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IABEIUU ACADEMICS IAKE4l TAKE 5 UIQGANIZATIIDNS met ns IMEEI48 SIDUIQTS 6 KE IA 'U c Ill 5 Q. Fi IQ' rn Q-J 7 2. 3 oo 0 CU :J I1 rn no Q. rn T UI I 'U G O : :1 1 Y' on rn I 3 Q. Z 2 C3 Q ro rn :a 5 m 4 m , 2 9. Ln c 0 I -I :' ru rn : Q. G. :s ro no :- CU 7 DJ Q. C D-I Z. 9. -J vw? Q-x3 5. ODI Om 4 fb? 'TU I"l'l :J Ui 5. :- 511 9 U-93 rn rw'-L3 "'S4 TS Q-O QQ. W2 '33 2. N DJ 2. O 3 DJ -1 rn 05m W oo wi -an V1 f'P :- rn 77' ro If S. 0 l'f O 7 -4 5. 'Iii' QQ. I 3' 55 91: 584 QE. 5.3 Ozgm .NU lc gf, CD 3-3 Cla. 92 I GE DA 12y y CLUSING IAKE7' NGW PLAYING: I I2 LI. IT THE CHANGES A starring co-starring understudies 00 CLASS OF '83 - CLASS OF '84 - CLASS OF '85 - 0, G 'V 9 produced and directed scriptwriting and photography 9 ADMINISTRATION and STAFF - LEAVES OF GREEN STAFF RATED X FOR X-CELLENCE Original Motion Picture Track COPYIIIQIWI Q I matenal Suitable for everyone aVaIIabIe on GREENWAVE RECORDS 1 1 1 i ,- ' 1 r 4 R I 1 1 I 1 3 1 .4 7 'M' """""""""" wwff......,.,W 1' 1 M 0--M-W-Q.-f WW, W - 1 ' i --- ----.M b 1-ft, 'K' 1 W' fi , . 'ww 'K-' W' I 'R L, 5 118, . , x Ui' l .Q J - sm gy X N 1 V , V , 9' -M- . f 6, uv A -- -.-Q 1- , "-. ,A V, , .Q "" Egg . -3 f ww ,,-- ' ff A,,, fm WW f QM V 'wz V fi M-'QA 1 'M .Li 2, ' vin-if'swLvQ1'.:tw vi . P "7 '1" ...-w?4'W9'q' fs '- ii: 'W -ixsvwf W' ff ff W A 4 4. 2 ""-.gif .P f -if ,y?w,x2515v'?w,gQPv-,pi .-:. wh - '-1 , f -- 'f ' if 1:0 ' :. M5 --S -' MQ'-.Ml'15-'.v3?xL'Y'ev if ww--g ' 1 .Q W ,- fm- xi,-av ww ai 2 ,Z 4 .. .ffffffifa .AL .41wsfs.rfWfAzi rwisugf.: . Q 'z,. m,' , iW - fwwemvggj-M55 ,'-, .Q - AT- Y f.. ., ., , ' -HA Af A1-ff W f. ' e"M3'+fsy,f?'v 21-a:4?igfM:ff: . -1 A rw mr. wi ,Mg 1 2' I V Wy -W ks- ,A ,V ' .K X' X wi- , we ' 0 1 rx. a f v - V ' X rr ., A ' ' , 14 K ' f QQ k . 4 ', IV4 ...' ' , , . -. m "' ' 1' q, . rg 4 ' ' Q., , 5 b - .3 M -Q z 1' ' L - 4 , xx -171. V5 - . , K V , . 'S-xi 1, lk- we S11 .,,5.4f Eg ..... . ' " ' 'vf' ' A lk 'fKl?Q" Mf' ..a-,......a. f .2-f. --,.:.1 ...-A-fn ,,,w,m , s . 1.- M 1 1 -. oc Qr ' 1 M Q .4 " ' fmm-f., eA?1' L ' ' -vvu-r5,fL,.y:,11-. - .A ,, if K .wiv-3 11a,,:v,f,:,:.. v. X is ,x 1 ' 643 Y. ., - K ,Q -L,,,t?fkaQv-gs, fb fy , ,X-, K ,f , ggfx 5 'iw' 5 .H I ' ik! 5 I 1 -. Q4 , Y- .--,., 01.1 V -if M- a 1' 11 A 1 ' f 'Lx 1 1 fifrf' ""'f1'wfMM'.ai.A ' Ysfgffarf V, 'f " 'gf H . L fu, ,rf " 1' - v-- N -. .- -ww ,wmv . - YW f. .- vs,-4. ww. an ' , . W - ' " f ' " -5 an -' . W , . 4. W' . ,Q A '-.'L'n:,-fl 4 3 -' V -,aw f 3' gf., -'img , ff"'S.' f K 1'--ff -wx 4, uw+:HT'..w:f-' ":5,g. Q v fp: ,. 1, -, 'f. -J, . ' 'B , ' M f ,3. gf 2 N, Ji ,ggr'f:l5,gGg,Wi9Wg . 3 ' -- Q, FF. fwe',x5" :ft ,W S 413 . ' , M M "1 T 1 2 ' 6 322,.'1:i-1b,qxQ..gfAg,Sf.g3'flfjiv-Q fifgg, - g l ,-if f gzr -f q f W , -W 2 " si: ff 33, 1 'A ' sf i1,?fff.v f'f:o1+r I 1 f .Q v .417 ff .' , s "3--.rm -4 we WM' 'fvixf H Q f5?l3f'i f i? -'Wi V7 'f " . L, .lf 6 Named for the late Frank L. Ashley finsetl, Ashley High School was known for excellence through- out the state. Holbroolcs halls hold many happy memories for almost half of Ashbrooks student body. 25594 .- , Y l iw r 1 'X A A -v wi. m l ' ll' " ' l Htlvalw 'Qi' V i X MMM , X x xl H A v i- it 'lily ASHBRGGK: THE QW J l l i Gastonia High School, now Central Elementary, BY Combining A5hl9Y and Holbrook into ASW gfaduated many of Gastoniag most prominent brook, the School Board Cfeated 3 COTTI' Citizens' promise name for the newly-built school. 4!Opening Sunday, March 15, 1970 was a day of bitter ebate and controversy. A crowd estimated at ver 600, mostly Ashley High students and a few dults, demonstrated their desire to retain the ame Ashley High for the new area high school wder construction on New Hope Road. The ew school would consolidate Ashley and Hol- rook Highs into a new large high school, while shley and Holbrook would become junior high ihools. The previous year the new school was fficially named Ashley, but the school board, in ie wake of protests and petitions, decided to rconsider the name. ln an effort to influence the board's decision, shley students staged a motorcade from Ash- y High to the construction site and followed it 'ith a short rally. Several student leaders spoke 'iefly, including Robert Starnes, president of ie junior class. Starnes said that the purpose of ie procession and rally was 'lto show the com- unity and the school board that we care, and specially that we want the name Ashley re- ined for the new school." l'The ratio of current Ashley students in the ew school to Holbrook students will be six-to- we, and the majority should rule." He added, Ne should not let Mr. Ashley down," referring i the late Frank L. Ashley, a Gastonia educator ir whom the school was named. 'lf the name Ashley is retained, then it will :tually be the first school that Ashley students in completely call their own, because the cur- 'nt Ashley High really has lGastonia High ihool' over the door." fThe school was known Gastonia High School before it was dedicated i Frank L. Ashley.j Sophomore Class President, Dan Page, urged Ashley students to llwork" together to keep e name. He expressed concern over the Ash- y athletic, band, and cheerleader uniforms as ell as class rings 'lgoing down the drain" if the tme were changed. Senior Class President Bobby Kiser said he was confident that the rally would help gain sup- port for retaining the name. The students placed a banner along the front of the construction site which read, 'lFuture Home of Frank L. Ashley High School." They also carried posters with such slogans as 'Ashley For- ever", 'l'm Going to Ashley High Next Year", and 'Green Power." Green was one of Ashley's school colors. At one point during the s eeches, the crowd began chanting 'Holbrook Never, Ashley Forever." Monday night, however, amid threats and tears, the school board voted 5 to 2 to name the senior high on New Hope Road "Ashbrook" This was their compromise to the sometimes intense debate between Holbrook High and Ashley High students and parents. Board member Dr. Lowell lennings said: 'lWe're forgetting one thing, though. lt's not stu- dents we're bringing together in one school, we're uniting two schools." lt was vice-chairman Larry Petty of Gastonia who suggested 'Ashbrookn as a compromise name. But the decision did not satisfy some angry students. ln protest, some 400 to 450 students from Ashley High left their classes for one hour, Ashley students carried placards with the same messages seen during Sunday's motorcade. Nevertheless, over the years students grew to accept the new name 'Ashbrookf' Now, 13 years later, all controversy is virtually forgotten. fStudents and parents have learned to llroll with the changes."J Ashbrook is a name students now take pride in. But the name llAshbrook" is only a symbol for this institution of learning. Therefore, it is not just the name we are proud of, but the friends, teachers, accomplishments, experiences, and memories connected with it. lt's not the name that counts, but the name the school makes for itself. ln only 13 years Ashbrook has achieved recogni- tion for high standards in academics and sports. ,L ug, hi Today's students have become so much a part of Ashbrook that the division of the past has been forgotten. Openingf5 .f 1 F , Turning the pages, reflecting on memories, it all comes back clearly now, as I look for the last time, as I face the new It's sad to leave this place. It holds so,much But I walk with the lies y it -by Susan Hager Changes in the seasons remind us of Graduation means leaving behind cherished the many changes each of us must friendships but knowing that new relationships face. will be formed. 6fOpening 'mx' S. Q I' H.. 1. O its 'lAs graduation nears, I reflect on the past and wc der about the future. What will life hold for me?" Susan Hager llNow that l'm 18, l'm going to help decide wl runs my country" -joe lohnst it .P 'N 1, ,--5 ll KX X m k ' 2' XlK1?l3f's4v"n ' 1 t M . gf- . N S . M i L Q 'X I TT.,-tt, T... : I it it W X hh -..-.M-.V ,u -f ' IN A I ra 4' fans.. . Q' 1 wf S 1 G iw. A Q i Q., i TURN AND FACE THE CHA CES One ofthe most painful, but unavoidable aspects of life is change. Changes are con- stantly occuring within and about us, some minor, some major. Our physical appear- ances change. We discover new values and face new opportunities. Interests change during the process of becoming an adult. But man is a versatile creature, always learn- ing, adapting, and growing so he may llroll" with these changes. High school is the time to become an adult. As students at Ashbrook, we learn for the future, we learn so we may be pre- pared for life and its challenges. Many stu- dents find it hard to change, others wish for some type of change all the time. Only one thing is sure: the world is changing quickly everyday. Our generation will have to be flexible enough to llRoll With the Changes," and yet strong enough to hold onto our purpose. It's our time to UTurn and Face the Changes!! Will we be able to roll with them? is I-N' 'l never realized how hard it was to be responsi- ble for my own money." - Matthew Peninger l'What l am today is not what I was yesterday nor what l will be tomorrow." - Lesley Forde Opening!7 is is it ' " '23- I gif ' Q- ,. 5 'tv -:A Q-nw...,,,4 It 1-mmmqg-J . wwaw4mMti,,m,it,,W,w.,,,.MwwwmvmM .ff I THREE YEARS - ADULTS! IIVVhiIe I slowly scanned the prison-like walls of my new home for three years, I began to feel the excitement of high school life. Everyone had gotten taller and I felt lost within the crowd. This was a big change from junior high where a person was able to walk through the halls without being trampled to death." 'II thought I would never make it, but here I am - a junior. Sure, I know where all my new classes are because I've been here before, but hey, I'm big now because I can drive to school every day, and I've got this ring on my fingerf' IlWeIl, here I am a senior, but it only If ' seems like yesterday that I walked through those big green doors for the first time. It's fun to be the oldest though. I've already sold six elevator passes to those tiny, little sophomores and led them to plenty of classes in the cellar." lIIt's almost over and yet it's only begun. I've matured more in these three years than any other time in my whole life. Now, as I clean out my locker, I close a part of my life, and as I head for those double doors for the last time, I also open up the rest of my future. This will be a life of changes and excitementg it's up to me now." 1 hm.. XX ,,,,..--- loanna Winecoff and Lynne Girmindl take Sophomore lohn Greenlee buys an elevator time out from their studies to admire each pass from Hank Marrg he learned the hard others' new class rings. 8fOpening way that Ashbrook has no elevators! wfvlli. 'ie ,.w,.i etqvi' ,lg-gr. A My W . ... . X.. P I? fmw-ug., . I t I Y ff.. ls. Linda Sell warns Jeff Kahn about llcheap" lunior officers count profits from the magazine ch sentences and reminds him that correct sale with high expectations for the 1983 prom. elling is a must in college essays. Z 1 aw ,..,......,.--f, I ,. Q X 5 fjafif 5' .. 4 rf :Wx 114 i w W e . A-ff""""' ' t V.. ...J-.W Mark Hovis keeps his chin up while thinking of his future in the Army. it Vs -cg. -LA f. 'M- K 'M Charlotte Wallace has learned many valuable Chris Nelson discovers that packing for col- typing skills that she will put to use in her lege at the last minute can be a disaster. CEIFEGF. sig ,my V I, .5, I Q,- : a f. 'u W fzizwf m Na-. ' 1' cw ,wg v 3 x w A J M , .W .M 48 51 Emi P 153' K, Wm 4 5 ws K 3 rf , ,Z I 1 'Q- .iw Q M M 7, VV K - A M . A Q' Q 1 ' , L W K- xx .V Q i A X? , fi V , K, Q ii' 5 ikv ,3.,,,i:k A A, Nj Q: -A , F Zmii- 11, 5 i t 'xx X ' A ,, S , 1 W' h f ' -V'. mA . x 6 5 as ,. 1 X .q,5,.,.,, ,, 1- QF? ' ' -4 ,- LL . . 1554 . LL'b A K ' L' i 4"2 - if f fn U IN' ,wwfw w.f4..:v.4w .W F R 4, 3 My si as kv: '41 "W 5 f"" K Mg'q,,g J" K . 1 , .FJ . . T ,V.1,5,r Ai T.: Q ., 3 fl FKAMXIQ. N.. M .en in iw Y . x 4, We ' ai E fl le ff, W' H 1 N mmf, K HZLEQ6' , ff" i J QQ f in , 'Ne 81.1 , N W 3 Q R Ml 1' W fi, Q is R Raef ' 5 'K np x 4 ,J . 5 1 N-fizxf ' vi .X .R uni x .. A 'vu 2 :nfs R ' 3 . ' x ,A 1. ,Q MI' nafo .." Ta 'Q' wap rl' , . Q -,y',, :- W M4--'i Z - xl Zh I 39' S.,.mfxw,1, YM 1 i ,c in g xr' 4 mlm 2 ,sniff V i M ' um ! l'Members of our drama class worked at the laycee Haunted House. We had as much fun as the kids!" -Bob Smootz, one of Ashbrooks many community volunteers. AHS ln The Community if UI enjoy helping other people, and working at l'l really enjoy working with childreng I feel that the museum is fun." - Ciyinettes Dana Watson, tutoring is a good experience for anyone want- Cathy Bonnin, and Lynn Massey. ing to major in education." -Gia Smith, tutor. 'l4!Campus Life 151 X--. jf by ir 5 Ai W f 1 1, X Y W if 1 , . , sf dmv ay 1,143 -. es- W A I ks, Qin W :N iv: - as N. M WGRTHY Athlete 1 ' f?'g'2,4 'gm , . ' -ffigfit , 155, K wh, iw' Wi ' S -,w5'Yf L' ' w Q 1 - W Q' 2,'e'1 ' , W, 1 k - 'I 1-:..,.,92'k.: 4, J " ' ' . ,'-, : ,wa ., , . -asf' .-IM -if ' ,, M1u,,"'.e ap' f .5 . ga, ' 3 1' z 1 ' Aa-ivfff Yi' 2f,'1'?','Q if N . , 'X ' L- 15259 . 3.38. 5 gf' A H3 . vit? 2' f 4 rf' A ag 3 li Zi, - ' ames shows the Greenwave fans how to put lames Worthy and Eric l'Sleepy'7 Floyd pause for he ball through the net a quiet moment. WGRTHY l'Once upon a time, in the small city of Gastonia, N.C., there lived these two bas- ketball players . . . " james Worthy and Eric l'Sleepy" Floyd are probably the two best basketball play- ers ever to come out of Gastonia. lt was more of a Hollywood, fairy-tale ending than almost anyone would have believed when Worthy and Floyd met in the NCAA finals. Gastonia honored these two great athletes by proclaiming May 25, 1982, "Eric Floyd - lames Worthy Day." In his pre-Tar Heel days, lames Worthy was a legend to Gastonia basketball fans. Nicknamed ulgor" while at Grier lunior High, Worthy averaged 30 points a game which caused people to begin predicting that he would become a legend. Named to All-American teams all three years of his high school career, he was one of the most sought-after players in the country. ugh school All State player and Collegiate All During his senior year lames Served as 9SCOrt for werican lames Worthy now plays for the Los Homecoming Queen Lorraine Crawford. it Sleepy" Floyd takes the GREENlight over Spot- light. Campus Life! 17 THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH Shirley Dietsch escort: Mike Peeler spon- sor: Gaston Bates Laura Howe escort: Craig Behringer spon- sor: Allen Morningstar 18!Campus Life i 3 i E at ,ss Pam Fox escort: David Taylor sponsor: Da- vid Whatley Beth Huffstetler escort: Andy Warren sponsor: Troy Tyner Q a 3 1 Bonner Anthony escort: Nixon Parker spo sor: john Montgomery 3 Kelly Fulbright escort: Don McGinnis spo sor: Bill Abernethy 5, E 'F 5 I 2 F Kennie McCarn escort: David Belk spons Dan McKenzie Bryan Bolick Caldwell escort: Brent johnson mmy Gordon escort: Mickey Metcalf onsor: Dale Larner eiva Miller escort: Steve Costner rr William Dreher spon- Angie Capps escort: Doug Bowen sponsor: Marvin McGhee Gina Harrington escort: lonathon Burleson sponsor: jimmy McCurry l i Kim Parrish escort: Scott Key sponsor: lesse lames Crystal Chambers escort: Elvin Nichols sponsor: Mike Hinton Sheldon Hollowell escort: Mike Ross spon- sor: Chris Nelson L.-w Sharon Patterson escort: leffery Neely sponsor: Barry Neely Campus Life!19 ' 'S WW, WM' X 'iw- 1 .:.-.QQ . rx ...Q g 1 - - -- N N . W . X .. . 5 Q A S fgyfw A fam fs-an-2 au Nw H ., ,,4-Ski '- 53, ,g .E f Q .7 LE ,.i in DSOVI I 198 HOMECOMING Co R T 55 K- Melanie Caldwell Lajuan Pressle y Bonner Anthony 1 . X - i-. L-., f . L . E S 3 ig N. X. -A K- x -A Q-w as: 0 -- .x 7 - - - ,. . K fr. , . - .. , - .. .NS in . . Q K R Sf ,Sk EX'mw?lAn A X Q 3 lm. W K ..kkk K x in KA K Rf-QWW - '-. . - .f we f A Q5 it .- . - A . K 3... ..AX as , . .k,. Q- 1 3- - -. -- if 3' E' lv -.1- . fi - 'N -1- f. Q eu. 1' -Q 7 Q K A A .V -'., if 1 F? f f ' 1 K S 5 ' N Q n gi . - 5 5 N Q - .. Qgsx . . E. A . .,. b W N I h ,1-sg S S 'ii - P . . m Q . .W f- .Q 5 .Q Q ' - ji ,N 3 QQ- ' if'---5125 X! 1 .. 4- Q-QW? . s i , 5 - .52 3, M 2 - 55, .35 ig Q --.. .1 -2- . - Y g W----- Q 'N' . .. iii s se- ... .fx 3 . 5 , . - . .xi . X -. . X . . . k ...kk ,X 1 5.15594 -' ' L- -Y----+- -- -. . - -Q Tammy Bridges and jonathan Burleson Ashbrook students danced to Sounds' at the the Way in helping needy families. lKans for Kids' Christmas dance. l m sksQ1mmMme' W S- .. A.H.S. 'KA ' DO IT! Senior Tommy Warlick narrates his version of lTvvas the Night Before Christmas' in promoting the lKans for Kids' drive. Campus Life!21 wx A5 wif xf x i at t , I 'K Nh- L 4, 5 X 'E J 5 "' if W ,Q as 'V f 4 X ,,..Mm,N,m 1 I g K ,s .FMR .L 2 Q- ig 'Sk'5'L'.5i4' '14 s M Ewing af,- Q R E 3 it Q S .. 3 . in K s 5 .,., X N Q f LBA: he ' QP' W . K 's 5. 1 an u .uz a . ss ik ff 5 A .. ix. 8 'WS' N. Mfg S 'Z Wkww Aj ui 'Q S- , -bw:Y?s5S?xWN Q 3 f Q' ,, 'iifriew xi . X N X 1 ci - . 19 gg fwewmw TI' f" fW'Li' x .. il, A S Q IH' G ,. X ,J , J 5 : , 5. 'wt '..V ' I' x . ,. .QMS M !! :il uzbu I1 , f' E , Q: - 15:55 .-ag .- ' . ' 9 Leigh jenkins lst runner up Christy Parker, Miss Ashbrook l982g Laura Howe, Miss Ashbrook 192 Sheldon Hollowell 2nd runner up Natalie Tindol, Miss Congeniality. Christy Parker crowns the new Miss Howe. MELA IE Reigns at AH Melanie Caldwell was selected by the se- ior class to be Ashbroolcs '82-'83 Carousel rincess. The Carousel Princess represented ur school in the annual Carousel parade nd competition at Thanksgiving. Over a eriod of several days, Melanie competed fith girls from across the state for the title f Carousel Princess. The competition con- sted of the modeling of evening gowns nd sportswear, a luncheon, a pageant, and This was followed by the pa- in Charlotte. Melanie also represented by riding in the Gastonia Christ- parade. elanie is congratulated on being named Home- iming Queen by one of last year's Homecom- g Queens, Christy Parker. ' T mtv' -' . .fx lll W 5 . K ww-we-..-..,..,. Being a member of the colorguard is just one of Even though it was cold Melanie enjoyed riding Melan1e's many activities. in Gastonia's Christmas parade. Campus Life!25 PR OM -goers When one looks back to his high school days, the prom is an event that stands out prominently. With all of its glitter and excitement, it makes for a very memo- rable occasion in a student's life. The anticipation and preparation for the prom also add to the fun of the "big night." Although sometimes forgotten, the plans prepared and the work accomplished by the junior class for the prom are what make it one of the greatest times a student remembers. Preparing for the 'lbig night" can be as exciting as the night itself. While Zeena Brown admires Tony Barbers tuxedo at Nelson Parks and makes sure it fits just right, she is anxiously awaiting May 8, 1982. Sophomores served as waiters and waitresses at the prom. limmy Vecchiolla, dressed in a black tuxedo and black top hat, welcomes everyone as they arrive by presenting favors. 26!Campus Life "S TEP OU T" Even though it takes an entire day to prepare tnot to mention the long hours spent attempting to find that perfect dress and a tuxedo to matchl, all time spent is well worth the night that's ahead. Before the couple leaves for the night, pictures must be taken by proud parents. Beginning the enchanting evening by dining out in an especially nice restaurant with friends brings even more fun. When Ashbrook students "stepped out" to their cont. pg. 29 s -s ,fr ri if - X SMF .... ..... ..,,...,..,. MQ . 'ff 1 K -fy Q 'mi fi' Ei lsi Q if-.ww il K- ' N . we a WWQQ Q K ' " "" rf'i - 1 ' 'f f ' '. was . 9 l .R In K . ,, s ii. f B ti wt it ij fwfr? We . audi In 4 ' K - . if l s.. Rl Wi- .- . -V i ew I i.' rr'i 3 Q r-'. . .ss K g . 5 ' - . 1 it sf.. i st- M Dawn King was all smiles when she received their senior prom - a night that won't Threshhold", along with Ulustin Tyme" pro- ided music perfect for dancing. Hearing hout" brings back memories of the prom. Sfwvin' eaving the everyday world behind, prom-goers wtered the Radisson Hotel by way of the Trade :reet catwalk. When David Vlaseryich finally got up enough courage to ask Melissa Hutto to the prom, he was quite pleased when she said, "Yes" 1 i , fi.. , l , , ,. , . s . I l I 5 1 ... ,A , ,, 3 l l 1 rravr ,.,, u-1 .crm at,, ,. 1 A 1 ' v If yr ...... 4 4 l 4 1 V gl i l i 2 s 3 r i Q g 35' . :fa 5 Q 5 xl .. tx 5 E 4, l ' I 1 Tl , V I :Z aw! 'fl 4 I. uw x eautiful corsage from Preston Leonard. It rgotten. ,,,,' L if, 3 f, , l " mr i ' f , y A 5 V 5 , 1 'f V 'Qatar . . w e r i 1 'A a 1, 9 9 4 . A yiwaazs f ' Z "'i' 7 2 if .1,. ,. f a ,Y ,, ,,, ww 4 ' '. ffm Af I Campus Life!27 Glowing smiles filled all students' faces as they stepped into the Radisson Plaza. They were over- whelmed when their eyes caught the lovely decorations and they heard the two bands. Stepping out on Prom Night is an important part of high school memories. 5 ,, - .A R New N f A i i"4l'7i A '35 L . i i t t 4 ' m X 'ion V , N I ,iv 'lSteppin Out . . . the theme of the 1982 prom, was typified in many ways, including waiters and WM,,Mf' f""' ,Q waitresses dressed in black and white, decorations in the same color, and brandy snifters given HS , Af, favors. Anticipating the exciting night ahead, these Ashbrook students enjoy their delicious dinner before the prom. 28!Campus Life Souvenirs, such as corsages, boutonnieres, pro- grams, and brandy snifters will be kept by all students as memoirs of the prom, K- :Qu fzlfbs, Alf' Q. Mmqv ti --frzf VX Rx N,,,, hWM M N A- "l waited 12 long years for this one special night . . . it was well worth the wait.' - Allyson Waters I con't. prom on that Saturday, May 8, they knew it was all that they had heard it would be. While the two bands, 'lThreshold" and 'lustin Tyme", entertained everyone, students enjoyed talking with friends, watching a slide show portraying the past school year and dancing, while at midnight a delicious breakfast was served. All too soon, though, the prom was over. As each person left, he carried with him thoughts of one of the best nights of his life, thoughts never to be forgotten. .f S' 5 l Warren Bane and his date enjoy their dance while listening to the romantic music and dream- ing of another fun-filled prom their senior year. Campus Lifef29 i ' ' 1 YT Bal Hsu ! - . I gary cnt,-. Afmjecf fa me w""" I dawdd Lake a. dfwjlff-Ovw f'-7054! fweamuf' afin 6' ?,7 Jekg tion 1 WM new Ch-0-CI imlwon Uv- 'H-314 fa 'naval aMJ4f47f asv: 6:-QW?" 5t""!""f fu" one YW an , as unreal wana. I Jofcayy I fuzz , Lzcaa .sorry that Jlmliew I ,rn gli' faiwds, air? and ou of 053657 fJ"""J" I 7 GA-QM-7 -I Lo-J cfm 'MV A . at f-A-4 4'0"" f""""1 had Q. lot of of ,yleltffy f4,0,g.l:.,9n4,k,,'ng IVGMJ 5uvvoCo"?7 bo A-4'V'.f'j fvvw 50744 WWJ' '5,,.4,nrf-J abawt LLJ4 aw-fb-7, who 1 aim'--7lvc1Iutl J be 0-ue .fo 6114, 1-furry-bu-4,0644-3 0-501-vt' 7nY Y C,,M,,,M .' ,esta-1a.e!0r. now I can So? the-6 -vnwwg of WV 20010 A604 c"""' 'bu-4-. I fnfof vary mwah 4n.cat1"ni Q,,1.puIc4v-af QvPfc,.0Mic0 Pon, QZLQQB' I Jagglgghbzooh 62SfPflI? 544 ,M-,Pg Vary frwu-als., I 0444- Eflfbihj hubs-9 Ujo-out no cffsaa-.rar o---Of A'a"""' """""'Y """"""' 5!":"',?'f 51.4.1-4-lcinys, A-o,apof-1131, fu-54713: o-50143 6005 one of -any Soazonla- no,-th Gxuadgggh, I I-lopo I Aa. ooo, Fffo-1-af: uafffv :vary leafy. bf-rf 1 L0"'e'1o ,Conv f . . than no ovary thin? 11: eawyj Jn 'Nw 5'Qv"'5",9 1 L'J't"'t dfov-144 bggnaun- any fo En f'I5 1 to pun I wma fa ss, a-an aw YW. an MSA-"5 f"""",7a U" I . towt in ,ny I av.-'ll never Fav-ini 55' .rv LHWPW ft Jug-.rx dnclvpde. luan Andrade from Ecuador talks to the cla: about what It's like to be a foreign exchang student. X we -- Ellis Leigh Robinson, an Ashbrook student who participated in the AFS program last summer, shows o her adopted country, Colombia. A dream came true for me last summer. I was an AFS exchange student to Cale, Co- lumbia. I will always think of Colombians as affectionate, animated, and social people, I will remember dancing to tropical music, eating fresh pineapple, and falling asleep to the music of crickets and Spanish guitars. I wanted to be an exchange student so I could experience another culture first- hand. By doing this I also gained a broader perspective on my own country. I wanted to have the opportunity to 'be on my own." Of course, I lived with a family, but it was my responsibility to adapt to their cul- ture and make my own friends. This was very rewarding although difficult. I made some friendships I feel will be lasting ones. Last summer I realized as never before what living in the United States means. Our national heritage is part of what we are as individuals. I gained respect for other peo- ple as I realized how their cultures play a part in their lives. Most of all I realized that beneath our cultures we all love and laugh the same. - Leigh Robinson 30X Campus Life h juan and Valerla demonstrate the togeth Juan gets help on a tough assignment from ess that IS a major part of AFS Scott Ashe, a new friend. AFS and TOGETHERNESS ggyng L0 Omovvwx, oN-vnvvts -in guns! -DIJLPJM-L-Q!Y1Lkv and "T'h.n..ou.SYx 'Hna Amotaofm F-Mid. S.aAwLu, Qnogxaxw in an-svvw blfwk- B.Lu.dQn an wwe, of-vw, wqmcys fwwocb Mfskm cbswgm 1-0 w1e,,I xNgt,o.a, also Mad. ouchamacin. -lo YYNOKL- 'u.a.3.Vvx pQ,op.9.Q. vom amo- 'PVXQN Qnmhifvi- A5hbvo0K Yuan giuam 'YYNLuv'n owmmmxa ao wh-mi inn We ummm. sus- lm -I -bL.k,... Ashbrook BQI-00-8.32, i,b'.s Ou good School Uvwd- hi-13 JadrxOoL -I'vyx 9.9.o.:wxLw:33o. .LUX QNXQ. Q-k0.UAI.Nb Qrvw.du.sJ-NMVIXE. Jatsgdwwih- I. YNOUJO- X.-owv-sd 'Weak zvlwolefvii-S mu. fz,a.o..a.ixNQNd... rf. goo. wmwaw. pgni- ,Q-fu Vvxq, AFS pnogwv-n ,oNo,b.1umoo.L,:.,q, ues. hq' Ierla Ferreira from Brazll clowns wlth one of UQ., Q. .Sci Lo .QLOJYYN .QV1 OQQAQA, Qounifvuzn. Jdxhlm. L.QLm Fmvuinb.. Campus Life!31 -W., W mm 5 Qvxx if wx fi my Ni-an R Q wg. W, my if 'X J... Sf' R BIG YE R The fabulous, spectacular, Senior year is almost over. Dur- ing our school years we had heard that our Senior year is the best and most fun year ever. We wondered, though, if ours would really be that great. Then, just as anticipated, we started our year off with a bang! We really got it together by the first football game when we started the PCA. Our spirit spread and the enthusiasm and fellowship helped bring stu- dents closer together. l During the year, many antici- pated future college and career plans. This caused mixed feel- ings and anxieties. However, this is just part of being a Senior. But, now that we are almost ready to put on our caps and gowns, our Senior year has proved even better than we dreamed and we know that this year has made all of the other eleven years worthwhile. Before long, we will all be freel img I +11 Morrow IMII qrrilma. -Class 185 liven ou 'Food for thought." Miss Brittain keeps busy as Senior Class advisor, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President Shirley Dietsch, Vice President Rhoi Deal, Secretary Lynne Eppley, and Treasurer Elizabeth Metcalfe. SENIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Front Row: Susan Moss, Laura Howe, David Walton, Marti Short, Cathy Currence, Freddy McClure, Angie Cap Second Row: Kim Parrish, Gina Harrington, Sandy Fraley, Bonner Anthony, Lori Wilkins, Linda Keener, Tammy Bridges, Lynn Rauschenberger. f""'f ' f gay' l'lMcli"f"f.A'-,Qry,:, L A Iftffkilii .,- V " ' U-'f6"ffT'f'5"'s"JQ , .tmfiwwefw L William Borden Abernethy Terrie Leigh Aldridge luan Esteban Andrade Kristine Marie Angelo i Ann Bonner Anthony Alice Fitzgerald Armstrong jeffrey Scott Ashe Matthew Philip Ayotte Donald Ray Ballard, lr. Warren David Bane Lisa Ann Barbee Micheal Antonio Barber lames Eric Barker Patricia Lynn Barnes Sharon Denise Barnes jeffrey Thomas Barton Seniors!35 f w if 2, rl X ff W fw ' Lf 2 Q,,fQ9vf 35,,' f ff' W QW f , f f f f 6 0 f 8 X, X ackbu "',,' "" ' I' 25 ""-"." ' .,,.f I ff f grygr 53 3 B 2 X Q Darren Allen Bolick loseph Irvin Bonnin 3 Cristine E' Bowman Lisa Lynn Bradley Best Looking: Iohn Montgomery 84 Melanie Caldwell Barbara A. Brice Brian Martin Bridges Mary Ann Bridges Tammy Elizabeth Bridges I yi' i ' gif' I, ,EB V W ,imvf , Robin Terry Bright Leslie Anne Britton larnes David Brooks lohn Wilbur Brown Seniorsw'37 ,W , ', 3, 7' j 1 4? M., .V IAI: V, - ,iff I 1? , EV f Q , QM me :wx 4 , R .min ff my J ,f ,my My l 2 ' Penny Ann Colesworthy Ronald Keith Conrad Miranda Dianette Crawford Todd Fitzgerald Crawford twig- 92,12 2 James Frederick Davis Michael Sherwood Davis 4O!Seniors Ann Shelton Copeland Emily Renee Cornelius 3 Q 5 5 3 a i 5 2 3 i Karen Louise Crain Cornelius Lamarr Crank Carla Michelle Currence Catherine Amelia Current Pamela Marshelle Davis Steven Edwin Day . cbcc D cc Xfi , Qiz, c LEec A f vi is Si Eiiffe D R 1 1 Rhonda Ann Deal David lohn Deas, ll David Morris Deaver Robert Scott Denton WWW julie Marie Devine Robert Michael Dickson Kimberly Ann Dockery Charles Randall Dodson Best All-Around: Shirley Dietsch 81 lesse lames Shirley Ann Dietsch Meredith Leigh Dilling f 5 4 , 'lf , i 5 my l Constance Leigh Donnelly Dana Sue Dorsey Seniors!41 William Tensey Dreher Wildon Brooks Eaddy Beverly Chantell Edmonson 42fSeniors 3 1-1 , ' f 4 1, ' af QQ li l iw james Dennis Doster Unsung Hero 84 Heroine: Tripp Goodrich 84 Kennie McCarn Angela Teresa Dreher Stephen P. Eller Eric England Melissa Lynne Eppley Andrew jackson Evans ll Susan Iris Fain l Theresa Gail Fair Lesley loy Forde lacob Loren Frye Sherry Dawn Gann Valeria Auxiliadora Rios Ferreira , ,g , , 4 ' 'i"-' ' 1 I ,.f' ss,,si L, , s K T T 'F . yeyi 7 fw , , g'f't 'I' K W, 3 Z lulie Ann Forner jeffrey Samuel Fleming Pamela Theresa Folsom Pamela Christine Fox Richard Scott Frye Y Kelly lo Fulbright Sandra Dean Fraley Gordon Ralph Fuller T TKWT , as F , Kelly lean Gantt Kelly Yvonne Garrison Tracy Yevette Garrison Seniors!43 'li I 109' Ullman if E .....,., ,B 52 1 r - 1, H ,ff Lff+T:f:4A?'W A 4 " ,fm ., f ww ,, 2 an l M 5 5 , ff f an W ' f ,W 'M f 3 I5 Ti. ,..g , ,,.., f 4 , fn, gif fy W, My , M 2 'Z' , ' 0 M 4, ,. , T -ff N ., N, gf, 3 Q X 5 ww 'WIT-yr . -QQ. 3- X X XS +2 X X 'Z. . -X. xi, Q iw qw N X , 12:.:L3:i :SRL ,,,, .: .,,, www K. 40111774 4 ff X.. M fm Nw My 5511 at -.F 1 onsuella Whysnetta Herndon Barry Eugene Hice lohn Rush Herndon Knitchel V. Herron Virginia Lee Hester I 4 Herbert M. Hickson Dana Louise High Jeffrey Dale Hill Kecia Michele Hill Richard Phillips Hill it Wendy Gaye Hinkle Michael Anthonia Hinton Seniors! 47 , Wm 1 ,va 3 f ff f 5 am ' f I A. ff ff, W, ,Z , 7, 1' W , if ,nf 4,11 W 242' , W ,. ,mv Elizabeth Rebecca Huffstetler r K , -.1 I ,I I l 2 4 V ,3 M, 7:f4.,'jI,fw "" A 5 ! as Y' if Lisa Michelle Humphries Melissa Hutto Sheila Mae leter Charles L. Huffstickler k -2 ,Q I Tangela Hutchens Renauard DeShannon jackson Alfred Casburn johnson Most School Spirited: lulie Gray 84 Tommy Warlick Mtv' 17 ' 55 rf x jesse Lee james Darnell Denice larrett loseph Dean johnson Kenneth Everett johnson Seniors!4 f .A ,M ,M-Q.. 9 -My P. wg,-ymsf K n 1 his-. ,W Fwy q Tig,., , X I if 1 fff?wif2g 1 5-xv I 3. 5,-. 'U ,A rv , naw: 'f - 'v ,Simi , .WL ff 2, Wk- 7,9 I ,Z if PQ? ? 75. Wi!!! f' WM 41 fu Z , 1 4 . IP f 4 N546 ,. ...hw "ww--.,, + .4 ' :r .Q 2.7 :.',:,-,,-.".,, cwvvwv-rv-r-,.h ,fif-K., , . .,..,,vywz. .,i, lenifer Lin Lanier Michael Stephen Lanier W ia nf' z v f fi H-yy Rita Ann Leach Gregory A. Lewis Mary Leslie Lewis ' 1, , , x, , ' it Amy Allison Lindquist Andrea Michelle Lindsay James Stephen Lindsay Neal Larane Lewis Patrick Darrick Lindsay Seniorsf51 f 2 Q' 5 :2 ' 11' f f ,ff an A 'K'-'35 wwf?" 5, in . .. Q, KW? Wdff' , zz-f 5 ZW fu . M5 f W mx 57 53 - -av Y at 1,1 7 M 2 my an 2: "' we W jill Ellen Medford Robin Millwood l l Kenneth K. Meredith Wanda D. Mitchell tt,t -'N-3' Most Dependable: Mike Ross 8: Lynne Eppley 54! Seniors l Mary Elizabeth Metcalfe Sheiva 1. Miller lohn loseph Montgomery Karen Anne Moore Larry Duane Moore Paula Rena Moore Ronnie Wayne Morelock Kenneth Allen 4 lerry Wayne Parrish, lr. Pamela Ann Patterson Sharon Denise Patterson Barbara Solomon Pearson Linda Ann Pendleton Matthew Lane Peninger Danny Ray Phillips Gregory Lamar Poag Frankie G. Poole Kelvin Dean Porter ff Donna Poteat Sheila lane Powell james Franklin Pressley Laluan Marie Pressley 56fSeniors X fan'-"' E, fi l L lennifer Gail Propst Leah Karen Pryor Lynn Renae Putnam Fred Willis Queen Mary Ann Quinn Robin Lee Quinn leff T. Rainwater Crystal Starlene Ramsey 'nf psig M Marcia L. Ramsey Marla Kay Ransom Most Likely to Succeed: Sheldon Hollowell 8: Steven Day Seniors!57 Lynn Freeman Rauschenberger Howard Dean Ray Beverly Lynn Reynolds Harold Gene Ray Vivian Katina Reid X X Michael Dean Rhom 'rv W- ,WW L Most Intellectual: Mike Davis 84 Cecilia Tedder Maw i ,. , ,e ,m',,wa1ei'Vf ,V , , ' 'E w V xl H ' " " lm ' f'zeflffliffflfbfi'Ilififmffw 77 '-U, V . ,. f V' V, ' i -. y ay ,ff ' , ff V 7 -V -f V Www we VV 1 f fin' VV.. V 2 1 1 2 ,, ,, , , ,,,. M I y l X ,iify f,V-f w if aft, , , ,, ,, ,ff-, L lf, ww ,M mf Q V 4, ,W . fi ,, 5434! V ' , V", 'V "fx ,,,Y'5?Qf "EM Gary Anthony Rhyne Kristi Leigh Riddle Deneen Michelle Rivers Bradford Ashley Roberts Troy Dixon Roberts Deward Reginald 58fSeniors 0 44 ff f W C 6 M l 6 li cgi Z yy yy T Robert Lawrence Smootz Cynthia Kelly Smyre Martha Ellen Spargo Mary Renelda Staley Sandy Kay Stephens james Kevin Stewart Karen Annette Stewart loel Phillip Stiles Lori Ann Stiles john Elton Still, ll lane Carole Stubblefield Cathryn Renee Tate l 2 T T X , 9 l T Hifi Michael Steven Taylor Cecilia Wynne Tedder lohn Tyler Thomsen Natalie Maree Tindol L x Lynda Leigh Tomko Darin Sparks Townsend Richard D. Turner Troy Alan Tyner L Most Typical Seniors: David Smith 81 Carla Currence 4.1 lift z I My li leff Lester Turner Myra Ellen Turner l Marnie Lynn Usery luan Carlos Vargas Sharon Christina Venturella David Richard Vlaservich L l Christopher Marlowe Walker Christopher Patrick Walker WILLIAM ALEXANDER HALL Ill August 7 1963 October 23 1982 "Coming Hom lold out your hand and come with me tt last you wtll be free ou have vlsnted earth long enough fly chlld lt s time to come home You Ilved your life day by day But ID your very own special way Time down there was spent well But my chlld It s tlme to come home you gave The memories they wlll greatly save To heaven the road IS ready to travel So my chlld lt s time to come home So when at the gates you arrtve That IS the moment you come ahve For now you wlll start to llve your e My chlld you have made It home Michelle Mauney I ' en f I - - A You had many friends and your love lif Charlotte Elaine Wallace M rtln Cain Wallace Seth David Walton Robtn Annette Ward H4 1 lohn Thomas Warllck lV Karen Lynne Warnock Andrew Anthony Warren James Mrchael Waters 'Q -vi' I Gena Evette Watkins Jevron Demetra Whitworth 2 Trina Gaye Williamson Rhonda Darlene Wright lacqueline Annette Watkins Nathan George Weisenhorn Patricia loyce Wilds Lori Lee Wilkins J:-M i We Helen Elizabeth Wilson Pamela Carol Woods Roger Wade Yates, lr. Sonya De-Ette York David Timothy Whatley Demetrice Monyon Williams Pamela Lynn Woollard SENIORS NOT PICTURED Samuel L, Barnette, Melvin De'Leon Beckom, Tony Alan Begley, Kimberly D. Bell, lames Lewis Black, jennifer Marie Bodnar, Mark Everett Bradley, Michael Troy Buchanan, Cheryl Ann Burris, Maurice Byrd, Michael Tyrone Byrd, Michael l. Cauthran, lodi Wayne Cordell, Allen lay Costner, Delaine Williamson Davie, Robert Vernon Davis, Rodney Dixon, Tracy Lee Fair, Gina L. Glenn, Alan Scott Harris, Gary Austin Harris, Tony lerome Hill, Traci Ingrid Hoffman, jimmy Fitzgerald Holland, luan T. lsom, Allan Scott lackson, Michael Scott limison, Michael S. Leach, Vincent Edward Love, Melanie Daron Martin, Wendy D. McCarter, Alesia Lynette McCaslin, Robert M. Merrill, Laurie Ann Miller, lulie Edith Mosley, William Gregory Murphy, lanice Catherine Nall, Barry Gerard Neely, Cherly P. Neely, Christopher Charles O'Hara, Michael R. Panther, Carvin Eugene Petty, Mark Eric Pratt, Timothy Scott Ramsey, Kathryn S. Reid, Mack Arthur Sanders, Richard Lee Shank, lames Thurman Short, Bonnye Louise Simpson, Kirk Lawson Stowe, Daniel Mark Turner, Mark L. White, Scott E. Williams, lohn Fitzgerald Woods SENIOR STATISTICS ABERNETHY, WILLIAM BORDEN fBiIlI FCA 10, 11, 12, IV Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, All Gazetteland Offense 12, All Conference Offense 8. Defense 12, SCA 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12. ALDRIDGE, TERRIE LEIGH ITerrieI ANDRADE, IUAN ESTEBAN Iluanj Drama Club 12, AFS 12, Exchange Student 12, Spanish Club 12. ANGELO, KRISTINE MARIE tKrisI IV Basketball 10, Track 11, 12, International Club 11, 12, Leaves of Green Staff 12. ANTHONY, ANN BONNER IBonnerI Civinettes 10, 11, SCA Rep. 10, 11 , IV Cheerleader 10, Varsity Cheerlead- er 11, 12, FCA 11, 12, Leaves of Green Staff 11, 12, Sports Editor 12, Homeroom Pres. 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Homecoming Court 12. ARMSTRONG, ALICE FITZGERALD IAIiceI Girls' Basketball Manager 10, 11, 12, FHAV.P. 11, Senior Superlative - Best Personality, ASHE, IEFFREY SCOTT fSCOttI AYOTTE, MATTHEW PHILIP IMattI Teen Political 10, Ir. Heart Board 10, School Page Staff Reporter 10, Pennanent Waves Co-Editor 10, Teen Republican 11, 12, Pres. 12, Key Club 11, 12, AFS 11, House of Reps. 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Leo Club 12. BALLARD, DONALD RAY IR. IRayI BANEK, WARREN DAVID tWarrenI Bye, Bye, Birdie 10, Swim Team 10, Ir. Heart Board 11, 12, International C ub Treas. 11, Homeroom Pres. 11, leaves of Green Staff Photographer 11, 12, Governor's School 11, Mars Hill Choral Clinic 11, SCA Rep. 12, Wavelengths Photography Editor 12, Key Club 12, Who's Who in Ash- brook, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Sec. 12, Project Committee Chairman BARBEE, LISA ANN fLisaI BARBER, MICHEAL ANTONIO ITonyI FHA 10, 12. BARKER, IAMES ERIC lEricI LeoCIub10,11,12,ROTC10,11,12,Colorguard11,12,KHAS10,11,122 Sym honic 81 Marching Band 10, International Club 11, Bus Driver 11, 12, ROTlC Operations Officer 12, Military Excellence Award 11, National Sojourners Award 11, Photography Club 11, Leo Club Treas. 12. BARNES, PATRICIA LYNN ILynnj DECA 12, PCA 12. BARNES, SHARON DENISE IShayI FHA 101 Softball 10, HOSA 11, 12. BARNETTE, SAMUEL L. BARTON, IEFFREY, THOMAS Ueffl BATCHLER, ANGELA DIAN IAngelI Homeroom V,P. 10, 11, 12, International Club 11, Ir. Heart Board 11, FHA 12, BATES, DEREK LENFRED IDerekI Baseball 10, 11, 12, IV Basketball 10, Percussion Band 10, FCA 10, PCA 12, BATES, EDWARD GASTON IGastonI Key Club 12, FCA 12, Football 12, All Gazetteland Bt All Conference 12, Golf Team 12, Senior Superlative-Best Personality. BEATY, ROBERT H. IRobertI Marching Band 10, ROTC 10, 11, 12, Colorguard 11, 12. BEAVER, DONNA IEAN IDonnaI DECA 11, 12, Pres. 12. BECKOM, MELVIN DE'LEON fMeII Transfer from N,Y. BEELER, DAVID MICHAEL fMikeI Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, Iazz Band 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, PCA 12, Miss Ashbrook Usher 12. BEGLEY, TONY ALAN fTonyI BEHRINGER, CRAIG STEVEN ICraigI Basketball 10, 11, Key Club 12, Young Democrats 12, FCA 12. BELL, KIMBERLY D. IKimI BENDER, MELISSA tLisaI Pep Club 10, Civinettes 10, AFS 11, FHA 11, 12, Pres. 12, BEVERIDGE, HENRY STUART fStuartI BINDER, LYDIA MARQUITA tLydiaI Chorus 10, Mars Hill Choral Clinic 105 Honors Chorus 10, Talent Show 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Homeroom Pres. 11, HOSA 12, PCA 12, Miss Ashbrook Pageant Contestant 12, Bloodaid. BLACK, IAMES LEWIS IIimmyI Baseball 12. BLACK, TRACIE DAWN fTracieI Softball 10, IV Basketball 10, AFS 11, International Club 11, COO Il 12. BLACKBURN, RALPH EUGENE IGeneI IV Football 10, Bus Driver 11, 12. BLAKE, KIMBERLY ANN IKimI - Ir. Heart Board 11, International Club 11, Miss Ashbrook Pageant Commit- tee 11, Track Score-Keeper 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12. BLAYLOCK, NANCY LEIGH INancyI BLOCK, PAUL STEPHEN IPaulI BODNER, IENNIFER MARIE Uenniferj 64fSenior Statistics BOLICK, BRYAN KEITH teryanj IV Football 10, Football 11, 12, Track 11, 12, SCA 11, Homeroom Rep. 11, Key Club 12, Escort in Miss Ashbrook Pageant. BOLICK, DARREN ALLEN IDarrenI IV Football 10, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, SCA Rep. 11, 12, Publicity Chairman 12, SEC 12, House 12, PCA 12. BONNIN, IOSEPH IRVIN Iloej Track 10, 11, 12, Republican Club 11, 12, 12th grade Rep., Leo Club 11, 12, Sec. 12, Leaves of Green Staff Photographer 11, 12, Cross Country 12, Key Club 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, PCA 12. BOYD, SHERRILL PATRICE ICherylI FHA 10, 12, Chorus 11, 12, Transportation Club 12, Drama Club 12. BRADLEY, LISA LYNN fussy Chorus io, FHA 11, icr 11, 12. BRADLEY, MARK EVERETT IMarlrI DECA 11, 12. BRICE, BARBARA A. IBarbaraI ROTC 10, Service Medal Award 10, DECA 11, 12. BRIDGES, BRIAN MARTIN fBrianI Baseball 10, 11, Key Club 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, BRIDGES, MARY ANN IMary Annj IV Basketball 10, DECA 11, 12, Pres. 11. BRIDGES, TAMMY ELIZABETH tTammyI Homeroom Pres. 12, Miss Ashbrook Pageant Publicity Chairman 12, PCA 12. BRIGHT, ROBIN TERRY IRobinI FHA 11, 12. BRITTON, LESLIE ANNE ILesIiej Ir. Heart Board 10, 11, 12, Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, Softball 10, Colorguard friflej 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, PCA 12, Miss Ashbrook Committee 12. BROOKS, IAMES DAVID tBrooksI Marching Bt Symphonic Band 10, 11, BROWN, IOHN WILBUR IIohnI IV Football 10, Football 11, Wrestling 10, 11. BROWN, ZENA MELISSA IZenaI Drama Club 10, 12, Softball 11, COO Treas. 12. BROWNING, FRANK ALAN IFrankI BRYANT, BRYAN TODD fToddI Nat'l Honor Society 12, SAC 12. BUCHANAN, MICHAEL TROY IMikeI BUCKNER, DON ANDREW tDonI Cross Country 10, 11, 12, Golf 10, Key Club 12, FCA 12, PCA 12. BURLESON, IONATHAN KENT IIonathanI Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, Senate 10, Homeroom Pres. 10, 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Miss Ashbrook Pageant, Escort. BURRIS, CHERYL ANN lShaI IV Basketball 10, Letter Club 10, Track 11, FHA 11, Drama Club 12. BURRIS, LORENZA RENEE fReneeI Track 12. BURRIS, RODNEY TYRONE IDobatI IV Football 10, FHA 11, 12. BYRD, MAURICE IMauriceI Wrestling 10, 11, 12. BYRD, MICHAEL TYRONE IByrdmanI CALDWELL, MELANIE ANN tMeIanieI IV Cheerleader 105 Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 10, Track manager 10, 11, 12, Colorguard Iriflej 11, 12, SCA Rep. 11, Carousel Princess 12? Homecoming Court 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, PCA 12, Civinettes Treas. 11, Senior Superlative-Best Looking 12, CAMPION, IEFF EUGENE IIeffI CAPPS, ANGELA ANN IAngieI IV Cheerleading Co-Captain 10, Pep Club 10, SCA 10, 11, Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Project Chairman 11, Chaplain 12, Varsity Cheerleading Co-Cap- tain 11, 12, Miss Ashbrook Committee 11, FCA 11, 12, Treas. 11, Pres. 12, Homeroom Pres. 12, Who's Who of Ashbrook 12, House of Representa- tives 12. CAPPS, RITA ALISON IAlisonI International Club 11 , Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents 11g Art Evaluation Committee 12. CARTER, CARMEN REGINA fGinaI Drama Club 10, 12, VICA Club 11, 12. CARTER, KIMBERLY ANNE tKimI FHA 10, FBLA Pres. 12. CARTER, RALPH WILLIAM III tTreyI Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, Key Club 11, 12, Sr. Board Rep. 12, Teen Republicans 11, 12, Leo Club 11, 12, SCA Rep, 12, Projects Committee 12, leaves of Green Staff 12, Advanced Chorus 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Miss Ashbrook Committee 12, PCA 12. CHAMBERS, CRYSTAL LODALE tChrisI Civinettes 11, PCA 12, Homecoming Nominee 12, CHANDLER, IAMES MITCHELL tMitchI German Club 11. CHAPMAN, CHRISTOPHER S. fChrisI CHILDERS VANGILISA MAE Lisa , I I HOSA 11, 12, Ir, Heart Board 11, PCA 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students 12.- CHILDRESS, MICHAEL LEE IMikeI CHRISTOPHER, STEPHEN BYRON ISteveI DECA Club 12. CHURCH, LINDA KAY ILindaI Marching Et Sym honic Band 10, 11, 12, Ir. Heart Board 10, 12, Key 10, Colorguard gBagsI 11, Prom Committee 11, Graduation Marsh Homeroom Pres. 11, PCA 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Who's Among American High School Students 12. CLARK SANDRA tSandraI 10, French Club 10, Chorus 10, Advanced Chorus 11, 12, D u 12. CLINE, MARK EUGENE IMarkI CLONINGER, IODY LYNN tIodyI Marching Band 10, 11, National Honor Society 11, 12, Leo Club COLESWORTHY, PENNY ANN IPennyI COPELAND, ANN SHELTON ISheIIeyI Marching Band 10, Keyettes 10, Civinettes 11, 12, Ir. Heart Board 1 Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. Marshal 11, PCA 12. CORDELL, IODI WAYNE IIodiI CORNELIUS, EMILY RENEE fEmiIyI FHA 10, 12, German Club 10, 11, HO Club 11, 12, Home Econt Evaluation Committee 12, Who's Who Among American High S Students 12. COSTNER, ALLEN IAY tAIIenI Drama Club 10, 11, Stagecrafters, Band 10. CRAIN, KAREN LOUISE fKarenI International Club 11, Art Guild 11, Drama Club 12, PCA 12, Who's Among American High School Students 12. CRANK, CORNELIUS LAMARR IBoogieI IV Basketball 10, Track 11, 12, Basketball 12. CRAWFORD, MIRANDA DIANETTE tMirandaI FHA 10, HO Club 11, Drama Club 12. CRAWFORD, TODD FITZGERALD tToddI IV Basketball 10, Track 10, 12. CURRENCE, CARLA MICHELLE tCarIaI Pep Club 10, International Club 10, 11, AFS 10, 11, 12, Nat'l HonorSr 12, Senior Superlative-Most Typical Senior. CURRENT, CATHERINE AMELIA ICATHYI Colorguard 10, 11. DAVIE, DELAINE WILLIAMSON IDelaineI Chorus 10, Advanced Chorus 11. DAVIS, IAMES FREDERICK Uimmyj Marching Band 10, 11, 12, All State Band 10, 11, 12, All County Bar 11, 12, Governors School 10, German Club 111 Math Team 11, SCI Club 12, DAVIS, MICHAEL SHERWOOD IMikeI Math Team 10, 11, Senate, House 81 SEC 10, 11, 12, Student-F, Advisory Committee 11, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. Marsh Chief 11, Quiz Bowl 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Key Club 11, 12, Intern Club 11, National Close-Up Program 11 , Governors School 11, Club Leadership Campaign 11, Gaston Co. Board of Suspensio Student Body Treas. 11, International Club Sec. 11, Principal's Cabi Student Body Pres. 12, Presiding Officer of Senate, House 81 SEC 1 12, Science Dept. Accreditation Committee 12, Discussion Group L at NCASC State Convention 12 , National Achievement Scholarship Finalist 12, Morehead Scholarship Finalist 12, Stuart Scholarship rinalis: 12, Who's Who of Ashbrook 12, Senior Superlative - Most: ectua 12. DAVIS, PAMELA MARSHELLE IPamI FHA 10, ROTC Outstanding Performance 10, Pom-Pon Girl 11, ' Crew 11, FHS 11. DAVIS, ROBERT VERNON IRobertI DAY, STEVEN EDWIN IStevenI Math Team 10, 11, Swim Team 10, 11, 12, Captain 12, Nat'l Honor 11, 12, Ir. Marshal 11, Governor's School 11, leaves of Cree Photographer 11, 12, Senior Superlative-Most Likely To Succ Who's Who of Ashbrook 12. DEAL, RHONDA ANN IRhondaI Pep Club 10, Civinettes 10, 11, SCA 1O,11, 12, SEC 10, 11, 12, Sen 11, 12, IV Basketball 10, Soph, Class V.P., Softball 10, 11, 12, Mos able 11, Miss Ashbrook Pageant Committee 11, 12, Chairman 12, F 12, Clean City Rep. 11, 12, International Club 11, Wavelengths St 12, Sports Editor 12, Ir. Class VP, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Ca Nominee 12, Senior Superlative -Most Athletic 12, PCA 12, Sr. Cla DEAS, DAVID IOHN III ID. IohnI DEAVER, DAVID MORRIS IMorrisI ROTC 10, 11. DENTON, ROBERT SCOTT tScottI Golf Team 11, 12, Driver's Ed. Committee 12. DEVINE, IULIE MARIE tluliej FHA 10, Drama Club 12, Mimebenders 12. DICKSON, ROBERT MICHAEL IMikeI Band 10, 11, 12. DIETSCH, SHIRLEY ANN fShirIeyI Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Sgt.-at-Arms 12, SCA Re . , g , House 12, SEC 12, PCA 12, Carousel Nominee 12, Homecoming nee 12, Senior Superlatives - Wittiest 81 Best All-Around 12, Sr. Clas p 10 11 Senate 10 DILLING, MEREDITH LEIGH IMeredithI Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Talent Show 10, Band 10, 11, 12, Ir. Heart FCA 11, 12, Mat Maid 11, Swim Team Manager 11, PCA 12, Dram 12, Mimebender stage manager 12, Who's Who Among America School Students 12. IIXON, RODNEY lRodneyI Irama Club 12: Chorus 12. IOCKERY, KIMBERLY ANN lKimI IODSON, CHARLES RANDALL lRandyI Irama Club 10, 12, All State Chorus 10, Mars Hill Choral Clinic 11, 12, AFS I, 12, Treas. 11, VP 12, Mimebenders 12, PCA 12. IONNELLY, CONSTANCE LEIGH lConnieI olorguard 1flagsI 10, 11, 12, ORSEY, DANA SUE tDanaI rama Club 12, Mimebenders 12. OSTER, IAMES DENNIS lBubbaI vanish Club 10. REHER, ANGELA TERESA lAngieI DTC 10, 11, 12, Flight Sergeant 11, Deputy Commander 12, Pep Club 1 REHER, WILLIAM TENSEY lWilliamI ' Football 10, Football 12. IDDY, WILDON BROOKS lBrooksI 'oss Country 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 10. JMONSON, BEVERLY CHANTELL IBeverIyI atmaid 10, 11, 12: PCA 12. LER, STEPHEN P. lSteveI Ind 10, 11, 12, lazz Band 10, 11, 12, All County Band 10, 11, 12, German ub 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12. PLEY, MELISSA LYNNE lLynneI IA 10, 11, 12, Rep, 10, Ir, Class Treas. 11, Sr, Class Sec. 12, Civinettes 10, ,Senate 10, 11, 12, Ir. Heart Board 11, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. arshal 11, International Club 11, Prom Committee 11, Miss Ashbrook Jmmittee 12, Spirit Committee 12, Leaves of Green Staff 12, PCA 12, nior Superlative-Most Dependable 12. 'ANS, ANDREW IACKSON II IButchI JTC 10, 11, 12, Football manager 10g Leo Club 11, Quizbowl 12, IN, SUSAN IRIS lSusanI IA 10, 12, Chorus 10, International Club 11, AFS 11, 12, Sec. of AFS 12. IR, THERESA GAIL iTheresaI rim Team 10 11 12 Marchin Band 10, 11, Ir. Heart Board 10, FCA 11, . I I 1 S .A 12. IR, TRACY LEE lTraCyI s Driver 11, 12. HREIRA, IOHERIA AUXILIADORA RIOS fValeriaI S 12. EMING, IEFFREY SAMUEL fIeffI ILSOM, PAMELA THERESA lPamI A 10, 12,DECA11, 12. IRDE, LESLEY IOY lLesIeyI finettes 10, 11, 12, lr, Heart Board 10, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. irshal 11, PCA 12 PRNER, IULIE ANN llulieI A 10: DECA 11, 12. IX, PAMELA CHRISTINE lPamI yettes VP. 11, Band 11, 12, Majorette 11, 12, Homecoming Contestant PCA 12. ALEY, SANDRA DEAN lSandyI finettes 12, FHA 12, PCA 12, Senior Homeroom Pres. 12. YE, IACOB IOREN Irobyi YE, RICHARD SCOTT lRicI JSA V.P, ii, Drama Ciub 12. LBRIGHT, KELLY IO IKel-loI 'inettes 10, 11, 12, Matmaid 107 Colorguard 11: SCA 11, 12, PCA 12, 'inettes Scrapbook 11. LLER, GORDON RALPH lGordonI .Driver 11, 12. QUAY, ROBERT DOUGLAS lRobI If 10 NN, SHERRY DAWN lSherryI Id 10 NTT, KELLY IEAN lKelIyI A 105 Ir. Homeroom Pres, 11, International Club 11, PCA 12. RRISON, KELLY YVONNE lKellyI RRISON, TRACY YEvETTE Iiracyy RVIN, DOROTHEA ANTONETT Ioororheay SON, PEGGY SUE IPeggyI Drus 10, 11, 12: Nat'l Honor Society 12, IMORE, DWIGHT FITZGERALD lDwightI ching Band 10, Bus Driver 10, 11, 12, DE 11, 12. ILDEN, CHARLES FRANKLIN lll lLynnI ODRICH, IOEL DUNCAN Ill lTrippI 1O,11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12,Basketball10,11, k 13, SCA 12, Shrine Bowl Player 12, Senior Superlative-Unsung 0 1 . LODSON, KIMBERLY DAWN lKimI rus 10, Home Economics V.P. 10, 12, FHA 10, 12, PCA 12. GORDON, IEANA ANNE IIeanaI Colorguard 10, 11, 12, Co-Captain 12, PCA 12. GORDON, TAMMY DAWN ITammyI Homecoming Contestant 12. GORE, MICHELLE YVONNE lMichelleI FHA 11, FBLA 12. GRANT, RODNEY WILLIAM lRodneyI Band 10, 11, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. Marshal 11. GRAY, IuIIA MARIA lluliel Civinettes 10, Ir. Heart Board 10, 11, 12, SCA 10, 11, 12, Senate 10, 11, 12, Soph. Class Sec., Prom Committee 11, lr. Class Sec. 11, Leaves of Green Staff 11, 12, Campus Life Editor 12, Constitutional Committee 12, Teen Republican 12: Who's Who of Ashbrook Students 12, House, SEC 12, 2nd V,P, of Student Body 81 Kans for Kids Chairman 12, PCA Pres. 12, Senior Superlative- Most School Spirited 12, GREEN, BEVERLY IOY IBeverlyI Keyettes 10, 11, Sec. 11, Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, lazz Ensemble 11, 12, All County Band 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12, Teen Republican 12, PCA 12. GREENLEE, DANA REESE lDanaI Pep Club 10, lr, Heart Board 10, 11, 12, Mat Maid 10, 11, 12,Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, PCA 12. GRIGGS, DAVID ALAN IDavidI German Club 11, 12, AFS 11, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12. GLJFFEY, BENITA BERNICE lBenitaI DE-I 10, FHA 10, 12, Secretary 12, Elementary Tutor 12, Library Assistant 12, PCA 12. GULLER, RICHARD IAMES lRichardI GUNTHER, LORRI LYNNE lLorriI FHA 10. HACKER, SHERRIE HAGER, SUSAN GAYLE, lSusanI Talent Show 10, 11, 12, International Club 11, Leaves of Green Staff 11, 12, Organizations Editor 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12. HALL, BRIAN RANDOLPH lBrianI DE 12. HALL, ROBERT WILLIAM lBobI Nat'l Honor Society 12. HALL, WILLIAM A. HAMRICK, AMANDA KAREN lAmyI DECA 11, 12. HARRINGTON, GINA LEE lGinaI IV Cheerleader 10, Cheerleader 11, 12, Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 10, SCA 10, Ir. Homeroom Pres. 11, FCA 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Sr. Homeroom Pres. 12, Who's Who of Ashbrook Students 12. HARRIS, ALAN SCOTT lSCOttI HARRIS, GARY AUSTIN Ioaryp DE ii, iz. HARRIS, IAMIE FAYE tlamiej Nat'l Honor Society 12, HARRIS, RHONDA R, HARRIS, SCOTT ANDREW IScottI FCA 10, 11, 12, SCA 11, 12, Student Advisory Board 11, 12, Pres. 12, Leo Club 11, IV Football 10, Track 10, 11, Manager Football 12, Manager Track 12. HARRISON, MARTHA 0. IM.mhaI HARVEY, DORETHEA RENEE lReneeI Ir, Heart Board 10, German Club Sec. 11, International Club 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12. HASELDEN, KIMBERLY EDITH tKimI Civinettes 10, 11, 12, lr. Heart Board 10, 11, 12, International Club 11. HELMS, DANA RENEE IDanaI FHA V.P. 11, FHA Sec. 12, PCA 12, Nat'l Sewing Month Award 12. HELMS, IOHN WALTER lIohnI Marching Band 10: ROTC 10, 11, 12. HENDERSON, PENNY DARLINE Ioennyy FHA 10, 11, HO 12, IMC II. HENDERSON, DAVID BRENT lDavidI Football 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Most Improved 81 All Conference Baseball 11, Most Improved Football 12. HENSLEY, DANA YVETTE IDanaI Maiorette 10, 11. HERNDON, CONSUELLA WHYSNETTA lConnieI FHA 'II HERNDON, IOHN RUSH lIohnnyI FCA 10, 11, 12, IV Football 10, Football 11, 12, Co-Captain 12, Most Valuable Defense 12, All Conference 81 All Gazetteland 12, Track 11, Wrestling 12. HERRON, KNITCHEL V. lNickieI PCA 12. HESTER, VIRGINIA LEE lGinaI AFS 11, 12, Keyettes 12, PCA 12. HICE, BARRY EUGENE lBarryI DE11,DECA11,12. HICKSON, HERBERT M. HIGH, DANA LOUISE IDanaI Colorguard lflagsI 10, 11, 12, Homeroom Pres. 11, Ir. Heart Board 12, HILL, IEFFERY DALE lIeffI Marching Band 105 Leo Club 12. HILL, KECIA MICHELE lMicheleI Wavelengths Art Editor 12. HILL, RICHARD PHILLIPS lRichardI Spanish Club 10, Tennis Team 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 10, 11, Leo Club 12: PCA 12. HILL, TONY IEROME lTonyI Football 12: FHA 12, Baseball 11, 12, Leading Hitter 11. HINKLE, WENDY GAYE IWendyI International Club 11, HO 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Contestant in Miss Ash- brook Pageant 12. HINTON, MICHAEL ANTHONIA IMikeI IV Football 10, Football 12. HODGE, DONNIE RAY IR. IChuckI PCA 12, HOFFMAN, BETTY MICHELLE lMichelleI PCA 12. HOFFMAN, ROBBIE IEAN iiaobbiep Softball 10,HOSA ii, PCA 12. HOFFMAN, CHRISTINE LEEANN lChristineI ICT 12, Drama Club 12. HOFFMAN, DAVID BRYAN HOFFMAN, TRACI INCRID ITraciI HOLLAND, IIMMY FITZGERALD Ilimmyj Wrestling 10, 115 Football Manager 10, 11. HOLLOWELL, SHELDON HUEY lSheldonI Civinettes 10, 11, 12, V.P, 11, Board 125 Symphonic Band 10, Ir. Heart Board 10, School Play Bye, Bye, Birdie 10, N.C, Governors School 105 SCA IO, 11, 12, Senate 10, 11, 12, District 4 Chairperson 11, SEC 11, 12, House 12, Spirit Committee Chairman 12, Ir. Class Pres. 11, International Club 11, Advanced Chorus 11, 12, N,C. Honor Chorus 115 N.C. Close-Up Convention 11, WDNCASC Convention 11, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, lr, Marshal 11, Miss Ashbrook Pageant Contestant 11, 12, 1st Runner-Up 11, Cheerleader 12, Who's Who of Ashbrook 12, Morehead Finalist 12, PCA 12, Homecoming Contestant 12, Senior Superlative - Most Likely to Succeed 12, FCA Sec. 12, Wavelenglhs Feature Editor 12. HOLMAN, MICHAEL ANDREW lAndyI Track 10: Wrestling 11, 12, HOLT, IAY THOMAS IIayI Teen Republican 11, 12, Sec. 12, Key Club 11, 12, Nat'l Honor Society 12, PCA 12. HOLT, SUSAN E. HOOVER, KEVIN TODD lKevinI HOPE, ANGELA DAWN lAngieI COOP 12, PCA 12. HOVATTER, IOANN LEIGH lIoAnnI FHA 10, DECA II, 12. HOVIS, MARK ANTHONY lMarkI VICA 11, 12. HOWE, LAURA LEE ILauraI Ir. Heart Board 10, 11, 12, Recording Sec. 11, Marching 81 Symphonic Band 10, 11, lazz Ensemble 11, 12, Governors School 11, Homeroom Pres. 11, PCA 12, Homeroom Pres. 12, Senior Superlative-Most Talent- ed 12, Contestant in Miss Ashbrook Pageant, HUDSON, IOAN LORRAINE lIoanI DECA 11, German Club 11, Nat'l Honor Society 12. HUDSON, V. DENISE lDeniseI DECA I2, PCA 12. HUFFSTETLER, ELIZABETH REBECCA lBethI Civinettes 10, 11, 12, Board Rep. 11: Corresponding Sec, 12, IV Cheer- leading 10, Co-Capt. 10, Pep Club 10, Nat'l Honor Society 11, 12, Ir. Marshal 11, FCA 11, 12, Board Rep, 11, Who's Who in Ashbrook 12, Cheerleading 11, 12, Senate 11, 12, Building 81 Grounds Committee 12, N.C. Close'Up Convocation 11, Homecoming Contestant 12, HUFFSTICKLER, CHARLES L. lChuckI HUMPHRIES, LISA MICHELLE lLisaI HOSA 11, 12: PCA 12, HUTTO, MELISSA lMelissaI Ir. Heart Board 10, 11, 12, Marching BI Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, All State Band 10, 11, Majorette 11, 12, Captain 81 Feature Twirler 12, PCA 12. IsoM, IuAN T. lCoolI FHA 10, IACKSON, ALAN SCOTT IA. I.I IACKSON, RENAVARD DESHANNON lRenanardJ AFS 11. IAMES, IESSE LEE IR, IIesseI ROTC 10, 11, 12, IV Football 10, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Leo Club 10, FCAVP 12, Football 11, 12, All Conference 11, 12,MVP 12, Player of the Year 12, Co-Captain 12, Senior Superlative- Most Athletic 81 Best All-Around 12. Senior Statistics!65 IARRETT, DARNELL DENICE tDarnellI IV Basketball 105 Track 10, 11, 125 Cross Country 11, 125 ROTC 10, 11, 125 Service Ribbon 81 Airman 1st Class 105 Ex-Curricular Activity Ribbon 8t Element Leader 115 Flight Commander 12. IETER SHEILA MAE ISheiIaI ROTC 105 Chorus II 10: FHA 10, 11. IIMISON MICHAEL SCOTT lScottI IOHNSON, ALFRED CASBURN IAII Nat'l Honor Society 125 PCA 12. IOHNSON, IOSEPH DEAN tIoeI VICA11, 12: ICT 11, 12. IOHNSON, KENNETH EVERETT tKennethI IV Basketball 105 Homeroom Pres. 105 Ir. Heart Board 11, 125 Key Club 11, 125 Treas. 125 Nat'l Honor Society 125 PCA 12. IONAS, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN IBetsyI Nat'l Honor Society 12: PCA 12. IONES, ANGELA YVONNE lAngelaI Ir. Heart Board 105 FBLA 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. IONES, IOEL W. IONES, RANDALL SCOT IRandyI Nat'l Honor Society 12. KAHN, IEFFREY ALLEN lIeffI Tennis 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Treas., Teen Republican 11, 125 Key Club 11, 125 German Club 11, 125 V.P. 115 Cross Country 115 Leo Club 125 PCA 12. KEENER, DAVID ALLEN lAllenI KEENER, LINDA IDELL lLindaI Keyettes 11, 125 Secretary 115 President 125 AFS 11, 125 Vice President 115 President 125 Science Club 12. KELLY, SHARON KATHLEEN IKathIeenI Colorguard 105 FBLA 12. KENDRICK, SCOTT ALAN IScottI Leo Club 10, 115 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Public Relations Chairman 10, 115 Key Club 12. LANDMAN, IULIE GAY IIuIieI Nat'l Honor Society 11, 125 Ir. Marshal 115 International Club 12, LANIER, IENIFER LIN llenlferj Pep Club 10: Matmaid 10, 115 Homeroom Sec. 105 Ir. Homeroom Pres. 115 PCA 125 Head Matmaid 12. LANIER, MICHAEL STEPHEN tSteveI Marching Band 10, 11, 12. LARNER, DALE DON IDaIeI Football 10, 'l1, 125 FCA 125 Basketball 10. LEACH, MICHAEL SAMUEL IMichaelI LEACH, RITA ANN IRitaI LEATHERWOOD, KELLEY ANDERSON lKeIleyI Tennis 10, 11, 125 Football 11, 12. LEWIS, GREGORY ALLEN lGregI LEWIS, MARY LESLIE lLesIieI IV Basketball Co-Captain 101 Softball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 11, 125 Co- Captain 125 FCA 11, 125 Math Competitors 115 Nat'l Honor Society 125 DAR Good Citizen 125 Who's Who of Ashbrook 12. LEWIS, NEAL LARANE lNealI Civinettes 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 10, 11, 125 Ir. Heart Board 10, 115 School Play Bye, Bye, Birdie 105 IV Basketball Manager 105 Nat'l Honor Society 125 PCA 125 Contestant in Miss Ashbrook Pageant 12. LINDQUIST, AMY ALLISON lAmyI Marching Band 10, 11, 125 Band Award 115 International Club 115 Nat'l Honor Society 12, LINDSAY, ANDREA MICHELLE IMichelIeI FHA 10: ROTC 10, LINDSAY, IAMES STEPHAN lBlueI LINDSAY, PATRICK DARRICK IPatrickI LINEBERGER, WANDANASTA LEEONA IWandaI FHA 10, 115 HOSA 115 DE 12. LOBEL, IEFFREY PHILIP Ileffreyj Wrestling 10. LOFTIS, LISA ANN LOVE, VINCENT EDWARD IVinceI FHA 10. LOVE, VONDA KAYE lV0ndaI FHA 10, 115 AFS 11: FBLA V.P. 12. LOWE, KELLY ERIC IKellyI LOWIE, NICHOLAS BRUCE IBruceI Beta Club 105 Track Team 105 Spanish Club 10, Key Club 11, 125 Leo Club 125 PCA 125 Teen Republican 11, 125 V,P, 12. MAINE, DANA KRISTIN tDanaI Swim Team 11, 125 Captain 12: Ir. Heart Board 11, 125 Pres. 125 Interna- tional Club 115 Nat'I Honor Society 125 House 12. MARGOLIES, EILEEN SHARON lEileenI Marching Band 10, 11, 125 Civinettes, 10, 11, 125 SCA Rep. 105 Ir. Heart Board 125 German Club 125 PCA 12, 66!Senior Statistics MARR, HENRY STUART IHankI Band 105 Nat'l Honor Society 125 Senior Superlative-Wittiest 12. MARTIN, LINDSAY ANN ILindsayI Ir. Heart Board 10, 115 Matmaid 11, 125 PCA 12. MARTIN, MELANIE DAWN lDawnI DE II, 12. MASSEY, BRANSON HERSIELL IBradI Leo Club 11, 125 Teen Republican 125 Key Club 125 Miss Ashbrook Pageant Committee 125 Nat'l Honor Society 125 House 125 Leo Club VP 12, MAUNEY, ANNE HUGHES lAnneI Civinettes 10, 11, 125 Corresponding Sec. 115 Pres. 125 Matmaid 10, 11, 12: Co-Head 125 SCA Relp 105 Homeroom Pres. 115 House 125 Interna- tional Club I15 Carrouse Nominee 12, MAUNEY, MICHELLE LOUISE lMichelleI IV Cheerleading 105 Civinettes 10, 11, 125 Greenie Gong Keeper 115 V.P. 125 International Club 115 Carrousel Nominee 12. MAUNEY, SUSAN CAROL lSusanI FBLA 12 MCALLISTER, SHARON MARIE lSharonI FHA 10, 115 V.P. 115 DE 12. MCBRYDE, IAMES lIayI ROTC 10, 11. MCCARN, KENNIE LEIGH IKennieI Ir. Heart Board 10, 115 SCA 10, 11, 125 Senate, House, SEC 12: Homecom- ing Chairperson 115 International Club 115 PCA 125 Nat'I Honor Society 125 Treas, 125 Student Body Treas. 125 Who's Who of Ashbrook 125 Homecoming Contestant 125 Senior Superlative- Unsung Heroine 12. MCCARTER, WENDY D, McCASLlN, ALESIA LYNNETTE IAIesiaI Marching 5. Symphonic Band 10, 115 PCA 12. McCLURE, FREDERIC LEON IFreddyI Leo Club 10, 11, 125 Treas. 105 Board of Directors 115Pres. 125Homeroom Pres, 125 PCA 12. MCCURRY, IAMES STEPHEN llimmyI IV Football 10, Football 10, 11, 125 Co-MVP 115 Outstanding Back Award 125 Basketball 10, 115 FCA 11, 125 Track 11, 12. MCGHEE, IAMES MARVIN IMarvinI IV Football 105 Football 11, 125 Sportsmanship Award 125 Track 10, 11, 125 FCA 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Pres. 105 Key Club 125 Basketball Manager 12, McGINNIS, DONALD LEE IDonI Key Club 125 Leo Club 12, PCA 125 Homecoming Escort 12, McINTYRE, KRISTI LEE IKristiI Pep Club 105 Keyettes 11. McKENZIE, DANIEL LOCKE lDanI IV Football 105 Football 11, 125 Key Club 125 FCA 12. McNElLL, RHONDA LOUISE lRhondaI MCSWAIN, CHERI RENEE ICheriI Pep Club 105 Matmaid 10, 11, 125 Head 12. MEADOWS, CHERYL DENISE lCheryII ROTC, Aerospace 105 FHA 11, 125 FBLA 12. MEDFORD, IILL ELLEN IIIIII Pom-Pon Squad 105 German Club 115 Gaston Co. High School Choral Ensemble 11, 125 N.C. All State Choral Festival 115 Gaston Co. Choral Festival 115 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11. MEREDITH, KENNETH K. lKennethI ROTC 10, 11, 125 Service Award 105 Leadership Award 11. MERRILL, ROBERT S. METCALFE, MARY ELIZABETH ITizI Ir. Heart Board 105 SCA, Senate 10, 11, 125 Soph. Class Treas. 10: Civin- ettes 10, 11, 125 Soph. Board Member 105 Scorekeeper - IV Girls Basketball 105 Art Guild 115 Senior Class Treas. 12. MILLER, LAURIE ANN ILaurieI FHA 10. MILLER, SHEIVA I. Civinettes 10, 115 Pep Club 105 Cheerleader 115 AFS 115 Homecoming Contestant 12. MILLWOOD, ROBIN MELLWOOD IRobinI ROTC 10, 11, 125 Service Ribbon 105 Leadership Award 115 Cadet Cap- tain 8t Staff Member 12. MITCHELL, WANDA D. MONTGOMERY, IOHN IOSEPH IIohnI FCA 10, 11, 125 IV Football 105 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 115 Golf 125 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 Senior Superlative - Best Looking 125 Foot- ball 10, 11, 125 Outstanding Wide Receiver Award 125 All Piedmont 12 MOORE, KAREN ANNE tKarenI Basketball 10, 11, 12, Most Improved 115 Softball 10, 11, 12, MOORE, LARRY DUANE lLarryI MOORE, PAULA RENA IPaulaI Nat'I Honor Society 12, FBLA 12. MORELOCK, RONNIE WAYNE lRonnieI MORNINGSTAR, KENNETH ALLEN IAIIenI IV Football 105 Football 11, 125 FCA 125 Key Club 12 MOSES, DALE LYNN lDaleI ROTC 10, 11, 125 Colorguard 125 IV Football 10. MOSLEY, IULIE EDITH IIulieI ROTC 10, 115 Service Award 10, 11. MOSS, SUSAN KINCAID lSusanI Ir. Heart Board 11, 125 County Sec. 115 Treas. 125 Homeroom Pres. 11, PCA Track 115 Nat'l Honor Society 125 12. MURPHY, MICHAEL MANSLIN IBouI ICT 12. MURPHY, WILLIAM GREGORY lGregI NALL, IANICE CATHERINE ICathyI Bus Driver's Club 11, 125 Pres. 12. NEELY, BARRY GERARD IBarryI IV Football 105 Football 11, 125 Best Blocker 12. NEELY, CHERYL P. NELSON, CHRISTOPHER L. IChrisI Football 125 Track 125 Nat'I Honor Society 12. NICHOLS, GLENN ALLEN tAllenI Video Film Crew 115 Bus Driver 11, 125 Chorus 11, 125 Honors Chorus Band 115 Mars Hill Chorus 125 ROTC 11, 12. NICHOLS, TERRY LYNN ITerryI Key Club 125 Film Crew 125 Bus Driver 12. NICHOLSON, IANICE ELLIETTE lIaniceI French Club 105 German Club 115 Young Democrats 11. NIVENS, IANICE CAROL IIanI NIXON, CATHERINE MARIA lMariaI NORCROSS, FREDERICK CLEVELAND, IR. IChipI Swim Team 10, 11, 125 Band 105 National Honor Society 11, 125 A Team 11, 125 Attended Governors School 115 SCA Representative Key Club 125 Morehead Nomination 125 Stuart Scholarship Semi-Fin 125 Who's Who 125 PCA 12. NORKETT, LISA ANN lAnnI NORTON, IAMIE SUE llamiel DECA 11, 12. O'HARA, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES IChrisI Spanish Club 10. PANTHER, MICHAEL R. lMikeI PARHAM, MELANIE IOYCE lMelanieI PARKS, ALLISON LOUISE tAIIisonI Civinettes 10, 11, 125 International Club 11. PARRISH, CAROLINE KIMBERLY IKimI Maiorette 10, 11, 125 Feature Twirler 11, 125 FCA 11, 125 Homeri- President 125 Drama Club 125 PCA 12. PARRISH, IERRY WAYNE, IR. IWayneI FCA 10, 11, 125 Tennis Team 10, 11, 125 All-Conference 10, 115 I' Tennis Team 115 Homeroom President 11 PATTERSON, PAMELA ANN lAnnI IV Basketball 105 Captain 105 Girls' Track 11, 125 FHA Secretary 11 PATTERSON, SHARON DENISE ISharonI FHA 10, 115 Homecoming Contestant 12. PEARSON, BARBARA SOCOMON lBarbaraI ROTC 105 FHA 12, PENDLETON, LINDA ANN lLindaI Band 10, 115 Iunior Heart Board 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society PCA 125 Iunior Heart Board Secretary 12. PENINGER, MATTHEW LANE lMatthewI IV Basketball 10. PETTY, CARVIN EUGENE IC. PI ROTC 10, 11, 125 Varsity Football 10, 115 Varsity Basketball 10, 11 PHILLIPS, DOUG RAY lDougI ROTC 10. POAG, GREGORY LAMAR IGregI IV Football 105 Varsity Basketball 10, 11, 12. PORTER, KELVIN DEAN IKeIvlnI IV Football 105 Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 10, 11, 125 R- 10, 11, 12. POWELL, SHEILA IANE ISheilaI I FHA 12. PRATT, MARK ERIC lMarkI IV Basketball 105 Varsity Basketball 11, 12. PRESSLEY, IAMES FRANKLIN lIimboI IV Football 105 Varsity Football 11, 125 FCA 10, 11, 12. PRESSLEY, LAIUAN MARIE tLaIuanI IV Cheerleader 105 Chorus 105 Advanced Chorus 115 Future Bu Leaders of America 125 Homecoming Queen, PROPST, IENNIFER GAIL IIenniferI PCA 125 Miss Ashbrook Committee 12, PRYOR, LEAH KAREN ILeahI Marching and Symph. Band 10, 11, 12 PUTNAM, LYNN RENAE lLynnI QUEEN, FRED W. lFredI QUINN, MARY ANN lAnnI Pom-pon Squad 105 VTR Crew 115 International Club 11, PCA 1 QUINN, ROBIN LEE lRobinI IV Football 105 IV Wrestling 105 Varsity Football 115 Varsity Wrestling 115 FCA 115 Key Club 11, 125 Wavelengths Staff 11, 125 Soundwave o the Greenwave Radio Show5 Mimebenders 125 Drama Club 125 PCA 12. RAINWATER, IEFF T. lIeffI Wrestling 10, 115 Cross Country 10. RAMSAY, MARCIAL L. lMarcialI RAMSEY, CRYSTAL STARLENE lCrystalI RAMSEY, TIMOTHY SCOTT lSc0ttI RANSOM, MARLA KAY lMarlaI Spanish Club 105 Civinettes 115 International Club 115 DECA 12. RAUSCHENBERGER, LYNN FREEMAN lLynnI Girls' Track 11, 125 Homeroom President 11, 125 National Honor Society 12. RAY, HAROLD GENE lHaroldI HAY HOWARD DEAN lHowardI Solf 10, 11, 125 DECA 11, 12. IEID, KATHRYN S. lKathyI tElD, VIVIAN KATINA lTinaI tEYNOLDS, BEVERLY LYNN lBeuI 'CA 12. IHOM, MICHAEL DEAN lMikeI DECA 11, 12. LHYNE, GARY ANTHONY lGaryI V Football 105 Track 105 Chorus 10, 115 Varsity Football 11, 125 FCA 115 tternational Club 115 FHA 125 ICT 12. IIDDLE, KRISTI LEIGH lKristiI 'CA 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. LIVERS, DENEEN MICHELLE lDeneenI .OTC 10, 11, 125 Tec Sergeant 115 NCO for Personal Officer 115 Personal Jfficer 125 Captain 12. OBERTS, BRADFORD ASHLEY IBradI oung Democrats lSec,!Treas,I 10, 115 Forensics 105 Swim Team 10, 11, 25 Most Improved 115 All-Honors Orchestra-Concertmaster 115 Gover- or's School 115 Boys' State 115 Young Democrats lPresidentI 125 National lonor Society 125 Iournalism 125 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 SAC wglish Committee 12. OBERTS, TROY DISON lTroyI .horus - All State 105 Advanced Chorus 11. OBINSON, EDWARD REGINALD lRegl End IAII-State and All-Countyj 105 Key Club 125 Leo Club 125 Chorus - ars Hill Choral Clinic 125 National Honor Society 12. OBINSON, MELISSA LEIGH lLeighI ye, Bye, Birdie" 105 International Club 10, 115 Civinettes 10, 11, 125 azette School Page Reporter 105 Permanent Waves - Assoc. Art Editor 5AFS Club 11, President 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Governor's hool 115 AFS Foreign Exchange Student5 Math Team 115 Advanced orus 11, 125 All-County Chorus 11, 125 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 lho's Who Among American High School Students 125 Mars Hill Choral linic 125 Permanent Waves Editor 125 N,C. State Honors Chorus 125 SAC nommittee Student Rep. 12. SS, MICHAEL PAUL lMikeI A 10, 11, 125 Student Body Officer - First Vice President 125 Basketball , 11, 125 Key Club 11, 125 Homecoming Committee 115 Who's Who at hbrook 125 SAC Committee 125 PCA 125 Voted 'Most Dependable," BDLER, WILLIAM IOSEPH lBilIy loeI TC 10, 11, 125 Airman Sec. Class 105 Airman First Class 115 Technical gt. 12. RNDERS, MACK lMikeI IIHRICKER, LAURA LEIGH lLauraI 'oss-Country 10, 11, 125 Capt. 125 State Qualifying 11, 125 MVP 115 nch 105 Track 105 Chorus 105 Who's Who Among High School Stu- fnts 115 Wavelengths 12. I OTT, BONNIE IANE lBonnieI A 105 Swim Team 10, 11, 125 FCA 11, 125 International Club 115 Chorus 1, 125 Drama Club 12. LOTT, IEFFREY NEAL lIeffI A 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 11, 12. ANK, RICHARD LEE AW, SHEILA ANNETTE lSheiIaI A 115 Vice-Pres. 115 DECA Club 125 Treas. 12. ORT IAMES THURMAN lIamieI RT, MARTHA GREER lMartiI inettes 115 Homeroom Pres. 11, 125 Who's Who5 National Honor iety 125 Homecoming Court5 PCA 12. PSON, BONNYE LOUISE lBonnyeI 12. DE, THOMAS EUGENE lThomasI ketball 105 Football 115 Track 11, 12. ITH, DAVID ALLEN lSmittyI ss Country 10, 11, 125 All Gazetteland 10, 115 Track 10, 11, 125 SCA 10, 125 Key Club 11, 125 Vice Pres. 125 Teen Republican 12, ITH, DAVID ROSS lDavidI ITH, GIA MICHELLE lGiaI d 105 SCA 11. SMITH, MARK ALAN lMarkI IV Football5 Baseball 11, 125 ICT-I 11, 125 VICA 11, 12. SMITH, TRACY MARCELLA lTracyI Band 105 Chorus ll 125 PCA 12. SMOOTZ, ROBERT LAWRENCE lBobI Drama 125 Sec. 125 PCA 125 Mimebenders 12. SMYRE, CYNTHIA KELLY lCindaI Girls' Swim Team 10, 11, 125 Co-captain 115 lunior Heart Board 11, 125 Sec. 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Sec. 125 SCA 11, 125 Sec. 125 Wavelengths 11, 125 Editor 12 5 Governor's School 19825 Rotary Leader- ship Camp 19825 Homecoming Chairman 115 SAC Committee 115 N.C. Close-up 115 Iunior Graduation Marshal 115 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 Morehead Scholarship Finalist5 SEC 125 PCA 125 Student-Faculty Advisory Committee 125 Stuart Scholarship Semi-Finalist 12. STALEY, MARY RENELDA lMaryI Civinettes 10, STEPHENS, SANDY KAY lSandyI DECA 11, 12. STEWART, IAMES KEVIN IKevinI Band 105 National Honor Society 125 Key Club 125 PCA 12. STEWART, KAREN ANNETTE lKarenI Band 10, 11, 12. STILES, IOEL PHILLIP lIoelI Baseball 11, 12. STILES, LORI ANN lLoriI Band 105 Permanent Waves' Typist 115 National Honor Society 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11. STILL, IOHN ELTON llohnnyj STOWE, KIRK LAWSON lKirkI Baseball 10, 11, 12. STUBBLEFIELD, IANE CAROLE UaneI Band 10, 11, 125 lunior Heart Board 115 International Club 115 All County Band 11, 125 PCA 125 National Honor Society 125 Leaves of Green 125 Science Club 125 President 125 Wavelengths 12. TATE, CATHRYN RENEE lReneeI TATE, CATHRYN RENEE lCathrynI Basketball 10, 11, 12. TAYLOR, MICHAEL STEVEN lMikeI Golf Team 10, 11, 125 MVP 10, 11. TEDDER, CECILIA WYNNE lCeciliaI IV Cheerleader 105 Band 105 Pep Club 105 National Honor Society 11, 125 Vice Pres. 115 President 125 SCA 11, 125 Colorguard 11, 125 International Club 115 Concert Band 115 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 Homecoming Court 125 House 125 SEC 125 Senate 125 PCA 125 Building and Grounds Committee Chairperson 125 Rifle Captain 125 Carousel Nominee 125 Voted l'Most lnte lectualf' THOMSEN, IOHN TYLER lIohnI TINDOL, NATALIE MAREE lNatalieI Civinettes 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 105 SCA 105 Track Manager 10, 11, 125 Iunior Heart Board 11, 125 Leaves of Green 11, 125 Editor 125 Who's Who Among American Students 115 Cross Country Manager 11, 125 Basketball Scorekeeper 11, 125 FCA 11, 125 Treasurer 125 Civinette Senior Board Representative 125 National Honor Society 125 Voted "Friendliest" 125 Htouse 1125 Greenwave Mascot 125 Miss Ashbrook Contestant 125 Talent S ow 1 , 12. TOMKO, LYNDA LEIGH lLyndaI TAINSEND, DARIN SPARKS lDarinI Wrestling 10, 11. TURNER, DANIEL MARK lMarkI TURNER, IEFF LESTER fleffj IV Football 105 Football 115 VICA 11, 12, TURNER, MYRA ELLEN lMyraI Keyettes 10, 115 Vice Pres. 115 Band 10, 115 International Club 115 Iunior Heart Board 115 PCA 12. TYNER, TROY ALAN lTroyI IV Football 105 IV Baseball 105 SCA 10, 11, 125 Sophomore Class Presi- dent5 Senate and House 10, 11, 125 FCA 10, 11, 125 Football 11, 125 Baseball 11, 125 Key Club 11, 125 President 125 Art Guild 115 Governor's School 115 Who's Who at Ashbrook 125 Voted "Most Talented"5 Build- ings and Grounds Committee 125 Publicity Committee 125 PCA 12. USERY, MARNIE LYNN tMarnieI Band 11, 125 International Club 115 PCA 12. VARGAS, IUAN CARLOS II. C.I Spanish Club 105 Wce-President 105 Tennis Team 10, 11, 125 Track Team 105 International Club 115 PCA 12. VENTURELLA, SHARON CHRISTINE lSharonI HOSA Club 11, 125 Vice-President 115 FHA Club 11. VLASERVICH, DAVID RICHARD tDavidI Marching Band 105 Leo Club 11, 125 Baseball 11, 125 Woodwind Ensemble 115 Key Club 125 PCA 125 National Honor Society 12. WALKER, CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE lChrisI Football 105 Tennis 12. WALKER, CHRISTOPHER PATRICK lChrisI WALKER, VINCENT A. lSpotIightI Football 105 Basketball 10, 11, 12. WALLACE, ANGELA DAWN lAngieI FHA 105 Keyettes 10, 11, 125 Sophomore Representative 105 President 115 HOSA 11, 125 AFS 115 International Club 115 Chorus 12. WALLACE, CHARLOTTE ELAINE lCharIotteI SCA Representative 105 Civinette Club 11, 125 Projects Chairman 125 Colorguard 11, 125 Captain 125 Homeroom Representative 115 Member of House 12. WALLACE, MARTIN CAIN lMartinI WALTON, SETH DAVID lDavidI Marching Band 10, 115 Homeroom President 125 Leo Club 125 National Honor Society 125 PCA 12. WARD, ROBIN ANNETTE lRobinI Choral Festival 10, 115 Pom-pon Squad 105 Advanced Choral Contest 11, 125 Advanced Chorus 11, 125 Ir. Heart Board 115 Gaston County Ensem- ble 125 Young Democrats 125 PCA 12. WARLICK, IOHN THOMAS IV lTommyI Senate 10, 125 Representative 105 Wavelengths Staff 10, 11, 125 Sports Editor 115 Managing Editor 125 Governor's Sc ool 105 Bye, Bye, Birdie 105 Advanced Chorus 11, 125 Teen Republicans 11, 125 Treasurer 125 Gaston County Choral Festival 115 lunior Heart Board 125 Gaston County Teen- age Republicans 125 Secretary 125 National Honor Society 125 Drama Cub 1 5 President 125 PCA 125 "Official Greenwave Dancer" 125 Key Club 125 House 125 SEC 125 Constitutional Committee Member 125 Pub- licity Committee Chairman 125 Proiects Committee Member 125 Spirit Committee Member 125 "Most School S irited" 125 Representative 125 Miss Ashbrook Committee 125 Miss Ashbrook Usher 12, WARNOCK, KAREN LYNNE lKarenI Advanced Chorus 11, 125 Advanced Choral Contest 11, 12. WARREN, ANDREW ANTHONY lAndyI SCA House and Senate 10, 11, 125 Representative 10, 11, 125 Cross- Country 10, 11, 125 All Gazetteland 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 All Conference, Sectional Champion 105 Captain 125 Key Club 11, 125 Ir, Board Representative 115 Executive Board 125 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 11, 125 Executive Board 115 Teen Republican Club 11, 125 Track Team 11, 125 PCA 125 Tutor 125 Homecoming Escort 12. WATERS, IAMES MICHAEL lMikeI Chorus 105 Aerospace 10, 11, 125 DECA Club 11, 125 PCA 12. WATKINS, GENA EVETTE lGenaI IV Basketball 105 Chorus ll, 11, 12. WATKINS, IACQUELINE ANNETTE llackiel Track 10, 115 School Page 115 Pennanent Waves Staff 115 Chorus 115 Softbal 12. WEISENHORN, NATHAN GEORGE lNathanI WHATLEY, DAVID TIMOTHY lDavidI Football 10, 11, 12. WHITE, MARK L. lMarkI WHITNNORTH, DEVRON DEMETRA lDevronI All County Choral Festival 10, 115 Chorus I 105 Chorus Il 11, 125 Young Democrats 11, 125 Secretary!Treasurer 125 Advanced Choral Contest 11, 125 Gaston County Choral Ensemble 12. WILDS, PATRICIA IOYCE lTrishI Girls' Tennis 10, 11, 125 Sportsmanship Award 125 Homecoming Court 125 Carousel Nominee 12. WILKINS, LORI LEE lLoriI SCA 105 Senate 105 Representative 105 Ir. Heart Board 10, 11, 125 Track Scorekeeper 10, 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 11, 125 Academic Section Editor 125 Business Manager 125 International Club 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 Graduation Marshal 115 Miss Ashbrook Committee 115 Home- room Vice-President 115 Homeroom President 125 High School Tutor 12. WILLIAMS, DEMETRICE MONYON lDemetriceI Choral Music I 10, 115 Choral Music ll 125 FHA 11, 12. WILLIAMS, SCOTT E. lSc0ttI WILLIAMSON, TRINA GAYE lTrinaI Homeroom Treasurer 11. WIISON, HELEN ELIZABETH lHelenI Ir. Heart Board 11, 125 Keyettes 11, 125 International Club 11, 125 AFS Club 125 Yearbook Staff 11, 125 People Section Editor 12. WOODS, IOHN FITZGERALD lIohnI FHA 11. WOODS, PAMELA CAROL lPamI VICA 10, 11, 125 President 10, 11, 12. WOOLLARD, PAMELA LYNN lPamI Ir. Heart Board 115 International Club 11. WRIGHT, RHONDA DARLENE lRhondaI SCA Senate 10, 125 Drill Team 105 Co-Captain 105 Talent Show 115 Home- room President 115 Miss Ashbrook Contestant 125 Spirit Committee 12. YATES, ROGER WADE IR, lRoddyI Leo Club 10, 11, 125 Board of Directors 10, 11, 125 Marching and Sym- phonic Band 10, 115 ROTC 10, 11, 125 Military Order of the World Wars 115 Academic Excellence 11. YORK, SONYA DeETTE lSonyaI Matmaid 11, 125 FHA 11, 125 President 12. Senior Statistics!67 Anderson, Sharon Armstrong, lerome Arrowood, Angela Barrow, Veronica juniors Gain Experience 'lExcuse me. Would you like to buy or renew a magazine subscription?'t juniors this year learned more about thing - the PROM! So, the sale is really important. lust how good a job did the juniors do this year? A total of over 95 Adkins, Kelly Alexander, Edward jim was X2 magazines and selling them than they'll ever learn anywhere. Did you know that there is a magazine for just about every sport, hobby, or interest imaginable? Better Homes 84 Gardens and McCaIIs were the top-sellers this year, though. As the customary tradition for juniors, the magazine sale is done for one major Asbury, Clayton Asbury, Ricky Autry, Tamela Avery, Sheila Ballenger, Todd Barber, jeffrey Barkley, Malinda Barkley, Millie Barnes, Bryan Barnhart, Pamela Barnhill, Angela Barnhill, Curtis Bauer, William hundred dollars was collected, selling about 795 magazine subscriptions. Miss Meade, lunior Class Advisor, su- pervised the project along with Mrs. Lit- tle and Mr. Fulton. Homeroom presi- dents were responsible for collecting, to- taling, and counting money each day in their homerooms. Allen, Angela Allison, Clark 1, . My i, Kb-X X5 Baugh, Mark Beam, lohnny Beam, Lisa Beard, Anita Beaty, Melissa Begley, Tony Belk, Kevin Bell, Kelly Beveridge, Anna it 68fluniors K... lx It i A i gf 'NN-.... I xx X . 5 A Q i Beth Lazenby participates in james Gang dress up day but she fir' a' difficult to concentrate on her Algebra. K IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Cheryl Kelton, Secretary, Karen Trantham, Treasurer Shannon Brown, President, and Matt Chestnutt, Vice- Duncan, Tina Dye, Wade Earle, Milton Edwards, Elizabeth Ellerbe, Harry Elliott, Beth Ellison, Wesley Emmett, Chad Enlow, Ann Eppley, jamie Erwin, Kenneth Erwin, Vincent Evans, Tonya Evatt, Pat Evitt, Todd Farmer, james Fish, David Fish, Debora Flanagan, johnathon Fleming, james Fletcher, jennie Floyd, jeff Floyd, jocelyn Fox, Carla Fox, Ray Fraser, Andrew Freeman, Mark Friday, Troy 70X juniors Cross Stacy Crook, Steven Cunningham, jeffrey Dalrymple, Kimberly Daves, Ginger Davis, Kippy Davis, Michelle Davis, Richard Davis, Roger Day, Paul Derreberry, Terry Dial, jacqueline Dickey, Claire Dickey, Dawn Dobbins, Melissa Dockery, Lynn ! E i X-,N .,,,W.-., M., ,. . N, XZ., gi , NM L X Q ' . x -Q S9 me kk I ,egg-f li, G Sa., .QQSQ i S NIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: First Row: David Conner, Lenna Mathis, Alicia Teddy, james Vecchiolla, jeff Bryant, jimmy Poag, Emily Miller, ic d lle D vis' Second Row' jay Zollic he a , . Mark Baugh. Q offer, Mark jimison, Cindy Bolick, Lori Briggs, Shelly l-riesen, Stacey Rotchford, Raymond Shoemaker, Kelly Hamilt and On, Friesen, Shelly Froneberger, Robin Fuller, Alice Fuquay, Robert Gainey, Regina Gaiten, Leonard Gamble, Paul Gann, jerry Gardin, Anna Gardner, Kimberly Garvin, janet Gates, Patrick Giacobbe, Desiree Gibbons, Sean Gibson, jackie Gibson, Lory Gilmore, Van Gimbert, Clark Gingles, Phyllis Girmindl, Lynne Givens, Dwayne Glaze, Betsy Glaze, Wilson Glenn, jeffrey Glenn, Kevin Gossett, Thomas Goude, Douglas Goyette, Michael Gray, james Green, Kelly Gregor, Donna Griffith, Michael Groves, Gary Guller, Gary Halvorson, Micheal luniorsf71 Hamacher, Dewayne Hambrick, Sherry Hamilton, Kelly Hanna, Jason Hardin, Asinda Hardin, Aminda Harris, Sarah Hart, Donna Hartwig, Jeffrey Hawkins, Mary Hayes, Gary Hayes, James Hayes, Mark Hayes, Sandra Helms, Charles Helms, Kelly Helton, Genie Helton, Robert Herron, Steve Hice, Michael Hicks, Greg Hilderbrand, James Hinkle, Dana Hinkle, Scott Hoffman, Beckie Hoffman, Tammy Hollar, Donna Holloway, Tracy Holman, Chris Hoogmoed, Joanne Hope, Paul Hopkins, Michelle Hopkins, Margaret Horton, Joanne Hovis, Barry Hovis, Jerry Howell, Mark Hunsucker, Kelley Huskins, David Hyman, Lisa 72!Juniors X Steve Herron tries to decide which style of ring suits him best. Hard Choice Decisions, decisions. I never thought that choosing my Ashbrook Class of '84 school ring would be so difficult! I love the traditional style class ring, but those contempo- rary styles are nice, too. Should I get the emerald green setting, or some other stone, like an onyx in the middle? You can even get the sport you play engraved on the side. l'm so confused! Okay, I think a size EM will fit. But maybe I should get a 7 just in case I gain some weight in my fingers. No, I'd better stick with the size that fits me now. What? I have to wait six weeks for it to come in? But I'll go abso- lutely crazy! It will sure give me something to look forward to, though. They're here! The rings have finally arrived! This line l'm waiting in is slower than the 3:10 bell. Oh gosh - I'm next! Did I forget my money? Oh, here it is in my coat pocket. It's an awful lot of money - Is it really going to be worth it! Oh, that's a beautiful ring, but is this one mine? l'm so proud! It fits perfectly and it sparkles like a diamond. Look, everyone, look at my new Ashbrook class ring! " ., .g ,i i lsom, Leona H ltson, Armanda , jackson, Frances -"" 4 E!! 9 sd jackson, Harold ., P ':'- ZKEQZS f "'t lg jackson, Victor " gi'1!s"' D I ""iI'i2 james, Wayne we ' jenkins, Leigh jenkins, james jimison, Marcus johnson, Lori jones, Marsha jones, Robin Kelton, Cheryl Kendrick, Anthony Kennedy, Larry Kerr, Shelly Keys, Todd King, Missy King, Sheri Klimkowski, Karen Knell, julie I a gain' t,4-may Kuykendall, Mark Langson, Deanna Lankford, Elizabeth Lazenby, Elizabeth Ledford, julie Ledford, Timothy Ledford, William .- 7 A ,-sg' , Littlejohn, Darron Long, Mary Long, Wendy Lovell, john Lowman, David Lowry, Keith Lucas, Crystal juniors! 73 Lyles, Teresa Lynch, Sandra Lyon, Douglas Malone, Karen Marks, Tina Martin, limmy Martin, Timothy Mason, Ken Mathis, Lenna Matteson, Rhonda May, Linda May, Loretta Mayes, David McBryde, Steven McCarter, Barry McGarter, Robin McCarter, Paige McCaskill, Karen McClee, Louis McElhaney, Melvin McGill, Anthony McKee, Maria McKinney, Loretta McKnight, Michael McNair, Grady McQuitter, lacquelyn Meek, Teresa Meeks, Tyrone Messick, Stephanie Miller, Emily Miller, Ralph Mitchem, Maria Moncrief, lill Moore, james Morgan, Linda Before first period, Dwight Gilmore, Tyrone Meeks, and lames Anderson discuss plans for the weekend. 74!luniors Morris, Kim Morrow, Gloria Morton, Lisa Mosier, Nancy Moss, Angela Moten, Kimberly Murphy, Angela Murphy, Fred Neely, George Nichols, lon Nipper, Marguerite Noblett, Vann Wwfa i?L'1 , , ,,,,,, NALL M , Wm K J' jg I, in Mrs. Call's Typing ll class works diligently on their new assignments. ai A t S Nolen, Robert Norman, Robert Norris, Steven Oatman, Dawn O'Neill, lohn Overcash, Lauren Overman, Christopher Padgett, Bobby Painter, Leslie Parker, Ginger Patel, Chandresh Payne, Patti Payne, Keith Penland, Angela Peterson, Edward Petty, john Phillips, Andrea Phillips, Lisa Phillips, Robbie Pickert, Bradley Pinto, Shirley Poag, lames Poplin, Phillip Poteat, jason Powell, Michael Price, Edward Price, Frank Propst, Dorothy Pruitt, Renee Puckett, Robert Queen, Shelley Quinn, Libby Ramey, Alisa Ramsey, Suzette Randolph, Danny Ray, Karen Reece, Shelia Rhoden, Barbara Rice, Angela Rice, Christopher luniors!75 Rice, jeff Rice, Milton Rick, Crystal Robinson, Christine Rollins, james Rotchford, Stacey Rubino, Michele Rudisill, lack Rush, Kenneth Russell, Gary Russell, Megan Samples, lohn Samways, Valerie Sanders, Greta Sanders, Paul Saunders, Donna Scarborough, Lisa Self, Cletus Sellers, Lou Ann Shepherd, joseph Shoemaker, james Simpson, Emily Simpson, Eric Sims, Roberta Sims, Virginia Sinclair, Robert Sisk, Angie Smith, Christopher Smith, Donna Smith, Michael Smith, Michael D. Smith, Suzanne Smith, Terry Smith, Timothy Sparks, lohn jeff Bryant and Brad Clark leisurely enjoy their gourmet luncheon in the Ashbrook cafeteria. 76fluniors .bs ii Spearman, Elizabeth Stamey, Lisa Stamey, Sharon Starnes, Sharron Steele, lames Stephens, Angela Stephens, Kevin Stewart, David Stiles, Timothy T7-7 cafeteria staff enjoys preparing a nutritious and tasteful lunch for the stu- M., 1 ' , 'gs Y Lunch: n Exclusive Experience VVhat's the most refreshing period of the day? Lunch, of course, in the exclusive cafeteria fby reservation onlyl. Students enter the best of dining experiences as they leisurely walk to their reserved tables on private rows. Most students get in line for the buffet, while those that bring elegant bag lunches remain at the table. While waiting in line, students get a chance to decide on their choice of gourmet food from the delicious menu. They may choose anything from hot dogs au gratin to zesty Italian Sicilian pizza as their entree. A wide range of side dishes are served, also, like French-fried potatoes and the soup of the day. To top it all off, desserts like Danish pastries and European pies are served, with ice cream, of course. The service is excellent, while the cafeteria prides itself on having chefs trained on three continents. The staff always surprises the students by coming up with a new and unusual dish each week. But the spiciest and juiciest dish being served in the cafeteria lately, has been the tidbits of gossip and chatter students share each day Stover, Allison Street, Nick Strickland, Craig Sulls, Tina Summey, Laura Sutton, Bruce aa, . eg Z-X Swart, Brigit Sytz, Steven Taggart, Dean Tanner, Mona Tate, Deanna "' Taylor, David Taylor, Pam ii Teddy, Alicia Tench, Brian Thompson, Greta Tolbert, William friends during A, B, and C lunch, Toney, Richard Toomey, lulia Trantham, Karen Trevino, Christina Trull, Crystal Turas, Edward Updegraff, Karen VanPelt, leffrey Strange, Cassandra luniors look forward to eating and chatting with their , , 4 1 f X' wif.-,ii ,ai VanSleen, Karen Vecchiolla, james Wallace, leffery Wallace, Stephen Walls, Michael Wally, Ronnie Walsh, Lisa Walters, Lisa Walton, Gregory Ward, janet Warren, Phyllis Watson, Dana Watson, Robert Watts, Gary Webb, lerry E. Webb, lerry L. Webb, Marion Webb, Michelle Weldon, Mark Wells, William Wells, Frederick Whitcomb, Daniel Wiles, Michelle Will, Margaret 78!luniors in Nl 1 A mv if-.a fx. jeff Hartwig flashes the camera a smile as he gets ready to try on his n school ring. NIA... W Kin Puckett dances to the beat of ABCs 'Look of Love" at the Christmas Dance. Willard, Timothy Williams, Jeff Williams, leffery Wilson, Eric Wilson, Hayward Winecoff, loanna Winford, Latrisha ,fl ., y Greg Walton works studiously at his drafting table. juniors! 79 ,gul!"""' Bernasconi, Lawrence The Young, New and Hopeless Everyone remembers the first day of school, and the first day of going to the big 'BROOK". The first thing you notice is the BIG halls and ALL of those people. lt is so noisy! As you make your way through the day, you go into Mrs. Britt's room and she gives you 5 pages to read and know for tomorrow. You soon learn that on Fri- day there will be a pep rally! You are dreading it so because of everything you have heard about upperclass- men's harrassment, but as Friday rolls Albright, Lisa Alden, David Aldridge, Theodore Allen, Teresa Anderson, Kurt Angelo, Kimberly Armstrong, lames Armstrong, Mark Armstrong, Bryan Baker, Sandy Ballard, Michelle Ballard, Rebecca Ballard, Elaine Barbee, Kimberly Barnes, Faye Barnette, Chirritta Barr, Teresa Baucom, Darren Baucom, Mark Beam, Charles Beavers, Tammy Bell, Meg Bell, lames Bell, laney Belton, Richard Berkley, Karyn Binder, Dana Black, Lisa Black, Patricia Bodner, ludy Bolin, Thad Bolin, Tracy Bonnin, Catherine Bonnin, Paul Boster, Andrew Bostick, lames Boukather, Edward Bowman, Angela Brackett, Ray Braddy, Laura Brady, Lisa Brannock, Mark Brennecke, Adam 8O!Sophomores around you are filled with excitement and before you know it, the pep rally is here! When you enter the gym, you learn that the sophomores sit on the other side! Wait a minute, everyone is yelling! They are yelling at you, the sophomores! You are so embar- rassed! After 30 minutes of yelling, the pep rally is finally over and so is the week! As you leave school you think to yourself, !!My gosh, if the whole year goes like this week, then l am in trouble!" lv X g x, . "K X Q ' L i ln... i i Lisa Albright, Secretary, Beth Bright, Treasurer, Stephen Bryant dent, Neil Elliott, Vice President are the CLASS OFFICERS. KL 1 ,A ll -.AN ,. I lwgkmff s . Nl Q ,,. . I .::: L XX E E a - Q PSY 5, 1-'Z 3 S K ' X Q , K ss , 1-if I' , . f . ,,,.,.,s.-...a u f s Q ' Brice, George Bridges, loel Bridges, Robyn Bright, Beth Brigman, Brian Britton, Laurie Brock, john Brooks, Kirk Brooks, Lisa Brown, David Brown, Mike Brown, Kristi Brown, Tonya Brown, Victor Bryant, Kelly Bryant, Stephen Buckner, Paige Burchfield, Robert Burdette, Brandon Burris, lackie Cagle, Kristal Callaghan, Nancy Calvert, Clifton Calvert, Kori Campbell, Ricky Carroll, Kevin Carter, Cameron Carter, Stephanie Case, lack Cassada, Robin Cather, Elizabeth Chriscoe, Bo Christopher, Mignon Church, lerry Clancy, Debra Clark, Melissa Cline, lay Clubb, Mac Colesworthy, Bradley Collins, Sandi Connelly, Ken Connor, Scott Cook, leff Coon, Dina Cooper, julie Copeland, Wes Copps, Samuel Corley, Terry HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS are First Row: Kim Twiford, Debbie Hester, Tomeka Glenn, loel Saunders, Steve Iamison, Kevin Montgomery. Second Row: limmy strong, Brian Owenby, Lynn Hutchins, Tim McSwain, Tonya Givens, Brantley Lanier, lill Phillips, Katherine Elder, Rich Starr, Andy Haynes. Sophomores!81 Costner, Steven Cowart, Mark Craig, Trey Crawford, Rosalind Crawford, Keith Crawford, Teresa Creasey, Wendy Creech, loe Currence, Gayla Curry, Cheryl Daniel, Anita Davidson, leannie Davie, Nelson Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Leigh Ann Davis, Melvin Davis, Paul Day, Charles Deas, Cynthia Dellinger, Diane Dellinger, Donna Dellinger, Robbie Denton, johnny Desai, Sunita Deviney, Ronald Dixon, Donna Dixon, lennell Dover, Dwayne Dover, Jeffrey Duckett, Arthur Duff, April Durham, Marcus Durham, Marvin Dye, Grady Eaddy, Blake Edmonson, Sheldon Edwards, Hayden Edwards, lan Edwards, Phyllis Elder, Katherine Elliott, Hope Elliott, Eric Erwin, Elizabeth Faile, Ashley Falls, Chris Floyd, Annessia Floyd, Crystal Floyd, Travis Ford, Paige Fowler, Mark Fox, Andrew Fox, Keith 82fSophomores NKZQS' lt' ri asf! Stephen Bryant is always eager to discuss the problems of the sophorr class with Mrs. Bynum. ts? A 38, W ' s ff!! f WW ,Zfpfw fd My 'f f 5 ,,1A ,,:,41..g. , , an .wt f ri EW ' vt' . ,.,,. . 'H' 2, as ., .. W ,,., fi f f f an 5 f 1 Z 433 V 'W f ' ga, X v iiiti we l , -, PM A , V y f if ' gf , 5' 3 e Cooper gets last minute advice from swimming coach e Holland before a big win over arch-rival Shelby. W ls v Fox, Lee Frady, David Franklin, Lisa Fredell, Gina Fredell, Rickey Fredrick, Sharon Friday, Marsha Frye, Elaine Fulbright, Harold Fulbright, laneen Gaines, Leslie Gaines, Patrick Gainten, Anthony Gainey, Tracey Galloway, David Gardner, Angela Gatlin, Terry Gentry, Marsha Gentry, Paula Gibby, Mark Gibson, Charles Gilliland, Barbara Gilmore, Vanessa Gilreath, David Gilreath, jimmy Gist, Cheryl Gist, Shelton Givens, Tonya Givens, Wanda Glenn, Andrea Glenn, Dana Glenn, Tomeka Goode, Chris Goodson, Crystal Gordon, Eric Gosine, Marcie Grant, Patti Gray, Charles Green, loseph Green, Teresa Greenlee, lohn Griggs, Patricia Groves, Amanda Gullion, Terry Guthrie, Wallace Hall, Billie Ann Hambright, Emmabeth Hamelink, David Hardin, David Hardin, Ronald Harmon, Nicole Sophomores!83 Harper, Amber Harper, lulie Harris, David Harrison, lulia Hastings, Lucretia Haynes, Andy Haynes, Rebecca Heavner, Eric Heavner, Von Heller, Ian Helms, Traci Helton, Arthur Hembree, Lee Henderson, Belinda Hendrix, Michael Hester, Debra Hill, Karen Hill, Rickey Hinkle, Paul Hinton, Maurice Hitchcock, Laura Hoffman, Bradley Hollowell, Lin Holman, Amy Hooper, Sandra Hoots, Scotts Hoover, Freddie Hoover, Lenwood Hopkins, Betsy Houck, Tammy Hovis, Christopher Hoyle, Roger Hudson, Martha Huffstetler, Mary Ann Huffstetler, Susan Huffstickler, lean Hutchens, Eshellah Hutchens, Lynn lngle, Walker lackson, Annette lackson, Cory lackson, Tobbie lamison, Steven Jenkins, Katherine 84!Sophomores There is not much time to go to your locker as Kathy Webb lackie Burris, and lerome Armstrong discover. mrs' Mrs. Bynum, sophomore advisor, always wears a smile for students. . K JA Qi Y g ' , fi, ' Nhy is Kim Shoemaker beating up this woman? She's not! She is learning CPR to be a member mf junior Heart Board. X!! L Zz 7 9 -fr, jenkins, Robin jeter, Rodney jimison, jon johnson, Audrey johnson, jeffrey johnson, julia johnson, Evelyn jolley, Michael jonczak, Elaine jones, Leslie Kale, Randy Kelly, David Kelly, Mel Kendrick, Dennis Kennedy, Mitchell Kernea, Sheila Key, Kathryn King, Henry Kinley, Marc Kiser, james Kistler, Karen Kithcart, Maxine Koontz, Candace Lafave, Lori Lakhany, Amin Lambert, Ray Lane, Cynthia Lanier, Brantly Lea, David Leach, Leroy Leatherwood, Terry Lecroy, Donnie Ledbetter, Dean Lee, Frankie Leggett, james Leslie, Catherine Lewis, Rhys Lineberger, Tony Lloyd, Todd Loftin, Paul Long, john Long, Wes Lowe, Chris Lundy, Robert Maloney, Paul Malpass, Susan Mantecon, Kenneth Marshall, Christine Martin, Laura Martin, Robin Mason, Michelle Massey, Lynn Massey, Robert Matherlee, Brian Sophomores!85 Matteson, Randall Matthews, Melinda May, Tracie Mayne, Tonya McBee, Robert McCarn, Lisa McCarr, Lisa McCarter, Ronda McCosh, Kimberley McCoy, Loretha McCullen, Paige McDonald, Carl McGill, lames McGill, Patrick Mclntosh, Nancy Mclntyre, Sally McManus, Stephanie McPherson, Kammie McSwain, Timothy Meeks, Gennia Meeks, Latonya Melton, Lisa Merchant, Riaz Merryman, Dawn Messick, Ginger Messick, Rodney Miles, Clarissa Miller, Katrina Miller, Michelle Miller, Richard Mills, Anne Mills, Bronson Mintz, Eric Mintz, Chris Mitchem, Michael Mody, lames Montgomery, Kevin Moonie, lanalyn Moore, David Moore, David L. Morgan, Margaret Morriss, Sherry Morrow, Norman Morton, Darrell Moss, Margaret Mull, David Murray, Selissa Myers, Ted Nall, Clark Neal, Deborah Nichols, Daphne Nichols, George Niemeyer, Charles Nixon, Sherry Norman, Dena Norris, Pam Owenby, Brian Palmer, Timothy Paris, Susan Parker, lohnny Parker, Timothy Parlier, Brian Parton, Shari Patel, Shailesh Patterson, lerry Peeler, Chris Pendleton, Kristie Petrey, Cissy Pettigrew, Renee Phillips, April Phillips, lill Platt, Gregory 86!Sophomores it if Nr, We Q Q 'L l f aff i I P - e.. L 1. .5, w., Plemmons, Kenneth Plummer, Dawn Porter, Romaine Price, Erik Putman, Dana Queen, Barry Quinn, Timmy Quinn, jason i ,lf Quinn, Lea Ann Ramsey, David Ramsey, Selena Ratchford, Chad Redding, Angela Redding, Eric Redmond, Tommy Reese, Michael Reid, Adrean Rhodes, Michael Rhyne, Lori Rhyne, Edward Richardson, Angela 8 f r Riley, jeff Roach, jimmy Robbins, Kimberly Roberts, Bobby Roberts Lila Roberts, Margaret Roberts, Tabitha Roberts Morris Robertson, john Robinson, Cynthia Rowe, junior Rumph, Ernest Rutherford, Robert Sanders, jeffrey Sandow, Rusty Saunders, james Saunders, joel Savage, Rebecca Scarborough, Crystal R Q X X xxw " CSR XQQX xx X ,HR ws K NWN! -aphomores jackie Tolbert, Frances Woods, and jerry Church learn about birds of prey during a presentation from UNCC in their biology class. Sophomores!87 Seabrook, Will Shannon, Marc Sharpe, Pamela Shields, Richard Shoemaker, Kimberly Shuler, Quintin Shumate, Suzanne Simon, Robert Sims, William Sims, Lisa Sisk, lanice Slade, Pamela Smallwood, Lisa Smith, Patrick Smith, Tony Smith, Rodney Smith, Teresa Smith, lohn Snead, leffrey Solomon, Michael Stachurski, Karol Stanley, Amy Starr, Richard Stephens, Chuck Stewart, lennifer Stiles, Sherrie Stone, limmie Stroud, Rhonda Stroup, Elizabeth Stultz, Amy Summey, Tracey Sun, Cathy Suttles, Robert Sweeten, Lynnette Swicegood, Bonita Tabet, Steve Taylor, Diane Taylor, Isabelle Taylor, Michelle Taylor, Robert Teague, Charles Teague, leffrey Terry, Todd Thomas, Alisa Thomas, Christine Thomas, Stephanie Thomasson, David Thompson, Curtis Thompson, Fontella Thompson, Ray Thornton, Neal Tidwell, Alesia Tigler, Curtis Tolbert, lacqueline Trammell, Susan Treece, Tammy 88!Sophomores Carolina fan, Paul Maloney, is really true blue. Sophomores: One Da the Stars Well, sophomores, the year is finally over and, you know, it really vvasn't that bad! Under the leadership of Ste- phen Bryant, the sophomores accom- plished many things. You gave the Seniors a good run for first place in the l'Kans for Kids'f drive and you also beat out the juniors at the first School -,Nfzf 1 Q? Wide Clean-up! You really feel like a big part of this school and, indeed you should, because if you pass all your courses, including that dreaded biol- ogy and gruesome geometry, you will be lUNlORS! The Class of '85 is looking alive! Tribble, Curtis Trotter, Beth Tvviford, Kimberly Untz, leff Vandyke, Michael Waldrop, Michelle Walls, Gregory Warlick, David Warnock, Kristin Warren, Gregory Webber, Cathy Weisenhorn, Philip Wells, Robin White, Gary f Whitson, Michael Wilkins, David Willard, Alissa Williams, Kim Wilson, Andrea Windsor, Loretta Winecoff, lohn Wirey, Debra Withers, Scott Wixson, Teresa s Womack, Robert Wood, Reid Woods, Frances Woods, lerry Woody, Leigh Workman, Darin Wright, Richie Yelton, Gregory Young, Scott , i3mr . - . These sophomores enjoy a lldelicious meal" in the school cafeteria. Sophomores!89 'w They lead, encourage, appraise . The principal's job is very much like the job of the executive producer They both call for knowledge responsibility and su pervision Armand Mando is responsible for supervising the curriculum taught at Ash brook Mr Mando has been at Ashbrook for a total of seven years He was assistant princi al during the 1970 71 school year then he eft to serve as principal of W C Friday lunlor High He returned home to Ashbrook in 1977 to assume the position of principal Students recognize and ap reciate Mr Mando s concern for the stu ents as ind: viduals Mr Mando once said I think we have an extremely talented student body not only in the academic areas but also in the arts and athletics l would hope that with so much ability among our teaching staff and students we can encourage a love of learning and creativity to become the best that we can be .nf I P Mr Wooten is proud to be a part of Ashbroo W-.,,,.,.,.......---""""" qi l Mr. Mando waters the plants that decorate his office. Students listen attentively as Mr. Mando explains new school policies. 907 People T-Jani, gy -4 -A A s Q , tt..t g t se X .- Lp , ss if . 5 at-cs.-if -X o Mr. Mando talks with Mike Davis about the upcoming plans for the student body. X., :as l gfmig if? Z' i' Mrs. lenkins and Mr. Wooten play a vital part in school life as our assistant principals. Mrs. lenkins attacks another mountain of daily pa- perwork. 1 t X N' Qi R , t rsrr .ax . . . and still smile. Assistant principals deal with a variety of challenges everyday. Along with their regular duties, they must also handle any of the daily problems that arise. Elaine jenkins and Bill Wooten are Ashbrook's assistant principals. This year, they are both co-chaiman of the Southern Association school evaluation pro- iect. Mr. Wooten is in charge of discipline, buses, maintenance, and custodial matters of the school. He has been here at Ashbrook for four years, after teaching drivers education at Hunter Huss High School for five years. Mrs. lenkins has also been at Ashbrook for four years. She taught eighth grade social stud- ies at William C. Friday lunior High School for seven years before coming to Ashbrook. Mrs. lenkin's duties include handling the textbooks, the new computer report cards and schedul- ing. She also helps with discipline and organiz- ing instructional funds. People!91 Helping ls Their Role Behind-the-scenes, but with important roles to play in students' lives, are Ash- brook's three guidance counselors, From the time ninth-graders register for high school to that magic night when diplomas are given out, the counselors are instrumen- tal in helping students choose courses, ca- reers, and colleges. Although paper work accumulates in mountainous stacks, they are ever-willing and ever-capable. Whether talking to whole classes, small groups or individual students, they are extremely ef- fective. Miss Pendleton, Mr. Moore, and Mrs. Green help each student write his own life-script and prepare for the changes his life will hold. Robert Davis, Charles Elliott, Lander Barnhill, Armand Mando, Bill Wooten, and Elaine jenkins make up Ashbrook's Advisory Board which holds monthly meetings concerning students. Mrs. Green was chosen "N.C. Counselor of the Year" by the N.C. School Counselor Association. Our guidance counselors, David Moore, lanet Green, and Barbara Pendleton, are always eager to help students. 92! People M xwzvuwwi, lbw rum mm iiwlrputim urnpum 'W tht CORN Qkfupllibilll P' ix elf ,.,.,,E:..:,,,,,,,m ' V ill 5 ,M M' 5? ',g,wg:-LT..-2. .x 5 .M .. ., .,, ,,-m...., . 'l ,,.......,, iam 1 ""'1A-f-m.- . ' ' A rliiri .1 is f ---- la lf Q i , i 1 xx A E f Mr. Moore keeps busy updating the Caree cation Center. -el' -.Nxx Miss Pendleton assists Mrs. Wilson in getting one of her student's schedule changed. l'Chief" and Chancey Roberts enjoy a moment together. Dey spends much of her time on the phone, out forms, and typing letters and notices with various other tasks. Gayle Warren fGuidance Secretaryl, Chancey Roberts and Cindy Dey fOffice Secretariesj are responsi ble for 1001 jobs each day from counting money to giving out band-aids! Peoplef93 Leona Smith - Senior English, Laverne Davis - Senior and lunior English, Mary Layton - Senior English, Yearbook, Creative Writing, Linda Sell - Senior Englishg Starr Downs - Student teacher. After Z3 years of teaching, Leona Smith grades yet another stack of papers una M ,L ,V 4 , f . ., :ia 7 ,. 'I1ffi'4s, 3, .fa '.t'.,"'. 4 h.,' Z, W. ff - 1' 2 1 4 s - if- L 1 V kan QWYWMQQ, gf JV 4 M ,fg?' ' T f ff' . T 1 ,..12.a... , ' . H 1 Jima. .. ' Y ..- t. TQ, ffm, L L L L L , .L .. L Muff' WW? ,.. .'x,... Q ly ...sf gm Teachers Direct Students "Cut, Take five . . . " lust as the directors of a movie are important to the production, so are the directors of classes, the teachers. Movie directors call the shots and basically "keep the roll moving." This is much like the job of teachers. They keep the wheels of learning rolling along each day. As directors, the teachers job is to introduce his students to new ideas and unexplored areas of study, to enlarge their horizons. This is a demanding but rewarding profession, one Mary Alice Holland - Sophomore and Senior Englishg Diane Beam - lunior Englishp Van Sellers - Sophomore Englishg Leila Evans - interim teacher. 94!People that requires much preparation and dedica- tion. Teachers are constantly learning and expanding their own knowledge, often with the help of their students. Teachers are a vital part of the Ashbrook life. They can also become your friends. As one student said, "As you roll on through life, you may look back and see that your teachers were good friends. They were always there to give you advice if you needed it." l SJ -. A--...,,,hs.x 3 Ann Neal - Sophomore English, loceyln - lunior English. Suzy Metcalf - student teacherg R. M. I- - Sophomore English, journalism ll. ,sees Laura Henkel - Hearing Impaired: David Abowd and Ellen Griffin - Special English l, ll, and Ill, and Special Math l, ll, and lllp Virginia Wilson - Special English and Math. loan Eargle and Elaine Benjamin - Survival Skills. Mark Hyde - Drama and Senior English. Randall Lowe gives his class a lecture on The Scarlet Letter. Genevieve Ware - U.S. Studies and Geography and Peopleg Frances Kinlavv - US. Studies and Geography and Peoplep Sharon McKenzie - US, Studies and SociologyfPsychologyg LaRae Brittain - U.S. Studies and Geography and Peo- pleg Ray Taylor - US. Studies. Peoplef95 Larry Rhodes and Ierry Carpenter, Drivers Education, Not pictured: Maynard Bridges Mona Butler, Home Economics, and Margaret lackson, Health Occupations, aa , if t Rem, They give new views to lite, and teach us how to live, , they soothe the grieved, the stubborn they Chastise, fools they admonish, and Confirm the vvise. Their aid they yield to all." Ann Cotorth, Chemistry l and A P. Chemistry, Martha Kincaid, General Science and Biology, Stan Beam is the new horticulture teacher at Brenda Britt, Biology, Anthony Giatohhe, Chem- Ashbrook. One ot' his main iobs is keeping up istry I, Stuart Caudill, Biology, and Anita Friday, the landscape, Biology wi ,, Mill-' l ,, '4-. 6 96fPeople fy Caudill, German I and II, Marcia Meade, French I and Spanish I, Sheri Little, Spanish ll and III, Kabool, French I, ll, and Ill, Nancy Faulkner, Spanish I, ll, and Ill, Ed Carawan, Latin I and Il, Harlan Smith, ICT I, Leon Harrington ICT ll, ITIEQ Giles Setzer, DE I, and Gaither Cline, DE II. E Bill Eccles, Algebra ll, Advanced Math, Geome- try, Helen Bynum, Geometry, Consumer Math, Teresa Beck, General Math ll, Algebra I, Fran Deese, Algebra I, Geometry, Pat Baker, Algebra ll, Geometry, Gary Evans, Geometry, General Math I and Il, Business Math, loseph Maier, Ad- vanced AlgebrafTrigonometry, Algebra Il, Ad- vanced Math, and Sandra Leggett, Consumer Math, Algebra Il. Physics and Shelia Morrow Biology try a challenging problem for fun. Checking to see if our typevyriters are I'healthy" ' 'Wg at are typing teachers, Marian Call and Harriet Lips- comb. it Q, 1,44 4' . A , 'K W, xy an i , 1 IIE ,xi 'iv T in 'W' .N fa V V, Martha Connor, Typing I, Accounting I 84 Ilg Anna Cooke, Accounting I, Date Processing, Barbara B Introduction to Business, Typing I, Shelba Shellman, Office Occupations and Business Machii Martha McAllister, Typing I and Business Math. 1 AM .sis ,wkxmiih xmwwss Student Vincent Davis helps janitor Stan Beam, Horticulture, Robert Martin, ITIE, Auto Mechanics II, Robert Roberts, ITIE, Machine Shop III MCCUIIOH1 Staff the 'aWnm0W9V' lanitors 81 IIA tured: lasper johnson, Iames Whitworth, Hill, Thomas Brown, lames Hill, Anita Willie Patton, and Ralph Stacey, 98X People Tom lohnston and lean Piercy, librarians. Mike Connelly, PE, lohn Moose, PE ll, Lora Walker, HealthfPEg lohn Kinlaw, PE IV. Q , I Xe if-isis 5 4 A Raymond Jordon, lazz Band, Wind, and March- feteria Staff: Front Row-Manager Kay Freitas, Ann Abernethy, Irene Weathers, Opal Ferguson, mg Band? Allen Cfiffifif Art I 8' m7 Dennis Amzer' nie Heath, ludy Hileman. Second Row-lanet Marlowe, Nancy Cooper, Mary Ellen Ferguson, Chorus I 84 H' esa Watson, Flo LaRosa. People!99 YA . N- in-N"""'a is ak . my iw ., A M +R.. M v Nw 7 W f fad' A ,,M-ww m.,v .... -..k f ff: -W w X: NS QW NX 'r -Q, . N3 NEW ,ak .:.- t : K N X' X wx X my xx X N X k ESQ X C5 3' o X u 3 N X s if? fn. Q . gg k X -:sr " SWR 350699 l'l dont understand, Mr. Eccles!" are familiar words to Bill Eccles, who patiently explains the problem to Shirley Pinto. Advanced Math is a challenging course but well worth the effort. Teamwork is necessary for a successful lab in Advanced Placement Chemistry. Rodney Grant and Lesley Forde are confident this course will thoroughly prepare them for college work. by 1 fi! - E f'f ,,, . my F, ' i"M?'sie , 1 -.i - ...fn f '1 , X . ,,,, GW: f Rated Features 1.9444 A-sl Michelle Mauney rolls the dice as jennifer Bod- man and Brigit Swart look on in hopes of gaining Umucho dinerof' They all agree a relaxing game of Spanish Monopoly adds spice to Spanish IV lessons. 'lO2fAcademics ..l4"'W 1 The class intently watches as Kevin Stewart solves a math problem on the board. A.P. courses are beneficial to college-bound stu- dents, a lglssltftl reports are knee-shaking events, but Bob looks calm as he gives his AP. seminar on Rosencrantz and C-uildenstern, two aracters in Shakespeare's Hamlet, ith a blood-thirsty grin and a sweep of his sty rapier, Macduff lMatt Ayottej chops off cbeth's lBruce Lowiel head. AP, English stu- nts always enjoy the chance to display their ting talents. "Cest magnifiqueln says Dana Maine of her ex- perience in fourth year French. She hopes to place out of lower level French in college. Grant Sparks endures essays, tests, term papers, and even the dreaded novel Lord lim to add an additional five points to his class average. Grant is a student in A.P. English Il, taught by Randall Lowe. Academics!103 Creativit Lives at Al-IS Creativity is the ability to bring into exis- tence, to make, or to originate. When most of us think of creativity, a painter with a paint brush or a writer of novels comes to mind. However, these are only a few of the ways in which the human mind displays its creative ability. Some of the less obvious are the guitarist formulating musical notes into beautiful, harmonious sound, a drafting student creating plans for his dream house, a potter at his potters wheel molding a hunk of clay into a perfectly formed pot, or the chorus class performing an original dance step and song, Even a member of the newspaper staff obtaining information and writing an article is using his creative talents. Creativity is Gods gift to man that each of us returns to mankind. 'H f F Xt ' as IK Working on a layout for the yearbook, Helen Wilson finds it is not as easy to prepare the year- book as it may seem. Artists Troy Tyner, Alison Capps, and Michele Hill receive help on their various art works from Mr. Griffin. 10-1fAcademics Members of Ashbrooks Drama ll class, which formed a pantomime group, the Mime Benders shown practicing for their presentation of The Wax Museum. .N-"' """'3llw s Randy lones well knovvs, you are not able to :hieve success vvithout many long hours of ard vvork. ne Stubblefield must gather all the necessary formation from Mrs. lenkins in order to write er article for the school paper, Wavelengths. hw' J X2 5 hw Va 'VW we-'fm V lulie Landman expresses her creative talent through the tools of paints, paintbrush, and easel. CREATIVITY There he is standing there my mind and l catalysts of his a e Created by thoughts brought forth from imagination Executioner l may let him live take the form of my choosing song statue story or other to share with the vvorld outside Do l dare? Or should l let him die push it away to the farthest recesses of my mind le it st deteriorate itself to oblivion never to be remembered Better to create it novv Let it take a material form so that someday vvhen l have the courage to stand behind my creations he may take his place in the world Dawn Oatman ' f t , stifle this creation, t' i Academics! IOS 1 Librar Holds Ideas, Dreams eff",-. Child! do not throw this book 5 about, Of cutting all the pictures out? Preserve it as your chiefest trea- SUVP. Bad Childs Book of Beasts, dedi- A cation As media coordinators for the school library, lean Piercy and Tom lohnston attempt to provide stim- i l ulating activities as Well as instruc- l tional materials for students, Addi- i tionally, library assistants aid them with circulation, neatness, organi- l if Y " , 2-ff' i 771 zation and study hall check ins The library is not only a quiet for special planned activities such as Indian Heritage Week Spon sored by the Schiele Museum this week vvas designed to inform stu dents about the cultural life of the Indians Activities such as this add variety and change to the basic learning process. The library is surely an important resource, a treasure island of vvis- dom and knowledge. "i' 'f'-"giR l 4- Xlqxfdv- 'R'XXiNR eYe:g- r Refrain from the unholy pleasure place for study, but it is alsoa place i ' - i ' I Library tutor, Benita Guffey, constantly straight- ens the books to keep the library in tip top shape, Christine Hoffman admires the embroidery of Mrs. Piercy's indian garb. lO6!Academics Signing students into the library is a routine task Mr. lohnston, school librarian, assists lax Holt for library assistant Delaine Davie. with a mind-boggling problem, fi W srr , W, ssis 4 V64 ff : 'W r K ,!"X-.fy M ,-1ln,...' Sofial studies students listen intently when lim Green holds a pow wow about Indian culture My during lndian Heritage Week. When she keeps the audio-visual room neat, Christine Thomas exemplifies the hard working media assistant, Ac adeinicsf IO7 National Honor Society: Sitting: Bill Abernethy, Bonner Anthony, Kim Blake, Brian Bridgesg Standing: Leslie Britton, Todd Bryantg Not pictured: Matt Ayotte, Warren Bane, Darren Bolick, loe Bonnin. mm W . ' 1-- 1 ' , 11.0 F 11 uw-, fg A Q f 'l ...ii-1 Z 'f' "' ,'ii . . "' wi . ' ' -m...e...:. - . , r I 'NiNaN'mNW'wuNq" i . -...... it is 1 P155 . N 44954315 i mi Front row: Carla Currence, Linda Church, Jonathon Burleson, Second row: limmy Davis, lody Cloninger, Melanie Caldwellg Third row: Steven Day, Shelly Copeland, Trey Carterg Notpictured: Mike Davis. 108fAcademics It IS Worth The Effort The clock strikes twelve and all lights a out except for that tiny glimmer in an As brook students bedroom. He is one those 'model students" who cause parer to brag, teachers' eyes to shine, and fello students to wonder why he bothers. l may be studying for an important algeb test or preparing for an oral book repo Many people may question his dedicatio integrity, and strong will. He may even wo der at times whether all the studying worth that good grade. However, when I receives that HA" or WOO" he knows tr his lack of sleep the night before was w worth it. He can be proud of himself and l achievements. Conscientious studen such as this one, characterize members the National Honor Society. Seventy-four seniors were joined by ti top fifteen juniors to form this year's tional Honor Society. This scholastic cl promotes leadership, scholarship, servi and character throughout the school a community. Every senior with a 90 or abo average as well as the fifteen top-rank- juniors are invited to join. induction, hi is held in the fall, recognizes the new bers as they participate in a candli ceremony. The group is in charge of grade orientation at the end of the year. They also sponsor an Awards Banquet in the spring. Mrs. is NHS advisor. W l NWKM Reclining: Kenneth lohnsong Sitting: lulie Land- man, Leslie Lewis, Linda Keener, Al Johnson, Not pictured: Randy lones. Front rovv: Beverly Green, David Griggs, Bob Hall, Second rovv: Renee l-larvey, larnie Harris, Third rovv: Sheldon Hollowell, Not pictured: Su- san Hager, . A I L 224 Rhonda Deal, Steven Eller, Lynne Eppley, Lesley lay Holt, Laura Howe, Beth Huffstetler, Melissa Forde, Peggy Gibson, Rodney Grant. Hutto, Betsy lonas, Not pictured: loan Hudson, Academics! 109 W f f 'U W TN-. Front row: Amy Lindquist, Dana Maine, Eile Margolies, Second row: Hank Marr, Brad M sey, Rennie McCarng Third row: Elizabeth M calf, Paula Moore, Susan Moss, Chip Norcrc Not pictured: Neal Lewis. Front-back: Troy Tyner, David Vlaservich, Da Walton, Tommy Warlick, Lori Wilkins. ...Au ,Av 5,-f l'lOfAcademics NHS Officers tclockwisei: Cecilia Tedder denti, Cinda Srnyre tSecretaryl, Kennie tTreasurerl, Lou Ann Sellers Front rowi Lynn Rauschenberger, Linda ton, Natalie Tindolg Second row: Brad R Cecilia Tedder, Third row: Leigh Robinson, Stubblefieldg Fourth row: Reg Robinson Stiles, Fifth row: Cinda Smyre, Kevin St Not pictured: Marti Short. mior National Honor Society, Front rovv: Sandra Hayes, Millie Barkley, Leslie Painter, Dana Watson, Alicia Teddy, Alisa Ramey, Lou Ann Sellers, Steve lcBryde, Dawn Oatman, Second rowx Michael Yarborough, Grant Sparks, lim Turas, Walton Conway, Raymond Shoemaker, Bobby Padgett, l ' 2,32 as ml, ,t,, QE U si I is I e fifteen top-ranked juniors, at the end of the school year, are honored as graduation marshals. Students are chosen based on their grade average as a phomore and their first semester grades as a junior. The 1982 Graduation Marshals are: Front row: Beth Huffstetler, Cinda Smyre, Lori Wilkins, Shelley peland, Linda Church, Cecilia Tedder lCo-Chiefi, Leslie Lewis, Second row: lody Cloninger, Chip Norcross, Sheldon Hollowell, Leigh Robinson, Lesley rde, Lynne Eppley, Mike Davis lCo-Chiefi, Steven Day. Academics! 111 Parent-teacher interaction is the key to student development. Concerned parents, such as these, aid in carrying out this plan. IF. After parents met with teachers, everyone en- joyed refreshments as Parents' Night ended. Mr. Stuart Caudili was one of many teachers visited on Parents' Night. Grades, conduct, and class participation were among the main topics discussed with parents. T1 2fAcademics PARENTS' NIGHT . . . Working Together With Teachers Is The Key To Stadent Improv WHO'S WHO' The Teachers' Choices Each year faculty members select a special group of seniors for Ashbroolcs Who's Who. This award is topmost of honors because it recognizes students who are the epitome of participation and achievement. Teachers first nominate outstanding students and then vote on their top choices. The top sixteen to twenty students selected comprise the VVho's Who roster. These urnque senkms are chosen on the bass of exceHencein character, scholastic achievement, and leadership. Other qualities considered are involvement in student government, service clubs, athletics, publications, projects, and various high school activities. Dedicated students who strive to improve the school and them- selves truly deserve recognition. The Leaves of Green Staff would like to congratulate the following seniors chosen and wish them success in the years to come. cannot wow Barrie 55' , - Sir james ' iff MVK f ' sums. Tiff 4 K- ' S' 'Sig 5 x I 5 E 5? if A UM, X 5 4 5 fo. N "' f Q F x 'A -we 'D' ' "fn, people wonder what you have been up , 1 Q iss: X50 NM,-,K +' Q. L X X Sl K Xi. R Q . . I 1 f u X ww "Ask not what your country can do your country " Presiden john F Kennedy X asklwhat you fo 11-4!AcademiCs we x x .ff 4 1 Wi?' W +1 f 5 a 1 I X MARY eye with you when you re unkno wn enough that one can sa y, 'This is the .mgx IULIA come to life are fre 9, -N, ff-' ,6- EXCELLENCE I ACTIO julie Landman and jennifer Lanier attended tl School of the Arts for five weeks during tl summer. They both studied ballet, Six students were nominated for the Morehead Scholarship: Steven Day, Chip Norcross, Mike Davis, Cinda Smyre, Sheldon Hollowell, and Robinson. Cinda, Mike, and Sheldon won at the district level and went on to the final competition in Chapel Hill. Each nominee filled out a I application, vvrote an essay, provided three recommendations, and participated in extensive interviews for the scholarship competition. 116fAcademics overnor's School is a summer program for gifted and talented high school students. lt offers a stimulating and enriching curriculum of three areas of Jdy: academics, philosophy, and psychology. Each of the areas help to acquaint young people with recent theories and techniques in their chosen fields id inspire them to be creative students. Those attending were Brad Roberts, Cinda Smyre, Warren Bane, Steven Day, Laura Howe, Crissy Trevino, Seth ole, Angie Barnhill, Chip Norcross, and Troy Tyner. 94 ELEQ-r BOM li... 'Ui' Roberts attended North Carolina Boys' State at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. Boys' is a six-day intensive workshop in state government and politics. 'I enjoyed it because I like and it helped me to understand government more," he said. 'Boys' State will get people involved in government." ile Lewis was chosen for the Daughters of the American Revolution Award by the social studies chers. The DAR is chosen each year for a senior who has shown outstanding citizenship. "lt's an nor to be chosen by my teachers as a good citizen," she said. A----. Academicsfl17 MM 63:6 L . . X 5 ' f Y L A . L Q nf MQ f ZS W M f ffm Q , X ,K ig M . gwgyyffissg gi A if U 4 as Qwk 'Xb w 95 E is 5 gg ,WF Q Q W" 1. V Q flag 4 Pd ws Q QI 'SW .nga '- X-if get , 1 Q Q ,E M iw "' 552' 5 J' .6-,,,f 'if f' 1, '. W- S.. Sf -f . fwi Q Ashbrook's Student Cooperative Associ- ation is the backbone of many of the schools activities. Each year the SCA sponsors various projects. Parents' Night, Homecoming, Kans for Kids, AMAPAM lAs Much As Possible And Morey week, the bloodmobile, and the school- wide clean ups are just a few of the SCA spon- sored activities. The SCA consists of three main parts. The SEC lStudent Executive Committeej is com- posed of committee heads and student body officers. This group makes new laws and has the final say on issues before they are sent to the Senate. The lnter-club council, formally the House, is made of student body officers, club presidents, class officers, and school board re- presentatives. Together they make up the two remaining parts of our School Government. They are responsible for new ideas and must see that these ideas are carried out. Without the Student Government, Ash- brook would be much less enjoyable. Many projects the SCA sponsors go unnoticed. Next time you have an idea, let your SCA represen- tative know about itl V, . X' - H,.W...... .... tif V, fy ff . .... ,fffff "t-'-f if f. .. 6, f. WWW naw? f 4112? gfgaz saggy, fare? if .-i. V ' ' ' ttt, .. . .... .,a,,.,..m , , 1424 Wifi V 'ff Wwwgwif ffiiti 'W' ' .W .V W. X 9 g -f - ' V' ' gn 7512! fx 1 K. W fam f 'V X f ff f f W I 4 f A M M W 7 7 K 2 i, X . . ,. HOUSE MEMBERS: Linda Keener, Natalie Tindol, Sheldon Hollowell, Shirley Dietsch, Dana Maine, Scott Harris, Anne Mauney, Kennie McCarn Cinda Smyre lulie Ross, Mike Davis, Charlotte Wallace, Cecilia Tedder, Angie Capps, Darren Bolick, Freddie McClure, Matt Ayotte, Troy Tyner, Warren Bane Roonie Cather Stephen Lisa Walsh, Shannon Brown. T2OfOrganizations SIATE MEMBERS: Mike Davis, Mike Ross, lulie Gray, Cinda Smyre, Kennie McCarn, Shirley Dietsch, Rhonda Deal, 1neEppley, Elizabeth Metcalf, Bill Abernethy, Warren Bane, Darren Bolick, Kelly Fulbright, Tripp Goodrich, Scott lrris, Sheldon Hollowell, Beth Huffstetler, Chip Norcross, David Smith, Cecilia Tedder, Troy Tyner, Tommy lxrlick, Andy Warren, Rhonda Wright, Shannon Brown, Matt Chesnutt, Cheryl Kelton, Karen Trantham, Todd langer, Malinda Barkley, Anna Beveridge, Kathy Blalock, Elizabeth Edwards, Cokey Ellerbe, Carla Fox, Alice Ier, Lynn Girmindl, Genie Helton, Leigh jenkins, Missy King, Lou Ann Sellers, Emmie Simpson, losie Summey, even Styz, Karen Van Sleen, Lisa Walsh, Michael Yarborough, Stephen Bryant, Neil Elliot, Lisa Allbright, Beth Eht, Rick Belton, Paige Buckner, Roonie Cather, loy Cline, julie Cooper, Trey Craig, Donna Dellinger, Paige Ford, , Fox, Sherri Fredrick, Chris Goode, lohn Greenlee, Patty Griggs, Lin Hollowell, Candace Koontz, Chris Peeler, sti Pendleton, Chad Ratchford, Kim Shoemaker, Alisa Thomas, Greg Warren, STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Cinda Smyre, Kennie McCarn, lulie Gray, Mike Ross, Mike Davis. I -2' T 'i sf' Showing his dedication to the SCA, Darren Bo- lick sells blow-pops in the cafeteria. Mike Ross, Shelba Shellman - advisor. WMM Matt Chesnutt, Alice Fuller, Rhonda Deal, Darren Bolick, Sheldon Hollowell, Cinda Smyre, Mike Davis, Scott Harris, lulie Gray, Warren Bane, Kennie McCarn, Cecilia Organizationsf121 Civinettes Beth Huffstetler and Patti Griggs sell cookies during the Civinette Bake Sale, Nov. 5. Forgetting her waistline for the day, president Anne Mauney pigs out on cookies at the bake sale. 5 iehnaffx .. .. f.... ,s.tat..m 1 Civinettes Have Busy Year From selling Claxton fruitcake to working at the Heart House, the Civinette Club gave countless hours to Ashbrook and the com- munity. Participation in such projects as working at the Schiele Museum, providing food for the press-box at the home football games, cleaning up school grounds, and selling car license plates were several of the activities from which others benefited. They also gave out Uwelcome bags" co taining pads, pens, stickers, and rules to tl sophomores at the beginning of school. A visors Mrs. Neal and Miss Pendleton devo ed time and energy to help make the Civi ettes a club Ashbrook can be proud President Anne Mauney says 'This yea club was a success because of its loy members." ClVINETTE MEMBERS: Kim Angelo, Meg Bell, Anna Beveridge, Cathy Bonnin, Beth Bright, Lisa Brown, Shannon Brown, Paige Buckner, Kris Cagle, Melanie Caldwell, Callaghan, Roonie Cather, lulie Cooper, Donna Dellinger, lackie Dial, Shirley Dietsch, Meredith Dilling, Elizabeth Edwards, Beth Elliot, lamie Eppley, Ashley Faile, Paige Leslie Forde, Carla Fox, Lee Fox, Sherry Frederick, Alice Fuller, Kelly Fulbright, Boo Gaines, Patti Griggs, Gina Harrington, Kim Haselden, Boo Haynes, Tracy Helms Hitchcock, Beth Huffstetler, Mary Ann Huffstetler, Susan Huffstetler, Lynn Hutchins, Leigh jenkins, Penelope lones, Elaine lonczak, Cissy Key, Missy King, lulie Knell, Koontz, Lynn Massey, Eileen Margioles, Melinda Mathews, Anne Mauney, Michelle Mauney, Kim McCosh, Elizabeth Metcalfe, Emily Miller, Michelle Miller, Meg Moss, Moss, Dawn Oatman, Dana Putnam, Cindy Robinson, Michele Rubino, Lou Ann Sellers, lennifer Stewart, Amy Stultz, losie Summey, Tracy Summey, Diane Taylor Thomas, Stephanie Thomas, Susan Trammell, Michelle Waldrep, Lisa Walsh, loanna Winecoff, Lisa Albright, Michelle Ballard, Angie Capps, Shelly Freison, Emmie Sin Charlotte Wallace, Natalie Tindol, Sheldon Hollowell, Cathy lenkins, Kim Twiford, Nicole Harman, Lynne Girmindl, Millie Barkley, Karen Ray, Kim Shoemaker, Kristi B Catherine Elder, Lee Robinson, Emmabeth Hambright, Allison Parks, Renee Pruitt. 122! Organizations NIIOR HEART BOARD MEMBERS: Kelly Adkins, Lisa Albright, Warren Bane, Millie Barkley, Pam Barnhart, Karyn Berkley, Michelle Boothe, Laura Braddy, Laurie Britton, Leslie tton, Kristi Brown, lustine Carpenter, Roonie Cather, Linda Church, Walton Conway, Shelley Copeland, Kathryn Elder, lamie Eppley, Lynn Eppley, Debbie Fish, Lesley 'de, Carla Fox, Lee Fox, Shelley Friesen, Alice Fuller, Gena Gainey, leff Glenn, lulie Gray, Dana Greenlee, Kelly Hamilton, Kim Haselden, Sandra Hayes, Dana High, Laura vve, Lynn Hutchins, Melissa Hutto, Kenneth Johnson, Todd Keys, julie Knell, Dean Ledbetter, Beth Long, Dana Maine, Eileen Margolies, Chris Marshall, Lindsay Martin, ina Mathis, Steve McBryde, Maria Mitchem, Meg Moss, Susan Moss, Kim Moten, Dawn Oatman, Linda Pendleton, Cissy Petrey, Shirley Pinto, Alisa Ramey, Karen Ray, dy Robinson, Michele Rubino, Kim Shoemaker, Emmie Simpson, Virginia Sims, Cinda Smyre, Natalie Tindol, Susan Trammell, Crissy Trevino, Tommy Warlick, Lori Wilkins, ggie Will, Helen Wilson, loanna Winecoff. lr. Heart Board Ha The Beat S S Sponsored by the Heart Society, lr. Heart Board accomplished another year of service to the community with such projects as helping at the Heart Society bazaar and selling wrapping paper and calendars. This year they held the first county meeting at the public library. The purpose of the lr. Heart Board is to pre- pare its members for useful citizenship and to provide experience in living and working together. Persistent efforts of the lr. Heart Board members made this year's club successful and worthwhile. JR. HEART BOARD OFFICERS: Dana Maine, president, Carla Fox, vice-president, Linda Pendleton, secretary, Susan Moss, treasurer. Organizationsf123 KEY CLUB and KEYETTES Two of the most important service clubs at Ashbrook are the Keyettes and the Key Club. The Keyettes, advised by Mrs. Ka- bool, has seen its membership dwindle over the past few years. This year the club did become more active, however. Says Keyette President Linda Keener, "Our members were very enthusiastic this year and this helped make it a good one!" The Keyettes planned various projects for this year. Tray favors and clowns for the hospi- tal, school clean-ups and inner-club activi- ties are just a few of the ways the Keyettes have worked towards the betterment of Ashbrook. The Key Club has always been one of the most popular service clubs at Ashbrook. This year the Key Club sported 62 mem- bers. Collecting for muscular distrophy, the annual light-bulb sale, and school-wide clean-ups are just a few of its projects. President Troy Tyner is proud of this year's club, stating, 'This was one of the Key Club's most productive years ever!" KEY CLUB BOARD MEMBERS: Trey Carter, Kenneth johnson, Robin Quinn, David Smith, Troy Tyner, Anc Warren, David Conner. we p,...W,,,df S .. Q A KEY CLUB: Troy Tyner, David Smith, Robin Quinn, Kenneth johnson, Trey Carter, Andy Warren, Matt Ayotte, Warren Bane, Gaston Bates, Craig Behringer, Bryan Bo Darren Bolick, joe Bonnin, Brian Bridges, Don Buckner, Mike Davis, Tripp Goodrich, Scott Harris, jay Holt, Chuck Huffstichler, jeff Kahn, Scott Kendrick, Bruce Lowie, Massey, Marvin McGhee, Don McGinnis, Dan McKenzie, Allen Morningstar, Chip Norcross, Reg Robinson, Mike Ross, Kevin Stewart, David Vlaservich, Tommy War David Connor, Todd Ballenger, Anthony McGill, Keith Payne, jimmy Poag, jason Poteat, joe Shephard, David Stewart, Nick Street, Chris Peeler, David Alden, Rick Bel Cameron Carter, Bo Chriscoe, Scott Connor, jeff Cook, Wes Copeland, Hayden Edwards, john Greenlee, Eric Heavner, Lin Hollowell, Mike jolly, Mark Kinley, Tim McS Norman Morrow, Patrick Smith, Rick Star, Neil Thornton, jeff Untz, Greg Warren, Darrin Workman. 124! Organizations ETTES: Martha Hudson, Shari Parton, Linda Keener, Gina Hester, Roberta Sims, Ginger Messick, Cathy Sun, lacelyn Floyd, Wendy Hinkle, loanna Horton, Alisa Ramey, ya Mane, Teresa Meek, Lisa Brady, Helen Wilson. rs. Kabool, the Keyette advisor, looks over a project list planned for the upcoming year. KEYETTE OFFICERS: Linda Keener, Teresa Meek, Roberta Sims, Helen Wilson. Linda Keener and Helen Wilson update club members on their many upcoming activities. Organizations!125 LEO CLUB ln its third year of existence, the Leo Club at Ashbrook is still relatively unknown. As a younger version of the Lion's Club, the Leo Club sells brooms, trash bags, and does var- ious other things to raise money for the blind. They also participate in the school- wide activities along with the other service clubs. 2 E l LEO CLUB OFFICERS: Freddy McClure, loe Bonnin, Paul Bonnin, Brad Massey. Reg,Robinson shows dedication to the Leo Club by selling brooms to raise money for the blind. Yo' R L LEO CLUB: Paul Bonnin, David Vlaservich, joe Bonnin, Freddy McClure, jeff Sanders, Trey Carter, David Griggs, leff Hill, Brad Massey, jeff Kahn, McGinnis, Reg Robinson. 126fOrganizations Paul Bonnin collects money from the club's recent trash bags sale for the Lion's Club. F.C.A. 'To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving lesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church." This is the stated purpose of the Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes. FCA is open to any athlete who wishes to join. lerry Car- penter, who serves as advisor, asks mem- bers to make this pledge when joining: L'As a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I shall endeavor to know more about lesus Christ and his way of life, to be active in His church, to strive to be a Chris- tian in my personal life, and to share my convictions with others." Although he organizes the FCA Sunday break- fasts, advisor lerry Carpenter always seems to be first in line. Angie Capps Mike Ross Allen Morningstar Andy Warren, Craig Behringer, Rhonda Deal, Beth Huffstetler, Troy Tyner, Sheldon Hollowell, Don Buckner, lesse Iames, Herndon Marvin McGhee Bill Abernathy lohn Montgomery, Shannon Brown, Elizabeth Edwards, Gina Harrington, limmy McCurry, Derek Bates, Wayne Parrish, Lewis Scott Harris Linda Church Dale Larner Dan McKenzie, Keith Blalock, Kent Blalock, Todd Keys, Alicia Teddy, Karen Updegraff, Clay Asbury, Chuck Cook, Larry Walton Conway Emily Miller Lisa Walsh Steven Sytz, Jimmy Vecchiolla, Melissa Beaty, Sharlene Rick, leff Glenn, jeff Bryant, Matt Chesnutt, David Stewart, Fern Kim Dalrymple Steve Wallace jeff Hartwig Robert Cobb, Michael Yarborough, Lawrence james, Elizabeth Cather, Lisa Albright, Kim Barbee, Darin Workman, David Mike lolly Mike Whitson Sherry Frederick lay Cline, Marc Kinley, Melinda Mathews, Michelle Miller, Lin Hollowell, Neil Elliott, john Greenlee, Kristie Pendleton, Summe Rob nBrid es Karen Hill urtisT l r li r r y y g C eg e lu e Coope , Ga y White, Von Heavner, Patty Griggs, Mike Van Dyke, Todd Terry, Paige Ford, Michelle Ballard, Greg Thad Bolin Rhys Lewis left Cook Neal Thornton, Natalie Tindol, President, Angie Capps. Dr. Richard Crowder, former Duke basketball er Chuck Cook and Shannon Brown thmk player, discusses the Christian Athlete's self-im- age with FCA members. S 3 FS S The newly formed AFS-international Club is the combination of two groups: the Q American Field Service and the International Club. These two clubs are made up of for- eign language students and exchange stu- dents. To raise money, members sold stuffed animals and raffle tickets and held an International Night at Gaston College. Continually growing, the AFS-international Club will contribute to Ashbrook even more in future years. Club President Leigh Robinson was responsible for all the exciting activities her club participated in during the year. AFS-lNTERNATlONAL CLUB: Sandi Strange, Pamela Slade, Gregg Platt, Andy Boster, luan Andrade, Valeria R. Ferreira, Chris Marshal, Tim McSwain, Kris Angelo, David Grip Helen Wilson, Diane Taylor, Randy Dodson, Leigh Robinson, Linda Keener, Susan Fain, Anthony McGill. Andy Boster explains to Valeria Ferreira and luan Andrade exactly what raffle tickets are used for. New teacher Ed Carawan was organizing the new AFS-international Club. man teacher Betsy Caudill is also an 128!Organizations rs. Friday, advisor of the newly formed Science Club, explains a biological problem as club embers listen intently. .IENCE CLUB OFFICERS: jeff Glenn, Van Nob- t, Helen Wilson, Charlie Day, lane Stubble- ld, Teresa Smith. :T K ': : H 6 t a- SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club gains knowledge in the field of science while having fun through club activities. These two elements - en- tertainment and education - are com- bined to make learning more exciting. A trip to Discovery Place, hiking Crowders Moun- tain, guest speakers at meetings, and sci- ence projects submitted to the North Caro- lina Student Academy of Science Competi- tion were activities planned for the year. This new club was formed to meet the in- creasing interest Ashbrook students have in science-related activities. Anita Friday, the club's sponsor, believes science should re- ceive more emphasis and thinks HA science club is a very worthwhile and needed orga- nization in high school." 3 ENCE CLUB: lane Stubblefield, Van Noblett, Helen Wilson, George Nichols, Paul Hinkle, Susan Trammel, Brantly Lanier, Beth Spearmen, Charlie Day, Linda Keener, Craig pman, leff Hartwig, Teresa Smith, limmy Davis. Organizationsf129 School Board candidate lane Petty speaks about an important issue at a "Meet the Candidates" bmast' Q M DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICAN' loe Roberts shakes hands with supporters during his campaign for NC. Senate. Sheriff Candidate Leroy Russell stops to pose for a picture with Ashbrook student Sandy Lynch. 130K Organizations campaign for their favorite candidate. The advisor of the Young Democrats, Mrs. Ware, holds many meetings in order to improve the club. Brad Roberts, serving as the president of the Young Democrats, encourages students to help N REPUBLICAN MEMBERS: Tommy Warlick, lay Holt, Matt Ayotte, Bruce Lowie, Keith Payne, lulie Gray, loe Bonnin, Tripp Goodrich, Beverly Green, Brad Massey, Nick meet, Andy Warren, David Smith, Warren Bane, Trey Carter, jeff Kahn, Lin Hollowell, and Mr. Taylor, advisor. President: Matt Ayotte, Organizationsf131 AVELE GTHS ,. ,,,, ,a, . 1 f 'Q K ' i 4 V , if f fQ '57 ff I , . i "' A Editor Cinda Smyre gives Business Manager Tom- my Warlick financial advice, Other members of the staff are lane Stubblefield, Rhonda Deal, jeff l-lartvvig, Sheldon Hollowell. l 1 ,Vx a we M ,tt is-my ,s,,,,,, ,,,, Vg ft' as 4520 , ' 1 V K sf. a, 4. ,.,, A 4 7 -n, f,,, U Y" ..,L ,Qt Experiencing an acute case of writers block, Sheldon Hollovvell seeks the advice of Wave- lengths advisor Mike Holland. Taking a break from their busy routine, Rhonda Deal and lane Stubblefield look happily over their completed work while Tommy Warlick 'stuffs" his face. l32!Organizations lournalism I students attend a press conference 5.1-H" uw- M.: , 1 1 4 u. .id ' , .mlim . w,,.,i...'.,. sx JW V 1944 ., , ,ss 91 yu Num MANENT WAVES Staff: Boo Gaines, Bo Chriscoe, Andy Boster, Kristi Pendelton, Tracey Summey, Kim Angelo, a Coon, Anna Beveridge, Roonie Cather, Brad Roberts, Bob Smootz, Paige Buckner, Robbie Dellinger, Neal irnton, Lynn Cardin, Karen Van Sleen, David Taylor, lulie Cooper, Beth Bright, Donald McLoud, Tammy vers, Betsy Hopkins, Mary Layton Qadvisorj. amm- Angelo and Dina Coon are Ashbrook's representatives to the Gazette's School Page. PERMANENT WAVES Permanent Waves, Ashbrook's art and literary magazine, displays creative students at their best. Art l and ll students produce work in a variety of media, including pen and ink, sculpture, acrylic, pencil, collage and pho- tography. Poetry, short stories, and essays are submitted by Ashbrook's students and faculty to an editorial board composed of journalism l students who choose the en- tries to be published. Only in its third year, Permanent Waves has received critical acclaim. Last year's magazine placed third in the state for gen- eral excellence at the North Carolina Scho- lastic Press Institutes annual compeition. Four individuals also vvon top honors for their work. Leigh Robinson is the 1983 Per- manent Waves editor, vvith Leslie Painter serving as assistant editor. Business manager Lisa Walsh and her assistant Shelley Friesen have spent a busy year raising money through the sale of T-shirts. Advisors are Allen Gritfen and Mary Lay- tOr1. ln order to keep up with the outstanding reputa- tion of the literary magazine Permanent Waves, Journalism l must pay careful attention to the instructions being given. Positions on Permanent Waves Staff: Editor, Leigh Robinson, Assistant Business Manager, Shelley Frieseng Assistant Editor, Leslie Painter, Business Manager, Lisa Walsh. Organizations!133 X3 l I LE vias or GREE K5 "N-Bc LEAVES OF GREEN STAFF: Natalie Tindol, Bonner Anthony, Lori Wilkins, Iulie Gray, Susan Hager, Helen Wilson, Elizabeth Edwards, Michelle Rubino, Leigh jenkins, loanna Winecoff, Emily Miller, Lynne Eppley, Dawn Oatman, Warren Bane, Steven Day, Millie Barkley, Carla Fox, Matt Chesnutt, Beth Elliott, loe Bonnin, Lisa Beam, Trey Carter, Kris Angelo, Michael Yarborough, LouAnne Sellers, lane Stubblefield, Advisor: Mary Layton. gut K X' .... M... NS Q F i . Q K, s- Xc R - 1 R? K S - s ea X NWN xx rx Y ef S s T A gb? 4 fs - Q T ' l Nia mwmm 1 Did the editor tNatalie Tindoll ask to see so old yearbooks? l f w NNW ,'fYs,,-sg.':v K await. - . t.... t. .t V- ' ' . - 1 . X t 'QV' Section Editors Helen Wilson, Julie Gray, Lori Wil- kins, Bonner Anthony, Susan Hager, and Natalie Tindol have to deal with 3 large amount of pres' PHOTOGRAPHERS: loe Bonnin, Millie Barkley, and Warren Bane. lNot pictured: Steven Dayl sure. Maybe too much? l34fOrganizations Y "UM-v my mvflfufzm n u SPORTS: Bonner Anthony, Michelle Rubino, Matt Chesnutt, Leigh lenkins, and Lisa Beam. Helping add up yearbook sales, Mrs. Connor deserves much appreciation. 1-Q 'X LE x'X'ff.d' 'KL 3 W.. "1" 9 - ,.,... .. . A y '-"'s.g'q ORGANIZATIONS: Susan Hager, loanna Wine-coff, S9 I AW'-ff N- . . . , 5 Nei Elizabeth Edwards, Kris Angelo, and Michael , ' " 1 , .x E Yarborough. K -" L FX ACADEMICS: Business Manager Lori Wilkins, lane A- - - X i Stubblefield, LouAnne Sellers, and Lynne Eppley. JN CoMMI"f'EE 15 PLE: Helen Wilson, Carla Fox, Trey Carter, and ily Miller, Organizations!135 - --- Roddy Yates inspects his flight for neatness and posture. Serving as one of the advisors for R.O.T.C., Sgt. McFarland plans an assignment for his class. 136! Organizations YQ R.O,T.C. colorguard members Roddy Yates, Eri Barker, and Allen Keener await pre-game activ ties, Raising the flag for the home football games, a well as each morning before school, is an impoi tant duty for the R.O.T.C. le waiting for inspection, Allen Nichols wor- about obtaining red marks if his uniform s not look its best. stud ents interested in furthering their career training, recruits can provide valuable you mass. aim,-.iiiov M Cadets stand at attention during formation, which occurs every Tuesday during homeroom. R.O.T.C. Ashbrook is proud of its outstanding ROTC fReserved Officers Training Corpsj. Students who are not involved in ROTC do not realize all the opportunities made avail- able by taking the course. Sophomores were given the opportunity to visit the Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina and the Air National Guard Base in Charlotte this year. A four-day trip to Fort jackson and a trip to the Mclntire Air National Guard Base in South Carolina was planned for the ju- niors and seniors. Field days, the Military Ball in February, and an awards banquet in May are other exciting activities sponsored by the ROTC. ROTC members have many responsibil- ities such as wearing their uniforms every Tuesday and raising the United States flag in front of the school every morning. This course helps prepare them for future in- volvement in the Armed Forces. MEMBERS OF R.O.T.C.: Eric Barker, Robert Beaty, john Brown, jerry Cline, Ronald Conrad, Todd Crawford, Angela Dreher, Andrew Evans, Gordon Fuller, john Helms jr., David Hoffman, jesse james, Darnell jarrett, David Keener, Kenneth Meredith, Robin Millwood, Dale Moses, Allen Nichols, Carvin Petty, Kelvin Porter, Deneen Rivers, Bill Sadler, Mike Waters, Roddy Yates, Pernell Boyd, Renee Burris, David Cash, Brian Cooper, Scott Cunningham, Vincent Erwin, Ray Fox jr., Troy Friday, jackie Gibson, james Glenn, john Haley, james Hilderbrand, Lawrence james, Brad Miller, Angie Murphy, Steve Norris, Bobby Padgett, Anthony Petty, Brad Pickert, james Rollins, Virginia Sims, jerry Webb, jeff Williams, Terry Helms, Paul Winters, Robert Dodgens, Larry Bernasconi, jerry Brown, Nicie Garrett, Mark Gibby, Phyllis Gingles, Terry Gullion, David Harris, Ginger Messick, Adrean Reid, Troy Thomas, Curtis Tribble, Ron Cash, Melvin McElheney, Teresa Barr, David Brown, jack Case, Gayla Currence, Sherry Hambrick, Cody Harris, Harold Fulbright, janalyn Moonie, Clark Nall, Susan Paris, Tim Parker, Bill Sims, jacqueline Tolbert, Marvin Durham, Mark Burris, Todd Lloyd, Kevin Carroll, Terry Corley, Paul Davis, Arthur Duckett, Marsha Friday, Patti Grant, Rusty Sandow, janice Sisk, Tracie May, Scott jeffrey, Eric Redding, Robert Suttles, jimmy Gilreath, Michael Mitchem, jerome Armstrong. Organizations!137 Mr. Harrington and Mr. Smith, advisors for V.l.C.A., ask a student to take his tray as part of their job to control conduct in the cafeteria. V.l.C.A. MEMBERS: Mike Bumgardner, Keith Crawford, Wes Ellison, Phillis Gingles, Rich Hill, Paul Hope, Harold jackson, Tim Martin, Greta Thompson, Terry Helm, Anderson, Kelvin Belk, leff Blanton, Mike Smith, Lori Briggs, Roger Crawford, Greg Farmer, lerry Gann, lohn Hayes, Annette lsom, Bucky Nichols, Chris Overman, Smith, Tim Smith, Randy Bradley, Vince Davis, Brad Day, limmy Gray, lames Hilderbran, Larry Kennedy, Freddie Hoover, Steve Marlow, Kevin Stephens, Bucky Webb, Ballard, Lisa Bradley, Michael Byrd, Ronald Buckner, Carmen Carter, lerry Cline, Mark Cline, Tracy Garrison, Vincent Lowe, Timothy Ramsey, Harold Ray, Mack Richard Turner, Mark White, Pamela Woods, Allen Costner, Garland johnson, Scott Ashe, Ronald Conrad, Tracy Fair, Kenneth Fairbanks, Kelly Garrison, Christine Mark Hovis, Michael Murphy, Gary Rhyne, Mark Smith, leff Turner, jeff Floyd, loe lohnson, Mr. Smith, and Mr, Harrington, advisors. 138!Organizations VOCATIO AL CLUBS TRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MEMBERS: Sheila Avery, Lynne Barns, Pernell Byrd, Mark Bradley, Barbara Brice, Mary Bridges, Steve Christopher, Frankie Colvin, Cathy Current, Ginger Daves, Robert Davis, Chad Emmett, Tracy Mr. Setzer, an advisor for D.E. students, explains career choices. ish, lulie Forner, Pamela Folsom, Paul Gamble, Iackie Gibson, Lori Gibson, Dwight Gilmore, Brian Hall, nanda Hamrick, Gary Harris, Scott Harris, Donna Hart, Barry Hice, Michele Hopkins, loan Hovatter, Denise lson, Lori Iohnson, Sheri King, Keith Lyon, Dawn Martin, Sharon McAllister, Loretta McKinney, Tyrone Meeks, e Meeks, lamie Morgan, Edward Peterson, Libby Quinn, Marla Ransom, Howard Ray, Kathryn Reid, Michael ie, Megan Russell, Sheila Shaw, lamie Short, Suzie Smith, Mary Staley, Sharon Stamey, Sandy Stephens, Mona wer, lef Wallace, Lisa Walters, lanet Ward, Michael Waters, Michelle Webb, Michele Wright, lanet Woody, Setzer and Mr. Cline, advisors. I 2 mv M ' 'I r y'518"5sT E ,, 'AV' 4. l ,J A Mrs. jackson, advisor of HOSA, devotes much of her time to checking over students work. Beth Davis, a member of FHA, was honored at a luncheon because she won first place in a sew- ing contest. Organizations!139 As a member of FHA, Darnell Jarrett works dili- , A gently to finish her sewing assignment, -ii . Eiga N. . -fx N wx. FH.A. MEMBERS: Jerome Armstrong, Tamela Autrey, Tabitha Banks, Tony Barber, Angel Batchelor, Janey Bell, Kelly Bell, Melissa Bender, Dana Binder, Christine Bowman, Robin Bright, Ann Brown, Sheila Buckner, Angela Byrd, Jackie Collins, Emily Cornelius, Shirlette Crawford, Cheryl Curry, Elizabeth Davis, Diane Dellinger, Tina Duncan, Elizabeth Erwin, Susan Fain, Anessa Floyd, Pam Folsom, Sandra Fraley, Elaine Frye, Janeen Fulbright, Tracy Gainey, Paula Gentry, Tracy Gilreath, Dwayne Givens, Kim Goodson, Marcilene Gosine, Elaine Gregory, Benita Guffey, Aminda Hardin, Asinda Hardin, Rhonda Harris, Jane Harris, Lucnetia Hastings, Dana Helms, Daphne Hemphill, Tony Hill, Tammy Houck, Francis Jackson, Darnell Jarrett, Robin Jenkins, Frankie Lee, Paige McCarter, Lisa McCraw, Sally Mclntyre, Cheryl Meadows, Latonya Meeks, Clarissa Miles, Dale Moses, Cheryl Neely, Shari Parton, Pam Patterson, Barbara Pearson, Maria Phillips, Sheila Reece, Gary Rhyne, Margaret Roberts, Amy Stanley, Michelle Taylor, Alisa Tidwell, Marion Webb, Angela Williams, Demetrice Williams, Debra Wirey, Sonya York, Amanda Graves, Mrs. Butler, advisor. Mrs, Butler finds that being the advisor for th Future Homemakers of American is time cor suming. Mrs. Jackson explains the different parts of tl' skull to her class. ma we-.Q B.-.2 vw, 14OfOrganizations 3 1 H.O.S.A. MEMBERS: luan Andrade, Angela Arrowood, Elaine Ballard, Tabetha Banks, Sharon Barnes, Angel Batchler, Lydia Binder, Kelly Black, Helen Brown, Lisa Brown, Cheryl Burris, Rodney Burris, Raymond Byrd, Vangilisa Childers, Emily Cornelius, Teresa Carawford, Pamela Davis, lulie Devine, Tina Duncan, Kim Flanagan, Kim Gardner, Desi Giacobbe, Elaine Gregory, DeAnne Hawkins, Sandra Hayes, Kelly Helms, Genie Helton, Penny Henderson, Wendy Hinkle, Michelle Hoffman, Lisa Humphries, Annette lsom, Linda Keener, Beth Lazenby, Michelle Lindsay, Cassie Lowe, Ken Mason, Linda May, Loretha McCoy, Maria McKee, Maria Mitchem, Gloria Morrow, Nancy Mosier, Iulie Mosely, Angela Moss, Angela Murphy, Suzanne Nipper, Vann Noblett, Lauren Overcash, Parri Payne, Libby Quinn, Tabetha Roberts, Donna Saunders, Beth Spearman, Cathy Tate, Pam Taylor, Sharon Venturella, Angela Wallace, Mrs, lackson, advisor. Vonda Love, one of the members of FBLA, types an assignment early in order to get a better grade. ,-,..,..--- Tomko uses one of the computers at as a helpful learning tool. .A, MEMBERS: Kim Carter, Vonda Love, Martha rgo, Zena Brown, Michelle Gore, Cheryl dows, Paula Moore, Angie Hope, Angela jones, n Mauney, Tracie Black, Cheri McSwain, Laluan sley, Sherri Hacker, Mrs. Shellman, advisor. 1 Organizations!141 Knowing how to operate the video camera is just one of the duties Bucky Nichols has to per- form. BACKSTAGE A D VIDEO T PE CREWS BACKSTAGE CREW: jason Poteat, Scott Harris, Todd Ballanger, David Huskins, jeff Hartwig, Ellen Griffin, Allen Griffin. 142fOrganizations VIDEO TAPE CREW: Bobby Norman, Angela Rice, Vann Noblett, Mart Nicholson, Barry McCarter, Mrs. Pier Terry Nichols, Mel Kelly, Bucky Nichols, Sharlene Rick, Mr, johnson. E? S Scott Harris puts in many long, hard hours of work and does the best job he possibly can. Bus driver jeff Williams enjoys his job and the trust and respect given to him by his passengers, TRANSPORTATION CLUB: Richard Shank, leff Williams, Mike Panther, leff Scott, Cathy Nall, Gene Blackburn, Gordon Fuller, Todd Ledford, Steve Wallace, Terry Nichols, Ken Corely, Eric Barker, Steve Norris, Delane Davie, Allen Nichols, Dwight Gilmore, Calvin Porter, Van Gilmore, Stacey Fair, Virginia Sims, Tim Ledford. Q' 33, .........,.. NURTH CARMEL PUBUC TRANSPORTATION CLUB B1 yr, ,M , Mall"-.i.Jn Y' V' - Qui. . ' M fa. ,v Q on-fy' Marsha Gentry is one passenger who feels safe in the hands of Ashbrook's bus drivers. Ashbrook buses appear bright and clean on the first day of the new school year. Organizationsf143 DRAM l'All the world's a stage." ln Mark Hyde's drama class they bring the stage to the classrooms. The Mime Benders made up of Drama ll students, competed at Catawba College. With a series of skits, portraying comedy, suspense, and sadness, the begin- ning drama classes learn the basics of act- ing. While the advanced class performs plays, the beginning classes explore the techniques of acting and producing. Mime Benders win "Most Distinguished Playn M . 5, F SS- ' if - . f- 1 'Ns' , cf ft Je' s ,- xx A M . x, - 2 E Q jf? ,A - 3 . ss E.. 'E sg, gr-535, lt takes much preparation before a Mime Bend- ers production as Bob Smootz shows here. 144!Organizations 2 l Drama Il students rehearse the Mime Bent production which won most distinguis play in a November competition. Drama I students take time to pose fc yearbook picture. Xl DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS: Pam Abernathy, Kelly Adkins, luan Andrade, Sheila Avery, Mark Baucom, lane limmy Bell, Robyn Bridges, Cheryle Burris, Chris Carpenter, Carmen Carter, Chris Chambers, Nicole Cha Donna Childers, Sandra Clark, Debbie Clancy, Chuck Clubb, lulie Cooper, Karen Crain, Miranda Cra Donna Dellinger, lulie Devine, Meredith Dilling, Donna Dixiom, Rodney Dixiom, Randy Dodson, Dana D Paige Ford, Ric Frye, Patty Griggs, Sherri Hacker, Nicole Harmon, lames Hayes, Andy Haynes, Traci Helms, D Hester, Laura Hitchcock, Christine Hoffman, Tracy Holloway, Betsy Hopkins, Elaine lonczak, Todd Keys, Ca Koontz, Neal Lewis, Susan Malpass, Chris Marshall, Tracie May, Tonya Mayne, Kim McCosh, Ginger M Clarissa Miles, Sheiva Miller, lill Moncrief, Angie Murphy, Cheryl Neely, Kim Parrish, Linda Pendleton, Lisa P Robin Quinn, Lori Rhyne, Leigh Robinson, Reg Robinson, Rebecca Savage, Bonnie Scott, Eric Simpson, V Sims, Bob Smootz, jeff Untz, Eric Wilson, Teresa Wixson, Todd Womack, Zena Brown, Miranda Cra Barbara Gilliland, Rita Leach. CHCRUS Refrains of llSilver Wings" rang through the auditorium as Choruses l and ll per- formed on Parents' Night. Students must audition for both choruses. Chorus I stu- dents are taught the basics in choral singing while Chorus ll is composed of advanced students. Performances at school assem- blies gave choral members needed experi- ence for district competition. Gaining new techniques, several Chorus ll vocalists at- tended the Mars Hill Choral Clinic and Hon- ors Chorus. ln the spring they attended the Gaston County Choral Festival. CHORUS l MEMBERS: Ricky Asburg, Becky Ballad, Carol Burns, Mike Cerosimo, Debbie Clavey, Seth Cole, Donna Dellinger, Grady Dye, Phyllis Gingle, Andrea Glenn, loe Green, Patty Griggs, Barbara Gilliland, Walker lngle, Evelyn lohnson, Sheilia Kernea, Tommy Kiser, Maxine Kithcart, Susan Malpass, Kenny Malpass, Anthony McGill, Clarissa Miles. Leigh Anne Norman, Lynn Porter, David Ramsey, Angela Redding, Kim Robins, loel Saunders, Pam Slade, lennifer Stewart, Beth Trotter, leff Untz, Angie Wallace, Steve Wallace, Kristie Warnock, Andrea Wilson, Leigh Woody. Chorus ll members Beth Lazenby and Maria Mit- chen sing their part to 'The Star Bangled Ban- ner." Mr. Dennis Altizer directs and accompanies the chorus students to another successful ear. ORUS ll MEMBERS: Lisa Albright, Warren Bane, Angie Barnhill, Mark Baugh, Michelle Boothe, Darrin Brown, Mark Burris, Trey Carter, Sandra Clark, Seth Cole, Shirlette wford, Rodney Dixon, Randy Dodson, Peggy Gibson, Donna Gregor, David Griggs, Scott Harris, Connie Herndon, Gina Hester, Tracy Holloway, Sheldon Hollowell, bie jackson, Robin lones, Linda Keener, Beth Lazenby, Karen Malone, Lenna Mathes, Linda May, Authory McGill, lill Medford, Maria Mitchem, Cheryl Neely, Allen hols, Leigh Robinson, Reg Robinson, Bonnie Scott, Virginia Sims, Tracy Smith, Steve Wallace, Robin Ward, Tommy Warlick, Karen Warnock, Gina Watkins, Dana Watson, vron Whitworth, Demetrice Williams. Organizationsf145 ASHBROOK STUDENTS MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC IAZZ ENSEMBLE: Steve Eller, David Huskins, Beverly Green, limmy Davis, Greg Walls, Gene Glaze, Grant Sparks, Philip Weisenhorn, Mike Beeler, David lenkins, Paul Bobby Norman, Alicia Teddy, Laura Howe, David Mull, ale THE 1982 BAND MEMBERS: Mike Beeler, Ray Brackett,'Laura Braddy, Tony Brice, Leslie Britton, Kristi Brown, Victor Brown, Kelly Bryant, jonathan Burleson, Chris Burnett, Melanie Caldwell, Clif Calvert, Linda Church, Chuck Clubb, Pam Abernathy, Mac Clubb, Brian Cooper, limmy Davis, Ricky Davis, Mike Dickson, Meredith Dilling, Missi Dobbins, Connie Donnelly, lan Edwards, Katherine Elder, Steve Eller, Ashley Faile, Crystal Floyd, Paige Ford, Pam Fox, Lisa Franklin, Andy Fraser, Harold Fulbright, laneen Fulbright, Terry Gatlin,Gene Glaze, leana Gordon, Beverly Green, Lynn Girmindl, Emmabeth Hambright, julie Harrison, Rob Helton, David Gilreath, Dana High, Rena Hollar, Mark Howell, David Huskins, Melissa Hutto, Steve lamison, lon limison, David lenkins, Mel Kelly, Karen ' Klimkowski, Steve Lanier, Libby Lankford, Donnie LeCroy, Brian Lea, Amy Lindquist, lohn Lovell, Terri Lyles, Barry McCarter, Paige McCullen, Kenny Mantecon, Michelle Mason, Eileen Margolies, Dawn Merriman, Brad Miller, Bronson Mills, lill Moncrief, David Mull, Angie Murphy, Selissa Murray, George Nichols, Sherry Nixon, Bobby Norman, Lauren Overcash, Tim Palmer, Michael Palmeri, Brian Parlier, Kim Parrish, Renee Pettigrew, April Phillips, Anette Price, Leah Pryor, Lea Ann Quinn, Stacey Rotchford, Rebecca Savage, Valerie Samways, Paul Sanders, Chris Smith, Donna Smith, Grant Sparks, Amy Stanley, Sharron Starns, Karen Stewart, Elizabeth Stroud, lane Qne of the bands duties is to perform Stubblefield, losie Summey, Diane Taylor, Cecilia Tedder, Susan Trammel, Charlotte Wallace, Greg Walls, Greg Nallonal Anlhemff before each football Walton, Phillip Weisenhorn, Fred Wells, David Wilkins, Alissa Willard, Lila Roberts. 'Q we few l 146! Organizations nd Mull enjoys the opportunity to share his ton the guitar with the rest of the members he jazz Ensemble. Senior band member Linda Church displays her expertise and skill on the Xylophone during a half-time show. Melissa Hutto's many hours of work pay off when she performs her routine without a mis- take. THE 1982 MAIORETTES: Melissa Hutto, Kim Parrish, Terri Lyles, Pam Fox, Emmabeth Hambright, Paige McCullen, Donna Smith, Sharon Starnes, THE 1982 COLORCUARD: losie Summey, Diane Taylor, Kelly Green, Melanie Caldwell, Cecilia Tedder, leana Gordon, Leslie Britton, Donnie LeCroy, Dawn Merriman, Renee Pettigrew, Paige Ford, Dana High, Connie Donnelly, Charlotte Wallace, Missi Dobbins, Kelly Bryant, Kristi Brown, lan Edwards. Organizations! 147 Q .0 I Ili 2 , A 1 llllllllllxlllllllllllll nn lifl ff f-:W , , M., Fv , . f,, rd: ' 'f - Q... ,,Q,v:,..5:- HQV1 .g xv -, ,4 4 .. ,Q Yr , g -H-f-M 1 -r ,, ff, 21 Q ' ' gg ' "' M A 1' gn V . -and 1, TY? ' ' f 3' 343.42 , ' " 'wi f .:' , -mf,-' fm- . -Q -1.1 :..,. ' ,, r. - - ,'. ,rs jd' ,f 3, . -",. Y ,W f l ..,f, .IW A gsm, wg. All , .f aq A Wi, ,f,,:,,3,! . X, qawg-FPS: -,sk id A H -wr , ,- XA ""' K - 'K ' A ""- X' '3'Sf, S THE 1982 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM: Front row: Robin Bridges, jennifer Stewart, jennie Fletcher, Tracy Summey, julie Cooper. Back row: Chris Robinson, Emily Miller, Elizabeth Edwards, jill Phillips, Trish Wilds, jackie Dial. Stephanie Beck. Not pictured: Libby Avery. Elizabeth Edwards and jill Phillips form a potent doubles team. Stephanie Beck, a rising sophomore, contem- plates the return her opponent will make. jackie Dial graciously shakes the hand of her opponent after winning a match. 15O!Sports CLLEY GIRL by Muffie of the Valley Girls' tennis is a gnarly sport? No way! We're talking tennis is the game you hit the nappy little ball across a court. Big deal, you say you can't relate? Well, there's loads more to it, l'm sure! These girls began prac- ticing totally hard at the first of school. They ran themselves ragged until they aced with- out fault. The volley girls practiced forehands, backhands, and serves till they were grody with Gross me out the door! But get reall worked mega hard and gained loads of perience along with tubular fun. They the neatest miniskirts. Along with jill Ph Elizabeth Edwards, and Trish Wilds, had awesome seasons, next year's v Girls will return totally great, fer sure! COOOOOOOOIOIIC O I . ASH OPP Q Freedom 2 7 C Hunter Huss 6 3 ' McDowell 3 6 3 East Burke 2 7 . Asheville 1 8 . S. Caldwell 6 3 Q Hickory O 9 . Freedom 2 7 : Hunter Huss 5 4 . McDowell 4 5 . S. Caldwell 5 4 Q Asheville 2 7 I Hickory 2 7 ' East Burke 2 4 C I .lllllllllllll gl,,Wmn' Elizabeth Edwards is caught up in the total con- Trish Wilds, the sole senior member of the team, centration which tennis demands. has decided her strategy. Sports! 151 Keith Payne, Greg Warren, David Smith and Andy Warren run hard to gain an advantage over their competitors, f.' M-.eff -X :knack ' .s ke-. -FEM?-J-P A- ',if ,. ,- 5, 4-...,s' , Q- ,, A v- - - is---L...-G salem, - f' . f 1 . t K- L ef 'N - 1 'Q ' . . 3, . G - .' . -, ,n.,.. , 11 lf A . - f . f.,..k 5 , H -7- V rgaifgiswagyigeti- ' ,N f.fT'.:: ,,:'3.?,Q 1 sv-' rr-Jw gefffiis- -.-'-Q A ' 'W ' 1 'It . ' A -.t ' b , -- ,K -ff , -f ' . ,, ,", Sf '- ' el. - A I "ff"-v A "fl ,154 ff--H E' -,".s-'1-ia-'f'I-'nf"3sX3?ep'fZ'- 'jf Tw - -- ' A , , iqa- . . , . ,.. A s ,K - . 5, .. W ."fOsxgs4 - .," ' , cc, ,. A - ', - , . -M 1 ' - - ' 1,2---. T ,. , t .U-f--- . A - . ,gf ., A - - ,T vw A , w- , - A , ,,-r-- -.. Yves? if . I. ' -f " ' .- , . ' -1, A ' 'C N '- Q ,,-.,-,Mb , .. . A," "A Q N K K .-- X- A - as ', no , fag, - ,.,r 'f A mee' A . . A . ' M W X F Q . ff- X 2 -. -u.. 'ff --K 4 - ,AQ .f A., H T, -,Vg , K 4 , l, A1 ,.. X Q K ff Jgtggggvw A fx. '11, 4. , - , A n. K.. fx - 'X "9'4'Y"':2f'r. If" MII' 4 i 1 N to A " X- A " 'TM 17" 7 ls.. 4:5 N QS -f.,.,,- g , .war wg'-are-'. N, 4 ,, - G ' , 4, Q1 A ,Lak K ",:-,,vh 1,.,,a" .,,' ,,,.-' ...kt ig., 13, t v 84 , . - 'F,.r,.,. Au., , QM: r , w--E '- 4 nf, Q . - - .V - .. ' -,f.. 4 f - .' -, A .- - . u . , 9 .-- Q- 'V -"'. 'A 3 5 -. 1 ' I Y Q9 C C " T' T . , ' x :5.f yum First row: loey Shepherd, Luke Ellington, Chris Peeler, Iohn Brock, Tim Parker, Robert McBee, Second row: Brooks Eaddy, loe Bonnin, Greg Warren, Andy Warren, Don Buckner, Chad Ratchford, Chuck Huffstickler. Third row: Coach Gary Evans, Iimmy Vecchiolla, Allen Wells, David Smith, Keith Payne, Nick Street, Ricky Freedell, manager Natalie Tindol. Not pictured: Clark Gimbert, Chuck Teague, Neal Thornton. T52!Sports 5 S ' 5 Q .XR Gary Evans, chosen Coach of the Year Gastonia Gazette, watches one of his members complete his course in record .arcie Gosine and Angie Scofield, two of the am's greatest assets, practice for an-upcoming Freshman Paige Houser prepares for the long Bet. practice ahead by stretching and warming up. irst rowz Niki Cordle, Laura Schricker, Marcie Gosine, Kim Crain. Second row: Angela Gimbert, Paige Houser, oach Gary Evans, loanne Horton, Angie Scofield W1'MffA4nukwM,.A,47m C.C. MAKES UN FOR TITLE Ashbrook's Cross Country teams of 1982, coached by Cary Evans, consisted of members who were very determined. Their winning season proved that hard work and practice pay off. The girls' team approached the season young and inexperienced with four fresh- men, two sophomores, one junior and one senior, however, the season ended with an excellent record. Their accomplishments in- clude being undefeated in the Western 4A Conference for the second consecutive year. They were second in the Sectionals and, out of 164 teams, came in fifth in the state. Two of the outstanding runners were Marcie Cosine and Angie Scofield, who were chosen both All-Conference and All- Gazette runners. The boys' team also had an excellent re- cord. They were fifth in their Conference and eight in the Sectionals. Greg Warren was another exceptional runner who was chosen for the All-Gazette team. Sportsf153 SOAK 'EM Coach Mike Holland's voice echoes throughout the pool area at Belmont Ab- bey's Wheeler Center. HOkay, give me one more 200 IM, divers, take one more dive each." You feel the pressure as you strive for that extra speed in your last practice lap. The first meet of the season will be under- way tomorrow and the team you're swim- ming against is rival Shelby High, one of the best teams in the state. Excelling in speed and quickness, the Shelby Lions will put the Greenwaves to the test. Swimming and diving are sports often un- publicized, yet just as important as any oth- er sport played at Ashbrook. The athletes who participate are extremely dedicated. It is the only sport not practiced on campus, and the time involved in practice alone is tremendous. This problem with location doesn't seem to bother most swimmers, such as Chris Holman. Chris is a state cham- pion in two events, the 200 IM, and the 200 freestyle. She is the first girl to win a state championship at Ashbrook, but she doesn't supply all the strength to the girls team. There are many more girls who contribute their talents. The boys' team finished 3-4 last season. Losing only two swimmers and one diver to graduation, the 1983 team was equally as strong. Ashbrook swimmers are achievers, and achievement is our swimmers' main goal. Reaching this goal is difficult, but worth striving for. Photo by Bob Shanley Von Heavner glides up from the water to take a breath of air W E S the 100 breaststroke. He was a powerful swimmer on the boy team. Demonstrating her form, Leigh jenkins com- Chris Robinson strengthens her legs by pra pletes an inward dive. ing the butterfly kick. Norcross, Front row: Eric Zollicoffer, Donald McLoud, Eric Swart, john Petrey, Hayden Edwards, Mike Spargo. Back row: Andy Frazer, Chuck Neimeyer, Ken Connelly, Brad Roberts, Steven Day, and Von Heavner. Not pictured: Chip julie Cooper listens attentively to Coach Hol- Lee Fox moves quickly through the water in the land's diving instructions. 100 Butterfly. Bonnin. Not pictured: Cinda Smyre, julie Harrison, joann Horton, front: Laura Fair, julie Cooper. First row: Cynthia jenkins, Lee Fox, Cissy Petrey. Second row: Leslie Beveridge, Danyelle Workman, Bright Swart, Lisa Horowitz, Queen, Leigh jenkins, jill Ballenger, Chris Robinson. Back row: Cindy Robinson, Tina Lewis, Theresa Fair, Carla Fox, Chris Holman, Dana Maine, Liz Stroupe, and Sports! 1 55 I MES' GANG RIDES AGAIN llNothing but great" can be used to de- scribe the 1982 Greenwave Football Team. This Western 4A Conference Champion- ship Team set numerous Ashbrook records. The team recorded more shutouts and more victories than any other Ashbrook team. They were undefeated in conference play, manhandling most every team, also, Ashbrook downed iii-ranked Asheville in one of the finest high school football games in North Carolina history. There was something very special about the 1982 team. The faithful fans, cheer- leaders, and band and the spirit they engen- Fullback Bryan Bolick, whose hardnosed running strengthened the Waves' ground attack, breaks a tackle. dered, nullified any opponent's home field advantage during the away games. Head coach lohn Kinlaw put together an awesome offense and a stalwart defense. The emphasis was on everyone doing his job with the result that all players per- formed independently but came together as a smooth running team. All of Gaston County has reason to be proud of their Greenwave. The team had to fight hard to win the respect they re- ceived and deserved. Even though the goal of a state championship eluded Ashbrook, the team brought excitement and a new surge of spirit to the school and community. There were many tears on the night of the Page game, but they were tears of pride. Speedster Jimmy McCurry breaks loose down the sidelines, a regular occurance for the Creenwave. 156!Sports lohn Herndon celebrates after mauling Va UQ-l GJD' Gm 35 -H WS OE E3 O 25 02' 'O gd? 9,33 33' Q2 38 'PF UQ m0 12.5 033 IT2' Orb 5- 3 -ri O O -l T JP r- :- Q5 IQ lfllllllllllll C Q ASH oPP 0 E. Gaston 28 0 3 S., Point 20 O ' Kings Mtn. 28 8 ' S. Caldwell 34 6 ' Asheville 13 12 Q Hickory 13 0 ' Freedom 34 8 ' McDowell 34 12 : E. Burke 20 O . Huss 33 0 Q Vance 28 12 . 18 19 0 I O Page 1 P Outlaw lesse james Cocks his rifle arm to deliver one of his bullet passes. Mack Woods sacks McDowell's Neil Brackett. Sports! 157 Senior john Montgomery, an All Piedmont selection, uses his fine leaping ability and sticky hands to catch a high pass. Montgomery was the receiving end of the Ashbrook passing offense. Q53 'L VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Front row: Larry Carpenter ltrainerj, Keith Blalock, Walker lngle, Victor lackson, Gaston Bates, Patrick Gates, Kelly Leatherwood, Harold Mark Rush, Scott Harris lmanagerl, Second row: Mack Woods, William Dreher, Bill Abernethy, Marvin McGhee, Gary Rhyne, limmy McCurry, David Whatley, Anthony, Kendrick, Thad Bolin ltrainerj, Third row: Barry Neely, Kent Blalock, David Fish, Brad Clark, Alan Morningstar, Steven Sytz, johnny Herndon, limmy Puckett, Brian Bolick, Troy Tyner. Fourth row: Dan McKenzie, Lawrence lames, lohn Montgomery, Matt Chesnutt, Tripp Goodrich, David Henderson, Chris Nelson james, Robert Cobb, Dale Larner, and leff Bryant. 1 58! Sports junior Harold lackson burst into the end zone for another Ashbrook touchdown. Jesse James, another All Piedmont Selection, turns upfield. His option ability was vital to the wave. -'Xbernethy drags down Huss's Larry Wood. An unfortunate Huskie finds out what happens when you tangle with the Greenwave. Sportsf159 I+ CO GR TUL TIONS W. 4-A CH MPS n. 0? . :X V ,X - 1 i,: X .f , ' - A or M lt 'iw AMW 1 .. L . H Q S+ M f .E A . Q if A2 A' ' 512: A A ' ' f ur Q X l V1 'i.. ,c ASHBROOK FOOTBALL COACHES - Front row: Head coach - john Kinlaw, lerry Carpenter, Alvin Wideman. Second row: john Moose, Bart Crawford, Rob Ingrham, Bill Eccles. 16Of Sports Andy Haynes demonstrates his skill of running the ball. I.V.'S ROLL The young layvee team defends their goal. Quarterback Todd Terry concentrates on Coach Moose's game plan. receives a painful injury while play- THE MEMBERS OF THE 1982 IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM ARE: David Alden, Chuck Beam, Rick Belton, Brandon Burdette, Bo Chriscoe, leff Cook, Ken Conelly, Scott Connor, Mark Cowart, Neil Elliott, Keith Fox, Hoopie Gaines, William Gibby, Charles Gray, John Greenlee, Andy Haynes, Von Heavner, Rodney leter, Mike lolly, Mark Kinley, Ioel Long, james McGill, Patrick McGill, Randy Matteson, lim Roach, Morris Roberts, Bobby Roberts, Robert Setzer, Robert Simon, Tony Smith, Patrick Smith, Chuck Stephens, Todd Terry, Curtis Tigler, Mike Van Dyke, Gary White, Mike Whitson, Darin Workman, Richie Wright. Sports! 161 From a distance, a black and white pic- ture appears only to be a conglomeration of faces. Some individuals, though, through hard work and special talents stand out against the background. These people are the 'faces in the crowd." A number of indi- viduals have helped make Ashbrook sports extra exciting this year. They hav.e made us proud of Ashbrook. These people have giv- en us a chance to cheer them on to victory, making us happy to be a part of something great. Our thanks to these people and all Ashbrook athletes whose efforts are appre- ciated by their loyal fans. M V . Chris Holman is the state champ in 200 Free and 200 IM. Leigh jenkins was named the All-American Cheerleader at UNCC. 162!Sports FACES IN THE CRO lesse james receives the Gridiron Great Award Vt,,jf,V.t Vi., ab- fQ?j4k,,i,,.'ff,-a 4. L ff uw ,fu ' A l lohn Montgomery fleftl was voted All Piedmont, and Tripp Goodrich played in the Shrine Will won the Sectionals and Regionals and L third in State Competition in the mile run. cia Whitworth won the Sectionals 200 Dash holds four school records. Marcie Gosine and Angie Scofield went to State Competition in cross country. R Q Q Mike Taylor placed third in the State Tournament and was voted CGA junior Golfer of the Year. Sports! 163 lill Phillips uses her dominating power to grab a crucial rebound against Hickory. lunior Deana Tate proves that she can work be under pressure. Kathy Tate uses skill gained from experience score for the Lady Waves. ge' giiiiiiiwf GXXQGH t5llBRZlZ?,f 4 E gSjllHllU0,f 5 2 yEilll2lRUI!,y EU tslaimf iggiiiiiefify 3 E 3 0 Front row: Kim Angelo, Karen Moore, Deana Tate, Cathy Webber. Second row: Angie Scofield, Kathy Tate, Rebecca Savage, lill Phillips, Laura Martin, Susan Trammell, Lewis. 164!Sports' hree-on-one fast break always results in two Leslie Lewis struggles for a rebound against pre- nts. viously undefeated Hickory. MW. , fff jill Phillips and Kathy Tate prove that at times a little teamwork is all you need. irl Raise HOOP-la An old, rundown Greyhound bus clatters its way up the road. lts destination is an empty gym far in the distance. The atmo- sphere inside the bus is the usual nervous anticipation its passengers possess. The question of winning or losing is running through everyone's mind. Remembering plays and positions. Block-outs, sharp passes, and teamwork were the keys to victory, and victorious they were. Their sea- son was very successful this year and Coach Gary Evans was proud of the team's effort and sportsmanship as he stated: uWe're young. We've had a good start. If the girls can develop and mold together, we're looking for a good season. Our goal is to be playing our best ball tournament time. That is our goal every year." Sports!165 Coach Mike Connelly's 1983 Creenwave Basketball Team sweated through many hours of strenuous practice. The emphasis of these practices was on building up quick- ness and upping the tempo of play. The result was a high-potency offense which had the capability of obliterating any oppo- nent at any time. When the high-speed of- fense, spearheaded by Vincent 'lSpotlight" Walker and Carvin 'CP" Petty, got into gear there was no stopping it. Coach Connelly also stressed a pressure, full-court defense. The utilization of full- court presses and tough man-to-man de- fense caused many opponents to crumble under the pressure. The combinations of these elements proved to be quite success- ful and gave Ashbrook a team to be proud of. FE'-E Carvin Petty pulls up on a fast break to arch a shot over a defender. Almost inhuman leaping ability allows Greg Poag to control a jump ball. 'I66!Sports W VE HOOP TEAMI I THE "SPOTLIGHT" Vincent l'Spotlight" Walker glides through the strato l sphere for an easy two. E' WJ.--. S their E 5 5 5. 9 Y iior Mark Pratt takes a mighty bound for the ket. ach Mike Connelly watches the action during ilowout of North Gaston. will ,Se 5 S f Q wmwkmsma QNX? s S ew C il me n, Cornelius Crank, Tripp Goodrich, Mark Pratt, David Stewart Mike Hinton tmanagerl and Thad Bolin fTrainerJ row: Coach Mike Connelly, Greg Poag, john Montgomery, Vincent Walker, Carvin Petty, Mike Ross, lunior Parker, Tim Quinn. Second row: Dwayne Givens, Curt Sports! 167 lunior David Stewart, a strong inside player, drives baseline. Utilizing his fine athletic ability, Dwayne Givens us a half-hook to score an inside bucket in a clo game. -.MW . . r -write t A is L . N? K A XM NNN E . amp 0 S it Y , s 'T , ' X X is QS Aggressive board play and good leaping ability llBoogie" Crank fires up his deadly and un- are l'musts" for a small team like the Wave. stoppable left-handed fade-a-way jumper. 168!Sports iytii l at 4 me' . Q , ,,,,,,.,,,,, Y . G, Straw' lV's Battle 'A lot of hard work and very little recog- on," says Coach Alvin Wideman, that out sums up l.V. Basketball at Ashbrook h School. l'Therefs no glory in being a athlete, especially a basketball player. E only reward is personal satisfaction," s Rick Belton, who played this year. This kfaction is achieved through enduring to the Top late night practices, long van trips, and games without fans, sometimes without cheerleaders. l'However, Basketball is a great game, at any level. The players know that, and they enjoy it. And that's all that really matters . . . " added center Reid Wood. Coach Alvin Wideman huddles his players for a vote of confidence. Nelson Davie works inside. Center Reid Wood gets a good position for a crucial tap in. l.V. Basketball team, Front row: David Moore, Trey Craig, loel Saunders, Stephen Bryant, Anthony Gaiten. Back row: Steve Costner lManagerl, leff Sanders, Mark Brannock, Reid Wood, Nelson Davie, Quinton Shular, Kevin Montgomery, Wes Long, Rick Belton, Darren Bancom lManagerj. Sports!169 With aggressive force Mack Woods strives for a win. 170f Sports Senior standout Andy Warren's dedication proves rewarding. Steven Sytz, an outstanding junior wrestler, ge into position for a takedown. L-suns M in Bryan Barnes demonstrates his strength and st rod attitude and a lot of hard work are Mau- Byrd's outstanding qualities. 1 . i tttt .V ., . M X 'Bmw THROWDOW When most people think of wrestling they often associate it with the typical tele- vision wrestlers like Rick Flair, Wahoo McDaniel, Dusty Rhodes, and Blackjack Mulligan. Ashbrook wrestling, however, is an entirely different sport. Ashbrook wrestling involves discipline. Team members may have to go on strict diets to qualify for a lower weight class. Practice is also a key factor in pinning oppo- nents. Wrestlers must master various holds and strategies to gain an advantage. They also lift weights and endure grueling wor- kouts to achieve physical fitness and strength. But, winning requires more than strength. Coach Bill Eccles knows that to win, his wrestlers must be "mentally tough" deter- mined, and willing to give 1002. Lin Hollowell receives instruction from Coach Eccles before his crucial match. . ssewswiss . ' .,... t'-.'.. , 1 ...V ..... in. ,.....,.' ,,'.' ominates his opponent in an exciting match. jimmy Vecchiolla makes the right moves as he prepares to pin his man. tt Patrick McGill combines determination with his wrestling ability as he contemplates a victory. Sports! 171 Pin Pals Get Tough Twas the night before the wrestling match and all through the gym, The wrestlers were tired, but their hopes were not dim, His mother had prepared his dinner with care, Oh joy! lt's Ex-Lax and oranges to spare, The wrestler was nestled in his sweat suit in bed while visions of winning danced through his head, He pictured his opponent as clear as day and decided a pin was the only way, And then in his dream arose such a clatter he awoke to find there was nothing the matter, He dressed very quickly in his warm rub- ber suit to sweat off pounds from his cereal and fruit, A long day of starvation lay ahead for him, yet until weigh-ins would prove if his weight had been met, As he stepped on the scale with his nerves in a knot, He found that his weight was right on the dot, His opponent was huge, his stomach was bulging, lt was obvious that he had been indulg- ing: As he walked on the mat he felt no shame, But he knew if he lost he would be to blame, And then through the gym they heard the coach call, UCrush'em, smash'em, and pin'em all!" jimmy Poag improves his technique while wrestl Senior wrestler lohnny Herndon struggles for Discussing rules and requirements is one of the victory in an all-important match against Ashe- many jobs Coach Eccles must attend to. ville. 172! Sports gig: ,,,, K I ', QQWHW 'LL' , if I Q' 3.: as mm, J: f' Nj 7,25 f, f, 4' "' my 'Z Q If - 5 v is BIIIW O13 fu ,,.--un-. ,gan-. ,,,.-n-un--. H -59? iw 0' 75515-300 :t 355,35-0 .4 w...,,,,. Q X1 ,, , x..... 19-' 4' wx . Qxwg , P .5 GV' gm PM fx , xx 173563, ii 3 h silo -s 4,3 X SY? g. X sukgigkv X 5 ' -9 1- Q ' ...N 'WX Chett Chesnutt really feels good about his game after the first few holes. Scottie Denton has all areas under control. The ball is going . . . in the hole, K.,-. T' T 'aw The team finished their undefeated season as Conference champs: Chett Chesnutt, Scotty Denton Mike Taylor, Sean Gibbons, David Connor, and Rudi Rudisill, 174XSports FORE + TWU The life of a llreal swinger" is not what it is made up to be. The average golfer wakes up at the crack of dawn to head out to the greens. If he is "up to par" he will attempt 18 holes. After signing in, he looks around the pro shop. He buys some new golf balls and tees. Then he sees some shiny golf shoes that he decides to splurge and buy. Discovering he is now Hin the hole" his match gets off to a bad start. He hits two of his new balls in the woods. Going to the next hole, he breaks the straps on his golf bag, and he has to carry the bag in his arms the rest of the way. When the wind starts blowing his ball curves right into a sand trap. Now he is really "teed-off". For the senior Ashbrook golfers, life consists of Zoological phenomenon such as birdies and eagles, and geographical hazards, such as sand traps and Uthe rough." But is this sport of edging a little white ball towards its much-sought-after destination, the black hole, really worth venturing the perils of a "quick nine holes"? Mike Taylor observes as Chett Chesnutt demon- strates his driving form, we ti . A-ssywwz.. , Q ew, rwg:.i',fi.g3,,a, N we 'aff' Ng-gy. also . Q N ' -. ws.. W 1, N X. ti 1 1 s T 'QE Exg S' - tt In . V mv A -2 . lg '97T?'r tt ks Y Na .f ... Qs 1 Scotty Denton displays his skill in getting out of a difficult Mike Taylor spends another sunny day practic- SlfUaUOVl- ing his putt on the greens, , x .. Sportsfl75 Front rovy: Susan Moss, Lynn Rauschenberger, Karen Malone, Lynn Cardin, Darnell larrett. Second row: Maggie Will, Leigh Jenkins, Lisa Walsh, Angela Rice, Robin Pratt, Patricia Whitworth, Linda McCoy. Third row: Kathy Norcross, Wanda Mitchell, Debra lackson, Pam Patterson, Faye Pressley, Coach Gary Evans. Not pictured: Kris Angelo, Anna Moree. ,K',w augem Af A ,waxy L ,759 R' :itil Q 7 it is we ici ? 'fl Sophomore Marcie Gosine practices hard with the hope that her cross-country experience will help her with track in the spring. Kris Angelo forcefully hands anchor leg, Lynn Rauschenberger, the baton in the 400 meter re- lay. 176! Sports .:.a WWW we aff Kathy Norcross practices hard in order to be her time for the upcoming meet. 'iv 4, ai! 5713 x5HURaq. 0 I ,M 552 .Z ,,a 2 . "1 4 '. i f . -, lch Evans gives Leigh lenkins and Lynn Raus- nberger a serious pep talk before their nt, the 800 meter run. With quick speed, Debra Iackson and Patricia Whitworth soar over the 200 meter hurdles. Dedication Pays Off In recent years, the number of women who participate in sports has increased. Gradually, more and more girls are becom- ing involved in sports. Whether it is basket- ball, or track, girls' sports are attracting a great deal of attention. lt may not seem difficult to be a competi- tor in any sports event, but those who do participate know the real meaning of athlet- ics. lt is not only the hard practices and dedication to the team, but the tight sched- ule that one must keep. The time spent out of season is important also. Track events know no season. In order for a runner to have successful meets, she must practice constantly. As in all other sports, track must be an activity that one enjoys. A participant must be willing to give tremendous effort and determination. As girls' track coach Cary Evans often says, UStrive for self-improve- ment, before you strive to win." Ashbrook had various outstanding run- ners in the 1982 season. Patricia Whitworth, voted most valuable runner, went on to win sectional and state titles in the 200 hurdles and the 200 dash. Kathy Norcross seta new county record in the 2-mile and was chosen most valuable in the county. With more girls running track, Ash- brook's program will become even more successful in the future. via Q X ,,. a ci ct ct Sportsf'I77 ls Andy Warren experiencing the Hagony of defeat" or a leg cramp as he runs with David Smith and Thomas Slade USGS all hiS strength tO ir1Cr6aS9 Bill Will? distance of his jump. aw ,, V ima? efw, Qsw, ww +"""' ssvlaaf WW y Q Nanny, 9- Front row: Gerald Barnett, Scott Harris, Marvin McGhee, Todd Dover, Andy Warren, Mike Vecchiolla, David Smith, Bill Will. Second row: Mike Beeler, Thomas Slade, Rod Barber, Willie Brazil, Amos Williams, Kenneth Erwin. Third rovv: lohn Brovvn, Chris Wilson, loe Bonnin, Lee Neuman, David Belk, Brooks Eaddy, Bryan Bolick, Barry Lindler. pictured: Bill Ahernethy, left Bryant, Freddie Byrd, lohnny Herndon, Mike Yarborough, 178! Sports Chris Wilson seems to fly over the high bar. Attaining an average height of 6'4, Chris was Ashbrook's most outstanding jumper. Qs.. is in is They jump. They run. They win! The tension builds, you start to feel the butterflies in your stomach, you approach the starting line and get into position, the gun is fired and you're off, trying to break away from the pack, As you end the first , two laps you start to feel the strain, but the excitement of the moment fills you, and you push even harder. As you approach the finish line all you can think is 'get ahead and win!" You feel that last burst of energy and cross the finish line first! You've just won your first race and all your hard work and training has paid offll Of course, running events aren't the only aspect of track, The field events are equally as strenuous and take just as much practice and dedication. The boys' track team of 1982, coached by lohn Moose, had an over-all finish of third in the conference. Bill Will was conference champion and 3rd in the state both his junior and senior years, great concentration and skill, David Belk crosses the last hurdle on his way to the finish line. Sports! 179 ,give The 'I982 Boys' Tennis Team: Front row: Ieff Kahn, Steve Herron, Buck Williams, lay Zollicoffer, Wayne Parrish, Will Seabrook, l.C. Vargas, Blair Mauney. Second row: Coach Reavis, Frank Goude, Richard Hill, Nick Street, Ricky Turner, Todd Ballenger, leff Hartwig, Mike Griffith, 1807 Sports X Boys' Tennis '82 AHS OPP Charlotte Latin 5 4 Kings Mtn. 6 3 McDowell 7 2 Asheville O 9 Huss 4 5 Hickory 6 3 South Caldwell 5 4 East Burke 9 O Freedom 9 O Asheville O 9 South Caldwell 7 2 Huss 7 2 Hickory 6 3 East Burke 9 O McDowell 7 2 Freedom 9 O Backhands are no problem for LC. Vargas. Ricky Turner and Blair Mauney stand pois the return, Wayne Parrish, chosen Most Valuable Player, shows off his fancy footwork. 1 s, . I 1 K., uAAV'A l,'.e"Qv K 'M ,lg .V ', Z, 0 ' A gg 5 153.51 Szffifif ',r,5,, ff 1 , ,A -4" -3 ,jr , ,Ai A 'wfrfff W Q if mf Aa ,' ,, 4 ,A ' , A1 " . ,,. ,Z 4 gf 1' gf 'gy ' ra AA, 4't,4Q,:g, 1,-52 .,A '12, iii, i T. I ll i ATA , + f x , .-, W' A fs' A Af' Isl-ifif "4-Aff! A in-'f5f1'1' i"'Q k'1Q ,fA' R324 xiii A1 " it N A , ' , iv 1.1 'Q , 1 N ' ' ' gt' 2V,?'sg,A ff, A fri wan V 842 ,Z ,, , 'f " 4 A H2125 Ig' i u irif f l , , A ig a -Ar i,A,?,,,A,,Aa:2fw+1A2tZaZsg W e , tfs ' , A v A.n?'2f,hC':!fw 3 W 113' If fiigiff I I ' 'fi A-2 , 1,7 ,4AQg, Q, ,K x-1 QA It A! --f 'ff , ,Q ,,.,iffy,AA wA 1 .N j A wp.: xii- ,sg by r I n I I 9 2,5 , 'r f if - T , sv fu-A-1 v if If ,A Av A V, fr- fi-1-,Q A n'w.'rf, 1,3 5 p ,ig,if,A ,ggfr A , Z V vt.-Q 7141, 1,3 V g: Yr ', Vi ., ,, 'flaw 3 'Z'f?fa?-,"1,"- A 1 , J i 1 ' fy A, 5 Q, Kia: A ' gf ,t .f 'A 1,-:1."f A ' ' " 1.31 H 'fu r. AA ' Ni' A A ,,,, 4 A AA f,sa,l-g g , ,, A , Aayy , a-A AA A 2 , , , '?f1s, A' o ' ' A A W A 3, ' A Ac , I In 7 Ar A 6. Av: ,Vg ' , rxggw ' g ' . xi 7 in 1" f 'AA A x 5' .Y ,fri , V ,gr M - ' ' I 1 A- th A Aa '- w 'vf fg A' , , , . HA An, tw., 'A' T ,,A ,A AA A ,f'3?'e W, A T A , Ar A A , A tw A Af r Ai fr ff, za pa I A if t, K Q My g 1 l ,, as irc. if ifiqlj A 7, A, T , g is giTLf,',e:Y 'tlgu-fi ,, , ,Aififlx , ar' A t W ,av A 44 ,M 'Af T Q ' ,, 1, M, ' A 5'Q,f,l,4 3 IW, 3 Q, . In fi ' ggr .A mfr. T 1 5-'fit ,fp v af A ' I H ssqllifmvfvfwif' A , A A ' QL Q ,,A A Q A' a n t A ' rant' ts' f ir KQV af f?L3"7fffLii 1 'J T s . yr is ak gs -as an sn -in me-sn all N AN XFN an. Tennis Team On The Ball Playing tennis takes a lot of time and hard work, combining both physical skill and concentration. The 1982 boys' tennis team ended their season with an impressive 13 84 3 record and second place in the confer- ence. Wayne Parrish and Blair Mauney were chosen as members of the All-Conference team. Wayne was also a semifinalist in the Myers Park Sectional Tournament, a contes- tant in the Hickory Regional Tournament, and a runner-up in the Gaston Co. Easter Tournament. Season records are as follows: Singles: Wayne Parrish 119-7j, Blair Mauney Q11-41, l.C. Vargas Q12-39, and Todd Ballenger U3- 2j. Doubles: Ricky Turner and Blair Mauney 112-45, and l.C. Vargas and Richard Hill 18-31. :A 1' ,. ---A+A J 'k ,1'.:Ap9AA.,AA:,AA:f f ' - A -' 'A' hugh X, 'l'f"'EQ 'A Randy Reavis, Conference Coach of the Year, gives Ricky Turner some helpful advice. Todd Ballenger knows good sportsmanship is a major factor in tennis. Sports!1B1 Front row Angie Barnhill, Anita Beard, Sharlene Rick, lennie Fletcher, Lisa Brown lmanagerl, Karen Moore, Rhonda Deal, Tracy Holloway Second row: Leslie Lewis, Kim Dalrymple, Nancy Bridges, Missy King, Nancy Faulkner lcoachl, Lisa Saunders, Melissa Beaty, CeCe Queen, Barbie Blackwell. Hickory Hickory South Caldwell South Caldwell East Burke -'54 East Burke McDowell McDowell Huss Huss Freedom Freedom Show Spunk AHS OPP 4 5 8 7 2 8 4 6 -4 7 9 ll 7 6 9 lO 3 5 O '13 8 3 7 10 l82fSports R79-nr, Lisa Saunders takes a forceful swing at the ball with the hope of bringing in a run for the Lady Waves. - f "WWW 'Www ,LQFT Missy King keeps her cool although she disa- pport from teammates helps urge the team to grees with the call made by umpire Charles Cle- itory. ments. of practice pay off as the fast moving CeCe Queen makes another fast move resulting Waves score another run, in a double play. Sports! 183 Sophomore standout limmy Vecchiolla brings a big hat to the plate for the Creenvvave, hitting 300 plus. Baseball '8 F 0000000 00 00 00 0 J ig I I f l . Alas oPP ' . Caringer 3 6 ' V ' Garinger 1 11 . i ' South Point 3 4 C South Point O 2 : Kings Mtn. 1 O : Asheville O 2 . Hickory 0 4 . Q Freedom 7 11 Q South Caldwell 2 3 W' ' McDowell 4 5 ' ' East Burke 6 7 ' 4 . Huss O 7 ' Q Asheville 7 8 I Hickory 3 8 , . Freedom 19 4 : 1,1 ' South Caldwell 9 4 0 Mfooweii 2 3 0 7 . East Burke 11 4 Q . U95 I 7 . Asheville 5 9 I Q ' ' W Cl ' E ' n 00000000000000 HVGS Hin XDEFIG Ce if- Steady centerfielder Kevin Fischer gives the Wave needed base-running expertise. 1847Sports .af , , 4ss M. ua. as nt rovv: Scott Kendrick, Gary lsenhour, Tony Hill, jimmy Vecchiolla, Brian Bridges. Second row: joel Beam inerj, joel Henry, Kevin Fischer, Troy Tyner, David Vlaservich, Darren Bolick, Larry Carpenter lmanagerj, Third :Matt Chesnutt, john Lockett, David Henderson, Derek Bates, jesse james, Lawrence james, joel Stiles, jerry penter lhead coachj. Not pictured: Doug Bowen. Catcher jesse james' arm is as feared on the diamond as it is on the gridiron. Coaching first base is one of the duties required of sophomore players, such as Matt Chesnutt. Q : " , c, .AHL A ' gf y , I I ---' 'f W ww, ww' , H llll V Designated hitter joel Stiles, a transfer from - S W-.,:, , T M Cherryville High, fights off an inside pitch. Q. we Team captain joel Henry's experience as a leader and a fine fundamental player helps Ashbrook defeat eventual state champion South Caldwell, Sports!'l85 Why do we need CHEERLEADERS? l'They're something to look at, at football games." -Matt Chesnutt RI like cheerleaders because they keep the band from playing lcharge' 200 times. - Bobby Norman Nl like cheerleaders because they wear little skirts." -Mike Beeler Rl think we need cheerleaders because somebody has to sell ribbons and throw out frisbees at games." -Mike Ross These are some of the views of various students at Ashbrook, but on the other hand, some students see the actual purpose of cheerleaders. Nl think we need the cheerleaders to get school spirit going by involving the stu- dents." -Kim Hasledon RTO me cheerleaders are important be- cause they boost school spirit and give the crowd a uniform way to express their en- thusiasm." -locelyn Minter Rl think cheerleaders are necessary be- cause they get spirit going at school and games and show the students how to have clean fun while cheering the team on." - Randy Dodson l'The 1982 varsity cheerleading squad is one of the best Ashbrook has ever had," says Mr. Mando. instead of the usual Mper- formance by the cheerleaders" at pep ral- lies and games, these girls taught chants and did cheers that the crowds can yell along with. The Varsity Cheerleaders were named Grand Champions at UNCC's sum- mer cheerleading camp and received a sec- ond place award at the Cheerwine Cheer- off at Eastland Mall, losing by only W a point to Myers Park High School. Co-captain Leigh jenkins was singled out at UNCC for the title WAII American Cheerleader." -G fl yi Pyramids are a large part of the cheerleaders routine They are great crowd pleasers and can be impressive. Although pyramids have been restricted more this year the cheerleaders have to create some effective pyramids. Miss locelyn Minter, the varsity sponsor, gives instructions to the Creenwave ihlatalie Tindoll before a cheerleading competition at Eastland Mall. I86!Sports The cheerleaders do pom pon spell-outs of var- ious expressions at football games, but they al- ways end with a number 1 for their champion team. ttom row Gina Harrington Missy King Angie Capps lco captainj Sheldon Hollowell Alicia Teddy Top rovvz Leigh lenkins tco-captainl, Lisa Walsh, Beth 7,3 1 The Cheerleaders present one of their more diffi- cult pyramids at the Homecoming game. Pyramids may appear simple, but they create a lot of bruised shoulders and sore muscles in the making. Sports 187 junior Waves Show Spirit R was Y' Mo xi y.. x 5 S as ,. Q,-as ..,: g -QS"-ses. 'sz , ' ss s - i C F C l Bottom to top: Lee Fox, Cissy Key, Candace Koontz, Traci Helms, Kris Cagle, Elizabeth Cather tcaptainl, Beth Bright lco-captainl, Lisa Albright, Michelle Ballard. Spotters: Kathy lenkins, Cathy Bonnin. i88! Sports After hours of hard work and coordination l,V, cheerleaders are able to perform diff: and daring pyramids. ,Q?,lvef,-- t iii' 41 Traci Helms looks to the crowd for suppor cheering and boosting the spirit of the t Let's Get Proud to be a wave, hey, proud to be a el" This is a familiar chant that can be rd from an Ashbrook cheerleader at any ical Creenwave sports event. heerleaders are exactly what their es imply, the leaders in cheering the ers on to victory by involving the wds to boost spirit. Promoting crowd and school spirit are not easy JV and Varsity cheerleaders spend practicing and organizing for every lV's use practice time for learning preparing cheer techniques, while the Fired Up! T At the Cheerwine Cheer-off at Eastland Mall, the varsity cheerleaders are all smiles while compet- ing for the best squad award, Lenna Mathis instructs the crowd in the words of a chant to arouse them for the Huskie Game. varsity cheerleaders work on creating new ideas for crowd participation. Ashbrook's cheerleaders support each team with post- ers, banners, llgoodie bags", and encour- agement. Their dedication and enthusiasm help make Ashbrook and its athletic pro- gram successful. The cheerleaders try to set a good example in school spirit for students and teachers. They are proud to be part of the 'Greenwavesn and spend a major part of their school year urging others to be just as proud. Beth Bright and Elizabeth Cather discuss the im- proving results that their squad has shown through many days of practice. The l.V. cheerleaders execute their motion tech- nique and devise interesting cheers. Sportsf189 Sweat lt Gut Many elements are involved in the devel- opment of an Ashbrook athlete. Perhaps the most important aspect of participating in a sport is the practice time involved. Prac- tice is not as glamorous or exciting as actual competition, but it is a necessity. As the competition stiftens every year, the need for specialization in an athletes respective sport increases. Qften competi- tors attend summer sports camps to further concentrate on weaknesses and attain new techniques. The mastery ot new techniques is being emphasized more and more, This constitutes a higher degree of precision Tripp Goodrich seems to enjoy the only easy part of a typical football practice. within high school athletics. The need for conditioning is another im- portant aspect. Football requires great stamina, basketball requires quickness and versatility, and track requires endurance and speed. The time spent by Ashbrook athletes in actual competition is just a small part of their commitment to sports. Rigorous weight training, summer practices, working out on the tennis court and in the batting cage year-round, and running long dis- tances in freezing weather all make a suc- cessful athletic program at Ashbrook. Cousins Andy and Greg Warren end up an exhausting cross-country trek. ll S , jg ' 5 f rs .I is Derek Bates works out in the batting cage to improve his pitching. 19OfSports .M Patricia Wilds works on her backhand to prepare her for competition ,, To hecorne the leading hitter for the Wave, Tony Hill spent many hours in the batting cage during the off-season. Manager Larry Carpenter, on cluty yeareround for Ashbrook athletes, tapes an injured foothall player. Linebacker Marvin McGhee endures strenuous summer weight training to prepare himself for the battles on the gridiron, Sports!191 ,A-W M ww-'N-M' :QL "hw, l'When one first goes off to college he or she finds that they didn't appreciate things as much as they should have. You get to school and no longer do the professors care Whether or not you get the informa- tiong all they are required to do is present the information and that's all they do. You miss the presence of Mom and Dad to help out when the situations get tough and to sympathize with you when you have prob- lems. llvlom especially when it comes time to do the laundry.l You miss your friends that have gone to other colleges around the country, and the good times that you had together during high school. You also learn or relearn what your high school teachers tried to make you learn the first time. lf you don t have a car you really appreciate being able to zip right off to wherever vvhenever you feel like going. You appreciate home cooked foods and your very own double bed. No more quiet sleepful nights' anytime before 2 a.m. you can hear Pizza! yelled at the top of the delivery man s lungs Dan Brandon freshman N C State changeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangesc . Seniors will find that their Ashbrook spirit never dies because they take so many memories them. K - .st wt. Sfmssses- ss? 4 X f Q iw - f -at . kr H - Q - . .eq 7.-X . sf K X t,s .X -as X .... f 'st x Xxx Ng X N sg Ns it Ysxx N xx W Sw XY' it x N x x .a .a1 ,t -f.12F1fiQi:sN:1' W k X .X afisrfmsm 5 X Hs. ff-' ' O:-?'5Sf"X s s W as . :ex ss .- . .- s . 5 ---- .F l ' . Ag f W N' i it s W- . 7 . 55 X' g gi ' ' L1 'Z . 5 -- s - stqszstt M X. t. t N ii- .. . ...X as . fats,.stf :sw-1:52. ts. - H 'r . ss s xi? . . K kit .gs X Xkkk ,YE as .tt. ra" if iris. t I f. X .t.... ..l. as KT 1 X ? :ga 3:7 " X 1 5 . s s X . L t, .... :.f ii- ' NNN x A X X Wa wt , N We-1: Qs iw QR Qs Xt Qbxiiii ...sawn ""'SQY MlVlx vf W st ss s X my QSM NX .... .... t. was mx , ,N X Q...Qs2'.z XM X sf --of-ss .--use: .... 1---L.: X . N .t . t . N .. .. . .. t t . . . saw was W W Ex Xfw Sl ss.. is Emi l X gg ya Rough water may be ahead, but the Class of '83 stands ready to meet the challenges. 4 411 is ls that a tear in Bonnye Simpson's eye empties out her locker for the last time? mangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschan aduation means saying goodbye to friends, to parents, to teachers. For friends there is the realization that the next time they will all be together could the 10 year reunion, fleftj Allison Parks promises not to forget Mrs. Call next year and plans to come back for a visit. frightl Tony Hill's mother shows her de in Tony's 12 years of perfect attendance and wishes for the best in his future years. ww 5, ti if f 4 ,y I s.. I For students school ends on lune 3, but for the administration and many staff members the year 1 never ends. 6 Maurice Byrd and his classmates graduation represents the realization of a long-awaited dream. years of hard work have come to an end on the night of june 3, yet it is only the beginning! Closing! 195 changeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangesch. Hot summer months mean cooling off at the "Myrtle Beach days, having fun in the re river with friends before going our separate Graduation week at the beach marks a ways. change in our lives. T' lust hanging around, Steven Sytz gets in Ginger Daves gets ready to take her senior portrait shape for football season next fall. during the summer. 196!CIosing W 1 2- 2 ea K, ' Q90 woe "wer cmraway H4vs 'ms H 661-IDOL own: r r Ni. . 1-5 ga. ge me-. :aw w B9 9 'air so B39 5963573 E3 Q la K3 3 bm '-: www ww C9 .. 5 R9 5 -3' me 2 a- fr if ts 5524? 1 wi? Q '21 www ww . S0 gg if ww hw E 5311 angeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschangeschang When I think of graduation . . . 0 l7n not at at anxious to graduate from high school I guess its because I don't know how: I've never done it before. Also, lm secure with things the way they are. It took me 12 years to start liking school and now they want me to leave. Its not fain Ils soon as you begin to look forward to each school day you get pushed out of high school High schools fun. Its a lot more fun than I had expected it to be. Isuppose theres only so much fun you can ha ve in high school and if you stayed as long as you wanted to you woadd begin to lose appreciation for all the fun and friends you have. I can't wait to go to college. Ialso can 't wait to spend this summer not being able to wait for college. I think of all the formality hi the ceremony - the march, the speeches. You have to endure all this and then the time comes when they announce your name. You feel really exhilarated and satisfied because you know you 've accormlished something and had fun doing it. Graduation is also a scary moment. At that point, when they call your name, you realke that you must begbr your future life. Up until nom you ha ve fobowed a set pattem. lt is sad to think about growing older after high school llove the age that I am rkht now It causes me to look back over the past 12 years and wonder whatl have accomplished - I wonder if I have used my talents to their fullest extent? U We wril no longer realty be a part of things here. I think the old sa ying, "You can never go back home' again and expect things to be the same, " holds true. Closing! 197 I would have never thought that I would be sad when I thought about graduation because, like everyone else, I have been anxious for my independence. I've never really thought about anything but getting out and going on to bigger and better things. But now, with graduation getting closer, I realize that l'll probably never see everyone together again until our 10th reunion. I remember all the fantastic times that I've had at Ashbrook, but then I realize that soon l'll no longer be a part of the classroom routine and special friends. It is a lonely feeling to know that only memories of the things you care about now can go with you for the rest of your life. I know that this yearbook will bring back special memories of our senior year. The staff and I have worked so very hard to make this the best yearbook for the best class. The staff has been more than marvelous in piecing this I'year-long puzzle" together to make a beautiful book. Our Business Manager, Lori, has done a fabulous job with the organization of our money and she kept all of our records straight. Bonner, Iulie, Susan, Lori, and Helen all did a super job with their sections and I would have been totally lost without their unyielding help. Our extremely off-the-wall but dedicated photographers, Warren, Ioe, Steven, and Millie, did an awesome job with their huge responsibility. All the seniors along with the rest of the class did an overwhelming- ly spectacular iob and they never once let me down. Mrs. Connor and her Accounting II class cannot be forgotten, for without their help, yearbook sales would have been absolutely impossible. Mrs. Laverne Davis is very much appreciated be- cause she gave me, all the section editors, and the photogra- phers the background, encouragement, and confidence to build this book into what we wanted it to be. Leon Lewis, our Delmar representative, has put so much time and patience into our book and me that I have to thank him especially for a job excellently done. Mrs. Layton, bless her heart, has been the whole life-line of this yearbook. I can't even begin to express my personal feelings of thankfulness and appreciation toward her never-failing understanding and up-lifting attitude toward me. When the pressure of deadlines would start knocking me in the ground, she would be right there to pull me up, juice me up, and get me going again in a positive direction, I speak for the whole staff when I say IIThank you and we love you." These past three years have been very important to me, and the caring and sharing as well as the fears and tears will always be remembered no matter what. As life goes on, "Rolling with the changes" is an essential part of coping and handling our future. I sincerely hope that the 1983 Leaves of Green helps to bring back all of the wonderful and meaningful feelings that our high school years have created. Every member of the Class of '83 has made this year special and I wish everyone loads of good Mfltd Natalie Tindol 198fCIosing Editor-in-Chief luck. God Bless You! GOLDEN PATRONS These peoplefcompanies contributed 550.00 or more to aid in the production of this yearbook. We are very grateful for their support. ANTHONY-ADAMS INS. AGENCY BARKLEY, Mr. 84 MRS. DON W. BASKIN ROBBINS EARL TINDOL FORD, INC. A FRIEND FRANKLIN HARDWARE CO. FOX 84 RITTER, INC. GOODRICH, IOEL D., IR. GUNTER, IERRY M., D.D.S., P.A. HUTCHINS, CHARLES H. IENKINS METAL PARKDALE MILLS TI-CARO WHITESIDES, EDWARD S. 81 ROBERT A. BLAKE PATRONS These peoplefcompanies contributed 525.00 to help in the production of this yearbook. Your dona- tions are appreciated. Belton, Dr. 8. Mrs. Richard P. Cherry, Bekaert 84 Holland Chick-Fil-A Qliastridge Mallj Concrete Supply Co. Crisp 84 Shore Printers, Inc. East Gastonia Hardware Essics Sporting Goods, Inc. Fiber Controls First Union National Bank Gray 8: Stroud, P.A., Attorneys At Law Gray, Mr. 84 Mrs. William O., Sr. Holland, Mr. 8: Mrs. William S. Layton 84 Street, P.A. Attorneys At Law MacQuarters Pizza 84 Games Madamoiselle Hair Salon Matthews Belk Nolen Concrete Supply, Inc. Poffie Girls Public Service Co. of N.C., Inc. Textile Parts 84 Machines Warlick, Dr. 84 Mrs. lohn .T. Watson Insurance Agency ALL MY CHILDREN . Lmmff F Sunday Night Fellowship with Brenda and lim Wright - Fi-:Aim FCTTHE INSPIRATION! mie Simpson, Alice Fuller, Shelley Friesen, Karen Van Frank Zappa, Hound Dog, Taylor, Toothless, Frejoles, n, Genie Helton, losie Summey Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Davit Smif, Big Bad Brad, Boom Boom, Worm, The Kid, Richard M. Nixon, Geddy Lee, Dan Gable, Gruesome Culler, lohn Smith. SELL BLOCK II PICK UP THE PHONE5 GIVE US A CALL. PARTY MORE WITH THE CLASS OF '84! FAST TIMES AT ASHBROOK HIGH A.P. ENGLISH 11 DON'T BOTHER US, MR. LOWE - WE'RE ON VACATION! CI SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND PRESIDENTS "BREAKING IN 'a3" MAT MAIDS 'FH-Q lenifer Lanier, Anne Mauney, Dana Greenlee, Lindsay Martin, Karen Updegraff, Sharlene Rick, Dean: Langston, Melissa Beaty, Karen Van Sleen. 202!CIosing KEY CLUB OFFICERS 4 i 1,0 an I I H me ,,..,VY, A , WiwWM.L,,,,,,, M gm, rr THROUGH THE DOOR IN '84 T0 M011-'ER WITH LQVE ART Ill Abwsneswa X X, XXX XXXXN Hxw mom. H X xx 5 . is an Griffin, --N. 'WP- wwf L 'Wi -Dbl' Karen Warnock, Troy Tyner, Alison Capps, Tiz Metcalf, Michelle Hill, Iulie Landman, Karen Crain. Cl gf203 PCA THE GREEN MACHINE S SCREAM MACHINE A A CAN YOU STOP THAT GREEN MACHINE? . . . HECK FIRE NO!! X Closing ISS ASHBROOK PAGEANT COMMITTE WE'RE RESPONSIBLE! A.P. ENGLISH 12'S PARADISE LOST "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE." THE BRAIN SELLS THE CLASS WITH "CLASS." x x I ' I V Xxx NX xx T' T' I' f X 1 N - - xxx -X - 'Tx kxx XR Q -- N WE'RE ON TCP OF IT ALL! N xxgx XX X 2061 Closing IEFF KAHN, BRAD MASSEY THE LEAVES OF GREEN STAFF A ffl 4 , 4' x U fn WE'LL KEEP ON "ROLLING WITH THE CHANGES! CI g 207 N if-SHBROOK HIGH SCHGITQQQB C-ASTONIA, N. C. ASHBROOK ARTISTS INC. GREENWAVE PRODUCTIONS ,I :ff 33. 1, N ww IABLE UF CUNTENTS s V s?E 2-O2 E uni I UIDENINIE mel? 2 98 Q 5 Si: Q5 E: 952 mmf 1 CAMIDIJS LIFE mer 10 QU 3 K 3 3 U08 8 Amr 1 nurnnn 1: -..Nr -0 ,

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