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CHINA - la JAPAN- 1 CANADA- 1 BULGARIA- 1 ] - tlne-h Ih e Colli J s 3 Z. . eAsbury by States ASBlffilAN 1 930 % ' I 1M)livSkd bj Junior Qhss ASBURY COLLEGE Wilmorc, KentMclcj s ■C w )IIWtWlli llltlMllUIW P " " f nir JIIIL JU IIL niii Dedication to Our ifi Ko have not only given us life, hut hy unstinted sacrifice have nurtured us thru the unfolding years of our child- hood and youth; and Ivho have directed miiwiiKirj,) I,),) I mm °° " " " ' " " " 3l ' i ' ' l ' ! ' ) fe " ailiiiiilMCi jtiiniiiiiiiKig U Mm Fathers and Mothers fs our feet into the ivays of knouiedge and Life Everlasting; we gratefully and lotnngly dedicate this, the fif- teenth rolume of the shurian. m •win; ' . ' C ' ■ - ' ' niuiuiimi ■t. fllllVIIIIIKll «» »«a,jS IJj M :iiiiww JUL =i " U illL nil FOREWORD N the year 1750 the first white man visited the Kentucky region. Eight years later Daniel Boone, with a small party, marked out the " Wilderness Trail, " extending from Inglis ' Ferry, in what is now West Virginia, through Cumberland Gap to the falls of the Ohio. Along this pathway, as well as down the Ohio River, following in the footsteps of these trail blazers, came hundreds of pioneers, rough, hardy, determined men and brave women, who in defending their lives, their families, and their homes from the flaming torches and bloody axes of the Indians, earned for Kentucky the title of " the dark and bloody ground. " It is the purpose of this book to furnish a glimpse of pioneer Kentucky by pre- senting a few of the heroic characters who moulded its history. iiiiniiiliiuifi III ' I IIUII9 mm mn ] M- M : Ei; " ? TO i Tr e{ ORDER of BOOKS }© «BooJ The College ' Book II The C d55C5 ' Book III Special ' Deparlmcnts ' Book IV The Seminary ' Book V Organizal ' tons Book VI cAthletics •Book VII C P i SMirror m ' w JUL Jii JUL l lfM t l i p joHx Wesley Highks, I).1). arij f ' r nriv llu{ ns Memorial .1 uJiitifium ■ ' . w iy. . ■ y . [¥ m fl 15 - •f ' - S..WI " In classic tones of rhythmic swell Their summons oft our duty spell, Or s»eell harmonize in chime The praise of Him nho measures time. ' - i m ' q D H ™ 1 " Where smile the stars, or bloom the days More absolutely fair than here? " If W ' ■▼ ' ■•?- ■ F " 1 ' t iJ J s : ■ ' ' . I wh I I 9 hi Mi v.! ? Are a iuhilanlial unrld. holh pure and Hood; Round these. »itli tendrils strong as flesh and blood. Our pastime and our happiness »ill grow. " • ' •-i ;5; ' t,iisa ' " ' " But now the sun is rising calm and bright; The birds are singing in the distant woods. And all the air is filled with the pleasant noise of waters. " " Gray print of wavering trees on sunlit spaces, Warm scent of locust blossoms drifting down; A dream nith spring the old frequented places. " 5«j -2 S H •2 -5 J. o 9 - M.C. 2:;: " Sneel Memory wajted by thy gentle gale. Oft up the stream of Time I turn my sail, " II ■ M ' CPROMINENT among the early Kentucky pioneers, ■ - and the one to whom, perhaps, history gives greatest credit for the opening of this wild territory, was Colonel Daniel Boone, who settled with his family at Boonesbor- ough in 177 , and became famous as an Indian Scout. Book I . . . . The College Lfwis Kobhson Akhrs. I). I)., I.L.I). President The oAshurian, 1930 Rev. Guy Wilson, Executive Secretary The nepartiiicnts of Missions, Evangelism, Life Sei ' ice and Publicity are under the direction of the F ' xeciitive Secretary. During winter and summer months in- spirational groups of students in Cilee Clubs, choruses and ijuartettes serve in churches, tabernacles and camp meetings in various states. From a central office at the college the Executi e Secretary directs all insjiirational and financial activities in the field. Subscrip- tions and pledges are paid in through this de- partment and Rev. Wilson keeps in closest touch with the thousands of Asbury friends .scattered throughout this nation and foreign countries. The wide ministry of Rev. (niy WiLson in evangelistic work during the past years gives to him a peculiar fitness for the task to which he has been assigned. The success of the de- partment has been pronounced during the past year, and it is the desire of the administration that all friends of Asbury everywhere avail themselves of this office to secure free litera- ture and fullest information concerning the work and influence of Asbury tliroughout tlie world. Announcing Mr. W. W. Gary, Business Manager On the 15th of September, 1929, Mr. W. W. Cary joined the administrative staff of Asbury College in the capacity of business manager. It is with pleasure that we take advantage of the opportunity of recording in the pages of this ' ear Book the appreciation which is felt by our college body for Air. Cary ' s very capable business leadership during the year. . " ' 11 Ir. Cary comes to Asbury College with Y A 1 " admirable business record directly from V 1| i Chicago Evangelistic Institute, where for two y l years he was vice-president and business man- ager. He has been cradled and reared in the Holiness Mo ement and has felt a definite call and identify himself in a business way with interdenomina- He feels that his administrative position at Asbury College is an open door for just such work as he has been called to perform. May the Lord grant His blessing upon his services in our midst. Li ' Wis R()ni-:.S()X Akkrs. to leave secular work tional Holiness work. The cAsbunmu 1930 iwwwwwawiiBiwwai Wii i.iAM Hr.woi HiciiKs, H.I ' Fi).. M.A. Dian III till- (. ' ollii i- and I ' rufis.uir of I ' liysiis Rev. Nev -iov Kinc, Jr. hill J Ri pill, uliilii-f jAv Bextos Kenvon ' , M.A. Dean of Min and I ' riifissor of Clifmisiry Mrs. J. M. WvArr, B S., . ' .B. Dian III U ' omin and .IssislanI I ' rojissor of English ■ i.-.e ' - The oAshurian, 1930 Faculty Lena Barbara Nofcier, a.b., b.s. in l.s. Librarian nA -||) AViLLIAM NaNKIVEL, M.A. Professor of Biology William Lincoln Nofcier, M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Professor of Social and Political Science Nabia Abbott, M.A. Professor of History ALarie Sprague, A.B. .Issislanl Professor of English Henr- - Jacob Hervey, M.A. Professor of Education John Lartin Maxey, M.A. Professor of Matliemalics The cAsburian, 1930 Facukv Samuel Arthi r M x vni.i., B.D., S.T.B.. M.A. Professor of Religious Education Anna Lai ra Si:hring. Pii.B., M.A. Diriilor of Mojitn lant uut rs and Professor of French El-LEV LornENSI.AGKR. A.B., M.A. Professor of Ancient lanijuages F RR Emersox Rosenberger, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Francis Marion Heston. M.A. Professor of Education MAR ' i l- ' uRSVTHE. B.S.. M.A. Professor of English CiEVEVA Mcfil rRE, A.B. Instructor in French - 33 ■=9 i The oAshurian, 1930 Faculty HiiJiRKTH Cross, M.A. .Issisliitil I ' rnffssor of En jlisli Helex Virgixia Fisher, A.B. Inslnirtnr in Frnicli Frederick Monroe Essie, Ph.D., B.D. Professor of Psydioloriy Wii.RER Olix Allex, M.A., B.n. Professor of Ancient Lamjuaycs H.AROLD M.ARCUS HlLLI. RD, M.A. Professor of SpanisJi Adel.aide a. B.arker, M.A., B.D. Assistant Professor of Englisli Yaxcv David Westerfield, A.B. Director of Physical Education special Officers oi- the Administrat i on MiNMi: C. KMitH. i;i,. A.K. .■h. islanl Ditin of If ' omiii lli:i.i; HiSlloi ' . A.R. Sfcriliiry to I ' lisiJiiil .Ikirs F.cMo Morton Secretary to Business Manaijer I)()v. Lois Fovtaixh; liookteeper { ii:rtri I)i: S R •ocK, A.B.. R.N. Murse V.w Edwards Secretary to Executive Secretary Alice Wmin, R.N. Nurse ) ¥ The oAshurian, 1930 Stud6et: raculty Jay B. Ken yon Chairman Thomas Thompson Senior Rcprrsrntative Lena Barbara Nofcier Faculty Rrprcscntatii e Denton Gerow Junior Rcpresentalive G. Nelson Moore Freshman Sponsor Clifford H. Prator Sophomore Representative Henry Jacob Hervey Faculty Representative Chauncey Ellison Seminary Representative WiLLLAM D. TuRKINGTON Faculty Representative Dorothea Wolcott Senior Representative Rachel Gillispie Junior Representative Mildred Roberts Sophomore Representative 26 ■ M ' INDIAN tribes across the borders in Ohio and Tennes- sec frequently sent war parties to phmder and pillage the Kentucky settlements. Among the Indian leaders was Tecumseh, a Shawnee chieftain, who ranked second only to Pontiac as an organizer of the Indian tribes. Book II ... . The Classes mor James Bennett Pritchard, A.B. O ' Bavnox, Kentucky Major — P iiloso iy Senior Class Presidtiit ; " Collegian " Staff. ' 29; Syiiedria, ' 27; Ciceronia, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball, ' 29, ' 30; Senior das? Gift Committee; Business ManaRer Men ' s Cllee Club, ' 29, ' 30; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. Harriet Horney, A.B. SHKRinAN, Indiana Major — Sf ' anij i I ' tillonialliia ; W ' omenS (ilee Club; Vice- President of Senior Class; " .Asburian " Staff. ' 29 ; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. m 9 P ' Thomas E. Thompson, A.B. 242 Fowler Avenue Jersey Citv, New Jersey Major — Philosophy Vice-President of Class, ' 28; Business Manager of " Asburian, " ' 29; President Kentucky Volunteer Union, ' 29, ' 30; Kentucky Representative National Vo ' unteer Council, ' 29; Student-Faculty Council, ' 29, ' 30; President Student Body, ' 30; Orpheus Chorus, ' 29; Glee Club, ' 30; French Club; German Cluh; Student Volunteers; Periclea; A. S. F. Com- mittee, ' 30; Chemistry Laboratory Instructor, ' 28, ' 29 ; Assistant Chemistry Professor, ' 30. Ruth Christian Figge, A.B. 6605 Delmar Street St. Louis, Missouri Major — Philosophy Lucy Stone; Student-Faculty Council, ' 29; Senior Class Gift Committee; Athletic Council; French Club; Tennis, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. Senior Class Maxine Coney Dennis, A.B., South Carolina Major — English Ciikfr College, " 27, ' 28; Artist Series Committee, ' 30; Women ' s Glee Club, ' 30; Philomathia, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball, ' 29, ' 30. Paul Adelbert Root, A.B. 314 North Barrett Street Seaiti.k, Washixctox Major — I ' InUisofyliy President Freshman Class, ' 27; Ciceronia Debating Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Intercollegiate Debating Squad, ' 29, ' jo; Second Prize Oratorical Contest, ' 29; Chairman Artist Series Committee, ' 30; As- htiry Stiuiiiit houiidation Committee, ' 30; Editor " Collegian, " ' 30. Senior Class George Nelson Moore, A.B. Cedarvii.i.e, New Jersey Major — Rt ' liijlniis Education Ciceronia, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Student-Faculty Coun- cil, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Asbury Athletic Association, ' 28; " Collegian " Staff, ' 29; " Asburian " Staff, ' 28, ' 29 ; Orpheus Chorus, ' 29 ; Flanjokydo Octet, ' 28 ; G ' ee Club, ' 30; Ministerial Association, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Spanish Club; Senior Sponsor Freshman Claims, ' 30; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. Dorothea K. Wolcott, A.B. 171 1 Canova Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Major — Riiiijinus Education ; Spanish Student-Faculty Council, ' 30; Artist Series Commit- tee, ' 30; " Collegian " Staff, ' 29; Spanish Club; Basketball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. ' (fc?r Senior Class Leta R. Hicks, A.B. lIltKOKI, N ' IROIMA MaJDr — Irnii li Sophidelphia, ' 30; Athletic Association, ' 30; French Club; Fleiir cle . ; Uasketball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30- J. Edward Carothers. A.B. 10 Niirth Filteciith Street Colorado Sprixcs, Colorado Major — P iilosop iy Colorado ColleKc, ' 26; " Corcciaii " Staff, ' 27, ' 28; . rti t Scries Committee, ' 30; Baiul; Henry Clay, .; ' ). •,■!; Svnedria, ' 27, ' 28; Ministerial Associa- tion, ' 29, ' 30. Kenneth Blair Lininger, A.B. 44 Cardott Street RiDGWAY, Pennsylvania Major — English Madeline Kelso, A.B. Cl««1«««T, D CLAWAlt E Major — English ?. Senior s. Anne E. Sikes, A.B. Fort White, Florida Major — Erifflis i Sophidelphia ; Student Volunteer I ' nion; Baskelbal ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30. Arthur Summers Clark, A.B. MlSCI.K SllOAI , AlARAMA Major — liioloi iral Srifnn ' Ministerial .Association; Periclea, ' 27, ' 2S, ' 29, ' 30; " C ' olleKian " Staff, ' 29; Student Volunteer I ' nion; .Asbur Athletic .Association, ' ;o; French Club; Spanish Club. ' " • «. % f - ,Z a 7-jS— --r ' Harry Webster, A.B. 21 21 South Suites Street Stockton ' , California Major — Riiit ious Education Men ' s Glee Club, ' 29, ' 30. Stella M. Whaley, A.B. Route 6 Ozark, Alabama Major — Bioloyical Science Sophidelphia ; French Club; Basketball; Girls ' Athletics Director, ' 30. I ' f yx f ' ' - - ' - 2ie- U Virginia R. Cannon, A.B. 639 McrtDii Avenue Akron, Ohio Major — EtKjUsh French Club; Women ' s Ilomiletical Association. Edwin M. Sweet, A.B. 625 Bristol Way SincKTos, Cm, uoRsiA Major — V.nijliih Collenf ..f tin- Pacific, 27, ' 28; Men ' s Clec Club, ' 29. ' 30; Tennis, " 29, ' 30; Henry Clay, ' 30. ' Jl ' Herbert Shiltz, A.B. 44 South Broadway Geneva, Ohio Major — Greek Student Volunteer Union, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Ministerial Association; " Collegian " Staff, ' 29; " Asburian " Staff, ' 30; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 30; Asbury College Brass Trio and Quartet, ' 29; Orchestra; Band; French Club; Sodales, ' 30. Ruth Bernice Haldeman, A.B. East Rochester, Ohio Major — History French Club; Fleur de Lys; Spanish Club; Student Volunteer Union. J Senior Class Cora LaVerne Stanley, A.B. 773 Sdiitli H.iines Avenue Allianch, Ohio Major — English French Cliili; I ' hilomathia; Senior Class Cifl Com- mittee, ' 30. Verne E. Wilson, A.B. IlKniNr.FR, NoRtH IIakota Major — Social Stiencc CiicTonia ; Svncdria ; Orclicsira; l ' niversit of Florida, ' 29. p t Homer McDaniel, A.B. 650 Shedborn Avenue Davton, Ohio Major- —Rilifjious Educalion Ministerial Association. ' .. -. , ,- Ruth Rebecca Long Cardington, Ohio Major — Englisli Women ' s Homiletical Association, ' 30. :k. eniior (i iass Lillian F. Bancroft, A.B. 515 North lloliart Avenue Los Angeles, Calikorma Major — Ediualion Sp; Tiish Club; riiiver it) of C ' alitoniia, ' 28. William Jack Atha, A.B. 573 West Avenue CEnARIOUA, Ceorcia Major — Mal nmalicj Tennts ei- Wesleyau College, ' id, ' 27; Men ' s Cilee ( " lull, ' 29, ' 30; Ministerial .Association. lor i iass Stanley Lowell, A.B. 319 West Second Street Hastixcs, Minnesota Major — English Intercollegiate Dehating Squad, " 28, ' 29, ' 30; Syned- ria, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Heiirv Clay; Athletic Council, ' 30; Chairman Foren.ic Counci ' , ' 29; Ministerial Association, ' 30; Basketball, ' 30; Tennis; French Club; German Club; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. Ruth Wasson, A.B., B.Mus. Velva, North Dakota Major — Enylisli Women ' s Glee Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 29, ' 30; Spanish Club; French Club. W m: Senior Class Maurine Joy Adams, A.B. Columbia, Louisiana Major — Biological Siience Lindcnnoud College, ' 27 ; Mansfield College, Spanish Club, ' 29, ' 30. George Leroy White, A.B. 826 Sixth Street Cranu Forks, North Dakota Major — English North Dakota State Teachers " College, ' 27; Inter- collegiate Debate Squad, ' 30; Men ' s Glee Club; Henry Clay; Synedria ; French Club; " Collegian " Staff, ' 30; Baseball; Basketball; Track. % Earnest Dixie Carlock, A.B. 2203 McFarland Avenue RossviLLE, Georgia Major — Biological Science Ministerial Association; Spanish Club. A J ' r- - ' ' r-«» KiJiE j LICE LLIOTT. A.B. ' ' " ' ' 4056 Lincoln Avenue _ Shadvside, Ohio Major — Education Women ' s Homiletical Association; Student Vol- unteer Union. mi I Senior Class Maria Louisa Cabrera, A.B. Mexico Major — EJucalion Studfiit ' i)liiriieer I iiii n ; Sophidelphia. Joseph Shao-Dah Chow. A.B. 91 K«nii(; Cli. SlIAXCllAI, ClllXA M.ijor — F. Juration Sviieilri.i; Gcrm.Tii Club; Student Volunteer Union; I rack ; Member of Chimsr Students ' .Assm ' iafioii of I . S. A. £c .- i ' ■ " j f ff-W ' H ft | ' - %. vv • ' ' •■ H kk:... h; 1 1; WMW " " v mor ass ■ aaiirft iii atfi; Luther E. Sharp, A.B. 2130 North Webster Street KoKOMO, Indiana [ Majnr — Rrlir ious EJuntlinn Ministerial Association; German Club; Stiulenf Volunteer Union; Basketball; Baseball; Track. Mildred Lucille Slack, A.B. 448 Summit Street Marion, Ohio Major — Social Science French Club; Secretary Senior Class. -Hk:- Mm m €m Senior Class . Gladys Wilson, A.B. 306 (jrovc Street SiDKEv, Ohio Major — ■ (■« ; 1-rtnch Club; Spanish Club; Cicrmaii Club; I ' li-ur (le Lys, ' 29, ' 30. William Lawrence Crawford, A.B. 3008 West Pickett Street Grfexvii.i.e, Texas .Major — llioliii idil i i.iii ■ Rurles4iii ( ' ul!ej.rt ' , ' 25; Synedria; Spanish Cliib; Soilalcs; Track. eior Helen Louise Smith, A.B. 401 Clymer Avenue Galion, Ohio Major — Chemistry Assistant Home Economics Instructor. Ruth L. Sipes, A.B. Galion, Ohio Major — English French Club. m Senior Class Catherine Simpson, A.B. 944 Cina Avenue Sax Anianio, Texas Major — English Women ' s Glee Club; San Antonio Junior ColleRe. Maude Alice Mosher, A.B. Damascus, Pennsvi.vania Major — Sofia! Srirncr Women ' s Homilctical Society. John Lemacks Stokes Seoul, Korea Majcir — Grrck and Ilchrcw Intercollegiate Debate S(|iiad, ' 30; Periclea; Min- isterial Association; Artist Series Committee, ' 30; Cllee Club, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Basketball; Track; Tennis; Tennii Singles, Champion. 1 Helen Harney, A.B. WiLMORE, Kentucky Major — [iwln( ual Sciencr. Senior Class Thelma LeOna Bevan, A.B. IIaviland, Kan ' sas Major — EJufiiliiiii Edward W. Richards, A.B. South licniluvaril Nyack, Nkw nRK Major — I ' iil ' siif ' iy Fcriclea ; Cla s Pre i lcnt, ' 29; ()rplKii (horns, ' 29; Men ' s Cilee Clul , ' 30; Asbiiry CoUene Male Quar- tet, ' 29, ' 30; " Colleiiian " Staff, ' 29, ' 30; Klaiijokydo Octet. ' 28. •«? i ' ' Lyle a. Weed, A.B. Klamath Falls, Oregon Major — Keliyious Education Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, ' 27; Track; Basketball; Senior Class Gift Committee. Marie Gray, A.B. Elkville, Illinois Major — Biological Science Women ' s Glee Club; Girls ' Quartet, ' 29, ' 30; Span- ish Club. Senior Class Thelma Trammell, A.B. WlI.MORK. KkNTLCKV Major — h ' riiii h French Club; FU-iir de I.vs; Ba ketball. Percy Richmond Comer, A.B. 109 North Ininn Street Lambertville, New Jersey Major — Ilislory Pcricle.i ; Ha eball; Basketball; Track. j, : - .A ' : ' - ' - ■: [i Mm . . Seeior Class liS ' yi-V James Wylie McGough, A.B. 989 Lincoln Avenue Steubekville, Ohio Major — Hiolof y Bethany College, ' 27; Synedria; Spanbh Club; Basketliall ; Baseball. Eunice L. Thomas, A.B. Wii.MORE, Kentucky Major — Grcik and Liilin I, alio Club. h-M .) K mm Semaor Class Stella Henry Ferguson, A.B. WiLviORH, Kentucky Major — Spanish l.iitv StDiir ; Sni lcnl Volunteer Union; Spanish Club. Howard Lee Graybeal. A.B. I)Ar E City, Florida Major — Eniilisli Columbia ColIfKC, Milton, Oregon, ' ij, ' 2 . emor Wayne A. Lamb, A.B. Fulton, Kentucky , Major — Religious Education Periclea; Ministerial Association; " Asburian " Staff, ' 29; Senior Class Chaplain, ' 30; Track, ' 27, ' 28. Dorothy Ann Downing, A.B. 1530 West T venty-fourth Street Oklahoma Cut, Oklahoma Major — Biological Science Women ' s Glee Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; " Asburian " Staff, ' 29; Philomathia; Spanish Club. V -Kvi i r. ■■ ' »■. Senior Class Nell Owen, A.B. Fulton, Kextlckv Major — Biological Science Philomathia ; Spanish Cliili. Lewis Paul Todd, A.B. 829 Stokes .Avenue CoLLis ' Cswoon, New Jersey Major — History Ciceroiia; Franklin and Mar-hall College. , 1 J y : :,.. . :i ! eeior , Denton M. Gerow, A.B. WiLMORE, Kentucky Major — Rrlitjious Education Henry C!ay; Orchestra; Band; Student-Faculty Council, ' 30; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 28. Margaret Elizabeth Gaugh, A.B. WiLMORE, Kentucky Major — Biolnyical Srirnce Spanish Club; French Club. Senior Class EuNA K. Wood, A.B. Nkwtov, Mississippi Major — French Pliilomathia; French Club; Fleur ile . , ' 29, ' 30: " Asbiirian " Staff, ' 29. J. Glenn Brown, A.B. Trov, Missouri Major — English Asbiiriaii " Staff. ' 30; Henry Clay; Bavketball; i ' rack. i U2 " T . ' jy .; Dora Burdeshaw, A.B. Headland, Alabama Major — Education Alta Grace Requa, A.B. MoKSEv, New York Major — Speech Women ' s Honiiletical Association. ►enior ass Beatrice E. Van Husen, A.B. 38+ Perry Street POMIAC. MiCHICAX Majiir — French (iraduate Trevecca Junior College, ' 27; John Fletcher, ' 29; (Jerman Club; French Club. Opal Blevins, A.B. (JLENMORE, I.OIISIANA Major — Sfianish Spanish Club. l.:;::.■ ■ ,i JiiK!! h.. iJ - emor Dale Thomas, A.B. Vauchn ' sville, Ohio Major — Clicmistry Spanish Ckib; Synedria; " Collegian " Staff, ' 30; Baseball; Basketball. Ruby Latham, A.B. WiLMORE, Kentucky Major — Matliematics French Club; Band; Sodales; Orchestra. Senior Class Joy Latham, A.B., B.Mus. WlI.MORE, KeVTUCKV Major — English Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Supervisor Music Conservatorv. I. Deane Moon, A.B. WiciiiTA, Kansas Major — Education Director Orpheus Chorus, ' 29; Director Men ' s (Jlee Cluh, ' 30; Spanish Club. nior f ? t to W tflfli i ' - ' d,, fl ||,.,«s.| ' Clarence Edward Williams, A.B. 291 Huston Street Concord, North Carolina Major — Religious Education Ministerial Association ; Taylor University, ' 26. Ruth Helen Schaeffer, A.B. Washburn, North Dakota Major — Biological Science Sophadelphia ; German Club. m Scoaor Class ;? ' vrvf;. Gladys Nichols, A.B. OcEOLA, Ohio Major — History Otterbein College, ' 25, ' 27, ' 28. Paul E. Wartenbe, A.B. 1426 Ceceli.T Avenue Webster Groves, Missouri Major — Histnry Wf ' J senior Earl Van Houghton, A.B. KoKOMO, Indiana Major — Biohi ical Siirrne Superintendent of Buildings, ' 25 to ' 30; President Ministerial Association, ' 30. Ruth Taylor, A.B. 210 May Street Somerset, Kentucky Major — liioloyical Science Women ' s Homiletical Association. 4 Senior Class Kathryn Lucille Shover, A.B. 839 Brown Road CoLLMBis, Ohio Major — Spanish SpaTii h C ' liil); Irack. Ralph A. Herrick, A.B. Johnson, Kansas Major — English Norllnve l Nazarcnc College, Nampa, Idaho, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. nior V. G. OsEPOFF, A.B. Russia Major — Religious Education Isabel Martin DeRuiter A.B. 167th Street Harvev, Illinois Major — Education Women ' s Homiletical Association. Senior Class Edna Gehman, A.B. ' HRMOVnH.LE, MiCllICAS ' Major — Education Women ' Ilninilctical As ociation ; Student Vo! ' unteer Cnioi). Matt Ransom Gardner, A.B. 208 North William Street CjOi.dsboro, North Carolina Major — Rftigious Educalion f)rrhe tra ; Ministerial Awu ' iation. t . i 0- Chase R. McPherson, A.B. Dexter, Iowa Major — Philosophy i Student; VolunteeJ U W; anish Clubf- Min- . -V Jewell Conklin, Z " ill 7 Efl ' StYArlington Averse 5i ■ N Tewell Conkl , A. ' M t5 " " IVEK61DE, CALKO MA . ' i A 1 ' 28 i Uni ' SAity of X M or— Education " i A Riverside Srollege, ' 27, ' 28 J ' Uni ' SAity of ! edla ds, V ' ' 29; Sopliidelphia ' 30. j ' ■ ■ ' i IJil 5 ? ! J ■- i v..i ' J - ., M -X r :s T - T i Senior Class Frances Beard, A.B. 1504 Oxmoor Rci;ui BiRMisciiAM, Alabama " i r J Major — E.luiiilion V V ; 7) y Major — Education ( rj }- .1nT hi lh; Synedria; Sodales; Track. Elmore Langdon, A.B. Grove Citv, Ohio g i Don a. Morris, A.B. Detroit, Michigax Major — Biological Science Glee Cluh, ' 28; Orpheus Chorus, ' 29; Ministerial Association. EULOLA B. NOFCIER, A.B. WiLMORE, KeXTL ' CKV Major — Education Lucy Stone, ' 17; Women ' s Homiletical Association, ' 17; Student Wives ' Circle; Rui ' .kin Cave College, ' 15, ' 18; John Fletcher College, ' 25. ' ,7r; ' ' .ffi» $: OlMTK, Inu Maj(ir — liiii lis i I ' rfiuli Cliili; Sp:iTiiyh ( " lull. Lewis M. Thompson. A.B. Armei., Coi.oRAno Major — Clii-mistry liitrroilltui.iti- nili.ili- Sini.ul, ' 29. ' 30; Men ' s (jlce Cliih; Sp:un-li Culi; Syiicilri.i. I Seeior Class r Samuel James Gill A.B. 53 Sanfoid Street Dover, New Jersey Major — Clirmislry Periclea; Orpheus, ' 28, ' 29; Glee CKih, ' 30; Stu- dent-Faculty Council, ' 28; " Collegian " Staff, ' 27; " Asburian " Staff, ' 29; College Quartet, ' 28, ' 29; Artist Series Committee, ' 30; French Club; Flan- jokydo Octet, ' 28. Marion L. Taylor, A.B. 312 Home Avenue Oak Park, Illinois Major — Sftanisli Student-Faculty Council, ' 29; " Ashurian " Staff, ' 29; " Collegian " Staff, ' 29, ' 30; Philomathia; Spanish Club; Basketball; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. oior ass Annette Shepard. A.B. 203 Everette Square Fort Vai.i.ev, Gkoroia Maj ir — Illolo ii(il Si iiiiie Liu-y Stoiu- ; Spani h ( ' liil ; Uaskctlial Bruce Edgar Cox, A.B. 3781 Hogarth .Avenue Detroit, Michigan Major — English Ciceronia; Mens Glee Chili; Synedria. Seeior Class Leland Richards Harper, A.B. Flushing, Ohio Major — Clumijry Piedmont College, ' 27, ' 28; Periclea; Business Man- ager " Asbury Collegian, " ' 30; Synedria. Evelyn M. Neumeister, A.B. 216 North Eighth Street Upper Sandusky, Ohio Major — Spredi Sophidelphia ; Women ' s (ilee Club; French Club. (cnior Julia I Mae Stockton Cravviii.e, Illinois Major — Miillii mattes rt-iuli Civil) ; Orclievtr; A.B. Julia Ruth Butler, A.B. Marengo, Ohio Major — Eiiiitisli Cnion C ' liri liaii College, " 22, ' 23, ' 24; Women ' s G!ee Club, ' 30. Charles Donald McKaig, A.B. looo Kirk A ' enue Wilmington, Delaware Major — Grick and Latin Ministerial Association ; Periclea ; Orpheus Chorus, ' 29; Men ' s Glee Club, ' 30; Flanjokvdo Octet; " As- Inirian " Staff, ' 29; Class Gift Committee, ' 30; Base- ball; Sodales, ' 30; College Quartet, ' 27, ' 28; A. S. F. Committee, ' 30. Alma Longman, A.B Lake Arthur, Louisiana Major — Bioloyicat Science Tulsa Tniversity, ' 27; Basketball, f 2% Track. ' ' k: The cAsbiirictriy 1930 r ' .x r t ' " " ' ' f ' «-. Jwnior Class I, UK IN HlMl ' HREV. I ' nsiihllt VI, ' . oiirli T " i " -kn WtCIIITA, KAVSAS I-f A E. Vo()l), irt-Fnsiiletil v " ! Newtox, Mississippi . jL t A ' i. ' 79 The oAshurian, 1930 i. - ' JiEmior Class Lois Eloise Deitz 413 North Lexington Avenue WILMORE, KENTUCKY Helen Andrews GIS East Thlrty-sc-venth Street MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Rollins Knott jasper, missouri Helen Figge (inns Dolmar Street ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Paul Lawrence MAYBEURY, WEST VIRGINIA Dorothy Akers WILMORE, KENTUCKY Robert Brooks MILLSTONE, KENTUCKY Elfrieda Holman WILMORE, KENTUCKY J. W. Moores WILMORE, KENTUCKY Velixla Archer 4019 l.inioln Avenue SHADYSIDE, OHIO Charles Pangle NEW RIVER, VIRGINIA 8o The oAshurian, 1930 Junior Class M.AHEL Schmidt 175 Perrllle Avi ' liue Al BIRV, EW VORK Martha ' ork 1174 Viitiiry Sln ' it akrok, ohio Tall CiIif.n 5097 Lynil Avenue sniTH Ficiin. niiin LaOTA BtRTON ' RACSnAI.E, IVDIAW Ervvix Bennett t;-ts Bnrcliiirtl SIrtN-l WATRRTOWV, NKW VORK Fl.OM) (Jl lI.ES U ' RI.I.SBt ' KR, XRW VORK Aki HI R Kduarus BRAS[)OS, WISCONSIN " Li cvi.E Watson- Si. lun ' sir. ft WIIITEWRICHT, TEXAS BovD Macror ' .1II Ni.i ' lh Av. ' iiuf PASAI)K A, CAI.IKORMA Bei i.AH Mai: I ' ro til ' . South ln. ' Slrt ' ft WICHITA, KANSAS Ai.TA Schelerman- oris, KANSAS Si Jj- ' The oAshurian, 1930 Junior Class DrUSILLA SlBERT KORDWICK, VIRGINIA Truman Richey CARLISLE, KENTUCKY WiLBlR FrV DE GRAFF, OHIO Albert Averv GRAVSVILLE, INDIANA Hugh Jessup GUILFORD COLLEGE, NORTH CAROLINA Leonard Hill 211 Plymouth BUCVRUS, OHIO Janie Mae Quillian Napier Avenue LAFAYETTE, GEORGIA Linda Ewing ■llii Ralney Street ASHBURN, GEORGIA Byron Van Scyoc barnesville, ohio Adda Bert detroit, kansas Clothilde Hair 1537 Third Avenue COLUMBUS, GEORGIA 82 The oAsburidriy 1930 Junior Class Edith McX 1027 (iforKlna. SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA MARfiARET Morris Churi-h Strt ' t ' t. BUFFALO, SOUTH CAROLINA Isaac Sci dder WILMORE, KKNTUCKV N ' loi.A Roberts « II MdKK, KKMLCK Vai.ti;r Ml Kixicii oil Cirv, PSNNSYLVAMA JocKi. Brownlee FAIRFAX, VF.RMONT Lotis CjLEXTHER 355 Woodruff St.. Mt. WaHhtiiKton PIITSBURC, PFNNSYLVANIA Helena Kmighoi.z 3l ' 9 South MullMiry Stri ' i-I TROV, OHIO Dean Vermilliov 109;, Imvid Sln ft MARION, OHIO RfSSELL En ' LOVV RINEVVll.I.K, KENTUCKY .Awn; I.Ai Kii: Westerfield PINE HILL, ALABAMA 83 The oAsburian, 1930 «™W«WHffilg B i« MWWB» »gMfflSW33SnOTB y - a 1 y .4- sb:i Junior Class LoLISn SCHFIBLE ARMEL, COLORAnO Mary Dunavvay 21G North Candler Str. et DECATUR, GEORGIA Paul Lister .123 Willow Street MARION, OHIO RraiviiRd Christie wilmore, kentucky Mary Adelaide Standley WII.MORE, KENTUCKY Irene Plants SI 9 Fayette Street WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA D. Wesley Soper 2S5 East Forty-ninth Strei ' t new york, new york Amos Laine wakefieln, virginia Ermie C. Obien S2 Unioji Street PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Elizareth Thomas WILMORE, KENTUCKY Marjorie Dl ' nn MT. WASHINCION, OHIO j 84 The cAsburian. 1930 fP " . ' Junior Class RlTH Kahi. i;;; ThoinuM strt-ct SEW ALBAXV, INDIANA FrI-I) NlCHTKRLElN •ILCKKKION, NEW JERSEY. ' ,, I- ' { ' " Marie ■ v vy CEETEXS ' OWN, west VIKGIMA | JlMMIE ClLI ' EPPER .d ' ■ " ■■• !. ■ Ma«t ' r MKMIMIIS, TENNESSEE fU ' L 31 WII.MOKK, KKNTIC ,0 Jame Hervi; - ,.,. " " . ' W (T 1 ' Hei.ev I)l rbix Oscar K. M ac.arian r. . 1 - ij l. ' .iil KllHt Coiuoiil 1 - K » ' ORl.ANIK), FLORIDA r I ' " ' ■ ' ' " " ' ' ■Mul ' »riy Slri-ut , . . t S ' I MT. VERNON, OHIO t " , - Notsox Mji 1 IIEPPNER, OREGON 1 RlTH CofHRAV . J S STONEWALL, OEORCIA r « iw . jr ' Rachel Gillespie , . ' i: ll.ilni.iidalr Court INOTON, KENTUCKY J , . » • coviNtr Alice M ers t , A f CXSVCAMORE, OHia r j: rA - 4 ?:i V ' The cAsburidtiy 1930 . ' ' w ' Junior Class Kenneth Anderson ALVA, OKLAHOMA NORRIS LOPER STRATTON, MISSISSIPPI Ila Bruce BELLAIRE, MICHIGAN Armen Carapetian 88 South Broadway nyack, new york Mildred Shafer BROOKVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Mildred Coppock 711 Wright Avenue ALLIANCE, OHIO Margarette Jackson 521 East Seventh Street LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY William A. Hawes LAVERNE, OKLAHOMA Juan IT A May wilmore, kentucky Elaine Atwood 1043 Melrose Avenue ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Mary Emma Pilow SALVISA, KENTUCKY The oAshurian, 1930 Junior Class C.ARRoi.i. Ransom sul Kust Klfth Avi-mif MITCMKI.I., SOI Til DAKOTA 11 l 1. C()l ' l ' i:i)GE SS7 Forrest Hon. I ATLANTA, GEOKGIA Thomas Frost SALVISA, KE.VTLCKY Vera Colliks . ' .3 AlU-n Pin.-. ' RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA Edwin- Ja cox 23!t Ch. ' StDut Slr.-el ONEONTA, NEW YORK Viola A. Swigert 17 North Ninth Strc.-t akron, ohio Arthir CoOI ' I-R EI.IZABFTll, INDIANA Helen- Ho " ■hoiiK S.nK. Hill foochow, china Matthew Hrauwav ins Asbury Avenue ASBURV PARK, NEW JERSEY Mary Ellen Baker LIFTOX, GEORGIA Doris Straijer HARRODSBt ' RG, KENTUCKY ' 99 The oAshurian, 1930 5 2-r- Jiueior Class Gladys Haldeman east rochester, ohio Marvel Harxes WM.MORE, KV. Anna Hess Plast Miiiii 10RKSHIRE, OHIO Oakley Lee ILMORE, KENTUCKY f C! SleCraic ■„ tV j} , ' ' " CRAICSVILLE, VIRGIN - ,T» -L - irgil Siberal V »V ; ; y wDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Pauline Nash 172] T inOaU Aviiiuc cincinnati, ohio Hamilton Watkins 37 Lincoln A t nu " BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Edith Henry ■13-1 Bridge Stn-it towanda, pennsylvania David Klingler kicholasville, kentucky Dessie L. Baldwin CORRY, PENNSYLVANIA Elvin Hinerman 1 ' I131 ElBhth Avenue HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA 88 The oAshurxan, 1930 ' 1% ' ' ,C ' . oimore i iass Ci.ALDi-; Thompson, Prcs ' ulcnt BtiiiLtiiEM, Maryland OHH, Ui-VivUiUtH ' f " i. ,1 .» - . Maui: I. C Sai,i:m, Omio " , t ij ' " ' 89 ■59 The oAshuriarij 1930 Sophomore Class DWIGHT LaWSON DEERFIELD, MICHIGAN Eleanor Crissey AKROX, OHIO John Franklin Romer DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lenore Grant VERMILLION, OHIO Emzie Van Houghton WILMORE, KENTUCKY Paul Schotanus SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA Sue Lovelace WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA Rose Ryder BRIAR CLIFF MANOR, NEW YORK Fred DeRuiter HARVEY, ILLINOIS Audrey Huntington ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND James Stokes WILMORE, KENTUCKY Paul Stevens MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Gladys Ferguson CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Ben Martin BROWNSVILLE, TENNESSEE Henry Gernhardt HETITNGER, NORTH DAKOTA 90 The oAsbunan, 1930 agrmggwiCTBigiogg. ' wmKiBywPBgiMaasatpjff, Sophomore Class Edn ' a Bishoi ' Cil-AD S CjRtATHOLSK WILMORE, KEXTLCKV R I 1 1 1 Hint I.OM; ISl.AM) (.Il , NKW ORK AcBRFV Hood BI.VTHEVIl.I.E, ARKANSAS MiLDRKi) Roberts ci.KVKi.AMi, nmn Ci. AR Banks LA WARD, TEXAS Chester Buzzard PEN ARGVL, PENNSVIAANIA Rlth Ac NKW dallas, texas Marie Cornelils demossvtlle, kentlckv Haroi.i) Campbell DAVION, OHrO Henry Shick SEYMOUR, CONNECTICUT Charlotte Brown TRO , MISSOURI I ' all Shirk ORLANDO, FLORIDA DOLCLAS PrAZIER COVERNEIR, NEW YORK Clyde Wendell marion, ohio 91 The cAsburian, 1930 Sophomore Class Lacv Lee Winston WEBSIER GROVES, MISSOURI Elizabeth Stroh nARRERIflN-, OHIO Lauren Carxer AMRAOTI, INDIA James L. Crawford GREENVILLE, TEXAS Nina Lang PEARSON, GEORGIA Frances Rice RIPLEY, NEW YORK Wynan Beadle I.AEAYETTE, LOUISIANA ALargaret Thompson UILMORE, KENTUCKY Lois Ritter BRISTOL, FLORIDA Harold Neel WELLINGTON, KANSAS Howard Robertson NORTON, CANADA ( LINDA WaCKER LONGMONT, COLORADO Clifford Prator FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA Cornelius Swann EASTON, MARYLAND Prudence Kirk FLUSHING, OHIO 92 The cAsbunan, 1930 MlRlFI. PrITCH RI AKRON, OMll) MdNIlRl) I ' i ' STON CHANNEL C l , KKMICKV Mabel Coi ' I ' ock AI.LI.WCK, OHIO WiLl.ARl) HkLL LA KOI A, IOWA Bernici; Earickson ' WIIMORE, KKMLCKV A NAB El. PaTTOX COSHOCTON, OHIO EwiNG Ross CIRCLKVM IK, OHIO Van ETA Kv. 1.1. nAITIMOKK, OHIO V ' lRGl.NIA WlLLlA.MS CLEN WHITE, WEST VIRGINIA VV ' . O. Smith CARR0LL1t)N, GEORGIA Beatrice Dewis moncks corner, south carolina Minnie Haas LITCHUKII), OHIO Pali, Sitton arbovale, west virginia Jack D. Sheparu FORT VALLEV, GEORGIA 91 ■» The oAshurian, 1930 jOES ' iRxxMidiiM uii gui isams a B t iBffBaitsmB Charlotte Davison I.OVELAND, COLORADO Ei.iZAHHTH Griffith MCDONALD, PENNSYLVANIA Opal Johnson KOKOMO, INDIANA Glenn Jones salix, pennsylvania Alice Wallingford FLEMINGSBURG, KENTUCKY ' Paul Shaw BARBF.RTON, OHIO Evelyn Pell pilot mountain, north carolina Mary Rudolph WILMORE, KENTUCKY Frank Johnson ECLON, WEST VIRGINIA Onie Kays IlARRODSBURG, KENTUCKY Frank Miller MANGUM, OKLAHOMA Edward Erny CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Grace Huntsman SCOITSVILLE, KENTUCKY Mary Weizenecker BELOIT, OHIO Frank Kessler WICHITA, KANSAS 94 «wMM ' w««»i " ' B»«— y»«°ffg The oAshurian, 1930 Sophomore Class Charlks Drkscmkr watervliet, new york Ros.M.vx King UIl.MORE, KEMICK Christini-: Swoi-ic BRYANTSVILI.E, KEXTUCKV HkRTIIA IJkOtK PARIS, KEMICKV Cornelia Hami-ton GOSHEN, KENTUCKY Cl.ARA UlNl.KV MiDDi.KTovvs, nmn Claloe LAS ANIMAS, COLORADO Mariox Jexkins BETHESDA, OHIO Cooper F. Nace COLLINCSWOOD, NEW JERSEY PaI L CiOTTSCHALK BLOOMING GLEN, PENNSYLVANIA RoMLRT Rich GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA Orrell York AKRON, OHIO Marshall Lang PEARSON, GEORGIA Lillie Belle Preston WICHITA, KANSAS 95 The oAsburidtiy 1930 y ., r 96 Sophomore Class EVELYX MaRKHAM WILMORF., KENTUCKY Virginia Clrtis eiarkvii.i.e, mississippi Ethi;l Mae Keeton WEST I.IBERTV, KEN ' TLICKV Elmer Overmver I.IXDSAV, OHIO Albert Trickett WAIKINS GI.EX, NEW VOKK Clarke Davis LAKL ' E, OHIO Envvix Irev MARinv, OHIO Katherixe Collixs RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA Verxa Fultz NORTH REND, NEW JERSEY Georgia Te Grotenhuis OI.MSTED FALLS, OHIO Ruth Tovvx DENNISON, IOWA Agxes Towx DENNISON, IOWA T. Danzler Larkins CLINTON, NORTH CAROLINA ha? The cAsbiirian, 1930 Freshman Class Mri.vix Jones. President MiNfPMis, Tkvnrssee 1,1 fll.l.l-; Amstitz. I ' iif-Pns ' ulint Okrvime, Ohio The cAsburiarLy 1930 T™™«™™y ' ' Wff»ffiffimaJ«wa " ™™« »» ' Freshman Class Bn.r.iE Foster . Ruth Sempi.e . . Dean- Marstox . Frances Woonix VlRGII, BREI.ASn Grace Rowei.i. . Robert Lord . . . San Ainnnin, Texas • Paterns, Washingto;! . Lake«oi d, Ohio North Chardon, Ohio . Langston, Alabama . Branford, Florida Wyandotte, Michigan »•»•-. i Ruth Neumeister . Upper Sandusky, Ohio Andrew Armstrong . Harrodsburg, Kentncky j tf Esther Ravmer EvEREiTE Fleming .... Enfield, Illinois A si f, ♦ Alice Ransom . . Mitchell, South Dakota Austin McCoig . . White Pine, Tennessee- Amv Moore . . Mccksville, North Carolina Kenneth Fraser . . . Brooklyn, New York Margaret Notson . . . Heppner, Oregon Henrv Hild . . . Freeport, Pennsylvania Letha Mountain . . East Liverpool, Ohio Howard Soper . . . Cowan, West Virginia Katherine Moslev . . Wilinore, Kentucky Glenn Huff Grinnell, Iowa Sarah Peity . . . Clinton, North Carolina Robert Akujagaw . Los Angeles, California •• 1 The cAsburicin, 1930 ■MwmaBmflWKKiinai Freshman CJiiiiis 7 ' J ' ' W ' ilrnnrr, Ki ' iitmky W ' ilinorr, KcMilucky . Wavliinnti.M. 1). C. AsiitR (inrrsciiAi.K . Uldiuniii;; Olt-ii, I ' l-nii. LoiiUvillf, Kiiitiuky . Avilhi. lriilla[ a Reva Ci.ark Wiiovtir, Dliiii Ravmom) McCi INC . . ManKuin, Oklalinrna EZEI.I.A Okii . Robert McGi ire . ' lRi:iM liAKhK . . IIei.ev Morrison ' IIarrv King Ol.CA AVKAMO . Ei,o . . E A ( ;kaie Hriit , JoMV Howard . . Ester Tpp . . . ClIARl.ES FeRGLSOX . . Sdtia, I5iil;;aria . Lamnril, Oklalicniia GlasK " " . Kfiitucky . Norwnotl, Ohio . FowliT, Kansas Stem, . ( " rn %t ll, IVxas " i fi ley, S ooth C amluia YouiiKstown, Ohio i.A Winchester . .En s ley, Ebwis- Thompson- Lucille Wetmork . ( ' lifti)ii Form ' , ' iryinia Harold Bond .... North I.aiititld. Ohio .• l)A Wooddei l . Mar ' .iiitnri, ' i-vt ' ir(;iriia J. Boom . . Conway, South Carolina RiTH Cook . . . Nirholasv illc. Ki-iiiiuky Clarence Cimler . . . I.akcwond, Ohio Geraldixe Lea . . New Philaik-lphia, Ohio % I uriariy 1930 Freshman Class llARoi.i) Harn ' KS .... W ' ilmnre, Kentucky N. 0M1 Edwards . . . Liiuilt-y, New York Li.nvn Ferguson ' Columbus, Ohio MvRii.i ' : Parsons .... Carlisle, Kentucky Bishop .... Wilmore, Kentucky Ai.DA Heaman . . . Troy, North Carolina John- Cermak . . . Deer Lake, Michigan Catherine Cramer . Swissvale, Pennsylvania Wesi.ev Edwards . . Britton, South Dakota Genei.i.e Dav Lawson, Kentucky Mii.i.ER Wii.EV Halls, Tennessee Rachel Tavior . Franklin Springs, Georgia I.EROV Barnes .... W ' ihncue, Kentucky Josephine Frost .... Salvisa, Kentucky Ari.on ' ki e Geneseo, Illinois Josephine Fisher Flushing, Ohio Ben York Nettleton, Mississippi Eunice Burctess Cincinnati, Ohio Daniel . . . Columbiana, Ohio. DoROiiiv Di NKELnERCER . Sedgwick, Kansas EcKl.EV Flint, Michigan Ruth Osiiorn Zellwnoil, Florida Marion Stokes .... Wilmore, Kentucky The oAsburian. 1930 MiiDRni St ' ori . RORKRT SlANDI.tV Irk k PoinK John SrMovs . . I ' r.mhkr Georck l.iciirsKK . (Jiiccn Amu-, Manhiiul Bt.wcilK (jRfM c . lliiiiliri;;l(iii, West lrninin llowARr) Smitii ..... AImn, Mitliin n Mar.iorik IIoaciam) . c„ C.imIc, Kiiitii ky Robert Ki.av rov . . . Chaplin. Kt-Mtucky Margarh Hrk n .... Si. J..|iri. Kansas HESJAMrS I,E MS . . . Maroarki C ' arikr . I ' UaMirevillc, Kt-ntuiky Walter Scarroroucii . . Hiukliii, Kansas jj Frances (Iordox . . . BridKcport, iniiini« L- - — ' J OBt Ri H()VV.MAX . rornpkinsvill,-, Kintijckv - - — - " ' —n A MirnREi) Aie. amii-r . . . l.aiuastcr, IVnr,. »-0 — (L-O- . WiliiiMri-. Ktiilucky . Mt. SterliiiK, Keiitiiikv Ester Amos Fariniiigion. luwa I , Ci. llAli. . Ve iii);tnn Springs, Sonih Oakot; Mabki. Alien . . M.ESLIE K(K7ERS r } f - 3- aI lOC H -fire tu j 4 ' . K - ' - ' ' ■ The oAsburian, 1930 ' -• f 7 - - n V ■ ' ' Fr hman Class • . . Treva Soi er OrrvUfe, " ' °,( - y - JiMMin Roberts . . Los Angeles, California Mary Goodwin . . • • • Salem, Virginia Brown Dnpont, Indiana Ruth Stewart . . . Champlain, New York Roy Meyer San Pierre, Indiana Mary Carter . . . Pleasureville, Kentucky Beiierai.d PinkermAn . Nappanee, Indiana Bernice Brown Dupont, Indiana Robert Moon . . East Orange, New Jersey Leta Stockton . East Saint Louis, Illinois Marshall Merryman . . . Haven, Florida Helena Rabenstein . Redlands, California J. Hunt . Pleasant Garden, North Carolina Katherine Knapp .... Cincinnati, Ohio Paul Piercy . . . • . Glasgow, Kentucky Ruth Smith Farmington, Iowa KoiCHi Takeda Kabe, Japan Clarice Shockley . . • Jeffersonville, Ohio Devere Thomas . • • Vaughnsville, Ohio Marian Knapp Cincinnati, Ohio Roland Thompson . • • • Monroe, Ohio Lucille King . . . Odessa, West Virginia asi ijisa iKSbaiKAviMssst BSimiKf) KVSXi The cAsbunan, 1930 Freshman Class Leox Crossno . . . • . Hells, l iiiiessee DoROTllv Arnoid . . Paterns, Wasliington NEr.sns Dl rbin- Cnlumlnis, Ohio Frascks Kri, idi k . Crjwl riN.illf. Iiiil. FoRKSr Stronc llunlvlnirj; Ohin Florence Hasiikk . . Wilkiv-B irn-. lVii;i. HhviANtiN |(iiisso - . KkIiiii, Wi- t ' ir«iiiia Riic)ii H Kni: Ar Filer, klalin Ward llARVt . , . Kuloii, A ' i- t ' ir);iiiia Virginia Si-lrr . . . Warsaw, New Vcirk LioM) MooDv Lyiicli, Kfiitucky }n Hi.i Kl sop . . Howinaii, North Hakoia Mark SreiKRWAri) . Tcrrf llaim-, Iiuliaiia EilvoRF Nash Ciiiriiinali, Ohio Wooi.ARi) I.ANC ..... I ' earsoii, OorKia Bkairick Worthkn . . . Corhaiii, 1 linoi- Rov ISI.ER navtcMi, Ohio Gasqlk Lek lUnw . . Pine Mill. .Mahama Thomas Pym . . Cliiuon, North rarnlina ' iviAv Johnson- . New Alliari , I ' riiiivv Ivaiiia MoREl.i.E Vei.i.s .... Laurel, .Mississippi ViRiJlNiA OoBBS .... Wilmnre, Kentucky Pal ' I. Nance . . . Graham, North Carolina 103 MlJ- sburian 1930 HKI ? " " - ' - " ' iBIik Freslimae Class Pr _ , llAKKi lONKS . . C " i)IlinRs (iod, New Jersey H „ k 9k4 _ A «; Ruth Sskli. . . IHnlilaiuls, Massachusetts JiS B ;r V j9C Joe Edwards . . . Nicholasville, Keiituckv Bm T fc il IH ' B 3 Ej.i.en HuKir.l. . . • Mingo Junction, Oliio SK wS J ' Tesse Creene .... Crestwnod, Kentucliv ' ■ ■n.vT W9 W I 3 Margaret . . . Greensboro, N. C. VW f i C. MArniKws . . Bellevue, Pennsylvaiiia jT " ' 1_ ▼ Eunice Kirk F ' ushing, Ohio i l ' ij. ' ' Pi .ydt James Nelson . . . Vine Grove, Kentucky , " •• r - Miriam CSraiiam . Hopetiale, Massachusetts J d ' lri% € r 1 rvv ' - ' k. , B 3 B - --. JjL Alejandra Akcheta . Stockton, Cahtornia «• T ' ' i lb? WJl W. £ Eleanor Goodwin .... Wooster, Ohio y ' ( y -5- ' " l ' y iSt yjfaj E ' ' ' ' B " ™ ' Fowler, Kansas _ V J ' fcf? " •■ " : | Emily Jones .... . Westerville, Ohio y Iff r T " 1 J lf M ' B g Norwood Stravhorn . Fort Mvcrs, Florida j_ ! y X B fc- 2 ' y Elizabeth Fellers . . Wilmore, Kentucky ; nA ' tr I J ; H_ T Ira Nichteri,ein . . Tuckerton, New Jersey ' yf M K ' ' ' I f- ' ' Lancaster, Ohio JF V)- V , t f r V I (r- y W " James Bi.iTCii . . . . Jacksonville, Florida f F ' M J IBS Jp Ruth HiLKS . . ■ . . Wilmore, Kentucky I J V y i y W «.f Z CL ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' " ' " " ' vT f V J K ' aik. ' t ' V ki ll r l ' .. vv M ' ARV Shearer . . Freeport, Pennsylva nia y J-y r ( hB U BHHI SNES jfefiiLVlNV-SwiANN ..... Easton, Maryland ib.i ' ■ — ' ■f. — " ■ ' WJI! ' TFUtltHBffl 1 (7 V f r5. cAnn ' ' Pogiie, the creator of fireside industries m Kentucky, brought the first spinning wheel into the territory, but found no flax. With the dauntless in- genuity of the frontier noman. she spun wild nettle fibre into material to clothe her household. m ' " M " Book III . . Special Departments The cAsbunan, 1930 iacuJt ' Mrs. K. p. Amams Issislnnl loin- Tfiiilnr iN Ji: i: Kii)c;i:i.i., B.Mus. Co-Diritlnr IIr W ' li.niR l ' r: isT() , A.H., B.Mis. Diriilor I ' if ' e Orijan Or ' artmi ill M R Richards ()i.i i:r, B.S.. H.F.. Projissor of lloiiir Etoiioniiis I ) is I )i ( Ik w. M.A., r.n. Professor of Spni i M R Fi.iz AHHTu CoRi.m ' . M.A., r.n. .Issoi ' uili- Prnfrssor of Sfiiii i Al.KKRT E. S.MITH. C ' lXCINXATI C ' OI.I.ECK OK MlSlC Dirrrlor of linlin and Slriiuinl Inslrumnil Df f ar till i ' lit ' i I Mae NoRRis Professor of .Irl Hi;i.i. 1r m ' ll.l■: •. A.B., M.A. Professor of .Irtiumentaliun iiiiJ Debate 107 The oAshurian, 1930 Aj - Music Graduates AxxiE Laurie Westerfield Certificate Ruth Wasson Dcyree JocELYN Brown ebO ' a Degree ¥ 1 . " Beulah Mae Pro Certificate Glauys Haldeman Certificate Joy Latham Degree Vaneta Kull Diploma io8 ' f ' ' The oAsburian, 1930 ecch Department X ' lOI.A SwiGERT Doris Sir adir Diploma Diploma Rl 111 SCHAKFI-ER Ai.TA Ri: .n A Dif ' hma Diploma D()R()rll Akfrs Chari.ks Notson- Dif ' loma Certificate Y. I). ' i;sTr.Rrii;i.D Alice Mvi;rs Diploma Certificate Al UK W ' U.I.IA.MS ■ Helen Morrlson Diploma Certificate Evelyn Neumeister Si E Craig Diploma 109 Certificate ;;r!= ;: - - kf- ' The cAsburian, 1930 w " « ' ™» " «« ' « " ' » " P»a »P»»» ' «»»» " 8Wg ' »g " W«WMsngDi»8«»roi Art Graduates Helen Harxev Diploma Dorothy Akers Certificate Cecile McKirren " Dip to ma Ol ' AL B LEVINS Diploma The cAsbunaiu 1930 Home Economics Graduates Sthi.i.a Fi:Rors() I ' J) (Il-HM.W MiNMi-: Haas AXAHKI. Paiiov Maui I, Conn Edna Hisikii- Hkri h Hkih K m m JN the list of Kentucky ' s heroes must he included the pioneer preachers. While not the first to carry the gospel into the wdderness, Bishop William McKendree. of the Methodist Epis- copal Church, was one of the foremost of those who, at the risk of their lires, went about among the frontier settlements preach- ing the " unsearchable riches of Christ. " Book IV . . The Seminary The dAsbiinan, 1930 ili; R Ci. Morrison. I).1)., LL.D. President " 5 V The oAshurian, 1930 F. H. Larabee, D.D. Dran ii6 The oAshunan, 1930 Facultv Dai.s Dian (;ra . M.A., T.D. Professor of SutriJ Spmli Frank I ' m i. Morris. H.ix, n.n. Professor nf Syslemalii Tlieoloi y W ' li.i.iAM Lincoln . i)ri ' ii;R. M.A., B.n., Ph.D. Professor of Sotial Science Samiii. Ari h I r M WW I 1,1., M.. ., H.D.. S.T.B. Professor of Rrliijious EJucalion Wll.lU R ( )l,IN Al.l.nN ' , M.A., B.D. Professor of Historical Tlieolotjy ' ii.i,i M I ) w II) Akers, .r . Professor of OIJ Tcslnmcnl I.aniiucioe Ci.Ai 1)1- Lki-: Hawkins, M.A. Professor of Practical Theolociy ' ii,i.i. , i Daviii Ti rkingtox. M.A., Tii.B. Professor »f SeiL- Testament Lantjuage and Literature 117 rhe oAsburian, 1930 Senior Class Warner P. Thompson, A.B., B.D. WiLMORE, Kentucky I. Clayton Wright, A.B., B.D. WiLMORE, Kentucky Chauncey Ellison, A.B., B.D. WiLMORE, Kentucky iig The cAsburian, 1930 ■ " " ' " MiBUMttWIIIIIIIII W Senior Class Roy HoTCHKiss, A.B., B.D. WiLMORE, Kentucky James Ennis, A.B., B.D. PotoMOKK, Maryland William DeRuiter, A.B., B.D. WlI.MORE, KenTICKY (Field — Wembo Nyama, Belgian Congo, Africa.) 119 The oAshurian, 1930 ' a :i ' a i aiB33!isimat!mi!iaaa«9Se!SS iS Senior Class Paul Huyett, A.B., B.D. Wll.MOKE, KeNTICKV Andrew Blair Grubb, A.B., B.D. WiLMORE, Kentucky Basil T. Osborn, A.B., B.D. 517 Lexington Avenue WiLMOKE, Kentucky The oAshuriany 1930 MiddJcrs and Juniors I ' ri;i)i:rii.k A., A 1?. CKNKVA, OHIO W. Ka .mom) Wildhr, A.H. I ' iiltiniluis Hoiul MACON ' , GKORCIA Ai.i.KN- Walter Townsknd. AM. 31» Stilt- StriMt WAVCROSS, GEORGIA C. Vai.te;r Kkssler, A.H. IT.OS. Kiisl KirsI Stn. t WlCliriA, KANSAS Lewis Robeson Akers. Jr.. . .n. WILMORK, KENTUCKY The oAsburian, 1930 iddlers and Juniors Miriam Hotchkiss, A.B. burt, iowa Valter Cross, A.B. CHUNKY ' , MISSISSIPPI Ralph W. Blodgett, A.B. WILMORE, KENTUCKY Bessie B. Allen, A.B. WILMORE, KENTUCKY Homer Moore. A.B. WILMORE, KENTUCKY Melvix E. Durst, A.B. GRANTSVILLE, MARYLAND The cAsbiirian, 1930 Middlcr.s and Juniors Otti;rbi:ix Howki.i.. A.R. wki.i.bors, h.orida RoGKR R. Cil.AZIER. A.R. BIXCHAMTON ' , NEW YORK C. W. Grant, A.R. UIL.V10RK, KfiMLCKV Pail E. F ' isher. A.R. WILMORK, KtXTlCKV Y. D. Wkstkrfifi.i). A.R. WII.. 10RK, KKMLCKY II. .M. Hll.l.lARI), M.A. WILMORK, KKNTICKV The oAshurian, 1930 iddlers and Juniors Carl Looney, A.B. LEAMASTER, VIRGINIA Wilbur M. Childress, A.B. lii: ' , HiKli Avcnui-. E OSKALOOSA, IOWA Edwin Grant, A.B. WILMORE, KENTUCKY ' J. W. H. Benfield, A.B. ST0 fYl, " p01J T, NORTH CAROLINA • y " ] ER, B UTT, A.B 4 f X ' v ' ROCKVH.LE, MARYLAND ' ' ■ ' y . ' I ji ; ' y ' V ■ ■: ewKWjjWfcflWiww. ' . T qgrry ' The oAsburian, 1930 Diploma Students W ' ii.i.iwi Mdiii.nY MII.MORH, KKMUCKV ().mi;r Randall wilmore. kextuckv A. L. Keid Il;S North Ninth Str. pt IKRKK irAlTK. INDIANA Fi.o ' lii lliTciieocK SI ' RINOHKI.t), MISSOURI J()H Ranks JARRATT, VIRGINIA RoM-K CiRAVI-S VVIl.MORK. KENTUCKY John Ikwki.iv IKIIP (ilali.l Av.riii,. BEAUMONT, TEXAS 125 ■99 The oAsburian, 1930 Faith of Our Fathers Faith of our fathers! living still In spite of dungeon, fire, and sword: O how our hearts beat high with joy Whene ' er we hear that glorious word! Faith of our fathers! holy faith! We will be true to thee till death! Our fathers, chained in prisons dark, Were still in heart and conscience free: How sweet would be their children ' s fate. If they, like them, coidd die for thee! Faith of our fathers! holy faith! We will be true to thee till death! Faith of our fathers! we will love Both friend and foe in all our strife: And preach thee, too, as love knows how, By kindly words and virtuous life: Faith of our fathers! holy faith! We will be true to thee till death! Frederick W. Faber 126 eneral Qeorge ' Rogers Qlark. m 177 S, with j the magnetic leadership of a great command- er, led a small band of Kentucky frontiersmen through forest and flood in the severity of a north- ern rvmter, to conquer the Northwest Territory. m ■ M ' Book V Organizations The oAsburxan, 1930 Hki.kx Bishop, ' 22 Secretary- Treasurer Ai,i ' : ivi Association- Offichrs WlJ I lAM I.IMOI.S XolClHR, " 18 W. D. TURKIXdON, ' 23 President t ditor of " The Alumnus " IB wm igi PSiSI Si LM J H flK Q m u (di nSlHV HB ' mSm 1 Mi isti:ri. i. Association ' 129 The oAsburidtiy 1930 Student Volunteers Synedria 130 The cAsburicin, 1930 xxas. ' OsesaxeaBBiaaz, Sri i)i: NTs ' W ' lVKs ' Circle Women ' s Homilotical Association ' 31 ¥ The oAsburiariy 1930 Latin Club French Club 132 The cAsbiirian, 1930 Spanish Ci.i h German Cllb ' 33 ■»9 , The cAsburian, 1930 BfMJWmnHM egtnBsng MMCTa : •k,;Li 4 i . X [en ' s Glee Club Officers I. D. Moox Director RoBKRT Bowman A ccompanisl Edwin M. Sweet . President James B. Pritchard Ihisiness Manager Jack Atha Donald McKaig Murray Morford Boyd Macrory J. Lemacks Stokes Pall Wartenbe Miller Wiley Maithew Bradway Harold Bond Wilbur Childress Lyle Eckley Charles Grant Nelson Moore Members Harold Neel Walter ScARBOROunn Virgil Siberal Lewis Thompson George White Harold Barnes Robert Brooks Bruce Cox Nelson Durbin Don Morris Ira Nichterlein Beherald Pinkerman Clifford Prator Edward Richards Orrell York Robeson Akers Edward Erny Sam Gill Robert Homiston Frank Kessler JiMMiE Roberts Herbert Shiltz Wesley Soper Thomas Thompson Dean V ' ermillion Harry W. Webster 134 The oAsburicin, 1930 • Kwwj-wMWmBggHiCTaaBaBimwiBBHiMewtaiOTK;, 1 V 4 l 1 ■■bk mim 3 Womein ' s Glee Club Officers Mrs. Sl a sk Sciuize Director JOfKi.VN; Brow ' IccompanisI Harriet Horsey Prrsident Rtni ' Assnv liusinrss Munager Mi:.mi!i:r.s CiiARinriK Oavisox ISABEI.LE GeROVV Katherixe Kessler CjEORCIA Te Grotenhuis Heii.ah Mae Pro nnRnniv Akers Ai BKA Williams Rlth Hitler Eleanor Crissey Marie Spaxcler Rosalyx King Margaret Notsox Ei.oisE Oeitz Orlixoa W acker Ferx Dennis Maxixe Dexnis AxxiE L. Westerfieli) RiTii Sempi.e Miriam Hotciikiss Dorothy Dovvsixg Viola Svvigert Olca Avramova Ruth Osborn Josephine Frost 1 " ! 35 The Qy ' isburian, 1930 Fkank Kessler JuANiTA May Pauline Nash Agnes Town v. g. osepoff Marion Stokes Orrell York Boyd Macrory Paul Lawrence Members Robert Standlev Ermie Obien James Stokes Marion Jenkins Elizabeth Fellers Ralph Purdy Roger Glazier Opal Johnson Julia Stockton Roy Thomas Lowry Bernice Burgess Mary A. Standley Harry Webster Arlon Wykle Clifford Prator Melvin Swann Billy Latham M. V. Mundell Harry Jones Herbert Shiltz Floyd Guiles Fred Shiltz Mildred Roberts Melvin Durst Chester Buzzard W. B. Hughes Mary Ellen Baker Denton Gerow MoNFURD Peyton 136 The cAsbiirian, 1930 mtffxasaasxmManinimmimsfBxaaiunaaB ISLlid Paii. Lawrfacf. n ' orris lopkr Ira N ' lciiTKRi.Eix W ' li.i.ARi) Bell RoBKRr Blaxtox Harrv Webster Arlon Wvkle W. D. Smith IIenrv Gernhardt N ' druooi) Stravhorn Chester Blzzaro DOIGLAS FrAZIER John Franklin Flovo Guiles James Crawhird Fred Mildred Roberts Gerald Standlev cornelils swaxn Rlbv Latham Howard Jarrett Melvix Brown Linda Ewinc Bern ICE Brown F.rnest Blrton MoNKLRD Peyton M. ' . MUSDELL ' 37 S " The oAsburian 1930 B MMVJBi i iiM i JjaBPMaWMMM M ' Donald McKaig Lelam) Harper Edward Richards Lauren Carner Paul Giffin IJrainerd Christie Periclea Debating Club RnnERT Brooks Summers Clark Jack Shepard Thomas Thompson Percy Comer Members James Stokes Clifford Prator Samuel Gill Wayne Lamb John Lemacks Stokes Charles Notson Lyle Weed Lyle Eckley Dean Marston Kenneth Eraser James Bi.itch The cAsburian, 1930 Lucy Stone Debating Club CiniiiDK llMR Ferguson AsMK L. Wf-sterkiki.i) DnRniiiv Akkrs AwEriE Sheparf) M ar Ill A A I.ACV Lee Winston Jianiia May Alice Myers Ritii Fikce Mabei. Cobb Ml-MHRRS (Jrace Rouei.I. Sarah Peitv Helen Andrews RiTii Snell JOtEI.VN llKOWNLEE ' IR :1NL ClRlIS Alice Ransom Marie Spangler Adda Bert Mary A. Stasoley Lucille Amstltz ' 59 The cAsburian, 1930 tj " ;«► f 1 W- Henry eb,aitieg Members George White Walter Kessler Stanley Lowell J. E. Carothers Edwiv Sweet Edward Ernv Orrell York Nelson Durbin John Franklin Romer Arthur Edwards Douglas Frazier Boyd Macrory Frank Kessler Ben York Harry King Denton Gerow Thomas Petty Lewis Lankford Albert Avery Charles Pangle Loren Humphrey Floyd Guiles Glenn Brown 140 The cAsbiirian, 1930 Sophidc]phia Debating CJub Members Ruth Schaeffrr Grace Huntsman Laota Burton Vera Collins Edith McNav IIkI.ENA EVIIGHOI. Stella Whalev Mildred Shafer Margaret Morris Frances Rice Helen Conklin F.i.eanor Crissey Anne Sikes Mabel Schmidt Leta Hicks Maria Cabrera Rose Ryder Sue Lovelace Mabel Coppock PrUSILLA SlBERT SlE Craic ■ " The oAsburidn, 1930 Ciceronia Debating Club M EMBERS James Pritchard Kev Martin Dean Vermillion Paul Root Glenn Hall Paul Piercv Llovd Moody Ronald Smith Verne Wilson Jesse CJreene James Culpepper Bruce Cox Paul Todd Robert McGuire Virgil Siberal Ha rold Neel Elmer Overmver Edwin Thompson Cooper Nace Wesley Soper Nelson Moore 142 Claude Thompson The oAshunan, 1930 Hfet ' fl 4i Philoniathia Debating Club Beatrice Dennis Maxine Dennis Harriet Horney Lena Wood ' aneta Kl ' LL Miriam Craiiam MlMMERS FlnCE MlI.DREI) RonKRTS DoROTHV Downing ( " arroi.i. Ransom (iERAI.DlNE LeA MaRION TaYI.OR Lii.i.iE Hei.i.e Preston Rith Cook Nell Owen Cora Stanley Fern Dennis Marcaret ALLREI) Mary Ellen Baker EuNA K. Wood Elizabeth Stroth Martha ' ork ' 43 The oAshurian 1930 ' ' ' ' iiiSS» ' ' «™ ' a ' «sjmi«ra»aaaExof!Mi«ii Members George White Eleanor Crissev Douglas Frazier Mabel Schmidt Bell I. Wiley, Coac i Lacy Lee Winston Lewis Thompson- Sue Craig Clifford Prator Nelson DURBIN- Edward Erny Ben Martin Elmer Overmver Aubra Williams Paul Root Mary A. Standlf.v Norwood Strayhorn Dean Vermillion Paul Giffiv Stanley Lowell INTKItrOl.I.KGIATK DKBATE — TMider the capable suiu-rvisioii of Coach B. I. AViV-y the del-ate teams this year havf done excellent woi-k. gaining wide r ecognition anrl distinction. The ni?n ' s team toured the East, where they met some of the foremost colleges nnd universities of that section. The women ' s team went into Ohio and debated with several prominent schools. Altogether the season has been a decided success. 1+4 The oAsburian, 1930 - p Aaburg (Haih C ' OIXECilAN STAFF— Paul A. Knot. K»litor-!n-rhlef ; Marlon Taylor. Assorlato Editor: Rnrhpl Oil- llMplc. Ltt.-rnry EiUlor; Dorothy Akors. Ft aturi ' Kdltor; Prudenc ' Ktrk. StfiioKraphcr ; r)alc Thomrts. A! 8l8tant t ' lrrulatlon Manaf rr; Vt ' .sI« y SoptT. Rt-portt-r; Kdward UI ' harclR. AHHtniant BuKlnt ' Ufl Man- ager; Lniila Guenthor. Muiimr Erlttor: J " hn K. UomcT. Olrrulatlon Manag ' r; Edward Erny. Athlrdc Editor; CmrKc White. Advertifllng Mnnapt-r; Pean V ' t?rmlIIIon. Rrporler; Harold Noel. ARslstant Ad- vprtlslng Managtr; Leiand I(. Harpf-r. BuHlniHH ManaRi r; Clifford Praior. Nows Editor; Mary Duna- way, Rf porter; Lacy Lee Winston. Reporter. The oAshurian, 1930 - The cAsbiinan, 1930 ALICE MYERS V On.GAMlZATION EblTOK. WALTER. KksSLER TONY GUILES ADvertrtsMG manager. GLENN PHOTO J ROW TO iron. .ERBERT SHILTZ ■ OR CtASS RSPRBS£NTATIVi ANDREW ARMSTRONG Ass sTANT Anr eoiTon. REN CARNER S0P»OMOR.E CLASS ncpn£S£NTATI VE. The oAshurian, 1930 KITCHEN ' m m JN 1791 Kentucky drew up its first constitu- ■ ■ tion and on June 1 . 1792, it was formally admitted into the Union. Isaac Shelby was elected its first governor. Book VI Athletics The oAsburidn, 1930 V. n. WisiKRi iKi 1), Cuaili Athletic Council ( )l TK IRS Stanley Lowei.i I ' resideni Leta Hicks . . . I ' icf-PresiJent Maxixe- Dennis Sern-tary Simmers Ci.ark Treasurir J. B. Kenvon I ' liiuhy IJiisor Mkmbers I.emacks Stokes Gi.enn Hrown Kdvmn Sweet Thomas Thompson Vaneta Kli.l Madeline Kelso Si As the Green and White quintet plays its last season of inter-class basketball, one noticeable fact is the consistent and evenly played game that is being displayed. Instead of their strength soaring or waning on various occa- sions, with no apparent cause, steady and per- sistent play is shown on the part of every man. TUCKEP Line-up (7r()RGH White (Captain) L.F. Lemacks Stokes R.G. Arthur Tucker L.G. Luther Sharp R.F. A.MES PriTCHARD C. Dale Thomas L.G. Percy Co mer R.G. Stanley Lowell R.F. Senior Girls As thf senior jrirls ciiti-r upon tlu-ir tourtli Ni ' ar ot .Ktixit) tln ' lioM tin- cru iabli- record ot haviiiu; nift not a sinj lc ik-feat. This team retains intact the charter members, each ot whom lias (le el()ped indixiihial strength an acciiracN. resulting in a team whose offense is overwlu-lming and whose defense is almost un- breakable. 1 Line-up I.I r llitKS (Captain) L.G. MwiNi l)i is R.G. Alma Longmax C. Rl TH FiGGE S.C. Anne Sikes L.K. Dorothea W ' olcott R.F. An ' xette Shei ' ard R.G. Madii.ini Kelso L.G. DENNIS KELSO I MACRORY AVERY Junior Boys There is probably no more formidable an ar- ray of basketball players in the college than the fellows who comprise the Junior team. With a speed which characterizes them as a veritable human tornado on the offensive, and the doggedness which characterizes their every play on the defensive, the Blue Jays still re- tain those qualities which made them runners- up for the championship during the last sea- son. f EDWARDS GUILES Line-up Leoxard Hill ((Jtiptain) L.G. Arthi R Edwards R.G. Floyd Gliles C. Boyd Macrory L.F. Glenx Browx R.F. Albert Avery R.G. Lorex Hl.mi ' hrey L.F. Junior Girls (lood sportsmanship marks th? playiri " : ot this team which for two yi-ars has hi ' cn thr nm- iicr-iip tor the girls ' cliampionship. I ' lule- teated except h the Seniors, th ' ir ictories have heeii the result ot applied technique and switt pass work. Due to th? tact that only tliic ' c lit last ear ' s regulars are back in t he hue -up as a n icleus, much credit tor th? team ' s success this year is given the coach. i Line-up Stki.i.a W ' h.m.i: - (Ctipinut] I .F. Alll) MiRT R.I " . I.I Wood R.( ' ,. i. Mil Hi RTIIV F,.( J. M VR.IdUII. I)l w C. I)RI.SII.1.. SlHFRT S.C. JocKi. HR() vNi.r-E S.C. M.ARGERin Morris L.G. OVERMYER Co-operation is the word that best expresses the outstanding characteristic of the team that bears the colors of the Class of ' 32. The " Bulldogs " can boast no star player, no Her- culean guard, no whirlwind forward, no long- armed basket thrower, but simply five hard- working fellows, united in purpose to do their best in upholding their class. Line-up Edward Ernv (CnMahi) R.F. Frank Miller L.F. Marshall Lang R.G. Robert Rich L.G. Wynan Beadle C. Ha rold Neel F. Elmer Overmver F. Orrell York G. BANKS Sophomore GirJs The games in which this team participates are always marked by determined fighting. A fast passing attack in the center court, keen shooting by the forwards, and careful guard- ing all go to make a team of formidable strength. A team with such pep and co-opera- tion :is this has a bright outlook for the future. Line-up Nina F.wc. (( nftnin) L.F. Marion Baker R.F, Chri.stine Swoi ' E C, Clara Banks S.C (Jladys Ferglson R.G, Be.vtrice Dennis L.G. Ia 1 i.vN Pei.i L.G. 1:li:ani)r Crissev C. PELL NICHTERLEIN DETWILEP ' - ZIMMEK BUGG KEELEFk I PiNKEFkMAN s The freshman quintet conclusively disproves the statement that all freshmen lack experi- ence, for they present to Asbury ' s intramural activities a strong team of well seasoned players. Even when the odds are heavily against them and the final whistle not far off, you can count on the Freshmen to give the last ounce of energy they possess. ■f Line-up Leroy Barnes (Captain) C. Daniel Detwiler F. Beherai.d Pinkerman R.F. Ira Nichterlein R.G. Gerald Zimmer L.G. Elox Keeler F. Robert Bugg F. H ARor.n Bond G. Freshmao Girls Till- I ' vi ' s of tlu- school arc on th ■ " baby " team of girls just entering its college basket- hall career. Because of the strong material found in this squad, unusual plays have been mastered, (ireat things are expected of these players who are noted for their dynamic en- Line-up Ri TH Nelmeister (Cafitain) .... L.F. Treva Sommer R.V. F.MII. ' JON ' ES C. RiTH Cook S.C. ( " lER.M.DiNE Lea R.C I)()R()TI1 Dl skfi.herger L.(i. Ci.AR.v .Mattingi.v S.C. CIrace Rowell R.G. SOMMER The oAshurian 1930 The Senior-Sophonioix " baseball team for the past three years has finished second for the Asbury championship. This year the squad has high hopes of annexing the championship title, and with a team composed of prac- tically the same fast, hard-fighting men as last year the longed-for crown may fall into their possession. 1 60 The cAsbiiridH, 1930 Jueror Freshmaii Boys ' 1 lu ' b;iM-h.ill|ii(jn hip tur tin- hi r two consecutive cais lias been won by tbc junior- Ficslinian team. A host ot new material has this year been ailiieil to the already strong line-up ot hard-hitting batsmen and dependable pitchers. These boys have always displayed a stamina which has carried them on to victorv. i6 The oAshurian, 1930 J. L. Stokf-s, I.iiwKi.i., J. Stokks, R. Ficgk, Klll, II. Ficge Teimis Tennis has gained recognition among the students of As- bury as one of the most profitable and enjoyable of sports. The fall and spring tournaments are met with much en- thusiasm. Our most outstanding player, J. L. Stokes, has successfully forged his way to victory against all op- position for the last four years. The proficiency of the other five has also won them letters. L. Stokes Lowell J. Stokes R. FiGGE Kill H. FiGGE l62 The oAsburian, 1930 BMKfwai mrmjpaMWMaamnffxses afS tfiyKt, CJuiLEs, Wef.i), Beadi.e, Browx Stokes, Shover, Longman, Strader, Ernv Track It is an Asburiaii tratlition that in the |iiiiic ot every year one Monday be set aside tor lielii day, on which is held the intra-niiiral track meet tor both boys and girls. Severe training characterizes the activity ot the entrants both before anil after the preliminary eliminations. The above athletes have succeeded in winning letters as a svmh(d (it tlieir achievements. i6s The cAsburian, 1930 164. The cAsbiirictn, 1930 ■■vg;fffffff(tm ffma!xaaaf!fKectxi«rU ' jaa urziseBia (t leeers Neison Moore Ruth Ficge George White Ai.MA Longman- Glenn Brown Doris Strader Drlsii.i.a SinERT James Stokrs I.EMACKS SlOKKS Ann Sikes AnNETIE ShEI ' ARI) Leonard llii.i. Arthur F.dwards Fred Nichterlein Maxine Dennis Lyi.e Weed LeTA IllCKS Fl.OYI) (jUII.ES DoRoiHEA Woi.con I. (il. HlRlON Adda BtKi Lucille Shover Waiter Murdoch Thomas Thompson Wynan Headi.e Stanley Lowell Helen Ficce Vaneta Kull Edward Erny Dean Vermiimon i6S €t M« , V »X: »i .-C ' .- 1 rf . ' - ' ne WLIY OSE noRT Dixon TTA ■ M JJ7HILE not incli(cled directly in the period of Kentucky ' s ' ' pioneer history, nevertheless Abraham Lincoln, rail split- ter, war President, and emancipator, was a product of that period, a man whose character was moulded by the ideals and standards of the pioneers — Kentucky ' s greatest gift to the nation. Book VII Campus Mirror " J ' hrre it is! " r " Sun-, siiiilf. " t A in ' I thai sued? i My lurn! i Old Soldiers. Comiii ' in. i Every rose has its thorn, i See .1 merica first. 1 } ov: , let me see. rki i- AfiM . On your ric. Ain ' t she sivci ' t " ' stuff. 1 In the good old suuuiicr tunc. i Tiachcr ' s pet. ■f " Easy, Nir :. easy . Struttin ' their The man in the n oun. y A lovely picture in a lovely frame, y " See the birdie! ' ' Our brilliant Stella has found a use for bonks. Is Paris resfionsiblc in Bulgaria, toof 1 " Take it baek. you big stiff! " i Vc Sophomore f rize ainners. ' Four rare smites. i Laugh and groti- fat. y I ' nele Jay. y Across the old Kentucky, y .isbury ' s collegians. Asburinns. " ■ It ain ' t uiitil it used to he. 1 From the speech department. 1 See your railing noiv, girls. i Father Corner and Sister Winston, i " A man ' s a man for a ' that. " i Hikers, i Our Peter. " Get set! " i " Servicef " I ' mtr ' r fwmw rw % Mtxuo ' s n long nay from Iwmv this lime, i li. .1. ,j,i his first l,tt r. y llhen you lifjre a lu ip ,ui,l I uorr „ n,l. ml rosr. i Siirju mtin. i Our f hiloso- phfrs. " nm snniluiih anil a glass of buttermilk! " i " You t on ' t mean it. " y " Man nf U ' tir. " y At the rock quarry. Let ' s have a duct. 1 Glad or sad. i " Down hy the old mill stream. " • " Goodnight, young gentlemen. " Ellen or Janief i " One for the money, tivo for the shoiv, three to make ready, and four to go! " Hansel and Gretchel. ASk-iNN TOURrST HOME COOl That Kanstis mud! i Tiin beams i siinshiiif tin l our it ' tncnini lUhatrrs. i Here s tn California. This car iiill run. but nut under such rinumstantes. i The man uith the star. i Flouers of various kinds. i Which number, please i Grandma ' s girl. i Any special occasion. spring Fivrr. i PI c four, no more, i Gonna have beans today? i " Over the top " of his oicn heels, -r lias she got a sucker? i Use Glostora. Mutt anil Jeff, i The three on top. May 6th. Ain ' t this ransom? a,, tin, in finutin: i Last resort, hoys, i For fusro.i gnr.Un. " -y ' " - ' ' ' " ' ' , you so ' " i A killer, i For the family almancte. i lie keeps us in hot uattr. i Only rubber, i Clothes don t make the man, hut — (jfjils, gods! i Need a fiatdihutc . ' i " I ' ve found ii hnrsc-shoe. " i Rooni-inates. We ' re all for the sweet, i Bums, bluegrass and otherivise. i We advocate the teaching of vocat ' ional courses in col- lege, i I low can he grin? i It ivon ' t be long now. Sot ihrtf men in ti tith, hut tuo girls in a wheelbarroii ' . y .Inotlitr in-law case. Liiisid for liff. i hi ' cn horses are seen on fiielure day: hut little, though, in such siirroun lini s. i Re i Iy to eleim u . i " Soil ' that might he one of your exmniiKition f uestions. " i High ami dry. i Fish and Fisher, i I ' he end of a journey, too. t Blue Grass Bums. kverylhhu ' s frozen but the smile, r She has t nssihilities for that cottage, i After the game. i Smiles. i JMilly. Oh. that tree ami those gloves. i A man! i A rose among petunias. i Jack and Jill. Till Thrn Muskttiirs. i $nt,nb nin,l. i Our Samm ' u. i Fnshmnn Sponsors. from llii land of the risiiie sun. f My r iliiitiiu. i Don ' t drop it. Injuns, i All that goes up must come doi n. (lauyht ill the art. i Del puis del siir. i Tivo Utile misses of ' 65. -f Baby ' s devel- (iped some appetite, i Pensive Ben. i Brown eyes, f Faint heart never H ' on fair lady. 1 A perfect ad. i That Junior- Senior. 1 " Ride ' er. Bill. " Above; Memor- ial at Bryan Sta- tion Bprine. near Lexineton. erected by the D. A. R. to the brave women who carried water from the sprine to the fort under the Indians ' rifles " Ashland, the home of Pienrjr CUy Indian ■ " DM State Capitol. Frankfort, home of Kentucky Hiitorical Society. Liberty Hall, Frmnkfort, designed by President Thomas Jtfferson. e corner of Old Fort Harrod. H rrodsburg.i Entering quaint old Shakertown. Chfanney Rock, alias Th» Devil ' i Pulpit. onL Kentucky river n e a r • Camp Nelson. Historic Cumberland Gap. Kinliirly, fiimiil the norlil tiroiintl, Eqiiol to any land e ' er found — iVo land of nobler daughters, sons, Tried, trusted, true, and val ' rous ones. Cot.. N Alius- Ward Fitz-Gerald. Jefferson Davis Monument at Fairview, nine miles east of Hopkinsville. Electric eleva- tor carries tourists to top, 351 feet higrh. Daniel Boone ' s grave, Frankfort, KT ' 0I V: Spillway, Dix Dam, near Lexington, Ky. Zachary Taylor Tom b, near Louiavflle. It ith sons as i riat as any state, It is thy fate of yore and late. To give thy best unto the West. Ulvsses Grant Foote. The cAsburian, 1930 AFTERWORD Vpon the lives of its early settlers has Kentucky been built. Their toil, their blood, their very spirits have been inwrought in its structure. Mrs. Fannie Casseday Duncan has aptly said: ' ' ' Making the story of Kentucky is like making a mosaic. It is the work of both artists and artisans. Rude and brawny tillers in the soil hacked out its foundation; sun-crowned heads carried its spires upward. One class is not to be honored above the other. ' ' Together they have set up a mighty commonwealth. Has any state a more glorious history? 185 The oAsburian, 1930 «giBIBgiTOB«M WaWWBTO«;ffi«(P»g »«ftga81 W We Wish To Ackno H ledse 1 hi- kind offices of tlu- aifhitc-i ' t in designing a private entrance to tlie staff room for Herb and Red. 1 he kindly solicitude of Red in gi ing us a half hour rest between lo and 1 0:3(1 p. ni. The forethought of tlu- former occupants of the staff room in leav- ing us a chair that collapses at the psychological moment of the business manager ' s nap. The enthusiasm which the Speech Department inspired in Viola Swigert before Dick, made his appearance. The diversion furnished by the advent of cats, toads, and edibles in our window. The kindness of the printers in making a few typographical errors so that we can give them credit for the mistakes of the book. The kindness of Tony (niiles and Ed Carothers in keeping the staff room clean during the holidays. The considerateness of Carl Matthews in relieving us of the care of the associate editor occasionally. The generosity of various friends who donated enough candles to enable us to get through the dark hours. The neighborliness of the (Jollei itin staff in the exchange of car- bon paper, matches, etc. The kind consideration of a Virginia school ma ' am in writing the editor frequently enough to keep him in a tolerably good humor. The diligent efforts of the conservatory students in furnishing such delightful entertainment all day long. The enthusiastic interest displayed by Nellie Moore and John Franklin in demanding their books about two months early. Miss Carmichael ' s loyalty in winding her clock to furnish us a time-piece in the absence of the chimes. The " prudent " night hours of the Collegian Business Alanager, A ho kept us from dozing with the " liunt-and-peck " system. A. W. Townsend ' s efficiency in keeping silent the conservatory halls. The use of the librar ' ' s (VCedar Oil, which is so efficient in touch- ing-up office furniture. Euna K. ' s thanks for the pri acy of the staff room. The greenness of the Freshmen for furnishing amusement in our leisure hours. igfi MY OLD KtNTUCKf HOML JTLPHLN C. rOJTLf Tk sun ihinei briafit in the old Kentucky home, ' Ti 5 summer , the ddrkics are say;, ,, The corn-top ' s ripe and the meadow:; in the bloom, While the birdj maike muiic dll the day; The youRQ foiki roll on the little cs bm floor, All merry, all hapoy and bnaht; By ' n by hard times comes a knocking a.t the door, Then my old Kentucky home good niaht! The heaid msi bow nd the back will hm to bend, Wherci er the ds rky may go; A few more da yi and the trouble all will end, In the field vyhere the iug r- canes acow; A few mors dayj for to tote the weary Load, No matter twill nci er be liaht; , A ' ffw more dayi till we totter on the roa.d, Then my old Kentucky home good mahti Weep no more my lady,Oweep no more to dayi We will in(2 one jonafor the old Kentucky hoffie, for the old Kentucky nome,far a-way. 187 The oAsburiariy 1930 INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS ASK INN — ...Wilmore, Kentucky THE ASBURY PRESS - Wilmore, Kentucky THE ALLEN WHEELER CO. Troy, Ohio BENSON PRINTING CO. Nashville, Tenn. DR. C. W. BURKE Lexington, Kentucky BRYAN-HUNT COMPANY Lexington, Kentucky H. A. CHURCHILL AND JOHN T. GILLIG Lexington, Kentucky CINCINNATI SCIENTIFIC CO. Cincinnati, Ohio CLAY-INGELS CO. Lexington, Kentucky COMBS LUMBER CO. Lexington, Kentucky THE COLLEGE COFFEE SHOPPE Wilmore, Kentucky GOLDBERG ' S Lexington, Kentucky T. R. GUYN Wilmore, Kentucky HERRIFORD ' S STORE Wilmore, Kentucky HOLMAN MARKHAM Wilmore, Kentucky JAHN Be OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Chicago, 111. JONES-SAVAGE LUMBER COMPANY Wilmore, Kentucky KENTUCKY UTILITIES COMPANY Louisville, Kentucky KINNEY ' S SHOES Lexington, Kentucky THE LAFAYETTE HOTEL Lexington, Kentucky THE LEXINGTON LEADER .....Lexington, Kentucky THE LEXINGTON DAIRY Lexington, Kentucky MAESCHER CO. : Cincinnati, Ohio MASON DRUG COMPANY Wilmore, Kentucky THE METHODIST BOOK CONCERN Cincinnati, Ohio MIAMI BUTTERINE CO. Cincinnati, Ohio MUNNS BROS Lexington, Kentucky H. W. PETERS CO ...Boston, Massachusetts PLUMBERS SUPPLY CO Lexington, Kentucky JOHN SEXTON Be COMPANY Chicago, Illinois SHAKERTOWN INN Shakertown, Kentucky SIMS DRUG STORE Wilmore, Kentucky W. T. SISTRUNK Be CO. Lexington, Kentucky STEELE-WEDELES CO Chicago, Illinois R. S. THORPE SONS . Lexington, Kentucky TUNIS, PAYNE WHITENACK, Inc Lexington, Kentucky VICTOR BOGAERT CO. Lexington, Kentucky WILMORE DEPOSIT BANK ._ ......Wilmore, Kentucky COMPLIMENTARY ADVERTISEMENTS DR. R. C. BOGGS ..Wilmore, Kentucky ATHLETIC GOODS FRIEND THE FAIR STORE Lexington, Kentucky GOLDSTEIN COAL, FEED Be SEED CO. . Nicholasville, Kentucky The oAsburid Kampuis Kalemdar Friday, Sept. lo. — A mimbcr of cars come ill. We sadly note the absence of " Noah ' s Ark. " Faithful and true «3s its service. Saturday, Sept. 21. — Ot-together. We sympathize with solitary mourners and ap- preciate the lesson given by the Seniors. Monday, Sept. 2j. — No Monday p. m. hikes. Social activities et a bad start. Mrs. Wyatt and Peaii Kcinon h.nve st.nrted plotting al- ready. Tuesday, Sept. 24. — Freshmen awake to the sad reality that cnlleKe is not hi h school. Wednesday, Sept. 25. — Jimmy Pritchard, having been home all summer, where there are plenty of mirrors, is mistaken for an ex- movie star. Friday, Sept. 27. — A dear little freshman girl asked Miss Carmichael: " Is it true that we can ' t go hiking without the boys? " Saturday, Sept. 28. — .• nd during the inimth manv cases began and rrultd. Tuesday, Del. 1. — Tommy Thompson: " Name a li iuid that will not freeze. " Ruth Cook: " Lemme see — hot water! " Thursday, Oct. 3. — Julia Mae loses appetite — good for kitchen bills, anyway. Friday, Oct. 4. — The cause for the lost ap- petite appears. Saturday, Oct. 5. — . i edition of the " Col- legian " comes out with a good joke. Monday, Oct. 7. — All the fair damsels wash their golden tresses, as per usual on Monday morning. Tuesday, Oct. 8. — His Nobility departs from the parlors of Putnam. Great is the mourning thereat. Thursday, Oct. 10. — Philnsoph books ar- rive, liob Standley insistent!} iiuiuires, " Who is tlii ' ill Purant e er bo(l is talk- ing about ? " H. A. CHURCHILL AND JOHN T. GILLIG ARCHITECTS Specialists in Church Irchiteclure Lexington, Kentucky Architects for Hughes Memorial Auditorium ■» xo The oAshurian, 1930 i »giima p»gg5«aw3«wa " »« " iiiW ' fMa ™Mi« tiM Maescher kSJ ' Co. Crescent Brand Hams, Bacon, Lard CINCINNATI, OHIO Herriford ' s Store offers You Quality, Service and Courtesy in Dry Goods, Notions and Shoes G. T. HERRIFORD Wilmore, Kentucky KAMPUS KALENDAR Friday, Oct. ii. — Clotilde Hair ' s pedigreed china puppy «as shattered below her win- dow sill. Dogdom on her desk goes into deep mourning. Saturday, Oct. 12. — Another good joke in the " Collegian, " and two weeks in succession, too. Monday, Oct. 14. — Ed Carrothers and Ralph Graves and fair companions have a race — where is the majesty of nature so glo- rious? Tuesday, Oct. 15. — Picture week begins. Beauty parlor rush. Wednesday, Oct. :6. — " Doug " Frazier re- luctantly parts with his cherished moustache in view of coming pictures. Friday, Oct. 18. — Picture day. The editor snaps unsuspecting victims in couples. B. A. and George White get in every picture but one. Compliments of Tke Fair Store Lexington, Ky. Make the LAFAYETTE Your Head- quarters When in Lexington Special Prices For All Student Parties With Personal Supervision The Lafayette Hotel LEN SHOUSE, JR., Mgr. Delightful Surroundings Tasteful Food SKakertown Inn The Place You Can Enjoy Shakertown, Ky. KINNEY S SHOES FOR Collegiate Folks Is New, We Have It LEXINGTON, KY. 145 W. Main Take Care of Your Eyes Hare Them Tested By DR. C. W. BURKE OPTOMETRIST (NO Johns Building 108 North Walnut Street LEXINGTON, KY. Compliinenis of PlumDers Supply Company Incorporated 610 East Third St. LEXINGTON, KY. Plumbing and Heating Material KAMPUS KALENDAR Saturday, Oct. 19. — Prof. Rosciibcri;cr ' s claS ' ses lament hi absence — philosophically. Monday, Oct. 21. — The Librarian misplaces " Emily Post. " Pean Wyatt substitutes. Tuesday, Oct. zi. — Cliff Prator almost flunks a test — gets onl 9944-100 per cent. Thursday, Oct. 24. — Prof. Wiley admits he has made many stump speeches. When a lad, he practiced talkinj to the trees. 401 N. Lexington Ave. Phone 711 " Ife Welcome You One and All " DRY GOODS, SHOES GROCERIES Fresh Meats, Fruits, and Candies Holman MarkKam VC ' ilmore, Kentucky Frida , Oci. 25. — .Albert . very generously afuiounces he will make use of dateless girls as witches at the Junior party. Saturday, Oct. 26. — Junior party — no witch- es were seen, but some bewitching was done. Monday, Oct. 28. — ■W ' hai takes the place of my best girl and sets m senses in a whirl? My yo-yo. " Tuesday, Oct. 29. — ■Miisii haih charms " — Compliments of DR. R. C. BOGGS Post Office BIdg. WILMORE, KY. n The Qyisburiayi, 1930 Compliments oi an ATHLETIC GOODS Friena KAMPUS KALENDAR even to help out the bastful at the Parvin Titus concert. Wednesday, Oct. 30.— We notice both boys and girls displaying sudden interest in going to Lex. to hear Campbell Morgan. Thursday, Oct. 31.— Discovered— Art Ed- wards on the roof of the dining hall working the ratio between bells and pies. Friday, Nov. i. — Dean Vermillion: " I make my money by writing. " COMPLIMENTS OF CLAY-INGELS CO. 1N( OKPOUATKU WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Builders ' Supplies Face Brick Common Brick Hollow Tile Etc. Building Specialties 347 East Main Street LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Lloyd Moody: " By writing? " D. ' .: " Ves, by writing home to dad. " Saturda y, Nov. 2. — Blue satin upsets the equilibrium of the junior boys, or maybe it was because Olga is " screamin ' with the freshies tonight. " Tuesday, Nov. 5. — Virginia Cannon finds a new expression, " Oh, for the patience of a cow! " The House 01 Distinctive Jewels Diamonds, Watches Clocks Platinum and White Gold Jewelry Fine Stationery Designers and Manufacturers of Class Pins and Fraternity Jewelry Victor Bogaert Co. (INCOItrOKATKI)) Jewelers and Importers Lexington, Ky. Paris, France Brussels, Belgium The cAsbiirian, 1930 Let this advertisement forever be a reminder that GOLDBERG ' S , if) re- dates whatever business we receive from Asbury College, whether large or small. GOLDBERG S iii West Main Street Lexington s Leading Tailors and Clothiers KAMPUS KALENDAR Vc(liiesila , Nov. 6. — Vi- won ' t ;i v are so dumb they think " dUarmament, " in the men ' s intercollegiate tryouts, is a debate on goofing. Thursday, Nov. 7. — Asburians almost in despair over seating system of Woodland Auditorium. Saturday, Nov. 9. — . supposedly dignified debate club discusses the (juestion, " Resolved, tlint the ( ' preft ' drd the rhirkril. " Sunday, Nov. 10. — . nd they have always blamed it on the girls! The " ( " ollegian " ed- itor giggles at the l- ' p %nrtli l.engue program. Monday, Nov. 11. — Armistice Day — but we ' d never know it; we have to prepare Tuesday ' s lessons in spite of it. Wednesday, Nov. 1 3. — So that ' s what ails .Asbury! We have it on the authority of a j-vro pective debater in %Mrnrn ' v tryuts that There Must Be a Reason Why THE LEXINGTON LEADER Enjoys the largest paid circulation of any central Kentucky newspaper! More than twenty thousand families in the Blue Grass subscribe regularly to the Leader without the persuasion of premiums, contests or other high-pressure circulation methods! Send Your Subscription Nov! THE LEXINGTON LEADER LEXINGTON. KY. The oAsburian, 1930 SAVE WITH SAFETY AT YOUR REXALL DRUG STORE " For Asbury Always " SIMS DRUG STORE WILMORE, KENTUCKY KAMPUS KALENDAR coeducation fosters the IkkI luihit of getting engaged. Thursday, Nov. 14. — Prof. Essig admits that his lecture notes are much more valuable than the text. Friday, Nov. 15. — Found on " holiness " pa- pers: " Scriptural authority for holiness is, ' Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. ' " Saturday, Nov. 16. — Cold cream industries thrive on nurses ' recommendation for bruises incurred playing football at the basketball games. Monday, Nov. 18. — It takes two couples to chase down one little rabbit on a Monday hike. Tuesday, Nov. 19. — These proofs make more trouble! Even the president of the Junior Class acquires an irate pursuer when he escapes with Drusilla Sibert ' s picture. Thursday, Nov. 23. — A. W. appears with a girl he had a date with once before. Sunday, Nov. 24. — Ed Carrothers comes to Sunda " school for the first time since a soph- omore. Monday, Nov. 25. — Professors ' mid-semes- ter education almost completed. We judge this from the fact that they have returned most of our papers. Tuesday, Nov. 26. — Dean Kenyon .ippears in " Babyland " at freshman party. Wednesday, Nov. 27. — Mary Dunaway is all a-sparkle over an arrival from Columbus. Tuesday, Nov. 28. — Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we have hash. First big snow doesn ' t phase these fresh air fiends. Friday, Nov. 29. — Nelson Durbin, in Prof. Nofcier ' s class, makes up back rest after over- worked holiday, sleeping well into the next period. Saturday, Nov. 30. — A little late in the season for nuts — it ' s the seniors, though. Monday, Dec. 2. — Adda Bert makes a good hair dresser, but it ' s rather blaring to set up an establishment in the President ' s office. The HEALTH of the FACULTY and STUDENT BODY of this COLLEGE is being PROTECTED by the use of Pasteurized Dairy Products Furnished By 716 National Avenue Lexington Dairy INtOlirOltAIIOI) LEXINGTON, KY. The cAsbiinan, 1930 H. W. Peters Co. Incorporated Jewelers and Engravers 5178-74 Washington St. BOSTON 52, MASS. Official Jeweler for Calsses 1930, ' 31, ' 32 and ' 33 Pcriclea Debating Club Lucy Stone Debating Club Henry Clay Debating Club Sophidelphia Debating Club Ciceronia Debating Club Philomathia Debating Club Intercollegiate Debate Team Asbury College Glee Club D. T. DAVIS, Disl. Mgr. Box 551 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY BRYAN-HUNT COMPANY wholesale Grocers LEXINGTON, KY. n n D W holesalv Diftrihutnrs for Brand California Canned Fruits ■ ou Will Be Pleased With This Brand Ask Your Dealer For It KAMPUS KALENDAR riiCMlay, n " C. 3. — .According to Prof. Es- sig, some of the studellt here h.nve money. Wcilnoday. Pec. 4. — Marin Capclli ' s con- cert. With information from the platform and observation afforded by the audience, the interpreting of these lo -e song nughtn ' t to be so impossi ' nie hereafter. Thursday, Dec. 5. — Hob Rich, pocket book depicted h carl ( " hri tm.i hopping, orders oyster stew at the corner store, expecting to pay for it with the pearls in the oysters. j " rida . Pec. 6. — Maii atlcnd Pa »ion Play in Lexington. Saturday, Hec. 7. — Sophidelphians classify (leorge White a- lavish. Sunday, Pec. 8. — F-pwcirlh League is not the place for S. P. ' s, according to llean Ken- fin. LUMBER YARD PLANING MILL COMBS LUMBER CO. ( Incorporated ) LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CONTRACTORS BUILDERS The oAshurian 1930 THE COLLEGE COFFEE SHOPPE " I Mecca for Us AIT ' IRWIN TURNER, Proprietor KAMPUS KALENDAR Tuesday, Dec. lo. — Ruth Roush wins the championship for gum massaging. Wednesday, Dec. ii. — We hear that Tom- my Petty is in love. Saturday, Dec. 14. — Last solitary Saturday for Jimmie Pritchard this year. Sunday, Dec. 15. — Margaret Morris is a free woman again. Monday, Dec. 16. — Gladys Nichols: " Give me liberty or give me death! " Wednesday, Dec. 18. — To leave or not to leave. Saturday, Dec. 21. — A most effective boy- cott of the parlor enabled the young ladies to enjoy one quiet evening during the holi- days. Monday, Dec. 23. — We wonder if some couples leave the parlor even for meal time. Tuesday, Dec. 24. — Some of the fellows W. T. SISTRUNK COMPANY (INCORPORATED) Wkolesale Distributors Fruits, Groceries, Confections Largest in Central Kentucky We Feed Asbury College Lexington, Ky. The cAsbunan, 1930 You Must Have Good " Tools " for Successful Work The Best Helps Only Will Be Rec- ommended in Response to Any Query You May Make The Newest Works of All Popular Authors, Bible Study Books and E - ery Style Bible, Recreational, Dra- matization, Song Books, Fountain Pens, Loose Leaf Notebooks. Complete and Unexcelled Stock THE METHODIST BOOK CONCERN ( r illnil ' l ITH ' ll 420 Plum St. Cincinnati, Ohio When -V ou Go to Housekeeping Be Sure To Ask For Coll sge Club Coffee Tunis, Payne BC Whitenack, Inc. Distributors Lexington, Kentucky MEET AT MASON DRUG CO. " First Thought in Drugs " For Drinks That Satisfy Toasty Sandwiches And Anything in Drugs KAMPUS KALENDAR carry only one chair to the pnrlnr. Vh nut two ? Wednesday, Dec. 25. — Wh.Ttever you did. Thursday, Dec. 26. — The editor experiences true happiness not accordinR to philosophy. Friday, Dec. 27. — Dale Thomas unofficially imparts to his fair partner the startlinj; news that a social register containing the rating of . ' sbury coeds is being compiled for the use of the gentlemen. .VIoiulay, Dec. 30. — Chef, what ' s the mat- ter? Leta Hicks cries for food in her sleep. Tuesday, Dec. 31. . few school-sick stu- dents return to resume their studies. Wednesday, Jan. i. — We all start the New Near right — that is, those of us who are optimists. Thursday, Jan. 2. — Today is bliss; tomor- row is no mTe of this. MUNNS BROTHERS (Incorporated) Blue Grass Meats LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY . , The oAshurian, 1930 Learbury Clothes for College Men R. S. Tnorpe Sons IN(01SI " ()U. Ti;i)) " The Men ' s Store of Lexington " Those Homc-Cookcd Foods and That Homelike Atmosphere Make Ask Inn " A Better Place to Eat " KAMPUS KALENDAR Friday, Jan. 3. — We ivho come back feel as though we aren ' t exactly wanted or need- ed. Evidently they had a gay time while we were gone. Saturda " , Jan. 4. — Some more hay-making comes to light, even the associate editor. Sunday, Jan. 5. — Murray Morford leads the women against a marauder of religious services at Nevada, Ky. Monday, Jan. 6. — Jack Shepard takes spe- THE ASBURY PRESS PRINTING OF QUALITY WILMORE, KENTUCKY cial orders for sweet milk, t ' se code now; Mrs. Wyatt can furnish the key. Tuesday, Jan. 7. — Ken Anderson ' s cane ap- pears in the girls ' dorm. Wednesday, Jan. 8. — How does Blanche Grogg expect to have two dates to one pro- gram ? Thursday, Jan. 9. — We can, and do, enjoy classical selections, contrary to previous evi- dence. COMPLIMENTS OF CINCINNATI SCIENTIFIC CO. 210 East Second St. CINCINNATI, OHIO 1 Laboratory Material Biology Supplies Fine Cliemicals The oAshurian, 1930 " S mfWiX smiosaiaMieeiMtriiffaissaxCFSceBitffiaifa . To Faculty and Students of Asbury College No Business is Bigger Than Its List of Pleased Customers ' 4 «!; ' W I L M R E DEPOSIT BANK WILMORE, KENTUCKY FOUR PER CENT ON TIME DEPOSIT KAMPUS KALENDAR Friilnv, Jan. lo. — Alice M ers H ' " " " lihuk " 111 the face tii help eiiterlain at the League Institute. Saturday, Jan. ii. — Back to deciding who is going to win the basketball championship. Monday, Jan. 13. — Jimniie (iilprpper gets a sermon flown to three minute for Fletcher radio. Tuesday, Jan. 14.— .At least so far as Dean Keii ' on is concerned, the i irU ma rave their consciences about Victrolas, but not about jazz. Wednesday, Jan. 15. — Miller Wiley says he knows nothing aliout appealing — that is, in parliamentary la v. Saturday, Jan. 18. — Helen Morrison puts on an exhibit at the ball game. MoEiday, Jan. 20. — Carl Matthews enlight- rnv prospective (nrmers of VIorrisort ab ult IF IT ' S Lumber, Hard-ware or Building Materials YOU WANT TO SEE US JONES-SAVAGE GENERAL CONTRACTORS LUMBER COMPANY oicroitA ' i ' i.i) Wilmore, Ky. The oAsburian, 1930 COrPLIMENTS OF THE ALLEN WHEELER CO., Troy, Ohio Millers of High Grade Soft Winter, Hard Winter and Spring Wheat Flours KAMPUS KALENDAR mowing. We ' ll not say who are finding his lectures so advantageous. Tuesday, Jan. 21. — That makes the elev- enth pencil the editor has chewed up. Wednesday, Jan. 22. — He becomes even more vicious and breaks up a chair in his editorial indignation about getting things in on time. Thursday, Jan. 23. — Professors start ad- vertising courses for next semester. None of them make any promises about no tests, exams or recitations. Such announcements would prove real drawing cards. Friday, Jan. 24. — Prof. Nofcier teaches from a pile of snow. Saturday, Jan. 25. — We wonder if George Lightner was artistic at that party out in town. After three years of effort the Junior girls ruined the Senior girls ' record in bas- ketball. Sunday, Jan. 26. — Hereafter we ' ll know more than to let that chicken from home inspire us with too much generosity toward the dean of men. Monday, Jan. 27. — The weather conspires with the professors ' exam schedule to pro- hibit Monday afternoon hikes. Tuesday, Jan. 28. — All students receive one Senior privilege, that of " burning the midnight oil. " Exams! Wednesday, Jan. 29. — Pitt split debate. Lacy Lee: " I ' m a modern woman. " More exams. Thursday, Jan. 30. — Still in exams — third degree of torture. Friday, Jan. 31. — . nd still more exams and more torture. Saturday, Feb. i. — The year half over, with only two weddings in school. What is yet to come ? OBS The cAsburicin, 1930 • OCUBKWilimi aBtioaMmiPS ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ™ ' ' ' ' ' ' ™ ' ' JOHN SEXTON CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO Established 1883 MIOLO Oleomargarine Butters Bread Better MIAMI BUTTERING CO. Cincinnati, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Goldstein Coal, Feed Seed Company NICHOLASVILLE, KY. SAVOY FOODS Whether Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, or Condiments, the Sa- voy Label proclaims the high- est accomplishment of Mother Nature, Human Brains, and Skill. n n Order " Savoy " From Your Grocer Steele-Wedeles Co. Founded in 1862 COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. GiUispie JoKn Askins Roy Guyn R. L. Blackford The oAsburian, 1930 Compliments of T. R. GUYN FUNERAL DIRECTOR Ambulance Service .J r WILMORE, KENTUCKY r t:A ' j s y THE PATRONIZE - " ASBURIAN ■ - ADVERTISERS v ' j j- The cAsburicin, 1930 ELECTRIC POWER Cheap, reliable, adequate service tor aomestic, agricul- tural, commercial ana indus- trial requirements. Now serv- ing 300 communities through 2,100 miles of transmis- sion lines. KENTUCKY UTILITIES COMPANY INCORPORATED ■99 The oAsburian, 1930 MwwiMww a wa s ' ggawaKawBg ' Jahii Oilier Again ' ' ti E are America ' s largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 We do not sub-let any art or engraving THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON »•••« LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUAUTY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS

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