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Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College - Yearbook (Asheville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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fa THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 A821P R 196h .12 'T' f W. A 5 ' "Wf'f9N!' This book must not be taken from the Library building. - r rm No. 471 ,pf-6:63 f ' ' L' - ,, ,, . f -- , , I, , Q! I ' It . ' , ' I . , .f -"' Z ,n A ' 4' 4 Nj ' li- . "' ' ', Y",Z A 4 zagyuil g-f A ? XX X tl L THE MOUNTAIN TE H ,QQ M l in nm ll 1 ED SEPTE V1 Y' Asheville, North Carolina june: l9f3-fl T O OUR FRIEN DS: In the late 50's we were only a plan in someone's mind, but by September, 1961 wc were an estab- lished institution with two fully equipped buildings, a ready faculty, and approximately one hundred and fifty eager students. In the past three years we have made tremendous strides forward. We have added a third building and have plans for a fourth building on the drawing board. In each of the twelve month school terms we have doubled our enrollment and increased our faculty. Our status has changed from an Industrial Education Center to a recognized Technical Institute. 3 1 1- 1. 1 V ,,, 1 1 , V A I X . 'V N , ' , , I v., .l F -34' V' Q, . ,, . f 4 .A ' ' . V .. Nw "' NM 4- "e-,'fz1,v1'- ,ggi b , kg. ,X R 1 'Y QQ, 4 ., I, Q. " f 5, r J 1 my .. K.: .f.,,-.H + ff,-52 f. f'vQ'.'f- if .. w2'gg.f, v J, - 1 rn -f v- ,, f lx. , . f ., . Y -A we 19. Wx g 15, -V ,-gy, if A gg? X J? -' , H K- .. ' , ..fq14,.'l ,yr A - '- ... -f, ,' , 1. ' 1 8 Q. - If , , , :W g ' Pm.. -,S-3' 22 ' ,U ,P- A w ' -f' fm. , 1 f., if . - . -5 fm'7g,f5',-fi ,I w,..,, ,,n,,"'f'f"'f'1f1 gf ' "SWK " -v . ww. W ' 2-39:24 mf.,f'f '-.ff M' U' gi- sz.1:"Q--. A .wif-, f fu? Lw.:'sx1fafa81V:f.q,,ff.1, 4' . f - a.g'f"'E3ga ...J - ,x f.:.-,fins - - S,-W-,fgu wt.-5 gym- -3 ,. l uni .W .. , 5-.fanh.,+-wining: in Q , 'H ........ . 4 1 5 71, My f "I.f'Jf, ,L A W af ihvlq 552' P f"- 2, db 113: .gn uf .4 if 37 MM' , -A Y , f' 'ru ' M. -........, 4 J 3 'D 1 Ma 3 Q 'Q ff f, 4 99 i xo af Q ! u 'S x ij' f'? 4 Q1 .N . Q'f'f"f X- ' ,X -' Mm- , f ww ,, ,rf Q-v in "6 . s 'in 1139 i 4-na!?4 'F ii,. 3lli :EP x N, 4:-4C'2?!'.! BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fwwqhx Dr. L. F, Zerfoss I. Gerald Cowen Iohn M. Barnes American Enka Wachovia Bank U Champion Papers. Corporation 1 W or XX Coke Chandler, Chairman Herbert Coman W. W. Shope Buncombe County Beacon Manufacturing Weaverville Commissioners Company fr a' .2 , vvA,.,'v,' , Joseph Belton Stephensqlge High sc1ib6T" John M. Reynolds Reynolds Storage Company .A 4, W. B. Dillard Ernest Mills Paul W. Markwood John H. Giezentanner Dillard Construction Mills Manufacturing American Enka Attorney-At-Law Company Company Corporation 8 A D ISTRATLQ an W FAC L :O I A 5-... 'fr is I 2' X Nfl X , 4 . .- '. .U g! ya V0.9 X lf .' r 1-:ff TQ:-242. 0. f 'W , QQO. .5 . I -00.6.05 t T -' A 'f ' f,'Jfo,o.o.q ',4 11410,-6QO4,,,, :OCS Y':'3'?O'..0'..." 'ff' o Q0 'v' 4555 9fQ'o'0'QO'Q.OQ 'p'4"' X ' 'N 'ggojff :ffm ' f P ss gp, 'LT'- 'X ga 4 Ui A 9 I . w ' Q4 'Ns ,4 5 7 Q 5531 V, .ff-"'-ED wi rf .-1 Q 4: Q ,j , ,, ,,,. ff!! x fl N ..- L 1 1 52' -1' 1 s s M 'iifii ' n Thomas W, Simpson, President Planning for the future, Siren 7 I it v -A E V ze, in rr, af +' Sr counseling our problems, or keeping a weather watchg he is always thinking of us. 'i xii. I . 'x L ey Q iq ' , , .LD . if V S r ' ,. fs if. 5 1 T. 'Q 1 5 1 ff' :mmf .0- '1 .. . 4 4 Y j ' I ' -4 A 4 'fs vw-rw-1-vmr 2 5, 5 v Mrs. Jane G. Smith Mrs. Jessie P. Goforth Secretary to the President Bookkeeper Z- Mrs. Enda C, Foster Frances Nelson Receptionist Secretary Mrs. Barbara McGuinn Mrs. Barbara Kitchens Student Records 1, Secretary Harvey L. Haynes Dean of Instruction ...Af-"' Brewster C. Adams Director - Evening Programs I S? ff-'Z John W. Davis Director of Student Personnel Joseph B, Edwards, Jr. Director of Extension James R, Winning Department Head Distribution K Marketing -t I MEMORY qos., '95 'gmac--f N1 X ? r i Mt. Donald W. White l PINK! -'N The faculty and students at the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institute express their deep sorrow at the death on December 9, l963 of Donald W. White, who since August, l96l served this school as instruc- tor and Department Head in Air Conditioning-Refrigeration and Sheet Metal. We grieve our loss of a friend who was esteemed by his associates, loved by his students, and respected by all. I4 Robert Abee Iames E. Anderson, Jr. W. Carroll Bridges Cletus H. Cantrell Mathematics Chemical Technology Drafting and Design Radio and Television Technology Repair M, B. Chidester B. S. Creasman Mrs. Ruth G, Digges, R.N. Mrs. Ruth W. Geddings, Mechanical Technology Electronics Technology Practical Nursing Practical Nursing N. E. Goode B, E. Haynes Dorothy Hyatt, R.N. Robert H. Israel Data Processing Technology Machine Shop Practical Nursing Heavy Equipment Maintenance I5 Mrs. Cornelia S. Jarrett Frank Jump Secretarial Woodworking Roy A. Lambert Related Instruction X Sara A. Martin CMissJ Charles F. Noblitt Robert Parker Related Instruction Automotive Mechanics Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Nil.. Paul Lentjes Electronics Laboratory Stans C. Sluder Welding 'x ,.1nu....g,, Rgbeft Swann Mrs. Ann Z. Wilson Albert Bahr William O. Barnard, Jr Machine Shop Secretarial Machine Shop Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Daniel B. Burns Garrett DenBraven, Ir. Electronics Technology Machine Shop Im, - may my Kama A., W ,, 'V .. -2- , , 1,., ...,.-V,. V t ., C. A. Johnson John Kury Related Instruction Electronics Technology Louis H. McElroy Related Instruction S. W. McNeely Drafting and Design Technology Kenneth C. Roberts Kettron C. Smathers Drafting and Design Welding Technology I. Ellis Snipes Jerry A. Starnes C. E. White, Jr. Dick White Air Conditioning and Related Instruction Automotive Mechanics Automotive Mechanics Refrigeration ,gf . V2 Q: , ill: h--av-Y msis, At Tech, the faculty studies, too. May Manning - Librarian L. W. Brown Herman Freeman Paul Rout Marcell Williams Custodian Custodian Custodian Custodian 18 N x 1 1- -' In n lun 1 nu -1 nn - --- - an .nun nn :nu - 1 l up X X X --J-1- sau un ' ann' I 1 .1 n an u an .U Jann nn nv 1 1 Inn 1 su 1 nn an -un stun: ... n u In an ..- xmu an 1 .nn -nn 1 - vu v p 1 up-lun as n I -nu - nu. -Q it 1 1 . nu-nu n .nn ---n nslun nun nxlnnun nf 1 . . n un .. ...nn 1 A nn..- nav un 1 -1 1 ----umm anna una-nan. 4 - . vu nn 1 mn nu nn--n -ns--1 n n 1 U ill '- . T! 11" n Yun! . nn -nun nn Q g nun 1 ' .uu- -nn ,nu nn . ,bt 31... nl u vp . -1 ... 5. pun - nun n nn n - -1 n u - un-nn nnun un-yu J mu.. up nl XXIII! -... . I lllll .....- x . ,. unu- nu . .1 n nn. . -- A .ax . nun- 1 .1 an I u 's .Q .1 n - 1 .- .. nu lv 115' " '-nav, 151' '1-4. n-g"'1pnn n 0-15? ,gl U ...- --nun p .1 enun- 1 nx 1 asc: X I nf' in 5 l H1 I 1- m mtv... I- H... .Jil .:L":' w 5 '111 -.... .. . -.... 1 ... .. .... .. .... . ........ . .... .. ,...-..v...,. .. - ,. ..... . .. . 111.. gm. ' . ...V ..,.1L n n 'L11'111LIC.. ..... ,...x.L.l,L, TSX. '-- 1-.1::1!.1L'L',". vw. -- ,, , ...... .. 'KI iluurl .lvl 1 X21"1' '211L'1I"I,', fn." -" '.."" "fI"!'.!lLx n ' , - nu. 1 un ... , ... - . .. ..... .... . . -111 - ' .zu '.:11:2f"SI.'1. -3-5, '13 , ...U - .......... I K 1 1 pun.--.5 .. . ,, W., . . X , , ...... .. . .. ' ... 3112 H ...,,.,., 'nk .".'. ":".1 1 :1.1:::..v. --- ,.... .. . . '.'.'.... h ....v muzvtg .1'.' JR ,L 'W' - T11""'lf-75'g:E:.Jv- 1 . .. .. .. :1...... 1. -...-....::- " I."" ' ..- ....... ...'X ' ----- -"": ,,, 5- H-- C ...U ----gk u x ..J.. ' :""" ,L... .. "'- "'1'L.w .- --- .. ...."51111 ' - - E:L.:...-- .. ,x 1 ... :.4...- 1..'.1pzr.1::, , .. ..... ... ' ,::::.'.1..:1,- U, , :...-.. -... . ,.-.1--g,,,, ' 0 '1... .........'..1'.. . ' L--1-'-'1":'.. ' .. 1 -- ' -...,...:m:: 1 ,',:::::.1l1:- ' . ' 15: ' .....z'.:::z: I :t..':"51-,za , '. -- :,.1' 1?--:..v.::::: - 3- :1::1L---- ,',. , " '51' -'- -755-----zzzzzz. 1 ...,...--'1,,,., ' . .H ,. ...... ....--',,,.,.,.n- .nun-u.. mn. ... - ------ X- ,g........... .,11.L--5' . ,.,4 - ---' 1 .':' :: :::.:..Q............ W - , .. n I ,,. ............,'.- .3 fu 1- x ' '5-" --' Elf'-5-' ..z'.': ----X-31 5 . .. nn 1 1 gg: .......x vw'-2. - ' -' ...- -- 1-"...--5 . ' --- ..- ,... gg x,,,.x -B., 5 .1 --gf 'M' 2L.,.S- , ... n .,,., , ' ' V1-E:-EE ' 11 111-.,L'L,- 1 '- U.-.11-,, ,, ... . .. .I I . . ..1. .,..:.u.? , . ,.....-.. . . .... V , , . 5 . . .., nt H '. .1...'.'.1'.L'..'.1LLL. II! ' ' gala .nn np' ' " -1: ..'.':I2....: '1" I ' '..Y:t.'.x:L'. ' '11-1-I-1 lnl " 5 . lin 1 1 I' ,," - I ' . . .... .. n .' ' s 'nz ' lx . . . ', 1 , -l 4' . un . 'I I if . ... I " ' 51' un ... -.. -, ..!!. . ning .11 - .-nxt.. ggulk J 7 51 1. , 1 nn, xl! N .n in n 1 1. . 4 1 nu 1: ,.- un n - u 1- pu Q-4 u . .1 . . 1 nun - 1- N- 1 Eu . ' . J'1T:. . . ... mn- u-Q . ... ...,..... nn.. .. 'TL111' ' 1'3" .- . .. .. .... .... .,.. 5.1115 '--- fr ... .- ..... .,, , .3 "Q,- v ----:.... .. "wf.uv..:: " .ln-1 I " ,. .. .. . qu X gg Z X -I I TECHNOLOGY TWO Hans Dieter Ambos Electronics Technology ' James Russell Cole Drafting and Design Technology Thomas Edward Brotherton Mechanical Technology Willie Joe Davis Herm an Freem an Chemical Technology Billy Ray Higgins Mechanical Technology Chemical TeChn01OgY 20 TECHNOLOGY TWO . John David Hooper Chemical Technology 4'-Khalil Bascom Cecil Hughes Drafting and Design Technology Robert Edwin Jones Electronics Technology James Norman McDaris Electronics Technology James Morgan Leopard John Robert Macintosh Drafting and Design Technology Chemical Technology 21 Glen Ray Moses Chemical Technology TECHNOLOGY TWO Walter Roy Mozingo Electronics Technology Kenneth Eugene Riddle Drafting and Design Technology Larry Phillip ward Drafting and Design Technology 101111 Brissey 5imPS01'1 Deedie Eugene Wilson Electronics Technology Chemical Technology 22 TECHNCLOGY O E John H. Bell, Ir. Chemical Technology Calvin T. Bolden Drafting 85 Design Technology Robert L. Boyd, Ir. Electronics Technology Ronald E. Brevard Drafting Sc Design Technology Ronnie Ausherman Drafting 8a Design Technology Larry Bates Electronics Technology itll' W.-A ww 1 23 Ronnie G. Brookshire Electronics Technology Bobby D. Buckner Electronics Technology W. Maurice Burnette, Ir. Drafting 85 Design Technology Danny Joe Burrell Drafting 85 Design Technology Cecil C. Clark Drafting 85 Design Technology Lawrence W. Clark Electronics Technology Curtin J. Corn Chemistry Alvin S. Crawford Electronics Technology Billy W. Crawford Electronics Technology William L. Crum Drafting Sc Design Technology George G. Crump Electronics Technology Philip J. Davis Drafting gc Design Technology Horace P, Graham Electronics Technology Eugene R. Gregory Drafting Sc Design Technology Charles D. Harris Electronics Technology Michael Haynes Data Processing Technology Marvin D. Hedden Electronics Technology George A. Herndon Drafting 85 Design Technology Donald Douglas Hill Drafting 84 Design Technology Arthur F. Jenkins Electronics Technology William Keith Data Processing Technology G. Michael Knight Electronics Technology Duane Lail Drafting SL Design Technology Julian S. Lanning Electronics Technology TECHNOLOGY O E Bynum M. Lunsford, Jr. Drafting 8r Design Tech. Beulah S. Maney Data Processing Technology Robert L. Mason Drafting 8s Design Technology Helen H. Mayhue Data Processing Technology Clifford M. Laughter Mechanical Technology Roger S. Lent Electronics Technology 'PNN 25 I Harry L. Mears Mechanical Technology William I. Medlin Electronics Technology Mark Miller Drafting 81 Design Technology Henry E. Moeller Data Processing Technology Harold J. Payne, lr. Drafting 81 Design Technology Jerry R. Plemmons Drafting 81 Design Technology William R. Presley Electronics Technology Hermon H. Rector Drafting SL Design Technology Ruby L. Reese Data Processing Technology Rayburn Reeves Electronics Technology Manfred E. Reis Drafting Sr Design Technology Carlie W. Rogers Electronics Technology Douglas W. Sparks Mechanical Technology William E. Stamey Electronics Technology Jackie Swayngin Chemistry Everett Tate Data Processing Technology Mickie L. Thompson Electronics Technology Carl Z. Thorpe Drafting SL Design Technology Volney L. Tinsley, Jr. Mechanical Technology Jimmy Q. Vaughn Electronics Technology Marvin E. Waddey Drafting 84 Design Technology Thomas A. Wakefield Drafting 81 Design Technology Allen L. Watts Data Processing Technology T. Edward Wilson Mechanical Technology CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY Preparing for a rewarding career in our ever advancing field of Chemistry, a student may one day work on rocket 1 fuel, plastics, or nuclear power. He may work on perfecting high purity chemicals or in developin new tex- ' 8 tiles or paper products. 4V I .A 552 vm., "!'llumat , , ...-ul X You Stole My Flask. Qualitative Analysis 27 D TA PROCESSING TECHNQLQGY The 407 Accountmg Machme r the Operators 7 DRAFTI GA DDESIG TECHNOLOGY ' ,wif lf 5,177 VI ' Z' fy" 'r -f ......... J fied? J 'pk Reproducing A Blueprint. A 'l'nese men will be our future designers. You may find them in the drafting rooms of a textile or metal working industry, in an engineering consulting firm, or working on It'11 Never Fly. one of the many planning jobs for the city, state or federal government. 'K ,ur l... ,....,-.-1 29 ELECTRON CS TECHNOLOGY Training for an exciting career in the field of Electronics, one of these graduates might be among the first to land on the moon. He may be involved in research and development, in instrumentation, or in any one ofthe challeng- ing opportunities available for the man with this complex training. .,...,,.,....-M I . f- fm- 1 , ,.m.W- I 'Q Y"""""' 44 2 f . Elf 0,1 1... Applying Theory Studying New Equipment 30 MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY .ffflr,,,,,, A. .Y I fffff' X-.xx As these men learn the complex details involved in understanding modern mechanization, they are preaprlng to meet the responsibility of our rapidly developing automated way of life. Five Right Answers? Gur Pride and Joy: Tape-O-Matic Drill Press , l . ff RELATED TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIO K Analytic Geometry Actual and Theoretical Horsepower Technical Writing 32 wc HUD L TKA DFES inf ,'.o ,ua ' .':w 0 Q 0 o u ..'u 'xg' ol, 0 I 0,11 Q. ., ,- sf.. L" 'lg' 'u,.. 1, ,n,' . ., ,5- 4 - i. O., '- Oli .l. nav' ' ' ' C .'f " I O ..' ,,.f -1. , 1 D.'. Q X I TRADE TWO f - w x to, ' I w xiii Doris Ella Allen Harold Wayne Allen Warren Michael Allen Robert Eugene Allen Secretarial Automotive Mechanics Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Refrigeration , 'iv'-n. Bobby Lee Allison Herbert Jennings Jack Jacob Ashburn William Jack Baldwin Machine Shop Anderson Welding Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop lf' Mrs. Lottie B. Ball Lester G. Ballew Pat Andrew Biddix Mrs. Patsy M. Biddix Secretarial Machine Shop Woodworking Secretarial 34 TRADE TWG 75 as agar Perry Eugene Bishop Mrs. Nancy M. Blazer Shirley Beatrice Bradley Mrs. Lorraine B. Brank Machine Shop Secretarial Secretarial Secretarial fr, Sandra Lea Brigman John Wesley Brooks Robert William Brooks David Coy Brown Secretarial Air Conditioning and Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop Refrigeration .4 .mx James Rufus Bryant, Jr. Larry Joseph Buchanan Larry Joseph Buchanan Jack Martin Buckner, Jr. Machine Shop Woodworking Woodworking Machine Shop 35 TRADE TWO QQ--0--A Wesley Burnette William Earl Burnette Clarence Edward Burleson McCullen Hughes Bush Machine Shop Machine Shop Woodworking Automotive Mechanics Daniel Hugh Callahan Roger D, Carpenter John Chandler Wayne Henry Chastain Automotive Mechanics Woodworking Automotive Mechanics Automotive Mechanics Jerry William Coates Vick Neal Coffee James Everett Cogdill Ronald Lee Cole Machine Shop Machine Shop Air Conditioning and Machine Shop 36 Refrigeration TRADE TWG :A Calvin John Condrey William G. Conner Donald Herman Cox Glenn Steve Creasman Welding Machine Shop Machine Shop Automotlve MSCUSDICS xml.. 'fs James Harold Davis James William Davis Mrs. Sophia W. Dixon Carolyn Jane Dotson Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop Secretarial Secretarial Francis Edwin Drake David Virgel Dungan James D. Earwood Lillian Eileen Edwards Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning and Woodworking Secretarial Refrigeration Refrigeration 37 TRADE TWO Gerald Dean Fant Lindsie Fisher Billy Wayne Fite David Rogers Freeman Air Conditioning and Woodworking Automotive Mechanics Welding Refrigeration g El ' G dfre Mrs. Dorothy B. Graham James Eugene Garrison Chesley P. Glenn Patricia aln o y W d R' Secretarial Secretarial Automotive Mechanics oo wor ing Howard Grindstaff Ted Carver Hamilton Carlton Ray Hawkins Aaron Bruce Hedden Woodworking Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Refrigeration TRADE TWG Y Bobby Joe Hensley Charles Arthur Hensley Ronnie Eugene Hensley Oscar Virgil Holcombe Woodworking Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop Edd Hollifield Ryan Dexter Hooper Edwin Lee Howell George R. Jenkins Woodworking Automotive Mechanics Air Conditioning and Automotive Mechanics Refrigeration my-Y Jack Jenkins Terry Maurice Jenkins Alvin Jones Arnold Ray Justus Automotive Mechanics Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Refrigeration 39 TRADE TWO "!,'2""' Frank W. Kelly Mrs. Lee Ann G. Lail Charles C. Lamb James Edward Lance Woodworking Secretarial Air Conditioning and Automotive Mechanics Refrigeration Ronald Page Lance Willard Lawrence Mrs. Alma E. Leclford Mrs. Inez J. Liner Automotive Mechanics Laughter Secretarial Secretarial Machine Shop v-Q Arthur James Lively James Davis McClellan James A. McCrary James Bruce McCurry Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop Machine Shop 40 TRADE TWO A air W Robert Ray McCurry Gerald Lee McGuire Mrs. Nancy B. Mclntosh Jerry Albert McKinney Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Secretarial Welding WN-,., James Dayton McNeill Lawrence Douglas James Ray Mason James Houston Meeks Air Conditioning and Marshall Woodworking Machine Shop Refrigeration Machine Shop Mrs. Iris C. Melton Toney Miller Leonard Clinton Moody Tommy E. MOOI6 Secretarial Woodworking Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Refrigeration 41 1 TRADE TWO Q? Rufus Albert Morgan Ray Winston Mosley Jackson Bruce Nichols Lee Roy Nicholson Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Refrigeration Refrigeration ' William Leroy Nix Joseph Durselen Nixon Dorothy Frances Noell Phil Norman Automotive Mechanics Automotive Mechanics Secretarial Woodworking Richard Marvin Owens Douglas Bruce Parris Mrs. Jayne I. Patton Mrs. Sue. P. Penland Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Secretarial SCCFCIHFIHI 42 TRADE TWG if kxx, Fred Phillips Phillip Louis Pittman George Augustus Pressley James Larry Randall Woodworking Woodworking Automotive Mechanics Automotive Mechanics 'E-"..."' Mary Marlena Ray Jerry Revis Carroll Leon Rhodes Donald Bruce Rice Secretarial Machine Shop Machine Shop Machine Shop Edgar Ross Robertson Thomas Max Robertson Sherril I-I. Robertson James E. Robinson Air Conditioning and Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Refrrger ation 43 TRADE TWO EN E I . 0 . 0 I Linda Ann Robinson Ward Wesley Roland Archibald Hugh Rutledge Mike Saunooke Robert Toland Sawyer Secretarial Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning and Machine Shop Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Refrigeration Refrigeration 495 ml was-X Allen Woodrow Scott James Alan Sechrest Philip Earl Shuford Steve A. Silvers Machine Shop Automotive Mechanics Machine Shop Woodworking S 'Z r 2.3 ,ig is .,r -ef, . Dean HOIDSII Sludef Frankie Jeannette Smith Robert L. Smith William Jasper Snider, Jr. Clara Jean Spake Machine Shop Secretarial Automotive Mechanics Welding Secretarial 44 1 TRADE TWO -sa- fia- Ray C- Sta.U1eY F10Yd Ronald 5UtPhiU Kenneth Charles Sutton Willie D. Terry Arnold D. Thomas Woodwofkmg Machine 511019 Automotive Mechanics Automotive Mechanics Woodworking ti-at ..-av-r -'QR James Wilson Trantham Charles J. Underwood Mrs. Ester M. Walker Baylus J. Ward Air Conditioning and Woodworking Secretarial Woodworking Refrigeration Senna R056 Williams Mrs. Dena B. Wilson Mrs. Jean S. Wilson Mrs. Patricia M. Wilson Daniel Jeffry Zumgteen ecretarlal Secretarial Secretarial Secretarial Machine Shop 45 Mtg John Lucius Brown Machine Shop Sammy A. Burgess, Jr. Welding Walter Robert Byrd Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Norman Eugene Capps Welding Wayne Gaskins Capps Welding Douglas William Cassada Welding Jerry Ellis Chapman Machine Shop Phillip Howell Clark Welding James Larry Cole Automotive Mechanics Bobby James Creasman Machine Shop Carroll Blake Creasman, Jr. Machine Shop Carlos Crowder Welding Joseph Leon Davis Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Richard G. Davis Machine Shop Ronnie Eugene Davis Radio and Television Repair Gary Gene Dunlap Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Alvin Lamont Ferguson Automotive Mechanics Howard Daniel Ferguson Automotive Mechanics Major B. Freeman Automotive Mechanics Terry Jackson Gentry Automotive Mechanics Alvin Boyce Gillespie Automotive Mechanics Howard Fullam Gordon Machine Shop Walter O. Gosnell Machine Shop Danny Thomas Greene Machine Shop Larry Chester Greene Welding Vincent Francis Hamilton Automotive Mechanics James Cleveland Hannah Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sam M. Harper Automotive Mechanics Ronald Anthony Harwood Automotive Mechanics C. G. Hawkins Welding Ralph R. Hensley, Jr. Machine Shop Albert Dewight Henson Air Conditioning and Refrigeration TRADE O E 48 Kenneth Jay Herron Automotive Mechanics Robert Nathaniel Holcombe Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Howard M. Holtzclaw Radio and Television Repair Bruce Way James Automotive Mechanics Charles Elmer Johnson Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Garry Lawrence Kilby Machine Shop James Edward Kilgore Automotive Mechanics Charles Woodrow King Automotive Mechanics Morris Dean Knupp Automotive Mechanics Paul B. Lane Welding Frank Milton Lavender Machine Shop Paul Levi Welding Charles David Long Welding James Lawrence Lytle Machine Shop Bradley Dean Marshall Air Conditioning and Refrigeration James Marney McCall Automotive Mechanics W7 sw- 'Lf g M f. , , 3 ,gw-,, QL Ronald Ray McClure Machine Shop Wilmer McGee Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Kennie Wayne Mclleters Machine Shop David DeWayne Mease Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Joseph Ray Mehaffcy Welding Marvin S. Metcalf Machine Shop Ronald M. Moore Welding Hugh Marvin Nash Welding David Ralph Orr Machine Shop Chester Millard Owenby Machine Shop James Edward Owens Automotive Mechanics Stephen Blain Penland Welding Clyde Marcus Penley Automotive Mechanics Ernest Norman Pilkey Automotive Mechanics Clyde Laxton Plemmons Welding Roy M. Pounders Welding TRADE O 50 Bruce Lane Pressley Machine Shop Ronald E. Radford Air Conditioning and Refrigeration David Ernest Reed Machine Shop George Dale Roberts Radio and Television Repair Kennith Roberts Machine Shop Ulys Larkin Ruff Automotive Mechanics Ervin L. Sanford Air Conditioning and Refrigeration George Robert Sexton, Jr. Automotive Mechanics Ronald Slone Radio and Television Repair Roy A. Smith Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Eugene E, Smith Automotive Mechanics Grady Melvin Snider, Jr. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Max Millard Suttles Welding Jerry Eugene Thomas Automotive Mechanics William Thompson Automotive Mechanics Richard Walser Machine Shop ln. 1,261 George Talmadge Watkins Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Larry Scott Whitaker Machine Shop Richard Carroll Williams Machine Shop Ronnie Wilson Machine Shop Marvin Eugene Wright Machine Shop James Michael Young Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 29 W1 4 2 MACHINE SHGP Give o W WELDI C5 Got a Light? Knights in Shining Armor ljinhil' -N-"f'f93".1l7' , J: . Ax N.- If--.. 'tv 'SX 53 HEAVY EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE 5 5 E Rebuilding a'Tractor Engine ffx s V51 Jay Say,nAh!H 54 SECRETARIAL The Bookkeeping Machine , . "N-.:" -' Practice Makes Perfect. 7"""'.1' ff 55 AIR CONDITIGNING AND REFRIGERATION -dk X. ,fi ez:- 1- A Practical Demonstration Nine Tons of Refrigeration 56 AUTCMCTI E MECHANICS --e ff -f 1 c. ' Q. a I-Iydramatic or Torque Converter? Testing the Generator 57 WCODWORKING MACHINE OPERATION Shavings, Anyone? The Product from the Drawlng 58 RADIO A D TELEVISION SERVICING fx: 00000 If You Don't Hurry We'11 Miss Monty's Rascals Repairing an Amplifier 59 S' RELATED TRADE INSTRLICTIQN 'Y' VII X ii .-4-""'g Reading Improvement , , 5 3 2 4 2 IZ Applied Mathematics Ford 's First Engine Every tradesman values a good blueprint School of Nursing 24 XA 22? X X X , ff I f 5 O I 9 am me Il X Q XXI , I E rx Xi , "' if-Q I x 5- Shirley Bartlett ft NURSING TWO 'N , lk K Betty Brigman YN f J Mrs. Caroline Cipriano Wilta Brooks 62 Linda Curry -saws? 43 N fi LIRSING Q Louise Daves TWO J: Mary Dayton L Carolyn J. Hensley Mrs. Sandra Faulkner 63 Carol yn Loyce Hensley I Janet Lawter LIRSING TWO Mrs. Beverly Lelvlieux Q Imogene Nicholson Mrs. Claire Pangle 64 K Natalie Middleton Qu Florence Patton U RS I G TWO '50 Nancy Sam s Harriette Quinn l s Sz! X x Mrs. Sally Ryan Mrs. Charlotte Torres JW! Q Carrie Sentell Cynthia Wiseman 65 We LIRSING O E Zh Q W Q ' -' . ,Qff 'iff X 7 f' f X 'i ix Mary Maxwell Mrs. Dorothy Pomfrey Emma Shepperd Mrs. Mary Smith Mrs. Velda Strickland Mrs. Ioan Werhan Mrs. Alice Wood Luretha Young fn 1' , 6 r " 5 ' ka, .. X 51" 5' W Q Q t Mrs. Georgianne Baker Dorothy Brown Judith Buckner Mrs. Glenna Clevenger Patricia Hicks Mrs, Jenell Lawter Betty Ledbetter Carolyn Lewis I, , W , 4 66 J MEMORIAL MISSIO DIVISIO ., H ff X' ua-A 1" "1 wh-M4 'H x mxx, ,X xx , , f.,w-Max E J ,g-.-.nassaui-Ili' X I X Q. , ef -ws Q -Q. ' f 'GI' . . . In the right thoracic Cavity 67 Wil I found it a minute ago. A - -Hr, ,.h,,. M- ,a,, 5"-I-h.,,,,uL4 fvai SAI TJOSEPH' DIVISION With cleanliness and care gh? -X A Z7 I mg But Dr. Kildare says 68 J N EXTETEWEQ I a M gd 9 -Q M J 7 7 'F 'f Q-52 Q, Cutting and Binding Assembling baby pajamas Shadowscope PQWER SEWING Adding a collar READI G IMPRGVEMENT Control Reader I' WAITRESS TRAINING BUSINESS MACHINES HOUSEKEEPING 7I NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CCDE .. --9-53. BLU E PRINT READING WELDING V1 Y REGISTRATIO ii. ,ffl e' The long line. Industry's Leaders . . . . . . give students some good advice WORK . .. Study help Yearbook Staff 74 ...A D 'DJ Mountain Music Touch Football 17:40 PLAY ,fu TfYing out "MUUie" Some claim this is not a sport 75 A LCOK AT THE WGRLD BEYO D "'-s-,.,, Chemical technologists tour Dayco with 1 .. of :mm Carnahan Chemist Frank Howell. mi ,Aft TOURS OF I DLISTRY Future machinists with Mr. Bahr at Kearfott. ff' S CCESSFLIL GRADUATES 100070 of Air Conditioning graduates taking examination Drafting graduates with N. C, Planning Commission map receive UCSHSSS- area for locating new industries. 76 G RADUATKJN . J X 1963 Dr. I, E. Ready, Director of Department of Community Colleges, addresses graduating class. CLASS OF I963 Many will follow, but These were First. 78 My Daddy's a Graduate!" A Mr. Thomas W. Simpson, President of Asheville-'-Bum combe Technical Institute, presents diplomas, Secretarial Class of l963 if Who knows what the future holds for our Institute. We the editors speaking for the entire student body, thank the Insti tute tor dispelling the darkness of our ignorance. Editors in Chief Layout Editors Copy Editor Business Managers Feature Editor Advisor Publishers Representative JE-'S lui-11-lx1'E"er.44-or """""L-,51., 1- 4?-V, 1-Q-I-frfliig, s12:g,,,-y 3-x -'Ne-Liam 'SL if ""7 ...a ""'-itil'-,kr-+ ff, -?'f 1 ,Z ffl? 'v ., 4' ,.-,P , - 4' w ' K U- 1 . , -V , , I 5 , ,- ,, , 1 ' i 'H , I I ., 1 -1 X, n F 'YI4-'v , ' 1 1 N r -fW5:5f3-'- f" 5'?35Wi3nw,f"ff"'1'V'f' U'5 W'5! 5 , 1 I 1, 1 ,uf 1 , p O, r 1, I 4 J I I , , .JL 'H sl' , 1 .,,, X .,, up V I' C Q

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