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m ' IS hior ' ' ■ - ' If ' eo.C .11. Ple e -r-3yo ■y V J II %-v The BLUE WHITE forici44 = T Volume ASHEVILLE SCHOOL Ashevillc. Horth Carolnia FOREWORD LAST year the School underwent great chang- es. Systems of student waiters and prefects, and other war-time emergency measures were instituted. Events in this country were happening daily that affected the students. Several boys left before the completion of the school year for the armed sei-vices. Big changes were the order of the day. This year conditions have become more or less stable. The student was little touched by outside affairs, save for perhaps the absence of ice cream and, occasionally, candy at the School store. School ran smoothly, carrying on the innovations of the preceding year. True, toward the end of the year a new system of room-study was in- augiuated for a trial period, but on the whole, any alterations made were not greatly felt by the student body. Feeling that something good should not be changed merely for the sake of change, we have not departed essentially from last year ' s issue. We hope that this decision meets with approval, and that the BLUE AND WHITE gives a true picture of School life. DEDICATION The Class of 1944 sincerely dedicates this volume of The BLUE AND WHITE to Wilbert D. Peck. in gratitude for his friendship and in appreciation of his untiring efforts in behalf of the School and the Form. (9) I 3 " . . . The mountains are soaring With pipward look unfailing; Like God ' s scroll unrolling The mistwhite clouds are sailing: . . . " A ©ribut? The Class of 1944 feels that it cannot leave without paying tribute, slight though it mav be, to those alumni of the School who have dedicated their lives to winning the War. Since September well over a hundred have joined these ranks. The known total now stands at 462. Eight of these men have died in the line of duty, o these especiallv sincere sympathy. We only hope that the courage and strength that they have shown and the sacrifice thev have made will give us guidance and inspiration to carry on. To these especiallv we offer homage, and to their families Inll of Bnnnr RANDOLPH B. COONER, JR., ' 33 Ensign, U. S. Naval Air Corps Awarded the Navy Cross poschuniousiy for cral- lantry in the Battle of Midway DEREK BARKER, 33 Regular Army Officer 2nd Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment ANTHONY GORDON PEINIGER, 35 Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force HENRY F. CHANEY, JR., ' 36 2nd Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Air Corps JAMES G. K. McCLURE, IIL ' 37 U. S. Coast Guard Reserve HOWELL S. MURRAY, 37 Lieutenant (jg), U. S. Naval Reserve Cited for gallantry as gun crew captain en route to Murmansk JAY F. CHAPPELL, JR., ' 38 Aviation Cadet, U. S. Army Air Forces CHRISTOPHER P. GADSDEN. JR., 40 2nd Lieutenant, Navigator Army Transport Service, Army Air Forces BOARD OF TRUSTEES Junius G. Adams Asheville, N. C. Edmund F. Ball, Class of ' 23 Muncie, Indiana Heni ' Scripps Booth, Class of 18 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Philip L. Bo ' d, Class of ' 17 Palm Springs, California Philip R. Clarke Hinsdale, Illinois Burnham S. Colburn, Sr Biltmore Forest, N. C. John M. Crawford Parkersburg, West Virginia David R. Fall ....Asheville School, N. C. Harve ' S. Firestone, Jr., Class of ' 16.... Akron, Ohio Charles B. Goodspced, Class of ' 04 Chicago, Illinois Ralph W. Gwinn New York, New York Henr ' Hart, Class of ' 11 . Birmingham, Michio;an Lee Wilson Hutchins, Class of ' 14 Grand Rapids, Michigan Ralph I ' crkins, Class of ' 05 Cleveland, Ohio Edward V. Rickenbacker New York, New York Reuben B. Robertson Canton, N. C. W. Starling S. Rodgers, Jr., Class of ' 04 .New York, New York Hugh R. Sharp, Jr., Class of ' 29 Wilmington, Delaware A. West Shell, Class of ' 09 Cincinnati, Ohio Arnold G. Stifel, Class of ' II St. Louis, Missouri ln the Armed Forces (12) SCHOOL OFFICERS Arthur Chase Ambler, A. B., M. D School Physician Mrs. A. A. Coffe -, R. N. - -Resident Nurse Mrs. I. C. Hanna, R. N Housekeeper Lc. Henr ' G. Heedy, Jr Secretary of the Alumni Association Woolsey W. Hunt, Jr., Acting Secretary of the Alumni Association Mrs. Vivian Graham Assistant to the Treasurer Charles Rubsamen Superintendent of Buildings Thomas Bell Superintendent of Grounds Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees Junius G. Adams, Chairman Philip R. Clarke David R. Fall Burnham S. Colburn Reuben B. Robertson Officers of the Corporation Philip R. Clarke President Burnham S. Colburn .Vice-President Herman Kleene Secretary-Treasurer Officers of the Alumni Association Lee W. Hutchins, Class of ' 14 -President Rutherford O. Ainslie, Class of ' 10 -Vice-President Lt. Henry G. Heedv, Jr., Class of ' 33 Secretary -Treasurer (Leave of absence to U. S. Navy) Woolsey W. Hunt, Jr., Class of ' 30 Acting Secretary-Treasurer (13) HEADMASTER :baJ le. Jail J. B. WILLIAMS COLLEGE William H. Adamson. A.B. Bkrnard H, Arbogast, A.B. Arthur C. Brooks, B.S., B.D. Modern Languages Director of Physical Training, Mathematics Ohio State University Mathematics Union Theological Seminary Oberlin College ' Washington and Lee California Institute of University Technology Augustine A. Coffey Dean, Coach of Crew WiLLIAN 1 A. Coi ' ENHAVER, Fraxk J. ]. Davils, A.B., Ph.D. A.B. Registrar, Modern Languages {Head of Deft.), Physics Hampton-Sydney College (20) English, German, French Yale University JoH D. EVHRSMAN, Dip. Mus. JoHN M. HAMILTON, WoOLSHY W. HuNT, Jr. Music A.B., M.A., M.S. Postmaster, Acting Secretary- Ciucinnati College of Music Science (Head of Department ) Treasurer of the Alumni Oberlin College, Wesleyan Association University, Yale University University of North Carolina dik Wiii.iAM G. Hlitchins, A.B. English (Head of Department j Yale University Warren Kay Scoutmaster, Manual Training HtKMAN Kleene, L.L.B Treasurer University of Michigan (21) i ! M William -. Llwis, A.B. Wiiblrt D. Peck, A.B. Theodore C. Pierce, B.S.E. History (Head of Department j Mathematics Aliisic University of North Carolina (Head of Department ] Juiliard Graduate School Lebanon College Institute of Musical Art University of Pennsylvania Massachusetts State College Harold T. Stetson, A.B. Latin, English Williams College Leon M. York Steward (22) JOHN WINFRID ACER, JR. " Budd ' " , " Winnie " 1100 South 31st Street Birmingham, Alabama Entered Fifth Form Junior Football. ' 42. ' 43. Captain. ' 43; Blue and White Tennis Cup. ' 43: Kit Kat. ' 44. EntercJ from Ramsej ' High School. To enter . ' labania Polytechnic Institute. (27) « BLAIR MORTON BOYD, JR. " B. B. " , " Blah " 134 Chillicothe Road Hillsboro, Ohio Entered Sixth Form Kit Kat. ' 44; ASHNOCA Rewrite Kditor. " 44; Cast of " Tlie Gliost Train " ; " Wit and Waffles " Club. " 44: Class Day Commit- tee. ' 44; Varsity Track. " 44; Blue and White Debate. ' 44; Dra- matic Society, ' 44. Entered from Hillsboro Ili);li Scliool. To enter Flarvard. (28) mr% - MWMMHI yMlWMllMo LEVIN HICKS CAMPBELL, III Lee , Lriis KnoUwood Road Short Hills, New |ersey Entered Third Form Kit Kat President. ' 44; ASHNOCA. -41. ' 42. ' 43. Editor-in-Chief, ' 44; Senior Prefect. ' 44; Senior Class ' Vice-President. " 44; Student Council. " 41. ' 43. ' 44; REVIEW. ' 42, ' 43. ' 44. Managing Editor. ' 44; Blue and White Debate. ' 42. ' 43, ' 44. Best Speaker, ' 42. ' 43. ' 44; Valedictorian. ' 44; Art Prize. ' 42; English Club. 42; Winner TIME Current Events Test. ' 43. ' 44; Mitchell Cabinet. ' 44. Entered from Short Hills Country Day School. To enter Harvard. (29) WILLIAM GILBERT CARTER, II " Gil " , " Minnie " , " T. G. C. " 7244 Euclid Avenue Chicago, Illinois Entered Fifth Form ASIINOCA. ' 43. " 44. Contributing Editor, ' 44; Mitchell Cabinet. ' 44: REVIEW. ' 4.?. " 44. Contributing Editor. " 44; Band Com- mittee. ' 43. " 44; Dance Committee. ' 43, " 44; Cast of " The Ghost Train " " ; " Wit and Waffles " " Club, ' 44; Varsity Track, ' 43, ' 44; Blue and White Debate, " 43; Cheerleader, ' 43. ' 44; Dramatic Society. ' 44. Entered from Chicago University High School. To enter Yale. (30) JAMES GUTHRIE COKE, III Jim Auburn, Kentucky Entered Second Form Choir. ' 40, ' 41, ' 42. ' 4,?: Student Council President, " 44; RE- VIEW. ' 42. ' 43. ' 44. Editor-in-Chief, ' 44; Kit Kat. ' 44; Class Poet. ' 44: Senior Gift Committee. ' 44: Senior Prefect, " 44: ASH- NOCA, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43. ' 44. Associate Editor. ' 44; Dramatic Society, ' 41, ' 42, ' 43. ' 44, President, ' 44; Casts of " Bachelor Born " , " Outward Bound " , " See My Lawyer " , " Night of January Six- teenth " , " Bishop Misbehaves " , " The Ghost ' Train " ; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, " 43; Estill Prize, ' 43; Blue and White De- bate, ' 43, ' 44; " Wit and Waffles " Club, 44; ' Varsitv Football, ' 43, ' 44; Varsity Basketball. ' 43, ' 44. Entered from Auburn High School. To enter Harvard. (31) JOHN CYRENIUS DAVID " Platte Toppe " , " Flat " , Mr. Browenne " 1624 Wesle ' Avenue Evnnston, Illinois Entered Fifth Jrorm Choir. " 43. ' 44: BaiiJ Committee. ' 44; Varsity ' I ' rack. ' 4.1. " 44. Entered from Aiidover. To enter Yale. (32) PAUL DYE, JR. " Pete Dye " Urbana, Ohio Entered Sixth Form Student Council. " 44. Entered from Urb. ' ma High School. To enter Yale. (33) CLYDE EAGLETON, JR. " Clyde " , " Eag " 2205 42ncl Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Entered Fifth Form REVIEW, " +3. " 44, Associate Editor. ' 44: . SHNOCA. " 4.3. ' 44. Head Columnist. ' 44; Pliotograpliic Society. ' 4.3: Boy Scouts. Patrol Leader. ' 43, ' 44; Cast of " Bishop Mishcluives " . " The Ghost Train " ; " Wit and Waffles " Club. " 44; Kit Kat. " 44; Blue and Wliitc Debate. ' 43, ' 44; Varsity Track. " 43. " 44: Dramatic Society. ' 44; Class Gift Committee, ' 44. Entered from Roose ' elt High School. To enter Harvard. (34) OTTO PHILIP GEIER, ]R. " Otc " , " Superwolf " , " Maidenswoon " , " Vulch " 2200 Upland Place Cincinnati, Ohio Entered Fifth Form Photographic Society. ' 43. +4. Entered from Walnut Hills High School. To enter Princeton. (35) ROBERT DINSMORE HUN TINGTON, JR. " R. D. " , " Bourgeoisie " , " Bob " El BriUo Way Palm Beach, Florida Entered Second Form Dance Committee. ' +3. " 44; Band Committee Chairman. ' 4.3. " 44; Photographic Society. " 40. ' 41. " 42. ' 4.3. " 44. Vice-President. ' 42. ' 43. ' 44; Stage Crew for " " Bachelor Born " . " " Margin for Error " . " Outward Bound " . " See My Lawyer " . " Xight of January Six- teenth " . " Bishop Misbehaves " " ; Varsity Soccer. ' 42; Varsity Foot- ball. " 41. ' 42. ' 43; Track Manager. ' 43: Junior Swimming Cup. ' 42. Entered from Palm Beach Private School. To enter United States Naval .Academy. (36) CARL BLAYNEY LEHMANN, JR. " Sliqiie " , " Blimp " 75 Oak Street Glendale, Ohio Entered Fifth Form Mitchell Cabinet. " 44; Dance Committee. ' 43, " 44; Band Com- mittee. ' 43. ' 44: ASHNOCA Assignment Editor. ' 44; Choir. ' 43. ' 44; Cheerleader. ' 43. ' 44; Varsity Ba,seball. ' 43. Entered from Glendale High School. To enter Princ eton. (37) s MALCOLM McLLAN " Mai " , " Blut " 2400 Butte Avenue Duluth, Minnesota Entered Fourth Form Student Council Vice-President. " 44: Class Secretary-Treasurer. ' 43: Senior Class Vice-Presicient, " 4.1. President. " 44; Kit Kat. " 44: Mitchell Cabinet President. " 44; BLUE . ND WlU ' rE Sports Editor. " 44: Senior Prefect. " 44: Choir. ' 43; Photographic Society, " 42: Junior Football. " 42; Varsity Football. ' 43. ' 44; Varsity Bas- ketball. ' 43. ' 44. Captain. ' 44: Varsity Track, " 43. " 44. Entered from Duluth Central High School. To enter Yale. (38) HUGH MITCHELL, JR. " Bill " , " Mitch " 4802 Bradley Boulevard Chevy Chase, Maryland Entered Fifth Form Photographic Society. ' 4.i ' 44. President, ' 44; Mitchell Cabinet, ' 44: Senior Prefect. ' 44; Student Council, ' 44; Kit Kat. ' 44; Varsity Football. ' 43; Varsity Track, ' 44. Entered from Chevy Chase High School. To enter United States Military Academy. (39) 1 ROBERT POLLARD, III " Bob " , " Alf " 90 Cumberhind Avenue Ashcvillc, North Carolina Entered Fifth Form Boy Scout Patrol Leader, ;43: REVIE ' . ■43. ' 44. Business .M.-m- agcr. " 44; Varsity Track. " 43; Class Gift Conunittcc. ' 44. Einered from Haseltine School. To enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (40) LOWELL E. PRESCOTT " Stinky " 439 E. Sixth Street Hinsdale, Illinois Entered Third Form Cast of " " The Night of January Sixteenth " . " The Ghost Train " ' ; Dramatic Society. ' 42. ' 43. " 44, Secretary-Treasurer. ' 44; Mit- chell Cabinet. " 44; Kit Kat. ' 44; Senior Prefect. " 44; Dance Committee, " 42. " 43; Student Council. ' 42. " 43; [unior Football " 40; Varsity Football, " 41. " 42. " 43; Varsity Basketball, " 43, ' 44. Entered from Hinsdale High School. Left for United States Army, February. " 44. (41) VERNE RHOADES, JR. 456 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Entered Fourth Form BLUE AND WHITE. " 4. . 44. Business Manager. " 44: ASH- NOCA Editorial .Assistant. " 44; Stage Crew, ' 4. ; Dramatic Society. ' 44; Junior Baslcctball. ' 4.1: Choir. ' 42; Scliolarsliip Cup. ' 42: Class Day Committee. ' 44. Entered from Asheville Country Day School. To enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (42) OLIVER WOLCOTT ROOSEVELT, ]R. " Ollie " , " Concentration " 171 Ocean Avenue Woodniere, Lon Island, New York Entered Third Form Choir. ' 41, ■42, ' 43. ' 44; ASHNOCA. ' 41. ' 42. •4.3. ' 44. Managins; Editor. ' 44; BLUE AND WHITE Editor-in-Chief, ' 44; Student Council. ' 4.3. ' 44. Secretary-Treasurer. ' 44; Kit Kat Secretary- Treasurer. ' 44; Permanent Secretary-Treasurer. Class of ' 44; Senior Prefect. ' 43; Casts of " See My Lawyer " , " Bishop Misbe- haves " . " The Ghost Train " ; Dramatic Society Vice-President. ' 44; " Wit and Waffles " Club. ' 44; Cheerleader. ' 43. ' 44; Varsity Football. ' 43; Varsity Soccer Team, ' 42; Varsity Track, ' 44; Bine and White Debate. ' 44. Entered from Lawrence School. To enter Harvard. (43) FLOYD L. WIDEMAN, JR. " Flo ' d " , " Greasy " , " Clark " 250 Sanford Avenue Palm Beach, Florida Entered Fifth Form Dance Committee. ' 43; Stage Crew. ' 43. Filtered from Graham-Eckes School. To enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (44! DAVID MORGAN WRIGHT " Cracker " Bartow, Florida Entered Sixth Form Mitchell Cabinet, ' 43. ' 44; Varsity Football. ' 42. Entered from Bartow High School. (45) CHARLES FREDRICK ZUKOSKI, III " Zuke " , " Charley " 3715 Old Leeds Road )irniin£hain. Alaba ama Entered Fourth Form Mitchell Cabinet. " 44: Dance Committee. " 4.1: . SHNOCA Busi- ness Manager. " 44; Kit Kat. ' 44; Class President. ' 42. " 43, ' 44; Senior Prefect. " 44; Class Day Ivy Oration. " 43. ' 44: Blue Cap- tain. " 44; Choir. " 42, ' 43; Junior Football. ' 41; Varsity Soccer, " 42: Varsity Football. " 42. " 43: Varsity Baseball. ' 43, ' 44; Varsity Basketball Manager. " 44. Entered from Birmingham University School. To enter Harvard. (46) CLASS DAY ACTIVITIES THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1944 SALUTATION Malcolm McLean VALEDICTORY Lee Campbell IVY ORATION Charles Zukoski CLASS POET James Coke CLASS GIFT COMMITTEE Ch ' de Eagleton James Coke Robert Pollard CLASS DA ' COMMITTEE Blair Boyd Huirli Mitchell Verne Rhoades (47) Bo (l Campbell Coke Eafflcton Roosevelt (48) Mitchell Ziiko ski, C. Gcicr McLean (49) Rhoat P. Dv Age Pollai-a J- f- " l l i.x. . ' ai -mMm ni (50) David Lehr Huntington Wide Carter (51) FIFTH FOR M William Allen Robert Bull Deal Chandler John Cheesboroiigh John Comptoii William Coxe • -- «| P " l!- W- mJ 4 ' h th Corwith Cramer Don Dangler Brock Elv (52) Hcnn Hatch Leonard Hcndrix Harvey Hey wood Charles Kistler Charles MacRae John Mains William Rickenbacker Robert Vance David Warner Edward Zukoski « k FOURTH FORM hA i £!k Robert Allen William Ancieison Russell Barnhart rk :AiT William Becker Edwin Brown Robert Chapman Mvers Cooper Willi; Ande Dod| n Dvc (54) Michael Finncl! James Gault John Golding Neil Greiser Rodger Meyer Paul Hallowell John Hayes Samuel Johnson Robert King Peter Kleinpell Charles Marvin Stewart Maxwell FOURTH FOR iM William Molster Wallace Pack Charles Parker Wilbur Quay David Rice William Schulze ](ilin Tomassene Peter Van Boven Howard Weidon 4YkCtk Bruce Welsh Jonas White Philip Woolcott (56) THIRD FOR M Dimitri Bucrgin Thomas Carruthers Richard Carstens George Grouse Dewey Fagerburg David Fall Randall Foster John Goodridgc Rowe Hoffman Gharles Ilsley William Keady Gharles King y - ! k t (57) THIRD FOR M Leaman Kittrcdgc Joseph Lindner John Nixon Leigh Perkins Herbert Plimpton Robert Richardson Joseph Scarlett Edward Simes Bretney Smith Bill Sweetscr Ted Tapping David Wick Edward Wiebenson Louis Wiethe George Woodwartl John Winfrey (No picture) (58) SECOND FORM Thomas Alexander Beniis Avery Roland Coate Francis Coxc Dan Ditmore Edwin Ewing Henry Gerould John Harris John Kimberly Michael Klee Murray Miller John O ' Day Hollis Plimpton Jerry Reeves Junius Riddick Louis Sudler Robert Webb Karl Wenz FIRST FORM Ralph Carnithers James demons Britney Cooper Tommy Donaldson Alistair Elliot James Golding Horace Hoicomb Fred Diehl i (No picture) (60) ACTIVITIES (63) McLean, Rhoades, Mr. Brooks, Roosevelt, Hendrix THE BLUE W H rr E 13 O A R D Oliver Roosevelt, Jr Editor-in-Chief Verne Rhoades, Jr ......Business Manager Leonard Hendrix Photographic Editor Malcohn McLean Sports Editor The Blue and White Board would like to express its appreciation for the help given by Lee Campbell, Robert Kimberly, Jack Harris, Bill Mitchell, and Mrs. Brooks. (65) Mitchell, Campbell, Chapman, Dye P., Fagerbiirg. Richardson, Vance. Coke, Roose- velt, Mt. Hiitchins, Hcndrix, Zukoski C, McLean, Lindner THE STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Jim Coke, President Malcolm McLean, Vice-President Oliver Roosevelt, Jr., Secretar ' The Student Council this ear, in the effort to revise faultier parts of its constitution, had its members chosen hv halls, one from each. At various times during the A ' ear it has been of service to the School, acting as an intermediary ' between facultA ' and students. (66) KIT K AT OFFICERS Lee Campbell, President Oliver Roosevelt, Jr., Secretary Ori inalh- established in 1903 as a debating society. Kit Kat was chanf- ed a decade ago to the School non-scholastic Honorar ' Societ ' . The Societ ' , chosen from the members of the Sixth Form excelling in character, leadership, and influence, strives unobtrusively to help create a friendlier atmosphere here at school. Eagleton, McLean, Campbell, Coke, Roosevelt, Ager, Zukoski C, Boyd, Mitchell, Not present, Prescott Front Row: Carter, Kistlcr, Coke, Ilsley, Roosevelt Second row: Cramer. Eaglcton, Vance, Harris, Lindner, Conipton Third row: Rickenbacker, Rhoades, Boyd, Kittredgc THE DRAMATIC S O C I E T Y OFFICERS James Coke, President Oliver Roosevelt, Jr., Vice-President Lowell Prescott, Secretarx-Tieasurcr Because of a late start this vear, a plav was not presented at Thanksgiv- ing. The production of " The Ghost Train " , a thriller set in a loneh ' rail- wa ' station in New England, was rehearsed during the Winter and Spring terms under the guidance of Mr. Adamson and Mrs. Kleene, and was presented on the first of April. During the Winter Term the Societ ' , as usual, presented motion pictures Saturdax ' afternoons. (68) 1-ront row: Boyd, Mr. Stetson, ' ancc, Coke, Campbell, Roosevelt, Tapping, Zukoski Second row: Kimberly, Allen R., Webb, Warner, Hatch, Lehmann, Carter, Eagle- ton, Rhoades, Fagerburg, Lindner, Kittredge, Welsh, Ilslcy, Nixon, Ditmore, Carriithers R. THE ASHNOCA BOARD Lee Campbell „Edicor-in-Chief Oliver Roosevelt Managing Editor James Coke, Robert Vance Associate Editors Verne Rhoades Editorial Assistant Don Dangler, Ted Tapping Sports Editors CKde Eagleton... Head Columnist Robert Allen„ Assistant Columnist Blair Boyd Re-write Editor Gilbert Carter Contributing Editor Carl Lehmann _. _____ Assignment Editor Charles Zukoski _ Business Manager Joe Lindner _._ Circulation Manager Bob Kimberlv Assistant Circulation Manager Exchange Editor Bruce Welsh Hcnr ' Hatch, John Nixon ___ Business Assistants Mr. Harold T. Stetson Faculty Adviser (70) THE R E M E W James Coke __Editor Lee Campbell Managing Editor Clvde Eagleton Associate Editor Robert Vance Associate Editor Russell Barnhart Associate Editor William Rickenbacker Contributing Editor Gilbert Carter Contributing Editor Robert Pollard .__ Business Manager Charles Kistler : Circulation Manager Mr. W. G. Hutchins ..- Eaculty Advi ' ser Campbell, Vance, Barnhart, Poliaid, Coke, Eagleton, Kistler, Rickenbacker (71) McLean, Coke, Roosevelt, Mitchell, Carter, Campbell, Mrs. Bemcnt, Lchnimn, Zukoski C. Not present, Prescott MITCHELL C A B I N E T OFFICERS Malcolm McLean, President F-Jugh Mitchell, Vice-President Oliver Roosevelt, Jr., Secretar ' -Treasiirer Tlie Mitchell Cabinet, composed entireh ' of Seniors, gives mone ' from Chapel collections and from refreshment sales at games to many charitable organizations. Clothes and food are also collected and given to need ' local families. Two different members have conducted the regular morning Chapel services each Thursday throughout the year. The Cabinet is deeph ' indebted to Mrs. Fall and Mrs. Bement, without whose kind efforts success would not have been achieved. (72) Whirr Campbell, Johnson, Boyd, Coke, Allen R., Eagleton, Roosevelt BLUE AND WHITE D E B A F E The Blues last April 22 won the Tenth Annual Blue and White Debate, upholding the affirmative side of the question " Resolved That the Regular College Curriculum after the War Should be Compressed into Three, in- stead of the Traditional Four Years " . The best speaker awards also went to the Blues, Lee Campbell for the third consecutive ' ear winning the Philip R. Clarke award for Best Speaker, Blair Bo ' d being runner-up. Mr. Lewis presided as Chairman of the debate. (73) Ml. I ' lt-rce, David, Lehniaiin, C aniithcrs I., Grciscr, Maxwell, Cramer, Ccmpton, Coxe W., White, Rickcnbacker, Fall, Riddick, Dichl, Wcnz, Reeves, Elliot, Holcomb, Ditmore, Golding James, Gerould, Carruthcrs R., Avery, Roosevelt THE CHOIR The Choir, dccidedh ' in need of improvement at first, has developed into one of the finest such orsranizations here in recent ears. The Christ- mas and Easter programs were brilliant, with the Junior Choir and an octet CTivina; special performances. The excellent work accomplished b ' the Choirmaster, Mr. Pierce, has been appreciated b ■ the entire school. (74) (7S) Geicr, Warner, Hendrix, Huntington, MacRac, litchcll, W ' irbL-n.son THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OFFICERS Bill Mitchell, President Bob F iintino;ton, Vice-President Because of conditions created b ' the War, the Photographic Societx ' has been somewhat limited in its activit ' . However, man ' ' ounger boys have joined, and the prospects for the future are bright. (76) Ziikoski C, Mitchell, Roosevelt, Campbell, McLean, Coke SENIOR PREFECTS This vear the Prefect system has been continued, although in a some- what modified form. One bov has been assigned to each of four halls, while two were assigned to the other imderform corridor. By the end of the year one prefect had been drafted, leaving just half the number of last year ' s group. The privileges of the prefects have been reduced from last year, while their responsibilities were increased as a part of this experiment that has now completed its third year. (77) Mr. Kav, Webb, Zukoski E., Harris, Eagleton, Becker, Sudler, Elliot, Alcxandcr Carriithers R., Riddick, Zukoski C Ditmorc, Holcomb THE BOY SCOUTS The Bo - Scouts this car, under the direction of Scoutmaster Warren Ka -, have been quite active. Troop 19 of the Western North CaroHna Council, in its second ear, has mam ' bo -s of the lower forms as well as a sprinklincr of upper-formers. Among the activities have been the man- L-nt of agemcnt ot tlie waste paper drive. dr (78) (82) (83) ■i ii - ' i " -. Mr. Brooks, Mi- Hamilton, McLean, Mr. Lewis, Zukoski C, Mr. Coffey Chapman, Mr. Arbogast, THE ATHLETIC ADVISORY COUNCIL The Athletic Advisor ' Council is the 2;overnin bocl ' of all athletic activities. It is composed of the Athletic Director as Chairman, the captains and coaches of all sports, and the two captains of the Blue and White Clubs. (89) cheerleaders Lehmann Carter Roosevelt B. 5c W. Captains Chapman Zukoski (90) BLUE AND WHITE RESULTS WON BY WON BY EVENT POINTS BLUES WHITES Junior Football ( 5 ) 5 Varsin ' Basketball ( 8 ) 8 Intermediate Basketball ..____ ( 4 ) 4 Junior Basketball ( 3 ) 3 Varsit ' Soccer (10) 10 Junior Soccer ( 5 ) - 5 Varsit ' Baseball (10) 10 Junior Baseball ( 5 ) 5 Varsit - Track (10) ____ 10 Junior Track ( 5 ) 5 Debate — Best Speaker ( 5 ) 5 Debate— Question (10) 10 First Crew ( ) Second Crew ( 4 ) Third Crew . ( 3 ) Senior Tennis Singles ( ) Junior Tennis Singles ( 2 ) Senior Tennis Doubles ( - ) Skeet Shoot ( 2 ) Water Sports (Senior) (10) Water Sports (Junior) ( 5 ) TOTALS (91 J Captain Hobart Manley V A R S I T Y FOOT B A L L The football season this vear was not an exceptional one, the team winning four sames and losino; four; it started out with what Coach Arbogast called " The liglit- est, greenest, most inexperienced squad that 1 have ever had " , and finished strong- ly in a final victorx ' over a heavier Christ School team. The squad was built mostly around the returning lettermen from the A ' ear before: (92) Coaches Mr. Brooks Mr. Arbocast Captain Manle - and Charlie Zukoski in the backfield and Leonard Hendrix and Charles Kistler in the line. Bob Chapman and Kenny Rich rounded out the rest of the backfield, while the line, led b ' Hendrix, included Greiser and McLean at ends; Finnell and Hendrix at tackles; Kin , Allen, and Mitchell as guards; Kistler filling the center position. These first string pla ' ers were well supported hv a hard hitting second team. From the standpoint of the spectator the Spartanburg and the Christ School games were the best. Spartanburg beat a fighting Blue eleven after being outplayed for the whole four periods. At Christ School the game was all Asheville ' s, Christ School scoring twice, on a penalty and a long pass. Mr. Arbogast and his co-coach, Mr. Brooks, deserve much praise for nursing a team from a rather weak start to a strong end. (93) Front row: Grciscr, King C Mitchell Allen, Zukuiki C, Rich, Carrtithers T., Rice, Kistler Second fow; McLean, Zukoski E., Prcscott, Hendrix, Finnell, Huntington, MacRac, Manley, Chapman, Coke Third row: Mr. Arbogast, Hallowell, Bull, Anderson, Compton, Woodward, Wicb- enson, Avery, Dangler, Hayes, King R., White, David, Mr. Brooks Football Results Farm School 6 Wa ' nesville High 34 Spartanburg 14 Canton High 20 Blue Ridge Canton High 33 Hendersonville 6 Christ School 13 Asheville School 26 Asheville School Asheville School Asheville School 6 Asheville School 44 Asheville School Asheville School 12 Asheville School 20 (94) (95) Carmthcrs, Zukoski, Fagerberg, Avery, McLean, Woodward, Chapman, Wiebenson, Coke, Mr. Arboeast, Gault VARSI T Y B AS KET B ALL This ' ear ' s Varsic ' Basketball squad after a weak start developed into a very smooth-functioning and efficient team. Captain McLean, Hobart Manle ' at guard, Lowell Prescott at center, Jim Coke and Bob Chapman at forwards! " were the first team. The loss of Prescott after the first half of the season was keenly felt b - the team. Chapman and Coke sparked the offensive punch, while Manle ' and McLean pla ' ed good defensive games. The prospects for the next two years are very good, as there was a quite promising second team, which won most of its games this year. Tom Car- ruthers, Dewe ' Fagerburg, Jim Gault, George Woodward, and Bemis Aver - were on this squad and should make a good varsit ' team next ) ' ear. Well coached b ' Mr. Arbogast, the 1944 basketball team turned in a very impressive record of twelve games won and four lost. (96) Basket h a 11 Resii It s Canton Hio;h 25 A. S. 24 Brevard College 11 A. S. 39 Canton High 18 A. S. 38 Warren Wilson 6 A, s. 24 Warren Wilson 14 A. s. 49 Christ School 17 A. s. 47 Christ School 23 A. s. 34 Champion " I ' MCA 51 A. s. 45 Wa nes ' ille Hitrh 20 A. s. 40 Brevard College 14 A. s. 21 Spartanburg High 28 A. s. 32 Wavnesville High 11 A. s. 27 Spartanburg High 47 A. s. 35 Alexander 39 A. s. 42 S lva 47 A. s. 32 A.A.C.S. 29 A. s. 45 Captain Malcolm McLean (97) VARSI T Y BASEBALL The 1944 baseball team, formed around the returnine Carruthers, Chapman, Coke, and Zukoski, was made up largeh ' of bo ' s who had little experience but a great deal of enthusiasm. Captain Carruthers ' catching was one of the brightest spots of the team ' s pla ' , while Anderson ' s and Chapman ' s pitching was far from poor. Coke, Wel- don, Molster, and Zukoski were the other members of th e infield. Cooper, Bob King, Lindner, and Charley King held down the outfield positions. Man ' of these boys will return next ear, and with the experience gained this year will undoubtedly form the nucleus of an excellent team. (98) Front row: Kleinpcll, Anderson, Coke, Coxe, Chapman, King R., Zukoski C, Cooper M., Van Boven, Hatch, Weldon, Lindner Second row; Mr. Lewis, Molster, Avery, Woodward, Carruthers T., Greiser, Maxwell (99) Fiont row: Boyd, Rice, Mitchell, Wick, Gault, Carter, Finnell, Wiebenson, Fager- berg, Eaglcton, David, Roosevelt, Ditmore Second row: Mr. Brooks, Woolcott, Mains, Simes, Carstens, Allen R., Toniassene, Chandler, Bull, Hallowell, demons, Cramer, Tapping, Mr. Hamilton (100) TRACK Due CO transportation difficulties no meets were scheduled this ' car, but there was a lar2;e CTroup of bo- ' s out for track in anticipation of the Blue and White Meet. Ea ieton, David, Mitchell and Hendrix were the main dash men, while there was wide competition for the longer distances. Carter, Hendrix, and Finnell shared top honors in the field events, while Bo ' d ex- celled at hurdling. Cramer, Eagleton, Roosevelt and Wiebenson were among the jumpers. All the bovs were interested and eager to become proficient tracksters and showed it bv hard work, although no meets were in sight. (101) JUNIOR FOOTBALL Captained b - Winfred Ager, the Junior football team, one of the lisxht- est in years, came through in very good st ' le against much bigger and older teams. Sweetser ' s running, Johnson ' s blocking, Weldon ' s plunging, and Nixon ' s defensive pla ■ all went to make a ver ' efficient and versatile back- field. The line, led b- ' Ager, opened holes, and put up a stiff resistance in the face of heavier opponents. Junior Football Results Farm School 7 Farm School Wa ' nesville 6 Canton Canton 15 Asheville School 12 Asheville School 12 Asheville School Asheville School Asheville School 12 Front row: Goliliiis Wclclon, Toniasscne, Hcvwood, Fail. Ager, Parker, riithers R., Kiee, Riddick, Harris Car- .Sccond row: Mr. Lewis, Wcnz. Miller. Maxwell, Johnson, Fagerberg, Kimbcrly, Sweetser, Keady, Perkins, Ni. on, demons (104) i-irst row: Chaiullcr, VVcklon, Liiulnci, iVlillcr, Nixon Second row: Mr. Brooks, Kimberly, Smith, Goodridge, Keady, Scarlett Third row: Klee, Parker, Tomasscne, Molster, Dodge JUNIOR BASKETBALL The Junior basketball team completed a ver ' successful season this ' ca b ' winnino; the larger number of their games against taller and more ex- perienced teams. Much credit should be given to Mr. Brooks for his capable coaching of the bo s. Joe Lindner and Howie Weldon accounted for most of the team ' s points. The bo ' s showed good sportsmanship and a keen interest in the game which should produce fine varsity teams in the future. (105) (lUS) (109) U N D E R F O R M E R S William Shtiwin Allen Brigham Road, Gates Mills, Ohio Robert See Allen 2329 Pioneer Road, Evanston, Illinois Thomas Alexander _ Cataloochee Ranch, Waynesville, N. C. William Oliver Anderson - Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida Bcmis Lawrence Avery __ 439 Washington, S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell T. Barnhart " Craggyburn " , White Sulphur Springs, West Va John William Becker 623 Fourth Street, Marietta, Ohio Edwin Louis Brown 20 Griffing Boulevard, Asheville, N. C. Dimitri Paul Buergin 1775 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Robert Bull 3029 N. Front Street, F arrisburg, Pennsylvania Pat Carruthers Glendale. Ohio Thomas Carruthers, III Glendale, Ohio Richard Carstcns 398 Capital Avenue, Battle Creek, Michigan Richard Deal Chandler 407 East Sixth Street, F4insdale, Illinois Robert F ctt Chapman, Jr. Spartanburg, South Cirolina John C. Chccsborough, Jr. 21 Park Road, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. Jim Clemons Woodfields Inn, Flat Rock, N. C. Roland Eli Coate 389 California Terrace, Pasadena, California John Compton 5637 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Britney Cooper. 2552 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Meyers Cooper 2552 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Francis Sidney Coxe .. 323 Vanderbilt Rd., Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. William F. P. Coxe, Jr. 1 Park Road, Biltmore Forest, Biltmore, N. C. George W. Crousc, III Route 10, Akron, Ohio Corwith Cramer, Jr Bradley Point, Savannah, Georgia Don Cottingham Dangler Willoughby, Ohio Fred C. Diehl 556 St. Marks Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey Dan Ditmore Marshall, North Carolina William Waldo Dodge, III .20 Woodlink Road, Asheville, N. C. Henry T. Donaldson 6925 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Maryland Roy Anderson Dye Urbana, Ohio Allistair Elliot 580 North Lake Trail, Palm Beach, Florida Brock Ely.. -935 Park Avenue, New York (112) UNDER FORMERS Dewey Frank Fageiburg, Jr --4 East Fifth Street, Hinsdale, Illinois David Fall, Jr Asheville School, Asheville, N. C Michael Finncll 1103 Armada Drive, Pasadena, California Randall C. Foster 16 Kenilworth Road, Asheville, N. C. James Gault ..2031 F ampton Road, Flint, Michigan Henrv T. Gcrould 235 Overbrook Road, Longmeadow, Massachusetts James Noble Golding 121 North Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, Illinois John Golding 121 North Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, Illinois John Goodridge, Jr 407 East Sixth Street, Flinsdale, Illinois Neil Greiser 1330 Hillcrest Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Fienry Paul Hallowell, Jr. Camp Roberts, California John C. Harris Trinity Church, Roslyn, Long Island, New York Henry Reynolds Hatch, III 3018 Morley Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio John Edward Rollins Hayes 54 Ridge Road, Lyman, South Carolina Leonard Milton Hendrix Estill, South Carolina Hai-vey Merrick Heywood, Jr. 28 Cedarcliff Road, Biltmorc Forest, Biltmore, N. C. Henry Rowc Hoflman Keigler Mill Road, R.R. 10, Station M., Cincinnati, Ohio Horace Hale Holcomb, III 317 East First Street, Hinsdale, Illinois Charles F. Ilsley, Jr River Road, River Hills, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Samuel Curtis Johnson " Wingspread " , Route 1, Racine, Wisconson William Leo Keady -. Meadow Lane, Bannockburn, Deerficld, Illinois Robert Lee King ....2380 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio John Robbins Kimberly, Jr Box 512, Ncenah, Wisconsin Charles Gregory King, Jr ...Pinery Farms, Mentor, Ohio Charles Kistler " Lone Pine " , Morganton, N. C. R. Leaman Kittredge 2167 Grandin Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Michael Klee 1022 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Kentucky Peter Kleinpell Fouracres, Flushing, Michigan Joseph Lindner 561 Howell Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio Charles B. MacRae Battery Park Hotel, Asheville, N. C. John T. Mains 2480 16th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Charles Marvin 335 College Street, Urbana, Ohio (113) UNDER FORMERS Stewart S. Maxwell 2960 Erie Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio Roger Chase Meyer....Highlan(i Manor at Shadow Lawn, West Long, N. J, Murray John Miller 171 Lawton Road, Riverside, Illinois William Alexander Molster„.3802 T. Street, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. John Russel Nixon 394 N. Wabash Street, Wabash, Indiana Wallace Pack 2095 Broadway, Beaumont, Texas Charles D. Parker.... 69 Edwin Place, Asheville, N. C. Leigh Haskell Perkins College Station, Texas Wilbur Brooks Quay Kinsman Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Robert Ramsey Richardson, II Richwood Farms, Muhlhauser Road, Glendale, Ohio William Frost Rickenbacker ...130 East End Avenue, New York, N. Y. Junius Roane Riddick, Jr P. O. Box 769, Caracas, Venezuela Jerry Reeves 2820 Riverside Avenue, Columbus, Indiana Davidson Rice 2630 Westward Parkway, Flint, Michigan Joseph Alexander Scarlett, III. North Orange Avenue, Deland, Florida William Charles Schulze Otis Road, Barrington, Illinois Lewis Edward Simes, II 1617 Morton Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan Bretney Smith, Jr .....165 Montford Avenue, Asheville, N. C. Louis C. Sudler 229 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois Jess Sweetser, Jr .6310 Ridgewood Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland T. Hawley Tapping, Jr... 2112 Devonshire Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan John Shaw Tomassene Hazlett Court, Wheeling, West Virginia Robert R. Vance, Jr 2530 Innis Road, Columbus, Ohio Peter J. Van Boven, Jr 2200 Highland Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan David Eugene Warner.. 17300 Parkland Drive, Cleveland, Ohio Robert Stanford Webb, Jr 18 Griff ing Boulevard, Asheville, N. C. Howard Weldon, Jr 1215 Tuskeena St., Wetumpka, Alabama Bruce Welsh 524 Margaret Court, Orlando, Florida Karl F. Wenz, Jr 4 Furman Court, Asheville, N. C. Jonas E. White, Jr.... Balboa, Canal Zone David Hitchcock Wick Tryon, North Carolina Edward Wicbenson 221 Sea Spray Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida John Winfrey 173 Chestnut Street, Asheville, N. C. George S. Woodward, III 36 Central Terrace, Wyoming, Ohio Philip Woolcott, Jr 33 White Oak Road, Asheville, N. C. Louis H. Wiethe, Jr R.R. 6, Box 78, Cincinnati, Ohio Edward Zukoski 3715 Old Leeds Road, Birmingham, Alabama (lU) Qmipliments of itUuJQ — PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER (114) PRODUCn tor Home and Industry BACK TH[ ATTACK With WAR BOPS FACTORIES RACINE, WISCONSIN W. DRAYTON, ENGLAND BRANTFORD, CANADA SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA FORTALEZA, BRAZIL (130) Tire$fone fr ARE MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER BEFORE With new tires so hard to get these days, it is more important than ever to get the best tires that money can buy. And today, as in years gone by, this means Firestone DeLuxe Champions, the only tires built with Extra Values that assure Extra Mileage, Extra Safety and Extra Strength — all at no extra cost. Listen to the Voice of Firestone with Richard Crooks Monday evenings, over N. B. C. Copyright, 1944, Th« Firestone Tire Rubber Co. L.ompuinent:5 ( .custa leaner L orpof ' atlon mhh W and TTIilLIL HIT with Vm LUMBER PHDTD-ENGRAVINGS UJhen ijou need Jllus irahons ,Encjravinos for any sort ofJIduer Come to us to get your lumber, At this yard we never slumber. Come to us for pine and floorinq, lisinq or Prinlirta : While you ' re here see our sash — Jusi and dooring. reach for uour phone Our hardware too is tops, they say. and call __ -7 7 Asmb ' ville C ' T.iEN T.MCE Co. - U Please don ' t wait another day. ENGRAVING DEPARTMENT FLINT MICHIGAN ASHEVILLE. N.C. (122) L ompumenu of m MEW MILL LUHBER MANUFACTURERS OF SOUTHERN HARDWOODS ESTILL, S. C. (123) COMPLIMENTS OF THE F HIIEliS FEDERHTIO ASHEVILLE, N. C. A CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION OF FARMERS HANDLING FARM PRODUCE AND FARM SUPPLIES Demand FARMERS FEDERATION CAROLINA SUNSHINE BRAND EGGS " The Freshest Kggs on the Market " L ofnp ilmentd ip of ci nend (124) , T ' S always a genuine pleasure to show our clothes to young men who appreciate the artistic in design and superb quality. Till- Horn,- (li Such " Known Quality " ll ' carahlcs .Is: FASHION PARK, MANSHIRE, KUPPENHEIMER Suits and Overcoats McGregor sportswear DOBBS stetson HATS ARROW SHIRTS MANHATTAN SHIRTS PAJAMAS INTERWOVEN SOCKS 9: MAN ' ore 1l ' 7 attonJi ' e. - All Coverage Insurance Protection ( oinpliments DIVIDENDS PAID TO ALL POLICYHOLDERS of a • nenoi STONEY Insurance Agency 143 NORTH STERLING ST. PHONE 544 MORGANTON, N. C. (125) H[THERIKCTOK KEGELS Wire haired Foxterriers GLENDALE, OHIO L omp lint en ti •=Lee %p I IS on ..J utck Ln6 MEN... for The Times! Certainly, you of the Class of 1944 face a time of tremendous stress. Even so, please let us record our conviction that you will meet every test — a conviction founded on our very close and very cordial association with you over the years. We think of the men of Asheville School as men who are ready to face the times ! Biltmore Press 97 Palton Avenue Asheville, N. C. (126) L ompUments of fS. jroujyi ECKERD ' S Creator of Reasonable Drug Prices Whitman ' s, Martha Washington, Norris, Schrafft ' s Candies Exquisite Perfumes Parker Pens, Pencils, Desk Sets MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT ECKERD ' S Thank You Students and Faculty of Ashevilh School For the privilege of serving you during the past year and for the many happy business relations this service has occasioned, v e wish to extend our grateful ap- preciation. We trust " We may serve you again v rhen school reconvenes. Duplicate photographs are avail- able at all times. J97?. Studio in the Scenic Building (compliments of BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SWANNANOA, N. C. (127) What manner of world is this? It will, in future, be as you desire it. We ' ll be anxiously watching you. Here ' s luck ! ENTER: io Ux (JeweleAA — :iATTHEW ONE HAYWOOD STREET ( omptitnents of 1 veu 6 ' i One of Carolina ' s Predominating Stores dSa tte I ' M f- a rh -Motel Like Asheville School, one of Asheville ' s outstanding insti- tutions for many years. A. N. Ba rnett, Manager Delightful Candy To Have Handy! §cHrafft1s CHOCOLATES To one who has never before tasted Schrafft ' s Chocolates, each piece is a delightful surprise. The magic of their goodness is in the blending of the finest materials in exactly the right proportions to insure the utmost in fine flavor. On Sale at Good Candy Places 65c to S1.60 a Pound Morgan Brothers, Inc. Whoh ' salt- Dist ributors ASHEVILLE, N. C. UUKDRY, lie. (compliments or PHONE 69 Citizens Transfer SUPERLATIVE And Coal Co. DRY CLEANING SERVICE Offices in the Flatiron Building 22-24 Church Street ASHEVILLE, N. C. ASHEVILLE, N. C. L ompliments of GUY POOLE CO., INC. % m, ROEBUCK, PHONE 1072 m CO., m. Cleaners Dyers 48 Haywood Street ASHEVILLE, N. C. 36 Central Avenue ASHEVILLE, N. C. (129) Volume 35 of the BLUE AND WHITE takes its place beside its thirty-four predecessors — a long, unbroken line of Asheville School yearbooks. We hope that this volume measures up to the traditional quality of the BLUE AND WHITE and to the high standards of the School. It has been a pleasure to work with the Staff and the Faculty Adviser in its design and production. Uke Vl ldler f- nntina L ompan Une y lianotte C nafauina L ompani (130) ' .1 ■ ' . ■ ' • ■

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