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x k comm UEHRBUUH PUHEUJUHD Pictures of People and Buildings and Places oft times bring smiles and reminiscence. We hope in our inexperienced way to show and tell our Friends, Faculty, and Fellow-students the past, present, and some of the future of Atlanta Chris- tian College. We realize the sacrifice on the part of those named above to keep Atlanta Christian College moving foreward. To say that we appreciate it and to never show proof would be unfair, The refore, look upon those who are beginning, those WhO are well along, and those who have fin- ished this part of the course. See for yourselves the Churches served, the future victories that will be won with God's help, and we believe that you Willconsider your time, money, and prayers well invested. As our Motto is: "For Christ In Spite Of Everything, " we hope and pray that Atlanta Chris - tian College will exist, work, and train men and women to serve that Christ, remaining true to His Word and Purpose---"Til He Comes Again. " PRESIDENTS mESSHGE AS YOU GO OUT INTO THE GREAT YEARS AHEAD Remember that you have been taught to love and honor your School and thosewho were your teachers only as they have glorified God and have led you to glorify Him before men. Have eyes, then, for that single purpose. In every decision, ask one question of your heart: iHow maymen best be led to glorify God?' The curse of God abideth with him who chooseth for money or any personal preferment. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon. uVirtue, to be effective, must come down from aloft." So, after the high moun- tain apart. to your several tasks! If you really believe in Christ; if you have faith; 11 you would escape the condemnation that justly belongs to Pharisee andhypocrite-e forget yourself--fix your eyes on the need of the man next to you--do what, for the love of Christ, must be done! You must be Willing to do anything, to lose, to suffer anything, rather than that one should perish for whom Christ died! Going thus into all the world; youbear with you the dreams, the hopes, the pray- ers of every teacher--of all who gave, that you might have the opportunity that is yours--and yet not yours, "for ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's. " "Now may that God of peace, who brought forth from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep, our Lord Jesus, in virtue of the blood of an everlasting covenant, fit you with every good thing to do his will; working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom is glory forever and ever. Amen, " Orvel Crowder 25'"! i J 'i' .1 . 1g? n3? . v V c7??? F M. .M j .N; h "w ; r f; :j- J '1 '? $595? 7 kah x'? . s -- - - CK N344 1- a - 'r. m7'itx rtC-v w 5 193$:X3- ?Efakkvax 4-wc'53iat'iirasWe-kxw3w r wads. Zw'xxg $.11... "g. , - .N'uhm-Axpmqs Cs IN: Hsuw e N '9 l' CV4 4 3x . ...- v . .. . . . , x , , -- . vsnlkhtixqi Wi' QEi'Q zsbefb'sg 55.1 EV ill! DEDICHHUH The class of '51 is happy to dedicate this 3X15 Harvester to the sweetheart of Atlanta Chris- tianCollege--our beloved "Mother" Raum. As MQSA a teacher and house mother of the girlsl dor- R780 mitory she has endeared herself in the hearts of all students and teachers. Carabelle Raum came to the school in its 7. V2.13 "toddling'l years and has remained a loyal and $3 steadfast worker down through the present 4gx$ year. She first came to the school in 1943 as Vi: Dean of Women only. In 1944 she began teach- 51113; ing Speech and Human Relations and is still hard at the job. This is her seventh year of gig? ,A self sacrificing service for. Atlanta Christian '. Mu. . $7 College and for the cause of Christ. eNx'QSS Her life has been an ins iration to us in Eva: p EHNE; times of discouragement, and her ever present .iEgJEKZ: smile has been asource of physical help to us xQE5QE always. She radiates the feeling that "all the iWizsrkr: world's a camera--look leasant, lease, " . 01:33:. P P ..-.X: ms, eves What ever we ma sa --we can mosthi hl , . 0 on Y Y g Y ' 33$ honor her by saying that our "Mother" Raum g..3;$ik1 is a Christian! Thank God for her life, and "h.- IN 34:va1 may we be as consecrated to the Lord as she $9211; is. 4-3 - HE . 55' .2: xtv . :. ' .CWNIQ7s . ;gxk Vtxt' - x gfxnms :R THE HEB STUHU In a secluded spot, tsurrounded only by the beauties of Mother Naturet about seven miles from the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta Christian College was born. It was in the year of 1937 that the news of her birth was made known. With the prayers of Christian friends, the hard work of those who were here to care for her, and by the grace of God she has survived the many hardships and trials that at first threatened her life. She is getting to be a big girl now, and well on her way to a long, happy, and prosperous life in the service of Christ. The doors to this young lady are open to everyone who has the desire to be trained for the service of the Master. Her purpose is to see that both men and women are educated for Christian leadership inthe ministry, music, missionary, youth, or church secretarial work. Upon the completion of afour years' course, in any one of these fields , one of three degrees may be obtained: A. B. tMiniste riaD, B.M. tMusict, or 13.5. tChurch Secretarian. Her students, as well as faculty and trustees, mustbelieve in the deity of Christ, and the infallibility of the scrip- tures. The purpose ofA C C's birth and life is to carry these truths to the world. Orvel C. Crowder Robert C. Campbell President Dean of Men Vechal Gladney Gilbert Denver Sizemore Director of Public Relations Librarian BUHRD OF TRUST Robert O. Weaver, Chairman T. O. Hathcock, Chairman Emeritus W. D. Aldridge William Trgylor Hugh D. Morgan I. E. Lipscombe James Allgood Fred Smith Oren Whitton Aubrey Payne J. H. Hodges Mrs. B. F. Morris Roy Davis Mary Dewey Bursa1 and Office Manager Anna Mae Crowder Dean of Women Mary Waller Kitchen Supervisor ORVEL C. CROWDER B.A., M.A.; Gospel, Theology ROBERT C. CAMPBELL 8.5. L., P. H. 8.; Old Testament RALPH M. CLARK B.A.. M.A., B.D.; New Testament DENVER SIZEMORE A.B., B.D.; New Testament V. G. GILBERT A.B.. B.D., M.A.; Church History GEORGE BOSWELL B.A.: Theology MARVIN BLACKWELL A.B.; Greek CARRABELL RAU M A.B.; Speech ANNA M. CROWDER B.M.; Music, English JAMES E. BOWERS B.M.. M.A.; Music MARY DEWEY 8.5.; shorthand, Typewriting MARJORIE REEVES B.A.. M.A.; English FHBUHU M. RALPH FISHER B,A.; Practical Ministries HHRVESIER PERSONNEL JAMES H. STRICK LAND Editor CHARLES R. ANDREWS Junior Editor JIMMIE R. COX Business Manager JOAN BALDWIN Advertising Manager BARBARA ALLGOOD Assistant Advertising Manager JIMMIE R. COX Vice President. Okalona, Mississippi, Alpha Gamma Gamma Gresident 3 Kappa Beta, Basketball, Harvester Personnel. BARBARA MAE ALLGOOD Atlanta, Georgia, Alpha Gamma Gamma areas. I, Secretary 1, Vice President 3L Secretary Sophomore Class, Treasurer of Junior and Senior Class, Typing instructor 2, Choir, Harvester Personnel, Paulines. ORVEL C. CROWDER S ponsor CLYDE P. WHEELER President, Tampa, Florida, Alpha Gamma Gamma 6ergeant at arms chappa Beta, Basketball, transfer from C.B.S., Male Chorus, Choir. EHIUHS 11 JOHN ALLIGOOD Washington, North Carolina, Alpha Gamma Gamma, Wresidem 2?. Basketball and Baseball manager, Kappa Beta. JOAN BALDWIN Perryville, Kentucky, Alpha Gamma Gamma Wice President 2, Secretary 3L Choir, Trio 2.3,4, Secretary of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class, Dean's Council 3, Harvester Personnel, Paulines, Cheerleader. 12 SENIORS CARL L. COOPER Atlanta, Georgia, Alpha Gamma Gamma, Kappa Beta Warliamemariam, Basketball manager, Choir. MARLIN H. DAY Hickory Flat, Mississippi, Alpha Gamma Gamma $er- geam at arms 1, President 30, Kappa Beta areasuren, Capt. of Basketball, Male Chorus, Baseball, President of Sophomore Class. AJ 11 W J M HH'I' 1' REGINALD D. HADDEN Lyman, South Carolina, Alpha Sigma Chi Wice Presi- dent 3L Kappa Beta. RHODA PEARL LILLEY Wil'liamston, North Carolina, Alpha Sigma Chi Greas- uret 2, Secretary 3,4, Vice President 3,4, Paulines, areasurer 2, President 9 Choir, Class Historian, Cheerleader, Dean's Council. JEAN F. REGIS Hartford, Connecticut, Alpha Sigma Chi, KappaBeta. JASPER L. ROEBUCK Robersonville, North Carolina, Alpha Sigma Chi Greasurer 2,5ergeantat arms 0, Kappa Beta, President 8 E n I U H 3 Junior Class, Demosthenes, Basketball, Male Chorus, Baseball. l3 I 0 H 8 ROBERT C. SEARLE, JR. Knoxville, Tennessee, Alpha Sigma Chi, Kappa Beta. JAMES H. STRICKLAND Gainesville, Georgia, Alpha SigmaChi, Nice President 3J Kappa Beta, Junior Editor, Demosthenes, Male Chorus, Vice President of Freshman and Junior Class, Baseball, Harvester Personnel. LINDA MARIE COX Senior Mascot. BLHSS HISTUHU In the year of 1947, a group of 27 young men and women, representing 8 states, enrolled at Atlanta Christian College as the largest Freshman class ever to enter its halls! All of us came with the purpose of training for life- careers in the diffe rent fields of Chris - tian service such as Ministry, Mis- sionary Field, Ministry of Music, Church Secretarial Service and Youth Leaders. Our Freshman year was spent ad- jus ting ourselves to new faces and happy surroundings. Our organized class chose for its color, blue and white; its motto, "For Christ in Spite of Every- thing"; its flower, the rose; its Spon- sor, Mrs. George BonDurant. An outstanding event that we all re - member was the Freshman Carnival-- featuring fortune telling, stunts, side shows and good eats as a means of rais - ing money. Much activity and earnest study filled our Sophomore year. We lost 15 from our group. Because our former sponsor went to another field to labor for the Lord, we chose our "clearly be- loved President " Orvel Crowder, to be oursponsor. One of our mostenjoy- able experiences was the buying of school jackets. During our Junior year we accom- plished much, even though we were only 14 in number. It was during this period of time that we began to grow up, have greater visions, and broader expecta- tions. We enjoyed the Junior-Senior Banquetand feel thatit was ahuge suc- cess--even if we do have to pat our- selves on the shoulder! Now that we have nearly finished our ACC training, itis not as pleasant be- ing a "dignified senior" as we had an- ticipated. Yet our Senior year has proved to be the best. Our greatest accomplish- ment was the publishing of the "51 Hare vester" of which we are very proud. It is our hope that those who read it may share alarge measure of the pie as - ure of those who prepared it. As we leave our Alma Mater we realize that our life of service is just beginning. It is our prayer that our younger classmates will experience the happiness which has been ours-- The Senior Class of '51. "For Christ in spite of everything. " 15 16 JUNIORS Bob E o DePOrter Tampa, Flon-da 17 Water Jendor Vau aRi ey, .ggs MJSSjo . 51PM , I Jr. mace, . . M. W3 . ttmgton Alexander North Cawhna BetW 3' meorida Pinetown DeLand, F I . a b0 Atlanfa, rollgl 18 Denver Sizemore Sponsor Maude Marie Click Lakeport, Florida SUPHUHIUHES Don E. Farnam President Moore Haven, Florida Richard P. Randall Vice President Atlanta, Georgia 61175 m Robert Harrison Alexander Muskogee, Oklahoma 19 Dalton L. Finch, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Doris DePorter Tampa, Florida Lilly May Dyer Portales, New Mexico SUPHUHIUHES Bill Gardiner Robersonville, North Carolina Kenneth D. Hartley Elizabethton, Tennessee Daisy Fisher Tampa, Florida Jeanette S. McKinney Shawmut, Alabama Lindsey E. He rndon Franklin, Georgia Elwood H. House Norfolk, Virginia SUPHUIHUHES Charles D. Moore Tampa, Florida Donald H. Morris College Park, Georgia Deering Manning Ponzer, North Carolina William Fa Reeves Carrollton, Georgia Joyce Osborne A . Tampa, Florida ' V' r Betty R. Perkins Atlanta, Georgia SUPHUIHUHES Oscar J. Stephens, Jr. Carrollton, Georgia Estes Taylor Mountain City, Tennessee Fred W. Smith, Jr. Elizabethton, Tennessee ' As; '9! ; Lucian Waller River View, Alabama W. D. Thomas Winder, Georgia Dorothy Topping Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina SUPHUHIURES Carolyn White Jacksonville , Florida Mae Winkelspecht Clearwate r, Florida Thomas D. Watson Fort Myers , Florida Charle s Wingo Canton, Georgia Z4 FRESHmEn Paul A. Harden Vice President St. Cloud, Florida Marvin Blackwell Sponsor Wallace E. Altice Salem, Virginia Joseph E. Craft President South Norfolk, Virginia Allen R. Anderson Lexington, Kentucky Joyce Elaine Click Lakeport, Florida Mary Elaine Custer Panama City, Florida James L. Evans Salem, Virginia Ruth Murphy Wauchula, Florida Jeanne L. House South Norfolk, Virginia Courtney Elwood Jarvis Salem, Virginia 25 26 FHESHHIEH Inez Rodrigue 2. Tampa, Florida Norman C. Ramp Aberdeen, Mississippi J0 Berta Starr Kissimmee, Florida Shirley Spotswood East Point, Georgia Rupert Wallace Washington, North Carolina. Thomas Wils on Abe rdeen, Mis sis sippi mmma , .w M!!! :mwy,.,, HI mEmumHm A magnificent Christian lady has gone to rest. Mrs. Alice S. Johnson of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, passed from this world March 21, 1950. Since 1894she had been an active member of the Chrise tian Church and remained a true and faithful Church worker until her death. Mrs. Johnson was the authorof many articles published by the Standard Publishing Company in Church and Sunday School litera- ture. She, herself, was a notable Christian teacher, who had at one time an unbroken record of seventeen consecutive years of Bible School attendance. Her financial generosity enabled a large number of young preachers and missionaries to attendcollege. She gave unselfishly and liberally to missions and Christian schools. A keen business woman and professional accountant, Mrs. Johnson was equally ef- ficient in her Christian stewardship. Atlanta Christian College named residuary legatee --After long consideration and thorough investigation, Mrs. Johnson selected Atlanta Christian College to inhe rit her estate after the payment of specific bequests to relatives, Church and loved ones. In this living way her memory will be perpetuated long after the marble that marks her resting place shall have crumbled in dust. The life she lived for Christ will go on, not only in Heaven, but in all her spiritual children, those young preachers and missionaries down through the years who will preach the gospel because she gave. 27 2.8 SPECIHL STUDEHIS Mary Evelyn Cox, Okalona, Mississippi M. Ralph Fisher, Tampa, Florida Sue McGarity, Atlanta, Georgia Alice Searle , Knoxville , Tennessee Frances Stephens, Hapeville, Georgia Maxine A. Strickland, Eustis, Florida Donald G. Weldon, Hapeville, Georgia William A. Womack, Decatur, Georgia SEHIUH BLHSS UFFICEHS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Clyde Wheeler, President. BACK ROW; Jimmie Cox, Vice President, Rhoda Lilley, Historian, Barbara Allgood, Treasurer, Joan Baldwin, Secretary. JUNIOR ULHSS UFflUEHS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Bob DePorter, Treasurer, Betty Yarbrough, Secre- tary, Charles Andrews, Vice President. BACK ROW: Jimmy Click, Historian, Carl Clarke, President. SUPHUWUHE ULHSS UFHBEHS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Donald Morris, Treasurer, Joyce Osborne, Secretary, Dick Randall, Vice President. BACK ROW: Betty Perkins, Historian, Donald Farnam, President. FRESHmHH,BLHSS UFHCEHS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Wallace AlLice, Historian, Joyce Click, Secretary, Joe Craft, President, Norman Ramp, Treasurer, Paul Harden, Vice President. 30 DEHH'S COUNCIL FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Yarbrough, representative of Scott Hall, Rhoda Lilley, representative Stone Cottage Uirst flooU, Rupert Wallace, representative of McGarvey Hall wormitoryy Robert C. Campbell, Dean of Men, Frank McKinney, representative of married couples, Jimmy Click, representative of McGarvey Hall wpanmenm, Dcering Manning, Representative of Smith Hall. NOT PICTURED: Anna M. Crowder, Dean of Women, and Irene Dyer, representative of Slone Cottage 66c0nd floon. HBHVHIES ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEG ANEW TESTAMENTSCHOOLSERVIN THE SOUTHEAST wmi i ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ATLANTAH GEORGIA A LANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE HLPHH SleH CHI HTERHHU SUBIETU HLPHH Gamma Gamma LITEHHHU SUBIETU 32 HHPPH BETH CLUB Members of this club are preaching now or plan to start soon. The purpose of the club is to find and help fill the empty pulpits with student ministers. There is nothing in any way official in the undertaking of the club or its members. DEHIUSTHEHES CLUB This is an honor society. To become amember youmust place first, second, or third in a declamatory, exclamatory, or debate contest. lto r; James H, Strickland, Vice-Presi- dent; Z. JackRoebuck, President; 3. DickRandall, Secretary and Treasurer; 4. Not pictured, Ralph Fisher, Betty Yar- brough, Charles Moore, and Joyce Click. 33 BULLEBE CHOIR . . r BIHLS' TRIO BOW CHORUS 34 UHEEHLEHDEH LEFT TO RIGHT: Inuz Rndrigm-L, Joycc Click, Joycc Osbmm, Mum Winkclgpucht. NOT PICTURED; Ircms Dycr. BHSHETBHLL TEHm LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Jack Rocbuck, Bob Alcxandcr Coacm, Jack Pennington, Clyde thclcr. SECOND ROW: Charles Andrews, Jimmy Evans, Jimmy Click. THIRD ROW: Bob DcPortcr, Kcnneth Hart- ley, Deering Manning, Tommy Watson, Fred Smith. 003,1H0DGES BHUJL 300m Mary Evelyn and Linda Marie Cox Jane and France: Marie Regis Molene and Ronald Hadden "DOC" HODGES "He iswt a Preacher but his delivery is good. " Clara Lee and Brent McFarland Gertrude and Betty and Carol Gibson Herbert Sennett Louise and Connie Roth, Daughter Virginia Meston of Don and Jo Roth CHURCHES SERVED BY STUDENTS OF ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE South Gardens Church of Christ, Savannah, Ga. , Carl L. Cooper, Min. This church has called Bro. Cooper to full time serviceJ Antioch Church of Christ, Heard County, Ga. , Jimmie R. Cox, Min. Aberdeen Christian Church, Aber- deen, Mississippi, Marlin H. Day, Minister. This church has called Bro. Day to full time serviceJ 37 CHURCHES SERVED BY STUDENTS OF ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Corinth Christian Church, Walton County, Georgia, Charles Wingo, Asst. Minister. Bethany Christian Church, Carrol County, Georgia, Dexter Beavers, Min. Bro. Beavers has been calledto full time service by this churchJ Liberty Christian Church, Coweta County, Georgia, Jimmie R. Cox, Minister. Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Pickens County, Georgia, J. H. Strickland, Min. Union Christian Church, Fulton County, Georgia, Reginald D. Hadden, Minister. Talapoosa Christian Church, Talapoosa, Georgia, Fred W. Smith, Jr., Minister. 1mm," . "M "or - ff CHURCHES SERVED BY STUDENTS OF ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Miller '5 Academy Christian Church, Carrol County, Ga., Carl Clarke, Minister. The Church, Lakeport, Florida, John E. Alligood, Minister. This church has called Bro. Alligood to full time serviceJ Liberiy Christian Church, Harrolson County, Ga., William Reeves, Min- ister. Vhitesburg Christian Church, Whitesburg, Ga. , James H. Strick- land, Minister. First Christian Church, Acworth, Ga., Richard Randall, Minister. i 1 ? CHURCHES SERVED BY STUDENTS OF ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 1. Buffington Road New Testament Chris- tian Church, Red Oak, Ga., Ralph Fisher, Minister. 2. Midway Christian Church, Winder, Ga. , James Cox, Minister" 3. New Franklin Christian Church, Frank- lin County, Ga., Clyde P. Wheeler, Minister. 4. Bethel Christian Chur ch , Pickens County, Ga. , Lucian Waller, Minister. 5. First Christian Church, Adairsville, Ga. , Jack L. Roebuck, Minister. 6. New Liberty Christian Church, Lud- ville, Ga. , Lucian Waller, Minister. 40 Congratulations to the Senior Class of Atlanta Christian College THE LOYAL PARTNER'S CLASS of THE CAPELLA CHURCH OF CHRIST Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of '51 as you go to carry out The Great Commission of Christ GRANT PARK CHRISTIAN CHURCH Aubrey Payne Minister Atlanta Georgia Rural Hall, North Carolina Boulevard at Atlanta Avenue George Boswell Minister Compliments Compliments of of ALLGOOD UPHOLSTERY COMPANY 536 Decatur Street N.E. Atlanta, Georgia ALpine 1614 EAST POINT AUTOMAT LAUNDRY 311 S. Church Street East Point, Georgia CAlhoun 0066 Compliments of FRYER'S SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil, Grease, Wash, Tire Repair Campbellton Road at Dodson Drive Best Wishes to THE SENIOR CLASS OF l51 of ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE James Bowers Music Professor 1 . At anta Georg1a Atlanta Christian AMherst 4831 College Compliments Compliments of of C. E. CANFIELD Representative of Myers Co. 1560 N. Decatur Road Decatur, Georgia DEarborn 1151 COLLEGE PARK PHARMACY Courtesy and Personal Service 104 North Main Street CAlhoun 1186-87 College Park Georgia 5 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FLEMING FRALEY East Point Georgia STRICKLAND SERVICE STATION Texaco Products Firestone :k Tires :1: Batteries and Accessories North Main Street and Connally Drive East Point Georgia CAlhoun 9104 CAMERON AND MC WILLIAMS Compliments SERVICE STATION of "If you can't stop -- wave !" BROAD STREET CHRISTIAN CHURCH Tampa Florida Corner Washington and Church Streets W. M. Dennison Minister East Point, Georgia Ph. CAlhoun 1105 Compliments The Church at Aberdeen, Mississippi, is happy to dedicate this ad to THOMAS WILSON and NORMAN RAMP, students at the Atlanta Christian College. Prayers that come from hearts filled with love for the work of Christ are yours from the Aberdeen Church. Marlin Day Minister of VIRGIL BAKER PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO Pictures for all occasions including the yearbook. May we serve you at any time. 115 Womack Street East Point, Ga. RArnond 1842 Compliments of JONES APPLIANCE COMPANY Frigidaire Westinghouse Maytag 611 Central Ave. Hapeville, Georgia FAirfax 3869 Sales Service Compliments of SOUTH SIDE REALTY COMPANY 3469 North Fulton Avenue Hapeville Donald G. Weldon Georgia FAirfax 15 76 Super-scooper. Daaa, it looks like water. Name it and claim it. She's a purty gurl nowuh, Mr. Clarkuh. Chow bounds on sneak day. The dead in Christ shall rise. Slash cleaner-uppers. Pacifier. Gilbert's folly. Hour of Power. Oscar's delight, the can cleaner. The highways and byways. THE CHURCH OF CHRIST of LAKEPORT FLORIDA Sends Greetings in the Master's Name John E. Alligood Minister May the LOrd use you wonderfully in His Service of Mercy WHITESBURG CHRISTIAN CHURCH Whitesburg, Georgia "Communion Each Lord's Day" James H. Strickland Minister For Your Church Supplies Order from THE GOSPEL LIGHT In Washington North Carolina Compliments of EARLE 5 and 10;: STORE 124 S. Main Street College Park, Ga. Compliments of FRANK CHURCHWELL Agent LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF GEORGIA Phone FAirfax 2573 CAlhoun 6441 DURHAM SUPER MARKET Everyday Low Prices 110 Connally Drive East Point Georgia EAST POINT FORD COMPANY Ford Sales Service 308 N. Main St. CAlhoun 2166 MUNDY' S DRUG ST ORE "A Real Community Drug Store" New and enlarged for your Convenience Ben Hill, Georgia RAymond 3395 WHOLESALE TIRE SUPPLY COMPANY CORPORATION Armstrong Tires,Tubes and Batteries East Point Georgia Sends Greetings To the Graduating Class of Atlanta Christian College J. M. BLACKWELL FLORIST Corsages Cut Flowers Funeral Designs Pot Plants Weddings a Specialty 2W6 direct all weddings small or larga Flowers Telegraphed Serving Decatur and Atlanta Open Day and Night Chandler Road Decatur , Georgia Phone CRescent 3642 EAST POINT CHEVROLET DEALER, INC. Chevrolet Buick Sales Service Genuine Parts Used Cars 600 North Main Street East Point, Georgia Phone FAirfax 2611 SOUTH SIDE MOTORS Hudson Sales and Service New and Used Cars East Point, Georgia RAymond 2122 The THING. Aren't you BREATHING? O. K. , so HE said to every CREATURE. Now I can get the SOAP off. Hallelujah Hill. Which is the BAREST. Campusology. I'm dreaming of a Fine Dinner. Answer of a GOOD CONSCIENCE. BALL BELLES. Rule I, Section C, General Conduct. Whittington's Expedition. OUR PRAYERS GO WITH YOU OK" THE. GRADUATING CLASS OF 1951 AS YOU GO FORTH TO LABOR IN THE VINEYARD OF -HE LORD JEFFERSON PHHH BHRISHHH CHURCH 310 Winburn J. M. Blackwell East Point, Ga. Minister EHST PUHH BHRISHHH CHURCH Robert O. Weaver, Minister East Point, Georgia East Point Christian Church extends its sincere congratulations to members of the Class of1951. We pray the Lord's blessings upon you as you continue your faithful service in His vineyard. Subscribe to "THE PLEAH $1. 00.Per Year Box 294 Elizabethton, Tenn. MARTIN - JOHNSON PRINTING COMPANY Printers --- Publishers Legal Forms Office Supplies Rubber Stamps Whiteway Avenue and East Point Street NORTON BROTHERS General Merchandise Staple and Fancy Groceries Prompt Service Ben Hill Georgia Phone AMherst 2231 EAST POINT ART :3 CENTER Music Books Cameras Art Supplies 205 East Point Street CAlhoun 0693 CAWTHON and HOLLUMS Corner Washington and Church Sts. East Point, Georgia Frigidaire Sales Service R. C. A. Philco Admiral Motorola and Capehart Television Bendix Home Laundry Phone CAlhoun 8426 - 7 THE ADAIRSVILLE CHRIST IAN CHURCH Jack L. Roebuck Minister Stand For Christ And Love Like Christ And Live Like Christ Forever AdairSVille Georgia 1 2 3 4 5. 6 7 8 9 H... HO .. Strickland's Gastronomical Extravaganza. Into each life some snow must fall, even Floridians. Gotta do sompin' to lose it. How low can you get. Valley of Gehenna. Senior sisters and shadow. A11 up in the air. In His Name. Souls for your hire. "Today is the day of Salvation. " "Thanks be to God. " Big and little "Red. " Compliments of MEN'S BIBLE CLASS CAPITOL VIEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH Dill Avenue at Fairbanks Atlanta Georgia I Congratulations Seniors ! From PALMETTO CHURCH OF CHRIST James M. Allgood, Jr. , Minister Chester Blair, Bible School Supt. John W. Blankenship, Chairman of Elders Palmetto Georgia Compliments of ATLANTA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE BOOK STORE Supplying all of your needs Text Books - Supplies - Stationery - Commentaries - We order books and supplies for all courses AUTHORIZED WESTINGHOUSE LAUNDROMAT Equipped for Half-Hour Laundry Complete Drying Ware Avenue East Point, Georgia CAlhoun 00 77 THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE At West View Cemetery Symbolic of the reverence and beauty that is. -- "WEST VIEW" William F. Reeves Sales Representative THE STAN GREETINGS May we extend our heartiest congratulations to the graduates of 1951, who, it is our prayer, may be embarking upon the most successful ministries for Christ ever. In the years ahead, we shall continue to provide the best in Sunday-school and church materials, and to render such service as you have come to expect from us. It is always a pleasure to serve you. DARD PUBLISHING CO. -- Since1866 -- Cincinnati 10 , Ohio Compliments of CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH llGod bless you as you work for the Lord" Campbellton Rd. at Dodson Dr. Compliments of BUFFINGTON ROAD NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH M. Ralph Fisher, Minister Route 2 College Park, Ga. Compliments of CAMP CHR ISTIAN Juniorgand Senior Camp is held the last two weeks in June. Adult Camp is held the thirdweek in July. G. F. Wilson, Superintendent Greenwood Springs, Mississippi Compliments of HAPEVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Hapeville, Georgia I. M. Allgood, Sr. Minister - . - xoooxloxquwww v-Ix-Iv-Ir-A wNHO Cow Pasture League. Ah, Snow Ice Cream! Georgia Peach in Kentucky. Another worker for the Vineyard. Who is this Mother Hubbard? Christian Love. Virginia Mountain Climbers. The Navy was never like this. 9 Is it pastime or Past Time? Just look what the Congress erected! Friends of the Master. Together again. Which way is the game ? Compliments of HARRIS SUPER MARKET "Our Prices Are Always Low. " Day or Night CAlhuun 7660 CHRISTINE EIDSON'S FLOWER SHOP Funeral Designs, Corsages, Cut Flowers and Potted Plants. Prompt Delive ry 5- Main St. East Point, Ga. 505 s. Main St. East Point, Ga. "Always the Best" Compliments BEST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS 0f CAMPBELL'S S. Main St. East Point, Ga. A Complete Laundry and Cleaning Service for the Family Two plants for your convenience In East Point 131-33 Whiteway Ave. Phones FA. 2636-37 In West End 1540-42 Gordon St. Phone FR. 1212 "GOD'S RICHEST BLESSINGS TO YOU -- The Senior Class of I51" Brother Al C. Peacock, Minister THE COLLEGE PARK CHRISTIAN CHURCH College Park, Ga. A New Testament Congregation of the Churches of Christ Compliments of SOUTH NORFOLK CHURCH OF CHRIST "May your hire be many souls won to the Kingdom Of the Lord" Henry H. Sennett Minister South Norfolk Virginia Compliments and Best Wishes h from IHE HRSIBHRISHAN IIHIIIHIH 1 Clearwater , Florida to the Senior Class of '51 "No man having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of Heaven" 400 N. Fort Harrison Ave. Robert Coleman, Jr. Minister Greetings from THE CHRISTIAN RESTORATION ASSOCIATION and the RESTORATION HERALD Purpose: Preach the Gospel and build Churches of Christ in America Proclaim the Faith Defend the Faith Address: 702 Peoples Bank Bldg. Cincinnati 2., Ohio Prayers for a Successful Christian Work BALDWIN CLOTHING STORE Perryville , Ky. "Preach the Word" Best Wishes for A Successful Life in the Service of the Lord FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Lake Butle r , Florida James H. Strickland, Min.

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