Arvada High School - Redskin Yearbook (Arvada, CO)

 - Class of 1985

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Arvada High School - Redskin Yearbook (Arvada, CO) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 296 of the 1985 volume:

Y NF fe ia G3 wfffw A 'O Qs 31,5 w K if L Y Nmgsx f NI x-'Ns' R ff x M' ,XX Q in 1 I X! mir, X? A iw 3 Ng JR wi qodxxpg x 'ig' EQ ' fag- ' UN Q, H QQ, v, RSM N , , Sql taxi a 'Y gt X 1 X' AF. ,. ,r , 154. W' 1 1 x 2 -' 3 -. 1 Q A si. K RQ ed T55 'Q' 9 lm 1 -x in Abe, xxx , Ex, Q L Ek, f, in Q9 .pix ,xxx XQ. 5 'XXL . . xQR'p,L1 3 4" A 6 '15 Ti K x. X 5 ' VX-S V ff XX -1 , , .ls ' , Y' X 335 f X' IH 'inf 5 'E' t T.- ff f Q ff wb an XX I XJ Uf f,2, afi Q K LLUQ KWLOKC5 tiyixwv !Nfi11 ,Lu?- itf, g,f4l.l1ff7E-ff, WELD KNQWQWL' " ' 1 -J54iV1i',1kx pu CiL,LL+Q2gg1 wL k KfLw 25 Nik iff r'1C1wL4Lf,p'7 L.C5fL L, LKCAU ybQ-S1-.W'wQN x,K,Q , Cx Jw 1f,4 K. QM J3:Qx,,pL,Q,Q, M1mQCL X w - xQQ,ki qw CM, Q,'i1 ,g Cilify KWYC C7 qjyL,1,,Q ,F ggsg V1 - ' XQ' 1' fQ CICQA Q fn CAI f'm c1 'i ff' T'1Cf4jfff Fel. cis ,Q 1, ,f.i,O f CQUSQQ, X Wi ix -5 5. Ll Hi kibiif , 'YU H:1zuff.xU'il A HIYWK f' W 9 ' ffwl J lwf Iflf ti Aim J I I ' k- f,l , I I 4 . ,N ar xjrx 'I K ? A y i , E W Q ii 4 X 4 2 1 ?7i52'ff - ' . :sa 'W QM Www x 59 QP 246 MW ff , 'IDYYN Um '12, 0133 wan ofgok ,mm -ff fv' W QLQQU 0pu L 4 564 Guztmuxil ov ,fs A Dj MMA MV wsu-QF! 0 VM! .5p'g1'3'-"':"A MQPJMQ s ' 1 Y y I 50 .,,3,.,F,.f MVA mwndmyggbq I3 ,,Jfw5 ilu, ' val ,gb De W , SEN: of' WMA gm? www P t , N SK Qiyiiywgf N NS Sf Qvgggiggfw W . 060 Q 4935 yy W0 my , Kgmywfyyf ,gy www ww YQ M Q X om , V5 gy Us T, M55"w9gy0gwGOii653b0H, QQ 530 0 yds? 0' 'Q of Q ff 5 9-fl Sys? Q Q Q- X, F 3? lj Z! XX W N QQ ml vr' 5, ,QQ 5 4. X S: B CY Q5 QW J . Cf ff X7 fp my 59 QE! XV 0655 X swf sEj v'59fW R9 51 CG 6 Q Y X U S515 RSX 5?JwOWFf X ' Atv V X r Q,wjy,f Q,p,M A fXykQ'7Xj9 QEBJK Wd 'BQ NJ xv QQ f X la Q9 Wg jak 55 XX! BU, Qf W 'N N Nwsgg 14 f ' fX 05 S5 asv! WV Dfw my W MW JV M4 af , M W gk? MWLWW Wjrxwfgxr fa NW Kc L v seaZ ' l H if '-2' Q?v:oX5,2? 'nh A Vw ,Sgr-.f:qbD .b A fyflzg W- 0 Anza! Z gif x 5Q?f7 4 A 'ff P4152 f 194, ,g 5 ffia-,iff 335, Ava .df 'Ab 'ry -of V43 mfg 0 QSYQ , 'pf f OV AQ 600 D Deb 9120 'iff f 'f Y A 'fxyw WZ 'W . M! My Pjfw W, AJ K gf XL K W , W, SECTIGN EDIMTGRS Co-Editors , . . Lori Brown, Netta Tackwell Sports A . , Rick Durant, Susie Kern Student Life A , . Joe Fusaro Organizations . . , Michele McMullin Faculty And Academics . , . Heidi Stoltenberg Jannelle Whisler Seniors , . . Teri Bronnenberg Juniors . . . Troy Townsend Sophomores . . A John Tennyson Photography , . . Kim Clodi 2 Theme 5 +- My H6175 Wiiijof W ,N YK f ff, 1 is f 4 uf warg ,am ' wa- wr , A 90114-Mffiwvlzm ,jf jjlfp, f,QgQ'544g75gw'32? , news: 7 iw' 4?fi1w,Zet1 eff' ,, ,,,, ,,,. Qwi' 9 Y 1 1 A , mx I if ff , X aa -,Ji ref' I e A J M, 1 1 is 1 4 A50 8 1 i 7 L55 -fn"i5-Ii aslffaube is it ,, , 42?-"0 me W A? Q, 2 1642111 difimcihf cj-22641 Table Of Contents SEE: N Wk Themewil if Seniors . , . 8 A Q7 1 4,225 7 Ylygik Student Life 64 jp 6? f Juniors . . . 82 HQ N425 ' Sophomores . , , 116 Q ' Sports . . , 148 Lug? px Faculty And Academics A . A 182 Reef? Organizations . . . 222 -'Q Index And Activities . . . 280 Z Closing 288 Z, 7 Th 36 Your Time This was your time for the red and the white, To learn, to have fun, and to soar to great heights. Each hour was filled with both sadness and joy Emotions were high for each girl and boy. Each minute was lost in activity, Sports, clubs, work, and class study. Seconds unnoticed, continued right on, Until this special time was suddenly gone. This was your time to experiment with life, To learn through decisions, trouble and strife. Yes, this was your time, and it's come to a close, These memories remain as time comes and time goes. Top to bottom, left to right: Anthony Gallegos got in his last few minutes of sleep before school Marty Johnson was saving gas by walking to school. Krystyi Schiavone gathered her books before classes. Students attended another earth shaking class at A.l-l.S. A minor accident occured as this group lunched on the lawn. Kim Clodi gave a smile as her school day ended Many students spent their evenings at football games such as Lisa Fiore, 4 Theme Q-mms.. he-KA 1 ea Pl? G 71 3 'Z fu I W if? W H f 1, M1 Theme 5 kim Free Time If Clockwise from top: Students had a snowball fight at Arteam retreat. TESOL students en- joyed a game of volleyball. Jeff Calderone had his very own fan club. Kerry Gottschalk and Damon Bradeen attended a football game together. -1-..,. r gun ,rm T Vwwfwm lr in gli? I t f,7, ,r -,. W, 'wa w tr 6 Theme 1, I W, ,. f -rw, ., l ,fwlrwff 12 . 5 2 2 ww, ff gl bf T 44 School Time Clockwise from top left: Cheerleaders let everyone know who was Number one. Doug Simon and Keith Wellens enjoyed a laugh at lunch. John Moran and Vang Pao Yang spent class time wisely. The jock table was used as a study area for a change. Ray Gooch mocked Joe Corre during Spirit Week. mia Theme 7 M wwf fwyhffzaaiffff l fW' W W MTW ZW QW W ui Rf Nx Ux X xg My F ig? Q S KU K X5 CN I X 3fSwQ K UQ S YXQYQQ The Time Has Comet 9 Nj MM Bax? UJWJU 'WL fm ,kg ' mf M ' if W 7 ,,M 11665 My Ami lwefxj NKV Jo? fl C731 L Qaida N if Rim I ivy L'Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact." William James .RFK-5 l I s Y.. we William Jason Mark Ahrens Akers Allen 'Gwmw 'fi x A-. l Paul Amato Gail Armstrong 10 Seniors g .gy X. . - i., Effie Mark Michael Carol Anderson Anderson Arko ! i 7 M s Richard Robert Christine Asher Atz Barela I did!" icy Richard Jenny rker Barta Bartleson "l think I can, I know I can, The Little Engine That Could xnald Carolyn Jeffrey Robert irton Bashford Bechard Becker l l l l A -,ttA M we .t,.t. L W 7 ,ary Michael Mark Diane eige Benallo Bendele Biegel hw. TEW W 'X Seniors 11 rf X 'I' We 1 l 1 Carol Gwyn BiSl101D Blackburn Bradley Troy Blank Blosser Marc Stephen Boette Bokros 12 Seniors Janette Julie Black Black William Jacob Bluethmann Boekel 53 are ,. I fl l k Sheri Sandra Booton Borrego tti st Kf- N"!"'tN-vm phanie ules ather ,Ile A NWVNWS si 1 xr K . A Q ii 5. f -Q55 if r K? ,r - ...Q S 3 'N-A 350,- Beth Bowman Michael Boyles Michael Bowman Damon Bradeen Most Athletic Randy Miskol Melissa Lingle Larry Boyer Heather Brantley Seniors 13 i 2 i A 1 Teri Amy Bronnenberg Brown Timothy Elizabeth X Brown Brummette .QUTL John Plakorus takes a break from drafting. 14 Seniors Andrea Brown Brungardt William Bunn Lori Brown Patrick Bunn Geoffrey Burg .,,, M, v3K9ULQ7I?gi mgy -'L :I-,ff ' V uf ffiffMg7LiH:Wi7lf7afEff 7 , ww fy' f V M, ,.,,, M of I l 44 9 'A Af Q , ,Y fa My ,Q , M O QQ W James John 'ry Boyer makes a calculation. Burgard B I ur ey lliam Tracy Brett David rt Cadone Callahan Calley Ura Wilmington Nancy Ronald lien Cancanon Cardenas Carlson il. Seniors 15 Best Build Cutest Figure Mike Benallo Darin Yvonne Rodriguez Carney l Coleen Debra William Stephanie C559 CQSSH Chandler Chappell A L ' 4 4 0 ' k r iz 4 1 ' Q 4 ,4- , 1 1' 0? : , " ' .1 Q ir- 4 1 if Y r 4' '4 P XV xi i, ., if , H A , r e f Q . f , f , , - 4 mili . :Eu ' D 5 1 .V I 5 ,W " K 1 1 . L .- .. i' -v , " ii V i 5 .Q f' 3 J' 4 di, L : Kurtis Gregory Vanarun Eun-Soo Charmighael Cheer Chhay Choe 16 Seniors Cindy Clark N fl, R is ,F is W-Q 4 Q5-1" Q K is if Christine Clinard Thomas Copeland VV' 1 Timothy Using one finger Susie Kern types her research paper. Cleveland lx Q E X Kimberly Sean Keith Clodi Conway Conyers is ri Kenneth Tara Connie Corkins Coughlin Cowan Seniors 17 S if ' : ETS Joey Chad Rodney Dana Coy Culter Curneen Dailey Ginger Christopher Shauna Michael Dally Danos Dardanis Davis Patricia Kimberly Michael Lori Dean DeFiore DeGidio DeNileon 18 Seniors 'ry Marty Steven Gregory Shaw DeWitt DeWitt Dighero f"""'x X, D., G mf ' A Q QW A ai-DS A his , 5 X I . i Wuxi vid David Leonard Khanh Dingwell DiPentino Do Ngun-S YW? ' s ...H s' A , v . . , gi . ,X W A - .nxwsx-X 9 i7fi55,,z43 D-lirxg-ir. in P nfgfeff' one-eff o r e 'Q N 'V V, ' K D :hard Corrine Tina Kari inley Donnelly Dou hert Downey Q Y fr Seniors 19 "After a man makes his mark in the world, a lot of people will come around with erasersfl Frank McGinnis Kecia Stephanie Doyle Duerr Els Robert Gail Paul Durant Dymond Eaton Joan John Todd Easton Easton Ebelsheiser 20 Seniors Richard Duran Deborah Eberly at ivffii-1-A . ida Larry terling Edwards gitta Kimberly Elder lanie Rita if Eres "l'he things that count most in life are the things that can't be counted." Anonymous Sheila Eggart Michael Carol Eledge Ellisor si Brian Deana Erickson Ewan Seniors 21 Sharon Ewing ,. QWNXQXI . as S X N Y XS gill? xxx . .A ff ' ' 'Nia A .. 1 aw q , F S ,, X JXXX X iii? , M QL NX x mx X X N L S '-' i . X 15 5- " . - 7229 9' -2 ' " - ' X 22292 X we F .5 i g . - km S ., .. X sl S f go is if xg? X i - -Su - X .c 1 ,K Q .- Sif f - kii.. Jill Rosa Farnum Farinella il so M., ,. Devon Joseph Fehr Fink Finn Michael Diane Kirkpatrick showed us her Upearly whitesfl Stacey 22 Seniors Flanders Kelley Farrar li. in ig Lisa Fiore Jina Florida ,V f Lori Keith 'i Koeppen reviews her prize negatives. Forbes Ford rrrrerre 9 ! SN Q if ann Sean Lisa Linda rd Foster French Freyre 'fx il' f -vi.-Q Q Ok 9 i ,QQ F, if I., , 5 ' NA.,,,.,"" i i:Lh Elf if X seph Jamie Dayna Camille saro Gahm Gailus Gallegos Seniors 23 '4The past is to learn from and not to live in." Richard Evans James Garcia Pamela Gibson 24 Seniors 1 A . ssl E: . i Y. . Q fi Leslie Laurie Timothy Galloway Gamboe Gangwish Deborah Christopher Thomas Gawlas George Georgia Thomas Gibson Donald Jeri Gillette Gillispie wh: if Suzanne Jeri Gilroy Gittins I 'LTO be kissed by a fool is bad, but to be fooled by a Q kiss is worse." is Bathroom wall 10' Greg Scott Eric Goldman Goldstein Gomez Mary John Christopher Graham Grandestaff Graves Seniors 25 l Cynthia Gray Paul Griffin +.. k Q Leslie Hagerman 26 Seniors fe i. f- Jason Green Cheryl Grover Joe Hammock i M Rodney Julie Green Grenfell .. ssss ' w X NX Q Q X XX X . gs sg - EE E .. 1-'M - . - i ' i i A ' H G G A 1-,..:-45:z,-aJ,7NZt'.:,11 -A.-elvis .sS":. 1-, - 1 . X JOIQYIQ Shawna Guest Hackwell Amy Andrew Hanson Hanson my 2 W Y ff 5 Q X P m f, -Q Biggest Flirts Keith Wellens Teri Bronnenberg l e Brett Callahan rlow mes Alison Lorraine Gerald nrris Hart Hass Hassel , Q Q lS0r1 Staci Kimberly Amy azlitt Hearrell Heckel Hegg Seniors 27 nr, E-0 5 X i Joseph Matthew Christopher Hegge Heggenberger Heller hw? Polly Hensel Lonnie Hess Heidi Hershberger g r Penny Harry Annette Hill Hishinuma Hodkinson 28 Seniors Wanda Helstrom Michelle Hill Wendy Hoefer lristine oeppner 'Nw evin ope ean uddleston X SQL Tammy Hoffman Melissa Bfeff Holland H012 Michael Horan T 'E BQ Scott Hughes E' Bradley Ronelle Huck Hudclleston Donald Hughston Cheryl Hunt Seniors 29 Brendan Suzanne Hyland lacovetta Mickie Patricia Jackowell Jacoby 'QQ ' K A rr X, ms 'R : Bart Selby is still a little off center. 30 Seniors David Bradley Imes Ingram Darlene James John Jameson l Mary Jo Janecek Laurie Johansen ?"1'lik, 'NW n Easton spends his time at lunch riding a skateboard. Bonnie Jeffery lfrey nes ESV' NQYSBE: - . -- rs - ,i .. l I ck ZQFIQI' Johnson Johnson s QA., ,Q MiChaCl Sherri Christopher Jones Kristin Kellett Jones Joseph S311 . mg? YJ .fl gl J' i Susan Randall Kern Kessinger Seniors 31 Best Looking Chad Culter Jina Florida Dave Calley X Mark Donald Diane Kilgore Kinney Kirkpatrick sr D Q .f K rw Michael Duff Sherri Knipps Knott Knox 32 Seniors 32 it E E 5 ii Donald Kilgore Eric Knechtel 3 D. D fi Kenneth Kobold 'M ari Mary .OBPPCH Kominek Joelle Krankota 'K-.. 3 5 Roderick Robert iuenning Kunze 79' 4 Q30-vs.. "'!N Dale Harlow kicks back to relax after a hard lunch hour riding his skate board. Kristi Thomas Krueger Kubic David Linda Larson Lauderman Seniors 33 "Two roads diverged in a wood, and l took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." Robert Frost i Miroslav Lev Melissa Lingle 34 Seniors Jason Lazoskie Ness' Kevin Lewis Chong Lo Melinda Trgy Ledl Leisenring Susan Yvonne Lewis Lewis 'Ds Dennis Richard Lobato Longcrier IV 3 Joseph Koua Lopez Lor ""Dx .. VR lik: ak! l Xai Qi Regina Jon Love Lowe of-qw. L--'G f.,,,o Q si Leann OD Mace Mach "Life goes by but once so use your time wiselyg lead your life instead of letting your life lead you." Anonymous Michelle Lynch Ann Mankenberg Seniors 35 Amy Mader fwlw? 'M ski Debbie Martinez Timothy Martinez 36 Seniors S James Daniel Malone Marples v 3 K Frank Stanley Martinez Martinez Agnes Lori Martonosi Masciotro Q Stephen Martin Sylvia Martinez K we r Melinda Mattevi on Zie I af , V I' r we in W' XX? XX s O-. 901 .jf-.xg xl' W K glkx. .xt I fgxifl. R, ll Jlyn s a Ileland ,r Y X f, ' fer'-' Cathleen Melissa Maus Mauser Sean Jenney McClure McCullough Most Talented Gerry Hassle Joelle Krankota Brian Mazanec .,,,,,7,, N l -ga .":kkk- . S Thomas Mclsaac an M.. We Zia cn CD E. o '4 U7 no X1 if A S Joani Lynn Lisa Michele McKendry McKinstry McMillan McMullin Si Kevin Eric Kimberly Steven McNerney Meltvedt Metz Milke Mark Allen and Rob Burchett posed in court room door on field trip. Deborah Lori Miller Miller 38 Seniors X ff! MM , ggi fi' 755461 5 K l -'iii 53 M if ,..,.. Efl ,izb Q 5 reee fr , .'-Q'- Q . K ig' -i ,.,. .,,g::: ,A ,A., mg Lo Sens lollipops for TESQL. 3115311 Siffgheu .. 4n!F"'rr was egg Paul Heather Frank chell Moerkerken Molde Montoya Rick Michael Kerry Morger Morrison Mote Seniors 39 Best All Around Mary Kominek Troy Leisenring Teng Moua Sharon Myers 40 Seniors Donald Shanna Murray Murray Susan Young Myron Na X Koua Moua Dawn Musat Jeffrey Nakayama 'hard nce .ss .. , X5 W thryn :hrig Donna Needham Nancy Nelson N ' as x K Jim Easton studies photography. .si Robert Nemmers anh Susanna JGYUCS iuyen Nilsson Nixon Q f . .sq-xx we , 5 A K s sm Kristy Neuschwanger .. S' :AA 1 Q ai, 0. my if, Q, nav Q rassssss Q Q " v. sitz . I ssaa ssss - --:.k, 1 .f:,:. X st Staci N o ll Seniors 41 fm "A friend is a person with whom l may be sincere. Before him I may think K 5 aloud." Ralph Waldo Emerson Camille Michelle Jon Nyberg Nye Oberto :" arg Q: Y if 5 Q 59: William Richard Holly Michael Ockef Odekifk Oliver ollef Samantha John J, John R. Linda Osse Owen Owen Page 42 Seniors K aria April Daniel ,Chaco Parker Parker ,pr W arsha Rosalie Robert lsserella Passarelli Paswell Je Sean David arrault Perrizo Pettigrew NA man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without deathf' John F. Kennedy Jorja Payne 'wfefgimfwf VY SF - -55 Nt- .,. Kelly Pevler Seniors 43 Novom Phayboun John Plakorus Christopher Pratz 44 Seniors so-il!-wi Rattanaphone Wendy Michael Phouleuanghong Piburn Pilch Y Timothy Kingson Plamondon Poon .R N13 mifyih X QR is Paul Tina Deborah Pribyl Purvis Pyle 1 Q Julie Ramirez will Barry Cheryl Randall Rath N: N ig l1l-,l11 Garth Reber David Christina Rellfeld Reynolds .L A Tamara Richards Q f li iilai 'iaa W Z si K ' John Kimi Richter Ricker Seniors 45 Ki: . M , V .. , 13, ,fy if X LQ 5 wa W, Af t 1 if -X 'N 3' 'Fi . . L, to - 'S X '- dy - f 5 are if i NSN' W A N. .........., . A A tf.l.,,.,?.l' . r Bradley Angela Rebecca Jamie Rink Rivera Roberts Robertson Scott Shawn Christina Yvonne Robertson Robertson Robidoux Rodriguez Cathleen Denise Kari Nickaletta Rogers Rome Romero Romero 46 Seniors VV n , ' ' x z z V i V 3 ,,,, h,,h,,,M,,,..,,M,, Q Q V W C ' ' ,A, , V. 4 V , ',VVz'V,,k ' , Q g 1' if 7 Best Personality X Scott Robertson thia Diane Kirkpatrick l V.Z:,, ,,,5,V,,Z 3 b 4 , Darin Schmidt ,e ' A R, iald sier nsanullah Dia fi K, S, W. Susan Lisa Chris ROUQMOU Rountree ROUSSG1 na Coeann Trina daqar Saindon Salyer Sanchez Seniors 47 Camille Gallegos sneaks out of photography class Christine Santoro David Schooley 48 Seniors Robert Sauer E i f Scott Seaford W' i , i H tw 4 ily 'wtf' , M, -- . Shannon Scherschligt Barton Selby Charisse Sannebeck ,Xi gh 'rw ir r Darin Schmidt Matt Sherr l i aniel Shellie elders Sell 'Nm OHSGVBT Phothong nethong Sengdara MER 3 h - - 2 --'- - 1 ., l.lh., A Fifi - -'A' - . - we-i'll5P,e. F5 .1 -Rf .,,-. - :QQ L... k 155 45455 , l." -.-. , S Nygfigy w,.Q3 ,S l 3 Pino hakin Rebecca Shaver Ken Kobold spent some free time in the library. Dena Carol Settle Shaffer Lanette Michelle Shevlin Shively Seniors 49 Darcy Shroyer 'QQ tttt to Karen Smaldone 5. Tiffany Smith 50 Seniors l Sandra Wayne Douglas Sieczowski Sielsky Simon I 'S+-Qiitinji Andrew Kelly Robb Smith Smith Smith Julie Joseph Mark Sorenson Spalding Spensieri llh"'f' , ' f fu, , bw man i age fir 1 Q Q. , xo: X W , Af ,. . 1554 'i 41 em, K :la Ronald ndler Spomer Stover Best Dressed Bill Chandler Tricia Dean Sn Steven Lonny Stapp Stearns X i 51 'fkwt .Tl o ST :1 U7 F9 cu 'U :- or E. an Strand x -s. ,Qs gr: a. f I S S emu A ,sss, ,,se i as S .ss X L. . was Q 1 ' . - to at K - r L wstei- sel f-. L i A . . as . ft -- Scott Styles Seniors 5 i s Old Indian says, l'Fellow N ' who drive like devil bound to meet him sooner or later." Old Indian Mike Michelle Sullivan Susich Netta John Douglas Tackwell Tagliente Taylor Chad Duane Christopher Thompson Tomek Tone 52 Seniors ii Cory Tackwell Stephen Thomas Troy Townsend J ennine Darron Tuchscherer Tucker Sam Steve Turney Tuffy am. Toua Mary vang Vest "Tell me only this, that I'll have your love for always, and I want you by my side whispering the words 'I'll always love you'." Lionel Richie la we Margaret Underwood Q -1-vile NS ex K fs.. S55 ss ,922 X risk' . me ' Q35 1 V , eggs: w ' ...Q - r f , iiy. , L .. 1. :pa , Z3i-'3?LS.I- ' . ,QV 5' -'iigfs--A.. K 1-A K . - . H f E lv is Qsrvirx TE' . " 'X is Eric Vine Seniors 53 Lisa Vitry Theresa Vondran Qu Duc Minh Vu Scott Warrington 54 Seniors 4-sax, t k m wJ Christie Walker Shawnda Watkins Leslie Marni Vonehrenkrook Vonesh Michelle Joseph Wallin Warren Robert Donna Waycott Webster tt gner 5. r,. 'r ev.- S , if? is M -. ' SS- .. S B . 1. W W ,. E S i g S Most Likely to f Succeed Lonny Stearns Melissa Mauser R.L. Spomer Cindy Gray 0 . hard Sherry Kimberly Connie Welch Weldon Wellborn ith Sean Shannon Jannelle zllens Wendt Wetmore Whisler Seniors 55 BX , refill it Andrew Robert White White Ronda Mark Wilkinson Willi21mS .MW Angela Rivera laughs at her mistakes. 56 Seniors Kimberly White is R S' S QS 1 1, Wendy Whitehead Tv Williams Cherie Windholz Kristi Winchester Colleen Whitney ,. ., A i 'IS QB 3 kt .X es? i F ffl ,fi -Ks. ,:-k- 5 , S- onda :lfe .2-Q A IQ' w -ff X Q: NHH2- A ,. .. .R .. R N,,, 'h,' , A w-in . xr : 1 M fi :.: x W, E2 X X , X x x ix N wg X A X 5? SS Q X X k z, 0 QR .X N 2 of X9 X K , Q Q wx Q X3 X X Q X Q X P Wei if k X . Shu Jia Kristie Douglas YG Young Zavoral In Memory Lmda Harty 4 Seniors 57 Senior Activities Index William Ahrens: Football 13 Swimming 23 A-Team 2333 FBLA 233. Jason Akers: Soccer 13233. Mark Anderson: Physics Club 3. Michael Anderson: DECA 2,33 Football 13 Swimming 2. Carol Arko: Rifle 2333 National Honor Society 33 Marching Band 132333 Physics Club 33 Instrumental Music 132. Christine Barela:DECA 23 FHA 3. Richard Barta:Swimming 13233-Capt.3 Jenny Bartleson:Marching Band 1,23 FBLA 33 Yearbook 33 French Club 33 In- strumental Music 132. Carolyn Bashford: Chorale 33 Choraliers 33 Student Council 132-Secretary 1. Robert Becker:A-Team 3-Vice Presie dent. Janette Black: Volleyball 132333 Track 1,2333 Choraliers 33 Chorale 3. Julie Blacl-l:Volleyball 132333 Track 1,2333 Chorale 33 Choraliers 3. Gwyn Blackburn:Softball 2,33 Soccer 13233. Michael Blosser: Marching Band 132333 Instrumental Music 132333 Chorale 2333 Choraliers 2,33 Concert Choir 1. Bill Bluethmann:Spanish club 1,23 Na- tional Honor Society 3. Jacob Boekel: Exchange Student 3. Clinton Bonham:French Club 1. Sheri Booton:Soccer 1,2333 Student Council 33 National Honor Society 2,33 Cheerleader 33 Key Club 3. Pattie Bost: FBLA 3. Stephanie Bowles: FBLA 33 A-Team 33 Tribe 3-SecfTreasurer3 French Club 3- Secretary. Heather Boyle:Marching Band 1323 In- strumental Music 1,21 Concert Choir 23 Chantelles 33 French Club 13233. Damon Bradeen: Cross Country 132333 Swimming 2,31 Baseball 2333 French Club 3. Vanessa Bress:HERO 3. Teri Bronnenberg: Softball 33 Yearbook 2,33 Track 33 Crystelles 132. Lori Brown: Cheerleader 1323 Soccer 13 National Honor Society 233-Treasurer3 Yearbook 3-Editor. Tim Brown:Marching Band 1,23 Instru- mental Music 1,2333 Wind Ensemble 132. Elizabeth Brummette:DECA 3. Patrick Bunn:Marching Band 132,33 Newspaper 33 Soccer 13 Instrumental Mu- sic 13233. William Bunn:Thespians 2,31 Key Club 33 Orchestra 1,2333 Physics Club 33 March- ing Band 2. David Calley:Football 2333 Baseball 1,2,3: Spanish Club 1. Nanci Cardenas:FHA 33 Tribe 13 French Club 3. Coleen Case:Thespians 2333 Forensics 2,31 Color Guard 233-head3 Spanish Club 1'Sophomore Representative3 Junior Achievement 2. Greg Cheer:Soccer 1. Kimberly Clodi: Yearbook 3. Grant Conway:Tennis 1,233-Capt. Thomas Copeland:DECA 33 Swimming 2. Connie Cowan:French Club 132-treasur- er3 Forensics 33 Chorale 33 Choraliers 3- Senior Representative. Chad Culter:Football 132333 Wrestling 13 233. Dana Dailey:Chantelles 13 Chorale 2333 Modernaires 2,33 Rifle Squad 2-Capt.3 Marching band 132. Ginger Dally: FBLA 233g DECA 23 Soft- ball 2. Mlchael Davis:Football 13233. Tricia Dean: Track 132333 Cross-Country 13233. Kimberly DeFiore: HERO 3. Marty DeWitt: Cross-Country 2,33 Track 2,33 Tribe 1. Gregory Dlghero: Yearbook 23 Football 33 Track 2,33 Outdoor Lab Counselor 3. Leonard DlPentino: Marching Band 1323 Instrumental Music 13233. Karl Downey: National Honor Society 2333 Softball 33 Gymnastics 1,21 Chorale 33 Choraliers 3. Kecia Doyle: Pompon 2,33 National Hon- or Society 2333 Junior Achievement 1-Sec- retary3 Latin Club 13233. Richard Duran: Wrestling 132333 Year- NZMW 3 Randy Miskol spent some time studying on the newly installed benches in the student lounge. Kathy Loop kept busy during her free hour. 55. book 35 Outdoor Lab Counselor 2,3. Gall Dymond: FBLA 3. Paul Eaton: Track 152,35 Cross-Country 15253. Todd Ebelshelser: Tennis 35 DECA 35 Basketball 2,3-Capt.5 Baseball 3. Larry Edwards: Football 1,2535 Track 15 A-Team 2535 Swimming 1. lBirgltta Ek: Chorale 2,35 Banner 25 Vol- leyball 15 Basketball 1. Kimberly Elder: Thespians 1,2,3-Presi- dent5 Student Council 1,25 National Honor Society 2,35 Chorale 3-Treasurerg Chora- liers 3-Section Leader. Sharon Ewing: Yearbook 35 HERO 35 FHA 2,3-Historian, President. Kelley Farrar: FBLA 35 Volleyball 1. Kelly Farrell: Chantelles 35 Crystelles 1,2. Michael Fehr: Football 1. Joe Finn: Baseball Manager 253. Keith Ford: Football 1,2,35 wrestling 1,2,3. Leann Ford: FBLA 2,3-President5 A- Team 2,35 Chorale 35 Choraliers 35 Chan- telles 2. Lisa French: DECA 35 Flag Team 1,2. Shelly Freyre: Chorale 2,35 Choraliers 35 Chantelles 25 Instrumental Music 1,2,3. Joseph Fusaro: Footbal 2,35 Track 25 Yearbook 3. E S Swv: ar- by Q xg if WNW Dayna Gallusz Forensics 2,35 Spanish Club 2. Camille Gallegos: Soccer 1,2535 Cross- Country 2,35 DECA 35 Yearbook 3. Leslie Galloway: FBLA 3. Laurie Gamboe: HERO 35 FHA 35 Out- door Lab Counselor 2,3. Timothy Gangwish: FBLA 2,3. Deborah Gawlas: Thespians 3. Tom Georgia: Soccer 1,2,3. Pamela Gibson: Crystelles 1,2,3. Thomas Gibson: Swimming 35 Track 3. Donald Gillette: Football 1,2,35 Wres- tling 15253. Jeri Glttlns: A-Team 2,35 Thespians 35 Color Guard 2,35 Tribe 1,2,3-President. Peggy Gleason: Student Council 1,2- Secretary5 Chorale 2535 Choraliers 25 Mo- dernaires 35 Thespians 2,3-Vice President. Eric Gomez: Swimming 2,35 DECA 3. Mary Graham: Swimming 1,2535 Soccer 1,2535 basketball 15 Chantelles 2,35 Instru- mental Music 1. John Grandestaff: Marching Band 15 Baseball 1,2535 Instrumental Music 1,2. Christopher Graves: Ham Radio 253. Cynthia Gray: Student Council-Student Body Secretary 35 National Honor Society 2,35 German Club 1,2,3-President5 Swim- ming 1,2,35 capt. 2,3. Jolene Guest: Student Council 2,35 Left to Right: Darron "Showtime" Tucker lived up to his name. Larry Boyer contemplated over his homework for Math. Chantelles 2,3. Shawna Hackwell: Student Council 1,2,3-V. President5 Cheerleader 2,3. Leslie Hagerman: Cross Country 1,2535 Track 1,2,3. Joseph Hammock: Marching Band 1,2,3. Michelle Hanes: HERO 3. Amy Hanson: FBLA 2,3. Andrew Hanson: Marching Band 15 In- strumental Music 1,2,3. Lorraine Hass: FBLA 2,35 Color Guard 2,35 German Club 1,2,3. Gerald Hassell: Football 1,2535 Track 1, 2, 35 Chorale 2,35 Modernaires 35 Chora- liers 2. Staci Hearrell: Student Council 2,3- Presidentg Chantelles 2,35 Pin Pal 25 Gym- nastics 1. Kimberly Heckel: Junior Achievement 1,253 Lonnle Hess: Chorale 35 Modernaires 35 Thespians 35 Student Council 1,25 Latin Club 1,2,3-V. President. Harry Hlshinuma: Swimming 15 Baseball 1,2,3. Annette Hodkinson: Marching Band 1,2,35 Flag team 2,35 Instrumental Music 1,2. Chris Hoeppner: National Honor Society 35 Concert Choir 15 Choraliers 2,35 Cho- Senior Activities rale 2,33 German Club 1. Tammy Hoffman: DECA 2,33 Latin Club 1,2,3-SecretaryTreasurer. Ronelle Huddleston: DECA 2,3-Public ity director3 Chantelles 33 Concert Choir 1,23 Swimming 23 Color Guard 3, Sean Huddleston: Marching Band 1,2,33 Spanish Club 13 Instrumental Music 1,2,3. Scott Hughes: Soccer 1,2,3-Captain3 Modernaires 2,33 Chorale 2,3. Brendan Hyland: Basketball 1,23 Track 1,2,3. Mickie Jackowell: Yearbook 33 HERO 3: Latin Club 13 Junior Achievement 33 Marching Band 1,2. Patricia Jacoby: Chantelles 3. Jeff Johnson: Football 1,2,3 Laurie Johansen: Gymnastics 1,23 Track 2. Bonnie Johnson: Tesol 2,33 Internation- al Club 2,33 Marching Band 23 FHA 13 Spanish Club 3. Jeff Jones: Chorale 2,33 Choraliers 23 National Honor Society 33 Modernaires 3. Sherri Jones: Marching Band 1,2,33 French Club 33 Instrumental Music 1,2,3. Chris Joseph: Football 1,33 DECA 2,33 A-Team 2,3. Terry Kedjeski: Golf lgirlsl 1,2,3. Jack Keener: Tribe 23 Chorale 2,33 Choraliers 2,33 Wrestling 2. Kristin Kellett: Chorale 2,33 Choraliers 33 Chantelles 23 Instrumental Music 13 Marching Band 1,2. Susan Kern: Pin Pal 33 Student Council 1,2,33 Softball 2,33 Basketball 1,23 Year- 60 Senior Activities book 3. Don Kilgore: Instrumental Music 1,2,33 Marching Band 1, 2,3, Diane Kirkpatrick: Student Council 2,33 soccer 1,23 National Honor Society 2,3- Secretary Basketball 1,2,33 Softball 233, Eric Knechtle: Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,3. Mike Knipps: Soccer 1,2,3. Duff Knott: Wrestling 132,33 Football 1,31 Yearbook 3. Sherri Knox: Soccer 23 Track 13 Year- book 33 Newspaper 1,2,3. Sari Koeppen: Pompon 33 DECA 3. Mary Kominek: Cheerleader 1,2,33 Stu- dent Council 33 National Honor Society 2,33 Track 23 Softball 3. Joelle Krankota: Thespians 1,2,33 Con- cert Choir 13 Choraliers 2,33 Chorale 2,33 Basketball Manager 2,33 Modernaires 3- Secretary. Kristi Krueger: German Club 1. Roderick Kuenning: Concert Choir 1,2,3. Melinda Ledl: Marching Band 1,23 Instru- mental Music 1,2,3. Troy Leisenring: Football 1,2,33 Basket- ball 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 Concert Choir 13 Chorale 2,3. Kevin Lewis: National Honor Society 2,33 Physics Club 33 Forensics 23 Spanish Club 33 Marching Band 1,2. Yvonne Lewis: DECA 2,33 Latin Club 2,3. Melissa Lingle: Track 1,2,33 Student Council 33 Basketball 1,2,33 Volleyball 1,2,3. Chong Lo: Yearbook 33 A-Team 2,3. Richard Longcrier: Latin Club 1,2,3-Co- pres.3 National Honor Society 2,33 Key Club 33 Junior Achievement 1, Joseph Lopez: National Honor Society 2,3-Vice-President3 Marching Band 1,2,33 Physics Club 33 German Club 33 Soccer 1. Toby Lowe: Wrestling 1,23 Football 1,2. John Lozano: Wrestling 13 Junior Achievement 13 Latin Club 33 Instrumental Music 2,3. Amy Mader: National Honor Society 2,33 Thespians 2,3-Historian3 Choraliers 23 Chorale 2-33 Modernaires 3. Daniel Marples: Track 33 FBLA 1,2,3, Sylvia Martinez: German Club 3-Secre- taryg Physics Club 3. Timothy Martinez: Wrestling 1,2,3. Agnes Martonosi: Physics Club 3. Marion Mattie: DECA 3. Lori Masciotro: National Honor Society 2,33 Chorale 33 Choraliers 33 Chantelles 23 Concert Choir 1. Brian Mazanec: Newspaper 3. Sean McClure: Soccer 1,2,3 Joani McKendry: FBLA 3. Lynn McKinstry: Concert Choir 1,21 Chantelles 3. Lisa McMillan: DECA 2,3. Kim Clodi, Donna Webster, Sharon Ewing, and Heidi Stoltenberg displayed the vari- ety of costumes worn for Halloween. Doug Taylor played tag with a referee during this game. Michele McMullin: Yearbook 3-Sectior Halloween. Doug Taylor played tag with a referee. Kim Clodi, Donna Webster, Sharon Ewing and Heide Stoltenberg displayed the variety of costumes worn for Bill Chandler and Dave Pettigrew were clowning around as usual. Darin V Schmidt waved as he took a break from shoveling the football field. Q-iii' . . ., :max iw! eww H 'Q Mx ARYADI WL, 3 -- Ml NYY-li W' 2 ..M.VE,i::.. H ..VV . 5 ,t-, f ml W 36 M 4 ...W . M1 Y Editorg DECA 1,2,3. Eric Meltvedt: Spanish Club 2,31 Swim- ming 1,31 Soccer 1,39 Track 1. Steve Mllke: Marching Band 1,2,39 In- strumental Music 1,2,3. Deborah Miller: Chorale 2,39 Choraliers 39 Chantelles 29 Concert Choir 1. Randall Miskol: Football 1,2,39 Track 1,29 Wrestling 1,2,3Q Baseball 39 National Honor Society 2,3. Gregg Mitchell: Concert Choir 19 Chora- liers 29 Modernaires 39 Chorale 2,32 Latin Club 3. Amy Morehead: National Honor Society 2,3. Richard Morger: Soccer 1,2,3. Kerry Mote: HERO 39 Marching Band 1,21 Spanish Club 1. Donald Murray: Physics Club 3. Sharon Myers: Chorale 2,39 Instrumental Music 19 Modernaires 39 Chantelles 2. Susan Myron: Newspaper 39 Yearbook 3. Jeffrey Nakayama: Physics Club 39 French Club 3. Kathryn Nehrig: German Club 1,2,39 Chorale 2,39 Modernaires 39 Choraliers 2. Nancy Nelson: Thespians 2,3-Secretary9 Chorale 2,39 Modernaires 39 Student Council 1,2-President9 Choraliers 2. Robert Nemmers: Forensics 2, 39 Marching Band 1,29 Instrumental Music 1,29 French Club 1, 2. James Nixon: Football 1. Staci Noll: DECA 2,39 Chantelles 2,39 Softball 2,39 Tennis 2,3. Camille Nyberg: HERO 39 A-Team 2,39 Bill Ocker: Student Council 1,2,3-Histori- an9 Track 39 Rifle 29 Marching band 1,2, Holly Oliver: Concert Choir 19 DECA 2,3. John Owen: Baseball 2,3. T. Maria Pacheco: Cheerleading 1,2,3. Daniel Parker: Swimming 39 Soccer 3. April Parker: Pompon 2,3-Headg Soccer 19 A-Team 29 Gymnastics 1,2-Captain. Rosalie Passarelli: Swimming 1,2,3- Captain9 Pin Pal 2,3.. Joe Perrault: Boys Golf 3. Wendy Piburn: Softball 2,39 Soccer 1,2,39 Modernaires 39 Chorale 2,3. John Plakorus: Baseball 3. Kingson Poon: International Club 2,39 Physics Club 3. Tina Purvis: German Club 1,29 DECA 2. Christina Reynolds: Softball 39 Crys- telles 1,21 Chantelles 3. Glenn Rice: Thespians 2,39 Chorale 2,39 Modernaires 39 Swimming 2,39 Junior Achievement 3-Vice President. Tammy Richards: Softball 2,39 Basket- ball 1,2,39 Tennis 1,2,3. Kimi Ricker: FBLA 39 Chantelles 39 Soft- ball 3. Brad Rink: Baseball 1,2939 Wrestling 1,2. Angela Rivera: Crystelles 1,29 Soccer 1,29 Cross Country 2. Rebecca Roberts: Thespians 293, Tribe 19 Spanish Club 1,2,3-Vice President9 Crystelles 1. Scott Robertson: Football 1,2,39 Wres- tling 1,2,39 Baseball 1,2,3Q Student Council 2,3-Student Body President9 Basketball 1. Shawn Robertson: National Honor Soci- ety 2,39 Football 2. Christina Robldoux: Marching Band 1,29 Physics Club 39 Rifle 29 French Club 1,2,39 Instrumental music 1,2. Yvonne Rodriguez: Cheerleading 29 Yearbook 2. Denise Rome: FHA 2,3-Secretary, Vice- President9 Concert Choir 19 Crystelles 2,3. Nickaletta Romero: Crystelles 1,2,39 Tennis 2. Donald Rosier Swimming 192,39 Soccer 3. Susan Roughton: Chorale 39 Chantelles 2,39 Concert Choir 1. Lisa Rountree: FHA 1,2,3. Jennifer Salas: Marching Band 1,2,39 HERO 39 Rifle 2-Captain, Outdoor Lab Counselor 3. Coeann Salyer: Color Guard 2,39 French Club 3-Vice President. Kurt Sauer: Football 2,39 Wrestling 1,2,3. Darin Schmidt: Football 1,2,3, Student Council 2,3-Student Body Vice President9 Track 29 Basketball 19 Chorale 3. Senior Activities 61 62 Senior Activities Dan Selders: DECA 2. Dena Settle: FBLA 2,3-Secretary, Presi- dent3 Chantelles 3-President3 Pompon 33 Tribe 1. Carol Shaffer: Track 1,2,33 Cross-Coun- try 1,2,33 Concert Choir 13 Spanish Club 1. Dino Shakin: Football 33 A-Team 2,3. Rebecca Shaver: French Club 13 Chan- telles 2,3 Richard Shaver: Baseball 1,2,3. Lanette Shevlin: DECA 3. Michelle Shively: A-Team 3. Darcy Shroyer: Swimming 1,23 Track 33 Cheerleading 3. Karen Smaldone: National Honor Soci- ety 3, Key Club 3-TYQBSUYQYQ Physics Club 3-president, Marching Band 1,2,3-Drum Major3 Instrumental Music 13233. Kelly Smith: Marching Band 1,23 Nation- al Honor Society 3. Heidi Spilman: Key Club 3- Vice Presi- dent3 National Honor Society 2,3Presi- dent3 Marching Band, 1,2,33 Physics Club 33 Instrumental Music 1,2,3. R. L. Spomer: Wrestling 1,2333 Football 1,2. Steve Stapp: Football 2,33 Swimming 1,2,3. Lonny Stearns: Football 1,2,3Q A-Team 23 Basketball 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3. Heidi Stoltenberg: Yearbook 33 March- ing Band 1,23 Instrumental Music 1,2. Robin Stover: Pompon 23 FBLA 2,33 FHA 3: A-Team 2. Stephanie Strand: Student Council 13 DECA 33 Rifle 23 Soccer 13 German Club 1. Scott Styles: Concert Choir 3. Michelle Susich: Junior Achievement 3. Netta Tackwell: Yearbook 2, 3-Editor3 Junior Achievement 1. Douglas Taylor: Football 2,33 Track 1,2,3. Chad Thompson: A-Team 2. Duane Tomek: Physics Club 3. Troy Townsend: Football 33 Swimming 1,2,33 Track 2,33 Yearbook 3. Susan Traut: Student Council 33 Track 1,2,3. Mark Trujillo: Tennis 1,2,33 French Club 33 Spanish Club 3-president3 Forensics 33 Key club 3. Darron Tucker: Football 1,2,33 Baseball 1,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Yearbook 3. Pamela Turner: Chantelles 2,3. Steven Tutty: Swimming 2,3. Jeanne Urslni: Yearbook 33 DECA 2,3. Mary Vest: Volleyball 1,2,33 Basketball 1. Monica Vigil: DECA 2,3. Lisa Vitry: DECA 2333 Color Guard 3. Leslie Von Ehrenkrook: FBLA 3. David Wallace: Football 1g Football Man- ager 1 lColumbine High Schooll. Douglas Wardlow: Football 1,33 Wres- tling 3. Donna Webster: Outdoor Lab Counsel- or 33 FHA 33 HERO 33 Yearbook 33 A- Team 2,3. Scott Wegner: Concert Choir 13 Chorale 2333 Choraliers 3. Keith Wellens: Basketball 1,23 A-Team 233. Jannelle Whisler: Student Council 1323 French Club 1,23 Yearbook 3-Section Edi- tor3 Basketball 13 Thespians 3. Kimberly White: Spanish Club 13 Track 1,2,3. Wendy Whitehead: German Club 2. Colleen Whitney: Spanish Club 23 33 Key Club 3-Secretary3 Instrumental Music 1. Kristi Winchester: FBLA 3. Cherie Windholz: German Club 23 Color Guard 3. Kristie Young: Basketball 13 Latin Club 3. Douglas Zavoral: DECA 2,3. MW FAT- d"'i'g'1 .carl G-4 Dale Harlow, Tammy Richards, and Bob Atz were goofing around during their free hour. Julie and Janette Black gave a big grin for the cameraman. Tricia Dean rested after a tough day of practice for x-country HOMECOMING DATE: SEPTEMBER 21, 1984 PLACE: ARVADA HIGH SCHOOL SONG: "HARD HABIT TO BREAK" BY CHICAGO COLORS: BLUE AND SILVER GAME: ARVADA 13 EVERGREEN 6 IOTI THEME: MAKE A WISH PROM DATE: APRIL 27, 1985 PLACE: THE REGENCY SONG: 'tYOU'RE THE INSPIRATIONH BY CHICAGO COLORS: LAVENDER AND SILVER FLOWER: WHITE ROSE TREE: SILVER SPRUCE MOTTO: SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO HAVE THE DESIRE TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL AND THEN GO ONE STEP FARTHER. Left to right: Top to bottom: Joe Hegge showed off his Halloween spirit with this snazzy costume. Mary Graham must have found something amusing. Missy Mauser and Melissa Lingle were working with Student council. Cindy Gray rested after her swim practice. Senior Activities 63 Spare Time i W. 1 .QW -'Mm 5 P YQ? QE' l A, R fi W-A We ,. Q mg, ,. .V X, x X W - gg !"t .1 -Q., + ix sses, getting a date, strobelights, stars, socializing, celebrating, having fun Clockwise from top left: Senior Attendants Scott Rob- ertson and Mary Kominek. Queen Missy Mauser had a sparkle in her eye as she was escorted at the dance by King Troy Leisenring. Sophomore Attendants: Lisa Shi- vely, Tom Nuss, Mike Kubala, Heide Griebling, Shelli Avalos, Bob Svenson, Wendy Daniels, and Traci Tucker. Junior Attendants: Bryan Billings, Andrea Kise sell, Andy Johnston. Mindy Dewitt, Nina Fanelli. A.J. Lagerheim, Jim UPickle" Gillach, Tricia Olsen. Teresa Magda, and Greg Hodapp. Yvonne Rodriguez and Keith Wellins danced the night away at the Homecom- ing Dance. Senior Attendants: Chad Culter, Jina Flor- idag Lonny Stearns, Staci Hearrellg Randy Miskol, Susan Traut. Students Hboogied-down" at the Homecoming Dance, Student Life 67 Homecoming: Clockwise from top left: Pom pons showed school spirit at the Homecoming assembly. Scott Robertson beat on the Cougar car at the Key Club car bash while preparing to beat on their football team later that night. Coach Joe Corre instructed the cheerleaders during a break between quarters. John Cordone tried to smash the Cougar car without the use of tools. The Homecoming cara- van was ready to go to the game as one more student showed his school spirit by decorating his Blazer. The cheerleaders built their pyramid while waiting for the game to start. Troy Leisenring, Doug Taylor. Lonny Stearns, and Dino Shakin led the way out of the locker room to prepare for pre-game warmups. 6 8 Student Life I , Cl ,gi Tlfne For . . rowdy assemblies, exciting ,,. M ' A 1 - ' X' footl 106 li , m 'eff is rm R., X-1 le, spirit week, Cougar car crushing, return of alumni, all part of the celebration ,W x' ll" T at ' xfql , 'i,jw,i fem. , .- W M7 1 R M Q 2 r I ....,uvr.,f4m'.-eb.: s 1' "A" 1 mwmlw wfmwww NX lu ' f-',7," T'--fl l ,f fl' - If ,LX-',,. A47-'U . ,.,. ,,j'MY..W.w. l, il' fi-f N - .f1.. f""'-N. . - 1 gg l L V - ,X ,K-an-I-Y V .b 1 ' r , 99" ,Z ' "'a' 'rfb' Student Life 69 - 'Jas ,f. .:J,?:MNm QAMTVQIAJ, X -F 70 Student Life Clockwise from top left: With a friendly smile, Diane Biegel served customers through the drive-up window at McDonalds. Barb Humbert worked at the KMart on 58th Avenue at the Customer Service counter. Annmarie Durant, without looking, prepared an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen. Chris Gallegos served Winchell's doughnuts to customers. Kerry Gottschalk took a Mrather expensive order" from the photographer at Griffs restaurant. Alan Bisenieks worked after school at KlVlart. Cami Gallegos grabbed a Coke at Griffs. Kim Clodi worked in the Camera Department at KMart, Your Time After School MQ 'lm ,..r,..., QV' MK ir. , I, cashiering, stocking, serving customers, king mongy, restaurants, department stores, students had fun working after school gi:-1 Q l ,, Clockwise from top left: Debbie Eberly and Jamie Baldwin posed for the camera, Chris Gilhert displayed his sense of fashion. Jeff Oldfield and Doug Harrison proved that some things never go out of style. Brendon Malone sported his tough side Matt Bowan showed off his breakdancing talent, Kathy Dewitt and Kim Ostreng displayed originality Cen- ter: Sonny Trujillo showed his unusual hair style, Jenni Boyle demonstrated creativity. YOUI' FOI' EXpfQSSlOl'l daring to be different, fads, crazes, sty 1' 1,,.,- -N5 rl- is M - .-A .-N . - 1 - H ,,.,,..--.r ' B' D , -in iions, creativity, trends, individualism, originality, old standards "WJLMM:W Student Life 73 X 1 -' 'Q-X l in:-L xx, M Time To ML1l'1Cl'1 . . . convenient fast food, boring school food, expensive junk Q Q31 5-mg ' nf 5 if wwifa . WWW? JS' I if fzfaaf-Eff 6 -v - -. . xg 3 P? .f-I. il - l lah 7?Zl"'fQ,'-'3- uf 1 .15 Q M 'L H ' 5 A 1 - ' , E,'gf3?a:irQ ' ' P - 1 ..,w-f""W' ,ff VW' mt' I 'A i F' is A 4, n 5, :Mix ,-F' 41 ., . ,W 7, m ,lvl gggu I 7 1 If ,1 Ji' ' 1' 4 . ' fy . ,ms , 1 A X 3 A Q ' 1 ,Q fry ,-qui - K A f .fo V , P L ll s D Aux' 11- , .!l:I.M , quarry.. U1 4 u , fr- fi .. L ..: '5 'aim 1 1 'IAAF Q K1 ff , , A n rf ' f' . m:f'U'q 4 A" Yr' U' ,bljvp ix 'K "' 1 4 'X mwin Q ,XP uh!--f AA 1 - ' ' ,Q-wa , "ff - . UV .. , . T in . 4 '? 'M 1 3-iw WT' Y -if-4 U ' 1 QW il? 1? , M, wwf lf? lg X fy N , Xxizf ,sad 4:4 F ' ' .V 'wp f A wlvff ' f 4 ' I ' gjzfw 1 I A, . -Y X li 4,1 3 1 A ,gun Q vu. 3 y, students were able to find ,QU , r" W K , If A fx- - ff" YHQW ' i a place to express their feelings among friends Student Life 77 Clockwise: The snow did not stop some modes of transportation. The RTD bus was a popular way for students to get to and from school. Sports cars seemed to be very good ways to get to school on time. This blue TRANS AM was resting in the parking lot while its owner was getting a useful education. Tina Ramelow and Michelle Hansen considered the thought of going four-wheeling. Center: Some students found any way to get to school. Did a student and a half or a three-legged monster ride this skateboard? Lower left: Hanging out of the school bus, students had great fun on the A Team trip. A bronze colored classic Chevy - loved those Cheviesl is . 5353 1 Q ..,t, To School On some people biked, some people h1 78 Student Life - l f as ,Q . V tbl .. , ., or fd mwrle If' l M' if, M1 A WlQ'l.lf2bm9e -,.'rf4Aj ' W rf ..s .A AW! p Jimi as Fei ' A -49.11 , if - t,A . FX1. 1 -wi 249' .., k 1 -,,. Q-1 '- '- ' -if-'F' 4li" ' 3... -4 -r . ' -r lr " 'T - i5"'A'---I -f ...xx .49 47 A' me people drove, some people rolled, some people rode, everyone found a way. lg' if HN M x Q QW ,ii-I U, V.:-we m,,.W.,..r'f ll 'WT HX f I 35 I .U 1153 l 'Ji B ' 23? W' Student Life 79 Iliff in 4 Your Time To Show Your Individuality Within Crowded Halls WX Y! l!"',,Ea 0 9' K X' 11 Q 80 Student Life . fe at fir , sw, .,,,V ,W f , 7,,k.: kV,VVV 5 ,f,, fy i H 3 y y 57553 Mai, K 1 Q M W th Clockwise from top left: Students gave photographer a smile. Suzanne Martinez stood by her favorite guy. Girls strutted their way to class, Paul Lillagore and Sean Layfield took time for a photo. Seniors Ka- ren Smaldone and Joe Hammock stopped at their lockers, Jerry Cox got a little shut-eye. Jenny Bartleson showed creativity. Michele McMul- lin's locker reflected her interests. Jerry Failing posed for the photog' rapher. Center: Students hurried through halls during passing period. neeting new people, freshly painted lockers, locker decor reflects interes Student Life 8 1 X, - L1-AS - ,N W X0 X' JJ GVUJ Nfvp , A L' ,GJ O ff gf X 00 R fnN X ,V Ky W .jx I ,A . Pi X , L ,J x nm I A V W xfx: xzjxsfy, K N- ,Vg .5 , X. QU A, f A f 'J Rf QM . 1 fp A K. jx! mf 'JR ft 7- J V5 Cx or XY fy' Hy f ,Q .VXI Z ,XX V1 5 , X A , X WMI lv , , JL . v A 1 ,X Q WJ XQQNJQ' Jy x Q, rl! C5 1 J 1 , 5 ,N lx yC' xfi A W X nh Q7 Y Av NB,gux U 5 NBCXLVV fx V NX y x N xv! gf' kg V XR LX Q j V, '--f X-e in .kg ' by! X,V Xrlx XS if xg! tk A X j QC ffm. XXV W Q2 Adjf S' in Rfb?-X' V X K C r" Q x If -, kbw J , x N- f ' ,JS y V21 bf A g V' , Q50 Sf x , ,,, ,P C01 xy! xg? Jgf' Lf It 'L 1 X W . ' V C J 25 wx Lv J' V I n Nw 1 ' t X Y ,Lf Al " X r- if .1 ,K ff' I K Vg, I I " . X - ' . ,g1CQ AQ,U'55 UE Q i W .4 1 ., 'J - .J 'ff C x.f N 1 82 x ,NMI N v O Almost Time if ..-if gi :Xf- - X N. X --A X Ng. fi X515 wi -:EX X , N Jada Rhonda Dhirarat Aardappel Accettura Aeimoudom 2. S f Q1 S- X S5 Erin Danaye Janone Aggus Ainslie Akers Eric Scowden, what were you looking at? fx x l ' Q .....4.v' Zoann Eric Joseph Deborah Kendra Albershardt Aldinger Alkire Almen Amidon Arden Rodney Christina Kristin Vanessa Andersen Andersen Anderson Anderson Anderson Juniors b N H S ZA George ' Andrew Troy ' I Keener felt lrke a man. Atkins e Kevin Jami Bade Baldwin Steven David Barr Baskall Edward Dean Anerman Armand .Ax Tracy Jonny Atkinson Avalos Catherine Arm - Barela Barnard Dwayne Tiffany Becerra Bechard Juniors 85 " V 27533315 Brian Becker .W 5 Jane Todd Thomas Kim Bedin Bedsaul Behm Bell x 2 Stephen Matthew David Benoit Benore Benz John Tennyson got his thoughts organized. Thomas Steven Llmette Berdahl Berryman Bianco Darren Bidwell Juniors Bryan Wendi Alan Thomas Billings Billington Bisenieks Blaflk Gene Bloom J S Tim Bradeen Stephanie Bresee l Christopher Brooks David Dianna Boland Boosinger i Anthony Kathy Brandolino Branum Sherri Jeff Bretz Briscoe Marc Dina Brown Brungardt i x Charles Gary Borrego Boyd Ken Miller and Glenn Roll had to read a book, or else! A X. x G ii Ray Heather Bruno Bryan Juniors 87 X 5 v V l . J Ohh Tamara Burgardt Burkhart Laura Curtis Callahan Campion Michael Susie Capasso Carlson f"""4 Victoria David Castro Cervera Juniors Patricia Butz Lisa Mee Moua wondered where 2 was. Cancanon Bridgette Susan Teena Carlton Carpenter Cary Dana Lorene Robert Chavez Chavez Chavez Robert Chilcott Julie Ciesielski Robin Todd Jennifer Clark Clark Clem Bobby James Jeffrey Cole Coleman Cook i ,Ln aw-'19 Jackie Danielle Christopher Cif1CC0 lx ,. Julie Loyce Clark Clark l Dana David Cline Coffin Joseph Kristin Cook Cope Juniors 89 , is ,4 1 i Jeffrey Derek Philip John Copeland Cortvriendt Covarrubias Cozad Todd Patrick Rob Derrick Culter Cunningham Cuthreill Daniels s , a, X l Paul Richard Tony Christopher Davis Davis DeBell DeCamillis David Lorie Denise Mindy Dertina DeShaw Desmoineaux DeWitt Juniors f- .pf WM 1 ,,,, ff' A . ff' Scott Cramm iw?" Q1 Z Michael Daugherty Roxie DeCarlo R, RM. li C Laura Dickinson -.ww l U1 Michelle Gary Mickey Joy Stephanie Dickinson Dillard Dimas Dinan Dines E 4 1 4, I Vincent Jay Edward Derick Viki DiTirro Doering Doherty Dominguez Dopheide l 1 L Debborah Sean Dulick Shawn John Alain Dorland Dostal Duchelas Dunlavy I 'E Lisa Annlvlarie Troy Todd Bridget Durando Durant Durbin Duval Eads Juniors 91 Michelle Elizabeth Earle Eckdahl Abby Edwards Yvonne Towne was deep in thought. Hnou Thao smiled for the camera, ii - A E 5 X Q X K H g l M .ll l K Christine Melissa Edwaydg Edwards ,r J X X 3 Q' in xX XE X Q Xl X X NS X X IX gf X X X X -- -sfss rw X ii Andy Shimpa growled at the photographer. Jennifer Jean Sheri Lisa Michael Egan Elmert Eldredge Elliot Ellis Juniors i J Joseph Brian Tammy Brian Mark Endorf Engelking Erickson Estep Evans . Q 5 Q 5 R Mike Richards takes a break from his reading. A is What could you have done. David Baskall? Donna Shupps was hard at work. .- sw Ronald John Nina Mark Christopher Failing Fancher Fanelli Fay Federico Juniors 93 Brent Amy F9d1'iZZi Fgrfero Janice Jeanette Liza Fisher Flageolle Fleharty I F i Pam Cynthia Flowers Fox John Morse worked hard in the drafting room. Stacey Kurt Fredricks Freeman Meri Beth Diane Jenee Freeze French Frost Leslie Karen Alan Susan John Gadbois Gadde Gade Gamache Gardner Juniors K N -. 1 Susan Kelley Stephanie Gaskin Gasper Gerber James Bruce lrene Gillach Gilman Glasco i Thuis, what were you thinking about? Rene Gomez l Sinelle Brian Christine Duane Graham Grandestaff Gray Green at of Brian Gibson Nanette Goddard Brock Goodmanson if Stephanie Grenz Patrik Griego Tamara Guerin Robbie Haffner Amber Hamann Juniors 4 - i si l Donovan Gries Richard Guerrero Mn 'NTP' Ronda Hageman Jason Han x .. .ix ,,,,..f f ,f Jessica Griffin li, Ryan Gunter , Sheila Halbach Martha Hancock Randall Grimes Duane Grischow Sean Gunter Ned Gurule Brendon Hale Troy Hale I i Lynnette Hankel Christopher Hansen nathan Michelle Lisa Tyler Darren XHSQH Hansen Hartmeister Hase Hassell nthia Stacy Patrick Lisa David uptman Hausman Hayden Heckman Heltzel ,ry Matthew Daniel Rickie Jodi rrnarldel Heronema Hefghbgrggr Hewlett Hicks phanie Gregory Scott Michelle Paul Hodapp Hogg Holcomb Holland Juniors 97 'e fl L Lashonda Hollis Anthony Horan - free. ' ggisfa ' Vlw xfsgqz .wife Niwww 5 Mfezsfrsgfsr-s -K ' Qi''15-l3':S?ii!fSfi'ii5f?. 5' .F - Wifi 5- . o.,L. 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Catrice Nathan Jouett Judd l N a' M Michelle Robert Koahn Kapple wr ' v , P Stuart Rochelle Keener Keil X 2 re . l 5 ' 'K Z 'f' 3135 Renee Jeffrey Kessinger Killion Juniors Kimberlee Jump v il gf Mark Katt Anthony Kell-:er Tracy Kincaid How about a smile, Lorie DeShaw'? Windy Kennedy Paul Kerr N Marty Kirkham Jason Kiss gf we U'i KE-if ? li 'lsr' A " fl ' ii L 7,52 affix i . . 5 Andrea William X ri if Kissell Kissell V, L,,' 'f ,, iv I I I im? Y 2 5, 9 Q 7' Il iff' V1 3: A l I qi 'V"V i r f ' fav 'fr ,, ,f',,", Wwua Stephanie Bresee took a few minutes to rest. DOYQGU JEISON N Kortekaas Krankota Shannan Michael Matthew Sally Kreizenbeck Krueger Krugmire Krusell -QW? Craig Allen Dixie Lisa Labenz Lal-leist Lane Lane Teresa Knipps Kimberly Kraus Leah Kuhlman Valerie Lane Juniors 101 1 Rebekah Scott Larsen Larsen Lfi L 4' Misty Wrasse had fun in the sun Troy Anthony Leming Leo Juniors Mark Theresa Jim Laughlin Laurent Lawson Sean Charles Bee Layfield Lederhos Lee X 1 5 u R3Cl'lQl Gina Brian Lee Lehto I-gist We N SK? X an g, 1 A R g Q Deborah Carolyn Kerry Lewis Liming Lindell Stephen Linder K Robert Lopez Vlichelle Lucero E Brian Vlahan Q if N C X X 1. . Q ,cf " I l -'A . 1 . i A.. .VW 5 1 . ai . Camille Anthony Pamela Daniel Lipp Lombardi Longo Loop Nei r Cheryl Darin Lowery Lucas Kimberly Teresa Cheer up, Duane Green. Lund Magda ,r I. .i Shelly Angela Christopher Lisa Maire Makinen Maluck Mandeville x Juniors 103 Ax Dee Dee Destry Marcinko Maria Lorraine Mona Martin Martines Robert Mark McCoy McGraw Leo Martelon Daniel Mauser Donald McKenzie Timothy Charlene Kenneth McMahon Michael 104 Juniors Miller Eun Yang put c Eric Michele McKenzie Mcliowen i Kristine Rene Miller Miller 4 's Kimberly Milleff ,... Shauna ifessional appearance. Moran Hedwig Sung Mee Moua Mucha ' Na Kristine Renee Ginnah Neale Nelson Newton Larry J0hTl Moore Moran , -.. mm x 5 M lf Lisa Kevin Morgan Moser Kelly S9311 Nance Naughton ji s ,gif l lii' l'l' 'fm 'W if, V ! Vw , V H W , ,, 3 l 1 My Khanli Christy Nguyvn Nosler Juniors 105 .l K K We Kim Dana Janise Tricia Tracy Novak Ochs Olbert Olsen -an X Christopher Randy Richard Signe Ortivez Orton Orton Ostreng Olsen Malinda Pace lr Angela Michael Dean Dwayne Douglas Passalacqua Patrick Paulsen Paulsen Pearce an-una., ' -nl, David RiCl'lafCl Jay Kenneth Kristina Pearson Pena Penny Phillips Phillips 106 Juniors s 2 Kent Andrew Pietrafeso Pilling T 'sigijeve i -.kk - X .5 mm-- L t oy Jamie Robert lumisto Quaratino Quick Timothy Lisa Ramsey Randolph Mark Michelle Reed Reed E Amy Rhonda Plant Plessinger i I I Douglas Aleta Quinlivan Raleigh - las... , , 5 '5ts...,.,-,K r' Melissa Vifwerli Rands Raver Natasha William Reichardt Reidy Juniors 107 108 ff? Renee Cindy Kristen Christopher Richard Richardson Richardson Riddle William Reinhard ...ui Susan Sean Don't be a typical junior, get to work! 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Shelley Ginger Kris Shively Shriner Sigrnan Juniors I i 5,44 'Wav Elainea Smith Christopher Squier Steven Stricker William Szymanski M- 3 1 Kevin Penny Smith Smith N Y 5 f f Anita Spellman 'I ,f i 1 Andrew Sonja Jamie Stehle Stephanich Stern Trindy Stuckey DOUGH Bob Humbert found this situation amusing. Tapparo Juniors John Rebecca Hnou Suzanne Tennyson Terrazas Thao Theobald I . az if Craig Bradley Marsha David Thomas Thompson Thornton Thuis gk. . , , 2 2 Donald Kristin Anthony Toedtli Tone Tovar Latanya Tidwell Binh Ca Khanh Brian Tran Tran Tran Trembath 112 Juniors Kevin Thibodeau Diana Thuis H 1 Yvonne Towne X5 A Shannon Tryon Sniniivl VfiiiVfilkur1liurgli Elsie Vigil Dana Walker ""'!" Kelly Watkins Julie Michael Vasquez Vei Victor Vigil Stephen Denise Wangen Warne Christine Leon Watson WBXQI' 114 1 -frlii Jeff Webb f . John Jennifer Lynette Gary Weiclemann Weidler Weisdorfer White Suzanne Tania Kristie Whitehead Wilhelm Wilkerson Tim Bradeen, what were you up to? Learlna Rclbgrt Rcflemd Wilkins Wilkinson Williams r ? Sherri Winfrey Juniors 2 Daelyn Judith Sharlyn Gary Winter Wisecup Witt WOYTIGCR Y,,,,. ieather Misty Eric Eun Leng Voodruff Wrasse Wyatt Yang Yang King Dario Kang Yengich In Memory Darren Schultz Iolin Ronald 'oung Young Zimmat Juniors 115 New Time N L Theresa Nikole Adelman Ahola Rico Jim Allen Alpal' Theresa Tracy Anselmo Antony '. '1' I Q 2 L l Janeen Michelle Sheila Akers Akin Albin David Karol Toby Anderson Anderson Anderson r f is Karl Amy Tanya Archuleta Armstrong Armstrong Eric Shelli Arntzen Avalog "I hope you got my best side." thought Andrew Yunker. Angela Clint 118 Sophomores Bankert Barker Q Cynthia Allen Mary Kay Angel Celeste Arner Brett Avenriep Steven Barnes Mark Bauer David Rachel Sartlett Basye l lla X-ffl? l Shannon Vlatthew Kelli Sedin Bell Bell 'xi' in James Kevin Sharon Bernardoni Behrens Bexley .eawle Paula Blackburn Jimmy Anthony Bisenieks Blackburn N .Rexx Michael Peter James Blood Blumenthal Boatright lllfw l , , X Kirk Bret Charlotte Baumgard Baumgartner Beall Kevin Michael Jeffrey Belton Benck Berends Lynette Suzanne M 0 Kenneth Bianco Bidwell Billips in Y M .V g X Q VW Bernadette Minclenhall was in a state of shock? Sophomores Matthew Bobian f l Kathy Bowman Jenny Boyle Pamela Boosinger l Amber Boyd Lori Bradbury What were you looking for, Tami Guerin? 120 Sophomores Robert Bordner Kelly Boyd Christina Brady Marlo Brittain Jamie Brough Mr Lisa Boscia Kimberley Boyko Damon Braly Yahna Broman Rebecca Brown Sue Bidwell and Lori Bradbury must hai thought, "Boy how long do vw have to Jody Cristina Brand Bristol Linda Bronnenberg Bryon Brooks B H r, N rl x X r Jim James Bruenger Brunker mile?" Gary Cagle Cindy Cardwell V ennifer arpenter Eric Geni Burger Burkhart Clinton Michelle Burback Burgardt i Jon Laura Daniel Dawn Burrow Bush Bustos Cadenhead ng i .: Wim. Liga Vittorio Cantrell CapOCe3lli i Stacey Tammi Bryan Calley Camblin Campbell Christina Dustin Michael Carelli Carlson Carlson ti' a Pamela Lillian Joseph Nou Vue was caught by surprise! Cartwright Castillo Catanzaro Sophomores 121 Bill Tlioroax still cami find the right piece of wood in wood shop, Robert Charley Edward Clustophu r Keith Clark 1 22 Sophomores Joelene Clwaney Judy Clanton Tonya Clark Drue Christian Tina Clapes Michael Clarke r W- . ' "" .'f,.fi!5: SM? KN x S all S K 1 .wal Q X i X My X S xx Q ei 4 rx V: 2-A . K Deanie Caudle x KW lr '555?5555f'i 3251 " Q --mas. M X i as Ueenie Carvera v Anita Christiansen Amberly Cavalier mm, l Christopher Cassa -'sl Cory Christlieb Leeann Cerrone Vwng Chansisourath Terry Christmas "Sm what did l do now?" said John Green. T? S Jill Stacey Clements Clements Laurie Ann Clyncke Donnie Coffman Dana Conatser KX Deana Conatser Mark Clodi Richard Chris Hartshorn. showed off his face mask. Coleman Kirnm Edward Conatser Connelly Kendrick Cope ,"What were you looking at. DJ, Dimas'?" John Cordone Holly Daniel Conner Coons Sheila Anne Copeland Cooper as . Silas Cordova Sophomores 123 'Cbniifig ffffi Cozad .. Chafiflgfi-. M ,An' Crosi Af ' Six L 5 MX i CYOVQQQQY 'iff T599 Afbeft o 4' Crosby" 1? W W 4 -.'- 5 22" Cynthia , oooo o' Cross fl Cildistoii 'A Wwdv Sifawndaa ' Crowfoot' ' Cm!! P gd A Ii5o1oremsVfScheH askedf"'W?15sf's upm?f? F5 5fL?ganie! 55ig5,1oi A . Go Cuiver fix C. 1 . Q, , 'R - 4 Teri Griessler found something humorous in her homework. Brian W 124 Sophomores Dachtler v 1 W SP' 5 o,Sho11gg5Q, Curtis ' Cutsfzaw X S xr Q. 4 S 'S Q Wendy William Daniels Damdg J X Jf '-1 r' gin J, n ul. 'h Daniel Mixrtinw' L -Ifiiizranco Dimas Dinges Diane Scott Lori Disney Dittman Dodson Michelle Neneghini was ready to leave. Sophomores 125 Candace Doerfler Amy Drexler George Dyer Christopher Easton Amy Ellington Sophomores Bettina Domenico William Drexler Dawn Dykstra x DH Gregory Eddy John Engelhaupt Stephanie Tammy Donohoe Dossie Derek Jacobs and Bobby Vondran were late to 4.56. 1 Cindy Michele Erickson Essex Ginger Dougherty Ardie Duncan J Teresa Earle Brian Edwards Michelle Evans Amy Dressel Derek Dunlavy Brian Earnest w Kathryn Edwards Michael Ewan Cheryl Ezit Denial Feigt Vanessa Fisher Joan Flott Todd Fredericlrsen Jerry Failing Karen Ferguson rt Kristie Fitzmier Lora Flowers Phillip Freeberg Greg Edward Fajardo Fancher Bill Payne thought the rays at school were too bright. Kristen Tamantha Freyre l:rlZZ9ll Dean Farrar Lori Ferguson Mason Flood John Ford Neal Fulton Janet Federico Brendon Fink Jody Florida Susan Frary ' l iiiti iiit Tonya Funk Sophomores 127 S Holly Furrow V Jeffery Gardner Terri Gerstner Christian Gaarenstroom Ronette Garduno Brett Gibson Christine T Samuel Gabriel Gallardo Gamboe Melissa Rhonda Penn! Garscin Gawlas Geher Frances Jacqueline Bradley Giron Glahn Glenn RNA Kathleen G Timothy Goetz Golden Leslie Staggs worked during her free hour. David Sheryl 128 Sophomores Goodwin Gordon X xr G R .Isl . - N rr Ng? R NX Q W f K K. J Nicholas V ' Garcia Angela Goorge ' .,,.,, ., 1'WyfW" il ,V - , . . L 'firm ' - X ' ' 71'f' 3 ' Angela Godbout Alfred Gomez Mary Kathryn Gorham .pq- Michael Pamela Eric Gosline Graber Graft' John Heidi Dawn Green Griebling Griess Jean Christy Catherine Grirnrnius Grimsley Grinstead Wendy Jo Edwin David Hackett Hagerman Hall Nicholas Graff Teri Griesser Linda Guinn Z Q ei, J Shawn Jamon Graybiil Green W 5...: f Melissa Gareth Grieve Griffin James Lucas Gunn Hackbarth WW' 1 , vcv, ,EZ L, ',"'hk' ' rg ,, i , ,A,WV , A i --vv , l A A l ll a l,,, 1 H' V lj Michael Shantel David Cheryl Medina tried to find a way out of class, Hamilton Hanks Hanlen Sophomores 129 M ,W L ' Kerri Harder WWW ,wins if Heidi Liz Kotsay showed what a depressing class she was in, Harmes Brian Chris Jon Renee Harrower l'lZiYISl'lOm Hathcocl-Q Havens l N ,I N Rob Harken Melisa Harder s i s I Y 5 Derrick Belinda Harper Harrison Jill Kelli Hazlitt Hearrell Mafia Jerome K Hedrick Hegge ,QW M ,,,,.,mwwrw-vw" 2 .f 1"-If . ' ' , -Q ss X 'i ii is l ili i f i iill N " is Christina Kristin Southiphong Senethong was thinking to himself, l'Well, theres cmly five minutes left 1 Heltzel Hemphill class." 130 Sophomores fredrick Ray Shawna 'Ienning Henry Henry Fishl 'L,,'V,' 'V'A'V Kelley Kafllleen Derrick Harper checked his papers with one eye 'Kerman' ll ' V Hernandez Hill ixian Kenneth Stephen David lillman Himel Hinkle Hmrighg Darrell Hoffman "You want my picture?" Chris Brooks asked. Heidi Hollingsworth Trisha Cynthia Hixson I-loeppner William Hollinger Erik Holloway Sopliomores Patricia Holloway Michelle Horst Kristine Hunter Scot Ingram Christine Jackson 132 Sophomores l K Paige Nancey Holsinger Holt Kelly Melanie Houston Howard Brian Huss James Ivey Douglas Jackson Michael Hutchens Brian Inman Patricia Jacobs Audra Hoover 3 Angela Hudspeth Dina lacovetta Rhonda Hoover Laura Hughes Kimberly lannacito Christopher Hope Michael Humphrey 1, Brian lbbott M i k..,k . U 5 at fl K erie ssle vi, Maw Rochelle Vigil was one of the rare persons caught working. Y l Martin Bonnie Jai-:owich Jakub Julie Martin lohnson Johnson Robert Kenneth Jugert Jung A , 'E 3 ,ls ' 3 M Q iimww M2 f o, 9 ,,1 ' f f' fwgyiiaf . ,, 2 s 1 fMEf, ei,1,,fl,, ,W ipe .i i Aim I V 2 ,WM I ,, ir mwrwklf my J, , ,,,, if lg, ' , A W QW A , , 43, ,E ..5: Wi 3 la H V, V g inn in Saw ,,,V, ,Vk,: ii ,V,,V V 1 ,.aQ:, i V . ,M Dee Dee DeCoia was diligently studying. E g E Jenifer 'Q Jesser Stern Johnson Ronald Kauffman ,, ,1,,A W z.4vMiP7fW , ., , Y H Norene Jim Matthew Jones Shawn Kelker Michael Kent Kathleen King Diana Johnson Treena Jones Michael Keller Raymond Karel-:es Sarah King Jag Johnson Patricia Joyce i 1 Jody ' ' Kennedy Deborah Ketchum Kimberly Kirkpatrick Sophomores 133 Monte Kline Michael Kubala Jonathan Lange Na Lee Theodore Ligon 134 Sophomores Michael Elliot Kristen Knott Kogolf Konrad David John Tia Kubic Kunze Lahman ,su Christy Kalldleen Michael Lansford Lavaza Lawson ff? 1 S 1 ' David Lisa Kathy Lemons Lerch Lewis L i ooeee L . , N Paul Dustin Rachael Lillagore Lobsinger Logsdon Devin Daniel Koontz Kruse Steven Ricky Lambertson Lammel Y- i Richard Cha Lawson Lee Stephanie Sheila Lewis Liggett Savina Kha Lopez Lor ' , 45 X I +P 5 t. wk L f Say Vong Lor Lor Mary Michelle Luff Lukowicz Carl Martin Martinez Robert l Robert Maupin Mayuric Rhonda Amy McMahan McTague Q ,t t W K ttgt L' if if t ,, ii , kkik " ' X .. "' Q. .,,., K E Luiz Elizabeth Loya Lozano Carraarme Lorise Lutz Magdalani URW: Greg Suzanne Martinez Martinez +- Derek Jeanette Lucero Lucero Brendan Laura Malone Malone x Patricia Daryl Masciotro Mattox A .... Stephanie Jodi Travis Matthew McBroom McCann McClure McDermott .ff Cheryl Stephanee Dean Michelle Medina Medina Mekelburg Meneghini Sophomores 135 i g i i Deanna Leslie Dennis Gary Meri 1 Mess Mildenberger Miles .-nf Chad Janelle Lori Marcy . Miner Maier Miner Miner Vow LO" Kha' Lol' and Tong Lol' .six . -X v . .5 I X Elton Gregory Bernadette Laura Julie Carol Millican Mills Mindenhall Miner Mitchell Mizell Kimberly Lynette Kevin Diane Moeder Mohr Moller Monty M ooo... , M Mark Clodi, 'lWe were looking at you!" Tina Ida Joseph Julee Moore Moraclo Moranwki Moravec Sophomores J t 'Ki Jack J James Morgan Morgheim rw s x 1 Dori ' Dina Mortensen Mortensen Aiberto Navarra Steven Myers Brent Khanh Newton Nguyen w t-1 .- X r , Gregory Khanhkeo Noble Nomany Theresa Lisa Morris Morrison Stacy Wendy Moscati Moseley Eric Allen Nay Neiman why. ff ' M, W flu-,Mi K . WV Tw ' f 4 'f ' ,, "This Dew's for you," Keo Chansisaurath. Sophomores V 1 ' lf Keri Dawn Jennifer A Thomas Darrell Carol Norberg Norman Ngrmik NUSS Nye Qakleaf .Q ,, .. , , , V' i Michelle Kimberly Jeffrey Gary Traci Stephanie O'Connell O'Keefe Oldfield Olsen Olsen Olson Marceline Marie James Greg Larry Renee Onstort Ostrom Page Pachello Pachello Pahler Christopher Bryan Myung Palmer Pardee Park Come on Mike Hutchens. how about a nice smile for the camera? Andrea Julie James Patterson Payne Pearce 138 Sophomores Melissa Pearson Becky Peterson Robin l Phair Leah Potter Angela Purdie Leann Wendy Peddycoart Peed Christopher Michelle Peterson Peterson Brian Jodi Pierson Pierson s v George Jacqueline Poynter Pries Judy Jennette Puttman Pyle Randall Pelon Heather Lisa Pelon Leslie Pfeifer Lisa Pettigrew Marla Polsori Robert Pilling Post K, tf Q Perrault Richard Pfeifer X Donald Drue Christian attempted a smile. Sophomores 139 X .. Timothy Quintana Kip Reich Mark Richards Shelly Roatch s l Cynthia Robidoux 140 Sophomores . 1 V? X Christopher Gaylene Patricia Raines Ramirez Ramirez Brenda Randall Christopher Reser Kimberly L' H ,,,' W 1 Rigg V X Jennifer Rhodes Jennifer Riley Bfeff Yang Thao was hard at work. Dina Roberts Robertson G' A .ix Rhonda Laurie Christopher Robinette Rockey Rodriguez Patrick Roemer Kevin Reagan James Rice Kelly Riley Nicole Robertson Christen Rogers Peter L Harald Frederick John Richard Chardek Rogers Romer Romero Romero Rose Rosentrater Christine Kimberiy Rosso Roth Chandra Troy L Rountree , Rousse! .Marta Allen Roztoeil Rudiger Robert Tracy Ruibal Ruiz Michael Lance Sorry to disturb your snack break, Fred Robert Brent Rumley Ruppel Romer, I Ruszka Saber Christine Laura Joel Kenneth Timmhil Katherine Salazar 36125 Salgado Salyer 5519991 Sauer Sophomores Sfi55M ' Keyin Moller tobk advantage of the library, Alyssa Schwartzkopf Lana' V Sheyko Lisa Shively Sophomores Erik Phillip Seaver Selders Leonard' Melanie Shieids Shing Joseph Kevin Shubert Shultz ,ljoiores V' V Kfisten V i VJdi:I , ,Li M V' Sahel! Schiavone ' Schaffer , ' i ,V V, Y ',' ' N i vw,, . 1 Mfchaef i i Ryiaff cmigi Schmidt , , Schmidt Schneekloth Somsack Miizhellb V Lormy V Senethong Serna Sewaid Dave Lemons was winner of the most energetic person awar Heather Sonya Brett Sisson A A 1554 it ,, W X . we. ' '-Q Crystal Smith Smircich Smith I . ,,,,. we pf AMQJ '75 Em? Heidi Michelle Serna "slept" in typing class. Smith Smith u Michelle Stephen Tobin Kevin Lara Smith Smith Smith Smoot Sohn Kelsey Sarah Spillman Spilman Stephanie Lewis played teacher for the moment. Jennifer Leslie Staberg Staggs l 1 ' a Michael Soliday Sandy Squires Christopher Standing Sophomores 143 Danny Stearns Lee Stodder Ronny' Lynne Studeny Robert Svenson Charlton Taylor Sophomores Kim Steele Cynthia Storm QT.- . t-al Chrissy ' Studer Kevin Syrnyk David Teets me i Raymond Charles Jeffrey Steele Steffens Stegeman Todd Carola Roseanne Stratman Strijek Stringer David Randall Travis Stuht Sturges Styles Peggy Stephens Brent Struck Gina Sulley Thao Tang i 'Q S .N Michelle Anthony Gallegos tried to finish his homework, Templeton David Throwef Shurie Thompson William John Paul Theroux Thompson Thompson Michael 5 Diana Mary Toedtli Tomek Tomko Chad Mark Tone Toney '-,,,. .". 'N li, Christine Sonny Trujillo Trujillo Yolanda Wayne Nga Torrez Traher Tran Jeffery Shawn Tureson Turner Alyssa Schwartz and Wendy Mosely looked good while posing for James Christine :he camera. Tyler Ucly Lee Tinajere James Torres Traci Tucker w i Gail Tweed 6 Lija Undiks Sophomores 145 Donna Lynn Phill James VanBuren Vanclerhoofven Vaughn l Brenda Joanie Rochelle Vigil Vigil Vigil Barbara Dana Margaret Wagner Walker Wallin Michelle Shawndra Christine Warner Wash Wedemeyer Chris Lisa Mike Vecchiarelli Veil Vidmar David Vitry David Walls Graham Weidner 'Y Lia Vue l Kathleen Walsh Shawnalyn Weigel i . is 1 Michael Yvette Lance Georgianne Mark Wellborn West Westfall Wheaton White 146 Sophomores Nou Vue . IQ Elizabeth Wangen Diana Weih Tricia White Kimberly Julye Whiting Wieck Wiese Tammy Maurice Brenda Williams Wilson Mary Beth Windholz Janai Chris Kou Wright Wulf Xioung f Jon Scott Seth Yengich Young Yount SYN , 3 X. Matthew Patricia Catherine Zeisler Ziegler Zika Susan Evon Mandy Wiggintori Williams Williams '14 Kristina Linda John Winslett Wise Wood 1+ I 1 Ka Ma Thao Yang Yang Yang Andrew Anita Penny Yunker Zamora Zamora Sophomores 147 l Time For Teamwork 148 M W + W ' ' :wi m f- H ' wif: g , :iff Z , ,iff L A ga ff 1 f if E ' ,f', f my 1, ik' V, i ""f ff 4 1 Redskins Take 2nd in State Bottom Row: Mike Kubala, Bob Cole, Greg Hoddpp. Joe Fusaro, Dino Shakin, Dave Calley, Jay Malone, Troy Townsend, Keith Ford, David McMillan, Jeff Calder- one. 2nd Row: Coach Greg Oletski, Chip Cross, Gerry Hassell, Chad Culter, Kenny Miller, Chris Joseph, Larry Edwards, Darin Schmidt, Jay Doering, Mike Davis, Aaron Padilla, Brian Estep, Coach Jim Bratten 3rd Row: Coach Jim Redic, Gregg Digh- ero, Darron Tucker, Marc Boette, Darren Hassell, Ron Failing, Don Gillette, Duff Knott, Steve Stapp, Brian Becker, Kurt Sauer, Doug Taylor, Coach Joe Corre. 4th Row: Chris Danos, Randy Miskol, Troy Leisenring, Mike Capasso, Sean Riley, Lonny Stearns, Jeff Johnson, Doug Ward- low, Chris Hughes, Bill Kissell, Dan Loop, Eric Scowden. I-. , LHVAH 3 Playoffs. Football 151 Gregg Dighero shoveled snow off the football field with the team as they pre pare for the State Football . ' i -Mmwtr 2 -Q v .yt Powered by the 2nd highest scoring offense in the state, the Redskins finished the season with a record of 11-2. Their only losses came to Pomona, a 27-26 overtime loss, and to Northglenn in the state cham- pionship game, 21-O. The team was the most successful since the 1976 state championship team with Coach Jim Bratten leading his troops to a well deserved 2nd place finish in state. All Conference honors were earned by Kurt Sauer, Lonny Stearns, Darron Tucker, Randy Miskol, Troy Leisenring, Jeff Calderone, and Doug Taylor. 152 Football M W. we fi ,, ,ur 4: ' :W ,QE M i : ff" . ,M ' I M, I ,, ,V ,,,P,,:.WY I ,M 57 I ,Q wb Vi, ia ,, ag, ,V ' M M are ' + rw W mb H W .4 K, who:-ffw , :' ,r ' "4 Q, ' A A Clockwise from far left, opposite page: Coach Greg Oletski paced the sidelines. Coaches Ed Carlson, Jim Bratten, and Joe Corre in bottom row: Greg Oletski, Jim Redic. and Jim Corso in top row. Sophomore Team Picture: Left to right, Row 1: Brett Roberts, Toby An- derson, Danny Stearns, Pat Romer, Rick Allen. Bryan Pardoe, Mark Dinges, Ron Cope, Mark Hamilton, Gary Gomez: Row 2: Coach Jim Corso, Charlie Schoepflin, Peter Vanderhoofven, Dan Christian, Bill Danos, Jim Pace, John Ford, Ryan Schmidt, James Bernardoni, Row 3: Chris Hartshorn, Mike Boatright, Frank Vessa, Eric Graff, Lee Maupin, Chris Christlieb, Dan Davidson, Row 4: Victor Musat. Brad Glann. Geno DellaCroce. Tim Golden, Brandon Dardanis, Jeff Stegemeng Row 5: Dave Stimpson, Tom Nuss, Brent Struck, David Ander- son. Robert Svenson, Silas Cordova. The Redskins got into a huddle. Fans cheered as Troy Leisenring ran from Pomona defenders, Randy Miskol was helped off the field by Coach Redic after a long run. Tom Berdahl let the fans know that the Redskins were Number One, Football 153 SUVS3 Q M in 1 E . g --- . U- N 1, , mKK, X . XXb, ,QX XQ '65 K .Aff " . Um mv W' 4' FYWV 78,0 1 V - , j V 5 ',,' , gg, y Q 3 ww. Q W x -x A J Golfers Finish Impressively The golf team consisted of twenty-four members. Though team scores were quite important, golf was competitive for each in- dividual to better himself. Golfers held their practices at lndian Tree Golf Club and were given the opportunity to play at various courses throughout the region. The team took second in the league. Cm! A-guard ,,..., W ,,,, ,W W A - 5 at I Right: Greg Sartain in action. Stan Mar- tinez lost his concentration and smiled at cameras. Bottom row: Kevin Thibodeau, Scott Cramm, Greg Sartain, Rod Andersen, David Harlan, Andrew Price and Joe Perrault, Row 2: Coach Phil Kastor, Eddie Burt, Tracy Jensen, William Wa- ters, Charlton Taylor, Allen Rudiger, Gary Womack, Paul Amato and Bart Selby, Row 3: Andy Shimpa, Anthony Aguilar, Chris Pratz, Ricky Lammel, Jim Coleman, Eric Wyatt, Stan Mar- tinez, Dave Pettigrew and Steve Thom- as. 156 Golf Tennis Turns Things Around "I was quite pleased with the season. We did the best with what we had, and did quite well in the end, U stated Phil Pendorf, AHS boys' tennis coach. Taking 5th in districts was the team's big accomplishment and Team Captain Duane Grischow commented that "even though the record was not so successful, the team had a lot of fun and improved their skills." Grischow took second place in districts. Sean Conway was also a captain. Pendorf felt the team was successful because of the "leader- ship of the seniors and captains." Season Results Arvada 2 Bear Creek 5 Arvada 3 Alameda 4 Arvada 0 WheatRidge 7 Arvada 1 Green Arvada 4 Pomona 3 Mountain 6 Arvada 0 Arvada West 7 Arvada 3 Lakewood '4 Arvada 5 Golden 2 Arvada 0 Columbine 7 Arvada 2 Evergreen 5 Arvada 4 Alameda 3 -mtl' .,.,,.,.... Clockwise from top: Duane Grischow prepares to serve. Todd Ebelsheiser N showed his backhand. Bottom row: Mark Trujillo, Brian Harrower, David Bartlett, Tracy Antony, Chris Easton, and Pickle Gillach. Row 2: Coach Phil Pendorf, Duane Grischow, Dave Der' tina, Sean Conway, Pat Griego, and Todd Ebelsheiser. Tennis 157 Softball Team Completes Second Season Softball had only been a Jefferson County high school sport for two years and was still devdopmgin 1984.ArvadassoHbaHteam was made up of a group of dedicated girls. Although it wasn't a winning season, the girls hadfun whHelearmng new ddHs Staci Noll was awarded All-Conference Center Fielder, and Senior Gwyn Blackburn was awarded All-Conference Designated Hitter. Top Right: Wendy Piburn discussed a play with Mary Kominek. Coach Bob Meisner watched the team in action. Varsity Team: Bottom row: Robin Clark, Susie Kern, Mary Kominek Tammy Richs ards, Gina Lehto, and Alisa Schwartzkopfg Row 2: Coach Bob Nleisner, Kimi Ricker, Teri Bron- nenberg, Wendy Piburn, Diane Kirkpatrick, Staci Knoll, Kari Downey, Gwyn Blackburn, and Coach Gus Spano, 158 Softball r wr c- 5:3 : if ,. it . .Saws-. gr - .wsxmm .W . . . ,:,,, 5 .M r,,,, M K,., 55. Mg . ,,,. 1 WW dsl f Wk if A -.Q X K SEQ! .K Q. , L M is - ax X.kk Q we vi fr ., 4 i R i it 7 16 Z , "" , r 4 if f me ,,.r .. 0.,,.r arcs, ,mam W M, U, ,QW gf , gf an ' 1 1 , 1512?-.1 H :W fy? , , 2 2 2 11,221 2 ,V 5 z wrfpr if , ,vgg nr f , , err, wrwr fn ff 5 V' H 1' 7 W Mrs H :V ' Q yy- iz 3, ' . ,f - "., Hy: . , ra! 1 5,4 6 ww fhzifif w w x - rift X wwf Y 544 f 2 ,v,??w2 -Y ii gy ' "' I 19 Z "-' I : r Q' if il iff gggig ':,ff:- 4-- , f 72 4'f2,iQ, f f1Qpff2, r'Vwv,:,g' ,,g,Q,,5j:eff i5igQw'5f,,,,rgj if ,ai 1 . i , U, e Q V, ,, ,, , , 422 f ? WP' 1, ga f 1 H I1 7 5 1 2 7 l :Ae fig f ff -Q Q it 11 2 1,1 ir 2' A Hn, iii 2 S y s 3 jr 251 2 W5 luryasiiiiie V123 3, ir:2,,ue'iQg3'fiwQf 'ii i 4' gf-vs, " ww 5 , gg , ' E, , fy M QW, 2 1 4 ' H Wa? fa H My-1,1 Season Scores Clockwise from top left: Dana Ochs warmed up pitching to Teri Bronnenberg. Coach Gus Spano disagreed with the call made by the umpire. Cen- ter: Tammy Richards' drag bunt put her on first base. JV team picture: Bottom Row: Michelle Evans, Michelle Olguin, Anita Christiansen, Tina Reynolds, Angie Makinen, and Wendy Moseley. Row 2: Coach Gus Spano, Sherri Bretz, Chris Watson, Alisa Schwartzkopf, Paula Blackburn, Mary Tomko and Tina Heltzel. Softball 159 Arvada 5 Pomona 3 Arvada 3 Alameda 8 Arvada 5 Arvada West 10 Arvada 8 Columbine 19 Arvada 9 Bear Creek 12 Arvada 7 Green Mountain 9 Arvada 9 Golden '10 Arvada 9 Lakewood 10 Arvada 1 WheatRidge 8 f .ggi M y a c. , 2 'f rgggif iw 4 2 gfff?f'U?. aff rf ff' if , Vw " M f " K ,Q W, fvQM1s,f,6i,LafaJ9ree n. ArvadamThQrmon 43? o e A1145 wviw J 'Www ,V - ,, , , ,L,,,,"- 4? f5fx,:,m4e,,,1f"f , , , ff X, 7 Cancanon Represents Skins at State Junior Lisa Cancanon represented the gymnastics team at the state meet where she competed in the balance beam competition. Although only one girl made it to state, the rest of the girls worked hard and were successful in other ways. The team was under two new young coaches - Cherlyn Milner and Tina Canterbury. sa ggy ' ""' ' ' ' ' T" S srrrrr . Qi f as 'Q 4 Q sg , sr i , X . , Q f'v,5?,r,s?gi2zs.cJ S, L. -its . S . L A W C X Opposite page: Lisa Cancanon competed on the balance beam. This page clockwise: Dawn Bush took a rest on the uneven bars. Shawna Dardanis swung like a monkey on the uneven bars. Team picture bottom to top: Kim Kraus,g Row 2, Shawna Dardanis, Dawn Bush, Row 3, Michelle Pickard, Shelli Avalos, Lisa Cancanong Row 4, Terri Gerstner, Sheila Copeland, Laura Malone, Louise Majdalanig Row 5, Deanna Merz, Mindy DeWitt, Danielle Ciacco, and Coach Cherlyn Milner. Gymnastics 161 X T. s ' Q S5 we ,, xggw 102 S 3' .rf O Soccer Finishes Winning Season Winning their opening round game in the county playoffs with an exciting double overtime and shootout win over Arvada West was a highlight for the soccer team this sea- son. The team lost their second round game by the score of 1- 0 to Bear Creek. Their season record was an impressive 9-2. All Conference players included Mike Knipps, Dennis Lobato, and Troy Durbin. Jerry Coco and Herman Lewitz coached. Opposite page: Dennis Lobato received a pass through the Evergreen opponents. Top left: Jay Penny and opponents from Pomona scramble for the ball. Team picture: Bottom row, Mike Knipps and Sean McClure, 2nd row, Jason Akers, Kevin Kelly, Don Rosier, Dennis Lobato, Scott Hughes, Rick Morger, Tom Georgia, and Werner Stumpp, Coach Jerry Coco: 3rd row, Tim McMann, Troy Durbin, Steve Barr, Tom Behm, Dave Boland, Jay Penny, Chris Riddle, Paul Griffin, 4th row, Travis McClure, Al- berto Navarra, Lenny Sewald, Shawn Turner, Mike Wellborn, Eric Meltvedt, and Brent Newton. 5th row: Karl Archuleta, Matt Va- deen, Greg Eddy, Rich Lawson, Brendon Fink, Jeff Barghs, and Todd Stratman, l 163 Soccer Cross Country Runs to Victory Cross Country was made up of sepa- rate boys' and girls' teams. The boys took two first places and were in the top ten in all other meets. The girls took one first place and did very well in the other meets. Both boys and girls worked very hard to make the season successful. Coach Mark Graham was quite pleased with the results of the Liberty Bell. "Over 30 schools competed, and having the boys take first and the girls take third was an accomplishment in itself," he said. Girls took 10th in league while the boys took 6th in league. Carol Shaffer stood out from the rest of the team by her outstanding ability. Placed 5th in the County, she was allowed to participate at the state meet. She was also named All- Conference. 164 Cross Country 4 MCM rf'-f's" Q2 RELAY! Clockwise from top left: Alumni Chris Ogg and Senior Tricia Dean celebrate a victory. Ryan Shaffer showed off his trophy. Beth Wan- gen, Jennifer Wiedler, and Carol Shaffer "kick back" before a meet. Sean Layfield, Ryan Shaffer, and Darin Carney waited for the bus. Team picture: Bottom row: Angela Rivera, Cami Gallegos, Mike Lev, Damon Bradeen, Darin Carney, Sean Layfield, Ryan Shaffer, and Colin Youngg Row 2: Coach Mark Graham, Carol Shaffer, Jennifer Wiedler, Leanna Wilkins, Lynette Barnhill, Treena Jones, and Coach Andrea Espinosa, Row 3: Marty DeWitt, Jon Lange, Ken Himel, Paul Lillagore, Gareth Griffin, and John Romero. Tension built as they waited for the race to start. Center: Paul Eaton demonstrated his running expertise. 1 Season Results Boys 4th Niwot Invitational 3rd Division 8th Lobo Invitational 1st Liberty Bell 4th League Races 3rd Englewood Invitational 9th Bolder Boulder lst City Championships 4th Greeley lnvitational 4th League Meet Girls 1 1th 4th 17th 3rd lst 6th 18th 3rd 4th 10th Cross Country 165 Swimmers Make Splash The girls' swim team had a very successful year finishing third in league. All Conference swimmer Kim Bell and Cindy Gray led the team. Gray was also awarded Swimmer of the Year in Colorado for her achievements in academics as well as swim- ming. Girls participating in State Competition were Bell and Cindy Gray for individualg Heather Bryan, Gretchen Johnson, Rosalie Passarelli, Bell, Cindy Gray, and Christie Gray as members of the relay teams. The girls were coached by Caty Schmeck- peper who was named Coach of the Month. 166 Girls Swimming Clockwise from top left: Heather Bryan caught some "Z's" before her event. Mary Graham looked up to see her finishing time. The team posed with their trophy. Cindy Gray waited for the next event. Team picture, Bot- tom row: Mary Graham, Cindy Gray. Allison Hart, Rosalie Passarellig Row 2: Heather Bry- an, Kim Bell, Coach Caty Schmeckpeper, Christie Gray, and Gretchen Johnsong Row 3: Missy Garcin, Dixie Lane, Shelli Shively, Kris- tie Wilkerson, and Lisa Laneg Row 4: Lisa Bosha, Kathryn Grinstead, Jennifer Carpen- ter, Kristi Rodgers and Kathleen Hill. Season Results Arvada - Golden Pomona - Arvada Arvada - Arvada West WheatRidge - Arvada Arvada - Evergreen JeffCo Invitational - 4th place League Relays - 5th place League Meet - 3rd place State Meet - 20th place Girls Swimming 167 Tankers Swim Tough Boys swimming had a suc- cessful year. Practices were held each day at Meyers Pool where all home meets were also held. Qualifiers for state were Mike Bowman, Rob Nasser, Werner Stumpp, and Lance Westfall as a relay teamg Werner Stumpp for a 50-free style raceg and Erik Seaver for diving. According to some team members, Coach Scott Heiss worked them hard during his first year coaching the team at Arvada. asf it 5 if WWW t 168 Boys Swimming QI 4 Arvada - Golden Arvada - Pomona Arvada West - Arvada Colorado Invitational WheatRidge - Arvada Jeffco Relays - 3rd place League A Meet - 5th place Jeffco Invitational - 6th place Clockwise from top left: Teammates cheered on a relay for a first place victory. Team picture, Bottom row: Werner Stumpp, Damon Bradeen, and Rick Barta. Row 2: Brett Millican, Brandon Dardanis, Don Rosier, and Glenn Rice. Row 3: Coach Scott Heiss, Dan Parker, Jeff Killion, Eric Meltvedt, Steve Tutty, Mike Lev and Steve Stapp. Row 4: Troy Townsend, Dave Rehfeld, Eric Gomez, Dean Hishin- uma, David Dill and Brad Blank. Coach Scott Heiss discussed some winning strate- gies with the team. Head Coach Heiss re- laxed at poolside. Werner Stumpp lrightl concentrated as he waited for the gun to start the race. Erik Seaver scored big in his dive. Dave Dill headed for the shower after practice. No one missed the ARVADA swim team because of their unique trunks. g av 5 li f 'E 'iul A isri fa i f Boys Swimming 169 t Q lify X X x wr F Ni Q r. 5 .S N . Arvada 36-Columbine 'Arvada 38'PomOna 21 K Arvada Wrgst Tourn.,k4th pl. Arvada 49-Alameda 9 Thorfon Tourn.. lst place Arvada 39-Green Mountain 10 Arvada 26iArvada West 27 Ihstricts. lst place , M4 swf Nr --Ji H24 Eight grapplers qualified for State. Seven of the eight took first in Districts, which led the team to take Districts for the second year in a row. Tim Martinez l105l, Stan Martinez f112l, Rick Duran 11191, R.L. Spomer t126l, John Ford t132l, Chad Culter 11455, Duff Knott t155l, and Randy Miskol f167l represent- ed Arvada at State. Knott went on to take a first in State, Miskol took third, and Stan Martinez and Chad Culter took sixth. The team had a very good season, los- ing only one close match to Arvada West. They took second in league. Carl Churches led the team, with help from John Sheridan, Chuck Gentry and Mark Polson. -1. X -A M.. 'SW Clockwise from left: Team picture, First row: Kurt Sauer, Don Gillette, Duff Knott, Chad Culter. Second row: Eric Knechtel, Keith Ford, Brad Rink, Bob Atz, Toby Lowe. Third row: Randy Miskol, Rick Duran, Stan Mar- tinez, Steve Bokros, Tim Martinez, R.L. Spomer. Stan Martinez cradles his opponent, Tim Martinez prepares to do battle. Coaches Churches and Sheridan watch intently as Stan Martinez prepares to ride his opponent. Wrestling 1 7 1 91ll!I ' - '1 .' rar . . -Q -wkesirf-.1'f Clockwise from top: Junior Varsity picture, Top Row: Jeff Briscoe, Destry Maria, Roy Plumisto, Stuart Keen- er. Middle row, Scott Cramm, Ray Bruno, Pat Hayden, Jay Doeringg Bottom row, Kent Pietrafeso, Todd Culter, Binh Tran, Phil Covarrubias, Darren Hassell. Duff Knott looked to pin his opponent, Coach Churches watched intensely. Sophomore picture: Back row: Vic- tor Musat, Charlie Schoepflin Anthony Gallegos, Karl Archuletag Middle row: Mike Hamilton, John Ford, Ke- vin Schultzg Bottom row: Gary Gomez, Derek Lucero, Jody Kennedy, Jeff Oldfield, Front: Brett Roberts. Scott Robertson got tossed through the air. 172 Wrestling Wie it l9Q gs .fri J' -5 wig 'Urn-4 a,',a 4 ' U 0. 9 I O E Pin Pals Support Wrestlers This year's Pin-pals were very helpful to the team which was greatly appreciated by the coaches. They kept all the stats, video taped every match and were supportive to the team. Tiffany Smith was head and Linda Nichols was sponsor. Counterclockwise from top: Pin Pals Lorie DeShaw and Rosalie Passarelli posed for a picture with Coach Carl Churches. Tiffany Smith congratulated John Ford for his first place finish. Top row: Tiffany Smith, Jina Floridag Second row: Rosalie Passarelli. Lorie DeShaw, Susie Kerng Bottom row: Sabrina Whitney, Robin Clark, Robin Clark and Lorie De- Shaw observe match. Pin Pals 173 , ef A ' 5'.1I V ii lx 33-ff 3 N Redskin Girls Rally The Arvada High School girls basketball team had a suc- cessful season. The team was led by seniors Corinne Donnelly, Melissa Lingle and Diane Kirkpatrick. Although, the girls did not win league, they ended their season with a respectable 5-6 conference record. Nina Fanelli readied herself for the jump ball. Coach Phil Kastor inspired the team with talk. Coach Davisson gave the team some pointers during their break. Varsity: Nina Fanelli, Tammy Richards, Gina Lehto, Leanna Wilkins, Chris Gray, Corrine Donnelly. Ann Marie Durant, Coach Phil Kastor, Diane Kirkpatrick, Melissa Lingle, Chris Rosso, Kristin Tone, and Joan Easton. 'lil I l ' l F K' .NHT K 3 2 Q T t. H QM." ' malt' .R L JI. "D g . 2GirIs Basketball 175 Clockwise from right: J.V. Coach Joyce Davisson looked on before game. Sophomore Team, bottom row: Theresa Morris, Alyssa Schwartkopf, Jan Miller, Sheila Ligget, Stacy Calley, and Candace Doerfler. 2nd row: Coach Joe Poisson, Cary Blandin, Carol Mizell, Louise Nemeth, Kim Kirkpatrick, Cindy Essex, Cyd Nelson, Jan Staberg, Michelle Smith, and Jackie Pries. Joyce Davisson directs the girls during hafltime, Kris Tone dribbled the ball on a fast break. Coach Phil Kastor paced on the sidelines. J.V. Bottom row: Managers Chris Watson, Shelia Halback, and Gwyn Blackburn. 2nd row: Camille Lipp, Jamie Stern, Carola Strijek, Teresa Magda, Julie Clark, Susanna Nilsson, Lynette Barnhill, Kim Whiting, Coach Joyce Davisson. Girls looked pleased after a winning game. Center: Jamie Stern wiped off after a hard first period. -fr y X 5533 ""R"" l,'.....,B in 1 I na li 'Six .sn GLW? x we 176 Girls Basketball V H7 ,, v LQJ -Q? y 3 Q5 Q if 1- we V Q 2? if 2 Q. Q L.. ,A V, I 4, gs W, f 135 Vgw 33 X Avg 2392! f 3 14 5, "'47J-- Q , -4 2 Z f , ' Nga 1 if Q T1 N.- 1 i ,,fg'zQ-5 z Q' If 5 I NA i 4 5! - 4 Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Arvada Ar-vada Arvada 62 68 54 74 53 69 74 88 77 66 51 Rocky Mtn. Greeley Central Smoky Hill Thornton Arvada West Lakewood Evergreen Alameda Pomona Columbine Bear Creek X ,. r,r.,..., Arvada 66 Wheat Ridge 79 xi Arvada 56 Green Mtn, 53 Arvada 56 Golden 54 Arvada 64 Lakewood : W Arvada 61 Evergreen 65-5 Arvada 63 Arvada West 6 Arvada 62 Alameda 67 Arvada 65 Golden 63 Arvadag-'34 x 75 Arvada! 7 an f C Mm. 81 ,Q u--f gr: ,. . -, : i Q 1 sr . We H 1 A . t ax at ' -r. ala Boys Enter State Tourney Clockwise from top left: Bottom row: Joelle Krankota, Darron Tucker, Rob McCoy, Derick Dominguez, Todd Ebelsheiser, Danny Stearns. Top row: Coach Tom McCormick, Rob Roome, Troy Leisenring, Lonny Stearns, Mike Robben, Damon Braly, Duane Grischow, John Weide- mann, William Reinhard, Coach Greg McSwain. The team warmed up before a game. Coaches Tom McCormick and Greg McSwain checked stats after a game. Damon Braly had a dunk. , Opposite page: Damon Braly jumped ball. Head Coach Tom McCormick led the varsity squad to a record of 13-8 and into the state tournament. The team was led by seniors Joe Halbach, Todd Ebelsheiser, Darron Tucker, Lonny Stearns and Troy Leisenring. The rest of the varsity squad consisted of juniors John Weidemann, Mike Robben, Derick Dominguez, Duane Grischow, Rob McCoy, and sophomore Damon Braly. Coach McCormick said, "This team is responsible for turning our program around in the right direction." The team took second in their division and fourth in league. Boys Basketball 179 Clockwise from top left: Lonny Stearns looked on as the other team got the rebound. Todd Ebelsheiser argued a call. Joe Halbach and Lonny Stearns wanted the ball. JV: Bottom row: Jim Gillach, Dano Mauser, Greg Hodapp, Sean Layfield. Top row, Coach Tom McCormick, Chip Cross, David Ander- son, Sean Riley, Mike Kubala, Coach Greg McSwain. Darron Tucker checked the crowd out. 180 Boys Basketball mmf , S Clockwise from top left: Sophomore Team, Bottom row: Andy Price, Dan Coons, David Teets, Richard Lawson, Carl Martinez. Top row, Coach Tom McCor- mick, Greg Noble, Nick Graff, Craig Romer, Brian Huss, Ryan Schmidt, Tom Nuss, Coach Greg lVlcSwain. Troy Leisenr- ing was catching his breath. Coach Tom McCormick watched his team. Derick Do- minguez jumped for the ball. Darron Tucker prepared to shoot a freethrow. Boys Basketball 181 182 Cheerleaders ,, , My 1 wt JZ ' .,r.,4, Cheers Promote Spirit Fourteen girls made up the AHS cheerleading squad with Melissa Mauser and Mary Kominek as heads. The girls cheered at sporting events, made spirit post- ers for the different sports, participated in pep rallies, entered the state competition, and sponsored a PeeWee cheerleading clinic for local elementary school students. Clockwise from top left: Anita Spellman, Angie Reddish, Signe Ostreng, Barbara Shelton, Mi- chele Dickinson, Melissa Mauser, and Sheri Boo- ton posed. Melissa Mauser and a student from the Pee-Wee Clinic rested between cheers. Cheers formed a pyramid during pep rally. Bottom row: Anita Spellman, Barbara Shelton, Rene Gomez, Michele Dickinson. Row 2: Maria Pacheco and Elizabeth Eckdahl. Row 3: Signe Ostreng, Mary Kominek, and Angela Reddish, Row 4: Michele McKowen and Melissa Mauser. Row 5: Sheri Boo- ton and Shawna Hackwell. Row 6: Darcy Shroyer. Girls took a break during the football game. Coach Joe Corre passed a play on to the cheerleaders at half time. Cheerleaders led a cheer, getting the fans excited. Center: Cheers sat down to catch their breaths at halftime. Cheerleaders 183 if f Lazei, 4 Q1 gg f 5 If fi? fe .,f 4 Wg '47 131' gf 'fi IE H 1 , J an My I a L Poms Entertain Crowds The 1984-85 poms were headed by senior April Parker and junior Mindy DeWitt. The squad consisted of 12 dedicated girls. Tammy Jensen was their sponsor. The poms performed a routine during halftime of every home basketball and football game. They also participated in state competition and helped sponsor the PeeWee clinic. Clockwise from top left: Danielle Ciacco, Stacy Greenwood, and Sari Koeppen took a snack break from practice. Traci Olsen and Kimberly Kraus made a spirit poster. Poms and cheers held up a spirit poster for the football team to run through. Bottom row: Dena Settle, Renee Richard, Sari Koeppen, Rochelle Keil, Mindy Dewitt, and Stacy Greenwood. Top row: Danielle Ciacco, April Parker, Kimberly Kraus, Michele Pickard, Kecia Doyle, and Traci Olsen. Poms per- formed a routine at a pep rally. April Parker, Traci Olsen, Danielle Ciacco, and Sari Koeppen chanted a cheer at a football game. Center: Poms participating in a pep rally. . Ll l Pompons 185 Your Time To Learn l 186 I 187 Administration Led School Darrel Dilworth Assistant Principal 188 FacultyfAcademics Year The administration at Arvada kept things running smoothly throughout the school year. They performed many necessary acts for the student body and faculty, including student discipline, student activities, and athle- tic competition. ' Assistant Principal Laura Haase, in charge of athletics for a one-year term at Arvada said, "I feel that athletics is a unique experience for any individual, and l enjoy being a part of it." CR. Robe joined this group at the end of first semester as a short-term replacement for Marilyn Kosloski, who was filling in as principal at an elemen- tary school. Laura Haase Assistant Principal CR. Robe Assistant Principal Darrell Dilworth poses with his secretary, Peggy Karaker, birthday. yr. Marilyn Kosloski Assistant Principal George Bethel, Principal 5 Georgenne Tomlinson Assistant Principal 1 Addison nselor : Perrizo nselor Counselors Can Be Friends The six counselors at Arvada High School served students in several dif- ferent capacities, They were in charge of arranging schedules, making sure students collected the correct amount of credits for graduation, helping with college plans, aiding students with per- sonal problems, and assisting students and faculty in other ways. John Addison said, "Being a coun- selor is excitingg it's interesting lt's the only kind of on-the-job training that keeps you growing as a person from the things which you learn and people that you meet. You never get in a rut because your work is constant- ly changing." Counselor Pat Scott Bob Thoreson Joan Tomlinson Counselor Counselor Counselor FacultyfAcadem1cs 189 Ot Buelter Craig Wilkie Goes to Africa on Fulbright Social Studies teacher Craig Wilkie received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Kenya, Africa, and spent the summer of 1984 visiting Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Morocco to prepare for the Fulbright experience in Africa. Wilkie then spent eight weeks in January and February on a travel-study throughout East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire and Senegal, West Africa. Responsibilities of Wilkie's scholarship included investigat- ing recent early man's fossils in meetings with Dr. Richard Leakey and visits to Lake Turkana and the Olduvai Gorge, an audience with Kenya's President Daniel Arap Moi, concerning refugee camps, relief agencies, and government assistance programs, in addition to actual visits to refugee camps . investigating the enigma-"Africa, twenty years after ir pendence, why the backward movement?" Highlights of Wilkiels African experience included hil- into the Ruwenzori Mountains of Zaire to view the moun' gorillas, exploring the ancient Arab trade centers on the cc of the Indian Ocean, traveling through four wildlife ga reserves, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Following his return in April, Wilkie wrote curriculum Jefferson County Schools, the University of Denver and state of Colorado. Ultimately, the information will appear publication for educators. 4 . me HX 451, 'ss sz., .v-'N ,. . 1 , ' Vis P' . - , -is fl , . 1 s - "' . -""" A- s . fs - . ,,,. L ., g. . , ,, , 1 Q .sa , gg 5 ,, t Q 5 .... i s, t , 11.3. -- 1-sf -at . .r- X . A gg, 190 FacultyfAcademics S - -""' A :ve Axelrath Bob Bassett SBD Math l l Beaver Phyllis Beeler cial Studies TESOL .T idents enjoyed a social studies class. 4' I' Social Studies Offered Variety Arvada's Social Studies Department was very strong and offered a wide variety of elective classes. The classes in- cluded studies of the United States, China, Africa, Soviet Union and others. Required courses were Economics and State and Local Government. One of the favorite classes with students was Behavioral Sciences open only to seniors. This was a four-quarter class that combined the teaching of Craig Wilkie, Neil Minden and Mona Lundy. One quarter of the class was Anthropolo- gy taught by Wilkiep one quarter was Sociology taught by Lundyg and the third quarter was Psychology taught by Minden. During the fourth quarter students returned to their original teachers to create three individual societies to complete the course. Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology were also of- fered as individual elective classes. Bobbie Belcher Cheryl Blanchette Reading Foreign Language 'wi A of--.Q 'Oh .H , 2 l f Alan Blankenship James Bratten Language Arts Physical Ed. Faculty X Academics 191 Jodie Brown Sandra Bruner Drafting Foreign Language Doug Caffey Sharon Carter Math Language Arts Art Offers Creative Break Art classes at AHS offered a creative break from aca- demic classes. They allowed students to work individually and helped break the monotony of students' days. They also taught skills that could be used for future leisure time activities and hobbies. Jenny Bartleson said of her art class: "Drawing class gives students the time, materials, and assistance to pursue the projects the students desire." Charles Lovett taught ceramicsg Charles Nelson taught drawingg and Linda Scholes taught jewelry. 192 FacultyfAcademics V' Austin Christensen Social Studies ,J - ,gm y,,WWM-W-W A vu Mnarww, ,rl a . f U -A I ,,,,, f "I "5 1 ' 44 muff' ' . W wks! w' 2Iffl'1 t ' 1 1 1 5 f 'A-q,fg4f"i 'Zhi 4 Oi f 4 4, wa: Q S ,gf . 1,1 at-riwrgf an 1 M 4' 4 H sffisff I ww M Carl Churches Drivers Ed. Science Sponsors Health Fair Chemistry, Unified Science, Biology and Physics were among the many science classes which were offered this year at Arvada. Bob Connor and Fran Howard taught chemistry, Jim Corso, Lynn Kessler, Jim Mitchell and Hilary Nelson all taught Biologyg James Sullivan and Mike Solominsky taught Unified Science, Bill Tipton taught Physicsg and Rod Stor taught Advanced Placement Physics. Kessler and Karen Pramenko, school nurse, sponsored the Channel 9 Health Fair in the small gym in November. Science students were trained in advance to help out in the fair booths where students and faculty could get individual health informa- tion. "Health is an important subject," said Kessler in reference to the Health Fair. A student got her blood pressure checked at Channel 9 Health Fair. 5 Harold Crimmins Don Curtis Social Studies Math FacultyfAcademics 193 l e TESOL Helps Many The TESOL lTeaching English to Students of Other Languagesl program at Arvada was led by teachers Jane Deyoe and Phyllis Beeler with the help of adult tutors Joan Dodd and Pat Noel, and several student tutors. Enrollment of foreign students in TESOL classes was similar to that of previous year. For- eign students benefitted from these specialized classes in addition to some regular classes. Deyoe felt the best experience students got in TESOL, besides learning English, was dealing with life problems and being able to ask any questions about anything that they didn't understand. The adult tutors played a very important role in this class. They helped students with enrollment and other classes. The student tutors not only helped with the English language but also with peer relationships. xx: X iilxffi x J E 194 FacultyfAcademics X X K . -...,. ,, W 5 f sf S 5 gif' - - f ss - f' . . . X f . .. . t ,Sc ,- Sz' , T 'c:'f'f::m.,::I?:e, w., I. Q Q,Qa,gQk..? . Lf ' gtk lim. WS ka MMV ' '-1:2 : lS'?2E.'.f:" ' S . ...S Y g t Clockwise from top left, opposite page. Jane Deyoe helps TESOL students. Minhn- guyet Nguyen relaxed while cutting out a project. Ying Lo showed off her new purse. Teng Moua checked out the food at the Christmas luncheon TESOL students had for the faculty. Vin Le looked pleased with his work. Linda Lundberg helped out in TESOL as a teacher aide, Sirichit Mauanghane watched while Southiphong Senethong did some work, Center left: Koua Lor took a break from his studies. Jane Deyoe insturcted some TESOL stu- dents. Facultyflacademics 195 Math Courses Cover All Levels Arvada's math courses proved to be popular once again among students. Many sophomores were introduced to high school by taking the "ever so fun" geometry course, Many upperclass students chose to increase their math skills by taking such classes as Algebra II, Math Analysis and Calcu- lus. Some students also decided to take other classes such as Math of Finance and Probability and Statistics. These were designed to be classes that would be of help in dealing with everyday life problems. A major development in the Math Department involved computers. Computer Science had grown rapidly over the past couple of years and was finally named as its own depart- ment this year- This math class must have had a surprise equation. H M lm Q at 1 I .1 2 wi M .,,,- , fa. 1 an-f ...,.. T Jerry Davis Joyce Davisson Inez Deines Jane Deyoe Math Physical Ed. Math TESOL Joan Dodd Tony DuCros Helga Duncan Dennis Dunkin TESOL Language Arts Foreign Language Math 196 FacultyfAcademics Q s J Sli -' - . .A ,it W 1 W 'V "" I 1 2 :Z , 4, 1 V ,LLL 4 d Grundmeier David Heyman cial Studies Band Reading Allows Students To Advance Reading class was taught by Bobbie Belcher. The class dealt primarily with students whose reading ability was not at grade level. A student could stay in this class for however long Belcher deemed necessary. Belcher's observation of the student's progress was then used as a basis for correct placement of students in other classes. "I think learning can be fun," said Belcher, speaking of the reading program classes which she described as being de- signed to give every student every chance to advance. Mark Graham James Faes Wood Language Arts Sarah Blair Hill SIEBD FacultyfAcademics 197 WOTC Popular Many students took advantage of the facilities of the Warren Occupational Technical Center during this year. The school offered programs to prepare young adults with job entry level skills. Through hands-on experience, WOTC students received valuable occupational training while still attending high school. Credits from Warren Tech were included as electives in the graduation require- ments. To be accepted into Warren Tech, up- perclassmen submitted applications to the Center. If accepted, the students had the opportunity to attend a 3-hour or full- day course depending on the program. Programs offered at Warren Tech in- cluded building trade occupations, busi- ness occupations, graphic arts occupa- tions, manufacturing occupations, service occupations, and transportation occupa- tions. John Horst Frances Howard Foreign Language Science Carole Hynes Sondra Inman PC Home Economics 198 FacultyfAcademics A Warren Tech student looks up from her task. l l Becky Hudson SLIC Sheryl Jones Language Arts Holly Husted PC Phil Kastor Social Studies 'nn Kessler Bill Kirby Cristy Koeneke iience SLIC Home Economics ra :k Lightner :ctronics iw .. H 'fi r V i,,,,,,,. . E,.,11, 1 ..,, ,- i..,,, . , - . T 1 rg -57" if ft l V ft 'M T5 I , Mx . is ' i M' ,ar ert Nemmers and Jason Lazoskie were serious about mock wedding in Mar- e and Family, Charles Lovett Art Home Ec Was Exciting Home Economics offered a variety of different areas to study from clothing to childbirth. In the Marriage and Family class students learned about loving and marriage and children and communication. Foods classes were always cooking, while the clothing classes made a variety of garments. There were even designing classes for those interested in that field. In December the Marriage and Family and Foods classes held a mock wedding. "This was a very exciting happening," acording to one stu- dent. The Home Economics Department also offered a course on child development where students spent time working at local preschools and day care centers. FacultyfAcademics 199 as ...Q- sqg, f wg S 'Glam 49-Q -ul?" mf! si is x LS I.. 3 -1:."' Q Q -- Eg Xi.. ff--Q, g .wi 0 Sf A Wm me L V Q f If fw .,,i1f,. 'Www ff Y A my -. .R l FacultyfAcademics 201 Language Arts Offers Variety The Language Arts Department was the largest depart- ment at Arvada High School and had good reason to be. AHS students were required to have 12 quarter classes of language arts classes including 3 composition, 3 literature, 1 language and 1 oral. The Department met the technological challenges of 1984-85 by utilizing computers as writing tools in all of Sheryl Jones and Judy Woods' classes. These two teachers were part of an IBM pilotprogram in which IBM donated 15 PC JR computers to the school to be used for computer application in five departments other than Computer Sci- ence. Georgelynn Schmidler was chairman of this department which offered all the traditional high school and college prep classes. ws: .,... . ,, H ' " ff 'vw f- f Ifiifzxizim si: , .,, rt,f 1. M .ms',, " ,.. ' . ,' T H ' f r 1 X-fm ! I r it L, 'ri ' 'i"i it Bob Ludwig Language Arts 202 FacultyfAcademics Mona Lundy Glen March Social Studies Business sl Q.. sn., Q ,xgx g -. .,.: . ,... , LQPP - S wt r . . iarles McDonnell Bob Meisner omputer Science Physical Ed. P.E. Profitable And Challenging Many classes were offered in the Physical Education Depart- ment. Jim Bratten taught power lifting and weight training. Joyce Davisson taught bowling and aerobics along with Cherry Melan- con. Davisson also taught weight training and Melancon also taught sports and games. Bob Meisner taught mainly sports and games along with bowling and weight training. Melancon said, "Teens are great and if you call them the name, they'll play the game. In other words, if you think kids are bad, they'll be badg if you think they're good, they'll be good." Liz Kotsay, a student, said, "Aerobics is fun and good exer- cise." "Weight lifting is profitable and challengingf, said Troy Townsend senior. Gail Marcus Tom McCormick Foreign Language Vocal Music Neil Minden Social Studies Cherry Melancon Physical Ed. Faculty f Academics 203 Clockwise from right: Joe Swoverland did a little out'of-class preparation in his private office. Susan Myron and Yearbook Advisor Maryann Trembath proofed yearbook copy. A group of students looked busy in the library, Counseling Aide Carol Bradley "dressed up" for Halloween. Campus Security Person Susan Cauble looked a little "punk " on the job for Halloween. Junior Andy Shimpa spent some study time in the library's quiet area. in ,i,sf,,g 204 FacultyfAcademics Counterclockwise: Jon Trulson, Electronics teacher Dick Lightner, and Frank Martinez checked out a computer function. Jodie Brown gave individual instruction to a drafting student. Students prepared to get busy in the woodshop. A sophomore class "hammed it up" before getting down to academics. Principal George Bethel "makes something official." FacultyfAcademics 205 Mitchell Joins Math Department Mark Mitchell joined the AHS Math Department late in the first quarter replacing Doug Bartlett who resigned to pursue private in- terests. After graduating from Arvada West High School, Mitchell attend- ed the University of Colorado in Boulder graduating in 1978. He taught at Westminster High School for a year before coming to Arvada High where he taught Alge- bra I and Geometry classes. Hilary Nelson Pat Noel Sci nce TESOL Jim O Donnell Carles Patera Auto Mechanics Social Studies Jim Mitchell Mark Mitchell Science Math Dana Naas Charles Nelson Business Art These two students seemed a bit puzzled over their work X-- gg ...:.. 1 .rf if rf' T t :t. s' .-ES' . S Jrgia Patterson ial Studies s , x s S Business Classes Prepare Students The Business Department at Arvada High School was led by Department Chairman Gus Spano. Larry Cole, Glen March, Dana Nass, Joan Robertson, MaryAnn Sullivan and Candy Walker completed this department. Classes in- cluded typing, computer, all levels of ac- counting, office skills, Marketing and Dis- tributive Education and other general business courses. Two of these courses - Procedures and Marketing and Distributive Education - gave credit for students working in the community. Teachers assisted junior and senior students in finding jobs for which they received credit, job experience, and salaries. Patty Pearce Philip Pendorf Sherida Peterson TESOL Tutor Social Studies Language Arts -N S .1.5 l Poisson Karen Pramenko Shirley Pugh Ben Pyatt lial Studies School Nurse Language Arts Math FacultyfAcademics 207 Students Receive Job Credit Arvada High's Marketing and Distribu- tive Education program consisted of two different courses. The first class, open to both juniors and seniors, was an overall look at business that investigated several aspects of the career world. The second MDE ll, was offered to seniors who had successfully completed MDE I. These students took an intense look at the business world focusing on important matters relating to America's free enterprise system. Both year-long courses rewarded students who held out- side jobs by providing them with school credit. Joan Robertson and Gus Spano taught students how to get and keep part-time jobs. They also were in charge of the bookstore and the DECA club. MDE stu- dents also held social activities such as attending the stock show, raft trips, and ski trips. .- - . - --ff if-ffx1fQ :Q-si i ' it MN. S. ww Q X New PM is Q R rw 5 ig 4. L Wwsgw Q gk S Q sf .. 2 Sin 95 gg Numa QE ll 2. Q m.,. llsl. fl V, ,.,,,l if " Q ll fr it F . Digits , dwg, f ' 1. -'72 ' f ' ' - . . . if l 1 M 208 Faculty f Academics . fl ,KU .ann on Ray ath Nolene Regnier Foreign Language 3113 WW? 61,55 K A P45-If ottie Reyes Joan Robertson oreign Language Business l Foreign Language Enrollment Increases Foreign languages were very important for high school students in 1984 and '85. AHS students took advantage of the Foreign Language Department's many offerings and enroll- ment increased. John Horst, Foreign Languages Department chairman, said "I think we care a lot for our students. We hope foreign languages enhance their English skills and that they under- stand their own language much better after studying a foreign language." "We have a solid department. We use our backgrounds and training to provide the students new insights into language," Horst said. Several levels of French, Latin, Spanish, German and Rus- sian were offered. FacultyfAcademics 209 X Linda Scholes Mike Solominsky Art, Language Arts Science Wm My W ,4W,e ee4,eee ee.e eeee . . e,ee eN4,,,e r Gus Spano Marilyn Stor Business Math 210 FacultyfAcademics Driver's Education Enrollment Drops Driver's Education was one of the courses that suffered a drastic drop in enrollment in the past few years. In the 1984-85 school year approximately 55 pupils enrolled in this class compared to 400 three years ago. Carl Churches, Driver's Education teacher, blamed the drop in enrollment on the greatly increased fee of S200 and the fact that credit toward graduation was no longer given for the course. Legislation concerning Driver's Education was in the State Legislature to take S2 from every student's registra- tion fee for a fund to help offset the cost of Driver's Education. Their hope was to get the fee back to a reason- able S50 to 3575. K f:,:. , ., .-... h R ..:: al .. ,. rr ' Q if Fi ' dig J-QQ?-x I . A X -3 ..,.-. -Y Q ss W J"i Y SY -Y J, X X , .5 . kj .. six g QE Q 3 s,.a"'Af if if if .Q F- 3 1 LJ 2 Georgelynn Schmidler Marilyn Schmidt Language Arts SciencefMath M? Counterclockwise: Scott Robertson and Randy Miskol took a break from studying in Physics class. Some other students took it easy and worked on their home economics projects. A female student worked in computer class, while her partner Terry DeShaw was more concerned with the cam- era. With safety goggles and all, Vu Nguyen was hard at work. Two students showed their expertise in drilling dur- ing shop class. Toby Lowe sat on the table and stared straight ahead while fellow students watched. for , W., ,V , -4 K Q ei: "iff 'V' ii Y if FacultyfAcademics 211 Multicultural Relations Teaches Cultural Awareness Multicultural Relations was a one-semester class designed to involve any interested student in extend- ing hisfher cultural awareness. Sponsor Phyllis Beeler said, "My hope is that stu- dents will leave this class with the recognition and understanding that all people, no matter what their race or national origin, deserve to be valued as unique individuals and treated equally." Course content included an overview of the con- cepts of prejudice, discrimination, generalizations and sterotyping - practices which prevented multicul- tural understanding. The class produced and published a magazine, Lands and Seas, which depicted the great cultural diversity at Arvada High School and the Arvada com- munity. lt was intended to educate readers about the various cultures represented at Arvada High School. "W 2 1 2 Faculty f Academics '-.4 f B 'f'-- V 'Wi 2 f f K f if if M J' , Ms do rf E'! l iw 5f0f ' 4 James Sullivan Science Viviun ry Ann Sullivan Joe Swoverland siness Metal New Department Grows Rapidly Computer Science was a new department at Arvada High School this year. Charley McDonnell was chairman of this new department. Other staff members included Bob Bassett, Ron Ray, Ted Grundmeier and Larry Cole. Cole, who had been a business teacher at Arvada in the past, taught an Applications and Logo class, while continu- ing his other business teaching. Bassett and Ray continued to teach math classes and Grundmeier also taught social studies. Along with Applications and Logo other computer lan- guages were also taught including computer programming classes in Basic and Pascal. McDonnell and his staff taught computer skills on the Apple Ile. W7 W ,,,,"', .r,ir , g M Bill Tipton Pat Tokarsky Science Language Arts FacultyfAcademics 213 Maryann Trembath Language Arts fa Carole Verostek Zephyr Villano Social Studies Social Studies G.T. Gffers Independent Experience The Gifted and Talented program was taught by Linda Scholes and met daily during 7th hour for the first semester in their own small classroom outside the library. Second semes- ter GT did not meet as a classy members met regularly with interested faculty to plan an enrichment program to include all interested students. Students chosen for the class were nominated by teachers, fellow students, parents or themselves. These students worked independently on such diversified projects as gospel music, lasers and robots. Group members also attended outside functions such as Carl Sagan's lecture on Nuclear Winter and The Comedy Works at Larimer Square. G.T. students had their own Apple Ile computer and VCR camera and monitor to use for their projects. 214 Faculty f Academics Students Earn Credit For Helping Many Arvada students were student assistants in classrooms or offices. Office jobs, such as in Counseling, the Library, the Main and the Attendance office, earned one-half credit for a semester. Classroom student assistants received one-fourth credit per semester. Students had to remain for the full semes- ter in order to get any credit. Students working in the Library learned the library system including the Dewey Decimal System and computer functions. In the Main Office, students had to be "smart" to handle the phone system. Many teachers had their student assistants help in the classroom as well as grade papers and run errands. Georgenne Tomlinson, assistant principal, felt that "student assistant was a good learning experience' v ' B 2 L A if U ,1.. gi.i' H V 'Qe' t"'Q 1 'L 1 in - f' mir 5 L 7 1.4 i in 'Q ix 5 I I ' QA, .. I Q, ' X , s.,,'V f , ' I ,?' I 'X V1 L . J' I ... bbie Willeford Joan Wofford Judy Wood Linda Wuerz cal Music Language Arts Language Arts, COE Language Arts FacultyfAcademics 215 216 FacultyfAcademics E r is tiirztt scs Q K if ...Y Counterclockwise from top right: Craig Wilkie showed off his African Safari cake at his going away party. Students "hammed" it up in Electron- ics. Patti Bost looked up from her studies. Kathy Nehrig and Craig La- benz practiced their choreography for a "Mods" routine. Marilyn Stor fought to keep her students from leaving class, Typists practiced mastering the keyboard. Brian Mazanec perfected his wood work. A sophomore girl showed off her locker. Center, DECA students presented sales demonstrae tions. FacultyfAcademics 217 Ruby Wyatt Home Economics Joe Zuchter Soc Worker lyme Close Up Worthwhile Close-Up was a program involving a trip to Washington, D.C., where students could see 'Lup close" how the govern- ment vvorked. Those students who spent spring break, from March 25 to March 30, in Washington also received social studies credit for the trip. According to social studies teacher Mona Lundy, who accompanied the students, HThe trip was very worth' while." Students paid for their trips by collecting donations from local businesses, locating sponsors, and individual money- making projects and jobs. Tuition included hotel, meals, fees to attend seminars, a banquet and a dance. 218 FacultyfAcademics ""'9in..Q. as is lhi Clockwise from upper right: Cindy Richardson waited pa- tiently for the bell to ring. Stu- dents pondered during a test. A literature class watched a video. Sari Koeppen worked with her film in a changing bag. Students in drafting class work on their drawings. Center: A science stu- dent looked surprised by her ex- ' periment results. me Q ,g5:, . lytwm Ni. Faculty f Academics 219 l Secretaries, Teacher M X " Aides Offer Assistance The secretaries at Arvada assisted in the offices taking memos, answering phones, and typing. The main difference between the secretaries and the teacher aides was the number of hours worked per week. Most TA's worked for a department and secretaries worked for designated people. Aide jobs ranged from typing tests and worksheets to purchasing books and supplies and, of course, answering phones. Mary Gardner, Language Arts aide, said, "The best things are the hours and the people." She added that she enjoyed her work and being around the school surroundings. They also supervised student assistants and of- fered friendship and counseling to students. Lan- guage Arts teacher Maryann Trembath said, "We couldn't live without them." 220 FacultyfAcademics 4 , .rx Q at .S ann N, MM? , W AP ,fi if, ff' 'j'5..,.4 4, V Ji, f 1, KA 2 J, f ,Q A . aj fr it Z f af Via? 3 Af f f 1 W 'CQ iff! g if ,AM , f f , J fiffagaw . T . it . . cf , Raw' as ,,,,,, - G, frm -' 1 r fi' :is-Q-Q.. 1 Q- ... Clockwise from top left: Betty Williams, Eileen Pe- terson, and Joani Ohlson were the Main Office secre- taries. Diana Styles, Carol Bradley, Jo Jacobs, and Jan Wilkey were teacher's aides. Betty Williams waited for a phone call. Farrell Haviland, Jean Claeys, Marilyn Hodapp, Maxine Mitchell, Mary Gardner, Marilyn Kirk, Lincla Lundberg, and Pat Plakorus were teacher's aides. Carol Bradley and Nancy Gurley of the Counselor's Office enjoyed a friendly pose. Linda Nichols, Marilyn Hodapp, and Peggy Karraker were student services secretaries who displayed Halloween spirit. Center: Linda Ni- chols and Peggy Karraker were student services sec- retaries. FacultyfAcademics 221 Clockwise from top right: Diane Biegle found something amusing. Staci Hearrell helped a student at the 9-Give 'em Health Fair. Sondra Inman helped a student choose the right colors for Interior Design. A student paused a moment to study her typing. Dana Nass listened intently to a student's question. , - izfeilwfaiiiifgiwiliiJf:?fi f f :5fE:,'i?f", 3? 'WW' ff f ff wav :M 707 z , . wtf, V f 14735513 9 , V, , , ,M ,,,mft,,mef , ,bv f p ttttt 2 V1 WL! Eff, ":tL"z'U:vVu2ue1'12t,'lQi1s5i,sy'2jI', 4 . 5 E 1 igzfw-fl' V tai., . . f 1 f 15,4zs f.,i 5 E i 2 Q . w iht f f 4 ' i ' V lf '12, ,, Mmm -V ' . , X ggi: . ft A , "pall 1. ,, 'W RNS 2 X 5 s i E x 2.3 1 N N N it , gmftwm S? ss 5 fists tl 3 E s Q ff f - X s Q Q six X Q Q Q, X S NWA 1 W t X ,, K .ikww . tsl S ' t , , lb - ' X S :awww .asf--wa - J -Q E:-'er-::2:3E::: . .ff - i.. is 1-1 ig mf? . . fi . -Nw -Q -. .N i 'i. af. ,.... xg ....... Q ...... ...---- A X tg .,...,c...fimt . wi psi 2 5 it -. X S2 haf ws: SW lil mm ,mm N Q Ti 4: up rg -' 222 FacultyfAcademics f .xg if Lagerquist dia Center Mary Williams Librarian r 5 f lst ,. is : 5 i fmt s . as ig 2 ' I ' ta 5 sw t 1- Ww: -k,. I x SSR was-Q .f i XS . A X 'SR . as irii ga ts N ist . tr .A X , as is ,ya Q Regis sms? it . ix ,. r NX Media Center Has Varied Uses Counterclockwise from left: Lan- guage Arts teacher Sherida Peter- son aided students with research for essays. Library aides inspected the card catalogue. Sophomore Greg Noble worked on a paper. Dee DeCola researched in the Me- dia Center. Students used the Verti- cal File for research. 4 . 4'-W fi,-W' A I c my at '.'vQ"ff' .. sf.:-r.: 1--fmfxilk-QSX ' t ict.-f , , . ..,.. .xt ., we . gi , s..f2tfg:f,f,s. -Nasa , K ' . ...qt ass .. FacultyfAcademics 223 'H Custodians, Supervisor Offer Support Arvada High School was kept clean by three daytime custodians and a crew of night custodians. Students got to know the day custodians and vice versa. Mar- shall Colbert was head custodian and was assisted by George Tolve and Dovie Starr in the day care. Tolve said, "I really enjoy the kids and my job at Arvadaf, He had been at AHS for 12 years and was considering staying on a year longer instead of retiring in two years because he liked it here at Arvada so much. The night custodians cleaned up when the halls were empty. The night crew consisted of Blaine Brott, Mary Hedden, Ed Nigh, Dudley Tompkins, Bill Cairg, Cliff Eden, Ron Smith, Debbie White, Bab Schwab and the newest addition, Dick Blackburn. Susan Cauble assisted the administra- tion by watching over the parking lot, issuing tickets for illegal parking, and at- tending to accidents. Cauble said, "If only I could always have a good reputation without always having to be good." Q ' - ---- i - .- ls' X , X V. gm i N s Q X N? t, C K? X it Susan Cauble Campus Supervisor Marshall Colbert Head Custodian 224 FacultyfAcademics IWW" .1 f , . ur . Cafeteria Gets New Management Arvada High's cooks prepared nutritious a la carte and plate lunches every day for students and staff. Most of the time, the cooks were too busy selling and preparing food to have much time to talk to the students. Beverly Tolve said, "I enjoy my job and the students at Arvada. I don't get to talk to the students much because they walk in and out again." Rae Pasika was the manager for the first part of the year. When she left in January to go to Colum- bine High School, Myrna Almen became the new manager. Clockwise from top left: Alice Bosick chopped lettuce for the popular taco salad. Rae Pasika and Eva Lochner prepared rolls. Myrna Almen was the new manager for second semester. Beverly Tolve laughed as Carol Tox- uard swung at her. Laurie Smith looked busy. Center: Jocie Garcia smiled at the camera. Faculty f Academics 225 xf' 1 Q x "-, IN ,fx rxd fx fxuL,KflvilQ,L'Nl fx ' ',.., if W A M Q YM r X L LJ , , , ,F , if ! LPKNM fkxf gb ,Q W 'Agfa M AQ! X xl 9 TU N Vf Q I CW f A ,gy ,, W , ,gf XA L, ,W ff yN'L,,3 ,QjL xx l L 1 L' A, ., 'Q If X A i In L A -ff U, N vi V fl 5' XMQ V' Y X V U of MQ? ff X Afb "K - J F- 1 ' Y 7 1. L' X WL" , --vu 5, Lf: Xikjf If 1 ' X ' 2 MKII my C WV! A IA I Lf" -' ' ' ! U Ck rx YN - lf fx PIL" xi rg' nz J K1 V' l N . LY- x Ei! L. L pf aL C OJI Q! h X xr, ANN. by J, sw' Ov f Q Qbfx jf ml 355 L X Hy X if . L+ fgyxg NL3Vf'k V M Lk X L Gvertime 226 1 E 1 1. -W... StuCo Has A Busy Year Student Council kept busy with all the traditional activities. With Homecoming in early October 10, the year started on a busy note. Sophomore officers were elected in the second week of school allowing them to participate in the preparations as experience for fu- ture years. Seniors looked towards graduation, while the ju- niors looked towards Prom. The sophomores' main job was to raise money for Prom and Graduation for their own class. The main highlight for the senior class besides Prom and Graduation was the Senior Banquet at the Marriot West. A collection of photographs was pre- sented along with a selection of music as a memoran- dum of the past three years for the class of '85. Other StuCo events were dances, Winter Fest, dinners for elderly people, Christmas parties, pep assemblies and class competitions. ' 'H 228 Student Council C time Clockwise from top left: Student Body Officers: Darin Schmidt, Vice president, Scott Robertson, president, Cindy Gray, secretary: and Sponsor Ted Grundmeier. Christie Gray showed us her muscle as she clowned around with Sally Krus- sell, Dano Mauser was tortured for fun, Junior Class Officers: Abby Edwards, president, Leanna Wilkins, secretary, Theresa Magda, Vice president. Junior Class: Group picture: Bottom row: Cindy Essex, Abby Edwards, Leanna Wilkins, Teresa Magda, Robin Clark, and Carolyn Liming. Row 2: Christie Gray, Pickle Gillach, Doug Wall, Dano Mauser, Nina Fanelli, Michelle McKowen and Sally Knissel. Brett Callahan and Brad Blank flirted with Shawna Hackwell and Jolene Guest. Shawna Hackwell and Missy Mauser checked the list as Melissa Lingle looked on. Senior Class: Bottom row: Missy Mauser, Bill Ocker, Staci Hearrell, Susan Traut, Shawna Hackwell, Sheri Booton, and Mary Kominek. Row 2: Steve Bokros, Brad Blank, Darin Schmidt, Scott Robertson, Cindy Gray, Jolene Guest, Brett Callahan, Melissa Lingle and Diane Kirkpatrick. Center: Senior Class Officers: Missy Mauser, secretary, Staci Hearrell, president: and Shawna Hackwell, vice president. Student Council members share a light moment during class. 5 A A , h 5? gi 0 t,W86r at, ,, st 9 Student Council 229 Sophomore StuCo Trains for Future Years Clockwise from right: Sophomore Class Officers: Kelli Hearrell, Secretary, Traci Tucker, president: Tim Golden. vice president, Sophomore class mem- I bers: Bottom row: Anita Zamora, Kristy Konrad, Tammy Wiese, Cindy Essex, and Carol Oakleafg Row 2: Ken Himmel, Kelli Hearrell, Traci Tucker, Traci Olsen, Suzy Edwards, Becky Brown, and Tim Golden. Kelli Hearrell tried to 'look innocent. Kristy Konrad and Tammie Wiese expressed their feelings for the day, "All right!" SEM M W T" in Niiw VM -.Trigg 33:55 ----- -its-f.-,--1,1-it-:.::.i22:2f'22:-:ir .,.. . .... 1 W"'M"LW,,,,,.,r?'1f-W+f"" W' ig!-Q:Egj.g5:',g,z'-ff'-ifjggE32-E'-j,g-1:'5g..,:5-.i:.i:.g:g-:Eg,:'.,j:g,:-'zj-535 --Qjf:-'j+::22rr1.g:,Q:g,-3-'js5g:ggz5--1- ' V ---- :-.'-:',:gz5E:5:,:,.ggg3:-Lv '-"- v- .f::.::'lg5,.v5:gj:g:g,-g:,53,gp'j:'::gq:g:' N "--'U W ' nj f H ' ,...:N-" 3,,3,5-35.33,43:mg--g:.g3333,-,:.,..,.,..5::g,g.,g:,g,55g:-'---Hi: ..-.:..-...,::::.,,,: mm, -W:,.,:.,:.:.,...,.:.., , mkwwm Wmwnwwawammw MWVMMN Wwhmwfwwwwmwww xmwwgwzmaummuw M M E ....... Qi 2 Q M' L li 230 Student Council U jaw I I X Honor Society Upholds Academic Standards I Honor Society kept busy by acting as volunteer tutors in all academic areas, sponsoring a dinner for a group from Marcella Manor, and performing other activities to serve the school and uphold academics at the school. Officers were Heidi Spilman, presi- dent, Joseph Lopez, vice president, Diane Kirkpatrick, secretary, and Lori Brown, treasurer. Members were cho- sen by the faculty on the basis of aca- demic achievement and consisted of seniors only. "We had a really good group this year, and probably one of our best achievements was the tutoring pro- gram, in which Honor Society mem- bers worked with students in areas such as Geometry, Algebra, History, and others," said Lori Brown. Wm KW . sw-ss Ku.. Group picture Bottom row: Shawn Robert- son, Sponsor, Rod Stor: Heidi Spilman, Joe Lopez, Lori Brown, Diane Kirkpatrick, Sponsor John Horst, Row 2: Jeff Jones, Mary Kominek, Amy Morehead, Kari Dow- ney, Kelly Smith, Bill Bleuthmanng Row 3: Rick Longcrier, Sherri Booton, Cindy ,is mass-is Gray, Amy Mader: Row 4: Randy Miskol, Kim Elder, and Lori Masciotro. Below: Several members of NHS took time out of a planning session to pose for this shot. Left: Cindy Gray showed her excitement for the plan. 231 Newspaper Creates Controversies The Newpaper staff wrote, published and distributed ten issues of the Redskin Arrow this year. The staff of sixteen students worked many hours writing, interviewing, designing layoutsand distributing papers. Benefits for each student varied. "Newspaper has en- hanced my writing ability and increased my responsibility," said Brain Mazanec. For Mickey Dimas the best part of newspaper was "get- ting my press pass so I could get into sporting events free." He also enjoyed writing record reviews. Pat Bunn felt that "getting a chance to write editorials and express my opinion were most beneficial," while Bart Selby felt he gained "experience in journalism." Editor Michelle Wallin summed it up saying, "The paper this year has received more attention than in the past, which is good. Controversy gets people to read it." iz 232 Newspaper Clockwise from top this page: Pat Bunn worked on light tables at the printer. John Lozano and Brian Trembath laid out pages for the newspa- per. Staff members were lback row, left to rightl John Lozano, Michelle Wallin, Sherri Knox, Duane Grischow, Donffapparog Stephanie Dines, Penny Smith, Susan Myron, Debbie Dulick, Mary- ann Trembath, BrianfMazanec, Pat Bunng Brian Trembath, Kent Butler, Mickey Dimas, Bart Selby, Bill Chandler. Mickey Dimas posed for the photographer. John l.ozano intently checked a contact print. Editor Michelle Wallin checked staff members' work cheerily. Bart Selby enthusi- astically finished his column. Center: Bill Chan- dler worked on a story during class. Newspaper 233 Yearbook Alters Tradition Throughout the year the Yearbook staff worked on de- signing layouts, writing copy, proofing pages, interviewing teachers and students, and choosing a theme and cover. ln October some members of the staff attended the Josten Yearbook Workshop where they learned about themes, covers, layouts and general yearbook information. Maryann Trembath advised the Yearbook staff for the first time at Arvada this year. When asked what he gained from yearbook class, John Tennyson replied, "Yearbook has taught me the most meaningful value of student life at AHS-credit," while Michelle McMullin felt she gained, "patience and toler- ance." Yearbook introduced students to a variety of new skills. 'Ll learned to do things l've never done before," said Joe Fusaro. l 234 Yearbook . 'iff , L. V . 1 if LLx.A . A S ak Q g 1 i- - Q 1 4, , if A MF' 'Wu Clockwise from top left: Yearbook staff members were Jenny Bartle- son, Teri Bronnenberg, Lori Brown, Cindy Clark, Kim Clodi, Rick Duran, Sharon Ewing, Joe Fusaro, Cami Gallegos, Mickie Jackowell, Susan Kern, Duff Knot, Sherri Knox, Chong Lo, Michele McMullin, Susan Myron, Kim Novak, Suzy Parsons, Debbie Pyle, Shannon Scherschlight, Heidi Stoltenberg, Netta Tackwell, John Tennyson, Yvonne Towne, Troy Townsend, Darron Tucker, Jeanne Ursini, Donna Webster, Janelle Whisler. Heidi Stoltenberg carefully read copy. John Tennyson and Shannon Scherschligt typed copy. Michelle McMullin and Jenny Bartle- son wrote headlines. Duff Knott typed for the yearbook while Joe Fusaro and Lori Brown put index on computer. Cami Gallegos, Kim Clodi and John Tennyson discussed pictures to be taken. Joe Fusaro took advantage of yearbook toll-free trouble number. Center: Kim Clodi examined negatives. Michele McMullin, Sharon Ewing, Heidi Stoltenberg and Netta Tackwell designed layouts at a Jostens workshop. Yearbook 235 HERO Shows Enthusiasm Home Economics Related Occupa- tions QHEROD involved 22 students who participated in job related activi- ties and received credit for their jobs. HERO met as a class first hour. ln October a Ladies Club Banquet was held and students helped by serv- ing and baking a chicken dinner. Other activities included breakfast at Dennys and McDonalds, and a Christmas din- ner held at the downtown Fairmont Hotel. HERO members also attended a convention at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs in late March. Stu- dents joined in competitions that relat- ed to their jobs. HERO officers were Susan Ga- mache, presidentg Stephaine Gerber, vice presidentg Michelle Martin, secre- taryg and Renee Nelson, treasurer. bg me 236 HERO Es ......,MSSng 5. t .5 ww- . K X5 K x sx t X 114 fr: 'xx 95 5 . . at - ' 1:5s:fK-2-itihiti' ffiff - ,. isgias - . ..:,, k K, f ss- Q ,QWQEYK in ir- ' g r -. gay Nt ss f. :su is fl get-K xxx X ' . .. .EX ,egg ..,g , gg, KFQ-ink Yi 7f+':: me Q5 1 - 7 A. . -'2f5wNiN5i'5v?m1s5xkss Qc, . " s '- f . . i T ,V - is-f, t , at ' Clockwise from top left: Top Row: Suzy Gilroy, Darlene James, Barb Humburt, Chris Gallegos, Bridgett Carlton, Angie Jackson, Michelle Martin, Micki Jackowell, Bart Selby, Mike Degidio, Ron Ravio. Bottom Row: Spon- sor Ruby Wyatt. Janette Federico. I.aShanda Hollis, Stephanie Gerber, Susan Gamache, Renee Nelson, Sharon Ewing, Michelle Hanes, Wayne Quintana. ZoAnne Albershardt saluted Rock and Roll. Richard Javorek, future movie producer, stood with Frank Martinez, his future assistant. Vanessa Bress and Kerry Mote paused from taking notes in HERO class. Rick Shaver pretended to be enjoying the class, Darlene James studied hard in class. Barb Humburt showed her cheerful mood in class. HERO 237 FHA Gets Involved Future Homemakers of America involved students in activities of the home, family and community. Club activities included helping run the KIMN Haunted House at the Cinderella City Shopping Mall during Halloween season. Another activity was the annual convention held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs where students participated in meet- ings and workshops. Other activities included bake sales, cookie baking for the elderly at Christmas and an out- ing to Casa Bonita. Officers were Sharon Ewing, presidentg Shei- la Albin, vice president, Lynette Bianco, secre- tary, Richard Javorek, treasurer, Renee Ha- vens, historiang Stephanie Hill, publicity direc- tor, Latanya Tidwell, past president. Sondra Inman was sponsor. Top Right: Sheila Albin, Stephanie Hill, Black Bart, Lynette Hankel and Meribeth Freeze stood together at Casa Bonita. Top Row: Penny Zamora, Meribeth Freeze, Sheila Albin, LaTanya Tidwell, Lynette Bianco. Bottom Row: Renee Havens, Richard Ja- vorek, Stephanie Hill, Sharon Ewing, Vanessa An- derson. Sponsor Sondra Inman offered Christmas cookies, "Bananas" posed with LaTanya Tidwell. 238 FHA Service, Education, and Progress" Was FBLA's Motto Future Business Leaders of America KFBLAD was a National Vocational Club which had been effective since 1937. The purpose of this organization was to provide an integral part of the business instructional program and additional opportunities for secondary students in business and office education to develop vocational and career supportive competencies. This club also helped to promote civic and personal re- sponQbHHy. The only qualification for FBLA was that all members had to be enrolled in a business or office class offered at Arvada High SchooL Members met during class periods one and three every day. They took a Mystery Trip in October, which ended up at the KIMN Haunted House. Many members stud- ied very hard to compete in the District Competition in January, where there were 45 different contests to compete in. The nine members who qualified to com- pete in the State Competition stayed at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. A night at the Heritage Square Dinner Play House and the Annual Employer f Employee Banquet held at the Sheridan Hotel in Lake- wood completed the year. Clockwise from top right: Top row: Dena Settle, Amy Hanson, Kimi Ricker, Gail Dymond, Leslie Vonehrenkrookg Second row: Sponsor Glen March, Jenny Bartleson, Robin Stover lDistrict first place winnerl, Steph- anie Bowles, Jada Aardappel, Lisa Morgan, Kristie Wilkerson, Third row: Lorraine Hass, Leslie Galloway, Dixie Lane lDistrict first place winnerl, Linda Lauderman, Janice Fisher. Carrie Saltzman lDistrict sec- ond place winnerg not picutredl. Representative Kimi Rickerg President Dena Settleg Sponsor Glen March, Publicity Director, Janice Fisher, Treasurer, Linda Lauderman, Robin Stover and Amy Hanson eat their breakfast after an FBLA meeting. FBLA 239 ZTX Distributive Education Clubs of America Showed Interest Arvada High had one of the most active DECA clubs in the county consisting of 140 juniors and seniors who were enrolled in a marketing and distribution class. These club members participated in the District Conference, in January, at Red Rocks Community College. Arvada sent 26 students to the State Competition at the Broadmoor Hotel in March. Students competed in their choice of 8 participating and 12 written events. The top 3 qualifiers, in most categories, went to the National Meet in San Francisco, All categories related to marketing, merchandising, management, and the free enterprise system. In addition to competing for the chance at the National title, Arvadals DECA club hosted several community and recreational activities. DECA sponsored both the Channel Nine Health Fair and the Bonfils Blood Drive. Both events were very successful in providing a necessary service to the community. In cooperation with Winter Park Ski Area, AHS DECA re- ceived half-priced lift tickets for their members. DECA also went on one overnight ski trip to Winter Park. In the Fall they partici- pated in the District Bowling Tournaments and held a Christmas Open House for students, their parents, and their employers. Second year DECA members honored the new joiners in an initiation at Show Biz Pizza Place. In the spring, DECA organized a raft trip for their members., DECA officers hosted the annual Spring Employer-Employee Banquet. All DECA Members and their employers were invited to attend this dinner and entertain- ment evening. Its purpose was to thank the employers for their support and help in student relations. Throughout the school year the DECA Book Store was open to serve the students and faculty of AHS. The store was run during school hours and occasionally after school or weekends when special events took place at AHS. DECA remained active throughout the year providing services for AHS as well as the community. But what did the students gain from all of this? Mark Spensieri, DECA President, explained, Ult gave us an opportunity to see how we compare against the best individuals in both the state and the nation." AA'-fur . . M. mmm... Mtgi iii. - rar- ,,,,,. N ',:f,f,"'sf rrrr ",, - , X L f fa , l N J , f? W wfwfff ,f of f 5' ,, F f 5 x fi, f f ffaaffzdsl .g f me rg 9 7 WW M ,Wm Zz' 4 fc f fwfr 4 A 4? X , M Counter clockwise from top right: Mark Spensieri waited for Arvada's bus at the District Competi- tion. Jay Musser showed his enthusiasm for Gus Spano's lecture. Mark Spensieri and Jim Garcia participated in the District Bowling Tournament. Staci Noll and Matt Scherr were thrilled that they got fed at the District Conference. Cathy Jame- son and James Zamora also supported Arvada at the same tournament. DECA officers were Chris Joseph, bookstore managerg Jim Garcia, treasur- erg Ronelle Huddleston, publicity directorg Matt Scherr, vice presidentg Mark Spensieri, presidentg and Stephanie Duerr, secretary, Steve Pietrafeso played innocent to the latest caper. Jeff Calder- one struggled to comprehend his assignment. lCenterl Lisa French studied tax returns in her MDEII class. DECA 241 A-Team Helps Students Help Themselves The A-Team was one of Arvada's newly formed student groups. Their main goal was to lead projects to improve the school and community. They also stressed individuals working on improving themselves to make a positive attitude towards others. The A-Team was divided into teamsg the Green Team was in charge of doing things nowg the Red Team was in charge of stopping negative behavior. A retreat was held in Estes Park in September with students from both Arvada and Golden High schools. During this retreat, students attended lectures and discussions centering on self-im- provement along with community, home and school improve- ment. Facilitators at the retreat included Wally Jones, player for the Philadelphia 76'ers world championship team in 1967g Willie Mitchell, defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowls 1 and 4g and Walter Hollins, a former pro quarterback. These people spent their time helping young people "get it together." N. Qxhtisiaieim . Y Nw... M if ii. 'gt X A A qqb i b . lq. ws 242 A-Team . ." :'- ' . 7 rf fr' ? .ga 1' any-,Zi'k V, Y, 2 v," 2 9' if 'W was aji , 7 J, A ,'A?,fM4f,, A-Team 243 Clockwise from top left: A-Team members enjoyed the snow while in Estes Park. Wal- ter Hollins supervised and participated in the activities at the A-Team retreat. A- Team members crowded together and be- haved obnoxiously for a photograph. Cen- ter: The cold, frostbiting snow jumped up and landed in the hands of a snowball thrower. Allison Hart, muscle woman, Kathy Rogers, and Shelley from Golden had a wonderful time! A-Team members participated in a sense awareness activity. Sharon Carter enjoyed having a conversa- tion with a Golden student. Center: Sharon Ewing and Donna Webster saluted the A- Team. WES Hosts Employers The Work Experience Study lWESl class was involved in several activities including a work- shop with Jim Jackson, an experienced actor and mime. Jackson was in the WES classroom twice weekly for several weeks performing for the students. Students also had a pizza party and banquet for teachers and employers who were involved with the group during the school year. Members of WES had to be in the class and some students also held jobs. Officers were Mike Sullivan, presidentg Teena Cary, vice- presidentg and Kevin Knott, secretary-treasur- er. Clockwise from top: Student George Dyer sold ugoodies' at WES bake sale. Kevin Knott, Teena Cary and Mike Sullivan posed for a picture. During class Teresa Earle smiled for photographer, Ish! 244 WES ffm, COE Keeps Students In School COE lCooperative Occupational Educationl was a class for potential dropout students. Most COE students, at one point in their school years, were ridiculed or put down or affected by some other factor linside or outside of schooll that led them to drugs or alcohol or turned them off to school. Most of these students were average or above average with the ability to do well in school. Judy Wood was the teacher and the class was successful in keeping 50'Za of these potential dropouts in school. COE students attended class in school one period each day during which they covered topics related to problems shared by class members and the work world. Each student also had an outside job which gave them credit toward graduation. Clockwise from top left: Lisa Funk enjoyed a Pepsi while attending COE class. Top row: Kurt Downey, Sean Foster, Bob Burchett, Ken Pearce, Scott Lock, Tom Ebbs, and Judy Wood. Second row: Denise Schmidt, Shanna Lowrey, Tami Ponzio, Diane Gerze, Julie Grenfell, Annie Patter- son, and Colleen McGuire. Third row lkneelingl: Mona Lopez, Ed Schwindt. Ed Schwindt smiled at camera during class. s -Y H-1 ' 1... .... 6 1 .,,.. Q MW, " f 1 af aa? rf frvf?3ff J COE 245 U an ll-M' 'tgp 5 I get Theatre Presents Variety Oscar WiIde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" and Agatha Christie's "A Murder is Announced" headlined Arvada's drama per- formances this year. "The Importance of Being Earnest," an 1800's comedy was performed in the fall. "A Murder is Announced," a murder my- stery, was performed in February. One act plays were performed during fourth quarter. "Carousel" was performed in the spring. Clockwise from top: Students prepared for a performance of "A Murder is An- nounced." Peggy Gleason and Amy Mader in a scene from the winter play. David Cervera and Craig Labenz performed in the fall play, "The Important of Being Ear- nest." Nancy Nelson rehearsed while Shar- on Carter directed. Opposite Page: Julie Johnson and Craig Labenz in a scene from l'The Importance of Being Earnest." Plays 247 Students Honored for Theater Work Thespians was an international organiza- tion recognizing students having outstanding accomplishments in high school theater. Membership was attained through the acqui- sition of ten points, each representing ten hours of theater work. The 100 hours must be spent working on crews or performing in plays or both. Students must participate in two shows before becoming a member. Thespians produced the fall, winter and spring shows. They also organized the Sadie Hawkins Dance in January. Thespian members were Jeri Gittens, Becky Roberts, Lonnie Hess, Amy Mader, Robert Lopez, Bill Bunn, Glenn Rice, Craig Labenz, Karen Gadde, Joelle Krankota, Peg- gy Gleason, Nancy Nelson and Kim Elder. Additional members were added after each show. Officers were Kim Elder, presidentg Peg- gy Gleason, vice presidentg Nancy Nelson, secretaryg Amy Mader, historiang Sharon Carter, sponsor. 3 f rms V 3 32 4 -at ti- 248 Thespians Qi: fit? c irir 'Q it r , - it h.. , . -.'.'- i s -' . ggi k:E9'P5"qii' iss M 4 , as ..LL . ,- 'S N I SW . F i i 7..- X '.-, , ii X, fuss' . gszssg - ,.',- 5 -h.- Forensics Offers Challenge The Forensics Club, co-sponsored by Bill Kirby and Sharon Carter, was a group of students who competed in speech meets. Students had varying times to prepare their speeches, as much as a week or as little as 30 minutes. Any students wishing to increase their speaking ability in a competition could either join the class or the club. Competitions were almost every week starting in late October and going until approximately April Officers were, Yvonne Towne, president, Chris DeCammilis, vice presidentg and Co- leen Case, secretary. Counterclockwise from top left: David Cevera. Tony Tabar and Dave Benz 'ishow their stuff'- Forensics students listened uattentivelyw during a class session. Top row from left to right: Sponsor Bill Kirby, Tony Tovar, Chris Squire, Dave Benz, Second row: Ryan Gunter, Chris DeCamillis, Da- vid Ceverag Third row: Kim Jump, Yvonne Towne, Coleen Case. Officers were Yvonne Towne, presidentg Chris DeCamillis, vice presi- dent, and Coleen Case, secretary. W ww 5, ,, W, 5 scars s cg- SSX- ws mm.. E H ......... an mf' c, 4 ,Ss .K axon Forensics 249 ,Wm M ,W--.ww-v A, W - wgwm-ww X -:Ni 2. ,agxwsm.NgfMwxm:, wx I -.,Xs.1.,ww.WM -. X t" Q H -4 1 A f' .vw Ma- A ,,.. rw L W Q- in 4 1 ,.. "" 'Y " ' N? W47, 'Q dfx ..,,,.2 5 si:xHw-vw - .,.....- V Nswiuf W ,,, 9 Q i X Riff NRXHQIQKDPWNW' W, ik Xix - Q X H 4 4 Band Displays Talent Wind Ensemble was a collec- tion of select music students who met first hour each day. The fourty-one members dis- played their musical talent and interests at the Pops Concert and concerts at Christmas and in the Spring. 5 it iii I asain' E Counterclockwise, from top left: Top row: Windy Kennedy, Ken Corkins, Sherri Jones, Alan Waibel, Sean Huddleston, Mike Schaefer, Clint Burback, Eric Nay, Vic Capocelli, Curtis Campion, Mike Schmidt, Joe Lopez, Matthew Jones, Amy McTagueg Second row: Sherry Welch, John Cordone, Joe Hammock. Bob Kunze, John Cozad, Brian Gibson, Mike Cozad, Kendra Amidong Third row: Tere- sa Knipps, Stacey Fredricks, Pat Bunn, Troy Blosser, John Kunze, Joe Quinn, Chris George, Heidi Spilman, Sarah Spilman, Yolanda Torrez, Diane Rimmer, Debbie Almeng Fourth row: David Heyman, Ronda Wilkinson, Jeff Gardner, Terry Ingersoll, Steve Milkeg Fifth row: Rex Engelking, Karen Smaldone, Kristin Cope, Theresa Adel- man, Don Post, Lillian Castillo, Brenda Vigil, Catherine Grinstead, Amy Hegg, Joann Hutchens, Kristen Richardson, Tammy Burkhart. Lorraine Sauer rested for a few counts in the middle of the piece. David Heyman enjoyed directing the band members during class. Band members displayed their talents. Wind Ensemble 251 Drum Majors Take Time to Conduct All Their Performances The 1984-85 drum majors were senior Karen Smaldone and junior Rex Engelking. These band leaders were selected after be- ing judged on their ability to give commands, march accurately, baton precision, and effi- cient band direction. Finalists were then vot- ed in by the members of the band. Karen and Rex directed the band in the Harvest Festival parade in September. They also performed in the parade for the grand opening of the Tabor Center in October. In December they led the band in the parade of Lights in downtown Denver. Karen and Rex prepared the band for all of their performances, throughout the year, including entertainment at pep assemblies, basketball games, and the halftime shows at some home football games. Clockwise from top right: Karen Smaldone leads the marching band in a performance during half- time at a football game. Rex Engelking and Karen Smaldone pose in their drum major uniforms, Karen Smaldone conducts the band at Arvada's Homecoming in the JeffCo Stadium. 252 Drum Majors Color Guard Proves Arvada Has Patriotism This year's color guard was made up of eight girls selected in May of 1984. These girls presented the American, Colorado, and Arvada high school flags and the A.H.S. banner at appropriate occasions. Color guard was active in the Harvest Festival parade, the grand opening of the Tabor Center parade, and the beautiful Parade of Lights. These girls also practiced and performed regu- larly with the marching band. Together they entertained during halftime at home football games. They also helped Arvada high school show their patriotism to the colors when they presented the flags before the pep assem- blies, football games, and basketball games. "When the people stood to show their respect to the flags, it showed me that there's still some patriotism in this country. And that was a nice feeling," said Coleen Case, head of Arvada's color guard. Counter clockwise from top left: Top row: Lorraine Hass, Coe Ann Salyerg Second row: Lisa Vitry, Jeri Gittins, Coleen Case, Third row: Beth Bowman, Ronelle Huddleston, Cheri Windholz. Color guard dis- plays the A.H.S, banner during a home football game. The flags were presented before the Homecoming football game by color guard. Color Guard 253 Rifle And Flag Teams Show Pizazz In Their Performance Practice and ability to learn the art of rifle twirling were what was needed for a position on the rifle team. Their hard work and dedication showed in their perfor- mances with the marching band. Their flair showed when they twirled for the crowds during halftime at the home football games. "I can't begin to describe the feeling l got when the audience applauded one of our performances," said Jenny Salas, head of Arvada's rifle team. Nine ladies were chosen during the summer of 1984 to be on the Arvada High School Marching Band's Flag Team. They practiced and performed with the marching band throughout the season. Both teams participated in the Tabor Center's grand opening parade and the Parade of Lights. They also per- formed at the State championship football game at Folsom Field in Boulder. Counter clockwise from top left: Kelley Gasper, Jenny Salas, Stacey Fredricks, and Carol Arko made up the Rifle Team. Flag Team members, standing: Debbie Almen, Amy McTague, Diane Rimmer, Windy Kennedy, Theresa Knippsg seated, Lisa Frenchl Ronda Wilkinson, Kendra Amidon, Sherry Welch. below: Rifld and Flag teams march in the Harvest Festival parade. l 254 Rifle and Flag Teams X 1. Members Acquire Physics Knowledge This year's Physic's Club consisted of several enthusias- tic and creative students. Heading the group was President, Karen Smaldone Vice President was Duane Tomek and Tina Robidoux was secretaryftreasurer. Meetings were held every other Friday during lunch in the science laboratory. During these meetings activities were planned including competing in the Physics Bowl at Colorado State University in February, a visit to the plan- etarium, -and several Colloquiums held at various nearby colleges. While visiting the Planetarium, the students were given more insight into astronomy. The Colloquiums were gather- ings of students where guest speakers shared their exper- ience and knowledge in physics. Topics included comput- ers, learned behavior, relativity, masses, time and astron- omy. According to Tina Robidoux, "Physics Club is a lot of fun, and we're learning new things at the same time. lt's a great experience." Clockwise from top left: Physics students kept enthused during a lecture. Top row: Kingson Poon, Joe Lopez Vice President Duane Tomek, Don Murray, Jeff Nakayama, Werner Stumpp, Kevin Lewis, Second row: Sylvia Martinez, Heidi Spilman, Mark Ander- son lTurkeyl, SecretaryfTreasurer Tina Robidoux, Bill Bunn, Third row: Agnes Martonosi, Shu Jia Ye, President Karen Smal- done, Carol Arko, Amber Eggleston, kneeling at left, Sponsor Rod Stor. Physics Club 255 Jazzing It Up According to director David Heyman, 'AJazz Band was an accomplished bandfl which played at con- certs and festivals such as the Thorton Jazz Festival, Columbine Jazz Festival, and the Golden Jazz Festi- val. In 1984, they won the Jazz-A-Mile-High trophy which they defended in 1985. Counterclockwise from below: When it came to playing the drums. Chris George showed how it was done. Left Back, Marc Boette, Chris Danos, Joe Quinn, Don Kilgore, Tim Brown, Saxophones, Chris George, Drums, Mike Schaffer, Ken Corkins, Alan Waibel, Trumpets. Left front, Brian Gibson, John Cozad, Trombone, Dave Heymang instructor, Lenny Dipentino Trombone, Jason Kiss, Guitar, Mike Rum- ley, Trombone. Mike Ramley strove for perfection. 'Jazz Band 7 5, X K gp k NW? 'Q my Wwe . Mem, xg .W . S .. -kgA. Rims im.. 1 3 Orchestra Survives Orchestra was a class which met during 4th hour daily. The class consisted of nine dedicated members who per- formed around the state and in school concerts at Christ- mas and in the spring. Dave Heyman was the teacher during this building year. Clockwise from top right: Shelly Freyre, Beth Bowman, Amy McTague and Richard V, Javorek were violin players. Wayne Traher laughed at his music. Jason Kiss, Shelly Freyre, Beth Bowman, Amy McTague, Wayne Taher, David Heyman, Jessica Griffin, Kathy Bowman, Khanh Nguyen and Richard Javorek. ,FSF 258 Orchestra Q K S' , 5 sfwmsr -V M I Spirit Club Plans Activities Tribe members aroused schoolsphk dunng adnehc events aH through the yean The 15 members helped sup- port the teams by making posters and decorahng the halls. Tribe was responsible for painting the school floor andthefnelaneonthedayof the Homecoming game. Also, Tdbelended supporttothe cheerleaders by participating in the cheers and game half- time activities. Tdbeineteach week dun ing lunch to plan upcoming events. This club also held pizza parties, lunch meetings, and pre-game get togethers. 4802 Clockwise from top left: lt looked like Lorraine Hass and Jeri Gittins were very excited about cleaning up the halls after Homecoming week. Tribe mem- bers attended a meeting during lunch. Back row: Jennifer Rhodes, Rhonda Robinette, Lyn- ette Mohr, Glen Marchg Front row: Stephanie Bowles, Ronny Studeny, Cindy Fox, Dustin Carl- son, Melanie Howard. Tribe 259 Arvada Hosts Exchange Students Arvada hosted three exchange students this year-Susanna Nilsson from Sweden and Jacob Boekel and Paul Moerkerken from Holland. All three were seniors this year. Each student found the United States dif- ferent from their own countries in many ways. Nilsson felt that teens here were much more social than in Sweden and it was much easier for teens to find jobs. She explained, "Here in the U.S. you can just walk into a McDonalds, and say 'I want a jobl' but it isn't that easy in Sweden." Both Boekel and Moerkerken felt people here were more structured than in Holland. They think that each day is the same with little variety. The transition from Holland to Colorado was relatively easy for them. Clockwise from top: Jacob Boekel and Paul Moerkerken joked with photogra- pher. Jacob Boekel showed off in front of camera. Paul Moerkerken studied in the library. Susanna Nilsson posed for photographer during class. 260 Student Exchange Peer Counseling Gives Support Peer Counseling was a class designed to help students learn more about themselves. Building self esteem and dealing with shyness were just a few of the many topics discussed in class. Film- strips and guest speakers also were part of the class. Students also participated in activities out- side of class. They visited a Drug Rehabilitation f Center to see how some people have changed their lives. Another activity was a convention at Ponder- osa called "Peer Connection." Students had two-day units learning about divorce, drugs, death, and communication. One student commented, "Peer Counseling has helped me to deal with my problems. I really enjoy the class." Peer Counseling met everyday 5th and 6th hours. Cherry Melancon was the faculty advi- sor. 3' Ni X .. ...-- rf v--9' is Clockwise from top left: Cherry Melancon listened to students' discussion, Kelli Hearrell was surprised from behind. Students listened intently to a group discussion. Sheila Eggart smiled along with other students. Peer Counseling 261 l Various Cultures Join International Arvada's International Club had many different cultures represented. Some of these were Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambo- dian, and Indian American. Sponsor Phyl- lis Beeler gave students the opportunity to view the lifestyles and customs of var- ious people. In the fall members sold Halloween suckers and held bake and hot dog sales. Money raised was spent on a Christmas banquet for teachers of TESOL lTeach- ing English to Students of Other Lan- guagesl students. In March members took part in the International Day celebration. "Membership in International Club is a fun and rewarding way to share cultures and contribute towards multicultural un- derstanding," stated Beeler. Members were Nguyet Nguyen, Toua Vang, Eun Kyung Yang, Hnou Thao, Ying Lo Yang, Van Xai Lor, Sirichit Mouanghane Rattanaphone, Nga Tran, Van Nguyen, Vanarun Chhay, Young Na, Seong Kim, Paresh Patel, Jia Shu Ye. Club 2 Z Clockwise from top right: Sponsor Phyllis Beeler discussed International I Day with John Horst and Richard Quick. Club members met during lunch. Members of International Club discussed upcoming activities. 262 International Club N 5.51 Assemblies Recognize Achievements Pep Assemblies were scheduled to arouse the spirit of the student body and to keep students interested and informed about sports events. Seven pep assemblies were held this school year. The assemblies included such events as an air band competition. Pom Pon and Cheerleader routines, introductions of the sport's participants, and the results of the games. Various guests were invited, including the KIMN Chicken and the "Pow- er" lifters. Counterclockwise from top left: A tro- phy was presented to George Bethel at one of the year's assemblies, The foot- ball team sat together during an assem- bly. 'lPower" put on a demonstration during one assembly. Another member of "Power" demonstrated his strength and concentration. - In-1141! Vg,---1 pd A .... ..... .... . . 2, sixwiiiwlff 'fwfr Pep Assemblies 263 Latin Club Expands Knowledge Latin club members were involved in the county wide International Day as well as Arvada High School's Inter- national Day. Other activities included volleyball games and rugby matches. The club met twice a month. Officers were Rick Longcrier and Penny Hill, presidentsg Robert Quick and Eric Burger, vice presidentsg and Elane Gilman, treasurer. Counterclockwise from top right: Back row: Robert Quick, Elaine Gilman, Penny Hill, Rich- ard Longcrier, Eric Burger, Dar- rell Hoffman, Sponsor John Horst, Front row: John Lozano Donald Rosier listened intentive- ly in Latin class, Glenn Rice con- templated his Latin conjuga- tions. 264 Latin Club German Members Dance xxx, German Club was both informative and en- joyable for its members throughout this year. They met twice a month to plan their activities. Several bake sales were scheduled and mem- bers sold Advent Calendars with proceeds go- ing to the Jeffco Action Center and towards the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Members planned to dine at the Gasthaus Ridgeview, a German restaurant. HI would like the students to become aware of the culture of the German speaking people," said Helga Duncan. Clockwise from top left: German club members en- joyed German dancing. The German club learned a German dance while attending one of the meetings during lunch. Top row: Eric Adam, Joe Lopez, Dan Johnson, Sean Gunter, Helga Duncan, Erik Holloway, Alan Bisenicks, Dennis Mildenberger, Pat Romero, Renate DeWees3 Second row: Nathan Judd, Teddy Rudolph, Lorraine Hass, Cherie Wind- holz, Michelle Jones, Susan Carpenterg Front row: Vice president Kathy Nehrigg President Cindy Gray, Secretary Sylvia Martinez. German Club 265 X X Nx X Q L ss, tr is Salut Les Amis! X T WN sf. W' sis -si 'ff V , : fs -- M ,. . ,. ,::. P4351 Q -- f:5'::T'SS' sis W French club, sponsored by Gail Mar- cus and Nolene Regnier, was involved in many activities this past year. The group had a banquet, saw French films and was involved in a bake sale and International Day. Twenty members met once a month to plan and organize activities. Clockwise from top left: Rachael Logsdon and Kim Seegrist spoke to the photogra- pher in French. Gail Marcus and Nolene Regnier taught French Club members French expressions. Coeann Salyer, vice presidentg Stephanie Bowles, secretary- treasurerg Tina Robidoux, presidentg and Jenny Bartleson, activity director. Top row: lstandingl Laura Ingram, Celeste Arner, Ginelle Graham, Kim Seegrist, Diana Thuis, Penny Smith, Debbie Dulick, and Kim Jump. Second row: Rhonda McMahon, Rachael Logsdon, Heather Boyle, Coeann Salyer, Stephanie Bowles, Tina Robidoux, and Dina Mortenson. Third row: Mark Trujillo, Hedwig Mucha, Jenny Bartleson, Cindy Robidoux, and Jeff Na- kayama. 266 French Club li gg W3 'Q' H? ' t f.?f,f5 Bienvenido A La Clase De Espanol Spanish Club was sponsored by Dottie Reyes and Cheryl Blanchette. The group planned to establish a Hispanic Honor Society for those students who did well in Spanish. The group had a Christmas party with a pinata, dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and a volleyball game with other foreign language clubs. Officers were Mark Trujillo, presidentg Becky Roberts, vice president, Pam Flowers, senior representative, Dave Dingwell, senior re- presentative, Sharon Romero, junior represen- tativeg and Kathy Bowman, sophomore repre- V6 . 4' sentative. on " Q t 1 Counterclockwise from top left: Top Row: Graham Weidner, Alison Hart, Mark Spensieri, Pete Rogers, Shelly Reed, Cheryl Blanchette. Second row: Kerri Harder, Melanie Shing, Patty Masciotro, Marsha Passerella, Colleen, Whitney, Dottie Reyes. Third row lsittingl: Kathy Bowman, Mark Trujillo, Becky Rob- erts, Loeri Flower. Kathy Bowman was seen close up at a Spanish Club meeting. Mark Spensieri enjoys burger and malt accompanied by Alison Hart, Becky Roberts, Colleen Whitney, Marsha Passerella, Spanish Club 267 6 7 Hamming It Up Dick Lightner was sponsor of the Ham Radio Club. Meetings were usual- ly held during his electronics classes the first Wednesday of every month. Seven members were active. Members learned enough about electronics so that they were able to receive their amateur radio licenses. They also used Morse code to commu- nicate to other countriesg a knowledge of Morse code was required to pass the license exam. S 'JMX 'i Clockwise from top right: Top row: Dick Lightner, Pete Blood, Eric Burger, Jeff Gardner, Sean Dunlavy, Mike Schmidt, David Thuis, Frank Martinez. Frank Martinez used the Morse Code to communi- cate to others. Tom Nuss worked in the electronics room. 268 Ham Radio Key Club Performs Services Key Club was organized to help people and provide service to the community. One of their major projects was a fund raising to help restore the Statue of Liberty. Key Club was also responsible for organizing and supporting school projects, plays, and pep assemblies. Although Key Club was new to AHS, interest and participation grew considerably in just a short time. Marilyn Stor was the club's sponsor. ' i ,, . ii' Q i X Clockwise from top left: Kurt Freeman, vice president. ex- plained a point. Members look at interesting pictures in a calendar. Standing: Marilyn Stor, Sarah Spilman, Jennifer Rhodes, Diane Kirkpatrick, Kathy Loop, Gary Womack, Rick Longcrier, Rex Engel- king, Matthew Jones, An- drew Amerman: Sitting: Hei- di Spillman, president: Kurt Freeman, vice presidentg Col- i 9? leen Whitney, secretary: Ka- ren Smaldone, treasurer. Key Club 269 E M' K . x ,, - L I I VV YV ' Y V H A-1 M I gr W V X , 7 "" I Q . - f' A M , X . 2 f H 5 4 ,ZEA A f ,g A " ' U 6 ,, .-. V , , , , V V ,,A i i , , if . V f 4 k MWWM ,,,h, H W,MfWfNfWWWMwUwWW,fMMMwMmM. VM.Y, Am,,Af,,,,,v W.-V 'Y fi Wm '49 f , , qi , W G , gg , is A W X f W , yi if W w MQ A 4 Q 4? K2 WW QW' AW 73.45" r if if year. Chorale Sings Out Chorale was one of the top music groups at Arvada made up of all juniors and seniors and taught by Tom McCormick and Debbie Willeford The group participated in many activities through out the year including a volleyball marathon and an All-County Concert. The group traveled to Los Angeles and San Diego, California, during spring break and had various parties for group members throughout the Leann Ford, senior, said, "Chorale has been a great experience for me in my senior year. I have made many new friends." Gerry Hassell, senior, also felt Chorale was a , W2 great learning experience in music and in life "Mac and Willie teach many realistic views on life they don't just teach you music," he said. Sroup picture: Row 1: Sharon Romero, 'ony Valdez, Kristin Kellett, Jack Keener, ledwig Mucha, Dave Thuis, Peggy Glea- on, Scott Wegner, Sharon Myers, Bill Vi- lick, Abby Edwards, Sean Cunningham, .onnie Hess, Stephen Wangen, Connie Iowan, Stuart Keener, Leann Ford, Row 5: Soo Choe, Darren Hassell, Lori Mascio- ro, Troy Blosser, Tricia Olsen, Gerry Has- ell, Joelle Krankota, Robert Lopez, Amy Mader, Dano Mauser, Wendy Piburn, Darin Schmidt, Joy Dinan, Scott Cramm, Anita Spellman, Scott Hughes, Meri Beth Freeze, Row 3: Cindy Fox, Karen Gadde, Dave Dertina, Renee Nelson, William Rein- hard, Carolyn Bashford, Richard Azuero, Stephanie Sandoval, Kevin Thibodeau, Nancy Nelson, Tony Kelker, Andrea Farin- ella, Alan Bisenieks, Daelyn Winter, Chris DeCamillis, Liz Eckdahl, Robb Roome, Laura Callahan, Kari Downey, Row 4: Dana Dailey, Tom Cole, Birgitta Ek, Jeff Jones, Janette Black, Gregg Mitchell, Chris Hoeppner, A.J. Lagerheim, Kim Seegrist, Colin Young, Andrea Kissell, Sean Riley, Kathy Nehrig, Craig Labenz, Shelly Freyre, Glenn Rice, Debbie Miller, Troy Leisenring, Kim Elder, Julie Black. Chorale 273 Singers Give Thei All Crystelles was a choir that consisted on of girls. Wearing light blue dresses, they pc formed in five school concerts singing mus from a variety of styles ranging from classi through jazz and pop. Director Debbie Will ford said, "They are a lot of fun to wo 1 Wltl"l.H fa. , in 7' Group first row: Kristi Fitzmier, Christine Salazar, Rhonda Bell, Suzan Martinez, Sirichit Mouanghane, Pam Gibson, Traci Olsen, Laurie Dick son, Julie Maravec, Kathy Lavata, Michelle Burgardt, Missy Hard Kathy Branum. Second row: Shantel Hanks, Trina Sanchez, Lisa Moi son, Michelle Kaohn, Jackie Glahn, Jenny Boyle, Cindy Robidoux, M sha Thornton, Cary Blandin, Carolyn Liming, Sheri Eldredge, Ev Williams. Third row: Yvonne Mohr, Bernadette Mindenhall, Karen F guson, Rhonda Hageman, Jane Bedin, Laura Ingram, Celesta Arn Ann Copper, Nicki Romero, Melanie Howard, Laura Hughes, Lin Bronnenberg, Marcy Miller. Clockwise from left: Linda Bronnenberg a Marcy Miller read their music intently. Evon Williams, Sherri Santan and Linda Bronnenberg sang in harmony, Shantel Hanks was distract from her work. Debbie Willeford directed class. VUE' yi . E- is, Maury :Q s- 5 a -'fu 'P' 5. wx Q .Q A 1 I' 6 1 531 x ' T is it t Stiff xr' W. P' A N -div N Concert Choir Has Five Performances A group of 85 Students, both boys and girls, made up the AHS Concert Choir, which practiced 2nd hour daily. Concert Choir performed in five school concerts and was conducted by Tom McCor- mick and Debbie Willeford. Members were selected through an audi- tioning process, and although Concert Choir is made up of all grade levels, it mainly consisted of sophomores. Concert Choir sang a variety of music. "We broaden their music education," stated Willeford. ront row of boys: Kurt Freeman, Travis tyles, Robert Ruibal, Jimmy Bisenieks, lenn Roll, Scott Styles, Joe Schubert, and od Kuenning. Back row of boys: David inrichs, Allen Neiman, Rick Garcia, Dus- 1 Carlson, John Cordone, Paul Thomp- mn, Bryan Campbell, David Coffin, Eddie artinez, Clint Barker, Jim Quintana, Der- ck Daniels, Leo Martelon, and Chris Hell- 1 Girls kneeling on either side in front: Amy McTague, Renate DeWees, Jean Eh- nert, Cathy Grinsted, Ginelle Graham, and Theresa Anselmo. First row of girls on risers: Theresa Adelman, Elsie Vigil, Rhonda Gawlas, Jennifer Weidler, Cathy Zika, Jennifer Rhodes, Cynthia Storm, Christy Grimsley, Marta Roztocil, Carol Mi- zell, Cindy Allen, Angela George, Julie Mitchell, Wendy Mosley, Beth Lozano, Janelle Miller, Heather Pelon, Denise Rome, and Lisa Veil. Back row or girls on risers: Patty Masciotro, Laura Rocky, Diane Tomek, Laura Malone, Gail Tweed, Christina Brady, Kim Whiting, Stacey Cal- ley, Beth Logsdon, Tammy Weise, Teri Griesser, Raylynn Palomino, Paige Hol- singer, Stephanie McBroom, Maria Os- trom, Kristen Freyre, Yolanda Torrez, Al- lysa Schwartzkopf, and Mary Windholz. Concert Choir 275 276 A Aardappel, Jada 84, 239 Accettura, Rhonda 84 Adam, Eric 265 Adams, Dawnett Adelman, Theresa 118, 251, Aeimoudom, Dhirarat 84 Aggus, Eric 84 Barela, Barghs, Christine 10, 76 Jeffery 163 Clint 118, 275 Barker, Carol Barker, Barker, Tracy 11 Barnard, Ann 85 Barnard, Holly 85 Barnes, Steven 118 Barnhill, Lynette 165, 176 Barr, Steven 85, 163 Aguilar, Anthony 156 Ahola, Nikole 118 Ahrens, William 10 Ainslie, Danaye 84 Akers, Janeen 118 Akers, Janone 84 Akers, Jason 10, 163 Akin, Michelle 118 Albershardt, Zoann 84, 237 Alberts, Rochelle Albin, Sheila 118, 238 Aldinger, Eric 84 Alkire, Joseph 84 Allarakhia, Sahad Allen, Cynthia 118, 275 Allen, Mark 10, 38 Allen, Rico 76, 118, 153 Almen, Deborah 84, 251, 254 Alpar, Cem Alpar, Jim 118 Amato, Paul 10, 156 Amerman, Edward 269 Amidon, Kendra 84, 251, 254 Barta, Richard 11, 169 Bartleson, Jenny 11, 81, 234, 235, 2 Bartlett, David 119, 157 Barton, Donald 11 Bashford, Carolyn 11, 272, 273 Baskall, David 85, 93 Basye, Rachel 119 Bauer, Mark 119, 257 Baumgard, Kirk 119, 125 Baumgartner, Bret 119 Baxter, Shannon Beall, Charlotte 119 Becerra, Dwayne 85 Bechard, Jeffrey 11 Bechard, Tiffany 85 Becker, Brian 86, 151 Becker, Robert 11 Bedin, Jane 86, 274 Bedin, Matthew 119 Bedsall, Todd Behm, Thomas 86, 163 Behrens, Kevin 119 Bell Kelli 119 Andersen, Arden 84 Andersen, Rodney 84, 156 Anderson, Angela Anderson, Christina 84 Anderson, David 118, 153, 180 Anderson, Engel Anderson, Karol 118, 155 Anderson, Kristin 84 Anderson, Mark 10, 255 Anderson, Michael 10 Anderson, Toby 118, 153 Anderson, Vanessa 84, 238 Andrew, George 85 Bell , Kim 86, 167 Bell, Rhonda 274 Bell, Shannon 119 Belt, Sherry Belton, Kevin 119 Benallo, Michael 11, 16 Benck, Michael 119 Bendele, Mark 11 Benoit, Stephen 86 Benore, Matthew 86 Benz, David 86, 249 Berdahl, Thomas 86, 153 Berends, Jeffrey 119 Angel, Mary 118 Anselmo, Theresa 118, 275 Antony, Tracy 118, 157 Archuleta, Karl 118, 163, 172 Arko, Carol 10, 254, 255 Armand, Dean 85 Armstrong, Alene 10 Armstrong, Amy 118 Armstrong, Christine Armstrong, Tanya 118 Arner, Celeste 118, 266, 274 Arnold, Anissa Arntzen, Eric 118 Asher, Richard 10 Atkins, Troy 85 Atkinson, Tracy 85 Atz, Robert 10, 62, 75, 171 Austin, Gary Avalos, Jonny 85 Avalos, Shelli 67, 118, 161 Avenriep, Brett 118 Azuero, Richard 85, 270, 273 B Bade, Kevin 85 Baldwin, Jami 72, 85 Bankert, Angela 118 Barela, Catherine 85 Index Berge, Mary Bernardoni, James 119, 153 Berryman, Steven 86 Bethune, Adam Betzler, Arthur Bexley, Sharon 119 Bianco, Lynette 86, 119, 238 Bidwell, Darren 86 Bidwell, Suzanne Biegel, Diane 11, 70, 222 Billings, Bryan 67, 86 Billington, Wendi 86 Billips, Kenneth 119 Bisenieks, Alan 70, 86, 265, 272 Bisenieks, Jimmy 119, 273, 275 Bishop, Carol 12 Bjorklund, Felicia Black, Janette 12, 62, 155, 272, 273 Black, Julie 12, 62, 155, 272, 273 Black, Thomas 86 Blackburn, Anthony 119 Blackburn, Gwyn 12, 158, 176 Blackburn, Paula 119, 159 Blank, Bradley 12, 169, 228, 229 Blood, Peter 119, 268 Bloom, Gene 87 Blosser, Michael 12, 272, 273 Bluethmann, William 12, 231 Blumenthal, James 119 Boatright, Michael 119, 153 39 Bobian, Matthew 120 Bockhold, Angela Boekel, Jacob 12, 260 Boette, Marc 12, 151, 256 Bokros, Stephen 12, 171, 229 Boland, David 87, 163 Bonham, Clinton Boosinger, Dianna 87 Boosinger, Pamela 120 Booton, Sheri 12, 183, 229, 231 Bordner, Robert 120 Borrego, Charles 87 Borrego, Sandra 12 Boscia, Lisa 120, 167 Bost, Patti 13, 217 Bowles, Stephanie 13, 239, 259, 266 Bowman, Beth 13, 253, 258 Bowman, Kathy 120, 258, 267 Bowman, Michael 13 Boyd, Amber 120 Boyd, Gary 87 Boyd, Kelly 120 Boyer, Larry 13, 15, 59 Boyko, Kimberley 120 Boyle, Heather 13, 266 Boyle, Jenny 72, 120, 274 Boyles, Michael 13 Bradbury, Lori 120 Bradeen, Damon 6, 13, 165, 169 Bradeen, Timothy 87, 109, 115 Bradford, Victoria Brady, Christina 120, 275 Braly, Damon 120, 178, 179 Brand, Jody 120 Brandolino, Anthony 87 Brantley, Lora 13 Branum, Kathy 87 Bresee, Stephanie 87, 101 Bress, Vanessa 237 Bretz, Sherri 87, 159, 271 Briscoe, Jeffrey 87, 172 Bristol, Christina 120, 155 Brittain, Marlo 120 Broman, Yahna 120 Bronnenberg, Linda 120, 274 Bronnenberg, Teri 14, 27, 158, 159, Brooks, Bryon 120 Brooks, Christopher 87, 131 Brooks, Sean Brough, Jamie 120 Brough, Jodie Brown, Amy 14 Brown, Andrea 14, 257 Brown, Becky 120, 230 Brown, Kimberly Brown, Lori 14, 230, 234, 235 Brown, Marc 87 Brown, Timothy 14, 256 Bruenger, James 120 Brummette, Elizabeth 14, 76 Brungardt, Dina 87 Brungardt, Gary 14 Brunker, James 120 Bruno, Bruno, Beth Raymond 87, 172 Bryan, Heather 167 Bryan, Tara Budde, Michael Bunn, Patrick 14, 233, 251 Bunn, William 14, 248, 255 Burback, Clinton 121, 251 Burchett, Robert 38, 245 Burg, Geoffrey 15 Burgard, James 15 Burgardt, John 88 Burgardt, Michelle 121, 274 2 Mark 123, 136 rger, Eric 121, 264, 268 rkhart, Geni 121 rkhart, Tamara 88, 251 rley, John 15 rrow, Daniel 121 rrow, Mary rt, William 15, 156 sh, Dawn 121, 161 stos, Jon 76, 121 tler, Kent 233 ttel, Dale tz, Patricia C ble, Margene denhead, Laura 121 dotte, Tracy 15 gle, Gary 121 lderone, Jeffery 6, 151, 241 lkins, Gregory llahan, Brett 15, 27, 228, 229 llahan, Laura 88, 273 lley, David 15, 32, 151 lley, Stacey 121, 155, 176, 275 mblin, Tammi 121, 155 ampbell, Bryan 121, 275 - mpbell, Ross mpion, Curtis 88, 251 ancanon, Lisette 88, 160, 161 ancanon, Wilmington 15 annon, Susan antrell, Lisa 121 apasso, Michael 88, 151 apocelli, Vittorio 121, 251 ardenas, Nancy 15 ardwell, Cindy 121 arelli, Christina 76, 121 Chilcott, Robert 89 Cho, Diane Choe, Eun 16, 271, 273 Christian, Drue 122, 139, 153 Christiansen, Anita 122, 159 Christlieb, Cory 122, 153 Conatser, Dana 123 Conatser, Deana 123 Conatser, Kimm ,123 Conklin, Michelle Connelly, Edward 123 Conner, Holly 123 Christmas, Terry 122 Christopher, Edward 122 Christopher, Jackie 89 Ciacco, Danielle 89, 161, 185 Ciesielski, Julie 89 Clabaugh, John Clanton, Jerald Clanton, Judy 122 Clapes, Tina 122, 155 Connolly, John Conway, Grant 17, 157 Conway, Jeff Conyers, Keith 17 Cook, Jeffrey 89 Cook, Joseph 89 Cook, Kellie Coons, Daniel 123, 181 Cope, Kendrick 123 Clark Audra Clark, Cindy 17, 234 Clark, Julie 89, 155, 176 Clark Keith 122 Clark, Loyce 89 Clark, Robin 158, 173, 229 Clark Clark, Todd Tonya 122 Clarke, Michael 122 Clem, Jennifer Clements, Jill 123 Clements, Lisa Clements, Stacey 123 Cleveland, Timothy 17 Clinard, Christine 17 Cline, Dana Cline, Ernest Clodi, Kimberly 4, 17, 70, 234 Clodi, Cope, Kristin 89, 251 Cope, Ron 153 Copeland, Jeffrey 90 Copeland, Sheila 123, 161 Copeland, Thomas 17 Copper, Anne 123, 274 Cordero, Troy Cordone, John 68, 123, 251, 275 Cordova, Silas 123, 153 Corkins, Kenneth 17, 251, 256 Cortvriendt, Derek 90 Cota, Brenda Coughlin, Tara 17 Courts, Nicole 124 Covarrubias, Philip 90, 172 Cowan, Connie 17, 272, 273 Cox, Jerry 81 Cox, Kevin Coy, Joey 18 Dachtler, Brian 124 arlson Dustin 121, 259, 275 arlson, Michael 121 arlson, Ronald 15 arlson, Susie 88 arlton Bridgette 88 237 arney: Darin 16, 164 arpenter, Jennifer 121, 167 arpenter, Susan 88, 265 artwright, Pamela 121 ary, Teena 88, 244 ase, Coleen 16, 249, 253 astillo, Lillian 121, 251 astro, Victoria 88 atanzaro, Joseph 121 'audle, Deanie 122 'avalier, Amberly 122 lerise, Lana lerise, Sherry 'errone, Leeann 122 lervera, David 88, 247, 249 lervera, Deenie 122 fessa, Christopher 122 Iessa, Debra 16 ihandler, William 16, 51, 61, 75, 232, 233 Ihansisourath, Vieng 122, 137 Ihappell, Cory Chappell, Sean Clotfelter, Terra Clyncke, Laurie 123 Coffin, David 275 Coffman, Donnie 123, 257 Cogswell, Jill Cole, Bobby 89, 151 Cole, Thomas 272, 273 Coleman, James 89, 156 Coleman, Richard 123 Colombo, Jeffery Cozad, Albert 124, 251 Cozad, John 90, 251, 256 Craig, David Craig, Judy Craig, Trudy Cramm, Scott 90, 156, 172, 270, 273 Zhappell, Stephanie 16 Charley, Robert 122 Sharmichael, Kurtis 16 Sharron, Donald Ihavez, Dana 88 Chavez, Lorene 88 Ihavez, Robert 88 Iheaney, Joelene 122 Iheer, Gregory 16 fhhay, Vanarun 16 lv Crosby, Charles Crosby, Troy 124 Cross, Charles 124, 151, 180 Cross, Cynthia 124 Croston, Darin 124 Crow, Jeffrey Crowder, Rodney 124 Crowfoot, Wendy 124, 257 Crull, Shawnda 124 Cullen, Laura 15 Culter, Chad 18, 32, 67, 151, 171 Culter, Todd 90, 172 Culver, Daniel 124 Cunningham, Patrick 90 Cunningham, Sean 272, 273 Curlin, Theresa Curneen, Rodney 18 Curtis, Craig 124 Cuthriell, Robert 90 Cutshaw, Shona 124 Cyrus, Daniel Czerniak, Jean D Daigle, Leah Dailey, Dana 18, 270, 273 Daily, Mark Dally, Ginger 18 Daniels, Derrick 90, 275 Daniels, Wendy 67, 124 Danos, Christopher 18, 151, 256 Danos, William 124, 153 Dardanis, Brandon 125, 153, 169, 257 278 Dardanis, Shauna 18, 161 Dassler, Robert 125 Daugherty, Michael 90 Davidson, Dale 125, 153 Davis, Davis, Leslie Michael 18, 151 Davis, Paul H 90, 125 Davis, Paul l Davis, Richard 90 Davis Terry Duerr, Stephanie 20, 241 Dulick, Debborah 91, 233, 266 Duncan, Amber Duncan, Ardie 126 Dunlavy, Derek 126 Dunlavy, Sean 91, 268 Duran, Richard 20, 170, 171, 234 Durando, Lisa 91 Durant, Annmarie 70, 91, 155, 175 Durant, Robert 20 F Fahm, Jamie Failing, Jerry 81, 127 Failing, Ronald 93, 151 Fajardo, Greg 127 Fancher, Edward 127 Fancher, John 93 Fanelli, Nina 67, 93, 155, 175 Day, Richard 90, 125 Dean, Dwane Dean, Patricia 18, 51, 62, 164 DeBell, Anthony 90 DeCamillis, Christopher 90, 249, 272, 273 Decarlo, Roxie 90 Decola, Dyanna 125, 133, 155, 223 Defiore, Kimberly 18 Degidio, Michael 18, 237 Delgado, Abbie Dellacroce, Geno 125, 153 Denileon, Lori 18 Dennison, Dan Deremond, Alain Dertina, David 90, 157, 272, 273 Deshaw, Lorie 90, 100, 173 Deshaw, Terry 19, 211 Desmoineaux, Denise 90 Dewees, Renate 125, 265, 275 Durbin, Troy 91, 163 Duval, Todd 91 Dyer, George 126, 244 Dymond, Gail 20, 239 E Eads, Bridget 91 Earle, Michelle Earle, Teresa 92, 126, 244 Earnest, Brian 126 Easton, Christopher 126, 157 Easton, James 20, 31, 41 Easton, Joan 20, 175 Easton, John 20 Eaton, Paul 20, 165 Ebbs, Thomas 245 Farinella, Rosa 22, 271, 273 Farnum, Jill 22 Farrar, Kelley 22 Farrell, Kelly 271 Farrer, Dean 127 Fay, Mark 93 Federico, Christopher 93 Federico, Janette 127, 237 Fedrizzi, Brent 94 Fehr, Michael 22 Feigt, Danial 127 Ferguson, Karen 127, 274 Ferguson, Lori 127 Ferrero, Amy 94 Fides, Desiree Figueira, Daniel 98 Fink, Brendon 127, 163 Fink, Devon 22 Dewitt, Kathy 72 Dewitt Dewitt Dewitt Dewitt , Marty 19, 165 , Mindy 67, 90, 161, 185 , Stephanie 125 , Steven 19 Ebelsheiser, Todd 20, 157, 179, 180 Eberly, Deborah 20, 72 Echterling, Wanda 21 Eckdahl, Elizabeth 92, 183, 273 Eckenrod, David Eddy, Gregory 126, 163 Finn, Joseph 22 Flore, Lisa 4, 22, 271 Fisher, Janice 94, 239 Fisher, Vanessa 127, 257 Fitzmier, Kristie 127, 274 Flageolle, Jeanette 94 Dickinson, Laura 90, 274 Dickinson, Michele 91, 183 Diep, Tho Difranco, Marie 125 Dighero, Gregory 19, 151 Dill, David 19, 169 Dillard, Gary 91 Dimas, Daniel 123, 125 Dimas, Mickey 91, 232, 233 Dinan, Joy 91, 272, 273 Dines, Stephanie 91, 233 Dinges, Martin 125, 153 Dingwell, David 19 Dipentino, Leonard 19, 256, 257 Disney, Diane 125 Ditirro, Vincent 75, 91 Dittman, Scott 125 Do, Khanh 19 Dodson, Lori 125 Doefler, Candace Doerfler, Candace 126, 176 Doering, Jay 91, 151, 172 Doherty, Edward 91 Domenico, Tina 126 Dominguez, Derick 91, 179, 181 Donley, Richard 19 Donnelly, Corrine 19, 155, 175 Donohue, Stephanie 126 Dopheide, Viki 91 Dorcas, Carla Dorland, Shawn 91 Dossie, Tammy 126 Dostal, John 91 Dougherty, Ginger 126 Dougherty, Tina 19 Downey, Kari 19, 158, 231, 272, 273 Downey, Kurt 245 Doyle, Kecia 20, 185 Dressel, Amy 126 Drexler, Amy 126 Drexler, William 126 Duchelas, Alan 91 Index Edwards, Abby 92, 229, 270, 273 Edwards, Brian 126 Edwards, Carl Edwards, Christine 92 Edwards, Kathryn 126, 230 Edwards, Lawrence 21, 151 Edwards, Melissa 92 Egan, Jennifer 92 Eggart, Sheila 21, 261 Eggleston, Amber 255 Ehnert, Jean 92, 275 Ek, Birgitta 21, 273 Elder, Kimberly 21, 231, 248, 272, 273 Eldredge, Sheri 92, 274 Eledge, Michael 21 Ellington, Amy 126 Elliot, Lisa 92 Ellis, Michael 92 Ellis, Rebecca Ellisor, Carol 21 Elwell, Dianne Endorf, Joseph 93 Engelhaupt, John 126 Engelking, Brian 93, 251, 252, 269 Eoff, Melanie 21 Eres, Rita 21 Erickson, Brian 21 Erickson, Jill Erickson, Michele 126 Erickson, Tammy 93 Essex, Cindy 126, 176, 229, 230 Estep, Brian 93, 151 Evans, Bruce Evans, Mark 93 Evans, Michelle 126, 159 Ewan, Deana 21 Ewan, Michael 126 Ewing, Sharon 22, 60, 234, 235, 237, 238, 242 Ezit, Cheryl 127 Flanagan, Patrick Flanders, Stacey Fleharty, Liza 94 Flood, Mason 127 Florida, Jina 22, 32, 67, 154, 155, 173 Florida, Jody 127, 155 Flott, Joan 127 Flowers, Lora 127, 267 Flowers, Pamela 94 Flynn, Thomas Forbes, Lori 23 Ford, John 127, 153, 172 Ford, Keith 23, 151, 171 Ford, Leann 23, 272, 273 Foster, Sean 23, 245 Foust, Victoria Fouts, Jesse Fox, Cynthia 94, 259, 271, 273 Franzese, Maurizio Frary, Susan 127 Fredericksen, Todd 127 Fredricks, Stacey 94, 251, 254, 271 Freeberg, Phillip 127 Freeman, Kurt 94, 269, 275 Freeze, Meri 94, 238, 271, 273 French, Dianne 94 French, Lisa 241 Fresquez, Dwayne Freyre, Kristen 127, 275 Freyre, Linda Frizzell, Stacy Frizzell, Tamatha 127 Frost, Jenee 94 Fulton, Neal 127 Funk, Lisa 245 Funk, Tonya 127 Furrow, Holly 128 Fusaro, Joseph 23, 151, 234, 235 G iaarenstroom, Christian 128 iabriel, Christine iadbois, Leslie 94 iadde, Karen 94, 248, 272, 273 Fade, Alan iahm, Jamie 23 iailus, Dayna 23 iallegos allegos allegos allegos iallardo, Babette lallardo, T 128 , Camille 23, 48, 70, 165, 234 , Christine 70, 237 , John 4, 144, 172 , Ursula alloway, Leslie 24, 239 amache, Susan 94, 237 Gregg, amboe, Laurie 24 amboe, Samuel 128 angwish, Timothy 24 arcia, James 24, 241 arcia, Nicholas 128 arcia, Rick 275 ardner, Jeffery 94, 128, 251, 268 ardner, John 257 arduno, Ronette 128 arscin, Melissa 128, 167 artner, Michele 95 scoyne, Eric skin, Susan 95 lasper, Kelley 95, 254 awlas, Deborah 24 awlas, Rhonda 128, 275 eher, Penni 128 eorge, Angela 128, 275 eorge, Christopher 24, 251, 256, 2 eorgia, Thomas 24, 163 erber, Stephanie 95, 237 erstenberger, Todd erstner, Terri 128, 161 erze, Debra erze, Diane 275 ibson, Brett 128 ibson, Pamela 24, 274 ibson, Terry 95, 251, 256 ibson, Thomas 24 ilbert, William 72, 95 illach, James 67, 95, 157, 180 illette, Donald 24, 151, 171 illispie, Jerri 24 ilman, Bruce 95 ilman, Elaine 25, 264 ilroy, Suzanne 25, 237 iron, Frances 128 ittins, Jeri 25, 248, 253, 259, 271 ittins, Jeri 25, 248, 253, 259, 271 lahn, Jacqueline 128, 274 lammeyer, Cinthia lann, Bradley 128, 153 lasco, Irene 95 lasmann, Ron 70, 272 leason, Mary 25, 247, 248, 270, 273 odbout, Angela 128 oddard, Nanette 95 odinez, Tina oetz, Kathleen 128 olden, Timothy 128, 153, 230 oldman, Gregory 25 oldstein, Scott 25 omez, Alfred 128, 153 omez, Eric 25, 169 omez, Perry 172 omez, Rene 95, 183 onzales, Cristen 76 onzales, Nobert ooch, Michael 7 oodbeau, Rex oodman, Randy Goodmanson, Brock 95 Goodwin, David 128, 257 Gordon, Sheryl 128, 155 Gorham, Mary 128 Gosline, Michael 129 Gottschalk, Kerry 6, 25, 70 Graber, Pamela 129 Graff, Eric 129, 153 Graff, Nicholas 129, 181 Graham, Ginelle 95, 266, 275 Graham, Mary 25, 63, 167, 271 Grandestaff, Brian 95 Grandestaff, John 25 Graves, Christopher 25 Gray, Christine 95, 167, 175, 229 Guerin, Tamara 96 Guerrero, Richard 96 Guest, Jolene 26, 183, 228, 229 Guinn, Linda 129 Gunn, James 129 Gunter, Ryan 96, 249 Gunter, Sean 96, 249 Gurule, Laura Gurule, Ned 96 H Hackbarth, Michael 129 Gray, Cynthia 26, 55, 63, 167, 22 231, 265 Graybill, Shawn 129 Green, Duane 95, 103 Green, Jamon 129 Green, Jason 26 Green, John 122, 129 Green, Rodney 26 Greenlee, James Greenwood, Stacy 185 Robert 8, 229, Grenfell, Julie 26, 245 Grenz, Stephanie 95 Griebling, Heidi 67, 129 Griego, Patrik 96, 157 Gries, Donovan 96 Griess, Dawn 129 Griesser, Teri 124, 129, 275 Grieve, Melissa 129 Griffin, Dorothy Griffin, Gareth 129, 165 Griffin, Jessica 96, 258 Griffin, Paul 26, 163 Hackett, Wendy 129 Hackwell, Shawna 26, 183, 228, 229 Haffner, Robbie 96 Hageman, Ronda 96, 274 Hagerman, Edwin 129 Hagerman, Leslie 26 Halbach, Joseph 180 Halbach, Sheila 96, 155, 176 Hale, Brendon 96 Hale, Troy 96 Hall, David 129 Halvorson, Martin Hamann, Amber 96 Hamilton, Michael 129, 153, 172 Hammock, Joseph 26, 181, 251 Han, Jason 96 Hancock, Martha 96 Hanes, Kimberely Hanes, Michelle 237 Hankel, Lynnette 96, 238 Hanks, Shantel 129, 274 Hanlen, David 129 Hannam, Wayne Hanrahan, Brenda Grimes, Randall 96 Grimmius, Jean 129 Grimsley, Christy 129, 275 Grinstead, Catherine 129, 167, 251, Grischow, Duane 96, 157, 233 Grover, Cheryl 26 Hansen Christopher 96 Hansen Jonathan 97 Hansen Michelle 78, 97 Hanson, Amy 26, 239 Hanson, Andrew 26, 257 Harder, Kerri 130, 167 Index 279 Harder, Melissa 274 Harken, Robert 130 Harlan, David 156 Harlow, Dale 27, 33, 62 Harmes, Heidi 130 Harper, Derrick 130, 131 Harris, James 27 Harris, Ronald Harrison, Belinda 130 Harrison, Douglas 72, 76 Harrower, Brian 130, 157 Hart, Alison 27, 167, 243, 267 Hartmeister, Lisa 97 Hartshorn, Chris 123, 130, 153 Harty, Llnda 57 Hase, Tyler, 97 Hass, Lorraine 27, 239, 253, 259, 265 Hassell, Darren 97, 151, 270, 272, 273 Hassell, Gerald 27, 37, 151, 273 Hathcock, Jon 130 Hauptman, Cynthia 97 Hausman, Stacy 97 Havens, Renee 130, 238 Hawrylyshyn, Danelo Hayden, Patrick 97, 172 Hazlitt, Jason 27 Hazlitt, Jill 130 Hearrell, Kelli 130, 230, 261 Hearrell, Staci 27, 67, 189, 122, Heckel, Kimberly 27 Heckman, Lisa 97 Hedrick, Marie 130 Hegg, Amy 27, 251 Hegge, Jerome 130 Hegge, Joseph 28, 63 Heggenberger, Matthew 28 Heller, Christopher 28, 275 Helps, William Helstrom, Wanda 28 Heltzel, Christina 130, 159 Heltzel, David 97 Hemphill, Kristin 130 Henderson, Stephanie Henning, Fredrick 131 Henry, Ray 131 Henry, Shawna 131 Hensel, Polly 28 Herman, Tish 131 Hernandejz, Gary 97 Hernandez, Kelley 131 Heronema, Matthew 97 Hershberger, Daniel 97 Hershberger, Heidi 28 Hess, Lonnie 28, 248, 270, 273 Hewlett, Rickie 97 Hicks, Jodi 97 Hill, Kathleen 131, 167, 257 Hill, Michelle 28 Hill, Penny 28, 264 Hill, Stephanie 97, 238 Hillman, Brian 131 Hillyard, Jill Himel, Kenneth 131, 165, 230 Hinkle, Stephen 131 Hinrichs, David 131, 275 Hishinuma, Harry 28, 169 Hixson, Trisha 131 Hodapp, Gregory 67, 97, 151, 180 Hodkinson, Annette 28 Hoefer, Wendy 28 Hoeffner, Mark Hoeppner, Christine 29, 272, 273 Hoeppner, Cynthia 131 Hoffman, Darrell 131, 264 Hoffman, Tammy 29 Hogg, Scott 97 Index W Hohn, Julia Holcomb, Michelle 97 Holland, Melissa 29 Holland, Paul 97 Hollinger, William 131 Hollingsworth, Heidi Hollis, Lashonda 98, 237 Hollis, Sophia 98 Holloway, Erik 131, 265 Holloway, Patricia 132 Holmes, Shelly 98 Holsinger, Paige 132, 275 Holt, Nancey 132 Holz, Brett 29 Honneycutt, Cindy 98 Hoover, Audra 132 Hoover, Rhonda 132 Hope, Christopher 132 Hope, Kelly 98 Hope, Kevin 29 Horan, Anthony 98 Horan, Michael 29 Horn, Preston 98 Horning, Mary 98 Horst, Michelle 132 Houston, Kelly Howard, Melanie 132, 259, 274 Howell, Joseph 98 Howitt, Lisa Huber, David 98 Huck, Bradley 29 Huddleston, Ronelle 29, 241, 253, 271 Huddleston, Sean 29, 251 Hudspeth, Angela 132 Hughes, Christopher 98, 151 Hughes, Laura 132, 274 Hughes, Scott 29, 163, 270, 273 Hughston, Donald 29 Humbert, Barbara 70, 237 Humbert, Robert 98, 111 Humphrey, Michael 132 Humphrey, William 98 Humphries, Keitha Hunt, Cheryl 29 Hunter, Kristine 132 Hunziker, Michael Hurd, Michael Huss, Brian 132, 181 Hutchens, Joann 98, 251 Hutchens, Michael 132, 138 Hyland, Brendan 30 lacovetta, Dina 132 lacovetta, Suzanne 30 lannacito, Kimberly 132 lbbott, Brian lmes, David 30 Ingersoll, Terry 251 Ingram, Bradley 30 Ingram, Laura 98, 266, 274 Ingram, Scot 132 Inman, Brian 132 Ishman, Karen 98 Ivey, James 132 Jackowell, Mickie 30, 234, J Jackowich, Martin 133 Jackson, Angela 99, 237 Jackson, Christine 132 Jackson, Douglas 132 Jackson, Karen 99 Jackson, Todd Jacobs, Deric 126 237 Jacobs, Patricia 132 Jacoby, Patricia 30, 271 Jaeke, Vance 99 Jakub, Bonnie 133 James, Darlene 30, 237 Jameson, Cathy 99, 241 we s I . ' I 6 VW ,,,, ,,3'wf,w? 51634 is ,rrs f I I iz, ' , : ' , r - , ' 43 '. 4 ., V ,.., W Q T, ' ' fe L I 5 . , 3 ,, , , .M ,,, ameson, John 30 anesceck, Mary anes, Rachael 99 avorek, Richard 99, 237, 238, 258 effries, Susan Jensen, Michael 99, 156 Ilensen, Todd 99 lesmer, Kelly 99 lesser, Jennifer 133 Iewby, James King, Sarah 133 Kinney, Donald 32 Kirkham, Marty 100 Kirkpatrick, Diane 22, 32, 47, 158, 175, 229, 231, 269 Kirkpatrick, Kimberly 133, 155, 176 Kiss, Jason 100, 256, 258 Kissell, Andrea 67, 101, 155, 272, 273 Kissell, William 101, 151 Kline, Monte 134 lewett, Shawn 99 lim, Norene 132 Iohansen, Laurie 30, 76 lohnson, Bonnie 31 lohnson, Dan 99, 265 lohnson, Darlene 99 lohnson, Diana 133, 155 lohnson, Gretchen 99, 167 lohnson, Jay 133 lohnson, Jeffery 31, 151 lohnson, Julie 133, 247 lohnson, Martin 4, 133 lohnson, Sten 133 lohnston, Andrew 67, 99 lohnston, Cheryl 99 lones, lones, lones, lones, lones Bryon Jeffrey 31, 231, 270, 273 Matthew 133, 251, 269 Michael 31, 265 Michelle 99 lones: Sherri 31, 251 lones, Treena 133, 165, 257 Knechtel, Eric 32, 171 Knipps, Michael 32, 163 Knipps, Teresa 101, 251, 254 Knott, Duff 32, 151, 171, 172, 234, 235 Knott, Kein 134, 244 Knox, Sherri 32, 233, 234 Knutson, Lisa Kobold, Kenneth 32, 49 Lazoskie, Jason 34, 199 Le, Led Led Lee Vinh 195 erhos, Charles 102 l, Melinda 34 , Bee 102 Lee, Cha 134 Lee, Na 134 Lee, Rachel 102 Leh Leisenring, Troy 34, 40, 67, 1 to, Gina 102, 158, 175 79, 181, 273 Leist, Bryan 102 Lell, John Leming, Troy 102 Lemons, David 134, 142 Leo, Anthony 102 Lerch, Lisa 134 Lev, Miroslav 34, 165, 169 68, 151, loseph, Christopher 31, 151, 241 louett, Catrice 100 loyce, Patricia 133 ludd, Nathan 100, 265 lueschke, Edward lugert, Robert lump, Kimberlee 100, 249, 266 lung, Kenneth 133 K ' aohn, Michelle 100, 274 apple, Robert 100 att, Mark 100 auffman, Ronald 133 edjeski, Terry eener, Jack 31, 272, 273 Lov eener, Stuart 85, 100, 172 eil, Rochelle 100, 185, 271 elker, Anthony 100, 273 elker, Shawn 133 Keller, Michael 133 Kellett Kristin 31, 272, 273 Kelley, Jamie Kelly, Kevin 163 Kennedy, Jody 133, 172 Kennedy, Shawn , 272, 273 Koeppen, Sari 23, 33, 75, 76, 185, 219 Kogoff, Elliot 134 Koller, Jackqueline Kominek, Mary 33, 40, 67, 158, 183, 229, 231 Konrad, Kristen 134, 230 Koontz, Devin 134 Kopperud, Patti Koros, Kelli 33 Kortekas, Doreen 101 Kotsay, Elizabeth 130 Krankota, Jaque 33, 37, 179, 248, Krankota, Jason 101 Kraus, Kimberly 101, 161, 185 Kreizenbeck, Shannan 101 Krueger, Kristi 33 Krueger, Michael 101 Krugmire, Matthew 101, 257 Kruse, Daniel 134 Krusell, Sally 101, 229 Kubala, Michael 67, 134, 151, 180 Kubic, David 134 Kubic, Thomas 33 Kuenning, Roderick 33, 275 Kuhlman, Leah 101 Kunze, John 134, 251 Kunze, Robert 33, 251 L 270, 273 Labenz, Craig 101, 217, 247, 248, 270, 273 Lagerheim, Alfred 67, 273 Laheist, Allen 101 Lahman, Tia 134 Lambertson, Steven 134 Lammel, Ricky 134, 156 Lewis, Deborah 102 Lewis, Jesse Lewis, Kathy 134 Lewis, Kevin 34, 255 Lewis, Stephanie 134, 143 Lewis, Susan 34 Lewis, Yvonne 34 Leyba, Michael Liggett, Sheila 134, 176 Ligon, Theodore 134 Lillagore, Paul 81, 134, 165 Liming, Caroln 102, 229, 274 Lindell, Kerry 102 Linder, Stephen 103 153, Lingle, Melissa 12, 34, 63, 154, 155, 175, 228, 229 Lipp, Camille 103, 176 Lo, Chong 34, 39, 234 Lo, Lo, Sua Ying 195 Lobato, Dennis 34, 162, 163 Lobsinger, Dustin 134 Loc k, Scott 245 Lomax, Davia Lombardi. Anthony 103 Longcrier, Richard 34, 231, 264, 269 Longo, Pamela 103 Loop, Daniel 103, 151 Loop, Kathy 35, 58, 269 Lopez, Byron Lopez Lopez, Mona 245 Lane Lane Lane Lang, Dixie 101, 167, 239 Lisa 101, 167 Valerie 101 Tracy Lopez, Robert 103, 270, 273 Lopez, Savina 134 Lor, Kha 134 Lor, Khai 136 Lor, Koua 35, 194 Lor, Say 135 Lor, See Lor, Tong 136 Lor, Van 35 Lor, Vong 135, 136 e, Regina 35 Kennedy, Windy 100, 251, 254 Kent, Michael 133 Kerekes, Anthony Kerekes, Raymond 133 Kern, Susan 16, 31, 158, 173, 234 Kerr, Paul 100 Kessinger, Randall 31 Kessinger, Renee 100 Kessler, Angela Ketchum, Deborah 133 Kilgore, Donald 32, 256 Kilgore, Mark 32 Killion, Jeffrey 100, 169, 257 Kim, Seong Kincaid, Tracy 100 King, Kathleen 133 Lange, Jonathan 134, 165 Langston, Jack Larsen, Elisabeth Larsen, Rebekah 102 Larsen, Scott 102 Larson, David 33 Lauderman, Linda 33, 239 Laughlin, Mark 102 Laurent, Theresa 102 Lowe, Jon 35, 171,211 Lowery, Alan Lowery, Cheryl 103 Lowry, Shanna 245 Loya, Luiz 135 Lozano, Elizabeth Lozano, John 232, 233, 264 Lucas, Darin 103 Lucero, Derek 135, 172 Lavata, Kathleen 134, 274 Lawler, Kelby Lawler, Kelli Lawson, James 102 Lawson, Michael 134 Lawson, Richard 134, 163, 181 Layfield, Sean 81, 102, 164, 180 Lucero, Jeanette 135 Lucero, Michelle 103 Luff, Mary 135 Lukowicz, Michelle 135 Lund, Kimberly 103 Lutz, Carrianne 135 Lynch, Michelle 35 , Joseph 35, 231, 248, 251, 255, 265 Index 281 Lyon, Clint McMahon Lysons, Brett McKenzie, Donald 104 Moscati, Stacy 137 McKenzie, Eric McKowen, Michelle 104, 183 McMahon Rhonda 135 , Timothy 104, 163 Macaulay, Steven 35 MacDonald, Colleen Mace, Leann 35 Mach, On 35 Mader, Amy 36, 231, 247, 248, 270, 273 Magda, Teresa 67, 103, 155, 176, 229 Mahan, Brian 103 Maire, Shelly 103 Majdalani, Lorise 135, 161 Murray, Shanna 40 Makinen, Angela 103, 159 Malone, Malone, Malone, Malone Maluck, y Brendan 72, 135 James 36, 151 Julia 271 Laura 135, 161, 275 Christopher 103 McMillan, David 151 McMillan, Lisa 38 McMullin, Michelle 38, 81, 234, McMahon, Rhonda 135 McNerney, Kevin 38 235 McTague, Amy 135, 251, 254, 258, 275 Medina, Cheryl 129, 135 Medina, Stephanie Medland, Lane Mekelburg, Dean 135 Meltvedt, Eric 38, 163, 169 Meneghini, Michelle 125, 135 Merz, Deanna 136, 161 Mess, Leslie 136 Metz, Kim 38 Michael, Charlene 104 Moseley, Wendy 137, 145, Moser, Kevin 105 159, 275 Moss, Paul 137 Mote, Kerry 39, 237 Moua, Koua 40 Moua, Mee 88, 105 Moua, Teng 40, 195 Moua, Yer Mouanghane, Sirichit 137, 274 Mouanghane, Yadvaret Mucha, Hedwig 105, 266, 271, 273 Murden, David Murphy, John Murray, Donald 40, 255 Musat, Dawn 40 Musat, Victor 153, 172 Musser, James 241 Myers, Sharon 40, 270, 273 Myers, Steven 137 Mandeville, Lisa 103 Mankenberg, Ann 35, 271 Marcinko, Dee 104 Maria, Destry 104, 172 Mildenberger, Dennis 136, 265 Miles, Gary 136 Milke, Steven 38, 251 Miller, Chad 136 Myron, Susan 40, 204, 233, 234 N Martinez Massey, Maring, Ronald Marples, Daniel 36 Martelon, Leo 104, 275 Martin, Lorraine 104 Martin, Michelle 237 Martin, Stephen 36 Martin, William 135 Martines, Mona 104 Martinez , Carl 135, 181 , Edward 275 Martinez, Frank 36, 205, 237, 268 Martinez, Greg 135 Martinez , Stanley 36, 155, 171 Martinez, Suzanne 76, 81, 135, 274 Martinez, Sylvia 36, 255, 265 Martinez, Timothy 36, 171 Martinez Giron, Deborah 36 Martonosi, Agnes 36, 255 Masciotro, Lori 36, 231, 272, 273 Masciotro, Patricia 135, 267, 275 Terry Miller, Miller, Deborah 38, 272, 273 Janelle 136, 155, 176, Miller, Kenneth 87, 104, 151 Miller, Kristine Miller, Lori 136 Miller, Lori 38 Miller, Marcy 136, 274 Miller, Rene 104 Millett, Kimberly 105 Nilsson, Mathew, John Mattevi, Melinda 36 Mattie, Marion 37 Mattox, Daryl 135 Mauanghane, Sirichit 194 Maupin, Lee 135, 153 Maus, Carolyn 37 Maus, Cathleen 37 Mauser, Daniel 104, 180, 229, 272, 273 Mauser, Melissa 37, 55, 63, 67, 183, 228, 229 Mayuric, Robert 135 Mazanec, Brian 37, 217, 233 McBroom, Stephanie 135, 275 McCann, Jodi 135 McCaw, Kevin 257 McCaw, Kevin McCaw, Timothy McClanahan, Michael McCleland, Gina 37 McClure, Sean 37, 163 McClure, Travis 135, 163 McConville, Patricia McCoy, Robert 104, 179 McCullough, Jenney 37 McDermott, Matthew 135 McGraw, Mark 104, 257 McGuire, Colleen 245 Mcisaac, Thomas 37 McKendry, Joani 38 282 Index Millette, Jenifer Millican, Elton 136, 169 Mills, Gregory 136 275 Mindenhall, Bernadette 119, 136, 274 Miner, Laura 136 Misegadis, James Misegadis, Scott Miskol, Randall 12, 39, 58, 67, 151, 153, 171, 211, 231 Mitchell, Beth 39 Mitchell, David Mitchell, Gregg 39, 270, 273 Mitchell, Julie 136, 275 Mizell, Carol 136, 176, 275 Moeder, Kimberly 136 Moeder, Scott Moerkerken, Paul 39, 260 Mohr, Lynette 136, 259, 274 Molde, Heather 39 Moller, Kevin 136, 142 Montoya, Frank 39 Montoya, Timothy 110 Monty, Diane 136 Moore, Larry 105 Moore, Mitchell Moore, Tina 136 Morado, lda 136 Moran, John 7, 105 Moran, Shauna 105 Moranwki, Henry 136 Moravec, Julee 136, 274 Morehead, Amy 39, 231 Morgan, Jack 137 Morgan, Lisa 105, 239 Morger, Richard 39, 163 Morgheim, James 137 Morris, Theresa 137, 166 Morrison, Lisa 137, 274 Morrison, Michael 39 Morse, John 94 Mortensen, Dina 137, 266 Mortensen, Dorinda 137 Na, Sung 105 Na, Young 40 Nakayama, Jeffrey 40, 255, 266 Nance, Kelly 105 Nance, Richard 41 Nasser, Robert Naughton, Sean 105 Navarra, Alberto 137, 163 Nay, Eric 137, 251 Neale, Kristine 105 Needham, Donna 41 Nehng,Kanwwi41,217,265,27o,27 Neiman, Allen 137, 275 Nelson, Cydney 137, 176 Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Renee 105, 237, 271, 273 Nemeth, Louise 137, 176 Nemmers, Robert 41, 199 Nesladek, Daniel Neuschwanger, Kristy 41 Newton, Brent 137, 163 Newton Ginnah 105 Newton, Jay Nguyen Khanh 105, 258 Nguyen Khanh 137 Nguyen Minhnguyet 99, 195 Nguyen Quyen Nguyen Thanh 41 Nguyen Thu 137 Nguyen, Vu 211 Susanna 41, 176, 260 Nix, Gabrielle 137 Nixon, James 41 Noble, Gregory 137, 181, 223 Noll, Staci 41, 158, 241, 271 37 Nomany, Khanhkeo 1 Norberg, Keri 138 Norman, Dawn 138 Norris, Shane Nortnik, Jennifer 138 Nosler, Christy 105 Novak, Kimberly 106 Nuss, Thomas 67, 13 Nyberg, Camille 42 Nye, Darrell 138 Nye, Michelle 42 ,234 8,153,181,268 O Oakleaf, Carol 138, 230 Oberto, Jon 42 Ochs, Dana 106, 159 Ocker, William 42, 229 Oconnell, Michelle 138 Oconner, Shannon Odekirk, Richard 42 Okeefe, Kimberly 138 Olbert, Janis 106 Oldfield, Jeffrey 72, 138, 172 Olguin, Michelle 159 Olivarez, Shannon Oliver, Holly 42 Oller, Michael 42 Olsen, Gary 138 Olsen, Traci 138, 230, 274 Olsen Olson Olson, , Tricia 67, 106, 272, 273 Stephanie 138 Tracy 106, 185 Onstott, Marceline 138 Ortivez, Christopher 106 Orton, Randy 106 Orton, Ricky 106 Osse, Samantha 42 Ostreng, Kimberly 72 Ostreng, Signe 106, 183 Ostrom, Maria 138, 275 lOwen, John J. 42 lOwen, John R, 42 P Pace, James 138, 153 Pace, Linda 42 Pace, Malinda 106 Pacheco, Tejauna 43, 183 Pachello, Greg 138 Pachello, Larry 138 Padilla, Aaron 151 Pahler, Renee 138 Palmer, Christopher 138 Palomino, Raylynn 275 Pardoe, Bryan 138, 153 Pardoe, Guy Park, Myung 138 Parker, April 43, 185 Parker, Daniel 43, 169 Parsons, Susan 234 Passalacqua, Angela 106 Passarelli, Rosalie 43, 167, 173 Passerella, Marsha 43, 267, 271 Paswell, Robert 43 Patel, Paresh Patel, Sonal Patrick, Michael 106 Patten, Renee Patterson, Andrea 138 Patterson, Mark Paulsen, Dean 106 Paulsen, Dwayne 106 Payne, Jorja 43 Payne, Julie 138 Payne, William 127 Pearce, Douglas 106 Pearce, James 138 Pearce, Ken 245 Pearson, Andrew Pearson, David 106 Pearson, Melissa 139 Pease, Kenneth Pebley, Steven Peddycoart, Leann 139 Peed, Wendy 139 Pelon, Heather 139, 275 Pelon, Randall 139 Pena, Richard 106 Penney, Jay 106, 163 Perrault, Joseph 43, 156 Perrault, Lisa 139 Perrizo, Sean 43 Peterson, Becky 139 Peterson, Christopher 139 Pettigrew, David 43, 61, 156 Pettigrew, Lisa Pevler, Kelly 43 Pfeifer, Leslie 139 Pfeifer, Richard 139 Phair, Robin 139 Phayboun, Novom 44 Phayboun, Songkham Phillips, Kenneth 106 Phillips, Kristina 106 Phouleuanghong, Rattanaphon 44 Phouminh, Nhoui Piburn, Wendy 44, 158, 270, 273 Pickard, Michele 107, 161, 185, 271 Pierson, Brian 139 Pierson, Jodi 139 Pietrafeso, Kent 107, 172 Pietrafeso, Steven 241 Pilch, Michael 44 Pilling, Andrew 107 Pilling, Robert 139 Piret, John Plakorus, John 14, 44 Plamondon, Timothy 44 Plant, Amy 107 Plessinger, Rhonda 107 Plumisto, Roy 107, 172 Plumlee, Stacy Polson, Marla 139 Ponzio, Ricky Ponzio, Tammylynn 245 Poon, Kingson 44, 255 Porter, Dawn 44 Post, Donald 139, 251 Potter, Leah 139 Poynter, George 139 Pratz, Christopher 44, 156 Pribyl, Paul 44 Price, Andrew 156, 181 Pries, Jacqueline 139, 155, 176 'ma Purdie, Angela 139 Purvis, Tina 44 Puttmann, Judy 139 Pyle, Deborah 44, 234 Pyle, Jennette 139 Q Quaratino, Jamie 107 Quick, Robert 107, 264 Quinlivan, Douglas 107 Quinn, Joseph 45, 251, 256 Quintana, Jim 275 Quintana, Rodney 237 Quintana, Timothy 140 R Rae, Gregory Raines, Christopher 140 Raivio, Ronald Raleigh, Aleta 107 Ramelow, Tina 78 Ramirez, Gaylene 140 Ramirez, Julie 45 Ramirez, Patricia 140 Ramsey, Jeffrey 107 Ramsey, Timothy 107 Randall, Barry 45, 140 Randall, Brenda 140 Randolph, Lisa 107 Rands, Melissa 107 Raposa, Rick Rath, Cheryl 45 Raver, Steven 45 Raver, Vincent 107 Read, Lon Reagan, Kevin 140 Reber, Garth 45 Reddish, Angela 107, 183 Reed, Mark 107 Reed, Michelle 107, 267 Rehfeld, David 45, 169 Reich, Kip 140 Reichardt, Natasha 107 Reidy, William 107 Reinhard, William 108, 179, 272, 273 Reser, Christopher 140 Reynolds, Christina 45, 159, 271 Rhodes, Jennifer 140, 259, 269, 275 Rice, Glenn 45, 169, 248, 264, 270, 273 Rice, James 140 Richard, Renee 108, 185 Richards, Christopher Richards, Mark 140 Richards, Michael 93 Richards, Tamara 45, 62, 158, 159, 175 Richardson, Cindy 108, 219 Richardson, Kristen 108, 251 Richardson, William Richter, John 45 Ricker, Kimi 45, 158, 239, 271 Riddle, Christopher 108, 162 Rieb, Susan 108 Rigg, Kimberly 140 Riley, Jennifer 140 Riley, Kelly 140 Riley, Penni Riley, Sean 108, 151, 180, 272, 273 Riley, Terri 5 H J 6 Index 283 Rimmer, Diane 108. 251, 254 Rink, Bradley 46, 171 Rivera, Angela 46, 56, 164 Roatch, Shelley 140 Robben, Michael 108, 179 Roberts, Benjamin Roberts, Brett 140, 153, 172 Roberts, Lance Roberts, Rebecca 46, 248, 267 Robertson Dina 140 Robertson, Jamie 46 Robertson, Nicole 140 Robertson, Shawn 46 Robertson William 46, 47, 67, 68, 172, 211, 228, 229 Robidoux, Christina 46, 266 Robidoux, Cynthia 140, 266, 274, 276 Robinette, Rhonda 140, 259 Robinson, Laura Rockey, Laurie 140, 275 Rodriguez, Christopher Rodriguez, Yvonne 16, 46, 67 Roemer, Patrick 140 Rogers, Cathleen 46, 243 Rogers, Christen 140, 167 Rogers, Peter 141, 267 Rogoff, Elliot Roland, Jennette Roll, Glenn 87, 108, 275 Rome, Denise 46, 275 Rome, Madeline Romer, Hansjorg 108 Romer, Harold 141, 181 Romer, Patrick 153 Romero, Frederick 141 Romero John 141, 165 Romero Kari 46 Romero, Keith 108 Romero, Nickaletta 46, 274 Romero, Patrick 265 Romero, Sharon 108, 270, 272, 273 Romo, Beatrice Roome, Robert 108, 179, 272, 273 Rose, Cynthia 47 Rose, Lauri 108 Rose, Richard 141 Rosentrater, Chardell 141, 257 Rosier, Donald 47, 163, 169, 264 Rosso, Christine 141, 175 Roth, Kimberly 141 Roughton, Susan 47, 275 Rountree, Chandra 141 Rountree, Lisa 47 Roussel, Chris 47 Roussel, Troy 141 Roztocil, Marta 141, 275 Rubenking, Cheryl 109 Rubino, Tammy Rubner, Christopher 109 Rudiger, Allen 141, 156 Rudolph, Teddy 109, 265 Ruibal, Robert 141, 275 Ruiz, Tracy 141 Rumley, Michael 141, 256 Ruppel, Lance 141 Ruszka, Robert 141 Ruszka, William S Sabec, Brent 141 Sadaqat, Ahsanullah 47 Saindon, Diana 47 Salas, Jennifer 254 Salazar, Christine 141, 274 Salazar, Robert 109 Sales, Laura 141 Salgado, Joel 141 Saltzman, Carrie 109, 239 Salyer, Coeann 47, 253, 266 Salyer, Kenneth 141 Samora, Maria 109 Sanchez, Trina 47, 274 Sanders, Gilbert Sanders, Jeannette 109 Sandoval, Michael Sandoval, Stephanie 109, 272, 27 3 ,W l 1 284 Index i 54.1 Q ?V . " 9. X- ,swf r .y is-ivy lit i ,F ,Q S its . M., ' Q . f 2 L-TE ll " Q 4 1 r 1 rf . I f' -it ,. ,ss .. .Q ' 333, 1 X nf .' ffilxifgs. N314 X stfygrw, .. fi ' ' . 355' r S' ' 5 Q . s as 'wif ,f Q ,qw X is , ,f iiir 5' ,rs-,Q :Pt ' 'ft . itch? rr 1? 7 S, . asf, me fe .ig wg, ff iw .55 . W, .,f,?M3,Qt .QQ tai ' if sys: , Q TNQ s ik 'il T, i -f . , S tt.,-.a.,N Sannebeck, Charisse 48 Santarelli, Sherri 274 Santeramo, Wendy 109 Santistevan, Lorraine 109 Santopietro, Daniel 109 Santoro, Christine 48 Sargent, Timothy 141 Sartain, Gregory 156 Sauer, Katherine 141 Sauer, Lorraine 109, 251 Sauer, Robert 48, 151, 171 Schaefer, Michael 109, 251 Schaffer, Jerry 109 Schell, Dolores 124, 142 Scherr, Matt 48, 241 Scherschligt, Shannon 48, 234 Schiavone, Kristen 4, 142 Schieffer, Frankie 109 Schluter, Joel 142 Schmidt, 273 Schmidt, Denise 245 Schmidt, Denny Schmidt, Fay Schmidt, Schmidt, Richard Schmidt, Schmieding, Deborah 109 Schnapp, Walter 109 Schneberk, Adrienne 110 Darin 47, 48, 61, 151, Michael 142, 251, 268 Ryan 142, 153, 181 Schneekloth, Chris 142, 155 Schoepflin, Charles 153, 172 Schooley, David 48 Schubert, Joe 275 Schultz, Kenneth 172 Schwartzkopf, Alyssa 142, 145, 176, 275 Schwindt, Edward 110, 245 Schwindt, Michael 110 Scowden, James 84, 151 Scowden, Laura Seaford, Scott 48 Seaver, Erik 142, 169 228, 229 158, 159, Seegrist, Kimberle 110, 266, 272, 273 Seeley, Lloyd Selby, Barton 30, 48, 156, 232, 233, 237 287 Selders, Daniel 49 Selders, Phillip Sell, Shellie 49 Senethong, Phonsavath 49 Senethong, Somsack 142 Senethong, Southiphong 110, 130, 194 Sengdara, Amnat 110 Sengdara, Nouhak Sengdara, Phongeung Sengdara, Phothong 49 Serdinsky, Heather Serna, Michelle 142, 143 Settle, Dena 49, 185, 239, 271 Sewald, Lonny 142, 163 Shafer, Sheila Shaffer, Carol 49, 164 Shaffer, Ryan 110, 164 Shakin, Dino 49, 68, 151 Shaver, Rebecca 49, 271 Shaver, Richard 237 Shelton, Barbara 110, 183 Sheridan, Leigh 110 Shevlin, Gina 110 Shevlin, Lanette 49 Sheyko, Lana 142 Shields, Leonard 142 Shimpa, Andrew 92, 110, 156, 204 Shing, Melanie 142, 267 Shirk, Cherie 110 Shively, Lisa 67, 142 Shively, Michelle 49, 271 Shively, Shelley 110, 167 Shriner, Ginger 110 Shroyer, Darcy 50, 183 Shubert, Joseph 142 Shultz, Kevin 142 Shupps, Donna 93 Sieczkowski, Sandra 50 Sielsky, Wayne 50 Sigman, Kris 110 Simmons, Jody Simon, Douglas 7, 50 Sims, Effie 111 Sisson, Brian Sisson, Heather 143 Smaldone, Karen 50, 81, 25 255, 269 Smircich, Sonya 143 Smith, Andrew 50 Smith, Brett 143 Smith, Cheryl Smith Crystal 143 Smith Elainea 111 Smith Eric 143 Smith Heidi 143 Smith Kelly 50, 231 Smith Kevin 111 Smith Michelle 143, 176 Smith Penny 111, 233, 266 Smith Robb 50 Smith Shannon Smith, Stephen 143 Smith, Tiffany 50, 173 Smith, Tobin 143 Smoot, David Smoot, Kevin 143 Sohn, Lara 143 Soliday, Michael 143 Somogyi, Viktoria Sorenson, Julie 50 Spalding, Joseph 50 Speck, Susan Spellman, Anita 111, 183, 272, 273 Spensieri, Mark 50, 241, 267 Spillman, Kelsey 143 O, 251, 252, Stoltenberg, Heidi 51, 60, 234, 235 Storm, Cynthia 144, 275 Stover, Robin 51, 239 Strand, Stephanie 51 Stratman, Todd 144, 163 Stricker, Steven 111 Strijek, Carola 144, 176 Stringer, Roseanne 144 Struck, Brent 144, 153 Stuckey, Trindy 111 Studeny, Ronny 144, 259 Studer, Chrissy 144 Stuht, David 144 Stumpp, Werner 163, 169, 255 Sturges, Randall 144 Styles, Scott 51, 275 Styles, Travis 144, 275 Suehrstedt, Steven 111 Sulley, Gina 144 Sullivan, Mike 52, 244 Susich, Michelle 52 Sutton, Rhonda Svenson, Robert 67, 144, 153 Swanson, Roberta Syrnyk, Kevin 144 Szymanski, William T Tabor, Lawrence 249 Tackwell, Cory 52 Tackwell, Netta 52, 234, 235 Tagliente, John 52 Tang, Thao 144 Tapparo, Donald 111, 233 Tarasewicz, Andrew Taylor, Charlton 144, 156 Taylor, Douglas Teets, David 144, 181 Templeton, Michelle 144 Tennyson, John 86, 112, 234 Terrazas, Rebecca 112 Thao, Hnou Thao, Neng Tone, Chad 145 Tone, Christopher 52, 112 Tone, Kristin 155, 175 Toney, Mark 145 Torres, James 145 Torrey, Daniel Torrez, Yolanda 145, 251, 275 Tovar, Anthony 112 Towne, Yvonne 92, 112, 234, 244 Townsend, Troy 52, 151, 169, 234 Traher, Wayne 145, 258 Tran, Binh 112, 172 Tran, Ca 112 Tran, Hung Tran, Khanh 112 Tran, Nga 145 Traut. Susan Tregellas, Dana Tregellas, Deana Tregellas, Kimberly Trembath, Brian 233 Trout, Christine Trujillo, Christine 145 Trujillo, Mark 157, 266, 267 Trujillo, Raquel Trujillo, Sonny 72, 145 Trulson, Trulson, Tucker, 234 Tucker, David Jon 205 Tryon, Shannon 112 Tuchscherer, Jennine 53 Darron 53, 59, 151, 179, 180, 181, Traci 67, 145, 155, 230 Tureson, Jeffery 145 Turner, Pamela 53, 271 Turner, Shawn 145, 163 Turney, Sam 53 Tutty, Steven 53, 169 Tweed, Gail 145, 275 Tweedale, Tina Tyler, Christina 113 Tyler, James 145 U Spilman, Heidi 51, 231, 251, 255, 269 Spilman, Sarah 143, 251, 269 Spindler, Linda 51 Spomer, Ronald 51, 55, 171 Spong, Rodney 111 Springsteen, Kipp Squier, Christopher 111, 249 Squires, Sandy 143 Staberg, Jennifer 143, 155, 176 Staggs, Leslie 128, 143 Standing, Christopher 143 Stapp, Steven 51, 151, 169 Stark, Eddie Stearns, Danny 144, 153, 179 Stearns, Lonny 51, 55, 67, 68, 151, 179, 180 Steele, Kim 144 Steele, Raymond 144 Steffens, Charles 144 Steffensen, Camie Stegeman, Jeffrey 144, 153 Stehle, Andrew 111 Steltz, Desiree Stepanich, Sonja 111 Stephens, Peggy 144 Stern, Jamie 111, 176 Stevenson, Carol Stimpson, Dave 153 Stock, Kenneth 111 Stodder, Lee 144 Thao, Yeng 140 Tharp, Brett Theobald, Suzanne 112 Theroux, William 145 Thibodeau, Kevin 112, 156, Thomas, Craig 52, 112 Thomas, Stephen 156 Thomas, Troy 257 Thompson, Bradley 112 Thompson, Chad 52 Thompson John 145 Thompson Paul 145, 275 Thompson Shurie 145 Thompson, Tamala Thomson, James Thornton, Marsha 112, 274 Thoroax, William 122 Thow, Mee 272, 273 Thrower, David 145 Thuis, David 112, 268, 272, 273 Thuis, Diana 95, 112, 266, 271 Tidd, Eric Tidd, Janine Tidd, Theresa Tidwell, Latanya 112, 238 Tinajera, Lee 145 Toedtli, Donald 112 Toedtli, Michael 145 Tomek, Diana 145, 275 Tomek, Duane 52, 255 Tomko, Mary 145, 159 Udy, Christine 145 Udy, Colleen 113 Ulm, Rodney Underwood, Margaret 53 Undiks, Lija 145 Updegraff, James Ursini, Jeanne 53, 234 V Vadeen, Mathew 163 Valdez, Anthony 272, 273 Valdez, Kenneth Van Zant, Lisa Vanburen, Donna 146 Vanderhoofven, Phillip 146, 153 Vang, Toua 53 Vanvalkenburgh, Samuel 113 Vasquez, Julie 113 Vaughn, James 146 Vecchiarelli, Christopher 146 Veil, Lisa 146, 275 Veil, Michael 113 Velotta, Michael 113 Verke, Carl Vessa, Frankie 153 Vest, Mary 53, 155 Vest, William Index 285 Wilkinson, Robert 114 4 286 Vialpando, Valerie Vidick, William 113, 272, 273 Vidmar, Mike 146 Vigil, Brenda 146, 251 Vigil, Elsie 113, 275 Vigil, Jacquelyn Vigil, Joanie 146 Vigil, Mark Vigil, Monica Vigil, Rochelle 132, 146 Vigil, Victor 113 Vine, Eric 53 Vitry, David 146 Vitry, Lisa 54 Vondran, Nadine 113 Vondran, Robert 126 Vondran, Theresa 54 Vonehrenkrook, Leslie 5 Vonesh, Marni 54 Vu, Duc 54 Vue, Lia 146 Vue, Neng 146 Vue, Nou 121 Vuong, Minh 4, 239 W Wade, Trenton Wagner, Barbara 146 Wagner, Scott 113 Waibel, Alan 113, 251, 256 Walker, Christie 54 Walker, Dana 113 Walker, Dawn 146 Wall, Douglas Wallin, Margaret 146 Wallin, Michelle 54, 232, 233 Walls, David 146 Walsh, Kathleen 146 Wangen, Elizabeth 146, 164 Wangen, Stephen 113, 272, 273 Wardlow, Douglas 151 Warne, Denise 113 Warner, Leleng 113 Warner, Michelle 146 Warren, Joseph 54 Warrington, Scott 54 Wash, Shawndra 146 Waters, William 113, 156 Watkins, Kelly 113 Watkins, Shawnda 54 Watson, Christine 113, 159, 176 Waxer, Leon 113 Waycott, Elvira Waycott, Robert 54 Weatherall, Mary Webb, Jeff 114 Webster, Donna 54, 60, 234, 242 Wedemeyer, Christine 146 Wegner, Scott 55, 272, 273 Weidemann, John 114, 178, 179 Weidler, Jennifer 114, 164, 275 Weidner, Graham 146, 267 Weigel, Shawnalyn 146 Weih, Diana 146 Weinzirl, Melissa Weisdorfer, Lynette 114 Welch, Richard 55 Welch, Sherry 55, 251, 254 Weldon, Kimberly 55 Wellborn, Connie 55 Wellborn, Michael 146, 163 Wellens, Keith 7, 27, 55, 67 Welsh, Theador Wendt, Sean 55 lndex West, Patrick West, Yvette 146 Westfall, Lance 146 Wetmore, Shannon 55 Wheaton, Georgianna 146 Whisler, Jannelle 55, 234 White, Andrew 56 White, Gary 114 White, Kimberly 56 White, Mark 146 White, Robert 56 White, Tricia 146 Whitehead, Suzanne 114 Whitehead, Wendy 56 Whiting, Kimberly 147, 176, 275 Whitney, Colleen 56, 267, 269 Whitney, Sabrina 155, 173 Wieck, Julie 147 Wiese, Tammy 147, 230, 275 Wiesner, Steven Wigginton, Susan 147 Wilhelm, Tanja 114 Wilkerson, Kristie 114, 167, 239 Wilkins, Leanna 114, 165, 175, 229, 271 Wilkinson, Ronda 56, 251, 257 Williams, Evon 147, 274 Williams, Mandy 147 Williams, Mark 56 Williams, Maurice 147 Williams, Robert Williams, Roland 114 Williams, Ty 56 Wilson, Brenda 147 Winchester, Kristi 56 Windholz, Cherie 253, 265 Windholz, Mary 147, 275 Winfrey, Sherri 56, 114 Wing, Michael Winslett, Kristina 147 Winter, Daelyn 114, 271, 273 Wise, Brett Wise, Kelly Wise, Linda 147 Wisecup, Judith Witham, Lucy Witt, Sharlyn 114 Wolfe, Rhonda 57 Womack, Gary 114, 156, 269 Wood, John 147 Wood, Tracy Woodruff, Heather 115 Wrasse, Misty 102, 115 Wright, Dennis Wright, Janai 147 Wulf, Christopher 147 Wyatt, Eric 115, 156 Xiong, Kou 147 Yang, Eun 104, 115 Yang, Ka 147 Yang, Ma 147 Yang, Leng 115 Yang, Nhia Yang, Thao 147 Yang, Vang 7 Yang, Ying 115 Yang, Zhoua Ye, Shu 57, 255 Yengich, Daric 115 Yengich, Jon 147 Young, Colin 115, 165, 27 3 Young, Dawne Young, Kristie 57 Young, Ronald 115 Young Scott 147 Younrfseih 147 Yunker, Andrew 118, 147 Z Zabloudil, Jennifer 115 Zamora, Anita 147, 230 Zamora, James 241 Zamora , Penny 147, 238 Zavoral, Douglas 57 Zeigler, Zeisler, Patricia 147 Matthew 147 Zika, Catherine 147, 275 Zimmat, Jill 115 Zwanziger, Karen Faculty I Staff Addison, John 189 Almen, Myrna 225 Axelrath, Steve 191 Bartlett, Doug Bassett, Robert 191 Beaver, Bill 191 Beeler, Phylis 191 Belcher, Bobbie 191 Bethel, George 188, 205 Blanchette, Cheryl 191, 267 Blankenship, Alan 191 Bowser, Karen 245 Bradley, Carol 204, 221 Bratten, James 151, 152, 191 Brown, Jodie 151, 191 Bruner, Sandra 192 Buelter, Ot 189 Caffey, Doug 192 Canterbury, Tina 161 Carlson, Ed 152 Carter, Sharon 192, 243, 247, 248 Cauble, Suzanne 204, 224 Christensen, Austin 192 Churches, Carl 172, 173, 192 Claeys, Jean 221 Coco, Jerry 163 Colbert, Marshall 224 Cole, Larry 193 Connor, Robert 193 Corre, Joe 7, 68, 151, 152, 183, 1 Corso, James 152, 153, 193 Crimmins, Harold 193 Curtis, Don 193 Davis, Jerry 196 Davisson, Joyce 175, 176, 196 Deines, lnez 196 Deyoe, Jane 194, 196, 200 Dilworth, Darrell 188 Dodd, Joan 196 DuCros, Tony 196 Duncan, Helga 196, 265 Dunkin, Dennis 196 Espinosa, Andrea 165 Faes, James 197 Gardner, Mary 221 Graham, Mark 165, 197 Grundmeier, Ted 197, 228 Gurley, Nancy 221 Haase, Laura 188 5 93, 201 Hasenkamp, Sheila 155 Haviland, Farrell 221 Heins, Terry Heiss, Scott 169 Heyman, David 197, 200, 251, Hill, Sarah Blair 197 Hodapp, Marilyn 221 Horst, John 198, 231, 264 Howard, Frances 198 Hudson, Becky 198 Husted, Holly 198 Hynes, Carole 198 Inman, Sondra 198, 222, 238 Jacobs, Jo 221 Jones, Sheryl 198 Karraker, Peggy 188, 221 Kastor, Phil 156, 175, 176, 198 Kessler, Lynn 199 Kirby, Bill 199, 249 Kirk, Marilyn 221 Koeneke, Cristy 199 Kosloski, Marilyn 188 Lagerquist, Jo 223 Lightner, Dick 199, 205, 268 Lovett, Charles 199 Ludwig, Bob 202 Lundberg, Linda 195, 221 Lundy, Mona 202 Malone, Mark March, Glen 202, 239, 259 Marcus, Gail 203, 266 McCormick, Tom 179, 180, 181 McDonnell, Charles 203 Mcswain, Greg 179, 180, 181 Meisner, Bob 158, 203 Melancon, Cherry 203, 261 Milner, Cheryl 161 Minden, Neil 203 256, 258 , 203, 270 Mitchell, Jim 206 Mitchell, Mark 206 Mitchell, Maxine 221 Naas, Dana 206, 222 Nelson, Charles 206 Nelson, Hilary 206 Nicholls, Linda Nicholls, Tom Nichols, Linda 221 Noel, Pat 206 O'Donnell, Jim 206 Ohlson, Joani 221 Oletski, Greg 151, 152 Paseka, Rae Pasika, Rae 225 Patera, Charles 206 Patterson, Georgia 207 Pearce, Pat 207 Pendort, Philip 157, 200, 207 Perrizo, Dick 189 Peterson, Eileen 221 Peterson, Sherida 207, 223 Plakorus, Pat 221 Poisson, Joe 176, 207 Pramenko, Karen 207 Pugh, Shirley 207 Pyatt, Ben 207 Ray, Ron 209 Redic, Jim 151, 152 Regnier, Nolene 209, 266 Reyes, Dottie 209, 267 Robe, C.R. 188 Robertson, Joan 209 Santangelo, Barbara Schmeckpepper, Caty 167 Schmidler, Georgelyn Schmidler, Georgelynn 210 Schmidt, Marilyn 210 Scholes, Linda 210 Scott, Pat 189 Solominsky, Mike 210 Spano, Gus 158, 159. 210 Stor, Marilyn 210, 217, 269 Stor, Rod Styles, Diane 221 Sullivan, James 213 Sullivan, Mary Ann 213 Swoverland, Joe 204, 213 Thoreson, Bob 189 Tipton, Bill 213 Tokarsky, Pat 213 Tomlinson, Georgenne 188 Tomlinson, Joan 187 Trembath, Maryann 204, 214, 233 Tuck, Terry Tyrrell, Ed 214 Urbach, Jerry 76, 214 Verostek, Carol 214 Villano, Zephyr 214 Walker, Candy 214 Wilkey, Jan 221 Wilkie, Craig 190, 214, 217 Willeford, Debbie 215, 271, 274 Williams, Betty 221 Williams, Mary 223 Wofford, Joan 215 Wood, Judy 215. 245 Wuerz, Linda 215 Wyatt, Ruby 218, 237 Zuchter, Joe 218 "Your Time" was chosen as this yearbook's theme to repre- sent each person individually and the originality in each per- sonality. We really tried to represent different lifestyles and cultures that existed among students at A.H.S. Hopefully, we were able to present to you a record of the special events and occurrences that have taken place in "your time" here at Arvada. We hope this book will help you to remember the times you have spent in school, sports, or other extracurricu- lar activities. Now its time to close the year and we hope that as you look through these pages, you will recall the fond memories of your time at Arvada High School. Best Wishes, Lori Brown 674.6 Netta Tackwell 288 Editors Letter , uUf0-1O.uQLAMM gh 4 M. ww w2kG?326wp, GUM!-U fcwkgagbh XfNe. c-w,f.x .. JZZAWJJ A57 dfm fwjdfigax .4f M, 'Lf-Z fwdaae I J 'fwwag,nXpwWab',AMm dar 5792 if rj, . 4fd"'4m! aku" 'QCA' 9,216 N MQWW9 ,pq4zh9a' y25T.Z,g NEW , Ulfvla I OO K QJQLUQALAE, MQWMAQQLSGEAQGW' 3JO1.C1,.,Q,,gd.,oq oQ"Cb fb vbfOUi'JJLo,uL.,OCgLS G if glib -gJJ.iUU vxQ- I - - C f05LD,si? qowkfgfgiz N 'U F6 -U 5 - O DW fjffifggfgj 2' is 2 55 Q 1551,-em LD W or E'-K 6 It: wx QQ 4. QD 5 -P Tx CF 3 ut 2, , U: Q EL gl b x C5 X U YYY V7

Suggestions in the Arvada High School - Redskin Yearbook (Arvada, CO) collection:

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