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Table of Contents Theme...................2 Classes................11 Events............... 27 Sports.................39 Groups.................61 Jr. High...............81 Ads....................87 Asotin, WA Asotin High Volume 68 Advisor: Adrian Bunn Editor: Audra Alexander PANTHER ’87 Cover Designed by: Javier Smith iAS WE LOOK BACK AT OUR YEAR S MEMORIES... 1. AHS Band members and Kim Queener (Rifles) liven up the half time crowd. 2. The look of leadership — Pres. Shannon Ausman leads a Jr. class meeting. 3. Ellen Burnam shows Director Shawn Bowman how to jam on the sax! 4. “Know Whata Mean Vern?” — Eric Martin and Corey Songster. 5. Melanie Dominguez, Coleen Sullivan, Angie Luther, and Sis Miller are all smiles. 6. Lori Petty practices her Super-secretarial skills. 7. Feliz Navidad! Brit Ausman sweeps up the pinata pieces. 8. Kevin Schnider always keeps his cool; even when ne's late for 3 class.4 1. Dale Cooper. .. just one more for a bingo and a candy bar. 2. Rachelle Sbaner says, "Don’t cry Janet, we'll make another Mickey Mouse? pihata." 3. L to R: Corey S. and Jeff S. (front) and Bob B., Dan and Shelly W. (back), are all dressed up with no where to go. 4. "We wish you a Merry Christmas,” say the Seniors. 5. Joe Sandy tries to catch flies as Philippe Thai waits patiently for results. 6. A rare moment — Kevin Schnider and Gary Ferguson take to the books. 7. Kyle Halsey and Corey Songster give us cheesey grins. 8. Walk like an Fgyptian Stacy Schnider and Paula Parsons.Saw the summit and conquered it i 1 k - ; j- •• S O • O r + O F HA A7 1. Fair Royally ivave lo the admiring crowd. 2. "Eyes on your copy," — Angie B imka. 3. Kami Sutton and Michelle Broenneke show their GA spirit by making their guys a poster. 4. Theresa Smole, Terry O'Kee e, and Annie Forrest give us their relaxed look. 5. Brent Reed and Colleen Sullivan make a cute couple. 6. Where's the paint? Kyle Halsey and Eric Marlin. 7. Bug man Corey Mullins asks or a handout. 8. Kim Smith and Lisa Rowland get down lo work in 7 English class. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Paula Parsons and Stacy Schnider show the latest trends in boxer-shorts for guys at AHS. P A editors Javier Smith, alias Poncho Villa, and Audra Alexander alias Granny Gums have been working loo hard! Jeff Mullins exclaims. "I wish it was real!" (mure Kerzman and Shannon Ausman give AHS A big “BOO!” Big Sis Janet Halsey waits with Little Sis Linda Carpenter for the FHA party to begin. Los estudiantes de espahol cantan, ”Cascabels.“ Vern (Shannon Ausman) does a homecoming jig to pep up the PANTHER crowd! “Spirit will take us high.” say the Seniors. Audrey McCormick. Tami Babino, and Carlin White pose pretty.And throughout this all, we discovered that we had exceeded the limits! 1. "Let’s see, is it water to acid, or acid to water?" — Melissa Bittle and Carlin White. 2. Bobbi Jo Jungert, Kami Sutton and Angie Reeves give us a peppy smile before the game. 3. Bod Wayne and Joe Babino munch on some tasty treats! 4. Panther girls Stacy Schnider and Angie Beeves show how tough the Lady Panthers really are.GOING THE EXTRA MILE Homework ... research papers ... impossible tests ... learning which teachers will let you get by with what... earning credits ... reading boring novels ... trying to get to class on time... chewing gum behind open books ... trying to look interested while falling alseep in class ... learning math techniques ... dissecting frogs ... SAT test ... keeping your stomach quiet the period before lunch ... early lunch release for seniors ... doing homework as the teacher is collecting it ... making lifetime friends ... counting the days until summer . gaining knowledge which we will use throughout our lives.SENIORS Excellene in Excess Throughout the year at AHS, the 1987 Senior class was the perfect example of this year’s theme — Exceeding the Limits. This class met many challenges during the course of the year; college entrance exams, jobs, leadership responsibilities school requirements and activities, pressure from home, community involvement, sports, and many others. Of course, every senior class undergoes similar ordeals but rarely do class members perform as well as these did. To their list of credits, some of the seniors scored higher on the SAT than any other AHS class of years before. Many members of the class held local and even state positions such as queens, princesses, and offices of statewide organizations. Some students held national recognition for scholastic achievements and musical talents. A few displayed skill in vocational areas such as mechanics, agriculture, and horsemanship, and, of course, the class was quite proud of its exceptional athletes who made their mark in every sport. Though constantly striving for excellence, the Seniors did take some time off for having some good times together. There was the traditional liming of the “A” (and classmates), the Low-Cost inventory fund raiser, Prom and graduation. Let us not forget, of course, the unexpected Senior Breakfast, where a few conspirators in the class woke the rest at 5:00 a.m. for breakfast at Elmer’s. It was a memory that will never be forgotten by those who were awake during the occasion. Excelling in all areas, the 1987 Seniors came through with flying colors, comments from teachers and community leaders lent credence to the fact that this class, though small in size, was mighty in knowledge, talent and maturity. Truly, the AHS Seniors were a class with class! Jill Aiken "Generally speaking — I'm generally speaking.” Class Sec. Treas. 10: Chr. 9: F R 9: FHA 9, 10, 12: Pep Club 9-12: Ski Club 9. 10: Cheerleader 9: BB 10: Sfbull 9. 10. 12: VB 9-12: BB Stats. 12: All-Star Sfball 11: Am. Legion Princess '84; Finalist Miss VVa. Am. Coed '85; Ms. AK U.S. Teen Finalist '86; All-Conf. VB '86. Leslie Lynn Ausman "I promise I won t do it again; can I have another car please?” Cheerleader 9-11. Capt. 10. 11; Chr. 9; Jazz Chr. 9. Drill Team 12: FFA 9. 11 Sec. 11; Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 9-12; BB 9-12; Sfball 9. 10: VB 9; 2nd Jr. Miss Runner-Up; Varsity BB Capt. Lynette Marie Ausman "Don't let the best you have ever done be the standard for the rest of your life.” ASB Sec. 12; jazz Band 10; Chr. 9: F R 9. 10. Capt. 10; Sci. Club 11; FFA 9; FHA 10-12; Jr. Degree 10; Chupt. Degree 11; Most Improved Home Be Slu. 10; FBLA 10. Sec. 10; Pep Club 10-12; r. Miss Coni.; VB 9-11: Most Insp. 11; BB Scorekeeper 11; 4-H State Fashion Revues Delegate. Rod Bond "Contrary to popular belief, the best things in life are very, very expensive. and I intend to have them all.” FFA 9-12; Ski Club 9. 10: Golf 9. 11; Livestock Award 10. Joseph Wayne Bowman 'Life isnl a bowl of cherries — it's a Sunch of raisins — raisin' heck, raisin' :une. raisin' the roof, and raisin' money!" ASB Publicity Chairman 12; FFA 10-12; Pep Club 12. Tammy Bowman "Her smile is contagious, her laughter is catching, and her eyes speak of mischief." Pep Club 11.12; Slu. of Month. 11. Bob Brereton "My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me." Class Pres. 12; Rep. 9-11; Chr. V-Pres. 9; Jazz Chr. 9; Hon. Soc. 9; Sci. Club 9-11; FB stats 10; BsbI. 9.11, 12. Ellen Marie Burnam "Don't take life too seriously; you're nol going to get out of it alive anyway." Class Sec. 10; Band 9-12; V-Pres. 11; Pres. 12; Drum Maj. 10-12; All-Am. Band 10. 11. McDonald's Marching Band Nom. 12; FHA 9-12; V-Pres. 10; Pres. 11; Sec. 12; Jr. Chpt. Degree. Most Outstanding 11; Home Ec. Slu. of Yr. 10; Pep Club 9-12; Dru. 10-12; Hon. Soc. 9; Sfball 9-12; VB 9; GBB stats 9. 10; BBB stats 11. 12; Scorekeeper 9-12; Jr. Miss Conleslanl. Jacqueline Tracy Crites "No matter where you go. mere you are.” Class Pres. 10; Sec. Treas. 12; Hon. Soc. 9-12; Treas. 11; Pres. 12: FHA 9; Pep Club 11. 12; Pres. 12; BB 9-12; Sfball 9; VB 9; Masonic Jr. Award 11; Bus. Wk. 11; Tele. Essay 2nd; Homecoming Princess 11; Queen 12; Olympia Dele. 11. Mike Dominguez "Not guilty for reasons of justifiable insanity.” Band 9. 10; FFA 9-11; V-Pres. 12; Greenhand Award. Chptr. Farmer Award; BB 9. 10; BsbII 9; Track 10; FB 9. 11.12; Foolball Letter. Kyle Halsey "I’m just here in the campground of life, trying to start a fire." Paper Annual 9; Sci. Club 10; FFA 9-11; Pres. 12. Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 11; BB 9-12; FB 10. Lanny Hough "When you’re at tne end ofyour rope, tie a knot in the end and hold on." Jazz Chr. 9; FFA 9; Pep Club 9-12; Golf 9-11; BB 9-12; FB 9-12; 2nd Team All Conference Off. and Def. Lineman '85’86. Julie Keys "Don’t call me miss ... I haven't missed much!” Choir 12; Jazz Choir 12; Pep Club 12. 13Erick Martin "It's better to be looked over than to be overlooked.” Pep Club II; Ski Club It; BB 10-12; FB 10 12; Bsoll 10. 11. Team Member o ’85 Slate Baseball Champions. Corey Mullins "He that will make u good use of any part of his life must allow a large part of it to recreation." ASB VPres. 11. Pres. 12; Class V Pres. 10; Jazz band 9 11. Chr. II. Bund 11. VPres. 10; Pep Club 10. II; P A 12; FFA 912; BB 9 12; Bsbll 10. II; Truck 9. FB 9-12, Mr. Football '86. Rudy Haber man Award. Daniel E. Painter "It's better to get good grades than to be cool because cool doesn't bring home the bacon." Honor Society 9-12; Hist. 9; Sci. Club 11. 12. V-Pres. 12; FFA 9-12; Baseball 9-12; Football 9. 11; Baseball and Academic Letter; Chapter Farmer. Green hand Award. Tom Parker "Drive carefully! Remember, it’s not only a car that can be recalled by its maker." Paula Parsons "Take it easy, and if it comes easy, take it again." Class Sec. Treas. 9; Chr. 9-10. Sec. 11. Pres. 12; Jazz Chr. 9-12; F R 9. Co-Capt. 10; FFA 9; Pep Club 9 12; BB9. lO.Sftbll 9 12; VB 9. 11. 12; Hon. Chr. 10-12; After 11 Singers 11. Jody Leigh Petty "The best things are sometimes little.” FFA 9-12. District VI Treas. 12. Star Chptr. Farmer 10. 11. Stale Farmer 11. Nat. (2on. Delegate 12. Livestock Award. 11. fudging Team 9-12; FB LA 11; Pep Club 9. 10; S tbll 9. 10; VB Storekeeper 10. 11; Academic Letter 10. 11; Wa. fr. Hereford Assn. Queen 11; Asotin Co. Wheal Queen. District III Wheat Queen 12. Lori Ann Petty "It doesn’t matter what others think o you. It matters what you think o yourself." Class Sec. Treas. 11; Chr. 9-12; fazz Chr. 9-12; FFA 9-12. Sec. 12; Pep Club 9. 10. 12; VB 9-12; fr. Miss Cont.; A ter 11 Singers 11; Hon. Chr. 11. 12; Creenhand Award; Star Chptr. Farmer; FFA State Choir; FFA fudging Team 11. Kimberly Rae Queener "What I learned. (forgot, what I do know. I gupssed." P A 9. 10. Co-Editor 10; Chr. 11.12. fazz Chr. 11. 12; Dra. 9. 10. II; F R 10. Co-Capt. 10. 11; Copt 12; Sci. Club 10; FHA 9 12. V Pres. 12; FBLA 10. 11; Pep Club 10-12; VB 9-12; fr. Hi. VB Mngr. 10; fr. Miss Creative and Performing Arts; Banner Carrier 9; FHA fr. and Chptr. Degree.Mia Lynn Rognstad "I can never tell a lie. but I tell the truth too much." P A II. Drill Team 12; FHA 912; FBLA Rep. 10; Pep Club 912; Ski Club 1012; Rep. 11; Cheerleader 9-11; Rep. 9; Jr. Miss 1st Runner-Up; Homecoming Princess 9. Corey James Songster “Patience is a virtue, but gosh dang I’m impatient!” Class V-Pres. 9. 12; Rep. 10; Choir 10; Jazz Rand 9; FFA 9-12; Rep. 11.12; Pep Club 9-12; BR 9-12; Bsbll 9; FB 9-12; Math Team 85; Masonic Jr. Award 2nd place; Stu. of the Month; Olympia Delegate 11; Most Insp. BB '85; Academic Letter. Stacy Schnider "Angel in the morning and that's all I'll say." P A Bus. Mngr. 11; Chr. 9; Jazz Chr. 9; F R 9; FHA 9-11; V Pres. 11; Pep Club 9 11; V-Pres. 10; Ski Club 9-11; Cheerleader 9-11;Cupt. 11; BB 9-12; Sfball 9. 12; VB 9-12; All-Conf. VB 2nd Team; Homecoming Princes '85; Jr. Miss Contestant; Cheerleader for Seattle Seahawks. Javier O. Smith ' never promise more than I can do. but jlways do more than you expect.” Class Pres. 11; P A 9. 11. 12; Editor 11. 12; Drama 9. 11. 12; Hon. Soc. 9-12; Rep. 12; Sci. Club 9.11. 12; Pres. 12; BB 11; FB 12; Academic Letter; Boys’ State '86; Bus. IVk. '86; Masonic Jr. Award 11; Stu. of Month; Math Team 11; Young Author’s Conf. Award 11. Todd Smith "Why start at the bottom when the top is more appealing?" FB 9-11; FFA 9-12; 4-H Horse Division Member; Asotin Co. Fair Reserve Champion 11; Grand Champion 9.10. Wendy Smith "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are and doing things as they ought to be done.” Choir 9-12; V-Pres. 12; Jazz Choir 9-12; Drill Team 11; FHA 9. 10; Pep Club 12; Softball 9-12: All-Star Team; VB 9-12; All-Star 1st Team Capt. Michael Stevens "You should've met George Jetson ... oh. by the way, Humpty Dumpty was pushed.” P A 10; Jazz Band 9; Drama 10; DECA 11; FB 10. 12; PI King 12. Jeffrey Thomas Sullivan “It's easier to get forgiveness than to get permission." Class Pres. 9; V-Pres. 11; Rep 12; Band 9; Jazz Band 9; Hon. Soc. 9; V-Pres. 9; Sci. Club 9-12; FFA 9; Pep Club 9-12; V-Pres. 12; BB 9-12; Bsbll 9. 12; FB 9-12; Blue Mt. All-Conf. Def. Back 11; Bus. Wk. 11 Academic Letter.feanna I. Surber "Lead me nol into temptation. I find it easily myself, (but thanks, anyway " Chr. 10-12; Jazz Choir 10-12; Dr a. 10-12; F R 10. 11; Capt. 11; Sci. Club 9; FFA 9-12; Pep Club 9. 10. 12; Cheerleader 12; BB 9; VB 9-11; Track 10; Jr. Miss Coni.; Spirit of Jr. Miss; Honor Chr. 11; Star Greenhand; Chptr. Farmer Degree. Monte Sutton "It's lonely up here at the top.” Hon. Soc. 9. 10; Sci. Club 9-12; FFA 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 9-11; Basketball 9-12; Track 9. 10: FB Manager 11; FB BB Stats 11; Academic Letter; Ag. Mechanic Award; Star Greenhand Award; Chapter Farmer Degree. Mike Tatlow "Mad. bad. and ... harmless.” Drama 10; BB 9. 10; FB 9. 11. 12; Track 9-12; WIAA Track Plaque; 3rd and 5th place in State Track Competition; 1000 lbs. Club. Monique Anne Thai “It's Monday... so where is she?” Band 9. 10; Jazz Band 9. 10; Dra. 10; Drill Team 10; Rep. Treas. Co-Capl. 10; Hon. Soc. 9-12; Hist. 11; FFA 9; FHA 12; FBLA 12; Pep Club 9-12; Ski Club 9-11; Math Team 11; Mascot 9. 11; BB 9-12; VB 9; Track 10; Bus. Wk. 11; Olympia Delegate; 2nd place Masonic Jr. Award; Tele. Ess. 3rd; Jr. Miss Winner. Jr. Miss Scholastic. Poise and Appearance; Stu. of the Month; Academic Letter. Nikki Rae Thompson "There is no great genius without some touch of madness. Chr. 12; Jazz Choir 12; Pep Club 11. 12; Banner Carrier 12; FHA 9-12; BB 9-12; BB 9-12; Capt. 11; FHA Jr. Degree. FHA Chptr. Degree 10. Kathleen J. Toth "Genius is only the power of making continuous e ort." P A 9; Band 9; Jazz Band 9; Chr. 11. 12; Jazz Chr. 11. 12; Drama 9-12; F R 11.12; Co-Capt. 11; Capt. 12; Hon. Soc. 9-12; FHA 9; Pep Club 11.12; Sfbll. 9-12; VB 9. 11; BB Stats 10. Shelly Lee Watson "When studying interferes with pleasure, cut out the studying.” Band 9. 10; Sec. 9; Drama 9. 10; Sci. Club 9. 10; FFA 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; BB 9; VB 9. Rod Wayne "I’d kill Flipper for a tuna fish sandwich.” Ski Club 10.11; Bsbl. 9-12; FFA 9. 10. (Not Pictured) Tom Woods "Always in pursuit of perfection.”Just rcc THE EUN CE IT Being a Senior means making the most of the last high school year. Kicking back and having fun are what it’s all about (when class time doesn’t take pre erencej? Left: Senior Officers L to R: Rep. Jeff Sullivan. Sec. Treas. Jackie Crites, V-Pres. Corey Songster, Pres. Bob Brereton. Left: “Gals and Dolls" dress up during 50's Day. Lower left: “Peace" — from Asotin’s very own oil sheik. Rod Wayne. Lower right: Mike Stevens and Nikki Thompson, and Mike Tatlow and Vicki Rudd enjoy a moment of rest at the homecoming dance.Right: "Who said the cafeteria was a boring place to eat?” — Marlene Belieu and Arlene Mullins get a pat on the back from Kim Queener and Tammy Bowman. Below: "Let's hear it for the SENIORS!!!” — Senior float didn't take top honors, but balloons, spirit, and lots of tin foil added the necessary ingredients for a great homecoming. Center: Wake up calls for the Senior Breakfast were made in person! Kyle Halsey looks pretty good. Bottom left: Crazy chemists concoct caustic catalysts in chem class. — Lynette Ausman, Javier Smith, and Jody Petty. Top: ulie K., Shelly W., and Lynelte A. don't mind early morning gatherings. Center: Leslie Ausman plans to make it in the world as a ashion designer but would probably do well as a dentist. She sure knows a fool proof way to make kids say. "Ah." Above: Erick Martin leaves the field after a great play. Left: Football players don new doosl! EE4TIN6 THE ELAMS The blahs. They usually hit every Senior somelime. The Class of 1987 found some unique ways to boost momentum and get through the final years in style.Top left: The Senior class took a moment during homecoming week for this informal shot. Top right: Tom Parker's track is a common gathering for Senior’s Rod Bond and Mike Dominguez and others. Tom however, seems to have the best spot of all. Above: ASB Publicity Chairman Joe Bowman, pays close attention during one of the council meetings. Center right: Dan Painter enjoyed his Australia baseball tour. Here he takes time off to meet some ‘‘local’' Kangaroos. ASB President Corey Mullins gives Jill Aiden a hearty welcome back after her year in Alaska. Inset: Lort Petty has an early morning smile for classmates at the Senior kidnap Breakfast.SENIOR MESSAGES Dear Mike D.. To my son. I've seen you grow from a baby into a man. We share many memories from those auick passing years. I know that you will travel the right road in life. I hope to always share in “your” yesterday's memories and tomorrow’s dreams. Thank God and you for being a wonderful son. We’re all very proud of you. Love Always, Mom, Melanie, and Marcos Michael Stevens. How swift the years have gone by, we never knew time would be so short. Congratulations on your diploma! Work hard to reach your new goals, you can never fail unles you don't try. You have been a joy ana we love you. Mom Er Carl Jackie. A daughter like you could only have been possible from the hand of God. You've been a joy and a companion to us. May you always give and have love. Mom Er Dad Dear Jeff, We hope your high school years were un. We enjoyed watching you in all your activities. Have a happy future! Mom S'Dad Todd. We are lucky and proud to have you for a son. You are a special person. May there always be luck and laughter in your life. We Love You. Mom Er Dad Dear Rod W., Thanks for all the happiness and joy you have given us. We are very proud of you; to us you are a very special son Er brother. Love. Mom, Dad, Maria, Denette ■ Rhonda Nikki, Be all that you can be and you'll achieve everything you want in life. We’re very proud of you and love you very, very much. Mom 8r Dad P.S. Thanks for being a low maintenance model. Dear Ellen, Thank you for all the good years. You have made us very proud. Love, Mom Er Dad Jody, Graduation is just the beginning of many wonderful things that lie ahead. Alwavs choose what makes you happy and know how proud we are of you. Love, Dad. Mom. Amy. and Bruce Dearest Wendy. It's hard to believe 18 years have passed. In 18 years you have grown into a warm, caring, and beautiful young v oman. You're someone I admire and respect as well as love with all my heart. You’ve been a positive force in our family and will always be felt and remembered. We’re all very proud of you, Wendy — and want only the best for you. Keep the fire in your heart and the spark in your eyes. You’re one in a million! Love Always, GmaErGpa Rich. Phillip, Jenna, S’ Mom Paula, Persistant. Affectionate. Unselfish, Lovely, Adorable . Many words can describe the kind of young lady you have become. Dad and I have shared many times with you. how proud we are, of you. and everything you've worked so hard to accomplish in the last 18 yrs. Those years have sure gone by fast. A big - THANK YOU — for being so special and Jor giving so much of yourself to those of us who love you so very much. Keep reaching towaras your goals, that beautiful smile on your face, that twinkle in your eye, and remember HE who gives you strength and a wonderful life to enjoy. Wishing you happiness always. LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, and Kelly Dear Jill, Our love and support to each other over 3000 miles has gotten us to the end of this unusual and sometimes difficult year. But as usual, your courage and determination has brought you to your goal. The only step for you now is forward ana we know that you will continue to follow your dreams. You are very special to us and we love you very much. Be the Best you can Be, Mom Er Ben Lynette. , Many thanks for the love and joy you have given us. Through your eighteen years, you have always set high goals and reaching them has brought a very rewarding growth in you. Lynette. as you continue to accept God's help through life your accomplishments will be numberous and rougher roads will be easier to travel. We love you. Dad, Mom, Brit Bob. The wonder of watching you grow and develop has been one of the greatest joys of my life; Thank You! I wish you love. health, and success. May you always keep your sense of humor, inquisitive mind, enthusiastic and caring nature — evidence of youth at any age. Love. Mom Monte. We’ve been through a lot together. From being stuck in the snow in Anatone, to "Who’s turn is it for dishes tonight!” We’ve both grown (especially you). I’ve talked, you haven’t listened, and so the years have passed. Now it’s time that you attempt to travel vour own road. Not all the “curves" will have two legs attached to them. My only hope is that your road leads you to the top of the mountain you want to climb. Remember, you can accomplish whatever you are willing to work for. I will always be here if you run out of” gas” or need a "tow." I Love You Mom P.S. I'm really proud you are my son! Stacy. We love you very much, and are very proud of you. We wish you much happiness and pray that all your dreams come true. Love always. Mom Dad Shelly, Congratulations to a sweet, hard working gal. Thanks for all the good times and help. You are appreciated very much. I always knew you would turn into a girl. Best of Luck, Love Dad S’ ShirleyJUNIORS - ho are, who are, who are we? Is it an exceptional question? You bet it is! We are the J-U-N-l-O-R-S! The Junior class really got to the bottom of the spirit issue at AHS this year by showing support in every aspect of campus life. As the largest class in the school they have every reason to be the loudest as well. Juniors found 86-87 highlighted with the PSAT test, the Jr.-Sr. Prom, and Jr. Miss. As upperclassmen do, many held leadership ipsitions and met the challenges of tougher Mark Boleware Kim Bon ield Melanie Boils Wayne Brooks Dale Cooper Terry O'Keefe Tania Parsons Amy Petty Brent Prior Jason Reicheri Audra Alexander Shannon Ausman Joe Babino Mike Bacon Angie Blimka Jack Cox Aaron Cunningham Dee Dee DeLisle Gary Ferguson Ann Forrest Janet Halsey Jerod Hatley Chare Kerzman Carol Lodge Michelle Manus Lisa Rowland Kevin Schnider Terry Schrader Rick Segren Matt Seibly Jim Marshall Dan Marvin Audrey McCormick Mike Michelin Trina Millerclasses and greater responsibility. At the end of the year members of this group proudly looked back and said ... Yes! We Are the JUNIORS!!! 1. Wayne Brooks and Jack Cox take time for a quick picture on Sweats Day. 2. “Pork out,” says Dan Marvin as Kathy Shewey and Chare Kerzman watch. Duane Szendre Trenia Waggoner Debra Whitney Bart Wilson Roger Witters RachelleShaner Joe Shaw Kim Smith Vance Smith Theresa SmoteSleing a Sophomore may seem like a year with little activity because you are stuck in the middle. You’re not a reshman and you’re not an upperclassman. But this class proved this 1. Class Officers, L to R: Jerry Glass, Vice-Pres., Philippe Thai, Rep.; Malt Wilson, Pres.; Joe Sandy. Treas.; and Linda Carpenter, Sec. 2. "Here we stand, football in hand." Jeff Mullins and Chad Walker. 3. “Spanish is so fun." Rae Lynn M. and Lynn H. 4. LaAnn prepares to Jazz up her G.D.'s locker. Brit Ausman Angela Bashore Tyler Berzett Brett Bond Linda Carpenter------ SOPHOMORES to be completely wrong. The Sophs had a lot of planning and organizing to do. There was that driver’s license you had to get, that class ring to order, decisions to make about a future vocation, not to mention homework to do! Under the guidance of class advisor Mrs. Nancy Songster. The Sophomores proved to be a spirited group and prepared to be future leaders at A.H.S.! Dan Oliver on Painter Shatvn Rettkowski Bob Rowden Natalie Rowden Jerry Glass Brent Grieve Lynn Hough Richard Hough Sherman Hunter Kelly Ish Rae Lynn Madison Kim Martin e f Mullins Joe Sandy Curt Seuoert Kathy Shewey Becky Surber Tod Szendre Chad Walker Bret I Wilson Matt Wilson Robbie Wilson Rob Witters Brenda Talbott Gerard Thai Philippe Thai Heiai Thayer Bryan Thompson J. P. Cook DiAnn Cooper LaAnn Cooper Danielle Downing Kris FolkinsFRESHMEN tarting at the bottom isn’t really so bad! AHS Freshmen discovered a whole new world of challenges and experiences as they survived their first year of high school. That all-famous Slave Day found several class celebrities making those up- per class owners proud of them. Rambo (Wayne Haines) kept vigilance during the day. The L; a n I n i It Rhinestone Cowboy (Brent Reed) entertained at lunch and Superwoman (Corey Carion) for 25C fought for truth, justice, and the American Way. Others were just as zany. Many danced their way through the year at high school dances they were finally eligible to attend. Several enjoyed their first year as active members of clubs and high school sports. Of course, the infamous Physical Science class was an academic challenge, but throughout the year, Freshmen displayed their true grit! Katie Allbright Tami Babino Dan Bennett Angela Berzett Nathan Bo gar Carla Bowman Michele Broenneke Karen Christianson Jason Galyean Wayne Haines Bobbi Jungert Jeanne Kaiser Ted Kiesecher Corinna Marian Greg Maes Chris Marlin Kerri McMillan Cory Quon Corey Raspone Brent Reed Angie Reeves Bryan Ribble Kris Roseborough Nick Stevens Curl Suebert Kami Sutton Dan Theissen Kris Wallace Lisa Ward Carlin WhiteKathy B re inner Beverly Erickson Kay Neace Gail Scott Shaivn Bowman Dan Johnson Fred Rayburn Duane Shears Adrian Bunn Susan McGee Nate Reade Denise Strohmaier — Don Detrick Kathy Meshishnek Nancy Songster La Von ne Urban 24Rick Wilcox Brent Youlden Our staff and administration does more than we really know. They provide education to all students, and are well-qualified professionals in their fields. After school teachers enjoy a variety of activities. Denise Slrohmaier made her debut as a nun in the Civic Theater’s “The Sound of Music." Brent Youlden gets a thrill from kayaking local rivers. While Ray Norton is not attending his peach orchard you may find him on the golf course. Other staff interests include horseback riding, exercising, and traveling. Ray Norton has been Principal at AHSfor the past 12 years. For the last 6 years he has also been a math teacher at Asotin. Mr. Norton says he would really like to see the creation of a more positive attitude toward girls’ athletics and a development of leadership potential among students as two of his priority goals or 1986-87. When asked what he likes most about AHS, Mr. Norton replied, “I like the way the students behave here. It makes it easy to compliment them.” 1. Girls' r. High Basketball coach Towers gives some helpful hints to Brooke Martin. 2. Principal Ray Norton explains those lofty Algebra It equations. 3. Mrs. Urban answers questions, questions, questions. Principal Ray Norton 25Superintei Secretary: Donna johnson ADMINISTRA TION TO®! icrelary: Liz Davison Cooks: Arlene Mullins and Marlene Belieui is Drivers: DiEXCEPTIONAL SPIRIT SOARSE , A 6 A 7 "Heaven in Your Eyes” was the (heme of Asotin’s 1986 Homecoming held during the week of Sept. 29 through Oct. 3. The Panthers won their game 46-0 over Prescott Waitsburg. Activities during the week included students dawning zany costumes on Clone Day. Fifties Day. and Wally Day. Just before the homecoming game kickoff the class trucks paraded around the field. The Freshmen won the spirit banner. 1. ‘Isn’t this fun?” Kami Sutton and Michele Broenneke. 2. Homecoming Royalty. Top: Queen Jackie Crites. L to R: Trina Miller, Angela Bashore, Corrina Marian. 3. “Now how should we do this?” Leslie A. and Jody P. 4. The boys share a piece of the victory cake. 5. “My flower is prettier than yours.” — Jill A. and Dan M. 6. Corey S. and his sweetie enjoy a glass of punch between dances. 7. Corrinna sweetens up her G.D.'s locker. 8. Freshman show off the number 1 float at9 r GW1. Queen Carol Lodge Princesses Janet Halsey Angie Blimku are honored guests at the Barbecue. 2. Jon Painter gives his steer last minute instructions before showing. 3. Corey Mullins waits to have his lamb judged. 4. Tunia Gr Dee Dee take a break for lunch. 5. Horses, horses, horses, are a common site at the Fair! 6. "Is this the steer that bucked you off. Shelly?" Julie Keys Gr Shelly Watson. 7. Lynfi Hough's pet porker gets a good wash. 8. Sole Farr and Lynette Ausman show their sheep. 9. Kim Smith maneuvers her pig around the judge. 10. Todd Smith is on common ground at the Fair. 31 March 24, was a very memorable evening for the seven Junior Miss Hopefuls. The theme chosen was “Follow The Yellow Brick Road.” It was a very fun and special time for everyone involved. The awards this year went to the following: Lisa Rowland, Physical Fitness; Janet Halsey, Creative and Performing Arts; Tania Parsons 1st Runner-Up and Spirit of of Junior Miss; Scholastic Achievement, Poise and Appearance, and the 1988 Asotin Junior Miss was Shannon Ausman. 1. D. DeLisle and T. Parsons give the crowd A beautiful twirl. 2. A loving hug from Kim Smith. 3. Show us some legs, girls! 4. Don’t cry, Shannon, you won! 5. T. Parsons dances with her fuzzy friend. 6. Kathy Shewey demontrates her talent in Poise and Appearance. 7.1. Halsey dances her life away to "High Horse." 8. L. Howland flashes one lust smile to her family and friends. 9. Kim Smith introduces Kathy Shewey for Creative and Performing Arts. A 0Y, trtow D" V A 41. • Surber, B. Brereton, N. Thompson, and M. Sutton rise or the opening prayer. 2. M. Sutton listens closely to the speaker’s message. 3. Class members watch as Corey Songster receives his diploma. 4. The Seniors gather for one last snapshot! 5. Seniors gel ready for the big night! The motto this year was "Our greatest glory is not in falling, but in rising every time we fall." Javier Smith, was the leader in scholastic achievements as Valedictorian, while Monique Thai was Salutatorian. The 1987 graduates’ colors were Royal blue and White and the commencement was held May 28, at 7:30 p.m. A 1DC. fsl A 2 1. 1st Place State Constitution Essay Winner: B. Brereton. 2. Masonic Jr. Achievement Award Winners: Boys, T. Schrader, Girls, S. Ausman, 1st; J. Halsey, 2nd. 3. Blue Mountain League Essay Winners: J. Petty, B. Ausman. Not Shown: Monique Thai (short story), and S. Ausman (poetry). 4. Valedictorian: Javier Smith. 5. Pres. Fitness Award Winner: N. Stevens. 6. Asotin Tele. Essay Winners: T. Parsons, 1st; S. Ausman, 2nd; D. DeLisle, 3rd. AWARDS — CLASS OF 1987 Certificate of artistic recognition, E.W.U. — Ellen Bumam. Harvest States Foundation Scholarship, $500 — Jody Petty. Washington State Principal's Scholars Awards for Academic Excellence: Monique Thai and Javier Smith. W.S.U. Scholarship, $4282 — Javier Smith. Wash. State Honors Award — Top 10% of Graduating Seniors in Wash. State: B. Brereton, M. Thai, J. Smith, K. Toth, D. Painter, J. Crites. Kerri Lynn Johnson Memorial Scholarship. $200 — M. Thai, and D. Painter. Grand Lodge of Masons of Wash., $1000 — B. Brereton. Valedictorian $150 — Javier Smith, Saluatorian, M. Thai $100. W.S.U. Admission with Distinction: D. Painter. J. Smith, M. Thai. U.S. Air Force Math and Science Award: J. Smith, and M. Thai. An atone Grange Scholar., $300 — L. Ausman. J. Petty. P.E.O. Wash. State Chapter Scholar., $1000 to Cottey College — L. Ausman. Michael Lee Memorial Scholar., $200 M. Thai. Asotin Ed. Association Scholar., $200 — M. Thai, B. Brereton.The tradition lives on! Basketball Spirit Week was held from February 2 to 6 this year and again AHS students let their hair down and showed their unity. Everyone enjoyed Suckers, Sweats Sunglasses; Generic; Opposite Sex; Pet Peeve; and School Colors Day. On Friday the traditional pep assembly was held before the Panthers faced off with DeSales. A 8 1. Give us your happy face! — Ellen Burman. 2. “Now hold still so I don’t stick myselfsays G.D. Duane Szen-dre to Bobbi Jo Jungert. 3. Mia’s cake from her G.D. says if all! 4. G.A. Kimmi Bonfield gives Corey Mullins a good luck hug during the pep assembly. 5. Caught snooping in (he goodies! Jeff Mullins Jerry Gluss. 6. Eric Martin took special care to make sure Vern (Angie Blimka) had an unforgettable spirit week. 7. Tami Babino Angela Berzett take a moment to sneuk a look at the goodie table. 8. These guys oops gals aren’t foolin' around! Angie Blimka. Melanie Bolts, Kimmi Bonfield, and Angie Beeves are decked out on Opposite Sex Day.A 4 A 5 "Midnight Blue" was the theme of the 1987 Prom. Exceptional laient from the combined r.-Sr. classes made May 2 a nigh! to he remembered. The Senior Class provided decorations and the Junior Class supplied refreshments. At 9 PM the dance began ivith Jay McCall and Noel Hardin serving as D. .'s for the night. Everyone enjoyed themselves and agreed there were no “blues" at this “Midnight Blue" Prom. 1. Brent Grieve and date enjoy a slow dance together. 2. Bachelle Shanerand Jeff Sullivan take a break rom the dancing or a picture. 3. Lanny Hough gives us his best look. 4. Senior guys keep the spirit of Prom alive. 5. Angela Bashore and Joe Bubino wait their turn or pictures. 6. Angie Reeves and Corey Mullins feel the rhythm of the night. A 6EXCELLENCE IN ATHLETICS Making the team ... Having your own number ... long hours of practice ... sore muscles ... competition ... sweat... the glory of winning ... the agony of defeat... injuries ... Ben Gay ... playing archrivals ... spirit... pressure ... headaches ... championships ... the hot sun ... Gatorade ... fans ... intensity ... athlete’s foot... locker rooms ... teamwork ... pride.Asotin 40 Freeman 00 Asotin 21 Pomeroy 07 Asotin 14 DeSales 13 Asotin 46 Pres. Waits. 00 Asotin 27 Dayton 00 Asotin 28 Pomeroy 06 Asotin 33 DeSales 07 Asotin 58 Pres. Waits. 06 Asotin 27 Col. Hunt. 19 Asotin 06 Liberty 19 Al From the Semi-final game of the 1985 football season to the first day of daily doubles there was great anticipation for the upcoming season. Many people worked hard in the off-season preparing for the stiff challenge of our league. Our Seniors showed great leadership and enthusiasm and our underclassmen followed suit. From the opening kick-off to the final play of the season this team worked hard and played with confidence and class. The “BAT" led us to an undefeated regular season. Once again we met challenging opponents in play-off games. To sum up the season in one word, that word would be “FUN!” — Coach Rick Wilcox Asotin Football Team. Back Bow: Mike Tatlow, Mike Michelin, Chad Walker, Corey Songster, Corey Mullins. Terry O’Keefe. Aaron Cunningham Erick Martin Jerry Glass. Jeff Mullins. Kelly Ish. Dale Cooper, Head Coach R. Wilcox. Middle Row: Receiving Coach D. Shears. Robby Wilson Duane Szendre, Javier Smith, Brett Wilson, Brent Reed, Mike Stevens, Lanny Hough, Mike Dominguez, Sherman Hunter, Jim Marshall. Jeff Sullivan, Brian Ribble, Dan Oliver, Line Coach N. Reed. Bottom Row: Manager Brit Ausman, Nathan Bo gar, Bob Rowden, Rob Witters, Tod Szendre. Vance Smith, Roger Witters, Brent Prior, Dan Marvin, Matt Wilson, Nick Stevens, Chris Martin, Manager Lynn Hough.A9 1. Willie explains the force behind the "DAT." 2. The beginning of another great play. 3. 1986-87 S.E. Conference Champs. 4. The best just keep getting better! 5. The sky’s (he limit. 6. O'Keefe helps out on tackling IVilson. 7. "Let me play!" exclaims Javier. 8. Willie shows the big boys how it’s done. 9. Corey Songster lakes a bow. 411986 was a great year for the whole football team, including those players on the J.V. team. We were able to win all of our league games, with our only loss to a strong GrangeviJle, Idaho team. These young athletes will contribute greatly to future varsity teams. Coach Shears 1. Coach is confused over Glass's siluulion. 2. Wrong guy. Rob! 3. Walker gives an extra push for the Pirate tackier. 4. Panthers victimize another Pirate. 5. Panthers run in packs. 42 J. V. VOLLEYBALL Asotin J.V. Volleyball Team, Back Row: Coach K. Neace, Coach S. Beeks, Angela Berzett, RaeLynn Madison, Linda Carpenter, Manager Chris Ausman, Stats S. McMillan. Middle Row: LaAnn Cooper. DiAnn Cooper, Kim Smith, Karen Christianson. Bottom Row: Jeanne Kaiser. Brenda Talbott, Audra Alexander, Katy Albright. Last Row: Michelle Broenneke, Kerri McMillan. The J.V.’s were coached by Sharon Beeks. The girls worked hard perfecting setting, passing, spiking, and other important fundamentals. Their record of 10-4 proves a strong future for Asotin “Lady Pant her” volleyball. 1. RaeLynn on the save. 2. J.V. team's happy about their season. 3. Kim Powers gets another one over. 4. Angela goes low for the play. 5. Michelle's all smiles while Angela takes a nap. 43AX Top, L to R: Coach Kay Neace, Shannon Ausinan. Stacy Schider. Paula Parsons. Janet Halsey. Nikki Thompson. Kim Smith. Lori Petty. Manager Chris Ausman. Bottom. L to R: Audra Alexander. Kim Queener, Kimmi Bonfield, Jill Aiken, Wendy Smith. 1. Lady Panthers pose us 2nd in league. 2. The bench awaits the outcome of a critical play. 3. 6 year volleyball players take time to pose for a picture. 4. Coach Neace introduces her players at the fall pep rally. 5. Trinu M. and Janet II. wait for the ball to be served. 6. "Get Down!" — The Team. 7. "Let’s go. girls," Coach Neace. 8. The team huddles before the game. 44tie SECOND IN LEAGUE The Lady Panthers had a great season ending in a for 2nd place in the Blue Mountain League with a record of 10-6. Three varsity players were selected for the All-conference teams ... Wendy Smith (1st team) ill Aiken (2nd team), and Stacy Schinder (2nd team). This year’s Captain’s award went to Wendy Smith and the Inspirational award went to Paula Parsons. ‘‘The thrill is not in the victory but in the courage to join in the race.” To the seven graduating seniors ... thanks for joining in the race. — Coach Kay NeaceOne value of participation in athletics is the development rof a strong work ethic. The 1987-88 edition of Asotin Panther Basketball exemplifies the spirit of the work ethic as it should be. Their record of 18 wins and seven losses, one of the school’s finest, is a direct reflection of the character, spirit, and desire embodied by this group of young men. The successors to this year’s Orange and Black would do well to emulate their example. I can think of no higher praise. Donald A. Detrick Basketball Coach 3T 7A L to R: Coach Don Detrick, Kevin Schnider, Jeff Sullivan, Duane Szendre, Corey Songster, Corey Mullins, Monte Sutton, Terry O’Keefe, Kyle Halsey, Erick Martin, Lanny Hough, Matt Seibly. 467A 1. Coach Detrick explains his winning plan. 2. Corey MuJJfns goes upstairs to score. 3. The Panther team captures their talent in one picture. 4. Corey Songster thinks it's safer to pass the ball back out to Jeff Sullivan. 5. Panther team swarms for the rebound. 6. Monte Sutton concentrates on the ball as it heads his way. 7. Panther team waits to take the court for another win. 8. Kyle Halsey and Corey Mullins watch as the Panthers sink another two.To have a 19-1 season my first year as a coach was very gratifying. This was mainly due to great kids and great teamwork. The kids all worked real hard in practice and it showed in the performance on the court. All the players seemed to have the physical ability and the mental toughness to succeed on the basketball court. The season was a total team effort. Jim Naslund, Coach JV Boys’ Basketball Team, Front: Chris M., Gary F., Brian T., Joe B., Corey R., Ted K., Tod S. Back: Coach Do Detrick, Robby W., Richard H., Brent G., Jeff M., Greg M., Chad W., Jerry G., Matt W., Nick S., Phlllipe T. 48114 1. Coach Naslund reflects on a play. 2. The coach explains a defensive play. 3. Panthers wrangle with opponents. 4. Jeff Mullins takes a shot. 5. Greg Maes catches a ball from a teammate. 6. Boys' J.V. Basketball team. 7. Girls’ .V. Basketball team. 8. Bobbi Jo Jungert dribbles by an opponent. 9. Asotin sets up for a defensive play. 10. J.V.’s practice some ball handling. 11. Angela B. sets up fora free throw. 49 7A Girls' J.V. Basketball Team, L to R: Michelle B., Kerri M., Chare K., Karen C„ Angela B.. Raelynn M., Kim M., Bobbi Angela B. A highly competitive Jr. Varsity squad played an impressive series of games this year. Their winning record was an indication o each of the athletes willingness to work hard, practice, and give it all she had! Coached by Bob Jungert, these future Panther stars had a shining season! 104 A 1 2 In past years, Girls' Basketball at AHS was limited not only in number, but in potential, success, and funds. In 1987, under the new leadership of Coach Rick Wilcox, the team approached, met, and eventually exceeded the limits placed on them by others as well as themselves. Seven members returned to the team and helped the novices to improve (heir self-concept as well as their playing ability. The young ladies set attainable goals and worked hard to reach them. They believed in themselves individually as well as a team and in that was the key to their success and exceeding the limits! 1. Team Members. L to R: J. Crites, A. Reeves, L. Ausman, C. Lodge, N. Thompson, J. Halsey, K. Bonfield, S. Schnider, M. Thai, Coach Rick Wilcox. 2. Janet and Jackie concentrate on the game plan. 3. Mr. Wilcox — "Here’s the plan.” 4. Monique Thai displays her defensive talent. 50A 4 1. "Throw the ball to me, guys,” Danny Painter. 2. Rod Wayne waits for the ball to be hit. 3. " Where did it go?” — Nick Stevens. 4. Brent Greive waits for a strike. 5. Wayne Brooks prepares to throw a strike. 6. The team pauses for a quick picture. 7. The teams shake hands after the game was over. 8. Dan Oliver waits for the signal to steal second base. 9. "Pitch me a good one,” — Jerry Glass. 52 A2 A3 A 5B M, rf Youth and inexperience produce mistakes. But they also breed enthusiasm. Finishing the year with a line-up featuring seven Freshmen and Sophomores the Panthers finished second in the Blue Mountain League and ended with an optimistic feeling for jp, L lo R: Brian R.. on P., Brent G., Jerry G., Danny P., Chris M., Coach Delrick. Bolin: Wayne B„ Corey R., Tod S„ Dan O., Nick S., and Dan T. 1987-1988. The Panthers finished the season with a 12 and 9 record and Danny Painter was elected for the All-League Team. Dan was also awarded the Mr. Baseball and Team Captain trophies. Don Detrick A 8 A 9 53A 5 Top, L to R: S. McMillan, Coach Bremner, W. Smith, P. Parsons, S. Schnider, K. Totl Coach Neace. Middle: K. McMillan, K. Bonfield, M. Broenneke, R. Madison. Bottom: 1 Babino, D. Cooper, and A. Alexander. 4 A 6A 7 A 8 STATE , A 9 The 1986-87 softball season was a season of success with a 15 and 6 record and 2nd place in BML but a season of disappointment in that only the first place team advances to post season play. To our graduating seniors Paula Parsons, Wendy Smith, Kathee Toth, and Stacy Schnider we thank you for your years of dedication and leadership. “Reach for the sun, you may not touch it but you will fly far higher than if you had never reached at all.” A 10 1. “Hey, Kerri, what did Coach say?” Kerri M. and Michelle B. 2. The team takes time for a snap shot. 3. “Pitch me a good one!” — Audra Alexander. 4. “Throw the ball to me," Kathee Toth. 5. Wendy Smith and Brenda Talbott show off that famous Panther smile. 6. “Who’s who?” Coach Brenmer and sister. 7. Kerri McMillan smacks a double for the Panthers. 8. “The ball is over there?” — Coach Neace. 9. This year’s goal for the 1986-87 softball season. 10. Rae Lynn Madison waits for the pitch to hit her mitt. 11. Michelle Broenneke hits a run scoring single during an important game.A 1 A 3 1. Brent Reed knows 100% concentration is a must to get over the hurdles. 2. Most inspirational awards went to Angela Berzett for girls, and Corey Mullins for boys. 3. Mike Bacon paces himself as he runs. 4. On you mark ... Get set... Go! — Bobbi Jo Jungert. 5. LaAnn Cooper doesn’t mind practice and hard work at the shotput line to get it right for meets! 6. State Participants were: Brent R., Mike T., Terry S., Mike S., Corey M., Chris S. 7. Poise... Ready... Release — Dan Bennett. 8. “Look, guys, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!“ — Corey Mullins. 9. Karen Christianson gains some ground on a Dayton opponent. 10. Track Team, L to R, Front: Dan B., Brent R., Angie R.. Mike B., Chris S. Middle: LaAnn C., Robby W., Terry S.. Mike T., Track Coach Brent Youlden. Back: Karen C., Bobbi ., Angela B., Kammi S., Nathan B.17 AHS Iracksters pul Iheir best fool forward but couldn't muster the needed experience and consistency to lake the Blue Ml. championship. Several individual team members did well enough. however, to advance to the state meet in Wenatchee. There Mike Tatlow look 6th in the hurdles and Corey Mullins broke a school record by nailing a 5th in the long jump. Mike Bacon was the first AHS student to letter in two schools for the same sport in the same year. Mike lettered on the Clarksion High cross-country team this fall and again on the AHS track team in the regular spring season. Graduating Seniors. Mike Stevens. Corey Mullins, and Mike Tatlow leave behind a young, but inspired and promising group of future hopefuls. A 8 A 9 A 10 57. Football All-Star Team Members, L to R: CoreyS. (Capt.), Jeff S., Aaron C., Eric M. ( nspir.j, Lcinny H., Corey M., Terry O., and Coach Wilcox. 2. Girls’ B-Ball Award Winners, L to R: Jackie C. (Capt.), Janet H. ( nspir.j. and Leslie A. (Capt.). 3. V-Ball award Winners, L to R: Jill A. (2nd Team All-Star), and Wendy S. (1st Team All-Star, Capt.) Not Shown: Paula P. (Inspir). A 1 4. Softball Award Winner: Kimmi B. (All-Star, Capt.), Paula P. (All-Star), and Audra A. (All-Star). Not Shown: Wendy S. (Inspir.). 5. Roys’ B-Ball Award Winners: Corey S. (Capt.) and JeffS. (Inspir.). 6. Baseball Winner: Danny P. (Mr. Baseball, Capt., and All-Star). 7. B-Ball All-Star Team Members, Top, L to R: Janet H. (2nd Team), Nikki T. (2nd Team). Bottom: Terry O. (1st Team) and Corey S. (2nd Team). 58 A 6 A 7FUN FILLED EXCITEMENTGetting the story, or just the right angle on that needed photo, was all in a day’s work for Yearbook ■ Newspaper staffers. Under the command of Panther Pause Editor Javier Smith and Yearbook Editor Audra Alexander the staff published a monthly paper and completed what may be one of their best yearbooks yet! These young journalists took to the typewriters and layout pages like real troopers trying to meet deadlines and keep within budget. Editor Javier Smith even added, “The satisfaction is great, but the pay is terrible.” When asked what she thought about being yearbook editor, Audra said, “it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it!” We hope this book Exceeds the Limits for all who read it! With A Flash 1. The Staff. Front: Corey M., Javier S., Audra A. Back: Lisa R., Dee Dee D., Tania P., Advisor, Adrian Bunn. 2. Paper Editor Javier grins his satirical grin as he types up yet another issue of the Panther Pause. 3. Dee Dee and Tania show their expertise with the printing press. 4. Annual Editor Audra Alexander manages a smile as the deadline draws near. A 4Expert Leaders The 1986-87 year of activities and student body programs was planned, organized, conducted and led by Asotin’s Student Council. President Corey Mullins promoted many new things such as the purchasing of a new water fountain, VCR and television, and photo equipment. The ASB sponsored students for Leadership Camp and High Five. The group also held the first Sweethearts Dance in February. They were advised by Principal Ray Norton. 1. ASB Pres. Corey Mullins leads the Student Body in a flag salute. 2. Publicity Chairman, Joe Bowman, programs the reader board for the weekly events. 3. ASB Officers, L to R: Publicity Chairman, Joe Bowman; Pres. Corey Mullins; Vice Pres. Janet Halsey; Treasurer, Terry Schrader; Secretary, Lynette Ausman; Asst. Treasurer, Gerard Thai. 4. ASB Council, Front: Tania P., Theresa S., Rachelle S., Paula P., Ellen B., Javier S. Middle Row: Dee Dee D., Shannon A., Audrey M., Lynette A., Matt W., Jeff S., Corey S. Back Row: Joe B., Corey M., Janet H., Brent R., Gerard T., Terry S., Vance S. A2 A 3 A4The FHA TEA this year was a big success. The TEA included Home Ec. Class modeling, Prom on Parade, a report on the State Meeting, and a senior mother presentation. Audra Alexander received the Outstanding FHA award and the presentation of the Most Inspirational member went to Janet Halsey. The traditional installation of new officers was also held, with refreshments following. The TEA recognized the outstanding efforts of all members involved. a i A2 A4 1. Dee Dee DeLisle lights the candle that represents FHA’s seventh purpose. 2. Newly Inducted Officers: Janet, Linda, Audra, Tania, Karen, RaeLynn, Dee Dee. 3. Pres. Janet Halsey welcomes everyone to the tea. 4. Audra Alexander is honored with the award of Outstanding FHA Member of the Year. 5. “Where's the beach?” — Kami Sutton. 6. Dee Dee DeLisle enjoys the FHA Christmas Party. 7. L-R, Back Row: A Bashore, E. Burnam, B. Reed, A. McCormick, C. Raspone, J. Halsey, C. Lodge, J. Aiken, R. Madison, C. White, M. Thai. Middle Row: Mrs. Erickson, K. Allbright, A. Alexander, L. Rowland, A. Forrest, T. Smole, R. Shaner, K. Bonfield, L. Ausman, D. DeLisle, K. Christianson, A. Berzett, B. Jungert, K. Wallace. Front Row: T. Babino, L. Ward, C. Bowman, M. Botts, M. Broenneke, L. Carpenter, K. Martin, H. Thayer, T. Parsons, K. Queener. 8. Officers, L-R, Back Row: Advisor, B. Erickson. R. Shaner, E. Burnam, K. Queener. Front Row: T. Smole, T. Parsons, J. Halsey, D. DeLisle, M. Botts. 9. Melanie Botts admires her present from her little sister.FHA started out with a bang this year. In October members attended Regional Day in Rosalia. The presentation of the chapter’s yearbook was given by Audra Alexander and Katie Allbright at Colfax. In April three members attended the state meeting in Ellensburg. In addition, the chapter participated in the Mother’s March of Dimes and also had presentations given on S.A.D.D. and Natural Helpers. Power of OneMembers, L-R, Front: J. Bowman, B. Thompson, J. Petty, M. Bittle, W. Haines, S. Hunter, T. Kiesecker, B. Talbot. Second Row S. Watson, L. Petty, L. Cooper, J. Surber, D. Cooper, L. Hough, B. Ribble, G. Thai, N. Bogar. Third: V. Smith, R. Witters, K. Smith, S. Ausman, A. Reeves, M. Dominguez, R. Hough, D. Cooper, R. Bond, N. Stevens, D. Thiessen, N. Rowden, Mr. Johnson Back: M. Seibly, T. Smith, C. Mullins, M. Sutton, K. Halsey, C. Songster, R. Witters, J. Painter, D. Painter, J. Sandy. F.F.A. NTASTIC r , 64Asotin F.F.A. had a very fun, and successful year. The new Freshmen created a special spirit in F.F.A. this year. The Freshman ritual team won first place in sub-district and fourth place in districts. In creed contest the Asotin team came in second place in sub-district; what dedication! The members involved in public speaking fared very well this year by earning first place in sub-district and district, and they received high honors at Regionals by winning fifth place. Mr. Johnson stated that the Freshmen leadership was outstanding this year. F.F.A. earned about $1,600 this year in fundraising, such as donkey B.B., citrus sales, and the sausage sale which was used to make the 1986-87 year successful. Mr. Johnson believed that this was the best Fair for F.F.A. since he has taught here. The members excelled in every part of the Asotin County Fair. This 1986-87 F.F.A. year has been very productive and memorable for everyone invovled. 1. 1986-87 F.F.A. members group together for a picture. 2. Mr. Johnson and man’s best friend, share a moment of silent communication. 3. Sisters, Jody and Amy Petty work together to make it a fun and awarding Fair. 4. Judging Team: S. Watson, K. Halsey, C. Mullins, J. Bowman, J. Petty. 5. 1986-87 Officers, L to B, Front: J. Petty, Dist. 6 Treas.; M. Dominguez, V. Pres.; S. Ausman, Rep. Back: L. Petty, Sec.; J. Sandy Treas.; K. Smith, Sen.; K. Halsey, Pres.; C. Songster, Rep.; Mr. Johnson, Advisor. 6. Kim Smith poses with her prize Pig! A 5Adding It Up 1. "No problem with this equation," — Bob Brereton. 2. High School Math Team, Top, L to R: Advisor Alfred Rayburn, M. Thai, . Smith, B. Brereton, T. Shcrader, J. Reichert. Bottom: H. Thayer, S. Ausman, J. Halsey, and j. Glass. 3. r. High Math Team, Top: Advisor Nate Reade. Middle: H. Faught, A. Petrie. Bottom: K. Eggleston and B. Rumburg. A 2 An army column is 25 miles long. In a day’s march the column travels 25 miles. At the beginning o a day's march a messenger is sent rom the rear erf the column to the front ana he returns to the back at the end of the march. How many miles does the messenger travel! For some of us the question may just as well have been, “What color are the messenger’s shorts?” or “How much soda pop does he drink along the way?” because the answer would be the same. "I don’t know.” For members o the AHS Math Team the answer would have taken awhile but eventually they would have replied, "50 times square root three miles.” AHS top mathematicians all combined their efforts in the 1987 Math Team to make it a orce to be reckoned with in competition. At the Kahlotus competition, AHS placed second in the BML while Javier Smith was recognized as the highest scoring individual in the BML. Together the team honed their skills by practicing after school, during lunch and the higher level math classes at AHS. The Math Team, although minus the years of experience of their competitors, added up to a great success. They multiplied their talent in every division. In the snort time they’ve been in existence they’ve undergone rectilinear propagation clear to the top of the charts. 67Hot Jights, thick make-up and missed lines just don't matter when “All the World’s a Stage.” The play, selected by Drama Advisor Gail Scott is a collection of short plays that dramatize old folk tales. The club reenacted such classics as Tom Tit Tot, The Three Travelers and The Clever Elsie. The 11 member club will lose 4 senior dramatists upon graduation. While Hollywood agents weren’t beating down the door to sign up members, all agreed it was a fun production. Star Struck 1. Top, L to R: I. Smith. R. Segren. Middle: S. Ausrnan, ]. Surber, fC. Toth, A. Alexander, M. Broenneke and G. Scolt. Bottom: G. Thai, B. Reed, E. Burnam, B. Bond. 2. After a smashing per ormance the group takes a bow. 3. "All we like to do is hang around the well” — the Critters. 4. Shannon Ausman and Audra Alexander lake to the stage in Tom Tit Tot.1A 2A The Flags and Ri Ies Corps maneuvered their way through yet another impressive series of performances this year. The Corps participated in various events such as AHS Homecoming, the Christmas Parade and the Asotin County Parade. All in all, it was another successful year for the Corps. Major Moves 3A 1. Standing: Kathee Toth. Bottom, L to R: Becky Surber and Kim Queener. 2. The lags give another stunning routine during football half-time. 3. Kim Queener shows off her winning smile after a flawless routine.Fancy Footwork Football games and basketball pregame routines with the band have added a new dimension to this year's activities. It was a challenging year for us all and the “Pantheras” enjoyed their year. The memories of play-off games, pep assemblies, fund raisers, early morning practicies and packed basketball gymnasiums will bring a smile to our aces or years to come. We had a good year and enjoyed promoting “Panther Spirit.” — Advisor Evelyn Parsons 1. Chare Kerzman, anet Halsey and Rachelle Shuner waft for a beat. 24 2. "Where's Ihe music” — Leslie, Tania, Trina, anet. 3. Brenda Talbott ends a smashing rouline. 4. Dee Dee Desiste dances to the sound of the band music. 5. Top, L to R: C. fCerzman, M. Rognstad, K. Shewey, B. Talbott, L. Rowland. Bottom: L. Ausman, . Halsey, T. Parsons, S. Schnider, D. Desisle. 54Vern Fever 70 Above: Shannon Ausman poses wilh the coslume that helped boost school spiril. Upper right: Vern lookalike's Erick Martin and Corey Sangster knee) in victory after the landslide choice of Vern as the moscot’s name. The chanting of the assembled natives grows into a raucous uproar. The beating drums increase wilh the mounting fervor of the crowd as the pre-game warmup ritual commences. Then, as an ecstatic roar erupts from the mass, the black garbed spirit leader appears and sparks hope in the hearts of all assembled. In unison, they all cry out his name, “VERN! ... VERN!. . . VERN!" The following was a description of one of the less enthusiastic games at AHS but it efficiently describes the impact a heap of wire, fabric, and thread had on Asotin High in 1986-'87. The Panther costume was bought with the funds left by the classes of 1984 and '85, much to the delight of the cheereaders and, soon after, the entire school and community. Even before the costume appeared at a game, i! inspired school spirit when all of the classes competed in deciding on a name for it. The name Vern, taken from a series of TV commercials, was, like, immediately popular, KnoWhutIMean? From then on, Shannon Ausman, Angie Blimka, and Joe Sandy all brought enthusiasm and life to the costume. They inspired the crowd at games, the school at pep assemblies and children wherever they went. The joy they brought was ample reward for the long, hot hours, stuffy air and general discomfort from wearing the costume. So not the legend of Vern lives at AHS. Long shall we hear theUpper Left: Panther Power! Middle Left: “Psst... that's liberty and justice for all, Vern, not just for AHS students .. Lower Left: Vern and the Cheerleaders say "We’re number If” Upper Bight: The mascot stirs up ‘Vernspiration!’ Lower Right: Kim Martin tells Panther Claus of her Christmas wishes. Opposite Page, Middle: Vern's natural cuddliness and hug-gability ensnares yet another victim — namely Jessica Bunn. Opposite Page, Bottom: Today's profile of "Lifestyles fo the Not-So-Rich but Famous" finds Vern making a public appearance atop the fire engine in the Christmas Parade.A 1 Advisor Marilyn Martin reminisced by noting, "This year was a “NEW" year! New cheerleaders, new cheers, new camp, new uni orms new Vern, and new advisor — Mariiyn Martin. It was a lot of fun!” But along with the new was some of the old. Cheerleaders spent agonizing hours at practice, wrangled with creative ideas for rallies, and faced the exciting moments o pre-game jitters. All their hard work paid off as they proved to be one of the best squads yet at AHS. A 4 A 5Sporting a New Look T7 A6 1. Football Cheerleaders, Counter Clockwise: Bobbi Jungert, Angie Reeves, Angela Bashore, Jeanna Surber, Kim Martin, Theresa Smole. Center: Mascot Shannon Ausman as Vera. 2. Angie Reeves and Bobbi Jungert give an energetic cheer! 3. Angela Bashore, Kami Sutton, and Kim Martin pep up the crowd at a home game. 4. Kami Sutton gives Angela Bashore a boost during a pep rally. 5. Varsity Cheerleaders Jeanna Surber and Shannon Ausman flash us a pearly smile. 6. Special balloons for special cheerleaders ... Kim Martin and Angela Bashore. 7. Basketball Cheerleaders, L to R: Shannon Ausman, Kim Martin, Jeanna Surber. Floor: Angie Blimka as Vern. 6. Victory smiles from Vern and the Cheerleaders! V.RBe Sharp The A.H.S. Music department stayed on its toes and remained talented all year due to constant practicing and rehearsing. But it paid off in big awards from parades (2nd place in the Asotin Co. Fair and 3rd in the Dogwood Festival) to the SEWMEH Festival where our bands placed anywhere from Excellent to Superior, and in various concerts. In short, A.H.S. Music has been noted for being excellent in every sense of the word this year and we can be sure they'll continue to excell their previous accomplishments in the ensuing years. 1. Director Shawn Bowman does his best to make A.H.S. music tops! 2. After Eleven Singers. L to R: K. Smith. L. Petty, M. Manus, L. Carpenter. 3. The Band Poses for a shot. Back Row: G. Maes, K. Schnider. Director Shawn Bowman, B. Thompson. B. Martin. 2nd Row: S. Wiiks, J. Galyean, B. Rumberg, M. Dominguez, B. Wheeler, M. Riggs, P. Kaiser, B. Barnes. 3rd Row: R. Robeson, C. Ausman, E. Hunter, K. Weissenfels, S. Walburn, D. Parish, A. Smith, C. Cox, C. Madison. 4th Row: C. Teasely, A. Kremer, D. Smith, R. Cole, S. Miller, S. Gonzales, R. Madison, T. Haugen, A. Petrie, C. Gardner. Front Row: A. Pease, L. Hough, D. Cooper, G. Thai, E. Burnam, S. Ausman, T. Broenneche, S. Joye, H. Faught, K. Roseborough. 4. Jazz Band, Back Row: P. Kaiser, G. Maes, K. Weissenfuls. Director, Shawn Bowman. 2nd Row: B. Rumberg, H. Faught, T. Broenneche, K. Schnider, S. Walburn, G. Thai, C. Ausman. Front Row: A. Pease, L. Hough, B. Thompson, E. Burnam, S. Joye, B. Martin. 5. Asotin H.S. Band, Back Row, L to R: J. Galyean, K. Schnider, B. Reed, Director Shawn Bowman, G. Maes. 2nd Row: B. Thompson, L. Hough, G. Thai, E. Burnam. Front Row: D. Cooper, S. Ausman, R. Madison. 6. Vocal Jazz, Back Row, L to R: K. Smith, L. Petty, J. Keys, N. Thompson. Director Shawn Bowman, J. Bowman, K. Queener. 2nd Row, L to R: P. Parsons, W. Smith, T. Babino, B. Rowden, L. Carpenter, B. Reed, K. Allbright. Front Row, L to R: C. Bowman, T. Waggoner, J. Surber, B. Surber, L. Ward.A 1 Do you'want to be a Pepper, too? Jackie Crites led an exciting pep club this year. They headed two successful spirit weeks which v ere very high-spirited and fun. The group gave all their pep during games, pep assemblies, and Homecoming events. The Peppers purchased sweatshirts this year to increase the spirit. Miss B. encourages everyone to join Pep club next year and be a Pepper, too! EPPER 1. Pep Club Members. L to R, Front: J. Surber, B. Talbott, S. Ausman, T. Parsons, L. Rowland, W. Smtih, P. Parsons. 2nd Row: K. Queener, A. Blimka, M. Bolts, A. Forrest, J. Crites, D. LeLisle, M. Manus, T. Bowman. 3rd Row: Miss B., A. Bashore, J. Halsey, J. Sullivan, T. Smole, K. Halsey, R. Shaner, M. Bognstad, J. Ausman, K. Toth, S. Watson, K. Smith. Back Row: J. Bowman, J. Sandy, C. Kerzman, K. Shewey, A. McCormick, M. Sutton, M. Thai, E. Bur- nam, C. Songster, J. Aiken, N. Thompson. 2. Let the animal come out! Gary Ferguson shows off his ghost costume along with other unknowns. 3. Chare Kerzman and Kathy Shewey help Terry O'Keefe display his spirit sign for all to see! 761. Javier looks "everywhere" for good video material! 2. Science Club Officers, Front: Tina Parsons (sec.), Dee Dee DeLisle (Treas.), Shannon Ausman (Rep.), Kim Smith (Hist.). Back: Javier Smith (Pres.), Dan Painter (V. Pres.). 3. Science Club Officers pose for a picture. Ready, Aim ... Shoot! Give us your best shot was Science Club’s theme, this year. President, Javier Smith, and his Science Club made a video annual and learned how to produce sound. The group went to K.L.E.W. to learn the workings of a T.V. station. The camera nuts of “Vidiots” also went to a radio station and combined their talents for productive work and an enjoyable time!!! A 2Six new members were inducted in February into National Junior Honor Society. They were Suzie Christianson, Kristin Eggleston, Heidi Faught, Alistaire Petrie, Melissa Reeves, and Bruce Rumburg. A pizza-pool party at Principal Ray Norton’s climaxed the year’s activities. Linda Carpenter served as President, and Gail Scott was advisor. Other officers were Rae Lynn Madison, Rep; LaAnn Cooper, Sec.; and Heidi Thayer Hist. 1. Top. L to R: Advisor G. Scoll, L. Carpenter, R. Madison, K. Weissen eis, H. Thayer, L. Cooper. Middle Row: A. Reeves, M. Broenneke, and K. Christianson. 2. Linda Carpenter lights a candle at the Induction ceremonies. 3. New Honor Society inducties show off a winning smile. 4. Alistaire Petrie signs her name to the honored list of names. 78Honor Societies A March weekend of fun and relaxation at the Couer d'Alene Resort highlighted the activities of NHS. By selling concessions and tickets at home football and basketball games, the group provided $100 scholarships for the senior members. On May 12 Sophomores Linda Carpenter, Rae Lynn Madison, and Heidi Thayer were inducted into NHS at a banquet at the Cateway Inn. Officers were Pres. Jackie Crites, V-Pres. Terry Schrader, Sec. Amy Petty, Hist. Dee Dee, Treas. Janet Halsey, Rep. Javier Smith and Gail Scott Advisor. 1. The group enjoys a little game of squash ball. 2. Monique Thai, Terry Schrader and Linda Carpenter sell tickets at the football game. 3. Advisor Gail Scott and Pres, fackie Crites discuss the happenings from the night's meetings. A 3 A 4 Top, L to R: ). Halsey, M. Bolts, D . Painter, M. Thai, T. Parsons, K. Toth. Bottom: . Smith, T. Schrader, . Crites, D. Desi-sle, S. Ausman, and Advisor G. Scott. 79FBLA is an organization that helps young people learn skills for success in the business world. Mrs. Urban advised an active group this year at AHS. The year was highlighted with a May trip to Kinmen Business University in Spokane. FBLA stayed on the move! 1. FBLA, Top, L to R: Bob Bowden, Advisor L. Urban, Michelle Manus, Monique Thai, Rochelle Shaner, Gerard Thai. Bottom: Kim Smith, Tania Parsons, Melanie Bolls, Dee Dee DeLisle, Janet Halsey, and Audrey McCormick. 2. Advisor Lavonne Urban helps FBLA member Melanie Botts with her typing assignment. 3. I BL Officer, L to R: Hist. Kim Smith, Treas. Melanie Botts, Vice-Pres. Janet Halsey, Sec. Tania Parsons, Rep. Audrey McCormick, Pres. Dee Dee DeLisle. 4. It s true, Gerard Thai, that if you look at the keys long enough, they will move without vou. Getting ReadyEXACTLY WHAT WE WANT New friends ... new teachers ... challenging sports ... harder subjects ... homework ... dances . cheerieading ... spirit... election of officers ... changing rooms ... hanging out with riends... band . choir... sharing secrets with friends ... developing study habits ... increased responsibility... lockers.Brice Barnes Brenda Barr Rob Bennett Brandon Bogar Tricia Broenneke Mike Capito Suzie Christianson Lonnie Cox Marcos Dominguez Kristin Eggleston Sole Farr H6idi Faught Justin Floch Candy Gardner Santana Gonzales Tawne Haugen Amy fCremer Joe Mackintosh Clayton Madison Karl Neace David Parrish Andrew Pease Alistaire Petrie Kris Piraino Melissa Reeves Eric Rich Bruce Rumburg Alex Smith Dan yell Smith Sarah Smith Galen Stetson Jason Stout Christian Tannahill Kristine Teasley Skylar Turner Jay Walker Jesse Way Beau Wheeler Picture Not AvailableChris Ausman Rainy Cole Cody Cox Melanie Dominguez Lisa Hatley Eddie Hunter Sally Joye Pat Kaiser Angie Luther Brooke Martin Sis Miller Bud Mullikin Kyle Peterson Crystal Petty Clint Reeves Matt Riggs Robbie Robeson Kim Roseborough Jayson Ross Casey Songster Krista Savoie Jennifer Smith Kassi Smith Shelly Smith Colleen Sullivan Shawn Tannahill Gene Tucker Shaun Walbum Keith Weissenfels Eric Wheeler Jeff Wiemer Shawn Wilks Picture Not AvailableA3 1.1r High Choir. Top. L to R. Korle N., Eric H.. Kammi S.. Sarah S.. Christa S. Middle: Kyle P.. Melissa R.. Kristen E.. Colleen S.. Crystal Petty, lennifer S. Bottom: Skylar T.. Jesse VV . Sole F.. Suzie C.. Melanie D.. Angie L.. Advisor Denise S. 2. 7th Grade Cheerleaders. Top. L to R: Sis M. Middle: Jennifers., Colleen S. Bottom: Angie L. 3. Jr. High Band. Top. L to R Marcos D.. Shown VV.. Keith VV.. Beau VV.. Shown B.. Matt R.. Chris A.. Pal K. Middle: Kim R.. Bruce R.. Andrew P.. Robbie R.. Eddie H.. Shaun VV.. David P.. Alex S., Cody Cox. Bin e B.. Clayton M.. Kristian T.. Arny K.. Danyell S.. Rainy C., Sis M.. Sonfono G.. Alistaire P.. Towni H.. Candy G. Bottom: Heidi F.. Brooke M.. Sally .. and Tricia B. 4 Student Council. L to R: Jay VV.. Amy K.. Bruce R.. Suzie C . Kristine T. Bottom: Kassi S.. Chris A.. Angie L.. Melanie D.. Mott R. 5. Football Team. L to R. Top: Kyle P.. Eddie H.. Clint R.. Keith VV.. Shaun VV.. oson S. Middle: Pat K.. Mike C.. Brice B.. Alex S.. Bruce R. . Korle N.. Coach Detrick. Bottom: Robbie R.. Joe M.. Eric R.. David P.. Jay VV.. Chris T.. Sole F. 6. Girls' B-Ball. Top. L to R: Coach. Heidi Fought. Towni If.. Melissa R . Danyell S.. Lisa H.. Coach Tom T. Middle: Kristin E.. RainyC.. Shelly S.. Sis M„ Crystal P.. Kassi S.. Suzie C.. Angie L.. Colleen S.. Tricia B. Bototm Melanie D.. and Brooke M. 7. Baseball Team. L to R. Top. Coach Reade. Eric R.. Bruce R.. Keith VV.. Galen S.. David P.. Jeff VV. Bottom: Sole F.. Justin F.. Jay VV.. Andrew P.. and Bradon B. 8. 7th Grade Cheerleaders: Sarah S.. Melissa R.. Santana G.. Danyell S. 9. 7th Grade B-Ball Team. L to R: Sole F.. Andrew P.. Brice B.. Galen S.. Alex S.. Lonnie Cox. Korle N., Bruce R.. Justin F-.lay VV.. Joe M. tO. 8lh Grade B-Ball Team; C.oreyS.. Matt R.. Kyle P., Clint R.. Chris A.. Keith VV.. Shawn VV.. Jayson R. 84 A 4A 3 1. Danyell Smith shoots for two. 2. 7th and 6th Grade Officer, Top, L to R: Amy Kremmer, Bruce Rum burg, Chris Ausman, Crystal Petty. Bottom: Tricia Broenneke, Angie Luther, Colleen Sullivan, and Kristine Teasley. 3. Jr. High School Track Team,Top, L to R: Tricia Broen-neke, Colleen Sullivan. 2nd Row: Galen Stetson, Lonnie Cox, Pat Kaiser, and Coach Bowman. 3rd Row: Danyell Smith, Santana Gonzales, Jennifer Smith, Angie Luther, Kristine Teasley, Amy Kremer, Crystal Petty, Alstarie Petrie, Tawni Haugen. 4th Row: Kris Piraino, Sarah Smith, Melanie Dominguez, Suzie Christianson, Melissa Segroves. Bottom: Cody Cox, Eric Wheeler, and Shawn Wilks. 4. Justin Floch awaits the outcome of an important play. 5. "Whose ball is it?" Marcos Dominguez, Jeff Weimer, Kristine Eggleston, and Rainy Cole. A4W. BARCLAY SEIBLY 629 6th St. Clarkston ADAMS PHARMACY 918 6th Clarkston, WA 99403 fc A AGRI-SUPPORT. INC. 620 Thaln Road • Lewiston, ID 83501 (208) 746-6447 Complete Aq Equipment • Parts 4 Service Doug Hermann 743-3931 Bob Alexander 243-4753 Ben Frank 743-9378 POE ASPHALT PAVING, INC. 613 Maple St. Clarkston, WA SABORAH STUDIO Perfection Letz EXCELLENT QUALITY PAINT WHOLESALE T SEE 733 Fifth — Suite A Clarkston, WA SARA GILL 509-758-7900 DEBORAH LARSEN AFP “THE PAINT PEOPLE” FOR FREE EXPERT HELP 4 ADVICE FOR THE HOMEOWNER OR DCMTYOURSELFER AND THE BEST BUY IN TOWN ON ALL OF OUR HIGH QUALITY PAINTS 758-3188 435 ELM STREET - CLARKSTON WK IH VlUtzU Clarkston Next to Albertson’s Lewiston Next to Big V UNIQUE DECORATIVE CENTER Quality Installation Insured Samples Shown in Your Home 840 Sixth Street 758-8771 JOHN RIMMELSPACHER Carkston, Washington Best Wishes Congratulations to the Class of 1987 UP THE CRICK Asotin, WA FRED RAYBURN PHOTOGRAPHY Senior Portrait Specialist Weddings Sporting Events 758-4354 GATEWAY INN Family Restaurant and Tack Room WASEM’S 800 6th St. Clarkston, WA Asotin, WA RAINIER BANK No One Knows You Works for You Comes Through for You Like a Rainier Personal Banker GREEN LAND LAWN AND LEISURE 805 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, Idaho 208-746-5422 Lewiston 743-1585 S’1 )onsors f r. Norton Mr. Norton Darrel’s Barber Shop Darrel s Barber Shop Darrel’s Barber Shop Roger Keelean Bob Alexander Anna Keelean Jack Pease Harriet Halsey fj Sponsors iyburn Photography Im GO PANTHERS! P.O. Box 579 Clarkston, WA 99403 932Vi 6th Street (509) 758-9797 do Fred Rayburi Delmar McMillan Shawn Bowman Gail Scott Dottie Szendre Keith Carolyn Ausman Keith Carolyn Ausman Dave Parsons The Jungerts Don Songster Q7nenad e in our m orever e in our

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