Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ)

 - Class of 1950

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Asbury Park High School - Driftwood Yearbook (Asbury Park, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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lmn.,i.p, .. I'ta wv- JDJ. V ,1.,.1,.,rnn Aft'-il--'1':.T.i13f':-,nlllnllfl iv Qin an Flillsizlihllli -!E F EEIHM W V v"'-rrv -fy Y 11 w '7'T"'7'7"" T"'77'fT"""""Y,' " 'FT'i"'rY':"' ' . 121' I "U 'V -if W T Viv. fr 1 , 4 5 5, ,l"f, Izlfltfv, .1,-Aa, MV r n .Mu 3.".,'.., ,5 M , yU,k ,J ,ng ,Q l1.:,y N' 'I , ,, ,x 1,14 M, 21 5 W s I I 5X5X5X5k 5X l950 NUW HEAR THIS A ix ix ix ix ix Como Aboard Ship Launched By TIIE SENIIIII CLASS Asbury Park High Sohool Asbury Park, Now .lorsoy 'vc' I SX Y jx3.j5Xjf,5x5xlXl5x. P - Port Call 0ur Ufhuers P I 0urPersonnvI P Il The Crew P Ill Ar0undShlp Por IV UUNTENTS ig ' ' 0 Pt 74 P Y .' , ort Q 0 rt P V W f ' I 2255 1225 ll Tl'-0 E GUN ALUT DEDICATION We are only passxng by We dare not llnger for we rnust keep salllng on But some day when we do chance to look back 1n the stop and stay a whlle wrth those who were most dear to us It IS for th1s reason that we the class of 1950 dedlcate our yearbook to our dearest frrend Elsa Buch past. our memories will no doubt want to Y' 5X3X7X5X 3X IX IWIJ 7' ixgf MR. FLOYD G. HOEK Business Manager f J if IIUR DR. HARRY S. HILL Superintendent of Schools W7 SA421 X HIP' UFFIUER MR. CHARLES S. HUFF Principal J A J 1 J sq, MR. IOHN L. BALLOU Vice Principal W 'J 'sv QQ:- Fine ir 4:3 'nap Raymond I. Adking Cora V. Baker William B. Bruno Allen I. Bryan il. M CT Frank Bryan Mary Isabel Bryan Elsa A. Buch Catherine I. Campbell 'i 1'- 'hfx fir:-1-nr F. Carleton Mary Feeley Harold N. Christie - Iqmeg M, Colemqn Q Iamea C. Franklin IGHB H- Gflrdhel 4? Naomx Dxckson Robert F. Gartner 5 0 R NAYIGATURL -4 M24 in 'Um is s- 'ty' Ruth Mor-qno Iune B. Mount F. Viola Osborn Dorothy S. Pearce Emanuel'-'I P91130 l0SePl1 Pell-ISO Iohn Pandolle Galen E. Ray '46 -1 cv- S' Q F. Lachman Rinehart Iohanna E. Ritter Soteros 0"'X rim Avi gun..- 12" T' Ruth C. Schnell Ieanelle Schuppan 4115 'UN Esther F. Royster ,af Qty 5 it l Helen D. Shaw Tllllll GH THEIR llFF0li'Fl' -auf' , ...tx -Z- Leonard S. Stout Ivhh I 51-IUIVGD lrerw F Tdylol' George I.. Thomp n ip, fl 'ZIV 'gy Beatrice A. Van Campen Auqmhtmh E. Villapiano M0140 Vogel Ethelbelt H- WORDS! 'i L' X it gtg- 'J""l-Q Maude B. Westcott Blanche S- Willidml Edmund M. Wisner ON SHORE LEAVE 1- 'V' ,615 nf .V Alice S. Dam Esther Thompson Martha C. Vicenzi Rachel Vecchione I3 YEUME ECRETARIAL TAFF ASBURY PARK ATTENDANCE OFFICER SECRETARIAI- STAFF O1911 MGYY I-YW-'Ih Phylhs Stelluto Amtcr De Sumo lane Ccxnheld BUSINESS MANAGERS 01:-FICE SUPERINTENDENT S SECRETARY Mildred Walker Shxrley Bogel 16011 Redden BATTE THE HITCHE 5 .1 6 'fs 'S' , 1 ,l 1 BU mf I U M A ' ff M ' V 5 X , 4 l V iff Lf" ldfy 1 fu' ,J 1. ' 'AL V ,l 'L 6 , U 1 I T in I GNLLEY ENGINEERING IHHIM .L....- W ' ..,,,...g!rw N, Tl LBA llRlF'l'WO0Il TAFF -S SMOOTH smuwc, .,,,,x-N A X in ff gg in ' DEAL LAKE. W . I I I Starting at the end of their junior year, the Drift- , wood Staff was never caught napping until their job i' was completed. Behind the navigation of their advisor, 4 Mr. Peter I. Maher, they worked hard to produce this : cz? treasured log of our high school days. t QQ? K X x VA I t Yttfkf' VA . .X.,.i- I--,s.f k xg ATHLETIC FIELD 4 1' I if CLASS OFFICERS 5 I President ............ Treasurer ..... Secretary ...... Vice-President .... CLASS ADVISER Miss Elsa Buch Malcolm Davison Edward Torres Constance Shields . . . . . . Iames Periale DXTXTXTX Rik Swllilly TX Z S4 '15- PHYLLIS E ACKERMAN Music occupies most Phyls time-mainly play mg the French Hom and har monica ACTIVITIES Band I O c estra 1 2 3 4 Club 1 2 Spanish Club 4 e As 1 2 3 AMBITION To be a surgical nurse COLLEGE Mt Smal School of Nursing OTHER PLANS To play the French I-Iorn under Arturo Toscanini ALICE ADAMS Collecting records and clanc mg take up most of Alxces time ACTIVITIES Art Club I Vice Pres 3 Blue As 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Ten n l 2 3 AMBITION 'rife to conlge and to be a cess SANDRA E ADICKES Sandras ambition is to write the Great Amencan Novel ACTIVITIES Honor Society 3 4, Usher 4. Driftwood Staii 4. e As l , 3 4' Co Cuard 3, 4: Make-up Commit- t 3 4' Iunior Classical League 1, 2: Letter Winner 3. THERESA A. ALBANO 'Terry s hobby is roller skat- in . ACTIVITIES: Glee Club l: Home Eckers 2: Student Va- rieties 3: Kiwanis Kapers 4. PAUL ALTSCHULER You will st always find "BeXns' ri ng during his spalgdge. AC ITI : Basket n- ager: e ll n : Press 2: phon ' Intramural or AMBITION: o a er Rockefeller. COLLEGE: Ru ers. rs, or N.Y.U. ' I .1 N El WILLIAM H B ANDERS Bills hobby is reading AMBITION To be an insur ance salesman DONALD I ANGLIM To D A nothing is as in teresting as horseback riding ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball 3 4 AMBITION To own a horse ranch OTHER PLANS To travel ERNIE ANNECHARICO 'Emie likes the out-of-doors. especially for golf and swim- ming. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1. 2: Baseballl 2 3 4. AMBITION: To play baseball. OTHER PLANS: To live a nor- mal lite. TREO ARNOLD "DoIIy's" unusual hobby is collecting miniature dogs. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Blue A's. AMBITION: To be a short story writer. OTHER PLANS: Return to A. P. H. S. as a P. G. ig if IFN vis i in if 'W' 9x '15,-3-e ,RICHARD QECKH Taking lotors apart and tht ting them together again takes up most OL Richies spare ime AMBITION To be an Aero nautical Engineer COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To loaf THBR S B!ELLUCCI Rea ood books an g music Terrys hobbief AKCTIVITLLES Stud nt Council B nking Repre entative I Italian Club 2 Y 4 Home Eckers I AIVIBITION To travel COLLEGE Undecided RUSSELL E. BENNETT, IR. "Russ" spends his spare time with photography. ACTIVITIES: Astronomy Club 5 ss Club , , , : Photography Clubs 3, 4: Pres- ident 3. AMBITION: To explore South America. OTHER PLANS: Trade school. GERTRUDE A. BERMAN 'lan" is happiest when she is swimming or collecting relics. my AIVIBITION. To enter the busi- , ness field. OTHER PLANS. To hold a po- sition as a bockkeeper. 21 MARIE ASHKAR Mimi can usually be found in the kitchen cooking or cre a g fancy dishes A TIVITIES Blue As 2 3 4 G ee Club I Home Eckers 2 Banking Representative- AMBITION To be a success COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To travel CHARLES G AVERY Chicks odd hobby is rep tilist poetry ACTIVITIES Student Council I 2 Vice-President 3 Presi ent 4 otball 1 2 Readers Club 2 Chess Club Treasurer 2 Vice President 3 4 Senior Social Committee 4 Ser ice Club 4 Senior Play 4 Int mural Basketball 2 3 4 AMBITION To revise educa tional system in the United States COLLEGE Princeton or Wis consm U ELLIOT K AXEL Axs hobby is electronics ACTIVITIES B nd I 2 3 4 Orchestra I 3 4 Honor So i ty 2 3 4 Megaphone Sports Writerl 2 3 4 Stamp Club Vice President 2 Photo graphy Club 2 Freshman Football I Tumbling Club 3 Chess Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball Manager 2 tramural Baseball 3. AMBITION: To become a suc- cessful engineer. COLLEGE: Rutgers or Unis versity ol Penn. OTHER PLANS: To live ' California. BARBARA AYERS Reading. writing letters, and collecting records keeps 'Barb" occupied. ACTIVITIES: Driftwood Stall 4: Canteen Committee 4: u- dent Varieties 2. 3, 4: TrieHi- .2. 3 4' Kiwa ' Ka ers 3, 4: Meg Selling Staff 4: Skit Committee 4: Blue A's I. 2: French Club 3. 4: Ir. Clas- sica League I. 2: Girs orts l, 2 3 . AMBITION: To be happy and get married. I COLLEGE: Wells. DORIS MAE BAILEY "Dot" just loves to dance. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Baseball 3, 4: Press Club 4. AMBITION: To be a nurse. COLLEGE: Monmouth Iunlor College. OTHER PLANS: To travel. 'ol ' Q9 it S 1 tr STANLEY BERMAN Stan wrrtes away hrs spare trme ACTIVITIES Megaphone Z 3 4 Sports Edrtor 4 Honor So crety 2 3 4 V1cePres1den Dnltwood 4 Press Club 4 f" Chess Club 2 3 4 Treasurer X 3 4 German Club 2 3 4 V1cePres1dent 2 Track Man ager 3 4 Natronal Athletrc Honor Socrety 3 4 Intramural Sports 2 3 4 Senxor Play Busrness Staff 4 Astronomy Club 2 Homeroom Secre tary 4 AMBITION To be a doctor COLLEGE Iohn Hopkms or Chrcago OTHER PLANS To conduct med1cal research ROBERT P BERTELSEN When Bert 1snthunt1ng he lrkes to go bowlmg ACTIVITIES Bowlmg 2 3 Tumblrng 2 3 4 Spanrsh Club 2 AMBITION To go rnto busr ness OTHER PLANS Vocat1onal School LYN L .BINGER ge tsfkdpt busy roller atmg and dcncmgr XC WHS BluoAsl 2 3 presentdfve 4 S all I 2 4" Secretary of ome 4oom l Student Varretres 4 Drmaatrc Clubla Basketball sronal roller skatgr COLLEGE ,Undedtdgd OTHER PLANS To wdfk at Bell Tel E ocra 1 e 1c1an o Se cla s IV E Boys esent 4 Pr eroom o e P s u oo chest a 2 D m Ma 2 k 3 4 ntrariural et I rn te 3 onal 1 Hon Soclet 3 r n y u To b a l1t1c1an E om or Mclryl nd TOM BODEEP B can be found playmg the drums 1n h1s spare trme ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball l 2 Intramural Soft b l Z AMBITION To be a success and see the world COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To own cr mustc store s I I J VIVIAN C BODIE Shorty has qurte a collec tron of hobbres whrch rnclude pamtmg danc1ng and kn1t trng ACTIVITIES Megaphone lea ture wnter 3 4 Press Club Secretary 3 4 Photography Club 3 Art Club 3 Blue A s 3 Dnftwood 4 Spotlrght Club 4 AMBITION To be a journalrst COLLEGE Rrder PATRICIA A BOETTCHER Pattre lrkes ta collect flow ers and stamps ACTIVITIES Gym Leader 4 Blue As l 2 3 4 German AMBITION To be a physrcal tramtng teacher COLLEGE Undectded RAYMOND W BORDEN Photography occup1es much of Rays spare trme ACTIVITIES Honor Soctety AMBITION To learn a trade OTHER PLANS To travel GEORGE L BRAVERMAN Stamp collect1ng IS Georges lavonte pastrme ACTIVITIES Glee Club Stamp Club I 2 AMBITION To own the Wal dorf Astorra Hotel COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To travel around the world rf 5 fl ' ff , , M' WI ., .. . . CAM 'I JE l ' . f ' ' .ff I My 5 I' Q I If fyjf I 2,5 RV . . : ' - ' t4, - ' , - . ' I A ."- I! I I, I 5 14. ' j LV , , : , , 5 I . v .. vi l- X S ' . ' I : Z I .- Z: ' . . r I f. . Y . I 3, 1 , 32 . In - - - if 4 21,112 1 - 4: . ' , ' . ' sf " ' , I U 7 f . AMBITIONIJO be Q 150,451 glib 3, 4, 'otltsfsplons 1, 2, X I 1 , Udo 'I I '. ' y rf' U LEN , , A 5' , If ' se" th IL - ,fn - .' CL LAC A : St nt un ' 1' 7. .1 iv : de . . . : s , 'I I b 4 ri d , Or- . r V S4 I 101 , 31' he Q If 1 2: H ' 1 4. ' VGC ' ' ' : . B k ll 1, 2 . X, r. O , Cgll' 6 I ' I ' di t . i 'As- Y to b 2. M 1, AM 1 4' ' . COL : W I ' t ., O.. . , ' , If Z I A l, 22 I all , . , . 7 22 Q 5 N Y x if If GERALD BROWN Sports IS Ierrys pastime ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball l 2 4 Intramural Baseball 2 Football 1 AMBITION To enJoy life OTHER PLANS To travel D PATRICI BYRNE Kmtting and f ating takes ,1p,!irf6st!ol ty s e CT VHS! 'ZIV heer lea er Pre I nt of Home .. -:Z 3' omni le Cu T ecome c COLLEGE: Trenton State Teachers' College. Rossnr 1. cm? "Bob's" only 'interest is hunt- ACTIV I ac Tea ...MsIC'1Ifwf AMB at As- COL GE: Trenton State Teachers. SALVATORBIC. CAMPANIDE Playi 'basketball ragiks first with dl' while cqllecting records runs a c sf second. ACTIVITIES: I-Iqgf Society 4: Italian ZA' Presiden! -3.4: ln- 'trgmural Bfzsketballi-1, 2. 3, 4: Intramural' Baseba'll'1.2': Stu- dent Councll 27 Iuriior Class- ical ,League 1,21 Intramural Volleyball 2: 'Homeroomx Vice- President l. ' ' AMBITION: To succeed ' Dentistry or business. COLLEGE: Undecided. DAVID BRESLIIN Bud whiles away his time playing softball ACTIVITIES Freshman Foot ball Intramural Basketball and Soltballl 2 3 4 Fresh man Basketball AMBITION To retire early OTHER PLANS To Joxn the navy DEITER BRILL Deiter s main interesvls musrc ACTIVITIES Orchestra 3 4 German Club 3 4 Latin Club 3 4 Band 4 AMBITION Scientist or Doctor HOBBY Music COLLEGE Princeton or Rut gers IAYN BR ON Blondie s ob es are skating d Intmg ACTI I Phu Del IHI 4 El e Glee T53 S ent Varr Gly mmjt ee for Se i Art ltommi t u IO , d Senior r A B ON: To fly q ang. OTHER PLANS: T ork tor Amer can Telepho e - Tele- gra . RUTH IEANNE BRITTON 'Binkie" or "Ieanne" s e is more commonly known. spends her time driving and knitting. ACTIVITIES: Science Club : Blue A's l, 2' Dramatic Club 7 Gee Cub , 2: Co Guards 3, 4: Beta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Kiwanis Kapers 3,41 Tennis 2, 3. AMBITION: To be happy 'n whatever I do. ANNETTE L. BROWDER Skating and collecting records are among "Toni's" hobbies. ACTIVITIES: Blue A's l.2,3,4. AMBITION: Housewile. 'kv 7? Hin-qi Ii CHARLES R CAMPBELL Charlies variety of hobbies include woodcraft rifle prac tice and hunting AMBITION To get enough money to open a business COLLEGE Howard DANNY CARIDDO Danny likes to play golf ACTIVITIES Football 2 3 Baseball Z Basketball 2 3 4 AMBITION To be successful FRANK CARPENTIER Carp is interested in sports ACTIVITIES Basketball I 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 4 Intramural Softball 2 3 4 Canteen Committee 4 AMBI'I'ION To be a successful lawyer COLLEGE Undecided, OTHER PLANS To see the world BARBARA I CARVER ar as she is found ce s ting or nittin s Afvhsst. : - retary 2.4: Blu A Represen- bapii i- 1 : ' Y sel ep esen ative 2: Kiwanis s 4: Student Varieties 4: E9 . E m ittee . A ir oN- w England. COLLEGE: Rider. IOHN N. CASTELLUCIA Iohnny "Cast" uses his - occupied time to participate in sports. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Bas- ketball. AMBITION: To obtain a lucra- tive position. COLLEGE: Undecided. MARILYN CHRISTIAN Following the Yankees sing mg and collecting records are among Marllyns hobbies ACTIVITIES Honor Society 3 4 Ushers 4 Italian Club 2 3 4 Art Clubl 2 Basketball Tennis l Bl e As Medical Staff AMBITION To attend college and eventually marry COLLEGE Univ of Bridgeport or a modeling school IOAN i GLA ION Skatiriq a daiwg tak much oani time ACT TIES IE esli ramatic Tw lerst 3 U Property mmi e 4 PHI Della Tr i Stude Varieties 4 C t 4, Ba etba fx 3 ij Blue s AMBITION T be star COLLEGE flower Filth nue Hospital OTHER PLANS Nl 'ri L DAVID S. CONDON 'D:c's" odd hobby is ccllect' ing guns. ACTIVITIES: Cross C uritry 3 4: Track 4: Band 2. 3. 45 - -e C ub 2.3: Orch. 2, 3.4, a e- ba l. AMBITION: Medicine or For- estry. COLLEGE: Undecided, OTHER PLANS: To be n suc- cess. , EDWARD CONNQRS "Ed" is quite an accomplished mink farmer andihhnter. AMBITION: To owdlp lgusi ness. ' 24 CATHERINE P. CUTNER "Cathy's" main interest is her collection of different books. ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, 2: Medical Staff 3: Press Club 3, 4: Membership Chairman of Press Club 4: Senior Dues 4. AMBITION: To enter into the Nursing proiession. COLLEGE: Bellvue or Lincoln Hospitals. OTHER PLANS: To own a Ii- brary of my own. SHIRLEY I. DANIEL Knitting and reading occupy "Shirl's" few spare moments. ACTIVITIES: Drum Majorette 4: All State Chorus 4: Glee Club 3: French Club 3. and President 4: Senior Play 4: Student Varieties I,2,4: Sen- ior Social Committee 4: Drift- wood Staif 4: Blue A's 4: Iunior Classical League 2: Kiwanis Kapers 3: Tri-Hi-Y. AMBITION: To teach Music. COLLEGE: Connecticut Col- lege for Women. CHARLOTTE DANZIG Sketching takes up a l "Char's" spare time. ACTIVITIES: Pr ub 3.4: Editor 4: ne 3,4: cms' O EdiYx,04tIlBef.f P i ' -Y I, 2, , 4' sical gue I , i- wan r ocie : Senior La ub 2 nch Club 3, 4: t Varieties , 4: Spo t Club 4 nkin offac sf Blue 1.2, 3,43 Art Club I: Dramatic Club 1. AMBITION: Social Worker. COLLEGE: Goucher or Smith. OTHER PLANS: To travel. PETER D'AURIA, IR. "Cuban Pete" is quite an ag- ricultural enthusiast. ACTIVITIES: Football I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Baseball I: Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3: Chicago Trib- une Committee 4: National Athletic Society 4: Homeroom President 2: Student Council l, 4: Student Council Treasurer 4: Honor Society 4: Italian Club 2.4. 25 WILLIAM D. COPELAND "Dimples" likes to draw and listen to music. ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Art Club 3: Foot- ball 1. AMBITION: To be a success in life. COLLEGE: Monmouth Iunior. MICHAEL I. COSTARIS Music is "The Gallopin' Greek's" hobby. ACTIVITIES: Track 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2,3.4: Chess Club 2, 3, 4: Student Varieties 3.4: Science Club 2: Astron- omy Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Football l: Homeroom Officer 3. AMBITION: To lead a happy life. COLLEGE: Penn State. IOAN L. COVERT Roller skating takes up most of "I-Ie kk" spare time., I ILCTIVFIIES: Twirler 2. 3, 4: Captain 4: Blue .A's l, 2, 3, 4: Band 2: German Club 3, 4: Sports I,2: Student Varieties 2, 3, 4. IOYCE A. CRAWLEY Knitting is "Ioy's" favorite pastime. AMBITION: To become a teacher. COLLEGE: Trenton State Teachers' College. OTHER PLANS: To leave As- burv Park. RICHARD N. CREIGHTON Music is "Dick's" main in- terest. ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: Real Estate and Insurance. OTHER PLANS: Business School. '45 Q1-fr Q? fha VIRGINIA DAVIS Ginny likes to collect Den ms Day records when she isnt reading ACTIVITIES Blue As 4 AMBITION To travel to Cal riornra in a trailer OTHER PLANS To own a bright blue Cadillac conver tible MALCOLM I-I DAVISO Mac IS happiest wi his boats ACTIVITI Pres of Sernor Treas of Class 1 ecretary- of Class 2 Bust Manager of Driftwood 4 ootball I 3 fL,0Track 1 2 3 4 Stage.Crew 4 Stu dent Council 2 3 Honor So- cey 2 aieteria Monitor 31 Intramural Bas ketball 2 3 Homeroom Ot ficer I 4 AMBITION Metallurgical En gmeermg COLLEGE Cornell IUANITA A DAY Reading and roller skatm rate high among Neets pas times ACTIVITIES Basketball l 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 Blue As l 2 3 4 Hockeyl Ir as sical League I Gym Leader 2 3 4 Glee Club I AMBITION: To become suc- cessiul. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: Modeling. DE CAPU ' "G ' lik to hunt. y ACTIV ' Italian'Club 2: Treasure 3. 4: Honor Societ a,'14- lntrammfrallv, Bdqretbalt 2 3 54' Intramural Baseball l, 2' 'lntromltral Volleyball 2. AIVIBITION: 'In become a den- s . COLLEGE: Temple University. G RIA ESPO ITOD ' 'Deifnjoy tty-Lyzzug t jx eati and rivi , CTIVITIE . Iunior ass' al ue I , ' 2 's u 'I or oci Cgm : nor in Com- mi 3 I ero retai' 5 m om en Busines S Sen' A Play 4-, AMBITION Tal b c baby dog: r. I COLLEG 1 OTHER PL S: T ltravel. PHILOMENA DI BENEDETTO Fanny is happiest when she is knitting ACTIVITIES Home Eckers 2 AMBITION To travel OTHER PLANS Telephone Company ROBERT W DIXON Bob is an accomplished artist He also likes writing and dramatrcs ACTIVITIES Senior Play Honor Society 4 Megaphone Staff 4 Press Club 4 Spot light Club 4 AMBITION To write and 11 lustrate books COLLEGE Undecided MARILYN G. DUANE "Dewy " cco ' sports es o . TI ' wir in , rca ' ' I udent V . Pre Club es ol ctor ' F c ub 4. u ' . , , ' ' AMB To be aduate nurse. 1 fOLLEGE: Bates. I-'RAN ES M. DUSHINSKI "Fran'3 i a avid record collect . I ACTI IE ' anish Klub 4: ' Phi ri-Hi-Y: O A ' g Q AM HRX T ss English and graduate. COLLEGE: o hem Semin- ary. 6 fs. IU' 4?- id CHARLES FIORILLO Fat Boy lxkes the out of doors mamly huntmg hshmg and trappzng AMBITION To be a success OTHER PLANS T start a busmess KENNETH FISCHER Moose xs an accomplzshed Sportsman ACTIVITIES Three years of iootoall rn Newark at Bar rxnger AMBITION To become a physlcal educatxon teacher COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To Jom the Navy BESSIE FISHER Kmttmg makes Bess happy at any tzme AMBITION To be a nurse COLLEGE Frtkm Hospltal OTHER PLANS To travel JOYCE A FITKIN Gmger lrkes water sl-rung and prano playmg ACTIVITIES Glee Club 2 Fleld Hockey 2 French Club 3 AMBITION To be a profes slonal plano player COLLEGE Undecrded JOAN C EHMANN Ioan just loves to knrt and IS quxte good at rt too ACTIVITIES Oihce Staff 4 Homeroom V1cePres1dent 4 Student Councxl 2 Sophmore Dance Commxttee Blue A s I 2 3 4 French Club 3 Sports Tn H1YI 2 3 4 Vlce-Presx dent Krwams Kapers 4 Stu dent Varletles 4 Selling Staff Megaphone 4 AMBITION To be a nurse COLLEGE Fltkzn Nursmg School ff MA, MPM j77i4!y,Yf-vb ak-'df iw JW X GILDA EIDELSBERG Gxlda spends her spare tzme ndmg ACTIVITIES Megaphone 2 3 4 Feature Edltor 4 Press Club 3 4 Co-Edrtor 4 Iumor Classzcal League l 2 3 4 Presxdent French Club 3 4 srstant Edztor Student An nouncer 4 COLLEGE Mount Holyoke ALEXANDER ELIOU Preachers hobby IS pho- toghraphy ACTIVITIES Scxence Club 2 Chess Club 2 3 4 Baseball I AMBITION F B I Ballxstxcs IOSEPH FEIES Ioe collects pxctuxas of baseball playe 'N' ACTIVITIES B sketball 1 AMBITION To see the Dodg ers wm a World Senes OTHER PLANS Become an undertaker BARBARA I FIELDER B b x e an accom pls muslc She also hkes s tmg an etchxng ACTIVITIES Ban 3 4 Or chestra I 3 4 Iumor Clas sxcal L grb 3, Basketlfxll 2 Gee ubl 2 AMBITION To be a surxess rn musrc COLLEGE GuSllmom Organ School OTHER PLANS Pnvate Mu src Teacher ff-'V' af""fk N 457 : . , 1 of , - V' I , V '- f y , IL'-' r L' I !"Jr,K'- 71 V , A , - L f, , 4 . . . 'J ' . ' ' , . 1.,f:f""-31' 3-2' 4. ' , 'E ' ' . H 46' ' : o 1- - -I I Secretary Driftwood 4: As- Q 'I' " . 'I ' " f . Z - 75 1' ' ' ' .. Z X : . W x ks NI. ig . 'L 6 - ll U ll -S - - I? ' ' . l J: . . , 4 I 27 IOHN E. FITZ-RANDO H Iohn?!'fyz" isfqulte a ho- togr h fn. f by Acgynzgzliudeh Council 3: ross Cou t k 4: tage C , r d Jud? 11 stlglgl ommittee: Honor Socie 3, ,4: German Club Vice-P ' ' AMBITION f o become a Bactenologxst COLLEGE Rutgers or North Carolma WALTER B FLANAGAN IR Sports take up most of Coolres tlme ACTIVITIES Intramural Base b 1 2 3 4 Intramu I Basketball 1 2 3 4 AMBITION To go to college and be a bram COLLEGE Undecxded OTHER PLANS Take up a trade Ronn ll a so F ny Baselzf ll A I 2 3 Arrplanle AMBITION 1 y o busmess COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To travel l3Fr AUDR EY D FLYNN Aud spends most of her t1me knrttrng or drwmq ACTIVITIES Canteen Com m ee4 B1ueAsl 2 3 4 Color Guard 3 4 Student Varretres 3 4 KIWGDIS Kapers 4 Tr1H1Y Sports 3 4 AMBITION To be a nurse COLLEGE Iersey Clty Medi cal Center OTHER PLANS To be happy IOSEPH E FORMICHELLA Ioe Form rs rnterested rn all s rts, especxally baseball VJTIES Baseball 3 4 trhmu al Basigdflll 2 3 4 Hdmer oqx Presrdant l 2 3 Treat r Iurfor Classrcal Led ue 3901-less Club 3 4 ni es Collector 4 AMBIJTION To 'become suc cessful rn my professron COLLEGE Nptre Dame or Umversrty of Httsburgh RAYMOND FRANKEL Ray s hobby IS drrvmg cars ACTIVITIES Baseballl 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 AMBITION To enter bxg busl ness AL FREDA Basketball IS Slxms mam mterest AMBITION To be Mr Huffs Assistant OTHER PLANS To 1o1n the arr force BETTE A FREEMAN Betts mam mterests are dancmg and roller skatmg ACTIVITIES Baslretballl 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Meg Sell mg Stall 3 Modern Dance AMBITION To be a Cosmo tologrst COLLEGE La Roberts School of Beauty Culture OTHER PLANS To leave As bury Park BERNICE F Bern: hkes the out of doors 1nly hunting flshlng and h ses ACTIVITIESI All spans 1 2 4 S oolBank1ng 3 en ntral Atlahtrc Aiea nl-I 4 Iqmor rss Candrdate 3 Iunror SOCIGI Commrttee 3 Iunlor Clqssrcal League 2 Senlior Latm Club 2 Gennan Club B e As 2 3 4 Stu ent uncrl 3 Honor Ucxety 3 4 Usher ence C AMBIT N or rn sclence p eventron 0 wars and con sarvatlon of ,natural resources COLLEGE. N I C OTHERg PLANS To travel throu out Amerrca 28j X 1.- .5 all , .l . : ra- . l I I' W - l I I l ' . NG , 1 " " -"' e CI 'IH - 1 ' u 1 ESI lv ' v , 1. v -1-1 5 3. n Fl 5 In on u - ing:- ll , 2, 3, 1 u ffo a fl: ' J I I 0 O v Wh H ff - . 2.3. I in : I ' . . . 1 ' " ,. S,, . 1 'AE- QE " ' , :Prey t . i lXT'- : 's J: -' M1 gc r : a ', A. I : X Ci 1031 ' 4 " I I' 3.4: Si 'Ili it se' Bu' . ' ' 1 I ' ' I ' I1 N I 1 1 J I is SES' PHILIP F GIIHRING IR Flip can be found Ilymg model alrplanes in h1s spare time ACTIVITIES Freshman Man ager 2 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball AMBITION Naval Career COLLEGE Kings Point Acad emy OTHER PLANS To travel the country with Weiss and Dino IRWIN D GERECHOFF Ierk spends h1s spare t1me with social act1v1t1es ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 Cross Country 2 Football 3 Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Intramural Bowling I 2 AMBITION To be a polrticlan COLLEGE Fhder OTHER PLANS Go mto the Gerechotl Fxrm after college ELIZABETH GILES Betty IS kept busy collect mg records and read1ng ACTIVITIES Honor Society 3 4 Spamsh Club 4 Blue As I AMBITION To tour Sout Arnerzca OTHER PLANS To become a pr1vate secretary IOHN G GILHOOLY G11 enjoys COIIBCIIHQ auto graphs and sports photos ACTIVITIES Trackl 2 4 AMBITION To be a sports announcer OTHER PLANS Radio Tech n1c1an BETTY A. GAGEN Betty likes to skate and knit. ACTIVITIES: Twirlers 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Spotlight Club 4: Blue A's 1, 45 Student Varieties 4. AMBITION: To become a suc- cesstul nurse. COLLEGE: Flower Hospital. PAT ICI are tl ITIES 1 A ha 1 n dlcal m Stat B ON nur EOE U d 1 e OTHER PL jot he Waves RICHARD C GARDELL Sports take up Dicks spare time AC'I'IVITIES Varsity Baseball I I 3 4 Varsity FootbalP2 8 4 F esfman Bootball Cap t n l Sophomorl Class Pre ent Shidentfouncll I 2 Treas rer 3 Honor Society R1ng Commxttee 4 Spaiush C ub 4 Senxor Dues Collect r National, AthIetIc Hono ocrety 3 4 Intramural Bm etba AMBITO To pitch for the Brookl n Dodgers COLLEGE Iowa State OTHER PLANS To be a suc cesstul geologist Mmsnvq CIATTA Vrqlay s w1de vqrfety ol hob-x s miaide dapcing redd- mg p1a playmg and dnv 1n'g pf boat AC IVITIES Italian Club 3 Blue AE 4 Business Staff of Dr1Itwood 4 Blue and Black Association l Basketball Baseball Tennis Bowling ROBERT C GEBELE IR a lkes t get 1 o trouble ACTIVITIES Footballl 2 AMBITION To make a good l1v1ng OTHER PLANS To work for the Telephone Co rv' SANDRA GILLER Sandres hobby rs horse ba k rxdxng ACTIVITIES Megaphone Staff 1 2 3 4 News Edrtor 4 So cxal Edrtor 3 Student Council 4 Senror Play 4 Spotlxght Club 3 4 Bowlrng 2 3 4 Manager 3 Blue As I 2 3 4 Representatxvel Iumor Classrcal League I Press Club 3 Astronomy Club I 2 Student Vanetres 4 Dramatxc Club I Readers Club I AMBITION To act on the radro COLLEGE Indlana or Cedar Crest OTHER PLANS To own a ranch I J kgf M' If uw SANFORD G LDBE G Be des lxstenx g to ebop G dls lxkes ,tp new mc Y AC IVI WS F h n ot ball an aseba Bas et a df 4 m or 3 ArtlClu r Club I 2 AMBITION To be d yockey COLLEGE Monmouth Iumor ARTHUR GOLDMAN Sports and dnvmg rate hrgh wrth Ame ACTIVITIES Football I 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 1 Z 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 4 I-Iomeroom Presrdent 1 AMBITION To see the world from a blxmp COLLEGE Monmouth Iunror OTHER PLANS To grow an other head and 10m a crrcus PEGGY A GOODENOUGH Peg IS qurte a photography an ACTIVITIES Homeroom Sec retary I 2 Blue A s I AMBITION To become a sec retary OTHER PLANS To travel around the world EDWARD GORDON Ed s mam rnterest rs horses AMBITION Busxness and management COLLEGE Undecided SHIRLE D GORDON Shrrle also attends Mon mouth Ir College In her spare trme she enjoys wrrtmg AMBITION To attend law school COLLEGE Rutger s Law School at Newark IOYCE E GREENE Ioyce rs mterested rn cre atrve dancmg and roller skat mg ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 Modern Dance Club Z Iumor Classrcal League I Basket I 2 4 Ten s I-Iockeyl Baseballl Z 3 4 AMBITION To become accom phshed m some prolesslonal held COLLEGE Monmouth Iunxor OTHER PLANS To further my mu :cal educatlon EARL GREENWOOD Buddy wxll be found read mg most of hrs spare trme ACTIVITIES Orchestra French Club 4 AMBITION To go to college COLLEGE Howard Unxver srty f MARI N A H6461 roggyjlrke to twirl and watch Buqif 1585 IIS' CTIVI in Club Yreos ro I Is Sports I Z 3 ,A s 4 ' Twrr 3 yarn rl,-Oi! 2 . en qrretxes 2 anrs Kapors 3 4 Dnlt Ivwood Stq,U4 sf AMBTION Tq, b e- Q nqrse OUT!-IER,"PLANS To be runners I Bug s J wrle so il I Q . . .. . T, : r I F - . ' 's gill . 'E ll , , , . . I 3, :G ,l . . D 1,2: R , . 'u . 1 a 'c ' I A ball , ,a, : In 1, Z.. . ' : .37 . in ,, , 1 f 'I I , ' l ", 'I mn , :I . O I I I vit? I I r :gi . . ,tt B ' l'2, I 'I . 4 ' '-H'- 'cer ,' , 4: S t J ' ' , ,' 4: . W ! . - '. ' Q ., . . . Q 1 e , ' 2 a MARIORIE A HAINES Margxe lxkes to dance and read ACTIVITIES Blue Asl 2 3 4 Representative 4 Medlcal Stat! 4 Dnttwood Stall 4 Meg Staff 4 Secretary I Homeroom 4 Semor Dues Col lector 4 Bankmg Representa ttve 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Kxwams Kapers 4 Tn H1 Y 4 Talent Commxttee 4 AMBITION To become tea her COLLEGE Ohxo Wesleyan HARRY I HAMMER Harrys lavorxte pastxme IS hshm ACTIVITIES Stamp Club 2 Chess Club 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 AMBITION To become Certlhed Publrc Accountant COLLEGE Syracuse WILLIAM S HANCOCK IR Bxll wants to go mto busx ness after graduatnon COLLEGE Monmouth Iunxor IABQUELINI c .1-must-:N Xmttlng and readmg hold qulte Iasqpgh or ac AC TIES. Blue A s 2 3 AMBITION To go to busmess school COLLEGE Drakes Busmess School OTHER PLANS T get mar ned STEPHEN B GROSSMAN Steve lxkes to spend hrs txme takmg plctures ACTIVITIES Megaphonel 2 Dnftwood 2 3 4 P oto Edxtor 3 Track 3 4 Astron omy Club 1 2 Fxshmg Club 2 4 V1cePres1dent 4 Semor Play 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball l 3 Intramural Volleyball 2 ELSON GUITERMAN IR El 1ust loves to spend hxs free txme flshmg ACTIVITIES Tenms 1 2 3 4 Flshmg Club Secretary I Presldent 4 Astronomy Club 1 2 Student Vanetles 3 In tramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 Chess Club 4 Press Club 4 Dxsc Iockey W I L K 4 AMBITION To become a suc cessful announcer COLLEGE Carleton CONSTANCE E GUYET Conme or Prmcess as she IS called has qutte a collec txon ol hobbxes whxch mclude art music and dramatlcs ACTIVITIES Glee Club l Chairman Homeroom Dxscus sron l Blue As Rep 1 2 Canteen Comm 2 Mega phone 2 President Home room 2 Medxcal Stafi 2 Press Club and Broadcast 3 Tenms 3 Student Vanetres 3 4 Make-Up Comm 4 Bowl mg 4 AMBITION To be as fme and well loved as her mother OTHER PLANS To travel and further my educatxon 5 L. KE unt ga t s u s o bys ES renc lub Student e 3 rls Sports 5 lu or Classxcal Lea el Dnttwood 4 Math u 4 Blue As 1 2 3 Freshman Pxctures 4 AMBITION To put an end to homework COLLEGE Drew ES nes ove 1 A TI r ase re ase 0 QU! 0"?gl:q7l.o, :iii VTOQ Gt 500 Off sselaer 1,5 To play 136591 ba 52 ff 4 RACHAEL HARTWELL Collecting pictures of baseball players takes up some ot "Ray's" spare time. ACTIVITIES: Chorus I. 2. AMBITION: To sing at Came- gie Hall. OTHER PLANS: To attend mu- sical school. BEN HARVEY "Ben's" main interests are hunting and baseball. ACTIVITIES: F shman Base- ball: Varsity Bfrzebdl 2, 3. 4: Stage Crew 3. 4: Senior 'Social Committee: Cafeteria Monitor 4: Homeroom Vice-President I. 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Homeroom President 4. AMBITION: To be a success. COLLEGE: Undecided. ANNE CAROLYN HEIGHT Anne likes knitting. skating. playing the piano. and sports. ACTIVITIES: Blue A's I, 2, 3. 4: Blue A Representative 3. 4: Basketball Manager 3: 'iunior Classical League 27 Hockey' I: Basketball 4: Baseball 4: Vol- leyball 3: Gym Leader 3. 4. AMBITION: To live a success- ful life. OTHER PLANS: To go into nurse's training. . 7203 of Lf' sri.: " " is kno for her great co L re 1 on. 1 TIVI : I uni Vgrsi Che ader rsrty h - er 3, ' unior sical League , Fr lub 4: Bl s l, 2, 3. 4: riitwood. S or Pictures Editor: Medical Staff I, 2. 3: Office Staff 4: Honor Society 2. 3. 4. AMBITION: To own a green Buick convertible. COLLEGE: Smith or Chestnut Hill. OTHER PLANS: To tour the country-side. CONRADJIENKEN Conrad likes to le outdoors- mainly"fishlug. l ACTIVIEFS: Chess Club 3. 4: Fklrtrg ub Treasurer 4: Ger- man Club 2: Intramural Bas- ketbaIl aid Volleyball 2. AMBITION: To retire from the Navy as an Admiral. OTHER PLANSF To join the Navy. IOAN A. HERBERT Collecting Frankie Laine rec- ords is a passion with "Ioanie." ACTIVITIES: Secretary of Homeroom I: Office Staff 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1. AMBITION: To travel. OTHER PLANS: To live a long happy liie. IOI-IN LEWIS SOMMER I-IINES Collecting ties is "Big Iohn's" hobby. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2: Tennis l, 2: Football Manager 4: Mega- phone Staff I, 2: Homeroom Secretary 4. AMBITION: To be a hotel manager. COLLEGE: University of North Carolina. IOHN HUDSON lacks time is spent in the field and stream. ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2. 3: Baseball l: Basketball 1: Bowling l, 2. 3, 4. AMBITION: Radio Engineer. HOBBY: Fishing and hunting. MARION HUGGINS Marion likes to read good books and dance. ACTIVITIES: Student Announ- cer 3, 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Spanish Club 4: Blue A Repre- sentative 4. AMBITION: To travel through the U. S. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To go into business. 32 'err uv 'Q' 1' IOHN P ISACSON lack can usually be found reading good books ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball I 2 3 4 Intramural Softball l 2 3 4 Intramural Bowling 3 Baseball I Track AMBITION To further educa tion COLLEGE Rutgers EDWARD L IAYSON Ed has quite a profitable hobby of photography and tinkermg with radios ACTIVITIES Driftwood Pho tographer 4 Meg Sports Writer2 3 4 Press Club Re porter 3 4 Track Team 2 3 4 Honor Society 3 4 Photo graphy Club Vice Pres and Secretary 1 2 German Club 2 3 4 Chess Club 3 4 In tramural Sports I 2 3 4 Astronomy Club l Slide Rule Club 3 Spotlight Club 4 Indoor Track 4 Meg Selling Staff 3 ermg COLLEGE M I T or Rens selaer Polytechnic Institute OTHER PLANS Build my own radio station THOMAS D IENKINS IR Sports and Gloria take p Toms time ACTIVITIES Footballl 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 1 3 4 English Book Room Com mittee 3 4 Canteen Commit tee 4 Sect ol the Senior H1Y 2 3 4 Student Council I 4 Homeroom Sec 3 AMBITION To go to college COLLEGE Trenton State Teachers OTHER PLANS To have a glorious future ORA R IOHNSON Baby keeps busy by read in ACTIVITIES Hockey l Bas ketball l Blue As 1 AMBITION To travel 33 LOUISE HUGHES Reading, singing. dancing, and movies are among "Louey's" many hobbies. ACTIVITIES Blue As 4 AMBITION To be a stenogra pher and a success in bus: ness COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To marry the man of her dreams and leave Asbury Park IRMA I HYAMS Knitting and reading occupy most of Irmas spare time ACTIVITIES Chalrman Fresh men Picture Committee 4 Driftwood 4 Megaphone 3 4 Blue As 1 2 Freshman Bas ketball Gym Leader AMBITION To travel and see the world COLLEGE Montclair ROY HYDE Roy lakes to tinker: 11101 s car b fs cube first' ITIES-Basebag 1,2 3 4 Intramural Bask 4 Homeroom President Honor Society 3 4 Natxond Athletic Honor SDCIGW3 4 A MON Engrneerm COLLEGE Bnncetod r Cor ne OTHER PRANS To be suc cesslul LUCINA IBER When Lucy isnt reading she likes to collect souvenirs from different countries AMBITION To write an auto biography COLLEGE Monmouth Iunior OTHER PLANS T visit Europe again VIVIAN IMPERA TO Viv is happiest when she is knitting or rpzdrng ACTIVITIES Glee C.IuU'I. 2 a 41 helm Clu I 3 4 Vic e 4 BlphAsl 2 3 4 Home Eckers 2 , AMBITION To tmveI around' the world COLLEGE Undecided 4 'Q I 'I t f : ' : , 1- 4' 2 . ' . J - 5 Q f I . , , . . ' x , 3 5 ' 7 ' A : , , f' .W pe - I , A I . , : I . . 5 2 ' - . - AT' . - I .11 ' : I h : MB I: . . 1' I I ,411 'I X AMBITION: Electronic Engine- . f : I ' ' . I ,A , I I h : l 3 . y . . .3 , . H u . . I I 1 1 ' .l . : ,2. I - , I. : I . '. ' 2 O . . - '- - 3 ,W THELMAN IOHNSON Radio is "T. I.'s" hobby. AMBITION: To become . a radio technician. COLIEGE: None. OTHER PLANS: To attend a vocational school. CLIFFORD I IONB IB Kip can almost always be found trnkermg with IGCIIOS ACTIVITIES St e Crew 3 4 Track3 4 C ss Country I Hbnor Society Senior So cial Committee Intramural BasketbaII 1 3 4 AMBITION To be d stock car driver COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS Engineering EUGENIA JONES Skippy is interested an sports especially basketball and softball ACTIVITIES Softball 1 2 Basketball 2 Gym Leader 2 AMBITION To be a photog rapher OTHER PLANS To meet a wonderful guy and get mar ried MAXINE D IORDAN Macs main interest rs en ms ACTIVITIES Tennis I AMBITION To be a pranist COLLEGE New York Univer s1ty or Latin American Instr tute OTHER PLANS To travel VIRGINIA IOST When Ginny isnt dancing she can be found playing the piano ACTIVITIES Sigma Alpha Phi Tril-I1Y 4 Commuters Club Latin Club 2 AMBITION To become nurse COLLEGE Mercer Hospital wW LEWIS H KARPF Known as Lou he rs in terested in photography and flying ACTIVITIES French Club 3 4 Meg Selling Staff 4 Meg Advertising Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Chess Club 2 3 4 Student Council I Home Room Treasurer 1 Astronomy Club 2 Slide Rule Club 3 Photography Club 2 3 Treas urer 2 Tennis Team AMBITION To be a chemical engineer COLLEGE Rutgers OTHER PLANS To travel all over the world GLADYS L KEENER Profess loves collecting dog pictures but eatrng is a close second ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 2 Blue A s I 2 4 AMBITION To be a veterxna nan COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To own a dog kennel and rarse champion dogs PAUL D KELLER Camping and photography hold Dukes interest ACTIVITIES Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball Z 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 Student Council 1 2 3 Book C m mittee 4 Asbury Park Senior HiY 2 3 Senior Social Com mittee AMBITION To learn hotel ad mimstratron COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To buy a new motorcycle IAY KERN Iay 'lay or Bonle can usually be found taking part rn sports ACTIVITIES Baseballl 3 4 Football 2 3 4 English Book Committee 4 Intramural Bas ketball 2 3 4 Student Va rietres 3 4 Homeroom Officer AMBITION To become a doc or COLLEGE Ursmus or Temple OTHER PLANS T s ay IIUPPY ""'s.:' 'CR MAX KNITEI. Nlcky IS an outdoor man huntrng and hshmg are hrs pastrmes ACTIVITIES Football 1 3 Varsrty 4 Baseball 1 Varsrty 3 4 Intramural Bas lretball 2 4 German Club 4 Canteen Commrttee 4 AMBITION To succeed COLLEGE Rhode Island Um versrty IIM KNOX Irm lrkes to rarse hommg prgeons ACTIVITIES Tumblmg team AMBITION To work Carner rn the Navy DINO KOTOPOULIS Spong whrles away hrs tlme drawmg ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketballl 2 3 4 Art Club l 2 Astronomy Club 2 AMBITION To travel wrth the 95119 COLLEGE Syracuse IOI-IN KRIEBEL Iohn whlles away hrs ex tra trme on wheels roller skatmg ACTIVITIES Math Club 4 Chess Club 4 Scrence Club Servr e ub Thrrit Chaxrman 1 AMBITION To be a physxcs engmeer COLLEGE Lehrgh MARILYN KIRSHBAUM Marbee rs very xnterested an the piano ' AMBITION To travel COLLEGE Umversrty of Ilh nors GAII. XLEINQ Readmg holds a .fascmatlon for all' III S At Club P s Clu 3 4 Mega hbne 4 Advertrs cy S CI, s Club Spqtlrght Club 3 4 French club 4 unor Class1cQfLeague 1 rls Sports 1 2 Dramatlc Club I AMBITION To teach Enghsh COLLEGE New Iersey Col lege for Women OTHER PLANS To get mar ned S IIM KLEIN Football is a passron with Irmmy ACTIVITIES Freshman Foot ball I Varsrty Football 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball College DIANE M. KLEINBACK Snooks lrkes anythmg con ernmg horses ACTIVITIES Spothght Club 4 e As l 2 3 4 Blue Representatrve 4 Gxrls Sports 4 Tr1H Y 3 4 Club 1 2 Scrence Club l AMBITION To become a o- cxal worker COLLEGE Umversrty I Bndgeport OTHER PLANS To be happy ROBERT I XLINGER Shocks tavonte pastxme concems the grxd rron and football ACTIVITIES Football 2 3 4 Baseball I Intramural Bas ketball 2 3 4 AMBITION To become a lull fledged rmky dxnlc OTHER PLANS To go mto busmess I .y ' A I N - 1 ki . 1 I - I a Q V ,, 4 , A226 iz rr 1: My ,a. ' 3' Liz. . . . ,- 31 5 1 A I U.. n - - . - I - it Orchestra zl 3. 4: Band 1, Zl jl:MBITIONg To make gg-,gd in 3.4. . I Oli CI 'f " t ' ' Blu ' ,' , , 1 ll 't 2 - 1, 2, 3, 1 '- i- . 1 An L , ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 ' , ' ' I I S A I - : I ' ' 0 1- I I RQ, . 1, 21 'C' Cl 1, 21 . 1 1 ' 35 WILLIAM M. KWALICK Bill" is an avid Ian of music especrally that produced by a saxophone or clarrnet ACTIVITIES Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Swmg Band 2 3 4 Megaphone 2 3 4 Intramural Sports l 2 3 4 Honor Socxety 3 4 German Club 2 Treasurer 2 Photog raphy Club 2 Press Club 3 Chess Club 3 Football 1 Baseball 1 Track 2 AMBITION To be not just a success but to be a noble success COLLEGE Rutgers Umversrty IRWIN LAMPEL Herky Imds all sports rn terestmg ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Art Club 2 Student Vanetles 3 4 Intra mural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Baseballl 2 3 4 AMBITION To open up a large produce market OTHER PLANS Settle down and get marned IOAN A LANDIS Ioame IS practxcmg to rm prove her drxvmg but on other people s cars ACTIVITIES Iunlor Mrss V1cePres1dent Ir Class lun tor Prom Comm CoCha1r man Semor Socral Comm Student Councrl 2 Delegate to Student Councrl Conference 2 Homeroom Secretary 4 Blue As 1 2 3 4 Scrence Club Tenmsl 2 3 4 Soft ball 2 3 Hockey 4 Bowlmg 2 Beta Phr Tnl-I1Y1 2 3 4 AMBITION To become a lash ron rllustrator COLLEGE Academy of Fme Arts OTHER PLANS To become a T W A Hostess BRUCE I LEWIN' Bruces hobbres are electric trams and stamps jLC'l'IVITIES Chess Club 1 Preszdent 2 3 4 German Club 2 3 Pres1dent4 Track 2 3 4 Freshman Sophomore Dramatrc Club 1 Megaphone l 4 Reading Club 2 Spot hght Club 4 Student Bankmg Representatxve 2 Homeroom Vie Pres 3 Homeroom Pres 4 COLLEGE Undectded MICHAEL I-' LIBRETTO Photography ll Mrkes hrst love but he also lxkes to play basketball and dance ACTIVITIES Football I 2 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 Photography Club 2 AMBITION To travel around the world OTHER PLANS To 1o1n the Navy GLORIA LOMASSON When Irma rsnt wrth Tom she can be found erther a eatxn or aknrttxn ACTIVITIES Semor Soclal Comm 4 Semor Play4 Can dldate for Ir Mxss 3 Lxbrary Stat! Z 3 4 Student Councxl 3 Spothght Club 2 4 Vrce 3 PMICKJ, LEONE f Presrdent 4 Canteen Comm awe? h U 3 4 Counc1lRepresentat1ve PVS Ccuedgf as eljgoglfi 4 Readers Club 2 Blue As 2 3 4 Homeroom Vxce qEi2g?gOT?4oyo :Y to q I' Presrdent 1 Gxrls Sports 1 2 the F B. I' L COLLEGE Undecrded I SAUNDRA A LEVIN Sandy whrles away her trme redecoratmg her room and readmq ACTIVITIES Sportsl 2 3 4 Blue As 1 2 3 4 Drrftwood 4 Megaphone Sellxng Stall 2 3 4 French Club 4 Gym Leader 4 Makeup Comm 3 4 Spotlxght Club 3 4 Glee Club 1 AMBITION To be a very good merchandxse buyer COLLEGE Syracuse OTHER PLANS To tour the Umted States and the World 3 4 Area Counc1lRepresen tatrve Tr1H1 Y 3 4 AMBITION To be happy COLLEGE Trenton State BARBARA LOWY Bobby rs qurte a sports woman ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 lue As Representatrve 1 2 3 Blue A s Treasurer 4 Student Councrl Representatrve 4 Hockey 1 2 3 4 Tennrs l 2 3 4 Bowlrng 2 Beta Phx H1Yl 2 3 AMBITION lom e Waves COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To marry Ioe 36 .. . -1 " ' ' ,, 7 u 4 ' I ,I . sw - ..,l f , . , i - . . I-,. I f . . . , . f fc , . . : "-" " , , . 2 - ' I . . . . I , . 1 , D ' j , : : . . . . I 1 ' . . - : . , , : , ' , I I I ' I - . I I . , , . ff - - ul ' ' ' I . : Q ' ' . 1 1 I , 'j ' ' : . : -, I . I 2 - - - : . . , : - I ' ' 1 I 1 u I . H 11 - 1 . : . : g - ' , . : ' I : . : - ' I . , 1 I , . . , I I, A : : , time g, . , - fv 4 , . . I - 2 ' n 2 ' , . . ' 1 , ' .I ' I - I' I' 1 e : . . . : - - 1 ' - ' . : . . , :B . . . , t - . . : 5 1 I ' , : . . . I . , . . I : 5 Tri- '- . . , 4. - . : To ' ' th l WZ? I'-T IOSEPH MAC NEILL Ioe en1oys playing sports a their different seasons ACTIVITIES Freshman Basket ball Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Dramatrcs l 2 ee Club 1 AMBITION To be a success at making a living COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS To get inter ested in a well established business BENIAMIN IKEN Benyy enjoys an thing hav mg to do with sp ACTLVQTES Fres ma Foot bal I V Footb sly oi Il 3 K al' Ath letrd onor Sbcie 3 4 Vice- Pres1dent3 Intramural 2 3 Base all 1 2 Hom room Officers 4' emor Dues Collec or AMBIT Ni T0 'be successful COLLE Ursinus, A 'Y ROBERT MALONE Bob is happiest when he is fishing AMBITION To travel COLLEGE Mommouth Iumor OTHER PLANS Study tele vision EDWARD MANFREDI 'Hooks enyoys arranging his own music ACTIVITIES Footballl Track 2 Cross Country 1 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball I 2 3 4 Latin Club 2 AMBITION To be a protes sional piano player COLLEGE Curtis School of Music ALBERT I. MANSFIELD 'Albie" spends most of his time cruising with Ioan. ACTIVITIES: Gym Monitor 2, 3. 4: Hall Monitor 4: Intra- mural Softball 2, 3. AMBITION: To become a den- tist. COLLEGE: Columbia. OTHER PLANS: To marry and he happy. FRANK MASCO Football and Basketball take up most of "Mouse's" time ACTIVITIES Italian Club 2 3 4 English Book Committee 2 3 President Homeroom 2 In tramural Basketball 2 3 4 AMBITION To become a suc cess in busmess O'I'HER PLANS To take over my lather s business BETTY ANN MC KNIGHT Swimming knitting and read ing occupies most ot Geor ges time ACTIVITIES Gym Leader 2 3 ue -.As l 4 Sports 1 2 3 4 Business Manager Senior Play Student Varieties 5 4 French Club 4 Iumor Classtcal League 1 Fresh Soph Dramatic Clpb 1 Homeroom Vice-President 4 Decorating and Refreshment Committee ,Iumor KProrn 3 Canteen Committee 4 Pep lServicel Club AMBITION To the happy and a success in life COLLEGE University oi Ver mont or Rider OTHER PLANS To live in New England SALLY ab- oratory technician COLLEGE College Saint Elizabeth S R SARNA D MELTZER To see the lf? states she hasn t seen yet 'is Surmys chief arm ACTIVITIES Blind 2 fa 4 French Club 2 3 4 Mega plume Sta!! 3 Cxrculaix J Manager 4 Dnltwlgod Station Spotlrgtn"'Club 3 4 S o Dues Ctillector 4 'Head Biker 2 Gym Leader 4 Blue Ass 2 3 4 Sports 2 3 ,4 Make-up' Committee-4 Glee Club P 2 AMBITION To travel COLLEGE Mia tor diana OTHER PLA Ge married and live Florida or her home state Texas sqf Q .1-4 if fists bt Z' Wig Lv '19- IOHN METC Football ng a pm ball mach e t e up most of In ura as a t mura B a Record Clu AMBITION kel a trip to the moon COLLEGE Morin th Iunior OTHER PLANS Undecided CAROLE L MILLER Caroles hobbres include dancing boating and playin canasta ACTIVITIES Honor Society 3 4 Driftwood 4 Hockey Team 1 2 Bowlmg 2 3 4 Science Club 2 V1cePres1dent Blue Asl 2 3 4 Astronomy Club l 2 Socialogy Club Record Club 2 Tennis l Volleyball l 2 COLLEGE N I C VJ-f KATI-IAIQINE MILLER KE has on e interest w1mmrng Jw ACTIVITI ocxe y 3 4 Ush 3 NA! Meg and Dnftwood affs 4 French Club 3 4:l Senior Latin Club 4' Junior Classical League 1. 2' Spotlight Club 4' Home- room Officer 3' Banker 3: Art Club I' Blue As I 2 3 4: Sportsl 2 3 4. AMBITION: To live on an ' - land and own a Chris Craft. COLLEGE: Undecided. CHRISTINE MOGENSEN Reading and sports are the chief interests of ' Chris.' ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2 3' Basketball 1, 3. 4' Soccer 2 3 4' Volleyball 3 AMBITION: To travel. MARY IEAN MORRIS Music rates first with "Ieannie." ACTIVITIES: Blue A's 1: Blue A Representative 1. AMBITION: To be a beau- tician. IOHN M MUDD Hunting and fxshrng are Iohns hobbres ACTIVITIES Baseball l Ten ms 2 3 4 Student Councrl l Frshrng Club 4 AMBITION To go to college COLLEGE Hampton EDWARD MUELLER Eds hobby rs creative Wntmg ACTIVITIES Stamp Club 2 Baseball 1 Basketball 1 2 Cafe Monitor 2 Press Club 4 Megaphone 4 Homeroom President 2 AMBITION Iournalrsm COLLEGE Monmouth Iunror NICK NAPOLITANO 'Corkey likes to collect stamps. ACTIVITIES: Football 1' Bas- ketball 1. AMBITION: To make much oot. OTHER PLANS: To travel. ALLAN H. NEWMAN "Al" likes sports. but fixing cars come first. ACTIVITIES: Gym Monitor 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Intramural Softball l, 2: I. V. Basketball 3: Track 2: Foot- ball l. AMBITION: To be a success. OTHER PLANS: To join the Navy. 38 i v- CARL L OWENS All sports and coin collecting sum up less hobbies ACTIVITIES Freshman Foot ball Intramural Basketball I 2 3 Trackl 2 AMBITION To be a photog rapher OTHER PLANS To study tele vision MARY PAPPALARDO Babg interests Ire., sports and collecting record! ACTIVITIES Student Co crl 1 Italian Club3 4 Glee Bue As l 2 3 4 Leader 2 3 4 Home Eckers Club 2 Tardy Monitor 4 Bas ketballl 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 AMBITION To go to Cali forma COLLEGE Undecided OTHER PLANS. Go into business. IAMES H. PARKER "Ace" just loves to go fishing ACTIVITIES: Freshman Bas- ketball Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 3. AMBITION: To be successful. OTHER PLANS: Have my own business. DAVILLA PARREOTT Creative dancing occupies most of ay Day's" spare time. I ACTI E kdical Staff 4: Iunio o So ial Co mittee ' ior P Com- : p a' ' seball m 8 Le er2, 3, 4: Blue epre ntative 3: Hockey X am b . 3, 4: en- nis Team l. : Basketball Team: Blue A cial Commit- ee. AMBITION: To he a nurse. COLLEGE: Bellevue School of Nursing. 39 WALIER E NEWMAN Sonny whiles away his time dancing and roller skat in ACTIVITIES Varsity Baseball I Freshman Football 1 In tramural Basketball 1 2 AMBITION To travel around the world OTHER PLANS To jom the Navy PAT NOBLE When Pat isnt knitting she can be found either swim ming or collecting sheet music ACTIVITIES Homeroom Sec retary 3 Beta Phi Tn HrY l 2 3 4 Secretary 2 Blue As l 2 3 4 Blue A Represen tative Z Baseballl 2 3 4 Tennis 1 2 3 4 Hockey 3 4 Bowling l 2 4 AMBITION To be a T W A Hostess PHYLLIS I NODINE Phil who is one of our most talenQed ansts also en spctts A IVITIES Baseballl 2f4 B ball 1 2 Bowling 3 enn1s1Blu0As11 3 Q MBITION To be nurse OIHER PLANS go to Califomia MARSHALL H. NOHWALK 'Skip" is kept busy with photography and flying. ACTIVITIES: Senior Play 4' Photography Club 1 2 Presi- dent 2: Yearbook Photogra- pher l. 4: Stamp Club 1 2. Secretary 2: Megaphone Staff 4: Honor Society 2 3 4' Meg- aphone Selling Staff 3: Stu- dent Council 3' Gennan Club 3: Flying Club 2' A Capella Choir l: Model Airplane Club 2: Ping Pong Club 1: Chess Club '1' Slide Rule Club 3' Astronomy Club 2. AMBITION: Civil Engineering Career Overseas. COLLEGE: Rutgers. PAUL OBOZ When "Action" isn't occupied with music. he likes to read or take girls out. AMBITION: To be a drummer and a night club owner. OTHER PLANS: To play it cool. 'fu-X 4 l i J ROBERT I PEARSALL Snags hobby rs collectrng guns ACTIVITIES Football l 2 3 4 I V Captarn 2 Track l 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 4 Intramural Softball AMBITION To marry Nancy Hurley OTHER PLANS To go rn bu r ness wrth hrs father RAYMOND L PENISTON Penny whrles away hrs trme wrth sports musrc and horses ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 Track 3 4 Cross Country 3 AMBITION Interror deco ratrng COLLEGE Academy of Arts OTHER PLANS To Jorn U S Marrnes IAMES PERIALE Irmmres trme rs taken up by hrs many actrvrtres ACTIVITIES Edrtor rn Chref ol Drrltwood 4 Vrce Presrdent oi Senror Class Presrdent of Iumor Class Student Councrl I 2 3 4 Presrdent of Red Cross Councrl Charrman of Ways and Means Commrttee Ch ss Club 2 Math Club 4 Intramural S orts l 2 3 4 COLLEGE Rutgers SANTLE PERROTTO Santle rs kept busy readmg ACTIVITIES Alternating Pres rdent I Iunror Classrcal League AMBITION To be a success ln lrfe COLLEGE Undecrded IEANNE PETROS Bunny rs a new member of the Senror Class and enroys grvrng partres AMBITION To get marrred and have lrve krds COLLEGE Catherrne Grbbs or Parsons OTHER PLANS To vrsrt her brother rn Calrfornra ANN PISCIOTTO Ann rs qurte a Dodger lan She rs also rnterested rn ama teur radro ACTIVITIES Iunror Classrcal League 1 2 OTHER PLANS To get a rob after graduatron ROSALYN I PLISKOFF Among Roz s drversrired hobbres are readrng swrm mrng dancrng knrttrng and wrrtrng letters ACTIVITIES Freshman Dra matrc Club l Glee Club I 2 3 Blue As 1 Basketball I Tennrs I AMBITION To become a srnger ol popular songs OTHER PLANS To lrve out west and to travel around the world BARBARA E PODELL Bobbre rs one of our better skaters AMBITION To be a secre tary OTHER PLANS To travel ALVI e r qr plrshed s AC IVl'IL'l?:9b ll 1 s ket all 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Band 2 Stu Councrl 4 AMBITION To be successful rn lrfe OTHER PLANS To manage my fathers busrness X 4' 3 ADAM REICHARDT IR Lefty enjoys playing base ba ACTIVITIES Baseball l Football 3 Cafeteria Monitor 2 3 Gym Monitor 2 AMBITION To be successful COLLEGE Undecided GERALDINE RICHARDSON Gerry is happiest when she is dancing ACTIVITIES Basketball 3 Press Club 4 AMBITION To be a nurse COLLEGE School for Nurses OTHER PLANS To leave As bury Park ALBERT H. RICHTER Al' likes to dance but he also likes hunting. ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football I 2: I. V. Basketball 2: Var- sitv Baseball 2: Bowling 2. AMBITION: To be a big game hunter. OTHER PLANS: To join the Navy. BETTY 1. nw s "Stringbean" can eit er be found dancing, reading or going to the movies. ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 1, 2. AMBITION: To become a photographer. OTHER PLANS: To meet a nice ambitious boy. Al I VAN bvxs Ponmz' Dyke see to bexnterestedl in baseball, ly AMBITION To play pr s al A IVITAIES Vdgxty Qebally Baseballz J v Basketballt2 3 Sen19rSodh.l ommittee ome Room Presf dent 3 In amurtrl Spo '1 2 3 4 Varsity Baske ll 4 QIOLLEGE University of Del are QFHER NS To be success WA MARILYN I POLSKY Lyn is an ardent Brooklyn Dodger baseball fan AMBITION Secretary OTHER PLANS To travel MARY M PORTERFIELD Maude spends most of her spare time acting singing or dancing ACTIVITIES Show of Shows Glee Club Student Varieties 3 4 Press Club 4 Speech 4 COLLEGE Dramatic School N GWENDOLYN PYLE Horseback riding and read- ing are Gwen',s' pastimes. ACTIVITIES! Varsity Cheer- leader 4 Usher 4: Honor So may as 1- French Club-3 4- Medical Staff 2 3 4' Beta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 3 4' Girls' Sports 1 2 3, 4- Driftwood Staff 4: Iunior Varsity Cheer leader 1: Senior Social Com- mittee .4: lue A's-1 , , : Iunior Classical League 1: Senior Latin Club: Reader's Club 2: Banking 2' Horne- room Officer 1, 2: Iunior Miss Candidate: Student Varieties. AMBITION: To own my own horse and be an expert rider. OTHER PLANS: To travel to Texas after graduation. IOHN G. BEDDING Working on his car is "Iack's" favorite pastime. ACTIVITIES: Track 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To travel. COLLEGE: Undecided. X hi: TW? EULAH B ROBERTS Dancmg occupxes most of Dxmples spare txme ACTIVITIES Lattn Club l 2 French Club l 2 Modern Dancxnq 1 3 Glee Club 1 2 AMBITION To be a book keeper COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To leave As bury Park KATHERINE P RODGERS Kays dlversrons are read ma cmd dancmg ACTIVITIES Dnftwood Staff 4 Iunxor Classrcal League 3 4 Megaghone Staff 4 Press Club 4 Spotlxght Club 4 Freshman Plctures Commrttee 4 French Club 2 AMBITION To kxss the Blar ney Stone COLLEGE Mount Mercy or Georglan Court IEANETTE ROSEN Kmttmg sports and dancmg take up what spare trme Shorty has ACTIVITIES Spotlxght Club 4 Press C1ub4 Spanish Club 4 Rangers 4 Semor Rmg Commltee 4 Senxor Play Cos tume and Property Commrttee Megaphone Sellmg Staff 3 4 Phx Delta 'Tr1T'IyY Iunxor Classrcal League 1 Blue A s 1 Bas etball 3 4 AMBITION To become a jour nah t or en er advertxsmg COLLEGE Syracuse or Mon mouth Iunror College HOWARD S RUBEN Rube lxkes to busy hzmselt wrth sports and musrc ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 Chess Club 2 Hall Monxtor 4 AMBITION To be a success COLLEGE New York Umver stty IOHN F RUSSO When Iohnny Isnt playing baseball he hkes bemg a pesslmlst ACTIVITIES Football 1 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Basket ball 1 2 Student Councll 3 4 Book Commnttee 4 Canteen Commxttee 3 4 Senxor Nomx natmg Commxttee 4 Home room V1cePres1dent I Home room Treasurer 2 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 AMBITION To be successful COLLEGE Notre Dame OTHER PLANS To stay healthy wealthy and wrse ROBERT RYDELL Bob lxkes to dnve hotrods ACTIVITIES Cross Country AMBITION To be a mechamc OTHER PLANS To buxld hot rods CARL G SAMMARCO Nothmg IS as enjoyable Carl as football ACTIVITIES Football 2 3 Capt 4 Itallan Club Z Natlonal Athletrc Honor So- crety 3 4 Intramural Basket ba 3 4 ful rn hrs fathers buslness COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS To play col lege football BETTY LOU SANBORN When Betty xsnt kmttmg she can be found twxrlmg ACTIVITIES Twxrlers 2 3 4 AMBITION To become a nurse COLLEGE Womans Medxcal College of Pennsylvama ANDREW L SANDERS Andy lxkes to collect plc tures ACTlVI'1'IES Varsxty Track 3 4 Varsxty Cross Country 4 Baseballl 2 Manager 2 In tramural Basketball I 2 3 4 AMBITION To make a suc cess of hte COLLEGE Hampton Instrtute OTHER PLANS To become a pllot 42 fed ' n 1 . V 1 ff If f f XA- ' 4 , I ' , A f J I ' f 'L l -f : ' : 3. 4. y I ' ' ' ' to 1 ' I 'I : ' , .4. 2 I U I . : ' , 3. 4: ' Il 41 H0me1'00m 'SeCf9IU1'Y 27 AMBI'I'ION: Become success- : lc . . , Q . I ' I ' l. I X 9? "'-v"i' 3. 2: IOAN SCHOEN Ioame can usually be Ioun wrmng letters or dancing ACTIVITIES German Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Art Club 3 Megaphone 4 Blue As I 3 4 Dramatic Club 1 2 Medical Stall 3 4 Student Bank 3 Senior Play Fresh man Picture Committee 4 Girls Sports Home Room Sec retary 3 Press Club 4 Tn H1Y 4 Kiwanis Kapers AMBITION To be a kinder garten teacher and live Florida COLLEGE Trenton State Teachers College IUDITI-I SCHOR Enjoyable to Iudy is horse back riding ACTIVITIES Megaphone l 2 3 4 Social Editor 3 Literary Editor 4 Readers Club 2 Spotlight Club 3 4 Dramatic Club I Astronomy Club Van Campens Rangers 4 Press u 3 Blue As 1 2 3 Bowling 2 3 4 Sportsl 2 3 4 Iunior Classical League I 2 Students Varieties 4 AMBITION To own a horse COLLEGE Syracuse or Cedar Crest OTHER PLANS To move to California IOSEPH SCI-IULER lose likes sports but fish 1nq comes hrst ACTIVITIES Sound Crew I 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Intramural Softball AMBITION To be a success COLLEGE Undecided PHILIP SCI-IWARTZ Model planes take up most of Phils tree time AMBI'I'ION To see all ot the United States IOAN F. SANDOW Ioan finds collecting records to be her most interesting pastime. ACTIVITIES: Blue A's I, 2. 3, 4. AMBITION: To be a nurse. OTHER PLANS: To live in Texas and raise horses. DORI A o r good an ACTIVIT S e ckers Glee C AMBITI N To tra COLLEGE Undec d OTHER PLANS T et married IANICE F SAVAGE Bunny sews and knxts now to help herself in the future ACTIVITIES Basketball 1 Soccer I AMBITION To be a dress maker OTHER PLANS To travel SID SAWYER Doc is going to be a doctor of Chlropody ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketball 1 2 3 4 Intramural Softball I 2 3 4 Germa Club 2 COLLEGE Long Island Uni versity OTHER PLANS To be suc cessful ARNOLD V SCALPATI Scalps mam interest raclxo experimenting ACTIVITIES Senior Play ln tramural Basketballl 2 3 4 German Club 3 4 Chess Club 4 Science Club 4 AMBITION To become a doctor COLLEGE Georgetown Uni versity av- SALVATORE SCOTT "Sal's" main interest is build- ing model airplanes. ACTIVITIES: Bowling l, AMBITION: To own my own business. OTHER PLANS: To work. IANE F SELL lame wntes poetry and also lxkes 4 H Club work ACTIVITIES Semor Play 4 Art Club 1 2 Presrdent 2 Vrce Presxdent ot Homeroom 1 Megaphone Stall 4 T1 I 2 Chess Club Homeroom Banker 3 4 l W C Blue As 1 AMBITION To own a darry larm COLLEGE N I C MILDRED M SERRA Mrlhes mam pastrmes are sewmg and skatmg ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 2 Home Eckers 2 Student Van etres 3 Krwams Kapers 4 Sons of Italy 4 AMBITION Secretary COLLEGE Undecxded OTHER PLANS Takrng a mod elmg course JOHN SHAPIRO Bud enyoys ndrng around rn hrs car AMBITION To be a success ful businessman COLLEGE Oklahoma A G M CONSTANCE SHIELDS Wntmg letters and dancmg 1111 most of Conmes txme ACTIVITIES I V Cheer leader I Varsrty Cheerleader 3 4 Class Secretary I 2 3 4 txce Staff 3' 4 Dnitwood Group Prcture Assxstant Edx tor 4 Honor Socr 4 Semor Latm Club 2 Iu xor Classrcal Teague Secretary 2 lumor Mrss Candxdate 3 Iunxor Sen lor Socral Commxttee 3 4 Bl e As 2 4 AMBITION To be succ6siul and happy COLLEGE Georgtan Court OTHER PLANS To break boys hearts GLORIA SIMMONS Shortre spends her txme ACTIVITIES Glee Club I 2 Cheerleader 2 Home Eckers Club 2 Basketball 2 Solt bal 2 AMBITION To be a Pedra trrcran COLLEGE N Y U OTHER PLANS To travel RIS SIMMS Pans ls, plrshed mus pho ahhy takes rwt IS spare time IVI'l'IE B nd 2 3 Ochestra 2 3 4 eer leader 2 French 4 tu dent Varretxes I an Club 2 Student oun ly 2 Semor Socxal Commrttee 4 AMBITION To teach musxc COLLEGE Rutgers MARILYN SKIDMORE Skrddys many pastrmes rn clude readmg cheermg wrxt mg letters and collectmg postcards ACTIVITIES Cheerleadmg 3 4 Iumor Classrcal League 1 2 B1ueAs 1 2 3 4 Student Varxetles 3 4 Candxdate for Iumor Mrss 3 Semor Socxal Commxttee 4 Basketball I 2 Tenms 1 2 3 AMBITION To be a good nurse COLLEGE Sarnt Lukes Nurs Ing School BETTY ANN SLOCUM Sport rs Bettys pastrme Im., Homeroom Sec retar 2 edxcal Stall 4 French Blue As l o AMBITION! TQ lie: me Q nurse COLLEGE Mou ns15Hos prtal N CARL D SPEAKMAN In hrs spare trme The Ad mrral goes hshmg ACTIVITIES Semor Play 4 Trackl 2 3 4 C oss Country 1 Art Club 3 Dancmg Club 3 Dramatrc Club 3 Fxshrng Club 4 Basketball 3 lntra mural Basketball 1 2 3 4 AMBITION To be a good hus band COLLEGE No plans as yet MELVYN SPIEGEL lm ACUVITIES Iahn Club' L,,1n- tramural Baseball l 3 Intra mufCdf3915Jl1ng,1 i 3'Llm't6 mural Basketball 1 AMBITION To be HIC!! COLLEGE Rutgers s rmprxnru smln :E?Z"Y SPQSYM b 3 fc: Q2 ,gm 1, 11 ll 1,2 ka 44 jkglmvgw- b 1 A 413 af 'rxrlck 1 Ch lu esg PLBiBnus1nQg' 68 mas vanet n ot r s spo s 1 as 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Home m 1 2 3 Stu nt Student Varxetxes Club 4 Ir Mrs Semot Busx Commmttee To be a proles s1onal baseball player COLLEGE Yale or Purdue 45 ,LBARBARA A SLOSHBERG Barb IS known for her fme dramatrc abrllty ACTIVITIES Busmess man ager of Megaphone 3 Art Club 2 Reporter on Mega phone l 2 Semor Play 4 Spothght Club 2 3 4 Blue As 1 2 GleeClub12 AMBITION To be a shrewdre COLLEGE Umverslty l M1am1 CO' Kmthng ads cup1es A V n H1 Y u dent AMBITION To go to college COLLEGE Wheaton or Smxth OTHER PLANS To go to Europe after graduatron LILLIAN M MITH Dancm IS pastr ACTIVITI e A s Staff s lub Sr Rmg Commrttee n1sh Clu Drrftw mmrttee 4 e l sketball I S c r 2 COLLEGE oratory lnst1tute n ttan s s1stants Schol OTHER PLANS To travel and to model SGH edxtor un1or edel1s 4 Chess Varrehes 3 Freshman AMBITI 1te the Ame COLLEGE Mount lyo e or Oberlm OTHER PLANS To go back to Cal1Iorn1a IOAN N SOFIELD Ioan lS kept busy skatmg and lcnrttmg ACTIVITIES Twrrlersl 2 3 4 AMBITION To be an Arrlme Hostess COLLEGE Eastern A1rl1ne School OTHER PLANS To travel 'I . f Iv' I A lg I I I .2132 . I : : - Cf 'IPL KD' 'iw 1 5 ' I K I I ' .I V I f " ' ' I I : I ol . ' 1, if ' ' , : , . E' 1 ' ' I 1. I L : I ' 1 l I S - f '1 if 1 . . I I ' 0 4 r I I Q11 . S I - I 1. , .11 3 ' 5 1, 4? . I I 5 1 li . ' : . . 3' 4: 5 1 - '- I, 22 Sl - , , , . 4. N: T La ' IUVSWU9 Technician. . , ,U I , ' I ' 4: 'br 3, 4: w I I , ' R C ' . ' ' i 1 I ' ' ' ' ' oc , . ' -' '1 ' - -" y , , 3 : 3 - o . I . . A I .'xy . , :fo " ' " ana e P Tk 1 f f, I A :. r s- t , , C1 4: s 1 31 1. H, . I ' - 4: 6 - I ip as 2. O ' ' S l- 3' n - I - D l. 2, 3, ' : 3: ' ' : re u 3: O ' ur 3. 4' ' l K no s - A ' ' " 1 ' b h 2 of 's n i A rt ' ' . an s. 5? VI . tball , 4: 1' , 3, 4: I 1 I .1 : - ' o . . : de ' ' ,., . . . . 3, 5 . '- : ' , , , . '9' Q' 'fa PATRICIA STEVEN Pat only has txme for swrm mmg and more swrmmmq ACTIVITIES Iunror Classical ague l Blue As 1 Spamsh Club 4 Megaphone 1 Tn I'I1Yl 2 3 Presxdentl AMBITION To be rn the 52 Olymplcs OTHER PLANS To be a Phys xcal Theraplst and have an Athletrc Club wrth Krtty GEORGE V W STILLMAN Gazelle spends most ol hrs spare tune reaclrng or playmg chess ACTIVITIES Cross Country l 2 3 4 Capta1n4 Trackl 2 3 4 Captam Natronal Ath letxc Honor Socxety 2 3 4 Home Room Presxdent 3 4 Chess Club 1 Charles Bowles Memorral Athletrc Club 2 3 4 Caleterra Momtor AMBITION To run a 4 mmute mme COLLEGE Rutgers DOROTHY STOIKIEWICZ Dotty has a number of hob- bres whrch rnclude dancmg swxmmmg and all sports ACTIVITIES Honor Socxety 3 4 Ushers 4 Home Eckers 2 Glee Club 1' Blue As I 2 3 4 Gym Leader 2 3 4 TnH1 Y 3 4 V1cePres1dent4 Let ter wmner 2 4 Sports 1 2 AMBITION To become erther an olhce worker or a beau tlcxan CARMELITA A S Carms lavorrte astrmes are sewmg an lttmg ACTIVITIES I V leaderl V rty Che a Se r Socra e Staff 4 Candrdatp ss s l 2 Treasurer 4 Bl sentatrve 1 G 1 4 All spor-tsl 3 ervrce Club 4 Charrman Pxcture Commrttee Bovulmg manager 3 Tnl-I1Y1 2 3 4 Corres pondrna Secretary AMBITION To make a inxllxon dollars IANE E STRYKER n er spa e usually un Ll ng or wrun l ers WI S Stu t uncll Lrbrar Saff 4 OI gee Stmwzwan pers Reader s C1 QM m ma Tn xdent 4 Fresh Soph re Dram St dent Vanetres 4 Press Club 4 r Sentatxve 3 Eu s Eiiorts DONALD SULLIVAN Ducky IS a basketball en thuslast ACTIVITIES Football l In tramural Basketball l Z 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 Sound Crew 2 3 4 H1Y 2 AMBITION To be a success COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To porn the Umted States Navy GERALD W SUTTS You w1ll hnd Ierry occupy mg hxmself wxth Ilshmg and collectmg stamps and coms ACTIVITIES Intramural Bas ketballl 2 3 4 Fxshmg Club 4 Hall Momtors 2 4 F t ball I Intramural Softball 3 AMBITION To own a boat COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS Commercral Frshrng IOHN B SWIFT Iohn occuples hrs trme wrth huntmg campmg and elec tnc trams AMBITION To operate a prr vate plane servxce COLLEGE Texas Umverslty h r um wrrtmg ACTIVI S staf Z 3 4 Coed or Bankxnq Representatxve 2 3 Blue As 3 4 Spotlrght Club Semor Play 4 AMBITION To teach school COLLEGE Cornell or Syra cuse 'Ulm- VIVIAN THOMPSON Kruttzng and collectxng rec ords take up most oi Vrvs trme ACTIVITIES Offrce sta 2 3 4 French Club 3 Vrce Presrdent 4 Iunror Classrca League I 2 Senror Latm Club 2 Honor Socrety 2 3 4 Usher 3 Megaphone l 2 3 4 Press Club 3 Dnltwood 4 Blue Asl 2 3 4 All Sports I 2 3 4 Leader 2 AMBITION To be an Englrsh Teacher COLLEGE Smrth wt 'rr-I NLEY ion I rho e ta prctures AtTIVl'I'IEKl 1 mb 1 AMBITION l l Etgope QTHER PLANS To marry PEARLINE I TOLBERT Pearl lrke to slng sew and dance ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 3 Hockey 1 Tennxs l AMBITION To be a nurse OTHER PLANS To go to Bell vxew School ol Nursrng A, EDWAD A loans Easy Ed lrkel to collect stamps 1n hrs spare tune ACTIVITIES. Basketball 1X2 34 Tenn1sl234 Class' Treasurer 4 Vxce-Presrdent ot f'Homeroom 4 Semor Socral Commrttee 4 Presldent of Homeroom 2 Semor Play Trcket Comm 4 lr Mrster 3 AMBITION To travel all over the world COLLEGE Cornell INEZ N TANTUM' Gabby IS well known for her s orts and art abrlrty ACTI ITIES Art Clubl Z 3 Blue As I 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 All Sports I 2 3 4, Gym leader 3 4 AMBITION To study art nn Europe OTHER PLANS Sales woman COLLEGE The School I Practrcal Art Boston ANNE TAYLQB Anne 1 s e fly dnvr knrttyxg fo comes? sit i Mg leader' Blumjl N253 e ty Comm Jgefmor Hip? Posts . ICU Rd er I en arret teen Bank l resen be ome a HUISE, OTHER PQ-tv To hv lm CI farm A CAROLYN TERRACCIANO Carol spends her spare tlme l-cetprng up wrth the latest recordrngs 3 Tennrsl 2 Volleyballl Bowlrng 2 Modern Dance 2 ue As 1 3 4 Ho room Presrdentl H R Vxce Presrdent 2 AMBITION To be a success rn life COLLEGE Undeclded OTHER PLANS VISII all parts of the Unrted Statef DONRLD M 'rzgn erry likes skating and prett grrls Acrl 1r1EsuS3mor Play 4 t lu! 4 Student Va i Cross Country 2 lg Recording Crew 4 Senor ueS1Co ectof 4 Sfuden C urrcrl l T-Iompxoorn Presr in I ovre Jector lub l 'Irhbk 1 AMBITION Undeclded ,COLLEGE Susquehanna MERRILL H THOMPSON IR Tommy concentrates hrs spare trme on one thmg Musrc ACTIVITIES B ndl 2 3 4 Orch l 2 3 4 Servrce Club 4 Megaphone Busrness Man ager 4 Footballl AMBITION To be good rn busmess COLLEGE Rutgers I A ol I U Oy, G11 - - I . if I I I H - AQ TI : 'C -C rm ' A S I r S i Col' 4: G J 1 ' ff , , I I 'S I , : : ' - 4? x - ' I ' , - - 1 Pl 4:11 fr z,yg3. J , 5 - - g C . 4' ' 1 if I : ' , , : 2- 37 ' 'F 9 I , , , 42-K A d V ' ' 4: - - - - . 4' , m , n I I : J , L, 11 J . I I I 5 . t i ,4. L . -.1 1 A p TM' f X I, I ' . i Liz: J 1 Rt Q M 'QQ M I ' I "Prftiss' has G Collec- ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, I ' S ' - : ' , : : h : lee 'E . 2. ' 5 5 .4 : lk XV Nt ve to Bl ' I , 2, i, .3 ' mei X Q l : . ' , L. 'V L' : J t ' ' ' . N Z - ' I - W. ff : , : ' . I ,Z . I S RQ : 1 : - rates , f , I I J 4? : I t t 2 ' ' ' C P N I ' : . 5 ' xv I . N u H - N A t I '. ' U : a . . , : I 47 K'-ef GEORGE TUNGELAND George's hobby is centered on radio ACTIVITIES Math Club l Latxn Club 1 2 French Club 2 3 Football Manager 2 AMBITION To make money OTHER PLANS To travel IOE TURNER Buddy enloys boxrng and playmg football and basket ba AMBITION Physrcal Educa tron Teacher COLLEGE West Vxrgmxa State LUCILLE V TYSON Roller skathrg and dancmg kee Lol busy AC Ymss Press club 4 Blue As 1 4 Art Comrruttee for the Senror Play 4 AMBITION To trawl rn e Umted States OTHER PLANS To be a pn vate secretary IEAN H ULRICH Ieannxe can usually be found wrth her collectxon of forergn coms ACTIVITIES Scxence Club l Blue As 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 3 4 Other Sports Iumor Classrcal League 1 Iumor Womens Clb 3 4 Flg Bearer 3 4 Kxwams Kapers 4 Student Varretles 4 Blue A s Representatwe 4 AMBITION To travel COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS T go o Florxda IO I. ULRI Duk terests 156-fn stock car ra and roller' skatrng ACTIVITIES onor Soczety 3 4 'Ilwck 2 esman Club 2 3 Slide Ru e Club 3 Man a ball Team 1 n mur sketball and Vol eyball AMBI N Chemxcal Engm neer COLL E Rutgers OTHER PLANS T meet Mane Matthews I UDITH M. VALENTINE Iudy s nose rs always buned m a book m her spare trme ACTIVITIES Glee Club 1 Basketball 3 4 Student Va rretxes 4 AMBITION To be a Nurse COLLEGE Undecxded OTHER PLANS To marry Sonny IOSEPHIN M. VETRANO Io lzkes "t collect records and krfl ACI BS when cltfb 2 4 eqdari' 4 Home 'Eck eg 2 Vlad-Presxdent obflome room 1 AMBITION To travel COLLEGE Undecrded OTHER PLANS To get mar ned AUDREY I WIENER Ieanme s hobbres keep her srttxng down she lxkes knxt tmq and horsebunk ndmg ACTIVITIES 'Glue gp Homenpm Sfcnvtqgy Ildll MQ-my 3 AMBITION 'fa u-,ru happy " hfe N COLLEGE Ohxo Wesleyan ELECTRA VLAHOPOULOS Readmg mystery stones movxes and football games are among Marys hobbres ACTIVITIES Spanrsh Club 4 Glee Club I AMBITION To be a pnvate secretary COLLEGE Undecrded 48 3' is ll.. . I I - . A . I I 5' 2 5 fo u I : - ' v I ' : ' ' th ,, ,. . ' 'Q' If I' T ' 1 Tl' , I K5 : ' I ". ' VI GK WH,-If H I . I ' u. .-:z a . M- :I '. ' . : '. . 1 . g I .- G G l: I - z- ' 02: Q ' : ol t I - I" X . 1 n ' . : ,, '- ,Q . ' l I . . I I A . . D , I QQ A r o : I - , ' I : . o l E ROY C. WHITE "Diable" likes pretty women. but model airplanes come first. ACTIVITIES: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country I, 2. 3: Foot- ball I. AMBITION: To become one of the great commercial artists. COLLEGE: Newark School of Fine Arts. RUSSELL L. WHITE Bowling is "Russ" hobby. but got is cr close second. ACTIVITIES: Bowling I, 2, 3: Baseball 3: Intramural Solt- ball 1, 2, 3. AMBITION: To He a sheet metal and rooftng mechanic. OTHER PLANS: To be a tour- nament bowler. IOSEPH W. VILLAPIANO "Villin's" many pastimes in- clude tennis, golf, and horse racing. ACTIVITIES: Homeroom Vice- President 2. 3: Italian Club 3, 4. AMBITION: To become a Lawyer. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To organize a political machine. JAMES W. WILLIAMS "Spider" enjoys photography. ACTIVITIES: Student Council Representative I: Italian Club 2: Basketball 1. Z, 3. 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2. AMBITION: To become a physical education instructor. COLLEGE: Virginia State. 49 ' NANCY A. wncnsn "Nan" is happy when she is dancing or driving. . ACTIVITIES: Homeroom Vice- Pres. 3: Medical Staff 2, 3: Iunior and Senior Social Com- mittees: Candidate for Junior Miss: Student Varieties 2. 4: Kiwanis Kapers 3: All Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Leader Z, 3. 4: Blue A's l, 2, 3.4. AMBITION: To be on time. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To travel. IERRY WEISS Ierry or "E.B."' as he is called by his friends, just en- joys living. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4: Intramural Soft- ball 3, 4: Cross Country 3: Track 3. AMBITION: To make a living. OTHER PLANS: To go South. IOHN WENGLER Iohn's hobbies are painting, music, and reading. ACTIVITIES: Honor Society 2. 3, 4: Advertising Staff of the Megaphone 4: Senior Latin Club 2: Iunior Classical League 1, 2, 4: Spanish Club 4: Art Club I, 2: Senior Ring Committee 4. AMBITION: To live and learn. COLLEGE: Georgetown. IOHNNY W. WEST "Westie" spends his spare time driving and collecting records. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Bas' ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Vice-President 2, 3: Home- room President l. AMBITION: To own a '50 Pontiac convertible. COLLEGE: Monmouth Iunior College or Rider. OTHER PLANS: To own a night club. ROBERT W. WHERETT Look out when you see "Bob," for his hobby is guns. ACTIVITIES: Fishing Club 2: Gym Monitor 3, 4. AMBITION: Business Man- ager. COLLEGE: Monmouth Junior College. MARION WILLIAMS Sketching pictures cmd roller skating holds a fascination for "Tiena." ACTIVITIES: Glee Club I, 2. AMBITION: To become a great artist. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To visit Europe and other Ioreign countries. WILLOWDENE WILLIAMS Singing is "Denies" hobby. AMBITION: To become a nurse. OTHER PLANS: To travel. IOAN WILSON Dancing is "Ioanie's" hobby. ACTIVITIES: Art Club 1, 2: Blue A's: Bowling I, 2, 3: Tennis 1. 2. AMBITION: To travel all over the world. COLLEGE: Some business col- lege. OTHER PLANS: To become a comptometer operator. RALPH IOHN WILSON "RaIphie" likes all sports, especially basketball. ACTIVITIES: Basketball l, 2. 3: Glee Club I, 25 Tumbling 1: President ot Homeroom 4: Art Club 1, 2. AMBITION: To follow a career in the Army. COLLEGE: O.C.S. in the Army. OTHER PLANS: Later to own a night club. WILLIAM H. WINSOR "Bugs" who is a born farmer enjoys milking cows and driv- ing tractors. ACTIVITIES: Class President lg Football lg Baseball l, 2, 3: Homeroom President 2: Foot- ball Manager 4. AMBITION: To manage a dairy Iarm. COLLEGE: Rutgers. OTHER PLANS: Be Iazy. DAVID WOODRUI-'F Swimming. reading and fish- ing are among David's versa- tile hobbies. ACTIVITIES: French Club 4: Chess Club 4. AMBITION: To be a teacher. COLLEGE: University oi Illi- nois. ffd ' I r ffl." I. F 1. . EDWARD A. WRIGHT, II "Binky's" main interest is toot- ball. ACTIVITIES: Football I. 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, Homeroom OI- iicer l, 2, 3: Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To be a State Trooper. COLLEGE: U. S. C. OTHER PLANS: To join the Coast Guard. CARL YOPP Carl is looking forward to a profitable future. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To get out of high school. OTHER PLANS: To make money. CHARLES YOPP "Squint's" favorite past-time is building. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4. AMBITION: To get rich. COLLEGE: Undecided. OTHER PLANS: To get a good job. ARTHUR I. ZUCKER All "Zuck" wants of Iife is to have a good tiyne. 'J ACTIVITIES: Freshman Bas- ketball! Dramatic Club l, 2: Fishin ,Club I, 47 Intramural Bd tball lr 2. 3, 4: Tennis 4f V ent Vdfrleties 2, 3, 4, Band 2. 3: Orchestra LU2, 3: Spanish Club 4, Vice-Presi defy! Seniorflay Tickets om- mittee: Honor Society , 3, 4. AMBITION: To be a uccess. COLLEGE: Antioch ollege. 50 I g X.. gi , jf? DOROTHY IE 1111! By f lcxte " " st b ssed the boot. e re ull, flfho Indie It I CANTEEN COMMITTEE AGATHA W. DUANE PRECIII wi, K . ,iwgkgigr 4: 1455 l QL P15 X f NL N CARGO IXJ1 X-4 1- X-i ., a X4 R: DSX FXR X QWXV H TX ik 5X SX 5X FX Tx I 1 THE RECORDING CREW These boys manipulate the recorder when any of the classes wish to make a record- ing. They were especially help- ful when the English classes recorded scenes from Shakes- pearean plays for their broad- casts. CHESS CLUB Engaging in competition with other schools is a source of much enthusiasm for members of the Chess Club. Records are kept of the games played at the weekly meetings. Those who attain the best records engage in the meets. QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY The local chapter of this inter- national society was organized here only this year. Member- ship is open to upper-classmen who hold an average ot 852, and participate actively in at least one journalistic club. 3 NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY To be admitted to the society, a boy must win a varsity letter and maintain an average of eighty per cent. Membership in the club is an athletic and a scholastic achievement. MATH CLUB "Work can be fun" is the motto of these wizards. Helpful short cuts and hard problems are the things "flying around" at every meeting. TX 5X 75 'tn .1 FISHING CLUB A group of students interested in outdoor life have organized this club in order to discuss the adventures they have had while fishing. Its many activities include fly-tying, watching movies, and going on fresh and salt water fishing trips. 57 f-w USHERS There are ten ushers chosen each year from the Honor Society. They are present at all assemblies and other programs presented by the school. They direct those who attend these programs to their seats and assist in many other ways. Friendly and helpful, the girls lend a cheerful atmosphere to the auditorium. HONOR SOCIETY The scholastic Honor Society was launched during the year 1928-1929 for the purpose of promoting good scholarship in the High School. It is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Asbury Park which makes annual presentations to new r'q 92 24 40 gf 41 gl O Ss O 'e so 5 3 0 O O O 9 in gl 'S Qc Nd XR' members. Six points are required to gain mem- bership. A student secures one point a semester for making the honor roll and two points for making the high honor roll. I I I gl If If Il I if il' 'I gl 1,1 1 I SENIOR DUES COLLECTORS The Senior Dues Collectors have the most thankless and unglamorous Job in the school that of getting errant seniors to pay their dues or the balance remaining after the deposit on the DRIFTWOOD has been paid In each homeroom there is one collector responsible for the dues ' OFFICE STAFF Notices, absentee sheets, telephone calls- all under the able hands of the school's couriers, the office staff. These girls are carefully selected, with an emphasis on scholarship and character. They carry out their work carefully and efficiently. ITALIAN CLUB The purpose of this club is to create an interest in the Italian language and culture. The members, accepted after attain- ing an average of 802 or more, strive to earn money in various activities for their annual trip to New York. They also have a banquet at the end of the school year, at which all food served is prepared from Italian recipes. FRENCH CLUB The purpose of Le Circle Francais is to stimulate interest in French conversation, civiliza- tion, and culture by varied social and recreational activi- ties. The agenda of the club is highlighted by an annual ban- quet for its members. This year the group totals forty students, altho membership is confined to Iuniors and Seniors. Scholastic standards are encouraged by an annual prize, the French Award, presented by the club, to the pupil obtaining the high- est three-year average. SPANISH CLUB The purpose of El Cires is to acquaint its members with the songs, customs, and languages of the Latin American countries. An average ot 902 is required to gain membership and scho- lastic standards are encour- aged by the annual presenta- tion of an award to the student with the highest average in three years ot Spanish. 4 J I a Y n 1 r . ,F i X.. NN SERVICE CLUB A group of live-wire students set out to improve Asbury Park's school spirit and started this club. First named the pep committee, it became much more than that. Bonfires, pep rallies, skits at the Thanksgiving game, dances, beautification of our halls: all these things prove what a great service this club is to our school. H 1 . IUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE This chapter of the I. C. L., whose purpose is the preserva- tion and spreading of our classi- cal heritage, is outstanding in club activities. The celebration of Latin Week every spring is an honored tradition. It is cli- maxed by the Latin Banquet, a reproduction of Roman dinners, slaves and all. Some of the rewards bestowed upon high honor Latin students are keys, awarded to two Sophomores, and the Edwin Post Cup, a Senior's aim. GERMAN CLUB The purpose of the newly- organized German Club is to develop the cultural interest and speaking ability of its mem- bers. Films ol Germany and ot German culture are shown at the meetings. STAGE CREW Assisting in theatrical productions, the Stage Crew is a vital part ot the smooth running performances given at the high school. The members of the stage crew are Mac Davison, Don Pullen, Ben Harvey, Iohn Fitz- Randolph, Kip Iones, and Dick Kerwin. BROADCAST Each year Mr. Hutt selects two competent seniors who alternately announce and direct a weekly radio broadcast over station WCAP. These announcers interview celebrities in the school and bring talented performers before the microphone. The Glee Clubs and Orchestra are popular guests and appear several times throughout the year on the program. This year's co-announcers are Marion Huggins and Gilda Eidelsberg. Tx 62 3 if mtv' ' fir Q-. if: h' ' lv 'f-If Q 3 ' u i QM- X J I -ew! Q J ' Q' N ' I 1 . ' 4 tv? xg' vi? V IUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Newly organized, the Iunior Red Cross Council works with the Monmouth County Chapter of the Red Cross to advance projects decided upon at local chapter meetings. MEDICAL STAFF The Medical staff is made up of twenty-two girls who are interested in the nursing profession. Their duties are to receive students reporting to the Medical Room and to assist Miss Anna Hahn, School Nurse, in her various duties. i PRESS CLUB The Press Club is composed of Iuniors and Seniors who hope to be the journalists of tomor- row. School news is submitted at weekly meetings for publica- tion in the school page of the Asbury Park Press, which ap pears on Monday. Mr. Francis X. Cleary, School Page Editor of the Press, lectures to the group each week on the funda- -S mentals of reporting. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Armed with tape measure, the members oi the Cap and Gown Committee make sure that every Senior will look his best at the graduation cere- monies. Q ART CLASS The art classes have delved into theline points of water color, dry brush, textile design, story illustration, pen and ink draw- ing. As the Prom draws near, they hurry to complete the dec- orations which will enhance the floor of the gym on that night. V' NN! 'J' ig s l...., mst N X 69:35 XX GIRL'S GLEE CLUB After long hours of practicing, these girls take to the stage for the Christmas or Spring Music Festival. They sing at various assembly programs as well as at our graduation. X, ...X .NN +909 if YA 66 BOYS' GLEE CLUB Twenty-three deep voices blend in harmony when the Boys' Glee Club takes to the stage of the Asbury High Auditorium. With eyes focused intently on the waving baton of their director, Mr. Frank Bryan, the boys never fail to give a wonderful performance. The club, which is open to any boy interested in singing, presents several assembly programs and radio broadcasts throughout the school year. Each spring the group joins forces with the entire music department to hold a Music Festival presented for the public. MODERN DANCE GROUP The ultimate in grace and form are displayed by the Modern Dance Group. Their activities combine the basics of dancing, calisthenics, and posing. STOCK ROOM During the homeroom period, the boys of the stock room crew give out pads, pencils, and oth- er supplies. This is all done un- der the watchful eye of Mr. Bal- lou, assistant principal. ENGLISH BOOK ROOM The boys of the English book room, under the direction of Mrs. VanCampen, work about two hours a day carrying the books to and from the class rooms. They are especially busy at the beginning of the year and at exam time when they collect all the books and put them in the book room. -li FX TX SX TX ol' LIBRARY STAFF The staff assists Miss Ruth Schnell, the librarian, in her ad- ministrative duties. Their tasks include labeling, shelving, and mending books, writing over- due slips, and assisting at the charging desks. x X """"! as W 4 V MEGAPHONE The "Meg" is published every Tuesday dur- ing the school year by a hard-working staff of student journalists. Combined in the gazette are news items, feature stories, gossip, and sports events. The motto of the Megaphone is "A Nugget of News for a Nicke1," and the staff has never failed to keep its word. XX Zl- 5 6 FRESHMAN PICTURE COMMITTEE This committee, in charge of the scheduling and distributing pictures, was headed by Irma Hyams. The pictures were tak- en for the office file, which has a complete record of every stu- dent. Upperclassmen served on the Committee and did their bit to help things run smoothly. SEVVING CLASS Clothes to suit each season are designed and created by the girls of the Sewing Depart- ment. Skirts, blouses, and jump- ers are made in the first term for winter wear, while cotton dresses, playsuits, and shorts are stitched for warmer weath- er. fr' We .3 ffl' COOKING CLASS Training girls to plan and cook well balanced meals is the prime purpose of the kitchen division in the Home Econom- ics Department. Besides prepar- ing wholesome platters, the girls enjoy making such goodies as cakes, pies, and pastries. With a raft of recipes at hand, these lasses will be the happy home- makers of tomorrow. . J , I fu S ynggypwk, V l g f 13 -Q----fi Q lg at g "' 'ii iff? I theidt fw I-Z' SOUND CREW The Senior Play, Student Var- ieties, assembly programs, and all shows presented behind the footlights of A. P. H. S. are de- pendent upon this crew's work. They are especially noted for their effective use of lighting during the twirlers' perform- ances at the basketball games. SENIOR SOCIAL COMMITTEE A representative group of Seniors, composed ot twenty members, who are chosen by the class officers. Their job is to plan the theme and make all arrangements for the Senior Prom. SPOTLIGHT CLUB The Spotlight Club is one of the largest and most active or- ganizations in school. Member- ship is open to Iuniors and Sen- iors interested in acting, stag- ing and make-up. Their an- nual assembly program this year, a pantomime entitled "Trouble in the Cellar," was a great success. Numerous skits are given at meetings throughout the year and all of the members have a chance to participate. LLL. U, J pg Itfiiii lf,-I Hfifli -:ze-' .sfmau fi?-:Mr tw ami, ,. BAND X A as Membership in the band not only requires musical 'X V ability, but skill in marching and executing letter form- X Q' if ations. The band plays at all football and basketball f ,'-' diy games, as well as performing at civic functions and f local parades. The group is directed by Mr. Frank Bryan. W , y K , Q ti y mi l if ORCHESTRA The orchestra offers an excellent opportunity for young music pupils to perform in public. Individual students are often featured in solos to exhibit their talent. The orchestra plays at assembly programs and radio broadcasts and is under the direction of Mr. Frank Bryan. 73 lib! N r N SENIOR PLAY Rehearsing after school and late into the night with the noise of the stage crew cmd the sound crew disrupting the quiet of the auditorium, the cast of this year's senior class production, "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay," proved their mettle and put forth two superb performances. Under the able direction ot Miss Elsa Buch, the cast, led by Marshall Norwalk, Gloria Lomas- son, and Barbara Sloshberg, worked hard for perfection, and enjoyed every bit of it. av' , lik, 4 Q-V, .JZ "' .,.4. V 1 I ,, tim, 4 'Si 4? git, 3 2 4 .sf iff? il- l f 3 IX ,J F I ',3U X I , Q ' 1 1 X s 1 v 10,13 wffixg "Q 513 ,fu 'nf :QW I ' 4 4:31 r ,f 'UW xv' V, s f 1 2' 1 V .-4 4 . 1 . u K sl .5 .Q I.. N J I 'CR -1 v-1 D 'KY -I--Y uI""'f- ,, 'N' ,. - Q 1-5 ,1 0 ' ,ff 9 'Y i. 1 , It FAME AND GLIIRY SXSXDFXTX 'SX RSX 3'X5X..j I X"uv-" 9 3 A BATTLE W ALL E FOOTBALL A sturdy, hard-charging line and a speedy, experienced backfield bring Asbury its best football record since 1946. Iim Klein and Carl Sammarco, co-captain guards, crash through time and again to break up enemy plays. Iim D'Esposito and Dave Cienski in the tackle positions, Mike Corbo and Bob Pearsall or Nick Knitel at ends, and Dick Gardell and Paul Keller alternating at center posts corn- plete this impenetrable forward wall. ln the backfield we find chunky Ben Mal- iken calling signals. Big Norm Bleemer, 195 pound sophomore fullback, plunges through the line for consistent gains. Bill Robbins, triple threat halfback, is in charge of the passing and punting department. Defensive back Mike Ballerino blocks out for him. Coach Bruno yells orders from the sidelines -inspiring his players-spurring them on- ward. , X , am y.. rand JOY 1. 5. , 4 ne.-nusnh xl ff' -'noi' .-in f i,z 'if ku .f"" , wif tt 'S f: ff' ff 1949 RECORD A.P. Opp. 13 ..... South Side ......... 7 0 ..... New Brunswick ..... 6 7 ..... Irvington ........... 12 1 ' 14 ..... South River ..... . . . 0 1 13 ..... Camden ..... . . . 6 ' 12 ..... Red Bank .......... 7 1 13311 I e ..... Penh Amboy ....... zo A13 A 1 ,Y - 1 27 ..... Long Branch .... . . . 7 15" "' n Ji .N 20 ..... Demczrest .......... OJ I". ' 1- n, n1 1 1 1 ' ,in ' -"A", 491. '- ""'f"j , . , J 1 1 " ' ,," 1 j!065fR7'iv:3'?ILf TL Vw, 1:4115 Q ,ff f V , 1 , . 5 Q Eff: , dv. 'iii'-' M W, ,,n iv ff. 1 H 1 f g, L, a 1 M, , . . -4 .,1wA, . W dv' ff , ,..n , Qi. f .1 4' 4 35595 5-" A f, , A39 w ir 1. V, 9 ofj A ,.x W, V ,. -Y 1 "' N 1, 'I 1 , 9 J..,,,5, ximm. .4 4-w. nm. .ew-v .1 f. It , at , Egan, . -yi V rw' M 1 ,, .al ,ll .Sy 1 3, ,QS 4 - .WL ll - TWU BELL BASKETBALL Asbury's finest court aggregation since l943 fin- ished the season with a 14 and 5 record, and advanced to the Central lersey finals before they were eliminated. Tom Stern setting up the plays, Charlie Skinner and lirn Williams snagging the rebounds, Red Pollack's scoring under the boards, Ed Torres' deadly set shot, and Tony Nevo1a's superb floor play, provided Coach Coleman with an outstanding combination. The season was highlighted by inspiring victories over Perth Amboy and Trenton, an 83 point splurge against Snyder, and a 58-55 pasting of Neptune. SEASON RECORD A.P. Opp. 55 Long Branch ,,......... . . . 22 63 Manasquan .... .,.. 5 3 58 Red Bank ......... ,... 3 7 56 New Brunswick .,., .... 3 3 50 Perth Amboy . ,. .. .. 57 39 Trenton .,..... .... 5 9 54 Emerson ,,.., .... 7 7 46 Thomas Iefferson . . . G8 52 Union Hill ..... .... 5 3 39 St. Rose ,.,..,.,.., .... 3 5 45 New Brunswick .,., .... 3 3 57 Long Branch ..,. . . . 34 48 Perth Amboy .... , , , 42 G7 Trenton ..,.. . . 52 47 St. Rose . . ..,, 43 52 Irvington .. . . . . 39 58 Long Branch ... .,,. 43 83 Snyder ...... . . 56 58 Neptune , . . 55 82 rf' ffh 5 .L 44 4. H M, ef' '1 fi 31 f 55? ' 4 f za. H22 U13 fa J . , ,f, inf Y M F x2',5:f '4 7 'Q , WY 2. HPI f Qui 1 1? rf 5 1sa....w,... , 'Y V i 5 . O ull I UCEAN 0F Ullllllll - 1 l 'Z' CHEERLEADERS Fight team, fight! Fight team, fight! . . . with such loyal support how could the Bishops fail to win? The cheerleaders, a pretty package of school spirit, often supply the extra punch for that necessary touchdown or basket. They are, one and all, Asbury's most staunch sup- porters-so let's send up a cheer for the cheerleaders. SX 'SX TX 7'-'sau .I X74 BATO WAVE , tt. TX TX y 95" TWIRLERS Here is a talented group which spends much time during football season working out intricate routines. It is during the basket- ball season, however, that the girls really shine. Then the spotlight may catch the gleam of a baton in a graceful turn or some skillful twirler in a special performance. These hardworking girls add much color to the excitement of a school game. s.?g -I x EX DX SX TX YX 7X I'l'S SP l l TRACK Several veterans returned to this year's cinder squad, giving it depth in practically every position. Captain George Stillman widens the gap as he leads the pack through the mile run. Mike Costaris ably handles the dashes and hurdles, while Fred Vetter and Bill Brown score consistently in the middle-distance events. Over in the weight department, Frankel, Col- beth, and Morris excel in the shot put, while jayson, Blenden, and Davison afford stiff oppo- sition in the discus. Leading the vast number of javelin throwers are Ioe Brown, Dick Martin, and Ed Iayson. Coming over to the field events, we see Skip Harrington and Rich Duval clear- ing the pole vault bar. Ken Holland springs ahead to take the broad jump, while Iim Williams leaps high in the high jump. Hats off to Coach Villiapiano for a really swell job. 86 0llCK! x . 4 x-A it U 'ailing " -' BNN BASEBALL Several veterans, including star hurlers Dick Gardell and Ben Harvey, returned to this year's baseball team, making it one of the strongest in recent years. With such standouts as Knitel, Pollack, and Ienkins in the outfield, and Stern Harvey, Haines, and Pollitt in the infield, the club is expected to more than better last year's 7-9 record. The Bishops play a iull 16 game schedule, which includes such schools as Bordentown, Military Academy, Nutley, Perch Amboy, Trenton, Irvington, Snyder, and New Brunswick. X! , ? , 4 5, 1 'N 1555. rw' Wag? Nl! 5TOP 3 Cc ,. l CROSS COUNTRY Two and a half m11es over h1ll and dale travel the cross country squad Captam George St1llman IS out front followed closely by Iohn Schafer and George Yeck Fred Vet ter and Bob Cadlgan f1n1sh 1n 10th and 18th places respectmvely to earn the Blshops a t1e for the State Conference Champlonshxp Every runner IS rn excellent phys1cal con d1t1on Each hamer thtnks of only one thmg to pass the fellow 1n front of htm Courage determmatxon and starmna are all necessary 1ngred1ents for a boy to make the grade l . 'fuunf TENNIS Only two lettermen from last season's un- defeated squad returned to this year's team. However, with Ed Torres and Iohn Mudd to build around, Coach Holmes should anticipate another successful season. The team will be gunning for the Central Iersey Tennis League Title once again. Teams included in this year's schedule were Trenton, Perth Amboy, New Brunswick, Princeton, Red Bank, and Long Branch. UVER THE IDE rx Sxrxixjxjx IIIHIW THE MP GIRLS' SPORTS Swish . . . another basket for Asbury. The girls basketball teams are the best around. They also have hockey, tennis, baseball, volleyball, archery, soccer, modern dancing, tumbling and many others. Asbury Park High School sponsors more girls sports than any other Shore School. They have a point system whereby a girl may earn her first stripe, 500 points second stripe, 800 points third stripe and 1000 points a letter and 2000 a key. The first teams play other schools and in that way make new friends. Among the schools they play are Rumson, Bed Bank, Neptune, and Long Branch. The girls feel that they gain a great deal from their partici- pation in these activities. iff .,,.....,,.. ..,.,,...-- . ....- W ,,,.......f,,-tl,-5 . .I , ,f , I' fy' ,Z I... 45 IN THEIR SIl0T STRAIGHT AS A LITE FUR A GUAL 5 l N, 'X N xx s ,Q 5 S I Rx 5 : N 1 N I N 'x 1 K N ' N! xi ll 5 Nu 1' ' l x 0.1 l 94 ' .- , Ex., .4 THE BLUE A's "A sport for every girl and a girl for every sport." This slogan demonstrates how much the Blue A's have always strived to provide a well rounded athletic program for sports minded girls. There are the major sports hockey, basketball, and baseball where teams are selected to engage in intra-school and intra-class contests. Then there are the minor activities such as soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Letters and awards won under the established point system are presented in assembly at the end of the school year. Besides developing healthy, vigorous bodies, these athletic activities instill a sense of sportsmanship and fair play valuable long after school days are over. 95 Q Q, Aff' Q!!! 95 fab- ,, ,gfhtg -usa 481.51 , Q 565 'fx' xKl LUNG JUIHVFY I Our h1gh school days are now a treasured memory Before we sa11 away from these waters to new honzons let us enter thxs last note ln our log Down beslde the sparklmq waters Of the ocean blue Stands our noble Alma Mater Glonous to vxew Lift the chorus. speed xt onward, Let her prcnses nng! Hall to thee, our Alma Mater, 'Tls to thee we slnq .... 96 O nl I Y l l I 5 f:I:5-' .-:f:I -:-:f:f: -." 3:35 -." f:f. 555: . 5f 'f :f:f:':'I'I-..f f:f:..S5: .'.. :.::... .-,... Lf 5 I I THE il' it' t'0lER gg-um'iupuuwmmsmnaiwunuinanauxmszwt-a.4 f" A Q iliii-iELi'illili.Bll1: el' ' :fx ' ' ' " " 11 'Milk ibpv g 1 111 1 vll ll zfflwi 'guy Us ,z xx lu ,J 11 MOH JIM!! -- ' s' 1 vm :,r f 1w- .. -'Vsf-,f.:wf -w'f'f f w uw-f w,,' .2f'f 'YW 'QS :1'f5'.I25.sf1M'i rv P 'ldilmx Vx 4 - .- .H A .- '-14' w v Q M:-n w, Ny, ,rv 4 -, 1,. .

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