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AK VADA WEST WILDCAT S 1986 - 1987 ILE Student Life . 18 Academics .... 80 Classes 'S . . . 106 Sports ...... 195 Ads .....,... 254 -a'DED1CAT1oN l have had but only one goal. flt lies deep within my soulj to graduate from this A-West, to finally' flee from my home nest, When l am now to learn to fly, Just like an eagle up in the sky. lt takes a large amount of good dedication, results from friends and an education. The dedication shared with me, have let me live, learn, and see. All of the seas, hills, and skies To fly to new and different heights l did learn it and l did see it. l'm perched atop, to watch and sit Waiting to glide on the strong mountain breeze that spreads my knowledge across the seas. 4'-ang, 1 E i An ,G ,is 'fin P za l CD i '3' SPIRIT '3' Spirit plays an important part, At Arvada Westg we're never apart. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors cheer, To show our school spirit we don't ever fear. We yell in the stands in support of our team, For we want fame, its our biggest dream. For each student will always create, A piece of the spirit which is displayed. Each Wildcat can show our spirit is best The Wildcat spirit is never at rest. FD 6 il I I s ""5'4KlN'XV5 1 l AHIVG 1 .3 -a' EITCOURA-GEMENT 'as- Stand by me and together we'll be, The brightest stars they've ever seen. The road we travel may be rough, But TOGETHER we will hang on tough. For l know with you by my side, All my fears will subside. We are a team, And TOGETHER we'll gleam. You are a special someone, No matter who you are, You are all helping us reach, For our brightest stars. -1 nm-.fn ww-.1 Q --5 E 'S 2 2 , As 2,93 . ily? - 2 .fix f ...y,,1,, ..,, MW L 'f infgg r2f'i.f?ia ff? V 7- K' T ,. ' 'qggpfisxm fx A fw.. xi W f' 1 f 1 fu if if Agia' F -, :.:!,f,fE?-sv 3'-., 1 2 3.1. . xxx, ' 1 U num: f A ,mmm 'x Q X fi? A-Q.. , X. 1.-.H ,1 fftifz'-Q. . S VH . .. . 1 ,y :ff 'ii' FRIENDS '3' When all will turn away, l'll be the one to stay. l'll fight with you through good or bad, We'll stay together through happy and sad. Although we may have our doubts, l know we can work it out. lf something will make us fight, We'll pull together no matter how tight. I know nothing will keep us apart, Cuz' you're a good friend, l know in my heart. . N t tt.: ' - fs gkfam. me if ' 1 fin' '4 QM L 'W W . Wm is ir Q f? ' 10 4: ' ,W ' M 1 ir P -1 25. Q J ly Q55 , i ff 5, , , -A ' fi w av I . 0 -ff, ': '3f1"f7H"if,if5r:ga. A .- ,an 128. f ,1 M- fig,-W in : w s'f?3,G-115 1- -v Q , m .,gy,k- xi y. ,, 5 XSS? g L ' dr' '-'L , 'Z . . '11 ,gf A 51 X 1 i 5 v 0 ' 1 ,wir 1' f ' Wx' g. . ' 1 KU n , v, ,uf .4 x. A .,k.l,, . .U . f wa ' .Q " ' IQ' c a'1 x ..v ',s'l E ' , 4' ' X 1- X , . A f , 4 "45Af3"' - l""1,'.f -1' .w-I, 9 ,f1ef4.'fE . bf . s '-S V ."5f"','d3'A.ffQ,,'1 V., 'wn".f f , ff' Hifi . +,.f il 1 ' N' ..- . '::'- 'Nz-r'fm "rf '- My 1121! gag- an Y I II ww Q . W I ,cg t . ' V . , ' - gm, X 1, X ,F I 4 f ' 'A , U, 771 1 N :A ,. I 'Z , 5 E or 1 , ,1 ,.1.l'T,.lj,' . .ai 1- jgisjxcifi I ""s 'si' -155' .5 Q ," if 'ii' EIYRI CHMEIY T '3' Although we are presently one mile high, we advance to elevations higher than the sky. A. West takes our talents into her hands, to cultivate and expand us over her lands. Our beginnings are meek, not too sure of our feet, Constantly growing up the large mountain side, searching for knowledge, enrichment, and pride. Culture, brains, the arts and good looks, hang in the hills on A. Wests highest hooks. Finally a top of the grand mountain peak, we are strong Wildcats, not lost, shy, or meek. KX xxx 'EM JP,-N 12 A XX" . ,fl X, to-f TLT' 4' Y A w f ":" , , A U 'X ' mir? A Q ' A . VM 1' V 11 1 M5 W , K M NV I M WK I Fw ' 'ii' ACHIE VEMEIY T S s The achievements of today, Were dreams of the past. The dreams l didn't think would last. They all came true, Not in a moment. lt took a little while, But I went that extra mile. My dreams of today, May seem far away. But tomorrow is not far, For my dreams are what they are For they are dreams l am to believe, And dreams for me to achieve. 1' :X X. ,,.,,..-nv' X N f is ' L ,-gx,Ag.iAam I Riq 'g5e?!,g : k , ig 19 1 V a s 1.12 -I! . sgfgggf '!' ?i:51 7? ,. .All t Q -l 4 LLC 1 9 8 6 .1 .5 Q., . 521 is .5 r' if I A s.. R i 1. IN A SHOW OF MILITARY STRENGTH, U.S. planes bomb targets in and near 'liipoli in response to Libyan-backed terrorism. "We have done what we had to do. If necessary, we shall do it again," said President Reagan. 2. THE FOURTH BLAST in Paris during one week in September occurs at police headquarters. A terrorist group claimed responsibility for the explosion that injured 36 people, six of them seriously. PIIOYOS by: Apfwide worm Photos 3. A CASH IS CROWNED Miss America 1987. Miss Tennesee Kellye Cash, grandniece of country star Johnny Cash, received the title and crown from outgoing Miss America Susan Atkin. 4. SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY is savored by the New York Mets when they win the World Series. The Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the seventh game of the Series by a score of 8-5. 5. A NEW LEADING MAN, Tom Cruise takes the screen with well-known heartthrob Paul Newman in their movie "The Color of Money." Cruise also starred in the 1986 blockbuster "Top Gun" with Kelly McGillis. 6. DISAPPOINTED LEADERS, President Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev fail to reach an agreement on the arms talks and leave the Reykjavik summit in failure. ' 'I we rm, Lys Q ,. . A.. , E., it W .. bf .-'W .' . ' "fr I2 hy., gg. 4. 4. .Q .. .af fs" 133' Q,- " -aaa 1 -' .' fg,,,,f ' ,I K, '.q yt- . Q is 5 Q' rpm . is 'T' Il! .a - if .fe-A-.A 1 -1 7 1 7. SWEEPING OVERHAUL of tax laws cuts taxes for some workers while eliminating some of the traditional deductions. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski and Sen. Bob Packwood were instrumental in the overhaul. 8. SINGERS WIN GRAMMY AWARDS. Whitney Houston for "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance", Don Henley for "Best Male Rock VocaI"g and Stevie Wonder for "Best Male Rhythm and Blues Vocal." 9. BOTH CHARGED WITH ESPIONAGE, Soviet U.N. employee Gennadiy Zakharov arrested in New York City, and American journalist Nicholas Daniloff arrested in Moscow, are later released in what some called a "trade." 10. A FORMER "FUN-LOVING" BACHELOR, Britain's Prince Andrew marries the red-haired English commoner Sarah Ferguson l"Fergie"l in July at Westminster Abbey. 11. AMERICA'S HOLLYWOOD FAVORITES DIE IN 1986: The elegant leading man, Cary Grantg King of Swing Benny ' Goodman: Hollywood toughguy James Cagneyg and Ted Knight, who co-starred in the "Mary Tyler Moore Show." 12. THE BEGINNING OF HELP for AIDS victims is discovered in a DuPont laboratory. The Isostat system enables hospital labs to isolate and treat the microorganisms that attack AIDS victims. i Involvement in the various activities around school is what helps make the high school years something special. Clubs can make the high school more enjoyable. At A-West, there is a club for every kind of interest imaginable. For spirit-oriented people, there are cheers, poms, mat maids, and student government. For those who lean towards the more show-business like interests, there are fall and spring plays and numerous musical groups. For the more intellectu- al, there are various language clubs and job-related clubs. Clubs are not the only thing that make a high school student's life more fulfilling. Events also play an important role. Homecoming, a time of rallies, cheers and competitions, brings past graduates back to school. Prom is a special evening that students look forward to all year. Graduation is the culmination of twelve years of schooling and a new beginning. Being more involved with school makes the high school years more memorable. 3 King And Queen Andy Simmons And Robyn Smith -:MQ ' ,,.,., ::.'e'- su. 7 K Ryan Baker Julie Wyatt Todd Bassett Julie Stoddard Homecoming Attendants , RESIN Y' X is Scott Hadwiger Robin Adamczyk Homecoming, once again came to the halls of Arvada West. lt was an enjoyable and exciting week. The week was full of ways to show spirit. Activities included, class color day, the senior toga-wear- ing day, beach day, and purple and white day. Homecom- ing assemblies gave a chance for the student body to show their spirit, and get ready for the Homecoming game. Powder-puff football, the College Porker Day, and the movie "Blue Thunder" were other activities available to the student body. The Wildcat football team was successful this year, win- ning the Homecoming game against Chatfield, 42-14. From the beginning of the game there was no doubt that the Wildcats would be victorious. The Homecoming Dance was once again held in the student center. The royalty featured King and Queen Andy Simmons and Robin Smith, and senior attendants, Ryan Baker and Julie Wyatt. The juniors were Scott Hadwiger and Robin Adamczyk and the sophomores Ju- lie Stoddard and Todd Bassett. was-A 'ffuwv , 4' 5.7 v. W , , , ,, 21,4-29" " W ,Q 4 A ,Ik V y L, xx M A 1, W A J f 1 ' www M ,N w W , 5' L -an , Lg., Q 'ww W fl .K 1 L4 MX . V X' E EN 'l ., .W 'nm WM 1 A ,f TfwM'E . ,A f 5 "Wi '31 fi M N Jw " -,L Q7-w,,,,,,,.. A A ,kv Wm We Wm. F' 1' if x .f 4 i .mv ll, A 2' ' ' P' X' J- -A g if . 'uvfgdil-, 4 A wr - ,I 35.5.74 W4 J' I' ,. , ,. , .,,. in-Q K 22 Q , 1-x - .1 '-'lar "' ' 1 ,5 Q' Q ,S 5 3 Z , - My V ka-Qi ,Qi:.y.g.- ' A ' U .A ,MA 9 NV' M V 55 W W , nf 1 ' Wann ,w p , . ,J ,,sN it A W I I ,M 4 , N' Q ,, W' 4 V W . , ixtfxb HW S' NW. Q , ' Kumi? , V 4, , kwin, -' ,is 5 V. 132. 5' f' 115 171, 723. if in 'ig c K ,L lgwffrfu F ., v www Q my Jgf 4 g MW W it nv, Wm W' fifw q , A X A ' ' iw w wi' ' . nw' W A ' ' ali' ' V' Ivy' X ,A gf , M" Y' ix , xi 1 if Y 2 'fi in W . as 'Q W ff' J' ,EW " 25252 T .f ' I 1 E45 X--f ' sig , A 4..., - I . 24-f Q- 'A ' US. I 2.0 I g- , 11 .' as 5- 'V S., I . f f ' 5 s,wa',2l..,,., 52 5 .A rf , f 2 'V iYf'?W' f W 1 L 1 "f V 1-,:::g1SfK+ f, ff E5-ff l' T 591. v X 1. mfg, ,fix 1 TTA 1 ,, AQAW MM 5 -Q57 ' fm .. it x gk V. M' ,, Q W Y- 'ga , ,1-33, x .- J 110' ,, . M.,V w-.zqwwyx M W A' ,ww A ' . 1 ' y My me fi ' ,xvfwlf ' if YW , ,,,,. , . 5 , + A "' ' W . M513 - ,. , ,xg o , X 1 ' A ' ' 1 is ., 3 9 ,A ' my ka-2-..3.. Q' 5 ,, 'ny M if .435 Aa ,ff Q 'Wh A .E . F -,,,, 'W 3 mr' W .. ., . 'fl' 4 w , 1 .4 1' mf LIVIW ig, Z Km in u- Km Homecoming 'E in 4. 25 his I 5? iw, .wel f' w my pam M4",3!'-.. if . ,L wg, ig r Q Q 5. -- ,"- mx f x -N haf:-,,.f, Dr- f -M . Q . ,.-M ,,.. w. . , f if W 'N 131' 'fl r i X U 4. A J M W 'j i K 'WWA wwwww M J :xg W .5 we 1 Wgkewt-, 'J . mi. . . H-vw- ,Vx-fy , r- S --,wigwz J C frf 7 '-0--... .g 2, ,. Mf me 1 .ya mf ,nv V 15 . Q F, I' ga, Afa .x , , -, , A . l - , , '.i f?f 2-yin 1 - xr ,fl ' iw- A t 2 1 L hffgg, F I 'E ' X A 5 Q A , .1 ...J ,... 84,1 Q' 11: 'W hr,- ww. ,WRX ""'f-ur 28 5 3. Cn Lili, Front row: left to right: Lucky Henke, Mike lozzo, Dave Sommerfeldt, Chris Mullen, Doug Schepeler, Second row: Erick Steinman, Sue Chinburg, Bill Row, Tasha Amos, Bob Eikel. Third row: Tony Desmet, Monte Majeres, Scott Schrader, Steve Peck, Darin Pine, Back row: Bob Krapes, Kerry Miller, Scott Campbell, Joe Chinburg. ...E ...c ,sw W , Front row Left to right: Bob Krapes-vice pres. Scott Campbell-activity chairman, Mr. Schaaf- Bill Row-president, Bob Eikel-secretary, Back: sponsor The Woodworker's Club is simply a bunch of plane folks who saw a chance to cut up once in a while. The group sticks together, working on joint projects, whittling away idle time. Poplar activities include a Christmas project sale, 'mass production pro- jects and field trips. We're knot squares, and we do have some vises, but we're all seriously interested in woodworking. We have fun, and we are never board- wooden you like to joint us? W - 99, . 5.1.45 'Sammi A 'A x"li Metals l'he Metals Club provides the chance for metals and non-metals 'ii y QQ f M i ' students to learn new or improve upon skills in the metalworking bfi Y ',, my l7"l ield. The club is open to all Arvada West Students whether if enrolled in a metal shop class or not. The main emphasis is a fun approach to the enjoyment of doing neat activities in the many is F ureas within the metals area. I l if V W, .'s'f-w-YV, A A MM p . v ' ,. ,,,, if k , - aff f F so Y .. Q 6 'fx ,r . 'W H X ' , ,,ff.:ff 9' x 1 3 ,,, g V ,... in , ' o c K .I v,:f Tm 1 I . ' In E .t,,h ,- f L I AVVV V . , Q X ff ,Z l ' M L 5 ix 1 w hw Ham Radio Left to right: Billy Keron, Steve Lavendusky, Greg Ward, Min Chung, Craig Maxwell, Mike Jultach, Larry Snider, Holly Barrowclough. OFFICERS: Min Chung, Greg Ward, Holly Barrowclough, Mike Jultach, Craig Maxwell. CO-PRESIDENTS: Greg Ward, Min Chung, Craig Maxwell. The Ham Radio Club is actively working toward earning the Federal Communications Commission Ameteur Radio Li- censes. To receive a license each member has to pass two tests, One test covers electronic theory, and the other test is over Morse Code. Once the members have cornered their license, they will be able to communicate with other Hams all over the world. 29 Newspaper Under the direction of co-editors An- drew Ackerman and Jennifer Adams, the Westwind enjoyed a successful year. Many changes were made in style and content to help make this year's Westwind one of the best pa- pers ever produced at Arvada West. Newspaper Advisor Linda Bellacome assisted the staff and helped them to improve the Westwind by sharing her ideas, advice, and criticism. And, after much prodding, the staff worked hard to help produce an out- standing paper. Overall, the paper had a fabulous year working with the faculty and student body of Arvada West. The Westwind thanks you for your sup- port! S Q Front Row: Robin Brooks, Jocelyn Wilson Candi Coen, Carrie Kagol, Angie Johnson, Soi nja Sanders, Yon Lew, Back Row: Brian Wat son, Jen Wagner, Derk Bolton, Jennifer Ad ams, Andrew Ackerman, Greg Pierce, Kim Bisping, Matt Morrissey, Clint McClung, Mike Bailey. X ,K 7 : " -: 1- i i .. it We - E - 1 : J- - yn .33-. Q-tQf.EzLf - : : : ' F. A -4'-. Q f"'1-.Img-X, .TL ll .Z .: ME. F' f's.,av,lf-'P 1 X Q t. " --1-t x iE1lQ-Af.t :G . 5 ' 'f f ft I F . . ',xRWXeiLXX- f :,' V! h- . A E s Qegfgg' 3 Yearbook DNT ROW: Jennifer Stout, Kara Eichacker, is Turner, Rebecca Wood, Stacy Kidwell. MID- E ROW: Michelle Gresge, Sandra Weber, Tracy -r, Carrie Boettcher, Lisa McGee, Suzette Stires, weev' 'Gs-. H ,lfweiibwl j'iwm-444 Si-Y ,sei K TOP ROW: Karen Prekker, Natalie Ebbs. Suanne Dugger, Stephannie Railsback, Carrie Ross, Rachel Woodling, Robin Brown, Kris Rector. X N at 5 Etmtft .. . x. X , -1 V Q tw, 0 . . Rigs NX t .sf 5 fl -4 The yearbook staff along with the advi- sor, Ms. Bellacome, spent many hours and much effort trying to produce a creative and interesting yearbook. The 1986-87 yearbook staff was respon- sible for many things. They gathered some information on all the school ac- tivities, sports, clubs and more. The staff would like to give special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mulvany for spending much of their own time taking sports pictures. The yearbook staff hopes that Arvada West students appreciate all the effort and time put into the book. Spanish E 2 2 i r E i i it 2 g it The Spanish Club, which had been inac- tive for several years, was reformed in the spring of 1986. Officers were elect- ed and plans for the 86-87 school year were made. The activities include: a pic- nic in September, an evening of dances in October Qtaught by an exchange stu- dent from Columbia and Eric Lassner of Arvada Westlg a Halloween activity in conjunction with the Chicano Arts Council of Denver, competitions with DECA the other foreign language clubs, visits to Spanish or Latin American restau' rants, etc. One of the most unusual ac- tivities is a fund raiser to benefit both the club itself and a small village in Guatemala that is being reconstructed following almost total destruction dur- ing a period of civil war. ' Officers: Secretary-Jeanne Sponsor-Mrs. Vargas, Leoni, Treasurer-Chris Lindstrom, President-Debbie Paul Knot picturedj. President - Chris Turner Vice President - Mike Drinkwine Secretary - Tracy Mitzel Treasurer - Cord Beaty Publicity - Curt Nordstrom Historian - Val Martin Sponsors - Mr. Stanley Dalton Mrs. Karen Richardson 4 'Q 4 Sc ,Bc Stk? X QNX 'C ,' QNX fo - -1, of X 21, yxxcv 'J I 0, Q' 0, DECA or Distributive Education Clubs of Amer ica is an organization whose program of leader . . N n ship and development is designed speclficall for students enrolled in marketing educatio DECA is the only national youth organization ir the nation's schools to attract young people tc careers in marketing and distribution. Arvada West's Chapter participates in sever activities: Fund raising, Leadership Conference Civic Activities and social activities for its mem bers. 3 S ln order to be a member of DECA a student mus be either a junior or senior in the Marketing Ed. program at Arvada West High School. Students in DECA have the opportunity to com- pete in contest testing their skills in Advertising Services, Apparel and Accessories, Finance and Credit, Food Marketing, General Merchandising, General Marketing, Quick Service Restaurant Management, and Full Service Restaurant Man- agement. " ' ' . ...L ma. sw-we Left to right: Sam VanKirk, Kristin Cavenah-Secre tary, Mary Kerrigan-Vice president, Kathy Burry, Kendy Clark, Stephanie Klug-President, Valerie Martin, Laura Neal, Lindsay McMaster. Not Pic- tured: Natalie Ebbs, Whitney White-treasurer. OTA R ' W , ,,.- . Ol 'PNATN INTERACT CLUB 1Hf6I'8Ct Back Row: Sponsor-Mr. Ashton, Claude Chung, David Miller, Kendy Clark, Kris Ca- venah, Whitney White, Mary Kerrigan, Chris Daniel, Carrie Ross, Tom Rankin, Jennifer An- zur. Second Row: Sammie Chergo, Steph Burnkrant, Kathy Burry, Lisa Burris, Laura Neal, Lindsay McMaster, Regina Pacheco, Under the direction of Mr. Bill Ashton and the sponsorship of the Arvada Rotary Club, the Arvada West lnter- act Club has taken an active part in service to both school and communi- ty. The 1986-87 year was no excep- tion. This year, some of lnteract's activities included selling football programs, helping at the annual Ro- tary Tent Sale, providing refresh- ments for Arvada Center travel lo- ,,, .......-.,,,,.N.-M----' Stephanie Klug. Third Row: Eric Everding, Erin Bennett, Laurie Nakauchi, Beth Biren, Valerie Martin, Amiee Rutledge, Nina Oh, Julie Reed, Tenele Tippets, Dawn Robinson. Bottom Row: Jennifer Bell, Kelly Hicks, Andrea Meyer, Sandra Weber, Wendelynn Rouse, Linda Fin- ley, Mary Beth Dobbs, Robin Leinwand. gues, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, and helping raise funds for Women in Crisis. Besides service ori- ented activities, lnteract members also enjoy getting together for parties - and at the end of each school year, a banquet is held to initiate new officers. Through the Interact Club, many service projects have been suc- cessfully accomplished. Thanks goes out to all who helped in 1986-87. Book Club The Blue Spruce Book Club QI 1 Vilas-'ma is an offshoot part of a statewide book award voted on by high school and junior high students. Each year Colorado teenagers vote for the Colorado Blue Spruce Award which is presented to the author of a book written in the last ten years. On its own, the club selects books to be read and then discussed at each meeting. tBooks read this year range from Kiss of the Spider . Woman to The Wishsong of N-'SC 21-mm new-an , ,,,, , . Shannara. The club takes part in many activities. This year mem- bers organized a book sale at Arvada West and gave a pre- sentation on the club at C.U. in Boulder. me gm. Scholastic Banquet The Scholastic Banquet was held on May ll, at 6:30 at the Mariot Hotel. lt was designed to honor those seniors with outstanding achievements. Art Barry Kooser Technical Arts Ray Jones Business Jeanne Ranson Counseling Carrie Ross English Jennifer Adams Foreign Language Cathy Jaltuch Home Economics Jill Altman Math David Miller Music Shelley DeJonge Physical Education Bob Smith Science David Miller Social Studies David Miller Society of Professional Women Engineers Awards i Jill Peterson-Honor Cathy Jaltuch-High Honors Michelle lngermann-Highest Honors 4.0 Awards- Chris Daniel Steve Lekowicz David Miller Outstanding Senior Awards Steve Lekowicz Roseyn lmhoff 34 me WU at x x an A N ' M, L, .. fn an K F ' i l' sky 4? i s i ' . by . f- , tg , National Honor Society M sr X it . at Y is N A S ' sms Character, Service, Scholarship and Leader- ship are the foundation of National Honor So- ciety. Though NHS is initially based on grade point averages, it comes down to what the members can offer to their school and com- munity. Members of NHS keep busy by acting as volunteer tutors in all academic areas, sponsoring the annual Scholastic Banquet, and performing other activities to serve the community and uphold academics at the school. This year's National Honor Society wishes to thank our sponsors Ms. Niemeier, and Mr. Messer for all their hard work. N I -:.. . Q NATIONAL in if I ., l Honor soclsrv xx t S ' Y "1 S I SH if mt, :kj 5 L K as K '. g 'S . LK 7, S ,....d"'J J-. -fP"'?w X7 I Qi v 'l 4 Presidentg Steve Lekowlcz, Treasurerg Sam Presidentg Trent Hein. 5 L VanKirk, Secretaryg Carrie Ross, Vice rv 2, .gy YI JS l M-0 35 Juniors Top row-left to right: Gina Stapp, Darcy James Heather Ferguson, Sherri Hollis, Jarin Nowakowski Kara O'Connor, Amy Beener. Middle row: Laura AI- lan, Tina Buesser, Margie Traudt, Paula Hester JoAnn Stransky, Debbie Miller. Bottom row: Mrs. Jensen Cadvisorj, Lisa Thomas-Schipeler, Stacy Jensen. Seniors The FHA 5 HERO chapters joined forces and created the Home Economics Student Advisory Committee to increase leader- ship opportunities for students. The com- mittee is made up of representatives from all Home Economics classes. Members Participated in the district leadership con- ference and the chapter officer training conference in Breckenridge. Chapter pro- jects were aimed at helping our communi- ty by collecting toys for the Family Tree Crisis Center and selling caramel apples for Daddy Bruce. Members are promoting nutrition and the importance of eating breakfast through presentations to pres- choolers and other High school students. Fund raising was accomplished through the Home Ec. Christmas Bazaar, selling gift items for Valentines day, and catering a breakfast for the Colorado Legislature during Vocational Education Week. The profits will be used to send members to the FHA and HERO State Leadership Confer- ences. Top row-left to right: Andrea Bartlett, Rachel Hein- rich, Cori Churchey, Melinda Prescott, Jennifer Wil- son, Leah Potter. Second Row: Leighanne Mellberg, Mundy Horton, Ericka Hunter, Marcy Rozman, Jean- ette Northrup. Bottom row: David Maltese, Todd Child, Jill Altman, Shonda Schilling, Robin Leinwand. 'E gm l QA W f ' f' xx? fk at f f N'9'ir. H. www FBLA One of FBLA's chief objectives is to develop strong aggressive leadership in the business world. The club had several activities including, four visits to a local nursing home, holiday parties, and three fund raisers. The officers attended the Regional Leadership Conference while twenty stu- dents attended the State Conference. 38 Student Life fig Y at XX XR XX f -fm -vm I '15 4 , A A W' 'R' . an Wav fm" 1c3HzA,H A' W "?x:3::fMf ,ew-, .--- i Russian The Russian Club is a group of all the students enrolled in Russian. This group does various community pro- jects and school projects as well. The Russian Club would like to wish the Class of '87 Good Luck in the future! Officers: Trent Hein- Public Relat. Michelle White- Secretary Steve Sheffield- Treasurer Jon Giullian- Vice President Kevin Ponis- President i, French Oliicers Lisa Burris Nina Oh Mrs. Niemeier Nathan Walker Suzy Jacobs Front Row: left to right: Erika Leetmae, Amy Lane, Tricia Kelly, Polly White, Amy Jacobs, Dawn Robinson, Cici Haines. Mid- dle Row: Mr. Purdham, Trent Hein, Todd Bassett, Dan Walters, Scott Stene, Jon Giullian, Jon Fairchild, Gwen Richards, Darren Kurtz, Pat Rondinelli, Kirsten Jones, Kevin Hathaway, Robert Anderson, Quentin Spencer, Steve Sheffield, Mitch Bollig, Michelle White, Jill Koch. Back Row: Dan Lawyer, Dave Peyok, Mike Bai- ley, Bill Row, Brian Thomas, Alan Cook, Steve Lawyer, Duane Richardson, Hyon Lew, Robert Racansky. Not Pictured: Diana Altermatt, Alexis Andrews, Galen Barr, Nicole Boatright, Shannon Bullard, Lisa Burris, Rick Calderone, Kim Church, Erin Collins, Erik Gagnon, Kim Giddings, John Hamilton, Shannon Hjerleid, Jason Lammers, Paula Leoni, Louis Malik, Lori Matteson, Laura Neal, Nichol O'Brien, Heather Parker, Emory Phillips, Tammy Railsback, Virgil Ridgley, Becky Row, Eri- ka Schwiff, Kevin Stene, Julie Stoddard, Suzanne Sylte, Shawn Varosky, Nikki Wei- land. Each quarter French Club organizes a major activity for members. ln the past fall this year, the group rented a French movie to watch while munching on French food. Christmas was celebrated by carol- ing around an Arvada neighborhood. A Mardi Gras party and dinner was the highlight of the third quarter and a trip to a French restau- rant finished out the year. Other projects included raising money to purchase a VCR and some movies for the Foreign Language Depart- ment. If you are looking for a French Club member, they will be easy to recognize in their bright red sweatshirts that sport the work "AMlS" meaning "FRIENDS", Friends are what the club is all about. +5 ,f , l' ete, Amici! The Arvada West High Secretary: Kirt VanDyke, and Historian: n Club, "ParVUS sed POter1S", is un- Nathan Walker, The club sponsor is the student leadership of Pres: Jim Mary Malone. The Latin Club strives to bS, ViCe Pres: Michelle lngefmann, learn more about ancient Greek and Ro- op left to right: Jeff Cumming, John Blakely, Dawn Daley, aryn Geisler, Danielle Johnson, Kathy Burry, Jen Cavanaugh, ndrea Meyer, Kim Fowler, Lisa Junck, Joan Ratz, Greg Pierce, llark Schafer, Sandra Weber, Lance Shore. ,, rag Latm man cultures by visiting Greek restau- rants and singing Latin Christmas Car- ols. Other activities include: Fund Rais- ers, pizza and movie parties, and other fun activities. As all Latin Students will know, "Nos beatam vitam in animi se- curtate ponimus" Valete, Amici! German The 1986-87 German Club consists of all current and previously enrolled students of German. The executive committee is the third year class. Activities for the year include picnics fboth spring and fallj, dances at the kickers Club, Christmas carolling, and German movies. One of the fund raisers was a magic show performed by our own German Club mem- ber, Travis Schack. The profits from our fundraisers go towards the Christmas Par- ty and buying equipment for the German Club and for the foreign language depart- ment. This year's club membership is the largest ever, and we are excited to contin- ue to be the largest. ,,,,,g1,.f . .. ,MMM ., ,.,W,...,,l Peer Counselors This year's Peer Counseling program is comprised of sixteen seniors. In its sixth year, the program's popularity has continued to increase. Numerous tasks are assigned to these individuals. ln addition to organizing the annual sophomore orienta- tion, the peers aided students in various academic and non-academic areas throughout the year. Tutoring on either an individual or group basis, the peers operated an intensive study skills workshop in the fall. Several indivi- duals worked in the SLIC lab or as unified-modified sci- ence instructors one onequarter of their terms. The peer counselors also helped students whom displayed a need for acedemic assistance by talking to them personally. Besides successfully fulfilling their primary goal of aiding those in need, the peer counselors learned a fourth-quar- ter training class and their participation in SMILES, a state-wide retreat, the peers developed and improved the skills necessary to be effective in the counseling center. Due to their ongoing concern for their fellow students, the peer counselors have become an important aspect of the Arvada West environment. i M sizsiisz sgfzfsk-Tie:-1 X .,,,, WR 5,211 :L sr ' "Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong." Leo Buscaglia The l986-1987 peer counselors were: Blair Ashby, Kent Bashford, Derk Bolton, Matt mouspe, Kim Fowler, Roseyn lmhoff, Cathi Jaltauch, Steve Lekowicz, Paula Leoni, Stew Perkins Joan Ratz Carrie Ross Andy Simmons Robyn Smith Jen Wagner and Mik 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 Woolley. Student Government 1 'Q tudent Government is the official governing body of Arvada 'est. Student Government is comprised of a responsible, high- motivated group of students whose prime concern is com- unication between the student body and the Administration. addition, they plan and organize all major student activities nroughout the year and represent Arvada West at county, ate, and national leadership conferences. ome of the more important events sponsored by Student overnment this year were Homecoming, Canned Food Drive, die Hawkins, Talent Show, Mr. Arvada West, Prom, Senior y, Battle of the Bands, and Graduation. Perhaps the highlight i this hard working group was the organizing and opening of .anamanas, a new Arvada Teen Center designed to give high zhool students from the area a weekend gathering spot. he success of this dedicated group of students is due to a oncern and pride for their school and a desire to provide a :warding year for each member of the student body. l i i 4' '91 -'iw ' Sl : ,iv 4 '31, Uff' . X 2,2 Q.: ' ' J as! ,Q yy 11' ,s 7 - -- '1-- fi ,git il : . i K K 'lf ef' fx, t- ., 4 QQ:- ""Tx'l ai 'FK . ,tp it-'71 .ik , ? .1510 Y we 'S-C i f Tix J Trent Hein- student body president, Dave Granberry- student body vice president, Steve Sheffield- student body treasurer, Julie Oehlerking- student body secretary, Kritsin Cavenah and Kevin Ponis- senior class presidents, Jeff Popiel- junior class president, Kim Sheffield- sophomore class president. li !'::,jg'u 43 Chess The Arvada West Chess Club was organized to allow Arvada West students interested in Chess to meet and play other students with the same interest. Members of the club participate in a variety of activities - everything from learning Chinese Chess to playing in the tournament Chess Club sponsors every year. Each year, members also play on a statewide tournament for High School students organized by the Llnited States Chess Federation. Science 5 i 1 E ,H ll1l?l ll llll ll illl unnfifi H lil? l L - 9 'I . -C. O-. f-'sfo 0 I I X 44 ' ' No , M The Arvada West Science Club attracts students with an interest in the sciences. Among other things, the club makes field trips to places of interest - this year the members visited the Rocky Flats Nuclear Power Plant and the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute - and spreads information about events and contests like the Colorado Engineers Bridge Building Competition. This year, the club also sponsored the winning team in the 2nd annual Not-so Cieneric Trivia Contest. VR N A-7 15 4 if .., - .aw-1: n . A'Biwle--if SPEECH IDEBATE ACTION TENNIS SWIMMING CI-U9 STUDEN1' GOVERNMENT FOREIGN ziks Fest The Arvada West Fyziks Fest is an annual event that is held on the front lawn of the school. Any Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 2 students can participate. Students use their newly learned skills to participate in different events. A few of the events are the blind folded egg toss, the kinetic vehicle race, and the paper airplane toss. The events were all well planned and enjoyable for all. . .1 t 1, , W ..,. -.11 H N.-. .1 I il I I, g A A ote iv 'x M f, V, Wie ,, 'fig' 4, fy he eww 'H , ,x iff , iw 'K ff Zfiwis 51 rwaf lrfsm v, 577 UXWT 'ff a ,, y y i 1.15 V i .k.X ,L A x x A Year Of Chan e ,,.,,,:. Q :,N.. 3 .:.. 1 ,N ' ""-- ",': - it A :gr T 'K . it 5, 5- ' is ' fel ,J . 5 F r q, t .1 W,A. si. v . '--- fs 'M fi ' A l f '1" Y 'I 'I' X - , '-,:. . 3 T -if Eff? Ea ' s eeeee 'T Q Q - W .T ,N gf 1 "Wi-wi: ' Y .. iz.-gg K s., Q Q This year's construction has played a major part in the lives of the students and faculty at Arvada West. The halls became more crowded and the bells seemed to begin ringing earlier as the tardies began to increase. The new classrooms however, were a blessing to many students who no longer had to make the long trek out to the temporaries. The luxury of the new rooms were enjoyed by all. The new desks, carpets, dustless chalkboards and new bright atmosphere brightened everyones day. Even though everyone has been inconvenienced by the construction, the results make up for it. . K f w ' ' . s ..gQ... 4 ,,...... Erie A U ,Q .--- 1 - e ssti T ' l asX,1 ' . it it is , ',,tQf"TT"'j'?- sf- ' we . 'liyilf' , v'f1.Lii""?"ii.'+5g?s" vim-if " e K. is-f L-g, j.:k I ,-A I V. wwf .. Ai, 2 n ' 324 M ' Z T f-ffl . I K :L ,D Nu WNNMVM' W no . , M ts as 2 e N yy s - - fe ,,.. sf- A 7 f' E 'Easifix el- Q T ri - if X so , at in- i T T 1 to w w A X x if Q, ,. ,-,.,- - Q A ., A . , , , . .fm--5 M ff Z,-s,W Q ,"W'.sll53pQg, .W e 47 Concert Choir TOP ROW-left to right: Shauna Coverdale, Karma Hymas, Jennifer Johnson, Kim Lipker, Ivan Call, Tom Miller, Kip Shreeve, Cindy Schutz, Lara Scheer, Ginger Varney, Angela Whiteside, Mr. Otto, MIDDLE ROW- left to right: Michelle Jacob- son, Amy Bogan, Bobbi Whitemore, Lori Copeland, Julie Sellers, Cassie Griffith, Chorale 2 L i TOP ROW-left to right: Kristin Rogers, Ginger Worthington, Lisa Birkinshaw, Lori Chance, Sahni Shirazi, Laurie Stout, Andy Lucci, Erik Davis, Chris Meints, Russ Wosk, Mr. Otto. MIDDLE ROW- left to right: Pat Olsen, Peter Goodwin, Cami Coon, Robbyn Wright, Amy Houston, Larry Chadwick, Heather O'Berry, Kim Rutledge, 48 Susanna Lang, Krystal Jackson, Stacey Plutt, Tracey Frank, Amy Andei FRONT ROW- left to right: Kim Haffner, Jamie Staudinger, Christi Deats, Mic Call, Paula Spritzer, Tanya Goff, Jennifer Capps, Cherri Brethour, Debbie Di ster, Michelle Mortensen, Theresa Duran. 5 3 Alan Call. FRONT ROW- left to right: Cathi Miles, Wendy Smith, Diane Sch James Dawe, Charlotta Norby, Cindy Swenning, Nicole Howard, Leslie Wil' Dale Kraft, Tim Anderson, Scott Yockstick, Damian Medina, Karla Vanzant, C Staadt, Eric Swanson. Vocal Showcase 'OP ROW- lower to upper: Preston Branaugh, Tami Holden, Lisa Copeland, Mike Harold Nichols, Shani Shirazi, BOTTOM ROW- left to right: Russ Wosk, Robyn BeJonge, Megan Buchanan. MIDDLE ROW- left to right: Director Mr. Otto, Cathi Smith, Jerry Cunningham, Nina Oh, Erik Davis, Lori Chance, Alan Call, Amy ioslau, Damian Medina, Tammy Braye, Paul Leetmae, Luke Davis, Andy Lucci, Houston, Scot Fahrenbruch, Stephanie Call. Shelley DeJonge, Eric Swanson, Shelly Lemmons, Steve Trayser, Jackie Henke, y .... Company West ROW- left to right: Sandy Oehlert, Beth CNSISF. Jefmiffff JONES, Cynda Carrie Ross, Mr. Otto, Michelle Knudson, Tracey Zulian, Laura Neal, Stephanie Dar Ritz, Heather O'Berry, Cath Baird, Virginia ChriStianS6I1, Cindy Bartles, Amy Meurer, Chris Meints. TOP ROW- left to right: Lori Simons, Judith Lisa Birkinshaw. SECOND ROW- Left to right: Laurie Stout, Cindy Finney, Cami Miles, Wendy Smith, , Roseyn lmhoff, Kendy Clark, Robbyn Wright, Deanna Schroder, 49 4 T l .r-. Orchestra Front Row: Left to right: Jim Quick, Ruth Brooks, Alex Parker, Brian Bond, Christina Counts, Back Row: Mick Drybread, Celeste Shockley, Kim Griffin, Danny Deidel, Mike Bailey, Quentin Spencer, Carolyn Kremmers, Director First Quarter. The string orchestra is open without an audition throughout the year to any stu- dent interested in playing violin, viola, cello, stringed bass,or piano in an en- semble situation. The group performs 4 school concerts a year. Emphasis is on developing a good tune intonation, bowing technique, reading skills, musicality, and ensemble aware- ness. A wide range of literature is stud- ied, including baroque, classical, roman- tic, and 20th century, traditional popu- lar, avantgarde, and string quartets. Several orchestra members also partici pate in the Arvada Center Youth Or- chestra and the Golden Youth Sympho- ny. Membership in the school orchestra is required in order to audition for All- State Orchestra. McDona1d's A11 American High School Band Mike Boeder, senior saxophonist and section leader in Marching Band and Jazz Showcase, was selected to McDOnald's All American High School Band. Only two musicians from each state are selected from taped auditions to this prestigeous organiza- tion. This is the second student from Arvada West to be selected for this honor, the last being Scott Ackerman in 1983. The band was involved in many nationally televised events including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York and the f Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on New Year's Day. Jazz Showcase FRONT ROW: Chris Hollis, Kim Weiler, Jim Jacobs, Jani Jacobs, Mike Boeder. Glen Dunkin, Greg Noland. TOP ROW: Karyn Geisler, Brian Bond, Eric Stump, MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Zachman, Ellen Peters, Derek Wiechman, Mark Cuadrado, Greg Marks, Scott Wheeler, Steve Trayser, Alan Ferguson, Robby Andzik. Jazz Ensemble 1--W--1 . 'uwsaiut' f ,1- FRONT ROW: Heather Ferguson, Greg Counts, Justin Mead, Sherri Hollis, Sean TOP ROW: Dawn McDonald, Eric King, Jim Allen, Lori Dinges, David Gohn, Clark, Shelly Gohn, Brian Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mr. Zachman, Mr, Kiehn, Larry Sempson, Mick Drybread, Bob Whelton. NOT PICTURED: Kalyn Heclin, Aarron Skoff, Doug Casaday, Matt Porter, Glen Dunkin, Kerry Davis. THIRD Greg Frick. ROW: Eric Martin, Bob Jeske, Ken Marranzino, Jim Boling, Sheldon McCabe. 51 Symphonic Band FRONT ROW: Jill Waters, Julie Stiner, Steph Corbett, Debbie Green, Candy Pitts, Leslie Zundee, Kristina Hamilton, Michelle Harper, Melanie Squire, Kristy Garden- er, Jenny Quick, Joanna Kelsey, Cheryl Miller, Cheryl Sveum, Steve Edscorn, Erin Bennett, Nicole Boatright, Greg Counts, MIDDLE ROW: Anne Smith, Monica Campbell, Cath Baird, Joy Paxton, Tracey Massler, lrsa Lindtveit, Steph Welpton, Christy Clark, Wendy Shively, Lori Churchey, Dawn McDonald, Kerry Davis, David Gohn, Sara Cune, Sean Clark, Pat Ross, Larry Simpson, Brian Thomas, Lori Wind Ensemble Denges, Ken Ulmer, Sheldon McCabe, Greg Carrol, Jeff Schroder, Alan Horto Luke Heinze, Ken Marranzino. TOP ROW: Chris Callahan, Mr. Zachman. NC PICTURED: Tenell Tippets, Lorie Simmons, Shirley Peppler, Cliff Ferdig, Gr: Frick, Chris Waegele, Yevette Craig, Clay Sewald, Heather Oyman, Sherri Mor son, Jim DeVine, Doug Casady, Jim Allan, Diane Ernst, Aaron Skoff, Denr Fernandiz, Cory Chyrchey. FRONT ROW: Laura Neal, Jackie Henke, Lisa Patterson, Holly Hutcheson, Shelly Gohn, Heather Ferguson, Tammy Jacobsen, Tania Wooten, Carl Wuth, Karen Melby, Kalyn Hedin, Donna Robbins. MIDDLE ROW: Jani Jacobs, Greg Noland, Derek Wiechman, Mark Cuadrado, Ellen Peters, Tracy Zulian, Sherri Hollis, Mike Boeder, Chris Hollis, Michelle Ferdig, Kim Wieler, Jim Jacobs, Bob Jeske, Stev Trayser, Greg Marks, Robby Andzik, Eric Martin. TOP ROW: Mr. Zachman, Mik Woolley, Eric Stump, Sandy King, Monica Palmer, NOT PICTURED: Amy Houf ton. Marching Band The "Wildcat" Marching Band for 1986 is 116 members strong. The band is under the field direction of Drum Majors Anne Smith and Jim Jacobs. Soloists this year are Steve Trayser, Greg Marks and Bob Jeske-trumpetsg and Mark Cuadrado-trom- bone. Flag Captains are Lori Houlihan and Larisa LaBrant. Feature twirler is Kristy Gardner. Section Leaders of the band are: Mark Cuadrado, Steve Trayser, Mike Boeder, Mike Woolley, Donna Robbins, Laura Neal and Jani Jacobs. The band re- ceived the 2nd place trophy from the Lake- wood on Parade competition and returned from C.Ll. Band Day competition with a Division I fSuperiorj rating. Chorale Chorale is a traditional choir mostly in a cappella and classical bers. The term "A cappella" means that group will perform a musical piece any instrumental accompaniment. An ample of an A cappella number would Beethoven's "Hallelujah" or Thomas ley's "Sing We and Chant lt." Chorale the second step in a process of three. people start in Concert Choir and then move into Chorale. While in Chorale, a per- son may wish to go into Company West or Vocal Showcase. That way they may able to get double musicianship. Chorale is open to both juniors and seniors and a limited amount of sophomores with excep- tional music ability. Everyone involved in Chorale has been chosen by auditions. Vocal S. Vocal Showcase is a mixed choir 'of juniors and seniors. Because ship to the group is by audition is known as one of Arvada VSC, like Company other choirs at AW in level of music study. mpetions pyear round. Through such .the group gains performance l group unity, personal growth, satisfaction. And Vocal Music Symphonic Band This band is open without audition during second semester to any bandsman wanting to participate in a fine concert band organi- zation. The group will perform quality con- cert band literature and work to develop a mature interpretation of a broad spectrum of composers and styles. The group re- turned from State Competition last year with a Division Il QExcelIentj rating. The group will present several school concerts as well as the traditional "Pops" concert. Wind Ensemble band is open by audition 30-40 finest wind players during This band has traveled to the region, including Kan- St.Louis. The group will per- wind literature by some in the field. The received a Division ll iEx- at the State Large Group band will present several and combine with Sym- for the "Pops" concert in Concert Choir Choir is the newest choir at Ar- West. lt is a group of 38 sophomores. composed of many individuals with a deal of choir experience. However, experience at Arvada West has to sharpen their skills even the choir has empha- and reading music this the other choirs at Arvada Choir performs four con- Holiday, Spring, Pizzazz year the section leaders for as follows Lon enjoyed working togeth- know one another this Marching Band 2 ...xx ..?. Flag Corps Top Row: Diane Ernst, Jenn Widinski, Ginger Croy Second row: Laura Debbie Paul, Shannon Hjerleid, Kelli Barnes, Shannon McClosky Fourth Rozman, Lynette Hauschild, Shelli Barnes, Stephanie Welpton Third Row: Row: Larissa LaBrant, Sandra Stovner, Lori Houlihan 54 Marching Band: Flag Team Kristi Gardner Grand National Champion td ' AAR 55 'QS-fx VM 1-Q3 ' iffy Arsenic And Old Lace r. W .X as P' After a successful first year as director of the Arvada West Theatre Company in the 1985- 86 school year, Roseanna Wilkie began an- other successful year with the classic com- edy hit, "Arsenic and Old Lace." The play, written by Joseph Kesselring, played for three nights on November 6, 7, and 8 and was warmly received by those who came to see it. The play itself takes place in Brooklyn, New York during the middle of World War ll. The storyline follows this: There is a conflict be- tween two brothers, one, Mortimer, thinks he will sooner or later go insane because of his genetics, and the other, Jonathan, along with his sidekick "doctor," enjoys having plastic surgery done to his face every week and has a swell murdering people for the sport of it. In the middle of this are the brothers' childhood guardians, Abby and Martha Brewster, who like to keep men in their house . .permanent- ly. Jonathan, in his sadistic way, schemes a plot to forever silence Mortrimer from letting information out about his and his "doctor's" little habit of killing people, as well as to compete with Abby and Martha in sheer num- bers of corpses. Little does Mortimer know, though, that his grave is being dug because he is trying to marry a minister's daughter. And if all this wasn't enough, Teddy Brew- ster, brother of Abby and Martha, thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, and spends his time either digging the "Panama Canal" in the basement of the house, or charging up "San Juan Hill," which is actually only the staircase of the slightly bizarre Brewster home. From a distance, the plot seems to be nothing more than a horrible glob of garbled confu- sion, but thanks to Wilkie, her cast, and crew, "Arsenic and Old Lace" proved to be a de- lightfully entertaining performance. Abby Brewster . The Reverend Dr. Teddy Brewster ....... Officer Brophy . Officer Klein . . . Martha Brewster . Elaine Harper . . . Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs ...... Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein .... Officer O'Hara . . Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon KirstenJones Harper . , .Brian Watson ..... Andy Lucci Jeff Pass . . Nathan Walker . . . . Karen Meier . . . . Robin Dillon Duane Richardson .. Mikail Downey . . . . Brian Jacobson . . . . . Thad Anzur .. Butch Hubbart . .... Jim Micaletti ... James Quick On the nights of March l2,l3, and 14, the Arvada West theatre came to life as Reginald Rose's drama, "Twelve Angry Jurors," was per- formed by a cast of A-West stu- dents. This play, directed by Roseanna Wilkie, was particularly special because it, unlike most plays done in high schools, required what is called "ensemble acting." All the actors in the play had to stay on stage and in character for the en- tire duration of the play, which meant that the cast was more like a team, with each "player" being as important as the next. Because of the ensemble acting in "Twelve Angry Jurors," director Wilkie was faced with many chal- lenges that other plays to not pose. Such challenges were, for example, keeping the actors in character for the duration of the performance, and maintaining good relations between cast mem- Cast Juror One- Cynda Staadt Juror Two- Nathan Walker Juror Three- Sami Nigh Juror Four- Tina Tilsley Juror Five- Thad Anzur Juror Six- Sarah Rozehnal Juoro Seven- Butch Hubbart Juror Eight- Brian Watson Juror Nine- Mikael Downey Juror Ten- Sonja Sanders Juror Eleven- Jill Devillier Juror Twelve- Nina Oh Guard- Clinton Mclung Clerk- Melanie Madron Assistant Director- Gabrielle Nelson bers so that the "team" could still function in a positive way. Wilkie met those challenges, and the results were obvious. The per- formance itself was excellent. But aside from that, Wilkie set another precedent by challenging herself and her cast to achieve high goals, which, at the beginning of rehears- als, seemed unreachable. ' x F' , Q Q, Y ,qi xx Wi A w 4 , F, 4 'EU 4 -.':. 17 3 ff x is ,.4a,w, SWK is if E X ,Muff K 3 ' K 1 , L Sis xi, ' X K l h l , Nga, X Q + . x i X 1 1: S ' n , A elf' N P 145' 'Q 'Zi 5 . f, .ist r x S Q 2 -'f,' ,. ja, . - fu N ., aff Er-L ff is fi QQ f - , 196522 sis ! i ff 3 F Y ,K -Q ,if f my of x 1 8 ry Q 1 Vg W W WE , f. ' Q Y .,.. S ,v Q O ,O Arthur Guenevere Lancelot Pellinore Merlyn Mordred Sir Dinadan Sir Lionel Sir Sagramore Squire Dap Tom of Warwick Nimue Feature Dancers Lady Sybil Lady Anne Page Clarius Guilliam Colgrevance Bliant Castor Catherine Elizabeth Gwendolyn Margaret Sondra Virginia Lady Lady Lady Lady Lady Lady Jonathan Sir Reginald Lady Alandra Camelot Cast Jerry Cunningham Shelley DeJonge Erik Davis J.J. Worthington Andy Lucci Larry Chadwick Russell Wosk Alan Call Harold Nichols James Dawe Monica Campbell Megan Buchanan Lisa Burris Nina Oh Patrick Olsen Robbyn Wright Lisa Copeland Shannon Hjerleid Scott Yockstick James Robbins Damian Medina lvan Call Peter Goodwin Catherine Baird Lisa Birkinshaw Cami Coon Shahni Shirazi Stephanie Call V. Christensen Ginger Worthington Andy Lucci Megan Buchanan JQSQ Emi SW XWQEPDS - :-' :fa-.1 ' xo. 'i :".,fa'f,.-'E' if Y UIISYO ' 'x - POITI POHS l l Top row, left to right: Michelle Soriano, Sandy Oehlert, Michelle Chrisler, Nina Oh, Jill Hunsaker, Sheila Rotola, Barb Klava. Bot Evans, Robin Adamczyk, Terry Howerton, Dana Nahring, Beth tom row: Roseyn Imhoff, Mundy Horton, Jill Devillier. 62 Poms The '86-'87 Pom Pons expereienced a very spirit-filled, suc- Eessful year sponsored by Beth Hays. Their many hours of ractice showed in their numerous half-time performances. Linder the direction of co-captains Jill Devilleir and Roseyn mhoff, the year began with a successful outcome of the squad's participation, at the Universal Dance Camps sum- Emer training program. The poms received the Super Spirit tick Award, a Superior rating overall, and were voted 'Most Spirited Squad" by the others in attendance. Receiv- ng a total of forty Superior ribbons on an individual basis, .he squad benefited greatly from the material learned. Attempting to change their previous image, the poms at- .ended a wide variety of athletic activities. This not only qave them a chance to perform for a wide variety of specta- ors, their participation enabled them to support the cheer- eaders more effectively. Dverall, this year's Wildcat Poms were enthusiastic in their attempt to promote school spirit. Through their perfor- nances of half-time routines, the pom squad added a great deal to the pride of the students at Arvada West. Cheers Pom Pons Cheers Under the head cheerleaders, Julie Oehlerking and Kirsten Jones, this year's cheerleaders accomplished many of their goals. They started the year off with a leadership retreat in Winter Park. At summer camp in Fort Collins, the squad received many superior group ribbons, a spirit stick, and an overall superior trophy. They attended two competitions, one in December, and one in February. They performed well at both of these competitions. School spirit and enthusiasm was very high this year, and overall, the 1986-87 cheerleaders were there to support Arvada West all year. If YU-4 -:. ,., , - New fH5i'fz9754fwf .fw:fwwmw.w64fw ., .,'?2Z?iQ'3! ., Ch CSI' S i E E W I I 64 gp, 'Rc ii.. 'N A Top Row-left to right: Kirsten Jones, Jeannie Piper, Vicky Floor level- Laurie Nakauchi, Kim Ponis, Julie Sanchez. Not Schell. Second Row: Gretchen Schroeder, Joanie Jelinek. pictured- Jen Cavanaugh. Third Row: Steph Zeaman, Jill Polniak, Julie Oehlerking. Mat Maids This year the number of mat maids increased from six to eight because of the addition of the third level to the wrestling team. The third level added to the already many duties of the mat maids. They keep score, video- tape, keep up brackets, run the two tournaments, cheer, and attend all dual matches and all tourna- ments. There are often numerous tournaments a day, therefore, not all eight mat maids are always at one tournament. As a result, an added strain is put upon the mat maids to do their duties. The mat maids, under the leadership of Kristin Wool- ley, were very supportive and hard working. They always did their best to encourage the wrestlers and to endure the pressures from demanding coaches. A special thanks to Kay Woolley for making the uni- forms and providing guidance and support, also, thanks to the booster club for their support. 65 Best A11 AFOLIHC1 Matt Erramouspe Tammy Braye Most Talented - fl -.,k .'h-' 5 7- .'gg - I 4531 , , ig: g-1,. ., in I g:,k: i kri. ..f5?ws B3173' Kooser Shelley Dedonge Senior Su erlatives Class Clowns Michelle Soriano Butch Hubbart Most Athletic Jill Peterson Steve Perkins 67 .KW yy? if . aw 9' si' - ? s in fa " Y , 35 is N W i' .f if . ig M f p, W .gujff vii I ' if , 42, , Vk f I. J , 1? if Q , 4' ff.f Z ' ' 'L ' ,,,1 ', 5 Wi'- S ' liil -5 H 4255 Best Buddies Mich elle Soriano Sandy Oehlert Most Spirited .fp ,ww -, Todd Hogoboom Julie Oehlerking Best Looking W,,.....av-'nag David GFHUDCIJ' Debbie C01-9011 Andy Lzgram Leeanne Burkey I Most Likely To Succeed " Top Ten Percent Front Row I to r: Steve Lekowicz, Ramona Ruhl, Joan Ratz, Kim Fowler, Beth Biren, Sandra Weber. Second Row: Andrea Langer, Laura Houlihan, Lindsay McMaster, Jill Peterson, Drew Wallace, Val Martin. Third Row: Derk Bolton, Ellen Peters, Ron Colaizzi, Kirsten Jones, Jennifer Adams, Shelley DeJonge, -Q' 'Mm ,fn ...sniff -Ly Whitney White., Fourth Row: Robbyn Wright, Matt Erramouspe, Todd Gette Fifth Row: Erik Davis, Regina Pacheco, Michelle lngermann, Kent Bashford Sam VanKirk, Matt Elder, Trent Hein, Min Fon Chang, David Russell, Tony Vaughn, Mike Boeder. Front Row I to r: Jon Cruillian, Darren Kurtz, Laura Neal, Nina Oh, Chris unidentified,Jeanne Ranson, Deanna Schroder, Janet Albee, Dawn Robinson, Daniel, R.A. Plummer. Second Row: Sue Alderman, Jen Cavenaugh, Steph unidentified. Fifth Row: unidentified, Lisa Copeland, Carrie Ross, David Mill- Klug, Sonja Sanders, Kristin Cavenah. Third Row: Cathy Jaltuch, Roseyn er, Susan Baker, Claude Chung. lmhoff, Sami Nigh, Kathy Burry, unidentified. Fourth Row: unidentified, I w ,N X .-- . 'Own .-.... , 5 :- faq- . -Q S2 li ,5 Prom Kin And Queen 72 Lisa Burris, Chris Schroeder Senior Attendants Canie Ross, Andy Simmons X I 1 f J, 5 Cathi Goslav, Steve Lekowicz Julie Oehlerking, Matt Erramouspe Junior Attendants Julie Sanchez, Travis Ayers Kim Ponis, Mitch Blain Saw' .5 ,ff Prom Prom ,aw ' Graduation This year's commencement ceremonies for the class of '87 were held at 8:30 a.m. in the gym of Arvada West High School. The class song was "That's What Friends Are For." The girls wore white robes and the boys wore purple. The cere- monies were very well attended by friends and families of the graduates. Platform guests in attendance were the follow- ing: Mr. William Ross, Ms. Judith Pierce, Dr. John Hefty, Mr. Ray Schneringer. Mr. Herb Coch- rane, Mr. Erik Fredell, Mr. Stanley Ward, Dr. Conger Weightman, and Mr. Ben Brauch. ,p X i J , L 2 . . - 4 ' 5 f 5 I 3 1 f ww f 5 1 j 'U ' ,T riff. . s v A A ,: .,: , g ,L X Academics are what school is all about. What is taught and learned in these classes provides the groundwork for the various jobs and professions students will pursue upon graduation. Students choosing to pursue a two or four year college program, as well as those seeking employment immediately following graduation, can find classes suited for their goals. ln keeping with the wide variety of students at Arvada West, a variety of classes are offered. Whether student interest lies in the mathematic, scientific, language arts, business or vocational areas, courses are avaiable to fill every need. ln addition to the wide range of courses offered, a diverse staff provides a number of different teaching styles and experiences. Administrators Ra y Schneringer-Principe W Herb Cochrane Erik Fredell Stan Ward Conger Weigh tman Business It is thrifly to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow AESOP The Ant and the Grasshopper N""'s-M Anita Connelly Stan Dalton Betty Hosman Joe Quinones Q.. HM, 0 f f ,1,,,4h,., V . M . :Z V-a5vj,1',zs 'GEL A 1 'P , . 52 1 JI Oo... 'QU 1........g lf li- gg.. Karen Richardson rx r Xi Fred Siegrist Joe Simmons rf N, Charleen Yocum 85 Counselors Uh -h uh. Tom Anderson Ben Braun-h W L' - , ., Rein Leetmae Brian McGregor Lou Ann Newman if Bobbi Scheer English Sentences diagrammed, infinitives split, participles dangled while you wait! 1 gg , .. N wwmx X9 NN, 3 f e , W V .e ,...e ,Q X Q if if X N away? J fzfmwft . .lbw I Z Louise Collier Bob Graffenberger Linda Bellacome Roy Green Nancy Hardesty ,,,, L ,Q x x EN Q k .J 5 e N, 3 R ... - A "L L- Havens ,,x..L,.. , ,, Larry i Jim Hynes Celia Mathers Janice Mulvany Alan Olds I 3 ,ig-,f . om. -,,,,-ow k 5 ., X A., 5? tfrrf r Q K Rwxmf Jack Poms Linda Robertson Q t Dave Wendelin Betty Poe XXX K .XX Roseanna Wilkie Exceptional Students t.A,,t ,W ttt,L,,.,,, .,,,, t,,,L, t,,,,,', , "Destiny is not a matter of chance. Atttttt - - ff If IS 3 maffel' of CITOICC- Ralph Waldo Emerson H 4' , . ' V f x fx , K, . ,wig , A, ,, , , ski ! , A i 2 ,Q ,,.tVZZ ,tat ,L nv-A s Y Jpggg 1 . 4, , , ii , ,A X X w s - f - Patty Cluck 5? as 4 Maggie DeVore Tarry Harrison Faith Verbal Linda Waln 90 Mgr, Foreign Language A man is worth as many men as Ian- guages he speaks. Charles V Judy Asb R Mary Malone Jane Nieme . . a k P rdham Robert Quinonez Gertrud Summers V V g -, fs t r ,E z 1 M X555 sf L'.L - it Q s ' . Mi. f i.. was ,fs --.- K X. - - was -..A .. mas' , Q, -Sig 'H is 21 X ' Iss? bt- A X WQ or 'fi 5 t Jolene Kercher . 'H me N sf -wwf? ' Larry O'Donnell esiwtc . st, s H. W-.H - Q X X 1 s 1 A - :QQ is ' Tk - . .- . .pwsafii Terry Meeks Ns X Y 5x si Autonomous Learner I am endless, possessing the strength and power to change my path, my destiny. My life is my movement, and how l use today will determine how tomorrow uses me ' 4 Gt. Humanities The brain is hungry not for method but for content, especial- ly content which contains generalizations that are powerful, precise, and explicit. Fredrick Tunner The whole of anything is equal to the sum of its parts. g L t,,,, es K' N N ss. 3' af.- W ., sr ,,t ....., W NA W. Mi, l P fc. E sd' ,,..,.,.-4" ...ii History Things are a lot more like they are now than they ever have been be- fore. Dwight D. Eisenhower Mike Barrows Zoe-f t yi A Bob Campbell 1 Vic DeRosia Ellen Edmonds Rich Feely Rich Jaworowsk If X I , . ii Nancy Newson Jan Pease . .. X - svn-Xie W' ww- 0. .4-aw ,GN bw ZWWINM awww Qi? ,gwnqianwmg 0 xmxxxx uxkgxxk N, fm is if i A . 1 W .f.-mm. Mn-Q-,Q 'H' K I 11,2 ,.ml,H U -j 'KN 11 . , , ,--:- -3 1 i :I ,te x , 2 ,, ,. I -.- ,.i -. . . -,1N.F,' A A . ,,.......u-.. . . ...W ...........,,,,. I '- 2 ' ' ' -5 -s . Jim Pierson Ns? X -. A i if E E i Dave ROQGIS Ken Watson Jim Zajac Qmweg L Home EC Home Economics develops practical reasoning, resource management, and decision-making skills in order to improve the quality of life for individuals in families. 51- -9 W? Beth Hays Bonnie Jensen Kathy Wood Math Life is one big story problem. The results are real, whether they be rational or irrational. David J. Hani: Y 4- 4. f. Robert Binford WWW' Lee Courkamp Glenn Ekey J h G h Dave Harris Jolene Kercher 'fx Nw mx LAL A Ed Linnabary X QNX. .f X Keith Messer Kathy Miller 'wi R .. 5 xgmwlx- wifi, Doug Mitchell Chuck Murphy Dale Robson Al Wilderman ESI' I Marie Lindvall Music Music is to mankind as sunshine is to flowers Monte Otto Bob Zachman 1 5 i W , -1 I ,M ., ,,,.k WS Media Center Service is our business Ralph Cundiff Diane Polum A 5 if Physical Education Physical education for the Health of It! 3 Y" VMS. A f pl Jim Zaja Mary Kvamme Mark LaGrone J dy Tem e Specialists What makes you think you are too sick to go to class? K C Dave Wilson ,fg ! A E!! S t - AAKS l Q Practical Arts Life is too good to waste,- Please don 't drink and drive, and buckle up. E Bobbi Scheer S 5 I 5 1-:A L Science The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. Albert Einstein I mugs ,H - Bill Ashton 1 5 William Harris Bill Jones Jeanna Maruna Gary O'Connor ,llllixlll lb A lLiilLxi lll Q.. -Q l rx' ,JK .............., Karen Pederson 102 Melinda Reed Peg Roding Juel Trask John Young X if .- ,Q .Q i Q ,. 3 , , , Tech. Arts Skills for a lifetime. Krzfseiw , X ,nn Dick Lightner l m WWW qazgigwiiwf '- " Dale Dominic E Dale Rams Milt Riley Bill Schaaf Art Tech Arts A Picture Is Worth . . . OOO ttt ' Af., 104 if tg S tj f f Dave Passarelll Secretaries Barb Montgomery Sandy Seale Security, Custodians, Cooks -wi ran wank Sharon Wolf A Q .r f - , 1 4 W, A.....,. , MM, , ,Z L rib' bk L SENIORS WOW, its party time!!! Our last year and these are "the best times" of our lives. A year of superiority, a day of togas, and a step into the real world. lt was the seniors' year to kick back and be cool. lt was also a year of questions and decisions. Are we ready to leave? Where will we go? Will we still have the same friends? As we end our stay at Arvada West, we're deciding to go to college or work. We are taking those nerveracking tests and getting anxious for new experiences after graduation. As we part and go our seperate ways, we'll look back at West and those special days to remember the phrase: "lt's heaven in 87' " JLINIORS We made it, We're no longer sophomores, and we can walk the halls with pride. We remember the anxiety of being an inexperienced- sophomore but look forward to our senior year. lt's like a state of limbo, not at the top but a step above the bottom. lt's the most challenging year academically, and the longest. But we'll hang on, and we'll endure. Ahead lies excitement and opportunity, and we'll greet it with open arms. After all it's straight to the top. SOPHOMORES ' lt's a new world. The school is huge, and the students are giants. We feel like imposters with nowhere to go. We walk a soft step, so as not to be noticed. We ask ouselves: When will this day end? lt's scary to think what will happen to us and our friends. We're apprehensive, but we'll survive., We're faced with rejection and turn to new freedoms, friends and excitement. ef 57 O 6 67.55 O, , C9 9 ing ,,,. X ., , ,L Aefg, W 9 1 1 , YS Q nw. , :,, ,L A - s - xi X X if is . ,... N X .ER 'flrkf ' 4, as ff'gg, , Q 'R , M . - Ss .. . -K 5,5 ,gig 111 .... surf 1, 71' DM I .l+ Y -T 5 L l 1. Andrew Ackerman Dalton Adams Jennifer Adams Sue Alderman Alex Alexander Renee Alexander fl J , V- ' A! 'f In an , ,. l. r ' use 1 Q ' W ' 1 " A Ja ' I 562' . ,5 M lf I we L f "T, 1 , 3, 9 as ' fy by W ill ' A In , " ,, 5575 8 ,, mix 3-uk.. X A , Q S V: K A A Janet Allbee Jill Altman Brad Anderson Q1 'i K .,,,, Q J 'El A 'FL Jennifer Anzur Keri Arney Dale Arnold ,, fw.,' ziafw' ' W ' ER ,W . M' 1, v-7 Cindy Ahrens V J J gui, 5 Robin Alexander Dean Anderson Matt Ashburn Blair Ashbv Dev Ann Aston Jellrfw Avila Ryan H uku ., Numan Huh'-v Umm- Ball John Harhdm Stare Barlow Robvrt Barrwa i Galen Barr Kent Bashlord JGIIYWUGI Bassett -l Ann Baca f, 1 Q . ,ff '-41 ' 0 Mvrlmm-l Hall A Y M ? Shell: Barnes Shevla Beach Conrad Beaty Shawn Bennett Beth Biren -l Chris Bloomstran l- 1 Rod Beauchamp ii 1 K Wenda Bennett Kim Bisping Ed Blythe , Q " 3 : I diff" ,P X . . Steven Bell Michael Bennett Hank Binder John Blakely l ,,, Carrie Boettcher Mitchell Bollig Travis Bradford 1 Jeff Bratton 1 3 7 Bert Bronstad Joel Brown Matt Bryant I no Burris Kurt Butler Raymond Brown -l- Megan Buchanan i 1 Kathleen Burry Dan Butvidas Rohan Brown Curtis Bunce X Eric Burton 1-T -I Stephanie Call Jason Brownewell Leeanne Burkey Andrea Butler Scott Campbell Aaron Carilhers Kristin Cavenah Eric Cheldelin Cori Churchey Wendy Carlson Lori Chance ffl ,- gf-4 ' ' 4 if 4 Susan Chingurg +1 Kendy Clark Trachelle Clark Mary Coisman fwfi, .5 ' I 9 Q5 ' X X 'K eh' is x A Traci Collins Cami Coon Darren Corso Ron Colaizzi Debora Colson Lisa Copeland 1- -1 Lara Coty Chris Collins Todd Collins Kristin Conley Julie Connell Candi Corless Amy Cornwall Kim Cox Chad Craig Eileen Crosser Jerry Cunningham Mark Dalpes Sally Davidson 73' - Ken Cruse 3? 1 Erica Cwalina -i Kristy Dalton Mark Cuadrado l 1 Thomas Cyr Chris Daniel 5' 'UN ir.. 1 ' milf - ' -"- ' 'V ,gffgfss 1 L , ,i.. m Jeffrey Cumming Dawn Daley ' X' ' " f e WH Marcy Daniels Erik Davis Paul Davis James Dawe L 231 KW is Shelley DeJonge I ' rf i f- AAA AZ " ' WZ ' iff . f 1- fnwff- - E' 'Q if 'ms his M ff . , 5 3' ' f '15 as I 'Z il' ' ,K 1 fi if , ,lr Eric Dobberstein Kevin Dowell Suanne Dugger Julie DeMarco 1 l Kelly Dodson Mikael Downey Jennifer Dunkin Jill Devillier J nnln ,'l H: I Y, MTX, VK . if Q f -e f -N, L . 4' 5 9 fi 3 he ' 1' 1 if ' f P i X S I A W , 'Y H if 2' if . fs . 'Sw x ,.. .f fi -f ,' L. ,:, W 8 .Vi ',, ,S V , Q if if ' 1 Aga' X XG ff AL 4, ,Q .2 ' W 'F XTR N ,ig , f 13 'ff 4 if it mr, N I A E' A1 Q F V Paul Dodson Cheryl Downing Danielle Dunning Daniel DiSalIe Tami Douglas Melissa Dreier MT. -'W' m Jil f., A :H Q .,!zg'i'J xv n fi . 1 ff 15:12 145 ff R . Q ' - , f-ly' ., ' J .,,,. , .A K 3 , Tom Eastman Mark Eckhardt Shawna Edelen . M Q' A P yiyuvx h I Ex 35 - . . Wig X I T4 I 11 if V . , x " flag' ' l - Kara Eichacker Matthew Elder I! Lynne Tod Erfurdt Matt Erramouspe Stephanie Fagiano Danny Falk Dena Farrar Bob Fatzinger Nick Fines Robert Fisher Leslie Forbes ' E' 'EH N. 'hiv 'W , A , li.. U LQ 4, V Q ..r.M if if ,. .5 if 1 . ' K f A V - , V ge, " wil' ' . . ' ,Q , Lfigfiifiiiffl Elizabeth Felten Tamara Finfrock if ",, ,Y 5 Vanessa Fisher I Kim Fowler Wesley Gerber Jill Giddings Robbie Good Catherine Goslau Todd Gette Leanne Getts Jon Giullian Michelle Gohn Jeff Goodell Christie Gordaier Andy Gottlieb David Granbery .i Jennifer Giarratano Steve Gonzales Q Todd Gordanier l Jeff Gray ,mt as K ai an ,rdf e ix 25 J 51 as is W? -.Z re ws Kelly Jean Grippa Glen Hack Greqory Hartman Barry Hay ,f i' -we x 23' I 4 E if .6 'N ., W H4 wi Susan Griso Cindy Guernsey Christine Haines O' Wag fy N I if " vs V: Kevin Hathaway Jennifer Hedgpeth 8 X2 - I' ,A ' , is in Wendy Haines 1- Kym Hathaway i Kalyn Hedin Tonya Gustad Lisa Harkins mm .5 Sf L. v v .Z ix v ik: in f' X Harold Hawkins Trent Hein Rachel Heinrich Todd Heintzelman Q ,ig 5 E..J. Hiestand Michael Higgins Sarah Hinz Michelle Hjerleid I s v 1 Celisse Holman Mike Horblit Lance Herring Tom Hillyer Todd Hogoboom Mundy Horton Jeff Herriot Desiree Himes Tami Holden Amy Houston ,,,,,., ,L .1. Hx, "1 J di e .A J J J ,b, 1 f' 5 L ,'L' f V J J xgiigs. i e. ' A e if---4-Q W W. -', J -,,- , -.., rf'-., ' .1 in V ' ,. - ff- W' :V sg, -I m -. "I K4 I 0 E rn I1 o J -f V, ,gg in wg , J 1 if Q Q, fx 5 V Q if kv ,6 Ji ii . .1 --1 , -:. 4 -fm Dan Hrouda Ken Hubbart ifaiiv A I 7 -7 f Y 5 L .- -Ly 1 Q W 1 I 1 J Pfrvl QE ,.- , . . 5 ' 1 : H . 'Sr if . ,Q kay 3 ,, .f-ff 'A if-fs' I f ff J f , , ii? , ' f r J 5 'fu if 4, 1' ' v , ' wh- -, , , 2, Z '- ' I , ,W J J! bf! ! V A " mf if 5' A gy f 1, ja, rf' . r- f , if f ,. Y U A J Jill Hunsaker Jacqueline lsenhart Joanie Jelinek Kevin Hunter Roseyn Imhoff l- -1 Bob Jackson Catherine Jaltuch Chad Johnson Danielle Johnson . en- - .... - :aw 2' Q - -' E? ' 'i . ' ,L , M ' l J' sg , , , , v .,. f ax .T E if 1. 1, . 4 f rf S 1 -ff .4 ,fc 1 3 , a .3 2 'sg 6 E S, if ff K ? 1- Eg iele J VA: p Iggy? m ise ix ,R fi ggi Q , ,-1 M A 1 K ' 1 ' JN, Melisa Hughston Michelle lngermann 4' Nb 4, J Jii if K 45 Lim, ii KN , -lx 4 gf Q D J :.: Eddy James K 4 5 xi W '5-ff 5 K 1 4 1 5 if Q 1 " 9:4 Karen Johnston Kristin Jonas 1 Mary Kerrigan John Kling Susan Konieczka Kirsten Jones Jon Kessel Stephanie Klug 11 Barry Kooser Ray Jones in Anastasia Kidwell Kristine Knight Lori Koppers Lisa Junck .9 ,sa ' .4,, f . .455 Erik King D-,K 9 Beth Knox Michelle Kowal Margaret Krafcigs Darren Kurtz I '5a i Vicky Langley Camie Lee Kami Kramer Larisa l.aBrant i- 11 Q Tnffanv larson 7 Paul Leetmae 9? ve- , A X Mark Krasovich Yodd Kuhlmann I QQ' . a a ' .gk ' 3 ay, i Susanna Lang Andrea Langer Steve Lavenduskv Steve Lawyer 1 I 17. va X' 63' 4223: pr. 5 an V Robin Leinwand Steve Lekowicz Paul.: I f-um Wendy lebllv hnblnn lum- llldlll' Lupe! Y Q ..,5w,Q5 4,7 ,sw V MA sEw'V' f f D if Mmm l uhmm-n 1 mm I gm I1 ,413 Brel MdkSlI1 Malk Maloney ,QE 'wa Sue Maron Sean Marrm Valerie Martin David Martine Kristel McCarthy C.J. McClurg Kellie McGuire Lindsay McMaster Justin Mead Damian Medina Leigh Anne Mellberg Amy Meurer Andrea Meyer Christine Michas David Miller Jennifer Miller tw M ,Q Mark Miller , Brian Monsma John Murphy Enge Mirgam Robyn Mitchell Bruce Moorman Kim Moss ffl f 'ft' , 4 if if . M-4-.., Cory Musich Jeff Myers Amy Monahan Wayne Munster Trisha Myers 1 Cindy Nabb Dana Nahring Laura Neal Gabrielle Nelson Jodi Lynn Neumann Sami Nigh Greg Noland 3915 Julie Oehlerking Jamee Oline Curt Nordstrom - Sandy Oehlert Keri Olson Danita Niles Charlotta Norrby It K 'ax I Nina Oh Laura Owen 'P"m"Yn Danny Nimtz I , 7 ' . I Q 5 I .. X wg, Jeanette Northrup Steve O'hara 1 Regina Pacheco 6 Barbara Parsley 5 Stephen Peck Steve Daniel Perkins Jill Peterson i Lhrista Patton Michael Pedersen Peter Perret Rich Phillips Brenda Pierce Greg Pierce Matt Pierce Anthony Pivonka Cindy Pottebaum Mark Quevli Dan Pilcher 1 R,A. Plummer Malinda Prescott Stephannie Railsback Mike Piper Joni Polhamus Gerald Priola Tom Rankin Kevin Pitts Kevin Ponis Stephanie Pulst , A ' i i f V, . H5 ew' P x. Q J' If V ,iff N 'A ai p i i l ' we k nv gy K, .,.. , , . ,i:,'V , I IM ,V , .5 I ii I , Jeanne Ranson 1 1 Joan Ratz Kristine Rector li -'T 'Q Eva Reichert l -i Michael Rickaby l Troy Robbins Lynnette Roberts f., EQ L Dawn Robinson Kathi Romero Julie Reed Dina Ringland Denise Robertson Felipe Romero David Reeve Donna Robbins Honey Robertson Pat Rondinelli Carrie Ross Ramona C. Ruhl Victoria Schell fl ,ri ,fra '. "j WN, fl. 'wif i ' Q' . . A , 'lj , A I, .. r r . 3 -- A , -,- Q31 M y , af 4 H' an yi , v,, ,. ,A I Y . ' U ,' A .. f 'yy Q' x 45, ,if 1- ,lj 'Q KH 1 ' A , '15-q. ,,. 4. 4 H' i' ' f- E, f ' t '32 ' . Q K f 1 .LV r K . Jon Schott Bill Row David Russell Jerdean Scheneman Rob Schow '5i,. 's Scott Rowedder Marcy Rozman fy' Theresa Sandstrom Mark Schafer li Shonda Schilling Doug Schmidt Deanna Schroder Chris Schroeder 0 I Gretchen Schroeder 7 Dominic Scrivner Nick Sherwood Sandi Simonds Benjamin Schwenk Brennan Schwenk Penny Scott Heidi Seib Joan Sheehan Steve Sheffield i if K 1- Cindy Shoemaker Lance Shore Andy Simmons Lorie Simons Tracy Simpson Larry Simpson S' , eg' f .. -I 'SW ' if-2,5-,F sg, .xsgggnm , rf: W N tw ' H a - 4. 541.4 Z V M - yy Q R I 'L ff Q V is i if K tiff Q me 'mam i K , , li F 1 Q Sk 'X 'L tr M A e?w 0 4 5 it , f ,e , g ef' A 1 X is f of F it 1 F s K W y, gg- , ,ii T2 L ,M k 9, , L . 0 3 QT i .yi - K s Kim Skipton Anne Smith Robert Smith Robyn Smith ' I 5 1 1 Roxangela Smith Schuyler Smith Wendy Smith Maryann Solas X i fl L Michelle Soriano Kimberlee Soucie Bill Spano Christopher Solecki ' ' 5 l . PGN 1 i Xm- hlq gf, ! , , b i 1 Blaine Spies Melanie Squire Dan Stanley Alexandra Starr A Jeff Stembach l Mitch Storey ' Q fs. Jeanne Swalde it Corlna Swenson 1 Kevin Stene Jennifer Stout Ii Eric' Swanson Davna Stitt heyyy! . I gg? if if X , Laurie Stout Krista Swanstrom Beth Stoddard Cheryl Sveum Cindy Swenning John Tarjanyi Bob Tate Ann TaylOf Tony Thompson Stephanie Torrez Sandy Tuka Tenele Tippets 'Z' . .M 11 5 ,T . if 5 f r Steve Tow ,, , , - , f - -' are T , ' ,iy,,,,, , - ' . , , f P ' Q' ? ' ' ' V 5,5- Chris Turner Craig Tjarks Steve Trayser Chris Turner Brenda Todd Shelley Tubach Chris Turner 1 Tracy Tyler Kris Ulmer Shelley Underwood Chris Valeme .J Sam Van Kirk Anthony Vauqhan Ure-q Vande-na Barbara Vlqrl Maha Walton Je-nmler Waqner Bari Vvalkvr Applvqul'-I Wallaxe 1 K' 'SJ' 5 ,I V. f Gran Ward Karen Ward Sandra Wvhs-r x 5: ,, s Shannon Welch Paul Welk Whrtney White Lua Wehrlr Rvchard Whitney .W : . ,, x Q " ..'I'2g., 'THIQSL W sf? 'H-.A My 1 ' a, Am gxv -. 1 A E . . 3' -9 ,2 Q. Donna Wichael Carrie Wickersham f V ,., 1' " we W. 47 5 V . mil . , R 1 1 , 3 O Phil Wills Amy Wintringham - Rachel Woodling Kristin Woolley Russell Woscowicz Russell Wosk Noel Wickwar Angie warns I l Sharon Wisz Michael Woolley l Jeff Wren Rebecca Wood Tammy Worthley Robbyn Wright Julie Wyatt Lisa Zuirech Scott Yockstick Steven Alexander Diana Altermatt Tisha Amos Sandra Atwater Christine Atzenbeck Marisa Austen Holly Barrowclough Andrea Bartlett Wayne Beinlich Tony Boscia Dean E. Bruning Erick Butler Daniel Call Todd Child Richard De La Serna Pauline Demling Anthony Desmet Christopher Dick Robert Doerges Vincent Dominguez Donald Drinkwine Dawn Droel Paul Dunkhase James Eddy Mirjam Enge David Ermish Michael Fahrenbruch Dieter Gallegos Christine Gardino Daniel Glass Darren Gollakner Penny Griffith Michael Grigsby William Gutke Kristopher Henke Dean Yocum Charles Henry Christopher Hollis Laura Houlihan Peter Howard Shaun Howe Erika Hunter Barbara James Jennifer James Jeanne Joffer Daniel Johns Bonny Kissler Robert Korotky David Kraft Daniel Lamb Keith Lawrence Jory Leedy Robert Leishman Randall Leutner Dwanda Lingenfelter Daniel Lucci Edith Majors David Maltese Pamela Marshall Andy Mason Sean Miley Aaron Milligan Jeffery Mitchell Tracy Mitzel Troy Modesitt Lorraine Mollohan Craig Motooka Brian Nara Michael Ninneman Willard Oberry Scott Orback AW? -was Q:',tIL,QzM's- f , , ., wg? tt , , J ii V 1 V W 'K' 5 S Scott Yoder Jennifer Pearce Kelvin Pfannenstiel Leah Potter Robert Racansky John Ransbottom Whitney Richards Kristina Riley Corlette Roninson Kimberly Rutledge James Salmon Deanne Sanders Michelle Sedillos Margaret Seirtlert Frank Shellenberg Philip Shinbur Lynnette Sieler James Simpson Kenneth Smith John Spillman David Tanguy Timothy Tesch Jennifer Toone Kenneth Traudt Tyrone Tymkovich Derek Ulehla Mark Vickery Robert Whelton Steven Williams George Wilson Jeffery Wilson Jennifer Wilson Troy Wilson Heather Wood In Memozy Of .... SQUIER WWYQ-K 40 my WRX Jennifer Hedgpath 1969-1986 1, if pm fn I ""'-up iq, my E F' x -IAQ-'ID Q s , 1532 ,16- WD l, WWW 'll 49 ..,., K Sig S: If ,ff E R 4 X Qi Q x Xi wr? 'Q af Q xy Qiexbz Here 'S To Us Th e Class Of '88 5. X Q J 'QI rs. 1 5 Y ,r M , ,fi is! f -Him ,+,U f it gi if 1 It ' Aviv Jeff Abernathy Tonya Abitz Shannon Abrams Rob Acierno Robin Adamczyk Diana Adams Heather Adams Wayne Adams Steve Adkins Mitch Ainsworth Andrew Allan Laura Allan Danny Alonzi Stephanie Alvarado Brock Anderson Paul Anderson Robert Anderson Scott Anderson Shane Anderson Tim Anderson Alexis Andrews Daniel Appelhans Alisa Applegate Joella Aranda Colleen Arney Chris Ashburn Geoffrey Atzbach Travis Ayers Theresa Baca Melissa Baessler Kirk Bailey Mike Baikey Catherine Baird Karen Baldwin Kelli Barnes Stephanie Bartels Heidi Barton Mike Bates Krista Bauer Aaron Beazley Amy Beener Lori Belknap Darrin Bell Jennifer Bell Mark Bell Mark Benzing Stephanie Berg Scott Bergers Jason Bergstrom Craig Bert Beauty Is Skin Deep When the daily class work gets boring, just pull out the cosmet- ics. Primping is now a credited class. This is an example of an A student. E YQ , X' 1 r.l. s .,.- i xx is Ex X K X ,L 2 1-. 31: N 0 EN i X 'K -1 S x3 X X S i-, A 3 kk.., X J eg f fl- it SM. X-btw ,212 ' , .... , -.. N,-L .rf ,f:c..,, V, ,MM - .. ,u-M... .,g31,. we-111' 2 gee, ZX-. 'mfgif K Lx frilni-5f?4 -L.' A .. A - ..... M LA iv xx t V. gk .X 1 Q i we 9. 11. AS W xl' 5 , Rachel Beshore Matthew Bilby Lisa Birkinshow Zane Blackburn Mitch Blain Kevin Bloomstran Andy Blunt Debbie Bochmann Keith Boettiger Scott Bokusky James Bollng Brian Bond Karen Bossi Jerry Brettell Ruth Brooks Timothy Brown Shawn Brunlng Timmothy Bryan Doug Buchanan Duncan Buchanan Therese Buchholz Debbie Buck Tina Buesser Jodi Bulmer Steph Burnkrant Kimberly Burrer Gina Burris Robyn Bye Alan Call Monica Campbell Eric Carlson Kerry Casagranda Waylon Cash Craig Cassels Larry Chadwick Kerri Chamberlain Layne Chamberlain Allen Chapman Jolene Cheaney Catherine Chergo Niki Chesy Chad Christensen Kelly Christensen Virginia Christensen Angie Churches Mike Cicero Sammi Cimino Callae Clark Patrice Clarke Scott Clymer George Coffman Chris Cole Karla Conley Denise Connelly Matthew Coplen Ursula Corbin Tina Costain Kristina Counts Wendi Craig Beth Crisler tx , ' ,am an K Ki: fy f ,fa ' fr 1 , ff 554+ ,gf g , , , 4 ,Q 4' 1 11 ,G ,W 1 fe 7' 9 2 . 3 K , '13 I 4? 2.51 IM 249 t fx ff? f' x AW fl, ' I ,, I I 5225. xx Q f X K l E 'if f" Y W Za 476 A L 'ff Q lt tw Th , 41-3.17 , ., f M 5 5 M 1, 45 1 4 ff , H 'rf f 4 V , : 'K - .- 1 W r J-ima. ' ff' fl., - its 1, . V f zz-HW: '. " l 'Y ,jf Q ' A 1" :ff W M X x l N X K y , x f W ,,, aw' , ,'y. j,:.1f1, 'f 41,75 ., . v - K' , ' , WW' 'V --f , gt rf ' My ,T V.. K V 1 5 I krhg 'm ' -rw. 'Yi 'iillfw ' v , M q.WfWWwmmzw KW ra W 3 fir it A A rw I 5 il V ? Let's Make A Deal These two lab partners are check- ing out the safety shower. But don't you have to have an emer- gency to use it? Not in this case. These two are looking for a chemi- cal reaction. HMB vmnuu X mr Ginger Croy Paul Cruse Joey Cunningham David Curtis Jill Cwalina Kollette Dalton Katie Daly Dana Daniel Elizabeth Davis Kerry Davis Sabrina Davis Stephen Davis Rob Day Christy Deats Mike Dejonge Tim Delongcharnp Troy Deming John Dempster Elaine Denny Chris Desiato Joanna Deubel Matt Devitt Rene Dewild Matthew Dick Mark Dierdorff Cuyler Diggs Robin Dillon Marc DiRezza Bridgitte Doane Kim Doehling Kristine Dolezal Scott Donaldson Mark Donoho Kristina Dory Troy Drew Glen Dunkin Mark Dunn Micheal Eatherton Robert Eikel Billy Eno Jacqueline Erickson Sophia Estudillo Michelle Evans Eric Ewart Elizabeth Fabrizio Jon Fairchild Steve Farley Todd Faulk Cliff Ferdig Heather Ferguson i K , "9 fr ' -2 HW ? ,, ff 3 . X f fgwh 1 rg im? r W og l I an 5 gg 1 Wav? 2 wa a fi , M V f 4: is 3 if 5 ,., , K 'NEW A4217 law!! adm 2 Q ' ramf' f ' 1- , ggfszfilffag' , . 4 f 1 Q MTW we 5 ' , 'iff 'iii 'V 4 " I ' nil? 'r ' X WWE!-V ' P - i I -vw V 'X ix i Z Judith Finney Michael Fleischman Debby Fletcher James Flight Terry Foulke Kelly Fowler Cynthia Fox Ronnie Francis Andrew Free Gregory Frick Kaycee Frisch Thomas Fury Jennifer Gamby Kristy Gardner Lynette Gardner Jolynn Gerbig Kerry Giambrocco Clint Gonzales Peter Goodwin Jonathan Goslau Travis Gourdin Doug Granbery Jennifer Granere Michele Gresge Jennifer Griego Kim Griffin Christi Griffith Kristi Grimm Eric Grossaint Donnie Gutzman Scott Hadwiger Arthur Hagelgans James Haines Clarice Harkins Pamela Harper Mark Harris Stewart Harris Todd Harwood Brian Hassey Lynette Hauschild itte t , The College Bound Man With one year left in high school, some juniors are start- ing to prepare for college, oth- ers are drawing a blank. The process is long and nerve wrak- ing, but relax there is still time. '1-N. E V' 4 x z,, X 4' I -Q,sf""" -QW., 1 A SNQV' HE, ., 1 l 'wi l Clinton Hawkins Beth Hayden Darrin Haymond Shellie Hebert Jim Heinrich Lester Helburg Connie Hendrickson Paula Hester Kelly Hicks Micheal Hight Holly Hill Vicki Hillman Christine Hisamoto Brett Hodgson Timothy Hodson David Hoff Steve Hoffman Dan Hoffsetz Gary Holland Sherry Hollis Chris Holm Kim Hoppes Aaron Howard Nicole Howard Amy Howell Paul Huebner Sallie Hughes Holly Hutcheson Krista Ide Kathleen lsenhart Jani Jacobs Jim Jacobs Suzette Jacobs Dawn Jacobsen Tammy Jacobsen Brian Jacobson Darcy James Chris Jandro Michael Jelen Stacy Jensen Robert Jeske Erin Johansen Angelique Johnson Jason Johnson John Johnson Kevin Johnson Matthew Johnson Chris Johnstone Jeff Jones Jennifer Jones Smile What do you want me to do? Just act naturalg not too much teeth nowg That's itg a little more expression, more action. SUPER!!! 572 5 F, . i X ,F XX - X x x c X M X N x ss we xc K t Q 3 . oss X s , K T F' .sexi - R r N, ,itwflitot if -':': "Z. ' . ill, XKQX L , XJ 5 kkk: 1 3 A A , J 57 , VX? X X K we ,X 9 N Jw K -1 X N- Q' rl, X Q K 1' X 0 ,nan Q ' X W Q-ii J l -'f i or a 5 4 if ' if is A if W x :egg A N egg , ,' . . .iki QR x if si '- ' f" gnu. C nr A ,. .,, QS Q J is X Y like Mike Kajfosz Pamela Kajfosz Chris Kaser David Kastens Dan Kaupp Kevin Keelan Tim Keenan Chris Kelly Jason Kelso Sandy King Kevin Kite Barbara Klava David Kluge Michelle Knudsen Karen Knutson Jill Koch Dale Kraft Robert Krapes Elisa Kubes Tammy Kurz Marta Lacey Patrick Lamb Jason Lammers Brent Lancaster Amy Lane Adam Larson Robert Laughlin Daniel Lawyer Cary Leake Eddie Lechman Jeff Legault Scott Leivian Shelly Lemmons Kara Letcher Yon Lew Gary Lewman Lisa Lidinsky Theresa Lightner Tim Lindsey Chris Lindstrom Jodi Linville Jeff Long Lauren Leuders Amy Lusk Kevin Lynch Tahnyia Lynn Troy Lynn Bethany Maas Maxine Maes Cindy Malinowski Scott Mann Dena Marceca Matthew Markoff Diane Marks Ken Marranzino Donna Marshall Kelly Martin Michelle Martinez Tanya Mathias Trevor Matsuo tx E we - we . . .V 4. . ., ,,, fm. . 1- X fr ,. A M. Q -X 5. i X X L it x X W Q M Xp R x X N M. ,- .. .t Af - Xxx , N. L X N :A Q .E it .v X .. if X az K X t N SS In 2 1 Q: 113 Q m wx f::f'EE.a.7sX5'i i - '- L 'Q Q3 f ii' ' X f x x g 5. ,iff ' X X X tt K -were -if x N x Q N i X 5 -X will L 1 Q S W' X X X Y W -K HS i K 7 iiti 3 x X 1 .. W" ,rr .- etr - - -- - - ' f we . .K X, YQ-1 fr in-f gi is l Q-my 1 i 1 - iii x -, xi: fr. N W fig I S ,S Xl - it l I 3 Wg.-5' Study With Buddies Sometimes it's hard to study by yourself. Well, two is better than one! When you can't find the equation to problem 315 a womper, ask a pal for a helping hand. Mike Matthews Dax Mattox Craig Maxwell Marella McCarthy Wesley McClure Dawn MCDonald Shane McGaughey Lisa McGee Tami McNeil Cam McWhirter Misti Meador Gary Mecham Karen Meier Christine Meints Karen Melby LeAnn Metzinger Donna Meyer James Micaletti Chris Mickle Cathi Miles Debby Miller Kerry Miller Tricia Minch Anthony Miscedra Kevin Montoya Nan Choon Moon Kim Moore Tracy Morley Jeffrey Morris Matt Morrissey Lori Mosier Renee Murphy Mark Musich Jay Musil Katherine Myers Terry Myers Scott Nakamura Laurie Nakauchi Bart Necessary Brian Nelson Christine Nelson Maureen Neuroth Stacie Newman Harold Nichols Jereme Niles Kim Noller Mark Noonan Erin Norton Jarin Nowakowski Gregg Nyberg ,fizff X X X xx X ki A NY x Ns ii Q N1 it sep Q. T-. X so i In R Q 5 sf , -. .... 5 3:51:23 fu. . H g igyfgfki. ' - fix fi? K 'i ,gilij bxsQ ...K . Lg Xa ' in I K X x -rs .Q 4, L .iirii ilfi .N Ng- 5 5 - 1, .ws .. 9 K figkfgk l N X X X . NR X K we K 5 fo-, 3, .asf ' A Q .ff 'Ss ss-is ' 'i I 1 'wwf' Q K ' ' '-'i P 'V ,f is ' ... fa fo- l 2 gi 1 S ,fo 5' ii if ' sl so . , .. s , . 'N' S' vi.: r- so wifi? " 'N ' L 1 N I ' ' 1 ,X L I '- Q :s.. ' -:, - Q ji is R 152 - if weve Ns ,yi--. ,Q-ev, We Are The Trio Everybody needs good friends. A good friend can always make you smile and make you laugh. Friends are there for good times and for bad times, al- ways. ' iii if ' f so X , reg, t X no 1 S ,FJ ,H WK! Q ,fi 'M we X .t st X X ws Z QQ QX X ie lk 0 at -, 'r A-1 I ,Q :sa r N tfqmm x.. jj J.. 1 pet ggi 's 1,9125 ig, W , ,f X, MWA. -. . ,gi f .rs 1, - . -. , g ,, . 1 X .s , ,... W A T W Q , O 3 .Q . .. 'nv Y N x sy ' s as ,R t 0 2' tt N 1 X st f Xi , t q, sl' 'X S t Y Y S I sm. Q , -. : Ns Q YT." fifflz .is 4- M r 4 ' fi p 3? M St kgxe' I ft' x " ?':5:::..s :f 'SNP f- ifsfwssflss gf 1 , KK 6 . t 5 E f Q. -- g, r a ' lf- .. . at Lisa Oatman Darlene O'Berry Kara O'Connor John Ohara Jeff Oliver Patrick Olsen Wayne Olson Melissa Ortiz Shelley Ottele Jeff Pagliotti Monica Palmer Sherri Pando Alexandra Parker Chris Partridge Greg Pennington Shirley Peppler Sasha Perdomo Lynnette Petersen Ann Peterson Stephanie Phillips Mark Pierce Melanie Pierce Erik Peirson Nikki Pierson Jeannie Piper Hollie Pittman Candice Pitts Cynthia Pollard Jill Polniak Mike Polston Joseph Pomponio Kim Ponis Jeff Popiel Karen Prekker Lloyd Premac Tracy Price Robby Prose James Quick Richard Radke Chris Raskay M Mi rims' K 4 -. l ,. --.::::::S-:Fir " , ,-.E-is X . e--- - I i i 'H X .,,, r xx- sa N, M- X L..: fc PQSWYX .' :.. ,. ' "' ,, -fr is s 1 :S ' - :- 2: -- J wg S 3 i N . Q: I li! x. It's Time To Zone Arvada West has a really studi- ous group of teenagers but ev- eryone needs to let go and re- lax. lt is found that zoning is a necessity and that zone time can be nourishing. .iss il-5 r i ss L . ii f e P as "mea: K. I ,e ,X X "R'? I .9-1' ':, M X , , .. R X xx X A Q X-? Tx sash S ' if - g. ,s J if ' f 'fl -. x . i i X 'fx A i 1 -sv X .,..-h: 4 m. -k A X...h if Q' .. I L, N 1 ,Q ,. , . fax - sei Nu X X , xg X K R S g . . " Q 532' X liwfl so me X f egg 5 X 5, s 5 X i s 'X X ik N 3 Qs Qwja 'il' Eric Rasmuson Tracie Rauckmann Brian Reavis Jeffrey Rector Jeff Redmond Mike Renslow Gwen Richards Duane Richardson Darlene Ritz Trudy Roberts Dana Roemer Sean Rogers Chris Rogowski Michelle Rold Jenna Rollins Melissa Root Patrick Ross Brett Roth Sheila Rotola :Jason Roubidoux Wendelynn Rouse Sarah Rozehnal Laura Rozman Velvet Rubner Brendon Russell Lisa Sackreiter Kristi Sallee Julie Sanchez Michael Sanchez Juan Sandoval Janna Sanford Lisa Schepeler Eric Scherer Tyrone Schiele Elizabeth Schroeder Heather Schroedl Andrew Schultz Noelle Schulz Brad Schupbach Blakeley Schwenk Tricia Searle Kayce Seda Rebecca Seekins Lisa Serratore Jon Seymour Eric Shaffer Justine Shaffer Sandra Sheppelman Bob Shewmake Shahni Shirazi In Group Therapy It always helps to share your problems with others. Especial- ly those kinds of others who are just as bad off as you. f X . I -its X XS :.r:z f .3 am-., . '- A sa Ni, ..:,,. ,, Q, t S? ' Q ss Q we S N L Q X 5 N ig is N Qs: st X 2. Agia N is if fr if 'X il his -ui ,Y ws .Qse , 5 if S Ss.s lee isst 'Q 1 5 if 5 -M W - -S 4 5: ,, fl 9 K X S Q A s X fy - 1 'Kg' X -H09-P" E Q ss S X X15 , -. :,,-tar. Y K .,.. s E' .. 2+ ff ' 5253- -J .- r 1. : -, -- if ' . , . . S I ' ' ' l ' bv, .3 ,fi 1. ,L Ei sg, Y ' . ' -IR f ., t ' e- Q Q E N iw Y, F 1 W ,.l5 'Sv xi X Q. i NQNNXS 'Q Celeste Shockley Mary Shugrue Erika Shwiff Jon Simmons Terence Simpkins Michael Skelton Brenda Skinner Chris Smaldone Melanie Small Robert Smetana Nicole Smith Stacy Smith Donald Snider Larry Snider Michelle Snow Becky Spuhler Kristi Staab Cynda Staadt Gina Stapp Lisa Stearns Denise Steinbach Scott Stene Valerie Stephan Teena Stephens Stephanie Stewart Juliette Stiner Suzette Stires Jon Stockert Kelly Strachan Joann Stransky Stewart Stremel Kelly Stromgren Dionne Struthers Mike Stuller Eric Stump Tammy Sullivan Kelly Swan Marcilene Swearingen Jason Swenson Suzanne Sylte Christine Tait Kara Tepe Paul Terkun Matt Thomas David Thompson .Jeff Thompson Jeff Thompson Jennifer Thompson Steven Thoreson Kristi Tirone Stacy Tomilson Mark Tompkins Jill Torneo Ben Trapp Marjorie Traudt Barbara Troxel Kari Turnbow Amy Turner Jeanette Tuttle Betsy Urbanowski 1 5 new-f ,.t . ...,,.-:t1 , .ttt, , . Et. tk X 5 X N X or S R x ,K 5, 5 m i X i gh K X X X gs ,A . .. Q 'H E . , v .viii te rrii or we Q Ss X 4 if. N N xx 3 2 XS? x X io wt t X i . its N 95 N '35 S iw. R H. Q ASX X K Eg 'wx- as Xe. 2' X 1: f ar- MISS? ' . 5, ,kf':- We .Exe . K fi :gif N . A A 555535355 "" " ,M at 5 2 . A .- -Q , T Q , f t- .ii l X I . R ,.,, .... ,, "M :pq : ya .. ' A ' it 3, N 1 t 4 es fvefifig SQF' 'X Q, kL.- xx K A t. : l'-.. ' g ,Q 5 " : ' A , T i x X .t ii ls . . Q -S R. Y X X ff t t K X X' N . as at it t at fur i 1 i Kirt Vandyke Leslie Vanstelton Karla VanZant Pierre Varga Donny Varga Chandra Vaughn Jim Victor Jim Villhauer Deborah Volpe Kai Wade Chad Wagner Kellie Waldron Nathan Walker Tanya Walker Kevin Walsh Christopher Walter Brian Wasilik Rob Waterman Jill Waters Joleen Watnemoe Brian Watson Kim Weller Scott Wheeler Chris White Michelle White Polly White Sean Whitley Barbara Whitney Derek Wiechmann Leslie Wilbur Rodney Wilson Deborah Windholz Troy Wineland Tom Wintringham James Wise Dianna Witt Michael Woods Amy Wyant Bryan Wyckoff Doug Yanda Eric Young Paulette Young Anton Zayatz Stephanie Zeman Brandon Zipse Tracey Zulian Kyle Zuments 1 78 we ,7 i 'KK' ian JW 6 v A, z f 4 is XJ .1 i, I 993' la? lm N., ' fi? , 'N 50" ,f 4 4, f K ,,, Q, 4, gk 5,3 W A A ,,..,,f -sr 1: 1 69 Soph omores: '19 ""'-M ff Class Of '89 'n f-fk f ,er af , i ww -J , A My , ,eza,, W. b 5 , " iffyfff f 5 lu ' V ' f '2 gg , M Q , 7 2m ff 5 ,J 5 ? -A" Y Pfj 4 3 A f, . 211 L' if Q L :M i Y 'r,r'3'f? ! -sf X 3 f f ' ' If ' W xv -,XX f Z , f ' QV 7 gy, ,Q A, 1 I -mr L. ,'--W -'M,,,f1- '- if If H 'if' ,M uf is .L A X i xl iii 'K f. X -Qs- 3, Q ER, Q K '1 - X f Q X N 5:1 YA Q gig 5 J W5 K - in ' 'Z wx -u. - -1 A .Q 7, ,, 9 Za ..--lf" Mike Ahrens James Allan Susan Ambrosio Natasha Amos Dawn Anderson Amy Anderson Nicole Andrews Robby Andzik Jason Aranda Kim Arbuckle Dylan Armbrust Shawn Arni Dami Ashlock Diane Ashton Stephanie Ashton Chris Augustine Stacie Averill Shannon Avila James Baker David Ball Jodie Ball Ernest Barela Doug Barnes Rob Barnes Dawn Barr Kendra Barrett Stacey Bartlett Todd Bassett Dan Baxley Marla Beal Chris Beazley Todd Beck Greg Beehler Eddie Benkowski Erin Bennett Bryan Bentz Stephanie Bergstrom Crystal Bingham Trisha Bingham Eric Blair Lela Blevins Matt Blizzard Nicole Boatright David Bochmann Tammy Boettcher Amy Bogan David Bolding Crystal Bonson lra Borton Robin Bossi Q' ' Q .- 'V' -Q .. li X in P NX .ssn B t Q Q 2, is X ig . Ei -- . " , ts ' 0 s Us i. . .r .. , ,..,.,..,.-,r E 'isgf-3f . ., 3 . t. ,. tfttt Ng W ., ty --.- 'k.. i K K .3 ., Qi X lr I i B. .sg xi 5. r S l I Arvada West Has Pride Emanating from the halls is the sensation of pride. lt is carried on the sparkling smiles and bound- ing t-shirts of Arvada West ath- letes. X xt N ,.... ,tt t Q y gg X Qt fs X Y t N QE ,X N tb X at 1 ,Q YK K . Q Q' at XS at X W X55 X. S vt. ? HH E Vi K X w A 1 F' 4 x yt P' fi l ii F f'K,, E QW t my s M. v N ,a ,,, . KY? . S se- xr-er bi ki VQNIWA Ann Boswell Krislan Bowser Jim Bradford Troy Bradley Steven Brandt Scott Braning Tamara Breder Cheri Brethour Bob Bromley Amy Brown Rob Brozovich Loren Brunker Bobby Brunnemer Rhonda Buchholz Shannon Bullard Heather Bumpus Michelle Burbank Shamaeen Burnett Ivan Call Jeff Call Kim Call Michelle Call Todd Campbell Reid Canady Jennifer Capps Shawn Carbajal Barbara Carpenter Greg Carroll Doug Casady Rob Casagrande Shelly Catlan Bill Cawley Nicole C'DeBaca Lonny Chamberlain Greg Chance Christa Chatham Jason Childs Joe Chinburg Cory Christensen Nick Cimino Christy Clark Sara Cline Candi Coen Richard Coisman Mae Cole Erin Collins Jennifer Collins Brian Colson Hal Combes Kathy Conard aw. k::V ...E VN zlf f lf ff, -Mfr. x is X N X New X R2 Nw 0 2 C X X 5 V - 5 41-i '1f"f5 Ei bm N 5 r-' 5 be li Qi is C Q Sm PM QNX aa ir' X 6 X 3 sv Q l X J. r 4 Q is x xe"A:' ,' H -,was -C 5? 5, 'J .,.,-as kk.k i - fa Y' 1. - - 'emit 5 ,K f,-1-14 ,:-- .. I f- 4, :.:.:. N . XR 9 52 M Q N il NSQ C we N Q -E ff XS as C 2 af 1 is E S 2 A an 1- -' --. . S Q, - iw. x 1 Xi X . fff X 6 if Xp I N C CSX Y x MC C C a , NC C .1 R 4 rw 5 Q N Q M ,, S X Q L QP""X sl! 9 E gr 2 l E 1 i K X! .. 3 is , . . ir. 1 3 C -we -. C X- 5 X If Q.: K X 1 z xxx? -:Q - A 5 Pi -W ,,-- ' 1. "f:I:S". fa, .... ,,' as , , S ' 1.. 2? . J Ti -Q 1 .- gg J ' is f og W J V JJ LJJJ f i S i ,..... Mm. x as . J R A-yfiwl . -J r g J X Walk Like An Egyptian. Folks everywhere are in step with the latest dance crave. Wild- cats also have caught the spirit and are in harmony with the tUn6. . Xia A 5 it Y f W X is A N C , ,W ,s- X , Q. f i v- - " :sv . .Q., r'4 . EJ I T - fm .Act A 1-T17 gs N if Q 4 it Us 5 KX " 3 4,366 Brian Condray Dara Connelly Chris Consolino Alan Cook Gina Cooper Lori Copeland Stephanie Corbett Greg Counts Chad Coven Shauna Coverdale Chris Cox Chris Cramer Chris Craver Mike Crawford Brad Cupery Chad Cupery Ty Curry Stan Dalton Brandy Daniels Andy Danielson Kelly Davidson Heather Davis Richard Deidel Tom Delly Debbie Dempster Marianne DeSanti Kevin Deselms Jim DeVine Merri DiFrancia Nick DiFrancia Joe DiGiacomo Lori Dinges Lorraine Disalle Mary Beth Dobbs Tracey Dodson Damian Dorrance Amy Dowd Craig Dowell Scott Dozer Mick Drybread g xl H l l ',', Q ,sis ---. g .sh ' K zrr l, R g is ii l i sg i 1 5 ., S . Tl X if W gi N X ' . XS, are .. me X S X M: i E is i School IS Spiritual Some people think school is boring but others find it spiri- tually enlightening. ls it possi- ble yoga is now taught at A- West? Here's a student doing his homework. I 2 X X i. 'Q va X X l i i E M K ,Q's:i.',IfE,I.f,5':. QE g., , tgg: r it , " 9? ' , .s g ' D W., ,N ..... ,, flu ' ffT"5:.i: :giilriqi Q 2 r wxS,Ss,,, r W ss F N H K H5 is Q X W 1. iii z E if A15 s x '. sa - Ns. . Y , '-f::, - me . is X X 81 is S X 5 X . .pe 5 4 i N X6 1 Sl 'E 3' M r ' i Y- . 4 5 s N 'lg '- K N ,N k X X, h g We li 2 . X , N E , X Q a N. if? E gm' KW' mi L me ies if X x S N SL Q x 'E 3' QB x 5 .. . 5 gf 3 xi E is am AW-'9 5 X . .... Q N A X We X X Nec X S N QD N Q f' wi X 1 N 5 X S. ' ,- , A, x ' .J Lori DuBois Mike Dudley Lori Dunkhase Frank Dunshee Teresa Duran Peter Dye Jon Eckhoff Steve Edscorn Darin Edwards Jeff Edwards Pat Edwards Stacee Eggers Jasper Ellison Dionne Erhard Kristina Ermish Diane Ernst Chris Eskew Terri Evans Eric Everding Andrea Fagiano Michelle Ferdig Don Ferguson Denny Fernandez Karen Feulner Tony Ficco Cheri Fike Kristy Fischer Crystal Fisher Lani Florea John Forbes Matt Forbes Stacy Forsyth Laura Fowkes Tracey Frank Beth Freytag Tiffiny Fritz Erik Gagnon Amber Garretts Michelle Gartner Mike Gartner Rob Gash Jimmy Gates Brandy Gatie Michelle Gayeski Mark Gerard Doug Gibson Kim Giddings Janna Gilbert Duane Gilley Lisa Gilligan Full Of Spunk The sophomore class has ener- gy to get things done. Even first thing in the morning they are lively and ready to go. X ,lu ,. i X i X Q fgti le..i. . .. W. - X . F 4. F: . vm- ' L 'S ' . New ,Q L X Q . Q eeei e K -, - .gg 'eta . GSR Wx N f gs 'Q R . V, X '3 Rims ' v N , G eeet t weave 5 E as - ' -' e - 2 Y, an X X X gg 12 7 an 3 x . . :QA fs its . 'Y 'Sim if x" X X 'K -G RNAMAPWM'-J 's ..1-dey. - ff-iffiif X wax' A is 2,47 5 , f' is if f ii "h' 1 ,,,. , ,S 1 G ie-N -L5 f . A . any 5 .fg if.. , an s A 5 4 S, G Doug Gilreath Matt Gilsdorf Amy Gilson Tony Glenn Mike Goff Tania Goff David Gohn Jay Gordon Chris Gould Jill Graves Steve Gray Debbie Green Hope Gregory Hays Griswold Erika Haagenson Beth Haase Machele Hadley Kim Haffner Lori Hall Karen Hamamoto Danette Hamilton John Hamilton Kristina Hamilton Cristie Haney Chris Harris Mike Hartman Traci Harvey Allison Haschke Angie Hasui Erin Hayden Eric Hayes Howard Hayes Vince Haylett Bill Heagle Luke Heinze Derrek Helburg Cari Hemrningsen Amie Herriot Michelle Higgins Yvette Himes Lori Hinton Shannon Hjerleid Ross Hoard Troy Hogoboom Kellie Holbrook Chantelle Holman Nikki Holmlund Amy Hoppes Alan Horton Kelly Horton Shannon Hoskinson Jeff Houston James Hovey Jennifer Howe Nicole Hoy Laura Hughes Amy Hughston Kevin Hult Billy Hunsaker Jennifer Hutton Kr-Nw Cff'l""a . , V , f 4 ,,. 1 'Mf fi + Mr' f vi LV N 7 'ffl 'Z " ' , N. 2 11: 0. vf , , , ,,,, .,,. .. , A 4, ' 'r "V ' 2 X it 552 3 4 -4' 'bl 'ix it Q, a kfwg l ,' ii Q . i X . 1, M57 .. V ,QWV 2 4 j' Z 4 Z, AN V! 5 V HW - 5 1 ., . , - V ,.,, ,, 5, " ' 'M ' 1, . rj 4 I 4 i, 5 fl , Z .M A if , 4 f 17' f N 2 X ,Q f f in 15 6 3 2 12 2 4 V nu wma Q Rf XXX ,Q 4 ' Ji 4 -1 r Q E' 1-qi: 'Q 4 + f 'S M L ' , ,v S . , Hanging Out When our days are filled with tests, crowded halls and home- work, it's important to take time out just to relax. Like they say its great to "Hang Out." . .,' xx i 1 l 'GV its uv . Ng 'ff' , '1 41. f N X, Q E A 2 s a 3 Karma Hymas Merlene lmwalle Mike lozzo Krystal Jackson Rick Jackson Cynthia Jacobs Michelle Jacobsen Mike Jaltuch Jeff Jekel Susan Jenkin Jacey Jensen Kristen Jensen Alan Johnson Carrie Johnson Dale Johnson David Johnson Debbie Johnson Don Johnson James Johnson Jennifer Johnson Jody Johnson Shelley Johnson Wanda Johnson Jade Jolly Rodney Jones Sherry Jones Amy Jordan Juli Kawulok Jessica Kay Ken Keelan Trisha Kelly Joanna Kelsey Stephanie Kelsey Billy Keran Seamus Kerrigan Tom Kessler Mike Kimball Dave King Stephen Kite Rochelle Klein Kim Klitz Karen Knight Eric Knoshaug Mike Knott Mark Kocol Shon Kokoszka Audrey Kreps Candi Kulow Tricia Labriola Christina Lacertosa l l 'f W -f ,f 42 E 1 . fi , ,i 'i"" fx, af 'f 3 w ww ,. H . -V , Q W , ii ' . W 7 L ' I 45" an K X .. , , W fl, 1 Y ally, if, fa., , !I e 3 f r , 'v Y , v ,7, i J 6 We an an fi , 5 , J f :IAJ 2 3 e' 2 4 y J Q 5 E wi ., .7 iw ' -. 5 42 Q2 - J , 1 ' 7? lp, 11 1:41 3 X in fr! 1 , '22 Q an Q ,ff 4 W: , Q 4 . ,w K 4' Q 2 v , ff' ,l 5 Parking On Stud Row Society is filled with sterotypical macho types. Contradictory to be- lief, these young men are sensi- tive, intelligent, charming and free Friday night. ,l l -X KN wi is Q- by w e is as is X5 ts X s Q 321, , as as ,ir as I r i,,,,, .mtg 1556 s . ,, v..s:.N. ..5,:,,: , ty . s ,EQ .Qt J S. .' ' NES? ,AS R Kb S s w.. 1 Mg X it Q Qs- 8 J Michelle Lance Mindy Lang Matthew Langer Jason LaPenna Shawn Lawson Pam Lazo Eileen Lechuga Erika Leetmae Laura Lekowicz Shane Lemieux Joe Levstik Hyon Lew Nathan Lewis Nancy Leyva Lesa Lindtveit Daniel Link Marcy Linville Mindy Linville Kim Lipker Greg Lister Debbie Lockwood Susan Lofland Kendra Long Vicki Long Tami Longmeyer Eric Lopez Teri Lowery Jeff Lynch Melanie Madron Michelle Maestas Shelley Majeres Louis Malik Jeff Malone Pam Maltese Kim Maneth Lori Manning Julie Mark Eric Martin Adam Martinez Robert Martinez A' X 'LAY' YF? Jamming On The One Class doesn't have to be boring. You can make it fun by jam- ming in your chair, on the way to the pencil sharpener, and down the isles on the way back to your chair from the pencil sharpener, ig ,am Q fgyk XX X xx Q , X X ix I t t t 'xc X X S lr Greg Martino Tracy Massler Lori Matteson Brandon Matthias Jenny Maybee Eddie McClelland Shannon McCloskey Clint McClung Todd McDevitt Colleen McEahern Brant McGauchey Heather McGuire Caroline McKian Gretchen McLaughlin Koy McMullen LeiLani Medeiros Sharon Meier Kris Meredith Rob Meurer Doug Meyer Eric Middleton Jeanett Middleton Cheryle Miller Tom Miller Whitney Mills Andria Mino Holly Mitchell Lorin Mollohan Kelly Monsma Felicia Montoya Kathryn Moody Celia Mooney Candace Moores Dawn Moreno Andy Morgan Scott Morgan Jeff Morganfield Sherri Morrison Michelle Mortensen Maritza Moscoso Stacy Mosier Lisa Mott Chris Mullen Lana Nawyn Josie Newman Brice Nichols Sean Niehofl' Christine Nierescher Jeannie Nigh Jennifer Nix Blowing Up A Storm Band helps in the promotion of school spirit. The beat of drums and the rapture of trum- pets pulsates through the halls, invoking the tap of feet and the sway of hips. 'CIT 44122 rt www , .t t NW Q., K , M Aff is . five N . so -rr- Q, X 1 C 'T li it., ,Y,-.. il X 1 3 fl ' -e-JA? t- wif t . i f I f .K ak X wx Q 2 Q55 X X ap ss l X 35. 'W i X E. Q ls -9 C , f N-,A . eewxx , S s 1 5 5, '2,:,Q.,. 1 ,, ' A , t P LE, , " C -f is i tm mx Q Xx r ix X vt t X L 5 is it X ax i RTW r3X! ,re 'Qi A vii' s 2 Q W. S ' -i ffl is Y K Q ' -1. S X F Q. C r sa Q '12 si' Sunni Nucci Dan Oakleaf Nichol O'Brien Anton Oehlert Chris Olson Joanna Olson Tangie Olson Christie Oltrogge Erin Ortiz Dave Oswandel Scott Ottele Heather Oxman Jenny Pacher Dave Padilla Nicole Palmer Ryan Palmer Heather Parker Mike Parker Jeff Pass Chris Patsey Lisa Patterson Lisa Pavich Joyce Paxton Marnie Peel Scott Pekas Jeff Perkins Paula Phillips Shawn Phillips Mike Piccone Robin Pierce Mindy Pieropan Tarrel Pierson Michelle Pigg Tamme Pitts Tiffany Plummer Stacy Plutt Dean Popish Dan Port Matt Porter Troy Powell Mike Poyer Breck Pribble Kristina Price Mark Price Anthony Priola Mike Pullen Jenny Quick Natalie Racansky Tammy Railsback Dennis Ramsey Mike Reed Robert Reffel Michelle Reich Steve Reichow Jason Reinke Tiffaney Repino Nick Rich Michelle Richards Shannon Richter Virgil Ridgley ,Iffiw'::1-2512155119 ..fE... , , ,yyu . 1 , 3 vs. .5 -zt, Q f "'ff:e 2 '- -, l.,.. - - Y X . yli. , . fy X at . W it Q' X it x . l lk l 1 I, .K if i A at W' N tx 1 -t Q X x lf, ef N, it X as X3 XM . is .mc es- .X - are t " .. Fig-,,.g 555 fffxf-'JW I'-I-lif55E3,.llY5 l t- f . K tra' , . , ,Q i R. M R v fEE:EZ: .?: . K X . A. ag, Q NN N TSX X Wg X Q H f X cc , - X 55 A PM is X , c X ..f-14 k 51 va 14 K Q E Af Lf 5' oc 11,3 Q 5, 1 - X - L' E .-0 ..- xtz, gy g f : ' ' K . 7 Qsuk E .,hV gk ' i f- ll., elle: - Q . A. , .tc . ,... 1. 'I :.- 5--:etc H-ff: its :li t- , .. . tc 5 . ar K , R X M tes, .. Q X S 'S as sf X E, 5 es ref' A 'lx xt S X X X 'J X is i 1: .Tia X XT' H.. t ec r I 'X ,E 4 Nm- RQ Q t .:' L ' 'N '3 ts ....,4 -nv,-,,,.-Q +5 if l i Typing Can Be A Joy Time tests and drills to some would seem like drudgery, but to this sophomore secretary-to-be they're a breeze. Her coordinated fingers make the exercises simple! l ,,,4 -K , is - 1 l Roxi Ringland Craig Robbins Jim Robbins Tara Rodriguez Kristin Rogers Troy Romero Stephanie Roundy Don Roush Becky Row Stacey Rowedder Dan Ruland Jennifer Ruptak Craig Russell Scott Russell Shelly Russell Amy Rutledge Corey Salankey Jennifer Sanborn Dawn Sandberg Ron Sanders 189 Trudy Sands Mark Sandstrom Travis Schack Beth Schafer Lara Scheer Jason Scheibel Doug Schepeler Diane Scherer Stacie Schilling Cristina Schmidt Bev Schneider Scott Schrader Jeff Schroder Stephanie Schroeder Cindy Schulz Sean Schwartzkopf Kris Schwarz Stacie Seely Julie Sellers Kristy Serratore Chris Settje Clay Sewald Charles Shadden Kim Sheffield Jeff Shirnek Michelle Shinbur Kip Shreeve Amie Shumake Stephanie Shwiff Tammie Sielbeck we --spits. x we li 'QNX' ' FW. X T 2 'cr--'1 x 5 X ' xx x N fffil .- 1 ' ' xt A. . ,. ,NX SQ as if if E l 'X iw ss 1 s C -X 4 e Y j XX 4' at ,... .,,,, 1 xx x Z., V ..... .. . ,, .... .... 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'. r Qzg ..kk . 5 4 ' 5 , 3, i ,I Q wsi iei.s N. -f , X we Q A K 3 5 it W . .Arc i X 1 . . ,Aff ruin lxgqi. 5 5 Lance Sieler Terry Simoneau Roberta Skelton Aaron Skoff Kelly Smink Angie Smith Susan Smith Rebecca Snyder Debra Sommerfeldt Robby Sorg Lisa Soto Tina Spano Quentin Spencer Julie Spillman Paula Spritzer Ben Sprueill Mark Squire Jamie Staudinger Erick Steinmen Mark Stewart Jodi Stock Julie Stoddard Chris Stodden Tonya Stokvis Sandra Stovner Nancy Stratton Jenny Sullivan Mark Sundermeier Mike Supitar Scott Sveum Kathy Swan Christine Swanson Kim Swanstrom Kathy Swigart Jennifer Tait Amy Taylor Jamie Temple Tina Tepe Brian Thomas Tom Thompson PW WF it i , Q i Z , W, x it rx Q qi...- Hitting The Books The library is a great place to study, but it is a much better place to just hang out. lt is al- ways more fun to talk to your friends than to work on your research paper. These guys definitely know how to study. , my I A , Nw in K K K .. - in ' , '-wig.: X N ., .. X T V iq S 1: f N ::,. :N S - NY X K Q. A , r ,- ,M .zyi X X X I r . T Q fi X Z N 15 MN x 'K as I A 5 X Wh-ar - ' dna- E. rl A Q. i, 18 as X aa x. 2 S3 A Tina Tilsley Erin Timmons Lisa Todd Shaundra Toone Jessica Torp Reyna Tosta Trisha Tracy Katie Tucker Angie Turilli Wendy Turnbow Ken Ulmer Vance Urbach Holly Vanlieurn Brad Varmo Ginger Varney Shawn Varosky David Vaughan Pat Vawter Andy Velasquez Mike Venegas Max Vigil Anna Voth Jeremy Walker Karen Walker Fred Wallace Jean Wallace Chris Walters John Walters Jed Ward Wannette Ward Scott Wayland Wade Webster Nikki Weiland Todd Weiler Stephanie Welpton Sonya Wertz Tracey Wheeldon Angela Whiteside Rodger Whiteside Kevin Whiting Bobbi Whitmore Jenn Widinski Stacey Wiles Artie Wilkowsky Jason Willis Jocelyn Wilson Rene Wineland Vicki Wisz Yurii Wong lan Wood Would They Really Do lt? Don't be too trusting. Even a best friend can give in to an impulse. lt may be in the name of fun, but it still can be expos- ing, V129-55591 -jk 'E . 1 - in get , Y HL S if X if , .W ,, S 3 X 4 , s N Y r K SX X , will ' fx ik ,S aws . ' fefnifs ei El 1 we + Q X ,ax gigs. 4: ,va t ,,- , Aswfum-ff H , ,,ifap1t ' .. .y 4 ' 4 if A L 1 1, it ff? 1X 3 H J 1 M 'ik t ink is ,rg an 4 'E'-L 4- ,,,.,, Shannon Wood Tania Wooten Ginger Worthington Rob Worthington Carl Wulh Darrin Wykert Traci Yost Clint Young Bob Young Leslie Zundel .1 .gf f 1 'gif Y ,-,,, .. . xx A ffl-Ie .f ,X it ,X va My V, on ,A+ . XM: X- ' -1, Fx' ,gb-'wtf x ft' fx, .,,"Wr.v, 7 , t'tiT-SAN? ' +'m:fF 5"d'5'L4fMi M' "1" I rgzwvfi ff'rn 'L' 1 uwvii " 'af i fi-WY? rt' if Q4 fi, Athletic competition contains most of the drama of life. ln many respects, it is a miniature replication of life. The frustrations, the joys, the uncertainties, the pain and the struggle to succeed are all present. The price to pay to gain success in competitive sport is indeed high. The time, personal sacrifices and frustrations create a quite impressive challenge of our spirit and determination. Athletic compe- tition attracts us because of that challenge - the challenge to be the best we can be. The athletic programs at Arvada West exemplify the true nature of the student body and faculty that make this school what it is - an institution of discipline, determination, tradition, and pride. Not only do the athletes and coaches strive for excellence, but the student body, faculty, and parents pledge their full support which seems to supply that needed-energy, that needed lift to keep a team going when times are tough. One would have to look long and hard to find the dedicated athletes and coaches that Arvada West is fortunate to have. Players and coaches alike push themselves to their limits in order to reach their full potential. Neither athlete or coach at Arvada West is ever satisfied with a less than the absolute best effort one could possibly give. "Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did vour best to become the best you are capable of being" John Wooden A well-known basketball coach, IW! BRgY 7 1 .,..-f1-"""'- 1 rh-Q-. ,r.,,,--,.,'..- 1 ,J ' f-fN-- 96, 68, 12, Hut Hut Wildcats' record was 7-4 in 1986. They provided their fans withenough thrills to make the season unusyally excit- T 5, . Theyjopened their campaign with apbig, yvini,,6ver,,Green,, y l,,lQ ranleed nurnber threeiin the state. later defeated Lakewood, the defending State Champi' on andy second ranked team in Colorado. Manyffelt this high sqifiqol football game they had ever hand, the Wildcats lost in overtime to Pomona, played in the state Championship game, andm, fl ,L one point in the State playoffs. 1986 included: The one game Jeffco' ,tw f ,fi f 1 recqrd yards established by Steve Perkins. wasglgsoiifelected by his teammates as this year's fogtball player, the football banquet featuring special awards, and Jan Pease's lnfa- Jan being given a VCR asa gift from Another winning record established by thewsophomores by Coach Marting valuable experience obtained by many on Jim, iiy gZajac's,,.l.V. sqrgaclg The mellow strairigffflof Coach Simmoris' voicefas he encouraged son Andysperformance during the yearg and fianlly the enjoy- mentgggteat memories, andwysatisfagypn thatithe varsity pro- vided really f :"fi 1 SX af - Q EE? .X N P. q1.., , 5: his mess 2 'Q 0 tiwlislll . mimi ' 'W- ,, ,.,mv.:u df Y FE'UltiAi. Jang fl, ,l, i wt Row, Left to Right: Rod Beauchamp, Steve Perkins, Matt Elder, Ryan er, Mark Krasovich, Blaine Spies, Chad Johnson, 2nd Row: Dom vner, Dave Tanguy, Steve Bell, Andy Simmons, Chris Bloomstran, Dan 1, Bart Walker, Jeff Goodell, 3rd Row: Noel Wickwar, John Tarjanyi, Kent hford, Dean Yocum, Dalton Adams, Craig Tjarks, Dan Pilcher, 4th Row: tt Anderson, Kevin Lynch, Jason Johnson, Scott Hadwiger, Chris Par- ge, Matt Dick, Jim Clark, Kevin Bloomstran, 5th Row: Kerry Giambrocco, Kaupp, Kirk Bailey, Jim Haines, Jeff Flight, Chris Ragowski, Allen IIIIIIIIII 'IIIIIIID Illlll lllllllll, Illlll ummll II II ll..ll..ll 1 Q 'II"'llu Chapman, 6th Row: Scott Donaldson, Tim Bryan, Matt Bllby, Brock Andere I III son, Eric Pierson, Mitch Blain, Troy Wineland, Dave Kluge, 7th Row: Jim Hllllllll Boling, Greg Pennington, Luke Davis, Trevor Matsuo, Steve Scholtz, Greg Illmml Nyberg, Dan Hoffsetz, 8th Row: Managers: Ryan Palmer, Brett Roth, Troy Hogoboom, Greg Martino, Back Row: Coaches: Jan Pease, Mark Biren, Mark Lagrone, Gary Martin, Paul Salazar, Head Coach Brian McGregor, Paul Velas- quez, Jerry Foote, Bill Feeley, Jim Zajac, Joe Simmons i Left to Right: Ryan Baker, Chirs Bloomstran, Andy Simmons, Steve Perkins, Coach Brian McGregor "Success around here comes from hard hitting- we call it Wildcat Football" Chirs Bloomstran '99 i ,, ,' 1'A ,M ttia .W 'Q , 6fff,i',,., ao' QYYHENWFS, FOOTBII YOOYBML Q U 0078311 wwf , .si Sf Nw EWMLL Front Row, Left to Right: Joe Simmons, Gary Martin, Jerry Foote, Paul Velasquez, Mark Lagrone, Back Row, Left to Right: Jim Zajac, Bill Feely, Brian McGregor Paul Salazar, Mark Biren, Jan Pease :tt .- , . -W: 'V 5, '3t'if5l."f,5 roomti mmeatt Ci' a 'lx if ,gi-Kinflf T , ,A ?w:Wf,, I, ,J v Nil wry, QQQUI '9 ont Row, Left to Right: Kent Jones, Edie Benkowski, Todd Basset, Jon Eckhoff, ive Mascio, Fred Wallace, Anton Oehlert, Kurt Jones, 2nd Row: Corey Salankey rny Ficco, Jeff Houston, Greg Chance, Jon Eskew, Andy Ottele, David Bolding lb Gash, 3rd Row: Nelson Hendrickson, Chris Stodden, Tony Priola, Peter Dye aig Robbins, Steve Reichow, Dave Padilla, Mike Gartner, 4th Row: Travis Schack rrin Mollohan, Sean Neihoff, Clint Young, Mike Reed, Eric Lopez, Chris Gould merit ' Q, ggggrrqr QLWDQWIJQ, rootsntt HJGTBALL Dan Roush, 5th Row: Marsh Kite, Stan Dalton, Bob Young, Bob Worthington, Matt Forbes, Erik Gagnon, Mike Knott, 6th Row: Ryan Palmer, Todd Hogoboom, Eric Hayes, Chris Settje, Brad Varmo, Greg Martino, Brett Roth, 7th Row: Mark Lagrone, Paul Salazar, Head Sophmore Coach Gary Martin, Paul Velasquez, Jerry Foote, Brian McGregor .av Nw.. 1 1, My W 'I F ' ,V , .vw Maw' ' 'MC' WE'?WiLWwf , ,W ,. wr' ,ffwwd "" ' ' ' E ' I , ,qw few, I fffWf,,,y3w,W,, ' M, , ,,,, I V , H I Vw Vfwgwf I H H , , M ,,,, A, fl,,, , , M A Xu .- . wwe. -- MW - ..,-.. - . Sw? X QSQSW M M ,ia 3 .h.. Q -of .. V. Rv Aw A1 :rs sf Sxi N A X 3 2 W? N X , , NWNMM-M-K1-I---Q.+Mw,, .xxx V .Mm L,,XA , .f.X W. if X ,X Xi,,Q: .A i , .,., ' L? X 'Q 'sw M' 3 L .. kkik W ww we wr' .X V A 31 .. S ish -fp: 1 , -. Q ' ' , QsLf:1gv J ,K X Ak K LX RJ YQ L... if Bump, Set, Boom!! I V! 4515? W , ,,. A ww., Q MW 5 , 2 QL.. I '4 2 wfbillhfl pw i 1 if 'k-- .':q -L 3 -.I , f . WM I: .i i N wel. ,iffwiisafe - Q Neve. --"SP'1vxg:af:: - X 'xi E . V Q . . :FN N- :ale iiiilj.ilfiiiffbiaicgs flislesiiffiii ' ' ESNEFEYQQK '?E?.i??ri'15-iiiiiiifff--1 zifiiiik ' - -ff:ffww:vx Sieg.f1Qfmg Akkk in . W. . I? ? E who and Dweeb, Raine, Boetch, Digips, Bunzeff '-fftyi Chafactefs fmm 3 even mare fun: nicknamesv fgr the Volleyball e'2IQf1imi2f-il Breaking 4 1i e win streak on the CoUgar's e winning est came back quw V - I- A in rum fesiifgdc S ish 5.A - - - Lf1.- ii- r 1i eec v lX by tfiple liii f l l more, miafssfiy,eeafgigfyafsfiy 7 of Both the sophonigire and 10-1, in first place. Tliiijrr 8-3 i leQue play, 3rd place. Overall records werefsophomore, lg jr. varsity, 14-53 and varsity, 16-8.gfI'he team was chara terized by a true sense of committrrigril cgmbined al fungligaving spirit: they worked i a Iota og 'fl becapse they loved what they were doingiiffhe seniogggliaiei tqcnextfyears' e i'...e ' ws X. - IIIIIIIH: 1 Il 203 Back Row Left to Right: Coach Moya Cramer, Coach Mary Kvamme, Coach Tyler Coyle, Carrie Johnson, Wendy Turnbow, Tiffany Plummer, Eileen Lechuga, Robin Bossi, Yvette Himes, Josie Newman, Stephanie Corbett, Amy Dowd, Marla Beal, Stacee Eggers, Cindy Schutz, Jessica Kay, Coach Sharon Honsa. ZND Row Left to Right: Manager Katie Tucker, Manager Desiree Himes, Manager Sabrina Davis, Tammy Boettcher, Jean Wallace, Stephanie Schoeder, Kari Turnbow, Lorraine Mollohan, Kim Doehling, Jennifer Stout, Tammy Braye, Sue Alder Carrie Boettcher It -. 1 if t . t.. ,ik V X l. All Conference Karen Bossi, All State Tammy Braye Team Captain Sue Alderman "We spiked hard and had lots of fun and ended the season ranked number one"- 4 Sue Alderman Shaffer, Mindy Lang, Kim Ponis, Erin Hayden, Angie Churches, Coach K Osbourn. Front Row Left to Right: Robyn Smith, Karen Bossi, Michelle lngerm T 2 a m C t If ,M XJ N if 2 2 Maw? IU ni' 2046414.62 Michelle lngermann, Lorraine Mollohan, Jen Stout, Tammy Braye, Sue Alderman, Carrie Boettcher, Robyn Smith A Row: Kim Doehling 2nd team all-conference, Jean Wallace outstanding sopho- e, Karen Bossi lst team all-conference, Dr. Pepper player of the week, out- ding junior, Angie Churches, Kim Ponis, Middle Row: Jen Stout, tenacious cat rd, Tammy Braye, all-state, lst team, all-conference, team mvp, outstanding or, Carrie Boettcher, Michelle lngermann, Bottom Row: Lorraine Mollohan, yn Smith, Sue Alderman team captain, 2nd team all-conference, hustler rd. Not Pictured: Tammy Boettcher junior varsity mvp, Tina Shaffer junior ity most improved player, Stacee Eggers sophomore mvp, Marla Beal sopho- e most improved player Varsity Scoreboard an X V..- 1 AMA en Gay Take Me Awa . I Boys' State Junior? Varsity District --' - Sophomoref - trict CgQampions.'Girtgf Runner-Gp.iGirls' Sophogwore District Riuniier-Up. The 1986 season featured accorripliskirhents in every meet entered by and boys teams. Seniors Mike Piper, Rob Brgn Monsma, Scott Fahrenbruch and Steve junior Mark Dunn, and sophomore Mark Gerarcf eteii fantastic season by placing second in the state, W igheit finish by an Arvada West cross-country 193-4 ,hhstcfc when the boys won the State championship. S 12' . - .I-as X- - .gzgsggi .- . as - . ,,..3g k...::. A ,.:5.,f'. A k. The girls also had an outstandtng season. Ward and Kim FQ3vleg,.1jsunic:gg1E Chelle Russell and Kelly ctistrictirneegcsfl6th through 21st overall as a team? Arvada West was thefflrst districtfgto have ali five passilisthfhigfinish Adamciyk and Whitney also ran fogthe varsity at the aistfacmeesss so ssss scsc With talented the cross-country teams are looking forwagd to continuing this years tradition. 207 Back Row: R. A. Plummer, Matt Pierce, Mark Harris, Nick Sherwood, Mark Dunn, Paul Leetmae, Mark Gerard, Brian Monsma, Marc Direzza, Rob Schow, Darren Corso Third Row: Julie Stiner manager, Steve Mueller asst. coach, Steve Lekowicz, Mike Hartman, Alan Cook, Scott Fahrenbruch, Andy Morgan, Jon Fairchild, Steve Tow, John O'Hara, Steve O'Hara, Grag Beehler, Brent Lancaster, Fastest Tim es Second Row: Jen Giarratano, Mary Kerrigan, Sarah Hinz, Shelley Ottele, Kelly Monsma, Treena Jones, Kelly Swan, Joan Ratz, Robin Adamcyzk, Kim Fowler, Susan Konieczka, Whitney White, Karen Ward Front Row: Alan Olds head coach, Julie Stoddard, Pam Lazo, Amber Garrett, Chelle Russell, Heather Davis, Amy Taylor, Jody Stock, Candy Coen In Competition 12' Karen Ward 19258 11' Jeannie Piper 20:44 12' Kim Fowler 21:01 10' Chelle Russell 21:17 10' Kelly Monsma 21:19 12' Whitney White 22:09 11' Robin Adamczyk 22:18 11' Shelly Ottele 22:41 10' Heather Davis 22:47 10 Pam Lazo 23:30 10 Amber Garretts 23:33 12 Mary Kerrigan 23:38 10 Julie Stoddard 24:04 12 Joan Ratz 25:17 10 Candi Coen 26:02 12 Susan Konieczka 26115 12 Jen Giarratano 26:15 12 Sarah Hinz 26:40 11 Kelly Swan 27:03 10 Amy Taylor 27107 10 Jodi Stock 30:30 12' Mike Piper 15:48 11' Mark Dunn 16:23 208 12' Rob Schow 16:24 12" Brian Monsma 16:34 10' Mark Gerard 16:56 12' Scott Fahrenbruch 17:01 12' Steve Tow 17:09 10' Craig Dowell 17:32 12' Steve Lekowicz 17:57 12' Darren Corso 18:03 12 Matt Pierce 18:05 10 Alan Cook 18:44 10 Andy Morgan 19:11 10 Mike Hartman 19:16 12 Paul Leetmae 19:35 12 Steve O'Hara 19:39 12 Nick Sherwood 19:48 11 Brent Lancaster 19:57 9 Scott Robson 20:03 11 Jon Fairchild 20:26 11 John O'Hara 20:39 1 1 Marc Direzza 20:39 12 R. A. Plummer 21:25 11 Geoff Atzbach 22:10 11 Mark Harris 22:13 "S's" of running: Spaghetti, Sleep, Stretch, Stride, State" Kim Fowler V. fill! .3 , ,E sa lg xx' -ka +-N 1 dm? www ' ' ., M N wwagf MW 5? l, .A 18 Q 'mv 42 3 7. H , Qi Q mkrgfhw I 'M -M '+ 1 ',gp1,.f V 3 .mg W. ,QW 'if fa ,I Q , ' nn, , and W Y ,fm ,n N uw if MVA MQ, 3.5519 A.,..g,x fx ga ead Me Up A Ball!! I This years Arvada West Boys' Varsity Soccer season was one of the most successful in the schools history. The Wildcats finished with Qnly one loss andtwo ties, along with eight wins in the regular season. The most exgziting. game was one in which this year's state champions, the Columbine liebels, tied the 'Cats in the last two minutes .of piay. Afterggveral. missed opportunities overtime, the game rertiaineffitlied. Arvada West later defeat- fl ed Bear Creek in of district playoffs 4-2., Unfortunately, luck Weis witfiii the Wildcats as for the second consecutive year the Vlilclggats were denied a birth in the state playoffs, this time by iosing an extremely hard fought game to Green,.Mtn.-the only team to beat A-West this year. W W illil The 1986 Varsity teamg coached byllWerner llligl and scap- tamed by Matt Erramouspe and ten seniors, seven iii of which were lefterrnen, jumors,gone of which was a returning lettegrnantggandg:pne .sg ssphorii0fe.'Aii were Andrew Ackerman, Dan Butgvidas, Matt Erramouspe, Todd Getteg and Mark Schafer. In addition, Matt Erramduspewas' named to the All-Statepteam for 1986. The junior varsity's season was a successes well. Finishing secondlplaee in league standings, the J.V.'s team proved they will be a strong building block feflifuture Arvadallwestivarsity teams. 211 n r Q.. '!RX'lT'Sk -in - :Q E.: ke, xx . 'C' A A A gf ev X X , 'Q Q Q my kk :Mfg f l 'K AX A if , , T A V 'eff 1- 1, A is 1-1-A Q.-1 T if aitc 1 ' . ' 3 3? g 'Q "h'f- f, if ' C V N 4 .. C ., L , 1 142 - :-., I .. it A sg: I , Y X 'ffl Q f xx ' ' 'N it W". 9 ,- . . J, 3 H " 'uk , 'Qi if 1 9 s 'fr ? Q Y, .. Q, K ,or iw tv . Ig. - ' ,lt -st is Qs? E. ?X 1 E 4 X E Q 1 - 3 . ,st f S 'Er 1' l' vi ik .1 . is 5 S K , it 1 as , ,N 'lf ' t- Varsity Top row left to right: Greg Pierce, Shawn Lawson, Todd Gette, Mark Schaffer, Andrew Ackerman, Matt Erramouspe, Todd Lasoco, Middle Row: Eric Swanson, Kevin Keelen, Keith Beottiger, Eric Scheer, Travis Ayers, Eric Young, R tl 5 35 A Adam Larson, Scott Leivian, Coach Heinz, Bottom Row: Mike Ninneman, Chris Schroeder, Dan Butvidas, Eric Goslau, Jon Schott, Kenny Capra, Not pictured Head Coach Werner lllig. w e ' f 3 A , ug, l C V, tw U ' 2 , V2 , t Wx, fv ' F 5' ' ' af," ' in "L ' ,. 1 - 35,2- ' - ' 1 1- 4 ' 'Y ' 3 'tv f 3 is 'v N1 ' f ., , 2 , N 9 ,7-fa? W- " , X, as , Y, , 1 Q , .N xg W nr f K KX, , mmf ? Q" A' f , 'V : Q l ., M734 M, ' at wt?" wr , 4 1, V 1 , wa , K , -, , wifi 7 7 t ' U ' ' J is A .fu A ' tx t , ,, V ,pw W , 1+ Junior Varsity Top row left to right: Da- vid Vaughn, Mike Sanchez, Kenny Kee- len, .Jason Willis, Andy Leoni, Rich Cols- man, Middle Row: Eric Swanson, Matty McDevitt, David Gohn, Jeff Poppiel, arf ,rr Scott Wheeler, Shawn Arni, Matt Porter Coach Heinz, Bottom Row: Rob Casa' granda, Mark Pierce, Breck Pribble, A. J. Zayats, Bart Neccessary, Scott Martens. v "To be successful in soccer, a team must combine talent, heart, determination, and team unity. We did - and we were successful!!!" - Matt Erramouspe 12 Girls Take State Title!! I N 1 KW' f' ,,,' 1- ' HW is ,. H if git? i V f W t 1 ffff' W M 749551, b J W 11 ,ww ,,, ,,,, W W M. W ,V 'W 4 , W I 2 ., ,WW , W Wr'fNwg,y ,M V "' , - - M, , ,emma-he f N A my H, vgisixffwii ?wf W 'Y l"I WI u that the the title State Five Second team: soccer team is one that the school eighth straight Las until the shot i sa the e year game the of the two that at A-West with no k ee?- A A 4-0 state . A-West and in by I8 to 2. 0 league record teams: and Robyn Smith Shwiff NNW -eg . , Mc' M' I A ,dw--Lg ' K J L, - 1 I M J .- S f' S S use ' f S First Row: Paula Leoni, Lori Chance, Jill Waters, Robyn Smith, Kerry Bell, Sue Alderman, Steph Schwiff, Jill Jakowicz, Jodi Bulmer, Joa Casagranda, Cari Johnson, Sheph Schroeder. Second Row: Barb Klava, Jen Jelinek, Sami Chergo and Stephanie Burnkrant, I Internal Lighting System. Go A-West . .Sputnikll - Joanie Jelinek S Paula Leoni :mi .: as rm fm:-wwawwm J, Batter I! I ff, W ,, nf: f vwszmaw-'iwsse wwww , , ,, aff, , -, mil H .. A s, ,W , w. ,gw1f5,,fwmf, , H I V 5 ' ,,,, wc 'T A 7 W'.,'w,zfv,MH455 5 V wwv -'f- ,H W ,, ,AS ww ,,,, I A,,, 75, ,,,, , ,,,, Lf,- ,ffWqyt,,,,W,,MWW,qj5'7,,g9fg A ,fwfwfff vfWQ.wJLL.m" Wmmwf mf,WMvW" . 'V z- - 2 , ng 'f g f I ' . . Wnldcat softball team fmlshed a Sl1CTZB8SfUl'Qv, Z , ,,,, , ' 3,1 V , ' SQn,,gb scor1ng two runs In the bottorn o'fn'yYIW'efaia . ,' 2"f' M , na wngave 9-7 if cord and team the p y- Woffs Lb W9 9ame-MHC a soEi5Q1fde ' 4 A ' T "" , y. L VG fvgnfwfhfovahouf E316 veal USWSW , ,,g, , Q! J eff-:9 League Q1 hom aff . , ,A-West JV soft- , ,,,,,. ,, . :,. . L -I QHL ue Ill - QW' leag Cha A g ., ,A V V ?f i,kIV W, LVVV M ,,,,b,,, Z , M V : L tg 0' fl I 3 X ' Z wwf ' fi' f sf' ' f J? . vw ' 'H ,,. f' AWK ffgfei MZ' "ff ,f W' V7 fvmfff' W 1:2221 JZQGHY' ' I 'imma , , 5 1223- "GH ' W Wffwfyif ,WT 1 , 91 ffff f Wim ..,, ,,,., Q 'L , QM , . ' ' I ,, ,, - ' WV '- 4, ,fwamf , , U ,, , H ff ,,,, , V f ' V 215 W l f La f -as A T"1,t ' ' K- J ' d x ' Mx . f S Q fs Front Row Left to Right: Sallie Hughes, Tracy Morley, Tracy Simpson, Sammie Chergo, Joan Sheehan, Dionne Struthers, Michelle Martinez, Kristi Cindy Ahrens, Renee Alexander, Robin Alexander. Back Row Left to Right: Staab, Jill Peterson, Coach Hynes Front Row Left to Right: Natalie Racansky, Lori Dinges, Karen Knight, Jenny Blaylock, Lori Vendena, Roxie Ringland, Jenny Sullivan. Back Row-Left to Right: Lynette Gardner, Kim Tesch, Mitzi Rold, Jodi Linville, Jill Waters, Lisa Patterson, Theresa Baca, coach Binford. M i "Our friendship made on the field, despite interests ranging from cow roping to rock concerts, will transcend any records or statistics and be remembered always. Oh yeah . . . BOSCAV' Jill Peterson 216 a . 15215 Q my . . 5 Aw ..-- W K - .M sf, K 'fi 5 Eau Beam Me U !! 59? jiffliii:-Q, A -- we . at t at e ' i .1'1 X . L. . - eill Wnth t of fresh years gymnas- . iil iil -'-:s f . tic team egneegeofee.the53g f- most successful hln The Champions, whea- tridge, and State Championships. Retummg let jumors, Beth Cnsler and Velvet tains Christa Patton,eJill Hun- saker, and Julimi hlerkin e. Our final season record was 10 and 3. fiaiibiigfxfff. . is NSN K ,W E.. wfwgg . :eff :1 :iff -i H. . ,JN ix. 1,gTg!7Q 5535 :k Row Left to Right: Assistant Coach Becky Howard, Cheri Fike, Christa Laurie Dunkhase, Laura Lekowitz, Kim Sheffield, Maryanne Desante, Velvet ton, Candi Corless, Jill Hunsaker, Julie Oehlerking, Leanne Burkey, Head Rubner, Bottom Row: Wendy Rowles Ich Pia Borrego, Middle Row Left to Right: Stephanie Berg, Beth Cristler, N i i "We had a great season due to our outetanding coaches . . . They're RARE!" Julie Oehlerking 219 , C I N ' 'Q I2 uw, if Z xv 221 Top Row Left to Right: G. Frick, manager, J. Capps, C. Haney, J. Maybee, M. L. Hughes, A. Lane, M. Palmer, K. Counts, Front Row: R. lmhoff, S. Jensen, M. P1 Rozman, P. Kacka, J. Walker, Coach, Middle Row: T. Clarke, J. Frank, T. Lightner, E. Leetmae, D. Paul. The girls' league .this year. Sophomore swimrfger Erika Leet mae was undefeated this year in the IQ yd .i'ir butterfiy, setting new records at Colorado lnvitational, Jeffco lnvitational, and breaking the school record. She quali- fied for-7 out of 9 events for state and won the butterfly. She was an All American Consideration. The team had ll letter win- ners this year, 5 were returning lettermen. Overall, the year was a great success. Top Row left to right: Ci. Frick, K. Counts, M. Palm- Lane, M. Peel, L. Hughes, M. Gresge, S. Jensen, J. er, M. Ortiz, E. Leetmae, W. Cap, S. Shepplemen, Maybee, P. Kacka, Coach Griffith, Coach Walker. Bottom Row: L. Finley, A. Monohan, A. Parker, A. T "Tomorrow's achievements are just a dream away." Erika Leetmae 222 4th ROW l- t0 R2 Joe DiQl3C0me. Brad Weakly. Mark T0mkll'1S, das, lst Row: Kevin Hunter, Danny Butvidas, Matt Bilby, Shawn 3rd Row: Jim Robins, Justin Mead, Jeff Avila, Kyle Zuments, Yagutakg. 2nd Row: James Tuna, Kevin Dowell, David Hunter, Eddie Butvi- f4g',,i" f f,A,, it , I V r Mgr I 4 ' ,A . MnZ' -4 . 5 . A ky.. . sg, x X lsfeel we had a successful people toginjury, the rest of the team of numbers with hard iiii work and ah exeellent aititudefive finished withaa 2-4 dual meet recordspinsadditi0iiif6li5th place finishes in the Jeffco League Relays andlthefiieague championships. 2 8 . Though each swimmer deserves recognitignffor his N se accomplishments lforg' exa at workoutsj, several, ogg fsr.J'fDan Bufgifge das-our only state seniors Kevin Hunt-4 erand Jeff Avila for theireiematign,leadership andihardffff workg junior. Matt, Bilby and Sophomore Jim Robbins forge their versatilityg sophomore Joe DiGiacomo was our' most surprising rookieg freshmen 19th graders from Ober- onl David Hunter and Eddie Butvidas gave us some much-needed depth. All in all, I'd say our year was very good - while l was pleased with our season, l'm not totally satisfied fthough people say l'm never satisfiedj. l'm expecting the 88-89 season to be even better. Tell everybody to come see us ,li next year" Amy Griffiths - Coach .3-,--E is NA V 1 'xv 5, My W , qt- tX f-L SX, i "When the going gets tough, the sprinters get out." Kyle Zuments 223 st Are You Ready For The 19th Hole? 2 5 X ,dv V -x saw-55 A in , or X , Q, We 2 f xgi, if ,fn . 2, X A X: .Xa . , ,, 1 - , X 'f?'27E,Hi 'fifx'9:Z ,L ,, 45, uf ,, '54, ?' e V K gf MS, , W 2 if of 4. .gfew-M fv,"i?L'2fS' Vfeffh ,' ,f,5,, W ,, V f i, - V,-,fin ' f Q 'E l 5 1' i f7' lJ1 ' Qf rrii i i i V i ' i 2 ,V , l i aiiii Zf4 tillil . iiiai f iiii rifii , f iiaii f i i l 4 Qolf team did a Kevin Kirchmarffinished Carl Wuth qualified Arvada West golfers had a year's lettermen 'llmariiand Mafil Johnson, sophomoiigifflarl iii men, Sean Finegan Finggan. Looking at tha' young talent, nail? 'year's' team Should be outstandinglfl 3 "'Nvn,p-1 'G' itting Left to Right: Bill Lawfley, Chris Swinhart, Middle Left to Right: Carl Wuth, Kevin Kirchmar, Matt Johnson, Rob Day, Jay Musil, Back Row Left to ight: Jason Jensen, Scott Russell, Steve Finegan, Sean Finegan, Coach Barrows w i if-e 49'-fr' n N., in 1 , 4 i 'Wu I ' A 3-sm ff ,mmf Back Row Left to Right: Carl Wuth, Steve Finegan, Front Row Left to Right: Kevin Kirchmar, Matt Johnson, Sean Finegan The golf team was quite successful this year, considering the number of injuries. Several of our key players were knocked linconscious by stray gold balls, and wildly swung clubs. Senior golfer, Drew Wallace, said it best, 'Golf is helI.' "-Drew Vallace 225 Top Row left to right: Maureen Neuroth, Ginger Croy, Coach Barrows, Bottom Row: Becca Zeiler, Shelly Gohn, Jocelyn Wilson, Cassie Hardison M4 , l 4 , E , ,, . , , i "There is a lot of potential in the returning members of the team and we expect significant improvement next season!! Jocelyn Wilson 26 1 .A 5 , - ? , ,, Q yyyryr 4 The Arvada West girls' golf team had a disappointing season in 1987. Competition from a strong Arvada and Pomona team, along with the relative inexperience of many A-West team members, led toitheir overall 9th place finish in the 12 member Jeffco league. he team cqpeisted of six membersg senior Shelly Gohn, juniors Croy and Maureen Neuroth, sophomore Joce- lyn Wilsoniighdfreshmen Cassie Hardison andfBecca Zeiler. The top two golfers throughout the year were Gohn and CFOY' HOWCVST' In by freshm n. 7 tourna- ments, u ing two preseason toti haments and the Jeffgw State Golf lnvitationai. Take 'Em Down I! ,W I Q85 r 4th Row left to right: Coach Martin, Cory Slanky, Lance Hill, Chris Stodden, Chris Stiner, Ken Davidson, Travis Schack, Kevin Hathaway, Eric Strachen, Merl Ternue, Rosco Abrams, Mike Fatsinger, Brian Condray, Jay Gordon, Chris Augustine, 3rd row: Coach Lar- son, Andy Ottele, Doug Hawkins, Kurt Van- dyke, Dunkin Buchanan, Mike Jellin, Aaron Beslie, Kent Jones, Clint Hawkins, Matt Forbes, Jason Croy, Chris Stodden, Garth Churches, Scott Hadwiger, Ray Jones, Darrin Buck, Charlie Aston, Coach Binford, 2nd Row: Manager Kenny Capra, Dean Benelow, Mike Renslow, Mike Eatherton, Travis Gutke, Doug The Wildcat wrestling team, for the second year in a row, -.produced aperfect 90. league record. After two years, they finally captured the elusive district championship, .5 with 6 district champions E1 4 district runner ups They ,district crown. 5 alhiew district recordqwith' Vfpoints to capture the The district champions were: Andy Free 119 lbs., Bren- ihan Stihwenk 1I2,rlbs.,Hf'l7'ravrisiiGutl-ze l32llbs. Kevin Mon- . toya 155 lbs., Mitch Blain 185 lbs., and Hwt. Luke Davis. 5 E .Lffhe,gdistricrtigrunnaryupsiEWere:lyggGary,gglfiindman 98,ibs., Cam A i?Candeiaria"iO5 Ibsg, Chris Seiiroeder 112' lbs., and Dough , ,Afterlplacing 3rd,in the Brighton'A-West invitational tour- vinamefits, and capturing lst in the Heritage, Ranum, Gate- wayfand Chatfieid tournaments, they had high hopes state tournament with l0Zqualifiers. , T ,Qin the.-State. tournament, Chris Schroeder.dethroneciftwo il' undefeated wrestlers oneistate champion rqgte to his state charmpionship,Chrisis theifirst state in ten years. Jiiihior iMiitchiBlain tooklfird at 185 A junior Luke Davis took 5th at i-iwt. The other 6 earnedltrnpotwnt ints toilplaiee the Wild- cats,.at,yan admirable Sth place in yystatea y foffiwf i Coaches Left to Right Coach Binford Coach Martin Coach Larson, Coach V Q K rr ,Glare "This season was a great one, there were a lot of lasting memories! l'm excited to come back to see next year's team because they are strong and their potential is unlimited. Thanks for all the support, good luck next year!!" - Chris Schroeder 'Nt A lm Buchanan, Steve Tow, Kevin Montoya, Mitch Schroeder, Andy Free, Andy Ligrani, Brennan Blain, Artie Hagelgans, Luke Davis, Tony Schwenk, Bobby Fatsinger, Greg Chance, Kerl Preola, Tony Ficco, Hon Leu, Dave Brown, ry Giambrocco, Steve Thorson, Eric Mattson, Sheldon Macabe, Scott Nakamura, lst Row: Chris Dick Coach Linnabury, Kurt Hinline, Rod Jones, Jason Gregerson, Gary Hindman, Cam Cande- laria, Greg Pierce, Tod Erfurdt, Chris ,gnu lm., ,quam mx, l Varsity 3rd Row Left to Right: Coach Martin, Artie Hagelgans, Mitch Blain, Kevin Hathaway, Steve Tow, Ray Jones, Ken Capra, Coach Binford. 2nd Row: Coach Linnabary, Andy Li- grani, Doug Buchanan, Kevin Montoya, Mike Eatherton, Greg .om v 'Ta A-NSTKIIE kk Chance, Kerry Giambracco, Travis Gutke, Coach Larson. lst Row: Bobby Fatsinger, Andy Free, Greg Pierce, Brennan Schwenk, Chris Schroeder, Todd Erfurdt, Gary Hindman, Cam Candalaria. ll"Il"lI lII.II'III ummll Iluuun Illlnllll 229 ww. ik SX.: 1, X if if is -- m x X QR N " 5 35 S fix .. N Nw - fn. 11 .. m.W,,w: .. xyzfl XFX . Xfwfws i Put Da Ball In Da Hole!! I xxx I , V5 ' f ,ffQ"'M" 'F'-' i 'Htl l Henry Petitt, Doug Suhr, Doug Mitchell, Ron Kanner, Don Klipka The 1986-87 Wildcat Basketball team was a hard work- ing, dedicated, and enjoyable group of young men. They represented Arvada West and themselves with pride and class and always did their best to be successfui. Their togetherness, team spirit and support of each other cre- ated and outstanding "team"!! The team members have shared a lot and provided us with many fond memories!! , 231 Back Row Left to Right: Andrew Ackerman, Dal ton Adams, Pete Howard, Matt Johnson, Matt Erramouspe, Tom Robinson, Eric Burton, Kem Bashford, Front Row: Barry Hay, Sam Van Kirk .ami Left to Right: Matt Porter, Chris Lindstron, Chris Par- tridge, Doug Meyer, Dave Mascio, Rob Brozovich, Rob , Prose, Dan Lawyer, Dan Caup, Kevin Kirchmar, Keith Boettiger Back Row Left to Right: Tony Glenn, Jamie Johnson, Kevin Hult, Steve Gray, Jeff Morgan- field, John Forbes, Jeff Edwards, Front Row: Chris Olson, Chad Cupery, Shawn Lawson, Rich Coisman, Brad Cupery, Doug Gibson "Peter packed the ref, Kevin's bank from the corner, Tom's free throws to the crowd ..... We had a great time!! - Pete Howard 232 Coaches Left to Right: Nan Carter, Jim Hynes, Tammy Brink Captains- Left to Right: Sue Alderman, Jen Stout, Robyn Smith Ar' The Arvada West girls' basketball team continued its steady rise by posting the best record achieved by a girls' basketball team at A-West since 1980! This year's team posted a 6-10 league re- cord highlighted by a victory over state- ranked Columbine in mid-season. The JV team finished with an impressive 1414 re' cord and a third place ieague finish. ' ...ff 233 W 'gg' gent W, L,,, ,Q 1, , Varsity team: Back row left to right- Carrie Boettcher, Karen Bossi, Middle row- Jill Peter Tammy Braye, Jen Sout, Tahnyia Lynn, Sue Alderman, Front row- Sammy Chergo, Je Dunkin, Tracey Morley, Steph Schroeder, Robyn Smith - 2, QV A 3' , fx. M bf! tm X., 'XX Junior Varsity team: Back row left to right- Leslie VanStelton, Kristi Staab, Struthers, Jody Bulmer, Michelle Martinez, Carrie Turnbow, Middle Row- Kristi Steph Stewart, Steph Schwoff, Front row- Kim Ponis, Stacee Egbert Sophomore team: Back row left to right- Katie Tucker, Natalie Racanski, Shelly Higgins, Kim Call, Dawn Anderson, Front row- Kristi Serratore, Pam Lazo, Mindi Milligan Lady Cats Sa-Weet! Look BBB's! Looks like lotion, tastes like salt. Lady refs live on! Love those halls!! DlVERTlDO!!!! - Jen Stout A , 'ali in gk 1535 k 5, A E L ""' Slide OH IH!! W QF tangy WW Varsity, top row left to right: Jim Capra, Ryan Baker, Sam Van Kirk, Eri- Peratt, Kevin Lynch, Andy Pivonka, Steve Ball, Jeff Legault, Jeff Wren, Lei Capra, not pictured Mike Weaver. Bottom row left to right: Blaine Spies, Bobby Smith, Darin Pine, Jim Wise, Jay Musil, Todd Kuhlman, Rob Brozovich, Mat Johnson, Todd Collins, Tom Cyr. A much-improved varsity team this year compiled a 104 season record. Under the direction of new head coaches, Len and Jim Capra, the team went on to become the North Division Champions. The outstanding play on the part of seniors Ryan Baker, Blain Spies, Tommy Cyr, Jeff Wren and Sam Van Kirk will be missed next year. The team's efforts went unrewarded as they were defeat- ed by both Columbine and Lakewood in the playoffs. With the team's returning talent, next year should be another successful year. i 1 aww ww W N ,,, Coaches: Len Capra, Jim Capra i KJ 3 359 gm "Q Wav af' Varsity: Top row left to right: Coach Mark Martinez, Craig Dowell, Hayes Bottom Row left to right: Dean Benello, Dave Mascio, Rob Sorg, Josh Johnson, Rob Brozivich, Kevin Lynch, Jim Wise, Todd Bassett, Eric Graham, Don Fergeson, Wade Webster "Never say DlE!!!" Blaine Spies 237 - I 3 S yy i A s - Irs ix ILE Junior Varsity, top row'Ieft to right: Mark Martinez, Craig Doweli, Matt Johnson, Rob Brozovich, Kevin Lynch, Jim Wise, Todd Bassett, Erick Hayes, Bottom Row Dean Benello, Dave Mascio, Rob Sory, Josh Graham, Don Ferguson, Wade Webster , 1 4 'a ffrgigz .AM 5 tm, 'Mx' N., E 4 r 4-fu., l :y'xg1:,?+gwi 'J wf A Ham SWK Q i W 3 M 'K N r S? Y P SL, , ' QT. 1 P Q "' 'He - Mc' i V3 ry Q- im. -M mf! v 5 Feet Don 't Fail Me Nom! "" I ' ' 5 M y . M W H f . 1 5 ff -,fffC f?zf " ef ,gm w xx fl, Q5 'A -"' '11 fw 'V 41mff:ygzf1,:'v,. 1, 3 1 ee e e e 3 m11 1,, L L, . .. K e. ',.:, e. eeeee , .... ,. J 51, .. a was cuimkwated by a second place fnnnsrg ,L.-:-f K - undefeated - 111 gf . . . '-11 d lr fmlshes at Pantherisv ' -.Kk.: 1 Kfi. 1- :.: gi v e . 5 R if Lek? Also lst faire eek 'm"ta'? 12. 1 Q eee1'e eeee . 3 .Bell. strncits and Wxldca 'QYICEPIHQ e feeee eee e ee eeee ee'1 ee icz- ee e Pk 'kk. "i' " K - ee f e N ee eeee A -Ieeee .e-e N eeeee e eee 4 eeeeee eeel eeee ' State gre M! ,'k.IKf8SOVi h intermediate g i f ttiger -4 mefef eeee moms e Mike Piikizrieis H1emPrQI2Li ee:i20QImererefun. e - K- ,ee.e . ' - , een. eeee. . K- ' V L-e- - e A eeez meezii 11'mheh ','.: zee p EE eeee eee e . 'Nw-., puffs: Aff? ack row left to right: B. Varmo, S. Dalton, J. Hamilton, E. O'Berry, L. .alick, D. Bolding, J. Gordon, A. Ottele, J. Dally, M. lozzo, M. Morrissey, :h row: D. Roush, E. Gagnon, H. Oehlert, S. Kerrigan, J. Pomponio, R. ash, C. Wuth, M. Hartman, R. Worthington, 8th row: M. Forbes, D. Kaupp, . Matsuo, E. Steinmane, B. Young, D. Gibson, A. Geinitz, C. Stodden, J. edmond 7th row: D. Kluge, C, Rogowski, T. Windand, J. Forbes, Niehoff, . Ferdig, B. Hunsaker, T. Bryan, G. Pennington, M. Bilby 6th row: K. nes, C. Young, F. Wallace, T. Schiele, T. Drew, K. Kellan, J. Haines, K, nes, P. Dye, A. Cook 5th row: J. Johnson, K. Bailey, D. Mattox, A. rson, D. Ewert, M. Gerard, K. Bloomstran, E. Bendoxski, E. Pierson 4th ,4...ds7War My di-:shut E -f......,.9,w PK -. .. -- lu...Ns5-up i1"9'3.EfQnw1 llllull ll II ullllll W IIIIII I IIIIIIIHI row: J. Flight, M. Harris, C. Partridge, P. Terkun, T. Ayers, J. Sandoval, J. l Popiel, E. Goslau, S. Anderson 3rd row: M. Blain, B. Anderson, D. Miller, A. ll Dunn, K. Boettigerk, E. Scherer, L. Shore, J. Tarjayre, S. Hadwiger, 2nd Row: C. Bloomstran, E. Burton, R. MSchow, B. Mourman, D. Bolton, S. Fahrenbruch, M. Malone, J. Focer, C. Tjacks. lst row: C. Gonzales, D. IIIIIIII Adams, R. Beauchamp, M. Krasouich, A. Simmons, S. Perdins, M. Piper, S. 'ml ll Lekowicz, J. Brown. Front: Asst. J. Pease, Head Coach J. Zajac, Asst. 'Ill In McGregor, Asst K. Hall Not pictured - Asst Gertner Also not pictured: S. IHIIII' Wheeler, J. Eckhoff, I lm 'IIIIIII W II II Illlllllll lllll Ill in-1 an individual, l'm happy with my season, but l'm even happier about the teams' success, Placing second in state was a accomplishment." -Mark Krasovich . . . "We came. We saw. We took 2nd place!" -Andy Simmons 241 HB ri Thejgirlis track season wasga tremendous esuccess. Many pe Sansone records were fbrokeni and all the girlsicontribviifed to ti success of the team. A total of 17 seniors, 14 juniors and 1 sophomores competed for the lady -s s ggildcats. The teams to finishes were: lst place Jeffco Leaguefkelays, 14 place Panthi Relays, 4th place District Championship, 5th place Jeffco lm tational, 6th place Aurora Hinkley invitational. Top individuag qualifying for state and named to the All Conference tea! were: Jill Peterson, Tami Douglas, Angie Churches, Kate Bossi, Christa Chatham, Sarah Hinz, Roseyn lmhoff, Marianr Desanti, and Carrie Boettcher. Most valuable athlete Peterson. A J i.1117Wf It 0 V10-44 , 1 M517 ,ffm Eva 264: k Row left to right: Coach Joe Simmons, Stacy Smith, Velvet Ruebner, Amy rd, Tiffany Plummer, Kristi Serratore, Debbie Summerfeldt, Coach Guy Thur' 1, 3rd Row: Christa Chatham, Yvette Himes, Marianne Desanti, Lori Dunkhase, y Monsma, Julie Stoddard, Candi Coen, Angie Smith, Heather Davis, 2nd Row: Torneo, Leeann Metzinger, Shelly Ottele, Angie Churches, Betsy Llrbanowski, it ,,,, , ryrr ,gr , Q Q ,g success is measured in good friends and good times then this son has been the ultimate! fWinning League Relays didn't hurt erj lt's been ROWDY!! Pump it up! The memories are ours!! - I Peterson M as ZW Jumnh 'MM fhuctrf-1 70u' Robin Adamcyzk, Karen Bossi, Kristi Staab, Kelly Swan, Coach Frank Purdham, lst Row: Joan Sheehan, Jill Peterson, Tami Douglas, Tammy Braye, Melissa Drier, Sarah Hinz, Jennifer Giarratano, Jill Brink, Kim Fowler, Roseyn lmhoff, Jill Hunsaker, Chris Turner, Not Pictured: Carrie Boettcher, Leah Chapton, Kelly Fowler, Kami Kramer, Mindy Lang, Shelly Tubach, Karen Ward Z , 'V V' m,,"'WA7q' WN... I, ., L '53 1' 3 M 0131 XT fl f M J", W ' f" w-Qxamwf' ,jW,f7dg,:',7f7 V .,:x, ' ' 'x mzv.-M" g 1,a42yM':fg??ff M' ' ' A ,Q fu , -' , 'V ,, r Z M 'L' H' AQMV ff,.,7"ni?f'f?l,mz fy XL an 4 W M5 W H ' , ' 'HM' iywwwm' ',-, A , f 3 f x , 53' V f M IV , ,, ,f H 2 V,,,zff,tMf,+'fhMawr ,XE K wmwwwf M W X fi g I ,Q , , ' 7"' , ig? WN Undefeated 11-0 City League And District Champions No. 1 Singles, Kevin Ponis E 'Www loss in was the have second C0-Captain, City Champion, All-Conference, District Champion, State Qualifier, Most Valuable Player. Varsity team top row left to right: Coach Hunsaker, Todd Front Row: Manager Kathy Jultuch, Phil Wills, Troy Rob' Harwood, Jeff Rector, Chris Kelly, Chris Lindstrom, Bill bins, Co-Captain Kevin Ponis, Co-Captain Steve Sheffield, Hunsaker, Rob Linnenberger, Andres Aloel, Coach Ponis, Jon Giullian, Barry Hay, Manager Romona Ruhl, Overall this year was a successful one, good luck to all the undergraduates next year!! - Barry Hay 245 if Wheatridge Golden Columbine Chatfield Evergreen Bear Creek Lakewood Green Mtn. Arvada Pomona Pomona r wwf '62 Citjy Champions Varsity Back row left to right: Cristy Counts, Dianne Scherer, Ann Alderman, Tanya Walker, Erin Hayden, Coach Joe Boyd ti. " . gg Q-, ..-f Head Coach Jack Ponis :ront row left to right: Kendy Clark, Whitney White, Tri-capt Mary Kerrigan, Tricapt Kim Ponis, Tri-capt Romona Ruhl, Kathy Jaltuch, Melanie Squire fl i i l , L. L- .1 ull I 3 ---A---.v....., Lunior Varsity, Back row QL-Rb: Natalie Racansky, Alice Hanske, Andrea Mino, Josie Newman, Kelly Larvey, Becky Row, Sherry Jones, Dawn Anderson, Second row: Laura Hughes, Jodi Stock, Lori Manning, Jodi Johnson, Sherry Morrison, Nicole Boatright, Leslie Zundel, Coach Holmluna, Front row: Janna Gilbert, Shelly Higgins, Lisa Patterson, Kristy Dites, Tania Wooten, Pam Lazo, Jenny Thompson, Lisa Gilligan ie could never fit into a mold because there was never a mold to fit us. : are unique!" -Mary Kerrigan The girls' tennis ,.team, under the leadership: of coaehesibbyd arid Ponis, won the city championship, finished Zndlin lexus: third in the District tourrisment. L Coach Boyd who worked with the varsity said that,-the soiiitiknetffiiiinjury loss of theglsenior fri-captain isil really hurt the teams chances in the District and State tourna- ments. Piaying without Mary, the teagfigfinished 3rd,in District and quafified eight players forfStategKirn Ponis, if! was 10-0 in league and all conference finished 5th in the State tournament. , g V, ,g,g, i Senior tritaptain: Ramona Ruhl was namedethe MVP and soph- qfnore Erin Hayden, the best new varsity player. Senior ,Whit- hey White wasreeognized as one of the togiften female athletes at A-West this year. 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A. f ,I Qi M Z 1' Z I I" ' NW 'Q ' ' Y 7 I f K, xx VU ' X f ff XXX 'X X 7 iff! xax' f ' Xxx v viii? Q ! I if- 1 , gr. j f ' ' , f ffw ' 1 1 f,,fJ7m-W I ff Unmf f f Q X UI' f fl f X X i f ' ! A J .9 4' X , Q f f f ?fMm7W"',,' X" A J n f ww! f WW 'ZW A W X V W1 th'f1i,,N Q VA 4 Arvada 'S Largest Stationary Store Ep S 9 I' 5li3Iii0l1BI!l I Otlice Furniture 0 Sales v Rental Printing Business Machines Rubber Stamps ,M Machine Service - Rental Office Supplies A calculators Telephone: 421-3625 at 422-3767 ' 7705 Wadsworth Blvd. E Gt F Indian Tree Shopping Center OMAR JOSEPH Arvada, Colorado 80005 Computer Supplies TAKE-OUT EAT HERE Randi's Pizza and Italian Restaurant BEER AND WINE 12312 w 64TH Ave PHONE AT WARD R0 h Uh Ph' Y I 'Bama B, A lC08,Q2'Q'j5Pn.'00 mm, ARvAoA. COLORADO 422-6923 I ' -Q-1 ARVADA HEALTH FOODS BILLL MATTIE WELLERT Come To 1zassw.s4mA . a ,cl d aooo4 422-9196 W The U at Mglgg ,nc OF WEST ARVADA t 3 0050 . - 64th And Ward Road Sh up QC ' W N' 00 Arvada, Colorado 80004 9548W.58thA . W SIE dA Ad 424-8583 Sh ppl gCe IB ARVADA PLAZA BARBERS e me Slyll r M w Q P p Pp Cl e olceulaNew Generation arereg ieredlrademarksu si inc Pr d dbyl P p C I Elnlllrngilompan ollknver ughlnn vd Denver none ?q"mg X rw ve Arva a corn o Mailing S rvica Ar Irs Best F , . : X Wes ern Suu V9 1 Ralston me su... C o in enter Arvada ceimaaoe 4 4 ri vo e n rv aPlaza o n n r a r s - en A omen Professional Hair Care Products Owner Licensed Bar r ea ll I For All Your Banking Needs Par Meme Savings Accounts 0 Checking Accounts be "B Money Markets ' 24 Hour Automated Banking Cards QLEANERS Member Folc THE SCHMIDTS 64k 65 420 9819 vegan! Jerry - Faye - Steve - Jeree ri imrns "Q Prestl - e Scott RairdenfJudith Fugitt 7288 Plorth Federal Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 80050 Phone: l505l 42 7-1245 Jon Kessel Traci Collins Specializing ln: I' 4' 4' 4' 4' -F 1' Senior Portraits Weddings Engagement Portraits Cap 81' Gown Team sr Individual lSportsl Clubs 81' Activities Family Portraits Pass Port Photos l 255 I 56 W lm ci SENH S 6 3 ci THE REWARD 'Indoor AND outdoor poses at no extra charge A bug variety of 12 to 16 different poses brlng a hobby frlend pet 'Three different changes of clothes 45 minutes of our personal attentuon Many Bug Discounts and Special Bonus Offers THANK YOU CLASS CF 87 Turn yourself In Don Feltner Photography Inc at S 4330H I Sf eef Whea!Rdge Colo d 80033 Ph e 13032 420 3505 one BIOCR SUIIHI of I-Qkeslde SIQII FREE 51' Whffe They Last E FREE T SHIRT T H FOR EVERY sENloR THAT CALL N OW HIRES us HURRY' 420-3505 a s I' 'I Re a I , . , - . ' T -P I ' ,4- L J on -. . Photo by Rael S. Salinas KARATE KRAZY KIDS Karate is sweeping the nation as the number-one physical activity among kids. Boys and girls alike are going wild about karate. This 1,000-year-old art is making itself known as the most disciplined form of exercise, demanding the highest level of concentration and a potent spirit developer. Parents whose" kids have been studying karate for 12 months or more can affirm the fact that there are major changes taking place. Grades are going up due to greater concentration. Physical talent and muscle coordination is increasing due to the strenuous exercises. Positive shape is being given to the character by the level of discipline required. And the overall personality is being molded and becoming more attractive based upon the spirit being generated. There has never been a physical program, which did not require physical talent in the beginning, that could keep the interest of both talented and non-talented kids for any significant amount of time. Karate, your time has come in America! Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10:00-12:00 Adults 1:30-3:00 Special Students 3:00-4:30 Super Pee Wees Ages 3-5 4:30-6:00 Pee Wees Ages 6-12 6:30-8:00 Juniors Ages 13-17 . 8:00-9:30 Seniors 8t Adults Ages 18 and Up Tuesday 8A Thursday 10:00-12:00 Private Lessons 2:00-4:00 Private Lessons 4:30-6:30 Private Lessons 6:30-7:30 Beginning Tai-chi 7:30-8:30 Advance Tai-chi 8:30-9:00 Philosophy Saturday 10:00-12:00 Private Lessons 12:00-2:00 Beginning Students 2:00-4:00 Advance Students PURPLE DRAGON- NIARTIAL ARTS ACADENIY .-Qin 9277 Flalston Road "1-ii-f-F -aw Phone Dial IKARATE MN '? J 'K 43 -ttiiiwi ' ' - ti Arvada, Colorado 80002 2 ' -.,:tg,x5.,p:H . , U- - A: Lx' 2 ARWIDA 81 Yiniatures ESTABLISHED IN 1972 Complete Skateboard Department For Beginners And Pros B Y I - N.. - Trains ' Planes 0 Models Slot Cars 0 Rockets 0 Etc Dollhouse Miniatures Dept Best Wish es From D 81' G HARDWARE 12371 West 64th Ave. Corner Of Ward 8 64th Ave. Open 7 Days - 420-9916 Arvada Skl 1. Sport 9100 Ralston Rd. Werner lllig Arvada CO 80002 424-6669 l.'nda B 'ggs ees we dollver gl Balloon ' ' ' Bouquets I 4225315 I V 1 1. Q .. if FRIENDLY FOODS Ralston S Simms The Flnest Dairy Meat ln Produce Fast, Friendly Service 871: flair DHSIQHKFS and Boutique 10050 RALSYON ROAD ARVADA. CO 80004 424-0556 FAMILY HAIR CARE CENTER 91122913 - 152955223 BUFFALO STYLE CHICKEN WINGS , A Arvada Plaza Wayne 8. Marllyn Heutzman 9296 W, 53m Avg. Julie 8. Steve Morse 4256825 5" ' ' ' 'a'riArI'oHAL' Q f303J 431-4283 Illlifl Ralslm Road Arvada, C0 BIIXN ,. rwepaumuv o-mv me as-mu :mam- or ua mu vm-1 rm , Q haf WDM CQTL, -glflld-::4fBLC27.vun WE DELIVER ANYWHERE 'Mx Mosnv BEARS5 Q 7413 Grandview APVIUI, C0 IUOUE 13031424-1151 Jackie n Kathy o Marilyn M Barbara A. Hand Sergeant First Class Ll.S. Army Reserve Recruiter U.S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION raw 58TH AVE OFFICE NEIJOCIIAZS-2200 EVA A, 060002 HOME NEI!! B- BCM M50 42- , 4- sf.-me AQIIIII DENVER BRONCOS 70 Executive Center 31 4891 Independence, Suite 220 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 425-8838 HOUSE OF CARMEL Religious Goods do Books Jewelry Engraving V Gold Hot Stamping .71 wan we run ww- mm uns 5 Noun I wan woo can toon umm uns A morn: ww veomnvoo , -rt. 1 . m....v f At Either of Our Two Locatio s 9422 W. 55th Ave., Arvada Plaz 423-3232 5455 W. 38th Ave., Chase Pl A23-9022 'Q Om Stage 4515559 HAIR DESIGN Men's, Women's S Special Childrens Cuts Student Discount Night Friday 3-8 P.M. 64th S Ward I 58 Qozmaf Qaigtorzi 4 Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 fine Dorfroirure, wedding ond C1255 Of 1937 commerciol photography PHOTOGRAPHY pleose coll for your oppointment 422-0572 Congratulations To The ' Wire Servic F I! S 1 AR VADA FLORIST Mary E. Boles New Owner 424-4673 7409 G d ' A 424-0192 A d CO 80002 424 O36 CONSTRUCTION 1 . . 2 5 llll Slilllllll Ill MIS EIIEII KNIIIIKS Reaching the moon can be easier than reaching some professors. They show up for class, lecture, and then, well, who knows? At Red Rocks we emphasize accessibility, which means, among other things, that our professors stick around, to listen, to understand, to be understood. They're real and theyire human, and they know why you're there. And, knowing that, they know why they are there, too. 4 The new Red Rocks. Your Knowledge partner. my-3 EZYOWESI QJZSFQ Bedrock o en, o ora o - 5051988-6160 Cfggggggfv WESTERN StclCy'S Bowi. , .19 :fo IM 0 Z6 A.M.F. MODERN LANES i 9 .loin a Youth or Other League 0 Complete Pro Shop 0 Game Room -- T.V. - Nursery 0 Open Bowling of Locally Owned 69Ope'rated IOOOO Ralston Road 422-2301 , AR VADA Q I t Greeting Cards C Russell Stover Candies Gifs Fm Every Occasion 25 Years Of The Finest 9641 W. 58th Avenue In Bicycles And Service 42 1 ,1 64th E, ward 424-8380 LEAH POTTER Congratu lat ions on your achievement! Remember: 13 Scripture - good precepts to direct a 11fe. 21 I Cor. 13:4-8 Charity 31 It is your reIat1onship to Christ not the church. 45 Never say never. 53 Be 11bera1 with suspicion and conservat1ve with trust. 65 If the body 1s tired exer- c1se the mind, 1f the mind 1s tired exercise the body. 75 We are conf1dent you have what you need to go through 1ife. May your dreams be as real as ra1nbows. UNE' wh! gl mom JZ Come Enjoy CoIorc1do's Hottest . Groot Donccrs Young Hdult I7 cmd the Finest QNon-Rlcoholicj Sound Gt Light Night Club "Everybody Dance" Sh0U.I 6520 N. Ulodsworth Blvd. Un the Folrlonz Shopping CGM00 467-3699 467-3699 fuonduiyafdigsesday Thurs-any I A' Q ' friday' lk Saturday Sunday at-nfnnfnf Wetlnosschn' mysgy W Y - ru-s--ww-sawn:-W-www Sw-owswwfwwmwwefrfswrhwrvf W"5Ni9""' , 5-Nnwwamnwumm-nwnmnmatmm wmmdnmu .7 J'3'-A-4'ZT-I .:..,. M "5 -M W mm gggfflilwwq - 9-1 New W NWC COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING Training Broadcasters For Over 22 Years 422-8188 8795 Ralston Road Independent Home Study Arvada, Co. Home School - Hollywood, CA. 250-up PORTRAITS THE SENIOR PORTRAIT SPECIALIST!! a is Q-k.SSiSfQ5?'ri O Competitive Prices O Three Great Locations O Several Backgrounds O Indoor or Outdoor Although you've grown from tot to teen Time stands still for parents that dream Of days gone by and reminiscing Of grown-up children we'll be missing Yet one thing we know above all the rest We're proud of you Melissa "YOU'RE THE BEST." Love, Dad, Mom, Nicole S Brad - Across From - KIPLIIIG PLAZA SUUTHWEST PLAZA MISSIUII COMIA0llS 38th 8. Kipling 8906 W. Bowles Ave. 88th 8. Wadsworth Wheat Ridge, C0 80033 Littleton, C0 80123 Arvada, C0 80005 422-71 I I 971-0800 43l-5999 From tiny "Toph" to gallant "grad" - Giving you "roots" was fun! difficult! But we know you'll "soar" to great heights!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love ya always, Ma, Pa, "Beamer" S Michele Giving you "wings" is Q W, would get better and they To 6 Beth 8 Scott Class Of '8 - 24, . ,- ff Yfwux , Nl.lXf ft X4 ,- M "v A M J v 4 D A 2 -tjff,.f,,,, 4 SLT: ll'CSf0l1C B k GShockl AFNADASOUARE FIRESTONE Mlchelle and Joanle o BBIHIHGI ws R-mon Ra Your frlendshlp started F 73 A ldl.CO 80002 sense 5 423-sm early and wlll last a CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI SCHOOL 6454 SlMMS ST. ARVADA PHONE: 423-4030 Carr .greef gliridfd a GREENHOUSES 5466 CARR STREET AFWADA. COLORADO BOOO2 PAT NELSON 422-5219 Roses are red, Violets are blue, Joel graduated! And so can you! Love, Mother, Dad Jennifer: You have always had dreams, And they keep coming true. Keep smiling! Love you, Daddy, Mommy, E3 Karen What fun tykes are! Don't you wish they could be frozen in time? If they only wouldn't grow up, but what a beautiful teenager she turned out to be. Love, Mom S Dad Kimmy Mommy s precious pear Never hurried, always I But are we proud? There's no debatelll Daddy s little monster a Lots of Love, Dad, Mom, 5 Softy Keep Smiling Teddy Be CONGRATULATIONS Love ya, Mom 8 Dad CONGRATULATIONS DAVID GRANBERY AND PAUL DAVIS 4 - If 4 1 nf 1 1 WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT AGAIN! Kehi Bashfara Cangf tulatian Clas af 8 Bari Walker Julie Wyaii "class of 88" JOHN H1956 OOO The aiher ciiscrimihaiihg Seniors from Arvada Wesi ana over 20 aiher area high -- Keh Capra Barry Hay schools who chase The 4- best, C Daftfait Studia id. BOOSt61'S Good luck,,I'm out of here! Mark Dalpes C.H. ls it fufu? Rutt Row! Hot Potato! "Daily Routin- e"How not your fault it snowed. How no goodbyes only to T.C.8K.S. "Love ya"' T.M. Tambo, Dweeb, Ooof, Oosh, Raine, Sue-Bee, Wally, Lefty, Dimps, Bunzer and Robound - Thanks for an AWESOME Volleyball season! Boetch Tammy - Hey Sis! l'll miss seeing you in the halls 8 volleyball. Keep Tim, I like him. Love, Carrie Danny - You're not unloveable! Carrie The Door 27 . . . B.C., vow - Do it for Dena!! We don't care anymore! Big Mac, Frisco dealer 8 Standley! "Waah-sniff, sniff." J.C.R.B.J.W.T.B. - Thanks for all the memories. I love you! Jen Waylon- I love you forever. Love, Tammy Stac - Prom of '86, late night talks andcries, best friends always. Thanks for always being there. Love, Tam Carnie - You were one of the best friends ever! I miss you! Wendy Coach MAC - I don't care if it IS game day! 5 Football Player's Girl Rockin' Ro - That attitude will get you nowhere!! fOr so l'm told! . . . Archays Awaits! JP x Brewburettes: Thanks for being such a bunch of ROWDY friends. OATS! l K.P., S.S, T.H., B.H., T.R., J.G., P.W., B.H., J.R.,l C.K., C.L., "SHAKE IT BABY!" From C.J. 8 R.R. DEAD FISH Fuzzbutt - WHO lost the lovin' feelin'!?! Bring it back! Love you! - Cutems ,, Congrats Angie C. on obtaining senior status . .. You sure had me fooled! lYou don't have to be sorry anymore.J - Jill Bumbumbah - Tada - Bumbah WENDA WOMAN! Queen - Remember - Nacho's, Waxy Donuts, and Sadie Hawkins Night. Friends Always - Willy ! Tigger, One more year, We're going all the way, Love, Tex. A N I . BO0Sl'C1' S ..C. are you wet yet? l'll miss the laughs! M.l. M.l. klways! I'll be thinking of ya lots! L.C. .ynda - MEN: You can't live with them, and you -an't shoot them!!! -Bethy ladical Roz - What will we do this summer? Water SKI! Ha! Here's to WP and older men! When we are ll we're hittling the SLOPE! Love ya, Kamakazi iim Kris - Friends since kindergarten - Remember - Tim, Jave, Benny, Joelfree - Lisa. E.J.S. - I love you forever - Love always, S.L.P. Vlisch, Sandy, Vick, Jenn, Cami - You guys are the nest. LiI'Shan Sanho - You're the Best Friend in the World. Shan iiambrocco - I want my bell back! 'Iother Goose - Thanx for Iettin me "lean on you!" .ove ya! Lawdy Mama lrent, Tony and Blaine: Here's to Calc parties, hot ubs, road trips to Boulder, jailbirds, Norlin until nidnight, Coors, American Legion, Halloweeen, Thanks for the memories and the friendships that will never be forgotten! Love, Michelleflngaj and Sue-Bee. P.S. "What a Strange Combination!" Kim - By believing in me, you help me to believe in myself. Thanks for being my friend! Love, Jen Bye Bye brain cells, I wanna go back! Let's keep in touch - thanks for the good times girls - I mean boys!! l'm glad we're all the same - thanks for the support S pressure! You're always fot a friend- these times we'll never forget! Love ya ALL! Watch out Mexico- Here we come!!! Company West Women - You are the BEST!!! Love, Carrie Kirsten - Champagne! Horns! Signs! Something this special will last forever. Thanks for always being there. Love, Jen Deanna, Kendy and Roseyn - We SURVIVED the Wrath on ONTE MOTTO!!! Amen! Love, Carrie Mickey- Nothin's going to stop us now. I will always love you. Mouse. Anna Banana - Slow down, you're burnin' my butt - Highlanders FOREVER! Love, Carrie nunting, take home tests. elite fl'iendS. 00'MOW' Margie and Amy - Thanks for being my best friends flow. Chop Chop, SUPCFIOF IDICIIIQCUCC, SUIUCHIC. through everything. Lets stay that way. Love, Tri- ialf days, "provided," "halp," and A.P. tests! cia. BOOSt6I' S Tisha - Its been fun, money, money, money!!! So what if you want to be a clown. Kathie Jimbabe, Just you me and out island - I love you. Dicky. Sean - Still calling to your heart- Love, Amy JSJCJWJOJJJH - I Love you guys! Thanks for all the memories! R.B. Sandy - We want you to know that you are the best! Kept us laughing through high school. These three years were great with you! Many more to come! We love, Tonka! Lori and RTami Tami - From second to senior, we've been through it all! So many memories. 2X road trip to FCQon emptyj, HTfBWPAD, and utoh just to name a few. Partying times are the best with you, and I wish you the best forever. I love ya! You are the best! Lori Thanks to everyone who helped make the years here memorable. To Class of "l987" You are sun setting in AW but you are sun rising to someplace somewhere. Moon Tisha -you guys match perfectly. I still say we get rid of her. me Steve-You made it-Love Tracy Tommy- You made it Love Toni Angel - Thank you for helping me grow up and letting me be a little girl- l'II always love you! - Greedy Smurf Nate, P.J., Ro, Carrie, Kendy, Beth, Cath, Part- Thanks for being such good friends! I love ya!! Deanna S. Majers- I love you! Best friend! Toke down dude! Can I borrow ten bucks! - Pav! G.A.F. Patrol Ringo, Michelle, Julie I wanna come back!! Have Jeff rescue me from Warren Tech! I miss you guys lots! Remember Rocky Horror Rules! - Tigger John Tarjanyi - Our life together is worth waiting for .. . I love you Kris Rector Todd Losacco, You mean more to me than life itself. You have made my life worth living for! I love you honey. Love, Laura Chad Johnson IGrumpyJ Remember painting, piz- za, pillows, DLII, late nights? Thanks for the great memories and time we spent together. Good luck in college. Maybe someday . . . I love you- Char Sherri, I love you. Eric. L , Wnnwm IOSIEN

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