Arvin High School - Praeterita Yearbook (Arvin, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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Arvin High School - Praeterita Yearbook (Arvin, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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V' -,,n-' , 'L. .,,, TF - '3 'Fi - Y 'H' "' ' " Go LDILQ . I .- 1 'Wo , QEE , A S J 1 , af 11 N if-N U0 .5235 NW U H Alu 1 Cffjwi F G .jf THE 11' f N! 5 W ah GX BE R Q W , A f EX Q- xi uf! I " 'D 5 1,1 x 1 614 ff ui , DQ , f cl' I Qi' Ag X X 'ff X PM S ch! SW, f '0 'A Kwai! N Lf, r QGOLDI W t x oxf AND QOCK3 E .J . BE E H W M xv VW 79 ARS 1 f ff film , 'Wg Gfffbmofffsw Q . jr D THE .J m XZ G 1 5 Z f 2 ll f ll Q fi JL,-N, Dm: q ' 'N THQQE f BEARS , 1 . X, ., 5, 1. xx X I x Q x l 1 j i f 5 , 7 g l K , Ad , E Q- 'Q Q 5 wk R! I 4 ry 1. " D5 4 1 . fa A X f '- -mr Q all Arxlg THR C S K EARS dl.,-N, DE X 5 X A3f'iN n F Q may WMP? wi L 45 VXN A 532' Sl' , . J ..J. 4 Hui.. 4-,, : .,'-5:x,f:,LL . .r ,- xx ,sv -, ,..g' fl. .-af 5-'-gg 1142- 1 Q s-.".1l?- .1-H26 S- "M Xlurz- , ff -'ilu , , f At ,fn-L-'. -af4,2q:..' ,,,.'1:,, -it-1Q.U.y-' ffl , ' . , -,N .. , A BZ I --'fi ,K ,,, , M. fc' V-pn if m ?g 3 ., E 'fx , 1' .f fini- " ' -L if 'I Leg.,-sg 9 ix ,: I4 if Q, X21 ,,m.:. '+. . A cuz:--f , we '- X, gn 5.. , f I-Wt!! 1, ,Y ,JB yr, , M. M: . ca 4-,V Y. 1 - ff -is sf" 1 4 ff. 1, 5:32 ,V L 4 PRAETERITA Volume ll Published by Hue Sludenfs of ARVIN l-HGH SCHOOL Arvin, California I95I VESTA LEE HUNT - ---- EDITOR VERNER STENDERUP - - BUSINESS MANAGER ' X, ey gn- - vis W , .4 My 4 1 Q 2, we xka M 5 832 .ww 1 5 my +7 A r 1 WW? x 'iw Y asus 'L'- Kia M ar X QSQN .ls SZQWXSV WW Y 9 J Q am Q mines LS M Mig? .- ' K 1 2i2q3QI7' j , C '15 i s -f, . W 1? E 3 ..-w r, ---f .. Y X .. w 149 22.-:L' 1 , ---- 4 1 wwighw .M 1 Q ,, E xafr , W , 1 Q . ai. g m? M515 ww,-v'fei ie , 2 4 K G w,f.aYfN,23w1 a? Sf 1 if " Ls wml w gmii ' fs K , 7 A , . f gg-gm ,Zw.1 , iL, :sq , E, , ,,g. 3 Mf Z x I . A iimw, N A ' Q .531 X WW i 3 3 ,ya X I I ' gi nf f gf K . 1, ,ii " ' - X :E H1 M 1 U f 52 192 4 wa? MPWW 4 Wm FW my . V :ma QM x M , ya A1 'Pg ,au w 'Av s. 757 ,X nz C? I if: H x 4 DEDICATICDN To fhe sfudenfs and feachers we no longer see in fhe classrooms and corridors of Arvin l-ligh, who are now in fhe milifary forces. fhe I95I Praeferifa is dedicafed. During fhe pasf year we've missed fhese men af club meeflngs, in fhe roofing secfion, in fhe many places Arvin sfudenfs and feachers gafher. Sponfaneously in class, over lunch frays in fhe Cafeferia, or In lazy groups on fhe lawn. we have found our- selves fallcing abouf fhem. We've spoken wifh respecf of fheir parf in fhe defense of our counfry's freedom. We've expressed concern over fheir well-being. We wish now fo share our pride wifh everyone who opens fhis book by dedicafing fhe I95l Praeferifa fo fhe servicemen from Arvin l-ligh School. XI' il I i i 4 ' x4' 1 f' .Q 56 ,- , 6 ADMIINIISTRATICDN will-V x I M841 H X je,EAF4 gjn 72+ V 1 1+ 5 QE L4 , 2 Fel! gg lg WWW ' ,' f 1 ,, f f K 'n in W Nu W gm 24 .jfjj Q l k 1 E -X 5' A., is J - g .l'1 1 BEARD I.. Mc 8 TRUSTEES C DisTricT SuperinTendenT and SecreTary of The Board oT TrusTees The Kern CounTy Union High School DisTric:T Board oT TrusTees and DisTricT SuperinTendenT, T. I.. Mcfluen, are responsible Tor The over-all direcTion oT The member- schools oT The DisTricT. DuTies oT The Board include deTer- minaTion oT The building program, employmenT oT per- sonnel in The DisTriCT, approval OT TexTboolcs, and The adopTion oT The annual budgeT. T 2 5 l RD OF TRUSTEES-AlberT S. Gould: C. W. O'Neill, Clerlcg l-T. E, WoodworTh, PresidenT3 Emil Benderg William T. Baldwin, PRINCIPAL Mr. Clyde Dawald This piclorial and prinred record of Jrhe highlighrs of Jrhe second year of operalion of Ihe Arvin I-Iigh School cerlainly provides one wirh many pleasam' reminiscences of a mos+ salrislying school year. The increased facililies of Ihe school, Ihe added maIuri+y of our srudenls, and The high morale ar Arvin I-Iigh School, have all combined I'o provide a year of accomplishmenls of which we are very proud. We are proud now. and our pride will increase wilh Ihe passing years as we Iurn Ire- quenlly 'ro rhe pages ol Ihis book Io refresh our memory of Ihe many golden hours spenl here. War clouds again galher on Ihe horizon, iusl as Ihey have for 'rhe Iwo preceding generalions, bul we musl be prepared Io meel I'his emer- gency as we are being prepared Io mee'r Ihe myriad of problems Ihar will face us in adull' life. I am comcidenl of success in bolh inslances. - Clyde Dawald ,andy .wma Mr. Arfhur Johnson Mr. Edwin DeMello Miss Earlene Walers Dean of Boys Dire-ilor ol Tesling Head Girls' Counselor Head Boys' Counselor CCDUNSELCDRS QI! TOPfWlieTl1el' llne Topic is scinool, home. or job, Jonnie Hallum finds Mrs. Cleo Kilfell learns llnal Juanila Pe-Hy is lnavinq a line lirne Miss Earlene Walei's ri good liefener. Arvin Hiqlw. BQTTQM-Wlniclw mllme? Ji, Ederra and Gerald Cope have comic. From Miss Ann Boring Marie Walls and Anna Auslin learn llwerc lo Mr, Edwin DeMQllo and Mi. Arr Jolin-,on for some lwelplul adviro. many inleroslinq suluiecl majors open lo girls al Arvin. FACU LTY Miss Emma Abranles Mr. Joe Alcesson Mrs. Blanche Allender Mr. Franlc Barle Mr. Carl Bee Foreign Languages English l-lomemalcinq Boys' Physical Educalion English and Science R Mrs. Paula Berr1hard+ Mr. Forresl Bingham Miss Ann Boring Mr. Jack Bowles Miss Irene Curran English Mechanical Arls Social Science Business Eclucalion Girls' Physical Educaiio I I Mr. Edwin DeMello Mrs. Evelyn Eldredqe Miss Janei Gauldin Mr. Holger Hansen Mr. Merrill Jenkins Social Science Hornemakinq Science Agriculfure Social Science and Maflwernalics 2 X if Q if? Mr, Franlc Jones Mr. Lowell Karnrar Mrs. Cleo Kiiiell Mrs. Genevieve Magruder Miss Marjorie Morrison Enqlislw Mechanical Arls Ma+liema+ics Social Science Social Science and and Aqricullure Mailiemaiics J 8 4a........s.:s 'N f , ' A 1 D 1 X Q ,fi i l , i -i 1' 1. Mr. Bingliarn and Mr. Uplon falce a siroll wifh Jolnnnie Upion. Mrs. Bernliardh Mr. Kamrar. Coach Barle and Mr, Joe Ab are on lnand aller fhe Garces game. Mr. Oliver Paris Miss Slwirlee Parlcor Miss Belle Paulsen Mr. Lewis Preslaqe Miss Lorraine Reed Maflwemalics Ari Social Science Aqriculfure 'FPRW e:,g35niir-Q W 1 fm, Enqlisli Miss Doreen Reavie Mrs, l-lesler Reina Mr. Dan Robinson Mr. RoberrSrni1l'i Miss Viclci Smollwer Business Educarion Enqlish Mechanical Arls Music Coach Jim Warerrnan Seven larulry women loin Mr, l-lansen al flue Bonfire Rally. spealrs ar Bonlire Rally Social Science L i 1"'lisi ,sau Mr. Alcesson, Miss Paulsen and Mi, Jones cn a cold foolball ni Jr? Mr. l-lenry Springer Boys' Physical Educalion Miss Jean Thompson Mr. Jack Troul Mr. Deane Uplon Mr. James Waferman Music Boys' Physical Educafion Mechanical Arls Boys' Physical Educafion Miss Earline Walers Social Science Mr. Allen Webb Miss Ann Weisul Mr. John Wefzler Miss Sara Wilson English Business Educalion Library Girls' Physical Educalion Mrs. Freda l-lamilfon Lieul. John l-layner On leave ol absence On mililary leave of absence l95O-5I I4 IQSO-5I gffyggmg N gf? X 3 Zi x 3 , .WX if W Y'-Nz.: gf" 1 Y TOP--Mr. Dawald Mm. Kiffvll and Mvs. Reina admire We facuffys Homrf-madw qxeeiinq cards. Timvfwuf af Hue Jymlm Dan CEN Q f 1 'HP TER-Vflva Robimm appears doo o iwavmony provided bv Mmes Cuvwan, Snwoilvers and WiYson. Tcachmg IMM1 M "Dr L HMV5 With Bouczlws of HOW," BOTTOM-Social Hour affer Back-Vorschocl NIQM. Carl Bee We Yensmam, The office secreiaries and allendance clerlcs look care of rhe many records and re- poris necessary for Jrhe elli- cienl operalion of Arvin l-ligh School. L-i Mr-., Slow, Principals Secretary. Mrs. Muller, Adminisfralion Office CDFFICE STAFF TOP-Mrs. Arrnacos? and The school nurse, Mrs. Ley. BOTTOM--Mrs. Bafes, Counselors' Secrefary. Mrs. Holliday and Mrs. Washburne, Allendance Clerks, and Mr. Johnson. z if .4 .. .-. CAMPUS WCDRKERS Besides driving The six busses needed 'ro Jrransporl more Than half of The sludenl body lo and from school each day The cus- lodians l4epl Jrhe campus "spic and span." N The cafeleria ladies prepared and served laslry and economical lunches which Jrempred bolh The apperile and pockerboolc. i K v, 1 . TOP-Caleleria Workers: Mrs. Willa Deramus, Mrs. Mary Van Zandt Mrs. Edilh Townsend, Mrs. Alha Slamps, Mrs. Clara Trimble, Mrs. Norma Royal and Mrs. Neva Cannon. Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Johnson, Girls' Locker Room. MIDDLE-Mr. Beavers, Transpor- lalion. BOTTOM-Bus Drivers: Mr. John A. Johnson, Mr. Virgil While, Mr. Arlie Brewer, Mr. Gil Holman, Mr. Alberf Jobe, Mr. Mirchell Burnerl, Mr. Wesley Young. Mr. Dan Avilez, l-lead Cusrodian, and Mr, Bill Pope. nd STUDENT Norman Henderson . . Joe Collins MargareT Rex o Siudeni Body Presldenl Vice-Presidenf SecreTary Mr. Edwin De Mello KenneTl'1 Blueb Advisor Freshman Boy RepresenTaT The main purpose oT a sTuclenT body organizaTion is To give sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To learn The ways oT democraTic governimenT by assisTing in The planning and carrying ouT oT sTudenT aTTairs. The STudenT Council is The cenTral body oT Arvin High School governmenT and is composed oT elecTed represenTaTives who acT Tor all sTudenTs in coordinaTing Their acTiviTies. The major proiecT of The STudenT Council This year has been The wriTing oT a sTudenT body consTiTuTion. Every sTudenT in school had an opporTuniTy To make suggesTions Tor changes in The proposed consTiTu- Tion. The consTiTuTion was Then voTed on by The sTudenT body. Through membership in The Kern CounTy AssociaTion oT STuclenT RepresenTaTives, oTTicers have had an opporTuniTy To meeT wiTh'oTTicers oT oTher high schools in Kern CounTy. ln This way, ideas have been shared and common problems have been discussed. ln The STudenT 6overhmenT Class, open To all sTudenTs and Taken by mosT oT The members oT The Council. elecTed oTTicers have had ample Time To discuss school problems Thoroughly. The STudenT Council has Tried To acT always Tor The greaTesT long-range beneTiT oT all The sTudenTs. -The STudenT Council x GCDVERIXIMEIXIT .M Lillian Sherrill Doris Pierce C. A. Ross Elaine Marlin Treasurer Social Chairman Presidenl ol Boys' Presidenl ol Federalion Girls' League Barbara Higgins Bob Craven John Buclca Evelyn Duke Freshman Girls' Sophomore Presidenl Sophomore Boys' Sophomore Girls' Represenlalive Represenlalive Represenlalive 'qw'-'gf Dave Williams Gelene Cunningham Roberl Johnson Boys' Federalion Represenlalive Vivian Johns Junior Presidenl Girlsl League Freshman Presiclenl Represenlalive John Rulledge Wanda Pender Junior Boys' Junior Girls' Represenlalive Represenlafive The Sludenf Body Council CLASSES aff Q. fx, , ? W 42? Q7 9 ' it J f" , ' r' wg ' W- I x KLA l .' ' kv 5, A-'ai' - Vw , "P 1 Eir' ' S V 3'-. if' A' , li-" xg WM KL f' KN ' 4 X Q nik V39 sfx I JI '7 VW' ff 3- A A L X ' W "'-1fH- - - -.- ...,-75 5 z., 01 JUINIIORS JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-BACK ROW: J. Rulleclge, M rs. Reina, B. Taylor, Mr. Uplon, Vivian Johns, Presidenf B. Dodd. FRONT ROW: D. Washburn, Y. Legq, V. Johns. TOP ROW: C. Adams, A. Alcala, V. Alexis, P. Armacosl, B. Ash, J. Alchley, E. Avila, G. Azlin, E. Bailey, D. Baker. SEC ROW: J. Balmer, J. Balmer, L. Balcer, F. Banks, F. Beene, L. Belcher, L. Besl, D. Blackman, D. Blalce, J. Bozarlh. BOTTOM R M. Branson, J. Brasslield, R, Bray, D. Calley, B. Campbell, W. Campbell, L. Carpenler, M. Carler, J. Chandler, L. Childress. 22 OND 9. vu : if-Q.. ' 2 , ,5:-jf.::,5- N - F W . . - MQ :R . X f X X S S2 X S -UR R af as 'rs i 'FI ' ns . X X x . Y sz R M . Nw., :Q -gs 41 T3 E .eds x . Q A 'Q X -w: ' ,, ' -:.- Qfgs. ...ik .. ms ,,-', . 5 9 if N N A fs? QQ gig X X5 r 1.-5-ffqgif' s X .si L so .Z if N- , R .-t I .-W., we .. . I. . .,: .:, . , 1 ,,.. I X :tif :ss..,i:.i:"' Sf 5 X f I J . 'R k r .' .gs Q., ' X ,N - " .,,.. . V- - . N-' 'Q-I ' ' . T 7 -- Y ' ,,.,,,, . 2 . k,,. - . 1 X T XR - 3' - STQWQ ' .- A :",..-2211-gfiji -'--' 1 I X XR X -... - ,. B . R, . is . . Q Q. . N , 3.5 . . ....: Q is ' I . Q . I W' , A , Q , if S ,M T i 'R '--- i - i ""' F , X -. . "" 4 . -.-- E . ' ' SY lt' 'J' ' - - 5 S iff . ....., gf . .,,. .1 . . .. .. ..x., , .X -,. , - .. .,,. . 5. 1 5... ,.,. E ,, ..,. Q' 5 SSE, It., Q ,. , mf t 5 ' 1 Rs no 1 . . . ., Q , Z L. ' ' . ' " ..,. ' T . . - .. i. 1 ---- X e gg. ' A . , QL-'Q v 1 .-.- ' X 9 " "' ' ff. ' -. ,- - r . A X - -1 W sf ' We .. -, , :E fi -If gy 1 55" f 5 57. sz 'K if Q s X , . 5 i . , . r 5 -f ..,. g Q .fw fr ,. ff f ' - , N I ig A , I' b rg.. E G SIS .,, J... mqgig Rlx MD l A E . .1 s X W.. 1 - 1 FF' E' X i s S .- , . . ---' N -,, kkkk -.. ... ., .:-. xx.b.h i, . ik to We . X is . we ,X Q Xe R l s X SN S x gr S X E ii Qi X Ag, X YF X N'.m sail? S EEQQQQR. if . X l rx Q I xiii 1: s if se. r Af . N . . . S, s :,c I . ,,., ,. , , R ,.. NS 1 - N -. rs. . ...RL ,,,, -. ..Q3 5 Pl . S X X Q TOP ROW: R. Clirislian, J. Clark, M. Claunclw, C. Clendenen, T. Clilfon, J. Collins, C. Combs, F. Cooper, W. Cooper, G. Cope. ZND ROW: W. Coppedqe, G. Cornellius, M. L. Crawford, G. Cunninglnarn, G. Curlis, L. Davis, R. Doeouqli, L. Dolqaro, B. Dodd, J. Doslnier. 3RD ROW: V. Duffield, W. Dullon, M. Eusus, B. Ferguson. E. Ford, R. Fredriclxson, L. Frick, V. Gilmore, L. Gibson, B. Goad. 4TH ROW: G. Granville, F. Gonzales, H. Gray, J. Hallurn. N. Hallerrnan, L. Harmon, E. J. Harp, B, Harrinoron, W. Harris, N. Henderson. 5TH ROW: W. Henderson, L, Hill, T. Hobbs, A. Hogan. R. Hoos, E. Hopkins, M. Houqlw, M. Huslon, D. Huqlwes, V. Hunl. 6TH ROW: R. Hulson, A. lnqle. V. Jolnns, E. Johnson, V. Jolnnson, C. Kasinqer, B. Klase, D. Lanqslon, T. Lasiler, J. Lawlworn. 7TH ROW: C. Ledlord, Y, Legg, B. Leisl. E. Lozano, J. McClellan, M. McDonald, M. Marney, C. Marquez, E. Marlin. C. Marlinez. BTH ROW: J. Mallwews, L. Meek, L. Meyers, R, Miller, J. Monlqornery, N. Moore, V. Morgan, D. Mori, M. Munoz, J. Nowlon. BOT- TOM ROW: P. Newlon, B. Nichols, B. Nixon, B. Orriz, C. Orfiz, R. Owens, T. Polorno, D. Parlcs, B. Pallerson, L. Pearson. . if . -Q. . . sf-N 5 Q an X . . S N . -.,, x . A . r x - x, W .vs r . ...qw - um S ..- X X X , M W . L. Y 3 ., ..-- r .um ,F . . i lx. . - MU PN X 'X N Nl X 5 ix . A X r Xi X X Q xg 1 QNX S N ai ,. 4? gig '-:-' 4 A ' -' ,X --" I: FE :-: .52 N ..1. .N ., .. . , . . E.. 4 - , M ' .- L 3 . , ,fx , . M I t X. P ,. 1 is , 2 -' f '- ja-Y: 58.5,-5 . ,.,..., : My , 1, R 1.1 if ' . . ffflluiiv X. , X X , :':.. . , A A0 J Ri W 6 . :Q - . ..g. . Sw 5 K. N 'X Y . Q X -, ziw icri f - :,x',N ' , rm as 1 . .1 Q A .f , A sl 2 . .53 Q " W '. Q . , , S . l - V .- L .2 R - 1 f- .Ni - "W -. - w:t..Q.2-' Q - '. vi- , , l' - ' ? - H f '-" ' V" . --if ... A 'N " 'X fi X i' -:' if .L .F . -f . ' . ' ' . .. f' .5 3 2? ' 5 4 ,ff T : 5: . Z Q? 5 fi :z .vs 'll E 2 M . f-A ' it 1 . -. ' ' . 5 N"' - .. Q z A - - 3 l 1 c . . . X -rc '. - kv .X W ,,,, 'zz .. ..- : AL ' R :g l H , 4. .. . .,, . . , . . , . . . . . fi L. . -:N li fp s Qi. fi' : fi '- A 'f l S- wal X ' - isfg . . K g .. we 1 if . A is 'Q .R f - i 3 . X ll -V . . . J af. . k J ., A . . if I .. ,i N X N l- I Q Y :. . Ae, iff ., M , . PQ T -- ef .r -N .- . y 'BW .... " X .xg L X " - fy A . .. S .R -. veg. .1-,4 . .. ... ..., ,.,,.,.,. . . ....,, :ii e , -. . TOP ROW: W. Pender, E, Penderqrall, K. Perkins, L. Pelly, L. Phillips, D. Pierce, l-l. Pipkin, G. Pilney, G. Pollard, B. Polk. ZND ROW: D. Pool, J. Pool, H. Price, M. Pruill, A. Ralclill, I. Ray, C. Reade, B. Reed, R. Reed, J. Rernrninq. 3RD ROW: M. Rexrolh, D. Reynolds, B. Rials, C. Rice, J. Rice, W. Ridley, T. Richmond, L. Rirner, R. Robinson, V. Robinson. 4TH ROW: G. Roe, T. Roland, C. A. Ross, L. Russell, J. Rulledqe, F. Scarborough, W. Scoll, P. Shamblin, B. Sharp, J. Shaw. 5TH ROW: V. Shaw, A'. Shellon, B, Sherrill, K. Skaggs, G. Srnilh, P. Smilh, L, Smilhey, L. Sprinkle, A. Spurlock, L. Slapp. 6TH ROW: B. Slarkey, B. Slewarl, B. Taylor, E. Taylor, G. Thompson, Y. Tillinqhasl, M. Torres, l-l. Townsend, D. Townson, R. Valasquez. 7TH ROW: A. Van Buskirk, E. Voyles, D. Washburn, A, Walls, B. While, D. Williams, R. C. Williams, A. Wood, C. Woods, B. Yieldinq. BOTTOM ROW: J. Zaragoza. 24 fx! ' y, :W x XLQKQQXQKX 'KV 4 , 0 TOP-Piarmirwq Turley Trot We MU dance, spwnmved by HW- Junior Class. Ervfwrinq We door, H10 niqhf 0fTur1cGy Trof, Gddilnck af Turkey Twuf, MNDULE-fMir1Hy Juniors. Yvonne Loqq and Vivian Johns FHOOYO HN-M' Fayoviic plnffnrs, BOTTOMW-Jurvims a-dam fwz. Sfudrmfe fwday buf zoamsfrwasos immvrww. JMD Cwmns ai We micmphfznf-. Anficipafed for monfhs, fhe Junior Prom, Arvin l-ligh's firsf formal dance, occurred during fhe lasf week in May. The Class Council was in charge of fhe planning and execufion of fhis imporfanf affair. Colorful blossoms carried ouf a springfime fheme and har- monized wifh fhe flower pefal shades of fhe girls' floor lengfh gowns. Thaf fhe Junior Prom would be an occasion never for- goffen by fhose who were pres- enf was assured from fhe momenf fhe firsf number was played. 26 THE JUNICDR PRCDM SCDPI-ICDMCDRES Bob Craven, Presideni SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-BACK ROW: Mr. Pre-slaqe, Mrs. Magruder. FRONT I ROW: N. Benloow, B. l-luril, S. McClellan, B. Craven, B. Silva, J. Buclca, E. Dulce. c ei ' TOP ROW: A. Adams, T. Adams, L. Allman, J. Alward, L. Apperson, C. Armslrong, G. Arnould, I. Aslnwood, P. Avalcian, B. Ayler. ZND ROW: G. Averell, W. Baccus, E. Bailey, J. Bailey, S. Bailey, B. Balmer, G. Barlcsdale, G. Barnlwam, G. Barlon, T. Bell. BOTTOM ROW: W. Belle, N. Benbow, O. Bennell, S. Berry, D. Billingsley, l. Birge, M. Black, D. Blackslon, J. Blagq, P. Blaqq. 27 . M - Q.Q, - E L "Aq' rr . l, E zbw it ',',: A r .X A 4 -K F J - ,. . . ..,, , 1 . . ' .. eafiewia K N .r . N W .rg . . I'- .K y ' Q. 3 Q c . N. . ...W 59- ., .1 M rs? if 5 A - I ,.,.: ,I .. Q,V'-' rr.. wi- ' Xi., , ., N .If F3 M M ... K it-.,, .. SYS . .f N ., ,,,.- , QTY mf ? A. . Riff Qt m X Q Mr. . A E ,... Q . ,., ,N , ' 1 im y .P , I -E :'- :E . . x,:.,- . 35: '-,V,: E 3. K ,", . IF is .. .Z it :"V"' ' N 2',: A 'x" . ',,.X . ' A 2" "" ' ' ,K ... A:.b N .-'1 ' yr sae rrr M.f ..: T fy .wwe . .,,, y , In . . .T T -blt . k..xi L, V 1 .. 5 . .Q . J ' - : P R X 9-L 1:3 R , y , ips, xxx 4 fx r-,s .1 ' X Few. 2 Q -L 67 sf' .. r .1 .... : tsl! if r r' so 4 ff . Zsqu S... A ag, , ,,Q:Q .L ' 2 1.4 f . A .... J N , . - W 'if W R F E5 .Orr sf W :sry 'E x o 1, X is A .K , 1 c 'V , Q gs 2 H. Bo vu 1 .N.., ,W .9 x ITQ f T - sir. we .. A , y .gn-i '-if Q Qgsx W S6 ,gay if f .E.,. . gg Q E21 se . 3 g i W3 R-:J ... r T J . . . . , Arbq' 2 :Ia 1 S " f ' Si A" 1 , if j sr . --Y . 4 'Q .. V 1 N A4 - 1 3 ,... f : . I A I VVQI E , . Ayf Q. A 1 . . . awk .gig . fc, J ri .. is . 5 . , 1 W Iq, Z., - ., Q., :,- .,,v , H- N j , - ,,...,:.q- :N if .ff :'c - :Ti ,. Q. 1 ,:,. . H ler, A J. Bollen. C. Boollre, R. Brady J Branam, J. A, Branam, B. Breland, D. Brewer. a, K. Buslr, W. Bush, S. Calvin, L. Campbell, S. Campbell, V. Campbell. THIRD ROW: M. Canrerberry, L. Carlile L. Carter, N, Carbell, D. Cardeans, G. Casfro, P, Caslro, A. Celcaloviclr, M. Clrerry, J. Clrrislian. 4TH ROW: B. Clarlc, R. Clarlr, lvl, Claunrb. R. Cleaver, F. Clouqli, F. Clow, l. Collins, S. Conlclin, S. Copeland, B. Couqlrran. FIFTH ROW: T. Counls, B. Craven, D, Creamer, W. Cross, A. Cruz, E. Cruz, K. Dauqlrerly, E. David, C. Davis, D. Davis. SIXTH ROW: D. Davis, N, Dawson, O. Dawson, W, Dill, C. Dixon, O. Dixon, B. Downum, E. Dulce, C-. Duncan, L. M. Durham. SEVENTH ROW: C. Dye P. Dyer, J, Ederra, L. Ellioll, C. Ellis, l. Embry, R. Emerson, S. Ezell, C. Farqo, M. H. Fernandez. EIGHTH ROW: J. Fink, B. Forbes, H. lord, B. Forresl, R. Fowler, J. Franklin. S. Gibson, N. Gish H. Glasco, R. GoDair. BOTTOM ROW: W. Goll, C. Gow, L. Gray, F. Gullwrie, D. Halo, R. Haley, J. Hallum, J. Harp, A. Harris, M. Harris. TOP ROW: O. Blanlcenslnip, T. Bolen, QND ROW: B. Brislcrw. l. Brown, M BTOWU, BLlClC ies :XX X . X XX ..,,. . -XX X --X. . - X ii 3 X ie! X Tk P 9 X X Ns N it xi Q53 X X X S . Q s-X NP X 1 X X X 'ENE 'E X. i. K av .X an XX XX NX ,ui ,fs ., Y XX '38-X ig-+ S' X19 it . X ' X. ' . Q' X if Q.Q , QQ X S if X-X: X 1 X X Xi? XX X X N I' + Xssxf 5 Xg ., 'X Q X X is bs. X 'P 1' T ff T. Fi x .ll f ,li ' 1 ii L if X SX Q. TOP A Q . ,- X! '7- QF ROW: W. Harris, C. I-Iarlley, P. Hawkins, J. Henry, B. XX X X - X .. X .- X N X. -X 'f l 'Z 'fa "- 'S' 'Xg - XE 'Xgzg X 5 X T iisi- N . ii Q Xi: 1' X. N -. ' fe X X. X X- 'sf .,-X 'IX - , is X X ' - . P52 ' - , X-X,,XX X X. 'X " 'ri sei: 'X N-ii . XXX, Q .X , X.. f ..,, X Q WX? I X . , X -..:, I . a ssfsis T I QB' .BF rs . Q qrx I . . . X . . QQ Q I .X fs 'X sv I N : i X - -'L X 1 :Mini . . ' o 'K 'MPX K ' .X-N-4 - I . f: ff Q ' 'G 'f ' :Qi - ' - 'P T' T' P X - "" 2 :I .. Q. x Q -X QQ we- 5- --51:- -f-" . X X- X -. , -' ii-xl - :X s fir- XX ,wi ' Q . XQ SQ X. X XS - 'nr XXX' : - . if I i f ai XX X , Q .. :,,Q , ,QQ f A N' . fv X ' ef' . X is I - r gi... XR Q X X gs Q ,,Q, Q X. I we is df Q X X X s ,, RN N X X' X X Q ii X S X X f X X sf . .SX X N x if X X X Q X. x lgfx X X W X, X. , X XX is XX X REX V' Rt: X X Ni' 'X X ,, X X NX QQ X Q NP X- XF? X It NS X X R X X X T XY IXX T X XX. s Ir. H QQQQ X ' I- -.X . 1 , X - X 1 ig, X Ni R T W XX X X Q.: XI X Q X X X x X X X S N X QQ X gif X 'N X "' ,QQ X3 B Herrin, B. Hillis, D. Hoqqeii, M, Hollida sf gi. . X .XX 5 X if-+1 3 Y XXXX X. - X X we FF ll' ik X Sf? X Q ...if X1 we fix PNA, XY X . 2 XX X P' X X N NS? N XXQX X XX X XXX Ns sikiiki: X X.. X X N X. X X . N XX X X X X .QQ X 5' XX X X' X j.g:'.X- - XX X X QQQQ as X , i 1 T ,A-" 'H ix X XX-- 'Tis X QX. QX X:, TX, Q I Holi J I-Inll ZND y, . . . . O. Hudson, H. Humble, B. Hunl, J. Hunier, L. Hunier. THIRD ROW: ROW: F. Hoover, JX Hope, D. Hopkins, D. Horner, F. Horlon, R. Hufson, L. Jackson, DX James, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, J. Jones, M, Jordan, C. Keundarf, WXC. Kennedy, J. Key, FOURTH ROW: E. Killian, J. Killian, J. B. Kindler, C. Lawlworn, B. Ledbeirer, Leqq, RX Lirirell, SX Lucke, S. MLCIellan, C. McCulIarX FIFTH ROW: J. McCuIIar, B. McDavis, RX Mciviaslers, C. Mciviillers, S. McNeil, J. McRae, Z. Mailnews, B. Maylubby, F. Mayiubby, L. Meadors. 6TH ROW: A. Morse, J. Meeke, CX Mendoza, O. Madison, H. Miller, D. Miiclwell, D. Monlez, I.. Moore, J. Moore, M. Mullen. 7TH ROW: M. Neal, O. Nelrns, J. Nelson, J. Newron, CX Nicliols, B. Nix, J. Nix, H. Norwood, S. Oriiz, J. Pafick STH ROW: L. Pairick, J. Peeples, M, Penny, E. Perez, J. Peiiy, If. Pickell, C. Pierce, B. Pierson, A, Pifirnan, M, PIanI. BOTTOM ROW: C. Porferiield, N. Polier, J, B. Powell, MX Powell, J. Powers, G. Price, M. Price, B. Ramsey, B. Randall, H. Ranqel. K .xi ss L Q U ll if "'l 9 i X a T F S . E Q ar x If x S Q.. TS XRS T I A 4 sg' -i ' '- '::?"f1' ' we ssieg. .. X - :V+ I, III . 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Q., 5 4 Q 9: 1 "x' Q ' --:, . 1 s . i A g . ..-- I P Nil .fi as 1 W 1 Ui' vf 4 QSM . . . 15' . ix ei' RTW l Iiix ihf 1 4 ' T F i? TOP ROW: B. Ray, B. Rexrolh, P. Rexrolh, P. Rhodes, lvl. Riggs, M. Riley, R Roberson, B. Roloerls, J. Roberlson, C. Rogers. QND ROW: O. Roland, B. Ross. l-l. Ross, L. Rowell, R. Royal, G. Rush, E Sanders, G. Sanders, J. Sanders, T. Sanderson. 3RD ROW: J. Schealler, C. Scoll, C. Scoll, C. Scoll, B. Selbach, A, Shamblin, J. D. Shaw, E, Shellon, G. Shellon, L. Sherrill. 4TH ROW: B. Silva, W, Slusser, Cv. Smilh, L. Smilh, S. Soriano, B. Sprinkle. A. Spurlock, L. Slapp, P. Slarr, G. Slenderup. 5Tl-l ROW: V. Slenderlip, T. Slewarl. G. Slinell, C. Slokes, C. Slracner, U. Taylor, D. Tennyson, B. Thomas, E. Tidwell, C. Tippill. 6Tl-I ROW: F. Tison, W. Torrix, Y. Touchslone, D. Tremaine, V. Tucker, J. Turner, W. Tyler, S. Underwood, C. Van Curen, l-l. Varner. 7Tl'l ROW: F. Vinson, J. Wagner, J. Wallaurn, R. Walker, W. Walker, B. Walson, M. Walls, S, Websler, R. Welch, B. Whalley. BTH ROW: lvl. While, E. Whilson, B, Wilkerson, A. Williams, C. Williams, D. Williams, D. Williams, G, Williams, N. Williams, P. Williams. BOTTOM ROW: V. Williams, D. Wilson, lvl. Woods, l. Young. A. J. Hooper, O. Linker, J. Nickles, J. Wells. R i is . If Q S Tl-IE SCDPEICDMCDRES CHCDCDSE BLCDSSCDM QUEEN BORDER PICTURES OF BLOSSOM QUEEN CANDIDATES-Wanda Pender, Evelyn Dulre, Joan Newlon, Wanda Smillm, Anna Auslin, Belly Sllva, Reba Liflrell, Diana Howard, Vesla l-lunl. CENTERfBlossorn Queen Evelyn Dulce with aflendanls Wanda Pender and Reba Lillrell. Sophomore Class Pre-siclenl Bob Craven loolcs on. 3 I FRESI-IMEN X' FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-BACK ROW: Miss Smofhers, B. Higgins, Mr. Binlwam. Roberf Johnson, Presidenl FRONT ROW: K. Bluebauqlw, N. Aday, R. Johnson, B. Barry, J. Smiflw. . , N.. ,W ss .. . Q- , -tll In I A A W Q . .23 . .Z .-.. I - Q-.i ,.q. .1 -ELS R! px A "'Q" A' W ,,A1f" ' A ' Q'-Z: Gqiwiixzi V Q I Q . Q- ., Hf Q. . gy.. N Tx i M , ,.,k,,.,,,::. E .,,b E ,.., I X A ls r N R A 1 'mf :.,. 1 - ,H if f biaf 'N' ' ' ,Ap 'Q ' Af elf .Q -,Lg.j:.... ..:. ,.,,- 2+ " 5 A 1 'ar' hrs. 1' sz Q W ss A TOP ROW: C. Abram, N. Aday, A, Alcala, J. Alderson, D. Anderson, F. Alvarez, R. Andrews, M. Ararnbula, S. Ararnbula. SECOND ROW: R. Arvizu, B. Afclvely, R. Allclnson, A. Auslin, O. Avila, M. Baccus, M. Bailey, J. Baker, D. Barker, R. Barnes. BOTTOM ROW: F,vBGF0l'IdV'l', B. Barry, L. BarTon, B. Bafes, A. Beasers, M. Benson, B. Bentley, D. Besser, R. Besf, J. Bieclerman. 32 O53 xx KK 5 XX Q . .X X QS A S x Q X ix 'B L X Q xx xg x R 5 X XNQX . . C . Q X X ' wx: Q: N1 is 1 S X X ..., ... 1 '... 'R ' 1 3 g g X S, , we .. f A T ' ix ar A X S x NW X . X x .1 S F TOP: C. Blaelc, E. Blaclc, lvl. Blaclc, C, Blaelcwood, O. Blair, W. Blankenship, O. Blank, K. Bluebauqh, E, Bolen, E. Boorh. ZND ROW: E. Borden, L, Bowling, B. Boydsfon. R. Bozarlh, R. Bradshaw, W. Brand, J. Bvasslield, C. Brown. D. Brow ROW: J. Brown, P. Bryanl, D. Bullard, B. Burlce, L. Burlces, W. Burnelf, F. Burns, B. Bynum, O. Campbell, B. Caves. 4TH ROW: E. Carolinas, J, Carfer, C. Cafes, P, Callanr, S. Chandler, E. Chavez, C. Cherr, B. Childers, E. Childers, V. Church. 5TH ROW: L. Claunch, E. Clouqh, 6TH ROW: J. Cope, K. Corne 7TH ROW: M. Cross M. Cruz, D, D M. Dewoody, D. Dial, O, Dickey, E. Dodd. D. mmm. E. on , W, sad., J. W, Edwards. T, Edwards, Af EmersBn, BQTTOM ROW: J, Emmons, W. E e n E Brown. 3RD Y H. Cleaver, L. Clendenen, D. Coll, J. Cobbies. V. Cable, O. Colberl, J. Cellins, C, Conley, llius, W. Cossey, H. Collon, W. Couqhran, A. Cox, M. Cox. O. Crall, J. Cralf, C. Creason, aniel, E. David, W. David, E. Davis, J. Davis, V, Dav7a, D. Dawald J Devin STH ROW' Y pp rson, E. Farradze, B. Farris, D. Fisher, B, Flercher, R. Forbes, M, Ford, C. Fowler, J. Fowler. KX EX x x 1 XX W if xx I X Ag wi x wk N Y . s X s is WA if N . in if-., .Fu 'Kr' Q54 M wk QQ wx? :RN x X X s .J FEL' .. , ,- . X . 1,. ', I 2' Q- R . Qs. ss' N sr XV ., X . X . .. 1' + Sk X N S s - 5 Q ss 1 Ni? TOP: R. Francis, G. Gadberry, J. W. Garner, W. T, Gow, L. Gibson, D. Gonzales, M, Gonzales, B. Goodwin, B. Graham, VV. Gralwarn. QND ROW: J. Greenfield, D. Grfeqslon, J. Grillin, C. Gueyarm, D. Guinn. O. Gunn, J, Hale, R. Hallurn, G. Hancock, R. Handel, JRD ROW: C. Harris, M. Harris. C. Halridqe, B. Hawley, P. Haworrlw, O. Heafln, L. Hernandez, R. Herrinq, B. Hiqqins, W. Hill, 41h ROW: F. Kinio, J. Hoffman, G. Holland, D. Howard, J. Howard I. Huqlwes, T. G. Hulsey, R. Hunlinqron, E. Inns, R. Jackson, STH ROW: W. Jeilerson, W. Jenkins, J. Johnson, R, Jolnnson, E. Jones. J. Jones, J. Jordan, M. Kelly, F. Key. 6TH ROW: D. Killian, K. Killian, G. Kindell, K. Klase, S, Kinsey, K. Lake. C. Lakin, F, Lakin, J, Lanqley, W. Langley. 7TH ROW: D. Lashley, J. Lezrer, R, Lewis, F. Long, R. Lucero, J. Luflrell, D. Lyles, M. McCally, W. Mccarrell, R. McGee, BTH ROW: F. McRee, J. McMiilian. R. Marnrioleio, M, Marrnoleio, F, Marques, D. Marlin, L. Marlin, F, Mays, G. Merrill, N. Meyers. BOTTOM ROW: J. Middlelon, H. Miller, N. Miller, L. Millon, D. Milclrmell, O. Monlqornery, A. Mooney, G. Moore, l, Moore, L. Moore. . . N . ,,L., Q P af kms B P - , , s . :r V . K . is 'W' 'K K K . Ms.. ' fr Sb-vmx yg. "1 on ' iQQ ""' X ""' Q X y N RJ ig . X fy f MP sw N .iw 1' S xx X 1-3? rx ' If an N L s . ,X . .. s . 5, I 3:32. . L . , , - S - 1.1 .. , -,I - , , fr .,:,,k 1 3 X .... , , X Xe X P QP ,S P' X is X we X , . X 3 X X vga f l - ,v e P X .. X M M N ei . Q wx Z, we . . . A . ri.. S X X V s ms . V, NX F? , . M X Qs N X X .2 ,. X Q XX + sw J' P A . W X' 5 -kt , K x . Q N R- R s J ... , .Q , J l e , rf. P. lf Yi S 1 R ills 5? 6 I E w , .J Qzv , lx "' .,.- "sk ,.,.: by . :SEER ..,. his asf K' ,,, ,qq,f . - T' - '- P -1" . .-. J ',.,. s N f 1 'S ,mf W S f H cs. TOP ROW: G. Moreland, O. Morqan, V. Morgan, A, D. Morris, A. Mosier, A. Munoz, D, Musser, H. Neal, J. Nesler, E. Neyes ZND ROW: J, Niclrols, L, Niemeyer, E, Noriega, M. Nunnally, A. J, Odom, P Orliz, R. Orliz, R. Oxford, C. Palmey, W. Pallon 3rd ROW: H. Pealrer, E. Peel, P. Penderqrall, W. Perry, E. M. Pelers, N, Pelerson, J. Pierson, M, Pitney, E. Pills, D. Pond, 4TH ROW: D. Porlerlield, J, Porlerfleld, C. Powell, C. Powers, M. Ouijade, D. Ridens, C. Rivera, B. Rader, J, Ramsey, M. Ranqel. STH ROW: B. Reese, B. Reese, D. Reeves, O. Reeves, D. Reynolds, S. Reynolds, D. Rials D. Rice, K, Riclrards, M. Rinqer. 6TH ROVV: W. L. Sanders, S. Sa p 8TH ROW: W. Showers, J. Slnulanberqer, M. Slclnner, J. Srnilln, G. Srnillu, J. Srnillr, S. Smillw, W. Smillw, W. Smlllw, L. Snorqrass BOTTOM ROW: E. Salarlo, E. Salarlo, A. Spurloclc, Y. Slarnps, J. Slanley, J. Slanley, P. Sleyens, B, Slewarl, J. Slrlclcland, B. Slumpler Roberls, H, Roberlson, J, Rolnerlson, B. Roe, B. Roland, K, Romine, I. Ross, R. Ruiz, J. Russell, C. Sanders. 7TH ROW: nclerson, W. Seplrus, B. Slnadden, R. Slwalswell, M, Slwelby, E. Slnellon, W. Slnerrill, B. J, Slrin oflw, P. Slworl. . J f A M , his in W is W- Q 'fi fn '- N:,,' . X i iff" ,,...Q R wo . M Q .,,: L g., W f .f ' ,AA. . ff . fi ' A...--- . .Rvws x 1. K Sy E5 A N : ,,.. 1. sl! .yi .aan . If I I ! -Z x x K X V is X li i fi ' fi Mr: ' f , 'if . 'Ill . ., my . . , Y Y Q. gf fg ii X X .. M' .Q fi. . K Nl 35- i mx' A 7 i - nf' . Q ,.,:. .. pw , ' O QA , v 5 , new B xx 1 4 ' , K In 4. it 59 ' R .4 f ' M A Q . , i i si EZ 3, I-H ' k a! NET, I x t if.. 2 V. .,,. 1- . , ' W J . ,, ..,.,.. fag. R . , . - if - 'zv' ' f . ,gif 'il X K 5 in I 1 ,, :,. N V A. -1 . 1 ' ' .:" 1 . - sfz- s 1' V lik? . K i - - L Q ' - ,..,, . K V Q: . X M 11 Q ' R X 1 Z A ' - 9 f . 1 L -P Q sg 3 - , J 'lb ,,',, . .. - I -2. K X - .. R sf "' "-' - .- i ' .g X. . " .-.1 1. K A . ., -i X . " ..,, t A 7 . i A L A W U ,,,. . My 'T' ....: 1' Ig:-Q.: 1 , i 'Q . zf I ww A i ff '1 E24 f X lu RQ R df f no D . 3 2' Q -4 M .ffm . : 5 b X Q... J. 1' ..-: 2 - X . V- gi M, - rx' Q F r ' of l TOP ROW: R. Sullon, C. lab-QV, B. Tallfenliflr, J. l. Talo, D. lorry, O, Thorne, J. Thompson, K. Thompson, L. Thompson, l-l. lidwell. QND ROW: D, lillirnhaxl, B, Tippill, U, lilwforlh, G. lison R, Tolcs, V. loly, l. 'liino K. Tuopin, l.. lJndei'wiiwO1J, l. Valaquez, :SRD ROW: B. Van Slilvy, B. Van Vi-Zlclrf, G. Vainer, B, Waqnm, J, Wall-car, K. Wallamg, D. Wm-lch, E. Welch, E. Weldon, J. Wellci, 4TH ROW: C. Wally J. Wells, R.Wlw1le, W, While, C. Williams, J. Williams, J. Williams, L. Vlfllliams, M. Wllliamz, M. L, Williams. BOTTOM ROW: C. Wilkon, G, Winler, R, Will, M. Woodw B, Wool-in, R. Wren, A. Wriohl, J. Yadon, B. Young, B. Younqblooil. Freshmen sludenfs display Their hobby Qolleclions. Gow Tison all fha microphone al The Freshman Perf 'E "5N,.. , 3 L X L J. TOPfFree reading in Enqkn IC. Miss Boring vi-Ms The Fvcslwfnan Home-Malcfnq Class ai iea-time. QND ROW-Feminine mghman dance raHm, Squaw dancinq. Refresnmenfs on fha way. BRD RQVV--'Dancing Po a lIHEnQ func. The Freshman Dance Commiffoo. BOTTOMfWs not winai you flwinlrf Holiday Tea. 5ynx I i 5 CLUBS and CDRGANIZATIQNS XVN2, J '- X Fx ,W X Y 1953! 4 51 N' ws :J X N ufj,-. N, Af X 'xX:L ?i'WY pn . m 1 i f 'qv ami!! Jr I X X 'X gl' 1 X ,KI K V ' K-TT "' '- W' v-l,"" ' -xqncig R.H- Elaine Marlin, Presidenl Geraldine Williams Lelha Davis Vesla Lee l-lunl Vice Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer GIRLS' LEAGUE Gne oi The biggesl and cerlainly The busiesl organizalion on campus This year has been The Girls' League because: During regislralion lasl Tall members served as guides lo acguainl new sludenls wilh The school planl. ln Oclober. Though nol a greal deal of dozing loolc place, p.i.-clad parlicipanls had a wonderful lime al The Girls' League Slum- ber Parry. During The holidays a cheery Sanla Claus was pinned lo almosl everyone's lapel. These decoralions were made and sold by League members. The spring "dress-up" dance. Sweel- hearl Swing, was sponsored by The League as well as lvlolher and Daughler Nighl held in April. The League provided Friday Noon Rec- ord Sessions and presenled several informa- 'rive panel discussions of inleresl lo every girl. GIRLS LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD-BACK ROW: Mrs. Killell, Miss Walers, V. l-lunl, E. Marlin, L. Davis, and G. Willia FRONT ROW: B. Yielding, L. Erick, D. Pierce, V. Robinson, G. Cunningham, and P. Clemeni. Top-The Sweeflnearf Giri, Donna Greqsfon, and escort Jerry Brassfield. Elaine Marfin Crowns Donna. CENTER-V. Robinson, 6. Cunningnam and B. Yieldinq make ine invifafions fo Sweefnearf Swing, A+ ine SNumber Parfy Do+fie Pool sfrums her ulce fo Hurry flne qals fo drearnland. BOTTOM-Y. Tillinqlnasf and L. Friclc, Cnrisimas Card Cveafors. Sides are chosen-pillow fiqhf soon fo beqin. Q . I ik g a 'Q ,Nicol if '19 6V.,1a Qs-..""V ' 1 e ss- vf . i X s ,ilk f WWE' ilu A ,ww .,2, e y 53 ffhif "" . b Orfiz Jim McRee Torn Roland V Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Boys' FEDERATICDIXI Since becoming organized af fhe beginning of fhe school year, fhe Boys' Federafion has proved fo be an oufsfanding organizafion. In February Dr. E. J. Simonsen, Dean of Men af Bakersfield College. spoke fo fhe boys abouf fhe milifary services. Also in February fhe Fed- erafion puf on an assembly in honor of George Washingfon. Elecfion of fhe group's firsf officers, operafion of a boofh af fhe Carnival, fhe sell- ing of popcorn af school games, and fhe complefion of fhe consfifufion were highlighfs in Boys' Federafion acfivifies. BOYS' FEDERATION EXECUTIVE BOARD-Mr. Johnson, D. Williams, C. A. Ross. J. McRee, B. Orfiz, Mr. Srnifh. Q 3 V .5 . . SSX .2 - va PN K,s v Q Mivkiyq A -is WW if 'V :', T if Q X ,QE Q Q 12 1 f i a n 4 M05 ,Ml 411 S5 as , ,it S ,F X SY """ v LGS BACK ROW: J. I-lallnm, L. Smirh, W. Dulion, L. While, Miss Emma Abran+es. J. Alchley, M. Fernandez, P. Arviqu, FRONT ROW: E, Avila, A. Munoz, D. Becerra, B, Goad, C. Orliz. I K i There's more lo Spanish lhan "Adios" or "Buenos Dias" and lhe members ol: Jrhe Los Amigos Club spenl an evenllul year finding lhis oul. Los Amigos members spon- sored a gay aller-Jrhe-loolball-game dance in lhe fall and sold candied apples a+ anolher lime. Before The Chrislmas holidays club members sludied The Spanish cus- ioms relaled lo lhis day. And cerlainly Jrhe Club's agenda was never so crowded ihal lime couldn'l be lalcen lo lislen +o lales and anecdoles aboul Lalin-land as lold by The l.os Amigos sponsor, Miss Emma Abranles. "Form a circle and circle lo lhe lair!" And lhe music played on . . . . 34 JUNIOR achel Owen Presidenf, speaks af Unifed Nafions Assembly n behalf of fhe Red Cross Membership Drive. RED CROSS BACK ROW-L. Durham, Miss Weisul, H. Ford, A. Munoz. MIDDLE ROW l. Collins, L. Russell, R. Owen, E. Renderqraff, D. Washburn. FRONT R W V. Alexis, lf. Bailey, A. Acala, V. Gilmore. "Think firsf of ofhers" could well have been fhe moffo of fhe Junior Red Cross fhis year. During December days scissors, pasfe, and painfs were much in evidence as fhe Red Cross people prepared colorful favors which were used fo decorafe fhe Chrisfmas frays of hospifalized persons. Anofher proiecf car- ried on by fhe group involved size 5 lcniffing needles, briqhf yarn, and perse- verance. Wifh fhis formula and The direcfion of fheir sponsor, Miss Ann Weisul, a warm afghan was lcniffed by fhe members and donafed fo an Army l-lospifal. Red Cross members malce favors for fhe Chrisfmas frays of pafienfs local hospifals. DFFlCERSfFALL AND SPRING SEMESTERS: BACK ROW: G. Cun- ingham, V. Alexis, L. Sherrill, L. Friclc, N. Benbow, W. Walker. TRONT ROW: B. Dodd, B. Yieldinq, Mis-, Iiene Curian, E. Bailey '. Ne-wTon. 'Zz TRI-I-II-Y AbundanT enThusiasm was dis- played by The members oT The Tri- l-li-Y in carrying ouT several proiecTs. FirsT came a romping iniTiaTion oT new members held one auTumn weelc- end aT The home oT Laverne Friclc Worlcing wiTh The l-Ti-Y The group co-sponsored The successTul l-laTcheT l-lop. The Tri-l-li-Y girls TelT Them- selves deTiniTely responsible Tor The Arvin vicTory over Garces on The baslceTball courT. Their Lollypop Sale which preceded The conTesT builT up Tremendous enThusiasm by giving everyone a chance To "lick" The school's opponenT. TOP-BACK ROW: Miss Curran, B, Yielding, D. Pierce, E. Neves, G. Cunningham, E. Bailey, B. Silva, W. DuTTon . Goad, L. SmiTh, B. Dodd. N. Benbow, P. NewTon . Robinson. MTDDLE ROW: L. Sherrill, M. RexroTh D, Washburn, V. Johns, L. Friclc, D. Poole, V. Alexis B. VanViclcle, D. Dawald, J. LiTTrell, J, Middlefon, W Walker. FRONT ROW: E. MarTin, V. HunT, L. Davis P. Avalcian, T. Bell, E. PendergraTT, M. Williams, C. SmiTh BOTTOM: l-laTcheT Hop an aTTer-TheAbaskeTball-game dance co-sponsored wiTh The l-li-Y. AnoTher view ol B V l'laTcheT l-lop. MW . -hi BACK ROWfMr. Jenlcins, B. WaTson, D. Musser, B. Sherrill, J. ATchley. T. Hobbs. MIDDLE ROW-W. Slusser, B. SurnpTer, J. W. Garner, J. Rufledqe, A. Mooney, R. Lewis. FRONT ROW-R. Francis, J. CarTer, C. Van Curan, C. SCOTT, B. ATchley, J. Wells, Music, music, music aT l-la fXTTenclence aT Y-Day in The SouThlend, co-sponsorship oT l-laTcheT l-lop, and The producTion and presenTeTion OT e rally Tor The sTudenT-bocly were Three I95O-5I proiecTs which lcepT The l-li-Y Tellows busy. GrowTh in ChrisTien living and service is The Club. Y.M.C.!5x. TcheT l-lop co The primary goal in any acTiviTy underTalcen by The Arvin I-li-Y is aTTiliaTed wiTh The Balcersheld and sponsored by Mr. Merrill Jenkins. l-ll -Y OFFICERS-STANDING M Jen ins J. ATchley, B. Sherrill. ON KNEES J RuTle e -sponsored by Tri-l-li-Y and I-li-Y. Bill WaTson. FRONT-T. Hobbs EH Q' Vesla Lee I-lunl Verner Slenderi PRAETERITA PRAETERITA STAFF Edilor - - - Vesla Lee l-lunl Ediforial Slall- Copy Edilor - - - - Verda Johnson Ruby Chrislian, Virginia Alexis, Anna Spurlock Edilorial Assislanls - Arl and Sporls V - - Relord Hulson Classes - ---- Margarel Rexrolh Calendar - -4---- Joan Walker Pholography - Dollie Pool, Wayne Ridley, Don Tillinghasl Business Manager ----- Verner Slenderup Business Slall- Sales - - - - - Belly Silva, Yvonne Slamps Joyce Blagg, Doris Pierce, Carolyn Combs, Adverlising - Belle Goad, Virginia Alexis, James Wagner Sponsor - Miss Belle Paulsen and Mr. Carl Bee No group on campus lives in lhe lulure lo lhe exlenl ol lhe slall ol Praelerila, lor from Seplember on il was I95I in lhe yearbook office. From lhe lirsl lenlalive plan- ning ol lhe dummy lhrough lhe pasling ol final piclure prools lhe slall worked wilh one goal in mind - lhal lhe sludenl-body would be proud ol lhe I95I Praelerila. TOP ROW: V. Johnson, R. Chrislian. SECOND ROW: V. Alexis, B. Silva. THIRD ROW: D. Pool, Y. Slamps. FOURTH ROW: J. Walker, D. Pierce. FIFTH ROW: M. Rexrolh, J. Blaqg. BOTTOM ROW: R. l-lulson, A. Spurlock, C, Combs, B. Goad, J. Wagner, D. Tillinghasl, W. Ridley. xiii if Augie raw. . Lelha Davis, Goldilocks Candidale, Vesla Hunl, Edifor, Norman Henderson, Sludenf Body President Belly Ferguson and Theda Siewarl, Candidaies, ponder The imporfanf queslion, "Who will be Goldilocksff' Belly Iafer provided The answer. TOP+The Praeferila Slalf. 3RD PERIOD REPRESENTATIVES-BACK ROW: F. Banks, F. Neves, B. Showers, J. Alcheley, D. Wilson B. Rials, W. Holiday, B. Silva, SECOND ROW: D. Pond, T. Bell, D. Howard, R. Lifirell, W. Duffon, J. Hellum, Y. Slamps S. McClellan, B. Klase. FRONT ROW: G. Azlin, R. Lewis, R. Herrinq, E. Killian, B, Surnpler L. Barlon P. Calfani BOTTOM Joan Walker works on Ihe calendar while Margaref Rexrofh sorls sfudenl picfures. IN THF OFFICE. BUSINESS STAFF: B. Silva V. Alexis. V. Slenderup, D. Pierce, J. Blaqq and B. Goacl. 49 md WiTh The presenTaTion UT iTs charTer from C, S. F. members of C. S. F. MEMBERS-BACK ROW: Miss Jane-T Gm ShaTTer High School, 'he Fxrvin Chr-iplei MT The CaliTmnia E. WhiTe, R. Owen, B. Rials, B, Silva, SECOND ROW: B. D Scholarship FederaTion is Tormed. D. James, M. Marney, L. CarTer, FRONT ROW: E. Bi J. Ne-wTon, A Spuiloclr FiTTeen grade poinTs and no grade lower Than a C - ThaT's The proud scholasTic sTandard achieved I-I Q N Q R by sTudenTs who belong To The T-lonor SocieTy. STu- denTs who become members oT The CaliTornia Scholarship FederaTion TulTill even sTricTer require- menTs. IT's no wonder ThaT The sTudenTs who aTTain membership in The C. S. F. and T-lonor SocieTy earn The admiraTion oT Their classmaTes and Teachers alilce, Tor "They come To school To learn" - and dol sa Er BACK ROW: W. JeiTerson, T-i. Humble, B. Showers, R. Owen, V. Shaw, E. Lozano, G. PiTney, J. Key. FOURTH ROW: J. Wallcer, M. WaTTs. A. Spurlocli, R. Bozazlh, J. Meek, V. Johns, A. Munoz, M, Marney, E. l-loplcins, D. James, R. l'lunTingTon, J. Collins, L. Gibson, L. Pearson, il-TIRD ROW: C. Van Curan, M. PlanT, J. PeTTy, R. l-loos, J. CroTT, M. Skinner, J. Pierson, V. Robinson, V. Johnson, B. Dodd, O. Heafh, J. NewTon, C. Combs, M, RexroTh. SECOND ROW: P. CaTTani, L. Clendenen, B. Silva, A. AusTin, O. Mornqomerv, J. A. Wells, W. Sherrill, S. Soriano, B. Yielding, E. Bailey, M, PiTney, W. SmiTh, C, ScoTT. FRONT ROW: C. SCOTT, G. Cornelius, L. CarTer B. Rials, R. l-lerrinq, M. Cross, B. Nixon. lbw. N. I 'ix ' MM Nz Wm? My iq.. V ,z :pf jj l l. .v,,:.: A . . A,,: I I' ':" I' . ff . .,AQ:' . A1-' f is f - . , ..,.,,.., 55 : .,. ., -I G '. 7 his if AA,, A 1 K "'-" -.:: , "':Q . 5 R5 fi: 'Q ,S fix .'-:' al: .An " X . f I 4 ... f E L V 4 A1 t,?.?L If K, K, Q. A, f yv , M v iw gf. ' if' 1 I . ig if - Fall Semesfer G. Pifney 6. Curfis G. Barfon B. Johnson R. Bray V. Shaw OFFICERS PRESIDENT V. PRES. SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER SENTINEL Spring Semesfer G. Curfis R. Robinson V. Shaw G. Sfenderup B. Pierson 6. Pifney FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERIC llzizikarfv ' '1 . 'Jw .W - , f f 4 BACK ROW: G. Curiis, B. Couqhran, S. CaIvin, C. Brown, J. Baker, D, Horner, I-I. Roberison, R. Bray, J. Porferfield, G. Sfenderup, R. Robinson, S. Sfapp, G. Pirney, M. Pruifr, J. D. Pipkins, B. Nixon, G. Merrill, T. Edwards, E. Hoover, V. Sfenderup. THIRD ROW: J. Alward, D. Wefch, Abe Beshears, A. Harris, J. NicIceI. G. Barion, J. Bozarfn, C. Palmer, M. Canferberry, R. Braffon, B. Smifh, L. Barfon, E. Peel. SECOND ROW: E. Tison, D. CaIIey. L. Campbell, B. Jarris, B. Johnson, R. McMas+er, E. Burns, A. Odom. J. Jones, G. Nelms. FRONT ROW: D, Reaves, C. Powers, J, Branam, J. Ramminq, P. Caffini, R. I-IandeI, J. I'IaIe, O. Dixon, J. Sranley, R, C. Wefch. , W O -- - A W wi' 3 5 X . 5 1 K If-. H , ,y 3 I R' -1- Y A K R F. F. A. GOES TO THE FAIR A. GOES TO THE FAIR-TOP: F, Tfsfxm, Mr, Henman and V, Sfovderup, M. PHJEH, C, PGNVTVUI and B. Jmhnson. SECOND ROW D Cnllffy, B. Jmhmfm, G. Barfrwn. THIRD ROW: Nm We rinq, V, Shaw, R. WaHcor. FOURTH ROW: H. Balm, Emly fraininq, B. Piorson BOTTOM: A. Havri-W, R, Bray, L, Slapp. F. F. A. BANQUET NNXAW, QA nh SQ? x K, Q4 T af ?fU44A337'..1 Q I .,.a A K A KA FWF... 'fi Qi in TOPiTHE FWRST ANNUAL ARVIN FFA. BANQUET: SECOND RCW: Vernon Shaw raiceaivei ine Bankers' Cerfificafe for being The Cl'iapiei's Ouisiandinq A1 siudvni. Mr. Dixon, Supeiviwi wi Ai1iif,ui'riirf:, presvnis Wm ivonoidry PFA. rnernbels H. E. Woodworfh, G, Stow, S. Sfnnderup and R, Miifiwcil. BOTTOM: Veinrfi Sfundfgiup receives cup for Public Speaking. Supei'inTender1fT. L. McCucn delivers inc address ff Wm ovoninq. TO M D PlanTing TomaToes. The STenderup Vineyard provides grape cuTTings. BOTTOM: F.F,A. Nigh+ Mee The primary aim oT The FuTure Farmers oT America is The develop- menT oT agriculTural leadership, cooperaTion, and ciTizenship. ln doing This The Arvin ChapTer carried ouT a parTicularly ambiTious program oT acTiviTies. The boys mainTained a LivesToclc Feed CooperaTive Tor The beneTiT oT all The members. AT ChrisTmasTime The F.F.A. sold Chrisjrmas Trees Trom a loT in Arvin. ThroughouT The year The boys TreaTed caTTle in The surrounding area Tor Ear Ticlc and CaTTle Grub. The ChapTer consTrucTed a large map oT The Arvin l-ligh School DisTricT which showed The crops being grown, ownership, and soil Types. And once again aT Open l-louse in The spring The boys held Their Baby BeeT Fair. Along social lines The ChapTer co-sponsored The l-lalloween Dance wiTh The F.l-LA. In addiTion The boys parTicipaTed in The F.F.A. BaslceT- ball League, Toolc parT in a snow parTy, Tishing Trips, hayrides, and weiner roasT To malce This year one brimming wiTh Tun as well as proTiTable worlc. TgFlTg FUTURE I-TOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA 3 vi-154.5 x. v xiii? r 'fx 'r '.""T'F'fV'f9i f' r'K"r-2 1 'L I BACK ROW: B. Thomas, Mrs. Eldreclge. B. Bynum, W. SmiTh, D. Lashly, F. MayTubby, Mrs. Allender, and M. Ringer. MIDDLE ROW: E. WhiTson. W. Coughran, l. Hughes, P. BryanT, F. McRee, R. L. WITT. and J. MiddleTon. SEATED FRONT: N. Miller, M. Jordon. A. Acala, S. SmiTh, E. Neves and D. Dial. l-lome is The mosT wonclerTul place in The world ancl members oT The EuTure Home- malcers oT America inTend To keep iT ThaT way. TempTing recipes, Tips on home olecora- Tion, cloThing, sTyle ancl grooming are among The Topics highlighTed aT Club meeTings. Along social lines The E.l-l.fX. cooperaTed wiTh The EEA. To co-sponsor The Hallo- ween l-lop which again TeaTureol The memorable cider cow. In February members hosTesseol The blossom decoraTecl C5eorgeTTe WashingTon Dance. Mrs. Allencler and Mrs. Elolredge are sponsors oT The F.l-l.A. F. l-T. A. OFFICERS-BACK ROW: D. Dial, F. McRee D. Lashly, and E. MayTubby. FRONT: W. Coughran, Miller. and E. WhiTson. Fun in TronT OT The cow aT E. l-l. A. and F. E. A. Halloween Dance. D X ADIC WORKSHOP lmporianf aims of Radio Worlc- shop siudenis are learning micro- phone iechnigues, increasing lheir abiliiies of self-expression and improving Their voices. Recognizing lhe power radio has influencing The Thoughls and aciions of iis lisieners, Jrhe group analyzes Jrhe Tundarnenials of responsible lislening in order Thai each siudeni will lisien and ihinlc, noi lisren and accepi. BACK ROW: C. Reade, E. Johnson, J. Aichley, V. Johns, B, Harringion Fowler, M. Bryanl. FRONT ROW: J. Collins, J. l-lallurn, E. Pendergrali Sprinlcle, J. Balmer. TOP: E. Pendergrafl enioys "The King Who Couldn'+ Dance." E. Johnson, B. l-iarringlon, and L. Me lc + lx T ' 'lc d e a e par in mi e rama. BOTTOM. J. Baker and E. Rendergraff concenirafe on Their scripf. J. l-lallum and L. Sprinkle lisien To a playback of Their performance. E 5 E Y ws N1 1' W 'A 2 W . A 6 . , Q , V D' :-':ff ' wr Y, "A MWF Zh . 4? j'2v:.i, 9 , , 'N 4' A ' QW ' ' Y , mg . N, W fy V1 ,ww 'QV' V . LQ!! I 3 , 1,2 'Q Z y -14 W - ,. f 1, f W QQ A 4. 4 V Q if V HM: , .' .J-.g. 5 ,Mayan X' I , I gig, ,wi . M ,.f,. ,A , 'emf'gw:,fg4fz:.f rw MFEC4 - . W ,www-'. mn ,V M f 1 f f w ..,,.'7.:fg:,1jq - ,J 1 W " ' Q.,.v?5Qf,Qi 1 'wg ' 71 K " ' , L,,Y 1 I fy 1 ' 'Q 'A 'A ' ,ig ,wwf in an Um 45 X 'U PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Wilh lheir cameras close al hand members of lhe Pholog- raphy Club were concerned pri- marily wilh composilion and pholographic lechniques. They looked forward lo nexl year when lhey will have complele lacililies for prinling and enlarg- ing lheir piclures. D. Tennison, L. Childress, C. Arrnslronq. R. Fowler, D. Leslie. Mr. John Welzler, L. Sprinkle. I-ICDRIZON CLUB lorizon Club members usher al programs of lhe Kern Couniy hilharmonic Sociely. Sponsored by The Arvin l-ligh Parenl organizalion parlicularly direcled Toward zon Clubs from olher schools in lhe cou of lhe Philharmonic Concerls held in Bak BACK ROW: L. Durham, Miss Jane? Gauldin. J. Doshier. J. Peify, W. Wallcer, R. Newlon, l. Collins, SECOND ROW: J. Sanders, R. Chrislian, D. l-luqhes. M. Rexrolh, V. Johns, D. Washburn. N. Benbow, FRONT ROW: B. Silva, R. Lillrell, E. Bailey, J. Chrislian. -Teacher Associalion, lhe l-lorizon Club is an communily service. Cooperaling wilh l-lori- nly several members served as ushers al each erslield lhrouqhoul lhe year. BAND ' Aff-?'Wf vrswfx , P W M X ' i"3 ' ' :.. .V -. . , , . x . '.---, ., , f .,,. Y TM: Aww HUM S"H',uW Band I N4 Tho Pop Band VOCAL ROUPS Pl BOYS' GLFE CLUB-BACK ROW: B. Campbell, B. Orliz, W. Campbell, F. Jolwnson, T. Ralomo, H. Townsend. MIDDLE ROW: R. l-lufson, C. Ellis, B. Walson, F. Aram- bula, C. Kasinqer. FRONT ROW: J. Emmons, J. Turner. ADVANCED GIRLS' CHOIR BACK ROW: P. l-laworlh, D. Milclmell, M. L. Crawford, S. Underwood. O, J. Dickey, C. Scoff, J. Killian, L. Sfapp, W. Pender. MIDDLE ROW: E. David, W. Graham. W. Goff, L. Palriclc. S. Bailey. V. l-lunf, S. Smiflw, S. Fzelle. FRONT ROW: W. Scolf, J. McClellan, L. Smilln, J. S. Luflrell, G, Murphy, M. Evans, S. McClellan. GlRLS' GLEF CLUB-BACK ROW: O. Morgan, V. Tory, R. Ruiz, S. Campbell, M. Houqlw, B. Van Viclcle. MIDDLE ROW: B. Reed, R. GoDair, D. Hale, W. Walker, C. Dixon, H. Bailey, P. Sfevens, P. McGee, Y. Sfamps, W. Sluerrill. FRONT ROW: C. Guevena, C. Rivera, N. Williams, P. Pe-nderqrall, J. l-lallum, G. l-lufson, R. Hallum, D. Dawald. bl Belle Goad, Pal Avalcian Lorraine Smilh. CHEERLEADERS Geraldine Williams, Doflie Pool, Lois Underwood, Jonnie Hallum, Jeweldine Sfriclnland, Nancy Williams. 62 MAJCDRETTES . A. A, CHARTER MEMBERS-BACK ROW: B. Silva, D. Pierce, Joyce Blaqq and Laverne Frick, G.A.A. vendors, af Baskelball game Smith, L. Sherrill, L. Frick, J. Meek, V. Johns, M. Rexrolh and Downum. MIDDLE ROW: J. Doshier, J. Blagg, M. McDonald, '. Scoll, J. McClellan, B. Klase and V. Robinson. FRONT ROW: Bailey, J Franklin, N. Williams, B. Dodd, D. Brewer, J. Pelly and McClellan. Afler school on Wednesdays was lime Tor play for The mem- l bers ol G.A.A. Baskelball, solfball, volleyball -any spori which required abundani pep and enihusiasm was pursued by The girls. ln January The girls planned and carried our The lirsl Play C Day held al Arvin I-Iigh. From gelling acguainied games al IO a.m. To The goodbye Jrrear of ice cream cones al 3 p.m., The 3.A.A. showed Their guesls a fine lime. 0 N G. A. A.-BACK ROW: N. Williams, V. Church, D. Brewer, J. Counls, G. Cornelious, S. McClellan, D. Dulfon, J. Peify, J. Blaqg, B. Van Vickle, C. Powell, W. Sherrill, J. l-lallum, L, Smilhey, l. Collins, l. Fairadie, B. Silva and O. Avila. Tl-llRD ROW: Miss Wilson, E. Duke, L. Sherrill, V. Robinson, B. Ferguson, C. Combs, D. Pierce, Y. Tillinghasl, M. McDonald, W. Duilon, B. Goad, G. Murphy, J. Wells, B. Barry, J. Meek and B. Downum. SECOND ROW: J. McClellan, R. Besl, W. Pender, J. Newfon, B. Klase, J. Jones, D. Poole, V. l-lunl, L. Davis, M. L. Williams, L. Smilh, P. Srniih, P. l-laworfh and T. Bell. FRONT ROW: O. Srnilli, G. Thompson, J. Doshier, B. Dodd, L. Frick, V. Johns, D. Washburn, V. Alexis. M. Rexrolh, V. Gilmore and A. Auslin. Q1 Yjeynxw 4 , i, f F, t f ' Ei af ijt 9 Q' g asm M 1 X gy 1 , ,uh r A Ng, F T- 3: ffm Y JE51 5 'ly I In if A ""' ix is 3 -?l' E ' 2' 5 3 E Ha '., , .R gg fu 3 f f ff' m' ff Y y U? 2 M 5 1 i" A Y . K ins' , ff if 3 i 5 ,ji 5 D53 3 Q vi N bmw Mr. Webb enjoys a candied apple. , STUDENT STQRE 'OPfSTUDENT STORE WORKERS: G. Pilney, J. Keys, Mr. Bowles, M. Harlley, 5. Barfon and J, Fallon. BOTTOM-Sfudenf Slore "Brancl'v" open lor buslness in gym durinq Baslce+ball season. Qin :,RE MARSHALS MESSENGERS '-.. QE MARSHALS-BACK: B. MESSENQ-ERS-BACK ROW: S. Websler, R, Hoos, lvl. Wells, D. Hoqqel, Belly Klase delivers a ylor, B. Harrington and C, H. Varner, U. Taylor and J. Harp. FRONT ROW: L. M, Durham, J. Pelly, message. ood. FRONT: J. Turner. A. Auslln, B. Klase, K. Klase, B, Paflerson and A. Rafliff. WHEN TEXTBQCDKS ARE CLOSED ky if 1 xref' 4' TOP-Ediior V. Hun? and Sponsors Mr. Bee and Miss Paurzen presenf VerneH Tucker wifh her IQSO PRAETERITA af Kem General Hospifal. Foreiqn-born sfuderwfs E, Earradie and J, Cope nrmw Meir bidlwplaces fo Mrs, Magruder and N. Henderson. CENTER- ear Roofers en Hweir way fo McFar?nnd. Yvonne and rrassrrrares reqrder for fall courses. BOTTOMWBGCR fc' Sfhool Niqhf. Arvin Romin' Toefin' Sertiom. 2? ,.,,, 22, f 'ffl Nx 4 A al as -QI l2Ki,Q 4- 534 'QM - -5 ,ox A . ,, X MM JM. 2. f Y.. '-mM-M TOP-Mrs. Walker of llwe P.T,fx. helps serve flue llrsl lunclw in flxe new Calelevid, The qirls think llwe food lasles qoud, ZNU ROWfSludenl Council lvosls KCASR al luncheon. Merry Clwrislmas ln song. BRD ROW-Relaxing al noon. Basketball lime and Goldiloclcs is There. BOTTOM-Scene from Nalivily Play. ll's The 'fierce FRAETERITA Bear and skeered maioreltea. 'H SPCDRTS 0337702 L is E5 Wfisx x.x,'-,G 4 Z -J my 'f"' ' as , XX X X Q f r 1 :F X gs ff ,X KRT In , N U 9 5 Z'f' 'fklifr-.. RH. f ' FooTBALL Capfain Larry Pearson Bear Coaclwes, Mr. Jack Trouf and Mr. Franlc Barle. BEARS SQUAD-BACK ROW: A. Woods, W. Oalcs, l.. Besf, B. Sl'1errill,T. Rowland, J. Mclvlillan, A. lnqle, R. Robinson, J. Collins. THIRD ROW: Mr. Trouf, J. Balmer, V. Shaw, D. Becerria, l.. Pearson, B. Ross, G. Avere-H, H. Barnlwarf, B. Campbell, J. Poole and Mr. Barley SECOND ROW: C. Marllnez, B, Breland, E. Jolwnson, C. A. Ross, B. Rials, T. Hobbs, L. Carlile, B. Polls, L. Slapp and S. Orliz. FRONT ROW: R. Haley, J. Shaw, C. Reade, J. Coleman, J. Afclnley, D. Townsend and J. Rufledqe. 70 Firsf kickoff of Ihe I95O season. FIFSI I'OUCI'IdOWf1 Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears BEARS' SCHEDULE 6 Easf Bakersfield 7 24 Bakersfield Wlwiles O 6 McFarland O 7 Tehachapi 26 30 Alpauglw O 20 Garces I3 I3 Bakersfield Blues 6 30 Maricopa I3 Poole breaks away. Somebody fumbled. BOTTOM: Ross. Polk, Robinson gel Iheir man. Firsl down for The Bears. 7I On fha sidelines The TirsT TooTball games To be played on Arvin l-ligh's own gridiron were Tilled wiTh Thrills and acTion Thaf lcepT The specTaTors on Their TeeT sTraining To see whaT The nexT rnomenT would bring. The Bears, coached by lvlr. Barle and lvlr. -l'rouT, exhibiTed high-caliber Tearnworlc which enabled Them To end The season wiTh a record Top heavy in The win column. Solid vicTories were also achieved by The Bruins. Their speedy, slcillTul playing in which sporTsmanship was never laclcing was waTched wiTh pride by every Arvin rooTer. Mr. WaTerman and Mr. Jenkins coached This sguad. Six Tor The Bears! '95 a GA 4 1 dl' ,. an 4 ' x P 4 X '1 A., . .. . 4 n ASA Wi' Sf-q?', 'tt X A ' L-A 'idk QQ- K v f k A -x . k 1 1 . ' I e 4 h , 'f . 1 mwgf . Q ,f FQ: A l L 4 X1 74 J K ' 9 are. ww, BRUIN SOUAD-TOP ROW: W. Campbell, F. Clow, J. Bucka, C. Wood, R. Walker, W. Sfewarf, B. Taylor, M. I-Iarris, J. Moore, N. I-Ialferman, N. Henderson, C, Rice. THIRD ROW: Coach M. Jenkins, B. Craven, J. Clark, B. Orfiz, R. I-Iufson, B. Sharp, W. Bell, F. Beene, B. Baker, W. Jefferson, J. Shaw, J. Devins, R. DeGough, Coach J. Waferman. SECOND ROW: Mqr. J. McRee, B. Afchley, I.. I-Iarmon, J. Trino, B. Showers, J. Yadon, F. Gonzales, J. Wilson, L. Hernandez, E. Whife, B. Johnson, Manager, B. Bush. BOTTOM ROW: B. Mayfubby, A. Cruze, T. Palomo, M. Torres, P. Casfro, D. Gonzales, J. Lake, B. Marmolego, W. Burnefl, W. Roberfs. BRUINS Bruins I2 Wasco 7 Bruins 0 Easf Bakersfield I3 Bruins 20 Bakersfield B Reserves 0 Bruins 39 Kernville 7 Bruins I9 Tehachapi 0 Bruins 20 Bakersfield B Reserves 0 Bruins 26 Garces 6 Bruins 0 Bakersfield B's 20 Coach Waferrnan presenfs Ieffers fo Bruin Co-Capfains Bob Craven and Mark Torres. fa? ,45 P R-N3 VB Q at . A? i 34 Q81 M Lx Q. ' A e 1 X AR QM IR Q. H. Q if , T. x S 1 'X 'Q x 5 H gg N 5 Q 5 ' 1 N 5 Ku 4 1 45 if bw S 4 Hum , wk Q! X Q W dx '1 at Jon , TOP!-Geraid Gibson, Vernon Shaw, Lorn Beef, Herman Glasco, Larry Peavson. CENTER-Jim Monfqomerv. Un belnaff of ine foam C p P C OM Relad olllns accv is bmkMbaH fropvy, , A. Russ, BOTT - Joe Coflins, Bob CarnpbeH, Bob Harrinqfmn, Gerald Avereif, Curt 77 BRUIINIS A - 221.2 Capfaih Junior Bailey TOP: Bruin Squad-BACK ROW: R. Haley, Mqr., Coach Frank Barle, Tom Hobbs, Mgr. SECOND ROW: C. Kasinqer, G. Roe J, Clark, B, Showers, C. Chndfhnevw. FRONT ROW: H, BUNFEIL, G. Price, M, Torres, N. Henderson, J. Barley. BELOW: Bruins play The qamn. 78 S 2 9 Q iff Ig 5 ' 2 gajkr' BASEBALL 4 'X R,mt,,nv1x ,givin ngvm Anvnu f rl invm lawn 'L ' ARVIH , I Y V 1' i I -13:1 1, " vii' T-2225 'Arm . y T JY , Q , ,ff in 05 Jw' 4 Www ' .l...4L--I TOP-BACK ROW: Coach Waferrnan, C. Marfinez, B. Campbell, V. Shaw, J. Monlqomery, B. Sherrill, W. Oakes, L. Pearson, G. Averefi, C. Clendenen. FRONT ROW: D. Musser, B. Craven, L. Harmon, l-l, Ranqel, D. DeGouql1, C. Rice, C. Reade, J. Backa, G. Williams, B. Bush. BOTTOM: Curl Reade calclwes. Henry Rangel and Eugene Welch warm up. Jim Monfgomery pegs To lirsf base. G. Avereli, fielder, Larry Pearson at bar. BACK ROW: L. Be sl, B. Ta lor, B. Showers, M. Pruill, B. Williams, M. Harris, A. Cruz, R. Wallcer, B. Breland, R. Robinson. THIRD Y ROW: B. Sharp, Cv. Roe, J. Fisher, H. Boler, F. Clow, B. Orliz, B. Mayfubby, D. Paloma, D. Gonzales, M. Torres. SECOND ROW: O. Roland, C. Slolces, B. Bales, R. Marrneleio, A. Woods, R. Roberfson, J. Williams, R. Hufson, J. Wells, B. Johnson, J. Alward. FRONT ROW: B. Reeves. R. Y, l 1' ' M W, u, Coach Springer, E. Davis, R. Lewis, F. Cluff, D. Hopkins, B. Roe, E. Cardenas, J. Turner, A. Mooney, G. Theme, Haley. TRACK WJ! Q! , Ah va U if ! ? ar. V-...mwnw J-A... f-H .T v' as -m.....,,MM-MW W , 'f 2 I - vii Az! ' 1.227 A H ,Y .W 1 5 W" . 2 '? T I 4. is ' TOP: G. Roe over The hurdle. Nexf Bob Orfiz. C. Robinson up and over. BOTTOM: R. Hulson Throws discus. M. Harris exhibils slcill ai pale vaulfing. The Relay Team. '52 ,MM f 1 4 27" 13 I GIRLS' PI-IYSICAL EDUCATION MISS SARA WILSON MISS IRENE CURRAN InsTrucTor InsTrucTor Beginning wiTh voIIeybaII in The early TaII Through Tennis and soTTIoaII in The spring, Arvin girls spend an acTive and TuII hour each day during Their P. E. period. DeveIopmenT oT sIciIIs and inTeresT in sporTs are The major aims oT The Physical Educa- Tion DeparTmenT. Miss Irene Curran and Miss Sara Wilson are The insTrucTors in charge oT The program. TOP: Jewell has Hwe ball CENTER: Oufdoor baskeiball BOTTOM: A fense mome-nf during play ' QW . .N Q X x as Q N 3 an 5, X 1 X X wk Q W WM Zz, 3 K NS x if X 5 S f' SEQ ,ff M' ' .6 A SSX? Q N MF x .ff .13 v W, . .Y 'n V 1 Q ui M11 Ag x Xl, K s 'H :. ye.. 3 5 M 5 --'.. 3 A 5f'w""5 I Swv 'f .523 1-if TW' 'W . fi 4 ga -1 -Jr T?rl,f R? KW? Q y fi ' Qs A Mar mx, ,SF 'fx r 'N 'QF' nz " X asf Y m 'I' ' if wwf . ml.- Qs. .. 'iffy " Q ' Q ,R si 3 N H, Welcome KCHSR E I 5 Q ax H i f xhkAA h 4. TGP: The QrwN'J-J, Cal! Kmirxsgm, Thu MOVEIFIW Chiu mpraraifb, Hn- pfvpcom vrmc,hime4 SECOND ROW: Members, of Wwe Sfudemf Council reef K.C.A.S,R, Bw, FHdwafv,m Awi:mbIy. BUTTOMI GfvWdiifmLs VISHS Nw Prfieifzrifa Qfffce, Caro1ers ride Arvin HiqHS Chrisf- maa Hman if 31 f kv I if .Xi K , A fi J, Y 'Y 'Q 54' v Sep+ember I I Sepfember I5 Ocfober I2 Ccfober 24 Uc+ober 30 November 8 November I6 December I December I5 January I9 February IO March 2 CALENDAR Firs+ Day of QuesIion: FALL SEMESTER School book. na'rch." Howdy Hop A wonderful way Io become acqualnfed wiIh everyone' Bonfire Rally on Ihe Foo'rbaII Field Rah for Ihe Bears and Bruins! Unired Narions Day Assembly We Iisfened Io Irhe Freedom BeII rung Kern Coun+y Associafion of S'ruden'r Represenfahves Meehng OI course, Arvin High had i'rs welcome mai' ouI Open House aI 8:00 p.m. "Mom and Pop, 'rhis is where I go Io school California Scholarship Federafion Charier Presenrahon Grade Poinfs? More Ihan you can coun'rI Girls' League Slumber Parry AII'er Ihe piIIow IighIs, zzzzzz Chrisfmas Vacarion Happy Holidays Ha+che'r Hop Dancing affer Ihe casaba vicrory SPRING SEMESTER SweeIhear'r Swing The huge vaIenIine af 'rhe door se+ Jrhe mood BIossom+ime The s'I'uden'rs voIed Evelyn DuIce Iheir Blossom ueen "Wha+ book weighs a +on7 Answer A +ex'r March 29 April IO May Il May 25 June 8 Junior Class Talenl Show We didn'+ lcnow we were so accomplished! April Showers Spring flowers, nol puddles, were everywhere This nighf Arvin High School Carnival Every club sponsored a boolh. All sorls of 'rhings +o play ea'r, see, and buy . . . The Junior Prom Formals. Ties. Soff music. Need more be said? Lasl Day of School The end of a wonderful year 1 wrmgwig fsiigmgfz ,ww 3 3' T2 '11, qw wg www U IA S TJ S IN MEMORY MARY GASSAWAY, CLASS OF l953 JOE CARPENTER, CLASS OF I953 ..-...,. ,.,..-.,...V. M, E E 4-A052 ymvlf- A00 fo -z-V9 0'0" 4 Q,95Na'z" Q 1, 4 If V N fg 5 Q2 'im f, ' I R?" if 4,1 .fd "Ng fy N I, trlxffffff Q7 pf' fm' ' sw 'i MJ QJ 'V 'J I 'L ff' R. H, Your Friendly "CASE" Dealer Complele Line of Case Farm and lncluslrial Equipmenl I+'s Easier lo Farm 'flue Case Way Arvin Bakersfield Congralulalions lo Jrhe Praelerila Slail Ho t's Corner Superette Our BeslVVisl'1eslor+l'1e Second lssue Y of Praelerila Pomeroy and Jewett 96 99l Weedpafclw Highway Lamont California and Ribier Food Market DiGiorgio Road and Edison Drive Two miles easf of Lamon+, California Complimenis of Wlien You Play . . Play The Besl California Cotton Play Wilson All The Way Cooperative Ass'n, Ltd. P. O. Box ,.,, Bakersfield Hardware Locared I60I Easi Brundage 20I5 Chesifer Bakersfield, California Buiane - Propane - Diesel Fuel - Slove Oil - Frigidaire Appliances - Wedgewood Ranges Bakern Liquid Gas Company P. o. Box 208 730 Souil' Uni?" Avenue Phone 9-978I Bakersfield 97 Complimenis of KERN VALLEY FARMS GROWERS JAMES TRINO PACKERS "CAL- PRIDE" BRAND P. O. Box 284 Sl-HPPERS Arvin, California Greenfield Hardware Prescriplion Specialisls Dorolhy Grey Cosrnelics Cd0nTPany l-lar ware S ' G d VALLEY DRUG OO S Houseware Dick Mille' "The Greenfield Comrnunily Arvin Phone S+Oreu 9945 Soufh Union Bakersfield, California Phone 4-2372 ARVIN CYCLE and SPORT SHOP Spor'rsmen's l-leadquarlers MOTOR CENTER ol Bakersfield Chevrolel - Buick - Cadillac Wilson Spomng Goods Chevrolel Truclcs Schwinn Bicycles Games - Ammunilion 22nd 8: Ches+er Phone 9-944i Arvin Rancho Theaire Bldg. Phone 335 Congralulalions +o Arvin Bears, Bruins and Cubs VALLEY DISTRIBUTORS Wholesale Only CAN DY -- NOTIONS -- TOBACCO George Carnahan Judy and Jill Bill Carnahan "Boo+s" Powers Thelda Carnahan Bill McClellan Vina Calhoon 98 539 Main S'l'ree+ Lamon+ ,--...... ,.- ,, .. ,. MERIDIAN GIN Congrawlafio Arvin High S On Hs Second Praeferifa VINELAND GIN ns To chool Annual PRODUCERS' COTTCN 0IL CCMPANY operating Cattani Cotton Gins COMANCHE GIN n 1 I n : ,. x .Mn -- f"-' 1' I 'n"' A A wi -f a g ARVIN GIN Mgtmru W-fm 5 Q.-. -- , .V z . . .,,.. H ., H M53 V XA 1 I F I .. -7 .. . . ., ,JM V - M, . . , . ' an , AA A ' ' L'-"2.'?'H,J,f,-1 , ' A w:fw,...L, L. 5 4 " 5 vs Q., -,L - W ' 1' - .Af " 3 , ff.,1N -mm X: h, 75 f' , .. - ,M A A x A .I L . K 1 -gr K Lfzllf Lf-,wi W- X' .1 ' , V - ' K 1 " ff , WWW ., ' W , ' ' W " Q' Y ' l.A+,:'f" ' i , K .,,. Wm ng'g'Q'fZ5:p':gqA . f, ' .. i .W-fu, . , , A f Q "ffm L. . gh ,-Ng . ' n ftw-Wm' V ,'fLz''ww K ww! U wtf- 21 f V -ag, W if 'M' ww, 9? m y vm 1 WAV,-'-1, - 1 I A. - A-1zMv:i7wmi?E'ekQ'f2f+ mmzfwfagzrif W' YA '22 ' A ff:132'ffAi.ZE6sssw QW 223553 ...:f2fu -'-we-few Besl Wishes lo The Arvin Bears DELBERT L. SMITH INSURANCE A l45 - 3rd Avenue Arvin Phone 85 or 86 ARVIN PHARMACY "The Rexall S+ore" JERRY BRYANT Dependable Prescriplion Service COMBS BROTHERS Lumber and Building Maferials Fine Cosmelics and Gills B33 giziway Phcgni a ers le Nexf door fo Posfoffice Phone uhll Complimenls of 7 Up ID' A i'1, film M. J. PAvLovic do 1 . Q -:Jw Of ff " 3L,,4 5 i "X Bakefsheld- l-lancoclc Oil Company if 'nc' i 230 Eas+ Wholesale Dislribulor Arvin Phone 93 C I and Besf Wishes + ARVIN HIGH SCHOOL from WEEDPATCH GINNING COMPANY ncnl'ru.s 20- Valley Mercantile Co. Compliments of GUY E. HALL HARDWARE 3l0 30'l'h Street Bakersfield APPLIANCES DRY GOODS SHOES Arvin Phone 4 lin John C. Moore Claude Boilcin Si Winters Used Cars "See Si for a better buy, sell or trade" Location: Corner of School and Main Lamont, California Phone 6-7300 Arvin Potato Company Phone Arvin 227 P. O. Box 302 Arvin, California Growers ff Shippers of the Wnrldk finest 7,,,,z21.,,,,75Wf!Zp Ill HIHHHIH IHIIII EHHPIIHHIIHN EAN FHHNEIECU, EALIFUHNIA WINTER HAVEN, HUHIUH Residence. Farm Free Eslimales and Commercial Conslruclion HARRY SWANSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR "ll you wanl il well buill, lel l-larry build il." 3 I 7 Orange S+ree+ Arvin Phone l98J LAMONT LLIMBER COMPANY D. L. Rhodes Market Doors - Moulding - Millwork Painl - Building Supplies SEED 81 FEED Weed pa+ch Highway P. O. Box 98 Lamon+, California Lamonf Phone 6-7622 Phone 3-8257 , ji H P-. x -s ,V -rx. - , -R "- Il - ' Pri .,.. w Ee J: 4 age.: 1 'V fl ilgifsi , Ig, Esiix fl I lee-ellL. f , y li- ui 155:11 5:5 in -gg ,,f-'liliiu S Your Hometown Newspaper - Published every evening excepl' Sunday - Bringing Kern Counly lhe nalional coverage ol: 'rhe l'hree major wire services, popular comics, wrilings of 'rhe mosl' prominenl columnisls, complele local news, nafional and local piclures and many lealures. be Malmffsfiiellu Malifulmiam A CORPORATION PUBLISHERS - PRINTERS - PHOTO ENGRAVERS I707 Eye Sireei Bakersfield Congraiulalions Io Arvin I-Iigh School "TI-IE PRIDE OF OUR COMMUNITY" Phone 3-0873 WEBSTER'S Purniiure Upholsierinq Slip Covers - Draperies A. W. Websier 23I5 Eye Sfree-+ Bakersfield Pioneer Mercantile Co. Hardware - Auromoiive Paris - Painr I526-32 20'I'h S+ree+ - Phone 8-858I I I I I 2Isi' S+ree+ - Phone 8-858I IOZ4 Baker S+ree+ - Phone 4-4984 Bakersfield 5 Complirnenls oi SIMPSON if REX MOTORS, INC. "Your Chrysler and Plymouih Dealers" Third and Hill S+ree+s Arvin Phone I6 "Always a Pleasan'l' Evening a+ 'I'l'le Soufh Lamonf Drive- ln Tl'1ea1'er" Complimenls of THE FRICKS Lloyd, Frederick Lesler, Archie GENERAL FARMING Offices-The Frick Bldg. 323 3rd Avenue Phone I8 Arvin, California MEATS-WI-IOLESALE AND RETAIL COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERY ITEMS "ECONOMY - WITH SERVICE" Bill Gong, Manager Service Food Center 2I0 Arvin Avenue Phone I93W Service Market North Main Street, Lamon+ Phone-Bakersfield 6-668 Towne Photo Supply, Inc. PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS FILM RENTAL LIBRARY FULL LENGTI-I FEATURES F. M. Brown, President Phone 4-45 I 9 I609 - I9+h Bakersfieid HOMER BRASSFIELD BRUSH SHREDDING Phone 84J 2OI Tucker Street Arvin Best Wishes KERN COUNTY TITLE COMPANY I40I Chester Avenue Bakersfield l"l - ' ' u.s.Nu.1: I5 15000 '..i-BRAND 0 I PDTATD E 55 ' Gl9Wl5PACllDlY ,- EMIL E. PENNERI .' Anvm,cALis. -' f'fT .ff--If EMIL E. PENNER P. O. Box 287 Arvin, California iFZuiM?.E3,gkgiE N fin: li klirz Q Meyer Schuman Co. K "N-'S Growers 8: Shippers California Fruifs ancl Vegefables Sprouse Reitz Co., Inc. Sc - I0c - I5c Sfore and P. O. Box 306 Phone Arvin 65 Arvin, California Shed Phone- Fgunfain Lunch Bakersfield I-Iarclware and Toys Dry Goods and Nofions Merrill Lamley, Mgr. Phone 226W Arvin, California KIRBY E- SHOWERS FURNITURE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES I06 C Sfreef, Arvin Phone 96 I24I Bear Mounfain Road, Arvin Phone 228W Complimenls of ARVlN CO-CP GlN, INC. "e-ROWER OWNED AND e-ROWER OPERATED" Specializing in Machine Picked Coflon l Roufe No. l, Box 759 Phone l62Y3l Arvin, California Roy Klase, Manager O. E. Ferguson. Ginner i For The Besl in Dairy Proclucls BUY Peacock CAFE - GROCERIES 0 U owne Room Peacock Dames, lnc. METTLER STATION Telephone "MeHler Toll S'l'al'ion" Bakersfield Phone 4-656l 4-476l Bill Towle Agnes Towle 5 ,X X V K Y .T ,.N.q.iaf,.g.. ARVIN TIRE COMPANY 8I I 3rd Avenue - Phone l72-J U. S. Royal Tire Dislribulor Royal Deluxe and Royal Masler Tires lor Cars, Trucks, Traclors "One Day Recapping Service" SAVE TIME AT OUR HANCOCK SERVE-'UR-SELF STATION BAKERSHELD 'NN SALLADAY'S REFRIGERATION I-lolpoinl' Appliances - Ben l-lur Freezers The Worlcl's Largesl' Commercial Refrigeralion Molor l-lolel 3rd and Meyers SIreeI's Phone I34-J California Avenue 8: Highway 99 Arvin, California Complimenls ol Complimenls ol URN ER'S Farm Service APPLIANCE STORES 5, Implement Company Kem Counly l'e,aClerS In Coclc Shull ancl New Holland Modern Appliances Farm Equipmem 2I2 Zlsl S+ree'l 2006 Chesler Phone 4-2039 Bakersfield Joe Davis Warren Becl llO r' x Vai? ff Complimenls oi DON CLARK LAMONT GIN Lamoni' Phone 38236 IDEAL CLOTHING STORE T' D' DOWNS F. L. and Opal Chaplin Wholesale Dislribulor Slanclard Oil of California 209 3rd Sireef Arvin Phone I Phone Arvin I0 Complimen+s of San Joaquin Tractor Co. El.MER F. KARPE "Your Friendly RSGHOF Allis - Chalmers Dealers" I nsurance - Loans Highway 99 a'I' California Ave. 920 Ches+er Avenue Bakersfield Phone 4-45I7 Bakersfield Phone 5-5736 ARVIN LLIMBER CO. Lumber - Hardware - Painl - Plumbing Sleel Producls - Roofing - Cemenf Redi-Mix Concrere - Plasrer Bin Y Phone 225 Arvin, California Complimenrs oi MAZZIE FARMS Grower - Shipper Polaloes, Tomaloes, Peas Mixed Vegeraloles Wickersham Company JEWELERS l53l Ninereenfh Sheer Phone 6-652l Bakersfield, California Phone 47 Arvin Afvio GfoPo Gfowofs' Assooiofioo 'W WW Growers l-l. E. Woodworih Complimenls oi ALBERT ANGUS Arvin - California 1 I2 Forresl Friclq Lloyd Frick l-larry Thompson Frank Srocldon Supl. Aslan Turooniian The No Delay Shoe Shop FOX RADIO G ELECTRIC "Rapid Repair Service Frigidaire While You Wai+" Maylaq Zenifh Complefe Line of New Shoes lronrife Sales Jess Goad Service 230 3,-d S+.-eef Arvin Elecfrical Conlracfing 228 3rd Sfreel' Arvin ARVINAIR Dusfing - Spraying Full Insurance Coverage Roufe I - Box 274 Cummings Valley Road Arvin, California Phone Arvin 59-Y-I I Drinlc Barq's lf's Good Barq's Bottling Company I32 Easf 2Isf Sfreef Bakersfield, California Besf Wishes For The Success of Arvin l-ligh School .loe's Arvin Bakery I30 3rd Arvin VALLEY OFFICE AND SCHOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY WHOLESALE ONLY A Cornplele Line of All School Needs Paper Pencils Drawing Eciuiprnenf Files Binders Arf lvlaferials I426 P Sfreef Phone 9-975I Bakersfield Shell Oil Company M. D. Williford Disfriloufor P. O. Box 846 Arvin, California l I3 I If T 5 5 as 2 JOHNNlE'S MARKET 8x THRASHER MOTORS COMPANY , SERVICE STATION Desom 4 Plymomh NORTON S MARKET SPOT GIoceIies - Veqefables - Fresh MeaTs 'TPS PlYmOUTl' Comer., For Finer Foods SOP Drinks 253I Chesfer Avenue 80I Haven Drive Roufe 6 Box 2I0 - Bakersfield Bakersfield, California Arvin, California LlTTRELL'S GROCERY BILL and GEORGE MOORE ANN STYLE SHOPPE M + I V T bl - N H ns Sporfswear, Hafs, Bags eEZm.fSiiaE 2lIIIse+O O UNION SERVICE STATION and Gloves Phone Arvin l47Y2l 3rd Sfreef Arvin, Calif MlZlleJ.l Guinn 236I Cornplirnenfs of Complimems of COCA-COLA BOTTLING CORP. DRIVE - IN VALLEY GLASS COMPANY M4 ' lqlll Sheel Arvin's Main Corner Phone Bakersfield 4-6531 Bakersfield, California CINDERELLA Flower XI Giff Shoppe 3II Chesfer Avenue Bakersfield, California NEAL'S ICE SERVICE 3rd 81 Sfockfon S+. 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Vffw' ' ,M . BETTY'S DRESS SHOP Qomplgmenfs of S Reasonable Prices I STORE FOR MEN Ladies', Childrens Wearing Apparel S and Cosfume Jewelry I9 Chesfer Avenue Phone 2-I5I7 Main Shed Lemony. Phone Bakersfield 5-5986 Bakersfield Phone 6-8828 I604- I9Ih Sf. Bakersfield TooN's Music STUDIOS LEONE GROCERY HARRISONIS ACEQEISENS 273 Sanfa Clara Sfreef Lamonf California MEN'S APP REL Chesfer Bakersfield Phone 57950 A "Tune in wifh Toons' Open Seven Days a Week I6I8- I9fh Sf. Bakersfield C 8' C "Say If Wilh Flowers" HEALY'S WALLPAPER STORE SMITH'S FLOWERS N h U SHELL SERVICE Mrs, Gerfrude Smifh Roberfs 3000 orf nion Avenue I l 630 H 'BH' S+ f Bakersfiew' California Lamonf, California Phone 6-8760 Phone - 'mlersfield 4-6037 Phone Bakersfield 3-IB04 "AI" "Bob" Residence 2-752C Complimenfs of "PARKER'S" Phone 2-I6I4 I009 Baker Sfreef COUCH'S JEWELRY WATCHES Elqin Bulova in California CAMPBELL BROS. WELDING AND HARDWARE GROCERY STORE Complimenfs of LAMONT SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 6-7987 SCOTTY'S PIE SHOP "I-Iome Made Pies To Take Oufl' 3I Soufh Chesfer Avenue 288 Main Sfreef Lamonf Phone 5-06I6 Bakersfielc J 8. M BARGAIN OUTLET AND WAR SURPLUS Dresses, Work Clofhinq, Shoes, ETC, l26 Kearney Avenue Lamonf KITCHEN - BOYD MOTOR COMPANY Lincoln A- Mercury Bakersfield PRIDDY'S GARAGE "Qualify - Price - Service" 240 Kearney Ave. Lamonf Phone - Bakersfield 6-76I7 H20 DEWAR'S CANDY SHOP "Horne Made Candies" We Make Our Own Ice Cream and Ice Milk Eye Sf. Bakersfield Phone 2-0933 THRIFTY VARIETY STORE School Supplies Dry Goods Nofions M. W. Bonesfeel 265 Main Sfreef Lamonf MASON JAUSSAUD Fine French Cuisine IO0I S. Union Avenue Bakersfield Phone 3-5350 Cornplimenls of SASIA - WALLACE, INC. Bufane - Propane Disfriloufors 228 S. Union Bakersfield Phone 4-6006 Cornplimenfs of KERN COUNTY EQUIPMENT CO., INC.. "EquiprnenI for Every Ranc:her's Need" Bear Mounfain Road Phone ARVIN 344 Glenn Wyrick, Mgr. RICHFIELD OIL CORP. W. B. Sfewarf - Disfribulor Phone ARVIN 68 or 247 Baker elcl j k lg 0, if "i4 1 co Gia NY DOI S. UNION AVE. PHONE 4-79I2 BERCHTOLD GRAIN 81 IMPLEMENT HOUSE Minneapolis Moline -- Anderson Miller Sprinkling Equiprnenf 330 E. I9'I'h Bakersfield Phone 7-78I8 McELROY'S SHOES Newesl in Shoes Besl in Repairing 343 3rd Sfreef Arvin Phone I36J VALLEY NURSERY 81 FLOWER SHOP Flowers - Shrubs - Trees William J. Lord 425 California Bakersfield Phone 8-8476 SAN JOAQUIN BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY P. O. Box 996 Phone 242W Derby Road - Arvin MIKE'S MUSICAL SUPPLIES "Everyfhing in Music" 4-40 Hood S+. Arvin Phone 306R John J. Kovacevich Plums and Grapes JJ and Royal K Brands Grower Packer Shipper P. O. Bin V Arvin Phone 70 as THE NOVELTY Noolc Magazines - Novelfies - Giffs Toys and Games I48 Arvin Avenue Wesf of Arvin Theafer Arvin Complirnenfs of HARRY COFFEE CARLIN 6 BOYCE Chevron Sfafion Fresno - Bakersfield - Hanford One - Swuop Service Repairing and Tune - Up Aflas Tires and Bafferies Accessories ancl Aufo Parfs LOCKHART SEED IOI-3rd Avenue Wholesale and Refail Amr' Phone 8 Vegefable - Field SEEDS lnsecficides - Dusfs - Sulphurs "CMI" "Bob" Femlizers REXROTH 8: REXROTH z4+hs+ + ar-r 99 CONTRACTORS sol - fifh an may Phone Bakersfield 4-7226 Bo' "38 Phone DQY 55099 Bakersfield Nighf 3-70l8 Davies Machinery Co. lFormerly Cousins Tracfor Companyl JOHN DEERE - CATERPILLAR Complimenfs of ROBERT L. CARTER llB l 24fh Sfreef af Highway 99 Bakersfield Phone 5-245I "Flowers Besf Express Your Thoughfsu "BUY Tl'-'llS" mph SM LOG CABIN FLORIST Jim and Eve Riggins I9l8 Eye Sfreef Bakersfield 404 I8-H15-h-591' Bakersfield Phone 8-8646 Randall's Drug Store O. RIGHELLIS O. D. THE REXALL STORE ' OP"""e+'iS+ Lamonf Phone 325 3rd Avenue Bakersfield 6-7022 Arvin Phone I8 I. EAST SIDE CLEANERS Comp 'mem "Bakersfield's Mosf Modern PIanf" Ol: Fur Cleaning, Glazing, and Sforage Bill Bahoric, Manager I728 Niles Sfreef Bakersfield Phone 49853 Bakersfield BEWICK'S FLOWERS I8I9 Chesfer Avenue af l9fh Bakersfield Phone 4-67 I4 SEASIDE SERVICE J. P. McGuffey H. A. McGuffey 24l 3rd Sfreef Arvin ROUX 81 KUENTZEL Afhlefic: and Sporfing Goods l8I7 - 2l Eye Sfreef Bakersfield Phone 3-I738 Complimenfs of CHARLES BARRETT lformerly Charley's Hamburgersl LAMONT BEAUTY SHOP Walk In Please - Walk Oul Pleased" II6 Kerney Ave. Lamon+ Owner and Operafor Marguerifa Ogle Bradley Complimenis of CHESTER T. ALLEN CO. CLIFF GRAY "Mens Clolhiern I62I - I9+h Bakersfield LAMONT REPORTER Firsl Wilh Mosl Local News Phone Bakersfield 6 - 8838 WILCHER NORWALK SERVICE Washing - Lubricalion Tire Repairing Weed pafch, California ARVIN TILLER Commercial Priniing and Adveriising Phone 207 or 286 523 - 3rd SI. Arvin IaI.ooMFIEI.D DRIVE IN U STOVEIYS MARKET V SPANISH KITCHEN Delicious Foods - Reasonable Prices We Appreglale Your Busmess La Siesfa Lounge Where Parking Is Never a Problem" Glocenes ' Meals Ph n 8 BI I3 622 Edd 'wh S+ . . O 9 ' 1 Niles PII. 4-3362 SWG' 6aSO"Pe . Bakersfield Weedpaich, CBIITOHIIB ARVIZU'S CONCRETE PIPE YARD 208 A Sireei' Phone Arvin 20 50I Main S+., Lamonf SAMS SERVE UR SELF GAS - OIL - TIRES L ACEIESSORIES FAST SERVICE Phone Bakersfield 68558 Bakersfield Absiraci Division SNIDERIS ARVIN DAIRY Tifle Insurance and Escrows .EMI Bakersheldu Elmer Smofherman Chesfer Ave. Bakersfield Allqlellc Goods - Blcycles 4I7 Monroe Ave. Arvin Phone 5574i Lloycl Snider, Pres. Phone 5IR or 279J P +I l O Complimenls ol Complimenfs of 5 ronlze UP ROSE YARDAGE SHOP Aclveriisers CURTIS READE Bakersfield H I Public Accounfanf Nofary Public R. B. SHANE REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Phone 222 73I Third Sfreef Arvin, California WM. MOSESIAN WINTROATH Verfical Turbine Pumps "Wherever Wafer Needs a Liff" WliNlTROATl'l PUMPS INC. l0I Sonora Sf. Phone - Office Bakersfield 4-9896 Residence Bakersfield 3-09I4 WOR J E HOE 4' 4 i - Q... -,sw ' CHEEVER'S VARIETY STORE CLOTH ' Complimenfs of Arvin Variety Store 5hOeS - DVVQOOCB Phone io.s 20l-3rd s+ Work Clofhinq 2I2 Main Sf. Lamonf, California Phone 6-7464 Arvin, California 60I Complimenfs of MR. and MRS. JAMES BANDUCCI Operafors of ARVIN and RANCHO THEATRES Arvin, Calif. Also RIVER THEATER Oildale, Calif. DR. PEPPER "Good for Life" Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. 62l E. 2lsf Sf. Bakersfield, California Fine ICE CREAM and FROZEN NOVELTIES Kenneston Studio Specialisfs in Child Plwofograpliy Weddings Family Groups Commercial Plwofograplwy R d f' Arden Farms Company emo UC 'Ons 343 Third Avenue California Sf. Bakersfield ' ' Sfudlo - Arvm 339 Home - 54-Y-3 AND I-HERE W-'M Top: Evelyn Penderqrall holds llve plaque awarded Her for flue second year for winning llwe Dramalic lnlerprelallom Comlesl ol llwe Slerra League. Sludenl Vocalisls, Cenlerz Enllwslasm In llwc bleaclwers. Bollom: 'larqcl pracllce. I24 V Q U , In 6oYdiloclc's honor, fhe Arvin Band pfoys "Pre?+y Baby 1252 Wnwmwf V , Q-saw' ""' 22" W ' . 2 fQfiim'f3C I , X w g- , ,. ..., . . - ' fx 1 . '- ' wzawm iw: wifi x A mwwgag w m. AX , . - --'---- 1 4 Qwfwwfug -H-:H ,QQ .x -f :-?-1 -,qu V fww. 'WW Agfgwmgfw -f 'N F y 7.Qw,f-mags y Wwgg, X. V , V .,.,. .,., M- ..,.,... , K Q ww, K fxqf--liwwl-J., "" -"' , qw gm , new . ,,,,.. -., Q ,..... ., ..... ,, ,X .. 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Smilh and Company for our covers P B Press lnc for o r ri lin - , . u p n g lvlelrropolilan Engravers for our engraving .1 xr AA 91 , .W-4:14 N tv, ' gif , A '.t:Fru53'? 'PE , ' f F-.-H Q. , -.. .- H -Q, l ,E ,I-., . ' .-X.- H Ziff' ' 4 E ':,E"'5l2M 1 v X lil: rf -N 2-9: 5- 4 Ag?" Q31 wif , Lf . A .. Q ,nf ir., I AA Q 5 .' . ' 1 4' ni. 1 t k '5' ' 'fifif' f QTY 1 7,2 2 'J ' ' ' '15 Ju 51-'?..-V , u '-Q ! me . V, 's 1 " .- 4 .,f 'qt wx,,...4f.wV- 1 1 -Q --P --1 ,Q wi, 4 n- 1 VR. ,, ,. HY, - Z, . . .. L " ' 0 g X 13 Q R A . . . . E fl . "Q F ei' WF". 5 sffilifr +A .sfizgg -' H fg' ,t ws ,QQ 7-'F-'-ef ,--rf ,, , . '. Q- -.,,- 1 - 'ri-1.5" 1' . u.,.1. , A- . . wk' , ,F X if if ,filii . ' f 1 4- ff HEY, U, ., K A s 11 " 1 ,.4 .vi ni Wu sn . .url-. F.. , , X , Q ,. e 1.5, Af f A 2 I' ' . .,, . 'x 7 1 -3' va I f-H4 ,. , Qc , .ix 1. .4 3? 1 'V -' 1 P' .r x ,lc w E, 1 . 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