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MOUNTAIN TECH 1977 ASHEVILLE- BUNCOMBE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE VOLUME XVI 2 3 4 Introduction 5 c 4b V 8 lntroduction Introduction 9 life 1 2 Introduction Introduction 13 14 Introduction Introduction 15 16 Water Melon Ice Cream Party I scream, you scream, wc all scream for ice cream. There aren’t many better reasons for getting out of warm classrooms than partaking in a cool, refreshing break for ice cream. It’ll hit the spot every time. 19 Special Attraction The Student Senate tries each year to bring a nationally prominent person to the campus as a speaker. This fall the internationally known psychic, Jeanne Dixon was guest lecturer. Mrs. Dixon has a syndicated column in newspapers throughout the world, has written several books, and is in much demand as a speaker. Many people are not aware that Ms. Dixon makes no profit from her lectures, books, and newspaper column. All fees go directly to research in birth defects and other charities. mw i P; ' Hf a i .iSm w v «• v m ; i ' b ■ tig. K I jf m jHs , W Graduation This year 432 more names were added to our list of alumnus. The graduates once again represented every program on campus. Due to some scheduling conflicts at the Civic Center some interesting moves were made in order to accommodate the class of 1977’s graduation. But, after getting through each one’s respective area successfully, they decided neither the shuffling of the location of graduation, nor heavy rain would stop the show. We wish them all the best. At lower left: Dr. Betty Seigel spoke at the Commencement exercises. She is Dean of Education and Psychology at Western Carolina University. Miss A-B Tech Sharon Gentry, Miss A-B Tech 1977, and Jack Davis. This year’s crowning of Miss A-B Tech was held at the Inn on the Plaza. The entertainment for the occasion was the group “Justice”. Miss Sharon Gentry, the outgoing queen, crowned Andrea Rhodarmer Miss A-B Tech of 1978. The court consisted of Cindy Brandon, Paula Edwards, Deborah Corn, Angela Boyd, Debbie McDowell, and Cheryl Moody. Obviously the choosing of the queen was a difficult problem with all the beautiful and outstanding nominees. V i S s ( S 0 o+e -p6r 7) 22 Miss A-B Tech and her court The ceremonial crowning. Queen Andrea Rhodarmer and escort, Sammy Hobgood. 23 Angela Boyd Cindy Brandon Paula Edwards Deborah Corn Debbie McDowell Cheryl Moody Delicious food, Cold drinks. Fun dates, GOOD DANCE! 25 Election Day Left to right: Carolyn Blackwell, Treasurer Andrea Rhodarmer, Secretary Robin Reed, Vice-President Randy Snelson, President The Student Senate officers on this page represent the students’ choices. In any election some people will be unhappy with those selected to office. But, if records speak for those elected, then, these persons have nothing to be ashamed of. 26 At the start of each school year, student senate elections are held in the gym. Pictured are some of the candidates. On election day, students were invited to a feast that was fit for a king. Also, during election, music was provided by the Bridge Sound Co. We’re sure that all involved enjoyed the great food and terrific music. 27 Christmas Party And Parade A-B Tech once again helped Asheville’s Christmas Parade. Two units of those participating were from the Atomic’s campus. ABTI’s float was graced by the Miss A-B Tech Queen and her court. Many people were given the opportunity to judge that we have “beauty” as well as “brains” here. Also, the car carrying our cheerleaders had some very spirited cargo on it. Needless to say, you should have been proud of our units whether you were there or not. 28 The Asheville Housing Authority and A-B Tech joined in holiday spirits. Santa was on hand with gifts, for no child’s Christmas would be complete without him. If you multiply 120 minutes of festive doings, times the number of children present, the answer would have to be many joyous moments for all. Thanks to all the students who gave with the spirit!! 29 Award’s Day Award’s Day ceremonies includ- ed citing Mr. Creasman on his retirement and contributions to A-B Tech. The girls in the fashion show did a fine job, too. A salute must also be given to all who received awards + hat are not mentioned here. .3 • 4 ; 31 Field Day A nice break is always welcomed on Field Day. There is plenty of food and field events. One of the most enjoyable times though, is dunking the faculty and staff in the dunking booth. A student once said, “see it proves they ARE all wet.” 32 Whether dunking your favorite president or pitting your strengths against others in a tug-of-war. Field Day is a happy time. Thank goodness for the times when we can unwind, and get free food. 33 Homecoming Court Flowers from Mr. Haynes gives Final proof of the winner! Queen Cindy Lance and her escort. Andrea Rhodarmer, Yvonne Martin, Becky Glance, Donna Carter, Theresa Davenport, Cindy Lance, and Cheryl Moody show their nervous smiles before the announcement. The queen and her court weren ' t the only ones that enjoyed themselves. 1st Runner-up, Donna Carter and her escort. 2nd Runner-up, Cheryl Moody and escort, Kenny Ball 35 Yvonne Martin, of the court, and her date. Andrea Rhodarmer and her date finds time to pose. Would you believe, one out of three smiles ain’t bad? No, Vickie isn’t the least bit reluctant to pass the crown to Cindy. Mr. Haynes with the out-going queen, Vickie Stempson Posing happily with her date is Theresa Davenport Flashing this pretty smile alongside her date is Becky Glance. 37 Chuck Hinsley Billy George Lionel Gash Eddie Bingham Marvin James Derick Jarvis Craig Harris Boys Ron “Turk” Norman Randy Lak ey Mike Hurst Billy Gardenhight j lH Assistant Coach, Ken Driver Ricky Morgan Manager, Raymond Galloway Coach, Jim Rhea Basketball FRONT ROW: Marvin James, Ricky Morgan, Chuck Hinsley, Derrick Jarvis, Keith Blain, Randy Lakey, Mike Hurst BACK ROW: Coach Driver, Charles Davenport, Billy George, Eric Gardenhight, Craig Harris, Lionel Gash, Billy Gardenhight, Eddie Bingham, Ron Norman, Coach Rhea We want two! Crush him, Billy! Eddie, look out behind you! WHIMPY l ttt . 3. . «] • - ii arTTi p " ” ' ij “Way to hustle, Dr. G.” Determination is a key to victory! “Hey, all you Atomic fans.” “Set it up, Put it in. That’s the only way to win.” 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7-8 “Atomics, FIGHT!” The score-raises two more! Good form, Derek! Betsy Edmundson Pat takes over!! Cheryl Harris Coach Driver takes a break. Sandra Burnette Hook it, Cheryl!! 45 A-B Tech’s spirited cheerleaders, filled with enthusiasm, led the Atomics to VICTORY!!! They showed great cheerleading ability and school spirit. Peggy Davis Cheryl Moody Andrea Rhodarmer Cheerleaders 46 Linda Davidson Sharon Gentry Debbie Lance Joanne Peterson 47 “Here, Peggy, you take it.” You can ' t KEEP the ball!! Tell me about it. I want it, and I’m going to get it! y i Chuck, let go of the basket!!! f An-ti-ci-pa-tion! Wow, what a game! 48 Boogie Nights, Alright!! Basketball; it’s just ups and downs. Jump Craig, Jump real high! S-T-R-E-T-C-H Con-cen-tra-tion Just try to steal it! You’ve got it, now let’s go! Sink it, Mike! 49 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega Officers: Garry Malone, Christy Sigman, Kevin Warren, Debbie Lance Alpha Psi Omega upheld its tradition in fine form this year. They deserved to be a Business Division club because they really took care of business. Many worthwhile tasks were undertaken by APO. Having Martha Marshall Jane Smith as sponsors didn’t hurt either. One successful venture done by Alpha Psi was its Talent Show. The pictures tell the story. 52 JADHA These members of the Junior American Dental Hygienists’ Association are showing off their teeth now. But, next time — who knows, they may be showing their ability. 53 Miss Asheville 1979 Miss Sharon Gentry very deservedly won the Miss Asheville Pageant. It is with the greatest admiration that the 1978 annual staff present her to the viewers of this publication. Besides her crown, some duties will be given Miss Asheville. One such duty is representing her home- town at the state level of competition — The Miss North Carolina Pageant. There isn’t really much joy nor happiness in receiving a late annual. But, it is sincerely hoped that this spe- cial presentation in its own way can bring some joy. To Sharon Gentry, on behalf of all connected with A-B Tech, we send our best wishes; with hopes that our own graduate makes it all the way to the boardwalk of Atlantic City. 54 Contestant Number Seven taking her first steps as Miss Asheville 1979. A shining smile to match the sparkle in the newly adorned crown. 55 Pictured above is the Senate sponsor Mary Louise Carpenter along with some of the leaders of the Senate: Carolyn Blackwell — treasurer, Randy Snelson — president, Linda Davidson — Senator, and Robin Reed — vice-president. At right is Andrea Rhodarmer — secretary. A great deal of thanks also goes to Bill Stockton, Sharon Gentry, Cheryl Moody, Kevin Warren and all the others who served in the Senate. 56 The Student Senate had its trials and tribulations in one way or another. But, they managed to remain intact. Credit is due them for w hat they tried to accomplish. 57 Who’s Who Four second year students from A-B Tech were named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. They are Andrea Rhodarmer, Accounting; Robin Reed, A.D.N.; Carolyn Blackwell, A.D.N.; and Garry Malone, Accounting. Andrea Rhodarmer lives in Candler, NC She is a choir member at the Snow Hill United Methodist Church. Andrea held the position of Secretary of the Senate where she served on several committees. Andrea was a cheerleader for two years and she was elected Miss A-B Tech this year. Robin Reed resides in Asheville, NC. She was a member of the Student Senate as a senator and as the vice-president. She also served on several committees while involved in the Senate. Robin was chosen as this year’s Homecoming Queen. Carolyn Blackwell lives in Asheville where she is a Sunday School teacher. She is a member of the Acteens Missions Organization. Carolyn was Treasurer of the Senate this year and she has served as a senator for two years. Garry Malone served as President of the Alpha Psi Omega Business Club this year. He belongs to the National Association of Accountants. Garry lives in Fletcher, NC with his wife and two children. 59 Yearbook Staff I Jim Drummond, Advisor Bill Murdock, Photography Debbie Fuller, Copy Cheryl Moody, Layout Sheryl Kelley, Layout Janet Ruff, Layout 61 Nucleus Upper left: Rand y Snelson, sports editor Lower left: Celia Miles, advisor Lower right: Donna Kirby, editor Above right are staff members: Cliff Kirby, Bill Murdock, and Stephanie Bauer. Not Pictured are: Barbara Stearn, Linda Murray, Nancy Deaver, Kurt Prinz, and Derrick Deverger. Since we will not have THE NUCLEUS next year, we would like to thank these people for a fine job. 62 ASHEVILLE. BUNCOMBE TfcCWNlCAL INSTITUTE. Bits £ Pieces Editor - Linda Davidson Assistant Editor - Janice Self For the Week of April 24 - 28 There will be one more buffet Thursday, April 27, from 11:30 to 1:00 iervations must be made. Call Marie Williams, ext. 231. CARWAS 10:00 ATTENTI lse , alide 33 , will ext. 120, 1 al Linda Davidson, Editor Janice Self, Assistant Editor You may apply for a North Carolina Banker ' s Association Scholarship if you are specifically interested in pursuing a career in banking or a related profession. For more information and application, contact the Financial Aid Office. 63 ADMINISTRATION Board Of Trustees Each and every time the doors to Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute are open and a new year is about to start, the Board of Trustees have already met and decided about issues that affect our school. This year the Board unanimously approved a proposal to the State Board of Education voicing their objections to controls on curriculums. The medical students’ education will benefit from their clinical agreements with St. Joseph’s Memorial Mission, Highland, and VA Hospitals. Also, in keeping with A-B Tech’s tradition of naming our new buildings after trees, the Learning Resources Center will soon be known as the Holly Building. With these fine people supporting our school — we, the students and faculty, are better off. We should thank them for a job well done. Pictured above: (Seated left to right) Edwin Higgins, John Erichson, Chairman, Joe B. Roberson, D.D.S., Dave Robinson, Vice-chairman, Herbert Hyde, and Elizabeth Harper. (Standing left to right) Ernest Mills, William Morgan, and Herbert Coman. 66 President Harvey Haynes, President of A-B Tech. Saying good-bye to Mr. Woody after 13 years. With more than 16 years behind him, Mr. Creasman decided to leave. Mr. Haynes, among other duties, must bid farewell to retiring instructors. These happy-sad moments make the job of a president. 67 Fiscal Services 1 Alden Chisawn, Accountant Bookstore Manager Carolyn Shotwell, Purchasing Agent 68 Student Services Upper left — Jim Drummond, Counselor Assistant Charlie’s making his rounds AGAIN!! Paul Hensley, Veteran’s Service Officer Glenn Anderson, Financial Aid Director 70 Jack Davis, Dean of Student Services Tom Hansen, Director of Counseling Mary Carpenter, Counselor Francis Johnson, Registrar 71 Area Coordinators " ? I Top L to R: Bob Poore, Industrial Services Jay Canter, Hospitality Education. Left: Lois Angel, Secretary 72 Offices Of Personnel Educational Services Upper left: J.B. Edwards, Jr., Director of Personnel Upper right: Brewster C. Adams, Dean of Evening Programs Left: Olin R. Wood, Vice-President of Instructional Services 73 Secretaries Beth Harrison, Veterans’ Administration Office 74 Vanessa Northcutt, Student Services 75 Continuing Education ► L to R: Lowell Smith, Dean of Continuing Education Frances Roberts, Field Representative Ray Sawyer, Director of Continuing Education Jean Wurst, Adult Basic Education Coordinator 76 EDUCATION The concept of Continuing Education during the entire lifetime of the individual is made available by the Adult Education classes at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute. These include: Vocational Courses for pre- employment and on-the-job training; Adult Basic Education classes for individuals desiring a higher educational level; a Management Development Program for industrial and business personnel; Hospitality Education for the tourist, hotel-motel, restaurant industry; a Manpower Development Program designed to assist the unemployed individual in learning how to obtain and keep a job; a New and Expanding Industry program, and a General Adult and Community Services program to offer the general public a variety of avocational courses for personal enrichment. All Continuing Education classes are non-curriculum, vary in length, are held wherever space is available, are conducted both day and evening, and are taught by instructors selected by the Dean and Directors of the Continuing Education Program. The courses listed at the right are only a sample of the many that are available under each major area. Any adult, 18 years of age or older may enroll in these courses. Exception: Individuals 16 years of age and older and not officially enrolled in public schools may register for Adult Basic Education classes. A $5.00 registration fee is required for most classes. In some, where a textbook or materials are required, the student will be charged for these In some courses a certificate is issued by Asheville- Buncombe Technical Institute and the Department of Community Colleges. Usually, at least fifteen interested people are required before a class can be offered, and since most classes are not scheduled in advance, anyone interested in a particular course can pre-register by completing and mailing the attached card. ADULT EDUCATION " We should drop the increasingly silly fiction that education is tor the youngsters, and devise many more arrangements tor lifelong learning Education is a lifelong process . " — John W Gardner SUBJECT AREAS AGRICULTURE Trellis tomato growing, Ornamental Horticulture, etc. APPRENTICESHIP Electrical, Carpentry, Sheet Metal, etc. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION: Insurance Courses, Marketing, Advertising, Salesmanship, etc. FIRE SERVICE TRAINING: Fire Streams, Rescue, Forcible Entry, Apparatus, Industrial Fire Brigade, etc. GENERAL ADULT EDUCATION: Sewing, Photography, Crafts, Art, Interior Design, etc. HEALTH: First Aid, Nurse Assistant, E M T , etc. HOSPITALITY EDUCATION Waiter-Waitress Training. Basic Quantity Cooking, Cake Decorating, etc. LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING: Basic Law Enforcement, Firearms, Police Radio, Narcotics, etc. MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Principles of Supervision, Human Relations, Effective Speaking, Safety and Accident Prevention, etc. OFFICE OCCUPATIONS: Business English, Legal Secretarial. Income Tax, etc. TECHNICAL Pilot ' s Training, Surveying, Chemistry, etc. TRADE UPGRADING: Machinist, Radio-T.V. Servicing. Electricity, Blueprint Reading, National Electrical Code, etc. Manpower William Shetley “Door of Opportunity” Rhonda Murray Kristina Hargis A sample of Manpower’s graduates. The Manpower Building 78 Calvin Carter Norma Marler Stella Morrow Renee Reich Jo Farnham Burney Gardner Shirley Moore Eddy Ball Willa Bella Rowe Jennye Kirkland Hardy Mapp John Dawes 79 Learning Resources Center Upper Lower Lower left: Shirley McLaughlin, Director left: Billie Dalton, Library Clerk right: Peggy Kyle, Librarian 80 Upper left: Sharon Kuhne, Audio-Visual Technician Upper right: Maretta Kuykendall, Library Technical Assistant Below left: Hamilton Gregory, Instructor, Reading Specialist 81 Learning Lab The learning lab welcomes people who are trying to earn their high school diploma. For some students, it is a place to go when help is needed with their studies. Tutors at the lab will coach you in math, english, or any subject that is a problem. Katie Davis, Learning Lab Coordinator Marie Cochran, Instructor Am I on Candid Camera? Quit snoring! You’re disturbing the class. i i ijihi 1|jL Juick, the teacher’s not looking! 84 Snackshop What do you mean — give up my lunch! Keeping books as usual, huh? The Snackshop, the place to be. Julie, are you out to lunch? Danny, don’t you have a class? 85 Security Much of the time all we give our security people is criticism. But, their presence has helped many people. Now, let’s give them a little praise!!! “Super Cop” himself, Charlie Wilson This makes the fifth time you’ve parked here this year! 86 Maintenance The maintenance staff of A-B Tech is a fine group of people who work very hard to keep our campus clean and beautiful. We truly appreciate the work that these people do for us at this school. Grover Morton Left to Right Michael Steele Paul Rout Clarance Shivers Otto Murray Ken Murray Margaret Fortune Betty Murray Becky Murray Missing photos: Bobby Freeman Carmel Roberts 87 Division Secretaries Upper left: Roberta Elingburg Upper right: Marie Williams Center: Juanita Sluder Lower left: Eileen Shope Lower right: Martha S. Weaver Not pictured: JoAnn Crompton 88 w y David Wolfe, Division Director Kathryn Daughton, Nursing Programs Chairperson Kurt Traux, Dental Chairperson Ann Evans, Dental Assisting Jean Stines, Associate Dental Chairperson Doris Cunningham, Dental Programs Teaching Assistant Laura West, Medical Laboratory Chairperson Henry Dawkins, Chairman Radiologic Technology 90 Maxine Deweese, Radiologic Technology Eilleen Rowe, Nursing Betsy Fridl, Nursing Estelle Nowicki, Nursing Metta Buckner, Nursing Brenda Causey, Nursing Joyce Robertson, Nursing Jo Ann Holderman, Nursing Judith Noth, Nursing Bonnie Sayler, Nursing Beth Seegars, Dental Hygiene 2 Business Division Richard George 92 Max Hutchins Jewel McDaniel Martha Marshall Harold Ponder Howard Ray Ron Sluder Jane Smith Dick White 93 Engineering Division Richard Croom William Dickinson William Fisher Michael Holcombe James Rhea Robert Morrell Ken Driver Maynard Bennett Paul Keicher Caroline May Ned Kilgore Frederick Johnsson Hospitality Division JH Robert Werth John Bolhuis Jeff Myron 95 Vocational Division Stans Sluder Bill Haney Robert Israel Charles Noblitt Good Luck, Mr. Woody and Mr. Awald on your retirements. John Woody Bob Parker Leslie Walker Albert Awald W.J. Davis 96 Thomas Gaffigan General Education Division Rex Blakeney William Collins Jo Graybeal William Knight Celia Miles Toby Shook Bernard Smith Maxie Welsh 97 CLASSES I Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Stanley Boone John Cayton Lewis Franklin Ron Garrigus Robert Gregg Jim Hancock James Hensley Marvin Hollifield Dennis Howard David Johnston Barry Luckadoo Dick Meekins Another satisfied person reaping the benefits of their friendly neighborhood air-conditioning class. 100 Joseph Nowak Mike Renison Dean Smith Louis Solomon Tom Sprinkle 101 Associate Degree Nursing Joan Barham Karen Bauer Linda Banks Jane Beaver Terri Bingham Carolyn Blackwell Loretta Bryson Jan Brunk Deborah Bogan Angela Boyd Robert Buchanon Cheryl Buie Donna Carlock Karen Craig Sandra Crouch Audrey Codners Nancy Deaver Madeline Dillingham Jeanine Dorr Jane Dotson 102 Connie Duncan Shirley Dunlap Shirley Finley Libby Flowers Jim Freeman Teri Freeland Jane Forbes Dianne Garland Tony Graham Judy Green Mary Guffey Lisa Guge Ramona Guerrero Reva Hall Vincent Hall Carolyn Haynie Kay Henderson Joyce Hickok Lou Jackson Maragret Keith Carolyn Ledford Elizabeth Lyons Karen Massey Karen McCulloch Barbara McElory James Moery 103 Suzy Patton Judy Patterson Marsha Plemmons Sheryl Plemmons Debra Pressley Susanne Probst Max Queen Carolyn Ray Robin Reed Rita Rice Helen Richards Janet Ruff Donna Shefler Bonnie Smart Yvonne Smith Carol Stancick Rita Thigpen Christie Wells Diane Whettler Juanita Willet Audrey Worley Lisa Young 104 Automotive Mechanics Tom Aardema Gary Bancroft Dennis Bryson Jerry Burnette Steve Calloway Charles Cauble Leonard Conley Bert Crooke William Dalton Michael Edwards Pat Emory Michael Eubanks Robert Frisbee Vernie Hyatt Terry Johnson Charles Jones Harold Laflin Randy Lakey Mike Lance Larry Ledford Mike Masnard 105 David Matheson Tommy McMinn David Metcalf Joseph Norton James Penland Herman Player David Petrey David Radau Mike Rabb Richard Reece Leonard Rogers Jr. Amy Sandman Gary Shropshire Bill Swilling Robert Warlick Ricky West Jim Wheeler Tracy Williams Danny Wyatt Brett Zachary Jack Zachary 106 Building Construction Kenneth Arrowood Charles Cook Bob Crystal Randy Holcombe Marc Landreth Howard Kendall Ronnie Luyckx Robert Miller Clyde Motley Mike Norton Calvin Reed Scott Spencer Randy Ward Business Administration Elizabeth Alexander Charles Allen George Barnwell Tony Barringer Randy Barton Eddie Bingham Lucy Blackwell Anne Blakney Fredda Blalock Charles Blankenship Karen Bowlin Mike Bowman Neil Breland What’s so shocking, Mr. White? Kathy Brown Carolyn Burnette Cheryl Burnette James Calloway Becky Capell Betty Carter Carolyn Case Kathy Chapman Sherry Conley Darrell Cordell 108 Lorraine Councell Marcie Davis Harold Dewberry Vicki Deweese Juanita Dixon Lois Donahue Denise Downing Doug Dunlap Shannon Elingburg Marcia Elkins Lee R. Ewart Gerald Fant Dete Faulkner Billy George Dania Glover Joyce Goodman Greta Gordon Kim Greenwood Pam Haney Larry Harkleroad Willy Hatch Morris Hensley Kenneth Henson Vicki Higgins Henrico Hilly Kenny Hipps Robert Hoglen Lanny Holbert Virgil Holli field Wynelle Hornsby 109 Is it always this exciting? Can’t find the answers, huh? ■i « Howard Howell Jimmy Insorn Dianne Jansen Phillip Jarrett Margie Johnson Donna Kirby Yimting Kwong Debbie Lance Lawrence Lewis John Love Beth Lunsford James Luther Garry Malone Debbie Mashburn Helen Massie Tammy McIntosh Daniel McMahon Pat Medeiros Bill Melton Iris Metcalf Ronnie Metcalf Max Harold Miller 110 Harriet Moore Gail Nesbitt Heidi Newber Garry Nolen Harold Ogle Mary Ogle Steve Parris Tony Patterson John Paul Richard Payne Barbara Penland Sandra Price David Reavis Brian Reid Linda Rendall Judy Reynolds David Rhinehart Andrea Rhodarmer Gary Rhodes Karen Rice Thomas Rice Jack Roberts Larry Robinson James Russell Dennis Sadelson Sharon Shelton Elaine Sheppard Kathy Short Christy Sigman Greg Silver 111 Teresa Sluder James Smith Randy Snelson Barbara Stearn Beverly Stirewalt Judy Stone Mike Storey Cyndee Sutton Dale Swain James D. Taylor James Larry Thomas Freda Tritt Pam Turbyfill James Warren David White Rebecca White Steve Wilde JoAnn Wilson Mike Woodby Linda Worley Bill Worthern Bobby Wright Lucinda Wright 112 Chemical Engineering Technology Just what goes on in the lab, Brenda? If I only had some olives! Hit the deck — EXPLOSION!!!! Dean Campbell Brenda Goodlake Neil Hall Keith Haynes Myron Layton Debbie Roseboom Terry Sams K J i dr 113 Civil Engineering Technology Roy Alexander Darryl Barnete Roger Boone Ronnie Brigmon Steve Christopher Leroy Frohman William Gash Michael Laughter Don Shuford Dean Smathers Tim Stinson Gary Suttle Steve Swann Neal Weinmann 114 Culinary Arts And Technology Russell Adcock Carlton Berry Judy Bishop Walter Brock Charlie Clabern Greg Hancock Ted Herman Horace Jackson William Laird John Maydian Ann McDonald Sam Miller Paul Moore Laura Norton Ricky Rice Heilda Smith Phillip Steinbaugh Ray Troxell Walter Wyatt 115 Data Processing Susan Ayers Debra Barth Margaret L. Blackburn Dana Blaylock Elaine Bowen Elizabeth Buckner Ronnie Cantrell Brian Carter Wanda Davis Derrick DeVerger Debbie Edwards Tony Elingburg Robin Evans Steve Gaddis Gary Glass Theresa Gross Denise P. Henry Ann Howell Elizabeth Howey Richard Johnson Sheryl Kelley Birdina Kemp Cliff Kirby 116 Sandy Kuehl Debra Lear Mike Lentz Joanne Marshall Scott Martin Lillian Miller Brenda Moore Teresa Necko Rochelle Neuringer Clyde Newell Jackie Newman Karen Nybro Pam Owenby Faye Parris Dot Pearce Judith Rattler Ellen Ray Virginia Robinson Mark Rodgers Lynn Schwartz Dorothy Sharp Pat Sherlin Ronnie Stepp Kevin Warren Jean Wedthoff Bennie Wilkins William Wolfe Judy Wood Jocelyn Woody 117 Dental Assisting Janice Allen Melanie Bell Jeanne Davis Laurie Eakes Kathy Fisher Thersa Gragg Beth Harrison Gwenda Honeycutt Anna Jenkins Micki Rea Thersa Smith Venise Williams Margie Wilson 118 Dental Hygiene Janice Allen Starr Allen Lana Ashe Tracy Bowers Pam Brown Lori Bruner Lucy Burgin Debbie Cathey Joanne Coughlin Heidi Dotson Paula Edwards Retha Galloway Cathy Jackson Debbie Johnson 119 Wanda King Gloria Law Denise Layton Candy Lowery Sharon Lunsford Maureen McAlee Lee Ann McDowell Beckie McIntyre Judy McKewen Brenda Michael Deborah Painter Suzanne Payne Doris Robinson Sharon Runnion Lori Stuart Kim Vannoy Debbie Wilson Rita Young 120 Diesel Engines And Hydraulic Systems I read to Page 47, but this job is shown on page 74. Steve Barnwell Ronnie Brinkley Danny Cable Donny Crowe Mark Dreyman Anthony England Eric Gresham Tommy Jackson Jack Kasey Mike Kirkpatrick Elzie Moore Billy Roberts John Sherlin Tim Shivers Dwaine Stron 121 Drafting Design All children draw!! John Broome Vincent Brown Randy Burnette Allen Caldwell Cynthia Cline Gordon Cogburn Robert Demetris Darryl Fox Mike Fox Terry Franks Dianne Hargrove Matt Hawkins Kathy Hollifield David Hulme Mike Hurst 122 Tim Jordan Kevin King Linda Murray Gail Myers Cindy Pearson JoAnne Peterson Tommy Queen Margaret Randall Michael Ray Richard Ray Hans Rose Rick Smith Roger Stansel Moni B. Taylor William Wade 123 Don’t cross your wires! Bill Bissinger Larry Bradley Greg Cole Ronald Corn David Gaddy Michael Hill Ralph Holland Chuck Hyatt John Jackson Marvin James Bruce Jensen Greg Ledford Alan Levy Keith Livesay David McDonald 124 Gary Munday Ivan Pangle Marvin Pangle Danny Phillips Ronnie Raiola Jeff Roberts Chuck Setzer Doug Sneed Mike Southern Jobie Sprinkle David Williams John Wilson Phil Wilson Richard Wilson 125 Hotel Restaurant Management Lewis Authur Sandy Ballard David Barge Mike Baron Lucy Berry Jim Clontz Hannah Coffey Jeff Curtis Linda Davidson Steve Farkas Fredric Fritz Felix Gavidia Mike Goodwin Nat Harrison Juan Hernandez Sammy Hobgood David Honeycutt Kevin Korvach Dorothy Lyday John Marvin Charles Maxwell Hal Meyers Gary Miller DeLane Moss Eddie Owenby Harriet Patterson Nick Poulos Sally Price Jeff Reynolds Mike Roberts Derrick Robinson Bobby Wilkie Mike Wilson Dewey Worley Mike Worley 127 Machine Shop Joseph Anderson Ray Brigmon Steve Brown Les Clark Stewart Cleveland David Coomer Larry Davis Robert Dorn Dennis Early Randy Edwards Jeff Gregory Charles Howell Kent Israel Eddie Jenkins Steve Kurfes Dale McCall ister Andrew Nelson Jerry Ramsey 128 Joe Rice David Roberts Bruce Robinson Dennis Sams Alan Sawyer Dwayne Scott Steve Sharpe Hoyt Shuford Larry Stevens Steve Stinson David Warren Thersa West Daniel Wheeler Jacqueline Wilhite Jimmy Wyatt 129 Mechanical Engineering Technology Tim Biddix Chris Buck Terry Fair Jack Higgins, Jr. David Houston Gail Israel Jerome Jackson Ralph Jackson W.R. Littrell Steve Messer Bernice Metcalf Randall Middleton Terry Reese Louise Riddle Rick Whitlock 130 1 ! -« Medical Laboratory Assistants Tammy Brindle Pam Caldwell Lisa Felme Donna Grooms Rebecca Maxwell Chet Mercer Leslie Quinn Jan Ray Kathy Rogers Debbie Russell Julie Satterwhite Diane Trantham Ruth Trexler 131 Office Technology Sharon Austin Elinor Baskin Gladys Blakely Carmen Brown Sandra Burnette Pam Coates Patricia Coates Sheila Cotter Tammy Creasman Peggy Davis Betsy Edmundson Debbie Eggers Teresa Elliot Robin Foister Audrey Fox Debbie Fuller Althea Goode Edith Humphries Sally Johnson Recia Kaylor Mary King Mary Ann Kite Dee Ann Lackey Beth Lawing Donna Lowe 132 Debbie McDowell Patricia McNelly Regina Miller Betty Owens Penny Perry Verna Sadelson Darlene Simmons Tammie Staffon Irene Talbot Kirsten Toreson Susan Vaughn Evangeline Vernon Jeanne Warner Sandra White Reather Whitmire Cordelia Wilkes Pearline Williams Ruth Wilson Shirley Wilson 133 Practical Nurse Education Jean Allen Bernice Birchfield Francis Blagg Shirley Bryant Jennifer Burts Joyce Clampett Debbie Corn Marilyn Enge Marion Fortenberry Pauline tJardesty Elizabeth Hipps Melissa Holdredge Lynn Houston Frances Hunnicutt Mary Ann Hyatt Marsha King Linda Lamb Sheila Lewis Linda Lindsey Phyllis Linscheid 134 Veronica Martin Linda McCale Debbie Meehan Peggy Metcalf Vicki Morgan Kathleen Norton Leila Norton Geraleen Owenby Patricia Palady Debbie Parham Georgette Penland Donna Rask Cecile Rhodes Peggy Roberts Dorothy Simpson Delia Sluder Jackie Smith Norma Spencer Murphy Tipton Arvelene Waldroup Donna Wallin Ann White Linda Wilson 135 Radiologic Technology William Ambron Keith Anderson Willeene Fowler Eddie Graham Sharon Hagan Karen Harper Judy Lambert Jerry Lanning Cheryl Moody Bryan Murray Steve O’Kelly Pam Reid Lynette Rice Sheila Rice Debbie Rogers Susan Thomas Susan Westmoreland Donna White Crystal Wilson 136 Secretarial Science Pam Baker Cindy Brandon Joyce Fulling Sharon Gentry Diane Hall Carol Harwood Sylvia Honeycutt Kim Maney Denise Matthews Debra McCain Cary Morril Cindy Melton Tara Pendley Judy Priggs Debbie Ruth Janice Self Patsy Thomas Dena Vlahos Estella Walker Cindy Whitehead Sandy Wilson Jean Wynn Marie Yarborough 137 Tool Die Making Brady Chappell Ken Davis Doug Ducker Doyle Estes Rick Farrell Ken Griffin Gary Hannah David Hawkins Jim Lyda Joe McCarson Ben Moore Eddie Nilso Clyde Roberts Butch Robinson Fred Whitmire Graig Williamson 138 Welding Charles Deaver Maurice Edwards Phil Flack Mike Grushinski Ricky Harrell Jim Hewitt Robert Higgins David Hinson Jerry Holland Charlie Lamb 139 Ralph Lipe Emanuel Littlejohn Wayne Martin Bob McMinn Phil Mease Don Moore Delano Norton Marvin Parham Adrian Penland Toby Roberts D.H. Russell Terry Sawyer James David Sealey Dale Smith Russell Southworth William Tona Earmel Wheeler Gary White Bill Wilson Mark Woodby Les Young 140 A Aardema, Tom 105 Adams, John 139 Adcock, Russell 115 Alexander, Elizabeth 108 Alexander, Roy 114 Allen, Alice 137 Allen, Charles 108 Allen, Janis 1 18 Allen, Jean 134 Ambron, William 136 Anderson, Joseph 128 Anderson, Keith 136 Angel, Wesley 139 Arrowood, Kenneth 107 Arthur, Lewis 126 Ashe, Danny 139 Austin, Sharon 132 Ayers, Susan 116 B Ballard, Sandy 126 Bancroft, Gary 105 Banks, Linda 102 Barge, David 126 Barham, Joan 102 Barnete, Darryl 114 Barnwell, George 108 Barnwell, Steve 121 Baron, Mike 139 Barringer, Tony 108 Barth, Debra 116 Barton, Randy 108 Bauer, Karen 102 Beaver, Jane 102 Bell, Melanie 118 Berry, Carolton 1 15 Berry, Lucy 126 Biddix, Tim 130 Bingham, Eddie 108 Bingham, Terri 102 Birchfield, Bernice 134 Bishop, Judy 1 15 Bissinger, Bill 124 Blagg, Francis 134 Blackwell, Carolyn 102 Blackwell, Lucy 108 Blackburn, Margaret 116 Blakely, Gladys 132 Blacock, Fredda 108 Blankenship, Charles 108 Blaylock, Dana 116 Bogan, Deborah 102 Boggers, Larry 139 Boone, Roger 114 Boone, Stanley 100 Bowen, Elaine 116 Bowers, Tracy 119 Bowlin, Karen 108 Bowman, Mike 108 Bowman, John 139 Boyd, Angela 102 Bradley, Larry 124 Breland, Neil 108 Brigmon, Ronnie 121 Brock, Walter 115 Broome, John 122 Brown, Carmen 132 Brown, Kathy 108 Brown, Pam 1 19 Brown, Steve 128 Brown, Vincent 122 Bruner, Lori 1 19 Brunk, Jan 102 Bryant, Shirley 134 Bryson, Dennis 105 Bryson, Loretta 102 Buchanon, Robert 102 Buck, Chris 130 Buckner, Elizabeth 116 Buie, Cheryl 102 Burnette, Carolyn 108 Burnette, Cheryl 108 Burnette, Jerry 105 Burnette, Randy 122 Burnette, Sandra 132 Burgin, Lucy 119 Burts, Jennifer 134 C Cable, Danny 121 Caldwell, Allen 122 Caldwell, Pam 131 Calloway, James 108 Campbell, Dean 113 Cantrell, Ronnie 116 Capell, Becky 108 Carlock, Donna 102 Carter, Betty 108 Carter, Brian 116 Case, Carolyn 108 Cathey, Debbie 119 Cayton, John 100 Chandler, Gary 139 Chapman, Kathy 108 Chappell, Brady 138 Christopher, Steve 114 Clabern, Charlie 1 1 5 Clampett, Joyce 134 Clark, Les 128 Cleveland, Stewart 128 Cline, Cynthia 122 Clontz, Jim 126 Coates, Pam 132 Coates, Patricia 132 Codnere, Audrey 102 Coffey, Hannah 126 Cole, Greg 124 Conley, Sherry 108 Cook, Tom 139 Coomer, David 128 Cordell, Darryll 108 Corn, Debbie 134 Corn, Ronald 124 Cotter, Sheila 132 Coughlin, Joanne 1 19 Councell, Lorraine 109 Craig, Karen 102 Creasman, Tammy 132 Crouch, Sandra 102 Crowe, Danny 121 Curtis, Jeff 126 D Dalton, William 105 Davidson, Linda 126 Davis, Donnie 139 Davis, Jea nne 1 18 Davis, Ken 138 Davis, Larry 128 Davis, Marcie 109 Davis, Maurice 139 Davis, Peggy 132 Davis, Wanda 1 16 Deaver, Charles 139 Deaver, Nancy 102 Demetris, Robert 122 De Verger, Derrick 116 Dewberry, Harold 109 Deweese, Vicki 109 Dillingham, Madeline 102 Dixon, Juanita 109 Donahue, Lois 109 Dorn, Robert 128 Dorr, Jeanine 102 Dotson, Heidi 119 Dotson, Jane 102 Downing, Denise 109 Dreyman, Mark 121 Ducker, Doug 138 Duncan, Connie 103 Dunlap, Doug 109 Dunlap, Shirley 103 E Eakes, Laurie 1 18 Early, Dennis 128 Edmundson, Betsy 132 Edwards, Debbie 116 Edwards, Maurice 139 Edwards, Paula 119 Edwards, Randy 128 Eggers, Debbie 132 Elkins, Marcia 109 Elingburg, Tony 1 16 Elingburg, Shannon 109 Elliot, Teresa 132 Emory, Pat 105 Enge, Marilyn 134 England, Anthony 121 Estes, Doyle 138 Eubanks, Michael 105 Evans, Robin 116 Ewart, Lee 109 F Fair, Terry 1 30 Fant, Gerald 109 Farkas, Steve 126 Farrell, Rick 1 38 Faulkner, Dete 109 Felmet, Lisa 131 Finley, Shirley 103 Fisher, Kathy 1 18 Flack, Phil 139 Flowers, Libby 103 Foister, Robin 132 Forbes, Jane 103 Fortenberry, Marion 134 Fowler, Willeene 136 Fox, Audrey 132 141 Fox, Darryl 122 Fox, Mike 122 Franklin, Lewis 100 Franks, Terry 1 22 Freeman, Jim 103 Freeman, Terri 103 Frisbee, Robert 105 Fritz, Frederick 126 Frohman, Leroy 114 Fuller, Debbie 132 Fulling, Joyce 1 37 G Gaddis, Steve 1 1 6 Gaddy, David 124 Galloway, Retha 119 Garland, Dianne 103 Garrigus, Ron 100 Gash, William I 14 Gavidia, Felix 1 26 Gentry, Sharon 1 37 George, Billy 109 Glass, Gary 1 16 Glover, Dania 109 Goode, Althea 1 32 Gooklake, Brenda 113 Goodman, Joyce 109 Goodwin, Mike 126 Gordon, Greta 109 Gragg, Theresa 1 1 8 Graham, Eddie 136 Graham, Tony 103 Green, Judy 103 Greenwood, Kim 109 Gregg, Robert 100 Gregory, Jeff 128 Gresham, Eric 121 Griffin, Ken 138 Grooms, Donna 131 Gross, Theresa 1 16 Grushinski, Mike 139 Guerrero, Ramona 103 Guffey, Mary 103 Guge, Lisa 103 H Hagan, Sharon 136 Hall, Diane 137 Hall, Neil 113 Hall, Reva 103 Hall, Vincent 103 Hancock, Greg 1 1 5 Hancock, Jim 100 Haney, Pam 109 Hannah, Gary 1 38 Hardesty, Pauline 134 Harding, Linda 105 Hargrove, Dianne 122 Harkleroad, Larry 109 Harper, Karen 136 Harrell, Ricky 139 Harrison, Nat 126 Harwood, Carol 137 Hatch, Willy 109 Hawkins, David 138 Hawkins, Matt 122 Haynes, Keith 1 1 3 Haynie, Carolyn 103 Henderson, Kay 103 Henry, Denise P. 1 16 Hensley, James 100 Hensley, Morris 109 Henson, Kenneth 109 Hernadez, Juan 126 Hewitt, Jim 139 Hickok, Joyce 103 Higgins, Jack 130 Higgins, Robert 1 39 Higgins, Vicki 109 Hill, Michael 124 Hilly, Henrico 109 Hinson, David 1 39 Hipps, Elizabeth 134 Hipps, Kenny 109 Hoglen, Robert 109 Holbert, Lanny 109 Holcombe, Randy 107 Holdredge, Melissa 134 Holgood, Sammy 126 Holland, Jerry 139 Holland, Ralph 124 Hollifield, Kathy 122 Hollifield, Marvin 100 Hollifield, Virgil 109 Honeycutt, David 126 Honeycutt, Gwenda 118 Honeycutt, Sylvia 137 Hopson, David 105 Hornsby, Wynelle 109 Houston, David 130 Houston, Lynn 134 Howell, Ann 1 16 Howell, Charles 128 Howell, Dennis 100 Howell, Howard 110 Howey, Elizabeth 116 Hulme, David 122 Humphries, Edith 132 Hunnicutt, Frances 134 Huntsinger, William 105 Hurst, Mike 122 Hyatt, Chuck 124 Hyatt, Mary Ann 134 Hyatt, Robert 105 Hyatt, Vernie 105 I Insorn, Jimmy 1 10 Israel, Gail 130 Israel, Kent 128 J Jackson, Cathy 1 19 Jackson, Horace 115 Jackson, Jerome 130 Jackson, John 124 Jackson, Lou 103 Jackson, Ralph 130 Jackson, Tommy 121 James, Marvin 124 Jansen, Dianne 1 10 Jarrett, Phillip 1 10 Jenkins, Anna 1 1 8 Jenkins, Eddie 1 28 Jensen, Bruce 124 Johnson, Charles 105 Johnson, David 100 Johnson, Margie 110 Johnson, Richard 116 Johnson, Sally 132 Johnson, Terry 105 Jordan, Tim 123 K Kasey, Jack 121 Kaylor, Recia 132 Keith, Maragret 103 Kelley, Sheryl 16 Kemp, Birdina 1 16 Kendall, Howard 107 King, Kevin 123 King, Marsha 134 King, Mary 132 King, Wanda 120 Kirby, Cliff 116 Kirby, Donna 1 10 Kirkpatrick, Mike 121 Kite, Mary Ann 132 Korvach, Kevin 127 Kuehl, Sandy 1 17 Kurtes, Steve 128 Kwong, Yimting 1 10 L Lackey, DeeAnn 132 Laflin, Harold 105 Laird, William 115 Lakey, Randy 105 Lambert, Judy 136 Lamb, Charlie 139 Lamb, Linda 134 Lance, Debbie 1 10 Lance, Mike 105 Lanning, Jerry 136 Laughter, Michael 114 Law, Gloria 120 Lawing, Beth 132 Layton, Denise 120 Layton, Myron 113 Lear, Debra 117 Ledford, Carolyn 103 Ledford, Greg 124 Ledford, Larry 105 Lentz, Mike 1 1 7 Levy, Alan 124 Lewis, Lawerence 110 Lewis, Shelia 134 Littrell, W.R. 130 Lindsey, Linda 134 Linscheild, Phyllis 134 Lipe, Ralph 140 Littlejohn, Emanuel 140 Livesay, Keith 124 Love, John 1 10 Lowe, Donna 132 Lowery, Candy 120 Luckadoo, Barry 100 Lunsford, Beth 110 Lunsford, Sharon 120 Luther, James 1 10 Luyckx, Ronnie 107 142 Lyda, Jim 138 Lyday, Dorthy 127 Lyons, Elizabeth 103 M Malone, Garry 1 10 Maney, Kim 137 Marshall, Joanne 117 Martin, Scott 1 17 Martin, Veronica 135 Martin, Wayne 140 Marvin, John 127 Mashburn, Debbie 110 Masnard, Mike 105 Massey, Karen 103 Massil, Helen 110 Matheson, David 106 Matthews, Denise 137 Maxwell, Charles 127 Maxwell, Rebecca 131 Maydian, John 1 1 5 Me Alee, Maureen 120 McCain, Debra 137 McCale, Linda 135 McCallister, Dale 128 McCarson, Joe 138 McColloch, Karen 103 McDonald, Ann 115 McDonald, David 124 McDowell, Debbie 133 McDowell, LeeAnn 120 McElroy, Barbara 103 McIntosh, Tammy 110 McIntyre, Beckie 120 McKewen, Judy 120 McMahon, Daniel 110 McMinn, Bob 140 McMinn, Tommy 106 McNelly, Patricia 133 Mease, Phil 140 Meehan, Debbie 135 Meekins, Dick 100 Medeiros, Pat 110 Melton, Bill 110 Metcalf, Bernice 130 Metcalf, Iris 110 Metcalf, Peggy 135 Metcalf, Ronnie 110 Metecalf, David 106 Mercer, Chet 131 Messer, Steve 130 Meyers, Hal 127 Michael, Brenda 120 Middleton, Randell 130 Miller, Gary 127 Miller, Lillian 1 17 Miller, Max H. 1 10 Miller, Regina 133 Miller, Robert 107 Miller, Sam 115 Moery, James 103 Moody, Cheryl 136 Moore, Ben 138 Moore, Brenda 117 Moore, Don 140 Moore, Elzie 121 Moore, Harriet 1 1 1 Moore, Paul 115 Morgan, Vicki 135 Morril, Cary 1 37 Moss, DeLane 127 Motley, Clyde 107 Murry, Bryan 136 Murray, Linda 123 Myers, Gail 123 N Necko, Teresa 1 17 Nelson, Andrew 128 Nesbitt, Gail 1 1 1 Neuringer, Rochelle 117 Newber, Heidi 1 1 1 Newell, Clyde 1 1 7 Newman, Jackie 1 17 Nilso, Eddie 1 38 Nolan, Garry 1 1 1 Norton, Delano 140 Norton, Joseph 106 Norton, Kathleen 135 Norton, Laura 1 15 Norton, Leila 135 Norton, Mike 107 Nowak, Joseph 101 Nybro, Karen 1 17 O Ogle, Harold 1 1 1 Ogle, Mary 1 1 1 O’Kelley, Steve 136 Owenby, Eddie 127 Owenby, Geraleen 135 Owenby, Pam 1 17 Owens, Betty 133 P Painter, Deborah 120 Palady, Patricia 135 Pangle, Ivan 125 Pangle, Marvin 125 Parham, Debbie 135 Parham, Marvin 140 Parris, Faye 1 17 Parris, Steve 1 1 1 Patterson, Harriet 127 Patterson, Judy 104 Patterson, Tony 1 1 1 Patton, Suzy 104 Paul, John 1 1 1 Payne, Richard 1 1 1 Payne, Susanne 120 Pearce, Dot 1 17 Pearson, Cindy 123 Pendley, Tara 137 Penland, Adrian 140 Penland, Barbara 1 1 1 Penland, Georgette 135 Penland, James 106 Perry, Penny 133 Peterson, JoAnne 123 Petrey, David 106 Phillips, Danny 125 Player, Herman 106 Plemmons, Debra 104 Plemmons, Sheryl 104 Poulos, Nick 127 Q Queen, Max 104 Queen, Tommy 123 Quinn, Leslie 131 R Rabb, Mike 106 Radau, David 106 Raiola, Ronnie 125 Ramsey, Jerry 128 Randall, Margaret 123 Rask, Donna 135 Rattler, Judith 1 1 7 Ray, Carolyn 104 Ray, Ellen 1 17 Ray, Jan 131 Ray, Michael 123 Ray, Richard 123 Rea, Micki 1 18 Reavis, David 1 1 1 Reece, Richard 106 Reed, Calvin 107 Reed, Robin 104 Reese, Terry 130 Reid, Bryon 1 1 1 Reid, Pam 136 Rendall, Linda 1 1 1 Renison, Mike 101 Reynolds, Jeff 127 Reynolds, Judy 1 1 1 Rhinehart, David 1 1 1 Rhodarmer, Andrea 111 Rhodes, Cecile 1 35 Rhodes, Gary 1 1 1 Rice, Helen 104 Rice, Joe 129 Rice, Karen 1 1 1 Rice, Louise 130 Rice, Lynette 136 Rice, Ricky 1 1 5 Rice, Rita 104 Rice, Sheila 136 Rice, Thomas 1 1 1 Roberts, Billy 121 Roberts, Clyde 138 Roberts, David 129 Roberts, Jack 1 1 1 Roberts, Jeff 125 Roberts, Mike 127 Roberts, Peggy 135 Roberts, Toby 140 Robinson, Bruce 129 Robinson, Butch 138 Robinson, Derrick 127 Robinson, Doris 1 20 Robinson, Larry 1 1 1 Robinson, Virginia 117 Rodgers, Mark 117 Rogers, Debbie 136 Rogers, Kathy 131 Rogers, Leonard Jr. 106 Rose, Hans 123 Roseboom, Debbie 113 Ruff, Janet 104 Runnion, Sharon 120 143 Russell, Debbie 131 Stuart, Lori 120 Wilkie, Gary 123 Russell, D.H. 140 Suttle, Gary 1 14 Willet, Juanita 104 Russell, James 1 1 1 Sutton, Cyndee 1 1 2 Williams, David 125 Ruth, Debbie 1 37 Swain, Dale 1 1 2 Williams, Pearline 133 Swann, Steve 1 14 Williams, Tracy 106 S Swilling, Bill 106 Williams, Venise 118 Williamson, Graig 138 Sadelson, Dennis 1 1 1 T Wilson, Bill 140 Sadelson, Verna 133 Wilson, Crystal 136 Sams, Dennis 1 29 Talbot, Irene 133 Wilson, Debbie 120 Sams, Terry 1 1 3 Taylor, James P. 1 1 2 Wilson, JoAnn 1 12 Sandman, Amy 106 aylor, Moni B. 123 Wilson, John 125 Satterwhite, Julie 131 Thispen, Rita 104 Wilson, Linda 135 Sawyer, Alan 129 Thomas, James L. 112 Wilson, Margie 1 18 Sawyer, Terry 140 Thomas, Patsy 1 37 Wilson, Mike 127 Schwartz, Lynn 117 Thomas, Susan 136 Wilson, Phil 125 Scott, Dwayne 1 29 Tipton, Murphy 1 35 Wilson, Richard 125 Sealy, James P. 140 Tona, William 140 Wilson, Ruth 133 Self, Janice 1 37 Toreson, Kirsten 133 Wilson, Shirley 133 Setzer, Chuck 125 Torvikey, Joshua K. 101 Windsor, David 101 Sharp, Dorothy 1 1 7 Trantham, Diane 1 3 1 Winton, Danny 101 Sharpe, Steve 1 29 Trexler, Ruth 131 Wolfe, William 1 17 Shefler, Donna 104 Tritt, Freda 1 1 2 Wood, Judy 117 Shelton, Sharon 1 1 1 Troxell, Ray 1 1 5 Woodby, Mark 140 Sherlin, John 121 Trubyfill, Pam 112 Woodby, Mike 112 Sherlin, Pat 1 1 7 Woods, Sandra 133 Sheppard, Elaine 1 1 1 V Woody, Jocelyn 1 17 Shivers, Tim 121 Worley, Audrey 104 Short, Kathy 1 1 1 Vannoy, Kim 120 Worley, Dewey 127 Shropshire, Gary 106 Vaughn, Susan 133 Worley, Linda 1 12 Shuford, Don 1 1 4 Vernon, Evangeline 133 Worley, Mike 127 Shuford, Hoyt 129 Vlahos, Dena 137 Worthern, Bill 1 1 2 Sigman, Christy 1 1 1 Wright, Bobby 112 Silver, Greg 1 1 1 W Wright, Lucinda 112 Simmons, Darlene 133 Wyatt, Danny 106 Sluder, Delia 135 Wade, William 123 Wyatt, Jimmy 129 Sluder, Teresa 1 1 2 Waldroup, Arvelene 135 Wyatt, Walter 1 15 Smart, Bonnie 104 Wallin, Donna 1 35 Smathers, Dean 1 14 Ward, Randy 107 Y Smith, Dale 140 Warlick, Robert 106 Smith, Dean 101 Warner, Jeanne 1 33 Yarborough, Marie 137 Smith, Heilda 1 1 5 Warren, David 1 29 Young, Les 140 Smith, Jackie 135 Warren, James 1 1 2 Young, Lisa 104 Smith, James 1 12 Warren, Kevin 1 17 Young, Rita 120 Smith, Rick 123 Watkins, John 101 Smith, Theresa 1 1 8 Wedthoff, Jean 1 1 7 Z Smith, Yvonne 104 Weinmann, Neal 114 Sneed, Doug 125 Wells, Christie 104 Zachary, Brett 106 Snelson, Randy 1 12 West, Ricky 106 Zachary, Jack 106 Solomon, Louie 101 West, Theresa 1 29 Southern, Mike 125 Westmoreland, Susan 136 Southworth, Russell 140 Wheeler, Daniel 129 Spencer, Norma 135 Wheeler, Earmel 140 Spencer, Scott 107 Wheeler, Jim 106 Sprinkle, Jobie 125 Whettler, Diane 104 Staffon, Tammie 133 White, Ann 135 Stancick, Carol 104 White, David 1 1 2 Stansel, Roger 1 23 White, Donna 136 Stearn, Barbara 1 1 2 White, Gary 140 Steinbaugh, Phillip 115 White, Rebecca 112 Stepp, Ronnie 1 17 White, Sandra 1 33 Stevens, Larry 129 Whitlock, Rick 130 Stines, Dwaine 101 Whitmire, Fred 138 Stinson, Steve 1 29 Whitmire, Reather 133 Stinson, Tim 1 14 Wilde, Steve 1 1 2 Stirewalt, Beverly 112 Wilhite, Jaqueline 129 Stone, Judy 1 1 2 Wilkie, Bennie 1 17 Storey, Mike 1 1 2 Wilkie, Bobby 127 Stron, Dwaine 121 Wilkie, Cordelia 133 144

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