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Wi| Mi liflifj Hshevrll« ' Buncombe Technical institute L I B R A R Y 340 Victoria Road Asheville, North Carolina 28801 2 President 4 Board of Trustees 5 Dedication 6 Student Government 8 Miss A-B Tech Court 14 Administration 18 Faculty 21 Library 26 Learning Lab 27 DIVISIONS. Engineering Technology 29 Business Education 39 Hotel-Motel Culinary 51 Industrial Vocational Ed 55 Medical Natural Sciences 67 Night Faculty 70 Custodians 71 What’s New 73 Activities 81 Future 90 o ©® 9 V ' •TYvO© " ' v,p t eCuCV a " 3.8 0 . .-jshW CJ « a " ' a «ct ° e ,oVi t ' a me© e fac- ' 1 ' ’ t e Ca • tot 8 o at W?S0 " ' 7° Sc 6 v °V-r 0 ie e ati° a ° e ' ?ate ° t’a® ts So sta Ns a° c r„ad ol wa7 3 .fits , e v be e l„r a 1 be V „b W at ”, ' V°° ? -ad 0b _ o .at aS ,ic « 3 e© e ote .tet =,iaC j Got et e d°°- -at 1 r; V- J s ' jee c tat 1 Se ct f .iie 8 e V " CO© isst NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY Ue te mfa( e r 9 969 Ashevi i Hi s w " c — , 8eo; - C 0 S 2 - e: 1 - ty caTf Scf oo7; ed T «n d “ent of n S t 1 S ta ° " which ' c e dl ta ° Ut, er n lnsti -Ci y o a r • thieve ' a re Vp Catl °oa; J crc s tec ° tL n happ y thaT f- . ' y ° Ur s,u «o n . RALEIGH. Slnc iy yours Department of Adult Education Box r»r»04 ip 27607 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AND LIFE SCIENCES January 13, 1970 Mr. Thomas W. Simpson President Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute 340 Victoria Road Asheville, North Carolina 28801 Dear Mr. Simpson: May I extend to you and the members of your staff my congratulations on your recent accreditation by Southern Association. This is an honor and a milestone in the development of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute. It recognizes the outstanding contribution which you and the members of your professional team have made to the development of education. I am proud to be associated with the community college system of which Asheville- Buncombe is an important part. Sincerely, Dewey A. Adams Associate Professor 4 At a meeting of students and staff on December 5, 1969, President Simpson stated, “The most significant recognition accorded Asheville- Buncombe Technical Institute occured last Wednesday when the Institute was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools . . .” Left to right (seated): J. Gerald Cowan; Coke Candler; John M. Barnes, chairman; John H. Giezentanner, vice-chairman. Standing: Thomas W. Simpson, president secretary; Herbert Coman; Gordon H. Greenwood; Joseph E. Belton; John W. Erichson; W. W. Shope. Absent when picture was made: Ernest Mills, William M. Morgan, L. F. Zerfoss. UBoazd Of OJzu±t £.£. i 5 ill. (_ ' zoom 6 We the 1970 annual staff do hereby dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Richard D. Croom. Mr. Croom has given much to Asheville Buncombe Technical Institute, not only through excellent in- struction and leadership, but through unselfish con- tributions of his energy and free time. Mr. Croom has been a friend to all students and has been an inspira- tion to those who know him. Some of his efforts include: Supporting student interest in athletics, being our leading cartoonist, in- volvement in the Miss Asheville Tech contest, and providing leadership for students and staff. This dedication is made with pride and sincere thanks to one who has meant and means much to our institution, Mr. Richard D. Croom. 7 {ELzctio) 2 69 (r i nu| Officers, Left to right: Barbara Burris, Treasurer; Lawson Summerrow, President; Roger Mason, Vice-President; Joy Taylor, Secretary. STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL The Student Advisory Council is the “voice” of the students at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute. Membership in the Council is comprised of one representative and one alternate from each curriculum area elected in October each year. Students are urged to maintain close contact with the Council and to feel free to initiate activities or other matters of common interest through the Council. The Faculty Committee for Student Activities works closely with the Student Advisory Council in all matters pertaining to the Council and student activities. The officers of the Council, president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, are elected by a popular vote. Candidates must have a petition containing signatures of 35 full-time students prior to declaring their candidacy. Officers for 1969—1970 were elected by the Student Body during the sixth week of the Fall Quarter. They were as follows: President, Lawson Summerrow, a student in Tool and Die Making; Vice-President, Roger Mason, a second-year Data Processing student; Secretary, Joy Taylor, a second-year Secretarial Science student; and Treasurer, Barbara Burris, a second-year Data Processing student. Mrs. Mary Louise Carpenter, Faculty Sponsor, is present at all Student Ad- visory Council meetings. Each candidate running for a particular office made speeches prior to the election to the Student Body as to what they hoped to accomplish if elected. 9 Mrs. Mary S. Carpenter came to A-B Tech as a guidance counselor. In addition to her regular work of helping students to get the most out of their stay at this institution, she acts as the faculty sponsor of the Student Advisory Council. Although this is Mrs. Car- penter’s first year at A-B Tech, she has be- come deeply involved in student activities, an area in which she is vitally interested. Mrs. Mary S. Carpenter Faculty Sponsor to Student Advisory Council 10 SEATED: Steve Lancaster, Hattie Harwood, Joyce Taylor, Susan Plemmons, Eliza- beth Nailing, and Allen Dunlap. STANDING: Larry Fortner, Ronnie Owens, Gary Sherrill, Doug Hampton, Daniel McGraw, Clark Wynn, David Rector, Melvin Robin- son, Tom Storie, Wade Hall, and Jack LeBeau. SEATED: Patricia Carver, Janie Crowe, Linda Grooms, Dena Northcutt. STAND- ING: Lee Roy Banks, Ed Whitmire, Ted McCrary, Bob Byerly, Kermit Allen, Herbert Wilkins, Steve Cox, and Bill Stroupe. What do you mean we lost a hundred dollars? Only two tickets sold ! ! ! 12 dommittss. 3 ox Student rietijjLtLZ! SEATED (L— R): Bernard Smith; Stans Sluder; Colonel D. Robinson, Chairman; Rex Blakney. STANDING (L-R): Richard Croom; James Rhea; W. T. Davis. NOT PICTURED: Jewel McDaniel, and office members, John W. Davis and Mary S. Carpenter. The Faculty Committee for Student Activities is comprised of members of the faculty representing all divisions of the Institute. This group is the one with whom the Student Advisory Council has the most contact. This Committee initiates or promotes activities or special programs designed primarily to enrich school life of the student body. It establishes a procedure for granting official college sanction to student organizations. Approve or disapprove re- quests for the establishment of new organizations. The group works with student leaders to develop an effective student activi- ties organization. The faculty committee recommends policies on the distribution of student activity funds. Through their leadership, the Committee helps to develop an adequate and meaningful Student Activities program. 13 14 Miss Joy Taylor Secretarial Science II 15 4-B Miss Sandra Ponder Data Processing I Miss Donna Rhew Secretarial Science I 16 Miss Kay Tritt Data Processing II Miss Cathy Buchanan Data Processing I Miss Barbara Burris Data Processing II • Miss Linda Blevins Practical Nursing Education {d.nzuiiit’ia.tujz (L LC£.Z± Brewster Adams Dean of Evening Programs K. Ray Bailey Business Manager Jay Canter Area Consultant, Travel and Tourist Mary Carpenter Counselor John Davis Dean of Student Services Katie C. Davis Learning Lab Coordinator J. B. Edwards Dean of Occupational Education Tom Hansen Counselor Harvey Haynes Ray Sawyer Dean of Instruction Dir. of Adult Basic Ed. Lowell Smith Tyrus West Dir. of Extension Dean of Continuing Education 18 zativz Helen Bowers Bookstore Manager Martha English Associate Librarian Jessie Goforth Bookkeeper Frances Johnson Registrar Patricia Farr Bookkeeper Shirley McLaughlin Librarian Jane Smith Administrative Assistant 19 a Janice King Switchboard Operator Mozelle Moore Secretary to Library Staff Sandra Sams Secretary to Area Consultants Billie Dalton Library Clerk Rosanita Dawkins Secretary Barbara Kitchens Secretary to Instructors Charlene Noblett Secretary Switchboard Operator Emma Pate Secretary to Extension Jo Ann Ray Secretary to Deans— Instruction 20 STANDING, left to right: Lawson Summerrow, Ray Bailey, Robert Phelps, David Wolfe. SEATED, left to right: Carolyn Shotwell, Paul Reynolds, Charles Noblitt. NOT PICTURED: Richard Holcombe, James Rhea, Olin Wood. The Institute Forum was organized at the beginning of the current school year primarily to improve internal communications. The Forum is composed of one member each from the Administrative Council, the Student Council, the Division Directors, and from each of the instructional divisions as well as a representative from the supporting personnel. It was anticipated that the Forum would consider and act upon those matters of a general nature affecting the Institute. Albert W. Awald Robert Barnes Rex Blakeney Tool and Die Drafting Physical Science Ronald Bradshaw Math Dept. Ann Cooley Culinary Tech. Jeanne Cox English B. S. Creasman Richard Croom, Chairman Electronics Civil Engineering Tech., Acting Dir., Div. of Engi- neering Technology. W. J. Davis Ruth Digges William Dickinson Albert Freeman Machine Shop Practical Nursing Mechanical Technology Business Administration 22 T. E. Gafflgan Ruth Geddings, Chairman N. E. Goode, Chairman Joyce Gouge Acting Dir., Div. of Gen. Practical Nursing Ed. Data Processing Dept. Practical Nursing Ed. Education, Math. Michael Elamrick Electronics Technology Richard Holcombe Mathematics Jo Ann Holderman James Hurley Practical Nursing Ed. English and Social Studies Robert Israel, Chairman Rick Johnsson Philip Leese, Chairman G. Paul Lentjes, Chairman Dept, of Diesel Engines Acting Dir., Div. of HMF, Drafting and Design Dept. Physical Science Dept, and Hydraulic Systems. Ser. Ed. Instructor, HMR Mgr. 23 Jewel McDaniel Secretarial Robert Morrell, Chairman Chemical Engineering Tech. Kathryn Morris English and Social Studies Sara Morris, Chairman Secretarial Science Charles Noblett, Chairman Automotive Mechanics Robert Parker, Chairman Robert Phelps, Chairman Paul Reynolds Air HMR Management Business Administration Conditioning-Refrigeration Ronald Sluder Business Administration James Rhea Drafting and Design Donald Robinson Business Administration Toby Shook Math Department 24 Stans Sluder, Dir. Bernard Smith Robert Stevens Robert Swan, Chairman Div. of Voc.-Ind. Math, Physics Instructor, Civil Eng. Machine Shop Ed., Chr. Welding Dept. Maxie Welch, Chairman Robert Werth, Chairman Richard White English, Soc. Studies Dept. Culinary Science Business James Winning, Dir. of Allied Health Education David Wolfe, Chairman Natural Science Olin Wood, Director Bus. Ed., Div. Data Processing John Woody, Chairman Carpentry and Cabinet- Making 25 The library maintains a growing collection of technical and scientific books to support all areas of the curriculum. This collection numbers ap- proximately 10,000 volumes. In addition to the fine technical materials provided, the library is also developing a collection of books to stimulate general reader interests and meet recreational needs. Included are books of current, up-to-date fiction, sports, hobbies, the humanities, and a fine collection of paperbacks. The library also provides 175 different maga- zines and newspapers, including trade journals as well as the favorite popular magazines of a general nature for recrecational reading. Back issues are being acquired on microfilm and equipment for its use is provided. The library serves as a center for research and concentrated study in all areas of the curriculum, and in addition, a place for fun and relaxation during leisure hours. SEATED (L R): James Hurley, Paul Lentjes, Undena Northcutt, John Woody. STANDING (L- R): Ronald B. Sluder, Harold Hamrick, Shirley McLaughlin, Joseph B. Edwards. 26 7 . zaxnuz 3 JlaC, The Learning Laboratory is a self- teaching learning center using pro- grammed instructional materials exclu- sively. The programmed text, with its for- mat of information, questions, and answers does the teaching. Each question takes the student one step further, and each time his understanding grows. The Learning Laboratory has four basic objectives: to give students at Asheville-Buncombe Tech a source of materials which can supplement any of their regular course work; to give pre- vocational and pre-technical students a de- velopmental program in science, math- ematics, and English before entering a regular curriculum; to assist individuals in their preparation for the High School equivalency Examination; to provide an opportunity for the general public to in- crease their vocational and academic po- tential. 27 29 nzic at 1 IzchnoL czSzniozi o aa Rebecca Atkins Ruth Chandley Brenda Guy Michael Moore 30 uzs.zzuzq 1 IzcluzoLo w Rudy Carson Michael Evans Marshall Fields Douglas Jones Richard Joyce Jonathan Phillips David Hickerson David Hutchins Wayne Orr 31 a id. 9b EXLCm 9 noLo 99 Dennis Hipps Daniel McGraw Michael O’Conner James Owen Wayne Parris Ronald Ray Gerald Sawyer Patsy Sherlin Henry Whitmire Robert Whitted 32 [j zaftincj ci zcl ( 7 schnoio , Allan Culberson Cortez Freeman Larry Reece David Reed William Reese WiUiam Sheppard Elmer Suttles 33 Elect ZOULCi. s ZJ2LOZ1 Jacinto Batista Kenny Coggins Steve Cox Larry Fortner Ibid ' i Ja 1 ' ll Ain Albert Hansen Jerry Joyner Daniel Kimball Smith Lingerfelt Edward Osteen Q, unioz± Maynard Bennett Richard Marlowe Doyle Matney David Redmond Michael Roberts Tony Stamey William Stroupe Surendra Ashar Roger Wyatt 34 £[zct zoned ' iaht David Allen James Causey Douglas Coggins Edward Dalton Richard Davis Bruce Dycus William Hembree George Lawrence Kirby McLamb Wayne Morgan Gary Odom 35 3ndu±tzLaL ncjLnzzzinq zulois. Bruce Payne Bartley Reece Roger Shook William Shores Tommy Stevens Dwight Wiles John Wright Samuel Edney Julian Hill Bob Lewis James Davis Lloyd Eastland Sherman Filkins Stephen Harris Homer Murdock Robert Ballard William Bates Gary McElory Lloyd Moore Lloyd Moser Thomas Leatherwood Robert McCoy 36 Jerry Buchanan Marshall Burris Phillip Israel Will Reeves Dan Roland cVIecIi anccal ( o Qiuzi umozi 37 38 39 Allen Dunlap Patricia Grady Kenneth Gregory Monte Hunnicutt Gladys Logan Theodore McCrary Claude Smith David Sparks James Thomas Leon Worthy Walter Gee Stephen Crane Jeter Duck Michael Edwards Robbie Freeborn Mike Hancock Joe Hannah Larry Hill Lawrence House Deborah Hunter Richard Huscusson Wendelyn Husebo Margaret Hyde Wayne Jackson Linda Lefler Jack LeBeau Howard Lytle Terry Mease Susan McIntosh Manuel McMinn Stephen Murray 41 Alan Sonner Theordore Tinsley Boyce Whitaker Lena Whitted James Woolley 42 William Pinner Terry Ponder Buren Price Gary Roberts Carolyn Roland Charles Wise 43 J ata. lPz ocznuz 3 £ £HLOT± MBA Barbara Burris Chester Cappell Dave Davis Phil Goode Wade Hall Bill Johnson Roger Mason Elaine McCall Ireland McCall Undena Northcutt Ray Parham Margaret Riddle Leslie Smith Dwyn Thomas Kay Tritt Homer Wilson L. J. Woody Steve Wyatt 44 Wanda Crowder John Debord Maria Farmer Don Fox Ronnie Gentry Mike Gillespie Shirley Gilliland Patricia Gwaltney Don Hallingse Ronald Hill Brenda Holmes Joe Ingle Michael Ingle Johnny Jackson Harold Kirkendall Stephen Lawson Alexander Little Gaden Maney Wanda McCormick Ray Orr Charlene Pace 45 Lit Cl CP’lOC£liUZq J-untox i. Garnet Pace Jackie Paige Bartie Parker Phil Parker Betty Penland L. W. Poor Fred Pratt Debbe Price Virginia Peters Sandra Ponder David Rector Owen Roberts Paula Ross Garry Sayies David Wilson 46 Donald Owen Frederick Muller Rebecca Morrow Charles Lindsley Walter Jones David Hall Raymond Cordery Gerald Clark Michael Bartlett 47 ztcncal CLsncz Linda Baldwin Jane Buckner Pat Carver Elizabeth Gorman Sandra Horn Janet Miller Susan Plemmons Gail Presley Gerri Ray Brenda Roberts 48 t SzczstcviLal cizncz. uncoil Charlene Brookshire Connie Buckner Melinda Burch Deborah Childs Gail Corbin Jan Crowe Patricia Franks Linda Grooms Hattie Harwood Cathy Howell Carolyn Jenkins Betty King Shelia Landreth Edna Mauck Maureen McGough Lavada McMahan Elizabeth Nailling Gloria Neighbors Charlene Noblett Judith Norris Jean Parham Betty Ponder Donna Rhew Betty Rhodes 49 50 51 Madeleine Rogers Phillip Ball Ll lLOll Vickie Edwards Melvin Garrison Bobby Lilly Clarence Lytle Ronald Pressley James Wells Herbert Wilkins l [ot t Gregory Banner Ronnie Cohn Ralph Ellison Lawrence Lewis Michael Demos Henry Anderson Ronnie Arnold Norman Clubb Charles Goldsmith David Holder James Milling Jeff Myron Charles Reid John Sams Gary Stamey Jerome Swayngim Jon Swayngim Stewart West 53 54 55 _T7iT ConJitionbiq S sjzi.cjs’iutLon Ss.nL SHLOZi. Harold Ball Bill Godfrey Johnny Gravley Bille Henson Douglas King Steve Lyday John Marlowe Danny Morrow John Rhinehart Kenneth Smith Thomas Storie James Taylor 56 Conditioning Ctj- Lariat ion Daniel Beal Gene Capps Rodney Crossman Carl Keller Charles Miller Robert Ray Jerry Rice Edwin Salter 57 utomotius. d KecIi aruci K anioz± Jesse Anders Lee Roy Banks Tommy Baynard Randolph Crowell Larry Edwards Nicky Fowler John Goldsmith Donny Griffin Steve Harrison Walter Hoyle Billy Justus Thomas Knapp Stanley Lancaster Paul Shatley Willie Wilson Roy Wright 58 Litoniotujt cinici Billy Beck Paul Bolton Franklin Brown Louis Capps James Clark Kenneth Crowder Thad Garrison James Maynor Rufus Myers Danny Pike John Pryor Richard Stone William Wilson ' (-UxjiEntxij and dabinzt c {abinq zniori George Alvarez Ronald Dellinger Terry Jekins James Liner Ronald Thomas Thomas Wallin James Watkins d Lcjht Easton Hulme Donald Rix Larry Shotwell Roy Smith L£±d ' ZncjuzzEZi and dfudzauLic z)y±t£nii — £ E 2LOZ1 Kermit Allen Dennis Babcock Harold Ball Jerry Best James Blankenship Elbert Gentry Richard Henry Marshall McCall Terry Miller Thomas Pressley Larry Rector Melvin Robinson Fred Segur Samuel Snipes Alan Tweed Hoyt Barnes Mike Bradley Larry Bryant Skip Cogburn Terry Griffin Larry Lusk Larry Metcalf Johnny Nelson David Parham Denny Ramsey Ronald Rash Gerald Ray James Redmon Ken Revis Charles Taylor Carl Townson Jerry Vess llaciii uzz £HLOZ± Alvin York Gary Williams Troy Wilson Edward Warren Roy Whitson Randall Ballinger Robert Bryant Paul Burleson Douglas Catlin William Hawkins Harvey Hayes William Laws William Massie Jesse Phillips Jerry Sharpe Samuel Taylor Frank Thomas James Williams Thomas Wilson William Whitted 63 Davi d Banks Ray Buckner Duane Carmack James Childers Lyndon Davis Vicky Haney Danny McCall Jack Pace Steve Parris William Reed Lawson Summerrow Roger Whitson d Vicjht Ronnie Brown Thomas Gibson David Gilliam Dan Shook Annis Tuck 64 Stephen Moffitt Langston Sullivan Ellery Tweed r Yu kt Kcnnctli Ayers Jack Barnett James Alari An Informal Coffee Break? 66 EPxactical Vuxie Education A, £72 (.OH Angela Adams Vickey Bentley Martha Ball t-- Faye Ayers Patricia Ayers Judy Bradley Nell Case Patricia Creasman Marsha Crompton Linda Blevins I Elizabeth Greer 1 Judy Fagan Carol Hipps Patricia Hunter Mildred Gravley Elise Jahn Sandra Greene r Arrowannaugh Jones 68 dPzacticaL _c uz Education -s; emozi Wylma Lundy Elizabeth Marche Loree Mattison Anne Moorehouse Joan Keener Elizabeth Orr Brenda Penland Nancy Reed Peggy Plemmons Elizabeth Sellers Melba Thompson Thelma Shaw Yvonne Stepp Mary Surrett Claudia Tucker 69 Vicjfit } acuitif James Brock Related Subjects Harold McLaughlin Cabinet-Making K. C. Smathers Welding Gary DeoBraven Mechanics I S. W. McNeeley Drafting Ellis Snipes Air Conditioning Richard Hansley Drafting Ralph Pleinmons English C. E. White Automotive Edwin Boothroyd Electronics Chalmers Harris Data Processing Peter Redgrave Industrial Engineering 70 C.ui.tociia)z± 71 You can’t keep a good girl down! After recovering from a serious accident, Sandra Edwards, a Data Processing student, was able to complete her studies at home and receive her degree. 72 73 Ob Jlunck B OX “Peanuts are good, but ... ah! Those Thursday’s gourmets.” Remembrances — Before the end of the first quarter we fed the Board of Trustees. By the close of the first year, we had fed the policemen’s training school, the faculty and staff, V. I. P.’s from Community Colleges and a Banquet to Miss A-B Tech. Summer brought callouses, headaches, tears, expe- riences, and . . . money. Madelaine was the manager of Mt. Valley Golf Club; Phil was second cook on the evening shift at The Grove Park Inn; and Mike as- sisted in baking and catering at Rollin Pin Bakery. Great to be back in September for production. We ran the show in the back of the house by planning the menu, purchasing the food, supervising the produc- tion, serving and costing the cafeteria campus bill of fare. Our spring vacations - both years - were spent at the Restaurant Show in Charlotte with remem- brances of roast suckling pig, marzipan, tallow work, and bread weaving. Before we close we would like to thank Mr. Cox, Mr. Werth,Mrs. Cooley, Mr. Wright, Mr. Johnsson, and Mr. Phelps in our department and Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Welch, and Mr. Freeman for their patience, encouragement and guidance. Most Most Sincerely, 74 75 The Dream In the early formative years of Asheville Buncombe Technical Institute, one of the fondest dreams of its progressive administration was to see a. time when the institute might supply Western North Carolina and the entire state with capable, well trained personnel in one of Norfjh Carolina ' s most valuable professions ... the Hospitality Industry 11 _ f yj jjgjjjg With the welcome and needed support of the State ok North Carolina, the North Carolina Hospitality Industry, and Buncombe County, the year 1966 saw construction begin on the state ' s first Hospitality Education Complex, part of which is now known as " Mountain Tech Lodge " . In early 1969, " Mountain Tech Lodge " - opened its doors for the first time; its operational systems designed by its own students, and equipped with the latest styles of furniture, equipment, and supplies, tor the most part donated by hospitality industry manufacturers of North Carolina andy surrounding states. ‘ " • , Thus, what had been the cherished dream of a few, had for all, ... .a Reality ' J ZLijtincj Jbtucients . Q-oin Nine drafting and design technology students at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute have been voted into membership of the Engineers Society of Western North Carolina, Inc. by the board of directors. As student members of the society, an opportunity is provided for the youths to associate with professionals and learn more about the field of engineering. SEATED, left to right, are: Coleman Ramsey, Ronald Owens, Ronald Justus, Larry King, Steve Sharpe, and STANDING, left to right, are: William Ruth, James Rice, Rick Shuford, and Charles Bancroft. NEW FACULTY MEMBERS: SEATED: Mary S. Carpenter, Counselor; Elizabeth English, Associate Librarian; Robert Stevens, Instructor in Civil Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. STANDING: Bernard Smith, Instructor in Physics and Mathematics; Robert Phelps, Chairman of Hotel-Motel Department, and Harvey Haynes, Dean of Instruction. Ik }±±ocLcitLon OFFICERS: SEATED (L R) Elizabeth Gorman, Corresponding Secretary; Jan Crowe, Vice- President; Pat Carver, Reporter. STANDING (L R) Deborah McCurry, Recording Secretary; Joy Taylor, President; Faye Hughes, Treasurer. 78 SEATED (L R): Hattie Harwood, Shelia Landreth, Cathy Howell, Janet Miller, Elizabeth Gorman, Linda Baldwin, Pat Carver, Carolyn Jenkins, Deborah McCurry, Sandra Jones, and Jacqueline Jackson. STANDING (L— R): Betty King, Edna Mauck, Becky Westall, Elizabeth Nailling. Betty Ponder. Deborah Childs. Betty Rhodes. Marsha Scott, Sandra Horn. Pat Smith, Jan Crowe, Charlene Noblett, Susan Plemmons, Gail Presley, Faye Hughes, and Joy Taylor. Under the direction and guidance of the National Secretaries Association and the supervision of Mrs. Sara M. Morris, faculty advisor. The Mountain Tech Chapter of the Future Secretaries Association was chartered in March of 1969. The first FSA President was Miss Jo Lynn McDuffie, Class of 1969. The purpose of the Chapter is to engender interest in the secretarial field and to encourage continuing education through association with those engaged in the secretarial profession. Membership is open to Secretarial Science students who have a “C” or better average. In addition, these students must be of high character and integrity. In its two years FSA has been the only student, campus-based organization. In 1969 FSA sponsored an orientation get together and a Christmas coffee for the student body. The members of FSA hope to continue to work with the student body to help provide both social and academic momentum for the Institute. The Mountain Tech Chapter of FSA will continue to en- courage professional growth and awareness in those students aspiring to enter the secretarial profession at a high level of proficiency. 79 Now, about that time I took those girls grouse hunting . . . We’ve got to stop meeting this way. .XT l m . ' f m • ' i ■ SSf f- :. f? Mma We finally got him! For various and sundry reasons . . . Rain, sleet, snow, hail! The game must go on. The whole thing’s rigged. 80 81 czHaxvz±k doxonai Mrs. Carpenter in a mini-skirt???? 82 m J-Jancz ' Sjiozts. The intramural sports program at Asheville-Tech was given a boost when a student activity fee was charged for the first time this year. This fee should enable the school to offer more activities and upgrade the programs already in progress. For the first time a rag-tag football tournament is being held this year with 10 teams participating. Last year’s basketball tournament was played by 16 teams with Data Processing winning for the second year in a row. A volleyball tournament is also held in the spring of each year, and Civil Technology came away the winners for the first tournament. It is hoped that in the near future Asheville Tech may be able to field an intercollegiate team in several sports to compete with other technical institutes and community colleges in the North Carolina Com- munity College system. 84 85 aAuation Charge!!! Alright out with the chewing gum! 86 igdg 87 nnu al ' Staff Mountain Tech Busy-Bodies? 88 Tell us another one Richard. 89 90 AN ADMINISTRATION BUILDING FOR ASHEVILLE - BUNCOMBE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 91 W 1 OICAl DENTAL CLASSROOM BUILDING FOR ASHE VILLE - BUNCOMBE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Of all the books we will read in our lifetime, none will recall to us the friendships and memories of Asheville- Buncombe Tech. If this volume reminds you of any of the things you did and the friends you made, then none of the work we have done has been in vain. Chief Editor I should like to take this opportunity to thank the following people whose time and efforts have made possible the publishing of the 1970 Mountain Tech. Mountain Tech Staff Assistant Editor: Business Manager: Copy Editor: Layout Editor: Representative: Art Editor and Chief Cartoonist: Chief Advisor and Photographer: Financial Advisor: Barbara Burris Allan Dunlap Susan Plemmons Kay Tritt Frank Arnette Richard Croom Robert Morrell James Hurley I should also like to thank the following people for their work which has helped to make this annual possible: Wade Hall, Dena Northcutt, Jack LeBeau, Jan Crowe, Bob A nderson, Margaret Riddle, and Charlene Pace. 92

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