERT F. GALLANT, Gadsden. Ala ; Mechanical Engineering (I), RICHARC GERALD GALLOWAY Birmingham. Ala.: Chem cal Englnee ing (21. RICHARD GERALD GAMMON, Birmingham. Ala.; E ectrical Engineering (3). HARVEY M. GANDLEfi. Mobile. Ala.; Architecture (2). JOHN R. GANDY. Montgomery. Ala.; Architecture ( ). BARBARA ODEIlE GANTT. Wefumpsa Ala.- Business Administration (3): Zeta Tau A pha. JOSEPH ROBERT GARDNER. Gadsden. Ala.; nduvtrial Management (I); Delta Chi. WINSTON W. GARDNER. Montgomery. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (2); Theta Chi. 347UNDERCLASSMEN ALBERT WILLIAM GASSER. Bi-mingham A .; Mechanical Engineering (I) BILLY OftVAL GARNER. Pivgah. A a.; Indattrial Management J). JERRY MASON GARNER. Cha'tanooge Tenn.; Inuu-trial Management (2). MARGUERITE CARNER Milledgeville. Ga.; Sociology (2) Alpha Oelt PI. PHILIP HUGH GARRARO. Gadsden. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (1). JOHN RAYMOND GARRETT. Montgomery. A a.: Aeronautical Engineering (2): Ttefa Chi. NANCY SJE GARRETT. Oitord. Ala.; Home Economics Educaton (J). CAROL GARRIS. Leroy. A a.; Home Economics (J); Ph Mi JOSEPH EUGENE GARRISON. PI.iMvilla Ain.; Butinets Administration (I). WILLIAM BLAIR GARRISON. Albany. Ga.; Agricultural Science (2); De la Sigma Phi. EDGAR Cl I ETON GARTH. JR.. Montgomery. Ala.; E ectrical Enginee-iraQ (I). DAYID LAWRENCE GATLING Escamb t. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (J). BETTY JEAN GAUNTT. Ta adega. Ala.; Home Economics (J). NANCY CAROL GAUSe. Gadtden. Ala.; Education (I); Pi Bela Phi. JOSEPH WILBUR GAY II. Birmingham. Ala.; Buiin»is Administrat on (3). PATRICIA GENT, 8ifm.ngham. Ala.; Science and l.te atu e (2). OONALO HU8FRT GENTRY. Rome, Ga.; Meehancal Engineering (I). ELIZABETH ANN GENTRY, G-eenvill«, Ala. Home Ecoeomici (2); De fa Zela. JAMES HOWARD GENTRY. Reynolds, Ga.; Electrical Engineering (J). MARGARET VIRGINIA GENTRY, Chickasaw. Ala.; P-e Megicine (I). PATRICIA ADRIENNE GENTRV, Chickasaw, Alaoarna; Science and Literature (I) WILBUR W. GENTRY JR. Pensacca Ela.; la-erio- Design (2|; Phi Kaooa Tau. JAMES W. GEORGE. c O'erce. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (2); Thefa X . CAROLE CARTER GHOLSON, Sy acauga. A a.; Education (I); Della Del’a Delia CHRISTOPHER LEWIS GHOlSTON, Luverne. Ala.; Ae'onaui'col Engineering (2); Sigma Aipha Sovion VICTOR JOSEPH GIAMALVA. Gadtden, Ala.; Pharmacy (I); On la Chi. EMIL JOHN GlARA. JR. Montgomery, Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg ( ; DOROTHY LEE GIBBONS. Penvacola. Ela.; Laboratory Technology (2 . MARY LAUREL GIBSONS, Auburn, Ala.; Science and Lifcraul'e (2). ROBBIE ANN GIBBONS Birmingham, Ala.; Art (2); Kappa Alpha Iheta. ANDREW MAC GIBSON. Glenwood. A a.; Engireerng Phytict l). JAMES HAROlD GIBSON, 3'urvdidge. Ala.; Electrical Engineering |J). WILLIAM WAVNE G BSON. Glen.ooc, Ala.; Industrie: Management (2). OOROTHY SUE GIDEON. Birmingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training (3); Chi Omega. JOHN WILLIAM GHBfcR'. Montgomery. Ala.; Civil Eoginoe-rg (I). WILI AM CLAYTON GILBERT. Montgomery, Ala.; Ctemical Enginee' rg (I). M. LANE GILCHRIST, Pentacola. Fla.; Electrical Engineer g (J) Sigma A phe Epsilon. JOHN REID GILES. JR.. Talladega. Ala.; Mochanica Engineering (3). SUSAN El I7A8ETH GILES lalladega Ala.; Home Economics (I). JOANNE GILL. Bessemer Ala.; A » (I); PM M.». JUDITH GILLrSPIE Montgomery. A a.; Education (2). I NOA KAlEv GILLESPIE. Warrior. Ala.- Home feonorn'es (I). ELAINE FORBES G LUKIN. Mobile. Ala.: laboratory Techno ogy (2); A pha Gamma Oelta. ROBERT LEE GILLILAND, Montgomery, Ala.; Industrie Management (3). SUE ANN GllLlS. Mot) r, Ala,; Secretarial Training (I). CHARIENE HEREFORD GllMOUR Rome. Ga.; Edu-cat on (|): Delta Oelfo Or ta. TED MONROE GlLREATH. Clattanooga. Tenn.; Business Adm nittration (2); Alpha Tan Omega. SAMMIE LOU GINN. Anniston. Ala.- Industrial Management (J); Delta Chi. J.MMY LANE GLAONEY. Birmingham, Ala. Mechanise Engineering (3). HELEN HARVEY GtASCOW. Birmingham, Ala.; Secretarial Training (|) 343UNDERCLASSMEN WAITER HERMAN GLASGOW, Fairfield, Ala.; Builneu Adminiitration (2); Ph Kappa Tau. ELAINE GLASS Louhvill . Ala. Education (3). fREO HOLMES GLASS. Anniton. A a.. Mechanical Engineering 2). ELIZABETH MARIE GLENN Decatur. Go.: Home Economict 2); RE - M». GEORGE H. GLENN Trultvillt A a.; Burlneii Administration (I). ONIS GLENN. JR.. Wetur-ncka. Ala ; Me;ha- cal Engineering (i PHILIP ALSTON CLENN, Atlanta, Go.; Batmen Administration (I). Kappa Alpha. TYLER ELIAS GLENN. J .. Birmingham, Ala.; Art l); Phi Kappa Tau. VIRGINIA WILEY GLENN. Mobil . Ala.; Education (I); On fa Del a On ta. JERRY WAYNE GLIDEWELL. Garden. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). FLORENCE JEAN GLOVER. Montgomery. Ala.; Educot on (2); Kappa Delta. CHARI ES EVERETT GOBFR Macon. Ga. Business Admin strafon (J); Kappa Alp“-i LEE GRANT GOSER. Najvoo. A a.; Agriculture Education (J). DAVID MITCHELL GO08O.D. Montgomery Ala.; Business Admin stra' -:n ( EOWARD LEWIS GODIOLO. Montgomery, Ala.- Business Administration |J); Alpha Too Omega. JAMES OB.E GODFREY, Njtawlga. Al».; Pharmacy (I). SIDNEY ALLEN GODFREY Camera, Ala,; Electrical Engineering (I) GEORGE HANSEL GODWIN. JR., Decatur, Als.; Chemical Engineer ng (J); Pi Kappa Aipha JOHNNY E. GODWIN, Headland A’o.; Electrical Engirecrnig (3 . O’IS ODELL GODWIN,Mob le, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (l|; Lambda Chi Aloha. WILLIAM HUNTER GCFF, JR.. RccWo'd, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). ELLIS PALMER GOLDEN. Birmingham. A'o.; Mechanical Engineering (I). SALLY ANN GO-DEN Montgomery. Ala.; Education (3): Delta De ta Delta. SIDNEY GOIOFN. Columbus. Ga.; Business Adminiitration (2). RUTH GONZALEZ. Havana. Cuba Art Ji). JOHN HORSLEY GOODMAN. Memphis. Tern ; Forestry (3). SUZANNA RUTH GOOOMAN. Biftningho". Ala.; Secre’orial Troinirg l); Alpha Delta PI. T08Y MICHAEL GOODMAN. 8i-m ng'am. Ala.; MeC'jnica! Enginery.rq (2). HAROLO MARK GOODWIN, Marietta. Ga. Sc ence and Literature (2); Theta Cm. JOHN HOWARD GOODW N. Columbiana. Ala.; Pharmacy (I). ROBERT ElWYN GOODWIN. Pensaco a. F a.; Elect-ieal Engineering (I); Sigma Alpha Epsilcn. WILLIAM CARL GOODWIN B.-mingham, Ala.; Busmen Adm filtration (J); Lambda Chi Alpha. GRADY HARRFll GORDON Mobile AChnm ra £ng nneri-ig (I). LARRY ADDISON GOROON A exonger C-ty, Ala.; Industria Managerremf (2). DENNIS RAY GOSOIN. Woooland. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer rg (2). HARVEY STEPHEN GOSSER. Auburn. A o.; Pre-Veterinary (2). RAYMOND A. GOULD. Montgomery. A'a.; Mechanical Enginee-irg (J) Delta Tau Della. KATIE ELIZABETH GOUIS8Y, Mobile Ala.; Laboratory Technology (2). JAMES DEAN GOWEN. Wa.cross. Ga.; Civ I E-iginee-ing (I); Thet Chi DAVID GORDON GRASENS'EDER. Huntiville. Ala.; forestry (2); Pi Kappa Alpha. MARK LEWIS GRASlE. Montgomery. Ala.; Architecture (2); $:gma Alpha Epli O . JAMES EDWARD GRADY Selma A a. Mr.-aniial Engineer rg (J). JAMES EOWARD GRAGG. Ato’«a. Tenn.; Ve’erina-y Medicine (4); Omega Tau S gr-o. SHILTON DICKINSON GtANAOE, Gmenvil'n. A a.; Business Admin .lra» on (J); Alpha Tou Omega. JAY FRANKLIN GRANDY. Chattanooga. Ten- .; Engineering Frysics (I); Kappa Sqm a, JAMES W. GRANT. Oothan. Ala.; Bui ding Conduction (3); Kappa Sigma. WESLEY EVANS GRANT. Montgomery, Ala.; Bu ding Conduct-on (2); Alpha Tau Omega. FREDERIC LEE GRASFEOtR. Union Cdy. Tann.; Chem cal E«g nenring (2). FRANCES ALPHA GRAVELY. Thomasville. Ga.; Education (2); Kappa Delta. ANNE ELIZABETH GRAY. Prichard. Ala.; Science and literature (2). 3- 9UNDERCLASSMEN GENE H. GRAY', Montgomery, Ala.; Industrial MMagtment (2). MICHAEL ANDREW GRAY. Eufouo. Ala. Physc (I): Sigma Phi Epsilon. PATRICIA ANN GRAY. Birmingham, Ala.; Home Economics (2). R08ERT fc. GRAY, P-attviil©. Ala.; Inferior '3). WILLIAM SELL GRAY. BIrm rgham. Ala.; Meenankal Engineering (?); Sigma PM Epsilon. WILLIAM HOWARD GRAV Lumocrron. N. C.; Building Construction (I). WILLIE FRANCIS GRAY. WMi-t r A a.; Physics (3); Thai Chi. LOUIE WAYNE GRAYDON. Montgomery Ala.; Electric Engineer r,g (l). CHARLES BOR DAN GREEN Leeds. Ala.; Electric© Engineering (I). DONALD ALLEN GREEN. Birmingham. Ala.; Architecture (I). GERALD WAYNE GREEN August . Ga. Mechanical Engineering (2). HANDLEY C. GREEN, Roanole A a.; Business Admlrljlratoin (3). JAMES NELSON GREEN. Montgomery. Ala.; Veterinary Medicine (2). JOE GLENN GREEN. Huntsville Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). PATSY RUTH GREEN. Elomaton. Ala.; Education (3). RICHARD COLLIER GREEN. Oak Ridge. Terr.; Mechanic© Engineering (2). ROBERT LAWSON GREEN. Birmingham, A a.; E ectr'cal Engineer rg (I). WALTER L. GREEN. GUrcoe. Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (3). WILLIAM LESLIE GREEN JR.. Montgomery, Ala.; Aeronautical Adrrlristraton (3). MARY CHARLOTTE GREENE. Lanelt. Alabama; Education (3); Chi Omega. BARBARA ELIZABETH GREER. Blrmmgnam, Ala.; Home Economic! (2); CnI Omega. BENJAMIN E. GREER. East Point. Ga.; Ae onauiical Admit istrotion (3): Sigma Phi Eos Ion. DON R. GREER Marietta. Ga.; Civ.1 Engineer ng (J); Phi Delta Theta. MFNOFRSON FRANK! IN GRFER Dcuglat, Ga.; Industrie Management (I). PETE HARRV GREGOR Mob le. Ala.; Chemktry |l): Delta Sigma PM. BEN F. GREGORY. Demos©!ii. Ai .: Engineer r.g (3). JAMES M. GREGORY. Moultrie. Ga.; Industrial Design (J). NANCV RHEA GREGORY. Oneonto. Alj.; Education ':); Alpha Omk'On PI. TOM W. GREGORY Cha’tanooga Tenn. Engineering Physics (3). LESSLIE CRAWFORD GRICE. Rock Hill, S. C.; Mec' Eng.neerlrg (3): Sigma Chi. ELIZABETH GRIFFIN. Marlon. Ala.: Science and Hferatj'e (I) JOHN RlCHARO GRIFFIN. Chattanooga. Tenn.; E ectrical Engineer rg (3); AlpLa Tau Omega JUDY GAILE GRIFFIN. Hartford. Ala.; Education (I) MARV EDNA GRIFFIN. T-o-sby. Ala.; Education |2) WILLIAM JOSEPH GRIFFIN. Mobile, Ala.; Mechanic Eng nceriag 2) LAW'RcNCE G. OR FFIS. 3 'megham. A j.; Forestry (3;: Lambda Chi Alpha ANITA SUE GRIFFITH. Gadsden. Ala.; EouCatlon (I); Alpha Gamma Delia. MARY ELEANOR SR GG Montgomery. Ala.; Business Adm'nistratioa (3); Kappa Delta. GEORGE WESLEY GRIMES. Memphis. Tenn.; Velorlnary Medicine (a); Omega Tau Sigma. LARRY JOE GRIMES Auburn. Ala.; E ectrical Engineering |2). WAt’ER H. GRlZZARD Bremen Ga.- Mechanical Engineer ng II). JOHN ARENZ GROSS Bi'mnigham A n.: Business AdminIstrat on (2); PI Kappa Phi. JOAN ELAINE GROUE. Birmingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training |l). PATRICIA ANN GROVES. Chamblee. Ga ; Engineering Physics 12). Will I AM RICHARD GRUETTER. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Mechanic©! Enqineerrg (3): Kappa Sigma. JUDY PATRICIA GUDGER. Birmingham Ala.; Science and Uferatu'e (I); Pi Beta PM. GEORGE FOSTER GUESS. JR.. Stevenson Ala.; Agr'cultvral Engineers© (I). GUILLERMO GUERRA Arequipa. Peru: Ag-kyl-ure Science (I). BOBBY AUSTIN GUILFOIL, Le.Ington, Ky.; Ve-erinjry Medicine (2); Omega Tau Sigma. DON MARK GUILFORD. Uothar A a ; Electrical Engineer rg (I). 350UNDERCLASSMEN JEANNE MARIE GUILLORY. Ne. Oleans. la.; Educa-ioo (31: Chi Omeoo. JAMES CALVIN GULLEY. Montgomery, Ala.; Mechan'cal Engineering (2); Alp-a Tau Omega. EDWARD LEROY GUNNELS, Dothan Ala.; Business Admin ifra- on (J); Sigma Nj. PEYTON LOUIS GUNNELS. Birmingham. A'a.; Architecture (2). SEN.AMiN ROY GUTHRIE, Montgomery. A a.; Business Administration (2). SOYCE EDWARO GUTHRIE Birmingham A'a.; Mechanical Engineering (3). GERALD RAY GUTHRIE. Tarrant. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3). FRANK P. GLTTERIDGE Auburndale. Fla.' Veter re'y Medicine ()!; Omega Taw Sly no. JOE NORMAN GUY, Montgomery Ala.; Civil Engineering II); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WllLIAM V. GUY, Birmingham. A a,; Ao'oaau icat Enqirciring (:]; Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIAM FAY GUYTON. Auburn Ala.; Pre-Medicine (2). HARRIETTS ANN SWIN Birmingham Ale.; Secretarial Training J J; Da ta Zeta. JOHN WILLIAM HACKADAY. Birmingham A a.; Chemical Engineering (3) ARTHUR DANIEL HACKETT. Mobile. A'a.; Meccan cal Engineming (J). WILLIAM RICHARD HAFFNER JR. Oecalur. Ala.; Industrial Management (I); Theta Chi. HAROLD CLAYTON MAGEWCOD Nashville Tenn.; A t (J). ROBERT EUGENE HAGlER. Salma A a.; Indust-iel Management (2); Sigma Alpha Epiilon. PETER W'ARREN HAHN. Washington O.C.; Arcniiectu'e (2). JOE R. HAIR. Pheniy C ly. A a.; Chemical Enylneo'irvy (I). JOY WAITS HAIR, Andalutia. A'a.; Horn; Demonstration (3). Alpha Delta P!. LEGARE HAIRSTON Mobile. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). ELEANOR MAE HAKANSON Mobile Ala.; Education (?;: Celfa 7nta. FAYE ANN HAKANSON. Mobile Ala.; Education (31. JAMES D. HALE. J-., Smyrna Tenn,; Ve»or nary Medicine («); Omega Tat Sigma. BERTRAND FRANK HAH. Warwick. N Y.; Electrical E"g rearing (2). CONNIC KNIGHT HALL. £«ee , Alo.; Laboratory Technology (I). DCNALD PERRY HALL. Mob le. A a.; them cal Engineering (2). DONNIE HAIL. Pensacola. Fla.; Irvcustrial Management (|); Sigma A pka Epsilon. GAINES 8. HALL, Dothan. Alo.; Architecture (21. GEORGE HENDERSON HALL. Newton. Go.; Industrial Management (I). JOAN PRCCTOR HALL. Dothan. Ala.; Homo Demonstra on (I); Alpha Delta Pi. JOHN EDWARD HAll Mo-tgomcry Ala.; CIvi Engineerign (2); Lambda Chi Alp . JULIUS JERNIGAN HALL Montgomery. Ala.; P-e Meoicme (I); Sigma Aloha Epsilon. KILMER LANIER HALL, A'ab, A a.; Electrical E-gineer ng (2). LINDA KAY HALL. Scottsbo-o Ala.; Education (2); Delta Zero LINN W. HALL. Gadsden. Ala.; E'ecvica Engineering (2). LOREN WILSON HALL. Guntersville. Ala.; Chemical Engineemig (I). PAUL WILLIAM HALL. Gurley Ala.; Elec'rica Engineering (2): Sigma Pi. REBECCA ELIZABETH HALL. Mid-ay. Ala.; Secretarial Tro nnig (I). ROBERT LEE HALL. Albany. Ga.; Industrial Management (l): Phi Delta Theta. THELMA RUTH HALL. Albertville, Ala.; Education (3). HENRY JAY HALLMAN Remlap Ala.; Mechanical Engineomig (I). JOHN BOB v HALLMARK. Tarront. A a.; Engineering Physics (2). FOYE ANNE HALSTEAD. Montgomery. Ala.; Interior Design (3); Kappa Delta. MEL8A JEANETTE HAM, Sylacavga. Ala.; Educat on (I); Alpha Omicron Pi. WALLACE LONG HAM8RICK, Bainbridge, Ga.; Industrial Managomev (3); Alpha Tau Omega. SARA FRANCES HAMILL, Birmingham. A a.; Education (3); Kappa Oelta. JOHN DAVID HAMILTON. Trussvil e. Ala.; Industrial Management (2); Lambda Chi A'pha. OLGA NAOMI HAMILTON, Brmirgham, A'a.; Education (I); Kappo Alpha Theta. ROSS NEAL HAMILTON. Frisco Cihy. A'a.; Forestry (3). 351UNDERCLASSMEN HOMER LEON HAMMETT. Columbia. Ga.; Industrial Management 2). EWELL BUDDY HAMMOND. Good« fer H».: Education l). JAMES ARTHUR HAMMOND. Roup. Ga.: Mechanical Engineering I?); Delta Sigma Ps. KENNETH JEROME HAMMOND, lucedale. M st.: Electrical Engineering J). ROBERT McOOWClI MAMMONO. Bim.inqharn. A o.; Engineering Pnysics i3). ROBERT HARPER HAMNER, Prottville. Ala.; Industrial Management (3): A pha Toj Omega. SANDY LYNN HAMPTON. Talladega. Ala. Education ;2). HORACE EODIE HAMRICK Trussvi le. A a.; Building Construction (3): Delta Chi. WILBUR STUART HAMRICK. Mobile. Ala ; Business Administration (I). SANORA ANNE HANBY. Montgomery. Ala.; Education (3). JAMES N;WTON HANCOCK. OsiUa. Ga.; Industrial Mmsqem.M (3); Theta Chi. A. GERALD HAND. Mulqa, Ala.; Industrie Management 2). PATR CIA HANDLEY. Mob !e, A t.; Home Economies (li; Alpha Omicron Pi. HARRY L. HANEY. Melvin Ala.; Forestry (3l: lampda Ch Alpha. LOUIE M. HANKS. Besserne-. Ala.; Te« ile Management 17). WILLIAM BARRETT HANLEY. W- s er. At.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). JOHN AYLOR HANNON. JR.. Bessemer. Ala ; Electrical Engineering (I). GEORGE WELTON HANSON Cu Imee. Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (I). JANE ELIZABETH HARALSON. Gun-ersville Ala.; Intc'-O' Design ;i); Kappa Dotta. SALLY T. HARALSON. 3 rmlrghatr. Ala.; Science and L.te-ature (31; Ph. Mu. RONALO EDDIE HARBiSON. Cordova Ala.- Mechanical Engineer ng (I). MITCHELL DOOLEY HARDEN Birmingham. Ala.; Electric Engineering (I) GEORGETTE D. HARDENBERGH. G'eersboto. Alabama; Home Economics (3): Celta Oeita Ocita. VIRGINIA BULLOCK HARDENBERGH. Greensboro Ala.; Home Economics 2»; Delta Delta Della. RANDOLPH STEVEN HAROIGREE. Birmingham. A s.; Electrical Eng nee-ing I). JAMES P. ••ARDIN, B ’mingham Ala.. MccKsnica Engineering (J). JOHN CLINTON HARDIN JR.. Me.lion A t.; Agncvlfu-el Sconce (2); Alp s Gamma Rho. BOBBY J. HARDY, fcas TalUsseo. Ala.; Business Administration {J). E. HOWARD HARDY. Rocitord. Ala. Mechanical Engineering ;3i. HEYWARO JACKSON HARDY. »ieni» City Ala.; EleJtical Engineering (I). CLYDE FOSCUE HARE. Grove Hi A a.; Civil E«o nearing (21; A pha Tau Omega. DUDLEY 3RYAN HARE, B-aggs Ala.; Science and literature ' :. JAMfcS OJVjR HARE M . Pleasant. S. C.; Mec anieal fcng neering ( ;. CHARLES E. HARGETT. Russellville. Ala.; Architecture (3;. MARY JANE HARGETT. Russeliville Alabama. Secrcta-ial 'roining l); Delta Delta Delta. NANCY GAVLE HARGETT, Irussville Alabama; Heme Economics 21: Kappa Alpha Theta. LINDA MARIE HARGROVE 6irrr ngh n, Al .; Secretarial Training ( SUE ELIZABETH HARGROVE. Montgomery, Ala.; Sec'etaria Training (I)• Kipps Dr ta. ALLAN DARRELL HARKINS Allan ®, Sa.; Aeronaut cal Admin st ation (3); Sigma Phi Epp on. GRAOY RODNEY HARMON. Lafayette, Ala.; Engineering Physics ( ;. NEAL C. HARMON Mobile A t,; Electrical Eng ec'lng (l|; Theta X PARIS FREDRICK HARMON. Pell City Ala.; Forestry (3;. SHIRLEY LEE HARNED. Cururdutts Cans Zone Pre Medicine (2;. HEIEN JANE HARPf. Anniston Ala,; Homo Economics J3;; Ch Omega. ERNEST E. HARPER. Birmingnam, A a.- Aeronautical Engineering JOHN H. HARPFR, JR . Fairfield. Ala.; Business Administration ;3). ROBERT MAR'IN HARPER Auburn. Ala.; Architects (2); Phi Delta Thet.v JERRY MINOR HARPOlE. Da.tona Beach. Fla.; Industrial Management (2). GtCRGE D. HARRELL. Anniston. Ala,; Business Aomni’strotion (3); Sigma Ns. ALVON ASBURY HARRIS Gadsden. Ala.; Industrial Management 2). 352UNDERCLASSMEN 3AR ARA ANN HARRIS. A-lan» . Ga.; Secretarial Training (I). CHARLES OAVID HARR S,Opeli a Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (3); Phi Kapp "au CHARLES F. HARRIS. Guin Ala.- Agricultural Educaton (2). DONALD BOONE HARRIS, Cevrevi 'e. Ala.; fo'ettr. (2); Theta Chi. ► RANCES PATRICIA HARR S Colvmbut Ga.; Mviic (I); Aloha Gamma Delto. GENIA RAE -ARRIS. Eatt Roint. Ga.; Inferior Dcilqr (2). HAROLD MONROE HARRIS, Montgomery. Al . Agricultural Sc.once (I); Kappa Alpha. JACK W. HARRIS. Alerinder City. Ala ; ndu tr ■ MjilJ mrn (I). JCRRV FRAN HARRIS, Tarrant. Alo.: C"c -'ica Eng ncering (2). JOEL RONALD HARRIS, 8 -rringham A a.; Butina Adrrinitfration. LARRY C. HARRIS. Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical |); Pnl Kappa Taj MARTHA JOHN HARRIS. Pheni« City. Ala.; Educat on (I); Delta Zeto. MARV N EUGENE HARRIS Shield. Aia.: Mechanical Engineering (2); Lambda Chi Alp’j. PAUL ROWELL HARRIS. Opelika. A a. Mechanical Engin—ring (I). ROBERT ALEXANDER HARRIS. Bcuc-ne-. Ala.- Pre-Velr-inary Medicine (I); Kappa Alpha. RONALD JOE HARRIS. Birmingham. A a.; A'- o»autiC. Erg -eo'-ng (J). ROBERT WAYNE HARRIS. Rccklord A o.: Chemical Engineering (I). SUNDRA MONICA HARRIS. Lonett A a.; Eoucotion 1 . ERNEST LEROY HARRISON. JR., Talladega A’a.; Mectar-cal E-g' (21. GAIL ELLEN HARRISON. Birmingham. A a.; Science nn-J rerature (?)• Kappn Doha JOHN ROGER HARRISON Hanford. A a.; Civil Eng neering (2i. PORTER E. HARRISON. JR.. Randolph, Ala.; Aeronautical Aominitfration (2); Theta Ch'. RAYMOND PR 0 HARRISON. Green ! Ief Ala.; T« lil Mnr-ngcmont 13). JERRY DUNAWAY HART. Gcorgel-a-nr. Ga.; Edjcolicr (2). JOHN McRAE MART. Clio. A'a.; Electrical Engineering |J). WILLIAM A, HART. Auguitine. Fla.; Aeronaut cal Enainocr ng |J). WILLIAM HENRY HART JR.. Eufaulo Ala.; Butinett Adminiitration (2l JOHN AARON MARTI FY. Corrfelr, Ga.; C vi Engineering [ JOHN MALCOLM HARTLEY Co'cmbui. Go.; Elccirica Engineering 12); P Koppo Ph . GEORGE MORRIS HARTSFlEtD. Talladega A'a., Electrical Engineering (i;. MARION STEVENSON HARVEY. Waye'ow. Ga.; Art (I). JCN DAVIS HARVIll. 3irm ng‘nrv Ala ; Meehan cal Engineering (I). TENZA LaDELLE HASSELL Birmingham. A a.; Home Economics [? . PRESTON LOCKE HASSLER. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; E’cct-icol Engineering (J.; Ph' Kappa Toj. FELTON LEO HASTINGS. Foley. Ala.; Pro Medicine (2) MINI LJ CAROL HASTY Thomatvil'e Go.; Home Economic ()); Kappa Della. HARRIET ELIZABE'H HACH, Unionto--. A'a. Education (2); Delta Delta Oclta. CHARLES DAVID HATCHETT. Auburn. Ala.; Education (4). JOHN DFE HAWK. Gunterivi :o. Ala.; Butinett Adminiit'.ntion (J); A pha Gamma Rho THERON WALLACE HAWKES. Albany. Go.; Engineer ng Phytic (2) Oelta Sigma Phi. BARBARA JANE HAWKINS Goodeater. Ala.; Homo fcconom-c Edjolion (I) BILLY YANCY HAWKINS. Auburn. A a,; Indoitrial Management (J) Phi Kappa Tau. JACOUELINE ANDERSON MAY. Rogpvi Ga.; Home Economics (I). JOHN DAVID MAYES. Colhon. Ala,; Mechanical Engineering (I). PAUL JACKSON HAYES. Hueylown. Als.; Engineering Phytic (2). CHARITY GAIL HAYNES. Cullman A'a.; Education J J. ELEANOR FAYE HAYNES. Lineville, Ala.; Education |3); Delta Zefa. JULIAN ROBERT HAYNES. Rome, Ga.; AM (J)- Kappa Alpha. JOE LEWIS HAYNIE Eclectic. Ala.; Butinett Aomlnittretion NAN MARIE HAYNIE, Carroll’on. A a. Home Economic (J); A pha Gamma Delta. 353UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT DOUGLAS HAYNO, Pensacola. FI .; Mechanical £09 neering 2 ; Lambda Chi Alpha. CAROL ANN HAYS. Mobil . Al .; A't J2); Alpha Gamma Delta. MARION EMANUEL HAYS. Opelika, Al .; T .-;ie Management (3). ELEANOR DEAN HAYWOOD. Mt. Ve-n«». Ala.; Education (21. JAMES ELTON HEAD. Ph«tti. City. Ala.; Pharmacy (2). MILLARD FILLMORE HEARN. JR., Panama City. Fla.; Architecture (21; Th«t Chi. WILLIAM TED H-ATH. Fntnrprir . Ala.; Agricultural Administration (3J; Alpha Gamma Rh-o. CECIL G HFFNFR. Canton. N. C.; Science and literature (3). ICR WALTER MEIMENDINGER. lake Charles. Lo.- Electrical Engireerlng (I). HAROLD JOHN A. HELMS. Union Springi. Alabama; Civil Eng reeling (2!. SAM MILTON HEMBREE. B'idgeoorf, Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (3); Pi Kapoa Alpha. GEORGE LEWIS HEMPHILL. Rensacole. Fla.; Electrical Eng rearing (21. BARNEY L. HENDERSON. Clanton. Alabama; Agricultural Education (}]. JOHN TAMBLYN HENDERSON. Jesup Ga.; Electric Engineering ;i): Delta Tau Delta. MARILYN HENDERSON A-da usia Ala,; Education (2). WILLIAM THOMAS HENDON. Selma Ala.; Industrial Management (I); Kappa Alpha. LYNN DENSON HENDRICK. Orlando Fla.; Engineering Physics (3); Kappa Sigma. HAROLD WAYNE HENDRICKS. Montgomery, Ala. Mechanic ! Engineering [2;. JACK ALFRED HENDRICKS, Milton FIs.; Business Administration (»]. ROBERT LAIN HENDRICKS Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering [2). JOHN V. HENDRIX. Fayefe, Ala.; Chemlca Frg'nen-ing ;i). JOSFPH LEE HENDRIX. Shawmgt. Ala.; Art (I); Thelo Ch'. WILLIAM ROWELL HENIFORD. Lo-I , S. C.; Electrical Enq rec'lnq [3). PATRICIA VONCILE HENLEY. Citronelle. Ala.; Education (I); P 8 '» Ph . REBECCA ANN HENLEY. Jackson. A n.; Businas Administration 12); Alpha Gamma Delta. ALFRED MARLOW HENNE. Pensacola. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (I). EMILY E. HENRY . Am.rston Ala.; Home Economies (2). JOHN CROWELL HENRY. Mobile Ala.; Flect'icol Engineering (i); Sigma Chi. JOHN TORBIT HENRY. Marion Junction, Ala.; Agrleultu-a Engineering (3); Alpha Gamma Rio. ANITA LOUISE HENSON C eneoe. Alo.: Pre-Medicine (I). HARRIET ANN HENSON. Wager. Ala.; Home Economics (21; Phi Mu. V. KEITH HENSON. Do han. Ala.; Aeronautic Engineering (I); Sigma Ph! Epsilon. ANNE HERBERT Prattville. Ala.; Eductaion (31; Kappa Delta JOHN MOSES HERMAN. Jacksonville. Fla.; Mechanical Engineer ng (3). EUGFNE FRANKLIN HERMES. Decatur. Ala.; Mechanic ! Engineering (I). ■WALTER R. HFRMfS Decatur, Ala.; Chemical Engineer - g (I). WILLIAM JOEL HERNDON, Decatur. Ga.; Business Adm'nistrotio (2); Sigma Phi Epsilon. SUE HERREN. Birmingham. Aa.; Secretarial T-alning (31; Phi Mu. DANIEL PRESTON HERRIN. Decatur. Ala.- Engineering Physics (I). MILTON IROIMAN HERRIN. 0»r 'v'. Ala.; Electrica Engineer'-,g (3). PHYLLIS IAVERNE HERRIN. Am«r,eus. Ga.; Home Economics (I) HIRAM WHITE HFRRING. Montgomery. A a.; Pre Dentistry (2). JERRY R. HERRING. Headland. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer .g (2). IEIGHTON CURTIS HESTER. JR.. Cherokee, Ala.; Mechanical Engineer ng (I). OWEN WALLY HESTER. Centre, Ala.; Pr .V ! rIisery (3); Alpha Psi. ROBERT A. HESTER Cuthbe-t. Ga,; F ectr cal Engineering (I). SYLVIA JEAN HESTER. Wedo ee. Ala.; Home Economics Education (l ; Pi 8e a Phi. DAY 0 JOSFPH ttICKEY. Chattanooga. Teon.; Mechancal Engineering (I); Sigma Phi Epsilon. SHIRLEY CHRISTINE HICKMAN. Anniston, Ala.; Education (3): Alpha Gamma De' a. CHARlfS WAYNE HICKS. Headland. Ala.; Civil Engineering (J). 354UNDERCLASSMEN DONALD ROBIN HICKS, Bitrr.ingSjm, A'a.; Chemical Engmeeting [2). JOHN GARY HICKS. Enterprise. A ,s.; fnoireer r.g Physics (3). RAUL THOMAS HICKS. Memphis. Ton.; Architecture (2). RICHARO THOMAS HIGGINS. lakeland. Fla.; Industrial Management (3); Oelta Tau Oelta. TONY HARLAN HlGHT, Eaif Tallanoe. Ain.; Electrical Engineering (I). BFTTlE INOA HIGHTOWER. York. Ala.; Ait (I); CM Omega. WILLIAM 3AYLIS HIGHTOWER. JR. Athens. Ala.; Business Administration (I) Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A. SIDNEY HILL, Trussv lie, Ala.- Science and literature (I); Sigma C' . GEORGE HOWARD HIL. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical E'gireermg J|. JAMES CARL HILL. Aub-u-n. Ala.; Business Adm nistrafion (2). JAMES TERRELL HILL. Horton, Ala.; Agricultural Science (J). JOE McCarty HILL. Millry. Ala.: Agricultural Education (2). PEGGY SUE HILL. Birmingham, Ala.; Home Economic! (I)- Alpha Delta P . CHARLES WILLIAM HILLMAN JR., Breton. Aabamo; Chemica Engineering (|). PAUL DANA HIL.MAN. Mooile. Alo.; Aren fcctu'e (I). FRANK EDWARD HINES Opelika. Ala.; Industrial Management (3); RM Kappa Tau. JOhNNY BERT HINKLE. Deco’ur, Ala.; Art (2). HUGH HINSON, FlO'ala. Ala.; Business Adm nitration (I). PEGGY MILDRED HINSON LaGrarge. Ga.; Education |); Delta Delta Delta. JANICE JOY HIRSH, Foirhope. A a.: Home Economics (2); Kappa Delta. CECIL MARVIN HITCHCOCK Moultrie Ga.; Electrlca Frglnee'Ing (I); Kappa Sigma BARBARA KAY HOBART. Birmingham Ala,; Secretarial Training (I); PM Mu. 8ARBARA JOAN HOCKING. Auburn, Ala.; Home Economies |2); Pi Beta Pn . CHARI ESCFORIC HODGE. Tallaoega Ala.; Pre Medicine (J). MARTHA BLANCHE HODGES. Headland. Aia.; Interior Design (I); Oi Omega. MARTHA LEE HODGES. Baytoxm, Teias; Science and Literature (J); Delta Delta Delta. MICHAEL EDWARD HODGES. Panama City. Fla.; Chamical E«i »eering |2). ROBERT HOWARD HODNETT. Ale.ande- City. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I). WALTER EARNEST HOONETT. Oaviston A o.; Education (J). JERRY F. HOFFERBERT. Gadsden. Ala.; Business Administration (I); Sigma Chi. ANN KATHERINE HOFFHAUS. Hafselle. Ala.; Education (I); Aloha Delta P CHARLES EDWIN HOFFMAN, Decatu'. Ala.; Mecnanical Engineer -g (2); Theta Chi. ANN CAROL HCGAN. Fallcville Ala.; Home Economics (2). STANLEY RAY HOLCOMB Mobile. A a.; Physics (2). EDWIN RAY HOLCOMBE. Waterloo. A'a.; Ag-cult-el Education (2). NANCY ELAINE HOLDBROOKS. We'gmpla. Ala ; Education (2). JAMES DARRYL HOLDER. Gadsden. Ale.; Electrical Engineering (2). KENNETH DAVID HOLDER Stevenson Alo.: Textile Engineering (I). JOSEPH ANDREW HOLIF ELD. Mobile A a. Electrical Engiree-ing (31. FRED HOLLAOAY. Gordonsvi le, Ala.; Agricultural Science (3); Alpha Gamma Rho. JAMES R. HOllADAY Nashville, Tern.; Veterinary Medicine («)• Omega To» Sigma. MARTHA ANNE HOLLADAY, Nashville. Tenn.: laboratory Technology (2); A'phj Gamma Doita. F-RANKl IN HAYFS HO: I AND. Gamal nl. Ky.: Vete- «a-y (2); Omega Tau Sigma. M IDRED FRANCES HOLLAND. Atlanta Ga.; Science and literature (l). DON G. HOLLEY. Alexander City. Ala.; Textile Engineering (3), HOWARD ALLAN HOLLEY Lahayefe. Ala.; Mecnanical Engineering (I). SARAH ELIZABETH HOLLEY, Headland. Ala.; Education (J); C i Omega JAMES ANDREW HOLIFIEID Mobile, Ala.; Electrlca Erglreerlng (3); Theta Xi. K. MARGARET HOlllflELD 8i"-ing.i»n , Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Alpha Theta, ANNETTE HOLLINGSWORTH. A-miston. Ala.; Horn, Economics (2). 355UNDERCLASSMEN EUGENE JEROME hOUINGSWORTH Oneryntn. A P-r VdflMfv Medicine TOMMY I. HOUINGSWORTH Birmingham. AM. Aeronautical Engieeer'ng (3.. JAMES BARRON HOLLOWAY, A ba- , Ga Business Administratioh ;j). Phi Delta The'a. MARGARET ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY. Mason. Co.: Education ; Alpha Delta Pi. THELMA LOUISE HOLLOWAY, Opelita. Ala.; Education (I], JO ANN HOLMAN. Roctlora Ala.; Home Economics (2'. K, INGE HOLMAN. Ose'i. A a.; Pm Medici no (2) f Kappa Alpha. EARL DRAYTON HOLMES. JR. Bi-mingham Ala.: Pharmacy (3 . KENNIE 8EA HOLMES 8 -m rg am. Ala.; Science and Literature (21. ROY HUGHES HOLMES. 3 rm egham. A'a ; Agriculture [; ' WILLARD MORRIS HOLMES. Hono-a He Ala. Elo.lrital Engireering (3 . ANN CAROL HOLT, Atlanta. Go. Art ; J: Delta Delta Dol'a. JO MAR £ HOLT Houston. Teres; Science and literature (3); Oelta Ze a. JOHN DAVIS HClT. WayC'Otf. Ga.: Building Cornelian (?) HAYES WILEY HOOBLER Birmingham. Ala.; Building Conduction (31: Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT CHARLES HOOD. Birmingham, Ala.; Mechanica Engineering ( !; Phi Kappa Teu RALPH M. HOOOLESS. JR.. Milton, Flo.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). JAMES DAVID HOOPER. Birmingham A a.; Aeronautical Eng nearing (2' THOMAS McCALLE HOOPER Mun'sv e. A a.; Mechanical Eng 'ee'ing (: Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM HOOPER JR. Huntsvile. Ala.; Flertrica Engineering (j;,- PI Kappa Alpha. JOYCE ELAINE OPP, Mob le. Ala.; Home Economics (I . AlAN CLYDE HORN. Tu I,shorn. , Tenn.: Mechaeissl Engineering 2): P. Kappa Phi. BILLY RAY ORN Birmingham, A a.; Industrial Management (3; DELBERT O. HORNE. Columbia Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3 . ROBERT HORNE, fcutaula Ala.; Vote'lnarv Med cino (C ; Alpha Psi ERNEST c. HORNSBC, Tallassee Ala.; Pre Law (31. CllhTON A. HORTON Red Level. Ala.: Agriculture1 Education (3 . WILLIAM EARL HORTON. S'c-wion. A a.; P'e-Veterlrary Medicine (I); Alpha P-. . BOBBY W. HOSEA, Birmingham Ala.- E'nCHical Eng’reering (?, DONALD FRANCIS HOUSEKNECHT. la nett. Ala.; Architecture (3 . JONtS WITHERS HOUSTON. JR.. Mobile. Aia.; Bos rets Aoministrotion ! . Phi Delta Tne’a. NEIl TRANKlIN HOUSTON. Dal'on. Ga.; Industry! Management (3); Kapro Alp-a. PRED BATEMAN HOVER. Ch:cEasaw. Ala.; Electrical Ergniearing (2 AlAN ROGER HOWARD. Th-orslr, Ala.; Irdustrial Management (I ALBERT OSCAR HOWARD JR., Et. Mitchell. A a.; Mechanicol Engineering (2 ARTHUR G. HOWARD. Tuvcumbia Ala.; Architecture (3)- p, Kaoro Alpha. CALVIN MARVIN HOWARD. Birmingham. Ala.: Electrical Eng feering ?; HARRY C. HOWARD, lownde-.boto. Ala.; A'chi'eclufO (I]. JAMES WIIFORD HOWARD. Pensacola Fla.: Electrica Engineering (3; Delta Tau Delta. SANDRA ANN HOWARD Montgomery, Ala.; Secretarial Paining (t THOMAS GRIGGS HOWARD lailodeg Ala.; Chemical Engineering f I); Sigma Alpha Epsi on. CAROLE 0. HOWFll. Foley. Ala.; Educa’ion (I); Delta De to Del'a. CtlARLCS JOSEPH ttOWELl. Montgomery. Ala.- Aeronautical Engineering [3;; Kappa Sigma. JAMES Ell HOWELL. Dothan Ala.; ho-estry (J); Kappa Sigma. JOHN GAIEY HOWELL. Hartsello. Ale.; Electrical Eng reefing (2. MARV SHAIN HOWELL. Mobile. A a.; Secretar a Training (i; Alpha Oamma De-a WILLIAM CLAUDE HOWELL Atmore. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (l]: Phi Kappa Tau. JOHN SHARP HOWIE Jac.son. M ss.: Ammj. Husbandry (|): Kappa Alp? u. KEITH MOEf ATT HOWIE, Jaclvon. M ss.; Engineering pfcytic, (J). Kappa S-'gma 306816 JEAN HOWIE Delta Alabama; A- ? 356UNDERCLASSMEN LEAH FEARA HUBBARD Opelile. Ala.; Education (2). TOMMit RUTH MU88ARD. 8:o »fao'o, A'a.; “ow Demonstration II). WILLIAM DALTON HUBBARD. G'een Pond. Ala.; Electrical Enginee-ino (I). JERRY I.LOYO HUDGINS, Albertville. Ala.; Meehan col Enginee-mg (2). 8EIIY JOY HUDSON. Oplika. Ala.: Science and literature (3); Kappa Della. JAMES . HUDSON. Clayton. Ala.; Pharmacy (I). THOMAS FRANKLIN HUDSON. Line. le. Ala.: Business Administration (I I. JOHNNY E. HUEY. Birmingham. A a.; Agricultural Science (2| Kappa Alpta. JULE ANN HUEY, Mpntgomety. Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Delta MARGARET ELIZABETH HUFY, Tal ndeg.s A!a.; Silence and literature (J). JAMES DONALD HUFF, B'e«!on, Ala.; Building Construction (21. SUZANNE HUFFAKER. Birmingham A a.; Secratar al Training (t). GLENDA ANN HUGGINS. Selma. Ala.; Education (I). LOWELL HARRY HUGHEN, Montgomery, Ala.; Art (?); lambda CM Alpha. BILLY RtN’Z HUGHES Fargo. Ga.; Industrial Management (2). JAMES L. HUGHES, BirniiMiham. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (2); P I Kappa Tau. RU8Y ELIZABETH HUGHES Birmingham. Ala.: Secretarial Training (I). 8ETTY D. HUGHEY. Huntsville. Ala ; Sanatoria Training (2); Phi Mu. JERRY NORMAN MUGULEY. Mogansville. Ga ; Architecture (3). GERALD NORRIS HUIE. Montgomery. Aa.: Architect are (2). JOHN MACK HUIE Aubu'a. Ala.; Ag'icultu'al Science (2|. NORMAN HOLLIS HULSEY. Birmirgt-am. Ala ; Electrical Engineer -g (3). MARTHA ANN HUMPHREY. Ala.; Education (I). MARVIN GERALD HUMPHREYS. Chattanooga, Ten .; Architecture (3); Sigma Chi. OONAIO THOMAS HUMPHRIES. Macon. Ga.; Industrial Management (I). ECWARD VARNER HUMPHRIES. Notasulqa, A'a.; Irduitr a| Management (I). ANITA MARLENE HUNT. Btimirgham. Ala.; Ad (2). JAMES AllFN HUNT. JR l.nrett Ain, Business Admmigration (3). KENNETH ALAN HUN'. Piedmont. Ala.; Pharmacy (3). WILLIAM C. HUNT, leoonor. Tenn.; Fo-e-.try (2). ALLEN THAW HUNTER. Evergreen. A'a.; Civil Engineering (I). J. MIKE HUNTER. Atlanta. Ga.; Aeronautical Administration (3). V llllAM HAMILTON HUNTINGTON Haj ehurtt. Min.; Architecture 3). HARRY MELVIN HUN’CON. Chattanooga, Ter.n.; Mechanical Engineering (2). BENJAMIN FRANKLIN URST. Moulton Ala.; Pre Veterinary Med cine ;2;. DANIEL RALPH HURST. Decatur, A a ; Building Construction (2); Kappa Alpha. HARRIET HURST. Leeds. Ala.; Home Demorstration (3,'; A'pha Omega Pi. JAMES HARRIS HURST. Decatur. Ala.; Mechanical fng'nuering (7). PAUL DRAKE HURST. Gaosder. Ala.; Electrical Encin-er ng (I). DALLAS AARON HURSTON. Panama Ci y. P a.; Civil Enqireering ( ;; Pi Kappa Alpha. A. R. HURT, Avonda'c Estate , Georgia; Building Construction (3); Sigma ph. Epsilon. JAMES PAUL HUTCHESON. Attalla. Ala.; Education (l). JAMES RAYMOND HUTCHINS, Tarrant. Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (7'. MAE GEORGE HUTCHINS. Iar ant. Ala.; Home J)). JOSEPH LENNIE HUTCHINSON. Poulan. Ga.: Teitile Management (2). DAVID R. HUTTO. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration (7). JAMES FOSTER HUTTO. Macon. Ga.; Forestry (2). MARCUS LEONARD HYDE JR. Birmingham. Ala.; Industrial Management 2); Delta Chi. MARY ANN HVORICK, Auburn. Ala.; Home Economics (3). JOHN LEE HYLAND, Fulton, Ky.; Vefe-inary Medicine (3); Omega Tau Sigma. 357UNDERCLASSMEN CHARLES THOMAS HYLE, Birmingham. Ala.; Aeronaut cal Engineering (2). FIDESAH DORIS INGRAM, C'sttor.ooga. Tens.; Chemical Engineering (I). GEORGE MORRIS INGRAM. Ashland Ala.; Education (I). JUDY INGRAM. Opel.ka. A a.; Education (2); Alpha Dal la PI. WAYNE EDWARD INGRAM. Montgomery. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I); Alpha Gamma Rho. VIRGINIA 8YRNE IR8Y. Fjlrhope. A a. Industrial Design (I) ClARKE UPMAM IRVINE. Mobile. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I): Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES DELMA IRWIN BIrrrtliQham. A a.; AM (?) JAMES ROBERT ISBELL. Gadsden. A o.: Veterinary Mediclre (J); Alpha Psi. LAYMON SHERRILL ISOM. Arab. Ala.; Meehan cal Engnee-lng (2). CHRISTOPHER EDWIN IVES, Birmingham A a.; Elect'ieal Engineering (I) ELL S IVEY. Ope'lko. Ala.; Business Adm inlstratlon (I). HENRY WATSON IVEY, Sp'ott, Ala.; Agricultural Science (?); Oelta Sgma Phi. ROBERT BRUCE IVEY. Palme'. Tenn.; Art (J); Tau Kappa Eptilon. EElY f JACKSON. JR., Montgomery. Ala.; Eectreal Engineering (I) HUGH DONAIO JACKSON. Ne-man. Ga.; Industr'at Management (J). JERRY EVANS JACKSON. B rmlrgham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). JESSE MARK JACKSON. Laurens. S. C.; Business Administrator (J)- Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LOUISE JACKSON Dadeville. Aia.; Education (2); Alpha Cmicron Pi. MALLORY B. JACKSON Prattville. Ala.; Meehan cal Engineering (}). MARY LINDA JACKSON. Gainesville. Ga.; Art (I); Kappa Delta MELVIN T. JACKSON. Pheniy City. Ala.; P’armacy (I). PAUL FLETCHER JACKSON. Birmingham, Ala.; Industrial Management (J); Del’a Chi. ROBERT MICHAEL JACKSON. Auburn. Ala.; Business Administration (I). WFSIFY ELL7FY JACKSON. McComh. Miss.; Veterinary Medicine (J) KATHRYN HOWARD JAC03Y. Atlanta. Ga.: Education !? ; Delta De ta Delta. DAVID BARRY JAcT Mobile. Ala.; Forestry (I). IRAJ JAHEO, Baia»e. Sera ye Ghods eh; Meehan cal Englnee-lng (I). ANNALEA JAMES. Fai'la Ala.; E-ducat on (2); Kaopa Delta DRAYTON NOBLES JAMES Auburn. Ala.; Art ;i); Slgrra Nu WILBUR JACKSON JAMES, S rmingnam. Ala.- Business Administration (I). WILLIAM CHARLES JAMES. T'ussville. A a.; Elect'ieal Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Tau. ROSTON COlllSN JARRELL Mobile Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). JOHN FRANK JASTER. Campnlll. A 'a.; Business Administration (I) JAMES D. JEFFERSON, Birmingham. Ala.; Cnemis'ry (I). DOROTHY GAYLE JENKINS. Auburn, Ala.; Home Economics (2). HARRIET ELIZABETH JENKINS. Roanoke, Ala.; Laboratory Technology (I)- Alpha De ta Pi. ROBERT MARSHALL JENKINS. Ma-ion. Ky.; Veter nary Medicine (2). WILLIAM HIGGINS JENKINS. Opelika, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3) Phi Kappa Tau. DONALD LORELL JENNINGS Largda e. Ala.; Bcvs »ss Administration (?), EVA MAE JERNISAN Montgomery. Ala.; Education (2); Phi Mu. JOHN EDV ARD JFRNIGAN. Montgomery. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (?) ROBERT HOWELL JERVIS. JR.. Decatur. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (l) Sigma Nu. CHIA REN JIN Hpr.ij Kong. Chiea; Te«'ile Chemistry (J) GRADY SHERMAN JOBE New Market. Ala.; Eleclricol Engineering (2). MARJORIE ANN JOCKISM, AuOvrn A t.; Education (I); Alpha Gamma Oelta. 3ARBARA ANN JOHNS. Montgomery. Ala.; Business Administration (2); PI Beta Pnl. MAX JOHNS. Frisco City. Ala.; Elect'ieal Engineering (I). RONALD P. JOHNS. Ma'lefa, Ga.; Aeronaut'cal Engineering (?) Aloha Tau Omega. AUBREY LEE JOHNSON, We.Istler, Ala.; Industrial Management (2). 358UNDERCLASSMEN SAMARA JOYCE JOHNSON . CoPee Springs Alo.; Ed.cation (I). 8083Y JOE JOHNSON. Oaeatur. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (J). CARLTON MURRAY JOHNSON, Evergreen, Ala.; Business Adminlltraton (2). Charlton graham johnson. Columbus Ga.; Civil Engineering (i . EDGAR GREY JOHNSON. JR.. Mon-go ery, Ala.; Engineering Phyi s (?; , EOWARO EUGENE JOHNSON. III. Ale.ande- CHy. Ala.; Fo-est-v (2). ELIZASETm ANN JOHNSON, Douqasville Ga.; Morr Econom cs (2l; Kappa Delta. EMMETT FRANKLIN JOHNSON. Geneva. Ale ; Balneal E )ii'+ ' ng (I). FLAVOUS R. JOHNSON. Decatur. Ala.; Mechanlca Engineer -g (I). HARRY HOLMES JOHNSON. Montgomery. A a.; Industrial Management (I). HOWARD GLENN JOHNSON. Dadevil'e A a.; E ClrIral E'lireerlng JACK LOUIS JOHNSON. Gadsden, Ala.; Industrial Management (}). JAMES DONALD JOHNSON, Enterprise. Alabama; An-onJufleal Engineering ()|. JAMES DONAIOSON JOHNSON III. lake City. Fla.; Engineering Ph.rlcs (I). JOHN W. JOHNSON Athens. Ala.; Industrial Management (J). dOHNNv WHITFIELD JOHNSON Columbus. Ga.; Sul ness Administration (J|. MILDRED GWENDOLYN JOHNSON. Hardaway. Ala.: Education {?.: Kappa Delta. RODERICK CRAY JOHNSON. Birmingham. Ala.; Engineering Ph c. J). ROGER K. JOHNSON, Lynn Haven, F a.; Electrical Engineering i J. THOMAS GORDON JOHNSON. Mobile. Ala.; Chemlce Eng neerle.g (i); Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM CARL JOHNSON. Sylacauga, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (li WILLIAM CLIFFORD JOHNSON, Mcrtgcmery, Ala.; Forestry (l|. BARBARA FARRIS JOHNSON. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economics (2); Rhl Mu. DONALD GILLIS JOHNSTON. JR. B'ondidge. A‘a ; Industrie Management (2): Sigma Chi. JAMES HUGH JOHNSTON. Farmington. Mo. ArcFIfecture (J). NANCY JANE JOHNSTON. HuMsvIl e. Ala.; Se - tarlal Treeing (?| Zeta lau Alpha. NEAL $. JOHNSTON. Athens Ala.; Industrial Management ()]. RANDOLPH GOUlDEN JOHNSTON. Brundldge. A a.; Agricultural Science (3). CHARLES WILLIAM JOINER. Ft. lauderdae. Fa.; Veterinary Medicine (J); Delta Tau Delta and Alpha R$I, DOUGLAS MAOISON JOINER. Cataula. Ga.; Chemistry (J). BRENDA ANN JOLLEY. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (l); Ze a Taw Alpha. ALBERT CECIL JONES. Birmingham. Ala.; Civil Enqlneeriro (3). BOBBIE ANN JONES. For Deposit. A a.; Education (3). CAROLINE JONES Mlllea. Ga.; Educate 2): A pha Oelta PI. C‘-ARIES RICHARD JONES. JR.. Ta ladega. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I). DAMON AIBERT JONES, Dothan. A a.; Inferior Des'gn (I), gomery, Ala.; Art (I); Sigma Nu. ED H. JONES. Montgomery Ala.; A't (I); Sigma Nu. FRANCES EARLE JONES. Irgssville, Ala.; Secre-arlol Training (I); Delta De ta Delta. FRANKLIN IA LUE JONES. Jasper. Ala.; Agricultural Science (3). FREDDIE GENE JONES. Montgomery, Ala.; Education (2); A pha Tau Omega. GAYLE JONES Montevollo. Ala.; Secretarial Tra'nlng (2); Phi Mu. CEORCE E. JONES. JR.. Selma. Alo.; Civil Engineering (I); S gma Nu. GEORGE NORMAN JONES. East Gadsden. Ala.; Englnee-Irg Physics (I) GRETCHEN JEANETTE JONES. Fa-Feld. Ala.; Educat on (|); Phi Mj. MAN I EL JONES. Notasulga. Alaoama; Civil Engineer g (2). JAMES ALVIN JONES. Mobile. Ala.; E'eetrlcol Englnec-Ing (3). JANICE OLIVIA JONES. Lanetf. Ala.; Educat on (2). JFRRY HARRISON JONES. Isn'encebtrg. Tenn.; Aeronautical englneerirg (3) JOANNE JONES. Montgomery, Alabama; Educator (15. Alpha Delta PI. JOHN KENNE'H JONES. Mount Olive Miss.; Mechanlca |3). 359UNDERCLASSMEN JOHN WITHAL JONES. Selma. Ala.; Agricu tural $ 161:1? (JI; $ giro Ng. JUDlT- ELLA JONES. Birmingham. Ala.; Arciitectj'e (I); Alpha Crn'cren PI. JUDITH ELLEN JONES Ce«ler Poll . Al»bam»; Educarion 3): Delta Z»ta. LEE W. JONES, Huntsvil e Ala.; Chemlca Ergineerlng (3): $ n-o Ng. LEWIS ELLINGTON JONES Montgome a a. Architecture O). IYNN■ MORGAN JONES. J m .ghJT, Ala.; Science and literature (I). MARGARET ANN JONES. Culiman. A a.; Education (I). MARGARET CAROLYN JONES. Mobile A o,. Butinoss Administration (J); Phi Mu. NEIL E. JONES. Mld'ield Ala.; AH (2). NINA JO JONES. Altalla. Ala ; Pharmacy (J). OSCAR H JONES. JR. Prattville. A a.; Agricultural Science (2). RALPH RUSSELL JONES. JR.. Auburn. Ala.; Aeronaut cal Engineering (I). ROBERT CARRO.L JONES. Atlanta. Go.; Industrial Management (} . ROBfRT H. JONES. Huntsvil e A a.- Business aid Adminiit'alicn {I). ROBEKI HAROLD JONES, V da. Ala.; Busine s AdminMralien !). ROBERT M. JONES, Svlacagqa. Ala.; Meehan cal Engineering (j)- Ri Kappa Phi ROBERT PITTMAN JONES JP Aitaufn. A a.; Incust'ial Management (2) Kappa Alpia. RONALO NElSON JONES Greensboro. A a.; Industrial Management (2). ROY SOUTH JONES, JR. 8 ming-.»m. Ala. 8ui ding Construction (3); Delta Chi. SUSIE ALLEN JONES. Ope lia. A a.; Business Admieistrat on (3); Kappa Oelta. 'IIOMAS ELLIOTT JONES Jasper, Ala.; Chemical Engineering (3); Lambda Ci Alpia. THOMAS KElION JONES. JR. Antioch Teer.; Vete'i-ary Medicine (3): Omega Tag Sigma. TRUEL L. JONES, Moollo. Ala.; Eectr'cal Engi'-ee-ing (3). WALTER H. JONES. O 0fd. A'j.; Agricultural Science (3) WAITER IfE JONES. JR.. O.'ord. Ala.- Agricultural Scierce (3). WILLIAM DAVID JONES. Oecatur. Ga. Pre-1 s (2); A pha Tau Omega WILTON RAY JONES. Coffee Springs Alj.; Mechanical £- lineerino (I) JOSEPH DAVIS JORDAN. Centre. Ala.; Electrical Engine-ring (l|. KATHERINE LILLIAN JORDAN. Colembus. Ga.; Secreta' al Tra ning (I). Kappa De.ta. MARGARET ALICE JORDAN. Wait Palm Bench, F a.; AH (2); Kappa Alpha Theta. PAULA LYNNE JORDAN. Centre. A a.; Science and L e'a ure (I) Alpfa Om'cron Pi. R08ERT LAMAR JORDAN Auburn Ala.; Business Adminstration (2); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM. haROlD JORDAN. Dalton, Ga.; Industrial Management (3): Kappa Alpha. BEVERLY JOYCE. Mobile. Ala.; Sec'etaria Training (2); Chi Omega. GARY DOUG1 AS JOYCE. Huntsville. Ala.; Mnrnanical Engineering (I). LAWRENCE EDWARD JOYNER Fort Va ley. Ga.; Archilecture H); Kappa S-lar-.a. CLIff JAMES JUDKINS Montgomery. Alj.; Iisdutlria Management (2). GORDON OURANT JUDY Winter Haven. Ela.; Chen cal Engineerirg (2). PAUL M JUIlCM. Decatur. Ala.; Electrical Fngine.rirg 2) WILLIAM MARlON JUSTICE. P-nsacoa. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (2). JACK CHESTER KAISNER Cocoa. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (2); Kappa Sigma. CAROLYN FERRELL KAcEY. Birmingham. Ala.; Science and L teratvre (I); Alpha Gamma Delta. EDWIN STANLEY KASPRZYCKI Jasper. A a.; Education (3). BARBARA ALICE KEARLEY, Autgrn. Ala.; Home Economics (3); Zcta Tag Alpha. JOE SCOTT KEASltR. Reto'm, Ala.; Mechanical Engnte'ing (3). JIMMY RAY KEE’ON Birmingham. A a.; 8.lines-. Adm Visitation (I). DAWN KEITH Rlvervew, Ala.; Rre-Medic re (2). JIMMY F. KEITH. Monrgomery. Ala.; Aeronautical Engine-ring (2). SETH MONTE KELLAM. Waycross. Ga.; Chemlca Engineering (I). B LLY RUSSELL KELLY Persacola. Fla.; Mechanical Engne-.irg (3). 360UNDERCLASSMEN JAMES HOWARD KELLEY. JR.. Avb.rn, Ala.; C.v.l Engineering (JJ. JAMES RICHARD KELLEY. P men. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee-lng (I). RAUL DOUGLAS KELLEY. Birmingham, Ala. Mecnanicel Engine -irg (I); Delta S»oma Phi. JUDY LEE KELLEY. Oeca-ur. A'a.; Sec-eterial T-a ning (l . MONA RAV KELLY. Decatu-. Ala.; Laboratory Technology (Ji; Alpha Omie-on PI. PATRICIA KELLY. Repton. A a.; Home Economic! Education (I). JACK S. KEMP. SHawirwt, Ala.; Industrial Management (J). MARVIN LARRY KfVPER, Macon. 6a.; Bulinett Administration (I). CHARLES MORGAN KENDRICK Fio-ala. A a.; Aeronautical Engineering (3). GLEN LEE KENEMrR. Cnattarooga Tenn.; Mechanica E-gi«e ring 13); Kappa Sigma. CAN CLINTON KENNEDY. Mcrtgcme-. Ala.- Civl Enginee- ng (I); Kappa Sigma. DAVID WILLIAMS KENNEDY. Atlanto. Ga.: Architecture (2). EDWARD E. KENNEDV Birmingham. Ala.; Meehan ca Engineering (I); Knee' A pha. FRANCES V. KENNFDY, Manchester, Ga ; Friucat'on (2); Onlt» Oelta Delta. HOUSTON EARL KENNEDY. Birmingham. Ala.; Sc ence and Literature (I). MARY JANE KENNEOY. Plant City. Fla.; Educate (3) Delta Dc ta Delta. SARAH JANE KENNEOY, Atlan-a. Ga.: Education (2); Delta 7eta. SUSAN DAVIDSON KENNEDY. Birn.Ingham, Ala.; Education (I); Kappa Delta. LILA JO KENT. Sha«mut Ala.; Secreta-ial Training (3). PETER MICHAEL KENTON Mobi r. Ala,; Jjilneu Adm nii-r fion (J}: S gma O'-. LUMUSKINYAN KERlEY, Ale.ande- C ty. As.; Electrical Engineering l ; Pi Kappa Phi. EDWARD F. KERN. Atlanta. Ga.; P-e La (I); Kappa Alpha. JAMES ICUIS KFRR. Fre-Veterinary Medicine (J). ROSALYN KETCHUM, Jaeiion. Ala . Home Economic! (2). JOHN LLOYD KEYS 8- dgeport. Ala.; Electrical Engireering (2). JACK WHITSON KIOD. Birmingham. Ala.: Industrial Ma-agement |J;. JAMES 3RYNSON KIERCE. JR. Greenville. Ala.; -e Meoicine (2); Alpka Tau Omega. JOEL REESE KILGORE, Red Level. Ala.; Agricultural Education (3): Sigmo Pi. WILLIAM IMOMAS KllGORfc. Anniiton. Ala.; Electrical E-sginee-ing (2). JOYCE KILLIAN. Anniston Ala.; Education (3); Alpha Delta Pi. CELIA KILLINGSWORTH Clayton. A a.; Pha-macy (2). JOEL EDWARD KILLINGSWORTH. Fayette Ala.; Building Construct on (?). PHILIP LOWELL KILLINGSWORTH. Dothan Ala.; Bcsinesi Administration (3). WILLIAM WALTER KILLINGSWORTH. Birmingham. Al».: Mecna- cal Enginee- -g (1). DOROTHY ANNE KIMBROUGH. Birmingham, Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Del'a. ELLIS FLAVIUS KIMBROUGH. Moolle. Ala.; C'vil Engineerrig (2); PI Kappa Alp-a MARY ANN KIMEL, Markka. Sa.: Education (I). CAROLYN KINCAID Pe: City. Ala.; Chemistry (I). BOBBY F. KINS. Columous Ga.; Te«tile Engineering (2). GEORGE TERRY KING. Pell City. A'a.; Te.tile Engineering (3). JAMES EDWARD KING. Decatur. Ala.; C «mical E-glreering (1); Kappa Alpha. JAMES RANDOLPH KING 8 •mlngham. Ala.; E edr'cal E-.ginee-ing (J); Kappa Alpha. JOEL GASTON KING. Anoalus a Alabama; Electrical Cng neering (11. MARTHA VIRGIN A KING Atmora. A a.; A-t (} .; Alpha Gamma Delta. SANDRA KING. FairTeld. A'a ; A-t (I); Phi Mu. THOMAS LARRY KING. 6 rminghan. A a.; Ae-onau-ieal Engineering (||. WAYNE STEVE KING, Frisco City. Ala.; Industrie Management (I). WILLIAM BRUCE K NG. Notasulga, A a.; Chemical Engineering (I). WILL AM CARL K NG. Friico City Ala.; 8,t rest Administration (2); Phi Kappa iju. JUOY AILENC K RBY. Notasulga. Ala.; Sec-etaria Training (I); Pi Be'a Phi.UNDERCLASSMEN WILIIAM ALIEN KIRK. Missop A'a.; Education (2). WILLIAM OLIVER KIRK. JR. Carrollton. Ala.: Chemical Engineering (I). MILTON 8ARWICK KIRKLAND. Docglos. Go.; Electrical Engineering (J). ROSCOt W. KIRKLAND. Dothan, Ala.; 8ofiret( Aominlstration ,1). EMORY K. KIRKWOOD. Auburn. Ala.; Architecture (J). BILLY WILSON KiTCmENS. Macon. Ga.; Business Administration (J). JESSIE NELL KITCMENS. Montgomery, Ala.; Secretarial Traiang (I); Delta Delta Oelto. EMILLIP HUGH KITCMENS. lar-ett Aiobamo; Electrical Engineer ng 11). JIMMY PRANK KLEPAC. Monroeville, Ala.; Electrical Engineering |l). PEGGY NAOINE KUNG Mohl n. Ala.; Education l). SANDRA CLAIRE KLINNER. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (I). AUDREY ANN KNAPP. Selma. Ala.; Bur ness Anministration (3); T’ a Uoslon. JOHN EDWIN KNIGHT. Pallville. Ala.; Mechanical Engineerirg (I). LAWRENCE A. KNIGHT. JR.. Pineaople Ala.; Pre-Dentistry (J); Alpha Gamma Rho. CHARLES OTIS KNOWLES. To-lossce. Alabama; Cham stry (2). ALAN GOODMAN KOCH. Oemopolit, Ala.; Education (?). JOE LEWIS KOON Gorao. Ala. Ag-‘cultural Engineering (J). ALEXANDRA G. KOSOlAPOEP. AuOurn A a.; Science and Literature (2). PAUL 8. KREBS. Birmingham, Ala.; Civil Engineering (2); Sigma Nv. AlOYSUJS H KUEMPER. Auburn. A a.; A" (J). GEORGE MARVIN KUEFSK E. Mobile. Ala.; Industrial Management (2). ALBERT RAY KUYKENOAU. Birm rgKam. Ala.; Science and literature (2). BILLIE GAIL KUYKENDALL. Pirvo-n, Ala.; Chemical Enginee-ing (?). IRA DAN KUVKENDALL. Clayton. Ala.; Indutt’ial Management ;2’: $ grra Pi. :MERY KYLE KYSER. Montgomery. A a.; Electr cal Eng nee'ing (I); Pi Kappa Alpha MARGARET ANN LACEY. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economic (I). ALLEN WAYNE LACY Huntsville. Ala.; Sconce end literature (I). ROBERT GRAYSON LACKEY. Sylaceuqa. Ala. Ae’Oaau‘icel Engineering (2). BETTY EARIINE IAERANGE 8:'min.gham. Ala.- Elementary Sducat on (I); Oe ta Zetj. G. STEWART LAGRAVE, Mobile, Ala.; Secretarial Training (3); Kappa Delta. ERANClS GERARD LAGUN TE, Birmingham. Ala.; Chemical E-gineering (I). t EWIS WARDLAW LAMAR Montgomery. A'a.; Science and Lite-atu'e (31: Sigma Nu. WILLIAM JONES LAMAR. Prattville. Alo.; Forestry (2|. ISLAND WADSWORTH LAMBERT Muscadine. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (21. RUTH El A NE LAMBERT. Bay Miner . A a ; Pn macy (II. CHARLES LEE LAMJERTM. Gadsden, Ala.; Mechanical Enqneering (II. PEGGY MARIE LANCASTER Georgian Ala. Education (I). DOROTHY JEAN LAND. Cullman. A a.; Education 1 ; Chi Omega. MARY CAMILLE LAND. Sylvester, Ga.; laboratory Technology (2i. JANET GAYLE LANDERS. Decatur. A a.; Education (I) Alpha Delta Pi. WILIIAM C. LANDERS. Col man. Aia.; Aeronautical Administration (3). SUE LANDON. Birmingham. Ala.; Pre-Medicine (3); Phi Mu. CHARI ES MALCOLM LANE. Homewood. A a.; Mechanical Engineering [2). DONALD LEWIS .ANE. Reynolds. Ga.; Electrical Engineering (I). LAUREL CAROL LAN-. Pheni, Cily. Ala.; Heme Economics (I); Odta Zela. WYATT CARL LANE. JR.. Roanoke. Ala.; Business Administration (3). -AMES AARON lANG. Birmingham, Ala.- Mechanical Engineering (I). MARGARET CELESTE LANG. Montgomery, Ala.; Sec'e’arial Training (I); Zeta Too Alpha. STEWART DOUGLAS LANGDON. Reform. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). ALBERT HURLfcY IANGEORD. Pensacola. E a.; Business Administrot on (3); S gma A pha Ept'lon. 362UNDERCLASSMEN JESSE THOMAS LANGLEY, Wadler. Ala.; Agricultural S U rvc« ()). VIVIAN FAITH LANGLEY. Anniston. Ala.; Sc enee and Literature (2). HOWARO ARNOtO LANGSTON. Aleiand'ia. la.: Building Construction (J|. MARGIE ANNA LANGSTON. At aala. Ga.; Home Economics (3); Della Zeta. ROBERT LYNN LANGSTON, Jem'son, Ala.; forestry (I), FREDERICK MCKENZIE LANGWORTHY Marshallrille. Ga.; Interior Design (3); Phi Kappa Tau. LAFAYETTE FRANKLIN LANIER. Shawrut, Ala.; Educat'on (3): lheia Chi. SANDRA ARLENE LANIER Albany, Ga.; Interior Design (I). SIDNEY LEO LANIER. JR.. Warcross. Ga.; Chemical Engineer ng (i); Sigma R . VIRGINIA OUDLEY LANIER Rack Mills. Ala.: Science and literature (2): Kappa Delta. WILLIAM A. LANKFORD Birm'ngham. A a.; Eloct'ical Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Taw. JAMES R. LARGAY, Mob le. A a.; E’eclrieal Engineering (2). »EGGY OELORES LARIMER Hueytown. Alo.; Education (I). JOE SWAIM LARMON Bawling Green, Ky.; Veterinary Mecicire (4); Omega Tar Sigma. BOBBY RAY LASETtR. Daman, Ala.; C.vil Engineering (I). BETTYE GAYLE LASHIEY. Lineville. Ala.; Education (3). JAMES LARRY LATHAM Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (I). JOHN MORRILL LAURENDINE. Mob «. A a.; A-ehitectvre (2). ISRAEL LAUSELL. Aguadilla. Rje-ro Rice; Architecture (I). PHILLIP ALBERT LAVALLET Birmingham Ala.; Pre Med cine (3): Pi Kappa Alpha. MAURICE FRANKLIN LAW, JR., Linden, A a.: Mechanical Engineering (2); Sigma Pi. WILLIAM J. LAWLER, Camden. Ala.; Zoology (I). DONALD FRANKLIN LAWRENCE. Mapesville. Ala.; Electricol Engineering (I) JAMES RONALD LAWRENCE. Fayette. Ala.; Agricultural Administrat e. (I). JOHN CLOWER LAWRENCE. Terry, Miss,; Vet - n«ry Medicine («]; Omega Tau Sgma. ROGER LAWRENCE Jackson, A a.; Industrial Management (2). LIONEL D. LAWSON Birmingham, Ala.: Chemical Engineering ; I). REX NEIL LAWSON, Rensaco a, Fla.; Electrical Engineering (2). MARTHA JEAN LAXSON. Huntsville, Ala.; Education (I). ELIZABETH JOANN LAY. Glencoe A'a.; Home Economics (I). NANCY ANN LAY. Jaclscr. Miss.; Art (2): Pi Be-a Phi. MARY SUE LeCOMPTE Ente-p'iie. A’a.; Secretarial T-aining (2i. CARL STUART LeCROY. Decatjr. Ala.: Architecture (4). JAMES ALVIN LeCROY. Robe'tsdae, Ale.; Eectroel Engineering (3). RAY C. LeCROY, 8-undidge, Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering [2;. WILLIAM JOSEPH LeCROY. Cent. Ala.; Aeronautic Eng ree-ing (I . EARL EUGENE LEDBETTER. M stead. Ala.; Agricofural Education (21: Alpha Gamma Rho. ELLIE DIAN LEDBETTER, Tallossce Ala.: Education (i . JAMES R08ERT LEDBETTER, Sycamore Ala.: Mechanical ng (3;. GAYLE L. LEE. Birmingham Ala.; Education (I); Pi Beta Phi. H. 6. LEE. JR., Frisco City. Ala.; Aeronautic Engineer ng (I); Kappa Alpha. JAMES WILLIAM LEE. Ft. Banning. Ga.; Education (2| JOHN BONNER LEE. Whatley, Ala.; Forestry (2). JOHN EO LEE. AuDurn, Ala.; Business Administration (2;; Sigma Pi. LINDA ANN LEE. Roanoke A a.; Education (3). NED DENNIE LEE. Gosport, Ala.; Ag’iculrural Science (3). ROBERT E LEE, Andalusia. Ala.; Mechanica Engineering (2). WILLIAM OSBORNE LEE. Trussville Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3! NANCY ELIZA BETH LEFFLER. Mobile. Ala.; Home Economics (I). CHARLES WAYNF LEGG. Hortselle. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). DOROTHY GAIL LCGGETT. Macon. Ga.; Education (31: Alpha Delta Pi. 363UNDERCLASSMEN RAY LEGGETT. Andalusia, Al .: Elo tr;e«l Engineering (M: Pi Kappa Phi. JAMES GIENNON LEIGHTON. Mobil . Ala.; Butinas Administration (l . DON G. IEITHAUSER Birmingham, A! .; Muvic (3): Kappa Sigma. JACKIE W. LEONARD. Athens. Ala. Business Administration (2). ROBERT EDWARD LEONARD Spar . Tenn.; Forestry (3). WILLIAM EDWARD LESLIE, Bi'mlngnam, Ala.; Business Administration (l|; Pi Kappa Alpha. ALBERT ELMORE LESTER. JR.. Selma, A a.; Aeronaut cal Administration (3). FRANK MARTIN LESTER. Pal sli. T«nn.; Business Administration (I); Sigma PM Epsilon JOHN H. LESIER, Enterprise. Ala.; Pr .Veterinary Medicine (3); Alpha Gamma Rho. ANITA LOUISE LEWIS, Milton. Fla.; Home Economics (I I CHARLES FRANKLIN LEWIS Birmingham. Al .; Mechanical Engineering (2): Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OOT LEE LEWIS, 8 rmingham, Ala.: Secretarial Trairing (I). JACK CARLTON LEWIS. Prattville. Ala.; Industrial Management (2). MARY JANE LEWIS. MoundviTo. A a.; Pharmacy (31. SHIRLEV ANN LEWIS, $»e t Wafe Ala.; Education (I); Zeta Tau Alpha. LAURA ANNE LIDDELL Cemder. Ala.; S Cre ar!al Training (l): Kappa Dei-a. WILL LITHGOW LIDDELL, JR.. Camden. A a.: Mechanical Engineering (2; Pi Kappa Alpha. SAM 6. LlGON. Vicksburg. Mitt.; Mecnanieal Engineering (I); Kappa Alp'o. JANICE ANNETTE LUES. Lanetf. Ala.; Home Economic ( . SARAH JAYNE LILLARD, Stevenson. Ala.: Horn Economic ( I. JERE LOVIS LILLICH. Birmingnam. Ala.: Mechanic Engineering |2); Delte C . ROBERT DEAN LINDBlCM. Jacksonville, Ala.; Inocitrlal Management (2). GEORGE WERNER LINOENMUTH. Oaars. Ala.; Industrial Hanagement (3). KENNETm LAWRENCE LINOSEY. Coda' bluff Ala.; Aeronautic Engineering (3). MARION LOUIS LINOSAY. Fairfic d. Ala.: Education (I); Delta Zeta. GEORGE 0. LINOSEY. Mobile. Ala.; Bus -ess Administration (31: Sigma Cn . JAMES ALLEN LINDSEY Daphne Ala.: Agricultural Management (2) A pha Gamma Rho. WILLIAM FRANKLIN liNEBERGER. Adel. Ga.; Electrical Engireering (2). DAN A. .INTON. Gleennood A'a.; Agricultural Education (3). PATSY DEAN UNION Birmingham Ala.; Education 11). ANNE LITTLE, Ann slon. Ala.; Educat on (2); Alpna Gamma Delta. GORDON DAVIS LITTLE. Centra. Ala.; ETedrica Engineering (3). HARRELL WALTON LITTLE. Birmingham. Ala.; Architecture (3) JACK NORMAN LITTLE. Gedidon, Al .; Education |2). FLOYO B. LITTLETON JR. Almore Ala.; Mechanical Engineering |2). VIRGINIA LOUISE LLOYD. Douglasv He. Ga.; Education (3). R03ERT LEWIS LACK. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineer ng (3). PATSY GAYLE LOCKETT. Dadav lie. Ala.; Education (2). FRANK BtASOM ICCKRIOGE. JR . Birmingham. A a ; Chemical Engineer ng (I). CHARLES ROE LOGAN. Ariton. Ala.: Mecnanieal Engineer rg (2). MERSCHELL JOE LOGAN Jonetto-n. Mi s.; Zoology (3); Alpha Gamma Rho. VESTEt CLEVElAND lOKEY. III. Dothan. Ala.; Busines Administration (2); Sigma Nu. BILLY SCOTT LONG. B-e ton. Ala.; Education (3). CHARLES WILLIAM LONG, Panama City, Fla.; E ectrical Engineering (3). R08ERT R. LONG A mor . Ala.; B.tinait Admin.sfration (3); Sigma Chi. SARAH GENE LONG. Ga nesvil'e Ala.; Veterinary Medicine (2)- Zeta Tau Alpha. SARA EASTER LONGSHORE. Yo k. Ala.; Business Administration (31 DOYLE ANDERSON LOONEY. Hartse le, Ala.; Engineering Fty ic (I). JOHN BURROW LOONEY. Birmingham, A a.; Industrial Management (I). MARTIN LOPEZ. Canal Zona; Eleet'ifal E'd "eer.-ig (I I. 364UNDERCLASSMEN LILI AN LEE lOTHER Birmingham, A a.; Education (2). CELIA MAXINE LOT . Mobile. Ala.; See-etania Trainnig (I): 0 Ka Ze a. JAMES HOWAROlOTI, B.rmingham. A'a.; Building Contraction (2). JOHN ALLEN LOUTHAN, Okeechobee. Fla.; Agricultural Science (I). CHARLES MAtOY LOVE. Birmingham, Ala.; Ornamental Honticgltu-e 2): Doifo Tag Or to. GEORGE RUSSELL LOVE. Eden. A a.; Civil Engineering [2;. HERSCHEL OAVID LOVE JR.. Tell City. A'a.; Agricultural Engineering ()). DOUGLAS ST.JOHN LOVELACE. Cullman Ala.; Induttria Managment (J). SAMUEL LAWRENCE LOVELACE JR Peniacoln. Fla.; flec'rieal Engineering (I). PATRICIA lENORE LOVETT OoeliU. Ala.; A-- (I). ESTCN ALEXANDER LOViNGOOD. C-i.oer-.curg. A a.; Ae-onaut cal Enginee-ng (l) PI Kacoa Phi. PRANK ANTHONY lOYOY, 9 rm ngham, Ala.; Mecnan cal Enginee-ing (I). CHARLES J. lOWORN .R. Haleyvlle. Ala.’ Mechanical Eng nee- ng (I). PATRICIA GAV.E LOWCRN. Sylacauga. Ala.; H0me Economic Education [ ): Alpna Omic'on P . JAMES R08ERT LOWE. Alabama; Fore»tr (3) Lambda Ch Alpha. PAUL HAMLET LOWE A exaader City. A a.; Ornamental Hon culture (J). JANICE DEEN LOWERY. Elba A a.; Home Economic Education (2). SAMUEL GRAVES LOWREv. Burnt Com Ala.: Mechanical Engineering (I); Kappa A pha. ALFRED RAYMOND LOZANO. Mcnfgomer, Ala.- Oemical Engineering (2): Lan-bda Chi Alpha. MARY JO LUCZAK At anto, Ga. Science and L’teratu'e (2); Phi Mu. ROBERT ALLEN LUEY. B rrr gn'am A a.- Electrical Engiree-ng (2)- Pnl Kappa Tau. DONA.D RICHARD LUCER. St. Peteneu'g. flo. Civi Engineeri-g (I); De t0 Sigma f' JAMES E. LUKER. Mt. Willing. Ala.; Te»t n Engine - «g (2); Delta Chi. VARY OETHAIIA LUMPKIN Mead and A a.; Home Economic (I)- Chi Omega. OENNIS ALLEN LUNDSTEDT. S ai ma- Ela.: E ec'rica Erginee'ing (|); Alpha Tau Omega. 8ETTYE CECILS LUSK. 9'nm‘ngnam. Ala.; Sce»ce and lite'atu'e [J); Del'a Delta Del'a. CHARLES WINFRED LYBREND. Sylacauga. Ala.; Oem. C«l tnginee-ing (I). MARY JANE LYERLY Welurrpka. Ala.; But! nets Administration ill. LEWIS PAUL LYLE. JR.. Eoirtfield, Ala.; Pre-Vete' ary Medicine (I); Alpha Pi ROSEMARY LYLE. Wetumpto Ala.; Home Economic (2). DIANE MARIE -YNCM. B rmingnarn. Ala.; C'emiitry (I). MARY MARTHA LYNCH. Daphne. Ala.; Home Economic (I). TmOMAS JOSEe“ LYNCH. Mobile A a.; Mechanica Eng nee-ing I); Lambda Chi Alpha. ALBERT OAVID 1YNN. Georgians, Ala.; Pre Me 1 cine (I). DONA.D WAYNE LYNN 9-ookice Ala.; Chemica Enginee- rg (I). ROBERT L. LYNN. Douo a , lie. Ga.; Sji net Adm rii-ration (}); Delta Tau Oelta. RUTH JACOUE.INf LYNN. R ver View. Ala.; Education (}). DANIEL E Rl LYONS Bayou La Batre A'a.; Industrial Management !J). JOHN HOWARD LYTLE Gadtden. Ala.; Mechanica Engineering ;2). GUThRIE ANTON MABREY. Mob'le. Ala.-Chemical Enginee- ng (2); Sigma Chi. SAMUEL NEVILLE MACBEAN Wevt Palm Beach. Fla.; Architecture (4): Sigma Chi. CAROLE LYNN MacCONVIllE Decatur. Ga.: Art (2). JOE VERNARD MADDOX. Pile Roao Ala.; Zoology |J); A'pna Gamma Rho. MARY ANN MADDOX Selma A a.; Secrets' al Troining (I); Pnl Mu. MARY CELESTRA MADDOX. Titu Ala.; Education (I). MARILYN TERESA MADONIA. Birmirgham. A a.; Art (2); Pn’ Mu. CAROLINA MAR IE MAENZA Beitemer, Ala.; Ed meat o n (I). BYRON REX MAGMAS A- Ingtoe, Va.; Byline Adminiitral on JAMES ELBERT MAMAFtREY. Montevalio. Als.; Science and Lite-atu'e (i . JACK DICKEY MAHlE. JR.. Newport. A-l.: Induitrial Management (I); Phi Delta Theta. 365UNDERCLASSMEN ROBERT MAIR. FairNope. Ala.; Mechavcal Engineering (I). ROBERT EARLE MAJOR Atlanta Ga.: Mechanical Engineer'r-g (2). RITA MARINA MALDONADO Vega AIM. Pue-tc Rico Business Administration (2| Delta Zeta. JUDY FRANCES MAllORv Anniston, A o.; Secretarial Training {I); Kappa Delta. LYDIA ANNfc MA.LORY. Do,kan. Ala.: Labo'af 'y lechno ogy (I); Delta Zeta NANCY CLARA MALONE. Decatur. A a.; Interior Oesign (3); Kappa Oetto. SAMUEL C. MALONE Roanoke. Ala.- Interior Dei »n (2). SAMUEL SIDNEY MALONE. Sheffield. Ala.: Electrical Englnee-Irx} (2): Lamtada CM Alpha. SARAH FAVE MALONE. Belmont. Mitt.; Home Economic Education (I). WILLIAM 8URFORD MALONE, Camden. A a.: Forestry (2): Pi Kappa Alpna. MICHAEL WARREN MALONEY. Nore'ott, Ga.; Chemical Engineering (?): Tap Kappa Epsilon. OAVID A. MANEY. Tampa. Fla.: Science a»-J _ fcrature (3): Delta Sgma PM. JAMES AUTREY MANLEY Macon. Ga.; Business Administration (I). BEVERLY JANE MANN. Mobile. A'a.; Seere'arial Training (I); Alpha Delta Pi. B HIE NAN MURST MANN Fast Ta lassee Ala.; Education (?); Celta Delta Oclta CURLEY W. MANN. Boat. Ale.; Electrical Engineering (3l. ROBERT F. MANN. Birmi-gnam. Ala.; Civil Enginee'rg (2): PI Kappa A p"a EDWARO JAMES MANNING. Auburn A a.; Business Administration (21 KIRBV WALL ACC MANNING. Mooile. Ala.; B » .« Admin station (I). Kappa Sigma. MILLIE MANNING, Mooile, Ala.; Science and Litera’jrc (21 RONN E MANOSKE. 8-ookside. A a.; Electrical Eng ee-ing (I). MAX MANRV Camilla. Ga.; Mechanical F'gl'ee'ing (3): Taj Kappa Eptilon. DORIS ANNE MAPLES Elimoft. A a.; Heme tcomoirrcs (21: Alpha Gammo Delta. WILBURN LEE MAPLES. Ne« Hare, Ala.; Phe-macy (3). PATRICK CHARLFS MARCUS. Clanton Ala.; Architecture (4). ANNA MONETTE MARENO, Mobile, Ala. Education (II. JOHN M. MARKS. Pulaski. Teen.; Mechanical E"g nearing (II. WILLIAM JEROME MARKS, Mlam' Beach. F a.- Vete’inary Med c'ne (?'-: Omega Tau Sigma. BRICC FEJX MARSH. Tra fo’d. A a.; Mechanical Engnee-ing (21. HARRIET ANN MARSH. Ba.teme-. Ala.: Education (II. WILL I AM BURNS MARSH. JR.. Bessemer. An.; Industrial (21 DAViO LEE MARSHALL. Birmingham. Ala.; Chemistry (2:: Delta Chi. ALBERT I. MARTIN. Ha'ence. Ky.- Vete nary Medicine (4 ; Omega Tau Sigma. CECIL BILL MARTIN Rome. Ga.; Industrial Management (3|. COY MARTIN. Enterprise. A a.; Electrical Engineering (21. LAWSON SYKES MARTIN. Courtla'd. Ala.; Business Admin st-ation (3;; Pi Kappa Alpha. MARTHA W. MARTIN. Birmingham. Ala.; A't (I); Alp a Omleron Pi. ROBERT E. MARTIN. Cclumba-a. Ala. Mechanica E'.g'eering (r. ROGER CARROLL MARTIN. Everprise. Ala.; Pre-Med cine (3!. STANLEY TOUCHTON MARTIN. JR.. At ante. Ga.; B.s ness Aoministratlon (J); Kappa Sigma. TERRI ANN MARTIN. M'ami, Fla.; Home Eco'emics Education (I); Delta Dalto Delta. WARREN GRIFFIN MARTIN Montgomery. Ala.: Civi Engineering [2). WILL-AM HARRY MARTIN Decatur. A a.; Comical Engineering (I); Delta Taj Delta. WILLIAM JAMES MARTIN. Milton. ’ o.; Pre-Dentistry (2). I r ON LI GlLBERO MARTINLZ, Tegucigalpa. Hoadj-as; Ag- cu tyre! Erg r«».ri g [)). EDWARD OEWAYNF MASON. Red level. Airs Electrical Engineering I); Lambda Chi Alpha. PLOYD THOMAS MASON Oneonta, A a.; Businas Adm'nis'ration (I). JAMES EVJBIE MASON. A more. Ala.; Archircctu'e (2). MARY PEERING MATHEWS. Mobile Ala.; Education (I) Oelta Delta Delta. WILLIAM PHILIP MATHEWS. For Valley. Ga.; Industrial Managemen t(3); Kappa Sigma. 366UNDERCLASSMEN PERRY DOUGLAS MATHIS, I«l mee. A a.; Edxation (J). JOHN RAYMOND MATTHEWS. Dace’vr, A) .; Ornamental HortiCultura I?). RONALD MATTHEWS. Decafut Ala.. Electrical E g "?ering (I). SARA KAY MATTHEWS. Birmingham Ala.; Secr«t«»f al I’sininf (?); Phi Ml. SARAH EltNE MATTHEWS. W afield. Ala.; Mom ico’tcn.'cf (I). THOMAS FINLEY MATTHEWS. Birmingham. A'a.: Electrical Erxjneerirg (I); Delta Sigma PM. BC68V PRESTON MATTOX Birmingham Ala.; Pre Veterinary (7). CHARLES ROBERT MAULDIN Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Fr.g eering (? . ROBERT C. MAWHINNEY, B'rmlnqha t, Ala.; Mechan'cal Engineering (3); Kagpa Sigma. FRANK MOODY MAXWELL. JR.. Mouadvillf. Ala.; fcjsir«i« Aaminljfration (I). JERRY THEODORE MAXWELL. Waycrou Ga.; Civil Engineer rg (I). ROBERT H. MAXWELL, Panama C fy. Fla.; Fgrettry (?]; Pf Kapoa Alpha. BENNY HUGH MAY. Fa rf eld. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (|J.‘ DONALD LYNN MAY, 8'rmingnam A a.; Electrical Engineering (?'. IMLRON JACKSON WAY. Moult'- Ga Ae'onevtica Engineering fl). WILL AM LEROv MAY Ande usia A a.; Electrical E girce--nq Pi Kappa Alpha. TERRY LEE MAYFIELD. Mob ie. Ala.; Industrial Management (J). CARLTON W. MAV ALL. J . HaleyvilV Ala.; Architecture (I). WILLIAM MERRILL MAYO. Sirrwigham, Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (? i; Kappa Alpha. JUD TH MAYTON. Camp Hill, Ala.; Home Economics 13). SANORA RATE McALlSTER. Avb»rn. Ala.; Ecwcation (3); Delta Zeta. CHARLES ROBERT McARTHUR Pansey. Ala.; Engineering Physics (2). CHARLTON BRYAN McARTHUR. B-'mningnem, Ala.; M ch ni e Enginee rg (3); Delta Sigma Phi. HERB LEON McBRlOE. I 'mnigham, A Industrial Management (I). SUZANNECAROL McBRiDE Oecatur. Ala.; Home Economics ?); Deito Delta Delta. REX E. McBRYDE. Syleceuga Ala.; Industrial Management '2i; Theta Ch '. GlFNN ARTHUR McCAFPRfr. Childn'sburg. A'a.- Industrial Management [} ; Pi Kappa Phi. ROGER CLYDE MtCAFFREY. AsMerd. Ala.; Civil Engineer'ng (2). BARBARA JUNE McCAIN Hgrtsbcro. Ala.; Edvca ion (I); Zeta Taj Aipna. HAMMONO PATTERSON McCAIN. JR.. College Part. Ga.; Aeroneufica Administration (Jj; Kappa AipFe. ARTHUR CECIL McCALL. Un'on Springs, A'a.; Business Administration (?). CHARLES CARTER McCA.L D»ersfcurg. Ten .; fo'esfry 12). EOWARD PATTEN McCALL, Anniston, Ala.; Industr'el Management (3); Phi Pcl'a Theta. IRBY HUGH McCAllA, Birmingham. A'a.; Industrial Managerr it [J]-Phi Kappa Ta«. CALVIN HOMER McCARLEY, laFa.efte, Ala.; Education (3). MARTHA ANN McCART“A Tel assee. A a.; Education (2). JUDITH EARlENE McCAUlEY. Birmingham. A'a.; Education (l): PHi Mu. ANNETTE McCLENDON. LaFj.efle, A a.; Ph.a'rracy (I); Alpha Omicron P . BOBBY THEODORE McClENDON. Cul -ran. Ala.; Phe-mecy (?). DAN STATON McClENCON Birmingham Ala.; Aeronautical Adrrinisfra’ion (I). CALV'N RUSH McCLINTON Bessemer. Ale.- Mechanical Engineer 0" f?). NATHANIEL DEHASS MeCLURE. Mobile. A a.; Civil £ng Veering f?;: Pi Kappa PM. NORWAY JAY MeCLURE. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economics (I). KNOWEll THOMAS McClU$KEv. Fto-ence. Ala.; Industrial Management (J). LAWRENCE HASKELL McClUSKeY. Fulton. A’a.; Business Admiri.trafon fj); Aipna Tau Omega. ROBERT I McClU$ EYS. B rm ngharr, A a.; Electrical Engineering (?). JACK HAYES McClUSKEY, Selma, Ala.; Mechanica Engineer 9 ()). JOSEPH MARTIN McClUSlEY Mon'gomerv. A a.; Pro-Veterinary (J). LINDA ANN McClUSWY. Mobile. Ale.; Home Economics (I). JOHN LANE McClUSNCR. S-'m ngham. Ala.; Bus rest Administration (3). 367PEGGY SUE McCORKlE Bessemer, Ala.; Educa'on (I); A s ha Omicron Pi. JOHN EDWARD McCORMACK A'dn-ore Tonn.; Veterinary M«di«!n« (J); Omega Tau Sigma WIUIAM H. McCORVEv Montgomery, Ala.; Building Construction (J|: Kaopa Alpha „ AMES R McCOWN H«if Green. A a ; Industrial Management (2); Sigma Nu. MARVIN EDMUND McCOY Momqc 'v. A«.: Electrical Ena meeting (2). JfcANE RUTH McCRARY, Bessemer. Ala.; Art (3); Theta Upsilon. JOHN WAYNE McCRARY Madison. Ala.: Agricultural Scierce (J). WILLIAM DAVE McCRARY. Pinson A g.; Electr'cal Engineering (I). JOHN WALTON McCREE. Sp’Ingfelo. III.; Civil Engineering (I): Alpha Taw Omega MARY LYNN McCREE. Sp-Ingtield. III.; Sc nnce and Literature (3|- Alpha Omicron Ei. THOMAS E. McCREIGHT, Good-vote-. Ala.- Of na ire rial Horticulture (3). ELUCHER JIM McCRORY. G'ecnville, A a.; Industrial Management (3). HENRY OKALEY McCRORY. Greenville. Ala.; Elect'ieal Engineering (2). BETTY MAE McCULLAR Jaspe-. Ala.; Home Economics (I). RONALD LEWIS McCULLARS. Anniston, Ala.; Industrial Management (I) Oelta Chi, RICHARD ELLIS McCULLERS Birmingham Ala.; Inowst’ial Management (2); Delta Chi. MARK W. McCURDY. Ider. Ale.; Civil Engineering (3). STEPHEN c. McCUTCHECN Greeevile. Ga.: Pharmacy (I). C-HARl FS E. McOANAL, Hyrtlbero Ale.; Business Administration (I); Pi Kappa Pel. AlONZE MAURICE MCDANIEL. East Tallassee, Ala.. Industrial Management (2). BENNY JOE McDANIEL, Andalusia, A a.; Industrial Management (3). BERNARD McDANIEl, Birmingham. A'a.; Civil Engineering (I). JAMES RAY McOANIEL. Union Sprinos. Ala.; Business Administration (21. JERRY NOUN McDANIEl Leeds. Ala.; Electrical engineering (2). WALTER F. McDANIEl. Union Slangs, Alabama; Business Administration (3); Delta Tau Delta. ALFRED HUDSON McOONAlD. Chickasaw, Ala.; Civ! Engineering (3); Kappa Alpna. JOE BENJAMIN MCDONALD. V »stminsfer S.C.; Business Administration (3). LOUIE GAROINER McOONALD. JR.. Eva. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee-ing (2). MARY LYNN McDONALD. Huntsville. A»a.; Secretarial Training (3); Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT lEON McDONALD. Cuba. Ala.; Business Administration (2). WILLIAM C. McDONA.D. JR., Cuba. Ala.; Civil Engineering (3). CORRA GAIllARO McDONNEll. Huntsville. Ala.; Home Economics (3); Delta De fa Delta. DON RAV8URN McDOUGAl, Huntsville, Ala.; Mecnanlcal Enginenr.rg (|). LARRY BRACKLEY McDOUGAL. Nashville Tcnn.: Architecture (2). WILLIAM EUGENE McDOWEll. Mob-le, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). FREDERICK GENE McDUFFIE, Mobile. A s,; Edocat on (3). TRIXIE ANN McDUFFIE. P 'son. Ala.; 3ut’ness Aamieistration (2): Alpha Omicron Pi. HENRY LAW MceLREATH. Anealus a. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I). SALLY McELROY. Opelile. A Education (2). HERSCHEL EOWARD McEWEN. RocMo-d. Ala.: Ag-iculfural Enginee-ing (I); Alpha Gamma Rno. JAN 8, McGARR. Tallassee, Ala.; Home Economics (3); Delta Zeta. CHARI FS EUGENE McGFF. Athens Ala.; Electrical tngneering (2). JAMES CHANDLER McGEE Eutan. Alo.; Pre-Veter rary Medicine (l|; Alpha Gamma Rho. PATRICK jOSEPt' McGEEVER. JR.. Bi-minghom Aia.; Mcchonical Englreeri-.g (2); Pi Kappa Phi. IDA LUCILE McGhee. A-lan-a. Ga.: Pha-rrgcy (3); Alpha Oe la » . WILLIAM THOMAS McCOLllSTER Atlanta. 6a.- Building Cc-stfuction (3); Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES TERRY McCOUUM. Opelika, A'a.; Education {3;. JOHN MfcWL N McCOLuUM. Bi-m-ngham. Ala.; Bus ness Admin st-ation (3 • Phi Delta Tne’a. KATHLEEN STIVERS McCOLLUM Monfgome-y. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); Zeta Tau Alpha. JOEL THOMAS McCONNELL Livings'on, A a.- Mcchanica Engineering (li; Sigma Pi. 368UNDERCLASSMEN BETTY JEAN McGMEE. Oao-»-;!i» Ala,: Education (2). GERALD D. McGill, Alesande- City. Ala.; Te.tile Management (2). MARY LOUISE McGlNN Montgome-. A n.; Eaucatlon (3): Del-a Zete. james m. McGinnis. » .. Atlanta. Ga.; Electrical Enoreerlng ; i); Det a Sigma Phi. GERALD G. McGlAMERY. Flo’ence Alo.: Chemical engineering (3). BOBBY RAV McGOWIN Pensacola Fla.; Fo-estr ;2); Lambda CM Aloha. WILLIAM TRAVIS McGOWIN Birmingham Ala.: Silliness Administration (3) Alpha Taa Omega. GEORGIA ANN McGRAW Auburr Ala.; Sec-etaria Training (I). PHILLIP WARNER McGREGCR, -a«t'ord. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3). BILL McGRIFF, Dutton, Ala.; 6us n n Adminljtratlge I3‘. GERALD NE McGRIFF Ancon. Canal Zone; A'l (l|. JAC OAVIS McGUFFEY. Mo-eland. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (3). LUCY ANNE MClNNlS. Montgomery, Ala ; Business Adr- ls ratlon ( ; Omega NOEL PALMER MclNNIS Decatur. A i.; -dsistr'e Monagemen- (2). JAMES EUGENE Me INTCSM, JR.. DadCvl e. A a.; A-ch'teetu-e (2). JOHN W. MdNTOSH. Koeence. A a.: Architecture (I). PEGGY marie MclNTOS‘1. Dadevllle Ala.; Heme Economics (Z): Alpha Omicon PI. WILLIAM DOUGLAS MCINTOSH, JR.. Sp-lnchlli. Ala.; Indultrial Managomgv (3): Lambda Chi Alpha. MARTHA JUNE MeKAY. Head a-d. Ala.; Home Economlcc (I). GEORGE H. McKEAN Fol-hope. A'o.; Me ‘ anicol Eng naerlng (3'; Phi Delta T eta. W I LIAM ClYOE McKEIlHEN. Panama City. Fla. Mechanic. Engine - rg (I). CHARLES MACK MrKFUER Afitoa Ala.; Industrial Managment 13). »»OYD ALLEN Mc CLV[Y. Nashville. enn.; Zoology !3J. HfcNRY N-Al McKENZ fc. lanetr, A i.; Chemical Engineer eg (|). EUfl PRAYTON MrKINNFY, Opelila A i • Pusiaeli Administration ,3 FRANCIS E. McKINNEY. Ch'onel e. Ai s.; Ae-one utica Engineering (I); '-eta V. LAWRENCE .OS McKinney. Mceile Ala.; Education (3 . S o a Ch . LORCY JOHNAL MCKINNEY. Sn vsmuf. Ala - An-onauticn Engineering (I) NANCY CAROL McKINNEY. Ta lacege. A'a.- Ecucatlon 3): Alpha O’- Von Pi. NORMA GAYLE McKINNEY Pine lava Ala.; Education (I). W ILIAM J. McK NNEY Atlanta Ga • Mechan'cal Englme-Ing (2); Kappa A i - i. CHARLES R. McKINNCN T-Oy Ala.; Mechanical Engineering 2); S ome Nii. NANCY GRAY McKINNON Birmingham, Ala.; Secretarial Training (3;. JIMMY MCKIN7FY Allcev lie. Ala.- Ch-mlcel fcnglree'ing |2;: Kappa A p-a. JAMES NEIl McKNlGHT Macon. Ga. Engineering Physics (I). STEWART 0. McKNlGHT. Dayton A a.; C VI Engineering (3); Sigma PI. HARRIETT FAYF Mel AIN Lanor . e An.; Home Economics Ecucahon I). ROBERT lEE MclAUR N D'llor S.C. Mechanica Engineering (2); Lambda Chi A pha. JAMES A. McLEOD. Co'terwood A 'a.; Electrical Engiaee-ing (3). WILLIAM HENRY McMAHAN JR. Ge-lwate- A a.; Cham stry (}). CHARLES EDWARD McManus. Woodland. Ala.; 3u»lne»s Adm nls-ratlon (I). WILSON WRIGHT McMANUS. Wadowee. A a.; Pre Veterinary (I); A pha Gamma R’o. OlIVlA GlFNCA MrNAlR Montgome- Ala ■ Sc ence and ..-e-ature (I). JOHN M. McNCAL. JR. Auburn A'a.- Business Admin st-etion (2). JAMES BERTRAM McNEHL Ala.; Elect-lcal Engineering (I). THOMAS McCIARMID McNEILl. Fto-ale. Ala.; Mechanical Englneerng (3). LANGSTON WINSTON McNlCE. Chattanooga. Tenn,; Business Ad nls’ration (2); S’gma Chi. CHARLES THOMAS McNU”. Lawlsburq, Tern.; Mechanical Engineering (I). SARA AHRYN McPHERSON Troy A'a.; Business Administrator (|J- Ph| s u. CHARLES WIlllAM McRAE Austell. Ga.; Zoology (I). 369UNDERCLASSMEN SYLVIA FRANCES McSPADDEN. Rome, Ga.; Educat or (3): Phi. Mu. CLYDE JOHN McSWEEN. Grand Bay. All.; Mechanical Engineer g (3). RONALD SAMUEL McWILLIAMS. Myn'ord. Al .: Mechanical Engineer m (2). JOHN LAURENCE- MEACHAM. Columbus, Ga.; Education (2). PATRICIA LEONE MEADERS. Anniston. Ala.; Educat on (3): A pha Gamma De fa. BARBARA ANN MEADOWS, Auburn. Ala.; Sconce and literature (I). BOBBY JOE MEADOWS. Eas Tallassee Ala,; Industrial Management (3). DONALD CHAPMAN MEADOWS Selma Ala.; Laboratory Technology 13): Sigmo Nj. HOWARD PAYNE MEADOWS, Icwndesbcmo A!a.: Agriculture (2). LEON GUY MEADOWS. Opp. A a.; Ta.tile Engineer r,g (I). VIVIAN MEADOWS. Smith's. Ala.; Science and Literature (I); Chi Onega. ESCALERA EDDIE MEOlNA Villa Navatei, Puerto R co; Meenancal Englneer ng (i; SETH E. MEOlEv Ariton A a.; Business Administration (3). CLARENCE I. MEEKS. Ill Anderson. S.C.: MecNsnlca Engineering (I); Phi Delta Theta. BOYD WESTON MEGGINSON, TKomaiville. Ala.; Industrial Management (3); S gma. THEODORE W. MEGGINSON JR.. Thomaiwill . A a.; Veterinary Medicine Alpn» Pt . JOSE MEJIA, Medellin. Colombia: Mechanlca Engineering 2). ANN S. MELOF. Birmingham. A 0. Education (3); De ’o Zeto. JOYCE MELSHElMfcR. v.cktburg. Miss.; Science and Literature (|): Pi Bets Ph . ROBERT EDWARO MELTON. Montgomery. Ala.- P'« Medicine (3) JANE MEMORY. Birmingham. A a.; Secretarial Training WILLIAM GARY MENNE Sheffield. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I) ROBERT RANSOM MENZIES. Annilfon. Ala.; A t (2). JANE EATON MERCER Martinsville. Ala.; Art |). IARRV NEIL MERCER. Camilla. Ga.; Electee Engineering (2). HAROLD MITCHELL MERCHANT. JR.. Samson. Ala.; Industrial Management 2): Sigma Nu. FRANKtIN WEED MERED TH. Birmingham Ala.: Mechanical Engineering ) . BARBARA ANNE MESHAD, 8 -mingham. Ala.; Home Economic; |l); Del’a Ze a. BARRY WAYNE MESSER. Thomaston. Ga.; Building Confection (I)- Theta C--CECIL W. MESSER. Clanton. Ala.; Aeronautical Engine ' ng 2). ROBERT SIANTCN MESSER Carters. Ga.; Mec-anical E gin er ng 3). PEIAR FRANK METCALF A'lfc". Ala.; Business Administration (2). RAY ROBERT METZGER. JR. Pensacola. fla.: Aeronj.tical Engineering 3): Phi Kapoa Tau. COURTLAND RAND MICHAELS. Gadsden. Ala.; Pre Medicine (2); Phi Delta Theta. ALBERT 8. MICHEL. Do’a. Ala.: B uni net ( Administration (3): Kappa Sgma. MAURICE WILLIAM MlCGETTE. JR.. Mobile. A a.; Civil E-g neerlng [l]; Sigma C- . IYNN KIRK MlFFlETON Bltmingham. A a.; Secretarial Training (I); Kappa De fa. BOBBY MIKELL. Montgorre-y. Ala.- Ae'o'auifcal Admirifrat on (2): lambda Chi Alpha. 8ETTY JEAN MIKUl, Ji-m rgharr. Ala.; AH (I). ANNE COLLIER MILLER 8i'mingham. Ala.; Labora’ory Techno ogy (31; Alpka Omic»on PI. AUBREY A. MILLER Auburn Ala.; Ae'onaufical Aominlntration (3); RI Kappa Alpha. BARBARA SUE MILLER. Alenande City, Ala.; Home Economic! Education (33. CHARLES RICHARD MILLER. Montgomery, Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). CRAIG MILLER, Montgomery. Ala.; Civil Engineer ng (I). DORIS JEAN MILLER. Alerende- City. Ala.; Education (I). rDWIN HANKINS MILDER. JR., Ann itoe, Ala.; Industrial Management (3); Kappa Alpha, FRANK C. MILLER Birmingham Ala.; Business A dministraf on (2). HERBERT WARREN MILLER. Opp Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer ng (I). JAMES WILLIAM MILLER Ajpu'n, a.; Ve'erinary Medicine (4); Alp'a Pii. JEANNETTE MILLER, Columbus. Ga.; Home Eco-oem'ct (I); Alpha Delta PI. 370UNDERCLASSMEN JERRY WAYNE MILLER. Boa . Ala.: Electrical Engineering (2). JOE EDWARD MILLER. Cullman Ala.-Civi Engineering |J). JULIAN Iff MILLER. Pensacola Fla.: Civil Engineering (2); Lambda O' Alpha. PERRY FRANK MILLER Mobile Ala.; Architecture (2): Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT COLEMAN MILLER, Trussville. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). TILLMAN LEROY MILLER. Columbus. Ga.; Te.tile Management ;}J: Sigma k WILLIAM H. MILLER. JR.. Montgomery. Ala.; Industrial Management (I). WILLIAM “OUSTON MILLER Rockma-t Ga.; Indus’ria Management (I); Sigma Phi EptilOII. WILLIAM BURTON MILLIS. Oemopolis. Ala.; Mechanico' Engineering (2). OONALD FRANKLIN MILLS Sylaeauga. A'a.; Electrical Enginee'ing (2). JOHN ROBERT MILLS. Eu'aula. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). JOHN WILLIAM MILLS. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration (J|. WAYLAND A. MILLS. 8-e»tor Ale.; Business Administration (l): Sigma No. MARTHA ROSlYN MIMS. Vida. Ala.; Home Econo-n'cs Education (2). MERRILL WAYNE MIMS Prattville, Ala.; Mechonicol Engineering (J). ROY LEON MIMS. Cpelika. Ala.; Mechanica’ Engineering (2). SHERRELL LAYNE MIMS, Prattville. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (j). HOUSTON M. MINNIECE. BirmingFam. Ala.: Aeronautical Administ-alioft (J): Sigma A'pha Epsilon. LEON C. MINOR Adger. Ala.; E'ectr'cal Enginte-Ing (J), PAUL 0. MINTON. Gadsden. Ala.: Educat an (J). EOGAR B. MITCHAM. Montgomery. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering ()). AlBERT HOYT MITCHELL. JR., Moccr. Ga.; Elect'Ical Engineering (I). DOROTHY FAY MITCHELL Fitigerald. Ga. Education (2): Alpha Gamma Delta. GEORGE ERNEST MITCHELL. Selrra. Ala.; Business Administration (2). HUBERT MITCHELL. Besseme . Ala.: Industrial Management (2). PERCER PRESTON MITCHELL. Opelika, Ala.; Agriculture (J). RALPH HUNTER MITCHELL Mount Ol ve. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (J). REGINA LOUISE MITCHELL. Florence. A'a.; Science and Literature (2). R08ERT DIXON MITCHE.L. Florence. Ala.; A-t (J), ROYCE EVERETT MITCHELL Florence Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer ng (}) WALTER THOMPSON MITCHELL. Millington. Tenn.: Elect-icat Engineering (J). WALTER WILLIAM MITCHELL. Opelika. Ala.; Industrial Management (I]. fRANKLIN G. MIXON. Montgomery, Ala.; Building Construction (I). JAMES BRANCHE MIZE. JR.. Columbus. Ga.: P'e-De-tistry (J); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONDAl CURTIS MIZE. Cullman Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). MARV EMMA MOATES. Anoalus:a. Ala.; Home Economics Education (I!; AlpFo Delta PI. GEORGE WAYNE MOBLEY, Gadsden. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer g (I); Phi Kappa Tau. PHIL WOODPIN MOCK. Montgomery. Ala.: Ae-onau ica! Eng neering (2 . JUDITH LOUISE MClAY, Birmingham. Ala.; Education (I); Alpha Omieron Pi. EDWARD RUSSELL MOlPUS Mobile Ala.; A-chlsecture (4). RONALD EDWARD MONETTE. Birmingham. Ala.: Electrical Engineering (I). KARL L. MONROE, Auburn. A a.; P»e Medicine (I); Alpha Tau Omega. SAMUEL JOSEPH MONTE. Bi-mingham. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). CHARLES DAVID MONTGOMERY, C'overdele. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (21. KENNETH R. MONTGOMERY. Indianapolis, led.; Architecture (4). LEON HARRY MOODY. Elba. Ala.; Electrica Englnee-ing (I). PATRICIA ANN MOODY. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (I). RAYMON u0v0 MOODY. Waye'oss. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT HOWARD MOODY leasovig. Fla.; Electrical Enginee-ing (2). AUDREY ELIZABETH MOON Birmingham. Ala.; Soc'etoria Tra'ning (l|.UNDERCLASSMEN CLARENCE NORMAN MOON Gao ice' Ala.; Eecfr'cel Enginee'ing (2). DIANE SAIL MOON Gadioe- Ala.; Ecccation 11); Alp s Omic'o- f. . AMES C. MOON Montgomery A! .; Inouft-ia Management [J: Sigma N,, KENNETH WAYNF MOON G mden. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (I): Phi Kappa Tau. NANCY A LEES MOON B'rmiighem Ale ■ Educator (II. SYLVIA LEE MOON We ump«a Ala.; Education (2 BARBARA PUIm MOORE lal eaega. A a.; .aec'ato-. Tecrnolog, (') COWARD O MOCRf. JR Mooli- A a - C'emlca Ergiree- no (2); Sigma Chi GARY OA’.E MOORE To-n C-eel Ai0. Ag-icwlfgre (J). JAMISON ROSS MOORE P'icna-d A a.; Indulge! Management (I). JEANETTE EllZ MOORE Mi'ioa, Ala ; Home Eccnomiri ; JUNE ELIZABETH MOORE Mo-i'ae-o. A Education (31. LUTHER NOEL MOORE P-eni, C »v. Ala.; Eicc" ca' Engineering (?' LYOIA ANN MOORE. Sheffield Ala.; Education |2); Alpha Cm cror Pi MARGARET MOORF Co uimhiana Ala.; Education (r WARREN CLARK MOORE JR Huhtiville a .; Meehan cal Eng nee'ing (2 WILLIAM STEWART mCOREmFAO JR leetburq F a.; Electrical E«q!n ring (2 Phi Kappa Ta- AV CECHE MOCRER Selma Ala.; Education (2) MARVIN E. MOORER, Gadioer, Ala.; Industrial Management (3) RCBER' ALLEN MOORHEAD Da.foa 0»o; Aeronaut lea Administration (3) FD MORF OCK Montgomery Ala.; P'e Medic ne (I); Lambda Chi Alpha. GLORIA IRIS MORGAN Mon'gome'v Ala ; Sec-etarlei Training (I). JAMES CHARLES MORGAN Otari Ala.; Fora,try ( :; S oma Alpha Eptilon. PATRICIA ANN- MORGAN Birmingham. An ; But'nhd Admimffratien (3) Kappa Alpha Theta 6 FRANCES MORGAN Rodrmert Go.- Home Eco-o-ii, (3); a ph« De"o P SARAH CLYDE MORGAN Ceoa'’©- . G».; Home fieenomic, (I) Alpha Gamma Delta SARAH LLOYD MORGAN Georgian . Ala ; Education. (l . WILLIAM THOMAS MORGAN JR. Tampa, Flo.- Bulinei! AdrrIV,Nation C Kappa Alpha WANDA LA JEAN MCRING. Columbia. A a • Home Economic! (I); A o a Delta f CHARLES CURTIS MARONEY. Netchej Miff.; A'chltec'ure (3! BENNY JACK MORRIS lioo' ., Ala.; Ornamental Hot':eui'urc (V CLETUS E. MORRIS R eeti Miif.; Chore. ct«» (?' OON ARTHUR MORRIS Uriah. Ala • Mechanical Engineering (I) KENNf’H W. MORRIS Bauntwill© An.- Elcct-lcal E gi-ee'ing ( !. L. DANIEL MORRIS. JR Birmingham. A'a ; Cieil Engineering (II ROBERT BRUCE MORRIS Sir ngham Ale.: Mechanical E g f ng (3 P03ER' WALKER MORR S Ne- O-iean: La.; Industrial Management (2); Sigma C-WILLIAM E. MORRIS JR . Liberty A'a.; Mechanical Eng neering (); WILLIAM EDWARD MORRIS Mo-'is-o-n Ter'.; Pha-macv 21; Sgma A cta Epiilo-. WILLIE LAMAR MORRIS. Sam,en. Ala.; Eicctrico Engine©- '2); S gma N . ROBERT RAMSEY MORRISON. Ne- O'iean, La.- Architecture (l|; S gma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM LEE MORRISON Oecatu'. A:a.- Ae-onautical E«g nea'ma (2l. r.O lii'.t JORDAN MORRlSS Bi-ming-nm Ala.- Educa'ion 12 Aicna Gamma Delta. OAVIO JOE MORROW. Geraldine Ala.: Ae-o-au'ica' Eng neering (i . EDW’ARD TARLTON MORROW. Se'-a Ala.; Buvneu Adminlifration (I). JIMMIE LOUISE MORROW Birmingham Ala.; Education (2): Zee Taw A pha. CAROL PATRICIA MORTON Birmingham A o.; Secretarial Training (J . ELIZABETH ANN MORTON. Decoto', A a laboratory Technology (31. Delta Delta Delta. GEORGE NEVILLE MORTON Jaclion. A a.; Bui '.esi Admin -.Nation (3 ; Alpna Tau Omega. HATHA lEC MORTON Birmingham. Ala. Education (I). 372UNDERCLASSMEN WILLIAM BARRY MORION. 3 m .gham. Al».; 3- ioing Comt'uction { ); Pi Kappa Alpha. THOMAS HUBERT MOSELY. Maco . Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (2); Sign-a Alpha Eps on. FARL FRANK MOSLEY JR Morrii. A a.; Bulineu Adminlitration (2). WILLIAM EARL MOSS JR.. Jone»vl le. S.C.; Pre-Dentitfry (3); On ta Taw Delta. JAMES WEBS'ER MOUNT. B'artley. Ala. A-ch.-ectu'e (3); P’ Kappa Taj. JERALD THOMAS MOVERS. Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Eng’neering ();, PATRICIA E. MUELLER. Mobile. Ala.; Secretarial Tra ring (I). HUGH 6. MUlDREW Roanoke. Ala.; Agricultural Engineering (II. SAMUEL S. MULDREW JR.. Roanoke. Ala. Butineu Adminijlraticr (3). WILLIAM AUSTIN MULHERIN Mob « A'a.; £ ectr cal Engineering (2); lambda C»i Alpha. KAY SHARON MUlllCAN Oadev lie. Ala - Education |2): Kappa Alpha Theta. LAfaONA JOvE MULLINS. Tallauee. Ala.; Euucotion (3); Zela Tot Alp a. THOMAS EDWARD MULLIS. Pheni City. Ala.; Induitrial Manageeaent (11. RUTH MUNDINc Birmingham. Ala.; A't |2); Ch Onega. WILLIAM ROY MURDY Jackaonj lie. Fla.; Induatr al Management (I). JACK MUNIZ. Birmingham. Ala.; Chem cal Enginee-ing (|); Oeita Chi. BILLY M. MURCHISON. Birmingham, A a.; Mechanical Eng neering (2). BOBBY E. MUROOCK. Gadjden, Ala.; Elect' cal Enginee-ing (2). JOHN CLARENCE MURDOCK. JR.. Colwmpiane. Ala.; Mecheniea Engineering ?]. LARRY RICHARD MUROCCK. Oeca-ui. Ala ; 1 ectrical Eng neering (3). TERENCE H. MURPHREE. Do'han. Ala. Civi Engineer ng (2); S gma Chi. CECIL LEE MURPHY. Peterman A a.; Pharmacy (I). DAVIS W LSON MURPHV Greenville. Ala.; Ae'onautical Engineering (l). HUGH IRA MURPHY, Cedar o»n. Ga.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); Theta Ch . JAMES GOODWIN MURPHY. Auburn. A a.; Mechanical Eng neering (i;. MARGARET HENRY MURPHY. Gun-erjville Ala.- Educa ion (2) PATRICIA A. MURPHY. Atlanta. Ga.; Secretarial Training [l); P- Mu. PATRICIA ANN MURPHY. Wetumpra Ala.; Education ■ . PEGGY ANN MURPHY. SSe'lield. Ala.; Electrical Enginee-ing (2 ROBERT MERLE MURPHV Pheni. City. Ala.; Education (I). SHARON I. MURPHY. Homewood. Ala.; interior Deugn [2;. A. BELINDA MURRAY. Son Antono Te«o»; Home Economic! Educarion (i . RACHEL IRIS MURRAV Montgomery. Ala,; Secretarial Training (3; Kappa De fa RCNAID TYLER MURRAY. Fairfield. A a.; Electrical Engineering (I), CHANDLER ROBERTS MURTON Bi-minghom A'a.; £ cCrlca Engineering )!. MARY JO MUSSC. 8 rmi'gham. Ala ; Laboratory Technology (l). CARL PRESTON MYATT. Houston Mil .. Architecture (2); Sigma P HARRY EDWARD MYERS. JR. Sp,:ng Hi I Ala.; Civil Erginee'ing , i); p- Oe ta Theta. AMANDA JANE MYNATT. Gadlden. Ala.; Eaucot on (I). GERALC DEE MYRICK Sheffield. A'a.; Electrical Eeginaaring |3). PATRICIA NACHIINGER. Wooola ' Ala.; Screrarin Training (I). R'CMARD CARL NAEGELE. Vnemon . Ala.; Aeronautical Admieit'rafion (J), LUTHER JACKSON NALE. Birmingham. A a.; £ ectr c Engineering 2). BOBBY J. NAlfR. Gaoicen. Ala.; Ifldutlrial Management (3). CLAUD NATHAN NALL. Red Level Alobamo; Agricultj-al Science (2). V TA ANNETTE NALL. Georgiana Ala.; Home Economic! Education (2)-Kappa Alpha Theta. EMMETT CLARK NASH. Roge-ivi le. Ala.; E ectr,cal Enginee-ing (3). CHARLES EDWIN NEAL. CMckatew. Ala.; Mechanical engine,.- ng (3). JAMES VICTOR NEEF Memph i Tenn.; Electrical Engineering J); ' Kappa Alp-!. DAVID S. NEEL Epei A a.; Mechanical Engineering (3). 373UNDERCLASSMEN CHARLES LARRY NEIGHBORS. Aleiandee City, Ala.; Industrial Management (l); P Kaopa Phi. HELEN RUTH NEISLER Huntsville. A a.; Science and literature (I). BILLY G. NELSON. Andalusia. Ala.; Business Administration (J). CHARLES f. NELSON Fa'rhope. Ala. Ae'O-autical Administrate (2): Alpha Tau Omega. MAROLO MART N NELSON. Kissimmee, Ha.; Veterinary Medici" (J); Alpha Psi. JAMES AUBREY NELSON O»'«« f a.; Aeronautical Engi- ee-ing (21: Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES EOWIN NELSON Birmingham A a.: Irdutt-al Management (I); Lamoda Cni Alpha. JAMES ROGER NELSON. Birmingham. Ala.: Art (I); Delta Sigma Phi. PATRICIA PATTON NELSON Birmingham A a.; Education (J). MILTON F. NESBITT Fairfield. A'a.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). AUDREY T. NEUMANN Perdido Beach. A o.; Home Economics Education (J): Kappa Delia. JAMES A. NEVILLE Bi-rninghom Ala.; Veterinary Medic ne (2): A Pka P«i. RICHARD BOULOIN NEVILLE, lanett. A a.; Pre law (J). CHARLES G. NEWMAN. Geneva. A a.; Silliness Administration (2). JOHN JORDAN NEWMAN. Gadiden Ala.; Business Administration (2) Sigma N.. JUOlTM ANN NEWMAN. Hartielle. Ala.; Education (J); Ch- Omega. MARY lOU NEWMAN Mob: e. Ala.; Science end Literature (I). MICKEY THURSTON NEWMAN Montgomery. Ala.; Aeronautical £nginee-lng (2). MONA LEAH NEWMAN. Se me. A'a.; Pharmacy (I). RAYMOND HESTER NEWMAN Dadevill Aia.; Electrical Engineering (J). GERALD THOMAS NEWSOM. Decatur A a.; Civil Engineering (i); Theta Chi. JESSIE CAROL NEWSOME. Pheni« City. Ala.; A’t (I): De ta Zcta. MARV ROPER NEWTON, Atlanta. Ga.; Education (2). ROBERT FRANKLIN NEWTON. Elba. Ala.; E'ectreal Engineering (l). WINSTON »ORTER NEWTON Prenii City. Ae.; Electrical Engineering (2). EOWARD TYLER NICHOLS, Auburn. Ala.; Pre Med.cne (31: Sigma Chi. EDWIN NfIL NICHOLSON Mob e. A a.; Electrical Engineering (2). WILLIAM FREDERICK NICKEL. Winter Pa-l. Fla.; Pnarmacy (J). JOYCE ELIZABETH NIICKERSON. De:a‘u'. Ga.; Educat or (2); Alphal Omicron fi. JON V. NIElSER. Birmingham. A'a.; Chemical Engineering (J); Sigma Pni Epsilon. CECIL LLOYO N X. Kansas. A a.; P e Densittry (J); Kappa Alpha. JAMES LAWAYNE NIX Montgomery. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (J). JAMES RAY NIX. Kingsport. Te"".; Science and Literature (I); Delta Tau Delta RONALD RHODES NIX. Carton Ala.- Agricultural Sc arce (I). GEORGE ROBERT NOBLE Rome. Go.; Chemistry (I). DONALD ELTON NOEL Boat. Ala.; Aeronautical (2). • STEPHEN EDWIN NOLAND. Rocima't. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (I). THOMAS FREO NOLAND. Montgomery. Ala. Easiness Adminiitraricr (2). JOHN DWIGHT NOLEN No-lcr, Ala.; Electrical Enginee'ing (I). MARION D. NOLEN JR., Montgomery A a.; Electrical Engineering (?). CHARLES LORREMER NORK. Huntsville. Ala.; Art (I). JOE MARION NORMAN Birmingham Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). RICHARD M. NORMAN. Elba. A a.; Mechanical Engineering [};; Kappa Sigma, IISABETH ANN NORRIS. Decatur, Ala.; Home Economics (I); Alpha Gamma Oelta. MARY LOUISE NORRIS. Flo’ence. Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Delta. MARTHA JANE NORTHCUTT, Mobile. Ala.; Education (J); Ksppa On ta. WILLIAM A. NCRTHINGTON. JR.. Montgomery, Ala.; Industrial Managemen- (I). CARROL LEE NORTHROP, Ur.ah. Ala.; Laboratory Technology (2). BERT 8. NORTON. JR.. Florence. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (J). EARL LEE NORTON. Attalla, A'a.; Agricultural Science (2). 374UNDERCLASSMEN ERNEST WESLEY NUNN Buffalo, Ala.; Agricu turjl Engineering |)J. PATRICIA ALIEN NUSSBAUM. Moult' . Ga.; Education (2). JULY OAKS. Sylacauga. Ala.; Elecrricai Engineering (3). WILLIAM T. O BANNON Paducah y.: Aeronautical Admiration (2) Sigma Alpha EotHoft. JANET ELIZABETH 0'8ARR Birmingham. A a.; Seerttarial Training |2). RICHARD ALLEN OBERHOLTZER. Yalaha. fla.; Elactrlca! Engineer,ng (I). PHILLIP AARON O'BERRY. Miami, fla ; Veterinary Medicine |1); Phi Oelta Theta. DONALD JOSEPH O'BRIEN. Mobil . Alo.: Electrical Engineering [JJ; The'a CM. JOHN MICHAEL O BRlEN. Annl-.ton, A a.; Electrical Engineering (2); Pi Kappa Tau. WALLACE ELLEN O'BRIEN. Atlanta. Ga.; Educat on (2); A!p‘a O" cron PI. THOMAS GALE ODAM. Mobile. A a.; Aeronautical Eng neefing (I). JOSEPH ANTHONY OODO B'rmingnam. Ala.; Electrical Eng naa .g (2). WILLIAM OLIVER O'DELL. Centrevi le. A a.; luiineii AdmlniitraYon (2); S:gma Ng. w. TERRY OOEN. BirmlQntam. A a.; Builnett Admlnlytration (2); Pi Kappa A pho. LETITIA BROCK ODEN, B mlngham. Ale. Art (I}. BOBBY NEAL OOGERS, Fairfiald. A a.; Civl Engineering (2). WILLIAM JERRY ODOM. Birmingham. A a.; Chemical Engineering (J) KLINE THOMAS ODUM. Rut edge, Ala.; Pharmacy (2). LEONARD M. OGBURN. Taiarkaae. A'k.: Education (2 . TOMMY ROSCOF CGlPTREE. Ala.anda' Cl%, Ala.; 8uS:net, Adm nl—atlo- (J). Kappa Sigma. 8ARBARA GRACE OGWYNN. Mo'tgome'y A'a.: Sec'tarial Train ng (2). EDWARD HOLDEN O GWYNN. JR Selma Ala.: Bulineu Admlniit a lon (r.; Sigma Nu. SANDRA .AN[ O'KELLEY. Cnottanooga. Tenn.; Home Econom'cj (I); Chi Omega. PATRICIA ANN OLO-AM. Flo-enc . Ala.; Educatlan (3); Alpha On cron Pi. DONALD EOWARD Olivf Hatchechubbaa. A a ; 8uilnen Administration (3). SAM H. OLIVER. JR.. Lafayette. Ala.; Art (2); Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES EDWARD OLSON, Blrmirgham, A a.- Elec’rical Engineering (2). GlENN WOOD O'NEAL. North Charleston. S.C.; Mechanical Eng nearing (I) HOWARD WAYNE O'NEAL. Huntsvil e. Al».; Chemical Engineering 12): Sigma Nj. ROBERT BORO O'NEAL. Andalusia. Ala.; Civil Engineering (2). MICHAEL ANDREW O REILLY. Pensacola fla.; Education (2). HARRY CLAY ORME Gadsden. A a.; Prelaw (I): Sigma Ng. J. ROBERT OR'EGA LOPEZ. Guatemala: Arch 'ectgre (2!. KENNETH RAY OSBORNE. Chattanooga. Tenn.; E cf» cal Engl-ee-ing (2). RONALD £. OSBORNE. Yajoo City. M ss.; Veterinary Medicine (2); Alpha P- SHERMAN GRADY OSBORNE. JR., lanett. A a.; Business Administrate (3). ELI CEORGE OS8URN. Selma. A a.; Electr cal Engineering (3). THOMAS HEPWCRTH OSWALD. Natcher Miss : Bulging Construction (31. LUTHER EARL OSWALT, ’.ileoee, Ala. Mechanical Englneer'n.g (2): Delta Tag Oelta. LEN MOORE OUZTS, Geneva A a.; P-e Medicine (3). JOHN BOWER OV6RMEYER. JR., Falrhope Ala.: Civl Engineering (I). C. BROWN OWEN Auburn Ala.-Aerorautica Engineering (3). CLARK MORGAN OWEN. Anniston, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2): Ph. Kepao Tag. DEMPSEY LEE OWEN. Blrm'rgham. Ala.; Electrical Eng «n r (|). P- Kappa Tag M. LUCRETIA OWEN. Columbiana. A'a.; Secretarial T'aVng (2). ROBERT FlEMINO OWEN. Se ma. Ala.; Civil Engineering (3). DALE RICHARD OWENS. Tgllahoma, Tenn.: Science and LUe-a’u'e (3) P; Kappa Ali-hn. JOHN HARREL OWENS. Gadtden. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). LOUIS WAYNE OWENS. Greensboro, Ala.; Business Adm'nUrratlon (I). PATSENEOWENS Troy. Ala.; Educatlan (2). 375UNDERCLASSMEN PEGGY ANN OWENS. Abbeville. Ala.; cducat on (J); CM Omega. RAY EDWIN OWENS G'eenvllle. Ala.; Pharmacy (I). WILBUR BRAXTON OWENS. JR . e. Ala. 8u»iae t Adminiit-ation (l): Sigma PI. WARY ANN OWS.EY. Opelika. Ala.: Sc ence ano Li-e-atu'e (2); Kaopa Dolta. SARA MARCIA OXFORD Columbut, Ga.; Art (I); Celta Oelta Oelta LEE MADISON OZLEY. Peniacola. Fla.; Chemical Engineering (I): PM Kappa Tau. BURTON RICMARO 07MFN Greembora, NC ; Aeronautical Adminiitra'ion (J). MARGARET ANN PACE. Eat'aboqa. A a. Education (3). BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PADGETT. JR.. Griffin. Ga.; Induitrial Managamant (21- Theta Chi. JERRY ALBERT PAGE. B -mingham. Ala.: Industrial Managamant (2). MARTHA JEANETTE PAGE Montgomery. A a.: Education (I): Alpha Gamma Delta. NANCY SUE PAGE. Marietta Ga.; Education (2); CM Omega. BARBARA NELL PALMER, Birmingham, Ala.; Secretarial Training (I) Pi Beta Phi. LAWMAN FRANK PALMER Birmingham. Ala.; Pre-Deviitry (J). THOMAS ALLEN PALMER. Birmingham Ala.; Cnemical Engineering (3). HOWARD EDWIN PALMES. Mobile. Ala.: Electrical Engine rring (2); Sigma Chi. WILLIAM PEARSON PALMORE, Tuicaiooio. Ala.: Votc-irory Medicine (4); Kappa Alpha. RANDALL PARAMORE. Midland City, Ala.; Agricultural (3). ATHA ANN PARHAM Birmingham Ala.; Business Administration (I). THOMAS LEE PARIS, Macon. Go.; Chemical Enqinee-inq (2). MARTHA LOUISE PARISH, Tu-lahorra. Tent.; Home Economics (I)- Pi Beta PM. MIRIAM OUPRFE PARK Atlanta. Ga.; Education (I) NEY PICKETT PARK Montgomery Ala.; Civ I Engineering (3). SARNIE ALLEN PARKER. Gadsden. A a.; Elecf'ical Engineering (2). CHARLES DONALD PARKER A" ear . Ala : Mechanical Engineering (3| Lambda Ch. Alpha. CURTIS RAY PARKER Brewton, Ala.; Chemicol Engineering (3) EOWIN LARR” PARKER AuOw-n Ala.; InOuvt-ial Management (I). JOHN WILLIAM PARKER Atmo-e. Ala.; Electrical Enginec-ing (31- Lambda Chi Alpha MARJORIE ANNE PARKER. Birmingham Ala.: Educa'ion (I). NANCY ELIZABETH PARKER. Birmingham, A a.; Secretarial Paining (I)- Alpha Omicron Pi. NELLIE JEAN PARKER Birmingham. Ala.; Laooralory Technology (31 Alpha Omicron Pi. R08ERT BOWLING PARKER. Birmingham, A a.; Ajvon»uti al Engineering (2). ROBERT HAROLD PARKER JR.. Hartselle. Ala.; Business Administration (I). WILLIAM DAVID PARKER Marion Jurclion Alo.: C-.emical Engineering (I). JOHN CARY PARKS. Birmingham. Ala.; Civil Engineering (3); Delta $ grra Ph . ROONfY HOWARD PARKS. Bessemer A a.; Mechanical Eng neering (|). TOM HARPER PARKS, JR.. Greenville. Miss.; Aeronautical Eng'neer ing (3|. DONALD RAY PARMER Dothan A a.; Pharmacy (l|. HARRY 8. PARNELL Savannah. Ga.- Architecture (It. RAY C. PARNELL fvikegee. A a.; Education (3). CHARLES OEMPSEY PARRIS Addijoe. A a.; Agricultural Sceinee (I). WILLIAM CALVIN PARRISH. Opelika, Ala.; Electrical Eng neering (3). f ARl BAXLEY PARSONS. JR Brighton. Ala.; Engineering (2). ELBERT WESTBROOK PATE. Albany. Ga. AH (2); Delta Sigma Phi. SAMMv RALPH PATE, CM dersbe'g. Ala,; Ae-0"autical Eng neering (2i. ARTHUR BONNER PATRICK. Andalusia Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3], DONALD RAY PA RICK. Huntsville, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (}t, JAMES M. PATTERSON, Tucker. a.; Mechanical Engineering (||: Alpha Tau Omega. MARION PATE PAiTERSON. Laaatt, A a.; leostitrial Management (I . SUSAN GAIL PATTERSON. B'lminghan . Ala.; Science and . te-a ure (2); Oelta 7 -a. 376UNDERCLASSMEN THOMAS BELL PATTERSON Jackson. Tern.; Architecture (I): Lambda Chi Aloha. VIRGINIA PATTERSON, Auburn. Al .; Interior Design (2); Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAM COWART PATTERSON B'-mi-tghem Ala.; Mechanic Engineering (I). WILLIAM J. PATTERSON. Tallasiee, A a.; Mechanical Eng reefing (J). CURTIS RANDALL PAUL. Prichard. Ala.; Electrical Eng reefing (I). LUCIAN KIRBY PAUL. Bo’ige . Ala.; Scent ono Lil »atuf (2); lt«H Xi. THOMAS V AYMON PAUL, Geneva. Ala.; Eoreitry DONALD CLAYTON PAXTON. M . Olive. Ala.; Mechanical E-gineering (IJ. JOHN MITCHELL PAXTON. M Olive. Ala.; Mechanical Engmee- ng (J). BARBARA ANNE PAYNE. Carferivilie Sa.; Education (J). JOHN EDWIN PAYNE. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Industrial Management (3); Alpha Tau Omega, JOYCE ANNETTE PAYNE. HertseCle. Al .; Education (I). WINSTON HENRY PAYNE. Scottsboro. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2) Sigma Phi Er-vlon. HORACE LEE PAY’ON. Stanton. Ala. Agricultural UicaliOfi (2). GEORGE MARION PEACE, Pomacola. PI . Clectflcai Engineering (J). HENRY EUGENE PEACE. JR. Birmingham A a.; Mechanical Engineering (i; LOREN L. PEACE, Pentaco'a. f.'a.; Easiness Administration |2); Theta Xi. HAROLD G. PEACOCK. Haftloro. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (J). ROBERT WILLIAM PEACOCK. JR Prichard. Ala.; Science ard literature (2;. KATHRYN AMELIA PEARCE. Laivett. Ale.; Home Economics (2). BILLY RAY PEARSON. I 'mirgham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineeflng (I). CLYDE COUINS PEARSON. Mcnrgcme'v. Ai .; Architecture (l); Sgmj A phe Etsllo". GEORGE BURTON PEARSON, Coffsilton. Ale.; Agricultural Educetic- (J). Alpna Gamma Rho. 'ASKA ANN PEARSON. Hunttvi le. Ala.; Secretarial T'aining (' ; Alpha Delta P'. WILBUR BUCKNER »EA SON Co umbos. Miss.; A'chitec-ur (I) WALTER THORWALD PEASE, Charleston S.C.; Mechanical Engineering [I). WILLIAM ROBERTS PEAVY. Atmora. Al .: Zoology (J). BOBBY MELl TT PEEK. Pensaco a. Fla.; Mechanical Engineering (2J. SANDRA JANE REEK Shawrrut. A a.; Education (J) Chi Omega. GLEN EUGENE PEHl. Mobile. Ala.; Business Administration |J); Delta Sigma Phi. MARIE K. PEINHARDT. Cullman A o.; Home Economics |J); Delta Delta Delta. GERARD GUV PELOUX Mobil . Ala. Ae'onautica Engineering (2J. EDDIE GENE PENDLETON. Op- ike Ai .; Irauitrial Management ()). WILLIAM DON PENNELL. Mobile. A a.; Building Construction (I). CHRISTOPHER PENNEWILL. Pensacola, fia.; Business Administration (21; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ELIZABETH JcANNE PEPPERMAN. Montgomery. Ala.; Education |l). BANKS G. PERKINS, Vernon. A a.; Agr Cultural Engineering (I); A ph Gamma Rho. JOE DALE PERKINS Easette Ala.; Education (I). RICHARD E. PERKINS Spring Hill. A a.; Veterinary Medicine (J) Omega Tau Sigma. RICHARD ROWLAND PERKINS. Birmingham. Ala.; Art (J); Kappa A'pha. MICHAEL ERNEST PERRY. Pinson. A a.; Elect'ical Engineering (J). MILVER McGEE PERRY. Lockhart. Ala.; Agr cultural Engineering (J). RAY ALLISON PERRY. Hurtsbo’o, Ala.; Industrial Management (3); PI Kappa Phi. ELIZABETH PERRYMAN. Jasper, Ala.; Home Economics (I). GLENDA ANN PETERS. Ta looego, Ai .; Secretaria Training (I); Delta Zeta JAMES ELBERT PETERS. Samson Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (3); Lambda Chi Alpna. • AWRENCE AVERY PETERS. Ma'icr. Alaoam Industria Management |J), ROBcRT WILLIAM PETERSON. Wa» ross, G .; Aeronautical Engineer ng (|). JUDITH CAROLE PETTY, Auburn. Ala.; Secretarial Traning (I); Delta Delta Delta. JERRY EDWARD PETTUS, Ann tton, A a.; Mechanical Engineering (3). 377UNDERCLASSMEN PM It IP ARTHUR PFEIFFER Pensacola. Flo., Electrical Cngineerirg (2). HARRERT ANDREW PHILLIP. le.ington, A llectr cal fcng.oee'ing (I). SILLY RUSSELL PHILLIPS Chipley. FI .; Mechanical Engineering (2). BOBBY JOE PHILLIPS. Wausau. Fla.: E ectr'ca Snginee'inq (I). JAMES GORDON PHILLIPS. At -ta. Ga.: P'e La )• Kappa Alp-a. JAMES JACKSON PHILLIPS. Ala.and ' C V. Ala.; Education IJ); Theta Chi. JAMES WILLIAM PHILLIPS Alban,. a.: Mecnanico! E-gineering ()); Alpha Gamma Rho. MABRY STONE PHILLIPS. Albany Ga ; Electrical Engineering (l): Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARTHA ARBERY PHILLIPS. Hynttvillo. A'a.: Education (IDelta Delta Delta. MATILDA PHILLIPS Birmingham. A a,; Laoorato'y Technology 3); Alpha Gamma Delta. ROBERT J. PHILLIPS. Fei.Ti ld Ala.; Chemical Engineering (l); Sigma PI. ROBERT WALTER PHILLIPS. Columbjy. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (J); PI Kappa Phi. SIDNEY EIWOOD PHILLIPS, Mobllo. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee'ing (31: Theta Chi. WILLIAM CHARLES PHILLIPS. Leads. A'a : Mechanical Engine..Ing (2). WILLIAM HILRY PHILLIPS JR.. Mobile. Ala.: Architecture (2). WILLIAM HOSEA PHILLIPS. Nicaviile. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (I». CHARLES BARTON PHILLPOTT Mobile Ai .; Electrical Eng neering (21. NEWELL FLETCHER PHIPPS. Ph ni« City. A a.; Chemical Engineering (I). WILLIAM THEODORE PIBIL. Union’o»n A a.; Mechanical Engineering (J|. GEORGE EDWARD PICKENS. Mayfield. Ky.: Veterinary («); Omega Tau Sigma. CHARLES KING PICKETT. Sb'lng Mill. Ala.: Zoology (I) Sigma Chi. WILLIAM KcllER PIERCE. Chattanooga Tents.; Electrical Eng neering ( ’; T'ela Chi. JULIAN OWAN PILCHER. Newton. Ala.; Civil Engineering (2). NORMAN THOMAS PIlGRftN Ann ston, Ala.: Ae'onay'.nai Eng neering ; Kappa Alpha. RUSSELL STEPHEN PIMM. Tampa, Fla.: Aeronautical Engineering (2). MARY ELIZABETH PINKE. Bessemer. Ala. Prc-Vete'irsary Medicino (I). RONALD HUGH PINSON McCall . A'a. Mechamca Eng.nearing J). WILLIAM PAUL PINSON Gndiden. Ala ; Veterinary Medicine (4). CALEB WINDSOR PIPES. Oak Ridge, la.; Electrical Enginee-ing (1); Kappa Alpha. AUBREY EARL PIPPIN Mobile. Ala.: Mechanical Engineering (2). EDDIE I. PITMAN. Atlanta, Ga.: Business Aominisfration (I). JAMES I. PITTMAN. Pe'eriburg. Va.; Industrie Management (I); Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN REID PITTMAN Aubu'n Ala,; Electrical Enginaaring I}). KAREN PITTMAN. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (2): Alpha Gamma Delta. NORMENT WALLACE PITTMAN, Claa'watcr, Fla. Electric engineering (2); Delta Tau Delta. JAMES RAONEY PITTS. Padev A'a : £ Engineer ng (2). JOHN H. PITTS. Oct owanj. Fia.. Aeronautical Engineer ng (l). JOHNNY GEORGE PITTS, JR.. Panama C y. Fla.; Business Administration (2). KATHRYN JUNE PUTS. Gadsden Ale.; Home Economics (2). MARCIA JANN PITTS. Birmingham. Ala.; Science an literature (I). MATTlE REA PITTS Selma. A'a.; Science a'd literature (2i; Zeto Tau Alpha. FRANK REYNOLDS PLAN. Birmingham. Ala.; Industrial Management (2 . ERNEST HOPKINS PLANCK. Akron. Ohio; Electrical Eng neering |2;; Ph Kappa Tau. CLEO SLATON PLANT. Opc ika. Ala.: Secretarial Training (I). GLENDA GAIL PLUNKETT. Hancevitle Ala.- Home Economics (I); Chi Omega. PATRICIA ANN POE. Ota'k. Ala.: Science and literature (2). DAN I. POLLARD. Florence. AI .; Mechanical Engineering (3) WILLIAM HARO.D POLUTT. Montgomary. Ala.; Meehanicol Engineering (2). RICHARD AOAIR POLLOCK. Jacisorville. Fla.: Mechanical Engineer, ? (I). JENNIE CLYDE POISON Si'mingham A Education (21. 378UNDERCLASSMEN CECIL A EXANDER PONDER, Fairfield, Ala.; Aeronautical Fngineer'ng (I). BILL E. POODE Elba. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). JACK WALLACE POOLE. JR.. Maco' Ga.; Industrie Management (3); Sgma A pha Epsilon. JOSEPH L. POOLE, Roma. Ga.; Engineering Physics (I). BRENDA JO POPE Old Mielory. Tens.: Af (I); Ol Omega. CHARLES NEAL POPE. Montgomery, Ala.; Pre Law (I). ELLIS WARREN POPE Salem. Ala.; Bus'nest Aoministraton (2). GEORGE WILLIAM POPE. Amo'y, Miss.; Electrical Engineering (J). IRA T. POPE. Cynthlana, Ky.; Electrical Engineering (J). MARLMAN ELBERT POPE Ashland, Ala.; Agricultural See nee (4). MAURICE FRANKLIN POPE. Salem. Ala,; Agricultural Science (|). HERMAN J. POPWELL Clanton, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). PATRICIA LOUISE PORCH. Alo.andorCity, Ala.; Home Economies (2). WALTER HOWARD PORTER. Montgomery. Ala.; Science and Literature (3). HAROLD WAYNE POSEY. Tuscumbia Ala.; E'ectrical Eng Peering (l|. JEAN CAROLYN POSEY. Bessemer, Ala.; Home Economics (I). WILLIAM ARTHUR POTTER. Huntsvil e, Ala.; Pre-Medicine (3). ALAN DUNLAP POULSEN. Miami. Ha.; Ciwil Engineering (I). ALVA POWE. Cov. Ala.; Veterinary Med cine (2). DAVID EOWARD POWELL, Raleigh, N. C.; Chemical Engineering (2); Phi Kappa Tau. OON WATSON POWELL Hattiesburg Min.; Ct cmicel Engineering (2); Alpfa Tau Omega. ELEANOR JUNE POWELL. Birmingham. Ala.; An (3). JAMES WILBERT POWELL. Memphit. Tenn.: Agricultural Science (I). JERRY CARL POWELL. Enterprise A a.- Industrial Management (I). JOSEPH EDWARD POWELL, Tnomaston, Ala.; 3u Idlng Construction (I). LARRY WARREN POWELL. Andalusia, Ala.; Industrial Management (I). PATRICIA ANN POWELL. Prattville Ala.; laboratory Techno ogy (I). RALPH HARRY POWELL. Seneca. S. C.; Elect-ical Engineering (2); Sigma Pi. REBECCA C. POWELL. Montgomery. A a.; (2); Alpha Omicron P . WILLIAM PRANK POWELL. Aubur- Ala.; Art (I); Kappa Alpha. EDWARD GARTLAND POWER. JR.. 8irmir Qhom. Aa.; Chemical Engineering (I). JUOSON EDGAR PRATER. Fort Payne. Ala.; Zoology (2». RUBIN BURT PRATFR. Truisville Ala.; Fngineecing physics ■ ; Phi Kappa Tau. GEORGE PRElSS III. Montgomery A a.; Business Administration (|); Sigma Alotio Epsilon. CLAIRE HOUSE PRESCOTT. Birmingham. Ala.; Education (I). WILLIAM H. PRESCOTT. Aubu.e, Ala.; Bectrical Engineering (3). JUDITH ANN PRESNAl. Roa o e Ala.; Science and literature (2|. CARL GRAHAM PRICE. Clio Ala Agricultural Engineering (I). DAVID KENOALL PRICE. Aubu r, Ala.; Chemistry (l}: lambda CM Alpha. FRANK H. PRICE. JR,, Cecatu-, Ala.; Eoucation (3); Delta Tau Delta. HERBERT MILTON PRICE, South Pasadena, Calit.; Building Construction (2). JACK ARTHUR PRICE. Mt. Olive-. A a.; Inoust-ial M.nragnmert (I); PM Kappa Tas. JAMES UDELL PRICE, Pelham Ga. Mechanical Engineering (2). PEGGY LOUISE PRICE. Montgomery. Ala.; A-t (I). ROY FRANKLIN PRICE. Elba Ala.; Forestry (2). HOWARD LEE PRIOMORE. Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). WILLIAM FRANK PRIM Mobile. Ala.: Mechanical Engineering (I); lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES ROBERT PRINCE Roano«e, Ala.; Agricultural Engineering (3). CHARLES HAMILTON PRITCHETT. Geneva, A a.; Agricultural Engineering (2). JOSEPH ROBERT PROFHTT, Ga nesville. Fia.; Veterinary Med cine [J); Omega Tau Sigma. 379UNDERCLASSMEN CHARLtS NICHOLAS PROSCh. 3 im ngham, Ala.; Cbemieo Engineering (3); Alpha Tau Omega. JIMMY RENE FRUOHOMME. Mob le. Aj.; Civil Engineering (21. LOUIS HAROLD PRUITT. Montgomery. Ala.; Butinett Adminiitra'ion (31. RICHARD 0. PRUITT, Birmingham, Ala.: Indutlriel Management (3|. THOMAS MAURICE PRUITT, JR Comp Hill. Ala.; Methodical Engineering (J); Alpha Gonma Rho. CARL DAVIS PUGH. Mooile, Ala.; Civil Engineering (I); Pi Kooca Phi. JOEL NELSON UGH. Athant. A a.; Civil Engineering (I). LAWRENCE EDWARD PUGH. B'rmingham, Al.».: Mechanical Engineering (i) MARY JEREATHIA PUGH. Pheni Oily. Ala.; Home Economic! (I); De to Zero ROBERT EARL PUGH, Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (}). TOM VARNER PURSER. Dayton Tenn.: Architecture (3). JAKE WALLACE PURVIS, Geneva. Ala.; Veterinary Medic re (J); A pha Pii. SANDRA PUTNAM Arab Ala.; AH (I). WILLIAM WALTER PYRON. Eon Pa»ne. A'a.; Electrical (I). WILLIAM GREYSON OUARLES Moo-'le, Ala,; Electrical Enginee- rg (|): Sigma Chi, PEGGY DIANE QUENELLE, Talladega, Ala.; Education (2); Kappa Alp a Theta. JAMES BENJAMIN QUICK Waden N.Y.; B. inett Admin,itrafion (1} CHARLE-S ARTHUR QUILLEN. New O'leent la.; Eectr'cel Engineering (3). EDMOND I. QUILLEN. C'overda e. Ala.; Electrical Eng'"ter'ng (I). RICHARD At AN QUINN. Birmingham, A a.; Induttrlal Management (I); Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM L. QUINN. JR. Pral'yJle, Ala.; c'ectr cal Engineering Cl); Sigrna Nu. ELEANOR MARIE RA8REN. Auburn. A a.; Educat ©n (I). MICHAEL RAYMONO RAGUSA, Hammond, la.; Build rg Qonitruct on (I); Phi Kappa Tau. JAMES RAIFORD, At and. Aa.; Buiineu Adminittrat'on (3). NEIL ED RAINWATER. Cullman. Ala.; Suilnett Adm ni»trotion (31. ELDON O. RALEY, Beatrice, Ala.; E cctrical Engineer rg (I). NINA JOYCE RALEY G ercce. Ala. Home Economist (I). MARTHA SUE RAMAGE. S rm rgham. Ala ; Secretarial Training (I). GEORGE EDWARO RAMEY Mob'le. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (J). EDWARD LOUIS RANO. Atlanta. Ga.; Chem tt»y (2); Sigma Alpha bpt’lon. CHARLES DAViD RANDAL . Arho»t, Tenn.; Electrical Engineering (I). FRED LYNN RANDALL, Chattanooge. Tern.; Electrica Erg,'ear ng (3). MARY ELIZABETH RANDOLPH. Auburn. Ala.: Secrete-:al Training (3); Delta Zeta. NORRIS LEE RANDOLPH. Ceurtland. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I). LINDA GRACE. RANKIN. Selma Ala.; Interior Detign (I); Chi Omega. WILLIAM FARRIS RANSON Birmingham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). AUSTIN T. RASlO. Coral Gablet, Fla.; Archi-ectu'e |C). TEO BLAIR RATLIFF. Cullman. Ala.; Phatmacy (3). CHARLOTTE RAIFORD RAWLS. Montgomery. A a.; Sconce ano literature (2); Alpha Gamma Delta. FRANCES COLLIER RAWLS. Montgomery. Ala.; E ectrical Engineering (3); Sigma Nt. EVELYN JANE RAY. Cottonwood. Ala.; Interio' Detign (2)- Alpha Delta P . F. ANNETTE RAY. B 'mingPam. A aba o; Home Eccirgmict (3); A p -a Omicrpn P . JIMMY HAROLD RAY, Fruithu'tt. A a.; Mechan cal Eng’reering (3). KENNETH WAYNE RAY. Heleyville Ala.; Induttrlal Management (3 . LINDA WAYNE RAY. Montgomery. A a.; Education (I); Kappa Del a. LUTHER BEEBE RAY, Macon, Ga.; Induitria Management (I); Kappa Alpha. ROBERT IRWIN RAY Marietta. Ga.; Pre Denrittry (I); Sigma Alpha Eptiion. AGNES REAVES. Auourn. Ala.; Education (li. BETTY SUE REAVES Wedo»ee. A a.; Home Econom'ct (2i. JOHN DANIEL REAVES. Camp Hill Ala.; Pre-law (I); Sigma Ch 380UNDERCLASSMEN RAY DONALD REAVES, AlflJifon. Ala.; Civil Engineering (2). ALBERT M LES REDD. JR., Foley. Ala.; Indus-rie Management (3); Sigma Alpha Epiiion. ROY HENRY REDDERSON GuHpOrf. Fla.; Electr cal Engineering (l); Oe ta Taj Del a. MALCOLM BYRD REOOCCm, Chlpley. Fla.; Civil Engineering (I); Kappa Sigma. ANDREW OLIVER REDMON Roanole. Ala, Bvvnesj Administrations (I . JOHN WESLEY REED. Scottiboro, Ala.; Comical Engineering (3). TERESA ANNE REEDE? Truisvllte, Ala.; Secretarial Tra (I); Alpha Om.c'on Rl. GEORGE MARI OWE REESE. Montgomery A a.; P e Dentistry (I); Sgrna A pha Epslon. SREEZlE REEVES Birmingham. A'a. Ho c Economic (2): Delta Zero. J MMY RANDOLPH REEVES. Dunwood Ga.; Industrial Management (2). MARY ELIZABETH REEVES. leneft. Ala.: Education 2). MERRION ... REEVES Stevenson, Ala.; E.sinest Administra'ion (I). ROBERT AlAN REEVES, Du'««oody, Ga. Aeronaufiea Administration (2): Sigma PH Epsilon. NANCY LCU REICHERT Gadsden. A a.; Home Economic (2); Alpha Gamma Deita. JOHN ARTHUR REICHLEY. B'm'-ghem Ala.; Induttrial Management (I); Delta CM. GARY ERVIN RE D Hyden. Ala.; InoiAt'ial Management (2). JOHN ELORIDGE REID. Joclton. A-a.: Rtomaty (I). JULIA BRITT REID. Tallassee. Ala.; Home Ecc'om'cs Education (i J. WALKER WILLIS REINSCHMID . Pemarola. Fla.; Civil Fnginner r,g (2); S gma PH Ep Ion. JUDY LYNN REIS Selma. Ala.; Education (2). JOE HERVEY REmBERT. Montgomery Ala.; IndutHia Management (3). MARGARET ROSAMOND RENCHER. Opel la A a ; Education (3); Kappa Delta WANDA GAIL RENEGAR Myntyv I e Aio.; Home Econom cs Education (2); Oe to Zeta. EREOERICK WEYMAN RENNEKER. B:"rinqham. A a.; Pre Medicine (I); Kappa Alpha. AN TA STEWART REVNOLO$, Grayson Ala.; A-t (2); Chi Omega. BETTYE LOUISE REYNOLDS, .aciioe, Ala.; Edueat on (2); Oe fa Oel’a Delta. JOYCC ANNE RCYNOLOS Atlanta. Ga.; Educst'oti (2): Oelta Zeta. MAXINE ELAINE REYNOLOS. Maun! Ve-ran. Ala.; Science and Literature (I). SIDNEY ANTHONY REYNOIOS Mobile Ala.; Pharmacy (2); Tau Kappa Epsilon TOMMY WINSTON REvNOlCS, Cl O. Ala.; Textile Eng meeting (I). WILLIAM EUGENE REVNOLOS sMerp ise. AIs.; Engineering Phyjics (I) FI Kappa Phi. JACK S. RHOADES, Sa-nce'tvilie. Ga.; Civil Engineering (3); Pi Kappa Phi. EDWIN OLLIFF RMOOES Columbia A’a.- Electrical Engineering (21. JAMES E. RICH Athen , A a.; Buiinet Administration (2). HEROD CLAYTON RICHARDS. Catharine. Ala.; Civil Eng neering (I). HUG- FRANCIS RICHARDS, Mobile Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). TOMMY JAY RICHARDS Eai’lie d. Ala.- Ae'onautico Engineering [3!. DIANNE RICHARDSON. Selma. Ala.; Bui nets Adminiitration (2); Alpha Delta PI. OON RAMON RlCHAROSON, Opelita. A'a.: Science and literature (2). EDWARD CLARK RlCHAnDSON. Eulaula A a.; Mechanical Engineering (ij; PH Delta Theta. MADGE RICHARDSON, Montgomery, Ala.; Educo «n (2); De ta Delta Do ta. RODERICK BOYD RlCHAROSON. Moulton. Ala.; Pre-Medcine (I); Theta Chi. JERRY ISAAC RlCHESON Runellvi le, Ao.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). BEVERLY ANN RICHEY, 8 -mirqhem. Ala.: Education (2); Oe fa Zeta. PEGGY JEAN RICHEY. Bi'mirgham. Ala.; Home Economics (2); De ta Ze-a. JOt C. RICHIE Oemopoiit. A'a.; 6 ectr cal Englnee' ng (2); Sgma Nu. HENRY F. RIC-TEN JR., Sentcrd, F a.; Veterinary Medicire (3)- Alpha Pii. RANDY TERRv RlCKELS. Yaioo Ci y. Mi»».; Architecture (I); Delta Tau Delta. JIMMIE CARROLL RICKETTS, Grove Hil , Ala.. Forestry (3;. JAMES WYNN RICKS JR.. B:'mingnam A a.- Electrical Engineering ||). 381UNDERCLASSMEN MICHAEL HOWARD RIDDLE. Birmingham, Ala.: £ ectrical Engineering (2). REX ROLAND RIGGINS. Sylacauge. Al».: Pharmacy (3). JOSEPH ELVIN RIGSBY. Geo-giana. Ala.: Forestry (2). FRAN BRIDGES RIKARD Mobile. Ala.; Art (3). JACK STEINER. RILEY. Movgomary, An.-, Business Administration (I). KENNETH WAYNE RINGER. Rome. Go.; Industrial Management (3). WENDELL LEWIS RINGER. Rome. Ga.; Industrial Management (3). MALCOLM LANE RlSHER. Mobile. A a.: Civil Engineering (3). JAMES EARL RITCHIE, Oolhen, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). FRED A. RIVES. JR. Atlanta, Ga.; Business Administration '3); Sgmn Phi Epsilon. JOHN DAVIO ROBBINS. JR . Clanton Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I): Lambda Cni Alpna. RAYMOND EUGENE R08B NS. Sumlton, Ala.; Industrial Management (2). CHARLES 3. ROBERSON RoqertwHe. A a.; Industrial Management (I). WILLIAM DOUGlAS TOBERSON Repton, Ala.; Vefer-na’y Medicine (4). WILLIAM EDGAR ROBERSON. JR. Huntsville. Ala.; Fectrcal Engineering (l). BAR8ARA JEAN ROBERTS. Chictasa- Ala.; Educa-ion (I). ELEANOR BYRD ROBERTS, Harfselle, Ala.; Secretarial Training (I). FRANK CHESTER ROBERTS. Mil|r©«n. A a.; Education (3). HUGH MILTON ROBERTS Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). MILDRED C. ROBERTS, Birmingham, A a.; Education (21. WILLIAM JACKSCN ROBERTS. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (31. B08BIE JO ROBERTSON Co umbian.n, A n.; Secretarial Tralring (21. DAN S R08ERIS0N. Gold Hill Ala.; Forestry (I). GORDON LEE ROBERTSON, JR., Clanton Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3|. HERSCHEL N. ROBERTSON. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration (2l: Ri Kappa Phi. MARY ANN ROBERTSON Birmingham, Ala.; Science and literature (21. A. JUDE ROBINSON. JR.. Auburn. Ala.; Architecture (3). BARBARA JANE ROBINSON Birmingham Ala.; Education (I); Oelta Zeta. DANIEL RUFFNER ROBINSON, Signal Mountain, Tenn.; Industrial Management (2l: Alpha Tau Omega. HAROLD WALTER ROBINSON. Decot-'. Go.: S: once and LUe-ature (II; Sigma Rhi Epsilon. JACK P. ROBINSON, Newville A'a.; Ae-o au1ico Engineering (I). MARION WAYNE ROBINSON. Acxerdec City, Ala.- Te f n Management (2). MARTIN WADE ROBINSON. Ale.ande' City, Ala.; Sc ence and literature (2 . MARY ANN R08INSON. 8l'm ngham. Ala.; Home Economics (I). PAULA ROBINSON. Deca'ur. Ala.; Education (I); Kappa Delta. WALLACE PHILLIP ROBINSON Iron City. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (?|; Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM EVERETT ROBINSON, JR. Monte a ’o. Ala.; P'c-Vefer nory Medicine (2). BARBARA LEE ROBISON, Fo't Payne, AM.; Education (2); Delta Zeta. VIRGINIA CAROLYN ROBISON Mobile. Ala.; AH (2 . WILLIAM CARL ROBY. Birmingham. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). THOMAS LEO ROCKS, Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical E'qneering (I). MARGARET ANN RODGERS B mi-gham Ala.; Home Economics (3); Phi Mu. ORD 0. ROCKEY. Homewood. Alo.; Elsetrlcol Eng neering (2). CHARLES L. ROGERS, i rm ngnam. Ala.; Heclrica Engineering |?) HOWARD TOPPING ROGERS JR.. AuPurn Ala.; Pre.Med cine (I). JAMES CECIL ROGERS. Mn'Ior. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (|); Kappa Alpha. JERRY K. ROGERS Si'U'at Mountain. Tenn.; Mechanical Engineering (31. KENNETH WARD ROGERS. Miami, Fla,; Aeronautical Cngineerircj (21. SHEILA ANN ROGERS. F . Lauderdale. Fla.; Sc ence and l (2). RICHARD WAYNE ROLL. S . Joe. Mo.; Aeronautical Engineering (2 ; Delta Tau Dei’a. 382 - _________________________________________—JUNDERCLASSMEN MARGIE ANN RQLLO Salem. Ala.; IviImu Administration (I). JAMES O. ROMIN6, Rc-gersville. A a.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). WILLIAM ALFRED ROM NE. Rogertville. Ala.; Agricultural Educa-ign (2). JAMES LOYD ROOKER. B'mingham, Ala.; Meehan cal Engineering (2). CAROLYN ANN ROSE. Selma. Ala.; Education (2). ALFREO RAUL ROSEN. Coral Gablet, Fla. Electrical E ngineer’ng (2); R i Kappa Tau. JAMES WILLIAM ROSS. Meridian. M il.; Architecture (I). SANDRA ANN ROSS. Phani City Ala.; Hot Economic Education (2); Delta DOUGLAS FRANKLIN ROSSER Piedmon . Ala.; Ao ’cultural Science (2). SvONA ROTON, Montgomery. Ala.; Se ance and (2); Alpha Gamma Delta. WILLIS MARCUS ROUN'RSE. Montgomery, Ala.; Butinett Admin -.t-ation ( JOHN ERVIN ROURKE. Charleiton. S. C.; Elect-ical Engineering (I). ED ROY ROUTON. Gadtdcr, Ale.; Agricultural Science |3). CHARLES RANDOLPH ROWE. Birm.ngtem. A t.; Rectr cal Engineering (J). LINDA ROWE, Birmingham. Ala.; Sec-etaria: Training (I). REGGY EUDINE ROWE. Trunville. Ala.; Interior Deign (I). JOHN A.LEN ROWELL, Jirm'ngham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). StFSY ROWifY, Montgomery. Ala.- Education (J); Alpha Gamma Delta. JOE 8URKC ROYAL. Camp Hill. Ala.; Science and Literature (}). MARTHA ELIZABETH ROYAL. Ope ika, A a.; Educa-ion (I). THOMAS ERVIN ROYAL. M.dn gn . M Veterinary Medicine ( ); Omega Taj S gea. BYRON RUSSELL ROZELlE. Auburn. Ala.; R'eMedicire (J); Ri Karpa Rhi. VIRGIN A MARIE ROZCluE. Auburn. A a.; Homo Economica (3); Rhi Mu. MARIANNE ERIKA RUDOLPH. Huntsville. Ala.; Architecture (I). W LLIAM DONAI D RUFF. Birmingham. Ala ; Fiectriral Engineering (I). BILLY LARUE RUMBLEY, F»:tco City. Ala.; Industrial Management (J); Ph Kappa Tau. WILLIAM IOWARO RUNTAN Ashland. Ala.; Bulineii Adm nittration (2). CHARLES CHRISTOPHER RURR Huntsville. A'a.; Elect'ical Engineering (I). R08ERT LAMAR R'JPRENTMAL. Montgomery Ala.; Indunfriol Management J); S'gira Pi. AGNES ELiZA8f H RUSH. Coral Gab et. Fla.; Education (I). SALLY ICU RUSH. Dothan. A’a.; Home Economic (2); Kappa Delta. JIM T. RUSHIN, Montgomery, Alo.; Business Administration (2); Rhi 0c ta Theta. CAROL VIVIAN RUSS Atlanta, Ga.; Home Economica (I); Chi Omega. DANIEL LEWIS RUSSELL, Birmingham. Ala. Mechanical Engineering (J). DONALD EOWARD RUSSELL. Monroeviile, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2) Kappa ApHe JESSE MALONE RUSSELL, Montgomery, A a.; Electrical Engineering (2). JIMMY WAYNE RUSSELL, Ceoartomn, Ga.; Buaineat Admin.atretion (2); Kappa Alpha. LEE MARTIN RUSSELL. Montgomery. A a.; Veterina-y Medic:re (J). ROSLYNN LEE RUSSELL. Truaville. Ala.; Education (J). ROY GR FFIN RUSSELL. Shet'ield. Ala.; Electrical Eng nearing (2). WILEY HILLAKV RUSSELL. McKcnjie, Ala.: Education (3). GREOORY BEPEll RUST. Birmingham. Ala.: Mechanical Engineer ng (I); Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN G. RUIKAUSKAS. S'am.lo'd Connecticut; Architecture [2!; Delta Tau Deltn WALTER KENNETH RUTLEDGE. Dadevilie. Ala.; Buaineat Administration 13). VICTOR WILLIAM ROWE Birmingham. A a.; Electrical Eng neering (2). DAVID CLAYTON RYAN. Collinaville. A a.; Industrial Management (3). BERNARD GLEN SAOLtK. Bro«ntbono. Aia.; Te»tile Management (2). JACK ELLWOOD SADLER. Fairfield. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I) DORIS I DELLA SAGERS. Mobile. Ala.; Education (2). JOHN EDWARD SAIOLA. Aubu-n. Ala.; Veterinary Med ; e (2). 383UNDERCLASSMEN ARTHUR M. SALI8A. Dothan. A'a.; Architecture (2) EDWIN M. SAHAS. Cothan Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). ALTON RAY SALTER. Greenville. A ). Aeronautical Engineering (I). JUDSON H. SALTER. Op liU Ala.; Indust-n Management (2|: Aloha Tau Omega. WILLIAM R. SALTER GtMnviCe A Ft«rm«:y (}). CHARLES MARTIN SANDERS. Auburn. Ala.: Comical Engineer «g (0. FRANK WILLIS SANDERS. JR. Bcj ah, Ala.: E ectrical Engineer ng (II. JACK LANE SANOERS Verisen. Ala ; Ar-esnautieal Engineering (!) JOSEPH PRESTON SANDERS JR. Fairfield. Ala.: Electrical Engineering (I); lambda Chi Aloha. SAMUEL SIDNEY SANDERS. Mobile A a.; Aeronautical Engineering |l). WILLIAM BUFCRO SANDERS. Headland. Ala.; E ««■- co Engineering |l). ARTHUR WARREN SANDERSON Moj on. Ala.; Industrial Management (2). JOSEPH GRAHAM SANFORD P'ettviUc Ala.: Aeronau'icol Adm nil-ration (J): Sigma Nu. MARY McOUEEN SANFORD Proiluille A a Educot on 3): Kaoee De tn. ROBERT l. SANFORD JR Prattville. Ala.; Ag-icultu-e (I); Sigma Nu. WILHAM DALE SANFORD. Fa e"n A s : Mec-s» cat Engineer ng (J . SANDRA JAV SANSING Bi.ming-»m. Ala.; Eolation (2): P- Mu. THOMAS FREDERICK SAPP Mobile Ala.; R'e Med (I); Sigira C '. LUIS ALBERTO SARDON. A'eQuioa Peru; Agriculture (I). JOHN JAMES SARRIS. Bl'm'nghem, Ala.; Mechan'cal Englnee- 'g (I). MOLLY RRaSFIElD SARVfR. Auburn, A a.; Science and tl-e-aru'e (I); Kappa Del»a ANNA RUTH SASSER. Aloan,. Ga.: Secrete' ! Training [I); Ph Mu. BARBARA ANN SAUNDERS Montgomery, A a.; Sc C' e and lite'ar.i'e (2 • Alpha Omic'on P . OONAIO C. SAUNDERS. JR Birmingham Ala.; Ae-onauticel Admiriitrat'on (J WILLIAM SAUNDERS Savannah. Ga.; I'dustral Management (2): S'gmsa A p a Eps'on. JANICE KAY SAUR. 8'"- ngham Ala.: Secr ta-ia' Training (I); Pi le’a Fr; MORRIS w. SAVAGE. Oora. A'a.: R'e La- (J). ROBER LLOYD SAVAGE. Winter Haven Fa.; |lact-i«al Engineering (J). JUDY KAY SAWYER Birmingham. Ala ; BuliAMi Administration (I). ELLIE SUE SAXON Aubu-r. Ala ; Educotioa (I). RITA SUE SAXON. Sy-laceuge. A'a.; Edueat'on (J); Onl'a GEORGE I. SCALES Fairla . Ala.; Educe’ on (J) LARRY JAMES SCANLAN. $t. Malthe-i. Ky.; Veferina-y Medic ne (41; Omega Tau Sigma JAMES M. SCARBOROUGH. loc.ha- Ala : rnginee-ing Rhyiici (3). JAMES PERRY SCARBOROUGH. Eulauie A'a.; Rha-macv (31- Sgma Nu. OSCAR L. SCARBOROUGH. JR, Aliceville A a.: Cnem it-, (2). CAROLYN RUTH SCHAEFER, Decatu'. Ala.; Education (I); A’pah Gamma Delta FRANK LAURENCE SC.HAFF. E bertn. Ala.; Mechanical Engineer rg ( DONALD PETER SCHAMBEAU. Reniacolo. Flo.; Eectricel Enginee-iog (I). RONALD RUSSELL SCHAM8EAU Pemacola F a.; Electrica Englnee-ng IJ. WILLIAM RICHARD SCHAUER. Birmingham. Ala.; Architecture (4) CARL LINCK SCMLICH. Ill lo.tey A a.; Electr cal Enginee-ing (I). NEAL KEMP SCHNET2LER Birmingham Ale.; A-chitecu'e (I). JACK DOUGLAS SCHOOR, Co umtui. Ga.; Business Administration (3); Ph; De 'a The . ROBERT WILLIAM SCHORR, Jacksonville Beach. Fla.; Aeronautical Engineering (21. MARY ELIZABETH SCHUESSLER, Columbus. Ga.; Civil Enginee-ing (2). WALLACE PERRY SCHUESSLER. Sylacauga Ain.; Agricultural Sconce (2); Alpha Gamma R-o. KENNETH PAUL SCHULTZ. Foley. Ala.; Buy'nen Administarfion (I J; Sigma Ni. LEA STANLEY SCHULTZ. Jacksonville. Fla.; A-l (3). WILLIAM MARVIN SCHULTZ, Gainesville, Fia.: Science and literature (3); S gma Nu. 384ROBE ! OElANEY SClATER. i ob 't. A a.; P-e-MedlcIne (2)- 0«lt« Tow Delta. ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT, B-ewton. aib.: Ecvcation II). GEORGE E. SCOTT, Brm rgham, A Mecha'ica Engnaer 3 (11. JAMES R SCOTT. Boar. A ft. C »i Engineering (2). JAMES WIEHAM SCOTT. Pell City Ala.- Civil Engineering (J). MARY LOUISE SCOTT. 8e tem«r, Ala.; laboratory Technology (I). NORMAN 0. SCOTT. Montgomery. Al«.: Civil tng "ee'ing 2-. RAY W. SCOTT JR.. Auburn Ala.; Buiinatt Ao-lnitt.atlor. (J). RONALD C. SCOTT Montgomery. Ala,; Aerorautiea Engineering (2;. SAUNORA RAY SCOTT. Bent"- ' Ala.; Home Economic Education (Ii. SUE ELLEN SCOTT Elmore. Al .; Education (J). ANNETTE SCREWS Opelita. Ala.; EdwCo’ o'o' (U; Kappa Del'a. MARY KATE SCRUGGS. Birmnigbam, Al .; Science and literature ();. ROBERT JULIAN SCRUGGS. Birmingham. A v; 8--i diag Cortt-wction . CLARENCE IARRY SFAlF. Bacterrr- A ft.; Irduttral ManagemeM (2) LAVAN 8. SEALES. Red level. Ala. Agricultural Education (I). KATHLEEN WARE SEARCY. Auburn. Ala.; Heme Economic (2); Kappa De -a. MARGARFT JANE SEARS. Mobile Ala ; Home Economic (I). OlEN N. SEAY. JR. Vernort. Ala.; Edwcafoa (2). CRANK N. SEETON, JR.. Hunttville A t.; Induil' a’ Ma'agemert ()i: C«l a Taw Delta. ECWIN MARX SEGREST Doth»a, Ala.; Buvnen Admin tt-etiot (21. ROBERT S. SEGREST. Auburn. Ala.; 8u(!n«i Adm ini tr tion (J). EDWARD LEWIS SEIBERT. Ga'den Ci»v Ala - Agricultural Education (I). WILLIAM SEIDEMAN. M ami Beach. Fla.; Education (2). RONALD STEPHEN SElGlER Anderter. S. C.; Elect-icol Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Tau. CHARLES GARY SELF. Quinton. Ala.; Pre Wed-cire (2). JAMES ROBERT SElT. JR.. Columbvt. Ga ; luiiatu AOr-inittrotian IJ). JERRY DOUGLAS SELF. Birmingham. A a.; Mechanical Enq neering (2;. RHONDA LOUISE SELF. Auburn Ala ; EdvCat on (J). CAROLYN SflLFRS, Bi'rringKam Ala.; Butina Adminiitration (2)- Alpha Omieron R CHARLES EDWARD SELLERS. JR. Rome- Ala.; F©rc»try (2); Alpha Gam- a Rno, EVE SELLERS. Birmingham Ala.; Sec'eta-ial Treinlag |l); Alpha Omie'on Pi. KATHERINE LONG SELLERS. Montgomery. Ala.; Educat oaal (l):Ph Mu. ROBERT EARL SELLERS. Birmingham. A a.; Electrical Engineering (J|. TERRY SEILERS. JR.. Cordova. A'a.; Eo'ettry (2); PEI Kappa Tau. THOMAS NEWTON SELLERS. M llerville Ala.; Ao'Col'v'a Sole-ce (2). . LINDA FOWLKES SElSOR Camden. Ala.; An (I). JAMES CllFTON SENTELl. Montgomery. A a.; Elec'- CO Eng neering (2'. JANfcC. SENTELL. Montgomery. Ala.; Education (2); Alpha Gamma Delta. WILLIAM BARTON SESSIONS. Dothan. Ala.; Electrical Eng rearing (}). GEORGE M. SEWELL. Blrmiagnam. Ala.; Chemical Engineer -g (J). MARY ANN SEWELL Dadevilln Ala.; Education (J); Alpha Omie'on Pi. WILLIAM ROORlCH SEWELL. Memo i«. Tenn.; Sdtxe and Li'a'afu'e 12); Pi Kaooa AIpNa. CAROLE ANNE SEXAUER Ft. McC rllan. A a.; Educaticn (3) LEO JOSEPH SEXTOR. Atlanta. Ga.; But net- Aominiytration (J); P-ri Delta The’a. DANIEL WILLIAM SHACKELFORD. Macon. Ga.; Electr cal £ngi»eo'ing (J); Lambda Cn Alpha. SHIRLEY ANN SHADIX. Birfn.ngham, Ala.; Sec'e’aria' Training (|). 8AR3ARA DEANNE SHAFFER Hoeytown. A a.; Education (?). CHARLES E. SHAFFER. JR. B rmingham. A a.; Mechanical Engineering [l); Deita Chi. GENTA JOSEPHINE SHARP. I'rn rghair. Ala ; Home Economic (2). 385UNDERCLASSMEN NOLAN CALVIN SHARP. Shelbyvillo. Tenn.; Veterinary Medicine (4); Omega Taj S gma. CLYDE LYNN SHARPE. 8 rmingham, Ala.; Ctemieal Engineering I). EUGENE VAN SHARPE Birmingham Al«.; Architecture (I): Sigma Nu. JAMES RUSSEU SHARPE. Andalusia. Ala.; Engineering Physics |3). DONALD C. SHARRETTS. Foley. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ARTHUR McKEE SHELAMER. JR.. Huntsville. Ala.; AH (2). MARCUS EUGENE SHELBY. Livingston. Al».; Civil Engineering (I). CARL B. SHELLEY. Headland. Ala.; Electee Engineering |2). NAN ELIZABETH SHELLEY. Headland. Ala.; Home Economies Education (3); Alpha ©micron Pi. SYLVIA RAMONA SHELLEY. Po-tersv lla. Ala.; Home Economies (2). BETTY LOU SHELTON Che’lotte, N.C.; Business Administration (J); Kappo Alpha Thefo. BILL SHELTON Fayetteville, Tann.; Architecture |3). 8ILLY WARREN SHELTON. Moul'on. Ala.; Mechanic Engineering |2). BOBBIE REED SHEl’ON Henttville. Ala.; Home Economics (I). DONALD W. SHELTON. Decatur. Ala.; Art (2). JAMES KINSER SHELTON, Eclectic. Ala.; AH (I): Delta 7efa. DIANE KAY SHEPARO. Birmingham Ala.: Art (I). Del'a Zeta. JACK HAYES SHEPARD. Hartford. Ala.; Agriculture Engineering (3). PHILIP M. SHEPARO. Birrrlngnam. Ala.; Mechanic Engineering (I). JOSEPH N. SHEPHERD. Tusca'oosa. Ala.; forestry (3); Kappa S umo. RUFUS WILSON SHEPHERD. JR. Montgomery. AIa.: Civi Engineering |2). JULIE RHETT SHEPPARD. Montgomry. Ala.; Education (3); Alpha Gamma Delta. STANLEY A. SHEPPARD. Tuskegne, Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); PI Kappa Alpha. IZZY SHEVER. Pensacola. Fla.; Engineering Physics (2). RICHARD D. PIERSON SHINN. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Veterinary Medicine 12); Alpha Pii. JAMES MELTON SHIPMAN, lugoff. S.C.; Aeronautical Engineering (I); Della Tau De'ta. WILLIAM 8ARBAREE SHIPMAN, Louisville. Ala.; Electrical Engineering 3). CHARLES E. SHIPP, Roanoke, Ala.; Aeronautical Administration (I). KENNETH CARLTON SHORT. Andalusia. Ala.; Agricultural Science 2). SYLVIA CAROLYN SHORT. Birmingham. Ala.; Science and Literature (2). HOWARD RAY SHOULTS, Trutsville, Ala.: Mechanical Engineer ng (I). NORMAN 0. SHOWS. Jacksonville. Hit.- Electrical Engineering (2); Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM EUGENE SHREVE, Andalusia. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2); Pi Kappa Alpha. SUE CAROLYN SHUMACK. tcel. Ala.; Education (3). DAVIO CASTLE SIBLEY. Decatur. Ge.; Art (2). JAMES ALLEN SIBLEY. JR.. Woodbury. Ga.: Test! e Engineering |2); Pi Kappa Phi. JAMES DONALD SIBLEY, Mt. Hope. Ale.; Agricultural Education (2). MIRIAM H. SIBLEY. Mt. Hope. Ala.; Home Economics (3). DAVID ROBERT SIDEL. Mobile. Ala.; Prc-Voferinary Medicine (2). JERRY EARL SIOES.'sam. Ala.; Meehan cal Engineer -g (I). PEYTON ANDREW SIDES Montgomery. Ala.; Education (3). ROLF SIEBER. Huntsville. Ala.; E’cctrical Engineer'n.g (I). JAMES ROBERT SIGLER Montgomery. Ala.: Pre-Dentistry (2). NANCV ANN SIKES Lanett A!).; Home Economies (I). WILLIAM JACOB SILVER. Mobi'c. Aia.; Mechanical Englnee-lng (I). ANN ELIZABETH SIMMONS. Birmingham. A a.; Chemistry (I); Zeta Taj Alpha. REGINALD CURRY SIMMONS. Hacodo. Ala.; Pharm acy (2). S’ACY EARL SIMMONS Koscljiko. Miss.; A'chlrecture ;2); Phi Kappa T»u. STEVEN EARNEST SIMMONS. Haeoda. Ala.; Meehan,cal Englnee-lng (I). TERRY KAY SIMMONS. Josper. Ala . Art (2); Delta Delta Delta. 386UNDERCLASSMEN THOMAS LAMA? SIMMONS. JR.. Gadsden. Ala.; A't (2). DOROTHY ALICE S'MPSON. Birm.'ngtsem, Ala.; Train.nq (I). MARCIA EVELYN SIMPSON. Montgomery. A Hone Economics ; Alpha Gamma Delta. STEPHEN RAY SIMPSON. A'morc. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I). WYATT COLLIER SIMPSON. JR., Engineering Physics (I): Sigma PI. E. REEVES SIMS. 9Irm' gha r. Ala.; M».;rjnlcel Engineering (3). FRED ELWIN SIMS. Calera. Ala.; Aeronautical Erglneerng (2). GEORGE W. SIMS. Deca'u'. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3). GLENDA AV SIMS, Frisco City. Ala.; Education (I); Kappa A ni .» Theta. HOWlLL LOUIS SIMS. Huntsville. Ala. Architecture (I). JAMES RANDALL SIMS, longdate, Ala.; Mglic (I). JAMES WILLIAM S‘MS. Pulaski. Tenn. Forestry (21 Sigma PH £os lun. JOHN HAROLD SIMS. W.ltonvllle. Ala.; Agricultural Education (J). MfLVIN EUGENE SIMS. Ala.; Chonlcol Englnnr-Irg (J). NORMAN DOUGLAS SIMS. Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). RAYMOND MACK SlM$. Moandvlle. Ala P e Dentistry (?) Kappa Alpha. RICHARD BIO IS SIMS CropwIH Ala.; Ae-oeeullca! Eng neering ()); Sigma Pi. ROBERT ROY SIMS. Jacksonville. Ala.- Elec'rlca Engineering (2). THOMAS EDWARD SIMS. Atlanta. Go.; Electrical Engineering (?!; Sgma Nr. THOMAS FRANKLIN SIMS Greensboro. Ala.; Business Admin strolion (I). MARTHA HUMBER SINGER. Lump on. Ga.; Secretar'el Training (2); Aloha Celta Pi. MARY LOUISE SINGEE. Ijmpkin. Ge.; Business Administration ())• A pha Delta P . JOE P. SINGLETARY. ,1. Pelham. Ga.- Industrial Managernent (I); Phi Delta T eta. JEEP SIRMON. Franklin, Ala.- C‘vi: Engineering (3). RAYMOND CECIL SiRMON. Fean :In A a.; Building Coevructioe (I). GUSTAVE S. SlSSON. JR.. A’ aala. Ga.: Mechanlcol Englnee'ing (21 Sigma Pnl Epsilon. BARBARA FAY SIVRUA. Moolle. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). OOROTHY ANN SIZEMORE Bl'mlnghart, A a.; Education (3) Alpha Gamma Oelta. G. C. SKIPPER. Montgomery. Ala.; Science and I terature (I). HARRY ROBERT SLAGLE. JR 3 rmlnqham, Ala.; Vefe'inary Medicine (2); Alpha Pal. TYRONE JOSEPH SLA'SKY. Broolslde. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). GEORGE ARTHUR SLAUGHTER. Talladega. A a.; Electrical E-glneering (3). JOANN SLAUGHTER, larelt Ala.; Business Administration (2); Delta Zefa. JOHN RICHARD SLAUGHTER. Jackson. Tenn,; E ectrlcal Engineering (2): Lambda Chi Alpha. SANDRA MERLE SLAY. Birmingham, Ala.; laboratory Technology (?): Alpha Oelta P . JUDITH MARGARET SLAY Bi'mlnghom Alo.; Home Economics 12); Phi Mu. EL ZA66TH LEE SLEDGE Gadsden. A a.; Heme Economics (3;. JUDITH LOVE SLISH. Columbus. Ga.; Education (3); Zeta Tau Aloha. JIMMY BERT SLOAN. Tallassee. A a.; Business Administration (3) RICHARD BRYSON SLOAN. JR.. Florence. Ala.: Ornamental Horticulture (2); Theta XI. ROBERT BOYD SMALLWOOD Chickasaw, Ala.; Forestry (I). MARY JANE SMIL IE. Co'jmbus. Ga.; Education (2)- Chi Omega ALTO FRANK SM TH flocale. Ala.; Elec’rlca Engineering (i). BARBARA FRANCES SMITH. Da tor. Ga.; Home Economics 13); Chi Omega. BETTY JEAN SMITH. Livingston. A a.; Education (3): Delta Delta Delta. CAROLYN ANN SMITH Birrtvngnjm Alj.; Science and lite-afure (I). CHARLES EASON SMIIM. Birmingham. A a.: Irvoustrlol Manag- ral (?). DONALD MAX SMITH. Mob te. Ala.; Agrlcultj-al Engineering (I). DONALD RAV SMITH. Sv aca.g.s Ala.; Civil Engineering (I). DOROTHY EVELYN SM TH. Birmingham. A a.; Education (3): Alpha Omlcron PI. 387UNDERCLASSMEN OOROTmY lADEllE $MIIH. B-'minghaen Al«.; Education (3). EMMITT CARLTON SMITH .eedt Ala.: Aeronautical Engineering (I). FRIC C RR SMITH JR. 8i-mlngham Ala.; Bointn Administration (I). GERALD WAYNE SMITH A berfv lie. A s.; Physic (I). GllFORO ROBSON SM TM. Troy. A a.; A'Chifectu'e (2). GLORIA RUOENE SMITH. A'niston Ala.; Education (2); Alpha Gamma Delft. GUV ASHTON SMITH Leesburg Ge.: InduUrla Management (2); De fa Sigma Phi. MASSEL BEDFORD SMITH. JR., lascassav Tenn.; Veterinary Medicine (2): A pha Pil. JAMES LADELLE SMlTf. So' ng Hill. A a.; A-t (2|: Theta CM. JAMES RONAIO SMITH. Tal ndegn. A n.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). JANE LEIGH SMITH. Mob to. Ala.; Educaton (3); Kappa Oelta. JANET R. SMITH. Moolle, Ala.: Education (3). JIMMY DAVID SMITH. Fairfield, Ala.; Civ I Engineering (2). -OE BACHELOR SMITH Wctumpca Ala.; Business Administration (I). JOHN IRVIN SMITH. Cincinnati. Ohio; Zoology (I). JON DOUGLAS SMITH. B -mIngram. Ala.; Pre DeM-itry |2); P Kappa Alpha. JUDIT" ANN:S SMITH B»sseme- A a ■ Home Economic-. (?); Alpha Omlc'On PI. JUIE CAROL NE Smith Gu- ey. Ala.; Ho—e Eccnomicj (l| Delta Delta Delta. LESLIE EARLE Smith Mapietv Aia.; Mechanical Engineering (I). MARTHA lOUlSE SMITH NO 1oa, Va.; Education (2); Alpha Delta PI. MELVIN M SMITH Wert Pe nt. Ga ; Industrial Management (I). JOY KAT ER NE SMITH A'lanta. Ga.; Buvne Administration (2); Chi Omega. MYRCN WALLACE SMI'H. JR.. Bay St. Lous, MI .; Veterinary Medicine 2 ; Alpha Tau Omega. NORA FRANCES SMITH. MsHin, Tenn.; E ect.lcal Eng neerlng (3); Zet» Tau Alpha. PAUL C. SMITH, G'ay Hj«i Ky.; Veterinary Medicine (4). PAULA SUE SMITH. Car-p Mil . Al«.; Science and Llte'a’ure (2). RICHARD A. SM TH. Oneceta. Ala.; Ae'onaur'cal Engineering (3). ROGER SMITH. Unlavowh, A a.; Educator (2). RONALD BURTON SMITH. Sha»mut, Ala.; TeytHe Management (3). SANDRA ANN SMI'H. 6 -mleghae- Ala.; A't (I); Alphj Om crcn PI. SARA ELIZABETH SMIT . Montgomery, Ala.; Educra-on (3); Chr Omega. S. DOUGLAS SMITH, Eylei'a A a.; Chem:cal Engineering (I); Sigma Nu. TEC I. SMITH, Enterprise. Ala.; Agricultural Science (I). THOMAS HAMPTON SM:TM. Bl'mlnq'am. Ala.; Mechancal Eng nee'ing (3). 'HOMAS OWEN SMITH Montgomery Ala.: Agricultural Science (2) VIRGINIA GRACE SMIIm Cpel.ia A a.; Sc-ence ang I ‘e-atwe (I); Kappa De.ta. WARREN ClARK SMITH. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Aeronautical Administration (2). WILLIAM GERALD SMITH Gadsden Alo. Eletf'Ica' E-gineerIng (I . PATTI JEANETTE SMITHERMAN Randolph. Ala.; Home Eccromlcs (I). R. ONf Al SMITHERMAN. iandoloh. Ala.; Zoology (3); Alpha Gamma Rho. GUILFORD E. SMITHSON An-Joly.a. A a.: Meehan cal Engineering (J); Sigma Chi. DADE SHERRILL SNELlGROVE. Montgomery. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (l|. IYNWOOOM. SNIDER Langdale. A a.; Inoutt- al Management (21, CHESTER RAY SNOW G'eenvUc. Ala.; Elecfrlca; Engineering (21. C. KEN SNOW B rm.ngham, Aia.; Electrical Engineering (2| DANNY G. SNOW. Genrertvill A a.; Electrical Engineering (2). EMILY ANTIONETTE SNOW. Muhtord. Ala.; AH (I). MARTHA YELDElL SNOW Birmingham, Ala.; Horne Economic (31; Alpha Gamma Oelta NELSON MAURICE SNOW'. II. Columbia, S.C.; Mechanical Engineering (21; Sigma Nu MARIANNA SNOWDFN. Paris,; Home Economies ;i): Delta Della Delta. 388UNDERCLAvSSMtU MYftfc ANN SNU3GS. cnro A'a.: Ho”-c Economic U . OlANt fRANCES SNYDER C’-a” i txrjo t««v tuv H O'." Zc'a lav Mdka. SAM E. SOEOPP. C al'i ooqa, Z« ,; Mechanical E»q nae'inq OV. Kappa S qma. WIUIAM HARRELESOMMERVtEEE. Salma. Ala.; CW.l tnq tvaaflnq V V. V«»ma P‘«. MARY CAROL SOSSONG Vit-iingRa " Ala.: l»i»-«• 0 « an I:': Kalita Alpva ' • n’o. RAYMOND EAMAR SOUTH, Co Iwmfeu . Go. llriit Wanaq "«M PI Kappa V --. SASHAfcA JANltCt SO'Nfcl.V. Alburn. A'a.; M«m» tCOHOmlt OV Kappa Alp Tht’a. PATRICIA ALEXANDER SCWtEE E- «'0'«e- Ala. Edecallon OV. AlpHa Gamma Dal’a. THOMAS PAUL SPAMOS. Pom Val a,. Ga.; P»a ma.i JUIY V, SRANN, G'aaRvi" AlaClam ca l".q r »««no 1 . NIUP NORMAN SPANN v’ ar A a.; A'C ' ( i Kaota S qma. •RANK RICHARD SPANO. Columpj'. Gv; Baci'lca Enplnoa' nq OV. P' RaPPaR 1 JON JOSEPH SRANO Columbus Ga.; Cw« ISV. S Qma O’ . RORtRl W NPORD SPARKMAN SPcHIcH. A a.; RlccN’.cal tn » nw»nq 0T SORRY SPfcAKMAN %'•" nohan- , A'a.; MacRan cal tno" na ’ NQ O'. JESSE MERIE SPEAKS Ea a’i A'a.; Suvnew A W « Na' o» W. GINGER SPEAR E P «. A a. Education 0 Kappa D« 'a. JAMES THOMAS SPEEGEfe. Col man. Ala.; C'.vW E-xvnw.r O'-OSCAR CARV.TCM SPE-GNER EMc o» v Ala.; %v ldi«« CcT ’ucl.on i . MARY KATHV.EEN SPENCE. a«a'o, A a.; Wacal oa O'. $AMUK J. SBV)fcC lON. .K.. iumtM|' Tn, A' .; Mccton'ca' tNvtiw’ifrf) {ft; Si ni Alpha fcpsi'on. THOMAS AlVH S UBl'N JR, 1r»p du ',’o' M nantme» ' O'- iVfcVfN O'ANNfc S URR'BR %i,n » ') iarri A'o. , S« Tp i»iiMJ A'p'-ft 0" CTO« W. DONMO SQU'RIS. Vva'a Q, A'a.; froTn'» O' . W' V'AM CARC SY JOHN. Ood Qc i. A’ , , i'tO’ica T . PATRlC'A ANNtSHNCtR Mol e. Alo.;SocttHt WiViRq , Alt'a Go mm a Oo'io. MARGARET ANN SPICER C'o,',©n. A a.’. Sc'ooco and L lo'a'u't OV. A'p a D«' o. MTRGTNTA ROSt SR'l'lA. Mot A laOo»a o Y '.1,'. K OP 0 • . HA't'NOOO M SRORT McMao ?'y Ala.- (uv(V«%s AdnxW T» T on { Katos Sioma. GlRAlOlNt V. S?RAlllN % 'm‘i .nkian- A a.; Hom« Icoivn'cs IV. ATp'iO 0 l« ; i. VYW.UAM 5. SVRAUTN Ha lebu'iJ A o. , Anuw Tii' lUvcoliOD V V. Soma HI Ipi'i o . JAMtS lURltSON NGt llO. Gu « A'a Adn-iAi tf TiOD {T ROBW GtORGt SH'NGlfc jR., «rwco a a. , t eO»‘ica VV MACK MORRIS 'TPNf, A a.; l s«acaT or {ft, THOMAS l OY S BVJTtU l«iiv A'a.-, AN’icuVuiaT Ss R»ict MV. V' a B i. PAIR CK THURlOW SPtNCl Macot Ga.; t c.T cal ANNt MlRRlll SPtNCtR SW'r'.nqVaf' A a.- Ho'no Ico r iCS ;lV. Atpla Gamma 0«lTa. 8RUCI V.OOGI SHNCIR, JR. 0 ia’a» Ala.; M«c ' ,i ca V'T-. P« Kappa Aip ia. IDNAARD R. SPlNCt MoM ion -y A .; t aO c«l X . MARjORTt tUSt S tNClR OcKaia' A'o.; t i»c.«T’ioo {SV. A p a Om'iooo 5 . VONSTt W. STAS.-.K, Va •tipf.f, A'a ; Rd sTf aT 'AtM ntti' ) AO SOH V IV.S0H fa tVopt Ata.'CV«rr w tVilYH S AOOWS. a Vicpo, A'a,- loWaTory ocKao'o ’ )V GtNtOAN tV.S AGNlt Sr ta,()s A'%, Idu 'KXi Vl . JOHN TVTCMAS S M.i.'N0S A'a. fi s' ’ia Ma t'ntAT Viqna A'tT'fi MARSHALL CAR An.; WoOira c T S' nra H . 0AY10 MRN SU .vV 0tTH, Vwc KiW A a.; Adtn’in T aT OR'U AoT4. 0UG $ met SUU O H. 'ItussVvWo. A i.;WT t VaMStn tOsVA O V AVl' O 'H, VAt tp ct A'a. A t’ic v i4i coT o W'CHAtl H.S ANVO U. M Hifi Vo’tsTr 389UNDERCLASSMEN EARL WILLIAM STANTON. Cla'hdale. Milt.; Veiefinery Medicine (4); Sign Alpha Epsilon. If IIA LEE STAPLETON. Amor cus. Ga.- laboratory Technology (I); Alpha Oel-a Pi. SOILING POWELL STARKE. Montgomery, At«.; Business Administration (I); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SANDRA GAIL STARNES, Glencoe. Ala.; Home Ecc'omics (I). AUGUSTUS JOSEPH StAUB. Pulton. Miss.; Architecture (4). JANE M. STAUFFER Montgomery. Ala.; Art (3); 0 ta Zcta HIBERT EDMUND STEELE. Mobil . Al .; Chemical Engineering (I) Taj Kappa Epvlon ARTHUR J. STEELY. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.: Aeronautical Enginee-ing (2) JOHN STANLEY STEIN, Brmingham, A!a.; Aeronautica Administration (J) Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES HENRY STEINER. Mobil . Ala.; Forestry (2| BETTY KAY STEMBRlDGE. B rmle.gham, Ala.; Home Economics (2). BETTY CARLINE STEPHENS. Huntsville, Ala.: Interior Do , gn (I); Kappa Delta. CHARLES OSCAR STEPHENS Anniston. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I); Delta Chi. DENNIS EOWARO STEPHENS. Birimngnam. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee-ing (I); Delta Chi. ElWOOD LARRY STEPHENS. Semmes. Ala.; Business Administration (21; Phi Delta Theta. PRANK WAYNE STEPHENS. Attala. Ala.; PreDentlstry (I). GEORGE HARRIS STEPHENS. JR.. Dothan, Ala.; Bwiineii Administration (I); S:grra Nu. JAMES KENNETH STEPtlENS. Yacoo City. M ii.; E ectr | Enginee-ing (2): Delta Taj Deito. MARION GARRETT STEPHENS, Childersburg. Ala ; Industrial Managerren (2); Lambda Chi Alp a. MICKEY RUTHIE STEPHENS Avondale Ettatfi. Ga.; Ser’etaria Training (2); Phi Mu. SARAH AllCE STEPHENS. Louisville. Ala.; Education (J); Alpha Delta Pi. SYLVIA STEFHENS. Birmingham, Ala.; Secretarial Training |l): P" Mu. WILLIAM LEE STEPHENS. Columbui. Ga.; Textile Enginee-ing (J). GLORIA lYN STEVENS. Mobile A.s.; Secretarial Training (I); Pn Mu. JOE STEVENS Avhville. Ala.; E’ectrical Enginee-ing (I). ROSS WALK:R STEVENS Atlanta. Ga.; Business Admnistrai’on (I); Phi Delta Treta. ROY E. STEVENS. JacRson. M il; Meehan cal Enginee-ing (3); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SIDNEY CARSON STEVENS. Mc-idia" Miss.: Mechanical Engineering (I); Ph.i Kappa Tau. H. JAMES STEWARD. Cocoa. Pla.; Electrical Engineering (I). DOROTHY STEWART Montgom -,, Ala.; Educe on (I); A pha Gamma Delta. FRED MURRAY STEWART, Pensaco a. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (2): Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES BENTON STEWART. Wh tcvillc Terr.; Architecture (3). JAMES THOMAS STEWART. Tarrant. At ; Pharmacy (2). JOHN JOSEPH STEWART. Lafayette. Ala.; Electrical Engineer rg (|). LYNDA STEWART. Lafayette. Ala.; Textile Management (2). MARILYN M. STEWART. Adge-. Ala.; Homo Economics (3). MIRIAM MUIR STfWART Anger. Ala ; Education (I). REBECCA SUE STEWART. L -eville. Ala.; Education (2): Pi Seta Phi. ROBERT HEMPTON STEWART Birmingham Ala.; Mcchanica Engineering (I). WILLIAM CORNELIUS STEWART. Heibe-g ., A’a.; Veterinary Medic n (3); Alpka Gamma Rho. EARNEST WAVERLY STOCKS. JR.. Fairfie d. Ala.; Civil Engineer ng (I). JAMES RANOALL STOKES. Andalusia. A a.: Arcnitoctj-e (4); Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN NORMAN STOKES. Andalusia. Ala.; Industrial Management (I). JIMWV W. STONE B'rmlgisham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineer ng (|), JOHN AUSTIN STONE. Montgomery, Ala.; Business Admlrlsrrat:on (I). SHIRLEY DEAN StONE. Sirm ngnam. Ala.; Home Economics (I). SYLVIA JOYCE STONE. Decatur, Ala.; Home Economic (2); Alpha Gamma 0e ta. VIVIAN MARIE STONE. A-tal o. Ala.; Education (I). WILLIAM GRAY STONE, Jr.. Decater. Ala.; Bui ding Construct on (I); Pi Kappa Alpha. ETHEL CAROLYN STONER, Murtsvll . Ala.; Education (2). 390UNDERCLASSMEN STANLEY f. STOOKEY. Mobile. Ale.; P'c Veter t-n.y Medicine (?): Oelto ’au Della. CAROL P ARR STORY. tawrcnceville. Ga.; A t |l); Chi Omega. DARRYL 8. STORY langdafe, Ala.; Chemical Engineering (•)■ MARY ALICE STOUDENMIRE. Demopolis. A Education (1). ANNIE RUTH STOUGM, Notasulga, Alo.; Education [2). LOTTIE ALMA STOUGH. Berry. At .; Educe-ion (2 . JOSEPH WAITER STOVALL, Berry. Ala.: Chemical Engineering (I). WILLIAM ClARENCC STRAIN. Battles Whorl. A a.; Electrical Enginee-mg (I). JOHN CRAWFORD STRANGE, Mobile, Ala.; 8us r.ess Administration (3). SHARON VIOLA STRANGE. Oderville. Ala.: Mcme Economics (2l. ANCREW PINKNEY STRAUGHN, Perdue Hill. Alabama; Ornamental Mo'ticul u-e (2). 8AR8ARA ANNETTE STREET. Tallahassee. Ala.; laboratory Technology (I). GARY HUGH STREET. Piedmoat. A'a.; Electrical Engineering (2). Tl’US JULIAN STREET. Birmingham, Ala.; Business Administration (2) Del'a Sigma Phi. THOMAS A. STREETMAN. Hurtsboro. Ala.; Industrial Management (J); Pi Kappa Phi. 3ENNY JUD S’RENGTH. Flomaton. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT SPENCER STRICKLAND. Clio. Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (I). JAMES fUGENE STRICKIING. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2); Pn Kappa Taj. A. CRAIG STRIPLIN. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (2); Kaopa Delta. JUDY LEMA STRONG. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economics (I). HELEN ANNE STROTHER. Dadeville, Ala.; Science and lite-a-ure (2); Alpha Gamma Delta. A. GERALD STROUD Birmingham. Alo.; Industrial Management (J). SALLY LANO STRYKER. Chatum. Ala.; Education (J). MARTHA ELIZABETH STUART, Florence. Ala.; Science and literature (2) JOSEPHINE 0. STUCKEY. Montgomery, A'a.; Science and Literature (I); Chi Omega. SUE ELLEN STUCKEY. Midland City. Ala.; Latorfory Technology (I). TOM EMERSON STULL. Atlan-a. G .; Education (J): Kappa Sigma. CONNIE CADDSll STURKIF. Gadsden, Ala.; Education (3); Alpha Gamma 0»lta. A8IGAIL SUDDJTH. Roanoke. Ala.; Home Demonstration (3). CHARLES HAROLD SUDDUTH. Roaroke. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). JOHN FREDRICK SUHR. Columbus. Ga.: Ah (2); Pi Kappa Phi. EDWARD ALLEN SULLIVAN. JR.. Mob le. Ala.; Build ng Construction (I); Phi Delta TNcta. JIMMY RICHARD SULLIVAN. Baintridge, Ga.; A-t (I); Alpha Tau Omega. MARGARET ANN SULLIVAN. Ft. Walton Reach Fla.; Home Economics (21. RAYMOND E. SULLIVAN. Louisville. Ky.; Veterinary Medicine (J); Alpha Psi. RCNAID H. SULLIVAN. Montgomery. Ala.; Industrial Management (2). DONALD JAMES SUMMERS. Med a. Pa.- Architecture (l). OLIVET MARGUERITE SUMMERS. Birmingham. Ala.; Education (: WILLIAM MURRAY SUMMERS. 8i'rrvngnam. Ala.; Electrical Engineer ng (3). GERAIO NEWTON SUMNERS Jackson. Tern.; Electrical Engineering (t). HUBERT SAYLE SUMNERS. Jackson, T«nn.: Electrical Engineering (3); Sigma Pi. BILLY GLENN SUTTLE, Pensacola, Fia.; Eectr cal Engineering (I). HOWARO GOODlOE SUTTON linden. Ala.; Architecture (I). PHILIP JOSEFH SUTTON. Oecatur. Ga.; Civil Engineering (3); S gma Phi Ipsiloi. THELES HUNTER SUTTON. Mobile, A'a.; Education (I). PAUL ALBERT SWfATT, Montgomery Ala.; Businen Administration (J); Iheta Chi. PATRICIA MARTHA SWEET. Bessemer. A o.; Business Administ'otion (I); Alpha Omicroe Pi. SHANNON HERRCN SWETMAN. Lau'el. Miss.; A-chiteefure (4); Oelfo S gma Phi. LAMAR EDWARD SWINOUll. Peichard. Ala, Business Administration (2). RAYMOND H. SYKES. JR.. Pell City. Ala.; Industrial Management (?); Kappa Sigma. 391UNDERCLASSMEN JOSEPH BURKE SYLVEST. Montgomery. Ala.: Agricultural $ ««« (2): Theta Chi. ROBERT TERRELL SYLVESTER Jackie . Mi».: V.rerlna'v Mooiein. (4); Omega T u Sigma. JACK RONALD TABOR. Beau'ort. S.C.; Electrical Engineering (I)- Oe»a S'gma Ph JAMES DAVID TADLCCK. Andalusia. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineer'g (2). CLirfORD LEROY TALLEY lo-a.ette. Alo.; Te.tile Engineering (I). BAR8ARA MARIE TAM8LYN. Birmingham. A a ; Secretarial Training (2). JOHN HARRIS TAMPLIN, Ojarlr. Ala.; Veterinary Medicine (2). MAL Y OCTEN TANNER. JR. Jeva'nah, Ga ; Chemical Engineer rg (I). JULIUS OTTO TANNER. Mobile Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). JAMES DARRY;. TANI Naihvi!le, Tenn.; Architecture (2). GLENDA PEARL TATE Greenville. Ala.; Education (3). JAMES ROBERT TATE Chattanooga. Tenn. Chem ca Ergineering (3). ThOmaS RAYMOND TATOM Nr» Brockton Ain.; Mefhan.Vn Ergineering (2 . OSCAR DAVID TAUNTON. East Ta Ala.; P'e Medicine (3). BENJAMIN DAVIDSON 'AYLOR Roanoke A a.; Fo'estry (I). 306BV G. TAY.OR. Celt Ala.- Veterinary Med cine (3); Alpna Phi. CLYOE EDWIN TAYLOR Notch .-. M.».; Veterinary Medicine 13). DONALD G. TAYLOR TaiCwell. Va.; Electrical Engineering (1). GEORGE HOWARD TAYLOR Bi'triigham Ala.; Eectrica Engineering [2). HARRIET ANN TAYLOR. At anta. Go.; Home Economies [3). .AMES CHARLES TAYLOR. Hogansvi le. Ga.; Mechanica Engineering [3). JAMES ROSS TAYLOR. Tutkegee. Ala.; Forestry (I). LAWRENCE BOSTON TAYLOR. Dothan. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). MARJORIE TAYLOR Columbia. Ala.; Home Economics Education (2;. MAY RAY TAYLOR, Hamil on. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I}. St-ElBY JEAN TAYLOR. Huntsville. Ala.; Secretarial Tra "Irvg (I); Alpha De ta Rl. WINIFREO NORMA TAYLO . Anniston. Ala.; Education (I); Delta Ze-a. BILLIE MAE TEAGUE. Tailcdega. Ala. Education (J). ELISIE JEAN TEAGUE. Birmingham Ala.; Edcacation (l ; Chi Omega. VICKI REBECCA TEAGUE. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economics (2|; Chi Omega. LOMA TEAL Mar anna, Fla.; Veterinary Medicine {2}; Aipna Rsi. phi Oelta Tneta. CONNIE INGRAM TEBO. Anniston Alo.; Education (I); Chi Omega. PATRICIA ANNE TEER. Auburn. Ala.; Veterinary Medicine («). GORDON CLARENCE TEMPLE Chattanooga, Tenn.; Tentilr Management (}|. MELANIC JOSEPHINE TERRE.L. 8 rmingham. Ala.; Education (21: Kappa Alpha T-ie’e. MELTON GILLILAND TERRELL. Altoona. A a.; Mechanical Eng neering (I). DOROTHY TERRY. Red Level, Aia.; Home Economics ,’l); Delta Oe to Delta. JACKifc I AM AY TEW. Slocomb. A a.;'ior (I). LOIS CAROLYN TEW louisv'lle. Ala.; Home Economics Fduea'ion (J). lOVA CNEAL TEW. Clio. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2l. WILLIAM VIRGIL TEW. Dotha-- Ala.; Business Administration (l|; Sigma Phi Epsilon. COURTNEY ANN TmAMES Luverne. A’a.; Home Economics [2;; Delta Oe:ta Delta. HARRY WAYNE THAMES, Mob'le A a.; Electrical Engineering (I). SAMUEL WAYNE THAMES, Evergreen. A a.; Ag-icvltg-at Administration (2). ANNE ALSTON TmARPE. Birmingham. Ala ; Education (I); Kappa Aipna Theta. DON J. THIEVE. Saraso'a, Fla.; Architecture (2); Theta Chi. FRANK EUGENE THIGPEN. Greenville. Ala.; Pnarmacy (I). G. DUKE THIGPEN. Hom.e ood, Ala.; Industrial Management (2); Theta Chi. MARTHA WHITE THIGPEN Montgomery. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I). Alpha Gamma Delta. ANN GHOLSON THOMAS Pemaco a. Fl .: Pre Medicine (I). 30?UNDERCLASS M E N FRED RAY THOMAS. Vernon. Ala.; Business Administration (I). C. ANN THOMAS. Pe I City. Ala.; Home Eeonomics (I). JAMES WILLIAM THOMAS. Annis'on. Ala.; Electrical Engineering |l); Phi Kappa Taj. JOHN WESLEY THOMAS. Huntsville A'o.; Mcchonical Engineering IT). MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS. Homer. La.; Business Administration (31; Chi Omega. SYLVIA COOK THOMAS. Oilman. Ga.; Home Economics (I). WILLIAM ALLEN THOMAS. Birmingham. Ala.: Business Administration [2). DONALD C. THOMASON. JR„ Talladega. Ala.; Forestry (2): Alpha Gamma Rho. MERLE THOMASON. Syteceuga. Ala.; on (2): Delta Della Delta. MURRAY ROSS THOMASON Tallassee. Ala.; Industrial Managemen (2). JERRY J. THOMLEY. Hartford Alabama; Electrical Engineering (3). ALAN SMITH THOMPSON. Mob le, Ala.; Civi Engineering (I): Tau Kappa Eptilon. BALFORD O'NEAL THOMPSON. Bay Minette. Ala.; Forestry (I). BILLY M. THOMPSON Decatur, Ala.; Building Construction (2). EMMETT MALCOLM THOMPSON. Birmingham. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I); Lambda Chi Alpha. GAYLE ANN THOMPSON, B'rmingham. Ala.; Chemistry (I). JAMCS FREDERICK THOMPSON. Mobi'e. Ala.; Physics 3). JUDITH DANE THOMPSON. Montgomery, Ala.; Secretarial Train rg (I); Kappa Oelta. KENNETH LAYMAN THOMPSON Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3). LARRY EUGENE THOMPSON. Ne. O'cans. La.; E ectr cal Enginee-ing (I). LEW s STEENROD THOMPSON, JR.. Albany. Ga. Ag'icultural Science (3); Phi Delta Theta. NOBLE RICHARD THOMPSON. Tallassee. Ala.; Civil Engineering (2). RICHARD D. THOMPSON. Clanton Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). KiCHARD I. THOMPSON. Gadsden. Ala.; Me-.-.jnical Engineer!'.;; (3). SARAH ANN THOMPSON. Hartseile. A a.; Education (3). SUSAN THOMSON. B'rmingham. A’a ; Suslrrss Administration (2). LYN THCR8URN Mobi e. Ala.; loboroloiy Technology (2); Alpha Delta Pi. JACK FOSTER THORNE. Ora'V. A a.; Aeronautical Engineering (I). GARY DON THORNTON. Gadtden A a.; Electrical Engineering (2). RICHARD M. THORNTON. Troy. A-j.; Chemical Engineering (I). GREGORY 0. THORSEN, Pensacola. Fla.; Science ond Literature (3). LOUIS GOLAY THORSEN, Pensacola. Fla.- Science a'd lite'atcro (2). MOl I AND PARMLFY THRASHER. Ellington. Ky.; Veter nary Medicine (2); Omega Tau Sigma. FREDDIE NICHOLSON THREADGILl Mae.lgomery. Aa.; Industrial Managemen' (I). MORTIMER J. THURMAN, Sylacauga. Ala.; Education (2). FRANK M. THWEATT. JR.. Esto. Fla.; Electrical Engineering (I). JAMES HENRY TICE. Columbus. Ga.; Mechan'cal Engineering (I). JOHN PATRICK IIDMORE. Greensboro. A a.; Education (3). 8RFNDA LEE TIFFIN. Cullman. Ala.; Home Economics (I); Alpha Oelta PI. DEREL G. TILL. Chidoiaw. Ala.; Physics (3). MARGARET G. TILLERY. Riverview. Ala.; Home Economics Education (I). MARY ELIZABETH TILLERY, Auburn. Ala.; Home conomics Education (3); Z»ta Tau Alpha. RICHARD WARRFN TINGLE. Montgomery. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2) CAROL SUC TINGLEY. Birmingham, A'o.; Home Economics (I). BETTIE JOAN TINKER, Dothan. Ala.; Homo Economics (I). JACK HARRISON TINKLER. Phenlx City. Ala.; E'eetrical Er.ginee'ing (3). DOTTIE ANN TINSLEY. Old Greenwich. Conn.; Home Ecoaomics (2); Delta Delta Delta. JOHN MITCHELL TINSLEY. Tallassee. Ala.; Forestry (3). GEORGE HARDY TIPPETT, Vienna. Ga.; Fo'esfry (I). HOMER BERNARD TISDALE. JR.. Auburn. Alo.: Veterinary Medicine (4). 393UNDERCLASSMEN MARION EUGENE TISDALE. Whgtler. Ala.; Chemical Engineer r„ (3): Theta CM. HENRY JOE TODD. Jackson. Tenn,; Electricol Engineering (3). NENA 10YE TODO. Altai a. Ala.; Eovcation (2): Alpnj Gamma Delta. PHIlllS RAY TODD. Huntsville Ala.: Secretarial Training (2). ROBERT EUGENE TODC. JR.. Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). ROBERT R. TCOD. lineville. Ala.; Electrical Eng'ree'ing (I). WILLIAM DENSON TODD. Opeliia Aia.; Industrial Management '2!. CHARLES W. TOL8ERT. Tort Payne. Ala,; Civil Engineering (2;. JANES OLIVER TCI BERT. Crostville. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2;. ANTHONY CHARLES TCMBRElLO. 8 rmirghair. Ala.; Business Administration (I). MARY FRANCES TOMlIN. Tcrtkegee. Ala.; Heme Econome! (2). RONALD W 1BER TCNER, Bestener. Ala.; Electrical Enqneering (2). JO» N WILLIAM TONEY, Fort V alton Beach, Fla.; Agricultural Science (2): Alpha Tau Omega. TRAVIS TOOLE. Graceville. Fla.; Agricultural Sconce (21. JAMES FERRELL TOOMEY. Suctalcnna. Mitt.; Agricultural Science (2). ELIZABETH OOLORES TORRE. Birmingham, A:a.; Secretarial Tralring (l|. FOSTER CARLISLE TOWERY, Alexander City, Al .; Architecture (2); Sigma Nu. MARY JANICE TOWLE. Mobile. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); A pha Om crcn P.. R08ERT WALKER TOWLES, Birmingham. A a.; Chemical E'gineering (2l: Lambda Chi Aipha. RICHARD EARLE TCWNES, Bi-rr.ingham. A'a.; Chemical Engineering (2|. WANDA JO SUZANNE TOWNSENO. Heine! Cily, Fla.; Interice Design (I); Phi Mu. ERIC WAYNE TOWNSON. Birmingham, Ala.: Architecture (I). HARRY OLIVLR TRACHY, B -mingham, AJa.; Mechanical Engineering (2 . JAMES DANIEL TRAMMFlI. Comer, Ala,; Business Adn-iniitra ion (}|. LAWRENCE R. TRAMMELL, Dothan, Ala.; Chemical Engineering (I). ROBERT D. TRAMMELL, Dade lie. Ala.; Agricultural Education (2). VIRGIN A RUTH TRAMMELL, Five Points, Ala.; $c nce and LUe-ature (2|; Alpha Omicron Pi. JAMES FRANK TRAVIS. East Poin Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (3|; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MARJORiC RUTH TRAWICK. Pensacola. F a.; Educat on (2); Kappa Alpha Th»ta. S' IRLEY ANN TRAWICK, Columbia, Ala.; Home Economic! (I). GEORGE BOYD TAYLOR. Gadsden Ala.; Business Administration (I); Pi Kappa Alpha. ROY LEWIS TRIBBLE. FairFeld, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). JAMES DEWEY TRIPP, JR„ Abbe, lie, Ga.; E ectr'cal Engineering (2). ROSEMARY TROTTER. Oothan, Ala.; A-t (l): A pha Delta Pi. SANDRA CIA:NE TROUTMAN. Georgiana Ala,; Educa’ion (I). JIMMIE RUTH TRUEIT. Heflin, Ala.; Home Economic (2». ROBERT DUANE TRUMP, A'cadia, Fla.; Civil Engineering (I). ROBERT TUCK, Mount Olive, Ala.; Irdustrel Management (2): Delta Sigma Phi. BOBBY G. TUCKER, Ne«r Market. Alo.; Educe'ion ()). HARRELL BAYNE lUCKER. Oemopolis, Al».; Pr Dentistry (I). HORACE WAYNE TUCKER Birmingham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (3l. JAMES PFTIUS TUCKER. Newbern. Ala.; Agricultural Science (31. WALTCR DARRELL TUCKER. Mob-le. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (?i JOE TUGGLE. S-mingna-n, Alj.: Pre la» (il; Della Sigma Phi. ARTHUR J, TURNER, Ful'ondale, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I); phi Kappa Tau. HORACE SAMFORD 'URNER, Mobile. Ala.; Mccl-anical Engineering (:}; Phi Delta Tne a. HUGH EO TURNER. Aubu-n, A'a.: Electrical Engiree'ing (2!. MARION GAII TURNER, Warner Rob m. Ga.; Industrial Desigr (I); Alpha Delta Pi. MARY DElANFY TURNER, Tarrant, Ala.; Sutinett Acminiitretion (3;. PAUL KELLY TURNER. Birmingham. A a.; Electrical Fng neering ( 394UNDERCLASSMEN SALLY TURNER, Birmingham, Ala.; Sciatica and L teratwre (I). WILLIAM ROBERT TURNER (tow, Ga,; Chemi! ry (3); Kappa Alp ». JOHN GORDON TYSON Tallawea. A a.: Edura'Ion (2). JOHN PARKS TYSON JR, Grant. Ala.: Mechanical Engineer ng (3). WILLIAM KARFN TYSON Birmi-gham. Ala.; Elnctr cal ingiree-ing (I). THOMAS RHILliR TYTULA, Signal MajVjIn, Tana.; Aeronautical Engineering (2). JOHN DOUGLAS UMPHRESS. Dadavl I . Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). FRANCES FH7A6FTM UNDERWOOD, Birmingham. A a.; Art (I); PM Mu. KEITH TAYLOR UNDERWOOD. Oecofur. A a.: Bui dloo Construction (I); PI Kappa Alpha. CATHERINE ANN UPSHAW Birmingham Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); Pt Mu. KATHRYN HARP UPSHAW Hgrfsboro. Ala.; Education (7); Della Delta De t v SAMUEL THOMAS UPTAIN. Huntsville, Ala.; Electrical E«u rering (71. VALENTIN URENA. Panama; Mechanical Engineer rg (7). HENRY THEODORE UROUHART JR.. Montgomery, Ain ; Fnglnee-lng Pk, et (71. CODELIA ANN USSERY, Dothan Ala.; Education (I). HARVEY MILTON CLARK VAN ALLEN. Fo-t Payne. A a.; Building Construction I?). KAREL A VAN OER SLUYS VEER. Guatema o; Electrical Cnglnee'rg (I). MARY ETTA VAN OEVENDER, Mobile, Ala.; Heme Econom c» Education (?); Alpha Gamma Delta. BARBARA ANN VAN PATTEN. Pepperall. Ala.; Heme Econom « (2). KENSON R. VANCE. Perry, Go.- Aeronautical Administrator; S gma PI. OLLIE LAWRENCE VANCE, Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical E g neerlng |2!. ROBERT BELL VANCE. Atlanta. Ga.; Induttrial Management (3). THOMAS HENRY VANDERVER. Gra --. I n Ala.; Elect'Ica Engineering II). CHARLES DEBROH VANN. Cltronelie Ala.; Mcchanlca Engineering (I). I-REDRIL MICHAfcL VANN. Gullport, M Industry! Management (3): Delta Chi, GEORGE THOMAS VARNER, At aria. Ga.; Buvnau Admin sfation (?i; Sigma CM. JACOUELINE DELL VARNER. Ope ika. A a.; Home Economics (3); Delta Delta Delta. ROGER CONRAD VAUGHAN. A-nltton Ala. Mechanlca Engineering (?). WAYNE BECKIEY VAUGHAN. Birmingham. Alv; B nlr»« Anmlnl-tr.ntion (7); Alpha Tau Omega. ALICE FAYE VAUGHN. Montgomery A i.; Stle-ur and Literature (3); Alpha Gamma Del’a. SANDRA LOUISE VAUGHN htontgomery. A'a.; S: enca and llte-atu'e |? ; PI Beta PM. JOANN VAUGHT. SeotMboro, Ala ; Education (2); Delta Zeta. GWENDOLYN VEAZEY, Ale.ande' City, Ala.; Education (2) Chi Omega. MART»A lAMBERTH VENAB-E, lollaitee. Ala.; Labonato'y Technology (I). JOHN FELIK VEREEN. Mobile. A a.; Civil Engineering (|). WILLARD RUSSELL VIA. Dothan Ala.; Business Adelniitrylon (I). MICHEAL JACKSCN VICKERS. Talladega. A a.: Business Administration (7). PORTER EDWARO VICKREY, Selma Ala.; Mechanical Engineer ng (I); Sigma Nil. GEORGE D. VINCENT, Birmingham A a.; 8ulldlng Construction (7); D'i‘a Sigma PM. CHARLES RAYMOND VINES. Hueytown. Alj.- Industria Management (I). MARGARET ANN VINES. Yorl, Ala.; Home Economic! (3); Alpha Omlcron Pi. JERRY FRANKLIN VINSON Tro, Ala.; Indufrla Management (3); S gma Nu. ROBERT GENE VINSON Gadsden A o.: Business Administration (3). WILLIAM IINWOOD VINSON, Salem. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering (3). DONALD HUGH VOCE. Dora. Ala.; Interior Deiign (I). MARGARET ADELA DE VOIGT Birn nghjm Ala.; Secretarial Training (i . WILLIAM MANLY VOIGT. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Administration (I). LOIS CHAPPELL VON SEEBERG. Mcrtgcme ,, Ala.; Eoucatlon (3); Kappa Delta. JOE EDWARD VOSS »ell City. A s. lentlle Management (I); Sigma PI. ELEANOR ANNE VOWElL. Auburn Ala.; Education (I); Del-a Delta Delta. 395UNDERCLASSMEN JOHN SCOTT VOV Ell. Auburn. Ala.; Pre-law (3); Sigma CM. JAMES C. VUNKANNON, Pen.ocola. fla.; Induslrio Management (3); Tleta CM. JANE ANN WADE. Auoum Ala.; Science ana literature (2); A pha Gamma Delta. SARA fcllZABtlH WADE. Ann iton. A a.; Education (I); PI 8«'a PH. WIlllAM FRANK WAOE. leeds. Ala ; Electrical Engirsee-ing (2). CHARLES N. WADSWORTH. Prattville. Ala ; Art (2); Alpha Tau Omega. WILI AM THEODORE WADSWORTH, Jacksonville, Fla.; .ndustrial Management (3); acpa Alpha. .AMES THOMAS WAGGONER. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Business Admiristrat'on (2). CHARIES KNOX W'AINRIGHT, Wayeross, Ga.; Chemical Engineoring (2). EMMETTE PHItllP WAITE. Mobile. Ala.- Architecture (3); Pi appa Phi. HOWARD GEORGE WAITE, Boynron Beach. Fla.; Ye’erlaarv Medicine (4); Phi Kappa Tau. STANl EY At L MAN WA If. Grove Hill. Ala.; Chemical Engineer ng (I). LARRY CECIL WAITES. Milner, Ga.; Mechanical Englneerirg (I). REBECCA GRAEME WAIlT. Montgotrery, Ala.; Education (2); Zeta Taj A'oha. .AMES RICHARD WAKEPIEID, Florence. Ala.; Electrical Enginecrng (3). TOY TERRY WAIDEN, Headland, A a.; Aeronautical AJrnir.istralion (2). PREDERICK BYRD V AlDO. Montgomery, Ala.; Business Administration (I). ALFRED WAIDREP. JR Talladega. Ala.; Pre-Medicine (I). WIlllAM R“EU8EN WALDROP. Der-.upclis. Ala.; Aeronautical Enginenr'ng (■). BENNY HARR S WALKER, Huntsville. Ala.; Electrical Engineerieg (I); Pi Kappa Alpha. CAROL JOYCE WALKER. 3 rrningham, Ala.; Home Economics (3). EDWARD DAVIS WALKER, Montgomery, A'a.; Agricultural Science (2); Sigma A pha Epsilon. GEORGfc P. WALKER. Ill, Attalla. Ala.; Pharmacy (2). JIMMY DOUGLAS WAIKER. C-agford. Ala.; Pre-Dentistry (I). JOE W. WALKER. Selma. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). JULIAN C. WAIKER. 8 rmingham, Ala.; Engineer rg Physics (2). RAV NAPIER WAIKER. Nashville. Tenn.; Education (3). REESE McKINNEY WALKER. JR.. Theodore, A'a.; Electrical Engineering (I). 'HORNTON A. WALKER. Hurtsbo'o. A a.; Aeronautical Engineering {2); Pi Kappa Phi. V. ANN WALKER. B -mi , jham, Ala.; Into-ior Design (I). WAYNE $. WALKER. Cul man, Ala.; E'eetriea! Engineering (3). GLENN R. WALL. Selma, Ala.; Build ng Construction (3). BILLY RAY WALLACE. F'pterce. Ala.; Bu-.'ness Administration [2); Delta Sigma Phi. SAMMY T. WALLER. Tallassee, Ala.; Mechan:cai Englneerirg (3). THURMAN CLEVELAND WALLER. Grov Hill. Ala.; Civil Engineering (2). BILLIE ANN WAILING. Atlanto, Go.; Science and literature (2). DA JANE WALLIS, fa ladega, A'a.; Education (3); Alpna Gamma De ta. GEORGE GARY WAtP. Mobile. Ala.: Mechanical Engineor ng (2); Theta Chi. CARL COOPER WALTER, Montgomery. Ala.; Industrial Management (I). W LLIAM ALSTON WALTER. 8 •mirgham. Ala.; Electrical Engineer r.g (2); Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHARI ?S TRENTON WALTERS. B rmingham, Ala.; Eectrical Englneerirg (I). ELLEN LOUISE WALTERS. Birmingham, Ala.; Business Administration (2). THOMAS ARTHUR WALTHALL. Ncebe-n. A'a.- Ae-onau'ical Administration (I); Pn Delta I beta. BILLY JOE WALTON. 8'rm‘ngham, Ala.; Mechanical Englneerirg (I). HUGH LOUIS WALTON. 8 rmirgham, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2); Lambda Chi Aloha. THOMAS EDWARD WALTON. Columbus. Ga.; Art (2). WARREN JUDSON WALTON, Sa ycr ville, Ala.; B-siness Administrot'os (3). DONALD ROSS WAMMACK. Bessemer A a.; Electr'cal Enginee'ing (3). BILLY DALE WANN. Montgomery. Ala.; Science and literati,- (I); Thera Chi. NINAJO WANN. Scollsboro. A a.; Education (I). 396UNDERCLASSMEN CLIFFORD SPURLIN WARD. Colurnbv Ga.; Bus'ress Administration (25. GEORGE EIORICGE WARD Gena a. A'a.: Industrial Management (2 . J. SUE V ARD. FF« r;« Cil . Ala ; Science and Literature (l); De ta Zefa JAMES EDWARD WARD. Pensacola. Fla.; 3uilding Corsl-uction [2!. JOHN DAVID WARD. Slocomb, A a.; Chemical Engineering (3). MAR ON J. WARD Norfolk. Va.; Education (2l: O'! Omega. MICHAEL JOHN WARD, Montgomery, Ala.; Chemical Engineering (3); Kappa Sigma. MIRIAM ALICE WARD, loac'spclra. Ala . Interior Design (3); Delta Oe ta Delta. ROBERT EDWARO WARD. Eutaula. Ala.- Agricultural Educaton (3). SARA WARD, Grpv-o HIII, A a.; Home Economics (2); AIpKa Gamma Delta. THOMAS 8. WARD. Winfield A'a.; Electrical Engineering |2); Theta Ch'. THOMAS V.'AYNF WARD. Douglas, Ga.; Chemica Engineering (2). WYlEY DONALD WARD Andalusia. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (2). WALTER DONALD WARDEN. New Market. Ala.; Ae-onautical Eng neering (I}. FREDDIE WILLARD WARE, Notawlga. Ala.; Forestry (I). GARV LEON WARE. West Point. Go.; Electrical Engineering (3). ROBERT DONALD WARE. Baileyfon. Ala.; Mechanlca' Ergineerlng |2). WFNDON WOOOFIN WARR. Bnnls. Ala.; Forestry (2). WILLIE F. WARREN, Montgomery, Ala.; Industrial Management |3). MILTON HEY WOOD WARRICK. Dothan. Ala.; Business Administrate (2); Fhi Delta The’a. TERRY LYDE WASHINGTON Montgomery Ala.; Business Administration (I). WILLIAM DAVID WASH NGTCN Geraldine. ALs.; Aeronautical Engineering (3). JAMES THOMAS WASLEY. Birmingham. A'a. Mechan'cai Engineering (3). JERRY DAVID WATERS. Gadsdon. Ala.; Indusrrial Management (3). JIM H. WATERS. Fairfield. A -a.; A'ch lecture (3). DONALD EOVMRD WATKINS Atlanta. Ga.; Aeronautical Enginee-ing (2). JAMES BRENI WAISON. JR. Pensacola Fla.; Industrial Management (2); S'gma Nu. JAMES G. WATSON. Demopollt. Ala.; Agricultural Management (3). JOHN HARVEY WATSON, JR.. Springville. A a.; Electrical Eng rearing (I}. JOHN HOLMAN WATSON, Nowtcr. Ala.; Mochanical Engineering (2). RAIRICtA FDIIH WAISON. Montgomery. A a.; Interior Design (I). TERRY BLAINE WATSON, flomston. Ala.; Mechanic. ' Frglneering (I). DAVID THOMAS WAITS. Birmingham, A a.; Business Administration (2). JOHN CARLTON WAITS, Mon-gom.ery. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I). JOHN EDWIN WATTS. M ami. Fla.; Veterinary Medicine (J); Alpha Pti. RANDOL CLARENCE WATTS. Montgomery Ala.; Mechan’ca Ergineerlng (I). GARY DOUGLAS WEATHERLY, Haleyvi le. Ala.; Forost-y (J). CAROLYN WEAVER Bi-mingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); Alpha Delta Pi. CHARLOTTE WEAVER. Birmingham. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); Alpha Gamma Delta. HARRY TALMEDGE WEAVER B-ewfon. Ala.; Chem sfry (I). HELEN JANE WEAVER. Gadsden. Ala.; Home Ecoromics (3); Alpha Comma Delta. PATRICIA ANNE WEAVFR. Ne ,.l. N. J.; Interior Design (I). ROBCR DONALD WEAVER, ft! .mnghairi, Ala.; Mcuhanicoi Enrjineeriag (3); Pi Kappa Phi. RONALD GLENN WEAVER. Carters lle. Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (|). ROSE MARIE WFAVER. Montgomery, Ala.; $ecrete-ial "raining (I). ALPHENS 3PAXION WfcBB. Mcntgcmery. Ala.- Aeronautical Engineering (I), DONALD GENE WEBB. An clot . A a.; Electrical Engineering (I); Phi Kappa Tail. JOANNE WEBB Montgomery, Ala.; Sei'ctarial Training (3); Zeta Tau Alpha. JOHN FORNER WEBB. Montgomery, Ala.; Building Construction (!); Pi Kappa Phi, MARTHA ELAINF WEBB. Homewood. Aa.; Science and Literature (2); Delta Zeta. 397ROBERT EUGENE WEBB. Atlanta. Ga.: Electrical Engineering (2); Kaopa Alpha. WILLIAM 3ILL NGS WEBER. Dothan. Ala.; Pre Veterinary Mcdiiine (21: Sigma Nu. BONNIE RUTH WEBSTER Wl«‘it'd Ala.; Education ( '. LARRtf EOWARDS WEBSTER. B'minghjm, Ala.; Mechanica1 Engineering DUANE BYRON WFOAN. Poplar. Wit.; Mechanical Eegirenr.'ng [2], JOHN JOSEPH WEED. Anrlaljiia, Ala.; Bulinesi Adminiitrat on (J); Pi Kappa Alpha. CHAR ES DOYl F WFFKlFY, Bay Mirette Ala,; Industrial Management ( SANDRA JOY WEEKLSY M llbrock. A'o.; Education (2); Phi Mu. GRETA DEAN WEEKS. Birmingham, Ala.; Home Econom ci (I]; Alpha Garrma Del'a. JOE MALCOLM WEEKS. Birmingham. Ala.; Pre Dentistry (I). MARY FAYE WEEKS. Gadsden. Ala.; Education (2 . JOHN PA’RiCK WEIDNER, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mechanical Eng 'ce'Ing (I). MARY ALICE WEIDNER. Chattanooga, lens.; Secretarial T-aming (I). NORMAN BARRY WFlNSTfIN. Mobil. Ala.; Electrical Eng nneri-.g (; GARY BENNETT WEIR. Columbiana, Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). IRA HARRiSON WEISSINGER. Opelika. Ala.; Pre law (3); Alpha Tau Omega. 8ARBARA JEAN WELCH Sirmingham. Ala.; A-t (2); Rhi Mu. LYNDA CLAIRE WELCh. Friendship, Tenn.: A' (3): A pha Omlcron Pi. JAMES CNEAL WElDCN. 8 lllngi e , Ala ; Mechanlcol Engneciog (2:. ED MYRON WELLS. Do'h»n. Ala.; Iverior Design (I); Kappa Sigma. JAMES HARVEY WELLS. Birmingham Ala.; Buiinen Admin it-otion (I). JULIA ANN WELLS. Gadsden Ala.; Horn Economici (2) RHODA VERRE WELLS. Ont, Ala.; Education (3). CECILE COBB WES.EY Atlonto, Ga.: Business Adrr inlttration (I •. KARL GROVE WEST. Worring'on. F a.; Education (3); Theta Chi. CARLOS F. WES’BERRY. JR.. Albany. Go.; Irvduitr’ol Management (31; Delta Sigma Phi. BRJCE M. WESTBROOK Auburn. Ala.; Pre-Med cine (l . JAMES F. WESTON, Clayto Ala.; Civil Eng neering (li. JASPER BLAIR WESTON, JR. Gadiden. Ala.; Electrical Eng neering (2;.. WILLIAM M WESTON. Marianna. F:a.; 8uild!ng Ccrst-ucfon [2); Phi Delta Tne a. LOUANN WHALEY. Wonb. Ala.; Education (2); Delta Z«ra. DAVID BRUCE WHATLEY. Foirfield. Ala.; Interior Deugn [2I; Delta Chi. GENETTE WHATLEY. Birmingham Ala.; Educa’ion (I): Kappa Alpha Tne a. SHELBY JEAN WHATLEY, Anniiton. Ala.; Education i . RALPH LEONARD WHEAT. JR.. Mobile. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). EVELYN WHEELER. 3 rm ngha-r. Ala.; Science and lite'aturo (3)- Theta Upii on. MARTHA $L)F WHEELER, Jackion, Milt.; Home Economict (2); A pha Delta Pi. MARY PATRICIA WHEELER, Lanef. Ala.; Education (2). ROY MARTIN WHEELER. JR.. Birmingham Ala.: Electrical Engreering (11. TILMAN EUGENE WHEELER. JR. 8 'fringham. A a.; Architecture (3); Kappa Alpha. JOHN WARREN WM DDON Montgomery. Ala.; Buiinen Aominiitrotion Sigma Alpha Epsi on. JAMtS EARL WHlGHAM, Tncodore. Ala.; Mechanical Eng neering (l). SCHFA EY BOYD WHlGHAM loaiiville A'a.; Industrial Management (3;. ERANYA JO W-ITAKER. Birmingham. Ala.; Interior Deiign (I). ADD E ELIZABETH WHIT-, liv ngitor. A a.: Educat'on (I); Kappa Delta. BETTY JEAN WHITE. Fayette. A o.; Home Economic! (ij. B088Y M Kc WHITE. Hart-elle. Ala.; Buiinen Adminiit'ation (2;. CARROl . 8RUC- WHITE 8'rminghan, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering [I); Phi Kappa Tou. CHARLES WARREN WHITE. Grove Hill, Ala.; Mechanica Engineering [i . DAVID JOE WHITE, Dothan. Alj.; Aerorautica Engineering [J). 398UNDERCLASSMEN GEORGE LAMAR WHITE Maplaivilla. At .; Agricu tural Education (2). JAMES DOUGLAS WHITE. FaiHa.. Ala.; Te.tile Deiign (I). JANE TYSON WHITE, 8 rm ngham, Ala.; Aft l). JANICE EAYE WHITE Oothan, Ala.; fcoucation (2). JERRY ElllS WHITE. B 'minqha.n" Ala ; Industrial Management (3) JOHN PALMER WHITE. Phn»i» City. Ala.; Pharmacy (J). JOHN WILLIAM WHITE. Tuicumbia, A a.; Chemical'inq (J). LAUOREY ERIA WHITE. Ne» Ma-let. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). OVIES FREDERICK WHITE. JR.. Floma’ion. Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (I) WENDELL N. WHITE. Benemer, Ala.; Electrical Enginee'irg (I). WILL ROGERS WHITE. Mobile. A a.; Mechanical Engineering (2}; Theta Chi. WYONA KATE WHITE, liningcton. Ala.: Education JJ); Kappa O-lta. NELLIE PAULINE WHITEHEAD Webo. A o.: Home Economic! |J); Chi Omego. C. WAYNE WHITLEY, Birmingham. Ala.; Eccfrical Engineering (I). HOWARD GRADY WHPIFY. III. Birmingnnm. Ala ; Mechanical Engineering (I). ROBERT JAMES WHITLEY. JR.. Laerenceburg. Tean.; Ci I Enginee’inq (I). HILARD E. WHITLOCK, AjOorn, A a.; Veterinary Medic-ne (a); A pho Pli. STEVE BOYD WHITLOW, Trinity. Ala.; Induttrial Management (J). WAITER THOMAS WHITMAN. T-oy. Ala. Civi Engineering (2); S qmo N . GLENDA PAYE WHITSON. Selma. Ala.; Pharmacy (I). BILLY GERALD WHITT. Huntjville Ala.: Ar-ronaulical Eng reefing (II. LUTHER DELANEY WHITTLE. Graytvi le. A a.; Pre Dentittry (I). BETTIE CAROLYN WlATT A-.rj-ion. S.C.; Home Economic! (I); Pi B'ta Pni. DONALD Me. WICKHAM, langdale Alo.; Electrical Eng neering (I). BETTY ANN WICKS'ROM Bc-.'.emer. Ala.. Secretarial Training (2). WILLIAM A. WIDNER. Roanoie. Alo.; Mechonical Engineering (J). GENE MALCOLM WIGGINS. Columbut. Ga.; Buime-.t Aom nttrat.on U). JAMES FOWIN WIGGINS Mobi , Ain.; Industrial Mnnagen»nr ()); ThelaChi. JAMES STANSON WIGGINS. Hartford. A'a : Induitrial Management (2). BETTY JO WIKLE, Huntsville. Ala.; Educat on (J): phi Mu. ANN CLEM WILBANKS Eu!au’a, Ala.; Education (I); Phi Bela Pi. CHARLES WAYNE WILBANKS. Tallassee. Ala.; Business Adminiitrarion (I). THOMAS NEWTON WILBANKS Talasoee. Ala.; Pre Medicine (I). MARr FRANCES v I BURN Republic. Ala.; Pha-r. acv (2). THOMAS EDWARD WILCOX. Ethelsville. Ala.; Agricultu'a Science (2). MARY LOUISE V ILD. Opelila. Ala.; Secretarial Training (I); Pi Beta Phi. DWIGHT MOODY WILHELM. Mon qom«ry. Alj.; Electrical Engineering (J); Pi Kappa Alpha, RALPH Sherman WILHELM. JR. Saratoga Fla.; Vete'inory Medicine (J). BETTY JOAN WIIKERSON Bi-m ngham Ala.; Education (I). JOHN WILLIE WIIKERSON. Steuenson. Ala.; Pha'macv (2). MARTHA WILKES. Opelila, Ala.' Education |2); Del'a Zeta. ALEX D. WILKINSON. Eul.u a Ala.; Business Administration (3|. COWARD FOX WILKINSON. Cdgceoto Fla.; Aeronautical A J'niniitrgt on (J). KENNETH M. WILKINSON, Eufaula A'a.; Business Admin jtration (2). ANNETTE WII.COXON, Toslegee Ala.; Education (I); Kappa Della. JAMES McDUFFIE WILLETTE Florala A a.; Mechanical Engineering J2;. ALEXANDER LANE WILLIAMS. Columbut. Mitt.; Veterinary Mejicine (4); Omega Tau Sigma. ALICIA WILLIAMS. Chidaiaw, Ala. Education (J); Ph Mu. ANGIE MARIF WILLIAMS, Rivarv ew. A'a.; Education (I). BETTY CECILE WILLIAMS. Alabama City. Ala.; Education (2). 399UNDERCLASSMEN BEVERLY JUNE WILLIAMS. Birmingham A’a.; Educa'ion (2). BOB FRANK WIIUAMS Headland. Ala.; Agricultural Science (2). CAREY BROUGHTON WILLIAMS. JR. Moulin . Ga.; Industr al Management (J) Kappa Sigma. CHARLES BAILEY WILLIAMS. Douglas Ga.; Mechanical Engineering (}): Tlicta Chi. CHARLOTTE FAYC WILLIAMS Moultrie. Ga.; Educat on (2); Cni Omega. CLARENCE EUGENE WILLIAMS. Mobile. A'a.; Mechanical Engineering (I). CLINTON MOSELEY WILLIAMS. Seim . At .; Mechanical Engineering (I). DONALD C. WILLIAMS Talladega, A a.; Psychology (3). EARNEST MAXWELL WILLIAMS Birmingham. Ala.; Mechanical Enginee-iog 13). FCNOE RARTlS WILLIAMS flnchbj-g Ala.; Business Administration (J). FRANCEUE WILLIAMS. Greenville Ala,: Home Economic! (J): Alpha Gamma Delia. GARY WEST WILLIAMS G-avsv!lle. Ala.; Business Adminislrat on (I). GENE HOMER WILLIAMS Piedmont. Ala. Agricultural fducat on (I). GEORGE EDWARD WILLIAMS. Selma. Al».: Mechanical Engineering (2). GlADYS VIRGINIA WILLIAMS. Weil Point. Ga.; Home Economici (2)- Alpha Gamma Della. HOWARD EUGENE WILLIAMS. Montgomery Ala.: Forestry (I). JAMES 8. WILLIAMS. Dtertbotg, Term.; Electrical Engineering (I); Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES REED WILLIAMS. Woycross Ga.: Ar-onautical Engneering (2i; Sigma Pi. JOHN ALAN WILLIAMS. Birmingham, Ala.; Pha-macv (I): Tau Kappa Epsilon. JOHN DAVIO WILLIAMS, JR ; Mon-gomery, Ala.; Chem'cal Fnginee-lnq (I). KENNETH EUGENE WILLIAMS I on City. Ga.: Mechanical Engineering (2). LEONARD HARDER WILLIAMS. Selma. Ala.; P'e Veierinary Medico (I). MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS. Montgomery. Ala ; Art (3);7'fa Taj Alpha. MARY ALICE WILLIAMS. Clavier Ala.: Homo Econom « Education (3): Chi Omega. MELBA J. WILLIAMS. Wadley Ala.; Home Economica Education (2). PRICE STEVENS WILLIAMS. Mobile Ala.; Education (2). ROLAND LEBANON WILLIAMS. JR. Eight Mile Ala.: Business Administration (2). RU3EN MAJRICE WILLIAMS, Cullman. Ala. Forestry (3). RUFUS ALTON WILLIAMS, Chickasaw. Ala.; Mech ic l Enginee-lng (3). TEO CARLTON WILLIAMS Ha-lselle. A'o ; Electrical Engineers (2). THOMAS ClYOE WllLIAMS. Fighr Mi n. Ala ; Flnclrical Fraginenring (I). WAYNE NELSON WILLIAMS. Deca'ur. Ala ; Engineering Phys s (31: Pi Kapoa Alpha. JERRY LEA WILLIAMSON. Birmingham. Ale.; laboratory Techno'ogy (I). LARRY DELANO WIIIIAMSON Eaal Tallassee. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (2). PHOEBE LOVE WILLIAMSON. Guriev. Ala.; Education (I); Alpha Omictoe Pi. SARA K. WILL AMSON. A mc'e. Ala.; Home Economics Educe on (I). PATSY LEE WILLIS, Selma. Ala.; Business Administration (I). ROBERT DAVID WILLIS. Bessemer. Ala.; Eeclr cal Engineering (I). M6INAH J. WILM. s 6 Paulo Broil I; Ag- cullu-al Science (3). CARL WILLIS WILSON. Andalusia. A a.; Ve’erlna-y Meaicine (3); Omega Tau Sigma. CHARLES ROBERT WILSON lane-i, Ala.: Engineering Physics (I). CHARLTON CLAUDE WI.SON. Jacksonville. He.; Aeronautical Administration (3). Sigma Pi. EDWIN STEWART WILSON. JR„ Pensacola. Fla.; Industr al Management (3). FREDERICK WINFREO WILSON. Albnrtv lie. Ala.; Bus.ness Admin.slrat on (3). GERALD WHITNEY WILSON. Anniston. Ala. Mechanical Engineering (2|: Phi Kappa Tau. JIMMY CHARLES W ISON Albertville A a.; [lectricai Engi veering (|). JOHN EOSHEE WILSON, Evergreen. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (3): Taj Kappa Eos Ion. JOHN FRANK WILSON. JR.; 8 rmingham. At .; E'eclrical Engineer rg (J). JOSEPH CLAUD WILSON. Opelika. A a.: Education (JJ; A'pha Tau Omega. JOSEPH S. WILSON. Ogleville. Ala,; Education (2).UNDERCLASSMEN JOSEPH PORTER WILSON. Dothan. Ala.; Eeclrcol Engi-see-mg (2). JOYCE ELAINE WILSON Montgomery. Ala.; Laboratory Technology (I); PM Mu. REU8SN ROY WILSON. JR., B nr rgham, Ala.; Irduttr al Management (I). SIDNEY M. WILSON. Auburn Ala.; Business Administration (21. JAMES ALEX WINDHAM, Dothan Ala.: Electrical Engineering ()). THOMAS KARL WIND"AM. New S-ocHae. A'a.; E ectrical Engineering (|). CAROLYN TRANCES WINDSOR. Mooile. Ala.; Secretar al T-aiMng (21. KATHFRINF THOMPSON V INE. F orercc. A'a.; Bus ess Administration ;21. EARL WINS. JR.. Montgomery. Ala.; Business Administration (I). MORRIS WINGARD. Rockford, Ala.; Mechanical Engineering (l). KENNETH C. WINGO. 8‘rmirqham. Ala.; Industria' Management (3); Dc to CM. WILLIAM NEAL WINTERS Mc'tgcmerv Ala. Ae'orautica Engineering |2); Theta Chi. NORMAN FUGENF WlRTS, Prichard. Ala.; Aercnnutiea Engineering (3). LYLE KILVINSTCN WISE. Fort Payne. A'a.; Aeronautical Engineering (3) Kappa Sgma. MARTHA A. WISE. Rairuillo. Ala.; Education (I). M. JEAN WISE. Kinston. Alo.- Hunt Economics (I). REBECCA LAMAR WITMER. Montgomery Ala.; Education (2',; CM Omega. VINNIS G. WITT. Hatton. Ala.; Chemical Engineering (2). 8RA0Y WAYNE WOLFE. Slrmlrgham. A'o.; Electrical Engineer ng (I). JOSEPH MARION WOLFE. JR.. S Augustine. Fla.; Mechanical Engineering (2); Delta Tou Delta. WILLIAM GLENN WOLFF. Anderson. S. C.' Mecnanical Engineer ng (I); Kappa Alpha. JOHN ARNOlO WOllER. Florence. A a. Mechanical Engineering (2). BARBARA ANN WOMACK A'lanta Ga.; Secre'arlal Training (I). LOWELL ASHER WOMACK Birmingham. Ala.; 8ul ding Contract on (2); Phi Kappa Taw. CARLOS ARTHUR WOMSLE. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; Electrical Engineering (I). CLYDE H. WOOD, Birmingham. Ala.- Electrical Erg peering (2). DON RAY WOOD GadvJen. A'a.; Engineering Physics (II. EDWIN WALDO WOOD. la«e City, Fla.; Business Adminiitration (2). FRFD JORDAN WOOD. Eagleville. Tenn.; Forestry (2). J. T. WOOD. JR.. Union Spring.. Ala.: Business Administration (2): Sigma Hj JAMES DOUGLAS WOOD, 8 rmingham, Ala.; Chemical Engineering (3). JAMES W. WOOD, B 'mlngham, A a,; Industrial Management (2|; Pi Kappa A'pha. MARGARET ANN WOOD. Athens Ala.: Home Economics (2); Kappa Delta. MAX PETERSON WOOD, Birmingham. Ala.; Elec'rical Engineering (l). PATRICIA ANN WOOD. Cc vmbit, Go.; tduCallon (2); Kappa Alpha Theta. ANNE IEF WOODALL. Birmingham. Ala.; Home Economics (2); Phi Me. AUERIL "DWARD WOODFIN. JR.. Mobile. A'a.: Electrical Erglreerlng (I). GARY E. WOOOHAM, Theodore, Ala.; Civil Eng nee'ing (I). JOHN WEBSTER WOOOHAM. Geneva. Ala.; Architecture (3). PATSY WOOOHAM. Hartford. Ala.; Sc ence and literature (I). KENNETH WAYNE WOODIS. Huntsville. Ala.; Clec’rica Engineering 2). ANNETTE P. WOODLEY, Auburn. Ala.; Burnett Administration (3). CHARLES EDWARD WOODROW, B rmingham. Ala.; Electrical Eng nee ring (I); Tau Kappa Epsilon. BILLY JACK WOODRUFF, S'entvooJ, Tenn.; Veterinary Mecicinc (3). 8EVERLY JEAN WCODS, Sirmhgh»rr. Ala.; Secretarial Tra Mng (I); Zete Tau Alpha. FRED MEIV N WOODS. JR.. Piedmont. A'a.; Pharmacy (2). JOHN WILLIAM WOODS. A’lanvy, Ga.: Business Admin st-at-on (3). WILLIAM FREDERICK WOODS. Oprlike. A'o.; Agricu tural Science (3). ELIZABETH ANN WOOTEN. Ccvlngton. Tenn.; Science a»d lite'ature (I); Chi Omega. ROBERT EARL WOOTEN, Montgomery. Ala,; Mechanical Engineering (I). 401HENRY LANIER WORD, Shawmut. Ala.; Electric Eng nec-ing ;jj. STELLA ALICE WORD, Scot'iboro. Ala.; Music |2); Delta Delta Delta. WILLIAM 3. WORTHINGTON Bene men. Ala.; Indudri Management 3] BRYANT WORTHY, Eu'aula, A a.; Mechanical Engineering (J). DONNIE OTIS WRIGHT. Columbut. Ga.; Building Condition I) ELMA RUTH WRIGHT Lafayette. Ala.; Education (I). HAROLD DEAN WRIGHT, Macon, Ga.; Mec'anicol Engineering 2). JUDE MUlliNS WRIGHT, Auburn, A abama; Eoucahon (I); Kappa Delta. LEO CECIL WRIGHT JR Derafur. Ala,; Art |3); Tau Kappa Fpiitcn. MARY JANE WRIGHT. Hartford. Ala.; Scierc and literature U). NATHANIEL L- WKIG”I, JR., ludegec Ala,- Induttria! Management i3). RICHARD WACO WRIGHT. G'atiam A a.; Agricultural Education 12). SANDRA IRENE WRIGHT Kilegce, Ala.; Secretarial Training I). SARA ANN WRIGHT. Slrm rgham. Ala.; Education (I). WILLIAM MARRIN WRIGHT Mobile. Al».; Forestry (I); lambdaChi Alpha WILLIAM TALMADGE WRIGHT, Hardc'd. Ala.; Aeronautical Engineering |21; Theta Xi. SANDRA JEANETTE WRINKlE. Da ton. Ga.; Home Economic! (?); Phi Mu. CAROLYN MALONE WYATT Decatur. Ala.; Education |J). SDWINA BETH WYATT. Pike Road. A t.; laboratory Technology (I). JAMt$ SAMUEL WYATT. 8 rmirgham Ala.; Mechanical fcng nee' ng |2). WILLIAM GARNER WYATT. JR.. Tutc.voota. A a.; Agricultural Science 3). GLORY YARBROUGH. Pemacclo Fla.; Home Economics (2): Koioa Alpha Tfeto. HUGH TERRY YARBROUGH. Birmingham, Ala.; Indudrial Management (3), MARY JOSEPHINE YARBROUGH. Ga'dendale. Ala.; Buiitwti Adrr n it r rat ion (2). JAMES MICHAEL YATES. Albertville. Ala.: Sut'ncn A'Jrnifiittret'on (I); Sigma Pi. JANETTE YATES Faimape. Ala.; Home Economic! (2). MARY E.I7ABETH YATES larett Ala.; Home Economist (I). JAMES MONROE YEAGER. Headland. Ala.; Agriculture E'ginecring (3). MARY ElOISE YEAGER, Oldenburg. Ala.; Secretarial Train ng (I). WILLIAM PAUL YEAGER P ham. Ala,; Civil Engin-er g (3). LAWRtNCE WILLIAM YEARGIN. AndertOn, S.C.r Butneu Admin.dration (I); PH De;ta Theta. JAMES AUSTIN YEAGER Pel-am. Ain ; Civi Engineer ng (3). CHARLES EUGENE YOUMANS. Wed Pain- Beach. Fla.; E'ectrcal Engineering (2). BILL W. YOUNG Birmingham, A a.; Aeronaut cal Engineering (2). ClAUO ROY YOUNG. III. D.ndev lle, Ala ; Aeronaut ral Engineer ng (2) EDWARD PORTER YOJNG. JR Montgomery. Ala.; P-e Medici.e (3). MARK HOLLAND YOUNG B rmingharr. Ala.; 3u.inen Admiridratioe 3); De ta Chi. MARTHA O'DAY YOUNG. Opp A a.; Educat or (I). MARY CECILE YOUNG Birmingham. Ala.; Educat on |2); Phi Mu. RACHEL LYNN YOUNGBLOOD Montgomery. A a. Sunken Adminidration (3); Chi Omega. ROBERT WHIAM LYMAN YOUNGS Ajou'n Ala.; Architecture (2). -AMIE ZAPA'A. Medell n. Colemh a; Electrical rrgire' (i) CAROL LYNN ZEU. Birmingham. Ala.; Education 3); C i Omega. WILLIAM WALKER ZIEBACH, Mob lo, A j.; Pharmacy (I). ROifRT J. ZOBEl, Birmingham Ala.; Aeronautical Englneeer eg (2) DAVID LOWtRY ZUCK, B -mingham. A a.; Indudtral Management (I); Alph a Tau Omega. JOYCE ALLEN Hunttvi le. A a.; A- (I). DOROTHY L. DEAN, letochotu'ice. Ala.; P c Veterinary Medicine (2). WILLARD DWIGHT DEAN Panama City. Fla.; Mode (I). SCNJIA DIANE ETHEREDGF. Dotn.nn Ala.; Education (I). 402UNDERCLASSMEN GEORGE L. FOSSETT. Mofilijeme'y. Ala,; Civil Englnecrrg (I). ItYMJk GMAHKtMANI, Teheran. Iran; Agricultural E qlnMflv) (2). WILL A JANET GREENE Oa«io« Go.: Education (5). CHARLES KENNEY HALL. Warrington. FU.j Aeronautical Engineering (I). LEROY HANKS. Greenville. Ala.; Et«C»fi l Engineering (I). BETTY HARE. Birmingham, Ala.; Nome Economics (2). PHILLIP ALAN HARTMAN, lake Worth. Ha.; Aeronautical E (I). HENRY NATHAN HAVARD. Daphne Ala.; Mechanlca Engineering (I). WILLIAM W. HERRIN. Savanna- Ga.; Architecture {ij; S gn-3 Alpha Epsilon. CLARENCE E. HOIUN hjaO, 8«cha u"na. M.vs.: Electrico ng (I). JAMES 8. HUDSON. Cullman, Ala.; Civil Eng neer rg (|). JOttN DAVID IRVIN. Montgomery, Ala.; E ectrcgl Englnee-ing (I). WILLIAM JOSEPH LECROY, C«r r« Ala.; Ae'onaw'lcal Eng nearing |l). JAMES F. LEDBETTER. UilltMd. Ala.; Civil Engineering (I) WILLIAM ALFRED MclNTYRE S . Fefersbj-g Fla.; Build mj Construction (2); Alpng Taj Omego. CAROLYN J. NIVENS, fc- Ala.; Sacratarial Tr» (|J. MARY TERRY RODGERS Hunts . ; , Ala.; Education (I). WILLIAM J. SUFFlCH. Mobile. A'a.; Mechanical Erglneering (|). MILOREO YVONNE TAYLOR. Prattville, Ala.; Home Economics Education (2). JOAN WALTERS. Tuskegee. A’a.; Educotlpr (l): Kappa Delta. OBBY LOUIS WILLIAMSON. Anniston. Ala. Bus-rc Administration (2).In Memoriam DR. REDDING S. SUGG (1893-1958) Dean, School Veterinary Medicine 1940-1958"A'' Club................. A.C.S.................... Aqricultjre Council . . . Air Fame ROTC . . . . A. I. A.................. A.I.C.E.................. A.I.E.E.................. Alpha Beta Alpha . . . . Aloha Colta Pi........... Alpha Epsilon Dolta . . . Alpha Gamma Dolta . . . Alpha Gamma Rho . . . Alpha Lambda Dolta . . Alpha Omicron Pi ... . Alpha Phi Omega . . . . Alpha Psi . . . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Alpha Zeta .............. A.P.A.................... Army ROTC................ Arnold Air Scc’oty . . . Art Guild................. A.S.A.E.................. A.S.C.E.................. A.S.M.E.................. Auburn Band.............. Auburn Debate Council . Auburn Engineer . . . Auburn Knights . . . . Auburn Players............ Auburn Union............. Auburn VotArinarian . . . Baptist Student Union . . Baseball ............... Baslotball............. Beauties ............... B ock Bridle.......... Bluo Key Caisson Club.............. Calendar Gi'ls . . . . Canterbury Club . . . . Chi Epsilon.............. Ch' Omega............... Circlo K............ Concert and Lecture Series Cross Country............ Cwens ................... Doiry Science Club . . . Dames Club.............. Danna Kinq Gatcholl Club Delta Chi .... Delta Dolta Delta . . . . Delta Omicron........... Dolta Siqma Phi . . . . Dolta Sigma Pi.......... Delta Tau Dolta . . . . Delta Zeta............... Eta Kappa Nu............ Executive Cabinet . . . . Favorites............... F.F.A................... Fooiba I ............. Forestry Club........... freshman Advisory Council Freshman Sports .... Glomerate St ah .... Golf . . .... Graduate School . . . . Homecominq ............. Horticulture Forum . . . IAS..................... Industrial Dosign Forum . Inter-Fraternity Council . I. R.E.................... J. A.V.MA ...... Junior Penhellonic . . . Jurisprudence Council . . Kappa Alpio . . . . Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Kappa Delta .............. Kappa Delta Pi.......... . 20C . 208 . 204 . 42 . 208 . 209 210 . 204 . 100 . 2 OS . 96 142 . 2 OS 104 . 206 136 122 . 207 . 211 41 . 213 . 214 . 209 . 212 . 212 . 268 . 214 . 65 . 280 . 264 . 26? . 64 249 186 184 72 215 216 86 248 217 94 215 265 193 24? . 217 . 218 . 218 156 . 106 . 220 134 . 219 . 156 . 98 220 47 8? 223 164 221 22? 196 59 194 40 256 224 225 224 116 223 226 115 . 48 I 24 . 110 . 92 229 Kappa Epsilon . . . . Kaopa Sigma .... lambda Chi Alpha Latin American Club . Mngnol a Ha l $.G. . . Men's Intramurals . . . Mortar Board........... Music of A.P.I......... Navy ROTC.............. Omicron Dolta Kappa . O.D.K. Beauty Ball . . Omcqa Tau Sigma . . Omicron Kappa Pi . . Omicron Nu............. Panhellenic Council . Phi Deta Chi........... Phi Delta Theta . . . . Phi Eta Sigma . . . . Phi Kappa Phi .... Phi Kappa Tau . . . Phi Lambda Upv'lcn . . Phi Mu .... Phi Mu Alpha . . . . Phi Psi................ Pi Beta Phi . . . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Pi Koppo Phi........... PI Mj Epsi on.......... Pi Sigma Epsion . . . Pi Tau Pi Sigma . . . . PI Tau Siqma........... Plainsman Staff . . Poultry Scionce Club . Publications Board . . S.A.M.................. S.A.M.E................ Scabbard B'ade . • . Scarab ................ Schools Aqriculfuro Architecture and Art Chemistry............ Education........... Enqineerinq . . . Home Economics . . Pharmacy ... Science and L tereture Votorinary Med cino . S.C.R A................ S.E.A.................. Senate................ Seniors ............... Siqma Alpha Epsilon . . Siqma Chi.............. Siqma Nu............... Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Siqma Phi.............. Spades ............... Spiked Shoo............ Squires ............... Steerage .............. Student Government . Tou Beta Pi............ Tau Kappa Fpsilon . . Tennis ................ Theta Chi.............. Theta Xi .............. Tiqcr Cub.............. Track ................ Traci Saber . . . . Underqraduotes . . . . Villago Fair........... Wesley Foundation . . Westminster Fellowship Who's Who Women s Intramurals . W.R.A. ................ Wrcstlinq ............ W.S.G.A. Legislature W.S.G.A. Officers . . Zota Tau Alpha . . . . L M N 6 P s T U V w z 229 130 138 230 231 198 53 282 43 56 70 15? 230 232 114 232 120 235 58 U8 234 10? 234 236 112 128 14 233 236 238 237 62 258 67 24| 240 239 240 22 24 26 28 3C 3? 34 36 38 248 ?44 49 288 118 150 126 13? Ho 52 24? 243 245 46 246 154 195 MO 160 66 190 244 32? 254 250 251 54 197 247 19? SI 50 106Advertisements AUBURN A. Meadows Garage Auburn Ice and Coal Co. 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May Green OPELIKA Alabama Gas Corporation Andy's Cafe Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Davis-D ar Supply Co. Farmer's National Bank First National Bank Hagedorn's Hollinqsworth Norman Montgomery-Opelika Fair Nchi Bottling Co. Opelika Creamery Ooelika Notional Bonk Sanderson's The Chicken House Tu-J's Meat Co. WJHO Radio MISCELLANEOUS Bdtson-Cook Contractors Coosa River Newsprint pfister Chomicals Gasper-Ware L N Railroad Douglas Aircraft 407TRADE O fr aC BOOKStSUPPLIES W P VK 7 a w7L -r7l u ART-ARCH BOOK EXCHANGE ___ We Buy Books Complete Line of Supplies South College Phone ( lDRY CLEANING LAUNDRY FLUFF DRY JOHN CURRY 41. Owner CURRY'S DRIVE-IN CLEANERS THE FINEST CLEANING - ANYWHERE 244 W. Glenn AUBURN Ph. 573 Where baking is truly a pleasure AUBURN ICE AND COAL CO. Serving This Area For Over a Quarter of a Century with ICE COAL LUMBER 8UILDING MATERIAL GENERAL CONTRACTING INGRAM’S GULF SERVICE P H O N E 7 5 ROBERT M. INGRAM Student Hdqs. For Automotive Service A U B U R N A L A COMPLIMENTS OF CREST 5 10c STORE Magnolia St. Auburn. Alo. BILL NUNN'S COLLEGE STATION Sinclair Products—Goodyear Tire Washing Lubrication Delco Batteries N. College Auburn Phone 446SAVE FOR A PURPOSE AT THE Member of F.D.I.C. Federal Reserve System College At Magnolia BANK OF AUBURN AUBURN, ALABAMA .Jackson s Photo Supply One half £etiice oh Photo ‘JintihiHg OVER SIZE—TWO DAYS For Dance and Party Pictures Call Typewriter Rentals—$5.00 per month EDDIE DAVIS Phone 44 Day I 19 EAST MAGNOLIA 666 Night A. MEADOWS GARAGE MOTOR AND BODY REPAIRS WASHING — GREASING — OILS FIRESTONE BATTERIES Phone: 29-27 Auburn. Alabama TAMPLIN HARDWARE CO. DuPont Paint—Houseware Supplies Garden Seeds and Tools Phone 121 AUBURN. ALABAMAPITTS HOTEL Sprinkler Fire Protected Air Conditioned Rooms Excellent Coffee Shop AUBURN. ALABAMA Phones 480 481 E. Magnolia BILL HAM CLEANING Tailoring Laundry Tuxedo Rentals Rug Cleaning Phone 302 Auburn. Alabamo "The Best for the Best" WITTEL’S STANDARD STATION "Ask the Student, the Student Knows" AUBURN ALABAMA Jiyer Headquarter Just as wo supply the Auburn varsity athletic teams with the finest in athletic equipment, so do we offer students the bost for their individual needs . . . and. at tho lowest possible prices . . . OFFICIAL P.E. EQUIPMENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN TENNIS SUPPLIES (including ono-day racquet re-stringing) SPORTSWEAR SWIM EQUIPMENT (Jantten swim trunls . . . frog feet . . . diving masks . . . (water skiis.) FISHING TACKLE GOLF CLUBS AND ACCESSORIES REMEMBER. IT COSTS EVEN LESS TO BUY THE BEST WHEN IT COMES FROM feeder HicCjaughij "Specialists in Sports" Broad and Walton Street 106 North College Street Atlanta 3. Georgia Auburn, AlabamaTHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AUBURN The Bank That Serves Auburn. Its College and Community Fred A Duran. p t». member, federal deposit insurance corp. THRASHER-WRIGHT Phone 92 I 30 S. Gay AUBURN. ALABAMA Quality Laundry Dry Cleaners, Inc. AUBURN, ALABAMA LEE COUNTY WRIGHT DRUG CO. LUMBER SUPPLY CO. DRUGS—COSMETICS—SODAS Revlon Dubarry P.O. Box 1391 Telephone 32 Max Factor Lucien Lelong YOU'RE ALWAYS Glenn Avenue WELCOME AUBURN. ALABAMA CLARENCE ANDREWS Phene 9Since 1878... Its BURTON'S BOOK STORE ".Sonit’ bin" nt’iy firry day” South College Streett i . i: ii t ii i: a t i: 11 AUBURN ALABAMA FRATERNITY JEWELRY BY BALFOUR ENOCH BENSON, Rep. Located in College Supply Store Union Building Parke ko WHERE MORE PEOPLE SHOP . . . auie iheij (ore Smart tlintjs EAST MAGNOLIA AUBURN Ware Jewelry Across from the Campus AUBURN. ALABAMA LAMAR WARE. Class '45 THE FURNITURE MART Complete Homo Furnishings New, Used, and Rental 128 N. College Auburn. Ala.THOMPSON WHOLESALE GROCERY AUBURN, ALABAMA 320 W. Glenn Phone I 106 CURTIS E. "PETE" McALISTER, Prop.Headquarter JcrfHl If cur School Heed COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE Student Union BuildingCentrally tccated on CanxpuA WAR EAGLE CAFETERIA STUDENT UNION BUILDING ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTEANDY’S CAFE "TOPS IN PINE FOODS" It’s a Safe Bet They're Not Ordering Filets, As Usual Auburn-Opelika Highway Opelika, Ala. PATRONIZE YOUR GLOMERATA ADVERTISERS HOLLINGSWORTH NORMAN, INC • "OPELIKA’S LEADING READY-TO-WEAR STORE" OPELIKA NATIONAL BANKThe First National Bank of OPELIKA, ALABAMA CONDENSED STATEMENT OF CONDITION At the close of business December 31, 1957 RESOURCES Cash and Duo from Banks . . . .$1,087,117.56 U.S. Government Securities . . . 1.871.977.28 Other Bonds........................ 217.216.32 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank . . 11,250.00 Loans and Discounts $1,537,416.53 Less Rosorvos . . . 51,865.29 1.485.551.24 Furniture and Fixtures ..... 14,998.56 Other Assets............................... 251.67 $4,638,362.63 LIABILITIES Capital Stock.....................$100,000.00 Surplus .......................... 275,000.00 Undivided Profits.................. 99,407.49 Deposits........................ 4,213.955.14 $4,688,362.63 Clement C. Torbcrt R. T. Meadows . . OFFICERS President Fornoy Ronfro Asst. Cashior . Cashier Ralph Mitchell................Asst. Cashier Clement C. Torbcrt J. T. Hamilton. Jr. Winston Smith T E. F. Jackson DIRECTORS W. S. Owsley R. T. Meadows Forney Renfro T. Penn Montgomery H. C. Jackson W. P. Pearson Frank M. Renfro Clement C. Torbert, Jr. OUR SEVENTY-SECOND YEAR 1886-1958 Member Federal Reserve Bank, Member Federa Depos't Insurance CorporationSANDERSON'S Men's Wear OPELIKA, ALABAMA THE CHICKEN HOUSE Southern Fried Chicken STEAKS—SEA FOODS— BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES Atlanta Highway Opelika Tu-J’s PRODUCTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS PACKAGERS OF Quality DooJ f- roJitcts Opelika. Alabama OPELIKA CREAMERY, INC. ENJOY Dai'iyfand MILK FiWrf ct catAM s OPELIKA. ALABAMA For Your “Dream Home” of Tomorrow... An Ultra-Modern ARKLA-SERVEL GAS Air Conditioner This marvelous all-year GAS air condi. tioncr heals and tools from a single system, making all other types old-fashioned. A LAB A AY A CORPORATION Eiclutive Distributors for 49 Communities In Central Alabama When you buy or build a home in the years to come, be sure ii is equipped with an Arkla-Servcl ‘ Sun Valley" GAS air conditioner. A small GAS llamc does all the work — no motors, compressors or valves in the single heating and cooling unit to wear or grow noisy. Architectural students — and those planning to enter lh« building trades — are invited to learn mare about this CAS air conditioner!THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK OF OPELIKA OPELIKA, ALABAMA Established 1909 CONDENSED STATEMENT DECEMBER 31, 1957 ASSETS Cash in Vault and Due from Banks.........................$1,522,831-35 United States Government Bonds........................... 2.626.976-25 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank............................... 10.500-00 State. County and Municipal Bonds.......................... 614,867.90 Loans and Discounts...................................... Banking House. Furniture and Fixtures....................... 42.072.09 Other Assets................................................. 2.191.48 $6,913,509.33 LIABILITIES Capital Stock (Common)...................................$ 100.000.00 Surplus.................................................... 250.000.00 Undivided Profits........................................... 47,314.08 Reserves.................................................... 18.672.78 Deposits................................................. 6.497,522.47 $6.913.509.33 OFFICERS JOHN Z. FULLER...................................................President R. NELSON CARTWRIGHT........................................Vice President W. RALPH YANCEY .................................................Cashier MISS RUBY WILLIAMS ............................................Assistant Cashier M. A. COLLINS..................................................Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS Homer Carter John Z. Fuller Judson H. Sa fer R. N. Cartwright H. B. Peacock Yetta G. Samford W. C. Davis G. C. Roberts. Jr. C. S. Shealy Charles H. JerniganDAVIS-DYAR SUPPLY CO. HAGEDORNS the styL center of East Alabama OPELIKA, ALABAMA WHOLESALE OPELIKA. ALABAMA WJHO Best in Radio Mouth of the Big Swamp Tune 1400 Phone 1800 tOllllO AulMamt Of IHt COCaCOia CO“»ani it OPE I IK A COCA COIA BO f TI INC COMPANY. INC MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER SCHLOSS KAHN Montgomery THE OUALITY HOUSE FOR 87 YEARSPaterMH J ROSEMONT GARDENS FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 300 SO. PERRY • MONTGOMERY • PHONE CH 7-7731AUBURN CO-EDS AGREE Montgomery Fair is the favorite department store for the latest fashions • downtown montgomery • opelika, alabama • eastbrook MONTGOMERY FAIR CENTRAL ALABAMA'S LEADING DEPT. STORE SINCE 1868 BEST WISHES FANNIN’S Hart Schafner Marx Clothes ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST STORES FOR MEN MONGOMERY. ALABAMA PREFERRED LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY Established February, 1929 Assets Over $6,500,800.00 Home Office Montgomery, Ala. W. A. MAY GREEN FRANK ROSA. Mqr. Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle 35 So. Court St. MONTGOMERY. ALA. Phone 3-0224 For the Finest in Young Men's Styles, Visit TKTHub 14 DEXTER AVE. MONTGOMERY. ALABAMAstands the strength of Guaranty Savings Life HOMf OFFICE • MONTGOMERY, AtA. I l«r Ututf, P'ciidcm AGENTS OePOETUNITIES IN AIA8AMA. FlO -IDA, GEORGIA. IOUISIANA. MISSISSIPPI, SOUTH CAEOtlNA ANQ TENNESSEE SOL LOEB COMPANY INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers and Cigars COLUMBUS. GEORGIA THE FINEST IN FEMININE FASHION Ready-to-Wcar Sportswear Accessories. Lingerie. Millinery Shoes, Children's and Pro-tcons GIFTS GEAR FIELD AND FIRESIDE, INC. Number Twenty Six Thirteenth Street COLUMBUS. GEORGIA Men's Sports Apparel Women's Sportswear s4 tyieat 'Htune ck “SUITS THE SOUTH' BLACK ANGUS RESTAURANT AMERICAN DISHES—SPAGHETTI—PIZZA PIE AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES—DINNER MEETINGS Dial FA 3-5783 or FA 2 9254 Columbus. Ga. LEO 3ROOKS VICTORY DRIVE - COLUMBUS. GEORGIA FMAvmm owned and managed in the Chattahoochee valley since 1876” C' Columbus, Ga. The South’s First Family of Department Stores “3i(L a It u our Ji if our Mtoppincf neec L Choose from four convenient credit plans. Affliatec with R. H. Macy Corporation Shop every Friday night til 9 p.m. MALONE OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. A Complete Office Service From Pins to Safes 107 12th Street Columbus, GeorgiaManufacturer of: Agricultural Implements, Deep Forgings, Stoves, Heaters and Portable Barbecue Grills Jobber of: Industrial, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies COLUMBUS IRON WORKS CO. SOUTHERN PLOW CO. DIVISION Columbus, Go. Est. 1853 CHANCELLOR --COM PANY 7 p-y— .-;-T—7- Locumom Auralmem 4 tote PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS rcraoctnEBErac anion s tor l ine Poods llie World Over II NORTH ROYAL.STREET Mobile's Finest Restaurant HAMMEL’S and HAMMEL'S ADAM GLASS Store for Homes Where You Shop for Everything Fine For Yourself. Family and Home MOBILE. ALABAMA Royal, Dauph’n and Conti Streets PFISTER CHEMICAL WORKS RIDGEFIELD. NEW JERSEY "Pfister for fine Napthols"Since its organization in 1900, the guiding principle of Liberty National Life Insurance Company has been to achieve success by deserving it; to protect its policyholders and their beneficiaries with fair, unselfish contract and to construe it liberally in their favor; to serve them faithfully, adequately, honestly and economically. ” Insurance Company • Birmingham, AlabamaSet your own pace for your future 7L£p in engineering with DDl GLffS largest and most stable unit in the aircraft industry At Douglas, young men like you are planning far into the future... building careers in engineering in an industry headed for a half century of expansion. Some of the goals which you can help to achieve were beyond man's vs ildesldreams when Douglas was making early aviation history in 1920 with the first airplane to carry a payload equivalent to its own weight. Today. Douglas is recognized throughout the world as the leader in aviation. The best opportunities for young engineers are with a company which has accepted the challenge of this world leadership. Your ideas, ability and ambition will establish the pace of your career at Douglas... and both recognition and promotion will be your rewards. DOUGLAS PLANTS FROM COAST TO COAST Douglu' offers engineering opportunities in the nation's choice geographical locations. In Southern California, Douglas plants are located in Santa Monica. Kl Segundo and Beach. Others are in Tulsa. Oklahoma, and in Charlotte. North Carolina. Research, development, and manufacture of commercial and military transports—including the new DC-8 jet transport and of guided missiles are centered in Santa Monica. Navy combat aircraft are designed and manufactured in Kl Segundo. Tin Beach Division is concerned primarily with the design and manufacture of huge military logistic transports and high-speed tactical bombers. The Tulsa Division is an alternative production source of the B-17 Stratojet bomber and also produces a third version of the B-66 tactical bomber. The Charlotte Division is primarily a missile production facility. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The Kngincering Departments are organized on ;« functional basis and, in general, include the following three main groups: Design Croups .Mr Conditioning Armament Kln-triral, Kin trolli and Itadio Ground Handling Equipment Hydraulics and l-anding Gear Interiors Mechanical Controls Power Plant Structures Technical Croups r ro«ly namics Automatic Control Systems CAA Liaison Engineering Drawings Check Engineering Liaison Production Design Service Engineering Strength Weights and Balance Test Croups Flight Test Kngincrring Materials and Process Engineering Research I-alroratorir iml Tunnel A BETTER LIFE ... GREATER SECURITY In addition to offering young engineers the opportunity to live in some of the most ideal locations in the country. Douglas provides one of the broadest programs of employee benefits in the aircraft industry. In nearly all assignments, on-the-job training assures full development of your talents. Scholarships and fellowships are available for continuing your education at nearby universities. Liberal vacations... sick leaves ... company-paid insurance ... hospitalization ... cash awards for your ideas... and a generous pension plan arc among the benefits enjoyed by every Douglas employee. Finally, challenging opportunities exist for all categories of engineers and scientists. All Douglas executives and administrators of high responsibility have advanced to their present positions from within the company. The choice of a future is yours in the most rewarding of American industries. Your future is unlimited at Douglas. For complete information, write to: C. C. LaVcne, Box B-620 DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY, INC. Santa Monica, CaliforniaKEEP ALABAMA GREEN COOSA RIVER NEWSPRINT COMPANY MANUFACTURER OF NEWSPRINT AND BLEACHED KRAFT PULP AN INDUSTRY BASED UPON THE FORESTS OF ALABAMA COOSA PINES ALABAMA Batson-Cook Company CONSTRUCTION DIVISION WEST POINT, GA. JACKSONVILLE, FLA.Closed circuit TV expedites freight-handling PROGRESS PICTURE... For more than a century, the L N Railroad has Iwn an energizing bloodstream to the South's expanding agriculture, industry, commerce, and social growth. With a substantial capital already invested, it reflects its faith in the South and the quality of its people, by still further expansion of territory, facilities, and service. Major improvements in 1957 included the merger of the L N and the N. C. anti St. L. Railway: completion of one modern freight yard anti the start of another; and installation of an additional 62 miles of Centralized Traffic Control—bringing the total C.T.C. control led-track to 1670 miles. In addition—124 diesel units and 127 cabooses were equipped with end-to-end radio control, and a total of 1850 new freight cars were placed in service. 1958 will see further important expansions and improvements. L N continually looks ahead for new and bettor ways to provide low-cost, modern transportation. LOUISVILLE NASHVILLE RAILROAD PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 0-A.ST IROlvT PIPE CO. BIRMINGHAM 2, ALABAMA America's largest individual cost iron pipe foundry — now serving the notion and the world from Birmingham. Tor more than fifty years, the name Acipco has been synonymous with quality cast iron pipe anil fitting . lo homes, to offices, factories, mills and plants throughout America, pipe manufactured by the American Cast Iron Pipe Company conducts liquids and gases vital to human well-being and industrial progress. Few other manufactured products serve so many basic needs so well ... or contribute, through their service, so much to the progress of our nation. Today, in addition to cast iron pipe, the American Cast Iron Pipe Company produces ccntrifugally spun steel tubing. Already, products manufactured from these versatile steel cylinders serve virtually every modern industry. Hundreds of new applications are being developed. Acipco’s program of aggressive research, engineering development, and expansion of production facilities promises an even greater contribution of service to America tomorrow.c4ll Portrait in GASPAR-WARE STUDIO 876 WEST PEACHTREE STREET, N. W ATLANTA, GEORGIAENGR AVI NGS FOR TH I S... THE 1958 GLOMERATA WERE MADE B Y COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA ENGRAVING COMPANY BIRMINGHAM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF AUBURN FOR THE COMPLETION OF ANOTHER OUTSTAND ING YEAR OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE SHARED IN THIS MEMORABLE YEAR BY DESIGNING PRINTING AND BINDING . . . THIS OUR «ist GLOMLRAIA in: mix rmvn «. i omimxy NASHVILLE TENNESSEE  

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