Arvin High School - Praeterita Yearbook (Arvin, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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X' A V t . N r X , -, W-iw-V 4 4 , 5 1 .,,,'-nfl N nf -f, 4 V , , ,JI , . ' m .. f' .'1f.'f.fg,w.'5, ' Pmetel-1ta ARVIN HIGH SCHOOL ARVIN CALIFORNIA I95O I fngw- I I .R -,., fi. ,NL W, JI I, ,U O, ,, , I, . 'fix-Q NEW SCHOOL NEW FLAG NEW STUDENT BODY Alu iilllvmnrg CHAD STEWART Class of I953 'W' XZ .,I bedzca tum We deducaTe The PRAETFRTTA T I95O To The many people our Trlends an The comn1unuTy whose loyal supporT has rnade our yearboolc poss ble and To The TuTure sTudenTs oT Aryan T-lnqh School From namlncg our yearbook PRAETER ITA To selechnq The bear as The school emblem Thus year has been an adven Ture In beqxnnlng TradlTlons which wlll become parT oT Arvln The sTaTT hopes ThaT :T has succeeded In malonq PRAE TERITA a True reTlecTlon oT Thus splrnT as IT records The happenmos oT our TzrsT year O O ' - o , . . A A .9 ' - T 0 o ' I T r,,,, ,,,,yy 1 T T I. ' ' R.,.,., 14dm1niA tration and Claw en X.: 2 I ag at X 1 X Z Z Z Z 9 ......i Mr T L lvlccuen DisTricT SuperinTendenT The Kern CounTy Union l-ligh School DusTricT Board oT TrusTees and DisTricT Super 1nTendenT T L Mccuen are responsible Tor The over all direchon oT The member schools oT The DisTricT IT was They who planned Tor The developmenT oT Arvin l-ligh School and deTermined The orqanizahonal policies which were The basis Tor a smooTh running and successTul year mum lI 'W :ggi Q, f K N j- 41fwl..c. Kern CounTy Union l-liqh School DisTricT Board oT Tru.Tees: Dr. ArThur l-l. Warner? ChesTer W, Q'Neill, Clerlc: l'1. E. WoodworTh President Phil Ohannesony William T. Baldwin. Wi. UA ,ggi S Q cccciawfai i ,.,'KA. , .... n ' Mr Clycic Da ald Principal This yearboolc so aplly named as a record of 'rhe hlghlughfs of evenls and achvuhes of fhe hrsf year of lhe Aryan Hugh School H IS probably of greaf unleresl Jro you now buf Hr wnll be of gre-ajrer unlreresl lo you as lhe years pass and of nearly forqollren classmales or of happy evenls which lransplred lr has been your opporlunlly lo see our new school planf false shape expand and gradually develop unlo one of 'rhe hnesl school planls anywhere ll as my srncere hope 'rhal you our slrudenls have expanded and developed your und: vidual abulrhes slculls and ellechveness as cfhzens In a sumular fashion l.eJr us hope loo lhalr Jrhe palrlrerns of achon fhal we have se'r as precedenls IH fhus school lhzs year wall prove lo be wuse and desrrable paflerns 'ro follow In The fufure CLYDE DAWALD P xg ! H 'Q you occasionally lurn lo lhis boolc lo refresh your memory lvllss Earlene Walers, Head Girls' Counselort Mr. Arlhur Johnson, Dean of Sludenlsq Mr. Edwin DeMello, Dlreclor ol Tesllng. C'oanAelv1-A ors give vocalional and personal guidance as well as supervise lhe sched- uling of classes. TCP-Mr. Edwin De Mello. Miss Earlene Walers. BOTTOM -Mrs. Cleo Kllfell, MISS Ann Borlng, Mr. Arlhur Johnson. Acfively inleresled in slu- denl welfare, lhe Counsel- ?acultq Mr. Calvin Wrighl inlroduced his s'ru- denls To lhe world of music. l-lis high inferesf was soon equalled by fhe slu- denfs enrolled in his courses in The Music Deparlmenl. Cl-labla usfed espanol? Miss Ann Boring, of lhe Foreign Language Deparlmenf iaughl This colorful romance language. Ari was laughl by Mrs. Blanche Allender. Mr. John Wefzler succeeded in making 'rhe library an appropriale place bolh for sfudy and pleasure reading. As librarian he was ever-ready fo help Arvin sludenfs find lhe exaclly "righ+" boolc. Miss Janer Gauldin, of 'rhe Science Deparfmenf, made Biology a fascina+ing subiecf. Phofosynfhesis, profoplasm and micro- scopes became lerms falling easily from lhe lips of The Sophomores in her classes. The agricullure sludenls depend upon Mr. Lewis Preslage and Mr. Holger Hansen for +he "know how" of modern farm melrhods, poulrry raising and slreer raising. Mrs. Blanche Allender and Mrs. Evelyn Eldredge were lavoriles of Jrhe girls who wanied fo learn "good housekeeping." l-lome nursing, also, was fealrured in The l-lome Economics Deparlmenl. Fufure business men and women were inslrucled by Miss Mildred Landers and Miss Palricia Noonan of Jrhe Business Educarion Deparlrmenl. Teaching Boys' Physical Educalion were Coach Jim Walerman and Coach Franlc Barle. Developmenl of aHi+udes of sporls- manship and increased physical filness was lheir aim. Volleyball, baslcelball, follc dancing shuffleboard and ofher pursuils of lhe energelic were Jraughl wi+h compelency by Miss Fran Sewell and Mrs. Freda l-lamillon in lhe Girls' Physical Educalion Deparlmenl. 1:.."i lv-.ff s. Anorher parlr of Jfhe curriculum. Mechanical Arls, was under Jrhe supervision of Mr. Dean Uplon, Mr. Eorresf Bingham, and Mr. John l-layner. Mr. Edwin De Mello, Mrs. Gene- veive Magruder, Miss Ann Boring and Miss Marjorie Morrison Jroolc 'rheir srudenrs in rhe Social Science classes all around rhe world. Texf- boolcs were Jrhe Jriclcels required for lhis fabulous iourney. Miss Mariorie Morrison, Mr. Carl Bee, Mrs. Cleo Kiflell, Mr. Jim Waferman and Mr. Oliver Paris of Jrhe Malhemalics Deparfmenil gave lheir sludenls facilify in solving number problems. Our largesr depar+men+ was 'rhe English Deparlrmeni. Reading, grammar, and creafive wriling were faughi' in 'rheir English classes by Miss Belle Paulsen, Miss Conrance Douce, Mr. Joe Alcesson, Mrs. l-les+er Reina, Miss Earlene Walers and Mr. Carl Bee. In addifion, Miss Douce faughl Drama, Mr. Alcesson Public Speak- ing and Radio and Miss Paulsen and Mr. Bee sponsored PRAE- TERITA. The Office Sfaff is respon- sible Tor gafhering and lceep- ing The records and dala which underlie The efiicienl operalion of The Arvin l-ligh School. Acling as couriers Tor The office The Messengers disiribule The daily bullelin, allendance reporls and ofher announcemenls which musl be delivered Throughoui The school. Also imporlranr +o The smoolh Tunclrioning of The school planlr, The Cusfodians lceep The classrooms and grounds clean and aHrac'rive. They serve also as lilceable and compelenr bus drivers. TOP ROW-Mrs. Ernesfine Simpson and Mrs. Doris Slow, Main Office. Miss Eslher Ley, School Nurse. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Ida Pepers, Allendance Secrelary. Mrs. Shirley Church, Counselors' Secrela ry. THIRD ROW-Messengers. Back: Jean Chrisfian, Earlene Voyles, Bare bara Reed, Mildred Claunch, Ro' mona Marlinez, Elsie Franks, Ruby Chrislian. Fronlz Bonnie Roberls, Leia Smifhey, Dione Washburn, Margarel Rexrolh, Wanda Ledlord, Mercedese Carler, Miss Mildred Landers. BOT- TOM ROW-Mrs. Nora Johnson. Cuslodians: Wesley Young, Oil Holman, Arlie Brewer, Ab Jobe, Miichell Burneff, Dan Avilez, l-lead Cusiodian. ja The School Yfear Keynw The sludenls were eager lo regisler lasl Seprember and be lhe firsl sludenls lo allend classes al Arvin l-ligh School. They lcnew I+ was going 'ro be exciling. Every- one was proud fo be a rnern- ber of The newesl sludenl body in Kern Counly and decided To malce I+ Jrhe besl foo. TCP-Freddle Gonzales enlers school lhe llrsl day of regislrarion. SECOND-Freddle reqislers wllh Mr. Alcesson. THIRD-Freddiels lellow sludenfs regisler lor Their classes. BOTTQMfThe llrsl Rally al Aryin l-ligh. , M' . -Q-"Y-, .o::1Nwx3-.. ' jLf.,,, M ' lwffflrxsv R KX 'X J x N . We regw ter or afotzny We vote a f 1 The C'andidateA . . . Studen t Kody Ufficem 'Q 'IZ' -'fb TOP Lloyd Sfaop Sfudenf Body Presloenf SECOND RCW Reqma Robef Vcc Pres demf Vnrg rw a Alex s Se-crefary ?re lumen FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Miss Palricia Noonan, Advisor: Bruce Ramsey, Social Chairman: Pal Avalcian, Secref lary: Joe Turner, Presidenl: LaVois Allrnon, Treasurer: Eva Bliss, Reporler: Mr. Jolin l-layner, Advisor. . f' . wi 3 Q 'E x X I' ef E Y fbi A' swf' A. Adams C. Adams T. Adams O. Allen L. Allman J. Alward L. Apperson D. Arney C. Armslrong G. Arnold R. Arvizu l. Ashwoocl F. Afchins P. Avakian C. Avereff B. Ayler L. Baccus S. Bailey B. Baier G. Barksdale G. Barion T. Bell W. Bell N. Benbow O. Bennell D. Billingsley I. Birge H. Black E. Black M. Black I6 5 HY 'NF QA 13532381 ur XRS Q., 'SSE Q- at XX 'mv-S' me ,ax X rw Sb X N- NW di' S- 'we 'wx sim, S? X we Mars L Blake M Box M Bush J Cales l Collins Cruss Deyer J Dunn M Fernandez Blagg Bow mg Bus Casfro Ow Cross DeLe1on M DeRamos Dulre G Duncan Evans E Felipe Blagg Bo es Busane Car+er Clough Crenshaw C yn- T J ua ml, 561' 'Q Pg-gs. ew 'k4""' 'wav wr- 'll' 4' 5 'B rw as , we B s Brewer Blanlcshup B Brelang Calvin Celraovnch Conklin Cruz DeWoody M Durham nlr Cherry Darlnnq Dye Fusher swf' Xe Kmx 5 S we Vx XY bf' int' Ss-sh 3 ll! XNRVCNX wx KX Q sr ,4- 55 1 35:,,. 1 Campbell Copeland DeWoody pgivvs ass Broolrs Campbell Chrushan Corley Davnd Ederra Forbes ....w" .D ...,g..--A-"'T H ,Q x agp- 'Q' rf! sw-A Sei. AAA N e-was we Q Q9 LILBQII W Bolen T Bolen Brown l Brown Can+erberryL Carlile Clarll Coughren Davns Dllllngham as Ford Clark Counls Davis O Dnxon R Emberson Foras+ A J Bolen M Brown J Carpenfer M Claunch W Courson Davis Downum Embry Fow er xiii ik was 200 ' 1 1 V . , V ' X ' 1' V -wif-4 .,,,..,. x V .. QV: , , . Q V , ' A ' V lg, V 'I V ,7 , ' V' ' Q . 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G ' QA I , 9, ll ' v" W WHL' ,gig A X . fs ff -S -A . 'M we R YF Q J. " Q We + .LL - ' Rf' L L fe 'S K.-' J fo Q ' 4 fall 3 4 3 3 A K ,- 5 ,N .df .X Q C 4, x J wx .WV pb . J RM . ""' 4 W . X Q45 ff 'f we ir J .fy 5 sf D. ' Lim 'sf' i Q' R 'Q' "" We Q .x R L fl" ,.A: . ' 7 -J Rf R . 5 QRWW ' W me . ,L ix, + Q ' ., E 9 '- S .Sf Vi. I Qu ,J -V xr X if 1 V ' M ' X BT: ,. ri .a J is ,R sf . 'ff' 3 .... F X . . , A OA- A I S, H y A Saas 7' ' " " 7' 5' J - f 'ia fs K ' ' is J E -N K. N- -J xx Y ' R A 1 5 ' J W, vs J . xr 1 . f 1 if 1 R R R ' w ..r's,- -M J R .. 'L f' 1 ,J . .y F , "fm y JM '95-ff' seggl'-,Fx K X317 y ,- s ' K 'evict ,' -K .1 . A A -'R Nagar -A 1 es R R. R Q ' R .. ' wif' iz ',,', f is L, 25' J -:., R J 5 . f A . D4 R . si r Rf? . if 4 . La i.. A y ., D 9 A 4 . :IA k.,, A My 'N , , . y -,,1, Q :N y y J i . .J s'o 2- f fs . J J .J rf- fa . Q is . ' W ' . 30 ,Q M in " y Q sk - sf , f J.. .fe . sf, ,.. .1 K ,N A 5 f h, it 6 A l vs xl l 5 -2 . 1f'3,:l'. w' V: .4 - ' ' ' L.. 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'24 fl? .pr Xa- Qc- J, Ak 'W' H Glasco W Golf Hallum A Hanluns Henry E Hensley Hoos B Hooser Humlefe B Hunf Kaundarf W Karpmger Legg O Linker F J Mules L Muller Mayfubby S McClellan Goodwun Harduson Hickey Hope Hufson eY Llifrell Mcculler Mon+es Gonzales Hardin Herrin Hoover Hunfer B Kundle Lufilefueld C McCuller D Mufchell D M yi a New .X-. . ' If 1. E.- L wife fy r6"?f"x Q , ff"". I 11" y ' I J Y 17. S- K , W .,, 'ir , xv 4 X 5 S' ' . l -,,.f qi .5 Qaggf' f- le- i' v- at 1: rr - X 5, in y vw 7 Lf We- J I .Tiff 7 NZf"e.f ' . W A .. mg. L 'f'. ' R Q' .L 'I L D ' S . gee L be of 1 f L. K. L lin. -" ff 'ewf' as fee' L .. . . is dv xv.. , S go. A fi: 1 F X'- wg 4..- N. B Rl. X 3. fkwwf B . . J l 4-,. v 1 ,.. . ,F .s In t"'! 1 ,. x X if ,ny-w. 5' :ze fi A M 1 ' 'm M H xc. .. My . E. Moore J. L. Moore L. Moore J. Niclles V. Nimmo H. Norwood C. Pierce B. Pierson H. Pipkins H. Price M. Price J. Prueff P. Rexrofh C. Revere J. Rivera J. Roberfson W. Roberfs O. Rolland E. Sanders J.Sanders J.A.Sanders M. Shelfon L. Sherrill B. Shipie L. Siapp P. Sfarr G. S+enerup , .f rx .1 gg. y 4 -if M M' 3 QQ i , .af A N 6 3 . 4 f 5 if 'f A 'V Qi.. .5,,E:,.f .1'g.,,:,, A , .,W'-fn i"91v. I-K. QQUN- W W . W. . , I, ' , . M l A, vw- .J "n 'Rn 'V' G.. . cv KMA .. . j fe-A xii L ,N . .,f .fy 4 Y - g Q si? 1 M-14 x 12.-qjlqlw. . J A 1 .314 - 1 - S ..:.g. 'ire . 5, . Q Q x,0A Q fygy. 3 , gg,-5' 3 N, J A . . ,fgifaiyz I .V h 'QQ I ..-. MW .lllzimiaigi 'y . ' i PM nf "JE I- 5- 1. in ""' LQ ia' x X. Q ' L we 5 ' A ., ..f N . ii ia .iv 7 pl W 'l 'Q 'P ....: W -K 5 330. M' I .5 if C 4,..,5lL- . we - y W is if is Q .5 'li ...N 5 A , .. '.... 51 ' 35' S - K Mm K X.- X Q E .. .9 . : . "-.ilf.'f:,li'7lQ? .QWF . if GL . I L .- , 5 . N- , .... .. g ",-- 5 My 6, vm at Q.. X "" ' V. a ' 1, - . 3 L Vf.. L' r far ii 'Q' Q Yer? E 'sf jf 1 is 3, 4 is if S if ...Aj , . 1 A ae . ,,.. - ' v we - A ' . . . JLH. ,L L r f . .I ' igfa ff. .222 ' .?!.5:?.... J so K .. .ef 4 .fix . .5 5 y . Q, , 'fi L F, 'QU ,L 1,15 Q.. . 5 9 y ... M ,N fx ' l . A ""':t-f N W it hw, Q I K K sf? xx X -Q-nw, E ' -L . i. ' M 2 .. Qqafzf an Q ii fy wg . Q1 . L .ri .-vs. we-. X .4 sf' '. geeks!! ' l A. Mor'ron D. Musser M. Neal G. Nosmes A. Nelson D. Newfon B. Nixon S. Orfiz M. Owens J. Pafrick L. Pafrick J. Pafferson A. PiH'man M. Planf 6 Pollard K. Pond C. Porferfield N. PoHer B. Ramsey B. Randall H. Rangel B. Ray N. Ray W. Ray P. Rhodes M. Riggs M. Riley A. Rimer P. Rimer R. Roberson B. Romero B. Ross H Ross L. Ross L. Rouell R. Royal J. Sanders S. Sanderson J. Schaeffer C. Scoff C. ScoH J. Shaw B. Silva W. Slusser G Smifh L. Smiih B. Sprinkle A. Spurloclr V. Sfenderup C. Sfewarf G Sfenefi C. Sfolrer U. Taylor E. Tenneson Soplwmv e wg yt X ,M 6 'S N -. x ll s R fig' . ' K, ,yu -is , flfrqgssss an . - - fs " In . - 5- K, ,: ,N - I , u . , ' D . 7: 4 lf' 'X . .. . NJN u n .-- F Q 1 . . 5 - Yrs. Y i 4 Il' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS BACK Mrs Freda l-lamnllor' Advnsor Joann Newlon Treasurer Mr Deane Uplon Advisor r'RONT Nlclcne Hallerman Vice Presl denl Aubrey Woods Presndenl Mary Volaw Secrelary P Abarquez B AbboH C Adams A Alcala V Alexis E Allen F Anderson P Armacosf P Arvlzu B Ash J A+chley B Avery E Avula G Azlm E Bauley G Barley E Bally D Balmer J Baker J Balmer L Baker F Banks H Barnhari W Baughn D Becerra F Beane L Belcher A Benlly L Besf G Blacks+ono KSN F 4 vo.. 7' QQ' 'wr' 135,- W' wud' xv .6-. C. Boofln .Campbell . Clarl: .Co lins .Davis E. Franlms P. Greenwood B. Harringion B. Holland N HQ., E. Branson W. Campbell M. Claunch . Combs .DeGougl1 R. Fredriclrson J. Griffen S. Harf J. Hol+ 15 G. M., 'Xml' agp. Q., Ala rv- ? ....f..,,, Q YT' JW. -unm- Irik. xt wie Q... A f'7a. . nw: 8 3 x 'Q' 0- fm 'cdr Y' ,.,-- ma vo- 'lv if aw 13- 'Q' :iff ' 134- 'BQ 'qv K fr 5 'I A ' ' f Q - R Li A N M. C. Bridgewaler B. Brislow L. Carriger M. Carler C. Clendennen T. Cliflon W. Copperage J. Counfs W. Duffield D. Dunllin V. Gilmore B. Goad J.Gull1rie N, Halferman W. Henderson J. Hensen M. Husfon D.Huglses Wllil srl if ive fl 5 ,-" .Bruce C. Casinger W. Cobbs E. Creel W. Duflon G. Granville W. Hancock B. Herring V. L. Hunf ,.-- 9' 'ff m . W' ".. 3 X 4 V' 5 ,hw Q :E- If 1 M. Brvanl' H. Burgerl' D. Calley R. Clwrislian .Cas+ro .Chavez .Coffman J.Coleman J.Collier .CunningharnG.Cur+is M.David . Ferguson . Finley . For H. Gomez J. Gomez F. Gonzales A. Haney L. Harmon E. Harp L, Hill J. Hix B. Hobbs A. lngle E.Jol1nson V.Jolinson V B C P J L B B S 'lf lu KU' 'X Q5- Q.. 'V yu Johnson Lensf Marquez Merrill Newion Pearson Polk Reese Rlmer QW? 'HR Y' 55 C Jones M Lens? E B J T A R M Marhn Mlddlelon Nolen Peel Pollard Reman Ranger Q-Q 1? 'Sf' 17' 'QU' :QF un- Q Y 'SB wif' 'H' 'hrnw PPM' 'T ,- Y In R if I I!! X ii' N Judd E Lazono C Marhnez R Muller W Oalles W Pender L Pollock B Rexro+l1 B Roberis WR' Jar FRG Q7 pak N-2 :xx Www Klase D Lamber+ D Langsfen Lulrell M MacDonald J McCraw Marhnez D Maxey Mon+gomery N Moore Orhz Pendergraff Poole Rexroih Roberls C Orhz K Perknns J Powers D Reynolds R Roberfson 46.-1' L Meyers M Morse R Owens J Peffy M PruuH B Rlals V Robunson 'W' Qui 58. mf 'Q' my S' 36 1 Q sqf- SN- Aj T Lasender C Ledford W Ledford McMlller Melendez Newron D Parlcs G Plnly B Reed Rlley Rongey J W McCullerL T McGuf'feyJ B Mays L Meek E D MOH C Newion J T Paloma D Pierce A W Ray C Rice T Richman B G B Oxford Pefiy Ralllff A L T Roland Roe Nr 17 ur Y"'s. uc. '35 'XQ- mv Y Legg M Marney M Melendez P Newton B PaHerson J D Papkms R Reed L Rnmer C A Ross 43 'lin ff 'Gsm '93 wiv' -95? kt, aiu a-qx 'mg-,R Q ev Sa-i Thu' Q' LL QJQSQ. E ' yw.. 'P W E ws Viet .BS- 'es ,F 1' g? av an Q., 'yy 'WU' l C? UW SYWN .fx L Russell P Smlfh S Taylor P True E Wzlkerson W Rndley M Ross L Rush B Smlfh B Smdh W Sfewari B Taylor Wnllnams H Townsend B Whde M Whufe J B Jordan J Hallum Smrlh L Smllhey Thomson G Thomson Tucker E Voyles Wlllnams M Wlllnams VanBusk1rk J Rammlng W R Walker W Walker E Whlfson C Wllllams Tyler J Underwood J Turner G Walker E Whlfe Y Touchsione D Trernanne Walburn J Walburn S Webster N Whnfe WGN ffl fs nszisih Rufledge F ScarboroughW Sco'H D Pk.-,. 'NF' fmfv- Q 1-3? ,pw-Q msd' rv- W VD' -QN- pw 'QQ db 'GSS 'uc' ,QQ Q' 'vw fl' wwf" W' is 3 M' .1-mm sis' 'NH-vin. rw ShQW Spurlock Thornion Washburn Wood Shaw Sprinkle Thompson WaHs C Williams Racke FRESHMEN C VanCuren B Waison G Wnlllams Upfon Wa+kms Wnlluams A Shelion L Sfapp Todd B Websfer C Wood Thomas Varner M Wafis N Wnllnams 'Q-A ,Q Asfdlf Hhs! Ns., Sherrnll S+arkey M Torres Weeks Yleldmg F Tnson Wagner Weber R Wllllams YZ' -an..-1 mv' J Skaggs J Sfewarl' D Townson J Weeks J Zarogoza W Ronx A Walburn L Websier P Wnlhams , Q , 1 J g 3 if .,. .i io ,- A S: N W .K Q g A . ... . a. 2- . L, , .3 A Q A ' R A -T , A f V X , S A LQ Ng-f . A . M . M - ' r Y A' '.--- K -Y .- A-sl' J K I 1 "l, P' ' S' X ms. j A .4 Q' A af, .ws 532. zi'--- ' ,J 1 ' .l . L 4, A-A' i X d R.. gy JZL ' 55, B' Ll gg- M e X . Q 8 . Y. , A N cf K 'X ,, e':, - . A " sv- 'ki J l XA Fm. -- ff 12 T . .. of 1 .. K K A V ,fri ew X 3 ,R - 1 I I lr PI' 1 vim' 1' "' , I' I .-. ...N f A J.. Q A' . J Q-'A . .. A - 5 .Q - N . QSM. V. x N ffl. if of fl" , . if . f l X k"' L' J 1 K. 2-:T A . X-on-'gsk A 5 .,, Q , F' H if 4 bf 1 r ..f ' . ' mi' . . ' 6- ei Q lf 1- 'f N., Q .. . T .fr we T . s.. Q Q v J - ff QQ 7 PJ? K L .: sf.. 5 lx - A5 ' 5 ' 4 .-1' M. 'ol' ,, N A LL g . I E L . th H . A' .Q J . . 1, QA' A . f , N, L e ss . ,, io . ..-Q .N sk' y T- . jj -Q' A -.- - '2.1,.,j.. W " S... f -rf y , I xr L I W MNA. - ue 1-ki! T' XE! . A f .4 A Y . "Tw 'Kg' . .fr - .ii .Q .... A .Awe J R J 4 431. ' V . ill if .ff . A ' A T . . T . e N S 1 j , 5 . s - ' A 3 E es. 'E ffm 4, V. A -ig. fs. 4 ES . AS 3 g R gr N gk gy . e 45. asf: f le ... Ag Q.- ..,k 1 it l . ' E.. i xl A K E Q fl A AA - f ' . A lf' ,. . . , -W f " , A .,-2 s cs v ? 6 A A in , . Q A' . TP K A 1- , - 'A . wg. fs... 4- 5 A T gs . "' 'ff A , -. - A ' f l L Q' Y' Q-fs, . '- '3 M W fr , ...,. Q W A Ji: -A" A K -fs f I Q 1,17 ,jj . ASF.: I . . . J. . . V. . B. ' . . ' . ' . ' T. ' . ' L. ' A. . B. . D . . . B. . J. K. J. . . . " . . V. . A. D. . J. . . ' . ' . ' A. ' ' , ' ' R. . ' ' A. . B. ' ' . . . . . ' A. ' . ' J. ' J. : B. . ' . ' . . ' . . . L. . H. J. . N. . I . l . U . R. ' . . B. . I TAX-aug? sas! J 5 TOP Carolyn and Bruce SIT one ou+ The Arvnn Hugh Chrvsfmas Hoa? BOTTOM Dancing To The musrc of Sfeppwn Hugh 614164 and am at10nA Q1 AA i f V4 -bf ,' ,i 0 0 X 3, 4 9.11 U X Q ll I f A A QA 1 U Q, Q - J KS u g x , N 7. XXX xx xxx X, X K ! v X f' I xx f nl ax XY 11-In feagae TOP Yvonne Legg Gurls League Presudenf Rugluf Gurls Leaoue Execu fuve Board Paf Avalcuan Vesfa Lee l-lunf lv1argarefRexroflu Dorus Puerce Wulma Scoff Yvonne Legg Beffy Ferguson Carolyn Combs Laverne Fruclc Duane Sluerrul Anufa Nelson BOTTOM Gurls League lnsfallafuon Under flue Ieaderslwup of flue Cabunef and Presudenf Yvonne Legg flue Gurls League luas luad a busy and successful year Tlue Gurls League us a servuce organuzafuon desugned fo gave all Arvun l-luglu Scluool gurls flue opporfunufy fo parfucupafe un sfudenf planned acfuvufues Mom and Sus Nugluf un February was an especually enuoyable fulfullrnenf of fluus pur- pose. Wiflu flue girls and mofluers as guesfs flue program spofliglufed flue falenfs of many girls of flue sfudenf body. 6 QMA ' Staden t Wuxi iarq Members oT The Girls' STu- denT Auxiliary are inTeresTed in developing qualiTies oT leadership in all phases oT I-IealTh, Physical EducaTion and RecreaTion. Their special aim aT Arvin I-Iigh is To help in The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT and represenT The deparTmenT in all school acTiviTies. GIRLS STUDENT AUXILIARY BACK: Billie I-Iobbs, Vivian Johns, Joann NewTon, DoroThy MoTT FRONT: Madaline McDonald, PaT Avalcian, Wilma DuTTon, Regina RoberTs, Mrs. Freda I-IamiITon. H01-i on C7416 CampTire Girls. The The I-lorizon Club is The high school branch oT The Tour aims oT The Club are social deveIopmenT, appreciaTion oT The ouT- oT-doors, vocaTional selecTion and communiTy service. This year I-Iorizon Club members have served as ushers aT The Philharmonic ConcerTs and sponsored a Calce Sale. Hiking and camping, also, are imporTanT acTivi- Ties oT The group. I-IORIZON CLUB BACK: Joyce Sanders, Gladis Hughes, Vivian Johns, Doris I-Iughes, Ruby ChrisTian, D i o n e Washburn, BeTTy Silva, Elwanda Ford, Mercedese CarTer, Vivian DuTTieId, I v a C ol I i n s. FRONT: Madaline McDonald, Nancy Williams, Geraldine Thompson, Evelyn Pender- graTT, Eleanor Bailey, Wilma Wallcer, LaVere Rimer, Barbara Dodd, JuaniTa PeTTy, Miss JaneT Gauldin. ?atu1-e ?dI'm6I'A of Nmerica F.F.A. OFFICERS BACK: Mr. Lewis Preslage, Berl Carriger, John Balmer, Gunner Slenderup, Benlon Pierson, Mr. Holger Hansen. FRONT: Joe l-lener Lawrence U lon Verner Slenderu Yi F3 ' pi Ronald Bray, Gilson Pilney. The Fulure Farmers of America is a narional organizalion eslablished 'ro direcf and 'reach boys lo become compelenlr and self-supporring farm- ers ol lomorrow. The local Chapler is open +o all boys inleresled in live- sloclc, gardening and olher phases of good farm life. Along wilh i'rs vocafional purpose The F.F.A. is inleresfed in lhe social developmenf of il's members. The Chapler co- sponsored Jrhe F.I-l.A.-F.F.A. l-lallo- ween Dance and a Box Social. Dur- ing lhe Chrislmas Season 'rhe group carried on a successful Chrislmas Jrree sale. Several members have underlaken sleer and chicken raising proiecfs under supervision of lhe Chapler. future Hvmemalzem TCP: F.l-l.A. girls praclice goc Ray Campbell Mary David, Joy of Nmerica The Fulure l-lomemalcers ol America is lor any girl who is lalcing or has lalcen home- malcing. ll helps develop so- cial graces lhrough dances, parlies and leas. ll also slrives lo be a service club lor lhe school, lamily and communily. Among ils aclivi- lies lhis year lhe F.l-l.A. sold candy al Arvin home games and co-sponsored lhe l3.l-l.A.- l3.l:.A. l-lalloween Dance. f"'f-'Ia 1' 5 grooming. SECOND RONV: The Pl-l,A. Candy Sale. Fl-l.A. Qllicers: Vella Counls Presidenl' Carolyn Combs. THIRD ROW: l:.l-l.A. Baclc: lvlallie Box, Birda Weber, Dorolhy Brewer, dijemba Legg Vella Campbe Yvonne Bolls, Eulene Whilson. Joy Doshier. Fronl: Mrs. Evelyn Eldredge, l-lelena Ford, Sybil Copeland, Pa? W'l,iams, Donna Davis, Louise l-lunler, Jewel Dean lvlcCuller, lvlary David. Carolyn Combs, Joyce Counls, Belfry Abboll, Mrs. Blanche Allender. KMA tem The BoosTers is a spiriTed organizaTion whose purpose is pro- moTing sTudenT par- TicipaTion in school acTiviTies. BOOSTERS BACK ROW: LeTa SmiTTy. Gelene Cunningham, Sue Taylor, Ramona MarTinez. FRONT: Lois P o l l o c lc, Earlene T-loplains, Wilma DuTTon, Phyllis S m i T h, BeTTy Yielding, Miss RaTricia Noonan. unior Red C7044 Sponsored by The American Red Cross The Junior Red Cross counTs among iTs members sTu- denTs who are inTeresTed in working wiTh oThers To help malce a beTTer world in which To live. WiTh needles cliclcing, Red Cross members busied Themselves lcniTTing a blanlceT which was given To a hospiTal. The group also conducTed a drive To Till Red Cross packages which were senT To needy persons overseas. Tri Hi- 'lf if-5 The Tri l-li-Y Club is an or- ganizalion Tor girls which is alliliafed wilh The local Y.lvl.C.A. in Bakersfield. lls rnain purpose is 'ro creale, mainlain, and exlend lhroughoul fhe school and cornmunilry high slandards of characler. One of ils imporl- ani aclivilies This year was 'rhe sponsorship of The Chrisimas Train. Wilh Hs bell clanging The Jrrain visiled each classroom To piclc up The donalions of Arvin slu- denls laler dislribuled lo The needy in The area. The Tri l-li-Y also sold liclcels for Jrhe PTA.-sponsored Talenl Show in March. TOP Tri l-li Y Officers SECOND ROW Tri l-li Y lnsrallalion BOTTOM Tri Hi Y Back Reba Lillrell Evelyn Dulce Anna Franlclin Sue McClellan Tommie Bell Pal Pxvalcian Regina Roberls Barbara Dodd Nancy Williams Palsy Newlon Second row Beverly Foroes Nancy Benbow Joyce Courson LaVois Allmon Doris Pierce Velva Robinson Joann Newlon Dorolhy Moll Madeline MacDonald Billy l-lobbs Vivian Johns Lois Carler Miss Ann Boring. Fronlz Ves+a Lee l'lun+ Mary David Be++y Ferguson, LaV,rne Friclc Carolyn Combs Rurh Reed. Honor Society FncouragemenT oT high scholarship and good ciTizenship is The purpose oT The l-lonor SocieTy. Being lisTed on The l-lonor Roll Tor Two successive grading periods enables a sTudenT To become a member l-TONOR SOCIETY BACK: James Baker, Rachel Owen, BeTTy Silva Lawrence UpTon, Lois CarTer, Mr. Edwin De Mello. FRONT: Anna Spurloclc, JuaniTa PeTTy Barbara Dodd, Joyce CounTs, Regina RoberTs PaT Avalcian. 01-11 The l-li-Y welcomes inTo iTs membership any boy who accepTs iTs purposes oT clean speech, sporTsmanship, scholarship and good living. club is aTTiliaTed Bal4ersTield. l-ll-Y BACK: Bill Breland, James SchaeTTer, Carlain ScoTT, Calvin Van Curan, Wayne Slusser, Leonard Moore, Bill MayTubby, Bob Sherel. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dean UpTon, Tom l-lobbs, STeve Wayne, ArThur Musser, William STewarT, George CurTis, Charles Wood, Jim M onTgo mery. FRONT Norman l-lenderson John RuTled e. 1 - Q John ATchley. ZoA 14migoA The cusToms and manners oT The peoples oT The SouTh American counTries, as well as Their Tolls songs, Tolls plays, and Tollc legends are The prin- cipal inTeresTs oT The Los Amigos Club. lTs member- ship is made up oT Spanish- American sTudenTs and pupils oT The Spanish classes. Rachel CasTro, Lake The Tri rm img wiTh rise Y,M,c.A. in BACK: WaTers, LOS AMIGOS Bob Marmoleio, Eliseo OrTiz, Bill NNaTson, Miss Earlene John ATchley, Raul RexroTh, Miss Ann Boring. FRONT: Velasguez, Mary Helen Fernandez, Lupe Busane, Grace EsTella Felipe, ErnesTine Avila, Carmen OrTiz, BeTTy Romero. GN T ,N W9? 3 0 -.1 l-ligh nole, low nole, vocal or inslru- menfal, all are found in Their various forms al Arvin l-ligh School. Proving ifself Jrhe mosf spiriled group on campus The Band played for all Jrhe home Toolball and baslcel- ball games and marched in Jrhe La- monl Fall Feslival and Arvin Chrisl- mas Parade. The Maiorelfes added color To These occasions wiih 'rheir vifalily and high-slepping. Likewise The Cheerleaders sfimulafed enfhu- siasm al Arvin games wilh Their coordinaled direclion of yells and songs. TOP: An inslrumenl group malces music. MIDDLE: The Maiorelfes. BOTTOM: The Arvin High School Band. lllcwic The Boys' Glee Club, The Girls Glee Club and The Girls' Ensemble are The fhree vocal organizafions al Arvin l-ligh. Under The direclion of Mr. Calvin Wrighl lhey presenlecl several programs al school ancl in The communily. Since The Orchesfra was made up of beginning musicians 'rhis year, learning how To play Their inslru- menls skillfully was 'rheir princi- pal concern. The music-malcers promise public performances nexl year, however. TOR: The Boysl Glee Club. SECOND ROW: The Girls Ensemble. THIRD ROW: The Arvin l-ligh School Orcheslra. BOTTOM: The Cheer Leaders. The Girls' Glee Club. fm Plwtvgraplnq 61116 Skill in Taking developing and prinhng picTures The aim oT The members oT The PhoTography Club The group gained pracTical experience in Their hobby when They visiTed The Pho Tography LaboraTory oT The Kern CounTy High School DisTricT in Bakers Tield During The ChrisTmas holidays The Club held a TesTuve gaThering aT The home oT lvlr l-layner Their sponsor as parT oT Their social acTiviTies TOP PhoTography Club Back row BeTTy AbboTT Wanda LedTord Cleona LedTord PaT Greenwood Fayrene l'lorTon Eaine lvlarTin Mr John Hayner Laura Sprinkle FronT row Gordon Barksdale Ruebin Fowler BELOW Mr l-layner shows a camera To The club Student Store and 1161-ar Two enioyable spoTs on campus are The STudenT STore and Library. 0peraTed by The STudenT Body The STudenT STore sells reTreshmenTs and school supplies. The Library wi+h iTs Tine selecTion oT books TempTs any- one To become a bookworm. BoTh TicTional and TacTual volumes line iTs shelves oTTering pleasurable hours oT reading To Their borrowers. TOP-STudenT STore STaTT: lvl. Calvin Wriqhf Barbara Rongey Bruce Ramsey, Virginia Alexis. BELOW-Library STaTT. Back: Johnny ATchley, AI WaTTs, Ken ThornTon, Thomas Rohland, Bruce Polk, CliTTord Rice. FronT: Cleona LedTord, Bill Nixon, Mr. John WeTzler, ErnesT Lozano, BeTTy Goad, Joyce CounTs, Lavonne Meek, Yvonne Boles, Eulene WhiTson, Carolyn Combs, LeTha Davis, Nicky T-lalTerman, Bunkie Ash, Glen Bailey. Radio Worlwlaop The major goal ol lhe Radio Workshop is lhe presenlalion ol radio plays. lnleresled in all phases ol radio produclion, lhe group gained aclual sludio expe- rience when lhey made radio recordings al lhe sludio in Har- vey Audilorium in Bakerslield. Desiring lo improve lheir abililies in Public Speaking, several mem- bers enlered lhe Lions Club Speech Conlesl and lhe Sierra League Conlesls. George Curlis, Verda Johnson, Lavonne Meek, Evelyn Pendergrall and Norman l-lenderson represenled Arvin on lhese occasions. V. TOR: Bill l-lunl, Belle Goad, Melvin Lillelield and Yvonne Bolles ol lhe Radio Workshop. BOTTOM: Radio sludenls Bill Middlelon, James Wagner and l-lelena Ford wilh Mr. Joe Akesson belore lhe microphone. bfdmd The dramalic produclions "l-lorrors, Incor- poraled," " 'Twas lhe Nighl Belore Chrisl- mas," "PRAETERlTA," and "l-learls, Tarls UNM and Valenlines" sparkled as highlighls ol lhe school year. All were presenled by lhe Dramalic Class under lhe direclion ol Miss Conslance Douce. TOP: A scene lrom "Horrors, lncorporaledf' BOTTOM: A momenl lrom lhe Chrislmas play. The Drama Class: Back: Miss Conslance Douce, Joy Doshier, Madaline McDonald, Evelyn Pendergrall, Lelha Davis, Sharon l-larl, Maxine Ross Lorene Russell, Kalhryn Skaggs, Belle Goad. Fronl: L. T. McGulley, Pele Arvizu, George Curlis. mg Af -....,.c,,,, lg 3633 in 5 N Qcmgb-fQ . my .imc gk .XT K, K A .E ix' Nwfirbf' - my , Q mm sw W Y v"?5'+.+3 TCP: Coacn Barle awards a ie-Her. Coach Waferman receives a giiff from The Bruins. SECOND RCW: An ex cifinq moment Joe waicnes Maxine display ner snuifieboard skilic BOTTCM: On ine gridiron xv", Spar tA nm lznzdg 1 if xi ,M M V A 0 a n J A J ? - Ja M ' X ' X M Y BR ' A 5 i I-2.1 4 , 1-4 , ? , . 2 li? Nha Z ,, . , O gf. , y 1 0 412 X V 1 Q' , fu nf I if . w ' i in 26 I ,. , I 1- us., A4 fifi 1 i i Si 09+ in , 'Q1f'ff?j ' " V Q A V0 W5 ,V ae, ' ' '1 L' 2 1 - Q TOP: Edgar Johnson, Thomas Roland, Wayland Oalfs. AI Walls. SECOND ROW: Ray Robinson Bill Riley, Bruce Polk, Lloyd Sfapp. THIRD ROW: Loren Besf, Aubrey Wood, C. A. Ross, Joe Collins. FOURTH ROW: David Beccera, Vernon Shaw, Bobbie Sherrill, John Archley, FIFTH ROW: Left John Ruiledge, Glen Bailey, Bill Middlelon, Joe Coleman. Righlz Bill Rials, Joe Mclvlillen, Ar+hur lnqle, BOTTOM: The Bear Squad. 6 V. 5-7. , X454 - , 70 Z I gb, I V N ,Q VV -uh 5 lf if 2 r i F f' R ' ?ov Ma I The Bears This year were capably coached by Frank Barle. l-le TaughT The boys The basic skills oT TooTball and was responsible Tor a grand Team. The Bears played good ball and even during The mosT unTavorable momenTs didn'T lose spiriT. Their enThusiasm and abiliTy combined To make a TighTing gridiron eleven. The Bruins were equally enThusiasTic abouT The game and owing To The cooperaTion oT each individual player on The Team, The Bruins were in Top Torm. In addiTion To Teamwork The Bruins displayed excellenT sporTsmanship all Through The season. According To The specTaTors, Their abiliTy To be good sporTs was responsible Tor making Their Team click. Coach Tor This season was Jim WaTerman. l-lis knowledge oT The sporT and helpTul advice made The Bruins' season a successTul one. TOP: Bruin l.eTTermen. BOTTOM: Bruin Squad. 1 ua K V EHQQQ K ax 51119 is-Habib :Biz TGP Re-guna and Carolyn admmre Hue Bears new Yeffers SECOND ROW Coach Barie checks H Flay rs Benclwwew of Wu game BQTTQM The Bear snarls Ka lee Mall The T950 season Tound Arvin l-Tigh's A Basl4eTball Team under The guidance oT Coach Jim WaTerman. These boys, The Top casaba Tossers Tor The Bears, played TaiThTully and well Tor Aryin l-ligh. AlThough They didn'T come ouT on Top oT The league, They played slcillTul games and displayed compeTenT ball handling. The B Team was coached by Franlc Barle. l-le emphasized The TundamenTals oT The game and Turned ouT a Team which consisTenTly played rousing baslceTball. The B's played Their posiTions wiTh slcill and eTTiciency adding much To The repuTaTion oT Arvin l-ligh School. The class C players were regarded as marvelously speedy boys and TreaTed The Tans To many a Thrill in Their exciTing games. The C Team was righT aT The Top oT The score pads almosT all oT The season, excepT Tor losses To Garces and Tehachapi. Jo- seph Alcesson coached The C Team. TOP: A BaslceTball Team SECOND ROW: B Basl4eTTJall Team BOTTOM: C BaslceTball Team ""i'!t H' I to Sport Opposife page: TOP: Jim Monfgomery shools. Jump ball. Joe Collins goes for a basket SECOND ROW: Gerald Gibson Tries +0 score. Anolher lwo poinls. BOTTOM: Joe Collins dribbles lhrough. Niclcie l-lallerman infercepls. Free fhrow. TOP: AI Walls winds up. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Sfapp wields lhe sho? puf. Bruce Polk, discus man, Sieve Orliz prepares fo hi+ a homer. BOTTOM: On your marlcsl Coach Barle demonslrales The "sfar+." Rough grounder. i..,,.,.au""""""""' gnnw 'lf-390' sl'- 2 TOP: Archery. Ready ro grrrke her out Ba++er Jp. SECOND: Where's rhe bah? The carcher hes sorherhrnq To say. BQTTQMZ voueybau. -if 0914.5 gg., freer -ZS?'..f"-"'- f t W S an Dinan" 1. , . MM' NNN 22: f, ,,,, 3 Q1-I ' Flay ical fducation ATTer The TirsT six weeks oT l-lealTh EducaTion TaughT in regular classrooms, The girls donned Their blue shorTs and whiTe blouses To scamper ouT To The playing Tield and Take parT in acTive sporTs. Beginning wiTh Tolk dancing, The girls progressed To volleyball, baslceTball, soTTball and archery. Learning To play The games well, oT course, was The girls' principal aim, bul no one obiecTed To The exhilaraTing Tun ThaT was parT oT every conTesT. Miss Fran Sewell and Mrs. Freda l-larnilTon, Physical EducaTion Teachers, blew The whisTles and direcTed The play. TOP: BaslceTball. BOTTOM: Hockey. Square Dancing. if TOP: The Rep Club. Back row: Phyllis Smillw, Mary Volaw, Pal Avalcian, Sue Mcclellen, Willie Holliday, Lorraine Smilli, Yvonne Boles, Helen Ross. Second row: Miss Fran Sewell, Geraldine Williams, Wilma Dullon, Lellwa Davis, Maxine Wil- liams, Janel Franklin, Laverne Meadors, lrela Brown, Vella Campbell, Donna Davis, Lillian Slierril, Peggy Clement Fronl row: Shirley Bailey, Ruby Royal, Lorrie Smilln, Anila Nelson, Nadine Poller. SECOND ROW: Girls praclice baslcerball fossing. THIRD ROW: Baslcelball views. BOTTOM: Claudine Williams demonslrales sl1uTTle- board skill. A ping pong game. TOP In Our Stride Q' ff' o f, p 'gl rv M sl 579' I5 'vw . .iw 3 The Chief Cow. A pfeiry QM. Joe COMM presenfs giff +0 Coach Bar!-e. SECOND ROW: Mr. Johnson and Dame Ccmmkfee L3Waf1faNdarC6.Girf5N Lefnque Samfa CYaus Scie. BQTTQM: Hai oween ?r'voMfy a Vw e e d. M mqham ana Hs SMOKE sfudemfg, hu' V. 'xl 144:70 tiAing NJ WE THAN K oun ADVE R T151-:Rs HSN A A 6 0 Q 3,- Wa L23 ,Q F KN ,q B R TO ARVIN HIGH SCHOOL FROM WEED PATCH GINNING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Complimen+s of THE FRICKS Lloyd, Frederick Lesfer, Archie GENERAL FARMING Offices Phone I8 Frick Building 325 3rd Avenue Arvin, California My Congra+ula+lons CSCDNHWAFPY JEWELERS To +l1e Farsi' Classes AH'enclmg Our New Hugh School Q41 M4 Hugh S Jewell ,WW EU MITCHELL mc Your Friendly CASE Dealer Complefe Lune of Case Farm ancl lndus+rlal Equlpmenl YU faA1er to Q41-m the C'aAe Way A B k f Id I 0 en nniuemary year ' ' l1 S Phone - B lc f' ld C l'f ' l ks: as? - K . sir S . s6llLfm5fS 5 I 0 l c Rl .. .....,, 0 II II I . ' a ers ie x Compllmenfs f Don Clark Lamonf Gm C 38236 GUY E HALL CONGRATULATIONS TO PRAETERITA STAFF HOYTS CORNER SUPERETTE W dp+hHgh C RIBIER FOOD MARKET DnG1 gl Rd 8rEdl DI 2Ml Ei'fL +CIf gy Q .Mx , 26 xl 2 gf ,RG ' fr W f Q A' an iiqik in N A My .f fi A 0 N 5 ul I 1 H' b ji w 5 I, . , J K ' J UL. , T ' ' If C K1-AF tr O Lamont alifornia Phone Complimenfs of 99I ee a c i way Lamoni, alif ' and I ' 'or 'o . 'son r've Jnifn RandaII's Drug Sfore The Rexall Sfore Lamonf, California Wesfern Aufo Supply Aufhorized Dealer Lee Wrighf l24 3rd Avenue Arvin, California Bakersfield Inn The WorId's Largesf Mofor I-Iofel Complirnenfs of Harry Coffee Fresno - Bakersfield - Hanford "BUY THIS" RALPH SMITH I9I8 Eye Sfreef Bakersfield, California o. Ragheiias. o. D. Opfomefrisf 325 3rd Avenue Phone I8 Arvin, California Complirnenfs of Valley Glass Company Bakersfield, California Wheldens No. 3 Weedpafch A Place fo Shop and Save Downfown Shopping Cenfer of Weedpafch SALLADAY'S REFRIGERATION I-lofpoinf Appliances - Ben I-Iur Freezers Commercial Refriqerafion 3rd and Meyers Sfreef Pho e I34 J Arvin, California ELAND GIN Congra+ula'rions 'ro Arvin High School on Hs firs'I' Annual Pl-aeterita PRODUCERS COTTON OIL COMPANY opera+ing CATTANI c:oTToN cams CO ARVIN GIN 5-"""""" F ' - . A , M QOO- A .J M V. ,. H' , f 4 ji, 4.5: :P K 4 E f 1 la 2,1 3. f' ffliflluh, . .- M 'fx ' ' Joann Newfon and Mary Vofaw chaf wifh Regina Roberfs and Virginia Alexis, who are seafed in a new I95O Sfudebaker in fhe show roorn of PERMENTER 3: JAMES MCJTORS Phone I26-J Arvin, California VALLEY NURSERY Flowers - Shrubs - Trees and Hower Shop Wm. J. Lord Phone 8-8476 425 California Ave ue Bakersfield ARVIN TIRE COMPANY PENNSYLVANIA and GCQDRICI-I TIRES also U. S. Royal Masfer Mllarrn Tire Service Qur Specialfyu 8II Third Sfreef Arvin SPANISH KITCHEN La Siesfa Lounqe Phone 8-8I I3 622 Easf I9fh Sfreef Bakersfield SAN IOAOUIN TRACTOR CO. Your Friendly Allis - ChaTrners Dealers H ay 99 af California A enue Phone 4-45I7 ELMER F KARPE Ch + I Id 5 5736 ROUX 81 KUENTZEL A I p 3 38 THOMPSON S MARKET C I 42YI5 CHARLEY S HAMBURGER SHOP 8 3 sfnvire rimi' CEIIETI MEATS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CompIe+e Line of Grocery I+ems ECONOMY WITH SERVICE BIII Gong Manager A 193W I Complimenfs of ReaIIOr Gas - Oils A Groceries I Fame - Loans Courreous Service 920 A C I1 R d IS Bld. R+.I B II9 B Ic ' - A ' I' ' Ph - I l8I7-2I Eye S+reeI BaIrersIieId, California -I-he 865+ In Mea+ IIiIe ic and S orfinq Goods The Besf -I-O Em Phone 'I7 2I dAve. A ' K X :xs ' XX ., X Q Xa ao ,, xx . v I i X , XL? XX XXX Tx ii ' ll Il I rvin Avenue Phone - The No Delay Shoe Shop Rapid Repair Service While You Wail Cornplele Line ol New Shoes JESS GOAD IO4 Norlh Derby Road Arvin MOTOR CENTER of Bakersfield CHEVROLET - BUICK - CADILLAC Chevrolel Truclcs 22nd 8: Chesler Phone 9-944l For 'rhe Beal in Dairy Producls BUY PEACOCK PEACOCK DAIRIES. INC. Bakersfield Phone 4-656I - - 4-476I Public Accounlanl Nolary Pulolic Real Eslale - Insurance Phone 222 73l Third Slreel' Arvin, California CARLIN 81 BOYCE Phone 8 One-Slop Service l0l 3rCl S+- Chevron Repairing and Tune-Up Allas Tires S+a+ion Accessories and Aulo Parfs And Bahleries ffl B h 162 3I CompIlmen+s of ARVIN COOP GIN INC Arvln Calufornla Speclallzlng In Machine Picked CoH'on y K I: hi in Bu+ane Propane DleseIFueI Sfove OII Frlgldaure Appliances Wedgewood Ranges BAKERN LIQUID GAS COMPANY 9978I B 8 73 S +hU Bk fld R+ 759 T I p A Y . - ' . "Grower Owned and Grower OperaI'ecI" I R I M ger O. E. q G' I5 f , I I ..... ff I I ' I I I ' Ph - P. O. ox 20 0 ou ' A BAKERSFIELD ABSTRACT DIVISION Tulle Insurance and Escro s I33I Chesfer Avenue Bakersfneld Phone 55741 Cornpllmenfs JOHN EASTON S I804 Chesier Avenue KRAUTER NURSERY 50I I8Ih Sfreel Bakersfueld California ualrfy Sfock Free Landscaprnq Complrmenfs URNER S Comphrre I I ROSE YARDAGE SHOP Bakersfneld BATSON PAINT STORE T blaeffs Pa nfs 909 Elghfeenfh Sfreef Bakersfield NIGHBERT REALTY COMPANY Phone 44333 I232 Chesler Avenue Bakerslneld CANADAY NURSERY COMPANY Roufe 7 Box 354 Tal I-Inqh y Phone Bakersfield 3336l Corn pI rnen+S of PARKER S Phone 2 I6I4 IO09 Baker Sfreef ARVIN TILLER Advfrl 5 o Phone 207 or 6 3rd Sfreer TH RASH ER MOTORS COMPANY DeSoIo PIymouTh The Plymoulh Corner 253I Chesfer Avenue Bakersfueld Calufornna GINGRAS 81 ST CLAIR Ba e SI fIfI Sfal one s r u cs nd Equxpmr nf 2026 Chesfer Avenue Phones 2 2477 3 6424 Be I W shes THE FRENCH SHOP I820 Baker Sfreef Bakersfield Phone 7 7887 C B A MARKET INC eals Grocerres I5 eau Fru Is Veqefa f Dry Goods Phone A Calausfro Manager THE NOVELTY NOOK a az nes les GI Is I48 Arvm Avenue Wes+ of A n Thealer BETTYS DRESS SHOP Reasonabh Prvces a KS Chuldren Wcaxn Apps Wecdpar I-Inch av Lamonl Callfornue Phone 38828 BUSHFIELD FEED STORE Thnrd Avenue Phone 5 R Arvm Callfornla ROGERS JEWELRY COMPANY of BakersI eId I425 I9I'h Sireef Bakersfneld Phone 4 4255 I-Ienry C Garnef Manaoer CLIFF GRAY Men Clofhmg Bakersfneld DR L N GOSSARD Ch ropraclor 333 Thnrd Avenue Arvsn CBIITOTHIB Telephone I23 ARVIZU S CONCRETE PIPE YARD achuns, Mad Iqa on e Phone 6J Arvun CGIITOFHIG OYTO nfs o BELFAST BOTTLING CO 205 E I8fh Sireef Phone Bakersfaeld 39508 CIRCLE DOT DRIVE IN Corner 3rd 81 Arvnn Phone 240 e pace eel ana eaf LAMONT SHOE SHOP Shoe Repair Becomes An Ar? 233 Weedpafch Highway CASPER S Sfo c Fo Men 809 Chesler Avenue Phone 2 5 7 Bakersfield SEASIDE SERVICE J P 81 I-I A McGuIIey P O Box 343 Arvan, California DEWARS CANDY SHOP Homemade CandIes Ice Cream Ice Mxlk II20 Eye Phone 20933 FOR QUALITY FINISHING Jess Sprinkle Photo Shop Arvm, Callfornla of . W I . ' . . " I i " Q ' ' I ' wa I of U 7 M ' 1 n 5 o I I I I ,A 1, 1 I CGIIIIYIMQILII Pvwnfnnq ,ard fbgfi 5, S pphk G A : 3 I In, ' 28 523 ' - . - if ,r,.:f "'4 I - 'TW 'Q P 5 i . - ' -- 3 T1 Yip . I 4 'I' . 5 f in M Q I - Nmeli - 'I Ladles AppareI ,L Y QM Toys and Games . 3 id: JR I p . . me F' If , rv! I at T' M - ' - Ph J ' Q? f -ff D 3 ' - r. I 1 e bln X ff' - I Ldi-', ' .4 we 'reI 2I . . . I I C . ,We I 35I ' - ' ' '5 ' ' IVI A ' Irv' Ii Pip ' . . -III I Io 'W I I YA ,, - - - l I -I I Growers ff Shippers of the Wnrldk finest Ill HIUHHIH FHIIH HUHPUHHIIUN SANFHHNEISCU, CMIFUHNIA WINTER HAVEN, HUHIHH NTILE 5 Valley Mercanhle Sprouse Rellz Co . lnc: Company Hardware Appliances Dry Goods Shoes e Arv' 4 ooMPLlMENTs OF ARVIN VARIETY STORE Phone I0 S 20I 3rd Sfreef SINGERS 81 WHITES Our Besl Wishes for The Firsl Issue New and Used Machines For Delivery 171-aetef-ita Moore's Sewing POMERCDY AND JEWETT Machine Co. 8I6 Balmer S+. Phone Bakersfield 2-8729 of Un Alf Mi-Til.-....,,. Phone 38257 Box 98 Lamon+, California LAMoNT LUMBER may 8' Showem ooMPANY Fu'n'l"'e Furnilure and Appliances Doors - Moulding - Millwork Pdinl 1 Bulldlnq " Sl-lpplles l2I4 Bear Mounfain Road Roloerl M. l-layden Weedpalch l-liway Telephone 288'W Lamonf, California Arvin, California I ir. ff' .I "Misa h .1 u f Bes'r Wishes +o The Arvin Bears I45 Third Avenue DELBERT L. SMITH Insurance Arvin Phone 85 or 86 Piffsburqh Painis PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY I675 Chesfer Avenue-Bakersfield E. FRYES MARKET Chesfer Lane ai Oak Courfesy-A Tradition F. Frye L. J. Frye Eaf I-Iamburqers wifbh Paul a+ HOLIDAY DRIVE IN Across from Arvin Theaire Compliments of ARVIN STYLE SHOP THE LAMONT STORE Mr. 81 Mrs. Siffer Lamonf, California Besf Wishes KERN COUNTY TITLE COMPANY I40I Chesier Avenue Bakersfield DAVE'S Food Sfore Phone 2-0803 l608 I8Ih Sfreei BaI:ers'iieId TOON'S MUSIC STUDIOS Pianos Accordions 825 Ches+er-Bakersfield "Tune in with Toons' For Your Dry CIeaninq Needs ARVIN CLEANERS 373 Third Sfreef-Arvin Compliments of FRED'S DRIVE IN Lamonf, California HAWTI'IORNE'S Signal Service 40 I 3rd Sireef Arvin Phone 93 C 8: C SHELL STATION C at W CAFE Lamonf, California Phone 38750 Lamonf, CaIifornia P BOB SLIM MARY T, Complimenfs of Farm Labor Confracfor R. 5 - B 378M-Bakersfield, California Phone 3-8889 4I4 l9ih Sfree+ Phone Bakersfield 4653i , I Phone 45-J 357 3rd Slreel' WALLIS FURNITURE EXCHANGE New and Used Furnifure Varielies K. G. Wallis Arvin, California Cornplirnenfs of COUSIN TRACTOR COMPANY Cornplimenls OI LAMONT SUPPLY 288 Weedpafch Highway 9 McELROY'S SHOES I36J 343 3rd ' C I'fo Phone CHESTER BLAGG General ConI'racIor sap + ii Hgh 3-7766 McMEL'S DRIVE INN dp I h H'gh VC fIO'OI'S' O. ' O JOHNNIES MARKET 81 SERVICE STATION WILLIAM E GULLETT JR M CII ALLENS AUTO SUPPLY 3.7505 L Flowers Besl Express Your Thouqhfs Log Cabin FIoris+ Jim and Eve Rigqins Phone 8-8646 404 I8'rI1 S+., Bakersfield T. D Downs Wholesale Dislribufor S+ancIarcI Oil of Calilornia Phone Arvin I0 Complimenls ol Mr. ancl Mrs. James Banclucci Operafors of ARVIN AND RANCHO THEATERS Arvin, California also RIVER THEATER Oildale, California A23 Dear Friends: We called upon you, during your busy hours, solicilinq adverlising for our yearboolc. Now may we brealc in here and say, "Thanks a million John J. Kovacevich lor lhe line receplion you gave usf' phone 70 p.O. Bin V Sincerely' Grower Paclcer Shipper llueil lo righll lSea+edl Verner Slendrup Lavois Allmon plums and Grapes Bill Walson Belly Coed Carolyn Combs Joyce Blagg J J and Royal K Brands Bruce Pollc Joyce Counis Fox 0 0 . Radio 31 Eleclrlc Shell Oil Company Frigidaim Williiord 8: Johnson l' . . ay agZenHh Dislribulors lronrile Sales P. O. Box 846 Service Arvin, California Eleclricol Conlracling 228 Third Slreef Arvin THE MID' fivomfg 7UP BoHling Company Bakersfield, lnc. 230 Easl l8+h Sf. Arvin Lumber Company Bin Y Phone 225 Lumber - l-lardwore - Painl - Plumbing Sleel Producls - Roofing - Cemenl Recli-Mix Concrele - Plasler Arvin, California EAST SIDE Clean "Balcersiield's Mos? Modern Pl Two Slores lo Serve You Phone 9-9853 I728 Niles S+ree'r 2749 Alia V is+a Drive fi X ff! rnmns VXX x INSURANCE , A GTIOUP' o ' DOUGLAS F. DALTON Arvin, California Phone I73-W 30I Sou+h Derby Your Nex+ Requirernenl A GOOD PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Buy yours where you can fry ihe LLEY FFICE SUPPLY Co. I 622 I 9+h S'rree'l B Tal-nerlf Ceramic H0669 Slwp Beulah 84 Jaclc E. Turner Cuslom Firing Q Supplies m Greenware - China Supplies Porcelain and Lace Slip lndiviclualized Giils ivlacle To Order Phone 2-8574 8I0 Brundage Lane Bakersfield alcersfield lnsiruclion In Ceramics IIE? nv! 1! I! .. Arvin Pharmacy METTLER HOTEL "The Rexall S+ore" Jerry Bryanl Phone Arvin 57 lNex+ door 'fo Pos+ Officel Dependable Prescriplion Service Fine Cosmelics anol Giils Cafe - Groceries Trailer Courf METTLER STATION Telephone "MeHler Toll S+a+ion W. J. As+on Dorofhy M As'I'on ro a.4A'.so.s'fzz0 ,, 2244, Hi Kids: Complimenls ol a Friend We hope you enjoy your PRAETERITA as much as we enioyed selling il 'ro you. We are your Third period represenlalivesz Back-Tommy Bell, Carolyn Combs, Wilma Dullon, Pal Avakian, Mr, Carl Bee. Fronf-Belly Silva, Verda Johnson, Joyce Counls, Lorella Rush, Elaine Marlin, Dorofhy BFGWST. A few ol our group missed having Their piclure laken bul 'rhey wanl To be remembered. Paul Arrnacosl, Ted Paloma, Doris Pierce, Shirley Bailey, Quemba Legg, Bobby Craven, J. D. Piplcin, Vernon Shaw, Joyce Blagq. IDEAL CLOTHING STORE Phone I 209 3rd S+reeI Arvin F. L. and Opal Chaplin CARTER'S GARAGE Roberl L. "Bob" Carler Corner Sunsel and Cammanche Phone 42YI4 CHEEVER'S VARIETY STORE Q Dry Goods Q Clofhinq I Shoes Lamonf, California For 'rhe Besl in Linen Supply Service l+'s MISSION LINEN 84 TOWEL SUPPLY Phone 2-7I09 2Is+ and R Sfreefs Bakersfield DORA'S STUDIO Ceramic Ari Supplies I-lobby Firing Classes in Porcelain and Lace Slip Draping Wholesale and Relail Geo. R. Peflye Phone 4-4606 228 2Is+ S'Iree+ Bakersfield BERCHTOLD GRAIN 81 IMPLEMENT HOUSE Minneapolis Moline - Anderson Miller Sprinklinq Equipmenl 330 E. l9+h Sfreef Phone 7-78I8 Bakersfield Compliment, of Complimenls of MAZZIE FARMS M. J. PAVLOVIC Grower - Shipper Polafoes, Tomafoes, Peas, . . Mixed Vegembies Wholesale Dnshubulor Hancock Oil Company Phone 47 A un PIWOHS 93 A I when YOU may COMBS BROTHERS Play flue Besf Play WILSQN All +I-ye Way Lurnb r 84 Buuldunq Male-ruals Bakersfleld Hardware P O Bo 08 Pho e 44004 20l5 Che +e Sou I1 99 H y Bake sf eld CONGRATULATIONS To tire Student Kvdy Staff of Pmeterzta On 'rlwe cornplehon of flwenr fmrsl yearbook and a year of lane sclmolashc endeavors alfrubufed +o Aryan s beaufncul new High Sclwool mm SBS ln El S19 'III be Bale flew Qlalmfwfuiam A CORPORATION PUBLISHERS PRINTERS PHOTO ENGRAVERS l707 Eye S+ree+ Bake sfueld S . . . . . . x I7 n - 5 r 'I' F f ' . . . . PH' " T x ' ' 1 is X-. 1-1-J' 'ssgg J 'rg if . 1 Q! , A N. ,U G E 412 Ii, V Salf- Sig' .4 A '53 H ,I ' 5- 'Eg-B, Isli- F1 I W .Ll lr LH Tiki iw! 3, Illf. W , Eiiifi ss -A n o '4-1"-fi - l"' L- 32 H551 5-'E' ' 0 O r . gp H. D. Headen, Presidenf . H. Sanders, Manager VALEY DRUG L Dick Miller "One Sfop Does lf" Phone '00 San Joaquin Building Preseripfion Specialisfs Doroflwy Grey Cosrnefics P. O. Box 996 Arvin, California Complimenfs of Kern Valley Farms Growers Packers Shippers "Cal-Pride" Brand P. O. Box 284 Arvin, California DRINK - ,B Greenfield Hardware --M ws e-ooo CZOITIPBFIY Hardware I BARQ'S Bomlne oo. SPOWQ 90061, . + I32 Easf Zlsf Sfreef am SHOUSGWGFG Bakersfield, Calif. H-l'l'1G Greenfield Cornmunify Hardware Sforeu 9945 Soufh Union Bakersfield, California Phone 4-2372 ll! U5 NDI Q ' Jr i. jg np , ' 1 K- 1 , Vs A RAND f UTATUE SQ ri GROW! SPALKED BY ' L PENNER anus. ' ,' ANVIN WASCO , - ' CALIF ' EMIL E. PENNER Loa lvlcfbxrrhur Mrs. lv1cArlhur P. O. Box 287 Arvin, California Belle Goad Carolyn Combs Tone j-if difference! Conqraiularions "Prae+eri+a S'rafl" on Your Firsr Annual HOLT SUPPLY CCMPANY 340 3rd S'I'ree+ Phone Arvin 76 Besl Wishes for 'rhe Success of Arvin High School Joe's Arvin Bakery I30 Third Avenue Phone 3l Arvin Po'ra+o Company John C. Moore - Claude Bollcin Phone Arvin 227 P. O. Box 302 Arvin, California 75 Q A+ The lop, Arvin's prize-winning public speakers. Bofh Norman Henderson and Verda Johnson, coached by Mr. Alcesson, loolc honors in The spring Lions Club Speech Conlresls. Below, Business Manager Carolyn Combs proudly sells The Tirslr Jrwo copies of PRAETERITA. The Tirsl sludenlr buyer was Paul Rexrolh and Mr. Alcesson led Jrhe Teachers. Nexl, Arvin's number one dra- mafic reader, Evelyn Pendergrafl, and her Teacher, Miss Douce. Evelyn Jroolc Tirslr place in The Sierra League compelririon wi'rh her performance of "The Wal'rz" by Dorolhy Rarlcer. l-lere are some sludenls who were crowded oul ol The Tronl porlion of The boolc. TOP ROW: O. Smifh, P. Wallace, B. Craven, R. Brady, E. Penrod, L. Brown. SECOND ROW: D. Williams, V. Williams, I. Young, M. Woods C. Orliz, D. Cardenas. BOTTOM ROW: C. Dixon, D. Wilson, M. Vofaw, E. Piclce-H, J. Willcerson, B. Eilch. A+ The bolrfom are piclured sludenls who enlered Arvin loo lale lo have individual pholographs made. BACK ROW: L. T. McGuTTey, R. Kelly, C. Kelly, C. Dearmore, B. Claunch, C. Ward, J, l-liclcey, L. Marlin, R. Milslead. SECOND ROW: C. DeRosa, L. Higgins, M. L. Crawford, Z. Malfhews, E. De La Rosa, R. Valeguez, P. Lawhorn, A. M. Hogan, S. Milchell, E. McGinnis, P. Rruell. FRONT ROW: W. l'larris, B, l-lobbs, R. Burris, D. Wilson, M. Kelley. Spring Sperm G. A. A. OFHCERS 'f Q,'g BACK RCW: W. Scofr, Miss SeweN, J. DosBIer " B. Weber. FRCNT: J. Blaqq, J, Sanders, J, Thornp Fd son J. Perry. si 4 4 A Q.. 'ARVW Awww ARVIN 'UVM Apvgg ,WV N TRACK TEAM CK RCW C acrw Barle A Cruze R Waker T Palorno F B an Corn B H W Cfaks R Robunson aoz. arrs C e ru x nes Wu C af D W on W Camooeil W Sfewarr SECCND RCW C D Woody J Moore N Ray D Hobb Cas o rrneNero R HJ4 on use W Pp rn o M us+ n CNT RCW H Boler D Max + d C MCCU on E W e QB C Fuqil xarnrn no C Kassnqer B H.Jn+ J Turner J Rarnmr BASEBALL TEAM BACK RCVV: C. Afn J, Cdeman, J. Cares, J. Revere, J. Po,L M. M rp. SECCND RCW: B. Bush, Manager, .Co 'S . W. M- J V ' L. Herrno , . err', . in , . r y . H nd , r. J. Monr orner , . 'fa , D. . ' e . f p,,, , A. H rr' , J. B. Jor an, C. Johnson, C. CLendonen, J. Snow, Coach Wjerrnfan, NT RCWV: D. Rey, Los Manager, B. Craven, J. C a, L. A : ,, . a 'f . 'z, V. Bow, A. Bai , C. Avere++, H. Range! D. Tre-maEn,, me terita TCP-STANDING: Carolyn Combs, Pal Avalrian. IN FRONT: Miss Belle Paulsen, Vesla Lee l-lunl, Mr. Carl Bee. BCTTQM-PRAETERITA Slallz Baclc: Verner Slenderup, LaVois Allmon, Berllia Downum. Yvonne Legg, Ullnana Taylor, Barbara Rongey, Bill Walson. FRONT RCW: Carolyn Combs, Vesla Lee l-lunl, Pal Avalcian. is 'f 'B' Q2 me Wx wx Q 9 V -5 XV I, 3 Q, f fi Ml: . C B P--yr K v' fx Edilor - 7 - f - Vesla Lee Hunl Business Manager - --ff-ff Carolyn Combs Assislanls - - - Verner Slenderup, Joyce Counls, Belle Goad, Bruce Pollc Copy Edilor -f-'--f Pal Avalcian Copywrilers - - Yvonne Leoq, Berllna Downum. Bill Walson, Relord l-lulson Arl Edilors - - Relord Hulson and Barbara Ronqey Plioloqrapliy - - LaVois Allmon and Ulnana Taylor And now our iob is ended. Volume l ol PRAETERITA is a realily. We, llne slall of PRAETERITA, liope llwal llwis yearbook fulfills llrie expeclalions ol llne sludenl body for Jrlnal lwas been our qoal since our firsl slall meeling in Qclober. We would especially lilre lo llwanlc Mr. Avery Allen, Direclor ol Public Relalions, Kern Counly Union l-ligln School Dislricl, and Mrs. Beverly Torlcelson, our plioloqraplwer, for llieir wonderful lnelp in llwe produclion ol PRAETERWA. We would also lilce To exlend llwanlss To Mr. Roy Day of llie Progress-Bullelin, Pomona, for luis personal inleresl, lo Smillw Cralled lor llwe boolc covers, and lo all lliose people who in any way conlribuled io flue success of llwis boolc. 1 w. ' ., H , , v fivJ-'- .X f ! I XX -,XA - - , A,Y, 'NYM W X -fx' .X ' M F""' .xx xx , ' X xg, X X. ,K -X - W" , .uf-Aww , A . ,,., ,X X

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