Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1953

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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X XSHV, C 511 ff' we .xlvlancl jlzaf guivle ,dual WOKJJ OW Ulm. ASRIIRY PARK ASRURY PARK HIRR SIZHRIH NEW JERSEY ' .4 j 5 - - ' . 1 VI FA 4 . Ve . 'V' , , y A . I. K sIX W if Va 'I D-..,,,, ,RY-W X , E 1" . . li' . 'Hi ? . wif X j Y x .N--, , Q' " maqqn 4,- w , .K I A", , Q11 Iii, , 2 f ' a S- ff. gg 5 V '. fffirxi, FA A 'af' ' Stl M1 J 7 "5 X410 ' '1 2, H 4 X L ra , 5 Q ,, l 'VS THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Milton Campbell, President Lee Amps, Treasurer Barbara Rhoades, Secretary I George Harvey. Vice-President A, -' 0 'vw is , '- Y- I' CIINHNTS AIIMINISIRAIIUN SENIURS ACIIVIIIES SPIIRTS It IS wlth great respect and smcere thanks that the Semor dedrcates the 1953 DflllWOOd to Mr and Mrs George W Thompson of Our most Well hkecl teachers at Asbury Hlgh School It IS sald that one can d1scover a persons character occupatron talents merely from the exarnlnatron of hrs hands It th1s be true M Mrs Thornpsons hands would be a dehght to anyone lor they have standrng characterrsttcs and talents Thls husband and Wrfe team has served a total of thlrty lrve years a class two and and ou 't Asbury Mrs Thompson teachmg from 1942 and Mr Thompson smce l927 Mrs Thompson has been the gurdmg hand behmd many Enghsh stu dents who W1ll always remember her rnterestlng and lnformatlve proyects Mr Thompson s ab1l1ty 1n the preparat1on of students for college rn both algebra and physrcs IS outstand1ng He has the unrque and Wonderful quahty of makmg a student want to learn Mr Thompson IS also the capable statrstlcran 1n the hrgh school ICN danny .I n I E A I I 0 I ll l O 0 . ' ' , T- Q . K ya "A ,, , 1 . . 2 T f K L V - C'- ? g y T N Q l . 1 T- Q: " X s 1 c. . xv AIINIINISIRAIIUN ,, 'fu ,Aga ' 3' Q x v. HARRY S. HILL Superintendent of Schools IOHN L. BALLOU Principal IAMES M. COLEMAN Assistant to the Principal I -Q. 1' X WALLACE F. GLEASON Supervisor of Instruction 4, ,.. "N" 'I L If f I fl 1 n FLOYD G. HOEK Secretary and Business Manager 1.55 I 1 i G J' ' .1 f , I, , I I 1 r 'V ' 'X rj' 4 IEAN REDDEN Superintendenfs Secreicxry ANN SANFILIPPO IANE CANFIELD IDELLA ROGERS Secretarial Stcxif ELIZABETH THOMPSON IUNE BELASCO Business Managers Oiiice Staff OLGA MARY LYNCH Asbury Park Attenddnce Officer . Qs x,,,J fN lv vi' rf , +A ' I ,fl x f"'?vI" , RAYMOND I. ADKINS CLAIRE K. ANGRIST CORA V. BAKER RUTH M. BRINKMAN WILLIAM B. BRUNO FRANK BRYAN 1 J I, I al m. ,, 4 Q ,,:1e., 1. A ,.IR I :Km ,If f' f wk 0 ' ' Q I 1' I I I , . 1 ,mia , Q U , ' , f I yr I ON . ,F X: 'J ,cg . V. !"':'4 ALTA A. HENDERSON MELVIN I. HOLMES HORACE I. IONES ISABELLE IONES WILLIAM IUNDA IOSEPH F. KURSAR .3 J, . ,it If ,Yi +4 Artie. . f, 1 - 4: 3'-f lr . .Q A .fp-'yvq -l -'rv .L in ff'-1 MI. ' 91-Z 2 f' I gb V K? i 6 W .QQ ,.'b k,,' I 1 I ' 1 A 2 4, H 1 V1 I JY 2 'fm ' ' in .I A L Cl ? 'E Z9 Ii pus 'PN KT bf 05 F9393 x'Y'X xg, if -I A N , 4x a . I .FIX IOHN LEBEGERN ANNA LIEBERMAN EETER I. MAZER f MM AVIS T. MARCY KATHERINE M. MASSEY .15 ' NICHOLAS MERLI RUTH MORANO IUNE B. MOUNT IOHN PANDOLI-'E Q ESI.. ta .s 2 6'- ax ff DOROTHY S. PEARCE EMANUELA PELUSO fm. fe p.,.z F. LACHMAN RINEHART IOHANNA E. RITTER EVELYN H. ROSS SOTEROS ROUMANIS ESTHER F. ROYSTER RUTH G. SANDERSON RUTH C. SCHNELL IEANETTE SCHUPPAN HELEN D. SHAW .A 9521 'Vx .N A GALEN E. RAY IOSEPH PELUSO if 1 A-sag, 3- ii? Q- 99 61" ,455 ix" 12' Y Xjyls' LEONARD STOUT IOHN I. SULLIVAN ESTHER THOMPSON GEORGE L. THOMPSON 1' , ,J f Ref v , OT ' a , I I 1-sq :Y l IJ. A fri I :I S ffl I W le I BEATRICE A. VAN CAMPEN RACHEL VECCHIONE AUGUSTUS E. VILLAPIANO MARIE VOGEL ETHELBERT WANNER WILLIAM WATERS MAUDE B. WESTCOTT EDMUND M. WISNER ALICE E. WOLFF Q- 2, , J' Q If X J' I3 V X I-.0 X CAFETERIA M0 FIRST ROW l to Cl , . r.: em Corbo. Irwin Hy- man, D ' onan Parreott, Clark Mehr, Reginald Wilmore. SECOND ROW' Howad S . r awyer. Iohn Carion, Andrew Donate. CAFETERIA STAFF FIRST ROW 1. to r Manan Tnmer Lucy Pound Lxllxan Txllou Carmella Selletto Pota Angeles Carolxne C ousms Gladys Feddeler Evelyn Goldfarb Elxza Kon drup SECOND ROW Chet Fred Carter Fred Gxbbonl Courtney Terry Howard Carpenter Thomas Keenan 'bv MAI HNANCE STAFF I " 'K Y lj A -4-if-J ,it-It 'fv- 'Inn vs c 5 nr-J ik- 0. 5 o"'Fn ,X A o o 04 129:-9 ,o Q 9 o .O o 0 0, eo 4 oo Q 05,0 in o ,',Q'v"?" ,I I v a '1 X' 'S 'of ,a,.o2ef:" Q 5. 1,:,gs:,,.-"C 0 4' 62 A 'fn-'S-e'Ui'.Q.f'f f o o o 6 2qZ02,'r.e":J u Q no 5,oo,0,oao00 :- 263,592 fs' I cbtfsffvof L 1 'io' ,lf n,,"g,,0. U l 1 ""'ff03"fZZ". Q :Ja ooggebnc og. a -6 'bl' og0o"'r V, ga, -F' ga 'og 94" ce, 'ns ooo NX, 5 r Top photo l to r Clxtiord Cason Txm Pzt tock and Clarence Mmms Bottom photo I to r Ezleen Hurley Pota Angeles and Helena Kuckler UA. L to r Edgar Burdett Robert Thomas Iohn Ferguson Iohn Brown Iohn Stewart and Wxllzam Dxckerson The Mamtenance Staff under the dmrectlon of Mr Iohn Ferguson lS responslble for those clean halls we see every mornmg, the heat that warms the bulldlflg and the neatly kept grounds around the school Alter the general exodus at 2 26 each day the custodlal staff moves 1I'1 armed W1th buckets mops and brooms Lmmg the held for football and baseball and prepanng the track for Coach V111 s scanty clads are but a few of thrs stalls var1ed tasks FIRST HOW l to r Grace Fletcher Ianxce Hlggxnbotham Arlene Walters Sadle Warren Anne Vowteras Chrxs Karaglas and Ann Mane Gerkxng SECOND ROW Tom Bennett Anthony Coppola Donald Fortunate Bxll Knebel Ellen Lautman Rene Fmkelstem Dons Clark hm Mayer Kenneth Hxltbrunner Pete Thompson and Ioe I-'ronaptel Tom Bennett Edxtor ln Cluef and Bxll Knebel Busmess Manager look over the dummy copy oi the yearbook Members ol the stat! dxscuss future plans for the Dnftwood at one of thexr many meetmgs I I I l I I . I I I 1 l s ' I 1 I, I 4 ,Y f 5 I . -.- . . ii . I . 1 U if 'Q il Qi, .-'J .F . oh ' xl n 4 . g ' N' is 1 ff W ...IIRIHWIIIIII This volume contains one chapter-the seventieth-in the history of Asbury Park High School. ln its pages lies the record of the class ot 1953. The class has passed from year to year with great changes within each of its members-the development ot each from childhood into adulthood. The Driftwood Staff has striven to compile the highlights in the too short lite of our class. lt has planned each page to the minutest detail in an effort to portray the careers ot the class and its members, Photographs were taken, proofs classified, captions written, questionnaires compiled, distributed, collected, and sorted, and dead- lines were met. The myriad details of publishing a yearbook were lovingly attended to so that the road traveled by our class would be mapped tor all to see. May this volume be a storehouse of recollection. May it be a souvenir ot A.P.H.S., that the classes to follow may better understand their opportunities. May the world outside our gates here, also observe A.P.H,S. and its wonderful faculty, not the least of whom is our advisor, Mr. Peter I. Maher, whose guiding hands helped create this volume. Ioe Froncxpfel, who was the man behind that I blinding ilcxshbulb when your club or team had its picture taken. SENIIIRS 1 'I s 5. HE qi Q' LOIS C. ABRAMS ..Lo.. Honor Sociery 3,4, Otnce Staff 3,45 Spotlight Club 4, Blue A's lg Glee Club l,2, Words and Pictures Typist 4, COLLEGE: University of Connecticut OTHER PLANSi To he happy in the future IOHN ALDARELLI Rock Homeroom Presldent 12 Track 2 Indoor Track COLLEGE Rlder ANTHON NECHAR ony n ra B slcet asilcgl chool HER PLANS axe C1541-yyyjggi 'if fff Q2 RAP I ek ,F Football l lntramu al ra Sqiilball 23 M gi Cla Tf a Prom Com tt gghold r 4'v Semor la V ce Pres1dent4 Homeroom S cretary 4 SSNIQYJ fro Corwutle Key C o 11 COLLEGE M1ch1ga'1 S ae OTHER PLANS To ert bu me NANCY S E Me 1cal-iaff J 43ffk1Ae A s Qfltlb ego p o d er g Stat 2 Captam Secretary H PLANS To be a goo housew1fe IOANNE L. ADICKESXK' I X,vP N h Club 3,4, ra' Pr ss Cl 3dQopy Ed' Q u 4 S 3,, liwwarletiesg Seff'-r Pl rope-rtiesg Me-gxgpCEone l, - Blue A's l, 2,3,4g Girl I . CoLLBGET13iW Iersey 01.350 lege tor Women ' OTHER PLANS vt 1 vl Y.: LI A n Clu B519 Va 19 ome Secret Baske all 3 mg COLLEGE 1 OTHER? P A To qet marr1 d SAM APICEL I Sa my Football 1 2 3 eba l 23 luntor r Engl h e a e n I tr ura a ur re t1e CO L E dec1ded OTHER P NS To go Chma L 1 g,23 Homer 'Z Secreta C LLEG ver O R P edlc MISSIOHGIY lone Un! B RM EF, a ske' room t Ca Mo gg? 1, ttf A 3 o e , O 50 ' URS C. LI l , J l . ' , 5 l X ' , A 2. , ,4, S nt r' fi , 1 ' 21 ' ed? I x I ' J xl ll ' K ll ll l t ur a ll l,Z, , , , 5 l , EEE? A A 1 1 le E E: 1. Booi Co it 3,45 f - z ' f 5 te ' M 2g n l o o e . b et ll lg I al A J ot 5 St nt 1 - 1' ., e J' A wif 1 -9' ' F L A u ' !f , l U t to .J L 1 X ,7 f N, lx is 1 Q v . V fl li. X 1 . ' X . IEE-K A EY Y. '. ,J .1 l v , , ue 'S 2, xfujgqgkolklclllf l.,f,3,4g Iniror-,fl A8 Ll 21 " tn" A I , , - .e qh . '- plolgrte ,af ss- e ' re1',3,, " QQZLODW 1 ' hee, H TP? ' 7 l . 'e , ., A Q: ss '. ' . P1 1' ,eg ,I 'lu' . , 1 2" A Ape' ' ,tt , M OR A " CII! ' , " rt" d' k ,- ' l lo ll ,2, 1 , 35 FI' I, - . . 'f Y h A ' ' .t 3, - 'cl 2, o 4 or Gll , 5 ' de , t r ni- , o o l. o g. Ba t ll O 1 3. ' , L G t rs ns ' t E LA 1 o 1 a ROBERT L BAILEY Curley O L1 u 3 n ra pf C LLEGE OTHER P BRUCE BARRABEE l 4 Tarcfl 34 B bdlll 4F Megfphorfe 3551111 13 6' 1 X I KW Wt' Ocrety Orch umor Cl slcdl L argue 2 'Yreasuisg 2 or Class " reildent ha1rrnan lun1or fPro C 1ttee French l L1 34 pothgftt us 34 Student Vanetles Ngo LEGE comhnt J CHRISTINA BECKER Chns Blue A s 2 34 Meiaphone 4 Basket all 12 3 ocxey 3 4 Bcrwlmg 3 Baseball CO LEGFI UU1VefS1lY l Cahiornlcx OTHER PLANS To travel MARIORIE I B ETT Manx Tw1rl1ng 3 4 u A B RDC E l alt u 4, e , ske ll , le 34 n ded O ER AN To ravel d around fix 5314233 wtf 2 ,Qipothqht 5 ,lm ss1CaL 4 l .1 1134 1 Glge Clad V Bl? I Www M Sirk-SZ a Rglmfqefb f Q' BARBARA A BAZYLEWICZ Bobby Glee Club l 'warned S BEHRENS S 1rl C' e XC u A s me epr A FIG E W THOMAS BENNETT IR D 1llWOOd Ed1lOI'11'1 Clfuet egaphohe l 3 4 Ass1st ant Sporis Ed1t 3 4 Words and P1cYures S or Play BUSINESS St 4 pot1ght ub 34 S r1et1es Ma2Clu SI-:rce Club N91 ub 2 4 lntra 'nu al a l am l So tball I r Class1cal League O GE Rutgers LARRY BESS Semor Play 4 Student An nouncer 4 COLLEGE TV School OTHER PLANS Naval Re serve 2I ka? 5 I wi V A g f 1,6 . 1 f pf! .ffj n u f HI 1 I 4 fl . C1 ' 11 34 of ,Q , 4, RSI. .ck C V 1 , , M S , g t 1 ' ffl ' 4, 1' r ,Kg ub l2 Leq 'Of 3 Bl' E I , , A ' ere Eoiig Q, 5: M' 'A ' ur 121 pawn sy j 1 Pnarriacy C l...G ' r 111 CE cug Qi Sent . .tccz ,lj ' , 'K . ' 1 f ' if ,LJ , x VV L N Ijiifj! :I . I if - rj. I 1 1 5 I -4 1 SportfN ior '3,fh. onor Q, OTHER PLANS: To get f 5 5 as A A 1, 1 A M 'A P I :XC I L . Q f ' Cl ix I 1 Cl ' 1' 1 5 , Ll ' 'X l I ,H Y . ' H . u A XXL! n - u "A A ,135 l,2,gBl '1, 1 4 p' , , p H ' ' H m 'in e- Wl, ,- ' 5 se t e " Qg l,4: 1,24 ,f , Ba g 4 li 3 " ' ,Q ' OT l. N To get ' ' , , 1 e , Q ' 1 l,2,3. ' , . . A tv? , I 1, Cl , , e ' j I 3,47 I er A A, g - . r , s ll ,2,3,4g hir -' l l,2z ' .io , ay , 5 . . . Q . uidjy ,117 LOIS ANN BEYER ue A 4 1r Sports R1ng Comm1ttee 4 Spotllght Club 34 Student Var1et1es OTHER PLANS To marry Chet DOROT Y M ACKWELL Art Club GOLLE Glassb r State Teache LANS lk talk 1 N5 gpttiteffnifm u 346 ase al Z' n S OTHER PL To be happy an o erous EILEEN BOTWICK F S G Cheerleader 2 Drum Mayor ette 3 Homeroom Secre tary 1 Honor SOCIETY Z3 COLLEGE Cornell OTHER PLANS To get my Acqgs IN A 1 ac Oc str tal1an 13 Bu A Basket a or R LA Travl My da an Eurb M wig MARKI BOHRER Specs SCIENCE Club 4 Treasurer 4 Chess Club 14 C O L L E G E Monmouth Iun1or OTHER PLANS To travel around the World PATRICIA I BORDEN a ue lf s Sports l 3 COLLEGE Bustness OTHER PLANS Mamage IANET E BOWNE an Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Shore Conference Band 3 4 Record and SOC1Gl Club Secretary 23 Color Guard OLLEGE Trent n State BA degree achers W THER PL be-some ROBERT C B O Bob Photographer 2 Megaphone R o d1ng Crew Record b Press Club nf W a psycho LARRY BRADY wquy Football 1234 Basketball 1 Baseball 12 Intramural Bas etball l 2 34 ntra mural Softball 2 3 Pres1dent f Homeroom 2 Stock Room 4 COLLEGE Notre Dame OTHER PLANS To JOIH e Navy Y . I I ' i' FAX' 1 ..Lo., UI , ,, Bt 'S l,2,3, 5 GA l:s' r 5 ' 1 113 1 ' 4 1 , l ' ' - Y ' , : ll . ' ' ' 1 P . 1! K ,fl or ' 1 A , ' A lr Q Q W 1 O It 1 NI y ' yi "P 1" e on 5' Bl As l,2,3,4g GA l ' 1 231 Bl 2,45 - , . et ll , , l 11 1 2 A . l , 5.7 i . SZ ' ' . ll l . -ll A IKI. ll A Y. 0 777 ' . N LZ: ' I 2: : I I . , k I I I Q I . 2,3- , 1 ' 0 2 A 1 ' ' lth HORACE L BROOKS Bubbles B 'U PR Fl! S T Q4 3 4 lndoo lee Club 3 Elorlda A and WX 1821! 4 OTH PLANS To get mar d md trav IAMES BRUNO 1m Football 1234 Basketball 4 a e a l ltaltan Club 23 Key Club 4 Book Commlttee 34 Intramural Basketball 12 lnlratnural Softball 1234 COLLEGT Unflecmled OTHER PLANS T go o Yuqo lavtd , 1 PETER 'bil f as yy:-1 E balll G Bowltrg OTHER LAN To own LW OC! NELLIE BUTTERWORTH Punchxe 5 ue A COLLEGE Und ctd cl OTHER PLANS To arry SONDRA BROVERMAN Sand E eqfrph '1 Ad rttsrn 'x 3 l 23 e n E ba l'l re 4 Evnch Club 4 Bcrllrg CDLLEGE lwdlb ot Urwer OTHER PLAY 3 To WOR Y FREDERICK BROWN Freddy Eco kall 123 Basketball l Track l lntramura Ba kelball COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To go IPTO u mos IOAN A BRUNO OTHER PLANS To oe rnarnecl FRANK BURFORD Frcrnkxe Eootball 3 lnt an ural B ketball 234 Track 23 COLLEGE Undectded OTHER PLANS To Jorn e A1 Force IDA CAMOOSO c Soc ety 3 Lust ue A Word an rc ur COLLEGE Und ld d OT ER PLAI S T Set fr rt d 23 'Q CAMPBELL Club- tat1.V'Q Rinq l 2 3 4 COLLEGE 'vlivmd OTHER PLANS To Wlnter 1n South Amer1ca PAUL H CAREW Oompcxh Football 12 Track 3 Tumbling Team l 2 3 4 Intramural Bowlmg 2 Golf Team 2 3 4 German Club 2 4 Mathematlcs Club 3 Sc ence Club 34 Spotllaht Club 34 Homerooru Sono tary 2 COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS To see th world on a pogo st1ck CARRIGAN Dome en un 1.1 Secretary 3 Ohce onor Socrety lunlor s 1 l e 2 ec ot Sp t Club 3 dent Van 3 s 1234 Glrls Sports l 234 Bank1ng Representa uve 1 COLLEGE Boston Umver SIIY OTHER PLANS To take a trlp to Europe EN E 34 4 CCI c 9 oup 3 m 1 an ge 3 ITS port COLL Sl y North arol OTHER PLA o Europe PHILIP A CLARK Lxghtnmg Cross Country 1234 I door Track l 2314 ,Track l 2,34 lntrgmu-ra Bas etb ll 1574 Buskelbgll 'Q phone I 2, Homeroom Pres1dent l 1 Home m Pres1dent2'Al'umbl1ng 2 3 COLLEGE Harvard OTHER PLANS To practlce aw X Q- MARIE CAMPANILE "Camp" Blue A':s l, , Words and Pictures 4g as tball 37 Tumblirf , Bl ball 2,3i Make-u om ,tee 4. cot Ei: Ufge' 'dedlfyl ' I N - x. I J IJ' BRUCE CARMEAN Boots OTHER PLANS korea BEVERLY CHEETHAM ev OTHER PLANS To Get marrled Si u A ake up 2, ee WLQSSIC e 1 ireta E: u 'XS Club 3 A Glr rts X L S Wat 5-X R XX Wx SHIRLEY COHEN Shlrl IV Cheerleaderl Captam Vars1ty 'heerl ader 3154 aptcu 4 B Asl G lsfgporgfl 234 onor 35fety2y Study! Vane mye aphone 4 Home roo es1den 1 Service Club Key ub 4 Treas urr 4 Fr nch Club 3 Ohce Stal 4 Ush f4 Spot 1 t Clu 4 CTDLLEGE Trenton State M Teachers A OTHER PLANS To teach kmdergarten 0, .. 1 mls - '45 2 ' . . FJ A QOH , ..B ., t ' ' 1 . og f' 3,41 ' . ' ', he f A C Clq ' L u , : S - ret J S ' ' s 5 Blue I 1 GA S . ns K ' es b , 1 or : Ox D o'- n 'el , ' he Q EBI IS 2, , I ' 'X Xeno , 5 I 9 O III D ' tw d 42 - - - -. ' .:. Y'-XI io Q e 32 .-,Je 5 A- on . e125 ft Meaapllone V Sc1 ce xy. lx tw el 5 I .41 C 55 :. 1' .1 XE ' 5 G' ' l 1 148533 Ri g t faq L1 I 1 'yy . 1 lt it - X D e,- x X , , ,g n- . , , ' 5 , ac AF 15124: L. 1' , 2 YQG- ' 1 z ' i I 544.14173 SS: ,: I - : I ' I e Z: ' I I . f' 1 i I 1 L! I - I 1 h I J .f ' ' 3 2 E f,1Lff K Q ' 1 24 IOYCE A. COIE 13 e A AMBlT1O'X Tc be l'l J' WITEHESTS NR Ord ma OHERFLAS gl MARSHALL D CONKLIN 'Mo k aot all 1 4 X51 lf 1 123 1HlQ,fWL al B 1 1 2 3 4 OTHER PLA S Tc UC tc allege CLEMENT V CORBO IR Iohnme Ray Baseball 1234 Basketball 13 Studerlt Varle IGS Cat terla MOH1l COLLEGE Urldeclded OTHER PLANS Tc play fcr he N Y Gla'lts FRANKI CRISPO Creepo lrlt amural Baslc tball 234 lrltrarrlural Baseball 23 OTHER PLANS To ao to F1CI'1dU TOE DeLISA Red cotba. , 5 n rf.:.1l:a Basketball 3 OTHER PLANS: TC ffm the lfavy. MAE COLE Termlte FK r F O L L 1' C E OTHER PLA S T ANTHONYTRZ COPPOLR Cop wllfm Clulp 234 M th ,Club 3 jpelllqlll club MGQMODC 34 Drlttwaod Group FICI re Edna? 1V Football 2 S rlce C 4 Student Varle 1C ln' a mural ON1ll'1g 12 COLL GE Ge:-ofgeto Pl OTHER PLANS To 11 e succes ful llfe THOMAS P M COUSE Track 34 Indoor B ys State 3 Co 4' TUIj1b11Ylg 134 Tl 1 4 Orch 1234 ermcm Band 34 Megaphone 34 News rtor 4 Pr ss Club 4 ASSOCIGLEINSWS Edltor 4 Student Var etle Spotllght Club 34 FYGHCH Club 4 Welalflt Mftl a Club COLLEGE We larld OTHER PLANS To travel MARE? WHROUGE 'X r T Cie Wye MARGARET DeMAlO Mclrgle 'OLLEGE :Der-'e School OTHEPT PLANS: Ta travel 25 Qfvr Tv? 915' fs V 2 ill A 's Aw All., f"'N Q 49: W ffl , . v 3 ,L 1 . qi? x... DONALD A D PAN O E tba 2 as eball lntrarnu al coL E Un ectded OTH Become a Phys d teacher SALLY DORM1' N a Twtr Student Cou tl C oru l 2 3 Leade Club l 2 3 OTHER PLANS To have career tn New York IACK DUVAL Yock Crce C mt yl Bet ketrrll E b 23 Tra l arnu al Ba ket a 2 Ereehcld 4 COLLEGE D rke Untversttv OTHER PLANS To 1oxn thf Marrnes ADR ANA ELAND Ada Medt ul Staff 1234 B u 124 Bowllng 4 LE e Ctv an l sea Ten OTHER PLAIP T et rrar d WILLIAM ESBERG "Big Bill' Meg 'pho..- 125 I Fed ure Editor 3, Exchange Editor 4, Sellmg tcilf -0 Senlor Plfyflunior Classi- cal League 234, Consul Student Varif?t'1e5p Driltwco Statlg Tfenntg Teovn 23,45 Spcjfght Club' 3l4: lfllffl' murzl Bcwlxng 3, Honor Soctety 23,45 Chess Club 1,2 COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To own a cimamond mine. 26 ANDREW I DONATE Andy bal 34 Ba kotball COLLEGE M rray St OTHER PLANS To be rntll orta IACQUELINE DREWITZ Iuckze Tmrlt or 234 Megaphote ar cr l B ue A 4 Gym Leader 34 Student Van e Banktno Repre enta e Cltb Grl Sport COLLECT Mc mouth Mom o al H rt al OTHER PLAt S Tc ao to l BEVERLY A EBIE Bev lunlor a Sc tety 234 luntor P Corrrruttee Horner Vlce Prestdent Z Horgllootn 'Secretaryf 3 ,Homeroom nkmq Repre sentqwe 4 rn Lead r 2 3 4 Blue 12 3 4 Bowllnq Manager Hockey Man aqer 4 OTHER PEANS To become C1 prlvate secretory WALTER W ENDEE Walt COLLEGE Rtd r OTHER PLAI S To b cone a prwate plot EDWARD ETTINGER Meqaphone a 23,45 onor ciety , C ess Club 2,3 4, Sctenco Club 45 Debattng Club 4 COLLEGE lohns Hopkins OTHER PLANS. To learn to flv DORIS M. EVERITT "Dodo" Blue AJ, Glee Club 12 Art Club l,2, Student Varie- fzezu, Twrrltna 234, Malfe- Up Cornrntttee 4 Meda- phcne 2, Prem Club 3 Record Club 3, Tuiitbltrg l 3 COLLEGE' Rzder OTHER PLANS T: CY'-'fi the Bell Telerrhene Cemfan' r IOYCE FIZINERMAN Glo Blue A 2 4 Grrs Sports Stud nt Vanete Home-room Secretary Meqa hone 134 Gu s G ee lub 1 COLLEGE Umversrty Mramr OTHER PLANS To be rnterror decorator SC es Bank Repre- egaph e 3 Gxrls OLLEGP B ess School OTHER PLA S To travel to lapan 'P' GB ci-:I Pyarcr-ran IGCIE I Drrftwood tafl Ufhers 311 M pllone 234 Eedrure 4 Feature Wnter 3 Sellrng Steffi 3 Words and Pratures 4 Iunrox' Cla srqal League 1234 Treagurer 3 Hdhor Somety 234 Spa llght Club 34 meroa PFQSIXYTY l Blu A3 12 Oflicral Grrls Spofts COLLE E Drew Untvers xy OTHER PLANS To tramel to England DONALD I-'ORTUNATO Forchy Honor Soc ety '234 Dnfl vlood tal 4 Track Marr agar 4 Baak'ell:ra1lMan ager 4 ross ,Country MQITUQQY 4 roozbau Men ager l Me aplfone 34 Spotl1ghtCl 34 Ger Club 4' Sdrence Club 4 Chess Club l2 Tenfus 3 Student Vanette Gee Club 12 COLLEGE MlT OTHER PLANS To 5 e In Do gets wm Wo td Charfrpronshrp IOAN FAINBLATT "locmie" Blue A's l,2,3,4, lunior Red Cross Council l, IV Cheer- leader lg Varsity Cheer- leader 4: Ligrary Staff 2,3, gl Ere-inch lub 3,4, Key u COLLEGE Syracuse, OTHER PLANS: To get Inarried. ' 41 I l ' N FI if Ree ee O h l 34 erman hore Con erenc 4 St +0 Varretr, s Ll 3 A G r S I SportsM34 ym Leaddtlv r a and 'P' st F5 atmg Cvfub 41 Spotlr lub 34 COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To travel through the U Sl NORMAN FISCH Norm Boys State Cross C ntrv 234 In dr Truck 2434 Track l 2 4 ,Student Coun c1l 2 Scrence Club 4 Ger man Club 4K Bankrnq Representatrve 1 Intra mural Basketball 13 Honor Socrety ROBER Bo S J-Stude oun c ure ura a Lge Club 4 po re-ss u Ches Scre ce C u Fo tball M g rack er lcetb ager l Bankr g se tatrve l COL ucknell OTHE PLANS T take a world crurse CHARLES I FOWLER Chcxrle Jew I JA 6119444151 4 aowfyowogln tgqr LEGE Wesu S, fvor rqmnr fr Jnlt d S atee a vt J' 27 IZ ' 4,14 4. if IOSEPH B FRONAPFEL III Anyhow Drtftuood Layout Edttor 4 Drtttwood Photographer 2 34 Sentor Play Student Varletles Spotltght Club 3 4 Megaphone 234 Hor-or Socrety 2 34 Cross Country 12 Track 12 Intramural Basketball l 3 4 Gym lvlr H1 tor 1234 Math Club V be Presxdent 3 Press Club 2 34 Photo Edrtor 4 Sct nce Club V1ce Presldent 4 CAROL FU Press C 4 Co I or rcl Glu Tr as e Q 2..I1Icke 12 ape 1 a 2 1 nde d E ANS travel throu utytjqortly Amerrca N TANF? o Gnnnrrv an ,Saf Preslde I 4 ,Key Cub 4 1241 ub ro s l Bl Sud ty V 1 s poth ht Club 34 Glrls pors 123 Hom room Sec tary l,Usher 4 COLLEGE Berkeley Secre tartal School ANN MARIE GER An e Var u Vrc e dent ren lub 3 um Cl lcal ague 12 xrls Sports l o r o ICS esrden 2 At e c Ofhc ecretary d emor rc i CO GE Tren n State Teachers OTHER PLANS To travel MICHAEL GIACINI Mlke Basketball 234 Intramural Basketball 23 Intramural Softball 3 Art Club 23 OTHE PLANS Commercral artls if Q'242c4fL 28 Q X: 4145 CARL R I-'RUEHI-ING Carlos Footb ll I2 4 ,Track 23 Intra ural aseball l24 I ural Basketball Z4 Homeroom Presjdent 24 Student Council Repre en tatrv 1 Honor Socrety COL EGE Duke Urnverstty OTHER PLANS let tlgh er prlot PATRICIA L GAITI-IER a Student Councrl 3 Glee Club 23 Swlmmmg Club I2 Blology Club 3 Rtfle Club 2 Glrls Athlettc Asso c1at1on 2 Basketball 2 Record Club 3 Spothght Club 4 COLLEGE Colorado Un1 versrty OTHER PLANS To tmally graduate HARVEY GEORGE Harvey Iumor Classrcal League 2 French Chlb 34 Honor Soctety 34 Press Club Debatrng Cl COLLEGE. arth.m re OTHER PL NS To see the world f HELEN M GERVASI Student Councll 123 u dent Varzetres Itahan Club 234 Cheerleader I Var stty Cheerleader 34 Red Cross Office Staff 234 Iumor Prom Commlttee Iumor Mzss 3 Girls State 3 Iumor Classlcal League I2 Blue As 1234 Horre room Prestdent 123 Secre tary 4 Megaphone I4 Freeholders Delegate 4 Honor Socrety 4 COLLEGE Albrrght OTHER PLANS To travel to Europe RICHARD GIUNCO Duck Intramural sket OTHER P jj around r d 7'!!4z44K gf f QZWQLQ S Y ' : , , gl 5' I , : .C 5 - j- up 't.. , , 'IT ' 1 . '- I 4? ' , 1 ' l I 1 A ,P ' Ill I ,4: , ' ' 1 - 1 ue , 1, . 5 1 S n , Q' I' B . " " lfg f 1, . : '- C cvs A A A I H X : L I : ' .l wtf' It l ll x f x" ,lt il - K. ' y . l . X HI .. , N .. - .. Hone ociety 2,3,4LLibrary Footbgur 4, Track l,2,3,45 t I 1 ,2,3,45 . A ' 5 ' ' : -Jkt ' 35 s l V, A's ' ,5 - 5 ,3,4-5 y t ' me , ' , I 2 I I L t A I ll l u . n , I - I I7 - N Ch 1 I I . . I . Cl b, ' e i t3, , , 5 5 - F 1 ' ' . . 2 he r I Q 1 , . ' , , I. , ,2,3, B A's ,2,3,45 ' ' 5 ' ' O .. . t I I . , 2,31 l ri I L , , I . .l,',: . - rs G : , z I, 12' tr' ' ' ' . e M . . - - f , f ff 'I A 1 P f . 4 , 5 C PHILIP W GOLDMAN Phi Intramural Basketball 12 3 4 Intramural Baseball I 234 COLLEGE Rider OTHER PLANS See Yogt Berra hit 400 M GOLDSMITH us! Iu to Classlcal League 2 n Club 34 Homeroom tary 3 Gym Leader Blue As l23 1 s Bowlmg Manager GE Wheaton R PLANS To travel HARRY GRASSO Intramural Basketball COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS To go o Italy CHARLES C GRIF1'-'ITTS Preacher Pote OTHER PLANS To take a trzp to North Caroltna IETHRO Intr mural ketball 234 n 3 Glee Club I 3 -4 ndeclded NS To 1o1n the Atr orce IOHN M GOLDSMITH ohn Track 34 Intramural Bas ketball 12 34 Stu ent Vartettes Megaphone 3 Intramural Bowltng 3 lrght Club 3 COLLEGE R 553519 0 ALAN GOLDS Gold Football l 2 3 ura Basketball OTHER P e Navy W f ' ONALD Gmznnsrsru Don Intramur Basketball 12 ll 124 Book Com m1 lub 3 COLL G OTHER P To study -pournal WILLIAM GUITERMAN 1 Tenms 234 Captam 4 Flshlng Club 23 Prestdent 3 Intramural Bowllrg Press Club 34 COLLEGE Penn State OTHER PLANS Hotel Pro fessxon IOHN B HANSEN ack Band l 2 3 4 Intramural Bowllng 2 COLLEGE B Y U OTHER PLANS To keep out of the Army Il. Ill! :II Il , , . I H t t , I I ,t ' . I : I L r . N 4 1 v X ni' .. .. .. I I 1 I r lf' e , 1 , , , Q 5 Z T th X g,4' X '- , , 5 G'rls' ' I . V 0 'Ax lk l X ltalian Club. ' Q 1 1!z,3,4, Football 2, ' Z ' 1 s , , , ' l . 't , es . I ef. it I ll linnllll K.-J ' ,Y N V l y wx Ill ll III' ll 1 d Tr , ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' ' LE Q ' . ' ' Q ' miie? I I I I 29 BABARA HARAD Barb Band and Orch 1234 Shore Conference Band 3 4 Senlor Play Spotlight Club 34 Vlce Pres1dent4 Mega phone 34 Feature Wrlter Debatmg Club 4 Blue As 1234 Press Club 4 Spot ltght Club Play 3 Student Var1et1es Glee Club 4 COLLEGE Trenton State OTHER PLANS T be a muslc Cf11lC ER HART ex C1 3 Sclence Club Orchestra 12 Ban We1 ht L1 mg Club rma Chess 4 arletles Intrax wlrng 2 l Sp ghtClu C EGE Rutgers O ER PLANS To travel around the world x GEORGE HARVEY 3"L1ttle Lardo Football l, Varsrty eball 234 Homer m l-4, zcexfresl en St ent Coun 1 3gStuderYt Couqill 4 Treasurer ofx Selhor Class :or Promx Com mtttee coLLEaEQv1,dectaed OTHER PLAN To see The world on the CL of a whale LLMAN 34 Basketball So all ec rd n1s o xng Shxppe urg PLANS To see the world 1th the gang IANICE IN HAM en thg Club St d V tres Frenc Club 34 O a twoo Staff' por 12 Hon OCl61Y 4 Color ar ome room Pr dent 1 ome room Vtce Pres1dent 4 Gym Leader 24 COLLEGE Trenton State OTHER PLANS To become a gym teacher SHIRLEY E HARRIS Cookie Glrls Sports Student Varle tres Press Club 34 Mega phone Staff 34 Blue As l 234 Glee Club 12 COLLEGE Monmouth Iumor College OTHER PLANS To travel AIRONALD A HART Sugarbush Golf 234 Intramural B ketball Football 3 IV COLLEGE Ursxnus M' OTHER PLANS To play cr good game ot golf CAROL C HELBIG Kxtten Tw1rl1ng 34 Blue As 12 Basketball 4 Volleyball 4 COLLEGE Edgewood Park Iunxor OTHER PLANS To have oodles of anlmals NELSON O HERBERT IR Herb Boys Glee Club 12 Chess Club 12 Band and Orch COLLEGE Monmouth Iunlor College OTHER PLANS The mlnlstry CHRISTOPHER HILL Chns Baseball 2 Intramural Bas ketball Glee Club OTHER PLANS Navy fry! 5 A I 1 U . . t , I O ' q t lv -f , XM: - AD..- . I .,. .. .. , P ' .I t D , 2 'il I . il 1. :LE ' tu 1 ' ' 5 I , Q l ' ,45 i 5 b 4. . , 1 I , BsEf3Pnt I if I I. : ' O - ' 1 - . . ' X S. L 'XX Stes 1 c M A. . , . e.. .. .. e ' , , 5 ' , 5 , 5 W ' R b , 5 . 5 ' ,45 g 3,4, l, - M ph lg ' : ' C it 4. Q1 . C L : ' . 1 , OT I : ' ' . G gl .. . .. S ' , ' 5 - 45 t ' ' 5 . l'1 5 . ' 1,2,,45 ffl sffl ' ' 45 1 ' S I I I I ' I A su d - - J ENNETH HILTBRUNNER Ken Honor Soclety 234 Drlft wood Staff Chess Club l 23 4 German Club 2 COLLEGE Rutgers IOHN C HOENGE Punch Baseball 1 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intra mural Baseball 123 OTHER PLANS To tour the world OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES VIII Llver Football 3 4 OTHER PLANS To 1o1n the Navy MARIORIE I HOWARTH Margxe Glee Club 12 Baseball l Tenms 2 Hockey l COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS To get married ELIZABETH V HUBBARD Sandy Glee Club 12 COLLEGE School of Tallor mg OTH R PLANS To take a course ln fUllO!'ll'1g ROSL MJ HIRSCH Ros wr sslcal eague l ren P lue if 1rls Sports CO L GE OTHER PL To travel around the nlted States CUR Ku! Momtor lntra ural s 2 4 ome oom 6Slde Horre S etar 2 Track OTH Jom the A1r orce NEIL HOPLER Happy Cross Country 23 4 Sound Crew 34 Key Club 4 AL OTHER PLANS Ycnoxn the servxce 1 IANET teacher TED HUFF COLLEGE Mxaml OTHER PLANS To take over my fathers busmess A' 3l -T u I 1 I ! -1. T 1 , 2, , 23, B ' ,,: . A's l,2,3,' ' : . 12? go or xocit '3,4. N II . ll H ,: Poi 345 ' ' 'ts 3 rr- . I l'O 5 A- OLLE : nde' ed. 1 lg? AN' " ,, I 1 I h I .. - 1? e L 'L f ,V A t I : t 's a . U WN X N IAN? ddlxfd 666 hone I 4 Color Uynecoftgbsoitql S e e d 1 R fligifxve m cf L L HY AN ss ry um l g 23 ' 61 t 1 I m u s C ' feterxa n1 r OL R 'Y vault 15, " I EVELYN W IAMES Eve Basketball l234 Tenms 1 Softball 234 Blue As 34 Volleyball 123 Bowhng 3 4 Glee Club 1 COLLEGE Busmess School OTHER PLANS To travel OIIICG Sta lr s EGE mess ER P S Marrx ge 32 ROBERT HURLEY Bob Cross Country I2 Track 1 24 Indoor Track 2 Mega phone Sports Staff 3 Honor Socxety Student Varletxes Varsmty Basketball Man ager 3 COLLEGE Drckmson fig RONALD HYAMS Ronme Honor Soclety Student Councll Repr entatlve 2 Chess Clybl, renee Club 4 Intramural Qzsketball I 24 Intram al Softball 12 4 Rmg Co xttee COLLEGE ondlsland lim versrty OTHER PLANS To be protessxonal playboy HENRY IZZO zz rack 1 2 Football 2 Home room Vlce Presldent 1 Gym Momtor 4 Itallan Club 4 COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS Take a trxp o Marne J' L m l ms I SLH X To rome RICHARD F IOHNSON Slzm IV Track 12 Indoor Track 1 Intramural Basketball l COLLEGE Un1vers1ty of Mrarn OTHER PLANS To travel IAMES M KADREY Daddy O b rt r OOLLEGF R 1 ger OTHER PLA S A l Guard CHRISOULA KARAGIAS Fren t S alt n n o NM ljjor ER P IOYCE M KATZBA Hr OY ed and Bladk 1'2 Basket I 2 bdcer l Cl Crosp Blu As 4 A COLLEGE Vogue Modehng Schodl OTHER RIANS To travel SIGMAN KISLOWSKI Sleep INTERESTS Women OTHER PLANS Anyth ng that pays well WWW ,Km CHARLES V KLINGER "I-Iorse' Varstty Football 1234 Baseball l Basketball l Stage Crew 34 Gym Mont tor 4 Key Club 4, Home roo'n Vtce Prestdent 4 ln ttarnstral Basketball 13 4 COLLEGE. Fordham OTHER PLANS: To live in the mountains. EEN ll KALKSTMN l eAs 4 R6CordClub3 nch Club 1 Teltrus, 3 LL GE Jrdgiana Um S PLANS r' t uslcal cqmedy K, 5 IO ANN KARKUS Stage Crew l 2 Hoot Beat OTHER PLANS To go back to Artzona IOYCEI KIRSHBAUM Ioy C B e As l234 French Clu 34 Basketball 2 Megaphone 123 Student Counctl 4 Spotltght Club 4 COLLEGE Umverslty f M1am1 OTHER PLANS To take a rodk tslgpfto tflle moon , x RUTH Bankm B ue 3 as Um Ml ITICT D RI KLINGER f o Dq Usher nor S ctetl 23 4 A s give Club 4 ords d Ptctures T lst 4 OTHER PLANS To travel around the world 33 0' f'l 99" 'Y 17 .ii ,-S ii Qin i Q-. i'X 66 is 1 ""'1'f av, ib-u 9,4 TP--1' Wi i gg.. 1- 'i 1? 'Xgm 99 IZ? 'K ip 0749-0 AUDHEY M KNUDSGN 'g7Aud 'dn Orch l234 Sh tb Conte ente B al 34 B u e Bo hng 234 M nagerj 4 Stu nt V rettes Spoth h ub 34 1 Se or y 1Erench Clu 3 4 Glas. Club Q12 -Deba mg b 4 Megaphone Q, Prtfss Club 4 CoLLEGE Undectdeq OTHER PLANS To htudy dI'QIl'T1GllCS A GAII. KRAMER Glgl Rrng Commtttee 4 Ho Soctetv 2 34 Student V'1r1 tes Blue A Rep e htat I2 Horner orn Vtce P d rat 1 Megaphone Typlst 4 G1rls Spar hght Club 4 COLLEGE Maryland OTHER PLANS T go to South Arnertca WILLIAM V KRIEBEL Curly Drrftwood Busmess Man age Honor SOCISIY 34 Treasurer 4 Megaphone 4 Track 3 4 Homeroom PTESI dent Z Chess Club Vc Pres dent I2 Poster Club 2 Math Club 3 SCIENCE Club 34 Semor Play Com m1tt e Wotds and P1ctures COLLEGE Umverslty Pennsylvarua OTHER PLANS To take a boat to South Amer1ca IANET C KURKIIAN Ianet Kay Ofhce Staff 34 Blue A s l 234 G1rls Sports Turnb ltng Gym Leader 4 Stu dent Var1et1e Student Executrve Councxl Twlrler 4 Glee Club 12 OLLEGE New Ier ey Col lege for Women OTHER PLANS To traxel MARGARET M LANDERS Peg Megaphone 2 Co Edltor 3 4 Honor SOCISIY 234 Blue As l24 VICE Prestdent 3 Spothght Club 34 Vtce Pres1dent 3 lunror Class1cal League l 2 3 4 French Clu 34 Secretary 4 m Leader 2 3 4 Student Varte tres Homeroom Vrce Presl cl nt 1 Homeroom Vlce Prestdent 2 Grrls Sports Words and Pxctures COLLEGE Manhattanv1lle OTHER PLANS To brcycle through Europe wrth Pat and Margaret Z PATRICIA A KOENIG cz e Cub 34 Blue A 334 M gap on 234 Play Pro npter Nord a d PICIL. Ty 1 t u or Clashcdl League Quls Sports Drrftwoo 1 1 P ess Club 4 COLLEGE W1 arr' and A41 OTHER PLA S T 1 c rr fc LEATRICE I KRAMER 99 parts M grrpt e S a Mal' 1 o1.LEaE " 11 awful' or ER PLANS JEAN KUKER Iecmxe o 1 Secre ary vrn L d r 4 Blue Sport re .lb 4 b 1nd C b 4 M gapnc COLLEC T e o Tea OTHER u d tre wo PLANS IOHN KUTTIN Iohnny COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS T TV reparr man HAROLD LANNING ake Intramural Softball 2 B ketball 2 ffff 1 I 1,41 1' LUCILLE LARRY Cel Press Club 3 OTHER PLANS To marry FRANK! LEHNER Ace OTHER PLANS To get new car I GERALD LEVY ,ftsdm Homeroo V1ce Presld Ik Bfnerdom Pfrestd -gcman C1uh,,Z tcea fPres1dent 44- Footbal 1 2 3 4 Base all 1 Intramural B s t 234 In ra m oftball 1234 Bas kelb ll L 'l3cmd'1 CO GE Gdlumbra or R,PZANs To dtgfme when thd1Duks ts mg GEORGE H LISTER Tootxe OLLEGE Urstnus DTHER PLANS To enter he servlce v ,ffs X gefmnnzx LQVELL Bobtbxdbx Ail23'4 Banklng epressntatlve l 'Gtrls Sports OTHER PLANS To get marrred to lack ELLEN R LAUTMAN Lrbrary 'df w o tor P or ra l' sad g u ecretary 3 hatever PHILIP LEPORE P1115- Intr lGgpLhf R414 V ra Jerman Club COL R ergaj I OTH l.'.kNJ To make a m1ll1on -AZ f 1 ,AZ PLAN8 N as possxb e commg years IEA OLIO O 1 3' Me hone r Wr 4 Horuo Blue 2 l1n 23 4 Spotll b 34 Debat Press Club 4 C Guard 4 Senlor Play rgmpter 4 Student Vane les COLLEGE Trenton State Teachers OTHER PLANS To travel to strange places LUIS M LUBINSKY Bean Twlrler 1234 Captcun Blue As 1234 Student Vartetles Bowling Manager 1234 Gtrls Sports COLLEGE Rxder OTHER PLANS To be a success tn hte 35 .4 PATRICIA H MADDOX ca Megaphone 2 Co Edttor 3 4 Iuntor Classtcal League 2 Prestdent 34 Glrls State 3 Honor Soclety 234 Stu dent Var1et1es Scrtpt Wrlter 3 Band 134 Orch l Glee Club 2 Spotlight Club 34 Record and Soctal Club 2 ue A 234 ITS Sports l 23 4 Sports Ottxctal 2 Homeroom Secretary l COLLEGE Mt Holyoke OTHER PLANS To bxcycle through Europe wrth Peg and Margaret TACK MALLOS ural Basketball l 23 rac l2 slcetball l FQotball l --,COLLEG Aecztfemy f eronauttcs N, f fOTHER PLANS Te' good E etball pla e Q 5' O 2 1 X' f f fv- CAROL A MATTICE Carol Dowling l 234 Tenms 24 Blue 851.4 Megaphone 4 Baseball 2 XCGELEGE Trenton State Teachers OTHER PLANS To travel IAMES H MAYERr4, Hexssen Honor Soctety 34, ome room Pres1dent3,4 Basket ball 34 Trqck 234 Basel ball l,,.Crpss Country I2 lndoor'Traclf 3 wTum ing 2, ,I Tfumugql B tballl l Z, umor PQ rmttee ftwood Wrlte p Edltor Student Councll. 4 German Club 24 Chess Club 2 Spotlxght Club 4 Sen1or Play COLLEGE Dartmouth OTHER PLANS To study GW CLARK MEHR Mehr Mouse Football l 2 3 Cateterla Monttor l COLLEGE RCA lnstltute OTHER PLANS Navy ln U Y t 'eat ,,, COSMOS MALLOS Cos Intramural Basketball 34 Honor Soclety 34 Scxence Club l Chess Club 2 COLLEGE Rutge OTHER PLA S' u mess admm1s R ep We Xxx? Kgs? THOMAS I MALONE Tom COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS To IOIH e U S A1r Force R IOHN MCMEANS Iohnny Honor SOC1elY 34 Iumor Class1cal League 234 Chess Club 123 Drlft Wood Staff COLLEGE Phtladelphla Blble lnst1tute OTHER PLANS To get a ptlots ltcense MARI Mxc Blue A Com ght ub sk bal 4 Teacher OTHER Hawan RUDY MENDITTO Rudy COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS To travel ..P1.. V .. .. : L.: -T I. Bl 'S 1,.,,,g G'-lj' 4 LY." fu, 1 ,i A.- A L I ,VI n In 1 k ,z 5 1 ' . . E I " th K 1 o . . . XX ' . :J '1 ,D dggktt Neff 'Wt A -,A I . , . A: at g -' A af A E I .- X In t, , 1 rf , J ws 4' K . f' ' 1 ' . In '1 - - 1' Ill' fl , COLLEG : Mo lair ae -, V. I ap: U S: T to Dt mit 4 A l . Il. i GARRETT T. MIDGETT "Midge" Intramural Softball 2,35 ln- tramural Basketball 2,35 Bowling Club5 Baseball 35 Varsity Baseball 4. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To try to be a success, IIM MORTON ..Iim.. COLLE :Rutgers O LANS: To grad- 'u 'h kg! ' N t x Y' . L 'J , ' 6 I su t tw I'-4 ' 1 .Fr X LAIIAHIUJQUQIEAPUI-ITAN ,JJ V eau" -,J I' Chsierleager lg ologyfClu .L .25 rehch Civ 3,45rStudg- 5 1 aril tles5 Spotligh Club! 351 1 Tdiri g 4X 5 lee Clu l,25 . ti l BA A I. ..B i , Bl ' . C LE :Gre n untain. OTPBR P 2 t mar- ried, vi i ris, ELVA R. I R Twirling 5 S ent' u-nc' 35 Fr n- o F lie A5 D ak lub , Gle?!AZf 5 Mixed or , " " ub 1,25 Art ,253 C lUndeci QE PLANS: get ie . ' Y Us ,lf lf EUNICE E. NEWMAN "Chick" Homeroom President 45 Stu- dent Council 45 Honor Society 253,45 Blue A's 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Hockey 'hu LANS: ci' e a 25 Baseball 1. l chem ' COLLEGE1 Business. 'J 'Q' OTHER PLANS: To be a X private secretary. C ' s A I lffxj-xg uh v ' L . NILSSON. rn, nose Mmm-: NO o'rNY If "'Fex"- "Rosie- he-R " Stud! Pllariu JS5 Student Press u ' s l, C il 151C ss ountry 25 3 5O trallfid 5 - 4 ee'Clu 2 ' C EG 5 ery, o lgHqpAe"E1dy . R P S: Air Force. OTHER P S: r el.A ,ll l u" ' x 1 U X. . l R A. O'BRIEN, IR. A H. OSBORN, IR. "Bob" I "Ozark" renc lub 35 Student oqb -yvl,2, Baseball 1, ounci ecretary5 Baseball 253, 7' rac ,Z5 Intramural 15' ltltra ulal Basketball X kg. ,f 25 er n ub5 Stage LEE :Rutgers W. OTH PLANS: To go some- LL E: Seto all Uni- where with "Bean" e ' . O R PLA To see the 1 . 37 ,pm Qi ELIZABETH K OSBORN 12 Semor Play Drtftwoocl Staff lun1or Class1cal League l 2 Honor SOC1SlY 4 Llbrarf Sta 34 Megaphon 2 Feature Wrlter 34 Gy L ader 4 Homeroom Presl nt ue s l G1rls Sports Spotlxght Club 34 Sclence Club 4 lunlor Prom Commlttee COLLEGE Vermont Um verslty OTHER PLANS T be a chemtst LAWRENCE PALMER Larry Cro Country l23 door Track 34 Track l 3 4 Basketball l German Club 1 COLLEGE Prtnceton OTHER PLANS To be lawyer GEORGE PAPPAS George a natrve of Gro entered APHS late ln us seruor year ROBERTA PATWITCH Bobble Baseball 12 Basketball l 2 Bowlmg l Tumbhngl Glee Club l OTHER PLANS Marnage to lrve ID Flonda DONNA M PETERSON Pete Drum Majorette 234 S u dent Vanehes Home oorn Secretary 5 B e As 12 34 Baseball 14 Basketball 4 Glee Club 2 COLLEGE Monmouth luntor College OTHER PLANS To b pnvate secretary 38 DOLORES PA' OTTO Dee Tumblmg 2 Basketbafl 23 oTHER PLANS To get marned MAR ue As l rn le rea r coL X . V1S1l DONAL ATTBRS s T 'ic-c 34 Eoo all ra ra 4 Che mlm t fqgol' N XA PETE ON f g PETE Blue I X! phone 4 COLLEG Bu lmfell OTH P S QT h Bl y ol EDWARD W PHOENIX Anzoni! , Ng. Bafsd 1254 Student Con ductor 4 Orchestra 1234 S df-n4Var1et1es aster of remomes 3 Se or Play Spothght Club 34 ,Pre dent 4... French Club 3 V1cePre-srdent 4 lun or Classxcal League 12 All Shore Band 34 llState Orchestra 3 I mural Basketballl Gym omtor 4, Rttle club 1. 'M COLUIEE' Undecided OTHER PLANS: To join the Air Force. 'X ll rC ss STANLEY R PURYEAR Stan The Man Band and Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Megaphone 4 Chess Club Vtce Prestclent 4 Iumor Classtcal League 3 French Club 3 OTHER PLANS To be on the ftrst shrp to Mars CHARLES E. RAHILLY ootball l Track 4. Cross Country 23 COL' EGE 1nd1ana Technt ca LOIS ANNE REDDING 12 Glee Club 124 Basket ba 4 OTHER PLANS To be prolesswnal roller skater SYDN ICKS n r ket 1 Trac Cro ntry Bo Nl ng Team COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS To 1o1n the A1r Force DELBERT ROSS IR e Honor S tety train Baske al 3 u lor OITHUIIIEG . rmce 1 ' ,Busine s Administrtcxlio Sch . Pj 4 ERNEST L PYLE Lee Cross Country 3 Indoor Track 1234 Football 12 Track 1234 Homeroom Offtcer l Intramural Bas ketball 1234 COLLEGE Annapolts OTHER PLANS Chemtcal engtneer IOAN A RAHILLY Blue As 4 Color Guard Basketball 4 OTHER PLANS To own a car BARBARA A RHOADES Iuntor Class Secretary Key Club 34 Serv1ce Club 3 Student Councrl 12 Bank 1ng Representatlve 3 4 Gym Leader 234 Blue As 12 Treasurer 3 Prestclent 4 Spotllght Club 3 Mega phone Staff 2 3 Iumor Prom Commlttee Medrcal Staff 34 Semor Class Secretary Student Var1et1es Sports OII1C1Gl 34 Senior Prom Commtttee Gtrls Sport 1 2 3 4 COLLEGE Penn State OTHER PLANS To go Greece ROBERT ROBBINS Skmny Baseball l OTHER PLANS To travel SUZANNE I ROWLAND ue Twtrlmg 234 Glee Clu 1234 M1xed Chorus G1rl Sports Blue As 34 OTHER PLANS To be my IGVOT1 te photographer s model for lrfe. 39 gs' -of fl ALEXANDER RUPEIKS "Alex" Chess Club 3,4g Art Club 3,4. COLLEGE: Art School, OTHER PLANS: To continue my education. BA M saw C u s 24 G1,rl Sports eroorr eary l alran C b 4 Student art tres COLLEG n May School of Nursln OTHER PLANS To take a tr1p around the world M 'rr-1 s mas MW M Bl e ' e S 1 GI 1. E. dl O ' e I hap . I - 1 ANC r P 1r s s n atlve r 5 r D e t ommlttee enror Colle ltalta Sur Vart t1 1 rary 1 l Glrls Sports COLLEGE Berkeley Secre tarral School OTHER PLANS Undeclded AGE Y 2 l Bask t OW1 f Y H ' a tn OTHER To travel My 56 if X league MARIE SCHICITANO Skrtch Senlor Play Itallan Club 2 3 4 Secretary 3 1rls Spo ts Homeroom Secre tary 2 Vlce Presrdent 4 Blue A s 2 3 4 COLLEGE Model1ng School OTHER PLANS To travel ANTHONY D SCOTT Cookxe Football 1 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 IV Basketball 2 Student Councll Z Stock Room 2 Sound Crew 1 Varslty Basketball 34 Var slty Baseball 3 4 Intramura Basketball 12 Intramural Softball 12 COLLEGE Undec1ded OTHER PLANS To go to Hawau and see world LOIS M SCHNEIDER oo 2 34 Megaphone 234 Presfglyvk-A4 pothg 4 rench Club 4 Rm m 1tte CLAUDELLE H SEAWIE Cluudxe Glee Club l 2 34 Secretary of Glee Club 12 Press Club 3 Blue As l Student Vartettes Bowlmg 4 COLLEGE Morgan OTHER PLANS To model Par1s fashlons W ks..- OLLEG o OTHER NS T m1 re ncxl Rep es om m egecggon 2 3 ssxc L Honor reas r an g 41 Blue s orts 1 COLLEG rm ty R Europ DONALD SHOWLER Don Student Counc1l Repre rlea r lu Asl ports Spot Secretary of a ella CHARLOTTE I SHANNON Char Basketball 123 Baseball 12 Volleyball 1 OTHER PLANS To jom the Waves FRAN SHINGLE Herman Dutch Bask tball l Megaphone l 234 Press Club 4 lntra mural Basketball 123 In tramural Baseball 1234 Honor SOCl9lY Homeroom Pres1dent 3 Iunlor Prom Commxttee F1S1'llng Club 2 Debatlng Club 4 Football COLLEGE Duke Unlversxty OTHER PLANS To marry a rtch wldow MARY ANN SICILIANO Mare Blue A s l 2 3 4 Gzrls Sports Banklng Representatlve 1 Student Var1et1es COLLEGE Monmouth Mem anal Hospxtal OTHER PLANS To go to Hawau O Blue a St d ro 0' M J ou unlor LEG Undeclded DALE A SITER Dee A BW B s etlgll 3 d oo PLA axel N P NS, 'X travel ROBERT! SLOCUM Percy Basketball 1 lntramuzal Basketball 1234 Football COLLEGE Albnght OTHER PLANS To 1o1n the Navy -L! ., 1 , 0 C CE . E R, . . I - 1 g I y U n 2 O C1 1 , : I S . ' I tud t- ' gf e 1 , D ' 1 1 re- , . 1 1 - 1' G 4: , ' , 1 : - EU, ' e u , I , , , 5 ' TQ" ,11 1 lub l.3f A 1 ' ' 6. 41 1 E1 , , ' 5 ' ' 1 'f' 1,25 ' ,, ' 1 ' . l,2. T ANS 2 ' ' , . 1 V I 1 sentative 3. 1 1,2,3,flg Stluaent Council 2.5 J. Ky ER. GE D 'Vjf 511 - , e ' , ff 37g .4: irl 1 - Q-5 :Av So . ht 1 4. 1 E 4. U C . - 1 ' . , 6 I 0 FW , ' . o . 1 ' 2,35 li 112g , G 2, . . , , , Q O E: M 1 ' 1. 1,3,4. YJ OT : ' . 2 ' . X 4I QQ H f"""b 1 via 'E 'W' .wiv 4.9-f BN ,di ff 'bf' 4-f-r li flu' W 51111: KN 1 x by XR. Q vb J Q 'A 'Nfl WILLIAM I SLOVER 1 Homeroom Secretary I4 Basketball 123 CCIIEISIIG Mon1tor 1234 Intramural Basketball Intramural Soft ba COLLEGE SAU OTHER PLANS To see the world through a port hole N D SM H nn1s an1 h Club Basket a l COLL er LANS se 1 a C 1 e LEONARD K SMITH B19 Smxth Basketball l Football 23 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 COLLEGE Undec1ded OTHER PLANS To see the world IOSEPH H SMYTH IR Sm1tty Intramural Basketball 2 4 Football l COLLEGE Undemded OTHER PLANS To be success X OSLYN STEIN Ros Bd Bl sketball 124 Soft a 1 T1-IER PLANS To get arr1ed 42 WILLIAM C SMALLS Bxlly Vars1ty Football 1234 Basketball Manager l Track 12 COLLEGE Howard Un1 vers1ty OTHER PLANS To go to Europe IUNE SMITH Smxtty Blue As 2 Key Club OTHER PLANS To travel THOMAS L SMITH Sm1tty Cross Country I 2 4 Basket ball Manager 1234 Track Manager 3 Intramural Bas ketball 23 COLLEGE UUdGCld9d OTHER PLANS' To go college Hoc ketball Blue s r Bowl W 1rg1n1a OT R PLANS To travel I NG Sr'?lK1-'ELD Vaq's1ty'I' ack 3 4 Intramu al sket 1 1234, SCIENCE Club 3 German Club 23 4 Intramural Baseball 3 We1ght Llftlng Club 2 Chess Club 2 COLLEGE Columb1a OTHER PLANS To play varslty basketball I' R ' if NT I ' ' f"v , I I V . ' M 1' "FII" I H ' H I I .N ' 1 lt' 1 Q .- v I ll, ' ' . ' E. I Ig,, Q '- 11' g 1 ra A 3,45 - ' l,2g " ' " I -' '1 " J ll , , ' - ' 1 A ' I Q A N 3 V t . to IQ Y or 1 11 - I L K ' O 'III n!'.o . rr I :vt f ,J r,Q slt i sigl V g Tg Q 1 Q1 -SLO I J 1, In Q Q , ' '- . I tw.. 1 .1-3-if , . I , - W- A ':- - IO I I 591, 1 ,Ep . I 19" l . . . R ll - ll "B i ll 'RI 1 3' .3, 1 1, 1 S A . 1,2,3 b - .1 1 ' I A' 2- P S QS, - S 'r -' 5 3 a 1 1 I I .Jff ' , S an ' I 6 2 g v. , I I tt 1 f -,'- . f19i' 1 ' 1 - I J V 1 tt ' 1 Q' I X I J' ' xv Mb if L K I ' :R I -1 1, UI I V C, Wlxtra 1,25 ue A's 1, 1, ' .1 . 'I 1 1 A , , , ' I 1 1 f :Q V I E - X . 1 1 , . . 5 ff X , ' . ,1 ' 'X I A K ' : A I 1 I ' I GOLDIE STERN "Gold" gl Blue A's 1,2,3,45 Basketball Ban ,3, 5 Or ra 3,45 25 Softball 2,35 Bowling 35 Sh r AQ ren and 3,45 Student Varietiesg Mega- B ' , , , Sp rts l,2, M1155 I ttf retary 4. d 'sin COLLEGE: Ohio State. OTHER PLANS: To own a Cadillac. e I l e n. TH L S: To bull an i loo.xf phone 23,45 Homeroom Sec- 5 egap alf,lll,2g g a 3,45 St t e IEAN STOLZ "lean" Basketball 25 Softball 35 Tumbling 1. OTHER PLANS: To get married. CHA F STROUD Ch r To get a 1ed J ARTHUR TANENBAUM Artre Baseball 23 Nature Club 2 Boys Chorus COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS Enhst the Arr Force PETER THO Science K r est 12 oss eba qv M t 23 I rtwoo J 4 'SDO1 ou ly Day b 3 ennis COLL 1 I Maine OTHER PLANS To own a large dairy farm HARRY STRANO. IR. "Brother" Homeroom President 35 Out- door Track 2,3,45 Indoor Track 345 Football 2' Cross Country 1- Italian Club 3 4 Intramural Baseball l4 Intramural Basketball 12 34 Iunior Prom Committee Tumbling Team 14 COLLEGE Seton Hall OTHER PLANS To teach Mr Merli my Italian dialect ROBERT TAGGART Txger Rag Intramural Softball 124 Intramural Basketball 12 3 4 Bowling 12 COLLEGE Rider OTHER PLANS To in the Air Force, W I J wig! 7717 RUTH C TAY R u Twirl rs 4 o or Guard l e A To become is io MARGARET L TORRES Maggie Blue A s 1 2 3 4 Basketball Club 2 Student Varieties M eg a ph o n e Advertising Staff l 2 3 Social Reporter COLLEGE Malone Web ster OTHER PLANS To bicycle through Europe with Peg and Pat 43 ez .. . .. Tr ea r . 2 - P : I , , ' 1 it ' ' Z . ' '. o 3 I : ' I D , X I' xi I . ffy y 4 U1 , I C V xy . ., I ..R , ' ' ' , I 2, G tl ,2,3,4. 1 ' . OT : ' in a ' ff N : ' 4" y C ' . r . 1 3,45 Se Cl ' , 5 e l,2,3,45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Record- C ch 1 fi 1 ' ' : 3 ry F fl I ' ' TI N ' ' al 3,4 an - Q1 , ,4, Q- Z ' ' - - Q 1' 1 . , - X d . 5 ff, Q , - 1 ' lig -1 1 ' ' 45 'A' V5 h ' 2. . I V Z x TY O ARTHUR T. TROTT "Tee Tee" Football 15 Intramural Bas- ketball 2,35 Intramural Soft- ball 35 Golf 3,45 Tumbling l,3. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: United Stat s Marines EUGENE M UPPERMAN IR Sonny Tenn1s 123 Tumbling 12 ross Country 1 Cafeteria omtor 3 Intramural Bas ketball 34 OTHER PLANS To tom th Marine Corps D T OM VAN DEREN 2 Intra et al 234 1 Bqgketbcrll 1 lub 23 Honor C Y COLLE uke Umversity OTHER ANS To take a world tour xmm as t ural s e F ch Cu tvers 'xflgida IW LA S o b m ll1ona1r j DELI PIAN adl x ro L Vice Pr sid ct Committe W 4 Bankin pre nt e 34 Girhs Sports OL EGE Monmouth Iumor OTHER PLANS To be for ever happy 44 THOMAS T. TWEEDIE "Tom" Football 15 Baseball 1,25 Intramural Baseball l,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball l,2, 3,4. PATRICIA VACCHIANO cx Blue As 123 Girls Sports 123 Italian Club 12 Sec retary of Homeroom l IV Cheerleader 1 Office Stat 2 COLLEGE Mlarni Um versity OTHER PLANS To hav my own checking account WILLIAM H VAN NOTE Van Honor Society Intramura Basketball 234 OTHER PLANS To see th world LORRAINE VETRANO Loma COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS T get married AND VO A Basebal Varsi QV Basketb In a ura as orre roo eside Vice Presi nt24 Ho TSOCISIY 34 Iumor Prom mmittee Student Councll Italian Club 4 CO1 LEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To go to Italy ! ' ". 'I ' I ' N NP tl: C 5 55, If . TVI A 5 - 5 I I 2 ' ' e I it . 1 . , I anll ll I ll , : - ' : 1 al b , , 5 5 5 , GS I I I 9 Clrl , 5 , iq 1 I I 5 I N B ll 1, , 545 ss Blue A's 1,25 Banking 1,2,4. ry , 5 r : ' , k , r " 1 o 1 b ' ' . 'L E: Ati ' 1 OT U N 2 1 e J A xt A X I 1' I V 1.155 -I .. ' 0 Q '5' ' - ' 2 , ' A: - ts- ' ' ue . 1' l 'S xx , J " - B 1 . l , ' .. - Y ANNE M. VOWTEBAS Anme' - J 1 Dnttwood Staftg Medaphcne Stat! 3? French C1ubo3,4, Pre.ftu,ml4I Ufuei 31' Ho 4 4, Socthght C1ub 34' H o Society 234 Secretary 4 Horneroom fSecretarv tc Pr sident Y Stud anet s B1u-s A 3 Gtrls Sport CO1 LEGE Co n1:1 OTHER PLA s 'ro mv to France MILLICENT E WALTON Suzy a eba11 o ba11 C LEGE B1 11 S '1 OTHER PLA S A Forc damage SADIE WARREN an If S orts 1234 rrfi wood Staf14 Kev C1ub 34 French CHQ 34 Q DIJODQ 1234 Blue-A 12 34 M rca Staff 3 'Gyn a 2 bk-eU Com mftt e 4 Honor RCISIY Student Councl I Student Van hes B whng 34 Bas ketball 1234 A COLLEGE Newak Betl. Israel Nursing Schoo1 QT!-TER PLANS To b corn a nurse IUDITH WAYNE Iudy Band and Orchestra 1 2 3 4 German Band 3 Spotlrght Club 3 Megaphon Staff 73 Shore Conferenc Banc! 3 Blue A Bowhng Z3 Manager 3 Band Ltbrarlan CO1 LEGE Umver ny Mrawt OTHER PLA JS To tra TI ' I V- c oo1 HER o trave1 ARLENE I. WALTERS HAY.. ,, P 1't Staff' R' ,IJ Cotta- I 4 Studgqd f Y I As,'f?33f owl Sp gaphome I 64' q t C1u'bj44 JI ar r flat! 4 COLLEGE om sm oTHER PLANS To b no A HER U K W1 Q ICG ALBERT WARSHAWSKY and 1 2 3 4 Orch 3 4 Track 1 Honor Soclet 2 3 4 French Club 3 Qtf"'W' 1 MARILYN WEINSTEIN Mac: Iunror Classlcal League 1 2 34 Press Club 4 French Club 34 Spothght Club e s G r1s Sports COLLEGE Tenton Stae T acher OTHER PLANS To vvrtte books for c1'111 ren Pwnc WW GERALDINE N WHITE Gen Bowling 3,41 Basfcet1oa11 4 COLLEGE Monrnou.h1unior College. OTHER PLANS: To tour th- world. 43' 'Q '3- D. IOAN WILDE 'fl l'm".'. f ' I A Fxrench Qluf?13,4g Blue A's l,ip3,4g' Homeroom Secre- tary 35 Basketball' 3,4. C O L L E G E: Presbyterian Hospital, Newark. OTHER PLANS' To travel all over the country rer Girls or s e o LAN ve To see the DVE om M or ura m r l B e E Rid PLANS settle clowri and get married YLLIS YO w1'rz X F 017, hw ,V-:QL OGQSXVI34 Blue 12 wlmg 2 3 4 1 4 Mega 2 Press C LEGE Syracuse Uni verslty OTHER PLANS To get mar ned and be happy RUTH WILLIAMS ..Bei.. Press Club 23,45 Basket- ball l,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3,4g Debating Club 45 Medical Staff 3,45 Blue A's 4. COLLEGE' Bellevue Medi cal Scho l 69 if L, Q56 GEORG WILSON IR u epres n tative Football 234 Freshman Football Intra mural Sports President o Homeroom Z Secretary of Homeroom 3 Monmouth County Day 3 President of Student Council 4 Honor Society Key Club Base ball 4 COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS To play pro football VICTOR I WITT Baseball 1 Homeroom Vice President l OTHER PLANS To marry Ava Gardner CHARLES H WYCKOFF mural 13 LORETTA YOUNG Rett Glee Club 12 Girls Sports 1234 Press Club 4 Stu dent Varieties COLLEGE West Vlrgrria State OTHER PLANS To be success . r X M I cf I U lt, ,'Y!' M . , A ' ' il 1 hci h b ggi! ,2, st - C " ' : , , 1 Pye ' , 2 ' ' 5 I O E: ot A t gl A 1 - : E : To l g ' ..Ni.1 35 ' I , BQ ketb 1 3,4 F all Basketball lg.I.V. 2, imm- 1: IG , , , 2 '- , . t t ' I 5 - t l I - u tb l CO I ' OT 3 o , ' f K xl X' " X ' , Xx lv 'L' X- l x y N' H. ti A ' l 3, . ' ' L , . I , , , 5 I I 5 lx il 1 ' - ' ' . Ile , 5 . Z ' ' ,' C ' 4. . I X:. '- 2 a 46 .1 5X Q mot 'L x Romeo, Romeo! The hard-working make-up committee , 1 l , L ,,...- ig -. . ! A 4 Mr. Brycm's "bcxsso" A lcxte arrival at A.P.H.S., Icmet Sherman Double, double, toil and trouble Reaching for the sky in - ,f egg MOST POPULAR Sam Apicelli Helen Gervasi 4 1 7"'l!' r' 4 xv- M MOST MUSICAL Bob Bailey Rene Finkelstein MOST STUDIOUS Donald Fortunate Anne Vowtercxs H ni . M . V , , 5 12 1 . 55 W vs? - -v, W -Q. x igfitg '41 AIIIIVIIIES 0 Sllllli llfllll lill FIRST ROW. l to r Murray Rubin Howard Sawyer Marshall Conklin and Louis Molinari. SECOND ROW lean Tweedie Ianet Kurkpxan Dawn Woolley and Anne Maddox The Student Council, whose members are elected by the student body, is divided into two sections, the Executive Board, and the Homeroom Rep- resentatives. Under the super- vision oi Miss Iune B. Mount the Council operates the Cheer Fund, presides at assemblies, and works for the general bet- terment ot the school. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Dawn Woolley. George Harvey. George Wilsons Dave Iorgenson, lane! Kurkiians and Marion Fitz-Randolph. SECOND ROW: Lee Owen, Andrew Garrity. Reginald Hurley, and Robert Mohn. USHIHS Handing out programs . . . opening doors . . . conducting people to their seats . . . the ushers lend a helping hand at every occasion. They ushered at our Senior Play, Student Varieties, College Night, Gradua- tion, and so many of the programs that We have enjoyed throughout the year. They are all Honor Society members, willing and proud to serve A.P.l-TS. H0 llll Sllllllll The twenty-tive year old Honor So- ciety, sponsored by Asbury Parks Kiwanis Club, is an organization that strives to pro- mote high scholarship among students. By being on the honor roll or high honor roll during a semester, a student earns one or two points, respectively. Membership is open to all students obtaining six points. Af' 1 l I... X-.,. - FIRST HOW. l. to r.: Grace Fletcher, Anne Vowteras, Co-Head Ushers. SECOND ROW: Shirley Cohen, Gail Christensen. Ida Camoosa, Ianet Garrity, Dorothy Carrigan, Doris Klinger, THIRD ROW: Elaine Charlins, Cappy Miller, Helen Smits, Rodette Clausen, Enid Gilman, Barbara Meyers. Seniors in the Honor Society: Norman Fisch. Donald Fortunate, Ronald Hyams, Milton Campbell, Frank Shingle, Delbert Ross. Bill Kriebel, Elizabeth Osbom, Grace Fletcher, lanet Garrity, Peg Landers, Pat Maddox, Gail Christensen, Anne Vowteras, lanice Higin- botham, Rene Finkelstein, lean Litowinsky, Gail Kramer. Eunice Newman, Doris Klinger, Beverly Ebie. Xda Camoosa, Bill Esberg, Iohn McMeans. Kenneth Hiltbrunner. Iames Mayer, Bruce Barrabee, Harvey George. George Wilson, lay Vola, and Ioe Fronapfel. The M 1- ,, We -- . lghf w , senlor Cher, inter, Gmc Spot- coppolnterviews I: Flat- son an: Xhile Pele Txxhony el , Om . en Smxts kibigi 'UCNE Ci -a.f,,,. -'..,.,N,,g,,,,, f, The Megaphone, ihe schooi newspaper, is pubhshe every 'Tuesday durina the schooi year by ihe siudenis ihe high schooi, under the supervision oi Mr. Peter her f news is brouqhi io ihe siudenis in ihe " , X s assernbiies, ciass prof 3 3 X urse ihe Nah- 3 X. Ma . " ii ihe schooi Meqfsporis, ciuhs, eieciion , iecis, buheiins, ieaiures, and oi co irnporiani' ediioriais. Co-Ediiors oi ihe paper are Pai Maddox and Peg Landers. Sporis Editor is Bruce Barrabeeg Yeaiure Ediior, G-race Yieicherp Copy Ediior, Eiien Lauirnan-, Exchange Ediior, Bih Esbergg and News Ediior, Torn ' head oi ihe viiai adveriisina er is ihe Business Couse, Nancy Siewari is and Cari Bruecian arimeni dep Manda er . The .. cr ,, ew Prepares to 9et Enid Gilm :rompson :IZ and Pete I-cfrfd while o."'e um- L ers and duo, P Ou Al D Iepon eg bhght er Mary COPY-req d. i Out PCPe?noLher issue of S 1 Rh he reporter? check t h e bullezin board in One day early in the fall of our junior year we heard ourselves saying, "Well, we're finally finished, but we still have twenty-nine more to do." Yes, we had finished preparing our first issue of the Megaphone and we were certain that we'd never survive the "tremendous" task of editing the other twenty-nine. Then, before we knew it, Iune had come and we found ourselves editors for another year. We started that year, the 25th of Megaphone history, full of ambition, new ideas, and determined that this volume of Megs would surpass all others. We had a whole year before us and much could be accomplished. Quite suddenly our terrific senior year came to an end and with it all the wonderful afternoons in the Meg Room. As we think back over the past two years we realize that what we learned in a journalistic sense was immeasur- able. But what will mean more to us are the wonderful friendships made with both students and faculty, the discovery of the enjoyment of working together doing something con- structive 'in bettering the school, learning to accept respon- sibility dnd seeing that a job is done. We shall always ' remember our friend and advisor, Mr. Peter I. Maher, who guided us at every corner and who was always ready to lend a helping hand. Without his example and encourage- ment we never would have succeeded in editing a single Meg And lastly we shall always remember the Meg Room itself the small room at the end ot the hall which became our home for two years At times it was a place of great activity ie Wednesday afternoons of hilarious re1o1c1ng fthe days we received our college acceptancesl serious Concentra tion Cbetore testsl of deep gloom Cafter Chemistry testsl But it was always the meeting place of friends and the scene of a great deal of good natured fun THE EDITORS T. FIRST ROW l to r Mr Maher Peg Landers Pat Maddox Bruce Barrabee Nancy Stewa Grace Fletcher and Bill Esberg SECOND ROW Enid Gilman lean Lxtowinsky Elizab Osborn Ioan Levy Sue Emhorn Ieanetta Bralra Sue Hock Ellen Harbor Mary Lou Albnght and Ieanetta Mxrne THIRD ROW Mary Ann Earle Rochelle Hyman Barbara Harad Pat Koenig Ann Maddox Marsha Hayman Sadie Warren Jane Hayman Helene Such. Cappy Miller Helen Smxts FOURTH ROW Halsey Waters Iohn Goldsmith Anthony Coppola Tom Bennett Donald Bader Edward Ettmger Donald Fortunate Iordan Abrams ,xi and Rita I-'errola ... NIJ gggwvurir Issue 1352-se-QW-lgit-least it If . . 1 - - I . n Q ' ' ,441 I - . . ,, ' f -1 . ,+-- ' f .' V ,gf . 5 V , I . 1 , . i W . 9 rx I 11- -5 J , ,. J .. , ey 1 W. '-, .1 .Y , A - , 0 n A , . . V , K I Asn' . . .: . , . . . rt. , . : ' . , eth .... I I ' I I I I I I ..w ' . ' . : . , sf, . . ' 1 . 1 1 I , 1 A-' 1 . I 1 1 V N D ' ' ' ' ' ' K'Ju1!"'?g,--,A - ' 'rf' 4!-131 4' ff -V J., - 1- .-, ve. - ... , .,, , . ' . L, ft f ,pvh '-: - . ' ' -' -. A f' -. . " f"" s"-l'f."' . r' ' A ' ' 'J l ..4, '- U f- . '.-,L.- ' ' ..4. , i"' ' N- . .4 f A '.v',,4f gr' : , -' -- ,. f- v-'E - ...My -,,- 2,-ff 17. . i - - -' ' -1 ri wr rs- ' .-V. 4 , y. ' 3 ,, J.- -1 --, M, yr ' -' A - ram' - ,s ' rf fix, DJ AMAllUH RAUHlClUB The members of this club are, l to r.: Terry Brown- ing, Mark Boher. Stanley Puryear, Paul Watson, Dick Allen. cmd Richard Beldner. The Amateur Radio Club is a newly formed organization in the High School. The main interest is, ot course, Uhamn radio. Members in this organization gain valuable information from Mr. Thompson, their advisor, about Wham" radio operation which will enable them to obtain a license ot their own, The clubs president is Dick Beldner, who already has his amateur operators license. DEBAII G ClUB FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Milton Campbell, Rene Finklestein. and Tom King. SECOND ROW: Phil Burger, Iecm Litowinslcy, Barbara Harad. Audrey Knudson, Phyllis Yoscowitz, and Edith Kuker. THIRD ROW: Harvey Geo- rge, Ed Ettinger. Iosephine Finne, Marjorie Diggs, and Mr. Waters. The Debating Club is composed of l3 members who meet once a week and pick topics which they teel will present an interesting debate, Teams are selected, sides are taken, and vari- ous issues are drawn up, Under the supervision of Mr. Waters the teams give their arguments for or against the subject. HICHRD ClUB Do you recall the "lack Frost Frolicw? This and many other dances were held during the school year by the active Record Club. One of the highlights oi the year was the poll taken of its members to select the top ten records. Mr. Wanner directs the various activities and meetings oi this organization. TRACK ClUB One of the newest clubs at A.P.H.S., the Track Club, was formed last fall as an organization for members of the cross coun- try, indoor, and outdoor track squads. Presi- dent oi the group is lim Martin, Vice' President, Bernie Mclrlale, Secretary, Clar- ence Robinsong and Treasurer, Harry Strano, Their advisor is Coach Villapiano. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Carol Fushe, Rachael Grod- berg, Ioan Bova, Laurelle Eble, Ioyce Mahan, and Sally Fox. SECOND ROW, I. to r.: Carl Brueckner, Ianice Leone, Marie Linns, Dorothy Zythowicz, Iohn Borden, Bill Thorop and Mr. Wanner. FIRST ROW, I. to r.: Kuker, White, McHale, Simpson, Costaris, Clark. Martin, Smith, Robinson, Pyle. Willett, Torres, Iohnson, Taylor, and Fortunate. Scheck, and Bisbee. SECOND ROW: Coach Villapiano. Berb, Askay. -Kewl I -1-r . . ... 5. s ' Seniors in the Press Club: Harvey George, Marilyn Weinstein, Edith Kuker, Phyllis Yoskowitz. lean Litowinsky, Gail Christensen, Editor: Ioanne Adickes, Copy Editor: Frank Shingle, Nancy Stewart, Rose Novotony, Tom Couse, Carol Fushe, Bob Flindt, Shirley Harris, Bert Bader, Doris Klinger. Diane Huggan, and Ioe Fronaptel. if S l l S "fuui'J t v S 1 . 'Q i P -.GN PRESS SlUB The Press Club prepares its members lor future work in journalism. School news is submitted weekly for publication in the Asbury Park Press. Richard F. Gibbons, School Page Editor, lectures to the club on the fundamentals of journalism and the operation ot a newspaper Members who have sixteen stories printed are eligible to go on the annual SlASl CREW Who are the working hands behind the scenes at the many dramatic and enter- taining productions here at A.P.H.S.? Why the hard-working stage crew of course. These boys had charge of setting up scen- ery, taking care of lighting, raising the cur- tain at the precise moment and other jobs which made them indispensable. trip to New York. Our helpful stage crew, l. to r.: Pete Thomp- son. Charlie Klinger, and George Harvey. BRUAUCASTI G Every Monday the sound crew is on hand to make a tape recording of a student broadcast, which will be played that night over radio station WILK. Announcer Larry Bess interviews the people who participate in the various school activities. The Band and the Glee Club make regular appear- ances on this popular program. Our student announcer, Larry Bess. SUU D CREW The capable and always-ready sound crew ot Asbury Park High is a great asset to the school. They handle the lights, and mikes at all assemblies, plays, and other activities held in the auditorium. They also take care of the movies, tape recorder and other such apparatus in the school, FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Abe Besman, Alex Kravits, and Iohn Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Neil Hoppler, Donald Green, Bill Wilson, Bob Schuler, Proctor Rhodes, Bill Sullivan, and Thomas Browning. fue' fi' . A l Y, . 5 A. 0 Qi.- fb if W 5 Plltl TIME "Theres no business like show business." Everyone who witnessed the two night stand ot our own Senior Play, "We Shook the Family Tree," will agree to that age-old maxim. For as the curtain went up on our stage that evening in November, we were to see the Hshow ot shows." Will We ever forget charming Marie Schicitano trying so hard not to be a walltlower, or poor Eddie Phoenix wearing knickers? Or Ianice Higinf botham and loe Eronaptel as two parents With many problems, or tlWoodise" Santanello as the lltypical' teen-age sister. And do you remember lim Mayer as the nonchalant older brother who had a passion lor tishing, Bill Esberg as the mischievous younger brother, and Barbara l-larad and Audrey Knudson as two high school girls. And ot course we can't forget Pat Gaither and Larry Bess playing Ereddies very distinguished parents. And lastly, can you still see Liz Osborn skipping around the stage with the pony tails and the big lollipop, playing the mischief-making little girl named Paige who succeeded in confusing things tor all the characters. Under the patient direction ot Miss Elsa Buch, l'We Shook the Family Tree" Went down in A.P.l-l.S. history as one ot its most successful productions. i' "Steal my pants, will you?" k huh: it vi.. wx an . -.rim '. ' '-' Q ., ,,. u .1 Y ' W! fl: 5:1,1',," W' , X I ifgf, ' 1 , ' 'X' W ff- 257 1 is h fo " - "We thought the rehearsals were the most fun.' 1 "Without that knicker effect you look like a date cz girl could be proud of." 1' "Freddie takes drastic action Xf- IX I 1' FIRST ROW l to r Gall Kramer Lots Ann Beyer and Mlss Buch SECOND ROW Delbert Ross Barbara Lxgo Carol Hellman Loxs Schnexder Manann McQu1llan Arlene Walters Mxlton Campbell and Ronald Hyams The vtston lumor orders Rmg Commlttee under the super of M155 Elsd Buch Went to every ond Semor homeroom ond took for closs rmos The proht from the sole of these prtzed possesstons 1S used to help defroy the Cost of the Drtftm ood The Dues Collectors under MISS Buch have the duty of obtommg three dollors from eorch seruor to pay for the Dmftwood Each member of the commtttee has choroe of collectmo due-5 ln h15 poruculdr home room ll I R FIRST HOW l to r George Harvey and Mxss Buch SECOND HOW Kenneth Holland Mane Campamle Marshall Conklm Ianet Howell Anthony Anechanco and Ehzabeth Osborn Q 't 4499? Y"1' L ""V"' T Wt' 3,11 is Members of the Commxltee are l to r Ilm Mayer Gcnl HIESHME PICTURE commnm Blll Knebel and Shxrley Hams Each year the Freshmen have the1r prc tures taken for the olllce record Cards A group of senlors under the supervlslon of Mr Peter I Maher IS chosen to see that th1s 1ob IS Carr1ed out They arrange appomtments check names and GSS1Sl the photographer Remember our great Senlor Prom? That Wonderful muslc and those beauhful decora t1ons came from hours ol hard work by the Senlor Soc1al Commutee under the able superv1s1on of Mlss Elsa Buch They planned the theme selected the orchestra sold blds and last and most important decorated the gym FIRST ROW l. to r.: Gail Kramer Icmet Kurkiian Ianice Higinbotham Ida Ccrmoosa Icmet Garrity and Co-Chairman Helen Gervczsi. SECOND ROW: Miss Buch Co- Chairmcn Ann Gerking Sadie Warren George Harvey Ioe Delisa lim Morton. and Nonn Fisch. THIRD ROW: Sum Apicelli Carl Fruehling Charles Klinger George Wilson, Lee Araps. and Milton Campbell. SE Illll SHCI!-ll IIIIMMIHH 3? :S ll - AHA, A -1 ,Au ' Muslim MMIII HBR Ill STAH FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Margy Diggs, Ianet D'Esposito, lean Rehm, Ianet Garrity, Elizabeth Osborn. lean Crowell, and Miss Schnell. SECOND ROW: Elaine Reed Rodette Clausen Anne Maddox Enid Gil- man Iackie Drewitz Ellen Lautman Ioan I-'lainblatt and Helene Such. Remember the hand that gu1ded you to the rlght book when a report was due? Maybe they were Mtss Schnells hands or those ot one of the gtrls on the Llbrary Stall These gtrls spend hours typmg hltng and shelvlng books so that you can have the correct matenals for research and reports llllllll Sl ll FIRST ROW l to r Var glma Riddle Lillian Zelsel Ioan Newman and Symmxe Martell SECOND ROW Ellen Harbor Barbara Meyers Ioan Baron and Dorothy Carngan THIRD ROW Helen Gervasx Ian :ce Hxgmboiham ludyth lean Lztowmsky Sandra Formichella and Lois Abrams The Ofhce Staff IS composed of gtrls who have achteved honor roll marks They are selected by the otftce secretanes Thelr duttes tnclude carry 1ng nottces hcmdlmg ofhce telephone calls and wntxng absentee shps The gtrls render these servxces to the school for forty mlnute perlods each day Wtthout a doubt the helpmg hands of these gtrls render one of the most valu able servtces 1n the school Q , , , . . , , I I I . . . 4 , , as ' A - : ', - Sagebiel. Barbara Hanson, , 1 I . I I BUSH BUUK CUMMIHH Mrs. Van Campen directs the activity of the hard-Working English Book Committee, The boys who are on this crew distribute all the English books at the beginning of each semester. FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: Sam Apicelli, Iim Bruno, Chico Perrotto. Donald Greenstein. SECOND ROW: Harry Grodberg, Anthony DeAngelis, Tom Musick. and Anthony D'Esposito. iii ii x-f I N. Qt i iii lil Iii iitiifii 'Y in af iii iii fi 1 Q' ,"' Q il! li. if Ili Ill r.'w. .f --V --- . x . is 4! Ev!! ll ll :ll --4 --, IN. ,, :QI ' "S V ." ""' X 'll 'll I - -, .... .1 , Mlllllllll Slflll Girls interested in nursing are, through this organization, able to lend a helping hand to fellow students. Part of their duties include assisting at physicals and eye tests, helping with vaccinations and patch tests, and applying first aid. They must also keep physi- cal cards of all the students enrolled at A.P.H.S. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Barbara Wag- ner, Iudy Eidlin, Lorraine Cooper, Barbara Mansfield. SECOND ROW: Miss Hahn, Pat Flindt, Ianet Beattie. Pat Musto, Nancy Ashmore, Ioanne Kemp, Ada Bland, Barbara Rhoades, Pat Myers, Ruth Zindler, Nancy Ack- ennan, Betty Williams. 5 .r' liz 4- i , i i Slllllll RIIIIM Every day during homeroorn period Ronnie, Ioe, and Larry have the job of filling the teachers' supply orders. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Rournanis, the boys give out pads, pencils, and various other school supplies. The stock room boys are, l. to r.: Ioe Renzulli, Larry Brady. Ronald Iohnson, and Mr. Roumanis. S ---5 sf' Seniors in the Spotlight Club are: Marilyn Weinstein, Edith Kuker, Elizabeth Osborn, Frances Santanello, Barbara Harad, Edward Phoenix, Mary Ann McQuil- lian Barbara Ligo, Lois Ann Beyer, Peg Landers, Ianet Howell, Pat Gaither, Iean Litowinsky, Doris Clark, Roslyn Stein, Ioan Baron, Sandra Shebell, Pat Maddox, Ioyce Kirshbaum, Bill Esberg, Bob Bailey, Pete Thompson, Tom Couse, Tom Bennett. Bruce Barrabee, lim Mayer, Iohn Goldsmith, Lois Abrams. Spotlights rise to pay tribute to Miss Buch, who guides the talented Spotlight Club members. The popularity ot dramatics at A.P.H.S. has made this club one of our largest organizations. Its main project this year was the presentation oi "Who Murdered Who?", a mystery comedy which was enjoyed by all in assembly. The Footlight Club otiers the sopho- mores an opportunity to develop their dra- matic ability. It also provides excellent preparation for membership in the Spotlight Club. This year they have done many types ot acting, including a broadcast oi a radio play. They are guided and advised by Mrs. Angrist. SPUllIGHl ElUB lU0lllBHl ClUB FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Helene Such, Elsie Rubin, Diane Tarlow, Sue Hock, Sally Fox, Anne Maddox, Roberta Sutphin, Peggy Urspruch, Ioan Bova, Lillian Zeisel, and Theresa Scutellaro. SECOND ROW: Bill Torpe, Ioan Levy, Sharon Hancock, Carol Hauser, Iulie Murphy, Lois Ference, Dorothy Zytkowicz, Marianne Neapolitan, Diane Clark, and Patty Macllroy. THIRD ROW: Iudith Bookstaber, Nancy Schacht, Laurlee Eble, Patty Flanagan, Marilyn Metz, Grace Deiss, Nancy Asay, Phyllis Resnik, and Mrs. Angrist. 'mir' 857' 5 1100- 9-f The semors ln the Iunzor Classncal League thrs year are B111 Esberg Pal Maddox Grace Fletcher Manlyn Wemstem Sandra Shebell Roslyn Hirsch Peg Landers I ll R I and Ellen Lautman The late beloved Irene F Taylor organrzed Asburys chapter of the Iunror Classrcal League IH 1926 to foster a keener lnterest ln Latrn Classrcs and culture The club presents the Irene F Taylor Award to the senror attarnlng the hrghest four year average IH Latrn The French Club 1S composed of 1un1ors and senrors who have achreved an average of 80X The purpose of the club IS to cu1t1Vate a better understandrng of the French people and therr customs One of the hrghlrghts of the year IS the clubs annual banquet The semors m the French Club are Manlyn Wemslem Sondra Broverman Ioyce Kxrshbaum Chrxs Karagxas Iuslme Goldsmxth Audrey Knudson Lucy Wxllmg Htl CH lIlUB ham Ann Vowteras Peg Landers Ellen Lautman Ioan Wrlde Pat Koemg Ioan Famblatt Bob Bculey Ed Phoemx Bob Wxlson Barbara Lxgo Harvey George Sadxe Warren and Bruce Barrabee 4... llAlSUl -If-'-' X , ' . , V . Q' , , T ' f A " ' A q - t 9 , ' ' , , Q c. 1 X . 'Q' ., V , V 'r-' I' ' I 6 , s . . 3 A L , .L is ., i x A ti , e '. , 1 ' I ' . I I , . y , 1 T . I I I . I I I I I , . - ' o O. . . : . . . I I I I I I l I . I . I I I ' I I I I I I . . T ' " T .V.'?T:X 1 :Q f' - Q , . . a l ." J' z v , ' I 3 T i L f ,..- ' ' ' 1 - -v 7 T. ,5 -.v x . a c -+ if N " , . Q , .fl " - 7 L4 X ' r 2 - - A-i-1 - ' - I -for 3 . ? ..--. T 3 f 'Nl GERMAN lIlUB FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Miss Brinkman, lean Rehm, Pat Myers, Gerald Levy, and Ralph Strait. SECOND ROW: Stanley Altschuler, Philip Burger, Ioann Miller, Cynthia Speerin, Helen Smits, Flora lason, and Elizabeth Osborn. THIRD ROW: Tom Brown- ing, Siegfried Hollzinder, David Campbell, Ioseph Fornataro, Robert I-'lindt, Norman Fisch, Paul Carew, Donald Fortunato, and Philip Lepore. The German Club is open to all students who are taking German cmd who are interested in German culture. The purpose of the organization is the promotion of the knowledge of German Customs, life, and language. Officers are: Ralph Strait, President, Ierry Levy, Vice-Presidentg Pat Myers, Secretaryg and lean Rehm, Treasurer. The c1ub's helpful advisor is Miss Elsa Buch. IIMIA lIlUB FIRST ROW. l. to r.: Philip Travers, Raymond Maestrelle. Harry Strano, Anthony Coppola. Bob Hurley, Harry Grasso, Iay Vola, and Henry Izzo. SECOND ROW: Ursalina Aldarelli. .Marie Beradesco, Mr. Merli, Sandra Shebell, and Ianet Perrella. The Italian club, supervised by Mr. Merli, is open to those who are taking Italian and have obtained the average of 8070 or higher. The club studies the background and culture of Italy and its inhabitants. The highlight of the club year is a trip to New York in the spring. KEY ElUB The Key Club, supervised by Mr. Carleton is perhaps the club which does most for Asbury Park High School. lt holds various student pep rallies and dances during football season, and is in charge of the coat room during basketball games. The club uses its profits to buy miniature basketballs, footballs, baseballs, and track shoes for the varsity awards. FIRST ROW. l. to r.: Pete Thompson. George Wilson. Lee Araps, Neil Hopler, and lim Bruno. SECOND ROW: Barbara Vacchiano. Ianice Vola, Barbara Rhoades, Ann Marie Gerking, Sadie Warren, Shirley Cohen, Ianice Higinbotham, Ioan Fainblatt, Karen Walkom. Ianet Gar- rity. and Mr. Carleton. - SUIT Cl ElUB A newly-formed club in the school this year is the Science Club. Under the direction of Mr. A, Bruce Cameron, the club performs numerous experiments out of which the members gain valuable knowledge that is useful in the class- room. Scientists who hold positions in the club are: Alex Hart, President, Ioe Fronapfel, Vice- President, Mark Boher, Treasurer, and Eliza- beth Osborn, Secretary. Seniors in the Science Club are: Doris Clark, Alex Hart. Mark Boher. Delbert Ross. Norm Fisch, Donald Fortunato. Ronald Hyams. Pete Thompson, Bill Kriebel. Tom Couse. Bob Flindt, Ed Ettinger, Paul Carew, and Tom Bennett. CHESS ClUB Holding regular meetings every Tuesday the Chess Club presents an interesting and educa- tional program. The club operates under the pyramid system whereby any member may challenge the person above him and, if he wins, change places. The main purpose of the organization is to promote better chess players. Seniors in this club are: Alex Rupeiks, Ed Ettinger, Kenneth Hilt- brunner. and Mark Boher. Miss Westcott conducts the i Mixed Chorus. Ioe Hansen, Iohn Borden, and Charles Fowler who sing the leads in the Boys' Glee Club. CD Richard Allen, Ioseph Thum- mess, Arthur Costeras, and Richard Ienkins from the Boys' Chorus. G-9 7-'32 C? The Boys' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Westcott, is open to any boy in the school who is interested in music. Approximately thirty boys, tenors, basses, and baritones, made up this year's club. The Glee Club provides an excellent background in music tor those who intend to continue their studies after high school and in all, deepens appreciation for music. On special occasions, during the year, the Boys' Glee Club combines with the Girls' Glee Club to torm the Mixed Chorus. They Work together to give special performances at Christmas, in the spring, and at BUYS' lilll Clllll assemblies. members of the Boys' Chorus are: FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Popak, Borden. Huelitt, Ienkins, Thummess, Miss Westcott, Hansen, Fowler. Allen, and Iames. SECOND ROW: Hall Britt, Costeras, Weber, Wilmore. Holland, Speery, and Taylor. THIRD ROW: Clark, Robinson. Parreott, Kuker, Sassrrian, Peshkin. and Reis- man. The members of the Mixed Chorus are: FIRST ROW. 1. to r.: Bennett, Seawie. Iones. Queen. Rowland. Miss Westcott, Abello, Lithgow, Althaus, Gaines, Taylor. and Moore. SECOND ROW: Windsor, Harris, Rushton, Maddox, Allen, Mauch. Fitz-Ran- dolph. Huggan, Michaels, Cush, and lackson. THIRD ROW: Robinson, Par- reott, Britt, Heulitt, Ienlcins, Thum- mess, Hansen, Fowler, Allen, Iames, and Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Hall, Borden, Clark, Costeras, Weber, Wilmore. Speery, Reisman, Sassman, and Kuker. xx ZF at ' 1' ' "Ziff -i ,,,,...-v--1 ,.,r--00 ff Q, 4, . K y JN H , ,tg .te r Q .T 1 N-5 - K ,ya , P Q h- .in A m Q.-f., Q, K , M -. gag! 5- 4,-.V H: W A, , -ff QFRV ,C , 3 , fH??:.1.g'iQ-fl' fs' 'W' " st' ' ia.: ,X F -,x - ,xg'Jgxv,1, vi, Y .,'- 5, ,ix -I, 'ef' 3- ' 'e , . 5 ',t " ' ' 4 2 .' 'st 'fl r .i .. . if fs:-. fsfii- ei. ' A--, 1- '-1fi?"mxfr.43-'5 1 ,ls -3' ,,.-: . e 2.-I - 442- f fi-ia , , f fif'ffff,z.yfe,4,- 1.41 nat 4- AN" L' :iv -.-ff," N - ' W -" ' af Y , ,. V., . ,K , .I uh , xl Z I . f W -- .fd .f 1.1, Q . K. , fit-one .M 1 i QV.-fgzf A q - 1 .4 'A l,,'-e hnvfik ' t:-fsf+z- -. -A "The band entertains at one of the basketball games." Q9 The seniors in the band are: Audrey Knudson, lean Litowinsky, Nancy Stewart, Icmet Bowne, Tom Couse, Donald Peterson, Rene Finkelstein, Bob Sell, Albert Warshawsky, Ioan Rahilly, Barbara Harad, Stanley Puryear. lack Hansen, Bob Bailey, Pat Maddox, Ed Phoenix, Allen Gordon, Nelson MllSIlI,MAlSlIlll, Herbert. What would Asbury be without the band? Under the direction ot Mr. Bryan the band was an indispensable part of the extra- curricular activity in the High School. The most important time for the music-makers Was during football season. Together with the twirlers the band Went through many excellent routines, like "Auf Wiederseh'n" and "Syn- copated Clock," that even brought exclama- tions ol praise from the opposing rooting sec- tion. The band acquired many tancy steps and proved to be a Well drilled combination. The basketball season will never be for- gotten as the band played for all home games and supported the twirlers in their acts. The band also did outstanding work at all assem- blies and special programs. We shall never forget the "great" A.P.l-l.S. band and the hands that directed it. 1 yawn! P Seniors in the Orchestra are: Ed Phoenix, Barbara Hurcxd Rose Novo tony. Pat Maddox. Tom Couse, Nancy Stewart, Ianet Bowne Rene Finkelstein, Bob Bailey, Stan Puryeur, Albert Wcrshawsky Audrey Knudson, and Allen Gordon. NASE. We will always remember the Orchestra that ushered us into assemblies on Wednes- days and Fridays. This great music resulted from hours of daily practice. Section rehearsals added to the excellence of this musical organization, The orchestra has frequently been on student broadcasts heard over radio station W.l.L.K. This gave the shore the opportunity ot listening to the pride of Asbury Park l-liah Schools muslcal forces Other programs carried on durina the school year tor the aeneral public are the annual Christmas and Spring concerts Asburys own Ed Phoenix was selected to the AllfState Orchestra indicating the fine talent that lies in this organization. L , 2, 4 I Elechon bei blues. 90" Ss U.S. Army 1 -- Wednesda I7 X- F3511 Y' Y li- x xkksg.. FS' 'N-,N X -fs. ll 'N Y K Ebf Y chem Rf! o . 1 Wffrwk I fn , Ax YN'-Q . I - 00:11 6 1 4.3663 Hssi fff. ir' What cz ball? Contemplalion. Driftwood typist, Pat Koenig. Barbershop Chordsl if Z.,-fi . .f - .,..- 1 , W, V00- Ytevum x he other way gfrls 'Wh' Grea! game! , -...Q-4......,, . P AL'--D H V . --4..,...., , . 1-:Q f4-, v Y-........, ., , . . . ....-..... ,v..V-...a.....-,,..., .,,,, Q M ...MN ..-........- C, ' 1 1-5, I 3 M, K: --j-dnnQsan..... Ng.. ,. , where's th rw 5 ' er- Q Rl e bus? xi' X-61 - .ew ,,, , 0 'S' ,O .,v '5 1 SPIIIHS I k Hllllllllll Maintaining a backbone of thirteen seniors, the Bishops entered the l952 football season with a hopeful outlook. Accordingly, under Coach William "Butch" Bruno, the Parkers lived up to most hopes as they won five, lost three, and tied one. The standout backfield was headed by Sammy Apicelli, who led the team in scoring, Don Dispango and his sweeping end runs which led to consistent gains, "Monk" Conklin with his timely signal calling, and Ioe DeLisa,. lim Bruno, and Larry Brady with their sparkling defensive play. The charging line was led by two all-state players George Wilson, who made first string guard and Charlie Klinger, who was selected for the third string tackle position. The defensive platoon had Ierry Levy, the Denegar Award winner, hard-hitting Bill Smalls, and Carl Fruehling, whose beautiful blocking led to many scores. The center of the line was held up by three stalwarts in Lee Araps, Dave Osborn, and Oli Holmes. The aggressive 1952 Bishop football squad members are. FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: DeI.isa, Apicelli, Garrity. Brown, Amps. Heliotis. Thompson, Holmes. SECOND ROW: Abbott, Stevenson. Stewart, Albano, Iohnson, Wilson, Osborn. Musick, Brady, Dispango, Coach Rhinehart. THIRD ROW: Meyers, Coach Bruno. DeAngelis, Grodberg, DeLito. Fruehling. Parreott, Conklin, Bruno, Levy, Klinger, Wilson, Davis. , Q ts n F' ' ' 51 'og "52,Q,s1 fave -4, 'Ei PM E . :Q L 5 b , . fo .U 1 Ml, x i1IQy M X ti od 1 3:-22.22 K 41K ,IIN T 'Nga x f r I The "Asbury Eleven" in their 1952 4 -.yy I' cxmpcxign. ' 1- -- r an J' F, xg X :Ani 5 x -N xi .i- . ' s ' v . , 14'k Q my t avi . , qw.. nf! 1 ' i , nf Q' 'V fn' 'fa-M4 f 'S Q ,,, MUN, 3' ., , Y .M MOM. o- ' 1- . x . I ' , xjijuax rv 'TM K ,, b WEEAAIHA 55 fl' R 1 'xy ,gk Vg I Aix A , fi! ,A . Q 1 -Q5 1 ., xXv 1 ri." - K ,419 , 3 W- up Lx . Q . " "ii A h X H, -SX. ,.. K - 3 0 ,x .L . 4 .. V .Q f 1 .4 I X' ' .. Xing? X 5 ,Z A 1 s., T4 Y.. u., tit' JAY VH HllllBAll The Iay Vees, under the direction ol Coaches Pandolfe and Adkins, had a poor season, winning one, losing five, and tying two. Although the record was not impressive, two of the "Rinky-Dinks' " defeats could just as well have gone into the win column while another setback was the result ot a contest with the more experienced Toms River varsity. Perhaps the greatest blow to this spunky team was a humiliating 14-O loss to the Parker Frosh. Al.. - ., . . Q ,X FHESHME Hlllllllll This year's freshmen team proved its ability in an outstanding season of seven wins, two defeats, and one tie. Probably the hardest fought victory was over their own lay Vee team by the score ot 14 to U. Coaches Merli and Kursar are credited with the success of the team and the conversion of green grammar school players into rugged high school stars. J 'Il' ,Y M N tnzx IH.. 4 ' ll 'al,i'yMl i i Lil' 11,5 I I "V Q . 5 ,t xx N 4 b txbiiufi-TIA QW ,-.nwitim A 't . B0 FIRST ROW. l. to r.: Kirk. Hines, Brueckner. Single- tary. Mehr, Burford, Perrotto. Dozier, Albano. Thompson. Holland. Mannings. Ren- zulli, Stewart, Bruno. De- Lieto, and Wood. SECOND ROW: Coach Pandolfe, Ros- enbloom. Coppola. Hait, Britton. Holmes. Erickson, Fruehling. Parreott, Brooks, Brown. Shebell. Wilmore, Manager Smith, and Coach Adkins. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Katz. Woiciechowiez. Aldarelli. Ferrara, Hotz. Holland. Brooks, and Meyer. SEC- OND ROW: Iohnson. Bel- lucci. Rubin, Pittenger. Smith. Feeney, Linkey, For- tunato, and Gionfriddo. THIRD ROW: Coach Kursar, Steclzbacker, Owens. Couse. Napolitani. Budd, Bliss, Morton. Tarricone. Law- rence, Bessman, and Coach Merli, L' 1, '- s .. 1 Q-'f'-s CHIISS llllll lltl Ao ' " W .Q 4 ' V The 1952 Cross-Country team had a A 'f Q A E. 44 fair season as they lost two dual meets, l ' QQ, i gg? came in second in one triangular meet and J . S fi. enjoyed their only victory by Winning a J H' triangular meet over Freehold and Prince- : ik EQ ton. Larry Palmer was the outstanding ' " " runner of the season as he placed in every meet. Asbury Park was eighth in the Central Cquslhemics are impomm' Iersey Meet and fifteenth in the State Meet. for long-distance runners. Coach Vill talks things over with Larry Palmer as lim c ,- J, Martin looks on. t Pi 5 C-Ll ' f- '- Martin, Palmer, and Smith ,' limber up with a few iogs t-., around the track. 'Q FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: Patterson, Kuker, Green, Iohnson, Laing, Kwalick, and Torres. SECOND ROW: Berg, Abrams, Hansen, Swenarton, Kravitz, Lazarow, and Smith. THIRD ROW: Coach Villapiano, Manager Fortunato, Fisch, Graham, McHale, Clark, Palmer, Robbinson, Martin, and Manager Angrist. ' ., xslulr j H,-. HRK e IWW 'BWI' 1 K 'i k ' isuun, , I KSWD F fn' 'ff PIII V I I ll! HR' " PIII S Saul? LSMV 'nan A ,S 9 UQ, 69 Uh is If I mu max H I WVFN -,--1 Rf' -1 ,'.. hm Mayer attempts a left hcmder over the heads of two Iefferson players as Don Niblack and Dave Woda move in to assist. BASKllIlAll The Asbury Park basketball squad enjoyed a successful court season this year. The hot and cold Bishops beat some ot the best teams in Iersey, including Snyder, Long Branch, Union Hill, and Perth Amboy, when they were on, On the other hand, they suffered the Worst cage loss of any Bishop basketball team since 1949, when they lost to Trenton 74-36. The most outstanding contest oi the season was a thriller in which the Parkers broke the eleven game Winning streak of Long Branch as they stopped the Green Wave 60-51. The leading cord-cutter for Asbury was Captain Dave Woda, who also proved to be the team sparkplug in many a contest. Don Niblack's and "Bed" DeAngelis' rebounding coupled with the tine back court Work of "Pookie" Mannings, Dave Dworsky, "Cookie" Scott, and lim Bruno and the excel! lent relief work oi lim Mayer, gave the Blue Bishops a potentially powerful team. Under the guiding hand of Coach Gus Villapiano, the Asbury quintet added another fine season to the Asbury Park High School annals. FIRST ROW l to r Manager Fortunate. DeLito, Scott. Mannings. Bruno, Parreott. and Manager Angnst SECOND ROW: Coach Villapiano, Smith, Dworsky, Niblack, Captain Woda Dehngelis. Mayer. and Coach Kursar. X P fr ,1 Eff lt If w 1' li Q., 'x lf. l x xx ll 6 wt Q Dec Dec Dec Dec. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb . fgft ' . by ,"'5t K , as 5 Xiu SCHEDULE A.P. Round Robin St. Rose 47 Round Robin Mcmasquan B0 Round Robin Red Bank 51 New Brunswick 57 Union Hill 51 Perth Amboy 57 Trenton 44 Emerson 38 Thomas Iefferson 51 Long Branch 61 Trenton 35 Perth Amboy 55 New Brunswick 40 Woodbridge 48 St. Rose 33 Long Brcinch 46 Neptune 48 Snyder U 62 Middletown OPP 41 58 69 50 49 54 52 47 60 56 74 54 50 45 30 55 55 59 03" FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Manager Gold- stein, Franco, Spraggins, Patterson, Aldarelli, Ferrara, Fornicola, and Manager Bloom. SECOND ROW: Coach Holmes, Morton, Steckbeck, Pittinger, Linky, Green, and Owen. Barry Stewart takes a shot during JAY Vll-HIESHME BASKllBAll Following the pattern of recent years, Asburys lay. Vee and Freshmen quintets posted extremely fine records for the '52-'53 season. George "Bo" Stevenson, George Man- dakas, Barry Stewert, Bob King, Andy Garrity, and Tom Dumas led a very powerful lay squad. Coach Kursar's boys swept through a 15 game schedule with amazing ease, as they hit in the 60's and 70's in practically every tilt. Coach Mel Holmes came up with his usual well-balanced frosh crew this year, as is-proven by their fine record. Lee Owen, Iohn Mortan, Sam Patterson, Bob Spraggins, Tom Steckbeck, George Pittenger, and Eddie Ferona were responsible for most of the treshmens success. These Frosh and lay Vee squads of today give great promise for the success of the varsity of tomorrow. practice as Bob King and George FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Manager Rubin, Shaad, Houst, Stevenson, Stevenson prepare to get the King, Kramer, and Manager Gabens. SECOND ROW: Coach rebound. Kursar, Garrity, Sawyer, Dumas, Stewart, Manager Torop. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Abbott, Tweadie, Locher, Woiciec- howicz., Carton, Nargiz, Matl tws, Brembos, Hob- binson, Abrams., Iames. SECOND ROW: Ferrara, Aldarelli, Hughes, Knight. Tabom, Klein, Boykin, Bent- ely, Miller, Kaiserian, Vasi- liades, Hyman. THIRD ROW: Carew, Upperman, Dozier, Trout, Boaher, For- tunato, DuHin, Young, Ger- ing, George, Couse, Thomp- son, Stroud. IUMBH G TENNIS FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Freed- man, Laing, Ieck, Iohnson, Reisman, Edelstein, Kuker. SECOND ROW: Holmes, Mohn, Parreott, Uppermcm, Bliss, Torres, Esberg, Torop. A silent, tense auditorium with all eyes upon the boy who is about to do the impossible. He runs, leaps, soars through mid-air, and lands safely atter flying over the human pyramid. There were many such thrills at the annual boys' gym show put on by the Tumbling Club under Coach Rinehart. These boys perfected their skills during gym classes and home- room periods. The Blue Bishop tennis team entered into the Central Iersey league against Princeton, Perth Amboy, Freehold, Snyder, Trenton, and Bed Bank Catholic, with high hopes for Winning the league diadem. Under the capable hands ot Coach Melvin Holmes, 'Captain Eugene Upperman lead Dorian Parreott, Bill Esberg, Lou Torres, Ioel Moskowitz, and Bob Mohn against the best netsters in the state. lZHHIlllAlllllS AL The members ol our vxgor ous cheerleadmg squad thxs year were FIRST ROW l lo r Barbara Vacchmno Beverley Sexgal Ioanne Kemp Karen Walcolm Iamce Vola Sue Emhorn Camrlle Spmo SECOND ROW Ioan Famblatt Ianet Howell Helen Gervasx Ann Gerkmg and Captcrm Shlr ley Cohen vi?- The cheerleaders form an rntegral part of school act1v1t1es lt IS the1r 1ob prrrnarlly to lead the student body IH the school cheers at the football and basketball games and pep rall1es But as1de from th1s they promote good sportsmanshlp 1ncrease school spmt and add color to the athletlc act1v1t1es The g1rls travel wrth the football and basketball teams to cheer at all away games as well as regular home games Compet1t1on for a posltlon on the squad IS keen Tryouts are held each spr1ng for the succeedmg year and the glrls are selected on the basrs of cheermg ab1l1ty by a commrttee of faculty members and the prevrous year s cheermg squad Although thelr Job seems all lun and glory many hours of strenuous practrce are requlred to perfect thelr perfectly synchronlzed cheers Under the d1rect1on of Mr Gleason and captamed by Shrrley Cohen the grrls have had a partlcularly successful year Cheer Boys Cheerl Hurrah Hurrah for Shzrleyl Sky Rockets ,. -ml' 'Q Lei, 'X' if iii 43? -4.1 The seniors in the twirlers are: Captain Lois Lubinsky. Elva Moser. Shirley Arpin. Ruth Taylor, Doris Everiit. Iaclcie Drewilz, Sue Rowland, Mariie Bennett, Carol Helbig, Ianet Kurkiicm, Marilyn Neapolitan. TWIIHHIS lf you've ever gone to a football or a bas- ketball game you must have seen the twirlers. Under the direction of Mr. Gleason the squad practices new routines during the Week which add color and entertainment to the Saturday games. This year's twirling squad is one of the largest and is certainly the most ambitious one the school has ever seen. The girls got the bright idea at the beginning ot the year to make their own uniforms. The result was really great! 3 L, ur X P IlASlllAll Coach Bay Adkins' l953 baseball squad made up for a lack of experience by displaying a terrific amount of hustle and team spirit, The squad fought hard and did Well in competition with some of the best teams in the state. On the pitching staff, veterans Dave Osborn and Bay Muccie were backed up by Lee Owen and Barry Weiss. Behind the plate, Andy Garrity and lim Van Sciver did the honors. The infield saw Co-Captain Skippy Harnernick at third, "Cookie" Scott at short stop, Bobby Brandt and lim Albano at second, and Lou Dilsieto at first, While Co-Captain Clem Corbo, Andy Danate, Bruce Barrabee, lay Vola, Iirn Bruno, and Monk Conklin were active in outfield. FIRST ROW. l. to r.: Bruno. Donate, Barrabee. Corbo, Osborn, Vola, VanSchiver, and Albuno. SECOND ROW: Owen. DiLieto. Garrity, Muccie, Hammemick. Patterson, Woiciechowicz, Brandt. and Coach Adkins. THIRD ROW: Manager Gabins, Weiss, Duiiin, Kullestad. King, Abrams, Steckbeck, Palumbo, Zauber, and Graulich. i 2 Vw YA VK -N. Q "' "' ' --- --W.. - - l A 4 .s -B . 1 4 . a Q S 5S"'l .QIVII 5 Xiu!!! yillllf 55 U' Ir slU', 'ln PIII nu ySlUlf Hn' X All lun 73 will -. W, . mum, S 'stu' 7 fa n J X FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Strano, Fisch, Walker, Stewart, Martin, McHale, and Manager Fortunate. SECOND ROW: Manager Angrist, Williams, Hurley, Scheck, Couse. Profit, Carew, and Palmer. THIRD HOW: Mayer. Clark. Duval, Dworsky. Grodberg. Steinfeld, Pyle, Stephenson. Bisbee, and Manager Smith. lll llll With a host of returning lettermen and talented newcomers, Coach Gus Villapiano's 1953 track team excelled in every event and Compiled a very admirable record in all types of competition-dual meets, relays, and invita- tion championship affairs. The boys who were mainly responsible lor the Bishops' Cinder success Were: Sprints - Steve Scheck, Boby Hurley, Dave Taborn, and Marv Walker, Quarter Mile-Captain lack Bisbee, Norm Fisch, Barry Stewart, and Phil Clark, Hall Mile-lim Martin, Harold Svend- sen, and George Graham, Mile-Larry Palmer, Clarence Robinson, and Eddie Mclrlaleg Hurdles -Lee Pyle, lim Mayer, and l-larry Strano, High lump - George Stephanson, and Warren Profit, Broad lump-Bruce Barrabee, and Stephanson, Pole Vault -lack Duval, Torn Couse and Irwin Hyman, Iavelin - Dave Dworsky, l-larry Grodberg, and Don Gehring, Shot Put-Couse, Grodberg, and Mayer, Discus -Duval, Couse, Grodberg, and Mayer. XXXX -11 89 The senior members of the Blue A's are: Elaine Peterson. Edith Kulrer. loan Fainblatt, Ioyce Feinerman, Goldie Stern, Lee Kramer, Ann Marie Gerking, Helen Gervasi, Shirley Cohen, Iackie Drewitz. Ioan Rahilly, Lois Ann Beyer, Shirley Harris, Sandy Broverman, Claudell Seawie, Peg Landers, Pat Maddox, Rene Finkelstein, Audrey Knudson, Ellen Lautman, Barbara Ligo, Ianet Howell. Marianne McQuillan, Sue Rowland, Doris Klinger, Eunice Newman, Linda Sager, Beverly Ebie, Lucy Willingham, Anne Vowteras, Ianice Higinbotham, Sadie Warren, Doris Clark, Loretta Young. Margaret Torres, Carol Hellman, Ioyce Kirshbaum, Nancy Stewart, Pat Koenig, lean Litowinsky, Gail Christensen, Carol Mattice, Lois Schneider, Liz Osborn, Barbara Harad, Ioan Wilde, Barbara Rhoades, Rita Ferrola, Marie Schicitano, Marie Campanile, Barbara Lovell, Urs Aldarelli, and Madelyn Villapiano. Iillll A'S The Blue A's make their aim come true. "A sport lor every girl, a girl for every sport." Almost every girl participates after school in one ot the eight sports offered by the Blue As There are the major sports, hockey, basketball, and baseball, where teams are selected to engage in intra-school and intra- class contests. Then there are the minor activities such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. The purpose of the Blue A's is to increase the girls' athletic program and to produce money to finance awards for girls outstanding in sportsmanship. Letters and awards won under the established point system are presented in an assembly at the end ot the school year. The officers ot the Blue As are: Barbara Rhoades, Presi- dent: Rita Ferrolo, Vice- President: Ianice Vola, Sec- The Sports officials. retary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Lucy Willingham. Frances Santanello. Ioanne Kemp. Ianet Howell. Anne Marie Gerlring. Dawn Wooley. and Muriel Pearce. SECOND ROW, l. to r.: Margie Moore. Margie Douglas. Ioy Fruehling. Rita Ferrolo. Beverly Siegel. Ianice Vola. Ianice Higinbotham. Carol Haviland. Elizabeth Osborn. and Iackie Drewitz. 'l'HlRD ROW: Ianet Kurkjian. Barbara. Rhoades. Beverly Ebie, Mary Lou Zegarelli. Ricky Bachner, Rune Pollit. Rene Finlzlestein. Rosetta Corbin, Peggy Landers. Pat Hindi, Ioyce Mahan. Barbara Vacchiano. and Edith Kuker. GYM HAM The gym leaders always set a good example for other students. They are chosen by Mrs. Shaw and Miss Wolfe on the basis of health, interest, scholarship, leadership qualities, sportsmanship, and cooperation. The gym leaders have certain important duties to perform. They check attendance, see that class uniforms are clean, take care of equipment, oificiate at games, and make sure that valuables are put away. The gym leaders are the helping hands that lighten the tasks of our gym teachers, Ianet Kurkiian. Iackie Drewitz. Frances Santanello, and Barbara Rhoades. gym leaders. check the attendance during gym classes. RS FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: Beverly Siegel, Muriel Gottlieb, Ieanette Braka. Edith Kuker, Margie Moore, Anne Pollitt, Patty Flindt. SECOND ROW: Margaret VanSciver. Georgia Karagias, Barbara Rhoades, Rita Ferrolo, lackie Drewitz, Ioan Weston, Ethel Wombough, Ianet Kurkjian. THIRD ROW: Doris Clark, Beverly Ebie, Nancy Parker, Mary Lou Zegarelli, Rene Finklestein, Ioy Fruehling, Margie Douglas, lane Reid, Nancy Stewart, Christine Becker, and Peg Landers. Hllllllll During the fall ot the year one can see the bustling activity on the girls' athletic field as the hockey team begins operations. Despite the fact that this sport compares with foot- ball in roughness, the girls at A.P.H.S. still enjoy it and have become pretty good at knocking that little white ball around the field. During our four years at Asbury the team has Won more games than it has lost. Under the guiding hands of Mrs. Helen Shaw and Miss Alice Wolfe it has had many wonderful experiences. We are certain that each and every senior girl that has played this sport has twenwgve wud line' learned the true meaning ot self-control, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Rene Finklestein and Ioy Fruehling bully on the a the ball down field tol- 'I lowed by both teams. 1' - - .X dl- 4 Jg'!1, k..V, .H is Y 51 4 ...,. . 351254-1f',i'i'ff33L "- M39 ' " Rene Fiuklestein dribbles ' , F Q ,fl -ft .1 Some oi the girls on the L-N,,,,: senior hockey team watch ggi , " "Z ,."'1 a bully in the scoring zone. -' A . A,'k J.,,3?:6f'-'.'f .. ,,-.r' 1, 1'-1. -.,- 'swab '. 'tif -'-i'.- A egjx .fr N - .-P -' . ...-"'1.':f .. Rene Finkelstein makes a one-hander for the Senior Red team while Margaret Torres looks on. Woodise Santanello moves in for the rebound. Pat Maddox and Woodise Santanello fight for pos- session of the ball. 5 t I I i Another rugged season of smoothly-played bas- ketball has come to a close. The Asburyites, as usual, have made an outstanding showing. The seniors, especially, have a great deal to be proud of. ln tour years of spirited play they have been defeated by only two schools--Neptune and Red Bank. The continual Winning, losing, and plugging to- gether has helped to build many strong and lasting friendships. lt has also developed a line spirit of good sportsmanship. There were also the unforgettable bus rides to and from the other schools. The good times on these trips will be remembered by all as an endless source ll Sllllll ll FIRST ROW, l. to r.: Ianet Kurkjian, Roslyn Stein, Peg Landers. Barbara Rhoades, Woodise Santcmello, Ianet Howell, and Pat Maddox. SECOND ROW: Sadie Warren. Margaret Torres. Rene Finkelstein, Shirley Harris, Nancy Stewart, and Lucy Willingham. of lun and enjoyment. K, Q' Q' I A 'V sol, X 3 FL . A L - --s X , 1 arf R 4 Q4 cum: Hu nm mum - ,H 1 , , sg. , ' i -ZYQN-. Hy ' A 5191 nl I '. 'X s' my L "Friends, Romans, Countryman .A " Goldie and the gang. i Sv:-'V' " 'Z inns! . i . A V A Q, Who's driving? 0 xy in M K. ! 4' N ' ... x 4 I H Y pamauvy rMi" I "I'm dc best deteckcxtiv in town." 41. " fi- W , 'iam , .,.,.. -.ww 4..Y.cuui.,g5.v,,,,Qy-if w.,,.L, r,,, ,, -,rffiuv'rs'fifyi,imziwam.-,a',-'fm -. .,M,c..-v,. -.,-, L . u, :..Jyi.. EH gale'- We -.Q K ,- -'QM smcuy Q specicrlityl "who Murdered who?" K x fs. S Q. X' n Y 5 1 x Doin' what comes natcherlyl A K X 1 X kv W 1 , ,U ff fly I 52'- r ! , , ,,.Z,- , I -.M-1Q....:r---. "Let's get the facts." ,.,,, ., ,. n, , .Ji-4,,,,A'-:Q . ,.?4'g"P' 1 , " xt.--X A f XI I . if Stffiginriikrl . V- 1 I

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