Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1957

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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'fx - 1 k 4,,czgg uf , . , ' F' i - Mg, W 'mg- 4, W fe, X ,W If .1 : 'T'-lu on I 95 7 Driftwood PUBLISHED BY ASBURY PARK HIGH SCHCCDL IN ASBURY PARK , NEW JERSEY 'k EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ?o'L22J' 33-. BUSINESS MANIAGER .r 75 'M ' IP ,qw wa, 4 I 8 H 4 m ,ins I 0 A 'v' 177 f . wif wx ' M Q! il: ii ' W X J. M . On. 'I UQ c Ks 4. H: .' .vw Jvlxs W. .AQ . M1 5. " F? 5 . is K. 1 1 ...- 1 'Q 1' 5 , l . 3 - ' N p 5. ' -.Qfdf Q Q 4 -1 S , Q t' i 'Q 5 '14 ' g 'iw jf , I '29 If ffl' f' K: '- F . 2' Q "1 Y -N ,, 1 ' if- 9 my ' - if in - 'W Q Y 41"""' - - ----- k O .N r. 'S 55 ' ' I 1 U . , Wu w k W ,i " ' In w . , ig if :wx ' +4WQn "? , ' Y ,H if M Mmm' -C I . , 4, I 1 ,gwh W WM? v' f f, ,w-wf'-3 ,,!-- . - QJ Q JW, W ff " 21 ,, m w1 H, 'Y " ' 'UA 1fe,Qu,,,,,,,' f' v1"f 'N 1 X W ,w ,L -N , I ,..A N 4- WMM "1I':', A 3 5f"fWrQmyrm,u,,,w , , .. , uw 132, ,ER 'vgj , ww 4 him U ,A ' , w V V W, uw M, ., ' u Q W ' 1' a M ,W ,mx an fb , i I , "' aw 5, . A 4 v I " fm a ' ,R .Orig ,f f . A gg 'l IL' L4 lf' M " 5 D ' " f A g . , . - M A, V " 4 . 6 - - gf , 11. - 'W W . , f 1' ' ' 'I Q ' ' 1 ' uw f 8,01 f' r 4 . as Af: A , xl, if n. ' g d Al ' ' .5 af 1 ' ' ff X '-.MV 'J 5 , f fl' H? :NIM , 1 'P N 4,1-: PTY' A' " 145 I' " gh W P , Y' X 1 L. "W 1 f 1 -x , V r ' 1' 0 I A it' "' 0 say, sin -fi 0 'E ' , ,'1F"aN 'ii fm Af. " ' "1 ' 41 . ' J . ' ' " ' I K 1 1- 9 g -'wr , '-,mf f", fi' 3- ' HQ' --, if , ' , 1 f 1 Y L "' is t i Q! ,Tw f , f B, . , . 3 , -- Y ' 'H H V 1lf'.. Q, -I l , , v Y-me P ' .' ,, F X Q gn M 'w . :inf ,fg f,,,.1 'f ' I, of ..- 4, pf . ' . lr Z' WU? dh- . Q. ' 1 V Sw 3 its , 'K . ,," an ,, v ,,,":1'l" 4 '14 'Q f', 'N , ' ,M n f I 'v -A, ..1 M 0 . 4 ,F '- ,. Q wr f W . 4 4 ff - 1 w 'm .Lag asf Y H' ,J . -'U lf- . "nv Y Q gi' ,V if main. ww 'S-as M mfwwf, , f , Fm 5, FQ ,, , , , j"'1ir "bfi .V l . Mig f",.' 'f- ' I .V I .-X . , 40' , '- 'ef-4 -- A f ,1,-fag . , , :M vm I W.. J 1. .V H , . f . ,f . .W Q . U n , ' , -1 4 , 'G X Q Y YM' Milf' ' ve ,,. 1 , V FIM s 5 "Mi '-.I 1 ' 'K m '59 if 5 ? I' fhuwalnm, Www,-My 4 X r fr! - G. ,W WM ' L , ,,-wif, W ,- uv., . a.,,,,,,,, ,, V IF x 11 + ' , V W M + X 'LI-f - 3 , if ww , Y ' " U M ,San A ' ' ' f if f f ' 75' 5:,,,,xik V W ,um ,W wi n 1 v M qm ' ' 'iV'5"W"d"w 'N M ,mei ""' Y M 1' Z' fa" r QM' W 1 ' U' reap, 'wk ' -, WK 1 1 'W ' ,Yiwu 5. ' ' w2m,w,.1- , 'Af 5 , Q M WM: 12:1 ,N :QQ W, ,N Q 2110.- " 1. 'ffm-f'AfI. , 445 Q M, .4 e - 1 A fl ui, K I 4 6 h 4 fb 3 u n , ,rx 1 '. 5 u . '32, If ,-I 'A'- , 0 46 .- Ha 1 'M ilyw- ,,w-www-H :fi ' ... in Ja is . qv . . J. 2' mg 9' 5 .u -f HQ, X W ,,,,N WL Q A-J Q. u , I ll iii gn K 6. fkdl . a N 3' f K gk A, Q 1 Y Nggqq 1 ev .,-.., Y ff , , -1' ss ? ' -- W U f ,g r-' .Js,f??'9 A x N: 'wr k fike-sw .M U'1f,L .g we-.,- N w x mx A 1 K Q fkwklu .V r 6 , fi Dr. Harry S, Hill John L. Ballou Superintendent of Schools Principal W-Kina., James M, Coleman Floyd G. I-loek Wallace F. Gleason Assistant to the Principal Secretary Ki Business Manager Supervisor of Instruction Aff I Olga Mary Lynch Asbury Park Attendance Officer Margaret Koenig, June Sullivan, Doris Littell Secretary Si Business Manager's Office Staff ! , -9-. U , eps Q, ' . yi m mf -6' i a gmi: ,fv we , .. :Y .--:fn . - .. 9, i ,- ' 'S' OJOO. L , P 5' ' I ' , Q., , aa ,,.ik, .h ,,f, an-P: . 1554: i fi " " "iw V, ,gi-5' uwfzr. 5 - , ..:f:, ss ' if-W a , -.gif ' Vivian Shafto, Patricia Flindt, Jane Richards Principa1's Office Staff Jean Redden Superintendenvs Secretary 7 Left to Right: Henry Patterson, John Ferguson, Rob- Left to Right: Helena Kuckler, Alfred Pittock, Eileen ert Thomas, John Stewart, Harry Lake, Alfred Pit- Hurley, Pota Angeles, Henry Patterson. tock, Edgar Burdette. The man to call when it's cold out- side. One of the drivers of the many vehicles owned by the Board of Education, JANITORIAL STAFF H iw 3 wi ffl- f ,'1 ',,Q' CAFETERIA STAFF - Back row L. to R,: Clifton Cason, Howard Carpentier, Robert Williams, Gladys Feddeler, Katherine Woodle, Carmela Sellito, Gladys Fields, Clarice Anderson, Burleigh Hobson. Front row: Elizabeth Kondrup, Pota Angeles, Carolyn Gray, Gladys Reid, Lucy Pound, Florence Dowling, Evelyn Goldfarb, Elizabeth Dickerson. The Cake That Made Mother Stop Baking. "Potatoes, please." CAFETERIA STAFF WWW U APHS WILLIAM B. BRUNO FRANK A. BRYAN MARY I, BRYAN EI-SA A- BU WWA 1957 ww ERALD W. HIGINBOTHAM MELVIN J. HOLMES ISABELLE S. JONES RUTH S. JONES WILLIAM JUNDA -Tw .I I. ANNA L. LIEBERMAN PETER J. MAHER AVIS T. MARCY KATHERINE M, MASSEY NICHOLAS J. MERLI .A V RUTH D. MESERVE JOHN' F, MONAGHAN RUTH B. MORANO JUNE B. UNT JOHN PANDOLFE . V .i X E ui DOROTHY S. PEARCE EMANUELA A, PELUSO JOSEPH V. PELUSO GALEN E. RAY HOWARD J. RICHMOI 3 fly? x PH DORIS R. RINEHART F. LACHMAN RINEHART EVELYN H. ROSS SOTEROS ROUMA1 ESTHER F. ROYSTER SUSANNE M. SAUER GILDA S. SAWCZAK RUTH C. SCHNELL JEANNQTTE HUPPI 1 f 54,17 4 Lf I95 HELEN D. SHAW MORTON SILVERMAN DONALD J. SMITH GEORGE A. SNOW LEONARD S. TO I, xr, x . I i l aw- WN fssnusn Tuompsom Gson THOMPSON Brmrmcz VAN CAMPEN RACHEL vsccmoms Aucusrus VILLAPIANO W ' MARIE VOGEL JOSEPH G. WALSH ETHELBERT MAUDE B. WESTCOTT JOSEPH F. ZACH Qpjjgsi hculty " 1 4 af L "? I we l rw z 3 f ll. ,., U U .. gg YL 1' ww H' Y 'ff-gg.: .,, . 5 iv k.f?f' i . ,Sv tl f f- , ,fx A. ew' fa M - fi Q ,qylg y -. ,.. . if g - it .. A .1:ga,, .Q I Y " Ndms- ,, 4 A wa ,fiwm A E x 1 , 5: A. zrmqhiz A if fl? mf , f af Q. , fu ,.g:f'yg"'f f f5i.V ,wf?' 5, f, Iv 2 , ., . . My , , M. K .ILIkA,xlM'fW,,4, 5 ' ,I ,fy jr, ,,, y 4 W' - .,. K , ff? ' 431,425 , f 41 S" ,k r ffknj ,N ,Lx I, .Q V sgi.-?4!,:f,t,,A"j. ix K V4 K N -, I 4 .L M Viidkf, R 5 :MX T . tf+Sr,.v v '-f 'V We . g w "f f + ff 2 an " .fl 555. Q Ml 1-f.-.fy + ,+. . ..fix -. .' s".' SMiE1i 3 :S' A' A A"A 1' K5 Magi 5 g -,,,iff'3Yf -- Q, ' fi x Eff g g, '31 , T5 sf! :Q ,. ff 3 Q . K, .3 y f 1 'W -29.-3,. x,. A. ,,.'. -A ,, f3,...' Lim. , .K 2 ag' Q , 5. :swf .ff-' f Q, . qi f ,r .Q Y N 1 I 4 V' was -cw ,, H , - . i 1 ., .. L +1-" - '97 vv v f r "WA W . ,' ' Vfis -- if - , .H .3 1, V V, Q if' h.,. A L ,1i'f3f3f , lj: A W1 ., 3.35 ,sr '- ' 3 , .- 1 'w.HK 'Q' 3.5 .qrg 'w 1-' A x. , . ,, ., :.-' T - ,gj -X ' f - .zy " 'VW fi? - fi .g Q ' if iv 11. win?" if '3?22 11S3x51i55 Eii'f,?df'f i. , ,:, ff . ,f Q ... , ML Q94 ,, ., .515 ,Y 1 za ,. 5, F' V H " 'hkh QV'- ' A ' W' K?"w 'hiv ,yl ff , fi ' -EQ l,.wf qm', - S 5 ,M ' f i Y ' " .. .yy . 1- .. '- X' -Q , .f 1 xx f 'x.'Qy.,,g 5- -. A , X V .., . gif' 5' J ,,, fy Y .L .. .. - in :-U 1 ' , 1 L: AL' . ,,-- . - 5 gf f Q, f , . .. fi . 1, jffly, , 1 , gf , iv i ., . A if x I 1 - "',, w I , ' -1 I . 1 , Q. .I f f - 1 z f ' A , - - I fiiib Magwi - - f,.glQ..,'f .fail QY1..-:wi if fi- ' V .EXW Q' '- b - F2 ii, ' ,Q , 3 xi 5' 4 ,f ,, YN . A x q wk . em. Q fa 1 v I wwf' ig: if 1 aw M 31 ' 1 If www :EM Y W Q, vm x, 5 1 5, WH' 'M , V- it A '-was ,JF SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - L. to R.: David Lomet, Secretaryg Steve Abbott, Vice presidentg Nate Bruno, Presidentg Harold Kuskin, Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS CFFICER -- BARBARA G. ABBOTT "Bobbie" Homeroom President 1, Secretary 2,3g Chorus 1: Key Club lg Chess Club 1: Record Club 1. Ambition: To become a secretary. Future Plans: To get mar- ried. RICHARD T. BAGWELL ..Bag,. Ambition: To be a baseball player, Future plans: To join the Dodgers. STEPHEN L. ABBOTT .Abn Homeroom President l,2, 3: Vice President Student Council 33 Vice President Senior Class 4: Baseball l,2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball l,2,3,4: Senior Playg Footlight Club2g Hall Monitor 3: Megaphone 3. Ambition: To become a tax- lawyer. College: Lehigh. BARBARA A. BATEMAN "Barb" Honor Society 3,43 Blue A's 3.4. Ambition: To becomeaciv- il service worker at Fort Mommouth. College: Asbury Park Bus- iness College. BARBARA I. ANTICH "Barb" Honor Society 2,3,4g Latin Club 2: Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Gym Leader 2,3,4g Hockey Cap- tain 2: Bowling Manager 3: Student Varieties 1,35 Usher 4: Homeroom Sec- retary 3. College: University of Ver- mont. Future Plans: medical technologist MARGUERITE F. BATTS 'Shorty' Chorus 4 Ambition: To be a dress designer. College: Undecided. Future plans: To have my own shop and get married. PATRICIA G. BACKER I-Pat-1 Band 3,4g Orchestra 3,4g Chorus l,2g Choir l,2gStu- dent Varieties 2,3g Blue A's 1,2,3,4g French Club 3. Ambition: To be content, College: Bucknell Univer- sity. Future plans: To marry Bill. INEZ BE AUFORD "Nezzie" Freshman Picture Com- mittee 4. Ambition: To become a beautician. College: Newark Beauti- cian School. Club 1,25 T Ambition: To be asuccess. Future Plans: To marry ..B0bn. CRAIG BOICE Eastchester High School 1, 25 Intramural Basketbal13, 45 Science Club 45 Mega- phone 45 Track 35 Track Club 354. Am 'tionz T exterminate P ani of Il 3 C IIHTII VIRGINIA R. BESSETTE "Ginny" Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Band and Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 35 Girls' Sports 1,2,3, 45 Future Teachers Club 45 Gym Leader 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a physical education teacher. College: Pennsylvania State Teachers College, West Chester. MARIE L. BOMBAY Butler High 1,2,3. Ambition: To ' become a secretary. JOEL BLANK "Sandy" Debating Club , 35 Pr ident 45 ss Cl 5 Trea 5 V esi- d 5 nor! ety 45 pho 1, ' dvertis- in Man 5 Latin Club 25 Science b 3,4, Ambition: To become a millionaire playboy. College: Williams Future Plans: To become an engineer. BARBARA BOND Twirling 25 Flag Twirler 3,45 Gym Leader 3,45 Office Staff 3,45 Freshman Pic- ture Committee 45 Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Student Varie- ties ,35 Homeroom Vice President 25 Candidate For Girls' State 35 Footlight Club5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Bowling 3,4. College: Trenton State Future Plans: To visit Lynn in California! ANITA BOCIURSKI HBO.. Keary High 1,25 Basketball 45 Choir 4. College: Penn. Ambition: To become a Minerologist. NELSON BONNEAU Homeroom Vice President 1,35 Intramural Basketball 1,25 Gym Monitor 1,4. Ambition: To be asuccess. Future Plans: Armed Ser- vice. wlll lt RUBY BOTTOM 'Buttons' Chorus 1,2,3,4: Blue A's 1, 2: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Banking Representative 1. Ambition: To be asuccess. College: Undecided. Future Plans: To becomea secretary and get married as soon as possible. FRED G. BROWN "Gambler" Tumbling 1,2,3,4: Chess Club 1. Ambition: To be a million- aire. NANCY BREESCHOTEN Homeroom President 4: Student Council 4: Record Club l,2: Megaphone 1, Ambition: To be a private secretary. Future Plans: To get mar- ied. JEANNIE R. BROWN 'Timmie' Blue A's 1,2,3,4: Medical Staff 3: Chorus 1: Future Nurses Club 2: Mr. Pan- dolfe's Office Staff 4. Ambition: To be a good wife. Future Plans: To become Mrs. Martin. JUDITH BREMBOS 'Judy' Blue A's 1,2,4: Future Nurses Club 2: Softball l, 2: Bowling 1: Tennis 1: Volley Ball 2: Tumbling 2. Ambition: To become a nurse. College: Mommouth Me- morial School of Nursing. Future Plans: To becomea nurse. NATE BRUNO "Natie " President of the Senior Class: Junior Mister: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Basketball l, 2,3,4: Baseball 3: Stock- room 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Student Coun- cil 3: Italian Club 4: Bank- ing Representative . Ambition: To teach physi- cal education. BARBARA I... BROWN 'Barb' Honor Society 2,3,4: Usher 3: Head Usher 4: Blue A's l,2,4: Latin Club 2: Foot- light Club 2: Tennis 1: Girls' State Alternate 3: Glee Club 1. Ambition: To be a success. College: Berkley. JANE E. BRUNS 'Janie' Press Club 2,3,4: Band 2,3: Orchestra 2,3: Senior Play: Future Nurses Club 2,3: French Club 4: Track Club 4: Megaphone 2: Footlight Club 2: Library Staff 2: Blue A's 3: Bowling 3. Ambition: To sign a recording contract with M. G. M. College: Colby Junior Col- lege. Future Plans: To he agood secretary. O 'Betty' X Rell" ll 'Vern' 'Joe Cap" Twirler 2, Flag Twirler 3, 4, Office Staff 3,4, Girls' Citizenship Delegate 3, Blue A's l,2,3,4, Gym Leader 2.3, Megaphone Staff l,2,3, Honor Society 3,4, Usher 4, Sports l,2,3, 4, French Club 2, Track Club 4, Footlight Club 2, Homeroom Secretary 4. College: Trenton State ROBERT V. CARTON JR. 'Cart' Football 1,3, Latin Club 2, Intramural Basketball 2, Radio Club 1. Ambition: To become a lawyer. College: Dickinson. Latin Clu 2.3, Banquet Committee 4, Merit Scho- larship Candidate 4, Caf- eteria Monitor 4, Intra- mural Basketball 3,4. Ambition: To graduate from college and live in Florida. College: Miami. Future Plans: To own a new Caddy convertible. ROBERT CASTELLUCIA Megaphone 1,2, Feature Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, French Club 3,4, Latin Club 2, Footlight Club 2, Honor Society 2,3,4, Usher 2,3,4, Office Staff 4, Blue A's 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1, Record Club 1. Ambition: To see Paris. College: Douglass College. IDA CAVANO Basketball 1,2, Freshman Picture Committee 4. Football 1, Italian Club 1. Ambition: To be asuccess. College: Seton Hall Univer- sity. Future Plans: To see the world. b ROBERT D. CH LI IIB I 0 V' fy fiiotp Picture Z 4, Megap ne 4, s fi Country 4 Society 3,4, 3, Ba e 1,2, s etba 1, ramural Basket ll1,2, 3,4. College: La Future Plan comea chemical engineer. DONALD M. CHETK IN 'Chet " Band 1: Orchestra lg Tumbling lg Intramural Baseball 3, Science Club 1,49 English Book Com- mittee 4: Senior Play. Ambition: To make enough money so that I can con- fortably own a bright blue Eldorado Convertible with a plaid top. College: Mommouth Future Plans: To enter the advertising field. ARLENE COHEN I4ArIl Future Nurses Club 2: Treasurer 3: Vice Presi- dent 4: Press Club 2: Li- brarian 3g Co-Editor 4g French Club 3,4g Health Office Staff l,3g Debating Club lg Footlight Club 2. Ambition: To become a Re- gistered Nurse. College: Newark Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing. Future Plans: To work with retarded children. CAROLYN J. CHISOLM 'Maudie' Future Nurses Club lg Chorus 2,4. Ambition: To become a mortician. ROBERT E. COHEN 'Cousy' Cross Country 1: Basket- ball lg 'Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4g Intramural Soft- ball 2,3,4. Ambition: To enter a suc- cessful profession. ix WALTER CHRISTEN "Walt" Cross Country 1,25 Bank- ing Representative lg Track Club 1,2,3g Indoor Track 1,25 Outdoor Track 1,25 Gym Leader 1,2,3. Ambition: To live in Holly- wood, California. College: U. C. L. A. Future Plans: To get a job in New York City. JOHN D. COLE 'Jack' Intramural Basketball l,3, 4g Freshman Picture Com- mittee 4g Gym Monitor 4: Baseball lg Gym Leader 1, 2,35 Homeroom Vice Pres- ident lg President 2. Ambition: To become a good golfer. Future Plans: To join the Navy and see the world. GAIL CLAYTON Blue A's 4. Ambition: To be an Airline Hostess. P1-wt.i.1s Cots "Phyl ' Blue A's l,2,3,4: Student Council 2: Girls' Sports I, 2,45 Homeroom Secretary 1: President 2: Vice Presi- dent 3. Ambition: To be a success and make money, Future Plans: To be mar- ried to George. JOHN R. CONINE JOHN J. COSTANZO "Stew" Football 2,3,4. Ambition: To become an Admiral. College: Murray State. Future Plans: To join the Navy after college. JOAN COOK "Cookie " Chorus 3. Ambition: To become a model. CAROL CROOK 'Kelly' St. Rose 1,23 St. Elizabeth's Academy and Anderson 3: Blue A's 43 Girls' Sports 4: Future Nurses Club 4. Ambition: To see the crowd in 10 years. College: Englewood Hos- pital. Future Plans: To do some- thing sensible. JAMES L. COOPER 'Jim' Football 2,3,4g Gym Moni- PATRICIA A. CORCIONE URayl Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Bowling FOI 2,43 Homeroom Vice Manager 35 Cirls' Sports President 4: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a physical education instructor. College: Holy Cross. KENNETH CRYSTAL 'Ken' l,2,3,4. Ambition: To have a million dollars. MARIE A. CURTO "Rec" Blue A's l,2,3,4g Italian Club 4: Girls' Sports 1,2,3, 4. Ambition: To have a happy life. College: Asbury Park Bus- iness College. Future Plans: To go to secretarial school. ll Wll,LlAM DAHROUGEVIR. FRED DAVIES ALBERT DeANGELlS CARL DE. CESARE "Butch" HDSVGS' "Chester" Football 1: Radio Club 2g Tumbling 2, Ambition: To get seasick. Future Plans: To join the Navy. AIVARS DELLE Chess Club 2: Secretary 3: President 4g Megaphone 3: Tennis 2: Tumbling 1,25 Squad Leader 23 German Club 2,3,4g Words and Pic- tures 1,2,3,4. College: Pratt Homeroom President l,4: Vice President 2: Band 1, 2,3,4g Orchestra l,2,3,4g Student Varieties Band l, 2,3: Baseball l,2: Basket- ball lg Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Track 3. Ambition: To beaweather- man. College: Oxford. LORETTA M. DEVINE 'Pony Tail' Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Record Club lg Girls' Sports l,2,3, 4. Ambition: To travel around the world with June in her utletnl Future Plans: To get mar- ried and raise a family. Football 1. Italian Club 4g Football lg Basketball 1: Baseball 1, 2: Homeroom President lp Gym Monitor 4. Ambition: To become a champion ice skater. College: Undecided. CAROLYN de WYSOCK BARBARA F. DEY 'Pedge' 'Bobbi' Future Nu Club3, Blue A's 4: Bowling 4g Re- A's l,2,3, g lrls' ts cord Club 1. 1'2' Ambition: To become a Future s: To ome secretary. 3 model' Future Plans: To get mar- ried. NATHAN Future the Air Force. VICTOR DOHERTY "Vic" Ambition: To own my own mechanic shop. Future Plans: To become an automotive mechanic. JOHN J. DI LIETO Cross Country l,2,35 Bas- ketball l,25 Italian Club 1, 2,35 Homeroom President 25 Track Club 2,3. Ambition: To own a bus- iness. SUSAN L. DOR FMAN usyzin H nor S 'ety3- creta 4,i aph n 35 Sup e- 'dit' 45 dent A oux 45 riftwood Staff5 re ' Club 45 yr gllirls Sp 1 ,3,4' m Lead 2, ,45 wling a cr 2,35 nd l,2,35 estra ,3- Debating CI I3 45 Fre old 5 St d Varie ' s ,35 F light Club 2' horusl. Ambition: To tr velaround the world. I College: Bennington. Future Plans: To get through college. SAMUEL DI LIETO usam., Basketball 1,2,3,45 Base- ball l,35 Italian Club 35 Driftwood Staff. Ambition: To be asuccess. Future Plans: To go into business. EVANDER DUCK "Vinnie" Homeroo ' K? Sident 45 Footba 5 esh- men e mittee 45 lntra B ball 1,25 Gym L a er Ambi : To ravel. C0134 nLl8'L.A. t is CAROL DOBB INS "Snooky" Blue A's l,2,3,45 Student Varieties 35 Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To become a successful draftsman. College: Temple, ROBERT J. DWECK "Bob" Senior Play5 Student Var- ieties 35 Book Committee 3,45 Junior Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: To enter a suc- cessful profession. Q QQ g s it 'R li PHYLLIS M. EBIE 'Phyl' Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Medical Staff 35 Girl's Sports l,2,3, 4. Ambition: To become a Civil Service Worker, Future Plans: To travel around the country. ROBERT . ENGEL IIB bl! Footba Track 1,25 Baseball 1,3 I ram I aseb 2,35 mu al sk a 5 Sci ce I ,2 ,4 mbiti o a ess. Colleg o out 'ollege Futur Pl ' To graduate fro leg and go into Dad s siness. CAROLYN EBLE MARGARET EICKHORN RUTH EIDELSBERG IIRUII uEbn Megaphone l,2,35 Editor- in-Chief 45 French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Honor So- ciety 3,45 Usher 45 J. V. Cheerleader 1, Blue A's 1, 2,3,45 Future Nurses Club 3,45 Press Club 35 Foot- light Club 25 Health Staff 35 Record Club 15 Glee Club l. Ambition: To grow six more inches. Future Plans: To marry Dick. RICHARD ENGLISH Basketball 15 Baseball 1, Intramural Basketball 45 Book Committee 4. "Sue " Senior Play5 Future Nurses Club 25 Secretary 35 Pres- ident 45 Christmas Play 15 Footlight Club 25 Medical Staff 3,4. Ambition: To be half as successful as Gertrude Lawrence, College: American Acad- emy of Dramatic Arts. Future Plans: To live long enough to see myself in an old time movie. PETER A. FARLEY 'Pete' Cafe Monitor 15 Sound Crew 2,35 Football 25 Freshmen Homeroom Banking Repre- sentative 45 Blue A's l,2,3, 45 Basketball 25 Megaphone Staff 25 Press Club 2,35 Future Teachers Club 45 Footlight Club 2. Ambition: To travel through Europe. College: Bridgeport. Future Plans: To teach the third grade. SHEILA A. FEE 'Sheil' Colo ard 45 Blue A's 1, 2, , Alternate to Girls' Picture Committee 45 t e, ate toCitizen- Homeroom President 3. ip Wee , ootlig lub . . I ture-XT Club Ambition. To go to college. feta 4? . . College: Rider. ports , ,4. Future Plans: To become bition: To urs- an electrical engineer, er 0 College: 'v sity of Vir- Y re Plans: teach pre ' ry childre . Tm: 42.5-is -Q ELLIOT FEINSTEIN MEI! Band 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 1, 2,3,4g Student Varieties l, 2,35 Cross Country 1,25 Indoor Tarck 1,2g Outdoor Track l,2g Shore Confer- ence Band 1. Ambition: To beat Gene Krupa in a drum battle. College: United States Navy School of Music. Future Plans: To join a top-name band. BEVE RLEY A. FURLONG 'Bev' Blue A's l,2,3,4g Footlight Club 2: Record Club lg Girls Sports 1,2. College: University of Pennsylvania. Future Plans: To become a dental technician. C. AL FRED FORSYTH SML NORINE FURMAN 'Nor' Senior Play: Press Club l, 2,3: French Club3,4g Foot- light Club 2: Honor Society 3,43 Blue A's l,2,3,4g Re- cord Club 1. Ambition: To live in an attic in Greenwich Village. College: Pratt. Future Plans: To fly high in fashion and get married. all SHEILA GABINS "Shell " French Club2,3,4g Blue A's 3,4g Future Nurses Club l, 2,3,4g Future Teachers' Club 4g Girls' Sports 4. Ambition: To become a teacher, College: Glassboro State Teachers' College. Future Plans: To receive a B, S. degree. KEN FRIEDMAN 'Haji " Megaphone l,2,3g Sports Editor 4: Press Clubl,2,3, 4g Track Club 2,3,4: De- bating Club 2,3,4g Basket- ball Manager l,2,3g Intra- mural sports l,2,3g Foot- iight Club 2. Ambition: To play the piano for Count Basie's Band. College: North Carolina. Future Plans: To get mar- ried. 0 gp-My ' in Sch 3 1l'1 ess or So 5 mur as ketba ural Base Q M , O Ambit n c 0 doctor. 9 College: Yale. , ' 'n ss e . ' 1 . r 4: a it e nis 3,4 Bag! k wa.. .i ega 3, Ch - 'I C 4, - ci -2 B - If 'i ' : o be - a I WQCAINES 9, . Y.. . 4 2: Sc' u P id S 1or Pl DAVE GIBSON ucibbyn Basketball 1,2,3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 1,35 Baseball l,2,35 Homeroom President 45 Junior Prom, Committeeg Gym Leader 23. Gym Monitor 3,4. Ambition: To catch for the N, Y, Yankees, Future Plans: To go into the Navy. MARCIA GOL DBERG uMarn Megaphone l,2,3,45 Foot- light Club 25 Debating Club 15 French Club 3,45 Chorus 15 Banking Representative 25 Senior Play Make-up Committeeg Honor Society 3,45 Press Club 25 Secre- tary 35 Co-Editor 4. Ambition: To get Nobel Prize in literature. College: Douglass. Future Plans: To be a for- eign news correspondent in Paris or Moscow. NANCY ANNE GIBSON Blue A's l,2,3,45 Mega- phone l,2,3,45 Press Club 3,45 Senior Play5 Junior Prom Committee5 Foot- light Club 25 Student Var- ieties 35 Latin Club 25 French Club 3,45 Track Club 45 Library Staff 15 Cheerleader 1. Ambition: To become a journalist. College: William and Mary. GAIL GOLDSTEIN Blue A's 3,45 Press Club 35 Megaphone 35 Debating Club 35 Track Club 3,45 Make-up Committee 45 Li- brary Staff 3,45 Cheer- leader 4, Ambition: To get married. College: Michigan Univer- sity. LAWRENCE GILLIAM "Lonnie" Megaphone Staff 2,3,45 Press Club 2,3,45 Track Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Cafeteria Monitor 2,3,45 Homeroom Vice President 25 Banking Representative 2,35 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 4. Ambition: To become a heart specialist. College: Howard University and Mahari. Future Plans: To strive to achieve my goal and then get married, EDITH M. GORENFLO "Edie" Blue A's 2,45 Banking Re- presentative 45 Girls' Sports 3,4, Ambition: To further my art education. Future Plans: To be asuc- cess, Club bitio :tfipe asuc ss. Future Plans: w Fort Mon HOWARD BELLE , . Band 1,2. ' rchest 1, 2,3,45 Ho r ociety 5 Student ieties Ban , 2,35 lntra Bask 1 1.2,3,45 s lub 45 ln- tramur as ll 3. Ambitio my saxo- phone 'in ' name band. College:'g ll.g - CS? S Q3 3 'Jose " Italian Club 2,3,4g Basket- ball lg Intramural Basket- ball l,2,3: Homeroom Vice President lg Baseball l,2, 3: Intramural Baseball2,3g Gym Monitor 3,4: Football 2. Ambition: To go to college. Future Plans: To go into business, JAMES C. HALL "Jimmy" Intramural Basketball 2. Ambition: To get out of high school. Future Plans: To join the Navy. 'Jack' Football 2: Intramural Basketball 3: Intramural Baseball 3. Ambition: To make money. Future Plans: To join the Navy. ALBERTA HANDKE "Bert" Student Varieties 2,3g Blue A's 4: Chorus lg Freshman Picture Committee 4. Ambition: To appear on the 'Grand Ole Opry" in Nash- ville, Tenn, Future Plans: To be a singer. JW "Judy" Honor Society ,3: Vice President 4: Merit Schol- arship Candidate: Usher 2, 3,4g Press Club 2,3,4g Blue A's l,2,3,4g Junior Class- ical League 3: Homeroom Vice President lg Secre- tary 4: Footlight Club 2: Student Varieties 3: Girls' Sports l,2,4. uEdn Ambition: To become a chemical engineer. College: University of Maine. Future Plans: To join the Navy. . f N Ambition: To learn to 6 . .- waterski. Q NCP! College: Brandeis Univesfkf 1 sity, X A V N ff u Future Plans. To chgpx J high sc Y 1 1 ul I Q 3 A ISO N Ig.l . ELT C 'V bbi " A I oo ,C t0n'lrStafig', s:u- , f a erbau ent Vlrietfis ,4, exior 5 In ur oftball1,2, Play om 'thi Ho - 3,4g r al Bas tball room P esiden 25 F ,3,4g Moni ,3, l'glxi!Clul1 2: Blue A' , lton' ta 4. XJ X .N U Am n: phys al C le : uglassl u i te at A.P, Fu ur lans: Tdbg 'a pol- ' itic . X ge: 'ami. X re Pans: To go to C ifornia with the Avon crew. ROBERT H. HAVENS GEORGE A. HAZELRIGG LOIS HEIMAN .Bohn Sound Crew 4: Band l,2: uwoitzn Band l 4: Latin Club Latin Club 2. Blue A's 1,2,3,4: Medical 2. - Future Plans, To become Staff 3: Banking Represent- Collidkhi wr- an engineer - ative 1: Choir 1: Bowling sity. ,QI College: Newark College of i'45 Future Nurses Club 3' Q Engineering. ' :l:::lem5:Pl I eer Ambition: To beasuccess- ' ful nurse. College: Newark Beth Israel Hospital. CAROL F. HERTZOG ygrllfsgif ILL JAMES B. HOCTOR "Crazy Legs" .. ' " o 'Jim' Chorus 4: Blue A's 4. ul Q ,Im ery I '-,4: Student Council President A bm Q T be m ..-! I. 2,3, , rv. ' 4: Secretary 3:Basketba1l dm m3n', 0 co e a ig . rl! If '.--uf. Play, 2,3,4: Boys' State Alter- ress esigner. A N. b To be b, If K ate 3: Freeholder 3: .r ' V ' ' unior Prom Committee: al e' f ,I Press Club 3,4: Megaphone Col : i v, 311.1 us etts 2,3,4: Gym, Hall, and Cafe Ins : f Technology. Monitor 3,4: Intramural Fu ure Plans: To be an engineer. Baseball 1,2,3: Intramural Basketball I: Banking Re- presentative 1: Track 1,2. Ambition: To be a success- ful lawyer. College: Rutgers. J, JOAN HERSCHENHORN 'Joni' Megaphone 3,43 Press Club 2,3,4: Bowling2,4: Blue Afs 2,3,4: Footlight Club 2. Ambition: To visitSwitzer- land. College: Douglass. Future Plans: To becomea medical technologist. 0. ER A, O MEI ,V - ee' an Cl 3 - und C w 1,2 - nor Society 4: C et Monitor 4: Junio om Co mittee, Ambit I' in Flor- ida. Colle gn laware. Future Plans: To go to college and be a million- aire. Nm .J CLARENCE A. HOLLAND "Skip" Junior Class President: Football l,2,3,4:Track3,4g Basketball l,3,4: Monitor 3: Driftwood Staff: Junior Prom Committee: Home- room President2,3g Tennis lg Intramural Basketball 1,2g Intramural Baseball l, 2,3. College: U.C.L.A. Future Plans: To have a black Ninety-Eight Olds. ROBERT HULIT lIB0bll Intramural Basketball 2: Gym Monitor 4. Ambition: To go into bus- iness for myself. STEWART HOLLANDER 'Stew' Baseball Manager lg Free- holder 3: Track 2,35 Student Varieties 3: Megaphone 2: Track Club 2,3: Cafeteria Monitor 4. Ambition: To become a success in life, College: Temple. Future Plans: To become a dentist. L AW RENCE HURST 'Larry' Football l,4g Gym Monitor 3,4. Ambition: To take up ac- counting. College: Rider. JEANNETTF. P. HOLMAN "Luigi " Chorus lg Blue A's lg Bas- ketball 1,2: Hockey 1: Fu- ture Nurses 1. Ambition: To be a good housewife. Future Plans: To travel with my husband. RUTH A. JAMISON 'Root' Chorus 4: Blue A's 4: Freshman Picture Com- mittee: Future Nurses Club 1. Ambition: To get married. Future Plans: To work in the Telephone Company and then join the Navy. JOAN HOSBACH "Joanie" Blue A's 2,3,4g Future Nurses' Club 43 Track Club 4: Girls' Sports 4. Ambition: To sail around the world. College: Monmouth. Future Plans: To become a good secretary. B. JEANINE JEMISON utlayn Honor Society SA: Junior Classical League 2: Foot- light Club 2: Senior Play Prompter: Banking Repre- sentative lg Blue A's1,2,3, 4: Record Club lg Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To ski down 'Nosedive' trail in Stowe, Vermont, behind Rick. College: Radcliff or Wellesley. Future Plans: To get mar- ried, become a doctor, and be a big success. DOUGLAS E. JOHNSON .Doug Band and Orchestra 1,2,3, 4: Basketball l,2,4,Cross- Country lg Student Execu- tive Council 4. College: Lafayette. Future Plans: To become a dentist. CAROLYN JONES "Jonesy" Blue A's l,2,3,4g Gym Leader 3,43 Footlight Club 2: Megaphone 3: Freshman Picture Committee 4: Re- cord Club lg Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To own race horses. College: Colby Junior Col- lege. FRANCES E. JOHNSON "Frankie" Girls' Sports 2: Blue A's 2: Banking Representative 2. Ambition: To go back to Hartford, Conn. College: Trenton School of Nursing. SHARON B. JONES Latin Club 1,25 Future Nurses Club 4: Blue A's 4: Driftwood Representa- tive 4. Ambition: To become a nurse. Future Plans: To attend Monmouth Memorial Hos- pital and then join the Navy. Future Plans: To be a med- . ical secretary. M A, ff' .J FRED JOHNSON "Bazz " Gym Monitor 2: Intramural Basketball 3. Future Plans: To go into business for myself or join the Service. RONALD JULIANO 'Jule' GENEVIE VE E. JOHNSON Glee Club 1: Blue A's lg Freshman Usher 1: Chorus lg Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 1. SANDRA J. KADREY "Sandee" Color Guard 2,3,4g Blue A's l,2,3,4g Record Club lg Junior Prom Committee: Student Varieties l,Home- room Secretary 1,2g Meg- aphone 1,2g Footlight Club 2: Bowling 1,2,3. Ambition: To replace Ann Sothern. College: Katherine Gibbs. Future Plans: To be a pri- vate secretary. VINCENT KAISERIAN 'Vince' Intramural Basketball 1,2, 3.4. Ambition: To get out of school this year. Future Plans: To join the Navy and go to Hawaii. MYRNA B. KALIKA "Myrn" Megaphone 3,43 Press Club 3,43 Debating Club 1,23 Footlight Club 2: Blue A's l,2,3: Basketball lg Mrs. Baker's Staff 1,2g Miss Vogel's Staff 2,3g Chorus l. Ambition: To get my M. D. College: Berkeley College. Future Plans: To become an executive secretary. KAREN KELLERS NZDYX W KEMP xl' D rge'bN - I Cheerleading l,2,3: Cap tain 1,4: Office Staff4: Vice President of Junior Class: Homeroom President 4: Megaphone Staff lg Student Varieties 2,3g Gym Leader 2,3,4: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Footlight Club 2: Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Key Club 2,35 Mr. Carletons' Staff2, 3. College: Universityof Ver- mont. Future Plansz' To go to college. 4 Home t a r Staff ,!92, . 5 - E S, l,2: 'F Ch ' 3: ' , ' 2,3,4 wktgtionz TE be asuccess. Future Plans: To travel, JEROLD KAUFER "Jerry" Out rac Jgmihess Cl , T ck ub l,2,4. xelibition get into col- l Futur s: l : R Lg e a onai an etire at 35. CAROLE A. KENDRICK Ambition: To be a foreign correspondent. College: U. of Southern California or U. of Ari- zona. Future Plans: To study journalism and foreign lan- guages. RICHARD J. KEILT "Dick" St. Benedict's 1,2,3: Foot- ball 4: Track Club4: Senior Play Committee. College: Miami University. Ambition: To own an Island in the South Sea's. ANDO KIVIRAHK Intramural Basketball 1,33 Chorus l,2. Future Plans: Get a new Ford. LINDA M. KLITZMAN 'Klitzy' Megaphone 1,2,3,45 Honor Society 2,3,45 Homeroom President 25 Secretary 45 Student Varieties 1,35 French Club 1,35 Press Club 1,2,3,45 Debating Club 35 Secretary 45 Senior Play5 Footlight Club25 Blue A's l,2,35 Monmouth County Day Freeholder 35 Sports l,2,3,45 Bowling Manager 4. Ambition: To write a best seller. College: Jackson. Future Plans: To go into journalism. JUNE K. KRICKETT 'Junie' Blue A's l,2,35 Sports 1,2, 3,45 Student Council 15 Homeroom Vice President 2. Ambition: To take a trip with Loretta in a pink Lin- colnl College: Modeling School. Future Plans: To have my good times and get mar- ried. ORTRUN I. KOCH 'Blondie' Honor Society 2,3,45 Drift- wood Layout Editor5 Usher 2,3,45 Latin Club 25 Treas- urer 35 French Club 35 President 45 Citizenship Institute 35 Debating Club Secretary - Treasurer 35 Student Varieties 35 Home- room President 15 Secre- tary 45 Chorus l,35Wcrds and Pictures 2,45 Mega- phone 35 Blue A's 1. Ambition: To be Secretary General of the U. N, Gen- eral Assembly. College: Middlebury. MARLENE J. KUCHEN "Mar" Cheerleading l,2,3,45 Stu- dent Council Treasurer 45 Junior Miss 35 Girls' State 35 Honor Society 2,3,45 Stu- dent Varieties 1,2,35 Stu- dent Council Representa- tive 35 Office Staff 2,3,45 Gym Leader 3,45 Blue A's l,2,3,45 Usher 3,45 Home- room Vice President 2,35 Footlight Club Treasurer 25 Track Club 2,3, Ambition: To see our crowd in ten years. College: Trenton State Teachers College. MAXINE L. KONNER "Mack" Footlight Club 25 Home- room Secretary 35 Treas- urer 45 Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Future Nurses' Club 4. Ambition: To become a R. N. College: Ann May School of Nursing. Future Plans: To fulfill my ambition and to meet some Doctor. HAROLD A. KUSK IN "Kusk" New Jersey Boys S te 35 DOROTHY E. KRAV ITS ..D0t,. Blue A's l,2,3,45 Softball i,2,s. Honor Society 2,3- - ident 45 Wlub SZ- retaryw reside 45 ' Bas b 1, ,3,4' u Varieues ' W ' RIQHARD LAMPEL Ho eroom si 15 ..MouSe,. Vice esi nt rift- 5 wed ff gkzlin Cla? all 15 Gym Monitor4 35 'ght 1 25 n- seball Manager 1. fhip e.r1 cAgtLbL?on: To be an eye Clu Vice esid 5 ' ' Orchest 5 Vi e Pr si- Future Plans: To go to dent n r Cro college. Council 4 ur lB ketbaef Ambiti : Play rgan at Radio City ic Hall. College: Harvar . WILLIAM LASHOVITZ "Lash" Cross Country 2,35 English Book Committee Chairman 4: Senior Play: Student Varieties 3: Boys' State Alternate: Track Club 2,3, 4: Intramural Baseketball 2,3,4. College: Rutgers. Future Plans: To become a Certified Public Account- ant. ARNOLD LEVIN Austin High lg Band 3,43 Megaphone 3,4g Press Club 4: French Club 4: Intra- mural Basketball 3,4g Baseball 3: Student Var- ieties Band 3. Ambition: To become su- preme court justice, College: Rutgers. Future Plans: To study law and accounting. GEORGE LEHNER CLYDE H. LEVIN Football Manager 3,4g Bas ketball Scorekeeper 4: Baseball Manager 33 Sci ence Club Secretary 4. College: Franklin and Mar- shall. Ambition: To become doctor. 3 -SlFJ!'K1reT 4 rs' 3 g' L' 'an of F. T 3 L A lub 2: Re- fe ee and Umpire 4: Usher 4. Ambition: To watch Alberta Handke on "Grand Ole Opry". College: Montclair. Future Plans: To teach Spanish and see Madrid. DONALD J. LIPMAN .Donn Cross Country l,2: Intra- mural Basketball l,2,3g Latin Club 2: Track Club 1,25 Debating Club 3: Intra- mural Softball 2,3. Ambition: To be a wealthy executive. College: Rutgers Univer- sity. Future Plans: To study pharmacy. IRA LERMAN 'Sugmo' Intramural Basketball l,2, 5,45 Intramural Softball 2, 3: Senior Play Committee: Chess Club 4, Ambition: To retire at 35. College: Ohio State. Future Plans: To own a chain of drug stores. FRANK LIPSEY "Sonny" Admiral Farragut Acad- emy l,2,3g Football 4gCafe Monitor 4: Track 4. Ambition: To be an engi- neer. College: Duke University. GRIFFIN LITTELL "Grif" Honor Society 2,3: Treas- urer 4g Merit Scholarship Candidate 4: German Club 4: Chess Club 33 Secretary 4: Latin Club 25 Footlight Club 2: Megaphone 3: Base- ball 1,2g Orchestra 1,2,3g Intramural Softball 3: Senior Play Business Staff. Ambition: To enter a pro- fession requiring higher mathematics. College: Stevens Institute of Technology, DAVID LOMET 'Dave' Honor Society 2,3,4g French Club 2,3,4g Mega- phone 2, News Editor 33 Driftwood Business Mana- ger 4: Homeroom Presi- dent 3,4g Junior Prom Committee: Student Coun- cil 3,4g Basketball lg Base- ball lg Intramural Basket- ball 1,2: Freshman Pic- ture Committee Chairman 4g Boys' State Delegate: Senior Play Business Staff 3: Gym Squad Leader 4. Ambition: To build a space- ship with a nuclear reac- tor. College: Lafayette. J ESSIE LOGAN UJay!l Blue A's lg Future Nurses' Club 3,4: Nurse's Staff 3. Ambition: To visit Scot- land. Future Plans: To live in Oregon. DORIS J. LONON 'Dot' Ambition: To become a nurse. College: King's County Hospital. Future Plans: To travel around the world, 3,4gln4 To become a in business. College: Dickinson. MARGARET J. LUDWIG upegn Megaphone l,2,3,4g Color Guard 2,3,4g Homeroom Secretary 3: Blue A's l,2, 3,45 Footlight Club 2: Junior Prom Committee: Track Club 2,3,4g Gym Leader 4g Student Varieties 3: Senior Play Make-up Committee: Bowling Man- ager 3,4g Girls' Sports l, 2,3,4. Ambition: To be success- ful. College: Tobe-Colburn. Future Plans: To work in some phase of the fashion world. JUDITH A. LOGAN Albludyll Color Gu d l,2,3: Captain 4- Me a e 3,4- S udent r' es 1,2, - eroom ident ue A's 1, ,4: Girl Sports 1,2,3, 4, Lati Club 2: Press Club 1 12. Ambition. be a Macy spy for Gi bels. k ciub 2,35 Foo:- College: aver. Future Pans: To be an executive secretary. PHYLLIS S. MADNICK llphylli Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Mega- phone 1,2,3g Footlight Club 2g Future Teachers' Club 43 Student Varieties 1,39 Bowling 1,4. Ambition: To have a yacht, College: Boston University Future Plans: To become a school teacher in the elementary grades. LUCILLE J. MARCIANO "Louie" Homeroom President 1,35 Honor Society 2,3,45 Junior Prom Committee5 Italian Club l,2,35 Future Nurses' Club 2,45 Press Club 3,45 Banking Representative 15 Blue A's 2,3,45 Track Club 4. Ambition: To be the first one to set foot on the Moon. College: Monmouth. Future Plans: To become a good secretary. BARBARA J. MAZZA 'Barb' Blue A's l,2,3,45 Track JAMES MARRUCCA 'Rouk " Football I,2,3,45 Intra- mural Basketball l,2,35 In- tramural Baseball 1,25 Tennis l,2. Ambition: To be a bookie. Future Plans: To go into business with Goo-Goo. JUDITH A. MCCORMICK "Judi" Blue A's l,2,35 Bowling 25 GERALDINE P. MARTIN 'Geri' Ambition: To go to Color- ado. Future Plans: To become a secretary. JOHN T. MCGLONE 'Grit" Track 2,3,45 Indoor Track RUTH E. MAUCH Latin Club 25 Banking Re- presentative 25 Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Girls' Sports l,25 German Club 3,45 Twirlers 3,45 Flag Twirler 45 Drift- wood Staff. Ambition: To get to Cata- lina Island again. College: Beaver HELEN M. MCKOY "Meatball" Ambition: To be a social Club 2,3,45 Homeroom President 45 Italian Club V,ice President 45 Twirl- ing 2,35 Captain 45 Student Council Representative 45 Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To teach at A. P.H.S. College: Montclair State Teachers. Future Plans: To be amil- lionaire. Manager 35 Chorus 1,25 Spring Concert 1,25 Christ- mas Concert 1,25 Future Nurses Club 25 Mimeo- graphing Committee 4. Ambition: To be asuccess. Future Plans: To work at Fort Monmouth. 3,45 Football 1,25 C Country 3,45 Track 35 President45Gym 45 Intramural Ambition: To cal Education College - then worker. College: Monmouth College JOHN V. MECHURA 'Hurkey' Baseball 1: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Cafe Monitor 4: Gym Monitor 4. Ambition: To be an en- gineer. College: Villanova. .feIW9ttf A , I1.IJ9R' Hgtbal 5' ,4: ket- bal U, as 1,2,3: nt u J", n 9 l,2,3: ki -ill tative ' G o 451. :Homer V' dent 1: oor Trac . Ambition: become a dentist. College: Miami. Future Plans: To becomea good dentist. SHEILA P. MEHR "Murph" Blue Ns l,2,3,4: English Book Committee 3,4: Foot- light Club 2: Banking Rep- resentative 3: Junior Prom Committee 1, 2, 3: Senior Prom Committee 1, 2, 3: Student Varieties 3: Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4: Record Club 1: Glee Club 1: Track Club 4: Bowling 1,2,3,4. College: Berkeley. Future Plans: To becomea private secretary. WA 'I' R ISCHLER a Il lntra u all . M, . df MMI. MELVYN MEISTRICH "Meis" Intramural Basketball 3,4: French Club 3,4: Science Club 3,4: Band 1: Orches- tra l: Tennis 2. Ambition: To become a lawyer. College: Rutgers. 333222 My STEPHEN MOGELEVER "Mogie" Chess Club l,2,3,4: Latin Club 2: German Club 4: Press Club 4: Honor Soci- ety 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To get by. College: Brown. Future Plans: To study law. JANICE A. METZ alan.. Drum Majorette 3, 4: Twirling 2,3,4: Blue A's 1,2,3,4: Girls' Sports l,2, 3,4: Footlight Club 2: Stu- dent Varieties 2, 3: Home- room Vice President 2: Track Club 4: Chorus l: Record Club 1. Ambition: To see our "clique" in ten years. Future Plans: To be a med- ical secretary. GLADYS A. MOJJIS Middletown Township High School 1, 2,3. Ambition: To be a private secretary. College: Business School. Future Plans: To get married, BARBARA J. MORRIS "Twinnie" Gym Leader 3,4g Blue A's 3,4: Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To travel and sing. KATHLEEN M. NAFFIN "Kathy " Blue A's 3, 43 Future Nurses Club 3,4g Chorus LQ, k t Glee Club lg Track Club 4. Ambition: To walk down two aisles. College: Fitkin Memorial Hospital. BETTY MORRIS "Twin" Girls' Sports l,2,3,4g Blue A's 3g Gym Leader 3,4g Chorus l,2. Ambition: To be a nurse. College: Bellevue Hospital. Future Plans: To work in New York. X5 Q , NAJA S y" X k t 1 Man ger lg Bas- l Mana r - Intra- m ' al Ba ket oot- light Clu i 5- s Country lg Baseb . X Ambition: To stspdy law. College: Saint Peter's. ELE. ANOR MORRIS "Chick ' Homeroom President 1: Chorus 1: Mimeographing Staff 4. Ambition: To have a good job. Future Plans: To get mar- ried. GE RALD NARGIZ "Newk" Baseball lg Football lg Tumbling 1,25 Basketball 1: Gym Leader 3,4g Intra- mural Basketball l,2,3: In- tramural Baseball 2. Ambition: To work for l. B. M. College: Maryland Future Plans: To go to college and then go in the Service. GAYLORD N. MOUNT MGayll Office Staff 4, French Club 3: Latin Club 2: Chorus l, 23 Music Festival 1, 2: Christmas Program 1,25 Commencement Choir l,2. Ambition: To get my Ph. D. in Sacred Music. College: Hood. Future Plans: To go to college. RAY NEIGHBOUR "Moose " Intramural Basketball 1,25 Baseball lg Gym Monitor-lg Intramural Softball 2. Ambition: To build a sportscar. Future Plans: To join the Marines. Football lntramural Basketball 1,35 Homeroom Vice President I, 2:Track 4: Intramural Baseball 2, 3,4g Gym Leader l,2,3. l,2, :Tennis Ambition: To see the "Sev- en Wonders of the World" College: U. C. L. A, Future Plans: To go into business with "Bob St Irv- ing" I . OSBORN ml ting 3: Footlight Cl b 2: ess Club 3, i n: To retire at 40. itil I MARJORIE OLSON "Margie' Blue A's l,3. Ambition: To marry a rich man. Future Plans: To go to work in one of the local stores. CYNTHIA OSIIINSKY 'Cindy' Chorus 1,23 Futu-re Nurses Club 2: Blue A's 3,45 Key Club 1. Ambition: To goto Florida. Future Plans: To get married. SHARON E. OPER Student Varieties 3g Press Club 2,3,4g Bowling 2,3,4g Debating Club 3: Mega- phone 3g Banking Repre- sentative 2: Blue A's l,2,3, 4: Footlight Club 2. Ambition: To become a for- eign ambassador. C ol I e ge: University of , , ciub 2 4. ,w- XJ Pennsylvania. Future Plans: To make a trip to Is a I. f 7202! ' A I I V794 'V 1. M71 ,f f i CUP 0 V 6 ARTHUR PAPPAYLION CONSTANCE 'Pappa Lion' PAPPAYLION "Connie" Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 2, 3: Football lg Cross Coun- try 4: Student Varieties Band 3: Chess Clubl,2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 3,4. Ambition: To play the trombone in front of the White House. College: Boston University Future Plans: To enter the business field as an exec- utive of a large firm. Honor Society 3,43 Foot- light Club 2' Senior Play Prompterg Banking Repre- sentative l,2g Blue A'sl,2, 3,4: Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To marry a millionaire. College: Cedar Crest Future Plans: Toobtain my Masters Degree in a sci- ence or a language. ...'I, F BARBARA PARSONS 'Bobbi " Italian Club 2,3, Secretary 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Poster Club 1. Ambition: To live in Can- ada. College: Montclair, Future Plans: To become a teacher, ALF REDA PINKSTON "Freda" Chorus 2,3g Blue A's lg Basketball. lg Mimeograph- ing Com " ee . Ambition o be success- u f 1. . l . Monmobbj Y' ,- ,,,,, Girl, , n K AJ JAMES PEZZELLA WILLIAM PICKENS 'xray' l 'Bill' Football 1,2,4g Basketball 1: Track l,2,3,4g Baseball 15 Intramural Basketball 1, 2,3g Homeroom Vice Pres- ident 2,3,4. Ambition: To go to college. College: Florida Univer- sity. Future Plans: To be a phys- ical education insnructor. -LM J 65:45 f .p Ln Ll QQJ W eq A rw I 1 T, ' , 1 s , 1 .JC It 3 l gfzf'-fl ARTHUR H. POLLAK llArtU Student Varieties 3. Ambition: To become a tool and die maker. Future Plans: To spend 20 years in the United States Navy. Band 1,2,3. Ambition: To get out of high school. Future Plans: To join the Coast Guard. MARK POLLAK Track Manager lg Intra- mural Volleyball 3. College: Rutgers. Future Plans: To become an engineer. ENNIS S. PIERCE 'Pee Wee" Ambition: To become an industrial designer. College: Philadelphia Mu- seum School of.Art. F. X . I gl-if X1 wylilijxgg Football 1: Track 1,25 Gym Monitor 1,2,3,4g Cafe Mon- itor 2,3,4. Ambition: To become a millionaire without work- mg. F' nllnno- Rffinmi ROBERT H. PRA , JR. "Bob" l Driftw r-i ief, Merit Sch ship na ist, no ciet , ,4, a- l, C y E ' r 3, io ss T sur 0 tude x ' e ci 2, Jun ssic ague 2, W ds d ' tx s 1, 4, ior m e, nior cl s Co il Presi- , unior Red s o il Treasurer - H oom Vice-Presi- , President 2, Sec- t r -German lub3,4, l 'C , Warsity s Cotm d Indoor Track, J. V. door Track 1, Cafe Monit r 2. WALTER C. RENZULLI 'Walt' Basketball l, Stock m Committee 2 3 4 Ambition T as c f vs, MARY E. PREGNALI.. Westtown School 1, Drift- wood Senior Picture Edi- tor, Blue A's2,3, President 4, Student Executive Coun- cil 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Secretary 3, President 4, French Club2, 3, Secretary 4, Alternate for Citizenship Week 3, Megaphone 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Leader and Student Official 3,4, Home- room Vice President 3, Freshman Picture Com- mittee 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Student Var- ieties 3, Usher2,3,4, Merit Scholarship Candidate, Footlight Club 2, Medical Staff 2. Ambition: To spend my junior year of college in Europe. ROSE MARIE RICCARDI 'Ricky' Blue A's l,2, Banking Rep- resentative 3, Girls' Sports 4. Ambition: To be a police- woman. Future Plans: To get mar- ried to Chet. RO ' NDAL ll i ll al JOHN C. REID "Strong" Zlifow , ,4- Im Football l,2,3,4,Trackl,2, f eria 3, 4, Basketball 1, Intra- ' as mural Basketball 2, Ainbiti Au Rock- Ambition: To get out of wer. Asbury Park High School. C e e' a 1. Colle e: U. C. I., A, 6 g F tfl . 0 se Future Plans: To become U it ta s th flffhe--an electrician. S windows of the green beetle Cmy carb. BRENDA J. RICE 'Bran' Gym Leader2,3,4, Blue A's 1, 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 4, Homeroom Vice President 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Usher 4, Latin Club 2, Basketball Team 2, 3, 4, Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Varieties 2, 3. Ambition: To make sure my children don't have my sis- ter for a teacher. College: Douglass. Future Plans: To finish college. CLARENCE ROBERTS Baseball l,2, Track l, ln- tramural Basketball, Gym Leader. Ambition: To join the Air Force and learn a trade. Future Plans: To be asuc- cess. PATRICIA A. ROBINSON 'Pat' Blue A's l,2,3,4: Chorus l: Megaphone 3: Basketball l, 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a medical technician. College: Carnegie lnstitute Future Plans: To make more money than l can spend. LOIS A. RUBIN 'Rube' Home Room President 2: Student Council Represen- tative 2g Banking Repre- sentative l: Blue A's1,2,3, 4: Footlight Club 2: Junior Prom Committee 3: Girls Sports l,2,3,4: Glee Clubl. Ambition: To be a legal stenographer. College: Berkeley Future Plans: To cruise around the world and get married, KATE ROGERS 'Brown Eyes' Blue A's 2: Chorus l: Bas- ketball 2: Future Nurses l. Ambition: To be success- ful. College: Monmouth. Future Plans: To becomea nurse. CHARLES RUGGE llRugI Band l,2,3: Sound Crew 4. Ambition: To become an automotive engineer. College: General Motors Corp. ABBIE MAY ROKEACH MAb!! German Club 4: Latin Club 2,3,4: Press Club 2,3,4: Future Nurses Club 2,3, Treasurer 4: Megaphone 1: Blue A's l,2,3,4. Ambition: To become a doctor. College: Brandeis Univer- sity Future Plans: To be good in my chosen field. MELVYN B. RUSKIN "Russ" Boys' State 3: Senior Play: Honor Society 4: English Book Committee l, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2,3: Debating Club 2,3,4: Cafe Monitorl, 2: Freeholder's Day 43 ln- tramural Basketball l,2,3, 4: Intramural Baseball 1, 2,3,4Q Student Varieties 3, 43 Footlight Club 23 Prom Committee l,3, Ambition: To sell the books I took from the Book Com- mittee. College: Rutgers. Future Plans: To becomea successful lawyer and to enter politics. JANE A. ROUNDY UAndyll Blue A's 1,2,3,4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Chorus l,2,3: Future Teachers Club 2,3, 4: Home Room Secretary 23 Girl 's State: Record Club 1: Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To be a profes- sional hockey player, College: Trenton S t a t e Teacher's Future Plans: To be a kin- dergarten teacher. KAREN L. S EB L 'Sagg Twir ng 3, , lue sl,2, 3,4: irlsf orts ,2,3,4: Am itio ' 'FQ a buyer. Colle : Wh a n College. X F : To tr vel. I ' lily Il QNX .IOSEPHINE SALAMONE .Jo. Homeroom President 15 Blue A's I, 2. Ambition: To be the Yan- kees' Manager. Future Plans: To be asec- retary. PHIL. SCHEIN 'Jazzbo' Student Executive Council 15 Senior Play: Alternate to Boys' State5 Honor So- ciety 45 Band l,2,3,45 Stu- dent Varieties I,2,35 Ger- man Band 3,45 Footlight Club President 25 Footlight Club Play 25 Outdoor Track I5 Cross Country 35 Track Club 1,3,45 Orchestra l,2, 3,45 Indoor Track 15 French Club 3,45 Brass Quartet 3, 45 Intramural BasketbalI2, 35 Science Club 4. Ambition: To play in the Salvation Army Band. College: Rutgers. PHILIP J. SALAMONE RICHARD SAMUELSON 'Phil ' Carson Long Institute 1,2. Intramural Basketball 1,25 Tumbling 1,25 Baseball I. Ambition: To get a new Ford. Future Plans: To join the Marines. ANNE M. SCHETTINO DONNA SCHMIEDER The Beard School 1,2,35 Ambition: To go to Cal- Senior Play5 Megaphone ifornia, Staff 45 Blue A's 45 Girls' Sports 45 French Club . 3:1iE . 1. .1 a 9123? rg de .Y , figfjelyiaeaigi J - dfage 57 EDWARD SANDERS 'New Brunswick' New Brunswick High 1,2,35 Indoor Track 4. Ambition: To sing with the Moonglows. College: North Eastern. BARBARA R. SCHREIBER "Bobbie" Debating Club I,2,45 Mega- phone 2,35 Banking Repre- sentative 25 Senior Playg Footlight Club 25 Student Varieties 35 Footlight Club Play 25 Junior Ring Com- mittee 35 Freshmen Pic- ture Committee 4. Ambition: To do a Broad- way show. College: Beaver. Future Plans: To be a med- Future Plans: Enter the field of chemistry. ob Q52 ical technologist. NORMAN SCHULMAN "Norm" Band l,2,3,4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Varieties Band 3: Outdoor Track 1,2, 3,43 Indoor Track 2, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Footlight Club 2, Honor Society 3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 3,4, Band and Or- chestra Librarian 4. Ambition: To find a cure for hay fever. College: Brown University. Future Plans: To go to college and then to medical school. RHODA L. SHAPIRO IlRhO7l Blue A's l,2,3,4g English Book Committee 2, 3, 4: Footlight Club 2, Banking Representative 1, 2, 3, Record Club 1, Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Office Staff 3, Student Varieties 33 Glee Club lg Cheerleader 1,3,4: Track Club 4. College: Berkeley. Future Plans: To become a private secretary. HARRIET N. SCHULTZ "Schultzy" Homeroom Secretary 1, Blue A's1,2,3,4,Latin Club 2, Footlight Club Vice President 2, Library Staff 3, President 4, Megaphone 3, Banking Representative 4, Senior Play, Bowling 4. Ambition: To get married and raise a family. College: Boston University Future Plans: To be an elementary school teacher, CAROLE R. SHERTZER "Shertz" Megaphone 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Blue A's 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4, Freeholder 3, Girls' State Alternate 3, Debating Club 2, 4: Footlight Club 2, Freshman Picture Com- mittee 4g Gym Leader 2, Bowling Manager 3, Student Varieties 3, Future Teach- ers Club 4. Ambition: Tobethin enough so I won't have to diet, College: Beaver Future Plans: To teach kin- dergarten. .I E RRY SI-IAPIRO Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1,2,3, Baseball 1,2g Intramural Basketball 1, Intramural Baseball 1,23 Hall Monitor 3, 4, Gym Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- room President 1, Banking Representative 1,2. Ambition: To graduate from high school and go to college. Future Plans: To become a physical education teacher. MYRA SHWILLER Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1, 2,3,4, Student Varieties 1, 2,35 Shore Conference Band l,2g Footlight Club 2, Blue A's l,2, Future Teachers Club 4. Ambition: To learn how to ride a horse. College: Douglass. Future Plans: To becomea dental hygienist, MARY LOU SHAPIRO ULU!! Blue A's l,2,3,4, Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4, Gym Leader 3, 4, Library Staff 3, 4, Junior Classical League 2, Press Club 3,4, Footlight Club 2, Record Club lg Student Varieties 3, Mega- phone 3, Bowling Manager 2,3. Ambition: To learn to ski. College: University of New Hampshire. Future Plans: To become an elementary school teacher. FELIX SICILIANO 'Phil' Driftwood Senior Person- als Editor: Latin Club 2,3, 4, Footlight Club 2, Honor Society 4: Italian Club 2,3, Treasurer 4. Ambition: To be a great Shakespearean actor. College: Fordham. IRV SILVERMAN "Cranston" Cross Country 1,2,3,4g In- door Track l,2,3,4g Out- door Track 1,2,3,4: Home- room Vice President 2. Ambition: To run in the Olympics. College: University of Maryland. Future Plans: To study physiotheraphy and to run a car-wash with A1 Trem- blay. SANDRA SKLANSKY 'Sheena' Future Teachers' Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Track Club 4. Ambition: To become the First Woman President. College: Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. Future Plans: To go to school and become a com- mercial artist. NANCY SIMMEN Blue A's l,2,3,4: Nurse's Staff 3: Glee Club 1: Girls' Sports 1,2. Ambition: To be a Veter- inarian. College: Monmouth College Future Plans: Todo secre- tarial work in New York. ALICE R. SMITH 'Smitty' Homeroom Secretary 3: Blue A's l,2,3g Chorus lg Baseball 2. Ambition: To strike oil in my back yard. Future Plans: To get mar- ried. STEPHEN SININS 'Steve' Football lg Basketball lg Baseball lg Cross Country 2: Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Band 1: Or- chestra 1: Student Varie- ties Band 1. Ambition: To be asuccess. College: Monmouth. GWENDOL YN SMITH "Gwen" Band 1,2: Future Nurses Club 3. Ambition: To make good in life. College: Beth lsrael School of Nursing. ALBERT SIRIANNI, JR. HMI Basketball 3,4, Ambition: To be very, very rich. College: North Carolina Future Plans: To be a lawyer or to do Govern- ment work. JUDITH l. SOBEL 'Judy' Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Cheer- leader l,3g Megaphone 35 Office Staff 4: Student Var- ieties 3g Basketball 1,35 Future Teachers Club 4. College: Douglass. Future Plans: To become an elementary school teacher. BRUCE SOCOLOW "Socky" A CARNEY SPAMPANATO usparnpn E3Sk6Ib lg - Football l,2: Italian Club3. 1, 3, t t E cu L3' . . Clas ollege. Monmouth. 'Secre ryg' hairntan uture Plans: To make Jun' Prom Commit e: oney, Monitor ,2 : Hall onitor 3 'L anki - . e - oom e .f V Pres- en ' 'l se f ' 2,3, 5 i f I I, T duate and X.. tocol I . Ai :-- ri uture Plans: o coach basketball at Asbury Park High School. DIAN SPERLING .DV Glee Club 1: Homeroom Treasurer l, President 3: Blue A's 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Bowling 4: Mimeographing Commit- tee 4. Ambition: To be asuccess. Future Plans: To go to California. BARB ARA STARRETT 'Starr' Latin CIub2: Footlight Club 2: Blue A's 2,3,4g Girls' Sports 2,3,4: Debating Club 3: Chess Club 3: Junior Ring Committee 3: Science Club 4: Banking Represen- tative 4. Ambition: To live on an island. College: Stanford Univer- sity, Future Plans: To be apsy- chologist and teacher. ALICE A. SPANGENBERG MA-1 ll Blue A's l,2,4:Glee Clubl: Future Nurses' Club 2: Office Staff 4. Ambition: To travel around the U. S. College: Monmouth. Future Plans: To become a social worker, WILLIAM STEINER 'Crusher' Scie ce Club 4: Debating Cl . Col :T 'nit , l I STANLEY S. SPECTOR 'Specs' Chess Club2,3,4: Cafeteria Monitor: Latin Club 2: In- tramural Softball 3,4. Ambition: To become a lawyer. College: Temple University Future Plans: To make a couple of million dollars and retire early. ANDREW J. STIBER IAA- JIU Student Radio Announcer 4: Debating Club 3, Vice President 4: Honor Society 2,3,4: Senior Play: Drift- wood Staff: Orchestra l,2, 3: Chess Club 2: Science Club 3: WJLK Youth Forum 3,45 National Merit Schol- arship Candidate: Delegate to S dent Congress of N.J. c League, Q ,s on: To have prize, wer and pleasure all the s of my life. ge: University of Pte sylvania. e Plans: To becomea ainless tooth puller. e o v 'I I' f ' Fl. ew ' s I I .J X 'l ALYCE STOFFEL ROBERT STRANO Football 1: Intramural bas- ketball 1. JOYCE E. TAYLOR "Joycey" Tumbling 3: Choir lg Chorus 1. Ambition: To become an evangelist, College: New York Uni- versity. Future Plans: To becomea social worker. DON TH ATCHER "Scatman" EDWARD A. TAGGART "Teil" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Leader 1, 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Intramural Basketball lg Intramural Baseball 2,3g Hall Moni- tor 4g Gym Monitor 3. Ambition: To be a success and retire young. College: Florida State. Future Plans: To marry a millionaire. BARBARA J. TOWELL "Barb" Honor Society 2,3,4g Citi- z Wtute 3: rift- w 5 4 ti nal erit Sc ' I C ' 45 Ban , , creta by 3: r- ch ra 2, - St a- 2, Fr ch' lub 3, Tr surer 4K ue ' 2, k ,2,, 1 Y 3 g ym eader 2: Senior P a Pr pt 4 Home- room Secre' - r Classical Le ANNli'I'I'E TAYLOR Honor Society 3,45 Nurse's Staff 3: Blue A's 2,3,4. Ambition: To become an interior decorator. Future Plans: To becomea secretary. AL TREMBLAY Football 2,3,4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3: Cross Country lg Cafeteria Monitor 3: Hall Monitor 4. Ambition: To play football for Notre Dame. Future Plans: To join the Air Force, and then to run a car wash with Irv Silver- man. Vinny. LEON D. TRENT 'Trent' lntramurd Basketball 2,3, 4, Football lg Tumbling Club l,2g Homeroom Pres- ident l,2g Megaphone lg Student Varieties lg Tennis 2: Track 1: Basketball 1. Ambition: To become a Certified Public Account- ant. College: Monmouth ETHEL S. WAKSTEIN HEI!! Banking Representative 3, 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4, French Club 3: Footlight Club 2: Record Club 1,25 Chorus l, 2. Ambition: To work for the government. College: Monmouth College Future Plans: To become Mrs. Ken Crystal. SARAH TROTT 'Sarah Bean" ROBERT W. VETTER Future Nurses' Club 2: Tr k 1 3 3 ro oun- Medical Staff 3: Blue A's 4, , I rT ack 1, Ambition: To travelaround ' '43 Ge man Club 3'43 the United States. uvetu Trac , , :Honor et . Future Plans: To have a ' An mbit. nz T ,imothe successful marriage. X.: GRACE A. WALTHER Blue A's l,2,3,4g Office Staff 43 Gym Leader 4: Girls' Sports 1,'2, 3, 4g Freshman Picture Com- mittee 4g Citizenship Week 35 Senior Play Committee, Footlight Club 2. Ambition: To be a success. College: Berkeley, Future Plans: To become a private secretary. ' ience. Ai-f 70 CATHERINE A. WATSON WILLIAM G. VOWTERAS "Bill" Band lg Footlight Club 2, Intramural Softball 2: Freshman Picture Com- mittee 4. Ambition: Not to get mar- ried until after I get out of college. College: University of Pennsylvania. Future Plans: To enter my father's business, wr 'Kitty' x - - Band l,2,3,4g orchestra 2, M 3,45 Latin Club 2, Blue A's 1. Ambition: To make others'lfo" happy. College: Moody Bible In- stitute. Future Plans: To becomea missionary. WWW SARAH B. WHITE 'sany' Blue A's 3,4. Ambition: To move to Flor- ida. College: Monmouth. Future Plans: To get mar- ried, move to Florida, and have four children. LYNN E. WIENER "Lynnie" Megaphone 2,3g Blue A's 1, 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3, Banking Representative lg Bowling 2,3,4g J unior Prom Committee 35 Basketball 2: Girls' Sports: Track Club 4. Ambition: To live in Israel, College: Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. Future Plans: To be a com- mercial artist. STEVEN H. WOLF Orchestra lg Latin Club 2g Chess Club 3, German Club 4. College: Columbia. Ambition: To do research work. 3 fl FRANCES E. WILMORE "Franny" Chorus 2,3,4. Ambition: To become a singer. College: Beautician School Future Plans: To becomea beautician and ahousewife. CHARLES WOOD "Woodie" Football lg Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4g Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Vice President l,4. Home- Leader 4g Hall fumbling l,2,3,4g I Foot- ball l, 2: Intramural Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4: Senior Play Business Staff, Ambition: To play pro- fessional sports. College: Miami ARTHUR L. YATES uArtu Band l,2,3,4: Orchestra 2, 3,45 Latin Club 2, College: Moody Bible In- stitute. College: Monmouth. Bulge a :To me :OU I- lil lin I I BETTY ANN YOUNG Blue A's l,2,3,-13 Girls' Sports l,2,3,4g Footlight Club 2g Megaphone 45 Press Club 45 Library Staff 3,-L. Ambition: To tour the U.S. with Sue and l.ois. Future Plans: To become a private secretary like Susan MacNamara. ROBERT C. YOUNG "Bobby" Track 1,-lg Basketball l,2g Homeroom President2g ln- tramural Basketball 33 ln- tramural Baseball 2,3g Gym Leader l,2. Ambition: To be a famous singer and marry Harriet. College: Hampton. Future Plans: To be suc- cessful and make money. AN'l'OlNLQ'l'TA C. ZAKHROWSKI "Zak" Nurse's Staff 15g lllue A's -lg lfuture Nurses' C1lubZ. Ambition: To make Ll lot of money and let the good times roll. Future Plans: To wait for lien 'til he gets out in '58 and get married. No, I didn't tell the Mad Bomber how to make his Silence personified. bombs. I he Grease Paint Kids. V, E, ':d?f.,w j Abu lb' P35129 is IQ DID MOST FOR AC.P,H.S. Jim Hoctor Mary Pregnall MOST DEPENDABLE Bob Prall Mary Pregnall MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ortrun Koch Harold Kuskin BEST NATURED Jerry Hauselt Margie Kemp BEST LOOKING Nate Bruno Peg Ludwig BEST ACTOR Phil Schein Nancy Gibson SENIOR BALLOT BEST DRESSED WITTIEST CUTEST Steve Abbott Buddy Wilson Judy Logan Bill Lashowitz Sandee Kadrey Marlene Kuchen MOST POPULAR Nate Bruno Marlene Kuchen MOST DIGNIFIED Bob Prall Ortrun Koch MOST STUDIOUS Harold Kuskin Barbara Towell MOST DEMOCRATIC Jim Hoctor Ann Roundy BEST DANCER Sue Dorfman Don Chetkin MOST ATHLETIC Nate Bruno Mary Pregnall xi. 4? X1 1.7 r gf MOST VERSATILE MOST MUSICAL MOST TALKATIVE Nate Bruno Mary Pregnall Doug Johnson Jane Bruns Barbara Schreiber Steve Abbott hue' gl E fi , lv.. : M,,...,A. , ..i1 Lv aw " L ' WWSH . Q, . JN, 'Z ,V ..,, . ff fi ,ff Q, 53.1552 .X ,S 7 ' , ww, Q SKS? 5 V ,.,, age. QL. . Q!! ,L E ' X1 .ai g ii A1 5 f N. an g X' ,,,Ag.5.LMN f E li, K , iwx .. Kbim Q, . W DEB Tl G CLUB This year's debating club is one of Asbury Park High Schoo1's busiest organizations. It plans to enter more than ten contests, dealing with varied phases of forensic activities, ranging from poetry reading to humorous interpretations. The club has over twenty active members who meet weekly with the advisor, Mr. Friend. The club officers are: Joel Blank, Presidentg Andy Stiber, Vice-Presi- dent, J ay Gaines, Treasurerg Linda Klitzman, Secretary. The club is concentrating mainly on the national debate topic: Resolved: Should the United States abolish agricultural price supports? ln the future this group plans to take up any debatable articles of interest and importance. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club has grown considerably during the past two years, fulfilling its' purpose of promoting the general interest of science throughout A. P. H. S. The Science Club meets twice a month, the only requisite for membership being an intellectual curiosity in one of the branches of science. The club has presented to the entire school many demonstrations and lectures. Some of the members plan to enter the New Jersey Science Fair with hopes of winning a college scholarship. The Science Club tries to provide an outlet for those students who have a deep interest in some phase of science and cannot pursue it to its fullest extent in the classroom, due to obvious limitations. This year's officers are Jay Gaines, Presidentg Neil Greenhill, Vice-President, Clyde Levin, Secretary. TEEN-AGE BOOK LUB The Teen Age Book Club is newly-formed this year, of freshmen and sophomores who are particularly interested in sharing their reading experiences. Mem- bers are required to purchase four inexpensive books from a carefully selected TAB list. Informal reviews of these books and guest speakers add much enjoy- ment to the monthly meetings. DEBATING CLUB -Back row: L. to R.: Laura Burnson, Robin Mad- nick, Barbara Sablove, Joel Blank, Jay Gaines, Barry Kwalick, Mr. Levin, Bill Steiner, Steve Fried- land. Front row: MyrnaRosen, Mar- yce Jackson, Hazel Bagwell, Pat- ricia Blank, Andrew Stiber, Scott Stryker, Alan Kuker, Norman Mirne. SCIENCE CLUB - Back row: R.: Stephen Barcan, Dennis Bliss, Charles Antich, Craig Boice, Mr. Silverman, adviser, Jay Gaines, Robert Scopp, Donald Broverman, Ronnie Kohn. Front row: Clyde Le- vin, David Belasco, Bruce Alitti Warren Epstein, Mark Kaufki, Nor- man Mirne, Howard Keller, Neil Greenhill. TEEN AGE BOOK CLUB - L. to R.: Patricia Sullivan, Lois Schert- zer, Lois Slavin, Robert Aquilino, Carol Archer, Elizabeth Wetzler, Beth Leichter, Nancy Young, Sally Terwilliger, Pamela Horowitz. Next row: Judith Roundy, Carol Dodd, Kathryn Carton, Sandra Casagrande, Janice Polloway, Carol Rose, Fran- ces Fettner, Pamela Proctor, Gail Musto, Concietta Siano. Next row: Romelia Potter, Elizabeth Thomp- son, Janice Davis, Susan Greene, Elizabeth Rodousakis,Sharon Brady, Mary Ann Farry, Irene Tor- op, Patricia Liebhardt, Judith Brow- er. Front row: Patricia Oldham, Jacqueline Redmond, Glenda Grub- man, Maxine Kohn, Barbara Sablove, Anne Brown, Charlotte Chamy, I- rene Weiner, Barbara Greene, Joan Schwartz. lf -4 fx MEG PHC E -.-. Everyone at A. P, H, S. is proud of our weekly publication, the Megaphone. For one thin dime each customer receives complete coverage of school events and sports. A lot of credit goes to Mr. John Monaghan, Meg Advisor, whose understanding has helped to solve many Meg problems. The editorial staff is headed by Carolyn Eble and includes Verna Campanile, managing editor, Bruce Brener, news editor, John Walker, copy editorg Marcia Zeisel, feature editor, Sue Dorfman, supplement editor, and Ken Friedman, sports editor. DRIFTWOOD The 1957 Driftwood is the biography of that very special year we spent as members of the senior class Asbury Park High Scnool. It is the story of many people- in the administration, the teachers, the coaches and the quarter-thousand students who saw it happen. With word and picture, we have tried to piece to- gether the story of our final, glorious year at APHS. Our deep thanks go to our advisor, Peter J. Maher, for his guidance. If, on a distant day, you re-read the Driftwood and relive for a moment the happiness of your high school days, we, the Driftwood Staff, will be rewarded. PRESS CLUB 1.1- The purpose of the Press Club is to inform the readers of the Asbury Park Press of the activities in the high school. ,Articles are assigned each week by editors Arlene Cohen and Marcia Goldberg. lf a member has 16 arti- cles printed in the paper, he is entitled to go on the annual Spring trip to ,the Cloisters, Bear Mountain and West Point in New York. School advisor to the club is John Monaghan. Fritz Cleary, Editor of the Press School Page, also advises and lectures to the club. MEGAPHONE - Back row L. to R.: Ira Kreizman, Fred Toback, Ken Friedman, Steve Molasky, Joe Fran- kel, Sue Rubin, Jay Gaines, Arnold Levin, Joan Herschenhorn. Next row: Bob Schulman, John Walker, Ron Crystal, Bruce Brener, John Layton, Gail Thompson, Carole Sch- ertzer, Mary Pregnall. Next row: l-linda Bookstaber, Paula Trested, Ethel Rediker, Linda Klitzman, Nan- cy Gibson, Peg Ludwig, Joel Blank, Barry Minkoif, Myrna Kalika, El- eanor Di Lieto. Next row: Pat Blank, Elizabeth R 0 d o u s a ki s, Shirley Hughes, Judy Mogelever, Anita Nov- ogrod, Carolyn Eble, Verna Cam- panile, Marcia Zeisel,Jill Hershoff, Cappy Pregnall, Lowell Snowdon. DRIFTWOOD - L. to R.: Harold Kuskin, Bob Prall, Andy Stiber, Felix Siciliano, Sue Dorfman, Bar- bara Towell, Ortrun Koch, Al For- syth, Dave Lomet, Robert Chaplin, Mary Pregnall. PRESS CLUB - Back row: L. to R.: Seyimur Chlbnick, Bruce Fallender, Richard Kanter, Nlnali Plotkin, Leslie Kuskin, Pauline Harvey, Arnold Levin, Ron Crystal, Jay Gaines, Barbara Naitalls, Adrienne Reiter, Margaret Savage, Debbie Hoch, Judy Brower, Arlene Werner, Beatrice Musios, Ann Mueller, Dot Yaun, Paula Treated, Robin Madnick, Joyce Moskowitz, Joan Schwartz, Peggy Pryor, Sharon Brady, Marcia Epstein, Sue Rosenthal, Susan Bernard, Marcia Delaney. Next row: Barry Blattner, Laura Burn- son, liinda Bookstaber, Steve Barcan, Ken Fried- man, Stephen Friedland, Fred Toback, Maxine Kohn, Joan Borish, Myrna Rosen, Phyllis Zuckernnn, J ill Keppler, Susan Biesky, Barbara Buren, Ethel Redlker, Ellen Deutsch, Jill Her- shofi, Sue Goddard. Next row: Leonard Oppen- heim, Marilyn Eitnmn, Rosetta Wilimre,Claire Myers, Richard Ascher, Beth Uftner, Roberta Rubin, Linda Rosenheim, Pat Blank, Gail Thomp- son, Maryce Jackson, Canta Smith, Sue Green, Carole Yarrington, Carolyn Bair, Virginia Plasteras, Nancy McKnight, Marilyn Halpern, Joanne Zuckerman, Lynn Gardner, Judy Fried- man, Eleanor Di Lieto. Next row: Irene Wiener, Eli Bortman, Richard Biloisky, David Belasco, Mercedes McAfee, Anita Novograd, Sue Dorf- man, Jane Bruns, Judy Gutterman, Roberta Zimmerman, Carole Shertzer, Linda Klitzman Marcia Goldberg, Arlene Cohen, Myrnalialilka Barbara Landes, Sandy Abarbanel, Rita Landes Nancy Gibson, Tobi Schulman, Gladys Stern Pan Horowitz, Ruth Banker, Lorraine Piquette Elaine Carney. 'Wa' .QM .2 W, ' 'H Qs .- S. K4 . ll ARB, we '55, gun ASQ in D -1. lug' in 'Dm UNA? .vw ? 44' Q- ,H if, Q'-F Q 0 df xf- and 411 n 5l G 4 1 i if Q' 'W JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE - Back row L. to R.: Jon Gibbons, Joseph Agris, John Sauer, Ken Spiel- fogel, Eleanor Williams, Carolyn Bair, Julia Belmonte, Linda Hager- man, Marcia Klinger, Rita Uslan, Judith Brower, Debra Hock, Eliza- beth Wetzler, Steve Molasky, Tho- mas Gasque, Al Ehrlich. Next row: Felix Siciliano, Henry Arning, Eliz- abeth Rodousakis, Jane Schuyler, Barbara Carton, Beverly Beegle, Jane Rumford, Maureen Powell, Ann Mueller, June Manger, Nancy McKnight, Sally Terwilliger, Her- bert Meistrich, Dick Carmichael, Anthony Apicelli, Arthur Polhemus. Front row: Robert Way, Carson Mader, Joseph Frankel, Robert Burtchaell, Gail Thompson, Bettina Fornarotto, Mary Pregnall, Cathe- rine Pregnall, Bliss Rehm, James Alexander, Patricia Liebhardt, Nan- cy Young, Dennis Crawford, Joel Schwartz, Stephen Niesen. FRENCH CLUB - Back row L. to R.: John l-luxley, Frank Tilton, Ar- nold Levin, Fred Tobach, Phillip Schein, Anne Schettino ,David Lomet, Donald Hill, Norman Mirne, Tina Fornarotto, Gail Thompson, Jane Bruns. Next row: Frank Monetti, Joel Popler, Ellen Hock, Sue Rubin, Marianne Hartigan, Bliss Rehm, Cynthia Morris, Joyce Richards, Myrna Rosen, Ann Roundy, Rom- elia Potter, Helen Banker, Carolyn Eble, Norine Furman. Next row: Lyle Antonides, Francia Ehrlich, Kennette Steelman, Leslie Kuskin, Lowell Snowdon, Linda Hara, Mar- ilyn Halpern, Roberta Zwerling, E- laine Glickman, Susan Rydell, Addie Mae Beebus, Irene Wiener, Joan Allen, Dianne Whitehead. Front row: Sheila Gabins, Arlene Cohen, Jill Keppler, Marcia Goldberg, Myrna Skobel, Joan Borish, Susan Eidlin, Ortrun Koch, Barbara Towell, John Layton, Nancy Gibson, Anita Mur- phy, Elaine Walkowitz. GERMAN CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Stephen Mogelever, Eugene lzzo, Manfred Geiger, Robert Vetter, Ai- vars Delle, Griffin Littell, Peter Seratelli, Alfred Forsyth, David Klinger. Next row: Robert Scopp, Gordon Dunlop, James Diebert, Paul Frye, Ruth Mauch, Peter Hoffmeir, Barbara Brewer. Front row: Claire Myers, Anita Novogrod, Josephine Leone, Bruce Brener, John Walker, Margaret Brinkman, Peggy Ellen- son, Abbie Rokeach, Mary Beth Foerst, Miss Elsa Buch. JU IOR C ASSICA LEAGUE The Junior Classical League, or, more popularly, the Latin Club, promotes interest in the Roman clas- sics and culture. Sophomore, junior, and senior Latin students who maintain an average of eighty per cent or more meet monthly under the guidance of Mrs. Rachel Vecchione. The sale of candy and book covers by club members helps to defray the cost of the annual Roman Banquet and the cost of an award which is presented annually to the sophomore and senior with the highest average in Latin, The officers this year are Mary Pregnall and Joe Frankel, co-consulsg Gail Thompson, secretaryg and Tina Fornarotto, treasurer. FRENC LUB Le Cercle Francais has been under the supervision of Mrs. Frank Bryan since the club began thirteen years ago. A student is eligible for membership after he or she has completed one year ofthe language having maintained an average of at least eighty percent. The primary purpose of the French Club is to give its members an opportunity to learn about the French people and their customs. This is accomplished by having guest speakers and showing movies to illustrate the French people's way of life. Throughout the year members sell school pins and charms to defray expenses for the club's annual Christmas banquet. At the end of the year an award is presented to the most outstanding French scholar who has completed three years of the French language. The French Club officers are Ortrun Koch, President, John Layton, Vice-President, Mary Pregnall, Secretaryg Barbara Towell, Treasurer. GERMAN CLUB The German Club, the "Lustige Gesellschaft', was reorganized under the guidance of Miss Elsa A. Buch in 1949. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the German language and customs. The meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. An average of 80 per cent or betteris the membership requirement. The highlight of the year's activities is the annual club banquet which is held in May. This year's officers are Harold Kuskin, President, Bruce Brener, Vice-President, Margaret Brinkman, Secretary, John Walker, Treasurer. FUTURE URSES CLUB The purpose of the club is to introduce high school pupils to nursing as a future career. The officers are Sue Eickhorn, President, Arlene Cohen, Vice-Presi- dent, Abbie Rokeach, Treasurer, Pearline Moore, Secretary, Jean Spencer, Program Chairman. Meetings are held twice monthly on the second and fourth Wednesdays from September to May. The second Wednesdays are business meetings and the fourth Wednesdays are program meetings which usually consist of a field trip to a hospital ora lecture by local nurses. Dues are 351.25 for the year. A special membership card is issued on payment of dues. Club funds are used for club activities, trip expenses, flowers, refresh- ments, and parties. Any sophomore, junior or senior pupil is eligible to join providing she is interested in nursing as a career. FUTURE TEACHER FUTURE NURSES CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Miss Hahn, school nurse, Gloria Smith, Elaine Smalls, Roberta Holman, Mary Ann Ziporo, Barbara Rhoades, Jessie Logan, Virginia Voll, Mary Bagwell, Max- ine Konner, Sheila Gabins, Sharon Jones, Nancy McKnight. Next row: Mildred Darling, Janice Davis, Jac- queline Redmond, Carolyn Eble, Arlene Cohen, Sue Eickhorn, Abbie Rokeach, Pearline Moore, Vonnie Kelly, Nancy Fieger, Lois Watson, Front row: Yvonne Dean, Joyce Leventhal, Romelia Potter, Rose Mary Griffin, Jeaxme Spencer, Pam- ela Pappaylion, Ruth Martell, Penny Walling. The Future Teachers Club, directed by Mrs. Ruth Jones and Mr. Leonard S. Stout, aims to acquaint its members with the different phases of teaching. To do this the officers, Ann Roundy, President, Joan Allen, Vice President, Sheila Fee, Secretary, Mary Ann Bott, Treasurer, and Ann Mueller, Librarian, are planning many activities. Trips will be taken ' to New Jersey Teachers' Colleges. The club also hopes to start a grammar school reading group to help the poorer readers. The Future Teachers have an annual cake sale and collect monthly dues to raise money. Guest speakers are invited to their meetings, and often the members themselves give speeches. The year is climaxed by an installation banquet in May. Since its inception in 1954, the Future Teachers Club has become increasingly active. Through its program it hopes to interest more people in teaching and serve as an aid in preparing better teachers for America. U HERS FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB-Back row L. to R.: Paula Trested, Ros- etta Wilmore, Donald Gopsil, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Stout, Lynn Newman, Valerie Boetticher, Carol Archer, Katherine Cornell, Betsy Bielefeld, Mary Ellen McNamara, Michelle Laifer. Next row: Penny Walling, Maureen Powell, Marianne Pettit, Martha Leonard, Carolyn Bair, Lin- da Friedlander, Peggy Pryor, Mary Ann Farry, Vivian Flanagan, E102-' nor Di Lieto,Carole Shertzer, Phyl- lis Madnick, Sheila Gabins, Judy Bernstein. Next row: Virginia Plas- teras, Margaret Savage, Nancy Young, Anne Brown, Gladys Stern, Suzanne Kaufer, Irene Torop, Susan Biesky, Norma Feinerman, Barbara Greene. Front row: Ann RoundYv Ann Mueller, Joan Allen, Sheila Fee, Mary Ann Bott. . This year ten senior and eight junior girls were selected by Head Usher Barbara Brown, to serve as ushers. These girls who are selected from the Honor Society, may be seen at all assemblies and other school functions. Ushering at the Senior Play, Student Varieties, Parents' Night, College Night, and distributing programs at similar functions are only a few of the duties they perform. USHERS - Back row L. to R.: Cappy Pregnall, Mary Pregnall, Ellen Hock, R o b e r t a Zwerling, Verna Campanile, Georgia Lane, Barbara Antich, Lowell Snowdon. Front row: Tina Fornarotto, Brenda Rice, Anita Novograd, Joan Allen, Ortrun Koch, Barbara Brown, Marlene Kuchen, Betty Burckard. 9' 5. Q 1,4 ri 3 . 3 ii-33 V. . . . Y, -'Iva - .1 Y YQ, r Q .an x Y , 1 K . nl: L 'RL 1' . .,!.f..i ' Mus , Q, 'I' A ms 5 I Q ,fs 3 2 1 mt 4 45, 4 t 2 552 . 'L 'if' M- in TRACK CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Donald Martin, Robert Scopp, Nor- man Schulman, Robert Vetter, Har- vey Schultz, Philip Schein, Barbara Naftalls, Josephine Leone, Barbara Carton, Nancy Young, Ruth Martell, Ca.ndy White, Grace Vay, Mr. Vil- lapiano, Larry Schreiber. Next row: Lowell Snowdon, Mary Arm Hartl- gan, Eleanor Di Lieto, Fred Toback, Marilyn I-liglnbotham, John Mc Glone, Diane Whitehead, Marie Cor- cione, Virginia Plasteras, Leslie Kuskin, Sally Terwilliger, Barbara Mazza. Front row: Gail Goldstein, Elaine Spino, Francine Torchia, Gail Thompson, Lillian Wojciechowicz, Sue Rosenthal, Jill l-lershoff, Debra Hock, Irene Wiener, Pat Liebhardt, Judy Brower. TRACK The Track Club was organized in 1950 by Coach Villapiano to stimulate interest in that sport and to provide a clerical staff to assist at track meets. The club also provides social activities for its members and the student body as a whole. The club's Spring and Fall Dances are memorable events. A banquet is also held at the end of the year. ITALIAN ITALIAN CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Frances Perrotto, Barbara Barr, Joyce Macaluso, Marie Cor- cione, Barbara Mazza, Felix Sicil- iano, Frank Grieco. Front row: Mr. Merli, Peggy Berardesco, Barbara Parsons, Eleanor Di Lieto, Frances Salerno, Joyce Koller, Lois Musto, Mary Ann Vetrano, Mary Ann Ziporo, Mildred Del Pizzo. The Italian Club, now under the direction of Mr. Nicholas Merli, was first organized in October, 1940. All students taking Italian and obtaining an average of 80 or above are eligible for membership. The purpose of the club is to increase the students' interest in Italian customs, people, and language. The club attempts to bind all students taking Italian into a democratic organization, eliminating prejudice and promoting good fellowship, During the year the club sponsors a cake sale, the proceeds of which go toward the annual banquet, held at the end of the school year. This year's officers are Eleanor Di Lieto, Presidentg Barbara Mazza, Vice President, Barbara Parsons, Secretary, Felix Siciliano, Treasurer. CHESS CHESS CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Jerry Kaufer, Ed Miles, Dave Ros- enblatt, Stan Spector, Don Brover- man, Joel Blank, Aivars Delle, Griffin Littell, Bill Steiner. Front row: Neil Greenhill, Joel Popler, Joyce Leventhal, Shirley Varian, Rochelle Purrinson, Jay Gaines, Eli Bortman, Joel Gaines, Arthur Pap- paylion. The Chess Club consists of about twenty members. Its main goal is to provide entertainmentand to promote proficiency in the game of chess. All members have a particular standing in the club, attained through the pyramid system whereby each member has a chance to challengeamember above him. The reward for being among the first five players is to be on the chess team,which playsin tournaments with various schools. The officers are Aivars Delle, President, Joel Blank, Vice-president, Joel Popler, Secretary, Linda Fried- lander, Treasurer, Griffin Littell, Statistician. ANKI G TAFF Asbury Park High School's Banking Staff consists of thirty-nine homeroom representatives chosen for above-average dependability, plus five staff members chosen by Mr. Snow, advisor, The staff members meet weekly with Mr. Snow, and the entire organization meets monthly. The homeroom representatives collect money from the students who participate in the School Savings Program and turn it in to the staff members who are responsible for all the accounting done at the school. The money is then deposited in the Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Bank. In the spring, active members of the organization attend a Yankee baseball game. OFFICE TAFF BANKING STAFF - Back row L. to R.: Donald Gopsil, Margaret Clay- ton, Carole Warlick, Elaine Kuchen, Ethel Rediker, Mary Lou Shapiro, Mr. Snow. Next row: Lynda Smith, Victoria McPherson, Evelyn Em- mons, Paula Jameson, Rosemary Farley, Joy Garofalo, Betty Bel- monte, Delores Scalzi, Elaine Green, Lynn Manger, Tina For- narotto. Front row: Carole Zer- giebel, Lynn Conhagen, Theresa Gualtieri, Maxine Cohen, Barbara Naftalis, Edith Gorenflo, Jeanne Spencer, Sue Adams, Mary Ann Ziporo, Betty Reber, Susan Ber- nard. The 1956-1957 Office staff is comprised of 13 girls who help in the principal's office. Thenumber of student assistants may vary every year. To qualify for this position the girls must be on the honor roll. There are no after school meetings, the staff work during their free periods during the school day. The staff's duties are to assist in all office work, namely filing, compiling absentee sheets, collecting absentee slips, and taking telephone messages, under the direction of Mrs. Richards. For one year of service the girls received a certi- ficate and for two years a service medal. LIBR RY STAFF The Library Staff assists Miss Schnell in herduties as school librarian. The staff deliver attendance slips, dust and keep the books in order and check books in and out for students. Each May the staff members attend a convention, where high schools throughout the state are represented. The Library Staff officers are Harriet Schultz, Presidentg Ruth Martell, Vice-Presidentg Joan Allen, Secretary, Pat Sykes, Treasurer. OFFICE STAFF - Back row L. to R.: Marilyn Higinbotham, Ann Skold, Margie Kemp, Grace Walther, Linda Friedlander, Gaylord Mount. Front row: Verna Campanile, Betty Burck- ard, Barbara Bond, Marlene Kuchen, Karen Kellers. LIBRARY STAFF - Back row L. to R.: Beth Leichter, Miss Schnell, librarian, Shirley Hughes, Sue Ru- bin, Betty Ann Young, Elsa Green, Virginia Plasteras, Kathleen Burke, Claire Myers, Georgia Lane, Dor- een Kasliner. Front row: Mary Lou Shapiro, Joan Allen, Margaret Young, Gail Goldstein, Harriet Schultz, Martha Leonard, Judy Boet- ticher, Ruth Martell. Hliiiif il Milf! as wif N I BAND - Back row L. to R.: Samuel Rozza, Thomas Brower, Barry Sherman, James Vaughn. Next row: Chester Paff, Arthur Yates, Ed- ward Feinberg, Richard Wroncy, David Haviland, Philip Schein, Robert Edwards, Arthur Pappaylion, Jerry Wehman, Alan Davidson, Robert Pullen, Dennis Lerner. Margaret Pryor. Next row: Arthur Insley, Har- old Guskin, Stephen Grayer, Harry Kirk, Barry Blattner, Joel Edel- stein, Paul Frazee, Robert Edelson, Robert Havens, Doug Johnson, Norman Schulman, Herbert Meistrich, Daniel Grandone, Harold Gunn, Chris Mader, Benny Goodman, Sharon Brady, Sally Bessette, Next row: Beverly Weinstein, Robert Taylor, Edward Nesbitt, Lois Watson, Nancy Pittinger, Lois Shertzer, George Floyd, Bernard Greenspan, Jerry Fortunato, Joel Popler, Arnold Levin, Barry Kwalick, George Slavin, Harvey Conners, William Short, Wayne Manger, Bernard Simons,David Rosenblatt, Marilyn Eitman, Marcia Blake. Next row: Louise Novogrod, Phyllis Tuft, Jeanne Silverstein, Myrna Rosen, Elizabeth Rodousakis, Roberta Frazee, Isabelle Hill, Joseph Lunin, Barry Minkoff, Nicholas Antich, Robert Bauer, Howard Grabelle, Francia Ehrlich, Denise Szwajer, Suzanne Kaufer, Joan Borish, Lynn Wolcott, Nicholas Paol- antonio. Front row: Drum Majorette, Janice Metzg Myra Shwiller, Robert Fletcher, Joseph Bozzelli, Joseph Agris, Elliott Feinstein, Frederick Davies, Joel Schwartz, Edward Watt, Marianne Hartigan, Patricia Backer. MARCHI BA D A The l956-57 Marching Band at A. P. H. S. is composed ofninety members- one of the largest bands in the school's history. The band plays at all football games, home basketball games, assemblies, the Halloween Parade, WJLK radio broad- casts, the Balloon Parade, and at Com- mencement Exercises. Admired all over the state, the quality of the A. P. H. S. band is the result of many hours of hard work. Mr. Frank Bryan, conductor, requires daily re- hearsal and weekly instruction for every band member. He gets results. GJQUR xwl CCLGR GU RD Besides ina rc h 1 ng at football games the color guard presents the colors ut the basketball games and appears in several par- ades during the year. The girls are Chosen in the spring of earh year on the basis of marching ability and posture, scho- lasriu ubilitv and general personality. COLOR GUARD - L. to R.: Sandee Kadray, Judy Lo- gan, Peggy Young, Brenda Rice, Kathy Sherwood, Marilyn Higinbotharn. ,o 'Y O 'Hi 5,47 . .ig K ,V nf! ' ffl? ...Q 5 , , ,A4 , , , . " ' ull 'JS mfr 4, wwxq-1 A ' i 'fv' Ai i f g1 v X , - V is f . 1 ' A, ' f 'A:,,W: 'L , , N ' Tf7'1L" " v. ... ..q. U I , x ..Q, , .,,. M WW Q6 O xxx, 82 its HEERLEADER CHEERLEADERS - L. to R.: Elaine Spino, Lois Musto, Sally Terwilli- ger, Sue Rubin, Karen Kellers, Mar- lene'Kuchen, Barbara Carton, Ellen 1-lock, Gail Goldstein, Terry Van Atta. JAY VEE CHEERLEADERS - Gail Musto, Carol Dodd, Susan Adams, Pamela Proctor, Sally Van Wickle, Sandra Spino, Geraldine Poeter. Kneeling: Elaine Kuchen. TWIRLERS - Back row L. to R.: Yvonne Kelly, Pat Sykes, Edwina Parker, Peggy Ann Berardesco, Nancy Fieber, Beverly Townsend, Joan Easu, Elise Bailey, Barbara Berkowitz, Vonda Lee Parker. Next row: Laura Lubinsky, Patti Leib- hardt, Linda Schreiber, Mary Alice Adkins, Judy Bernstein, Joan Allen, Pat Wills, Kathy Burke, Ann Skold, Front row: Barbara Mazza. .J AD JAYVEE CHEERLEADER One of the most important and best known groups of girls is the cheerleaders. These girls cheer at all our football and basketball games both at home and away. Although' the girls might seem to have it real soft, their job is not an easy one. The cheerleaders are required to attend three practices a week and to spend much time creating and perfecting new cheers. It is a tough task to bring out the school spirit. Our cheer- leaders with their captain Karen Kellers, were certainly successful and will be remembered for it. TWIRLERS One of A. P, H, S,'s greatest assets is its twirlers. Originally composed of thirteen girls, the corps has grown in size to twenty-five girls and in stature to one of the organizations of which the student body is most proud. Organized solely to inject a splash of color and glamour into football and basketballgames, the twirlers under the direction of Mr. Wallace Gleason, fulfill their purpose and more. The girls' special baton twirling, tap and toe dancing, acrobatic and rhythm dancing, and precision marching provide entertainment from Septem- ber to March such as is found in few high schools. TU DE T EXECUTIVE COUNCIL A D GE ERAL TUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council is comprised of a representative from each homeroom, and a boy and a girl representative from' each class. The officers are James Hoctor, Presi- dentg Robert Pines, Vice-Presidentg Marilyn Higin- botham, Secretaryg and Marlene Kuchen, Treasurer. The aim of the 1957 Council has been to improve the general conditions of the school by stimulating responsi- bility for the school in the student body. The activities of the Council included the following: taking charge of assembliesg selling candy at basketball gamesgcollect- ing money for the cheer fund and the Polio and Tuber- culosis Drivesg selecting representative for Boys' State and Girls' Stateg and purchasing Service Medals and awards for Twirlers and Cheerleaders. HO OR SOCIETY .... Membership in the Honor Society is symbolic of academic achievement. The Society was organized in 1928 and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Asbury Park. Membership is achieved by amassing six points. These points can be earned by attaining high honor roll grades for three semesters or honor roll grades for six semesters. This year there are 57 inducted members and 17 awaiting formal recognition. Highlighting the year's event is the induction of new members. ln a solemn ceremony the officers present Honor Society pins to the candidate. The other chief function of the Society is to present annual awards in English, typing, and bookkeeping. This year's officers are Harold Kuskin, Presidentg Judy Gutterman, Vice-Presidentg Sue Dorfman, Secre- taryg Griffin Littell, Treasurerg and Peter J, Maher, advisor. STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - Back row L. to R.: John Layton, Paul Roundy, Terry Van Atta, Cap- py Pregnall, Brian Barrabee, Doug Johnson. Front row: Marilyn Hig- inbotham, Marlene Kuchen, Jim l-loctor, Bob Pines, Mary Pregnall. STUDENT COUNCIL - Back row L. to R.: Sid Maltese, Jerry Zim- merman, Buddy Wilson, Jim I-loctor, Ronnie Kohn, Joe Nodzak, Pete Pa- lumbo, Bruce Brener, Fred Toback, Dave Lomet, Larry Schreiber, Paul Roundy, Doug Johnson, Steve Mo- lasky. Next row: Albert De Angelis, Brian Barrabee, Art Polhemus, Bob Pines, Anthony Wreiole, Marlene Kuchen, Elsa Green, Patti Haden- wald, Frances Vaccaro, Elaine Green, Barbara Mazza, Mary Preg- nall, Dave Gibson. Front row: Jay Marowitz, Calvin Crudup, Gail Mus- to, Carmella Corcione, Joan Schwartz, Madge C reighton, Georgia Lane, Barbara Fischbein, Karen Kellers, Terry Van Atta, Marilyn Higinbotham. HONOR SOCIETY - Back row L. to R.: Bob Prall, Phil Schein, Dave Lomet, Barbara Towell, Jay Gaines, Eugene Izzo, Edward Feinberg, Steve Oppenheim, John Layton, Bruce Brener, Alfred Sofield, Fred Toback, Marcia Goldberg, Scott Stryker, Robert Chaplin, Neil Greenhill. Next row: Jeanine Jem- ison, Andy Stiber, Ortrun Koch, Martha Leonard, Marlene Kuchen, Brenda Rice, Betty Burckard, Bar- bara Antich, Jo Ann Schechterle, Judy Bernstein, Norine Furman, Verna Campanile, Ellen l-lock, Mar- cia Zeisel, Steve Wolf, Gail Thomp- son. Next row: Anita Novogrod, Joan Allen, Claire Myers, Tina Fornarotto, Susan Rydell, Roberta Zimmerman, Elaine Glickman, Car- ol Weinisch, Roberta Zwerling, Car- olyn Eble, Linda Klitzman, Norman Schulman, Howard Grabelle, Donald Hill. Front row: Griffin Littell, Judy Gutterman, Sue Dorfman, Har- old Kuskin. :Q ,W T? 5' X x 'Q who 9' i- std 5- K a- 'Ai' n,....f E.. .:.,, W 3 YQ f-fig-ig rg J by ,. as 11 gi 55" sign 4? W , in 1 'M 'L ' . fX u " . , " , QQ? .. Tb if ,gk I 1 -QA af'ug-ffF5'5f!,?2iIfWfW,F , . L. .- n'W, ', -z' " 5 v. J., ff- ,. M 'f lj " " N , - 5 Q, " " 2:i1. " ,, , H Q. A"' wi f " " ' , S21'32?flf A D, , 4 M P V M M .Wal 89,5 Tfy m, m - ,L , ,. .ky-ke: X. gb H , , .55-, A, K 3,5 .9 ipfgu, W ,X mg, Musa , V, -, . ,,,,,,,.,w jpwwt- A - -f af". 356' .2 VW?" A. 'W " wt' 'wwf f 46 I " - I - D , 4 ..- N N .W I , A' am: L, .-,Fi 2939, .W ww- "'fMZ.p " '-fN a'flFM?m', 3 3 SENIOR PLAY - Back row L. to R.: Andrew Stiber, Philip Schein, Harold Kuskin, Stephen Abbott, Stephen Friedland, Bill Lashowitz, Axme Schettino, Nancy Gibson. Front row: Miss Buch, director, Melvyn Ruskin, Jane Bruns, Norine Fur- man, Sue Eickhorn, Barbara Schrei- ber, l-larriet Schultz, Linda Klitz- man, Don Chetkin, Donald Hill. FOOTLIGHT CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Patricia Liebhardt, Judith Freedman, Peggy Berardesco, Bev- erly Beegle, Myrna Rosen, Jane Schuyler, Lynn Manger, Diane Lowy, Patricia Sykes, Debra l-lock, Max- ine Konner, Nancy McKnight, Don- ald Schain, Dennis Crawford, Bruce Alitt, Ninah Plotkin, Miss Campbell. Next row: Barry Sherman, Robert Schulman, Joyce Smith, Bernadine Chisolm, Janice Davis, Joyce Lev- enthal, Marcia Elinger, Beatrice Musios, Linda Hara, Judy Brower, Gladys Stern, Nancy Young, Elaine Peyser, Rita Landes, Tobi Schul- man, Elizabeth Rodousakis, Mrs. Angrist. Front row: Stephen Niesen, Larry Schreiber, Susan Eidlin, Ro- chelle Purrinson, Barbara Naftalis, Judy Mogelever, Virginia Plasteras, Elizabeth Wetzler, Adrienne Rider, Maryce Jackson, Beth Leichter, Barbara Landes, Stephen Molasky, Jon Joel Gibbons. CHORUS - Back row L. to R.: Maxine Johnson, Sandra Holman, Alice Darling, Patty Evans, Frances Wilmore, Rosetta Wilmore, Wood- row Nelson, Carolyn Chisolm, Stan- ley Terry, Richard Freeman, Jos- eph Kimbrough, Verdell Smith, Mil- dred Darling. Next row: Betty Sim- mons, Pamela Proctor, Sally Van Wickle, Rose Marie Berardesco, Marie Cappabianca, Louise Matth- ews, Phyllis Zuckerman, Mary Giesselman, Betsy Bielefeld, Mary Ellen Mc Namara, Miss Westcott, Gail Duarte, Winifred Kimble, Ruby Bottom, Carol Hertzog, Edwina Parker, Alice Coles, Roberta Hol- man, Beverly Casey, Kay Vaccaro, Mercedes Mc Aiee. Next row: Rob- ert Blaine, Louise Cuccurillo, Car- ol Biesky, Sandra Granoff, Lois Slavin, Jean Bagner, Vivian Baker, Maria Poland, Ruth Jamison, Susan Biesky, Patricia Sullivan, Sharon Brady, Gloria Smith, Carol Webb, Dolores Morgan, Mary Davenport, Hazel Bagwell, Audrey Gopsil, Car- ol Ann Alcott, Robert Frazee. Front row: Hugh Watson, Douglas Paff, Robert Ward, Patricia Harris, Patricia Guirk, Patricia Brown, Marguerite Batts, Jo Ann Smith, Carole Zergiebel, Sally Shiifman, -..- SENIOR PL Y 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay' by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough, presented by the Class of '57 November 2nd and 3rd, has been hailed as the season's greatest theatrical event. The cast, under the direction of Miss Elsa Buch, that Great Lady of the A. P. H. S. Theatre, came through the hazards of stage fright and line fluffing with flying colors. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", a three-act comedy fand we do mean comedylj, portrays the trials and tribulations encountered by two girls takingadeluxe trip to Europe. The situation was somewhat complicated by a drowning man, an attack of measles, bedbugs, and love. But time healeth all things fincluding bed bug bitesj and the girls lived happily ever after. 'A smash hitl' -Brooks Atkinson, N.Y, Times. .. FCDOTLIGHT CLUB The Footlight Club was organized if, 1951 by an enthusiastic group of sophomores interested in the techniques of the theatre. Since then, talented students have presented annually a well-received play for the school assembly. In addition, two radio programs are produced each year. The plays are chosen, cast, and directed by volunteer committees. This is valuable preparation for Senior Dramatics qand possibly for Broadwayb. The officers this year are Judy Mogelever, Presi- dent, Virginia Plasteras, Vice-President, Fran Hertz- berg, Secretary, Elizabeth Wetzler, Treasurer. Faculty Advisors are Miss Catherine Campbell and Mrs. Claire CHORU The Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs under the direction of Miss Maude B. Westcott are available to all students interested in singing. Each member obtains valuable experience in group harmonization and solo singing. Class rehearsals are held daily in the Auditorium, while special work is done after school in East Cafeteria in preparation for many programs. At various times male and female voices combine to form a mixed chorus. A repertoire is prepared by these groups for such occasions as the Christmas Concert, WJ LK radio broad- casts, the Spring Concert, and Graduation. K. Angrist. Barbara Brown, Jimmie Ludwig, Rose Marie J uliano, Patricia Fary, Jacqueline Redmond, P eggy Ann Bennett, Diana Conover, Jane Rum- ford, Nancy Clausen, Donald AIISCII, Frederick B i c lt, H 6 H 1' Y Nillman, Herbert Towell. MR. CARLETON'S TAFF Mr. Carleton's Staff is composed ofgirls who are interested in athletics. These girls prepare game schedules, compile records and provide and present trophies. The staff officers are Francine Torchia, Presidentg Lois Musto, Vice-Presidentg and Terry Van Atta, Secretary. MR. CARLETON'S STAFF - Back row L. to R.: Terry Va.n Atta, Carol Archer, Francine Torchia. Front row: Mr. Carleton, Beth Harrison, Lois Musto, Martha Schanerman. MR. COLEMAN'S STAFF Mr. Coleman's office staff was formed six years ago when a separate attendance office was established in Room 104. The girls are kept very busy. They assist in keeping a record ofattend- ance, tardiness, cutting, excuses, and call stu- dents wanted in the office. For assuming these responsibilities the girls receive a medal for two years of service. MR. COLEMAN'S STAFF - Back row L. to R.: Pat Oldham, Helen Banker, Joyce Leventhal, Ella Manuel, Stella Giorella, Carolyn Day. Front row: Mr. Cole- man, Judy Sobel, Sandra Spino, Elaine Spino, Patricia Burke, Linda Hara. RED CROSS The Red Cross Council was organized at A. P. H. S. in 1953 to collect for the annual Red Cross Drive for funds. This year the council has fulfilled its purpose and more. This year the officers were Bob Prall, Pres- identg and Hal Kuskin, Vice-President. Bob was also County Treasurer. JUNIOR RED CROSS - L. to R.: Larry Schreiber, George Ruding, Pearline Moore, Karen Littell, Har- old Kuskin, Robert Prall. FRESHME PICTURE COMM. The Freshmen Picture Committee, composed of members of the Senior Class, is responsible for making up the picture schedule and assisting the photographer in taking the pictures used on the permanent record cards in the office. FRESHMEN PICTURE COMMITTEE - Back row L. to R.: Bill Vowteras, Pete Farley, Jack Cole, Evan- der Duck. Front row: Carole Schertzer, Barbara Schreiber, Grace Walther, Ruth Jamison, Alberta Handke. Kneeling: Dave Lomet. GLI H BOOK COMMITTEE The English Book Committee, supervised by Mrs. Van Campen, distribute, collect,store, and file all books and mimeographed material used by the department. ENGLISHBOOK COMMITTEE - Back row L. to R.: Bill Lashowitz, Bob Dweck. Next row: Don Chetkin, Mel Ruskin. Front row: Sheila Mehr, Mrs. Van Cam- pen, Rhoda Shapiro. STOCK ROOM COMMITTEE The purpose of the Stock Room Committee is to supply the school with paper and pencils and any other materials necessary to academic work. Meetings to plan the most efficient method of serving the school are held with Mr. Soteros Roumanis, advisor. STOCKROOM COMMITTEE - L. to R.: Walter Ren- zulli, Bruce Crowell, Mr. Roumanis, Nate Bruno. SOU D CREW Without the Sound Crew, Asbury Park High School wouldn't have the fine plays and revues that it has. With a motto of "Service", twenty boys handle the sound and set the stage for plays and, most important, aid faculty members in using audio-visual equipment in the Class- room. SOUND CREW - Back row L. to R.: Bill Fury, Bill Wosnitzer, Ed McGill. Next row: Joe Schwartz., Lewis Sotnick, Dennis Bliss, Howard Keller. Next row: Wallace Smith, Reid Mertens, Mr. Gleason, adviser. Front row: Hugh Watson, Bill Wines, Charles Gold- stein, Dick Browning, Wayne Patterson, Bob Make- tansky. DRIVING CLUB The Driving Club, organized this year, attempts to stimulate, through holding contests and presenting guest speakers, driving safety. Any student, especially those under seventeen years of age, is eligible for membership in the club. The club plans to obtain state affiliation by charter. As a chartered organization its oppor- tunities to fulfill its purpose will be many. DRIVING CLUB - Back row L. to R.: John Siciliano, Bob Bauer, Albert Ehrlich, Lawrence Gilliam, Charles Antich, Barry Sherman. Front row: Mr. Pandolfe, Grace Weeden, Carolyn Mc lntyre, Leslie Sandford, Lillian Wojciechowicz. CAFETERIA MO ITORS The Cafeteria Monitors are entrusted with keeping the school cafeteria clean and quiet. Meetings are held whenever a problem arises, or if a monitor has a suggestion for improving cafeteria conditions. The monitors are all upper- classmen and are subject to discipline by either Captain John Poulos or advisor Mr. Ethelbert Wanner. CAFETERIA MONITORS - Back row L. to R.: Benny Goodman, Larry Gilliam, John Poulos, John Reid, Nelson Faddies, Al Forsyth. Front rows. Pete Hoff- meir, Bob Burtchaell, Early Ford, Stanley Spector, Frank Donato, Stewart Hollander. in-wlpnlg BROADCASTI Student Broadcasting this year was handled by two students, Sue Dorfman and A. J. Stiber, chosen by the Student Council and Radio Sta- tion WJLK. Thirty-three broadcasts were held over station WJLK presenting club activities and school sports, under the supervision of Miss June Mount." BROADCASTING - L. to R,:A-J Stiber, Sue Dorfman, Frank Huber, Chief Engineer for Station WJLK. SENIOR DUE COMMITTEE Every year the Senior Class Officers appoint a committee to collect Senior Dues. The dues are used to pay for the Driftwood and Senior activ- ities. This year the committee is headed by Hal Kuskin. SENIOR DUES - L. to R.: Ann Roundy, Barbara Brown, Judy Gutterman, Grace Walther. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Each year the Senior Class officers appoint a committee to plan for the Senior Prom, which is held in the spring of the year. Selecting the theme, decorating the gymna- sium, securing a band, and selling bids are a few of the many tasks which the committee perform. The Senior Prom Committee is under the supervision of Mrs. Jane Hangarter. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE - Back row: L. to R.: Nate Bruno, Karen Kellers, Hal Kuskin, Judy Gutter- man Dave Lomet. Front row L. to R.: Steve Abbott, Buddy Wilson, Aivars Delle. wk' ,J-JU , ,mm ggi .L V V gg ,g,..g,.'- ,V ,aww 4 ' WQJ fp ,, ,ln x i, ". M-er-elf ww milf A 'M-.-f UN""15'fsP.:-1-flip:-:QT -. ,Snr noun A4 fQ4fi?'wQ,Q,. U A A A ,H-ww. .3 W' ii 4 .'.r"'. 3 fJ.Ja,L f. V, "' 3 "f 9 A .f i fm, 1' 1 Jw , af.. n 9 ,fi J Pi f ff' Af qu Q 9 5 ' -E Q' .5 if A J ix 'xg J , , x T 61 'W mf M ' .P .Q , Q- ,Q 2? I vf J' -N , ' Y Q f af- w X, ' A P . h FR I . tc it r Jr - X 3' W ' 1 w W if f A - 5 .Pi ' " . ' .,,. "' 1 my fm A liifigf MN .' M rf ' -H A aj , -,,. , 1 uf .A an Q!!! b . fm ' J a. I E I L mu' A W 195- ,I ' M . jf.. V' J u I nik V - Q A. AL X " Ov -- k " , . , .ig - v- , N ' 1 ov.,- wg .J.' 1 5 in , . N 1 A 4 4 A215 p 'e 1 9' J - f Yi pg : X - QE w ax, 1' 1 QV 4 NW' 2 'Q Q rf' l.. ,5 its s',.."' ?K in Jw, ,al 1 Jil' w. f an A t , 4 K - ' -A M , A L W J, lk 55 G r . -- M "' -wfwiiii - - 1 - in .. K tl-w wg M . 45. A 'J i SQ L ...N A A f. I I M I In ' .A .... Y ,, --M -M --M 1 .q MVT . I - W " ' F5 .. ... .. .... ., A P. ii .P,,...I3,,,?W xxx 4, .V f'-3'5" 9' L- . .,fI1..f ,. . . - , . ,,'..' . f v?-iffififlfl gig . I-1.1, -- - E ,-'.. :114',f'EBi'-'.l3lQVi'V T? '.,, - :M-flglf'-li'lf:'-Q55-ir: 1 55--Wfliff .," t' ii , vii' ' i V131-ixfzg iw: 9-12- .f??f ,, L",.- - M X- ' -U If L 1 yi ""' i z H 5.1251 , , .. .iimvflzw f M A , -1 , ' My - ,,-1--15-M , M V Z - ,,,h . ,. . L i wif, X M- --W s is X., W UL Hi , I - ,fmt .Ma 'v K 'P Q ww, X , y 7 A .A .g , fY'ff,lL-.I 4 xiii'-R ,K L ,Q , A l M. .. .U f Wk,... 5 W., L- 5 . m' i ' .,. www . a..,f.:...f,,. M M5355 W. K flywk -- ., Q ,,.. f' - ' " M " , lbffi- , 1 .S - -Xw., . k A - ' .. 0 V Y. E 5 Nh 'N' -. +L N ' K- 3, 44 an M -"FQ Q1 f R , HCFA 'K f j F J .Q M' A f ai ig 1- Jr' R X- - 7? Q 9 a ,Q fi . 46. m.f,,, , 2 I 'J' L, ' i Tr.j+., .uf ng ak - 'ii' 1 . W ,15- VARSITY TEAM A Back row I... to R.: Coach Bruno, Jim Cooper, Larry Hurst, John Costanzo, Early Ford, Clarence Holland, Nate Bruno, Allan Thompson, Bob Randall, Dick Keilt, Jerry Hauselt, Coach Rinehart. Next row: Jim Meola, Bart Hurley, Jerry Shapiro, Al Forsyth, Frank Budd, . p 3 Larry Gilliam, Gene Miller, Bob Gleason, John Reid, lzlvander Duck, Joe Major, Ed Strunce. Front row: Jeff Conners, Ronald Glab, Ed Volek, James Sangston, Chris Christensen, Dick Kellers, Terry Burns, Jim Vaccaro,Anthony Wreiole, Mar- tin Schwartzman, manager. fl JAY VEE TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Coach Keyes, John Siciliano, Rex Jones, Anthony Api- celli, Frank Donato, Nelson Faddies, Joseph Thomas, Arthur Polhemus, Sam Peluso, Bill Myers, Coach Zach. Front row: Paul Roundy, Anthony Vaccaro, William Beauford, Thomas Bailey, John Davenport, Alfred Lyons, Robert Robinson, Wayne White, Barry Sherman. Sitting: Addison Matthews. 'own 5 oots LL 1951 With only five returning lettermen, Coach Bruno and Coach Rinehart pro- duced a surprisingly strong line and a fast backfield in this year's team. lt was strong and fast enough, in fact, to give the Bishops a 7-1-1 record. The squad's one loss was Asbury's third in four years. Three Bishop men earned positions on the first string All-Shore Team. Our two backfield speedsters Nate Bruno and Frank Budd were recipients of this honor as was lineman Skip Holland, who made All-Shore last year also. The Bishops, known for a strong ground offense, increased the use of an aerial offense this year which proved most successful. The highlight of the new attack was the sixty-five yard pass play which won the Leonardo game Thanks- giving Day. The Bishop Frosh began their season successfully with four wins, but their last two adversaries proved to be too much for them to handle. SCHEDULE ASBURY PARK OPPONENT 21 South River 0 14 New Brunswick 6 '7 Union 19 14 Plainfield 14 18 Perth Amboy 0 13 Freehold 0 13 Long Branch 6 16 Woodbridge 0 6 Leonardo 2 --.A FRESHMEN TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Jay Coach Merli. Front row: Joel Gaines, Jim Mon- Marowitz, Coach Smith, Allen McKean, Anthony roe, Reginald Pleasant, Walter Voll, Francis Sul- Maresca, Barry Slott, Edward Watt, MichaelJ ar- liva-Il, Barry Abbott, Frank D'ESP0Sit0, Harvey kow, Herbert Towell, Gary Whea,ry,Ge01-ge D'E5- Cormers, George Pulsinelli, George Slavin, Ken- posito, John Comer, Bill Budd, Philip Bertola, neth Sherman, Michael Dugan, Edward Matthews. Bria.n Barrabee, Barry Shapiro, Michael Klinger, N- Q is , - 2 M , 1: ,Mi Q Qucdiff f Vac' RWM' I 4' x,. f 5 i ' w' Q L i A K ,.v, N My X a Q H ' .. Q H 6 I .Q 4 Ng rxsr my D ' 5281 wir 9 I 4 l .2 X' ag? , 'S Q Q Nate coming up from defensive r.h. b. to toss Adams of Union for no gain. Bobo Reeves, Long Branch's All- State F.B., stopped by Jim Cooper and Jim Marruca at the line of scrimmage. Budd's running and Bruno'sblocking pave way for Asbury's first T.D. against Long Branch. Asbury Park's coming T.D. to tie- up game with Plainfield. Evander Duck, A.P. right halfback, making a beautiful one-handed catch of a pass thrown by Bruno for a first down against Freehold. Handids Bruno tossing a running pass to Thompson over the middle for a first down. Holland getting set to drop Graziano , Long Branch back, after a short gain. Gene Miller catching pass to place Asbury Park in scoring position against Long Branch. Dersino, Plainfield's All-State Back stopped by Asbury's strong forward wall for no gain, BASKETBALL I95 The 1956-57 Asbury basketball team was not the winningest in history, but they were certainly one of the mostexciting. Thirteen of their twentyone contests were decided by the margin of one basket. Their final record was 13-8. Nate Bruno and Dave Gibson, two of the state's finest guards, spearheaded an attack which brought the Blue Bishops the Round Robin andShore Basketball titles, plus wins over traditional rivals Neptune and Long Branch. The two backcourt men, 5' 9" and 5' 8" respectively, cut many a giant down to size. Their ability to score on the fast break and to hit with consistency from the outside were their greatest assets. Jim Hoctor was the team's leader in rebounds, field goal percentage, free throws and free throw percentage. His top performance came on a 19-point spree against St. Rose in the Round Robin opener. Skip Holland, Frank Budd and Bruce Socolow shared the forward spots. Holland and Budd were strong rebounders, while Socolow helped to pull several games out of the fire with his clutch shooting. One of the outstanding features of the season was the prolific scoring of Charlie VanWickle, a Jayvee player. He hit for better than 25 points in each of his final five tilts. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Asbury Park Opponents Asbury Park Opponents 51 St. Rose 44 63 Long Branch 54 45 Manasquan 46 24 Trenton 42 53 Red Bank 50 48 Perth Amboy 43 52 Red Bank Catholic 49 42 New Brunswick 33 51 St. Rose 49 40 Woodbridge 39 53 Perth Amboy 36 44 Plainfield 41 38 Trenton 58 58 Long Branch 54 46 Neptune 44 45 Thomas Jefferson 57 49 Manasquan 50 60 Emerson 61 41 Middletown 40 43 Plainfield 44 41 New Brunswick 44 JAY VEE TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Roundy, John Sauer, Coach Higinbotham. Coach Villapiano, Harvey Conners,Managerg Front row: Ed Woodfield, Ira Kreizman, Leon Britton, Larry Schreiber, Mike Van James Sangston, Alfred Sofield,CarsonMad- Gllsh Kenneth Holland, Bill Hutzle , Kenneth er, Jim Garrity, Gerald Tertzagla.n,JonGib- f Y Spielfogel, Henry Arnlng, Frankbonato, Paul bons, Frank Ten Broeck, Howell Wilmore. ff 3, 53: 1 W, I .,S Q h' L3 L. , f 5 K W"f X 5 Q Hi. -ii M35 fe"fff I . X Z - 2' u awww W Eli K Y' fi' l"'l v 'D Q E nfs 1igiQ X'-"---...noun """--.--.--v- wg' -sw . 1 I gf 'fl 1 fliir ..f. -W 'lj ?. Q lQ Skt, Rim it ' , gik , N ." , L ,R X , , 2 +g F fi, - , flu, i . , , .,,.. mm,,,, xr 1, QQ, Q X, QS' 1' ,a,. i V, 'T HIS . fi. . gk B -gg Sig ,ui-, VARSITY TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Clyde Levin, managerg Donald Martin, Bill Wald- eyer, Nate Bruno, Bruce Socolow, Ken Ham- ernick, Bruce Crowell, David Gibson, Coach Adkins, Front row: Tom Steckbeck, Richard Greene, Frank Roberts, Sam Patterson, Lee Owen, Allan Johnston, Joe Thummess, Joel Linky, Jerry Deady. JAY VEE TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Coach Adkins, Clyde Levin, Managerg George Rush- forth, Bruce Brener, Eugene Miller, Sam Di Lieto, Harold Kuskin, John Sell, Howell Wilmore. Front row: David Montulet, John Najar, Richard Kellers, Philip Wilson, James Sangston, Donald Broverman. FRESHMEN TEAM - Back row L. to R.: Coach Greenhut, Ed McGill, managerg Ken- neth Spielfogel, Robert Williams, Jon Gib- bons, Robert Bunting, Christopher Coll, Hen- ry Arning, Nelson Faddies, Kenneth Holland, Gordon Stake, Howell Wilmore, manager. Front row: Jim Daley, Andy Batsis, Larry Schreiber, Jim Garrity, Ira Kreizman, Bill Ashmore, Bob Way, Bob Schulman. SCHEDULE ASBURY OPPONENT 7 Middletown 0 0 Trenton 3 11 Alumni 1 1 Irvington 0 1 New Brunswick 0 0 New Brunswick 2 15 Lakewood 12 6 Woodbridge 2 3 Lawrenceville 0 5 Long Branch 0 3 Neptune 0 0 Perth Amboy 5 1 Union 4 0 Thomas Jefferson 1 1 Long Branch 2 1 Trenton 4 ASEB LL lf nothing else, Coach Ray Adkin's 1956 baseball team was probably the most publicized in the United States. This was primarily due to the pre- sence of All-State hurler Lee Owen. Lee gained national attention when he pitched three no-hit games and generally set the opponents on their collective ears time after time. lrnmediately he was besieged by interviewers from news- papers, radio and TV who were im- pressed, not only with his handling of the fast ball and curve, but with his mature outlook. Every major league team showed an interest in Owen. ln twelve games he struck out 140, walked a scant ten and gave up just 22 hits. His earned run average was 0.43. Owen was not alone however. Nate Bruno, third-baseman C.4l5J, Sam Pat- terson, second-baseman, C.375j, Dave Gibson, catcher C.327j, and outfielder Tom Steckbeck 1.3115 aided him con- siderably. Bruno was an All-State choice in Group Four circles, Gibson and Pat- terson received second team honors and the entire quartet joined Owen on the All-Shore team. Burce Socolow compiled a3-1 record as Owen's understudy. His only loss was a two-hitter to Thomas Jefferson. A study in moods. Knock it deadl Asbury's finest, Lee Owen 7-in E- ,5 l Ulf OUTDOOR TRACK - Back row L. to R.: Coach Merli, Coach Smith, Ronald Glab, Charles Smith, Clarence Holland, Karl Mayer, Paul Bloom, Ed Garrett, Jeff Conners, John Layton, Coach Zach. Next row: Fred Toback, Jay Pezzella, N Q3 " Irving Silverman, Enrico Fortunato, Cliff Miller, Bob Vetter, John McGlone. Front row: Norman Schulman, Frank Budd, Frank White,Steve Smith, Frank Wojciechowicz, John Reid. t Wi TENNIS - Back row L. to R.: Steve Niesen, Ronald Goldstein, Jay Gaines, Coach Holmes. CROSS COUNTRY - Back row L. to R.: Coach Villapiano, Jon Gibbons, Robert Williams, Bill Waldeyer, Ed Garrett, Don Martin, David Scott, Robert Scopp, managerg Robert Chaplin, Joe Agris. Next row: Robert Edelson, Chester Ricks, David Brantley, Leon Lamar, Jim Deibert, John Front row: Stanley Smith, Phil Freedman, Earl Laing, Ivor Braka. H-utzley, Art Pappaylion, John Smallwood, Joe Lunin, Manfred Geiger, Ken Spielfogel. Front row: Harold Guskin, Carl Jones, Bill Short, Wayne Manger, Tony Castellano, Edward Shepard, Willard McLean, Herman Jones, Barry Druesne, Warren Epstein, manager. TRACK Led by All-Staters Charlie Smith and Karl Mayer, the 1956 Track Team completed its best season since 1953. They were undefeated in dual-meet competition and won the Monmouth-Ocean County and the State Conference championships. They also fared well at the Long Branch Relays and the Penn Relays. Karl Mayer was undefeated in dual-meet compe- tition for two years in a row in three events: the jav- elin throw, the shot put, and the discus throw. Charlie Smith was state high jump champ for two years but because of an injury did not compete in 1956. The other senior boys who contributed to the suc- cess of the season were Paul Bloom, mile rung Frank Wojciechowicz,po1e vault, and hurdlesg Frank White, 100 yd.-220 yd. dashes, Richard Disbrow, 100 yd.- 220 yd. dashes, Enrico Fortunato, pole vault, Steve Smith, 440 yd. dash and javelin throw, John McG1one, 440 yd. dashg Cliff Miller, pole vault. TENN S The Asbury Park High School tennis team, underthe tutelage of Mel Holmes, enjoyed a mildly successful season in 1956, finishing third in the Central Jersey standings. Ivor Braka, the Bishops' first man, lost but three matches all year, two to State Champion Dick Emory of Red Bank Catholic. He joined with Ronnie Goldstein and Steve Niesen, the other two singles men, to form the first doubles combination, Niesen was only a freshman. The second doubles team, composed of Phil Freed- man and Earl Laing, was defeated only once during the season. The pair had remained together through three years of Varsity competition. Jay Gaines, sixth man on the team,and Steve Niesen are the only returning lettermen. CROSS COU TRY The 1956-57 Cross Country Team, coached by Gus Villapiano, had a good turn out this year when 45 boys came out for the first practice. The Varsity Team, led by the three rugged har- riers Don Martin, Ed Garrett, and Bill Waldeyer ran to a 5-3 record and copped one second place in the regular season. Although Martin and Garrett placed high in the Central Jersey and State Meets, the rest of the Varsity did not fare as well. The Jay Vees, led by Joe Renzella, Dave Brantley, and Manfred Geiger, went on to an undefeated season, knocking off some of the best teams in the state with an 8-0 record. The Freshmen, with Herman Jones, Ed Shepard, and Barry Druesne compiled a 1-3 record. But despite their lack of success, there are many prospects on the team for next year's teams. ,,.-Q The Menagerie A,,,,,,...--- nMH,,,,,....-M It's a home run! Take your marks! SAC Z' gg 3 5' Z QS 1' X S, , l R 1 5 if ff'-Qi: M b V' L Q f . Q. F' ' f x 5751-fy KICBIIQLLJ l'lC51llLl.n BLUE A'S GYM LE DER Every year a corps of gym leaders, thirty-five girls, is chosen. These girls must meet certain requirements which are as follows: good health, leadership, scholarship, physical skill, honesty, sportsmanship, and participation in the after school sports program. The duties of these leaders are to assist in taking class attendance, dis- tribute equipment, officiate at games, check locker rooms, instruct novices, and in general, help the teachers in any way possible. OFFICIALS - Back row L. to R: Anita Murphy, Brenda Rice, Gail Thompson, Virginia Bessette, Martha Leonard. Front row: Barbara Antich, Mary Pregnalli Cappy Pregnall, Sue Dorfman. The largest organization in the school is the girls' athletic association known as the Blue A's. Any girl wishing to participate in any athletic event may be- come a member. Its purpose is to promote an inter- est in girls' athletics, and to raise moneyfor the awards given to outstanding participants. "A sport for every girl and a girl in every sport" is the motto of the Blue A's. Hockey, tennis, bowling, softball, tumbling, volleyball, badminton, and basketball are the sports in which members of the Blue A's may participate. The president of the Blue A's this year is Mary Pregnall, Vice-president and secretary, Cappy Preg- nallg and treasurer, Gail Thompson. All girls' athletic instruction is given by the two Physical Education teachers, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Rinehart. qiax .Q vb SOFTBALL - Back row L. to R: Candy White, Peggy Young, Karen Vandersloot, Eleanor Di Lieto, Dolly Burr, Sarah Massey, Io Ann Schechterle, Elaine Thomas, Brenda Rice, Inez Beauford, Barbara Morris, Betty Morris. Next row: Marilyn Higinbotham, Pat Rose, Kathy Sherwood, Tina Fornarotto, Cappy Pregnall, Mary Pregnall, Martha Leonard, Barbara Antich, Anita Murphy, Virginia Bessette, Gail Thompson, Carolyn Jones. Front row: Lois Watson, Carol Dobbins, Georgia Lane, Jeanne Spencer, Nancy Fieber, Nancy Pit- tenger, Joan Hamernick, Margie Kemp. BASKETBALL TEAM - Back row L. to R: Inez Beauford, Barbara Morris, Marlene Kuchen, Beverly Furlong, Barbara Bond, Barbara Mazza, Karen Kellers. Front row: Virginia Bessete, Martha Leonard, Sue Dorfman, Brenda Rice, Barbara Antich, Carole Shertzer, Betty Burckard. HOCKEY - L. to R.:Pear1ineM00re, B r e nd a Rice, Tina Fornarotto, Grace Walther, Sheila Fee, Georgia Lane, V ir g i n i a Bessete, Gail Thompson, Barbara Antich, Cappy Pregnall, Martha Leonard, Mary Pregnall, Anita Murphy. SGFTB LL Softball is a popular sport in both the Fall and the Spring. ln the fall it is played only in the Phys. Ed. classes. However in the Spring the girls play both in the classes and after school. The after school program is organized according to classes. Parctices are held, skills are taught, and, then, after a specific number of practices class teams are chosen. These teams engage in intramural games. As in basketball, all officiating is done by student officials. BASKETB LL Basketball is one of the most popular team sports for girls, A,P.H.S. has a combined intramural and in- terschool program. There is an opportunity for any girl who wishes to participate to join a team. The first squads in each class are the only ones who participate in interschool games. They are the "Cream of the Crop' and are chosen on the basis of attendance at practices and personal skill. Needless to say, sportsmanship is essential. At the end of the year the Juniors and the Seniors compete for a trophy. The interschool games played this year were with Rumson, Red Bank, Long Branch, Leonardo, and Point Pleasant. HQCKEY Hockey is a rugged outdoor sport requiring great stamina and skill. Due to the large number of students in Phys. Ed. classes, this is purely an extra-curri- cular activity. The first practices are devoted to the teaching of skills with great stress on safety including proper use of sticks and ball. When these things are learned, the rules are explained and play begins. This year our teams were very successful in their games with Rumson, the only other shore school which sponsors the sport. Asbury's record was three wins and one tie in four games. my . J If af' MQW? .ff N gn 5 QE A iff. Q, 1 3 s , 2 a f If X 8 'iw ul A ' a ff, 3 4 x Wild? EY , - w A 1 ,,. 0 A 2 7+ 2? 53 E 1 wg V 72 H, if XM Q , , ,gy N Q M ,1-4, All f? 1 X , ,Q-N, -Q nk X X -vii. 1 K, f H, ,wa .vi in in N A 5. 1' ' f p nj ww Q .J Jag,-gm, ,, : TENNIS - Back row L. to R: Tina Fornarotto, Peggy Young, Karen Vandersloot, Eleanor Di Lieto, Anita Murphy. 2. It's all yours, Brenda. 3. Height has its advantages. CANDIDS 4. S-T-R-I-K-El 5. Plenty of action against Rumson 6. Good for the hips. the and and ine beginning 3? .un Y- ,.-.. " H .,- ,. ' .- w my ff ms A f A -

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