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Asheboro High School - Ash Hi Life Yearbook (Asheboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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'lk ASH-HI-LWE l962 ASH-HI-LIFE is o student publication of Asheboro High School, Asheboro, North Corolino. GENE MORGAN . . . . . . Co-Editor RUSTY WALKER ,,.i..,... Ca-Editor MARK WILLIAMS. . .Business Manager TIM CARROLL .... Assistant Bus. Mgr. ADVISERS TO THE STAFF Miss Lou Williamson, Mr. Williom F. Von Hoy, Jr., Mr. Dwight M. Hollond, Mrs. Borboro B. Hill. ., qw if .,, ...J frm ,,,,f,,,W ..,, "'--fu-Q., ,L Q Nwwm, M. , . . , 73 L,g.,,,esZ,ai iiswwewuf is ,MY WM Tw W, I 'Mir' 'Lev' .uri 5 1'-ge --1-A-.. Mfg 1 '3 , . , 43,3 . Wff. , 1 ,M .f 50 .. 5 A:+SX::f MM ... .W-Q . ipfm- ,fy V ifxwgiix Q? 4293" -,N 2 --we mm 12-'AM WWI Vuwf""vnu-,,,. 3. 3 ,Q 1 1 Simwyf gg,f'jA'PY5 Www-' fwxw. YL, ,K WW mm E3 I Q F F . 5-1 X ,J ll si ' 5 ? Q z 5 3 I 5 1 I ' is Af' T if F A W L4 -ln - .5 1 J- X T X ll I I 12 r' uf ff. . ,, Q- 1 3 ' . N 5 N 1 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION . . . APPRECIATION . IN MEMORIAM I INTRODUCTION FACULTY . . CURRICULUM . . STUDENT COUNCIL . ACTIVITIES . . ATHLETICS . HONOR SECTION . , . SENIOR CLASS ..., JUNIOR CLASS . . SOPHOMORE CLASS . . .. A FRESHMAN CLASS . , ADVERTISEMENTS , 4 5 6 7 18 30 48 60 94 1 16 132 149 155 160 168 MISS LEONA WOOD DEDICATION During her years at Asheboro High School we have come to know her as a wise counselor, a true friend, cmd an inspiration to all. Because she is ever mindful of our numerous problems and always ready to offer advice, we have come to love her. With pride and appreciation we are glad to dedicate the l962 ASH-Hl-LIFE to Miss Leona Wood. E E E 2 x l l Through the past years we have come to know her as a devoted teacher and a loyal friend. As a teacher she is dedicated to her profession but ever willing to share her knowledge with every student. As a friend she maintains an active interest in all of our activities and we have come to respect her judgment. With honor and deep gratitude we are proud to dedicate the i962 ASH-HI-LIFE to Mrs. Lena Flenniken. l l l l l l l " TE M 5" 'if' 'f-sf' 5' MISS MARY M. MOFFITT In past years she has taken part in many school activities and her service has been a most valuable one to our school. In her position as librarian she has endeared herself to many through her unselfish help and has performed a most important part of our school's curriculum. For her untiring service and devotion to her job we are indeed happy to honor Miss Mary M. Moffitt. In Memoriam WILLIAM FRANK REDDING, JR. November 7, 'I901 July 5, 'I96'I r, "Death Be Not Proud" And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? For life and death are one, even as the river and the seas are one. 6 All growth depends upon activity. There is no de- velopment physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. Work is not aw curse, it is the prerogative of intelligence, the only means to manhood, and the measure of civilization. I W3 f" 'Milli X. l 'T' 'F' .,.. 3 0 111Luu- f , V' v -1 I"-5" AMW' Q. X .yy-Xa .Gia V 1' 1- 0 Q ' ' ,ef 1 6.1 fi' .1 1 n"i'ul G Q. '-tx 11231 ' Qtr Y'-Ay?-3 I 1 11 V W9 'ii' X I1 I . 5.941 ff 11 11, 613' QQ, ! 51, gi-1gXt1gI1X,, X5 agp, xi ' ,e3l4'xQq,:vX ixftxwga FQ 11j 'Qo,QK,1ff 'QJQ X :1X 6 NI, .':g7y'1.V 1 , Q O9 'XX XX. N4 A1 pix? f Q3 571 6 1 .- 1 1 1. 41 . 1 1 ,XX .XA N 0. X 1 X 1 Q5 " 'Ti 1 ' 13- ' 1-'01 'I fx! 1 .i'v"' 'r 1 1 .. ' 7 ' . "W ' I 1 y 1- ,. 1 X , , A 13,3 11 - ' E- ii + 1? 1 ' fm Av- ,'1 4 ,X X ,111mi1,., XXX 1- if 1 , .1'.,',w, ,I 'JI llllllltlllh ' fl" .43Y33g33.1fg.g.Qg2g-.f1,5f:, 311557. 1155, ! 421-!f's"f"'-'-'JHJ'-1' 'ltci-fs?-'bbs '12 1 ..' A 'Mama .sung 'lJ.y rf 5 -.s - 4'-s yr. .qt f ' 'N QQ - 1 55.33.14 uhh xr 1 feeff. .mt ' ffl' . 'iii 1'5" '. 'QQ ,O'n 1 .', i 'Jef 1 x I YO. 2 N ,,1, X. V, t 1 I . A 4 f ' 1f, I eg fl 1 ,Q ' ,ff Q-2' V. X .. ,. 1 . 4 :fr f 11 '66 ' H . ,, . . -,jp 4. 11 A Date With Judy, one of the most successful punior plays to be X G33 1.1 'X - :-4- gut lVeI'l . K 1' q rl: .- 1 . 4 t fi Q R27 ,, ., 1 'X 41157. L- Q4, f.1.fQA.X.'-,'- 'A 55115: nxlh ' "1--E' Ea l",i1 '1 9 71. K . Q 0 42 ' l 9 L X Q -D , 5 amp. - ' X A 1. X 1 . 1 1 ,,A, X 1 1 X X A XfX' Y X, if 1 1 11 1 1 ,fi,w111 -"' ff ,117 ' 11 1 ' 1 1. i X 1 X l M ,ik ' 1' '1 1-fl-, ' " 'iw " 17' "11wV-1"!' in .,Z 7? ' " 1 53. "1 1 I " 11'-'W ' Lf f "5 1111, ' 3 1 1 A 1 ki, ' ' - 31 ffm Xj 3,.111i ?1111"1 'ML X 11 11 'll wil- '11 1 1 X1' ' X 1 XXXX X11X:XXXWy1gg,X,WX11i w:'111XXgq1g1,g51": 1111 1 2 11.,X111Wg1if,21 1 XX X 1 1 111111 11 1A' 1 semi ' 1 ' 1 1 l i 1 11 ' 1 ' 1 ' lgl'W11:xW"f"11'1""gX1-llXXElff1l,l "3 fill! li ' N' 1 l 11' 1 X 'L X1 4.1 1 A 13 1 , 11X1X 111 11 1 ,1 A 1 1 1': 111-i11t:111g11111 1111-1 1111 3 11-5 1 A 111 X11 .1 1 1 1 111 1 5 11 1X1-3iQlQK'lfs3 'lf' W 211 Wir. 'gif' , ',,"i'i"fH3l- ix "" 1: ' Y 1 1 1 'i 1 I 1 X 'i ' X , 111'11::1:11L'X1,1:, 1 "i 1 111 11 1 XX 11 ,V life 2:1 A 1 ' 1111 A11-11 trzf,-ffl ff :gd - , 1 . 1' . Sportsmanship is reflected in athletic activities. Growing minds . . . growing bodies 1 - s 1 Industrioi Arts, on importont port of vocotioncil Our reword for yeors of Iobor. educotion F 5 5 I , Q .l gg- Y.. 1, v Leorning, the basis of our lives 9 ,rr wg Lan Park Street Elementary School ,X M-"' 7... i Charles W. McCrary Elementary School The constant growth of our city has engendered much improvement in educational facilities available to its citizens. To meet the demands for more and better education, the pa- trons of Asheboro have worked dili- gently in their efforts toward greater accomodations and a more advanced educational program. Included in this program is an accredited public school system com- posed of some of the finest buildings in the state. Over the past ten years Asheboro has constructed two modern elementary schools equipped with the most up-to-date furnishings available. ln September, l962, the new Ashebora Junior High School will be receiving its first students as plans progress for the erection of an additional ele- mentary school in the near future. Asheboro High School itself stands as a model among structures of its type in the nation. The past decade has seen the high school curriculum broad- ened and advanced by the following new subjects: a two-year course in college preparatory English, one year courses in world geography, sociology and economics, solid geometry, trigo- nometry, and advanced algebra. For higher education in the business world, Asheboro has two business col- leges which offer diploma courses in accounting, secretarial and stenogra- phic work, machines, and civil service. ln addition to the five school librar- ies, the city is served by two public libraries, the Asheboro Public Library and the Randolph County Public Library. In the fall of l962 the Randolph Industrial Education Center will be open to five hundred students, offer- ing courses in various fields including electronics, drafting, and electrical chemistry. l Lindley Park Elementary School f S k N 4, .,f,w4.wWouw04' H I WWWMMMV ,,,,,,M . ., , , b.. f,,,,, l,, c,Q,AWM.hw hvWrN-'w" Balfour Elementary School lr f H, Y? If f ililb l 7 6 g f ,T-fx , A, ,, K X l, M ,YYKJ L' n"llA?,,41,ff4! ' rr' Q . ' Jfji, fi ' f ,lf 1' 4 . K, N, .V , 'vp K" 'mm ' ' 'll' A 3 l I - of 4 a lll l ll l r an Klvxiplllw ' W Asheboro Jumor Hugh School ' l l fy V l il' l ' l wr' ' 1 I. l '- l' ln " lg xx QIIQ dug: X lvl! F l llll l'r-l--M-11 Il l 'L J l ' l 4 J l l ll l H J . ayf x .. . 1 . E i M, W,- Qqlll. ll! E 1 3 3 Y l W V 4- '- r rw' , f In the city of Asheboro we are fortu- nate that there is a wide range of in- stitutions and organizations that aug- ment our personal development, each adding tothe joy of living in this "center of North Carolina." Major religious deno- minations are represented through numerous churches where every citizen may worship according to his belief. The homes of our town are many and beauti- ful, given cherished touches by the friendly and happy families that occupy them. While some are interested in the recreation and pleasure that they find through study groups, book clubs, and civic clubs, there are those who utilize the many recreational activities that are offered in Asheboro. Outdoor summer parks and the recreational center are main areas of supervised recreation, where one can participate in basketball, baseball, tennis, bowling, and swimming. In other municipal and private centers, golf, canoeing, boating, wrestling, and fishing enhance the social and recreation- al life of our town. Nevertheless, the young people of Asheboro increase their social growth enormously at school. Here youthful exuberance is successfully charged and challenged by the complexity, the variety, the versatility of student life. Although each of us is striving to attain a measure of success, there can be no degree awarded to match the friendships, happiness, opportunities, and school spirit that we have experienced during our years as students. l 155 C: , - f' 1 K f X V 5 fl f 1 x N wi, gf NNI , XX Q X ll 'K' g x A 1 l , WAC in 5 Y X f If avi Ai ,f X f N ff Z ry 2 t AX Af l X0 :ls X "N 1 N M Q ' Nr, ,L " l XX i ' ' I ,4 Us '4 qi,- '....,.i" 45' During the past decade growth of an encouraging significance has been witnessed in Asheboro. Encompassing the mind, heart, and soul is a spiritual aura which reveals itself in the town and its people. Indicative of this religious interest is the marked increase in churches of the Asheboro area. Throughout the past ten years we have seen the erection of approximately twenty new churches and an even greater number of addi- tions and expansions. By construction of new churches and enlargement of numerous others, Asheboro has provided facilities for a greater representa- tion of its populace in worship centers. lt has afforded them new, modern environs to lend an atmosphere ever conducive to real religious worship. In accordance with its reputation as a center of religious activity, Asheboro has a number of churches representing the following denominations: Bap- tist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Congregational Christian, Holiness, Friends, Episcopal, Evangelical Reform, Lutheran, Seventh Day Ad- ventist, Church of God, and Wesleyan Methodist. Newcomers to Asheboro note with appreciation that the church of their choice is available, attended by a cordial congregation. So one observes that even in the hustle and bustle of a growing city, people pause to exercise the privilege of spiritual freedom. The impatient tempo, the restless pace are momentarily stilled. In gratitude is He worshiped who inspires all growth. A place for quiet meditation and reverent worship. S Q tt. l 'ii iiiwri M iirif W if J Z in -A , A-:ss4P"i"-:till W , , V , , ,, iii iliiii-Xt W' --t ,i . , 'K W" - Nf l' as 'N K -Y 'ak MJ i f, igQtzeJ,i.vi141iKilwlai3filqM5,I,,',, ,Q A '- 5' ln 1' A M i m ti ' ., . . , ,.,,.. ,,,. , ,M 1 l ""' ' F fh' ii-it ul - i " i u.wx+iA ti,,,. ' -.www W'-iwmvsiqigeistaimgrfl - 4r3'?Jn1n1' " .., " f A f.ivt,r.W-. , Wtw, Mmgr, 4 N awww: ,, W - W -' ' '--V " -i -W, -. ,.,,, 1 . ,.,., . ri Wit . Q .- . ...geese .wi i 2. , y.,:-g,w-515-1 -. L V 1 M.-fr' sr ft. ,.. ,M - fwmw ' .'::" fa1-iw . . . .. -' si" i- ' -""' .,,. ...a c gs K Q as X M X 2 f Y . mmic ..W, 5 , QQ., . . Ip he pw This quaint building illustrates the variety of structures used as centers of worship. Located in the heart of the city is this impressive wi y h h. . . . C urc An example of the beautiful, modern interior of our Asheboro churches. Vs' 'QW -Q., -1.., qv? 41 V ' V r A if X ghm, Traditional beliefs in contemporary surroundings. Asheboro people view with pride the industrial growth of our town over the past decade. Local manu- facturers have steadily expanded their operations, and many new industries have been established here by outsiders. Citizens dedicated to the promo- tion of a program of substantial industrial growth, folks willing to hasten that development through investing their time, their talents, and their money, and people in this community and others nearby who have been trainable and productive in industrial employment are the chief factors in our town's industry build-up. Although the hosiery industry is the largest single industry, there is a great diversity of manufactur- ing. Manufactured products include furniture, textiles, concrete blocks, brooms, overalls, flour, lingerie, neckties, handkerchiefs, underwear, paper boxes, barrell stoves, Vene- tian blinds, automatic blankets, flashlight batteries, and cowboy suits. Asheboro, the Center of North Carolina. if .,siiz.mlif .xt L. 4 --.2:a':.:.z3 lndustry, a basic ingredient of our livelihood. i mfr as i 5 E l X V' 5 A building block of our economy. 4 "Progress is our rnost important product." Arsenal of local defense. A ni rs L 4,3 ifvf 4 ,0u,,,.,s,.fv-' c sl r w f I ,,m,4aR5"f, QQ., 7 fl,-I All .4-"""' Q iil"""" nsl!ll"" E5 w T Q Q av QTKEHRSSQBEGNE SUPERINTENDENT OF CITY SCHGOLS MR, GUY B, TEACHEY MRS. MILDRED CHRISCO Superintendent 5eCl'efGI'y ASHEBOR0 CITY SCHCOL BCDARD Mr. L. H. Morgan, Mr. C. Reitzel Smith, Dr. Frank Edmondson, Chairman, Mr. C. E. Hughes, Dr. J. R. Suggs, Mr. Guy B. Teachey, Mr. James R. Lane, Mr. A.W. Fairclath, Mr. Richard B. Sweeney, Mr. J. A. Lowrance, Mr. T. Henry Redding. 20 MR. LEE C. PHOENIX Principal Asheboro High School's efficient secretary. Mr. Phoenix assists us with our work . . , The American high school is a very complex and unique institution. lt has many facets, challenges, and responsibilities. Perhaps the greatest responsibility of any high school today is preparing young people to accept the challenge of a modern world and a realization of the many sides of development for citizenship and service. Persons in the future may look back on the twentieth century as an era of breakthroughs. ln rapid succession, men have harnessed the atom's power, have broken the sound barrier in flight, and have launched man into space. These facts were made possible by highly educated individuals working together as a team. Elation over this technological progress should be tem- pered with an awareness of the worth and importance of the individual. lf an individual is to be of use, he must reverence himself--not because of anything he has done, but for what others have done for him. Each individual is the recipient of the labors, the love and sacrifices of parents, teachers, and citizens of the community and nation. Our public schools have the responsibility of the social, moral, physical, mental, industrial, and democra- tic growth and development of the individual. lt is not enough to develop the mind. All sides of individuals must be considered and developed to their fullest. One man with an idea to which he is committed can change his environment, his community, his country, even his world. lt is through such individuals that causes are advanced and society moves forward. MRS. OLIMBE D. HOLT Secretary . . and listens to our problems. L......J M ..,,, .M --1. null tiff H G 99 7 ' -- 2 v 5 , , I ' l f 7 Geography requires visual aids and detailed explanation. Helping hand for D. O. students. Experiments: highlight of science. mn W. 133 MlSS MARIE ANDREWS MISS HELEN BOSTlCK Civics, U. S. History French MR. MERTON H. BRANSON MR. G. GLENN BROOKSHIRE Diversified Occupations World Geography Administrative Assistant MISS KATHERINE BUIE MRS. KITTIE J. CAVENESS Librarian Latin will MR. BILLY D. CHILTON MRS. WALKER W. DERR Chemistry, General Science, Algebra, Plane Geometry Physics MRS. MILDRED T. FAIRCLOTH MR. VERNON S. FELTON English, Journalism English, Civics MR. JOSEPH B. FIELDS MRS. LENA FLENNIKEN Band English Explanations are vital to algebra. 35? I y Smiling faces - another successful concert Teacner's work is never done. "NOW hgld flqgf more just Q bit "Um-m-rn . . . has anyone been left out of the longer." annual?" "Did this paper illustrate the well-developed Mr. HUVST beginS Onoflwer theme?" physical education class. MR, GLENN ELBERT FOX Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry I MISS M. ANGELYN GLISSGN I Physical Education MR. MOYER LESTER HARRIS' 'IR' MRS- BARBARA BARGER I'III-I- MR, DWIGHT M. HOLLAND MISS JULIA K. HUDSON MiX6d Chorus Distributive Education Aff English 'UW Qk A Lotin requires individuel instruction. Sponish pronunciation through oudio oids, Theorems ore ner business. Mr. McCombs promotes leorning by testing. Y? MR. ALEX J. HURST, JR. Physical Education MR. DONALD G. JARRETT, JR. English, Spanish MISS MERLE ETTA LANCASTER MRS. ERMA T. LONG Biology Plane Geometry, General Math Q MR. FRED M. LOVIN General Math, Algebra MR. CURTIS E. MCCOMBS General Science, General Math MISS SYLVIA MCLEAN Physical Education, English MRS. ANNE H. MOORE Typing, Bookkeeping, Business Correspondence Proper use of the freezer is demonstrated by Miss Phillips. Averaging grades is a teacher's chore. MISS IRMA ANNE POWELL MR. M. REID PRILLAMAN English, Speech-Dramatics Guidance Counselor MRS. RUBY TYSOR RICH MR. WILLIAM J. SMITH "Onomatopoeia, o-n-o-m-a-t ....... " Biology World History F A C U Y He helps us plan our futures. MR. LEE J. STONE General Science MR. EDWARD R. SUGG Industrial Arts Undismoyed by freshman frolics. Smile cmd the world smiles with Asheboro High School's Edword R. you. Murrow Helping honds mold our future. MR. DONALD THOMAS MR. JOE VAUGHN TROGDON U. S. History, World History Industrial Arts All teachers need to keep up with the news. MRS. KATHLEEN C. WHATLEY General Business, Typing, Shorthand MR. WILLIAM F. VAN HOY, JR. Modern Problems, Economics and Sociology MR. MORRIS WHITSON "A gerund is a verbal noun." Here's where those seven-page tests General Math Oflglncie- MRS. PEGGY RICH WILKES English MISS LEONA WOOD English, U. S. History F in .9 in MISS LOU WILLIAMSON English MRS. DORIS G. WRIGHT Home Economics "We are ready to begin plate l6." "Class, what is a limerick?" .gfl-l"""" ' fi- I fs -i lfff' Class, we do not make mistakes in our themes. The English language . L- . rf- fs" V, iw' , ,fe-A mf' Fm M ,. An 4 -TA M We - e O World, I cannot hold Thee close enough . . " 30 'Kp It is the chief aim of the English department to acquaint the student with the various phases of the lan- guage arts. Realizing that the art of communication is of paramount im- portance in preparing students for a creative and responsible readiness to face the complexities of today's mod- ern world, the members of the de- partment endeavor to challenge the student in the study of literature, com- position, vocabulary improvement, and effective self-expression. For the past two years our school has offered pre-college English. This course, open to juniors and seniors with a high scholastic average, stress- es a program of extensive reading and writing, two essentials for college- bound students. A meter is I wonder whot makes this compass slip. ENGLIS evil, , 'VX 37 no W N Euclid is responsible for your troubles, not I. This should be o very simple system. Mathematics, the building blocks of the universe 32 3 and advanced algebra, a broad opportunity to learn l AND METRIC TEM5 ' J, iffy.-V.-it ,OO - , ,L 'A 36 lffw, I2 N "There is an example of this type here on page 75 . . .just an overgrown yard. A working knowledge of mathematics is very essential in the complex world in which we live. Under the guidance of able teachers and with courses in general mathematics, plane geometry, trigonometry, about all phases of mathematics is offered. This program strives to acquaint the student with the ap- plications of mathematics in daily living and prepare him for further study in this field. Knowledge of graphs is useful in later life. Work at the board gives students greater confidence. . and the core of logic. 33 4v Objectives of the social studies department are to create an awareness of the interdependence between man and his environment, to acquaint the student with the principles behind our pattern of group living, and to instill in the mind of the student a responsibility for making the world a better place in which to live, These objectives are aimed at developing the ability to meet situations involving social relationships. Mem- bers of the department endeavor to couple the factual knowledge gained with action, in trying to develop attitudes, skills, and appreciations necessary for good citizenship. Through a thorough study of man's past achieve- ments and of local, national, and world problems, the student cultivates habits of thinking and acting which may in time bring about reform and a lasting world peace. Included in this department are world history, A new insight on social customs. "And what were the effects of the Industrial . . ." United States history, modern problems, sociology, economics, civics, and a new course, world geography. ---egg Men are all inventors . Interesting bulletin boards are effective media for learning history. 34 Xxx Mr. Smith eloborofes on the mop study. . . soiling forth on ci voyage of discovery. The major organs ofthe United Notions ore . . . I History sometimes proves to be very humorous 35 I i To meet the demands of a scientific world our science department works diligently to give us a liberal background that will pre- pare us for the future. With courses in gen- eral science, biology, chemistry, and physics, this department tries to meet the needs of every student and gives many a foundation for further scientific research. Most of all, however, this department strives to create enthusiasm and interest in contemporary achievements and to stimulate the thinking of students to pursue a scientific profession. You shall know the truth . Students learn through expert instruction Experimentation is a vital part of science Models give greater meaning and perspective to scientific data. Biology offers the chance to study plant and animal life . and the truth shall make you free. Tests measure our achievements. An expert's touch 37 9'-s, .1 1 SEERETMHES MEYER Bti I J J Through practice we develop basic skills. Vocational competency . . .to meet demands of business. Students gain knowledge of business machines. The business education department endeavors to develop in the student criteria essential for success in today's business world. In addi- tion to covering the entire field of office and secretarial training, including typing, shorthand, and the study of business machines, the department's objectives are directed toward non-vocational education, including con- sumer education and education for social and economic efficiency. Actual application of these skills is offered to those business education students serving as office assistants. With the background provided by the com- mercial courses, the student is better prepared to undertake his work with knowledge and confidence. Our future secretaries. 38 Latin, forerunner of the English language. Through the study of Latin, students not only learn to read and write this classic language, but also study the colorful history and culture of Rome. Knowledge of this language is also benefi- cial in the study of Eng- lish, the other Romance languages, and science. V Study of French and Span- ish tends to give students a better understanding of the other peoples of the world. In the student's efforts to comprehend the language, he is exposed to the culture and art of the people wha speak that language. Since understanding is the basis of friendship, the language stu- dents develop a platform on which to build better rela- tions with the other peoples of the world. s Y , Parlez-vous francais, monsieur? A channel to international understanding. South of the Border . . 39 These students specialize in dance music. Marching techniques, instrumental skills, and music appreciation are developed by taking part in the band. The Asheboro High School Band adds much to football season with its stirring half-time shows. Besides performing as a complete unit, some of the members perform as a jazz band at such events as pep rallies, basketball games, the Senior Showcase, and some out-of-town football games. Still others comprise the Chapel Band which plays at the various chapel programs throughout the year. Following football season, the band begins drill- ing for more serious events. Each spring the band sponsors a concert open to the public. Annually the band travels to Woman's College in Greensboro for the State Band Concert, where for the past few years they have received a Superior rating. The Asheboro High School Band practices long and hard for its various activities and as a result always displays a fine exhibition. Opportunities for improvement and development in voice are offered by the Choral Department. Students par- ticipating in chorus grasp a knowledge of the theory of music and gain an appreciation for music. The choral groups practice tireless- ly in the classroom throughout the year, and each Christmas present to the student body an inspiring pro- gram. ln the spring they sponsor a concert open to the public. Practice makes perfect. Music . . . the universal tongue. With a song in your heart Through Art we learn skill, art appreciation . . Art is but the shadow of humanity. Our art department is one that merits honor in our school. Out of the art department come many students who have developed their artistic talents through hours of practice and experience. Instruction in art increases the students' awareness of their art heritage and the in- fluence of art in their lives by teaching art history and appreciation. lt also gives students an understanding of design and an appreciation of beauty. Highlighting the year is the annual art exhibit. However, the art department also assists in various projects such as posters for publicity, decorations for various activities, bulletin boards, and special properties for plays. Numerous materials needed for bulletin boards, athletic events, and publicity for school activities are furnished by the art depart- ment. Mr. Holland and the students of the art department are to be commended for their multitudinous efforts and accomplishments. ff' 2 gifs' ill . . and individuality . . . . with the help of our instructor, Mr. Holland. 41 As the body is strong, so shall the mind be. Classroom activities broaden our knowledge of health and safety. Our well-rounded physical education program, guided by its competent staff, is influential in the growth of our students. Physical growth is aided by participation in such sports as basket- ball, volleyball, and softball, mental growth is promoted in the classroom through study of health, first aid, and driver education. Both of these areas of growth are enhanced by the prin- ciples of co-operation and good sportsmanship, building better citizens of the future. "Somebody grab that ball." l l 4 Recreation, a break in our crowded schedule. 42 Physical fitness plays a vital role in a mod- ern world. lndustry . . . soul of business . . . keystone of prosperity. silt Skilled hands to use precision machines. We learn from demonstrations. Mr. Sugg gives Kenton some pointers on mechanical drawing. 43 A working knowledge of handi- crafts and simple tools, which is so important in later life, is given by the Industrial Arts Department. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, a background is laid that will be bene- ficial to us in our vocations. Through classroom instruction and training in shop procedures, one gains knowledge about all shop machinery, wood work, electronics, and ceramics. As an in- troduction to the techniques of skilled craftsmen, the training received in in- dustrial arts undoubtedly makes us better equipped for the future. Sewing, a necessary skill of a homemaker. .lf Experience is the best teacher. Homes are the backbone of a nation. Home Economics is a course which introduces skills in home life in general as well as specific domestic arts. Pupils are taught fundamentals in foods, clothing, care of home equipment, relationships, community needs, and good use of all wealth, tangible and intangible. The cooking phase of home economics teaches young women the fundamentals of working in a kitchen. They are instructed in the purchasing and preparation of food, canning and freezing, and general culinary cleanliness. The sewing department stresses careful selection of clothes to meet the needs of different individuals under varying circumstances and to enhance the appearance of the person. Basic steps in sewing are a part of this instruction. From these basic steps the pupils learn how to select and follow patterns, how to choose ma- terial, how to operate machines with their different at- tachments, and how to put a garment together neatly, substantially, and artistically. Girls are taught family and social relations and child care as well as budget making and careful spending of both time and money. This is done through reading, lec- tures, and actual experience. We enjoy the food of our fiftieth state. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. li l I lik Our students goin experience in the business world. Members of the junior and senior classes can learn a variety ot trades in the diversified occupations pro- gram. This department provides for the preparation of students tor occupations while they attend school by giving them classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Students enrolled in this course receive training as nurses' aids, hospital orderlies, mechanics, floral workers, radio and television repairmen, and other tradesmen. Mr. Branson develops our vocational interests. We earn while we learn. Junior and seniors can receive valuable training in the business world while working toward a high school diploma by participation in the distributive education program. Through classroom studies and part-time work experience, the student learns about retail and whole- sale selling. The program also aims toward bettering re- lations between the school and the business community. We have the honor of being host for the district D. E. Convention. xxag ails 'x 1 r4a.!z:.:-u' . rw ws ma , '51-. 3 M. , -.Q Mrs. Hill guides her students in the art of retail Selling. Worlds of knowledge pass over this desk. 5 5-.- A QQ- Ani.. A librarian's work is never done. The card catalogue is our guide to the library. There is no past so long as books shall live. M An ever available source of help to the M-an-,,,,,, students of Asheboro High School is our wg..- library. The purpose of the library is threefold: lil to provide books and other materials for the schooI's educational program, Q7 to develop the student's in- terest in reading and to stimulate his interest in many other subjects, and 133 to teach the student how to use the li- brary. Up-to-date information is pro- vided in all fields by collections of books, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, pho nograph records, and filmstrips. Our able librarian and competent li brary assistants are always on hand to aid the students in obtaining the books they need, whether for research or pleasure. , We need a quiet place to gain knowledge. 46 Mr. Prillaman guides us toward the future. As our society becomes more complex, the need for information about that society becomes more acute. As teachers individ- ualize instruction, the need for more and better information about students becomes more essential. As students are encouraged by parents and teachers to become more self-directive, their need for understanding themselves becomes more evident. Because of these and many other similar conditions, the school is concerned with the vital role played by each individual pupil. Through a guidance program which includes students, parents, and teachers, this new service at Asheboro High School endeavors to give to each student the assistance which will en- able him to make good adjustment, wise decisions, and intelligent plans involving ed- ucational, occupational, social, and personal problems. 0. Y i Q . gl , f fl H . X g X Achievement tests help determine our future vocations W, i His office is a refuge in times of confusion. Guidance of the mind is of importance with its progress. Tests gauge our knowledge and tax our brains. 47 2 + fx! Rusiq walker or PRESIDE Q A W 'Q A 0 , A V S l RW ,- M Vi 445 QF UDENI' G' UNCIL., o A A f 9 f A I f K 4 A 1. , f k., 'Y f j iff A A - , A M i WLaM A..A i5 im zgi A,A,,,..,,,A..Ag,A4 AL A E 1 5 K AA, ,wkb ,M A AAA,.AAAA,,,,AA,A,..,g, LM,,Q A ,f ? f SC? ELECTION . ' V A My VW 1 CALENDAR M' Q " l,h A AW DH - DEADUNE FOR PETITEONS 5' W A l , 'N WPUTUP FWWS A Q H mm m,Lf,mMQN Woke U? W "5ff?v MJ! Y w q A ,, ww W Rfffwww 4 4 A y AMAA, AAA., A , A ,, A N A MMNMN A W Gr rags, ,,,,A S- 3e mmGNQ ' -A,AAAA,A,..AA,,A-..W,5,,A.,.,,A .- . ,A A . , . AA AM, A,A,AAA,A, W. A,,AA,. A.m....,,.. AA A,AAA L A..-..W,AAAA,A,A,A ,MA M. V, K ,ALV A A K 3 ,A ,AA .AAA A AAAA A A E A Q A' am., .AAAAAAA AAA,AA,,AA A ,, M Nm.-.A v-wrmufmvx , Mamw, A., v- 1 ' E 5 E Q 49 AAAAA, A 2 'IE E KENTON MCCARTNEY J. C. MURRAY PHIL FREEMAN cfm l l 5 'S LORETTA GARNER President Treasurer Vice-President G3 Secretary THE STUDENT COUNCIL , a Q l 'J MISS MARIE ANDREWS Adviser fa - fm , Q 5 fy t E JERRY BULLINS Store Manager One of the most important student functions in Asheboro High School is the Student Council. This organization is a demo- cratic form of government exercising all the rights and privileges of a democracy. Through the Student Council each student has the opportunity to voice his own opinion or suggestion. He does this through a representative elected by his homeroom. Each homeroom representative attends a council meeting weekly and presents any suggestions or ideas that he may have. On the fol- lowing day each representative reports to his homeroom any busi- ness that was brought up during the meeting. Student Council officers for the ensuing year are elected near the end of the spring semester. Preceding elections comes a vigorous campaign, followed by the annual convention. Finally, on election day, the students exercise another democratic privi- lege, voting. We have been fortunate in the past three years in using the county voting machines, a privilege made possible by the Randolph County Board of Elections. Among the multitude of activities sponsored by the Student Council are Freshman Orientation Day, publication of the student handbook containing helpful information pertaining to school life and school regulations, and a scholarship which is awarded to a deserving senior. Other responsibilities of the council are morn- ing devotions, all schoolwide elections, Social Standards Day, and operating the school store. Main objectives of the organization are to serve as a link between the student body and administration, to keep the students well informed, to represent the student body, to develop a sense of responsibility in the students, to promote school spirit, and to encourage good leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. 50 '6'1" f SENIORS JUNIORS Seated: Walker, Kivett, Carter, Parham, Robinson. Standing: Jones Auman, Bullins. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES , Seated: Henry, Stutts, Hadley, Bulla, Hobson. Standing: Grimsley, Cox, Frye, McDowell, Barton. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Seated: POISON Kcfchom Allen Edenfield, COHOWOY. Sfdndinsr Mvfion, Seated: Hogan, Srricklcmd, McNeill, Whitaker, Davis. Standing: Loflin Williamson, Schwarz, Walker, Morgan, Beane. Pugh, Church, Chandler, Bowers. 51 A r, 'vfqgie SUE KEARNS .,.,.. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WAYNE TROGDON ,.......A..,..,... ..... BILLY ROBINSON .. MARTHA KIVETT . . . MR. LEE C. PHOENIX 5:2 I I . .Secretary Vice-President I , . .President . . 4Treasurer . . I .Sponsor SENIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS SENIOR HOMEROOM VICE-PRESIDENTS Seated: Brenda Hall, Dalrna Jones, Geneva Staley. Standing: J. B. Davis, Seated: Betty Parham, Larry Parks, Karen Brower. Standing: Sue Harry Isley, David Brenner. Kearns, Bill Sfevens. Senior Home Room officers R? SENIOR HUMEROOM SECRETARIES SENIOR HOMEROOM TREASURERS Seated: Ronnie Winslow. Standing: Sue McPherson, Linda Shaw, Pat Seated: Diane Lane, C. L. King, Pat Harwell. Standing: Gilbert Brim, Harwell. Ronnie Winslow. 53 ,ig F 1' shnyrlav W ,I L qfrffww M gy, AIA' ' x+ I , M I .I Q- -M -,F I ' 'I ""v,2Asvwgy, 'Q' ,gif I iv - K ,V LM ,L g I . J 1, , I, V Q. "Wu ,y-Q., v ,ig V ,myV4'm 55 , , V, ,L , , 'aww . . ,,1,,,1 W f -.f M, ., WM if Qi , 4 me a W5 MR. BILLY CHILTON DAVID COX .A,,.,.. SARAH HENRY AAAA JUDY WEBB . . . ELLA STOUT I I . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 54 My . , . . .Sponsor I . . President , . . ,Treasurer Vice-President . . . .Secretary JUNIOR HOMEROOM VICE-PRESIDENTS Kneeling: Emily Clayton, Carol McCrary, Jerry Ward, Sarah Henry. Standing: Nor- man Gray, Bob Allred, Jimmy York, Judy Moody. JUNIOR HOMEROOM TREASURERS Kneeling: Randy Pyrtle, Gary Lewis, Johnny Ward. Standing: Sandra Frazier, Phyllis Brewer, Ann Auman, Donna Faye Long. JUNIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Kneeling: Bill Everall, Bob Ferree, Wesley Sexton, Betty Lou Johnson. Standing: David McFadden, Tommy Robbins, Nolan McDowell, Gloria Smith. JUNIOR HOMEROOM SECRETARIES Kneeling: Dean Parks, Sue Moore, Janett Roberts. Standing: Billie Jo Thorburn, Charlotte Hayworth, Anita Bulla, Pat Judd. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS RICKEY LEE ....A...4......,....A..,.,...,.....,. ..., S ecretary DANIELLE MCMASTER .,.. .... V ice-President MR. WILLIAM J. SMITH . ,. ..., , ,Sponsor MARTHA WALKER ,.,.. . . . .Treasurer MIKE MORGAN .r.. . , ,President 56 FRESHMAN HOMEROOM VICE-PRESIDENTS Kneeling: Mitchell Boone, Carolyn Beane Brenda Page, Jerry Williams. Standing Darius Bailey, Johnny Jarrell, Steve Burk head, Byron Tatum, Doug Thomas. FRESHMEN HOMEROOM TREASURERS Kneeling: Ann Mclntosh, Loraine Farlow, Pat Morton, Vicki York. Standing: Bobby Williams, Richard Garkalns, Linda Cra- ven, Ann Beane, Mike Hooker. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Kneeling: Barbara Parks, Linda Russell, Brenda Barker, Donnie Bowers, Steve Vun- cannon. Standing: Connie Thompson, Susan Chandler, Dianne Clark, George Johnston, Steven Perry, Barry Richburg. FRESHMEN HOMEROOM SECRETARIES Kneeling: Carol Hogan, Jane Spivey, Cece- Iia Briles, Sylvia McNeill. Standing: Ellen Trotter, Dianne Miller, Jesalyn Kearns, Elizabeth Benbow, Susan Kemp. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ANN MCINTOSH ....4.......44......,....,.., ..,. V ice-President RONNIE CAVINESS ...,, ,,.V.. T reosurer LINDA RUSSELL ,.......4 ,.,. S ecretary MISS SYLVIA MCLEAN , . . . , .Sponsor SUSAN CHANDLER . . . , . . .President 58 L LS iS J SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM VICE-PRESIDENTS Seated: Martha Walker, Danielle McMas- ter, Cecelia Story, Jane Adams. Standing: Dremia Davis, Sonny Edmondson, Jimmy Brown, Joe Spencer, Shirley Caviness. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM TREASURERS Seated: Jane Cain, Carolyn Isl-ey, Janice Underwood. Standing: Frank Barham, Mike Morgan, Ervin Lloyd. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Seated: Linda Jarvis, Priscilla Strayhorn, Helen Walker, Anita Reeder. Standing: Tommy Brazier, Kay Allen, Bedford Can- non, Sammy Rich, Roy Tucker. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM SECRETARIES Seated: Reba Shaw, Barbara Owens, Linda Jarrell, Sandy Davis. Standing: Linda Yar- borough, Emily Chriscoe, Larry l-laithcock, Brenda Craven, Virginia Hartsell. Qi -4 'fl'-v si 5 'K GENE MORGAN RUSTY WALKER Co-Editor Co-Editor Diane Lane, Activities Editor: Wanda Flenniken, Rene Swaim, David McFadden, Assistant Activities Editors. MARK WILLIAMS TIM CARROLL Business Manager Assistant Business Manager THE ASH-HI-LIFE STAFF Jerry Buliins, Assistant Senior Editor, Mary Hughes, Senior Editor. x ax' E Z, .w 's MRS. BARBARA B. HILL DWIGHT M. HOLLAND MISS LOU WILLIAMSON Business Adviser Layout Adviser Copy Adviser 62 Iss: 1 ,, 4.1. -2 . I WILLIAM F. VAN HOY, JR Adviser Sammy Yates, Art Editor: Harry Weller, Karen Brower, Girls' Sports Editor: Martha Kivett, Jimmy Grimsley, Boys' Sports Editor: Phil Free Photographer: Larry Parks, Assistant Art Assistant Girls' Sports Editor. man, Boys' Sports Editor. Editor. Judy Webb, Underclassmen Editor: Jimmy Karen Clodfelter, Copy Editor: David Brenner, Catherine Wright, Assistant Circulation Mana Trollinger, Assistant Underclassmen Editor: Assistant Copy Editor. ger: Linda Moore, Circulation Manager. Sandra Frazier, Assistant Underclassmen Editor. Typists: Barbara Kindley, Becky Hardin, Tucker Thompson, Jo Ann Typists: Priscilla Edwards, Pat Harwell, Geneva Staley, Head Typist: Rice, Linda Allred. Betty Maness. 63 Seated: Barbara Kivett, Associate Editor: Catherine Wright, Editor- in-Chief: Pam Stutts, News Editor: Standing: Lindo Stultz, Sports Editor: Bill Kirby, Circulation Manager: Mary Hardin, Circulation Wadi? Subscription Manager: Jimmy Gentry, News Editor. Manager: Ann Way, Proofreader: Phyllis Brewer, Typist: Patricia r X -4' flu! ' gifts! 1732: ,sink 'T U-, 'fl 'ily si -I MRS. MILDRED FAIRCLOTH Adviser ASH-Hl-CHAT STAFF All students look forward to the monthly edition of the Ash- Hi-Chat. Although the paper emphasizes news and sports, it also endeavors to encourage the artistic ability in poetry, essay, and feature writing. The members of its staff receive their training for writing in a class devoted entirely to journalism. Future literary greats? Trogdon, Typist: Mike Stroud, Sports Editor: Gayle Coleman, Fea- ture Editor: Wayne Trogdon, Advertising Manager: Mary Hughes, .ff 'Img-. 'fa 64 A hidden lagoon . . swaying palms We dance to the music of the "Mellotones" A night to remember . . . Almost Paradise J' ll: Miss Ellen Siler, princess of the prom A never to be forgotten night, the Junior- Senior Prom, arrived after weeks of prep- aration. Under the splendor of pastel clouds in an enchanting sky, the juniors and seniors waltzed to the music of the Mellotones. The mural, a beautiful lagoon surrounded by exotic plants, palm trees, and a real water tall, transformed the lounge into a tropical wonderland. A grass hut amid tropical plants and trees backed by majestic mountains added to the reality of the paradise. As the enchant- ment of the evening grew, the mood was climaxed by the crowning of the queen and princess. Then, all too soon, the night became a memory-of a tropical wonder- land that was truly "Almost Paradise." . s H A I f 4 ' ' " , 1 P3 ti: " ' r ,,,, . -- - ts K .pf I 1 1- . WA - 1 -f , I , V - W M JN 'MA 'f y . LR 'V V ' A, 3, -- K 3 F! , .,,. ' .. . ' . , c .. Q ,X Q -. :I 5,9 ' R I- .f Lia, S, ,lynx 1 ,gk s...-Q... . .K A-,- A night of tropical splendor . . "Almost Paradise" 65 92: M Display of varied talents Around the world with talent Talents of our fellow students are on parade when the senior class presents its annual talent show, the Senior Showcase. Under the competent direction of Mrs. Kittie J. Caveness and Mr. Dwight Holland, we en- joy on evening of constant surprises and hilarious fun. Centered around an uproar- ious theme, the Senior Show- case is one of the highlights of our school year. Director Director MOU MOU Mama When the mice are away the cats will play. All right boys you re on next 66 "Easy, Reverend, remember now." Last chance before Broadway The house lights come down, murmuring voices are hushed and the curtain opens . , T spellbound, the au- dience listens as latent talents come alive in the first act of the Senior Play, "The Bishop's Mantle." The ploy describes the trials and tribulations of Hilary Laur- ens, a young minister struggling with his first parish, and also the trouble that he encounters with his party- girl fiance, "Lex" McColly. Fighting congregational dis- approval and also self-rebuke, Reverend Laurens is successful in settling all his problems in the end, thus providing an exciting story and an outstanding perform- ance. Members of the cast are Rusty Walker, Caroline Miller, Sue Kearns, Barbara Jarvis, Diane Lane, Rene Swaim, Benny Cole, Gene Morgan, Mackie Hammer, Gilbert Brim, Nancy Baird, and Priscilla Jones. The Dunn family portrait "Yes, Hettie , kittens, as in cats." flffjo 'll' uf 'R More unexpected company for Mrs. Foster? A moment's peace in the Foster household Miss Helen Bostick and Miss Leona Wood, Co-Directors. Comedy, tragedy, and love in a drama Under the direction of Miss Helen Bostick, the Junior Class pre- sented a rollicking comedy of the life of a teenaged girl. Hoping to be "Queen of the Ball," Judy plots various schemes in order to make the largest contribution to the committee sponsoring the ball and thus become queen. Aided by her mischievous brother Randolph and plagued by her bungling boyfriend Oogie, Judy throws her whole house- hold into several embarrassing escapades. While her father receives honorable mention in a nation-wide contest for the "Most Kissable Lips" and her mother is forced to resign from the P.T.A. because of an accidental switch in a speech she had prepared and Judy's "true confession" essay, Judy, having no date and not being a queen on the night of the dance, elopes. After mass confusion, Judy becomes queen -through a default caused by hives. Members of the cast were Karen Clodfelter, Diane Lane, Mary Hughes, Rene Swaim, Roberta Byrd, Elizabeth Pugh, Linda Cameron, Janet Moody, Betty Jane Dute, Gilbert Brim, Ben Cole, Harry Weiler, Billy Robinson, and Nicky Hancock. "Now, no one listens to malicious gossip." 68 Student Council members receive instructions for Social Standards Day. What shall I do in the future? At some time each student asks himself this im- portant question. To help supply an answer, we have the opportunity to hear at least two speakers present opinions and facts concerning their specific occupations. This serv- ice project, sponsored by the Student Council, provides the answer to the career question while we enjoy our annual Social Standards Day. , H, "6x,", a i .3 S Introducing the Social Standards Day Committee The trials of teaching as explained by Mr. Warren Hawkins. Concerning future careers, the voice of experience is summoned. Dr. Joyner presents a picture of the medi- Audience is held spellbound by "Bones" McKinney, distinguished Wake cal profession. Forest Coach, l 69 Maw Miss Blue Comet sheds tears of joy, Clowns, elephants, lions, and trapeze girls gaily paraded through downtown Asheboro her- alding the annual Homecoming celebration. The theme for the parade was "Circus Time." For the evening entertainment the Blue Comets played Statesville and won by a score of 28 to 7, Half- time brought forth announcements of winners in the afternoon parade as well as the crowning of Mr. and Miss Blue Comet. To highlight the evening's activities the traditional Homecoming dance was held in the lounge. Elephants . . . clowns . . . pretty girls Everybody loves the circus. Excitement climaxecl . llATl0l'lAL BANK jd, f g.1-auf gf? :Mk fy.,-f, ' at A :Q Tigre-55 ? ? ? Cotton Candy Carolyn 70 What's wrong, Hercules? That tree trunk too heavy? A proud moment for Mr. Blue Comet, Ronnie Winslow jwwmwwwvwwgnmw lt's pony time. . after weeks of preparation .a-v"""""' G 431 tiff! iii! Bialllf. "'?""' as Ti-ti H351 f si' 1 Beautiful girls . , beautiful float . i i down the midway 71 SX T'-H' First Row: Bob Barham, President: Mildred Holt, Historian: Brenda Beane, Historian. Second Row: Robert Nance, Vice-Pesident: Butch Cox, Librarian: Geneva Staley, Secretary-Treasurer: Jane Bulla, Librarian. JOSEPH B. FIELDS MOYER L. HARRIS Director Assistant Director A fully accredited academic subject, the Asheboro High School Band teaches the fundamentals of good musicianship through consistent practice. The band's year is divided into two seasons: football season and contest-concert season. During foot- ball season the band furnishes music for parades and football ' - v - games, plus half-time displays of precision marching and page- ASPIYINQ Young Muslclans antry. After football season preparation is begun for the state con- test and its two annual concerts. The band has received a rating of Superior for its performance in the past five state contests in grades three and four music. M usnr-- First row: Voncannon, R. Swaim, Burge, P. Staley, Stedman, Morgan, Brown, Wright, C. Brown, McNulty, Cameron, West, Morgan. Fifth Hayworth, Horner, Macon, L. Farlow. Second row: Judd, Surratt, row: Mr. Harris, Faust, Stout, Lewis, Allred, Freeman, D. Farlow, Rice, Thomas, Jones, Upchurch, Auman, Nance, Stroud, Welch, H. Hughes, Miller, Teachey, Lane, Mr. Fields. Sixth row: Robbins, Tatum, Lee. Third row: Holt, Starcher, Scott, Wilson, J. Swaim, Neely, Swicegood, Rich, N. Hughes, Mollman, Durham, Cox, King, Dildy, Bulla, Rempson, Beane, G. Staley. Fourth row: Greene, J. Barham, L. Hughes. 72 Lorraine Forlow, Donna Voncannon, Clarajo Macon, Rene Swaim, Peggy Horner, Brenda Burge, Phyllis Staley, Charlotte Hayworth, Sally Stedman, Chief. Chapel Band: First row: Dildy, Bulla, Rempson, Beane, H. Hughes, Stout, Swaim, Teachey, Lane. Second row Holt, McNulty, C. Brown, Freeman. Third row: Mollman, J. Brown, Wright, Greene, Auman, Upchurch, Nance Welch, L. Hughes, Cox, King, Barham, Allred. Sandra Tatum, Jo Ann Rice, Jayne Surratt, Jazz Band: Stout, Barham, Auman, Greene, Mollman, Lewis. Pat Judd, Ricky Lee. 73 Under the direction of Mr. ' Moyer L. Harris, members of the Asheboro High School Chorus receive vocal training and develop an appreciation of music. Offering other rich rewards, chorus teaches the fundamentals of cooperation and gives fun and friendship to its members. The chorus participates in the annual State Music Festival which provides an incentive to ad- vance in chorus. ln addition, the chorus presents its annual Christmas and Spring concerts with varied musical selections. MR. MOYER HARRIS Director Through the efforts of this man and many hours of rehearsal. the finished product is a polished performance First Row: Mabe, Pianist: Trollinger, Lanier, Stringer, G. West, Baird, B. West, MacDonald, Johnson, Maness, Snider, McNeill Williams, Stout. Second Row: Moffitt, Luther, Lewallen, Bailey, King, Smith, Trogdon, Beane, Bullins, Judd, Chrisco, Holt, Mr Moyer Harris, Director. Third Row: Henson, Cranford, Canoy, Pate 1 Roberts, Brady, Allred, Johnson, McDowell, Murray, Clark, Turner Beane. Fourth Row: Stout, Burgess, Strider, Allred, Bennett, Pres- cott, Ward, King, McGrath, Craven, Morgan, Holt, Davis, Bullins, Grant. F.T.A. initiates new members. We are proud of our National Merit Finalists. Group programs offer pleasure and knowledge to all. Our various assembly programs throughout the year provide entertainment, inspiration, and educational opportunities for the entire student body. Although most of the programs are presented by the students themselves, there are occasions when excellent outside speakers are secured. Three assemblies in the spring of the year which are eagerly anticipated by all students are the presentation of the Ash-Hi-Life, the Student Council convention, and the Awards iw ii... fluff N K? as . Al 'I tx t X Student government officials are now duly installed. ' U.N. Tree Planting Ceremony , 75 Day Program. Halt! The Student Council Convention is now in session. Bob Barham Tommy Brazier David Brenner Jimmy Gentry Jimmy Grimsley Tommy Hayworth Beniie Jenkins Ronnie Johnson Mr. William F. Van Hoy, Jr. Sponsor Mark Williams Vice-President Bill Hayworth Treasurer Howard Redding Tommy Robbins Bill Robinson Eddie Ross Wesley Sexton 1 '5 '5- I 2 2 O luunll 0 Ill Ill We Build Jerry Bullins Bedford Cannon Butch Cox Ed Dalton Frank Edmondson Dalma Jones Kenton McCartney David McFadden Jim McFadden Gene Morgan Bill Joyner President Rusty Walker Secretary Phil Freeman Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Spencer Ronnie Winslow Sammy Yates Elvin York Jimmy York Members of the Key Club center their energies upon the primary objective of this organization, which is service to the school and community. "We build" is the motto the Key Club shares with its parent, Kiwanis Club, and it endeavors to build into its sopho- more, junior, and senior members the qualities of leadership, citizenship, and responsi- bility. Key Club projects include care of the school flag, publication of the student telephone directory, care and supervision of the stadium during football games, and the beautiful nativity scene on the school lawn. 76 Mrs Kittie J. Caveness First row: Stedman, Teachey, Stutts, Stout, Cheek, Frazier. Second row: B. Hardin, Long, J, Miller, Rempson, Vuncannon, Hadley, Third row: Bulla, Beane, Kinney, Craven, Flenniken, Macon, Fourth row B Morgan, S. Moore, Burgess, Liles, C. Freeman, Dildy. A study of the successful teacher. ' f BETTY JANE DUTE DIANE LANE President Vice-President I -I ffilow t 1 CATHERINE WRIGHT LIBBY WILLIAMS Secretary Treasurer The Future Teachers of America is a national organi- zation which encourages high school students who are inter- ested in teaching as a career. lt enables its members to study the basic qualities, traits, and aptitudes of a suc- cessful teacher. lt also ac- quaints prospective teachers with the various vocational op- portunities in the field ot edu- cation. Throughout the school year Future Teachers sponsor such events as the annual tea for teachers, back-to-school dance, twirp dance, American Education Week, and Teach- ing Career Month. They also attend the annual F.T.A. con- vention and help with the Christmas Cheer Program. Sponsor First row: Brower, Clodfelter, Tatum, Shaw, Way, Coviness, Jones, Second row: C. Hall, Havens, J. Moore, Kearns, Kivett, M. Hughes, Swaim. Third row: Walker, Jenkins, C. Miller, F. Freeman, Pugh, Gardner, G. Morgan. Fourth row: L. Moore, Baird, Lucas, M. l-lardin, Robinson, C. Hughes, Thor- burn, M. Hall. -1'-r li QQ Qi ME ,, i Gene Morgan President Catherine Wright I Vice-President f Hrs as lf if -' . 3- f W '91 -I yn A Libby Williams Secretary David Brenner Treasurer ,Q 'Ag Q, as , Diane Lane Program Chairman Helen Bostfclf Sponsor Tim Carroll, Rene Swaim, Phil Freeman, Ann Way, Gilbert Brim, Jo Ellen Swaim, Kay Parker. Scholarship, leclclership, and service . X47 The Beta Club is a national organization which strives to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, and scholar- ship. The club's meetings, held monthly, center about informa- tive speakers who challenge the members to live up to the ideals of the club. An outstanding service of the local chapter N is a scholarship fund set up for the purpose of aiding students who desire financial assistance in continuing their education after high school. P 40fnsH l W 7, First row: Hancock, Harwell, Hardin, C. Hall, Robinson, Cooper. Second row: Whatley, Staley, Clodfelter, Moore Biddle, Cole. Third row: Redding, Dute, M. Hall, Cornelison, Tatum, Gentry. Fourth row: Walker, York. Typewrite J A f figgsggif , ., WW' S FX? w 3 'B .:IE:s'T' sig h 1 1 S: fi- - MXN X Carolyn Richardson President 'Sm 15 Q , 2' if 33? , was 't f I Geneva Staley Vice-President Phyllis Brewer Recording Secretory A? .I i' ,, sf qi? ll Pat Harwell Corresponding Secretary A 3:l:" 7 ' "ffl :N J gpg 2 7 S- QQ hs. . V 2 f Tucker Thompson Treasurer FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA rs, duplicators . . . tools of a progressive business world E I Mrs. Anne H. Moore Sponsor . Linda Allred Nancy Boling Anita Bulla Patsy Bulla l Jurine Burrow Faye Bunting Diane Cheek Doris Cooper Linda Councilman Betty Cranford Lois Draughn Joyce Dunn Willa Mae Dunn Priscilla Edwards Faye Hancock Becky Hardin Judy Hendrix Katherine Hepler Sharon Hinshaw Minnie Johnson Barbara Kindley Eldora Lautenschleger Betty Maness Dianne Mayberry Mary MacDonald Linda McNair Marty Meadows Judy Moody Sue Moore Katherine Morgan Ina Needham Kay Parker Gloria Smith Jane Smith Carol Stalvey Diane Stroud Faye Thompson Brenda Thornburg Who will be the business leaders of tomorrow? Quite possibly they will be the members of the national organization of the Future Business Leaders of America. This club is designed to create more interest and un- derstanding in the choices of business occupations. One of its chief objec- tives is to develop strong, aggressive leadership so that these young men and women may participate more effectively in the business and community life of which they will be a part. uncannon, Williams, Moffitt, Cooke, Cornelison, Bulla, Helms, Turner. Second row: Parsons, Beane, Hudson Maness, Garkalns, Tatum, Vaughn, Lanier. Third row: Johnson, Robbins, Thompson, Kemp, McFatter, Pugh Thomas, Jones, Fourth row: Murray, Moody, Powers, Coggins, Wilson, McBride, McNeil, Renigar. Miss ELIZABETH PHiLi.iPs Here is OUI' l1OITlef here, GUI' COUl1fl"y. A young lady who can go into the world and build a good home and com- munity life-that is the finished product of the Future Homemakers of America. In sponsoring National F.H.A. Week and other projects, the club develops the members' creative leadership in home and community life. At the end of the year, it is the custom of the club to present a gift to the Home Economics Department as a symbol of gratitude for its guidance in devel- oping an understanding of the domestic arts. Q O, g, it A A N 'L T 1 13 A my ff if f' 'W T T l ai 45 N . . Q. ,ML ,,k. , iq , 0 P S' I at i iw. 'S ui, We Carol Cornelison Wanda Susan Kinney Elaine Boone Joan Tillman Patsy COODSI' Jane Brown Jane Rhymer Pregdenf Flenniken Secretary Treasurer Reporter H isfgfiqn Recreation Pa rhamenm na Vice-President Leader Cornelison, Belding, Trotter, Spivey, Morton, Horton, York, Barker, Updyke.Second row: Walker, Page, Ruth Wicker, Clark, Farlow, Ferree, Phillips, Russell. Third row: Boling, l-lunsucker, Durham, Church, Chandler, Cooper Flowers, Reeder. Fourth row: Lowry, Kearns, Cooper, Coltrane, Richardson,Thomas, Sanders. we Q 'lr n i - i 2K'.:4gi ut First row: Caviness, Dildy, Thornburg, Hobson, Lanier, Swaim, Liles, Way, Coleman. Second row: Allen, Baker, Rempson, Burgess, Shaw, McRae, Wilson, Dildy, Freeman, Lassiter, Johnson, Trotter. Third row: Croft, Ferree, Stedman, Teachey, Haithcock, Kinney, Brim, Carroll, McMaster, Shepard, Cox, Brenner, Parsons. Mrs. Ruby Rich Sponsor liit' Eg 1 Mr .Billy Chilton Sponsor 3 Mr. Glenn Fox Sponsor I Howard Redding President 1-Q We explore . we delve . we recreate. In this atomic age the limelight has been focused on the scientists of the world. The aim of the Math-Science Club is to develop scientitic thinking in the leaders of tomorrow by promoting interest in the fields of mathematics and science. This is accomplished by pro- gram planning which uses not only well- qualified people of the community as speakers, but also tours of local points of interest and individual project activities. 7 ff "'l , it Q.. , Af an fl p " We 5 he W 1 f R Ronnie Biddle Cookie Fritz David McFadden . V Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 5 1 - - I - ' 81 Ci? Fay Henson, Treasurer Janet Moody, Vice-President, Wayne Frye, Associote.President Through the Distributive Education Club, students can both learn vocational training and practice leadership. The club's activities include a follow-up survey of former D. E. students. During the year both a service project and a money-making project are carried out. A highlight ofthe year is the Employer-Employee Banquet. On November l, l96l, the Asheboro D. E. Club was host to the Central District Distribu- tive Education Clubs. Our club proudly boasts three contest winners, who, with other delegates, will at- tend The STCITB COl'1Ver'1fiOl'1. District contest winners proudly display club awards. Betty Pa rha m, President Roberta Byrd, Sec reta ry Irene Trotter, Reporter f""' 4-sr First row: Staley, Parks, Clayton, Markwood, Sisk, Shanas, Auman. ford, Benbow, Whitaker, Overton, Furr, Lamb, Spivey, Everall, McB Mrs. Barbara B. Hill Adviser i Second row ride. Vuncannon, Gentle, Cran Better business relations through the Distributive Education system li? Eugene Johnson, Vice-President Brenda Hall, President VU 1 Sh..-.A Linda Byrum, Treasurer Charles Miller, Reporter Joyce Bean, Secretary Students who are enrolled in the diversified occu- pations program at Asheboro High School may join the Diversified Occupations Club. The club, under the direction of Mr. Merton Branson, strives to correlate the knowledge gained in the regular curriculum with a- chievement in part-time jobs after school and during the evenings. Club members also participate in other activi- ties, the year's highlight being a banquet at which they honor their employers. Standing 1 Breedlove, Uavlason, Drown, rum, Deane, Ct,-A, -Wuums, ...,..g..., ,.....,., .-.-,.., ,, McBride, Floyd, McDonald, King. Seated: Kivett, Poole, Woodley, Owens, Bailey, McPherson, Hawks, Redding, Bailey, Miller, Shirley, Trogdon. We learn by experience. Mr. Merton Branson Sponsor Mr. Billy clinton Sponsor David Brenner Treasurer i 3? Benny Cole il 5 Q Reporter l li Shutterbugs at work in the Photography Club. Frances Moody, Bill Dulq, Jane Dildy, Steve Brittain, Anne Arthur, Danny Craven, Patsy Vuncannon, Betty Jane Date, Larry Haithcock, Harry Weiler, Mike Aumarv. The purpose of the Ash-Hi-Photo Club is to increase the student's knowledge of photography and to encourage the appreciation of art through pictorial com- positions. Club activities include a competitive contest among club members, advertising school events through photographs, and the selling of special event photographs to students. .Q7 I L- yi., -4 , Nicky Hancock P 'd t Rusty Walker res' en Vice-President 84 f A 'us 4, I lx y' pf Gilbert Brim Secretary i .. .. ,,, r . ii- X 2, r 4ku, rw First row: Joyner, McCrary, C. Miller, Pugh, J, Miller, McRae, Second row: Lemmons, Grimsley, Ferree, S. Moore, Morgan, Hardin, Third row: Trollinger, Webb, Stedman, Hadley, Gray, Maffitt, Fourth row: Bullins, Fritz, Vuncannon, Green, Trogdon, Fifth row: Woodley, Hughes, Frazier, Pate, York. Miss Helen Bostick Sponsor ln our modern world, it is necessary to have some con- cept of other nations. The French Club provides programs and projects outside class for interested French students. One of the most enjoyed projects is the annual Mardi Gras, a replica of the famous French festival "From the Riviera to the Southland . . ." 5, el Jimmy Gentry President ' t:4:1f:zf'. i J.-MM'-W l , . I Fi i'i"i WWF A' F ss ig , u i J 'iit 16 iv 'J ,V ,. I j 5H I- 1' 'v"- 5 In Q'!- 3' 5 E K Bill Robinson Vice-President 55 if Q I , M -. 5' T ' V 'S' Karen Brower Secretary salt j M3 +1 Gene Morgan Treasurer , QQ. -Q ,. First row: Garner, Hayworth, Jones, Williams, Hall, Kearns, Kivett, Clodfelter, J. Moore, Second row: A, Bulla, Beane, Baker, Allen, J, Bulla, Rempson, Henry, 'Lucasg Third row: Wright, Swaim, L. Moore, Bowman, Macon Lanier, Bostick, Gardner, Fourth row: Richardson, Caviness, Way, Cameron, Baird. . l 1-bt Q. 1- new rrkr . V -.a I David Brenner President Bi 5 . msgs: , . . f , , X -,., ,g .V,, sf y t use ,e,e Bill Hayworth Vice-President fee ,eff VLV' .F 3 Q1 ,. R 'X ,sg M, s f iff! Rieta Garkalns Secretary Jenkins, Walker, Brim, King, Moness, Coleman, Lanier, Payne, Chriscoe, Stultz "" f S331 It ll ,, 'I Q C Q I V . :Viva el Curculo Espanol. Vaughn York Treasurer Spanish students inter- ested in furthering their knowledge of Spain, her people, customs, and culture, find in the Spanish Club a medium through which they can acquire ad- ditional information. Through programs and pro- jects, the members improve their understanding of the Spanish language, all of which aids them in their school study. Mr. Donald G. Jarrett Sponsor 9' Boone, Hall, Hancock, Tatum, Stroud, Thrower, Stutts, Dalton, Cornelison, Stout 86 fit' 53-.:t, ft-4 ' 4, ' -, f s .'.' 9 .1 - ' si g 'Wm s- .. Mr. Brookshire Wayne Moore Jerry Craven Clinton Dunning SPOIISOII Pl'eSldelIl' viCe-PfeSidellf Segrefqfy-Treqsufef 0 0 0 ig. Youthful Responsibility for Valuable Charges Holding one of the most responsible student positions in school, the bus drivers form a club interested in promoting better driving. Members of this club encourage fellow students to be more careful drivers by their examples of skill and thoughtfulness in driving their daily transit of several hundred students toand from school. This group is also interested in cultivating other bus drivers for this unusual and responsible work. is tl y B H 3' At the day's end. 87 Q., .. 'V -- X . W' ,,.,fY ,, Troy Bullins Richard Cooper -X' Johnny Jorrell Michael Prescott Larry Trotter I-OVW Wfighf Miss Katherine Buie Sponsor ,..L.,,,' "W " , , I Q ,iff i it ,:,kV Pat Bowman ,,..r,.. , , if President I 8 ,f . ,fa ot , i 5 c.. Catherine Morgan Vice-President ' 'ii 4 , e ' C' A 13' 4' Lois Draughn Secretary K v Ln Clifford Myers Tresasurer "We seekp they find . . library staff." Wayne Moore, Richard McDowell, Mary Henry, Barbara Hawks, Virginia Davis, Brenda Mabe, Marsha Kinney, Janie Burroughs, Shirley Caviness, Sandra Britt, Gail Morton, Linda Jarvis A most helpful service to Asheboro High School is performed by the Library Assistants Club. Club members become familiar with the library and its facilities, and thus they are able to assist students and teachers alike in obtaining books, magazines, pamphlets, and filmstrips. The club, under the guidance of our librarian, Miss Katherine Buie, holds observance of National Book Week and National Library Week as its main projects. 88 essence of good penmanshlp-Quill and Scroll C ub First Row: Brower, Henry, Moody, Hughes, Stutts. Second Row: Moore, Webb, B. Hardin, Frazier, C. Mil- ler, Gentry. Third Row: Way, Jones, Gorkalins, P. Miller, Hall, M. Hardin. Fourth Row: Clodfelter, Wright, Gardner, F. Freeman, Robinson, Carroll, Morgan. Future literary greats may come out of Asheboro High School, and if they do, they are probably now members of the Quill and Scroll Club. This club, made up of stu- dents of the journalism classes, endeavors to promote and to honor good writing in the school. Under the guidance of the sponsor, Mrs, Mildred T. Faircloth, the club also assists in publishing the school newspaper, Ash-Hi-Chat. -Q.. .ar ,R '- I 2 'ln Qgs,,f,,,V 3 .,,, Mrs Phil Freeman Benny Cole Jo Ellen Swaim Marylin Smith FOll'Cl0fh President Vice-President Secretary 89 Treasurer SPUHSOY Our Ashelooro High School Lette rmen Mr. Don Thomas Sponsor Wi Footboll-boseball-wrestling- basketball - track - all these sports are a part of Asheboro High School and the boys who have won a letter in any of these great sports can qualify for membership in the Boys' Monogram Club. The by-word of the club is good sportsmanship. High-lighting the club's activities is the Mr. and Miss Blue Comet contest during Homecoming. These "All Americans" are bound together by the common bond of having contributed something nslow, President: Davis, Vice-President: Isley Secretary-Treasurer, B. Allred, D. Allred, Auman, Brower, Bulla, Campbell, Cannon, Chriscoe, Cox, Cranford, Craven, Dalton, Davis, Durham, Everall, Ferree, Floyd, Freeman, Grimsley, Hamilton, Hayworth, Helms, Huff, Hulin, Jenkins, Johnson, Joyner, King, McCartney Redding, Robbins, Roberts, Rush E, York, J. York. ,Www extra to their school by participation in sports. 90 McFadden, McRae, D. Morgan, G. Mor- gan, Olivo, Parks, Pyrtle, Ragsdale, Smith, Stevens, Strayhorn, Strider, Trogdon, Walter, West, Williams, A feminine boost for sports in Asheboro High School Jane Adams, Kay Allen, Neva Briles, Karen Brower, Jane Brown, Judy Bullins, Betsy Can- non, Diane Cheek, Becky Church, Dee Clark, Karen Clodfelter, Brenda Craven, Jean Dalton, Betty J. Dute, Martha Hamilton, Penny Helms, Sarah Henry, Judy Hobson, Brenda Hodgin, Sue Kearns, Martha Kivett, Carol McCrary, Ann Mclntosh, Beth Miller, Dora Polson, Joyce Robbins, Janet Roberts, Gloria Smith, Marilyn Smith, Linda Stultz, Pam Stutts, Nancy Ward, Judy Webb. its Q if Any girl who earns a letter in cheerleading, basketball, or intra- murals, is eligible for membership in the Girls' Monogram Club. Es- sential aims ot the club are the pro- motion ot sportsmanship, athletic inter- ests, and encouragement of athletic activities. Among the projects of Girls' Monogram Club are the sponsoring of the intramural program and the annual Home- coming activities, which it shares jointly with the Boys' Monogram Club. 91 Miss Angelyn Glisson Adviser it Office assistants pro- vide a valuable service to Mr. Phoenix, Mrs. Holt, and also the members of the faculty. Among the timely helps performed are collecting absentee slips, typing, duplicating tests, and answering the telephone. J u n io rs or seniors who are members of the Future Business Leaders of America may serve in this capacity. Practical experience is gained and a real need fulfilled. Nancy Boling, Marty Meadows, Ina Needham, Sue Moore Judy Moody, Dianne Mayberry, Judy Holt, Diane Cheek. Priscilla Edwards Carolyn Richardson Judy Hendrix Eldora Lautenschleger For their services to our school . fi 2,524 , Miss Sadie Matthews, Mrs. Annie Baldwin, Mr. Lloyd Harmon, Mrs. Mamie Cheek, Mrs. Mary Hooker, Miss Faye Hussey. Mrs. Evelyn Anthony, Mrs. Esther Garner, Mrs. Evelyn Tillman, Mrs Rosa Smith, Mrs, Iona Hancock. MRS. INA CARTER Manager . . we are deeply indebted. Mr. Rufus Stout, Mr. James Dockery. Mr. A. W. Shaw, MV- W0lfef Wood- 98 if ' 3 94 6 XX? All H '1 JW gl 'I N R ge ' Eff, we-, Zag ,Se 35 SENIORS - :-A, A,.'AA . if Av-'A'- P 1,51 Z 5 Qt 7 .2 far ,R X 2 tx ,gf l ' A 47 'Z-r 3 P A f' M f e X g a. i , Qi . , .M --3 . 'I 2 ffiftsf V 'zerllff V ll.,,..e KAREN BROWER ' 1,,, N. .. . Qws, ,.,,...,. ,. , sis iff ' ' f .gr V' ' new . W, 42 rfegwge .. In ,,... 1 P .R3 Wie J - ii ELI' ri, -JW' . V I KAREN CLODFELTER he .ery :glean V -I 5 .. 5 f - t , 'T 1 qt .2 wwuff A Kgs? M' igeieffg if . - f-. grease , V ,gk 5. , M . - ,. K. - , . . : QQSIQ5-Ziff.. ' tm' . . 775.2fflifflfi- 9957' rf tis . W.. .. t ,,.. . Y o,,,.e. sr egliiafsgo.. ,.,, f . ffi:m-gigs-rxitifsigi Hr Q .3 figfif ml Beth Miller, Carol McCrary, Judy Hobson, Pam Stutts, Karen Clodfelter, Chief: Sarah Henry, Karen Brower, Judy Webb. The Team Behind the Teams VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Though it is sometimes overlooked, the feeling ond the emotions of the cheering section -particularly the student body- are a very integral part of an athletic contest. To the cheerleaders falls the vital task of making this phase of the game successful. Asheboro was quite fortunate this year in having cheerleaders who were willing to work hard and long to do their jobs well. The cheerleaders led the yells at pep rallies and games, and were indispensable in increasing school spirit as well as generating strong support for the team. As they had done many times before, they molded the enthusiasm of the crowd and directed its energy into a vigorous yell of pride and appreciation. Their work is hard and sometimes seemingly unrewarding, but they continue to give it their best as they buoy school spirit to new heights. Spirits rise ..... flames blaze ..,,. it's HOMECOMlNGl 96 ALTERNATES gr-we 68 BRENDA CRAVEN NANCY WARD JANETT ROBERTS l l .1 Y - . f lf frogs can do it, so can ll Midget Boosters -as You can teach an old cheerleader new steps! 'hx Cha, cha, cha! Susan Kemp, Martha Calloway, Jill Ward, Nancy Trogdon, Patsy Thomas, Martha Walker, Chief. 97 BLUE COMET FOOTBALL Ashebords highly-touted Comets turned in a sparkling performance on the gridiron this season, going undefeated in South Piedmont Conference play. While head coach Lee Stone's fighting eleven were not playing in conference action, they were adding to their prestige by defeating four highly-ranked non-conference opponents. The Comet schedule, surely one of the toughest played in the state, included Rockingham, Fayette- ville, and other rugged teams as well as the teams in our conference. Playing teams that were cap- able of hard, aggressive football, the Comets, having no "breathers" on the schedule, had to be ready for every game. Opening the secisonwith a win over Thomas' ville, the Comets followed this victory with im- pressive wins over Fayetteville, Morehead, South Rowan, and Concord. With the first half of the season behind them, the Big Blues worked even harder to make the lost half just as successful. Exceptional hustle and determination marked the Comets' game as they eyed a conference, and possibly a WNCHSAA championship. After knock- ing off Lexington, Statesville, Kannapolis, and Rockingham, the Comets had to come from behind to defeat Albemariel4-13, and thereby put the finishing touches on ci brilliant season, Advancing to the WNCHSAA ploy-offs, the Blue Comets were upset by a very spirited Moores- ville eleven by a i3-12 scare. Although this proved to be an unhappy ending to a victorywfillecl season, the Comets kept their position in the top ten school-boy teams of the state. fly . llll . -I V ..., mr ..., MR. LEE STONE Head Coach MR. BILL SMITH Line Coach 9 . , , Co-Captains: Ronnie Winslow, Howard Redding. Q - sf ll hi is , ,. MR. MAX MORGAN A ,,,., a . Backfield Coach B' S Q .. MR. DON THOMAS Line Coach V, K if , wx. ,S if, 1 vi. ,mf SCOREBOARD Asheboro 28 .. ,..,..AAA.,.... Thomasville O Asheboro 20 . . . Fayetteville 0 Asheboro 20 . , . . Morehead 7 Asheboro I9 ,. .. South Rowan 7 Asheboro I7 . . , . Concord 7 Asheboro l9 , . . . Lexington O Asheboro 28 . . , . . Statesville 6 Asheboro 33 . . , Kannapolis 6 Asheboro 20 . . . , . Rockingham 6 Asheboro l4 .. Albemarle l3 Asheboro 12 ., . Mooresville l3 Halfback West is halted by a Rebel tackler. Blue Comets converge to make the tackle. First row: Draughn, Smith, Parks, Redding, York, Allred, McRae, T. Robbins, Bowers, Dalton, Beane. Second row: D. Thomas, Davidson Johnston, Loflin, Brazier, Kivett, R. Johnson, Bulla, Olivo, Bennett, Chapman. Third row: Schwarz, McDowell, Rush, Moffitt, D. McFad- Varsity football managers: Ferree, Morgan, Smith, and Craven. den, Strayhorn, L. Johnson, B. Thomas, Pugh, Cannon, J. McFadden. Fourth row: Helms, Shaw, Burrow, Winslow, Isley, West, Huff, Dur- ham, Robbins, Bennett. 7' v ile 'Ta i i3gQ" ":" , Hggh g ' 4 3M 0: 79 3 . , 5 1 .,- Q """".-31.4 Parks grabs touchdown pass. JUNIGR VARSITY FOOTBALL Under the direction of Coaches Jim Hurst and Curtis McCombs the Blue Comet Junior Varsity completed one of their most profitable seasons in a long time. The purpose of J. V. football is to discover and train future varsity players. This season the program has done just that as a number of sophomores and freshmen have shown promise of moving up to the varsity squad. ln fact, they have developed into a team which compares in potential to the Junior Varsity team that later, as the varsity, won the WNCHSAA championship in l958. ln 5 games they lost 3 and won 2, including a 24-2l victory over the East Davidson Junior Varsity, who had defeat- ed them by only a slim 2-O margin at the first of the season. . if . 3 ,H First row: Mr. Jim Hurst, coach: McFadden, Hughes, Saunders. Second row Draughn Beane Davidson Bowers Jarrell Kivett Brazier. Third row: Garkalns, McRae, Johnston, Chapman, Loflin Brittain Fourth row Burrow Johnson Barham Robbins Pugh Thomas. 101 Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro Asheboro . Burlington . Burlington . , . Concord . , . . Landis Kannapolis Thomasville China Grove . , . , . . Albemarle MR. SAL GERO Asheboro . . . Concord con" Asheboro . . Statesville Asheboro iii. Landis Asheboro . Kannapolis B A S E B A Asheboro Thomasville Asheboro . Albemarle Asheboro . . Statesville The l96l edition of the Blue Comet baseball team Asheboro China Grove completed the season with a l2-4 overall record and a second place finish in the South Piedmont Conference. The diamond squad made a valiant attempt at capturing the conference crown, but several losses early in the season caused the baseballers to fall behind Concord's Spiders in the final standings. This spring, with the return of a number of experienced boys who played vital roles in the success of last season's campaign, the Comets will be fighting for even greater heights. First row: Campbell, J. Hunsucker, Stevens, Smith, W. Hunsucker, Pyrtle. Third row: Johnson, Bulla, Parks, E. Davis, J. Davis, Edmond Garner. Second row: York, Roberts, Freeman, Robbins, Cranford, son. Fourth row: Bennett, Jarrell, Winslow, Barnes, Grimsley, lngold 4 102 A n- -M 'E AE J .. X E My gf M.. 'H x R Xb' 2 fn. 3 3 M Y' ZLSJA, E ,L fig gg, KX? V A A V EQ .1 Qik fix: , QE X ax JOHN BARNES X X camera 1 A as . N wx sf . may R AE A ,Q gd' krt' , - A ww- Sh sy: A J. B. DAVIS Outfield A ,Mi b 5 BOB BULLA Outfield TW K TOM ROBBINS Ouffield Exim WN gl E --. gym I s.,,z Phi, 11 ss L1 EW PHIL FREEMAN Wi RONNIE A P1 h fig EEE V . JOHNSON A A OEEE In er E PMG' A 71" W A ,E'1 , ,A in S, A LARRY PARKS AA' 3 " A 'E ' ED DAVIS cmhef Pitcher BLUE COMET WRESTLING MR. J IM HURST Coach fig-5 f-'-is ... Wrestling is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports at Asheboro High School. This sport is second only to football in the number of boys who try out for a spot on the varsity. As each year passes, the number of fans attending the matches also constantly increases. Coach Jim Hurst with his dynamic leader- ship has molded the Asheboro grapplers into one of the most feared teams in the state. Last season they finished third in the state tournament, behind Thomasville and Boone respectively. This year, with almost the same squad and with much more experience behind the team, Coach Hurst is looking forward to an even greater season. ln addition to the regular matches held in Asheboro last season, Comet followers were also able to witness a wrestling clinic and the district play-offs which were held in the high school gym. The visiting teams highly praised our school's interest in the sport and the organization of the two events. This previous success and the purchase of expensive new mats Coach Hurst uses to indicate that wres- tling at Asheboro High School can hold its own against any other sport. -1, Durham escapes for a point mn' M, First row: Walker, Bonin, Humble, Allen, Chriscoe, York, Tucker, Williamson, Olivo, Lloyd, Burkheod, Third row: Hardister, Moore, Brazier, Hamilton, Lane, Prevatte, Smith, Williams, Spivey. Second Beane, Burrow, Winslow, Dalton, Cox, J. Smith, King, J. Humble. row Brown, Pugh, Haithcock, Hulin, Durham, Blackwell, Redding, 104 w 5 1 N-.W li 4 ., 3? iff? W ' www "' 'W ir" 1 if I' :uv- QE Wfzwykvfw ww J-He14 9f ppl? ' V gaiif PHIL THOMAS JIM THOMAS TENNIS Tennis, a new sport at Asheboro High School, received its first taste of competition last spring. Under the oble leader- ship of Mr. Morris Whitson, a former Appalachian tennis star, the net squad captured the South Piedmont Conference crown with a perfect 5-O conference record. They defeated both Landis and Thomasville twice and Statesville once. After a slow start, dropping their first two matches to Page and then one to Lexington, they won six in a row, the five conference matches, and a non-conference contest over Lex- ington. Most of the boys who comprised this team have graduated, but a few will be back this year to help defend their coveted crown. Last summer Coach Whitson began a tennis program for high school and junior high school students. A large number responded and were thoroughly trained in the fundamentals of the game. With o greater number of boys trying out for the team and with increasing support of the sport from the student body, tennis has o good chance of bringing honors to Asheboro this spring. . :E:rs,. JIM FETNER CHIP OWEN ge.. ,,,, M DON HUGHES JERRY TOLLISON First row: Yates, Hughes, Tollison, Spencer. Second row: Fetner, J. Thomas, P. Thomas, Owen. MR. MORRIS WHITSON 106 Coach Jenkins, Allred, Joyner, Williams, Morgan GULF With the top four men returning from the l96O runner-up team in the WNCHSAA, the '6l Blue Comet golfers, coached by Lee J. Stone, fielded their most experienced team in years. They hit the links with much finesse, driving and putting their way to the conference crown, and as a climax captured the coveted WNCHSAA championship. Led by four juniors and one senior, they scored two impressive victories over Southern Pines and one over Concord, while losing only l match to Page High of Greensboro. Then in the WNCHSAA playoffs, they edged Morganton by a score of 652 to 655 to gain the crown. This year's team will be composed of four of those first five men and several underclassmen who have shown potential. This experience and depth should pave the way to another great season for the Ashe- boro High School golfers. 9f MR. LEE STONE Coach MR. DON THOMAS MARK WILLIAMS DAVE McFADDEN KRITZ COX Coach Forward Forward Forward BASKETBALL Basketball fans enjoyed watching the Blue Comets play basketball last season as they swept the South Piedmont Conference championship, compiling a l3-l won-lost record. The Comets also played opponents outside conference play, doing well for themselves. Under the direction of Coach Don Thomas, the Comet cagers finished the season with many very impressive wins, only to be eliminated by Kannapolis in the third round of the conference play-offs. With much in his favor, Coach Thomas now begins his second year as head coach of the basketball team. Some experienced upperclassmen, along with a few promising players up from junior varsity, should help to make the l96l-l962 edition of Blue Comet Basket- ball just as promising, if not more so, than last season's. This year began in fine fashion, as the Big Blue rolled to some early-season victories. As conference play begins, the Comets hope to live up to their high rank- ing and bring another conference crown to Ashebaro. Mixed emotions are shown on the Blue Comet bench First row: Saunders, Ross, Roberts, Grimsley, Murray. Second row: Joyner, Johnson, West, Rush, Stroud. Third row: Freeman, Robbins, Cox, King, McFadden, Williams. I " - Q B ' 322 I J 1.1 1 3 Q -.: 'Q 11 L 7'1- fif RL If WWE 1 Ebac ? Q I' A '::: E Where'd it go? MR. CURTIS McCOMBS Coach Comets converge on basket in scramble for the rebound JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity basketball program is a vital step in the direction of a strong varsity team. This phase of basketball im- proves the ability and confidence of the young players. Composing the team are a few boys who hardly missed making the varsity and some promising freshmen. They play a full schedule of I6 games, their opponents being junior varsity squads from various 4-A and 3-A schools and neighboring county varsities. This year is Curt McComb's second as junior varsity coach. In addition to his junior varsity chores, Coach McCombs is also the head of the freshmen team. This squad is composed of freshmen who do not see much junior varsity action, and it gives these boys a chance to gain valuable experience which they will need to advance to varsity competition. First row: Barton, Johnston, Bass, Hutchens, Welch, Edmondson. Second row: Rich, Cameron, Garkalns, Bowers, Kivett, Hughes. Third row: McFadden, Wicker, Helms, Cannon, D. Rich, Croft. 110 Girls' Intramurals v-U'0O"""'5 Asheboro High School's intramural program is prepared each year by the Girl's Monogram Club. The club, sponsored by Miss Angelyn Glisson, sets up a schedule of various sports for competition among the classes in the school. This program consists of basketball, volleyball, badminton, and softball. These varied activities provide much enjoyment for everyone who participates, and at the same time help to develop the very worthwhile qualities of good sportsmanship, self-confidence, and leadership. When intramurals are completed, awards are given to the respective winners of each sport. Shan mn' Come on, Iet's twist again . Q Volley ball champion? P? Keen competition for the Shuffleboard intramurals Two more points for the seniors Dalton pours on the steam. 111 an I I K 7 First row: Stultz, Dalton, Brown, Manager: Cannon, Mclntosh. Second row: Robbins, Adams, Jordan, Briles, Manager: l-lodgin, Hamilton, Third row: Cheek, l-lelms, Smith, Clark, Church, Bullins, Allen, Manager. CCDMETT South Piedmont Tournament Winner, North and South Piedmont Conference Winner, and Runner-up in WNCHSAA were all titles obtained by the l96l Asheboro High's Comettes. Miss Angelyn Glisson's "Lady Blues" finished their fine season with l6 wins and 5 losses. ln the play-offs the much inspired Asheboro team defeated Thomasville, Statesville, China Grove, and West Rowan. These victories entitled the Comettes to meet the tall "mountain gals" from Taylorsville. Their efforts were duly noted even though they were defeated by the "Lady Bears," 90-ol. The outstanding playing abilities of Gail Harris won for her the honors of All-State, All-Star, All-Conference, and All-Tournament. This i962 season is expected to be a building year for the Comettes, but given a few years they should hold their own with any competition. ES MISS ANGELYN GLISSON Coach DEE CLARK BECKY CHURCH BRENDA HODGIN MARTHA HAMILTON FOPWGFJ Guard Forward Forward - if H, , 114 .""'i6w -S. 'F P9 4 f ff-E L 'Y ff V1 A 5 v if 5 A' Pdf' 5 - .. Q ---Mm, A . W A 1 V ,K we i 1. k :.,Mv W F .J-A L f - .. +fw1,iW,.z -H , -W L new R . ,Niki ,, W. 4 H ..M-M Jr ... lg ,M .,,L,.: gn Q A+ .. MM. K . K YQ- H .K f , Pk- 4 JPG ffl'- 137 Mr. and Miss Asheboro High School BILL JOYNER BETTY JANE DUTE 116 SPOTLIGHTING TH E SENIORS This section is intended to give special recognition to thoose seniors who have achieved notable success in undertakings that reflect credit on themselves and the school. Thirty-one students have been chosen by a faculty committee to represent the 1962 graduating class. Selections are based on scholarship, participation and leadership in school activities, citizenship, and service. Z! Qc f- OTTAWAY KENTON MCCARTNEY, Ill KAREN ELIZABETH BROWER An excellent lecider . . , A becoming blush . . . Always willing ond oble . . , Ambition hos no limit. 118 if- . 3 EMA -snr Vat - 4 Q ' ' A Q2 E 'X fu' . .ki qv, "TIC Riff, , . Afx 5' ' Lge Q4 X Yf W E, 1 -g 1 . f ' vi .pi ,uv , MARK OLIVER GEORGE WILLIAM LINDA GREENE WILLIAMS JOYNER, JR. MOORE Versatility on understatement . . . Three variations of the ideol student. 119 DIANE LAVADA LANE RUSSELL GRADY WALKER, JR Service above self . . . Dependable . . . "Success is the reward of persistence." 120 CHARLES EUGENE MORGAN BETTY JANE DUTE Well-rounded in every respect . . . Intelligent . . "Still achieving, still pursuing." 121 wwf MARY SENITH HUGHES MILLARD PHILLIP FREEMAN Good sense of humor. . . Efficiency unporolleled . . . Willing ond copoble workers. 122 fl WH! e E 5 I 5 5 1? ii? A 151. - 2 LW IQ?- PATRICIA ANN HARWELL DAVID CHARLES BRENNER "Greet modesty often conceols greot merit." . . . Studious. 124 Q Q ' we f xii? i ...W vi-LB. 1 3 SAMUEL AMOS LARRY DEATON IRENE STROUD YATES PARKS SWAIM Creative in all they do . . . "A cheerful disposition is 0 tund tor reocly capitol." 125 M, pg j'T,Qf,,v I , M,m:,W, ILL H' 2 --""""""' WILLIAM HAROLD ROBINSON DOROTHY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS The midnight oil is olwoys burning . . . Good notured. 126 I ir KAREN ELIZABETH HARRY PEOPLES WORTH RONALD CLODFELTER ISLEY WINSLOW Outstanding athletes . . . With time for still other activities . . . Nanchalant. 127 BETTY CAROL BESSIE RUTH RONALD PARI-IAM HARDIN ERRINGTON BIDDLE, JR. Quiet, reserved . . . individuality . . . "Firm ond steddtdst dt their duties' posts." 1:29 TIMOTHY CHARLES JERRY LEE GENEVA ANN CARROLL BULLINS STALEY industrious in every woy . . ."A good exomple is the best sermon." 130 JUNIOR MARSHALS Seated: Catherine Wright, Rene Swaim, Libby Williams. Standing: Rusty Walker, Bill Joyner Phil Freeman, Gene Morgan, Chief: David Brenner, Benny Cole. 131 'Rf J Q aqua vf.. -M is 'Sw-ll K' M' -x L.. Linda Mae Allred Michael Don Allred Arthur Jerry Aurnan Michael Roe Auman Carolyn Ruth Bailey Marilyn Sue Bailey Nancy Jane Baird Joyce Ann Bean Alfred Lyndon Beane Joseph Farrell Beane Rebecca Lucile Beane Frank Monroe Benbow 133 Ronald Errington Biddle, Nancy Hughes Boling Jr. David Charles Brenner Raymond Gilbert Brim Karen Elizabeth Brower Stephen Hayworth Brower Henry Ray Brown Mary Anne Brown Riley Wade Brown, Jr. Jerry Lee Bullins Annie Jurine13urrow Roberta Davis Byrd Linda Carol Byrum Donald Richard Cain Linda Sue Cameron Nancy Lou Canoy 134 Timothy Charles Carroll Thomas Kearns Carter Betty Gail Caviness Charles Winford Chrisco Thomas Rich Cleek Karen Elizabeth Clodfelter Benjamin Ray Cole Maria Gayle Coleman Richard Martin Cooper Carol Blanche Cornelison William Russell Cox, Jr. Betty Jean Cranford David Eugene Cranford Lawrence Beauford Cranford 135 Phillip Lane Cranford Carolyn Olivia Craven Elmer Chris Crawford Ronald Edwin Creech Edward Turner Dalton J. B. Davis David Browning Durham Betty Jane Dute William Anthony Dwiggins Priscilla Ilene Edwards Don Lee Essick James Grayson Floyd Mary Frances Freeman Millard Phillip Freeman 136 Ronald Larry Furr Nell Wakefield Gardner Rieta Irene Garkalns James Elmo Gentry Bessie Ruth Hardin Mary Elizabet Brenda Wright Hall Carol Ann Hall Margaret Louise Hall Stephen Spencer Hamilton 'Ks Leo Maxton Hammer, George Nicholas Hancock h Hardin Patricia Ann Harwell Virginia Ellen Havens 137 Carol Ellen Hawks William Wade Hayworth Fay Carol Henson Sharon Rose Hinshaw Thomas Whiston Hodgin Forrest Dean Holt Judith Dawn Holt Clyde Ray Huff, Jr. Cerelda Jean Hughes Mary Senith Hughes Harry Peoples Isley Barbara Ella Jarvis Benjamin Plato Darrell Gene Johnson Jenkins, Ill 138 Henry Eugene Johnson Minnie Rose Johnson Dalma Bright Jones, Jr. Priscilla Ann Jones Richard Joseph Lamb Diane Lavada Lane Mary LaRue Lanier 139 George William Joyner, Jr. Emily Sue Kearns Barbara Jean Kindley Carl Lonnie King William Bradley Kirby Martha Alice Kivett Rebecca Ann Lassiter James Baxter Lemons Eugenia Louise Lewallen Mary Devenia Lewis Wanda Lou Lucas Jerry Wrenn Luck Mary Ruth MacDonald Delphia Lee McBride Ottaway Kenton McCartney, I I I William Ray McDonald Edwin Ross McGrath, Jr. Linda Joyce McNair Brenda Joyce McNeill Sue Carol McPherson 140 Joel Kirk McRae l Betty Jean Maness Marcia Diann Mayberry Caroline Spencer Miller Lester Claude Moffitt,Jr, Patricia Ann Moftitt Janet Elizabeth Moody Judy Ann Moore Linda Greene Moore Wayne Douglas Moore Candace Ellon Morgan Charles Eugene Morgan Colvin Thomas Morgan Dale Street Morgan Junius Clifford Myers oil' 141 Robert Lee Nance, Jr. Charles Barbee Nelson Jayne Adair Owen Betty Carol Parham Ki Frances Kay Parker Larry Deaton Parks William Cobb Pate Sarah Elizabeth Pugh Delbert Gordon Ragsdale y A-Q Howa rd Powell Redding Jo Ann Rice Linda Carolyn Richardson Michael Jeffrey Robbins William Harold Robinson 142 Lewis Dillard Ruland, Ill Ora Ann Sanders Robert Eugene Saunders, Linda Dianne Shaw Bobby Charles Shirley Ellen Howard Siler Gerald Pritchard Sloat Marylin Sue Smith James Enoch Spivey Geneva Ann Staley Gladys Louise Staley Jr. Julian McArthur Staley William Lee Stevens 143 Michael Blane Strayhorn if Jo Ellen Swaim Irene Stroud Swaim Michael Lyman Stroud Linda Faye Tatum Sand ra Lee Tatum Gladys Louise Thompson Mary Tucker Thompson Billie Jo Thorburn Thomas Berry Thrower Clay Ronald Trogdon Ernest Wayne Trogdon Ray Donald Trogdon Priscilla lrene Trotter Shirley Ann Vuncannon 144 Russell Grady Walker, Jr. Dianna Carol Walser Charles Walton Ward, Jr. Anna Paulette Way Larry Allen Way Herald James Weiler, lll William Foy Welch, Jr. William Robert West Joseph Hiram Whatley Dorothy Elizabeth Williams Mark Oliver Williams Judy Frances Wilson Worth Ronald Winslow Glenn Simeon Woodley urs, if 4 .4-v""' 145 Catherine Ellen Wright Rebecca Jane Yarborough Samuel Amos Yates Elvin Eugene York Jr Vaughn Michael York ln Memoriam KAY ANN FREEMAN July 26, l944 February 22, l96O In dreams she grows no older, The lands of Dream among, Though all the world wax colder, Though all the songs be sung ln dreams doth He behold her, Still fair and kind and young. -Lang 146 I Senior Class president, Billy Robinson, receives his ring from Mr. Phoenix. The 1961 Ash-Hi-Life honors Mrs. lna Carter and Mr. Garrett Cox. f ,ima-Q1. FH .- +A .t W . . .l.z5fs7..s. Y" 'Q N X Rockford Neal Branson and Amy Louise Brannock, sen- ior class mascots. 147 Tommy Redding, representing the senior class of 1961, speaks at graduation. ALMA MATER In the city of Asheboro, Challenging the eye, Stands ca school above all others, Stands our Asheboro High. A. H. S., to thee we shall be, Ever loyal, true, Striving always to do service, For the White and Blue. When our high school days are over, And we're scattered wide, We'll recall the name of Asheboro, Speak of her with pride. I A 1 i 'ilk 'A' in D l '?i5, ' 4' ff 4 l aff X ,, ,K N, . iff m A 1 Wi 2-sh. + 'gfffhk A' -, ' '-,Q -.V ik W aff A V iw - iw , V J Ag 1 LV 31 , 1 fi .- 1 , iz i if . -- L ' ' ' ?T My X .'w,fQ,fxS+?1,r,,' f ,fax V f w ffgM5fYWEwafwmQ wifi - , , ,Q g ,.?.,::.v xiii! ru-,igifjw 4 'Y A 5, 6 ln, ' Q H , , , 5- iw ,, Aug3 I ax Md LV , . 1 , JUNIOR CLA55 Sue Carol Bonkemeyer Elaine Marjorie Boone Patsy Dianne Bowman Gary Eugene Breedlove James Vernon Brewer Phyllis Ann Brewer David Roger Brittain Stephen Royals Brittain William Davis Brown Anita Cheryl Bulla Jane Cozart Bulla Patsyanna Wallace Bulla fu? Harold Dalton Cook Doris Ann Cooper Linda Grey Councilman Louis Kritz Cox Raeford Eugene Cox Roy David Cox Linda Jo Craven Phillip Ronald Craven Joyce Ann Crowder Selven Jerome Davidson James Edward Davis James Mackie Davis Charles Lee Allen llene Kay Allen Charles Robert Allred Lynwood Bailey Allred Anne Maxwell Arthur Elizabeth Anne Auman Paul Darrell Bailey Mary Jane Baker Robert Martin Barham John Robert Barton Brenda Gayle Beane Cleo Delanous Bennett S. w-. Robert Franklin Bulla Glenda Faye Bunting Della Rose Burgess Eunice Jo Ann Cagle Charles Thomas Callicutt Jerry Wilmer Campbell Larry William Ccnoy Evelyn Diane Cheek Gwendolyn Joyce Chrisco Maggie Rosalee Chriscoe Emily Kathleen Clayton Robert Lee Collins 'DQ wo'- ,J-as Norris Daniel Davis Virginia Mae Davis William Jerry Davis Pamela Ann Dildy Jerrie Lois Draughn Donna Joyce Dunn Willa Mae Dunn Walter Clinton Dunnin Q Ulyesse Charles Everall, Jr. Robert Gray Ferree Wanda Lane Flenniken Sandra Jean Frazier Joseph Elroy Hamilton Alice Faye Hancock Bettie Jo Hardin Charlotte Stansill Hayworth Thomas Vernon Hayworth J udi Carol Hendrix Sarah Jane Henry Sandra Lee Henson Katherine Arlene Hepler Thomas Ray Hill Judith Elizabeth Hobson Mildred Irene Holt fsstag, Catherine Ann Freeman Lucretia Cranford Fritz James Wayne Frye Luther Ellis Galyon, Jr Loretta Jane Garner Floyd Larry Gentle Mary Martha Graves Larry Ray Green Norman Fox Grey James Otis Grimsley Emma Susan Hadley Dale Parker Hall +-11 9' Vickie Ann Hudson Charles Harry Hughes Gary Warren Hulin James Joseph Humble Betty Lou Johnson Edward Lee Johnson Malcolm Wayne Jones Patricia Agnes Judd Julius Howard King Susan Marie Kinney Edward Steven Kirkman Barbara Brown Kivett ers. Robert Eugene McMasters Judith Olivia McRae Brenda Quinn Mabe Claraio Macon Jack Timothy Maness Peggy Sue Maness Dora Mae Markwood James Lee Martindale Martha Sue Ann Meadows Charles Bryant Miller Jane Henley Miller Larry Ray Miller Ina Louise Needham George Michael Olivo Barry Phillip Osborne Phyllis Ruth Overton Arthur Clarence Owens Hilda Deon Parks Regis John Parsons Janet Ann Pate Jerry Ray Paul Joy Ann Payne Bernard Franklin Phillips Jonah Dewey Phillips George Clayton Kivett Terry Lee Knowles Martha Jean Lanier Eldora Lee Lautenschleger Jimmie Ray Lewallen Gary Randall Lewis Emily Florence Liles Donna Faye Long Carol Franklin McCrary Nolan Milby McDowell Willie Richard McDowell David Morris McFadden .: atm ie T .if if 58' gs., -F 5- Patricia Jewel Miller Judy Elizabeth Moffitt William Henry Mollman Judy Carol Moody Emily Sue Moore Emily Sue Moore Betsy Irene Morgan Catherine Jane Morgan Agnes Gail Morton Janice Lorraine Morton James Dalton Murray John Clifford Murray, Jr. Hn wh., Carole Ann Poole Max Thomas Poole Michael Elam Prescott Rodney Allen Presnell Rodney Allen Prevatte Randy Reed Pyrtle Connie Ruth Raines Brantley Hicks Redding Brigitte Ursula Redding Milton Hammer Redding Samuel Steele Redding Nancy Carol Rempson WN Raymond Chris Rude William Neely Rush Sterling Herbert Sanders, Jr Herman Wesley Sexton, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Shanas Carson William Shaw Clyde Theodore Shaw, Jr. Carolyn Mae Sikes Carolyn Gail Sisk Adrienne Kay Smith Archie Leak Smith Gloria Blanche Smith .1 'IN Jane Smith Rhymer David Cyrus Rich Virginia Mae Richardson Don Preston Richburg Charlene Robbins Charles Thomas Robbins Earlene Robbins James Robbins Roger Arnold Robbins Billy Houston Roberts Janett Lee Roberts Charles Edward Ross 1 Jimmy Lee Smith Mitchell Stevie Smith Rhonda Jane Smith William Douglas Smith James Robert Sparks Nancy Carol Stalvey Sarah Elizabeth Stedman Ella Raines Stout Judith Ann Stout Benford Gary Strider Phyllis Ann Strider William Clayton Strider William Howell Upchurch Wanda Leigh Vuncannon Margaret Ann Walton Carolyn Jane Ward Jerry Morris Ward Johnny Michael Ward Judy Catherine Webb Stephen Van Weeks Sandra Gail Welch Ernest Tony Whitaker Sharon Doreen Williams Charles Jonathan Woodley '95 'hx Linda Diane Stroud Linda Carol Stultz Edith Pamela Stutts Anna Marie Teachey Boyd Ernest Thomas Faye Carol Thompson Brenda Diane Thornburg Tommy Reece Tolbert Patricia Ann Trogdon James Thomas Trollinger Larry Allen Trotter Willa Dean Turner Paul Monroe Wooley Sulan Gregory Wright Nancy Carolyn Yates Bobby Ronald York James Alexander York 5-it 41,4 Lookl Up in the sky! lt's a bird What, me worry? 173 D l, gi s J fi Wi 1 gjgrjsif M -- 'F i Ui 2 4 . kms 4 may SCJPHOMGRE CLASS Man, look at those legsl lNote Carter's garters.J -QE Best band in the landl Jane Ellen Cain Ronnie Lee Caldwell Martha Ellen Calloway John Wayne Campbell Rita Jo Campbell Eugene Bedford Cannon Tony Lee Cannon Richard Sidney Caveness Shirley Florine Caviness Janet Carol Chisholm Donald Edward Chriscoe Emily Chisholm Chriscoe Samuel Lewis Chriscoe Georgia Carol Coble Martha Elizabeth Coble Kenneth Alvin Conner Nancy Carolyn Cook Charlene LaDare Cooper Juan Dale Cooper Arie Sue Cornelison Linda Carol Cox Sandra Louise Dean Cox James Albert Cranford Tommy Lee Cranford Jane Julie Adams William Clyde Aldridge Melissa Kay Allen Brenda Faye Allred Charles Samuel Allred Henry Cornelius Ammons Ronald Mac Anderson Johnny Everett Auman Linda Maxine Barbee Berlin Frances Barham Betty Ann Beane Eddie Graham Beane Mary Eunice Beane John Howard Benson James Stevens Blackwell Linda Faye Blanton Jo Anne Bowman Richard Eldon Bray Thomas William Brazier, Jr Neva Ann Briles Raeford Griffin Brim Patricia Carolyn Bristow Sandra Jane Britt Jeanie Craven Brower James Earl Brown Martha Jane Brown Charles Talmadge Browne Brenda Catherine Bullins Judith Diane Bullins Troy Edward Bullins Gary Darrell Bunting Brenda Preston Burge Edwin Eugene Burns Julia Allen Burris Janie Marie Burroughs Mildred Elizabeth Burrows Randy Lee Burrows John Thomas Byerly Robert Henry Byrd, lll Gayle Jewel Byrum Brenda Kaye Craven Jerry Reisel Craven John James Croft, Jr. Patricia Ramona Cunditf Dwain Clarkson Curtis Nola Jean Dalton Gary Sanford Davidson Tommie Ann Davidson Dremia Joyce Davis Mary Teena Davis Rose Marie Davis Sandra Rae Davis Jane Elizabeth Dildy Roger Dean Dixon Delila Louise Edenfield Frank Edmondson, Ill Opal Colleen Efird David Briles Farlow Merrill Elizabeth Fetner Frances Melanie Fischer Donald Ray Floyd Janis Lee Freeman Jerry Leon Frye Mary Jane Furr Janice Elizabeth Garner Linda Ann Garner Phyllis Ruth Gilmore Margie Marie Goins Gwendolyn Faye Grant Evelyn Marie Gray Burnie Keith Greene Richard James Haigler Larry Julian Haithcock James Edwin Hall Kerry Dean Hall Ruby Elaine Hall Martha Lou Hamilton James Franklin Hammonds Ruby Lee Harmon Tommy Martin Harris ST' I Virginia Edith Hartsell Linda Faye Harvell Timothy Nathaniel Harvell Barbara Gail Hawks John Thomas Haves John Reece Helms Brenda Kay Henley Richard Sylvester Hicks Judy Paulette Holt Sandra Lee Hopkins Jesse Roger Houser Betty Frances Howell Cora Sue Howell James Thomas Hudspeth Judith Ann Hudspeth David Neal Hughes Larry Kenneth Hughes Jerry Edward Hunsucker Glenn Harvey lngold Carolyn Marie Isley Linda Sue Jarrell Linda Ray Jarvis Brenda Mae Jessup Mary Rebecca Johnson ...- ' Been ridin' the range all day. for Mama mia! Il as f, Sounded a little off. I know I had my homework when I came in here. James Harvey Moore James Talley Moore John Wesley Moore Ronald Gregory Moore Evelyn Darnell Morgan Joyce Morgan Michael David Morgan Bob Sidney Morris Ann Celeste Morton David Beniamin Nance Brenda Helen Needham James Brevard Neely, Jr Wanda Kay Nelson Sylvia Jane Oglesby Barbara Sue Owens James Hughes Owens Robert Lee Paisley, Jr. Davis Edgar Pegram Martha Nance Plummer Dora Lucille Polson Shirley Ann Presnell Sandra Kaye Pugh Suzanne Harris Query Margaret Ann Ratcliffe Ronald Smitherman Johnson Charles Ronald Jordan Linda Dianne Jordan Paula Jane Katcham Richard Leon Kennedy Alvin Darrell King Harold Steve King Jerry Lee Kinney Marsha Dee Kinney Richard Wayne Lambert Arrington Jackson Laughlin Rickey LaVonne Lee William Harold Lethco Herschel Horton Lewis Thomas Dewitt Lewis James Ray Lineberry Erwin Eugene Lloyd Terry Lynn Lucas Rickie Edwin McBride Patricia Diana McDowell James Stuart McFadden Benton Rush McGrady Timothy Michael Mclntyre Nancy Lynn McKeeI Danielle Kay McMaster Carolyn Ann McNeill Joseph Frank McNulty Larry Walter McPherson Charles Edward McRae Rebecca Elaine Mabe Diane Barbara Male Mary Elizabeth Maness Phyllis Ann Maness Bobby Eugene Marion Judith Kay Marlowe Hiram James Marziano Elizabeth Christine Miller Linda Sue Miller Frances Gladys Moody James Edward Moore Anita Mozelle Reeder Maynard Beard Reid, Jr. Donald Lee Rich Samuel Lester Rich Annice Lee Ridge Cornelia Faye Ritter Barbara Annette Robbins Joe Thomas Robbins Walon Covon Robbins William Duke Robbins Fred Taylor Roberts, Jr. Shelby Jean Rollins Shelby Jean Ross Susan Cecilia Rosson Nancy Graves Russell Harry Eugene Sanders Larry Cleveland Saunders John Richard Schwarz Barbara Ann Scott James Edward Shaw, Jr. Reba LaVerne Shaw Ruth Ann Shaw Worth Odell Shaw Jean Phillips Shepard James Howard Skeen Martha Ann Smith Rick-ey Harris Smith William Russell Smith, lll Joseph Chapman Spencer Joyce Ann Staley Phyllis Gaye Staley Thomas Franklin Stalvey Shirley Rodenia Starcher Barbara Lou Stone Cecelia Ware Story Doyle Reece Stout Wilma Cheryl Stout Priscilla Rachel Strayhorn Janie Lee Surratt Wanda Inez Surratt Roddy Jean Swaim Brenda Faye Swaney Carolyn Louise Swaney Nancy Carolyn Swaney Charles Thomas Swing Steve Arthur Tate Hilda Faye Teague Karen Ann Thomgs Robert Clyde Thomas Diane Thornburg Joan Elizabeth Tillman Brenda Joyce Trogdon Nancy Lynn Trogdon Jerry Lee Trotter Roy Lee Tucker Paul James Turpin, Jr. Janice Ruth Underwood Lois Jane Updyke Donna Jane Vocannon Jessica Marie Vuncannon Patricia Carol Vuncannon Calvin Mitchell Walker Judith Gayle Walker Martha Ann Walker Duhl?l Where the boys are Ronald Wilson Walker Sarah Helen Walker Nancy Lee Ward Mary Tom Watson William Andrew Walser Donny Franklin West Dorothy Bell Wilkerson George Edward Williams Richard Lauren Williams Sandra Lynn Williams Jesse Baxter Williamson Nancy Gail Wilson Susan Elaine Wilson Clifford Neal Winslow Larry Gregory Wright Larry Vernon Wright Sarah Susan Wright Linda Sue Yarborough Clarence Edward York, Jr. John Charles York Kaye Frances York Susan Etta York l r Roll over Beethoven. Think it's funny, do ya? I ' mf: my Children FWUST Pl0Y- Only seventeen and falling apart already. FRESHMAN CLASS James Steve Allred Laris Dean Allred Odell Ray Allred Darius Wayne Bailey Barbara Ann Baldwin Rebecca Boone Baldwin Tony Edwin Bare Brenda Caroll Barker Larry Lee Brower Stanley Ferree Brower Brenda Sue Brown Gary Lynn Brown Genna Faye Brown Glenn Lee Brown Marv Jane Brown William Edward Brown Ronald Edward Clark Terry Lee Cockman Bonice Elaine Coggins Janice Ann Coltrane John Richard Congleton Brenda Faye Cooper Ernest Edward Cooper Patsy Marcella Cooper me Q- S Michael Thomas Barton Gregory Jon Bass Larry Charles Bean Carolyn Jewel Beane John Calvin Beane Patricia Ann Beane Ray Steven Beane Thomas Scott Beane Cleveland Allen Beasley Steve Austin Beasley Brenda Faye Beaver Barbara Estelle Belding Elizabeth Ann Benbow Dickie Ray Bennett Layman Lee Bennett Thomas Edward Black Ralph Lee Blackwell Lana Kay Boling Philip Verban Boling Patricia Ann Bolton John Alfred Bonin James Lee Boone, Jr. Mitchell David Boone Timothy Rader Bost Donnie Lynn Bowers William Calvin Brady James Monroe Brantley Lena Dianne Brewer Mary Holmes Bridgers Cecilia Vermutus Briles Betty Karen Britt Vickie Carolyn Britt xi Barry Jonathan Browne Kenneth Worth Bryson Angus McRee Buie Thomas Andrew Buie Dinah Daye Bulla Larry Dean Bullard Kenneth Wayne Bullins Stephen Ferree Burkhead Obert Charles Burrow Bonnie Sue Byrd Charles Kenneth Byrd Allen Lee Callicutt Barbara Jean Callicutt Donald Andrew Calloway John Bruce Cameron Linda Maxine Canipe Elizabeth Armfield Cannon Brenda Faye Canoy Sharleen Marie Ann Carroll Martha Jean Carter Nancy Katherine Cashion Janice Jane Caudill Judy Fon Causey Cathy Gertrude Caviness Patricia Ann Caviness Ronnie Alfred Caviness Susan Kearns Chandler Wallace Scarborough Chandler, Jr Marvin Watzel Chapman Rebecca Joanne Church Dee Lane Clark Emily Dianne Clark Y?-xx you Linda Carolyn Craven Lynn Gail Cribb Tommy Russell Cromer James Dallas Croom Chris Clark Crowley Lewis Hal Dabbs June Rosalyn Davidson Victor Colon Davidson Betty Rose Davis Carol Ruth Davis Eddie Trent Davis Mary Kay Davis Nellie Sue Davis Billy Wade Dennis James Cecil Dennis Hoyt Nelson Dorsett Richard Monroe Draughn William Everette Dula Brenda Louise Dunlap Claude William Dunlap Mamie Louise Dunn Peggy Jo Durham Sylvia Ann Elliott Patricia Ann Fagge Alice Loraine Farlow Linda Gail Ferree Sondra Kay Flowers Eddie Alexander Faust Jerry Lee Freeman Paul Reece Freeman John Wesley Frye Charles lrvin Funderburk Linda Faye Green Patricia Anne Greene James McKindley Greeson Richard Walter Gwyn Harvey Lee Haddock Martha Jane Hadley Oramae Ellen Hamilton Floyd Jay Hancock Lloyd Ray Hancock Linda Sue Hanes John Talton Hardin James Tony Hardister Allen Kent Harper Brenda Jo Harper Judy Lee Harrelson Dexter Eugene Harris Harry Madison Harris Larry William Hawks Ralph Stephen Hayes Penny Elizabeth Helms Mary Katheyrn Henry Clarice Elaine Hethcock Linda Carol Hill Shirley Ann Hill Larry Lester Hinsley Brenda Drew Hodgin Golda Carol Hogan Wade Dennis Holland Judy Faye l-loneycutt John Clay Hooker Michael Douglas Hooker Rachel Rebecca Hoover Lynda Ann Cornelison Lydia Jane Councilman Howard Thomas Cox James Wesley Cox, Jr. LarrY Gene Cox Brenda Lucille Cranford Danny Eugene Craven mi Nr.. Barbara Ann Furr Carolyn Sue Furr Terry Ann Gallimore Richard Julius Garkalns Dennis Michael Garner Lucretia Kay Gentle ar ara Kay Graham Rebecca ldella Grant Peggy Allison Horner Elizabeth Dianne Horton Karen Ann Hubbard Terrv Jean Hudson Jerry Kenneth Hughes Lois Jean Hughes Jimmy Herbert Humble Paula Jann Hunsucker Judy Lee Hussey Charles Kenneth Hutchens Judy Ann Hutson Linda Bernice lngold John David Isom Joey Steven Jarrell Johnny Leon Jarrell Norma Jean Jarrell 'k' Danny Wayne Lineberry Melva Ann Linville Aaron Wallace Loflin Vicki Lynn Lomax Jerry William Lowrance Barbara Lynne Lowry Joseph Michael Lucas Rebecca Jane Luther fm f- vu. Brenda Charlene Page Phyllis Rowena Parker Barbara Lane Parks Darrell Randolph Parks Marilyn Louise Parks Eleanor Dianne Parsons Roddy Lee Patterson Brice Harrison Peck Karen Elizabeth Jester Garland Lee Johnson Sandra Jean Johnson George Brown Thomas Johnston Evelyn Louise Jones Ralph Douglas Jones Sandra Leigh Jones Thomas Stephen Jones Jesalyn Ruth Kearns Larry Allen Kearns Judy Marrion Keeling Susan DeEtte Kemp Bobby James King David Paul King Jimmy Lewis King Kenneth Eugene King Frank Edward Kinney Linda Carol Kinney Herman Howard Kivett Elaine Christine Knighton Rita Ann Korn Edwin Doyle Lamb Thomas Eugene Lamb Thomas Connette Lambe Harry Douglas Lane James Herbert Lanier Sue Ellen Lassiter Joyce Elaine Lawrence Sandra Alta Ledwell Melville Thomas Lee Charlotte Dianne Leonard Edith Gayle Lewis Stephen Evans Lyle Kenneth Michael Lyndon Danny Ray McDonald Vena Margaret McBride Martha Maria McCormick Phyllis Ann McCubbin William Larry McDonald Joan Elizabeth McFatter Margaret Ann Mclntosh Phyllis Jane McKenzie Sandra Kay McLeod Sylvia Dare McNeill Dianne Davis Miller Joseph Russell Miller Phyllis Lorene Millikan Phyllis Kay Moffitt Brenda Carolyn Moody James Dosie Moore Mary Bernice Moore Terry Gilbert Moore Martha Ann Morgan Sam Roy Morgan, Jr. Patricia Ann Morton Betty Jean Murray Sidney Charles Nance Clinton Ricky Neal Betty Jean Needham Wanda Lane Needham Glenn Dodson Nelson Raymond Thomas Nickens Thomas Joseph Oakley John Henry Owens Nancy Carol Presnell Kathyrn Suzanne Prevost Jesse Thomas Pugh Judith Lynn Pugh David Carl Purcelle Donald Ray Purvis Carolyn Marie Pyrtle Phillip Martin Ragsdale Mac Julius Ramsay Richard Joseph Rancourt Sandra Louise Redding Shelia Dianne Redding Doris Ann Renigar Alva Irene Rich Anita Louise Rich Frances Marie Rich Glenn Darrell Rich Jerry Odell Rich Pamela Gayle Rich Janet Gayle Richardson Barry William Richburg Stephen Donald Riddle Ronnie Avance Ritter Betty Ruth Robbins Cynthia Gayle Robbins David Lee Robbins Joyce Elaine Robbins Nancy Delores Robbins Vivian Elizabeth Robbins William Ward Rogers Linda Dianne Rollins Wanda Dianne Rush Sharon Seagraves Elaine Margaret Shanas Beverly Kathleen Shaw Billie Sue Shelton Susan Kirby Shepard Fletcher Burrell Skeen, Jr. Charles Randolph Smith David Warren Smith Elvin Roger Smith Harris Ronald Smith John Wayne Smith Martha Susan Smith Nina Belle Smith Gary Edwin Snider James Creed Solesbee, Jr. Brenda Ann Spivey Jane Bertie Spivey William David Staley Walter Cox Stout Brenda Ellen Strickland Roger Dole Strider Brenda Faye Stringer Jerry Wayne Stroud Rebecca Jane Swaim Richard Cicero Swaney Thomas Swicegood Gerald Arvo Tanner William Byron Tatum Earl Frazier Taylor Douglas Eugene Thomas Judith Ellen Thomas Ruby Patricia Pendley Steven Bruce Perry Elizabeth Alice Phillips Lindo Sue Pickett Johnsie Eloise Pierce David Guy Poole John Lee Powell Charlesanna Powers Brenda Jane Russell Linda Margaret Russell Patricia Gail Sanders Bennie lsom Saunders Linda Faye Saunders Bettv Allen Scott Joanne Patsy Scott Doris Loucille Seabolt ie Michael Emerson Thomas Mildred Lucille Thomas Patsy Jane Thomas Connie Delores Thompson Faye Mabel Thompson Hatlie Ray Thompson Helen Mable Thompson Martha Raye Thornburg Sandra Viola Thornburg James Edward Thrower Nancy Hill Tolar Bill Wayne Trogdon Janet Lee Trogdon Joel Berchin Trogdon, Ill Ronald Gale Trogdon Stanton Samuel Tragdon Jerry Steven Williams Robert Lewis Williams Faye Dean Williamson Blanch Lorine Wilson Linda Faye Wilson Beverly Ann Winslow Cathy Ann Woodbury Richard Eugene Woolen sy, Ellen Jane Trollinger Mary Faye Trollinger Ellen Rebecca Trotter Frederick Elwood Tucker Gary Wayne Tutterow Richard James Tysinger William Cicero Varner Margie Ann Vaughn Garland Edward Venoble Montiz Marie Vickers Keith Weldon Voncannon, Jr Juanita Voncannon Paul Stephen Vuncannon Weitzel Howard Wadleigh Mary Gwendolyn Wagner Tommy Mitchell Wagoner Gary Wayne Walker Hilda May Walker Jillian Cole Ward Ralph Edward Ward Russell Michael Ward William Miller Watts, Jr. Harold Newby Welch Ronald Gray Welch Geahola Gaynelle West William Lewnett West Barbara Jean Whitaker Francia Lea White Artus Vann Wicker Johnnie Frances Wicker Betty' Louise Wilbourne Bonnie Odeon Williams Robert Donald Wright Patricia Gail Yates Roger Dale Yates Linda Kay York Ruby Dianne York Vicki Lynn York Jacquelin Sue Young Linda Elizabeth Young "S. O. S." A great twister doesn't need music! aswuo-sung ik ,an-.,Q.,,+ rm- A 1-f iw. 1 5. -fd: 5 Q s W ,. ZLA w mwk, M . L P5 D N. A W -Q. - K n. T - E A A J? has 4: N1 mile ' Mn gg .pw 1 .Q-, A W' 21' WIA. lil 3l .... ...Q A' ' ' 1,8 ,I 'Swag-iH.g,m, Q Ik W.. . L up N-F ,Q 4 Fignm K - AX ,,. 45iw"'x ww- A 5 S -3-'swf Q ,Q wf gk 8 " i' f,,,x.'+e mffvs " g ., .L 1 WM Q s . UsiQ 1' 'Y 1 CLARK'S SERVICE STATION 843 West Salisbury Street Amoco Products Phone MA 5-2203 C. C. HOWELL 81 SONS Best Wishes BANK OF RANDOLPH FASHION FABRICS CENTER II23 South Fayetteville "School Fabric Headquarters" LANE FURNITURE Furniture - Accessories - Draperies N. Elrn Street MA 5-2360 DAL K. RICH BRICK 853 S. Cox St., Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 5-2489 FOX PROFESSIONAL DRUG IO2l S. Fayetteville Street HILLSIDE SHOPPING CENTER Phone MA 5-5225 Asheboro, North Carolina NEELY AND LISK INSURANCE AGENCY "Your Independent Insurance Agents" Ryan R. Neely Tyler R. Lisk LARRY MILBERG CORP. Manufacturers of Ladies' Lingerie Best Wishes to the Graduating Class "Beautifully Built to Take Care of Itself" Ford Cars Falcon Cars Ford Trucks VESTAL MOTOR COMPANY 9II S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N. C. ED'S T.V. SERVICE I626 N. Fayetteville Phone MA 5-2600 Ramseur 824-42OI HSHEBUIIU HIISIEIIU IIIIIIS, IIIU A CRANFORD INDUSTRY Manufacturers and Finishers LADIES FULL FASHION AND SEAMLESS I-IOSIERY 169 WRIGHT'S STUDIO 1 MARSTON WRIGHT, Photographer S II7 Trade Street Phone MA 5-35I6 GULF PRODUCTS Portraits-Ch'Id Photography - Wedding and Comilnerciol Photography 455 Corner W. Salisbury and N. Park Sts. Asheboro, North Carolina Phone MA 5-4354 JACK'S SODA SHOP I 451 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro Phone MA 5-5259 RIDDLE-McNEElY, INC. Manhattan Shirts and Sportswear Lady Manhattan Shirts and Blouses London Fog Jackets and Raincoats Tuxedo Sales and Rental BEST wisHEs ,Y 'I We wish you three things: Wisdom to see the path ahead, PERRY's Courage to take it-and DANCELAND Faith to make the journey worthwhile. Union Carbide GARNER ri.oiusT 94,fw5.5ggI5gufy Consumer Products "ZOE 'lf WR, 'ilowifs' C 0 I UFS O m p G r1 Y Asheboro Plant P AND P CHAIR COMPANY 170 ff -illti in Ill ip Q,- W in : jg washlslig UA A v Q "Ura ru TU Ni STEDMAN MANUFACTURES A COMPLETE LINE OF FINEST QUALITY UNDERWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS, KNIT SPORTSWEAR, TOO our" U N D E R W E A R hue' n num an no W' STEDMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY - ASHEBORO. N. C. Now York o Oakland o Honolulu 171 K HARDIN'S FURNITURE HOUSE Highway 220 North JONES DEPARTMENT STORE The Store That Saves You Money Outfitters for Men, Women, and Children BLUE MIST DRIVE-IN ASHEBORO MOTOR COMPANY Asheboro, N. C. Highway U.S. 64 "Open 24 Hours" Chrysler . . . Plymouth Valiant , . . Imperial Sales and Service Asheboro, N. C. WOULDN'T IT BE FUN . . G 81 If you could go shopping in any kind of clothes, never worry about a parking space, browse all you wished, never, ever feel pressured into buying anything, yet find friendly folks to help you with your needs? lf, at one and the same place, you could buy all kinds of building sup- plies, fencing, hand tools, power tools, power mowers, lawn and garden tools, hunting supplies and sporting goods, paint, housewares, china, glassware, and all sorts of giftwares . . . All of these things are facts . . . not fantasy . . . at the eneral Hardware Lumber Company 239 White Oak Street Asheboro, N. C. COURIER-TRIBUNE Randolph County's Household Journal Since l876 A FRIEND CENTRAL BAKERY I22 North Church Street Asheboro, North Carolina Phone MA 5-3239 2 on BEST WISHES to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1962 HCIHE - IHCCHHRU CUHPURHTIUH "Where the Boys and Girls Meet" HALL-KNOTT, INC. MEN'S and BOYS' wear Young Ladies' Sportswear MID STATE MOTORS, INC. Show Room Sales Lot l49 W. Kivett St. 330 N. Fayetteville St Asheboro, N. C. KENAN MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY "lf it's insurance, we have it" 4l4 N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 5-6l4-4 CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. DURHAM PRINTING COMPANY L 81 L CLEANERS AND Printing -- Publishing - Engraving MA 52347 Asheborol N. E05 S' COX Sl' N. Asheboro Phone MA 5-3971 ,mm A - ru PL E E p,CvJ A L . YOUR TICKET T0 QUALITY! The Burlington quality triangle is your ticket to the best in textiles. Balfour Hosiery Co. a unit of ' 1 I 1 Burlmgton .......,.....-.... ...C EXECUTIVE OFFICES, GREENSBORO, N. C. MAN N'S Famous for Prescriptions Dependable Drug Stores 34l N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 5-6007 Asheboro, N. C. J. D. ROSS AND COMPANY Office and Institutional Furniture Asheboro, North Carolina ASHEBORO PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 1103 Sunset Extension Phone MA 5-6141 Asheboro, North Carolina BETTER LIFE STORE "Your Discount I-louse" 658 N. Fayetteville St. Phone MA 5-4027 Self-Service -Complete Department Store ASH EBORO J EWELRY COMPANY 125 Sunset Avenue "Home of the Truly Fine" HERLOCKER OIL COMPANY Distributors of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Dial MA 5-4242 CANOY NURSERIES Asheboro, N. C. First in Quality Fairest in Prices-Fastest in Service "A Satisfied Customer ls Our First Consideration" 2403 N. Fayetteville St. Ext. Phone MA 5-4700 E. T. WALTON, REALTOR Loans, Property, Management, Sales MA 5-2410 ASHEBORO ELECTRIC COMPANY 512 S. Fayetteville St. MA 5-2266 NORTH STATE FINANCE CO. Auto Loans- Insurance Financing 323 Sunset Ave. Phone MA 5-2137 COFFIN 8: SCARBORO Quality Shoes Since 1915 121 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina GRIFFIN BAKING COMPANY "Bakers of quality products for over a quarter century" Ask for our . . . Pies, Honeybuns, and Mello Cream Doughnuts at your favorite store. S. E. HAUSER, INC. Institutional Wholesale Groceries High Point, N. C. :ann VIVIIV J. D. CROOM COMPANY 140-42 S. Fayetteville St. Dealers in Office Supplies Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 9-9106 David R. Elliott, Owner LUCK'S, INCORPORATED Packers of 'LUCK'S "COUNTRY STYLE" PRODUCTS Seagrove, N. C. Phone 2661 ALVI N'S FURNITURE 81 UPHOLSTERY Complete House Furnishings Reupholstery 81 Interior Decorating MA 5-6033 TEAGUE'S ESSO SERVICE ESSO Gas and Products MA 5-6266 Cor. Cox St. 81 Dixie Drive 24 hour Wrecker Service HAYWORTH MOTOR COMPANY BUICK-OPEL 532 S. Fayetteville St. COMMERCIAL COLLEGE OF ASHEBORO Secretarial Course Stenographic Course Junior Accounting General Business Speedwriting IBM Key Punch Machine Training Nancy Taylor Course 19 South Fayetteville MA 5-4094 Asheboro, North Carolina Phone MA 5-6177 HOLT'S QUALITY CLEANERS Hondcleaning A Specialty "You Know Holt" .,,ff""A , ful-'sal W .----"" ' ML y,,.'-"X 7 1 ' ,' v' A ' 3 Hudson-Belk H. R. Trollinger Department Store 8' Sons REALTORS Guilford Dairy Holsum Bread Co 1 Best Wishes to the Class of '62 ALLEN MACHINE 81 SUPPLY CO. Phone MA 5-5ll9 420 Industrial Park Ave. RANDOLPH PACKING COMPANY Boneless Meat Our Specialty Dial MA 5-6262 Asheboro, N. C. ELLIS PRINTING COMPANY l7I9 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina TOWN AND COUNTRY FURNITURE CO., INC. Furniture and Appliances Asheboro, North Carolina ASHEBORO SHEET METAL ROOFING Heating and Air Conditioning 204 West Ward Street Asheboro, North Carolina CENTER PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 352 S. Fayetteville St. MA 5-2484 RANDOLPH OIL COMPANY Distributors of GULF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone MA 5-3497 l6l4 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, North Carolina THE BIG DEAL Shoes for the Entire Family I506 North Fayetteville St. CHARMEUSE HOSIERY INDUSTRIES, INC. Manufacturer of 400 Needle Seamless Hosiery DIXIE DEW CAFE Barbeque - Meals - Thick Milk Shakes 24 Hour Service N. Fayetteville Street STOCKNER AND BARNES Telephone MA 5-2l58 805 W. Salisbury St. Frigidaire Appliances Phonographs-Records Sporting Goods for Hunting and Fishing Household Necessities Paint and Supplies Television Sets Service M. C. WHITLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. Hauling and Grading West Dixie Drive, Asheboro Business Phone MA 5-4850 RECREATION SODA SHOP 156 S. Fayetteville St. DIXIELAND PHILLIPS "66" East Dixie Drive MA 5-4073 C. W. HENLEY CO. Goodyear Tires Westinghouse Appliances Motorola and Admiral T. V. MID-STATE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. "Competent Insurance Advisors" A. B. Sellers, Manager 200 Worth Street Phone MA 9-9144 Sandwiches Fountain Service DAVIS TIRE SERVICE . . . CENTRAL IRON AND STEEL Kelly Springfield Tires Recapping -Vulcanizing - Used Tires 103 W. Lanier Phone MA 5-4142 ' ' When in need of barber service see your friends at SUNSET BARBER SHOP 236 Sunset Avenue SEAGROVE LUMBER Dealers in Lumber Phone 2571 RANDOLPH ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. Asheboro, N. C. FARLOW FUNERAL HOME Phone MA 5-2155 Asheboro, North Carolina ASH EBORO DRY CLEANERS SCARBOROUGH'S MEN'S SHOP, INC. Van Heusen and Holbrook Shirts Michael-Stern Suits Tuxedo Sales and Rentals Peoples Savings and Loan Association BAKER'S SHOE STORE l2O Sunset Avenue Asheboro, North Carolina u IIE H . mgflflljxn l vi th f DRY cisiwms RICHARD GREY HOSIERY COMPANY l722 N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina SOUTHERN AUTO SALES Unusual Bargains in Better Cars 703 N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, N. C. TOMMY'S DRIVE-IN Barbecue - Eats - Sandwiches Thick Milk Shakes North Asheboro, North Carolina TIE-RITE NECKWEAR COMPANY AsHEBoRo, N. c. IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Contracting 8. Repairing l2O Trade Street Asheboro, North Carolina WILSON TILE COMPANY Established I9-'15 W. V. Wilson, Owner Office-IO27 Sunset Drive SCOTT BOOK STORE, INC School Supplies l4O-42 S. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, North Carolina Portable Typewriters REMINGTON, SMITH-CORONA, ROYAL Greeting Cards - Gifts - Books - Albums X Ll NE Food Line Super Markets 654 North Fayetteville 823 West Salisbury Main Street, Randleman "Shopping is fine at Food Line" D- W- HO'-T 8- COMPANY MARY CARTER PAINT stone International Harvester Products As always, the best in their field . . . and yours tool "Quality paints at Quantity prices" II2 East Kivett Street HUDSON 81 McRAE RFD 2, RANDLEMAN MARION'S YARN SHOP Knitting and Needlework Accessories 200 Oakmont Drive MA 5-5449 DIXIE FURNITURE COMPANY l 181 Esquire Socks Holeproof Hosiery Fruit-of-the-Loom Socks L, Bachelors' Friend . . . Mojud Hosiery Kayser Hosiery Watches- Diamonds-Music-Sporting Goods h Schiaparelli Stockings 322-324 Sunset Avenue P oenix Hosiery for Men and Women - Supphose for Men and Women Asheboro, North Carolina Manufactured by KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, INC. Burlington North Carolina McLAURIN CORPORATION Asheboro, North Carolina "You Can Count On Home" To Give The Finest Loan Service Anywhere HOME CREDIT CO. 19 S. Fayetteville St. Phone MA 9-9193 BULLARD FLORIST 1809 South Fayetteville St. Ext. ,.,..-if 1 Asheboro, North Carolina LEONARD ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR COMPANY Motor Rewinding - Repairing New 81 Used Motors 531 N. Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina SIR ROBERT MOTEL Television Swimming Pool - Room Phones Air Conditioned Hwy. U.S. 220 at Junction 49 E. 64 . and Associates, Inc. KATHERYN'S DRESS sHoP Consulting Engineers 111 North Street MONTGOMERY-GREEN Coll KITCHEN EQUIPMENT DEALERS Congratulates The Graduating Class of 1962 182 MACK'S SERVICE STATION QUINTON R. CAVINESS Expert Recapping--Vulcanizing Co. East Salisbury Street Phone MA 5-2411 East Dixie Drive Asheboro, North Carolina Asheboro, N' C. ROY CROSS, REAL ESTATE Builder - Loans 423 S. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 9-9101 and MA 9-9102 ROWE TAILORING AND TOWN MODES Asheboro, North Carolina Best Wishes RESTAURANT KING CARL ASHEBORO TOY AND HOBBY SHOP 516 S. Fayetteville St. MA 5-3306 "Toys For All Occasions" y B , MOFFITT KNITTING in A A ' I fm- MILLS, INC. Manufacturers of Men's and Women's Full-Fashion Banlon Sweaters 105 Beasley St. N. Asheboro 'P' xxx HOME FURNITURE COMPANY For Better Furniture At Lower Cost "There's no place like Horne" Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 5-2310 ASHEBORO PRINTING COMPANY Hedrich Arcade Building Asheboro, N. C. MA 5-3132 KEARNS SERVICE DRUG 803 W. Salisbury Street Phone MA 5-2216 Charter Service We Carry The Comets Asheboro Coach Co WAGON WHEEL RESTAURANT N. Fayetteville Street WEEKS AND ANDREWS CONSTRUCTION CO. Electrical Contractors South Cox Road Asheboro, N. C. W. F. ISLEY AND COMPANY Manufacturers of Printers Rollers 322-324 Lindsay St. Greensboro, N. C. STONE'S SHOES MA 9-9642 226 Sunset Avenue Dick Culler's Varsity Shop Your Young Men's Store PUGH FUNERAL HOME WOODLEY FURNITURE ll8 South Church Street Asheboro, North Carolina LEO HAMMER REALTOR Homes Loans Lots Rentals Sub-Divisions Management Commercial Professional Property Appraisals MA 5-6287 SOUTHSIDE SERVICE STATION Farley Lewis, Owner AMOCO GAS AND OIL DIAL MA 5-3498 l5l6 South Fayetteville St. With o solute to your progress this for in your education, ond with o sincere hope for still greoter progress in the yeors to come, best wishes from Hvgress fs 0ur Mosf fmporfanf Hoducf sENEnAL ELEcTnlc AUTOMATIC BLANKET PLANT g I i I 185 PIEDMONT AUTO PARTS CO., INC. MID-STATE PAPER BOX CO. HoP's B-Q Opposite Post Office Open 24 Hours A Day Except Sunday RANDOLPH FURNITURE CO. 523 N. Fayetteville St. Phone MA 5-2227 HEDGECOCK HOME BUILDING, INC. Our Specialty-Millwork Complete Home Building Supplies Phone MA 5-2195 251 Ross Street Asheboro, North Carolina BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 John W. Atwater, Jr., D.D.S. J. T. Barnes, M.D. Thurman C. Bulla, D.D.S. E. B. Cannon, M.D. Thornton R. Cleek, M.D. J. L. Cochran, M.D. B. B. Dalton, M.D. Robert E. Doak, D.C. Luther J. Earwood, D.V.M. W. H. Fowle, Ill, M.D. J. L. Fritz, M.D. Fred W. Graham, Jr., M.D. Walter R. Grimsley, D.D.S. Earlie R. Hill, D.C. George B. Johnston, M.D. George W. Joyner, M.D. J. A. Mclntosh, D.D.S. John O. Redding, M.D. Joseph R. Suggs, D.D.S. J. T. Thomas, D.D.S. R. E. Williford, M.D. Joel C. Whaley, O.D. HUNSUCKER PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Lithographers Il3 Trade Street Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 5-3589 YATES THRIFT STORE The Bargain Store That Hates High Prices ECONO OIL COMPANY Kerosene - Fuel - Gasoline HOLLINGSWORTH'S QUALITY JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches Silver - China - Glass 212 Sunset Avenue Southern Crown Milling Company Asheboro, North Carolina Manufacturers of GOLD BOND FLOUR Plain and Self-Rising BLUE RIBBON CORN MEAL Plain and Self-Rising BLUE RIBBON FEEDS DELK'S FLORIST 8. GREENHOUSE 2450 Raleigh Road DELK'S FLORIST 8- GIFT SHOP 314 N. Fayetteville St. f VICK BROS. ELECTRIC CO. Contracting and Repairing Phone MA 2-4290 Asheboro, North Carolina O. W. Vick T. E. Vick tc' Ill is l L H' ni, .,.., A ,mg . ,l , - P 2 iiri MAPLE GROVE DAIRY Sealtest Dairy Products SOUTHERN FLOOR COVERINGS Britt and Myrtle Gore A FRIEND THE RECORD SHOP Tops in Pops, LP's, Record Players, etc. Church Street MA 5-5350 RANDOLPH SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION l37 South Fayetteville Street Asheboro, North Carolina LEE M. KEARNS, REALTOR Loans, Sales, Rentals, Appraisals ROSES Sc, 'I0c, 81 25: STORES Congratulations, Seniors MA Sunset Ave, H. I. PARRISH . KEARNS TELEVISION SERVICE Gas and Oil Groceries, Meats, Produce, Flour, and Feed 1320 S- peyetteville Street Phone MA 5-3659 RED STAR TEXACO SERVICE I76 N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 5-2419 DREAMLAND MATTRESS COMPANY Buy Direct From Manufacturer At Halt Price 5l5 N. Fayetteville St. Asheboro, N, C. Best Wishes C. H. WOOD, INC. General Contractors Best Wishes to the Class of l962 REAVES WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE II7 Sunset Avenue MA 5-2l5l CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Auman Brothers Feed and Seed Store Hurley's Upholstery Co. Balfour Seafood Market J. B. Johns Insurance Agency Balfour Super Market Bonk's Cleaners Boone Oil Co. Boroughs TV 8. Appliance, lnc. Borrows Heating and Furniture Co. Central Food Market Central Gas and Appliance Co. Cheek Sign Company City Diaper Service Cox 81 Freeman Barber Shop Elliott's Seafood 81 Poultry Market Feezor's Food Store Flenniken's Upholstery Co. A Friend Grant's Beauty Salon Grimes Jewelry Store H 81 H Clothing Co. Hadley Coal Co. Harold's Beauty Salon D. F. Hayes Grocery W. l. Jones Lady's Beauty Salon Little Castle Mavine's Beauty Shop McCombs Grocery Miller's Jewelry B. C. Moore 84 Sons Nance Chevrolet Co., lnc. Paul's Curb Market Phillips Oldsmobile-Cadillac, Randolph FCX Red's Chicken Hut A. V. Rich's Grocery Smith's Auto Glass Shop Sykes Supply Co. Thomas Auto Sales Frank G. Toler, Sr. Von-Tex Hosiery Mills, lnc Wood Mutual Agency lnc AUTO SALES, INC. Your Plymouth, Valiant Dealer Complete Body and Service Dept. 503 N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 5-2500 Asheboro, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Asheboro, North Carolina Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Corporation BEST WISHES C'S SPORTING GOODS and AUTO ACCESSORIES B. B. WALKER SHOE CO. Manufacturers "WALKER BRAND" SHOES Asheboro, North Carolina For the Best in Food Dixie Drive-In Restaurant West on By-Pass DIXIE BURGER East on By-Pass DIXIE BAR-B-Q South on Fayetteville Bossong Hosiery Mill ASHEBORO DRUG CO. E PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS - FOUNTAIN I32 Sunset Avenue Phone MA 5-2176 ASHEBORO CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY Manufacturers SOLITE MASON RY BLOCKS Distributors BUILDING MATERIAL Asheboro, N. C, ,J BOWL-A-WHILE LANES Wishes Congratulations For Your Achievements And Scholarship During The Past Year Asheboro, N. C. Phone MA 9-9077 HARRELSON'S TEXACO SERVICE I22I N. Fayetteville Street Phone MA 9-9054 The Anchgr Asheboro, North Carolina 191 Allred Adams, Jane Julie 57, 91, 112, 113, 155 Advertisements 168-192 Aldridge, William Clyde 155 Allen, Charles Lee 104, 149 Allen, Allen, Allred, Allred, Allred, Allred, Allred, Allred, Allred, Allred llene Kay 51, 57, 81, 85, 91,113,149 Melissa Kay 155 Brenda Faye 155 Charles Robert 55, 90, 99, 100, 149 Charles Samuel 72, 73, 155 James Steve 161 Linda Ma-e 63, 79, 133 Laris Dean 161 Lynwood Bailey 149 Michael Don 74, 90, 107, 133 Odell Ray 161 Ammdns, Henry Cornelius 155 Anderson, Ronald Mac 155 Andrews, Miss Marie 22, 50 Anthony, Mrs. Evelyn 93 Appreciation 5 Art 41 Arthur, Anne Maxwell 84, 149 Ash-Hi-Chat Staff 64 Ash-Hi-Life Staff 62, 63 Assemblies 75 Auman, Arthur Jerry 90, 133 Auman Auman Auman Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, , Paul Darrel 149 Bailey Baird, Baker , Elizabeth Ann 55, 82, 149 , Johnny Everett 72, 73, 155 , Michael Roe 51, 84, 133 Carolyn Ruth 74, 133 Darius Wayne 59, 161 Marilyn Sue 133 Nancy Jane 67, 74, 77, 85, 133 Mar Jane 81 85 149 1 Y 1 I Baldwin, Mrs. Annie 93 Baldwin, Barbara Ann 161 Baldwin, Rebecca Boone 161 Band 72, 73 Barbee, Linda Maxine 155 Bare, Tony Edwin 161 Barham, Berlin Francis 57, 101, 155 Barham, Robert Martin 72, 73, 76, 149 Barker, Brenda Caroll 59, 80, 161 Barton, John Robert 51, 84, 149 Barton, Thomas Michael 110, 161 Baseball 102, 103 Bass, Gregory Jon 110, 161 Bean, Eddie Graham 155 Bean, Joyce Anne 83, 133 Bean, Larry Charles 161 Beane, Beane, Beane, Beane, Beane, Bean-e, Beane, Beane, Beane, Beane, Alfred Lyndon 133 Betty Ann 155 Brenda Ga le 72 73 77, 85, 149 161 Y I 1 Carolyn Jewel 59, 80, John Calvin 161 Joseph Farrell 133 Mary Eunice 72, 155 Patricia Ann 161 Rebecca Lucile 133 Roy Steven 74, 101, 161 Thomas Scott 51, 100, 101, 161 Beane, Beasley, Cleveland Allen 161 Beasley, Steve Austin 161 Beaver, Brenda Faye 161 Belding, Barbara Estelle 80, 161 Benbow, Elizabeth Ann 59, 161 Benbow, Frank Monroe 82, 133 2 Bennett, Delanous Cleo 100, 102, 149 Bennett, Dickie Ray 100, 161 Bennett, Layman Lee 161 Benson, John Howard 155 Beta Club 78 Biddle, Ronald Errington, Jr, 78, 81, 129, 133 Black, Thomas Edward 161 Blackwell, James Stevens 104, 155 Blackwell, Ralph Lee 155 Blanton, Linda Faye 155 Boling, Boling, Boling, Lana Kay 80, 161 Nancy Hughes 79, 92, 133 Phillip Verban 161 Bolton, Patricia Ann 161 Bonin, John Alfred 104, 161 Bonkemeyer, Sue Carol 149 Boone, Elaine Marjorie 80, 86, 149 Boone, James Lee, Jr. 161 Boone, Mitchell David 59, 161 Bost, Timothy Rader 161 Bostick, Miss Helen 22, 68, 78, 85 Bowers, Donnie Lynn 51, 59, 100, 101, 110, 161 Bowman, Jo Anne 155 Bowman, Patsy Diane 85, 88, 149 Boys' Basketball 108, 109 Boys' Monogram Club 90 Brady, William Calvin 74, 161 Brannock, Amy Louise 147 Branson, Mr. Merton H. 22, 45, 83 Branson, Neal Rockford 147 - Brantley, James Monroe 161 Bray, Richard Eldon 155 Brazier, Thomas William, Jr. 57, 76, 100, 101, 104, 155 Breedlove, Gary Eugene 83, 149 Brenner, David Charles 53, 63, 76, 78, 81, 84, 85, 86, 124, 131, 134 Brewer, James Vernon 149 Brewer, Lena Dianne 161 Brewer, Phyllis Ann 55, 64, 79, 149 Bridgers, Mary Holmes 161 Briles, Cecilia Vermutus 59, 161 Briles, Neva Ann 91, 113, 155 Brim, Raeford Griffin 155 Brim, Raymond Gilbert 53, 67, 68, 78, 81, 84, 85, 88, 134 Bristow, Patricia Carolyn 155 Britt, Betty Karen 161 Britt, Sandra Jane 88, 155 Britt, Vickie Carolyn 161 Brittain, David Roger 149 Brittain, Stephen Royals 84, 101, 149 Brookshire, Mr. G. Glenn 22, 87 Brower, Brower, Brower, Brower, Brower, Brown, Jeanie Craven 15 Karen Elizabeth 53, 63, 77, 85, 89, 91, 96, 118, 134 Larry Lee 161 Stanley Ferree 161 Stephen Hayworth 90, 134 Brenda Sue 161 Brown, William Edward 161 Brown, Gary Lynn 161 Brown, Genna Faye 161 Brown, Glenn Lee 161 Brown, Henry Ray 134 Brown, James Earl 57, 72, 73, 155 Brown, Martha Jane 91, 113, 155 Brown, Mary Anne 134 Brown, Brown, Mary Jane 161 Riley Wade 134 Brown, William Davis 104, 149 Browne, Barry Jonathan 161 Browne, Charles Talmadge 72, 73, 155 Bryson, Kenneth Worth 161 Buie, Angus McCree 161 Buie, Miss Katherine 22, 88 Buie, Thomas Andrew 161 Bulla, Anita Cheryl 51, 55, 79, 85, 149 Bulla, Dinah Daye 80, 161 Bulla, Jane Cozart 72, 73, 77, 85, 149 Bulla, Patsyanna Wallace 79, 149 Bulla, Robert Franklin 90, 100, 102, 103, Bullard, Larry Dean 161 Bullins, Brenda Catherine 74, 155 Bullins, Jerry Lee 50, 62, 76, 85, 134 Bullins, Judith Dianne 91, 112, 113, 155 Bullins, Kenneth Wayne 161 Bullins, Troy Edward 87, 155 Bunting, Gary Darrell 155 1 Caviness, Shirley Florine 57, 88, 155 Chandler, Susan Kearns 51, 58, 59, BO, 161 Chandler, Wallace Scarboro, Jr. 161 Chapman, Marvin Watzel 100, 101, 161 Cheek, Evelyn Diane 77, 79, 91, 92, 112, 113, 149 Cheek, Mrs. Mamie 93 Cheerleaders 96, 97 Chilton, Mr. Billy D. 23, 54, 81, 84 Chisholm, Janet Carol 155 Chorus 74 Chrisco, Charles Winford, Jr. 74, 90, 104, 135 Chrisco, Gwendolyn Joyce 88, 149 Chriscoe, Donald Edward 155 Chriscoe, Emily Chisholm 57, 155 Bunting, Glenda Faye 79, 149 Burge, Brenda Preston 72, 73, 155 Burgess, Della Rose 77, 81, 149 Burkhead, Stephen Ferree 59, 104, 161 Burns, Edwin Eugene 155 Burris, Julia Allen 155 Burroughs, Janie Marie 88, 155 Burrow, Annie Jurine 79, 134 Burrow, Obert Charles 100, 101, 161 Burrows, Mildred Elizabeth 155 Burrows, Randy Lee 155 Bus Drivers' Club 87 Byerly, John Thomas 155 Byrd, Bonnie Sue 161 Byrd, Charles Kenneth 161 Byrd, Robert Henry, Ill 155 Byrd, Roberta Davis 68, 82, 134 Byrum, Gayle Jewel 155 Byrum, Linda Carol 83, 134 Cagle, Eunice Jo Ann 88, 149 Cain, Don Richard 134 Cain, Jane Ellen 57, 155 Chriscoe, Maggie Rosalee 86, 149 Chriscoe, Samuel Lewis 155 Church, Rebecca Joanne 51, 80, 91, 113, 161 Clark, Dee Lane 74, 80, 91, 113, 161 Clark, Emily Dianne 59, 161 Clark, Ronald Edward 161 Clayton, Emily Kathleen 55, 82, 149 Cleek, Thomas Rich 135 Clodfelter, Karen Elizabeth 63, 68, 77, 78, 85, 89, 91, Coble, Georgia Carol 155 Coble, Martha Elizabeth 155 Cockman, Terry Lee 161 Coggins, Bonice Elaine 80, 161 Cole, Benjamin Ray 67, 68, 78, 84, 89, 131, 135 Coleman, Maria Gayle 64, 81, 86, 135 Collins, Robert Lee 149 Coltrane, Janice Ann 80, 161 Commercial 38 Congleton, John Richard 161 Conner, -Kenneth Alvin 155 Cook, Harold Dalton 149 Cook, Nancy Carolyn 80, 155 Cooper Brenda Faye 80, 161 Cooper, Charlene LaDare 155 Campbell Caldwell, Callicutt, Ca I l icutt, Callicutt, Calloway, Calloway, Cameron, Ronnie Lee 155 Allen Lee 161 Barbara Jean 161 Charles Thomas 149 Donald Andrew 161 Martha Ellen 51, 97, 155 John Bruce, Jr. 72, 110, 161 Cameron, Linda Sue 68, 85, 134 Campbell, Jerry Wilmer 90, 102, 155 Campbell John Wayne 155 Rita Jo 155 Cooper, Doris Anne 79, 80, 149 Cooper, Ernest Edward 161 Cooper, Juan Dale 155 Cooper, Patsy Marcella 80, 161 Cooper, Richard Martin, 78, 87, 135 Cornelison, Arie Sue 80, 155 Cornelison, Carol Blanche 78, 80, 86,. Cornelison, Lynda Ann 80, 162 Councilman, Linda Gray 79, 149 Councilman, Lydia Jane 162 Cox, Howard Thomas 162 Cox Jam-es Wesley, Jr. 162 1 Cox Larry Gene 162 1 Canipe, Linda Maxine 161 Cannon, Elizabeth Armfield 91, 112, 113, 161 Cannon, Eugene Bedford, Jr. 76, 90, 100, 110, 155, 157 Cannon, Tony Lee 155 Canoy, Brenda Faye 161 Canoy, Larry William 149 Canoy, Nancy Lou 74, 134 Carroll, Sharleen Marie Ann 161 Carroll, Timothy Charles 1, 62, 78, 81, 89, 130, 135 Carter, Mrs. Ina 93 Carter, Martha Jean 161 Carter, Thomas Kearns 51, 135 Cashion, Nancy Katherine 161 Caudill, Janice Jane 161 Causey, Judy Fon 161 Cox, Linda Carol 155 Cox, Louis Kritz 108, 149 Cox, Raeford Eugene 149 Cox, Roy David 51, 54, 72, 73, 76, 81, 149 Cox, Sandra Louise Dean 155 Cox William Russell, Jr. 90, 135 Cranford, Betty Jean 79, 135 Cranford, Brenda Lucille 162 Cranford, David Eugene 135 Cranford, James Albert 155 Cranford, Lawrence Beauford 90, 135 Cranford, Phillip Lane 82, 136 Cranford, Tommy Lee 155 Craven, Brenda Kaye 57, 91, 97, 156 Caveness, Mrs. Kittie J. 22, 66, 77 Caveness, Richard Sidney 155 Caviness, Betty Gail 77, 81, 85, 135 Caviness, Cathy Gertrude 161 Caviness, Patricia Ann 161 Cav iness, Ronnie Alfred 58, 161 Craven, Craven, Craven, Craven, Craven, Craven, 193 Carolyn Olivia 136 Daniel Eugene 84, 162 Jerry Reisel 87, 156 Linda Carolyn 59, 77, 162 Linda Jo 149 Phillip Ronald 90, 100, 149 96, 127, 135 Crawford, Elmer Chris 136 Creech, Ronald Edwin, 136 Cribb, Lynn Gail 162 Croft, John James, lll 81, 110, 15 Cromer, Tommy Russell 162 Croom, James Dallas, lll 162 Crowder, Joyce Ann 149 Crowley, Chris Clark 162 Cundiff, Patricia Ramona 156 Curtis, Dwain Clarkson 156 Custodians 93 6 Dobbs, Lewis Hal 162 Dalton, Edward Turner 76, 86, 90, 99, 100, 1 Dalton, Nola Jean 91, 112, 113, 156 Davidson, Gary Sanford 100, 101, 156 Davidson, June Rosalyn 162 Davidson, Selven Jerome 83, 149 Davidson, Tommie Ann 156 Davidson, Victor Colon 162 Davis, Betty Rose 162 Davis, Carol Ruth 162 Davis Dremia Joyce 57, 156 Davis Eddie Trent 86, 102, 103, 162 Davis, J. B. 53, 90, 102, 103, 136 Davis, James Edward 149 Davis James Mackie 149 Davis, Mary Kay 162 Davis, Mary Teena 156 Davis, Nellie Lee 162 Davis, Norris Daniel 150 Davis Rose Marie 156 1 04,112, 12 FOQQS, Fairclot Patricia Ann 162 h, Mr. A. W. 20 Faircloth, Mrs. Mildred T. 23, 64, 89 Farlow, Alice Loraine 59, 72, 73, 80, 162 Farlow, David Briles 72, 156 Felton, Mr. Vernon S. 23 Ferree, Linda Gail 80, 162 Ferree, Robert Gray 55, 81, 85, 90, 100, 150 Fetner, Merrill Elizabeth 156 Fields, Mr, Joseph B. 23, 72 Fischer, Frances Melanie 156 Davis, Sandra Rae 57, 156 Davis, Virginia Mae 88, 150 Davis, William Jerry 90, 150 Dedication 4 Dennis, Billy Wade 162 Dennis, James Cecil 162 Derr, Mrs. Walker W. 23 Dildy, Jane Elizabeth 72, 73, 81, 84 Dildy, Pamela Ann 77, 81, 150 Distributive Education 82 Diversified Occupation 83 Dixon, Roger Dean 156 Dockery, Mr. James 92 Dorsett, Hoyt Nelson 162 Draughn, Jerrie Lois 79, 88, 150 Draughn, Richard Monroe 100, 101, 162 Dula, William Everette 84, 162 Dunlap, Brenda Louise 162 Dunlap, Claude William 162 Dunn, Joyce Donna 79, 150 Dunn, Mamie Louise 162 Dunn, Willa Mae 79, 150 Dunning, Walter Clinton 87, 150 Durham, David Browning 72, 90, 99, 100, 104, 136 Durham, Peggy Jo 80, 162 Dute, Betty Jane 68, 77, 84, 91, 116, 121, 136 Dwiggins, William Anthony 136 Edenfield, Delila Louise 51, 156 Edmondson, Dr. Frank, Jr. 20 Edmondson, Frank, Ill 57, 76, 102, 110, 156 Edwards, Priscilla Ilene 63, 79, 92, 136 Efird, Opal Coleen 156 Elliott, Sylvia Ann 162 English 30, 31 Essick, Don Lee 82, 136 Everall, Ulyesse Charles 55, 82, 90, 150 Flenniken, Mrs. Leno R. 4, 23 Flenniken, Wanda Lane 62, 77, 80, 150 Flowers, Sondra Kay 80, 162 Floyd, Donald Ray 156 Floyd, James Grayson 90, 136 Football 98, 99, 100, 101 Faust, Eddie Alexander 72, 162 Fox, Mr. Glenn Elbert 24, 81 Frazier, Sandra Jean 55, 63, 77, 85, 89, 150 Freeman, Catherine Ann 77, 150 Freeman, Janis Lee 72, 73, 156 Freeman, Jerry Lee 162 Freeman, Mary Frances 77, 81 89, 136 Freeman, Millard Phillip 50, 63, 76, 78, 89, 90, 102, 109, 122, 131, 136 Freeman, Paul Reece 162 French Club 85 Freshmen 161-165 Fritz, Lucretia Cranford 81, 85, 150 Frye, James Wayne 51, 82, 150 Frye, Jerry Leon 156 Frye, John Wesley 162 Funderburk ,Charles Irwin 162 Furr, Barbara Ann 162 Furr, Carolyn Sue 162 Furr, Mary Jane 156 Furr, Ronald Larry 82, 137 Future Business Leaders of America Club 79 Future Homemakers of America Club 80 Future Teachers of America Club 77 Gallimore, Terry Ann 162 Golyon, Luther Ellis, Jr. 150 Gardner, Nell Wakefield 59, 77, 85, 89, 137 Garkalns, Richard Julius 101, 110, 162 Garkalns, Rieta Irene 80, 86, 89, 137 Garner Dennis Michael 162 Garner, Mrs, Esther 93 Garner, Janice Elizabeth 84, 156, Garner, Linda Ann 156 Garner, Loretta Jane 50, 85, 150 Gentle, Floyd Larry 82, 150 Gentle, Lucretia Kay 162 Gentry, James Elmo 64, 76, 78, 85 Gilmore, Phyllis Ruth 156 89, 137 Girls' Basketball 112, 113 Girls' Monogram Club 91 Glisson, Miss M. Angelyn 24, 91, 112 Goins, Margie Marie 156 Golf 106 Graham, Barbara Kay 162 Grant, Gwendolyn Faye 156 Grant, Rebecca ldella 162 Graves, Mary Martha 150 Gray, Evelyn Marie 156 Green, Larry Ray 85, 150 Green, Burnie Keith 72, 73, 156 Greene, Linda Faye 162 103, 108 Greene, Patricia Anne 162 Greeson, James McKindley 162 Grey, Norman Fox 55, 85, 150 Grimsley, James Otis 63, 76, 85, 90, 102, 103, 108, Guidance 47 Gwyn, Richard Walter 162 Haddock, Harvey Lee 162 Hadley, Emma Susan 51, 77, 81, 85, 150 Hadley, Martha Jane 162 Haigler, Richard James 156 Haithcock, Larry Julian 81, 84, 104, 156 Hall, Brenda Wright 53, 83, 137 Hall, Carol Ann 77, 78, 85, 89, 137 Hall, Dale Parker 150 Hall, James Edwin 156 Hall, Kerry Dean 156 Hall, Margaret Louise 77, 78, 86, 137 Hall, Ruby Elaine 156 Hamilton, Oramae Ellen 163 Hamilton, Joseph Elroy 90, 104, 150 Hamilton, Martha Lou 91, 113, 156 Hamilton, Stephen Spencer 137 Hammer, Leo Maxton, Jr. 67, 137, 167 Hammonds, James Franklin 156 Hancock, Alice Faye 79, 150 Flo d Ja 162 Hancock, y y Hancock, George Nicholas 68, 78, 84, 86, 137 Hancock, Mrs. Iona 93 Hancock, Lloyd Ray 162 Hanes, Linda Sue 162 Hardin, Bessie Ruth 63, 78, 79, 129, 137 Hardin, Bettie Jo 77, 89, 150 Hardin, John Talton 162 Hardin, Mary Elizabeth 64, 77, 85, 89, 137 Hardister, James Tony 104, 162 Harmon, Mr. Lloyd 93 Harmon, Ruby Lee 156 Harper, Allan Kent 162 Harper, Brenda Jo 162 Harrelson, Judy Lee 162 Harris, Dexter Eugene 162 Harris, Harry Madison 162 Harris, Mr. Moyer Lester, Jr. 24, 72, 74 Harris, Tommy Martin 156 Hartsell, Virginia Edith 57, 156 Harvell, Linda Faye 156 Harvell, Timothy Nathaniel 156 Harwell, Patricia Ann 53, 63, 78, 79, 124, 137 Havens, Virginia Ellen 77, 137 Hawks, Barbara Gail 88, 156 Hawks, Carol Ellen 138 Hawks, Larry William 162 Hayes, John Thomas 156 Hayes, Ralph Stephen 162 Hayworth, Charlotte Stansill 55, 72, 73, 85, 150 Hayworth, Thomas Vernon 76, 150 Hayworth, William Wade 76, 84, 86, 90, 105, 138 Helms, John Reese 90, 100, 110, 156 Helms, Penny Elizabeth 80, 91, 112, 113, 162 Hendrix, Judi Carol 79, 86, 92, 150 Henley, Brenda Kay 156 Henry, Mary Katherine 88, 162 Henry, Sarah Jane 51, 54, 55, 89, 91, 96, 150 Henson, Fay Carol 74, 82, 138 Henson, Sandra Lee 150 Hepl-er, Katherine Arlene 79, 150 Hethcock, Clarice Elaine 162 Hicks, Richard Sylvester 156 Hill, Mrs Barbara Barger 1, 24, 45, 62, 82 109, 150 Hill, Linda Carol 162 Hill, Shirley Ann 162 Hill, Thomas Ray 150 Hinesley, Larry Lester 162 Hinshaw, Sharon Rose 79, 138 Hobson, Judith Elizabeth 51, 81, 91, 96, 1 Hodgin, Hodgin, Brenda Drew 91, 113, 162 Thomas Whiston 138 Hogan, Golda Carol 51, 59, 162 Holland, Mr. Dwight M. 1, 24, 41, 62, Holland, Wade Dennis 162 Holt, Forrest Dean 138 Holt, Judith Dawn 138 Holt, Judy Paulette 74, 92, 156 Holt, Mildred lrene 72, 73, 150 Holt, Mrs. Olimbe D. 21 Homecoming 70-71 Home Economics 44 Honeycutt, Judy Faye 162 Honor Section 116-131 Hooker, Hooker, Hooker, Hoover, Hopkins, Horner, Horton, Houser, Howell, Howell, John Clay 162 Mrs. Mary 93 Michael Douglas 59, 162 Rachel Rebecca 80, 162 Sanda Lee 156 Peggy Allison 72, 73, 162 Elizabeth Dianne 80, 162 Jesse Roger 156 Betty Frances 156 Cora Sue 156 Hubbard, Karen Ann 59, 162 Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Miss Julia K. 24 Terry Jean 162 Vickie Ann 80, 150 Hudspeth, James Thomas 156 Hudspeth, Judith Ann 156 Huff, Clyde Ray 90, 99, 100, 138 Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Hughes, Mr. C. E. 20 Cerelda Jean 77, 86, 138 Charles Harry 72, 73, 84, 150 David Neal 101, 110, 156 Jerry Kenneth 162 Larry Kenneth 72, 73, 156 Lois Jean 162 Mary Senith 62, 64, 68, 77, 85, Hulin, Gary Warren 90, 104 150 Humble, James Joseph 104, 150 Humble, Jimmy Hubert 162 Hunsucker, Jerry Edward 102, 156 Hunsucker, Paula Jann 80, 162 Hurst, Mr. Alec J., Jr. 25, 101, 104 Hussey, Hussey, Miss Faye 93 Judy Lee 163 Hutchens, Kenneth Charles 110, 163 Hutson, Judy Ann 163 Industrial Arts 43 lngold, Glenn Harvey 102, 156 lngold, Linda Bernice 163 In Memoriam 6, 146 Intramurals Ill Isley, Carolyn Marie 57, 156 lslev, Harry Peoples 53, 90, 99, 100, 127, 138 Isom, John David 163 Jarrell, Joey Steven 163 Jarrell, Johnny Leon 59, 87, 101, 102, 163 Jarrell, Linda Sue 57, 156 Jarrell, Norma Jean 163 195 50 66 I 89, 122 Jarrett, Mr. Donald G., Jr. 25, 86 Jarvis, Barbara Ella 53, 64, 67, 77, 138 Jarvis, Linda Ray 57, 88, 156 Jenkins, Benjamin Plato, lll 76, 77, 86, 90, 107, 138 Jessup, Brenda Mae 156 Jester, Karen Elizabeth 163 Johns Johns on, Betty Lou 55, 150 on, Darrell Gene 138 Johnson, Edward Lee 74, 90, 100, 150 Johnson, Garland Lee 163 Johnson, Henry Eugene 83, 139 Johnson, Mary Rebecca 81, 156 Johnson, Minnie Rose 79, 139 Johnson, 157 Johnson, Sandra Jean 80, 163 Johnston, George Thomas Browne, Jr. 59, 100, 101, 110, 163 Jones, Dalma Bright, Jr. 51, 53, 76, 139 J ones Jones Jones , Evelyn Louise 163 , Malcolm Wayne 72, 150 , Priscilla Ann 67, 77, 80, 85, 89, 139 Jon-es, Ralph Douglas 163 Jones, Sandra Lee 163 Jones, Thomas Stephen 163 Ronald Smitherman 76, 100, 101, 102, 103, 108, 109, Jordan, Charles Ronald 157 Jordan, Linda Dianne 112, 113, 157 Joyner, George William, Jr. 76, 78, 85, 90, 107, 108, 109, 116, 119, 131, 139 Judd, Patricia Agnes 55, 73, 74, 150 Juniors 149-153 Junior Play 68 Junior-Senior Prom 65 J. V. Basketball 1 10 Katcham, Paula Jane 51, 157 Kearns, Emily Sue 52, 53, 67, 77, 85, 91, 1 Kearns, Jesalyn Ruth 59, 80, 163 Kearns, Larry Allen 163 Keeling, Judy Marrion 163 Kemp, Susan DeEtte 59, 80, 97, 163 Kennedy, Richard Leon 157 Key Club 76 Kindley, Barbara Jean 63, 79, 139 King, Alvin Darrell 72, 73, 157 King, Bobby James 163 King, Carl Lonnie 53, 74, 86, 90, 108, 109, 139 King, David Paul 163 King Harold Steve 157 King, Jimmie Lewis 163 King, King Julius Howard 150 Kenneth Eugene 163 Kinney, Frank Edward 163 Lombe, Thomas Cornette 163 Lambert, Richard Wayne 157 Lancaster, Miss Merle Etta 25 Lane, Diane Lavada 53, 62, 67, 68, 72, 73, 77, 78, 120, 139 Lane, Harry Douglas 104, 163 Lane, Mr. James R. 20 Language 39 Lanier, James Herbert 163 Lanier, Martha Jean 81, 85, 151 Lanier, Mary LaRue 74, 86, 139 Lassiter, Rebecca Ann 81, 139 Lassiter, Sue Ellen 163 Laughlin, Arrington Jackson 157 Lautenschleger, Eldora Lee 79, 92, 151 Lawrence, Joyce Elaine 163 Ledwell, Sandra Alta 163 Lee, Melville Thomas 163 Lee, Rickey LaVonne 157 Lemons, James Baxter 85, 140 Leonard, Charlotte Dianne 163 Lethco, William Harold 56, 157 Lewallen, Eugenia Louise 74, 140 Lewallen, Jimmie Ray 150 Lewis, Edith Gayle 163 Lewis, Gary Randal 55, 72, 73, 151 Lewis, Herschel Horton 157 Lewis, Mary Devenia 140 Lewis, Thomas Dewitt 157 Library 46 Liles, Emily Florence 77, 81, 151 Lineberry, Danny Wayne 163 Lineberry, James Ray 157 Linville, Melva Ann 163 Lloyd, Ervin Eugene 104, 157 Loflin, Aaron Wallace 51, 100, 101, 163 Lomax, Vicki Lynn 163 Long, Donna Faye 55, 77, 151 Long, Mrs. Erma T. 25 Lovin, Mr. Fred M. 25 Lowrance, Mr. J. A. 20 Lowrance, Jerry William 163 Lowry, Barbara Lynne 80, 163 Lucas, Joseph Michael 163 Lucas, Terry Lynn 157 Lucas, Wanda Lou 77, 85, 140 Luck, Jerry Wrenn 140 Luther, Rebecca Jane 74, 163 Lyle, Steven Evans 163 Lyndon, Kenneth Michael 163 MacDonald, Danny Ray 163 Kinney, Jerry Lee 157 Kinney, Linda Carol 163 Kinney, Marsha Dee 88, 157 Kinney, Susan Marie 77, 80, 81, 150 Kirby, William Bradley 64, 139 Kirkman, Edward Steve 150 Kivett, Barbara Brown 64, 150 Kivett, George Clayton 150 MacDonald, Mary Ruth 79, 140 McBride, Delphia Lee 83, 140 McBride, Rickie Edwin 157 McBride, Vena Margaret 80, 163 McCartney, Ottaway Kenton, lll 50, 76, 90, 140 McCombs, Mr. Curtis E. 25, 110 McCormick, Martha Maria 163 McCrary, Carol Franklin 55, 85, 91, 96, 118, 151 Kivett, Howard Herman 100, 101, 110, 163 Kivett, Martha Alice 51, 52, 63, 77, 85, 91, 139 Knighton, Elaine Christine 59, 163 Know les, Terry Lee 151 Korn, Rita Ann 163 McCubbin, McDonald, McDonald Phyllis Ann 163 William Larry 163 William Ray 140 McDoweIl,I Nolan Mllby sl, 55, 151 McDowell, McDowell, McFadden Patricia Diana 157 Willie Richard 88, 100, 151 David Morris 55, 62, 76, 81, 90, 100, 108, 151 Lamb, Edwin Doyle 163 Lamb, Richard Joseph 82, 139 Lamb, Thomas Eugene 163 McFadden, James Stuart 76, 81, 101, 110, 157 McFatter, Joan Elizabeth 80, 163 McGrady, Benton Rush 157 McGrath, Edwin Ross, Jr. 140 Mclntosh, Margaret Ann 58, 59, 91, 112, 113, 163 Mclntyre, Timothy Michael 157 McKeel, Nancy Lynn 157 McKenzie, Phyllis Jane 163 McLean, Miss Sylvia 25, 58 McLeod, Sandra Kay 163 McMaster, Danielle Kay 56, 57, 81, 157 McMasters, Eugene Robert 151 McNair, Linda Joyce 79, 140 McNeill, Brenda Joyce 74, 140 McNeill, Carolyn Ann 157 McNeill, Sylvia Dare 51, 59, 80, 163 McNulty, Joseph Frank, Jr. 72, 73, 81, 157 McPherson, Larry Walter 157 McPherson, Sue Carol 53, 78, 140 McRae, Charles Edward 101, 157 McRae, Joel Kirk 90, 99, 100, 140 McRae, Judith Olivia 81, 85, 151 Mabe, Br-enda Quinn 88, 151 Mabe, Rebecca Elaine 74, 157 Macon, Clarajo 72, 73, 77, 85, 151 Male, Diane Barbara 80, 157 Morgan Morgan Morgan 1 , Betsy Irene 77, 85, 151 Candace Ellon 72, 128, 141 Catherine Jane 79, 88, 151 Morgan, Charles Eugene 1, 62, 67, 76, 77, 121, 131, 141 Morgan, Colvin Thomas 107, 141 Morgan, Dale Street 90, 141 Morgan, Mr. Eben C. 26 Morgan, Evelyn Darnell 157 Morgan, Joyce 157 Morgan, Mr. L. H. 20 Morgan, Martha Ann 163 Morgan, Mr. Max D. 26, 98 Morgan, Michael David 51, 56, 57, 157 Morgan, Royce 163 Morgan, Sam Roy, Jr. 72, 163 Morris, Bob Sidney, Jr. 157 Morton, Agnes Gaill 88, 151 85, 89, 90, 100 Maness, Betty Jean 53, 63, 79, 80, 141 Maness, Mr. Ivey G. 26 Maness, Jack Timothy 151 Maness, Mary Elizabeth 74, 157 Maness Maness , Peggy Sue 86, 151 Phyllis Ann 157 Marion, Bobby Eugene 51, 157 Morton, Ann Celeste 80, 157 Morton, Janice Lorraine 151 Morton, Patricia Ann 59, 163 Murray, Betty Jean 80, 163 Murray, James Dalton 151 Murray, John Clifford 50, 108, 151 Music 40 Myers, Junius Clifford 88, 141 Nance, David Benjamin 157 Nance, Robert Lee, Jr. 72, 142 Nelson, Markwood, Dora Mae 82, 151 Marlowe, Judith Kay 157 Martindale, James Lee 151 Marziano, Hiram James 81, 157 Mathematics 32, 33 Matthews, Mrs. Sadie 93 Mayberry, Marcia Diann 79, 92, 141 Meadows, Martha Sue Ann 79, 92, 151 Nance, Sidney Charles 163 Neal, Clinton Ricky 163 Needham, Betty Carolyn 163 Needham, Brenda Helen 157 Needham, Ina Louise 79, 92, 151 Needham, Wanda Lane 163 Neely, James Brevard, Jr. 72, 157 Charles Barbee 142 Miller, Caroline Spencer 67, 77, 85, 89, 141 Miller, Charles Bryant 83, 151 Miller, Dianne Davis 59, 72, 163 Miller, Elizabeth Christine 67, 91, 96, 157 Miller, Jane Henley 77, 81, 85, 151 Miller, Joseph Russell 163 Miller, Larry Ray 151 Nelson, Glenn Dodson 163 Nelson, Wanda Kay 157 Nickens, Raymond Thomas 163 Oakley, Thomas Joseph 163 Office Assistants 92 Oglesby, Sylvia Jane 157 Miller, Linda Sue 157 Miller, Patricia Jewel 86, 89, 151 Millikan, Phyllis Lorene 59, 80, 163 Moffitt, Judy Elizabeth 85, 151 Moffitt, Lester Claude, Jr. 74, 100, 141 Moffitt, Miss Mary M. 5 Moffitt, Patricia Ann 85, 141 Moffitt, Phyllis Kaye 163 Mollman, William Henry 72, 73, 151 Olivo, George Michael 90, 100, 104, 151 Osborne, Barry Phillip 151 Overton, Phyllis Ruth 82, 151 Owen, Jayne Adair 53, 77, 142 Owens, Owens, Owens, Owens, Arthur Clarence 151 Barbara Sue 57, 157 James Hughes 157 John Henry 163 Moody, Brenda Carolyn 80, 163 Moody, Frances Gladys 84, 157 Moody, Janet Elizabeth 68, 82, 141 Moody, Judy Carol 55, 64, 79, 89, 92, 151 Moore, Mrs. Anne H. 26, 79 Moore, Emily Sue 77, 79, 85, 151 Moore, Emily Sue 55, 92, 151 Moore, Moore, James Dosie 163 James Edward 157 Moore, James Harvey 157 Moore, James Talley 157 Moore, Judy Ann 77, 85, 141 Moore, Linda Greene 63, 77, 78, 85, 89, 119, 141 Moore, Mary Bernice 163 Moore, Ronald Gregory 157 Moore, Terry Gilbert 163 Moore, Wayne Douglas 87, 88, 141 Page, Brenda Charlene 59, 80, 163 Paisley, Robert Lee 157 Parham, Betty Carol 51, 53, 78, 82, 129, 142 Parker, Frances Kay 78, 79, 142 Parker, Phyllis Rowena 163 Parks, Barbara Lane 59, 163 Parks, Darrell Randolph 163 Parks, Hilda Dean 55, 82, 151 Parks, Larry Deaton 53, 63, 81, 90, 99, 100, 102, 103, 125, 142 Parks, Marilyn Louise 163 Parsons, Eleanor Dianne 80, 163 Parsons, Regis John 81, 84, 151 Pate, Janet Ann 74, 151 Pate, William Cobb 85, 142 Patterson, Roddy Lee 163 Paul, Jerry Ray 151 197 Payne, Joy Ann 86, 151 Peck, Brice Harrison 164 Pegram, Davis Edgar 157 Pendley, Ruby Patricia 164 Perry, Steven Bruce 59, 164 Phillips, Bernard Franklin 151 Phillips, Miss Elizabeth 26, 80 Phillips, Elizabeth Alice 80, 164 Phillips, Jonah Dewey 86, 151 Phoenix, Mr. Lee C. 21, 52 Photography 84 Physical Education 42 Pickett, Linda Sue 164 Pierce, Johnsie Eloise 164 Plummer, Martha Nance 157 Polson, Dora Lucille 51, 80, 91, 157 Poole, Carole Ann 151 Poole, David Guy 164 Poole, Max Thomas 152 Powell, Miss lrma Anne 27 Powell, John Lee 164 Powers, Charlesanna 80, 164 Prescott, Presn-ell, Presnell, Presnell, Prevatte, Prevost, Michael Elam 87, 152 Nancy Carol 164 Rodney Allen 152 Shirley Ann 157 Rodney Allen 104, 152 Kathyrn Suzanne 164 Prillaman, Mr, Reid 27, 47 Pugh, Sarah Elizabeth 68, 77, 85, 142 Pugh, Jesse Thomas 84, 100, 101, 164 Pugh, Judith Lynn 51, 80, 164 Pugh, Sandra Kay 157 Purcell-e, David Carl 164 Purvis, Donald Ray 164 Pyrtle, Carolyn Marie 164 Pyrtle, Randy Reed 55, 90, 102, 152 Query, Suzanne Harris 157 Quill and Scroll Club 89 Ragsdale, Delbert Gordon, Jr. 90, 142 Ragsdale, Philip Martin 164 Raines, Connie Ruth 152 Ramsay, Rancourt Mac Julius 164 Richard Joseph 164 Ratclitfe,, Margaret Ann 157 Redding, Brantley Hicks 152 Redding, Brigitte Ursula 152 Redding, Milton Hammer 152 Redding, Howard Powell 76, 78, 81, 90, 98, 142 Redding, Samuel Steele 152 Redding, Sandra Louise 164 Redding, Shelia Dianne 164 Redding, Mr. T. Henry 20 Redding, Mr. William Frank, Jr, 6 Reeder, Anita Mozelle 57, 80, 158 Reid, Maynard Beard 158 Rempson, Nancy Carol 72, 73, 77, 81, 85, 152 Renigar, Doris Ann 80, 164 Rhymer, Rice, Jo Jane Smith 80, 152 Ann 63, 73, 142 Rich, Alva Irene 164 Rich, An Rich, Da ita Louise 164 vid Cyrus 72, 152 Rich, Donald Lee 110, 158 Rich, Frances Marie 80, 164 Rich, Glenn Darrell 110, 164 Rich, Jerry Odell 164 99, 100, 10 Rich, Pamela Gail 164 Rich, Mrs. Ruby Tysor 27, 81 Rich, Samuel Lester 158 Richardson, Janet Gayle 80, 164 Richardson, Linda Carolyn 79, 92, 142 Richardson, Virginia Mae 85, 152 Richburg, Barry William 59, 164 Richburg, Don Preston 152 Riddle, Stephen Donald 164 Ridge, Annice Lee 158 Rings 147 Ritter, Cornelia Faye 158 Ritter Ronnie Avance 164 Robbins, Robbins, Robbins, Robbins, Barbara Annette 158 Betty Ruth 80, 164 Charlene 162 Charles Thomas 55, 76, 90, 99, 100, 102, 103, 108 Robbins, Cynthia Gayle 164 Robbins, David Lee 72, 164 Robbins, Earlene 162 Robbins, James Leon 86 Robbins, Joe Thomas 100, 101, 158 Robbins, Joyce Elaine 91, 112, 113, 164 Robbins, Michael Jeffrey 83, 142 Robbins, Nancy Delores 164 Robbins, Roger Arnold 152 Robbins, Vivian Elizabeth 80, 164 Robbins, Walon Covon 158 Robbins, William Duke 158 Roberts, Billy Houston 74, 90, 102, 108, 109 Roberts, Janett Lee 55, 91, 97 Robinson, William Harold 51, 52, 68, 76, 77, Rogers, William Ward 164 Rollins, Linda Dianne 164 Rollins, Shelby Jean 158 Ross, Charles Edward 76, 108 Ross, Shelby Jean 158 Rosson, Susan Cecilia 158 Rude, Raymond Chris 152 Ruland, Lewis Dillard, lll 143 Rush, William Neely 90, 100, 108, 109 Russell, Linda Margaret 58, 59, 164 Russell, Nancy Graves 80, 158 Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Harry Eugene 158 Ora Ann 143 Patricia Gail 80, 164 Sterling Herbert, Jr. 152 Saunders, Bennie lsom 101, 108, 164 Saunders Saunders Saunders Schwarz, , Larry Cleavland 158 , Linda Faye 164 , Robert Eugene, Jr. 143 John Richard 51, 100, 158 Science 36, 37 Science-Math 81 Scott, Barbara Ann 158 Scott, Betty Allen 72, 76, 164 Scott, Jo Ann Patsy 164 Seabolt, Doris Loucille 72, 164 Seagraves, Sharon 164 Seniors 133-146 Senior Play 67 Senior Showcase 66 Sexton, Herman Wesley, Jr. 55, 76, 152 Shanas, Elaine Margaret 164 Shanas, Elizabeth Ann 82, 152 Shaw, Mr. A. W. 93 Shaw, Beverly Kathleen 164 Shaw, Carson William 100, 152 Shaw, Clyde Theodore, Jr. 152 78, 85, 89, 126 Shaw, James Edward, Jr. 158 Shaw, Linda Diane 53, 77, 143 Shaw, Reba LaVerne 57, 81, 158 Shaw, Ruth Ann 158 Shaw, Worth Odell 158 Shelton, Billie Sue 164 Shepard, Jean Phillips 81, 158 Shepard, Susan Kirby 164 Shirley, Bobby Charles 143 Sikes, Carolyn Mae 152 Siler, Ellen Howard 65, 85, 143 Sisk, Carolyn Gail 82, 152 Strider, Roger Dale 164 Strider, Phyllis Ann 152 Strider, William Clayton 152 Stringer, Brenda Faye 74, 164 Stroud, Linda Diane 79, 152 Stroud, Jerry Wayne 72, 164 Stroud, Michael Lyman 64, 86, 108, 109, 144 Student Council 50, 51 Swaim, Skeen, Skeen, Fletcher Burrell, Jr. 164 James Howard 158 Stultz, Linda Carol 64, 86, 91, 112, 113, 153 staffs, Edith Pamela 51, 64, 77, sa, 89, 91, 96, 153 Sugg, Mr. Edward R. 27, 43 Suggs, Dr. J. R. 20 Surratt, Janie Lee 73, 158 Surratt, Wanda lnez 158 Swaim, Mrs. Eleanor 80 Swaim, Irene Stroud 62, 67, 68, 72, 73, 77, 78, 85, 125, 131, 144 Swaim, Jo Ellen 78, 81, 89, 144 Swaim, Rebecca Jane 164 Roddy Jean 72, 158 Sloat, Gerald Pritchard 143 Smith, Adrienne Kay 152 Smith, Archie Leak 86, 90, 100, 152 Smith, Charles Randolph 74, 164 Smith, Mr. C. Reitzel 20 Smith, David Warren 164 Smith, Elvin Roger 164 Smith, Gloria Blanche 53, 79, 91, 113, 152 Smith, Harris Ronald 164 Smith, James Lee 104, 152 Smith, John Wayne 164 Smith, Martha Ann 158 Smith, Martha Susan 164 Smith, Marylin Sue 77, 85, 89, 91, 96, 143 Smith, Nina Belle 164 Smith, Rhonda Jane 79, 152 Smith, Rickey Harris 158 Smith, Mrs, Rosa 93 Smith, Mitchell Stevie 82, 152 Smith, William David 164 Smith, William Douglas 100 Smith, Mr. William J. 27, 56, 98 Smith, William Russell 158 Snider, Gary Edwin 164 Swaney, Brenda Faye 158 Swaney, Carolyn Louise 158 Swaney, Nancy Carolyn 158 Swaney, Richard Cicero 164 Sweeney, Mr. Richard B. 20 Swicegood, Thomas 72, 164 Swing, Charles Thomas 158 Tanner, Gerald Arvo 164 Tate, Steve Arthur 158 Tatum, Linda Faye 144 Tatum, Sandra Lee 73, 77, 78, 80, 86, 144 Tatum, William Byron 59, 164 Taylor, Earl Frazier 164 Teachey, Anna Marie 72, 73, 77, 81, 153 Teachey, Mr. Guy B. 20 Teague, Hilda Faye 158 Tennis 107 Social Standards Day 69 Social Studies 34, 35 Sophomores 155-159 Solesbee, James Creed, Jr. 164 Spanish Club 86 Sparks, James Robert 81, 152 Thorburn, Billie Jo 55, 77, 84, 144 Spencer, Joseph Chapman 76, 106, 158 Spivey, Brenda Ann 80, 164 Spivey, James Enoch 59, 82, 104, 143 Spivey, Jane Bertie 164 Staley, David William 164 Staley, Geneva Ann 53, 63, 72, 79, 130, 143 Staley, Gladys Louise 78, 143 Staley, Joyce Ann 158 Staley, Julian McArthur 82, 143 Staley, Phyllis Gaye 72, 73, 158 Stalvey, Nancy Carol 79, 152 Stalvey, Thomas Franklin 158 Starcher, Shirley Rodenia 72, 158 Stedman, Sarah Elizabeth 72, 73, 77, 81, 85, 152 Steele, William Paul 77 Thomas Boyd Ernest 153 Thomas: Mr. Donald 28, 90, 98, los Thomas Thomas Douglas Eugene 59, 100, 164 f Judith Ellen ao, 164 Thomas, Karen Ann 158 Thomas, Michael Emerson 72, 164 Thomas, Mildred Lucille 164 Thomas, Patsy Jane 80, 97, 164 Thomas, Robert Clyde 100, 101, 158 Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps Thomps on, Connie Delores 59, 80, 164 an, Faye Carol 86, 153 on, Faye Mabel 79, 164 on, Gladys Louise 144 on, Hatlie Ray 164 on, Helen Marie 165 on, Mary Tucker 63, 79, 144 Thornburg, Brenda Diane 79, 153 Thornburg, Dianne 81, 158 Thornburg, Martha Raye 165 Thornburg, Sandra Viola 165 Stevens, William Lee 53, 90, 102, 103, 143 Thrower, James Edward 165 Thrower, Thomas Berry 86, 144 Tillman, Mrs. Evelyn 93 Tillman, Joan Elizabeth 80, 158 Tolar, Nancy Hill 59, 165 Tolbert, Thomas Reece 153 Stone, Barbara Lou 158 Stone, Mr. Lee J. 27, 98, 107 Story, Cecelia Ware 57, 158 Stout, Doyle Reece 72, 73, 158 Stout, Ella Raines 54, 77, 86, 152 Stout, Judith Ann 74, 152 Stout, Mr. Rufus 93 Stout, Walter Cox 164 Stout Wilma Cheryl 158 Strayhorn, Michael Blane 88, 90, 99, 100, 143 Strayhorn, Priscilla Rachel 57, 158 Strickland, Brenda Ellen 51, 164 Strider, Benford Gary 86, 90, 152 Trogdon, Bill Wayne 59, 165 Trogdon, Brenda Joyce 74, 158 Trogdon, Clay Ronald 144 Trogdon, Roy Donald 144 Trogdon, Ernest Wayne 52, 64, 85, 90, 144 Trogdon, Janet Lee 165 Trogdon, Joel Berchin, lll 165 Trogdon, Nancy Lynn 97, 158 199 I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4- Trogdo Trogdo n, Patricia Ann 64, 153 n Ronald Gale 165 Tro don, Stanton Samuel 165 Q Trogdo n, Mr. Joe Vaughn 28 Trollinger, Ellen Jane 165 Trollinger, James Thomas 63, 85, 153 Trollinger, Mary Faye 74, 165 Trotter , Ellen Rebecca 59, 80, 165 Trotter, Jerry Lee 158 Trotter, Larry Allen 81, 84, 87, 153 Trotter , Priscilla Irene 82, 144 Tucker, Frederick Elwood 165 Tucker, Roy Lee 57, 104, 158 Turner, Willa Dean 74, 80, 153 Turpin, Paul James, Jr. 158 Tutterow, Gary Wayne 165 Tysinger, Richard James 59, 165 Underwood, Janice Ruth 57, 158 Upchurch, Billy Howell 72, 73, 153 Updyke, Lois Jane 80, 158 Van Hoy, Mr. William F., Jr. 1, 28, 62, 76 Varner, William Cicero 165 Vaughn, Margie Ann 165 Venable, Garland Edward 165 Vickers, Montiz Maria 165 Voncannon 1 Donna Jane 72, 73, 158 Voncannon, Keith Weldon 165 Voncannon, Patricia Carol 84, 158 Vuncannon, Jessica Marie 80, 158 Vuncannon Juanita 165 Vuncannon Paul Stephen 59, 165 Vuncannon Vuncannon, Shirley Ann 82, 144 Wanda Leigh 77, 85, 153 Wadleigh, Weitzel Howard 165 Wagner, Mary Gwendolyn 165 Wagoner, Tommy Mitchell 165 Walker, Calvin Mitchell 158 Walker, Gary Wayne 104, 165 Walker, Hilda May 80, 165 Walker, Judith Gayle 158 Walker, Martha Ann 56, 57, 97, 158 Walker, Ronald Wilson 159 Walker, Russell Grady, Jr. 51, 62, 67, 120,13 1, 145 Walker, Sarah Helen 51, 57, 59 Waiser, Dianna Carol 145 Walser, William Andrew 159 Walton, Margaret Ann 153 Ward, Carolyn Jane 153 Ward, Charles Walton 82, 145 Ward, Jerry Morris 153 Ward, Johnny Michael 55, 153 Ward, Jillian Cole 97, 165 Ward, Nancy Lee 91, 97, 159 Ward, Ralph Edward 165 Ward, Russell Michael 165 Watson, Mary Tom 57, 159 Watts, William Miller, Jr. 165 Way, Anna Paulette 64, 77, 78, 81, 85, 89, 145 Way, Larry Allen 145 Webb, Judy Catherine 54, 63, 85, 89, 91, 96, 153 Weeks, Stephen Van 153 Weiler, Herald James, lll 63, 68, 84, 145 Welch, Harold Newby 110, 165 Welch, Ronald Gray 72, 73, 165 Welch, Sandra Gail 153 Welch, William Foy 145 76, 77, vs, 84, 8 6, 105, 2 West, Danny Franklin 72, 159 West, Geahala Gayenelle 59, 74, 165 West, William Lewnett 74, 165 West, William Robert 90, 99, 100, 108, Whatley, Joseph Hiram 78, 145 Whatley, Mrs. Kathleen C. 28 Whitaker, Barbara Jean 51, 165 Whitaker, Tony Ernest 82, 153 White, Francia Lea 165 Whitson, Mr. Morris 29, 106 Wicker, Artus Vann 110, 165 Wicker, Johnnie Frances 80, 165 Wilbourne, Betty Louise 165 Wilkerson, Dorothy Bell 159 Wilkes, Mrs. Peggy Rich 29 Williams, Bonnie Odean 74, 165 Williams, Dorothy Elizabeth 77, 78, 85, 126, 131, 145 Williams, George Edward 159 Williams, Jerry Steven 59, 165 Williams, Williams, Richard Lauren 159 Williams, Robert Lewis 59, 165 Williams, Sandra Lynn 80, 159 Williams, Sharon Doreen 153 Williamson, Faye Dean 165 Williamson, Jesse Baxter 51, 104, 159 Williamson, Miss Lou 1, 29, 62 Wilson, Blanch Lorine 165 Wilson, Judy Frances 85, 145 Wilson Wilson Wilson Winslo Winslo Winslo , Linda Faye 80, 165 , Nancy Gail 159 , Susan Elaine 72, 81, 159 w, Beverly Ann 165 w, Clifford Neal 72, 81, 159 w, Worth Ronald 53, 71, 76, 127, 145 Wood, Miss Leona 4, 29 Wood, Mr. Walter 93 Woodbury, Cathy Ann 165 Woodley, Charles Jonathan 153 Woodley, Glenn Simeon 85, 145 Wcoley, Paul Monroe 153 Woolle n, Richard Eugene 165 109, 145 Mark oiavef 1, 62, 76, 78, 90, 107, 108, 119, 145 90, 98, 99, 1oo, 102 Wrestling 104, 105 Wright, Catherine Ellen 63, 64, 77, 78, 85, 89, 123, 131, 146 Wright, Mrs. Doris G. 29 Wright Larry Gregory 87, 159 Wright, Larry Vernon 72, 73, 87, 159 Wright , Robert Donald 165 Wright, Sarah Susan 159 Wright , Sulan Gregory 153 Yarborough, Linda Sue 57, 159 Yarborough, Rebecca Jane 146 Yates, Nancy Carolyn 153 Yates, Patricia Gail 165 Yates, Roger Dole 165 Yates, Samuel Amos 63, 76, 125, 146 York Bobby Ronald 153 1 York, Clarence Edward 159 York, Elvin Eugene, Jr. 76, 78, 85, 90, 104, 146 York, James Alexander 55, 76, 86, 90, 100, 153 York, John Charles 159 York, Kaye Frances 159 York, Linda Kay 165 York, Ruby Dianne 165 York, Susan Etta 159 York, Vaughn Michael 86, 102, 146 York, Vicki Lynn 59, 80, 165 Young, Young, Jacquelin Sue 165 Linda Elizabeth 165 oo 3 11

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