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1 1 4 i ASH-HI-LIFE 1963 The ASH-HI-LIFE is a student pub- iication of the Asheboro High School, Asheboro, North Carolina. DAVID MCFADDEN ...,... Editor SARAH HENRY . .Assistant Editor JIMMY TROLLINGER Business Manager LORETTA GARNER Assistant Business Manager ,X . sexi ,- During his years as a mem- ber of the Asheboro High School faculty, he has been a symbol of hard work and per- fection. As an educator de- voting himself to the better- ment of our school, as a friend encouraging all toward highest goals, and as a skilled musician producing each year a super- ior band, he has won the esteem of school and commun- ity. With deepest respect and appreciation we dedicate the i963 ASH-HI-LIFE to Mr. Jos- eph B. Fields. Mos X .sg .,,ll,ee.,,ei lltee DEDICATION Throughout the years we have found her to be a dedi- cated teacher, but more than thot, she has been a true friend and an inspiration. For her per- sonal interest in her students and her willingness to help each one, for the encourage- ment she has given us, for her work with the F.B.L.A., and for the many tasks which she has willingly done for the school, we feel privileged to dedicate the I963 ASH-HI-LIFE to Mrs. Anne Moore. new um mn 'Vit L L55 E gy S s E 3 M -as J' an '21, ,1 . .5 ua.-3? :cf K -wr. Q M,! W I , ,M S r . 'I Q 'V'- 2 I 2 - j i vb, . ' my E , 1 5 .. 1 2 4 1 2 V Q A 1 G . , P 2. f v Hi V Y ? Q' ' V u : s " ' ' ' K' . s . 4 1 N f ' 'V 4- K , W V y W ., ' , . , H ,fx W, W 1 ,.,,,,1 , -m,.wavf"' U .U-cu.-I 'Wkp 4"""':1A,,.x WJ , , w ,,f.m, . 1 ., .... ... L' QM wx '- .A M, , Am, H J ' Q . 'L-.1-4-N-,4.w, ww- 1 19f,.,,,-E,-f-m.....W-MA, 'S T., I 5 I f I 5 1 5 I E F 5 ti H I E? 4 I E I fi Q i i E E ! 4 Q i 3 1 ff 1 , X l Y 1 B gf CURRICULUM From the mind is generated the concept, and from that concept, the tangible, printed word is born and offered as a freely-given bless- ing to all who will receive it. Here, the young mind receives it and ponders it, wonders at it and ques- tions it, Finally there evolves from it a new chain of thinking which, like an intrepid explorer uncovering the hidden secrets of the mysterious unknown, bursts upon an integral question of life, and an answer is given This is education, This is the product of inquisitiveness, and this is the challenge which the re- sources of our school present. ACTIVITIES Endeavor is rewarding when one infiltrates it with a variety of small, added sources of ac- complishment, the resultant imf' pact of which produces a pleas- ant sense of doing a job well and of going beyond that which is re- quired, That something "extra" at our school is afforded to us by our many-faceted extracurricular program, Through it, versatilities are created, personalities are en- hanced, and spheres of influence are broadened. ATHLETICS With Spartan-like determination and tenacity we drive toward the goals, and we accept the challenges of competitive athletics. Though the way is always hard and long and though the victory ofttimes may not be grasped, we pride ourselves in that we have striven with vigor and with mental courage in giving our all for our school. M is ,rv L43 W it vi? orb' l 1, I ,rf it 'RT rf. x,,w r.,w",4 'Nl""l x S' 'iv V' Q ', I 1 , V . . s xx g x Q 1 1 ' ' ' f , ' , 8 f wg aff U , f E-9 if f .f 3 1 K ,f- 1 5 e X K x uk A S. 9 X wg K .ix Xl xx is E ' X MN? SX X X ,Nw Q Q - ' 1 is 1 - sf .4 .iw K' I - ' 1 -ff fa. - K Q l - A. in 6 - x , , I X x s AQ: X N Q EN W is -55, uf .K AN QRTA ARY x r s 1' ..,,, 4 .,....., : ...,,. ., 'V , Y,,,..,.W.-,..., N 111 , , .M wma px w.m.y ,M my .W M ,N , . MM ,.,m,W,M , vwm., .A L 1 J pg up Q ,ZW THROUGH ATH LETICS WE LEARN TEAMWORK 1 m ,M im it , l M, ,if We Mawr Hey, let's twist! Q f Q ' was 1, v ir i Pa A 2 'Z gi flows the O s.-if The Senior Ring Dance is the time for showing off rings LD slow Slow Q--an quick START The "twist," "slap," "continental," and other terpsi- chorean pastimes which today's youth invent can all be seen periodically in the student lounge when the pulsations of the loudspeakers reveal that another dance is on Club sponsored dances after football and basketball games seem to be the most popular, but occasionally, special events such as Back to School, "Twiip," Band, or Rainbow dances offer an up lifting change of pace Ol course, there are always those students who, at rare times, give the others a treat by trip- ping "light fanta-stirs" at lunch in the lounge, but, on the whole, the lun is usually nocturnal. Wherch. the ling attraction? kmf'. Lv-.J y .,Qjgg,,. K ' ' L. i?fi3Q'JQ A L' wi' , ..L,iQjQv, ,- U M, f:,. wimpy, ' .- L, -My V, H.-wi.m.e 'Q . if-s?Ese15f ,. X :li 3, . aff A S-gx, 5 535 f ., xx LL sibqtf ' 'W 44 xngw., ' Wifi' al I QQ J, -f4,1,!ais'4 , w:g,,fFE if . as gf ,' ff- , 15 ' W 4 sawn ki fb il- X W, Q V' M1 K f S X 4 gi.. Ii 1 rw" 8,5 A m L ..V..i"x' 5 it ,gn f '9 Av. , B 1 4-"" X1'i':'d'5' Q,--M w -9:33 A if gb-..- 'Qs- 'Yugi Q vgifxf 1 , , i A 9 'gg Q- s 'y va ff?- "You killed the boy! Let me at him!" JUNIOR PLAY When a student falls to his death from the school fire escape in the small town of Carson Corners, there is strong reason to believe that he was pushed. Mr. Ko- valesky, the janitor of the school, is the number one suspect, but an amazing chain of events reveals that many of the town's leading citizens are actually re- sponsible in several ways for the boy's death. The climax comes when Mr. Mc- Ginnis, father of the dead boy, confesses that he too is responsible for the death of his son because of his negligence in the building of the fire escape seventeen years earlier. Juniors staged their yearly production on March 30, 1962, presenting the drama, "The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners", and as the house lights came back on and the grease paint and cos- tumes came off, the class had another outstanding performance to its credit. SENICDR PLAY Five daughters to marry off! Quite a prodigious task even for the inces- santly match-making Mrs. Bennet. Could she possibly lure five rich, hand- some, unsuspecting young men into matrimony with her darlings? Students of Asheboro High School saw the hilarious results of such a plight on Friday night, December l4, 1962, when the senior class presented a delightful comedy, "Pride and Pre- judice," adapted from the novel by Jane Austen. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet along with daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, and Lydia live in England during the early l800's. Mrs. Bennet's efforts made for a delightful and titillating performance, and su- perb costuming gave seniors another annual project to be proud of. "What interests you more-your daughter's future or a checker game?" J QM' o o o SIMULATING REALITY 'Fa fl!! W-:W hm: ,,,V V 5' 'Wk 3 ,-x., W 5 vi ..., at A ,www,w, www 1 3 i In t !, Af! if ,, V 3.4! ,yy David and the Army representative check the schedule outlined in the program. Q1 me K 17 On an afternoon in the spring, regular classes are omitted to provide time for a special service project sponsored by the Student Council. This project, Social Standards Day, gives all students the chance to hear at least two speakers pre- sent the opportunities of their respective occupations. Speakers come from all sections of the state to participate in this annual program. The day is begun with an as- sembly, where students are reminded of the importance of planning their careers. After each of the two group sessions, students are able to gain additional in- formation concerning future vocations by talking informally with the instructors. .wg y igzffwfw Silver sonds, o sparkling seo, ond 0 quiet lagoon make the perfect setting for on unforgettable evening--Junior-Senior. , ,,A,v, me ,,,,, ,,,, ,.,,,,,, , Seated: Elaine Boone, Sarah Henry, Pam Stutts, Standing: Mike Olivo, RAcRdEjeydPl:1eva':tel,cEg'n,'lkeicgiyz Susan Kinney, Bettie Jo Hardin, Chris Rude, Janet Roberts. Bnrhnrn Kivptt Linda Stulfl, Mrs. l re ' O Students of Ashebaro High School look forward to the day in each month when they receive an edi- tion ofthe school paper, the ASH-HI-CHAT. The paper gives a complete coverage of the many phases of stu- dent life at our school, both scholastic and extracurric- H I C H ular. By working on the paper, each staff member re- ' ' ceives a great deal of valuable training in journalism. wil Journalism students learn effective news writing through classroom study. 19 ii S- X s Q. 91 wf V vm 2 1 i Tiff' LlL'A 3CfAkcxri 5 ? ASH-HI-LIFE STAFF With its goal clearly in mind, the ASH-Hl-LIFE staff has worked diligently to produce a volume which ac- curately records the school activities during the year and which the students of Asheboro High School will be proud to display. For the first time this year, work on the annual was considered a part of the regular curriculum. Be- cause of their meeting together as a class, the members of the staff were able to accomplish more efficiently the tasks which are essential in designing and laying out a yearbook. Along with the faculty advisers, the staff proudly presents this record of the l962-i963 school year. Larry Green, Assistant Senior Editor: Susan Hadley, Senior Editor. QQ' Kneeling: Jimmy Trollinger, Business Manager: David McFadden, Editor: Loretta Garner, Assistant Business Manager: Sarah Henry, Assistant Editor. Jimmy Grimsley, Boys' Sports Editor: Jim McFadden, As- l sistant Boys' Sports Editor: Mildred Holt, Girls' Sports Editor: Jean Dalton, Assistant Girls' Sports Editor. Sarah Wright, Frank Barham, Co-Underclassmen Editors. ASHEBORO HIGH SCHOOL BAND First row: Teachey, N. Stedman, Miller, White. Second row: Bullo, Rempson, B. Beane, M. Beane, H. Hughes, Farlow, Turner, Stout, Wil liams, Lewis, Bailey. Third row: Swain, Dildy, Hayes, Starcher, Wilson, Scott, Bonin, Morris, Greene, J. Brown, Wright, McNulty, C. Browne Cameron, Morgan, West, D. Cox, Robbins, L. Hughes, Watts, Wham. Fourth row: Allred, Freeman, Trogdon, Hill, Lamar, Stroud, Hurley Thomas, Jones, Welch, Upchurch, Bennett, Harrell, Mollman, Winslow, Aumon, Holt. Standing: Mr. Fields, Director: Mr. Harrington, Assistant Director. JAZZ BAND as Gary Lewis, Keith Greene, Johnny Auman, Bob Barham, Doyle Stout, Bill Mollman, Gene Burns. 2:2 , X r , I A , A x S. ., .., ,fr as-.f 4' f. 1. , . . B . 4 f1,ff2if.s1 we . .uf S, N Ng' wfQ..1gggT.r. .4 M if .., Q f 'fi K . A r fe' Y Q . M ., .H ., .. V X, Chief: Sally Stedman, Loraine Farlow, Donna Voncannon, Deborah Perkins, Phyllis Staley, Charlotte Hayworth, Brenda Burge, Jane Burrow, Peggy Horner, Clarajo Macon, Karan Britt. Throughout the school year, the Asheboro High School Band adds a great deal to school spirit by its per- formances at half time during football games and by its participation in the State Band Contest. During football season the band members concentrate upon perfecting precision drills for half-time shows. After football season the band turns to more serious music in preparation for the state contest and the annual spring concert. For the past six years the band has received superior ratings for its performance in the state COLOR GUARDS CHAPEL BAND Seated: Swaim, Bulla, Rempson, B. Beane, Teachey, Stout, H. Hughes. Standing: M. Beane, Welch, Auman, Upchurch, Barham, Cox, Rich, Mollman, Greene, Brown, Wright, McNulty, Holt, Janie Surrqff, Peggy JO Durham, Brenda Hod- Freeman, Allred, L. Hughes. gin, Doris Cooper. 23 Seated: R. Mabe. First row: Grant, Wagner, Wilson, Councilman, Mills, Coltrane, Robbins, Humble, Croom, Stout, Hill, Caviness, Kemp, Hubbard, Britt, Mr. Harrington, Director. Second row: Strickland, Parks, Beane, Hughes, Thompson, Harmon, Holt, Davis, Judd, Rich, Hus- sey, Saunders, B. Mabe, Pickett, Hudson, Cook, Moffitt, Presnell. Third row: King, West, Robbins, B. Trogdon, J. Trogdon, Hardister, Smith, Brady, Thompson, Dunlap, Ryckman, Brown, Pate, Russell, Luther, Miller, Burgess. Fourth row: Welch, Ward, Tatum, Burrow, Davidson, Bul- lins, Bailey, Snider, Wadleigh, Nance, Boone, Hughes, Byrd, Moore, Allred, Lewallen, Johnson. CHORUS Students who take part in the chorus receive many bene- fits from this worthwhile activ- ity. Under the direction of Mr. Edwin Harrington, the mem- bers develop an appreciation of music and acquire vocal training. Offering other re- wards, chorus teaches the fun- damentals of co-operation and gives fun and fellowship to its members. The chorus presented its an- nual Christmas and s p ri n g concerts to the student body and participated in the annual State Music Festival, an incen- tive to advance in chorus. The band and chorus combine their talents to present an inspirational Christmas program. 24 f k"Zx-.a gf? 5 45 ii' :fuk X ' u wg .FN J mvjli f 1' 1 W T' We .v M Q "A. ...- Yi-Q "'-"""Af" C3 at ff- ff"- -- 'A' f' kr,-f --M ,,.,4 .s V-naive s ,W 'S A Q X V 9, 1-S gf' ,'- .-lg?-iffy?-4.-t 0.11 N . 5 'ff JN' K 1 5 ,M 5 Aw " 0 Kant 49' f" Q Y f . "' S... v K . Af' FWN . gs: H SK f X ' 1 . - 'fig X, Q. 97 .f if E 1 . fs Q A OUR SCHOOL 96 ,i,2,,ms N. 5 X '52 2 155 - i I ? vi -f me X : is 5 A X . S' f t A 5 if if 1 51 5 :Q 2 K .55 we - s v. MR. GUY B. TEACHEY DR. CHARLES WEAVER Superintendent Assistant Superintendent DR. J. R. SUGGS MR. A. W. FAIRCLOTH MR. C. REITZEL SMITH MRS. MILDRED CHRISCO "" Administrative Secretary ASHEBORO CITY MR. L. H. MORGAN MR. JAMES R. LANE MR. C. E. HUGHES p..-. DR. FRANK EDMONSON MR. T. HENRY REDDING MR. RICHARD B. MR. J. A. LOWRANCE MR. DAVID STEDMAN Chairman SWEENEY 28 To The Students: One of the greatest assets in the world is the ability to grow. Competent leadership has always demanded advancement. Growth requires expansion and a reaching out. Growth indicates that there is life, initiative, and ability. The expectation of almost all youth today is that they will have educational opportun- ities consistent with their ability to learn. They are aware that Americans are in a race to maintain our leadership against other nations in trade, training, goods, and taste. This is a fight which cannot be won for us by some remote, heroic space achievement. It comes right home to each individual and his willing- ness to prepare himself to the very best of his ability. lt is a fight in which our country loses a little each time anyone lets his standards fall. The modern, comprehensive American high school has a major role to play in the growth of the youth who are entrusted for guidance, evaluation, motivation, and instruction. To identify and evaluate pupils is not enough. To instruct pupils in a manner commensurate with their respective abilities and interests, and in a manner compatible with personal needs and the needs of society is the main purpose of any sound educational institution. Asheboro High School's major function is to meet the needs of all who enroll. Our cur- riculum is broad and challenging. Our activ- ities are many and varied. Those who take advantage of all opportunities for learning are prepared to graduate to greater oppor- tunities and successful fulfillment of their goals and ambitions. It is necessary to work hard and push through the "hard crust" of hindrances, opposition, criticism, accustomed ideas, and established practices to reach the "sunlight" of greater wisdom and growth. Cordially, L. .guulllll ,qnulll gunman"'F""""" MR. LEE C. PHOENIX Principal ADMINISTRATION MRS. OLIMBE D. HOLT Secretary ....,..........------w n-atm-Q...-.--me-an--s f" 529' www-M -."n. R A fNNii3 ' W iw ' 1-rsvxf 2' f if g fi f Q .. E 42.1, ,, I Q4 W in mx ' vii J wgywv ggxz 'AI 'YET w ,d..s...fNf f""""5 MRS. MILDRED T. FAIRCLOTH English, Journalism Valuable ideas are exchanged in this round-table discussion 32 wt' N-.hs 'Q gf' 1 1' yt fax, .. s i XR aw x w S i ,N fl! f .r f - Spanning the vast extent of space to the stars, striving constantly to emulate past achievements, creating more and better products which will enrich and enhance our lives-these are the goals of the present on-rushing scientific age, and with this age comes the all-important need for the scientific and in- quisitive mind. Our science department strives to develop in the student skills in analysis, critical thinking, observation, and intelligent action, factors which play a vital role in scientific achievement. Through general classroom sessions, laboratory experiments, and individual instruction, students are able to apply these principles by means of their own actual experience in each of the courses offered-general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. This training prepares them for an excellent under- standing of science in later life and also provides a basis for study on the college level. MRS. RUBY T. RICH Biology A 34 i i A l 3 5 i E -.M , M, i I Q' 3 Q g Q Chemistry sometimes appears to be very complex . . . MISS MERLE ETTA LANCASTER Biolo But a knowledge of the fundamentals simplifies it. gy 35 I W3 - WRX! f W L 33' - S4 , ,g .mf V fb , f Q 2 K X xg S QW N' wwmfsg' i I ? Y 1' if i I K I 7 4 - fy. i X Q as .Nix .fw,,, .Wx..s. JE!! 1' xi L .warg 19 D in ty evra kkkhkihh I ,Nw ,.. l - 'f'w-.umm . R 5 N' , ' X Y S Lv . rf' . , -QQ . wfgtwfx J c x, I w-SE .. "ax 4 ? N -5. - X :aff 5 ,V aww? K SX MISS HELEN BOSTICK MRS. KITTIE J. CAVENESS English, Latin French MR. DONALD G. JARRETF, Spanish, English . if K . M 'SWL .gnu- :ix ,.,-f MADRID -o Rome Q 5 PARIS -, L? if 'V U. 'HW Mastery of a language includes oral recitation. At times pantomime must be used to covey meaning. As a result of today's supersonic jet liners and communications satellites, the countries of an already "shrinking" world have been brought closer together than ever before. Consequently, a study of the world's peoples and languages is of vital importance in the establish- ment of friendly relations with, literally, "the country next door." To effect such an understanding through diligent study and to prepare the student for linguistic studies on the college level are the objectives of the language department. Throu h a concentrated pro- gram of classroom work, students learn the iasic fundamentals of French and Spanish. Also, realizing the integral need for everyday usage as a part of intensive comprehension, language teachers make beneficial use of the tape recorder and the oral recitation, thereby enabling the student to gain a working, practical knowledge of two languages which live in the world today. ln order to engender an awareness of the contributions of an earlier culture, students are given the opportunity to take a course in Latin. Primarily, the fundamentals of the language itself are impressed upon the student. Word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and everyday ex- pressions derived from the Latin provide an invaluable background for the study of the English language. The student also learns many of the foundations of present-day civilization-the influence of literature, architecture, mathematics, engineering, and the systems of govern- ment and military organization. FRENCH SPANISH LATIN ...if 339 Q XN51.. . GEN EALOGY QF HEQAC LES mf 55 iig E " fr , up ' These students are learning to use the Gestetner. MRS, KATHLEEN C, WHATLEY Typing, Shorthand xnuunygg f..,,,,..,,-4-n-""""" X X X I t 8 1 I 1 x wi n m e it ss 5: X M 2 Manual dexterity is important in this course, Linda and Paula are getting ready to use the duplicating machine. vvvvvvv v M',.:Jv ni. N. Typing requires both speed and accuracy. MRS. ANNE H. MOORE Business Machines, Typing, Bookkeeping B U N E S S EDUCATION Our business education department strives to develop attitudes and understandings essen- tial for the successful direction of business re- lationships by teaching courses in typing, shorthand, general business, bookkeeping, business machines, and business correspon- dence. Through classroom instruction and drill, students in this department master basic essentials, and some gain additional practice by serving as office assistants. Each course stresses speed, accuracy, and systematic pro- cedure. With this background of commercial courses, students are better prepared to do their future business work with knowledge and confidence. 41 S ,ut H . W fi f DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATICN Certainly the most important link in the life line of today's business world is the selling of products to the con- sumer, and while the demand for such products is great, the demand for the good salesman is just as prodigious. To instill the principles of salesmanship and at the same time to render to the student a chance for actual sales experience are the objectives of the distributive education program. During the mornings, students enrolled in the pro- gram learn practical skills such as English and mathematics as a part of the regular curriculum. Then, during the after- noons, they leave the school to work as employees of various business firms in the community. After graduation the pro- gram is carried over into life as a valuable asset to the under- standing of the business world. ..- MRS. PEGGIE HILL Distributive Education This display reminds us of the importance of consumer products. Accurate measurement by the D. E. clerk is neces- Business skills play an important part in the sary for a satisfied customer. D. E. program. 4 On-the-job training prepares students for future work. MR. INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE TRAINING Will this job challenge the best that is within me? Will it provide sufficient remuneration for my threescore years and ten? These are some of the impor- tant questions which juniors and seniors enrolled in the Industrial Co-operative Training program attempt to answer. Students at- tend regular classes during the morningsg then during weekday afternoons they engage in var- ious part-time jobs throughout the community. These jobs range from the type requiring manual skills to those types requiring creative thinking on the part of the student. With the training provided in this course, a student is able to evaluate different occupations and make a wise decision con- cerning his future vocation. ARTHUR K. BECK Problems are evaluated through conferences. lIldl.lSl'fiCl c0'0Pel'CfiVeTl'CiI1il1g WI it ,rv I E -13 MUSIC Asheboro High School's music department is never sat- isfied with less than a finished product. What is this finished product? For the band it may be a spirited pep rally, a five-mile parade, a half-time perform- ance for a football game, a home concert, or a superior rat- ing earned in the state contest. For the chorus it is the perfec- tion of vocal skills for the Christmas program, for the spring concert, for the district contest, or for the anthems performed at the baccalaureate exercises. Along with group achievement comes also individual achievement. ln addition to the vocal or instrumental skills acquired, members of the music department gain self-confi- dence, leadership ability, and an appreciation for the best in music. MR. JOSEPH B. FIELDS i Jozz Band portrays school spirit, 44 Band X :fi f S ig, K lfllfg ,s55'5 A 3 g 3 i M , 1 , flfvgflz J, J , . ,ilu ,. 1 I ff ff - 6fkfWl " MR. WILLIAM F. VAN HOY, JR. MR. LEE J. STONE Modern Problems, World History General Business, Economics and Sociology . . 43 L -eg,,,,4 -:Fe versus s 2 i Model cities exemplify patterns for community IiWng. Mr. Von Hoy gives his students o chance to catch up on world affairs 46 I..-:lr 'Sy f 3 Ml' JJII Mi., .. TgM?'iIlxsE41 2 ,N ' xxXi X' X X QW Qs. SOCIAL STUDIES Down through the ages the events of history have shaped man's life and ruled his not only re- warding but also sometimes ill-fated destiny. It is this realization that necessitates man's study of his environmental conditions, both past and present, the most important areas of study being history, geogra- phy, and government. The aims of the social studies department are to acquaint the student with our democratic pattern for group living and to promote better citizenship. Through an intensified study of man's heritage and of national and international problems, the student becomes better informed about world problems and understands more fully the importance of good citi- zenship and peace among nations. Required in this department is the study of United States history and modern problems. Students may also expand their knowledge beyond the bare re- quirements bythe election of world history, economics and sociology, civics, and world geography. MR. VERNON S. FELTON English, Economics and Sociology MR. WILLIAM J. SMITH World History, United States History MR. DONALD THOMAS United States History THE SAGA OF MAN'S ACHIEVEMENTS COMES ALIVE THROUGH STUDY. us 13 4, v awww 3.-,mtg W Q X W 'W'-' says: M l Lai! Mr. Smith explains feudolism to the students. ". , . and here is Asheboro." 48 Home EcoNoMicS Knowledge of the principles of home management and skill in the application of these principles are the two main assets which the home economics department provides its students. Blessed by an atmosphere of warm candor with the instructor and by excellent facilities in the classroom itself, future homemakers learn cooking, sewing, house planning, child care, and a variety of other skills which are necessary for the maintenance of a well-ordered home. Students are also made aware of the equally important fact that they themselves soon must shoulder the responsibility of being a home manager. MISS ELIZABETH PHILLIPS Home Economics MATHEMATICS Calculus, analytical geometry, space geom- etry, and the infinite possibilities of advanced mathematics all trace their complexity to the basic concepts of natural numbers and simple, everyday arithmetical operations. The math- ematics department first seeks to engender in the student a basic understanding of simple mathematical principles. Then, by successive steps through the more advanced courses, the student applies logical reasoning to that which is simple in order to understand that which is Complex. A course in general mathematics is offered in order to give to the student a firm under- standing of simple numerical ideas and ap- plications. The student may then broaden his understanding by enrolling in algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, trigonometry, and also an advanced college algebra course. Thus he is able to develop an understanding of pure mathematics and, even more important, a logical reasoning pattern which will prove in- valuable in later life. MR E C MORGAN MRS WALKER DERR MRS. ERMA LONG Plane Geometry General Math Algebra Algebra General Math General Math, Plane Geometry 1 i i Tumbling develops body co-ordination. MISS ANGELYN GLISSON Physical Education The forward roll challenges our students. Physical education prepares the student for the future in many ways. Exercises and improved health habits help the P H Y SIC E D U C A T I O N student attain Cl stronger and a better co-ordinated body. Par- ticipation in athletic sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and softball promotes teamwork and good sports- manship. Taught by competent instructors, physical education encourages the student to become an alert, health-minded citizen. i MR. ALEc J. HURST, JR. Students practice tumbling techniques. Physical Education 52 i MISS KATHERINE BUI E Librarian nm ' Students at Asheboro High School find the library an ever available source of help to them. The librarian teaches each class how to use the library effectively, and she and her assistants are always on hand to help each student in finding the materials he needs, whether for pleasure or research. With collections of books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, filmstrips, and phonograph records, the library provides up-to-date in- formation in all fields of study and stimulates and de- velops the student's interest in reading. GUIDANCE LIBRARY Primarily, the objective of the guidance program is to help students plan wisely for their future while they have time and can do something about it. The Occupational Interest Inventory is given to help students think more seriously about the type of occupation they choose. The guidance program at Asheboro High School strives to give each student the assistance he needs to make wise de- cisions, intelligent plans, and suitable adjustments to his personal, social, educational, and occupational problems. MR. REID PRILLAMAN Guidance Counselor OUR SCHOGL W 'SKK' 53? 5 . ,Si if it , ff E I I .Q T! ii Vs gs s K ,.. X aw? If 'ir 42 Q 9 as .,P, '32 Q, -4 ? i if 4 ,M . ,. Bob Ferree, Vice-President: Judy Hobson, Secretary: Wesley Sexton, President, Barry Osborne, Treasurer: Mr. Vernon S. Felton Advuser Mike Morgan, Store Manager. STUDENT COUNCIL Leading Asheboro High School is a legislative body known as the Student Council. Through this Student Gov- ernment Association, students are given the opportunity to experiment with a system which has policies similar to those of the United States government. Members elected by their respective home rooms present ideas of fellow students and make regulations needed for a well-organized high school. Each spring all students observe the candidates who, after obtaining petitions, are eligible to run for a Student Council office. Through campaign and convention students know that only the best from the best must be selected to serve. ln our elections for the past several years, we have been privileged to use city machines for voting. Services rendered by the Student Council include super- vision of the freshman orientation program, presentation of daily devotions, publication of the student handbook, the awarding of a scholarship to some worthy senior, operation of the school store, and sponsorship of Social Standards Day. For these services and for the privilege of exercising our American way of government, we are proud of our Student Council. 56 David McFadden, President of the Central District of the North Carolina Student Council Congress. Patsy Bulla, Norman Grey, Nolan McDowell, Susan Hadley, Butch Cox. Merrill Fetner, Carolyn Swaney, Cynthia Gibson, Brenda Burge Linda Barbee, Frank Barham, Danielle McMaster. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Ronnie Caviness, Donna White, Cecelia Briles, Jane Spivey, Jesolyn Kearns, Becky Church, Barbara Parks, Gayenelle West, Richard Garkalns. 57 YQ I ' Q F5 .. 1? 'R R S. fs SENIOR SARAH HENRY .... BUTCH COX ......, EUGENE MCMASTERS EMILY LILES .,...., CLASS OFFICERS . , . I ,Treasurer . . . . . . .President . , . .Vice-President . . . . ,Secretary 58 MR. LEE C. PHOENIX Sponsor r 5 ! x k 1. Q . -N, 36 Ze gi 9. is rg J ,XY ai iii? X, 0 , 3 We , 5 Q Li 5 M fy , A:'A W, , 4 , r JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS KAY ALLEN A . . . .Treasurer RICKY LEE ........ .,... Se cretary MIKE MORGAN ,..., ...... P resident BEDFORD CANNON . . . .... Vice-President 60 I MR. DONALD JARRETT Sponsor : 5 W .53 Tgipi 3 5-4: 'Nag 'SIS XY wx .Q X . A i-Yi QL QQ' .wg s. 1 . Ls,-' - . ill!" 5 :. -' -.,, S,i't..g,S4iE"ggx-g V , "Pvc f'.g,-r fl wi ,. f A ' .3 1-IEE: 2259- va- 2 1,:5:5' ww f rzwhw .1-f f -mg. .4, ',,,r5f, " elf- "2 I N 'f Y " f .. Li' 'E 'i. :Q fi? Eiga? . 4 H' EQ .,', gr I T1 1:1 3" ,- . ffl' L.,. .Xi ' ' S ' g X M- i Q .. qw K 'F l g: 1 7: A , xg? v. ., , 0 Eb K 1' A . I S ' ' 5 A 3 'S U? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS DOUG THOMAS . . . ..,, President BECKY CHURCH , . . ...... Secretary GAYENELLE WEST , , . . . .Vice-President RONNIE CAVINESS . . . ..... Treasurer 62 MR. MAX MORGAN Sponsor Seated: Tony Cannon, Billy Dennis, Tommy Pugh, Judy Causey, Sylvia McNeill. Standing: Russell Ward, Doug Thomas, Steve Burkhead, Tommie Jones. Seated: Jean Whitaker, Phyllis McCubbin. Standing: J. D. Moore, Steve Beasley, Delbert Welch, Mike Thom- as, Johnny Cameron. SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM OFFICERS Seated: Jill Ward, Jimmy Humble, Mac Ramsey, Harry Lane. Stand- ing: Ann Mclntosh, Gayenelle West. Seated: Rita Korn, Steve Vunconnon, Mamie Dunn, Terry Hudson, Seated: Pat Morton, Doll McBride, Susan Kemp. Standing: Phyllis Francia White. Standing: Gale Thomas, Harold Welch, Howard Kivett, Parker, Vickie Britt, Donnie Bowers, Darrell Rich. George Johnston. OUR SCHOOL Q 5 p . 5 5 s Q 3 f S 4 -w 'T 1 . Q ,, .. K ,X RITN XW! ' X. 1 A i, E 1 f , - 49. ! 'WU 4 wif? - N U E! 9 5 ,lx I I I I J k v MR. WILLIAM VAN HOY , , . ...... Sponsor JIM GRIMSLEY ..,,., . . ......., President if' L-ly JIM YORK ...., .... v ice-President I' X J' ' f 47 Q' 'GFNAIWB KEY CLUB First row: J. C. Murray, Nolan McDowell, David Cox. Second row: Aaron Loflin, Donnie Bowers, Darrell Rich, Joe Spencer, Jimmy Brown, Bob Barham. Third row: Norman Grey, Frank Barham, Luther Galyon. Fourth row: Ronnie Johnson, Mike Morgan, George Johnston, Doug Thomas, Tommy Brazier. 'Qi'-Tie., First row: Frank Edmondson, Bedford Cannon, Jim McFadden, Danny Curtis. Second row: Bax ter Williamson, Randy Smith, Tommy Hayworth, Jim Trollinger, Bobby Thomas. Third row Wesley Sexton, Larry Green. Adding another year to its longstanding rec- ord of hard work and service, the well-known A.H.S. Key Club has served well not only the school but also the entire community. The main projects of the year include sponsoring the Homecoming dance, serving as Flagstone Patrol at athletic events, and publishing the Dial. Var- ious other projects which often go unnoticed are carrying books for the teachers, helping the Stu- dent Council park cars, purchasing needed ma- terials and supplies in co-operation with the prin- cipal and faculty, and taking care ofthe Flag. 'R EDDIE ROSS ....,.... .,...... T reasurer DAVID MCFADDEN .... TOMMY ROBBINS . . . ..........Secretory . . , Sergeant at Arms l 4 5 P a www p.,,,,...a! First row: Wicker, Greene, Beane, Canipe, Turner, Kinney, Walton, T. Hudson, Hodgin. Second row: Maffitt, York, Barker, Wal- ker, B. Moody, Redding, West, McNeill, Cooper, Polson, Rhymer, Treasurer. Third row: Miss Phillips, Sponsor: Thompson, Vice- President, Flenniken, President, Boone, Secretary, Kearns. Fourth row: Thomas, Robbins, Mclntosh, Murray, Brown, Callicutt, Hunsucker, Fagge, Barbee, Dunn, Millikan. Fifth row: Seagraves, F. Moody, Caviness, Cashion, Briles, Garner. Sixth row: Cook, Lowry, Cornelison, Hubbard, Fischer, Young, Boling, Teague, V. Hudson, Henley. Seventh row: Hamilton, Ward, Freeman, Mor- ton, Robbins, Brower, White, Belding, Harper, Craven, Surratt. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA "Our first purpose is to promote a growing ap- preciation of the joys and satisfaction of home- making," state the members of the Future Home- makers of America Club. They accomplish this purpose by emphasizing the importance of worthy home membership, encouraging democracy in home and community life, and in general, working for a good home and family life for all. However, their interest in home economics is not centered only on their own homes. They try to promote international good will as well. They believe this can best be achieved by developing creative leadership in the home and in the community. This club also under- takes many activities during the year such as giv- ing Christmas gifts to the teachers, supplying the ladies' lounge with current magazines, fruit bowls, and flower arrangements, attending county, dis- trict, and state rallies, welcoming student teachers, and sponsoring the F.H.A. "girl of the month." Q' E f ,iv Zi? ?' .-v Y ? l l A 4 I 7' J fl Z1 X li FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First row Beane Bonkemeyer Hadley Arthur Freeman Cundrff P Duldy Reddlng J Muller Second row B Muller Query Stedman Cheek Thlrd row Maness Cox Roberts Thornburg J Dlldy Burgess Stutts Fourth row H Walker Tlllman L Craven P Vuncannon Wrlght Calloway M Walker Shaw Flennlken J Shepard Teachey Fufth row Trogdon Kmney Bulllns Wulson McKeel Starcher McMaster Brown Srxth row Brlles B Craven Dalton Allen Chlsholm Bowman Swarm Morton Asheboro Hrgh Schools FTA has a twofold purpose In enabling its members to gain knowledge about the fleld of teachvng One purpose IS to secure unformatuon on vocatuonal opportunutres m educa tron the other IS to study the quall ties traits and aptltudes which are related to successful teachmg Thus year the club sponsored American Education Week and Teachlng Career Month ln the community the Future Teachers served as helpers In Christmas Cheer CARE and made contrnbutlons to Wanda Vuncannon Jane Bulla Sandra Frazier Nancy Rempson Emuly Llles Betty Hardrn Betsy Morgan ,E .xx ff ffm NX MRS KITTIA X CAVENESS X Sponsor 412 CLARAJO MACON SUE MOORE ELLA STOUT SUSAN HADLEY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Y I V I ' I Y . . . 1 - . . ,Q . . . . - f 1 . ' . . " E, 41, I I . ' I r T- ' V . . r - , 3 4 ' - . . . A - Q , 4 l . - x .. f r I f :j n ...-.. K j , ,' ' , ' X l-T X X f ff X x A , , ,," ,, .. f . fr I V iw We we . ef R X r First row: Joy Payne, B r e n d a Allred, Doris Cooper, Anita Bulla, lnez Surrat. Second row: Faye Hancock, Joyce Dunn, Cecelia Story, Dora Pol- son, Mary Tom Watson. Third row: Barbara Owens, Shirley Caviness, Mrs. Anne Moore, Spon- sor: Paula Katcham, Ric- ky Lee, Janie Burroughs, Linda Jarvis, Martha Graves, Lois Updyke, Car- olyn Swaney, Sue Corneli- son, Dremia Davis, Nancy Russell, Willa Mae Dunn, Catherine Morgan, Car- lene Cooper, Loretta Gar- ner. Q, AMERICA ' -f" will!!! sul utuns usincss EADHERS muucn .V O F.B.L.A. is a national organ- ization for high school and college students enrolled in business subjects. It encour- ages improvement in scholar- ship, promotes school loyalty, and strengthens the confidence of young people in themselves and their work. This year the A.H.S. Future Business Leaders participated in many projects ranging from selling F.B.L.A. chocolate and preparing and selling the foot- ball programs to donating a machine to the business de- partment. Our chapter also sent delegates to the state and national conventions, ln addi- tion, the members did extra work for teachers to complete a year of worthwhile activities. 'T f ,vw First row: McKeel, Gibson, R. Shaw, Benbow, Beane, B. Swaim, Dildy, Wilson, Davis. Second row: King, Haithcock, Burns, Holland, Query, Carroll, Kivett, Lanier. Third row: Cox, President: Allen, Vice-President: McMaster, Secretary: Trotter, Treasurer: Henry, Mr. Chilton, Mr Fox, Mrs. Rich, Sponsors: S. Shepard. Fourth row: Graves, Taylor, Redding, Bonkemeyer, Stedman, McNulty, J. Shepard, Jones, Bridgers, J Swaim, Galyon, C. Briles, Trollinger, Thornburg, B. Shaw, Cundiff. Fifth row: Walton, Parker, Henson, Baker, Green, Sparks, Robertson Chandler, N. Briles, Richardson, Whitaker, Tolar, Johnson, Cox, Patterson, Davis, Deaton, Barton, Woodbury, Cannon. MATH-SCIENCE CLUB Created to further interest in science and mathe- matics, the Math-Science Club has sponsored many in- teresting projects for its members this year. Activities consisted of lectures from informative speakers con- cerning the application of scientific theory to our every- day life, conducted tours through some local industries such as B. B. Walker Shoe Company and Union Carbide, and a very interesting and enjoyable tour of the new Industrial Center. Also, there were filmstrips on differ- ent phases of science not only for the benefit of its mem- bers but also for their enjoyment. 1 gf,- W t Dean Bryant '22, -M- Eddie Davis 2 3 . ha Y ' -. Bill Dennis Mary Furr uk-5 Barbara Hawks Harry Hughes Y:-.,.. Linda Jarvis Y, 'T' V I . 'mf 2 , , . ' f 2 w sir' x Composed of those students who have shown particular interest in library science, the A.H.S, Li- brary Club enables its members to learn a great deal about the fine library we have through the competent guidance of Miss Buie, our school librarian. Also, members of this club are able to instruct others in the use of reference books and other materials such as filmstrips, records, and current magazines. This year the club observed Book Week in November and Na- tional Library Week in the spring. Larry Canoy 5 was , Nellie i T Davis ,-" ,,,, F if 4- J J if ,, ,4,, ,l,. :AV A . 3,3 ,Q :Q I Brantley C' Jef Reddmg Pot Bowman Vicki President Lomax Lois Draughn , , y ,,,, , V W at Q fe .mi ai, I , Shirley gc 'W Reed virginia Davis ' Peggy Vice-President ' Maness Terry V f Gallimore ' ' A W, . I 'sh' J: 'G V Q ,f f tau . " ' X 1' Anne 3' - Shaw Shirley Caviness S r r its Q Richard are a Y A McDowell Katherine i I 1 Hepler V VL' gg il. we ' L ' J imrny lv, Smlfh Sandra Ledwell it Joe Treasurer Miller Johnny 1 . Jarrell A - Q of f ' Q as A.. If X t yre -ni Ricky it 39, 5m'fh Miss Katherine Buie , Glenn Sponsor Nelson Susan Kinney JJ, H Steve Tate Larry Trotter ff! f Willa Turner ti l Tv he ' T Jill Ward ,Ti v I Carolyn Whittington Johnnie Wicker J, his ,W Bonnie Williams s sv 9. 8 ,,,. A N 1 ,LAA 'J.H",f . ivsc ,dj , J ,.. gkrgigli .ssc VOA -lxga. '-ls S VS 'V . A ' rm sf.: fps: 'P in ' 'Psipa N- F H ek 3. I MR. THOMAS Sponsor i j.,,,,,,,,.A. X. was . 5 as ef- tfiisf 'Y . First row: Strider, Olivo, Brazier, Prevatte. Second row: McDowell, Grimsley, Ferree, Tucker. Third row: Edmondson, Spencer, Roberts, Saunders. Fourth row: Morris, Schwarz, Allred, President, York, Vice-President: Craven, Secretary-Treasurer: Hulin, William- son. Fifth row: Rush, L. Johnson, Hamilton, Ross. Sixth row: Bennett, Bulla, Morgan, lngold. Seventh row: Smith, Robbins, King, Hunsucker, Thomas. Eighth row: Pyrtle, Helms, R. Johnson, McFadden, Cannon, Cox. All boys who have earned at least one letter in a sport at Ashe- boro High School are eligible for membership in the Boys' Monogram Club. This club strives to promote good sportsmanship, fellowship, and school spirit among all students. Each year activities for this club include sponsoring occasional dances, being in charge of a store during basketball games, ond sponsoring Homecoming, one of the high lights of our school year. 72 N ms in su. E First row: Surratt, Benbow, Church, Dalton, Hobson, N. Word, Roberts, Stultz, Cheek Dildy, J. Ward, Webb, Henry. Second row: Hodgin, Miller, Kemp, Chriscoe, Helms Hamilton, Adams, Cannon, Richardson, Robbins, Briles, Shepard, Allen, McCrary, Stutts, Clark, Smith, Craven, Bullins, Jordan, Brown, Hudson, Mclntosh. Any girl who has earned ci varsity letter in basketball, intra murals, or cheerleading is eligible for membership in the Girls' Mon- MISS GLISSON ogram Club. Endeavoring to promote good sportsmanship, the club sponsor encourages its members to participate in athletic activities sponsored by the school. This year the main project was sponsoring the intra- mural program, in which all girls in our school were given the oppor- tunity to take part in their favorite athletic activity. 73 N. X - 1 X rf. ., it-Q-Q! s ,Z ,., L X FILM Ball Dula Gary Walker Fred MacDonald David Brlttaln Treasurer Steve Bnttam -il Sfix .1---.....f,f -ff ASH HI PHOTO CLUB Photography a newly o f f e r e d course at Asheboro Hugh School has prompted the Photo Club to broaden Its servlces to our school Throughout thus school year the members of the club could be seen at all school functions working dnl :gently to record and preserve all phases of school lufe Ram or shlne undoors or out the members strived to promote the advancement and mastery of photography through co operation effort and good fel lowshup MR CHILTON Sponsor Larry Bullard Johnny Barton Secretary Tlm Luttle Kntz Cox Janet Roberts Vuce President Boyd Thomas Ann Arthur Presldent J ,Z l X11 ..4 if S-4 Mnke Lucas Harry Horns Larry Bean Denny Holland Steve Beasley X Kerry Lane Freddre Tucker S-nv ggi KU' X . xx C X C fl 3, tl 5 KX I, ti: Y ' f I l C . .. U my 5 . , . . I L I 4 . 'X I - X X x Joe Hamilton Greot responsi i y Rickey Smith wwf- if PQ W, A v 94 Benton McGrady BUS DRIVERS b'Iit conscientiously carried out Eddie Beane w r A ,QS y 5 MR. GLENN BROOKSHIRE Sponsor Thomas Lamb A 1 gi. , !, 5' 1 sm-ang! I 5 ,Y I , ' Lois Droughn Nj R im if st..- is sg 4404 A-S i sy ji BETA CLUB vw f. - s.. 1' 4 i 'Swv To promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among h i gh school students of Amer- icag to reward meritorious achievementg and to en- courage and assist stu- dents to continue their education after h i g h school are the purposes of the Beta Club. The Asheboro High S c h oo l chapter of this national organization u p h old s these ideals to the fullest. Each year this club also sponsors a dance and conducts various activi- ties such as home roong inspection and home room attendance check. 51' .V W 'WM .H K . .V , M4 'mmf MISS BOSTICK Sponsor QUILL AND SCROLL CLUB F' st row: Tommy Cranford, Carol Stalvey, Faye Thompson, Pat Trogdon, Sandra ir Frazier. Second row: Judy Bullins, Sarah Wright, Wanda Flenniken, Jeanie Brower, Marsha Kinney, Nancy McKeel, Carol Chisholm. Third row: Sarah J d Webb Carol McCrary Henry, Loretta Garner, Betty Hardin, Jane Brown, u y , , Janet Roberts, Ella Stout. Fourth row: Jim Grimsley, Rosalee Chriscoe, Diane Cheek, Martha Walker, Jean Dalton, Mildred Holt, Nan Teachey, Pam Stutts, Larry Green. Fifth row: Jimmy Trollinger, Wanda Vuncannon, Susan Hadley, Faye Hancock, Carolyn lsley, Merrill Fetner, Neva Briles. Sponsor If a student does exceptional work in the pub- lications field, he may seek membership in the Quill and Scroll Club, an honorary society that seeks to encourage creative writing. A large per- centage of the membership consists of staff mem- bers from both of the school publications, the ASH-l-ll-CHAT and the ASH-Hl-LlFE. Being an hon- orary society, the club holds no meetings and un- dertakes no activities. Anyone who is accepted into the Quill and Scroll Club holds a lifetime member- ship. JH 1-,A W7 LD First row: Moore, Walker, Oglesby, B. Robbins, Turpin, Stalvey, Tate, Peggy Maness. Second row: Blackwell, Mabe, Wilson Benson Shaw Spencer, Dalton, Stultz. Third row: Hunsucker, Stout, Payne, Swaney, Phyllis Maness, Barham, McFadden, Chriscoe. Fourth row Kinney J. Robbins, Howell, Efird, Gibson, Boone, Owens, Allen, Thomas. Students enrolled in the Spanish courses find that they can b roa d e n their knowledge of the Spanish- speaking people by partici- pating in the activities of the Spanish Club. Through varied and interesting pro- grams the club learns about the customs and culture of our neighbors to the south. On some occasions, local residents from S p a n i s h - speaking countries present interesting lectures about their homelands. Filmstrips and book reviews also add to the club's activities. 'Wu' Mr. Donald Jarrett, Sponsor: David McFadden, President: Brigitte Redding, Vice-President refaryp Pam Stutts, Treasurer. SPANISH CLUB FRENCH CLUB "Le Cercle Francais" at Asheboro High School gives the students who are en- rolled in either first or sec- ond year French the oppor- tunity to learn more about the language, the people, the country, and the cus- toms of France. Through in- teresting and informative programs these goals are ac- complished. The activities of the French Club for the school year include Mardi Gras, a dance after an ath- letic event, and the presen- tation of a SlOO scholarship to a senior French Club member. First row: Stout, Schwarz, Allred, L. Wright, Moore, Ammons, Show, McBride, McNulty. Second row: Adams, Cain, Calloway, Ward, M. Beane, Briles, Chriscoe, P. Vuncannon, Burge, Coble. Third row: H. Walker, Tillman, Trogdon, Updyke, Lee, Stone, Fetner, Isley, M. Walker, Henley. Fourth row: S. Wright, Chisholm, Moody, Garner, Teague, Query, Hamilton, Ridge, Swaim, Bowman, B. Beane, Hopkins, B. Mil- ler. Fifth row: D. Vonconnon, Staley, McMaster Starcher, Wilson, McKeel, Craven, Yarborough, York, Bullins. I i.. First row: Sara Hadley, Fritz, Booze, Susan Hadley, A. Bulla, Stedman, Teachey, Hobson, Frazier, McCrary. Second row: Macon, W. Vuncannon, Lanier, Garner, Hardin, Allen, Baker, Rempson, J. Miller, McRae. Third row: Hayworth, J. Bulla, B. Beane, Bowman, Richardson, Morgan, Roberts, Webb, Moore, Henry. Fourth row: Miss Bostick, Sponsor: Upchurch, Green, Redding, Trollinger, Grey, Osborne, Ferree, Grimsley. 79 Tim Mclntyre, Vice-President: Dean Parks, Presi- dent: Karleen Horner, Secretary: Carolyn Sikes, Parliamentarianp Rita Campbell, Associate Presi- dent: Ann Holt, Treasurer. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATICN CLUB First row: Bill Everall, Linda Cox, Linda Harvell, Larry Miller. Second row: Tony Whitaker, Davis Pegram, James Moore, Ronnie Anderson. Third row: James Murray, Eddie Beane. Through combined in-school instruction, on-the-job training, and careful supervision of trainees by qualified teacher-co-ordinators, the distributive education course at A.H.S. discovers and develops the best qualities of students. Students enrolled in this course of study are given the op- portunity to join the D .E. Club. The purpose of this club is to offer to its members the opportunities to render various services to the scnool and community as well as to give ad- ditional training in the field of distribution. First row: James Owens, Ann Shanas, Emily Hotley, Wayne Frye, Carolyn Sisk. Second row: Don Chriscoe, MRS. PEGGIE HILL Richard Lambert, Kay York, Barbara Robbins. Third row: Joyce Crowder, Dora Markwood. sponsor 80 -- 7 ..: .2 First row: Tommy Tolbert, Howard King, Harold Cook, Fred Roberts, Juan Cooper, Carson Shaw, Rae- tord Brim, Richard Bray. Second row: Larry Gentle, Jack Maness, Gary Breedlove, Jerry Davis, Lynwood Allred, Billy Strider. To help students who are not going to college is the purpose of the Industrial Co-operative Training Club. This program enables the student to get two years of on-the-job training so that he will be able to go to work as soon as he graduates. The I. C. T. Club has had a variety ot activities through- out this school year such as helping needy families at Christ- mas and attending the state V.l.C. Social activities of the year included a Christmas party, the Employer-Employee Banquet, and a party at the end ot the school year. -WWI! Janet Pate, Secretary: Larry Miller, Presi- dentp Paul Wooley, Treasurer: Raeford Cox, Second Vice-President: Ronnie York, First Vice-President: Johnny Ward, Re- porter. INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE TRAINING CLUB MR. ARTHUR BECK Sponsor 81 Bobby Ritter, First row: Eddie Williams, David Nance, Arthur Owens. Second row: Jerry Frye, Tommy Callicut, Marion, Donald Floyd, Marie Gray, Mildred Burrows, Nancy Swaney, Barbara Hawks, Cornelia Linda Jarrell. Third row: Richard Williams, Roger Dixon, Jackie Kivett, Kenneth Conner. MR. JOE TROGDON Sponsor MQ! 'Q " - --Q : . Dewey Phillips, Tony Cannon, Larry Haithcock, Ronnie Trogdon, Richard Caveness, Jackie Kivett, Johnny Cameron, Bill Dula, Gary Tutterow, Larry Wright, Stanton Trogdon, David Purcelle. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Bernard Phillips, Treasurer: Tim Little, Secretary: Steve Brittain, Vice-Presidentp Tommy Swicegood, President. Asheboro High School's Amateur Ra- dio Club enables any boy interested in radio to transform his interest into prac- tical application. By using the radio equipment available in our school, the club members gain a knowledge of fun- damental radio techniques, which aids them in obtaining their amateur radio operator's license. Members thus realize the satisfaction of combining interests with possible vocations. Pam Dildy, Jimmie Lewallen, Linda Councilman, Mary Watson, Margaret Walton, Carlene Cooper. Benton McGrady, Sara Had- Iey. Linda Jarvis, Paula Katcham, Catherine Morgan, Doris Cooper, Patsy Bulla, Inez Surratt. OFFICE ASSISTANTS. Diligently working in various capacities . . Dremia Davis, Brenda Allred. ..i-ln.. Zoe. Q' ,.f1fJf""' ' 7,,,,,h Mrs. Ina Carter, Faye Hussey, Peggy Cassidy, Betty Ann Baldwin, lone Hancock, Evelyn Tillman, Rose Smith, Evelyn Manuel, Lloyd Harmon. Anthony. Carefully planning and serving our daily meal . . Many tasks unseen . MR. STOUT MR. WOOD, MR. SHAW ETHEL MARION -9 . .li . il l 'rs ll iw l f ,s gi WN . K . ,,.....---'M T,,,s..--- ....--1 ws ,teena nm.-'S AQ-'3 si ' - Student Council elections enable us to exercise democracy. si. a Mr. Van Hoy stays well informed on international personalities The activities editors evaluate their section in the yearbook. ff' ,- If A. , ,,.., Percussianists maintain a rhythmical beat. Experimentation is a valuable asset to learning. l 85 is CDUR SCHOOL H First row: Brenda Craven, Emily Chriscoe, Pam Stutts, Judy Hobson, Susan Kemp, Beth Miller. Second row: Carol McCrary, Jill Ward, Judy Webb, Nancy Ward, Sarah Henry, Janet Roberts. CHEERLEADERS SENICRS CAROL MCCRARY Chief PAM ST UTTS J AN ET ROBERTS JUDY HOBSON SARAH HENRY JUDY WEBB Attired in new uniforms, the enthusiastic Asheboro High School cheerleaders began the i962-63 season of cheers at the first football game on September 7. ' Since that night these twelve young girls have led the crowds of students week after week in the support of their school teams. Throughout football, basketball, and baseball seasons they work continually, trying to improve their skill and to strengthen the morale of their school. They seek only one reward-to see and hear the support of our school through its students. The cheerleaders find an unusual framework for their cheers. K A gays. .LM ...S . X Tx . I sw First row: Betsy Morgan, Loraine Farlow, Carson Shaw, Brenda Dunlap, Rebecca Luther. Second row: Paul Freeman, Linda Stultz, San- dra Frazier, Betty Lou Johnson. SCHOOL SPIRIT LEADERS Newly organized at A. H. S. this year is a group which has proved to be a valuable asset in many ways. The School Spirit Leaders have assumed the responsibilities of planning the Homecoming parade, keeping order in the stadium dur- ing games, and helping the cheerleaders with posters and the bus lists. In addition to these activities, another project of the group is the over-all promotion of school spirit. These spirit leaders were elected at the beginning of the school year by their home rooms on the basis of their aca- demic standing and interest in school activities. This group holds regular meetings to plan its activities, and it has two elected officers-chairman and secretary. When performing their duties, the school spirit leaders can be recognized easily by their blue and white arm bands. Cookie Fritz, Chairman: Jean Dalton, Secretary. Left to right: Brenda Hodgin, Harry Hughes, Roy Tucker, Eugene Burns, Phyllis Gilmore, Eddie Williams, Kay Hubbard, Martha Plummer, Dora Polson, Janet Richardson, Martha Walker, Penny Helms, Liz Benbow. gwszwkws ,,,..-sw-""' Sports, which play a very important part in the life and activity of our school, help to promote a deep feeling of pride in the hearts and minds of the entire student body. School spirit is also strengthened by the participation of the athletes of Asheboro High School in the sports program. With the arrival of fall comes football season. Asheboro High School's gridders work long and hard during the late summer and fall months to provide the townspeople of Asheboro and their own student body with a winning combination. The prowess of the Blue Comets is evidenced by their continual dominance of the South Piedmont Con- ference. Long before the football players hang up their cleats and helmets for another year, the Blue Comet cagers are working diligently in preparation for their very long season. They have to be in top con- dition in order to compete, and these early weeks are set aside for training and conditioning drills. Then as the season's opener draws near the varsity squad is picked, and those not fortunate enough to make the team comprise the junior varsity team. These boys play a rugged schedule of twenty games, seemingly in preparation for the all-impor- tant tournament in March to decide the Associa- tion winner. Sharing the gym with the boys' basketball teams are the Comettes, who work diligently in order that they might make a fine showing in the South Pied- mont Conference and have a won-lost record that will enable them to participate in the tournament in March. While the Comet cagers are working out in the gym, the wrestlers are sweating in the mat room. Much sacrifice and many long, hard hours of training go into the making of a varsity wrestler. Wrestling is a highly competitive sport, and each boy is making a record for himself while striving to improve his team and bring honor to his school. After the Blue Comet basketball players and wrestlers hang up their togs, the baseball players begin throwing and hitting the cottonseed. These boys must practice until late in the day and must experience very cold weather at the beginning of the season. Such determination and practice have paid off for the Comets' diamond crew, because they have been the pride of the conference for many years. At the same time the baseball players are playing out their schedule, Asheboro High School is ably represented by varsity athletes in golf, ten- nis, and track. Although these are minor sports, the same sacrifice and will to win are present in the mind of each of these athletes. These sports are growing rapidly throughout the country as well as in the school, and participation should increase each year. For those who do not wish to participate in the varsity athletic program offered, a well-planned intramural program is set up for anyone, except varsity athletes, who desires to participate. This intramural program allows every student to take part in at least one activity which is sponsored by the intramural committee. Whether a student participates in varsity ath- letics or only in the intramural program, he is ex- posed to an athletic atmosphere at A.sheboro High School. Athletics help him to grow physically and to develop traits and characteristics which will help him to become a useful citizen. .1 WAV A Q 1 Y' we "' - tw' Ltr 5' 49 -A QA af 'efw.4'i.f f Q36 'Z to 1 S fcwigz-ii-,, ,,,, 1- W., 4 C' Cllr?-1.?Q tb . Taft 5 y .,..-- rf,-g - 't' r fr, . 1 ' A HQ . '-WA' -'ta A K . ' ' ' X '- .wf ' . I 09 6 'Inf ff, Ik gh, 3 . +2 'V ,,,' 3 f, Hwy : I ,s SZ,- , A., Vvv- fi , . ' eu' 1 ,ww fw M al P V 1 445554, Xb 4 1, Y 5 H sf, 4 ?,xg'l!1,-A ahnvu ,2 if 13 'E Qi 'A 'li Mi' . ff ,,, I fx J, Aww . gli. H K V. .,,, vf y Aff , V f 0 L " ff, MJ' 1 ' I Q., ,, A A ' 'V gs, M V 5m m ..,..., f-V-:S u ' V f 1 1 2 Wim M BLUE COMET FOOTBALL Coach Lee Stone, Coach Max Morgan, and Coach Bill Smith once again displayed their football prowess by leading the Blue Comets to another fine season in the South Piedmont Conference. The Big Blues faced an extremely rugged schedule against some of the best football teams in the state. Al- though the Comets, with only three returning letter- men in the starting line-up, were young in experience, intense desire and aggressive play enabled them to experience a successful season. The Comets opened their season with a I9-7 win over the Bulldogs of Thomasville, however, Fayette- ville, who experienced an undefeated season in 4-A competition and a number two ranking in the state, stopped the Comets for the first time in five years by the score of 27-O. This game proved to be a training ground for Coach Lee Stone's gridders, as they went on to win the South Piedmont Conference crown, los- ing only to Concord in conference play. The Blue Comets also gained recognition out- side the conference. Coach Stone's huskies beat San- ford 2O-l2, outscored Lexington 26-19, and were the only team to defeat Rockingham, gaining a l4-l3 decision over the Rockets. Asheboro's fast-improving Comets then downed Albemarle 20-7 for the conference crown and rolled over North Rowan 20-O for the Piedmont champion- ship. Wilkes Central finally beat the Comets l4-7 for the Western North Carolina High School Ath- letic Association championship, halting the Comet's winning streak at six games. Asheboro finished the season with an impressive 8-3-l record and a number eight ranking in state 3-A competition. Asheboro High's gridders used their depth to great advantage this year, juniors and sophomores, as well as seniors, played vital roles in their bid for the West- ern North Carolina crown. Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro I9 . O . 20 . 26 .. 6 .. 26 ,. I4 20 14 20 20 7 Thomasville Fayetteville . . . Sanford South Rowan , Concord i Lexington , Statesville Kannapolis Rockingham . Albemarle North Rowan . . . Wilkes Central .Y Q i WEA... Managers: Saunders, Kinney, Cannon Loflin loses his teeth as a Yellow Jacket makes the tackle. First row: D. McFadden, Rush, Bennett, Schwarz, Cannon, Tommy Robbins, Allred, D. Thomas, York, Olivio, Hughes. Second row: Harris, McDowell, Beane, Bowers, Draughn, D. Smith, Burrow, Bulla, B. Thomas, Basinger, Dickie Bennett, Johnston, Bass. Third row: J. McFad- den, Kivett, B. Smith, R. Johnson, L. Johnson, Brazier, Helms, T .Robbins, Davidson, Bullins, West, Trogdon, Hayes. W '45, f . ,-fsa. f - QA w -J .Z-N., ee-.Y fm. -. -1 M.-J' f""l Q.-4.-' A J-:"x if M- i'Q..,f f Ifsfe-3 i 1 , ,E A 1 AV' A ,M B I A . 1 155, LEE JOHNSON W A j ' " ' Ay BOBBY BULLA E-1Eg,j:' , f F Guard ' W TOMMY ROBBINS Quarterback Co-Captain .M EE B BO 4 A A ,,, ' f BBBB ff 1 1 . A A in BBB Bn A - ,Ef f A A 'Q' if-2191 95 2 A . f.,iv.l It V i A , ,fy ..,f A, E, ga ff -'O, x if l?'5ffiEf' Mme Ouvo A I: , ge' fi, ?.-e'4,A,'7 Halnmk JIM MCEAOOEN ' :na NEAL HUGHES Halfback - 1 K -r' Q I v A MR. MAX MORGAN MR. WILLIAM SMITH Line Coach MR. LEE STONE Head Coach Backfield Coach ,' f gg1Q1g?94fifQ,L?.3Q fw, .2 wr f VffK.,, , Bi A K f'fff?f5ff' M. 524: f, 'ff iff Q1Qlf1'i,'iQQ5' Eff fy In , , ' i M - 4f,Q- 1fz,5W ' ' Figf BOB ALLRED Guo rd Co-Captain BEDFORD CANNON Tackle , WX" '4 M, 2 X Kyiv? , -rw 5 ' 3: ILQ' X , f rum ,f k I ,M JIM YORK ,f f- 1 , ,lf .L Hdlfbvrk X, ,,V, .V + 3.3- , , ,Wh WA A ms 'N DAVID MCFADDEN End I : ' fy My " ky A 4 'w w 6. . -Q . Q 1,8 5 . x 'A J 4 'Q-fx. X ' ' W U mx , 5 ,sg :rw f f , .-,rw . ' 1 4 'WI' Q Tkfiix 5 2' 555: x 1 J' M , N I . ' Q A N TOMMY BRAZIER ' X ,'3zjL Halfback N M OMO, WILLIAM RUSH End W MM f A 1 if D Of' 7' M .gan WY V ,,. . r . :ff P . 1 s ! vi. ' LM ,.x" ez V, f , , Q vi Y I 1 511,-1 , n 3,4 Af -WI. QT '. 'ff I ,VZ 9, Af ffff'ff' ' , H ' V' ?1i"57" ' Z e - , g fygxajafe, gf' f S wg ,, ' 5 i ff M ' , f ,Af 'f,'i! "g 4. ,lepvjg 5 fr Q , A -Q. ,A Vw, W . 1' ,. ,. A ,, .U fe ff, . , 3, 4 3 .gm 251, , Cfkiy ,f ' " ,QQ M 'f -. if - M M ' B B M B w 3fQ5 M - -' fg-Qw'f'zg,2A-z. M -f W 1 -'f.fw,fv My 2 , ' cm M fm.,-ifg A-ff? " " "QQ-tw? 1: if-,Wav-ffffmf, 'g4j,,f 1 Q' f.:,gg1,53i,ex 91,'Q'i," 1, ,nf 'K' 22 ' ' 'M bwigh jk' , ' - ' f ,-."' 'L V ,,".. :J 11.-,y4,K,g, f A ' W A 'I 5 Ls fJwW395",99iW'ff'f W V V f xj ,' . REESE HELMS Quarterback JOHNNY SCHWARZ DELANOUS BENNETT Tackle Halfback MR. DONALD THOMAS l Coach JIMMY GRIMSLEY DAVID MCFADDEN Guard Forward Co-Captain Co-CdPNin Asheboro High School's Blue Comets clinched the WNCHSAA championship in 1961-1962, com- piling an over-all record of 18 wins and 5 losses. In tournament competition the Comets rolled over Mooresville 66-47, outlasted Davie County 50-43, and squeezed by Statesville 45-43 before dispos- ing of Belmont 64-52 in the championship game. The determined spirit and ability of these boys could not be denied in their quest for the crown. The Blue and White of Asheboro High began the 1962-1963 season a team of promise, even though strong contenders for the South Piedmont Conference crown were expected to provide the Comet cagers stiff competition. Under the tute- lage of Coach Don Thomas, the Blue Comet cag- ers possessed a fine record at the beginning of the season. After dropping the season's opener to Winston-Salem Gray, the Comets downed Page of Greensboro twice, won over Rockingham twice, and recorded a single victory over Greensboro Bessemer. BASKETBALL LOOK! Up in the sky! Comets and Bulldogs reach for basketball First row: Edmondson, Grimsley, Roberts, J. McFadden, Barham, Hooker, Murray. Second row: Saunders, Johnson, Cannon, Helms, Rich, Cox, D. McFadden, Robbins. 96 TOMMY ROBBINS KRITZ COX RONNIE JOHNSON HOUSTON ROBERTS Forward Center Forward Guard f Z M 1 I i Q I S A, . 1 REESE HELMS ' BEDFORD CANNON Forward Forward SONNY EDMONDSON FRANK BARHAM JIM MCFADDEN DONNIE RICH Guard Forward Guard Cenfer J 3 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Comets "hit the boards" as a shot refuses to drop. Asheboro High SchooI's I962-I963 junior var- sity basketball team was composed entirely of sopho- mores. Coach Curtis McComb's quint often played preceding the Big Blues, these games were usually against 4-A schools and provided the junior varsity with stiff competition. Early season losses did not discourage the Baby Comets, however, because these boys showed signs of improvement with every game. Since Asheboro High has become a senior high school, more boys have been given an opportunity to participate in the sports program. Under the expert coaching techniques of Curtis McCombs, the mem- bers ofthe junior varsity team have established them- selves as future prospects for the varsity squad. Comets make futile attempt o grab rebound MR. CURTIS MCCOMBS Coach First row: Rich, Smith, Bass, Kivett, Garkalns, Barton. Second row Johnston, Browne, Wicker, Davis, Lyle, Webb. 'Mr -1.1 ml if GOLF South Piedmont Conference members once more bowed to the continual dominance of the linksmen of Asheboro High School. Under the direction of Coach Lee Stone, this excep- tionally talented team won the conference crown with a record of 5 wins and l loss. Aft- er experiencing the fine season in conference play, the golfers represented Asheboro High School in the WNCHSAA play-offs. The Com- ets won top honors in this tournament with very fine individual performances. With the loss of five seniors from the top six players, Asheboro faces a rebuilding job this year, however, the Comets, as in past years, should provide top-flight competition in the conference. BILL JOYNER MARK WILLIAMS ag DON ALLRED NORMAN GREY BEN JENKINS McCartney, Jenkins, Joyner, Allred, Williams, Grey. A .Q H 1.1 5 ' 2 mlm? vsmai' 'J 4 r .ui wifi' ,""ll0Y ' MR. LEE STONE 1 Coach also J iREJli BLUE COMET Asheboro High SchooI's matmen experienced a very successful season during the 1961-1962 campaign, com- piling a fine season record of 11 wins and 3 losses. The Blue Comets finished second in the state behind Boone High School, and in addition to the team's success, three individuals were state champions. Returning from last year's varsity ranks to complement a fine wrestling squad this year were five lettermen who should add more experience to the team. These boys, plus numerous sophomores, entered into the season full of scrap and will to win. Asheboro High School was well represented by these wrestlers. The Comets won handily over Reids- ville 42-8 and beat Thomasville 33-25, suffering a lone defeat to Grimsley High of Greensboro. Enthusiasm was built up this year, and many new faces were added to the growing list of boys who wrestle. Comets Steve Burkhead and Baxter Williamson demonstrate referee's position. WRESTLING -C' f Coach Jim Hurst gives pre-match instructions to wrestlers Rodney Prevatte and Mike Olivo. First row: Jimmy Humble, J. Smith, Tucker, Williamson, Olivo, Brazier, Shaw, Lane, Prevatte, B. Smith. Second row: R. Smith, Chap- man, Burrow, Thomas, Joe Humble, Burkhead, Harris, Moore. Third row: Walker, Lyndon, Holland, Bullard, Patterson, Funderburk, Williams, Brantley. 1 1 ,if X ' 'A L20 , ' -fwrefsf f 45"Eu,'- ' 'Wig fig ,. M ., ff, , - -fu, .. f, .W ff 4 f f f 46 ? 1 ' f 1 g f , ff W , I , , ,E Af "' . ' - 9 '71, fi 5, , 'mfr Vkf, 'iggilgx fwT,,.wfx- f, .. 3 W f is 5, s - RN 1 ,fff my .QQ x 'wifi , 'W 'GBX s lxf f f - M y Lf? Q W ?"1, ,. X Nw 5 - L P H , K, L I K 2' -' N ' - l X X X X , Q k V W is .. , gk QA , SB X 13 QQ. gz. f J .1 Nm 4 ,X ., ' NWN. N' Xx X BLUE COM The 1962 Blue Comet baseballers were a team that provided Asheboro with some of its finest baseball in a long time. The optimistic pre-season forecasts for the Comets' diamond crew which were expressed by Coach Max Morgan were supported by many returning letter- men. Coach Morgan's boys won the South Piedmont Con- ference crown with a fine season record of lO wins and 2 losses. The Blue Comets were finally stopped 6-5 by Kan- napolis in the WNCHSAA play-offs. At the close of the i962 school year, these boys continued to play baseball under the sponsorship of the American Legion. The Legion Juniors were state runners- up, adding to prestige already achieved the past spring in high school. With the return of several starters who played vital roles in last year's championship club, the Comets should be in the race for top laurels in the conference again this spring. Comets loosen up for Statesville. ET BASEBALL Ashebore Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro 4 13 2 l3 6 IO l7 8 15 l I2 I2 5 Thomasville .. Concord . Albemarle Kannapolis . Statesville South Rowan Thomasville ., Concord . Albemarle Kannapolis . Statesville South Rowan Kannapolis First row: Pyrtle, Grimsley, Freeman, Bennett, Stevens, J. Davis, West, Parks, Hughes. Second row: R. Johnson, York, Chriscoe, Bulla L Johnson, Robbins, Edmondson, Bowers, Kivett, E. Davis, Rich. Q Q Q B JIMMY GRIMSLEY DELANOUS BENNETT BILL STEVENS NEAL HUGHES Shortstop First Base Second Base Third Base TOMMY ROBBINS BOBBY BULLA X Y cm:-ef ouffield X. ROBERT WEST PHIL FREEMAN Pitcher Pitcher J. B. DAVIS Outfield KX With only two returning letter- men, the i962 Asheboro High School tennis team faced a year of rebuilding. Underclassmen, who en- tirely composed the squad, all had at least one common characteristic -inexperience. A few matches against stiff competition, however, made seasoned veterans of all of them. Lewis, Johnston, Stroud, Croam. IMS Under the leadership of Coach Morris Whitson, the Comets had a creditable season record of I win and 7 losses, losing four matches by only one point and posting a deci- sive victory over South Rowan. MR. MORRIS WHITSON Coach TRACK First Frye, row: Boling, McDowell, Brazier, Loflin, Saunders, Ramsey. Second row: Freeman, Johnson, Floyd, Hooker. Third row: Beasley, Shaw, Thomas, York, Morgan, Allred, Brower, Kinney. In the spring of 1962 the cinder and sawdust boys of Ashe- boro High School saw limited action. Since the Comets found only a few schools that had track programs, they competed in only two meets before entering the state track meet. The Com- et trackmen posted decisive victories over Trinity in both out- ings. Although the Blue Comets did not place in the state meet as a team, a few individuals performed well enough to be rec- ognized as participants. Under Coach Bill Smith, the Comets will be trying again this spring to find more competition and place higher in the state meet. MR. WILLIAM SMITH Coach GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Each year the Girls' Monogram Club sponsors the girls' intramural program. Through this program all girls are encouraged to participate more actively in athletics. The intramural program offers various sports, in- cluding basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Miss Glisson and several varsity players act as coaches and officials in the intramural tournaments. . Awards are given to individual winners in bad- minton and to each member of the winning teams in basketball and volleyball. .,.:, ,,mgg54w.:: Jr' ,nm 1,- fw hw!-iv' S, . l V l"7' ' 'fi' I AL ' 4 3211: , A 4' ,- JM , ' W .. . .5 Blue team defender Helen Walker attempts to stop the Red offen sive effort. N9 Strat First row: Mclntosh, Richardson, Hamilton, Hudson, Stultz, Adams, Dildy Manager Surratt Brown Manager Second row Benbow Rob bins, Jordan, Bullins, Cheek, Cannon, Church, Dalton. Third row: Miss Glisson Coach Hodgin Helms Smith Clark Allen Manager CCMETTES With only five returning varsity players, the Comettes faced a difficult basketball season in l962. Inexperience proved to be a big problem for Coach Angelyn Glisson's young team. As the season progressed, it became evident that the "Lady Blues" were going to have a difficult time overcoming any of their opponents. The Comettes played many close, exciting games, but they were always on the short end of the score. The Comettes finished the season with a O-I4 record, however, they gained much experience, which should play an important part in the I963 season. LINDA STULTZ GLORIA SMITH Co-Captain Co-Captain JEAN DALTON MARTHA HAMILTON BECKY CHURCH Forward Guard Forward Forward Guard ,fl g rm. I , xi 35 2 03282:- CUR SCHOOL 108 W V Z LWWW N0 Charles Lee Allen Sue Carol Bonkemeyer Ilene Kay Allen Charles Robert Allred Anne Maxwell Arthur Robert Martin Mary Jane Baker Barham, II John Robert Barton ,Al Bobby Lee Basinger Brenda Gayle Beane Cleo Delanous Bennett Marjorie Elaine Boone Patsy Dianne Bowman Gary Eugene Breedlove ' . 13, X David Roger Brittain William Davis Brown Anita Cheryl Bulla Jane Cozart Bulla Patsyanna Wallace Robert Franklin Bulla Bulla, Jr. Glenda Faye Bunting Della Rose Burgess Eunice Jo Ann Cagle William Larry Canoy Gwendolyn Joyce Maggie Rosalee Evelyn Diane Cheek Chrisco Chriscoe Harold Dalton Cook 1 Doris Ann Cooper Linda Grey Councilman Louis Kritz Cox Raeford Eugene Cox Roy David Cox Linda Jo Craven Phillip Ronald Craven ...H if Joyce Ann Crowder James Edward Davis Norris Daniel Davis Virginia Mae Davis Pamela Ann Dildy Jerrie Lois Draughn Donna Joyce Dunn ""-J, Willa Mae Dunn Walter Clinton Dunning Ulyesse Charles Robert Gray Ferree, Ill Everall, Jr. Wanda Lane Flenniken Sandra Jean Frazier Catherine Ann Freeman Lucretia Cranford Fritz James Wayne Frye Luther Ellis Galyon, Jr. Loretta Jane Garner Mary Martha Graves Larry Ray Green Norman Fox Grey 'Ne as W?4S!f51iU37'Q4f2f.w f, f iififi:-Z.'uiffft"f'f 2 2,fX, A 4L, ,J . ,lf 25 ' feizigriemi x ' ' Q ,' A im J .- 'A: rf , W ,, Ju , ,Q if .. ,gg J r 0 liwiy few i James Otis Grimsley Emma Susan Hadley Sara Elizabeth Hadley Joseph Elroy Hamilton Alice Faye Hancock Bettie Jo Hardin Emily Clayton Hatley -1'+"'? Charlotte Stansill Thomas Vernon Sarah Jane Henry Hayworth Hayworth Sandra Lee Henson Katherine Arlene Hepler Thomas Ray Hill Judith Elizabeth Hobson V 5 va' ? HJ , 'ttf Wg? Ann Ward Holt Forrest Dean Holt Mildred Irene Holt Donna Karleen Horner Vicky Ann Hudson Charles Harry Hughes Gary Warren Hulin J H sss ' H f f - i" ' V K H J rfr 1 g :bb wg gl, -.. . , xy sg Q -.....ns-df' Kg 2 James Joseph Humble Betty Lou Johnson Patricia Agnes Judd George Clayton Julius Howard King Susan Marie Kinney Barbara Brown Kivett Kivett, Jr. ,..,a J f i Zi M1114 , , I 1 'W Terry Lee Knowles ,, , L my 'Wm- Martha Jean Lanier Eldora Lee Lautenschleger Emily Florence Liles Carol Franklin McCrary Nolan Milby McDowell f m.,Q,:" S in X R Q 3 XX if w X ig? Y! Ax We -W 52 N--S'-me Willie Richard David Morris McFadden Robert Eugene McDowell McMasters Judith Olivia McRae Brenda Quinn Mabe Clarajo Macon J-f-.uma A-fi Jimmie Raye Lewallen 'Ji .Ll 42 Jack Timothy Maness 5 M 44 Z? '--um , 45 ' gy' ' if iw , 'Wann WT' Peggy Sue Maness Dora Mae Markwood Charles Bryant Miller Jane Henley Miller Larry Ray Miller Judy Elizabeth Moffitt William Henry Mollman ,gl -sr' E z iii? Judy Carol Moody Emily Sue Moore Emily Sue Moore Betsy Irene Morgan Catherine Jane Morgan Janice Lorraine Morton James Dalton Murray John Clifford Murray, Jr. Ina Louise Needham George Michael Olivo Barry Phillip Osborne Arthur Clarence Owens, Jr. Hilda Dean Parks John Regis Parsons, Jr f l"N..,,,, Jonah Dewey Phillips, Jr. 'Ui Janet Ann Pate Jerry Ray Paul Joy Ann Payne Rodney Allen Presnell Rodney Allen Prevatte Connie Ruth Raines Brantley Hicks Redding Brigitte Ursula Redding Milton Hammer Redding Nancy Carol Rempson Billie Houston Roberts, Jr. Virginia Mae Jane Smith Rhymer Richardson Don Preston Richburg 'UPS Charles Thomas James Leon Robbins Roger Arnold Robbins Robbins, Ill Janet Lee Roberts Charles Edwards Ross Raymond Chris Rude Tir ' ff va 7 f' V if Graf! 1 Y fy ,W , me ,J , 1, Q W 2,4 W ,JL . "Z 4522145 ' l f ,, +,wz41vfLz,1 t f W gl V ,iezfwggg 3 My f U, I i, ,N ,Q ,vw A Z fi W Pig, ' i 4' I wg J if if I 1 1 Q f W, Q X 3 , -,.,, ff View 4 Igl f Y ,,.-wig, William Neely Rush,Jr. Wesley Herman Sexton, Elizabeth Ann Shanas Carson William Shaw Jr. Clyde Theodore Shaw, Jr. Carolyn Mae Sikes Carolyn Gail Sisk GEN ti, 2 Adrienne Kay Smith Archie Leak Smith, Jr. Gloria Blanche Smith James Robert Sparks, Rhonda Jane Smith William Douglas Smith lll Nancy Carol Stalvey NN? -'wx 'Ki Sarah Elizabeth Ella Raines Stout Judith Ann Stout Gary Benford Strider Stedman Phyllis Anne Strider William Clayton Strider Linda Diane Stroud S'--:Sf Linda Carol Stultz Edith Pamela Stutts Anna Marie Teachey Brenda Diane Boyd Ernest Thomas Faye Carol Thompson Thornburg Tommy Reece Tolbert S-we wisaiiif gf ot r E Patricia Ann Trogdon James Thomas Larry Allen Trotter Willa Dean Turner Trollinger William Howell Wanda Leigh Upchurch, Jr. Vuncannon Margaret Anne Walton Q5 riel 1X 5 2 fi 1' Y' -....,.f' l lg, LN ff T J , 1 x Q M X MTW xx ,J Jerry Morris Ward Johnny Michael Ward Judy Catherine Webb Stephen Van Weeks Sandra Gail Welch Tony Ernest Whitaker Sharon Doreen Williams 4 is oy a Q Charles Jonathan Woodley Paul Monroe Wooley Sulan Gregory Wright Nancy Carolyn Yates Bobby Ronald York James Alexander York SENICR CLASS MASCCJTS Douglas Keith McMasters Stephanie Slewers Trogdon 'QC 24 1' IN MEMORIAM JERRY WILMER CAMPBELL January 16, 19-45 February 24, 1962 "Death Be Not Proud" And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God un- encumbered? 4 For life and death are one, even as the river and the seas are one. 17'-1 SENIOR HONOR SECTION Each year a faculty committee selects a number of seniors who have distin- guished themselves by their scholastic ability, moral forthrightness, and serv- ice to the school and community. We consider them, and rightly so, the lead- ers ot our student body, For the excellence and true school spirit which they have displayed, we give them special recognition in this the SENIOR HONOR SECTION 2 ILENE KAY ALLEN fm, ROY DAVID COX LORETTA JANE GARNER 128 ? 5 LUTHER ELLIS GALYON, JR. JUDY CAROL MOODY 130 MAGGIE ROSALEE CHRISCOE FAYE CAROL THOMPSON EMILY FLORENCE LILES 131 CLARAJO MACON JAMES OTIS GRIMSLEY 132 S if T 2? QM A ?5i N HI 1 1 Ei Zi 52 5.2 5. if ? 2 f 1 E 55 1 4 g 2 5 T 37 3 5 5 5 T T s 2 2 if 3 5 5 1 I 1 3 SARAH ELIZABETH STEDMAN ROBERT MARTIN BARHAM, ll 133 JUDITH ELIZABETH HOBSON CHARLES THOMAS ROBBINS, III 13-1 if V 25 WESLEY HERMAN SEXTON, JR. JUDY CATHERINE WEBB 136 WANDA LANE FLENNIKEN PAMELA ANN DILDY 137 Q ,, V, 4 fi , WM .5 ,, ?' f av' ,, 1 5 2,9 2 Q, 7 f ? g Q. YQ fn a ,M I if fp, Li E. m iv 1" fs 6 ,, y ew , Ya: Z 5? DAVID MORRIS MCFADDEN SARAH JANE HENRY 140 'W 4 53 K , x , W? Q xg K, 7 r 3 , , ' ,mt ju? it, J, . Q f w "A ,JS qt W Q- JUNIOR MARSHALS Rosalee Chriscoe, Emily Liles, Ilene Allen, Susan Hadley, Anita Bulla, Bob Barham, J. C Murray, David McFadden, Junior Galyon. 141 JUNIOR CLASS ?sflimwf2v:41m,,ff,, to M94 5 Wlhnml' WMF' A6 47 5 " , are W A.,,, ,MM QW? 4-""v -3 Wim 'imma Mlhi Thomas William Brazier, Jr. Neva Ann Briles Raeford Griffin Brim Steven Royals Brittain Jeanie Craven Brower James Earl Brown Martha Jane Brown Charles Talmadge Browne Willodean Bryant Judith Dianne Bullins Troy Edward Bullins Brenda Preston Burge Edwin Eugene Burns Janie Marie Burroughs une ,nw 1 15-iiizsipiii..-S+: ,, ,1 ...,,,sl,es is '- 3 at swf 1 K :Q Jane Julie Adams Melissa Kay Allen Brenda Faye Allred Charles Samuel Allred Lynwood Bailey Allred Henry Cornelius Ammons Ronald Mac Anderson Johnny Everett Auman Linda Maxine Barbee Berlin Frances Barham, Jr. Betty Ann Beane Eddie Graham Beane Mary Eunice Beane John Howard Benson James Stevens Blackwell Anne Lester Boaze Jo Anne Bowman Eldon Richard Bray :Exams -bf- . ,gg as no 4, I ii'-nr' 7 2' li 'Bw .Y L QM sf W L, em "' y it " 5 7, 11 3 Htl l"""! MQW 4'4" me -rv" 0 .gm-va. fr lbw ,naw Mildred Elizabeth Burrows Randy Lee Burrows Jane Ellen Cain Ronnie Lee Caldwell Charles Tommy Callicut Martha Ellen Calloway Rita Jo Campbell Eugene Bedford Cannon Shirley Florine Caviness Janet Carol Chisholm Donald Edward Chriscoe Emily Chisholm Chriscoe Georgia Carol Coble Martha Elizabeth Coble Kenneth Alvin Conner Nancy Carolyn Cook Carlene LaDare Cooper Juan Dale Cooper """'. q as-.swf K .. fi 'X r gs.. wi qw Opal Colleen Efird David Briles Farlow Merrill Elizabeth Fetner Frances Melanie Fischer Donald Ray Floyd Jerry Leon Frye Janice Elizabeth Garner Cynthia Ilene Gibson Phyllis Ruth Gilmore Evelyn Marie Gray Burnie Keith Greene Richard James Haigler Larry Julian Haithcock Dale Parker Hall ww . 'if -, 1.5 af ff M , we J J., W, ,A W1 'GLW ,, Wi, 21535 i , yy? w Arie Sue Cornelison Linda Carol Cox Sandra Louise Dean Cox James Albert Cranford Tommy Lee Cranford Brenda Kaye Craven Patricia Ramona Cundiff Dwain Clarkson Curtis,Jr. Nola Jean Dalton Gary Sanford Davidson Dremia Joyce Davis James Mac Davis Jerry William Davis Mary Teena Davis Sandra Rae Davis Jane Elizabeth Dildy Roger Dean Dixon Frank Edmondson, Ill w."IiEm ' pnuazf f 1 ,gl I We JK" fw- 'GSW my 45 2 ', 'W' ' 'hw' Ruby Elaine Hall Martha Lou Hamilton Ruby Lee Harmon Virginia Edith Hartsell Linda Faye Harvell Barbara Gail Hawks John Thomas Hayes John Reese Helms Brenda Kay Henley Judy Paulette Holt Sandra Lee Hopkins Betty Frances Howell Cora Sue Howell James Thomas Hudspeth David Neal Hughes Larry Kenneth Hughes Jerry Edward Hunsucker Patricia Jewel Miller Hurley Glenn Horvey lngold Carolyn Marie Isley Linda Sue Jarrell Linda Ray Jarvis Brenda Mae Jessup Edward Lee Johnson Mary Rebecca Johnson Ronald Smitherman Johnson Malcolm Wayne Jones Charles Ronald Jordan Linda Dianne Jordan Paula Jane Katcham Richard Leon Kennedy Alvin Darrell King Jerry Lee Kinney Marsha Dee Kinney Richard Wayne Lambert Arrington Jackson Laughlin My Charles Edward McRae Rebecca Elaine Mabe Mary Elizabeth Maness Phyllis Ann Maness Bobby Eugene Marion Judith Kay Marlowe Ronald Dewitt Martin James Lee Martindale Hiram James Marziano Elizabeth Christine Miller Linda Sue Miller Phyllis Kaye Moffitt Gladys Frances Moody James Edward Moore James Tally Moore Ronald Gregory Moore Evelyn Darnell Morgan Michael David Morgan , Nu-f Rickey LaVonne Lee Gary Randal Lewis Herschel Horton Lewis Thomas Dewitt Lewis James Ray Lineberry Rickie Edwin McBride Patricia Diana McDowell James Stuart McFadden Rush Benton McGrady Timothy Michael Mclntyre Nancy Lynn McKeel Danielle Kay McMaster Carolyn Ann McNeill Joseph Frank McNulty -47? Bob Sidney Morris Ann Celeste Morton David Benjamin Nance Wanda Kay Nelson Sylvia Jane Oglesby Julia Gladwyn O'steen Phyllis Ruth Overton Barbara Sue Owens James Hughes Owens Robert Lee Paisley, Jr. Davis Edgar Pegram Bernard Franklin Phillips Martha Nance Plummer Dora Lucille Polson Max Thomas Poole Sandra Kaye Pugh Randy Reed Pyrtle Suzanne Harris Query 'Qi' 'VLH' We li 5. . ww yew 'H . '- Q . if Nancy Graves Russell Harry Eugene Sanders Sterling Herbert Sanders Larry Cleveland Saunders John Richard Schwarz Barbara Ann Scott James Edward Shaw, Jr. Reba La Verne Shaw Ruth Anne Shaw Worth Odell Shaw, Jr. Jean Phillips Shepard Jimmy Lee Smith Martha Ann Smith Rickey Harris Smith William Russell Smith, Ill Joseph Chapman Spencer Joyce Ann Staley Phyllis Gaye Staley 'nv--I 'wr' uw '17 Margaret Ann Ratcliffe Shirley Ann Reed David Cyrus Rich Donald Lee Rich Samuel Lester Rich Annice Lee Ridge Cornelia Faye Ritter Barbara Annette Robbins Joe Thomas Robbins Walon Covon Robbins, Jr. William Duke Robbins Fred Taylor Roberts, Jr. Shelby Jean Ross Susan Cecelia Rosson 119 QWWY in-I J. 'ww staff' ,J - rl. 7,1 I 4 112 A111 'HH 'Dwi 1 31.1 wr t WJ K - N- ., . Thomas Franklin Stalvey Shirley Rodenia Starcher Janice Ruth Underwood Stevens Barbara Lou Stone Cecelia Ware Story Doyle Reese Stout Rachel Priscilla Strayhorn Wanda lnez Surratt Roddy Jean Swaim Brenda Faye Swaney Carolyn Louise Swaney Nancy Carolyn Swaney Charles Thomas Swing Steve Arthur Tate Hilda Faye Teague Karen Ann Thomas Robert Clyde Thomas Diane Thornburg at S KW? SWE X-gfxgf Ss, Q f i i .- . E . .L i Ju", f' 'sf L ' 'E 2 x 4 as 'Q mm i N ' Joan Elizabeth Tillman Brenda Joyce Trogdon Nancy Lynn Trogdon Roy Lee Tucker Paul James Turpin, Jr. Lois Jane Updyke Donna Jane Voncannon Patricia Carol Vuncannon Calvin Mitchell Walker Martha Ann Walker Sarah Helen Walker William Andrew Walser Nancy Lee Ward Mary Tom Watson ef..-uae 1 in ,ww he Y' M if 4 i 4' 1 1 ,wig I S , Veg ' W if e F st Q pt " ugh , rses C . kb S A ' K - , , N T '- 'nffflf' Q 'Y YT' 'W Mr 5 Danny Franklin West George Eddie Williams Richard Larn Williams Sandra Lynn Williams Jesse Baxter Williamson Nancy Gail Wilson Susan Elaine Wilson Clifford Neal Winslow Larry Gregory Wright Larry Vernon Wright Sarah Susan Wright Linda Sue Yarborough John Charles York Kaye Frances York Susan Etta York 54 4 f ' 1 . vnu i 1 4 M f I ig ...K W W SOPHOMORE CLASS ff M gif f yi ,, My , V 4, f' 'FW5 'Ulf T' k , 751315 . , ,Fw " W , ..:fQz,z f H , f V qua 'wc-gfgc,mj 'Q W ,, mi V '--' 5 H , , 2 ,M ' f W, ,W M L f ff ff 1 ' ' Zig ww ' f ' A eff" V , , ,4. W Q, , I ,, fi '1 ' W' A , aw- Q, , ' ' -' 0.5.1 4 ff ' A 2 ' I 2 gi Q l VF gy m W fi MVK ' A -ul , HH 'B 'll' F W f """ I MT' W - ,J I J V V, V . wx, w . -' 1 Q. 3833 . .,i N , y KTA 61' Wfv ,Wh 'mf 1' ...mme J- FOR ' T is E Secretary Student l ey 'im-??5e"" 7 It even or ' 5 JUILSV mluvlfqflg HER-Ming' Campaign posters brighten the halls during elections. Posters help to solicit votes. 'L' os "-17 Barry Jonathan Browne Dinah Daye Bulla Larry Dean Bullard Gary Darnell Bunting Stephen Ferree Burkhead Obert Charles Burrow, Jr. Bonnie Sue Byrd Charles Kenneth Byrd Robert Henry Byrd Allen Lee Callicutt Barbara Jean Callicutt Donald Andrew Calloway John Bruce Cameron Linda Maxine Canipe Elizabeth Armtield Cannon Tony Lee Cannon Brenda Faye Canoy Sharleen Marie Ann Carroll Martha Jean Carter Nancy Katherine Cashion Laura Elizabeth Caton Janice Jane Caudill Judy Fon Causey Richard Sidney Caveness .sf we D he xg sr- fr fi' ,ig Q .A gf: f -Q in Uv! ,Wy as ww Laris Dean Allred Sherry Kay Bageant Darius Wayne Bailey Barbara Ann Baldwin Rebecca Boone Baldwin Tony Edwin Bare Brenda Caroll Barker Jerry Wayne Barker Thomas Michael Barton Gregory Jon Bass Larry Charles Bean Carolyn Jewell Beane John Calvin Beane Patricia Ann Beane Thomas Scott Beane Cleveland Allen Beasley Stephen Austin Beasley Brenda Faye Beaver Barbara Estelle Belding Elizabeth Ann Benbow Dickie Ray Bennett Ralph Lee Blackwell Lana Kay Boling Philip Verban Boling Patricia Karen Bolton James Lee Boone, Jr. Timothy Rader Bost Donnie Lynn Bowers William Calvin Brady James Monroe Brantley Lena Dianne Brewer Mary Holmes Bridgers Cecelia Vermutus Briles Betty Karan Britt Vickie Carolyn Britt Larry Lee Brower Stanley Ferree Brower Brenda Sue Brown Gary Lynn Brown Genna Faye Brown 'Nu Q,-av 'SF' ss.-o . w- I Kathie Gertrude Caviness Patricia Ann Caviness Ronnie Alfred Caviness Susan Kearns Chandler Marvin Watzel Chapman, Il Rebecca Joanne Church Dee Lane Clark Emily Dianne Clark Ronald Edward Clark Bonnie Elaine Caggins Janice Ann Coltrane John Richard Congleton Brenda Faye Cooper Patsy Marcella Cooper Lynda Ann Cornelison Lydia Jane Councilman Howard Thomas Cox James Wesley Cox, Jr. Roger Dale Cox Brenda Lucille Cranford Edward Maxwell Cranford, J Daniel Eugene Craven Linda Carolyn Craven Lynn Gail Cribb Tommy Russell Cromer James Dallas Croom, Jr. Lewis Hal Dobbs June Rosalyn Davidson Victor Colon Davidson Betty Rose Davis Carol Ruth Davis Eddie Trent Davis Mary Kay Davis Nellie Lee Davis Ashley Ruben Deoton, Jr. Billy Wade Dennis Hoyt Nelson Dorsett Richard Monroe Draughn William Everette Dula Brenda Louise Dunlap 175 ft1,wwl.L,w W Ns, he r mg , ,Q 'mn' A very important phase of homememaking. Latin projects are hard work, but a must in the course. 'WM , ' it-ML Mamie Louise Dunn Peggy Jo Durham Gregory Allen Eason Patricia Ann Fagge Alice Loraine Farlow Linda Gail Ferree Sondra Kay Flowers Eddie Alexander Faust Janis Lee Freeman Paul Reece Freeman John Wesley Frye Charles lrvin Funderburk Barbara Ann Furr Bobby Dean Furr Mary Jane Furr Terry Ann Gallimore Richard Julius Garkalns Dennis Michael Garner Gwendolyn Faye Grant Rebecca ldella Grant Linda Faye Greene Patricia Anne Greene James McKindley Greeson Richard Walter Gwyn, Ill Uhr' 17 Stott Wd' ww NV Q--, C. X iam? 'Q , f"""'m , ,Jil l ,nv-, ,Q ,M , 1 ,.,V.-: L Johnny Leon Jarrell Karen Elizabeth Jester Garland Lee Johnson George Brown Thomas Joh George William Jones Ralph Douglas Jones Sandra Lee Jones Susan Reba Jones Thomas Stephen Jones Jesalyn Ruth Kearns Susan DeEtte Kemp Bobby James King David Paul King Steve Harold King Frank Edward Kinney Linda Carol Kinney Herman Howard Kivett Rita Ann Korn Thomas Connette Lombe Harry Douglas Lane Sue Ellen Lassiter Joyce Elaine Lawrence Sandra Alta Ledwell Melvin Thomas Lee Martha Jane Hadley Kerry Dean Hall Shiela Hall Oramae Ellen Hamilton Floyd Jay Hancock Lloyd Ray Hancock Lindo Sue Hanes John Taltan Hardin James Tony Hardister Allan Kent Harper Brenda Jo Harper Dexter Eugene Harris Harry Madison Harris Timothy Nathaniel Harvell Larry William Hawks Ralph Stephen Hayes Penny Elizabeth Helms Mary Katheyrn Henry Clarice Elaine Hethcock Linda Carol Hill Shirley Ann Hill Brenda Drew Hodgin Golda Carol Hogan Wade Dennis Holland Michael Douglas Hooker Rachel Rebecca Hoover Peggy Allison Horner Elizabeth Dianne Horton Karen Ann Hubbard Terry Jean Hudson Judith Ann Hudspeth Jerry Kenneth Hughes Lois Jean Hughes Mammie Louise Hughes Jimmy Herbert Humble Paula Jann Hunsucker Judy Lee Hussey Charles Kenneth Hutchens Judy Ann Hutson Linda Bernice lngold A float stands ready for the parade 4 f ,v I M- N ,, M, Wm Jane and Elaine smile at onlookers Atv, sm -..-we' me Charlotte Dianne Leonard Edith Gayle Lewis Danny Wayne Lineberry Timothy Allen Little Aaron Wallace Loflin Vicki Lynn Lomax Barbara Lynne Lowry Joseph Michael Lucas Lillian Jean Ludlum Rebecca Jane Luther Steven Evans Lyle Kenneth Michael Lyndon Vena Margaret McBride Martha Marie McCormick Phyllis Ann McCubbin Fred Melvin McDonald, J . Joan Elizabeth McFatter Margaret Ann Mclntosh Phyllis Jane McKenzie Sylvia Dare McNeill Larry Walter McPherson Dianne Davis Miller "ff . Q 'N ar is , i ,.vL,X fe v 1. .. e k vw- .f sa X- fgg, - N ki. Q os Q: My Q?-if tr . .. :if 4, A E N I aa an K A A i ,135 if V .5515 ' PM s is - - -X . Qc. - is .. ' 4 At 'is , Q Joseph Russell Miller Phyllis Lorene Millikan Henrietta Deloris Mills Brenda Carolyn Moody James Dosie Moore Mary Bernice Moore Terry Gilbert Moore Sam Roy Morgan, Jr. Patricia Ann Morton Betty Jean Murray Sidney Charles Nance Clinton Ricky Neal Wanda Lane Needham Glenn Dodson Nelson Thomas Raymond N ickens Thomas Joseph Oakley Brenda Charlene Page Phyllis Rowena Parker Q11 'Qu Sq , -st :QT R 9? 'INV i.- if' ru ' 4 Fizii SS? 1s,-'gg:fs5::2g'2'g,s5':sff:.'1SF gk - , X vw' 2 s iflllff i . 'Q -. arf .Q A . um 3, . s wig- . H1 st vm 'I J s..., .... .5 ,,-.. .f ,f as .wx L' lm-- .,,.. I.. , fs W, -f m A SF' r . it, . . Q X x 3 X g vs" ay EX SSX its ap. as " T , ,, in . ,..., 5 ,,...,,. IP. . . - f 1 yn .s . .. L , Q sn 1- -we 2 iifsf . A x X . . . , R. M, . Ms . ,.,,, wi ,Qi ff as , 'st "" 0' ye.-ev - ' ., .wc . W .1 .Q 'V W ' ' , u. V 1. Q - s ,ss . li Barbara Lane Parks Darrell Randolph Parks Marilyn Louise Parks Eleanor Dianne Parsons Roddy Lee Patterson Brice Harrison Peck Steven Bruce Perry Elizabeth Alice Phillips Linda Sue Pickett Johnsie Eloise Pierce Charlesanna Powers Nancy Carol Presnell Kathryn Suzanne Prevost Jesse Thomas Pugh Judith Lynn Pugh David Carl Purcelle Philip Martin Ragsdole Julius McNutt Ramsay Richard Joseph Rancourt Sandra Louise Redding Shelia Dianne Redding Maynard Beard Reid Doris Ann Renigar Alva Irene Rich . u. "l would never miss the chance to walk with a hand- some, young officer." "Miss Elizabeth, would you do me the honor of becom- ing my wife?" X, K. S S? Q, ,, xx, , A Wilma Cheryl Stout Brenda Ellen Strickland Brenda Faye Stringer Jerry Wayne Stroud Janie Lee Surratt Rebecca Jane Swaim Thomas McCain Swicegood Gerald Arvo Tanner William Byron Tatum Earl Frazier Taylor Douglas Eugene Thomas Joseph Gale Thomas Judith Ellen Thomas Michael Emerson Thomas Patsy Jane Thomas Connie Delores Thompson Hatlie Ray Thompson Helen Marie Thompson Mabel Faye Thompson Martha Raye Thornburg Sandra Viola Thornburg James Edward Thrower Jr Bill Wayne Trogdon ms 3? il.. WW W 4" 41 . " K MN.. is . 5 it Anita Louise Rich Frances Marie Rich Glenn Darrell Rich Jerry Odell Rich Pamela Gayle Rich Janet Gayle Richardson Barry William Richburg Betty Ruth Robbins David Lee Robbins Joyce Elaine Robbins Nancy Delores Robbins Vivian Elizabeth Robbins Elaine Rochelle Robertson William Ward Rogers Linda Dianne Rollins Wanda Dianne Rush Brenda Jane Russell Linda Margaret Russell Nancy June Ryckman Patricia Gail Sanders Bennie lsom Saunders Linda Faye Saunders Betty Allen Scott Sharon Seagraves Elaine Margaret Shanas Beverly Kathleen Shaw Billie Sue Shelton Susan Kirby Shepard Fletcher Burrell Skeen, Jr. Charles Randolph Smith Chester Franklin Smith, Jr David Warren Smith John Wayne Smith Martha Susan Smith Nina Belle Smith Gary Edwin Snider Bertie Jane Spivey Brenda Ann Spivey David William Staley Walter Coy Stout wa fl? ww Nancy Hill Tolar as Janet Lee Trogdon Joel Berchin Trogdon, lll Ronald Gale Trogdon Samuel Stanton Trogdon Ellen Jane Trollinger Ellen Rebecca Trotter Frederick Elwood Tucker Gary Wayne Tutterow Margie Ann Vaughan Keith Weldon Vuncannon, Jr Paul Stephen Vuncannon Weitzel Howard Wadleigh Mary Gwendolyn Wagner Tommy Mitchell Wagoner Gary Wayne Walker Hilda May Walker Jillian Cole Ward Ralph Edward Ward Russell Michael Ward Williarn Miller Watts, Jr. Jerry Edward Webb Delbert Leon Welch Harold Newby Welch Ronald Gray Welch Geahala Gayenelle West William Lewnett West Barbara Jean Whitaker Donna Lynn White Francia Lea White Judith Lucille White Carolyn Faye Whittington Artus Vann Wicker Johnnie Frances Wicker Bonnie Odeon Williams Jerry Steven Williams Robert Lewis Williams Sylvia Dianne Williams Faye Dean Williamson Blanch Lorine Wilson Linda Faye Wilson v' , i,,, VE, ,V VV , 3 4 ' f ,"" H i M, A ,..,, , ,Q Q 'swf W V 'W Q , , . -iffy ,VV Jw. M .V , ' 'i f 'rr' "" V- J 14 gf, 7? J ' W ' "" ,, ' 'fi V l 1 ,g sp, . J ' if M , -,, W , if .M ' , i i Arg, iw V L, ,' V V . V , vi f X V V V V 7 -mf' ,- ii., -fx. ' ' V V , ,V V ' ' 3 wr, i V llvl 4 4, V. . . Y ,,,t,.,, l ,f , ,.V, ,V . I ,,,s.,yV is . 4,., V V , , .,l, ,,,,,V,,4 V , ,,,,, V 1" f ' L ' ct If L ' ' ' ' Q 5 ' ii ' ""' W ' 'z , , ,r, W , , . Q 1. -uv 7, W. , Vi , 'MM ,, J , ' '21, r '-my ? PM V if . i ' ' ,, wfivf, '- ' , V V W, ,V I V 7 ' V, fy fy VV V, i V he 'ii ' ,V YV if " ' ' ' ' ,. . QF, . , ,,, ,Q W4 ' gg- 2 l 'fan 5, ef pw vu -f , Wi, 2 ' if ' cv f W mu .W xr., J -we - -J ff ,Y 'W ' U ff has Jw fi " M' W 'ii Airs' A 'F ' . ,gg V , J"3j A VV V, f "Now, let me think a moment." X V, ,l, 3 V. Beverly Ann Winslow jf , Cathy Ann Woodberry " ii" , Patricia Gayle Yates tw , 'Q ' I ' Roger Dale Yates V , Clarence Edward York ' yig V Linda Kay York HV V xr iii ,' VV,' .,1.V V'V - 1 Y f A c R' ' J "" Vicki Lynn York M, ,Z Jacquelin Sue Young W V V V " "W" V Linda Elizabeth Young -rw ' ""' V f Mr. Fields begins another rehearsal, 154 Anyone for monkey rolls? il Senior class officers enjoy the job of fitting rings. Cooking always seems fo lead 'ro dish washing. 155 The pitcher eagerly awaits the sign from the catcher 9 "The Grand Finale" KN!-LEE Nf Q55 1Nl.LlXH SNES. it The record of activity which this book presents can be com- plete only if the very thought and being of those involved come alive within its pages. But to picture such intangible concepts in an accurate manner is a difficult task when only the relatively inadequate devices of the written word and the photograph are to be used. Still, we have attempted as nearly as possible to present a true account of our school and the lives of its people and, at the same time, a lasting reminder of the happinesses which we have shared here. We can only hope that when, in future years, we read these pages and reminisce, we shall still be able to see within them the thoughts and dreams of these days at our school. If we can do this, then we have been successful. , EY! f , WWMMN 0, i i +V. .Lis , Q-ninth '15, -,W was iw'--f-W M! l l l l l l , vqgevulih 9 1 W WW, , c.. ,-.,,..A ,W 7 , ,,,,,,s Qi, M... ,Q A - ! I '- .,, mf ' , ' 5 ' " 3 f ff 1 152 l V I X 1 1 Wifi ' r f V' 2iz'4"'-- . K Lanz? V " f , ,ZJ.'i.,,.,w ,aww CJUR SCHOOL 158 I f I Z X ff PRODUCING TOMORROW'S BUILDERS For his patience understanding interest and perfection in producing the pictures for the annual each year, the 1963 ASH-Hi-LIFE staff wishes to recognize MR. MARSTON WRIGHT 160 ASHEBORO TOY AND HOBBY Compliments of SHOP 516 s. Fayetteville sf. CRAVEN'S TEXACO MA 5-3306 Route 4 Box 88 "Toys for all occasions NORTH STATE FINANCE CO. , Auto Loans - Insurance Financing 323 Sunset Ave. Phone MA 5-2137 PUGH FUNERAL HOME SOUTHERN FLOOR COVERINGS Britt and Myrtle Gore CUT RATE HOUSE FURNISHING CO. Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, 81 House Furnishings aii'i 130 Sunset Ave. Asheboro, N. C. 1' KEARNS SERVICE DRUG M' 803 W. Salisbury Street Phone MA 5-2216 THE ANCHOR VICK BROS. ELECTRIC CO. SCARBOROUGH'S MEN'S SHOP Contracting and Repairing "Your Ivy Shop" Phone MA 5-4290 Tuxedo Sales and Rentals Asheboro, North Carolina "Qualify plus ge,-Viceff O. W. Vick T. E, Vick 161 HOLLINGSWORTH'S Quality Jewelers 212 Sunset Avenue RICHARD GREY HOSIERY COMPANY 1722 N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina Compliments of SHERATON FINANCE CORP. BEST wlsHEs RESTAURANT KING CARL "Where The Boys and Girls Meet" HALL-KNOTT, INC. Men's and Boys' Wear Young Ladies' Sportswear D. W. 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Foyetteville St. MA 5-2266 Compliments of A 81 B LAUNDRY BEST WISHES ASHEBORO FLORIST BULLARD FLORIST BURGE FLORIST DELK FLORIST GARNER FLORIST ASH EBORO SHEET METAL ROOFING Heoting ond Air Conditioning 204 West Word Street Asheboro, North Corolino CLARK'S SERVICE STATION 843 West Solisbury Street Amoco Products Phone MA 5-2203 HEDGECOCK HOME BUILDING, INC. Our Speciolty--Millwork Complete Home Building Supplies Phone MA 5-2l95 25l Ross Street Asheboro, North Corolino "Your Friendly Colonial Stores" Compliments of HOME CREDIT COMPANY I9 South Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N. C. HCHIE-HICCRHRU HUSIEHU IHILLS TOMMY'S DRIVE IN and We wish you three things: Wisdom to see the path ahead, 24 hour SefVlCe Courage to take it-and Faith to make the journey worthwhile. Un Ion Carblde BALDWIN-RUMLEY, INC. Consumer Products U. S. Tires C O m p G n Y Recappmg Asheboro Plant THE BIG DEAL Shoes for the Entire Family l506 North Fayetteville St. Phone MA 5-4250 WEEKS AND ANDREWS CUNSTRUCTICN C0- LIBERTY I.IFE INSURANCE Eleg:tricPglCConE'acQtIars Ashebgtlg Nggh Ezronno l56 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N. C. Representatives W Bill Laughlin Ervin Davis F Ralph Carpenter Shelton Williams if ,JHD John Helms Hilton Carter Q'-Q Douglas Barnes, Jr., Staff Mgr. George M. McDuffie, Manager .9 - 1 Ei?-"tf'i gf,,,,,m Q is SMITH Au'ro GLASS AT Xfrscf Eg, - AND WELDING SHOP , '?79-is JC? 1 Q3 Q5 i ca ' rg ef? H ANU EA rx I B N5 SE SIEBQU-i PURK Free estimates 166 WOODLEY FURNITURE H8 South Church Street Asheboro, North Carolina SIR ROBERT MOTEL Television Swimming Pool Room Phones Air Conditioned Hwy. U. S. 220 at Junction 49 E. 64 YATES TH RIFT STORE The Bargain Store That Hates High Prices SOUTHSIDE SERVICE STATION Farley Lewis, Owner AMOCO GAS AND OIL Dial MA 5-3498 l5l6 South Fayetteville Street B. B. 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COFFIN 81 SCARBORO Quality Shoes Since l9l5 l2l Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina ASH EBORO J EWELRY COMPANY 125 Sunset Avenue "Home of the truly fine" BETTER LIFE STORE "Your Discount House" 658 N. Fayetteville St. Phone MA 5-4027 Self-Service Complete Department Store AUTO SALES, INC. Your Plymouth, Valiant Dealer Complete Body and Service Dept. 503 North Fayetteville Street Phone MA 5-2500 Asheboro, N. C. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1963 JOHN W. ATWATER, JR., D.D.S. J. T. BARNES, M.D. THURMAN C. BULLA, D.D.S. E. B. CANNON, M.D. J. L. COCHRAN, M.D. B. B. DALTON, M.D. J. L. DAVIS, D.C. FRANK EDMONDSON, M.D. HUGH FITZPATRICK, M.D. WILLIS H. FOWLE, M.D. J, A. MCINTOSH, M.D. CHARLES F. OWEN, JR., M.D. O. L. PRESNELL, D.D.S. JOHN O. REDDING, M.D. E. D. SHACKELFORD, M.D. R. M. WILHOIT, M.D. R. E. 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C. ,,93A0f SSS SWODH ASHEBORO PRINTING COMPANY .ia4ua3 Bugddoug apgsHgH dOHS AlI.LSVcI 3CIIS'I'IIH Hedrick Arcade Building Asheboro, North Carolina MA 5-3132 CHARMEUSE HOSIERY INDUSTRIES, INC. Manufacturer of 400 Needle Seamless Hosiery CANOY NURSERIES First in Quality Fairest in Prices-Fastest in Service A satisfied customer is our first consideration 2403 N. Fayetteville St. Ext. Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 5-4700 CAVENESSES' LITTLE OLD ANTIQUE SHOP East Dixie Drive P. O. Box 566 Phone MA 5-3741 MACK'S SERVICE STATION Expert Recapping - Vulcanizing East Salisbury Street Phone MA 5-2411 Asheboro, North Carolina CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY C. C. HOWELL AND SONS L 81 L CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY North Asheboro Phone MA 5-3971 ASH EBORO LAN ES Wishes Congratulations for your achievements and scholarship during the past year Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 9-9077 BAKER'S SHOE STORE 111 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina Shoes for the entire family Naturalizer, Petite Debs, and .lolenes women and girls Florsheim, Roblee, and Bristol for men and boys for NEELY AND LISK INSURANCE AGENCY "Your Independent Insurance Agents" Ryan R. Neely Tyler R. Lisk MONTGOMERY-GREEN CO., INC KITCHEN EQUIPMENT DEALERS Congratulates The Graduating Class of 1963 T1 H. R. TROLLINGER 8: SONS REALTORS MID-STATE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC "Competent Ins. Advisors" 200 Worth Street Best Wishes C'S SPORTING GOODS MooRE-GARDNER ggi AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Consulting EQ 17 MOFFITT KNITTING MILLS, INC. Manufacturers of Men's and Women's Full-Fashion Banlon Sweaters lO5 Beasley Street North Asheboro ROSES 5c, I0c, and 25c STORES Congratulations, Seniors l33 Sunset Avenue P. 81 P. CHAIR COMPANY LAMBERT PRI NTI NG COMPANY fLocated behind Reaves Walgreen? All Types of Commercial Printing Asheboro, North Carolina Lincoln Mercury MID-STATE MOTORS, INC. Show room Sales lot l49 W. Kivett St. 330 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N. C. ED'S T.V. SERVICE i626 N. Fayetteville Phone MA 5-5555 and MA 5-2600 Your Zenith and Sylvania Dealer RANDOLPH OIL COMPANY Distributors of Gulf Petroleum Products Phone MA 5-3497 l7l2 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, North Carolina RANDOLPH STEAK HOUSE l2ll North Fayetteville St. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Kirkman MAPLE GROVE DAIRY Sealtest Dairy Products RIDDLE-McNEELY, INC. Manhattan Shirts and Sportswear Lady Manhattan Shirts Miss Adventure Madras Skirts, Shirts, and Dresses London Fog Jackets and Raincoats Bass Weejun Loafers Tuxedo Sales and Rentals DICK CULLER'S VARSITY SHOP 173 RANDOLPH SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I37 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina LEO HAMMER REALTOR Homes Loans Lots Rentals Sub-Divisions Management Commercial Professional Property Appraisals MA 5-6287 THE RECORD SHOP Tops in Pops, LP's, Record Players Church Street MA 5-5350 ASHEBORO MOTOR COMPANY Chrysler . . . Plymouth Valiant . . . Imperial Sales and Service Asheboro, North Carolina Best Wishes to the Class of l963 RANDOLPH BAR ASSOCIATION p - QUALITY I f 2:1- FINEST QIIIC4 uw :Im p 'gg WASHABlI4f Or LAW' U N D E R W E A R 0v"""'wm"""'f 4 f "Du, 54,40 lunmmu 'ogg "INV on muuu vo GW' PRUVEN ROUND THE WURLD STEDMAN MANUFACTURES A COMPLETE LINE OF FINEST QUALITY UNDERWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS, KNIT SPORTSWIAI, TOO. STEDMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY - ASHEBORO. N. C. New York o Oakland o Honolulu 175 DURHAM PRINTING COMPANY Printing - Publishing - Engraving MA 5-2347 1305 S. Cox St. Asheboro, N. C. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS OF ASHEBORO, INC. Wiring of all kinds 1501 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, N. C. Day Ph. 5-2474-Night Ph. 5-8778 or 5-6700 G. L. HARRIS COMPANY WATCHES - DIAMONDS - Music SPORTING GOODS 322-324 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina DAVIS TIRE SERVICE Kelly Springfield Tires Recapping - Vulcanizing - Used Tires 103 W. Lanier Phone MA 5-4142 ELLIOTT OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 124 West Academy Street Asheboro, N. C. MAin 9-9106 FASHION FABRICS CENTER Dress Fabrics Drapery Fabrics Simplicity - Vogue - Butterick Patterns 1123 S. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, N. C. Phone MAin 5-5237 GREEN'S REST HOME 224 East Salisbury Street ELLIS PRINTING COMPANY Printing and Lithographing 2119 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina I u,s.m i 4-.v li j I .f 'lg fl V, , C "W 37 ,lgfff Qi ,.- I f!f'Cf 311 l1:?'3 f ,iv 5-M gmt 1,,g.,, A ' Q 1 L , ly w , QIHNIJ Y AV J K--., I I f fe fr f ff ' 4 ' I T' fx l ,1,,., ,, - - ff -' . ' . - P f rvv i9 tttl I rttt fr: BCSSONG HOSIERY MILL 177 ASHEBORC HOSIERY MILLS, INC A CRANFORD INDUSTRY Manufacturers ond Finishers JONES BROTHERS BAKERY, INC. HOLSUM BREAD 178 Best Wishes From LEE PETTIS' TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT Visit Our Bomboo Room BEST WISHES X PERRY'S DANCELAND GRIFFIN BAKING COMPANY "Bokers of quality products for over Cl quarter of o century." Ask for our-Pies, honeybuns, ond Mello-creme doughnuts ot your fovorite store. FARLOW FUNERAL HOME Phone MA 5-2155 Asheboro, North Corolino LOWE'S ASHEBORO HARDWARE, INC Asheboro, N. C. West Dixie Drive P.O. Box 388 MA 5-6171 MA 5-6172 B. D. GREENE Concrete Contractor "We build anything out of concrete" Burlington, largest and mostdiversified manufacturer of quality fabrics, hosiery, carpets and other textile products, offers career opportunities to qualified graduates in one of America's most essential industries. Write to BURLINGTON lNDUSTRlES, Personnel Department, Greensboro, North Carolina. mnusx-mas. m T9 mzfn LnuEbWE EfrHfh 53 cunnfns Make Our Store Your Headquarte s A Complete Line of Athletic Equipment, Varsity Coats, and Jackets COBLE SPORTING GOODS CO. Greensboro, N. C. HARDIN'S FURNITURE HOUSE Highway 220 North GRANT AND FERREE HEATING 450 West Salisbury MA 5-3I47 GUIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIU HARRELSON'S TEXACO 81 TIRE SERVICE l22l N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 9-9054 Asheboro, North Carolina KENAN MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY "lt it's insurance, we have it" Phone MA 5-6l44 24 AMF Automatic Pin Spotters Restaurant Catering to Parties and Clubs ALL STAR LANES ll I Where you bowl with the stars' N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, N. C. Buddy Winters, Manager Phone MA 9-1408 HUDSON-BELK COMPANY One of Piedmont CaroIina's Finer Stores Where Boys and Girls Like to Shop Best Wishes To The Class of I963 REAVES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE ll7 Sunset Avenue MA5-2151 ROWE TAILORING AND TOWN MODES Asheboro, N. C. RANDOLPH TELEPHONE MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Modern Telephone Service for your home or office. "Owned by those we Serve" HOP'S s-Q Opposite Post Office Open 24 Hours a Day Except Sunday COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO OF ASHEBORO Asheboro, North Carolina Our greetings and good wishes to all Asheboro High School students. As your frontiers of achievement and opportunity move outward, may you continue to reach out to a future of greater endeavor and higher accom- plishment. Hogress fs Our Mosf lmporfanf Hoducf GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC BLANKET PLANT FOX PROFESSIONAL DRUG 1021 S. Fayetteville Street Hillside Shopping Center Phone MA 5-5225 Asheboro, North Carolina "Where Customers Send Their Friends" W. 8g L. SUPERMARKETS 522 N. Fayetteville Street RECREATION SODA SHOP 156 South Fayetteville Street Sandwiches Fountain Service RANDOLPH ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION "Serving electricity at cost to the counties, Randolph, Moore, Montgomery, Alamance, Chatham" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I963 ASHEBORO BEAUTY SHOP ASHEBORO DRY CLEANERS AUMAN BROTHERS' FEED AND SEED STORE BALFOUR SEAFOOD MARKET CAROLINA THEATRE CENTRAL BAKERY CENTRAL GAS AND APPLIANCE COMPANY CHEEK SIGN COMPANY ECONO OIL NO. 2 ELLIOTT'S SEAFOOD AND POULTRY MARKET FEEZOR'S FOOD STORE FLENNIKEN UPHOLSTERY CO. A FRIEND EVA FRYE'S DRESS SHOP GARNER-MORGAN HARDWARE GRIMES JEWELRY STORE HADLEY COAL CO. HOFFMAN AND INGOLD AUTO SALES HOLT'S QUALITY CLEANERS JORDAN'S SHEET METAL AND PLUMBING CO. THE LITTLE CASTLE MARION'S YARN SHOP MILLER'S JEWELRY MODERN SHOE SERVICE NANCE CHEVROLET CO., P. C. MUSIC CO. INC. PHILLIPS CADILLAC-OLDS PURE FOOD STORE RANDOLPH FURNITURE RANDOLPH HOME AND CO. AUTO SUPPLY L. C. ROBBINS PAINT AND PAPER STORE RED'S CHICKEN HUT SERVICE BEAUTY SALON SHERWOOD DRIVE IN FRANK G. TOLER, SR. TOWN AND COUNTRY CO., INC. FURNITURE UP TOWN CURB MARKET VON-TEX HOSIERY MILL S, INC. RANDOLPH PACKING COMPANY Boneless Meat Our Specialty W b A t S It I I Dio' MA 5-6262 Asheboro, N' Cy e er r uppies mperial Wallflower MARY CARTER PAINT STORE ll2 E. Kivett Asheboro, N, C. "Sta-Dri" for Masonry Jacobus Brushes BRIAN BUSINESS COLLEGE MAin 9-9779 625 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina Charter Service "We charter buses anywhere" We carry the Comets ASH EBORO COACH CO. A ROBIN HOOD DRIVE-IN Sandwiches - Plate Lunches Short Orders Curb Service ASHEBORO DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions - Drugs - Fountain 132 Sunset Avenue Phone MA 5-2176 185 Adams, Jane Julie 73, 79, 106, 107, 143 INDEX Bowers, Donnie Lynn 63, 66, 93, 102, 149 Admin Advert istration 29 isements 160 Allen, Charles Lee 59, 111 Allen, Ilene Kay 59, 60, 61, 70, 73, 76, 79, 106, 107, 111, 127, 141 Allen, Melissa Kay 60, 68, 78, 143 Allred, Brenda Faye 69, 143, 83 Allred, Charles Robert 72, 93, 95, 104, 111 Allred, Charles Samuel 22, 23, 79, 143 Allred, Laris Dean 24, 149 Allred, Lynwood Bailey 81, 143 Amateur Radio Club 82 Ammons, Henry Cornelius 79, 143 Anderson, Ronald Mac 80, 143 Anthony, Mrs. Evelyn 84 Appreciation 5 Art Department 33 Bowman, Jo Anne 68, 79, 143 Bowman, Patsy Dianne 71, 76, 79, 111 Boys' Basketball 96-97 Boys' Monogram Club 72 Brady, William Calvin 24, 149 Brantley, James Monroe 100, 149 Bray, Eldon Richard 81, 143 Brazier, Thomas William, Jr. 66, 72, 93, 100, 104, 143 Breedlove, Gary Eugene 81, 111 Brewer, Lena Dianne 149 Bridgers, Mary Holmes 20, 70, 149 Briles, Cecelia Vermutus 57, 70, 149 Briles, Neva Ann 67, 68, 70, 73, 77, 79, 143 Brim, Raeford Griffin 81, 143 Britt, Betty Karan 23, 24, 149 Britt, Vickie Carolyn 63, 149 Brittain, David Roger 74, 112 Arthur, Anne Maxwell 68, 74, 111 Ash-Hi-Chat Staff 19 Ash-Hi-Life Staff 20, 21 Auman, Johnny Everett 22, 23, 143 Bageant, Sherry Kay 149 Bailey, Darius Wayne 24, 149 Baker, Mary Jane 70, 79, 111 Baldwin, Mrs. Ann 84 Baldwin, Barbara Ann 149 Baldwin, Rebecca Boone 149 Band, 22 Barbee, Linda Maxine 57, 67, 143 Bare, Tony Edwin 149 Barham, Berlin Francis, Jr. 21, 57, 66, 77, 78, 96, 143 111 133 141 Barham, Robert Martin, ll 23, 66, 76, , , Barker, Brenda Caroll 67, 149 Barker, Jerry Wayne 149 Brookshire, Mr. G. Glenn 48, 75 Brower, Jeanie Craven 67, 77, 143 Brower, Larry Lee 149 Brower, Stanley Ferree 104, 149 Brown Brenda Sue 24, 149 Brown, Gary Lynn 149 Brown, Genna Faye 149 Brown Brown 1 , James Earl 22, 66, 143 Martha Jane 20, 61, 67, 68, 73, 77, 79, 106 143 Brown, William Davis 112 Browne, Barry Jonathan 98, 149 Browne, Charles Talmadge 22, 23, 143 Bryant, Willodean 71, 143 Buie, Miss Katherine 53, 71 Bulla, Anita Cheryl 69, 71, 76, 79, 112, 141 Bulla, Dinah Daye 149 Bulla, Jane Cozart 22, 23, 68, 79, 112 Bulla, Patsyanna Wallace 57, 69, 83, 112 Bulla, Robert Franklin, Jr. 72, 93, 94, 102, 103, 112 Bullard, Larry Dean 74, 100, 149 Bullins, Judith Dianne 68, 73, 77, 79, 106, 107, 143 Beck, Barton, John Robert 74, 111 Barton , Thomas Michael 70, 98, 149 Baseball 102-103 Basinger, Bobby Lee 93, 111 Bass, Gregory Jon 93, 98, 149 Bean, Beane, Larry Charles 74, 149 Betty Ann 70, 79, 143 Beane, Brenda Gayle 22, 23, 68, 76, 79, 111 Beane, Carolyn Jewell 24, 149 Beane, Eddie Graham 75, 80, 143 Beane, Mary Eunice 22, 23, 67, 79, 143 Beane, John Calvin 149 Beane, Patricia Ann 149 Beane, Thomas Scott 93, 149 Beasley, Cleveland Allen 149 Beasley, Steven Auston 63, 74, 104, 149 Beaver, Brenda Faye 149 Mr. Arthur K. 43, 81 Bullins, Troy Edward 24, 93, 143 Bunting, Gary Darnell 149 Bunting, Glenda Faye 112 Burge, Brenda Preston 23, 57, 79, 143 Burgess, Della Rose 24, 68, 112 Burkhead, Stephen Ferree 63, 100, 149 Burns, Edwin Eugene 22, 70, 89, 143 Burroughs, Janie Marie 69, 143 Burrow, Obert Charles, Jr. 24, 93, 100, 101, 149 Burrows, Mildred Elizabeth 81, 143 Burrows, Randy Lee 143 Bus Drivers 75 Byrd, Bonnie Sue 149 Byrd, Charles Kenneth 24, 149 Byrd, Robert Henry 149 Belding, Barbara Estelle 67, 149 Benbow, Elizabeth Ann 70, 73, 106, 107, 149 Bennett, Cleo Delanous 72, 93, 102, 103, 111 Bennett, Dickie Ray 93, 149 Benson, John Howard 61, 78, 143 Beta Club 76 Blackwell, James Stevens 78, 143 Blackwell, Ralph Lee 149 Booze, Anne Lester 61, 79, 143 Boling, Lana Kay 67, 149 Boling, Phillip Verban 104, 149 Bolton, Patricia Karen 149 Bonkemever, Sue Carol 59, 68, 70, 111 Boone, James Lee, Jr. 24, 149 Boone, Marjorie Elaine 19, 59, 67, 78, 111 Bost, Timothy Rader 149 Bostick, Miss Helen 38, 76, 79 Cafter Cagle, Cain, ia Staff 84 Eunice Jo Ann 112 Jane Ellen 79, 143 Caldwell, Ronnie Lee 143 Callicutt, Allen Lee 149 Callicutt, Barbara Jean 67, 149 Callicutt, Charles Tommy 81, 143 Calloway, Donald Andrew 149 Calloway, Martha Ellen 68, 79, 143 Cameron, John Bruce 22, 63, 82, 149 Campbell, Rita Jo 61, 80, 143 Canipe, Linda Maxine 67, 149 Canno Canno n, Elizabeth Armfield 70, 73, 106, 107, 149 n, Eugene Bedford 60, 61, 66, 72, 93, 95, 96, 97 143 Cannon, Tony Lee 63, 82, 93, 149 Canoy, Brenda Faye 149 Canoy, William Larry 71, 112 Carroll, Sharleen Marie Ann 70, 149 Carter, Mrs. lna K. 84 Carter, Martha Jean 149 Cashion, Nancy Katherine 67, 149 Cassidy, Peggy C. 84 Cassidy, Peggy Frances 84 Catan, Laura Elizabeth 149 Caudill, Janice Jane 149 Causey, Judy Fon 63, 149 Caveness, Mrs. Kittie J. 38, 68 Caveness, Richard Sidney 82, 150 Caviness, Kathie Gertrude 24, 57, 149 Caviness, Patricia Ann 150 Caviness, Ronnie Alfred 57, 62, 150 Caviness, Shirley Florine 69, 71, 143 Chandler, Susan Kearns 70, 150 Chapel Band 23 Chapman, Marvin Watzel, ll 100, 150 Cheek, Evelyn Diane 20, 68, 69, 73, 76, 77, 106, 107, 112 Cheerleaders 88 Chilton, Mr, Billy D. 36, 70, 74 Chisholm, Janet Carol 61, 68, 77, 79, 143 Chorus 24 Chrisco, Gwendolyn Joyce 112 Chrisco, Mrs. Mildred 28 Chriscoe, Donald Edward 80, 143 Chriscoe, Emily Chisholm 61, 73, 79, 88, 143 Chriscoe, Maggie Rosalee 20, 59, 76, 77, 78, 112, 131, 141 Church, Rebecca Joanne 57, 62, 73, 106, Clark, Dee Lane 73, 106, 107, 150 Clark, Emily Dianne 150 Clark, Cable, Cable, Ronald Edward 150 Georgia Carol 143 Martha Elizabeth 79, 143 150 INDEX Crowder, Joyce Ann 80, 113 Cundiff, Patricia Ramona 68, 70, 144 Curtis, Dwain Clarkson, Jr. 61, 66, 144 Dabbs, Dalton, Nola Jean 21, Lewis Hal 150 Davidson, Gary Sanford 93, 144 Davidson, June Rosalyn 150 Davidson, Victor Colon 24, 150 Davis, Betty Rose 150 Davis, Carol Ruth 24, 150 Davis, Dremia Joyce 69, 83, 144 Davis, Eddie Trent 71, 98, 102, 150 Davis, James Edward 113 Davis, James Mac 144 Davis, Jerry William 81, 144 Davis, Mary Kay 150 Davis, Mary Teena 69, 70, 144 Davis, Nellie Lee 71, 150 Davis, Norris Daniel 70, 76, 113 Davis, Sandra Rae 144 Davis, Virginia Mae 71, 113 Deaton, Ashley Ruben, Jr. 70, 150 Dedication 4 Dennis, Billy Wade 63, 71, 150 Derr, Mrs. Walker W. 50 Dildy, Jane Elizabeth 22, 68, 70, 144 Dandy, Pamela Ann 68, 71, 76, 83, 106, 107, 11 Distributive Education Club 80 Distributive Education Department 42 Dixon, Roger Dean 81, 144 Dorsett, Hoyt Nelson 150 Draughn, Jerrie Lois 71, 74, 113 Draughn, Richard Monroe 93, 150 Dula, William Everette 74, 82, 150 68, 73, 77, 78, 89, 105, 106 4 3 Coggins, Bonnie Elaine 150 Calor Guards 23 Coltrane, Janice Ann 24, 150 Commercial Department 40-41 Congleton, John Richard 150 Conner, Kenneth Alvin 81, 143 Cook, Harold Dalton 81, 112 Cook, Nancy Carolyn 24, 67, 143 Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper Brenda Faye 150 Carlene LaDare 69, 83, 143 Doris Ann 23, 69, 83, 113 Juan Dale 81, 143 Patsy Marcella 67, 150 Dunlap, Brenda Louise 24, 89, 150 Dunn, Danna Joyce 69, 113 Dunn, Mamie Louise 63, 67, 150 Dunn, Willa Mae 69, 114 Dunning, Walter Clinton 114 Durham, Peggy Jo 23, 150 Eason, Gregory Allen 150 Edmondson, Dr. Frank, Jr. 28 Edmondson, Frank, Ill 61, 66, 72, Efird, Opal Colleen 78, 144 96, 97, 102, 144 Cornelison, Arie Sue 67, 69, 144 Cornelison, Lynda Ann 150 Councilman, Linda Grey 24, 83, 113 Councilman, Lydia Jane 150 English Department 30-32 Everall, Ulyesse Charles 80, 114 Farlow, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Howard Thomas 150 James Wesley, Jr. 150 Linda Carol 80, 144 Louis Kritz 72, 74, 76, Raeford Eugene 59, 81,113 96, 97, 113 Cox, Cox, Cox, Roger Dale 22, 150 Roy David 23, 57, 58, Sandra Louise Dean 61, 68, 70, 66, 70, 7 Cranford, Brenda Lucille 150 Cranford, Edward Maxwell, Jr. 150 Cranford, James Albert 144 Cranford, Tommy Lee 61, 77, 144 Craven, Craven, Craven, Craven, Craven Cribb, Cromer, Craom, Brenda Kaye 67, 68, 73, 79, Daniel Eugene 150 Linda Carolyn 68, 150 Linda Jo 113 Philli Ronald 59, 72, 113 1 p Lynn Gail 150 Tommy Russell 150 6 113 128 144 ' as, 144 James Dallas, Jr. 24, 104, 150 187 Fagge, Patricia Ann 67, 150 Faircloth, Mr. A. W. 28 Faircloth, Mrs. Mildred T. 19, 32, 77 Alice Loraine 23, 89, 150 Farlow, Felton, Ferree, Ferree, David Briles 22, 144 Mr. Vernon S. 8, 47, 56 Linda Gail 150 Robert Gray, lll 56, 72, 76, 79, 114 Fetner, Merrill Elizabeth 57, 77, 79, 144 Fields, Mr. Joseph B. 2, 22, 23, 44 Fischer, Frances Melanie 67, 144 Flenniken, Mrs. Lena R. 31 Flenniken, Wanda Lane 20, Flowers, Sondra Kay 150 Floyd, Donald Ray 81, 104, 144 Football 92-95 Faust, Eddie Alexander 150 Fax, Mr. Glenn Elbert 50, 70 Frazier, Sandra Jean 20, 68, 76, 77, 79, 89, 114, 135 67, 68, 77, 79, 114, 137 INDEX Freeman, Catherine Ann 67, 68, 114 Freeman, Janis Lee 22, 23, 150 Freeman, Paul Reece 89, 104, 150 French Club 79 Fritz, Lucretia Cranford 76, 79, 89 Frye, Jerry Leon 81, 104, 144 Frye, James Wayne 80, 114 Frye, John Wesley 150 Funderburk, Charles Irvin 100, 150 Furr, Barbara Ann 150 Furr, Bobby Dean 150 Furr, Mary Jane 71, 150 Future Business Leaders of America Club 69 Future Homemakers of America Club 67 Future Teachers of America Club 68 Gallimore, Terry Ann 71, 150 Galyon, Luther Ellis, Jr. 20, 59, 66, 70, 76, 114, 130, 141 Garkalns, Richard Julius 57, 98, 150 Garner, Dennis Michel 150 Garner, Janice Elizabeth 67, 79, 144 Garner, Loretta Jane 21, 59, 69, 76, 77, 79, 114, 128 Gibson, Cynthia Ilene 57, 70, 78, 144 Girls' Basketball 106 Girls' Monogram Club 73 Gilmore, Phyllis Ruth 89, 144 Glisson, Miss Angelyn 52, 73, 106 Golf 99 Grant, Gwendolyn Faye 24, 150 Grant, Rebecca ldella 150 Graves, Mary Martha 69, 70, 114 Gray, Evelyn Marie 81, 144 Green, Larry Ray 21, 66, 70, 76, 77, 79, 114, 138 Greene, Burnie Keith 22, 23, 144 Greene, Linda Faye 67, 150 Greene, Patricia Anne 150 Greeson, James McKindley 150 Grey, Norman Fox 57, 66, 76, 79, 99, 114, 139 Grimsley, James Otis 21, 59, 66, 72, 76, 77, 79, 96, 103, 115, 132 - Guidance 53 Gwyn, Richard Walter, Ill 150 Hadley, Emma Susan 21, 57, 68, 76, 77, 79, 115, 135, 141 Hadley, Martha Jane 151 Hadley, Sara Elizabeth 68, 76, 79, 83, 115 Haigler, Richard James 144 Haithcock, Larry Julian 70, 82, 144 Hall, Dale Parker 144 Hall, Kerry Dean 151 Hall, Ruby Elaine 144 Hall, Shiela 151 Harris, Harry Madison, 74, 151 Hartsell, Virginia Edith 144 Harvell, Linda Faye 80, 144 Harvell, Timothy Nathaniel 151 Hatley, Emily Clayton 80, 115 Hawks, Barbara Gail 71, 81, 144 Hawks, Larry William 151 Hayes, John Thomas 144 Hayes, Ralph Stephen 22, 93, 151 Hayworth, Charlotte Stansill 23, 79, 115 Hayworth, Thomas Vernon 59, 66, 115 Helms, John Reese 72, 93, 95, 96, 97, 144 Helms, Penny Elizabeth 73, 89, 106, 107, 151 Henley, Brenda Kay 67, 79, 144 Henry, Mary Katheyrn 151 Henry, Sarah Jane 1, 19, 21, 58, 70, 73, 77, 79, 88 115 140 Henson, Sandra Lee 69, 70, 115 Hepler, Katherine Arlene 69, 71, 115 Hethcock, Clarice Elaine 151 Hill, Li nda Carol 24, 151 Hill, Mrs. Peggie Lamm 42, 80 Hill, Shirley Ann 151 Hill, Thomas 59, 76, 115 Hobson, Judith Elizabeth 56, 73, 79, 88,115, 134 Hodgin, Brenda Drew 23, 67, 73, 89, 106, 107, 151 Hogan, Golda Carol 151 Holland, Mr. Dwight M. 20, 33 Holland, Wade Dennis 70, 74, 100, 151 Holt, Ann Ward 80, 116 Holt, F Holt, J arrest Dean 116 udy Paulette 24, 144 Holt, Mildred Irene 21, 22, 23, 66, 67, 116 Holt, Mrs. Olimbe D. 29, 83 Homecoming I3 Home Economics Department 49 Honor Section 127-141 Hooker, Michael Douglas 96, 104, 151 Hoover, Rachel Rebecca 151 Hopkins, Sandra Lee 79, 144 Horner, Donna Karleen 116 Horner, Peggy Allison 23, 80, 151 Horton, Howell, Howell, Hubbar Elizabeth Dianne 151 Betty Frances 144 Cora Sue 78, 144 d, Karen Ann 24, 67, 89, 151 Hudson, Terry Jean 24, 63, 67, 73, 106, 107, 151 Hudson, Vicky Ann 67, 116 Hudspeth, James Thomas 144 Hudspeth, Judith Ann 151 Hughes, Mr. C. E. 28 Hughes, Charles Harry 22, 23, 71, 89, 116 Hughes, David Neal 93, 94, 102, 103, 144 Hughes Jerry Kenneth 24, 151 Hughesl Larry Kenneth 22, 23, 144 Hughes Hughes Hulin, , Lois Jean 24, 151 , Mammie Louise 151 Gary Warren 72, 100, 101, 116 Hamilton Joseph Elroy 72, 75, 115 Hamilton: Martha Lou 61, 73, 79, 106, 144 Hamilton Hancock, Hancock, Hancock, Hancock, Hanes, L , Oramae Ellen 67, 151 Alice Faye 20, 69, 77, 115 Floyd Jay 151 Mrs. Iona 84 Lloyd Ray 151 inda Sue 151 Hardin, Bettie Jo 19, 68, 76, 77, 79, 115 Hardin, John Talton 151 Hardister, James Tony 24, 151 Harmon, Harmon, Mr. Lloyd 84 Ruby Lee 24, 144 Harper, Allan Kent 151 Harper, Brenda Jo 67, 151 Harrington, Mr. Edwin 22, 24, 45 Harris, Dexter Eugene 93, 100, 151 Humble, James Joseph 24, 63, 100, 101, 116 Humble, Jimmy Herbert 63, 100, 151 Hunsucker, Jerry Edward 72, 78, 144 Hunsucker, Paula Jann 67, 151 Hurley, Patricia Jewel Miller 144 Hurst, Mr. Alex J., Jr. 52, 100 Hussey, Miss Faye 84 Hussey, Judy Lee 24, 151 Hutchens, Charles Kenneth 151 Hutson, Judy Ann 151 Industrial Arts Department 37 Industrial Co-Operative Training Club 81 INDEX ial Co-O erative Trainin De artment 43 Industr p g p Ingold, Glenn Harvey 72, 145 Ingold, Linda Bernice 151 In Memoriam 125 Intramurals 105 Isley, Carolyn Marie 77, 79, 145 Jarrell, Johnny Leon 71, 151 Jarrell, Linda Sue 81, 145 Jarrett, Mr. Donald G., Jr. 38, 68, 78 Jarvis, Linda Ray 69, 71, 83, 145 Jessup, Brenda Mae 145 J ester, Karen Elizabeth 151 Johnson, Betty Lou 89, 116 Johnson, Edward Lee 72, 93, 94, 102, 145 Johnson, Garland Lee 24, 104, 151 Johnson, Mary Rebecca 70, 145 Johnson, Ronald Smitherman 66, 72, 92, 95, 96, 97, 102 Johnston, George Brown Thomas, Jr. 63, 66, 93, 98, 104, 151 Jones, Jones, George William 151 Malcolm Wayne 22, 145 Jones, Ralph Douglas 151 Jones, Sandra Lee 70, 151 Jones, Susan Reba 151 Jones, Thomas Stephen 63, 151 Jordan, Charles Ronald 145 Jordan, Linda Dianne 61, 73, 106, 107, 145 Judd, Patricia Agnes 24, 116 Junior Junior Class 142 Class Offices 60 Junior Home Room Officers 61 Junior Marshals 141 Junior Play 14 Junior-Senior Prom 18 Junior Varsity Basketball 98 Katcham, Paula Jane 69, 83, 145 Kearns, Jesalyn Ruth 57, 67, 151 Kemp, Susan DeEtte 24, 63, 73, 88, 151 Kennedy, Richard Leon 145 Key CI ub 66 King, Alvin Darrell 70, 72, 145 King, Bobby James 24, 151 King, David Paul 151 King, Julius Howard 81, 116 King, Steve Harold 151 Kinney Frank Edward 151 Kanneyl Jerry Lee 78, 93, 104, 145 Kinney, Linda Carol 151 Kinney, Marsha Dee 77, 145 Lee, Rickey LaVonne 60, 69, 79, 145 Leonard, Charlotte Dianne 152 Lewallen, Jimmie Raye 24, 83, 117 Lewis, Edith Gayle 152 Lewis, Gary Randal 22, 145 Lewis, Herschel Horton 145 Lewis, Thomas Dewitt 104, 145 Library 53 Library Club 71 Liles, Emily Florence 58, 68, 76, 117, 131, 141 Lineberry, Danny Wayne 152 Lineberry, James Ray 145 Little, Timothy Allen 74, 82, 152 Loflin, Aaron Wallace 66, 104, 152 Lomax, Vicki Lynn 71, 152 Long, Mrs. Erma T. 50 Lowrance, Mr. J. A. 28 Lowry, Barbara Lynne 67, 152 Lucas, Joseph Michael 74, 152 Ludlum, Lillian Jean 152 Luther, Rebecca Jane 24, 89, 152 Lyle, Steven Evans 98, 152 Lyndon, Kenneth Michael 100, 152 McBride, Rickie Edwin 79, 145 McBride, Vena Margaret 63, 152 McCombs, Mr. Curtis 98 McCormick, Martha Maria 152 McCrary, Carol Franklin 20, 73, 76, 77, 79, 88, 117, 126, 138 McCubbin, Phyllis Ann 63, 152 McDonald, Fred Melvin, Jr. 74, 152 McDowell, Nolan Milby, 57, 66, 117 McDowell, Patricia Diane 145 McDowell, Willie Richard 71, 72, 93, 95, 104, 117 I McFadden, David Morris 1, 21, 56, 66, 72, 78, 93, 95, 96, 117, 140, 141 McFadden, James Stuart 21, 61, 66, 78, 93, 94, 96, 97, 145 Joan Elizabeth 152 McFatter, McGrady, Rush Benton 75, 83, 145 Mclntosh, Margaret Ann 63, 67, 73, 106, 107, 152 Mclntyre, Timothy Michael 80, 145 McKeel, Nancy Lynn 68, 70, 77, 79, 145 McKenzie, Phyllis Jane 152 McMaster, Danielle Kay 57, 68, 70, 79, 145 McMasters, Robert Eugene 58, 59, 117 McNeill, Carolyn Ann 145 McNeill, Sylvia Dare 67, 152 McNulty, Joseph Frank 22, 23, 70, 79, 145 McPherson, Larry Walter 152 McRae, Charles Edward 145 McRae, Judith Olivia 79, 117 Mabe, Brenda Quinn 24, 78, 117 Kinney, Susan Marie 19, 67, 68, 71, 116 Kivett, Barbara Brown 19, 70, 116 Kivett, George Clayton, Jr. 81, 82, 116 Kivett, Herman Howard, Jr. 63, 93, 98, 102, 151 Knowles, Terry Lee 117 Korn, Rita Anne 63, 151 Lambe, Thomas Connette 75, 80, 151 Lambert, Richard Wayne 145 Lancaster, Miss Merle E. 35 Lane, Harry Douglas 63, 71, 100, 101, 151 Lane, Mr. James R. 28 Language Department 38, 39 Lanier, Martha Jean 70, 79, 117 Lassiter, Sue Ellen 151 Laughlin, Arrington Jackson 145 Lautenschleger, Eldora Lee 69, 117 Lawrence, Joyce Elaine 151 Ledwell, Sandra Alta 71, 151 Lee, Melvin Thomas 151 Mabe, Rebecca Elaine 24, 145 Macon, Clarajo 12, 23, 68, 76, 79, 117, 132 Maintenance 84 Majorettes 23 Maness, Maness, Maness, Maness, Marion, Marion, Jack Timothy 81, 117 Mary Elizabeth 69, 145 Peggy Sue 71, 76, 78, 118 Phyllis Ann 68, 78, 145 Bobby Eugene 81, 145 Ethel 84 Markwood, Dora Mae 80, 118 Marlowe, Judith Kay 145 Martin, Ronald Dewitt 145 Martindale, James Lee 145 Marziano, Hiram James 100, 101, 145 Mascots 124 Math-Science Club 70 Mathematics Department 50-51 Miller, Charles Bryant 118 Miller, Dianne Davis 22, 152 Miller, Elizabeth Christine 68, 73, 79, 88, 145 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Jane Henley 24, 68, 76, 79, 118 Joseph Russell 71, 152 Larry Ray 80, 81, 118 Linda Sue 145 Millikan, Phyllis Lorene 67, 'I52 Mills, Henrietta Deloris 24, 152 Moffitt, Moffitt, Judy Elizabeth 118 Phyllis Kaye 24, 67, 145 Mollman, William Henry 22, 23, 118 Moody, Brenda Carolyn 67, 152 Moody, Gladys Frances 67, 79, 145 Moody, Judy Carol 20, 59, 69, 76, 118, 130 Moore, Mrs. Anne H. 2, 41, 69 Moore, Emily Sue 68, 76, 79, 118, 129 Moore, Emily Sue 69, 118 Moore, James Dosie 24, 63, 152 Moore, James Edward 79,145 Moore, James Tally 80, 145 Moore, Mary Bernice 152 Moore, Ronald Gregory 78, 145 Moore, Terry Gilbert 100, 152 Morgan, Betsy Irene 68, 76, 79, 89, 118 Morgan, Catherine Jane 69, 83, 118 Morgan, Mr. E. C. 50 Morgan, Evelyn Darnell 145 Morgan, Mr. L. H. 28 Morgan, Mr. Max D. 36, 62, 94 Morgan, Michael David 56, 60, 66,72,lO4,145 Morgan, Sam Roy, Jr. 22, 152 Morris, Morton, Morton, Morton, Murray, Murray, Murray, Bob Sidney 72, 146 Ann Celeste 68, 146 Janice Lorraine 67, 118 Patricia Ann 63, 152 Betty Jean 67, 152 James Dalton 80, 118 John Clifford, Jr. 66, 76, 96, Music Department 44 Nance, David Benjamin 81, 146 Nance, Sidney Charles 24, 152 Neal, Clinton Ricky 152 Needham, Ina Louise 119 Needham, Wanda Lane 152 Nelson, Glenn Dodson 71, 152 Nelson, Wanda Kay 146 Nickens, Thomas Raymond 152 Oakley, Thomas Joseph 152 Office Assistants 83 Oglesby, Sylvia Jane 78, 146 Olivo, George Michael 19, 72, 93, 94, Osborne, Barry Phillip 56, 79, 119 O'steen, Julia Gladwyn 146 Overton, Phyllis Ruth 146 Owens, Arthur Clarence, Jr. 81, 119 Owens, Barbara Sue 61, 69, 78, 146 Owens, James Hughes 80, 146 Page, Brenda Charlene 152 Paisley, Robert Lee, Jr. 146 Parker, Phyllis Rowena 63, 70, 152 Parks, Barbara Jane 57, 152 Parks, Darrell Randolph 152 Parks, Hilda Dean 80, 119 Parks, Marilyn Louise 24, 152 Parsons, Eleanor Dianne 152 Parsons, John Regis, Jr. 119 Pate, Janet Ann 24, 59, 81, 119 100 119 INDEX 119, 129, 141 190 Patterson, Roddy Lee 70, 100, 152 Paul, Jerry Ray 119 Payne, Joy Ann 69, 78, 119 Peck, Brice Harrison 152 Pegram, Davis Edgar 80, 146 Perry, Steven Bruce 152 Phillips, Bernard Franklin 82, 156 Phillips, Miss Elizabeth 49, 67 Phillips, Elizabeth Alice 152 Phillips, Jonah Dewey, Jr. 59, 82, 119 Phoenix, Mr. Lee C. 29, 58 Photo Club 74 Physical Education Department 52 Pickett, Linda Sue 24, 152 Pierce, Johnsie Eloise 152 Plummer, Martha Nance 79, 89, Polson, Dora Lucille 67, 69, 89, Poole, Max Thomas 146 Powell, Miss Anne 31 Powers, Charlesanna 152 Presnell, Nancy Carol 24, 152 Presnell, Rodney Allen 119 Prevatte, Rodney Allen 19, 72, 100, 119, 101 Prevost, Kathryn Suzanne 152 Prillaman, Mr. Reid 53 Pugh, Jesse Thomas 63, 152 Pugh, Judith Lynn 152 Pugh, Sandra Kaye 69, Purcelle, David Carl 82, Pyrtle, Randy Reed 72, 146 143 146 152 102, 146 146 Query, Suzanne Harris 68, 70, 79, Quill and Scroll Club 77 Ragsdale, Phillip Martin 152 Raines, Connie Ruth 119 Ramsay, Julius McNutt 63, 104, 152 Rancourt, Richard Joseph 152 Ratcliffe, Margaret Ann 61,146 Redding, Brantley Hicks 71, 120 Redding, Brigitte Ursula 68, 70, 78, 120 Redding, Mr. Henry 28 Redding, Milton Hammer 79, 120 Redding, Sandra Louise 152 Redding, Reed, Sh Shelia Dianne 67, 152 irley Ann 71, 146 Reid, Maynard Beard, Jr. 152 Rempson, Nancy Carol 22, 23, 68, 76, 79, 120 Renigar, Doris Ann 152 Rhymer, Jane Smith 67, 120 Rich, Alva Irene 152 Rich, Anita Louise 153 Rich, David Cyrus 23, 146 Rich, Donald Lee 96, 97, 146 Rich, Frances Marie 153 Rich, Glenn Darrell 24, 63, 66, 98, 102, 153 Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich Jerry Odell 153 Pamela Gayle 153 Mrs. Ruby Tysor 34, 70 Samuel Lester 146 Richardson, Janet Gayle 73, 89, 106, 107, 153 Richardson, Virginia Mae 70, 79, 120 Richburg, Barry William 153 Richburg, Don Preston 59, 120 Ridge, Annice Lee 79, 146 Ritter, Cornelia Faye 81, 146 Robbins, Barbara Annette 80, 146 Robbins, Betty Ruth 67, 153 Robbins, Charles Thomas, Ill 66, 72, 93, 94, 96, 103, 120, 134 97, 102 Robbins, Robbins Robbins Robbins Robbinsj Robbins Robbins Robbins, Robbins Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, David Lee 22, 153 James Leon 120 Joe Thomas 78, 93, 146 Joyce Elaine 73, 106, 107, 153 Nancy Delores 24, 153 Roger Arnold 24, 120 Vivian Elizabeth 67, 153 Walon Covon, Jr. 146 William Duke 78, 146 Billy Houston, Jr. 72, 96, 97, 120 Fred Taylor, Jr. 81, 146 Janet Lee 19, 68, 73, 74, 77, 79, 8 Robertson, Elaine Rochelle 70, 153 Rogers, William Ward 153 Rollins, Linda Dianne 153 Ross, Charles Edwards 66, 72, 120 Ross, Shelby Jean 146 Rosson, Susan Cecilia 146 Rude, Raymond Chris 19, 120 Rush, Wanda Dianne 153 Rush, William Neely 72, 93, 95, 121 Russell, Brenda Jane 24, 153 Russell, Linda Margaret 153 Russell, Nancy Graves 69, 146 Ryckmon, Nancy June 24, 153 Sanders, Harry Eugene 146 Sanders, Patricia Gail 153 Sanders, Sterling Herbert 146 Saunders, Bennie lsom 72, 93, 96, 104, 153 Saunders, Larry Cleveland 146 Saunders, Linda Faye 24, 153 School Spirit Leaders 89 Schwarz, John Richard 72, 79, 93, 95, 146 Science Department 34-36 Scott, Barbara Ann 146 Scott, Betty Allen 153 Seagraves, Sharon 67, 153 Senior Class 110 Senior Class Officers 58 Senior Home Room Officers 59 Senior Play 14 Sexton, Wesley Herman, Jr. 56, 66, 121, 126 Shanas, Elaine Margaret 153 Shanas, Elizabeth Ann 80, 121 Shaw, Mr. Alexander 84 Shaw, Beverly Kathleen 70, 153 Shaw, Carson William 81, 89, 104, 121 Shaw Clyde Theodore, Jr. 121 1 Shaw, James Edward, Jr. 146 Shaw Reba LaVerne 61, 68, 70, 146 1 Shaw, Ruth Anne 71, 78, 146 W Shaw, Shelton, orth Odell, Jr. 79, 100, 101, 146 Billie Sue 153 Shepard, Jean Phillips 61, 68, 70, 73, 146 Shepard, Susan Kirby 70, 153 Sikes, Carolyn Mae 80, 121 Sisk, Carolyn Gail 80, 121 Skeen, Fletcher Burrell, Jr. 153 Smith, Adrienne Kay 121 Smith, Archie Leak, Jr. 72, 121 Smith, Charles Randolph 24, 66, 100, 153 Smith, Chester Franklin, Jr. 153 Smith Mr. C. Reitzel 28 smifhf David Warren, 98, 153 Smith, Gloria Blanche 69, 73, 76, 106, 121 Smith, Jimmy Lee 71, 100, 101, 146 Smith, John Wayne 153 Smith, Martha Ann 146 Smith, Martha Susan 153 INDEX 8, 120 , 136 Smith, Nina Belle 153 Smith, Rhonda Jane 69, 121 Smith, Rickey Harris 71, 75, 146 Smith, Mrs. Rose 84 Smith, Smith, Smith, William Douglas 93, 121 Mr. William J. 47, 48, 94, 104 William Russell, Ill 93, 100,146 Snider, Gary Edwin 24, 153 Social Social Standards Day 16 Studies Department 46-48 Sophomore Class 148 Sophomore Class Officers 62 Sophomore Home Room Officers 63 Spanish Club 78 Sparks, James Robert, Jr. 70, 121 Spencer, Joseph Chapman 66, 72, 78, Spirit Leaders 89 Spivey, Bertie Jane 57, 153 Spivey, Brenda Ann 153 Staley, William David 153 Staley, Joyce Ann 146 Staley, Phyllis Gaye 23, 79, 146 Stalvey, Nancy Carol 20, 59, 70, 121 Stalvey, Thomas Franklin 78, 147 Starcher, Shirley Rodenia 22, 68, 79, 147 Stedman, Mr. David 28 Stedman, Sarah Elizabeth 23, 68, 70, 76, 79, 122, 123 Stevens, Janice Ruth Underwood 147 Stone, Barbara Lou 79, 147 Stone, Mr. Lee J. 9, 46, 94, 99 Story, Cecelia Ware 69, 147 Stout, Doyle Reece 22, 23, 79, 147 Stout, Ella Raines 20, 68, 76, 77, 78, Stout, Judith Ann, 78, 122 Stout, Mr. Rufus 84 Stout, Walter Coy 153 Stout, Wilma Cheryl 24, 153 Strayhorn, Rachel Priscelle 147 Strickland, Brenda Ellen 24, 153 Strider, Gary Benford 72, 153 Strider, Gary Benford 72, 122 Strider, Phyllis Anne 122 Strider, William Clayton 81, 122 Stringer, Brenda Faye 153 Stroud, Jerry Wayne 22, 104, 153 Stroud, Linda Diane 69, 122 Student Council 56-57 Stultz, Linda Carol 19, 73, 78, 89, 106, 122 Stutts, Edith Pamela 19, 68, 73, 77, 78, 88, 122, 139 Sugg, Mr. Edward R. 37 Suggs, Dr. J. R. 28 Surratt, Janie Lee 23, 67, 153 Surratt, Wanda Inez 69, 73, 83, 106, 107, 147 Swaim, Rebecca Jane 70, 153 Swaim, Roddy Jean 22, 23, 68, 70, 79, 147 Swaney, Brenda Faye 78, 147 Swaney, Carolyn Louise 57, 69, 147 Swaney, Nancy Carolyn 81, 147 Sweeney, Mr. Richard B. 28 Swicegood, Thomas McCain 82, 153 Swing, Charles Thomas 147 Tanner, Gerald Arvo 153 Tate, Steve Arthur 71, 78, 147 Tatum, William Byron 24, 153 Taylor, Earl Frazier 70, 153 Teachey, Anna Marie 19, 22, 23, Teachey, Mr. Guy B. 3, 28 Teague, Hilda Faye 67, 147 Tennis 104 Thomas, Boyd Ernest 74, 122 68, 77, 79, 122 INDEX Thomas, Mr. Donald 48, 72, 96 Thomas, Douglas Eugene 57, 62, 63, 66, 72, 104, 153 Thomas, Joseph Gale 78, 153 Thomas, Judith Ellen 153 Thomas, Karen Ann 147 Thomas, Michael Emerson 22, 63, 153 Thomas, Thomas, Patsy Jane 67, 153 Robert Clyde 66, 93, 147 Thompson, Connie Delores 67, 153 Thompson, Faye Carol 20, 59, 69, 76, 77, 122, 131 Thompson, Hatlie Ray 24, 153 Thompson, Helen Marie 153 Thompson, Mable Faye 24, 153 Thornburg, Brenda Diane 122 Thornburg, Diane 68, 69, 70, 147 Thornburg, Martha Raye 153 Thornburg Sandra Viola 153 Thrower, James Edward, Jr. 153 Tillman, Tillman, Mrs. Evelyn 84 Joan Elizabeth 68, 79, 147 Tolar, Nancy Hill 70, 153 Tolbert, Tommy Reece 81, 122 Track 104 Trogdon, Bill Wayne 24, 153 Trogdon, Brenda Joyce 68, 77, 79, 147 Trogdon, Janet Lee 154 Trogdon, Joel Berchin, Ill 24, 93, 154 Trogdon, Mr. Joe V. 37, 82 Trogdon, Nancy Lynn 147 Trogdon, Patricia Ann 79, 123 Trogdon, Ronald Gale 82, 154 Trogdon, Samuel Stanton 82, 154 Trollinger, Ellen Jane 70, 154 Trollinger, James Thomas 1, 21, 66, 77, 79, 123 Trotter, Ellen Rebecca 154 Trotter, Larry Allen 70, 71, 123 Tucker, Frederick Elwood 74, 154 Tucker, Roy Lee 72, 89, 100, 101, 147 Turner, Willa Dean 67, 71, 123 Turpin, Paul James, Jr. 78, 147 Tutterow, Gary Wayne 82, 154 Upchurch, William Howell, Jr. 22, 23, 79, 123 Updyke, Lois Jane 69, 79, 147 Van Hoy, William F., Jr. 20, 46, 66, 85 Vaughan, Margie Ann 154 Voncannon, Donna Jane 23, 61, 79, 147 Vuncannon, Keith Weldon, Jr. 154 Vuncannon Patricia Carol 68, 79, 147 Vuncannon: Paul Stephen 63, 154 Vuncannon, Wanda Leigh 59, 68, 77, 79, 123 Wadleigh, Weitzel Howard 24, 154 Wagner, Mary Gwendolyn 24, 154 Wagoner, Tommy Mitchell 154 Walker, Calvin Mitchell 78, 147 Walker, Gary Wayne 74, 100, 154 Walker, Hilda May 67, 154 Walker, Martha Ann 68, 77, 79, 89, 147 Walker, Sarah Helen 61, 68, 79, 147 Walser, William Andrew 147 Walton Margaret Ann 67, 70, 79, 83, 123 93, 100, 101, Ward, Uerry Morris 59, 123 Ward, Jillian Cole 63, 71, 73, 88, 154 2 Ward, Johnny Michael 81, 123 Ward, Nancy Lee 67, 73, 79, 88, 147 Ward, Ralph Edward 154 Ward, Russell Michael 24, 63, 154 Watts, William Miller, Jr. 22, 154 Watson, Mary Tom 67, 83, 147 Weaver, Dr. Charles 28 Webb, Jerry Edward 98, 154 Webb, Judy Catherine 20, 73, 76, 77, 79, 88, 123, 136 Weeks, Stephen Van 123 Welch, Delbert Leon 63, 154 Welch, Harold Newby 24, 63, 154 Welch, Ronald Gray 22, 23, 154 Welch, Sandra Gail 123 West, Danny Franklin 22, 101, 147 West, Geahala Gayenelle 57, 62, 63, 67, 154 West, William Lewnett 24, 93, 154 Whatley, Mrs. Kathleen C. 40 Whitaker, Barbara Jean 63, 70, 154 Whitaker, Tony Ernest 80, 123 White, Donna Lynn 57, 154 White, Francia Lea 63, 67, 154 White, Judith Lucille 22, 154 Whitson, Mr. Morris 104 Whittington, Carolyn Faye 71 Wicker, Artus Vann 98, 154 Wicker, Johnnie Frances 67, 71, 154 Wilkes, Mrs. Peggy R. 20, 31 Williams, Bonnie Odean 71, 154 Williams, George Eddie 81, 89, 147 Williams, Jerry Steven 100, 154 Williams, Richard Larn 81, 147 Williams, Robert Lewis 154 Williams, Sandra Lynn 69, 147 Williams, Sharon Doreen 123 Williams, Sylvia Dianne 154 Williamson, Faye Dean 154 Williamson, Jesse Baxter 61, 66, 72, 100, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Blanch Loring 24, 154 Linda Faye 154 Nancy Gail 78, 147 Wilson, Susan Elaine 22, 68, 70, 79, 147 Winslow, Beverly Ann 154 Winslow, Clifford Neal 22, 147 Wood, Miss Leona 30 Wood, Mr. Walter 84 Woodbury, Cathy Ann 70, 154 Woodley, Charles Jonathan 124 Wooley, Woollen, Paul Monroe 81, 124 Richard Eugene 154 Wrestling 100, 101 Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Larry Gregory 22, 23, 79, 147 Larry Vernon 82, 147 Sarah Susan 21, 61, 68, 77, 79, Sulan Gregory 124 Yarborough, Linda Sue 61, 79, 147 Yates, Nancy Carolyn 124 Yates, Patricia Gayle 154 Yates, Roger Dale 154 York, Bobby Ronald 59, 81, 124 York, Clarence Edward 154 York, James Alexander 59, 66, 72, 93, 95, 104 124 York, John Charles 61, 147 York, Kaye Frances 147 York, Linda Kay 67, 80, 154 York, Susan Etta 79, 147 York, Vicki Lynn 154 14 147 Young, Jacquelin Sue 154 Young, Linda Elizabeth 67, 154 . ,,Q,.. .M .. 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Suggestions in the Asheboro High School - Ash Hi Life Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) collection:

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