Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1959

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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.4 , ,,.,. . M. ,, , ,. ., d.,,.v:,:..H. A """"?2'r4mff1 ff 4 xx-'mes H 'X' ,.,,.,,,.,, . .... .3 'H 'K 5 z N , M -'. 'of I f Q N It IP' ' Q . 1 Agn. li 3. c 4 gt: " 3 . 5 ' .' 'nh 'i,f'5r.4" .i I l , A s,, Q ..,.,..-- -- I if ni' Y J 1 , fi ilii., Y i Q ' 5 E J W Q X- fi .-1 ,vw 1 ,1,1! 1 -1225" v I W 9:11. 8 . . 4 lk l", Q 1 Q . w'x- 1 '-- n-1. I I gn I. .. F 14'-if f - Q' . qfi .1 hx refj A! 1. 'Q' i ". ' ,"' ' ' Fxy L .uf 'Vx hr, If ifwf' I' 1- 'wwf 1 sk N 'QOH-73 1' 4 if .1 ,- A., 4n A -. .vm -.v .gg QV' x is-1' :H-Q' 1 . 'Nui ,xc ll. g, L. A f ,I ' 3, SQ- PRESENTINS 1959 Q N' iff! " ffl! Q' Wiff I-' F N x EDITOR IN CHIEF WM ff- ww BUSINESS MANAGER fvyxgm ASBURY PARK HIGH SCHOOL ASBURY PARK NEW JERSEY V, , , N I I N .I j i? 2 ES 1,542 fl! I 3 I f I-0 pf f' 'fri' , - . vw K.. P' Q , -. .v 1 'Ziff f -' ' j A ,Q 4, , 9,1 ,Y'Q 4 . ' '. . P ,, fi, 1' . 1,01 , fx 0 I ' ' f , . f, 4 arf- ,I - ' Y I -' '..-o.,f. -1 '4,",' w,, ll '. ' 'ui . , . . 5- 0 4 1 ' V... I lf 5 . 1. ' , 'Q ' I . , O a -A Q ,fa , 1 lu 0 ', , '-. 4 U ,'.' V1.1 I , I to! D . 'J' ' ' A ' ' n .'l I. ig v .D "1 3 'n f... F Q'Q'- - 1.2 .0 N " , . ,' ,. ' v K ' :Q M 65443. ., . 4 A' t Q' 0 X-'...,'.n rn , I, ', . . , .hp ' 1 . 3 .4411 I' -, ' 3 ,v 3 A .K I, J " U ' , Q 9' ' , 4 ' - " ' 'Q f P 'CT ' .' . s' -5,5 i r- ,ev u 1 um' . l - ? 'Q' - ,4 :":: D - ' -"' QB' 'h' ' ' Jn", . X, , f'f-1 '.-sg 'L' ' 11" a , YV A '. 1 ' ' ', Q I 'P n ,, -A 'P C , . ' I, :Q it 'l fu 'Q '21 . , - . . ,I- "".' r. ' .1 Tr' u '- ..r- .Ny- Lp 'V 1- - .. , . 1, .. ,- J .A . na' tn! " 1... ..'." I-,f '. .Q -: fr-14. . - 1 ,' . 4 . . ' n -ir. , ., , . A " . . ' ' -5 I - ,' .Q f- . . , Q , , Q, -f: -1-- . ' ' ' "4-"' "o . .. 3 ll P I I ' . 1.5. Q .' N . -. ' . -'A 0' 1 B ,- - . ' "',' ', 2 . ' ,o S . ., . . ' u I' 6 , a 4 .g . ng' . 1 '.. n .0 ' : "4 L -' I , . . . ' il . P . i - ' I 0 0. 1. T. 'y' 4 , L ,'.,. - 9" . "ul N ' . . 5 gf.. . l 1 1, f ' ,Q al-. . 0 ' . NJ .f. NA f-1 Va. ' 95 , rn 1.1 - A A lx fl" ' 5 V "Ns t . I' '14, A I ,QI . T' lg I 4 I V3 I I . - I ' r 4, ,P ff 4' """" "'M G 'n " :AQ ' ' ' V Q' ! ..' 7 fWf'7'- ' ' 'ff 1 1 , ',AM"i ' 1 . - iymupngn . 1. Y 34- Q f,g3'gs.fhma -'P 5 V fa,Q,.,f-'rw faggg'-f-'rw V I any fl-,:.aKzy.y Q. , , ' .3 . YQ . , ,,.,? ,,.,v,J.- K..f . ., 1 I , I ,V 1 Q.. 'f.?Y-,, , . Q' . ,qs 1 421' Q? fri x 'VU' V' ':.1'M1 sit , V I .. -V - M,-U M .4 1 H'-fw,,,,?4 xv , - '. Q 1" h, x , .4"' I - ."' . 4 - 1 A , N M Q. .. , ..Q,.,, 1 W s ' 4 fifllzw' .,.,,. E' 2' 'Q 1 Em. . U H-. ' 4. 'LM I . V 1 'A 'K ., 'H . 4 1 1 n 0 fe , a 'Q f1 -rf" ' ' '15 ' W 0' ' I ' A, f 0 :o i '41 A 0? ' ,Q ff L A 1. . f D- fl 1' A 1 'J r 5 mi 4 3 , 1 , 1 f .fx ff 4 I" ' P. an O n , 1 FF' " G J ADMINISTRATIUN Through these hallowed halls we pass, Perhaps for the last time en masse. With knowledge new heights can be gain And a better world for all attained. For all the guidance and fine education, We offer thanks to the administration. ed, 31.35 N' N Q 'no IQ ,M , .f X J ,r I fqff--1 f-'13 'PN ,ax """'-as DR HARRY S. HILL Superintendent of Schools WALLACE F. GLEASON Principal ia -uq JOSEPH F. ZACH Administrative Assistant and Secretary SOTEROS ROUMA NIS Vice Principal BARTHO LOMEW SICILIANO , K Attendance Officer 'f my ww MW J I ifQ7J14,'iff' My 0' Vi C? sag ' S. 1 Principal's Office Staff: Jane Richards, Patricia Windsor, Grace Walther, Vivian Frazee. L47 , b Uday Business Office taflX:lDoris 'tg ,Marjorie Broth- ington, Grace , Muriel' rgan. I f , 1,1 L, M .af JEAN REDDEN Superintendent's Secretary 5, 1 ff- 1 lv, fx A P H S FACULTY C1a1re K Anvrxst Stanley E Baston Bruce A Baver Rxchard A Boehler ri" -fr Z' Johnl-I Brunner Wllham B Bruno Frap1g!A Bryan Mary A Bruce Cameron Theodore R Chne Ph1l1p G 2' 5 ' V K Jane H Gardner Stephen B Gust Anna M Hahn Robert O Hart George R Hartman 215' f X HW arxe W Hayes Gerald W Hxgmbotham k Isabelle S Jones Ruth S Jones I Anna L Lxeberman Norman Lmck N AVIS T M3rCy Arthur I T Maroney Wxlham G Matthews Alfred H Hyatt Wllham Junda -'-1' Dolores A Lynch an Katherme M Massey Helen M Mc Donnell Henry C Johnson W1ll1arn G Kern Peter J Maher Mary L Matthews Robert W Mc Gurrm 9 ,1',1 'I' A O ,Ia Q V ' xx ' W 55555 ' X 914 AJ 2 ya. 1 I, .. 4 l e ' W .asr 4. t,n, G . N - gl 5 f X 5 9' 1, I - Nicholas J. Merli A Ns 2 Q. YZS Ruth B Morano John Pandolfe Galen E Ray it '1' 5. Ruth D. Meserve Charles B Moreland Elk Dorothy S Pearce Jean E Rehm 5 xk Ruth H. Miner Lawrence V. Mione June B Mount Laurence R Osgoodby Emanuella P Peluso Joseph V Peluso 5,--Q Sergxo Rey Howard R Rlchmond Dons R Rmehart F Lachman Rmehart Evelyn H Ross I0 L 'A V5 ' . O . ? xy I ., x X f . . ! 4 .V , I X :N cu, f- ff U-ff . K A V Q ,V A , , . 2 f ,. . I f K '- ' - .- KN u ...Q Q -V l X X , .. 5 v t ..,,,k l is A I' 11. zxbu 1' 4 K L v'f ' R '- X 1 ' 5 Q4 .' . Sc. ' . ' - l l we w f Esther F Royster Edward B Shaw George A Snow Leonard S Stout 0- Beatnce Van Campen RachelS Vecch1one Jeannette Schuppan Harold D Shannon ,4- 4,4 Helen D Shaw Donald I Smlth Rlchard C Smlth If Esther L Thompson V1 gill sw fi? George L Thompson Mane Vogel Joseph G Walsh Ethelbert H Wanner Edward C Warakomsln ll SENIURS Through these hallowed halls we pass, Perhaps for the last time en masse. In future years we'll try our best To successfully meet life-'s every test. We'll always remember our high school days As we travel on our different ways. .fflwg W Z ff . b, 'z 5 P .fif1..,, A 5ggi3Zi:'?N' 555+ 3' if 1 , Q ima L '11 n3'4?'5' -aff." fiff fy 33 Dggfjg . QM ' V E , ,. 1343. Wg gfp., I ' k ,, f ?,"r .sa s . SENIUR CLASS UFFICERS it Neal Abello Vxce Presxdent Carson Mader Presldent Barry Kwihck Treasurer Elame Spmo Secretary 'CTT t ANN ABBAMONTE NEAL ABELLO one knows what she can until she tries." eneh lub 4g Blue A's 3,43 T ck C 43 Bowling 43 Teen- Age B Club 3g Stamp and in b 4. A ion: To be a nurse. X XWWI S BENJAMIN WM, ADCOCK Bi A great skipper he shall be Football 1 Intramurals Basket ball 3 Ambition To join the lxavy ng-Q, ATL JAMES ALEXANDER Jim The honors of genius are Latin Club 2 Honor Societx 234 Ambition To be a good citizen PATRICIA ALBAINO Fish Her conversation was brief and her desire was to be silent Bue As 1234 Hockevl Teen Age Book Club l lrack Club 1 Stamp and Coin Club 4 Ambition Beautician 'Qi .4 'f Nell 'Knowledge is proud of having earned so much, Wisdom is humble that it knows no more. Football 13 Basketball lg Honor Society 2,3,4g Track Club 3,43 Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 2g Cafeteria Monitor Gym monitor 35 Intramural Bowling 3,45 intramural Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4g English BOO Committee 45 Track 4. Ambition: Engineer. BARBARA ANN AL ESSI Bobbi What sweet thought are thine Blue A s 12 3 4 Homeroom Vice President 1 Miss Vogel s Office Staff 2 Banking Staff 3 4 Bowling 1 4 Ambition Io be a good wife T." wa' '51-L-yur JOSEPH AGRIS oe' None but himself can be his parallel Driftwood Business Manager 4 Band 12 3 4 Cross Country 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 As tronomv Club Treasurer 3 4 Latin Club 2 T rack Club 2 3 4 lrack 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 Weight lifting 4 Ambition To be an atomic phx s icist BRUCE D ALITT CZ, Bruce is simply ca Healt tor 4 Driftwo Sta Book C 1 2 3 Honor ht Lifting 4 b l 2 3 Foot ight Safe Driving Club 3 Track Clu 34 tramurals Bowling I tr ural Baseball ww ballfl ,2f nc 2 3 ll Mon Ambition To be acollege grad uate . H.. .J . - B 1 , , . Q ' 1 . . A . . , . L D - . . .,,, - , . , " . L . 1 K - ' , . , 9 ' V l , , . : , 1 ' : ' ' '- - 1 1 ' 3 ' . , 3 ' , . , . . .. A 4 .. ., , . V 1 . L, I eternal." "Bruce who is sma in ' 4" 'i d te." , . . ir ' il , g - V i 1 ' ff 4: - 2 ' ' . ,F . , . L 4 , 3,41 . , 1 . A - . . 1 1 , g , . , '--" ' .. K, I fi , -. I 4,7 T f 3 , D , gk A . . v L., I l V ' , , g V . C ,- . aff. f . 4, X ' I. V, 1 , . ANTHONY A PICELLI Dodo A merr heat maketh acheer Y ful countenance Football 1 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 ltalxan Club 3 English Book Committee Captam 3 4 Track 4 Track Club 4 Intramural Bowllng 4 ROBERT AVISON Bob Hxs talents are more sllentklnd Honor Soclety 2 3 4 Amb1t1on Engmeer I6 O 3 Sweetness 1n actlon and voice 11 f'lQ1clZ, fl NORMA JEAN ALLEN I flf ES N ANTICH J C orus 13 4 Bl e A 1 vjrho Svafh'-rf TWlI'11l'lg 4 Teen Age Book Club 2 'Hq1or Soctety 2 3 gf safe Drlv Amb1t1on To be a success at Iliff?-Fgviil aSkeA1al13 'Vxdl what ever 1 try to be ll ence b '2 Trac lClub 3 4 Wwwggiffwwf' I l Intramural Bowlmg Cafeterla Momtor 4 Safe rlvmg Club 2 Intramural Bas ketball Amb1t1on To be a teacher Y' Ffl n w1tho Dompgqmdjlcf ing club' P as 2 3 Banda 2 Intngynural Bowlmg Cafetena onltor 4 Merlt cholarshlp andldate 3 Amb1t1on Chemxcal Engmeer RICHARD C ARASL Arab A fun loving lad Basketball fl!!! I Track Club 4 ll main r Bowllng 4 Am tlonl 'I be a traxned en bw I X JA' 1 MNUJM V JANICE R xy isyriuef Brxght 1S her ace mb ue A s l 2 3 Cheerleader 1 4 Homeroom Pres1dent 1 Athletlc Staff 4 Gym Leader 2 3 4 Track Clu 4 Key Club 4 Cltlzenshxp In st1tute Representltlve 3 Student Varletles 2 4 Bowlmg 1 2 3 4 Clrls Sports 1 2 3 4 Amb1t1on College v IKGINIA BACH Gmny Sllence IS virtuous Blue A s 1 234 Bowlmg 23 4 Volleyball 3 Basketball 3 Amb1t1on Secretary A - IIA ' I K, I I I 'E' A I .. . I .., ff' A if ' -- fa ' , , I ' I h , , g u 's 5 1 ' ' ., 3 - :,bl',,3.," ' ' . v ' . N Q '. ' I A L. ' - . jg ra g A . . I 3 'n 3 A u ' . . ' ' . ' :. ' A. , ,I lx . 3 I 3 N g , ' "k, . A af-Y 1" Y i I Lfff.fff ' I I 0 I If ' ,qw af' 1 ' Ulvfyj 1 , 'X 1 5 2 f' yy I A I Y , I I J L F ol 4 ' W at E , SD ' s " " an" ' L il 1 e I 1. ' " ' ' ' A ' ng." ,.tll Bl ' , , , T 4g F, 5 I - ' y y 3 13 4 ' ... . f ,, . . . . , Z . lb li . . : I . gg. MARY BAGWEL Ol Would that I have th1s nurse care for me Nurses Club 234 Debatlng Club 3 Press Club 3 Blue A s 4 Chorus 4 Amb1t1on To become a nurse STEPHEN BARCAN great Megapho e News rs Honor So e Cross Edltor Track 2 3 4 hght Board Club 2 tramural Basketball 1 Ambttlon To become a suc cessful ClVll Engmeer 'lf QR HELEN M BAKER Dove Her manner was s1ncere Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Basketball l Teen Age BookClub1 Track Club 4 Ambltton Axrlme Hostess sf? A-if JJ if O KARENJBASS Qffzxfrrilnftsgw BHQIQQ Kar QM PL J H35 wrt wavfhore tlgklfuaqiyx w Q-Jbxgo ljtntezlxfabgb Q, X Plamfielq Htghggcho Meg N uaplqone kaufen U4 Junior Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 Dfamhxlyp 3 Senlolffvplav 4 Baseball Int amural Bowllng X313 be 4 F emcwa 4 Driftwood Staff klxfflzpsf Vogel s Staff4 Amb1t1o glcolle Ambxtton College P LAWRENCE GINO BASDEN Larry Swift he was m words and sports Cross Country 1 Track 4 Ambltxon To be a lawyer ROBLRI BAUER Gabriel w1ll have nothmg on h1m Band l 2 3 4 Health Counc1l 2 Safe Drlvlng Club 2 Ambltlon To be an accountant NV If 2 l WM BEVERI Y KEMBLE BEEGLE Bev Moderauon the noblest gtft of heaven I..at1n Club 1 2 3 4 FrenchClub 3 Secretary 4 Jumor Drama Club 3 Footllght Club 2 Mega phone Sellmg Staff 4 Blue A s 1 2 Bowl1ng 2 4 Ambltlon To work 1n a lab oratory ANDREA BEKUS V7 RONALD M B ENOIT Mickey A constant companion of mirth Basketball 1 Football 1 Ambition Master mechanic Andy 2 3 4 Athletic Staf Represen t w Ambit everyt in She whistles as sh oes c e l A 2 3 4 Track Club 3 PEGGY ANN BERARDESCO Peg On with the dance Let Joy be unconfined Student Varieties 1 2 Twirling 23 Flag Twirling 4 Italian ub 234 Blue As 1 Future Teachers Club 4 Junior rama Club 3 Footlight Club Ambition To be a high school teac ep gow Q of St E it ff was Aww Q. JAMES . RA 9 - . F Jimi C5 f th' can e throws Je livg texbui dw boast. Ambition: go to college. A, 3 4' eac u l Treasu ' ' ba I I . I atgtf Ambi i : To be a private sec- retary. DAVID BRANTLEY Beetle' Mild manners, slow to smileg concentrating all the while." Homeroom President lg Cross Country 2,3,4g Indoor Track 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball I, 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Homeroom Vice President 25 Intramural Baseball 25 Safe Driving Club. I8 DOROTHY B RA NTL EY Buttons " "Simple is neatness, unaffect- edly sweet. ' Ambition: To be a secretary. BRAWER RY H BRELAND andy A quick mind is richer than n nse eno and OWU is elished y tof 4 Megap on ews horus 2 ARTIE BRENAN Arch I would have sports upper most Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball l 3 4 Football 1234 Track I Intramural Basketball 12 Homeroom Vice President 2 Megaphone 3 Safe Driving Club 2 Ambition Io play basketball for the Knicks 4 s ROBERT BUNTINC Bob" 'A true and brave and down- right honest man,' Indoor Track 1 2 3 4- Outdoor Track 1 2 3 4- Football4' Track Club 3 4. Ambition: To become an arch- itect. X 1 W er 2 one bition come a Wave, nch Club 4 Pr onor Society 4 S u pl, ra 3 eri o h p C n 1 Tr k Club4 College Boa S ho rship Qualifyin ura A ltion Doctor D JUDITH BROWER P?1 OWN Judy y f Grace was in her footsteps Care was in her eye Latin Club 2 3 4 Press Club I Banking Staff 1 Footlight Club 2 Junior Drama Club 3 Teen Age Book Club 2 Mr Pandolf s Staff 4 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Track Club 2 3 4 Senior Plav Com mittee 4 Ambition To see our crowd in ten years V 7 7, '-SQ' + ,XS .5 A we-K A wondefiftfffezlier 'she ll makafof sure -K0 K4,-guy Future eachers Clupl Fre Club Tee Age B5 CLI 1- A'mb1t1on fTo tgach at A P ff -Wa WX -111 ...J LEON H BRITTON R Butch Looks and might a rare com bination Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Homeroom Vice Pres ident 3 Hall Monitor 4 Caf eteria Monitor 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Safe DrivingClub Ambition To becomea teacher f- Q74 'I TERRY BYRNES Byrnesy Who mixed reason with pleas- ure and wisdom with mirth. Football 2 3 4- Track 1 2 3 4- English Book Committee 34- Homeroom President 4- Band 1- Junior Drama Club 3- Gym Monitor 34- Track Club 2- Indoor Track 4. Ambition: To be a commercial artist. 19 JOY CARACA PPA Peachy , Llphfrl n Ike s mers mdfn 55 QR' Club 4 Irack 2 4 Ieen Agex Club 2 Com and Ddmp Club 4 Homeroom Sec retarv I 3 Ambttxon Atrune ostes an ELEANOR CALl:.l l A A qulet unassumlng glrl Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Ambition To be a prxvate secretary 20 ROBERT J. CAMOOSA "Boge ' A frxend to all foe to none Baseball 12 Basketball 12 Bowllng 4 Intramural Basket ball 34 Gym Momtor 234 Homeroom Secretary l Amb1t1on To fly around the world fmstfal JOSL-.PH BARRY CARNOT Barr JOHN PAUL CANDIANO Jack" Fame always comes when de served Football I2 3 Track 12 3 Gym Monitor 2 Homeroom Presldent 3 Homeroom V1C6 Pres1dent4 Jun1orPromCom mlttee 3 Bowllng 3 4 Engllsh Book Commlttee 3 Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Track Club Ambltlon Vetenarlan RICHARD CARMICHAEI Dxck Men of few words are the best men if 15 " Football 1 2 Baseball 1 2 3 4 is Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Fix Ambmon To be a dxstrlct at torney BARBARA M CARTON Barb Art IS power Band l 2 3 4 Press Club 2 3 Debatlng Club 3 Chess Club 3 4 Student Var1et1es Band3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Ambltlon College What a wondrous she leads Cheerleader 1 f ue C12 g1H,4.,Rt,zq"rTa ALICE CHAMY L Fr gle lheartyas far from fraud s he vep from earth M Au'Scho1hrsh1p Qandxdate 3 Hfgnor Somety 2 3 4 Blue A s 2 3 4 Ushers 4 French Club 3 4 Fhture Te ch rs Club 2 4 Ivlegapho 1 Feasur Staff 34 'Dnftwuod Represeptmve 4 Bank1ngRel135esent1tuve4 Teen A Book Club 2 'Track Club Ambmon To go to college 4. I sl, a' N V , I N A, 5 . V PM fuk y 1 Q I u l,, 4g 3 ,Q ,.,2 St -C ,gm f - x .,,. C' C211 - N6 , g ' 44, ": ' ' - u Y- .5 ,,2, . .: .: 5 f 41 k,f ,I 1 If M , " it ' ' 45 2,4, X mil? F W , 4g 1 all . x XI K A It w lf, K 4 3 I Hin 44 U .X vu ,-nv bl I vw, ve I, ','. J 4 nxilr wif ' ,. I 2 6' ' .9 : KN . V:,,g . sf 'I' 'H ' . - ' .14 - . ' ' . Pe I 1 - 4.2 , 1 , I RIC A CHA L e s mxsc ear Trac 4 llwjh J OAN COOK Cookxe Gentle of speech benlflcent of mmd Ambttlon To become a sec retary BERNADINE. C. CHISOLM Bengie Blessed wlth charm that cer tamtv to please Blue A s 24 Baseketball 4 Chorus 14 Future Teachers Club 4 Press Club 4 Foot llght Club 2 German Club 4 Hockey4 'Iumb11ng2 Ambtuon To become an ele mentary teacher CHRISTOPHER T COLL Shark Cigable n ou dmglsour 119' Footballcl 2 3 4 ieiasurer of Stu n oun 11 reas erof r la ural V5HasketbalIQ,l6l3 meroom Pres1denU3 MA dltor on Stuflefht Govir ent D 3 Hall 1 0 dgseball 1fY Ambltxo To duaef mAs Asbury k hSchool1n 59 CHRIS CHRISTENSEN Czar ln football Chrxs IS a star ln l1fe hes sure to go far Football 12 3 4 Intramural Basketball 123 4 Athletxc Stock Room Commlttee l 2 3 Engllsh Book Commlttee 24 Track Club 3 4 Gvm Monltor 2 3 Baseball l .Iumor Prom Commxttee 3 Intramural Base ball 2 3 Ambltlon To go to college ""'h1 'X BARBARA J OAN CONANT Specs Happy am I from care lm Rutland Hxgh School 12 Blue A s 4 Health Offlce Staff-4 Fu ture Nurses Club 4 TrackClub Ambxtlon To go to the Um versltv of Vermont '-'-3-Lf 41:- DOUGLAS W COLE Mlrth concealed IS more en joyable than humor revealed Golf34 Amb1t1on To jom the Navy shall I 11ve eAs 1234 Hockeyl IW lub 1 s 1 Rouman Bo'JkClub ac omeroom etary 1 Amb non To bea beautxcxan for movne stars . l fb ' A I ' -, 'T 4: E : ' ' y,: tx . - 9 E cg T x .. : K EL ' ..T I f. . ,, . .1 .1 k ,3.4. ' I ,S ,. i :To a y. " 5 ' A Ln' ' I I 1 4 I -. - X . d . . ,. 3 1 - I - X 1 ,f free." X IN me I I 1 A I I ' 1 A , 'Q - OJ ' C XU3g ry 1 4, y ' . , f: 4- U3 "I -,, ' : X. .. I .- J 't "J I -. '. - .. : I X - I F , 1 x , . .c 2 H I ' I ' ' ,V 5 . - - v .' QT . 1: k . . I S ' f' I . lf M :V 21 -,A DENNIS CRAWFORD Born for success he seemed wlth grace to w1n and heart to hold German Club 3 V1ce Presldent 4 Intramural Basketball 12 3 4 Baseball 1 Cross Country 3 Track 3 4 Latm Club 2 3 Honor Soclety 2 3 4 Footlxght Club 2 Candldate for Free holder Track Club Ambltlon To take up medlclne or dentlstry LOUIS D ANNA Stern was hls look kmd was h1s heart Ambmon To be an accountant MICHAEL ANGELO CORCIONE Klller Nothmg keeps me t1ed down Basketball 1 Homeroom VICE B ue A s 2 4 Presldent 1 Football3 4 Intra Teacher s lub 1 2 mural Basketball I 2 3 4 3 4 Twlrlmg 4 Ambmon To formacorporatlon Basketball l 2 3 4 wlth Rodkm and Klng Softball 1 2 3 4 Bowllng 1 3 4 'I' Amb1t1on 99 WILLIAM DANIEL CUSA AMES,'E DMLEY B1 None can be h1s equal F ,th own of hls head to the Qul h1s foot he 1 Football 1 dm Amb1t1on To be successful IMH 1'O0m Pre ffm Base ba 12 In ra I Bowlmg 3'-1 Intramural ketball 3 Cafeterla momtor -xmbmon Engmeerlng A . :Z , 2 ' - 1 ' -33-:Z e' ,K K I .,,. , : ' ' 2 42 C7 - A ' . . : 4: 'U Q , 1 ' . . 1 1 I . . ' 1 1 ' in - , 3 1 5 . 2 . V ' , , - 3:6 15. KA Ak . . : , D . I f i I V ,AFI Uv, ' ' 4 X 'lls tlls Ulf' L 'I 0 olol of ' I A ,f - .I I H I YL fl lf" v nlll 4 f, ng- f g ' . JV, I ,. -I ' ,Q ' ' z . A , O M 6, 1 - ' I, U . : I A ' 4 1 1 . . E I XV I f . 22 sf LOUISE CUCCURULLO Cookle I-Ier true happlness makes other smlle Blue A sl 2 3 4 V1ce Presldent of Homeroom 2 Bankmg Re presentatlve 3 Chorus2 Irack Club 3 Ambltlon To see the world ALICE HARVEFI A DARLING Shorty Angels llsten when she sings Chorus 123 4 Glee Club 4 Ambmon Beautlcxan 41516 if- i MICHAEL DeSARNO Helpful agreeable pleasant Football 1 2 Intramural Bowl ing 3 4 Cafeteria Monitor 4 Intramural Basketball 3 Italtan Club 3 Stockroom Staffl Colf 3 4 Gym Leader 2 Clee Club 1 2 Chess Club 3 4 Ambition To play cards with Maverlc Vu.. I ' s to lo s 1, ,3,4g h Club e n- g B Club 2' Ck u ' " eetic YVONNE BARBARA DEAN .Von 1, 'A soft answer turneth away wrath." Blue A's l,2,3,4g Future Nurses Club 2,3,4g Nurses Office Staff Futur ln., e-- Cl. Future Nurs ' ' F ight ub 2' St en Varie s 3. Ambition: To ua omeateacher. . 9 . C 1 tal A oom li ,2g Ll . W h , 1- ci I JUDITH D ESPOSITO Judy A discerning eye which sees all humor Blue A sl 2 3 Bowling l Ambition To travel around the world 4g Track Club 3,-4. Ambition: To beasuccess inthe field of nursing. CAROL YN LEILA HOWELL DIDONATO Red Bank s loss was Asbury s gain Red Bank High School 123 Ambition To be a bookkeeper STEVE DeS ENO Tommy A man of courage is also full of faith Football 2 3 Latin Club 2 3 4 Italian Club4 Intramura' Bowl ing 3 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Golf 4 Gym Leader4 Weight Lifting 'I eam 4 Ambition To be a success MM? uDen If M U K .. ,, B , I y . ' ,Z ' '3 ,3 . ,Z ' ..1 Z g . - 1 I 4 ' .1 .:' L I 1 3 1 ' il ' ,- - 'I 1 . .. . , N 1 .. ,, , u - . - ii v , i 1 I. i , ' , . ,,, . ..- Q 'kv -,rf , A U -Afilyfqr We i 0 '71 ,,Jf -t I 1 I Wi. I . . v, , - , H .., A A ,,,, ng,,, : - A ' - " ,V X 'T. " -.5 1 7 ,: .1 J H ' : - .3 .,: FRANK G DONIATO Car That tower of strength which stood before all the winds that blew Football I 2 3 Basketball2 3 4 lrack 1 2 4 Italian Club4 Stu dent Countil 123 Chess 3 Intramural Basketball 1 Swim ming 4 Ambition To be an engineer J N EASU Joni It is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood' Secretary of Homeroom 1 Blue s 1234 Bowli 134 Athletic Staff 3 4 Twirlmgl 2 3 4 Student Varieties 1 2 Key Club 3 4 Track Club 2 3 4 Baseball l Ambition Io enjoy life to the fullest 23 ALBERT J EHRLICH Pear Devout yetcheerful activeyet resigned Football l 2 Outdoor Track 1 2 3 4 Cross Country 3 Latin Club 2 Science Club President 3 4 Indoor Track 2 34 Safe Driving Club 2 3 Press Club4 Track Club 3 4 Weight lifting team Captain 4 Bowling 34 Ambition To be a doctor MARILYN FAGAN Mar A good reputation is of great value St Aloyisius Academy 1 2 3 Bowling 4 Blue A s 4 Ambition To be a secretary 24 ROBERT D EDELSON Bob Knowledge is rewarding Band 1 2 3 4 Safe Driving Club 2 Bow1ing3 4 Student Varieties Band 2 3 4 Health Council 2 Orchestra 2 Ambition College SUSAN EIDLIN ue Happy the woman happiest she whose mind from vain de sires is free French Club2 3 4 Nurse sStaff 2 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Footlight Club 2 Future Teacher s Club 3 4 Mr Richmond s Staff 4 Ambition To become a very good teacher JOEL C EDELSTEIN A moral sensible and well bred man Band 1 2 3 Section Leader 4 Student Varieties Band 1 2 3 4 Student Varieties Act 3 lntra mural Bowling 3 4 Chess Club 4 Honor Society 3 4 Student Health Council 2 Safe Driving Club Vice President 2 Pit Band for P T A Faculty Show 3 Canteen Combo for Senior Class 3 Megaphone Advertising Staff Ambition To' NELSON F Flash T h e re s honesty good fellowsh1p in thee Football 4 Basketball Track 2 Ambition To bea medical tech nician FRANCIA EHRLICH Frame deeds determine us as as we determine our Girls State Drift Staff onor Society2 3 4 Band I 2 2, B A s 12 34 G m 3 4 French Clu dent Varities Band B k llTeaml234 Base ll Team 1 2 3 4 HockeyTeam 1 2 3 4 Footlighr Club 2 Track CHARLES WILLIAM FAULK Chico Capable and outstanding is our Charles Homeroom Vice President 2 Safe Driving Club 2 Hall Monitor 2 Gym Monitor 4 Student Council 2 Ambition To be a laboratory technician ll I I1 .nJCl! zf R . : ' . , , E I 4 S ' ' 1 1 1 V Q ' I if a I D1 Q I - I v Q 9 Wg -N tx ' . v Q - I 2 - 1, ' U . v v 1 y ' ' . 5 g . e' r . . 9 b 2. Varsity Swimming Team 45 3,49 f er 4g Debating Club 43 . ' 5. F at I ,' ' ' 1 ' ' ' 5 K 1 , ' , BA. shlly . DM!! 'TJ ll, u .S U - M ' .. ., . Z - v ' ' 2 . W - " K ' ' . V ' , : ' ' A V . : RICHARD EDWARD FINKEL Dlck What a lovable twm Central Hlgh Ph1ladelph1a Pa 12 Homeroom Presmdent 3 Junlor Prom Commlttee 3 Hall Monltor 34 French Club 4 Drxftwood representatlve 4 Ambltlon To be a Suecess whatever l do V? .ILDITH A FRIEDMAN Judv Ihat penswe look thattatcheth manv an exe French Club 3 -1 Press Club 2 3 Future Teacher s Club 3 4 Footllght Club 2 Blue. A s l 2 3 -I Chess Cub l Homeroom Setretarv 4 Ambltlon leachlng GERALD D. FEEN EY "Jerry" 'Wit now and then, struck smartly shows a spark. " M1ss1on Bav Hlgh School 12 Football 3 4 Hall Monitor 3 4 Cafeterla Momtor 3 Ambluon To jom the Navy 1:1-' GILDA FRANKLIN Not too t1m1d not too bold Semor Plav Commlttee 4 De 3 4 Blue A sl 2 Mlss Vogel s Offlce Staff 4 Ambxtlon To be a l'ash1onDe s1gner ll ..Judy,. JUDITH B. FINKEL E V w W I I l 1 , 1 . - A I . v , 1 l 'What a lovable twin. " T ' Germantown Hlgh Phlladelphla Pa l 2 Track Club 3 4 Blue A s 3 4 Future Teacher s Club 4 Homeroom Vxce Presldent 4 Senlor Plav Commlttee 4 Ambxtlon To be a teacher YA f I 'v"' NIC 57359: M s 1enfpleas e l II' Club Staff 2 3 Fren Club 4 Of Club3 S2 3 t . . 4 mv .I .Af SUSAN FOUNTAIN Susan Laughter IS happlness Sarasota Hlgh 2 3 Ambmon To be a model Km E? T I E HFRYE AAA! Q4-n n n omes m er laughter Drlftwood taff 4 4 Ieen Age Bowlmg 3 4 Honor SOLIEIV 4 Mer1t Scholarshxp Candidate 3 Ambmon Chemist A I V , ' . ,' 1 'I . ' j '- .ns .': ' YC U , Y.. . 1 Y L , I K S., . - : . ' ' z - : in ' . '- an 4 I ' A . .A . " I I av!! v II l . . -LLH, . - - baring Club 43 Astronomy,Club S 43 , V . '-. lv ' - n v - ' Av . 1 I '.. ' ky f ' ' I ' S A - 2 ' , " , A ' fl! ' J n, - A I-J . I 7 ' , ' f KA I' . ,7 - -' N 2, "A k g - f " C g A I ,Q 1 " - U .41 ' 3 ' '- .f ' . : ' " , 1 A , ' L 25 l If rpqecibtary 5 MJF ic CAROL GARTLAND A true frlend IS forever a fr1end Blue A S12 3 4 Track Club 3 4 Teen Age BookClub3 Bowl mg 3 basketball 3 Amb1t1on To become a prlvate A, dx-u.AJC V'-W9-' q 'mel I R PP is X 1 Rei TA sofQwanmve,,r tufire awe: wrath 'X Bluelk s 2 3 4 Amb1t1on be happy 26 Lbs? cv-NS H-'JU Cawqjumvjlmcg Dem WILLIAM D FURY W1Id B111 Truth on one Slde and ease on the other Sound Crew 1 2 Gym Mon1tor Amb1t1on To become a suc cessful bus1nessman MANFRED GEIGER Of every noble work the s1Ient part IS best Cross Country 1 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 GermanClub2 3 4 Honor Soc1ety 3 4 AmblI10h Chem1st JAMES GARRITY Greml1n Your Wll makes others merry Basketball I 2 3 4 Ital1an Clu 3 Gym Mon1tor 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Hall Momtor 4 Home room Pres1dent 3 Jun1or Prom Commlttee 3 Track Club 4 Amb1t1on School teacher 'N Z BENNY GOODMAN Ben W1t and talent go hand 1n hand Band 1 2 3 4 C6feIeI'1alVl0I"l1IO1' 12 3 4 Football 3 Student Var1et1es 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Homeroom Vlce Pres1dent 2 Shop Foreman 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Track 3 4 Amb1t1on To become a MUS1 c1an nful HOMAS H GASQUE x T Ham1l n In h1s tongue IS the law of Debdtmg Club 3, Pres1dent 4 Lkflll Klub 2 Student D1sc Jocke 4 StampandC nClub Pres ent 4 Frencly lub 4 Megaphone Adver,t1s1hg Staff 3 Intramural Bowlmg 4 Health Councll 2 Sc1enoe Clubl Safe Dr1v1ng Club 2 Teen Age Book Amb1t1on To study law ANTHONY DANIEL GRADONE Danny A fr1end to everyone Amb1t1on To be successful ' A . , . 9 ' b K- , 1 ' ' ' . . : 4 . I 3.4- . . . : ' 3 - J .5 we Q." px Jr Qf L ., 5 N Q 7 mlr 1. ' ' 1 C U ,W L "' jf .llxol . - - I ',f . ' . 1 , . ' . . ,. ,fn ' 4 ' 1 . A .V 1 ' . ' .' v ' ' ' .. , 3 , 1 g C - T V kj, . . 5 - - . he Club 2- .3 -Q fx, NX . , I N L .SLI 1 G 'A f fx DI. N "1 x'L J 3' XJ it V n 1 ,, - --Xt KU. W 4 ' k- ,v NN 1 rv A ' kr' V J . J ' : .J SUSAN PENNY GREEN ue A moral senslble well bred glr Megaphone Staff3 4 Press Club l 2 3 Future Teachers Club 1 2 3 Teen Age Book Club 2 3 4 Blue A sl 2 3 4 G1rls Sports 1 2 3 4 Bankmg Representatxve 3 Chorus 3 4 Bowllng 3 4 Amb1t1on Merchandlsmg LINDA N HARA O Hara Whose ways are ways of pleasantness French Club 2,3, lreasurer 4, Honor Society 2,3,4, Blue A's l,2,3,-4, Basketball l,2,3, Foot llght Club 2, Student Varletles l,2, Offxce Staff2, Megaphone 1, Gym Leader 4, Merlt Scholar shlp Candldate 3, Track Club l,2,3 Ambltlon College L XML L me oil, L lv 'Y Etsp, qvcmgffr S i Langf 'V' 4,7 Esay 0 NVQ by ka fgggid V BX Elsa is good E!-Eiydgl SL fa1r ,y :- F ebhold s 31' Jen hl Freel-yfdevrs 1t1 shlp Vqe k 3 Webk eroo Presl roo dent 1 omerloim Pres1d 'Li e t H roo Secreta Blue t xr s A 2 Glrls rt 3 4 'Ira kt, 4 Stu e Lthr y Staff 23 4 Student G avel, XV HAROLD GUSKIN Knowlege IS power Honor Soclety 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Student Vane tles 2 3 4 Health Councll 2 Megaphone AdVeI'I1S1Ilg Staff 2 Dr1 ftwood Representatwe 4 Junlor Drama Club 3 Cross Country 2 Ambltlon To be a Doctor of Psychologv dent Varxetles 2 Amb1t1on To be a nurse LQEJL LINDA HAGERM Lm mlm: A s 1 234 Track Club Sports 4 Future Teachers t e r college Wffkcka, JOAN GRULICH rench 26 College X Q f I WILLIAM HARRINGTON B111 lxothxng IS lmposslble to a w1ll mg heart Sound Crew 1 Ambltlon Mxlxtarv Career 27 N ' VL' f l - N 'fry' ,L LM' fx, K-, I f.: U .b V K , Q Y' x YN . ' L X F' U -Az N . 1 - I 4- S ,X 3 ,xx I, -T W. .I ' 'fs f l R N ,- .3 y A QQ . - - S7 y Sllfttl-tc af at i air." V, R X '." ' If Lv Pj' T x, gf ' N 1, "R , A . :X -A e 'x , ,3, t L Q A Y 1 ' V si 3 er ' ' t 5 C g ben - o ' lp ' e 2g dent l 's xg ' 'A s ,g S s ' ' 1 fi 'W . . : V l s f ,X Council 25 Track Club 45 Stu- U' nl t A ' . A 1 D . 1 " 4 S .K I I - : 'E' . Y . I I A. F 2 J fbr, '. nl f .W U fx v ,. S . . - . - . ' 'C K 4 ' E Z'ZZc4f L, ic! KATHRYN RUTH HIGGINS .Hign "Her life is fortified by many friendshipsf Blue A's l,3,4g Track Club 3. ,.-A PHYLLIS ANITA HARVEY DAVID RAY HAVILAND 'Phyl " 'Dave " "There's madness in his "ln every gesture dignity and music." love. " Band l,2,3,4g Student Varieties Twirling 2,3,4gCheeringlg Blue Band l,2,3,4g Student Varieties A's 1,2,3,4g Chorus l,4gStudent 35 Track 2. Varieties 2,3. Ambition: To teach school. Ambition: College '41 .1 JP 96' 491 55' paint to look a .4 gf, ff KENNETH S. HOLLAND HDOC .. - " asurer 4 Club 3, ce Presiden . '79 ROBERTA C. HOLMAN "Birdie" "ln games he did excell." "Her thoughts are thoughts of 5 pleasantness. " Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1, 2,33Football1,3,4gGymMonitor Chorus 1,25 Softball 1,25 Bas- 1,2, Homeroom President I. ketball l,2, Future NursesC1ub Press 1,25 Footlight Clu 2: Blue A's 1,25 Track Clu 1,25 Banking Staff 2,35 Bowling 3: Student Varieties 2. m Secretary 3 l l Ambition: To be a retail buyer. SHIRLEY KAY HUGHES "Whose life is like the violets sweet." Homeroom President lg Home- room Treasurer 43 Science Club President 1: Honor Society 2,3, 4g Megaphone l,2, Feature Editor 3: Supplement Editor 4: Band Secretary 43 Senior Play 43 Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 2,3, President 43 Office Staff 4: Footlight Club 2: Junior Drama Club 33 Press Club l, 2: Secretary for Industrial Arts Department. Ambition: To be an executive secretary. 3: Latin Club 2. Ambition. To go into nursing. 1 ' . ' . , , J. , .- lg , 4 Q v pt C gy, VIP' JOHN CLIFFORD HUTZLEY 'Shorty" 'A real friend, whose heart equals his height." Basketball l,2,3,-lg Cross Country 2,35 Hall Monitor 43 Football 1: French Club 2: Track 2. Ambition: Accountant MARYCE D. JACKSON "Reese" 'For simplicity is charm." Gym leader -ig Blue A's l,2,3, 45 Debating Club 2: Footlight Club 25 Press Club 2, Librarian 3, Typist 4: Track Club 3: Bowl- ing 2. Ambition: 'Traveling secretary '55 'O-J '?"'2,v JAMES JULIAN uhm., "Honesty and truth are knit to- gether. " Golf 3. Ambition: To becomeaprofess- ional golfer. MICHAEL F REDRIC IRONS "Mike" "Moderation is the noblest gift of heaven." Sound Crew 1, Ambition: To become an elec- tronics engineer. SANDRA R. JOHNSTON "Sandie" "Quiet as an owl by day. " Blue A's 1,2. Ambition: To be a beautician FRANCES JACKSON it Fran n "She was ever prec i se and promise keeping. " Ambition: To go to beauty cul- ture school. SERNITA ANN JOi "A fine nurse s will Chorus l,2. ' . . 4 Ambition: T urse. iiiftiit it Rf' ffwp 7 V., , v PAULA KAY JAMISON 'Cheyennen "What sweet thoughts are thine. Blue A's l,2,3,-4. yi! JOHN KAISERIAN "To be strong is to be happy." Cross Country lg Indoor Track 1: Track Club 1. Ambition: College Monmouth t, if-l 29 .j, ' w C Y it 1, MARY S lClA KATS I L , M1 Qi 1 Thy aw nmlg W1 2 151 Llifpria vgyub YI cxlzqlvj Track if Azz me a d1cal f L ,Wd Liifl' M7 Vwwgjv CAROL K L U' ljad'a Aer lt ref xlfhfw Nu smg S 4 tureN rse s C u 1 2 3 45 majh Cl b if an c 2 4 Wftack 14111 3 F lgm 11113 l Ambltlon To a n e STEPHEN KESSLER Steve He IS truly a good sport" Baseball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 2, 3,4, Football 1,2, Chess Club 1,2,3, Lat1n Club 2, Megaphone Staff 2,3, Hall Momtor Amb1t1on To pltch for the Yankees 30 DUNCAN K ELLY Dunc TIS good w1ll that makes the man Amb1t1on To be a success gUl'47lff tl 1 :M 1 , H me In dl V y .. . . . . 1 t.x 'lj .1 :I B "A's '2,4lg J ior, 'V ' , 3 ub 35 ' A V g tr ' - , 3 Jr. 0 1 gCh slr , : ' , all AA iti obs!! ' ,'s , ' " l 7' ' ' X hn' ., ,W X' -X H , U' ' ' ' 'X ' 1 , 1 ,MV MJ LK f 11 p rl 5-DM tfvvvl I A My A 'lf 1 " fl . div' K ,fljf ' U 1 l . cm . ,, C Hifi' . , f ay. I K j vl,-" H H. 1 1 Y f 5 A . ' ltlv3,4g QA' , , , er- ' , 'X , ' 3, 5 Lg-fb 1- - 'I LV I. ' V ' " : , :g ' , ,zz 4 2: :x ' - wc ' ' ' WW With xle 1 hqi' lxps d laught 1n he! yes Red Ba Cathol1 H1gh 1 2 F t urse s lub 34 Redr ross C C11 Secretafy3 4 Healt flce Stllf'3 4fB1ue AK 21-xxvqvcfub af K, Arrlbmo To be a nurse JILL SUE KEPPLBR A WISE g1rl says not all she thmks but thmks all she says Future Teacher s Club 1 2 3 4 Megaphone Feature Wr1ter 4 Blue A s 1 2 3 Honor SOCIETY 3 4 Ushers 4 Press Club L.at1n Club 4 French Club2 3 4 Amb1t1on To be teac er 5 ESTELLE FLORENCE KATL Budgey be gone dull care' Thou and l shall never agree BlueA sl Amb1t1on To become an ac countant PATRICIA KIMBROUGH Pattle 'Thy WII IS everlastmg ' Blue A's 1,2,3,4, Bankmg Rep resentat1ve 2,4, Future Teacher's Club l, Chorus 2,4 Amb1t1on To go to college ROBERT ALLEN KING "Bob" He always has a sm1le for you besxdes perhaps a Joke or two Football l 2 3 Hall Monitor 3 Cafeteria Momtor 3 Lat1nCluh l 2 3 Chess Club 2 Debating Club 12 Student Council 2 Ambmon To be a General Sales Manager for N T A HARRY KIRK "No dutv could overtake him no need hls w1ll outrun Band and Orchestra 12 34 Ambltlon hlectrxcal hnglneer 1n 'VlARClA KLINCILR True she was ln word an deed Honor Soclety 2 3 4 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Usher 3 4 Laun Club 1 2 3 4 Footllght Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Softball l 2 AIllblIlOl'l lo become a success IRA l:. KRLIZMAN When dutv whlspers low lhou must Ih1s vouth replles l can Megaphone Sports Edztor 4 Baseball 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Football 1 3 Hall Monltor 3 4 Dchatlng Club 2 3 Frack Club 1234 Band l Home room Vice Presldent 4 Cym Leader l 2 3. Ambitlon: Lawyer 'x MAXI Ol-IN W 61' 8 fare O SSID! Honor Socl s Home Pre W B a n Deba g Cl-U A s l 2 3 4 ress lu Footllght Club 2 Drlftwood avout Edltor 4 Bowllng 2 3 4 Track Club 3 French Club 3 4 Ambltlon To become the U S Ambassador to Russla 4I.""" JON CE M KOLLER Joy Sweetness IS the ove 121 all if ll' Jzfwdfuy Bllue A ltal1an Club 'S rac 4 Future My 2X Basketball enn s tary 1 Iflo dent 2 mer om Secre ICC Presl Ambltlon To be a Success LIDWARD KOCH Bddle Strong and content l travel the open road Varsxtv Football 2 3 4 Track2 3 4 Hall Momtor 4 Homeroom Presldent 3 Student Councll 3 Ambltlon 'lo be an englneer MARIE: KRLUS How good to be merrv and wlse Long Branch Hlgh School l 2 3 Ambztlon Modelmg School 31 "Her Chorus s l Track sellerl light Club 23 tary 43 Mr. Honor Society 3,43 Senior Play Committee 4. Secre s Staff 43 Ambition: College LESLIE KUSKIN BARRY S, KWALICK "Les" IVFJA "Kee-Wee" W l V iveqjgxrvgl' 3 Bexqgqa s." "Born for success he seems, 1' ' V ff, with grace to win, and heart Bliie A' 3 ,3,4,iQfenChtiy1 3, J to hold," Pr s t fe n- e B uk ' X Cl Se tary 23 ic P e li Homeroom President 43 Home- dentt3 ootli or room Vice President 1,33 Meg- Dr, aClu 33 omero ec- aphone 3, Managing Editor 43 refary 3- rack ' b 2,3,4 ' Junior Class President33Cross Honor S ciety , 3 Country l,2,33 Honor Society 2, Varieties 23 Bowlin I- - 3, Treasurer 43 Hall Monitor kefball 25 Press C' bsiax, De- 33 City Councilman 33 Junior bating Club 1,21 Banking Rep- resentative l,3. Ambition: College BETH LEICHTER HEMI-Y, 'This mischievous girl so small and petite is really a girl who is pleasant to meet." Driftwood Staff-13 Footlight Club 3 Junior Drama Club Presi- 33 Megaphone Feature riter 3,41 Words and Pictures ,23 Teen-Age Book Club, Trea- surer 23 French Club 3,43 Gui- dance Staff 43 Library Staff 33 Press Club 1,23 Blue A's l,2, 3,43 Banking Representative 1, Ambition: Advertising. .f 3. Book lub 2 3 4 Fres ee Com Ambi . College 1' Prom Committee, Chairman 33 Track Club 2,33 Senior Play 43 Footlight Club Play 23 Junior Drama Club, Treasurer 33 Band l,23 Orchestra l,2. JOYCE LEVENTHAL "Kitty" "A quiet girl in every way." Blue A's 1,2,3,4Q Future Nurses Club 2,3,43 Debating Club 3,43 German Club 43 Chess Club 2,3. Ambition: College RITA LANDES 'A Reet " "Unique is her personality." Track Club 2,3,43 Megaphone Seller l,2,33 Chorus 13 Foot- light Club 23 I-lomeroom Secre- tary 23 Blue A's l,2,3,43 Press Club 23 English Book Committee 23 Mr. Pandolfe's Staff 43 Bas- ketball l3 Debating Club 1. Ambition: To lead a successful life. ARTHUR A. LIETZ . "Art" uPeople think he's shy and quiet, if you know him he's a riot." Intramural B a s k e t ball 3,41 Intramural Baseball 2,3,4. Ambition: Architect DIANE LOWY Beware there IS m1sch1ef 1n her Megaphone Feature Wr1ter 3 4 Student Announcer 4 French ub 2 3 4 B ue A 1 Track Club 3 4 Footllght Club 2 Megaphone News Wr1ter 1 2 Freshman Pgcture Comm1ttee 2 Press Club 1 2 Amb1t1on Fashlon Buyer MANWER JU d bato Twlrler 4 a 1 2 a err olar a e mg 1 ocl Fre h Club Amb1t1on College CHARLES LIGO KAREN LITTELL "A student with potential "Calm and quiet as a rule." energy." Blue A's l,2,3,4g Teen - Age Ambition: Engineerig Book Club 2g Future Nurses Club 4QG166 Club 4. CARSON MADE R Made f z 1ce Pfxgldent l ketball 4 Track 3 4 Ho er res1dent 4 Ger 1 4 Lat1n Club 2 Hall 3 T ji 4 Dr1ftwood Rep Honor 0 C16 reslde Senlo 'iss Pfre 1dent 4 J Amb1t1on Arch1tect SID E MALTESE Snook He has a heart wlth room for every Joy Football l 2 3 Track 1 Home room Pres1dent 2 Gym Leader Amb1t1on College Q37 JAMES BRUCE MAC DIARMID Mac Born to be happy Football 3 Bowlmg 3 4 Track 4 Gym Leader 3 Amb1t1on Lawyer F LYNN A Lynn Her merrxment seems made to be shared Cheerleader 1 3 4 Gym Leader 3 4 Student Varletles 2 3 4 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Bankmg Rep resentauve 2 Homeroom Vlce Presldent 3 Track Club 2 3 4 GIIIS Sports 1 2 4 Footllght Club 2 Amb1t1on College 133 l "Dy .. ,. C1 .,Q 1 ,'S,2,4g A, ,1 an , .e .. . 1, . el h , . -.. Q ,: 1. t Msbn or g I traQlural Bowling 3 rc L106lA,g ' , ve - - i U L . 'USE ' 1 " " "C e lsa li Fl ' g ' H ' , ..i 3,' ff Uhr: UG' b .2 " ..: ,2 0 LR- ll A , ' ,,,, ' - 1, ' I an' 4 ' : ' I : ' , ,- s , ' : ..: X 1 .. : ' 1 . , 33 ERIC J MAUCH Good company Homeroom Presldent 1 Cer man Club 2 Intramural Base ball 2 3 4 Amb1t1on College BARBARA MARTIN SARALYNN MASSEY "Babs" Llfe xs a SEIIBS of surprlses Blue A s 1 2 3 Track Club 2 Ambxtlon Secretary 'Carefree and gay 1S she " Blue A s 1 2 3 Ambmon To be happy lf? ww EWA C ME L If '5m1ey CHARLES MC KI:.VlTT Chas A welcome addltlon to A P H Red Bank Catholxc Hlgh School 1 2 Intramural Uowlmg 4 Ambmon To jom the alrforce Sound qff , n1or Play Comm1ttee Cha1rman 4 Press Club 23 Ambmon Nurse C e 1 aptaln 2 3 4 Ambmonl, CQIICH1 Engmeer Staff 2 3 Footlxght Club HERBERT ALAN MEISTRICH MARSHALL MICHELSON He mzxes W1SdOm w1th m1rth Semor Play 4 Student Council 4 Homeroom Vlce Pres1dent3 Homeroom Presldent 4 Mega phone Feature Wr1ter 4 Merlt Scholarslup Candldate 3 Band 12 3 Student Leader 4 Or chestra 1 2 3 4 Hall Mon1tor4 Student Varleues 3 4 Student Var1et1es Band 1 2 3 4 ln ra mural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Golf 3 4 Track Club 1 2 3 4 Junxor Classlcal League 2 'Ieen Age Book Club 2 3 4 FOOIllghI Club 2 Ambmon Lawyer Why worry'7 One never galns anythmg from II Football 12 Chess Club 2 Scxence Club 2 3 Intramural Baseball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 Ambltxon Teacher if DOUGLAS E. MILLER KEITH R. MILLER HDOUZ ,. eg 1: "Red " I say little b t I ow a t. ed headed Keith, 0 fun, friendly ile I iti I le I ' one, . 72? if Ajvx W1 X F tball ' G tj, ' 1 Mo ito 2 , r M hi 210 'O 43 H 1 1 Ad? I ' e Cl b ,43 dent 0 ' va-lvfvari t s 2 ro oun L 1" I am 1 B k tball - Ihtra Baseba l,2. aww 4 ww ,, , ,V.. A LL5 A J MOGE "A, di po ition va u e than ld. 'L ,J J Ho' oom light Track Staff WMM Ambi n o lead a success ul band. ig., E OLASK lfllcfi " a ' ur pleasure, but ne y riend." ociety 2,3,4' egaphone , 3 Copy E ' 3 Football 43 Trac 3 4 ootlight Club 3 St ncil 2,33 Junior rama u , Co-president 33 Homero President 2,31 Homeroom Vice President 43 German Club, Treasurer 3, President 43 Latin Club 23 Boy's State Representative 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 Merit Scholarship Candidate 3. CYNTHIA MORRIS "Cindy " 'Success comes to those who earn it." Blue A's 13 Debating Club 1,21 French Club 2,3,-43 Chess Club 3,43 Honor Society 2,3,43Mega- M1 phone 3. Ambition: College PATRICIA MONTULET STEPHEN MORAN "Pat " "Silence is golden. " Blue A's l,2. Ambition: Secretary "Slim" 'A new comer well liked. " Monterey High School 1,23 In- door Track 3. Ambition: Art School NNE MUELL ER to a task and Pres- Future 1,2,3, ship 35 OL E URPHY BEATRICE M I 06 ndne s 1 the sunshme from Wh1Ch 1r rows WILLIAM H MYERS Bllly He may be QUIBI but he IS not 1dle Megaphone Staff 2 Safe Dr1v1ng Club 2 Engl1shB0okComm1ttee 3 Tumblmg 34 Football 2 Track Club 34 Hall Mon1tor 4 G,m Monltor 4 Intramural Mon1tor 3 Homeroom VICE Pres1dent 2 Sclence Club 2 3 Amb1t1on To be a Draftsman U A Honor A b1 n o an IBM operator 234 Club 1 2 tudent Var 1et1es 2 Amb1t1on To beahuge success 14? TALIS too bold SD Play nouncer 3 Gym resentat1ve 2 1 2 3 4 Dowlmg Amb1t1on Lat1n A1 stxtute ALLEN NEYLON A happy soul makes a good personal1ty Gym MOHIIOI 3 4 Track Club 34 Intramural Baseball 23 Amb1t1on To JOID the Navy 36 I HARRY GEORGE NERON EDWARD RICHARD NESBITT Nehru Buzzy Pleasure IS not long enough Mus1c mus1c mus1c Band l 2 3 Bankmg Represen Band l 2 3 4 Baseball l lntra tauve 3 mural Baseball 2 Intramural Amb1t1on Accountant Basketball 4 Amb1t1on Accountant fix na!" .-1' Qmak, STPEPH NIESEN very pr uctlon f gen1us must be e prod of en thus1 Chess Tenm l Club e res1dent 3 Pres 1dent Honor Soc1ety 2 3 4 Drama Club 2 SCIENCE Club 3 4 Lat1r Club 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Ambltxon Medlcal Career ,I . DV f 6 I N Bl ' 1,2, Q ' fvs " 1 . 1 1 I t . 3,43 bj T 4g . f U 2: , : S - ,HIM it J A - V I I I Ml W ' I Q - 4g A 3 1 ' S r Biasketball 2, 3, Cafeteria . 2 3 ' Blue A's l,2,3, A - ,, 3 as 112i" I QQ HAIR -.' . .. n - ' , I lf' A A - P 1 -43 PAT RICIA Ol DHAM Trlcla A smlle a frlendlv wav and a senslble mmd art, alwavs welcome Offlce Staff 2 3 -4 Teen Age Book Club Pres dent 2 Sec retarv 3 -I French Club 34 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Glrls Sports 1 2 3 4 Cvm I eader 2 Honor Society 23-I Track Club 3 Press Club -l Ambltlon Bacterlologlst 21' SAMUEL PELUSO Sammy I love work l could SII an wat h ll for hours Basketball l 2 3 Bowllng 3 4 f 34 Football 12 Homeroom Presldent-1 Itallan Club 2 3 4 Stamp andCo1nCIub Ambluon Football Coach JOSEPH T NODLAK Noz Look out he hath mlschlef In hls eyes Homeroom Presldent 2 Home room V1ce Presldent I Foot ball 13 Intramural Basket ba 1 2 3 Ambltlon Pxlot CHLS'I ER PAFF Chet lb so small h s wlse he IS a terror for IS SIZ6 Band 12 Student Varletles 3 -I Intramural uowlmg 3-I Intramural basketball 3 -I bolf 4 Intramural Baseball 234 Ambxtlon 'Io go Into mcrchan dlZlI'lg JANET F O DOWD Jan Take I1fe easv tomorrow ls another day Blue A s 14 Astron m 4 Debating Club Ambllgl My PETER PALUMBO Palumble A Ilttle mxschlef full of funl Football 1 Baseball 3 Intra mural Basketball 3 Homeroom Presxdent 2 Homeroom V1ce Presldent 4 Intramural Base ball 2 Ambztlon College rag C"'? CHARLES O NILILL T1 Its just the lrlsh In m basketball 2 3 4 Football 1 2 Baseball 2 3 Irack Club 3 4 Homeroom Secretary 3 Glee Club I Amhltnon College WILLIAM N PETERSEN JR B1 ake Ilfe easy tomorrow IS another day Ambltlon Electrlcal Engineer 1n 37 . f 1 ' " l 1 ' Y I . ' 1 - : ' 1, wail? 5' ll " z I ' ' I . . l , . : . , L My I ., . . ,, , .pn , N 'He " , e I so " ' ' ' - " . - I ' S ' fu , 3 ' - 5. 2, . ' . " ' l g ' . 1 ' . 1 ' : - 4 sg I . s X 1 . . . H A I Y . . I . . 2 - S I " " 'D '11" I .. I I d ..T , i . G01 ,,3:4Z 'g ' 4. V 1 I SAMUEL VINCENT PETILLO ELAINE NUIRGARET IPEQSERN Vlnce X "P,1son Llve whxle ye may Sllence thx golden X R V179 1' off the gdl standard Ambmon To Jom the Army Track plum 11 2 3,4 Atyldtl 5 Staff v Iggy C?i4fB e A51 ,a---- 1234gflss 11125 At Varlelx s FO0II1g t Club 2 Colof G d 4 Homeroom5ec retary 1' Ambltlon Legal Secretary 1- Ab 'i ,N1COl:E'I'l'E PINELLA P TERAS Nicky A good heart and a Qeasant- My lThW smile -' "' M t Sc olar Candld Blue A s 1234 Homeroom Blue A 4 Track Track Club 4 Press Club 1 surer 3f Hom r ecre ry V1ce Presxdent 2 Bowlmg 3 4 2 3 4 brar Megaphone Seller 2 3 3 Megaphone aff Staff 4 Key Club 4 Club Amb1t1on Beautlclan 2 Future NursesC 4 Future Teachers Club 1 ngllsh Book Bowlmg 4 Ambmon College QLNAI-I PLOTKIN SARAH ELIZABETH PLUMMER X N N Never atlulf moment Betsy be practlcal and you 1 Track Club 1 2 3 4 Press Club succeed 1 2 Megaphone Seller 4' Blue A s N1 2 3 4 FootlXght Club 2 Blue A s 1 2 bowllng 3 Chorus 1 Nature Teacher9CTub Ambmon PIIF tefe rewy Ambmon College J 4 45125 ART POLHEMUS PATRICIA POLHEMUS Artle Pa! A11 the world 15 a Slage A volce to charm has she Senlor Play 4 Track 2 3 Glee SU-ldel'lf VHIISUCS 2 Club 2 3 Foothght Club 2 Jun lor Drama Club 3 Engllsh Book Amblfmn Smser Commlttee 3 4 Football 1 2 3 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Debatmg Club 3 Q Ambmon Dramatxc School 38 y HJ - . , ' 4 ,I . NW A ' 'rs .4 . ,p 'K . U I'u ,I I . ,, L" l"'w"' .N . Idx' ', sf e 1 - c I , . y, ,' ' ' y I, -0 .N , J- I 1 5, , ual! Q 3 1 ' . 1 I .tr . 2 , L. My L- ' ' 1 y 7 Xb k , ,. , ., ' -1 y. . , 9 1 ' , . . : b . . I , ' : , , , : 1 r - ' , U - ' , ' Committee 2,33 :Cvlee Club lg . xl .IIE rff,x.X ' V 4, v ' . x . " ' will 1 I 1 ni. -W , . . .1 I 1 Q ' ' , : ' - E 1- XIV .2 . .'x vi N I T1 I . . . ' N - . , I fzfzfl I ,Uv ' , A s 77 lf fl 4 . I It A A f, 4 A ff ,I 'XMI 0 I, X00 , A! V4 , ,Q '14 'L 7 ff" U!!! pf' 7 I ! ARTHUR H POLLAK ROMl:llA ANN Povrhalv Art P11 Youth the glad season ofllfe T0 kngw hu Us Qqlke hy 4? MARY PORRECA Mare Never without a smlle and a good word bouth Broward Hlgh School 2 Megaphone Feature WIIIEZ3 4 Twlrllng 4 French Club -4 Future Teachers Club3 4 Hon or Socletx -1 Latln Club 2 Blue A s 13 4 Mr Roumams Staff 3 Debatlng Club 3 Clrls Sports l 3 -4 Ambltlon Teacher ,l alll alll, gg at they s if Ambilii Student Var1et1es3 F1-emh Clu 2 Bluqx Amb t1on Draftmg School 2 4 btu ent letlo Mn EM '-'-v N. v uf V0 dCHh1I3i JACQL bl llNl: ALIHFA N 1,96 msou uwmonn R ckv -C ver clepe ble, nn manv t lngs KVA fl Blue A s l 2 3 4 Honor SOCICIV 3 4 French Club 3 4 Footllght Club 2 Chess Cluh l 2 Amb1t1on Psx t hologlst Jacqu1e All that 18 pleasant Future Nurses Club 124 Press Club 234 Teen Age Hook Club 2 Blue A S2 4 Band 3 Footllght Club 2 Track Club 3 4 Chorus 2 -1 Amhltlon College YV MIRIAM JANh-.I ll:. PRLSSLILW Pennxe Your goal the shy Clee Cluh 1 2 Basketball 2 .Iumor Drama Club 3 Amb1t1on Nurse JOE CE RICHARDS Joyce" " true heart and a ready hand.' C orus l' Blue A s 12 3 4' French Club 2 3 4' lwirll g 4' Press Club 3. Ambition: Secretary 39 BOBBIE RICKS ROBERT R ROCKLYN Chester Rock A happy soul A good heart and a capable Intramural Ba sketball 1 2 3 head Cross Country 23 Football Ambition Navy Officer l Basketball 4 Intramural Track3 Ambition To Join the Air Force ELILAB Liz a 1 4 ank Rep resentative ren Club 3 Committee air 4 Drift wood Re if entat e Debat in Clu Te n Book lub 1 t C Am www j"""'-. if happv-all in OPAL M. ROUCH Deeds not words shall speak for her Blue A s 1,2,3,4g Homeroom Vice President 23 bowling 1,4g Track Club 3,4g PIBSS Club lg Megaphone Seller 2,3. Ambition: Business School 40 Club Band 3 4' FrenchClub 4 Senior Play Committee Driftwood Representative 4' ra 2 3 4. Ambition: To succeed. 121 QQ JOSEPH BRUCE ROSENBERG Elvis When stern duty calls I must obey. Debating Club 4' Science Club 4- Coin and Stamp Vice Pres- ident 4. Ambition: Chemist gl?- Wi Ofgfl Herqfs s eixetqspr good B u 3 4 F ach ers k Club 2 Home Z v 2 oot light Clu liniolifh Safe Driving Club X-5,4 WM Ambition Teacher PAUL V. ROU DY ately and oved ou B tbe chief f eside -' ' ' 3 'ce Pre ' n ofSt Q 'La " Su nE c oun' ' 'w vqf s 1 1 1,2 35 ' -1 " Q a 2343 :N .' '1 ' . a - ree- cret y 4-3 .-- 3 Track 1 1 ' - :: - - mittee 4. A ,- . lg Gy Monitor 3 Ha n or 4. Ambition: Engineer AM RUPPEL B1 His personality the greatest St Rose High School 1 2 Hall Monitor 4 Golf 4 Intramural basketball 3 4 French Club 3 Ambition To win the National Open GEORGE H. RUDING JR. JANE B. RUMFORD "Trat" "A better guy is hard to find." Baseball 1,25 Basketball 15 In- tramural Basketball 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross 3,45 Track Club 2,3,45 Band 15 Science Club 1,25 Debating Club 2,35 Gym Leader 2,35 Homeroom Vice President 25 Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 1,2. Ambition College MARY LOU SALAMONE LuLu Always ready with a kind smile Blue A s 14 Track Club 4 Ambition To he a Ewggian M! jwfffl JMJf'! W af fff " er e H ,f llablll w hiyxn, dledwkifks 1 X 1 N N N Lag? 25 ' t lub 2 d s 2 an 5 u ent Var? 5 ' Rep se axfqve 2, ,45 Honor Soci ' 545 of abVCl b 45 Bl s 1,2,6j5I? rlts S rts 25 or ,EL W UL .aiblzlifbg suggessf 1 Z 1 ll fi 9' cc 1 77 U' My BAR ARA SAB OVE f msdll QM! ,QM We 'Q fem 1ylS er own if 5.441 t ight u 2 uni Lwaacrrf Gia e We jg A bition To lv a success Jtvbvl Nurses Ambition To be 071 ll! G' ,wwf A J ff!! ANNETTE SAMPSON MARION ELILABETH She IS a winsome wee thing Star of the Sea Academy l 2 3 4 French Club 4 Astron omy Club Ambition To be a singer and actress CVB- SANDERS Brunswick s Sister Her thinking of others makes vou think of her New Brunswick High School 1 Blue A s 4 Ambition To be a secretary y 1 l f ll CUNA MARIANNE SAXENMEYER ax A reward for a good deed 1S to have xt done Red Bank Catholxc 1 Color guard 3 Captaxn 4 Coach V1ll1p1anos Staff 4 Key Club Blue As 234 Student Va r1et1es 2 Gxrls Sports 234 Footllght Club 2 Amb1t1on To l1ve m New Eng land Qbqwbq XXV UAV ow STEVEN L SCHARF Steve A great boy a great frxend Baseball 1 Basketball 1 ln tramural Basketball 1 2 Bowl mg 3 Intramural Baseball 2 3 Engllsh Book Commlttee 34 Track Club 2 Ambltxon To become a Dentxst or Skatmg Teacher 42 JOHN JAY SAUER MARGARET SAV BXE Head For he s a Jolly good fellow Student Council 2 treasurer 3 Homeroom Vlce Presldent 2 3 4 J V Basketball 2 3 J V Football 2 Track Club 2 3 4 Hall Momtor 34 Latm Club 2 3 4 Gym Momtor 2 3 4 Var Slly Golf 3 4 Varsxty Basket ball 4 Prom Commxttee seball 2 Western Maryland Fpyamdllnql a p ue u T ers r I la B ball 2 Pres G e u To become rry J DONALD A SCHAIN MARTHA SCHANERMA n A great orator IS he Cross Country 1 2 3 Track l 2 3 4 Homeroom President 1 Footllght Club 2 Jumor Drama Club Presxdent 3 Student Va rleues M C 3 Semor Play 4 German Club 3 4 Ambltxon To act dlrect and wr1te New York New York wonderful town Mr Romanus s Offlce Staff 1 2 3 Athletic Dlrector s Staff 2 3 4 Latln Club 3 4 Press Club 1 2 Glee Club 12 Blue AS 1234 Track Club 12 3 4 Key Club 2 Treasurer 3 Vlce President 4 College Amerxcan Theate Wmg DOLORES A SCALLI by the way change the day 2 nlue 4 rack Club 34 vel and take three J umor J umor Red T d 4 A MM ,gn 'z ll . , . 4 1 ' - " J ' ll a up." P t '1 ',2,4rufeh- A 3 b , Se ' I y 45 u nl . . ,Q . . H y : eb LZ: . A 1- S 4 -1: ' C 1 , 1 . Q ' . s ' ' ' I - A lu - ,Qi y Ba , a ' Q A f lv ' 'MX 1 A MN A Af' A IW 'V , . , ll. A N J P, .S ,. x -Dean f , ,, - 'A . 4 a In .' 5. ' 4 .pl I . . . ', f ' : T , . : , 5 Q7 ff 1. l - I. 3 ' . . Z V A A 0 . 4 . . mr .A V ' on ' T 1 7 T P, . - , 1' r-- rch CDO. ll - H " , ,is 'b ' . . ' , . : ' r I - H ER , .3 7 Z 2. ' ' . A 3.4: TOBI ELLEN SCI-IULMAN Tobs A disposition always s best Future Teacher s Clubl 2 3 Blue A s 12 3 4 Twirling 4 Nurse s Staff 4 Press Club 234 Footlight Club Play 2 Ambition To become a teacher LYNDA R. SCHREIBER ROBERT S. SCHULMAN .Lyn Y. 'Her qualities go on and on." Twirling 1,23 Latin Club 23 Blue A's l,2,3,4g Basketball 3g Homeroom Vice President 3,45 Gym Leader 2,35 Track Club 2,3,4g Bowling lg Foot- light Club 2. Ambition: To be a buyer for Lord Si Taylor. 5' MARTIN SCHWARTZMAN Dupree A true expressitgywst Varsity Football Manager2 3 4 Senior PlayComm1utee4 Drift wood Representative 4 Chess Club 3 4 Stock Rbom Assist ant 2 Megaphone 1 Debating Club 1 College Rutgers a song and play on it s 1 2 4 Footlight Club 4 Staff 2 Mr 3 Citizenship 3 Freshman 0 see all the coun tries of w r " obbo " ggypjaffxlukh Baseball holder 3 3' ice ior Junior mittee g ealth Council 2 ub34. Ambition: To be a plastic Sur- geon . O L H SCHWARTL d,:5Duc 1V1 Latin Club 2 Sci ce Club 1 Band r 1 4 Student Varieti and34 Varsity Football lntr mural Basketball 1 2 Ambition To go college and play drums with a famous band v-"' HARVEY SCHULTL Bear I find the classroom much too tame Basketball 12 Football 1 In tramural Basketball 12 3 4 Track Club 1 2 3 4 Footlight Club 2 Science Club 2 3 Hall Monitor 34 Gym Monitor 3 Cafe Monitor 3 Baseball 12 Safe Driving Club 2 Glee Club 1 2 Band 1 Homeroom Vice Pres 2 Ambition To b G1 success DAVID SCOTT Pop Boogie l try mv best in one thing mischief Track 1 2 3 4 Cross Country 1 3 4 Homeroom Pres 4 Stu dent Council 34 Track Club 1 2 3 Football 2 lndoor Track 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Gym Monitor 3 4 Hall Monitor Ambition To graduate 43 ,ir BARRY C SHERMAN Chuck A boy on whom you may de pend Band 1 2 3 4 Homeroom Sec retary 4 Megaphone Staff J V Football 2 Baseball 1 Senior Play Committee 4 Intramural Basketball Intramural Bowling English Book Committee 34 Hall Monitor 4 Track Club Safe Driving Club Footlight Club2 Ambition To become a dentist TK. tt? ADELE SILVERSTEIN She speaks behaves and acts as she should Blue A s 3 Honor Society 2 34 Guidance Office Staff 4 Ambition To become a sec retary 44 JOHN SELL IRA SHERIDEN ..I,, "Big Bopper " 'He is full of good meanings." Baseball 1,2. Ambition: To be a success. JOHN VINCENT SIC IL IANO 1C Nothing keeps me tied down Italian Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 4 Football 1 2 Ambition To go to college .JP Www 'Honesty is the best policy." Baseball 3,4g Intramural Bowl- ing 45 Teenage nook Club lg Science Club l. Ambition: To become a dentist. REA Succe to ear F re Teacher s Club 14 Footlight Club 2 Junior Drama Club 3 Blue A s 12 3 4 Girls Sports 1 2 Track Club 1 2 3 Press Club l 2 English Book Committee 4 banking Rep resentative 1 Library Staff3 4 Ambition To be a success GRACE SICILIANO Ch1Ck1B A hard worker Future Nurses Club 2 Track Club 2 Blue As 23 Italian Club 1 Ambition To become a beau tician J SIMMEN Bobbi 1 a otsoeasil made s ent rack Club 3 Nurse s Staff 3 4 u e Nurse s Club ng 2 Hockey 3 Volleyball 3 Ambition To be a nurse 5? Q! i M .S. ,, .. d , " ' ' " S.. h' ho , M ' I , L . pl 3 'SP R 3,4. l ' ' ' ' ' g ' Y ' 4' ' ' : . y , : , , , , . , 1 A T , 1 - L' - , . tlyy l y 1, ' .. : ..2 'N ' O I A -.:'K' A I - ll A ken X ' . ' ' I ' IX , , X xx . - 2 ' ' . Bl S 1,2, M 3,4fl u lilgmg ' ' 3.4: Bowes : 1 sn- LUCILLE ELAINE SMALLS Nothmg IS as rlch as honesty Blue A s I 2 3 Futures Nurses Club I 2 3 Ambltlon To be a nurse PAULINE H SMITH "Your heart's destres be w1th you " Homeroom Vlce Presldent 2, Blue A's 1,2,3,4, Clrls Sports 1, uowlmg 4, Track Club 4 Amhltnon To travel STEPHEN SIPOS JR MYRNA H SKO Steve A boy who wlll go far ltallan Club 2 3 4 Ambmon To become a doctor Fl Wlse W1 om gay w1th m1rth personallty fllled th c CJ ftwood r 1n Ch1ef4 H nor 23 4 French Club2 4 e phone 2 Track Clubllirf lue A s 2 3 4 Merxt Scholarshlp Cand1date 3 Col lege board Scholarshlp Can dldate 4 Temple Math Con test Candldate Amerlcan Act uarlal Soclety Math Contest Candldate Ambmon To major ln math ematlcs GLORIA SMITH G o A falthful frlend IS the med 1c1ne of llfe Twlrllng 2 3 4 Future Nurses Club 2 3 Irack Club 4 French Club 3 Chorus 2 3 Future leachers Club 4 Ambmon Teacher JOYCE LYNETTE SMITH Shortle A llttle ray of sunshme who IS always on the beam French Club 3 4 Footl1ghtClub 2 Future Teachers Club 3 4 Blue A s 12 3 4 Track Club Ambltlon 'I eacher ,fix 'U'- FREDA SMITH Sm1tty Enthus1asm leads to wonder ful things Nurse s Staff 3 Ambltlon Pr1vate Secretary JON SPERLINIG ' More men are kllled bv over work " Cross Country Team 1 Ambltlon To go to Mechamcs School 45 H H . HM I H ' I .T ki' .. . ,, , i . I , . .- ' my , I Q . . : l . -, - , I , - ' I Q 'tt - Fl fl A 1 : 4 I , ,J I ss 4 "Putchie" " ' " lx X I I I4 1 P1 u . H J ' ' ' . I . ' . " l. . ' ' 3,4. ' ' ' ' I' , A awp div e n 1 oom t a r y 4 Student lternate I1 1 Blue eroom C unc1l ade n neu 2 3 4 Track C u 1 2 or Soc1ety 3 Offlce Staff 1 2 3 Amb1t1on Prlvate Secretary Q4 XVQI SPIEL FOG EL Consul constant w1se and Student Executlve COUDCII 3 Homeroom Presldent 4 Base ball 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Latm Club 23 Presldent 4 Track Club 1 2 34 Track 12 Boy s State Representauve 3 Junlor Prom Commlttee 3 Hall Mon 1tor 3 Honor Soclety 3 4 Amb1t1on College 4:-'J' THEO R STECKER JR KENNETTE Ted Tops m art Amb1t1on DeSlgnlng School MARGARET E SPINA Margle May her future be full of happmess Itallan Club 2 3 Blue P s 1 2 3 4 Amb1t1on To be a success SANFORD R STAROBIN Sandy A llght and happy heart has he Intram b l 1 ln 2 German u acy Sc She we Club 2 Assxstant tn- 61 .,,...aP'9P .uv GEORGE STENECK Tate Always happy always gay Amb1t1on To Joln the Armed Forces 46 CAROLYN STERN Cook1e A mlss who s fun to know Engllsh Book Commlttee 4 Latm Club 23 L1brary Staff 34 Blue As 1234 Junlor Drama Club 3 Track Club 1 2 3 4 Amb1t1on Nurse 9 . rc C A 1 f x 9.233 l 1 x, 'ml ' dj' 4: P' fp S1 3 tra- r 2.3: A m 1 B tb g 1 ' ' Cl ,4 . ' s an , Y if l v X 3' i h'P : ' F tptlp A 1' :Ph X1 . l, , ,4g ling l ' - ' ' A ,,4, sr d va, fx ,j ' ..:. ,, ,M J ,lv 3' 43 n I I is D AN , . . -J , N la! y J N .,. N ' M ll." ii l ' . A .ai fl .IUDITH STONAK ER Judy Her dlSpOSlI1OI'l IS gay nlue A s 1234 Dowling 1 2 3 4 Track Club 4 Amb1t1on To be happy GLADYS STERN "Glady " "Hig Her 'rx a 234 lv JV U J, u hi si't,a N Bike A' 1, 3,4ge'Col uard 4 4: S r' Lg Club 3 rack Cl ,4 llrtglmercbfrm Secretary Re,p- Ambitxo. icxa Schoo V Li RMSKWQ E.. J H SULLI AN PATRICIA LEE: SYKES STOUT uster A mer as the day IS long L.e er 2 3 10 Army Career ROBERT TAYLOR Wayne Your smlle IS your passport nd 1234 Track 1 Cross Country 1 Track C1ub3 Ambltlon Mr Force Succ s pp1ness 1n th 4fY'- Patty f Pretty to walk w1th Germ Club tramural Basketball 3 4 talk wxth Ma Jor 1'O0l'T1 Amb12o ette 3 Ply s -Aifgh c eac ,,-1 Syl FRANK L TEN BROECK Skinner Good looks PCIFORZE y h1s future spells sluccgsls' l-E ihecuta e HQSUHCII 54 H room' VICMCSIGSHI 3 4 Boy S 3518-Representatwe 3 by-rrf MOHIIOI 4 Hall ,mtor 3 Athletlc Roo 3 Gros Coun uk-123 Dari 1115111234 Btvseball 12 4 l'rack Club 34 Freshman Plcture Com mlttee 4 Ambluon To become a C A P W A x ' . . .3 ' . ' 3 gk 5 ,. y ,il . Z . it , my N N' N fl l ut 5 M , ' , to .QM - N 1 . . 4: A at 4 - - 1 A51 1 O W' A 1-,2g ' O 41 ' T a 2,3, ut ' . 3: .f M fx ' h ll! R l X Ver. ,ivy ll -V1 IJ Ba , , ' 3 3,41 t ,V N 'Q L-fb' G. Mgr: 1 . . A St t " "' 3 0 ? ' ' , 3 kj. .: U I A . . .1 w I 'J ' ' BETTY JEAN THOMPSON Eliz Her thinking of others makes you think of her Future Nurses Club 234 Nurses Staff 3 4 Press Club 24 Blue As 1234 Chorus 1 Track Club 3 Student Var IIISS 3 Teenage Book Club 2 Ambition To become a teach er or a nurse J f lr ver dnt ima e w gun! r acher lubl GMP again 3 Larlnclm Foot 1glgtJClub 2l' Blue A s l 2 3 4 Girls Sports l 2 Track Club l 2 English Book Committee 4 Press Club 1 2 Ambition Teachers College 48 A. GERALD TERTZAGIAN SARA J. TERWILLIGER basketball 1,2g Hall Monitor 4g Stock room 3,4. Ambition: To succeed in life. We JOHN TRALKA Jack A happy soul Baseball l Intramural Bowl ing 2 Intramural oaseball 2 Ambition To travel T k ur "CharmQZs lin nce of whom we'll never wmna, t Calc Ji? -'Q K - Chee Pres. Junior Cl-ass 33 X fXJQub 1,2,4g Se , tu nt e tive Council , Stud Var eties 2434 ' omeroo Vice Pres, 2, Girl's S Representa- tive 35 one Staff 3,4g Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Latin Club 2,33 Canteen Committee 3,43 Junior Prom Committee 3- Footlight Club 2 Office Staff 2 Candidate for Merit Scholar ship3 Ambition To have a career ,289 ident wood Teachers Club 2 Secretary 3 4 Megaphone Staff l Latin Club 2 Press Club 2 Foot light Club 2 Merit Scholar ship Candidate 3 Temple Math ematics Contest Ambition College 'sb ,un- FRANK TYNAN TILTON A boy on whom you may de pend French Club 2 3 Student Var 1et1es 2 4 Gym Monitor 4 Ambition To travel with per to know our gal certainly a must 123 234 4TI' Staff 4 Key 4 Cittzenshiplnstitu 3 Jun r Prom Committee 3 Girls Sports 1 3 4 Bowling 2 3 4 Ambition Nurse in A Q ' : A - 1 , c MX ' 5 , .41 " : . 5 . S Q 4: at . . ' Q I I K X uv gl I W J I ., I R l, g ll ' , no ' X 4 ,ff lRlt VAN ATTA X Fiji X ' ' I NU? X th ' e wma ," It ' l 1 it ' it J ' Filly V .2, , f S ' . ,. 4: ' ' 3 ' ' v I g 1 ' A 1 3: 9 I U 4, - fr " 2 . B ' 1, Q 1 l,2. ' I 3,: " ' ' : - io . Z , PRISCILLA JOYC E. VECCE Cilla Its nice to be natural when you re naturally nice ue, As 123 Italian C 3 4 Chorusl Ambition To be a successful fashion toordinator 'w-uf ROBERT LEROY WAY Bob I was born to be happy. Football 1 2- Latin Club 2' Hall Monitor 3' Cafeteria Monitor 2' Baseball 1- Bowling 3 Cap- tain 4' Intramural Basketball Ambition: Electrical Engineer- ing. JOHN VANDENBOS I say lrttle but I know a lot Vice President of Homeroom2 Ambition College MICHAEL L VAN GLISH Mike Lots of laughter and mischief Driftwood Staff 4 Track Club 2 3 4 Hall Monitor 3 4 Bas ketball 1 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 3 4 Tennis 3 4 Intramural Basket ball 1 Chess Club 3 4 Band I Ambition Play for the Davis Cup tennis team VQQAI OXTMSQO W Mi 1X WILLIAM E WALTERS Bi What is life without a laugh Intramural Bowling Ambition To become a drafts man ROBERT WARREN Lefty Success follows earnest effort Intramural Bowling 2 Intra mural Baseball 23 4 Intra mural Football 234 Intra mural Basketball 2 3 4 Ambition Automotive Mechanic Lil - I :I Q 5' MARY M WAXLLING P HU 7gZi s un Colo Gu rd 4 Track Club B e A s I 2 3 4 F ot light Club 2 Words S. Pic t e-3g8f4 Fugu Nurse 1G dU8IlOIf' lsherl F ture Iychgrs 923 lg'Sof all 1 Ambition Io be accepted to the college o mv choice -tb, 43 ROBERT EVERETT WEEDEN Bob Dependable in every way Science Club 1 2,3 4. Ambition: To be successful. 49 iw? ARLENE GAIL Ar X ,wt B u 34 S Banking Footlight 4 Mr Club 23 Ambition ANNETTE D WILLIAMS Little Butch A life full of happiness Girls Sports 2 3 4 FrenchC1ub 4 Future NursesClub2 Twirl er 4 Glee Club 1 2 Blue A s Ambition Nursing School 50 GILBERT WEISMAN .Gil ., "You are never idle with imag- ination. " East Rutherford High School l,2,3. Ambition: Engineer. THOMAS PATRICK WELSH "Pat" "Life is great." Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,2,4g Homeroom President l,2,4g ln- tramural Basketball 3gG01f1,2. Ambition: Join the Army. IRENE WIENER eve A , ana ue klng Representa owling 34 Girls Am ition Secretary smile lf dancing were music ld be a brass band Cheerleader 1 23 4 Home room Vice President 3 Blue Footlight Club 2 Student Var ieties 1 2 3 4 French Club 2 4 Guidance Office Staff4 Bowl ing 14 Press Club 2 Girls Sports 1 2 3 Ambltion College ELIZA BETH R WETZLER Liz A peppy sports minded girl who is a delight to know Blue A s 1 2 3 Vice President and Secretary 4 Latin Club 2 3 President 4 Driftwood Staff 4 Magaphone News Writer 1 Megaphone Feature Writer 4 Gym Leader 2 3 4 Girls Sports 1 2 3 4 Homeroom Secretary 1 Footlight Club Treasurer 2 French Club 3 4 Guidance Staff 4 Press Club 1 2 Bank1ngStaff 12 Teen Age Book Club 2 Track Club 2 3 4 Ambition Physical Education Teacher ELEANOR VlV LIAMS WA r idle a m Mega Seller e Club owling 4 Ambit ri e retary X , x f f ' N 1 X H 1, u . -II w , t X X . . . I, De -1? ' 3, ,B - : ' . ' 2: ad' . ' 1 ' : . 45 ti A 5, : 1 : ' 1 X my w ' , 2 I 1 .. A -' . ' A 1 ' ' -. ' , ug . 3 ' . y ' 2 f, I ' f ne ' I ." Q D w A t 5 , , , 3 - fo O ee ge ub 3 I ' ' 3 V g A 1 ,4g omer Sec- A's 1,2,3,4g Track Club 2,3,4g '- I : ' - ' 1 - I' A ti lg ' , g ' ' ' , , , g , . K S . I , . z - ' . , : L ' : 2 . , 2 A ,- - 1 . 4. ' A I . . . ' .ts in 7 '- O N' T. MARY ELLEN WOOD Red There s always a sm1le on her llps Blue A s 1 Future Nurses Club Amb1t1on Busmess School MA RY LOU YAGGIE My lxfe IS gay my t1me IS free Blue A s 4 Bowlmg 4 Ambltlon Secretary WOODROW WILLIAMS JR. "Woodie" 'His future spells success." Track 1,2,3 43 Indoor Track 3 4 Cross Countrvl 3 4 Track Club 1 Ambltxon To be a success W"" ANTHONY WREIOL E Tony Nothlng great was ever ac compl1shed wxthout enthus 1asm ltallan Club 1 2 3 Presldent 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Lat1n Club 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Swlmnung 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Chess Club 1234 Base ball 1 2 Footllght Club 2 Eng lxsh Book Commxttee 4 Home room Pres1dent 1 2 3 V1ce Presldent 4 Wexghtllftmg 3 4 Bowlmg 1 2 4 Shop Foreman4 Amb1t1on Av1ator JOHN WINTERSTELLA "Johnny " "Good fun, good times, good man." ltallan Club 3 Intramural Bas ketball 24 Intramural Base ball 2 Ambxuon Busxnessman RICHARD ALAN WRONCY Rxch If muslc IS golden then he shall be r1ch Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Student Varxeues 1 2 3 4 Student Varletles Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club Accompamst Amb1t1on Professor of mus1c I WILL IAM R WOSNITL ER Wos Be practlcal and you w1ll suc ceed Sound Crewl 2 3 Photographer Amb1t1on To become an Elec tronlc Engmeer CA ROLE AL ETA YARRINGTON Cat Her d1spos1t1on lS as sunny as an August morn Press Club 4 Art Staff 12 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 ow mg 1 Glrls Sports 1 Amb1t1on To be happy RD: DOROTHEA H YAUN ALICE YOUNG Ever dependable m many Smg a song of frlendshlp rhlngs Color Guard 4 Blue A s 12 3 4 Bowllngl 2 3 4 PressClub Ambmon BUSINESS School 2 Baseball 2 3 1-'uv Ambmon Prlvare Secretary X ww x QL h' Srl' RNW 'VD fy-9' Jxwkzf' JM New W6 YSQLJ-fy ULN 'C NANCY KAY YOUNG han Frlendlv popular cute Wll a personallty to boot Color Guard 4 F ture Co 1 2 3 Tre urer U6 room 123 4 BIBI' 52 MW JOANNE LUCKERMAN 'A frlendly smlle and a pleas mg way " Homeroom Treasurer 3, Ban Klng Representauve 3, Press Club 2.4, Blue A's 1,2,4, Track Club 3,4 Al'l'1blIlOl'l College MARY ANN LIPORO LIPPY A frlend to all Blue A s l 2 4 Future Nur Club Bowlm 4 IDOIH. 4 I .. . ' ' - MSP kfqjxz " FV , ' A Q ,V ,X ' A ,W Cy V ' 1 -4 1 ',,B ki :. It T .o i , . S -' . -, 4g K, C J, li' ' ' i 'es B sl " or F lg , o xd' ' T Q! Jo 1 , Y! ' . Tl gfffz -. 5-53 1 ,Q 'C I P- 'cf E c Y ' v 1. I SI' .4 apr, 3 2 , .O xl Seas0n's Greetings! Fi Ii She that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. 46 Wd Encore! Encore! Carnegie Hall comes to Asbury. Make-up time! The world is but a stage and we are but it's players. G Z 2 2 3 'fn i rw. I ,. Q. M. gf' K .,,Q' S1 2 Qgg' K J 3 34. 'ai Xl Mg .. ACTIVITIES Through these hallowed halls we pass, Perhaps for the last time en masse. It takes many links to make a chain, And each must in itself sustain. Together our activities make, A cherished chain which cannot break. X -Mn. Mi. I' gi?- , 'fx DRIFTWOOD STAFF: Back Row, L to R.: Joe Agris, Beth Leichter, Francia Ehrlich, Myrna Rosen, Charlotte Chamy, Linda Hagerman, Barbara Naftalis. Front Row: Myrna Skobel, Barbara Carton, Kathie Frye, Ellen Whitaker, Ann Mueller, Maxine Kohn. IJRIFTWUUD The 1959 Driftwood is the biography of that very special year we spent as members of the Senior class at Asbury Park High School. lt is the story of many people - the adminis- tration, the teachers, the coaches, and we, the students, who saw it happen. With word and picture, we have tried to piece together the story of our final, glorious year at A,P,H,S, Our deep thanks go to our advisor, Peter J. Maher, for his guidance and the Editor-in-Chief, Myrna Skobel. Myrna is assisted by the representative staff and the Monday morning's here again! editors: Joseph Agris, Business Manager, Ellen Whitaker, Assistant Business Managerg Maxine Kohn, Layout Editor, Kathie Frye, Senior Per- sonal Editor, Barbara Carton, Senior Picture Editor, Ann Mueller, Group Write-Ups Editor Michael Van Glish, Group Picture Editorg and Driftwood student photographer, Jerry Zimmer- man. lf, on a distant day, you re-read the Drift- wood and relive for a moment the happiness of your high school days, we, the Driftwood Staff, will be rewarded. The deadline's here so soon? fs, Q7 C11 MEGAPHONE: Back Row L. to R : Alan Davidson, Doug Friedman, John Sauer, Elliott Marvel, Barry Sherman, Bob Hazelrigg, Barry Kwalick, Lenny Levine, Herb Meistrich, Diane Fischer, Joan Friedland. Next row: Ronnie Baron, Cary Layton, Bill Bradshaw, Don Corwin, Ken Spielfogel, Ira Kriezman, Jack Ungar, Thomas Miller, Charlie Goldstein, Dave Belasco, Steve Barcan, Gene Halpern, Geri O'Brien, Barbara Colangelo, Barbara Steidele, Donna Tetterman, Sandra Rubin, Sandy Levine. Next row: Marc Massar, James Harber, Sharon Jackson, Kay Carton, Karen Bass, Liz For the past four years the Mega- phone has published a weekly five column newspaper with a completely modern make- up, The staff does everything in the form- ation of the paper except print it. Each issue of the paper contains news, features, editorials, cartoons, and sports. Football and basketball programs are printed. Spe- cial Thanksgiving, Christmas, April Fools Day, and Souvenir issues also highlight the school year. This year the Megaphone has held Saturday night dances in the gymnasium Wetzler, Judy Mogelever, Roberta Rubin, Pat Blank, Laura Burnson, Jane Rosenthal, Liz Rodousakis, Jill Keppler, Toby Appel, Donna Meistrich, Ruth Scheur, Karen Goldiarb, Harriet Spector, Sandy Sachs, Eli Bortman. Front rowzlioward Daniel, Ann Marie Flaherty, Alice Altman, Abbie Lieberman, Linda Rosenheim, Peggy Prior, Lorraine Hartigan, Lea Freedman, Susan Green, Eleanor Williams, Shirley Hughes, Charlotte Chamy, Myrna Rosen, Sharon Brady, Mercedes Mc Afee, Ruth Banker, Bonnie Kanter. and has sold stationery and book covers to members of the student body. It is one of the two weekly newspapers that are printed in the state. The editorial staff is headed by Steve Barcan, and includes Barry Kwalick, Mana- ging Editor, Ira Kreizman, Sports Editor, Pat Blank, Feature Editor, Mercedes Mc- Afee, Copy Editor, Eli Bortman, News Editor, and Shirley Hughes, Supplement Editor. The 100 member organization is advised by Mrs, Ruth Jones. MEGAPHUNE A 4, If' Where's the rest of the staff? Even the Editor is put to work! STUDENT COUNCIL The membership of the Student Council is comprised of a representative from each homeroom, usually the homeroom president, and the Student Executive Coun- cil. The Executive Council is made up of four officers and a boy and girl rep- resentative from each class. This year's officers are: Paul Roundy, Presidentg Ted Johnson, Vice President, Judy John- son, Secretary, and Kit Coll, Treasurer. The aim of this year's Council has been to act as a true representative of the students, the faculty, and the admin- HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: Back Row L. to R.: Elliot Marvel, Herb Meistrich, Thomas Welsh, James Furlong, Ted Johnson, Robert Layton, Stephen Adler, William Gillespie, William Graham, Ronald Buist. Next Row: Gary Heller, Ray Cotton, June De Sarno, Sally Tauchert, Brian Barrabee, Ken Spielfogel, Carson Mader, STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Back Row L. to R.: Ralph Vander- sloot, Paul Roundy, Christopher Coll, Ted Johnson. Next Row: Diane Genola, Frank Ten Broek, Bill Athens, Pam Proctor. Front Row: Miss Massey, Terry Van Atta, Lor- raine Hartigan, Judith Johnson. istration. The activities of the Council include: taking charge ofassembliesg selling candy at basketball games, collecting money for the Cheer Fund, Muscular Dystrophy, and the Heart Fund, collecting clothes for the Save the Children Federationg se- lecting students to represent our school at various civic projects, and purchasing service medals and awards for various organizations of the school. The Student Council is advised by Miss Massey. Janet Parker, Katherine Rehm. Next Row: Richard Pickens, Robert Aquilino, Elaine Spino, Donna Tellerman, Betty AnnMoore, Nancy White- head, Lois Fruehling, Frances Peluso, Marilyn Macaluso. Front Row: Harvey Lasky, Barry Kwalick, Emily Marner, Terry Van Atta, Valerie Boetticher, Cetta Siano, Elaine Kuchen. -i . USHERS: L. to R : Barbara Sablove, Janice Polloway, Jill Keppler, Ann Mueller, Charlotte Chamy, Paula Trested, Beatrice Musios, Marcia Klinger, Barbara Landes, Linda Hara. This year ten senior and six junior girls were selected from the Honor Societyto serve as ushers. They were chosen for their scholastic ability and availability. These girls are present at allassemblies. They also usher at the various school functions including the Senior Play, StudentVarieties,College Night, and graduation. The head usher for this year is Ann Mueller and the advisor is Mr. Peter ll. Maher. Membership in the Honor Society is symbolic of academic achievement. The Society was organized in Asbury Park High School in 1928 and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Asbury Park. Membership is achieved by amassing a total of six points. These points may be obtained by earning two points for each semester on the high honor roll and one point each semester on the honor roll. The main event of the year is the HONOR SOCIETY: Back Row L. to R.: Wallace Smith, Leslie Kuskin, Joan Schwartz, Linda Rosenheim, Michelle Laifer, Tiiu Rodima, Ger- aldine Poeter, Janice Palloway, Joyce Macaluso, Mary Porreca, Cathy Frye, June Manger, Paula Trested, Charlotte Chamy, Pat Oldham, Steve Brawer. Next Row: Bea Musios, Sarah Ter- williger, Myrna Skobel, Shirley Hughes, Peggy Pryor, Harvey Conners, Steve Niesen, Jane USHERS HUNUR SUCETY induction of the new members. ln this ceremony, the officers present Honor So- ciety pins to the new members. The Honor Society also presents annual awards for academic achievements in English, Typing, and Bookkeeping. The officers for this year are Carson Mader, President, Paula Trested, Vice President, Paul Roundy, Secretary, and Barry Kwalick, Treasurer. The advisor is Mr. Peter Maher. Rumford, Cynthia Morris, Adele Silverstein, Jill Keppler, Phyllis Zuckerman, Ann Mueller, Barbara Naftalis, Barbara Sablove, Nick Antich, Marcia Klinger, Arlene Werner. Front row: Barry Kwalick, Mercedes Mc Afee, Henry Arning, Shirley Varian, Rochelle Purrinson, Linda Hara, Barbara Landes, Dianne Ward, Elaine Spino, Steve Barcan, Neal Abello, Dennis Crawford, Paul Roundy, Carson Mader. J 5 i 5l !""" cz ig dh The Press Club is organized in behalf of students interested in journalism. Theo- retical instruction and practical experience are offered to members as an extracurricular activity. Under the supervision of the school and the Asbury Park Press, the club keeps readers of the Press abreast of student ac- tivities. The Club officers for this year are: Shirley Varian and Phyllis Zuckerman, Co-Editorsg Isabelle Hill, Secretaryg and Maryce Jackson, Typist. The advisor is Mr T. R. Cline. Meetings are held every Tuesday. An annual trip to Bear Mountain, New York, spon- sored by the Press, is the main event of the year. All students who are interested and who keep up with their assignments are eligible for membership v--1 PRESS CLUB PRESS CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Joyce Macaluso, Barbara Cook, Jo Ann Haddock, Linda Deutsch, Marilyn Trauben, Bernadette Graham, Judy Kessler, Hugh Watson, Bruce Fallander, Mary Ann Farry, Peggy Prior, Ron Taft, Marty Greenspan, Steve Klitzman. Next row: David Franklin, Sharon Brady, Mary Shirley Epstein, Pat Oldham, Judy Cotton, Ann Lyle, Louise Novogrod, Fritzie Rodama, Karen Springfield, Carol Yarrington, Tobi Schulman, Jo Ann Zuckerman, Yvonne Dean, Viola Saunders, Mr. Cline. Front row: Isabelle Hill, Phyllis Zuckerman, Shirley Varian, Maryce Jackson. ag 14. 36 ZX FUTURE NURSES CLUB FUTURE NURSES: Back row l. to r.: Denise Szwajer, Kathy Horter, Mary Spaulding, Mary Bagwell, Ruth Goodman, Juanita Massey, Lois Slavin, Carol Otto, Ursula Geiger, Barbara Hundertpfund, Barbara Davis, Shirley Cooper, Marcia Alitt, Karen Archer, Barbara Heinzinger, Judy Roundy, Janet Ungar, Virginia Plas- teras. Next row: Glenda Grubman, Gail Krause, Karen Littel, Jacqueline Redmond, Yvonne Dean, Carol Wakstein, Barbara Mace, Mary Giesselman, Betty Zucconi, Linda Megill, Judy Motto, Pat Sullivan, Gloria Smith, Ada Gadsden, Marcia Blake, Joyce Leventhal, Barbara Steidle, Miss Anna Hahn. Front row: Doris Laster, Carol Katz, Carol Patwitch, Beverly Segal, Mary Ann Ziporo, Ellen Jones, Nancy Mc Knight, Geri O'Brien, Betty Thompson, Edna Tilton, Gloria Emerson, Carol Smith, Linda Heiman, Linda Woehrer, Elisa Curto. The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to interest pupils in nursing as a career. lt is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students. Meetings are hold twice a month and the second meeting of the month is usually for a special program. A banquet is planned as the end of the year's activities. One of the main projects of the club is the Future Nurses volunteer service at Fitkin Mem- orial Hospital. Members who are over 16 volun- teer three hours of service a week. The club also visits the hospitals to acquaint the girls with nursing in other fields. The officers this year are Nancy McKnight, Presidentg Geri O'Brien, Vice Presidentg Lynn Corcione, Secretaryg and Ellen Jones, Treasur- er. Miss Anna Hahn, R.N,, capably advises the group. xx . X FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS: Back row l. to r.: Diane Fischer, Pat Bohlman, Linda Friedlander, Mary Ann Farry, Valerie Boetticher, Betsy Bielefeld, Joan Berton, Peggy Beradesco, Sharon Brady, Christine Ray, Carol Rose, Mr. Stout. Next row: Isable I-lill, Gail Ruesch, Carol Biesky, Sue Eidlin, Judy Friedman, Robin Madnick, Ruth Levine, Betsy Bennett, Lorraine Hartigan, Ann Brown. Front row: Beradine Chisolm, Mary Porrecca, Paula Trested, Lynne Newman, Rita Uslan, Barbara Green, Irene Torop, Tobi Schulman, Karen Goldfarb, Joan Berger. The Future Teachers Club of Asbury Park High School is a local unit affiliated with the National Future Teachers Association. The members are students who plan to enter the field of education. The clu-b's aim is to encourage those who are interested in teaching careers. This aim is accomplished by having guest speakers and movies. The club also takes trips to Teachers' Colleges. The upper classmen have the opportunity to assist teach- ers in the grammar schools. The club's president, Barbara Greene, con- ducts one meeting a month. She is assisted by Irene Torop, Vice Presidentg Paula Trested, Secretary, and Lynne Newman, Treasurer. The club maintains a library which has information on all branches of the teaching profession and colleges. The librarian is Phyllis Taft. ln the spring a banquet is held to close the year's activities and to install the newlyelected officers. The advisor is Mr. Leonard Stout. The primary objective of the German Club is to stimulate interest in the German people and in the German language. This is accom- plished through monthly meetings where films and slides of Germany are frequently shown. This year, the German Club held a Christ- mas party at the home of Sandra Granoff where German food was served. Funds are being raised for the annual banquet through the sale of Asbury Park High School pennants. The banquet is held in the spring at "The Hofbrauhaus," a German restaurant in Atlantic Highlands. The German Club, now under the direction of Mr. Brunner, is composed of intermediate and advanced German students. The officers are: Steve Molaksy, President, Dennis Crawford, Vice President, Herbert Towell, Treasurerg and Carson Mader, Secretary. GERMAN CLUB GERMAN CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Mr. Brunner, Peter Clark, Fred Blades, Herbert Towell, Steve Barcan, Don Schain, Henry Arning, Dennis Crawford. Next row: Leonard Oppenheim, Steve Grayer, Wally Smith, Steve Molasky, Garry Heller, Don Pitcher. Front Row: Patricia Wallace, Tiiu Rodima, Martha Watt, Lois Shertzer, Jane Rurnford, Joyce Leventhal, Monte Meltzer. il -5 . --0. L QL AF- 1-v F 3. is. 5 66 o 5...-' The Asbury Park Junior Classical League, composed of freshmen and sophomores, was newly formed this year. Its Purpose is to promote the spiritual and mental progress of the youth in membership, and to stimulate responsibility as a good student. All projects are undertaken to raise money for the annual banquet, which is held in April. Meetings are held once a month for the freshman and sophomore groups, ln order to become a member a Latin student must have an average of 8095, or better. Dues are fifty cents a year. The officers for this year are: Freshmen: Carol Herbison and Vincent Gorman, Co-Con- sulsg William Gillespie, Secretary, Diane Gen- ola, Treasurer, Sophomores: Lorraine Hartigan and Leonard Levine, Co-Consulsg Lea Freed- man, Secretaryg and Trudy Deutsch,Treasurer. The advisor is Mr. Mione. 7' IUNICR CLASSICAL LEACUE JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE: Back row l. to r.: Harvey Laskey, Ursula Geiger, Christy Prall, Lenny Levine, Eric Fagans. Next Row: Howard Wasserman, June De Sarno, Lanny Harrison, Judy Whiting, Janet Mischler, Sharon Jackson, Jack Simon, Mark Massar, Don Corwin, Jeff Carton, Kemmy Stokes, Mr. Mione. Next Row: Carole Gruber, Helen Mantell,Ruth Levine, Carole Wakstein, Abby Lieberman, Ruth Sheur, Harriet Spector, Sharon Bosson, Fritzie Kodama, Bette Wei- ser, Lorraine Hartigan, Alice Altman, Ronnie Baron. Front Row: Eleanor Nussdorf, Emily Marner, Chris- tine Ray, Trudy Deutch, Lea Freedman, Barbara Zauber, Karen Goldfarb, Donna Meistrich, Sandy Levine, Marsha Katz, Sandi Sachs, Jack Harris, Charles Doyle. SENIUR LATIN CLUB SENIOR LATIN CLUB: Back Row L. to R : Catherine Haines, Richard Kember, Robert Aquilino, John Sauer, Kenneth Spielfogel, Jill Tucker. Second Row: Linda Rosenheim, Catherine Carton, Carol Dodd, Penny Fettner, Pamela Hroctor, Patricia Blank, LynnWest- erberg, Roberta Rubin. Front Row: Judith Brower, Debra 1-lock, Linda Hagerman, Barbara Carton, Eliza- beth Wetzler, Carol Katz, Jill Keppler. y f:'L.0s 2 TQ kiwi -Q L, This year the Senior Latin Club was formed. The purpose of this club is to further interest in Ancient Roman civilization- its customs, its culture, and its effects on modern civil- ization. The special project for this year is to raise money for the "Irene F, Taylor" award which is given to the senior with the highest average in Latin for four years. The meetings take place the second Wednes- day of every month. All students who have completed two years of Latin and are taking third or fourth year Latin are eligible. The officers for this year are Elizabeth Wetzler and Kenneth Spielfogel, Co-Consulsg Debra Hoch, Secretaryg and Pamela Proctor, Treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Rachel Vecchione. po.-,..... f-1, -a-era -.ff '-s , ,- 0 -' NV. 2 -- lvwifa ' V 0 64' ,Q I new-1' mr The French Club is one of the oldest or- ganized clubs in the school. It was formed to give its members an opportunity to learn more about French Culture, the French people and the contributions France has made to the world. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed one year of French with an average of 802 or better. Meetings are held the last 'lhuitsday of each month. Guest speakers Clare invitied to attend French Club meetings. Soimetimes French films or French colorvslidesareshown, 5 ixfiembershgpcfee is 51.50 for me year. To supplement me treasury, the club members sell V'BluevlZ-X" T'rophy,,Charms each October. Fha'proQ'es from this Qale are used to finance the annual Efeynolkl Club Banquet, held in Decqjdibertj- N t l'At the e Clxo the school year, the French Awardvis p sented to the student with the highest average inhgrench for three years by the French Cltibn, Lf jf' xnhef office sffor this year are: President: Lie ie Kuskin '4Vice President: Debra Hochg Se'cretary:J'3'e,verly Beegleg Treasurer: Linda Hara: Club Advisor: Mrs. Frank Bryan. -KT? If lE BERCLE FRANCAIS FRENCH CLUB: Back Row L. to R.: Mercedes MacAffee, Elizabeth Rodousakis, Gail Reusch, Beverly Seigel, Judy Friedman, Shelia Hara, Maxine Kohn, Joan Grulich, Gary Layton, Janis Davis, Marilyn Trauber, Sue Goddard, Diane Lowy, Sam Laufer, Stewart Farrell, Cynthia Morris, Phyllis Zuckerman, Ann Brown, Joel Gaines, Bruce Fallander, Henry Millman, Marshal Mechanich. Next Row: Terry LaBaw, Amy Sroka, Francia Ehrlich, Jean Silver- stein, Sue Eidlen, Mary Porreca, Jill Kepler, Ann' Mueller, Laura Libinsky, Thomas Gasque, Patricia Oldham, June Manger, Janet Gussack, Roberta Rubin, Hazel Bagwell, Eva Berger. Next Row: Alan David- son, Linda Friedlander, Pat Sullivan, Liz Teich, Charlotte Chamy, Kay Carton, Steve Brawer, Howard Cohen, Myrna Rosen, Karen Bass, Myrna Skobel, Joyce Smith, Irene Wiener, Joanne Abamonte, Rochelle Purrinson, Joanne Haddock. Front Row: Fran Gold- berg, Jane Schuyler, Margaret Karagias, Beverly Beegle, Debbie Hoch, Leslie Kuskin, Linda Hara, Shirley Varian, Annette Sampson, Karen Swenerton, Elka Grote. fr i . ,,. .vw CY 4 I . imma clue t W, ITALIAN CLUB: Back Row L. to R.: Torn Valente, George Dellomo, Steve De Seno, Steve Sipos, Jim Meola, Jim Furlong, Mr. Merli-Advisor. Next Row: Frances Vaccaro, Sharon Brady, Joyce Maca- luso, Michelle Miller, Karen Archer, Gail Musto, Cetta Siano, Theresa Grasso, Joyce Callano, Joy Garoiolo. First Row: Carl D'Adamo, Sara Ann Alessi, Madeliene Ruocco, Kathlean Cornell, Rose Marie Juliano, Sandra Sgxino, Gladys Stern, Peggy Berardesco. , Wop 16-X ,of ' N J Q only .J I .itll Will yi The aims of the Italian Club are to foster and encourage pupils to study the Italian lang- uage and to present to the members a way and means of gaining knowledge of Italy, its people and its customs, The club also tries to encourage the proper type of school spirit by lending support to all school functions. Some of its activities include cake sales, Italian movies, and an annual banquet. The meetings are held on the third Thurs- day of each month. Only those students who maintain an.8O average in Italian can be elig- ible for membership of the club. The officers this year are: Peggy Berard- esco, President, Kathy Cornell, Secretary- Treasurerg and Madeleine Rucco, Vice Presi- Ai JWOJ -sv ' .J .r 'qi' TEEN-AGE BO0K CLUB TEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB: Back Row: L. to R.: Bruce Biesky, Ronald Taft, Martin Greenspan,Stephen Klitzman. Next Row: Susan Greene, Shirley Cooper, Lea Freedman, Abby Lieberman, Elaine Brener, Beverly Segall, Harriet Spector, Miss Mc Donnell. Front Row: Pat Oldham, Carol Patwitch, Phyllis Taft, Barbara Greene, Laura Lubinsky, Candy Gruber, Joan Berger. dent. Mr. Nick Merli is the faculty advisor C3 gp,- The Teen-Age Book Club is a member of the national organization of the same name - TAB. All students who enjoy reading are welcome to join. The meetings take place once a month in Room 302. The members are given a wide choice of classics, biographies, adventure, and fiction books to choose from. These books which are paper backs cost only 25 or 35 cents. Members receive a dividend book for every four they buy. Periodically, books are selected for discussion which results in a stimulating and educational meeting. The officers of the Teen-Age Book Club are: Phillis Taft, Presidentg Irene Torop, Vice President, Robin Madnick, Recording Secretary Pat Oldham, Corresponding Secretary, and Suzanne Kaufer, Treasurer. The advisor is Miss McDonnell. The aim of the Chess Club are to further the members-' proficiency in the game of chess, and promote good sportsmanship and interest in the game. The principal activities, besides the weekly games among the members, are the tournaments with various schools throughout the year. There are no formal rules as to membership except continuous activity and payment of the 51.00 dues. All members have a standing in the club attained through the pyramid system, where- by each member may challange the one above him, The players who reach the top five positions form the chess team which com- petes in the tournaments. The officers this year are: Steve Niesen, Presidentg Peggy Pryor, Vice Presidentg and Cynthia Morris, Secretary-Treasurer. The club's advisor is Mr. Robert McCurrin. 7 c ,Ja- The purpose of the Science Club is to promote student interest in science, both as a hobby and as a lifetime vocation. Any stu- dent with a genuine interest in science may join the Science Club. The meetings are held on Mondays. The Science Club activities include trips, movies, radio broadcasts, science-project con- tests, a trip to the Fort Monmouth Hexagon. They have had two guest speakersg a research scientist and a psychologist. In the very near future the club will visit the Franklin Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They plan to have more guest speakers, movies, a radio broadcast, and enter science-project contests. This year the Science Club advisor is Mrs. Lynch, biology teacher. The officers are: president, Albert Ehrlich, vice president, Eliot Marvel, secretary, Roberta F razee. -3 KZ are us :ee cutss ct ,Y R CHESS CLUB: Back Row L. to R.: Bruce Fallender, David Franklin, Jerry Sherman, Barry Carnot, Henry Grosshandler, Richard Brower. Front Row: Jed Gaines, Joel Edelstein, Steve Niesen, Peggy Pryor Wallace Smith, Mr. Mc Gurrin. SCIENCE 0llIB SCIENCE CLUB: Back Row L. to R.:Rhoda Lashowitz, Charles Pieper, Garry Layton, Terry La Baw, Wilma Nahrwold, Peggy Pryor, Sandra Rubin, Robert Massey, Arthur Poland, Ralph Vandersloot. Next R.ow:Char1es Willingham, Pam Newman, Lolly Lubinsky, Barbara Greene, Hugh Watson, Ted Gaines,Marilynn Trauben, Karen Shapiro, Roger Sanderson, Steve Becker. Front Row: Roberta Frazee, Jeffrey Serkin, Dennis Stanley, Marilyn Fried, Steve Niesen, Albert Ehrlich, Elliot Marvel, Mrs. Lynch. ea .ff 3 9...- 1. U, DEBATING CLUB DEBATING CLUB: Back Row L. to R,: Gary Layton, Joyce Leventhal, Barbara Marshall, Vida Saunders, Jewel Flemming, Dennis Stanley, Steve Klitzman, Valerie Hinton, Juanita Heggs. Next Row: Martin Greenspan, Bruce Biefsky, Laura Burnson, Tiiu R0diI1'11, Leonard Oppenheim, Elliot Marvel, Richard Brawer, Steve Becker, Terrance La Baw, Carol Garmiza. Front Row: Tom Gasque, Ronald Taft, Peg Pryor, Sue Bady, Marilynn Trauben, Tom Miller, Robert Massey, Bud Pope, Joseph Bruce, Harriet Spector, Sandy Rubin, Mr. Matthews, ,ao Cf The Debating Club has had a long existence in A,P,H,S, It is one of the largest clubs in the school. Its ideals are the development of poise, personality and character, training in public speaking and debating fields, and the providing of social as well as educational activities. There are sixty-eight members who attend the weekly meetings and the numerous activities, including trips to the Tri-State Debating and Public Speaking contest held at Temple Uni- versity in Philadelphia, a trip to Washington, D,C,, and several local functions. To become a member a student must pay annual dues and conform to the club constitution. The officers are Tom Gasque, Presidentg Myrna Rosen, Vice President, Gary Layton, Secretary, and Harriet Spector, Treasurer. wi '30-s ,,,., 'C Q L pururz fb 1 6-3 :I 00l0R GUARD ,...-. Y 3 , ni yr t v---..11- ' f s X "Qgp1"'9iQ!ff vga, i f ,A f , C . sly: nr ef? 'X are 'V vi I s rg 4, ft' 'w ll "4'Xf"" u 7 iff A !, A. I gf'-. ,ei AV! ' ' 'e',ief1g Pxfl Vs' ' Q x 3 D. I ' ' Y' wr! Q A " ed -0, ft A 1 N ,S gt r Ya apr? Bra, Q 1 I, y . , .W n LL 4 Y lu - iw, ., k ' S I 5 t "' lg x 5 ' T? X J- .,f4' 5 an 6' we C9522 ii' lg In The purpose of the Color guard is to guard the American flag and the school flag with respect and attention at all times The colorguard parti cipates at football and basket ball games Practices are held weekly with the twirlers an band The girls are selected ac cording to stature and neat ness and their ability to march Mr Bryan Mr Baver and Mr Gleason select the girls Membcrs are Mar1anncSaxen mcper Captain' Nancy Young' Carol Stctter' Penny Walling' Penny Fettncr- Blanche Con- over' substitutes: Dot Yaun' Elaine Pcyser' Carol Biesky- and Barbara l-lunterfund. COLOR GUARD: L. to R.: Carol Stetter, Marianne Saxemeyer, Mary Walling, Penny Fettner, Blanch Con- over, Nancy Young. l la- uma- l i ' l i flex fi 5 -nk ll . ,'??lR 'fix in , , ,-.-O X f I , -.. YN wxi ' ,. - . X X! . v fd, , .-lkqagtg fs. Qi 'X 'asf W Feliz H QW' P4 fc, O umm- , - -an fi 6 sf.. - I.. ddr. si- fi. C53- f ' fr Q W - 'N ??" sfff- mn CQ? CC K Cl?-Xgi ff. Pr, , Q., X 4 ff' Without its large and colorful Band, Asbury Park High School would not be complete. The eighty- seven member marching band is present at all foot- ball games, Halloween, U.N. Day, and Balloon parades, and all pep rallies. lts basketball season counter- part, the Concert Band, plays for all home basket- ball games, two main concerts, several student con- certs, assemblies, and commencement excercises. Both bands perform on WJLK rakio broadcasts. A Asbury's '58-59 band, conducted by Mr. Frank Bryan, is one of the largest in the school's history and among the best. It is kept that way through daily practice and weekly sectional rehearsals with instruction for each band member. To aid him in the hard work of conducting the band, Mr. Bryan has appointed sectional leaders who pass out music at games, see that their sec- tions are in their correct positions, and make sure that all instruments are properly tuned. Pat Sykes, majorette, leads the band at all foot- ball games. BAND: Back Row L. to R.: R. Mitchell, B. Carnot, H. Guskin, O. Jones, R. Wroncy, J. Nehman, D. Haviland, F. Blades, D. Dickerson, J. Edwards. Next Row: R. Taylor, I. Wexler, A. Drieco, D. Bachner, D. Charp, R. Pullen, B. Hagerman, D. Grandone, R. Edelson, H. Meistrich, J. Sherman, L. Levine, B. Fox, A. Bernard, B. Schwartz, A. Hyatt, M. Pryor, J. Peluso, B. Zindler. Next Row: E. Nesbitt, A. Pappa, N. Grandone, M. Henry, W. Stevens, N. Piolantonio, J. Ungar, M. Wishnatsky, J. Serkin, R- Bauer, G. Layton, B. Simons, J. Reid, A. Cooper, R. Kramer, E. Bennett, J. Mc Chesney, P. Caughey. Next Row: J. Simon, J. Wrubel, L. Oppenheim, L. Novogrod, E. Rodausakis, M. Rosen,R. Frazee,J.Silverstein, A. Stanley, S. Klitzman, J. Reed, H. Shulman, D Rosenblatt, P. Agris, A Poland, S. Barthe- lemy, R- Michelson. Front Row: M. Blake, G. Emerson, J Agris, W. Rubin, C- Rozza, B. Keith, P. Sykes, M. Fried,J, Graff, J. Stalter, W Patterson, J. Hill, J. Schuyler, L. Hartigan. qu., w ,M I tus J The varsity cheerleading squad consists of 12 girls who cheer at the varsity football and basketball games and at the pep rallies. Nothing does more for our boys than to hear the cheerleaders bri and cheer the team on ln order to be a leading squad a girl ability to cheer, but social and scholastic the school, and she The cheerleaders crowds ng life into the to victory. member of the cheer- must not only have the she must follow strict requirements set up by must show co-operation. are part of the athletic department and receive letters and trophies when they are seniors. 'lhis year the captain is 'lerry Van Atta and the faculty advisor is Mr, Richard Smith. The J V cheerleading squad COHSISIS of eight freshman girls They cheer for the freshman and Jav vee basketball games under the direction of Mr Richard Smlth The girls practice many hours after school learning new cheers and perfecting the old ones These girls are selected for their ability to cheer their co ord1nat1on and co operation They must adhere to the same rigid rules as the varsity cheerleaders The J V Captain for this year is Bonnie Bromberger lhc yycek that school opens you yyill rind thc tyyzrlcrs practicing cycry aftcrnoon and tirst period yyith band on ll'lUI'scldXs and lridays The girls arc trying to pcrfcct thcir intricatc routines vyhich arc pcrformcd at all football and basketball gamcs pcprallics and paradcs The routincs arc madc up by thc Captain Patti l icbhardt and arc approved by N11 llaycr thcir supcryisor nunibcr of girls thc lcngthy scason and thc spcc ialty danccs p rtormcd at baskctball gamcs lhc girls must pass all subjccls and attcnd all practiccs to be cligible to twirl Aftcr tyyirling a complctc scason thc girls arc ayyardcd yarsity lcttcrs and ccrtificates lhc bcniors arc givcn trophies VARSITY CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: L. to R.: Irene Wiener, Jerry Poeter, Elaine Kuchen, Cele Earl, Sue Peshkin, Janice Auer, Barbara Carton, Sally Van Wickle, Pam Proctor, Sally Terwilliger, Terry Van Atta, Elaine Spino. I V CREEREEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L to R Conme Wetzler, Bonme Bromberg, Lynn Van Atta, Judy Jeck, Elame Dunlap, Karen Seaberg, Carol Gerbxson, Blau' Boyd TWIRLERS Birbari Green Karcn SEll.p11'U Ltthy Haines, Lynn Wcsterbcrg, Pam Ncwm tn, Laura Lubinsky Lois Shertzcr Gwendolyn Briggs Barbara Buren Sandra Ftelds Edwint Ptrkcr Ncxt Row Annctte Williams Joyce R1chardS, Mary Porrcca Tobl Schulm1n,Phyll1s Harvey, June Manger Kathleen Cornell, Haula Trested, Glorta Smith, Norma Allen r'e-ggy Bera desco, Joan Easu Front Row r'att1 L1ebhardt,Capta1n E I s I I N , D ' E ' , ' E 1 . . ' v 4 J 'D LT' A' Y '- xv A 'I I B' T -'I JY! V ' J 5 ' 1 15- V ' L- - 3 r' V "1 1- 1 ' 's 3 ' if v 's 1 1 1 1 .s i ' . ks , , . , . ',s ' I X' E . h' ' 'A ' L Y 1 'V 1 ' 1 ' 's 1 I I 1 1 1- A Y ' I ' A ' I Yi J. ' J V. ' V .,.. . Asbury's squad is unique because of the TWIRLERSI Blick ROW L- W R11 Rhoda LHShOWii2: , - . 1 , V s I . 2 ' L X 1 ' f . ' , 'a " c ' Y - ' ' ' . . A- 1-'I v Q - mx- C ' 1 I Af ' 1 I - ax- I X T' I l ' I I P ,. X ' N 4 4 Q Q I Q .X x i 4 I l 3 1 -If : ' ' r ' ' , ' K . A , ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . ' 2 x ' " 1 A V' I I 3 'I ' I E " I I f 1 1 rf 1 v 1' V 1 1 - 1 ' ' . -I A - . u . ., , fi it 0' 5 ' "' K pa 6 D 54 bug , SENIOR PLAY CAST: L.. to R.: Back Row: Arlene Werner, Barry Kwalick, Karen, Bass, Donald Schain, Robert Schulman, Arthur Polhemus, Shirley Hughes, Judy Mogelever, Herbert Meistrich, Margaret Savage. -0 f gil I SENIUR PLAY When the final curtain closed on "Three Blind Mice", the senior class knew it had added another smash hit to Asbury's history of successful plays. The play was presented Friday and Saturday evenings, November 14 and l5. The plot involves three sisters who leave their Connecti- cut chicken farm for a glorious vacation at a fashionable Miami Beach hotel. Their main objective is to find rich young husbands, but their stuffy family friend and lawyer threatens to foil their plans. The tricky situations the girls must meet and solve provide plenty of laughs and the end result is comedy at its best. Everyone who in any way contributed to the success of the senior plavy will always remember both the work and the fun involved. Who can forget a 90 pound soaking-wet rug, the lines that were never in the script, or the impromptu performance of the custodial staff at rehearsal? The cast did a wonderful job under the direction of Miss Matthews, faculty director. What's the matter, Bob? That's right--tell us all about it! az' ii' 1 1 -I -3 This is work? Get up, Barry' The entire Cast watches Barry Kwai- ick, a slightly aunsober' member The Foothght Club conslsts of approx1mately 30 sophomores The flrst presentat1on of the club was a rad1o broadcast presented on January 14 1959 The mam project of the club IS a play whlch lb presented for the entlre student body Other act1v1t1es mclude dramatlc 1nter pretatlons and poet1c readmgs wh1ch g1VG dra mat1c experlence and also encourage members to speak before an aud1ence The plays and other presentauons were d1rected by the stu dents themselves The off1cers th1s year are Ray Cotton Pres1dent Chr1s Martell V1cePres1dent Carol Mennle Secretary and Treasurer Susan Hoff mler Mr Charles Moreland IS the club s adv1sor lhe 11ms ot the JLlIllOI' Dldllld Club are to arouse the mterest of students ln dramauts to glxe students mterested lll dtllllg an oppor lllllllX to proxe the11 alnlltx andtoteaehpoxse to llx Illelllltefs e lub attompllshet lts a s wx 11esent1n 1 tx at eath meetlnf e s ee wot ant a pane t1s tusslon s e een s a eme e lhe e u has an aettxe Illelllllefwlllp ot about thlrtx jllfllilli Ihe Olfltels thts tear ate l lnda Rosenheum P1es1dent ltne Rosenthal Ylee Presltent Ruth Banker Setleteux and .loan Sthxxartz I'Lt1slllLl e 1 lst 1 ls Xlll The Canteen Dances sponsored by the As bury Park I-hgh School Parent Teacher Asso CIHIIOH, provlde an act1v1ty for the students that IS w1th1n the1r f1nanc1a1 reach The fall ser1es conslsted of four dances whtch were held on Saturday nlghts The w1nter serles was held after basketball games on Fr1day or Saturday mghts Refreshments were supplled by the Canteen Club Popular Juke box records and local teenage bands furmshed the muslc The money obtamed from the dances IS put mto a scholarsh1p fund to be adm1n1stered by school Off1C131S and the P T A The off1cers of the Canteen Club are Larry Schrelber Pres1dent Ted Johnson, V1ce Pres1 dent and Pam Procter Secretary Mr V111 ap1ano lb the faculty adv1sor and Mrs Ter w1ll1ger Mrs Musto and Mrs Fa1rch1ld are P T A representatlves FUUTLIGHT CLUB FOOTLIGHT CLUB Back Row L to R Mr More land, Jeff Sm1th,SharonJackson,Betsy Wxser, Slurley Cooper, Marsha Alxtt, Carole Garmza, Abby L1eber man, Lanny Harrtson, Sally Tauchert, Pam Kxng, Barbara Colangelo, Barbara Stexdle, Carol Menrue, Ray Cotton Next Row Helen Martell, Lea Freedman, Sandy Levme, Fran Leltner, Elaxne Brener, J an Mxsch ler, Marsha Katz, Lorrame Hartlgan Front Row Mary Ann Perry, Marie Flaherty, Ahce Altman, Joan Berger, Carol Gruber, Harrxet Spector, Fr1tz1e Kod oma, Jean Bagner, June Grader IllNIOR DRAMA CLUB JUNIOR DRAMA CLUB Back Row L to R Alan Davxson, Doug Fnedman, Isabelle 1-hll Marc1aDelany, Loxs Shertzer Lo1s Salv1n, Charhe Goldste1n, Ruth Banker, Jay Marowltz, George Slav1n Alan Kuker, Carol Dodd, Ted Johnson, Sally Van W1ckle Rxchard Ansell Next Row W1nn1e Kemble Glenda Grubman, Nancy Barr, Rose Jul1ano Ann Strano, Sandy Spmo, helm, Alex Plasteras, Joyce Moskow1tz, Lolly Lubm sky, Don Ansell Howard Cohen, J1m Furlong Front Row Jul1a Levxttes Joyce Macaluso, Jane Rosenthal, Karen Shapxro, Norma Femerman, Ethel Red1ker, Peg Pryor, Bunny Gussak Laura Burnson, Margaret Karaglas, Pam Newman, Sue Rhoades L1nda Rosen helm, Ellen Deutsch, Joan Schwartz, Roberta Rubm, Mrs Mlner CANTEEN CIIMMITTEE CANTEEN COMMITTEE Back Row L to R Larry Schrelber, Ted Johnson, Sally Terwxlliger, Barbara Carton, Dean Vegosen, Paul Roundy Front Row Pam Proctor, Mrs Falrcluld, Mr Villaplano, Mrs Terwilliger, Lorrame Hartigan , . . . , . . Z , U. .- I . - '- 2 1 3 ' ' . 1 1 3 1 ' ' - - lh' c 1' -l ', - , . , . . , golf g A lla ' ' H ug, , - , - a play for the Qtul -nt l ly, l ' fl lf- , 5 A A , s As,.' l ' , , ' Meetings are held every other Tuesday. Patricia Blank, NHHCY Peflmutfefy Leonard QDPQU' Due: ar- fifty ' 1 ti ' s 2 lst ar. S' 'l b U ' f 1 f 1 s ', 1 , 1 - ' ' - ' , 1 - , . -N ' : ' ' , 1 . -A , Its, , '1, .y . W ' . , X . Q - , I , - I' -' .' l'l1mdv'.'11' 's M . ner. . ' . 1 W '- , , . 1 . .- . ' 3 , . . - - - s 0 1 T' ' . . . . . . . ..-- V"" VICE PRINCIPAl'S STAFF VICE PRINCIPAL'S STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Mr. Roumanis, Pat Oldham, Arlene Werner, Joan Schwartz, Joyce Moskowitz, Ethel Rediker, Paula Trested. Front Row: Inez Ganley, Linda Rosenheim, Ann Strano, Sandra Spino, Elizabeth Corbo. The girls on Mr. Roumanis' Staff help in running our school by taking care of the nec- essary paper work that goes with attendance. The girls are required to maintain passing averages in every subject and must be con- sidered as top students in all areas of their school life. The girls report to room 104 instead of attending study periods. Their duties are to answer the phone, register late students, return morning attendance slips, collect daily absentee slips, and record pupils excused from school. For their assistance, the girls receive service medals for two years work. I T ll' T pu-u-g i H491 STUDENT ANNUUNCERS STUDENT ANNOUNCERS: Back Row L. to R.: Thomas Gasque, Don Schain. Front Row: Barbara Naftalis, Elizabeth Wetzler, Diane Lowey. Elizabeth Wetzler and Donald Shain are the student radio announcers on W,J,L,K. Each week Liz and Don prepare and present a 15 minute program entitled "Student Activities of Asbury Park High School." Tom Gasque, Diane Lowy, and Barbara Naftalis are the student disc jockeys. They present an hour show every Tuesday featur- ing top tunes of the day. t I 4 ' -- i f .JL-Q' .ll vll ' in ,t , T l H" , 3, A fi .Q ' wr' A D f 5,5 , , , jx. I- K 1 give e . A gg ATHLETIC DIRECTOR'S STAFF ATHLETIC DIRECTOR'S STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Mr. Villapiano, Lynn Van Atta, Elaine Peyser, Janet Mischler, Terry Van Atta, Martha Schanerman, Joan Easu. Front Row: Virginia Plasteras, Andrea Bekus, Marianne Saxenmeyer, Janice Auer, Nancy Young, Irene Megill. The purpose of the Athletic Staff is to assist the athletic department in typing, filing, and distributing notices. The main projects of the athletic staff are distributing football and basketball cards which are placed on the bulletin boards, selling tickets for the athletic events, and creating good school spirit. This is the first year Coach Villipiano has been director of athletics. His staff was chosen during the first week of school and consists of thirteen girls, all of whom participate in athletics. ENGLISH BO0K CUMMITTEE ENGLISH BOOK COMMITTEE: Back Row L. to R.: Terry Byrnes, Brian Barrabee, Steve Scharf. Front Row: Carolyn Stern, Pam Newman, Andrea Silver. The English Book Committee is composed of students who distribute, collect, store,and file all books and mimeographed material used by the English Department. The group is very helpful to the English Department. They work during free periods to save the time and effort of the English Teachers. The group is super- vised by Mrs. Van Campen. RED CRUSS RED CROSS: Back Row L. to R.: Ralph Vandersloot, Micky Schreiber, Steve Barcan, Larry Schreiber, Mr. Fannan. Front Row: Barbara Buren, Barbara Lass, Pat Katski, Merle Harber. The Junior Red Cross Committee consists of representatives from every class who meetonce a month with their advisor Mr. Fannan. The members collect money for the annual Red Cross collection. Other activities include the presentation of new wheel-chairs to patients in Fitkin Memorial Hospital and monthly meet- ings at the County Red Cross Chapter. When students from other schools are present, awide variety of ideas are exchanged. 7, STUCK RO0M CUMMITTEE STOCK ROOM COMMITTEE: Back Row L. to R.: Jim Meola, Mr. Smith. Front Row: Jerry Tertzagian, Jeff Aldarelli, Mike Manger. The Stock RoomCommittee, under the super- vision of Mr. Donald Smith, is responsible for the proper storage and distribution of school supplies. Themembersofthecommittee relin- quishtheir activity period in order tocarry out their duties. The member with the highest average is designated as the student leader of the committee. This year's leader is Jerry Tertzagian. ,f"' X iii' INSTRUCTIUNAL MATERIALS STAFF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Happy Boeticher, Karen Springfield, Nancy Young, Sue Eidlin. Next Row: Mary Jane Kellers, Lynne Newman, Joan Berton, Toby Appel. Front Row: Mary Osborn, Wendy Kessler. This year a new staff has been added at Asbury Park High School. It is the Instruct- ional Materials Staff. This staff assists in the Instructional Materials Center. The girls under the supervision of Mr. Richmond, do secretarial, clerical and messenger work. Most of the staff members plan to enter the teaching profession. 'if +5 'Kass AUDIO VISUAL SERVICE CRE The Audio Visual Service Crew operates instructional equipment for the instructional material service. They show films, and operate record players upon the request of teachers. They are also in charge of the sound equipment for assemblies and after school activities. This year the co-chiefs of the Audio Visual Service Crew are Dennis Bliss and Ed Megill, and their advisor is Mr. Richmond. AUDIO VISUAL SERVICE CREW: Back Row L. to R.: John Ried, David Klinger, Nestor Wizansky, Craig Pollard, Joseph Ercolino. Next Row: Elliot Borin, Anthony Grieco, Richard Edwards, Peter Johnson, James Jones, William Graham. Next Row: David Mc Fadden, Wayne Jackson, Michael Sangiorgio, Arnold Cooper, David Miller. Next Row: Bruce Johnson, Don Bruno, Paul Sparta, Terry La Baw, Jules Plangere. Front Rowzloseph Schwa.rtz,Wallace Smith, Bruce Fallender, Dennis Bliss, Edwa.rdMegill. W f ?T?'farfS .. 'Q' -175 tt- M. .f - HALL MUNITURS HALL MONITORS: Back Row L. to R.: Carson Mader, Bob Schulman, Dean Vegosen, Norman Hirsh- field, Ted Johnson, Steve Clark, Bill Meyers, Harvey Conners, John Sauer, Frank Donato. Front Row: Ira Kreizman, Larry Schreiber, Paul Roundy, Ken. Spielfogel, Barry Sherman, Michael Van Glish, Henry Arning, Dick Finkel. This is the second year that the Student Council has sponsored Hall Monitors. Two of these boys are assigned to each floor every period of the day. Paul Roundy, as president of the Student Council, serves as captain. The monitors have been selected to check student permits, and to prevent loitering and littering in the halls. Meetings are held when- ever it is felt that specific problems need attention. Any monitor who does not obey all the rules and regulations of the school is replaced. GUIDANCE STAFF GUIDANCE STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Sandra Rubin, Carol Gruber, Beverly Segall, Linda Hara. Front Row: Beth Leichter, Barbara Sablove, Judy Brower, Debbie Hoch, Karen Bass. This year Asbury Park High School has acquired a new staff. It was formed to assist Mr. Maroney and Miss Vogel in the guidance department. The girls on this staff have many duties including the usual office work of typing, filing, and making appointments. Files with information on many colleges are being made to aid seniors in seeking the college of their choice. CAFETERIA MUNITURS CAFETERIA MONITORS: Back Row L to R.: Mr. Higinbotham, Mike De Sarno, Bill Rudd, Elliot Marvel, Charles Doyle, Tom Bailey. Front Row: Neal Abello, George Pulsinelli, Leon Britton, Terry Byrnes, Frank Boylan. The duty of the cafeteria monitors is to help make the work of the cafeteria employees easier. The monitors keep order and make sure the cafeteria is kept in a clean, respect- able condition. They give up their study periods to perform their duties. Co-captains Terry Byrnes and Leon Britton direct and co-ordinate the activities ofthe staff. Mr. Higinbothamis the facualty advisor. ...X ..,......L ,dwwwwff vu-gg FRESHMAN PICTURE BUMMITTEE FRESHMAN PICTURE COMMITTEE: L. TOR.:Myrna Skobel, Joe Agris, Jane Schuyler, Nancy Young, Sally Terwilliger. The Freshman Picture Committee, headed by chairman Nancy Young, is responsible for making up the picture schedule and assisting the photographer in taking the freshman pic- tures. These pictures are used on the students permanent record cards which are kept in the office. if !i .., J f di Q 'Vi UFFICE STAFF OFFICE STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Elaine Brener, Robin Madnick, Fritzie Kodama, Suzanne Kaufer, Kay Carton, Judy Roundy, Irene Torop, Ca.rol Dodd. Front Row: Jerry Poeter, Nancy Hammernick, Je'a.n Burns, Elaine Kuchen,JMargaret Karagias.. , F 2 I I V. J l S FIV ci l, . ' fl' A Y r ' ' . i cl 4111, ,L EKJJI L D , A, ' I' , L N I 'M M. X QW f if C5 " ' if 'ir' 'V Wifi The main office staff, which was organized in 1934, has a very important function to perform at Asbury Park High School. This group, which is composed of Honor Roll students, has charge of collecting atten- dance slips, reports, answering the telephone, delivering messages, and distributing materials, The group has no regular meetings and does not select officers. They work during their free periods and are under the direction of Mrs. Richards. For one year of service the girls receive a certificate and for two years of service a medal. Y ASTRUNUMY CLUB ASTRONOMY CLUB: Back Row L. to R.: Mark Kauiki, Jim Sampson, Hugh Watson, Richard Kamber, David Scharf, Arthur Poland. Front Row: Joe Agris, Dennis Stanley, David Franklin, A1 Edwards, Henry Armstrong, Henry Millman, Annette Sampson, Gilda Franklin. Q-" . :J X The Astronomy Club is composed of students interested in astronomy. There are no formal rules for membership eligibility. Weekly meetings are held, at which time guest speakers entertain. Trips are taken to Hayden Planetarium and Franklin Institute and Observa- tory. Sometines evening meetings are held and a study of the stars and planets is made with telescopes. The officers for this year are Arthur Poland, President, Roberta Frazee, Vice President, Joseph Agris, Treasurer, and Jo Anne Haddock, Secretary. The advisor is Mr. Joseph Walsh. fl The Track Club is nde nce of Mr. Augustus Villapian . Th icers are: Robert Schulman, P identg a Kreizman, Vice President, ' nia Pla eras, Secretary, and aron Tag , Tr urer. On is an or a ' atio devoted to publicizing L nd ro ing est in Asbury Park High Sch ol a tic t s. here re no,rAe ictions as to member- p, O 100 bers meet every other hurs in t oys' Gym. There, the active g o formul s its ma plans and projects, i udin an nnu SM Semi-Formal, the sa e o lott rs ea sch les a ca e sale d the pre ation f ets to grad- a ' g members f th tr t m. The club W W , k A so presents t phie ewinning and runner- up teams in the Sh Grammar School Soccer if Tournament, and assists at track meets. TRACK CLUB TRACK CLUB: Back Row L. to R.: Mr. Villapiano, Doug Friedman, Dean Vegosen, Bob Aquilino, Neal Abello, James Furlong, Frank Donato, Mike Scat- uorchio, Don Martin, Ken Spielfogel, Mike Van Glish, Fritzi Kodama, Nick Antich, Pat Scutellaro, Sharon Taggart, Pam King, Ellen Douglas, Cele Earle, Ginny Travis, Lea Friedman. Next Row: Nancy Pearlmutter, Ruth Banker, Penny Fettner, Kathy Haines, Lynn Westerberg, Donna Newman, Robert Taylor, George Ruding, Delores Scalzi, Jo Ann Zucker- man, Elaine Brener, Betty Ann Moore, Lynn Van Atta, Sandra Waltz, Mary Ann Bott. Next Row: Winifred Kemble, Yvonne Dean, Jancie Davis, Jacque- line Redmond, Judy Jeck, Penny Morse,Donna Keeler, Jerri Poeter, Carol Herbison, Betty Weiser, Sandy Fields, Fran Leitner, Carol Gartland, Sissy Griffen, Terry Van Atta. Front Row: Fran Goldberg, Beverly Siegle, Roslyn Furman, Barbara Cantor, Ira Kreizman, Nancy Young, Sally Terwilliger, Robert Schulman, Barbara Zauber, Peggy Newman, Connie Wetzler, Jo Ann Abbamonte. p0,,,......--- ..---"""' ,..-....,..... 3 ., , .Q 9 QU QC as 49 'Q 50 QS I. LIBRARY STAFF: Back Row L. to R.: Joann Haddock, Pat Bohlman, Elsa Green, Pat Sykes, Jill Tucker, Marcia Delaney, Andrea Silver, Miss Schnell. Front The Library of Asbury Park High School is kept -in top-notch condition by seventeen library assistants, under the direction of Miss Ruth Schnell. The girls are chosen at the beginning of each year on the basis of scholar- ship, dependability, efficiency, and personality. The various duties of the members are keeping the books dusted and in order, cheeking books for the students, delivering attendance slips, Row: Doris Hammernick, Jane Rosenthal, Shirley Hughes, Linda Megill, Susan Goldberg, Caroline Stern. UBRARY STAFF and labeling and shelving the books. As a reward for their work, a trip to New York City is planned in the spring. Each year the Sue Kraybill Award is presented to the most deserving girl. The officers for this year are: Shirley Hughes, President, Elsa Green, Vice President, Linda Megill, Treasurer, and Pat Sykes, Sec- retary. ,..s.i,..:g4 f PM gf, Q Q ei rg, 4- y 441, ' ' 61 asf -fn ' G eff - -2? 4 3 QP g K ' ' " 1 1 A 2? C3 CHORUS Back Row, L to R William Mac Donald, George Dellomo, Eugene Beauford, John Cook, Viola Saunders, Cicely Sanders, Alma Anderson, Gloris Hill, Richard Wroncy Next Row BenD1G1ron1mo, Ben Bailey, Roland Manuel, Stephen Sypos, Eleanor Williams, Lynn Lundy, Irene Garis, Barbara Kallim, Yvonne Clayton, Florence Lacity L1nda Kimbrough Next Row Ronald Watt, Douglas Paff, George Berger, Barry Edwards, Mae Raitt, Ceclia Frasca, Susan Umstead, Pat Brown Next Row William Todd, Joseph Kimbrough, Bruce Dravneck, Edward Rob, Patricia Kimbrough, Nadine Badger, Patricia Roberts, Susan Feinstein, Patricia Polhemus 1959 CHURUS The students who are members of the chorus are selected from the vocal music classes It is the aim of these classes to expose students to various vocal tech niques theory harmony ear training and music appreciation A great deal of time in class is devoted to preparing music for the various programs that the chorus performs throughout the school year. The music program is open to all studentsg however, a student must show a certain degree of advancement if he is to continue in the course. The chorus offers the students interested in music wonderful opportunities and they gain valuable experience in solo and group singing. The vocal music classes are under the direction of Mr. Bruce Baver. The piano accompaniments are supplied by Richard Wroncy and Susan Umstead. ATHLETICS Through these hallowed halls we pass, Perhaps for the last time en masse. Sports help man to act as one, In which way much more is done. Throughout life tearnwork's required, And through athletics it is acquired. 'S 9 W 't 1-.. , fl yi. 0 v , 2 Q' I dw,-.2 'FIU' ' fgfjf Q ga ,,.fff K 11 -w tr'-1 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Back Row L. to R.: Coach Bruno, Michael Manger, Ralph Vandersloot, Art Brerman, Warren Rodkin, Henry Arning, Bill Rudd, Brian Barrabee, Jerry Feeny, Dennis Lerner, Edward Watt, Ed Koch, Jim Meola, Coach Rinehart. Next Row: Lee Rokeach-Assistant Manager, Sam Peluso, Mike Dugan, Terry Byrnes, Doug Gatta, Charles Willingham, Chris Christensen, Chris Coll, Steve Molasky, Dean Vegosen, Barry Shapiro, Mike Klinger, PhilBertole, Lee Johnson, Martin Schwartzman-I-lead Manager. Front Row: John aicliano, Joel ochwartz, Nelson Faddies, Barry Slott, Ken Holland, Leon Britton, Roland Manuel, Mike Corcione, Tony Apicelli, Jeff smith, Bob Bunting. FUUTBALL The Asbury Park High School Varsity Football Team of 1958 under the reins of Coaches "Butch" Bruno and Lachman Rinehart enjoyed another successful season. Although the "Bishops " lost four of their first five encounters they finally "saw the light" and went on to win the remaining four games, thus clinching a second place berth in the Shore Conference. The "Parkers ", hampered with injuries throughout the beginning of the season, dropped a hotly contested game to Manasquan, who emerged Shore Conference Champions, and another to the powerful New Brunswick eleven. After a heartbreaking loss to a highly rated, but outplayed Union squad, the "Blue and Black" smashed Neptune, 37-12, amazinga crowd of 5,000 with sparkling play. A loss to Red Bank turned the tide as the "New Bishops" soundly whipped the Perth Amboy and Freehold aggregations and went on to beat our arch rival, Long Branch, 7-0. The "Parkers" continued their winning ways by defeating Middletown in the 'Turkey Day Classic" and the concluding season with a 5-4 record. The "Bishop" back field, when intact, was comprised of Co-captain Ken Holland, who was named to the 'All County" team, Chris Christensen, a fleet footed halfback with a sure passing arm, Brian Barrabee, who tore many enemy lines to shreds, and Leon Britton, winner of the Deneger Award. The Asbury line was anchored by "All Shore" Mike Dugan, Co-captain Jerry Feeny and Chris Coll, both members of last year's "All Shore" team, Jim Meola, a Junior making his third varsity football letter, Steve Molasky, playing his first year of football as a senior, Nelson Faddies, who played fullback as well as end, Charles Willingham, Mike Corcione, Art Brennan, and the punt specialists, Ed Koch and Dean Vegosen. The services of Tony Wreiole were sorely missed as he suffered an injury during the Brunswick tilt. The Jay-vees, never loosing heart, had a winless season, but things looked brighter as the Freshman squad maintained a flawless record until their final game of the year. .0 X- 90 eo. . . S ."Z..s. 'w an .1-1' -- " : .. " A , - '- , -., v,, .4-,. on ' ,-- - ."'-.'-.QM ,, JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Back Row L. to R.:Coach Spencer Keys, Caleb Morris, Wynn Phillips, Alan Blankfield, Eugene Beauford, Ronnie Youmans, Bill Savage, Gary Abrams, James Sheridan, Garrett Giberson, Bill Walton, Ed Robinson, Coach Richard Smith. Front Row: Willie Hampton- Manager, Alan Davis-Manager, Ed Robinson, Jeff Carton, Danny Lee, Lenord Berman, Richard Mc Glone, Steve Clark, Ben Bailey, Bruce Hagerman, John FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1957 Gruvreau, Bill JOIIHSOH- A. P. Opp. 7 Manasquan 13 0 New Brunswick 31 12 Union 14 37 Neptune 12 7 Red Bank 19 26 Perth Amboy 0 26 Freehold 6 7 Long Branch 0 18 Middletown 13 FRESHMAN TEAM: Back Row L. to R.: Coach Osgoodby, V. Gordon, W. Olson, R Petraro, W. Holland, L. Dickerson, T. Holland, H. Nonnenberg, G. Mueller, G. Plasteras, C. Sofield, H. Darling, J. Mahon, Coach Smith. Next Row:R. Vogel, R. Buist, G. Bailey, R. Smallwood. I-in txt ' 4 xg r 1 1 V ., M ,. gy' 4... ,Q , I Wy . ' 9' 4 ' A L C' ns Q . ca , r A W1 FN f"", ull' X 1 U vt V QW M' QW! 1 "- aim Let's buy our tickets The referees are making last minute arrangements. Q 3 lx f lf lf' ' fl f Lp.-Lwg ' ww T 4 II -. A 73" N 5 ., tv i :uv 3. 'K ' T L ' i""'f if 4 P kk fi ' - q q""'x H e 9' w1t I., ." : -v, - , i '. 1ilxxi'iS4,3-ix? K fx and enter the stadium. The photographers are all set. CANDIDS The cheerleaders are giving us aQ pep cheer. The girls are adjusting their hats. X Q0 'IQ-.l rf 5 Q V 0 1 .. - ' g .ww ' ga zu V :pu .--, , ,Yr 2" ...t ' 4 ul W1 - r- , ,w . f u '- 40, , O.- if'.""V4 1 . , - Kr, f f ,ii K . t t -v . 5 A I if if -is 1 ' ' b t '---f-----::::.:5.:'.: I 1 ,. , V 4 A:-"t,Q'?' Hhvq -- S 1 " 1 I t I' A n ' 'Z Y- ,., fn ' 6:2 '- YY 'A ,t NJ' f N I t N , 1 ,Zen '1 .1'-"Q, We've got great seats and We're watching an exciting football game. Is it half-time alreadyg strike up the band and let's watch the show. 4 7' .gpg I va , . K , Ai 1 4 im- dp f' .J"- 'Q 1 V Q, ver-.W Ai- Szlrf. Cheer us on to victory, girls. It WAS 8 hard fight, but We WOR. 0 t t N C I 5. is J- nl , T .6-L "' VARSITY BASKETBALL: Back Row, L. to R.: Coach Villapiano, Carson Mader, Paul Roundy,Art Brennan, Ken Spielfogel, Bill Hutzley, Henry Arn- ing, Mike Van Glish, John Sullivan, Rusty Mc- Loughlin-Head Manager. Front Row: Peter Ross- A Ve ,Q X x-,M X I X Cm -,AML l . 1, 5 , C X A54 L3 L' ' K f X --fx X -, AHCM xxx x UVM! 'T X BASK The Asbury Park High School 1959 Var- sity Basketball Team, although a far cry from championship caliber, provided many exciting moments for Asbury fans. Under the direction of Coach Gus Villapiano the "Bishops" took two out of three from both Long Branch and Neptune, our foremost rivalsg was the only quintet to defeat Shore Conference Champions, Red Bankg and threw quite a scare into the New Brunswick and Emerson powerhouses, bowing out only in the final minutes of play. The 'Parkers' closed the season successfully by defeating one of the big names in New Jersey basketball, Union Hill, by a large margin. Ken Spielfogel copped high scoringhonors for the year with big Bill Hutzley trailing close behind, The 'Big Fellow' should be quite a threat to opponents in the future. John Sullivan proved to be a great surprise as he ET Manager, Ted Johnson, Frank Ten Broeck, Barry Shapiro, Ira Kreizman, Jim Garrity, Doug Gatta, Larry Schreiber, Leon Britton, Arlee Reno-Man- ager. BALL played outstanding ball throughout the year and emerged as a potential scoring threat at the close of the season Nelson Faddies, who joined the club in the middle of the season, added a much needed punch to the team. Three boys who shared the guard position with great success were Hank Arning, who hit for double figures many times, Frank Ten Broeck, a real hustler, and ballhawk, Jim Garrity, Mention must be made of Car- son Mader, Paul Roundy, Doug Gatta, Leon Britton, and Ted Johnson who all turned in a commendable performance. The Jay-vee and Freshman squads fared much better as Danny Lee, Stew Rushton and Ralph Vandersloot led the 'Jays' to a 10-8 season. The Freshmen sported a fine 13-5 record behind the strong play of Hank Nonen- burg, Walt Hollend, Vince Gorman, Sal Bera- desco and George Plasteras. 1 X 1 o 'if . V fri V5.2 V ' 7 -Q J N25 ff .44 ll 1 Q :E MX K Y 1-'nv il .- W9 ', Z-' .gf Q Y, ,641 Q ,XJ K. . M wig., W . .ph ,- q M xi' lk Q0 u ,,o.y,Ir, V ,asp Q, , N guy V -H,.- ' f 'vf'-NH:-" ' " ,VELC-R x, N Z Fx - 'X AIA y B ' Cav xx It J.Q?Jl , Q! Ag 4' i i il J 1 is 5 ,ei x id 'QP I ii .5 W, 151' , a Www if-iw f as " ' Ekilgifsngs A ' .,. L, - - Q V. wa, if E . T45 1, Q . X 0 I in ' 5 an ,J n m SPA' O 1 Y :, .NV lm- I 51, -g i, , S S ,, K sl WP. . , , I I V314 ' in ' 41 421 . .- Kiki- 151. 5 -'UQ ww, flu. av Q fy. TP' if K ui Q J 1 ,grx ' p -ii. . 5, ee Q Fl . NK f gg, Q' fag' A.,., , K E S g as 1 f K ,iv H l,,V. 95 we . , 3, . 1 we 4 P Wa, 'Q MR f 'vii of . . P .. 5 ' ' K' A 'w NUR 5 lug , A -ef of -. f K 4 .f ' an , , , U f ,'r"? ff j 'XE'XX, yawn gl H, W , t , . V , g ' K. ' FFNRRK QQXM I Rf 'SX lim ,xx gem f klyvnfghuglg -xv, . MR 1 1 - pn . MW pig. ,a -in Ffa' ' L All 2n 'J?2"Kf,gi'f VARSITY TEAM: Back 'Row L. to R.: Coach Mc Gurrin, Coach Snow, Donald Martin, Kemneth Holland, Brian Barrabee, Kenneth Spielfogel, Henry Arning, William Waldeyer, Ralph Vandersloot, Wendell Griffith, Coach Adkins. Front Row: Robert Schulman, steven Kessler, Robert Pines, James Sangston, Bruce Crowell, Bart Siciliano, Frank Ten Broeck, Ira Kreizman, Ted Johnson, John Higinbotham, Tom Valenti. BASEBALL Headed by an impressive array of outstanding players, the 1958 Varsity Baseball Team proved to be the best high school nine in the shore area. Under the direction of Coaches Ray Adkins and George Snow, the "Bishops" were the Shore Conference Champ- ions, sporting a record of ten wins and two setbacks and compiling an overall record of twelve victories against five losses for the year. The team was captained by shortstop, Bruce Crowell, and catcher, Bill Waldyer. Credit must be given to the following boys who performed better than average during the season's playg Don Martin, who received a trophy for getting on base the greatest number of times and for the highest batting average, Jim Sangston, recipient of the Deneger Award for an unsung player, Bob Pines, Bruce Crowell, Don Martin, and Bill Waldyer, who copped starting positions on the first Shore Con- ference All Star Team. Steve Kessler should also be recognized as one. of the shore's best pitchersg he had a record of 6-0 for the year in conference play. , BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1958 Manasquan Perth Amboy Middletown Red Bank New Brunswick New Brunswick Middletown Neptune Neptune Perth Amboy Woodbridge Manasquan Freehold Red Bank Freehold Long Branch Long Branch Opp 3 3 3 1 4 6 1 o 2 6 1 2 4 4 1 2 5 X f l I f Qiig Qi? K.. Wm ,-.3 5 ,gn-in ' Wi - y ' - 5- f JAY VEE TEAM: Back Row L. to R.: Herb Towell, Henry Arning, Ralph Vandersloot, William Savage, Mike Manger, steve Pessin, Mike Dugan, Mike Klinger, Coach Snow. Front Row: Dean Vegosen, Barry Druesne, Law- rence Johnson, Richard Belofsky, Steve Braun, Ira. Sheri- dan, Ted Johnson, Stu Rushton, Barry Slott. Put it there! FREQHMAN TEAM: Back Row L. to R.: Coach Mc Gurrin, Ray Dahrouge, Bill savage, Mike Manger, Bill Gilman, Dean Vegosen, Ronny Youmans, John Grauveau. Front Row: Charles Urbinek, George Dellomo, Sam Laufer, John Yaun, Neil oolomon. l L 1 t . -:f,,,4f'- 22.1. ,'..5'-F L J' " --ry J .J .1-rgllugp-:FRY .Z What's the score, Ira? . .54 v Stu waits for the pitch. ei!-1-L NS ,awww -Pl K A ,. A PM 211 I-3 . SIU A S F Nh . hxennmk Fi CRUSS CUUNTRY The 1958 Cross Country Team under the watchful eye of Coach Gus Villapiano had a successful season as they were ranked near the top ten in the state and among the top six in Central Jersey. Manfried Geiger, captain of the harriers, was rated twenty-ninth in the state, eleventh in the shore and produced many wins for the "Bishops " with the aid of Woodrow Williams, winner of the Denegar Award, Howard Cohen, Jim McCurry, Rusty McLoughlin and Ron Wiltshire, 'R sau., 1 4""N nan CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Back Row, L. to R.: Ralph Gardner, Frank Syphax, James Wilmo re, Woodrow Williams, Dave Brantley, Howard Cohen, Manfred Geiger, Carl Jones, Adrian Mc Loughlin, Ronnie Wiltshire, Ken Mackey, Coach Villapiano. Next Row: Ray Auen, Lawrence Beverett,Gary Heller, Barry Fox, Joe Bozzelli, Ronald Baron, Jerry Neh- man, Robert Agris, Jay Harris, William Frankel, George Manuel, Elliot Marvel, Reg- inald Pleasant, Ken Martin. Front Row: Ray Kaplan, Stuart Grubman, Mickey Schreiber, Paul Agris, Clarence Dizard, Joe Reed, Rich- ard Mc Hale, Harold Crenshaw, Ronald Watt. TRACK VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Back Row, L. to R.: Coach Merli, Ed Koch, Bill Rudd, Dennis Crawford, Ray Mazza, Jack Candiano, Bill Hutzley, Howard Cohen, Ed Watt, Willie Beauford, Carson Mader, Coach Smith. Front Row: Robert Taylor, Ted Petoniak, Woody Williams, Dave Brantley, Manfred Geiger, Robert Bunting, Don Schain, Terry Byrnes, Bill Shortt, Frank Syphax. The 1958 Varsity Track Team was one of the finest in the shore's history. The "Parkers" copped eight of their nine dual meets and won the Mommouth-Ocean and Shore Confer- ence Championships. They took a close second position in the State Conference Meet and a third in the annual State Meet at Rutgers. The season was, highlighted by the fantastic sprinting of "State Champ", Frank Budd. Among a whole host of various accomplishments, Budd chalked-up a new state mark in the 100 yard dash and posted an astonishing time of 9:6 seconds. He also tied the state record in the 220 yard dash and was one of the state's best high jump artists. Scholastic Coach maga- zine also named him as one of the four top dash men in the country. The "Bishop" 880 relay team broke all existing ledgers at the Bridgeton Relays with Budd, Lyons, Bunting and Scott carrying the baton in an incredible 1:31:7. It will be a long time before Asbury will see the likes of Frankie Budd and the 1958 track team again. W-ly K ll 4, I 'ya INDUUR TRACK INDOOR TRACK TEAM: Back Row, L. to R: Bob Bunting, Willie Beauford, Steve Mol- asky, Frank Donato, Don Schain, Manfred Geiger, Coach Merli. Next Row: Caleb Mor- ris, Dave Belasco, Robert Scheneck, Wood- row Williams, Ronald Wiltshire, Sam Jones, Ralph Gardner, Joe Bozzelli. First Row: Joe Kimbrough, Henry Griffin, Ed Mc Loughlin, Roy Kaplan, Matthew Addison, Reginald Plea- sant, Larry Basden, Larry Beverette. fl' L53 The Asbury Park High School Indoor Track Team of 1959 was not impressive with power, but appeared to be one of the best balanced teams in many winters. Expected standouts on the boards this year are Manfred Geiger, Don Schain, Wood- row Williams, Robert Bunting, Willie Beauford and Ed Koch. Under the direction of Coach Nick Merli, the "Bishop track- sters" seem in store for a good season after handily defeating long Branch early in the year. 103 GYM LEADERS There are thirty-five gym leaders who assist in the Girls Physical Education Classes. These girls are chosen after careful consideration with due emphasis given to the following factors: leadership, scholarship, health, athletic ability, honesty, personality, and participation in after school sports. These girls are a very busy group. They assist Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Rinehart, the girls' gym instructors, in various ways. Some of their important duties are taking care of equip- mentj checking attendance, checking class uniforms, checking valuables, officiating at sports, and helping the gym teachers in every possible way. OFFICIALo: Back Row L. to R.: Lorraine I-lartigan, Louise Novogrod, Shirley Varian, Jancie Auer, Betsy Bennett, Linda Hara, Jeannie Silverstein, Francia Ehrlich, Pat Rogers. Front Row: Maryce Jackson, Beverly Siegel. .L- Y . ,, 4. V, E. fjrfikfife fait 'C W 7561! ' . - Tue -Av r ,W J. .. ' i . DDT GYM LEADERQ: Back Row L. to R.: Lorraine Hartigan, Kathleen Cornell, Louise Novogrod, Joyce Macaluso, Betsy Bielefeld, Barbara Hundertpfund, Jeannie Silverstein, Francia Ehrlich, Liz Wetzler, Janice Auer, Barbara Carton, Sally Van Wickle, Judy Cat- talona, Betsy Bennett. Front Row: Joyce Gibson, Jerry Poeter, Lynn Newman, Sue Hoffmier, .sharon Taggart, .Tune De oarno, Joan Berton, Beverly oegall, Maryce Jackson, Patty Rogers, Shirley Varian, Bea Muiios. miss is as good as a mile! SENIOR BAQKETBALL TEAM: Back Row L. to R.: Kathleen Cornell, Paula Trested, Dot Yaun, Marianne Saxenmeyer, Janice Auer, Paula Jamison, Adie Reiter, Maryce Jackson. Front Row: Francia Ehrlich, Leslie Kuskin, Linda Hara, Terry Van Atta, Mary Porreca, Bea Musios, Phyllis Harvey. BASKETBALL Basketball is the most popular sport sponsored by the Blue A's. There are 160 girls participating this year. After light practices, squads are chosen. These squads are graded according to practices attended and skill, however, any girl, regardless of skill, may play on a squad in intramural competition. Only the most highly skilled girls play in inter-school games. The following standard is used to select this group: sportsmanship, skill, health, and attendance at practices. All of the games and practices are officiated by the girls who receive their training in gym class and after school. . ti'-' ,,,.s L K A has. -ll, 409 "E 5' - v ,fig 'f"" g x Hd' 'Z .M ff x ,I . ' N" M' I "".. . 'K 1" -Jn A' A A t i L T at I I RJ ' Mila' fu 1" I dw .. f 1: This sport is played as soon as the weather is warm enough. The is an informal one. New teams are chosen at each playing situation practice until the last week in May and then permanent class teams are chosen. These teams compete with each other to determine the school Championship. SOFTBAll idk. ,lf SOFTBALL: Back Row L. to R.: Janice Auer, Car XA!f'cher, Louise Novogrod, w-fu.. nl fa-Ma, Elsa Green, Bea Musios, Barbara Carton, Sue A4631 A. Front Row: Liz Wetzler, Pat Rogers, Pat Roberts, Shirley 'Varian,i Qa'renJLittel, Annette Williams. 0 . 5 '. :LV . ,flk WCLJ lv U , If fh , A A 1 LLL fblb 1 ll r - X ,f .JU I' , V L ia my N, U.. y I -LL ciflk s-'r-R-1-K-E--Mayaeai an QW f tutf M' .g 'V 1 wiij 3 Ifk, lb IWUJL I HL' l -WW", fb ' v ,0,,'f . U M 'I ' J X1 ,f'fWM' . It fb xl v J , 1' X ff N 7' I at , ll 1, I - " 5' Q ' '71 r 1 it-'gl .r f 7' ' , ' ' P . ' , xxx - Y. Y . :X ,P ,.. .44 1. 0 L -I ,,s XX .N if ' lv- T ,fa . Q t i ' I ff, ' f ,- ,VvAf'?" aw Q O , f Q15 ' f' Z "fy 'Til f f Z C Z 2 f, X!!! I ,, Z fy, 7 X 3 UNWARD INTO THE BRIGHT NEW FUTURE , W""" 4-'sd . . ff , 1'1.lJ.Af-iifw, , L X 1

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