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Adviser Jim Drummond Co-Editors Charles Bryson Sherry Rhodarmer Coordinating Editor Laura Lamm Copy Editor Charlene Jaynes Layout Editor Kathy Kennedy Photography Editor Pat Leckey Staff Rachelle Arrowood Ken Baughn Jane Celestin Connie Dillon Beverly Fritts Dramma Shriver Mike Wood FALL . . . . 10 WINTER . ... 26 SPRING . . . . 50 SUMMER 68 CURRICULA 76 ORGANIZATIONS . . .. 136 ASHEVILLE - BUNCOMBE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 2 3 4 THE SHADOW ON THE DIAL, THE STRIKING OF THE CLOCK, 5 THE RUNNING OF THE SAND, DAY AND NIGHT, SUMMER AND WINTER, THESE ARE ARBITRARY . . . SIGNS. 7 8 THE MEASURE OF TIME, NOT TIME ITSELF, IS THE LIFE OF THE SOUL COLORED LEAVES, CHILLED AIR, A NEW YEAR BEGINNING ORIENTATION OCTOBERFEST 13 LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP AT WCU Students and faculty spent two days learning about leadership, communication, and the importance of a consensus. Afterward, fellowship continued beyond the curfew hours. 15 ELECTION DAY Many qualified candidates . . . Convincing speeches . . . BBQ lunches on the lawn . . .Two hours out of class . . . Ballots counted - winners announced . . . m V S: ,m “IS - mtfa. ;( jpjWIW 16 With new officers the student senate resumes its duties. Dedicated students attend 7:00 AM meetings working for a better student-administration rapport. 17 19 “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” The Queen and her court created the magic of the moment. Nancy Coward Lucy Burgin Theresa Chandley Kitty Davis Veheda Hollifield Donna Rhodes 21 ] 1 Students, Alumni, and spirits shared the evening. Music was provided by the Paul A Nison Band . 22 s»r i « FUi!) ;■ jli W t §S a. »fi «, .« •- tfc p } - § sill y. ; »j 11 ij iijilAA plslw ■ ,. :m ■ ; | to 3 HI K ilj » ,!it rajHii wnsifePw Bp im m fti ft fii m ® ' f I life a j iw fa itHsi fpft ' f fif K ici® fi im fiffw B ! i ■fe«nn« :•] HivJJ Mil HH! Mi ) ! 23 Standing L to R: Charlie Crowley, Ken Baughn, John Barnette, Myron Redding, Otis Agnew, Mike Bellifuiel, Charles Bry- son, Ben Hood Kneeling L to R: Eddie Satterfield, Tommy Chandler, Dave Roberts, Ron Hipps, Mike Wood, Jackie Earley 24 25 SNOW FLURRIES, SKIING, TIME GOES SLOWLY The pep rally was a time to yell at the faculty and for the Atomics . SPIRIT OF 76 28 Veheda Hoi I ifield- Captain Sandy Kanupp Nancy Coward Cindy Lance Kitty Davis 30 31 32 First Row, L. to R., Gene Edwards, Butch Robinson, Mike Second Row, L. to R., Bill Rothweiler, W.C. Hare, Grant, Stan Turner, Garry Pless, Ken Ball. Shawn O ' Conner, Toby Liford, Ralph Johnson, Larry Suber, Jim Rhea, coach. i 33 GO ATOMICS! After many hours of hard practice and getting used to the new men on the team, the Atomics got it all together for a winning season. 35 INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL 38 39 On December 19th our own Santa Claus came to town. Santa ' s gifts, purchased and gift wrapped by the student body, were presented to children who would have otherwise missed Christmas. The children left the party pleased and happy. We are thankful to the students who donated their money and time to make the party a suc- cess. 40 41 X CHRISTMAS 43 HOMECOMING Vickie Stempson Diane M i nter Laurie Pataky R ita Crawford T eresa Davenport Melvina Bradley 45 igsa 47 Is time spent in VICE or FOLLY doubly lost? satflr m$r rzx 48 49 T ' •• ' TREES BUD, DAFFODILS BLOOM, TIME FLIES. 52 On April 5th through 9th A-B Tech held its first annual Frisbee contest. Many people entered with Electronics winning both team and individual events. : YP- (xfNM fcJL A 1 53 ISOTHERMAL SPORTS DAY On May 6, 1976 A-B Tech partic- ipated in the 4th Annual Isothermal Sports Day. Patricia Bennett, Carol Chapman, Charlene Jaynes, Laura Lamm, Vickie Stempson, Kathy Wyatt, John Barnett, Craig Bell, Mark Braine, Charlie Bryson, Tim Glavich, Jim O ' Dier, Butch Robin- son, and Mike Wood competed in events such as Frisbee toss, soft- ball throw, 100 yard dash, check- ers, ping pong, tug-of-war, tennis, cross country and various relay races. A-B Tech came in second place in overall points for the day. 54 55 J.A.D.H.A. WALKATHON The Jr. American Dental Hygienists ' Association sponsored a walkathon on April 10th to raise money for the scholarship fund. We would like to thank President Haynes and the 4 students out of 1600 that walked. Also thanks to the workers and all other sponsors for their donations. 56 GOLF TEAM Golf Team members are Ron Wilburn, BA; Rex Cutshall, Drafting; Jeff Davis, BA; Bill Cook, Drafting; Stan Turner, HRM; Charles Crowley, HRM; and Bill Stroup, Machine Shop B. 57 DEDICATION May 4, 1976 Dedication of administration building in honor of our first president, Thomas W. Simp- son, took place on May 4, 1976. Visiting dignitaries from the North Carolina As- sociation of Community Col- lege Presidents and the De- partment of Community Col- leges were on hand to give tribute to Mr. Simpson and participate in this occasion. Mrs. Simpson and daughters, Brenda and Sharon, were presented resolutions ex- pressing the esteem felt for Mr. Simpson, A portrait, painted by Robert G. Ken- singer, was also unveiled and placed in lobby of the administration building bear- ing his name. IswjsiS] 59 AWARDS! AWARDS! AWARDS! Basketball - Ken Ball, Patricia Bennett, Gene Edwards, Vickie Stempson, Larry Suber, Kathy Wyatt Culinary - Freddie Dance, Myron Redden Data Processing - Gilbert Domingo, David Gettlemen, Pat Hickling, David Seal Dental Assisting - Stephanie Clark, Maureen McAlee Dental Hygiene - Carole Dexter, Cindy Lance, Shirley Massengale, Sonja T ay lor Hotel Restaurant Management - Marla Dubinsky, Jeff Jones Mechanical Technology - William Berger, Terry Smathers Newspaper - Mark Braine, David Russell, Jean Shorter, Robert West Nursing - Tracy Plemmons. Dramma Shriver Student Senate - Charlie Bryson, Norma Fulghum, Charlene Jaynes, Vickie Stempson X-Ray Techn ology - Margaret Williams 60 k! 61 62 Field Day is an annual happening which was held on May 7th this year. Drenched volunteers took their ups and downs in the dunking booth to earn some money for the scholarship fund . A barbecue was fol- lowed by relays and games which interested the par- ticipants as wel I as the spectators . 63 4 r « » if A small touch of the Orient was presented to the students by the Hospitality Division. For those adventurous folk, chopsticks were avail- able. Whether forks or chopsticks, the food was out of this world! 64 ' wmiwmtimmm , 65 SUNNY DAYS, WARM NIGHTS, A TIME TO ENJOY Friday before July 4 is the Annual A-B Tech water- melon SLURP!! Students enjoy a day of relaxation and all the WATERMELON THEY CAN EAT. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA Our Hospitality Education Division celebrated the event with a Bicentennial Buffet. The menu repre- sented the foods of Coloni- al Williamsburg , and the costumes reflected the his- toric, colorful Revolution- ary Period . 73 74 Months of hard work were a prelude to this anticipated moment. Smiles, presentations, diplomas, and farewells complement a happy day . 75 cfcT fO®- At ll2e -eic - PlCtlJB 6 ' BUSINESS EDUCATION DIVISION Business Administration Department Row 1 (L. to R.) Sara Morris, Division Director; Richard White, Department Chairman. Row 2 Harold Ponder; James Hagan; Albert Freeman. Row 3 Ronald Sluder; William McDowell. Row 4 Martha Marshall. Legend: ( D) - Day, (N ) - Might (OT)- Office Technology (SS) - Secretarial Science 78 Dennis Alexander (N) Boyce Alley ( l l ) Mary Jane Altizer (D) Rachelle Arrowood (D) Fred Bal I ard ( D ) Michael Banks (l l) Don Bass ( D) Ken Baughn ( D) Patricia Bennett ( D) Danette Black ( D) Debbie B lankenship ( D) Donald Blevins (N) Gary Branson ( D) Tim Breedlove ( D) Kathy Brown ( D) James Brown ( D) Charlie Bryson (D) Michael Buchamam (D) Cordie Byrd ( ( l) Tommy Candler (D) 79 Willie Carson ( D) William Carter (N) Al Cauble ( N ) Joyce Chandler (D) Roy Chandler (N) Carol Chapman (D) Monte Clampett(D) Angela C lark ( D) Roger Clark ( N ) Thomas Conley (l l) David Constance (D) Paul Cope ( D) Nancy Crain (N) Jim Crane (N) 80 Paul Crowder ( D) Larry Daniels (N) Clark Davidson ( D) Nancy Davis ( D) Peggy Davis ( D) Harold Dewberry (N) Carol DeWeese(D) Connie Dillon ( D) John Dykes ( D) Jackie Early (D) Gene Edwards (D) John Eudy (l l) Babe Farmer (N) Jon Fawcett ( D) 81 David Ferguson (D) Rufus Ferguson (N) Ella Fisher (N) Deena Fox (D) Ned Fowler (D) Kaye Freeman (D) Ti m Gardner (D ) Bill Garren (N) Ronnie Gentry (N) Marjorie Godfrey (N) Greg Goodman (D) Winford Grant ( D) Jim Green (D) Wilma Hamlin (D) W.C. Hare (D) Luther Hart (N) Sam Hart (N) Bob Harwell (D) Ray Hendrix (N) Carole Hill (D) 82 Will iam Hill (N) Rex Hoglen (N) Gary Holcombe (M) John Holt (INI) Sally Howard (N ) Albert Hudson (l l) Jack Hyder (N) Gary Jenkins (l l) Connell Jordan (N) Dave Kent (D) Roger Kent (N) Pam Kratz (l l) Bernard Lancaster (l J) Linda Lance (D) Royanna Lance (D) Kathy Lanning (D) Pat Leckey (D) Brenda Ledford (l l) Ellen Lesta (N) Ruby Lewis (l l) 83 Ron Lipe (INI) Alfred Massey (l l) Wilma Maxwell (l l) Marie McClure (D) David McCracken (D) Kaythe Me Curry (D) Jane McElrath (l l) Mike Me Fee (l l) Paul Me Mahan (D) Randy McMahan(D) Thomas McMinn (D) Rose Meadows (D) Barry Metcalf (D) Jeff Miller (D) 84 Brian Millikin (N) Larry Monday (D) Debbie Moore (N) Charlie Mosher (D) Sonia Moss (D) Sara Mull (l l) Dennis Myers (D) Gary Nolan (N) Thomas Patel idas (N) Ferrell Payne (N) Elizabeth Peacock (N) Victor Pedew (D) Thomas Penley (D) Joseph Pinkston (D) Jane Presley (N) Richard Pressley (N) Larry Price (D) Tim Pugh (D) Warren Ray (D) Kayron Reavis (N) 85 Mike Renison (D) Sherry Rhodarmer (D) James Rice (D) Steve Rice (D) Cathy Roberts (D) Mi ke Roberts (D ) Sheila Robinson (D) Da vid Russell (D) Eddie Satterfield (D) Ron Scott (N) Sandra Sharpton (l l) Caroline Shipley (D) Frances Shivers (l l) Jean Shorter (D) Teresa Silver (N) Crystal Smith (D) John Sorrells (N) Tom Sprinkle (D) Vickie Stempson (D) Yogi Stevens (l l) 86 Janet Stewart (D) Pat Stroup (D) Mark Summitt (D) Ramona Swearinger (D) Irene Talbot (N) Ray Taylor (l l) Gwen Vaughn (D) Terry Ward (D) Andy Webb (D) Ernest Wheeler (N) Kamalasiri Wijewickrema (D) Ron Wilburn (D) Sara Wilcocks (l J) Richard Wilkins (l !) Marilyn Williams (l l) Tim Williams (D) Doris Wilson (N) Branson Wood (D) Mike Wood (D) Janice Wright (D) 87 Electronic Data Processing Department Charles Dempsey Gilbert Di mingo William Foxx David Gettleman James Goure Richard Harbinson Anna Head Pattie Hickling 88 Marvin Hyatt Tracy Kahn Will iam Kerley Ricky Lamb Clark Muller Clayton Myles Paulette Owenby Ricky Plemmons David Radau David Seal Tara Sluder Clay Sorrells Eddie Sprinkle Kathy Staton Dennis Whitt Beverly Wooten 89 Office Education Department Karen Arrowood (OT) Rhonda Ayers (SS) Cynthia Bolden (OT) Regina Bowditch (OT) Shirley Bowditch (OT) Dana Brookshire (OT) Katie Brown (SS) Lynn Buckner (SS) Rhonda Burelson (OT) Debbie Chai I let (SS) Thelma Colwell (OT) Mancy Coward (SS) 90 Donna Crawford (OT) Teresa Davenport (SS) Kathy Dover (SS) Karen Emerson (OT) Sharon English (SS) Marlinde Faulkner (SS) Belinda Fender (OT) Anne Frick (SS) Beverly Fritts (OT) Debbie Gibbs (OT) Brenda Gilliam (OT) Diana Gosnell (SS) Kathyrn Harris (SS) Debbie Harwood (SS) Veheda Hollifield (SS) Donna Horner (OT) Diane Huntsinger (SS) Susan Hurdt (SS) Carol Inch (SS) Marilyn Jarvis (SS) 91 Charlene Jaynes (SS) Sandy Kanupp (SS) Lorreta Kennedy (OT) Sandy Leslie (OT) Judy Lewis (OT) Celia Little (OT) Diana McDavis (OT) Kim McKinney (OT) Diane Me Morris (OT) Yvonne Martin (SS) Bunny Metcalf (OT) Diane Minter (SS) Vanessa Northcutt (OT) Laurie Pataky (SS) Linda Plemmons (OT) Debbie Ponder (OT) Yolanda Ponder (SS) Sharon Prutzman (OT) Joan Reynolds (OT) Debbie Sams (OT) 92 Karen Sawyer (SS) Karchavan Sayavan (OT) Patsy Shelley (OT) Elizabeth Shook (OT) Pat Smith (SS) Yvonne Smith (SS) Kathy Sorrel Is ( SS) Jeri Swaim (SS) Brenda T aylor (SS) Laura Taylor (OT) Perida Trylogues (OT) Peggy T ucker ( OT ) Brenda Wilhelm (OT) Marie Williams (SS) Yvonne Williams (SS) Gail Worley (OT) Youlandra Young (OT) Chemical Engineering Technology Department Cyrus Ashbrook William Chapman Ken Cox Ray Eaton Gloria Fante Benjamin Hood Daniel Homce Furman Nicholson Ken Sullivan Kathy Wyatt 95 Civil Engineering Technology Department Ken Driver Chairman John Barnett ( D) Rieley Bennett (D) Roger Boone ( D) Mark Braine (D) Frank Brown (l l ) Michael Case (l l) Stephen Cole (N ) William Conner (D) Glenn Crowell (D) Earl Davis (l l) Mitchell Effler (N ) Johnnie Forster (D) 96 97 Drafting and Design Technology Department 98 Michael Garner Tim Glavich Ronald Harrison Sherry Hutchins John Johnston Jerry McClain Thomas Mehaffey Jim O ' Di er Waymon Pangle Gary Pless Lorretta Rattler Lance Russell Gilford Scott Victor Smith Jack Sullivan Michael Uminowicz 99 Electronics Technology Department Steven Creasman, Chairman William Fisher, Instructor John Anderson Blithen Blomquist Dennis Bryson Danny Burrell Walter Church Gary Cody Evelyn Conner Larry Craig James De coster Kennith Dixon Gerald Dula Kathleen Dunk 100 Michael Edney Herman Freeman Carlos Ford James Green T erry Harris Roddie Jacobs Charles King David Lakey Louise Levy Robert Metzger Thomas M i I ler Patricia Moore 101 Stephen Olson Rick Parham Wendell Radcliff Mark Rowan Dale Saunders Suvilatch Sayavan Randy Sherlin Ronald Sherlin Carl Sohns Joe Spivey William Stoneback Roger Talbot Barry Taylor James Tolley Michael T rull Gary T urner 102 Jerry Venable James Wagner William Whitmore Donna Wolf Bob Wright Clifford Moore 103 Mechanical Engineering Technology Department William Dickinson Chairman Jeff Beebe ( D) William Berger (D) Gary Blankenship (D) Michael Buchanan (IM) Ray Cockrel 1(D) Danny Cox (l l) Bennie Foster (D) Richard Gosselin (N ) Charles Howell (D) Jimmy Insorn ( D) Denny King (D) Ron Lowery (D) 104 Phillip McKinney (l l) James Odom (N) Bruce Pri uette (l l) Warren Rathbone (D) Garry Rhodes ( D ) Terry Smathers (D) Edward Smith (D) 105 HOSPITALITY EDUCATION DIVISION Culinary Technology Department (L to R.) Chef Robert Werth - Department Chairman Frederick Johnsson - Division Director Howard A I len Donna Blevins Jerald Brendle Ardith Coin Timothy Conway Freddie Dance James Ferguson Doyle Frisbee Babes Giberson James Mast Daniel McClellan Harold Miller 106 Howard Phil I ips David Plemmons Darryl Shuford Marla Wi 1 1 iams Hotel and Restaurant Management Department (L. to R.) John Bolhuis-Chairman of the Hotel Restaurant Management Department; Jeff Myron- Hotel Restaurant Management Instructor Craig Anderson Richard Averett Michael Bellefeuil James Burnette Randy Butler Michael Button Ruth Carter Loy Case 107 Anne Chi les Rodney C lark Robert Coin T eresa Creech Charles Crowley Joanne Doster Marla Dubinsky Don Fraser Kyle Garren Gerald Green Robert Grigg Robert Guth Ron FI ipps William Hunnicutt Jeffrey Jones Thomas King Thomas McCrain Edward McMahon Eugene Posthumus Scott Pri I Iwi Iz 108 Claude Pruitt Mark Rogers Randall Russell Dennis Sadelson Michael Sargent Ken Seely Terry Shope Andrew Steffens Ron Swilling Yoshi T akahashi Roy T aylor T erry Thompson Sharron T oney Billy T urner Stan T urner Herbert Warner Mary Whitaker Robert Woodson 109 ALLIED HEALTH DIVISION Top to Bottom (L. to R.) Dr. Baker Hamilton, Chairman; Dental Curricula David Wolfe, Division Director Douglas Nodine, Chairman; Natural Science Dental Assisting Department no Susan Blackwell Becky Brookshire Lucy Burgin Janet Case Stephanie Clark Brenda Corn Dorothy Critzer Marie Hall Gladys Harrie Lesley Jones Maureen McAlee Virginia Pace Becky Pruitt Kathy Ray Vicki Ricketts Sheila Shope Wendy Sorenson Mary Stevens 111 Dental Hygiene Janet Abernathy Penny Bal lard Linda Beckerwert Jane Celestin Carole Dexter Karen Ducker Beulah Freeman Joy Harrell Pamela Hill 112 Sharon Hurst Kathy Kennedy Cynthia Lance Shirley Massengale Mavis Meadows Anita Mesnard Carol Miall Donna Parnell Frances Partin Toni Reeves Barbara Russell Sonja Taylor Lorraine Ward Catherine Wood 113 Associate Degree Nursing Department Deborah Anderson Annette Arrington Kay Bailey Debra Baldwin Susan Bell Benita Bennett Ted B lackwell Genie Boyd 114 Luella Buchanan Dorothy Burge Starreta Chandler Nancy Carswell Donna Carter Carol Case Susan Chapman Beverly Church Gail Corbin Linda Cox Lynn Crawford Barbara Dalton Marlene Ellis Ann Ford Cheryl Forester Laura Franklin Marcie Grant Carleen Harrison Elaine Head Polly Holbert 115 Janette House Deanna Hyde Barbara James William Lee Marsha Liles Dorcas Ling Ruth Ling IMancy Manning Charlotte McBrayer Lori Moore Sharon Morgan Helen Muniet Linda Murray Doris Nicholson Barbara Pearson Shelley Phillips Joy Ralston Marie Ray Anita Rice Kathryn R icker 116 Debbie Roberts Sheila Sams Mary Shields Dramma Shriver Sheila Sluder Mattie Sorrells Theresa Stenson June Stepp All ison T eague Carolyn T om pkins Mary Underwood Rebecca Varnadore Deborah Warren Mary White Marianne Wiegman Joyce Wright Medical Laboratory Technology Department Margaret Creasman Mike Gibbs Susan Harwood Nancy Hoxit Debra Landon Mary Lytle Pam Merrill Pam Price Michael Shelton Brenda Smith Lorenda Stanley Pam Ward Practical Nurse Education Department Barbara Arwood Mary Baumann T eresa Beck Charlotte Burnette Anita Cagle Rebecca Caldwell Sara Cannon Debra Carter Teresa Chandley Sally Dotson Kitty Davis Melinda Ellison Marsha Flynn Cynthia Futch Margaret Garland Bettylou Hackney Linda Hawkins Grace Hill Linda Holder Debra Kyne 119 Joe Lee Kathy Mann Mabel Martin Lois Messer Linda Owenby Sandra Penland Janice Pressley Teresa Price Diannia Ray Anita Rhodarmer Donna Rhodes Carolyn Roberts Cynthia Roberts Carla Smith Rhonda Smith Tera Stafford Margaret Thomas Karen Waddell Mary Young 120 Radiologic Technology Department Henry Dawkins- Chairman Maxine Deweese Steve Ammons Denise Blankenship Marsha Brake Sharon Clayton John Dendy Tina Feeney Cheryl Fisher Virginia Ganzon Richard Garrant Patricia Gilbert James Godfrey, Jr. Karol Henson 121 Susan Holbert Debra Huskins Philip Jones Susan McFalls Billie Mix Melba Nix Jean Ownbey Richard Phillips Debra Reese Kevin Smith Terry Sulzener Sherrill Willet Margaret Williams Denise Wilson 122 VOCATIONAL-INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION DIVISION Diesel Engines and Hydraulic Systems Department Stans Sluder, Division Director Robert Israel, Department Chairman Charles Arrington Glen Bennett J .T . Chandley Robert Davis, Jr. James Fowler Wi lliam Harrison Kyle Hawkins Jerry Laughter Charles McAbee Tommy McFee William Morrow Delano Morton Charles Warren 123 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Department Robert Parker Department Chairman Otis Agnew (INI) Herschel Austin (N ) Al I an B I ythe ( D ) Kim Bowman ( D) Roger Buchanan (D) Jerry Crosby ( D) Roy Dalton ( INI) Charles Davis ( D) Clyde Davis (l l) Jesse Goodman (N ) William Gray (l l) Clarence Hill (l l) Ricky House (l l ) 124 John King 0 l ) Paul Maney (N ) Gerald Me Guire (INI ) Charles Me Minn (D) T om Morrow (N ) Roy Parham (N) Mike Ramsey (N) Mike Reinhardt (D) Earl Robertson ( D) Aaron Robinson (N ) Walter Robinson (D) Herman Rosenfeld (D) Tim Runion (D) Edgar Shuford (N) Aarny Slagle (INI) George Smith (D) Fred Thomas (IM) Guy Wells (D) Larry Wilbanks (l l) James Young (N) 125 Automotive Mechanics Department Bill Haney Charles Mobl itt. Chairman Bruce Allison Amnway Amortnont (D) Kenneth Banks (l l) Richard Basham (l l) Robert Baxter (l l) Ronald Boyd (N) Jimmy Branch (N) David Brown (M ) T erry Clubb (D) Carl Cox (N) Derryl Debruhl (N) Allan Gillespie (D) Joe Gossett (l J) Hal Guess (N) Michael Harkins (l l) Richard Hendon (l l) 126 George Hollifield (N) William Jones (l l) Barry Kingston (N) Rudolph Kittel (! l) Douglas Lytle (N) Gordon McCarson (N) Darell McCurry (N ) Jack McElrath (D) Wilford Metcalf (N ) John Moland (N ) David Nix (N) Edward Nix (N) Roger Parkinson (D) Ronald Penland (N ) Graham Ramsey (N) Gary Shaft Jr. (N) Robert Sm ith (N ) Jerry Snowden (N) Ralph Sprinkle (N) Steven Trul I (N ) 127 Building Construction Department John Woody, Department Chairman Charles Barnard (D) Jim Biddix, Jr. (N) Mike Bowman ( D) Cory Buchanan (D) Edward Cable ( D) Victor Chalk, Jr. ( D) Calvin Davidson (D) Frank Duckett (D) John Ficker (D) Yvon Gagnon (N ) David Hardie (D) Winfred Johnson (D) 128 Gary Lance (D) Lawrence Liner (D) Jeanne Miller (D) Charles Patton (N) James Rhodes, Jr. (D) Paul Scavone (D) Richard Shaft (N) Roger Surrett (D) Daniel T urner ( D) John Williams (D) 129 Machine Shop Department W.J. Davis Robert Swan, Chairman Henry Adams (l l) Joseph Childers (D) Bill Cox (D) Keith Dorato (D) Melvin Eitel (D) Doyle Estes (N ) Charles Fant (D) Ralph Faulkner (D) Randy Fisher (l l) Eddie Frizsell (l l) Tim Greene (D) James Hancock (l l) Ralph Henning (I l) Robert Holt (D) George Kelley ( D) Tommy Kelley 130 Aubrey Laughter (D) Bil ly Lewis (N ) Kenneth Lewis (N ) Roger Liford (D) Michael Livesay(D) Gerald Marsh (D) Jerry Massie (D) Allen Mayhue (M) Lloyd McIntosh (N) Vaughn Mease (l l) Joe Metcalf (D) Raymond Metcalf (N ) Joesph Pi ckens ( D) William Rhodes (D) James Rice (D) James Richardson (D) Clyde Roberts ( D) Butch Robinson (D) Preston Smith (D) Jack Staggs (D) 131 Kevin S. Stines ( D) Larry Stroupe ( D) William Stroupe (D) Kenneth Teague (D) Tommie Trantham (l l ) David Walden (N) Welding Department William Arbogast (N) T roy Cagle (l l) Steve Clark (D) Phi llip Duncan (l l) Lloyd Dunklee (l l ) Creed Edwards (INI) James Farmer (N) Roy Freeman (l l ) Michael Gardner (N) Fred Gregory (D) Mike Gunter (D) Thomas Gwaltney (l l) 132 Richard Hallbeck (D) Bruce Haynew (M) William Hensley (I J) David Hopper (f l) Lattie Honeycutt (D) James Jackson (l l) Roney Littrell (N) Earnie Lytle (N) Robert Maxwell (l l ) Jack Morgan (IM) Edward Parham (N) Thomas Simmons (! l) Gary Smith (l l) Michael Williams (D) Gary Wilson (D) Roger Young (l l ) John Zackary ( D ) 133 Tool and Die Making Department Albert Awald, Department Chairman Fred Barker (IM ) Robert Bias (D) Jack Bradley (N) David Carland ( D) James Chandler (N ) Jeffrey Dinkel ( D) Gary F ender ( D ) Lawrence Gwaltney (N) Donald Jenkins (D) Mark McMeans ( D ) William Rothweiler (D) Bruce Sharpe (l l) Charles Skelton (D ) Mike Staton (D) Roland T olley (D) Leman White ( N ) 134 SPECIAL SCHEDULED STUDENTS Rick Brown Pat Crook Valarie Davenport Margie English Bill Harrison Mike Henderson Douglas Lytle Kathy Medford Ellen Morton Lynn Robinson Rockie Saine Frances Shivers Faye T ay lor Elaine Young George Young Birth □Black □Indian I lOthcr STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION v-y DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY COLLEGES CURRICULUM DATA CARD New Students Complete Items 1 Thru 17- Returning Students Complete Only Items 10-17 I L Institution I Ashevi ? te- Buncombe I ecni iit-oi UlOlllUiB 10. Curriculum Code 11. Credit Hour 12. Contact Hours I Per Week I Xniae 1 Print i Last first Initial 13. | (New Freshman □Returning Freshman (□ Sophomore 14. Atteadauce □ D? y L J Evening ' ' [ j Unemployed [ jCmployed IVlfc-Punr □ Employed Full-Tie ' ' A ' orth I jy as Carolina . 1 8. County of Residence 1 C.E.T.A. 2 Scholarship 3 Social Security Benefits 4 VA Benefits ! Vocations! R?hub. ' NCJ G Work Study 7 Other Subsidized Programs Termination Cede To be Coded by Institution Representative 135 ? e ' -,e s % % V Ye Mountain Hosts STUDENT GOVERNMENT Time is created and expended. Busy sena- tors representing students, attending meet- ings, planning, and working for the bene- fit of all students. 139 J J THE JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL HYGIENISTS’ ASSOCIATION I i l 140 141 Assistants AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PREVENTIVE DENISTRY UNDERSTANDING SLIDES 142 143 144 145 V ft 4 NU S- :, A JD o c of NOR ' " R. Mrs. J. Noth, Advisor TheA-B Tech Student Nurses 1 Association promotes professional interest in the field of nursing, and enhances personal development in organizational participation. Activities include lectures by professionals, communi- ty projects, and fellowship. 146 147 ASt4£VlLLe- 0 4C@M® T CimiCAL WWSWTfc EDITOR: PAT LECKEY ASSISTANT EDITOR: CONNIE DILLON Sat it 6; 00 dance. Atomics DEDICATED TO THE SERVICE OF THE INSTITUTE LUME VI, NO. 5 ivities ar the cr ing Que nedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, eighteen ma- 5 wili be ing Que« ! a.m. a ost evei .ily vote ;eiving t .•coming — the si , test nurr activitie: n the A me the il routine il other ! I also er ame, th ie Greek : wenue a H group . §§ anta an BB II • it he was still on their payroll the ,ia " VViM R ' ,wv,de the r w ... 3ar ' s oi Top L-R: Jean Shorter Editor, Mark Braine, David Sic Russell Bottom Left L-R: Robert West, Eddie Cable Bottom Right: Advisor, Celia Tauscher the 21 honored Judgement a ivi mv .upi mm, c viously suppressed document, that actually shows the assassination of the President and disproves the government theory of how John F, Kennedy was killed. piay on campus bullet favorites, vote Wedne the Homecoming Gam day evening. Mrs. Carpenter of Student Services says that “we are very fortunate to have Mark Lane speak at A-B Tech,” and that “shortly after the contract for Mr. Lane to speak to us was signed, his fee increased by $1,000”. excused from 9:00 are encouraged to in ' at no charge. Make A-B Tech Gym to hes 6 on “WHO KILLED JOHN F. KENNEDY”? lark Lane is a lawyer, author, filmmaker, ner member of the New York State Legis- re, founder of the Wounded Knee Legal ense Offense Committee, and the only c of the Warren Commission Report on assassination of John F. Kennedy who ducted an investigation into the murder who testified before the Warren Commis- i. 150 151 WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES A combination of leadership, academic honors, partici- pation in school activities, involvement in community and service programs contributed to the recognition of these students. (Top to Bottom) Pat Leckey, Jeff Jones (L. to R.) Dale Pennel, Genie Boyd, Norma Fulghum, Sherry Rhodarmer, Freddie Dance, Marla Dubinsky, Jean Shorter, Charies Bryson, and Mike Wood. 152 This has not been just another year in the short life of Ashevi lle-Buncombe Technical Institute. The trauma of the untimely loss of our first president was certainly felt by all, and yet, in his own words " no viable institution can remain static. " We, as an institution and system of education, stand on the threshold, and decisions now being made will determine our future as it relates to facilities. Yet, facilities do not completely determine quality of instruction or learning. This year the staff has worked harder with more students. The leadership and dedication of the stu- dents has never before been equaled. Hopefully, thisinfluence will be passed along to the new stu- dents that enter this institution. It is our wish at the Institute that as you look back at your stay with us, you will be proud of your institution and that you will attain genuine happiness in whatever you do. 154 PRESIDENT AND DEANS’ STAFF 155 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Herbert Coman, Chairman; John Erichson, Vice-Chairman; Gordon Greenwood, William M. Morgan, Joe B. Roberson, D.D.S.; Richard A. Wood, Jr.; Jack E. Cox; Elizabeth Harper, Ernest Mills, and Dave L. Robinson. Not Pictured are: Herbert L. Hyde, and Edwin L. Robinson 156 OFFICES OF INSTRUCTION Brewster Adams Dean of Evening Programs Dr. Olin Wood Dean of Instruction Joseph Edwards Director of Personnel BUSINESS OFFICE Top: Ray Bailey, Business Manager Middle Right: Iona McCurry Bottom Right: Marie Pinner DONATED 8T K RAY BAILEY IN appreciation of HIS devoted staff 159 Jack Davis, Dean of Student Services Glenn Anderson, Director of Financial Aid Jim Drummond, Counselor Assistant Frances Johnson, Registrar Mary Carpenter, Counselor Tom Hansen, Director of Counseling Paul Hensley, Veterans Service Officer 160 Connie Rice (Top Left) Fran Hensley (Top Right) Diane Freeman (Center) Peggy Mi Her (Bottom ) You have mv divided attention. 161 SECRETARIES Introducing: (L to R) Lois Angel, Juanita Dixon, Becky Latham, Emma Pate, Juanita Sluder, Brenda Clemmer, Judy Borum, Eileen Shope, Margaret Shope, Martha Scott. »«nn?i MAINTENANCE STAFF 164 BOOKSTORE — SNACK SHOP Top R ight Marie Farley Above T eresa Roscom Far Right Ruby Maybin 165 MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT Wi I la Bel la R owe Kay Cook i 166 IAY 1. Ms. Faye Muse 2. Mr. Thomas Gaffigan 3. Mr. Walter Thomson 4. Mr. Philip Paxton 5. Mr. Toby Shook 6. Mr. Paul Lentjes 7. Mr. Bernard Smith 8. Mr. Rex Blakeney % • ,.4 " •5. - Sk ■ 168 GENERAL EDUCATION 1. Ms. Ellen Price 2. Mr. William Knight 3. Ms. Joyce Parris 4. Mr. James Hurley 5. Mr. Max Welch 6. Mr. Bill Collins 7. Ms. Jo Graybeal 8. Ms. Celia Tauscher 169 A-B TECH AT NIGHT . . When the sun go down fioux day 4 a week. on -the A-B Teak. campuA, up to 643 paxt-time evening cuxxiculd students convexge on the. campus to woxk towaxd de.gtie.eA and diplomas in most cuxxicuZum oJieaA . Consistently these students xepAcsent 33 % to 36% ofi the total enxoZlment. These evening students woxk ull-time dotting the day and putisue tb ui post high schooZ education at night. Ton. the most paxt , these students axe oldex, moxe matuxe students with families and home AesponsibiZitieSj but axe dedicated to theix a todies £oa up to thixty-six months to eaxn theix A.A.S. degAee. ft e axe pAoud ofi oux evening students and ind them conscientious, capabZe, amiabZe and dedicated to the totaZ puApose ofi A-B Tech. Many gAaduate s AetuAn latex as instAuctoAS, A boxing with othex students theix wealth ofa knowledge gained thxough study at A-B Tech combined with sevexal yeaxs o woxk expexience. NIGHT INSTRUCTORS Al Bahr Baron Bartlett Maynard Bennett Bill Bryant Terry Bryant Francis Cagle Larry Carter Jack Carver Betty Daniel Richard Cole John Hart Phillip Hawkins Merrill Hensley Tom Hensley Phillip Herman Jim Hollingsworth William Howie William Howland Jim Hurley Bill Justice Ned Kilgore Thomas Leonard Rick McDaniel William McMahan Robert Merolla David Moody Alvin Moore Wayne Orr Sherman Phillips Pete Redgrave John Sigman Don Taylor Ed Tuttle Linda Waddell Leslie Walker Sherman Walker Barbara Weinkle Brian Weinkle R.L. Johnson 1 COLLEGE DAY In spite of the rain, it was a perfect time to plan future education. Area college representatives were present to acquaint us with the transfer opportunities and policies in caseA-B Tech was only the beginning. Western Carolina University, Warren Wilson College, The University of NC at Asheville, El on College, and Mars Hill College were present. 173 in, T? We would lik jio express our appreciation to Dr. Baker Hat ton for his kiffjness and consideration of his students and A-B Tech stujlbnts. He has been an inspiration and encourg ment to at; 0 |i his guidance will be missed. Hu imi THESE PEOPLE HAVE IT COMING TO THEM Mr. Rick English Mrs. Joyce Parris Mr. Richard Croom Ms. Celia Tauscher Mr. Bob Morrell Ms. Mary Carpenter Mr. T om Hansen Library Staff Mr. Clay Sorrells Mr. A I Dexter Mr. Ray Bailey Mr. Gary Cody The time has come ... to give everyone . . . Our Thanks . . . for your generous contributions to the best yearbook in A-B T ech ' s history . Thank you, The Y earbook Staff 175 TIME IS . TIME WAS . . . TIME IS PAST.

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