Asbury University - Ashburian Yearbook (Wilmore, KY)

 - Class of 1940

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4 2 Z E 2 2 1 2 2 2 5 2 i f 5 ? -5 f' ' , -Y, f luv? -:'.'.' "Q , " "' 'k' -ff ' Y' :',' I , ' A "L . --4,77 ., Q . .g.f.f V A - V. A " ' . ,- -,, - , . , , N , w s k I ! 1 ! 5 1 I I w guvlrf .-.1-' - - HM---'M-M "" - , V . V ,, 7-Z7 ,. -Y ,vgv YW .-15, ,, Y- , , -A 1 1, V ,Q-,-,-In I.,-A ,,-V . .v V- .I I Y V N- 5 ,, - .,. Y .- ,V . ., V,.. , V . , . -np ff,,v-Ulu Tl19'ff,h'ffL'7f9l u-mmf ml ,ff fn" 'xNI'fff1"'?f"f7lA 5"P7"'f9"7 "f 4' ' 'I f 1 , -..f - "1 cr ,'1' , ,-V 'J 'H' ' M '5'. .,'f.'f' 1JZfr1'9f- 41. ff , M, . . ,- -uf uuuvuurf111!:t'P"' 4-.5 4 'jf' V 1 . :Ldv 1'-f ---fu' -'V ' ' 1 ':ZfC'L'f-61112 -'ff-fJVv'L fm ff,--as 1 '.V1 V JNL?,1,Wf6am,x,R,K,,,,w,,,Egwafgm+gggf5:.,mL,5i5g5.gz1:,a35:?531Lg:E.,gQ:45n1:5Z34:EggQ2fz:g,-4.QgZ ,if'?'3'524y f,:4fw.xf,, M mf, V , . , . , 1. Q4-.w-V wwf.. 41. 2414-. :S-FYFTII2f-D4-"::,?15V5-N42''iYL':'-165-'I4'51-gk'-923754.34-:g"5. 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V -- . ,...,., ,I , " ' ' -"-f "f - fzfvff-H-K14-IRQ-? f7 y-fz5.':g+::f-zv3:4,e4,'P21ge .V-r352':,"::if':i:.i, -- 1 Q,:,R:.:1..v:--Q1-.'ftw::e.V r' 'f K 4' A - Y.-....f-:.'E2lffffv?i:6T?Lt?f513:11:fiEm-13iQ4:5.,w511ff-'Li' V V- . u.s--1,x:':e:gV,. ,, gf..-. .Luiz-.I-411-vo-..wnnz:.. f ' 'OL' fo U9 0 -,UOQQfOOO6f'0nm 7 I O O k O A1 I3.UQ,FffGO O OO O0 Un M .QQF O09 OO Oo fo J - V X' ' 'fx , N 1 55, ,K qbhy ' ru 3, my f . Q 015 .G ,Q-QQQQ O o o O00 9100000000000 . 04, , 005'-00000000 090 O Doc, OO C7 OOO Q O O Q O O Oo O U O O QQ 6 o 0 4 O 0 I U.. 0" in-:SIS 1-all '7' O C l.'o. ' u , V .905 . .I .Q C 0 r Q'-,. C 0, ' L' Q . C ' ...Q a 0 . O Q. A Q Q o w 0.09 U I 9 . ace? go .6 0 960 .'O 69 rx A G G Q 0 mgmm Em QQ F2 p J 'I QJ G o W .,, A.. '. V W fx , , 4 H '1 Q .sy r -1 ,Q 1 I V fx A Ax .M Q 1 0 Z a...' 05... '0p,.. fo .... 0' .. I I .07 vo. 'o O 'o 0 O O.'. . -2-: '0.oO. ,000 ' :"o o , ag, ' 00. ' "0'o ,ol.. 0 "t" Q pl 0 0 elf. O". 0 . ,gal. ' ' "O.Q O O 0 9 N I O.. 00 ' l W igllll ' A J VIRGIL SEXTON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 0 CHARLES JOHNSON, BUSINESS MANAGER - .- -,. . , ,.,.,...,.1 .,. ..,..-, '..,....w,,..,-,.,-Y,-,,,,,,. ,4.,. .p,,.v.1,, 11. ,A u I ya 5 ,F A Y N OF 'HE ITS UR OU JO AN HE 'HS WS ER 'JF W . 1 4 y I E 1 1 O Q . 0 . 0 ' 0 . l ' 0 OYQPPF ! 'nf-r 9 f 4 Q0 a 0 6 Gulf' P02 iff Po ' Ftfsfvqvpfy'-".. F' sh f O Q. I I O 0,0 :..n.l 0. "0 '.0' . 0' . . log! ' gl o xm 0 Fllgffj ' R - v ' nf own sv G J, s ' I FS? HBH PAST UHY ,Ao 0 We s M . .,f ,, If ,,.',t'i,h X.. 0 O'p':a '00' 0 Of O 'o'O".'o Q... . Q C O 5 0.50 D 5 'O O :lzO:::o.o1'.:. ..l .:..'l 'o""o 0.'..O6 0:0 O O o Qszcx ,go Y C, xo? YX og 0 sl 0' SW P' Y I 0 'S Y Vi'- H3 Wzfiffv Y T ' L5 5 ll I 'V' A N, ff, L Li H9 Y -J ! . J. Q., I' v , ,g--f ,. ..,-, ., V- . - -4, gg-xfewaf-uv"-"" , ,. ., f -ff-1-'+ze1:ifaf2::'1f2if Mm5" ": 4 l ' -Jb'.A-'shin' p O I o ' ' 0 Ol" l""'O" ' ' 0 ' 4- ' O Q O . l . ' 0 0 g L . 4 , Q . , Q . . Q Q . . Q Q . . g 1 C O . Q ' Q g D Q . .O 9 , 0 . . 0 Q , I 0 0 , ' O o 0 , V . - 1 7 . . 4 Q U J .Q A 9 -1 X, Q! 0 l . t -j I j'Q. b I gg . I Q '.1f'l'. 'I 'O J' .QVi .l.. ,gy v LOf' ,cl ' " f... . . .V . O 5 0 I ' I' . O Q s ' 'o' is . ' ' of Y l 0 " . 0 .'. oo. W!! ww 'Q UO go 5 O A'W,,4.5,, Q? R Wwwav fi. 'QQ gk . 'sk 5 I fm I H, auf "55fsa,, 'iibii .k,x,fuw0J izviacjl mimi' W +I 1' r ,z', -B 1 ,W A ' 4 Q '51, . ' I .'. :...l' ol III IIII H I I IIII THERE ARE THOSE BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS AND LIVES WHICH SO INSPIRE AND ENCOURAGE THOSE WHOM THEY TOUCH THAT ANY ATTEMPT IN WORDS TO GIVE AN ADEOUATE APPRECIAf TION OF THEM IS AS FUTILE AS AN ATTEMPT TO GILD REFINED GOLD. SUCH IS OUR ESTIMATE OF THE ONE TO WHOM' WE EAGERLY DEDICATE THE HISTORY OF OUR SCHOOL. WITHOUT HIS CONSECRATED LIFE, LIVE THE LIG T OF THE CROSS, OUR COLLEGE COULD NOT HAVE FULFILLED THE N BLE PURPO - OR WHIC NNEDQI LIKEffA FATHER, THE HAS LOVED US INDIVIDU A COUNSELED US WISELY, PREACHED 'D US FEARLESSLY, PRAYED FOR US EARNESTLY SACRIFICE F U LLINGLY N ST GTHENED US MIGHTILY . IN GRATITUDE TO HIM WHOS C IS 'PERSON I S BEEN INDELIBLY STAMPED ON OUR OWN: IN APPRECIA O I WHOS ZE L MESSAGES HAVE SATISFIED HUNGRY SOULS THROUGHOUTlTH ' 5 IN ADM 4 F HIM WHOSE SACRIFICIAL ADMINISTRATION HAS BROUGHT OUR COLLEGE THROUGH THE DARKEST YEARS OF ITS EXIST- ENCEg AND IN LOVE FOR HIM WHOSE VERY BEING EMBODIES THE SPIRIT OF ASBURY AS MOLDED BY THE LIGHT OF THE CROSS: QWE DEDICATE ASBURY PAST TO OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT, DR. HENRY CLAY MORRISON. Y- . .-.V .4-' -...L-ff gagw... ,-.1,,vnq1f4.u,.L.a?-ur:-,1ha,nv.-:-,Nz-mg. 3571-4fkywzeug,.valz-rLQ1i.75-335.-i1'hgh7 ',e"?:?1rL'+g,,.,5 , aa ,wif-:kJ--' ff" ' , , - 1 3455- -5 51155,-gg?-'f"" .. - .. rf.-.N L gf .. . 4 .-.Q w- -ferr-1,2-'f?J?fw32:1vfe'1fif if' ' 1'-111,553.11-fffgwe-:.i-'iiaffie e a , -..M . , ...M ,,,,. W.. .,.,, -.1 -A5r,,, 1,'.iiyif'g:-'Q ....--"' S Q, ' 4 ll MRS. HENRY CLAY MORRISON .V i He' beamln9 lace racliales 'ro all 'llne LlGHT OF THE CROSS which has louclmecl her heafl. incl lwer consecralecl labors on 'rhe Penlecoslal Herald bespealcs +0 all he' lalzelz Surlzender 'ro llme Masler. Because of l1er lcincl heart her willingness io lend ld e ry PU19 dncl, and lwer mollwerly concern for her ASBURIANS, llwe sludenis famllld call lwer Aunl' Belly. 44X o,?:a":'?"S -il -1 is .- 2-i s 33 '22 .::' fi 46. 55941 I : .-5.7 7' ' : lifzz' .. -5 "1 ' In - ""' 'Z- i Aa,-N ,IA sx S jim. -LK lx v:-f Q-21-P -f' M1151--wi-2221:-2-::,.253+nnL-:.:..:a+frania-Em . fgfijk-my., V 1AV,V . g .. ....., ,. ..,.V, . fig'-'Jf3'I' tl A li H'-.x, .1-, .. I -A"-- ,..,. , ,. -, -, 'A , A A. . " ' ' A h e:v :s. -'J-av-fr A A ' f1gf..,A .,,.., .-.W-r.1's,s9r mf.,-A '-212:-.qs-A 3 - i,av,f.t'-ff lr' .f1:- - ...M - -A -in rv ,-333, ,,,, , .,,.,... ,.. ...rrp my t ,T ., .,,,,... . ,W h dzlg, ,,,.. A Vihsym,-,.:,,.w.:...r.v .. ,,., . V VV V V W. I VV VV Y' --'f, ---:':4Qg,1.,,- M rf-MA' , ,.., ,V , , , ., . - ,,...... . .yu fr 1 . 4 . , V ,. y-,..,f.r.i.A., my A V A VNV.. . . , V A QV A F hVVfQ"'3'QVW!Vg?warp-r,,.La-5r,s,uVT,,f3r ., T 'f. 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VV-1,5.- V.V V: 4 V V, . . , , V .' -A' ,A..,.e.,:ey42wf4Q5h 215 .15 -' ' ' 14FyTf7yA A.-' fl' -shi A- ': . :rin '---.,. , . , ,J A 3 ' sn iff ' ' A' 'V L. ' v N17 V,,,.,,,,f,,, wihww R ..lQ. E . ,,,.. . , ,,VV. VW? V . V,V.. ,,., V V V ., N . .W V. .. time-iff:-.-.12L'1AfT . .. 1 A We-f' AA 42 , ,,,, , J Aw A' "fri Z - A X --sg:,.,. A' T ' f -A I :f'.1,jfLS..., .,.-iss.-f Aff' .Af 1,--.-.l . , : . . ,. , .. .--'JT' , , - A . ' A, :-':F,fff:3.L,.fi ,if ,f'.'. mug.. 1 -5.1 .-. a R. ' '11 Q. A:-,---'.-.,I, , . . ' AA- ' ' A . . " ' , , : . ,,.-eff .. 4' 3',,3,, ,f . A w e wg- , - A 3. .V - Am, -2 -,1.'A . ,g,3,,.-A AJ ' A' - ' A . ., - i vf ,N f. , 1.F'i A. ,f f r"s"f,fk':,1 ' -:-.'f- ',v"f41lh f 1 . ' f'1--' . . 4 1-' ...--A , ' , A H " T ' , T f -I-di' 4- -M " - am '.'A'v-F' ' .. AA A ' -A ---ff-"A , .V . .--.' ' A, - -A -A A - 'gl f i -in 1.11-T qi T - Af' FOV d0Y5 Rev' John We5leY ' -- - ' " ' I "'-' " "Li-' v" Eff. ' ' ' -'.jTr5IT'.f'TfTf"5'1- 'fi-i" PTT-M .. " i',--' ' ':" ' ' ' ' 1 -. . l ' .- . -J' 2,1 . '7 A . ,,f f J :?fi3Z' gas T V'.T.effw' 211-'lil' 1' A T ' A fx' ' .- - - A - d - - , ,avg T. .14 5 4' Hughes agonrze rn prayer su .A :AA . . A : t..s, , . , , I 1' ' fA""s-. .,-,1 fl Abi'-If-' f' 1' . VF' -' 'NJC-'21, . .,,"i-3-' , 'lf-',1,,f' ,O V ' .V k' ' . 1 ' ' WA -""' ,.,,f-i' 55 SA " AAAA .T A- ' ,, ' if ThaT God mlghi' relieve him rw ' """ - 5 '4" 5- QTWTF T i f '4 '75""""' ' " - .:-1 ' H ' A ' is A- T- :gi , . of a Cdll he had received To x r .e f a h I' 5 S h I Fi T - g- f ,, A OU" 0 0 me 5 C W- ' i 0 - ' if -T1 -1. T nally reallzmg ThaT This was S.-rg, a,- . , -, . -. 135'---,f , su'--S, rfeff-f-1.4r4,1,..f-..-.- 4... . , . . I ,, . . 0 .-..--.Amffzu - 1 . V . 5.--.sT! . .e -e Aw's--:aAifr1.Af:-f,?z?w-v'-b A .. . . .fm-' 'A - I 4- A - ' 'A --rffA.r' :JJ-1 IAC w-f.A:.:-- Len- . f wr--ff-W"f,"T7T'-C-1r ' :. - ---A mr'-rf' few ' ,Ar AA - ers--iz.:-...g, Af --A ' , fiitf'-A '- if 'A7E.+-,. S his calling, he dedvcafed hlm Afz2-gp:111f-q-,--AAff-. ' 'af -A ' A i ' 'A Cl h- b 'l' T Ai A as . A 1 , -5 If f ,S es Q accom- ' 'iw Tw. .- A' A - v Q S9 0 0 A-an ,-.Q , -as " ' . 1 . T P I5 IS en , A- . ' ff? 'Tw iii" i' ' ' " -' '-,vw T i 'I V ' us . 3 .V f ' f-A . T ' ' ASBURY--THE RESULT CDF PRAYER One day a halT-cenTury ago as John Wesley Hughes saT in The old KenTucky CenTral depoT in LexingTon, KenTucky, having been Trom his home in Carlisle, KenTucky, Tor a monTh oT evan- gelisTic work, he TelT a deTiniTe call oT The Lord To prayer. As he knelT There in The presence oT God, he TelT deTiniTely called To esTablish a holi-' ness school where young men mighT beTTer pre- pare Themselves To carry THE LIGHT Ol: THE CROSS To all peoples. In his own words he d . . sai , "God gave me noT only a vision oT a real salvaTion school, buT called me To The work." So aT The end oT ThirTeen years Tilled wiTh aggres- sive preaching oT The gospel, Rev. John Wesley Hughes was rewarded wiTh This wonderTul call. For several days The burden kepT increasing, buT Rev. Hughes TelT unprepared Tar SUCI-1 5 Task. Compared wiTh The educaTional sTandards oT Today, ThaT was True, buT superior qualiTica- 2+ 5:3 125 4,4 N3 Tions were his in his leadership, undersTanding of human naTure and above all, his uHer TaiThVm and abandonmenT To The Lord. So aTTer Talking wiTh his wiTe, They boTh dedicaTed ThemselvSS To God Tor The Task oT Tounding The TirsT hOllU955 college in The UniTed STaTes. The TirsT diTTiculTy ThaT conTronTed RSV- Huqhes on his new ProiecT was a desirable loca- Tion Tor his school. ATTer considerirlq mend places ThaT were suggesTed To him. he accepire an inviTaTion Trom Rev. GrinsTead, pasToI' OT The lvleThodisT Church aT Wilmore, KenTucl4y. lo consider Wilmore as a suiTable locaTion TorTl19 proposed school. Three or Tour houses broke The monolony of HT open counTry and pracTically only one STFSZVT The PresenT Main STreeT. exisTed- There we , no sidewalks Tor many years, and The braV K. 1 X 2 X T l I l -fy N 5 fr , I WW ' W Z W V . ,QW xfnfmoffffsiffia , -J . '.'gJ' .,?.w-A-L-', 3 '-N334 R - I ln l89O Wilmore was hardly a village- OHV, W esiey Wiyer 'Q Ham 51 .O S as 93 im DC Q I ,.o9 .1 n 0,5 nl' 9? X ' T ' T 0 E R 5 5:3 gf-11 1543 :gg Q, -'11 -gg, 1:22555 351512. LEE if S-:. pedesTrians had To compeTe wiTh loaded wagons and buggies Tor The Turnpike. BuT Wilmore had To iTs crediT a good railroad and The addiTional advanTage oT being cenTrally locaTed. Being approximaTely one hundred miles souTh oT CincinnaTi and noT very Tar Trom The cenTer oT The naTion's populaTion, Wilm'ore was especially Tavored by naTural advanTages. Rev. l-lughes was quick To see These asseTs and began aT once To capiTalize Them. He also was pleased wiTh The local surroundings. The rolling bluegrass counTry, doTTed here and There wiTh peaceTul Tarm houses, and populaTed wiTh ThriTTy people: The guieTude oT The local surroundings, Tree Trom The vices so common To our crowded urban cenTersg and The closeness oT The place To NaTure's handiwork so beauTiTully porTrayed in The cliTTs and gorges bordering on The KenTucky River: all oT These were conTribuTing causes r 5 TQ which inTluenced his decision. Rev. l-lughes rec ognized ThaT his sTudenTs would have a beTTer opporTuniTy To hear The voice oT The Lord as They Tollowed Their sTudies here away Trom The disTracTions oTTered by a ciTy liTe. His goal was a deTiniTe one, Tor he recognized The uTTer lack oT religious educaTion in sTaTe schools and knew The imporTance oT young people who would spend Their lives in The service oT The Lord. One oT his besT remembered guoTaTions is "OuT oT real ChrisTian educaTion come Three greaT characTerisTics: selT-reliance, aggressiveness, and The love oT individual Treedom Toward selT, man and God, which mean a power To bring Things To pass." MeeTing wiTh six ciTizens oT Wilmore, Dr. l-lughes sTaTed his desire To Tound a school where The Bible would be TaughT as a subiecT as im- porTanT as any oTher. The BirThplace of Asbury College f A' ...Zi 1. 1-3, 15.4.13 REV. JOHN WESLEY HUGHES The firsf Presidenl' and The inspired man of God who founded Asbury College in l890. He asked ThaT if They Truly wanTed The school builT in Wilmore ThaT fBl,6OO be raised wiThin The week. The TacT ThaT iT was accomplished is a splendid TribuTe To The Wilmore ciTizens. EighT hundred and TiTTy dollars was used To pur- chase six acres oT hemp Tield land TronTing on Main STreeT near The presenT lvleThodisT Church. The remaining money was used in The building program. There was no endowmenT: The only income was obTained Through consecraTed pledges and giTTs by Triends of The new holiness school. From The beginning The religious moTTo has been, "Free SalvaTion Tor all men, and Tull Sal- vaTion Trom all sin." The ArTicles oT Incorpora- Tion sTaTe: "No presidenT or Teacher oT said col- lege shall ever be allowed To anTagonize a Tull gospel. The D,ocTrines oT JusTiTicaTion, Regen- eraTion, WiTness oT The SpiriT, and EnTire Sanc- TiTicaTion shall be sacred. IT is chiefly To pro- lnferior of The chapel on The old campus near fl-,e Mei-hodgsf Church. .JJ-. Ms, .V el im iQjX IN Qi gi E: li Q, A j - Jie 4, h L! 41' 1? is ,eg is 5 5 E mm -+- oo.7.'fD.e erTy This ness To b TaTic defil Ta ug less ernir God Sc I 89C Boys is a wiTh ouTsi secui secui lvlosT Th mem TirsT FIR J I N THE L'GHT . of 429' F2252 9 1 - Us cfilifi 252251 X'-, 525' fiif 'i-E221 :5:5EIE :xg-:X 21:53 'fl 4 252555 me x5?gQ.,,.JEfE5E55- Q3 gg SC R O SS N 1 , L, .X xx suwke. , H F A . 'ri 5 T535: 2.313 1:2111 3:6 213.3 ,:-:- 51:3 nl i ii 5 2 E 5 jig sa srs :reg z:::s iss ,ia sip X., I N THE LIGHT oe f T E R 9 W izizii assi ear: scsi sz-2: ..,., asa? 1112 ze :-I-13: X-:-12 L1.g.:- :7:5'5' -12:1 431, 9:51 :ass 42: zsaf af.: 3:11515 sag 535.51 222 Tess' me 55125 asia- as iiria 21.52 254:11 5-5:3 1-1:3 64' 1-iq' "'5S 1255 244 H' -45....:-N' Ya, ,v moTe a True experience along These lines ThaT The conducT oT The insTiTuTion was underTaken. This arTicle shall never be alTered or revoked. Should iT ever ceaseTo be in harmony wiTh The above Teachings or docTrines, The enTire prop- erTy belonging To or ThaT may be acquired by This associaTion shall reverT To The NaTional Holi- ness AssociaTion Tor The promoTion oT Holiness To be carried on in harmony wiTh Their inTerpre-l TaTion oT enTire sancTiTicaTion." DocTor Hughes defined The docTrine of C.hrisTian perTecTion as TaughT by John Wesley as "neiTher more non less Than pure love: love expelling sin and gov- erning boTh The hearT and liTe oT a child oT God." Soon aTTer Rev. Hughes' arrival on July I3, I89O, work on The TirsT building, known as The Boys DormiTory, began. S+ill sTanding Today, iT is a Trame sTrucTure ThirTy-six by sixTeen TeeT, wiTh Tour rooms and a sTairway opening on The ouTside. The only heaT in This building was secured by a small coal sTove, and lighT was secured by means oT a Tew kerosene lamps. MosT oT The seaTs were made Trom boards. The opening day, Seplrember 2, l89O, was a memorable one. We wonder how many oT ThaT TirsT TourTeen leleven pupils and Three Teachersl FIRST STUDENT BoDY g 55223 iii? 2:5 ....., ,,,., ..,,, . Qi We-M541 13 552-E S2352 E555 A are sexe 7 25211 5533? gif Ej'jE1 4172? 55:2 41111 iii 5:2 15? 91: gg, 'sf 3:53 335: 315:-: 6-B ,v .4-.-. f.-J -.4 'FLT f21"'::c1:21'?z:z frf iff Qs realized how The Lord would bless Their school ThroughouT The coming years. From ThaT spoT glad Tidings oT a Tull salvaTion have gone ouT To all parTs oT The world. However, The enrollmenT didn'T remain aT eleven Tor long, because by The end oT ThaT year iT had increased To sevenTy-Tive. ln November, Rev. Hughes moved The school To The new girls dormiTory. laTer known as Music Hall. ThaT Two-sTory Trame building oT TwenTy- Three rooms including iTs large dining hall, seven halls and Three verandas, served The Triple pur- pose oT The PresidenT's home and oTTice, and The girls' dormiTory. AT The dedicaTion service The school was chrisTened KenTucky Holiness Col- lege, a name unsaTisTacTory To Rev. Hughes and To Bishop Hargrove, The laTTer saying ThaT all lv1eThodisT schools sTood Tor holiness, buT Rev. Hughes obiecTed, saying ThaT no menTion oT iT had been made in The Two ThaT he had aTTended. In l-89l aT The Annual ConTerence in LexingTon The name was changed To Asbury College in memory oT Bishop Asbury who in l79O had Tounded BeThel Academy, The TirsT lvleThodisT school wesT oT The Alleghenies and The second in America, on a high bluTT overlooking The Ken- Tucky River iusT a Tew miles away from The new college. y The STudenT Body aT The end of ThaT TirsT, sTrug- gling year.o-T The exisTence of Asbury College. I W? J -..-.-. 1 .W-f-fewifz . . evffefmfwcesfrfffil- 1 ' ' . i.-:npr-fwlk ' "" ' ' UMSJTQQ3 Shannon T 3 The firsf sTudenT ever To be graduaTed from Asbury College. , No elecTives were oTTered The TirsT years oT The school, buT There were ouTside requiremenTs such as membership in a liTerary socieTy, The delivery of a public oraTion, and cerTain courses in Theology and Bible. The main diTTerence in .S. degrees was ThaT Greek was The A.B. and B required Tor The Tormer. The Two liTerary socie- Ties, Euphranian and So h p ranian, requiring Their ays, prepare declamaTions, had weekly closed-door y open programs. o The regulaTions laid down in an old caTalogue will Throw a li+Tle more li hT 9 on The subiecT oT discipline in The new school. "Asbury College is noT a reTormaTory'insTiTuTion, buT a place Tor Trainin members To wriTe ess readings, and debaTes meeTings and monThl A reference T V S' ,,wwnixxuryze-W1E4l!412' 1 lass OV lggll OH85 Second sfudenf To receive a diploma from Rev- HU9he5- Those who are ChrisTians and Those who wanT To be ChrisTians." ' l-low The campus liTe has changed! ln Those days lighTs were Turned ouT aT Ten o'clo ck, noT iusT "blinked" as They are now. The social l,iTe was conTined To Table conversaTion. Speaking To The opposiTe sex in The halls and o ways was Torbidden, and daTes wer unknown. One resulT was ThaT elo cluding prominenT couples, were common. Favoring co-educaTion, noT Th lished docTrine, Dr. l-lughes desired To give iT a n The sTair- e pracTically pemenTs, in- en an esTa b- Tair Trial aT Asbury. l-lis opinions on The maTTer are expressed in The Tollowing quoTaTion: "ATTer T ourTeen years oT careTul sT d u y and comparison. g The mind and soul oT we Tind ThaT The general beneTiTs oT co-educa- X earnesf, sTudious boys and girls. Boys known To Tion are by Tar The. beTTer, developing a sym- be unmanageable aT home will noT be received meTrical characTer. lT is one oT The basic prin- here, as one bad boy will ingure The whole school rciples in The successTul Training oT rhe sexes.. I L ahndtshe-J exrra Time and sTrengTh given To him These are complemenTary To each oTher in every f S OU O p devohid To The good boys and girls. oTher relaTion oT liTe, and should be made so in . . . ny Two casses oT sTudenTs are desired: The TormaTive process oT educaTion. The easy. T161 T of 3 j 'rs IN THE ilew 2 W, .,,, 5 Q .. a:-:- M, my -fififE:7:N:55f3flfi:iZE:E . ff, 1 QQQTTTTT A 1 f-.n2mfs '1aG1""'f'f41- -'Ik , .. . r V..-lava: e1Wg':'.1ff-f..,1f.s - ' .1 - . -f ' - f' 1. 1 I. ,,,. . ' ' . .s . ' .Jo , 3 , ' ' ' 'A 2, f' ' V 6255: .ifili iff' J. "L " .f"fif"'f""",ffv"" 'yu f- lf-, 4'-' Q " ' T' f A'-ff---N--1' ------ I ',,..zs1.- ...,,,,:..1.c,,, . ' ff f fr-f' 1' gf'-"gy '- 'IN S 'VFD 3 Q-+ bring able: ward gle 'T posiT hinde an ei her li yond sexes The si probl Dr. roll e 5, , 3, f Qfjinv, N V f f ,f VZ, , Q- Myst K ff hw i We . ' -f ff! 5 ff , ,'771i f ,W 34 f f f . favs, ff 5 f, Q1 , l fi! 'A YZ 1 ly l Q S 55555 255555 292115 223222 252525 X 2. 355555 :gk :2:5:2: 5325 ,:5:5:1 5:2:2 P5255 33, 25:51 15:2 3 he' sees M is Q fgwg gg Q Q5 --" ,J 5,1 -f.-2 W .mx IGHI MOF IHE ZSCROS T E mms E W H5 e e Z H ' T W ,,f"TT xx 225252: 525221 555553 555525 552525 222 52555 5552 254 22255 525552 95135 515:53 vii 'H -5E5E5E' 22:22 513555 .2155 22213. 7? Ziff 5:1211 yeT careTully guarded, conTacT oT everyday liTe and The everyday work oT The boys and girls bring To The boys a guieTing inTluence which en- ables Them To overcome ThaT Teeling oT awk- wardness againsT which many a man musT sTrug- gle Through his whole liTe, noT only enduring posiTive suTTering buT Tinding himselT Thereby hindered in This liTe's work. To The girl, iT brings an elemenT oT sTrengTh, Turning The currenT oT her liTe inTo The channel oT The pracTical. Be- yond This, iT reveals To each The qualiTy oT The sexes and Thus becomes an imporTanT TacTor in The soluTion oT some oT The mosT proTound social problems oT The age." Dr. l-lughes' habiT oT allowing sTudenTs To en- roll even iT They could noT pay The Tull TuiTion made The Tinancial problem diTTiculT, yeT his TrusT in God Tor everyThing was never disappoinTed. The average minisTerial sTudenT's expenses were SISO. The regular dining hall charged Eibl8O and The Club DeparTmenT SIOO. This same dining hall, decoraTed Tor The occasion, was The scene oT The TirsT commencemenT, in The .spring oT I89l. Progress seemed To be The key noTe oT The insTiTuTion. ln l89I a Two-sTory Trame chapel was builT on The plan oT a counTry church. The Teaching sTaTT was increased To seven Teachers. A museum and library had been sTarTed, and The l-lumphreys had begun a Tund Tor sTudenT help. ThaT same year The caTalogue menTions The lab- oraTory equipmenT being suTTicienT To "demon- MUSIC HALL-The firsT girls dormiTory l T171 CLASS OF I895 sTraTe The naTural laws, and To Take The sTudy ouT oT The realm oT Theory." ln l893, T. W. Shan- non received The TirsT college diploma. To allow more sTudenTs To receive an educa- Tion, lvlinisTer's Hall, a Two-sTory Trame building oT sixTeen rooms, was erecTed in l894. Theo- logical subiecTs were gradually Tinding a place in The curriculum as shown by The addiTion oT a Three-year course emphasizing The Classics, Eng- lish, lvleThodisT Theology, and Discipline. From The beginning Asbury has emphasized The spiriTual condiTion oT The sTudenT body. There have always been Two scheduled revivals: The Tall revival To lead new sTudenTs inTo regen- eraTion and enTire sancTiTicaTion, and The spring one To conTinue ThaT work and To prepare sTu- denTs Tor summer work. AT diTTerenT periods, sponTaneous revivals have broken ouT as The re- Suli OT PVGYGF or TesTimony. An evangelisTic aTrnosphere is and always should be a parT of our normal liTe here aT Asbury. An onlooker can iudge Tairly well The char- acTer oT The sTudenT body by The + G of Back Row: Ella M. Carson-Baughman, Maflie Greer. Front Row: W. L. Clark, W. O. Humphrey, F. D. Pain. oT The LIGHT OF THE CROSS bursT TorTh on The campus in a new manner. Under The leader- ship oT F. B. Jones, who had volunTeered Tor Toreign missionary work The previous year, a Missionary SocieTy wiTh TiTTy charTer members was Tormed. lTs TirsT responsibiliTy was The sup- porT of B. SarmoT who had reTurned To his naTive land oT Persia. For Those who held Themselves in readiness To go anywhere aT any Time ThaT The Lord mighT lead, a STudenT VolunTeer Band was organized in l898. Through iT The missionary spiriT was TurThered and The way Tor oThers To volunTeer made easier. The noonday proyef meeTings oT This group proved a dynamo Tor The enTire school. The organizaTion had a dual aim: ThaT oT preparing sTudenTs Tor Their respeCTiV6 Tields and ThaT oT providing acTual experience in soul winning while ,sTilI in Training. When The STudenT VolunTeer ConvenTion mef in l9OO aT ToronTo, Canada, Fred B. Fisher WGS senT To represenT Asbury College. One aTTer- noon while lisTening To Bishop James Thoburn izahons ThaT is prevailing B l895yT3h ' Organ- Speak on "The Kind oT Missionaries ThaT AFS ' Y e 'nTlUenCe Needed Abroad," he TelT a deTiniTe call TrOm A T T181 S 5 ss i SE vw -DV? . 1 f N fs? 1 - Q. Y QS EE sea :gk ,.52z? S52 .rs X .fs 2:24 52555 fi' 2, Cl: 2. ,. . ,J .1 ...- fl ,N .. Q use ...ff-' A . ' s... .-, .43 ,.,.f 4,1 .-.2 24 Q., wg gif W., ,wo TZ., Qing! 'Q Z' X The Lord To carry The LighT oT Full SalvaTion To India. During a privaTe conTerence The Bishop Told Fred To Tinish his educaTion and To come immedia+ely To The Tield. LaTer, Rev. Fisher gave This TesTimony con- cerning Asbury: "lT was here ThaT a young man's personal ambiTion To make a place Tor himselT was changed To a burning desire To do some worThwhile work in The world. IT was here ThaT I caughT Tor The TirsT Time ThaT vision oT The world's need which iT seemed To me- ChrisT musT have had, and ThaT passion Tor The world which drives a life To give iTselT." ThaT indeed is The spiriT which keeps The Lord's work growing. The year T896 s-aw The beginning of anoTher organizaTion whose spiriT has been kepT alive Through The hisTory oT Asbury even Though iTs name has changed. lT was The Boy's ConTer- ence, Tormed by The minisTerial sTudenTs, ThaT meT Tor a halT hour aTTer supper Tour nighTs a week To keep The sTudenTs in spiriTual Trim and Train Them To appear in public. Some oT The CLASS OF I896 greaTesT revivals aT Asbury have had Their be ginnings in Those services. The TirsT college paper made iTs appearance in I895 wiTh S. B. Harper and C. A. Humphrey as ediTors. The paper was named "Sophrosyne" in honor oT The Two liTerary socieTies. WiTh a moTTo oT "WiT and Wisdom," The monThly pub-A licaTion, arranged in newspaper sTyle, conTained inTeresTing iTems concerning The Town and col- lege. Humphrey laTer wroTe The Tollowing: "There was a pardonable pride in ThaT TirsT issue. The seal was placed on iT by unanimous consenT. ArTicles were wriTTen, Tiled, ediTed, and aTTer laborious sTruggles, The copy was senT To The press. ThaT paper was in realiTy a work oT love." - E The building proiecT was conTinuing. ln i899 a Two-sTory girls dormiTory called The Girls Club Building was erecTed according To plans made by Mrs. Hughes, The real "lvloTher" oT Asbury College. The Tollowing year was The climacTic one Tor Dr. Hughes' building enTerprise. As There had been an increasing need Tor an Ad- J. W. McKee, Cora M. Dunn, C. A. Humphrey, MaTTie Risk, W. P. Gordon. . ff ,f , ,gf fffqlfyfyg, fg,,f f f H g ,, f f V, , M, , f Qf,,f,ff,,,ff,.1' L, www' if , ,f ,f ,, , , ' f .N . 5 A., 2, Qing' !4i CLASS OF I897 minisTraTion Building, one was consTrucTed. WiTh iTs seaTs compacTly arranged, nine hundred could be cared Tor in iTs audiTorium on The second floor. The same year by purchasing eighT and one-TourTh acres oT bluegrass land, Rev. l-lughes enlarged The campus To TourTeen and one-TourTh acres. This work was Truly ThaT of "a man wiTh a vision and a will To work." As The sTudenT body grew, liTerary socieTies increased. From The Aconian, which was Tormed in I898, Two oThers, The AThenia, wiTh iTs moTTo, ..S. 1. . . . impiciTy, SinceriTy, Success," and Columbia wifh iTs moTTo, "Wisdom, TruTh, Eloquence," ey sTrove To Teach a lznowledge oT parliamenTa were laTer Tormed. Th VY law. plaTTorm grace, w Through Them and Similar OrganizaTions Tormed laT lq GF. Te culTural 0TmO5Pl'19re oT The school has been upheld and freedom oT expression. 5 12 " 4 , . I Standing: C. A. Bromley, E. D. Seafed: Pearl Mullikin, Maggie Lowry, Ada Humphrey. The Temperance movemenT had iTs inTluence on our campus Through The lnTernaTional Prohi- biTion AssociaTion esTablished in l903. A sTudy class and oraTorical conTesT were sponsored year- ly by iT. ln i920 Asbury had The unique dis- TincTion oT being represenTed in The NaTional OraTorical ConTesT. Now aTTer TourTeen years oT successTully run- ning his holiness school, Dr. John Wesley l'lU9lTe5 realized ThaT he had TulTilled The call laid UPON his hearT by The Lord baclc in The old railroad sTaTion. Also realizing The hesiTancy of mam' people To supporT a school owned by one mfifh and realizing his waning. physical condiTion. he Transferred The properTy To a Board oT TruST6'95 of Tive members which was increased To TiTTe6U The Tollowing May. As soon as This was aCCOm' plished Dr. l-lughes resigned. I 201 .T 's S 1' 'zz ff asf ix N N -4 "ff Sas ff' ---sz 1:25 N sw- sr SX X X 'Ai N X '- GHT OF 1' E VCRs -.,.:. 4-:-: ei: :,:,- gk as. X ,9' MQW is Cornish, R. B. Sadler. N.. N -N Kai Z - :HT .5552 afisi 'sz 55:2 war? Q55-' 21' i B KJ? Qsups ,-,-- '-:R - LIGHT OF THE EZCROSS N es - --Q -,.., ...V 4 . The growTh of The school during The period of Rev. John Wesley Hughes was ,liTTle shorT of marvelous when one considers The opposiTion which The founder of The school encounTered. The Conference conTribuTed noThing in The way of money and moral supporf. The large campus of fourfeen and one-fourTh acres and The eighT subsfanfial buildings were noThing more nor less Than a huge monumenf erecfed by The Tireless labors of Rev. J. W. l-lughes and The many friends of holiness. lf shows whaT can be done by a man wiTh a vision and a will To work. Upon The resignafion of Dr. l-lughes, Dr. F. B. Haynes became presidenf. Under The leader- ship of This scholarly and culfured man The col- lege and academy were made separaTe uniTs. Because of his fervenf missionary zeal There was a wholesome spirifual life on The campus. The STudenT Volunfeers, E. STanley Jones among Them,lwere responsible for a greaT revival. Their organizaTion was very spirifualq Their meefings were The besT held on The campus: and already They had represenTaTives in India, Japan, Persia, Cuba, Korea, and The Philippines. ln The summer of I906 The firsT move was made Toward The presenf campus when The Board purchased Bellevue College, a Presby- Terian school, siTuaTed on The norTh side of Wil- more. This campusof Ten acres included Two large brick buildings and Three cisTerns. The social rule policies of l-lughes and l-laynes differed. Whereas l-lughes had defended co- educaTion, l-laynesidefinifely opposed iT: and affer The purchase was proud of The facT ThaT lConTinued on page 231 Back Row: H. L. Humphrey, C. B. Kinney, J. M. Mafsumofo. Froni' Row: C S 0 F I Berfha Glasson, C. W. Hill, Mayme Humphrey Burden, W. G. Cram. Cla 0 cl. ASS OF I899 CLASS OF 1900 r - W 14 1 fx' 5 ' -Liv 4, 'i'.sf.R7f' . . N- 6 in ' 3 - ,Qi-fi -4.4-lr nfhi- 4. , A N VM. ' ff, I J' S l 9, 'S an 55 -- X 5:3 52:2 if SEE E525 5:5:1 522 33:5 3:59 X sez Ts 5:52 fir: in-2 ss -ass 1121? 2225 .:-: 41.1 1.. Q cars 2:25 ga? 22:5 gi 2:22 iii 5:22 i 5 -lil- 1' H E L H -r T s f MIG OF IHE MCROSS S SMS Q H H Q e Q 2 ' m as ,,f", a s ss a a s Q 6 Q Q 5 sa 'ik 2? ig Q, da" X Q fConTinued from page Zlj K i -T- :J- cn N4 o C 3 LQ CT 9: cn U3 E cn 'T co 3- o C U3 an Q. o 3 DJ CD cn To OJ -1 Q1 -T' co campus from The boys. l-lowever, The boys seemed To Think iT quiTe necessary To make Tre- quenT Trips To The new campus! ln spiTe of liv- ing so Tar aparT, everyone aTTended The same chapel and classes. More liberTy along social lines was granTed as Time progressed. Haynes inTroduced The TaculTy and senior class ouTing which laTer grew To include The whole sTudenT body, becoming a major social TuncTion each year. 'When Dr. l-lughes resigned in l908, The Board enTrusTed The leadership To Dean NewTon D. Wray Tor a year ThaT proved To be one oT The greaTesT in The hisTory oT The school. A more sysTemaTized course oT sTudy was esTablished, a Three-year academy was organized, an enTrance requiremenT oT Three years oT preparaTory work was recommended by The NaTional EducaTional AssociaTion, The reciTaTion periods were in- creased Trom ThirTy To TorTy-Tive minuTes, and Asbury was puT on a Tour-year basis. Once Three weeks in advance, a lecTure by Cgolonel Baine on "lT l l-lad My LiTe To Live Over Again," was announced To be aT The lv1eThodisT Church. Imagine The surprise oT Dean Wray Old AdminisTraTion Building ..-,.,.,...,.. ..., .c , C231 i I CLASS CDF I90I hon he realized fhaf he had granfed fhree dar- ri young rnen 'rhe privilege of having "com- i i yd for the occasion. On fhaf memorable air- lho lhree couples were direcfed fo fheir ' ac-als by fhe ushers. Imagine fhen, fhe i roving surprise of ofher young people who lhey had had fhe courage fo follow suif " criiical surprise of many of fheir elders. Standing: W. C. Savage, H. W. Bromley, L. D- Walwrafh. Seafed: Laura Flenner, Florence Hoover. Music l-lall. ln spife of fhe fireless and heroic efforfs of fhe "Buclcef Brigade," fhe fire lcepf increasing unfil if had desfroyed bofh fhe lvlusic l-lall and fhe Adminisfrafion Building, which rep- resenfed fhe life blood of J. W. l-lughes and fhe prayers and sacrifices of an innumerable group of Chrisfians. This fire meanf desfrucfion of fhe library. mU' y i as so shocking fo all fhaf as a resulf seum, many valuable records, and nearly all of 'T Only Occasion of dafes lcnown fhaf fhe laborafory equipmenf. The l,5OO volumSS 1 Tri' M5 become VQVY TGVUOUS as fhe firsf in fhe library fhaf were burned were largely fhe- E196 allowed for 5 PVOQVGVU. l'low- ological and classical books which had been dO- l Till lqlg Wele Soclal PVlVlleQ9S men- nafed by clergymen. Since l892 fhe museum u I college cafalogue. had been growing wifh donafions by many faifh- y g of lvlarch I8, IQO8, while fhe ful men and included a l-lerbarium illusfrafinq Gi brealfasf a fire sfarfed fhe flora of Kenfuclqy, minerals, fossils, shells, 5 Slcve in 6 l3Oy'S room in mounlred animals, and fish. The few +hinQS ja Ti u 2 , . T c ..,.,,.,., l f li? .J N sx..1...fluisl X X ' it '- -Qin-nirflc-f-51' ' ie.. g M N is Siem E SEE EEE51? ia.. X Q +.ih E R S S Q Q a 5 rr E sn Q w""""'- N .4.4x.,...., V? ,EE M 129: ?' THE IIGHT QF THE i Z 'Q STR 52525 55253 S512 'W QW ' Q sg 5553 Q53 3 X 5, X ii ssh SA ..., A, S -refs ss. ex.: 'x as as :fs S KA Nw s.u:1s M 3 slug, saved Trom The Tire included a grand piano and The big oTTice saTe. This Tire almosT broughT ToTal ruin To Asbury and To Wilmore, whose 800 people wiTh no big indusTry were largely de- pendenT on The college Trade. lT seemed as Though The hearT oT Asbury had gone. BuT again God showed himselT Through ThaT wonderTul verse in Romans 8:28: "And we know ThaT all Things worlc TogeTher Tor good To Them ThaT love' God, To Them who are The called ac- cording To his purpose"q and The desire Tor a beTTer school wasagain alive in all hearTs. Un- -daunTed by The recenT Tragedy The managemenT TransTerred The classes To Bellevue 'Campus The nexT day and classes conTinued. During The nexT Tew days, There was a ThoughT oT moving The college To anoTher Town. Several plag recommended. One man was so inTeresTed in having The college locaTed in PainTsville ThaT aTTer inviTing The Board To visiT him, he oTTered Them 350,000 iT They would combine Asbury wiTh a small school There. The suggesTion was especially TempTing To some. An opposing group waslheaded by Dr. l-l. C. Morrison. The Board sTopped aT Lexing- Ton on Their reTurn To Wilmore Trom PainTsville To consider The proposiTion on neuTral ground. The Tinal decision was To lceep The school in Wil- more iT The ciTizens would guaranTee ilSI5,000. Under Dr. lvlorrison's dramaTic, SpiriT-Tilled lead- ership, The amounT was easily raised. l'low much beTTer iT was ThaT Asbury College remained on C S 0 F Back Row: Fred Fisher, R. H. Young, G. B. Jackson, R. L. Collins. Fronf I Row: C. P. Pilow, MyrTIe Arnold-Savage, RuTh Baldridge, L. O. Adams. A l25J Back Row D H Cassell, G. W. Bunlon, W. P. Gordon, R. H. Young, L. 0. Adams. C S S G F I Fronf Row Andrew Johnson, Sfella Coghill-Bufler, E. T. Franklin, Minnie Greer, J J Giblm Lewis R. Akers. lhe same localion where Dr. l-lughes had been led lo eslablish ill Do you suppose a ray from lhe LIGHT OF THE CROSS could have sug- gesled Jrhis verse of Scriplure lo lhe Board lhal day? "Remove noi lhe ancienl landmarks which lhy ialhers have sei." Proverbs 22:28. Now lhai lhe queslion of localion was seilled, The nexl one was lhai oi resioraiion. Finally deciding lo enlarge Bellevue Campus, lhe Board began a rebuilding program by erecling lwo buildings on a large semicircle. The firsi was The presenl red brick Adminislralion Building of lhree floors and a concrele basemenl The olher was Wesley l-lall a lhree slory Whlif-3 pressed brick building housing 72 boys Bolh were compleled in l9IO Now lhe new campuS boasling of four brick buildings excelled lhe old one in bolh beauly and siruclure Thai yefif a crilical period needing slrong leadership TO fffco 95 oo. gm 231 wo U7 0 39: cn fDco 'cn -I- If-o oo -53- cn 0101 EEL o- 7 U1"5 BVS 'UF 3 QHLQ 'o 99 EL Da 5 mm l' Q I -I O 'Fi 'I Q 'JU mXXNRXXXNW U1 Xxxx www , . ' Q , . x K m . ' 3 x.b-ANAQNNNMXK - N I .X . , . - gy xxtsfsxxm gases-naw. N - . - - ll" - :fir L Q " 4: 'BV X' I 4 -' I J J I.. .I Y . ". . . i : A Q I g A . . , . IN f 1 Wa" ' mari? Lf In siolff on il? l lurnw llis fl slOflGl: Earl a slor decide lor fl had il clay. please cliclnl E N W as T f X NN ,-521 ...4-f-""' X 2115 V, STIZQE THE S R f S S s . ....... S X g ' . T I ' ' . - K WaTkins. l'le made Tew changes in The school s Tinally he promised, on The condiTion ThaT There managemenT. be no repeTiTion oT The running away in l9lO, In The spring oT l9lO The leaders oT The mis- 2. o 3 Q! '1 N4 3 o 4 cn 3 cn 3 -+" -Q Q1 3 3 cn o. of QT co 7 QL N? -T' o o' cn 3- 2 o. on The campus. The movemenT so grew ThaT iT Turned ouT To be a missionary revival. Through This marvelous meeTing, The annual spring mis- sionary revival was insTiTuTed. Early on April TirsT oT The previous year, only a shorT Time aTTer The Tire, all The boys meT and decided To Take The day oTT "To Tind a new siTe Tor Asbury College." lT Turned ouT ThaT They had iusT decided ThaT They wanTed a spring holi- day. ATTer dark They reTurned, having spenT a pleasanT day aT High Bridge. Dr. WaTkins didn'T know iusT how To handle The siTuaTion, buT EARLY STUDENT BODY To declare a day oT ouTing Tor The enTire school. Thus anoTher cusTom was esTablished. On Those memorable ouTing days ThaT Tollowed in laTer years, places Trom l-ligh Bridge To Camp Nelson were visiTed by The sTudenTs. 'Some- Times a Tew would Take a boaT ride TiTTeen miles up The KenTucky River To Daniel Boone's Cave, oThers would go Tor a hay ride, and sTill oThers would sTarT oTT Tor a moToring Trip in a car ThaT did noT promise To carry Them beyond The ciTy limiTs wiThouT breaking down. No maTTer whaT happened, everyone always seemed To have a good Time. Showing The moTTo of The college and demonsTraTing one of The early cusToms of keeping The sexes segregaTecl. P' pOn 949 P kai Eunu K. PIKE WA LTER H BUTLER NELLIE EH SPARKS T T T '55 ceokce Mc DONALD DWIGHT ml 3 'LJ ig. -Tr 2-.ff AKERS AT The May Board rneeTing in l9lO, iT was decided ThaT The old campus musT be sold in order ThaT The school debT miqhT be raised. They were undecided as To The meThod oT sale, Dui finally The ExecuTive CommiTTee sold iT Tor 55000. Even Then The school was on The verge of oanl:rup+cy: The siTuaTion was desperaTe. The Such was The condiTion oT our Alma MGTGF al This Time. ln The midsT oT This gloomy period, Dr.. Henry Clay Morrison was suggesTed Tor The Presidency- Such was The discouragemenT oT The Board Thai ThGY aqreed ThaT unless he would becfime Preli- denT, They would close The doors and Offer l e . . . "darli- aeof was heavy and The sTudenT body dwindlinq. ProPerTy Tor sale. ls iT noT True ThaT The A lzsl W u T T f. oz ff- QU X U4 fc wi W-f 13: Q4 , ,. 94:2 :fri ag 1:22 M 12:3 15.15 3-5 5115: 522' A 15122 122222 if lififf 4, s NN THE LEGZHT QE :NZ x X 0 Q NWN wr iw gm 55, 51, THE IGSRET QF T HE f N S . S SE N N gs S NLS Eggs ? 95+ hour is iusT beTore The dawn"? SaTan Seemed To be doing all in his power Toward dis- couraging The men oT The college: The LIST-ll QF Tl-TE CRQSS was dimmed by earThly ob- sTacles. The nexT move was a conlerence wiTh Dr. lvlor- rison, who had recenTly reTurned Trom an evan- gelisTic Tour oT The world. Thxe voice oT The Lord musT have been spealcing To The hearT oT ThaT greaT, whiTe-haired man oT God when They approached him wiTh The oTTer, Tor seeing The emergency, he accepTed The challenge To save Asbury College Tor bhrisTian educaTion and The holiness movemenT. For a momenT, noTice The condiTions he was Tacing: The erecTion oi The AdminisTraTion Build- ing and Wesley l-lall had caused a heavy in- debTedness, The sTudenT body had decreased BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HAYNES Second PresidenT of Asbury College who placed em- phasis on The missionary movemenf. BELLEVUE COLLEGE 111 ZlfelLiSlllfZ'f'FZZl,Z?l Eulilllfd by The c""ege WMC" is l W. H. Arnold, J. W. Carfer, M. S. Blaisdel, E. R. Chilfon, W. J. Back Row: . . ' C L A S S 0 F I 9 O 6 Harney. From' Row: E. K. Arnold, Sallie Holf-Brownlee, Elvira Day, Hallie Baldwm. lo QI3, lhe faculfy was small, fhe scholasfic slanding was nof high, fhere was no freasury or endowmenf. This was ample ground for dis- couragemenf, buf wifh fhe guidance and fhe grower ol lhe Lord manifesfing ifself fhrough His servanl, lhere was even more ground fo press forward lo win fhe baffle for frufh, righfeous- ness, and holiness. With an absolufe frusf in fhe Lord and an Inclomifable courage fo see Asbury College suc- rizffi in ils purpose, Dr. Morrison underfoolc his 'A as Presidenf. The immediafe faslc was a tai one, so he leff fhe feaching fo fhose 1 l Cn 5l?9Cl6lly prepared for fhaf pur- of fhis migh'l'y warrior for fhe Lord, Asbury passed fhrough fhe darlcesf period of her hisfory and sfarfed again on her forward march guided by nie new or THE cizoss. Loolcing baclq fo fhaf year, fhe beginning of fhe Seminary, nof charfered unfil l923, cOUlCl be seen. Special courses in fheology and Bible ofher fhan fhose offered in fhe college of liberal arfs appeared. ln order fliaf no one would say fhaf he had affended Asbury College and had failed fo Ve' ceive fhe Lighf, affendance af fhe meefing of fhe l'-loliness Band was compulsory each Friday evening. As fime and condifions passed. 'fl1l5 ' "M "'i:Q'lOOlf io keep llle SCllOOl in OPGVG- general prayer meefing changed fo WednesdGY C'i"'Wf' V1 nfs were unheard ofg all were de- nighf and fhe claSS PVGYGV me9llnQ5 superceded ii is '- Undef The capable leadership fhe Holiness Band. X raon l ,"N z 'i"l,l V' f fx fi, Z X 5 1 I N T ,,,., S i H E Lieazw oe THE A X ss X kk- .K by X an li.. ,z fig W 'F , li if zz MWA 5 2 314. z'-5 ff: , - ff , , , , 1, , 4. f .4 X . A li f 2 - W sf X-s. .: , ' 1 W W A? N . wi -s if 3- 5 iz if . T 2 ,: -Q f 3 T s N. . - Sf as Q- S -f fs X .i ss XX S XX.--V' Z W C 3 :+L O 7 3 Zi X4- 2 Q1 LD OJ rv- CD X4 2 Q QQ Q! 3 O 3 uQ -+- 3- CD U7 -4- C dem body in l9I2. The caTalogue menTioned a dark blue uniTorm wiTh midnighT blue morTar board caps Tor The girls and uniTorms Trilled and furbelowed, noT unlilce a Spanish oTTicer's re- galia, Tor The boys. The Tall oT IQT4 saw The TirsT issue oT one oT The mosT poTenT Torces oT college liTe, a TwenTy- page semi-monThly paper, The NEW ERA. IT became more oT a religious Torum Than a news- paper, yeT iT was a medium beiween The college sTudenTs, alumni, and Triends. The sTaTT seemed +0 be proud oT The 'Specfaiw 'ssue-s, because were were almosT as many oT Them as oT The 'v'G"'T Niii isisi ---"" The esTablishmenT oT Their relaTionship w' Lord and The upbuilding oT Their characTers, The diTTGVGnT graduaTing classes. someTimes in Their Junior year, have presenTed giTTs To The college. The Tollowing have been included: CPI8-ElecTric clock conTrolling class bells in Dean's oTTice. 9l9-Flag pole. 922-AsTronomical observaTory having a Sl,000 Telescope. 923-Grand piano. 925-WaTer Tank elevaTing 68,000 gallons oT waTer 75 TeeT. 926-"WhiTe Way" lighTing sysTem on The semicircle. l' ii Yfxn f-sn' -s E fl: 'fi'-lfufi Q blcaiv V! :T ,xii 6 MCG . . regulars' Tms - U T C T 5 C 928-Ten-Tone seT oT chimes in Tower oT Ad- in l923- minisTraTion Building. Beginning wfTh T944 303 T955 woe '? Simi' 929-STained-glass windows in l-lughes Au- uaTing classes paced Trees on 'cf xis diTorium. Tokens oT Ther sTa-y ar flgcy-,f Cf -if fi 'e 930-Grand piano and pracTice pipe organ. door-eciafign QT wfig LL'-If i T. Ti' i' TOT' The l:Ul'TCl. Bicir Row: G. H. Minqledorf, J. W. Pickeff, R. O. McClure, W. H. Arnold, L C S S G F ' 7 Mirlin, F. C. Soper, J. L. Moore. CenTer Row: Berfha Masden, H. O. Chandler Swiie Holi-Brownlee, H. C. Maifland, Daisy SuITon-Miller. FronT Row: J. Ira Jones, Helen Akers-Maifland, A. F. Tompkins, E. S. Jones. Back Row: J. Wascom Pickell, William Gillis, Ariel Warner, Waller Carmichael. C L A S S G F I 8 Fronf Row: Horace Chandler, Sarah Harder, B. Frank Haynes, Jr., James Brownlee. ' , E- ! a 2 5 1? 3: 'ii r'f,,i?fi5,3'K,b-L.-.. ish ra 'r--' f os,-in r-iewrom WRAY i 'Lit-'v CC,lQq0 whg h Q G 1 l b 1"" f- ,, f. My l ' - . ., O 'JS IC dglg O Aboul l9l4 lhe Asbury Alumni Associalioni was formed wilh lhe mollo, "Grealer Asbury." lls primary aim is lo develop lhe morale of lhe alumni. Their oulslanding funclion of lhe year has become lhe annual banquel oilen held in Lexinglon al Commencemenl lime. Thai same fall saw The complelion of lhe new dining hall which sealed over l75 sludenls. No- vember I8 of lhe same year while lhe sludenls were in lheir new dining hall al supper, deslruc- lion came lo lVlinisler's, l-lall, a building oi lhe old campus, which had been remodeled and named Flelcher l-lall. This fire was caused by an over-healed slove in one of 'lhe boy's rOOmS- When lhe Board of Truslees mel in Decem- ber, lhey re-elecled Dr. Morrison as Presidenl for a five-year lerm which laler was exlended anolher live. lnformed oi The decision, his re- ply was, "Wilh lhe olher responsibiliiies lhal resl upon me nolhing could induce me lo accepl lrhe posilion excepl a profound conviclion Jrhal Rai, rszi X Vai? YN THE LIGHT THE CR055 R . Q 'Xb S X X x- iss -ss .s :Q-:A uf X S 1:2-1 sis? s:z:z:1 iw. me asf 5223 swim.-.-4r1'1'1f 5215555 ,:a? ,.f--""' f 2, Z'- 'I H F' T H E sc R X ww S iii: Q S S S R 2:5 as asses X A or -sc sis. X Q A Q 3,2 -,-,. .i :irc- X X -Q X S 5255 - ws 5 QM -v- :- 271. U1 0 3- O 2 5. I3 O 2 CU O O O 3 'Q 5. ET I5 1.0 OJ LQ 'T CD OJ -1- 2 O -5 fv- and fhaf fhere are possibilifies of much enlarge- menl and far greafer usefulness, and fhaf fhe blessing of God is upon fhe insfHufion." As Jfhe Lighf shines upon Asbury's hisfory, one can see how by liffing high fhe Cross and Hs sfand- ards, fhe college has been helping fhe Lord fhaf I-Iis work mighf be accomplished. I The firsf "Asburian" made Hs appearance in I9l5. If was published by fhe Senior class under fhe leadership of Paul Brasher. If well represenfed Asbury and was righffully dedicafed fo Dr. Morrison. The following adverfisemenf from H fells more of Asbury af fhaf fime: ASBURY COLLEGE Excellenf Buildings Equipped wilh Modern Plumbing, I-leafing Sysfems, and Elecrric Lighfs CURRICULUM STANDARD Deparfmenfs of Music, Theology, Expression. College, and Academy. 380 sfudenls from 30 sfafes and IO foreign counrries. Wrife for liferaiure I-l. C. Morrison, DD., Presidenfr ln 'rhe years ahead no body of people will have greafer need fo spealn more clearly and persuasively fhan rhose who seal' lo uphold rhe- Wesleyan docfrine of regeneralion and enlire sancfificafion. To lhio end, ihen, ol dweloping iusf such ability, is 'rho forensic worlz of lhe school Clirecled. 'VVilh lhiz view in mind IIWC Forensic Council corripozfml of one rrmr'nbr:r from each college Clebaling club was forrnnfl with Ihr: PU'POSe ol Zclilinfj fill "ll.if:',limri'. ful lllI":f"fQlllI'D ina ISFGSI. Willi Ihr, Qfffflill ai lin- nfilsirifil rirlfl llc acfivifiez, parliq55a,,s,l5f,f, in fjfi.-lifigiifyll finfl rmfiy f I I ' 4 i ll ' COVIIQCIC -Milli ffillfff -.friri-i,l, ,im-1 filf'r'f'fEl'ffI1flI'f 55 debafes have been lf, eld ' Asbury has had eral differ enf debafe squads emerge Tram fhe Manchesfer Debafe Jroumamen During fhe assin h and died ouf, and ofhers are sfill acfive. In more recenl years fhe clubs have changed, so f undefeafed. IO Q1 years, several debafe clubs ave been organized, some served fheir purpose fhaf af presenf fhey are social organizafions. The glow from fhe LIGI-IT OE TI-IE CROSS had fwo greaf resulfs in l9l6. Because fwo or fhree members of fhe Boy's Conference, referred DESTRUCTION OF OLD CAMPUS-This fire which occured on March I8, l908, nearly ruined The school. If deslroyed bofh The Adminisfrafion Building and Music Hall. Z' Qwgd S d' : H b l H hrey, Samuel Arnold, C. S. Hulsell, Ariel Warner. Sealed: Mi:rrymBgax1'er?r li-illelen urlleoggelf-Warner, Kafhryn Godon-Arnold, Bell Vearh-Milchell. CLASS OF I909 lg as lhe cooling syslemu lor The school, prayed for three weeks, a revival in addilion lo lhe gigiiedriied ones resulled. Secondly, wilh lhe pur- gippo cl spreading Scriplural l-loliness lhrough- rii. :fe-3 mountains ol Kenluclcy, The lvlounlain M fury Society was formed wilh C. C. F.'rri r.,, rl as presidenl. Two slalions were i r lirrnr-d and weekly prayer meelings were i- 1. lhicegri its influence Miss L. G. McCon- '- Arg :wir call ol God lor life service in i iy ri-iiianlains, organized more sla- i is Ht. Cfirrnel School in l'-725. This Wifi rcilerred lo as "Baby As- ro provide a well-rounded i' ,f wg rcogfle ol lhe mounlain 'izfi lnowledge ol The lull of-'n. Each year since The 'fierilalives have come 1 ff Thus leeping lhe Z l,,r3riOCl, DV. AARON S. WATKINS l ililufllllf- inf Fourfh Presidenf of Asbury College whose sfronq C' 552+ DOS! leadership in a year of adversify will alwaY5 be remembered. Sim l341 Aj Vi ' f if Ig IN THE LHGHT QF THEJCRQS esi! i li X Mi-.. "i' i . 'wf'-fluff HHIIDING lConTinued from paqe 34l SAMUEL ALLEN ARNOLD CLASS OF I9IO CLASS OF I9lI sible physical selT and be TemperaTe in all Things." The TurTherance oT This aim was carried ouT when in I9l7 a gymnasium was erecTed on The loT in TronT oT Wesley l-lall. l-low well we recall The numerous cheers ThaT have re-echoed wiThin iTs walls as Team aTTer Team has been vic- Torious, or as some individual or group pe,-- Tormed a seemingly impossible TeaTl Five years Iarer an AThleTic AssociaTion was organized by Eugene Erny. During iTs adminis- TraTion The Olympian Tennis Club was promi- nenT, and greaT inTeresT was Talcen in The Tall crogueT season. ln The passing oT The years views have changed unTil now The mosT impor- TanT evenTs are The baslceTball season, The gym exhibiTions, and 'The annual Tield day. From Time To Time Asbury has been criTicized Tor noT puTTing some emphasis on inTer-collegi- aTe aThleTics. Perhaps a look aT The acTual con- diTions in The college will help explain why This is True. The sTudenT aT Asbury seeks his enTer- TainmenT Through diTTerenT channels Trom The ordinary college. The larger parT oT The sTu- lConTinued on page 38l Carrie Cecil, George Hoffman, O. C. Coppedge, Henry C. Arnold. Lives consecraTed in service for The Masler. N L 36 1 A Xa " ' V, W 72 ZZ fi f' f ,f 1,1 'f .1 , I M Z W V M O F I H E Z fC R A , fx 'fi Q. P7 if K XX Q! K Q.-xx x x mmhh ' 1 ss S Q is s K -1 A X Na ,W -, in -,.-'- F Y, f X Y. Q X QNX Q . .5 5 5,5 Q-X g, S S S is 5 45253 ' ' Q . N : Eff Q rf 'E EE-:Q sts 55223 2s:5:2:55siiiEiE2s:: 2555: ,EQ X N W 1 . . X MN 4, N N ss V. 1.12 -1.-.1 -+I. ,li mf N Q if Y 2 1-I :gas 2.4: za 2:23 N YS t A .sas :safe was gifs X ic .sl :Pill 511115 41" 25:51 ., sw. - .xx A qs I Nx6,5:-N. 'ye--::v"" Wesley Hall-Boys Dormilory Wesley Hall was buill in l9IO +o house 'fhe male sl'udenl's of l'he College afler lhe fire on lhe old campus desfroyed lheir former dormllory. The building is a fhree-slory slruclure of allracllve while pressed briclc. HENRY CLAY MORRISON Fiffh Presldenl' of Asbury College who accepled 'lhe challengelo save Asbury College 'for Scriplural Holi- ness ln l9l0. UPL All FN Alfrslfll ll GUY TURNER HICKS A MEM V' 'LY "Ml C . - NANNHQ cooperwolmwo El,,lZf'-HE TH mxr YMFLY mme cmlvvlff lx OWEN Sfanding Senchnro Tagowa Paul Overslreef Roscoe C L A S S 0 F I 9 I 3 Serrel. geared: IJ. B. Kenyon, W. L. Hall, W. Ayres. November IS, l9I9, was a memorable day lor all hungry sludenlsl On lhal day lhe llrsl meal was served in lhe new dining hall. ln lhe early fall lhe meals had been served under a large lenl on lhe lronl ol Jrhe campus. The Coolf shack was al lhe rear ol lhe lenl. Everyone slood in line wllh a plale ln one hand and silver ln lhe olher unlil lhe bell llhe same one lhal ls now usedl rang. Then lhey moved by lhe iron pols, received lhelr lood and dashed lor The fables under The lenl. The llrsl meal served in lhal manner consisled of corn bread. Slewed cabbage, and apple sauce. No "ZllOH was served al lhal meal, bul The NEW ERA even in l9l8 menlloned il as a well-lcnown and lavorlle Prem. ,fm W, V K fl ,, 5:2 ff! 1' ' ff W 74 ii , ,f 27 ff 1 T S I I wg jf ff X L GHT er: X X IN X "N'L' fs it 5 3 lu fg, .---"" THE le'Gl'!T OE THE glCRO.SS 1 f N s fff- 3 f -E ' "" E5 . 3 S S l1-' u 5 XS W " ' f c The World War had ils influence on Asbury Wifh our Service Flag showing sevenly-eighl Sims. Because lhe war aclivilies and lhe flu epidemic look aboul Sl,OOO from lhe school, ,fhe Senior Clegg decided againsl issuing a year- book. A5 a resull, lhe Juniors inlroduced lhe .Asburian Limiledu lhal The memories ol lhal year mighf be preserved. From lhal lime unlil lhis lhe Asburian has always been published by The Junior class in honor of lhe graduales. CLASS CF l9l4 v This graduafing class was lhe firsf on record fo pie- senl' a folcen of 'their ap- preciafion fo lhe college. lf was a free planled by lhe Ad Building. . u sa f 'N " ln lhe early days ol lhe school Hwhengl m wore muslaches and Jrhe women wore balloon shirls," lhe band was slarled. The besl remem- oered one was The Land Sales Band ol eighl olue-unilormed men- direcled by Dean Hughes. They wenl all over Kenluclcy lo assisl in a greal and boom during lhe war. Since lhen, lhe oand and orcheslra have been lavorile campus organizalions rendering special concerls especial- y al Thanksgiving and Commencemenl and help- lComLinued on page 4Il ADHK OLYSCKN J. FRANK Anno D . c MARY BOOTH ARNOLD JOHN L 1 jwnll Marx Y4 K' . KI-by lol U rn cr Gerlrude Day Thomas Barley Mary Maxey ow Two C arles Harris Conway Boafman,hNfvLlIlIuamOvgrfon Ca ls Hrrhla R0-1 Tnrce Evcrefv Freeman Benlamrn Franklrn Cornelius Julian Dlonlcno Alelandro Row Four Floy Aff UV 0 Samuel Keller Edllh Por? r R e ow Fwe Ruth Myers Elmer Hrnkle ereH Franklin, Grover Morrow. Joseph Matthews 5 5 X! 1' V 9 f ' K2 JSJYWW wwe xsane RXXXX Wwwh lxs, MW -4 l-4 -1 ,TI m r' G3 I ...J G fr 4 I m O E U5 01 l ZWZ f'7 Z W iw 5. nO 5. w..-' lk Jr!fir'LIr'il T OHWGI- Lwl'Qql'6rU5 NxlECHCk'QV QOSSil5l0. fAXLWOLIl l . this +.gme 'Hqe 'TCQTEQG Nllfcilii xwiilem hf'lr'S. e lhde became 3 cirear lmorile ol' the slu- lren denis. Under fhe leadership oi bbhop F. 3. Fisher, who had been The Tirsr recipfenr ol a DD. de- gree from Asbury' H19 'Greaiei' Asbury Cam- PaiQn" was launched if TQQO. Tr'-3 iifil SlOJl oi S300'O00 was gggreasea to S500 OOO. Three- fiffhs of The amouni was ro used To increase ' '. Sis- 'X N if if. r' YT. .-- . . i - ,J ,. ...MQ ,V 41,3 A - nu,-QNnTTT,i ., i 5. lowing February fha f- "" ii L' Cim- PaiQn closed. Thrfee ar'-T 'i fm- peifus began and rw :DET SSIQOOO, CAIIOL kill! 'W' li wwe:-rm 4' , Ulu! o. :Qu ,1AH4rlU4l" CAI-.IUN3 cuwuis H U4 "HMO X rain page 391 even more Than The expecled amounl, had in. Beginning in I9I7 wilh a campaign To raise I,5OO volumes Tor The library, several rnalerial improvernenls came lo The cannpus. By I922 rhe brick healing planl was remodeled, a chlor- inaring planl was esrablished, and an under- ground waler and healing syslenn was your in lo connecr all buildings. Three hundred feel un- derground an inexhauslable vein of waler was discovered. i The Tirsl annual conference in l92l of The Young Preachers' Associalion, suplolemenlary lo the Minisrerial Associalion, was a forerunner To fha revival led by Rev. C.. W. Buller. The clos- ,nl THONAS 0V!:RixYRl:l:T . 0 I'xu1sffiwilfkl T fl 1 Llixsh -if I0 XQ bb Ll Sealed: Harold Sparling, Mary Harris, Grace Reynolds-Poor, Dr. H. C. Morrison C S S Q F I 9 l 7 Thomas Davies, William Nelson. Sfanding: Myrfle Crider-Brown, Homer Blackburn: Lillie Worfhingfon-Williams, Verne Wymore, Nicholas Y. Dizon, John F. Askins. ing Sunday ol lhe rneeling Jrhe allar service lasled uniil 6 a. rn. The following year wiinessed lhe grealesl re- vival in Asbury's hislory wilh 565 seekers al ihe allar under lhe nninislry ol Rev. C. W.. Rulh. During lhe same period inleresl in missions was high. Lellers from iourleen missionaries were published in lhe NEW ERA. They, like us, nnusi have followed lhe lhoughl ol W. K. lvlaclcey when he said, "BuJr il is noi enough lo hold firm lo lhe lundamenlal doclrines or even experience lhenn. We musl give lhem oul Through ihe CCon1'inued on page 44l GYMNASIUM Belfer bodies for beHer service ff? Z ic i S , 3? W f i' S513 .f f 23 .ng , ' 2 -,gg '1-,g:,, :aa ff fy: XIN THE LlGHT OF CLASS OF 1918 1 Wil? Wx V63",.w- f - N 1-ww 1 'fx ngxm -ax H -.wr ' f'-f ' VWWM IWW! r'1'fi! n-wv-1 vwnun a-an -1: 1 v is MV, urns WMU v..--v Z QM. FAWFIG L. 0, RGUNDS c. A. RHS T, FUNA08 P. C. S SULUKI 5 5' F. A , BATES YVELYN v n i .il ' 1 lJ,R S ff 3 5' f 2 2 ri ' '71 T,J,FNANCl5 QConiinued from page 422 l if-.if-,iiing of 'ihe Word To The dying mullriiudesf' dormilory. On one of The cornerslones is The B--ciiuse of The growing need for a school inscriplion, "A Whole Bible lor The Whole World." mfifizg iearlessly and wiihoul apology for 'i fum? Holiness and Evangelical Faiih where , i rrefichers could prepare for Their life The following year There were more Than lWO hundred young people sludying JrhGOl09Y' assul' ' ii Theological building, Morrison l-lall, was V . A+ i Ellie! , il? inQ Us +haJr The LIGHT OF Tl-IE CROSS would f in I923. The main floor included Theo- is be enabled Jro spread Turiher lhroughoul The i itat: roorns and The college library. The world. lr is impossible ro say how VTIGNY players ihfrrl floors were used for i . - ' wa a boys' have been Inbred by Jrhose hellOINQi 'Vi some Y R E441 ffm: fclyv X , ff " ff Z4 'w,,,, fm 0 IN 'r E l..nGHT oe THE f' in Iii W Z V f z .,i,.:,.i ,. ,f-' ,X Tx ' lf as sa . , ' ears jgfgia T 1 my E 3, ,, HE LIGHT OF THE i CRQSS, ' , 1 1 : ' 6125 121211 1 f . , gig 'XI T z 5 iff Tai? - -' fue ,112 V . , W y , ,T To TurTher The worx or T X, ".f1.T,'TTT rw Tai'-slll -Jw seminarlrl buEldfPQ- L-T'--3'f' fl 'T 7T was d9dicaTed To Mrs. T as TLITTTQ Mofhery' who ggfj fnnr 15-T. Tw Jr girl -amer- inq inTo ThaT room W-N13 'W 1 'Sym 'T-ers-:rf PraYinQ Tor Them. in Flo T -1: Lgsrnbea, who had been coco-33'-..' hail Tor eleven years, be-:am-3 D-:rw The baseman? QT NJ" ,. T The Academy :ass :img T, TWO IT was named 352- A: T., l X I FLETCHER HALL-FRESHMEN BOYS DORMITORY an The GCGCSVVQ' h " fri- I I These bunldmgs are The Two ThaT make The biggesT im- college. lT was ' T, pression on a Freshman-eaTing and sleeping. wanTlng a high 5 frm-:Tl aTmosphere WW 'f-. hundred TorTy graduaTes, nineTy per cenT oT OTTen older fer: :Mil which enTered Asbury College aTTerwards. ln T T925 The Academy separaTed Trom The college Teel The necessr f ' :ar- lege Tramfng . F and became a member oT The SouThern Associa- Chrlshan work T fi Hon oT Colleges and Secondary Schools. ATTer academy waz Tw ' 3926 The average age in The Academy was H.-fenTy-one years. Perhaps ,The besT remem- CConTinued on page 481 public schcdz. ' Dining Hall l 5 l l , . ,N1,.y, .YV ,ff .JMEW 'llllfffl I l l L mia L ff x x Nfl ITI SWNM xx R IU S i , X Q U1 x xx Row One: Harry l'ldrwOOCi Gfgrlrude Jones lvlary Kuhn Earl Barrell William Bell Ruby Haddock Marie Wallon Gordon Keller Row Two: Donald Wilson Virgil Kem' E. S. Johnson Henry Wesche Paul Warner Harriel Blelzer' T. D. Lee Row Three: Ralph Wood Worih Yoder Hesler Bedinger Willie Shehan Clara Blumer John Thorpe Roberl Ling Row Four: Harolcl Clark Bruce Wallers Alma Thomas Boyd Tucker James Hervey Warner Lewis Kale Wood Paul Slamer Hugh Longino ,ff f-.. i i 3 3 3 ie x I I QU LLRN 1. i . an fb ALXJNB DICKINSON N vesekgl N ENE LL BOUGNTON I r WARNE R DAVKS 1 f I I L 5' Q' 7 PAUL WALRATH A .- , H' i 4357 ATHA SMITH . R , 4 V 'f r .Q ,I 1' , fi sg? if-gg K ' z 5 3 WILLIAM HAUFFMAN f., cg' pfwgg .....,.R.,A.,,.:-. l W W 4 2 Fl F' -I 71 -L , VW 1 of Fl ., New wo The year of l92l was a very spirifual one for Jrne college. I+ marked Jrne firsr annual conference of Hue Young Preachers Pxssocuahon Our of Hs cleepiy spirifual meelrings 'grew one of Jrne besf revivals The school has known. 1 gs, 413- cnesnn 5rccmNoER .. 3 Sl if CCLESTIAL WW'- IRA SCITL I' IN!! HOOD l r 1 ill r : 5. ll El Music al Asbury has held ils place Jrhroughoul ihe years. ln l923 The lVlen's Glee Club was organized lo cullivale and develop an apprecia- 'o' or fhe .fghesl lype ol sacred and secular i I - . .ff.e, , ff aff , ef' JE - i swaw BISHOP 1 NIL- WKKE,-SON swarm evans HELEN ' ,usa- -2' -1-:P '11 P .P f 'M , fa B e. 2, 2 H H go' f Q 12 , ,c,, ..,,, . ze 1 9 :K sf H, a 1' X 4 -,f- genu- num WILLIAMS ROBERT YOVNG ' 1 F.: '1 fl5E5'f7 A nanencz swam GEORGE CL Y 1 1 DEAN Pomoensn NETTIE PERKINS SMU!! CLASS OF I922 lConfinued from page 453 bered leacher ol Jrhe Academy is lvliss lvlary Chamberlain who loolc special inleresl in lulor- ing fhe older relarded sludenls unlil lhe inslilu- fion was finally disconlinued in IQ38. l ls . c following year Jrhe girls followed suil ic V-fomens Glee Club formed l C. or lhe ough song. Soon ere making annual -x.A A -- V Vi 9-ahfng Chrisl Thr "-5 flora 'il ,, - - -f H C U05 N- spring Jrours lCon+inued on page SID GEORGE GREEK HARVEY K?-HGH? FRANCES BURKHOLDEQ JENNRE GARVEY Aslronomical Observafory E481 ,.,f X 'N THE LIGHT os THE 2252! ,Q ! s M R 0 S 5 if W 7 1' dl' wr J 1 I I I 1 V J 5 1 5 4 . , 1 . I. '1 a y 3 if ..' V 1171 9 I 1 Q . , 6 31. MGRRISGN HALL ,f-awww, ' an H. ,Q :Q ' . x. Q ,yu - , V - , 5 5 , ski, .C' V f V' H A4M V V, V , , N 1- H E i. i rr. ii ri UT iii Q R 1 ii- 483 HWOUQNU , T iilriy SGT aside each spring To clean up The cam -N in AWVT b were Trax? 6 Wim The S x Tord He T T' dormforx NT eyenT Q' '35 The QSMSM The Tfrsf we ' ' d. vu - on Cocoa' Shearer a'3 T ray oTher rm M ular o ace, . T X TelT a e pus. GVGW CCNA' '76-C CV' unf' f,",', Uri' rv-if :A--n-- f MA .,, ,, la ': -o ,, . , A 1'-' '11 V1 1115. A desTrucTive Tire Tools iTs Toll Tor The Third :me in April, l924. This disasTer oompleTely wreolxed The Two girls' dormiTories, Glide and Crawiford l'lalls. lT was only by removing The iiifwng hall rooT ThaT ThaT building was saved. Q,.r'ng The Tire nobody was hurT, and aTTer iT 'pi reoiTaTions were missed lonly The properly OT we glrlsl. Many oT The boys were housed in in. so ThaT The girls could use Their rooms migorariiy. Une resulT oT This Tire was ThaT Asbury Fire DeparTmenT wiTh Two volunTeer parses oT TwenTy sTudenTs Trom Morrison and ldlalls was organized. 'Q' TQ owing day Dr. Morrison drove The TirsT T :ne new Glide-CrawTord l-lall Tor girls. onhrely TireprooT red brick building ac- arng abouT Three hundred girls. :Hier TiTTeen years oT prosperous prog 1-gf Dr. Morrison, Dr. l.. R. lAXlCGVS SUC lConTinued on page 54j Q4 Completely desfroyed boTh buildings. U- J,- 3"'fr .1 "4'L'J8."' 4' Q... XII ' 1 n I a I I ' ' ...Y- , lv Y M dv ' 1 if 4 v f X1 u 'Q .3 p 4 1 ' I ' L -1 . .. - - 1 ,,, . ex ' . x..- ' x' ' SE-i A 4 is I - i' J r ,,.. 1 1 X X. '::. ' .fx ' N5 fs , ' A34 . ' , ' 1 I ' " " "1 T " I 5 H I I 5 X ' sx 5 ses wr., 5 .f 5 ' X Q - ' S . ' sz'-j 'gli 0 5 1' ' f . A C , I D 15-ff-ww H . X. N ., X. 'XXI Y I Xx K O ll --. x 1 x u , k H K 'M x N N NX X r AX A . g we XE Q Xxx K Q. S. QQSSX x x XX AX fx ,CQ X ww X XX xg MX Y x Ill!!! in lConTinued from Page 5II , --.....y LEWIS ROBESON AKERS Sixth PresidenT of Asbury College who puT The school on a higher educaTionaI level. ceeded him as PresidenT. Already The school was known all over The world Tor The ChrisTian leaders iT had senT TorTh. When Dr. Akers came in, The enrollmenT sTood aT 526 in The college, 204 in The academy, and 28 in The seminary. ProperTy value had increased Trom iT3250,000 To S800,000. ThaT same Tall The name oT The school paper was changed To The Asbury Collegian, wiTh Z. T. Johnson as ediTor. IT gradually emerged un- Cler his leadership Trom a magazine To a news- paper in Torm. The Asbury Announcer, a daily papef- QGVG ii plenTy oT compeTiTion in I928. ln I929 The Collegian ioined The KenTucky InTer- coifegiafe Press AssociaTion. By I934 H5 re- UUCGC3 size and sTyle was deTrimenTal To iTs cir- cnlaiion, so The Tollowinq year publgcaiion ended 6 .-.f 3 monThs beTore school did. IT was revived fx if n in I936 and is again acTively 0rTra in ,l'fC.: M. M V I3 Y 9 'TT L UVTIGS and ThouQhT. In I927 we noTice ThaT sTudenT responsibiliTy is beginning To come To The Toreground on The campus. David Shipley, a graduaTe oT ThaT year, was The TirsT upperclassman To sponsor an incoming Treshman class. I'le sTarTed a prece- denT which is sTill very sTrong on The campus, Tor now The posiTion oT Freshman Sponsor is an imporTanT posiTion. Three years IaTer a Big SisTer Club was begun. ITs purpose was To keep new sTudenTs on our campus Trom becoming homesick and To help The new "Trosh" To be- come more easily acguainTed wiTh college liTe. ln I929 our presenT A. S. F. CommiTTee was charTered. This organizaTion Tries To help worThy sTudenTs secure a college educaTion in order ThaT They may be beTTer prepared To carry IConTinuecl on page 60l STancI pipe X X l X I :nl ' I mn cxalrlx ,X x iii alma 'Q s an .T X.. V. X ,1 a 14 A 1 -Q 2 JNCI.- V X. f -Qi 3 .X Xr E X .f ' X 5? 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X X SS, X X 'US-.X .ay t .def X .Q s-,xx N ' ' 1 's , ' X. X , M- . ' ' V V x, N fll' . , . . lmvihx hmmm rflxil W avi. TX . Y. gggwwv K if .. . X .Q X .gy V5 - -. ,Nw x . wg X . Vw .. Q V QQ? X x xx ' Qi? '- x' X1 ld' .gg Ns Exmx .- 1 vjgg X ,QQXK V. :1 'ig V, Xlw. !YillIzun-ll-un-:+ Q QS' lmulx Ihwlm lriulu 1153 I - 1 l,v.u.x.-.. n rl r 4 Han:-qrvl V r nun 'ff IIA llln Xlrhrf luln xm- F T Z VNU E . . L f. 3 5 3: , wmv 3- , N nm- Nw-.. mm . nmwxl D I Ort! x 1.l...u- lu T ,v Nunn- llull 5-Mp, I ..,. -6' VJ? . N x rn X! right 1-if I 4, l.Imu'n l' 1-r-1-n 1 ' asf v J' 3 1. 11' V- ,M B G ui. , ' "1 ' . 2 ' -f", "a, 'V' , f " --:- 'J .ff , . , ,jg 1 gf,- 'zffw ,fi x -"' V - - -. .ff 2: -.1 - 1: . V-A. ' lf 4524 , If 1- .J - V. .' :...M.h.,-.S-.M.:.-...Q ' V " '- ' ' ll wx ls--U--I, n.-.-.s..- Inul.-4 mx A . ' :sp . Qs' 'Q .fag - M.-.V .:1 ' ,Qs 'J A,-" A 1 'rig ,.-,::.V" - Z 4- .., ..,. , . . .:a X ggi. HHS' :Q ., V .V V.-,.V..., , . ,,,.. ... . , W ...... X. f " VA W' '- an -' V . Lculiv Gkmgn. ' :nm 1. lhvnlwu CL SS 1926 3 i s s 5 BIMOMW X ' N xqg X X mms 'cz 9 vwvas 'xanuv SN 'I fi! Y 82194914 wan? H3 36 T13 xzmaunvw uwaxauzlsan can mia AHAHBYX IP C 01 71 X Y ku. -I x-X-, Xi Q 'N " "Na-H N XX .Q Q X - lxx ff by ' XXV - " i ' xx www X N S XX X xx X Xxx X X A' Q x , ,, NQXNNXX f, f . x fa 555 X X .., if ., 13 J X X T X XX XX . XX NX X X X XXXX , YK 1 QX - V7 X QW Xx xxx SX 1 X NA Sgr' w ,X QXCN xifm 1 Nh 1 ' 1 1 X wi X X X ax X , f+fjX1 1 X X 1 'WX ff V Xxx 1 -pk., - f'7'f'm"' 1 X 07? X N11 OXS1 ,. .1 X5 Xv yg QQSQQN V.-1' - 1 1, :.f,M",:-'1-N? 21, 4 f: ' ' 11X X 3X1 1 fl QJQN g X X X A N fx ,,yyWl.. 1. Y .1 X x 'X X 1 1 , 1 X V 0 7 N 1 X M 5 C 31+ M 1, -STX 4 . N' ' 31 D N X ' ' ,XYY-S5 - Q in. X: ' X N55 7 z Xgwi Sgr: 5 XXX Q P 5 M .... X Q, 5 S. .. D ' .1-.XM '5N.,,-X SX 53: E VV E 3' f x - 4239 . Z "'x 1 V-.El.,.-.., QU '- m H X' ' mcg Q? X X . gs rl -,-. ,Q ,E A , vi .k.,f3I'X' E F' C. 2 A r E P-C 3 U! 3? 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ScholasTically Asbury moved Tor- ward under Dr. Akers. From iTs B grade raTing . aT The UniversiTy oT KenTucky, iT advanced To A. l Membership was granTed in The AssociaTion oT American Colleges. The largesT enrollmenT in Q. our hisTory was ThaT oT l928 when 639 sTudenTs were on The campus. ln I929 The scholasTic sTandard was revised To provide Tor six general l courses. ' NOT only did we progress scholasTically, buT The campus iTselT grew. ln T926 The Morrison Memorial Library was compleTed. A concreTe , sidewalk and driveway, The giTT oT Mrs. Macklin, l TQMBSTQNE gl: JQHN WESLEY HUGHES - was 'laid Trom Morrison l-lall To The enTrance l A "'spi'auo" fo' many a young preached af Asbuw' way in TronT oT The girls' dormiTory. The year l lconllnued from page 54l I929 saw The compleTion oT Hughes Memorial fhe LlC5l-ll' QF Tl-lE CRQS5 lo 'llqe people of AudiTorium which was builT in classical sTyle To The world. They accomplish Their purpose by COnTOrm WFTT1 ma OTher Campus lauualmas OT reds l , means oT loans. Their spring program is always laflflla The eTTOrTS Ol: DV- J- W- Hughes' who l one ThaT is looked Torward To by all oT The sTu- Was Prasami alauY aT me scene OT The iconsuucs denTs. On ThaT memorable day The girls musT TiOn TO Supervise. made TTS COnSTrUCTiOH Possusle' ' ask The boys Tor daTes, call Tor Them aT The boys' In iTS Spacious GUCTTTOFTUFYI is 5 beaUTiTU'- Tour- T dormiTories, Take Them eiTher To The Shack or manual' TlTTY'sTX'.sTOP- AusTm Pllaa Organ Wula al' l The Dine-a-miTe aTTer The program, and pay all mosT 4,000 pipes-one OT The besT in The couna ll of The expenses. Several oTher sTrong glrudenl Try. ln The basemenT is displayed The many organizaTions are presenT on The campus includ- GVTlClGS TFOFY1 T1iTher and yon which make up The l , inQ The STudenT-FaculTy CommiTTee.and The ArT- museum' Amana Them is The Tamous Trophy 1 ls? Series COmmiTTee- collecTion oT Mrs. Emma l-lyam. PracTically The Asbury LuncheoneTTe was Opened in every arTicle in iT wiTnesses To The TriurnlOl1 OT l93I, so ThaT sTudenTs mighT associaTe in a nor- The LIGHT OF Tl-IE CROSS.over some Olalaslf mal Wholesome way on The campus. Today oT heaThen worship. A Dine-a-miTe and The Shack carry ouT This same ThroughouT The Term oT Dr. Akers Theipurlooss purpose ua 6 wearer degree Than The Lunch- OT Asbury was "To disserninaTe Scripuual llolls , cone-Tie did Then, Tor as laTe as l93l sTudenTs, ness. To send ouT an evangelisgticl-mlgislrylgjflj E601 l E 3 sa? Q Q QQ Q ST .ri 11- 5? Ter Y T 'Nia THE sliIGisl-is ss A cR 55 is W is OE! T INK Ylgf we- """'hu.-. --wg-.. ' "WL, 'Why iq.. """1-,- ,WMM O """": dfwwihv, Q-n..-.v ,if ,-O 4 'ir A . 'qw 2' we '41, awk K 1 HU GHES MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM . . N Y X' Y Xxlxi. 4 MSV 5 fwswww, 4 -Q.-4 f' 5 ' fr-ig-H' 11 H' 4- X' 9 ,' ' A ' A. ' X B' XX , Q 'T :U 1 5' 33" ., - 3 iq, Q 1, X. 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ThroughouT his Term oT oTTice, Dr. Akers al- ways emphasized The spiriTual, and had many deeply spiriTual minisTers on The campus To speak To The sTudenT body. NaTurally, as The school grew so did The Alum- ni AssociaTion. By l929 They had begun pub- lishing The Asbury Alumnus. Three years laTer, led by Rev. W. P. Davis, The associaTion boughT The birThplace oT The college which was laTer compleTely renovaTed and Turnished as iT had been in The TirsT year oT our hisTory. On February 22, I932, The campus Tlag hung aT halT-masT, Tor our Dr. J. W. l-lughes, beloved founder of The college, had compleTed his earTh- ly work and passed on. The challenge ThaT he leTT The Asbury preachers will never be TorgoT- Ten. The year IQ33 wiTnessed several changes in The AdminisTraTion oT The college. W. W. Cary, The business manager, resigned because oT ill healTh and was succeeded by Earl Savage. Mr. SGVGQS was a very good business man and re- duced The debT SI82,000 during his Two years' sTay. When Dr. Akers resigned as PresidenT on SepTember TirsT, making Trying days more diTTi- culT, The TrusTees, sTudenTs, and Triends oT As- bury Turned again To Dr. Morrison. I-le ghgwed Them The same sTrengTh, ardor, and abiliTy ThaT was presenT in his work in l9lO. ln addiTion T0 his work as presidenT in T934 Dr Morrison l Xl xx m page 601 preached 308 Times in eighT sTaTes during The 78Th year oT his liTe. A The privilege oT helping To spread The LIGHT OF Tl-TE CROSS inTo disTanT lands has Tallen upon Two groups in recenT years. The TirsT was in I936 when Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Took The Ambassadors QuarTeTTe, composed oT Boyd Macrory, William Gillam, Joe Crouse, and J. T. Seamonds, on a world Tour. Their purpose was To sing, play, and preach The Gospel in The BriTish lsles, ATrica, Ceylon, India, China, Korea, and Japan. ln I937, The Crusaders QuarTeT, including Maurice Culver, .ames Moore, Fred SpoTTs, and William Kuhen, accompanied Sam- uel Williams Through Europe, PalesTine, and EgypT on a similar mission. On The campus several groups are acTive: The MinisTerial AssociaTion sponsors over ThirTy mis- sions: The Missionary Crusaders, The children oT missionaries, dress Themselves in cosTumes oT The counTries ThaT They represenT, and go ouT in service whenever The opporTuniTy presenTs iTselT. Many oTher organizaTions and numerous quar- TeTTes go ouT in service all oT The Time. Q Une oT The mosT Tar-reaching spiriTual inTlu- ences aT Asbury has been The Radio DevoTional League which is heard each morning QVGI' Wl-lAS, Louisville. The organizaTion came GTDOUJV in This way: six years ago The Rev. NewTon King oT Wilmore, KenTucky, saw The possibiliTies of 6 radio program ThaT would enTer The homes 4nOl only oT church members, buT also of Those Wl1O do noT belong To an organized body. 61 Pfogram ThaT would uniTe Their hearTs in The common cause oT re-esTablishing The Tamily alTar. The presenTaTion oT This idea To Dr. I-larris, general manager oT The broadcasTing sTaTion, and 'FO Dr. T-lenry Clay Morrison, presidenT oT The col- lege, was meT wiTh hearTy approval. As a resulT lConTinued on Page 68, in 7 ws 1 515 2? if ,f ' 4 is we ff Q i W er 2' A Z 1 :az Q yi W ,fi 2, , L. oi VI ly I O F I H E 5 C R Us X 5 S r X QQ! K .if , X 'X A 34 ' , . i .M 51 X I I X3 L A , 1 P "-' '-:f:.q:-1- P - " 4 W p ,lv 4 ig +11- 3 Y f Q X K P x ' .5 ' if 2 z W v ' I' , uuANn'A rw Ansar Avinv oon-:mr M183 annum mmmsnu f ' , I ' . 1' 5'-V, 2 7 Q A iff E L x X f x' hx I ' I 3 ' 4- ,Q .Qi-' .4 x X. M .. 1 4 ,..,, E . L 1 1 W -M ff V f v Q: MN xx NN- , , -3 - . ,-fwly N H! 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A,..mX,.,. , .,.. . . .. , ,, , . ,, .. 1 1 ,, , ,, 0? v""09"f? -7: f f , , -if I ,, .,,3,, j, V f f 7 f 16' , f f ,,, ,, ' zz . :fi " " 'W f 0 f ,f j 0 X 1 , Q ff 47 if 1 f , , , 32 CLARA BI NGHAM D-'hp Ar' LOUA5 DEHHJS WILLIAM OfLuG.rEkrr OH HALEI. r1F1Y4'L1f. 1 Z 1, xl . rf ' 1 X ' 2 5 'Z ,-,, '., wg' .Q - -. , 4 ' Sf 4 . V , 9 K 4 1,-".,f3,9 , , . M Y A KARL JUSTU5 CLYDE KING KATHERINE KNAPP X ! CConTinued from page 641 DR. H. C. MORRISON Sevenfh PresidenT of Asbury College who has been insTrumenTal in erasing The college debT in his second Term. The DevoTional League has assisTed The churches oT The counTry in rendering a real service To diTTerenT groups oT Their consTiTuenTs: To Those deprived oT The privilege oT aTTending church services, and To ThaT vasT congregaTion who de- pend upon The Morning DevoTions To Tune Their hearTs To God and make each day one oT vic- Tory in ChrisT. The appreciaTion oT The radio lisTeners Tor This program is shown by The Thou- sands oT leTTers ThaT have been received Trom people in every walk of life. The principal concern oT The school in recenT years has been ThaT oT The indebTedness. ATTer E. W. Savage's successTul Term, Dr. Z. T. John- son, who had been The execuTive vice-presidenT since I934, became business manager also. ln November of ThaT year a day oT TasTing and prayer To raise money Tor The debT was iniTiaTed. The Tinal reporT oT ThaT year showed S544-,OOO senT in from TorTy-Two sTaTes and TiTTeen Toreign CounTries. Similar annual services combined wiTh The eTTorTs of The AdminisTraTion led by Dr, Johnson who has miraculously run The college on X a if T a sTricT cash basis broughT in amounTs ranging Trom Thousands oT dollars To a Tew cenTs. May II, l938, was a very hearTening day Tor Ag- burians, Tor on ThaT daTe bonds amounTing To 384,000 were burned aT a TiTTing ceremony aT Dr. Johnson's home. The whole drive was cli- maxed aT a chapel service on OcT,ober when Dr. Johnson presenTed Dr. Morrison wiTh The Tinal paymenT on The debT. For' The TirsT Time since IQI8 when The increased building program coupled wiTh a TlucTuaTing enrollmenT made nec- essary several 'bond issues, our Asbury College is Tree Trom debT. IT seems To everyone ThaT is inTeresTed in Asbury ThaT The LlGl'lT OF THE CROSS is Talling on The insTiTuTion wiTh greaTer Torce Than ever beTore. RecenT years have seen oTher maTerial in-, creases Tor Asbury. In l937 Mrs. V. B. TalboTT oT KenTucky beguesTed an endowmenT Tund To The college, The' income oT which is To be used To aid The The college ln The Tall CommiTTee school and parTicularly The boys oi who are preparing Tor The minisTry. oT ThaT same year The EndowmenT auThorized Dr. Johnson To invesT sui- TicienT money in Tarm land so as To secure a Tarm large enough To Turnish TaciliTies Tor G dairy, a beef raising Tarm, and a hog Tarm. The Tarm now Turnishes The milk, milk producTs, and meaT Tor The college dining hall. This pl'Ol6Cl will sTand as a permanenT memorial To The love oT This greaT woman Tor Asbury C.ollege and The Kingdom oT God. lT will also sTand GS 5 permanenT monumenT To The wisdom oT The Tal- boTT EndowmenT.CommiTTee Tor invesTing 6 Pafi of Their Tunds in such a pracTical as well as be Ticial manner. The EndowmenT Fund receives iTS regular income, and aT The same Time a large Fle- number oT boys are given assisTance in working Th ' . eir way Through college ccontinued on page 727 W W 68 AW. ," ? A f A 4 r 4 . i 1 7 ff- Q J 5? fi X ff 72 1 , 1 H T Q Fi 'ic R o s S if fa "3 .. Z Q. Fii is 'M ., ,if we .Ns , X 5.22 sei 1 1 l69 I - A 4 ,flaw ' 1 at v ,-- . I -.,, H .....- .-. Y-, 1 A ,, , , , f-.,........-....., -,.-, ...-- -,-,,.,..,,-. I Y -.-,.. , -f - ----H - -,. ..x- .-f- ---H ---V . ---w f - -f -' --- -- L - - - ' v-- . Q- " ""'!lL--.Lgrf-....- " X 1 ' N. .nr-2. 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Kfonlinucd from page 681 Ofher increases in recenT years include addi- Tions To The endowmenT, The purchase oT an Alumni Building, The enlargemenT oi The Asbury Press, and The insTallaTion of a modem diesel lifllil riani. The Asbury Press, conducTed by Charles Cfiiey Morris, has been enlarged unTil if i ' valued aT SI7,700. "The Press," ag I1 ca ed T " T. a counTy newspaper called i"'! MTW' T The Collegian, and does xx IN THE Ll ,XX general prinTing Tor The college. The diesel IighT planT makes The college compleTely inde- pendenT oT ouTside power and puTs Asbury one sTep nearer To selT-suTTiciency. AnoTher addi- Tion To The TaciliTies oT The school is The one hundred TwenTy-Tive TooT smoke sTack which was erecTed in 1939. On iTs loTTy cresT are placed Two large. neon crosses which shine TorTh upon The surrounding counTryside,and The campus aT nighT lighTing The paThs oT more souls on The upward way. During The summer oT i939 a hoTel was erecTed, Tacing The campus, wiTh Tunds from The TalboTT esTaTe. ln The Tall The building was leased To The seminary, making The college and seminary compleTely disTincT uniTs. The sem- inary had previously been puT on a Tull Three- year plan and had been admiTTed To The Ameri- can AssociaTion oT Theological Schools. Asbury is rich in TradiTions and cusToms, many oT Them having Their rooT in The very Tounda- Tion oT The insTiTuTion. The Three greaTesT ones have been handed down Trom year To year. pracTically unchanged, unTil They have become a parT oT The college aTmosphere. Early mem- ories oT These cusToms have developed rich sen- TimenT in Their Tavor, making Them absolurely essenTial To The insTiTuTion's success. The TirsT oT The Three greaT TradiTions is The compulsory chapel service. Among The cusToms aT Asbury, none holds a higher place oT appre- ciaTion in The hearTs oT The TaculTy and The sTu- denT body Than These chapel services. This meeTing Takes The Torm oT a religious service, aT which Time The presidenT, a TaculTy member, or an ouTside speaker oT some noTe brings a mes- sage. The speaking is always preceded Wilrh 6 soul-sTirring period oT song and prayer and finally wiTh The imporTanT announcemenTs OT The iConTinued on page 75l 4 Q 2 gswzswxw N S 1 52 LAS S A Mlfwffiff Sim vi ' ' Y A 1 ' 7 4 -4,4 , ff lima!! K, Pafkffr Wfaliuz- :7z',.h'h11w1z .f -f , f--f A K Qzfzisarz Jqfvfw' Sand: Efrauklzkz 93'ar.1'a1z H4 llldiifny Jane 9I!.Mrkm1I'vI'1I i3"rm' Rflzzxzville f7rar1rz's Hiilc Jasfjglz 02 llfifsm Z'aBc1fHZ zindemrzz Riagg Fey ,I ' xwzllinnz Qfulzezz X Zluxzzz 11!!u':fJ Sffillfr lk 914-llv 6. now' Far 11. llirkqq , . yQ9f,m1,li .9i?+e!zschnz1r jf Shades l73J -,.,-,. -f,.,M- X-,f L--,,-f1-..,- X. --.4-."zr'Hj,"-':7vj,.7', 1 ,.,,, ..,,,,., .,,,-,,,.-V,-,-y-7 :..,-1v , , r ,, . .. A I V . V Sul: 5'-Zkhgrissz. .S m5Q.V1,vV,vgQ.. 4 If ' '64 , n WV' ' ,gif , I W 5.3: , v . ,, If "ff, 7 f:ua-5 dilliiozx -,,. '1'..,L u-...JA ,..,. f C1f.vx.'x C4.,.!:1z 4 " ,i.u4.. L'-J., f .,g1:.... "A. .' -A . ,N , A f VV -1, , -M , fgf' MZ? 6 in X05 Z 7 x. Clan-:r.:: ina- 1' fviuiiz Eclulkc Gigli: C'Z1FLlfJC Smzzucl ixucrick 'E .. hrifln PDQ. -,. ..4. ... 1' 'L VH 5 5 ' .a- .. .,. x.,4 ' A .S if f Sarah Owixl A :.1t.L lknuizaa Snr- .1,:r -1 In ' 1. , 1 qv ,ij iw--1 W if , V' lf, 5-5. VVL N it I v-: lg A KJ ,Q5 ' V x E iiuvlri ii Sahuoui Qs?" ,. 1 f '1"1-,fm ,,., ,, - . -ff-1 f-V-f f X, Q , . 1 , I , , My-w,, N A, u 72' gw W 'f I 1 is 'ff ' Q -jf' ,. ' i 797 "ia, ' v X 4 Q WW M X 3? Q X Q, X 2 Q f of ' ,1 '-'k I ', if-, . . - f lgxfm ,. wmwr Slsalccn Biakelg fltlauricz Dc Vries fitlary NK- -, fell lfavucll C3amlcL Case LSHW1' Janus 8. Baker Ssfalcuc 'Jllvkk :Luis S B U RY C O LL Wilmore, CLASS O W ".L'l1ll.1m 'lllullins A 'Kul':,.m1:.: l'r.::.: 'las Y '.N5:x:.::1 i'1Lrs.9l.u-old qw.-1 Bulrica yt-Ilan: ' n , M. Keniucky 193 . , ERm':w.-1 '- 4 . H ' 2.1, fx ' Q ,f b . , V V x -fi" ff" ' K v ., KV " qw:-54 'J1m1-shall llshlom qzacga fxubcv illrs. 'Ilia-191l.u Dvlggers , 4? We X lk ' 4 J - f f, ff ' ff ,f J 6,1 fm, I X , ,I! f 0 X 2 2 , f' Cuuua Limit A A , Q V, . 9urs.' Pfliudsan. Slhel Q, Svclyn. C. Qacliavd. 7 , f , X 4' ' 'g-,Q gb: f J. .. ui. ' . " - , . - . , N. r 1. A .'1...u51..:-44... Harper pllug S111 gqdh, f4:j,...5g .Jaime x,,u,.4,5 15:3 ff' f IV! ,I M y is ,A V75 ' -59 , ,W ff ! W ,V ' , ' gl al 4, rf , fm V 'Ill K' .W , ' ,ff 1 ff -K 1 , ' ,J g,,-1,'1g:,4-,va f jqfl, 1: A, . 5 I ' IK' ' 8' QQ' ' ,. x ... ,- :':z::.' f-- -' - - - V' 1 - . . V x ,......L-d. Q.wn.ou. qlaiqn 91.6 L:.1119!1::ox'e Cgrna 9zLChdi'nib0lL . p ' 1 4, 'WA vw gf? r ' . ..,--,,,,, I M, L UH.: 1 4 L 5- f...1.. :mum '5u:.:l, :ivan-5 Slim Shalom Da ilaven 'Max-riniic Barbour Joc Crous: Mu. Jun 'ffraxwii - 1 "hu: 'Paul 'il 'Spams uid' 42.21" VVS 'FXS' nazi If vzrzrf. ghf 1 72 1 au, 52,46 .2 L ..f.5 A . rn . 4.?.mr Q5 an ,ff ms. Klum, efmfzfzvr ASB IQY COLLEG Wilmore , Kentucky 193.9 E , Efafrnzlzrz 1. L1'2'l?Ll.'z -11.4 L.. A.: y ,, 'ZW Jmcs 1,, 11.1 ' 'f 1 A 4 Uno 11 M 1 .url fv' wv an X fpn W -Q 0 H' inf "v V" mtlflb 'Ziggy 5.41325 ,x -nr, ru HIL .uf-,, X f,f,..,f,, Nun. r-J, vt" , K -,,,.. . ., .,1 fy.- K .1-f.'.:,J.-..' 1f'u..L. 4'-'-L:.,,..'.:L'.'--1 1 au.-ru lx 4. I'-HA.. . fi mfr. 1' A Cp. -4. , A '. !M1,,4.n ,rm-y IConTinuecI Trom page 721 day. These services lasT Trom 8:00 unTil 8:45 Three Times a weelc. ATTendance aT chapel is required on The Theory ThaT The chapel service has a conTribuTion oT real value To The IiTe oT every sTudenT in The college. The second oT The cusToms which every As- burian cherishes is ThaT oT The revival services. AT leasT Two proTracTed meeTings are conducTed each school year, one' in The Tall and The oTher in The spring. ProminenT holiness evangeIisTs, such as Dr. Morrison, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Paul Rees conducT These meeTings. OTTenTimes greaT revivals have broken ouT sponTaneously as The immediaTe resulT oT some prayer or TesTimony. These revivals usually do noT sTop unTil Their eTTecTs have been TeIT around The world. The Third oT Asbury's TradiTions ThaT probably helps more Than any oT The oThers in supporTing our spiriTuaI aTmosphere is The cusTom oT The professors To open each oT Their classes wiTh prayer. This helps The sTudenTs To develop The habiT oT puTTing God TirsT. In an aTmosphere like This The LIGHT OE THE CROSS can Truly shine eTTecTively. As we have waTched The unTolding oT The his- Tory oT Asbury in The LIGHT OF THE CROSS, we have aT all Times respecTed The TaiTh and I I sTeadTasTness of her builders. On The principles ThaT our school was Tounded a halT-cenTury ago by Rev. John Wesley Hughes, Asbury does and musT conTinue. May our school always be an insTiTuTion where ScripTural Holiness is TaughT, upheld. and experienced: where The Taifh OT 1 UW !?lC0pIe in God may ever growl As As- I laury grows may iTs TaculTy, iTs sTudenTs, and iTs I ffTfCHW'lffHf'C'fWS ever lieep in The LIGHT OE THE T , XCTXQSS 'V Whfild ITs sTandards To all oT The TY C'577iiF'I 'fs- To shed iTs rays on POWER HOUSE This recenTIy compIeTed proieci' furnishes The eIecTricaI power for The college. 'kiaf THE SMOKE STACK li AnoTher new iTem aT The I college. The Ligh+ of I ITs Crosses is an inspira- I Tion To hundreds oT sTu- denTs each nighT. I 3, ' 1- z - CD ' X1 :I N ' ' .11 'ELL 5' rf: I ,,1f.'.'11i1'1:",1's,-ii? 5 N .... Tfpiiiti EQNWRNM rwwc, N Q S5 ASBURY TALBOTT HOTEL-Leased by Asbury Theological Seminary INSTRUCTORS STUDENTS GRADUATING CLASS A , g YEAR PRESIDENT Men Women ToI'al - Men Women Tofal Men Women Tofal n Ll:,1h2:uvsE:IT:IIii:,'vI:i o I 1890-91 John Wesley I-4991165 I 2 3 75 5 a I Q W5 1891-92 3 3 '23 1392-93 3 2 73 33 IO6 I I I 1893-94 4 2 68 4I 109 1 I 2 7 Q Lf I994-95 3 4 79 49 l28 4 2 6 6 2 8 1895-98 3 4 88 52 I4O 3 2 5 9 4 I3 ff 1898-97 3 3 87 54 141 3 3 7, I2 777 I9 1897-98 4 3 79 50 129 8 2 7 ef 8 I8 Q 27 8 1898-99 3 4 113 79 192 3 3 2I 3 LW 1899-1900 4 5 101 72 173 2 2 ' 23 32 4,44 44 8, I I 1 I 1 1900-01 8 8 132 87 219 4 2 8 ' 27 II 38 7 ' 1901-02 7 4 120 86 206 5 2 7 ' 32 I3 45 2 2 1902-03 264 IO 2 I2 ' 42 I5 .57 7 ' 1903-04 5 4 104 75 179 7 7 ' 49 64 5 7 I 1904-05 I I 5 8 125 74 199 9 1 IO 58 I6 74 W 2 I905-O6 Benlamm F. Haynes No record No record 7 3 'IO ' 1908 O7 8 7 - 65 'C' 94 - 138 90 228 I2 3 I5 77 22 99 1907-08 5 8 135 84 2 I9 I2 3 I5 8 if I908-09 Newfon Wray 8 5 I24 87 2I I 4 4 8 ' 93 l909-I0 Aaron S. Wafkins 2I3 I I 94 I23 5,4 8 I Ere I9IO-I I Henry Clay Morrison 6 3 I I6 96 2I2 3 I 4 97 30 '27 1911-12 7 ' IO I 138 I 111 249 ' ' l9I2-I3 8 9 171 139 310 3, 3 I8 :gg 33 '33 ' IQI3-I4 8 8 '39 494445 189 I4I 330 8 2 8 112 35 147 . 1 9 9 218 180 378 I5 8 2I ' 127 4I 188 No record NO record 5 3 8 I32 44 476 A 494748 , 'I 9 257 I7I 428 7 4 II 139 48 187 2 5 8 7 248 185 4I 1 24 1 25 183 49 212 G1 IW849 No record' N ' 7 Im-20 9 IO 278 8 giiord 504 I7 3 20 180 52 232 2 4 .. D' mom 22 II 33 I 202 63 265 I Hg 184,42 Z 'S '00 102 202 IO IO 20 212 73 285 4 4,422.23 8 2 128 I26 252 II I6 27 I 223 89 312 2 4 ,923424 9 180 I57 317 27 2I 48 250 110 360 2 4 2 2 247 214 481 27 30 57 277 140 417 M8 1924-25 - 7 5 I I2 3 297 265 562 54 38 92 331 178 509 l925-26 Lewis Robeson Akers I5 S I3 279 281 580 39 50 89 370 228 598 1928-27 7 I4 I6 320 305 625 53 47 100 423 275 698 1927-28 I 3 - " ' '77' I5 I6 QQ3 WIQZEIZZQ 332 625 46 48 94 469 323 792 419294340 I li :Z 307 332 839 64 48 1 I2 533 371 904 IIIQBOQII I4 289 327 818 49 48 97 I 582 419 1001 I93I.342V ' ' I2 '9 307 291 598 39 58 97 821 477 1098 1932.33 I7 281 270 531 48 50 98 ' 889 527 1198 235 230 485 38 39 77 707 566 I273 1933-34 Hwy Clay MOH. Iffjfgi-1 'Son '3 I I0 245 248 491 5I 5I 102 758 817 1375 I 4- 3 , I I935-36 Z. T. Johnson. Execufive A 240 277 SI7 44 38 82 802 655 I457 v188-Pf8818884 an 858448 281 275 556 49 4I 90 ' 851 898 I547 4936 3h ,of School ' I v 4 I . A mms 0 '3 289 287 558 48 35 83 899 731 1630 . , IO I 2, 493555 2 I '3 293 332 825 35 54 89 ,934 785 1719 '8 '7 287 308 ' 2 33 1831 4434440 I2 1 593 63 49 1 I2 998 8 X '4 252 212 484 58 46 104 1058 879 I935 1 O R I C ' A L S ' BUILDINGS INDEBTEDNESS ENDOWMENT ,, C H A R T IMPORTANT EVENTS X-A - ' .-August u , Campl-'S Of 6 acres purchased M ' Sf rlAVeJnnsen'tJFf3orm6..Nov., main build- Name changed To Asbury Coliifggerain . 'ng unlill l90 . X' Cllapel bulll. X-7 T. W. Shannon, firsl graduale. S. 3' M,inisler's Hall- X V XV Women's Building. Sludenl' volunleer band organized, J, M, Mafsurno xr? Admgnisfralion Building-called ' H ll. , liiigcchaapel of l89l made info a Men's Dorm. Io, firsl foreign graduale. 8 I-4 acres boughl for S783.75, making a campus of I4 I-4 acres. r I g 'S Properly Transferred Io a Board of Truslees in January. Board consisled of 5 l members, increased Io I5 in May. N J. W. Hughes leaves lhe presidency. '-1 Dr. B. F. Haynes lakes 'rhe presidency. College and academy separafed. ' 4' Purchase of Bellevue College, I0 acres-2 large buildings for Sl5,000, lhel presenl' I campus of Asbury. Fi? K l Dean Newlon Wray. Fire deslroys Music Hall and Adminislralion building. l Classes lransferred 'lo Bellevue campus. Erection of presenl adminislralion Adminislralion of Dr. A. S. Walkins. l building. f Erection of Wesley Hall. 4 I Sale of old campus in summer of l9I0 for S5,000. Coming of Dr. Morrison as l Presidenl. Firsl' honorary D.D. conferred. Bishop Fred B. Fisher lhelrecirpienl. Colluegle farm boughf. "Asburian" chosen as name of college annual. Minisler s Hall urned. Gymnasium erecled. --College farm sold and money obfained To ered Flelcher HUI. 'S . li Dining Hall erecred. Home Economics Deparlmenl' opened. Flelcher Hall erecfed. Sl32'782 5 IQ6' '22 Changed from quarler for semesler syslem. 7 , l78.369 . . - Fl I70'685 July I, l922, accrediled as a B-grade college by The UMVGFSIIY if EGSYUITICYQ -I' 'A A b Th l gical Seminary opens. April, l924, Glide and Crew Of 5 5 Ol' I MOFFISOH Hall complefed. l79,l34 Sqilrilgandeoefeclric planl deslroyed by fire. -' . - ' ' ' ' J ,l925. C. A. Gl,de-Cr,-,wford Hall Compleredl 2951250 5 12' L. R. .Akers is Vlcg-Presldemanaanderbecomes Presidenf In une 4 gfandpgpe given by Class of I925- Lovegoy comes as usiness g . b h U . If f K + k ' r , , r - , + si en uc . I ElT5:5gic klfchen lnslalled summer of 274,748 905 July I, l925, accrediled as an A grade college y e nlver y o y ,J ' 'E ' ' ' ' ' ll . Morrison Memorial Library Com- 302'Q36 2'5l2 Asbury granfed membership in Assoclahon of American co eges I pleled. New hearing planl. d dedicale . 277 Bernard Chapel ' I V ,.J, 1 . Y , , , J ne I 1929 C, A. Loveloy resigns as Business Manager. H h A dl d d I . 370.724 l5.854 U - ' . . ug es u lorium e ica ed 375406 Iblloz September l, l929, W. W. Cary comes in as Business Manager. X ,l 398,7l2 l8.09O ' I , 423lI9 l3O.l38 2 ' - ' M , M h l, I933. Succeeded by E. W. l 4 '8'6'5 '29'878 WsallQagarBr,reJSlgXlf. iugilllslleiiundaenra2irAspilf College, died. ll Radio Devolional Program over WHAS beQ'n5- ' ' . H. C. M ' + S as l 227.052 ' 'bw Semlliia '-Tl?331,5r.Rr.'35fgi.fiz':22z.11.?g:Sl5.e?:..........Classix.'e A W ' , I + d E fe live Vice-Presidenl. ' ,. 232,672 20l.O83 Z. T. Johnson e ec re x cus Smess Manager and Dr- Johnscn becomes Business j I62,26O 274.I84 E.MV:6ag'?Ifagf rcgfllganss Exseculiive Vice-Presidenl. Library improvemenls rale if as I HAH 'grade- ff , V - d h Ising on land owned by The colleQe- 70.300 342.39l DrAsgTjrllVs?enCelJvee2IlBsl37lll8Bcefri'ori1n Mrsogllebaecca Neblell Talboll' for endowment '7 Three hundred 1 , 7 h d from semesfer 'lo guarlef Plan- l 42000 381474 Selliiflleailirlyliiegcfds aanndgecollege begins operalnng large farm. 'I . . ' h s h I d' mninued. Nilslillglg b'l"d"'g begun and Nolhinq 391.819 Seplember lf., 1928. Asbury H'g C OO 'SC . fd em"lafYf SSDI-. l939. - ' ' ' I uesls inviled by d Holel wllh Iwen Y Q flrsr dinner serve In . Qhlo 573408 Seplenjlbir 23' IZBIZO OOO addilional endowmenl PVOPSIIV 'n golrllrgnbusjwrssocia' f u . I - ' ' SI'l'l " iburecd rdy?nDr. Johnson. AsburY adfmlled lo membershlp In Ou All lion of Colleges' REVEREND C. A. SWEAZY ASBURY ALUMNI S SCJCIATICDN Realizing ThaT a well-inTormed, enThusiasTic alumni play a viTal parT in The success OT any college, The Asbury Alumni AssociaTion was Tormed in I9l-4 wiTh The moTTo "GreaTer As- bury." For TwenTy-Tive years iTs eTTorTs have been insTrumenTal in building up The morale oT The alumni. Through Their genuine ap- peals To Asburians scaTTered all over The world, The A. A. A. has aided immensely in The Torward progress oT The college especial- ly in cancelling The indebTedness. The largesT social TuncTion oT The Associa- Tion is The Alumni BanqueT which They spon- sor each commencemenT season. GreaT in- TeresT is Thus mainTained among The gradu- aTes oT Tormer years: Tor while They are on The campus memories oT happy, inspiring days aT Asbury reTurn To Them: and They leave inspired anew To uphold The sTandards oT ScripTural l-loliness and To supporT our Presidenf wonderTul insTiTuTion which was Tounded by 0 God Through l-lis servanT, John Wesley l-lughes, iusT TiTTy years ago. So To show our 1 C c 'Q T 3- h T , , I Q i ' I, iihvou l V665 er rom appreciaTion Tor Their wonderTul worlc we are l 5 oong everyTning in his XX I .mi fAk,yE4JW Aidmm AZSOCIG- happy To give The Asbury Alumni AssociaTion i l i T A f...i,U,.,, Q piece in our eoiom .1uBiLEi2 YEAR- 'A BUCK. mol W XTX 2"l"Z E LIGHT QE: THE TQEEHEEVTH :iff 5Jf..?5LLi. A E, 7 Yam 'f ! PE , ,,, , : , I l::EG.,HT GF 'ri-:E T K 53,5 . . i X X '2" X Term Expires I940 A, D. HOUGT-lLlN, '25 ....... Brooksville, Ky. W. D. TURKINGTON, '23 . . . , Wilmore, Ky. C. A. SWEAZY, '29 .......... Carlisle, Ky. Term Expires I94I E. D. HINKLE, 'l5 . ...... LexingTon, Ky. JOHN LEWIS, '25 . . . . Perryville, Ky G. R. TOMLIN, '27 .......... Carlisle, Ky. Term Expires i942 v. L. Moores, '27 . . ...... wslmofe, Ky. J. R. PARKER, '24 . . . . . . Wilmore. Ky. O. M. SIMMERMAN, '29 ..... GermanTown, Ky. THE ASBURY ALUMNUS G5reaT crediT is due Dr. W. D. TurkingTon, ediTor oT The Asbury Alumnus, Tor The splendid manner in which he presenTs happenings oT in- TeresT To The alumni. Dr. TurlcingTon TeaTures in his publicaTion The progress oT college, The ac- TiviTies oT The alumni, and special arTicles oT in- TeresT To The readers. The Alumnus is doing a remarkable job of keeping The hundreds oT alumni all over The world welded inTo an enThu- siasTic uniT. Simmerman, Lewis, Moore, Sweazy, Turkingfon, Tomlin, Dr. Z. T. Johnson. I AS I IN SOU ilig BURY GA Wilmore, Ky., April I2-ATTer Tive years oT sTrenuous eTTorTs, Asbury College has become a member oT The SouThern AssociaTion oT Col- leges! The announcemenT was made by The As- sociaTion aT The concluding session oT iTs an- nual meeTing aT ATlanTa, Georgia. The sTandards oT The AssociaTion are very rigid and exacTing. There are TwenTy-one general sTandards To be meT and in addiTion a number oT minor rules seT up by The Commission on Higher lnsTiTuTions. These reguiremenTs cenTer around such maTTers as TaculTy Training, Tinancial sTa- biliTy, library books and eguipmenT, science equipmenT and supplies, TacuITy-sTudenT raTio, and The gualiTy oT The educaTional service ren- dered by The college. IT was impossible Tor The college To expecT accepTance inTo The Associa- Tion unTil The enTire debT was cleared, The en- dowmenT raised, and all oT The sTandards Tully meT. This educaTional aTTainmenT has wide signiTi- cance Tor The insTiTuTion. From now on The college will be recognized in every respecT and in every quarTer as Tully accrediTed. Many quesTions which have been raised by oTher educaTional insTiTuTions, church groups, and conTerences will be auTomaTically seTTled. There can be no Tur- Ther doubT as To The high educaTional sTanding oT The college. The wide signiTicance oT This sTaTemenT will be noTed especially, in view oT The TacT ThaT ouT of The six colleges which applied This year, Asbury was The only one admiTTed. The significance Tor The sTudenTs will likewise be of greaT imporTance. Beginning wiTh The pres- enT Senior class, all graduaTes will receive de- grees validaTed in every respecT. This will be The TirsT graduaTing class in The hisTory oT The college Whose diploma and crediTs will be Tully sTandard- ized and accrediTed. Their crediTs cannoT be Cwssfioned by any educaTional insTiTuTion or edu- Caiional auThoriTy. IT is TiTTing ThaT such honor should come To The TiTTieTh graduaTing Class in I . The year o. The Goden Jubilee oT The college, INSMEMBERSHIP THERN ASSOCIATION Dr. Johnson poinTs ouT ThaT The same high sTandards which had To be meT in order To gain membership, will likewise be demanded Tor con- Tinuance in The AssociaTion. I-le sTaTes ThaT The .acTion oT The execuTive commiTTee aT iTs Ivlarch meeTing in adding new members To The TaculTy Tor nexT year was in line wiTh This policy. I-le plans To recommend Two more Teachers aT The April meeTing oT The commiTTee. They will be an assisTanT librarian and an assisTanT in physi- cal educaTion. This will TurTher sTrengThen The posiTion oT The school. lvl-any prominenT' educa- Tors complimenTed Asbury, Dr. Johnson, and Dean l'IesTon on The Tine record The school has made in recenT years. AT The chapel service in which Dr. Johnson an- nounced ThaT The college was now a Tully ac- crediTed insTiTuTion, he emphasized Psalm I25:l-2 and Psalm I26:I-3. , "They ThaT TrusT in The Lord shall be as mounT Zion, which cannoT be removed, buT abideTh Tor ever. "As The mounTains are round abouT Jerusalem, so The Lord is round abouT his people Trom hence- TorTh even Tor ever." "When The Lord Turned again The capTiviTy oT Zion, we were like Them ThaT dream. "Then was our mouTh Tilled wiTh laughTer, and our Tongue wiTh singing: Then said They among The heaThen, The Lord haTh done greaT Things Tor Them. "The Lord haTh done greaT Things Tor usi whereoT we are glad." As Dr. Johnson Tinished his address on This memorable morning he sTaTed, "The keen weapon, The sTeady hand, The highesT inTellecTual aTTainmenT, and mosT oT all a depTh oT consecra- Tion all go To make up The maximum oT service." The sTudenTs, The TaculTy, and Dr.lJohnson all joined TogeTher in wishing ThaT The college and' The sTudenT body may always excel in These ideals. Surely, we are on The Threshold oT "GreaTer Asburyul X X - G3 P- .gs . . Xt S I QLJELN ,...X..- N slj 11 I 9 mmmsmx wxmix 0 ' . Rmsrmmx Tliiix SRQNX Q s YYQNNN N 77 i? YZ..-fE.1fF1i3 if 'ir The following pages conlain a complele lisl ol lhe alumni oi Asb I ll wk I Ury College arranged alphabelfi- cally by classes. For your convenience we have arranged Th I' J, . women will appear in parenlhesis immedialely following The maideenliiarrig. Illal llle maimed name of Al lhe end of The lisl of college alumni will be lound a lisl 'ilh d - Seminary and a Iisl of lhose 'lo whom honorary degrees have bceen Eoglgrrleilies OIC Asbury Tleologmal These Iisls are as accurale as was possible lo lc lh l lh d ' - . was 'lalcen from The permanenl records in lhe oilgiseol Fhne ASFISURY :SEDlilVlSalllaAliSiSiOElIllixTllOJlSlmallOn I939 ALLEN, REATA, Cedarville, New Jersey. BACHMAN, LESTER, Cazenovia, New York. BIRD, VIRGINIA, Scolsdale, Ga. BOYER, DAWN, Germanlown, Md. BRAY, MARJORIE, Teacher, 6l6 Des Moines, Porlsmoulh, Va. BRAYEON, TERESA, Cenlral Square, New Yor . BRINTON, HOWARD, Sandoa, Par Dilolo, Congo, Belge, Africa Via Capelown, Miss. BROOKS, NADINE, 27lI Markel Ave., Easl' Sl. Louis, Ill. BROWN, HELEN, Brown Cily, Michigan. BUCKLEY, HOWARD, S. Prospecl' Sl., Marion Ohio. BUFTTS, SARAH, 543 E. Darnal Ave., Memphis, enn. BUYERS, RUTH, Scarrill' College, Nashville, Tenn. CAMPBELL, KATHLEEN, Cenler Poinl, Ind. CKRMAN. DORIS: l298l Cedar Rd., Cleve- land Hls., Cleveland, Ohio. CARNES, GAYNELLE, 200 E. Morrison Sl., Wilmore, Ky. CARNES, GORDONELLE, 200 E. Morrison Sf., Wilmore, Ky. CAVIT MRS. CATHERINE' 3l2 E. 1 Sl. I , , Sou h , Carey, Ohio. CHAPHE, GORDON, Erieville, New York. CLAUSEN, EVA, ZI9 N. Chesfnul Sf., Louis- ville, Ky. ' CLYMER, WAYNE, Minisler, l6I8 Navarre Rd., Canlon, Ohio. CCRIFFEE, JOHN, 6I8 Park Ave., Collingswood, COJLEIFIAN, PAUL, 2629 Dwighl' Ave., Berkeley, an . CONNABIP. eEoRee,.277i Prall sf., Pnn- adelphla, Penna. CRAIN, OWSLEY, Somersel, Ky. CRAMMER, HEATON, Box 75, Belford, N. J. ClIlaLVER, CAROL, 3lI Easf 6'rh Ave., Spencer, CULVER. MAURICE, raaanaw, cnann. CULVER. WELDON, soo Hanan Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. DAVIS. eRAYsoN, I3ll E. vein sr., Kansas Cily, MO, DEAN, WALTER, Wilmore, Ky. DEDRBY. CLARK, I39 Elrn SI., Greensburg, enna. PETROY. NORMAN, cnfnni, lu. DCVRIES, ROLAND, Pralurn, Ore. ISQEARIZCQLICE MAE, Nelsonvilla, onia. rr, 0 - . ,, , DeLand' Fla' OROTHY ISAVAGET, Tcuchcr, DUKE, EMILY, Fart vnuny, en. BUNCANI J' R-I Roclnwall, Tezas. UNNING. CELIA, Jnnnnan cily, l-I. Y. EDENFIELD, REGINALD, I63l N. D Allanla, Ga. ecaiur Rd" FAGAN, BERNARD, T n , 3 pw. wnnennu, N. Y. Sac er ' 6 Sl" FAGAN, ESTHER WIGGAND, Lexinglon, Ky. FENG, PAUL, Minisler, P. O. Box I489 Shang- hai China. FITZPATRICK MALLARY, Teacher, Pineland College Sunny Acres, DeLand, Fla. FOcSTER, BILLY, Minisler, Roule 2 Lancasler, y. FRANKLIN, RUTH, Teacher, Chaplin, Ky. GARDNER, O. S., Wilmore, Ky. GEORGE, ALICE, 3048 Monol Ave., Cincin- nali, Ohio. GIKLLAM, MRS. MARY THOMPSON, Wilmore y. GILLAM, WILLIAM, Wilmore, Ky. GOODHAND, VERNON, Chrisliana, Dela. GRAVENSTEIN, SARAH, Teacher, 268 N. In- diana, Walerlown, N. Y. GRAVES, HELEN TCLYMERJ, I6I8 Navarre Road, Canlon, Ohio. GREENLEE, HAROLD, Chemislry, IO35 Myers Ave., Dunbar, W. Va. GREGORY, MIRIAM, Teacher lMissi:nl, Lawson. Ky. HALL, ERNEST, Teacher, LaBeIIe, Florida. HARRIS, STANFORD, Ml. Washinglon, Ky. HASLER, ALICE, Lyons, Ind. HAVENS, REEVES, Main Sl., Veslal, N. Y. HELSBY, MERIDITH, Missionary, IOZO S. Washinglon Sl., Owosso, Mich. HENDERSON, WM., ZOI Wes? Union Sl., Marion, Ill. HILL, HOWARD, Missionary, Roule 2, Box l8I, Visalia, Calif. HONEYCUTT, L. D., Wilmore, Ky. JOHNSON, WM., Thomaslon, Ga. JONES, PAUL, Minisler, 47 Adams Sl., Laconia, N. H. KNNUCKEL, EILEEN TFOSTERJ, Roule 2, Lancasler, Ky. KIKER, CHARLES, Blue Ridge, Ga. KINLAW, FRANCES, Lumberlon, N. C. KOONTZ, MARION, Beulah Beach, Ohio. LANE, IRVIN, Circleville, Ohio. KUHN, ESTHER, Bellevue Sl., Wilmore, Ky. KUHN, OPAL, Bellevue Sl., Wilmore. KY- LEICHARDT, FIELD, IIO Belaire Ave., Louis- ville, Ky. LITTRELL, WILBURT, 2l0 S. Kenlucky Ave., Evansville, Ind. i MCAFEE, MARY, Teacher, Orlando High School, Orlando, Fla. McCLlNTOCK, WM., Pocahontas, Tenn. MCCUTCHEON, JANE, 2044 E. York Sl., Phil- adelphia, Penna. McFARLAND, JAMES, Il3I S. l6lh Sl., Bell- inghorn, Wash. T831 McKAY, HAZEL, Davis Sl., Croswell, Mich. MCPHEETER, CHILTON, Minisl'er,i Drew uni- verslly, Madison, N. J. MARTIN, JOHN, Elizabelhlown, Penna. MCIDIORE, JAMES, 57 Helen Sl., Johnson Cily, NORRIS, HENRY, Warrenlon, Ga. NOTESTINE, GOLDIE CHASHBERGERT, 4l9 S. Pallerson Sl., Carey, Ohio. PERKINS, ALBERT, Minisler, Somersel, Ky. PILSON, PAULINE, 4333 N. 8lh Sl., Philadel- phia, Penna. ' PRYOR, HOWELL, T. l W. Saginaw S+., Lansing, Mich. PULLEN, ODEN, l564 Washinglon Sl., Charleslon, W. Va. RAY, PAUL, Dahlgren, Ill. RUSTIN, WILLARD, Waynesboro, Ga. SANGER, ROBERT, Clermonl, Fla. SAVAGE, WM., Teacher, DeLand, Fla. SCHMIDT, MAUD, Box I43, Windsor, N. Y. SELF, WM., Windom, Texas. SI-IIELL, BETTY, Saleslady, Box 6I6, Logan, W. a. SHULER, ROBERT, Whillier, Calif. SIKES, JOHN, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Ky. SMITH, SAMMYE, Teacher, Hiram, Ga. SPhE1l:liCER, WM., 72OI Harford Rd., Ballimore, SPONENBERG, JAMES, lI05 Second Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. SPRINKLE, JEANNETTE, 7Il W. Second Sl., Marion, Ind. STARBUCK, JOSEPH, 446 Salem, Ohio. STEELE, ADDA LOREE, Wesl Union, Ohio. STEELE, GENEVIEVE, Wesl Union, Ohio. THOMPSON, JOHN, Wilmore, Ky. TODD, O. N., Evangelislic Singing, 36 Free- man Sl., Tallapoosa, Ga. TODD, SAMUEL, Minisler, Franklin Springs, Ga. TAULBEE, NELLE IBYRNEJ, Teacher, Wilmore, Ky. ULM, MARSHALL, London Mills, lll. VANDERWOOD, RALPH: 272 E- Jackson. Blackfool, Idaho. , VANVORCE, HERBERT, Minisler, Roule 2, Binghamplon, N. Y. WHITE, BUTON, Box 44, Gleason, Tenn. WINN, JULIA lMcPHEETERSJ, Madison, N. J. WILEY, ELIZABETH, Social Circle, Ga. WOLCOTT, MAYNARDA, 87 Sherman Sl., Harlford, Conn. wrzlenr, MARGARETHE, Teacher. New Phil- adelphia, Ohio. ' YARBROUGH, GERTRUDE: Roule I- VV'nSlO" S I , N. C. , YOUNG, LESTER, Cenlral Cily, Nebr. . ROSTER OF ALUMNI .I938 AKER, MRS. MAE, Teacher, Somersef, Ky. AMSTUTZ, ARLENE, Missionary, 3l2 Easf Oak ST., Orrville, Ohio. BAKER, JAMES, 492 Iowa Sf., Warren, Ohio. BARBOUR, HARRIETTE, Spring Lake, Mich. BEERS, MARY, I02 Efhel Sf., Johnson Cify, N. Y. BEHNKE, RUTH, Teacher, Penalosa, Kans. BLAKELY, ELSALEEN, 2I47 Easf Grand Blvd., Defroif, Mich. BOAZ, RUSSELL, Roufe 3, Dickson, Tenn. I BOAZ, RUTH lMRS. R.I, 924 Linwood Ave, Columbus, Ohio. BOLICK, RUTH, Teacher, Rufherford College, N. C. BOSWORTH, BURTON, 739 N. E. Ave., Oak Park, III. BOWMAN, VERNELLE, Teacher, 205 I0fh Ave., Hinton, W. Va. BRACE, RUBYANNA, Teacher, Cenfer Sf., Randolph, N. Y. CAMDEN, CHRISTINE lHELSBYI, I02O S. Washingfon Sf., Owosso, Mich. CAMPBELL, MARY PHYLLIS, Forf Anne, N. Y. COLE, IONA, Il2 Broadway, Whifehall, N. Y. CONLON, MILDRED, 227 Ashland, Lexingfon, Ky. CRAIG, PATSY lEMERlCKI, Roufe 4, Green- field, Ind. CRANDLE, HELEN, eeihem, III. CROUSE, JOSEPH, Greensboro, N. C. CLERTIS, MRS. VIRGINIA ,LANG-5, Pearson, 6 DeVRlES, MAURICE, Prafum, Ore. DRIGGER, NINA, Glenwood, Ga. DUGAN, ERNEST, Minisler, Granf, Va. DUTT, GENEVA, Nurse, Marion, Ohio. EMERICK, SAMUEL, Minisfer, Roufe 4, Greenfield, Ind. EVANS, Hazel, I754 Washingfon Blvd., Chi- cago, III. FALKENBERG, DON, II6 Easf Lane Ave., Columbus, Ohio. FAST, ANNE lKroehlerI, Maple Grove, Pa. FOSSETT, PAUL D., SIS Soulh Main, Cald- wcll Kan. FRANCIS, ILA JEAN, Zoar Home, Allison Park, Pa. FRITZLAN, LESLIE, Wilmore, Ky. FROST, LOUISE ISHINGLEDECKERI, Brook- villc, Pa. GILL, ELLEN, Zanefield, Ohio. GILMER, PAUL, Scuddy, Ky. GOPD, TWILA, 2I9 N. Parkside, Chicago, GOODHAND VERNON' Millin lon Md . , g , , GOWIN, EMMET, Ferrum Jr. College, Fer- rum, Va. GRANT. SYLVIA: IO4 High si., Everefl, Mess. GRAYSON. I-OISZ Almore, Ala. I-IARNEDP WALLACE, aus. see. Asbury, wii. 7"N'TVf' 'I - -. Nr. HARPEFENHELEN MARGARET IRAYQ, Dahl. -'vcd I, IJ . , --ASHBERGER, HARRY, Rossvillg, IJ3, HIATE5- QUTHI I-"'Ol'.'K'rir1f:, Ky, PAUSE? C-EGQC-E, Cifeieuiaie, 05,0 Ir:-.I fr-1 . - . -e . VLCIEQBIT-I lIIiiIiROi-Di Iwi: Iivoslllnflforl Blvd.. H.--ii -. .IQEifiSQi.,' -mfr.-,LTEQ HENQY, MAD., Y M . 'lJ'1'v'ii'f K., ' i A Jqfn- Q - - ci, I, . I' -V':Ee. CLIQII, IU Dr-7,3 HNF. av., pulasrlr JCINES, C-l.ENlIj II3 5355, ,Even -,vwp .xl. I 'sj"'Cif'f DCM.-'-Lo, 337 cewef e s- A'1.' f- ' A" iilzo, Ejlgftegrigge -:,.,,, 703 Bn In , um, .. gg.-ie-I-e.e :M ' ' WINS, F'r-r1'-- rs iillziiiiiiaiilfzii Tifjiif Si' viii' CEJYZL, Al. LOA? PJACQIE. 7E:i.,:,v Ecgnq Eid- VC ELITE .Ili T931"1', S:a'fa, Ohic. -E'-1 4CS3"'Ii'35' Sore V." "cv: LOVELACE, MRS. LENORE, W. Main Sf., Marion, III. McAFEE, RUTH, Assf. Regisfrar, Lakeland Fla., Box 534. MCCLEARY, JAMES, 503 Dekalb ST., Bridge- por'r, Ohio. 1 MCDUFFEE, THELMA, Evans Landing, Ind. MARSHALL, GEORGE ALBERT, 4l2 Dorches- fer, Cincinnafi, Ohio. MATTHEWS, HOWARD, Roufe 6, Glasgow, Ky. MATTHEWS, REVOE PATTERSON, I607 SI. Paul ST., Balfirnore, Md. MEIGS, MRS. NOLA, Saucier, Miss. MOORE, GLADYS, Teacher, Perryville, Ky. MOTT, ESTALINE IHARNEDI, Wilmore, Ky. MULLINS, WILLIAM HENRY, l5l6 99Th Ave., Birmingham, Ala. OWEN, SARA, Teacher, Wesf Sfafe Line, Fulfon, Ky. PATTERSON, KATHLEEN, I622 N. Washing- Ton, Royal Oak, Mich. HUDSON, MRS. FRANCES, 55 Soufh Davis Ave., Columbus, Ohio. RICHARDSON, GRACE lRICEI Missionary, Madres, India. ROBERTS, LOWELL, Pasfor, Rochesfer, N. H. ROBERTSON, HENRY CLA.Y, Combs, Ky. ROGERS, HARRY LEE, Beauforf, N. C. RUDIN, JOHN, Pasfor, Teacher, Il Yar- moufh, Bosfon, Mass. RUSHER, ORLOW, I4 N. Holmes Sf., Scofia, N. Y. SALMONS, FRANKLIN, Pylesville, Md. SCOTT, MARGARET CFLOYDI Lofhair, Ky. SEAMANDS, J. T., Wilmore, Ky. SERGENT, EUGENE, Midway, Ky. SHINGLEDECKER, HAROLD, Brookville, Pa. SMITH, MRS. BETTY GAYE, Wilmore, Ky. SMITH, LUCIAN, Minisfer, Wilmore, Ky. STANTON, NINA, Cedarville, N. J. ' STEWART, FAITH, Teacher, Porferdale, Ga. STCOKES, CHARLES, Yale Univ., New Haven, onn. TAKARO, MAGDALENE, 2920 I65'rh Sf. Flushing, N. Y. ' THOMPSON., MRS. LOUISE, l2I0 Norfh Lime, Lexingfon, Ky. UNDERWOOD, ESTHER lHlLLI, Grass Val- ley, Calif. WARWICK, LEWIS, Flowery Branch, Ga. WEAVER, ROBERT, 9I9 S ' S+., Kokomo' Ind. oufh Washingfon WESCHE, PERCIVAL, Lowell, Ind. WIIZIJTNEY, IRENE QTHOMPSONI, Wilmore, REEI5,, MRS. ADALEEN, Io9 E. 24lh si Covingfon, Ky. " SMITH. MRS LEDA' Roufe I Bin ham Ufah. I ' ' Q ' YEATER. BEATRICE, Missionary, Ancon Canal Zone, ' YOCUM, ESTHER MAE, Bourneville, Ohio, I937 ALLEN, KATHERINE' l505 ' Kansas CMV' Kan' . Oulndare, Blvd., Algilgirz- DWIGHT: 633 Elbon Ave., Akron, ANDERSON, MRS. EDITH, Burgin, Ky, ANDERSON, ROBERT, Minisfer AVERY, JOE, I6 N. Main Sf., Sullivan, Ind BABE. LLOYD! Paslor, Chesferfield Ohio, BEALL, JULIA, cieilebiiie, Ma. ' BELL' MRS' FRANCESI Harlan, Ind. PERS. MARY, Main Sf., Cedarville, N, J, BINGHAM, BU BIRNEY- KENNETH. Hopeaeie, Ohio. BOHEN, GLADY Uola-id, Calif, , Bergin, Ky. El-LI l.awre-riceville, Ill, SZ 9l4 Vfashingfon Blvd, LAURA, IOZ E. Weber Ava' D,,bO,SI BRASHEIV JULIUS: Chesfer, N, J, BROVJN, LAUR Hospifal, Madison, lndi Q A, Nurse King's Dau hfer's L841 BURTON, WM., P I , R'hI Chapel, Converseislncd. IC and' M' E' CAISTER, DONALD, Decker, Mich. CARRUTH, HAYDN, T h , H High School, Defroif, IT1ITEhEr azel Park CARY, DORIS, N , N ' H - . Hospifal, CincirilIiETi, Olliigs Ome' Chrlsis COFFMAN, PEGGY, 308 9l'h Ave., Hinfon W. Va. ' CCEPELAND, CLIFFORD, Box 308, Wesf Pain, a. ' CRAIN, CHARLES, 3l40 Harrief Sf., Minne- apolis, Minn. CRAWFORD, DAVID, Clarksburg, Pa. CROSSNO, MATILLE, Bells, Tenn. CURTIS, HOWARD, Teacher, 72 Mf. Vernon Sf., Bosfon, Mass. DABA, PIO, Brookside, N. J. DARLING, NORMAN, Anfwerp, N. Y. DICKEY, LEE, Il23 Burke, Ff. Scofl, Kan. DUNCAN, MARY LEE, Wilmore, Ky. DUNN, ELIZABETH, I45I Soufh Linde, Alli- ance, Ohio. ELAM, MARGUERITE, l508 Garilancl Ave., Nashville, Tenn. ELLMORE, EMORY, Founfain Cify, Ind. FLICKINGER, CAROLYN, Wood Sf., Lowell- ville, Ohio. FRANKLIN, SARA, Glasgow, Ky. FREEMAN, LAWRENCE, Box 340, Roufe 5, Greensboro, N. C. FROST, THOMAS, Pasfor, Windfall, Ind. GAMBLE, B. C., Pasfor, Marieffa, Ga. GOOD, HAROLD, Missionary, 2l9 N. Park- side, Chicago, Ill. GOOD, WM., Deceased. HECKENDORN, JAMES, 585 Lake Shore Rd., Grosse Poinf, Mich. JAYCOX, WILSON, 57l Henry ST., Marion, Ohio. JENNE, T. R., Wilmore, Ky. KING, MARION, Preacher, Maxwell, Ind.- KRETSCHMER, RAYMOND, Marcellus, Mich. KUHEN, WILLIAM, II6 Brown Hall, Prince- Ton, N. J. LANG, MRS. MARSHALL, Pearson, Ga. LANTIS, ALDINE, Charloffesville, Ind. LAW, RONALD, Main Sf., Ufica, Ohio. LEE, RU-SSELL, Corbin, Ky. LOY, KAVANAUGH, Columbia, Ky. MAXWELL, WM., Wilmore, Ky. MEANS, ELLIOTT, Fifzgerald, Ga. MING, FRANCES, 200 Maryland Ave., Salem, Va. MORRILL, Lois, Peabody College. Nash- ville, Tenn. MoRTIMER, JEANNE, I8 Sycamore si.. HO- Ho-Kus, N. J. NELSON, EDGAR, Yuba Cify, Calif. ELIZABETH ICARRUTHI: Haw' NIXAN, l Park H. S., Defroif, Mich. IRENE, Nurse, 33 Harrison SI., OWENS, Johnson Cify, N. Y. PIERSON, AVA ANNE lFALKENBERGI, II6 Lane Ave., Columbus, Ohio. PITTMAN, RAYMOND, Princefon, N. J. PORTER, AMITY, Hoople, N. D. PORTER, SYLVESTER, Rushville, Ind. ROWLANDS, VA, Wilmore, Ky. SHADES, LEONARD, Wilmore, Ky. SHIRLEY, HUGH, Preacher, Winchesfer, P5- SMITH, MEREDITH, Preacher, Bingham- Ulalf' SPENCER, MARY, 702l Harford Rd., Ball' more, Md. STEINER, ALBERT, New Sfanfon, Pa. I srrrkauh JosEPHINE, 9707 Linweed, Deffwf- IC . STION5, PAUL, Biblical Sem., New York Cify, TENNIES, LEO, Columbia, s. A. TucI4ER, JAMES, Villa Ridge. Ill- VAN SCIVER, RUTH, 23I Vine si.. Delanco' N. J. WHALEY, BENJAMIN, Soufh Sf., MOUDI Morris, Mich. E R O S T E WHEELER, CLARA LEE, Oviedo, Fla. J WHITNEY, GORDON, 745 Main St., Peck- ville, P6- WILSONI ,JOE BROWN, Preacher, Lyons, 'h Mic . , WINN GEORGE, I36 Renchiclo, Seoul, . Korea--Princeton, N.J. WINSTON, AMBROSE, Crothersville, Ind. WINS-TQNI RUTH QTENNIESI, Columbia, S. A. WOLCOTT, LEONARD, Madison, N. J. WOGDI JARVL5, Lexington Ave., Wilmore, K . WOYODS, MONTRE LA NELLE, l703 Euclid Ave., Covington. KY- ZIQEMER, RUTH, 4l62 Commonwealth, Toledo, Ohio. ' I936 ABBEY, AGNES TSMITHI, Route 3, Toronto, Ohio. ADAMS, IVAN, Greenleaf, ld. ALDERSON, GLENN, Bengal District, Bogra, India. ALLISON, MARY: Sharpsburg. Ky. ALENE, Teacher, I34 Ta - A'f,iTg+ifZ'HilQiiiigilia Park, Mich. Y BAILEY, MRS. MARVIN CGREENEI, Flovilla, Ga. BALD, EDNA MAE, Oakmont, Pa. BARR, CLARA ANN TPOLLOCKI, Marion Center, Pa. BEAMAN, CHARLES, Troy, N. C. BELL, SAMUEL, Harlan, Ind. BENNINGFIELD, NELLIE, Elkhorn, Ky. BERRY, CORRINE TWOLCOTTJ, Talladega, Ala. BISHOP, EDNA, Teacher, Cairo, Ga. BOLICK, HAZEL, Rutherford College, N. C. BOOK, HOWARD, l2I9 S. Maple St., Mc- Pherson, Kan. BORCHERS, WALTER, Minister, 25I6 S. Fern Aurora Hills, Arlington, Va. BUNCH, MARY, North Patterson, Statesville, N. C. BUYERS, GRACE CSMlTHl, O. Granbery, Juiz de Fora, Minas, Geraes, Brazil, S. A. CARRUTH, ELEANOR, Librarian, Lawrence, Kan. CAVIT, CHARLES, Route 7, Winfield, Kan. CLARK, ROY, 4070 Linwood, Riverside, Calif. CLEVELAND, VELA, 302 N. Florida Ave. Lakeland, Fla. CLINGEN, MARION TMCINTIREI, Box SI9I, Denton, Texas. COLE, MELITA TDAYI, Conifer, N. Y. COPELAND, GLENN, 605 Whittier St., Co- lumbus, Ohio. COX, NELDA, Wood Lake, Neb. CROUSE, KIMBER, Maple St., Wilmore, Ky. DAVIS, GEORGE, 945 Seventh Ave., Bristol enn. DUCK, ALFRED, R. C., Americus, Ga. DUTT, HAROLD, Route I, Polk, Ohio. EASLEY, HESTER, III9 E. Fifth St., El Paso Texas. FAIN, MARGARET TSERGENTJ, Main St. Midway, Ky. FISHER, JOSEPHINE, Fl sh' , Oh' . FOWLER, H. THoRNToh,'nc?hhfief'i2, Teh... GIBSON, ELIZABETH, Teacher, High School Pemberton, N, J, GOFF, REGINALD, Trernonton, Utah. GQODHAND. CHARLOTTE BIEHN, Chris- tiana,.Del. T GRANBERRY, SETH, Minister, Raleigh, Miss. GREEN, ROBERT, Burmiclc, Ky. HQCKNEY, LEONARD, 72 Mr. vffiieh si., oston, Mass, HARMON, JAMES, Neon, Ky. HARRISON, OLSEN' Vfllrnorf: K' I , f. HECKENDORN, JANE, sas Lhieiiif-.ffi Ra., Tosse Pt., Mich. hliiffrgrirlflgrg Crillvql-V Lebanon, lll, IJERMAN, LOUIS, Box 95, Elifla, Ohin. LOLA, Piqqott, Ark. R O F A HRQZIESEHT NIJAAYTONI 330 N. Roseville Ave., HQFLSILEZ-. I-OMAI First Methodist Church, HUDSON, ROLAND, 44 s. ' iumhus. Ohio. Dam Ave" CO' HuMERicKHousE, RUSSELL' Chu L, Ind . ru usco, JONES, EVAN, Lucasville, Ohio, KIRK, EUNICE, Flushing, Ohio, KRPOEHLER, MARK, Minister, Maple grove a. ' KUMLER, MARION, Brownsville, Ore. KUMLER, MARTHA, Brownsville, Ore, LAMB, JOY, Pickering, Mo. LEWIS, EDYTHE, Mooers, N. Y. LIGHTLE, RUBY, 1225 M lb hen, Mich. ar ,rough Si" De' LOWRY, BESSIE, l04 N. Walnut St. Wil- more, Ky. ' MATHEWS, JOSEPH, 96 W. Mansfield, Ohio. Second Sii' MCFARLAND - " Drive, Hydle EPldlRl4lCCink:lTlnVilaiEl?iOhxilbTkeTield McINTlRE, JOHN, Box 5l9l, Denton, Texas, MEISER, WILBUR, Sherrodsville, Ohio. MIX, VIRGINIA TPECKJ, Stilesboro, Ga. MORSE, TDONALD, Bloomington, Ind. MYERS, DOROTHY TOETJENI, Apt. A, 522 Monroe St., Ann Arbor, Mich. NEE, GILBERT, 740 Rush St., Chicago, Ill. OETJEN, ROBERT, Apt. A, 522 Monroe St. Ann Arbor, Mich. . ' PECK, JESSE, Stilesboro, Ga. PHILLIPS, CHESTER, 909 Vine, Louisville, Ky. RAYMER, ESTHER, Route 8, Lexington, Ky. RICE, KARL, Missionary, No. 4 Kensington Rd., Bangalore, S. India. RUSSELL, BERNARD, La Belle, Fla. RUTH, VERLA TGOFFI, Tremonton, Utah. SANDERS, WILBUR, New Waverly, Incl. SEQCIRUKER, EARL, I227 Chestnut St., Alameda, a I . SHAW, SARAH CGIBSONI, l029 O'F-allon Ave., Bellevue, Ky. SHOTWELL, HEssEL, Dickey, N. D. SIMPSON, CLARENCE, 6839 Bake Ave., N. College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio. SNEAD, PAUL, 7l7 Oconee St., Athens, Ga. SNEARY, BENTON, Rossburg, Ohio. STEINHART, AWARE, Box 33, Blackstone Coll., Blackstone, Va. STOKES, CHARLES, 409 Prospect St., New Haven, Conn. STRATTON, LOUISE, Star Route, Portsmouth, Ohio. STRICKLAND, JENNIE CLOWERYI, 403 Lin- den, Lexington, Ky. SULLIVAN, HATTIE, Williamsburg, Ky. TODD, BURNETT, 312 5th St., Richmond, Ky. TROTTER, FRANK, Sevierville, Tenn. VAN METER, WM., 4857 N. E. Eighth Ave., Portland, Ore. VARNER, LEE, Queenstown, Md. WHITE, MARJORIE, 5909 Seville, Hunting- ton Park, Calif. WHITE, MARTHA CFOSTERl, East North St., Magnolia, Ark. WHITTEN, PAUL, I8 Spooner St., North Eas- ton, Mass. WILCHER, WM., 926 Biqley Ave.. Charles- ton, W. Va. WOLCOTT, DREW, Talladega, Ala. WOLFE, MILLARD, Ortonville, Mich. ' I935 AMMERMAN, LOUISE, Home Miss., Rt. 7, Cynttiiunifi, Ky. g AMSTUTZ, MARDELE CSTANGERI: Pedfmk- town, N. J. AUSTEL, KATI-IE, lclyllwild, chhf. aALiARo, VIRGINIA TBLADGETTI: Evan- fgfrlintic Work, Marklcvlllc, Ind. BARNFTI, HUGH, Miss., Melrose, FIG. 3,i,.gQ,.,1AhI, VICTOR, lronclalo, Ohio. ffiflfll, tfAi'fl, lJfl3i'lCllf!l', -I'3l9'm- L85'l LU M NI BIRD. KENTON, Neola, W. Va. B'f,fiE,g+CjrRA,cyE, Aviehix, 720 Avalon Park, BQEDEIEEAQJGAIEES., Miss., Tatum High School, BRAYFIELD. NELLIE, Teacher, Carlisle, Ky. BR!lTgaf?NP.a.M.ARTlN, Minister, Route I, Pe- BROWN, MELVIN, M' 't A . pel Tabernacle, Andlelfioil lndliilerson G05 BUQH. MARY ELIZABETH M CON . MISS.. 3388 sehiiege, Chilei, E. A,NELLl' CARY. WM., u. of ciheihheii, Ohio. CARRUTH, WILLIS' U million, S. D. I i of S' Dakoia' Ver' CARRUTH. RUTH CHANEY, u. of s. oe- kota, Vermillion, S. D. CASE, ROBERT, Minister, Brookhaven, Miss. CLEVELAND, VELA HOWELL, 302 N. Flor- ida Ave., Lakeland, Fla. CLINGEN, HERBERT' M' . New York CNY' N. iss, 690 8th Ave., COBB. DEE, Minister Corbin K T i Y- COOPER. ARTHUR, Minister, Route 2, Vine Grove, Ky, COIRQES, DEITRICH, Minister, Margaretville, CROMBIE. ,CLI'VE, Secy. to Vice-President, IO6 Morningside Drive, N. Y. C., N. Y. CROSS, ROBERT, Lawyer, 208 S. Blooming- ton, Bevier, Md. DAY, MURLIN, Miss., Conifer, N. Y. DAYTON, CLAUDE, Minister, Middlepoint, Ohio. DekP1AGTER, MILES, 4768 Holcomb, Detroit, IC . DUNN, WILLIS, Teacher, Route 4, Lansing, Mich. FILHIAN, MARG.ARET TLEWELYNI, Wilmore, y. FLOYTD, DELBERT, Minister, Wilmore, Ky. FLY, ELBERT, Teacher, 92l S. Topeka, Wich- ita, Kan. I FOSSETT, WARREN, Business, 5l5'S. .Main, Caldwell, Kan. FRODERMAN, CARL, Minister, Louisa, Ky. GALLOWAY, CLAUDE, Business, l002 Mac- ferrin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. GIBSON, JAMES, Evangelist, l029 O'Fallon Ave., Bellevue, Ky. GLEATON, BASCOM, Minister, 2l5 E. Lane St., Rossburg, Ore. GRAHAM, IRA, Teacher, 702 E. 23rd St., Cameron, Texas. GROTH, CLAUDE, Culdesac, ld. HAMMACK, JAMIE TSMITHI, Literary Work, Oakwood, Ill. HARTMAN, MABEL, Evangelistic Work, Kelly Station, Pa. HELD, LESTER, 349 Maplewood Ave.,'Struth- ers, Ohio., HEWES, CHESTER, 69 Curtis Ave., Wood- bury, N. J. HOVREN, VIVIAN TYODERI, 2268 W. 20th St., Los Angeles, Calif. HUGHES, FRANCES TWARDENI, Art Teach- er, 3 Parkwood Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. HUMMER, FRANCES, Teacher, Route 9, Meadville, Pa. JONES, GERALD, North Salem, N. H. KAYS, ONIE, Minister, Coalgood, Ky. KEETON, ETHEL, Teacher, Stanford, Ky. KIZER, JOSEPH, Teacher, St. Paris, Ohio. KNAPP, FRANCES WILLIARD, Teacher, l8l0 Young St., Cincinnati, Ohio. LATHAM, MINNIE, Teacher, Gibstown, N. J. LAWRENCE, RUTH, Music Director, Mav- beury, W. Va. LEAcH, ESTHER, Teacher. Oakmont. Pg- LEWIS, FERN, Teacher. Route I- Palme' Ohio. LITTLE, RUTH, Professor, Asbury College. Wilmore, Ky. MAssER, RAY, Huntingloni W- Va' h EWS, CATHERINE TPITTMANII Teac ' Mi-:6irTTlTlIl S. -Chase St., Wheaton. Ill- McAFEE, KATHARINE, Business. BOX 534, Lakeland, Fla. I R O S T E MILLARD, HAROLD E., Minisler, York Springs, Pa. MILLARD, HELEN CKYBURZI, Teacher, Roule I, Augusla, Mich. NEEL, URVILLE, Medical, Gen. Hospilal, Cincinnali, Ohio. NORMAN, MYRTLE, Chrislian Service, Drawer C, Berachah, Arlinglon, Texas. NULL, HERBERT, Minisler, Falls Creek, Pa. OGILVIE, FOREST, 3I25 Main Sl., Jackson- ville, Fla. OWENS, ROBERT, Lawyer, Rago, Kan. PANNABECKER, RAY, Minisler, l02 N. Sl., Yale, Mich. PITTMAN, RICHARD, Missionary, III S. Chase Sl., Whealon, Ill. PRITCHARD, VIRGINIA IHAYESI, Tucker, Ga. RANDALL, OMER, Minisler, S. Greenfield, Mo. REED, CHARLES, Minisler, lrondale, Ohio. REED, ELMA CYRENE, Missionary, Auslin- burg, Ohio. REYNOLDS, MELVIN, Minisler, 32I9 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. ROYSTER, POWELL, Minisler, Dixon, Ky. RUSSELL, EMERSON, Chrislian Work, 737 Henry Sl., Marion, Ohio. SHEPHARD, LEIGHTON, 203 Everell Square, Fl. Valley, Ga. SIKES, MINNIE IJONESI, Box I48, Misha- walca, Ind. SIMPSON, JOHN, Minisler, 340 W. 55lh Sl., New York Cily, N. Y. SMITH, JOHN, Minisler, Oakwood, Ill. SMITH, ROBERT, Minisler, Roule 3, Toronlo, Ohio. SMITH, WILBUR, Missionary, Carazinho, Rio Grande Sul, Brazil, S. A. SULLIVAN, HATTIE, Teacher, 30I Ridge Ave., Williamsburg, Ky. TAYLOR, LOUISE, Nurse, 5225 Race Ave., Chicago, Ill. THORP, THOMAS, Teacher, Burdell, N. Y. THUM, NELLIE, Missionary, Lawson, Ky. TIETZE, STANLEY, Minister, S0 Punla Gorde Ave., E. Mclicesporl, Pa. TROXEL, CHARLOTTE IBABBI, Missionary, Chcslcrvillc, Ohio. WAMPLER, ROY, Minisler, 7007 Famur Sl., Brcslal, Va. WEAVER, DOROTHY, Chrislian Service, 257 Main Ave., E. Twin Falls, ld. WIEZENECKER, MARY, Teacher, Beloil, Ohio. WILSON, ELLEN, Missionary, Roule 2, La- doga, Ind. I934 ACELAR, ROBERT, Box 344, Sloclclon, Calif. ADDINGTON, MELVIN, 625 E. 76th Place, Los Angeles, Calif. ALBRIIGHT, CHARLES, Minislcr, Kingman Ohio, ' Al-IOS, GEORGE, Minister, Slanleylown, Va, SALD, MARGARET, Oalzrnonl, Pa. BEASLEY, MILDRED, Pilol Mouneain, N. c, BISHOP- MERI-INC Chr. Herald lnduslrial I-IIB?-. Eoochow, China. HCDRACEI lvlinig ,r, lA0Unf,3in Ilcme, N, C, Llifliilfgr' Brggvgr Falls' Pa. 3359"-'AY. LOFIEllg Dfmeascri. QGSEPITQ Hir'.fjrv-,cg-,I K-'K BLIFTDETT, MABEL "-"'f"-QHEFIZ l.4iggiQ,,,3,,y,. ily!-:ET Llvgr'-' Qi-brig.. E..:.4'ly.!- Bimbo: BUQKHCLDEE. CLIN: Chip'--In, ic 3, EUIIAFZD. 9195, HAZELZ Q2 5, 3.,,,,a.. l-41.15 C"z.'.k. 5.3, " C-UTS? P-'MY ILMSO:-lg I ' QQ r-I, C. C-l.5Tfg'!', '.'.'!.l, '-V, JPL- Avg-.3 ., Q,,,,,, LJ f' ' - ' ' "M - S. x,'1ff'1" C-'j Cfzl, ZS.-'mf'-.Qg L32 '.'.'-, Fife- f- S-.1-'--7, Ce.--3, Cl-53ilSTS,f5.ll, lQ-:Qf'2"- lfgg S4 ',' Q- if.,,...,. ,-.. CLAQKE, ESTHE? -,rs 5055: S.:e':'-2, 2-3. R O F A L U M NI COLE, DORIS IBLITCHI, Waynesville, N. C. CONYERS, LLOYD, Sidney, Ark. COPPAGE, HAROLD, 364 Park Ave., Lex- inglon, Ky. CORBETT, RUTH, Margarelsville, N. Y. CORDES, RUTH, Margardville, N. Y. CRANFORD, WM., Spolsylvania, Va. CRUM, IRA, Houslon, Del. DAVIS, LUCIA, Lakeville, Ohio. DEAN, MILDRED IRICEI, M. I4 Tunk Hueng, Cheng, Ken, Peplng, China- DENNIS, LOUIS, Minisler, 632 Posl Road, Marcus Hook, Pa. DIXON, REXFORD, Minisler, 230 N. Almonl Sl., lmlay Cily, Mich. EARLY, JOYCE, Hillsboro, N. C. EDWARDS, FRANCES, Danville, Ky. EDWARDS, MAUDE IGREENI, Burnside, Ky. EVANS, SAM, Gallupville, N. Y. EVANS, GEORGE FELDER, CHANDLER, Sl. George, S. C. FERRELL, CAMERON FINKLEBEINER, CHESTER, Leban, Wash. FLEMING, EDITH, 28I3 Holl Sl., Ashland, y. FOGLE, ORPHA QTAYLORI, Asheville, N. C. FODNTTAINE, DONALD, Ollawa Hills, Toledo, lo. FRANTZ, LAWSON, Main Sl., Dillonvale, Ohio. FREIDENBURG, LELAND, Minisler, I34 N. Elmira Sl., Alhens, Pa. GLASSON, ELIZABETH, l6ll Pine Sl., Sl. Louis, Mo. GRANBERRY, SETH, Raleigh, Miss. GUILER, HORACE, Richmond, Ohio. GLISIILES, HELEN, 65 E. Union Sl., Canlon, a HAGER, CORNELIUS, Nicholasville, Ky. HQLL, ALBERT, I47 Woodland, Lexinglon Y HALLBERG, ARTHUR, Cranbury, N. J. HARRIS, CREDO, WHAS Broadcasling Sla- llon, Louisville, Ky. HILL, VELMA, E. Bangor, Pa. HOWE,' RUTH ANN, Casella de Correo 684 Asunclon, Paraguay, S. A. HLIJILLC RONALD, Roule I, Hendersonville JONES, CULEN, Minisler, New Echole, Ga JONES, GERALD, Norlh Salem, N. H. KEELER, ELON, Minisler, Ridgway, Colo. KILBY, EVELYN ISTOKESI, Oak Ridge, N. C KNIGHT, ANNABEL, Cooleemee, N. C. KIIAIGHT, NANCY IWILSONI, Owingville, KNAPP, CATHERINE, God's Bible School Cnncinnali, Ohio. LAMB, MARION, I038 Woodville, Toledo, Ohio. LEACH, SERGIUS, McKenny, Ky. LEPPE, RUTH, 462 Wildwood, Akron, Ohio. LOWRY, RUTH, Wilmore, Ky. MASON, VERABEL IPILSONI: 807 Ferndale Ave., Daylon, Ohio. MASSER, RAYMOND, I436 Oak Grove Ave., Sleubenville, Ohio, MATTINGLY, CAPITOLA, Scarrill Training School, Nashville, Tenn, MAY, Nf-FTEL, vuhmey ciiy, Ky, lAcAFEE, HAYDEN, IBB Fernean Ave. Mala- wan, N. J. ' l4?i'ff3'f. ORVILLEI DFCW Seminary, Madison, lAcLARTY, MARY OVJEN5 96 40lh Sl. Co- lumbus. Ga. .. ' MERRILL. QCROTHYI 20 Duane Ave. Bing- TCTTNTQW. i , Y, ' MILLER, '.'!lLLlf-.Mj B51 l7l' Dell,-Oy. OHD- UITCHEI-Lv l4'32'9f"-RETZ Rice: Landing, Pa, P-493055 Mis. D. L., .ez-4 indiana x-va, N, -'v'., "'l:'2EL'I'f!TCT., D, MOORE, ".'.'ESLE'r' A., 722 Elh Ave., Birming- 'a", A a. T863 MORGAN, GRACE, Slocksville, N, C, MORGAN, RUSSELL OTT, PAUL, Valier, Ill. PARKER, GERALDINE, 3003 Monlana, El Paso, Texas. PPERSISH, ANNA, Roule 2, Founlain Cily, n . , PATTERSON, MARGARET CBRENTI, l622 N. Washinglon, Royal Oak, Mich. PILSON, ALFRED, 807 Ferndale Ave., Day- lon, Ohio. POTTER, PAUL KENNETH, Minisler, Cleve- land, Kan. REEVES, EDWIN, Somerlon, Ariz. RICE, ROLLAND, O. M. S., I4 Tung Hueng, Cheng Ken, Peiping, China. SCARBROUGH, WALTER, Deceased. SCHOONOVER, BERNICE IWELLSI, Harris- ville, Miss. SHOCKLEY, CLARICE IPARLINGI, Drew Theol. Seminary, Madison, N. J. SMITH, RALSTON, Firsl Presbylerian Church, 6lh Ave., near Wood, Pills, Pa. SIBERAL, VERGIL, Michiganlown, Ind. SPENCER, DOROTHY, E. Alhens, Pa. STANGER, FRANCIS, Bridgelon, N. J. STANGER, FRANK, Pedricklown, N. J. STANHOPE, MILDRED, Professor, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. STEESE, RALPH, Box 544, Clawson, Mich. SULLIVAN, HATTIE, Williamsburg, Ky. SWORDS, LILLY, Missionary, I2 Warris Rd., Lahore, Puniab, India. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH IHALLI, Deceased. TAYLOR, MABEL, Wadsworlh, Ohio. THOMAS, GWENETH CMACRORYI, Wil- more, Ky. THOMPSON, ROLAND, Monroe, Ohio. TODD, BURNETT, 3l2 5lh Sl., Richmond, Ky. VANCE, SARA ICARNERI, Mission House, Akola, Berar, India. ' VANDERSALL, PAULINE IDUTTI, 536 Belle- lonlaine Ave., Marion, Ohio. VINCENT, DOSTER, 2I lllh Sl., Albany, Ga. WARNER, DORIS, Claylon, N. J. WARWICK, MARGARET, Chicopwe Schools, Gainesville, Ga. WELSH, EDYTHE CNULLI, Falls Cily Creek, a. WENDLAN-D, ROBERT, 333 Harber Sl., Mans- field, Ohio. WEST, MARTIN, 8l5 E. Main Sl., Berlin, Pa. WESTERFIELD, KATHERINE IWINSLOWI, Elizabelh Cily, N. C. WIGGINS, WALLACE, Dallas, Ga. WILSON, ALLENE IWHITEI, Deceased. WOLFE, IRMA IDICKASONI, 2I6 Hamillon Sl., Ypsilanli, Mich. WOODSON, JAMES ZIMMER, GERALD, Evangelical Mission, Tungien, Kwichow, China. l933 ABBOTT, JESSIE, II64 E. 6lsl Sl., Chicag0. AIEEKANDER, MILDRED ISMITHI, Damascus. hio. ALLEN, MABEL IVINCENTI, 2l lllh SI.. Albany, Ga. AMOS, ESTHER, 2l72 Bellfield Rd-. Cleve- land, Ohio. AMSTUTZ, L. IFRASERI, 633 Elbon Ave-. Akron, Ohio. ANCHETA, ALEJANDRA, P. O. Box 344. Slocklon, Calif. AVRAMOVA, OLGA, 69 Cayuga Sf.. Seneca Falls, N. Y. BAJER, VIRGINIA, 3649 35lh Sl., Ml. Ranier, d. BARNES, HAROLD, Minisler, 2l7 Main Sl.. Jacksonville, Fla. BEAMAN, ALDA ISTOKESI, Box 4, Randle- rnan, N. C. BINGI-IAM, CLARA, 700 Bellefonle SI., Pills- burgh, Pa. BLITCH, JAMES, Minisler, Wanesville, N.. C- BOND, HAROLD J., Minisler, Avon, Ohio. R 0 S T E BOWMAN, DELMOS ROBERT, Thompkins- ville, KY- . . BURQESS, EUNICE, Roufeg 3, BaTavIa, Ohio. ARNER GERALD, Mjsslonary, MIssIon CHousel'AkoIa, Berar, India. CLARK, JOHN A., Box 67l, KinsTon, N. C. CGCHRAN, CHARLES, MinisTer, R. F. D. 8, Ga. TH , I Ionary, Mania' IBURKHOLDERJ Mes' C?,12TlhbdiST Mission, Chulan, Korea. CRQSSNO, LEON, Bells, Tenn. DAWS, EDWARD, 2200 Burwell Ave., Louis- ville, KY- , DAVIS, WILLIAM ELLIS, l66l 5Th ST., Madi- , Ill. DSTITGHERTY, VICKERY, Box 355, Safford, IZ DLTNKELBERGER, DOROTHY, 7Ol Franklin Ave., Sedgewick, Kan. ERICKSON, BERNICE ICRAINEJ, Box 32, CIayTon, Okla. EDWARDS, JOE, Browns Mills, N. J. FELLERS, ELIZABETH, IB4 W. Delason ST., Youngsfown, OhIo. FERGUSON, CHARLES, Crowell, Texas. FERGUSON, STELLA lMRS.l Damascus, Ohio. FISHER, PAUL, Agersville, Ohio. FRASER, KENNETH, 633 Elbon Ave., Akron, Ohio. FULLENWIDER, E. lDODSONl, Benneffsville, Ind. GOODWIN, MARY, 603 S. College Ave., Salem, Va. GRANBERRY, FRANCES, Cd..d+I.d.sviIIe, Ind. GREEN, ROBERT, Msnasfdr, Burnside, Ky. HAMPTON, CoRNELIA, ProSpecT, Ky. HANLIN, MRS. H. IMERRYMANJ, Lake Helen, Fla. HARRIS, T. e., IOIZ SH. S+., odkmdm, Rd. HAY.DON, MRS. MINNIE TCOPPAGEJ, 364 Park Ave., LexingTon, Ky. HIGHTOWER, JAMES, Japlinor Hofel, Bra- denTown, Fla. HILL, WILLIAM, 2lsT Sf. Evansville, Ind. HOLBROOK, CORNELIA, Mary ST., Yering- Ton, Nev. HOTCHKISS, MRS. VIVIAN JOHNSON, Min- isTer's Wife, R. R. I, Clinfon, Ind. ISLER, ROY, Bloomingdale, Ohio. JACKSON, DWIGHT, Oakwood, Ohio. JENWELL, HOWARD, Box l3S, Walerford, ich. JONES, EMILY, Minisler's Wife, Sonora, Ohio. JONES, H. H., Minisler, Marion, Ky. JUSTUS, KARL, Minisfer, Sykesvillc, Md. KIING, CLYDE, 303 N. Walnul Sf., Wilrnorc, Y LANNOM, MRS. B. T., Diclician, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. LARSON, FENTON, Tarheel, N. C. LEDDON, MRS. MARION IEDWAROSJ, MInIsTer's Wife, Browns Mills, N. J. LOAR, MARCH D., B. D. Minislcr, Eagle Rock, Va. MASSER, RAY K., l436 Oak Grove Ave., STeubenvIlle, Ohio. MCCOIG, AUSTIN, Minister, Galax, Va. MCCOY, KAY JEWELL, MiSSiOrIary, I4 lunq Huang. Cheng Ken, Pcipinq, N. China. MERRYMAN, MARSHALL, I-liqh Springs, Fla. MOORE. MARY LOUISE, fuse '-fu.f..+.snf,id.. Sr, Denver, Colo. MORGAN. MABEL, Kinqflorn Cornfr, Linn:- TOFIC, Ky, OSBORN. RUTH: Zcllwoofl, Flu. PAfl5l?ghiERTFl-LAI 304 VK. John Sl., lflrm- PAUL. AARON, Franklorl, Ky, PERRY, MARY, JI4 E, INf,.I+. SI.,, PETTY, SARA, 302 JrIl'IrI10n, Clinlrm, ll C. PFQTY. THOMAS, T02 .lohncf.rI, f,lII.I-.n, ll R O F A PICKLESIMER, HOOVER, 3407 HeighTs, Cleveland, Ohio. Beechwood RANCK, JAMES, M' 'T , 476 Easl' Orange, N. Jlms er N' Maple ST" R.-ENEOM, ALICE, 801 E. SH. S+., MHd.eII RICE, AUDREY, 7l40 Hermil'age, PiI'Ts, Pa, ROSS, EWING, Sardino, Ohio, SHEARER, MARY, M' ' M ' '- sion, ChengTu, W. lE?lTiJnna3.ry' eThOCllST MIS SHREVE, CLARK, T I. , 6IO S+., wII,.d.., N. C. ees er Wesl Nash SMITH, RONALD, MinisTer, Damascus, Ohio, SNYDER, DANIEL, MinisTer, Durbin, W, Va, STANDLEY, ROBERT, M' ' C ' 96, NaTal, Rio Grand lcgseoillladglfe, ST,laAlDaSTal STQNSBERY, CHRIS IEARLYJ, HIIIsIdd.d, N. ST?K53I,dlI1l,ng,1,I lxrillinigrer, Soeul, Korea, or B, STRADER, DORIS, Pampa, Texas. SUNDBERG, RODNEY, MinisTer, Second Ave., NorTh aT Valley ST., SeaTTle, Wash, SWAN, MELVIN, EasTon, Md. SVSPNEHART, RAYMOND, Box 83, Adena, IO. TAYLOR, AGNES IWESCHEJ, 32 Kirin Rd. TIenTsIn, Hopei, China. ' THOMPSON, ELIZABETH, Nurse in N. Y. C., 245 EasT Broad, STaTesville, N. C. VAN METRE, LOUISE, Cachicaden, Peru, Porvia de Truiillo. Wi-IITAKER, JAMES, MinisTer, Farmerville, a. WHITE, FRANCIS, 6l29 STaf'for, HunTingTorI Park, Calif. WILLS, MORELLE, Minnie., Edwards, MISS. WILSON, wILIsER, owI..dvIIIe, Ry. WINSTON, VA., 406 E. Howard ST., CroTh- ersville, Ind. WITTY, ROBERT, LivingsTon Mem. Church, Jacksonville, Fla. I932 ADAMS, MRS. EVANGELINE, Wilmore, Ky. AGNEW, RUTH, 802 S. BenTon Ave., Frees- porf, Ill. ANDREWS, HELEN, 3523 2nd ST. S., Minne- apolis, Minn. ARCHER, VELMA, Wilmore, Ky. BAKER, MRS. MARY ELLEN lAKERSl, Roufe 4, Charloffe, N. C. BANKS, JOHN, MinisTer, Marfinsville, Va. BARNES, GORDON, l806 Arlingfon Ridge Road, Alexandria, Va. BARNETT, MARTHA TBUTTI, Church Hill, Md. BEADLE, WYMAN, Highlands, N. C. BENNETT, HENRY, MinisTer, Blufffon, S. C. BIESACKER, MRS. MARY IFOWLERJ, Bap- lisl Church, Jefferson, Ohio. BRADWAY, MATTHEW, Presbyferian Church, Vallejo, Calif. BRIGGS, MRS. ELSIE, l726 Lincoln Way, E., Mishawaka, Ind. BUMGARDMER, ROSEMARY TYSINGER, Box 458, Hickory, N. C. BUZZARD, CHESTER, 92 Broadway, Mauch Churllt, PO. CAMPBELL, HAROLD, Minisler, I37 STainTon Ave., Dayton, Ohio. CARNER, LAUREN, Missionary. Jalqaon. E' Khnndesh, India. CARRUTH, MAUDE, Teacher, Box J, Chrisfo- hal, Pannrvia Canal Zone. CLINE, ALTON, Hollon H. S., I-lolfon, Kan. COLVIN, VELMA IARCHERJ, Roule I. Morcgnri, Ky. Covvock, MABEL IMCKAYI: Madison. N- J. CORBETT, RUTI-I, 373 Archwood Ave.. Akron. Ohio. COu,.,,5,-lug' MARIE, Ti-richer, Bullcr, KY- IJAVIS CIARK, Roulr: 3, I-akc:villc, OIIIO- IIAVISI MAIIIE IEE: Nfflwn AWP- Mcmpllls' l'.-rm. l1AVl'l, RACIIAEI. KIENNER, 834 WIII-Wffl ,x,.,,.v C,-,.,,..qI..II, Ky. L87I LUMNI DAY . - - Df,,,lIITER. FRED, Teacher, l67Th ST., Harvey, ERNY. EDWARID, Blvd Yorba L'nda Calif 'I I I a FOWLER, HOWARD, Minisfer Ba 'Hgf MinisTer, I30 Yorba Linda Church, Jefferson, Ohio. I p GIFLEIEESPIE. RACHEL COSEPOFFJ, Cleveland, GTILJEESPIE- JOHN: MinisTer, RonceverTe, W, Glfrglslyili' IPITTMANJ, Princefon Sem- e-RAY, NOBLE- M' -, . IHIS er, Polsgrove, Ky, GREATHOUSE. MRS. CLADYS, Wilmore, Ky. GREEN. JAMES, Lawsonville, N, C, GREENE. SCOTT: MI..I,+e. HALL. CLARA ST v Fla. E ENS, MinisTer, Bronson, , Morrisonville, N. HARRISON, EARL ' Sing' Mich. E. I55 Gunson ST., E. Lan- HEDNWISII STELLA lFERGUSONl, Damascus, HILL. SALINA HU - - PIdHSb...gI., N.lY. Dsolll' 84 Com ST" HILLIS, INA RU ,,Tl'lIR' R'd' C I88 Sands-RIo de Janeciro, lTBTaZlilaS. Aiirea HOFFMAN, THEKLA IROSSJ' Bidar D IndIa. ' ' eccan' l'llilgll.Y I05Th ST. and 5Th Ave., New JAMERSON. WAVE, Springerfon, Ill. JENKINS, HOMER, I06Th N. Church ST. EasT PoInT, Ga. ' JENKINS. MARION, BeThesda, Ohio. JOHNSON, FRANK, Oceana, W. Va. JONES, GLENN, 3I7 Hazel, Delanco, N. J. KEELER, ELON T., Box 96I, RouTe 8, Den- ver, Colo. , KEESLER, FRANK, 2508 E. IST ST., WichiTa, an. KING, ROSALYN, 303 N. WalnuT ST., Wil- more K KlNSLEY,yCLAUDE, RddII, CdId. LANG, NINA, Keiser, Ark. LANKFORD, LEWIS, SI.dw.....+, Ala. LARKIN, THOMAS, CII..+dn, N. C. LAWSON, DWIGHT, SOI Avon ST., FlinT, Mich. LEWIS, BENJAMIN, Windham, Ohio. LIFSEY, OLLIE LOUISE, Gallupville, N. Y. LIGHTNER, GEORGE, LosT River, Va. LOCKHART, MALCOLM, Pres. of Bryan Mem. U., I Millige ApT., AThens, Ga. LOFTIN, GLAIDYS, CaTawba, N. C. LOVELACE, SUE CTHOMPSONI, MHCREII- ville, Md. . LUCA, CARMAN, Knapp, Wis. MARKHAM, EVELYN, Teacher, Wilmore, Ky. MOE, ESTHER, 23l2 College ST., Jackson- ville, Fla. MOSLEY, FLORENCE IWEBSTERJ, IO73 E. l7Th ST., Long Beach, Calif. NACE, COOPER, 66 Church ST., Groville, N. J. NACHRIEB, RUSSELL, MinisTer, Drew Semi- nary, Madison, N. J. NEEL, HAROLD, MinisTer, Jonesboro, Ind. I NOTSON, CHARLES, Linsia, Hochow Kansu, China. OVERMYER, ELMER, MinisTer, 905 Bellefon- Taine Ave., Marion, Ohio. PARKER, GRACE IGOWINI, Ferrum Junior College, Ferrum, Va. PELL, EVELYN lBURNSlDEl, W. Main, PiloT Mounfain, N. C. PEYTON, MANFURD, U. S..S. Brooklyn, Care PosTmasTer, New York CITy. Q PHILLIPS, FREDERICK, Box IOS, Cape Girar- deau, Mo. PRATOR, CLIFFORD, I2l Anderson ST., ForT Valley, Ga. RABENSTEIN, HELENA, Deceased. RICE, FRANCES, Greensboro, N. C. RITTER, LOIS lGREENl, LeichesTer, N. C. ROBERTS, MILDRED lPRATONl, I2l Ander- son ST., ForT Valley, GG- - R O S T E ROBINSON, DONNA IHILLJ, Box l54, Duck- fown, Tenn. ROGER, LESLIE, Lurefha, Ky. SCOTT, EARL, Minisfer, Lefarf Falls, Ohio. SCOTT, MILDRED, 725 Perry Sf., Sandusky, Ohio. ' SCUDDER, JANE, Maysville, Ky. SHAW, PAUL, II36 College, Apf. I, Indian- apolis, Ind. SHEPHARD, JACK, Supf. of Schools, Box 6l6, Arnericus, Ga. SHILTZ, HERBERT, Minisfer, Gambier, Ohio. STANLEY, OSSO, Judge of Courf of Ap- peals of Comm. of Ky., Frankforf, Ky. STANTON, GORDON, I4 Trafalgar Sf., Auck- land, Ses., New Zealand. STOKES, MARION, 72 Hunfingfon Ave., Bos- fon, Mass. STRADER, DORIS, Pampa, Texas. TAKEDA, KOICHI, I77 Yabe Cho, Kobe, Japan. THOMPSON, CLAUDE, Minisfer, Mifchell- ville, Md. THOMPSON, MARGARET, R. F. D. 4, Af- lanfa, Ga. TOWN, AGNES IMAGARIANJ, Box 433, Or- lando, Fla. TRAMMEL, MILDRED, Pine Knof, Ky. TRENT, EDITH IMORRISJ, Alfavisfa, Ky. TRICKETT, ALBER, Drew Universify, Madison, N. J. TURNER, AVIS, Russiaville, Ind. TYSINGER, WALDEN, Hickory, N. C. VANDERSOLL, CAROL IWORTHJ, Pennville, Ind. VARGAS ,ANIBAL, Armsfrong College, Berkeley, Calif. WEBSTER, MRS. CATHERINE, 689 Soufh J Sf., Livermore, Calif. WENDELL, CLYDE, Minisfer, 53 S. Powell Ave., Columbus, Ohio. WILLIAMS, HENRY GILBERT, 5l6 N. Dela- ware, Paulsboro, N. J. WINSTON, LACY IGARNERJ, Jalgaon, Easf Khandesh, India. WOLFE, IRMA GLADYS IDICKASONI, Nurse, 2l6 Harnilfon Sf., Ypsilanfi, Mich. YORK, ORRELL, Principal of H. S., Chesfer- fown, N. Y. .. I93I AKERS, -DOROTHY DYER, 400 Main Sf., E. Orange, N. J. ANDERSON, WILBER KENNETH, Minister, Hollisfer, Okla. ARNOLD, CLARENCE LEONARD, Hagers- fown, Md. ATWOOD, ALICE ELAINE, Sanilaria Springs, N. Y. AVERY, ALBERT PAUL, I6 N. Main Sf., Sulli- van, Ind. BAKER, EUGENE, Colebrook, Ohio. BALDWIN, DESSIE LORENE, Missionary, Lee Memorial Mission, Calcuffa, India. BENNETT, ERWIN DAVID, 72 Mf. Vernon SI., Boston, Mass. BERT, ADDA MARIE, Defroif, Kans. and Ba- favia, Ohio. BOUGHTON, MARY ISHUTEJ, 340 W. 55'rh Sl., New York, N. Y. BOUGHTON, NEWELL C., Deceased. BROWNLEE, JOCELYN IKINGJ, I84 S. Walker Sf., Taunfon, Mass. BRUCE, ILA MARIE, Bellaire, Mich. BRUNNER, GEORGE WM., Minisfer, Osce- ola, Ind. BURTON, LAOTA ILIGHTNERJ, Edinburg, Va. BYRNE, ANNIE LAURIE IWESTERFIELDI, As- bury College, Wilmore, Ky. CAARAPETIAN, ARMEN, Newlon Cenler, ass. CHRISTIE, PETER BRAINERD, 45 Belew Sf., Dumcnf, N. J. COCHRAN, RUTH NOTSON, Hochow Kansu, China. COLLINS, VERA, 3209 Allen Place, Riverside, Calif. COPPEDGE, MARY HAZEL, Georgia Baplisf Hospilal, Allanla, Ga. COMER, PERCY, Adelphia, N. J. COPPOCK, MILDRED, Albany, Ind. CRAIG, SUE, Craigsville, Va. CULPEPPER, JAMES MARION, Minisfer Canufe, Olzla. DEITZ, LOIS ELOISE, Cleveland, Kan. R O F A DENNIS, BEATRICE, 502 Benneff Sf., Green- ville, S. C. DRUM, WILLA AZALEA, Roufe I, Clare- monf, N. C. DUV1KEiq LULA, 2426 Tuxedo Ave., Defroif, ic . DUNAWAY, MARY IBARNESJ, Isf and Main Sf., Jacksonville, Fla. EMIGHOLZ, HELENA IMODSCHIEDLERJ, Geronimo, Texas. FIGGE, HELEN CHARLOTTE IMOSSJ, Af- glen, Pa. FRY, WILBUR HAROLD, Deceased. FRCYIER, MARIE, 804 Dingledine Ave., Lima, io. GAINES, MARGARET E. ICHILDSJ, Cenfral, S. C. GARRIOTT, WM. EDDITH, Minisfer, Wood- lawn, Ky. GIFFIN, PAUL COOKE, Minisfer, Drew Sem- inary, Madison, N. J. GILLISPIE, RACHEL IOSEPOFFJ, Bob Jones College, Cleveland, Tenn. GOODWIN, SARAH CATHERINE, 603 Col- lege Ave., Salem, Va. GRIFFITH, VINA ELIZABETH, Douglasville, Ga. GUILES, FLOYD EUGENE, R. F. D. I, Easf Troy, Pa. HAIR, CLOTILDA LITTLEJOHN, I508 Fourfh Ave., Columbus, Ga. HARILIEY, HELEN IHUNTJ, Schofield Bar- rac s. HAWES, WM. A., Huqofown, Kan. HENRY! EDITH VALERA, 434 Bridge, Towan- a, a. HERVEY, JANIE LOUISA, 206 E. Morrison Sf., Wilmore, Ky. HESS, ANNA MARGUERITE, Versailles, Ohio. HINERMAN, ELVIN LESTER, Minisfer, Bev- erly Hills, Hunfindfon, W. Va. HUMPHREY, LOREN FRANKLIN, 29 Cres- cenf Rd., Madison, N. J. HUNT, DORIS MAE: Kings Creek, N. C. JACKSON, MARGRETTE L., 52l E. Sevenfh, Lexingfon, Ky. JRYSIOX, EDWIN L., Minisfer, Efna Green, n . JESSUP, HUGH DEAN: Minisfer, Guilford College, Roufe I, N. C KAHL, RUTH MARIE, Redrickfown, N. J. KLINGLER, DAVID R., Minisfer, Porf Royal, Ky. LAINE, AMOS LLOYD, Cumberland, Va. LARABEE, NORMAN CUTLER, 405 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, N. C. LAWRENCE, PAUL A. U., Box I99, May- beury, W. V. LEWIS, RUTH, Fiq, N. C. LONG, RUTH REBECCA, R. F. D. I, Card- inqfon, Ohio. MACRORY, BOYD ELLSWORTH, Professor, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. MAGARIAN, OSCAR KRIKOR, Box 433, Or- lando, Fla. MATTHEWS, MARY ADELAIDE ISTANDLEYI, IO7 E. Morrison, Wilmore, Ky. MAY, EDITH JUANITA IBAUMACHJ, 2I2l Alvin Sf., Toledo, Ohio. McKEEHAN, JANE ARCHER, 2lI Caldwell Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. McNAY, EDITH ELIZABETH, I027 Georgina, Sanfa Monica, Calif. MORRIS, ORRILL HAYES, I53I Morningside Drive N. E., Aflanfa, Ga. MURDOCK, WALTER HOWARD, Salvafion Army Cifadel, Wesf Long Ave., Dubois, Pa. NICHTERLEIN, FRED A., Pedrickfown, N. J NOTSON, RUTH COCHRAH, Sfonewall, Ga. OBIEN, ERNIE, 96 Union Sf., Ponfiac, Mich. PANGLE, CHARLES FREDERICK, New River, Va. PILOW, MARY EMMA, Bedford, Ky. PLANTS, MRS. IRENE IPAULEYJ, Jordon- vulle, N. Y. PRVESTNON, LLLLIE BELL IKESSLERJ, carinih v PUCRPDY, CHRYSTABELLE YUST, Rushville, io. OLCEILLIAM, JANIE MAE, Roule 3, LaFaye'rfe a RANDALL, NAOI-Ai MARIE, sie Olive si. Springfield, Ohio. ' RANSOM, CARROLL LOUISE, 80I E. Fiffh Ave., Mifchell, S. D. REOUE, ALTA, Monsey, N. Y. T883 -L UTM NI RICHEY, TRUMAN, Barferville, Ky. RINKER, DENISE ALTHEA ADLER, Norfh- wesf Nazarene College, Nampa, ld. RHINEHART, HOWARD, 676 E. 4fh Sf., Chillicofhe, Ohio. ROBERTS, VIOLA, Hillsboro, Ky. ROBERTSON, ANNIE KATE, Sheakleyville, a. SP?NDERS, WYNCYE LUCYLE, Whilewrighf, exas. SCHEUERMAN, ALTA L., 205 E. 7fh Sf., Nafional Cify, Calif. SCHMIDT, MABEL, R. F. D., Easf Troy, Pa. SCUIDDER, ISAAC JAMES, Minisfer, Mays- ville Ky. SEAMANS, CLIFFORD M., Banner Elk, N. C. SHAVER, MILDRED MARIE, Box 333,, Havi- land, Kan. SHUTE, MARY BOUGHTON, 340 W. 55fh Sf., New York, N. Y. SIBERT, DRUSILLA EVANGELINE, I632 W. Grace Sf., Richmond, Va. SPANGLER, VOHNIE MARIE, 2nd Ave., Naf. Valley Sf., Seaffle, Wash. SCHOLL, MRS. VIOLA A. SWIGERT, ZI69 9Ih S. W., Akron, Ohio. STANLEY, ADELAIDE MATTHEWS, Sao Jose gIeAWipibu, Rio Grande de Norfe, Brazil, STOKES, JAMES C., Oak Ridge, N. C. STINE, EDNA, Tom Brook, Va. SWIGERT, VIOLA SCHOLL, ll05 4fh Sf. S. W., Washingfon, D. C. THOMAS, ELIZABETH S., N. Tazewell, Va. TYSINGER, JAMES WALDEN, Minisfer, Box 458, Hickory, N. C. VANLANDINGHAM, OMAR H., Minisfer, Thomasville, Ala. VACgXIhSCYOC, BRYAN O., Minisfer, Sycamore, io. WAMSLEY, CLARA ADDIE, Sfeele, N. D. WICK, CLAIR RALSTON, Minisfer, Smifhfon, Pa. WILDER, RAYMOND, Minisfer, M. E. Church, Spokane, Wash. WILSON, ESTHER MARY, I539 Wesley Ave., Pasadena, Calif. WOOD, LENA EMILY, Co-Lin Jr. College, Wesson, Miss. YORK, MARTHA LEORA, 7l4 Greenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio. l930 ADAMS, MAURINE JOY, Columbia, La. ATHA, WM. JACKSON, Chickamauga, Ga. BANCROFT, LILLIAN FLORENCE, Box 243, Filmore, Calif. BEARD, FRANCES, Lawson, Ky. BENFIELD, WM. HOWARD, Box II4, Weaverville, N. C. BEVAN, THELMA LEONA, Hugofown, Kan. BLFVINS, OPAL, 29 Bolfon Ave., Alexandria, a. BOATWRIGHT, EULALA INOFCIARI, Chal- ham Rd., Roufe 3, Newark, Ohio. BROWN, J. GLENN, I26 W. Cedar Sf., Coalinga, Calif. BUARDESHAW, DORA CLOIDEAN, Hedland, a. BURKHOLDER, MRS. RUTH A., Wasson Belva, N. D. BUTLER, JULIA RUTH, Marengo, Ohio. BUJT1 GAPARNER MOSBY, Minisfer, Church ' I , . CABRERA, MARIA LUISA IJONESJ, l59I Langny Sf., Sf. Paul, Minn. CANNON, VIRGINIA RUTH, 639 Merfon Ave., Akron, Ohio. CARLOCK, EARNEST DIXIE, E. Morris and Green Sfs., Dalfon, Ga. CAROTHERS, J. EDWARD, Minisfer, Middle- burg, Vf. CASE, RUFUS McKlNLEY, Scoffsville, Ky. CHOW, JOSEPH SI-IAO-DAH, 64 Yu Yuen Fong, Yu Yuen Rd., Shanghai, China. CLFXARIK, ARTHUR SUMMERS, N. Salem. CONKLIN, HELEN JEWELL, l952 Loma Visfa, Riverside, Calif. COX, BRUCE EDGAR, 378l Hogarfh Ave.. Defroif, Mich. CRAWFORD, WM. LAWRENCE, 3002 Lee Sf., Greenville, Texas. DENNIS, MAXINE CONEY, Pinopolis, S. C. DeRUlTER, ISABEL MARTIN, M. E. C. M-. Lusambo, Belgian Congo, Africa. ,, , IQ g CID E5 TT EE WNING DOROTHY ANN IPARKINSI' DO - CII okief W, 3l T Sf., Oklahoma y, 208 N' DIESALICE Deeeeeee I I - El'glglggTlRliJTH CHRISTIAN ITHoMPSoNI: - h A ,, Flushing, N. Y. .. Glf,Zgi1Eg6iMA'Iy'E RANSOM, 208 N. William, N. C. . , GESgli:1bOrliilARGARET ELIZABETH: Wnnnere, GEHCN DENToN M.: 48 Cnenen S+., Ween- - ' N.J. QIEcE+OlShAsMUEl. JAMES: R. E. D. No. I, eIBiirer'MiARiE IMoREoRDI: Elkville, III. GRAYBEAL, HoWARD LEE: Wilnnere, ky. HALDEMAN, RUTH BERNICE, IO7 S. Llberfy Sf., Minerva, Ohio. HARNEY, HELEN FLORA IHUNTI: He. Baf- fery, 77fh Field Arf., Ff. SIII, Okla. HARPER, LELAND RICHARDS: Columbus, Hgiqakick, RALPH ALBIN: Jenneen, Ken. Hicks, LETA REBECCA ICAROTHERSI: Middleburg, VI- HO HELEN SIU TINe:,P. o. Box I6IO, Kow- Iolon, Hong Kona, China. HORNEY' HARRIET IMORFORDI, Bourne, KETSO5, MADELINE IDENNISI: Eeeeneeenfe, Md. , . KILBY, V. R., Lewlsburg College, Lewlsburg, N. C. LAMB, WAYNE A., l238 S. 7fh Sf., Paducah, LAKNIGDON, ELMORE, 783 Huningfon Bank Bldg., Columbus, Ohio. LARSON, ALICE ITODDI, IO07 San Francis- co Sf., San Anfonio, Texas. LATHAM, RUBY LUCILE, Wilmore, Ky. LATHAM, JOY, I8 Allen Ave., Cincinnafi, Ohio. LININGER, KENNETH BLAIR, Sheakleyville, Pa. LONGMA, ALMA IDA, Lake Arlhur, La. LOWELL, STANLEY, 726 S. W. l4lh Ave., Miami, Fla. MARTIN, ISABEL lDeRUITERI, M. E. C. M. Lusambo, Congo Belge, Africa. MCDANIEL, HOMER, 536 Adair Ave., Zanes- ville, Ohio. MCGOUGH, JAMES WYLIE, 989 Lincoln Ave., Sfeubenville, Ohio. MCKAIG, CHARLES DONALD, Missionary Training Insfifufe, Nyack, N. Y. MCPHERSON, CHASE ROE, IO7 Adams SI., Galax, Va. Mc!PHERSON, PRISCILLA IMCCAIGI, Galax, a MooN, ISAAC DEANE: Lewisburg College, Lewlsburg, Va. MOORE, GEORGE NELSON, Minister, Brad- ley Branch, N. J. MORRIS, DON ARTHUR, 2I6I2 Elizabclh Sl., Sf. Claire Shores, Mich. MOSHER, MAUDE ALICE ISCOTTI, Lclarl Falls, Ohio. NEUMEISTER, EVELYN M., 2l6 N. Blh, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. NICHOLS, GLADYS C-ERALDINE, l75B Hamplon Rd., Akron, Ohio. OSBORNE, BASIL OSEPOFF, VASIL GABRIEL, Bob JOHCS Col' lege, Cleveland, Tenn. OWEN, MARY NELL IEXUMI, lOO8 Pearl Sf., Fulfon, Ky. PARKER, EDWIN WILEY, Goodwill, Okla. PRITCHARD, JAMES aENNETT: 22 W. Chil- lon Rd., Parkside Ave., Cheers-r P1 RICHARDS - . EDWARD W. 3ll A aff! Ave" Orlando Flo , Il ron ROE, LORENZO' Dfefeyeen R- ROOT, PAUL ADELBERT: S. M. U., ae. sis, Dallaff. Texas. 5C,l,'lo':-EFTQER, RUTH HELEN IASRINSI: Wil' SHARP, Lin . , , , . SHEPA HER E., Slalcn l..lnrI I N K RD. ANNETTE: 203 EV'Jf':lT'! Sennfn, Fl. Valley, Ga, SHALTZ. HERBERT BALDWIN: R, I, U. I, 'f'f'f1Qf0n, Ohio. SFLOYER. K. LUCILLE IST-IYIJERI, Im fine... Smead. Columbus, Gillfjl M Al. J. VIRCIL: 6l'l ri. .InnI:..n ai, SIK UVICIC, Ind, 5,55 'WWE E. ICLARRI: cI..n,:n..A.I, lrnl. QCK, MILDRED LUCILLF2 IMovrI',I: An Ury College, Vfilrrmrrvl Yy, Fl C27 I: ,AT SLOAN, W. P., 5l4 Jacks Sf poo, Ohio On ., Easf Liver- SMITH, HELEN LoUISE: 4oI Gallion, Ohio. Clymer Ave" STANLEY, .CORA LA VERNE IWILSONI, 3528 Dahlia Ave., Hollywood, Calif, STOCKTON, JULIA MAE ILINDERI' Teacher Bafch Lawn, Ill. ' ' STOKES, JOHN LIMACKS, Box 4, Randle- man, N. C. SWEET, EDWIN M KENNON' Ave., Sfockfon, Caiiif. I 260 Fallon TAYLOR, MARION L. TOSBORNE ' R Box I9, Wesffielcl, Ind. il Ouie l' TAYLOR, RUTH ICOOPERI, Roufe 2, Vine Grove, Ky. THOMAS, DALE LeVERNE, Minisfer Vaughns- vIlle, Ohio. ' THOMAS, EUNICE L., Versailles, Ky THOMPSON, LEWIS MADISoN- Lf School, Lexingfon, Ky. I aayelle TODD, LEWIS PAUL, 829 Sfokes Ave., Col- lingswood, N. J. TRIZRMMELL, THELMA MEADOWS, Siearns, y. TUgKjE3R5I QETHUR, Pine Hill School, Bain- VAN HoUeHToN, EARL: 320 Lock S+. Leek- Iand, Ohio. ' WARTENBE, PAUL EDWARD: een E +A . Chevy Cneee, Me. as Ve' WSISSON, RUTH IBURKHOLDERI: Beievie, IO. WATKINS, AARON S., Minisfer, Rushsylvania, Ohio. WEBSTER, HARRY WARDEN, E. I7fh Sf., Long Beach, Calif. WEED, LYLE ALFRED, Edmesfon, N. Y. VVHALY, STELLA, Teacher. WHITE, GEORGE LEROY, Washingfon Jeff- erson Colleqe, Washingfon, Pa. WFIJLLEAMS, CLARENCE EDWARD, Denfon, WILSON, GLADYS: 306 Grove S+., Sidney, Ohio. WILSON, VERNE EDMUND, 3528 Dahlia Ave., Hollywood, Calif. WOLCOTT, DOROTHEA K., Teacher, I703 S. Main Sf., Findlay, Ohio. WOOD, EUNA KELLY IBROWNI, Melrose Apf. l26 W, Cedar Sf., Coalings, Calif. l929 AKERS, LEWIS ROBESON, JR., Roufe 4, Charlolle, N. C. ALEXANDER, FRED A., Brookfondale, N. Y. ALLEN, MRS. BESSIE B., Deceased. ARCHER, MARTHA L., Teacher, Vancleave, K . BAKER, EMOGENE, Teacher, Arabi, Ga. BANCROFT, ROSCOE, Teacher, Encinifas, San Diego, Calif. BARNES, E. RICHARD, Teacher, Elmira, N.Y. BEADLE, MARVIN, Sprinq Hill, La. BIBELHEIMER, HILDA IBROOKSI, Teacher, Hindrnan, Ky. , BIESACKER, ANNA M., Colebrook, OhIo. BLACKFORD, EFFIE D., Teacher, Wilmore, Ky. . BOBB, MARGARET M., SOI E. flfh Sf., Mlfch- ..ll, S. D. BQSWEN, WARREN P., Deceased. BOYDON, MARGARET L., Louisburg College. Louisburg, N. C. , BROWN, FOREST B., Preacher, Elkfon. OPTIO- BURRHOLDER, MAURICEq Teacher. 4 Cleve- lancl Ave., Milford, OIWIO- BUTCHER, MATTIE: Clay. W- VR- , . CATRON, J. EARL, Preacher. JUHCIIOH CIIYI KV- . . f R I CHILDS, JAMES B., JR.: P"'IC'rwl 0 Ufff School, Ccnlral, S. C- COCITIRAN, JOHN, Calle Morene ll42 Ro- mril: SILT. Fc., Afqcnilnof S' A' CooNS, IIELENJE- IWILLIAMI: 376 ECIQG' rnrrffr Pl., Oberlin, KY- S f K COX, THELMA IMAYII OVPCISCI Y' CRAMMOND, MARGARET M.: '49 E- '55ll' SI., lliirv y, Ill. fl'JKIAWFC3RU, MARY IDALEI, Teacher, Anchoi H. I-A, , fQlIl'lIl'L, RAIRII A.: Me-vl'L"'l' N' YM.. f.lJi4llZ v. C.: Mi'-inf'-f. Al,1ff'fl"fCli'M"5f' YA., ,MICE 54,3 l,IIIIIli.i 'llIf'lll5if'Icl -IIssIon. ilhmlil, KY'lllf'l CHIUIIY. Bf'I'5ll Engl Afllco' lJllPrl MIIVII'-I' Uf'f"fu"fl- IB91 L. LJ lvl rl I DUVALL, WM. .' Clarksboro, N.JJl preacher' Salem' Road ELLISON, CHAU . , burgl N. Y. NCEY W., Preacher, Wells ELSON, HAZEL E. IWAGERSI, S ' I S . Evvei 3627 WIckliffe Parkway, Tolgsbi oil: ING. LINDA, 4I9 Rainy Sf. Ashburn Gai MIRIAM I.: Roufe 3, eeiifon, bmo, RE' ROBERT F-I Preacher, Keeseville, N. Y. EINCH. J. HILLAR Cliy' 7 ASS. DAN R., Teacher, Wilmor K eooDSoN, MARIE ICoCHRANi' II gflolgeno II42 Rosario Sfa., Fe., Aigenfianaii Y, Preacher, Simpsonville, GTQCNT. CHAS. W., Preacher, Cresfwood, GRANT, EDWIN l'l.' P Okla. , reacher, Weafherford, CROSSMAN, E. W,: P S+., Cincinnau Ohio. reacher, l8l0 Young GRUBB. A. BLAIR, Preacher, Mooreland Okla. ' GUY Y ER, JOHN W., Preacher, Granville, N, HQIZI-. RAIMOND B., Mail Carrier, Le Belle, HEIRONIMUS. ELIZABETH ILEWISI: K EFI HE'Inxiiv+IE N'ETTIEChMnh'i Buiialo' N' Y' -- . YERS - aneeinsii Ce.. KJ. l' Tame" Lawson HEVERLING, RUTH IDODDI, Anchorage Alaska. ' ' HICKS, ESSIE IGRIFFINI, Preacher, Drew TheologIcal Seminary, Madison, N. J. HIMES, JULIUS O., Preacher, Thomas, Okla. HUCKSTEP, JOHN W., Supf. of Schools, Maffhews, Mo. HUYETT, PAUL H., Preacher, ArkoorT, N. Y. HYERS, MELVIN, Preacher, Sherburne, N..Y. KELLEY, RUTH: Cenfral, S. C. KEISISMER, C. WALTER, Preacher, Corinfh, KING, W. L., Preacher, l84 S. Walker Sf., TaunTon, Mass. I KLAJSAS, EVANGELINE ICOOKI, Vera,i a. LAN, ALICE, Missionary, P. O. Box l6lO, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. LANGILLE, PHILIP, Hinsdale, N. H. LARABEE, MIRIAM IWOLFI, Teacher, l29 Main Sf., Greensburg, Pa. LATHAM, MARY, Teacher. I8 Allen Ave., Wyoming, Cincinnafi, Ohio. LEMBRICH, ROBERT, Deceased. LEWIS, ELMER C., Minisfer, Kensingfon M. E. Church, Buffalo, N. Y. LINDER, RAYMOND, Minisfer,i Bafchiawn, I I LOVEJOY, MARION A., Medicine, Hofel Tu- lane, Nashville, Tenn. MAGILL, HELEN M., Deceased. , MARTIN, VIOLET IMOOREI, Morehead, Ky. MATHEWS, LUCY ISHEPARDII Box 6l6, Americus, Ga. MCCRELESS, SOLLIE E., 805 Chicago Sf., San Anfonio, Texas. MCGUIRE, GENEVA O. IPOTTERI, Lake Foresf, Ill. MOORE, HOMER L., Minisfer, Carrolfon, Ky. MOORE, MARY ELLA, Mocksville, N. C. MOORE, VICTOR E., I48 Easf I55fh Sf., Har- III. MSORE, WM. BRADY, Minisfer, Sfar Roufe, Porfsmoufh, Ohio. MORFORD. CLARICE E. IJAYCoxI: Efna, Green, Ind. ' I , MORFORD, ELBERT S., Mmisfer, lndIana- MOSS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR., Afqlen. Pa. JENNIE E. ISCARBRoUeHI: Teach- MB1ZRSCommercial Subiecfs. Praiii Kal'- NEALE, ALTON, Ashburn, Va. NEWTON, PLINY E.: Kehly. N- C- ,, OLSON, LLOYD H.: Minieier, ve1Iev Fa S- N. Y. OVERMAN, HELEN M.: 107 W- Park Ave" Urbana, Ill. IE, M Cl . KY- - IliEiTli?H'CiJEfliRLES Iivu.:e203 Noflh Gfegson SI., Durham, N- C- H ,II pQTTER, TRUMAN W., Lake Blu , - RRIDDY. VIRCIIL o.: Gen- DRI- Coslloclon' hi . . - PUCRUB RALPH D., Rushville, OIIIO- R O S T E REDFERN, EDGAR F., Whitehall, N. Y. ROBERTS, RUTH C. INUFFERJ, R. F. D. 2, Norwalk, Calif. ROBERTSON, MRS. FLOY . ROBIQNETT, GUSTA A., Yenping, Fulslefl. China. ' SHILTZ, FREDERICK A., Sonora, Ohio. SHRYOCK, GERTRUDE, Tenwick, Sotik, Ken- ya Colony, British East Africa. SIMMERMAN, ORIN M., Germantown, Ky. SMITH ROBERT K., Care Lumba Industrial Miss.: Sotik, Kenya Colony, British East Africa. SPRAGUE, MARIE IKINGI, 400 North Talley, Muncie, Ind. n STRICKLAND, HARRY M., I3l Champaln Ave,. Wilmington, Del. STROH, BYRON, Barberton, Ohio. STROUSE, LUCILE V., Teacher, Chillicothe, Ohio. SWAUGER, RAYMOND L., Lawson, Ky. SWEAZY, CLYDE A., Minister, Carlisle, Ky. TALBOTT, ANNA M. lMcPHERSONl, Min- ister, IO7 Adams St., Galax, Va. TAYLOR, MRS. LENA THOMPSON, WARNER P., Minister, D'Funiak Springs, Fla. TINNELL, LAMBERT G., Minister, Paces, Va. TOWNSEND, A. W., JR., Minister, 2553 Wis- teria St., New Orleans, La. TRIESCHMAN, ELEANOR, Teacher, Route 9, College Hill Station, Mt. Healthy, Ohio. WESLING, GLADYS ISTRONGI, Box 242, Munden, Kan. WESTERFIELD, AUDREY, Leakesville, Miss. WHITEHURST, ESTHER M. IROBERTSI, 4l9 West 8th St., Long Beach, Calif. WHITEHURST, RUSSELL WILLIAMS, MRS. C. E., Deceased. WILLIAMS, MRS. HELEN COONS, 376 Edge- meer Place, Oberlin, Ohio. WYATT, GEORGE M., IB66 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, Ohio. YOST, SARAH, Creighton, Pa. YUST, EMERY F., Dunlap, Kan. YUST, HAROLD, U. S. Entomological Lab., 724 Earlham, Dr. Whittier, Calif. I928 ABERCROMBIE, ELIZABETH lROBERTSl, Hartsell, Ala. ARMSTRONG, JESTA BELL lMATHERLYl, Teacher, Harrodsburg, Ky. BENHART, GRACE, Medina, Ill. BEST, MARY BLODGETT, RALPH, Minister, Markleville, Ind. BOBB, MARGARET lHUGHESl, Claremont, Calif. BOUTERSE, DAVID, Dept. Public Welfare, Richmond, Va. BOYCE, WALLACE F., Minister, Gage, Okla. BREWINGTON, ARTHUR, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. BRIGGS, WM. J., l726 Lincoln Way, E. Mishawaka, Ind. BURNS, HAROLD A., Deceased. CANTRELL, GLENN P., Minister, Woodstock, Ga. CHANDLER, REV. HARTWELL, Clarksburg, Md. CLAPP, PHILLIP, Minister, 5702 N. Kerby Ave., Portland, Ore. CLINE, GLADYS CREDFERNJ, Whitehall, N. Y. COLBY, VJM., Blue Earth, Minn. COLLIER, LOIS, Poulan, Ga. CONNER, MARGARET, Maple Tree College. CONRAD, STELLA IFINCHI, Simpsonvillc, Ky. CROUSE, EDITH IVJILLIAMSI, R. F. D. I, Winston Salem, N. C. DAVIS, HAROLD, Minister, North Tazewell, Va. DICKSON, GLADYS I. IHUNTI, Ruskin Cave, Dickson, Tenn. DRUM, VJ. G., Franklin Springs, Ga. DUVALL, BEN, SOII Corinth Ave., Bond Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio, ELSON, EDNVARD L. R., l409 Park Row, La Jolla, Calif. ENNIS, JAMES, Camden, Del. ERVIN, PRENTICE, Newburg, VJ, Va, EWING, ADYLEIN lBLAKEl, Marian Apt., Griffin, Ga. i R O F A rELLow, FLORENCE QDUVALLJ: 50" COF- inth Ave., Bond Hill, Cincinnati. OIWIO- FELLOWS, ANNA, Teacher, Care Wade Hampton, Prospect, Ky. . FERNANDEZ, EUGENIO, Minister, BInalOf1af1. Pangasinan, Philippine Islands. FISHER, STEWART, I2O N. 5th St., Monte- video, Minn. I , FISHER, VIRGINIA CWHEALYI, Ridgevllle, Ind. FONTAINE, RUTH CGERALDI, William and Mary College, Norfolk, Va. elBsoN, HAYDEN T., wilmare. Ky- GLAZIER, ROGER, 2 Cerperley Ave., On- eonta, N. Y. GROUT, PAUL, Minister, 503 S. Florence St., El Paso, Texas. GUY, JOHN A., Bealeton, Va. HAMILTON, MRS. ELLEN LOIS, l725 l65th Ave., San Leandro, Calif. U HAWKINS, CHRISTINE QBANCROFTI, Rip- ley, Calif. - HEDINGER, HOWARD, 2l0 W. Liberty St., Medina, Ohio. - HERVEY, JANIE LOUISE lROBERTSj, Roches- ter N. H. HICKS, EFFA DEMA lTlNDALLl, Care An- dee Copper Mining, Chanaral, Chile, S. A. HILLIARD, MRS. PEARL, Mountain Air, N. M. HORST, RALPH, 8504 l06th St., Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y. HOTCHKISS, ROY, Monroeton, Pa. HUGHES, RUBY M. lCHARLESWORTHt, Baptist Parsonage, Kennett Square, Pa. HUTCHERSON, C. B., Glasgow, Ky. HUTCHERSON, ELIZABETH, Glasgow, Ky. JENKINS, JULIA IRICEJ, Colbert, Ga. KELLAR, Snyder, N. Y., Deceased. KEELER, GEORGE H., 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. KEHM, MINNIE ICARLOCKI, Corner East Morris and Green Sts., Dalton, Ga. KIRKPATRICK, HENRY, 204 W. Seneca, No- wata, Okla. KNOWLES, HELEN, Box l72, Bushton, Kan. LAMP, BONITA CJENKINSI, Teacher, Tren- ton, Ill. LAMP, CLATUS, Minister, Robinson, III. LEAMER, FLORENCE, Ellendale, N. D. LEE, MARY KLAINEI, Cumberland, Va. LEONARD, VENETA, l2l5 S. I2th St., Mt. Vernon, Ill. I LO4VEJOY, KILDOW, Hotel Ritz, Paducah, y. MICHEL, MABEL, Box 4I, Inhambane, Por- tuguese East Africa. MILLER, RAYMOND R., Mt. Frere, Cape Colony, South Africa. MITSHELL, LORENE IERICKSONI, Windfall, n . MOORE, MARGARET M., Journalistic Work, 927 N. 40th St., Philadelphia, Pa. MORROW, WM., Minister, 220 Wyoming Ave., Audubon, N. J. NAIZLOR, ETHEL, 382 Ave., Joffre, Shanghai, ina. NORRIS, IRENE, 309 Federal St., Bluefield, W. Va. ODEGARD, ALICE, Elk River, Minn. PANGLE, CHARLES FREDERICK, Pound, Va. PERSON, VIOLET, Vancleve, Ky. PICKETT, LEROY, 400I Newbern Ave., Ra- leigh Ave., Raleigh, N. C. POWELL, MARY, Fresno, Ohio. PRSMIZU, EMIL, Minister, Sterling Station, OUIGG, ANNA CGROUTEI, Lyford, Texas. RANSOM, LESSLE lGlLLESPIEI, Reconverte, W. Va. RASOR, EFFIE, Teacher, Brooksville, Ohio. REED, HAZEL, 27I Lark St., Albany, N. Y. REED, LUCILE AMELIA, 5742 W. Erie St., Austin, Chicago, Ill. RICE, WM. DAVID RICHARDS, RACHEL, Cabanatuan, Nueva Eciia Province, Philippine Islands, ROBERTS, BYRON SAMPSON, W. B., Stanford, Ky. SANDYS, FRANCES lELSONl, Deceased. SLAYTON, ELNYR, Clara Swain Hospital, Bareilly, India. SMITH, ALBERT EDWIN SOPER, MYRTLE IBAEHERI, Teacher, Tsingsa, Kuangsi, China. SPIVEY, LOUIS, Pembroke, Ga. E901 L U M N I STEVENSON, CARL STSNIZART, MARIAN CGRANTI, Weatherford, a. STORY, R. K., Cabanatuan, Nueva Eciia Province, Philippine Islands. ' STRATTON, MARJORIE lMOOREl, Star Route, Portsmouth, Ohio. THAYER, EUGENE R., Minister, Staunton, Va. THOMAS, EVAN, Minister, l008 Adams St., New Castle, Pa. THOMPSON, MARGARET L., 2l9 N. Park- side Ave., Chicago, Ill. VIDAL, MATHIAS NAVARRETTE, 3828 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, Calif. WARING, EDWARD TAYLOR WATTS, ANNA CMARSHMANI, Ossian, Ind. WEBB, JOHN R., Broken Arrow, Okla. WELLS, LUCILLE CLINDEMANI, 5l0 McCor- mick St., Clifton Forge, Va. WHEALY, BLYTHE, Minister, Ridgeville, Ind. WHITE, JUDITH A. IKINDERI, Missionary, 6l29 Stafford Ave., Huntington, Calif. WHITMAN, CHARLES, Quincy, Ohio. WILEY, WM. IRVIN, Care Mississippi State Teachers' College, Hattiesburg, Miss. WINN, ROBERT G., Winslow, Ark. WRIGHT, CLAYTON I. WYLIE, HELEN lCLAPPl, Minister's Wife, 5702 N. Kirby Ave., Portland, Ore. YEAGER, REBECCA KBULLIONI, Truscott, exas. I927 AKERS, WM. GERALD, 'l3l3 Magnolia Ave., Norfolk, Va ANDERSON, ROBERT M., Minister, 4305 As- pen St., Philadelphia, Pa. ANGERER, HENRY, Vaughnsville, Ohio. BEELER, T. W., Lynch, Ky. BLACKFORD, LEWELLYN, Wilmore, Ky. BOOKER, HORACE, 407 Vine St., East Liver- pool, Ohio. BCBVYDEILXI, SYBIL ITOMLINI, Teacher, Car- lse, y. BRINESHULTZ, RUTH lMlTCHELLl, BROSS, IDA CDEANSI CAMPBDELL, EVELYN CHAMMERLYI, New- on, a. CANTRELL, RAY C., Athletic Coach, l60 Jameson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. CARMICHAEL, MINNIE, Deceased. CARNES, B. G., Minister, Wilmore, Ky. CARR, CATHERINE, Teacher, l22 W. 35th St., Erie, Pa. CARROLL, MR. MIXON CARRUTH, IVA MAE, Care Harwood School, III4 N. 7th St., Albuquerque, N. M. CARRUTH, S. E., Minister, Fortville, Ind. CARTER, EFFIE, Teacher, Lyons, Kan. CLARK, ROBERT, 408 Garrard Ave., Cov- ington, Ky. COFFEE, JANE ISTRIEBYI, 207 S. Muhlen- bert St., Woodstock, Va. CROSS, WALTER CRAWFORD, RUTH, l35 Main St., Pittsburgh, exas. DACDISMA, LUELLA IPATTONI, Booneville, y. DAYHUFF, HELEN IUTTERBACKI, Sherrods- ville, Ohio. ELLICKSON, BETTY IFRANCISJ, R. F. D. 2. Chapin, N. Y. ELLIOTT, LOIS A. IDICKEYI, Teacher, ll229 N. E. Prescott St., Portland, Ore. ERNY, FLORENCE CHOUSEHOLDERI, I20l South Flower St., Los Angeles, Calif. ERNY, JEANETTE A. IYOUNGI, 630 Beryl St., Redondo Beach, Calif. EWING, FLORINNE KPIFERI, 900 East San- dusky St., Findlay, Ohio. FIELD, ALSTON FYS, IILLIAN lPREMRUl, Sterling Station. GABOSCH, RUTH, Librarian, Methodist GIrI'S High School, Chengtu, Sze., WCSI China. GALLION, LILLIAN, Teacher, Route I, 282 O, El Paso, Texas. GOUGH, HELEN, Pickford, Mich. GOVER, GLENN, 4II E. Vernon St., Somer- set, Ky. GRAHAM, ELIZABETH GRIFFITH, WILMA IBANKSJ GUYER, PAULINE, Evangelism, Sudan IH' ffrior Miss., Malumfashi via Funtua, WeSf rica. R O S T E INS, LEROY, Sf. Paul, Va. lFlIEILM4INTOLER, PETER C., Minisfer. HICKS HELEN IEDWARDSJ, l825 78fh Ave., ' alif. kl d. C HEIQERT JAMES, Missionary, I825 Clayfon Ave., Racine, Wis. 1 ' HOWELL, OTTERBEIN C., IVTIHISIGF, I209 Uniied S+.. Kev Wesf. Fla- HUNLEY, HAZEL CREIDL, M. E. C. M. Wembo Nyama Lusam o, Congo Belge, Africa. . HUNT, MARY E. IHENLEYI, Teacher, Box 267 Kinsfon, N. C. - HUYETT. DOROTHY IKLINGERI, Porf Royal, JAlYlCOX, LEE, Minisfer, 35 Carey Ave., Binghamfon, N. Y. KELLER, ELLEN, F., Missionary, C. 81 M..A. Mission, Boma Congo, Belge, W. Africa. KEYS, CLIFFORD, Minisfer, 7fh and A Sf., N. E., Washingfon, D. C. KINDER, J. L., Missionary, 6l29 Sfafford Ave., Hunfingfon, Calif. KING, LAUREN A., Wheafon College, Wheafon, Ill. KIRKPATRICK, PAUL, Minisfer, Porf Gibson, N. Y. KITTLE, VERA ICARLSONI, 977 I-2 Larrabee, Cole Branch, Los Angeles, Calif. LANG, VICTORIA, Missionary, Box 4l, In- hambane, Porfuguese, E. Africa. LARMEE, RAYMOND, Sfearns, Ky. LARSON, C. H. L., Minisfer, Box I63, Long- fon, Kan. LEE, ALLAN, Minisfer, Hafferas, N. C. LILLEY, BERTIE QOLSONJ, Sfarke, Fla. LOUTHAN, ROSS, Toms Brook, Va. LUCE, CLAYTON, Minisfer, Sfreef, Md. LUCK, BERTHA, II7 8fh Ave. Soufh, Nash- ville, Tenn. MILLER, HELEN IWHITTLESEYI, 527 River- side Drive, New York, N. Y. MITCHELL, JUNE SAMUEL, Windfall, Ind. MOORE, BOWEN, Greenbank, W. Va. MEJORE, ESTELLE ISUTTONI, Bryanfsville, y. MOORE, PAUL K., Teacher, Bafavia, Ohio. MOORE, VIRGIL, Minisfer, Wilmore, Ky. MORRIS, MARIE H IHARVEYJ, The Horne- sfead, Charlesfon, W. Va. MOSS, RUTH IRIDOUTI, 949 Washingfon Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y. MURPHY, LAWRENCE, Tucson, Ariz. NELSON, PAUL, Roxana, lll. NOFCIER, LENA B., Librarian, Box 298, Frankforf, Ky. OCKERMAN, R. F., Minisfer, Middlesboro, Ky. OLIVER, HAZEL, I35l College Sf., Bowling Green, Ky. PATTON, RUSSELL, Minisfer, Booneville, Ky. PESLE, SHULER, Minisfer, Winfer Garden, a. PERRY, CLARENCE, 2859 Winslow Ave., Cin- clnnafi, Ohio. POLLOCK, HENRY, Minisfer, Midway, Pa. PRITCHETT, G. MORTON, Onion, Ky. PUCKETT, JOHN W., JR., Sfedman, N. C. REID, ALEX, Missionary, M. E. C. M., Wem- bo Nyama, Lusambo, Congo, Belge, Africa. RIDOUT, KILBURN, 949 Washingfon Ave., Pelham, N. Y. ROSS, JUNE IKITSONI, Sharon Cenfer, Ohio. SCHEUERMAN, CLAUDE, Minisfer, Renfrow, Okla. SCHUSTER, KARL, Minisfer, Moscow, Kan. SCOTT, ROLAND W., M. E. Church, Nagpur, C. P., India. SEAMANS, SAMUEL, Deceased. SHAHAN, GLADYS ILOARI, Eagle Rock, Va. SHEHAN, LUCILE, Librarian, Asbury Col- lege, Wilmore, Ky. SIKES, MAE IHAWKINSJ, Waldo, Fla. SOPER, MIRIAM IHYERSI, Sherburne, N. Y. SPRY, MINNIE CMORROWI, 220 Wyoming Ave., Audubon, N. J. STRIEBY, FRANCIS, Minisfer, 207 S. Muhlen- berf Sf., Woodsfock, Va. THOMAS, DAVID, Teacher, Box 253 Chagrin Falls, Ohio. THOMAS, MILTON, Minisfer, Rimersburg, Pa. THOMAS, RUTH IGODBEYJ, Gresham, Neb. THOMPSON, LACY H. TINDALL, FRANK M., Chemisf, Polrerillos, Chile, S. A. TOMLIN, G. R., Minislcr, Carlisle, Ky. R' O F 'A VALLENTYNE, HELEN ANDERSON' 8fh N. E., Seaffle, Wdsh. J' 8ll2 WARE, B. W., Minisfer, Clanfon, Ala. WESTERFIELD, MILDRED, Mason Cify, III. WHITMER, ALBERT, Remingfon, Va. WILDER, ERA PENISTON, Teacher of Organ Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. WILLIAMS, AUBRA ICICORELLAI, 30 Ossi- pee Rd., Somerville, Mass. WILLIS, FORREST, 32 I9 Cedar Ave. Cleve- land, Ohio. ' WORTHINGTON, SALLIE ISIMI, Teacher Olivef, Ky. ' YOUNG, CLAUDE W., 630 Beryl Sf., Redon- do Beach, Calif. I926 ANDREWS, ESTHER IBLAKSLEEJ, 96 Oak Sf., Binghampfon, N. Y. BATEMAN, GLADYS IKAMMI, lO2 7fh Ave., Haddon Hfs., N. J. BETZ, BEULAH ISMITHI, 575 S. Roys Ave., Columbus, Ohio. BLAKSLEE, REV. JUDSON D., 96 Oak Sf Binghampfon, N. Y. BLANCHARD, REV. CHAS. L., Rock Lick, Ky. BRADLEY, REV. A. E., Piffsfown, N. Y. BULIFANT, JOSEPHINE, Cumberland Bible lnsfifufe and Children's Home, Livingsfon, Tenn. CALEY, REV. ALLEN W., 30l5 Scoff Wood, Toledo, Ohio. CARPENTER, REV. RUSSELL, 9I William Sf., Lyons, N. Y. CARTER, RUTH ICARISI, 66 E. Duncan Sf., Columbus, Ohio. CHAMBERLAIN, MARY, 2l0 N. Madison Sf., Sfaufon, Va. CHANG, DR. WAN YU, No. 3 Hsien Yu Hsiang, Peiping, China. COX, REV. MURRAY, DeKalb, Miss. CRAMMOND, DOROTHY INEWTONI, ll8 Mill Sf., Big Rapids, Mich. CRENSHAW, G. E., Cenfral, S. C. DAVIS, BERNICE, R. F. D., Joelfon, Tenn. DENISON, IRENE CWHITEI, 304 E. Jefferson, Pulaski, Tenn. ' DeWALT, HARRISON, Sanifaria Springs, N. Y. DOWELL, LOUISE K. IYATESJ, Teacher, In- dianapolis, Ind. DUNKELBERGER, MINNIE IKEYSI, 7fh and A Sfs., N. E., Washingfon, D. C. EATON, REV. HAROLD, SI. Luke M. E. Church, Bryn Mawr, Pa. GAUGH, LESLIE B., 266 Soufh Limesfone Sf., Lexingfon, Ky. GODBEY, LUTHER, Gresham, Neb. GRAY, C. M., Care Archer Gray, Lexingfon, Ky. HALL, PROF. BRUCE' B., 535 Smifh Ave., Thomasville, Ga. HAMMERLY, CARL R., 55 N. 3rd Sf., Bangor, Pa. HARMON, MARJORIE, Hillsboro, Ky. HARROD, GEORGIANA, La Offo, Ind. HAWES, MRS. W. A., Hugofon, Kang HERTZOG, ESTHER, Teacher, Roufe 5, Free- porf, Ohio. HOUSEHOLDER, REV. DONALD, l20l Soufh Flower Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. HUNT, GEORGE G., Sfockporf, Iowa. JOHNSON, IRENE IWRIGHTI, Gen. Del., Brownsville, Texas. , JONES, ANNIE L. ISCHAEFFERJ, 99 Millers Land, Ff. Thomas, Ky. n KELLER, REV. G. PAUL, 384 E. Main Sf., Bradford, Pa. KIRKPATRICK, Rev. vngeIL: Cafe Lumba lndusfrial Mission, Kericho. KGDYG COIOUY. Brifish Easf Africa. LARSON, ALICE ITODDI: Teacher- Ocoee- Fla. LeJEUNE, REV. E. N., 3l0 Wood Sl-. Tex' arkana, Ark. LITTLEFIELD, VIOLET IBOLLINGERI, Preach- ing, Rainier, Ore. LOUDENSLAGER, PROF. RALPH, MaxweIIOH Counfy, Lexingfon, Ky. MANLEY MARIE IHARRISI, Senafh, Mo. MARTIN: ISABEL lDeRUITERI., -BOGFCI OT Foreign Missions, Docfors Building- Nash' 'll , Te n. , MAVIFSONT RussELL K, 499 High si.. Dan- ville, Ky. oshl, LELA KUSKAJ, Troy. Ky. if12l4liii5HAN, ROLLliXl H., 2lI Caldwell Ave.. Knoxville Tenn. McNAMARlA, Mhizehizerg sioorhs. Ky- E911 ..,. - ..., M-,,.. ' o.,ef-1 c-asia-:,.o-so ' L U M N I McNElL. ROSA' 4954 B d ' Washingmn' C. ran ywlne Sf., N. W., MIKKELSON, EVELYN ICANTRELL' l54 Madland Sf., Toronfo, Onfario, Cblnada. MITCHELL. Aueusrf-x Lb .Norfh Mui sf., LEXINGTON? kyieacller' lbo MITCHELL, GERTRUDE, Versailles, Ky. MORGAN. REV. C. L.' 2294 ' - ma Canal Zone. . Crisfobal, Pana Moms. Mas. GAILE J.- Wilmore Ky MORRISON. EMILY v. icHANDLErip- Trum- bull, Conn. ' ' NAYLOR, ROBERTA A., Beloif, Ohio. igriiidsrli, lilii1'NEQiJLri4+lEelE2i. Flsihlo School PElTil-ciiblizl-RIEID6iAbiTrli11aARTI3N1TfiaDuneden Fla I PHENIX, RUBY . ' ' RAM: hQ.ll'i.EioleiSl?S: Cafe W' I' Cum' RCEELTIIEGER, RUTH, Winfhrop College, Rock RUTH: rioY, 1531 IOfh Avo., soh Francisco cohf. ' SAUNDERS, MARY RAMSEY, Teacher. SCULL. FAITH IWRIGHTT SEAMANS, LYMAN H., Branchville, N, J. SHEPPARD, ELAIVI lvl., 2lO3 W. F Balfimore, Md. ayeiie St' SHIXIPPJS, HOWARD, 9 Soufh Main Sf., Elmer, SHREVE, MARIE, Beloif, Ohio. SI1MPKINS, ETHEL, 2999 Orange, Beaumonf, exas. SMELL, HELEN ISTERLINGJ, Shreve, Ohio. SWAN, LOIS, 4556 Kensingfon Ave., San Diego, Calif. SWAUGER, J. ROBERT, Sandy Lake, Pa. TAVLBERT, FLORENCE IHANKINSI, Sf. Paul, a . TODD, RALPH W., 3 Wesf Wayne Terrace, Collingswood, N. J. TODD, ROLLA B. TOMLINSON, HOWARD J., Ff. Thomas Disf., CCC, Ff. Thomas, Ky. TOJVNILEY, HUGH, Minisfer, Crosswell, rc . TSUCHIVA, KENICHI, The Sefagava Holi- ness Church, 58 Sangeniavamachi, Sefagaya- ku, Tokyo, Japan. VAAL-PETCHER, MARGARET, 3342 Eucalyp- fus Ave., Riverside, Calif. VANAMAN, JAMES, Adverfising. WALLACE, BELLE IMOOREI, 2l27 Univer- sify Ave., Madison, Wis. WALLER, HARRY H, 609 Minorca, Coral Gables, Fla. WATTS, ANNABELLE, Social Service, 624 Denver Ave., Tulsa, Okla. WEAVER, LAWRENCE, Supf. Junior High, 22l E. Harrison Sf., Maumee, Ohio. WEAVER, LORA L. QGILLISPIEI, 49ll Sangs- fer Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. WESTERFIELD, Y. D., College Prof., Gym lnsfrucfor, 855 Haddon Ave., Camden, N.J. WHALEN, NETTIE, Deceased. WHEELER, HENRY T., Minisfer, M. E. C. M., Tunda Kingolo, Congo Belge, Africa. WILEY, BESSIE WOOTEN CJORDANI, 5Il Claiborne Sf., Jackson, Miss. WILEY, FRANCES ISTEELMANI, Halls, Tenn. ZIMMERMAN, ADA LOUISE, 3858 Wesf I9fh Sf., Cleveland, Ohio. I925 ' ALLEN, MABEL GLADYS, Deceased, Norfh Websfer, Ind. ANDERSON,ALFREDA F., Painfed Posf, N.Y. ARMSTRONG, FRANCES, Teaching, Red Rock, Newporf, Minn. BAKER, FRANK, Minisfer, Newsoms, Va. BALDWIN, ROYAL M., Washingfon, Ky. BARTLETT, FAYE IGRACEYJ, Hughes Springs, Texas. . BETZ, GRACE CJENKINSI, Roufe 3, Plain Cify, Ohio. BEVERLY, C. C., Minisfer, deceased. BLAIN, JAMES, 645 Linda Visfa Ave., Pasa- dena, Calif. BROWN, EMORY, Millry, Ala. BURDESHAW, NETTIE IBAKERJ, Newsoms, Va. BURNS, GEORGE J., Minisfer, 5002 N. llfh Sf., Philadelphia, Pa. CAMP, HUBBARD F., Deceased. ' ' - ,qg4.g5 2 ' -:'oFii?:.i': A-:'.".'3?E7y.?7i-Zfegliiifsefhtij59167333-,iii-Ti R O S T E CANTRELL, ROY H.: Minister, l54 Madland St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. CHILTON, J. F.: Accountant, 605 Cherokee Ave., Atlanta, Ga. , CHUNG, ROBERT: Minister, 3ll-7 Sa Jug Jung, Seoul, Korea. COAN, NELLIE: Cooksville, III. CORLEY, MARY ELIZABETH: Professor, Ellis- ville Junior College, Ellisville, Miss. CORTEZ, EDMUND: Durham, N. H. CROUSE, LOIS IBINGHAMI: Lawrenceville, Ill. CROUSE, J. BYRON: Evangelistic Singer, Wilmore, Ky. CULPEPPER, E. BURKE: Minister, 535 Le- Master, Memphis, Tenn. DICKSON, EUGENE: Manchester, Kan. DICKSON, NINA: Teaching, Ramah, Colo. DREW, MYRTICE V. CCROSLANDI: Talla- poosa, Ga. ELROD, McLOWRY: Minister, Chickamauga, Ga. ELROY, FRANK H.: Cuba, Ala. ERNY, EUGENE: Minister, Care Oriental Missionary Society, Peiping, Dhina. FLEMING, RAYMOND J.: Minister, 204 E. Terhune St., Viroqua, Wis. FLOWERS, MARJORIE IEIMERI: 673 Racine Ave., Columbus, Ohio. FRADY, JAMES C.: Hickory, N. C. FULFORD, BEATRICE QADAMSI: Box l5l6 Chinook, Montana. GOLDEN, MILDRED J.: Gen Del., East Liver- pool, Ohio. GRAY, JOHN WILTON: Deceased. GRINSTEAD, ELIZABETH IMURDOCKI: Poly- technic Institute, Billings, Mont. HAHN, JENNINGS: Minister, Chaplin, Ky. HQRGETT, MASON: Doctor, Rio De Janeiro, razl. HASKINS, GRACE EMILY ILUCEI: Private Secretary, Street, Maryland. HERNDON, JENNIE MAE QSMITHI: Mans- field, La. HOLLAND, W. W.: Minister, 35l2 Hand- man St., Cincinnati, Ohio. HOUGLIN, AARON DOUGLAS: Minister, Brooksville, Ky. HUGHES, GAZELLE HOPE: Humeston, Ia. ISGRIGG, LUCILE: Milan, Kan. JOHNSON, Z. T.: Vice-President, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. KANG, JASON YOUNG: Pyeng Yang, Korea. KENMPIF, LUCILE ITOWNLEYI: Croswell, ic . KING, FRANK CARROLL: Maysville, Ky. LEELER, BAYNE W.: Route 4, Concord, N. LESTER, WILMA: Franson, Memorial- Bible Sxghool, Mhlotsheni, Swaziland, South rico. LEWIS, JOHN H.: Minister, Jackson, Ky. LOEW, DONNA MARIE: III4 N. 7th St., Albuquerque, N. M. LOLIDENSLAGER, J. W.: Walnut Grove, Miss. LUCE, ESTHER FAITH tHUTCHERSONI:6l6 Wataga Drive, Louisville, Ky. MQRTIN, FRED LEE, JR.: Minister, Duncdan, a. MQELROY, FRANK: Cuba, Ala. MCINNSS, ALMA M. IBEVINGTONI: Kittan- mq, Q, McKEE, EARL STANLEY: Minister, Carn- brrdge City, Ind. t-MRJNEEL, J. RALPl"'I: Minister, Vlgghburn, Lecoueew, LLow'o, I..ezns.i.,f, 32.4 North Aw N. E., r.esr.iilQn, owe. MQTIEFI, LQROY: Shellman, Ga, l.tlL'LER, VIVIAN E. IPIKEII 562-4 N. Borth- Nlii' Avg, Pcrtlgndt Org, MOORE, At-JNIE MINTZER IEBNERIQ Rare-,. SCH A-'-'P., New Brurgwigt, N, J, Iu'vfll.LlfAf-t ,lf Tggghinq' Q Helly Leno. Fort The-nag, K-,f, ' MORTON, CATHERINE: Currie, N. C. MULLINAUX, CLIFTON: Route 2, Cent:-,s, S. C t.t"r'ERS, HORACE P.: Iraq., ii,', NEEL, LAURA Il-VHEELERI: Lt. E, C, MW Tunic. Kcnocie, Congo Bel-gc, Africa, NEVJTON, EARL: Minister, Cam R-3-,f, CQ,-,ig Trovel, 32 Kirin Rd., Tientgin, Hepei, Ching, NEVJTON, ROY: Teaching, IIE t.ti!E5 Sf, 5:9 Ra:-ids, Mich. ' R O F A NIXON, ERNA O.: Seaside Mission Home, Hector's River, P. O. Jamaica. B- W- l- OSBORN, LEON L.: Zellwood, Fla. PATON, DWIGHT LYMANg Minisier. Cot- tonwood Falls, Kan. PARSONS, LLOYD C.: New Martinsville, W. Va. PATON, LILLIAN D.: Cottonwood Falls, Kan. PENNER, EVA N.: 22 Napier Road, Poona. India. PERKINS, CARROLL C. h . PFAFF, JESSIE AMES: Mutambara Mission, Mutambara, South Rhodesia, Africa. PHILLIPS, GENE EDWIN: Minister, 5l2 22nd St., Ashland, Ky. PIKE, CLARENCE J.: Minister, 5624 North Borthwick Ave., Portland, Ore.. - PORTER, NELLIE IPERKINSI: Bonita Spring, Fla. PRESLEY, ISAAC HILL: l20l Porter St., Rich- mond, Va. PUNTNEY, ALBERT T.: Head of English De- partment, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. RASMUSEN, MARY LOUISE: Deceased. REEP, CHARLES: Alden, Kan. RICHARDS, ARCHIE B.: Nankwantao, Shan- tung, China. RUNYON, WALDO J.: Supt. of Schools, Lime, Colo. RUSSELL, WALLACE H.: Minister, Russell Springs, Ky. SAGESER, BERTHA IBENSONI: Burke, S. D. SAVAGE, JAMES EVERETT: Minister, Mt. Sterling, Ky. SCHEBLOOM, EBBA C.: Teacher. SHEHAN, -SARAH AILEEN CCALEYI: 30l5 Scott Wood, Toledo, Ohio. SHEPHERD, W. W.: Minister, Lexington Ave., Wilmore, Ky. SMITH, MILDRED L. IWALLERI: 609 Minor- ca, Coral Gables, Fla. STANLEY, CHESTER G.: Minister, 232 S. Park Ave., Alliance, Ohio. TAYLOR, EVA: Professor, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. TETLEY, MARTHA QALLREDI: I50Z Overhill Terrace, Greensboro, N. C. TRAVIS, MADISON H. TROXEL, CECIL WARREN: Minister, 32 Kirin Rd., Tientstia, Hope, China. VERGUSON, ALVIN: Principal in H. S., Bar- tow, Fla. WATTS, EMMA T.: I40O Fairmount Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. WILEY, PATRICK HENRY: Teller, German- tcwn, Tenn. WILEY, ROBERT F.: Professor, Barbourville, Ky. WILLIAMS, SAMUEL J.: Minister, Route 2, Xenia, Ohio. WOOD, PAUL HUDSON: Minister, Box IO5 Colebrook, Ohio. WORTHINGTON, JOHN W.: Minister, Ep- worth Church, Louisville, Ky. ZEE, LUCY IWONGI: Oriental Restaurant 2505 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. I924 ALLRED, DAVID EDGAR: ISO7 Overhill Ter- race, Greensboro, N. C. ANDREWS, RUTH CMILLERI: Mt. Frere, Cape Colony, South Africa. ANGERER, HENRY: Vaughnsville, Ohio. BARKER, ADELAIDE: Portland Bible Insti- tute, Portland, Ore. BARKER, EARL P.: Portland Bible Institute Portland, Orc. I r BARTLETT, BERTHA IWARNERI: l754 Wash- ington Blvd., Chicago, Ill. BEELER, MRS. T. W.: Lynch, Ky. BELL, JOY: 207 Spaulding St., Pullman, Wash. tw4Ir'1I5tCr, Burke' BIESECKER, CATHERINE ISMITHI: Care Lurvrba Industrial Mission, Sotik, Kenya Colony, British East Africa. BRJGGS, P HELEN IBIGELOVJI: Monument Seach, Jasc. CAMPBELL, Hr'-.RLEN M.: 20 South St., Bel-e--.5 Falls, Vt. COOK, IRM!-. ll-IOBLEJ: IBZO Garrard St., Covington, Kg, COY, MARTHA: Teacher, Hissar, Puniab, India, DEAN, VIRGINIA IM!-.VJSOl'lI: Bez 864, Bare. Calif. T921 L U M N I DeRUlTER, WM.: M. E. C. M., Lusambo Belgian Congo, Africa. ' DORN, C. C.: Minister, Leesville, S. C. DURIGG, MILDRED: Dean of Women, Olivet College, Olivet, III. EWALD, ALBERT FRANKS, LUCILLE ICAMBELLI: 20 South St., Bellows Falls, Vt. FURBAY, J. H.: Professor, Mills College, Oakland, Calif. GAMBLE, JOHN C.: 30l Hines Terrace, Macon, Ga. GREGORY, LOIS V.: Y. P. Worker, Care A. L. Gregory, Route I, Sewickley, Pa. HANCOCK, EMORY: Louisa, Ky. HICKS, JOHN K.: Ghent, Ky. HOWEALL, FLORENCE CREAVESI: Grady, N. . LEWIS, JOSEPH H.: Cong. Evangelist, Wil- liamsburg, Ky. MACKEY, W. K.: Minister, l8l9 Coventry Rd., Columbus, Ohio. MCCONNELL, LELA G.: Pres. of Mt. Car- mel, Mt. Carmel School, Lawson, Ky. MILLER, ALPHA J.: Wilmore, Ky. MOSSER, EASTER CROUGHTONI: Sanders- ville, Ga. MYERS, CLARK W.: Minister, Andrews, Incl. NEWTON, RAYMOND Z.: Minister, Swan- quarter, N. C. OTTER, ERNEST L.: Minister, 584 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y. PARKER, J. R.: Minister, Wilmore, Ky. PIKE, MAUDE INEWTONI: Missionary, - Swanquarter, N. C. PIKE, ERNEST P.: Minister, Paternos, Oka- nogan Co., Washington. PIKE, WILBUR N.: Minister, 54l Rutherford Ave., Trenton, N. J. REES, EVA DOROTHY: M. E. C. M., Wem- bo Nyama, Lusambo, Belge Congo, Africa. ROCKWELL, EMILY QFINCHI: 8I8 McKinley St., Boise, ld. ROLLINS, DeWITT RZUGHTON, W. H.: Minister, Sandersville, a. ROVmE,lC. R.: Methodist Parsonage, Grin- ne , a. SAILOR, MARY ROSALTHA IJORDANI: Coffeeville, Miss. SAUCIER, IREE ICLAUSENI: Hartford, Ala. SHNARJ9, HAROLD: Minister, Jacksonville, sHoEMAKER, ELIZABETH IOWENI: Ham- ilton, Va. SMITH, LUCILE IYOUNGI: Route I, Carroll- ton, Ga. STEPHENS, ADA IKNIGHTI: Whitley City, y. SNAQARTOUT, MARY E.: Postmistress, Lawson y. TINDALL, MERRITT: Minister, Ortonville, Minn. TRUAX, DURKEE LUIE: l024 Dover Ave., Akron, Ohio. VESS, ARTHUR L.: Minister, Marion, Ind. WALKER, LAWRENCE M.: Maize, Kan. WARNER, GEORGE: Minister, 2I9 N. Park- side Ave., Chicago, Ill. WHALEY, ELLEN T. ILOUDENSLAGERI: Teacher, Maxwelton County, Lexington, Ky. ZINSQER, EZRA M.: 30 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Ill. l923 BEATTIE, DAVID G.: Minister, Sumner, Wash. BIRCH, CEYLON WESLEY: Detroit, Mich. CHANDLER, DOUGLAS R.: Minister, Trum- bull, Conn. CLAUSEN, ARTHYR B.: Hartford, Ala. COCHRAN, MARTHA: 52I E. Chestnut St.. Mt. Vernon, Ohio. CORBITT, DUVAON CLOUGH: Teacher, Puentes Grandes, Havana, Cuba. COWAN, JAMES E. B.: Wes. Meth. Mission, Kamabai Sierra Leone, W. Africa. DAY, WINONA L. IKELLI: 6452 Eggleston Ave., Englewood Station, Chicago, Ill. EBER-LE, OLGA ISELLSI: P. O. Box. 55, Um- tali, Rhodesia, S. Africa. ELLIOTT, JAS. CULLOM: Big Rock, Tenn. FALKNER, MAY EUNICE: Mt. Juliet, Tenn. GARRIOTT, LEMUEL ASBURY: Minister, Ful- lerton, Ky. GXPRVEY, EMILY ITURKINGTONI: Wilmore, xy. GETTY, FRANK VERNON: Geneva, Ia. ROSTER OF ALUMNI QLEASON, RUFUS HENRY, Minisfer, Roufe 2, Ashville, N. Y. GOODRICH, LAWRENCE I., 4525 Cam- bridge Ave., Kansas Clfy, Kan. HASKINS, POLLY IWILLIAMSI, Deceased. HENDRICKS, RALPH LEE, Minisfer, ZI3 Arm S+., James, Mlnn. HOADLEY, RUTH IWILLIAMSI, 7824 Soulh Green Sf., Chlcago, Ill. . HOWELL, WM. ROY, Minisfer, Norfh Miaml la Beach, F . JETT, CARROLL IRUNYONI, Sfurgeon Bay, W' . JOI-ITXISON. LEXIE LEIGH IROBBINSI, Mel- ville, La. KELL, EARL R., 6452 Egglesfon Ave., Engle- wood Sfafion, Chlcago, III. KENT, MABELL IBALLI, Lake Mahopac, KgBEI2i, MARVIN B., Minisfer, Beaver, okla. LAWRENCE, HELEN JULIA, KSYSIOVIE Heighfs, Fla. LIGHTLE, N.Y. LIGHTLE, EDITH, Forf Ann, N. Y. MASDEN, GLADYS, Shepherdsville, Ky. CARRIE MARIE, 3l5 Evergreen ANNA IVOGELLI, Middleburg, MESSICK Sf., Sari Anfonio, Texas. MEYERS, ELIZABETH PEARL IWESCHEI, Deceased. MORRISON, FRANKLIN D., Teacher, Bala- vla Ohio. NANKIVEL, DAVID, Professor, Soufhgafe, Ky. PERSON, AMY LOUISE, Trevecca College, Nashville, Tenn. PFALL, MARTHA IRASCHEI, I2 Johnson, Mounf Vernon, N. Y. POINDEXTER, THOMAS EARL, Minisfer, Mabfon, Wash. REEVES, JOS. WILSON, I2 Courf Sf., Wen- chendon, Mass. RUNNYJON, DWIGHT A., Teacher, Arfhur, e . SELLS, ERNEST, P. O. Box 55, Umfali, S. Rhodesia, Africa. SHIELDS, WILLIAM HASKELL, l26 Fairview Ave., Jersey Cify, N. J. SHUTE, CLARENCE W., 340 W. 55fh Sf., New York, N. Y. SPIZJLNGFIELD, PAULINE IKOBERI, Beaver, a. SPROULE, CORENE IMYERSI, Andrews, Ind. STAUFFER, ELMER E., 225 E. Main Ave. Byesvllle, Ohio. STELLE, LAWRENCE, Minisfer, 30l Race Sf. Ravenswood, W. Va. STONE, ALBERT G., I34 High Sf., Versailles, Ky. TREJE, MARGARET ILEVERTONI, Denver, oo. TURKINGTON, WM. D., Professor, Wilmore, Ky. VOGELL, FREDERICK, Minisfer, Middle- burgh, N. Y. WILLIAMS, AUGUSTA, Teacher, Manatee, a. WILLIAMS, EMMA JANE ISECRESTI, l3l7 Oakwood Ave., Columbus, Ohio. WILLS, E. C., Box 567, Kissimmee, Fla. ZEE,'WONG, LUCY, Nurse's Home, Cincin- nafl Gen. Hosp., Cincinnafi, Ohio. l922 ADKINS, LILBURN E., Tenwik, Sofik Posf, Kenya Colony, B. E. Africa. BISHOP, HELEN E., Regisfrar, Asbury Col- lege, Wilmore, Ky. BURDESHAW, RHODA, Chunkking, Szech- wan, Wesf China. BURKHOLDER, FRANCES IWOODI, Bar- boursvllle, Ky. CLAY. GEORGE B. COLEMAN, WILLIAM H., 300 Haynes Sf., Forf Worfh, Texas. CROSS, HILDRETH, Professor, Asbury Col- lege, Wilmore, Ky. FITERMAN-BERLIRMAN, SARA, 408 Pacific Sf., Brooklyn, N, Y, GARVEY JENNIE EITZ' M.D. S. Vef- . I IS I, , U. eran Hosplfal, Reno, Nev. GREER, GEORGE D., Bayville Ave., Bay- vllle, Long Island, N. Y. HAYES, VIRGINIA, Teaching Missionary, Tucker, Ga. KENNER, MRS. LULA ARNOLD, 834 Willard Ave., COVIDQIOD, Ky. KNIGHT, H. M., Renick, W. Va. MCGLOTHIN, JESSAMINE IKINCIDI, Nellis W. Va. ' MIKKELSON, NENFRED L., Minisfer De- ceased. ' MOORE, SADIE IVIAUDEQ Wan Son, Korea, PARKER, LAURA C. IGRAYI, Warren, Ariz. PERKINS, NETTIE BELL, Wilmore, Ky. POINDEXTER, DEA ., ' ' S+.. 'Salem' Ore. N C Mlnlsfer, 349 Myers RAINEY, GORIDON, Corbin, Ky. RASOR, FREDA M. McN ' Collins sl., oxford, IOhio.El-LYII 20 Easl RAYL, C. H., Paducah, Ky. SEITZ, IRA J., Docfor, U. S. Veferan Hos- pifal, Reno, Nev. STOCKINGER, CHESTER R., Deceased. SWAN, FLORENCE IYOUNGI, 426 D Sf. Taff, Calif. ' WESCHE, KENNETH P., 32 Kirin Road Tienfsin, Hopel, China. I WILLIAMS, RUTH IANDERSONI, Morgan- ville, N. J. I WCOOD, ESTHER ISTOCKINGERI, Eagle, oo. YOUNG, ROBERT A., Minisfer, 426 D Sf., Tafl, Calif. l92l AINILDEJRSON, ROBERT, Minisfer, Morganville, CONN, CLYDE, Minisfer, Killbrick, Ohio. CROWSON, E. H., Minisfer, Box 276, Lough- man, Fla. DAVIS, WARNER P., Minisfer, 229 Rand Ave., Lexingfon, Ky. DICKINSON, ALZINA S. IMURDOCKI, Sf. Mary's, Pa. HAMMOND, MARGUERITE IBRADLEYI, Piffsfown, N. Y. JACOBSON, EVELYN IBREAMI JONES, ELSIE IBOUGHTONI, Langley, Ky. JONES, GERTRUDE IPORTERI, Porlerdale, Ga. , KAUFMAN, WM. LEE, RUBY, Mefhodisl Church School, Seoul, Korea. MERRIL, EVA MAE IYODERI MILLER, HENRY, Minisfer, Sarafoga, Ind. MLQIGLEDORFF, L. P., Minisfer, Soufh Eliof, e. . MYERS, J. T., Deceased. NASH, TEXORA, Deceased. NORTHCOTT, RUTH E., Box 4l, lnhambane, Porfuguese, E. Africa. PARKER, JOHNNIE IWALRATHI, IOOI Norfh Fronf Sf., Dardanelle, Ark. PHILLIPS, BESS L., Box 4l, lnhambane, Por- fuguese E. Africa. RUNYON, THEODORE,, Minisfer, Sfurgeon Bay, Wis. SCOTT, PAUL, Minisfer, Adelphi, Ohio. SMITH, ATHA, Brookville, Ohio. WALRATH, PAUL, IOOI Norfh Fronf Sf., Dardanelle, Ark. l920 BARRETT, EARL E., Minisfer, 2I Common Sf., Sfoneham, Mass. BESDLNGER, HESTER IGUARDI, Cleves, lo. BELL, WM. W., Minisfer, 3 Middlefon Sf., Calcuffa, India. BLETEERR HARRIETT ICROSSI, Barbour- VI e, . . BLUMER,YCLARA IMIKKELSONI, Secrelary, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY- CLARK, HAROLD F., Teacher's College, Co- lumbia U. U., New York, N. Y.. D DAVIS, JULIUS J., Lusambo,. DISTFICI Du Sankuru, Belgian Congo, Afrlca. U HADDOCK, RUBY IKNIGHTI, IO9 Franklin s. D l . G. . HAIRwoOd.T5,aSHARRY J., 3l9 eoawln Road, Mefh. Miss., RanqOOf1. BUVITIQ- , HERVEY, JAMES WALTER, Mlnlsfer, Marlon- ville, Mo. JOHNSON, E. s., Assoc.. Paslor. Cenlfal Melhodisf Church, Defrolf. MICII- JONES, GERTRUDE IPORTERI, Porferdale. e . kEEiER, GORDON E., 68 Grove Sl.. Ashe- ville, N. c. , S, KENT, vlRelL IIVESI, 507 s. Marlon .. Lake Cify, Fla. KUHN, MARY lcRowsONl: Louqhrflafl. Fla. T931 LEE, TING D., 30l-302 Gordon Bldg., 409 Sfark Sr., Porflancl, Ore. LEWIS, WARNER H., Minisfer, Box 229, Glenmore, La. LlXNVG,V ROBERT HENSON, Hollidays Cove, . .a. LONGINO, HUGH ALVIN, Minisfer, Mun- day, Texas. SHEHAN, WILLIE IPARKERI, Wilmore, Ky. ISTAMER, JOHN PAUL, l809 W. Ormsby, Loulsvllle, Ky. THQMAS. ALMA IHARWOODI, 3lB eca- wln Road, Mefhodlsf Mission, Rangoon Burma. THORPE, JOHN A., S. Woodbury, Vf. TUCKER,'BOYD W., 50 Sedgwick, Sf., Jama- lca Plalns, Mass. WALTERS, BRUCE, Minisler, Roufe 2, Bed- ford, Pa. WALTON, MARIE LOUISE, l2l5 San An- fonlo Sf., El Paso, Texas. Govf. Worker, l202 N. WARNER, PAUL, Sfafford Sf., Arlingfon, Va. WESCHE, HENRY, Med. Miss., Taming, Hopel, China. WILSON, DONALD POWELL, lO2l W. 49fh Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. WILSON, JOHN RALPH WOOD, JOHN RALPH, Minisfer, Barbour- vllle, Ky. WOOD, KATE IMILLERI, Sarafoga, Ind. YODER, WORTH N., Tiplon, Ind. l9I9 I BATES, FRED ALBERT, Minisfer, Allison, la. BOTHWELL, MARY EVELYN CARTER, PAUL LESTER, Minisfer, 332 Norfh Main Sf., Orville, Ohio. CHAN, PAK CNU, Cenfral Hospifal, Cor. of Wau Fuk and Tong Ning Roads, Can- fon, China. FAIVIQNS, CLAUDE M., Minisfer, Geneva, n . FRANCIS, THOMAS J., Greenville, Ind. FUNADA, TATSUYA, 23I Bescho Machi, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka-fu, Japan. JOHNSTON, BERNADINE, 206 Crescenf Courf, Louisville, Ky. KWANG, SUP YUM LINN, RUTH ISMITHI, Missionary, Mofher Jewells Home, York, Neb. NULTON, CHANCY PAUL, Minisfer, Elm- wood, WIS. PRAII-IER, C. G., Deceased. RICE, AMANDA NELSON IBLACKFORDI, VVIIITIOTS, Ky. RIES, CLAUDE ARDEN, I-Ioughfon College, I-loughfon, N. Y. ROBERIS, EDITH IRICEI, 83l N. Hobarf Sr., Los Angeles, Calif. I ROUNIDS, LLOYD D., Minisfer, Maysville,' K . SABYURI, SUZUKI, 23I Bescho-Machi, Kishi- wada-shi Osaka-fu, Japan. SCHMIDI, ROBERT OLIVER, Minisfer, Wil- more, Kan. THOMAS, GEORGE W., Minisfer, Selma, I d. TUIMILIN, P. HOWARD, Tallapoosa, Ga. WATSON, ADOLPHUS CLYDE, Deceased. l9l8 BALSMEIER, ALBERT F., 4l0 E. 4fh Sl., Hufchinson, Kan. BENNETT, ROBERT , . BLACKBURN, HARRY WILLIAM, Mlnlsler, 23OI Oak Sf., Parkersburg, W. Va. CONANT, GEORGE S. CORNISH, E. D., Mounf Verde, Fla. EARLY WM. CLARK, Minisfer, Deceased, 2549'McHenry Sf., Balfimore, Md. FIELD, ETTA ITAYLORI, ' l elLLls, wM. HERMAN: Mlmslef. COICIWS' fer, Ill. , , GROSS, JOHN OWEN, Mlnlsfer, Barbour- ville, Ky. ,, , . HADA, HUNJIRO, l26O Tennoll, Sumlyoshl O k , Japan. HueaHEs, MARY IWILSONI: 102' W- WI' SI., Los Angeles, Callf. g ll-IDE, WM. ALFRED, Minisler, Deceased. 9 N. 7fh Sf., Paferson, N. J. . I-IUE YEN '. LTIITINICJOHN ALBERT, Minisfer, Mellloalsl Parsonage, Dallas, Ore. R O S T E CANTRELL, ROY H., Minisfer, l54 Madland Sf., Toronfo, Onfario, Canada. CHILTON, J. F., Accounfanf, 605 Cherokee Ave., Aflanfa, Ga. , CHUNG, ROBERT, Minisfer, 3Il-7 Sa Jug Jung, Seoul, Korea. COAN, NELLIE, Cooksville, Ill. CORLEY, MARY ELIZABETH, Professor, Ellis- ville Junior College, Ellisville, Miss. CORTEZ, EDMUND, Durham, N. H. 1 CROUSE, LOIS IBINGHAMI, Lawrenceville, III. CROUSE, J. BYRON, Evangelisfic Singer, Wilmore, Ky. CULPEPPER, E. BURKE, Minisfer, 535 Le- Masfer, Memphis, Tenn. DICKSON, EUGENE, Manchesfer, Kan. DICKSON, NINA, Teaching, Ramah, Colo. DREW, MYRTICE V. ICROSLANDI, Talla- poosa, Ga. ELROD, McLOWRY, Minisfer, Chickamauga, Ga. ELROY, FRANK H., Cuba, Ala. ERNY, EUGENE, Minisfer, Care Orienfal Missionary Sociefy, Peiping, Dhina. FLEMING, RAYMOND J., Minisfer, 204 E. Terhune Sf., Virogua, Wis. FLOWERS, MARJORIE IEIMERI, 673 Racine Ave., Columbus, Ohio. FRADY, JAMES C., Hickory, N. C. FULFORD, BEATRICE IADAMSI, Box I5I6 Chinook, Monfana. GOLDEN, MILDRED J., Gen Del., Easf Liver- pool, Ohio. GRAY, JOHN WILTON, Deceased. , GRINSTEAD, ELIZABETH IMURDOCKI, Poly- fechnic lnsfifufe, Billings, Monf. HAHN, JENNINGS, Minisfer, Chaplin, Ky. HQRGETT, MASON, Docfor, Rio De Janeiro, razl . HASKINS, GRACE EMILY ILUCEI, Privafe Secrefary, Sfreef, Maryland. HERHIIDO-N, JENNIE MAE ISMITHI, Mans- ie , a. HOLLAND, W. W., Minisfer, 35I2 Hand- man Sf., Cincinnafi, Ohio. HOUGLIN, AARON DOUGLAS, Minisfer, Brooksville, Ky. HUGHES, GAZELLE HOPE, Humesfon, la. ISGRIGG, LUCILE, Milan, Kan. JOHNSON, Z. T., Vice-Presidenf, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. KANG, JASON YOUNG, Pyeng Yang, Korea. KEJIPE, LUCILE ITOWNLEYI, Croswell, nc . KING, FRANK CARROLL, Maysville, Ky. LEFLER, BAYNE W., Roufe 4, Concord, N. C. LESTER, WILMA, Franson, Memorial' Bible Skcihpol, Mhlofsheni, Swaziland, Soufh rica. LEWIS, JOHN H., Minisfer, Jackson, Ky. LOEW, ,DONNA MARIE, III4 N. 7fh Sf., Albuquerque, N. M. LOMUDENSLAGER, J. W., Walnuf Grove, iss. LUCE, ESTHER FAITH iHUTCHERSONl,6I6 Wafaga Drive, Louisvile, Ky. MQRTIN, FRED LEE, JR., Minisler, Dunedan, a. MCELROY, FRANK, Cuba, Ala. McINNFES, ALMA M. IBEVINGTONI, Kiffan- ing, a. McK.EE, EARL STANLEY, Minisfer, Cam- brld e Cif Ind 9 Y- - MRINEEL, J. RALPH, Minisfer, Washburn, McOUEEN, LLOYD, Minisfer, 324 Norfh Ave., N. E., Massillon, Ohio. McTIER, LeROY, Shellman, Ga. MILLER, VIVIAN E. IPIKEI, 5624 N. Borfh- wick Ave., Porfland, Ore. MOORE, ANNIE MINTZER IEBNERI, Ram- sen Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. MOORE, WILLIAM J., Teaching, 9 Holly Lane, Forf Thomas, Ky. MORTON, CATHERINE, Currie, N. C. MEILQNAUX, CLIFTON, Roufe 2, Cenfral, MYERS, HORACE P., Index, Ky. NEEL, LAURA IWHEELERI, M. E. C. M., Tunda, Kongola, Congo Belge, Africa. NEWTON, EARL, Minisfer, Care Rev. Cecil Troxel, 32 Kirin Rd., Tienfsin, Hopei, China. NEWTON, ROY, Teaching, II8 Mills Sf., Big Rapids, Mich. R O F A NIXON, ERNA O., Seaside Mission Home, Hecfbr's River, P. O. Jamaica, B. W- l- OSBORN, LEON L., Zellwood, Fla. PATON, DWIGHT LYMAN, Minisfer, Cof- fonwood Falls, Kan. , PARSONS, LLOYD C., New Marfinsville, W. Va. PATON, LILLIAN D., Coffonwood Falls, Kan. PENNER, EVA N., 22 Napier Road, Poona, India. PERKINS, CARROLL C. u U PFAFF, JESSIE AMES, Mufambara Mission, Mufambara, Soufh Rhodesia, Africa. PHILLIPS, GENE EDWIN, Minisfer, 5l2 22nd Sf., Ashland, Ky. PIKE, CLARENCE J., Minisfer, 5624 Norfh Borfhwick Ave., Porfland, Ore., , PORTER, NELLIE IPERKINSI, Bonlfa Spring, Fla. PRESLEY, ISAAC HILL, I20l Porfer Sf., Rich- mond, Va. , PUNTNEY, ALBERT T., Head of .English De- parfmenf, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. RASMUSEN, MARY LOUISE, Deceased. REEP, CHARLES, Alden, Kan. RICHARDS, ARCHIE B., Nankwanfao, Shan- fung, China. RUNYON, WALDO J., Supf. of Schools, Lime, Colo. RUSSELL, WALLACE H., Minisfer, Russell Springs, Ky. SAGESER, BERTHA IBENSONI, Burke, S. D. SAVAGE, JAMES EVERETT, Minisfer, Mf. Sferling, Ky. SCHEBLOOM, EBBA C., Teacher. SHEHAN, -SARAH AILEEN ICALEYI, 30I5 Scofl' Wood, Toledo, Ohio. SHEPHERD, W. W., Minisfer, Lexingfon Ave., Wilmore, Ky. SMITH, MILDRED L. IWALLERI, 609 Minor- ca, Coral Gables, Fla. STANLEY, CHESTER G., Minisfer, 232 S. Park Ave., Alliance, Ohio. TAYLOR, EVA, Professor, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. TETLEY, MARTHA IALLREDI, ISOZ Overhill Terrace, Greensboro, N. C. TRAVIS, MADISON H. TROXEL, CECIL WARREN, Minisfer, 32 Kirin Rd., Tienfsfia, Hope, China. VERGUSON, ALVIN, Principal in H. S., Bar- fow, Fla. WATTS, EMMA T., l400 Fairmounf Ave., N. W., Washingfon, D. C. WILEY, PATRICK HENRY, Teller, German- fown, Tenn. WILEY, ROBERT F., Professor, Barbourville, Ky. WILLIAMS, SAMUEL J., Minisfer, Roufe 2, Xenia, Ohio. WOOD, PAUL HUDSON, Minisfer, Box I05, Colebrook, Ohio. WORTHINGTON, JOHN W., Minisfer, Ep- worfh Church, Louisville, Ky. ZEE, LUCY IWONGI, Orienfal Resfauranf, 2505 Gilberf Ave., Cincinnafi, Ohio. I924 . ALLRED, DAVID EDGAR, I507 Overhill Ter- race, Greensboro, N. C. ANDREWS, RUTH IMILLERI, Mf. Frere, Cape Colony, Soufh Africa. ANGERER, HENRY, Vaughnsville, Ohio. BARKER, ADELAIDE, Porfland Bible lnsfi- fufe, Porfland, Ore. BARKER, EARL P., Porfland Bible lnsfifufe, Porfland, Ore. BARTLETT, BERTHA IWARNERI, I754 Wash- ingfon Blvd., Chicago, Ill. BEELER, MRS. T. W., Lynch, Ky. BELL, JOY, 207 Spaulding Sf., Pullman, Wash. BENSON, J. O., Minisfer, Burke, S. D. BIESECKER, CATHERINE ISMITHI, Care Lumba Indusfrial Mission, Sofik, Kenya Colony, Brifish Easf Africa. BRIGGS, HELEN IBIGELOWI, Monumenf Beach, Mass. CAMPBELL, HARLEN M., 20 Soufh Sf., Bellows Falls, Vf. COOK, IRMA INOBLEI, I820 Garrard Sf., Covingfon, Ky. COY, MARTHA, Teacher, Hissar, Puniab, ndia. DEAN, VIRGINIA IMAWSONI, Box 864, Bard, Calif. T921 L U M N I DeRUITER, WM., M. E. C. M., Lusambo, Belgian Congo, Africa. DORN, C. C., Minisfer, Leesville, S. C. DURIGG, MILDRED, Dean of Women, Olivef College, Olivef, Ill. EWALD, ALBERT FRANKS, LUCILLE ICAMBELLI, 20 Soufh Sf., Bellows Falls, Vf. FURBAY, J. H., Oakland, Calif. GAMBLE, JOHN Macon, Ga. GREGORY, LOIS V., Y. P. Worker, Care A. L. Gregory, Roufe I, Sewickley, Pa. HANCOCK, EMORY, Louisa, Ky. HICKS, JOHN K., Ghenl, Ky. HOWEALL, FLORENCE IREAVESI, Grady, N. . LEWIS, JOSEPH H., Cong. Evangelisf, Wil- liamsburg, Ky. MACKEY, W. K., Minisfer, I8I9 Covenfry Rd., Columbus, Ohio. MCCONNELL, LELA G., Pres. of Mf. Car- mel, Mr. Carmel School, Lawson, Ky. MILLER, ALPHA J., Wilmore, Ky. MOSSER, EASTER IROUGHTONI, Sanders- ville, Ga. MYERS, CLARK W., Minisfer, Andrews, Ind. NEWTON, RAYMOND Z., Minisfer, Swan- quarfer, N. C. OTTER, ERNEST L., Minisfer, 584 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y. PARKER, J. R., Minisfer, Wilmore, Ky. PIKE, MAUDE INEWTONI, Missionary, ' Swanquarfer, N. C. PIKE, ERNEST P., Minisfer, Pafernos, Oka- nogan Co., Washingfon. PIKE, WILBUR N., Minisfer, 54I Rufherford Ave., Trenfon, N. J. REES, EVA DOROTHY, M. E. C. M., Wem- bo Nyama, Lusambo, Belge Congo, Africa. ROCKWELL, EMILY IFINCHI, 8I8 McKinley Sf., Boise, ld. ROLLINS, DeWlTT ROEUGHTON, W. H., Minisfer, Sandersville, a. Professor, Mills College, C., 30I Hines Terrace, ROWE, C. R., Mefhodisf Parsonage, Grin- nell, la. SAILOR, MARY ROSALTHA IJORDANI, Coffeeville, Miss. SAUCIER, IREE ICLAUSENI, Harfford, Ala. SHARP, HAROLD, Minisfer, Jacksonville, N.Y. SHOEMAKER, ELIZABETH IOWENI, Ham- ilfon, Va. SMITH, LUCILE IYOUNGI, Roufe I, Carroll- Ton, Ga. STEPHENS, ADA IKNIGHTI, Whifley Cify, y. SWQARTOUT, MARY E., Posfmisfress, Lawson, y. TIIKIADALL, MERRITT, Minisfer, Orfonville, inn. TRUAX, DURKEE LUIE, l024 Dover Ave., Akron, Ohio. VESS, ARTHUR L., Minisfer, Marion, Ind. WALKER, LAWRENCE M., Maize, Kan. WARNER, GEORGE, Minisfer, 2l9 N. Park- side Ave., Chicago, Ill. WHALEY, ELLEN T. ILOUDENSLAGERI, Teacher, Maxwellon Counfy, Lexingfon, Ky. ZINSER, EZRA M., 30 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, Ill. I923 BEATTIE, DAVID G., Minisfer, Sumner, Wash. BIRCH, CEYLON WESLEY, Defroif, Mich. CHANDLER, DOUGLAS R., Minisfer, Trum- bull, Conn. CLAUSEN, ARTHYR B., Harfford, Ala. COCHRAN, MARTHA, 52I E. Chesfnuf Sf., Mf. Vernon, Ohio. CORBITT, DUVAON CLOUGH, Teacher, Puenfes Grandes, Havana, Cuba. COWAN, JAMES E. B., Wes. Mefh. Mission, Kamabai Sierra Leone, W. Africa. DAY, WINONA L. IKELLI, 6452 Egglesfon Ave., Englewood Sfafion, Chicago, Ill. EBERLE, OLGA ISELLSI, P. O. Box. 55, Um- fali, Rhodesia, S. Africa. ELLIOTT, JAS. CULLOM, Big Rock, Tenn. FALKNER, MAY EUNICE, Mf. Julief, Tenn. GARRIOTT, LEMUEL ASBURY, Minisfer, Ful- lerfon, Ky. GARVEY, EMILY ITURKINGTONI, Wilmore, Ky. GETTY, FRANK VERNON, Geneva, la. , '-Gee -sf :- L.. --.1 -G. -sg "ii- 5 4 -:- 1-'::1f --3 L" 5H --'- -f?ff2...f,-51-te a 12522112e..:f1:i:-?ff,',f1-1222-iff. za -1.24. :2L,:'?1.':E-5-:'Q2?"''-2271-the. -- 1-.11 -1 : f' " ' :,.:.1':5,g":?:Lf.gfig,:nf.,f-'--1..:f1f,.rra,.: ''--1-fg-4-sevra-211 A-:ze-Dvfn":' li -f--r-'1' '- -- ---ie "--'-"---f"-"- -- -" - ' " ' ' R O S T E I900 HUMPHREY, R. H., Bloomfield, Ky. IB99 NTiidge,CBeaIvIeidaS1I,VIIAshIEri1ialIIreTei4I. gnecouri I89B CRAM' W, G., Docfor, Doc'ror's Bldg., Nash- ville, Tenn. HILL, C. W., Deceased. HUMPHREY, H. L., Deceased. HUMPHREY, MARY IBURDENI, 35l4 Wayne Ave., Kansas Ci+y, MO. B. NEY, e. R. , KAIELLIKIN, BERTHA IGLASSONI, Wilmore, K . MAiTSUMOTO. SARMAST, B. L., Deceased. I897 MLEY, C. A., Deceased. CIOCRNISH, E. .D., Care H. P. Carpenier, MT. Verde, Fla. LOWRY, MAGGIE, Deceased. MULLIKIN, PEARL, Wilmore, Ky. SADLER, R. B., Professor, Gen. Del., Lex- ingfon, Ky. HUMPHREY, ADA ISUBLETTI, 4385 Brandon, Beaumonf, Texas. I896 A DUNN, CORA M., Deceased. HUMPHREY, C. A., Minisier, I833 Belling Ave., Louisville, Ky. McKEE, J. H., Deceased. RISK, MATTIE, Deceased. l895 CARSON, ELLA M. IBAUGHMANI, Wil- more, Ky. CLARK, W. L., Minisfer, 6I7 Pleasani ST., Paris, Ky. GREER, MATTIE, Deceased. FAING, F. B. HUMPHREY, W. O., Doclor, Sfarks Bldg., Louisville, Ky. I894 JONES, F. B., Minisfer, Sianford, Ky. I I893 SHANNON, T. W., Deceased. SEMINARY ALUMNI I939 FENG, PAUL, Minisfer, P. O. Box I489, Shanghai, China. HELSBY, MERIDITH, Missionary, I020 S. Washingion Sf., Owosso, Mich. HILL, HOWARD, Missionary, Rouie 2, Box I8I, Visalia, Calif. MCPHEETERS, CHILTON, Minisier, Drew University, Madison, N. J. WOOD, JARVIS, Missionary, Lexingfon Ave., Wilmore, Ky. I938 CAVIT, CHARLES MARSHALL, Wilmore, Ky. DePAGTER, MILES, Minisler, Emory Univer- siiy, Ailanla, Ga. DUGAN, ERNEST, JR., Minisler, Granf, Va. DUTT, HAROLD, Minisler, Roufe I, Polka, Ohio. FLOYD, DELBERT, Minisler, Wilmore, Ky. FOWLER, THORNTON H., Minisfer, Char- Ioiie, Tenn. FRITZLAN, LESLIE, Drew Theological Sem- inary, Madison, N. J. GOWIN, EMMET WILLIAM, Fcrrum Junior College, Ferrum, Va. HACKNEY, LEONARD, Minislcr, 72 Mi. Vernon Si., Bosfon, Mass. HAGER, CORNELIUS, Minislcr, Roule 3, Nicholasvllle, Ky. HUDSON, ROLAND VERNON, 55 S. Davis Ave., Columbus, Ohio. HUMERICKHOUSE, RUSSELL, Minister Chur- ubusco, Ind. R O F A JC?alGIIEiid'ElRLT?N, Minisfer, l4O Dora Highway, KING, MARION, Minisfer, 400 N. Talley S+ Muncie, Ind. " KRETSCHMER, RAYMOND, Minisier Mar- cellus, Mich. ' lVIEIS.ER, WILBURQ lVIIl1lS'Iel', Sherrodgville Ohio. ' RICE, KARL, Missionary, 4 Kensingfon Rgad Bangalore, S. India. ' ROXIBEIRITS, LOWELL E., Paslor, Rochesfer, RUDIN, JOHN JESSE, coach of Debafe sf rBAosTon Universify, I7 Yarmouih, Bosfon ass. ' STOKES, CHARLES, 409 Prospecf Sireei New Haven, Conn. ' WNAMPLER, ROY, Minisier, 7007 Famure ST., a WESCHE, PERCIVAL A., Lowell, Ind. I937 I ANCHETA, ALEJANDRO, SI'ockTon, Calif. BRINTON, MARTIN, Roufe I, Pequa, Pa. BROWN, MELVIN, Minisfer, Anderson Gos- pel Tabernacle, Anderson, Ind. COBB, DEE W., Minisier, Corbin, Ky. GIBSON, JAMES D., Minis+er, l029 O'FalIon Ave., Bellevue, Ky. KROEHLER, MARK EDWARD, Minis+er, Maple Grove, Pa. LEE, RUSSELL, Minisfer, Kenvir, Ky. MINKLER, HELEN A., Beihany Home, Glen- dale, Ohio. POWELL, GEORGE A. R., Minisfer, Roufe I, Gunfersville, Ala. REED, CHARLES, Minisfer, lrondale, Ohio. ROYSTER, D. POWELL, Minisfer, Dixon, Ky. RUSSELL, J. EMERSON, 737 Henry S'rree'r, Marion, Ohio. SIMPSON, JOHN, Naiional Bible Insiifufe, 340 W. 55'lh Sfreef, New York, N. Y. SMITH, ROBERT MARPLE, Minisier, Roule 3, Toronfo, Ohio. STONE, PAUL L., Biblical Seminary, New York, N. Y. I936 AQEIGHT, CHARLES, Minisier, Kinsman, Io. ALDERSON, GLENN, Missionary, Bengal Disrricf, Bofra, India. BOOTS, LLOYD, Minis'rer, Beaver Falls, Pa. DIXON, REXFORD, Minisier, 230 Norih Al- monl Sfreef, Inlay Cify, Mich. EVANS, GEORGE M., Minisfer. FRODERMAN, CARL F., MInisTer, Louisa, Ky. GREEN, ROBERT, MinisTer, Burnside, Ky. JONES, CULLEN B., Minisfer, New Echoia, Ga. McKAY, ORVILLE, Minisfer, Drew Theologi- cal Seminary, Madison, N. J. PHILLIPS, CHESTER, Minisfer, 909 Vine, Louisville, Ky. REEVES, EDWIN, Minisfer, Somerfon, Ariz. SMITH, JOHN A., Minis'ler, Gadwood, Ill. I935 . BERGMAN, VICTOR, B24 Ful+on Road, Can- Ton, Ohio. BEST, EARL, Japan. ' CORDES, DEITRICH B., Margarefville, N.Y. GROTH, CLAUDE WILLIAM, Minisfer, Cul- desac, ld. I934 CRANFORD, WILLIAM B., Minisfer, Spof- sylvania, Va. . I FINKBEINER, CHESTER, Mnnisfer, Okanoqan. Washingfon. l933 FISHER, PAUL E., Minisier, Agersville, Ohio. LAINE, AMOS LLOYD, Cumberland, Va. LOAR, MARCH D., Minister, Eagle ROCIY. Va. , , . VAN METRE, LOUISE E.: MIssIonafv. Cach'- cadan, Peru, South America. N WITTY, ROBERT GEE, Pasfpr. I-lVlfIQ5i0n Memorial Church, Jacksonville, Fla. I932 BANKS, JOHN T., Manigfer. Wesley Mefho- rlisl Church, Martinsville. Va- T951 L U M N I BESNIEETT. HENRY, JR., Minisier, Bluf'iTon, HARRISON. EARLE DELOS' M" Gunson S+., E. Lansing, M'ich.mIs+er' I55 I-UCE. CLAYTON, Minisfef, sffeef, Md. I93I BENFIELD, WILLIAM - Weavervmeiwci HOWARD, Box II4, BUTT. GARNER M., church H'II Ma ELIEEIIZ RALPH, Mayfiaa, Kyl ' R, ROGER .- Oneonia, N. Y. B' 2 Cerperley Ave" Hll-EIFIAISDMHAROLD M., Professor, Mouniain HOTCHKISS. MIRIAM, Monroefown, Pa. HEQQYENI-VL5S+OlElcS., Pasior, I209 Unifed Sfreef, KESSLER, C. WALTER, PasTor Corinih N Y LAMB, WAYNE A., Minisier, I238 sohih 7+h ST., Paducah, Ky. MOORE, HOMER L., Carrolion, Ky. MEYRRIS, MRS. GAILE J., Teacher, Wilmore, POLLOCK, HENRY E., Minisler, Midway, Pa. SCHEIFELE. HARVEY BYRON, Deceased. SHILTZ, FREDERICK A.,' Sonora, Ohio. WILDER. W. RAYMOND- Spokane, Wash. ' M' E' Church' WILLIAMS, CLARENCE, Denion, N. C. I930 ELLISON, CHAUNCEY W., Minisfer, Walls- burg, N. Y. ENNIS, W. JAMES, Minisier, Camden, Del. DeRUlTER, WILLIAM, Minisier, M. E. C. M., Luscambo, Belgian Congo, Africa, GRUBB, ANDREW BLAIR, Mooreland, Okla. HEDTCHKISS, ROY, Minisfer, Monroefown a HUYETT, PAUL.H., Minisier, Arkporf, N. Y. OSBORNE, BASIL T., Minisfer. THOMPSON, WARNER P., Minister, De Funiak Springs, Fla. WRIGHT, I. CLAYTON, MT. Olivei, Ky. I929 BARKER, EARL P., Porilancl Bible lnsiifufe, Porrland, Ore. BARKER, MR-S. EARL P., Porfland Bible In- s'ril'uTe, Porfland, Ore. BRIGGS, WILLIAM JESSE, JR., I726 Lincoln Way, E. Mishawaka, Ind. GRUBB, MRS. JEANETTE, Deceased. SCOTT, ROLAND W., Missionary, Nagpur, C. P. India. STRIEBY, F. H., Minisfer, 207 S. Muhlen- berg, Woodsfock, Va. I928 BEVERLY, CHRISTOPHER, Box I5, Roberrs- dale, Ala. BOYCE, WALLACE F., Minis'rer, Gage, Okla. ELROD, MCLOWERY, Pasfor, Chickamauga, Ga. KELLER, S. PAUL, 384 E. Main ST., Brad- ford, Pa. KIRKPATRICK, VIRGIL, Minisfer, Lumbar ln- dus'lriaI Mission, Kericho, Kenya Colony, Brifish Easf Africa. PAPPAS, JOHN PAUL, Felda, Fla. PENNER, EVA, 22 Napier Rd., Poona, India. I927 CANTRELL, ROY H., I54 Madland SI., To- ron+o, Canada. CHANG, WAN-YU, No. 3 Ssien Yu, Hsiang, Peiping, China. l ERNY, EUGENE A., EvangelisT, OrIenial Missionary Socieiy, Peiping, China. U I KELLER, ELLEN, C. and M..A. Mission, Boma Congo, Belge, W. AIIICG- NEWTON, RAYMOND ZENAS, Swanquarfer, N. C. , TSUCHIYA, KENICHI, M. E. Evangelisi, Se- 'fagaya Holiness Church, 58 Sanqef1laY5' machi, SeTagaya-ku, Tokyo CITY- Japan- I926 SCULL-WRIGHT, FAITH I925 CORTEZ, EDMUND J., Durham, N. H. I924 MAXWELL, S. A., Professor, JenkiIIS. KY- R O S T E MCPHEETERS, CHESTER A., Minisier. 5535 Delaware Sf., Indianapolis, Ind. ' MEYERS, ALICE ISHEAROUSEI, Care Kings- wood Schools, Elkfon, Va. . MILLER, LELAND S., 260 Soufh Flresfore Blvd., Akron, Ohio. MINGLEDORFF, OZIE CLAUDE, Deceased. MYRES, W. A., Presiding Elder, Gainesville, a. NELSON, OTTO C., l28 Damoresf Ave., Englewood, N. J. NOFCIER, W. L., Professor, Chafham Road, Roufe 3, Newark, Ohio. OVERSTREET, SAM A., Medical Docfor, 252I Taylorsville Road, Louisville, Ky. Q OWEN, WM. WILEY, Minisfer, Welllngfon, Kan. ' PAYNE, CLARENCE ARTHUR, Deceased. I REES, ED. JEFFRIES, Minisfer, 308 E. Unl- versify Parkway, Balfimore, Md. I SHEAROUSE, CHARLES FRANCIS, Kings- wood Schools, Elkfon, Va. SMITHERS, MRS. ANNA DEE, Deceased. TATE, HARRR FRANK WILSON, EARL- EDWIN, 5808 I7fh N. E. Sf., Seaffle, Wash. ' . WINN, ELLA L. lREESI, 309 E. Unlverslfy Parkway, Balfirnore, Md. I9I7 ASKINS, JOHN F., Wilmore, Ky. BLACKBURN, HOMER OTTO, Minisfer, Ber- esford, S. D. V . CRIDER, MYRTLE CBROWNI, Mulvane, Kan. DAVIES, THOMAS, Minisfer, 46II Lumba Ave., Sunsef Park, Tampa, Fla. DIZON, NICHOLAS, Manila, Panama Canal Zone. HARRIS, MARY, 90 Franklin Sf., Wollasfon, Mass. NELSON, WM. E., Minisfer, Hancock, Md. REYNOLDS, GRACE TPOORJ, Wilmore, Ky. SPARLING, HAROLD J., Opfician, Easf Bridgewafer, Mass. WORTHINGTON, LILLIE QWILLIAMSI, Roufe I, Dover, Ky. WYMORE, VERNE, Deceased. I9I6 BOUGHTON, JAMES F., Minisfer, Bridge- fon, N. J. CALKIN, MARGARET A., Koufs, Ind. CARSON, HERMAN R., Minisfer, Anderson, Ind. CRUTCHFIELD, CURTIS M., Deceased. DURFEE, CARROL, A., Minisfer, Concord, N. H. - HYNEMAN, RUTH, Arrah Bihar, India. ISON, GRACE QMATTHEWSI, Washingfon, N. J. OVERSTREET, THOS. JEFFERSON, Physician ind Surgeon, 629 E. High Sf., Lexmgfon, y. I9I5 ALEJANDRE, D. D., San Isadore, Nueva Eciga, Philippine Islands. ARTHERHOLD, FLOY TOSBORNEI, 5l6 Elm Sf., Youngsfown, Ohio. BAILEY, MERRITT, 755 Cherry Sf., Macon, Ga. BOATMAN, CONWAY, Pres. Union College, Barbourville, Ky. BRASHER, PAUL, Deceased. CALLIS, O. HOWARD, Minisfer, 409 Norfh Lexingfon Ave., Wilmore, Ky. DAY, GERTRUDE IWARFORDT, Flemings- burg, Ky. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, 209 E. Jefferson Sf., Goshen, Ind. FRANKLIN, ESTILL, Minisfer, Upland, Ind. FREEMAN, EVERETT W., IIOI Ave. B, Dodge Cify, Kan. HARRIS, CHARLES C., 292I Tafnall Sf., Wil- mingfon, Del. HINKLE, .ELMER D., Professor, I46 Markef Sf., Lexmgfon, Ky. HINKLE, IOLINE, Wilmore, Ky. HSLLON, LAURA CHENDERSONI, Larned, an. JULIAN, CORNELIO D., Physician and Sur- geon, Sanfa Maria, Ilacos Sur. Philippines. KELLAR, SAMUEL W., Minisfer, 2l3 Norfh Walnuf Sf., McPherson, Kan. P""'.r4"k- 41.63 R O F A L U M N I KIRBY, WM. ERMAN, 525I Wenfworfh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. MASTERS, MILIDRED lBELLI, Roufe 2, Sfone Mounfain, Ga. MATTHEWS, J. B., Washingfon, N. J. MAXEY, MARY KMCPHEETERSJ, 5535 Dela- ware Sf., Indianapolis, Ind. MYERS, RUTH KKELLARJ, 2I3 Norfh Walnuf Sf., McPherson, Kan. MORROW, GROVER, 740 lngraham Bldg., Miami, Fla. PORTER, EDITH, Deceased. I9I4 AN, CHEN HAI, China. ARNOLD, MARY KHALLJ, Ossian, Ind. ARNOLD, J. FRANK, Leesburg, Fla. AYERS, JOHN L., Minisfer, Germana, Ohio. BOYLES, JAMES R., Minisfer, Twanfe, Burma. ESAIS, JOHN R., Minisfer, 8720 Harford Road, Parksville, Md. HAINCOCK, OSALINE TARNOLDI, Leesburg, a. HINKEL, ELLA QKENYONJ, Wilmore, Ky. KINTNER, O. C., Elwood, Ind. 1913 ' AYERS, WM. HANES, Fresno, Ohio. HALL, WM. LAWRENCE, Pasfor, Ossian, Ind. JERRELL, RO-SCOE CONKLIN, Minisfer, Tipfon, Ia. KENYON, JAY BENTON, Professor, Asbury College, Wilmore, Ky. OVERSTREET, PAUL CECIL, Professor, Wil- more, Ky. RITCHIE, GRACE lBEVILLEl, Blacksfone, Va. TAGAWA, SENCHIRO, 72 Mafsuyamamschi, Nagasaki Cify, Japan. WILCOX, MARGARET. ' l9I2 CROWDER, SADIE, Wellingfon, Kan. FLY, ELBERT M., Grace M. E. Church, Wichifa, Kan. HICKS, GUY TURNER, Murray Sfafe Teach- ers' College, Murray, Ky. MAXEY, ELIZABETH KFLYJ, Grace M. E. Church, Wichifa, Kan. COOPER, NANNIE QVOLKLANDI, Arkansas Cify, Kan. , I9II ARNOLD, HENRY C., 288 ,N. W., 58fh Sf., Miami, Fla. CECIL, CARRIE QSHIELDSJ, Versailles, Ky. COPPAGE, O. C., Minisfer, Soufhland, Texas. HOFFMAN, GEORGE, Pleasureville, Ky. ' l9l0 ARNOLD, SAMUEL ALLEN, Deceased, Elizabefhfown, Ky. l909 BAXTER, MARY JANE, Principal, Collegio Plraclcabano, Piracicaba, Brazil, Soufh America. GORDON, KATHRYN KARNOLDI, 3622 N. Broadway, Louisville, Ky. HUMPHREY, HERBERT E., P. O. Box 58, Grandfield, Okla. HUTSELL, C. S., Harper, Kan. LEGGETT, HELEN CWARNERI, Robinson Memorial Church, Byculla, Bombay, India, VEATCH., BELL IMITCHELLJ, Roufe I, Bondville, Ky. I908 BROWNLEE, JAMES A., Enosburg Falls, Vf. HAYNES, B. F., Jacksonville, Fla. GILLIS, WM. P., 220I Newfon Sf., Denver, Colo. GILLETT, F. H. CARMICHAEL, WALTER P., Minisfer Pear- sall Texas. ' McCLURE, R. O., Minisfer, Newark, Ohio, ROBINSON, ERNEST EWART WARNER, ARIEL N., Minisfer, Care Robin- son. Memorial Church, Byculla, Bombay India. ' I907 AKERS, HELEN MAITLAND' Ave., Winfield, Kan. il 509 College ARNOLD, WM. H., Deceased. CHANDLER, HORACE D., Deceased, T941 JONES, E. STANLEY, Missionar, Care Leon- arg' Theol. Seminary, Jubbullpore, C. PM n va. JONES, IRA J., Minisfer, 224 Norfhmoore Place, Columbus, Ohio. MAITLAND, H. C., Minisfer, 509 College Ave., Winfield, Kan. MARLIN, LLOYD MQIGLEDORFF, G. H., Afforney, Douglas, a. MOORE, J. E. L., Deceased. PICKETT, J. WASCOM, Care Robinson Me- morial, Byculla, Bombay, India. SOPER, F. C., Upper Tracf, W. Va. SUTTON, DAISY IMILLERI, Deceased. TOMPKINS, A. F., Posf Oak, Va. I906 ARNOLD, EMMET K., Bloomfield, Ky. BALDWIN, HALLIE lBALDRlDGEI, Curds- ville, Va. BLAISDELL, MINOT S., Hubbardsfon, Mass. BRIDGERS, LUTHER, Minisfer, I476 Morn- ingside Drive, Aflanfa, Ga. CAQRTER, JORDAN W., Minisfer, Wilmore, y. CHILTON, CALVIN R., Minisfer, 5II N. E. 4fh Sf., Ff. Lauderdale, Fla. DAY, ELVIRA QREEDI HARNEY, WILL J., Minisfer, Wilmore, Ky. HOLT, SALLIE E. IBROWNLEEI, Enosburg Falls, Vf. l905 AKERS, DWIGHT C.,I65 Luckie, N. W., Af- Ianfa, Ga. BALDRIDGE, E. B., Deceased, l058 Firsf Nafional Bank Bldg., Chicago, III. DYER, AVANELLE CAKERSJ, I86 Norfh Sf., Bedford, Ohio. MCDONALD, GEORGE, Minisfer, Main Sf. Bapfisf Church, Sf. John, New Brunswick, Canada. PIKE, ELIHU K., Deceased. SPARKS, E. M., Deceased. I904 - BUTLER, W. H., 20fh Floor, Rhodes Haverfy Bldg., Aflanfa, Ga. GIBSON, H. T., Wilmore, Ky. , MORRIS, C. M., Minisfer, Greensburg, La. PlNTSTAFF,. F. H., Fillamook, Ore. I903 ADAMS, L. O., 3I02 Sanfa Monica Blvd., Sanfa Monica, Calif. AKERS, LEWIS ROBESON, Minisfer, I86 Norfh Sf., Bedford, Ohio. BUNTON, C. W., Minisfer, 2700 Budlong Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. CAS-SELS, D. H., Minisfer, Roufe 3, Glosfer, Miss. COGHILL, STELLA IBUTLERI, I45 Norwood Ave., N. E., Aflanfa, Ga. FRANKLIN, E. T., Docfor, Supf. Mefhodisf Hosplfal, Ff. Wayne, Ind. ' GIBBIN, J. J. GORDON, W. PZ, Minisfer, I8Il W. Ormsby Sfaflon R., Louisville, Ky. GREER. MINNIE IWHITEHURSTJ, 4277 Main Sf., Riverside, Calif. JOQISIINSON, ANDREW, Evangelisf, Wilmore, PICKET, DEETS: M fh d'f Bld . I00 M - land, Washingfon,eD?OP gl ary I902 ARNOLD, MYRTLE KSAVAGEQ BALDRIDGE, RUTH CJACKSONJ, Greenville, Texas. COLLINS, R. I., Deceased. FISHER, FRED B., Minisfer, Deceased. JACKSON, G. B., Professor, Greenville, Texas. PILOW, C. P., Minisfer, Bedford, Ky. YOUNG, R. HERNDON, Parma, Id. . I90I BROMI-EY. H. W., Minisfer, Cynfhiana, .Ky- FLENNER, LAURA ISMITHJ HOOVER. FLORENCE CBURGERJ, l8l8 Sierra Bonlfa, Pasadena, Calif. SAVAGE, W. C. WALRATH, L. D., 4I Cresfmonf Rd., Bing- hampfon, New York. 'in ,. "- M --'veg -e .-:f,:-,-:2:f?:', -, -3 -1- 4 - -.. -...--., f --. 1 - 1-:fe -L--..-.. .... ,-. ,,. - . V . . I-Tun .-K. -mx. -mea -"nie-.Q-,rf.Q.aE:ssnv-nge:A-:S?.r.e'-1-:Cf ' .a:4.:.vc1.4E.w'.-!.:r,'..1-1.':17-is.1'-Zn: 1112211 fee.. f .-:ear-01.9-1 :ard :fs ......,-- 1, .. -,. , - - . . .., . 1 P. w B P l, I l i I 1 v R . I 1 1 A 5 I , i . I F I I 3 . E i I A ROSTER or ALUMNI HONORARY DEGREES D.D. l939 HOUSEHOLDER, DONALD, Assisfanf Pasfor of Trinify Mefhodisf Episcopal ChurCh. I20I S. Flower Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. PERKINS, ALBERT ROY, Pasfor Firsf Mefho- disf Church, Somersef,dKy. Ch . V M. AN H. M., Presi enf risian IS- SI-6iI6hAary'Alliance, 260 W. 44fh Sl-. New York, N. Y. u SMITH, JOSEPH A., Pasfor Firsf Mefhodlsf Church, Birmingham, Ala. I938 SPENCE, HERSEY EVERETT, Deparfmenf' of Religious Educafion, School of Religion, Duke Universify, Durham, N. C. ALLER, HARRY H., Psfor of Coral WGables, 609 Minorca, Coial Gables, Fla. I937 DAVIS, WARNER P., Minisfer, 229 Rand Ave., Lexingfon, Ky. GAMBLE, B. C., Firsf Mefhodisf Church, Marieffa, Ga. FRY, J. A. B., Disfricf Superinfendenf of fhe Los Angeles .Disfricf of The M. E. Church in California. RYAN, H. G., Pasfor of fhe M. E. Church, Greenville, Texas. I936 PIKE, CLARENCE J., Minisfer, 5624 Norfh Borfhwick Ave., Porfland, Ore. REESE, PAUL, Covenanf Tabernacle Church, I502 I0fh Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. SMITH, O-SWALD J., Minisfer, Toron'I'o, i Canada. TURKINGTON, WILLIAM DAVID, Professor in Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Ky. I935 BUTTS, H. A., Minisfer, 543 E. Davanf Ave., Memphis,.Tenn. COLE, REV. MARION G. DANNER, J. H. I934 MACDONALD, GEORGE B., I95 Douglas Ave., Sf. John, New Brunswick, Canada. SUTHERLAND, B. L., Minisfer, I26 Adams Sf., Jackson, Miss. REES, EDWARD JEFFRIES, Minisfer, 309 E. Universify Parkway, Balfimore, Md. I933 BUCKLEY, JOHN C., Minisfer, 2204 Mar- shall Ave., Elm Grove, W. Va. EMMONS, GROVER CARLTON, Minisfer. JONES, H. H., Minisfer, Marion, Ky. SNYDER, DANIEL, Minisfer, Durbin, W. Va. STOKES, M. B., Missionary, Box 4, Randle- man, N. C. I932 JESSOP, HARRY E., Minisfer, I754 Wash- ingfon Blvd., Chicago, Ill. LeBARON, IRA WASHINGTON, Headmasfer E. 'Greenwich Academy, Easf Greenwich, PLYLER, A. W., Edifor Norfh Carolina Chrisfian Advocafe, Greensboro, N. C. WARNER, ARIEL N., Robinson Memorial Church, Disf. Superinfendenf, Bombay Dis- fricf, Byculla, Bombay, India. I93I CALLIS, OVERTON HOWARD, Minisfer, Wilmore, Ky. CRANDLE, WILLIAMS S., Minisfer, 9I Park Sf., Binghamfon, N. Y. MEINTIRE, WARREN G., Minisfer, Wilmore, Y MCPHEETERS, JULIAN C., Minisfer, Taylor and Ellis Sfs., San Francisco, Calif. F l930 AKER, CECIL MILLER., Manasicr. 912 GM field, Sanfa Ana, Calif. Cross, JOHN oweu. WHITE, GEORGE LeROY, Dlsf. Supf. M. E Church, 4I0 Hamline Sf., Grand Forks N. D. I929 CLARK, O. P., Minisfer, 23I6 I8fh Sf., Lub- bock, Texas. CURTIS, V. C., Pasfor M. E. Church, Aber- deen, Miss. HERVEY, JAMES W., Pasfor M. E. Church, Marionville, Mo. PITTMAN, ELI, Supf. Elmira Disf., Cen. N. Y. C. of M. E., IO5 Lexingfon Ave., EI- mira, N. Y. I928 KAUNG, Z. T., Professor and Lecfurer, I9 Ouinsan Rd., Allen Memorial Church, Shanghai, China. OVERLY, EMERY ROBT., Pres. Anfi-Saloon League, I97O Deer Park Ave., Louisville, Ky. STANFORD, ALFRED LELAND, Minisfer, De- ceased. WARING, E. T., Minisfer, 239 Easf Cenfer Sf., Marion, Ohio. A I927 BARR, HENRY H., Pasfor M. E. Church, 234 Hall Ave., Jamesfown, N. Y. KNAPP, JOHN' F., IBIO Young Sf., God's Bible School, Cincinnafi, Ohio. O'REAR, ARTHUR T., Minisfer, 3l0 Linden Ave., Long Beach, Calif. ROWLAND, JOSEPH M., Deceased. SHULER, ROBERT, Pasfor-Trinify M. E. Church, Los Angeles, Calif. I926 DeMARIS, FURMAN A., Minisfer,. King's Highway, Warwick Road, Haddonfield, N. J. HAWK, EUGENE BLAKE, Minisfer, S. M. U. Dallas, Texas. JONES, IRA J., Minisfer, 224 Norfhmoore Place, Columbus, Ohio. KING', WM. BARRETT, Minisfer, Firsf M. E. Parsonage, McMechen, W. Va. MCINTOSH, W. M., Minisfer, lI23 College Sf., Columbus, Miss. I925 BURNS, GEORGE J., Minisfer, 5002 N. Ilfh Sf., Philadelphia, Pa. CULPEPPER, E. BURKE, 535 LeMasfer, Mem- phis, Tenn. HOLLAND, W. W., Minisfer, 35I2 Handman Sf., Cincinnafi, Ohio. PICKETT, J. WASCOM, Bishop, Robinson Memorial Byculla, Bombay, India. SHEPHERD, W. W., Wilmore, Ky. I924 CHITAMBAR, J. E., College Presidenf, Min- isfgr, Safyavifa, S. Chifambar, Jubbulpore, n ia. GALBRAITH, J. A., Minisfer, Kane, Pa. HARGETT, I. M., Minisfer, 4fh Ave. Mefh- odisf Church Louisville . , Ky. LARABEE, F. H., Dean of Asbury Theologi cal Seminary, Wilmore, Ky. MINGLEDORFF, O. G., Minisfer, Black shear, Ga. MOORE, ARTHUR, Bishop, Board of Mis sions, BIO Broadway, Nashville, Tenn. I923 AIEERS, WM. DAVID, Minisfer, Nicholasville y. BROOKS, HENRY F., Minisfer. HUGHES, JOHN WESLEY, Wilmore, Ky. MATHEWS, GEORGE, Deceased. RUSSELL, ROBERT LEE, Minisfer. WESTFALL, ERNEST JASPER, Minisfer, I596 Jackson Sf., Charlesfon, W. Va. E961 -1, 9--r .cf 19'-'H l922 CHAPPEL, ASHLEY, Manislcf. COLEMAN, wm. H., Minasaef, aoo Hanes sf., Fort warn., rms. I MILLER, LOUIS JOSHUA, Minisfer, 2224 Wilshire Blvd., Forf Worfh, Texas, I92I BRIDGERS, LUTHER, Minister, I476 Morn- ingside Drive., Aflanfa, Ga. NIXON, W. G., Deceased. PAUL, JOHN, Minisfer, l4IO N. La Salle Sf., Chicago, Ill. MYERS, J. T., Deceased. VALLENTYNE, e. C., Msni5+ef,'34oo Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. I920 JONES, E. STANLEY, Missionary, Leonard Theological Seminary, Jubbulpore, India. I9I9 MATSUMOTO, J. M., Deceased. I9I8 CRAM, W. G., Gen. Sec., Missions Board, DoCfor's Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. I9I7 CLARK, W. L., Pasfor Firsf M. E. Church, 6l7 Pleasanf Sf., Paris, Ky. I9I6 ADAMS, E. T., Deceased. AKERS, L. R., I86 Norfh Sf., Bedford, Ohio. BROMLEY, H. W., Minisfer, Cynfhiana, Ky. CARTER, JORDAN W., Wilmore, Ky. I9I5 FISHER, FRED B., Bishop, Deceased. LL.D. I928 SMITH, ALBERT EDWIN, Presidenf Emerifus Norfhwesfern Universify, Lakeside, Ohio. MORRISON, HENRY CLAY, Presidenf of Asbury College and Theological Seminary, P. O. Box 592, Penfacosfal Herald, Louis- ville, Ky. I930 MOORE, ARTHUR JAMES, Bishop, San An- fonio, Texas. DARLINGTON, URBAN VALENTINE WIL- LIAM, Bishop, 524 Tenfh Ave, I-lunfingfon, W. Va. '- I93I' HUNT, JAMES WINFORD, College Presi- denf, .DeCeased. SLOAN, HAROLD PAUL, Board of Temper- ance Work, 756 Hunfer Sf., Woodbury, N.J. I932 LO-CKHART,. MALCOLM M., Presidenf Wil- liam' Jennings Bryan Memorial Universlfy, I Milliage Aparfmenf, Afhens Ga. STANLEY, OTTO WILLIS, Judgelof Courf of Appeals of fhe Commonwealfh of Ken- fucky. I934 MOORE, WESLEY ADOLPHUS, 722 8fh Ave.. Birmingham, Ala. HARRIS, CREDO FITCH, WHAS Broadcasf- ing Sfaflon, Louisville, Ky.' STANGER, FRANCIS A., JR., Judge, BridQe' fon, N. J. I935 EBBER, COLONEL FRANK B. JONES, BOB, JR., Presidenl' Bob Jones Col- lege, Cleveland, Tenn. THOMAS, AUGUSTUS, Judge. I939 CLARK, HAROLD FLORIAN, Professor Qf Educafion, Teachers College, Colum.bl6 Universify, Aufhor of numerous publica- fions and books, Confribufor foxleading magazines. New York, N. Y. ' -7: 3: 1 i E s ? I 4 X ?f: X-QANE AQ, -X . V, WEE - X I 0 J 31, ,zy- kwwwwf I , ,NWN , , ffgfggj iz-f , '- ' K I wig? . ww Y ' x N x I i Qiflw E L: fliffci i we w K. ' G 5 UN 1 . 0520 , 4' 4 Q C' Qbx Q .N D 43,0055 0 ViD,5SOf f fi ,X 0 O 'F '0 CD ff .',.g,U4J f W-omwk 'U 0 0O'00 OW9 f ww VWAQ 'A 5 Q L O A-Q . gal. Q 0 ' 0 U .Q Vx 0 Q pl O 0 Q od 0 O u 0 00 0 . 0 0 0 0 fairy " 9 Q G' O , ,, O00 OGG 0 G 00 , Q in - 23,0 :we Q Go affi,1Y!? 9 G O ca ca G ca Q an A 6 0- , f ,4 , f X, ,f 0 o ju? 0000 Q90 o.00O0OOOOOLJE5 Oo 0,0 oo UO OODO BZ fy so can of -'49 ' 9 Q cn 0 . " V 9 o 0 0 O 0 O 0 5'- 9005 O6 0 6 0 Q0 O 00000000 OOO..'U ,Ko O G. 0 OG, Q9 00 0 ' '31-. 09,90 Q Oc: moe W? 'Q ' - 0 O 0 ' 'q Oig:z.35. 93 9 09 Greg' Q60 we Q 0 Q 'Q 6 Q 6 9 Qc' I - ,fggs O S Ps fff XI Qvff Q , --jflffllfff V P' PX f ,, , 1 ' Q X., I v.'4V Q 0 gzip!!! ,f "K .4 K K ff! X f 1 1 lf! -if ,f-ff' I ff!! , 52 Q V6 If ffkl 2 ' 9546 II I I I IIIIIN BECAUSE HIS HEART, HIS TIME, AND HIS TALENTS ARE 'ALL CQNSECRATED TO THE GREAT TRADITIONS THAT HAVE BEEN HANDED DOWN TO US FRQM ASBURY PAST: I BECAUSE HIS UNFALTERING LOYALTY AND ENDLESS ENERGY IN TIMES THAT OWS OF DEBT TO TH HICH C RIGHT VISTA Ol: TODAY: BECAUSE THE STREN OF HIS PERSONALITY AND THE OURAGE OF HIS CON- VICTIONS HAVE CAUSED I T LOVED D ESPECTED BY HIS MANY FRIENDS . E BECAUSE OF HIS UNFLINCHING ' VERAN AND UNTIRING EFFORTS IN THE WERE TRYING HAVE HELPED TO G l o -I' - - MA MATER FROM THE DEEP SHAD- I4 IU I, : Q H BUILDING OF A HGREATER163 4 all I AND BECAUSE WE WISH T S OW Y, N ATTER HOW SMALL. OUR GREAT APPRECIATION OF HIS LIFE AND LABORSg WE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY DEDICATE ASBURY PRESENT TO OUR EXECUTIVE VICE- PRESIDENT. DR. Z. T. JOHNSON. 1 1 .' Q a ' 7 . . . .. 'l...v ' 0 l'O.,g. I O 0. Q 0 . nl 0 r!T'l1.1'i .fl H , ,W W3 ,,. , I . 1 ,K x A 'iw 2:-fi 2' Q., ,,,.,. . Q, X 4 f 35 x ff , Aff 4- , N .W-in-A 2 " 'ISM 344 fn: xx .'o 'f ,if 1 I . V . . 'Q o Q 0 , 0 I 0 'Q ' 0 0 o 0 ' C . ' 0 9 .ll . Q' Q . U Q 'ICQ' . ..l I 0 oo 0 0' C gl" . 0 'Q l.' 1 .V L 15, ,,, "'f', A K 1 ,. -Xu , ' 'ff -V fb ' ,ixff f 'ffaw ' ' Wh! f , iffy ' Xl"',,v , , f ,fu ' M,,,,,f f' 55,4 f A ,,'44z x ffI": , , ,.,,,,. ., XA :L.,, .,1..: 1 , , 354: ,, 5, 4 1 - 14? f 43 .9247 ' 'K .:' ,f , ' ,ff jf 1 V. x x Q i W ' .. X -P K ,Q W U I 'a 0. 0 0.,"lo' U IO Ol J lg- . o 9 -'A C' 'U O I ... as . ' I ,ZX . X I V ffl" A I 1 4 1 I 1 I FP' ' CR A "' E USTR EMINAR N A L l .q . E 453 A Term Expnres l940 V ANDREW JOHNSON D.D ........... - - WIIYTTOYG JOHNSON Ph.D ...... . .... .... . . . Wllmore RE . HENRY w BROMLEY no . .....,........ cynfhrana E . WM. cHRlsrlE ........ . .zeo w 44111 sf. New York N GEORGE W VAUGHN ...... . .Securily Trusl Bldg. Lexrnglon RE.W P DAVIS DD. REV JOHN THOMAS . . . . . ...... 46ll Lumb Ave. Tampa Ha .............Lexrnglon Term Expures l94l REV E STANLEY JONES D D ................................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . Care of Leonard Theological College Jubbulpore C P. Indla W W CARY ........ REV W. L. CLARK D.rD . REV. W. W. HOLLAND D.D. REV H A BUTTS D.D .... REV. H. E. WILLIAMSON . . l008 41h Sl. N E. Canfon Ohio CHARLES E. RANKIN . . .........................Wllmore Ky. . . A ............... Paris, Ky. . . .35l2 Handman Sl. Crncmnall Ohro . . . .543 E. Davanl Memphrs Tenn . . . . . ......... Flemlngsburg Ky. Term Expires l942 REV. H. C MORRISON DD LLD BISHOP U V. W Darllnglon ..... R.LR.AKERS DD .D... REV HAROLD PAUL SLOAN DD. . REV HARRY H. WALLER D D .... BISHOP J WASKOM PICKETT . . REV R P SHULER D.D ....... ....................WrImoreKy. . . . 524 Tenfh Ave Hunhngfon W Va. . ..... I86 Norlh Sf Bedford Ohlo . . . . . I50 Fiflh Ave New Y rk N Y . . 609 Avenue Mrnorca Coral Gables Fla. . Robrnson Memornal Byculla Bombay India . . . l2l'h and Flower Sls Los Angeles Callf Term Expires I943 DR. KENNETH HUTCHERSON .... PEV J c McPHEETERS D.D .... REV WARREN c. MCINTIRE D.D. . . REV. o. H. CALLIS D D ...... C. C VALADE ....... REV.'BCGAMBLEDD. . . . . . . . . . . . Francls Bldg Loulsvllle Ky . . Glide Memorial Church San Francisco Calif ..................WrlmoreKy ...........WrImoreKy . . 255I Flsher Ave Defroil' Much . 330 North Askew Kansas Cnty M . Term Expires I944 REV. VIRGIL L. MOORE DD . . REV PAUL REES D D ................. . . Wllmore Ky REV W G CRAMM. .... . Covenanl' Tabernacle Church Mlnneapolls Mlnn CLAUDE SAGESER . . . ........ Doclors Bldg Nashville Tenn S E- MCCRELESS .... . I226 Summrl' Drrve Lexlngfon Ky L. S Ml ER ' ' . . Houslon Bldg San Anfonlo Texas . . . . . . 280 S Flreslone Blvd Akron Ohlo r 1 T1 of God, lnfhng his for Divine blessing relahonshnp belween 'ihe classes here a+ Asbury +ha'r cannol' pp in ofher schools The privilege of s+ar+ class on an equal basis wilh our f - V I ' s 5 , s -e,, T bowing before +he fhrone of Grace, b'o ' A ,info exisfence The devorion of pupil for Evil-1 V ' N H f , if if,e'ncl fhe love of The feacher for his ,1Q:., .1 T !?'s rnusi have exisrecl beiween +he Greer T A lend His disciples i N -5 Thus we feel ihe real influence of Asbury lege on our lives. As we +urn 'rhese A is devoiecl lo fhe pupil and his ieacher, if will A wirh a real sense of appreciaiion for +he sw 4 memories of fellowship in songg prayer. sfucly ihai' if has been our privilege 'ro Shaw wifh our professors in fhe LIGHT OF THE CROSS. 1 I le KN fvtggg , .M M, 1 RQW 2:57 I , !,,,Vf7A ,J X A lv? M mm' KVM' YQMZX 1 FRANCIS M. HESTON, PH. D. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE For over fiffeen years Dr. Hesfon has been affiliafed wifh Asbury. Faifhfully he has served us firsf as Professor of Educafion fhen as Dean of fhe College. "The Dean" is greafly appreciafed by fhe Sfudenf Body nof only in his official capacify, advising us wifh wisdom gleaned from years of sfudy, buf also in fhe gracious manner wifh which he deals wifh needy souls before fhe Throne of Grace. We see Chrisf in him. 1 ERA WILDER PENlSTON, B.Mus., M.A Professor of Music l ALBERT THEODORE PUNTNEY, Ph.D. Professor of English l WlLDER R. REYNOLDS, Ph.D. Professor in Social Sfudies BEULAH ALLEN REYNOLDS, M.A. lnsfrucfor in French 3 f ,, V 1, ,W ,M ff Mfg I VWW7 A fl A lg 1124-airs Z 1 QM W W4 Z ,gill , 19' ,Q 1 gf, fgji A M f 1 fp LUCILE Sl-lEl-lAN, B.S., M.A. Librarian WESLEY P. SMlTl-l, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages MlLDRED L. STANHOPE, M.A. lnsfrucfor in Spanish and Missions EVA TAYLOR, M.A. lnsfrucfor in English O. C. TURNER Assisfant In Music l Y. D. WESTEREIELD, B.D., M.A. 1 lnsfrucfor in Mafhennafics -and Head of the Physlcal Education Firsf Row: Penisfon, Punfney, Reynolcls. Second Row: Reynolds, Shehan, Srnifh. Third Row: Sfanhope, Taylor, Turner. Fourfh Row: Wesferfield, Wiseman. PETER WISEMAN, STM., DD. Professor of Applifyj Th,,,,lf,fH G. MYPON PAUN, MA. lnzlrncmr in Bibb- F A C U L T Y l lO7,l 2 - l i iii S 'Al I4 I C-J-' ,fy ,,,MW,,M, I , g ak M bl .14 .4 f-f-xv n 1 ,.1m.,,-W..W, ,es Tai, Ai fff-fa We i i f I-,M-I J J .nfl H1'1l1LxlA4:l4iIA1lI11 ,1H1lu'-lil IIIIILQJ J I -E-I 1 7 1 - 1 fi nv ll .' I . 1111111111 ,EE lzfi 1 5 ,,,, .11 .1 JJ.l.1ill1r Q1 lilfll l 1-1 .1 11 LJ 11ggg1g11M ,4l-'1'i5W M ,pilfblm Ugly' lbnp., gm J-dw J COLLEGE FACULTY LUCY ADAMS, M.S. Assislanl in Home Economics I-IELEN BISI-IOP. M.A. Regislrar ADA B. CARROLL, B.Mus Assislanl in Music I-IILDRETI-I M. CROSS. M.A., Ph.D. Associale in Educalion and Psychology EATI-IEL V. DODDRIDGE, M.A. lnslruclor in I-lislory DAISY DEAN GRAY. M.A.. T.D. Professor of Speech FRANCIS MARION I-IESTON, Ph.D. Dean of lhe College and Professor of Educafion GEORGE ARNOLD I-IODGIN. M.A. Associale Professor of Philosophy and Religion WILLIAM BRANDT I-IUGI-IES, Ph.D. Professor of Physical Sciences .JAY BENTON IKENYON, M.A. Associale of Biological Sciences I'-IAZEL TURNER KERNS lnslruclor in Piano RUTI-I LITTLE. M.A. Insfruclor in English BOYD E. MACRORY, M.A., B.D. Assislanl in Social Sludies MRS. JESTABELLE ARMSTRONG MATI-IERLY, M.A. Inslruclor in Arl JOI-IN MARTIN MAXEY, M.A. Professor of Malhemafics Firs'r Row: .Adams, Bishop, Carroll, Cross, Doddridge. Second Row: Gray, Heslon, I-loclgln, Hughes, Kenyon. Third Row: Kerns, Lillle, Macrory, Malherly, Maxey. L1061 -1-I Q23 fn il -fc fwf--'glib DISCIPLINE CGMMITTEE This group ol relined Chrislian men and women is in- vesled wilh lhe serious responsibilily ol upholding Jrhe morals ol lhe college. Selecled from Jrhe lacully, Jrhe Discipline Commillee very willingly gives much ol iis lime and lhoughl loward lhe salislaclory solulion ol any diilicully which may arise on lhe campus. Allhough real problems are noi numerous, There are ollen perplexing circumslances which beneiil greally by superior guid- ance. ln Jrhe earnesl ellorl lo perlorm such dulies in absolule fairness, The commillee acls wilh greal discern- menig and because ol The exemplary ideals displayed by each member, in lhe class room as well as on Jrhe campus, iuslice in decisions and respecl among sludenlrs are har- moniously mainlained. Top P D. Cross M' DEAN FRANCIS HESTON Chairman , iss Gorsuch, Dean Hesion. Boffom R Prof. Kenyon, Mr. Turner, Mr. Wesferfielcl. ,ra r1o9J C is s f, M .S-,AM V 'ilk Er?-1-24 fx!-yT,,iq.1L N fl -l a fiziallmel'-'L' J 'F J E QR X W a V C,,,,f Wi.. ,..-,,.W:?.tlstggggnjiii .v,, l .,,,,,f..-lQ1fJ..i..21:53:a F4155 if-ff-- ---- -Q iY1- 1 ' I I el M- ' if 3.4 .4 4.4 .i .i.i .iii ,asi ,iiii'i,.i1,+fi99s".ng:ii.,'..isag.',-mia JJ J JJ J :JJ ij Q1 -E 3 f --f-if r""""" H V . f JJJJJ.J.JJJJl' .I 4. JJJJJFFIQJ ' 3 3.1 ly, -g JJ .4 .ii .i .ia .ii Wil 1.1 ii J5lgggJ,cc,f'sflbcsfl.cEo a , . 7 .gyda ww ni .NJJLA my limi-i AUM i"5"'a:' 5 'M' ii g g P P1 I-IOSTESSES M RS. FANNY FAYNE me she has a syrnpalhelic un- idinq of human nalure and be- rau of her conscienfious erforfs To I inlain Chrislian ideals, Mrs. Payne is highly esleerned. MISS MAY GORSUCI-I Miss Gorsuch's gracious manner, snccrc inleresf in each girl, and Loalous Christian life bespeak ability fo win The admiralion of MONITORS WALLACE I-IARNED Wesley I-IaII G. MYRON RAUN Flelcher I-IaII PHILIP I-IINERMAN Morrison I-IaII MARGARET RAUN GERTRUDE ROTH Nurse Nurse her her her all. Q ,1- ,.,--"- 5...-f-""' WWE. I -'ir EIU HI I I I CLASS OFFICERS JUNIORS LEE BRANHAM . . . ROSEMARY SMITH . LILLIAN FORCEY . FLOSSIE AMSTUTZ PAUL BAILEY . . . VERNA MURPHREE HERBERT MASSEY. . MARGARET DEATON . SOPHOMORES ROBERT JEN KS .... MARGARET MARTIN . Vice-Presidenjr KATHERINE MQKINLEY DWIGHT NYSEWANDER HELEN DAVIS .... ROBERT STEENBERG . MARIE SCHNAKE . I O 7 FRESHMEN MARY RUTH MOON . PHILIP HINERMAN . . . Secrefa ry . . Presidenf Vice-Presidenr . Treasurer . Treasurer , CI1apIaIn Chaplain AIInIeIIc Mgr. I . . Presidenf Secrewkary . Treasurer Treasurer . CI1apIaIn . CI1apIaIn Jag, . . Sponsor . Sponsor DENNIS KINLAW .... Presidenf Ai BTI I"ai5 . L III :I I:-......J , gn I Civ ip 1 I , , 1111: ,s--,,-.......-.HL31 I 5i:i?Ih5f7Tkf SIM' QISQQL-53. I . 4 1 i YAx F.-11-L-:f ,W A-A--A:w,f:1-A lYI"bgflg' vi -,ui - F'-H X ' L f L4 5 I 'ig In J Ja .I .U H3 H-1 -4 42 K, EI 3 Q 1-, E 2 EJ I or ff ff' I I , I , I A- - - of - 4 Mfnn IMHHMMQQISMUUUWF JQQIJHE, " I In 'I 'H 'I 'IJ 'MIIIIIII :WI 'QI JJ 'I 'III fm A sive 6 1 IIIQEQ-. I1?h1 . I R .0122 'J I 'An fem al 'rg xIrTIQYmYrxZ31'?gZ?1I- f , 1, T' '- M. stir I Z 1 e li Q. :eggs 3 4 , L STanding: Roberls, Fall, Luiz. Seafed: Muck, Wells, Zeimer, Skidmore. SENIOR OFFICERS ROBERT ZElMER . . . . . PresidenT ALISON WELLS . . . Vice-PresidenT WYBURN SKIDMORE . . . . SecreTary IRENE LINN '.... . Treasurer Seniorsl For Three all Too-shorT years we had anxiously awaiTecl To be called loy ThaT name. For Three all Too-shorT years we had wished aT commencernenT Time ThaT iT was We ThaT had The privilege oT marching maiesTically down The aisle To The sTrains oT The "March oT e PriesTs And now ThaT we are Seniors how awed we are' how anxious yeT how relucTanTl IL ...I fv IT 53'-Dfxfx ff, FLOYD Muck . . Tfaaaafar RUTH FALL . . . Chaplain ELLIS Lurz .... ..... c iiaplain TUDOR ROBERTS , . . . AThleTic Manager Looking back over our Senior year, how WS wish we could live iT all over again. There waS The exciTing Weiner roasT aT Dr. Johnson's-The Senior pageanT aT ChrisTrnas Time-The unusual ChrisTmas parTy in PuTnam parlors-The exciT- ing evenTs oT Senior Day-Commencemeni l-low we wish we could sTay on aT Asbury' Yel w eager we are To go ouT To serve our LOV in he place l-le has Tor us Fix -""" VQBF' 111 gil l l l l cr-9,11 ffl 4-""' al' l li A T! i L I l i l i Y i li Y JOEL PAUL BARRETT, Greenville, Fla. GreaT in sporTs, and a diligenT, careTul man. PuncTual, peaceTul, precise. He's a volume if you only know how To read him, MARY ELViRA BENTLEY, 646 W. CenTral Ave., WinTer Haven, Fla. DelighTTully con- genial is This smiling, easy-going Senior wiTh never a worry. We admire her unselTish devoTion To The inTeresTs oT oThers. PAUL BRANCH, Lodhipur, lhabiahanpur, U. P., India. Grave and unassuming, Paul has been a dependable and helpTul member oT The Missionary Crusaders. Y C. RUSSELL BREMER, DuOuain, Ill. Russell appears To be quieT, reserved, and To carry his Senior digniTy wiTh signal grace. He is a man OT resource, or power, and oT real characTer. A AVA M. BROWN, 2l65 N. Church ST., Salem, Ore. Eager To serve ChrisT on The mission Tield. We have discovered ThaT, in spiTe oT her serious aTTiTude, Ava has a keen sense oT humor. MARTHA MAY BROWN, Wilmore, Ky. How her Tingers wenT as They moved by noTe Through measures Tine, as she marched Them o'er The yielding plane oT The ivory Tloor. HERBERT WINSTTON BYRNE, Mobile, Ala. This Tilden oT our campus hasia sTrengTh oT characTer and an unaTTecTed manner which wins him The Triendship oT everyone. X - i Z MARTHA ARMISTEAD CATE, Nashville, Tenn. Zbie- l7 Through The pearl chain oT all virTues. Her ' TT' A 'fahon T0 5- X li H31 as . R .em , , 1 M003-,1' f'?' - ' ' I' y . , . Z-,,,....,.o f X,f' T7--F U -V' ' X. sv s is X Qs - s 2 a 2 an X .. X - ., N X X X s Q X X X X' X ws ARM Qgx., N X X X X XQW if 5 3. X Qxxfsxxxx X X s ws X assi s ss ss XXW N '-s . :Y-.-ssrgs ss,-is N- s A xx C GSS of 1940 JOHN LESLIE ADAMS, STanTon, Tenn. Allowing The beiicr inTluences of liTe To dOminaTe him, John has cuI+iva+ed a nobiliTy oi soul which marks him from oTher men. A sTeadTasT devoTion To spiriTual values is evideni in him. CARTER ALLISON, RouTe No. 2, WashingTon, Ind. I-Iis is The Tendency To go Through IiTe mildly and moderaTely. I-Te is orderly and quiei in his walls and is quick To Turn 6 Triendly hand. DOROTHY VIVIAN AMSTUIZ, 3I2 E. Oalc ST., Orrville. Ohio. Amiable and Thoroughly naTural in The class room or on The gym iloor. She is deliberaTe in her iudgmenls and 'ff ,I I i I gg Ss I . 32213 Hg A- ' - 7 ' y I TEE .fi 3: 'N IH I i I I choices, an even and TruiTTul liTe is before her. I WILLIAM M. ARNETT, Clay CenTer, Kan. STudenTs like Bill have made Asbury whai il IS- I-Iis reliance on God, persisTenT labor, purposiveness, inTelIigence, and execuTive abiliTy , malce him an ideal STudenT Body President JOHN RUFUS AUSBAND, Box 4Ol, WinsTon-Salem, N. C. I-Iis disTincT friendliness and good disposiTion combined wiTh a scienTiIic mind and hanlcering Tor TesT Tubes malce I Johnny an eTTicienT lab-insTrucTor. E LOIS BAILEY. PorTsmouTh, Va. A smiling, brown-eyed lass. always cheeriul and sociable I in spiTe OT her maidenly shyness. TER ROI-I-IN BAILEY. 446 WyThe ST., PorTsmouTh, Va. Firm oT characTer and PIIII' CIPIS is This man oT Tew buT well-chosen words. BeneaTh his quieT appearance he 'S Tound T be a very obliging person wiTh a capaciTy Tor hard worlc. A y IOQ An accomplished musician. we have been I WWW I O ' ' 'ii Marion comes To us Trom Ohio, buT She ia beTTer. r.'-'F jaw L1l21 -- jfs 353552 Q .1 . .'.. 90 - D L' :Og lg M 10 FRANCES IMOGENE ELSWICK, I-IunTingTon, W. Va. Imogene does Things wiThouT making all abouT her aware oT The TacT. To know her is To know her worTh. JOHN MANVILLE FALKENBER6, 500 Torrence Rd., Columbus, Ohio. Jack has good naTure ingrained. lnTeresTed in IiTe. he inspires oThers To live Truly because oT his sTerling qualiTies. RUTH MAY FALL, PeToskey, Mich. "She doeTh li++Ie kindnesses which mosT leave un done!" We admire her versaTiliTy and beauTiTul ChrisTian ideals. ALICE BOYINGSFON FISHER, Lyons, Ore. Unusually Tine, loyal hearTed, ChrisTian spiriTed, willing Tor any Task, and equal To any emergency. FRANCIS WILFRED FISHER, II6 E. 5Th ST., Newberg, Ore. His anaIyTical mind, Triencl- liness, and abiliTy To achieve much wiTh liTTle eTTorT are cerTain To bring him success. BERTIE MAE FLORENCE, Wilmore, Ky. A very pleasing manner wiTh a digniTied re- serve. BeneaTh This reserve one Tinds genuine characTer composed oT sTrong convicTions. YOLANDA GRINAGER, CanTon, S. D. Tall and sTaTely, Yolanda comes iTo us Trom SouTh DakoTa. She's quieT in ThaT delighTTul sorT oT way ThaT makes The ring oT her laughTer all The more inTriguing. J!! MONROE C. HATCH, WhiTehall, N. Y. An expr-QT baskeTIlc1l.l:Plii'35,-f fe I bundle oT good gualiTies wiTh an aTTiniT A'-F'-7 biTion rules his brain." T' X is-ii---,-,,,... I, ll5I , "" .,'---"",- av? ----v'-Q - 2- I 'Q I u'4v...? fi' 9 . , U of f. ,,,,...,.. z Agfxr I Y V YA' 4 --ji LORENE CLAYTON, I-lenry, Tenn. I-Ier presence, her aclions are ever quiel. rnoclesl. and humble, an alarming Ihing in a Senior. V CATHERINE LOUISE COBB. Caleechee. S. C. Refreshing and friendly is-Jrhis Souihern lady whose personalily loespealcs a zesi lor living and a love for fun. JAMES FLETCHER COPPEDGE, JR., Roure NO. 4. Brownsville. Tenn- Flefchef maimed in Speech, buf he also lcnows how Io lislen well. IRENE CORNETT, Comers Rock, Va. Noi only is her life dedicaled 'ro ChrisJr's service. bul' if is lived in 'rhe conslani luliillmenl ol Ihal dedicaiion. J. LOUIS CRANDALL, I456 Rollins Rd., Toledo, Ohio. Swisssshl There goes ihe "li++le man who wasn'I There" chasing idle momenls in snappy clolhes and snaPPY Cal' ' ' ' wiih an eye for business and a smile for everyone. GILBERT W. CRUTCHFIELD, seniors, N. Q. A capable debsief. .3 dmqenf Sfuflenl- and a Chrisiian worker. I-Ie likes Io Ialce walks alone and gels inspiraiion from Ihe sludy of naiure. LOIS STHER DODD, 926 Foresi Park Boulevard, Roanoke, Va. A congenial Pelsonallly eiul siudeni. Esiher has learned The arl of fulfilling well each CIGYIS lasks' E E I ' J' 4 ,.- ' ?9-5i9"::"'i"'g"-'--'- -Fveef Georgian possessing a beauiilul VOICE' 5 F JN ersonalily-and-Iiouisef E K 1 xbRN3vR4 rg. . ' -N I! 4 fuk A 7,43 TTI ' 4 f a H' ,I n lg "X Nb I . II gl lg.. GE:-v.i"' Um -:-1:23 fr M, 'H -E r uh - - +7 x .4 -JH-.,,,,1s g- 4:5 X .. "5 . 1' ,.--:fx I ..,. laik 44, ay NI iii ii ii , 'E . 11f 'S 1 - Zgiib DWIGHT W. MAY, Roule No. 5, Warren, Ohio. A conscienlious Chrislian wilh a burn- ing desire lo answer his call as a minisler. Wifh such a purpose, we feel he will succeed. SAMUEL LEON MAYO, Reidsville, Ga. He has a sincere, coniidenl manner as he goes abou? his classes. By his seriousness he has won 'rhe friendship of many fellow siudenls. ADELE MINTER, Donaldsonville, Ga. A walk of dignified nonchalance, neai clolhes, originalify, a ready sense of wif-Dell. GEORGE MITCHELL, Ridley Park, Pa. A supply of humor and willy reparlee makes Milch a likeable person who enjoys life and helps o'rhers 'ro do likewise. MARY RUTH MOON, 7l6 S. 7'rh S+., Terre Hauie. Ind. "Her sparkling sallies bubble up as from aeraled nafural ioun'rains." As Freshman Sponsor she's been a vifal, spiriiual blessing, and we like her vim, vigor, and vilalily. FLOYD E. MUCK, Clay Cenfer. Kan. If Floyd is 'ro fulfill his possibiliiies, lhere will be achieved a life career which is independenl and which noi only allows asseriiveness, buf demands and rewards if. STEPHEN L. NELSON, Hancock, Md. He adorns whaiever subiecl he wriies on by The rnosl splendid eloquence. Hals off Io This Senior sofiball hurler and Collegian edilor. GERALD HINES NISEWENDER, Polk, Ohio. Ouiel, buf sincere? Z? I 4 cess in This world-as God measures succsewzv-5.7 1 O f "' 7 A ,I .gm , f 1 fngyfr M fws , n .- ' z f V-A ,f"""' 1' ,.f'-A-ff Q O GSS of 1940 E5ZZZ Q-4fVo" 'QX6' If . 1' 1 f-..., li- I I I f I .L I . 31 N I rf iii I I. x I- CHARLES PHILIP HINERMAN, 5OI S. Davis Ave.. Richmond, Va. An ideal Freshman Sponsor, and ouTsTanding aThIeTe, a good sTudenT, neaTness personiTied, a poised speaker -"A IighT ThaT shineTh." ELIZABETH HORNER, Bunker I-IiII, W. Va. She perseveres and accompIishes. She will C G. S S aTTempT anyThing-The harder The beTTer. f DOUGLAS EWING JACKSON, 4OI Dempsey ST.. IvIadisonviIIe, Ky. .A sTudenT OT The X 0 TirsT magniTude. and a super sporTs Tan. In quoTing sTaTisTics he geTs a ThriII-in arguing. ilx Q 4 G Too, he owns his sIciII. MARY LOIS LANE, 209I N. Craig, Pasadena, CaIiT. Via ThisVLane one can'T miss The "Iand oT sunshine." This CaIiTornian is ThoughTTuI and sTudious and pack TuII of Tun and Trolic. MAVIS LAYBOURN, I907 Rebecca ST., Sioux CiTy, Ia. An ingenious mind aII of her own: a craving Tor arT and The abiIiTy To produce IT: a digniTy inTermingIed wiTh grace. charm, and poise, and a reTreshing conversaTionaIisT. Q -il IRENE LINN, BowringpeT, India. Irene has been a source oT bIessing To many. IOP IISV : f Q whole being radiaTes Iove and undersTanding mingIed wiTh IaughTer and good cheef- ND LIPPMAN, 4I9I S. Normandie, Los Angeles, CaIiT. I-Iis phiIosophicaI reasoninq and d ep devoTion To ChrisT as weII as his exceIIenT classroom work will Iong be remem- - bered. g fi ' D E- .dit I A Ohio. Ellis has been a reaI spiriTuaI sTrenQIII I0 Ihe gf: 5 . Rss. FEW " n To Dean I-IesTon because of his common FF 31 5 de endabI T I xsqxgtt ,A ' p e na ure. , ,rig Arg.-All lf'-:pf 4 I.. 93,43 'f "If,i-- -o?'L,i' fo. -x,- ': .. 51- ' jj f - ff A, Ie f .- . S f s Q . - V-.s , ...--,fre 'f . ,, I , -L., ,' 'lb N161 -'.T..""'-f""'-Er- ' LIC Y. , Q 6 1 Y . XX 'T-' """-1 sX"..4" S 13 ,, r + -- ". --. 1-I. A -1 1 ,gn ' X .tx ' .I M xx Y iff, - "t '. ' ' ' X f Q Qfilxbcl D F f I ,Lf I 4?3J?'Lf- Q LZ:-N . - . - -. 4.-MM., Q-.s.'...... .A ,...v... J..-.1-.. .1-...'.,.. . ,. , V , A, l ...- WYBURN ARTHUR SKIDMORE, Wesl lvlanslield, Ohio. Skid is in love wilh lile. Fear and anxiely have no place in his nalure, which radiales oplimism. l-lis enlhusiasm runs high. A real Chrislian. LORNE SPARKS, 354 Vicloria Sl., London, Onlario. "Day and nighl you are The one is Sparlcs ode lo Sleep. l-le's nol on The roll ol common men-sense nor nonsense can surpass his lcen. RALPH EDWIN SPRINGMAN, Monloursville, Pa. The one lo whom we enlrusl "our lime." His al-peace-wilh-The-world bearing is enviable, and he does his work well. HELENE STEWART, Wilmore, Ky. Dependabilily, sincerily, modesly, social poise, and spirilual zeal combine lo rnalce Helene's slrenglh ol characler a conslanl challenge lo higher heighls. MARTHA STEWART, Cincinnali, Ohio. "ll is vain 'ro galher virlue wilhoul humililyg lor The Spiril of God delighlelh lo dwell in The hearls ol The humble." PAUL STEWART, 208 E. 24lh, Covinglon, Ky. Paul, wilh his inseparable llashlighl, manages 'ro lee-ep Asburians in their place. Dependable and obliging he also manages lo be a friend lo all. OVID STINE, Orlonville, Mich. A will lo learn has made hirn a good sludenl. A will lo serve has made hirn a con',i',lcnl and zealous Chrislian. Vfjrnonl ALi-ka'-Lb, ,V . n' l.l51N nnl, ,,1!ml I 5-f.11:l4 -A-nr: rr' ever she goes. She pO'.','J',',f:', fin .ihunrlaricffo I Qlce- K X 2 fig S -LLM W 1 iw I 7+-'l+-- -?,,-,.,, N...-1g1,,-L'1i ,fs 4 pn I f n, mMU'."'. '- JVM , In C GSS of i 1940 ye? 'fel' , """"N-.,ik.1..:. ' f' 5 f"f"'T'..,:,,--- J J midww If Ei A I I4 I 1 i I 4 wif O GSS of 1940 I 5-5 Z rf3 A il,-emi W e- - .,i,,, ' -1. H. HUBER PATTERSON, 9Ol MerchanT ST., Ambridge. Pa. "IT upon enTering my room you Tind me sTudying, please wake me up." And he'll be glad To do anyThing he can Tor you. He's The liTe OT Morrison Hall. KARL SAMUEL PAULO, Akron, Ohio. Those wiTh whom he- comes in conTacT Teel The presence oT one devoTed To The MasTer's kingdom. Karl's missionary zeal is reTlecTed in his beaming counTenance. TUDOR RHODES ROBERTS, SouThern Rhodesia, ATrica. Hailing Trom ATrica is This nonchalanT, Typical philosopher, whose TavoriTe sTudy is "LiTe" and whose chieT inTeresT is in handicraTT. HELEN RESCHE, PraTT, Kan. Good looks, good sense, good humor, laughing, brown eyes. and dark curly hair make up The Helen we love. DAVID BRYCE SAGESER, LexingTon, Ky. Resolved ThaT Sag has proved himself a capable TOUFHGITST. an able debalrer. an up-To-daTe reader. and a proTound Thinker wiTh a SOllCl purpose Tor a useTul ChrisTian liTe. LLOYD GILBERT SAPP, Louisville, Ky. WheTher iT's blowing up campus Trees or building UP I-GGQUG prOgrams in The dining hall, L. G. does a good iob oT iT-The League has been a Tremendous success under L. G. His eTTorTs will long be remembered. DOR THY M. SARGENT, Beallsville, Pa. DoTTy is never Too busy To be everYbOdVl5 K Triend. 'e admire her personaliTy and her well-groomed appearance. fi , Brook, Pa. "The spiriT oT The Lord resTs UIPOV' If' , Jw L 5 TTTT 0 I i e SpiriT oT counsel and mighT .... .. .' .. T ' T' "4 -n i TTI li- 1 Sf-'j'f""-2 ffl"-15 ITII .5 I "M -' iz. as- . ' Tj I rn f, is 4 J 2' , T" '. - --....:. f'f""t :agus H181 - --fi ML, 4,- R255 5.2.3, -5 - YV NN --.' . NTT" 'Q 1' -5. --"4"--1, T TT-T . . X n'v 19? I.. 5 X 21 Q Q ' Q T flag 'I-All f,.f'J?:,'g,-'Q A.aA-LLT'L': U' li . ALICE ELIZABETH WILCHER, Charleslon, W. Va. Only a barilone can Ialhom 'rhose big, brown eyes. I-ler musical abilify and gracious manner make her a splendid hosless. KARL KENNETH WILSON, Sieubenville. Ohio. Karl leads in 'lhe lield of Asbury busi- ness men. I-Iis venlures along lhis line have been remarkable successes. We know his fulure will be brighl. Q LEWIS WILSON, 902 Bigley Ave., Charleslon, W. Va. The all-around fellow. I-le likes fun, sporis, and mosl' of all, his work for The Lord. l-le's a real friend lo all who know 1 9 4 O THOMAS WINN, Yohu Yunai Keilzido, Chosen, Japan. We like you, Tommy. for your frank individualily and for your many accomplishrnenls. INDIA WINSTON, Crofhersville, Ind. Lilac lhe bluo of her eyes is her characler-deep. She has a real purpose in life and lhu ability lo accomplish il. JOY YOUNG, 606 Ohio Avo.. Chfirleslon, W. Va. Fond ol all lovely lhings in life- 'rhal's Joy. She has a knack lor lfnilling, a cheerful willingness 'ro work and a radianl feslimony for Him. ! NATHANIEL ROBERT ZIEMER, 4l62 Corrirnonwcallh Avo., Toledo, Ohio. A UWISSIOHGFY I dl home preparing fo be a rni-i.'.ionf1iry abroiicl. A dislincl personalily wilh abilily lo gel 4. IIIIUQS 5006: because hc'z humble, luri-lo-finq, energetic and inlelleclual. Seniors Wiihouf Picfures: .lrilin Unllml, fiQJfJ1'f'I"J!I 5225 ' lf. Ai f l'mnIrifjlil,'IfF' VY ,'- filil 'c' f 4 N- 1 i'i I -an W V ii' ...EEL iifllii i ricii A ffm , f 1 :xr 2 .. ' N -f,. 1 bf., I t 24 I if ,,...-- 1, , 1 -f"J df J""""" . M, ,--Q" If ' .N-9v,,,...... V - Q... - 4 - I GENEVA RUTH SUND, IIO8 San Rafael, Glendale, Calif. Proverbial California personi- . ' I' fied-is Geneva wirh her sunny disposilion, brilliani alhlelic record, and a voice dedicaled B Io I-Iis service. . KI EVELYN GERTRUDE SUTHERLAND, 3I7 Belmonlr S+., N. W., Warren, Ohio. A sincere nl C and charming personalily, an air of quiel modesly and genuine friendliness, a Clignily h infermingled wirh poise and reserve, yelr wirhal an abiding sense of humor-'rha+'s Evelyn. I o I ' l EVELYN ADELLA TAYLOR, Peoli, Ohio. Laughler-loving and good naiured, she has a ilk Q 4 U genius for friendship. Frank and open-minded, she is Irusliul and Irulrhworlhy. I I LEE ROY VAN SICKLE, Greensburg, Ohio. Roy's happy face and cheerful manner say. "Chris+ Iivefh in me." Vivacily mixed wi'rh common sense-ThaI's our "migh+y mile." LLOYD HARRY WALKER, R. F. D. No. 2, Cresfline, Ohio. Srudying Io be a doC'fOF- Lloyd is quief and undisfurbed as he goes aboul his work-a man of noble resolve. x FLORENCE VIRGINIA WELDON, I2O Alumni Ave., I-Ioplcinsville, Ky. "She shall have rg music wherever she goes." A well-defined sense of wif and a carefree disposilion make Q Florence an inieresling personalify. I-Ier life is a real Iesfimony for Chrisf. 1 'L+- . I ETRU IA ALISON WELLS, Il2 Runnymeade Ave., Wayne, Pa. Combine in'reIIec'r. ITIU' i sical abi ' y, spirilualify, leadership, and pep-and you have Alison, The Versa'riIe. I 5 to Z f, , , E il"''E-G2fic::::':!.!ggggggg-4-1'-.....a-... . I-Ier counlenance glows wi'rh innocenf en- f" I Her friends-'mey are rna ,V 'E , -are There any? 5 XIII aes? ' - 'n f "::f3'lf7:O-" f' 4 l"b "lf-'-I"-' Y. 'L 2 'it .. , 'Z - 2 fi . 15 g f fa' ..3 ' f i I MIL-Inf'-.1 .YA Il20l g k,Q.L--- --,...- f' fgtoa v ', , " 5"gsi-X-L26 .I..e'.q', 1 1 W' Y Y ' , yQ lr'-. --4-4.x ,ss-n,.,,f g ij. ,xnhvdh , -I f. ' ' ' x :I q ,.' "1 ' s l u . X I H h ' ' I ' Q " . L' , '. limb N I I ' ?LNf 5fa..c.-1..r1J v' f - EASTER LILY KING, Franklin Springs, Ga. A sweel Soulhern lady. well-mannered and a good friend. An accomplished musician and greaf lover of books. RUSSELL A. LENOX, Covingion, Ky. Friendly, reliable, diligenl, and accommodaling-he waiches his acfions by day as well as his "flock" by nighi. ECHO MORTON, 7l4 Cascade Si., Wenaichee, Wash. Echo is no'r always business-like nor is she always inferesfed in our pecuniary affairs. She is an enjoyable companion and a real friend. ROBERT LEE PEACE, Corbin, Ky. Very pleasani and likeable is This adverlising manager of fhe Arfisf Series. His reliability and del'-:rminafion combine To assure him of success. GEORGE W. RICHARDS, Vvichiifi, Vfin. Although ihis is George's lirsl year al Asbury. he's proved To be induzfriouz, iaiihiul, and sincere-a lrue Chrisfian. ELSE ROMMEN, Beulah, Ohio, V-Ihr, nays in for 0 what olhers say in song." Else is I Talenfed. cheerful, and well liked. RUTH CHILDERS SEAMANDS, 618 So. Iaih Sf., Herrin, Ill. All who know Rulh love EZ l'1Gf.fOr she possesses fho:-2 qufilififr, which are so czsenlial lo a pleasing personalily. A+ If nd Her WOflK. whefher in making fi linmc or preparing her lessons. She is fhoroueh 5 delermined. DONALD SHAHAN, il-lJf'lfl"Jll'JV'i, WV. Vin. l-li, work al Rowlands has kepl him ffOm much ill Th beller ? of iile Cafflpljf, buf iffy: hwy.: lqufiql llifyl ,y ifjllif, QOOK-,l'nOlUl'Gd 9 OW- e llllnqi have is plan in iw, mfr. pl ,-v9'M..r.aniY.7f':,i1-ve X AQLIE SHEPHERD WELLS, rm. f,1a,i-,i,-gc,ggg1Js15, '- -'-" H qUIE:i and VOSfJfIf:fl, bul uh-pri f,ri'lf:fl ugfiri, ll'fV'72 '.,. 4-t-gg A 'ous G Ori' P1 '- iii' lr .Qs-1 ' ,U m , f 'gre M 0.4144 s l ', a. f if ,f,..'----s-s 'l,.,.,.,- If --H -- ,ff i V '-is .ff ' ,, ,,,,.,.V,..,.f-A" l 1 3 . l i i li ll l i i Li- I HARRY W. BLACK, IZOO Prospecl Ave., S. W., Canlon. Ohio. His pleasani smile. his cheery "hello" and his sweel lenor voice all combine 'ro make Harry a grand fellow. PEARL BERNIECE BORDERS, lvlishawalca, ind. She's 'the mosi demure lillle lady you C G S S ever saw. Dressed as a Purilan maiden she'd appear more in characler. gf JOSEPH BROOKSHIRE, Danville, Ky. Joe is a conslanl source of variely, cleverness, and cheer. He sings wilh greai enlhusiasm. il Q 4 ROBERT F. BRYAN, Covingion, Va. Bob has made friends easily and has lhe power i0 hold Them. He is devour in his siudy. and excellenl as a husband. LYDIA DANCEY ECHLIN, Por? Huron. Mich. Her silence olenoles characler and sirenglh of mind, combine This wilh her Chrislian consislency, and you gel a life admired by all- i I MARY GRAVES, Olcanogan. Wash. Her presence brealhes failh, assurance, and genile- 'f 'EFS 'L Y g ness. Quick io feel for lhe unforlunale, she will give and forge? 'rhe gilil. . - 7 Y ' - - , ON CORNELIUS JESSUP, Greensboro, N. C. His aims are high. his mofives whole ome, and his conducl is lhal oi a genlleman. He is unliring in his efforls and O slrici in eeiing his obligalions. s 5 KT ' A, 1 ,fzki a ag! ' QC ' L . if Enchaniing as a queen: 'rypically Soulhern 1 -1,3iS:.,,MJ-M' and manner, and delighliully musical. K 'f ' ix Y Q leo. ' Ap Z! M' i :if-'R , 'QD l R Al, hy 1 'Z' W' 'J ill: l lg'-l' 4 H221 - i -' ' ...F L .iL,lZ"""' :"Hg"'- 1 D' L1: ' 'a c '- Mza 'ister' 1 K Y f' ' Xu Er, '- ,"'0-fn, ls, -4, .. iw t .2 --dv M , ogg . ' X 01 , , X. 21 aw. XX 1 4 e,f,4h L' Q : r',. 5 A 1'-flffgsf S E N I MAY, DWIGHT W.-Band, Orcheslra, Glee Club, '40, Chorus, Baseball, Soil- ball. MINTER, ADELE-Home Economics Club, Secrelary, '37, Baskelball. MITCHELL, GEORGE D.-Class Secrelary, '38, '39. MOON, MARY RUTH-Chrislian Service' League, Choru-s, Big Sisler Club, Colle- gian Slaff, '39, Freshman Sponsor, '39, Who's Who. '39, Sludenl-Facully Com- millee, '39, Home Economics Club. MUCK, FLOYD E.-Class Treasurer, '37, '40, Minislerial Associalion, Band, Slu- denl Volunleers, Financial Secrelary, '40, A. S. F. Commillee, '38, Pre-Med Club, Presidenl, '40, Trumpel Trio, Asburian Slaff, '39, French Club. NELSON, STEPHEN L.-Soflball, Volley ball, baskelball, Baseball, "A" Winner, '38, Band, Chorus, Collegian Fealure edi- lor, '39, Asburian S'I'a1"i, '38, Collegian Edilor, '40. NISWENDER, GERALD HINES-Minisler- ial Associalion. PATTERSON, H. HUBER-A. S. F. Com- miflee, '39, '40, Baskerball, Soflball, Volley Ball, Horseshoe Doubles Co-Cham- pion, '39, Glee Club, '39, '40, Minis- ferial Ouarrel. PAULO, KARL SAMUEL-Sludenl Volun- leers, Minisferial Associalifn. PEACE, ROBERT LEE-Asbury Arlisl Series Commiflee, Adverlising Manager, '40, ROBERTS, TUDOR RHODES-Srudenl Vol- unleers, Pre-Med Club. y LIPPMAN, ROLAND-A. S. F. Commil- fee, '40. SAGESER, DAVID BRYCE-lnlercollegiale Debale Squad, '39, Scribblers, '39, Presi- denl, '40, Collegian Slaff, '39, Edilor, '40, Universify of Kenlucky, '37, '38. SAPP, LLOYD GILBERT-Baskelball, Vol- ley Ball, Chairman of Arlisl Series Com- millee, '39, '40, Social Commillee, Chair- man, '38, '40, SARGENT, DOROTHY M.-Wornen's Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Home Economics Club, Chorus, Radio Choir, Big Sislcr Club, A. S. F. Cornrnilloe, '39, Class Treasurer, '39. O R SEAMANDS, RUTH CHILDERS - Sludenl Volunleers, Sludenl Wives Circle, Class Vice-Presidenl, '38, Chorus. SELDOMRIDGE, BESSIE MARTHA-Moun- lain Missionary Sociely, Secrelary, '38, Chrisfian Service League, Vice-Presidenl, Spring '38, Secrelary, '39, Presidenl, '40, Sludenl Volunleers, Big Sisler Club, Grad- uale of Kenlucky Mounlain Bible Insli- lule. SKIDMORE, WYBURN ARTHUR-Soflball, Baseball, Asburian Slaff, '39, Collegian Slaff, '40, Minislerial Associalion, Inler- na'l'ional Relalions Club, Class Secrelary. '40, Mission Work. SPARKS, LORNE A.-Foreign Sludenls Club, Minislerial Associalion, Collegian Slaff, '39, lnlernalional Relalions Club. SPRINGMAN, RALPH EDWIN-siuaenr Facully Commillee, '40, Minislerial As- socialion, Mission Work. STEWART, MARGARET HELENE-Foreign Sludenls Club, Missionary Crusaders, Class Treasurer, '37, Asburian Slaff, '39. STEWART, MARTHA - Chorus, Spanish Club, '36, '37. '38, '39. STEWART, PAUL M.-Sue Bennell Col- lege, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Chorus, Minisferial Associalion, Sludenl Volun- leers, Gospel Choir. STINE, OVID ARTHUR-Sludenl Volun- leers, Minislerial Associalion, Inlerna- 'rional Relalions. ' STOTLAR, MARJORIE LOUISE-Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Chorus, Radio Choir, Arl Club, '40, Gospel Choir, '40. SUND, GENEVA RUTH-Tennis, Basker- ball, Volley Ball, Chorus, Glee Club, '38, Radio Choir, '38, Trio, Mission Worker, "A" Winner, '38, '39, Big Sisler Club, Alhlelic Commillee, '39, Arl Club, '39. SUTHERLAND, EVELYN GERTRUDE-Big Sisler Club, Secrelary, '40, Sludenl Vol- unleers, Spanish Club. TAYLOR, EVELYN ADELLA - Chrislian Service League, Home Economics Club, Treasurer, '38, Presidenl, '39, '40, Big Sisler Club, Arl Club, '39, '40, VAN SICKLE, ROY LEE-Class Chaplain, '38, '39, Glee Club, '39, '40, Chorus! Baslnclball, Sollball, "A" Winner, '37. I l"5 I H O N O R S WALKER, LLOYD HARRY-Sludenl Volun- leers, Minislerial Associalion, Pre-Med Club, Assislanl in Chemislry Laboralory, '40 WELDON, FLORENCE VIRGINIA--Glee Club, '39, '40, Chorus, Scribblers Club, Big Sisler Club, Cerlificale Recilal, '39, Diploma Recilal, '40. WELLS, ETRURIA ALISON-Glee Club, '38, '40, Chorus, Baskelball, Sludenl Volunleers, Chrislian Service -League, Big Sisler Club, Class Chaplain, '39, Class Vice-Presidenl, '40, Who's Who, '40, WELLS, ARLIE SHEPHERD-Easlern Teach- ers College, Chrislian Service League, Big Sisler Club, Inlernalional Relalions Club, '40. WHITNEY, EVELYN DOROTHY-Pre-Med Club, Scribblers Club, '37, Chrislian Service League,,Home Economics Club, '37, Big Sisler Club, Spanish Club, '39, '4O. WILCHER, ALICE ELIZABETH-Spanish Club, '37, French Club, '37, '38, Big Sisler Club, Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, Chorus, Secrelary, '39, '40, Chrislian Service League, Arlisr Series Commillee, secrelary, '39, Hosless, '40, Mixed Doubles Ping Pong Champion, '40. WILSON, KARL KENNETH--Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, Minislerial Associalion, ln- 'rernalional Relalions Club, Gospel Choir, '40, Chorus, Asburian Slaff, '38, Business Manager of Asburian, '39, Arlisl' Series Commillee, Hosl, '40, Sludenl Volunleers, Chrislian Cavaliers Ouarlel, Class Treas- urer, '38, '40. WINN, THOMAS CLELAND - Pre-Med Club, French Club, Glee Club, '38, Chorus, Foreign Sludenls Club, Cru- saders Ouarlel, '39, Arl Club, '37. WINSTON, INDIA -- Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenl, . Baskelball, "A" Winner, Sludenl Volunleers, Chrislian Service League, Big Sisler Club, Nyack, '3B. ' YOUNG, JOY - Glee Club, '39, '40, Chorus, Morris Harvey College, '37, As- burian -Slaff, '39, Collegian Slalf, '40, Chrislian Service League, Mission Worker, Big Sisler Club, Spanish Club, French Club. ZIEMER, NAHANIEL ROBERT-A. S. F. Commillee, '37, Sludenl Facully Commil- lee, '37, Orcheslra, Library Slafl, Mission Work, Spanish Club, Class Chaplain, '38, Class Presidenl, '39, '40, Who's Who, '40, Soflball, '39. 5 E N I O R H O N O R S AMSTUTZ, DOROTHY-Class Secretary, '37, Orchestra, Student-Faculty Commit- tee, '38, '39, Basketball, Volley Ball, Sott- ball, Glee Club, '39, '40, President, '40, Chorus, Who's Who, '40, Big Sister Club. A-RNETT, WILLIAM M.-Class President, '37, Student-Faculty Committee, '38, As- burian Editor, '39, Student Body Presi- dent, '40, Who's Who, '39, Spring Man- ager Athletics, '39, Ministerial Associa- tion, Student Volunteers, Softball, Base- ball, Tennis, Mixed Doubles Champion, '38, '39, '40. AUSBAND, JOHN RUFUS - Basketball, '40 Sottball, '40. BAILEY, LOIS-French Club, Big Sister Club. BAILEY, WALTER ROLLIN-Assistant Busi- ness Manager ot Asburian, '39. BARBER, LOIS MARION-Glee Club, '34, '35, '37, '40, Chorus, Gospel Choir, Home Economics Club. BARRETT, JOEL PAUL-Basketball, Base- ball, Sottball. BENTLEY, MARY ELVIRA--Student Volun- teers, Christian Service League, Big Sister Club, Basketball. BLACK, HARRY W.-Glee Club, '38, '39, '40, President of Library Staff, '40, Min- isterial Association, French Club, Student Volunteers, Gospel Choir. BREMER, C. RUSSELL-Band, Orchestra, Radio Choir. BROOKSHIRE, JOSEPH-Glee Club, '37, '38, Voice Diploma Recital, '40, Radio Announcer, '38, '39, '40, Radio Quartet, Chorus, Collegian Staft, '39, '40, Minis- lcrial Association. BROWN, AVA M.-Portland Bible Insti- tute, '37, Asburian Staff, Secretary, '39, Student Volunteers, First Vice-President, '39, '40, Christian Service League, Big Siftcf Clllbi Mountain Missionary Society. BRYAN, ROBERT F. -- Chorus, Student Volunteers, Ministerial Association, A, S, F. Committee, '40. BYRNE, HERBERT WINSTON - Tennis, Winner of Singles, '37, '38, '39, Minis. terial Association. CATE, MARTHA ARMISTEAD -- Chorus, Christian Service League, French Club, Big Sister Club, Collegian Staft, '39, Radio Choir? lnfefndllonal Relations Club. COBB, CATHERINE LOUISE-Home Eco- nomics' Club, Big Sister Club. COPPEDGE, JAMES FLETCHER-Minis- terial Association, Secretary-Treasurer, '40, Basketball, Collegian Statt, '40, CIWOFUSI Mission Worker. CORNETT, IRENE-Mountain Missionary Society, Student Volunteers, - Christian Service League, Mission Worker, Home Economics Club. CRANDALL, J. LOUIS-Collegian Statt, '37, '38, '39, Circulation Manager, '37, Advertising Manager, '38, Business Man- ager, '39, International Relations Club, Vice-President, '40. i CRUTCHFIELD, GILBERT W.-lntercolle- qiate Debate, '37, '38, '39, International Relations Club. DODD, LOIS ESTHER-Home Economics Club, Chorus, Glee Club, '38, '40, Gospel Radio Choir, Christian Service League, Art Club. DOYLE, WILLARD- Ministerial Associa- tion, Men's Glee Club, '38, Chorus, Radio Male Quartet, International Relations Club. ECHLIN, LYDIA DANCEY-Student Vol- unteers, Mountain Missionary Society. ELSWICK, FRANCES IMOGENE-Chorus, Student Volunteers, Spanish Club, Big Sister Club, Christian Service League, Treasurer, '39, Secretary, '39. FALKENBERG, JOHN MANVlLLE-Basket- ball, King's Men Quartet, Glee Club, '40, Chorus, Baseball, All-Asbury Basket- ball Team, '39. FALL, RUTH MAY-Class Vice-President, '37, Class Treasurer, '38, Class Chaplain, '40, A. S. F. Vice-President, '40, Collegian Staft, '39, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, '40, Chaplain, '38, Business Manager, '39, SQCVSTGFY-Treasurer, '40, Student Volun- teers, Vice-President, '39, Christian Serv- ice l-e6QUSI Chorus, Basketball, Volley Ball. FISHER, ALICE BOYINGTON-Secretary, Student Wives Circle, '38, '39, President, '39, '40. 4 FISHER, FRANCIS WILFRED-lntercolle- Q"3ie Debaie. '38. '39, Winner S. E. Mc- Creeless Prize in Speech, Third Prize Kentucky State Oratorical Contest '39 '40. ' ' L1241 FLORENCE, BERTIE MAE-Home Eco- nomics Club, Spanish Club, Big Sisfer Club, Student Volunteers. GRAVES, MARY-Student Volunteers, ln- ternational Relations Club. GRINAGER, YOLANDA-A. S. F., '39 '40, String Quartet, Chorus, Orchestra' Big Sister Club, Collegian Statt. s I HATCH, MONROE C.-Student Faculty, '36, A. S. F., '37, Pre-Med Club, Chap- lain, '37, President, '38, Vice-President, '40, Class Treasurer, '38, Collegian Staff, '40, Basketball. HINERMAN, CHARLES PHILIP - Class Chaplain, '37, Class President, '38, Stu- dent-Faculty, '39, Freshman Sponsor, '40, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Asburian Statf, '39, Who's Who, '39, Collegian Statt, '40. i - HORNER, ELIZABETH-Student Volunteer, Christian Service League, Big Sister Club. JACKSON, DOUGLAS EWING-IntercoI- legiate Debate, '38, '39, Sports Editor of Collegian, '40. JESSUP, BURTON CORNELIUS - lvlinis- terial Association. KELLEY, SARA EVANGELINE - Central College, '34, '35, Glee Club, '40, Chorus, Spanish Club, Gospel Choir. KING, EASTER LILY-Chorus, Christian Service League, Diploma in Piano, '40. LANE, MARY LOIS-Christian Service League, Vice-President, '39, Big Sister Club, President, '40, Student Volunteers, Spanish Club, French Club, International Relations Club. LAYBOURN, MAVIS-Class Vice-President, '37, Associate Editor Asburian, '39, Wl10'S Who, '39, French Club, International Re- lations Club, Big Sister Club. LINN, IRENE-Foreign Students Club, Basketball, Mission Worker, MissionarY Crusaders, Big Sister Club, "A" Winner, '38, Asburian Statt, '39, Class Treasurer. '4O, Tennis, Women's Doubles Winner, '40- LUTZ, ELLIS DENVER-Collegian Staff. Managing Editor, '40, Asburian Staff. Secretary, '39, Who's Who, '40i Mlnls' terial 'Association, Student Volunteersi Glee Club, '40, Chorus, Radio Choir, senior Class chaplain, '40: Messengef Quartet, Class Secretary, '38, i I I I I I I I ! 1 I I Row I MARGARET DEATON VCommuniiy Cenfer Woofon, Ky, 'Each efching is Tefching. NORMAN DOUGLAS , ZOI Pleasanl Sf. Menlius, N. Y He drives a Packard! MARGARET DUNCAN Nicholasville, Kenfucky Ouile The business woman. MARIAN EAKIN JUNIORS Row 2 LILLIAN FORCEY 532 Ouinfana Place Washingfon, D. C. Our efficienf secreiary. JUDSON FOSTER l025 Soulh Aycock S+., Greensboro, N.C. Hangs ouf in The recreaiion room. ANNA GALLOWAY Whilehall, New York Good afhlefe and a real lady. SALLIE GARRETT Row 3 EDITH GLENK P. O. Box 29I Yreke, Calif. Failhful in her mission work. ETHEL GRAVENSTIEN 268 N. Indiana Ave. Waferfown. N. Y. Delighlfully quief and demure. MIRIAM GRAY 3I6 71h S+., S. W. Canlon, Ohio "Coffee" affecls her hearf. HALFORD GUILER Rouie 3 Grove Cify, Pa. Sou'rh Main Roxboro, N. C. Roufe 2 Nelina, Ohio I She'Il be a good minisIer's wife. Friendly, helpful, never blue. No hurry-no worry! LYDIA ECHLIN ROBERT, GEYER PAYE HALL 8I2 Church SI. Por? Huron, Mich. Blackfool, Idaho l4l N- CFOSIGV Si' AIYVOU. Ohio I A capable homemaker: Ouiel and unassuming. Sfrikes US wifh hiff unchanqinq CIISPOSI' ion. KENNETH EVANS MARJORIE GIBSON EDITH HILL Norwich, Ohio 75l8 Willow Sf. New Orleans, La Weslfield, Indiana Tenacily and earnesfness for righf. She Ireals us Io Those Washingron apples, A quief Ouaker maid. 'l127fl I-2 Ili' acl: F 6 H - 7 If C-'TMJ A 6-Tp5J1zXfg.,TL1Z"i-,fy-,4y--5 -21 I es A . . . . ee - - 'WL-2 is--,Hr-2-fis-Qeiex -f'Iff'r4A 'fx-A - - - - "Q" -"" - f- -. - :' EWU 4:-2.14 .-....2f. X dnl J IJ 2 dd dJ l JJ Q JJ 2 da df EI E UE Q EI 4-1117 Q 1:1 - - --1 ,xi ,'l' 11214. I A . ll 13 , 22 22242444 25, F'-fj, ,lf 22 2222 IJ JE .. 3 E E V , 22 222 22222 IH 'Ill 2 222 JI 2 ,T , I' 1 G 4 A I 'E--fee A 2 2 2 e f c I rw.. , , 25250 :TL.aies.,,2I4w dv . cv , 3 -- . .,. .- . ,, ,. . ,. '. . - .4 f... .-,. gf.. :4..',f--w.L:',L -. "xv R Q ROW I JUNIORS Row 2 ROW 3 i EvYN ADAMS MYRTHA BUTLER PEARL BORDERS . PM N, lli:.l,.irt Los Angeles, Calif. Pierce, Nebraska Mlshawalia, lf1ClIaUa , llf' lvrinns Us our mail! She looks afler our laundry. A lark-like l'1applf1SSS- ELosslE AMSTUTZ ALTON BRADLEY LOY CLEVELAND L 31? VMS Sl. Orrville, Ohio Gonzales, Florida 20 N. French Ave. FT. Meade, Fla. N ll-1 rf" ii 9.-.i' iw" in hi,-r 1.--,wi-l He likes debaling, He brings Our food in HO lime flai- PAUL BAILEY LEE BRANHAM THOMAS COL'-'NS if im fn. si. salem, ohio 3:1 James Hinlon, W. va. I047 McDonald MO'1lQ0"'e'Y' Ala' ir Pi 1' i Q" i- .in .ull ir-collr-nf clcrlz. l-le's destined for The gym-or Else! Ph.D. PVO5PeCl- j AUDREY BARNES JOSEPH BROOKSHIRE NELLIE MARIE QOOK I F, l 'f Sash Am, Calif. Rome I Danville, Ky, 3 Court Place Nicholasvllle, KY- l I 'xii' 15 fmical rf hr-r slale. The Sonqbird of ASbuI'Y. Slranqely inclined wward household j - economics. DOROTHY BEST ROBERT BRYAN YVONNE COWSERT l 'W Alma. OH" Covinqfon, Virginia Jewell Sheet Wilmore, KY- ' iifHo".' A real Chrislian. Mademoiselle sail la francais. HARRY BLACK RAYMOND BURBANK NANCY CRARY A " Q. l-'-'. C?""', Oli: E wg?-1 l, Bur IBB Lal-labra, Calif. lO3 Lexinqlon Ave. Wilrnore. KY' A i 1 rv: 1' 'A ff 'z v' patronize 'the "Shack," She knows The hislory of our Callaqe- ffm, dw , .l i ,, I 1361 Y. , P lg ' f eLs'e'm2 -EI GE i ,.-3" I gas., rv- ,-eAA- -AA-4- Y lfflfnn ---5 5 fx, I 'W -f'f1 1 :li l Q Q-, V D Q KD C:-H 'pil ,v :W - Y' 1 H N D - Vx A P H' K ' - , f L E , yyfazy V I N . 14- .' pill' 'Fifi f-far f - ' I, 'IW' 3 I I l ll, Hi 'll F115 in , l lfpikfl 3' D L i , . Wd ' if: -, LYLA 'lllf' ft l ii lil F- A jf' 'hun-, f l ll I if l lajfzi l W LU xi 2 Q1 ggi T ,ag if ff 1 Q' 1,51-El flpfo -1 I aaa , Z ! , Ti' i AN X 5 Ax I .fa Q L Z X V., ' , 4 J Y W lll Nl g il pl :F 'll T1 Qi H El 3,0 s 3 , m l iii I E A li R+ l l iii l ll i ml i "if1Nf '1f1'?li Q JA A ' ,A E - 7.55 E e- 'f--xg-pfil 'KX Ciim, C I' L1-f Q 3, .ii 'i' R A l ,153 ' ' ' gl W? hall U21 ff---E-. X ,M if " "' -is ' as A page-Ei, l F ' El AJAEQJC r' ,i 7,f' Y- 7 . Vw. 01, fum ' , 5 2 . . aiu: i ,lf ' 'V-4 'V Row l GERALD LEONARD Roufe I Canfonmenf, Fla. A worker wiTh ambifions. 'RICHARD LUGABILL 5OI Soufh Wayne ST. Freemonf, Ohio A willing worker, never a shirker. MARIJON M.ADDOX 9707 Lirwoocl Ave. DeTroiT, Mich. Laugh and The world laughs wifh you. HERBERT MASSEY Alvafon, Kenfucky In The service of The King. RALPH METHENY Roufe I Wenchula, Fla, An unlimifed capacify for hard work. JEANNETTE MOORE JU IORS Row 2 VIRGIL MOORE lOl Lexingfon Ave Wilmore, Ky. lT's The Irish in him. LOUISE MOTT Beloif, Ohio She's preparing To be a 'minisTer's wife. VERNA MURPHREE l50 5Th Ave.. New York CiTy. N. Y. Care of Board of Foreign Missions Ouainfly orienfal and slighfly coy. MILO MYERS l524 Taff Road Cincinnafi, Ohio Small in sfafure, buf large in helpfulness. CECIL OGG Wilmore, Kenfucky Our college policeman. RALPH OVERSTREET Row 3 ROBERT PEACE 226 Hamlin I Corbin, Ky Peace hafh ifs vicfories. WALTER PIPER 3l5 Main ST. Maysville, Ky To be, raTher Than To seem. JACK RAINS Il83 E. Mefa ST. Venfura, Calif He's music To our ears. DAVID REEVES IO6 Radcliffe Ave., Pacific Palisades, Calif He's punny-er-funny ThaT way. GEORGE RICHARDS 706 Paffie Ave. Wichifa, Kan A smile for all, a welcome glad. SARAH ROBERTS Hiland Ave. Glenshaw, Pa. 2l9 Easf College ST. Wilmore, Ky. 64 Newman Carrollfon, Ga The lillle lady wifh a big voice. You can'T keep a good man down. "KiTTen on The keys." H291 'Tiki f . ew. C1255 6153 gi, ff. Lee. -ice 5, ae. if f f-ffl W " 'j'ff'i'fdlf" .,... " In W 3 If 5 H M Ja aa aa g -fgfef as Q as Q as I E ,M .Ju an .Haan fi ll I .nan J asa aa 'L 'f M FA 4954. 'Q-was gift Law .Q..E1.iaM-WL? Mi Qqcr of slolion WOO A JUNIORS Row 2 ROW 3 HORACE Hoismeron suRroN Jessup EDWIN KILBOURNE Greensboro, BOX I499 Shdngllal Chma power in prayer. Life is whal yOU make ll CHARLES JOHNSON EASTER LILY K'NG Fi mol? Arlon as 1405 Easf Epler Ave. Indianapolis lnd Franklin SprInQS G6 lrlchcn Should auld acquainlance be forgol7 COnSICl6F l'l'16 l'lY CVQN HEL HOMFELDT MO'ODY JOHNSON SAMUEL KING ET Alcwine Ave. Tallapoosa Ga Walnul' Sloclflon Cam 1 30 Silence is golden. ZACHARY JOHNSON Wilmore, Kenluclcy A second Z. T. PHYLLIS JOHNSTON ng Avo. Penninglon, lc dcrncsfic and alhlelic SARA KELLEY Ccnlrol, Soulli Carolina 'olden hair and voice. ', T FQ fffffxfx ff- rnlffx JUNIORS STEPHEN WITHEY CLARENCE YATES ISO Fiffh Ave. New York Cify, N. Y. Cresfwood, Kenfucky 'English h'accenT? Rawfhahl The invincible Team. PAUL WOODWARD DAVID YOOST 606 Myrfle Sf. Visalia, Calif. 2034 Tampa Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Heis on The debafe squad. Dependable: he always blows in aT The righl' Time. JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ROLAND BROOKS RACHEL KEMPTHORNE HILDA STEYER ' THOMAS OOTTEY DOROTHY KUHN RUBY LEE TOMLINSON WTLLIAM HUGHES LODA NOELL MARY SUE THORNHILL PQ Il ' U 1 LILLIAN E. LEWIS SARAH REEVES RALPH RICE MARGARET SELLERS I 131 fl CE Fi .iillq E ,-A Q-ID Crfp I --V " A ,AZ ". CLD ,J , ' V - I I' I "'x'R -'WJITIIIQJIUU F 3333322222 me 333 ' Janusz: QI J 'liI9l3333 21 , .L 1' 5 -I 1 T nm g KZALT 3 2 FIJI 'TI T5-I ' 'T T' I f 4- -in -T I -- ll I ll 1 S an -grave -alum T T ,xiii fs I fx i I J fx Ihr' j I-'lit fi f , lll',lir1,fwf,fa - C I 1" ' 5 llll ll lzllllll ll gl 1'f:i25' L if 15' all J' ' li TILT' JUNIORS Row 2 WILLIAM SPINDLER Wes? Plains, Missouri Screws his courage To The slicking-place. ELIZABETH STANGER Main Slreef Cedarville, N. J. There's melody in lhe organ for Belly. CHARLES STEVENS Roule 3 Circleville, Ohio Lef us do, or die! DUANE STEWART DORITA SMITH RACHEL TAYLOR J f I ,- fa Row 3 ROBERT TURNER 3629 Mapleway Toledo. OINO Sleady in purpose. . JUNE VARNER Main SI. Roxboro. Delighls downcasr hearfs. MRS. ARLIE WELLS MI. Oliver. Kenfucky She blinks The lighls. JUNE WILSON IIO Wesl 91h SI. Homeslead, Pa. Roule 6, Cullen Ave. Evansville He's in charge af "Hughes," Quiel, yel induslrial. EVANGELINE WISEMAN 537 JIIQSDI-2 SI. Wilrnore, Ky. Wilmore, Kenfucky p"'ff"f'1. VCT frefpcciedly friendly. Dainly and musical. NELLE TUMLIN WILLIAM WISEMAN 51 lil- CGIICQQ Pifflf, GG. Vwlilmore, Kenlucky r ' V J J me r serene. He comes with giant sfridel -4. ..... 6fmJ.f.ff5ffe..-LL, jury ,fx f"D CT' fx ff? Jr '9 SOPHOMORES rv Row I GEORGE DEN HARTOG 606 S. Howard ST. Sioux CNY' iowa 'im ALBERTA DEVENPECK "' I6 Washmqfon Ave. Cobleskill, New York 3, MARIAN DIECK I Swarlz Creek, Michigan Row 2 ZI97 25'rh S+. Roufe I, Box 74 RouTe 3 5 Row 3 RUTH DUMM FRANCES DUNCAN ELLERY ECHLIN Akron, Ohio Tammo, Illinois Grove Ciiy, Pennsylvania , f QV' iii MAHLON ELLIOTT 523 Keen S+. Danville, Virginia . ROBERT FERGUSON IIO3 Wilson Ave. Sfeubenville, Ohio E CARLTON FORSHEE ' Killowag, New York .Row 4 ROBERT FRANKLIN 324 Norlh College Muncie, Indiana WILLIAM FRAZIER Roufre I - Circleville, Ohio WILLIAM FRICKER Roufe I Lancasfer, Ohio Row 5 SARAH GALLION 78l5 Willow Sl. New Orleans, Louisiana li EDWARD GARRETT CanTonmenT, Florida ANTHONY GEDWILLO i 5l6 Howard Sioux CiTy, Iowa Row 6 JOHN GEDWILLO 5l6 Howard Sioux Cify, lowa GENEVIE-VE GOLDSMITH ll08 N. Gervin -Sf Evansville, Indiana 1 WANLESS eooDsoN ' i Davy, Wesf Virginia Row 7 I ELDON GOURLEY Roufe I Cunningham, Kenlucky DONALD GRAVES Egan, Soul'h Dakofau fix LOIS GREENE , :Gm 734 Fleicher Cedarfown, Georgia L 1331 f LT'- Aug' ,' nfl ' - -1 ? -: , IIT! ' ' Z Ea- 1 I f L' I I' ' I' 1:16111 P-fix - -I -1 A' -V I-F'-7 I - mln lllllllll id 'J A - I .ff f ,...,.,f' J Q aa' i 'L . ' " as 3 Q 'T 7? , 'fl' 1223222221 I 11:12 : as 5 2222122222 p ill El ill illil J :aa :ag A ll I! Y ll, Z' If rr if 'i Hlgl' 'rr ' :ff-" ' "" F 7 AWD FMU' gui' 3 SOPHOMORES Row I RICHARD ACKENHUSEN Michawa ka, Indiana DOROTHY ALVERSON 2224 Wrocklage Louisville, Kenlucky LOUIS ARCHITECT Grandview Ave., N. Caldwell, New Jersey Row 2 SARADELL ARD 7l9 Mississippi Ave. Lakeland, Fla. JAMES BAILEY 303 Walnuf Sl. ' Wilmore, Kenlucky KENNETH BERCK 3629 Old York Road Balfirnore, Maryland Row 3 GWINN BIERLEY Maysville, Kenlucky VIRGINIA BILLINGSLEY I779 Crawford Road Cleveland, Ohio GORDON BRACKER 3l4 W. Franklin Sl. Berne, Indiana Row 4 MARY BRANCH Lodipur, lhabiahanpur, U. P., India MARY LEE BROCKMAN Asco, Wes'r Virginia HUDSON BUTLER . I45 Norwood Ave., N. E. Aflanla, Georgia Row 5 I WILLOUISE BUTTS 543 E. Davanf Ave. Memphis, Tennessee JOHN BUYERS I Rua Cubalao 948 Sao Paulo, Brazil, S. A. , , . FRANCES cons I' Caleechee, Soufh Carolina 1 - , I Row 6 "if DEAN COEN ' l Chosen Christian College Seoul, Korea HAROLD COLEMAN I , 2629 Dwiqhf Way Berkeley, California HAROLD CRISWELL Liberly, Indiana Row 7 WARREN CRISWELL Wilmore, KenfuckY "M HAROLD DANIEL Facforyville, Pennsylvania ' HELEN DAVIS A 520 Chiles Sf. Harrodsburg, Kenfucky I 1321 .,, C F fx' :L 5-1-1" r"S'9 Cf' f'-' ?fff 3 UI -qi WF gif'- ...E---' S CD P I4 CD BA CD Fl E S Row I ' MARGARET MARTIN I90 Takezpecho, Echome Seoul' Korea SALLIE MILLER I 9I7 22nd S+. Hunlingion, Wesl Virginia WILLIS MILLER I 23 Swan Evere'r'r, Massachuseffs Row 2 ' DWIGHT NYSEWANDER Paekwe, Indiana MARY OVERSTREET College SI. Wilmore, Kenfucky PHYLLIS PERKINS 5255 Rolslon Norwood, Ohio Q Row 3 V FLOREEN PRESLEY I Dobbins Pike , Gallafin, Tennessee BEN RATH I228 McClure Ave. Easf Iv1cKeespor'r, Pennsylvania MARGARET RAUN I I37I N. Sierra Banifa Ave. Pasadena, California Row 4 ROSEMARY RENTSCHLER Pafricksburg, Indiana ROBERT REYNOLDS Wilmore, Kenlucky LORENE RICHARDSON IIO College SI. Wilmore, Kenfucky I. Row 5 I A MARGARET ROUND Lilchfield, 'Ohio I GWENDOLYN ROWLANDS Wilmore, Kenfucky PHILIP RUNYON t Roni-9 2 Toronlo, Ohio Row 6 EVA SANDERS u . Roufe 2 Johnson Cily, III1noIs MERLE SAXMAN New Befhlehem, Pennsylvania l MARIE SCHNAKE I i Roufe I HoyIeIon, IllInoIs Row 7 V DAVID SEAMANDS Q Box 7, Asbury College Wllmore. KSIIIUCIQY DAVID SKEEN . I373 E. Mound COIUVVIIDUS. OIIIO f .' PHILLIPS SMITH M 'fb I9 S, lgfh Richmond, IndIana lf135QI if Zh ' I f 6 UV' ' GE? Q I ,.,,,, QED , .Miha 7,1111 717 -' Kei i ' i EQ K-X51-1-1' WW I - I JE- ' 'lf-L fx 'Wm MMM 4.-!.,A,,, 'VNS Q4 3 gg 3 gg QQ , . I ,DJ JJ 3 JJ 2 JJ mln E-H --Ji f ,-Af' l f 6,- V' ' " "' I 1' I fl I I I 2 I , 22 2 22 .I 22 22 25,5 . III 33 2 33 , I ff - ,- , , I 3' ,- , odd , 222222223 wi gg Im I 1 'i 'li,",N!!f' - ' -f.:-1: I ' , yn- H. 'vi HI-P ill!! PWR 3 3 I me ffm' fxfx :I C Q. I f QI SOP Row I 203 Walnul S+. Box 8938 Row 2 I7 Laurel Ave. 9l Park SI. l420 Kaighn Ave. Row 3 Roule 5 34 Fairfax Courl 3426 4fh Ave. HOMORES RUTH GRISWOLD Wilmore, Kenlucky ROY GUSTAFSON Tampa, Florida ROSCOE HALL Harwood, Maryland PAUL HARRIS Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania BRADLEY HAVENS Binghamlon, New York NELSON HOFFMAN Camden, New Jersey HUGH HOWARD . Warren Ohio CLARA ISELEY Hunlinglon, Wesl Virginia ROBERT JENKS A Sioux Cily, Iowa Row 4 CLARA KETCHUM I Roule 3 New London, Ohio RUTH LANSELL h 94l2 Manor Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 'HELEN LAUMAN Clarksburg, New Jersey Row 5 HERMAN LEHWALD Wilmore, Kenlucky LEROY LEWIS ' i 330 N. Wafer S+. Owasso, Michigan GLENN LOCKARD I I6 Marfinsburgh Road MI. Vernon, Ohio Row 6 ESTHER LUTZ , Roule I Amanda, Ohio KATHERINE McDlVlTT Winclhave, Ohio PHYLLIS MCEWEN 4lO Lexinglon Ave. Wilmore, Kenlucky Row 7 MARTHA MCKENZIE Frisco Cily, Alabama CATHERINE MCKINLEY , 4OI Somh Charles Believille, Illinois EDNA MARTIN ' 5':vf:fence Hospital Seoul, Korea ffffxf ' CF K-:D C:--'gltli T Q i f "4-4..r i I. Annual Conven+ion of Nafional Holiness Associalion .... 2. Dr. Morrison addresses 'rhe S'Iuden'r Body .... 3. The LIGHT OF THE CROSS falls on our lives .... 4. Salurday nigh? baskefball games .... 5. Boys' Glee Club off on B I G M 0 M E N T S Iheir Iour .... 6. Formal sI'uden+ concerls .... 7. We ea'I' . . . 8. Women's bf Glee Club off 'ro sing .... 9. Clymers' debaiers came ou'r on 'Iop af Ivlanchesler. lllll A T A S B U R Y . . . IO. Commencemenf Week programs .... Il. The new hofel goes up! . . . I2. College Gradualion .... I3. Sieminarians receive diplomas .... I4. Mor f Graduafion .... I5. A new chimney is s'rar'red .... I6. Regisfralion lines.!!. . ll'---TR-LJ 43 I7. "Devo+ional League" is on Ihe air. u""""""" "TJ....,' 'lliee f fi? es u e .,,?+ C .Q Mus.-ff - or s, iff... 'e ogfiqeeae-vyefseqe-5 fx I A74 If - qgfs lj!! ,i119ml-JIhFUh'3lke.Q51iE " I' Llfl 'A ' T f I .JT fl ? in MWTIQL...- ff 4-A I ' I I .3 I' in in :I HI I4 nf ll l ,ll :lvl , l JJ J' 'E 'z' T ' TTT 1- e I . , e ' if I 1 I Ii i . .. ill .ii Illini iii. ,fi I. i as 1-J JJIII 'III ', . , liek I I I 1 'gk ij i W , mf 'H' if J llif ' I I f I I ul ill' All JI ul ill I I g H l I l- '-Ili I 1 ill 5 ll I l I ll .H 3 lg I Atrmll im K? K , ', i,,-J I. W J 'A vfi C' ' I ,nw ,J ,I . ',v ' 1' I I ' , ' l 1.21, I , A A - A Q If A l l l l I-I il' .. f il i Nl 'fI""i'wJg1. . 5 , 4 5-ix I 1 1 , 4 5, 4 1 . M 177 . aisvwy CUUIQEEE qi- SOPHOMORES I FAITH SPENCER 57 Davidson Road Worcesler Massachusells MARGARET SPITZNOGLE Hundred, Wesl Virginia ROBERT STEENBURG 6 Fronl Veslal New York EUC-BEN IA STEWART 20 E 24lh SI Covlnglon Kenlucky SARABEL STITH l4O N 25lh Sl Birmingham Alabama WENDELL STONEBURNER Roule 2 Cory Indiana ROBERT SUTHERLAND Belmonl Sl N W. Warren Ohio HUGH WEBB - l625 Lergh+on Ave Annlslon Alabama JEAN WELCH M09 lOIh Ave N Nashville Tennessee RICHARD WELLS II2 Runnymeade Ave. Wayne Pennsylvania JAMES WHITE I4 Capifol Ave Sleubenvllle Ohio PAULINE ZUERCHER Dallon, Ohio GEORGE REYNOLDS JOHN ROBB E. LORRAINE ROBINS DORIS RUTH STEINER JOHN TATE f"D t is 1 5 54 I.. l I th f, " A i il ff' , L: ' ' nw---U ' W' ir if 3 X K 2, vm' "' l Ih- "CITA- FRESHMEN ROW I ,CLAY FIELDS FLORENCE HALL KENNETH DAVIDSON Roufe I I Cynrhiana, Ky. La Belle, Florida APOIIO, PSTITISYIVBTIIB RUBY FRANKLIN ' JAMES HAMILTON LEONARD DQLAUTRE Roufe 7 Benfvn. Ky- Roure I Dover, Ohio 427 W. 24Ih SI. Jacksonville, Fla. ROW 3 , - HCWARD HANKE MARGARET DeVORE ELIZABETH FRIEL 40I N. Lexingron Wilmore, Ky. , Gillerfe, Wyoming Lore Cily, Ohio EDWARD HARPER MIKE DIAVASTES DONN GALLATIN 803 S. l2Ih SI. MI. Vernon, Ill. ' I309 Leech SI. Sioux Cily, la. RouI'e I Sherrodsville, Ohio Row 5 I CHARLENE DIECK JAMES GILLIE I Swarlz Creek, Michigan 45I Cedar SI. Schnecrady, N. Y. PAUL HEATH . l270 Thompson Indianapolis, Ind. CHARLES DOCKERY RAYMA GREENLEE . Elkin, Norlh Carolina I035 Myers Ave. Dunbar, W. Va. IU' P HDgRO'THY HElIfIIgIAL'Il h, P ra . IB e la, a. ROW 2 WILLIAM eREYNoLDs p LOUISE DODSON FFUHCIISVIIIS, Maryland I ROBERT HENSON WeSImOrIand' Tennessee JACOB GRIEL 2538 I-2 Pledmonl' SI., Charleslon, W. Va. ELEANOR DUGAN I 320 Park Ave. Clearfield, Pa. GEORGE HESS I ix 85 Rufledqe Ave. Charlesfon, S. C. ROW 4 360 Waler Sl' Hughesvllle' Pa' Frov ELDER VIRGINIA GRIMES MlLl?RE,D HH-I-IARD, -" 3625 Angelus Ave. Glendale, Calif. Harwood, Maryland MOUUISIUGIV. New MEXICO W CHARLES ELKJER DANIEL HALL JOSEPH HINERMIAN I Clarkfield, Minnesola Gregory Greensboro, N. C. IO8 Pleasanf SI. Hlnfon, W. Va. ll I AXEE . -M, Cb as A -ef . as 'X 'fllf In ' 5 -4 , Ai Q21 ,-23 1 K-:f gg- -:., 'LMI ,ff M - We ,si "mf f ' A or JJ J Ja a aa aa ...lf Qaida as 21 as EI as or "' V Izumi ,, I , ' ' ' I I ,U EI E I ' - Y f 4-'IJ - H A -I - --I H I qv I - df 3 H Illmf, ,, 3 U IJ II J.: .J 2.1.1 9.1 .il iii l5'l5l,.. I su 3213 El as 3 3 EI E5 3 EI I ' ::::.' .1 .,.- -.. ..- - I- .. -7, In ,- - - I I H' Ir gnu., , Q, J.: .I 4.4 .J 3.4 .la ,WJII mg IMI ,III 21.1 3 an ai an , Fm 'f-- -f-----Y----W------14 - ,-1-:inf ' ' 'W' 'nl -----'-'fffij-II, " 1tLI1L!Li"4 H' gsiuk TIL, W- . jf..- .... yu bIJ,W..l?'1? ..r:sI1:flf,,,,,, .igfly I 'eev e..'fffIIg,,1ifl-iffy elIM,I, .MJ N.-SW K X, N Fd . Q W W 'lr ., ww? DS :L lkX 'cv-' 7 ' vi Q"""' if FRESHMEN f l N ,in l Rm., I JULIUS BOGGS PEGGY QROWN LILLIE AMMERMAN Hinlon, Wesf Virginia Box I4OI Crisfobal, Canal Zone Riiurvgr 2 Washington lnd. EMILY BOONE WILLIAM CARNES JEAN ASBURY Sfanfon- Kenlucky zoo Easf Morrison wsimore, Ky. RMC l Malsvlllc' Ky' ROW3 DONALD CARPENTER WILLIAM BARBER HOWARD BOWER 935 Soufh Holmes Lansing, lvliCl1. I S' Alu C-rum Sf. Dalfon, Ga. 738 Sherman Ave. Soulh Bend, Ind. MARIAN CARPENTER JOSEPH BAARKER RICHARD BOWERSOX Dundee. New York Abmqdon, Virginia Ml. Cory, Ohio ANNA BECKETI BETTY BOWMAN Row 5 P51159 l C':'V'lPl9R0 KY- 229 Worrello Sf. Carey, Ohio JOHN CARR N Y Q H MARGARET BEDORTHA HAROLD BRADSHAW Zll W. Heman Sf. E. Syracuse, . - 31.6 5,-1,-V-Ii"l l:ffI'iQ-.KI YI H! I D Jfc I BUI-gin' H, im.: Cow Elverson, Pennsylvania ,I ,J CHARLES BREWER N COEN '-'-'- A Sfarl'e',f, New York STEPHE . . I' K ea IIN? CV .'II?A.N:ElLLINGgLEr I-A FYI, MARY EMILY BRILES Chosen Chrishan College. Seou or A ' ' ' A ' I CF2f:fO. Indiana MARJORIE CRAMPTON , , ,F EWE BLQfKfrI,W , 2452 Weifhoff sf. inksfer, Mich. EARLENA BLASDEL IRWIN BRINTON JOE DAUGHERTY Iyjgyg -Zfjgiggr Cargo, I-fri Burgin Road Harrodsbufil. KY' I LANNRENCE BLOXSOM CLARA BELLE BROWN HARRISON DAVIDSON rw-.r": x,:':"'f'2f' ,f- X'.'a"Df Vfilmore, Ky Roufe l Apollo' .-,A I f H 5SB'U'R'Y COL-LEGE or ' KV, ' 'Y-ivy!!-" M---'- -H ,'I..'-:f- 3 BJ f"D Cf' P' 'fl-X K if O ll I E?-!fAfx g h ,f W L J -g uf-i2-1-',.f -Q. H ll W' f Wi. ,wb J. Y' I 1 J I . I Kew? l iiiffl A 'fl I I ll . I I I 15a l 1' I I I i I l l I' l I., I. I . l I F R E S H M E N Row l A MARJORIE MENDENHALL MARY PENNOCK I .LEANDER LEWIS I l8l0 K. Belleville, Kan. Zanesfield, Ohio Alexander PIKE SpI'lI'IgS, KY. E-I'I.IEL MILLER CLYDE PICKETT I MONA LEWIS Fisherlown, Pennsylvania For'r Oglelhorpe, Ga. 460 Elsmere SI. Columbus, Ohio ROW 3 JAMES PIPPIN DO-ROTHY LISH HARRIS MINTER 94l ClaY PGCIUCGIW. KY- 4509 Nevada Ave. Nashville, Tenn. Donaldsonville, Georgia LeROY PITTMAN DANIEL LONG RALPH MIRSE Elkville, Illinois Wllmofe. Kef'l'UCkY Wilmore, Kenfucky 1 MARGARET LOWRY Row 5 I Nicholasville, Kenlucky M?fI5ieMILico?Iga HERSCHEI- PYI-ANT I GEORGE LUCE ' I Care C. B. Jones Calhoun, Ga. Person's SI. F'l'. ValleY. Ga. MI-I L?klgENPalfk?OhTichigan 324 Egan WALLACE REEVEISAOM-oe La . ROW 2 - VALJEAN MuLLlNs ' I ' DON MCANLIS l5l6 II'rh Ave., S. Birmingham, Ala. CHARLES ROMINGER I 826 E. Palm Ave. Monrovia, Calif. ESTHER NAYLOR James Ave. Cranford, N. J. I IEIZPVYARDI 53?-BE Buena Visia, Kenlucky N K JOSEPI-Ig SCHARBIRI d Oh- ' GY On. fl 'ana 2044 . ennison rive oe o, io K MARIE Mac1AeeART BOW 4 YN SCOTT fx 3 Lk A , Ly - RAYMOND NOAH EVEL . . IIA a e ve. a eside Iffaarrkdvmel N. Y. PEIICOI Kansas l97l Bardslown Rd. Louisville, Ky. ORREN MASON JACK PEELE JAMES SHEPHERD. I 505 Irene Thomasville, N. C. 85 Howard SI., S. E. Allanla, Ga. II3 Asbury Ave. Wllmore. KY- ,- Il fig? I l4l I A2 I if .,-, Ikqr, Q5 .. .--if 7,7 -,Y ' ,I - ,A f A , fx ,- , fz- +1 ---I 7.7 --9 , j f I, fl I I ' I - V Ir.:-1: 1 -:I -II -L .- -5 ' ,VJ Lf ii Lg.-g.'4'Ei.,-A-1-new-Nef.4:f. I LZ. - A fxf-ff ,'i?"'f' b' ,awk Elk 'H ll I I I f-X-NKAB A R '- ' -I ' - ' W" .CE -v '1 -I f-r X V -- 'Fi'-e':""" Illllill f lr -,-, JJ ,I ,IJ ,I ,IJ ,JJIr33.L7.31L,.U.L,u.,3.g,i15,E.gfgQl JJ J JJ 2 JJ H J Q 3 E'-I ll' S 4' " f "Af 1' R A .1 fff ,F ...- -. II II .IJ .J.IJ.I.I.IaJ 5,5 FEI an JJJJ JJ JE 'E-I' A 3 EI 3-I D ' :::.1. .1 M V 'V I I A J f i" I H A I I .nil I ,Anti .JJ .J .Ii .I .Ia JJ, J I IIIIIII ,I ,I .u J 1.1 J an we A IIIIIB, A ., .1111 In 0 . I Ib ,I - . .,... ,L.-d.,-....--...,....,,, A , .--JLI2 II, L. x , l Il " I ,4,,Jf v fn .Www HIL lM'fr"1 ?'.-.,El-A140 Mlm -I 5 mmf., 3 ' X as GRACE HINKLE ylon Avo. Wilmore, Ky. EDWIN HISLE gn Ave. Lexlnqlon, Ky RUTH HOC-SENMILLER Gorham, lIlInOls SARAH HOLBROOK MIRIAM HULME HELEN KING Newbern, Tennessee l'I6SI'On. Kansas ALCIBIADES IGLESIAS LEC KING Box 789 Crislobal, Canal Zone Lewis, KGHSGS Row 3 DENNIS KINLAW Easl Fiflh Sf. FRANCES KINTNER DONALD IRWIN Marnonl, Pennsylvania . . . ' , K VIVIAN JENSEN 200 C-Illlsple wllmore Y Dfgclnur Rfl. Ailanfa, Cla Surnmerdale, Alabama ELDON HOOVER , LOUISE JOHNSON ROW 5 MAY KNIGHT 60 Pam: Los Anqelcs, Calnf Holden' Wesf Vwgmla Sheet Maryland HARRY HORNER MALCOLM KEIR U55 A',.,, N.-,fIr.:lws:cr, Va 526 Bucknam TUTH LL Evereffl Mags, 220 Scum MLIESJHSQCRA KRAWiImoreI KY KE EY PAUL HSLEH soa Hamslfon Bellefonlaine, Ohio CHARLES rhf"'Nfa Ons Minn. .12-.r S2 Pgsafj,-ay Calif RUSSELL KERR 4Z0l Columbus Ave., mn p . DONALD HUFFMAN 700 Bennell S. McKeesporl, Pa. MANDA I-EICI'IlARDTGree,-,I Ky. A: Defrzlil ME? 740 Tenlh Sf. BOW 'ng Roll' 4 LEONARD RICHARD HUGHES ELMER KILBOURNE BE'-CZLSEL Kenfucky 7' 39' 1439 Shanghai, China on ' JOSEPH HULME ERNEST KILBOURNE KATHRYN '-Eglflsemd Ohio H37 Sl'xanQhal. China l3409 Blenbeln Rd. ev ' J gif! Eg.. ,.L,E ?Wj.5.SP99EfE,--L5 5-1-255 '...--'-T-' X-,N fx' :I -L fx C KF-'."-. L - - D H It ' 'ff If nfl lb 'I S "rj" Qi?" 'HR'-1 L-H 'SJ ff fxfx , I ,Q I lul IQIIILI EFL IJINI I V7 - Y, fllll ufiffigg, L I 1 I C7 ,rel LT? LEE? LN' 5 ' " A A ' faux! m l Q li N-Aw X-1' br- ,-A . l ,P-I -T -I 5 4 I I Ib -.,-E fe-.,1 , i I r .-3 4 .,. .IQ .S QI QW Q Q.--If " 'K ,'-ul' il I: 5 i nail: . EJ I l fJ7f4 JH l 'lll 2' ' fljlllll IS D LJ , a . , J-- -J f'?, ' lfgafxaillll -- 0 Q L5 K lgfwll RIIULILI -I Q as , :gill gig sfsylll I 6' I, F 47 H ra -v ,V 1 ff 'AI' FRESHMEN Lumberlon. N- C l l l l ff l . l l l l i l l .2 l .2 4 l I Z PART- EMF AND SPEClA- STUDENTS Top Row Middle Row Emily Evans . . .... 200 N. Maple, Wilmore, Ky. Mrs. Mary Lenox . . . ........ Wilmore, Ky. Joseph Crouse 2ll Maple Sl., Wilmore, Ky. Louise Niles . . . . l225 Ohio Sl., Fl. Wayne, Ind. Mary Graves . . . . . Olranogan, Wash. Gerlrude Rolh . . .... Roule 6, Marion, Ohio , Roy Krause . . . 220 E. Lexinglon, Wilmore, Ky. Donald Shahan . ...... Tunnellon, W. Va. l Bollom Row Ruby Sims . . .... 702 E. DeYoung, Marion, lll. Fern Sund . . . . . llO8 San Rafael, Glendale, Calil. Nol in Piclure U Mrs. Roberl Bryan . . ...... Greenville, W. Va. Mrs. W. J. Hughes . . ......... Bonilay, Fla. Belly Cleveland . . . . . .... Cheney, Wash. Marvel Iglesias .... Box 789, Crisloloal, Canal Zone Gerlrude Cook . 3740 . E. Washinglon, Porlland, Ore. Mary Johnslon . . . Roule 3, Fairfield, lll. Mrs. Byron Crouse . . . 2ll N. Maple, Wilmore, Ky. Helen Jenson .... 4l5 N. Lexinglon, Wilmore, Ky. T' Kalhleen Green . ....... . Brashean, Texas Garrell Phillips . . . Roule l, Ml. Vernon, Ohio fl Dorolhy Hague . . . Roule I, Sylvania, Ohio Angie Thomas . . . . . Main Sl., Wilmore, Ky. 5- Goldie Hashberger . . ....... Carey, Ohio Cordelia Slrange . . . ...... .. Wilmore, Ky. l Huberl Hearn .... . . . . Burwell, Ga. Mrs. Sarah Van Vorce . . . Binghamlon, N. Y. ll I Sara Lou Holler . . . Newporl, Ohio Mrs. Y. D. Weslerlield . . . . . Wilmore, Ky. 5 - . 0 + M433 . -'Ti V in v f vw- he Q?-2' JC? f f Ii - ,. Wg gg 1 nfxv T K Q' A are F A T' WM 'Op :J 2 sa 2 aa an P T . 7 ,aa as Q an a aa 3 f-Af I ,. 1. A ,qw ,... 5 - ' " " ' "' Z". ff.'l-- " fl, ' , ' i JJ ,. y. as J Ja .J T , illyf as 2 as Q as 1 ,l I, as JJJJQIJQ gq iil naa as asa aa ' 'll 1 4" 7 W W -Qi-. Y1Vbi"2lE1Gw .ami wif 2 1 T TT-TT'-T T ff! MIP f' u5-nuff. I alfa I 1 I I l I 1 1 I A FRESHMEN I I ROW I FREDERICK SPIETI-I ' ARTHUR YESPER Ave. Olney, AVOCaI Mlchlgan I ' I 621 S. Williams SI. Blufffon, Ind. SAMMIE STABLER I RE-I-TA WATQNIIRID h N YI I ALTA SHERIDAN Finchburg, Alabama 45 Grove SI. Mldde urg , - I G P k Pl. A'l'l 'I , G . 384 ranf ar an a a TOMMYE STEWART I MILDRED WCITII.CITlEJIEm W' Va. CHARLES SHROUI: It I K 513 Lexingfon Ave. Wilmore, Ky. 926 Brgley AVS- ar ' S . - LOCUS' ffm awe Y PAULINE STONE CAROLINE WILKINST Mass. G IOLITI SIIEIGEFTT d E. Main Carlisle, Ky. 25 Bauer SI. Worces er. a esvi e, ary an ' EVELYN STRADER 4 I S ARTHUR SMITITL hb 6 Draper, Norfh Carolina ROW VIRGINIA WILKINS K 503 Lee I' 5 um' 6' R 3 1823 Garrard SI. COVIHQIOH- V' JOHN SNOOK OW 4 Sherman SI. Everei-I, Mass. JENNIE TSAI BILL WOMERPLEYCI Iowa R 2 1456 Oakdale S+. Pasadena, Calif. 1615 WesI l8'rh S+. Sioux IY. I OV! 1 HARRY SNYDER ALBERT TSAI HENRY WRIGHTCI I me Pa. Oakdale, Tennessee 1456 Oakdale S+. Pasadena, Calif. 321 Chandler SI. Phlla e P ' FRESHMEN WITHOUT PICTURES ' MARGARET SLOAN BURTON PAUL EUGENE BUYERS RALPH CARTER LEE ALFRED COPLEY YIM CHAN DAVID CROUSE EDITH M. HUGHES WILLIAM C. KIESSEL VIRGIL ORT GARRETT PHILLIPS JOHNNIE PHILLIPS ALBERT LAWRENCE LUCE ELIJAH THORNTON PERKINS JESSE PRATT CLARENCE Ou PYLANT DICK RICHARDSON LUCILLE ROUND ELSA SIEGERT JESSIE STEPHENS VIVIAN RUTH TASKER ANGIE BEALL THOMAS ROBERT WETZEL BETTY LEE WYATT JOSEPH ZEZZO DORIS PAULINE TRANSUE fl FREDERICK VAN voRCE I ,II ii' n ..... I I-gil? K 1 ,A . I ,iz Q? ' C A fe I an W ' lim lim' ' ' ff? 3 C I 1 A IU W- 111:1 2 'f 2 wg 1. 33 E 5 A T 5 E' I 1 w , IM ax 5 fix fi ,E Ill ffxf-X ,af 'M"" ' 15,1 5111115 R IEII IRI I U ' E E , I il I mlf,-LSQS I iiiledg 4 - ll --If N -T ' FTZ T ix 1' ' I- ' rf' , fi -'VII fi fl Q F ...I 'ggi If HQ.. .W In-I I ,fy K I I ,fl- ,, ff 4 , 17. 152 ,,fZ23:-,,,.-v' ' "' " . 1 1 V 2 P 1 A -s...-, ,ig ,M -mx I F E 2 2141 ASBURY COLLEGE MARCH Jusllwilhin The village Wilmore, On a hill so fair, Slands a college seen Tar dislanl Wirh Hs purpose rare. Chorus Asbury College. ll is Jrhe school we love. Cheer Hs banner, The Purple and lhe While, Hurrah! For Asbury College, Which leads us lo heighls above. We, her sons and daughlers when we parl To her purpose we'Il be lrue. Easl ancl Wesl and Norlh and Soulh Are sludenls far ancl near: Those from lands across Jrhe sea They all are galhered here. ' All lhe nalions share The blessing Of lheg sluclenls Jrhereg . For each one has been Jrhe subiecl Of some leacher's prayer. -I RENE McCAGUE ll-IDE. .-3 '1 HRISTIAN SERVICE BESSIE SELDOMRIDGE Presidenf LEAGUE "Friday evening-six o'cloclc-Miss Gray's sTudio" is The Tamiliar announcemenT which inviTes The girls To enlisT in The acTiviTies oT an orgianizaTion which Truly enriches Their daily walk wiTh The lVlasTer. STriving To enlighTen iTs members con- cerning The many phases oT a vifal C.hrisTian liTe, The League now includes noT only The girls who have been called inTo The minisTry, buT also Those who are inTeresTed in or called To The mission Tield or any oTher Torm oT ChrisTian service. WiTh Miss lsabel Luce as sponsor and Bessie Seldomridge as presidenT, The League has sTrengThened The bonds oT Tellow- ship among iTs members. By devoTing much oT Their Time To personal work in The LexingTon reTormaTory, needy homes in The Wilmore viciniTy, and in room-To-room visiTaTion The Leaguers have noT only experienced a deeper blessing Them- selves, buT They have inspired devoTion To ChrisT in The lives oT oThers. Each has a glowing TesTimony ThaT "There's peace and joy and blessing in The service oT The King." N'WY"f'P n i 1 T 1 i :lim umm. ill, I ffffz. ll "sEl4lilf1s f xg! l1471 'ZS' ln l9Ol a group oli young men preparing Tor The minisTry organized an associaTion known as "The Boys' ConTerence." Their programs were planned To represenT, To 5, cerTain degree, The regular conTerence held by The lVleThodisT Church. They meT Tour nighTs a week. The meeTing was presided over by a sTudenT bishop, elef:Ted Trom The body every Two weeks. The bishop Then ap- poinTed Tour .presiding elders To look aTTer The spiriTual needs oT Their respecTive dis- TricTs. Their purpose was Two-Told: To keep The sTudenTs in spiriTual Trim, and To Train The members To appear in public. The name oT The organizaTion was changed in 1917 To "The lvlinisTerial AssociaTion." Under The new sysTem The organizaTion meeTs one nighT a week wiTh an ouTside speaker in charge. The group very eTTicienTly runs The Asbury missions, jail and hospiTal work, and The sTreeT meeTings. God is wonderTully blessing These young men, as They seek To gloriTy l-lim. ' 1 l IRVIN LANE l PresidenT MENTSTERIAL ASSGCIATIGN - as lfii llll fx MCJUNTAIN MISSIONARY SOCIETY KARL PAULO Presideni The lvlounlain Missionary Sociely was organ- ized in l9I5 by Claude lvlingledorll lor Jrhe purpose of evangelizing Jrhe mounlain seclion of Easlrern Kenluclcy. Keeping Thar aim in mind, Jrhe sociely has grown unlil now il has a membership ol over a hundred, many of whom feel Jrhe call ol God To spend Their life working wilh Jrhe mounlain people. Qnce a week Jrhe members ol lhis organizalion meer lor a hall-hour ol prayer. One desire slands prrominenl-To see Jrhose hungry souls won lo Chrisl. A 95,4 Q 047,351 3 i N 1 i if Zdzlf-'fi'-75112 - W ,Y i Ulm ' , , , Vi, mfr' a n ,1 .,-51' 0011.4 W-"fn ' ' , ,,,f. 'I r.-7' ll49l , - u ef V H ' Q. '-Hr 'a11f'f-ft: i3?'T WW? 1 ,,,M..4,wW, ,,,-:,m, ,..,,. ,,, ..-f,.Jf-s w, N W '25 if 4yv,2,,Rfrf gir,g1f,'v 3 nr 1" "fIl'?" "7-ffE""J'77?f " 1' f" ' " ' V ' ' - - " ' - A 'Q ' WiTh a passion Tor losT souls, The STudenT VolunTeers meeT each day aTTer The noon meal To pray Tor The mission- aries and Their worlc. A Sun- day aTTernoon service which is sponsored by This group is a Time oT real inspiraTion and enlargemenT oT vision. AT ThaT Time reTurned mission- aries painT vivid word picTures oT The greaT need oT Toreign lands. NoT only Those who have TelT The Divine com- mand, "Go ye inTo all The world," TJUT also all who are inTeresTed in The worlc are in- cluded in iTs membership. s i ALBERT STE! NER Presidenf S T U D E N T VCDLUNTEERS l 155. ?I fif T. 'Et Ea. -.L -dr? CE, ':':s Q M. ,fn ww X ff, i Z f 3 Z K 3 ff 0' .1 . 2 2 ? 1 . ? . I ,W A 1 2 2 Z 'rf cf yxyupfa I MM- A . ,.... .,... .-r,,.1. .-,.f-, yi, :ag-z-22-,'Z'-ix-ggi 1 , N, , A g 1 , , ' "i "-fi'-.:f.f'u1'-f,.5f:,f, - ',117gw,:..1.'-Tztfffz.,-.,-ns , L W I I :1gTlL..,.ff:: 1 , V '- f ff gx.-45, --Y W.--1 .. .74-J gl., 7 , 2,47 f,V,3..xLrLr 3 -ff K- , 1 ..,,l, ,., ,.,. F.. -4.,-f.fv-- f,, ,.,. -.. . , , , S Si fel far 4 -'ax 'SK Dian ing, Ql1Q V7 7 06 Ai... RA DIG DEVGTTONAL LEAGUE Each vveelc day morning Trom 6 OO To 6 I5 and each Sunday morning Trom 7 30 To 8 OO The Radio DevoTional League is on The air over WHAS Louisville The organizaTion sTrives To encourage Tamily worship and The Tamlly alTar To guide The erring and To provide a period oT devoTion Tor all who desire To parTicipaTe Through iTs work The League has prospered and blessed many homes ThaT IT has conTacTed ln The laTesT poll oT lisTeners made by Reverend King. he received leTTers Trom 36 sTaTes, and The provinces oT Canada and Cuba. The announcers on The program are Rev. King, L. G. Sapp. and l-ludson BuTler. The music is presenTed by The Radio QuarTeT, The Girls Trio, The Gospel Choir, and vari- ous oTher musical organizaTions on The campus, wiTh Miss Iris Russell aT The console. Q ,f 2 w,f r,f - IW X0 , K BU 1 4 r' ff ,J 61,4 A I ' 'Z f f,f 4 ., , 41 4,17 'Y f f 'v 'S' Q- wd' ' A 1 A 4 ,, 1,-1 ,fig 4 f i Z A f , Q f f f . , f ff f WU, H f ,V Q, , Xml' H--a...,,,, """""-1 , ,.,., , A.. "M---A-....,..,,,,,,, ,W-..,,.,,W-.N RY IS 153 1 . ,. A N fffmgf 7 Q,.fV'Qf.sKziqfJ12f'Q-1252-'Q' 441fRi ' J -yfr 1 iviissiom womc Filled wilh ia lourning desire +o carry Jrhe LIGHT OF Tl-IE CROSS lo iails, hospilals, and hundreds ol people in Jrhe surrounding counlry- side, lhe mission vvorlcers go our in Chrislian service every vveelc-end. Each Sunday apoul one hundred sludenls lravel Jrwenly-one Jrhou- sand miles lo lhirly-seven missions. ln realily Jrhere are lilly-lour charges, loul some oi Jrhe poinls are only reached every olher weelz. While our in service, Jrhe workers leach Sunday School, visil homes, and hold evangelislic meel- ings. On Jrhe opposile page you will see a Jrypical day al l.anes'iChapel. one oi Jrhe many of Jrhe charges visiled loy Jrhese sludenls who have consecraled Jrheir lives and Jralenls +o a liie oi service for Chrisl. 1 I 6. 751 .L ,L :A ia C4 3 l l William Gillam B0Yd MBCVOVY David Seamands Roberi Re nolds LeRo Lewis Joseph Crouse, IJ. T. Seamands HughIHoward, Jglck Relins Y AMBASSADORS QUARTET VICTORY QUINTET Our oldesT guarTeT whose hisTory has been high- Our new brass ensemble specializing in arranging and lighTed by Their evangelisTic Trip around The world perTorming religious music in a symphonic manner Tor wiTh Rev. John Thomas as evangelisT and The Lord Their coasT-To-coasl audience. as leader. ' if ...,,,f L ..- Floyd Muck DoroThy AmsTuTz RoberT Shuler, David Reeves RElliEuIg,g1oxViQLimanviaiwjrer Richalrd Lugabill Jack Falkenberg, Raymond Burbank MESSENGER QUARTET TRUMPET TRIO KlNC'3'S MEN QUARTET Three organizaTions Tormed in The pasT year or Two spurred on wiTh The desire To carry The Gospel message in harmony and TesT1nnony To Their lisTener's. r 1551 45-'I:3:: ' 'T F-I" gl :- ' T fl' 'Und I l1yl'L,zilZ.1 1. A 1, f Q' x l- ,,7....--v---p--,mg n ff M,-fr'-f"-ff' 4 'PEFJ-'53T',',77jl?j'T'i'ixiv fairy. P rw , 3 1 1 1 f f Q ' 1 iz: fi, " ' . gf V, F ,NV In I A I , 1 W f , ff "M" HV ' , V . , f ' 5 : ,, , w..w,uM,M,N,..,,, , ff mm-1 44mm-ffwwf,-1 ., , -wa-w-.M..,M,. , . , ,, Q ' .fm ' f f I ,gf , 1 , -1 - 54 2 , . 0 . A-....,...,,.,... , 0 ' ,V 14 f Q4-,.N.1 ' A, ,V -, ,yn ' .Jil KI! zizanz Mi , Fig l 3,8 .33 , f o .A f uf' V "P, " ' . ' a K , l ,pw 6. I , , N , . QLff:1?4f'f+,, , 14,12 NL , V ff,-,:'f.:,f, , .W,..,h.,, " .m..U.....,.,,, V ..vW,M,..,. 'L M , ........,... in I f , fs ,,.,,,.,...v. , ,Q f Mi , Us 1 Nmw ,......,.,. , . -....,,..... ,, , Pa-. -,. V ' ...W , , l., ...M , . . A, A M- 4 1 , 3 4 . Q ,Q 0 'M'7""""4IiQVna wx '94 ' 7' af Jap' ,Q iz . 'gm L F - ,ww iw .,, ,Wil , b war, . Fwy TXNQ may ,W .T w5+ Q sf? . 4 , N , if 1 MW, Xu, , ' 1 P' Q I N' 44 KM 1 . 'byv I . lf. rx. I . . . x Q I ff ' , .'l 9 Y 4' X 4 s , -.- -1-. W - .-. V , ,-gn? .-., .,,f,,,,, W - WCJMEN' L gl-UB To upliTT ChrisT Through song and TesTimony is The purpose oT Those TorTy-Three consecraTed voices ThaT we hear in The Women's Glee Club. Two hours is spenT each Tuesday evening in prep- araTion Tor week-end Trips, concerTs, and weekly broadcasTs. Each Wednesday morning Trom six o'cloclc To six-TiTTeen Thousands all over The counTry are inspired by Their voices coming To Them over The air waves. The club has proved To be a real asseT noT only To The college buT also To each girl who is privi- leged To Take parT. The shorT devoTional period aT The beginning oT each pracTice has "Tuned many hearTs" inTo song Tor ChrisT. XX ' I 157 1 x ix. MISS ADA CARROLL DirecTor To Miss Carroll every voice in The Glee Club is oT personal inTeresT. l-ler Teeling oT responsibiliTyTor her pupils' advancement her charming personaliTy, and her love Tor ChrisT have endeared her To The' hearTs oT all who come in conTacT wiTh her. 'T' A-'f' sa" 1+'4'?'T"'5 WEB . H ' an The Asbury Chorus, our largesT mu- sical organizaTion is Tormed each Tall Tor The purpose oT giving The TaculTy and sTudenTs an opporTuniTy TQ CO- operaTe in preparing special programs Tor The college year. The splendid pro- grams presenTed aT The ChrisTmas, EasTer, and CommencemenT seasons have endeared The Choral Union To The hearTs oT boTh sTudenTs and Townse people. The membership oT The Choral Union is made up oT The Two Glee Clubs and oThers who are noT yeT gualiTied Tor These organizaTions. Through The me- dium oT The Chorus, many sTudenTs have been able To develop Their musi- cal TalenTs suTTicienTly To enable Them To gualiTy The Tollowing year Tor a Glee Club. This Tine organizaTion also Turnishes an opporTuniTy Tor sTudenTs Taking sighT singing and public school music courses To puT inTo acTual pracTice The lcnowl- edge They have gained. CHORAL U N I 0 N 6: gg- at J. Zh ix. -L 11,12 .mf-71 . . E oRcHEsTRA For many years lhe slu- denls ol Asbury College have enjoyed lhe splendid music which has been presenled by lhe College iOrcheslra lrom lime lo lime. Each year lhe orcheslra has a slyle ol play- ing which is exciling and holds lhe audiences spell-bound as il perlorms. ln lhe pasl many prominenl lacully mem- bers have direcled lhe organ- izalion. Al lhe presenl lime lhe Orcheslra is under lhe 'very able direclion ol Mr. Jaclc Rains. Mr. Rains devoles much ol his lime and lalenls in helping lhe dillerenl sec- lions ol lhe organizalion lo masler various seleclions and in arranging orcheslralions lo be played. The highlighl ol lhe year is always lhe lormal concerl which lhey presenl lo lhe public. The Orcheslra is one ol lhe mosl promising organ- izalions on lhe campus. , J ff P 4 ,,' x J l .l 'fLy,g,1Af f ll my 1 f Eff if I - muff" 'wfffyffflf' rf f 7 'rw- BAND The TirsT Asbury College band wirh a membership OT TwenTy-Tiye was organized in T908 under The direcTion oT "ProT" WhiTTacl4er. Since ThaT Time The leader- ship oT The organizaTion has changed hands many Times. Two oT The besT lcnown con- ducTors have been W. B. l-lughes and J. B. Kenyon. Une oT The besT remembered bands was The "Land Sales Band" which was organized To sTir up inTeresT in land sales near The end oT The war. Asbury's smallesT band consisTed oT Three memberS playing corneT, Trombone, and bass drum. The preSGV1l band oT over TorTy members is conclucTed by Jaclc Rains. This band has become a TG' yoriTe on The campus because oT iTs perTormance aT basl4eT- ball games and aT The occa- sional concerTs which iT Pre' senTs Tor The public. A lj, 4 T P Z-T"" I STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE The STudenT-FaculTy CommiTTee consisTs oT Tour TaculTy members appoinTed by The presi- denT and Ten sTudenT represenTaTives elecTed by The sTudenT body. Qrganized Tor The purpose oT bringing The insTiTuTion as a whole inTo a closer relaTionship wiTh problems relaTing To The enTire sTudenT body, This commiTTee has done much Toward promoTing social and spiriTual har- mony on The campus. The commiTTee, encour- aging The expression oT sTudenT opinion, acTs on all problems arising in The organizaTions and oT- Tices oT The college. ATTer careTully considering These problems They are reTerred To The Ad- minisTraTion wiTh recommendaTions. STanding: EsTher LuTz, Lucien SmiTh, Ralph Springman, Prof. Kenyon, Riohard Wells, Dr. PunT- ney, Philip Hinerman, Mavis Lay- bourn. SeaTed: Richard Lugabill, Faye Hall, Prof. Macrory, William ArneTT, Miss LiTTle. STanding: Huber PaTTerson, David Reeves, Roland Lippman, Willis Miller, James Shepherd, DwighT Nyswander. SeaTed: RuTh Fall, Audrey Barnes, Roy GusTaTson, Yolanda Grinager, June Varner. QT T Ti A. S. F. COMMITTEE ln I93I The Asbury STudenT FoundaTion was organized as The only sTudenT loan Tund on The campus. The commiTTee is elecTed by The sTu- denT body and has The power To use The Tunds, conTribuTed largely by The sTudenTs, wherever There seems To be The greaTesT need. ln The pasT years They have enabled many worThy sTu- denTs To Tinish Their Training when iT would noT have been possible oTherwise. Surely This Toun- daTion is a worThy one, Tor iT has helped many To Tinish Their educaTion in order ThaT They mighT be beTTer prepared To carry The LIGHT OF Tl-lE CROSS inTo The world. Leff Io Righfz LOUISE MOTT S , ecrefaryg ROBERT PEACE, Adveriising Manager, L. G. SAPP, Chairman: CLARENCE YATES, Business Manager, KARL WILSON, Hosfg ALICE WILCHER, HOSIGSS- In seeking Io provide cuIIuraI educaiion for Jrhe slrudenlr body, Ihe ArIisI Series CommiI+ee has provided a mosI varied and iniere gram Ior The I939-40 season. The Iirslr ariis sIing pro- I, Don BoI+, war correspondenI and Ieciurer, came aI a mosr opporIune mo- meni. I-Iis Iceen anaIysis of Ihe European siiua- Iio ' ' n was very enhghiening. Miliceni GruIer, Iyric soprano, gave Asburians a pleasing inierpreiaiion of I severa Iypes of mu- sic. I-Ier caprivaiing personaliiy and exceIIen+ voice made her a mosr welcome arIisI. A IiIIIe N n n afer inferesfing naIuraI-coIor moiion piclrures of Ihe mosi daring underseas expIoraIions ever ai- Iempied were presenlred Ioy Max Gene NohI. weII-known diver. ' One of Ihe IoesI received programs OI H19 eniire year was Jrhe mos+ popular ur1SpinSf?Ted program on Ihe CoIumIoia ne+worIc, WingS Over Jordan." The cIimaxing PV0QI"5m was Ihe Chicago LiIIIe Philharmonic Orchesira WIWICII rendered exceIIenI music in an exceIIenI WHY- This spIendid musicaI program cIosed a very successIuI year for The I939-40 seasOH- MT- Sapp and his commiiree deserve Ihe GP' preciaiion of Ihe siudenf Ioody Ior IIWIS fine series of arIisIs. ARTIST SERIES COMMITTEE I ,,-: 6 FI 2 I 1601 " ,L ?. is. -L 25 32 MISS EATI-IEI. V. DODDRIDGE , F- - I if I1 I OFFICERS Sponsor E. M. ADAM S PresidenT J. LOUIS CRANDALL Vice-PresidenT THOMAS COLLINS Secrefary-Treasurer S OFFICERS DAVID SAGESER Presidenr FLORENCE WELDON Vice-Presidenf EM I LEE BOON E SecreTary LORENE RICHARDSON ChapIain INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB SCRIBBLERS Asbury's InTernaTionaI ReIaTions CIub is a member oT The NaTionaI Club organ- ized under The auspices oT The Carnegie EndowmenT Tor InTernaTionaI Peace. AII hisTory sTudenTs and Seminarians are eIigi- bIe Tor membership in The organizaTion which meeTs semi-monThIy TeaTuring Iec- Turers, Tilms, and discussions. In Novem- ber, deIegaTes were senT To The Ohio VaI- Iey Conference aT Berea. KenTucIcy. is I A ii Q 'il'1, P1 :Ebb ,l,,, The ScribbIers' CIub is an organizaTion composed oT sTudenTs inTeresTed in cre- aTive IiTerary composiTion. IT hoIds iTs meeTings on Thursday evenings aT The home oT Lorene Richardson. Copies oT The weeIc's conTribuTions oT every Type oT IiTerary expression in anonymous Torm are disTribuTed and read Tor criTicism. The cIub's progress is direcTed by ProTessor PunTney and Miss Gray. ART CLUB This club, composed oT sTudenTs inTer- e T d ' ' ' s e in various phases oT arT, is one oT on The campus. The The mosT acTive year's acTiviTies includ d e museum Trips, arT exhibiTs, programs, and social acTivi- Ties. Ivlrs. IvIaTherly, who is responsible Tor Th c I " ' e sp endio arT work in your yearbook, Takes special inTeresT in This club and de- voTes much Time in making iT a success. OFFICERS SAPADELL ARD Presidenl MARJORIE GIBSON Vice-PresicIenT VIRGINIA I-IUGI-IES SecreTary-Treasurer OFFICERS FLOYD M UCK PresidenT MARGARET RAUN Vice-Presidenf MO N ROE I-IATCI-I Vice-PresidenT LLoYD WALKER Chaplain sTEPHEN WITHEY SecreTary DONALD eRAvEs Treasurer KENYoN PRE-MED God's call To man Tor service To many kind is upon The hearTs oT This QFOUPS sTudenTs. I-Ie calls men and women I0 9 healers oT bodies as well as souls. TIIUE There is aT Asbury a Pre-Medical CIU Tormed oT s+udenTs who believe ThaT.IlI9Y have been led oT God To choose medicine as Their liTe work. I by ProTessor Kenyon, Tor whom. The CU. was named, is The TaculTy adviser. TIS conTribuTion To The minds and souls OIT 9 members is TelT in all OT The cIub's acTivi- Ties. ip fi usa: "TQ ' hi Ill XX 9 LA SOCIETE FRANCAISE The TaculTy in The French deparTmenT are doing all ThaT They can To help The sTudenT under Them To appreciaTe The lan- guage, liTeraTure, and cusToms oT The French people. The mosT imporTanT ac- TiyiTy oT The year in which The deparTmenT parTicipaTed was The French program given aT The UniversiTy oT KenTuclcy in March. K fy jf 11651 ff! f' iff' 2 Y' 1 4.-Q I if HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Adams l-lome Economics Club, be- gun seven years ago, has been aTTiliaTed wiTh The NaTional and STaTe l-lome Eco- nomics AssociaTion since IQ34. This year iT has sponsored Teas, parTies, hikes, and a Trip To Berea. The club poinTs The way To culTural and educaTional developmenT, sTandards oT ChrisTian womanhood, and lives oT useifulness. PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS Under The careTul supervision oT Dean l-lesTon and Dr. Cross, This Tine group oT young people are diligenTly preparing Themselves To be Teachers. Each sTuclenT is given special consicleraTion, in order ThaT he rnay adiusT his schedule To The re- guirernenTs oT The sTaTe in which he in- Tends To Teach. 164 LOS ESPANOLES All sTuclenTs in The Spanish classes ol The college are eligible Tor membership In This organizaTion. Their season is alw6Y5 climaxed by The yearly banqueT aT Wl'llCl' The conyersaTion, The Tood, and The PTO' gram are all Spanish. l :ii ,L '54 E. -'d. 5.-'A-Q .55-4 . . E Q BIG SISTERS CLUB Several years ago There was Tormed on Asbury's campus an organizaTion Icnown as The "Big SisTers." Today This organiza- Tion more Than any oTher helps The new sTudenT To become rnore easily accus- Torned To college liTe and To Tind a Tuller relaTionship wiTh The MasTer. ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Mr. Sapp and Miss Linn have been very successTul in presenT- ing To The sTudenT body a good cross-secTion oT sTudenT abiliTies in Their SaTurday evening pro- grams. 116-21 I I I y 1 il I - I 1 an I , Dfw, I 1 :frat L, ,l,,, x J-' if The highlighT oT The year and The evenT ThaT The girls eagerly awaiT is The Tall picnic-hike. On ThaT evening The girls gaTher around a campTire on some guieT hillside in ChrisTian Tellowship. The rare and lasTing Triendship which The girls Torrn on These occasions wiTh Their "sisTers" is oT unTold value To Them. L. G. SAPP IRENE I-INN FOREIGN STUDENTS CLUB MISSIONARY CRUSADERS The Missionary Crusaders, composed ol llie cliilolren ol missionaries, were organized live years ago by Miss Slan- liope. Tlmey vvorlc diligenlly lo inleresl Jrlwe people Jrliey con- lacl in llie neeol ol Jrlne Cross in loreign counlries. The Foreign Sluclenls Club is an organ- loreign sludenls on llie campus. H ' izalion lormeol willm The purpose of pro- willwoul oloubl llie mosl cosmopolilan ol rnoling love anol lellowsliip among all all groups. N661 QQ A fin fairs of I S l ff' ., . A -.-. -. - - up-ff wwf ,C-35 ,,-,uf - . -'-'-6'-t1" ,::77 "2- fw ""'w1'?- HW ' w w- I. rf Mi rw W nfff war r 1' f 'UMM 'FM : J K- if-' ,ff .fr - 3 TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION The I94O Asburian is Ihe IwenIy-Iiiih edijriom of your yearbook. For IwenIy- Iive years Aspurian siaiis have IoIIowed The ideaI of The Iirsi ediIior1, Io pre- serfr Io Ihe SIudenI Body somejrhinq Ihai wouId Iqeep alive Iheir memories of good Iimes, Ihe beauIiIuI campus, and of Ihe happy faces of friends which Ihey had won. SBU AN TAF M H D 'f Y I Sple+h Miller, Branham, Crary. Sfandmg Yaies o ea on ocgs th Johnson' Presley vine-ii. sExToN, Eaifor-in-chief CHARLES JOHNSON, Business Manager THE NANCY CRARY . . LOUISE MOTT . . . CLARENCE YATES . MARGARET DEATON DAVID YOOST . . . ZACK JOHNSON . LILLIAN FORCEY . LOIS SHEPHERD . . AUDREY BARNES . FRED SPIETH . . . ROBERT REYNOLDS LEE BRANI-TAM . . WILLIS MILLER . . FLOREEN PRESLEY FLORENCE CARR . OLD . . . . HisToricaI Ediror . . FeaTure EdiTor , . LiTerary EdiTor . . . . ArT EdiTor . . . PhoTo EdiTor . . SporTs EdiTor . . . . Secreiary . . . . . Theme EdiTor Theme EdiTor . . ...... STaT'f PhoTographer , . . ..... AssisTanT PhoTographer AssisTanT Business Manager . . . . . AdverTising Manager ..........SecreTary . . . . . . SecreTary Qialiuf I X3 If -jk ' J Firsi' Asburian NJUBILEE No ediTor or business manager couId have or expecT To have a more inspired sTaTT Than has produced The I94O Asburian. They have sac- riTiced To The uTTermosT in order To presenT These memories oT Asbury To you. The sTaTT is sincere in iTs expression oT Thanks To Dr. PunTney and Miss Li++Ie Tor The Time They have given in prooT reading, To Mrs. Marhei-Iy Tor The splendid arT work ThaT appears Through- ouT The book, and To The AdminisTraTion and STudenT Body who have cooperaTed so WeII in producing This Jubilee Yearbook. We are Iike- wise indebTed To Mr. John Benson, oT The Ben- son PrinTing Company, To Mr. Fred SpieTh. of SpieTh STudios, and To Mr. Harold Mann, OT John and OIIier Engraving Company, Tor The special aTTenTion They have given To our book. IT, as you IeaT Through These pages pIeaSef1I memories oT your sTay aT Asbury come back TO YOU! and if you are inspired by Them To do all you can in carrying The LighT oT The Cross INTO The worId, Then The I94O Asburian has succeeded in iTs purpose. I 45. if? L168J ET. is Ca - 'iv I Q Z' IN THE PRESS ROOM Friday afjrernoon and Jfhe press room is busy selrlring up Sa+urday's "Collegian," ASBU GI Smndmg: ray Barley Falkenberg Schafer Turner 41 '-ii' .44 ...-....- Zi K ' XR 1 i l JFK fr' ' "' WL K f Ji B 1 gyyL,,f,EA , 11 1 - 1 V ,f f ,f 1 , f' 1 Q .,,v-J , ,. , . , 1 L f f 3 , ,afeggyfyfmg 93011 ny, ,wfW,147'm'f M 171- 'MU Gmf' fum ,' I ' ' ' - ' V STEPHEN NELSON, EdiTor-in-Chief THE STA GWEN ROWLANDS . . . . AssociaTe EdiTor WILLIS MILLER . . . . FeaTure EdiTor ROY GUSTAFSON . . . Religious EdiTor J. R. DUNCAN . . ,Seminary EdiTor BOB REYNOLDS . . . . News EdiTor ELLIS LUTZ ..... . . . . Managing EdiTor MONROE I-IATCI-I .... AssisTanT Managing EdiTor JAMES PIPPIN . . . . . SporTs EdiTor TOMMYE STEWART . . SecreTary DON GRAVES . . . . . . . . SecreTary PAUL BAILEY ...... AssisTanT Business Manager RUBY LEE TOMLINSON ......... S ecreTa ry DAN LONG ....... . CirculaTion Manager DWIGHT NYSEWANDER . . . AdverTising Manager GLENN LOCKARD . . AssisTanT AdverTising Manager MONA LEWIS . ...... .. SecreTary T won ? r IIN nu nn ll' DAVID YOOST, Business Manager FF OF THE The TirsT newspaper aT Aslouryiwas The "Soph- rosyne" which appeared in I895 wiTh The moTTo. "WIT and Wisdom." IT was hearTiIy received by The STudenT Body and served Tor many years as a medium IoeTween The AdminisTraTion, The sTudenTs, and The Triends oT The college. Now, aTTer 45 years, "The Collegian." WIIICIW was TirsT ediTed loy Dr. Johnson, has Taken iTs place as a very poTenT inTluence upon The Opin' ion oT The sTudenTs. Through iTs columns The readers receive imporTanT announcemenTs, F9- Iigious inspiraTion, TorceTuI ediTorials, and a liTTle Triendly gossip. I f-S s IFB Ill: Q eip' Z S cz SL.- .g ,. EJ i A K cssc Rig ,. , ,,,,,. WHO'S W!-IO This group of young people were chosen by Jrhe Adminislralion lo represenl Asbury College in "Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges." The purpose ol Who's Who is lo serve as an incenlive lor sludenls lo gel lhe mosi our of Jrheir college careers: as a means of compensa- lion lor whal lhey have already done: as a rec- ommendalion lo lhe business world: and as a slandard of measuremenl for sludenls compar- able lo such agencies as Phi Bela Kappa and The Rhodes Scholarship Award. Top Row: Dorolhy Amslulz Philip l-linerman Mavis Laybourn Middle Row: Ellis Luiz Mary Rulh Moon Virgil Sexlon BoHom Row: Rosemary Smilh Alison Wells Roberl Zeimer WILLIAM ARNETI' President of fhe Sfudenf Body I940 SQUAD STancling: Hess, DeLauTre, B dl S MANCHESTER souAD -1- . VARSTTY DEBATE The l939 debaTe squad, under The di- recTion oT Wayne Clymer, olirnaxed a very successTul season by carrying oTT highesT honors in The largesT debaTe Tour- namenT in The world held aT lNlorTh Man- c:hesTer, lndiana. Two Teams, Jackson and SexTon in The A division and CruToh- Tield and Sageser in The B division, were undeTeaTed in Two years oT inTer-collegi- aTe compeTiTion. lf172il Things loolred dark indeed Tor The l94O varsiTy sguad aT The beginning OT The year, Tor noT a single leTTer-rnan was bacls Trom The old Tearns. UndaunTed, They worlced hardy and under The alole direCTlOV1 oT Coach Sageser had a successTul seaSOn- The new sguad gives promise ThaT iT W'll live ulo To The relouTaTion oT Those Wl1O have gone beTore. T? J. 9 ,- ffs TTI iii ei 'E ,T ra ey. VeaTed: Wood- PH RENOTHENIA "Excelsior" Row One Mary Lee Broclcman Helen Davis Marian Ealrin Row Two Emily Evans Phyllis McEwen Lois Green Row Three Lorene Richardson Eloise Leonard Evelyn Taylor Row Four Eugenia Slrewarl Mariorie Slollar Miriam Grey Row Five Fa ilh Spencer No Picfure: Sarah Del Ard Eleanor Dugan Amanda Leichhardl Pauline Sione Honorary: Mrs. Jack Snoolc B Ear ff XX WILSONIA "Clear Thinking, forcibly ex- pressed" Row One Kennelh Burke John Buyers Joseph Crouse Row Two Roberl Ferguson Judson Fosler Halford Guiler Row Three Reeves Havens Dwighr May Willis Miller Row Four Slephen Nelson Jaclc Rains Tudor Roloerls Row Five Hugh Webb Thomas Winn Slephen Wiihey Row Six William Spindler Paul Slewari No Picfurez Donald Carpenfer Sfeven Coen Hugh Howard Malcolm Kier Donald McAnlis Charles Shroui Henry Clay Wrighi Honorary: Wallace Harned Y. D. Weslerfield di-E..-. 5-, .. - , .. .. , .. ..- ,ff-.- - f-, :. ,.. .. , - - Z'-3 qw sf? Q2 q" ? S O Q I A L F1741 L U C Y S T 0 N E "Pep, Poise, and Personalifyu Row One Dorofhy Alverson Flossie Arnsluiz Dorofhy Arnsfuiz Row Two Lois Bailey Dorofhy Besf Willouise Bulls Row Three Nancy Crary Adele Minler Louise Moll Row Four Verna Murphree Margarel Round Rosemary Smith Row Five Helene Slewarl Belly Slanqer Jean Welch Row Six Florence Weldon Alison Wells No Plcfure Frances Klnlner Lols Shepherd Emulee Boone I-lelen Kung Mona Lewls Elsie Blake Jennne Tsar Tomrnye Slewarl Nelle Tumlln Mildred Hilliard Marlorle Mendenhall Florence Hall Lllllan l-llnkle Honorary Miss Rurh L1+'rle Mrs Annie Laurie Weslerfleld 2 l 7 H lx wr- 1 V' . TWXKQGWWKW W-ilW"9"' 1' 1,5 1 dwg' JL' N J 31-Vi Q. 1 17 f, fy' ,. :ff 1 ,,,:,f:g iff iff! "gf 2? ir QM , 1 M' gy 4 Zigi' ' Mil 'f y 3- -' E A if . 1 xx '65, rifle: .e I 5 l A I i l 6 I CLEA' PERI "Charac+er, Logic, and Scholarship" Row One Richard Aclcenhusen John Ausbarud Paul Bailey Row Two Waller Bailey Dean Coen Monroe Harch Row Three Edward Kilbourne Herman Lenwald Glen Loclcard Row Four Dan Long George Luce Richard Lugabill Row Five Ben Ralh David Sageser Lorne Sparks Row Six Richard Wells Clarence Yales David Yoosl No Picfure: Eldon Hoover Elmer Kilbourne Ernesl Kilbourne Harris Minier James Pippin Arfhur Smifh Alberi Tsai Honorary: William Henderson Charles Olfley Morris Eugene Sargenl Dr. W. D. Turkingfon ,ffl- M. uf gg fir. 3 1" Q-:E':f":: :-::- 5-,.-. 77:37 Q-ISJLTE H J. .W 232 f'-' f 'Lf ,. ff":'2'f34.'7i-flril il 3 Afltfi-X 'XF' .1 ,.-Y -X l 176 fi' gr ,mv -qw Fu- -r'-vo. 1. ..,. 5 , , , V . f1'r7?Nl 5,-4 V W .1 1 1 1'?f,-"?"f! - :Y HW., ,V A -" . - S ' - - -' .. . -'QW' '.+' ' , L ' - -'41 .' ,",-oijfl' ivlfwfze-u----.-f.,,5-,? , ll,-' '-'im' ,J-fa. ,, --J... f f "H, :Y,er5Z!'v 4 Q".-s. V, ,N SI? 13.-. r- ' H 3 ' ,rr 1, f""'1""'., 'fi rf-f-N Y-11.-g.k .. , .. -.:,-.,r,.- N- :...- , ,f wa- 3 - .gf - , - Q . V, Y . , . , lf- rf., -.'. A -, b 1 f. .-7, vmn .. - . 4. - . Q' "W , ',.1':. -'H ,'.J 71 ..-yfw f": . ' Q - 'M-"'5.-gf-.1ljfn,1'.1.:-. 5 TT'-Z ., W: K - A , ' ' if 'v QA I-lb4Jf,,3 , .A . ,f .- '1- l Wam11'u'1"f -1- V e X. C L u B S Ll79J ALATHEA "The Torch Lighlr, The Scroll of Trulh, and lhe Beauly of Wrif- Jren Words" Row One Mary Branch Yolanda Grinaqer Anna Galloway Mariion Maddox Row Two Sallie Miller Gwendolyn Rowlands Mary Lois Lane Irene Linn Row Three Mary Rufh Moon Evelyn Whifney May Knighf Eva Sanders Row Four Marie Sichnalce Dorila Smilh Rulh Lansell lndia Winsfon Row Five Evangeline Wiseman Louise Niles Clara Kelchum Elhel Homfeldf Row Six Evelyn Sulherland No Picfure: Peggy Brown Gene Greenlee Clara Mae lseley Dorojrhy Lish Mary Elizabelh Clingaman Cleo Mixon Mrs, Raun l? Q7 XX u ,'1- , fo iii ' 'I' ,- x 34 5 ,, e y ,Ti if . H i 114, , ff ',4,iLi ff-73 ?f"Ii ' Air VI ' xl. 51'-4 C : 'if f .Vi IV, 'f ' ..' 1.111 ,F ., J . , 241 if V 5, 1 . . ' nil " UI .3 I 4 .3 'N ,4 L?- L 1 Q. ,., ' ,1 'Q f I I i - 4-. ix! f i . f I 5 s L f. . if J qv, 9 9. Q.: .gy nl Q. 'z :'.v is ia! 53 45? 5 Us ,Lvl ,x 1 . K 3 jo, 4' L . . -.l fi E 3 1 E, , sy, 1 ii, irq W1 WI, 'vw , ww, lay, W f. 4, ,f . W, A ff Z 6 ff 2 ,M f if 4 Q if V' f Z: 24' , V v . . I 3 I i I l S LIN C0 "Noi l, bul Chrisl" Row One William Arnell Harry Blaclc Howard Buclcley Paul Coleman Row Two l-larold Coleman Maurice Culver Mahlon Elliol Willard Doyle J. R. Duncan Row Three Carl Forshee Roy Guslafso Roberl Geyer William Gillam Row Four n lrvin Lane Floyd Muclc Ellis Lulz Ralph Melheny Row Five Wyburn Skidmore James Sponenberg Alberl Sleiner Row Six Roberf Sulherland Roy V anSiclcle Lloyd Wallcer James While No Ho Piciure: Leonard DeLau'rre Milne Diavasles Joseph Daugherly Charles Ellcier Anihony Gedwillo John Gedwillo Donald l-lulfman Leo King Samuel King Harold Lamberl Raymond Noah David Slceen norary: Mr. Michael Raun 5555" rr-" fr-' :'..-'- li il ' '7- -X J Fig .,,1 1' rs-S , ,X R' r' E., ,, . 'R A , 5, L L1781 Pl-IILOMATHIA "Wisdom, Honor, and Loyallyn Row One Marion Barber Lillian Forcey Faye Hall Row Two Sarah Holbrook Phyllis Johnslon Sarah Kelley Row Three Eslher Luiz Floreen Presley Sarah Roberts Row Four Edna Marlin Rufh Searnonds Nellie Cook No Picfure: Audrey Barnes Eslher Dodd Honorary: lvlrs. Gwen lvlacrory Echo Morlon Lucille Shehan go ff' " 'T Cb s ,,,v,F . J.,,T?.-W-1 'r-q1ji"1"1"""T ' K 1' 'f i "'-'1'wif:'i-. ff.. 5, 7 ivy. Q' ' ii , ,4 lf., f war, sf. 4' VME. M122 wjz 44 W ' Af VM! Mr, 7 Q7 6 ,Q ,. ff. Q? vw ,, ,4 M 'mi 71 f 4 4 ml gl 54' fag aw-f , ,Nr 4 7 Q 4 i l l X .- ig 4 225015 CICERG IA "Clear, Dynamic, and Convincing" Row One Edwin Berwanger Julius Boggs Lee Branham Raymond Burbank Row Two Louis Crandall Jaclc Fallcenberg Donald Liraves Bradley Havens Row Three Nelson Hoffman Charles Johnson LeRo Lewis Y Roland Lippman Row Four Virgil Moore . Milo Myers David Reeves Phillip Runyon Row Five David Seamonds John Seamonds Roberl Shuler John Sikes Row Six Orman Sloal Roberr Sleenberg Roberl Turner William Wiseman Row Seven Roberl Ziemer Karl Wilson No Picfurez Churchill Auslin William Barber Kennelh Harper Paul Heaih Roper? Jenlcs Russell Kerr George Den Harlog Joseph Schafer Fred Spielh Honorary: Dr. Z. T. Johnson J. B. Kenyon .Af : J il XS! ei fha I SCDPHIDELPHIA "lNla+ure has laid for each lhe loundarions oi a divine build- ing ii The soul is buill lhere-on." hlfmerson. Row One Calherine Cobb Margarei Deafon Sallie Garreii Row Two l-lelen Laybourne Mavis Laybourne Margarel Marlin Row Three Calherine McKinley Jeanelle Moore Dorolhy Sarqenl Row Four June Varner Alice Wilcher No Picfure: Frances Cobb Marjorie Gibson Margarer Lowry Evelyn Jane Scolrl' Mildred Wilcher QQ f. gl I fix! lax l .- 4 i l i l l i . 'L- ka fx J I 1 iv A,- rl' 6. 1? ,,.' nv, H ., . 'Q f v ,.b. ! l J C Q . ,1 5: Rf f. 4 i i 3. i V ,'l r, K r .mi .U ru.. I' I- 4- 5? ,ti , . 4' . R-' 3: 6., -lib. f 4 nf. Qi. h I' i ' uv , L "' 5 .' . 1' F. : " 17. 'k-fn Ni fi! - -.,f'.f., ki u 2352 JL. Q' -1- sf .. 51 Q L '. 171' ,Y 4- .'.. 51.01 ..a' , 'EY 1 ' .: ?5 a ' 1. Q 1 .I it . ' ff P" Z' Y 'Q L, sei 1 EL it 535' Ev. ,'i Exe C i iff'- 52: :- 53454, 52. war' ,e ..., ci" iam' 524117- L' S7 ,,..,, M., , M - Egtiu, . 5233 v.-.a ,V vw 4 -zf "N Q, A 5917: 11 5 !,,.,.1 1 ff V 4 .,f, fan, fff fi, W Va Zz? 3 ff W 7 vi 9 ff W is Af, l W 1 ' gf W Z 3 ,z 5 5415 Z I 42 . +1 i 5 I i H E N R Y C L AY "Vision, Virlrue, and VicJrory" Row One Joseph Brookshire Warren Criswell Edward Garreilr Row Two Wanless Goodson Horace Hoisingion David Hunier Row Three Douglas Jackson Leander Lewis George Milchell Row Four Dwighf Nysewander Huber Palierson Roberi Peace Row Five Roberi Reynolds L. 6. Sapp Virgil Sexlon Row Six Lewis Wilson No Picfure: James Gillie William Greynolds Fred Griel Roberf Franklin Harry Horner Charles Lane Honorary: Professor Boyd Macrory Professor W. R. Reynolds Professor A. T. Punfney Professor W. P. Smifh Mr. H. W. Criswell 1535-:-' 25,!Qjif 2 E.-.-.. , ry. ,I f., rf-"'-' " . EZ? 14 -.. . ' ' , , v ,, J ,, ff,v6' -.. A V X ' ,45ZLf.,,', 3, :I 3 F 1 filw. Q-:Z...!u, , ,L lei I1821 V. .f:z'- f -f 4 .V 11' 'zr g, -X , f ,-ii 44. ,.,7,, -J ,..l ,dxf . 1.11 'fi 2 .k I 3 if 1,1 1 .ll Li: , Q5-.1 , Y 1, ifr- 4 A e i ii, , . is I-1 1 I-5 if . . a M fi ' 4 '1 IA 'Q 441 'El f Nz 'll B 'D '6 Q. 'f ri Ii. Q at 1 , I l K x .1, ,:1, Vu' -4 fl is CAMPUS CLUB "Chris+ian Living, and Clirislrian Fellowship" Row One: Paul Barrefi' Russell Bremer Flefclwer Coppedqe Norman Douglas M 51 Q' -: ' AgJ 3j 4i?fl:,LAx x' Z' ,f -g I' :W L Row Two: Row Three: Ellie-l Gravensrein Jerry Leonard Rullm Griswold l-luglw Howard Mary l-louglw Nor in Pic+ure: Gaynelle Carnes Merle Saxman Margarer Sellers IIS-ll William McClinloclc Gerald Neiswander Duane Slewarl ' Y wha- , Q gQ XX Sfandinq: Linn, Yales, Branham, Arnell Va S' kl D k Sealed: Sund, Winslon, Galloway, Collins, Deal1ori?ZT1lercBelB,nBllleZlch. BILL ARNETT . LEE BRANI-IAM . . DAVID BROWNING . . TOM COLLINS . . BRADLEY HAVENS . CHARLES JOHNSON ZACK JOHNSON . . VIRGIL MOORE . . DAVID SEAMANDS . ROBERT SHULER . . MEMBERS MEN ROY VANSICKLE .................... CLARENCE YATES . RICHARD WELLS . . MARGARET DEATON ALBERTA DEVENPECK ANNA OALLOWAY IRENE LINN OTNLVA SUND IIAN WELCH INDIA WINQTON IAUIINI 7UTRC-IER WOMEN . . Baseball, Tennis . . Sollball, Baseball . Sollball, Baslcelball . . . . . Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Tennis . . . . Baslcelball Baslcelball, Baseball Baslcelball, Baseball . . . Baslielball . . . Baslcelball Baslcelball, Traclc Baslcelball, Tennis Baskelball Tennis Baslcelball Tennis Tennis Baslcelball IWYIWCV' Y. D. WESTERFIELD T Head of Physical Educaiion Weslerfield, Schuler, Sund, Branham, Welch, ATHLETICS AT ASBURY For a momenT we sTand wiTh bowed head as a proTessor leads in prayer. The nexT momenT The game is on! T-lere aT Asbury God is TirsT even in aThleTics. Under The direcTion oT Y. D. WesTerTield, The aThleTic deparTmenT has been so organized ThaT every sTudenT may parTicipaTe in a sporT iT he wishes. This is made possible by an inTer- esTing sysTem oT inTramural compeTiTion. The AThleTic CommiTTee, composed oT Tal- enTed aThleTes oT The college and seminary, coach classes in all Types oT sporTs and arrange The season's schedules. The commiTTee also assisTs in making by-laws Tor The diTTerenT sporTs.and in making The deparTmenT awards. Under The presenT sysTem The aThleTic deparT- menT gives The sTudenTs The besT possible selec- Tion oT aThleTiCs. Browning, SargenT, Henderson. The biggesT baslceTball Thrill oT The season was provided by The Senior Team when They came Trom behind in The closing minuTes oT a game wiTh The Sophomores To deTeaT Them by Two poinTs. "l'laTchie" was The hero. The Team was handi- capped by laclc oT maTerial, buT wiTh an undaunTed spiriT They played hard, clean bas- lceTball. TEAM MEMBERS Row One: Jack Fallcenberg Paul BarreTT Floyd Muck Row Two: FleTcher Coppedqo STewe Nelson John Ausband No Picfurez Huber Palleizon L. G. Sapp Roy Van Siclfla Monroe I-lqffj. Philip l-lingrff .T flib .- x Tl I x XX SENIGR BASKETBA A ,, , ,v..,,.q',.,,os -f.--34 MINARY 188 Tne Seminary Baskelball leam willi llieir dribbling ace, Dave Browning, was The llaslwiesl leam in llie lourna- menl. Alllwougli weakened by llie gradualion ol some of llieir slars, llie "preach- ers" liave always managed lo give llweir opponenls a good Tiglil. Tl'iey are lrue sporlsmen, bollw on and oll llie floor. TEAM MEMBERS Row One: Maurice Culver Roberl Sclwuler William Mullins Row Two: Reeves Havens Dave Browning Roy Ridley Row Three: Roberl Sanger James Sponenberg No Piclure: Olson Harrison Lew Wilson ASK TB LL The Sophomores were piclced To finish second in Hue lournamenl, buf suffered a slrolce of bad luck when rhey loslr Smilh and Richard- son, Playing al a decided disadvanlage, lhey came oul fighling and displayed The real Asbury spirir. The "Dragons," driven on by lheir desire lo "play lhe game," provided many good games for Jrhe fans. TEAM MEMBERS Row One: Roberi' Eranlflin Richard Richardzor' Leander Lewis Row Two: Dwighf Nyce,-wand Bradley l'-laferfi Nelson l-'lofiman Row Three: Poly-rl' Jf-nlf' Mahlon Elliot SGPHCDM The Junior learn was The "dark horse" of 'rhe lourna- menl. Picked by pre-season Iorognoslicalors lo finish in Jrhe cellar, They upsel all Iorediclions and became la- voriles +o win by mid-sea- son. Characlerized by hard lighling and clean playing, The Juniors, led by Yales, are a real baslcelhall leam. TEAM MEMBERS Row One: Clarence Yales William Wiseman Paul Bailey Row Two: Charles Johnson Lee Branham Virgil Moore Row Three: Zack Johnson David Reeves NIOR BASKETBALL lf190l T Yu NWS lh S S lsllfna. wonders ifl play Q l player, is 9006. an eller rl fhem V llslii. ' in llle RS "1 l l l i l l l l 1 E l l l A l GIRLS' BASKETBALL SENIORS Slandingz lndia Winslon, Gen- eva Sund. Silling: Rulli Fall, -Alison Wells, Irene Linn, Adele Minler. No Piclure Mary Benlley, Esllier Dodd, Mary Lois Lane, Easler Lily King. JUNIORS Slanding: Edillw l-lill, Rose- mary Smill1.Margarel Dealon. Silling: Margarel Sellers, Anna Galloway, Nelle Tunlin, Mar- iorie Gibson. No Piclure Sallie Miller, Mary Sue Tliorn- hill. SOPHOMORES Slandinq: Alberla Devenpecl, Kallierine Mcllivill, Pauline Zuerclier. Sillinq: Edna Mar- lin. Marie Scllnalce, Marqerel Spilznogle, Jean Welch. No Piclure Willouise Bulls, Phyllis Mc- Ewen. FRESHMEN Belly Bowman, Florence l-liill Mildred Hilliard, .Jean Vifelfgl. C05Cl7. El-Offlffilff: SlUfl'Hi, lim :lie Boone, Armando Loifgliiifflr, No Piclure lvldfgilfcil l'3f:"l'Mlllf1 lfnii , , l i 1 Jollnzori, lA,,f1f,i,,. K, ,ff l-Jf1f'Allf llfjlfl, if f W, ' ' iff a , 1 l l l i i l l i i l The Freshmen are always H18 queslion marlc ol lhe lourna- menl. Everyone wonders how well lhey will play, Wilh one All-Slale player and one All-Dislricl player, 'rhey promised lo he good, Losing Jrheir lcey man eller lhe fall quarler hurl lhem immensely, buf lheir lighl- ing spiril kepl lhem in lhe Jrhiclc of lhe ballle. TEAM MEMBERS Row One: James Shephard Joe Hinerman Valiean Mullir1S Row Two: Jack Snoolc Fred Spielll Russell Kerr Row Three: Harris Minler Harold Braclshdw Kennelh HGVPSV E HMA ASK TBALL IIQZJ T DAVID SEAMANDS Ping Pong BASEBALL Juniors Sranding: Lugabill, Branham, Guiler, Yoosf. Searedz Sfevens, Massey, Johnson, Yafes, Johnson. SOFTBALL Seminary Srandingz Jordan, Giliarn, Schuler, Seamands. Seafed: Sanger, Culver, Browning, Havens, Sponenberg. ALL CAMPUS BASKETBALL Demons Brewer, Franklin, Smifh, Jackson. Mullins, Johnson, Shepherd. HAIL TO THE CHAMPS! X, SINGLES CHAMPS Byrne and Sund have won The admiraTion oT all Tennis Tans by Their clean, hard-driving games. CN THE COURTS Because iT aTTords pleasure Tor so many sTudenTs, Tennis is rapidly rising To The ranlc oT a maior sporT in Asbury. The sporT reached a record high This year wiTh Two oT The pesT singles players ever To he aT Asbury winning in Their respecTive Tields. Geneva Sund, oT CaliTornia, won The women's division, while l-lerberT Byrne, Trom Alabama, won The men's. The doubles TournamenT was paclced Tull oT compeTiTion. Qur popular Sociol- ogy proTessor, Boyd lvlacrory, paired wiTh a new sTudenT, Bob Franklin, To win The men's douloles. They are boTh "souTh paws." ln The women's doubles Geneva Sund and lrene Linn Triumphed, while in The mixed doubles William ArneTT and Al- berTa Devenpeck Tinished in The Tinal bracl4eT. DOUBLES CHAMPS DevenpeCk Sund Macrory Franklin NoT in PicTure Linn Arneff K, lp Q5 , fm pf rg K5 Xi Q , AJC Amy-www MW W Nw- NN S 2 X V N, v ', aim' W, X BA 1 I I r i wi Y! N IF I ,. I Y V 1 l I M i I V I colle parl, earned lheir own comes as an earned ralher fhan a forced 'rask. And an'l', lhey haveylearned lhe 'lical applicalion of 'rheir knowledge Besides a grealer applicalion of lhe ilself, work has a definile ellecl on mer of lhe Workman. lf a worker lain a Chrisllike aHi'rude in lhe d every-day labor and in The conlacls' lhrough lhal labor, surely his 4 sfood a hard +esl' and has emerged And afler all, when our college days a memory, if will be in lhe oulside work lhal we musl walk in 'rhe Lighl shed some of fhaf Lighl around us. 99 1 3? 1? l I fx 2 f X, 4 f fz ws 'Q n f ,Vg .5,.f 15 t V X , if ,f , . 2 Q B a Q 'Q s Z'0f t 'Aa In N.- F 41 -v gn Qj wg 4 .' ,,. i s. , on .., ON MONDAY AFTERNGCN Libra ry Sfaff f Office Workers "Worln will F ,,f'rj!f:f' Ii all be wrsugnl As G06 'f!Gl,ilfj fwfr: mc Nlmble lingers 'rripbing over iypewriier y eysi Liflfidg QpGf'Ql'if1fJ VNS- Ines and calculaiorzr ieriilo brains iig- CJ 6CCoun'rs anfl ',iaii'giiQze lLlQf,f5 qivg Fool Ol llle dlllfJffV'C': ci fi'-',l'Jl,li'f", oilirgo WHITE COLLAR CLASS worlcers and library siaii. The usual hum- clrurn oi oiiice rouiine is gloriiiecl by a holy iervor, ior These young iolk have caughi a vision Jrhal lends a glow ancl dig- niiy io Jrheir labor'-God-given Jraslcs. Co-worlcers wiih I-lim, ihese siuolenis ap- bly Jrhernselves io responsible assignmenis --iheir highesi ioy io clo Jrheir iviasier's worla ' x . . . f-fl? li?-jj-31'-Ll:,'f' :iii QL N A L s We f Ig,-i,gies,:,ewesiQ3.,s5 ff' , gl 1 '- . ,Mm , ,K -.-Lg I, , Y ,... Y,-V -Q., I V p "' ' "' f L L fl ii H-1 J as ,fe Q 33 E1 s E l ad .4 ... .. .. ... ,mu J .ill 7 Q Q ji A 3 E E BULL 1 ,JJ ,, 4, 4 i L - yi I3 D HJ i I L f 11. , 5 IL M 'l' 'H Nl i lf' 'l'l 'l " A y s-gl 14,-, ., N --aims. Ax .H 472, 1, m rg ,Ms My EQ :V l ,ji 5 3,1 ,yy Migyy, J . ii . T T My QQ 'Sn X, l l l l i ,. masse... WAV' . A S M ,X GW MR. H. W. CRISWELL Superinfendenf of Buildings and Grounds. M oRiswELL Under The slcillful supervision of lvlr. Cris- well, The indusTrial workers of The campus have been welded inTo an eTTicienT uni+, The easy buT exacTing manner in which he accomplishes Things commands The re- specT of all he conTacTs. l-lis cheerful smile and Triendly hello have made him The Triend ol everybody. S!STANTS CF MR. CRISWELL FronT Row: Osborne, Sapp, Criswell, Ulm, Morford. Back Row: Morgan, Jenne, Echlin, Given. NN of xx l200l r 2 'F , . C175 Q Xin T l l l 'i , COUEGE :ME JMX fv El fo f Twin FA ffaff lil M41 f T S, ' an imlli This large sTaTT, under The direcTion oT lvlr. Crigwell, is made up oT The real workers on The Campus. A Tew only scend a shIorT Time each day aT Their Tasks. buT mosT oT Them labor Tor long hours aT a T'me. However, under The LIGHT OF THE CROSS all duT'es are made less dreary and all work becomes as c'ay Tor The consecraTed hearTs CT These nard-work'ng As- burians have caughf a Mscn Trom on hgh ThaT spurs Them on. h The STaTT is divided 'MD 'he To owing groups: MECHANICAL STAFF The ianiTors who keep The many campus build- ings spic and span: The mechanics who keep The elecTric, heaT, and waTer sysTems in perTecT orderg The campus crew ThaT keeps our beauTi- Tul campus in Trim: and The carpenTers and painT- ers who work TogeTher in keeping The buildings and class rooms in good repair. Mus, llc T T-af-c, -3-'-t":-'fgig XX aka as so TQS fqkggmmmdgs llyf, - r, Ts' va --Q f "-- M M1-fo -Af A-a ,A ffajfl ' . , M --ff ' 'T' Timm 21. Xiiididddddun--14s, ooco as -TTTJJJJTJJJ ' A an u an 4 an .. T 'T i i tw f ff' L fi i iduunm- '31, MJJJJJQJ 33 I- :lil 4 fs Wguiuaw g 1 5 'WT is aww ry, H, gpg. g ,JIUJW-J J 15-sl DINING HALL The dining hall, erecied in l92O, regularly seals approximaiely four hundred sludenls. The building is equipped wiih laiesl lype of eleciric venlilaling and cooking equipment All of Jrhe one hundred iweniy-five workers in IQZOZJ Qsxxx C l if ' QNX' Q fv Ei 539 fb F, L iz A l l ' CHARLES OTTLEY worms Excellent Superintendent of Asbury Pregg The Print Shop, under the able supersiglof- cf Mr. Morris, edits a weekly gum, fe., paper' prints the Asbury Coilgqij-A Tl-,E Asbury Alumnus, The Asbury Nev-xl .ind -he college bulletins and q3r,,r3g,9,, gf, 5,335 tion to this "The Press pfovfgeg J 96 we iob printing for the :ovlcqe V: -e tg l The ASbury Pregg p consists of the Boon N X l store Post OWU ii r l and Print Shop, in i l Xi K i I 305 l X , lliu, XX z """ l A l' U dl d dd I. A ua ul l l , ,, i l if d aa l I F15 V? l .JJ l 5 id 5 O.. MRS. B. T. LANNOM DkHchn and Dhmg-HaH Howes MR. R. L. MURPHY Cook MRS. LANNOM MR. MURPHY Coming Jro us eighl years ago, Mrs. Lannom has Our coolc, who came lo us' Jrhis year from Gods made The Dining I-lall as near like home as pos- Bible School, has ellecienlly and cooperalively sible +0 +he sluoleinls who ear lhere. assumed his responsiloililies. tw. . 5-V ,X,,v V4 if I' E -llvu .,-If Y A A ' 3' JZ 'L' l204J X N 1 532 ff ffvx f"D5n-inf' 5? A , ,,,,A X fw.,, it 1 .f ff 4,4 " fffff 'f f W X ff . 6395539 M X ani? f 4? 34, ,V 4 M f fj,f,f 1 1 ff' if yf V ,fu 6, WW fpfff' 7, X -ffrglizf ,E , 7 3, TIWGSG are buf a few glimpses Info H115 Talboff projecf which IS provlol Q wfrn loeHer food and needy sfudenfs wnh financial U Q Sv CII?-J 6-Cy ,.--1 AgX,--,Tl EJB ES BH A P1 3 M' ASBURY TALBOTT FARM Md bl by T a e possi money give T Asbury College by Mrs. T lb TT of KenTuclcy. f206J The Asbury TalboTT Farm is a parT oT The TalboTT EndowrnenT UniT made up oT The Tarm proiecT and The college hoTel. The Tarm is made up oT a series oT six smaller ones which ToTal 320 acres. The purpose oT The proiecT is To Turnish all oT The meaT, dairy producTs, and wheaT Tor The College Dining l-lallg and To pro- vide work Tor minisTerial sTudenTs who rnusT work To pay Their expenses aT school. During The pasT Two years The Tarm TISS lived up To all expecTaTions very well. Under The direcTion oT Dr. Johnson and Mr. Criswell The proiecT promises TO PGY even greaTer dividends in The TuTure. IT will always be one oT The mainsTayS Oi The College EndowmenT. fvi Lnj- cffxfx nj WL fry ff 5 GOING OUT 2 fff " ' .ff 1, , , ,1 , ff W mfgjf cz? ,f I ' ' 'ff 4 ' V fl, f f QA, , -fqflffff? f"' f 'Yi , , ,ea-fb --,,,,.,f,..f.,,m,,e.-fg:Q4!g , , ' ,iw-f' 'ilu- Iw V b , .A,,A. I ' f f 5 A s Q9 -C X LW :FY AFTER THE PROGRAM 'CWM YGUNG eemzsmw' A LATE Jfmssssaow mx ENN X .XX Qs 4 1 Z V E gf E 5 5 H f ,. E 11 I 1 7: 3 'Q E a 5 el' s""2 5 l L I 'N S. rf r . QW F fx . ' A Q4 H K H 7 N"'ln,u,i,,?f E. E 1. .il 'T' ,,n'-""" Y ,,,..f-"' .r ,-vi 2 ' ' 9 ' 3, ' "4 "TW -an '13 , mesa TO QQ Looscme- FOR "SNAPS" I BEQN6 THWARTED CH? FOR A CHAIR "'S'VE BEEN RQBBEDF' THERE y N 4, ,Q f ' -Mu',,,:' . rm 'V I vf I I l 4 l il l l l l 1 i , i li iii i. A li li 1 i l i l Q? is fs 2 '-'B 5:13 :pgs wg :rss 222:21 513.3 i 1 25:5 2:5 2-15 ,144 5331 gf Q 5 ,. , +I., ..,,. .W -. . 1 ,, , . swf-' fear ii Wwe? ff: Qi if 5. . v:7S23:?iI:I:5i4FIY5If:55 WWF. ' lii1i:2Z?Z3i5VA+24'klii:2I5:5L1g I . 'I?.w2'b2i:S'iiiS71i'l.vf1hf"' i 53 The Asbury Theological Seminary is especially blessed in havinganolher one oi C5od's own Sainls as her Dean. Dr. Larabee accepied Jrhis posirion in I926 aiier having been connecled wiih ihe college lor eleven years. For four- ieen years he has labored wiih Jrhe Sem- inary siudenis loving Jrhem as he would his own sons, for in each young preach- er he sees poleniialilies of greai service for Chrisi. l-le has been very laiihlul ir FRED HASLEY LARABEE ' B.D.. D.D. Dean of Asbury Theological Seminary 1? I 12 Y-f.,..f-14 1.3 5 3 2,2 --f"""'-' W- -------HWY., ,,.H, TgEf?RQFEj 1"' 'i . f gl in his work as Dean, considering The problems broughi To him as his own and giving his opinions only alfer a close? period wiih lhe lviasier. ll is very' lorlunaie lhai Dr. Larabee was chosen io leach Greek, for his pa- lience and persisienl spirii coupled wiih a God-given spirii of humiliiy have broughi lighi io many darkened minds. To see him is io appreciaie him: To lcnow him is lo love him. xwxtw is From Jrhe very beginning no one has manilesled more inlereslr in 'rhe devel- opmenl of Jrhe Asbury preachers Jrhan has Jrhis devour, while-haired Presidenl of lhe Theological Seminary. ln I923 he founded and charlered Jrhe inslilu- lion and 'ever since has devoled a greal parl of his lile io developing a school where young preachers mighl become well-lounded in Jrhe Wesleyan Docirines ol Scriplural Holiness. ir DR. HENRY cLAY Morzmsou D.D., LL.D. Presidenf of Asbury Theological Seminary 'A' Dr. lvlorrison's deeply snirifual mes' sages: his lavorile expressions, "l3lesSeCl are rhey lhai-HI l1lS i5ll'leVlY Concern for each sludenlg and his sympalhellc underslanding ol all ol lile's problems have endeared him lo lhe hearls Ol every sludenl in lhe SeminaVY' l-lls spiril-filled lile inspires all lo Pul God lirsl in all Jrhings and lo find a cloSGV relalionship wilh lhe ChriSl. - lf212l fs 5 N T Er-E E gg R o fre ' i X N . . v L 5 G H T em T H E s EE 53555 iii? :sam 523525 55255 ggeiigl E515 xc QS X 1' 525:52 '55225 25552 isa: -552: N 'sq S N V ease 5555? :ff N is Q 'S 1, S Q K Q X S . , 1 Lv , . I T I H F1-Vi in A crc , fa I N il lim 1521 IL. H G -'W - "'-'T ' five as r rri ir r T Q T T H T C Q S? V ' H i A f A f L if li X in If iQ f SEMINARY cLAss orriceizs' Alrhough sludies in Jrheology have al- ways hada prominenl place in Ihe college curriculum, Jrhe Seminary was nor char- Iereol unlil I923. -In Jrhal year, because The Adminislralion Tell The need of a school Thar srood Iearlessly for Scriplural I-Ioliness and Evangelical Failh where young men could prepare Themselves Io carry Jrhe LIGI-IT OF TI-IE CROSS inlo The world, Morrison I-Iall was conslrucled. For many years Jrhe,Seminary remained J. T. SEAMANDS, Vice-Presidenlg DAVID BROWNING, Preside in Thar building. buf in I939 the Sent! I was complelely separared from The ci lege-and was moved lo The Talbofi Hole? which il had leased. Previously The insli Iulion had been admifled Io niemberf-lxip in The American Associalion of Theclfig5 cal Schools. The l94O graduales have had a grecel' privilege in being able Io prepare for fhe minislry in our Seminary under ire proies sors who are mighly disciples oi Chrisl nfg WILLIAM MULLINS, Ciimibi. 5 .css i Y . I H2151 ' ,, -- -- Y--vw ... .... mv-ff ' 1--M e"'01f."ff?f" tif.-2: R L Aw ffefff 'sf ' - I A 1, Ht- Y.- .-E-.5-,Q 57:74 jk .f'4'.f'7" 12'7F,'Z's. , , .,-,, -X,-pre:-rt 0551" 63 1.-,G-':.,...1i1g21-TQ "q,""" 'Ml' 1 ' " . ,F -f ,-Q'"WITH-li"f"x"'-7P'1':"gT3Ui3lE2Qe?W'ef5'?:t:'V --' " CTF 11 f" "A" ' ' L 5"' i ,f -,,,..,. .f,7p,z,',5z':,4P2?v.ff5SsCii-:M V- f -- fi: - if I ' ' 'A ' -'al-' , . , 11' 'U'47F'4,,7g6':-'-'L in-f -f, ,f - -f f , 1 , I I ' ' - I ' ?fPl',1017jH'lT'73"""' f - fm " ' ' ' ll? ' ' " " 7? l N Q w . V 1 175 W .,. '4 ,ff W, 5 1 iz: ,ffg 167 Z , :V 53,1 ,f J 1741" :ff A "W M Mf My W ,pw D724 n AM .A .ff 3115 25 liffi .K fiifff 'G 1 yi . fi iw gi gg L r T , r N w V r i L l N , , V I E 2 S I I 1 5 S 1 5 i C i l 5 1 .38 J! 1 . ,t 1 , 1 I i i FRED HALSEY LARABEE B.D. D.D Professor of Hebrew and Old Tesfamenf qi SEMINARY FACULTY .Q 1 sg- Q sf 34 W 1 iw' 'S 6 v 1.. 's 1 -3 koi R ni .V 53. in Xie V GTON, M.A., Th.B., D.D. o ysfemahc Theology and Homilefi W :,.1.: ' xA,11V. r:rr.r., 52 Q 7 A ,i,1r: .,,3,,r 252 ,:,.e gg 152555 5 IN THE We M Q Q 3 m x m I- ' IG Lg I fJ fvj ':, us? I llll nn Ill-I llll IIUI 1 llll 'Q N W Z T 05 THEsCRossf f 73 i' 1:2 ff: , if bi 'Lf X LEONARD PAUL SHADES A Care OT ROY MUTPIW- Buhl, Idaho "My one desire IS To do The will oT Him ThaT senf me and T f' .5 H, U . O 1 ug .5 worlc. ChrisT called me To preach wifh 5 Compelling Con .CV I '-'I KOH' fvyuri preach! I accepTed immediaTeIy. Asbury Seminar has h - H' .H U . , Y CIC! reneo ine co T T Ch ' ' - . ' ncep lon o risTs supremacy in my life and of I-Ins all-sufficiency for The TuTure years oT my rninisTry. The California Mefhodisf Qonfmenco 35 my presenT Tield as a pasTor." ALBERT STEINER New STanTon, Pa. "Someone has said The moTTo of sancTiTicaTion is, 'I am, O Lord, wholly and Torever Thine.' This is my TesTimony-aITogeTher The Lord's, and Cloanggd by Jesus' blood. IT was aT Asbury Seminary ThaT l received These blessings, and in The class rooms I have learned more oT The Christian life and hugh. As To The TuTure-'My Times are in Thy hand.' and where I-le leadg me I will ToIIow." IRMEN TAN DO Wilmore, KenTucI:y "Asbury Seminary has deepened my convicTions oT The need Tor a Tull sal- ivaTion minisTry, has helped To malce live The Bible as The True Word of God. The Tellowship wiTh spiriT-Tilled proTessors and sTudenTs has been invaluable in broadening and deepening my own ChrisTian experience. I praise God Tor saIvaTion ThaT saTisTies, Tor a call To serve I-lim, and These Three years oT special Training To preach in His church." NoT in Picl'ure: DAVID F. BROWNING I288 Highland Ave.. Columbus, Ohio "On graduaTion Trom College and wiThouT ThoughT oT TurTher educalion immediaTeIY. The Lord direcTed me TO ASIDUFY- And CI"fiST has Siqnally veriTied His will in This choice by counTless providences spiriTuaI and 'Tem- poral. In addiTion To deepening in my personal experience of hoIIr1eSS. Asbury has Turnished Triendships of such unique qualiTy as nof To be Touncl elsewhere. I TrusT Through God ThaT These have been Years Oi muiual conTribuTion." SEMINARYSENIORS I ,- if fa? if I . f, ' .f 4 X ,, ff 1 I f! f . I , I 0 W Z W ? W ? 3 . I X I . ff: '4 Y U I I I I I I ui V. I Q' Qi , W 14 7 I I 2 X SEMINARYSENIORS EDWIN C. BERWANGER 635 Fair Oaks Ave.. Oak Park, Ill. "Asbury Seminary has meanf fhe formafion of my IIWIUIYIIIQ IO Pfeach Full and Free Salvafion in answer fo I-Iis Call. My fesfimony is fhaf. of'Paul, -I am crucified wifh Chrisf: neverfheless I Iiveg yef nof I. buf Chrusf livefh In me: and fhe life which I now live in fhe flesh I live by fhe faifh of fhe Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me."' T. OLSEN HARRISON I Milfon, Kenfuclcy "The Chnisfian life has .broughf fo me an inner peace and freedom fhaf I neveridreamed could be mine. There is in my hearf foday a perfecf con- 'Ienfmenf inside fhe will of God. Asbury Seminary has aided greafly in giving me a sound basis for m faifh d y an a sure confidence in fhe gospel I preach. To live in fhe will of God and preach fhe full gospel is 'Ihe heighf of my ambifionf' T. R. JENNE Wilmore. Kenfuclcy " 'Saved fo Serve.' Therefore I am defermined. by fhe Grace of God, fo serve where I-Ie sends me." ALEXANDER MISICH 433i N. Fronf Sf.. Philadelphia, Pa. "I am fhanlcful 'ro God h H f I h W o has reconciled me from fhe life of sin fo fhe I ' ' me O Fig feougiraess in I-lim. I am also grafeful for an insfifufion where e can - - . . Ch . fl QFOW Wil Ouf any oufside influences which are defrlmenfal fo normal ris ian ' . . me If bgrowf .as found in many ofher seminaries. I feel God has called O e a mi - ' , 55'0nf3IY eV5f19SlISf and preach fhe unsearchable riches of HIS grace bofh in U. S. and Europe " If2161 Fx ,ff-as .me ""i?5ii -:::'T"'-1.5 ,,'X'., X SME Ya -22354 252555 :HS 23315 5555- ii N-is gm My as Z MW2. 1- H E Z Il M 'Q Q. fi 6-fi M if W fi Q2 42 Sf? SEMINARY TERESSA BRAYTON HOWARD BUCRLEY HEATON CRAMMER MAURICE CULVER PHILLIP JOHNSON REEVES HAVENS . , . . ........ Bemany, okla. ARTHUR ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ma Z Rs 5 I f r I l E i i 2 1 f f IJ I, aj . .' S, an J.-' R .r 1,-' ' . ,R r, IT' 'f V-R. Rf., ,. ., R ,M , K' 551 rx? .r .f f-rn, ' J. ."' U -fs, . .jf R Q., W KATHRYN BILBRO . , ROBERT ANDERSON WILLIAM MULLINS . J. T. SEAMANDS . . KENNETH SEIFERT . . ORMAN SLOAT . LUCIAN SMITH . . Harry Hashberger . . Alabama Cily, Ala . . 2 ........ Burgin, Ky l5l6 llllm Ave., S., Birmingham, Ala . . Bromley Adclifion, Wilmore, Ky. . . IZI8 E. lowa S+., Evansville. Ind. . . I64 N. 9Jrl'1 Sl.. Newark, N. J. I56I Waverly Place. Memphis. Tenn. Cla rence Kerr MINARYMIDDLERS X iyiz z '-:: H N T R 2 :+R -11:-:R1-rrf-RQQNS 221555 sisiai 5 ' 5:53 :::5:: N2 Rana 52512 73 :iss .Hz SEQ eq 12 IN X .Wir M ,1-HE- LIGVHT OF THE f 2 A Z f md si? ,.-, f 0-S 4 f f U - ,SEMIN HAZEL BRANINI2 . . MARY JOHNSTON . LEONARD MANN . WILLIAM , MORRISON VERA SHEN ' .... FRANK THOMAS . I A'RY S Row I . 105 Bellevue. Wilmore, Ky. . . Rouie 3, Fairfield, IH. . . . Union. W. Va, Row 2 Robsari, Saslcaicnewan, Canada . Beihel Mission, Box lol, Kowloon, Hongkong, China ..TOwnaS,Pa. Wifhouf Piciure MRS. SARAH VAN VORCE ALVIN BECK H2211 PECIAKQL if f W 7 i 'gl g .1 , gs 1 Rs E. l. E M INARY UNIORS RR Row One Row Two C H - M fl ai. BENNIE MORGAN ..........,......... ROBERT Sl-IULER .. .... 40l McGlrk, El Onhi Fla e, - ODEN PULLEN . . . l554 Washinglon Sl., Charleslon, W. Va. JOHN SIKES ,,,,,,... .,...... F Orl WI J N. - GEORGE MYRON RAUN . . . . ........A. , :los s a Ave., AsburY Park- . . . . . . . . . l37l N. Sierra Banila Ave., Pasadena, Calif. JAMES SPONENBERG . econ L ndon Mins IH. . ' 0 ' ROY RIDLEY .................. ze-buion, ea. MARSHALL ULM ----- ---' "" f N Y . nl , . REUBEN SHORT .. . sifyker, Ohio HERBERT VAN VOROE . -- B"'9"a"'O Row Three LEE WARE ............ ,. . . . Springdale, Ark. GEORGE WILLIAM WILCI-IER ..,.............. , . , . . . , . . , . . . .926 Bigley Ave., Charleslon, W. Va- NOT IN PICTURE Archie Cleveland, William John Daugherfy, Waller Dean, Marvin Jordan, William Henderson, Wilbur? I-lH"eII' George Marshall, Roberl Sanger, William Self, John Thompson, Kemp Tunis, Bulon While- If22OfI RS ' ...f SS i X THE LIGHT OF Twill: SRCRQ5 ff f , wwf! zz Q 2 , V IN 'IHE LIGHT QF THE icnossf 0, Za 7 'fC -11 Q 52 yi 9.1 , nf fi in jf Q2 .7 Q nf 1 27 TA X gf ff W W W ,f SEMINARY KITCHEN Trusfed af fhe beginning of fhe year wifh fhe diffi- culf faslc of filling fhe boffomless sfomachs of young preachers, fhe Seminary Kifchen crew has been very safisfacfory. They are aided immensely in fheir X76 ff Ye, fx kk AEA sf" wi- in--s X 'Y'-' MRS. MARY B. OLIVER Diefician and Hosiess of fha Talbo!! Hole! l-ler laind consideraiion and li-if deep Chrisfian experience limo won her hundreds of friends ai dufies by fhe lafesf fype of elecfrical eguipmenf Agbury, wifh which fhe lcifchen is e-guipped. Dining room workers In 'fhe l'i'fCl1ef' l2231 4,.z.f'4"'57' 'dm """Mmf.J M i , IU'- ls +1 SV i E w i. 'S-'1 l L gi -e ix' I ,. il if LI . Q Row One: Kalhryn Bilbro l-lazel Branine ,I Teressa Braylon Row Two: Mary Johnsione Earl Keener Leonard Mann cg I-lealon Crammer Alexander Misich .i Cecil Greene William Morrison i' Phillip Johnson William Mullins , ,A Row Four: Irwin Tando 4 T' .I 1 Frank Thomas Marshall Ulm Y Lee Ware William Wilcher 1 "Love, Light and Life f f s,-.4 52212: EIEIES .:.,: w-swag-:-: 3:53 5:35 Ro :ms SEI? 5:5 w Three: Roy Ridley Kennelh Seilrefl' Leenard Shade-S Vera Shen . Reuben Shorf Lucian Smilh W 5 ge 0 S S 0 F T H E . X K H 5 4 M, X, fy M ff 10 ff, yi : 1 f ,yi ,444 ,,, MZ I X V fi Z 1 1' Q A ,, I 77, X , 4 Z Z' 1 X , rw, I I 5 3 E 1 1 1 r I x . r f 1 1 ln Hue couri of +he Girls Dormifory SOUND PROTECTION-LOW COST PROMPT SERVICE Sei. All Three For filly years you've foughl The fighi, FRQM Gaping friendship righi, And we've been r To Asbury College wilh all our mighi, We'll yell a "Thank You"-DINE-A-MITE Hardware Mulual-Hardware Inclemnily Insurance Companies of Minnesola HOME OFFICE O MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA The Place 'ro Buy Your Dry Goods, Norions and Complimenls of Shoes- BEAUMONT INN G. T. HERRIFORD WH-MORE' KY. HARRODSBURG, KY. TO THE CLASS OF l940-Greelings from S+earns Remember lhal in qualify is 'rhe only 'rrue economy. We hope ir will be our privilege +o conrinue 'ro furnish ""' all of you wlI'h clean, heallhful, economical heal as V, I gm. K Q ff I You Q0 Jrhrouqh life. " , I Slearns Coal 8: Lumber Co. In Corpofdled 'Eli 5 zz ST E A R N 5- K E N T U C K Y . Complimenfs of SUTH ERLAN D-CHEVRO LET OK'd Used Cars NICHOLASVILLE. KY. AVALON INN Ky.'s Fines? HARRODSBURG, KY. PHONE 200 Complimenls of 'rhe MITCHELL BAKER AND SWF' CGMPANY KENTUCKIAN HOTEL in - ' II' Women's Wearing Apparel l-exmglons Newesl Hole AIR CON DITIONED LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY LEXINGTON' KENTUCKY xx xg. . wr? I 3 A Q I . W A Ili I , is ,Z SDYSXY.. W sm. R wwsvs X Z4 ya z 'f i I 'I I II I -1 Ii Iii QI I .IL I N N I I I e I EPITI I G .IECTI A FRIEND Complimenrs of Gaugh and Cox Insurance Agency INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Wilmore. Kenfucky Phone '6I7 Complimenfs of C. W. MlTCHELL'S Insurance and Real Es'ra're Agency ' PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO. Incorporafed Piumbing, I-Ieaiing. and Mill Supplies 6IO Easi Third SI. Lexingion, Ky. SMITHER LUMBER CO. We Appreciafe Asbury and Asburianns WILMORE. KENTUCKY . THE SHACK USES HUGHES ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVELY Complimenis of WILMORE HARDWARE CO. PHONE 705 ' I Cornplimenrs of LEXINGTON PRODUCE CO. Lexingfon. Kenrucky RemIey Boiler and Machine Works BoiIer MakingQ Machine Work, Welding, Aufo Repairing and Blacksmifh Work - "Our Work Sfands The Iesi' of Time" 263 Eas'r Shorf ST. Phone 4I9 Lexingion- KV' WILMORE SHOE SHOP "Le+ Us Sew Your Sole and HeaI Your Heel" CompIimenIs of A. F. DILLENDER AND SON I TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING COMPANY Incorporafed Priniers, Office Ouififfers, Sfaiioners I N. Upper Phone 35 Lexingion' Ky' ., - ..,. ....., J.1m We Are ProucI of Our Record! OVER 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO CHURCHES AND MINISTERS! A POLICY IN YOUR CHURCH MUTUAL STANDS FOR SECURITY FIRE-LIGHTNINC-3+WINDSTORM HAIL-INSURANCE I National Mutual Church Insurance Company CHICAGO D. T. DAVIS Manuiecfurefs Rqbf,,.A.,1,J.g ,, COLLEGE JEWELRY AND AWARDS Announcennenfs, Diplomas Cam mm GUWNS. Educ:aIionaI Audio-VisuaI Equin- menlr and Modern Teaching Aids' I J. B. STATON Denlrisf I803 SouIIn Limesfone SIreeI LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY WILMORE 5 AND I0 Headquafrers for NoveIIies and SIaIionery of AII I Kinds Complirnenfs of WILMORE COAL, FEED 81 FARM SEED COMPANY J. B. RHORER, Manager 33I-35 Eas'r Main S+. Wilrnore. Ky. A. J. LYNN 81 COMPANY ACCOUNTANT AUDITORS' STATISTICIANS CompIirnenI's of R. C. BOGGS, Den+is+ V. C. GILLISPIE. M.D. Sfarks Building ' LouisviIIe, Ky. Physician and Surgeon Asbury's AucIiIors Since I933 Wilmofe. KY- P' 0' BUIHINI Complimenlrs of Pl-uL RosENBuRe JeweIer CO' "The Diamond WaIcIn and Jewelry-Gif? IncorporaIecI WHOLESALE GROCERS Lexingion, KenIucIcy Slrore of Lexinglronn IO2 MAIN STREET LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY , , V,--.:.-A. . ---..., 1..- -., -L ,......-,..-..-,,.- .- - - -A - - W - - - -- - '- ff- ELEM?-ff?1H ' "'4GLJ4?'E'1T-'r25-??-Lf71'E.Eg 2 ::":l-1-1 5-,277-1?5:'i3v --.-L .1-nJZ?i?5J' . --A--41 -.rv--r-.!:.':1 ew.: -.-fe, .e- me ---Q.: . .,-..- :. .,- - .v ..-Y-. .11 -J .w,1.::-' :W--M-1: 'we ,z-1,7 -,,. -- e- - .---- ---A . -,-.-.'-.m -5 -A:-.2-:,'5-?42-:'11'-C- -, - " 11 'A 'Les-I 'I-"A- Zl,51-2'-L-6,31-Zi .: '- 'aTx?.2.f::, 2 if 42122 I f X 32? I ISN A I is I Q I I . .I 2 'I 0' L I ny: 13: fa of 1 I I I r I I 1 I I I I I , . I II 51 I I I 1 I I I 1 1 , I fi fi 11 I! I I I 1 I v 11 I I xi 13 :I , IF 1 If 12 Inf EE 1: i "QI 1 III li I i 1 I I I ri 1 1' I Q., 11 1 1 Q. I I 1 t 1 .L if If I I. 1 ,L 'I Q Ii I f I A 1 91 52 D gf 1 v 2 I I E I I I I I 3' I W. T. SISTRUNK 85 COMPANY Incorporaied WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FRUITS, GROCERIES, CONFECTIONS Largesjr in Ceniral Keniucky I We Feed Asbury College Lexingion, Keniucky Congraiulaiions on Your Fifiieih Birihday Soufh Kenfucky Pipe Line1Company , SOMERSET, KENTUCKY POWER OIL COMPANY INCORPORATED SheII Pe'IroIeum Produc+s LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Trade a+ 'rhe New Sfoire Fresh Meais. Groceries, Shoes, Dry Goods, Buffer, Eggs and Produce of All Kinds Insurance for All Church Members, Clergymen and Laymen WriI'e Today R T Church Members Relief Associaiion 0 - 827-30 Occidenfal Building , WILMQREI KY, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA WILLIAMS ICE-O-MATIC I Beslr Wishes From The UNION TRANSFER AND REFRIGERATION COMMERCIAL-DAIRY STORAGE COMPANY W' L' IBAIN' JR' - LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 2I9 N. Lime Phone I68I We Supply Asbury Wiih BOUOUET FLOUR AND MEAL GLASS MILLING CO. WILMORE, KY. COMPLIMENTS OF ROWLAND'S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. "Work Thai Saiisfiesu E CGMPLIMENTS OF SPIETH Pl-loro SERVICE casa QF THE ASBURIAN PHOTOGRAPHER For filly years we've ne'er Ifepl Iraclc, OI our Aslourians who go oul and COINS loaclc. Bur Io Jrhese Iollcs who like Io snack. We Ihanlc you much, your Irienols-THE SHACK MRS. Lois RICHARDSON WlLMoRE, KY. 1 BAYNHAM'S "Shoes of DisIincIion" A FRIEND TO ASBURIANS Shoes for Every Occasion EAST MAIN LEXINGTON, KY ComplimenIs of GRAVES COX 81 CO. OuIIiIIers for Men Lexingion, Ky. YOUNG AND MOORE Inlerior Decorafors Esfimafe Furnished 344 Wesl Ivlain SI. Lexinglon, Ky. THE LAFAYETTE HOTEL Congralulales Ihe Class of '40 LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY VICTOR BOGAERT CO., INC. Ivlanuiacluring Jeweler and Imporlers I27-I29 W. Main SI. Lexinglon, Ky. Complimenrs of PAYNE-WHITENACK CO. Incorporafed Wholesale Grocers ' Eine Food Producls I-exing-1-On' Ky. THE LEXINGTON HERALD THE LEXINGTON LEADER SUNDAY HERALD-LEADER The newspapers Thar cover The Bluegrass. Wirephofo- All Leading Wire Services. Asburians are Always Welcome MQEWEN AND MARKHAM'S Complimenls of b E. L. ALEXANDER 8: 'SONS Live and Dressed Poulrry Hauling Wilmore. KY- TI-IERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU o ENJOY ' ICE CREAM CREAM or mr mu: umxss College Dining Room Serving You A FRIEND I.: li Ill El PAA - . ,. .- .-Q -- -- ' f'-" "'-, av Q"'f.'I:71iL5I":b.'71-'LT::5"' f'.f"-Ziff - J.- ',--- f---' ',,,'1.... -. -.-1 .-f f. -. . .. .-.. .. , ff r'M"f' ' " ' 'L-A54--2.w . fc:- '-fer-sa-Q'-basal!-::f:?'5f 2'4v:-.3-.-5.6:-3-gf-rg-:g-ea:-1-sc-fi 1 --,:-1-r.--1-:L 1-LI'-"":-"'.4 fr- ----L-Ire.,--zz.zz-1:-?n1---zu- ,.:f-,:-1614: ':-:rf 1 -.:. an -:-'Sf -. :,:.4. ' I 1' 1 .- I-mama rss, . 1- .ukxf-,Lik::':z12xr-g:s::2Qr51.Qg5a .19 5: :g.:f':.a:a.L.- - Lf .1 :C . 1,3 15 ,sl -5' 51.42, -74 f. V,-- -1:2 TQIE1 -5:1-xr 4.35, 1.133 1,g,f,1-lm -fr? L 112521-, .3 ,fag-7 if ggi , ' A' ' ' ' - Y ' ff' -- - 4 1'r'f --44-ka. af,-3 ar..-4 ' '-" 4-fc--.111-2:i2':Z-.: gif-o-x:9,!:1f.'LL 7-'1-eg Qatfpwig L'ajp15n,y.:.',L,5. 6-g. 4713. .1 .'-:Lg u. 1 . .zmifaf 1- 1-' 1 'f .Awwir:-S:-ifQ4Ls,.zsrL,-gf...L..l X XXX N xxx xixfixxxxx mmm, x KX? saws 1 72' 7"E'VF'IL.i-'Z N an Xrfzsk ff! 'ev X, N vw L1 Y jul I AHN AND OLLIER AGAIN i Repeated Uccepicnce by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the John 8' Omer 5i09cm that gathers increas- H9 significance with each succeeding year. cfqutograplvs 3 'i 5. 5 WE, X Nw v Q-fx x mxyg X Q3 xxx " X w v ' N Q ."'5- "" --- - sv M f 411 Qmymm M 4 P A 0 ' j 4' M W- 4 'W I u 55 . fl Mi g. 1 Y 3 li ! E Pj 5 i is IM ull' , Q 014 utograplvs '5' 25f'Zi53.:1f?-'-711 ":f,-. -.. 1 -11'.:1- -!..'v...vcz'1g'.1 ":P'f-.11:"ff"v:fu-f- P . 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L. - -gf-f-.5-xg '.-:1-J-1-1'--g.,-,Q-,, 5.-L---1,--1 .-1'..--- --'ff-Iwrrrs-'-.'-a:-'f .J L,,g:fE-:' 4 :L-,zu wqg,:1-f.,,s4-i.-7',.r,.- X,-5. 376241. fwgfffff-F22244,ig32hQgi'f:ff5Z'mI-1Q,:71uz'f.9j5ay-575ET5p?22uif::?'2-fFf51g?'Q3'z:4:1:.4::Sfe'f5s12:2'-Q:-42563-G6E"if-5fii':3:-,1 1- :L-:-- 11,21 :,fQ71j-1--1512.7-4 '. f-iv ' :,aw:5r:3153'-+-F.::,5-'z-1-2g1:aZ'Ff.,1, 3:a:g::1,1" :p,.'fg11r,:,-a:7'z..q" '-' ' " f' ' :.'-- I 'Y - -,,,,.k Aw' 3-1' 'rf-Ja 'f- 4'-" xuztnflu-:ic-pg.-razzqrfgq-1:55 .,..5'S:s4uf.:z:4:':xi-?s5f5:,e-T.:-:::..e'q-Avaya-1-sfas-,,2::.:1i3:4v':.'Z - kimjk11.55"-'7nlrr91:,e5L.??1.:Z--1i:?v0'X-5'-1'-'f-ff' A 4-::4...,-..,, f, M .. ,. of .. , ,J7'.'.93Ei4,3:2s541Q,2.,1!?u::f4.i:wamv..11-..eWf.u radar -X J-4.1-:f-:nf , 1 1 ff V l vi Mutograpbs F 4-

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