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IN MEMORIAM THOMAS W. SIMPSON 1927-1975 TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword 2 Introduction 3 Campus Life 7 Athletics 35 Curriculum 51 Administration 91 Individual Photographs 107 I ■ ( FOREWORD The 1975 edition of MOUNTAIN TECH is published to capture within its covers life as it is lived from day to day at A-B Tech. Each of the graduating students came to this Institution with different ideas, ambitions, and beliefs. Little did these students know that Tech presented a challenge and an opportu- nity for achievement maximum in the varied curricula. A-B Tech, because of its competent instruction, has satisfied these students ' dreams and wishes. To capture the many nuances that occurred from day to day would be insur- mountable; and, with that thought in mind, this book is intended to bridge the gap from a historical point of view from 1974 to 1975. With these final words, we proudly present the 1975 MOUNTAIN TECH. 2 Some of the nicest memories that we shall take with us from A-B Tech will be of campus life - new friend- ships formed outside the classroom; playing cards in the lobby or the snack bar; playing intramural basketball, tag football, volleyball; cheerlead- ing; working on the Student Se nate; being a member of a curriculum club; getting to know people in our classes who have different ideas and attitudes than ours; joking during class breaks; writing articles for the newspaper or newsletter; recognition for work well done. All of these experiences have helped us grow into more mature understanding human beings. Within these pages we have captured a few of these rare moments in campus life. 4 5 SMI |jjf % s If if ft k Wpvff ; Jk I 4 8 In Class In Class? The Christmas Party was great. Photo by: R.E. Morrell 11 12 13 14 15 16 I Left Side: Here we see Manpower screening an applicant. Right Top: Here we see a speaker at a Manpower graduation. Right Bottom: Here we see what a Manpower student will be ex- posed to at one point of his campus life if he comes to A-B Tech. 18 X 19 MISS AB TECH TERESA THOMAS 20 Top: Linda Herzberg Bottom: Louise Levy Top: Shawn O ' Brien Bottom: Martha Scott AND HER COURT 21 HOMECOMING QUEEN LINDA HERZBERG 22 Top: Jan Calloway Bottom: Janet Lovingood Top: Martha Scott Bottom: Jo Ann Sisty AND HER COURT 23 24 HOMECOMING DANCE 25 26 Those above who made it in the Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges are: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Jim McMillan, Donna Smathers, Sheila Nicholson and Dave Nicholson. In the picture below is Jan Calloway. All of the students due to their well-rounded activities achieved this honor. A combination of leadership, academic honors, participation in school activities, involvement in community and service programs contributed to their recognition. They have displayed present ability and future potential. WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES 27 PAT IECKEY EDITOR JEAN SHORTER — SHERRY RHODARMER TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS ANNUAL STAFF DOES IT AGAIN! i Top Left: Mike Burnett, Editor Top Right: Jim Drummond, Adviser Middle Left: Cheryl Maney, Layout Center; Rachel I Arrowood, Photography Middle Right: Clay Sorrells, Photography Editor Bottom Left: Angel Banks, Layout Editor Bottom Right: Eric West, Layout Thanks go out to i a lot of people who helped in all capac- ities. Such as Bob i Morrel I , Rick Eng- I lish , Mark Carpen- j ter, Arr lie Fox, Lin- . da Her zb erg , Guy Caserta, and others too numerous to name. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Caldwell; Shawn O ' brien, editor STANDING LEFT: Norma Fulghum, STANDING RIGHT: Jimmy McMillan Above: Bob Morrell, Technical Advisor Above Far Right: David Russell, Above Near Right: Ted Orr, Right: Jean Shorter, Celia Tauscher, Advisor 30 Here is a group that proved itself invaluable. Memories will always thrive on their basketball game against The Big Wise Owls. Heart Fund Sunday proved a successful drive. The golf tournament was much fun. Each end of quarter book store reflects their diligence. Their un- selfishness will remain with all who came in con- tact with them. President: Jimmy McMillan (SEATED LEFT) Vice-President: Dave Micholson (STANDING RIGHT) Secretary: Shawn O ' Brien (SEATED RIGHT) Treasurer: Eddie Holcombe (STANDING LEFT) ALPHA PSI OMEGA 31 STUDENT SENATE . . . SEATED: Donna Smathers, President STANDING: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Kathy Wyatt, Secretary, Jan Calloway, Vice- president; Jimmy McMillan, Treasurer Missions accomplished this year by the Student Senate were the Blood Drive, two overwhelm- ing efforts. The Christmas Party and the Carnival head the list too. Field Day activi ties were planned by our campus so Ions. Dr. Bruce Hilton ' s very infor- mative lecture was sponsored by the Senate as was Dr. Stanton Friedman ' s on UFO ' s. They are to be commended. Very few politicians (?) such as them get as much done as they did. The Senate expresses appreciation to Mary L . Carpenter for her ener- gies and sincere concern. 32 . . . WORKING HARD. Christmas party photo by R.E. Morrell. Left of Christmas party photo is Dr. Stanton Friedman. Below it is Dr. Bruce Hilton. 1 ; , . : : i AiAiii 33 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Rachelle clone it ya ' a ll Intramural football trudged onward again this year in the world famous ABT astrodome. Congratulations to the Drafting II team for their effort. It paid off; they won the championship. BASKETBALL 1975 The 74-75 basketball sea- son was a good one. Reflecting on some of the events, you re- alize just how far the Atomics went. To start off by losing val- uable players is notan ideal situation. Even more frustrating is regaining a lost eager and losing him again. These are reasons for any team to quit. Evidently, our cagers know quitters never win because they never quit. As shown in some pictures, the team kept on trucking until they got to Hef- len, Alabama. Just wait until next year opponents of A-B Tech and never forget this year. Ssaffl r . l ' i ,• 1 yjv » m 1 “ k 1 2 2 1 . Y) ww 1 For a job well done and a season to be proud of, we have the following to be thankful for. Front Row: Lamont Wright, Larry Suber, Mike Linney, Dennis Gillespie, W.C. Hare, Coach Ken Driver. Back Row: Coach Jim Rhea, Mike Bowlin, Rick Ellinburg, Darrell Boone, Gene Edwards, Butch Robin- son. The Atomics season record was 17-10 making a sure- fire winning season for the Victoria Road Cagers. All backing for this past season was the work of the many numerous fans. Without backing you cannot expect much performance. 38 The girls, in spite of injuries , did well . They end- ed their play with a 6-7 season. Not bad at all . We have a few players re- turning so there is hope for a prosperous season. (Above Right) Mike Bowlin was named to the All-Conference and A I l-Toumament teams this year; a very suitable reward for a deserv- ing player. Also, receiving honors this year was Larry Suber, who unquestionably was voted " Most Valuable Player. " ALPHA PSI OMEGA VS WISE OWLS Alpha Psi Omega ' s second annual benefit basket- ball game was staged to raise funds for the Scholarship Foundation. The Alpha Psi Omega All-Stars battled against the Big WISE Owls in a rollicking, rock-and- rolling game of very little skill , quite a bit of chance, and a whole lot of lunacy. 40 am 1975 Golf Team - n i tli l s % s if ’ f. r " FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Craig Cable, Charles Henry, Tommy Davis, Dick Manion. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Jim Rhea, Henry Whitmire, Don Taylor, Coach Mike Holcombe 1975 Veterans Association Softball Team of A-B Tech. On the pictures shown here, we get a glimpse of pure softball wizardry. It was notables such as these seen here that led A-B Tech ' s softball team to the drunk tank, uh, would you believe greatness . 41 CHEERLEADERS 1975 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jan Calloway, Sharon Bryant, Linda Herzberg, Martha Scott, Sandra Stepp, Veheda Ho I lit i eld, Cheryl Maney Jan Calloway Cheryl Maney 42 Martha Scott Sandra Stepp V 43 Veheda Hollifield Carolyn Poynter, Sponsor Linda Herzberg 44 FIELD DAY 1975 With this year ' s field clay activities along came the 50 ' s nostalgia onto our campus. As many of the pictures following will show, pie throwing and the dunking booth also proved to be popular. 48 CARNIVAL 1975 A carnival reveals a lot of things. For in- stance the concern of the student senators who put hours into planning. Numerous days were spent building and testing booths. More than anything though it all was worthwhile when the event finally arrived. With the dedication of this page to the carnival, we thank the many persons who participated at all levels. • N ► T 4 ' , 4 t At- C . ' «» Jfc j I «V i 1 ■ I . V - V - . - ' " ■ .w ■ ■ ' » -x .v T aaa: SSgifiraftHHfc feaMw r %KT 50 DIVISION OF BUSINESS EDUCATION Right: Olin R. Wood Director, Division of Business Education Below: Howard N. Ray Chairman, Electronic Data Processing Bottom: Richard White Chairman, Business Administration Bottom Right: Sara M. Morris, Chairman, Office Education 52 ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING Left: Garnet Pace, Data Processing Technician Kmiiiiii mump ' i tiAm Im OFFICE EDUCATION [ Jear Right: Max Hutchins, Instructor Far Right: Sallie Graves, Instructor Right Below: Jewel McDaniel DIVISION OF HOSPITALITY EDUCATION At left is Frederick Johnsson, Divi son Director of the Hospitality Education Department. Far Left: John Bolhuis, Chairman, Hotel-Restau- rant Management Near Left: Robert Werth, Chairman, Culinary Technology CULINARY ARTS AND CULINARY TECHNOLOGY Right: Ann Cooley, Instructor. Bottom Center: Inez Faurot, Instructor Below: Mr. Morton helps get it all together in the dining hall. DIVISION OF ALLIED HEALTH David Wolfe, Division Director V • WW 60 WILHELM C ROENTGEN early radiograph 61 62 AIM Betsy Fridl, Instructor Patricia Poret, Instructor Metta Buckner, Instructor Estelle Mowicki, Instructor . ». • 63 DENTAL HYGIENE Top Left: Doris Cunningham, Dental Assisting Instructor Dental Hygiene Receptionist Top Right: Beth Seegars, Instructor Above: Baker Hamilton, Chairman, Dental Curricu lums 64 Jean Stines, Associate Chairman Sherry Shields, Instructor 35 66 MEDICAL LABORATORY ASSISTANT 67 Ruth Geddings, Chairman PRACTICAL NURSE EDUCATION 68 69 RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY Maxine DeWeese, Instructor For UnnanageaLIc CJiiid: Biie-Uinas Usim. Tam- X-RAY fflTPBflR fl Henry Dawkins, Chairman 70 EXPOSED 71 DIVISION OF VOCATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Right: Stans Sluder, Chairman; Welding Lower Left: Albert Awald, Chairman; Tool and Die Making Lower Middle: John Woody, Chairman; Building Construction Lower Right: Robert Parker, Chairman; Air Conditioning Refrigeration Left: Robert Israel, Chairman; Diesel Engines and Hydraulics Right: Robert Swan, Chairman; Machine Shop AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION AUTOMOTIVE MECHANICS Left: Bill Haney, Instructor Below: Charles Moblitt, Chairman kwh 75 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION DIESEL ENGINES AND HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS 77 MACHINE SHOP W. J. Davis, Instructor WM CT . tl 78 TOOL AND DIE MAKING 79 WELDING DIVISION OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Richard Croom, Division Director T CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY All of A-B Tech ' s graduates are to be commend- ed. The group above however, is singled out be- cause of its great perserverance. They represent the first evening Civil Engineering graduates. Gentle- men, congratulations. 83 DRAFTING AND DESIGN Left: Michael Holcombe, Chairman Right: Paul Keicher, Instructor Below: James Rhea, Instructor OOPS ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY Far Left: W.P. Fisher, Instructor Left: G. Steve Creasman, Chairman Middle Left: " This goes here, that goes there, or does it? " m mlif i ■iiiiiltmmmmmiiiimi DIVISION OF GENERAL EDUCATION Far Left Top: Thomas Gaffi- gan, Division Director Far Left Bottom: Paul Lent- jes, Chairman; Physical Science Mear Left: Maxie Welch, Chairman; English, Psych- ology, Sociology Far Left: Joyce Parris, In- structor; English Mear Left: Toby Shook, Chairman; Mathematics 87 ■■ Top Far Right: Faye Muse, Instructor; Mathematics Bottom Far Right: William Knight, Instructor; English Near Right: Celia Tauscher, Curriculum Developer Far Right: Barbara Smith, Instructor; English Near Right: Ellen Price, Instructor; Reading 88 Far Left: Phil Paxton, In- structor; Mathematics Near Left; William Collins, Instructor; Psychology, Sociology Left: Rex Blakeney, In- structor; Electricity Far Left: Jo Marguerite Graybeal, Instructor; English Near Left: Barbara Smith, Instructor; Physics 89 Far Right: Doug Nodine, Chairman; Department of Natural Science Right: James Hurley, In- structor; English Right: Robert Buckner, Instructor; Mathematics 4 Right: Roy Lance, In- structor; Physics 90 Thomas W. Simpson, President Top: Thomas W. Simpson, President Above Right: Jane Smith, Administrative Assistant Right: Judy Whitlock, Secretary 92 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Left: Herbert Coman, Chairman Below: (Left to Right) Dave Robinson, John Erichson, Jack Cox, William Morgan, Her- bert Coman, Richard Wood, Edwin Higgins, Herbert Hyde, Joe Roberson, Gordon Green- wood, Ernest Mills, Howard Harrison. 93 OFFICE OF THE DEANS AND AREA CONSULTANTS Top Right: Harvey Haynes Dean of Instruction Right: J.B. Edwards Dean of Occupational Education Below Right: Brewster Adams Dean of Evening Programs Below Left: Lowell Smith Dean of Continuing Education 94 Left (Top to Bottom): Art Taylor, Director Adult Basic Edu- cation; Ray Sawyer, Director of Extension; Jay Canter, Area Co- ordinator Hospitality Education. Right (Top to Bottom): Bob Poore, Area Coordinator, In- dustrial Services; Frances Roberts, Field Representative, Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center; Faye Reeves, Instructor, Adult Basic Edu- cation. 95 BUSINESS OFFICE Below Left: IMancy Griffin, Accounting Clerk. Carolyn Shotwell, Purchas- ing Agent. Right Top to Bottom: Ray Bailey, Business Manager. Patricia Farr, Book- keeper. Jessie Goforth, Bookkeeper. 96 . -sjt ♦ ♦At a vvV V Left: Rhonda West, Accounting Clerk Above: Rick English, Audio-visual Technician 97 BOOKSTORE AND MAINTENANCE The Bookstore is a place to get all your school supplies. Al- so, after you leave you don ' t have to worry about carrying around a lot of money. LEFT TO RIGHT; Ai- der) Chrisawn, Book- store Manager. An- other satisfied cus- tomer. Marie Farley, Bookstore Clerk. Upper, Left to Right: Don Collins, Bobby Freeman, Coordinator of Physical Plant; Ivory Hunter, Lead Maintenance Man. Group, Left to Right: Cecil McCurry, John Davidson, Becky Murray, Lyman Brown. MANPOWER Top Left: Bill Shetley, Director Middle Left: Willa Bella Rowe, Job Developer Bottom Left: Hardy Mapp, Outreach- Counseler Top Right: Virginia Kirkland, Outreach Coordinator Middle Right: Burney Gardner, Instructor Bottom Right: Marilyn Bollinger, Instructor; HRD 99 STUDENT SERVICES Top to Bottom: (Left) Glenn Anderson, Director of Financial Aid; Paul Hensley, Veterans Service Officer. (Center) Frances Johnson, Registrar; Mary Carpenter, Counselor. (Right) Tom Hansen, Director of Counseling; Jack Davis, Dean of Stu- dent Services; Jim Drummond, Counselor Assistant. 100 t r- THE HAPPENINGS ■ mm i jr r Ft On this page is contained another side of Student Services. For instance, Diane Freeman, on the left, is seen with her father ' s car, a 1934 Hudson. It ' s value is placed in the high price bracket and is one of only three in existence. Then, per- iodically, birthdays are planned, trips to the beach without even leaving the office, and occasion- ally we find our Veterans Service officer coaching basketball. The Bloodmobile would be in vain (pardon the pun), if not for Mary Carpenter. SECRETARIAL STAFF TOP TO BOTTOM Left: Fran Hensley, Diane Freeman, Sharon Waugh. Right Top (Left to Right): Margaret Shope, Emma Pate. Right Bottom (Left to Right): Lois Angel, Jo Ann Crompton. Bottom Right: Connie Rice Top, Left to Right: Juanita Sluder, Eileen Shope. Center, Left to Right: Brenda Clemmer, Clela Watson, Susan Phelps. Left: Becky Latham 103 LIBRARY Right: Shirley McLaughlin Bottom Right: Sandra Banks 105 LEARNING LABORATORY Near Right: Ilka Mc- Dowell, Associate Lab- oratory Coordinator. Far Right, Top to Bottom: Katie Davis, Laboratory Co- ordinator. Emily Ber- gere. Evening Lab Co- ordinator. Jannett Abernathy Carolyn Allen Gary D. Allen Randa Al len Steve Allman Jeffrey Anderson John Anderson John Andrews Richard Andrews Martha Armitage Larry Arrington Karen Arrowood Rachelle Arrowood Wayne Arrowood Rus Ashbrook Lee R. Ashe Dan Atwood 108 Larry Baggess Bill Baker Janice Bates Kim Baxter Thomas Beathard Mancy Beck Patricia Bennett Bill Berger Donna Baldwin Angel Banks Karen Banks Charles Barrette Stephanie Barron Annice Bates 109 Robert Neal Bias Leroy Bishop Janice Black Henry Blackwell Brendon Blake Gary Blankenship James Blankenship Donald Blevins Bob Borders Mike Bowlin Genie Boyd Jack Bradley Jimmy Bradley Ronald Bradley Tina Bradley Don Branson Linn Branson Paulene Brasswell Tim Britt Branda Brock Dana Brookshire Jim Brotherton Dana Brown Eddie Brown 110 J.B. Brown James Borwn Louis Brown Sharon Bryant Charles Bryson Dennise Bryson Barron Buchanan C.P. Buchanan Gloria Buchanan Michael Buchanan Danny Buckner Ross Buckner Larry Buff Joan Buirgy Terry Bullman Dottie Burge Bettina Burnette Mike Burnette Ray Burnette Nancy Burrell Bob Butcher Mike Byerly Don Byers Cordie Byrd | 111 Craig Cable James Caldwell James Calloway David Carland Ron Caldwell Jan Calloway Ruth Carter Patricia Calloway Sharon Carter Steve Carver Edward Case Guy Caserta Sharon Cassida Alfred L. Cauble Gary Caviness Victor Chalk Marvin D. Chambers James Chandler 112 William W. Chandler Carol Chapman Roy Chapman Troyce Chappell Carl Charah Monte Clampett Elaine Cheek Stephanie Clark Beverly Church Steve Clark Donna Church William A. Clark James Clements David Cole Joe Clemons Gary Cole Doris Cogdil I Harry Collins I !: 113 Vicki Collins Bobby Conners Gail Corbin Jody Cox Carol Crayton Dennise Thomas Conley Lee Conner David Cox Linda Cox Gail Craig Lynn Crawford Bill Crompton Charles Crowley Grace Crout Cunningham Roy Dalton Freddie Dance Clark Davidson 114 Clyde Davis Jeff Davis Juanita Davis Kitty Davis Pamela Davis Tom Davis Carroll Deweese Glen Devlin Rita Dillingham Connie Dillon Allen Doster Cathy Dover Pat Drake Carol Dreiling Dale Ducker Karen Ducker 115 Rose Marie Erwin Doyle Estes Tim Erwin George Estes Phillip Duncan Jackie Early Paul Jo Edwards Bob Dunn Ray Eaton Billie Eisenhart Donald Dunn Mike Edney Rick Elingburg Ann Elledge Sara Duval Gene Edwards Peggy Ellenburg Marlene Ellis 116 Joan Everson Richard Fann Babe Farmer Richard Fawcett Gayle Feldman Gary Fender Brenda Fesperman Ernest Few, Jr. Ronald Fore Arrlie C. Fox Randy Fox Randy Franklin Tony Franklin Roger Frazier Beulah Freeman Judy Freeman 117 Roy Freeman Patricia Fugate Norma Fulghum Penny Gaddis Yvon Gagmon Dianne Gamble Vic Gardner Michael Garner Tom Gassaway Karen Gentry Keith Gentry Peggy Gettlemen Sarah Gilliland Dianne Gillian Danny G i 1 1 is 118 Larry W. Gipe Brent Godfrey Jim Godfrey Linda Goodson Jesse Goodman Marilyn Gormley Jean Anne Grant Marcie Grant Beverly Gray Ken Griff en Martha Griffin Robert Griffin Robert W. Grigg Paul Guinn Mike Gunter 119 Roy Ham lin Stewart Hamlin Wilma Hamlin W.C. Hare Robert Hammond Barbara Hanna Jerry Hardy Bob Harris Carleen Harrison Don Harrison Art Hartless Wilma A. Hawkins Debbie Hayes 120 Anna Head Lynn Heatherly Karen Hedden Charles Ray Hendrix Debra Hensley Amy Henshaw Karol Henson Peggy Henion Jolene Hewitt Linda Herzberg David Hill Pam Hill John H ines John Lee Hines Amy Hinshaw Ernestine Hoglen Shirley Holbert Susie Holbert Eddie Holcombe Gary Holcombe Barnard Holley 121 Teresa Hollifield Veheda Hoi I if ield Robert Holloway Tim Hooker Ross Hope David Hopper Bruce Howard Tommy Howell Wayne Howell Jeanie Hoyle Albert Hudson Sam Huntley Jim Hutcherson Deanna Hyde Bill H ygon Cynthia Ingle Dale Jackson Frank E. Jackson 122 Lynne Jaeggli Don Jenkins Eddie Jenkins Gary Jenkins Bruce J. Jetsick Allen Johnson Mike Johnson Mitzi Johnson Bob Johnston Bob Jones Jeff Jones Jerry M. Jones i A L Paul Jones T om Jones Harold Kanupp Rick Kanupp 123 Larry Keener Regina Keener Mi ke Kelcher Mac Kelly T ommy K el ley Harry Kemp Kathy Kennedy Barbara Kenney David Kent Jerry Kent Shirley Kent Dodie Kirsch Ray Kilby Barbara King Ann K iser Steve Kiser 124 Debbie K izziah Billy Lamb r J 1 j 1 4 rs V , f, t ' ! Laura Lamm John Laughridge Gary Laughter Pat Leckey Lynn Ledbetter Louise Levy Gary Lewis Judy Lewis Kenneth Lewis Larry Lewis Marsha Liles Debbie Lindsay 125 Ronald Linens Dorcas Ling Ruth Ling Ronald Lipe Roney Littrell Mike Livesay Peggy Logan Mike Lok Gene Long Jeraid B. Long Janet Lovingood Anothony Lunsfall Denise Lunsford Jamie Lynch Rebecca Mace Cheryl Maney Donald Marlowe Larry M. Marshall Kay Martin Shirley Massengale Thomas Massey 126 Yvonne Massey Robert Maxwel I Lora Moyle Billy Mayse Wade Maynor Joe McCormack Tommy McCrain Mike McCrary Frank McElrath Jack McElrath Diana McElroy Eva McFee Marvin McGuinn Gerald McGuire Sue McKnight Charles McKinnish Edward McMahon Ronald McMahon Susan McMahon Jimmy McMillan Mark McMeans 127 Joe Miller Roger Miller Tommy Miller Bryan Millikin Karen Milner Larry Mongiovi Regina Moody Clifford Moore Garry Moore Glenna Moore Jackie Moore John Moore Lori Moore Randy Moore Rich Moore Jerry McTaggart Mavis Meadows Barry Melton Robert Metzger Dennis Merrell Jim Miller Michael Meadows Rose Marie Meadows Tom Mehaffey 128 The mat is a little softer. Beadie Morgan Jack Morgan Sharon Morgan Ken Moses Gary Motley William Mull Fred Muller Ricky Munday Shirley Murray Jim Mave 129 David Nicholson Sheila Nicholso n Furman Nicholson Debbie Nobl itt Carol Nelson 130 T ed Orr Beverly Osteen Danette Page Shirley Painter Betty Parker Brenda Parker Tony Patterson Gail Payne Martha Payne Victor Pedew Charles Penland Dale Pennell Floyd Perry Russell Perry 131 Jack Peterson Barbara Pierson Rick Plemmons Ricky Plemmons Tracy Plemmons Bob Ponder Howard Pope Randy Porshia Phyllis Powell Hank Pressley Jane Pressley Richard Pressley Wanda Pressley Robert Price William Prichard Randall Prutzmar Anna Pridgen Lorraine Raper Loretta Rattler Chan Raxter Ann Ray 132 Louise Ray Neva Reavis Becky Rector Debbie Reed Barbara Reese Susan Reese Wendell Radcliff Jane Ramsey Tom Reifenberg Alan Rhodarmer Larry Rhodarmer Sherry Rhodarmer Betty Rice Earl R ice Margaret R i ce Rebecca Reed Wilma Randall Tony Rhodes Bill Rice Elaine R i ce Randy Rice 133 T eresa Rice Herb Roberson Barbara Roberts Catherine Roberts David Roberts Debbie Roberts Donna Roberts Michael Roberts Brenda Robinson Janice Robinson Nona Robinson 134 Bill Rothweiler Lance Russell Mike Russell Ronald Sales Jerry Salter Rick Salter Mary Sanchagrin 135 Dale Saunders Karen Sawyer T ed Sawyer James Schrader Martha Scott Dewayne Scruggs David Seal John Seaver Nancy Seitz Bruce Sharpe Larry Shelton Jerry Shepard Howard Shipman Phi II Shope Jean Shorter Frank Shuffler Edgar Shuford Janice Shuford Gerald Silver T eresa Si I ver Danny Silvers 136 Thomas Simmons Jo Ann Sisty David Skelton Shelia Sluder Donna Smathers Jill Smathers Debbie Smith Harold Smith James Sm ith Jim Smith 137 Randy Smith Sandra Smith Jimmy Snow Carl Sohns Clay Sorrells John Sorrells Larry Spain Kathy Smith Margaret Smith Micheal Smith Mike Smith { I 138 Tony Sparacino Rose Ann Stamey Jimmy Stanfield Ken Steele Del Stephens June Stepp Neicee Stepp Yagannda Stevens Yogis Stevens David Stone Oliver Stroud 139 Jo l lel I Styles Porter G. Styles Kenny Sullivan Roger Surrett Douglas Swann Glenn Swearingen Renee Farlow Brenda Taylor Bonnie A. T erry Sharon Thomas Teresa Thomas Becky Thomason Cheryl Thrash David Tinsley Nel I Tipton Jimmy Tolley Roland Tolley Carolyn T ompkins Robert Troy Steve Trull Martin Tschiffely Charles T urner Debbie Waddel I Jerry Waldrop Phi I Wal I in Terry Ward 140 Jim Warren Kathy Warren Gary Webb Cindy Weinhauer Brenda Wilhelm Brian Wells Pearl Wells Brenda West Debra M. West Eric West Carroll White Sheila Whitehead Henry Whitmire Ronny Wilburn Jacob Wilds Mary Wilkie Dee Williams James Williams Marie Williams Margaret Williams James C. Wilson Larry Wilson Loretta Wi Ison Velda Wi Ison 141 Joyce Wright Kathy Wyatt Kamalasiri Wijewickrema Debbie Y elton Paula Verger Sue Yingling Elaine Young James Young Patsy Young Roger Young Arnold Zigman New R ecruit? Tom Wolfe Gary D. Wood Michael Wood Charles Worley Dale Worley Susan Worley Gary Worsham Teresa Worley % • A 142 It ' s Hard to Lose a Friend I read the other day that a friend of mine lost his life in a car accident. You say, " So what? Lots of people die in car accidents. What ' s new about that? " Have you ever lost someone you liked because of an accident on the highway or anywhere? Someone you knew you could trust with a deep, dark secret? Someone you could talk to and know that he ' d listen? Somebody--! don ' t know--somebody, you know? A friend is a person who likes you because you like him. You get to know him through acquaintances at work, at church, at school, wherever. The bond of friendship comes to- gether the first time you meet and strengthens as time goes on. When times are bad, a friend is the natural in a score of otherwise flat notes; someone who is never sharp unless it ' s necessary. A friend is the sunshine and warmth in a life of dark and cold; a smile, a wink, a pat on the back, an " Awright! " when you ' re a winner; and a " Shake it off, Man. You ' ll make it, " when you ' re a loser. A friend is someone to be a friend to. He is some- one you get down on your knees and thank God for at the end of the day. It ' s part of your life. A friend for life is a friend forever. Having someone like that close by in a time of tragedy or in a time of real joy can be the ultimate high. You don ' t need Pot or Coke or Pills or any type of drug. All you need is a friend. Period. To a person who is lonely; literally with no one in the world to turn to, someone who he can call " Friend " can be like finding the pot at the end of the rainbow, Gold and all. It can be like finding a treasure trove, a gold mine, a bonanza. It ' s an ego builder. You think down deep inside that the world hates you and that you ' re inferior to all around. Then you find that there IS someone who cares. He might be the only one within a 100- mile radius; still, he ' s one person who respects you, understands you and helps you. That ' s a friend. I read the other day that a friend of mine lost his life in a car accident. It ' s awfully easy to lose your life, but it ' s awfully hard to lose a friend. Ron Caldwell 143 Each year sees new growth and greater opportunities at A-B Tech, and I am glad that this continues to be true. No viable institution can remain static and ABTI is no exception. As we have moved to make the newly purchased Catholic property truly ours, a master plan has been developed. Long-range educational planning was presented to the State Board of Education in a document prepared under the guidance of the Academic Affairs Committee with involvement of staff, students, and community representatives. The WNC Historial Association was granted a lease for the Smith-McDowel I Home and has developed plans for making it an area cultural center. Institutionally, we have participated in efforts to alleviate unemployment by cooperating with the Manpower Commission in offering special classes. Fernihurst has been utilized for some of these classes, and others have been conducted in leased facilities. All of these things are positive contributions to the community in which you and I live. I hope you are proud of being a part of the Institute and its growth. 144

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