Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1958

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Q. 3 x X if L . VT ss. PRESENTED BY THE - SENKOR CLASS E ASBURY PARK X 1-1151-E SCHGOL ASBURY PARK N J EDITOR IN CHIEF X0-ma H 09 BUSINE S S MANAGER X qw 5 We if K au 1-ll . fi A 4 P .139 is If l 957 ld ' A W.-541 'V ' 4 777 f ' Q gig? xf 3, if-'iff 4 V . X 'xx jp - .' ' T-i 41' ia da E . U ' .. - E ' I , f,.' IV. fl-J, -,,-f-Ziff ' . 02 I . - -. I I -1- Z ' 5 . 3 --rj? - . X . Y " Q 1 f, 4 xi . .'-' .'3 A . :E 'T-,iQ X ' -, -' 4 , ""E ffl: .EEE , 3-'S E -A 'PUSH PETERSON' 'fi , .. .E E' E' A 'E 5 '75 V f h A 33 . 6 JF 1 af sl, 1 ' . I 'C' 4 i A 4.3 0,1 1 ' !,..!,' 1 l ' L ' I . . V r .41 v Q 4 C I , ff ., , , A ., L ' - - Y. . I I . 4 . I4 o Q - Q Lo A. vi - .. . 4' P ,. ,O -b 1 3. r A ,.. ."r ' o 'n- n . 1. ,x I. Q- 4 I, 4 5 : --1 .-,v n , o I ' 1 1'. 4 I Q o ' s 3 4 . H B - il ,A ' I E I 1 . ,Q x V w.. 'r HQ a . , . : ' ' rn -, P. . ,I . ,nu 1 ' .. , 1w"'wrUn bu I 1 T' Lvl 'f' -raw' .Fa C sf- o ' , f , ' I -,, W I Q, 5 013, 1 f . Q I ,r Q , ,f' ' I , o . ,x. ' fn, J- . - ' Q9 0,4 , ' I 4 ' . I 1 ' pf" 4' '?"f' nf, Q . lf.. 1 L .4 -Oni 0 , nf, , ,Q ,F 4. -4 1" y,I!'f"":,r' P S ' a P I 0 1.3471 J ' D ' , I , I .1 5 .4 , YI , . , I ff I r . 2' , 1 . I ". 'Q -.uv .f ' r A ,IQIIJ frf.z4 if .. fri S .vp ,Q 0 .f. fr 4 '. 0' 5 - u -" ,tfp Pa? I 41 q . . -ff" '4' 4 f 2 vi r ,N 'nm .gi E Wea' -'H 4' - ' Q ll 'I . . , Lf" '1 ,J Q. ,r I. 5, u Q 1 O9 ' ' o i,5f. Jn'-4 'Y-fx .14-'Z :'Q.4,' '.,k. ,Qi ' A' ' " f ' irfk Aif.'." ,Jig . 4-. v 2. f 1, 1 'z ' SIP: 1 'f .Q x 'L ' " . ' , ' . 4' x - JJ ' Q ' eg I K . . Q . a D 1 I n,vl 4. l 5 Ti k - x'-at ku- A ' K Sinai, uivuiw-ale., Q Q 5 ' nit I Y' . - Qi- ii," ' ,tis I ' 1 L A - gi, .' -, .ff . 1 -'I 4 ' v:t4, 'A L-K 1 - 5 ' -l.'l., 1-J is Q W - if LY. -' as t' -fwfr 'ik f rn, 'Q' Q QA' ai' J' 5 G - . -, ff' -v - ' .g 2-E.. U ., gm H " I Q, ' Mg 'M , 6 P . v K , A . - v 'f N K , 2 , ' "' -f- ha...-Sa.Eu-A. .. , Q. LUYALTY 1 XJISQUMI - fx 1' " HUNUR WRTUE Nr ! --.xgs xp NX-,s,,,,-Vgv.'1 ! x ' 1 Q' Qk? -M .!"" N-vw-x,....xL 'fin C7 Hung ' f. ""xffu 'as ,nr ' ' ,..5 'ms ff ,f""' fi' , X' If an X7 FACULTY 7 V M fy 1 5 -51 f 535095, I vw. 4 Y, , Pi 1,- .ga -rw IK ui W. ., , A 1,1 ,E I no f Hg-,J-1-1 L- 2 . 'VTE' 51.1 lg?-. :-..'-,:,5lv. .' 2 8 i , ,P .1 YJH k 'ii r ' 'A Q 1 1 Q, ,wffke H Q 9 ' 1 , f 1' ez L , v -, ara... A' i-Q , .. ., 12 5' 1465.3-?Zlf ,, Z: 1, s Mgifggyffal '14- f-3225? " ,. 4 5 , 410 Ax 1.12-4. , j' 3 QV' l MRI lx RNQRISI W IIXX1 m BR O FRANK -X HRX XX X RX I BRN N Q5 'Os I IJRLLI Q,X'N1fRG'N CXTHI X SLI 7 JXNI H QARDN Hifi! FACULTY L 1 , .- ..-X HA IHQRI .Hr 2, .' ,f 'A ' X- AEFRED HYATT JOHN JEHLE VIELVIN JOHNSON ISABELLE S JONES RUTH S JONES WII I IAM JUNDA FRANCIS LEAHY ANNA L LIEBERMAN DI'-LORES LYNCH PETLR -I MAHER IN MEMORIAM 1- 1 AVIS T. MARCY KATHERINE M. MASSEY EI.. FREDA HARRIS MELVIN J. HOLMES Died Dec. 13, 1957 Died Oct. 31, 1957 f . QW Affdja MARX MATTHI- WS ROBILRT MC GURRIN NICHOI AS .I MERII RUTH D MLSLRVE JOHN I' NIONAGHANJ RUTH I3 'VIORA NO '? .IUNL B MOUNT JOHN PANDOLFI- DOROTHY 5 PI-ARCE I IANL ILIA A PII LSO JOSI PH V PLI USO ,J I 41,,.,, 4,09-nf, f ,L ,LN fbi Q4 f.KL vw- N' Lil. RI.:-asf Cc 31-L. ,airy A1441 ir 72" Q. Z7 01-vye,f:2fZ--Y44r I .VVOIV I X I ff, PM U . 1 V .VI . I , jg 51' X' iv! Q-vga -6 If A PM 5 5 ,N 7' . I 1 fl CALENJ E RAY JOSEPH RICHARDS HOWARD RICHMOND DORIS R RINEHART LACHMAIN RINEHART EVELYN H. ROSS S ROUMANIS ESFHER F. ROYSTLR SUSANNE M. SAUER RUTH C. SCHNELL 1958 FACULTY JEANNETTE SCHUl?PAN HELEN D. SHAW QZILWAL A' if .W.. ,, WWW O vw! BEATRICE VAN CAMPEN RACHEL VECCHIONE AUGUSTUS VILLAPIANO MARIE VOGEL JOSEPH WALSH ETHILLBERT WANNER MAUDE B WESTCOTT JOSl1PH F ZACH I2 FACULTY APHS 1958 ,K CAFETERIA STAFF """f"' 1 '-1 -71 " , 3 6 fi V-, f -113,6 g -9- x f 4 - V -4 . .1 A .f ' 1, , 41 CAFETERIA STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Robert abeth Dickerson, Lucy Pound, Gladys Feddeler Williams, Clifton Cason, Gladys Fields, Kathryn Elizabeth Kondrup, Evelyn Goldfarb, Gladys Reid Woodle, Clarice Anderson, Burleigh Hobson, Ho- Dorothy Jacobs. ward Carpenter. Front row: Carolyn Gray,E1iz- x, rx xx :Qu xx xx lo Q i aging' N . l 7 ii v 5 x Left to Right: Henry Patterson, John Ferguson, Left to Right: Helena Kuckler, Eileen Hurley, Robert Thomas, John Stewart, Harry Lake, Alfred Alfred Pittock, Henry Patterson. Pittock, Edgar Burdette. y 1 fiuvvw- I X W- Q mrs .. K ,f si: , --,-v " . Y J 'I'fXi'55TfW' Y 1 4. -4,5 ' if 71.,,f"a. wh fi be-V. km , iz- '11 V. " L 'gQ3'4'm5J4,,rjh"M- 'tink I ' 1 N 5 'K . ,r U' Q K N - 4 x'?f.'3'+ 'V ,M "1 51,-Q ' Swv 1 'iiwh ' si ,H , gg? 4 ,T , 5 xv ,V .4 - ff - mi' , f, 5 fm Q k HE Q55 'R fi A gpm 5 58? E A rg. 'A I .ff E b .5 ' .M 'Q ws W gem 5 f ' .. -4 ., x rf ,W Asif A. . J 4, Nj, " 'Efti-W . 'gag fy' 'Qs 4.5" . , I ' ' 'grf . 'ax Wir " , .1,5y:,A V Q ' ,gms :LQ 1' ,- my ps- -V 24:2 1 - . T17 . L I is .1 'lfif-"f S ' 43 mr Y 8 , L Q-L"' ' mm 2-5. f i W null Wifi . an A 'E ,231 9 fi 2? 1 , 1 4 a ,mfg N A XW XWN 5. 5,- N NN pm yxxyx x Mx. X .X .X X N X fx X X XXX X This is our yearbook, this is our school, and these are our parting thoughts. The past four years have been fruitful ones for us. We have shared many things in commong studying, participating in school activities and reaping the harvest of our toil Most important we have shared a common goal In the past four years we have seen our school grow and prosper Of this we can only say we are proud to have been a part To those who have guided us we shall forever be in debted to our Principal our teachers our advisors our parents and to our fellow students Now through the pages of our Driftwood we invite all to share these treasured memories with us W iff' , - i g, . . . - N D. . . 7 l l l 9 , . L, , 1 . . 3? Q fr 1 s 'P T g - ' -' - '-- -- ' ' A " " "'--- --'f' " - . Y SUSAN MARIE I Al.DARIil.I.I .Maryn Track Club 4: Press Club 3: Bowling 4. Ambition: To become a Private Secretary. College: Business school it ROBERT T. ALEXI ER ,f'BoV ' . In ' Stu ent o 1 e t- . X ative . ' A ' ' n: ow Cor- vet . Future Plans: To join the Navy. MARY ALICE ADKINS Blue A's l,4: Twirlerl , Flag Twirleri4W siaff4. mu :T beaqs ess. J f To be a private AF re Plan !"To be hap- of a theatrical X ilv married. ,f agency. J -' K V XL ' ' Future Plans: To go into M J the business world. I J, ALEX AMODIO 'Allie' Football 1: Baseball 2: English Book Committee 3: Intramural Bowling 4. Ambition: To m a r r y a wealthy woman. College: Monmouth it N X Tift VINCENT APICELLI "Vinny" Baseball l,3,4. Ambition: To become good baseball player. X MARILYN ALESSI "Lynn" Blue A's l,2,3,4: Track Club 3,4: Bowling 4: Words Si Pictures 4. Ambition: To become a private secretary. Future Plans: To work. VIRGINIA JOAN ALLEN "Joanie" Honor Society 2,3,4: Cheerleader 1: Twirling 2, 3, Captain 4: Latin Club 2: French Club 3,43 Footlight Club lg Future Teachers Club l,4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3: Usher 3,4: Vice President of Home- room 1: Secretary of omeroom 2: Latin Club e QXA4 Can g!a,vf' A, ,ly Io af! ' svfvhi-gilt 2353134 obhexaich. kin- Ubf LX! I L Tren Sgt alte Teachers Coll 'ge 14, we Future Plans: To ravel and teach. SAl VATORE Bl RARDESCO 3 Bascball 1 Cafcteria Mon itor 4 Ambition To bc a busi nessman Collcgc Monmouth Col egc .IUDITH F Bl RNSTI lN Judy Honor Societv 2 3 4 l'w1rl ing Squad 2 3 4 latin Club 2 Blue A s 2 3 4 Futurc lcachcr s Club 2 4 Press Club -4 Footlight Club 2 Studcnt Varieties 2 Ambition To sec our Class in twcntx five vears College -Xdclphi Futurc Plans lo stud teaching HELEN BANKER President of Future Nurse's Club 45 Mr. Cole- man's Staff 2,3,-45 French Club 2,35 Blue A's lg Sci- ence Club 2. Ambition: To be a medi- cal technician. College Lniversitw of Connecticut ME LVYN BENSON ..Mel.. Band l,2g Orchestra 1,25 Student Varieties 1, 23 Track Club 3,-4. Ambition: To be a suc- cess. College' Lnited States Merchant Marine Academv KX fnur S4 t it x ft -1 L ttk l W SIJCL V' L LN UILJII n lc LI' 4 llomt room Sttrctar 4 nrt l KOllagL lu HL RX! Huh K L o ttt Nlonmouth BARBARA RAl lil RKOWI l Z Hobbit irling 234 Blut s Cl u Nursc s Staff 2 lrackClub Ambition lo scc thctlass in 25 wars Collcgc T rcnton Sta c Tcachcrs C ollcgc HAROI IJ RIC H-XRD lil Alll-S Htinc Scicnct Clubl Ambition lo sail around tht vlorld in mx own boat Collcgc Lndtc idcd Vuturc Plans To bccomc a 'Nlarint Architect BRUCE BRENLR Bren Presldent of Jumor Class Secretary of Semor Class Honor Soclety 2 3 Presl dent 4 Student Lxecutlvc Councll 1 Student Councl l 3 Megaphone 2 News Edltor 3 Freeholder 3 Homeroom Presldent 3 German Club 2 Presldent 4 Vxce Pres1dent3 Bas ketballl Baseballl 2 .Iumor Prom Commlttee Sen1or Prom Comnuttee Hall and Gym Momtor 4 Student Varletles Buslncss Staff 3 Gym Leader 1 2 3 DONALD BROVERMAN Brove Band 1 Baseballl 2 4 Sex ence Club 2 3 Prcsldent 4 Chess Club l 2 3 Pres :dent 4 Amb1t1on To become a chcmlcal englneer College Wlsconsln Un: vcrs1ty JOAN ELLLN BORISH Joan Freehold Rcglonal High School 12 Honor Socxety 3 4 Band 3 4 French Club 34 Blue As 34 Press Club 3 Ambmon To go around the world 1n elghty days College Jackson Future Plans To become a teacher DORIS E BRAXTON Stew Chorus 4 Amb1t1on To become suc cessful 1n the buslness world and marry College Undec1ded Future Plans To attend a busmess college B EVERLY BROWN FRANK BUDD Blossom Track 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track Club l 23 4 Vlce Presldent of Homeroom 4 ltallan Club 3 Ambxuon To be a lawyer MARGARLT E BRINK MAN Vlargc Basketball 1 2 German Club 2 3 4 Footllght C lub 2 Honor Soclety 3 4 Stu dent Varlety Buslness Staff 1 Debat1ngClubl Future Teacher s Club 2 Chor aleers l 2 Chorus l 2 Tumbllng l Ambltlon To be adxrector of relxglous educatlon College Gettysburg CLIFFORD BROWLR Chlp Athletic Lquxpment Room Ambmon To get out of school Ih1S year Future Plans To go mto bus1ness for myself I I 11 11 11 11 -1 2' A 11 U7 ll ' - 1 . , . . 1 11 11 , . 1 1 -. 11 ,11 11 11 A 1 1 w 1 11 11 " 111 ' I - - 'J - V 1 - 1 1 11 , l 11 1 1 1 - 1 - - 1 . - I I p 1 11 - 11 1 . Y I - 1 11 . U s 1 ' . ., , . .. .h 1 11- 11 11 , ,- 11-11 Y Ill - x L' 11 I Ill - Wx. . . x. . 11 11 lil! P III ffl! 'Ill 1 1 41 Wy wngngrlubgjg V 1 Air 1 Qjflpl dar C Iiankmg Rgprcsuntat L Lxrle Spor1sl23 4 I'o llght C lub Track Club Ambmon To gut m.1rr1:.d vw? I 1CAN1iYQJ RSX W1 W QS Clubxvf Saftball 2 I ue vfvl Q1 eiwmim vate sg and 1:5-' Toy go no Sl CNW xv I R Y, Q.. U' KAIHI PLN N1 BURKI Kathx Honor Souux 4 lxbrarx S f 2.34 llhlfllllg 34 Ioolllght Club 2 I3luL A Ambxtlon I0 bc? a nursg utun Plans T gc to Vgrfm n Q 'Q' 6 5IX'X1OlR CIIIIINIIN Nlquaphom Sgllmb Sl aff 2 rl 2 3 SOL I YLVK 3 -l 1 WIIIOH Io lx Ioru ILQlp1lOI Iutun Plans I jon 1I1 L S 'XII' In L PA I RIC IA BURRI ug A4123-4 Pwr 12 3 4 FlagTw1rlIr2 3 4 Ofxu Stiff 23 Stu Ln! ZIIILIILS 12 Irauki 3 4 Ilowlxng 12 Home room Offlur 1 Amblllon To own a sport lar Lollpgg 'I obx C olburn IRANIK S LI ARK Knurnx Illgh Snhool 12 .1 Ill I lu -Km IllO"I I0 bLLomL a uurlnarlan C olILgL RutgL rs Lmvgr bln BARBARA Lhl. CAIIN Bobble. Blue. A s 4 Choru'-Q1 Fu turn, Nurm s Club 23 4 Ilyalth Staff 4 Ambmon Io by a suucns-. Futuru Plans To be a nurm MAY CAVANO rrled be A ' A.. ' ..pKxK., ' - Q , K- Ill ' . , , , g' ' ling Q2 iraf ' ',g " ' .,: 5 ' I 5 ', 'S I " Il I I d' N 2, V '- Club ' ' J: 0 3 ' I ' ' -' S I 1' I I ' as ., QPU, I A 'Um' JSR! ' Y K A 1 ' FIX su 3 ' y ..I IK. s, ., .KH I luu X15 ,2,3, 3 ' A 3,43 01' 1' 1 'Q 5 . g' - - ' N. 4 w . 2 1 1,'K- I I ' i N -A K ' ' .I 'CJ X N' 1- ". -. XJ Q SX 1- i ' fvrxl "XJ, K .1 K 6 K . ' I X . - I In ny- , . ' T11 R XJ I lg K Q K! - XJ 1 xx, K. O nx KK I X ' . I 1 1 W1 7 2 K ' ' . V A itil T I XJ ' K ec- n P- ' Ya . ' ,' rl' " . rt " .95 , I u XJ K. Q, K, I K . 1 'fx' V a . ' bu' 's C N w f -I I ,I , " 11 ISS 4:11111 1, ,., Q ml 1.11 't 142. Y 33 - f ' '2, , . K Q, . b .: ' ' ' ' , ' Anl 2 ' ' an :Alf H f - , 5 1 ' .': 'o 1 L' ' K' I . 73I"L'. b eachbrs NIARCARIQT CI AYTON NILRII I COHEX Nlargc Nlur Blu.. A s 1 2 3 Nlegaphone Choru I 2 4 Seller Z lhootl ht Club2 Bowling I anager 23 ccrp42 Spr ncc Cir s taff4 Banking Re rcsentatiwe 3 ion betomt a ax c Trent n Sta fzff 7- Pr af fe' ANI 'isiijf HY l IS lOl I N Phvl I-uturt Nurses Club 3 Seerctarv 4 Blue A s 3 4 French Club 2 Irack Club -l Library Staff 4 Ambition To be a Dental Hygienist and a housewife College. Nlew York Uni versity AI ICI VIRGINIA COI I S Sissy Chorus 2 Cvm leader I Basketball 2 3 4 Blue A s 2 3 4 Collegt Beth Israel Hos pital Future Plans To betomea nurse Ambit on Io traxel College CLIIILYISIW GARY D CONOVER Basketball I Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Vice President of Homeroom 1 Ambition: To be amillion- aire and get a Ford. College: Monmouth MARIE CORCIONE Blue A sl 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 Student Varieties I 2 Footlight Club 2 Meg Sell er 2 Track Club 2 Italian Club 2,3,4g Junior Prom Committee 3g Library Staff 4. Ambition: To be success- ful. College: Parson's School of Design ILABI- Ill CO Bets ueb tr ye V Al I ILN CONNJI RS Jef Track Club 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Football I 2 3 4 Ambition To own Super ama College Miami NANCX 'v1ADC,E LRE IGHTON Madg1e llomtroom Prtsnltnt 2 3 Homeroom Drlftwood RL presentatxve Jumor Prom Comm1tte.e 3 Freshmen P1Cture Commlttte 4 Track Club 4 Chorus l Student VaI'lLIlLS 1 2 Blue A sl 2 4 Bowl1ng2 Glrls Tumblmg 2 Amb1t1on To llve 1n Cal 1forn1a Future Plans To be Hlflllli' hostess GEORGIL C CRYSLLR Cross Country Track l J V Baseball 3 ln ra mural Baseball 2 3 Amb1t1on To 5o1n the Navy Future Plans To be ha p1lv marr1ed MARLYN COX 'Mar' .'XITllJlflUl'lI 'Io travel a- round the world. Future Plans: To be an a1rl1ne hostess. 1 L, F.f'xlTll ANN CRAWVORID Nursds Staff l,2,3g Nurse! Club l,2,3g Track Club -lg llluc AE l,2,-lg Chorus lg l3owl1ngI,eagut- -lg Basketball 4. 1 1t1on: T .ue - - mark Norway and Sweden. Future Plans To bt a rt t:.pt1on1st N DRl IJ H IJARI Q l UAS l IDX S 'Xlllllc LL l ut A s 13 Hankm t tstntatlvt 2 utu Nurst C lub 2 3 4 C horus 2 b1t1on lo b t nur L Colltgt H lltvut Hospxtal future Plans lo lx a sut LLSS ootball 12 Ilaskttball l 2 3 4 Indo a l'llYJllJf b -'xnb1t1on lo bt .1 ltat tr nttk of the Lmttd Nlarmt Corps Tu urt Plans Io plax for he L lutland Browns BRUC I CROWI Brew Vars1tw Baseball l 2 Cap tam 3 4 Stock Room 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Bowl g flu Homtroom lreasurtr 2 Amb1t1on lo go to Cuba C olltge Itxas 'I teh RON Al D GEORGI- CRYSTAL ll apli t 1,234 Press LCub 1 34 Qalwr-P Bus1nESf tr4 V613 Slly otbal anager 2 XV er1t Scholarsh1p Cand1 D65-45 Honor Soelety 4 Cub 34 Foot lxght b 2 Gym MOUIIOI 4 Hall Momtor 4 lntra mural Basketball l 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Bowllng 4 SCICUCQ Club 4 Chess Club 1 2 Vltgaphont Sell mg Staff 1 2 3 Amb1t1on To be a sur ttssful tnglmtr C olltge Prmttton Sf Q Xmb o s Dtn . J Q : fl fl! gf M mv -LLL JF xo 4" I U-'H' " - L , M V 'Arv- ' ' . ' li , il,l. - ' -Q ' F l:2,3,g ln I h 4, . . . l u ont: 'l lib' 'f .1 ' 1 an M f , . 5 A ' ' . 1 . . . Q ' IV "Jr." HQ 'I ' ' da A ' 5 9 4 ti . 1 - . . g t - Q 9 ' . . Z p- 1 K 4 I , ' ' ' ' .1ll. i . . .INJ HU. . .. 1 Vlf V j. ...I M.. ll 1 ,g - g11-- 14' 1 ,q 1, pr-i' A g P-S rv 2g Irark , 1 or -Y I 2 1 S lr pk 33 . ' 1 al Has- ' 1, .3,4. lin! all-1. ' Am 3 ecom- a . 1 " ' h- i . .I k. 1 . l ELEANOR E D1LlETO lub 1 s1de fgffgw tary 3 edltor 4 a o St ff 3 Blue A s 4 Girl port 12 1 Student Va ISS C ll 1 L We 3 0 orfvilgfd 4 ack Club 3, Bow 2 3 4 Future er s Club 2 3 4 Ho Soclety Ambltxon To own a lxght blue Cadxllac convertlble College Trenton State Teachers College WILLIAM DIVINEY Bllly Cardmal Hayes Hlgh School 1 2 3 Ambltxon To become mstructor ln the fleld of radlo and telev1s1on Future Plans To Jom e Army after graduatxon JAMES D DEIBERT .hm Track 2 3 4 Megaphone 3 4 German Club 3 Track Club 4 Intramural Bowl 1ng 4 Intramural Basket ball 3 Ambltlon To be a good draftsman or eng1neer College Mlaml FRANK DI B lA NO Wmg JAMBSG DUVAL .IR a Basketball l 2 Bank1ng Representauve 1 Ambxtlon To get out of school Future Plans To work for a newspaper or the tele phone company. ROBERT E EDWARDS Bob Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 Student Varletles Band l Ambltlon To succeed ln college College Unlverslty of Mxaml or Monmouth TAFT DIMMOCK Sldney J V Football 1 23 Var sxty Football 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 Indoor Track 4 Tennis Amb1t1on To be an glneer College Mlchlgan State GORDON DUNLOP Track 12 German Club 3 4 Football l Intramural Basketball 1 2 College Monmouth .Elg , .. ,. ' . U' '. .Se - ' 1 I .1 eg- 2 : ph if I n n ig I ..: " S S ., 9 9 ,4g Of' Staff 3,43 Gym 1. e 3 '. - 't'16, me h'p ": en- :Cl J ' . fl . . .1 u , 3 4. " : an : " th ..J y.. .. . N596 G ELRNILSF FARI EY I-rme lntramural Basketball 3 4 Baseball 1 Ambltlon To become a mathemattclan or a certt fled publxc accountant College Mlaml Monmouth or Drexel NANCY ANN FIEBER Nan Twlrlmg 2 3 4 Honor So e1ety234 BlueAsl23 4 Drlftwood Staff Future Nurse s Club 3 4 Mlmeo graph Commlttee 4 Fresh men Plcture Staff 4 Ambltlon 'I 0 be c ome good prlvate secretarv College See retarxal School PI CCN ANN Ill LNSON I axout I dxtor of llrlftvnood 4 5-,mor Flax Seeretarx of Home room4 Pre ssC lub 5 4 lreasurer of Home room 3 Hankmg Repr entattve 3 Clerman Club Blu Xsl254 Wor 5. '1etresl2 3 4 Student rletxes 2 Footllght C lub vot1ght Plax 2 Blue semblx Program 3 raek Club 4 Bowltng 4 -Xmbltlon To lne up tomx hlghe st ldeals College L ndeclded NMRCIA B lPS'l'ElN 'X18I'sCh Honor 5-oeletx 34 Drtft wood Representatlve 4 Nlegaphone Sellerl Stu dent XdI'lLIlLS 4 Senlor Plax 'Vlake up Commlttee -1 Lxhef-1 II"lekllLlb-4 Blue A s 2 3 4 Press C lub 3 4 Future Teacher sClub 25 HomeroomBank1ng Representatlve l Footllght Club 2 Bovxllng 4 Ambltlon To be a secre tarx on the United Natlon s staff and to have a happw 1 e College Kathe rlne C,-lbbs I Cl ILSCHB Basketball l,2,3,4g Base'- ball2,-I. llAl j11,,m'n R , Al L .1 Ifutzfrie- Nur: 1' Club 4 Nursfsafs U43 H1 A 's 2,45 T77 ck Ilub Bowjq ingzfc Bascballfg Basket!! bal . it I Ambi f nf To marrx"T?nk, I Futbrre- Plans: To go to nurslng school. l DWARD BARRY FELINBI RC Honor Soclety 2 3 4 l atm Club 2 Band 123 4 Stu dent Vartettes Band l 2 3 4 Boys State3 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Softball 2 Footltght C1ub2 Orchestra 12 Candldate for Merlt Scholarshlp 4 Sclence Club Ambltlon To become a nuclear physicist College Harvard MIC HALI I IORI lxTllNO Nhekev Football 1 Intramural Basketball l 2 4 Intra mural Baseball 2 Ambition To graduate from A P H S EARLY FORD Animal Vootball l 2 3 Track l 2 Bascball 1 Indoor Irack 1 Intramural Baskctball 1 2 Intramural Softball l Ambition To play profcs sional football for thc Ciants C Ollcgc L'I'lClcCldcd J JOSLPH FRANIKI-l Oc Nlagaphonc Sports Report cr 12 3 Editor 4 Student Announcer 4 Latin Club 2 Prcsidcnt 3 Honor So cicty -l' Footlight Club 2' Basketball 1 2 Varsity 3 4' Tennis 2 Varsity 3 4' Gym Monitor 3' Hall Mon- itor 4' Intramural Baskct- l ' 1 ' Home room Vicc-Presi- dent 2. Ambition: To be a su - cessful attorney. College: Dartmouth CIORGI H FLOXD 'MARX Pl ILA-.BETH Band l 2 3 4 Orchcstra l 2 34 Intramural Ha kct bill 23-1 Softball 2 u nt 2 Cro Country 3 TOL RST llcth I'l'lLI'l j?obc'atea Collc tate Teac s Collc is 'Ui 'ST' JOEL FRLEDNIAN Science Clubl 2 3 4' Track 3' Debating Club 2 3 4- Chcss Club 1. Ambition: To be a psycho- logist or an electrical un- gineer College: Rutgers PAUL FRE I1 Rebel German Club 3 4' Football 1' Cross Country 1' Sound Crew 34' Bowling 45 In- tramural Basketball 2, Ambition: To be like 'Alex." College: Rutgers Future Plans: To major in Biology. Qu.-rx BLTTINA F FORNAROITO Tina Senior Play Colorguard 4 rcnch Club 234 President 4 latin C lub 2 Trcasurer 3 Honor Society 234 Lsher3 l3lueAs1 2 3 4 Girls Sportsl 2 3 4 Nlcgaphone Seller 4 Bank ing Representative 1 2 3 4 Stu ent Varieties 12 Home room Secrctarv 2 Footlight Club 2 Ambition To own my own Chrysler 300 College, Duke Univc rsity PAUI , ALAN FRAZEE Honor Socicty 3 4' Latin Club 2' liandl 2 3 4' Cross Country 2 3' Candidate for Nic rit Scholarship 4. Ambition: To study medi- cine. College: Wheaton Illinois RONALD TIMOTHY CLAB 'Farmer' Football 2.3,-ig Track 1,2, 33 Indoor Track 1,2,3g Track Club l,2,3,4g Cross Country Track lg Cafeteria Monltor l,2,3g Secretaryof Homeroom 4' Intramural Bowling 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Ambltlon 'Io be an cltc trltlan 5 .- I ROB V' '. H LA I ' ob A N". , N . A e c i f w m 1,25 f fr'a r . itor 4. ' X 5 blti l 0 W4 . lar e ywn al . cgc L 1 Nlalnc I I AIINI ROBERIA CAROI l:S'IHl R GI IC IXMAN GOODMAN I amp Honor 5OklLlV 2 .5 4 Home room Sccrttarv I 2 Mtg xphont News WFIILY 23 Icature Writer 4 I-rcnch ub 34 I3lucAsl2 lootllght Club 2 Candl date for lN1LI'lI Scholarshlp 4 Ushcr4 Mr Coleman b Staff 2 Art Staff of Words gl Ptcturcs 2 Ambltlon To replace Mrs Rosa ab math teacher In A P H S L ollcge Brandcls or Un VLYSIIV of Ptnnsylxlanla DONALD slap omc om P en Bankl g t IV Future Teach I A :nylon do be a r' lfuture Pla sj olelg illvv A1rTdrce55:d ierklolle X PO Y SXNI ORD CRASSCRI I N Sandw Wctquahlt Hlgh School 1 2 latin Club I 2 Ccrman uh 23 rngll h It Commttee 3 Irack Club 3 4 Inter bcolastlc bovsl Ing 4 Home room Nut Prts1dtnt4 Il'lblIlOI1 lo b 1 brltlge acrow tht Atlantlt Octan College Nllthtgan Lm vcr ltx Nl Il JON CRI LNHILI Creenlc Outdoor Irack 2 3 4 Stl L Club 2 I Prt -.1 nt 3 4 L lu Che 4 C lub l 3 Honor 50 tlctx 2 3 Ambmon To go mto the fltld of ITILOILIDL or h m slfk College Nht hlgan Goody Medlcal Staff 12 Mega phone Seller 2 Iatm Club 2 Footllght Club 2 Stu dent Varletteb 2 Track Club 3 4 Mr Coleman S Staff 4 Chalrman of Semor Play Makeup Commlttee Athletic Offlce Staff 4 Fu ture Teacher s Club 4 Press Club 4 Ambmon To wm an argu ment wlth Mr Carleton College Trenton State HARRX W GRAMANN Hap Football 3 4 Track Club 4 Indoor Track 2 Outdoor Trackl 2 Intramural Bowllng 4 Gym Monitor 4 Intramural Baakttball 1 2 Colltgt Sx ratust Future Plans T o goto col L BOB HAMILTON Newton High School l Ambition To be success u College Undecided PAULINE HARVEY Pollie Band 1 Blue As 1234 Gym Leader2 French Club 2 Banking Representative 2 Twirling 234 Press Club 3 Debating Club 1 Student Varieties 1 2 3 College Howard Umver sity Future Plans To beadoc or MARILYN B. HALPERN Press Club 3,43 French Club 4: Blue A's 4. Ambition: To be a success at whatever I plan to do. College: Douglass W xl furry JILL E HERSHOFF AW if Student Anriouncer4 Track Club 3 4 Megaphone News Writer 1 2 Feature Writ 3 4 Blue A s l 2 Latin Club 2 Footlight 2 Student Varieties 2 Band 2 Mr Pandolfe s Staff 4 Press Club 3 4 Freshmen Picture Committee 4 Or chestra 2 Girls Sportsl 2 3 4 College Simmons Secretary of Homeroom 2: Homeroom Banking Rep- resentative 2g Driftwood Staff 4g Track Club 4: Hon- or Society 3,4g Blue-A's 2,45 Baseball 2g Bowling 4: Usher 4. Ambition: To travel a- round the world. Girl IIS 234 Blue cf s fice Staff 3 4 Sec tary of Student Councl 3 Color Guardl 2 3 4 Homeroom President 4 Student Varieties 2 Track Club 2 3 4 Library Staff 2 Ambition To be a private secretary JOAN MARIE HAMERNICK Future Plans: To become a secretary. ,I I ll A ,fl l4lil,U WWW lrlojlfj fl rw? NLQARIANNE HARTIGAN I I Student Varictics 1 2 Band 1234 Track Club 234 French Club 2 3 Footlight Club 2 Future Teacher s Club 2 Future Nurses Club 1 4 WordsSi Pictures 1 Blue Asl234 B wl ing 2 3 4 Ambition To be with our crowd in future years College Seton Hall School of Nursing Honor Society 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 Words St Pictures Proofreader4 Science Club I French Club 3 Footlight CIub2 Gym Mon itor 34 Cand1date for Merit Scholarship 4 Ambition To replace Mr Stout when he joins the JOAN HOFI MAN Joanit Twirling 4 Blue A s l 2 34 Track Club 4 Cho rus l Ambition To be a ood wife Future Plans To bea sec retary BARTON J HURLLY Bart Football 1 2 3 4 Gym Mon itor 4 Intramural Basket ball 3 4 Track Club 3 4 Ambition To bea success College. Villanova WALTER JOHN HICINBOTHAM 'Higgie' Basketball l,2,3,4g Base- ball l,2,4g Homeroom President lg Student lix- ecutive Council 45 Cafete- ria Monitor 43 Intramural Basketball lg Intramural Baseball 35 Student Coun- cil l. Ambition: To become a teacher. College: Glassboro lil-l.l:QN HOCK 'Ellie' Cheerleader l,3,4g Student Varieties l,2,3g Kiwanis Kapers 2,33 Honor Society 2,3,-ig Usher 3g Footlight Club 25 Blue A's l,2,3,4g Girls' Sports l,2,3g Latin Club 2g French Club 3,43 Megaphone Seller 3, Ambition: To see everyone ten years from now, College: l'.C.l.,A, LLCLNL IZZO Cena Honor Socictx 23 4 L r man Club 34 Freshmtn Picture Committtt 4 Ambition lo succeed College Rcnsstlatr Polx ttthnit lnstiturt SUSXNNL H ISABI FH Jl Fll RN Susi latinClub3 trermantltib 4 Studtntkarittitsl Ban LQ 8 L Ambition lo tnttr shovn business future Plans Io spctial in in lTlUslK. and dancing at Julliard CAT HLRINI Ll IZABLTH HOLLAND Cathy Chorus 13 Blue A s 3 4 Ambition To become a successful business woman in the world of beauty cul ture Future Plans Apex School of Beauty Culture of Phila delphia A IH Sl ev 25 ' ,N Xqpiacf aja :van ffetie Balhdl amural E JCI the Armed For 'R MICHALI . JOHNSON Junk 11N Futu lans T m rlul ld Nj' cllfqutlflas w. JOHNSON rack lg Future 'l'eaCher's C Lib l,2,3,-lg Debaglng Clllbl Cafeteria M bar l, 2,3,-lg Sound pwtball 1,23 Baseball lg J, l be a teacher or a service worker. lRutgers, Seton or Trenton State eachcrs, IVENI1 JOHNSON I DOREEN KASLINER Doodle Words Sl Plcturesl L1 brary Staff 2 3 Freshmen Plcture Commlttee 4 Blue. A s l Chorus 1 Ambltlon To become a nurse Future Plans To take my nurse s tralnlng at Newark Beth Israel Hospltal Tip- HOWARD KELLER Sclence Club 2 3 Sound Crew 2 Astronomy Club Ambltlon To become an electronlc englneer College N e w a r k College of Englneerlng I.liSl.lli JONES "Butch Ambltlon To beeomc a meehanlc Future Plans To joln the Alr Force I- MMANUBL G KARRAS Mannle Intramural Football 1 Basketball 2 3 Baseball 1 Ambltxon To become a sports announcer College Mlaml M! RICHARD KILRNS I lttle Chevy Ambition To beeome a New Jersey State Trooper Future Plans To become the head of the Chevrolet d1v1s1on ofGeneral Motors MARILY N KOERNLR Mert Blue A s 14 Chorus 1 Track Club 3 Amb1t1on To be loved happy and successful College Monmouth Future Plans Toownacar before I m too old todrlve RICHARD KELLERS Dlck Basketball l 3 Captaln 1 Baseball 12 3 4 Indoor lrack l 2 Football l 2 3 4 Gsm Nlonltor 2 3 Caf eterla Monltor l 2 Intra mural Basketball 24 Baseball Sound Crew 1 Engllsh Book Committee-4 Chorus I3 Stock Room Ambxtlon Fo replace As burx Park with Readlng Pennsvlvanla College Vermont or MI YVONNE KELLY Vonme wlrllng 34 Future Nurse s Club 2 3 4 Blue A l 2 3 4 Track Club 4 Health Club 3 Freshmen Plcture Commlttee 4 Safe Drlvlng Club 4 Amb1t1on To be a suceess College Fltkln Memorlal Hospltal Future Plans To be a nurse A KRASNLR IL eo raph Co tree 1 2 3 pmblg Q e treas f hx ted States I ureau Colle e Rlder uture Plan eertlfled publle aeeountant KATHI LEN I KL CH INC R GI eball o major 1n the scnences RONALD KOHN Ronme Honor Socxety 2 3 Treas 4 Homeroom Pres 3 Student Councll 3 1 Cross Country 4 Science Club 1 2 3 4 Megaphone Staff 3 4 Intra lral Basketball l 2 3 4 Junlor Prom Commlttee 3 Softball 2 3 4 Amb1t1on To be an en meer College Columbla jyiegaphone 3,45 F GEORGIA ANNIL LANL 'Georgie' Honor Society 2,3,45 L'sher 3, Head L' Library Staff 3,45 Home r Leader 3,45 1, Blue ' Sports Pictures. OITTQ 8 GLORGi: H. LANGL Ambition: To go into my own business. College: Monmouth JOHN R. LAYTON MARY JANE Llilp Se 'iorNClass Vice-Presi- del' Cenoral Lx litivf. 7 Eouilg 293,55 lifdnllgroom, Pre Ldcit 2,40l1rengh Club' 2,. ce-P esidem 3hP"res- ident 4 onorf Society 2, Lgusinesgflvlanager of Club 24!Freeholder, f Seny iog'l'Play5 Ma of Var- 'sity Trac lzjllntramural Basketb, ' l,2,3,45 Merit Scholaks ip candidatgif 1 .J lu - -i Ambition: T561 be a suc- cessful engineer. College: Lehigh JOSEPH LUNIN ..JOe,, Junior Red Cross: Band 3, 45 Megaphone Advertising Staff 45 Student Varities 35 Latin Club 25 Science Club 2,35 Debating Club 2, 35 Cross Country 35 Track 35 Howling 4. College: Rutgers GERALD NORMAN MACE "Jerry" Band 15 Megaphone Staff 1,2. Ambition: To find a mil- lion dollars. Future Plans: To join the Air Force. JOSEPH MAJOR J. V. Football 1,25 Track 25 Varsity Football 3,45 Decorating Committee 45 Chess Club l,2,3,4. Ambition: To take Bobby Epps' place as fullback for the New York Giants. College: U.C.l.,.A. Future Plans: To make all American fullback in my sophomore year at U. C. L. A. "Mare " Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Track Club 3,45 Nurse's Club l, 45 Girls' Sports l,2,3,45 Howling 4. Ambition: To be a good nurse, College: Fitkin Memorial Hospital ALFRIQD M. LYONS "l3u2zy " Outdoor Track l,2,3,45 ln- door Track 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Track Club 45 ln- tramural Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Intramural Haseball Umpire. Ambition: To join the Ma- rines. Future Plans: To go to California in '59, l l l A MAL MANJLII l atm Club 2 Offzu. Staff L s 4 Cl s Sporrsl234 Dybatlng Club 1 luturp lnauhar s Club 4 Pubs Club 4 Ambmon To buuomn a teachgr CollCgL Undecldccl lC,l Nl A MARH ll lNl8I'llI'll lralzan Club .3 4 Baseball l Bankmg Rgprcsentatlva AlTlblIlOl1 To bg a sunusb C ollggn Suon Hall r flu U nf Q1 LS N Lll ll 'MAI ONLY un mon l b m suntarw Future Plans T go secretarxal school lll l l N 'v1ANNlNC ln-.hmm Softball l3luC A 14 Offlu Sta I' 4 A mon lo travgl a round lm Counlrv Futurp Plans To gctmar rlecl XXX 'xlXKllN Nll C C Xu C 3 un no C Coun C 1 r lla Ml wa Cklll ll l wr2 l.1N Cl C L 110 lllllln 45 C C CWJCCI C ll IND N Rl Ruthlt lvurlnr 2 3 Flag lvurlnr Clu 2 l :br Staff 2 3 4 Itallan Club 2 Frank C, ub 2 Footllght Club 2 Studgnt r1e.t1es 2 Futu Nurwe 4 Club 3 4 Blue. A 5 2 3 4 Bowlmg 2 lu Prg s1dLnt Homcrooml MC gaphom Snllur 3 4 Ambmon lo bf. a suuuss ln vshatbvnr luhoosu to do and to bv. happy C ollC gn Sk 1dmorC DON X1ARl IN lluku Bawball 1 2 3 4 Ba-.ku ball 1 2 Lrobs Countrv l Ca am Indo lradl 3 4 Trad 5 lnlra mural lawkuluall 1 4 llomnroom VICC P11 1dCnL llraCkC,lub1234 L lklllg C ub lng ls Hook C Ol'l1IlllIILL 4 l3oo4tCr C lub lnasunr 4 umon pl ax Nlx or C ibm 31 CJ LDWARD HLNRY Mll I S bddle Chess Club 2 .5 Ambltlon To be c 0 m e successful farmer BARRY MARTIN MINKOFF Mlnky Band 23 4 German Band 4 Alternate ln Dzxleland Band 3 Student Varletxes Band 3 4 Debatlng Club 1 2 3 Megaphone Advertxs 1ng Manager 3 4 Badmm ton Teaml 2 Co chalrman of Band Councxl 4 Ambltlon To be a mem ber of the Fore1gn D1plo mauc Corps a lawyer and representative to the U N College Columbla or Rut gers CAROLYN MCINTYRE ts Glrls Bowllng 2 3 Blue A s 12 3 4 Megaphone Selllng Staff 4 Advertlslng Staff 4 Freshman Pxcture Staff 4 Safe Dr1vmg Club 3 4 Student Var1et1es 1 Track Club 4 Ambltlon To travel a round the Umted States m a new l 1ncoln MARY SANDRA MCPHERSON Bunny Nurses Staff 2 3 Drtftwood Staff 4 Banking Repre sentatlve 3 Secretary of Homeroom 4 Semor Play Nllmeograph Commlttee 4 Amb1t1on To be a good secretary and travel a round thc world WALTELR S MISCHLILR Gzms lntramural Basketball 1 2 34 Basketball 1 lnt a mural Bowl1ng4 Baseball l Gym Momtor 3 4 Ambltxon To get out of A P H S m f1V9 years College Unlverslty f Pennsylvanla FRANK D MONETTI Monett Latxn Club 2 French Club 23 Debatlng Club 2 ln tramural Basketball 3 Amb1t1on Metalurglst teacher College Newark College of Engmeermg or Mont claxr State PAUI WALTER Mll l ER Pablo Ambxuon To bc a general contractor Future Plans To joln 1. Coast Guard NORMAN A MIRNE Norm ence Club l 23 4 French Club 34 Chess Club 2 Ambltxon To enter the lc gal professlon College Rutger X l ..s... . .. . , , 'L ...L ' ,Q . I - L " I ' 3 .,: 1 - ' . ,. I , . ": -a , 7: " th' ,.2 C 5 .' .. '. .C . -' ' . - , Debating Club l,2,3,4g Scl- un I - - ' ' ...Z ' I! ' .Z ' - 4 I 1 - : Q ..T . .. ' . ' .. ' Q ,S 1 T' ,S I ' 3 . 3 ' .. X ": ' or t : ' ' o ' ' 'A - , A . - I Y - 5 X 4 i i ,MFI 6, I f 'I kiuvv RID IAN I f '4 ORI UNT V , Amb' ion: OWAIY own busines . A Future Plans: To start planning my own business as soon as I graduate. LAWRENCE WILLIAM MORRISSEY, JR. .Skips Vice President of Home- room lg Cross Country Team 1: Gym Leader 2: Gym Monitor -lg Track Club 1: Baseball 1: Junior Prom Committee 3: Tumbling Team 1. Ambition: To go to col- lege and becomeasuccess. College: Villanova or Fairfield IDA VID MONTL'I.IiT "Slots " Football 3: Ilaseball l,2. PEARLINL MCDRE "Pearl" Future Nurses Club 1.2, Secretary 3, Vice Presi- dent -lg Senior Picture Ld- IIOI' for Driftwood 4: Blue ?-.'s l,2,.5,-lg llealth Office Staff 3,-lg Italian Club 2,33 Footlight Club 2: Track Club -lg Chorus 1,23 Driv- ing Club -lg Megaphone Seller 1,23 Junior Red Cross 3, Vice President 4. Ambition: To be a nurse, College: I3 eth Israel or Bellvue School of Nursing. I V IJ : wt H U ' VN ll 'Nl-',xfti'rA mt hnMt'ium' by We N llono So' 4: Illue A's -t:adt'r 2,3,-4: Fre ch, , b 3,-1: Senior V V jg Fo'tl1ghtCTIub 2: ports l,2,3,-4: a kQub 4. X J I ' ,X mbition: To be a private , Xxsecretary for the Presi- x , College: Berkeley See re - tarial School dent of the United States. l'li'l'l-QR W. MLSA 'little Ilo Pizza" Italian Club I. Ambition: Io get married and have a large family. College: Monmouth LLILANOR DLLORIS MORRIS "Lille" Blue A's 4: Future Nurse-'s Club lg Chorus 4. Ambition: To be a success in everything I attempt. Future Plans: To become a professional singer. Ambition: be stvgess. College: Sy cg 'ver- sity or Monmout cflege 'N R SIRI X N I SI Nlek mural Softball 3 -I Sexence C lub 1 Ambntlon Io join the lnood I alr Store 5 C olle ge Vlonmouth ANITA NOVOGROD Nlta Drlftwood Group Wrlte up Edltor Honor Soclety 2 3 4 Megaphone 12 3 4 Press Club 2 3 Student Varletxes 1 Semor Play Candxdate for Mer1tScho larshzp Blue A s 123 Usher 3 4 Homeroom VICE Pre sldent 2 Foot llght Club 2 Debating Club 2 Sports 123 Future Teacher s Club 2 3 J V Cheerleadlng 1 Gym Lead er 2 Klwams Kapers 1 LOIS ANN NILSTO Ol Cheerleader 2 3 Captaxn-4 I3lueAsl23-lN1r r leton s Staff 2 VICL Pres 1dent 3 Student Varletles 1 3 Junlor Nllss Homeroom Vlce Presldent 4 ltallan Club 2 Future Teacher s Club Bankmg Representatlve 3 Freshman Plcture Com mlttee 4 Track Club 3 4 Clrls Sports 3 CLAIRE G MYERS Honor SOCICIW 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 German Club 3 4 Press Club 2 Llbrarlan 3 lgdltor 4 Llbrarw Staff 4 ue s 12 Hockev l Lsher 2 3 Ambztxon To help others College Clark Umverslty 1f'6""" I-J C-EORCI NORSIC lNors Basketball 2 3 Ambltlon To become a bodyman ln a repalr shop Future Plans To work BRENDA OBRIL Champ Blue ASI Ambltlon To reallze what I have sald before l say ll Future Plans To go to a busmess svhool and then get marrled ' C, B RICHARD JOSILPH O DAY VIC PAOLANTONI Rlchle Ambltlon To shake hands Amb1t1on To be a Nlaval w1th Kruschev offncer Future Plans To Jom the Navv College Rutgers all S. ,' I' ' f 'g , V in 2,3. L B1 Y' A' 4, ,3,-45 .2.g " ' . I 1 1 '- 2 2.3, 1 ' .3.-1: H I 3 H. . , ',. ' OI1"I..'lCO.O ' 'i " .. ., .., ,W Itallan Club 2,3,-lg Intra- Baseball lg Intramural I ' 'Z I . I '. -1 - - f .- , 2 7 i M I f' 'V I 1 ,- f 1 6 A X93 u If wwf 'F M! 'V I A A . 'VIARII PASQLAI l RLL kmhmon lo bnuomv. a lugal wuruarw Lollegu L ndcclded Futurg Planw To gumar r1:,d and have a lot of mon FRAMl S 'vl PLRROVVO Fran Latm Llub 2 ltallan Club 2 3 Prgsldgnt 4 Al'TlblllOI'l Io be a INLLJI Cal wcrntarx Futurn Plans Undcc xdud PXN'lll A PAPPMI ION Pam ua 5 2 3 4 Nu sn Llub 5 4 Drlftvxoo-.l Staff lootllghr Llub 2 Sgmor Plax Promptor Ambltlon To takn a trlp around lm world C ollugr Lndeudnd lldffl-WJA VONDA I ll W PARl'xl R wlrl g .1 lf Furun Nurse 5 Club 2 3 4 Hlug A 5 2 4 Studcnt V8I'lLllLQ 12 .3 Nursn S Staff 4 Ambltxon To travrl and buomr a Rgglsurad Nurse. College Nunark Beth Is rael School of lwurblng !'!"6" IJRX lil l PASII RNAh Sandv llomuroom VILL l rusldrnl loorllght C lu n u dLnlV.1r1Lt1Ls 3 Nlr Car on 5 Staff 4 hu Q 4 Banklng Rnprrsnntatxvp 4 luturn leauhur L, uh lrar C u 9 A 5 2 Ambmon To mach ar thy clumentarx school from whlgh I graduatnd C,ollcgL lX11dITll UHIVL rsltv lx lll PIR N llomag Ambluon To by .1 up t or a Quruarx urn Plano l b houag wlfg and a Larur woman lk ll 5 mor w L t.X L mon o ovsn xhrr L ,qphon g firm for horns Vkord 5 If L o 'XlTlblIlOl'l To a Ill lr k for mx x a n 1 1 1 d an Vkah LS Collrgg PIB!! lf 111915, NANCY C PITTI NCI R P1 Band 1 2 3 4 Blue. A s 3 4 Lat1n Club 2 Orchcs 2 lloc ey 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Chorus 1 Ambltlon To becomt mcdlcal assxstant College Falrlclgh Dlckm son UDIVEYBIIV CATHERINE L PREGNALL C aPPY Drlftwood Sr Personal Ed Blue A S12 V Pres Pres 4 Cxrls State4 Stu dent Counc1l2 Exec Coun c1l 3 Canteen Sec 4 Proo Reader 4 French Club2 3 Treas 4 Freeholder 3 Honor Soc 2 3 4 Usher 4 Gym Leader 2 3 4 Meg aphone 2 3 4 Latln Club 2 3 Student Vars 2 Bowlnn Capt 2 3 4 Press Club 3 Footllght Club 2 H R Pres 2 Jr Prom Com March of Dxmes 4 ROBERT ALAN PINES Bob Drxftwood Edltor ln Chxef New Jersey Bovs State Delegate Student Councll and Student Executive Councll 23 Vlce Presl dent 3 Homeroom Presx dent 23 Sen1or av Baseball 1234 Free holder 3 Bandl Debatmg Club 2 Vxce Pres1dent of Footllght Club 2 Mega phone 3 4 Basketball 1 .Iumor Prom Commlttee 3 Intramural Basketball 1 3 4 Hall Momtor 2 LORRAINL PIQLETTE Lorne Softball l Press Club 2 Bovwlxngl Chorusl Ircshmcn Pzcture Com mxttcc 4 Ambltton 'Io become a prlvate secretary College Bcrkelex Bus mess Collcge BLISS REHM Bllstcr Lat1n Club 234 Frcnch Cub 34 Blue As123 4 Debatlng Club 1 2 Foot llght Club 12 Candidate for Merlt Scholarshlps 4 Sports 1 2 Ambltlon Io be a lawvcr College Barnard LATHLRIM. LI IZABL VH REID Bcttv l ou Future Nurse s Club 1 2 3 4 Student VBIIBIISS 1 2 3 Baseball 2 3 Basketball 1 23 BlueA sl 23 Mega phone Seller 1 2 Ambltlon To become a success ln llfc and to be a good nurse JOII ROBLRT POPI I R Bovs State. 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Studcnt VHIILUCS Band 1234 Chtss Club 124 Secretary 3 Freshmen Baseball Intramural Baseball 2 4 Basketball 2 4 French Club 3 4 Ambltxon T play hundred plece dance band College Urslnus or Rut gcrs ELIZABETH ALLTTA Rl- BLR Bettc Niluc A s 12 Offlcc Staff 2 Safe I2I'lVll"lg Club 3 Bankmg 3 4 Secretary of Homcroom 2 Words8z Plc tpres 2 Amb1t1on To have 3f4 1n tercst m Fort Knox and bc lndependent Bl VI RI LX JOAN ROBI RTS ev l ue A 4 Ir e Club 34 Words gl Pte tu es Cnrls Sports 1 Bowllng 1 4 Ambxtlon To be a suc cessful model and seere tary College Katherme Gtbbs PATRICIA ROSIL l'1sh Blue A s 1 2 3 Treasurer 4 Track Club 1 2 3 4 Fu ture Nurse s Clubl 4 Gym Leader 4 Homeroom ftcer 2 Jumor Prom Art Commlttee Intramural Bowlmg 4 Student Varle t1es 2 4 Booster Club 4 Glrls Sports l 2 3 4 College Anna May Scho of Nurs1ngfF1tk1nHosp ta Q J Nursefx mg Chorus 4 d traxel College tsonLmver SIU EVCEENE H. RHOADES 'Dusty' Baseball 1' Home-room Vlee President 1 IHIT1 mural Basketball 2 3 4 n amuralSoftb1l ros ounrx Irae oor lraek 3 Trae C lub Hall Nlonltor 4 'AHTLJIIIOIT To graduate nn College Lndeelded WWC we X NW 'SW ll ARIS XR X X ROSS Boobx ue X 34 Chorus Vlegaphone XNYIILI' 4 Klee ap one Stller 4 SLNIOF Plat Nlalee Lp C,OIlmlllee l vulmg 2 Craduatlot C horus 3 Al"IlblIlOI'l To be vsell llked by my puplls, Colle-ge: Montelalr State Teaehers College SAN1Ll I J-'xN1lS RCJXZX R01 Hand 2 3 4 llook lullllllll et 2 Studen Xarletles nel n u ltlon lo be a n ll nn JAMLS EDWARD ROBl1RTS .llmmy Ambttlon To be a suecess Future Plans To join the Marmes SUSAN R l Rosh N THAI UC Color Guard 4 Drlftwood Representative 4 Semor Pa l xbrary Staff 4 Nurse s Staff 2 3 Foot llght Club Treasurer 2 Traek C,lub 3 4 Pressflub 2 3 Megaphone Seller 2 3 4 Student Varletles 2 La t1n Club 2 Blue A sl 4 Cnrls Sports 12 3 4 Gtrls Bovulmg League Jumor Prom Art Commlt tee 3 Ambltlon To go around the world ID 80 davs College Beaver QI- SLSAN JANE RUBLN sus NJP KYDEJ.L UQ Cheerleader 13 I lbrarx Staff 1234 Homcroom Prcsldcnt 2 Student Ex LCUIIVL Councll 2 Nlega phone. Vkrxttr 234 Blue A s 12 3 4 French Club 34 Freeholders Dav 3 Honor Soclctx 4 Track Club 3 4 Student Varxctles 12 3 GxmLcadtr3 Cnrls Sports 1 234 Footlxght Club2 College Skldmore Sue' Honor 'S0C1et5, ,234 NBl0e 4 s 2 3-Ikfren Irfllhb 3 frack Glub A Footlxght CIUIUZ offlee Staff4 cno ru'S I Am IILQIKJTO goqeal'-Iawall xy Future Plans To be asec retarw or a model Amb1t1on To keepsmxlmg College Syracuse Future Plans To be a commercral artlst BONNIE LEE SALTER Blue A s 3 4 Ambltlon To llve ln A laska Future Plans To marry Jlm WWI MV Vyf W X RNLDIN AVAC-E IVV -PGGI Y mwru Qpflull 4 wffllltc F11 ure Plans. To become a secretary. ALBERT SCALPATI Sca Intramural Basketball 1 4 Softball 1 2 Bowllng 4 Ambmon To become a promment busmess man Future Plans: To make a lot of money in a respect- able field. JOSE PHINE SALAMONE Homeroom Presldcntl ue As 1 2 L1bra Staff2 Ambxtxon To be a good baseball player like Mxc key Mantle JAMES ALLEN SANGSTON JR Sank Varslty Football 2 3 4 In tramural Basketball 2 4 Intramural Baseball 3 Baseball 2 3 Gym Leader 1 Track Club 3 4 Amb1t1on To coach the As bury Football team College V P I SONYA l SCHER Sunny Honor Society2 3 4 Home room Secretary l Banking Representative 2 Usher 2 Freshmen Pictu re Com mittee 4 Footlight Club and Play 2 Megaphone Adver tising Staff 2 Megaphone Seller 2 Press Club 2 4 Track Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 Student Va rieties 2 4 Blue A s12 3 4 Future Teacher s Club 4 Debating Club 2 Chorus ROBERT ALAN SCOPP Crusher Megaphone Photographer 3 4 Senior Play German Club 2 3 4 Megaphone Ad vertising Staff 4 Science Treasurer 3 President 4 Basketball Ma n a ge r 2 V a r sit y Cross Country Manager 2 3 4 Track Club 2 3 Football l Track l Cafeteria Momtor 3 Bowl ing 4 Softball3 4 Debating Club 2 JOHN SCHAFER 'Tank " Ambition: To become a public accountant. Future Plans: To enter the Nlavy and then go to busi- ness college INA .Il-AIN SHE.RMAlN Jean Greenwood High l Sena tobia High 2 Baker High 3 Blue A 34 Gvmle d er-1 Ambition lo beeome gvmteaeher College Trenton State Teachers College Future Plans lo travel JO ANN SCHECHTERLE ..-Io. Blue A's 2,3,4g Gym Lead- er 3,4g Girls' Sports 2,3, 4g Honor Society 3,-tg Homeroom President24 Footlight Club 2- Track Club 4 Ambition To travel a round the United States and Europe Future Plans To bea sec retary is 7 JULRBFRT SCHIFF Herb Homeroom Vice President l Sound Crew2 l3owling4 Ambition To teach high school and to own a l962 Fury College Trenton State Q, hh nj .YLILN J snag we-I J.u3l12Ck W d 1 Basie Man g r 2 3 ence Club th eu t ea J amural tba 2 3 4 jet ole e Rutirgv Fut Ta?1s To become Rockerfellers Chief law er KATHELRINI: G SHILRWOOD Kathy Homeroom Preside ntl Homeroom Seeretarw 2 Homeroom Viee President Blu 'xsl234 C0 ard 3 4 Iraekl 34 Student Council Girls Sports l 2 Ambition To visit Nliami Lniversltl College Beaver : -Av Jr , z i. if ff N, ff' fy fx 1 cf I I . . n N' 1 .. j .. . ,.,,, ,lx 'ggi-V JU I ' , , . . . .4 H ' 'j ,ll . n 4 1 ' 1 , , 'K - er- : w ' .1.'.gSc-y Club Vice President 2, Inf- - s a J , ,4g . ' 3 'J' - , : . if P 11 . , . . ' . Q17 . . y . . , , , . - I ' A ,S -,I , -'a ' ' S ' ,' I I 33 c .f , , , g , 101' ' ' 1 ' f' - a Gu' , 5 " ' Tlub , . . . I ' Q ' . Q - 1: QRACL SICILIANO C hlcklc uc A 5 2 3 4 Fut Nlursc s Club 1 2 3 ltallan C lub 1 Track Club 4 Ambltlon 'Io become a bcautlctan Future Plans To be hap plly marrled and take a trip around the world ANNI C, SKOI D I' o lwlrlxng 2 5 Flag twlrlcr 4 Offltt Staff 34 Clrla orts 123 4 Bluc A s 1 2 .3 Vntc Presldcnt and Stcrttarv 4 Curia State .3 Homcroom President 4 Student Counul 4 Student l XLLUIIVL COUDLI1 4 Track C lub 3 4 Ambltlon lo be a school ttathtr College. lrtnton Start K SALLY SHIFFMAN Curtis High School 12 Bluc A S 3 4 Track Club 34 .Student Var1e.t1Cs 3 Chorus 3 Ambltlon To be a klndcr gartcn teacher College Centenarw BARTHOLOMEW SlClLlANO Bart ' Bseball 1234 ln a mural Bowlmg 4 Ambttzon To bc a mllllon 8111 Q64 v 6 U! sxwnfx mlm Sandy b tl Futu c ana 'lobctomta bcautltlan Bluc A 512 .5 Track lub 4 Bankmg Rcprcscntatlvc 4 Homcroom Prcsxdcnt 1 Homcroom Vlcc Presldent Ambltlon To own thc stock markct Futurc Plans To bc a sec rctary MATILDA ANN SIRIANNI T1ll1c long Branch H gh 12 Bankmg Rcprescntatlve 4 Track Club 4 Megaphone Advertxszng Staff 4 Blue A 5 4 Basketball 4 Safe Drlvmg Club 4 Ambmon To walk down two atsles and 11Ve a hap py successful l1fe ASBURX VLRDl1l LL SMITH Slstcr Chorus 1 Ambmon To btcomt a wrlttr of storms tl poems and tobt asuctas ful slngcr X I Rl IU ff 'Rox l YL s1dCnl or SCn1or C lash V1CC PrCs1dCm of Jumor Claw Honor SOLILIY 3 V1CC lrCS1dCnl 4 Jumor Xlmur 3 llomf.roomV1CC PrCs1dC11134 CantCCn Comm1tlCC 4 Sgmor Plax IraCk Club 4 Band and OrChCbtra 12 llabkuball 4 Ba C all 2 Junlor Prom Commute: 3 Candxdata for Nlgrnt Sghol arQl11p 4 RONAI ID A SIANARD lxat Football 12 lfdtk l 23 oor lraCk 3 Cro 5 Country 3 llomv. room lllnlunl., RLDI'LbLl1IdllVL l Honnroom V1CC PrCs1dCnt 2 lntramural llulwtnlll l l3aw.balll "xlTlbll1OIl To bCCo111C a hCro Ju M1 sx 111 QNHNK I 'l I' r jgof tudCn1 C oun C ldws ITL s rnatc r ox -. l1 r11 n Sfllu k un C Foo htC lub 2 11. of lu or I rom ommn C amurl Lllldll 2 3 4 lla C llull Nlomror llonwr SOLILIX 2 3 4 CDC. Stan 3 Xlr C.1pho11C R 1nd1uaIC 4 VH in lnturrs l 2 3 4 Honor So C CIN L sh 5 L FICIIC 111 lrf Corauon 5 l ltln C F CH Clu -1 II' L Club 3 4 llomnroom Of 1CCr 2 loothbht Clu IC Ill C JL 54 boftluu StuClCnt Counul 3 l3.111k1n1,, St.1ff3 4 S1uClCntV1r1C11Cs 2 Jr l ro111COm1111ttCL 3 IuturC 'X-urns, Club 2 3 lrunk C lulu 4 Ambmon Io flx lround thC world Collggp Crum DoxxnsA1r Carur 5Chool Oil SI 111 X 5-l ll11xl1 1, 1 N111l11I1111 lu lx ax C X111'1111o11 lo lx .1 XC lulurr P11115 I11 111111'1C M1311 XIMLJIOICCX fwfr f.-if :7 .f- 1 A - 5 'AC lf- '.1I" lLJVNl,l.l 'IXJN -A pr- " "1. 111' 1 QA. ' . ' , Lj1y1,' - :A .11 . 5 3,1 1 ' ur- 1, 2, ug Nl 'Yll SC'l1f1l.11'sn1p W ' cv , , 1 I3 liz 'f A 3 'Drug . ki 'ru .ml T' ld 3' 'i...: .- 2 tc' 43 ll ' I' 2,3,-tg cr glilu' , ' I - T .-XE l,.Z,5,-lg Slum-111 X11- 'LIXA - 1 ' - -N 1,23 ,lun r ' 1111 C -g Int al IX" s 3 1. flub HJSLCAV ',., , 1s-bull 23 'r'C'l1 1 b3,g 'ak 2,3g . 1 - . 1 ' - .N.l-v,,. f-.l if ,Y Zbzu Q. x dx N 1 A ' Vila' X MIM, D, suv V' C 1 L y 1 , A f '1 1' r, JJ A ,N jk,- l',11fA-gf Lnox' 1 V. W W in ' .ll',.'XfX:4fNl'. Sl l,TC,l',li S U," 1 . -1 Ill' ,' , l 1 .' 1.5-. Ill".-X's.,g' -112,-lg ,, ,Ay , ' ' ' 1' ' I ' 3 ' ' Y l,3,g is-b' 1, ,3,4g 1 Q I A ' . ' x111,1f 1 uy'p1N111A,Y lnd " ' " 3 I sg Q ' ' L." ' lk Ill IURI S S'll.l'1XNlll 1.lLlR1,l, Sll.Nl,C1lx X H1151 " -Aldltw 1 SCOTT HOWARD STRYKER Honor Soclety 3 4 Meg phone News Reporter 3 Megaphone Ad ve r t 1 S1 n g Staff 4 Debat1ngClub2 3 4 Amb1t1on To be a success 1n whatever I do I x., I x N :K PATRICIA L TEI LALIAN Pattle Blue A s l 2 3 4 Basket ball 1 Baseball 1 Hock ey l Track Club 4 Ambltxon To become prxvate secretary GE ORGE STOL L Plppen Ambltlon To get out f hxgh school College Brvant or Mon mouth EDWARD H STRUNCE Home room Pres1df.nt4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basket ball l 2 4 Track3 4 Track Club 3 4 Intramural Bas kc ball l 3 SoftbaIl2 Bowllng 4 Amb1t1on To go to co lege College Undecided ERNEST THOMPSON JR Bunny Track 12 Intramural Baseball 3 Intramural Bowl1ng4 Ambltlon To joln the Alr Force and be a pllot College Avxatxon School Future Plans To be suc cessful 1n any fleld GAIL ANN THOMPSON Hon Soc 2 3 4 Varslty Cheerleader 4 Megaphone Feature Wrlter 3 Mega phone Supplement Ed 4 Blue A s 124 Treas 3 H R V Pres 2 Lat1nClub 2 Sec 3 French Club 2 3 Sec 4 Press Club23 De batmg Club 2 Track Club 2 3 4 Bowllng Mgr 2 3 4 Gym Leader 2 3 4 Student Varletles 2 Footllght Club 2 3 Playday Com 3 4 JOHN H TAYI OR Cuddles Track Club l Cross Coun try I Ambltxon To have a happy marrled llfe College Undeclded Future Plans To be an undertaker or go mto e hotel or business world ALLAN ROGER THOMPSON Stretch Intramural Basketball 2 4 Ambltlon To out draw Wyatt Earp and to take Crazy Legs Hlrsch s place on the L A Rams m Future Plans To excel In the world of soclal sclence and to drive a 58 Thunder blrd tol os Angeles to make the Ram s flrst practlce .. . . ugh. . , : O . J 3 ' ' : 1- . , 2 a- : ' - f 'SWK 1 ' rh -I U' , .1 ' . . " ' ' A 'cn .t.'.1XLXc'5 nlfll H J DY. . ' f -1 -I n .Y 5' , If J , ww V' f X' I - c' 'j f' Football 1, Varslty 2,3,4g Aix xx XX Q f . U A 55 .4 . . - - J . . . 9 , 3 - '59. . ' , . : a . . . ' woodg JKMES MICHC? tTrp9aN1-t5 'X J M.IllTln 3 as clb FRI D IOBAC K Freddie Mc gaphonc 2 3 4 Track Club 1 2 3 Presldent 4 Alternate to Boys State. 3 De l e g a t L to Freeholdc rs Da 3 Track 1234 In door Track 3 4 Honor So ucty 2 3 4 French Club V 1 c L P r L s 1 d n Homeroom Prcs1dcnt3 Homtroom Secretary 2 .Iumor Prom Commuter. 3 Cross Country l 2 Press Club l 2 3 Footllght Club 2 Intramural Basketballl 2 3 4 FRANCINL T TORCHIA Fran 'Vlr Carleton s Staff l 2 3 4 lxey Clubl 2 Presxdent 34 Homcroom Vxcc Pres1dcnt 2 Track Club 1 2 3 4 .I V Cheerleader l Bankmg Staffl 2 ltallan ub 2 3 1. A s 1 Bovnllng 3 Student Varxc Iles 1 2 rlter 4 Band duatc Ambm o n To from college FRANK TYNAN Tll.TON Student Variet1es2gK1wan- is Kapcrs 23 French Club 2,3. Ambitlonz To be a mtllion- aire and retire. College.: Vlonmouth W wif FRANK J 'I OMAINO Football 3 Basketball 1 Track Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Words Sr P1ctures 2 3 4 ltalxan lub 2 3 Baseballl 2 Gym on1tor 3 4 Intramural Bowling 4 Ambmon To be an arch1 tect BE, VILRLY HOPE TOWNSILND Bev Tvu 1 2 3 FlagTw1rl lrls State 3 Blue A 1 2 31,4 Latin Club 2 St d ar1et1es 2 Words res 1 2 3 4 Glrls s 1 2 mbl on c ome a op ar s for Dlsney Colleg Newa School of Fmc a d Industrlal Arts JOHN IRALKA HLVl1Rl X TNI lR Jack Hascbilll l AIllblIlOl1 lo gam rttog nxtlon ln tht fxtld ofatomn rtstarth Future Plans lo JOIN tht Alr l ortt leathers Club 2 3 4 III NRY VALC ARO Hank Varsltw Football 4 Itallan Ambltlon To take busl ness admlnlstratlon atcol lege College Mon mouth Rutgers KARLN C, VANDL RSLOOT Kar Semor Play Megaphone 4 Color Guard3 4 I atm Club 2 Track Club 3 Blue A s 2 3 4 Bowllng 2 3 4 Glrls Sports 2 3 4 Student Va TIQIILS 2 C1t1zcnsh1pWcek .3 Maln Offlcc Staff 3 4 Home room Sccrctarv 4 Gvm Leader 4 Ambxtlon To dlrect smash hlt play on Broad way College Stephens College Columbxa or MISSOUYI VNARRBN W LPDIKIH 1 Basketball 1 Cxm Nlonltor -I Sound Crew I2 C fe tcrla Nlomtor 34 Chess Club 3 4 0-.mbltlon Io become rzch plaxbox o ege L nu c NIIHITII or Prznceton ELEQNA A 0 Ea Gln , Blur. A If Inge' lrg-in Club 3 4 Irack Cnlb 3'-I Bowling 32 Xflgv. P dent Home rpqm I-. Lf Ambteosa To be sec filalik fx qi xi K :Yi GRACI: VAY Gracle Blue A sl 2 3 4 Footllght 2 Student Var1et1es 1 2 Track Club 3,4, Megaphone 4, Senlor Play, Basketball 1,4, Hockey 4 Ambxtlon To be a huge success College Izlmxra College VIRGINIA LOUISE VOLI. Gmny B ue As 124 Futu e Nurse s Club 4 Chorus I Hockey 1,2,4, BowlmgClub 4 Amb1t1on To be a surgx cal nurse College Beth Israel School of Nursing .IAVII S A VALQ ARO Vac Honor SOCILIV 34 Group Plcturc Ld1torofDr1ftwood 4 Football I2 Vars1ty3 Vlce Prtslden o Homcroom 4 I V Base ball 2 Intramural Basket ball I3 Track 1 Sclcncc Club 2 3 Intramural Base ball 2 Jumor Prom Det oratlons Commlttcc 3 Gym Momtor 1 Gxmlscad cr I CHARI ES VANI WICKLI1 Vannlc Homeroom Pres1dent4 Student Councll 4 Latm Club 2 French Club 4 Track Club 4 Megaphone 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Amb1t1on To o n 58 Ford Converublc College Colby , f X sz g I --- . - 1 x' v 'I 'BAIl" 'rl " ' Ig-I5 .X rsx ul . . . , - . fx be 5 4' .L 2 A- 3 ,LM IQ "' . .L 1 'A ' ' IT-c ' 4951: , , . ' ' Zi bm A ,. , 1 V' , : 1 1 a I : ' . - - . . Y I .N fr: ' " rw fs L - 'X , ' fi 2 J C Il Z "rs1ty of XQ,c V .' ' ' . TN C, fe - fr ' Y AA' 'l I Lx , Club 4g Gym Leader 3,-1. ' ' " ' ' I ' I I A' I " z . 1 "- 4: ' - I f I : or ' ,Z - , A. L 1'- L- ' II ' 5 1 1 3 x Al I li I I I I Il ' III X ' ' : I : I V J K A J N. . . I ' II - - ' ' I ' I I III . f 3 " : w a ' li 4 I H ' I ' ,..: ' 1 ' -IS f . . I I , , I I I I 1 l O15 l-l l ANOR WATSON Hand 2 3 4 Yootllght Club 2 luturu Nurse s Club 2 luturn hanher -, Club 4 B 2 5 4 Chorus l C olltgg Beaver Iutun Plans lo become. an Llementarv school teauher CAROl SUl WIINISCH Honor Soeutw 2 3 4 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Footllght Club 2 Usher 2 Nllmeograph Commlttee 4 Ambztlon To talu dxcta t1on from the Presldent of the Umted States College Monmouth Future Plans To be aprl vatt secretarx Wll I IAN1 C WALDEH R B1 llasnball 1 Varsltx 23 4 Basketball 1 2 Xarsxtx 4 Cross Countrx l ar s v 23 Fraek Clu Ambltlon To go to Col egg Yuture Plans To lLaCl1 Hlstorw and Phw slcal Ldu Catton JOHN WAI KP R John Nlngaphone l 2 COPXLGIIOI' ldltor ln Chltf 4 C ntarx Jun1orClass-4 Cnr man Club l rtasurtr xlkk Prtsxdcnt -4 loss State 3 Homnrootn Pres ldent 1 VICL Prts1dCnt 2 llastball l 2 3 4 Football 12 Basketball 1 Studgnt Counul 1 Junlor Prom Commlttu. 5tudLntVar1C tles 3 4 Intramural Bas ketball l 2 3 4 Press Club l 2 liusmess 'xlanagur of Senior Plav Hall Nlonttor AMC HD Bowllng ln ack C 0Fresh ctu vmlt e aphmg KJ rlv ng Club V111 A Ambmon Tp rry Alex CANDY WHlTl1 Latin Club 23 Student Var1et1es 3 Blue A s DIANI Wlllll Hl' AD ARI l S Wll Bax ball l -X , l X 4 ' fn" A M " I .Q 1 , ' I -7 ,gt -'V-3: L -, J: -D , 2 Sex- g' : 3 ,V - ' .'1t,' , 3 ' " b 4. 1 M ' 9 ' 3. r'-. , L in-' 1- 1. ' A f ' A -. 1 1 4. A A ' A W fl . 'g,i,' ' I 4 J. r V' ' eg e'4f ' ,Z : Q C5 B1 . '2,4Ll - , r , 'T bl' 5 b Latin Club .53 luc A's l, 1 5 Stl, Exif' ' i - 1: - I 3. I, 1 : . H " - IH" I ' " il, '1,2. Q ' Q . ' 3,-4. , f. l ff Q. Cill .11 Cl. .DER 'YYVW HOWELI WILMORE Junlor Baseball Manager 1 2 Mr Carlton s Helper l 2 Bas ketball Manager 3 Cross Country 1 Football l Baseball 3 Basketball 3 Track Club 3 4 Amb1t1on To be an Elec trlcal Engmeer College Newark School of Englneerxng SANDRA WIZELL Sandle Footllght Club 2 Blue A s 1 2 Track Club 4 Mega phone Seller 1 Senlor Play Make Up Commxttee Amb1I10n To play basket ball with the Knxcker bockers Future Plans To become Mrs Ph1l1p Goldman ln July SUSAN Wll.LlA'VlS SUS16 Blue A s 4 Future Plans To be housewlfe nd lse dren fi PATRICIA WILLS Pat ba 1 B5 fr! Ambzt be suc e ELAINE WOLKOWITZ Z Chubs French Club 3 Blue A s 4 Che le Honor Soclety IE 4 r1vn u Ambltlon To be a Medl a er calTechn1c1an sent S 12 Bo 1ng College Moravlan College ROSETIA SLI LNA Wll MOR!- Future Teacher s Club 2 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Meg aphone Reporter 4 Cho rus 12 3 Track Club 4 Banklng Representatlve 2 Megaphone Seller 4 De batlng Club 4 Ambltlon To become a WISGI person and a good teacher College Trenton State Teachers MARGERY LOUISE WOEHRER Marge Chorus 3 Bowllng 4 Ambmon To travel Future Plans To become a prxvate secretary C I X ANCJWI I I H xnkzng Rr pre SL nl ltlvg I XIIIIJIIIOH Io lx a beautl man Co egg Ihautx C ullurr. Sghool lun Plfnns Io lrrv XIARCIA XI lSI'I Megaphone 1 2 I eatu Ldltor 3 Nlanagmg 4 Honor Souetv retarx -4 PI1S1LIv.I'1I 2 BBTILI I 2 Blue A Sports l Iles I or XIII. rnale to WV CIIXRI I SQUID X WCXJIDS rarmlrul I oorlmll x Ji X VER NJ C lub 3 O u SI! -I In uon In moon IU I1 rokki Future Plank Io graduate from nur Ing Qrhool 13 il RI 'I XX RI INL IILFI nor SUCIUIX 3,41 A - .iphonu News WIIIUI' I 2 3 A ' U 'Ifrerr I uv ., g .L ilu ' uu .f '. ,2 3,-Ig Stu e . YI -I 5 'snur ,g C.1nd1d.1!e for KIUFII Suhol- .xrshzp 4. MXRCARI I A XOUNC Puggx Color Guard 123 Cap n 4 1. s 2 llbrarv Staff 2 3 4 Sec retarw of Footllght Club 2 Track Club 234 Home room Presxdent I Home. room Secrerarv 3 Home room Vlce Preb1dc.nt4 l3askLtbaIl12 Student Varlcues 2 Hockey 12 Soual Chairman for Track Club 4 Megaphone Seller 1 2 Honor Society 4 Stu dent Councll l Drlftwood Rcprescntatlve 4 ROBF RTA FAY ZIMNIILRNIAN Bc. rt Honor SOCICIVZ 3 4 Home room Prnsldcnt l Student Counml 1 laun Club 2 Frecholdnr 3 Blur. A sl 2 -1 ArtStaffl 2 3 4 Prem Club 1 2 3 Studant Varlc use 2 3 Footllght C lub 2 Megaphone. Sv.IlLr 3 Altar nate for Clufanshlp Week 3 Boullngl WANTED O DAVE SCOTT VTIANTED 9 LEON LAMAR Vf .1-.? ---- - -Q . , 'NAP Q Q CAMERA SHY lg vJANTeo buck, -f muse , ,il IQ. ... . ... ... ..-.... , .. ..... ............. ............. ............ Q AvVVAN-1-ED .- .. STEVE MABSL H. L' g SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: L. to R.: Edward Strunce, Treasurerg John Layton, Vice-Presidentg Bruce Brener, Secretaryg Roy Sofield, President. 1.1. .. .K , ' ,,,'1,. . -li, . , .,--ff ai' " "' .- lln, ...vlgqkui-Q tlaikgzli . 1 x-A.: ,4- Q. ' J -,ann my S ,V , ,,....----- ,f"',F'fkd-1,7 Ji?-2 :gr , . ' dxbth I' 2 11 ---1 t 1-1111 ' - -11i- ji mi ui ,gf Min lt-'lil mo ' X if in 1 -"ia--f lil liiiiiinf v' 5 'lihe new west wing of our building will house an extensive industrial arts program. This prograrnwilloffercoursesinwood- work, metalwork, and auto-mechanics. ln addition, a room has been set aside for the music department. the faculty' and student body are equally proud of this latest addition to our school. """' ll'-'??f l ,- fi THE OFFBEATS in The future drivers of America? The epitome of efficiency. 'Q i. Don't drop it. X "- 13,74 So this is college. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEMOCRATIC Marcxa Zensel Bruce Brener Ann Skold Stanley Smith MOST DEPENDABLE Georgla Lane Roy Sofxeld SENIUR BEST DRESSED Ronald Crystal Peggy Ellenson MOST VERSATILE Cappy Pregnall Roy Sofxeld BET LOOKING Warren Updlke Lols Musto MOST TALKATIVE Andrew Sager Marxlynlinglnbotham MOST STUDIOUS Amta Novogrod Bruce Brener BEST ACTOR K2.renVanders1oot A11a.nPeterson Q I xx L X - 1 .1 f' N Ig N w N , . . . MOST POPULAR DID MOST FOR A P H S Lols Musto Roy Sofleld C3-PPY Pl' 9811311 Robert Pines BALLUT MOST ATHLETIC MOST MUSICAL Edward Femberg Marcxa Zensel CUTEST Rxchard Kellers Lons Musto BEST NATURED Robert Gleason Kathy Sherwood WITTIEST Kathy Sherwood Allan Peterson BEST DANCER Sunny Scher Andrew Sager MOST DIGNIFIED Bruce Brener Marcxa Zelsel cappy Pregnau Frank Budd A i I , . . . , ' in V s 1 N' . Li , A . I J Q , 7 'f . ' ' 'a o , .u 'i1". . B 2+ 4 I 37 ' , .gk f xx ,... V A if K an it 1 ? E nf.: I il' I Y a 1 - W wf . f 5' -.'?l,4 mrffffadliskgz L,. P Q -xx 3 3 iff EVQ S 'Q 51 U DEBATINC ClUB This year's Debating Club was one of the school's busiest organizations participating in more than ten in- terscholastic contests. It also was engaged in other for- ensic activities ranging from poetry reading to humor- ous interpretation. To gain a fuller understanding of all speech ac- tivities, the members attended the Temple University Speech Festival and participated in several panel dis- cussions on radio. There are twenty-five active members in the club which meets weekly with its advisor, Mr. Jehle. The officers are: President, Norman Mirneg Vice-President, Margaret Clayton, Secretary-Treasurer, Myrna Rosen. The club's formal debates concentrated mainly on the National Forensic League tOPiC, Resolved: "Thai the United States should administer all foreign aid through the United Nations." Other topics of current interest were also under discussion throughout the year. DEBATING CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Leonard Oppenheim, Tiiu Rodima, Georgia Karras, Peggy Pryor, Mr. Jehle, Adv.g Denny Bliss, Tom Gasque, Bill Bradshaw, Mary Porreca, Judy Bernstein, Jane Misch- ler, Laura Burnson, Margaret Clayton, Jean Bagner. Front row: Sue Bady, Ray Cotton, Myrna Rosen, Joel Freedman, Norman Mirne, Pat Brown. SCIENCE CLUB The aim of the Science Club is to promote a desire in each member to further himself in the field of science. The different fields of science are discussed at the regular meet- ings, so that the members may become famil- iar with the various aspects of science. This year the club voted to haveameeting every first and third Friday ofthe month. The club uses room 307 as headquarters, with Mr. SCIENCE CLUB: Back ,row L. to R.: Howard Cohen, Jeff Smith, David Belasco, Bruce John- son, Steve Barcan, Don Broverman, Bob Scopp, Y Robert Edelson, Neil Greenhill, Mr. Walsh, Adv. Next row: Jerry Zimmernnn, Leonard Oppen- heim, Jack Harris, Anguin Armstrong, Arthur Walsh acting as advisor. No limitations have been set on membership. The only require- ments are an active interest in science, and of course, payment of 51.00 annual dues. The officers elected for this fiscal year are Donald Broverman, President, Ray Cot- ton, Vice-Presidentg Neil Greenhill, Treasur- er, and Norman Mirne, Secretary. Poland, Norman Mirne, Ray Cotton, Elliot Marvel, Mark Kaufki. Front row: Peggy Pryor, Roberta Frazee, Isabelle Hill, Janet Mischler, Bonnie Stover, Harriet Spector, Sara McG1inchy, Joanne Haddock, Richard Kamber. iii MEGAPHUNE The Meg is one of the few remaining weekly school publications in New Jersey and is entirely self-supporting. lt is managed wholly by students and has enjoyed a good reputation in competitive circles. This year, in addition to the regular four page weekly, paper supplements were published for six football games, the Senior Play, a twelve page Christ- mas edition, a 30th anniversary issue, a Student Varieties edition and a graduation issue. A banquet was also held at which awards went to writers of special merit. The editors of the 1957-1958 Megaphone are John Walker, Editor-in-chief, Marcia Zeisel, managing ed- itor, Joe Frankel, sports editor, Shirley Hughes, fea- ture editor, Steve Molasky, copy editor, Bob Schulman, news editor, and Gail Thompson, supplementary ed- itor. The business staff is headed by John Layton and the advertising staff by Barry Minkoff. We would like to make mention of the outstanding job done by Mrs. El Freda Harris, our former advisor, who passed away in December. MEGAPHONE: Back row L. to R.: Doug Freedman, Ronnie Kohn, Fred Toback, Scott Stryker, Andy Sager, Bob Scopp, Richard Ansell, John Walker. Next row: Allan Peter- son, Karen Vandersloot, Eleanor Di Lieto, Jill Hershoff, Cappy Pregnall, Sue Rubin, Gail Thompson, Liz Rodousakis, Barry Min- koff, Barry Kwalick. Next row: BobSchulman, Steve Molasky, Grace Vay, Pat Wallace, Pat Blank, Pam Proctor, Barbara Ross, Hildy Koch, June DeSarno. Front row: Mrs. Har- ris, Adv.3 Sue Green, Shirley Varian, Rosenthal, Joan Schwartz, Kay Carton, Peg- gy Pryor, Georgia Karras, Karen Goldfarb, Lorraine Hartigan. DRWTWUUD Picture taking, copy editing, tabulating votes, collecting reservation fees, and meet- ing deadlines are now far behind us, the Driftwood staff of 1958. We have tried to compile a complete and accurate record of this, our final year at A. P. ll. S. realizing it to be that very special year which terminates an important period of development in our lives. As adults, we shall look back at this yearbook, and the memories represented in word and picture. DRIFTWOOD: Back row L. to R.: Allan Peterson, Jim Sangston, Madge Creighton, Joan Hamernick, Y Sandy McPherson, Marcia Epstein, Pam Pappay- lion, Nancy Feiber. Front row: Anita Novogrod, The staff has worked many long hours trying to make the 1958 Driftwood one in which the graduating class will take great pride. It is our fervent hope that upon sift- ing through its contents, an old friendship or a past experience will many times be relived. Our sincere thanks go to our ad- visor, Mr. Peter J. Maher, whose steady advice and assistance were invaluable. lt is with a wish for continued sucess to all, that we bid a fond fairwell to Asbury Park High School. Pearline Moore, Jim Vaccaro, Cappy Pregnall, Bob Pines, Jim Thornley, Peg Ellenson, Sue Rosenthal, Peg Young, Mr. Maher, Adv. tif 1 46. THE IUNIUR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The aim of the Junior Classical League is to en- courage interest in Ancient Rome--its culture, its customs, and its effects on modern civilization. The Latin Club, as the Junior Classical League is commonly called, donates two prizes for outstanding achievement in the study of Latin, a two year award and a four year award. The club also sells candy during mid-term and final exams. The officers of the Latin Club are Joseph Frankel and Catherine Pregnall, Co-Consulsg Tina Fornarotto, Secretary: Barbara Carton, Treasurer, and Gail Thomp- son, Banquet Committee Chairman. The club meets on the second Thursday of the month. All second-year Latin students are eligible to join, There is a banquet, usually in April or May, when all members wear au- thentic Roman dress, and follow ancient Roman customs. Mrs. Rachel Vecchione is the advisor. JR. CLASICAL LEAGUE: Back row L. to R.: Bliss Rhem, Roberta Holeman,KenSpiel- fogel, Joe Frankel, Charles Goldstein, Wynn Phillips, John Sullivan, Roberta Frazee,Judy Roundy, Sue Goddard, Barry Keith, David Belasco. Next row: Linda Hagerman, Gail Thompson, Pam Proctor, Sally Terwilliger, Arlan Eisler, Chris Mader,Richard Kamber, Wallace Smith, Kathy Carton, Bernard Sim- ons. Next row: Ruth Banker, Judy Johnson, Tina Fornarotto, Carol Dodd, Jill Tucker, Lynn Westerberg, Cathy Haines, Penny Fettner, Roberta Rubin, Jay Garofola, Laura Burnson, Barry Druesne. Front row: Ann Strano, Debbie Hoch, Liz Wetzler, Judy Brower, Barbara Carton, Beth Uffner, Ethel Rediker, Linda Rosenheim, Hinda Booksta- ber, Ellen Deutsch, Pat Blank, Carol Katz. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, one of the oldest organ- ized clubs in the school, was formed to give its members an opportunity to learn more about the French and their contributions to world culture. To fulfill this aim, several speakers are invited to attend the meetings to inform the members by pictures or in- formal talks. To become a member of the French Club one must have completed one year of French with an average of 802, or better. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month. To supplement the club treasury the French Club sells Blue A charms and pins. FRENCH CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Bliss Rehm, Cynthia Morris, Pat Oldham, Anita Murphy, Joyce Richards, Frank Monetti, Mercedes Mc Affee, Charlie Van Wickle, Larry Schreiber, Howard Cohen, Joel Gaines, Marshall Mechanic. Next row: Lowell Snowdon, Shirley Varian, Elaine Glickman, Beverly Beegle, Maxine Kohn, Gloria Smith, Linda Y Friedlander, Phyliss Zuckerman, Anne Brown, Leslie Kuskin, Arlene Werner, Karen Bass. Next Most of this money is used to finance the annual French Club Banquet held in the early part of December. At the end of the year the French Award is presented tothe student with the highest average in French for three years. The officers for the school yearl957-1958 are: John Layton, President, Tina Fornarotto, First Vice-President, Fred Toback, Second Vice-President, Gail Thompson, Secretary, Cappy Pregnall, Treasurer. Mrs. Frank Bryan, faculty advisor, has supervised the French Club activities since 1944. row: Ellen Hock, Rochelle Purrinson, Marilyn Halpern, Judy Friedman, Jill Kepler, Joyce Smith, Carol Biesky, Susan Bernard, Susan Biesky,Deb- bie Hoch, Liz Wetzler, Barbara Sablove. Front row: Jeane Silverstein, Hazel Bagwell, Roberta Zwerling, Gail Thompson, Tina Fornarotto, John Layton, Cappy Pregnall, Margaret Karagias, June Manger, Joan Borish, Sue Ijubin. FUTURE NURSES CLUB The purpose of the Future Nursestjlubisto interest pupils in nursing as a career. lt is open to sophomore, junior, and senior pupils of the school. Meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday. The second meeting of each month is usually fora special program. A banquet is planned as the end of the year's activities. One of the main projects of the club is the Future Nurses' volunteer service at Fitkin Hospital. Members who are over 16, volunteer three hours of service a week. The club also visits hospitals to acquaint the girls with nursing in other fields. The officers are Helen Banker, President, Pearline Moore, Vice-President, Phyllis Cohen, Secretary, and Nancy McKnight, Treas- urer. Miss Anna Hahn, R. N, capably advises the group. FUTURE NURSES CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Pat Sykes, Lilly Wright, Barbara Rhoades, Jerri O'Brien, Barbara Cain, Gail Krause, Mary Giesselmann. Next row: Vonnie Kelly, Nancy Fieber, Mildred Darling, Yvonne Dean, Lucille Smalls, Betty Zucconi, Ellen Jones, Carole Zergiebel, Barbara Hundertpfund, Pattie Hadenwald. Front row: Mary Jane Lee, Ruth Martell, Mary Ann Ziporo, Pearline Moore, Nancy McKnight, Helen Banker, Phyl- lis Cohen, Donna Newman, Pat Katski, Bar- bara Simmons. ' FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB The members ofthe Future Teachers Club of A. P, H. S, are pupils who wish to become teachers. The club explores teaching as a career by having guest speakers, movies, and trips to teachers colleges. To obtain actual teaching experience, the upperclassmen of the club organize reading groups in the grammar schools one or two afternoons a week. The club's president, Rita Uslin, conducts one meeting a month. She is assisted by Bar- bara Green, Vice-President, Paula Trested, FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Mr. Stout, Adv.g Don Gopsill, Mary Beth Foerst, Judy Roundy, Valerie Boetticher, Sue Goddard, Florence Bielefeld, Rose Warshawsky, Sue Kau- Y fer, Mary Ann Farry, Isabelle Hill. Next row: Jill Tucker, Sue Green, Ann Lager, Hazel Bag- Secretary, and Irene Torop, Treasurer. The club has a library of information concerning all phases of the teaching profession. The librarian is Lynne Newman. The officers and members of the club are assisted in all their activities by Mrs. Harvey Jones and Mr. Leonard Stout. At the end of the year a ban- quet is held at which the new officers are in- stalled. The Future Teachers Club is a local unit of the Future Teachers Clubof America. well, Norma Feinerman, Ethel Rediker, Joan Burton, Ruth Scheuer, Carol Biesky. Front row: Mary Porreca, Toby Schulman, Sue Eidlen, Gla- dys Stern, Paula Trested, Rita Uslan, Irene Torop, Lynne Newman, Audrey Schwartzman, Sue Biesky. BC. Q-if USHERS This year ten senior and six junior girls were selected from the HonorSociety to serve as ushers. They were chosen for their scho- lastic ability and availability. Thses girls are present at all assemblies and school func- tions including the Senior Play, Student Va- USHERS: Back row L. to R.: Marcia Klinger, Elaine Glickman, Ellen I-lock, Joan I-Iamernick, Ann Mueller, Morine Kohn, Georgia Lane, Cap- py Pregnall. Front row: Marcia Epstein, Rober- rieties, and College Night. They also usher at graduation. The supervisor ofthe ushers islkir. Peter J, Maher, and this year's head usher is Georgia Lane. ta Zimmerman, Roberta Zwerling, C h a r l o t t e Chamy, Beatrice Musios, Sunny Scher, Gail Thomp- son. a ,Q Y 4 Y v Q' TRACK CLUB The Track Club was formed to promote interest in Track throughout the school, and to provide various social events forits members. One of the functions of the organization is to assist in the running of the Central- Jersey and Monmouth-Ocean County Track Meet. Coach Villapiano is the able advisor ofthe club. The club holds an annual fall and spring dance. lllotters are sold containing the Track and Basketball schedules. ln the spring, trophies and jackets are awarded to the senior lettermen. The officers thes year are Fred Toback, President, Frank Budd, Vice-President, Sally Terwilliger, Secre- taryg and Nancy Young, Treasurer. ITALIAN The Italian Club is composed of thirty- five students, representing fourltalian class- es. This active organization has cake sales, parties, trips, and an annual banquet. Club meetings are held on the first Wed- nesday of each month, at which time each member is required to pay twenty five cents. In order to remain in the club astudent must maintain an average of 802, or better in Italian. ITALIAN CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Pat Scutel- laro, Ruth Martell, John Winterstella, Vic Pao- lantonio, Marie Corcione, Bob Nicolosi, Steve Y Sipos, Liz Co'rbo. Next row: Gail Musto, Ann Lager, Karen Archer, Lisa Curto, Cetta Siano, TRACK CLUB: Back rov, L. to R.. Richard Ansell, Nina Plotkin, Pat Wills, Mary Alice Atkins, Roy Sofield, Bob Schulman, Larry Schreiber, Bob Aquilino, Barry Kwalick, Mike Van Glish, Tony Wreiole,John Sauer,Buzzy1,yons, Doug Friedman,Paul Schlesinger, Pelley Sablove, Carol Goodman, Andy Sager, Bill Cusa, Jeff Conners, George Ruding, Sally Van Wickle, Jill Hershofi, Sue Rubin, Eleanor Di Lieto, Sue Rosenthal, Jane Schuyler, Ed Strunce, Bill Waldeyer, Peg Ellenson, Tina Fornarotto, Joyce Moskowitz, Harvey Conners. Next row: Ad- visor, A, E. Villapianog Linda Rosenheim, Carolyn Smith, Betty Thompson, Janice Davis, Pam Newman, Lynn Manger, Marianne Saxenmeyer, Marcia Blake. Phyllis Puryear, Ethel Rediker, Barbara Buren, Mary Porreca, Pat Katski, Isabelle Hill, Sharon Taggart, Vir- ginia Plasteras, Irene Wiener Next row: Carol Neely, Carol Stern, Sandy Wizell, Barbara Simmen, Ruth Roman, Barbara Carton, Linda Hagerman, Rhoda Lashovitz, Lois Shertzer, Laura Lubinsky, Karen Newman, Sue Goddard, Shapiro, Jane Rosenthal, Pat Blank, Lynne Jill Tucker. Cetta Siano, Gail Musto, Cecelia Griffin, Nancy McKnight. Next row: Don Martin, Allan Peterson, Joan Hoffman, Marilyn Ettman, Marcia Epstein, Mary Beth Foerst, Lillian Woiciechowicz, Sue Rhodes, Merry Evensen, Margaret Karagias, Kathy Haines, Penny Fettner, Pat Sullivan, Peggy Young, Judy Boetticher, Candy White, Susan Bady, Beverly Roberts. Front row: Lois Musto, Lowell Snowden, Marilyn Hlginbotham. Marianne Hartigan, Pat Rose, Frank Kidd, Fred Toback, Sally Terwilliger, Nancy Young, Edna Tilton, Laura Burnson, Harvey Schultz, Terry Van Atta, Ron Glab, Marilyn Alessi. CLUB This year the members decided to give an annual award to a student of Italian who showed the greatest improvement during the year. The officers for 1957-1958 are: President, Frances Perrottog Vice-President, Robert Nicoloseg Secretary, Marie CorcionegTreas- urer, Ruth Martell. The club is capably ad- vised by Mr. Merli. Madelyn Ruocco, Peggy Beradesco, Francis Per- rotto, Mr. Nicholas J. Merli. Front row: Phyllis Dahrouge, Arlene De Cesare, Sandy Spino, Gladys Stern, Marilyn Macaluso, Fran Vaccaro, Joyce Macaluso. 1" Q Q CHESS The aims of the Chess Club are to pro- mote good sportsmanship and to further the keenness needed to play the game of chess. The principal activities are the meets held with different schools throughout the year, The officers for this fiscal year are Don- ald Broverman, Presidentg Stephen Niesen, Vice-Presidentg lili Bortman, 'Ireasurerg Cynthia Morris, Secretary. Meetings are held in room 203 everv Monday after school.Cor- respondence is maintained by the secretary, CHESS CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Barry Blatt- ner, Cynthia Morris, Frank Donato, John Sauer. CLUB with other schools, setting up meets at vari- ous times during the year. There are no formal rules as to member- ship in the club, except continuous activity and payment of 51.00, annual dues. The members of the club play each other on a pyramid system, set up by the club, Each member may challenge one above him and those who attain the top five positions attend the meets. Front row: Eli Bortman, Don Broverman, Steve Niesen, Joel Popler. J"""' .,. 2 NI' f.p alilv 7-1 BANKING STAFF To cultivate habits of thrift and regular saving in the students, Asbury Park High has organized a bank- ing staff, with Mr. Snowas its advisor. Mr. Snow choos- es the staff himself, which this year includes Betty Reber, Betty Mueller, Barbara Giorella,Carol Warlick, and Kathy Darling. The banking representatives are chosen by each of the homeroom teachers. Each Thursday morning, when the staff holds its weekly meeting, Mr. Snow gives the members the banking envelopes which are distributed and later col- lected from the homeroom representatives. The deposits are then forwarded to the Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Bank by the office. At the end of the year the Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Bank sponsors a trip for the representativesand the staff. UFFICE The main office staff which was organized in 1934 has a very important function to per- form in the routine of things at Asbury Park lligh School. This group which is composed of llonor Roll students has charge of filing mail, dis- tributing materials, assisting with absentee sheets, answering the office telephone, and assisting, in general, with the main office practices. OFFICE STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Nancy Ham- ernick, Irene Torop, Joyce Macaluso, Karen Van- V dersloot, Margaret Karagias. Front row: Ann BANKING STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Joan Grulick, Andrea Bekus, Candy White, Penny Fettner, Tilly Sirianni, Margaret Clayton, Liz Rodousakis. Front row: Cathy Darling, Kathy Rehm, Sue Green, Madleine Ruocco, Beverly Segall, Laura Lubinsky, Karen Sha- piro. STAFF The group has no regular meetings and does not select officers. They work during their free periods, and are under the direc- tion of Mrs. Richards. For one year of service the girls receive a certificate, and for two years a service medal. Skold, Marilyn Higinbotham, Eleanor Di Lieto Pam Proctor, Cathy Haines. 11 il- Jac 23 'Q' ', ,- ii 'IP' a'x I LIBRARY STAFF The Library Staff is organized to assist Miss Sehnell in her duties as school librar- ian. The members deliver attendance slips, keep the books in order, and check books in and out for the students, The officers of this year's library staff are Sue Rubin, Presidentg Ruth Martell, Vice- LIBRARY STAFF: Back row L. toR.:Miss Schnell, Kathy Burke, Sue Bosenthal, Sue Rubin, Shirley Hughes, Pat Sykes, Virginia Plasteras, Peg Young. Presidentg Kathleen Burke, Secretaryg and Virginia Plasteras, Treasurer. Each spring the girls take an annual trip to New York which highlights the year's ac- tivities. ln May the staff members attend a convention where high schools all over the state are represented. Front row: Claire Myers, Elsa Green, Judy Boet- ticher. Y 1. f r Ns .th 0' 3' R '15 i Without its large and colorful Band, Asbury Park High School would notbecom- plete. The eighty-seven member marching band is present at all football games, Halloween, U, N, Day, and Balloon parades, and all pep rallies. Its basketball season counterpart, the Concert Band, plays for all home basketball games, two main con- certs, several student concerts, assem- blies, and commencement exercises. Both bands perform on the WJLK radio broad- casts. Asbury's '57-S8 band, conducted by Mr. Frank Bryan, is one of the largest in the school's history and among its best. lt is kept that way through daily practice and weekly sectional rehearsals with instruction for each band member. To aid him in the hard work of con- ducting a band, Mr. Bryan has appointed sectional leaders who pass out music at games, see that their sections are in their correct positions, and make sure that all instruments are properly tuned. Pat Sykes, majorette, leads the band at all football games. HSC, BAND: Back row L. to R.: Thomas Brower, William Gelsleichter, Richard Rediker, Samuel Rozza, Roger Mitchell, Barry Sherman, Next row: Leon Bessette, Robert Edelson, Paul Frazee, Herbert Meistrich, Jerry Nehman, Arthur Pappaylion, David Haviland, Rich- ard Wroncy, Mark Kaufki, Margaret Pryor, Harold Guskin, Fred- erick Blades, Joseph Peluso. Next row: Joel Edelstein, Daniel Gran- done, Leonard Levine, Robert Pullen, Sharon Brady, Barry Fox, Jerry Sherman, Bruce Hagerman, Edward Feinberg, Joel Popler, Jerry Fortunato, George Slavin, Benny Goodman, George Floyd, Anthony Pappa. Next row: John Wrubel, Robert Taylor, Nancy Pit- tinger, Lois Watson, Jack Simon, Jacqueline Redmond, Arthur Ins- ley, Charles Holland, Richard Dinar, Marcia Blake, Robert Bauer, Gary Layton, Bernard Simons, Robert Edwards, Barry Blattner, Harry Kirk, Mark Massar. Next row: Arthur Poland, Leonard Op- penheim, Roberta Frazee, Myrna Rosen, Louise Novogrod, Jeanne Silverstein, Barry Minkofi, David Rosenblatt, Elizabeth Bennett, Ni- cholas Paolantonio, Jack Ungar, Robert Kramer, Kenneth Scopp, Suzanne Kaufer, Leonard Berman, Joan Borish, June McChesney. Next row: Lorraine Hartigan, Marianne Hartigan, Joel Schwartz, Bernard Greenspan, Edward Watt, Barry Keith, Jay Graff, William Rubin, Ronald Britt, Carney Rozza, Isabelle Hill, Gloria Emerson, Jane Schuyler. Drum Majorette, Pat Sykes. BAND TWIRLERS: Back row L. to R.: Barbara Buren, Edwina Parker, June Manger, Cathy Haines, Lynn Westerberg, Lois Shertzer, Sandy Fields. Next row: Rhoda Lashovitz, Laura Lubinsky, Gloria Smith, Karen Shapiro, Elise Bailey, Ellen Doug- las, Linda Hagerman, Peggy Berardesco, Phyl- lis Harvey. Front row: Nancy Fieber, Vonnie Kelly, Candy White, Joan Hoffman, Joan Allen, Barbara Rhodes, Pai Wills, Ann Skold, Kathy Burke, Barbara Berkowitz. TWIRLERS Twirlers are chosen at the beginning of the school year by Mr. Gleason. They are selected for their ability to twirl and march, and their sense of rhythm. They twirl at all football games, parades and basketball games, performing designs and dances with the band. The captain, Joan Allen, was elected from among the senior twirlers in September. She is responsible for holding practices and getting the girls to perform as a well organ- into two squads. There is also a group of six flag twirlers. During the football season the twirlers practice every day with theircaptain and once a week with the band. During the basketball season the twirlers put on a show each half- time. A group of girls prepare a specialty act for each game. The highlight of the year is the elaborate specialty numbers performed at the Asbury-Neptune games played at the Convention Hall. -11--ai ized unit. The thirty-six twirlers are divided I. V. CHEERLEADERS The J, V. Cheerleaders, an energetic group of freshmen, may be seen cheering at all frosh and J, V, basketball games. They are chosen by Mr. Gleason, their supervisor, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Rinehart, and Lois Musto, Varsity Captain. They are selected for their ability to lead cheers, their co-ordination, and their co-operation. In order to remain on the squad, the girls must maintain passing grades and attend all practices. With the experience gained as J. V. Cheerleaders, these girls are prepared for possible positions onthe Varsity squad. The J, V, Captain for this year is Cele Earle. JAY VEE CHEERLEADERS: Back row L. to R.: Sue Morey, Cecile Earle, Sue Peshkin. Front row: Hilda Koch, Emily Marner, June De Sarno. 1 ? D DI if CD 'Y' STUDENT COUNCIL: Back row L. to R.: Bob Schulman, Betsy Freedman, Blanche Conover, Ralph Vandersloot, Lorraine Hartigan, Larry Hershtield, Stephanie Wells, Calvin Crudup, Chris Mader. Next row: Joyce Gibson, Marilyn Higin- botham, Gerry Poeter, Ethel Rediker, Cetta Siano, is- ll EH fr i 9' 31 Elisa Curto, Elaine Brener, Florence Lacity, Jean Brynes, Joyce Smith. Front row: Miss Massey, Adv., John Layton, Paul Roundy, John Sauer, John Higinbotham, Ken Spielfogel, James O'Keefe, Ted Johnson, Elliot Marvel, Charles Van Wickle. STUDENT CUUNCIL The Student Council functions as the active representative of the student body. Candi- dates for Student Council president, are se- lected by the officers of the Student Council and the members of the Executive Council each spring. The president is then elected by the entire student body. llomeroom presidents, elected each fall, serve as Student Council members. The Ex- ecutive Council selects candidates for vice- president, secretary, and treasurer of the council. The student body in turn, elects the HUNUR SUCETY HONOR SOCIETY: Back rovs L. to R.: Ron Kohn, Ed Feinberg, John Layton, Fred Toback, Roy So- field, Bruce Brener, Scott Stryker, Steve Barcan, Stan Smith, Barry Kwalick, Gene Izzo, Paul Frazee. Next row: Eleanor Di Lieto, Cynthia Morris, Judy Boetticher,Paula Trested, Ann Mueller, Cappy Preg- nall, Gail Thompson, Pat Sykes, Jane Rumford, Do- reen Kasliner, Carol Weinisch, Steve Molasky, Den- nis Crawford. Next row: Bruce Henderson, Tina Fornarotto, Shirley Hughes, Maxine Kohn, Beatrice Musios, Mary Beth Foerst, Nancy Fieber, Joan Allen, Georgia Lane, Roberta Zimmerman, Joan Borish, Judy Bernstein, Marcia Zeisel. Front row: Jim Vac- caro, Ellen Hock, Lowell Snowden, Charlotte Chamy, Myrna Skobel, Marcia Klinger, Elaine Glickman, Anita Novogrod, Joan Hamernick, Roberta Zwerling, Marcia Epstein, Claire Myers. officers. Only students who have passed all their subjects are eligible for positions as officers or Executive Council members. The council administered the Cheer Fund, sold candy at the basketball games, collected funds for Muscular Dystrophy and supervised radio broadcasts and assembly programs. The Student Council donates the service pins and the trophies that are awarded to eligible club members, cheerleaders and twirlers. The purpose of the Kiwanis Honor Society is to reward those students who have maintained good grades. With this goal in mind the society has established an award to be given to the "best student' of the senior class. This award will be given annually, the first presentation to be made in 1959. lt will be based on such qualities as scholastic average, leadership, per- sonality, and extra-curricular activity, with the empha- sis being placed on the first mentioned attribute. A committee of teachers, headed by Mr. Gleason, will do the choosing. The idea for this award was created by this year's officers - Bruce Brener, President, Roy Sofield, Vice Presidentg Marcia Zeisel, Secretary, Ronald Kohn, Treasurer, and Advisor, Mr. P. J. Maher. The society does not schedule meetings, but meets whenever new business arises. To become a member a student must have accumulated a total of six points. He receives two points for maintaining high honor grades Q90 or betterl for one semester and one point for maintaining honor roll grades Q85-905 for one se- mester. J 5 , w xy, 1 T' v 1 f .. , , x iii? mil Ili giy I 1? vgifia .ff 'E 'I Lau 1?Xn, Qii ff! 5' H fl ii U U73 06:1 Wifi 6 1 0 M 5? if 'fi ff! FOOTLIGHT CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Matthews, Roberta Rubin, Tiiu Rodima, Pam owitz, Susan Biesky, Marge La France, Belmonte, Pam Proctor, Pat Blank, Penny Fe l , Miss Hor- Betty ttner, .vm M M M M 1. .- Q., -.a f..- 'J Elaine Kuchen, Margaret Karagias, Karen Shapiro, Barbara Greene, Sandy Casagrande, Kay Carton. Front row: Linda Rosenheim, Doug Friedman, Joyce Moskowitz, Ethel Rediker, Richie Ansell, Hinda Bookstaber, Irene Torop, Nancy Barr, Isa- belle Hill, Howard Cohen. Next row: Laura Burn- son, Phyllis Taft, Susanne Rhoades, Carol Dodd, Jane Rosenthal, Ruth Banker, EllenDeutsch, Leon- ard Oppenheim, Carol Biesky, Ted Johnson. FUUTUGHT CLUB The Footlight Club, a sophomore drama group, was organized in 1951. Since then these enthusiastic sophomores have present- ed a well-run and received play for the as- sembly each year. The members of the club are given an opportunity to organize monthly programs, produce short plays, and prepare themselves for acting in the Junior drama club and the Senior Play. They concentrate on two radio broadcasts and an assembly program. The officers are: President, Richard An- sell, Vice-President, Joyce Moskowitz, Sec- retary, Linda Rosenheimg Treasurer, Doug- las Friedmang Sergeant at Arms, Ethel Red- iker. Their advisor is Miss Matthews. CHORUS CHORUS: Back row L. to R.: Joe Kimbrough, Earl Epstein, Robert Blaine, Carl Jones, Woodrow Nelson, Melvin Chandler, Bennie Johnson, Mr. Baver, Directorg Blanchard Romaine, Ben Di Gironimo, George Dellomo, Thomas Miller, Allan Brown, Hugh Watson. Donald Hult, George Berger. Next row: Phyllis Williams, Hazel Bagwell, Elizabeth Dove, Norma Allen, Doris Braxton, Lmda Deutsch, Florence Lacity, Joan Berger, Alma Rea Anderson, Gloria Hill, Dorcthy Brantleyf Vivian Booker, Mildred Darlmg, Alice Darling. Next row: Rose Marie Ber- ardesco, Arleen Constable, Rose Sylvester, Lynn Lundy, Kathy Clayton, Julie Levitties, Patricia Brown, Eleanor Morris, Mu- riel Cohen, Mary Ann Perry, Carol Mennie, Nancy Clausen. Peggy Bennett, Patricia Kennedy, Marianne B. Pettit. Front row: Rochelle Thom, Lillian Lindstrom, Patricia Wallace, Di- ane White. Joyce Smith, Patricia Polheinis, Tiiu Rodima, Ro- berta Frazee, Mercedes Mc Mee, Barbara Ross, Vivian John- son, Edwina Parker. The combined Girls' and Boys' gleeclubs under the direction of Mr. Baver offer the student interested in music wonderful opportunities to be heard. Each member has the chance to gain valuable experience in solo or group singing. Rehearsals by class are held each day in the audi- torium, while any special rehearsing that is essential is done after school in the East Cafeteria. The two groups sing both individually' and com- bined during the course of the year. Some of the chorus's performances are given over station WJLK. The groups alsoperformattheChrist- mas Concert, the Spring Concert, and at graduation. MR. C0lEMAN'S STAFF Anyone who has been late for school or for a class, has come in Contact with the girls on Mr. Coleman's staff. Their duties are to sign admittance slips, answer the phone, and collect late slips. Each girl devotes one study period a day to working in this office. For their as- sistance, the girls receive service medals for two years work. MR. COLEMAN'S STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Pat Oldham, Helen Banker, Mr. Coleman,Carol Goodman, Ethel Rediker, Joan Schwartz. Front row: Sandy Spino, Elaine Spino, Mary Porreca, Ann Strano, Linda Sobel. MR. CARlEFON'S STAFF Mr. Carleton's staff is composed of girls who are interested in athletics. These girls prepare game schedules, compile records, and present trophies. They also do any additional chores which are helpful tothe athletic program. MR. CARLETON'S STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Mar- tha Schanerman, Janice Davis, Carol Archer. Front row: Terry VanAtta, Sandy Pasternak, Patti Lieb- hardt, Joan Easu. REU CROSS The purpose of the Junior Red Cross Council is to render service to others, and all activities are directed toward that end. lt conducted a Red Cross drive for funds in November: collecting 592. The officers are Laurence Schreiber, Pres- ident, Pearline Moore, Vice-President, Stephen llarcan, Treasurer, and Patricia Katski, Sec- retary. Miss Anna Hahn, R. N. advises the group in Asbury Park High School. Q JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL: Back row L. to R.: John Comer, Larry Schreiber, Steve Barcan, Miss Hahn, Adv. Front row: Merle I-larber, Barbara Buren, Phyllis Cohen, Pat Katski, Pearline Moore. STUCK RO0M CUMM. The purpose of the Stockroom Committee is to keep the school supplied with paper, pencils, chalk, and other items necessary to academic work. Meetings are held with Mr. Soteros Romanus during homeroom period to plan the most efficient method for keeping the school supplied. STOCKROOM COMMITTEE: Left to Right: Jeff Ald- arelli, Jerry Tertzagian, Gaunt R. Crowell, Mr. Roumanis, Adv. FRESHMEN PICTURE CUMM. The Freshmen Picture Committee, chosen by chairman, James Thornley, is responsible for making up the picture schedule and as- sisting the photographer in taking the freshmen pictures. These pictures are used on the perma- nent record cards in the office. FRESHMEN PICTURE COMMITTEE: Back row L. to R.: Jim Thornley, Vonnie Kelly, Sunny Scher, Grace Weeden, Gene Izzo. Front row: Mary Beth Foerst, Doreen Kasliner, Carolyn Mclntyre, Lor- raine Piquette, Madge Creighton, Lois Musto. ENGLISH BUUK CUMM. The English Book Committee is composed of students who distribute, collect, store, and file all books and mimiographed material used by the English Department. The group is super- vised by Mrs. Van Campen. ENGLISH BOOK COMMITTEE: Back row L. to R.: Barry Kwalick, Bruce Alitt, Tony Apicelli. Front row: Joyce Mos kowitz, Pam Newman, Larry Schreiber, Judy Mogelever, Sally Terwilliger. an ri '. , . 1 QQ ,md fi -I 1' .ei 1, 3 52- E 3 -1 V 1, a f'- 5 . xi- L.. SAFE DRIVING CLUB The Safe Driving Club, now in its second year, is composed of both drivers and non- drivers in Asbury Park lligh. Its purpose is to show that youth can become responsible citizens in traffic. The club meets once a month and is spon- soring several projects. These include a poster contest, a parking condition survey, and a movie on driving. This year's officers are Charles Antich, President, Lillian Wojciechowicz, Vice-Presi- dent, and Carolyn Mclntyre, Secretary. The fac- ulty advisor is Mr. Pandolfe. SAFE DRIVING CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Robert Edelson, Nick Antish, Mary Beth Foerst, Warren Updike, Kathy Sherwood, Jill Hershoff, Mr. Pandolfe, Adv.: Jim Sangston. Front row: A1 Ehrich, Pauline Harvey, Ann Skold, Pearline Moore. SUUND CREW The sound crew whose motto is "service for the school", handles the sound and sets the stage for all important programs and school activities. lt also assists teachers by presenting movies in their classrooms. The captain of this year's Sound Crew is Edward Megill, SOUND CREW: Back row L. to R.: Lewis Sotnick, Dennis Bliss, Paul Frye, Ed Megill, Joel Peck. Front row: Dick Browning, Larry Bonafide, Louis Rosen- bloom, John Wright, Ward Kremer. CAFETERIA MUNITURS The Cafeteria Monitors play an important role in keeping our lunch room running smooth- ly. The staff elects two co-captains to head the group during the five lunch periods. Meet- ings are held every other week in the school library. Cleaning tables, keeping the floor clean, maintaining order, and putting trays in theprop- er place are some of the duties of this staff. Members of the staff are upper classmen who are under the direction of Nlr. luthelhert Wan- ner. CAFETERIA MONITORS: Back row L. to R.: Addison Matthews, Mike Corcione, Sal Berardesco, Bob Glea- son, Harvey Wilder. Front row: Ron Glab, Mike Scatuorchio, John Higinbotham, Stew Rushton, And- rew Maschas. BRUADCASTING The Asbury Park High School Student An- nouncers for the current school year are Jill Hershoff and Joseph Frankel. 'Jill and Joe" present Asbury Park High School 'Pupil Activities" each Wednesday even- ing over radio station WJLK. The purpose of this show is to create greater interest in the various clubs and organizations of the high school. "Platter Parade," a one-hour presentation of the top tunes of the day, originates each Tues- day afternoon over WJLK, with 'Jill and Joe" at the controls. BROAD CASTING: Joe Frankel and Jill Hershoff. SENIOR DUES COMM. The Dues Committee is appointed by the senior class officers to collect the 53.00 dues fee from each senior. This year the fee was collected on a stag- gered basis, S1.00 was collected on January 20, March 1, and April 10. SENIOR DUES COMMITTEE: L. to R.: Ron Kohn, Pat Pickell, Peggy Young, Madge Creighton, Ed Strunce, Judy Boetticher, John Walker. SENIUR PRUM CUMM. The purpose of the Senior Prom Committee is to prepare for the prom which was held May 10. The committee is composed of the senior class officers and sub-committee chairmen. A few of this committee's many tasks are decorating the gym, securing a band, and selling bids for the prom. The Prom Committee is advised by Mrs. E. Ross and Mrs. B. Van Campen. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE: Back row L. to R.: Ed Strunce, John Layton, John Walker, Bruce Brener, Bob Pines. Front row: KarenVandersloot, Lois Musto, Georgia Lane, Roy Sofield, Ann Skold. CANTEEN CUMMITTEE CANT!-ZEN COMMITTEE: Back row L. to R.: Cappy Pregnall, Roy Sofield, Pam Proc- tor, Teddy Johnson, Stan Smith, Larry Schrei- ber, Sally Terwilliger, Barbara Carton. Front roy.: Mr. Gleason, Principalg Mrs. Tervulliger, Mrs. Fairchild, Coach Villa- piano. An innovation in extra-curricular activities of the high school during the past year has been a series of Canteen Dances sponsored by the Asbury Park High School Parent-Teachers Association. The fall series consisted of five dances held on Saturday nights, at a cost of 52.00 per member. Music was furnished by local orchestras and popular "juke box" records. Prizes were given for cha-cha and jitterbug contests, and refreshments were supplied by members of the P. T. A. An average of four hundred students attended each affair. The winter series began on December 14th and were held after basketball games on Saturday nights. The primary purpose of the Canteen Dances was to give the students a 'place to have fun" and keep the affairs within the financial reach of all. Perhaps the popularity of the project can be gauged by the fact that from the money obtained, a surplus has been channeled into a scholarship fund to be administered by officials of the school and the P. T. A. IUNIUR DRAMA CLUB JUNIOR DRAMA CLUB: Back row L. to R.: Mr. Monaghan, Adv., Pat Sykes, Barbara Naftalis, Peggy Berardesco, Leslie Kuskin, Karen Bass. Front row: Steve Molasky, Andrea Silver, Liz Wetzler, Judy Mogelever, Barbara Sablove, Beth Leichter. The Junior Drama Club provides adramatic organi- zation for members of the junior class. Its main objec- tive is to stimulate an active interest iq dramatics, throughout the school. The mechanical functions of the club are not unlike those of similar organizationsg however, there are three co-presidents appointed by the club advisor, Mr. John Monaghan,who helps co-ordinate activities. They were chosen because of their initiative in organizing the club. Tryouts for the club were held and Mr. Monaghan, as- sisted by the co-presidents, selected members on the basis of their dramatic ability. At the first meeting the secretary and treasurer were elected and it was estab- lished that regular meetings would be held twice a month. At these meetings dues were collected and bus- iness discussed, An auditorium program was the center of the club's activities. Prior to this, small plays were given to pro- vide club members with dramatic experience. Culminat- ing the year's activities was a club banquet. BDWLING For the first time, Asbury Park High School was represented in the Shore Con- ference Bowling League. The team which represented the school, was selected from the Boy's School League that is run dur- ing the year. lt is made up of seven boys who bowl each Wednesday under regular Bowling League conditions. BOWLING: Back row L. to R.:Mr.Roumanis, Bob Camoosa, Jim Deibert, Paul Peluso, Fred Schechterle. Front row: Jim Sangston, Karl Labor, Albert Scalpati, Alex Amodio. f-""f' HALL MUNITURS One of the big problems in Asbury Park High School is traffic in the halls. To help solve this problem the Student Council has posted monitors throughout the school. Basically their job is to keeptraffic mov- ing and to enforce traffic laws set up by the school. However, they have other responsi- bilities which include keeping the halls clean and maintaining order between classes. This year there are over forty monitors who were picked by the Student Council and they are directly responsible to the president. The president has the power to discharge any of them for inefficiency on the job. 1'- HALL MONITORS: Back row L. to R.: Ray Cotton, Jim Vaccaro, Ronny Kohn, Frank Budd, Dick Finkel, Charlie Van Wickle, Ed Strunce. Next row: Bruce Henderson, Fred Toback, John Layton, Ralph Vandersloot, Roy Sofield. Front row: Stan Smith, Howell Wilmore, Bqrry Kwalick, Bob Schulman. I Q I 'TP ,tx ,ff X.. K. l- va Q, X . Vis- eff -Q F p 1. ntl. i 2517 HEALTH OFFICE STAFF: Back row L. to R.: Pat Katski, Barbara Buren, Vonda Lee Parker, Barbara Cain, Gail Fiiedner, Bar- bara Rhodes, June Kaiser. Front row: Merle Harber, Barbara Simmen, Freda Nell Smith, Pearline Moore, Miss Hahn, Nurse and Adv. ,.,nf" V. HEALTH UFFICE STAFF The Health Office Staff, an aetivitywithinthe school, was organized for girls who are interested in nursing. Supervised by Miss Anna llahn, school nurse, these girls do clerical work and assist both Miss llahn and Doctor Robert Barnett, school physician, in caring for the health ofthe students. Any girl planning to enter some field of nursing may become ti member of the Health Office Staff. The only requirement of the girls is to maintain honor roll grades while serving on the stuff. .'l' ' xi hifi' Sm! 1, ' ff 1- ,A .. ' 555555555555 ffxsft . ..' ,. nor -' ' 5 5557 55 ' 5 ' 5 T 2. 555 55 '4555 .cy ., tvs' 53"- .ikkp xiiifr' , an 7 -4 , K X 4 E YD Lf 3 ,1"'.1v f' Writ. nn. 'E ' - . " Azura, ' A 1 'Wie Je' 'N 'ks A H' 1958 FO0TBAll FOOTBALI. 5CllEDLl.E N57 A. P. Opp. 21 Manasquan 6 13 New Brunswick T 24 Neptune 6 30 Red Bank 6 1 ' Perth Amboy 6 7 Freehold Regional U 13 Long Branch 6 14 Middletown 21 Township VARSITY TEAM: Back row, L. to R.:Coach Bruno, Brian Barrabee, Charles Willingham, BartHurley, Jim Meola, Ronald Glab, Frank Budd,B0bG1eason, Art Brenan, Al Thompson, Ed Strunce, Joe Major, Gordon Stake, Coach Rinehart. Next row: Wendell Griffith, managerg Frank Donato, Jeff Conners, Jim Sangston, Ken Holland, Tony Wreiole, Jerry During the 1957 football season, the As- bury Park High School 'Blue Bishops" tallied seven times in the positive side oftheledger, while falling to the negative only once. The one Asbury Park loss was administered on the final day of the season by atough Middle- town Township outfit. Asbury Park has drop- ped only four decisions in the past five years of the Bruno-Rhinehart coaching regime. Four Asbury Park men were named to the Asbury Park All-Shore team. These outstand- ing stars were Frank Budd, a repeater from last year's squad, Chriss Coll, Joe Major, and Jerry Feeney. Dick Kellers was the re- cipient of the Denegar Award, an award given to the member of the team who plays outstanding ball, but receives few of the plaudits. The Junior Varsity and Freshmen football squads had successful seasons. These teams groom the "Bishops" of years to come and do a fine job in teaching the fundamentals of football and sportsmanship. Feeney, Harvey Conners, Jim Vaccaro, Leon Brit- ton, Chris Coll, Henry Vaccaro, Ed Koch. Front row: Howell Wilmore, managerg Phil Bertole, Barry Slott, Terry Burns, Mike Corcione, Taft Dimmock, Harry Gramann, Joe Levinski, Mike Klinger, Dick Kellers, Martin Schwartzman, man- ager. 1 A - I The Blue Bishops take the field! SATURDAY'S SAGA 5 At last, the opening kickoff. 9 Back to the action. 2 Let's go fellas, len minutes to game time 6 There goes Frank Budd, led by Joe Major IO Something we are always sorry to see. Alan, thls lb Blll. Joe, meet co-captam Kellers. For the Blue and the Black for the Blue and the Black. Chalk up another vlctury for Asbury, and what a game Mr. MaJor played. , 5 'lugq 3.1521 4 Time out for alleglance. E The greatest show on earth. 12 The climax of a perfect day. A. - - -ml if - .g-1, Q H , .. 'E I' 47 'fi H ,f9.',l K ' 'V at if 4 RW - 5 V -LP. Sivgfflff . " W., 53.4, 2-. - S+:-'-what .W Q ' A . tfiiflff '- " 45- - 4 Q' A ,i if 51, Y . -1441-n ,i?'s..'.'il , 3gnq-.l,.f-.-- 'aC' ghlirzlqv fiat A'- -'fylfa-' S-Q... 1 Q-w, -5-A .flT1f7 ,, Ei, 2'l lu 5 A-.Q - xv.. 12 buffbl L. ..L.. 58U 5BU 0 ia, v TPARK M5 58115 QBUQF .hunk 5.51 VARSITY TEAM: Standing L. to R.: Coach Villa- Ed Strunce, Allan Shechet, Mgr. Seated Carson piano, Ken Holland, John Higinbotham, Charlie Van Mader, B111 Waldeyer, Dick Hulse, Ken Spieliogel Wickle, Frank Budd, John Hutzley, Frank Tomaino, Paul Roundy, Bruce Fischbein. 1958 BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL The highlight of the 1957-58 season for the Blue Bishops was the Shore Round Robin in which they emerged victorious, paced by Charlie Van Wickle, who averaged over 20 points per game. The Bishops were far less successful in their first Shore Conference campaign as they finished in fourth place with a 7-5 rec- ord. Van Wickle again set the pace in aver- aging over 16 points. Captain Frank Budd wastheteamsleader in rebounds and excelled on defense, while Van Wickle did most of the scoring up front. Bill llutzley, six foot six inch sophomore, played well at center as did his understudy, Ken Holland. Bill Waldeyer, Bruce Fishbein, and Dick llulse shared the guard spots. lfishbein and Waldeyer scored on long shots and played fine defense, while Hulse, one ofthe flashiest back-court men on the shore, was the floor general and hit on a great variety of shots. The J,V, and Freshman teams had very successful seasons, compiling records of 15-9, and 15-5 respectively. BASKET BALL SCHED ULE Asbury Park Opponents 57 St Rose Red Bank Manasquan Freehold Perth Amboy Red Bank Woodbridge - Neptune Middletown New Brunswick Manasquan Long Branch Trenton Freehold Perth Amboy Red Bank New Brunswick Neptune Middletown Manasquan Long Branch Emerson Trenton I 5 QBU PARV ITV J V. BASKETBALL BACK ROVVU' L- U1 R-Z CU3f'h Hlilnbmhamf 516W Barry Druesne, Mlke Van Glxsh, Nelson Faddiem Rushton, Teo Juhnsun, Barry shapuo, Larry Frank Ten Bmef-k, Art Bmnany Jim Garrm, Schrelher, Bob Schulman, John Sauer, Rmhard An- Butch Bruton, Harvey Qom-mrs' 5011, Barry Slwtt, Rusty McLuugh1in.FRO!NT ROW: ' K , v xx Ky cv 'K .QU , ,xr- A .f , if 'f 45511: .sail -AW f V I 'U' 4? -X I :CII I ' 9 4 1' 4 v ga Q1 ,sauj I 545-1 ,4 J A 1 3 ' R132 :Q f , , . 4RK 'Nl' 'T yyjgg ,:.'.,'f nf, , . . ,. . , .., , ,Jn X wx: V I :fi X 35, M ' if 5 ' " . V . Q, V QE.s.H?' ,. f f giip Qi. ' My L au 1 lk ' .,4'I' ','I'. :ig ,N if , . -Ng Vx.,-Qi, Z W J' :ji ,sw W' A 55. '. f . 1 f f 5 W ' , ,fy 1 Nl "'-lj .L , Y4 ,,.,pvAA,.,., 1 BASEBALL Confronted with a team of young and in- experienced players, Coach Ray Adkins led his baseball team to a very successful season. This fine record was primarily due to the strong pitching of Bruce Socolow, the steady defensive play of Doc Holland, Bob Pines, Captain Bruce Crowell, and Ken Spielfogel in the infield, and Don Martin, Bob Schul- man, and Bart Siciliano in the outfield. ln the hitting department Bill Waldeyer led the squad with outstanding 352 average. His clutch hitting won many a game, and a berth on the third team, All-State squad, in group four. VARSITY TEAM: Standing L. to R.: Coach Adkins, Jim Sangston, Ken Holland, Ken Spieliogel, Bill Wa1deyer,Dick Carmichael, Bart Siciliano, Coach ' A ' '19 Bruce Socolow ended the season with a record of six and five, and his understudy, Steve Kessler compiled a slate of two and three. John Sell and Dick Carmichael also figured in decisions. The team finished the year in a very strong fashion, winning five out of their last nine games and placing second in the Shore Conference. All eight starters will be back for next year's team, which promises to be strong in experience and talent. Snow. Seated: Don Martin, Steve Kessler, Roy So- field, Bruce Crowell, Bob Pines, Bob Schulman, Jon Joel Gibbons. 'OL .4 l , , ! Q 3 -.1. - Qum- J. V. BASEBALL: Back row L. to R.: Stu Rushton, John Sauer, George Rushfor-th,Hank Arning, Bria.n Barrabee, Frank Ten Broeck, Danny Gradone. Front row L. to R.: John Sell, Ira Kreizman, Barry Slott, Pete Pa- lumbo, Jim Daley, Ted Johnson, JimGarrity, Coach Snow. FRESHMEN BASEBALL: Back row L. to R.: Stu Rushton, Walter Voll, Herb Towell, Brian Barrabee, Tony Mareska, Coach Snow. Front row L. to R.: John Horn, Lawrence Johnson, Barry Slott, Ted Johnson, Steve Braun. BASEBALL SCHED ULE Asbury Park Opponent 7 Freehold 6 4 Red Bank 3 1 New Brunswick 12 3 New Brunswick 7 1 Middletown 2 0 Woodbridge 3 2 Lawrenceville 6 1 Trenton ll 4 Long Branch 2 2 Neptune 1 7 Neptune 0 2 Perth Amboy ll 1 Red Bank 2 3 Long Branch 2 5 Freehold 0 6 Manasquan 7 6 Manasquan 1 4 Middletown 5 1 'nf Captain Crowell gets a few extra pointers from Coach Atkins. g. ..f,.. ,, 1 V1 , Q A' Q. 17 3 0 iv J J iv his , H - 'vga . 15. fm 'H' Q . 4. I x jf ' ,- i wi t .M , .iq s.4, ' Q K rajii' I .bw 6 a t ' ,wp-'fl . .4 V S , ,. I EL, .f . Q 14? ' yggw-f , A 'lg 4+ 315, ,S-' r r xx Q. Q f r t ,, ff-t o L r A Adil., iiddwy '3" f. f . Q.gJ.ifQ 'i fined? .,. "AA Lqtlr l. fl. OUTDOOR TRACK: Back row L. to R.: Coach Glab, Fred Toback Bob Vetter Don Schain Dave Zach, Don Klein, Coach Smith, Clarence Holland, Brantley, Woodrow Williams Front row Norman Frank Donato, John Candiano,Terry Byrnes,Coach Schulman Frank Budd Bob Bunting Al Lyons, Merli. Next row: David Scott, Bill Beauford, Ron John Reid The 1957-58 track schedule was probably the most Dig those crazy musicians' varied and interesting in the history of the sport at A.P.ll.S. Such meets as Bridgeton Relays, Penn Relays, M. O. Championships, Central Jersey Championships, Long Branch Relays, State Conference, Shore Con- ference, State Meet, and numerous dual contests pro- vided ample oportunity for the boys to display their talents and earn their varsity A's. With boys like Frank Budd, last year's state champ in the 100 and 220, leading the pack, the season proved highly successful. Other stellar performers were, Fred Toback - 880, Dave Scott - broad jump, Ed Strunce - discus, Ed Koch - shot and javeling Robert Bunting - 440, Manfred Cieger - mile, Ted Pitoniak - pole vault, Willie Beauforci - hurdles, and Al Lyons - sprints. Much credit is deserved by Mr. Merli, the team's head coach, and his capable assistants Mr. Zach and Mr. Smith. P TENNIS TEAM: L. to R.: Mark Kaufki, Steve Niesen, Coach Richards, Joel Gaines, Richard Kamber. 6 GYM LEADERS BACK ROW L. to R.: Mary EllenMcNamara, Betsy Bielefeld, Barbara Hundertpfund, Georgia Lane, Francia Ehrlich, Eleanor Di Lieto, Karen Vander- sloot, Jo Ann Schecterle, Gail Thompson. NEXT ROW: Barbara Naitalis, Jeanne Silverstein, Bea Musios, Lynn Manger, Sally Van Wickle, Carol GYM LEADERS Dodd, Dolly Burr, Ina Sherman, Pearline Moore. FRONT ROW: Frances Hertzberg, Liz Wetzler, Shirley Varian, Joan Berton, Gloria Emerson, Lee Gibson, Karen Shapiro, Pat Rose, AnnSkold, Cappy Pregnall, Anita Murphy. To become a gym leader a girl must meet certain '-'E standards: Her scholarship must be above average and her standing in the school acceptable. Naturally, she must have leadership ability and apleasing personality. lt is necessary that she maintain a high degree of sportsmanship at all times. There are thirty-five busy girls in the corps who assist the gym instructors. Some of their duties are taking care of equipment, checking attendance, officiat- ing at all sports and helping in every way possible. Some of these gym leaders are chosen to officiate at intramural games, which are a very important phase of the Physical Education program. This group of interested girls is trained to officiate all sports. They learn the rules and techniques and then practice after school. The girls do a truly outstanding job. GYM OFFICIALS BACK ROW L. to R.: Liz Wetzler, Anita Murphy, Cappy Pregnall, Janice Auer. FRONT ROW: Georgia Lane. Q1 -uf' SJ K' SOFTBALL Softball is a sport played by all girls' gym classes during both the fall and winter. As an after school sport though, softball comes with the spring. The girls practice on two dia- monds and some of the hits are fabulous. The students learn to do their own officiating and take charge of the intramural games. Teams for these games are chosen on the basis of attendance at practice and degree of skill attained. SENIOR SOFTBALL SQUAD: Back row L. toR.: Jo Ann Schecterle, Jean Sherman, Dolly Burr, Pauline Harvey, Georgia Lane. Front row: Eleanor Di Lieto, Tina Fornarotto, Ann Skold, Pat Rose, Ella Mae Manuel, AnitaMurphy. -gf .t UQ' sac " BASKETBALL Back row L to R Barbara Cam Ahce Coles, Dolly Burr, Karen Vandersloot Elea nor D1 Lteto, Tma For narotto, Jo AnnSchecterle Front row Pearlxne Moore, Cappy Pregnall Amta Murphy, Pat Rose Ann Skold, Marxlyn I-hg mbotham, Sue Rubm BASKETBALL Basketball 1S the queen of the sports sponsored by the G1rls Athletlc Assoclatlon Any glrl regardless of sklll may play on a squad however only the most skllled play m 1nter school games Thzs squad IS carefully chosen after exght practices The followmg POIDIS are used to select th1s group sportsmanship sklll health andattendance atpractlces These games and practlces are all offxclated by the glrls 7... X X 'XZ X.-ax HOCKEY L to R Maryce Jackson, Karen Lxttel, Jo Ann Schecterle, Mar 1 lyn I-lxgmbotham, Cappy Preg nail, Georgna Lane Sue Rubm, Ina Sherman Tma Fronarotto, Eleanor D1 Lxeto, Jamce Auer, Pear lme Moore HUCKEY Due to the large classes hockey IS a game reserved en tlrely for afterschool sports Th1s IS a rugged and healthful game No SISSICS allowed! All the techmques and safety mea sures are taught ln the flrst few practices then the girls go on to perfect thelr team play After a glven number of prac IILCS dependlng upon weather and fleld eondltlons a flrst team from every class IS chosen and these g1rls play mtra mural games as well as lnterschool games w1th Rumson xv-1 lf.-3 Q How did I ever get involved anyway? 9' , Cie. ..,', ..-Z-v vf lo If you dare mxss and hxt my foot I'11 GIRLS Hey, give me back my pants! SPORTS Mrs. Shaw would have to get a flat. Did she make the basket Marilyn? Pat played Ham Richardson the very next day lllBllll!lllllIMll!lIllmmm lm m mmm Z Z K iff! ,X ' ,ff 31 ,XM 7,711 j 0 fwffffrf Q, X 417, I 4 , ll ll lllllllllll lllllllilllllllllll Y F L I Z Z Z f Z2 ? Z 6 Z ZZ 512- -Xflff' -' 1 ' 74 - "V iff ." li 4'7' - Y-.3T,.,-FQ ,.. ffgf' f , tt. Dj YQ - ',..-xr fK ug., f .A5 xx f, .1 F 'Cf 7 .,, Vx I . 'J

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