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uC"4 4.4. fff' 6? fbfc rv C, ff' bib U v 4,-L' MN fl xf'-r '16 1f'1"f Kea,-f'l1 Ifz. KH' 'f ! I 123 pf' FEV ETERITI-X 1-XBV IN r GI SCH' L i i f wma ix STAFF T ThTyI d RbyF d FdLTTl A I' 1 , Norma Ligon AssisTon Editor ............... Kc: y o or Arr E ifor .................... u orresf Business Manager .......... Connie Sprodley Soles Mcinoger ............... Lindo Cooper Advertising Mcinoger ........... Cod ie Froir Advisor ..........,........ Quentin Oleson Advisor ...................... or u re Ff REWORD Z' 2 exif " .1-f""5? fggx ge 5' Q This year, the Arvin Bear has been on the prowl. Members of the PRAETERITA staff have worked hard to record his many activities for your pleasure-now, and the future when your school years are only a "memory of things past." Your enjoyment is the measure of our success. s xr' n ,w I fag- Editor, Norma Ligon PF AETEE IT A YTAFF Sales Manager ,... , .. Linda Cooper Advertising Manager . Caddie Frair Assistant Editor .. .. Kathy Taylor Art Editor .,.. Ruby Forrest Business Manager, Connie Spradley DEDICI-Yflf N . . . In years passed we have dedicated our yearbook to teachers and other personnel of our hugh school who through their Interest and efforts have helped us ln our growth and development We realize that others too have played an Important role for example our home our church and our elementary school In recogmtron of thus we dedncate the 1959 Praeterlta to the elemen tary schools for the work they have done In preparing us for hugh school 'nk ,V Arvm Elementary Haven Drlve School 1954 graduates numbered 123 "?'2' 1958 graduates numbered 132 x Merldlan Elementary School 1954 graduates numbered 21 , 1958 graduates numbered 25 I I 5 I I I Y W ,.-. f .vw W - A 9' V we .I sv' -4' , . , . M .. . . .Alf 1 f . . ' xg' f . f I 4. I' ' 1 4 . , kv , . . s ,fizinf , . ' ' : "zz: ..,, 3, - ' N. . ul , . - DlGorgno School 1954 graduates numbered 26 1958 graduates numbered 21 Mounfaun Vrew School 1954 graduates numbered 148 1958 graduates numbered 145 Sunset School 1954 graduates numbered 92 1958 graduates numbered 92 A M Q ... AQ 3 ,, it A i, , 'f Rv' ff f-ff if ,.'k,,. J ,. A 5 1 I ' fm 'TY WT .-: L ' V 1-llff-.. ' i -.-- ,, if' 'W M """ in 12 ff-42' gmt DISTRICT SUPEF INTENDENT Mr. McCuen first ioined the District in 1929 and served as a teacher at Bakersfield High School, and then was advanced to the newly created position of District Business Manager, a position he held for the next nine years. ln 1945 he was advanced to the Superintendency ofthe Kern County High School and Junior College District, and has served in that capacity since that time. District Superintendent of Schools MR. T. L. MCCUEN 6 AAD 'F l'rKJS EES Sitting left to right Mr C W ONelll Mr H E Woodworth Mr Glenn M Bultman lin insertl is replacing Mr William T Baldwin who recently retired I' r' I ' I ' X Q Standing, left to rjght: Mr. William T. Baldwin, Mr, Albert S. Gould, Donald E. Ruggenberg. 8 N, 9 Pnnclpal MR CLYDE DAWALD Pr INSIPAJS F' ESSAQE The students of Arvnn Hugh School are approaching adult llfe at a tlme when events of world wnde sngnufl cance have heralded the begnnnnng of the Space Age These developments have opened vnstas of opportun :ty that stagger the lmagnnatnon and they may well be the most lnfluencung factor In human relatnonshnps slnce the dawn of hlstory Man made satellntes now crrcle the earth and one circles the sun Soon lnhablted space statnons may be a reality and trlps to the other planets may also be possible As our nnterests ex pand unto outer space our world grows larger and our horlzons broaden Scnentlsts are now studylng the new possnbnlntles of control of envuronmental factors that determlne our weather and climate Because of nts potentnal importance to each of the dufferent areas of the world the United States and Russua are pres ently contendnng for control of outer space In addutnon there IS talk of clammnng Berung Straut to control the flow of ocean currents nn that area of meltnng the great Ice cap at the North Pole to warm the alr cur rents that flow south from that ponnt and of slmllar actnvntnes that a few years ago would have seemed lmpossnble It rs enlrghtenung to contemplate the effect of these new prolects but at ns alarmung to conslder the dangers they present and the responsubulutues that are ours to see that these great strndes un sclence are usedfor the prornotnon of peace between the natnons and for the welfare of all rnanknnd rather than for the destruction of our present cnvnllzatuon If our efforts nn thus respect are successful we can hope to reap the benefits of our screntufrc program and at the same trme prove to the world that we can enjoy the ad vantages of a democracy and stlll achneve as much as a natnon reglmented and controlled by a commun ISTIC society Mr Clyde Dawald 9 Prlnclpal f UNSEL' RS IO x 1 1 MRS. KITTELL Dean of Girls .-.Q-ff.. - I- ' f ", 1-s- -.- f- .'.,.l' T, V , L.,. U p ? 1 MRS. MAGRUDER Girl's Counselor MR. TAYLOR Deon of Boys MR. HOLDER Boy's Counselor ,f Qf of ,A"""' ' r MR. HAMSTREET Attendence Officer MR. BEE Vice Principal charge of division of counseling and attendance. ll FACU LT Y tb 9 NV JOE AKESSON English JANET AKESSON Biology CARL BEE Vice Principal FORREST BINGHAM Woodshop Each year the faculty sponsors an activity to raise money for two S200 scholar- ships for graduating seniors. This year they presented the play Harvey. IQ FRANK BARLE ELIZABETH BEAT English Boys' P. E. DOREEN BOYLAN Business WILLIAM BLODGETT English VALERIE BOGGS Spanish FRANK BURNS English JOHN CISSNE Mathematics ESTELLA GUNTHER School Nurse WILLARD DALKE English PATRICIA ECKERSLY Home Economics SILAS HIGGINS Arts and Crafts FREIDA HAMILTON Girls' P. E. MERLYN FREDMAN Mathematics JACK HILL Agriculture ROGER HAMSTREET Attendance'Supervisor HERBERT HOLDER JOHN HAYNER Metal Shop BERNEICE JENSON Senior Problems Fi-XCU LT Y ID P XV FAO LTY ,X 9 CLEO KITTELL Dean of Girls DESMOND KINCAID Instrumental Music ARCHIE KNIGHT Agriculture JOSEPH KLINGER Mathematics JEAN NE MOORE Vocal Music PATRICIA MOELLER Girls' P. E. Q 's R ALVIN KOSLOFSKY Business FORD LUTTRELL Photography I4 GENEVIEVE MAGRUDER , Counseling DAVID MARTINEZ English MARVIN MOSCONI Boys' P. E. OLIVER PARIS Science GEORGE MCELHOE Science KATH RYN NEVILLE Libra ricn CARL PRICKETI' Business IVAN PFEFFER Boys' P. E. QUENTIN OLESON Business FRED REDDIN Auto Mechanics OLAN POLITE Current Problems LEWIS PRESTAGE Agriculture HESTER REINA English RICHARD REGEDAL Testing Director Fi-KCI LTY Lb' 9 I5 I-'ACU LT Y kb 9 NV SANDRA SEELEY Biology DAN ROBINSON Mechanical Drawing ROBERT SEVIER Boys' P. E. MARVIN SAWYER Social Studies CAROL SIELAFF American History JACK SCHULZE Social Studies DOROTHY VINES Home Economics MARNETTE SOHN Home Economics LESLIE TAYLOR Dean of Boys ELISE WAINSCOTT Senior Problems AU DRESS WATTS Electronics ANNE WEISUL MACKLIN WILSON CARL WINKLER ROBERT ESTU Business Education Social Studies English Boys' P. E. . .K ss , l L E ,. is K- -'f, , " 'il ' ' QQ! 5 K 'i I-N R "' 1 I - 1 ' -+ ' iiniiiii B5-es - f X 4 ' f - - 1 , , "'i -.,g lg A,,rg V K 1, , , P ,ft V' :Whit '. ,. . 'JI-5 ' K -QQ t , . t W S !l iii xg' 4 Om 'Us 4 ' Mrs. Pfeffer, substitute teacher Mrs. Sayer, substitute teacher A s Mr. Dalke, the thinker Miss Sielaff looks confused! Dan Robinson Mr. Paris enioys mineral hunting -bag I7 Miss Weisul, business education department head, looks amused. M'5S 50995 Cl fUCUllY Pam'- I 14 MRS. ALLEN MRS. ARMACOST ment Secrefo ry Attendance Secretary TNI' I l"' I' I' MRS. HENDERSON Attendance Secretary SCC!!! l'Aril:-.9 ' MRS. srow A inistrotion Secretary MARTHA LOZANO Secretory hr' MRS. HILL Assisfcmf Libro rion MRS. MULLER Swnfchbocx rd Opercfor MRS. WASHBURN Counselors Secretory I 1' , . , -4 dm l , ,..,f,..L CHO0L will Q Q 9 ' uhm F' 4. ufne' rs. T 4 . Mjpv ,f W , Mrs, gown .- +4 0-- ,.- . . , f 6 :gf a. :iff-Q-4 1... ' l1Aa',, " , .gf 3-UW .is..,,.i,..n FP n F gr , Q1 S ,Q 45 ' Nl 3? .gp ,V 5 ji Q10 i 'I . , , i ', . 'af 4 Q 'M nlompso: A V ,.,.,...... , M 'W Q Y if Cannon Q av " l ilu. 1 Y r Y' 1 F VI, W' fs. 4'10,rf J Q-it--A ..4,.... U' ,lv Mrs. Adam, ' -l"""'p......v-...Qu. 1 ,shaman 41111 .aw fn - p 4 id L , I r 5 -ri A5 This year's President of the Parent-Teacher As- sociation was Mrs. Ayers. Some of the proiects of the P.T.A. were the sponsoring of the Senior Class Final Fling and helping during Open House, Through its participation in such proiects the P.T.A. acts as an intermediary between the home school, and community President Ayers Vice President Mrs Neff Mrs McElhoe Mr Bee was presented with o life mem bership in the Arvin High School PTA 5. Standing let fo righ ac Concs Royal Lndo Srnothermon Mr Leslie Taylo Sitting Reverend Arthur Borners Lindo Griffin Lynn Reade and M s M xin l-l lde who par pa ed in a panel discussion or teenagers and their problems , . , , . l af . , A f 'f 'Q . - . mr, " ' v-,.'. -, V - T J , A - , ', Q ' L - e. x . A PXNH, 'f al . ' , - . ,dl I 5 - Y 4 - . . . , f a e . o r rlci 7 ' ' . ' , xx Xxx 4 x Xxx -X N 'x H. M .7'jv' I PSM' " ' ' , X if? 1? k 1,77 'Xgf N . A. 591 --T ,t.4i, X XXXXE ,tn 4, wx XXX xxx . Nr XX X ,7'f fy XX 4 X X X X 'ffm W .as tif President, Lynn Reade Advisor, Mr. Robinson fel' I' be-.NIC X Cf UNCIL Treasurer, Connie Sprcdley WC Vice President, Peggy Duncan Secremry Social Chairman, Cricket Forrest . 43, Advisor, Mrs. Magruder Senior Council Representatives are left to right: E. Moran, T. Bellar, T. Horton, B. Shaw. Sitting left to right. R. Stiles, M. Hosey, F. Petty, L. Parker, N. Ligon. ,L w .1 , -S fn K, Q"-4' '5' :L lwu """'vr DOROTHY BLANKENSHIP MARCIA BOMERS KATHY BRADLEY MARLENE BRADLEY Axfxfx fl' 'D P SHARON BRAMLETT RICHARD BROOKS ALVA BROWN is-v 'x 'J JANICE BROWN LYNDA BRYANT MARY BURCHARD LEE BUSH ALFRED CHAMBERS -ex. X af "ii 2 it t rv ww- ' x ' . fm Q' 5 S ig 4 .gk-0,5 Q, , 4 i me , 5 'f iffy f ff u -if e I ik? 7 -an . -Q: U ji-Q 4 K. - ,,.a'..N. xx .,3' V , 7 5' if v I ' 'xii 'Am "1 rw' .W ,j. N I f . 1 QR 6 MV .14 og- ,--:sux '? J. ,.a., . x vs- ? J f 2 AV X if ' 1 Y . uv- 4 i 2 :- fs if I 'J eg!-ixgwnws 59' , :, Ig 15 -K ' -i.: Z 2 if .. , qi e W N I X -11...-.Q L 'Half '43 arf' L BUDDY STORTS JERRY SULLIVAN CAROLE SUMMIT CHARLES SUTTON 'wr f " '59 xv-J' QQ MARJORIE THOMPSON I LINDA TINNEY BONNIE TISON YVONNE TITSWORTH JOHNNY WAYNE TOLER JOHN TOY BOB TUCKER ARNOLD TULL JACK WILLIAMS JIM WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS PATRICIA WORLEY A Sxoqlr DAROLD YOUNG SOCIAL SENIORS JOHNNIE BLACKWOOD RONNIE GARREN FLOYD MEINKE JOE TAYLOR SENIORS NOT PICTURED: JERRY ADAMS KENNETH CARLILE TONY CORONA JAMES DAVIS ROBERT De Lu ROSA RUBY DUKE KENNETH GIBSON- LARRY GRAHAM JULIA GUEVARRA ELMER KLASE JOHNNY MARTINEZ WILLIAM MILLS FREDDIE ORSBURN TERRY WALTER 49,5 p I L, IM If fkt I, J ,J sayuoa f UT 5: Ama U W, A by U " KX: - 4 'f umh W 1 Q K fvv- ,- ' N CD46 AX I' ,cflvfu x U in lk? fl I. K N 1 . V x . 1 L4 vm ,J Y ' 'AA FAA f I I1 , 4 L 'V , ,Wg nwq , VL. 941' ' 1 I vw LS ' 4, 51 ,R f ml" ' if F L2 .L 1 -'L J in fi. 5,1 Ml J , ff ' . .V-1 F' wJ .1 'A N 4J , - 1 .1 N -' Q 'L "' . V , J ., fp Aux , Y 4 ,. ' 7 QQ H ,I L N Av f-:L ff, ..r' ,VK , ,J R ,K ,- ,,,,. fx- .- 5, ' 2 'rl .P 1 ,i f -Q f L ' N, 'l J .Q 3' "' ,, 4 'Q , -4- Q- W4 AVVAF D WINNEF S . . . BANK OF AMERICA AWARDS Jean Horton Drone Smuth Morulyn Hull Dcrlme Meek Ruby Forrest Jock Wulluoms ATHLETIC AWARDS Athleies wolf expecfcmtly of awards banquet DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION AWARD Jecn Horton wmner of the owurd cmd Morllyn Moody Dorlme Meek runner ups XXX ' 1958-59 Student Body Presidenf, Buddy Storrs ""Hv'r 1 -eff' 'N-f fi.-.49 Student Councll Officers left to rrglftt Louxse McCoy Marge Thompson Drane Srnrtlw Buddy Storts Jrrn AdV'5o' Mr ee Leonard Front row left to ruglwt Reina Stiles Lavon Parker Advrsor Mr Bee Olga Lozano Darlene Meek l'lD1ENl"fUNf'- lf' 1 Back Row left to rrglwt Jean Horton Gwen Nes Srnuth Butch Hope Steve Arvuzu Peggy Duncan Ken Gubson John Statler Larry Hallum Larry Austrn Mlddle row left to nglwt Emmalean Eads Lynda Bryant Lynn Reade Lounse McCoy Marge Thompson Duane Srnlth Buddy Starts Jrrn Leonard Gene Lundqunst Front row left to nglwt Laveda Shrelds Barbara Holder Joe Ga Cla Retlta Strles Lavon Parker Mr Bee Olga Lozano Darlene Meek Pedro Reyes O s L. 3 an A 6 rf fr 2 Ki.. . -f'z",.,, ' Z, A 6 ul , ---- 65 X 'L -r ' "' RWE' . L "N - I. 5 F K D- n A I I D U n D M I D M I . l . ' I I . l ' I I B 'gi i I I Na No S S S . . . A 9 , A l . TJ! fr J, " V 4' Z ' ' - fr --A L8 4 V. lf 1- - P. s L 1 L' '- mi'-1NIf Fl HL!-XY 44 Davld Wheeler Grandma Carter Sylpha Nesbut Joan Carter Herbert Carter John Smnth Hazel Trloly Bull Harrlson The Electrician Cast from left to right B Gannon J Spmks M Hull Z Anderson M Hosey V Pollard B Ogden D Wheeler Z Ande son M Hosey V Pollard Barbara Ogden Judy Spunks Margaret Hosey Davud Wheeler Zane Anderson Marilyn Hull Vnc Pollard Bnll Gannon Judy Sp nks ai-IF IS fllib BALL . . . 4"1p"' ee' Lu The snow man ns the center of attraction at The Chrnstmas Ball ..., 34334 vp' The snow rnan exlends an unvntatnon le ll to a I As Snow Queen Ruth Allmon and her escort lead the Christmas Ball along wuth Lynn Reade and date Linda Graffnn Q, Left Lmda Watson O Dell Shernll Doug Pusher and Peggy Duncan Ilstemng to the muslc at the Christmas Ball Lf A, 9 Hey Barb, who s he wunkung at? JUNIV 'K -..ASS Vice President, Carlos Royal President, Gene Lundquisf Secretary, Karen Krauter Treasurer PM Wyrick Advisor Mr Bmgham The 1960 class has always been an especlally achve class One reason IS because They have always had good officers and represenfahves who are wnllung 'ro work hard This year The Jumor Play and Junior Prom were very successful The Jumor Prom Advrsor Mrs Akesson 46 Srgndmg Advisor Mr Bmgham Steve Arvnzu Snmng left to nght Karen Kraufer Sharon Statler Gene Lundqulsr Carlos Royal Pa? Wvruck . . 5 I I X 1 s R l . ,A 1 R 1 ,e - A I Q an l in 'Fr " A Q ... A . - F fs .. ,r 1- .zz H J. J V3 a , . - A ' ' ,ll - - 1- D Graham L. Graham 5 f on F 'Jw ff -5- 4 l A r W. Gosclw . G. Gould ' ' B. Graham r yn n' V 3 if ' -:r if Q' :fig I . P Holbrrd , A., 24.5 K nf- f D. Holman ' " 5 -" ' ' N. Holt L, Hooser B, Hope ' J. Glpson e. Glen P' HOW vs gs , Q L ' 1 -J Uv- J, Gonzales K B. Goodwrn rv ,, , .f A 37 Y' - 1: E Hernandez I I 'K C. Hru A C. Hill M. Hobbs J Gannon E Y F Garrerv ' Hogan f , F. Garrison C Gllsson J, Gllclwsr Y H ' F Vgieef ' " D. Harp L, Harris B, Haworth T- Fold L. Henderson D Forres' D Forrest R, Francis V R. Franklln ,Q K Gaasclw S Handel G. Hansen L F'llfV'0Ve J. Horolslon A. Flelcher N Flowers 5 P Flowers li ' G. Forbes ft D. Ford , J, Ford - ix' f e J F Guevera E owne 5. HGH M, Duke I ' ,v.A T, Dunn ' E. Eads M. Elder S. Elmore X E. Etcruson D. Farr E. Grizo! sv ' 1 ,R J ' 1 , , L as ' . A I f I I 48 'ff J. Kelle L Kelouz J Kemb D Krllra G Kmdl W. Klng D' Gleen S. Kornd Y n 9 x T. House M. Howard J. Jeffers B. Johnson L. Jahnson P, Johnson P, Johnson ,a L.. ,Xl l N rl 1 G. Jol'nsron J. Jones T. Jones J. Judd D. Kasrnger H. Koslnger G. Keaton R. Keevon 1 I I' Q . Yi E W7 4.-4' D. Minyard B. Mrskrewrcz B, MwtchcH B MuVcheH J Mitchel! D. Moore J. Moore L. Moore R, Moore K Kraufer 1 A I J A, Moran ., A b .5 J Mumeflyn " V R, Murshy D New! M NeeJey T. Neff M New'an L Nremgw DB fvnbef am er! Q N w B Nuqom B Norms A re ommn M. B Owz R Orhz H Owens a Patrick M LOWE R Leach , M Leon R Pavrrck Q M Povverson ' G. Pavvorx as, J Pavlovrc E Peake! s . K J Ph.IMps My - on W S Pnerson Ig M G. Pm ' ' G Plum f K 1? V, Poision ' -nz' M, Poore .rf " J... 1 " . - Q J E 4-to 44, ' lf- 'J - X 4. in "' .J J 1 A '9 5 J x 'A 1 ' A A L M 'L .1 - . ' ' ' ' i-Jax nf' - D. Leos J LeQuieu W. Ligon T, Lopez , L. Lovev C. Loyd O. Lozano A Luian G. Lundquisf P. Porterfield W. Powell B. Powers C. Prater D. LUNYSH G Luivrell G. Lyday J. Lyfvle V Presley Prsnce Pruevv 'WY P. Madison . Mainus E Ramrrez G Rayburn L U. lf! I x if J. '1 'J sf Mangum R Marmolego Marfrnez W Marvln T Mason L Massey R Mavhews J Reese 'aux X 13 'Q .P Qff u. L 'O T7 Q. ,X S. L. J. W. R G A. J. McEIhoe McCollum McGahey McMahon . McNa1f . McNeill Meadors Mecham 49 C Sulllvan T. Wnlson C. Winter J. Wlnton H. Wren T. Wren P. Wyrick x J 4 ' yi -1 - 1 " 1 B. Stonebarger ' R. Story . Ps . 'zz-J: M X Ii me X . . ws 1 My i xr-.. . ... l gl A X f' in T 5- D. whine l g W I J Q 8- . , W W 1,3 - L. wwe ' n ' . 1578 1 l"'.' -gl M'Wlll'e S. Wtvltson r B, Wllllams Rv 5,,.,U,, B. Wlllloms 1' B Stevens P Wtllvarns ' x D. S'oltz . ,A 1 . X T? ,Y P V 1 - ' Q 5' ' R Wade l 'af ..-m ' . -'L ,At-1 M. Wales D. Walker B. Ward M. Smith 5- Weeks ' A ,, K. Srnnhson B4 Wlme , S. Smovherman n A vb 1 S. Statler TF .F . L. 2. 1 ' L. Turner ' Xu" 1 , Ulrich I. Q 3, 0 L. Underwood '4 4: P' Sylvc B, Vasquez - LA Simpson J. Vnnson - P. Sims A f M, Skinner .G "ia 1 , D. smam W. f r I I , J. Tidwell . if , R , T. Toler , 4 F. Selly, B. Touchstone V W ht ' 4: .. J. shudden M. We -an lid' , A. Sharp P. sharp I M. Sherrill L. Shuelds N. Reeves C. Rhodes H, Richmond J. Riley A, Rotrrlaach R. Rowland C. Royal R. Ruby J. Sadler C. Salyards K. Sanders P. Sandlm D. Scarf P. Scott S. Selby K. Taber N, - K. Taylor " C. Tenmson ,gif ff C. Swearingin Q. 'Ts D. Swearingin A ' if , s ' lll X lol 1 ' . Qi:-l .. ,Q V 1 Q . D A ' lg ,J 64, ,p Q 5 T- ,f J, Sullivan il asa' u "" ' I! ' 50 3 .PC Lmdc Kenneston Nell Reeves 'S 0' I 15,14 gl 3 L. I A Woyne Adcy students un the quad Jean and Don Susy Elmore behmcl Elmer Klclse Gorng home after o hard days work A bull session before the bell rings of GT school noon . , v r iirxoini me Ai! .xx L e rss-"7 l ."- . fp 4 its , ' . ' Q47 . . 'f "la, fi K, .' l' 4 X' 1 n V5 4A-O I4 ,I ,, '- f ' 'fffrf 1 . ,, ,.,,,. , 'ie I I an ' ' r I -. if x . Fx .- 1: 1 ' f r r I . . , A N UNI JR PLA I 5 5 5 The Jun or Class Play Drums of Death was given February 91h and lOTh at 8 OO in the Arv n Hgh Sch Celesfe Sheldon Harley Jules ........ Mrs. Oakley .. Mrs. Gillette .. Eugenia Bowles Amelia Gillerfe Newfon Cooper Dr Cameron . CAS ool auditorium. . Sharon Stafler .... Dick STolTz Gene Lundquist . Frances Sellers . Susan Handel Sharon Mclilhoe . . Betty Mifchell . Gerald Kindig .. Bob Mitchell Jerrian Mecham Paula Bailey . S Pi-lfP'lfR1-E F0 President, Joe Garcia Vice President, Linda Griffin Advisor, Mr. Hill Secrefa ry, Nancy Sprehn Council members, left to right: Front row: Pat Arvizu, Nancy Sprehn, Joe Garcia, Linda Griffin, Kathy Laioie. Back row: Larry Hallum, Kay Campbell, Barbara Holder. 53 S, Blankenshlp D. Blanks J. Blas B. Boado T Boalman G Bracken r L. Bramlerf J. Brooks X E- BVYUV' W, Abba!! 0 . H rg V . n 'Q V Burdlne J is , 'Y A J J. Burkes ff, 5 tw, 1221. . C. Burns 'J A - , 'kr ' i J. Burns I 4 ,3 5-3 1 i bl W i T. Bvef J S :f..,..w- if " ' ' J? -I P, I E. Colley 1- if C. Campbell t ' f K. Campbell 5' Adams -' I E. Adams K I I , 5 1 - E. Campbell ' if f. rf. .ff 4-- R - L. Campbell an If Y - O. Campbell " Y V. Campbell r I rf.. J 'I , D carey ' J B. Carpenter f S. Carver P. Adams 4 J Almros A Alonzo W A ' ll . jr-If a 1 J . ' QA. ".:aQ' 'Q-M J C. Casrro A I P. Choate ' ' - F. Chambers 1 E. Church H. Claborn J. Claiborne A. Alvarado J. Amos , , L. Archer ' F, Arnold ' Q 'J 1 1 Q -Q B. Clark . ' ' . , Q W - . R. Clark " 'l ' ' if B. Clem yt --v ! R. Cleveland ' N. comms E- Aww V P. Arvlzu K., B. Atkins 2. L. Ausiln Vitae 'tvs A ,, , N. Ausvin . ,Zag , ,J V i E. Colvln .3 J. Colvin ELVI ' - B. Combs gfffl D. Conger D AuvrY ,A , E' B. Ayers ' -: ',ftX::il G. Ayers ' L T Baker S Baker X C Barbarick Q :V W L. Cooper . - G. Cossey X C. Couch S. Barnes J. Barnum ""' 4 I ' i L Bassharn K. Baxter J. Beard M. Beavers J. Beck SK A ' W M. Counrs r .Q ': B. Craft . f ,Q t Q ,. .- - .9 ' K W lf, lf L 5 K 1- T. Craven J . ' 4 L Q R , z L A -' J sd -.4 . 5 Lvb- B "..." if S Bedore A Bermudes M Bernal D Black B Blackwell J. Blair J. Blake C Blankenship P Q ff X Qi Cruz Cams Curvrs Dowd Duws Duws Dnwcdd Dawson X 4-1. 'v 1 Xqll N V V '1 Al' -3- tm f ,I , 1 -J X 94 Fu 'P A A X J. Dunn M. Dye J Hhs L. Epperson B, Esvep J Evheredge B Garret! J Garret? J Gzrcrcl 5 'D ,F .1 ..b 's' RQ? 6 urrchrld Ford Ford G. Fox Fox I.: G. Granerroni J, Grbson J Grpson 1 1 ' 4- -5 3 r Q D McCoy G McDonald J McDonald K McDd'noVd D McMahon E Mangrurn Martrn M Mler -1 .1 C Mttlrken V Mrlne E! Mrskuewrcz Moore Moore Morrttz Morrrs Morse L Huckaby ,4 5 f? 1 y-:CI M Hudson S Hudson vu-fs W-.v 'S "' UC ,rv f'7!iN 9110 A Z sf ...a v-'V I 4.-2 .z 1' Q-Q' -Jx 40 I . 4 . 'Z 1 1 '-' Q! byy . Morse Moser Mur Ho Myers Nokato Newton Norrrs A h K - x lv P Huffman Hughes u Nunez O Neal O Neal O Neo! Osborne Osburn Owens Parker Parker Peoker C Pearson -I VY s-Q --:Y N3 .. we A C . J LM, , Q' E Hurst Icordo W Jockson F Jorrne J Peebles K Peters S Prckett M Prerce .f- ,L ,. rv vt? Johnson P Johnson Johnson Jones P or M Ptcner B. Pnkerton C. Poague 'Q W .31 .J- llv -.I 3 C Keeton K Kellog B Kelough J Kennedy T. err D Poogue B Prater al?" -5 K' rl WI Ei l'x ,-J X 4 u in rv r .1 xl , xx, W' f- WJ -4 -5 I' o-v .QL Kri -98' -v- ,4- ic? , Klrby J. Kir ey . Kurtz . Loiore Londsborough D. Longston L. Leonard W, Prescott R-'L v L 'X ol l .nav M. Levario R. Liceagu S, Lindsay M. Little E, Livsey L. Lovett L. Loyd F. Lydoy P I- Q . K '., D "' . t. , - , L s L Q " .A ,gk Q x .Q-ga 4- - 2' A L T ' N U L 'Ss 4' . 1, . ' N ' T ' W C1 1 J, J . ' r ' ' Q f L D X .J S if J' J J I ' . ' 'll 4 ff I, I s A. ' O.Mr1am X .r - J ' 1 L , -" , - . ' C 39 0 'f 7" M L . L A L. L , ' r 't ' ,WN ' C ag: L' - , gk. k-fir, 1 I . , r 4.4. .I J. X, D, ' " . V I C' .I . x .. 5 , M Q , L 1, ,Ja 4 'D L . 8, . ,iq 3 Q J JQ D tssr 1. 1 , V . L L T. ' I' Jo fr' r f K - Y f J I C O' ' B. H rr - .,- 'rg 5 .. ij .C 1 f , " J- I A ,A 1 r . L. ' J. R J' J I , L' . J.. C . l J t A 1' A r W . ' E GJ L.-fs Voz' ' ,-v J r V ' -r - .r 3 L 5, f. ,L f L . 1 f 1 fe M' A "' ' , x .i FV K I' 1 vb- ' Ak 3 Q- . K f -H. lugs-. I 'er , x . m i J r Q af . , 1' J - V 1 I I, , , A , A J. .. .3 C ,glen XJ 55 ' Q ' J Y , kl '15 .r CE! I B ii sf N iaewi-Z.: 'nys Y. , , 41 .1 ,av i 4' I' l R Weeks K, Wells B. Wes! D. Whne R Whrle D Wrllrcums M Wrlliarns D. Wrllroms E. Williams .4 ' v. -qs .. I V . J N Slammer - l ' " -0- 'V' l 5-'O L 464 . . 20 " A f """5 'A L' ' V- li 'Ui L. Vanderveer ... - 3 K I W D. Walker f L S. Walton ' I "" R. Ward All A V' l r J. Warren L. Watson R Slmdden J- Webb R, Srmpson JA Webdell J A is fx K ' ' : S X14 SJ . R ' - '. Z' DI 5 J ,fr T N, - s- .,- L. rue ns iv G. Townsan 5 . ,I R. Thomas l - HA A E. rrdweu J. Trdwell R Tomlmson S- SCO" D, Towery 9 R. Sessrons ' C. Shadalen .0 H2 - , xe, f ' X 'Z' X . ' ' J. slow f X V , S. Tabor I E. Tallon J J. Tarver ,K ' P. Tote ' N P, Scorbroogh 5. 'roylor ,I D, Scharnbach J , W l ' Q 6. D. Scheer I 5 .A ' L. Scheer . S. Stanley ',' Q l x ' l 1 I. Stafford X I G. Stephens I. 'L J "0" M. Stephens -ff ' I fs 'LOVE' Y. svewon L - '- . uv 4 9 N. Salle J N I if ' E. Salyords D D. Scmerfreld ' O I B. Souza F .J WN Ssradrley s 4' . YE Fl M. Roberts pl Spiflock J, Robmson ' X 1 C. Roessmg i 3 K. Ross lv J. Rosse S. Rowe l ' 4' o. Smit. . J 'J J X - . rm .-' 'T' M, Rrce R Smlll . R. Richards l ' J. Richie 1 N ' 5. - L mare r ' B. Rrggs ' S. Rrggs J, Roberts ,. y. - an 11 ' 1 si L V A V, l J 5 I 1 . x V , Q -5 C. Price VC gifs' I V ,Q D. Priddy ' ' B. Rayburn ' ., I f 'E S. Reed ' ' ' M. Rex , J. Reyes I' R. Reyes C. Reynolds A V - - B . "' "' kv ' J Al ' T. Smelser ' fxx 4 I .14 ... x Q. lad' 9-,S an J V, ,... ,Q , ! "' fs I D. --4' -9 J 'T' '7 li, Y sd J. Williams L. Williams G. Young L. Young M S. Williams C. Ziech var T. Williams J. Wood L. Woods M. Wimbish A. Wren B. Young G. Young Sophomores are hurrying to class. sung The annual bonfire rally before the Garces and Arvin football game. 0 1--3 J. Alderefve, E. Calley hurrying to class. Noon in the quad. Pl PFI N I' rr L25 rll I1-.N Twill 60 President Pedro Reyes Vice Pres. X 'l Dan Francis p Secretary A Dana Spinks Treasurer Nm 4 Jeane Barrett .. L, Freshman at 0 my 4 Arrow's Banquet 'Ti ,x 1 fu W 1 "' I Advisor Mr. Cissene Advisor Miss Seely Front row: Dana Spinks, Jeane Barrett, Pedro Reyes, Dan Francis, Fay Madison. Back row: Alfred Noriega, Norman Curtis, Miss Seeley, Gwen NesSmith, John Statler. .1 ' 'Q gi 64' il ,- 3 4 x X Ii L ' R- -- L F Adams , 4. f , . it v 8 A . .o- -an . 8 V ' 5 F .qi 3 4, R. I --f H J - W. Brooks 'lf QQ 'J .9 .-.. B. Brown . 'Q . 13,-I L. surweii - ,Q - iff C. Byrd I " ' A ' .egzf f my W. Cady A I hi 5 an . x I A K. Colley , . J. Corey A , r , J. Carpenter Es Adm' ' J. Adkins ' , . -3 ,, .. - A 4 ,, 3 . , -4. 1- - fl A - 0 B. Carson 'L CA I K. Carver i X X . J. Casio " lt V, A 3 R. Castro r ' 'X i I - ' I " ' I S. Castro J. Caswell F. Chambers JA Aixciwx? eree A .. a-, , G. Airman .5 "' "' i 9 - A ,, I I J . Jiff ' . ' . X X ' . , 'A B Chandler Fi I Q ,AH B l A H H. Chavez X i.---. ' sg . -43 ,J v S Chrisvuon he ' ' ' ' A " 'lt- ..... Q ' C. Church V D, Clark - X J Cl k L. Alonzo C G' E. Anderson S x L. Anderson , . 5 T. Anderson 3 C3 A. .fl C. J ,, ' 'TJ' i WZ' Q , I at 'mmf a Q, 1 D. Claunch t' ' p-J 'i X '. 0 5' V 4 R. Cleveland 'tw' ' K A: J B. Coble .. B. Combs 6 N ' M. Cooper E- AWUU f A J A I l ' X C. Ziiriijn 4 H. Ayler 2 K L. Baguio r .. K fi . x A ' - X od v- h " "' , if , f ' .A F. Coulter " ' ' . . - - f . 5 P. Cowan ' " K I M, Crisler R B -I - X ' . S. Cr sl ' U' SY x -YW ' X I er r V. Barley -n 1 "'ff" I P. Barber - f ,X J. Bornefv G. Barrel! H. Banlen .1 2- 1 .L A 4Y"' , . L-5' - A. Cross ,.- A ' W. Cullnon , . Y Q B. gums W. Bclson ' ' L X D. Baxter ' W. Bavird K N- 2 - i c. Balm E. Benner? All W. Bishop 'T M. Block 1 8 lt' W -4 K . . A A -,3 2 I "' M Y A K V N. Curtis ff f I . 2 J. Davis C. Blankenship f 4 V , 4 J. Boafman 1 V f R. Boofwright . A ' in M' D. Bolen . D. Bolinger ' R. Bonds A. Brocamorive ik 3 vs F. Bracomonle 5 if ' ' ' Q ' " ' K A ' ' -A ' wi i "' Y X au. -N ,f .L 5, W. , X ., as A 'A A J 0 W VV, J. Davis 1 I A 4' , ,'.-Wh. 2 I Q. n I P,-g, Q ' A 5- . 1 g .3 -O is A . 5 sk ' 1 'Q M kg ' I L Q' V -.r kr -ef '? -fy - 1 ii X "' Y"':' 'f 'ff' ' , . ' 5- 1 1 ,J f .' .. I Q ' 5 2 V f ' i . 5 ' ' .,-r W' it . Q 'Q' -.1 -p , fy , 5. . A - Q. M - ' 4 3' o l Q I -,Q A ,lr . , f' I 1 ' . f .za lik.:-Q ,I . 1 ,v'x,x , l . f A roy J my L wesvbeffy 5 Weldon R Voyles C. Wheeler Z ' ,.,.l E., J Wllvshlre B Wvlson s x '41 I. Rf? .A lv ' n ' W ' , Jw-A x -'J M " T 1 A A R Tldwell L Toone N. Toovle C VcmHorn P, Velasquez E. Vmson L Wells C Wesley J. Wes! B Wlllloms D Wlloms G Wlllloms R Wrlgb' F Ybarn J, Young .3 'vv , 9 W Y-ll W 4 K " 'A N"'- 9 "' ' 2 X . n - - 'X 1? ' ,sl vb,--M j .. I jr Y' . - l 1 Ii '. - J ' l sz , .. ' J -4 'Lai' l Q: KW! 5 ,,,' 1 f , ,, L, ff'q'itx ,MX ,V , "Y 3 -' L ' , AJ! ffl ' Treat S.Ulrlcl1 F, Underwood R Valenzuela R Vullicellu F Wolls F women B word W ward J Wcuvson 5 Wme B wwe B wma 1 Whlvson A. Wllllums B Wmvon 5 Wooven E Work C Wren R- Wren Threse Three snaps were token of flrve Freshmen Sock Hop in The gymnasium of 1l"l6 first of the year, e June Golden Mlss Seely J- - , ' f 294 1 1 ' ' 1655 V m,Q,1 . 1' Fila. ss.- , 'zgqp , Q I Q NW' ' .av ,qu A-,,,f..g 5 "Qin CLUBS Q Q f s k K. Smirhson Paula Vescoyi 'll' 'fi ,A W? X ig V 5 Wayne Ligon m, .X ,, Q M Pai Wyrick Betty Shaw Nelda Collins Susie Elmore 2-l 2 T .rip bp' 2' li .Q ' f - M is ,. i , , f 5 X l I i ff 4 . X-Ng avfcflf 1 3" 9 , A lf ,A x . . ,- gf. 'f 'N l '44 ' J s, . ' L Q' 9, . . ,sf , -utgiy, 4 A A 5" f- .7 K V ,Qff-5 f h 5 ' ' I . is 1' fi" if "' i, r J A f ' " Q- ffl, 1, ' g , M ,. L5 H- fg. i 'slum - L Fi' A S . " """i " A ,X A ' ,,. . .m ir , 2 Bob Baker Lynn Dawald Wayne Aday Karen Kramer Les Robinson Jimmie Roberts Norma Ligon ' -4- v ,.- f , . 'n 4 4? i' " L , ,- I. 5, K N in A 3 P- ,, A. 3 12 Q 5 1 l MQ ' 'i 1' No Q B Vuce President Pete Vasquez Cf UNCIL President Jean Horton Z4 Advesor Miss Suelaff Secretary Linda Kenneston Q' ma Back row left to rlght L Reade K Gubson B Storts G Lundquust J Garcaa B Ortnz P Reyes M Wullrams B Bailey P Vasquez Mrddle w left to right J Horton L Grrffnn P Duncan S Handel L Bryant B Go saux J Blshop B Scar brough R Forrest L Kenneston Advnsor Mss Srelaff Front row left to ght N Lgon K Garner S Collier F Sellas K Taylor L Shields The Club Council IS made up of those students who are President of one of the school clubs One of the actuvntues of the club council thus year was The alumni day which was a baseball game a banquet and a dance f ral ' I 7 me s 4 4. 3 xbox 1' fu ' x INA L' qv I R ' .. ' 44' f Q -1 V' ,si - . v 'iff L 'xx fx Q we ..'., L , . , ,, 1.184 -an , A ' -4 ' X -+ ' -Q A' ii S 4 l ,v ' sl b ,. ,. , ri:.i,. r,. I I ' ARP! Vt 91-EF VICE Arrow's Service Club is an honorary club composed of those students who are active in school activities. Prospective members are nominated by teachers and are given mem- bership on a point basis of school service. President Bonnie Gossiaux Advisor Mr Watts All members ofthe service club are entitled to wear this golden arrow Back row left to right Olga Lozano Lynn Reade Buddy Storts Lavon Parker Laveda Shields Doug Walker Bill Prescott Gene Lundquist Steve Arzizu Ruby Forrest Marilyn Moody Sharon Smothermon Sharon Statler Jane Gilchrist Middle row left to right Kathy Taylor Ned Neff Peggy Duncan Dane Smith Darlene Meek Retha Stiles Bonnie Gossiaux Janice Brown Linda Combs Donna Clendenen Carlos Royal Front row left to right Advisors Mr Watts Mrs Boylan 71 Mary Burchard Linda Griffen Jean Horton Norma Ligon Emmalean Eads Lynda Broiles Marge Thompson Pat Wyrick Judy Spinks Barbara Odgen Karen Krouter . , . 4, in ' U - J ' . - V S 1 J c -I1 , V K . . . . . ,L S ,K . ki -.. 1 : 1 r r 1 .' 1 1 r : 1 r 1 r I 1 1 r 1 r ' 1 : - 1 - r BEAR FAC' 5 af- COAEDITORS -- Marge Thompson, left, and Lynda Bryant compare the large and small editions of Bear Facts published this year. Both girls were anxious to have the larger paper but found the cost of production to be too large. Marge received the SJVSPA certificate of merit this year for her work on the staff. THE RIGHT HAND "MEN" - Chief Reporter Elias Duarte is surrounded by Jerrianne Mecham, left, Caryn Cantor, Virginia Kemp and Natha Holt as they scan his copy. These reporters cover club and class events, speech, rifle, art, music, and agricultural activities. .,xx' 1-1! JUST THE FACTS -- So say the Bear Facts sports writers as they collect collect information on the many teams our school meets in competition. Pictured left to right are Larry Graham, swimming, Pete Vasquez, base- ball, Travis Beller, tennis, Ken Gibson, track, Wayne Aday, swimming, and photographer, Gerald Webb, track, and Les Robinson, baseball. Not shown is Joe Houser who covers track. C' r ff- ee, as sam 5... QK Hrxll ll n-O". 1' 51 .vvv - as ', 5 . ' if HW? Vi? 'V .M .za .0 . Q Y B Q, The Block A organization is open To any boy -, , aT Arvin High School who receives a block ' A athletic award. Advisor, Mr. Mosconi President Pete Vasquez VICE PI'eSld6f1f Les Robinson baseball football -- basketball :QPU The Block A Bu' he 'tix-3 iennis Pete Vasquez . P f : - V A A W A Lyle? L , L ' A: ... N. - Qs ,df .- ,,.- " . -N M.-...Q e:r4.TW-..4 . fo , -. ----M- A A .-Z M 'M vi l f K xx ' '-'f sf X ig-me K, ,?Q:,,4 ,- X, fx I' Qsbs s C.S.F. is an honorary scholastic club for those students who get 3 A's and a B in their academic classes. Each year the C.S.F. at- tends two conventions. This year the fall President, Jean Horton ' convention was at Porterville. Secretary, Linda Griffin Q -.N EPM Peggy Duncan Marilyn Hill and Jean Horton are life members of CSF and will receive gold seals on their diplomas Advisor Mr Regedal The C S F pin which Il C S F mem ers are entitled to wear Vice President Larry Hallum Whlle they me mem bers of the club Back row left to right L Hallum M Crisler K Nakata T Neff B Prescott T Jones D Green J Blair P Wyrick J Gilchrist Front row left to right G Hermitte L Griffin P Duncan M Hill J Horton S Statler D Smith B Mitchell ,HQK 1 i lf, x . .. , . 1' , . , 3 U b f 4' . .gif ,Af l " .' g r . f ." Y' 2 ua- . L , f 'r- ,-'il ,A 1- V. ,- ,.',.',A"-- I rf- lf' Alf- I -All 1- 1- .1-l . rrsJcr-'rr SIKJJI l SA lJl'x-!I .. . Brush and Palette IS a club for those students Inter ested rn art They make posters for various school aftaurs and decorations for thelr annual dance guven each year One ofthe thungs students learn In art class rs ceramics mit' Gretchen Stokes Wayne Lugon Advusor Mr Huggins President Josephune Bnshop Left to rnght G Stokes M Duke B Davis L Shields J Munnerlyn Back row left to rlght J Shaclden T Anderson C Fralr D Carey R Allman J Brshop Advusor Mr Hlgguns Front row left to rlght G. Leeds, J. Colcleasure S. Stanley S. Carter J, Robrnson C. Norms S. Kornder. Gretchen Stokes P' ASTE? S AND PIA? VIS . . . s px 11 1 if Treasurer Caryn Cantor Secretary Marilyn I Vrce President Janlce Blaur Presndenf Susan Handel Q? Back row left fo Hgh? Adv: or Mr Wnlson M Crlsler S Handel M Poore B Johnson M Hull S Drake C Cantor J Crlder Front row L Whnson D Ford D Clendenen J Munnerlyn S Statler J Mecham J Blarr 1 1 , ' H'll It L 1 "K" 1 1 W:.i,i " 5 Q 31' Xl ,al R J ,u v 1 Y 1 I 2 .5 1 1 V 1 - . 1 - , 1 - 1 - 1 - 'I ' I ' I ' I ' : - I 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . - G Y? AND ff' .. Presudent Muke Wnllnams Vice Presldenl Mary Hudson The Guys and Gals us a square dance club where members learn new dances and perform for school functions Thus year they are faking par? ID the School Opereffa Down In The Valley FA l 0 A I0 ly.:-XII? 9 QNr Hb . . . . I 4 Susie Elmore Evelyn Herrera glancing Through year- books from oiher schools in this area. An aftergame iukebox dance. Pete Vasquez, Kenny Gibson Lee Bush, yell leader. The Arvin Bear. 'U ,Y ' H 313. 49 9 47 1 w. F as KH yy pyilfllez Q , " K 'i 'A 33 ' Songleaders, left fo right: Lynda Bryant, Lavon Parker, Jana Lyftle, Barbara Holder, Vic Pollard Sandra Ulrich, Jerri Strickland, siffing Rudy Ortiz, standing. nes 'reams so 9' President, Kathy Taylor 5 My .tn df ,gs E ' .W ' ,L Vice President, Emaiean Eads l 0 ' fl ' N , 'll , f Secreta ry Treasurer Pam Porterfield Chaplain Karen Krauter The main protect for The year is The operation of the Christmas Train the collection of canned goods for The needy Ci Back row A Meadors L Brewer M Dye L Harris N Collins Y Stewart C Winter A Bermudes E Campbell L Dawolcl K Camp bell B Ayers J Kurtz Middle row L Bryant B Combs J Hamstreet P Porterfield B Beavers C Zlech J Hamilton K Hullum S Scott S Williams J Pavlovic P Wyruck S Smothermon K Laione K Krouter Miss Beat Front row B Combs L Watson E Eads O Lozano K Taylor L Parker L Smothermon B Mitchell B Hosey M Hosey F5 Bi 15 President Sandra Collier ' L 'v Vice President Olga Lozano Program Chairman Lois Sherer Treasurer Connie Spradley Q if undo Combs s K Nofmv New 1'-1 ' y fl :pgs Publicity Manager l SeC"elC"'Y i rf A A , ,,i. , Y if 3 X, Social Chairman Cricket Forrest Sergeant of Arms The F B L A centerplace at the Arrow s Servlce Club es Robinson Pete Vasquez Banquet won first place Q l ac row left to righ P Vas uez Ro inson R Brown Ka e B Vas uez Or iz A row et o ri ht Nig Blankenship B Hnyworh A Bermudez V Kemp L McCollum C Zelch J Wiltshire L Combs P Sadalun N Reeves 2nd row to right W Jacobs H Simmons J Horton A Brown G Luttrel K Smithson S Col ner J Bro Front row let o right L McCoy B Show N Ligon P Stiles O Lozano L Neimeyer C Spradley T Walls K Garner J Blair advisor Miss Welsal Y k A 'Q P .L I I L ' , ' . Bk , '71, q ,L, b' ,. ,,. q ,R. tjth ,lft'g:E. ,. Glasca, B. Ingram, M. Dennis, M. Moody, M. Dye, L. Harris, C, Killian, J. Jeffers, D, Williams. 3rd row, left to right: M, :eff ' ff , ' ',. l",. wh,' ', fr' The Future Farmers of America is a na tional organization composed of those F boys taking agriculture and interested r r in farming Back row left to right D Patterson L Toone A Harris D Keeton C Wren J Davis L Frisbie E Colvin D Conger B Price D Poaque B Guerra D Arnold Center row Advisor Mr Hill W Dayberry R Franklin D Oleo C Moran C Van Horn J Hudson Chandler R Kimmel R Rogers A Williams M Pitney A Toy J Amos J Alderette Etheredge G Dean T Richmond G Holbird B England R Kurtz Front row C Garrett Ross K Maybrey Back row left to right J Curtis B Tucker B Hope K Wells P Gobel S Avakian A Wren J Toy G McDonald J Sullivan E Ford D Killian Middle row Advisor Mr Knight J LeQuieu J Dewoody W Gwynn W Hall D Reed C Lloyd V Costa R Simpson D Harp L Scheer J Davis D Black T Byer J Dayberry E Peaker J Beard E Hogan J Prince P Scott Front row E Tallon B Clark D Langston R Ward M Ford J Barnum L Epperson V Presley L Riddle T Wren J Gago 5 5 5 I N, 41-l A31 5 . 1 I 7 - 1 ' 1 - ' 1 - 1 - 1 - D 1 . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . . : . 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - I B. , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . , J. , . , . , . , . , . . : . 1 B. Ford, D. Davis, C. Doolittle, J. Higgins, C. Gaasch, D. Claunch, G. Allmon, J. Romine, K. , . . E Q.. , ' : . ' , . , I , . , . , . ' , . , . , . 1 . , . , . . : , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - 5 A 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 . , . , . , . , . . rx rx Back row leff To right Mrs Hook Mrs Hamllron D Hughes S Tafr D Brewer M Sheppcre D Splnlcs D Hallum M Grey V Daniel S Deramus K Carter C Blankenshuo P Swearnngron H Maduson 3rd row left Yo rnghr Mnss Moellar D Denny C Klluan H S moms B Scarbrough Y Tnfsworth D Smnh J Brown L Combs M Bomerse M Burchard K Bradley L Watson J Blair K Ca p e d row er fo rugr J Kurtz P Arvuzu A Orruz B Holder B Mntchell K Garner J Galchrnsf K Laloue P Wyrnck J Horon K Taylor N Sprehn R Gagosuan Front row left to nghr C Dobbs M Rex J ONeuI O Lozano P Maduson D Clendenen O Ford L Dawald B Hull B Boado 43 One of The sports ID G A A ns volleyball Advusors Mrs Hamilton Mnss Moellar Mrs Hook GAA volleyball game 0. A. 14 . F Pres dent Kathy Garner Vnce Pres dent Jane G lchrnst Secretary Treasurer Pat Wyrlck Where s all the actuonl GA A rs tor all gurls who engoy sports and play mg rn games vvlth other grrls The G A A sport sors a dance each year and also hosts other schools from thus area at a playday at Arvm Hugh School A srx weeks peruod us also devoted to basketball nn GAA which meets every Wednesday after school The Gurls League ts one of the most octave clubs In school They sponsor the Snow Queen electron and assembly They also have the Mom ancl Sus each year where all gurls bring their mothers N F t I A it The Gnrls League board conslsts of left to rlght M Burnel K Lalore B Ogden S Statler D Clendenen L Combs M Hull Front row left to nght L Moore D Brewer N Sprehn J Pavlovlc C Forrest R Forrest Q The gurls league offncers are from left to nght Peggy Duncan Sharon Smothermon Pat Wyrrck Lcveda Shuelds Lnnda Gnffun 1 . ' I- Nb T T L . I , T yu l 0 ' 1 ww T: ,. . my xl x 6 I- 5 tv r f ,I Y l Q ' 4, i S I 84 LEAG E Mom and Sis program L APRIL Z i355 7130 PM L AUDITORLUM BND 'PQ' The Gnrls League made Easter llllles for all the teachers or Easfer FREE ADMSSION ENTERTAINMENT REFRESHMENT5 The Girls League sponsored the snow queen electron and coronahon ,pros Mlss Fredman Advvsor of Gurls League A new group the Madrugal smgers enfer Yalned al the Snow Queen Assembly 'wmv , -n 'ily 1 .n'l,.9 'S 1959 SNOW QUEEN RUTH ALLMON LIBR:-XR f JO , QS 1.4 5 88 'i 4? Buck row left to rrghl G Hermufre D Holrdoy W McMahon R Rogers odvnsor Mr Losemon Front row left To rrght S Kornder B Ogden B Sccrbrough H Rrchmond J ONeol J Blshop Av. J Advusor Mxss Nevnlle 40" 'TN 4 M... R., Ogden B Scorbrough S Kor nder The Library Club sponsors movies of noon They show one rnovle eoch week To The Arvln Hugh sfudenfs for cz nickel cz showing Members of Me Lubrory Club help ln the lrbrory after school ond GT f'1OOI'1 hai- 'Wi' l- 5 w ' 'if' l 9 .. '. '. I lv 'lr' e -' K me C 6, I N f ,jr ,. , , Q. Eg l la. A ' ' . . , V v Q ' I 9' A 'X ,, N - Vi ,' g as A W L r ,- , ' ' gy A , v i A' L: ! ,Q . r 'f LQ. z, i F 1 Q , I lf - ' -..f fl' A . x B. , . , , . The newest club on campus is The Chess Club formed under the direction of Mr. Blodgett. lt is as yet a small club but They hope To increase The membership next year. President Eugene Sheide Vice President Gerald Harvey Secretary Treasurer Kouli Nakata oi- EFS -Ll The Chess Club is a newly formed club for those interested In learning and playing the game of chess They meet at noon and at club meetings on the activity schedule to play chess 1 ,, l '- I 'i r' f X C f N .lii c f. A M N, geiyfjge 1 Los Amigos Club ns for ony Arvm Hugh STU clenf who rs mTeresTecl Thus yeor The mom prolect for The club was The lnlTloTlon of new members ff' Wd' -7 'W -I 'F' W, ?-Tw 'Qw- The Members of Los Amigos porhclpafed In The Mom and Sus Tclenf show and They also had cn cenTerplece In The Arrows Servuce Club Banquet conTesT Offrcers of Los Amigos 90 V if Miss Boggs Advlsor MAS' JE? S The chief aim of the Mosquers is To serve The school in The field of enferfoinmenf Membership is open 'ro ony student who wishes To participate in any one or several of The fields of speech arts ivan? W' If left fo right .I Brown L Combs C Cantor J Spinks M Elder M Burchard M Hosey L Kenneslon President Vice President Social Chairman Linda Kennegton Janice Brown Norma Ligon By Secretary Treasurer Advisor Program Chairman Lindo Combs Mr Burns Mary Burchard N D2 l x iiil., 1' T . . ' A ., N fn - 6 , I . A6 . x J. ' ' I Q . V gn' ' Bock row, left fo right: N. Ligon, C. Spradley, M. Smith, T. Neff, P. Reyes, J. Gannon, M, Hill, advisor, Mr. Burns. Front row x ' i 4 7. ,A, 2 " 1 in 4-.. ' , ff A J NATV NAL FORENSLS -EAC Us: Members of National Forensics Club have demonstrated thelr abllltnes by participating In debates prepared speeches and extemporaneous pres entatlons Thus as a new club formed on campus this year and ns open to all students who participate un speech events Debcters to Delano have c talk wnth Mr Akesson 1 E tba Eh if P J, Forensucs cenferpuece at Arrows Banquet Presudent Lvnda Gnttm Vuce Presldent Olga Lozano Mr Akesson I . .. . . I I - LI? gi 5, - cf I X 1 4' A . I . 1 I MJ J' In 6 ' V A '-f, Y -U ' A ". f 'L V. ,. - i K r ' AQ., to 3 'XJ Natnonal Forenslcs Club 1958 1959 Advnsor Mr Akesson C t t and fathers Let to rlght Lamont Luons Club Speech Contest winners left to Speech antes an s Marilyn Hull Duane Smith and Kathy Taylor They right Jean Horton Janlce Blatr and Darlene Meek were the winners of the Arvln Lions Club Speec Contest h Jean Horton was honored as first place wlnner ,LL PIEJIG The purpose of The Medlcs Club IS to cucquount Those students nnterested ln The Tneld ot rnedrcnne with the vorlous methods ot proper medlcol core ond the dntferent branches of medicine 86 'pw Offucers S McElhoe P WYfICk K Krouter F Sellcrs J Hamstreet Aodvlsor Mrs Gunther f"'x ul Back row left to nght Mrs Gunther K Krouter G Hanson D Denny S Drake D Green P Wynck P Sulvo Front row left To right C uombell L Brewer E Mulnus F Sellers J Homstreet P Porterfleld S McElhoe 94 I' 9 X 5 5 5 K K .VAV kr - I Q 1- . fl' Q A " .N..M,-ff-' K -A K KKK! i l . a ., ' 2- , an ,, Assr 2 , Q hy 1 v , V VN V ,L , V X f .. l , Q X x J'lCi-IES S Orchesus IS designed to create an Interest In the art of modern dancing as a hobby lt rs open to all gurls at Arvln Hugh School President Myra Smnth Vlce President Joan McDonald Among the Obl9ClIV6S of Orchesrs are the development of grace and body coordination and good posture ond the Increase In ablllty to perform wlth eose before an audience as well the cultlvatuon of personal enloyment of dancing M Smith M Burchard J McDonald The Orchesus Club performed for the M Elder Junnor Class Play thus year X 5 5 5 5 l, Y Sl -..V 4 ui 3 ,. l t , I ' . I f 4 ,-, Q 5 x 2 z I . 'Q 1 x K r ,v . 'A , 5 l l 1 , . - 1 - I - I " V 4 . , f . E . . I l . L 4 PRfErL':'lrrX al-AFP IT? XO Q o of Art Editor Ruby Forrest Assistant and Copy Editor, Kathy Taylor 96 Sales Manager Lmda Cooper Advisor, Mr. Oleson Business Manager Connie Spradley Advertising Manager Caddie Frair The Praeterita Staff attended two conferences this year. The one at U.C.L.A. was very enioyable cmd included a tour ofthe campus and a football game between U.C.L.A. and Washington State. The Conference at Bakersfield College was for Journalism students and yearbook staffs. Mr Oleson Advisor Connie Spradley looking for Norma Ligon fixing baby pictures negatives Mr Oleson in background Left to right Norma Ligon Kathy Taylor Caddie Fralr Mr Luttrell and his camera in The Praeterita Staff went to Bakersfield College Left to right Caddie Flair Linda Cooper Linda Lovet Connie early this year to attend a Journalism Day Spradley Kathy Taylor Ruby Forrest at a restaurant near U C L A where they attended o yearbook conference . , , 1 , , - - f ...Q , f - .f 1 s V K ,A 1 . . -5 ' s . l 1 ,gk N ' l I ' I . , V , , .. ., A '-N. of. JUEEI VS A I' FENDI-KN lb NC SS C P'I ' O r GF ?lxr55i5555 Laveda Shields, President Lovon Parker, Secretaryfreasurer Donna Clendenen, Vvce President Mr Luttrel Advusor Back row lewt to rlght B Gannon P Vasquez L Roblnson R Ortiz M Coday G Bnlllngsly R Ortlz E Klase W Aday B Vasquez B Landsbourgh B Storts 3d ow left to nght T Bellor D Rohrboch B Kenyon J Hollday S Awlzu R Brown B Hope J Bonds R Ortnz J Leonard K Hallum J Hamilton L Henderson 2 d row lettt rght B Johnson L Harris L Lovett L Watson J Munnerlyn R Stnles L Bryant D Ford L McColum L Sherers L Smothermon S Scott L r ues Font row left to rlght D Clendenen L Bush J Kembel L Sh elds L ker J e Eads L MCCO Flowers M Thompson F Petty fl DENY 'FOR2 . The Student Store as open before school noon and after school They sell candy :ce cream cupcakes peanuts and soft drunks School supplues are also sold Carol Salyards sellrng ce cream The student store rs always busy after school Student Store adylsor Mr Puckett The student store also sells potato chips and Fritos, Mary Burchard - service with a smile lr l'l"l' Yi-IlE,J lx S' dnt . . . The Shneld and Saber club I5 for boys Interested or enrolled In a cadet class These boys ralse the American Flag each mornmg and also dnrecr rraffuc an the parkmg lor at football games Muke Wales rs showing the group of caders what fo do at a buvouak Op 06 I The officers of Shaeld and Saber Thus IS one of The many frophnes won by 'he Arvrn Hugh Cadets Cadet class ECE-INICII-XNS . . . lbt The Technicians Club IS malnly for 'those boys who are malorlng In Mechanical Arts and maintain :ng a C average ln all school sublecfs One of The mann prolecfs of The Technvcvans Club us he collectrng repalnng parnfnng and dlsfrrbufrng of foys aT Chrlsfmas To needy famllnes The Tech nncuans Club also buulds The float for The Snow Queen for the Aryan Chrnsrmas Parade Workung The machinery during club meehng Repaurlrvg voys or Chnslma for chlldren of the Arvm and Lamont area , an Presudent Bob Ortiz Advlsor Mr Hayner VfCAL Pll gxkpfff IO4 Advisor, Miss Moore 'SFR 6 nk The Vocal Muslc Depcrfmenf puts on on Operetfc eocl' year ond also cz Chrlstmos program l QQ' 43 Z v1.4- '11 .M-v-Y' L I C gm Boys Glee Club -3 l :Wir F H A IS o club composed of gurls enrolled rn lwomemoklng F . classes ond Interested nn cooknng sewlng cmd preporrng tor I 5 better homes A,e,,..--"' Bock row left to rught Aclvrsor Mass Solwn J Kennedy J McDonald D Slnere D Grolvom L Lovet D Blonkenslwp E Vunson P McKenzne M Vmes Front row left to rught D Denny M Stevens K Peters R Forrest P Frouclwrld N Flowers F Howard S Bedore M Hudson ,Nl Sclence club ns composed of students Interested In oll plwcnses of sclentlflc study IOS s Is s s s s s ' l . A wrw -,wx H X t ccss L " y H 53 F g W lj F Qi 1 l 1 1 Q T X X f , if :W f.A'?: 5 ' na," ai A W ,Vx if H xg . 1' Q A U c 'r R R I V I C I U T L I A E R S Qs TK .31 l Lewls Preshge Jack Hull Archie Knlghf AGRICUL TURB ve' " in L i Many of The boys have steers as prolects IO8 learn To use throughouf the year One of theur annua! prolects as to raise gladlolas for The semor achvnhes These boys prepare to use the Tractor which IS but one of The pueces of equlpmen? They musf Jack Hudson Darell Claunch ART . . . The art department is very active this year. This class is taken by those students interested in painting, ceramics, and crafts. Mr. Higgins A Q A522-x f Nay N-. Linda Cooper The art students learn to work with ceramics. PH' 1 V - ft' . L. Some of the other activities in art class are: ceramics, poster painting, and making decorations for school activities. B SINESS 1EDUCA'l'If N Courses in the Business Education Department are planned to furnish the knowledge ot business dealings in daily life as well as in future iobs in the business world. Mr Oleson Mr Prickett Miss Weisul ,A is -3 HO ,q4?, Stenography class Students in first year typing taking o ten minute timed writing. Business Training class Q Miss Boylen Mr. Koslofsky l , lf, INJU l-tflrx- rx! l' 'Q q Mr Bnngham Carpentry and Woodwork r Watts Mechanlcal Drawmg and Electronics class MQ., 5. Mr Robnnson Woodshop and Crafts Mac Caves bulldlng hls model house The Industrial Arfs Deparfmenf glves The sfudent practucal vocahonal 'rraunung an carpentry wood work mechonncal drawing and elecfronncs Pauline McKenzie The only glrl enrolled ln the mechanical drawung Arnold Tull workung wuTh leather if - r fx' I' A 1 I' ' fx 5 5 5 5 5 M. . I Q gr .C I - ' 5 l V w C X ' . I lv, Q , ' A . 1 4 I 4' 5' ENGLISH . . . This department offers courses designed to help students express themselves clearly and correctly In speaking and In wrltung Specual departments offer training In dra ' matics newspaper work radio and puloluc speakmg Dalke Muss Beat Mass Beats English Class Mrs Reina s Engllsh Class Mrs Renna .P"' Mr Akesson XX FOREIGN LANGUI-XGES . . . i H Study Hard' First Year Latin yi ni I Miss Boggs Mr. Martinez Latin Class L!l'!,,l """' Ji E T Spanish Homework every night The Foreign Language Department teaches Latin and Spanish. These courses are fundamental to advanced study in many colleges. Two years foreign language is required of all col- Iene-nreo students. ll3 Frrievrh The courses offered ln The Home Economlcs Department ore designed to gave trcunmg an the ort of graceful Irving and effncuent home mon agement Mrs Vines Mrs Eckersly H4 The gurls clean the equipment after using It Mrs Eckersly showrng stu dents how to cut motenol from patterns Clecnlng up after their cooking class 4, h I' I X, 6 I 1 rg N091 f Q s tet 1! . . M M 5 Y L1 M t rg? ai F '- ' ,J HATE-I . . . l g Mac Caves showing display made by students of Miss Fredman's geometry class. The Mathematics Department offers training de- signed to increase speed and accuracy in the basic mathematical skills needed in daily life. These math courses are also necessary for high school graduation and college entrance. MJ! L A resin? n Miss Fredman Mr, Klinger Mr. Cissne Mr. Paris is the head ot the mathematics department. These were made by students in geometry class. Each year the students must make designs similar to these. P EG-IANICA- ART? . . . Mr Bingham Mr Hoyner C Swecrmgton Alvmo Lugcm Working The special equupmenf rn wood More equupmenf shop 7 . V ifgmgtf . The students an wood shop bulld fumnure Bob Orhz Mr Hoyner helping students I f --4,5 ' . H G . R. :V in Si . t e V Q ,vi r A ' 3 x . ' ,' 'V s ' Y -I ' - 1 1 '1"'::'5". , K V N 5-. .'-f A- --' 'L . , 1.21-511 1- 'J az' 111 l 1 Ni' ,fi !, 1 f-Sw 1 f .. SAND . . .asf 1 if The ARVIN HIGH BAND is led by Wesley Gosch as drum mayor The band was very activ this year They attended most of the football games including those away from home A pep band was establish this year The boys in this band played for almost every basketball game 1-9' -rv The maiorettes are left to right: Linda Brarnlett Jean Myers Kathy Taylor and Lynn Dawald. Kneeling is Nancy Sprehn. The maiorettes attended a twirling clinic at Bakersfield in preparation tor the Potato Bowl Game. They learned many new Tricks and routines from Bob Roberts twirling instructor at the clinic who was in charge ot the halt time show tor maiorettes at the Bowl game that night. The Arvin High Band also played at the assemblies and added a lot ot pep to everything. Wesley Gosch Drum Major . - ff.: SCIENCE . . . Mxss Seely Mr McEIhoe Mr Luftrell Mrs Akesson The Science Deporfmenf Includes chernlsfry biology physics gen erol scuence ond phorogrophy anna-vugww 'I' Well Carlos whcrs whu1'9 Mr Paras IS the head of the science department Pot Wyrack The courses offered nn the sclence deport ment ore needed for cz college prep student To get mfo Cl four yeor college os well os for groducmon from Arvm Hugh I F0 Sf Cl:-XL STUDIL-.Q . . . ia mv, Maybe it's an easy question . . A little harder The Social Studies Department offers Social Studies World History Current Problems Amer :can History and Senior Problems to those stu dents with a Social Science Malor "V ' ra 1 That s you Emma "Q Think more T History Class Ri Head ofthe Social Studies Department, Miss Jenson l V 'W 119 F- Y" Pu-IYVICAL EJ 144, Mr Frank Barle PE Director In boys P E many drfferent courses are offered Track, tennis baseball, basketball football and golf are among the few Arvm students are proud of the new blankets we purchased this year sv..-us.-uru.4.....w 3""""'Q -n'51"X. may 8 +:"3"5'J"' 'mfr' For those who are rnterested In baseball there are varuous teams they can go out for mfs! -'G 120 Track offers relaxtlon for those who do not go out for swummmg or baseball For those lensure hours In PE the boys get together for bowlmg 4 5 X I 3 5 5 5 sl . ' 37' ' " '. 7,9 5- " if" K mf- " I I 1 I , X - 1 . - x. ' Q ' 51 - -ii' ' , , Y., . I r " '+ I s Q I Q ' ' ' i , 'T :.:' A N - 'K 4 gf t A f-we-cf ' V e-..,..W. V . ' X 2, A 3-2 " . . 4 I ling 4 M ' 'V N .-.3-,'.f'+x' .L ' jr ,,,. W A giyl-9'7 -,w " gig t Q 6-.rrfl Q , 4+ , , .,,,V. , xii 'Q :tyykfffirr P . Ali: 4 3 is fu my .1 ' A 'W 4.,. ' I-gm. ,, , 4 all ,S Pi-IYSICA- ED . Q f f f Q Mrs Hook Mlss Moeller Mrs Hcmllfon Thus full the gurls nn P E went swnmmmg ct the Arvm pool Q. 1' The P E classes ploy badminton ,,....---' ,....4-11 ii Freshman Tennis Water ballet mf wk IX A 1 A 4. A 'N ,Q s U aifg?-M. s., XS L '-if Q J it Xie . '5' . SUN 'A 4 dwwgyi w -w 4 . W , IARSITY is . X' K , X 5 Arvin-East Bakersfield football game. Touchdown Dan Anderson Back row, left to right: Coach Mr. Estu, D. Kerry, J. Ford, S. Boatright, Je Best, D. Anderson, R. Brown, L. Reade. 2nd row, left to right: K. Gibson, N. Salizar, L. Turner, B. Bonds, M. Duke, S. Etchison, E. Klase, D. Williams, J. Hallum, Coach Mr. Mosconi. Front row, left to right: D. Rohrbach, R. Vieyra, J. Vinson, S. Vinson, W. Aday, B. Gannon, B. Vasquez, P. Vasquez, J. Petty, C. Martinez. The Arvin Bear rooted for the football Teams PlOYefS OH The bench at the Arvin-E.B. game. FOOTBALL X Dan Anderson, Richard Vieyra, Ken Gibson, Wayne Aday. Mr. Mosconi, Mr. Estu, Mr. Pheffer 1 ' R I Mr. Moscon giving Dan Anderson a sporting news award. ll" SCOBL-.S , , SCORES OF VARSITY GAMES Arvin Garces . . . . 7 26 simmer . . . . 6 26 Wasco . . . . . 6 47 Tulare ...... . . 26 20 Bakersfield . . . ,- - 47 6 Delano ........ . - 34 T4 East Bakersfield .. .. 28 35 North High ..... .. 21 26 Taft ..... - 6 O Jerry Vinson, Jack Ford, Leslie Robinson, Lynn Reade, Arnold Tull, Elmer Klase, Sam Vinson. x .blflfo I' l"fo' Q " CQ Q27 Just another touchdown. A - .nn-W. .'.'. F 1. ., . Top row, left to right: Coach Mr. Klinger T Craven Ortiz, C. Devin, D. Stoltz, K, Wells, Coaclt Mr Polite Royal, D. Lamnert, J. Lequieu, L, Loyd G i J Cruz, G. Patton, G. Lundquist, D Walker W B Kyner. Fast r Arvin r P P 'CC FZ' .mx . Qs E Joaquin Cruz, Co-Captain on the Bruins team was very good this year and will be valuable to the varsity team next year. Coaches, Mr. Pol ite and Mr. Klinger J. Statler, J. Stokes, B. Claiborne, L. Leanord, R. Middle row, left to right: B. Bailey, L. Combs, B. Ethridge, B. Kirkley. Bottom row, left to right: Ligon, S. Arvizu, M. Nix, L. Johnson, R. Alvarado, FOO' BALL Terry Craven, Co-Captain will also be on the Varsity football team next year, He will be a big help to them. A good tackle. . . .. 4 . . . ,ft - -x-.teiyff . , .. .f. Are these Bruins??? YC' RES The Arvin Bruins made an outstanding showing tor Arvin this year. Many ot the boys will move up to the Varsity team next year where it is hoped they will do the same. Co-captained by Terry Craven and .loquin Cruz and coached by Mr. Polite and Mr. Klinger they never gave up while trying tor the league championship. Arvin pays tribute for a job well done. Good game? 9 fU'l'9'I'ANDlN'f A'l'i-ILE' E9 Wresrllng Awards left ro right: Larry Whirson-Oursranding Carlos Royal-Mos? Inspirational Lynn Reade-Mos? improved and highest scholastic record. fi .uri gl in P Baslcefball Awards left To rlghfr Kennerh Glbson7OursTanding player Sonny Llndsey-highest number of free throws Terry Craven-highest scholastic record nor picwred: Richard Vieyra, mos? lmproyed player. Dan Anderson Lynn Reade Good Jump Arvm WN -we ..-1' Home Run Ruchard track stars 90055 Sh-vf CUbS Arvin Hgns Varslly football team Jim Holiday J. L. Bonds ""' Bibi -l'- ALL The B baskeTball Team had The some schedule as The var snTy Team Many exTra good players were developed on The B Team Thus year and will be useful To The varslTy for nexT years basketball Team Cooch My Boyle B Class Yell Leaders Good shot Brom Bac row left To r1ghT C Prater P Hatrudge J MnTchell and Coach M Barle Fronf row left To right C Devm D Lambert C Prerson G Lundqursf E Anderson and R Patruck Jump Lambert' l32 vvkk I' fx I"'l'j I' C I" fl . Yr V. 9 Vl J V Bibi -l' 61-X..L Couch Moscom Jump ball' Jumor Vorsny huddle 4 Left to right. F. Hollum, W. Ligon, R. Cofrell, R. Stauss, W, Gosch, L. Leonord, T. Lopez, R. Patrick, D. Smith J Stokes, Coach Mr. Mosconi. J BS BASKE-I'l'BA!.L "C" class basketball game Coach Mr Klmger varslTy games These boys on The C class Team goT good Trammg nn The bas keTball Tundamemals and will be able To play for The Varslfy Team In a few years The "C" class baskeTbalI Team plays in The afTernoor1 before The "B" class and ' aw" ' ll IA: SITY fr QQBI' -- ,-of Arvun Hugh rooters Jrm Holnday J L Bonds Terry Craven Back row left fo rnghf J Leanord J Statler G Moser B Sforfs B Purnphrey E Klase J Holvday H '5OlGl'I0 D Sfollz M Duke Front row left To rnghf Coach Mr Sewer B Tucker T Craven R Brown R Vneyra J Bonds P Vasquez D Cherry H Satferfueld 14 4 L Iwi' P ff ia! ff Terry Craven Harold Satterfueld Coach Mr. Sevier Some of the teams that the Varsuty Baseball team has beaten are Bcukerstuelcl Hugh School Portervulle Hugh School Wasco Hugh School, Shatter Hugh School and South Hugh was ,....- ggxwd-f-M 1,69 Scorekeepers Jerruanne Mecham Lavedcu Shuelds Jana Lyttle Ccuryn Cantor Carol Weeks ' C6 Bonds Rucha rd Vueyrcu -lug.. 137 Jl Nl' R Vi RSITY BASEBALL ...' T 9- 4 R. FQ? 9 P Q v 9 L Y lf lj ef '- rf 4 H 5-v J -Eg 'i 251- rm'-um The Jumor Vorsnfy hos o very good record so for They ploy on The some schedule os The Vorsuty ond Freshmon boseboll Teoms They hove beofen Bokersfneld Shoffer Wosco Scmfo Morro ond South Hrgh School 'F We-4 Qi-,fl 'w-f"'sLE?i,' Tw uwrgifjfw' WWW' Run Arvnn stretch Arvm Batter upl ,4uhul'll' m 138 A if' v ii 'S . ere h 'q ry e . ' A L2 , A P A 'x be 2 T ' yy,. x y A T . 1 N Ac Rv .pf ,fy T r A' , I Q F3 K ' K g 9-T T X T V ,- - A ' V fr: b M 1. A X ,X .- Q 5 K vii ?,1V. r , Y . 4 H T 1 - .- .1 y ' f . ' x X , 3 f , f i 4 fx o ,T ' X V ' M . T , QA 4 hw' ugh QM Lf M ff J' ' 'M M I I ' A . X ,w G' A X Q v Lp, I ' M .Q Q.f1.' . ..,.. . . Q . j ' A la X . I - I L - -my ' an fr- ' , ' --- -'S ' '- I - f ' E We '?'f"Zf1 ' ' I I I I , . 4 , ki , . W K L ' . 'Q ' f - 4 V ,Q :ar 'wnizlffzl ,VVV Q jr-W' . ,filygizk -ig.. r b 4, 4, , f T -4 y Q 5' D - ' ' . 5. . . , . . W. I v 1 . ' g Q "U . .' ' .3 V A f' ...W LVM-V" . ' 'gg-xl :Q ,h , "f,- "-" -rg! jug? M," . -f-4,---A' . ff 995 Ffffiwi ,.1, fi".- A' T- 1 ' Me' ,.1 - . ref s' ' f ' 7Lf ?ii5.' ,, ' "T M '- ifffgfyk ,'-.T " "-1,5 Aga! ' Yea Arvin J.V.'s f-H-gg. 1 X I ' 1 i , -4 - W ' ' 3 z ,L Coach Mr. Sawyer ' -AEM' 1- ,' ' P my ,A , , . '. ' . ij' 'gggfw .I in ,V , 1 ' ' ' '. , , W, - ezxqyyfg . .Mg:.,,.- ve Awm J' V' Team 3.f"-l':3i':1.T', L K5.'-'.?1-filfiigf-5351-'1'-1 v . .,, N . . ,. - ru- . .r'i.,.'A. V ' -- - - .-.X -,-1--3-.. R. L. Sfauss Coach Mr. Sawyer at bat. .-eu 4 Arvin won this game T, Craven Boys on the bench v-'Q' FRESH-lF'li-XN BASEBALL iff A game at Arvln Hugh Coach Pollfe The Freshman Baseball Team ns coached by Mr Polnte and ss only for freshman They play other Teams In The league The same fume the varsity and lunlor vorslfy play 'rheur games He s out! fs pgh ,IF N in kgagy u :Whip su My x ld, XT RN ,lawn ll' vm sRV'V if 1 HIV!! V l4 The Freshman baseball Team has been doing pretty good so far They beof South Hugh School T61 and Shaffer Hugh School 25 5 ' Qbmv' -4 W YL ,S T at ef- ,J V '- W Kathy Gomer Marcello Sherrill Suson Hcindvl ond Peggy Duncan Miss Moe-Iler 'IF 5' TENNIS The Girls' Tennis Teom practice offer school ond then goto other schools in this oreo for tennis motchesr They hove clone very well this yeor, winning olnwost every gome. Girls' Tennis Cooch, Miss Moellor i if Bock row, left to right: Cothy Loioie, Peggy Duncon, Betty Johnson, Koy Campbell, Chorlotte Killion, Cooch Miss Moellor. Front row, left to right: JoAnne Kurtz, Fronces Sellors, Suson Hondel, Borboro Ortiz, Kothy Gomer, Marcello Sherrill, f'x""'x ,5 Coach Olan Polite These boys represent the different weight divisions on the wrestling team. U Vf,f1f Lynn Reade, Larry Whitson. Both boys attended the Califor nia State meet at Turlock. WRESTLING T Ei-XVI The wrestling team did extremely well this year in com- petition. Out of twelve boys who attended divisional finals, five went on to the county finals, and from that four went on to state. ' " Back row, left to right: O. Polite, R Brown, D. Holman, B. Gannon, J. Ford L. Reade, K. Wells, R. Smith, D, Williams L. Johnson. Front row, left to right B. Brown, C. Blankenship, E. Mainus ridge, S. Arvizu. I I D. Dosier, B. Hallum, L. Whitson, B. Eth- Coach Mr. Winkler bv? .fy ,Q r 41' rm' kv' S. A I li Alvino Luion ' N Morris Nix 'rrvxcx ' :EAM The Track Team has several record breakers This year. They are: Tom Jones, Alvino Luian, Gi Gi 'Billingsly, and Morris Nix. Back row, leff To right: Coaches Mr. Winkler, Mr, Barle, G. Young, K. Gibson, J. Stokes, E, Anderson, T. Jones, E. Church, L. Reade, K. Claiborne, J. Burkes, J. Gibson, T. Boafright. Middle row, leff to right: G. Hermitte, J. Gibson, E. Mainus, D. Kerry, J. Kerry, R. Ward, A, Alcala, J. Reynolds, E. Aday, D. Langston, C. Gonzaga. First row, lefr To right. A. Luian, G. Billingsly, J. Cruz, D. Anderson, G. Lundquisf, J. Toy, M, Nix, B. Prescott, L. Baker, L. Martinez, G, Pifrs, J. Etheridge. .1-,Q2..11.:z:x::ss ..zfe.3.-,.....- . . ...-.-.e. 4, 1T, I Back row, lett to right: W. Gosch, K. Hopkins, R. Smith, M. True, K. Wells, S. Aryizu, D. Priddy, D. Walker, W. Aday, L, Robinson, D. Holman, D, Rohrbach. Middle row, left to right: Coach Mr. Klinger, L. Campbell, W. Ligon, J. Mitchell, B. Londsborough, B, DeTunq, J, Castro, L. Whitson, L. Johnson, D. McMahon, M. Caves. Front row, left to right: C. Davis, D. Doshier, O. Royal, P. Hatridge, L. Elliot, L. Hampton, E. Solyords, D, Autry, J. Toy, V. Cornbell, C, Royal, The swimming team is using the new pool at Di Giorgio Park this yeor. Many boys are out for the team this year including many Freshmen. They attend swimming meets with other schools in the valley. SWIP'lP'IlNG T EAP! Wesley Gosch Dick Rohrbach Hp -.ZS JSM Q..-x. 'M ,gig Coach, Mr. Klinger 46 SEN! ri CAL:-.NDr r Sensor Play Sensor Ball Order Cap 84 Gowns Order Announcements Bakersfield College Day Career Day Armed Forces Day Semor Girls Tea Senior Banquet Pvcnuc Baccalaureate Senlor Breakfast Graduatuon Final Flmg Motto Honest Effort Brings Success Colors Powder Blue 84 Silver Flower Carnatuon November 5 81 6 December 18 February ll March 2 6 Apr: Apr: May May May May June June June I' I' 5 I- ' ............................ 'I23 ' ' ................................... May 6 ' .................................... 21 " .......................................... . 22 ' ................................... 5 ' ....................................... 5 ' ' ...................................... . 5 WVAN Q NG Accordnng to Webster a swan song ns a poetlc muslcal or artlstuc work composed shortly be fore The death of the author After worklng furiously to meet deadlines on time I feel quite close to The end The tumes we worked late burning The midnight oll The vacations spent wrlt :ng copy and Trying to fund names to go with faces and The many lost negatives and pictures we spent hours lookung for are only a few of The many enloyable expenences that we have had this past year whale working on The Praeterlta It IS quite dlfflcult To express The feeling one has for The annual when one watches nt grow from scratch At The begrnnlng of The year It seems almost umpossnble that all The deadlnnes will be met on tlme and as The year dwxndles away slowly but surely The pages are completed and Turned nn To The publlsher After The last page ns completed There as The suspense of wanting to see The pages bound together with the cover The last few weeks before the Praeterlta IS seen IS slow torture for the edntor and the staff If you the average student have any complalnts about the annual loan the staff and you wnll understand the duffucult task nt IS to try and please everyone to announce that at the tlme the annual went to press there was no need for such a page Wlth these hands the staff members Tolled for you The students so that you could have a book to remember your hrgh school days I would luke to thank the hands of the many people that helped an The production of the book Kathy Taylor my assustant edntor who also doubled as copy edntor Thank you Kathy Ruby Forrest art edntor your art work was the flavor whlch per fected The book I appreciate It To you Connle Spradley the bustness manager whose spnrnt and humor even when the future seemed dark made the work look posslble Thanks' Thanks also To Caddie Fralr advertlsung manager for gatherlng ads which we need In order to publlsh our annual Lrnda Cooper sales manager who spent much of her own tame nncludung many lunch hours sellsng Praterntas which also made IT posszble for us to publush the annual my thanks To our advnsors Mr Oleson and Mr Luttrell our snncere thanks for your understand Ing guldance and effort And last but not least my thanks to my brother Wayne for desngnlng our cover thus year This year I may truthfully call the greatest year In my llfe To have been grven the opportunrty to serve as editor makes me feel honored and proud But with myself alone the 'ob never would have been done For It Takes not merely an editor but also such a staff as I have been fortunate to have Norma Lxgon Edltor 1959 Praeteruta 1 X 5 5 5 5 5 Some of you may have noticed this year that there is no "In Memoriam" page. I am very happy 'iff' V' 'V fldk' NT' Mjgigg. 51414 598' sew L va woo PI9'lSJ91l0H 1s lf-we ooz SOUIV 8331301 EVANS BOYCE SPnng 4 5486 101 Third Avenue Avm Callfornla ARVIN VARIETY STORE 201 3rd ST Arvln Calif SP 4 5410 CASA MOORE FUURNITURE 1001 Baker Sf Bakersfield Calif FA 5 8646 Compliments of BARQ S BOTTLING COMPANY Bakersfneld Collf A 8. E GARAGE Complete Automotlve Reparr spfmg 4 2491 WICKERSHAM JEWELERS 1531 19th Street Phone FAurvlew4 6521 Bakersfield California HARRY COFFEES Frne quality apparel for men women and Just Taste the Dnfference boys Two flne stores to serve you ce Cottage Cream Cheese Mrk Downtown Westchester 1409 19th 2701 F st .lohnme s Market 8. Service Statlon Only CARNATION could make t so good Cn 150 Vmelund Beauty Shop Rt 6 Box 210 Bakersfield, Calrforma r . I . . ' 1 V . 132 E. 2-lst Sf. 801 Third Sf., Arvin 7 . 1 I l 'I U , I U " i d ' I BEST WISHES LAJORIE'S BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Phone Arvln Callf SP 4 2777 745 3rd St BEST WISHES from ENGRAVERS CORPORATION Graduatnon Announcements Dnplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophles WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Club Pms 235 Irene Street Bakersfield Calnf .Iosten s Famous Class Rmgs CAL RAY COOKIES CANDIES 1044 South Hope Street Los Angeles I5 Cal forma CONGRATULATIONS tothe CLASS OF T959 HOLLIDAYS BEAUTY NOOK '33 Sm' S' A'V"' KIRBYS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES VALLEY AUTO PARTS Delivery 1241 Tlufd Automotive and Farm Supplies Joe Yakstlck Proprietor Maul PO Box 428 PhonesP42116 po BOX7 AW CG"f 605 Grd Sf Phone spfmg 4 5472 N0 DELAY SHOE STORE 222 3rd ANU' Arvln Calnfornla Best Wwhes RCA Whrrlpool Products to the Class of T958 151 Phone SP 4 5724 ,,.1.............-- - . - - ,' I ' , U , . . , Phone SP 4-5917 11 ' rowers a Shippers of the Wnrldk finest NI nlnnuln rnull NNNNNHHIINN SAN FNNNEISEU, EMIFNNNIA WINTER HAVEN, HNNINN Public Accountant Notary Public R B SHANE Real Estate Insurance 77' Third Ave Arvm Phone SPrmg 4 5456 PRAETERITA Page 153 CLARK PEST CONTROL 530 California Ave. FA 5-7211 Bakersfield, California Blacksmithing Welding Repairs Industrial Supplies ARVIN ENGINEERING CO Manufacturing Engineers 941 South Derby Road P O Box 427 SPrlng 4 5756 Arvin LAWSON S JEWELRY 2 Locations 2022 Chester Ave Bakersfield 1507 19th Street Bakersfield House of Perfect Diamonds Compliments of SAN JOUQUIN TRACTOR CO E ah ARVIN l LUMBER i I COMPANY 4.-P LUMBER HARDWARE PAINT PLUMBING Your friendly Allis Chalmers Dealers STEEL- PRODUCTS ROOFING CEMENT REDI MIX CONCRETE AND PLASTER ARVIN LUMBER COMPANY 416 3rd Avenue Arvin Phone SPrmg 4 5650 Mr Berrego 8K Vane Queen ,tw pemrwia 1225 IW f mcg Peaches 8. Nectarnnes J J 81Royal K Brands JOHN .I KOVACEVICH P O Box 488 Arvun GROWERS PACKERS SHIPPERS SPrnng 4 5627 x,L'41x . L X 'ir -SS? CALCOT LTD P O BOX 3217 BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA CONGRATULATIONS BANK OF AMERICA 500 Third Street Arvln Calnfornla PEPPER BOTILING co 01Pe,apel 'rx X 7' . AIX 621 East 21st Street, Bakersfueld 4 Congratulations, Graduates for your future Dream Home see CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT CO. Harry Swanson, General Contractor 317 Orange St SP 4 5747 Nw .mn DELBERT L. SMITH Insurance Arvnn 529 Thrrd Ave Phone spfmg 4 5581 ,Q v -Rudi' N RANDALL S DRUGS LAMONT 2OO Mann St Phone Lamont TH 5 1056 DAN THOMPSON local agent Sunset Blvd 8. Commanche Dr P O Box 668 Arvln Caltf Lamont Office Arvm Office TH 5 0567 SP 4 5515 SPROUSE REITZ CO INC Variety Store T C Grlffan Mgr 240 Third Street Arvnn Phone SPrlng 4 9932 THREE WAY CHEVROLET CO BAKERSFIELD 22nd and CHESTER FA 5 9441 ln the Center of Bakersfield TOPS COFFEE SHOP Lamont EM 6 9907 ARVIN PHARMACY SP 4 5423 129 Thurd Ave Arvun Calnf EVELYN BROWN S FASHION SHOPPE 262 Ma n Street Lamont EMp e 6 7734 ARVIN Tll. Commerc al Pr nt n and Ad e t s g 523 Thtrd Street Arvln SPr ng 4 2356 COUCH S JEWELRY WATCHES Elgm Bulova etc 233 Th rd Street A l' In SPr ng 4 5924 DUKE S REPAIR SHOP Lawn Mower Sharpen: g and Repannng Power Mower Speclal sts T 51034 513 Man St Lamont Calnf 155 I .f"T., ap.. Q - O' l t 980 Mom sf. Jerry Bfycnf v usa i i i g 5 Av ri in ir - , l , . or , ' 'n D I ' I . ' ' ' , H - i . V - . I . ' ' nu ,. B f is URW 5 7. Q V ASVIN TIRE CQ, Q ' I ' A ' ' w,..AulDQi.i Nulngap as E '55 c,,lu. ARVIN OIL 81 TIRE COMPANY 8lI Thnrd Ave Phone SPrung 45435 Mrich Pavlovuc Dnsfrnbufor for I-Iancock Pefroleum Producfs and U S Royal Tnres One Day Recappung Servuce Save Tume A+ Our I-Iancock Serv Ur Self Sfahon ARVIN CQ OP GINS Grower Cwned and Grower Operafed Specnaluzmg rn Machme Packed Coffon Rou+e No I Box 759 Phone SPr1ng 4 5744 ROY KLASE Manager ARVIN 'S 'Qtr ...Q .ua 'fa ...Q muo n' K ' I as ll I .I I , , 5 . . , , , V Y -., Q :f '- h cv ' , 7,71 P v - 'r qs. R., . : ' ' ' if , , , ' . if sq X . VJ ,, V . I ' 1- 1 A . ... ' 1 .9 1 V ie, I R V ,Q l , I . ' - . . fe . .. . Y -. . ,- s ,mm '+'v-.skkxw . q., 'aft A - I -, "1-sw Q Q - I".,K-. ' 1 ' i , . ,E-Ev 1 ,I MXL- 1-.FP-1 E 4 , ' ' ig, V ' ' ' 'Z , L- , V 1 V,-is P fl 5, 125 1 ' ,f ., A ' Q , . - K - 'V 1 - -, 522: l nl ll . . . . . . . , - I ",1l -., concmi we QQ, hr-fm 5. 5 1 W xv 'L306s. amy fm ,,Q,,ef ,.. :YYY i lll lvl X" I IIIIIIII . III uum !n mugs r . I If is . li C4 .' " K 5, E 5 I 1 2 . : L gf? 51359335- is -4, N' w-1 if I A- Q --1-H -if - 3 rf I-1' Q-11 M -Q-mam il2f1iSfC'iG11'lLQf51W6JGfGl .-d',l'4-y 1 U' . ' q Ax , 401 .1 C1LLlP,.lmSC-Ci im' QL ci: ihese pIc:iul'-- made ,lf ' I 1 ' H Q . 'X A by .ltiu L-Lralltdey io be C5l1ii5l'EK?i in ihe Eczsimczn - A " - " 'D if Q' ,Q-rg ' 17 "- gf -15Kczdqz.Eu1i15si' and in place-6 QU exhilafi' in Kem NQQAEISFF - 'ff ' -- ' Q , 4-Kfziwlmiy Ltlsmggs iilfgl-8LMT1l11LH.'. v , ,, . ,, : . ,,. . 4 .1 "N - A . - .,, ,-A ,,,f- 0' J, ,. THE KING LUMBER CO 125 East Bear Mt SP 4 2334 Lumber 8. Bulldmg Supplies Fuller Paints Tools 81 Hardware FOX RADIO AND ELECTRIC THIRD STREET ARVIN 312 MAIN STREET LAMONT CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASSOF1959 IDEAL SHOPPE Opal Chaplm 209 Thlrd Street Arvln Phone SPrmg 4 2101 CHAPLIN S MENS STORE FOR ALL YOUR CLOTHING NEEDS Phone SPrmg 4 2536 123 3rd St Arvun Calif Compliments of TOWNE PHOTO SUPPLY INC YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS 1609 19th Street Bakersfleld Phone FAlrvlew 4 4519 LAMONT NURSERY AND FLORIST Flowers for every occaslon Fertnllzers pottery Gufsts Bards and Pet Supplues 517 Mann Lamont TH 5 1280 Congratulatlons BAKERSFIELD BEARING 8. MOTOR SUPPLY CO 200 H Street Bakersfneld Callt Phone FA 4 6741 BAKERSFIELD ABSTRACT DIVISION Tutle Insurance 84 Trust Company Tltle Insurance Escrows 1331 Chester Ave Bakersfreld Calrfornla FA 5 5741 Bug enough to serve you small enough to know you Compliments ofthe BOTTLING COMPANY 230 East 18th Bakersfield Cahf Buy Thus R ALP H SM I T H 1918 Eye St Bakerstneld I 228 - I 1 I ' . Complete Movie Film Library 1 I ' ' I l - . - "Flowers Best Express Your Thoughts" LOG CABIN FLORISTS Jim and Eve Riggins 404 Eighteenth St. Bakersfield Phone FAirview 7-8646 See us for that unique corsage. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORP. OF BAKERSFIELD 414 Nineteenth Street Bakersfield Phone FA 4-6531 Kern County's Largest Music Studo TOONS 825 Chester Ave. Bakersfield PIANOS ORGANS Wurlitzer - Gulbransen 0 Wurlitzer - Thomas Accordions Year Around Accordion School GEO. HABERFELDE, INC. Kern County's Volume FORD DEALER 1501 Chester Bakersfield Compliments of FLICKINGER S COMPLETE LINE OF PURINA CHOWS 980 18th Street Bakersfield Phone FA 2 3451 COMPLIMENTS EASY WAY MARKET 801 Haven Drive Arvm John C Moore Claude Botkin ARVIN POTATO COMPANY PO Box 162 Arvln Calif SPring 4 5576 Best Wishes MILLER S DRUG STORE John Peters 3rd Street ATVIVI Congratulations from GUARANTEE SHOE CENTER 160 Bakersfield FA 5 8751 BERCHTOLD EQUIPMENT CO Bakersfield California I of 1 h 2101 Chester Ave. P one 330 E- wth ST. FA' 3-7818 P M A F rsncuson The Ferguson 35 has amazmg power and tractlon more than any other tractor ut tts lield Pulls 3 furrow plows o erates at rock bottom cost ez complete lzne P In 3 models the popular Deluxe the new 35 Dlesel and the extra low cost Special o tractors oy Massey Ferguson THE MASSEY FERGUSON SYSTEM 0F MECHANIZED FARMING MASSEY FERGIISUN You get front mounted cultlvatron on all 4 front end styles plus 3 plow power Ferguson 3 Pornt Hutch and the other famous Ferguson System features A versatile tractor on any farm Avarlable rn gasolme LPG hrgh altitude models In ,ia .Vi-'iss-' Phone SPrmg 4 5501 Phone FArvuew 5 5837 Bokersfneld Lune EMp1re 6 8415 1610 E Truxfon Ave Arvm, Cctllfornlo Bakersfield Ccllsformo 161 7-g?E ' 01' 50 OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES VALLEY orrlcf SUPPLY co. BAKERN UQUID GAS C0- 1622 19th Sf Free Parking Gos Appllonces Bokersfueld FA 4 975l CONSOLIDATED PIPE COMPANY Well Coslngs ulverts onks Truxfon Ave and 99 Highway Phone Bokersfleld FA 4 9831 Bula ne Propo ne Corburehon Weed Control PO Box 208 730 South Unlon Avenue Phone FA 4 9781 Bo kersfueld Colxfornnc Ll 'WUT BED tg 'WALQL George Slmpson Motors Inc CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE 162 Arvm Phone SPnng 4 5745 and EMprre 6 6000 KELLYS FORMAL WEAR For Every Occcmslon T315 I9fh Sf Bakersfueld Cclrf Compl ments BROOKS AUTO PARTS SERVICE 792 Thnrd St SP 4 5906 Arvun O RIGHELLIS O D OPTOMETRIST 335 Th rd A enue A I'VIT'l Ervlplfe 6 5338 WRIGHT S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Toys Hardware Clothmg T56 Third St Arvln Phone SP 4 5421 SAM WOO LAUNDRY on CLEANERS 19th 8- 0 Streets Balfersfneld Calif BUY A PLASTIC COVER TO PROTECT YOUR YEARBOOK Sillfiouefle by Don SmiTl1 erilered in Eosi- mom Kodak contest will be on display in brcmclies of Kern County Library this summer. -f?N . F is -uls""'Z , ,. 'ffflrili ' Q i 'l l i f Ti' is V 'Z ii fi l fir' ghe Baktfgfirlb Qlalifnfuian Yof Home Town Psewepols-' P.O. Bin 440, Bakersfield Publislwers o Prinlers o Pl'1o+o Engravers MILK U ' U Ice CREAM ' ' iso E. iam Bakersfield Buy every issue - Get all of the Campus News BEAR FACFS Published Bu weekly by the lournalism classes A Successful Future to All Members of the Graduating Class of 1959 of Arvin High School HUGH S. JEWETT 2201 F Street Bakersfield A Successful Future to All Members of the Graduating Class of 1959 of Arvin High School POMEROY AND JEWETF 2201 F Street Bakersfield Best Wishes from HOYTS SUPEREITE BUY YOUR One Stop Shopping 991 Main St Lamont NG CENTER PRAETERITA EARLY Books will go on sale registration day next fall Same Prices with student body card S2 75 without student body card 3 25 I ' -f 1960 w , 3 . . 11 S Swami. A y rden f X X BASEMLLDIAMOW R :fame ATI-LETS PRACTICE r-tw R GIRLS LOCKER ROOM wooo A METAL AUTO SCHOOL Agmcugmg snow snow SHOP MANTBMNCE AG l'7 MA 4 MA3 DMI ' M Y FARM sHoPs Q crm. BIOLOGY X ART PHYSICS senvlcg 36 5 34 33 32 3l 30 L PARKIIG MAT!-EMATICS SOCIAL 'srwss 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 2I 20 LAWN SOCIAL sruozs ENGLISH I9 B I7 I6 I5 I4 I3 I2 II IO LANGUAGES LIBRARY sruuv R HALL 9 3 7 6 sruozwr ammo HJSZOINE LAWN X 'ARVIN HIGH ARVN. CALFOI FED!-DUSE FOOTIALLFELD BOYS LOCKER ROGI M TEIOIS CGRTS CAFETERIA STUDENT lNON HOMEMAKIKS If I-2 STUDENT CANPUS MUSIC HILDNG PARKIW ALDITORIUM BUSNESS O03 IO4 D5 COLNS. ADMN. OFFCE LAVN In K LUN X ill!!! IPM ETDGS' LXIEIS i ff PICA- Admlnrstratuon Agrlculture Dept Arrows Servnce Art Dept Baby Plctures Band Baseball Basketball Bear Facts Block A Board of Trustees Bo s PE Brush 84 Palette Business Education Dept Campus Stott Cheerleaders Chess Club Counselors C F S Dedncatlon Deb Teens Englrsh Dept Faculty F B L F F A F l-l A Football Foreugn Language Foreword Freshman Class G A A Girls League Home Economxcs Dept 68 69 6 4 4 127 12 131 59 65 82 83 84 85 INDE' Industrnal Arts Dept Junuor Class Los Amngos Masters 84 Marms Masquers Mathematics Dept Mechanical Arts Dept Medlcs Natnonal Forensncs Orchesus P T A Photography Physical Education Praeteruta Staff Prnncupal s Message Science Dept Scvence Club Sensor Class Sensor Play Shreld 8g Sabre Snow Queen and Court Socnal Studnes Dept Song Leaders Sophornores Student Councll Students Store Swan Song Swimming Technlcrans Tenms Track Vocal Muslc Wrestlmg 46 52 92 93 120 121 96 97 24 39 86 87 53 58 42 43 i I " ' ................. 8-9 4 . .......... ...111 ' . ................ 108 ' ............... .. - ' ................. 71 ' .................... 90 . .....,................ 109 ..... ' ,......... 7 6 ' ................. - ..................... 91 ' .................132-135 ' "H ..................... 73 ' ................... ...95 y' .. ...............,,.... 120 .................. .loo ' ' . ......... 110 ' ............ - Club Council ................... 70 Secretarial Staff ................ 18 ' ' .,.................. 6-7 ' ................. 102 - ......,.............. 79 ........ - ' . ......,........... 112 ' ' . .......... ...119 .,....................... 80 ' ............ - ' S .............. 113 ' ' ..................... 145 - '....................141-142 ...................... - ....................... -144 " ........... 1 ...... - ' ................. ..104 ' . ........... 114 ' ............... ..... 1 43 f me H IH ff u ,, HH' . ,. .- 4. --rv, JF 'rv'--1 B- -3 u ' f Ijfflrfflrfffffn IMI If fm fy J , Ilf ffl, KM!!! fflifff f - 1 .r rv n on .-.A

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