Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1955

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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I V ,Q sf .:,. fx' rw ix wfgx, gl Dx 9,5 N55 .J J N ' Wy, V! ,V . 1, f V 1 A4 K . is L- f" Af ' ' ' x" YL! K 1' . ,ff vf It , f 3,1 ,- 1 I lk 1,3 W L Mg f 'N if M by,-0" , Na pf, I., LIVMX V hiifb' I 42,1 Xe L' 1,1 nf , DHIFHUUUD nineteen hundred titty-tive Editor rn chrei Iudrth A Choate Business Manager William Torop X. w-XX 'S R . U , 1 'ini -. Vi ii an 1, 5319" 1955 URIHLUUUD Asbury Park High School Q f N? 1 Q- 16,59 'Q' N ', 1.4 ,gina A liSf!"'.dl H " r -' ' QM X Y -" 4 Gs.:- 91,-Q' .f it fix . I .. -F OT ,f it Quaid 'f 4 X + SX 3 "' 1... ,nn 'F' Naarimw .f 1' .H 4, 5 Q V -Q Contents Administration ...... Seniors ......... 20 Activities . . . . . . Sports . . . . . . 'PR 4-9650? Hello, is your daughter home ?" A 'fur , X 'Anyone wanna buy an ele- vator key '?" The lineup. The Senior Class officers are as follows il. to r.J Louis Di Lieto-vice-president Barbara Vacchiano-treasurer, Gene An- grist-secretary, and George Mandakas- president. Jffsn.. -l 'X X 'Tennis, anyone ?' HDIHIHISTHHTIUH . we--ff ? E """'i!v Dedication 4 I I To the many teachers of Asbury Park Hlgh School who have had a far greater 1nf1uence on us than we can ever appre Clate thls yearbook IS gratefully dedlcated Xfgm lohn l BaHou Prlnclpal Superintendent of Schools DR HARRY S HHl "f?i'l1'I2!"4 ..,p....m .,,W.Qm JAMES M COLEMAN WALLACE F GLEASON Asslstant to the Prlnclpal fd H5 7 U7 U-gl 0Mf"""X YS OLGA MARY LYNCH Asbury Park Attendance Offlcer ai FLOYD G HOEK Secretary Sz Busxness Manager p71Tsor of Instructlon I JEAN REDDAN Super1ntendent's Secretary C32 CSP' 1. C3 5, ,7 5 My ,. ix "v sw, Uffice Staff June Belasco, Doris Littell, Mary G. Huber fffiiifit Luo! WM Patricia Flindt, Vivian Shafto, Jane Richards W il? it! 2 Q K l 5 X 5 . BACK ROW: L. to R.- Rose Williams, Louise L. to R.-Patricia Davis, Mary Pontecorvo, Kath- Phillips, Catherine Freda, Betsy King, Betty Mohn, leen Johnson, Patricia Visone, Betsy Shamel, Marlene Kuchen, Phyllis Resnick. FRONT ROW: Susan Einhorn. Visualizing an office staff, the average person sees a group of shining Cherubs, who, at a signal from Some Unknown Personage, scurry hither and yon, noisily doing nothing in particular. This is not how our office staff operates. Unobtrusively, with a minimum of fuss, these "shining Cherubs" have helped to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. There's never a dull moment for staff members. Their many duties include collecting absentee slips, writing up the absentee sheet, answer- ing the telephone, delivering messages, and doing general clerical work. Prospective members must be honor students, and, if chosen, must maintain good grades to stay on the staff. Girls who remain on the staff for two or more years receive service medals. Faculty .Em 4. ,, 5 WILLIAM B. BRUNO 'fa 4 RY ISAB I EDWARD F. CARLETON ff '-nr S TZ FRANK BRYAN Sufi. ,Nw 545,4- 45"-s A. BUCH RALPH DENNISON MM- K. 1+ . I 4 f 4 ,, ug, 2 v K Q QVNK R ,, A 4,-31. A s':-?,f"'?'7 4 M m- ,S f .figf - ' 1 I L -.f',,p:?.:,w-!"' 1 A , A, , ,12c..Y4- ' , ' 1 I A K. ,153 f I W, QT? wwf? RAYMOND J. ADKINS CONNIE TINA ANGELES CLAIRE K. ANGRIST CORA V- BAKER 52 illnufz A -1 ' x : ah., X . QRUCE CKMERON U' if JANE H. GARDNER . f" ' L: Egsl .. V, if ,ag , W 'Av' ,L fa ,.. ev ff' . 5'9- fx 5 CATHERINE I. CAMPBELL ANNA HAHN - Q,-fisml' ' ' -- 7 -M sara fv:feE:Z', ', - " ' 5' ' ,. , . . M. : I at A552 ' ' 2.2 - ' V K fwf r .. ' fiiki LT' 7 ,. M A lu WM. 1 Wm ffw Ty " Facuhy 1 "X ,...,, ...M A Aw? A"' . fx- 'Qi .1-H'-'m K ,K ,.,.- :V 3 se 'if' . ,WV Q xxx ' 1 1 N' JANE E. HANGARTER ROBERT HART ALTA A. HENDERSON MELVIN J. HOLMES glmsfzeq : 5' , - Y ,. ,, ,V "Mum 255: Q Q 1 Z A E 1 HORACE I. JONES . Q:- 1-mx: JN RUTH JONES WILLIAM JUNDA JOHN LEBEGERN I Nfl K' xjjj -3 ' Yxxfxkxf QW ' . R AVIS T. MARCY ROBERT MARSCHHAUSEN , 1 . ,Y .X QP . "' .l. if 4 ' I f, ' H Q I A " V W Sf' A 1 "ts-v '- 1552. Q I X ...V .' Vs 'f' 'Kfyzf A51 I 7 N-A . Ng, JHA ISABELLE JONES , x 4 X . JWWWW ANNA LIEBERMAN KATHERINE M. MASSEY PEN Z 5' .K"" EARCE NM JOSEPH PELUSO EUGENE RIORDAN -vu MONA MEEHAN 3V ,4 f fl EMANUELA PELUSO Q? GALEN E RAY IOHANNA E RITTER 5' ae--W vt-.,,. AGR JG Y."""7 X gf NICHOLAS MERLI RUTH MORANO JUNE B MOUNT JOHN PANDOLFE Bs!-7 .fu ,HAROEJ F LACHMAN RINEHART 5 IN EVELYN H. ROSS SOTEROS ROUMANIS 601 J' U eg " H H .4 Y' ' , kv, P 'Q U w. if W , 5 a . , ,: if ,S 99" SW A .. gx on MN-XL ESTHER F ROYSTER RUTH G SANDERSON RUTH C SCHNELL JEANETTE SCHUPPAN HELEN D SHAW LEONARD T UT ESTHER THOMPSON GEORGE L THOMPSON 36311 QV :kay-9 ,o 9.9 O nib" O l OO BEATRICE A VAN CAMPEN ETHELBERT WANNER L WSW RACHEL VECCHIONE MAUDE B WESTCOTT 'if-'Q AUGUSTUS E VILLAPIANO MARIE VOGEL EDMUND M WISNER JOSEPH ZACH if--w . . F . Q W Q! - - ' -A "fl -B E Q o nv . : 4 Q . 4 U 4 O in 'fi '. 'J Maintenance is BACK ROW: L. to R. - Sam Dickerson, Robert Thomas, Bill Dickerson. FRONT ROW: L. to R. - John Stewart, John Ferguson, Edgar Burdette. b, fv . . ,,,,.,.J.4 ,,-4 'sw' 'S j A fm F f Q . an , C r"+ H -ff' ,, V A W1 1. A 4 J J K' 'a x. 'J .-. if lfid L N' J a 3-1.-1,.,. iivx ,"f-.J- ,!!f,f'1 fl aa is "A .' 51 g J, AQQQNJA . J Q J, I 'SJAFAJA' L. to R.- Pota Angeles, Eileen Hurley, Kuckler. ,ff,l.1f 5945-fr ".f'P,"' "ff- 10.1, ,,i,. Sz-L, a 1 .fe Qvqtq.xyfd.r ' :LL I .-,,., v ' D x ."""' . f fp fi " f .', . v V l 5 Q q " r- 9 P LL Y' W-'Liz 'FQ'- L L L N L H Lin., f, V .,xl: . Bb- o ,.I ................r elena L. to R. - Tim Pittock, Wilbur Moyer. 513 3: -.: Cafeteria Gel U I Mx V 'X'--v-ggi' M 1 ffm! BACK ROW L to R Edward Kallestad W1'11am Burke, Murray Rubm, Robert Prall James Hoctor NEXT ROW W1111am W11son Marshall Hyman, Jordan Abrams, Eugene Angrxst FRONT ROW George Graham Larry Lowenstexn, Malcolm Valentlne Donald Young mn., awe BACK ROW L to R Harold Dowling, Gladys Feddeler, Mr Hoek, Carmella Selletto Mary Neylon, Chfford Cason, Ehzabeth Dlckerson, Fred Grbbons Katherme Woodle, Howard Carpenter FRONT ROW L1111an T111ow Lucy Pound, Pota Angeles, Ellza Kondrup, Evelyn Goldfarb, Marlan Van Pelt 'illifaille ...di ---pa --'r 19 Me- v-was Y L : x 9 Y x 'K 1 X .x:' N 1,'re..1L:21 N N Ri 1 g fa E V ' Q ' , . 34 v . 2 ' I! T CQ K I 4 . , . ' f ' ffe L If y 4 r Q ,F . -f lk Y it i 1 N2 . I' .- ll 5 84.105 Q ,... 1 VL as fr e- X W C ' 2 5 'W' E v , if k L. iw L' X U I . ." 1 ha- l ' , . 2 . . . , . 0 I y ' ' , L -1- R- W Q' e R . f WJ V A ' 'We' or 'nfn an 'A W-ef we-+V L tm ,,. Q g 'A i -at A , -' i ' J C A i 1 , I , af' ,A . "" 'ju A ybyb , is ei , , C y M , e yy it t 4 v , yerL L Q 1-A ie 17 . 1: fx: ,M -. r ,L,,, I ' X N I . .' ' - 1 . . . . , . I Z . . . , ' . R -F-gq-9: S3335 'MN h -Nw' .. A .--f f A 1 J .,,,,...... . V V ....,.,.,.,.,. .W Q f I V ' A'- . -L J 5 . ffl ff 4 5 .K ff' Yi I-we ge ,,........-...... 31 wif, Q. 1- T M ' WMPX fi V QTY'-Y Base ll X' ba 5 . S ball , g lntram.- al H 2 N s - lig 4 1 -, ., ., .. 4 .. , - .A- .W 7 f 11:2 H 5 5',,1ie1Qa,' g - . 2, K 1 ' pal - 5 X : . , 1 .:' B3 L w ."f . ,N - I .Q , A, g . I BETTE 1. ABBOTT uBew n K 4 I Senior Pllayg Megaphone l, 2,3,4g Health Staff 4, Blue A's l,2,3,4g Student Varie- ties lg French Club3gSpot- light Club 3,43 Footlight Club 23 Welcoming Comm- ittee, Science Club lg Bank- ing Representative l,2,3g Homeroom Secretary 1,35 Treasurer 2. College: Western Reserve University. ' ,JORDAN A. ABRAMS Mr . W . 1 U' jl,'k'lga1gl110rXSociety 3,4g Mega- D es 49' 'Jordy" r dne lA,2,4g Ciub 3, Q, VXX4, Homeroom, etary 25 Student Varieties g Cafe- vteria Monigdr 4, Senior Play PrcQ13tdcp4ff Spotlight Club 3'4gN Science Club 33 Footlight 5Club 2, Debating Club, X College niversity of Pennsylvalnia. ROBERT A. ABRAMS 'Bob' Cross Country 25 Baseball lg Student Varieties 2, ln- tramural Basketball 2,3g Intramural Tennis 2, Intra- mural Softball 1,3g Senior Play 43 Track Club 25 Science Club 3, Tumbling 2. College: University of Miami. ROB 'Rl' M. ABRAMS 1 "Big Bohn KJ lil 1 3 X 'a tailnxwhv ' lntra ox 114' io X 1 i y .. NANCY ACKE RM AN "Nanc " Drum Majorette 3,45 Honor Society 3,43 Twirlers 1,2,3g Freshman Picture Comm- ittee 4, Red Cross Comm- ittee 4g Library Staff 4, Medical Staff 2g Spotlight Club 3,4g Footlight Club 25 Basketball lg Blue A's l,2, 3,4. If X f""!e :Gt RITA ALBANO nReen Italian Club 1,23 Record Club l. College: Undecided. Hobby: Catching Butter- flies. Ambition: To swim the English Channel, asket ll pot f Harm. - , , " ng GQ e lost nll niversity. Ambit n. be a success . E-ggi,-agp -fft r,ea31gi?.l'ef'w-1271?1ff'l7S1fiTiv A-1,214-if -:if i'Q-iff?ffE5ffiS?fsvs-1 . , 1n b 1 S. Q' 1 Hob 1Sh1I1g - Other Plans: To travel, 'S ' 4: 'Ei ' A' ' 'wif ly ,f,,,,,m,fg,-15 ,N,,,,g-1,3 4.-,eww faeflwff:-wife: ,.m1-is-ab JOYCE ADAIR uJ0yn Glee Club 1,2,3g Nurses Club 4, Record Club 2 College: Business College Hobby: Roller Skating. 9's..f' Wk' X 1 EDWARD ALDARELLI Student Council Represen- tative 2, Vice President of Home Room 3g President of Home Room 4, Intramural Baseball 2,3g Basketball 1, 2,33 Freshman Basketball, J.V. Baseball. Ambition: To go to Italy. Other Plans: To go to Col- lege. , ,H ' if N X ic .1 D, , LEM! Gd C D A no A LP, T Kmifptigod affg, 0 - WL : . . : - 4 ty , 3 Qlli, Cl ,U ball 1: Freshman Welci pf ' Club Pr ' H ,Q f-1 - ' . m 112, ,4, a 3' o gy 1n'g er , , KR Q JI? A7035 DONN ANDREWS W- L Vliieay-out Editor of Drift- I ab wood Foofbaliz 3 4 Base 4: Blue eg ce ub ing Committe . S0CiefY - ub ,4- H y: , ' Q 3 - Footlight Club 2, Bas- r shfika re , ol ms. 5 f.fLlSS'b?f111 31 Bowling 2.3.43 IL9- A, QV V 4 e 4, , M, P fd! Record Clu lg Spotlight lle utgers. ,Gu-. ' Club Grade Com- H : Amateur Ra l 0. N' " JUN I ,IHittee. ' ition: To bean electri- G7 tj 'L ,wmgq Ambition: To be a secre- cal engineer. g-Q LQ H bl VU in Lgtfjbio a millionaire. cuvvf' 'buf' Hobbies: 'Icing and eat- AAA ,WM 3: Basketball Manager 1,2, PMC Uk THOMAS . I-44111 , JR. EUGENE ANGRIST LK 4 0 - t Q em,- lntramura kgtbal 1,2 Honor Society 2,3, Presi- 3: Vyf27"P sid nt 3 v A dent 49 Secretary of Senior Room 33 ,re hm 3. et- Class, French Club 3, Vice ball: Englis an Com- President 45 Junior Class- mittee 3,4. ical League 1,2, Treasurer . , mg. Ambiti : To own a car and s e the world, Other Plans: To make a million dollars. ger 2,33 Track 3,4g Megaphone 1, Editor 3,4g Track 3,45 Cross Country Mana- 2. 2 6w'lL,LV h 1flPlans: To go to 'tlggfggvi 7 f W f f. nASHK R 1, 'Iurk l Foo 31.iJ2?1,ia41? 513 Roo ,Preside 2,35 Key c1n1w,3s11?,Eg3nci12,3, Junior ro Committee 3: Intra l 1,2,3,4g Treagge L?wsF00r1ighr Club 2: E Is an Basket- ball: Tra ' - Treasurer of Senio Room. College: Georgetown. SAUNDRA AXELROTH 'Sandy' Society 3,4g Mr. Coleman's Staff 4: Student Varieties lg Freshman Picture Committee 4, Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Girls' Sports 1,2. College: Mandell. Hobby: Mambo. Ambition: To go to San Sal- vador. Other Plans: To get my' Mrs. WILLIAM M. BARBER 'Willy' Tumbling Club 3,4. Hobby: Collecting pennants from places I have visited. Ambition: To be success- ful. Other Plans: To own my own business. 1 ' ' - DORIS E. BECKER 'Dar' GIee'Club I5 Mixed Chorus 15 Blue A's l,2,3,45 Girls' Sports 1,25 Twirlers 2,3,45 Tumbling 15 Record Club15 Hockey 15 Christmas Pro- gram 1. Hobby: Dancing. RICHARI2 sri 15, N Meg hdfle Ntsggll 34-a onor ggi ty 36 '15 I I' ' N? Fr nchTClu e oammji Vice .Pr tag, X Club 41,11 h I in Co 'tee 'X collegsunapfj ed. X M o Kjasuc s J I. P 5 3 ,N X, 'N ,f At er, ,I 3 Ns BARBARA F. BERMAN "Bobbie" Gym Leader 45 Key Club 45 Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Girls' Sports 1,2,3,45 Bowling Manager 3,45 Megaphone 1, 2,35 Mrs. Baker's Staff 35 Ring Committee 45 Student Varieties 15 College: Ohio State. KK IN XIX X R33 ' if 1' J Q , X. N - ' 'v . V . .X A! YN , I I - x fr RQ 1 A if' 538 ARTHUR B. BENTLEY 'Bobby' Intramural Basketball 253, 45 Tumbling l,2,35 Mega- phone 35 J.V. Football 45 Freshman Football 15 De- bating Club 35 Press Club 35 Intramural BasketbaII35 College: Tennessee State A and I, LAWRENCE BE RG "FIash" Intramural sports l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Track 25 Cross Country 25 Track Club 2. College: University of North Carolina. Hobby: Custom Cars. Ambition: To be president of General Motors. ,Yiw- JOAN BISBEE Bi " Q?J 45 Mega- elling ,3,45 Baslggl, , ,45 Basel ball 5' owlin 4- lin 34' oll 3,45 llege: . g e ,s, an ports I ' 'o : oli6om rich sir 1 Li- LW I f , ' 5 . ,,-.-. , rm.-r.:.f -f-1,:.,- . -Q. 1,5 ,- ' ' - I MARIE J. BERTINI "Marie Del' Mr. Carleton's Staff 3,4 Key Club 3,45 Blue A's 1,2 Girls' Sports 1,2,35 Italian Club 3,45 Library Staff 3 Basketball 3. College: St. Francis. Ambition: To reachltaly by scooter. vga 'NK I . XJ. A m y, I JA QWIQXELACKWELL : , IJAWY.. CBa Q: Trabk 2. HB hyixlvlaking model air- eg., Ambition: To be a success. Other plans: To join the Air Force. BARBARA BLUSEWICZ 'Bobbie' Blue A's l,2j Glee Club l. College: Business School. . I .4 f . 3 1 1. 5 ' . 1 Ir, A k . 1, V, V l f.,, , , 3, Magi - VV V. A V f 1.5, 't 3 X" A v vf I' Jp1ptTHtB'ooKsTABER 'f 41 X44 AUUFY nl x .ff : 11' ' Meganone f6,3,4f Foot- light Club 23 Spotlight Club 3,4Q Press Club2,3,43 Ush- ers 3,43 Honor Society 2,3, 43 Mr. Coleman's Staff 23 Latin Club l,2. College: Undecided. Ambition: To write for a fashion magazine. 'Q' 1 no '25 'W 1 5 ' , - 4' lfli JOAN BOVA MJOM German Club 233,43 Mega- phone 1,2,3,4Q Blue A's 1, 2,3,4Q Footlight 23 Future Nurses' Club 43 Senior Play Prompter 4. College: Upsala. Ambition: To work in the medical field. Other Plans: To marry and raise a family. THERESA M, BOWERS "Terri " Vice President of Future Nurses' Club 43 Glee Club l,2,37,43 Hockey 1,33 Medi- cal Staff '33 Spotlight Club 3,43 Blue A's1,2,3,43Mix5d Chorus 2. College: Jersey CiiyMedi- cal Center. ,A THOMAS A. BOYKIN, JR.' 'Tom' I ,, 1 I Baseball 1,2,3,4Q lntraj mural Basketball 1:Q,3,43 Football 13 Tumblii1gl2,33 Intramural Football 4, u, College: .C.L.A. : Ambition: oplayprofess- ionai baseball.. ' 3 Other Plans:, To stay a bachelor. JOAN M. BRANDTJEN "Joanie' Record Club l,2Q Blue A's l,2,3,43 Homeroom Vice President 23 Bowling 13 Hockey l,2Q Soft Ball 1,23 Glee Club 13 Spotlight Club 3. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Writing letters to Don. Ambition: To be a Court stenographer. Other Plans: To be suc- cessful. MONTE BRA -' I 'Monte otball , Track Col Penlrfsylvania. Ambition: To become an accountant. , I 'ij' THE B MBOS ,j Teddyl' lx, Cd u Bo 1 s tate, 33 Varsity 3 Baseball? nager 3,43 ln- amura 'asketb 1,2,3, 3 Ingham Giqb tra- olle ot l amel' Hobby: Driving my jalopyf gf H :S ai W ing. .V Ambition: To become a Navy Nurse. A, al Fgtbaflll b 3 -. A tion:X'Tb be acertified publiq accountant. 'Kg '3l7'34 .af-. .M l MN., r- -. --A flu VP' M in--v . .5 -mx , mf' if 53 at 1. ,f at R I ""hnll4 1.3 ...fx, va, 4, :F--' ' 5 il f-f2.'r-'R e .WL x BARBARA J. BRISTON "Barb" Transferred from NCPIUHCIKN in Junior year. Bowling 3: Hobby: Reading. Ambition: To get married. Other Plans: To become a stenographer. ANN BROOKS "Shorty" College: West Virginia State. Hobby: Collecting photo- graphs. A Ambition: To travel. HAROLD W. BROWN J .lgnookien 1,0 V 44,Oif'Cl'1eg?9giL4g llrackg rack Club: Shore Confer- 1- ence'-B' d Student"Vari- Ssetties 3.Wt 3 R, 1 College: Long l-glazlill Uni- veri t , X51 Ajltahviv Hobinsgxcwulsicf ' Ambition: To become a doctor. Other Plans: To enter the Navy. WILLIAM BURKE 11, r, R, m"Billy Bee' 1 L, lg Cxros lntry 0 fill: Basketbailffllf a 6 I 2-lntra l'Bas b 1 2t,3 ntram a aseball '2,," ,Frekf ub3:Track , - ':- . I , f 1, f - A ' ,ff ' A , MAR1E"iCANDIPlNO 1 uCl'l-QOQW 'fy .V Home Roonf Secretary 1,2, 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4: Book Committee 4: Bowling 1,2, 3: Banking Representative 1, Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Olubmdrac ' ' ' ' ' , , , C f ,ge:A 1 is. Nngggvbyz Cruising in my H332 I V ingi I A V' ' rosley with Helen, Janet, gagzigionpw A21 se?-3 KHWU 't7""' : dll' Q ,, . . A si a , xv . s' il I if Q .V v , x I , BEVERLY A. CARTER I s 'Bev' TERRY w, BR0wN1NG 'Q Varsity Cheerleader 4: T, B, Radio Club 2: Sound Crew 3,45 Stage Crew 3,4g Key Club 4. College: University of Maine. Hobby: Boat racing, - V 'fi"fl3.u Y. ,- 1,,:.w, Qvlor Guard 3: Gym Leader 314: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Stu- dent Varieties lg Basket- ball l,2,3g Record Club 1. College: Howard Univer- sity. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To become a social worker. Other Plans: To become a famous dancer. t QSM A 'iff ii?"i " " f it. . . 3 .kd W af...,e..,:,V',.r A i 1 wtf, rf.. A, ,,,, Ne, and Marie. Ambition: To become a bookkeeper. if l . Xi gi x :ASS I . j' r WI A J. CA JR. Jug? erzEH'ijyyLeiglie'l, ,4 Fr h Cl Q e l if 'S ww onbt A :lo fl lyllillolpaii Lu! HotrlekR Of 'ce,v,4,J'un- ior,'VPro mittee 4: Baslg bl 1, I ',lntra- mur liiligjlafil ,2,3,4f'ln- tramur Ba,sketbal1f1 1,3. College: Brovfrl Unfersity. Ambition: To! become an advertising executive, TOM CESTONE Baseball l,3,4g Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4g Intra- mural Softball l,2,3,4g Home Room President 3: Student Council 35 llome- room Vice President 2. College: Duke. Ambition: To go into busi- ness. , Other Plans: To go to college, N E.. i ",: , . my . . NANCY CHAM BE RS Twirling 43 Bowling 3,4g Hockey 4. College: Douglass. Ambition: To become a secretary. Other Plans: Tovisit Paris and Rome. .. I E V 'Jie JANE CHETKIN . W4 N -'I' g a I e 4 Y 1 . XJgQlTl1,'sC'CHo9.fE ,. Blue A's l,2,3,4g Clee Clulzyzfllferrlrf-Chief 'bf ,pim- lg Mixed Chorus lg Foot-' wodf: Hugo? Sogery 3,4: light Club 2, ,Cqtizepnh 'wee 3, Blue Hobby: Listening to "Rhy- thm in Blues". Ambition: To work at Fort Monmouth. Other Plans: To marry a millionaire. ., . A - I., . , ,L ..,V.,,!,.,ai, 1,. ,- Kew f- me .. '--1f"e- ea -, esfw . A .w 1L.4e,e. Ghmanx fflub 3, f ice Preeglenifg 5 ight Club 3 7' Footli 2g ypftll orum.3Ag res :lnPic- turffilommittexe, reshman Day Comnligtee. X Co1lege?Douglass. ia ' , K Q . A In College: Monmouth Junior 7 12,3141 GYITLF 'Lead College. fl: Girls' Slwrrs 1, ' P gpture re 4 r - oleman 's tlight Q1-ub 2 WA: Blue C'lle :llglast Gen er ospiltal. A 'tion: o be a good Nu Other ans: Togotonurs- ing sc 1. X DIANNE E. CLARK "Dee " Honor Society 3,4g Italian Club 2,3, President 45 Us- her 4g Freshman Picture Committee 45 Junior Red Cross Committee 4: Blue A's l,2: Bowling 23 Foot- light Club 2: Key Club 4. College: Katherine Gibbs Secretarial chool. I J and 4- rche ra k 1 3 4 door 4 l a ba u I: 5 , LA A n ' "C ki L g fb? 1 , n 1 I . ' r , , 4 C ra 36 tr ll t d ' V it' 5 ' Tra bg F a 1. Cole e Aa . ' . 1 F QQ, A .A Ambitio ' be, ec- trical I 'Fneelr 4 Vgy, V J -5 we ,"',' i. Jgt'1:'f-1 -- z ff' A-.l 4' ,ery - fe ' EDWARD CONNER uRedn Homeroom President lg Baseball lg Football 13 Basketball lg Intramural Basketball 1,2,3g Gym Monitor 4. Hobby: Hillbilly records and baseball. Ambition: Professional Baseball Player. Other Plans: U. S. Navy. ef ., A ff Q 2 .- A e-,.fz,,x if . t evfxlfylfeg, ,MW zz 233. W5 Rag A. is X K 4 Ag: 'vf e,4f.e72?'7" 'mm "xr '-I N ff' 'te..',M V, w,m..vf"r:'wueiJ1'J-2 V 'fir-"Y 'fI1"7' 'Ls a,,. ,. ARRELLA CORBIN Girls' Sports l,2,3,4g Blue A's 1,3,4: Megaphone 25 Glee Club 1 2. College: Busine'ss School. Hobby: Collecting records. Ambition: To become secretary. Other Plans: To get mar- RICHARD CROTTY Dick French Club 4. Dick transferred from Rose s High School in his senior year. College: Seton Hall Uni- versity. Hobby: Basketball. Ambition: To become a ANTHONY E. DANELLI Sonny Science Club 1 Vim Pres- ident 2 President 3 4- As- tronomy Clusl 2 3 4 Homeroom Vice President 2: Homiroom President 3 College. 'UndEcided. s Hobby:,Astrorlomyl ' -. ev'- , -sg 4 if 4 ' .. .54 if , 1 ng v YL- u nv ,, " J I St. I ' I I l . I 1 J 3 . . . ried. MARIE M. CORBO "Penny" Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Hockey 2,35 Bowling 1,25 Mega- phone 1,2,3,4: Footlight Club 2: Banking Repre- sentative 4: Debating Club 3. College: Barbazon Model- ing School. Other Plans: To marry. MARY ANN E. COSTA 'Mare' Blue A's 1,2,3,4. College: Wilford Beauty School. Hobby: Writing letters to Alaska. Ambition: To own a Beauty Shop with Joan. Other Plans: To go to Eur- ope on my honeymoon. , To become a geologist. - X dentist. Other Plans: lege sports. ai? Ainb tion To go ,ga college 1 ' : ,I 9 if JOAN A. DAVISON Ho eroom President lg Glee Club 1: Blue A's 1, 2,3,4. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Writing letters to Dick. Ambition: To becomeapri- vate secretary. Other Plans: To be happy. LOIS M. DAVISON ILO! Honor Society 3,-1: Blue A's 1,35 Freshman Softball, College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To own a car. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. GRACE DEISS 'Ditz' French Club 3, Twirling 43 Blue A's l,2,3,4g Spotlight Club 3,45 Footlight Club 2, Record Club lg Glee Club 1. College: St. Peter's Hos- pital. Ambition: To be a good nurse. Future Plans: To visit Hon- olulu. - F' 5. QQ, M fr' . F Q? R , Q ME, J2f.UegM2'ggl"hiYg'fffgzfiw a .f5ji1.,fjf :nw-J A l t . s ANTHONY DEL BAGNO Louis DI LI TQQM.-' 'Del' " " Italian Club2,3g Intramural Basketball 1,23 lntramural Baseball 3,4. College: Undecided. Hobby: Cars. ' v ..,,- , J, ff Biff, JOSEPH A. DEL PIZZO "Jitso" Football l,2,3,4. Hobby: Cars. Ambition: To own a gas station. Other Plans: To join the Navy. LOUISE M. D'ESPOSlTO 'Lou' Blue A's lg Italian Club 2 3,4g Tennis lg Softball 1 Basketball l. College: Beautician school. Hobby: Making friends. Ambition: To be a beauti- Cian. Other Plans: To be another Ethel Smith. .I f Lmffs' Bas?-zlialf' l,2,3,4g . Basker- ball, 1,2,3,4g 'Football 1,2, 45' Secreltafy off Junior Class: Vipe President. of Senior 'Classg Stock QROOHI 43 StudQ1tx2Auncil 3, Stu- dent Executive Council 4: Italian Club 45 Junior Prom Committee. Hobby: Sports, College: Columbia. X' f tra 2 e eri 3 ln 1 In C llegeg m fl- f o er P .' :T I0 tocol 4 1 LAURLEE ' A. EBLE . Driftwood Stzlffq' Record Club '1, vicq, Preisaqem 2, President' .8,4g Megaphone 3,43 Blue A's l,2,3,4g Gle Club lg -Footxflght Club College: Rider. . bitiolizi To be asecre- A ' I 'il 53'-ly.. - -' Hg , . di? 10071, wb heerleader 1 2 3 Captain 4' Treasurer of Student Council 4- Honor Society 2,3,4g Vice President of Junior Class: Office Staff 3,4g Usher 3: French Club 2,3,4g Junior Classical "'9m League 1,23 Megaphone 1, 2,35 Blue A's1,2,3,4g Foot- light Club 2g Record Club lg Press Club 2. College: Wellesley. SUSAN C. ELDREDGE Usue H Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,25 Record Club lg French Club 3,4g Footlight Club 25 Spotlight Club 3: Twirling 3,4g Flag Twirler 45 Library Staff 3,45 Bowl- ing 1,2,3. College: Undecided. Hobby: Knitting. Ambition: To go to Hawaii. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. ARLENE D. EVENSEN 'Ollie' Student Council 1,23 Key Club 43 Record Club 1g Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,23 Bowling 3. College: Undecided. Ambition: To be happy. Other Plans: To travel for a year in a trailer. lf li RICWM F IlDiC il a a Soft rew 4. lleg' t . Ambiti ' o become a zoolo' . Other Plans: To own an animal farm. iunrrn A. FEINBERG r'fJudy Footlight Club 2' Spotlight Club 3' Ring Committee 4- Bowling Manager 4- Bank- ing Representative 1,2,3,4g Student Varieties 1,2,3g Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Record Club lg Glee Club lg Tumb- ling 1,2,3g Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. College: Douglass. Hobby: Dancing, JUSTINE A FERRANTE Jess College: Undecided. Hobby: Eating. Ambition: To travel to Paris. Other Plans: To own a white Cadillac. -10" 1':""""9' HGH" S. 'Z , pw PELLEGRINO M. FERRANTE 'Pilly' Student Council 2. College: Seton Hall Univer- sity, Hobby: Attending Jazz con- erts. Ambition: To be a success. Other Plans: To further my education. M ' f r ,.. .1 ::ei:1.ii11. f. We W' To take life easy. I PATRICIA A. FLANAGAN at Footlight Club 2' Spotlight Basketball 2- Twirling 3 4- Flag Twirler 4- Home- room Vice President, 3- Banking Representative 1, 2- Library Staff 4- Glee ARLINE I. FOX Skeeter Ring Committee 4- Press ing Representative 4' Blue A s 1 2 3 4- Bowling4- Jun- ior Classical League 2- Band 1,2- Orchestra 1,2- Freshman Welcoming SANDRA FREEDM AN. Sandy Hono Soci M2 Usher 244 Fr nclyv, Clulz 4- Spotlight C151 3, 4' Blu A s 31 g Junior Cla s ?' g, a- - f ub l reshman gicturE1Com- 1 45,2114 . . uP as u n N " fl LIZ Club 3,43 Blue A35 1'2'3,4: Club 4gMegaphone-igBank- 3, 9f , , , ' 1 1 n 1 1 , ' 5 , , p 1, 1 e f 1 7 I Club 1. College: Trenton State Teachers' College. Hobby: Listening to rec- ords. Yi? I JEANNETTE S. FOX 'Sally' Driftwood Staff 45 Mega- phone l,2,3g Junior Class- ical League 2: Secretary of Record Club 2g Foot- light Club 23 Spotlight Club 3,4g Bowling Manager 43 Blue A's 1, 2, 3, 43 Ring Committee 45 Student Var- ieties 2g Tumbling l,3. College: Douglass. Hobby: Dancing. Committee 1, College: University of Michigan. Ambition: jo finish col- l , - ' Wege ,W mite' ' T ,. Col ge: Syracu e. Au Ho by: Trygfiteilfgaigw weight. fl I Ambition: Laboratory Technician. 'X ,,.-rw. I-it X E. GABINS Gym Sports Mon ' State Hobby: as all., Ambitio : be ess- I ent un 1 Pres- g umor rom C p f - F e l . H m r i en ' 3 4' a - ba s- a tain 4: s e all 1, ac 15 ' 5 ntr mural aske b l , , , Colle A ndecided. Hobby iling. ' l 'l , ,H M flll. I," --s Vi-- MH 'T I d n f " fn l ,ls , , ' ' - x 1 F 4, unio ass Pres- ' i'- - ' - I m e, r Ah C1 , ' d .2. 3.4, alll, , , Se ll , ,3, Ba ,l ' k T bl g 1 1 3 MILDRED FRAZIER 'Millie' Blue A's 4: Press Club 4. Ambition: To invent a bomb that won't explode. Other Plans: To travel around the world. Ambit nz To be Mr. Uni- verse. LORETTA M. GASPARIAN 'Lorette' Band 13 French Club 35 Blue A's 1,2,3g Footlight Club 25 Honor Society 4. College: Art Center, Los Angeles, California. Hobby: Collecting art books. Ambition: To become a commercial artist. Other Plans: To study art in Europe. 4--1 i A ' 4 . :, .ta-,,.m? ',f , -Q - -Fi..a"r ? graft ,tgf f- H M , ' K if 'Kiki ff' fv aif- 1 ' 'HE' as-f--.., 3' -3 5 -fv- i FN' -if 'ff 1 vg""'W if--. 'W L WA, ff' i x Nm. ,,.,., . A 1 . I ,, ow df 1 fi" ti I." , V I ' , vt. i Q A' 0 ' Q. 1' he 5. it ' an J f!"1'+f' i 'ix , If 7, M. X, rfifo 'f?.g'GEHRlNG I, D sl A izn V A f . Foo lg J. V. Captain 2,33 agrsity 4: Track l,2, 3,43 Indoor Track l,2: ln- tramural Baseball 2,3,4g Intramural Basketball l,2, 3, 43 Sheriff on Free- hoidaffsgpfgg Track Club Foot ig t Vice Presi- meroom Presi- fibflliinior Prom Com- mittegi'3. Cpllege: U. S. Coast Guard 'Academy: ,,, Pit 'fo fLAmbit,ixin: I' V 'an officer L in thefCoas yfiuard. 'A' 11 V I nfl . il." EVEL'QxN M,t GBRBIG . K. I' 'Bo tsf' f all 1Ch.efrus ,2,B,4' Blue A's 1'2 3- . ufnbing l,2,3g Lin VV 3,fffg'rehch 2.1 Hobby:f Keeping scrap I books dfflerry Lewis. Ambition: To make amovie with Jerry Lewis. Other Plans: To build a villa in ltaly. AILENE J. GLENDINNING ' , - 1' 0 JuQZm52Classicalf1Xagu 2: 'Xffecond Clu -if Blue 1,2,3QQ BQAZVSL Glee, lub 4.3! ri ' 'il egezfllgelherine Gibbs Secretarial Sch' ,rf 'p - Writivf Dutchie. y ition: 0 be a good secretary. I Other Plans: To marry in two years. EDWARD GL ' :J E Jim m v u ' ' s ior ye rr h n n l a to ry I k Hi chool. oll ez nsylvania Stat 'iv ' J, Ambit' - o , c e an engine . X JM Other Plans: T o to col- lege. ROSALYN D. GOODMAN "Rozie" Key Club 43 Mr. Carleton's Staff 45 Band lg Glee Club l,2g Girls' Sports 1. College: Farleigh Dickin- son. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To be ,success- ful. f " if f 'X MC! x I . BARBARA A. GORENFLO S 'Bobbie' " Blue A's1,2: Girls' Sports i,2. x N -W College: Undecided. ' Hobby: Cooking. Ambition: To retire from work at an early age. Other Plans: To be suc- cessful. " wx.. W i' , :lil , ...S .4 X .R GARRY R. GRABELLE ucarn Band l,2,3: Orchestra 1, 2,33 Student Varieties 3: Baseball lg Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4g Intra- mural Softball 3,4g Shore Conference Band l. College: Seton Hall Uni- versity. Ambition: To be asuccess. -A .. mt -- .. -' 3 :gap 4, :H Z1 is . . . .,,.. .,,..., , .,,. A.... , W, i DOLORES M. GRAHAM 'Bootsie' Megaphone l,2,3,4g Blue A's 1,2g Glee Club l,3g Baseball 1,25 Basketball l, 2: Tennis l,2. Hobby: Eating. Ambition: To go into the Air Force. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. Hobby: billies. I' hill- To join the Naval To be a test driver for G. M, C, ,ri aan... 1 I ef 3 "' 1' 1 , . Jxlgfffvf , --3 OB L, Il 'Bo X 1 2, ,4: oo Pre ent 5 o - 'm Vi Pr ident 5 or ociet 2, 3, 45 F Cl, :Intramural Ba tball 1,2, 43 n a- mu al Softball 2 ' Iall Monitor: Juni r m Committee: Stu ev oun- cil 3. College: Dartmouth. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To be a success. txt. . SALVATORE GRASSO Nick Vadouch Football 1 2' Basketball 1' Homeroom President 2, Vice President 33 Italian Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball I, 3, 45 Intra- mural Baseball 3,4. College: Undecided. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To see the world. Other Plans: To own the craziest car. yah fi? ..,.... FREDERICK GRAYE R "Fred" Band l,2,4g Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Science Club 3. College: Undecided. Ambition: To become a success. . A 1' , 'Aff I' ' K I x .QX Vi, X x -, N wkx .. H fl?-if it, , . THOMAS B. GROB Tom 5 F X, Tumbling 2 4f Freshman " S V QQ " Fpotball. Geometry Llub3. ,fi w.....fg 1 College: Princeton. 1 ' B I ""' g Hobby: Cats, f "- ' ' Ambition: T3 be asuccess. ' 'Y ANTHONY GROSSO , 'Gros' V tltzefoefar V I lub 1,4231 Fr n Club 3 4g Spot gh - Iffg li W onors ' ,iii , r hold r' yg ' ' esh 'G seball, ' 'BV' , . Fresh c re Com- ,ff : Xflyneez tome s yi-if A tary lg Homer ' asu- A ii :L rer 2, Ho om Vice I A President g Intramural ' Baseball 1,2,3,4g lntra- '- mural Basketball 1,2,3,4. . College: Undecided. iia: 'L :gi-.ET 5 1 f5:5?i7f' ROSE MARIE HALL MRO!! Glee Club lg Blue A's 1. Hobby: To collect Eddie- Fisher's Records. """ Ambition: To travel around the world. Other Plans: To marry. Q 'ilgc :ia MAL LW R. ALS A f , L. J tball Iii s tball 4 I I . 1 5' tba 4. ge: uh ecide. '77 Hobby: Fis ing, " A' I Ambition . statisti ' fall'-4 a Other ans: To join the 'T' .X I Army. - , ,ip .sun s ? . . Z 'X 'E 1 2 ., .A , ,V . ,W E W .iii 1 142: - f, ,- 1 MA , 31 .1 2 . , ,. wit-vs.w:L.i+wfLisma. .. -, ' 5 ,"'ffff. 5 1 . irc Cf. feic-cf'-LJ VC CTA ..... ,y 41,55 - 537 IQ, -as Q""f'7 Q73 .1 ,. W 1 Q., X ,- ri? iw x , - SP1-+ av ff- 4' uf K' .0 is .2 PATRICI HAMERNICK A M, HAQRYS 'rw -- CAROLE 3. HAUSLER Library Staff 3 4- Blue A s 1 2 3 4' Basketball 4' Spot- Ho room President 4- in Committee 4- Footlight ob 'CO g Western B1ueA 1 - Club bition: get married. geg H , ther Plans: To become H0 by: assistant cashier for J. J. Ambition: To ' Newberry S- social scientist. ' Other Plans: Q20 world. f l,2,3,4' ons s :QE .S-. Q , - Edit-'VQr 3Z5,?Q . Club 2- Record Club 4. College: Lasell Junior Col- lege. Ambition: To become a medical secretary. 7' K--. V YR? Wx : , f T, MZ' ...X fs ,fc Q! 7f 5' ' if x-1-file.-Q9 fi-I Ck' sf? I C 0 .af fx: L 3 '1""' DI Q at y 'Nsb , K ' n W g 1 l 1 y 1 ' 1 051 Co it : re Club3: light Club 3,43 Make-up K , n 149 1 A , ds 1, e p 1,2 , 0 Co r f b si e LE :C J Zq 4 K i fx Q y a if-af . .E Y, gh ..,, ,at 'W r l L As :f?Hm--'Ltiityc ' u X -Fiagff 'r- f7'7lef - L'r X X, T r b 3f4:-gEoot- . -534 ii tgC1ub 24 lag Rego lub 1. "1 ' Xflollgez University ow' aware?QfL BARBARA HANSEN 'Bobbie " J. V. Cheerleader: Varsity Cheerleader: Mr. Cole- man's Staff 2,4:Megaphone 2,3,4: Track Club 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Girls' Sports 1,2,3g Hockey 1: Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 2,3. Hobby: Listening to hill- billies. Ambition: To own two dozen pink boll weavils. Other Plans: To become Mrs. Galagher in August. D. PAUL HANSEN "Dave" Band l,2,3. College: Undecided. Hobby: Boating. Ambition: To become a millionaire. Other Plans: To travel west. rl if V5 ., Tax yah X 7 1 W' fy 'Q . A .. ,.:. f L51 J 3 L 5 5 bl g A BBLRTHP CAROL R. HWIGND Senior Play- 1, 2,3,4: Girls rts 1,2,3, 4: Gym Leader 2, 3, 4: French Club 3,4: Junior Classical League 2: Honor Society 4: Band 1,2,3,4: Shore Conference Band 3: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Student, Varieties 3: Spotlight Club 43 Glee Club 1. College: Denison. Hobby: Knitting. Ambition: To go to college. ,gy via -I -iff T- ' 4 . CHARLES HEULITT 'Chaz' Glee Club l,2,3: Freshman Baseball. College: Undecided. Hobby: Cars. Ambition: To become an automotive engineer. Other Plans: To join the Air Force. All WWE' f lv 555353 ai JOHN R HEYDT John Band I 2 3 4 Orchestra I 2 3 4 German Band 3 4 Semor Play Spotllght Club 3 4 Student Varletles Band 3 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 4 Intramural Softball 3 J V Basketball3 Gym Squad Leader 4 Cafeterla Monltor 2 College Wake Forest Hobby Mus1c New Vi? m.,f"v'Vf WEP Paar' N-MU"'K ALETA J HILL Future Nurses Club 4 Blue A S 3 4 Jeanette came to A P H S IH her Jumor year from Tennessee RUSSELL HI BBETS WIHSIOH Freshman Football Freshman Baseball J V Football 2 Varslty Foot ball 34 Intramural Bas ketball College Urslnus Hobby Flshlng Amb1t1on TobeMr Amer 1ca Other Plans To jom the Army 'wt 'iv--. HOCK ue Tw1rl1ng 34 Honor So 5-jf' c1ety 234 French Club 2 3 Secretary 4 Mega phone 1234 Blue Asl 2 3 4 G1rls Sports 1 2 3 4 Student Varletles 1 2 3 Spotllght Club 3 Foothght Club 2 Junlor Classlcal League 2 Homeroom Presldent 1 Student Coun cxl 1 Make up Commlttee " cw ""I""'!' ,aw A Jan JIX 'Ellueil-yg Ziyzgjoggl st C ge E sex Cou yVo ,anonalxjzd Tec mfgg Hog Bauqgingtr eords mb t1on To ajznurse Other Pl s T arry a struggllngfyoung 1 tern JOYCE E UGGAN Blue A s ,4 Me hone f3 4 tude t. t QQM3 Ger ea ergfbglo 0 1 4 N 4 p Homer mL Ice Sl ent 4 a 10 anager s Footll t uve o s t o n obby Basket a Other Plans physxcal therap1st COITIC 3 JOSEP Intramirral J b y Bojghg KTM 1t1 Hkco a Air Force MARIE JOHNSON T err1 G1rls Sports 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Megaphone 3 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 College Rider College Hobby H vmg a good t1me Amhmon To become secretary Other Plans To marry ,P-1f"4'l'i W4 W sf Q X14 ww? '34 "WY" aww 'H 4 'wxi-'L ii"nwa 1. ww -lik? 'Q 1' ill' -:mag 'Pk wa .. , 13 g .5 .,.,1 M4T.'f'iXZ"9fffiLi?f1SiZ93-fivfe VL W mf 4' iff? a.f1,,. .- .f+,,,,.f.i,fi. . ' wi-W-.,1,f.rfifw . -- fi ft fr J. 4 ,ff ifqgyrgfr Q 4 4 I. Q MURIEL A. JOANES ' "Jonsie",' ' Blue A's 334: Glee Cfub,1, 2? Basketball l,2,3gChorus 1,2, , ' , College: Business College., Hobby: Eating., I . Ambition: To travel! ' Other Plans: To join the Air Force. EDM UNU KALLESTAD "Whitey" Baseball 1,2,3,4g Cafeteria Monitor 4: Gym Monitor 4. Hobby: Fishing. Ambition: To own a store. Other Plans: To join the Navy. LEONARD R. KAPLAN "Lenny" French Club 3: Science Club 3: Intramural Basket- ball 3,4: Honor Society 45 Freshman Welcoming Committee. College: Undecided. Hobby: Raising Parakeets. Ambition: To own my own business. Other Plans: To be a suc- cess. ALVIN KASSON MAI Il Tennis 3, Captain 43 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Photography Club 3: Intra- mural Football 4. College: University of Pennsylvania. Hobby: Photography. Ambition: To become a business executive. HELEN A. KELLER "Oop-Shoop' Record Club lg Megaphone l,2g Blue A's l,2,3,4g Homeroom Secretary 2,45 Banking Representative 3: Key Club 3,4g Footlight Club 2: Spotlight Club 3,43 Gym Leader 2: Girls' Sports 1,2,3. College: Undecided. Hobby: Listening to hill- billies. ' ...ark ' -5 ' si 'US-iw MICHAEL J. KILLEEN 'Tinker' Driftwood Staff: Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4: Spot- light Club 4: Footlight Club 2. College: Undecided. Ambition: To be happy. Other Plans: To be a chef. 'T- Q-up . ROBERT KING "Bob" Basketball l,2,3,4: Foot- ball lg Baseball 1: Tennis 2,43 Intramural Basketball 1,23 Intramural Baseball l, 2,33 Intramural Football 4: Homeroom President 2: Homeroom Vice President 4. College: Notre Dame. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To have plenty JWQ' BARRY KLEIN Radio Amateur Club 3: Math Club lg Science Club 1,2,3,4g Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4: Intramural Softball 2,33 Tumbling l,2, 3,4. College: Lafayette. Hobby: Horse back riding. Ambition: To become an engineer. Other Plans: To travel. of money. Yr? A KOHN Ag Press meroom 3gDebatingClub 45 Foot- VKQAQ- , 23' ff PETE KOKKORIS Hobby: Hunting. Ambition: To be asuccess. Other Plans: To Relppncle f 1 - I M UW ' 4 t K X. XR 'I xx if' C 4 .' iq ,ff U 'XX I I.,-. evw- 'f Y "C Cifzafkjzfff, . A PHYLLIS KRESCH Honor Society 2,3,4g Soft- ball 2. College: Rider. "Hobby: Gardening. Ambition: To become a court stenographer. Other Plans: To travel around the U, S, RICIIA RID LAWLE R Ilmck ll Intramural Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Intramural Baseball 3,4. Ambition: To be asuccess. Other Plans: To see Ire- land through a porthole. A r 'MICNAE 1, ,fizgzfkfiow fit K ,at vii: is,jL'fL" I f We. ,N ,kg Q Track LEW ,3g,j2rAo" 'C try t an 2, Science Clu 2, emor j, Play 4gPres' , b4f A Q, -A -3 , s aa' Colleg 'fSy'1,1: cuskef fl' , i ' is .- Q 'CANT' t Ambitiiggfl To gogi the, D., M, W if advertising , -wiv, er' Other Plartslg o MW a ,I jj million. ' ,f I A " X 4 f rl K V ff is , t N I bww fvkoaiifxif IVAKTQAJ ZYJT Q 1 nf RIQFJSI "Jerry" f V It "Kip u "' f i' I f ' 1 r 5 t V if Cir s CQt1ntryl,2,43f,T?r?!k ootbal , a IT4, I u L HICJI R f 2,3gt Football lg Stu ent ask l, In ur N , Ton V ' ties 25 Intramural ll 1, , 3, 45 - Xprench C ba F00 114 Ba 'Lf g Intramural al L! t all l,2,3,4g Y J- V. F t ll 3. 37K Bas etbal 33 Track Club - -H. , ' . lor Prom 'N ross Cou I 2, 'Uumbli g 3. lg: mit '4 g Ckroom 4. ' ez Hopkins Hobby: S ' rts. ..' 1 eg P pnsylvania 1 iversityi 2 Ambitkiong To make a lot St ' I Ambmaglz To Come a of mo Hy, - f. it' complete col- ydr uhc eng' Veer. Other 1 . 'get mar- le 1 ' , ried. , O r s: T suc- I , N , X cess. ff Q 6,5 ' Q ".. LARRY LEMING Lem Italian Club 3- Freshman Baseball' lntramural Bas- ketball l,2g Freshman Bas- ketball. LEONA H. LIPINSKI Lee Blue A s 1 2 3' Bowling 2' Honor Society 3 4- Usher 43 Junior Red Cross Com- mittee 4. f 1:-if PETE R LOMET Pete Cafeteria Monitor 3. Ambition: To make a lot of money. W -1 View-ya 4 Q X' Sen-Fhfu, raw sw tt gy.. W? Q V? ff. K' Q. 'L 'Pt 'X U Q' K so 1 '49 A... .,, W. sk , at N, 3 .wi U " u n u n 1 Y I Y D D ' 1 1 Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing. Ambition: To become a bookkeeper. Other Plans: To go into a business. RHODA J. LEVINE "Rho" Blue A's lg Glee Club 1: Girls' Sports 4. Hobby: Cruising in Sandy's ear with the gang. Ambition: To teach Fred Astaire how to dance. Other Plans: To make a million selling elevator keys to Freshmen. 0 li. ' Joiiuy. . LE 'Shot " Hono o ety. , B nd an rc 1 2 ,4: 9 nch 3 resi nt I 1 V 1 J e Band 2 4, tl M Clu a ne 1 aff: ' C I- J. y - i ' - F - , g f,lf.: f t if ue wa ,2,3, , ug 3: Col . e: M unt Holvy , LAWRENCE LEWIS ul-J. J'n I, Fbgtraaib f Milk Ba etball 2: rack lg Press Club 3. . Hobby: Skating JSJJUMU I . . W , f Ambt :j, Fl., W t,...f.gaf:f College: Katherine Gibbs. Hobby: Knitting, Ambition: To become a private secretary. Other Plans: To be happy. 12" I y t , 3: X J. LAWRENCE LOWENSTEIN 'Larry' Driftwood Staff: Senior Play 4: Megaphone 1,2,3, 4: Spotlight Club3,4:Press Club 213: Student Varieties 2: Debating' Club 4. College: University of, Pennsylvania. Hobby: Listening to Frank Sinatra's records. Ambition: To marry Ava Gardner. Other Plans: To go to 'Eu- rope. . S ' fe f iv' : x .Mt .V t .f A 'V - if I-Q ' ' ' . : iff: tri- I of 1 - - f f f I ,pe . LEONA M. LUPO "Lee" Blue A's 1,3,4g Baseball lg Footlight Club lg Home- room Secretary lg Glee Club l,2,3. Hobby: Listening to hill- billy records, Ambition: To gain ten pounds. Other Plans: To be a pri- vate secretary to a mil- lionaire. Lvy 'HV A 1-:,:.-'1 N. f -'- 'l L L ' 2 "f': if L. :ff it 'iw ff M ff ,ly ,yt 1 I 41' X " , C ?" ' - ' J X. p 1 M AC LLUM PATLRICIA MQCSLROY F W1 JOYQE J. MAHAN , e 1 MCL, 3 K IK cky 'J f xii Y "Mahat" 17 , U . v ga 2 2 Olgy 1 IW1r11ngV'Qs.3.f4:1 luq 54's ,lv Blue A'S l,2,3,4g Girls' r - tor ' ce 1,2,3,4g BA I 1,9 ,413 Cf' Sports 1,2,3,4g Gym Lead- P D ,luH . rg 1 3550 oo K, M ock y.l,4g Itlpglu Clu er 2,3315 Record Club 2,31 gp t SWL ,4: i Sfllllk 2: f11g1EQ1FtE,'fZhMe Megaphone 3,4. 3551 e 25 , Cl- F S 1 X,C1a dll I' 4: A Hobbies: Sports andeating, 1 Club ' Secretary pxllllee lub 'R6cordC bl. X Ambition: To tourthe"48". F. , h 3 ,icfufe Com' I I, Lf X l' Q LX Other Plans: Get rich e 43 Tflack lg Tennis J, WU M my Lf 0 quick- 2 , g Intramural Bask t- U L , ,Lf X, ball 3: Fresh an Wel , ' ' XL 'LL ingax Comwjl l New .X IL vfl R' , .-J, 6 renew., y ND 4510 A VW!! 9 G resident B ' tate - FY 3.4: Home '95 5'1" ifhw fi etbal ball eeC ,gunqvunbs 'MQ' DA . MART 'Grizzly Bear' Homeroom President lg Track 1,25 Freshman Wel- coming Committeeg Tumb- ling 1,23 French Club 3. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Photography. Ambition: To be asuccess. ANNE MADDOX RAYMOND MAESTRELLI Megaphone 1 2, 45 n S ciety 2, - udeh let ib f 2, e etary 1 eroo re i ent S nt Co ' 1 r V P derf92 ' tl Clb s ' Co mi :1 YTD P 1 ,G 0 1 4 q nio STI: al el -. 2 6 ' I , ng 4. College: Duke. M W J, L W7 . Ray fic 02' XE, Ibm Italian Club 2,3, Treasu- 'fl ' ' T E. 6 N rer 4g J, V. Basketball 3g ' W fr' Intramural Basketball 1,2 ' ' 1 I 4g Intramural Softball 1,2, ' HC A uQ3'7'i 3,45 Baseball lg Freshman C ' . rsmu . ' Welcoming Committee 1. ' I O I fa lfe of f ollege: Ursinus. obbies: Fishing and Golf. ' dthe? Plans: To a Ambition: To be a dentist. emlst' - ., ,, ,,,- 2fff3":T12sl i f nl"" ww ww. . .fit-Q, - . A 2 1 ..g...,.p,, ., . . gs I' , 5' if at fr 'if' is wqif .ky gm -Q 39 fx' ? X. JOAN A, M ASTE RS Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Record Club 1,2g Footlight Club 2g Spotlight Club 3,45 Student Varieties 1, 2, Banking Representative 2,33 Senior Play Make-up Committee 4g Homeroom Secretary 4, Science Club 4. College: Boston University. Ambition: To find happi- ness in life. Other Plans: 0 travel through Af i JAN!! ..a7n 7 . J N ELlIjA C HALE , " ddie' ss Countr If , - ain 4,1 oor 2.3. pougd gfa k l,2,3,4g ack ,2,3, Presi- nt 4g eroom Secre- yO2,4g Intramural Bas- ball 2,3,4g lntramural aseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Gym Monitor 4. College: Seton Hall. 4 JOAN MEHOK ".Ioanie" Honor Society 3,43 French Club 3,43 Mr. Coleman's Staff 2,3,4g Twirling 2,3,4g Flag Twirler 45 Gym Leader 4: Blue A's 1,2,3, 4, Blue A's Vice President and Secretary 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. College: Undecided, Ambition: To become a teacher. , TTH J S 'Q mmf . .y , t w,,,,,.,, K l 'xx mb' ls S rt g Vol ba l, .W ,3i1RJSeball 1,2 ,4' as- , .- J ket l l,2,3g ow g 43 .. - Q ,lk ? A' 45 ga ne 4. lf J", , ' 1 A K olleg : L i rsi ofMi- i,,,,,.,f i w ami. K "., Hobby: R sw, M K J e"i Nfl Ambition: o own a Cad- F illac. A Other Plan To get mar- ried. I . . fi.. ,wi X lx A my X L A 614 , WIUEFA-M Mc cfzlgsxtga ,, . V "Bi11T X it ,Eff 52 -. X X - Xlball 1, Baitkethelll 1.21 . ' , , Mu ,,,,...m Q . K ,sb . eball DX Xi-lomeroom sw 4-ni. 4 H Presidelxl, X ntramural I u A , .1 asebau -4,293.42 lmra- y, 1 . ' A uf ,W , Xlmural :dketbaii l,2,3,4g I 21. . , lnt ura Football 4, ln- If ' tr r X9OfIba11 1.2,3- .4 'X . ' ix' J Co lex : eton Hall. , , V, ' 1 1 ' N l 1 Qt Ho xy: o collect hillbilly li' ,fy A i ,t recorvQt V W 'X . 'F . I if Q Ambition: lo be asuccess. Other 13131153 ,110 rake lt M1jRl.ENE!M.MERCOGl.iANO BOB METCALFE an 1921 , -f""'w.., ff' V! VMARLENE Mc oowAN 1451 "Mar" Lff1t:o'biQef Fitkin Hospital C S! lof urSing,V o come a lwILmer.YP?L!Lf' To have a Ver., is I ," I I ,jig ! .- ' Mar' Italian Club 2,3,4, Future 'Teachers' Club 4g.,Record Club 1, Blue A's l,2,3,4g Gyin Leader 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Softball 1,2,3,4: Hockey 1,2,3,4g Bowling 1, 2,3,4. College: Trenton State Teachers' College. Hobby: Eating. Ambition: To become a teacher. Foot ball 3, Intramural Basketball 2: Basketball l. College: Notre Dame. Ambition: To be president. Other Plans: To owna 1963 Flying Saucer. MARILYN METZ 'Baby' Blue A's l,2,3,45 Bowling 1,23 Glee Club 15 Footlight Club 25 Spotlight Club 3,45 Record Club 1,2g Home- room Secretary 1,2,3. Hobby: Eating. Ambition: To own a navy blue convertible. WILLIAM H. MEYERS 'Willy' Varsity Football 1, 2, 35 Captain 45 Homeroom President 1,35 Stockroom 45 Junior Prom Committee, Intramural Basketball 1,2, 3. College: Pennsylvania State. Hobby: Chess. Glee ec- Nurses' go on a tour Europe and South Amer- if 1-auf X. J PETER O. MINOTT 'Pete' Science Club 1,2,3,45 Pho- tography Club 35 Astron- omy Club 1,2,3,45 Drift- wood Photographer 4. Hobby: Astronomy. Ambition: To be a mech- anical engineer. 'of is 52 'W 5 ,A A5f.y:Y1: .5,ttt 154, I-',. :v3,..:- . . , WM. :,h.,, l:Z, V f 1: - A 'wet Q ff if'. 1 db -Q XL' ,ffflbpf f ff' 61 Qlffff 5 7 L! 51 X I , . 6EANETTE"1MIRNE 'I' 'Jeanie Press Club 3, 45 Future Nurses' Club 45Megaphone l,2,3,45 Spotlight Club 3,45 Record Club 1. College: Antioch. Hobby: Collecting Eddie Fisher's records. W W, Louis J. MOLINARI FQ "Moose" F re shm an Basketball: Baseball 15 J. V. Basket- ball 35 Intramural Basket- ball, Baseball 1,2,3-,45ltal- ian Club 2,35 Homeroom President 2, Student Coun- cil 25 Boys' State Alter- nate 3. Ambition: To have my own business. BARBARA MOMOT 'Bobbien French Club 4. College: Barbizon School of Modeling. Hobby: Swimming. Ambition: To become a model. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. ANTHONY MONTANO 'Pete " Football 1,3. Ambition: To join the Marines. fx' ,ZX at INF' "T'f'TW'ZP' swf ffm- KM' CHARLOTTE V. MOORE 'Char Glee Club l,2,3,4' All- State Chorus 43 Twirling 2,3,43 Future Teachers Club 4, Vice President 4' College: Trenton State Teachers' College. Hobby: Music. Ambition: To become a teacher. Other Plans: To sing with a famous chorus. SYLVI A MORRIS Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 1,2 3,43 'Student Varieties '13 2,33 Honor Society 2,3,4' German Club 3 President 43 Spotlight Club 3,43-Foot- ugm Club, 2, Blue NS 1,2 3,43 Glee Club 1' Radio ROBERT MUNYAN Bob Football 1 2 33 Baseball 1 23 Gym Monitor 3 4' lntra- mural Basketball 3 4. Ambition: To become an Other Plans: To join the Marines -92 E..fI':,Ms JULE M MURPHY 'Murf Twirling 2 3, Captain 4' French Club 343 Office Staff 3 4' Student Varieties 23' Girls Sports' Blue 3 4' Shore Conference Band 3 4' Megaphone Staff 2 3 4' Spotlight Club 3 4' Home- room Vice President 1' Footlight Club Treasurer R Ii 'S my Record Club 1. y automotive engineer. A's 1,2,3,43 Honor Society 2. I Club 33 Shore Conference Band 2,3. ' College: Barnard. Ambition: To teach at A, P, H.s. g Other E Plans: To teach. BERNICE E. MOYER 'Bernie' Ambition: To be a nurse. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. , wi ,qw 33358 139 RAY MUCCIE Baseball 13 Varsity Base- ball 2,3,43 Cross Country 13 Basketball 13Homeroom President 1: Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,43 Infra- mural Baseball 1,23 Co- Captain of Baseball 4. ?'!'."'... fr.: , 33' N-we Qi F" f , I IK: ff ...VN MARI ANNE NEAPOLITAN "Charlie " Student Varieties 13 Press Club 2,3Q Megaphone 1,23 French Club 3,43 Blue A's l,2,33 Bowling 23 Footlight Club 23 Spotlight Club 3,4. College: Carnegie Institute of Technology. Hobby: Making like Brando. Ambition: To become a really good actress, Other Plans: To see Japan with Lightfoot and George. IDE 'lZ"v":Y 5 fb 3 CAROLYN J. NEHMAN 'Carol' if ' ood aff' Emi 2, d' or 43 Spot- ligh ciu 3,43 Blue A's 3, ZW 3532302125 College: Undecidedh at Hobby: Music. Ambition: To earnt a the guitar. Other Plans: o a' in psychology. M Maw 22.44 HELENA R NELSON Shorty Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Girls Sports 1 2 3 4 Megaphone 1 2 3 4 Record Club 1 2 Banking Representative 2, 3 College Business college Ambition To see the world. THEODORA NODINE Teddy Blue A s l Glee Club 1 Megaphone 2 College Mount Ida Hobby Writing two letters a day to Pete AITlb1Il0Il To become a model ROVENA A PARREOTT Rena Glee Club 1 Megaphone 1 Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Girls Sports 1 2 3 4 College Katherine Gibbs. Hobby Gomg to parties. Ambition To be a secre tary u n u yn u n ' . ' ' Y . . 1 1 1 s , p 1 I . 1 . - 7 I I U 1 u I I Y I n 1 1 1 n 1 I . 1 y v - Other Plans. To get mar- ried. 'Eg f - V- A 5. f ti LOUISE M. PALUMBO x , 0 .-an-MN K ELEANOR PAPPALARDO MEI!! Italian Club 2,35 Secretary 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Girls' Sports 1,2,3,4g Megaphone lg Record Club 1,2g Student Varieties lg Footlight Club 2. Hobby: Talking on the phone. Ambition: To own a '55 yellow Mercury convert- ible. ..'.v.:',zvm"U w'g"f' fm A we f f 4 1z.W,.E-at Other Plans: To be a suc- cess. MARGARET C. PELUSO 'Margie' Italian Club 33 Glee Clubl. College: University of Mi- ami. Hobby: Traveling. Ambition: To be an interior decorator. Other Plans: Marriage. ROSEMARIE PENTA 'Cookie' English Book Committee 2,3,4g Blue A's 1. Ambition: To own Mon- mouth Race Track. lvw., " Z JANET PERRELLA ff' 'Sh-Boom' Italian Club 2,33 Blue A's 1,2,3g Nurse's Staff 4g Fu- ture Nursing Club 4. Ambition: To become a nurse. A3 A... Q., , wm..g.,: ,. ' tsaf?:,'f:1'Q:itf:. or , s ' +51 itfj,..'s wwf it at , ',',.:,g3Lf' 5,2 fifggg M emit ...ia ffl' fffixaili Sy? ':'fG.3f.1vs52fm1:awifm?a?.i.mkf+Eta:-515wean-me i..f?3...f.w.,z..+.-wa ..ff.,w 6 fig .4 HU' Ollifif V94 -auf' Fi V .,- ig W i Mn!! v-,xi 1 s :ji W 5 K' va 5, 1 ,ff-.Em 'A-1. S .-4. F sp-Tl +7f,,Fwy,..v-Y ,n-QQ.-W swf,-Q-fa ,xi PHILOMENA PERROTTO "Phil" Italian Club 4. College: Undecided. Hobby: Listening to rec- ords. Ambition: To become a secretary. V Other Plans: To travel. I- X M xl. fl l tr Sf , . X,.SYl.VNIA Pink TON ,I I usylrfx iiock :1,2,3,4g lennis 1, X ,ftzg Glee Club 1Xg,3, Record I 1. xpy ,J xx' li X Club Jl: Baseball 1,2i Bas- ketball l,2,3,4g Voll5yball 23 Megaphone lg.. Blue A's I, B3 Tumblingxg. X' " Cgflegez Katherine Gibbs Seereuiriai Sc 001. L Hobby: 'Listen g to rec- le i .1 as ords. IJ U yi ition: To enter the bus- inesx field. V f-I, ff, , 4 ,K .X 5, RONALD A, POETER . "Poeter" A , Crlgss Cd'lg1bntry'3,-l:lCTrackrv t K 14 Indoor Track lg Intra- mufal Basketball 3,4gVStu- dem! varieties iaasiega Staff 33 'Sqience Cluh 2,3, 4g Garmlrteiubspig 'rum b- ling Club 3,45 T-rack Club 3,43 Freshman Welcoming Committee lg Football 1. College: M. ltxI':"-.- Hobby: Model railroading. MORTON H. POPOK "Mort" Hobby: Working for the A. L. A. Ambition: To go to col- lege. Other Plans: To become an active member in my coinmunity I jj L51 A f 1 JOHN PRICHARD 'Prich' Intramural Basketball 3,45 Intramural Tennis 33 Meg- aphone 1,25 Tum bling Team 2: Intramural Bowling 4: Science Club 2,3,4, College: Duke. Ambition: To become a chemical engineer. Other Plans: To make a million. K mbllk , ...uv 4 x - Q. 1 -:ig , I 'R if 5. , :1 f i W . ' l x K JOSEPH PRIOLO "Joe Bags" Intramural Basketball l,2, 3,4g Italian Club 3,-lg Foot- ball 1,3. College: Undecided. Ambition: To become a millionaire. 6' , ISS 1 NANCY QUACKENBUSH "Quack" I Homeroom President l Blue A's l,2,4g Glee Club lg Homeroom Secretary 3 Library Staff 4: Band l ye Cadil- PlM1s:T beclmean m ohms. - I , 1 I X' ff, Record Club 33 Footlight Club 1. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Having a good time Ambition: To get the most out of life. JM . T, , t 'WM CLAIRE P. QUINN Twirling 3, 45 Footlight Club 25 Record Club 1,25 Blue A's l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Art. Ambition: To become secretary. SHEILA G. RAND "Sally" Homeroom Vice President 35 Blue A's l,2,3,45 Make- up Committee 45 Home- room Banking Representa- tive 1,2,45 Spotlight Club 35 Footlight Club 25 Glee Club 15 Girls' Sports l,2, 3,45 Record Club l,2, College: Undecided. Hobby: Dieting. ap'-X fl, PHYLLIS RESNICK "Phyl" Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Treasurer of Junior Class5 Office Staff 2,3,45 Honor Society 2,3,45 Usher 3,45 French Club 3,45 Student Varieties l,2,35 Blue A's l,2,3,45 Key Club 45 Make- up Committee 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Fresh- man Welcoming Commit- tee5 Orchestra 15 Record Club5 Girls' Sports 1,2,3, DOROTHY 1, Blue A's l,2,3,4 1,45 Nurses' Girls' Sports l Christmas Play5 Tu 1,25 Art 1. College: Philadelphia Gen- eral Hospital. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To become a nurse. Other Plans: To become a beautician. ROCHELLE ROSENBLATT "Shelley" Office Staff 45 Blue A's 3, 45 Press Club 35 Footlight Club 25 Freshman Wel- coming Committee. College: Monmouth Junior College. Hobby: Listening to rec- ords. Ambition: To become a private secretary. Other Plans: To get mar-l ried. ELSIE RUlllN" .msn 5 Blue Afs 1,2, Treasurer 3,. Pr 'ident 45 Honor ociety 2 lreasurcir 45 L sher 45 1, ary Staff Secretary 3, President 45 Gym Leaded 3, 45 'Megaphone 2, 3,i45 , French Club 3,45 Stydent Varieties l,,2,35'F00tli,gl1t Club 25 sglouigm Club3',45, Colorda d 1,22 1 .M College: ucknell.', , Ambiufoh: To Havel around the world. .5 ' MURRAY RUBIN uRube n Freshman Football5 Home- room Bank Representative 15 Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 25 J, V, FootballMan- ager 25 J. V. Basketball Manager 25 J. V. Baseball anager 25 Record Club 1, 5 Cafeteria Monitor 45 Varsity Football Manager ollege: Colgate. Photography. 1: Tovbe successful life. TE I. SALTZ BE RG "Renee" came to A.P.H,S. her senior year from Weequahic High School. College: Trenton State Teachers' College. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To become a teacher. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. If V4.1 ' . 1 7 ' Y AZ' ' ' fjlw- 14 nl, jf if?U ,, ,+,f,,,K J., IU' .ill rJ 4. Li,.1Jlg!1. lv! MAKL fl1J41J 5 ,af . ,g g '7 rv " 11117 -ff. , - - 9 Lac 'UM.,. . ft,,14g,, 'QL-nn. 'Qi' tttzzv A i BW Qggaxwwe if 'Ui BARBARA M. SANDFORD "Barb" Honor Society 2,3,43 Usher 2, 3, 43 Junior Classical League 1,2,3, President 43 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' State 33 Blue A's l, 2,3,43 Gym Leader 43 Bowl- ing Manager 43 Spotlight Club 3,42 Megaphone Staff 2, 3, 43 Press Club 3, 43 Footlight Club 23 Home- room Secretary 33 Banking Representative l,3. College: Undecided. Hobby: Piano. Ambition: To go water ski- ing in Hawaii. THERESA SCARNATY 'Tessie " Blue A's l,2,3,43 Girls' Sports l,2,3,43 Chorus 13 Record Club l. College: Business School. Ambition: To become a secretary. RICHARD M . SCHA AD "Shot" Homeroom Vice President lg Basketball 'l,23 Intra- mural Basketball 1,3,4Q In- tramural Baseball 33 Freshman Baseball. College: Seton Hall. Ambition: To be a success. Other Plans: To attend col- lege. uxncv SCHACHT W' "BriLehes"-g Draggvipfr k4enior", Picture Ed to 3 Honpr, Society '2,3, 4g UshelV,iif3f43 Press Club gf Megaphorifigfiiffipotlight lub 3',4aLEdCIxll tmub 21 Bd 312231 uni 'Cla ical Le?g1ue!l,Q,'F'l'9 hmaliasic- mine? 4' Student ifwinSiQ,smff3,' b t' ' u ' :itil lblfi Lf' had ,2'c'6Il.lQ ,Ala '1,3, f .reslfhgdn Welconiin' Ctomyittegl g, 3? , ,, Unjigc X vb . f7'x A VW APHKA J. ' lg' Nmap J ' Lb a f ,,4!Bahd 193,43 ggtghystra 1, F rbau 343 23392, Onor 'i-ery 3.4: pr T 4 3 tramural SV HI V efiqifgl 5Ci' ' 15311 3'4- 1 amyygy en f 'b 1,2, Vice Presi- Seb 1 1,11 , den '3 Gelynan Club 3,43 4 Omit 5' T Dijftwqgug 'Photographerg 4 e - ilfhdgjmonference nd 33 ! 4' if W Lat n Photo apliy ga I - lQQ'D,."J 1 jj Colfege: Pri eon. d Wimming , Ambition: To become a I doctor. 5- 0 J -gb. My ,',, 1, X mum x EQ! 4t""'7 1 'Q' SAUNDRA M. SCHWARTZ THERESA A. SCUTELLARO 'Sandy " Blue A's l,2,3,43 Basket- ball 1. College: Fairleigh Dickin- son. Hobby: Chewing gum. Ambition: To teach coach Vill to run. Other Plans: To join the marines. ff ,, ffhgf, ,fy 4 , Q 4..-si wx ' f - fl - 5 1 aff, . I .va an '. 3 -,aa , 41,:,g:Q,'.--it Q,--,P 3 3, -3 ,, . nj .9 j.A. ya -1 Ik, f I 5, X .pf ,, ' -4 3. rn , A at ,ff "Terry" Homeroom President 13 Honor Society 3,41 Italian Club 2,33 Driftwood Staff 43 Footlight Club 23 Blue A's 1,23 Bowling 1. College: South Jersey Sec- retarial School. Hobby: Reading, Ambition: To be asuccess. Other Plans: To become a medical secretary. L ROBERTA J. SHAPI RO Twirling 2 3 4- Press Club 4' Megaphone 1 2' Library Staff 4' Blue A s 12 3 4' Spotlight Club 3 4- Foot- light Club 2- Record Club 1- Basketball 34' Future Nurses' Club 3: Bowling 'IRQAMEIJAV IVGICIILWOV 3 V K OHY Blue 2 324-Honor So- flciety 3 4' s er 4' Banlcing eprgsentative l 2' 3' Bgsfeball 3' ' lle ,fl a er1nea1Qbb,sX w v J 1 SUZANN SLONK ' Sue' Blue A s 43 Banking Rep- resentative 4: Ring Com- mittee 4- Spotlight Club 45 Transferred from another school. College: Ohio State. Hobby: Horseback riding. Ambition: To become an elementary school teacher. N I 7 fl If A 1 ..L.f..L X Vp: W' I 1 5+ 2- wsfzfaf-i.. i 3 U' U 1 W 1 wr 4 cu J I 'di f KJ ' 4 f' X L! xi tw JJ" 4 it J fl l 11V fl A Lf , . X' ' : ' L H , fl p . A wi U U1 ' f Y , ,,, b , , 1 r 1 1 y ' 1 1 . , qR , . I, ' ' lg 1 ' E ,AA R 1 I I l 1 ' 1 c 12 I x ?f o s f C -lu JOAN SIMMEN MJOH Blue A's 1,2,3: Glee Club 1. College: Wilford Beautician School. Hobby: Writing letters. Ambition: To own a beauty parlor with Mary Ann. Other Plans: To own a red convertible. Q' PAUL SKLIRIS Hobbies: Mechanics and fine foods. Ambition: To own amillion dollar nightclub in Calif- ornia. Other Plans: To be abach- elor. ..q. 1 . ,, ,.',,..' .,. '.:,1f: ', ,,..,-ish.-2..,fr ea 'H N A m fini. Swain ty 43 .w Frenc lub 4: 'o Classi LeagQ 5 edz cal Sta g omer retary g er rea- surer 4- B X' g sentat' e g Lea i' 3,45 ue A's1,2, '4' Girl Sport l ,2, 3, 4- udent Variet' 3 Hobby. E if MARY JANE SlN?llTly W zswg 592.115 Blue A's 1 ,4' a 6 a QT? rw A I 'WZ Coll 'ef' 11's.k'ZjU7l1! afgcnai V, ther P1aiTs3ff'9f e ,mgf world. If If sALLr'Ai1N smmlg pi . - I Fpture NEIIQSBS' Chllbg Bzisgf their 1,2,4- f1dsMngl,2: Bue A'sg thanking, Rep- FCSQHIEJIKIB 3k cord Club 3 1. X. .KX x J Ambitlorf' To liavikyny Bachelor of xScjghce de gree. 1 1 Other Plans: To be a good nurse. ,mt SUZANNE SMITH .Sue ., Blue A's 1,2,3,4g Italian Club 3: Ring Committee 4: Color Guard 2: Future Nurses' Club 4: Basketball lg Tennis lg Hockey lg Glee Club 1. ii N . , College t. Luke's School O I I f it' T utor Mr. 7 1 8 - W Ib-M 1 f - . U ' P0 T' x . , US E. S '4"""""l x -Stud n- ' n- -as s " ' if! e 43 ' e' Clu I - e V ' 1 ri ' s s ,-ig . J 1 W! t 3: at- ' A ng 1 rl' ' ports af , F921 . :lub 3,1l. T! I 5 ' A2310 eg : P mbroke. 5 .L ition: To win the An- ,-N. cn. x snag "fi . P o tte Perry Award. PATRICIA A. SOUTHARD "Pat' Blue A's. Hobby: Painting. J l J MM! A Lf nw ' I fp ln0j0L'fjU 4,13 Jsjfjl O If J, tw' gVar- . sity! Uh l der 3, I Honor ty 4: - man's taff 2, g rs. Baker's Staff lg K Club 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Fresh- man Welcoming Commit- tee: Record Club lg Girls' Sports l,2,3,4. Ambition: To be success- ful. SHELDON STERN 'Duke " Homeroom Vice President 3,45 Football lg Intramural Basketball l,4g Intramural Baseball 3, College: University of North Carolina. Hobby: Sleeping. Ambition: To be a lawyer. Other Plans: To own a yacht. 'L fx L, ' f W1 5 f ..VV g .Q-, . X4 ff' 1 f . ' , y LE BARON A, STEWART "Mr. Good-Time' Football l,2,3,4g Basket- ball l,2,4: Track l,2,4g Vice President of Student Council 3: Stockroom 4: Homeroom President l,2, 3: Track Club 2: Tumbling Team 2: Softball l,2,3,4g Corridor Monitor 4: Gym Monitor 3. College: Pennsylvania BERNARD N. STERNBE RG "Bernie" Science Club l,2, Treasu- rer 3,4g Tumbling Club 2: Baseball lg Press Club 4: Tennis 3,4. College: Long Island Uni- versity. Hobby: Sleeping about 24 hours a day. Ambition: To be asurgeon. ff. ' Q ' .j ' lg.. 'xr-,Q Cl IRISTEI, ST. PETER German Club 3,4g Future Nurses' Club 4. Q?,.i,,i.i...w,v . . . . k .1 gif . ,J ,.,. . f Q--.ref-,.w-,J t. if -ff f f W ,ta-'sur 2: 1 i:- tmrmfiwg -wqgffj. We - as Q . State. if I-...M my K . .5 :Y ii HELENE M. SUCH Megaphone 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, Co-Editor 45 Li- brary Staff1,2,35 Sue Kray- bill Award 45 Honor So- ciety 2,3,45 Senior Playg Junior Classical League5 Student Varieties l,2,35 J. V. Cheerleaderg Blue A's l,2,3,45 Girls' Sports 1,2, 3,45 Spotlight Club 3,45 Foonigm Club 2. Y rf' A il , ' ' K mr' T Yfffff' ,fag-. . MARGARET R. SURBECK Mpegn Girls' State 35 Megaphone l,2,3,45 Driftwood5 Honor Society 2,3,45 Library Staff 45 Color Guard 3,45 Girls' Sports l,3,45 Blue A's 1,2, 3,45 Gym Leader 45 Junior Classical League 1 ,25 Spot- light Club 3,45 Usher 45 Footlight Club 25 Student Varieties 2,35 Glee Club 1. 4"f"""""' 1 'sift-a,., f T TT' lei gh' -:Qt:2.t.L'. 5 .. 5 J, JA, . 5. ROliXERTAT6UTP?lEN RALPH H. SWENARTON it A's I,2Sxj Rec' d. vC'H0mef0OfY1 President 45 fci' b ig Se,cretafy,25 Tu - ling 15Baslge9l3all15St, ent Homeroom Secretary 15 Student Executive Council ' i J .W lift ,Q 5 K' T L, 4' Lt 5 1 ' - Wt RQEMV Wlligafjg ' 1 Aifpl i 4 Club X5 I Otli' ht ' ,45 M 45 P30633 , u entfjfari- etiesy 5 Girls Sportigj 2,3,45 Bl 1Q'2,Zfff, 5 Record Clulli il f College: U. C. LLATA MARTHA JANE THOMPSON 'Janie " Blue A's 1 2 3 4-jChrist- m s la 'ljyCl'e:e,Club12 If 8 ' , , 1 rQirlfj51lortsk,2,'3,45 Tum- fbling Team' 1,25 Record Club 15 Future! Ifiursesyf Club 2.5 v f . CQl1ege:'Mount,ldA. ' - Hobby: Swimming. .. t MARY, ou MPS 'I af! 1 2 le b - ' ' Tum Record Club ' Sports F1 5 ' C. I Beauty C r ' Hobby: mi 'Z' ' ' b' 1 1, 1 15 Fu Nurses' 3 ' Y as g 'T g PNATRIZA THRQCKMORTON 5 wiv fvvsat Lyfzfry Staff 2,4, Treasu- oo b 2 fda? 'T' C223 Mm, is gift f ,H M 2 Y .tie it 'if'gH -, ,av varieue X 35 fn 3: Student Council Repre- gf ' ht cm 5 Club Segeigiry Ewa!! sentative 45 Senior Play5 nCezi1u 1,2,3'i45 sfhuig ci LF45 ,2 Prom Committee 3: Gym Hob . - lub work. Orchestra 45'xSxe ior a . X MOIUFOI 431HIfHmU1'a1B3S' A i on:' To marry 45,555 Collegtel Newark School, ff' ketball 1,2,3,45 lntramural Tomm , A ' Finehfxalnd llndqstrjal' Arixs. BHSGMU 2, 31 Cr0SS Other . M W. J' f' K I Country 1,25 French Club of Cow I: Vi . SCM 25 Track Club 2. 4 ' rf' V . 23 X xxfvlxgijygnt SV . . W... Y 3 ai' "inf 4645 -.-s... Qu' J' ., WILLIAM TOROP 'Bi Honor Society 2,3,4g Drift- wood Business Manager: Basketball Manager 3: J. V. Basketball Manager 2' German Club 3 4 Treasu- rer 3g Spotlight Club 3,4' Science Club 3 4' Student Varieties 2,33 Photography MARGARET A. URSPRUCH Peg Nurses Club 2. Hobby: Working. BARBARA A. VACCHIANO Bobbie Blue A s l 2 4 Vice Pres- ident and Secretary ' Cheerleader Captain ' Senior Class Treasurer 4' Junior Miss 3- Mr. Carle- ton s Staff 2 3 4' Key Club 2 3 President 4' Home- 11' M W , , , 3' Cheerleader 2, 3g J. V. 1, Club Treasurer 3: Fresh- man Welcoming Commit- tee. College: University of Pennsylvania. JOAN M. TRAYNOR 'Toni " Blue A's 2,33 Junior Class- ical League 25 Record Club 2: Footlight Club 2. College: Undecided. Hobby: Dancing. Ambition: To be a success. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. fx v j I 'N ff A loss by ' imr isa enoa112,3. iti t?qTol lto Flo- rida. M Other sz To join the marines. MAE UPPERM AN Honor Society 4: Band l,2, 3,4g Orchestra 3,45 Student Varieties Band 3: Junior Classical League: Spotlight Club 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 33 Blue A's 1, 2,3,4: Gym Leader 4: Sen- ior Play. College: Monmouth Mem- orial School of Nursing. Hobby: Choreography. Ambition: To become a Ambition: To become a stenographer. Other Plans: To become a private secretary. room Vice President 4. College: Undecided. Hobby: Writing letters to "Snooky." T Yao' Y""'v . ' 41 " '53 ' iq 6:-I.. .Q A .f . 2 id . .f.,-- .X T '4 ' K-i : . . i X AXQE E MALCOLM D,vALENT1NE XND Rl XfV'ASlJ.lADES Student Announcer 4: Drift- 4 glaskiflar wood Group Picture Edi- T498 1' 36Ciq??T3f43 Drifg- tor, Spotlight ciub 3, vice wwgff : Scieniffub President 4, Debating Club 2.3: xce Prekagent Rin- 2, 3, President 4: Mega- f-Pfamur Sk S3811 3.33 phone 3,43 Press Club 3,45 Axpflliih C' 1 , TCEQITIHH Cafeteria Monitor 4: Intra- mural Sports l,2g Boys' Chorus and Glee Club 1. ' icture Co itte?'4g ln- mural Sofigll gmQ ln- tr ural Footbai '4g physical therapist. College: Rutgers- F Sm? an f ing Other Plans: To start a Ambififmf T0 begf foreign Comlmlfteel Kamu 1 lime band. arnbassadoggukjf xA! Tennis. E Neo . . If -K' df' :on if sic! X wee A 3 Z J 'T . 5 297 ' . V A fbx l i I THOMAS F. WALSH 'Pickels' Track l,2g Band l,2. Tom, a veteran, completed his high school education this year. Hobby: Collecting weird objects. Ambition: To succeed in what I am doing. 4 STANFORD WARSHAWSKY 'Duke ' Honor Society Z,!3, 4: French Club 3,45 Fresh- man Welcoming Commit- teeg Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4,. College: Dartmouthi Ambition: To be asuccess. l HOWARD A. WARREN 'Humpy' Band 3. Hobby: Aviation. Ambition: To be a general in the Air Force, Other Plans: To retire. ,f PAUL E. WATSON Sound Crew 2,3,4g Stage Crew 4: Radio Club 2. College: Carnegie Institute of Technology. Hobby: Short Wave. Ambition: To become an electrical engineer. Other Plans: To join the Navy. --if CL "Emm " Int u a ball l,2, 3, ball 1,2, Home- room President 4. College: Ohio Stae Uni- versity. Ambition: To graduate llgh' school. Other Plans: To go to col- lege. W. BARRY WEISS "I-loot' Varsity Baseball 33 J. V. Baseball 2: Freshman Baseball: Freshman Foot- ball. College: Undecided. Hobby: Playing baseball. Ambition: To graduate A.P. H.S. in four years. Other Plans: To travel around the world in a jet plane. JEAN WEST 'Ueanie " ,- Jean came to A. P.H.S. during 'her senior year from Skennston High School in West Virginia. Hobby: Roller Skating. Ambition: To become a stenographer. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. WILLIAM W. WILSON 'Bill' Sound Crew 1,2,3g Record Club 1,2g Homeroom Pres- ident 2: Chief Engineer for A. P. H, S, 's television pro- grams: Junior Prom Com- mittee. Hobby: Radio. dv . ,.f,..,. ,iii -1 -A . . , . , i . , .5 QA, 9 Url ! 'if' DRM X -W . ES H . WINOGRAD Susie" X Press! Club 4, Megaphone .-way, QCW -AJ 4: Blue A's 3,45 Bowling 4: Junior Classical League 3. College: University of Michigan. Ambition: To finish col- lege. - Other Plans: To visit Eu- rope. A 'rf LO STE IQWYQGHT y JQ"BLis!ter " fbi b :'-Riding, 1- Cl ge: Howard, Univer- Xsiy- . ' bhionz Tolacome a mfc anical engineer. Other Plans: To go into business. ARDELL A. YOUNG "Dellie" Girls' Sports l,2,3,4g Cho- rus l,2g Blue A's l,2. College: Medical Center. Hobby: Collecting records. Ambition: To become a nurse. Other Plans: To get mar- ried. DONALD M. YOUNG, JR, if if MDW ni J iMegaphone l, . 4 us' ss.Manager 4, Sc ce Cl ,3, Tumbling S' 2 Ca ' ia Monitor 4, rv 1 tr u Basketball 2,35 "ggi ss E untryxlg asket- ll: potlig !rBPres- ,Xi 4, U Co lege: Tufts, N . . J, bby: Sportsf- wifi . . bition: To be a success, Other Plans: To enter the Vic! field of journalism. JOHN YOUNG "Whiff" ' Football lg Track lg Intra- mural Football 41 Intra- mural Basketball l,2,3,4: Intramural Baseball 2, 3, Megaphone 3g Junior Classical League 2. College: Undecided. Hobby: Automobiles. Ambition: To go to the Coast Guard Academy. rwde- 171 'W-if V106 4, Blue College: rw :Sri , d if 'f""Y" , :fit J 7 ' W' t H 4 ,5 , 1 1 I F . JUDITH ZIMMER DOROFPI-PNM.ZYTK?WlCZ 'Judyn N10 'Dot e". 4 ' Student Council 3: Home- room Vice President 33 French Club 3,43 Honor Society 2,33 Footlight Club 25 Spotlight Club 3,4g Make up Committee 4: Freshman Picture Committee 4: Blue A's l,2,3,4g Student Vari eties 1,23 Freshman Wel coming Committee: Mega phone 3: Girls' Sports 1, 2,3,4. .1 ' .. . -4-ga Yi, WYm,,i..,iM!Q.b3fgZ,,-, ,,.i,.,,gg- ., : ,- 1, , M Q- ff. l. , . .f f ,, 5,, , ef 1, www .l ,,.-wxff-:T,,,,w,t.s,, , 4,13 4... QM' f.... , . ' " .em Kiviwfrfitwgg fsfliwf 'uf ' fs,.i'zm'Qg:t33vagtlr. yw-, ' 'jr V .,- .. , ! Student Var' ties lg Senior Play ,4g, Hbnor Society- 45 Foptltght Club 2,31 insure Nurses' Ofu.b,3,4g' ome- room President 2. f , College: Monmoutfr'Ju11i0I' Collegef , ' ' Ambition: To' become a nurse. Other Plans: To enter a nursing school. Camera Shy w A W un RL iQ Lp? m1I1dSfJI K """'11 W"""""' 5111165 Bfikdf U Mu vm WMM 1 vi x ggi Ca 1 X Yi, Aifblil' as V .1 ' Q ff' 1 1 .!41':l-1 lmsav 'K 7' K FF 4 . l k A ' K V Q L . ' . 'H 3 . 'T' 'L X l s PR 'xi A v QQ? if--, 3' 5 3, Q EI 4 3 ,gil I MOST POPULAR Barbara Vacchiano Andrew Garrity MOST STUDIOUS Bill Torop Judy Bookstaber BEST DRESSED Phyllis Resnick William Cashman MOST ATHLETIC Joan Bisbee Andrew Garrity WITTIEST Helen Keller Ralph Swenarton MOST DEMOCRATIC Mae Upperman Donald Gehring BEST DANCER Lillian Zeisel Arthur Costaris BEST LOOKING Barbara Vacchiano George Mandakas BEST NATURED Elsie Rubin Ralph Swenarton Senior 'S i CUTEST Susan Hock Robert Graulick TO SUCCEED an DID MOST FOR A.P.H,S. Gene Angrist Helene Such MOST DEPENDABLE Eugene Angrist Phyllis Resnick 5 S 3 H Q MOST LIKELY d if CLASS OPTIMIST Camille Spino Ralph Swenarton 3 , MOST VERSATILE ii Susan Einhorn Andrew Garrity MOST DIGNIFIED Joan Levy William Cashman BEST ACTOR Susan Smitman Ralph Swenarton MOST MUSICAL John Heydt Roberta Sutphen CLASS PESSIMIST Phyllis Kresch Duke Warshawsky H 3 - fa A nd And away we go! , AN. . X x l A .fgvf 1 A L V' 'Na 1 s ' " e fx., 5 The follies have nothing on us! 56 Is that the ice I hear cracking! They say two heads are better than one, but this is ridiculous! U- F- O-' The Italian Hour 'Unidentified flying object. What happens when "Poeter" scratches his nose? imsvmnm-nm Going fishing Happy Holiday' Selectmg a career ard Job In she goes, and how she comes out nobody knows 'E' H Al. The last roundup B u Now look at xt from thls angle MS. A StltCh III tlme SRVBS H109 4' - W , ' , h f f 1 Q . sg ' --- a h ' . .f TQ V ' R V ' , gf - gain: 'j H 'Fri A N Y 4-, n ooee nn ddodo r 1 K k H 55 ,gg 5 e Ai, Y J i 'I 'KJ ' , f , , ' .. ni , y L ' v . . if . . xi X, .bug , ' 5 1 . s W v ,M 'jg 1 V F fu i f A U fe, . 5 K -u .i i P y 43 One good push, and we're ready to go Blg date tomght Thls xs the army Mr Jones? Who'se off key now? Did this card come out of that drawer? HCTIVITIES xg, Q gg? va ,yum Q "'q"f' 4 'M We at Now , Mn' ul' at ' 5 VQ ' 5 5. Q., , an 1- ,. vu ' Q Q ,Q 5 Q in .M X C0 v an Y 4 'Q Hg n may .Snr ' M. Q' 4 ig, Q Q W. ' ap .a o ' xx :F uf 'F 1. ' my., "' :pf ns. Q .Q . 1 "' ,Q A . N Q ., M 6 m Nu Q.- x . u vm' Y 'O ta X.. 'Z . xl 1, ' x, a 'fm Back row L to R Ronald Poeter lvnchael Kxlleen Demetrl Vasllades Carolyn Nehman Sally Fox Peggy Surbeck Rxchard Allen Donn Andrews Next row Malcolm Valentlne Barbara Sandford URUTWUUD Guarantee anyone mentxonmg deadlmes m the 1mmed1ate v1c1n1ty of a member of the Drlftwood staff w1ll promptly get h1S or her head bashed 1nl Work1ng under pressure slnce the end of thexr Jumor year they have frantxc allv but thoroughly class1f1ed proofs scheduled pictures wrltten blurbs copy edlted tabu lated votes and collected reservat1on fees and name card orders all th1s under the w1se and steadymg mfluence of Mr Peter J Maher advlser to publ1cat1ons It IS Wlth bleary eyes calloused palms chewed flngernalls and ex hausted brams that our Cll19fS of staff Judy Choate ed1tor 1n ch1ef B111 Torop buslness Nancy Schacht senlor plcture ed1tor Sandford senlor personals ed1tor Valentlne group plcture ed1tor Scutellaro group plcture wrxteups ed1tor Donn Andrews layout ed1tor and our staff members b1d a fond farewell to the hallowed halls of Asbury Park Hlgh School MEGAPHUNE New York has IIS Tlmes and Trxbune Asbury Park 1ts Press and Asbury Park Hlgh School the Megaphone lt costs just one un plugged mckel to read the hottest news flashes the JUICISSI gosslp the greatest sports cover age and even the latest book revlews manager Barbara Malcolm Theresa Lllllan Zexsel Theresa Scutellaro Paula Kohn Nancy Schacht Laurlee Eble Larry Lowenstem Seated Wxlllam Torop Busmess Manager Judy Choate Edltor Helene Such and Dav1d MacCallum co edltors Betty Mohn newsed1tor L1ndaLew1n feature ed1tor Eugene Angr1st sports ed1tor and Marlan Fxtz Randolph copy ed1tor w1ll long remember the late Wednesday afternoons spent 1n the Meg room preparlng the Meg We must not forget buslness manager Don ald Young and advertlslng manager Rlchard supportmg Mr Peter J Maher s patlent guldance of the ent1re Meg staff IS the 1c1ng on the cake PRESS CLUB The mam goal of Asbury Park Hlgh School s Press Club ls to acquamt the readers of the Asbury Park Press w1th hlgh school act1v1t1es The club meets every Thursday durmg ACTIVITY Perlod w1th Mr FIIIZ Cleary edxtor of the Press school page At these meetlngs members learn the fundamentals of journahsm and apply them 1n recountlng school events wh1ch appear every Monday 1n the Press School Page Supplement The off1cers th1s year are L1ll1an Zelsel ed1tor Carolyn Nehman copy ed1tor Bette Colby secretary and Ph1l Freedman llbra rlan Mr Peter J Maherlsthefacultyadvlser il A . - l . U f A It f , nf 5 , . .2 1 A A 1 ' ' l 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 . I ' 2 7 ' 3 I . 1 7 7 - , 1 - u . 11 . . , - I : Y 3 l I , 3 I ' 1 1 , - ' ' ll I .. - . 1 , ' , - ' I H . - ' ' Friedlander, who worked to keep the paper self- . . . . D . ' , I , , , 9 ! - l I . o , . -. - . 3 . . V . 3 1 I 1 3 . . . I l l , D Y ' .H . 3 i - . . . . . . . 4 f U I' ' . . . . . . . , , n ! 9 . . . , I , . ' Q ' , ' n - . . . . . y . . . . ' ' 5 ' l 5 ' . - 1 1 1 ' Y ' ' n u 0 l Q I J fs?" Dlx-,lf . . 1, , V, ,E f " , BACK ROW: L. to R.- Ray Scharf, JordanAbrams, Nancy Gibbons, Peggy Ludwig, Peggy Surbeck, Anne Maddox, Jackie Maddox, Dave Lomet, Bob Prall, George Mandakas. NEXT ROW: Joan Levy, Linda Klitzman, Elsie Rubin, Marcia Zeisel, Barbara Ann Albright, Bette Colby, Phil Freedgpan, Pa' c Ilroy, Barbara Sandford, Larry yenst EXT X I w ' ROW: Elizabeth Burckard, Jane Levine, Betty Mohn, Linda Lewin, Dave Mac Callum, Helen Such, Gene Angrist, Marion Fitz-Randolph, Judy Bookstaber, Sue Smitman. FRONT ROW: Malcolm Valentine, Many ' Pregnall, Verna Campanile, Carolyn Eble, Roberta Zwerling, Anita Novograd, Lowell Snow- den, Joyce Huggan. BACK ROW: L. to R.-Jordan Abrams, Joyce Hug- gan, Jackie Maddox, Jill Lissner, Richard Green, Bernard Sternberg, Ray Scharf, Joel Linky, Len Kuker. NEXT ROW: Donald Kwalick, Mary Beth Althaus, Barbara Sandford, Estelle Scorben, Ronnie Crystal, Seymour Chibnik, Linda Klitzman, Dawn Lewis, Ruth Eidelsberg. NEXT ROW: Nancy 1 'arf Schacht, Paula Kohn, Sandra Yanowitz, Phil Freed- man, Lillian Zeisel, Carolyn Nehman, Arlene Cohen, Mildred Frazier, Barbara Ann Albright. FRONT ROW: Sharon Oper, Joan Herschenhorn, Naomie Fisch, Sheila Karp, Malcolm Valentine, Dick Benjamin, Judy Gutterman, Marcia Goldberg, Janet Mirne. S 'I B ' 1 T X x Come on Malcolm, xgdt this typed. X 'A X n K f , I if x Y I J X uv x O N - J x X J .' 'I -v 3 1' W 1 v x LA 'l - i , r X f V Q .' y xx. ' I 7 1 , 4' 1 I of Y Our editors. Stop reading and fold. i Publications 'I' G? . ni l fe ,j Now go out and sell those Megs! P 5-1- .O 1, C-. -il .1- f,' rl-fl' if" .- ' t J ,pl J ,lp x , Y sl ' Y fy , R, f ' 6.1 1 ' s Y 9 'F 1 X 3 : , 4 ITALIAN CLUB Left to R1ght Mr N1cholasMer Mercoghano Eleanor Pappalardo D1ane Clark l1 Eleanor D1 LICLO Barbara Parsons Marlene LOUIS D1 L1eto ITALIAN CLUB The ltallan Club of Asbury Park H1gh School IS d1rected by Mr Nlcholas Merl1 He IS a1ded 1n th1s job by the competent offlcers who are Dlanne Clark presldent LOUIS D1 LISCO v1ce presldent Eleanor Pappalardo secretary and Ray M1strell1 treasurer The purpose of IhlS club IS to create an 1nterest 1n the lta11an lan guage and culture The members accepted after atta1n1ng an average of 8095 or more str1ve to earn money 1n var1ous act1v1t1es At the end of the year the club plans a tr1p to New York or a banquet at whlch t1me all food served IS prepared from ltallan reclpes FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francals has been under the d1rect1on of Mrs Mary Bryan slnce 1943. Its purpose IS to encourage French conversat1on and to glVe students an opportunlty to study the French people's customs and culture To be el1g1ble for membershlp 1n the club, a student must have completed one year of French w1th an average of e1ghty percent or better. An lmportant SOCIHL event IS the French ban quet held 1n December of each year at the Beau Rlvage Annually the club presents the French award to the sen1or w1th the hlghest average for three years The French Club off1cers are presldent Joan Levy v1ce pres1dent Eugene Angrlst secretary Susan Hock and treasurer Nancy Asay GERMAN CLUB The German Club IS one of the oldest clubs ln our school lt was started 1n 1913 but w1th the advent of World War ll German was dropped from the currlculum and the club d1s banded The club's present advlser IS MISS Elsa Buch The off1cers are presldent Syl v1a Morrls, VICC presldent Judy Choate, sec retary Marlon Fltz Randolph, and treasurer Karl Mayer The purpose of the club IS to promote 1nterest 1n the German language and customs. The h1ghl1ght of each year's HCIIVIIICS IS the annual club banquet. 'H N J A .L A - K ' - 3' 'X ' X Q ' A ' , .. , 155 'T H rg: I ,WJ . N ' A W ., K 1 if a L fi my . . f X . i ' .1- - Q Us 1, - . Z . . - . , , . , ., . . , , . . . . l : 1 , S v 1 , . - . - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 T v " Y ' Y I Y fi-I-M-Y BACK ROW: L. to R. - Bill Torop, Ronald Poeter, Carl Schwartz, Richard Allen, Tom Bott, Karl Mayer, Richard Friedlander, .Terry Deady. NEXT ROW: Joyce I-Iuggan, Robert Vollmer, I0e1Linky, Frank Wojciechowicz, Enrico Fortunato, Alfred Forsyth, Judy Choate. FRONT ROW: Earl Laing, Jerry Lasky, Sylvia Morris, Marion Fitz-Randolph, Christel St. Peter, Lillian Rupeiks, Joan Bova, Miss Buch. Back row, L. to R.: Ann Roundy, Mary Lou Giunco, Grodberg, Floyce Gibson, Sheila Schneidler, Mar- Nora Ga,-ofalo, Sue Mauch, Bette Mom, Vivian lene Mercogliano, Charlotte Moore, Mr. Leonard Martin. Front row: Dolores Kinarney, Rachel Stout- 68 1. A LATIN CLUB Back row L to R John Logan, Peter Huber Robert Burtchaell, Robert George Stanley Spector, Douglas Slavin, Harold Kuskm Griffen Littell, Felix Siciliano, Arthur Yates Barbara Towell, Gaylord Mount Next row Steven Wolf Donald Lipman, Robert Carton Joel Blank Norman Schulman, Jeannie Jemison, Betty Beck man, Marion Fitz Randolph Next row Brenda FUTURE NURSES The Future Nurses Club of Asbury Park High School was formed during the school year 1953-54 by Miss Anna Hahn school nurse and a group of girls interested in nursing. The club gives girls interested in nursing a chance to work in a hospital and gives them a better opportunity to gain actual experience in nursing. Club officers are: Prue Edinger, presidentg Theresa Bowers, vice-president, Mary Beth Althaus, secretaryg and Jean Christensen, treasurer. FUTURE TEACHERS Members of this newly-formed organization study the lives of famous teachers and dis- cuss current problems in education. Guided by their advisers, Mr. Leonard Stout and Mrs. Ruth Jones, the future teachers are able to get first-hand information regarding new tea- ching methods. The officers are as follows: President, Rachel Grodbergg Vice-president, Charlotte Moore, Secretary, Vivian Martin. Rice, Mary Lou Shapiro Barbara Brown, Nancy Gibson, Martha Leonard, Betsy King, Dorothy Gorman, Joan McCarn, Ortrum Koch, Barbara Starrett, Margaret Cook. Front row Barbara Antich, Mary Pregnall, Karen Kellers, Abbie Ro keach, Catherine Watson, Francis Jervis Sandra Freedman, Verna Campanile Carolyn Eble Arrangements are under way to affiliate the club with the national organization - The Future Teachers of America. EATIN CLUB The Latin Club was originally called the Junior Classical l eague. lt has a twofold pur- pose: first, to promote extra-curricular ac- tivities for Latin students, and, second, to promote interest in Latin classics and culture. Under the leadership of Mrs. Rachel Vec- chione, the club has grown so large that even freshmen with the highest marks must wait until their sophomore year for admittance. The Latin Club meets monthly and there is usually some entertainment. The big event of the year is the annual Roman banquet. The club sells candy to obtain funds for the dinner. Awards are given each year to the sophomore and senior with the high- est averages. The senior award is called the Irene F , Taylor Award. This year the Consuls or co-presidents are Marian Fitz-Randolph and Barbara Sandford. The secretary or Aedilus Tabulorum is Nancy Oster, and the treasurer or Quaestor is Betsy King. Qw- BACK ROW L to R Dr Robert W Barnett, Huggan, Mxss Hahn FRONT ROW Mary Beth A1 Dorothy ZYUCOWYCZ Nancy Brltton, Prue Edmger, thaus, Carol Mlndhn, Judy Rudmg Carol Nlce Janet Perrella Gall Smith, Joyce 5- -SS Z BACK ROW L to R. Jane Levme, Carol Hausler, Jean Jackson, Peggy Surbeck, Marxon Fitz Randolph, Karen Kessler, MISS Schnell NEXT ROW Sue Eldrxdge, Sue Sm1tman, Dorothy Gorman, Helene Such, Pat Throckmorton, Nancy Quacken bush. FRONT ROW: Nancy Asay, Sharon Hancock, Lo1s S11bergl1et, Elame Reed, Martha Leonard, Sue Rubm kr V 'Q ' A., F, , ' y ' ...Q x - Q R, - K , . . X 1 , A- .' 2' " -- " . , V ,L N. 4.1" ' , . . . . . 0 . , , . . Q? '. ' f i -. e 3 . ty, K. - F 11 F 'pig' 2 my 5 vw f J W Q 4. 3 : ,J 4' 'GJ BACK ROW L to R Mr Carleton Pat Cush Jeme Toner Marie Bertini, Phyllis Resmck MEDICAL STAFF The medical staff under the guidance of Miss Anna Hahn school nurse was estab lished for girls who are interested in the nursing or medical profession Sophomores Juniors and seniors are eligible for mem bership The girls assist Miss Hahn in the cler ical work of the office and they have the opportunity to exercise the practical work they have learned in first aid and home nursing courses These future nurses also assist the nurse and school physician, Dr. Robert Barnett, by rounding-up the students for their phys- icals. Rosalyn Goodman FRONT ROW Barbara Berman, Arlene Evenson, Barbara Vacchlano LIBRARY STAFF The staff assists Miss Ruth Schnell the librarian in her administrative duties Their tasks include labeling shelving and mend ing books writing overdue slips and assist ing at the charging desk KEY ClUB One of the oldest clubs in Asbury Park High School is the Key Club Under the di rection of Mr. Edward Carleton the club performs many tasks that help the school. The members of the club sell souvenirs, run a check room, during the basketball season, and sponsor pep rallies, The money they make pays for awards. Back row L to R Coach Villapiano Lou Torres, John D1 Lieto, Charles Smith Karl Mayer Frank White Irving Qilverman, Ronald Poeter, Leonard Kuker Paul Bloom Next row Dave Taborn E1 sie Rubin, Joan Bisbee Mary Pontecorvo, B1 TRACK CLUB The Track Club was founded two years ago by the present advisor Coach Gus Villapiano. The purpose of the club is to create an interest in track and to provide aform ofrecreation for its members. Dances and cake sales are held to raise money for awards and jackets pre- Sented at the end of the season. The officers are Ed McHale, presidentg Bill Burke, vice-presidentg Lou Torries, sec- retaryg and Jerry Lasky, treasurer. DEBATINC CLUB The Debating Club was organized to in- crease the intellectual activity within our walls. The club meets weekly to discuss current topics which affect the school and community lives of its members. Formal debates are con- .L Burke, Ed McHale Jackie Maddox Barbara Hop ler Linda Updike, Nancy Oster Peggy Ludwig Front row Frank Woiciechowxcz Zada Francis, Wendy Stillwell, Carol Mel-lale, Genie Toner Freddie Toback, Jerry Lasky, Leroy Scott ducted between this and similar organizations from other Shore schools The officers this year are. Malcolm Val entine president' Paul Bloom vice-president and Bette Colby secretary-treasurer. Mr. Joseph Zach is the faculty adviser. CHESS ClUB Chess playing for pleasure has been suc- cessfully accomplished this year by the Chess Club, under the capable supervision of Mr. Eugene Riordan. The club's top five players have played home and away matches with such neighboring schools as Toms River, Long Branch, Lakewood, and Red Bank. These play- ers were selected by means of the "pyramid" system of play whereby any member of the club may challenge the person above him, and, if he wins, exchange places. The club meets every Monday afternoon. FN fi F53 4 DEBATING CLUB Back row L to R Mr Joseph Zach, Rxchard Allen, Marshall Hyman, Barry Mm koff Paul Bloom Front row Joanne Solms, Mary Beth Althaus, Ella Mae Manuel, Pauhne Harvey CHESS CLUB Left to Rlght Robert Blank, Nell Greenhlll, Rlchard Frxedlander, AversDe1le, Stan ley Spector, Earl Lamg . C . fx- , S 52 . J lxlv VN 'Z .- 1 Ei L 3' if . A l,j,f ,W-lar 7.1 ,fif f E , 4 , 1, V yf' ,. I If f I , , it L y 11 V, x ff f if L 1-jf' '. x., ,1 3 A'H,' W ' wr M' -Nf.?',fy cial va' 41 ff' Nl 'Riff-"1', ' x 5 , . : ' if "x in .Q -ug I1 Back row, L. to R.: Judy Choate, Donn Andrews, Seymour Chibnik. Front row: Dot Duryea, Laurlee Eble, Joyce Mahan. 3 YJ' 5 C7 74 Back row, L. to R.: Barbara Hansen, Dawn Lewis, Jule Murphy, Sandy Axelroth, Camille Spino Justine Rice, Elizabeth Thompson, Barbara Mans- Chickie Brewster. field, Joan Mehok. Front row: Nancy Quackenbush, Back row, L to R Carl Schwartz, John Prltchard Marshall Hyman, Bernard Sternberg, Peter M1H0tt B111 Torop, Ronald Poeter, Dick Allen, Demetri Front row Joan Masters, Barry Klein, Joyce Vasxlades Next row Jerry Deady Anthony Danelli, Huggan RECURD CLUB Once a week melodious sounds issue forth from the mcetmg of the Record Club The members play and discuss both popular and classical records Their a1m is to en Joy good music The officers for 1954 55 are president Laurlee Eble vice president JoyceMahan MR CULEMANS STAFF SCIENCE CLUB Mr Coleman s office staff was formed four years ago when a separate attendance office was established in room 104 The eleven girls each of whom devotes one period a day to this activity are kept very busy They aSS1SI in keepingarecord of attendance tard1ness cutting excuses and in the ab sence of an intercom system they get stu dents who are wanted in the office When Mr Coleman is out they answer the office phone Tardy pupils and students excused by the nurse are sent to this office For doing all this work and assuming these responsibilities the girls receive a service medal at the end of two years ser- vice. Four years ago a math and science club was formed which has evolved into the Science Club as we know If The young Einsteins under the super v1s1on of Mr Bruce Cameron chemistry teacher report on the different aspects of science These reports are accompanied by complete demonstrations The mem bers have access to the chemistry and physics labora tories as well as to the telescope lnterest in scientific careers is stimulated by the club The officers are Anthony Danelli - presi- dent, Demetri Vasiliades - vice-president, Dave MacCallum - secretary, and Joyce Hug- gan - treasurer. is P' ly' D, C30 x'N -.1,,.Q . 2 A :af M. K BACK ROW: L. to R. - George Mandakas, Bill Torop, Richard Allen, Dave MacCallum, Demetri Vasiliades, Enrico Fortunato, Donald Lass, An- thony Grasso, Dick Benjamin, Phil Freedman, Joseph Thummess. NEXT ROW: Jane Levine, Marion Fitz-Randolph, Nancy Ackerman, Anne Maddox, Helene Such, Lillian Zeisel, Sue Einhorn, Phyllis Resnick, Catherine Freda, Sue I-lock, Sylvia BACK ROW: L. to R. - Elsie Rubin, Peggy Surbeck, Nan Jackson, Jane Levine, Catherine Freda. NEXT ROW: Marion Fitz-Randolph, Nancy Schacht, Amelia Siciliano, Leona Lipinski. NEXT ROW: Dianne Clark, Barbara Sandford, Phyllis Resnick. FRONT ROW: Sandra Freedman, head usher. 7 X 4 ing W fi.,-ff f ,Q ,,,, r rf JY 7' 'T' ,, Morris, Sandra Freedman. NEXT ROW: Elsie Rubin, Amelia Siciliano, Marilyn Michaels, Judy Bookstaber, Judy Zimmer, Linda Lewin, Betty Mohn, Mae Upperman, Nancy Schacht, Prue Edin- ger, Judy Choate. FRONT ROW: Duke Warshawsky, Gene Angrist, Betsy King, Nan Jackson, Barbara Sandford, Jordan Abrams, Carl Schwartz, Dianne Clark, Leona Lipinski. BACK ROW: L. to R. - Richard Allen, Prue Edinger, Judy Choate, Betty Mohn. NEXT ROW: Nancy Schacht, Malcolm Valentine, Gene Angrist, Marion Fitz-Randolph. FRONT ROW: Nancy Acker- man, Sandy Axelroth, Sandra Freedman, Dianne Clark. V ' ......,.. ur STUDENT COUNCIL- Back row L. to R.: Edward Aldarelli, Barry Weiss, Lee Owen, Robert Prall, George Mandakas, Louis Di Lieto, Donald Gopsill. Next row: Catherine Sherwood, Barry Weiss, James Pezzella, Harold Harrigan, Andrew Garrity, Samuel Patterson, Fred Hirsch. Next row L. to R,: Bill Brandt, Sandy Smith, Virginia Saluto, Kathleen HUNUR SUCIETY The Honor Society was organized during the school year of 1927-28 to encourage scholar- ship in Asbury Park High School. To become a member, one must earn six credits. Making the high honor roll for a term gives two credits, making the honor roll for the same length of time gives one credit.Mem- bership in the society is considered to be one of the outstanding honors in the high scool. This organization is sponsored by the Ki- wanis Club of Asbury Park. USHERS CLUB The Ushers have been a familiar sight to us throughout our four years. These girls are on duty at all school functions, the weekly assemblyprograms, the Senior Play and Par- ent's Night. Thev are selected from the Honor Society. Ushers' duties include opening the doors, handing out programs, and conducting people to their seats. This year Sandra Freedman is our head usher. Mr. Peter J. Maher supervises the activities of the ushers. C7 new Johnson, Judy. Logan, John Walker, Bruce Brenner, John Higinbotham. Next row: Roberta Zimmerman, Sheila Zeidwig, Peggy Young, Lois Rubin, Sonya Scher, Linda Klitzman, Barbara Abbott. Front row: Barbara Vacchiano, Mary Jane Martell, Patricia Hammernich, Lorraine Cooper, Susan Einhorn, Patricia Cush, Phyllis Cole. STUDENT CUUNCIL The Student Council, representing the stu- dent body, is divided into two sections: the Homeroom Representatives, comprised of one representative from each homeroom, and the Executive Board, whose members are elected by the entire student body. The Council operates the Cheer Fund, di- rects the Red Cross Drive, presides at assem- blies, takes charge of all elections, and works for the general betterment of the school. This year's president is Andy Garrity. Miss June B. Mount supervises the activities of the council. FRUSH PICTURE CUMM. The Freshmen Picture Committee is com- posed of members of the Honor Society. The committee, under the direction of the Honor Society president, Gene Angrist, arranged appointments, checked names, and assisted the photographer. These pictures are placed on the permanent record cards in the office. SENIOR PLAY Back row L to R Mzchael Laz arow Bette Abbott RobertAbrams W1ll1am Torop Donald Young John Hdydt Robert M Abrams SENIUR PLAY lf any of our stage struck semors become famous actors they w11l recall the1r debuts 1n our semor play Strange Boarders e play a three act comedy was presented on the evenmgs of November 'ith and 6th 1954 MISS Elsa Buch d1d a magn1f1cent Job of d1 rect1ng and the play was a success although Deborah Kerr who was appear1ng here at the same t1me gave us some st1ff compet1t1on Strange Boarders descrlbed the hllarlous plxght of Cordella Tuttle and the amuslng s1tuat1ons that arose when crooks 1nvaded her home Front row Carol Havlland Susan Srnltman Helene Such Dorothy ZltkDWltZ Roberta Sutphen Mae Upperman Mlss Buch SPUTLIGHT CLUB The Spotl1ght Club was formed 1n 1922 by MISS Gretchen Law who was the Dlrector of Dramatlcs untll l934 Membershxp was l1m 1ted to the cast of the Semor Play In 1934 Mlss Elsa Buch became Dxrector of Dramatlcs Junlors and Semors mterested ln dramatlcs were 1nv1ted to jom as well as those who took part 1n the Sen1or Play Each year the club presents a play ln the audl torlum The off1cers are pres1dent Don ald Young VICE pres1dent Malcolm Valen t1ne treasurer Anne Maddox and secre tary Joyce Huggan Because of the large membershlp thxs year II was declded that the club would be d1 v1ded 1nto two groups The Jumor Spotl1ght Club and The Sen1or Spotl1ght Club The offlcers of the Jumor club are pres1dent Jane Levlne vlce pres1dent MHIIOH FIIZ Randolph treasurer Nora Garafolo and sec retary EHIICO Fortunato 'N 41' X SENIOR SPOTLIGHT CLUB - Back row L. to R.: John Heydt, Robert M. Abrams, Peggy Surbeck, Jordon Abrams, Judith Choate, William Torop, Dianne Tarlow, Mike Killeen, Donald Young. Next row: Nancy Chambers, Anthony Grosso, Patty Macllroy, Anne Maddox, Robert A. Abrams, Mae N9 C N451 Upperman, Theresa Bowers, Malcolm Valentine. .A Next row: Bette Abbott, Helene Such, Nancy Schachthjf H71 Carolyn Nehman, Sylvia Morris, Judy Feinberg, ' A Marianne Neapolitan, Sandra Freedman, Miss Buch. , " ,YJ J 'S 'L Front row: Susan Smitman, Judy Bookstaber, Lillian ':5fl"4f N Zimmer, Carole Hausler, Jean Matthews. JUNIOR SPOTLIGHT CLUB- Back row L. to R.: Sandy Yanowitz, Vivian Martin, Janice Leone, Carol Van Hise, Neil Reisman, Robert James, Jack- ie Maddox, Enrico Fortonato, Prue Edinger, Harry Kaiserian. Next row: Stephin Ross, Mary Lou ,K Guinco, Betty Mohn, Jill Lissner, Barbara Al- bright, Dawn Lewis, Dolores Bates, Cliff Miller. Front row: Jean Swist, Floyce Gibson, Nora Gara- falo, Janet Goodman, Karen Kessler, Mary Beth Althaus, Sheila Karp, Estelle Scorbin. 79 Left to Right: Mr. Hubert, Malcolm Valentine, Sue Smitman. Dra matics FOOTLIGHT CLUB- Back row L. to R.: Barbara Brown, Nancy Gibson, Jeanine Jemison, Barbara Steward,'William Vowteras, Ann Young, Alfred Forsyth, James Osborn, Margaret Ludwig, Felix Siciliano, Linda Klitzman, Harold Kuskin, Carole Schertzer, Robert Prall, Barbara Starrett, Griffin Littell, Marcia Goldberg, Betty Ann Young, Mrs. Angrist. Next row: Ethel Wakstein, Myra Shwiller, A .1 'ilk' WJ w BRUADCASHNG One of radio station WJLK's weekly features is a student activity broadcast from Asbury Park High School. Sue Smitman and Malcolm Valentine, this year's student announcers, are pic- tured rehearsing a program with Mr. Hubert, WJLK engineer. FUUTUGHT CLUB The Footlight Club, a sophomore dramatic organization, was organized four years ago to promote interest in dramatics. At their monthly meetings members give plays and discuss techniques of di- recting, lighting, casting, and sound ef- fects. Two club projects - a radio play fn and an assembly program - are presen- ted annually. This year's officers are Phil Schein, president, Harriet Schultz, vice-presi- dent, John Najar, secretary, and Mar- lene Kuchen, treasurer. Mrs. Claire Angrist is the club's adviser. Myrna Kalika, Stella Giorella, Susan Dorfman, Abbie Rokeach, Margaret Eichorn, VernaCam- panile, Phyllis Madnick, Norine Furman, Ruth Eidelsberg. Front row: Arlene Cohen, Sharon Oper, Rhoda Shapiro, Sheila Mehr, Carolyn Eble, Harriet, Schultz, Philip Schein, Joan Herschenorn, Jane Bruns, Norman Schulman, Donald Hill, C' f- , K mv' "5 Q-...Q BAND- Back row L. to R. Jenkins, L. Sofiled, A. Carrino, C. Holland, W. Pickens, M. Stanley, E. Taylor, J. Bruns, S. Smith, J. Heydt, R. Edwards, M. Upperman, A. Pappaylion, D. Clark, H. Brown, E. Feinstein, S. Dorfman, F. Di Biano, J. Maddox, R. Friedlander. Next row: S. Thoden, M. Hardigan, M. Zeisel, P. Frazee, G. Grabelle, N. Schulman, J: Conners, E. Feinberg, D. Johnson, F. Grayer, ORCHESTRA- Back row L. to R.: George Floyd, Richard Friedlander, Donald Clark, Frederick Davies, David Eitman, Phil Schein, John Heydt, Mae. Upperman, Arthur Pappaylion, Mr. Bryan, Harold Brown, William Pickens, Syvilla Thoden. Next row: Kitty Watson, Arthur Yates, Bob James, Howard Grabelle, Michael Friedman, Norman B. Towell, S. Jeffery, R. Havens, C. Schwartz, M. Braverman, A. lnsley, J. Popler, C. Fainblatt, M. Shwiller. Next row: H. Grabelle, V. Bissette, M. Benson, R. Pines, C. Haviland, S. Morris, P. Har- vey, R. Gleason, C. Rugge, A. Yates, R. James, S. Ross, J. Levy, K. Watson, L. Stine, A. Shechet, N. Ackerman. Schulman, Edward Feinberg, Barbara Towell, Susan Jeffery. Next row: Mary Beth Althaus, Marcia Zeisel, Bob Edwards, Andrew Stiber, Griffin Lit- tell: Carl Schwarts, Joan Levy, Stephen Ross, Virginia Bessette. Front row L. to R.: Carol Havi- land, Sylvia Morris, Roberta Sutphen, Susan Dorf- man, Myra Shwiller, Everette Taylor. GLEE CLUB-Back row L. to R.: Judith Mc- Cormick, Dorothy Risner, Cynthia Oshinsky, Jay Clayton, Charles Johnson, Susan Mauch, Patricia Baker, Gaylord Mount. Next row: Theresa Bowers, Miss Westcott, Georgia Siter, Barbara Brown, BAND 8 URCHESTRA The A. P. H. S. band, under the baton of Mr. Frank Bryan, has been very active this year. Aside from its regular participation in assem- bly programs and radio concerts, this hard- working organization has played at footballand basketball games and still has had time to give its own concerts. ln addition, the group took part in the Student Varieties and the Spring Festival. Special features of the band are the brass quartet and the German Band, a comical quin- tet. These groups perform at various games and concerts. The school offers free instruction and in- struments to those who are interested in join- ing this organization. Band rehearsals are held during first and activity periods. One requi- site for membership is good attendance at all Arm Roundy, Elmyra Harris, Frances Wilmore, Alfreda Pinkston. Front row: Anita McBride, Char- lotte Moore, Carolyn Chrisolm, Sally Martelle, Evelyn Gerbig, Sandra Harris, Carolyn Ervin, Mamie Fleming. band functions. The orchestra, also directed byMr. Bryan, rehearses first period on Tuesday. This string group participates in assembly programs and radio concerts. It is also featured at special public performances. GLEE CLUB Our school glee club presents a marvelous opportunity for any girl interested in music. Members of this organization get valuable experience in group and solo singing. The group, under the direction of Miss Maude B. Westcott, meets daily in the auditorium to practice for numerous musical occasions. Among these are the spring concert, the Christmas program, the graduation exercises, and assembly programs. Left to right: Judy Feinberg, Sue Slonk, Sue Smith, Sally Fox, Barbara Sandford, Anne Maddox. RING CUMMITTEE Each year the Ring Committee, composed of senior girls, takes orders from juniors or seniors who want to purchase class rings. They turn the orders in to Miss Elsa Buch, who supervises the activities of the commit- tee. Left to right: Don Gehring, Anthony Grasso, Barry Weiss, Barbara Vacchiano, Dianne Clark, Lois Da- vison, Beverly Carter. 'l'E:"v O o 6 1 o 0 IJUES CUMMITTEE The dues collectors gang-up on the un- suspecting seniors and demand money. This is not black mail, but rather payment on the three dollar balance of their Driftwood fee. Miss Elsa Buch is adviser for this committee. The members of the Senior Prom Committee are: Back row, L. to R.: Malcolm Valentine, Bill Burke, Bill Cashman, George Mandakas, Donn Andrews, Mike Ashkar, Gene Angrist. Next row: Miss Buch, Sue Hock, Camille Spino, Nancy Schacht, Nancy Asay, Beverly Carter. Kneeling: Phyllis Resnick, Roberta Sutphen. arf' 'ir Hi 'ie ,Qi mv' ",?":p Hu STOCK ROOM COMMITTEE- Back row, L. to R.: Lou DiLieto, Walt Renzulli. Front row: Mr. Roumanis, Bill Meyers. STUCK RUUM COMM. The Stock Room Committee, under the supervision of Mr. S. Roumanis, concentrates its efforts on supplying teachers with pads, pencils, notebooks and various other neces- sities, Members relinquish their Activity Per- iods in order to carry on this vital function. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB - Back row L. to R.: Claire Myers, Catherine Holland, Beverly Roberts, Faith Crawford, Geraldine Savage, Marcia Erikson, Her- bert Hansen, Doreen Kasliner, Virginia Voll, Mar- garet Clayton, Barbara Morris. Next row: Anita McBride, Carole Collins, Pearline Moore, Mary F0erSi, Joan Reid, La Ray Jones, Cynthia Owens, Marilyn Koerner, Margaret Stroud, Rosetta Wil- ENGLISH BOOK COMMITTEE- Left to right: Dick English, Tom Annecharico, Dave Feeney, Rosemary Penta, Mrs. Van Campen, Marie Candiano. Xi i 2 ENGLISH BUDK CUM .egg 3 The English Book Committee is dir e :Ni fx ' V, , i --Q by Mrs. Beatrice VanCampen. Working 'QV ta X X her are Marie Candiano, Rosemarie S, Dick English, Dave Feeney, and Thomaiaa er , , ,, Cx, 3 A -+ ,Q charico, who are in charge of distributin in . Q xg-4 e Nl collecting the books before and aft semester. They must also keep the c se Rx -I . - X. 'J clean and in order. X ' 3 X., ry more, Margaret Brinkman. Next row: erly Shea, Tana Martiniuk, Miss Westcott, Nan Pit' tenger, Mildred Darling, Loraine Piquetwg r . tt - bara Hoffman, Nancy Creighton, Rub? Front row: Sonya Scher, Irene Johnson,-,X bh X. Cain, Lucille Clark, Muriel Cohen, Florenc xBurr,5 Susan Rydell, Betty Holland, Canta Smith, Lois Watson. iiiifs Qu sa AJ V xl r-H X N3 '45 Q -f . mg, ' MTW 75249 A ,,.. 1 - 1 M , W., fl fb BACK ROW L to R. Coach Bruno, Lou Di L1eto, Thomas Dumas, Frank G1onfr1ddo Jim Cooper, Joel Lmky, Saul Rubm, Dick Lawrence, Gene Tarr1cone, Tom Steckbeck, Bob W11lette, Frank Roberts, B111 Hurley, Coach Rinehart NEXT ROW Andy Garr1ty, Don Gehrmg, Le Baron Stewart, George Stephenson, Mike Ashkar, George Man This year s Jay Vee team under coaches Bob Marschhausen and Joe Zack did not have a good year as far as won and lost games are Concerned The Jay Vees showed more spirit and willingness to practice than any Jay Vee squad we have had in the past five years The Jay Vees did however fulfill their purpose as they will furnish several good players for future varsity teams Some of these are Dick Jenkins Ed Pitoniak Taft Dlmmock John Morton Evander Duck Al Forsythe Jerry Hauslet Joseph Flgera and J im Marucca The frosh on the other hand under the guidmg hand of coaches Nick Merll and Jack Lebegern celebrated their first year of high school competition with a fine season. Some of the boys instrumental in the freshman successes were Early Ford who promises to become a fine tackle, Frank Budd, Jeff Con- nors, Ed Strunce, and several others. Both these teams are vital to the future of football at A.P.l-l.S. Without them it I dakas Russ Hibbets, .Toe Kremer, Joe Del P1zzo, B111 Meyers, Ray Scharf, Manager, Murray Rubin, Manager FRONT ROW Steve Peshkin, Manager, Dave Feeney, Tony Lelchtner, Richard Napohtam, Clarence Holland, Donn Andrews, Frank Wo1c1echo wicz, Jay Pezzella, Ed Ferrara, Nate Bruno would be difficult to have good varsity teams in the future They say that the ability to come back determlnes greatness If this is so the 1954 Asbury Park football team under Bill Butch Bruno and Lachman Rinehart was one of the greatest lnexperience and nervousness lost their first game to New Brunswick but they came back fast until they were probably the best team in the state on Thanksgiving Day They won the Central Jersey Group IV Title for the second consecutive year The boys who made the team great were B111 Meyers fullback Barry Stewart Andy Garrity Tom Steckbeck Frank Wojciecho wicz Tom Dumas Butch Ferrara half- backs' Nate Bruno Bob Willette quarter- backs' Bo Stephenson Skip Holland Lou DiLieto George Mandakas, Gene Tarricone endsg Joe Kremer, Mike Ashkar, Joe Del- Pizzo, tacklesg Dave Feeney, Joel Linky, Richie Napolitani, guardsg and Don Gehring and Donn Andrews, centers. ina..- N. BACK ROW L to R Taft Dmunock, Ass't Coach Robert Marschhausen, Fredenck Blake, Alton Slmmon, John Costanza, Arthur Bentley, James Marucca, Anthony Pagnom, Eugene Mxller, Leroy Brown, James Edwards, Joe Malor, Coach Joe Zach NEXT ROW John Morton, W11l1am Barardl Edward P1ton1ak, Carney Spampanato, Alfred Forsythe Jerry Hauselt, Joseph Flghera, Alfred Tremblay, Robert Evans, Lawrence G11 l1an FRONT ROW Donald Thatcher, Evander Duck Ph1l1p Wxlson, John Reld, John Guxrk, Carl Holland, Jerald Shaplro, John McGlone, Manager Gary Conover TV BACK ROW L to R Coach Lebergern, Robert Rlcks, Tom Davls, Jeff Conners, Charles Johnson, Early Ford Ed Strunce, Allan Thompson, Coach Merh NEXT ROW W1ll1am Cusa, Allen Adams, Ed Garrett, Frank Budd, Jun Vaccaro, Ed Cohn John Walker Fred Scopp FRONT ROW Tom Balley J 1m Sangston, Alfred Lyons, Melvln Games, John Smallwood, Ray Stanard, Artls Rendelman, Lloyd Sanders R Asbury Park Ti L A 4 NL -fd Q' n i Andy Garrity takes off through the Woodbridge line he while Bill Meyers clears the way. Barry Stewart uses his sprinter's speed to pass a Snyder end. We ,NV The day before a game calls for light Workouts' In the foreground Nate Bruno throws a hard block to spring Stewart Joe Kremer, number 40, throws a 10059 againSfP1ainf1e1d- practice block on Bill Hurley. 4-. -K' N -A ," we f -,.f"f 1f i Y' 'I A Zi' 'A H if: it-,.lf,,.gA-9, si' I v 1,52 F 0 1 ,S a' JP' 5' . '4 f... A.: C - 'Q' Q ' . C' ' Nl 94 0 M X, fn J ' 57' '14 5 , , - , as . -.v 5 ,f?"i-15 ' Q 2 na . ,.. X1-af' ' Clear Sailing ahead for Meyers as nil' Who's got the ball? Skip Holland and Bill Meyers are the Snyder une melts- A' ti looking for the answer. 14441 Hugh School Foothall A ak- 5 : V A KT'-'5?i",g'1'3 gif ,K ,. 422 ?5E?':f1fLE9'-2? 1 PEW, M , -. Y- ' . ffsgfa 7 ,2'f"x' so 3 Y wi H, .om , rgsfw Ziff A-M - ,,op,.zssw M5 3 'A sis: . f ara- H M- fs --'f?'2f':. or GX ,ff . :fi 'K ,HES 1 an 2' k, 2aQ,3f1g:,5y,E.5Ki. z ' 1: A x A .. ,V , . 9 X l Meyers uses a good block by Tom Steckbeckfor yardage In e g 37 Front row L to R Nate Bruno Richard Greene George Mandakas, Barry Stewart John Morton Sam Patterson Charles Smith Richard English back row L to R Coach Gus Vlllapiano Gene Angrist Lou D1 Lieto Eugene Tarricone George Stephenson Lee Owens Gerald Lasky Mr Edward F Carleton athletic director Basketball Coach Gus Villapiano s varsity basketball team had one real asset - its hustle This was supplemented by the dazzling shooting of Tom Dumas and Lou Dilaieto- the rebounding of Dumas, George Mandakas, and "Bo" Stephen- song the ball-handling and outside play of Di- Lieto, Nate Bruno, and Barry Stewartg and the able reserve strength of Bob King, Lee Owen, Charlie Smith, and Sam Patterson. Though the going was not easy, this combination kept fighting and came up with key wins against Thomas Jefferson, Perth Amboy, and Long Branch fas of Feb. 3rdJ. The Jayvees under coach Bruce Cameron had a fine well-rounded team Though Mr. Cameron's style of free substitution does not permit individual stars it does develop all the boys, This year's Jays have won several games including a top effort against the Thom as Jefferson reserves. The freshmen have had little trouble with their opposition as coach Joe Zach has come up with a good club in his first try, The year- lings have height, hustle, and speed, and they and the Jays promise good varsities in the future. ' Back row L to R Dave Glbson Al Tremblay, Mel Newland John D1 Lxeto Bruce Socolow Doug Johnson, Coach Cameron Front row Ted Taggart, Bob Ansell, James Luckey, Sam D1 Lleto, J1m Hoctor Back row L to R Lamarr Davls Henry Grant Frank Tomamo Frank Budd Ed Strunce Joe Frankel Bart SlCl1l3.I'l0 Next row Coach Zach Dxck Kellers Jimmy Sangston Bruce Crowell, Rudmg Front row John Walker, John Hxglnbotham Charhe Van Wxckle, Bruce Brener Taft Dlmmock, B111 Waldeyer John Layton . .1 ' , , Lloyd Sanders, Roy Sofield, Bob Pines, George January lst 4th January January 8th January 15th January 18th January 22nd January 29th February 4th February 5th February 8th February 11th February 12th February 15th February 19th February 26th March lst SCHEDULE New Brunswick Perth Amboy Trenton Union Hill Middletown Thomas Jefferson Long Branch Trenton Perth Amboy New Brunswick Woodridge Plainfield Long Branch Emerson Snyder Hom e Away Home Home Home Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Neptune Convention Hall Q . . xi 131 Manda . a jump 'W for the 4 ? I I UN V u aft wr- I ! A 7 QQ 'V U A 'Q , r I' A 5 A W, 5- fi "W '-'ev -, gr W Qvqk ,ins h X M a QI, is, t V p , 1 5 H ,JUV p I g f W , 1 sf r i - L, - A 'J . f 1 'U thaw av g 'V ,vyuftf 1 . .5 g 3 V A ' anne fri 1 rf 4 , ' l, - - .f .en un eg if , x. A 4 l gf e r ' x in A Nate Bruno tosses up a jump shot off the top of the t 3 K 4 - key while George Mandakas gets set for the rebound. MMHAKAV ' 0 ' '53 'L 4 4 Q ,. K J I gifs", 1- ' , e 4' - ' M15 .9 1 N. ' Q 'I 4 ? fl ,. ix 'if ii Q I I ' 1 ' x N 1 i 4 I . ' ln 'SQ L 5- If 'ff X. is 1 .I 4, in f il 5 f f f W -eg A " 1 N fe ew' M f ew- 1 , If 'P' .11 I . , -5 ome back down, George Lee Owens plays g climbing vine as George Mandakas tries to SCOPE I 3 'ri c i , 4 xfflfx .sf 'PQQ , s. 497 Nxufisltag s Q 533 Wax Jigsaw, e if ,,,.,--u-lvl' -Y- 1' 3 .rn mmm is M' if 33:19:34 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Back row L to R row Dorothy Peshkln, Beverly Carter Karen Pat Cush Betsy Kmg Marlene Kuchen Phyllls Kellers Camxlle Splno Lorrame Cooper, Betsy Resmck, Barbara Hansen, Sue Emhorn Front Shamel .wfly 9 FROSH CHEERLEADERS- Back row L. to R.: Wojciechowicz. Front row: Sheila Zeidwig, Ellen Lois Musto, Sue Rubin, Joan Allen, Lillian Hock, Francene Torchia, Anita Novograd. 7 sQ"'r--,""-- ff! ff M-J? .. effigy! lvl" Back row L to R Carol Nlce, Wanda Parker, P trtcla Burke, Beverly Townsend, Barbara Mazza, Barbara Bond, Nancy Chambers, Betty Burckard, Nancy Ackerman Front row Ju11e Murphy Char CHEERLEADERS The PCPPIGSI students at any school are usually the cheerleaders and Asbury Park H1gh School IS no exceptlon The school Splflt shown at our football and basketball games lS largely the result of the1r enthusxasm Every sprlng twelve g1rls are chosen for the squad accordmg to the1r ab1l1IV Th1S 19 a great achlevement for the glrls because of the many who try out only a few make the grade Under the d1rect1on ofMr Wallace Gleason they practlce at least three days a week, de votmg much t1me to creat1ng new and d1fferent cheers At the end of the year they FCCCIVC recogmtlon as well as a VHISIEY letter for the1r act1v1t1es. Susan E1nhorn, fhlS year's captam, has helped produce an outstandlng squad and all the glrlst deserve a few cheers themselves. ERUSH CHEERLEADERS The Jayvee cheerleaders, an energeuc group of freshmen, may be seen cheer1ng at all frosh and J vl basketball games, supervlsed by Mr. Wallace Gleason. These g1rls are cho lott Runyon, Roberta Shapxro, Colleen Maher, Lynn McFarland, Janlce Metz, Judy LEWIS, Sue Hock Barbara Mansfleld, Mary Lawrence, Clatre Qulnn sen not only for the1r ab1l1ty to lead cheers but also for the1r Co ordmatlon and the1r co operat1on ln order to rema1n on the squad the g1rls must pass all the1r subjects and attend all pracuces Through the1r experlence as cheerleaders they are tralned to assume the leadershlp and respons1b1l1ty that accompany such an honor TWIRLERS The twlrlers as we know them today were orgamzed 1n 1940 under the able superv1s1on and gu1dance of Mr. Wallace Gleason The or1g1nal group of twelve g1rls has 1ncreased twofold Today the tw1rl1ng squad lS composed of twenty f1ve g1rls, 1nclud1ng the1r capta1n, Jule Murphy Performlng at all home football and bas ketball games, they add color and entertaxn the spectators by featurmg 1n the1r routlnes dancmg, and other spec1alty acts One of the new Sp6C131lE1eS th1S year IS flag tw1rl1ng Workmg hand 1n hand w1th the band, the tw1rlers present a new program at every game The1r rules requlre every g1rl to pass all her subjects as well as to attend all pract1ces, Wh1Ch are held every mormng dur1ng act1v 1El6S Perlod. marchlng, tap rv! ff: 3 s 97 7 ' .QM ' 1 1, 1 - ,pp Y,V f :wer ' Q rhft' af ' .vxwf - Il " E . -I t L' .vw .1 My 1 ..........-.?,,,.,v,.ft,.... D x,......,...x.,,,,,,,.g .1 .il A ' AW , M H Q Mff V Mt' 1, 1. 1 h Q A , 1 V J . 4 .,X' tx K W . ,Ll A V as gt, aytt . , 1 1 1 .. K - ,L as , V -X-X151 A nv if ef TV . . K . :J 'Qui 4 fx M 'Q , Y' . .: ' a- ' B Slllly CROSS COUNTRY Back row L to R Coach Daleckl, L Lewls J Dlsbrow W Lashowltz V1llap1ano P Bloom C Mlller B Burke I S Greenwald, E F0riUr121tO R MCCUGH Sllverman L Kuker R Poeter S D1 Lleto F Whlte, J Bllss L Torres M Hyman D Taborn Next row E Taylor E Locker R INDOOR TRACK Back row L to R Lawrence Lewxs R1chardDlsbrow Frank Whlte Lou Torres Ed McHa1e, Paul Bloom Next row Wal ter Chrlstlan Robert Vetter Coach Merh Ray el' Kalserlan R Vetter E McHa1e Captaln Front row D Martln R Glab, F Tobach D Scott W Waldeyer J Taylor, L Crudup Z? N580 Scharf, Ronald Glab Front row John Reld Mar v1n Walker Frank WoJc1echow1cz, Dave Taborn fCapta1nJ Pill t 5. ' a s ," K s Q 5 C L L 1' 1 : HM, I -' sit A 1 X Y .. , .1 ' - I 1 . I 1 . ' ' 9 V ' 1 . y - A 9 . I 1 . ' ' 7 ' 7 H' ' A y . y . y . I A v I A p . y . 1 A . . l . b x . 7 . J - I . H y Q . 1 . I , I . 9 2 J - . 7 . . . 1 Wk M . tt ' 5- ,N V L H ,. A Rf, ,I F - ". . wx A . F ,fy K ' ' .hi g ' --x - ,g . nu 1 'D' in 1, y M., L ' y lrro in 1 B of 1' , . xx ON : I WS lv 7 I, .Ag . , , 1 y ,I ' A I , 5 ,yffif Y i Lk 1 , V ik! . V ,fo F Q ' ' . . 11. ' ' . .Z ' - 1 ' 2 " . 9 ' I 7 . 1 I s I ' I J , I " ' - ' . 1 r .Q WY! xx R ' A QM eff Back row L to R. Manager Stewart Gab1ns Tom Steckbeck Bob Green Lee Owen Ed Kallestad Dzck Duffm Frank Ray Adkms Next row Manager George Plttenger Bob Grauhck Lou D1 L1EtO Roberts Coach Ted Brembos Dave Feeney TRACK The 1ndoor track team under the gu1dance of Coach Nlcholas Merl1 had a very successful season Some of the meets the team part1c1 pated 1n were the Nat1ona1 Indoor Champ1on shlps at the Jersey C1ty Armory the Camden Meets and the Splke Shoe Meet 1n Ph11ade1 phla Some of the cons1stent scorers were Sprlnts Dave Taborn Hurdles B111 Burke Mlle Ed McHa1e Paul Bloom 440 Marvm Walker Hlgh Jump Charlle Sm1th Shot Put Karl Mayer The outlook for the outdoor track season IS very br1ght provldmg the above mentloned stalwarts contmue to turn 1n the1r f1ne per formances BRUSS COUNTRY The 1954 55 cross country team of C oach A V111ap1ano d1d not have too good a year The Harr1ers wound up the season on a h1gh 51100, QAUO X Fr u 1 P" f ,Pave R' Q, 'S' Nu 2' ' ' at U M5880 'Q AQP L1 N if a Plllkyf'-,JR ,1 fb sy 'W S5 X V Aiuliy 'S V as 4 " ,f ts: 5, PA nu ,1-4 Co Captaln Andy Garr1ty Bob Johnson Jerry Deady Don Lass Bob Abrams Front row Co capta1n Sam Patterson Dxck Englxsh Joel Llnky Tom Boyk1n Don Kwalxck Don Young Ne11Re1S man B111 Bruno Ken Hammernlck. note w1th a w1n over Long Branch The B1shops were led on the track bv Capta1n Edd1e Me Hale Other standouts were B111 Burke Paul Bloom Dave Taborn and Don Martm Ihe team was hampered by laek of a eourse to use 1n praetlce The outlook for nextxear ls bnght accordmg to Coach V111 BASEBALL The Bxshops startlng nme w1ll be composed of a nucleus of returmng lettermen The veterans expected tobe valuable assets to the team are Andy Garrlty p1tcher cateher Lee Owen and Rlchard Duffen pltchers lou DILICIO and Bob Graulleh alternatmg at flrst base Joel lmky at second Dave Feeney at thlrd and sam Patterson at short ln the out f1e1d w1ll be 'Iom Steckbeck and Ken Hammer mek From our warm seat 1ntheMeg room on th1s cold February day, If appears thatwhen sprmg eomes, Coach Ray Adklns w1ll have a team of the same hlgh callber as 1n prevlous years Gu - iq 'lk lily 1 ,A 05" g via' y .te-,A S 1 g " 1 19 We ,Y 5 , yy, Q 'K y ,. S 1 x G V - i A nxt A U f A 1 ' Alt-" , tl A7 X 1, f' N N ' '-' Q' fe A t ' 1 A' 1 g 'fl V v NN " I ' A Q P R ffl' , Kg I 1 g 1 W 1- 1 1 - 1 4. 1 if I Q I i K 4 9 5 vac' W - V 1 - X f ' g, A I si FZ 'C ' A f ' Se dxf' A Ay' I ' fx , ,e,t : 1 1 1.1, 41' ' V if' Jjf' A 4, lf" K "' ' a n N , I A X 1! 1 ' Ak 'A ' I Q A ir ' - up I f . , A ' if ,Af ' t .K JZ A E 0 0 -1 W f , ,.. Q, " Q ' ,Q , iff '- , ., 1 H A X I . , .... I . ,..-, 1 1 M. PA' - . . - 'Q X' '. '1 , 1' A , 11 ttst K i is 37fy tfLA""" t33lv : f'3"i11 " -.1 1 1 1 11 .. . 1 , 11 A 1. Q11 vlgg, , fjv ,kijv 554512 4, '11 Q , . - e. , fl V,,gA " . in if 2 o 3 . 1 ' A U 1 1 1 2 v U . v 1 9 - 1 ' 7 . l 7 Y ' l - l Y A 7 I 1 1 r A 1 I s Q A . ' . 7 O I 7 ! ' l I V - - , ' ' ' ' ' . . - ' 4 ' . , ,, 'S ' T , ,. , , - u - 11 ' U F I l N -I L 1 A . 3 . 1 . . . I - g, 2 - Q - g 4 S ' . . . . . . y . ,Z J W . 2 . . , - . . . N , I . , i - 1 Q J . ' L 5 . 1 ' ' , . ' ' Back row L. to R.: Coach Holmes, R. EVZHS, R. Friedlander, C. Holland, M. Newland, D. Mac- Callum, W. Torop, Manager, D. Parreott. Front ,df row: R. Goldstein, E. Lang, P. Freedman, B. Sternberg, A. Kasson, Captain. TENNIS The Asbury Park High School Tennis Team, under coach Mel Holmes, had a fairly success- ful season. The Bishops competed against such Central Jersey Tennis League teams as Red Bank Catholic, Princeton, Red Bank High School, Long Branch, Freehold, and the new- est member of the league, Rumson. TRACK-Back row L. to R.: Coach Zach, Ray Scharf, Robert Brown, Don Gehring, Art Cos- taris, Karl Meyer, Bill Burke, Charles Smith, Dave Taborn, Marvin Walker, Marshall Hyman, Jack Bliss, Don Clark, Coach Merli. Next row: Monte Braverman, Bob Prall, Dick Disbrow, Lou Captained by Alvin Kasson and managed by Bill Torop, the team had several returning lettermen. They are Earl Laing, Phil Freed- man, Ron Goldstein, and Dave MacCallum. Dorian Parreott, a member of last yc-ar's squad, came back whenever possible to give the team some pointers. Torres, Curtis Holland, Ollie Davenport, Robert Schulman, Enrico Fortunato, Bob Willette. Front row: Coach Marschhausen, Mike Lazarow, Irwin Silverman, Paul Bloom, Jerry Lasky, Frank Woj- cieckowicz, Frank White. when 9' , , , -il 9 M i l r , iw ggf. 'aw' Al S XX ! I td' K QXXRYAQ 2-3 fa mm scum Q 1 Ready for the gun! x wf9EUW,u- r Pm 'X X L SBUQII ,, 6 PARK 'Are you kidding, coach!" say Dave Taborn, Law- 'Ng rence Lewis, Marvin Walker, and Ed McHa1e, as L 3 Serious relaxation is the theme as Dave they check the stop-watch. Taborn and Frank White rest between ex- g -S, V lg I - me ercises. 5 ff H N X ., l 'iqdxifiylff I V 4245149 :mwmm f Elf!!! EJCHHBL .f- 1 li x , .. . I "1 Squaring off' they call it in boxing, but it means "set" in track. Htlitfto cb 1553956 ,Q-,F ir.. QL is - viii HOCKEY Left to Rxght Judy Choate, Peggy Sur Patty Macllroy Gaxl Smlth, Marlene Mercogllano, beck, Joyce Huggan, Elmira Harms, Theresa Bow Barbara Sandford, Joyce Mahon Helena Nelson ers, Sylvla Plnkston Helene Such, Carol Havlland if xx QQ, -:The ki in -alt' 102 SOFTBALL Back row L to R Elmxra Harrls, Mehok. Front row Nancy Quackenbush, Joyce Amella S1c1l1ano, Barbara Plummer, Marlene Mer Mahan, Jeanette 11111, Helena Nelson coglxano, Barbara Berman, Joyce Huggan, Joan 1 ' : - Y ' ' ' h l ' 1 . 7 Y ty 4 5 A 'f , 4 ,, 'K f i 1 K- V Lis b ,- . , teh K, ' IX fi ,K , .A .4 ,J M I , - K - 5 4 ' xx i , K . f ' kk q if K , X Afftfh .X J, xr' .k ,-X Q Q. . K gk, 1 K .i , , . J if -E -. f if ff-. Wife, jf, V ,J-,S - K ' I A V l . ft ff f A ,e ngfx I N11 ,V , . , 1 I, X, t , 1, , he M -f af J' 5 E , ft ,S L . fam Y J pw KU ' ,L ,A f ' 1 . f I 1 ' 'J v J f L :- it ,, ' I V A - g , Fx nl ,v ,, K Xw , i, Back row, L. to R.: Joan Bisbee, Anne Maddox, Joyce l-luggan, Joan Mehok, Elsie Rubin, Peg Surbeck, Judy' Choate. Front row: Marie Candiano, Marlene Mercogliano, Patti Macllroy, Ardelle Young, Ravena Parreott, Carol Haviland, Helene Such. SOFTBAll Spring fever, sunny days, and the first robin are all signs that it is time for girls' intramural softball. Teams are formed according to class. The girls play after school on the girls' ath- letic field. Because of the undependable spring weather and confusion of final examinations the squads do not play against teams from other schools, Mrs. Helen Shaw and Miss Tina Angeles, girls' gym instructors, coach this popular spring sport. HUBKEY Keep your eye on them, for when the game is finished you'll find Asbury is the winning side. Combat against Rumson pro- vides a lot of fun for class teams plus a good lesson in teamwork and sportsmanship. Intramural hockey games succeed in bring- ing out more girls to participate which is the high aim in the girls' athletic program. BASKETBALL Our canable team of sharp shooting bas- ketball players has had four very success- ful years. The team competed against such schools as Neptune, Long Branch, Rumson, Leonardo, Point Pleasant, and Manasquan. The girls will long remember the won- derful times they had, especially those jam sessions on the school bus. BLUE A's - Back row L. to R.: Camille Spino, Pat Flanagan, Carole Hausler, Paula Kohn, Sally Smith, Nancy Ackerman, Marilyn Metz, Mary Smith, Dot Risner, Carol Haviland, Sue Hock, Laurlee Eble, Barbara Hansen, Joan Bisbee, Joan Brandtjen, Joan Davison, Barbara Sandford. Next row: Helene Such, Nancy Asay, Gail Smith, Esther Winograd, Joan Bo- va, Roberta Shapiro, Eleanor Pappalardo, Theresa Bowers, Ailene Glendinning, Mary Thompson, Jule Murphy, Leona Lupo, Joyce Mahon, Sue Einhorn, Jean Matthews. Next row: Lillian Zeisel, Marlene Mercogliano, Amelia Siciliano, Judy Feinberg, Sheila Rand, Mildred Frazier, Elmira Harris, Sally Fox, Sandy Axelroth, Joan Masters, Marie Corbo, Arlene Fox, Claire Quinn, Anne Maddox, Joyce Huggan. Next row: Roberta Sutphen, Marie Candi- ano, Helena Nelson, Jeanette Hill, Nancy Quacken- bush, Rosalyn Goodman, Sally Schwartz,Sue Smith, Sue Slonk, Elsie Rubin, Barbara Berman, Diana Tarlow, Phyllis Resnick, Sharon Hancock, Pat Macllroy, Grace Deiss. -0' GYM- LEADERS - Back row L. to R.: Brenda Rice, Joyce Huggan, Anne Maddox, Elsie Rubin, Joan Mehok, Peggy Surbeck, Jill Lissner, Jane Levine, Judy Choate. Next row: Barbara Antich, Eliza- beth Burckard, Karen Kellers, Marlene Mercog- liano, Beverly Carter, Barbara Sandford, Louise Phillips, Helena Nelson, Betty Harrison, Carol Haviland. Front row: Joyce Mahon, Lyn McFar- land, Zada Francis, Gail Smith, Sandra Rinehart, Wendy Stillwell, Elizabeth Thompson, Mae Upper- man. if BASKETBALL OFFICIALS Back row Zada Francis, Genie Toner, Jill Lissner, Sandy Rinehart, Linda Updike Elsie Rubin Joyce Mahan Barbara Berman. Seated: Elizabeth Thompson, Louise Phillips. fl Y xy 4 L if fl Y 1 L 3 U1 N ,X l UEFICIALS A familiar sight in the girls'gym is a girl wearing a whistle around her neck. This per- son is one of the ten officials. They play a very important part in the activities of girls athletics. The ten officials take charge of after-school games. They referee, umpire, keep time and official score. A girl must be capable and interested in officiating in order to be selected. GYM LEADERS Something new has been added to the girls' gym classes. The gym leaders are dis- tinguished from other girls by the addition of "Miss' to the names on their gym suits. The corps is composed of thirty-five girls. In order to be chosen by Mrs. Helen Shaw and Miss Tina Angeles, they must have these qualifications: scholarship, leadership quali- ties, sportsmanship, good health, interestin sports, cooperation and a pleasing person- ality. These girls perform many important duties such as taking care of equipment, checking attendance and class uniforms, offi- ciating at all sports, checking on valuables, and assisting the gym teachers in every possible way. BLUE AS "A sport for every girl. A girl in every sport." This is the motto of the Blue A'S. lt definitely promotes an interest in girls' athletics. Another purpose of the club is to raise money for the awards that are given to girls outstanding in the athletic program. Elsie Rubin is president, Joan Mehok is vice-president and secretary, and Sandy Rinehart is treasurer. The sports are seasonal, including hockey, tennis, bowling, basketball, tumbling, square dancing, and badminton. The girls are instructed by Mrs. Helen Shaw and Miss Tina Angeles. The 1955 Blue A officers are president Elsie 1.-..... X .+V il., Q1 TXJ tix irq , y X Q g, wg get .AX 1 Q J A .ov X0 V NW 1 U UH, E:,. -- fa ..g. , . . 'S' t KHP My-.f l Rubin, vice president and secretary Joan Me- hok, treasurer Sandy Rinehart. gz , Let's build a bonfire girls, it's getting cold. if ef U , ew as b ,g i e' f ' ds,t L i e 'Z' ' 5 g 1 Y 1 Y 5 . x A I qlcu k K 2 gi, ff' 15 f aff J- 5'5" -' .ffwi 1lgqlgLgl2fu l A J.. 106 ' ia N:-'el' 'I .. l 'YM V "Lk K ffwwy f - , . , Three and two - what will she do? , gnu ,D M, lliivfiff. S B13 -',A Qlfaljlwenrfh-,, f- ,Ag A - 3 ax M-13 l ilf 0 -'WSH 'W' rr "" -vsmlf 9 S. ,nn 73' .GZ 'E J, , if Q L 's Jig Ax.. miss? :gy .ffm ,,, qt. qw 5 v 1 V- a ' 'M f 2: aw-'z Q Yv?w+2NsQiLfQ'l ' i" ' his., 'Cm W Li? ' .lllnsr fs P A N it i mwwi - J 'Q 4 'vase-was ' 'wig-.Q 1, ff' K S L K 'ff mf1 WUl--.."',x.. "' ,L ascii 1 , f 'fa f- :Fw Y i-,gg QW 2, " ...H Q, ,Q Vg? . 1, Ifbgivfg, N S.: IL. X '-4 'Z N V . 4 c . H 'W , f - my -. :img 1 E 1 Q A - i Q . - W vii? , " af? Q X f. W4 N-M-.9 I A 1.51. . W fl 5 -a . -... it 3 L 2 4 108 ff55?5l?fZff5?f

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