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Miiwf, Wim, A ,Am JL'pUAUf ,Q6 f0U3LJ9 GMM JW? Clfli fmmb. ffyfwmw Ljw Zim ftkufng www Amlwj fam Y, -.52 Jwe Jwwwwdnma K WMM www 5 H gp Rs 0- X605 OD of X00 ,, cb Co . .. C It 'f K fr ,L . 5 O03 fy Qc 03 XP Qef WJ Noor if XA VJ A 4+ ,E C' xp P ? f ., n Er , J G ffl vf'mAw'X' 'ob N9 X W ffw fcffwf '1 !,jYfi xvfxaf Usa? UXJOMOT K5 W rib M20 xrx XX Jfwj 'R K JAQ N053 Kynvx W M- vw ' I Nf AP X X ffqx' f VN Nj f YQ QQ, ffxfalsg qw A3 gkiwgwgw R, 'W C37 C ,, . ,., 1 W ,QW M332 466 QQWQWW W WI QWW b?it W, V N WZ if 53, A ,QQ Gif 5 X, 5 56m , i NZ SQ 5? 13 5- SQNS X JESSE A939355 U Q53 Q55 25 Q2 SQ Eg? M ,F Q5 SQ: 0522 OESJQQJE X 5 ig ig 11 Eggiizqgfwgg Q it E 1. A fr 4" . QF ? Q . ls A - V , qw ? mud , W, r In A , ii? EW, A ' 11. X "Qi, " . A V, P , 7' Qi . W -f--MA 1 i :Q .l . t 4, 9 H' Q ' . , Ei, A ,z ,,h1, il ,K 2 . , ,L ll 'zz M' 1 , , 59 1 W Q 342, M' E- , J :W z A M'- y -:uf 2 5 - X 55 . if 9 X, n C L31 Y 'i hs 5 'vf Q . X . L 9. QQ ,yu Q fs .Ir-263,22 3' ip s s ' ' 9' " Q2 , f A- f Q . I '7 5 mv'-""?' ' 1 ,gan-v , A km., 3' F, ,Y M QQ QRS .F-K "' we Jo.9"""Wu J' 23 QEQEQEQLEES Wecesmfighi .4 Academics .. ..33 ?ucuHy .. 66 3pmT,,. QQ Semkxs ,... Q6 Jummxs ,,.., 154 Swphommwes . 486 Achvmes ,.., 245 262 AwQmk,bQeU Spods ...,....... , ....,,,.,. U. x oIQecogmmom . ..... 4 vc f-v Y! xg, . 'Wk fi? k :XS A A N 'Pi M ww: 0 .me A lv -4?-u K xiii? Wx . M4 ,af my V W. v fm N.. , 1' I X " ww-5: m my .. my 2 rl Q , 5 M blah lf 5 Q + A ..f- "'fA' X55 IZ ' ,. N4-wvssq W f 'M , 5 Q efffgfr NS 'R 'E A XMM, ., as ,, Q .4.,q as W 51 .f I f ,,, 'A ' 5 , A GQQQ LVEQJE' ' W wif? ,W W . 112 'IUELEQQQEL Lnilifg SUIJJPJI-?Jil.?!.g' T02 S63 Qi .fs ., K 'NE I 1 , V, I, - . Zfif' 1 V . Q 6, ,, ' -Qu f gkiwv' ff' ,X 1 , .jqfjl M 1111 Wa s"""u'l 'ff-'N lf.,-,I ' , sf 'L Q, if Q .N ,W ,Md .9 . ,. 1 u Ani, H it 1 T 1 1 ,. , A, 1 Q W is eiilf if Y 1l7' 9131 5 W X, 5 35 L ,. 4 1 ,r Y , 3, ww, Wh, w , ,M , 1 M uw MM, W www ,mwwm 77 , ww M, ,M my Mgimwmfwwwwmpmi w, ww, L , f W , , , , 1 ,w w fw, w ,f ww T' , " H 7' 1M :: ' w' W 1 :w w w w ft, W N, f fM ?,ifsy' ,V,g,g,yMW'm, W ,fmiy-N7,, ',QW, f wv-1 b,,'?? wwW 1fw , ff ,- w ,YV M g9,,,jL!W wwbws kzfwkfwm-ff, fw f y !',,,,HW ' ,,j-.3 My, I I A " r 'Tit 'nv' 4 1' ,v at vi- mfv' PTT ,r 4,y,g,,9, W1 , , wqa w--,e':1,qr'w'- 'fum-w,-Q 4. ' - V W ,r ,vm ..., 1 ru-,,,f.,w,,: 'wg,,.1..,,., 4 - ,X Y ,W ., ,, ,1,,W-- ,- wp- f , xy, ., V ,,. , , ww.-.g ,Q vp, Az" MIP. 3 I: , A N' - 1, . , f W-,rf - war.. . ,c V ,. 2 1 t... . ., Lii,"f"" , . . '11, -1 J' , ,. Q,,ib,M , wt X, V, , ' ',:,. I-4: if ' V 253+-,lf ,.Y, - f 1- f ,,..L .dxgf-, Q Q-w,L1,:w, '5 W Nw: M 'Si- ,:-'mQ,'Q,g-W, T. ,a,-,f'Nm5.,1X,Nz ".f,,4A,,,-iw,ln 1 , -,MXQM 1,5 .,,,, . ,,,,,,:,,',,.-,gy ,,,,,,, ,f,,,,,f, ., V , . ,,,, M -1-1wM,,,-W-.w.,m'Aw- 1, f ', . WM, V. wg., ,, -,,,w,, ,M,h,, ,W,, , A, N . , .-rfwi-YA-iw:w,,M:wmw:,-..w-Af:-,, 4 ,I ,Rza yg' 1 fT2:21..asqf fig 52, K- if 1 As We Simniifilllfi BV Q 4 1 , , w 1 if W if KS , , .UV ,f3'wQ-Q23-mp,yggmEy H1 P' V ,, Q im, Q v,, ' W 6 ,A ' AK' ' " , an J? W km wg If ,Ji +42 h ,R W V555 .ali 51' 5 I E K, ray I fm' - w. W A 94 It ,X 5 1 'ff QQ? UA mi .....,-f-fp" , X 1 19: ,S-. he l Q' mf f4'?f?? Af' gg:- af.-e 'F'-is i.. A if -1 I' 'Gb-ir f.-., wmv' ' rgpwag nw 5 .A 1, Q if Q ii V, w. ,K Q ' w ff, fifwrrw., ww, 'wa Tgif iii' 'M :'3'W1:1-F--'Q , 'X ,A.,.-M,,.,.w P 'A 1, ,rf I .,,L, ,Q v'11w:,.z , wmv , mi?" SEQ + U F uf? ,Xu Y ,grams - 1? E Q ' V5 NE-H1 ' S., 5 , ,-., -a. fig? , E ,ik W ' 2 Y 0 I , ,b -1.1 X W. ,ai'gdl?F?!5h Wai 4 ' 4, ., 3 P 5 f f E V wsu, FL," Fil? ff 2 ' , ' 1' ' ' 5' .., , , W" H-mv' ur VV: V .j 'f f , -0-t 5 QE 2' .., 11-,Q 1- fi ig E sf. gf Ai ,,ff -W. , -nf my f Q Q MQ- , , x 1, A X N1 3- Q, f 4 + A ' 933.355 4 X, E, 4 ia 5 Q 4 Q .Y V .W pm my f we-:3 f ix A .ir'g.y,g1 1? Tgi'E'.21iT -, 2:2 f, 'ingmm Pig- ,1 Z was -L, 2 A V, Qfifib Nik W :S-wx A if ,Aly . V vw. ' .p-'wwf 4 -1 Qian: 92,955 3, x ,M R W -f. M747 f ff: 2' f 77V , ,MVVK 2 K 4 8 4g,.,k,3f,L,f.1pf ,. W f.fefQw,,n. My -L M X, QM 5 Am ,Qu 2 . , , ,x . f , Je ,,,gM5 Xqmfggmfy -www .am -w,-.A-. t x2,?iWi'3fL "75ii5:2fP3TF'fiE9i ' my , Y mmm ai Hmm w 'Aww HRW? Qs D IAQ +- Nr. r-1 QC i 'Q I S W' sr 7 4 s A, -V L'S?'fT ,....,,.-a..7.......M......... Nv.., nm , ., ..........x...,...,.,.............. ,.,A ,A................ 3 K ,..i... 5' W V K M iimtullu--" g- ,. ' . I , 2 f Cl" K I, v " 1 N ff iz- 3 -:mga 934, 4 2' i fp 1 N. FQ? MQHQV T363 D m im., at Gas QQ in YQ F' 'T' 1? F 3660 ...Q fs 1 Y mil N Qt egg. v i , Q. x. 12+ 'Sl Y ,Q X X , S N3 -I-nun-nnu:S.5....a... 3 s , fx Q Y 5 gr il? 7, XL, vis ' wi ii g N 5 f M. ,, Q I 4 I xg , Kit ,- A-' 'A ' If 'f 1 ' f 1 Ll ,, , I 1 - fu . if , , I, 4 L- , ' ' . , E ,L I ' ' Q f' , N an W M . .V .N ' , , Li, M 3 rf. , ,,,,. U W 1 ' ' y,151,::-E1i:wi1:n!,:?iiii? " ' f ' , ,, J A , ,. V i Q , 'f I I ' ' - ' fs ' V ' - X xs: , 1 , V 5a ?fWui + 1 2' -ff 'ft ,f M ,wx 14 5? v - 5 dl!" ,w , w,w ?E' if-L 1 I Y w .8 'f" IM ,f ' ' ' fl 12 'fxx 15 17 TV M wif! 1 , , ez 1. 4'-'Q ,A 2-1 "'-'B 117- ,, L X. . W 3 g,- iz f:..z M,, ' lik' FS., , 5 6251 1, ,. R-J ii, , ,4, 1. , fi 3 ,. Q-fr 4 if 4 ' ' is I -1 2 A ' 9 3 'M ' A ' ' if rx 1 ' M mfr N I ,gf 5, 1 1 MW 1? vi 1 4 1 , Y, Y xii -A ' V-- , F' 'QL Rr - ,. ,A uw ' .5 if . ' - -in Ewgjiig- r I W1 A 49 f if If -5 Q ' 1 Irie-gi ' H T:-S -4. rf , E r L-E .ii- if if 'ix . - 'Wm w I '11 ' A6005 MET WGN :ZCHOCL ww ,A .Jann xd ,X 'S , IAJ,,. .,,,,,.,m:Q xk fy 'kjw T Riews W' .,,. The GifTed 84 TolenTed progrdm GT Arvddo WesT High School is designed for Those sTudenTs who excel in The inTellecTuol, dcddernic ond credTive dreds of ledrning. The sTudenTs hdve The opporTuniTy To develop ond porTicipdTe in ledrning uniTs dccording To Their inTeresTs, knowledge, ond obiliTies. T T TT 4 J T , rlrl , V T Gfiitad Amd 'Taulgmtfsbd TMNT "Student Govern- ment plans a lot ot I HOW GS well GS ffddl- tlonal projects. We ' have the enthusiasm: now all we need Is work and Involve- ment from the student body. Hopetully the '80 school year will be super successful and tun lor everyone. Stu- dent Government ls g optlmlstlc that thls year will be the best QVQI' at w6Sf." Q - Sunhee Juhon Student The student government has accomplished many things throughout the year that has improved our school and school activities. Accomplishments include putting on dances, planting trees, helping to plan prom, honoring outstanding Wildcats, cleaning the trash around the school, keeping the activity board up-to-date and running the baseball concession stand. Among the many appreciated projects for which the members were responsible was the making of birthday cakes and singing greetings to teachers as their birthdays rolled by. Sponsor Doug Mitchell is responsible for the members enthusiasm and accomplishments. 35 "I thlnk It a person wants to have a Ilttle sclence background tor future use lt should be hlsfher alternatIve." - Rlpley Smith ya? gl E 5 Q ffh 2-Sviii 911 G? N se.: .a...n .n...u..a Q:J.JQ1J..a..a.JlJ "Math Is just a numbers game." "This trlangle ls not rlght," she observed acutely. "Plane geometry Is a drag she sald flatly. - Sue Karaslk . all The short sighi- offlce space Also, now we Science Room." T Math l l STarTing wiTh The Class Of '84 There is a new requiremenT ThaT sTudenTs musT cornpleTe a full year of maTh To graduaTe. lf They have had no maTh in junior high, They y may Take MaTh Level H, which is a semesTer course . . For The oTher semesTer of ThaT year's maTh requiremenT They may Take lVlaTh l Compefency, anoTher semesTer l course. MaTh classes offered aT l Arvada WesT range from Algebra T 4 To Calculus. The Science DeparTmenT offers a wide-lnTeresT-range for sTudenTs wiTh 26 courses in Biology, ChemisTry, and Physics. One year of Science is requried for graduaTion for The class of '84 on. The new Science Room ThaT was compleTed for The fifTh quarTer of The '79 school year is used for The Unified Science classes. 37 History tor children lets them study the past Hlstory tor youth lends a hand In understanding and realizing the needs of others Hlstory tor adults ls a guldlng llght In the tuture tor which to steer your Ilte by. Katle Kinney Q S Jalal Studies American History is one of the few requirements left for students for graduation. One of the four American History classes must be a government related class, such as Political Parties, Liberties Under the Constitution or State and Local Government. The other courses offered range from Colonial America to the American Character of the 4920's and 1930's to American Frontier. The American His- tory teachers are Mike Barrows, Ellen Brevoort, Rich Feely, Rich Jaworoski, Larry O'Donnell, Jan Pease, and Jim Pierson. World History is offered to students grades '10-12. Some of the courses which meet World History graduation requirements vary from the study of An- cient Civilizations to the study of present day Latin America. The World History teachers are Ivan Holde- man, Dave Rogers, John Roberts, Richard Jaworski, Bob Place, and Ken Watson. any .. ...M "fb, fm 'IJQ ttizi uig 1 ,C . , , 1 'film' .J The English Department at Arvada West is proud of its reputation as an innovator in the fieldsof English education. As the largest deparfmehtteintthe s chool, the staff includes twentyi fullftlmei,,teaQherg,,mtg41o lay assistants and sevenflay graders. gAiIiiQf,Jhe l?rpeople gre dediwted to imgrgving cation skills of alls htsl 'ri, rslw ' T0 meet TNS of over forty encompassing lan- guage Gnd- gfgl traditionalgigsfkgigies tfggedv TV Df0dUCfiQffif may pagttelpateeslngeompetitive in ci travelling childrenfsltheatregroup: they and print the student newspaper, act in dramatic produc- tions, or prepare themselves for the job market or college studies. Q - Students are required to complete three quarters of composition study, three quarters of literature study, if it 5 ,B I' , one quarter of language analysis and one quarter or oral communications. The relTlC1ining,four quarters may be filled with other English courses the student to study. Additionally,,fhe department offers a of courses for students having difficulty with basic Eng lishgyskills, and a senior level course 'earn credit. The staff, eager, dedicated and con- cethed, is pleased to offer such an exciting program. In Llterature It Matters Less To What One Pays Attention Than What The Quality Ot That Attention ls. That Is What Makes Reading Llterature, And Especlally Teaching Llterature, The Tremendous Experience That It Is. ' Jon Donaldson f if , 6, I ii ' if f g f X l.. 5? .,s.Wa..wM.,,,, in N K - e l i o l . slss I l 1,., e i i f The large number of Engllsh courses offered at Arvada West make It posslble for students to complete requlrements, and stlll have a varlety of classes from whlch to choose. Upon graduatlongstudents should have completed 3 Composltlon, 3 Literature, 1 Speech and 1 Language course. Electives are offered for those who wish to better prepare for college. Lauralne Smlth is Msgs sg. "IT'S A TEAM EFFORT." SAID ROSE BENAVIDEZ. Once again The Arvada WesT yearbook sfaff has proven To be The vicfor over The many suspecTed and unsuspecTed obsficals Concepf 6 presenfs when producing The Claw. The Places of Elghty would noT be possible wiThouT The efforTs of all. YQQEDQQR The WESTWIND, AW's newspaper presses are silenT. Over The pasT 47 years The WESTWIND has changed faces many Times. STudenTs were required To have one full year of journalism before being elgible To be on The sTaff. AdverTising was The main source of revenue wiTh sTudenT subscripTions running 32.50 a year. The paper was prinTed commercially wiTh cosf running from S400 To S800 per issue, wiTh 8 To '10 issues published yearly. The 'll x 47 paper had a professional look, and mainfained a Third place raTing in The sTaTe, and a firsT divisional in The naTion. The aTTracTive WESTWIND nameplaTe was designed by arT Teacher, Dave Passereli and used unTil 1975. ln 4975 a combined adverTising program was promofed whereby journalism sTudenTs sold enough adverTising To purchase an offseT press and an elecTric sTaTic copier. STudenTs were now afforded The pracTical experience of noT only wriTing, buT also designing, headlining, and prinfing Their own paper. This saved ouTside prinTing cosf, and enabled The sTaff To make addifional money by prinTing for ofher deparTmenTs and organizaTions. The paper was issued weekly aT no cosT To The sTudenT body. When AW changed To Concepf 6, all classes were puT on a nine weeks basis. lnTeresT in journalism wained as conTinuiTy was losT by sTudenTs vacaTion paTTerns. The paper was disconfinued for Two quarTers. Changes will again be made. an xp 'Ei ... . isii S5559 I' Wasiwimd. L. . Asiss T T 5 . T T , ., E Q 'F .fw V5 S , g . 1, O fl. X "Speech was a tun class, worthwhile. It was always scarey before I gave the ' speech but It felt great after I was done." Vlokl Ashton Speech closs is designed to help students express their ideos. Although many students dredd giving speeches, o '79 sophomore poll shows speech os their fovorite English closs. Forensics is o speech club for competition ond debote. Meld eu Ge-rm tread ..a.II.a.J...a.a...a .J.J.a.a.a,J.a RQQQERQ Qi-DEQ J? The reading deparTmenT wiTh Jack Ponis and BeT- Ty Bussey working as a Team moved inTo new quar- Ters. The new Reading Lab is locaTed in L-3 and They have been able To expand Their services wiTh This facillTy. For The firsT Time Modified hisTory classes are offered every quarTer. These modified hisTory classes were scheduled inTo The reading lab, mak- ing more reading maTerials readily available. AfTer five years of moving every auarler, Mr. Ponis felT This sTabiIiTy added To The upgrading of Their reading deparTmenT. T The Arvada WesT Llbrary Medla CenTer Is really a fun place To enTer. You can Talk and f or you can chaTTer, And keep IT To a low claTTer. You can look for a book, Have Tun ln every nook. Don'T sleep or don'T snooze, JusT look Through The news. Come ln wITh your class, An educaTIon will pass. AT The Arvada WesT Llbrary Medla CenTer. - Marcia Mulholland and Tammy MarTln 45 The TECHNICAL ART DEPARTMENT offers a wide range of classes each quarter in Auto Survey, Drafting, Electronics, Metals, Wood, and ind. Cooperative Ed. Students wanting to start any tech arts class must take the prerequisite classes which are ln- tro. to Drafting, Electronics I, intro. to Metals, Wood Processes, and Ind. Cooperative Ed. l. Q! 4 mi S11 liln Blonomlcs l could express my deepest feelings. ll was really o good class and l thlnk everyone should lake lt." Wayne Moon BQQIMQELMQGS Psychology of Self CBionomlcsj focuses on edch indivlduol ds o unique person. We involve ourselves ln group process ond skills ond discuss fornily relotlonshlps, peer relotionships ond humon sexudllty. The ernphdsis is better understanding of ourselves ond the world in which we operote. --we .. -Y K -ug 'lava "4 XV-gl" M , z..,f4?fk X -fx 4 ,. V, 6 ,Q , 5? gh A , s -- 1 fw wi NJ' at O L i ' TQ? . -My 9 Jw Q - g . Q. I . 1f ' E Q: .Vw K... k,.k , S K, . , . . ISA 3 Q- ar? . M K 1:' K l, J ?'fK'r gr ., ff ,573 pm. ,mm rv I 1 ' 'Aviva .L The Business Deparfmenf af Arvada Wesf has been very helpful fo me in preparlng for my Ilfe ahead. The Office Occupaflons program glves me a chance fo gef fralnlng so fhaf I wlll be ready for a full flme job when I graduafe. The ofher classes can help you do ofher fhlngs fhaf l wlll help you ln everyday Ilfe as well. Karen Hunfer Typing, ShorThond, AccounTing . . . oil Types of business courses ore offered QT Arvodo WesT. The Arvocio WesT Business DeporTmenT hos exoiTing opporTuniTies for everyone. If you ore inTeresTed in The business world, you've goT o fonTcsTic odvonToge. Arvodo WesT hos o greoT Business DeporTmenT: They Toke your eduooTion ond puT iT inTo o job. All of The business courses in some woy or onoTher Troin you for secreTorioi, oieriool, occounTinQ or disTribuTive jobs. Mrs. WhiTe M s 25 , 1 .3 sr- - ,yusyrr Q. , 'Q QI A f 3 fi CJ L J 5, I 1 Q, P- l X xr E 1 9 'Q . ' Q 1- , ,nigh ,Q xi. "Marching Band is great if you remember where you're supposed io be In line and if your Ilps don'1 freeze to the trombone!" - Pahie Hurrell The seven bonds di AW ore under The direciion of George Dunkin ond Roberi Zdchmon. Mdrching Bond, Concert Bond, Wind Ensemble, Jozz Ensemble, Jozz Showcase, Concert-Pep Bond, ond Symphonic Bond meei dll yeor ond perform oi gdmes ond concerts. 53 The Arvodo West Music Progrom offers the student on opportunity to study in the oreos of singing, ploying instruments, composing ond music listening. Courses offered GFGI CLASSES FOR KNOWLEDGE 81 SKILL intro. to High School Choir Music Reoding 84 Eor Troining Closs Voice Beginning Strings Guitor l ond ll CLASSES FOR ENRICHMENT flisfeningj Music History Music Elements Rock Music History Rock Music Element CLASSES FOR THE SERIOUS MUSICIAN Music Theory Composition CLASSES FOR PERFORMANCE Vocol Showcose Compony West Chorole Timbrels Wind Ensemble Choncellors Morching Bond Musicol Theotre Jozz Ensemble Orchestro Jozz Showcose Concert Boncl fl My Mi muslc program has been featured In the magazlne "Musk: In Amerl- ca," as one of the flnest In the Unlted States. I enjoy worklng wlth the talented students and professional staff at Arvada West, and hope more students will take advantage ot the varlety In muslc offered here. - Monte Otto ll l l u -Q OrchesTra is one of The performing arTs classes ThaT is offered four quarTers of The year. WiTh The emphasis on performance, Dixie NorquesT The direcTor, gives personal as well as class insTrucTion To her beginning and advanced sTudenTs. The members also have The opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in ouTslde orchesTras and small groups in The communiTy. Miss NorauesT also Teaches The Music LlsTenlng and Music HisTory classes. 56 sk,,. is I dwwitkkiww ,N ' I . ,. .L -f k r- um.. ,...n -4. "Orchestra Is a good class In whlch to galn dltterent experlences, but It could use some more support." - Lynda Thornton 'Q , V I i ., , ,, ,mi I , -It ' MWA- Even Though Thls ls my Ilrsf year of art I thoroughly enjoy IT, and I wlsh I would have sIarTed earller. Debble Guernsey L.. - gx I eIIre . I ,. rrrr y grlw f ,T The arT deparTmenT overflows wiTh sTudenTs Taking classes from basic design To sTuciio arT. Basic Design or Drawing I are The firsT classes ThaT musT be Taken To conTinue arT. 58 .U fs "l enjoy teaching Home Economics because It is such a challenging, changing fleld and at the same time it teaches such useful and practical things." Vera Glades '- 1..5I.0Jl.?!.'1l.Q -:-'ij my ,fs Home Economics has many of interesting classes offered each quarter for both male and female students. Classes include Child Development, Interior Design, Basic Survival, Meal Prep., Foreign Foods, Gourmet Foods, Clothing and Textiles, Outdoors Clothing, Advance Sewing, Knits, Marriage and Family Living. i ,,,, 'H 9? i Euialtlifbigjlu Language g Here at Arvada West, There are a wide range af foreign Ian- guage classes including Spanish, German, French, Russian, ancl Latin. Students can learn a new language and have fun while they are doing if. "Latin is fun and it is so much different than any other language." - Jennifer Wortmann. Edugaiilom "You meet a lot of interesting people and learn new and excltlng sklllsI" Says Becky Martin, a 1980 Senior. Arvada West has a good selection of Physical Education classes that are offered throughout the year. There is a class for almost all of todays popular sports. Our P.E. staff is always ready to help students when they need it. We should be proud of our P.E. system. It's great! SQ A- EGEQQEQEQQH 5 15 Mrs "I, personally have found Thai Taking drivers educaTion was a worThwhile experience. FirsT, you go Through uniTs, push-buTTons sirnulaTion, The range, and on- The-road driving. These are learning experiences, even for The person who Thinks They kno' how To drive well enough. Everyone can learn someThing frorn This class. If The class is Taken and passed you receive one-fourTh of a crediT, and insurance raTes can be lowereo which really helps! IT does cosT 4 fee, and There are sorne boring days, buT The knowledge 1 aTTained is worTh iT! - Mary HunT .w'f""""""wfNV S r, JQEQQQE LQLJ Each year sTudenTs from Arvada WesT serve as sTudenT leaders when sixTh graders in our area aTTend The OuTdoor EducaTion Labs. They pre- pare lessons, lead aoTiviTies and serve as dorm counselors. All sTu- denTs are eligible during Their off- Track Time. -J-u ,'- - :JRE-' Ski-Fitness, The cioss consisTed of movies, exercises, ond Two skiing Trips. During The week we oITernoTed from one doy o movie, ond The nexT, fiTness. The fiTness wos running The equivoIenTs of one mile, siTups, push-ups, jumping jocks, eTc. . .. oli during one reguior P.E. closs period. The Two ski Trips were on SoTurdoys. The firsT Trip wos To Genevo Bosin, ond The second wos Loveiond. You ore divided dcoording To your skiing dbiIiTy, ond given lessons. Hoif doy lesson, ond Then you're free To ski when-ever or where-ever The resT of The doy. 64 -'S Q F in sv LEFT TO RIGHT Mcrfin Price, Denise MCCOrkle, POTH Boker, Tonic Amen, Jeff Houkemon. She!ly3GiIion . Suzanne Robinson, Mark M, Z'Q'g?'x7 of x, 1 T5 RIGHT TO LEFT Terry Suzanne Robinson if HDSOD ii Q -4 if ll fax Q 'rm .,. . - -. ' ygji, S yy: ,x f - - f-if x ,5 -Q S ' K .Q K Yiiif A' ,ig ,tg Q Qfilxf- ' ,A v K . Y v X mw?Q?3S- . fy ,, 1 ' uf'A' me ,pg V . 'I W , ' 4 fg . ., H, K, ,4,,,,. Q lf Me", . 5?HW??WiQW A9422 5 5A Y tiff , WL. f ifffw Z4 if f ,, Q, I .lf 592. 'Q V figgyl. fi MA qu gif' 45' aw- I A m M24 Qi 3,1252 2 fi ' .'7'55i:' af 5 ww, 14 I 4' W 4 Aw 1. MG fn, .h ff W? 10 ff .fm f :ge 'ff 1 ,ww s,g.yeH . M' Q s ,J s J? 3 2. , 2iE??f' in-.9-3,-'4",'d f 'J 7'fI,'?4, 2yZ , zffff k "A- 1.13-XA', 1 - Q Q -.1 M L4 -55+ W- fwA,fz6 xy Q -'J ff, 1, , Ai' ,, . gy 1' MQ "-' if' WEZHQKA' , , ,,,, CAA , , , f , S7 'Q , 67 ' , 4 'I 'M V il . '? 1, 5 ,ffirfs 'M 4 I , My ,, LQ, ' ,W e Www " La w n- f ,I m f 'W 1 H , f 'tdf:ff-fft'f'MZ??:fiW5pEilfalfafifiif un., HeI1dI'iCkSOl'l, New AP Arvodo West welcomed o new ossistont principol. Dovid Hendrickson, on November 'l, 4979. Previous experiences in- clude ossistont prlncipdl ot Oberon Junior High for the post five yeors, teciching experiences ot Brighton High School, Ev- erett Junior High ond Alomedo High School. As Trock B odmin- istrotor, his duties ore to toke core of students. scheduling. ond lunchroom duty. "I hope students vlew me as a person who Is here to help them In any way posslble. Everyone has responslbilltles. I expect students to Ilve up to those responsIblIItIes." Dove Hendrickson Trock B Adm. ,rw B n Brcuch, Counselor Bc5b Drew, Counse!or Cj0JTl.l..f1l..SJ31.0Jl?PSy Amd S QNTPT up D vvl sbd vvl Sb Th pf M Asbury, MGVTY Phys, Ed ' " f., -I ., K W ,V ,, VH.. , W, . . , " W' 'T' - '31 f-'FII SWIEUS 1-nm-1-'A ASDYOD, Bill Chemisvy uJ-.ny l.I.J1l - Joe X Husey, BeThe ljundinn ,.....Qh11U7'Gene --...W Phys, 84 Chemistry Goberis, Mary-Lynn French, German Nf Yanni' .f-gpm ,,v,,,..N"'Q' Hams Wnham Physics OSSTY WWW Havens Larry Speech Dave 11520. 4 5. 'fzf 5 'ff '-95' 'NN 4.-4,-wap. M! f 7? 1 M Qc In K- JL Wo '5uvnW' """"-M., f""FT em Ivan? wocgrm H ifi , ff ' ' f Y Y - 1 ' ff, J fl . L',, ' 'QL h h.,a L ' A E' 4 . A ' - ' A ll ' 'Sf' ' -x.. A K A - ' I ' f ff e N-H, A ff. , M aaaa a f 1 'K 1 - f a 'il 'L W' ' 11251. 7 f Z, - ' V . fix- ,..-,-, :J - , , ,.,. ,I , . iff A ' K , ,- jr -, .-gavage ,wf,s:,2-gf H ", H m AV ,, , ,,V: li.:,IA,,V,A ,V Alf- v I I a A , , - V M - ' 7: W' 'J K, , M V -' . , .,h- P. L,,, ' 5 A I, 3' ' 1 W, , 'Y v p ,,,:,f ' -eww. www' wa. E 3 5 2 5 3 1 3 5 ! E s E E E 1 5 , Lindo K' WAN M, Nichols, Bridge? P.C. Noruno, Jeanne Unf. Sc Nelson, English Messer, Keifn Moth ngmmmum Jam in 'ZW Perleberg. Bfll AUTO Survey 2 1375, Polum, Diane Medio Spec M fw ia.. i Rogers Dove World Hrsfory Temple Phy Ed X V., W!!! ra? av ' 4 is Qs, Triisk V Biology rdf' y A aw - Q il E Q 4 Wi if W W fy, , yGfQQw5fNs"3f1 ocmfshwi ef' if ww English Lindd X xg US, Wyckoff, Sieve Moth History ' ff.: rm f B233 9 ". Jo mes 9d"i"5' ' 1 ' P 'i 1 T aff. Wkmm Track sm,- A fire-Q Swc Frqn Rec M 1ionknAfhIe-Tics JUN ,gl ,QV 1 , A Mormog J Clerk 4 T , N fm. ' -IP" ly , KQ A 1 'Q 4 ,..rMm,.Mw.1..M4 .-,, MM V . f-HH ,,.WM,,Q.,..,,, -.W Ayers, Elizabeth? P.C QW .i""N ha ,Q ,Z Horn. Jackie, h7laTh Ne 4 I W? ?, 'f"91m., ,PY QNOT Picruredj Kramer, Marjorie, Prinring Simpkins, Marsha, English Teachers Aides, Cusiodians, Cooks Tweedelll, Weeks, YM run Ib'lbUl I, CIOWG, Cafereria MQ! im li 5 Q 4? "Champions In Action" W nl --"""" J.. J lf C-F Jrlh Jil -.I tl-I :J BOSE in -3632236501 Jefferson County covers over 780 square miles with a population of 384,000 people. There are more than 80,000 students attending Jeffco's 409 schools, The Jefferson County school district is the largest in the state of Colorado and 30th largest in the nation. Thirty thousand of Jeffco's 80,000 students attend school on a year round basis which is referred to as Concept 6. Arvada West has 4985 of these students while the remaining go to Pomona, Bear Creek, and Columbine. Schools on the traditional year are: Alameda, Arvada, Evergreen, Golden, and Green Mountain. There are 74 elementary schools, 49 junior high schools. and 42 senior high schools in Jeffco, plus Warren Occupational and Technical Center, Jefferson Open High School, Dennison Fundamental Elementary School, Tanglewood Open Elementary and Middle School, Jeffco Adult Ed Center, and Mt. Evans and Windy Peaks Outdoor Ed Lab Schools, There are A500 teachers employed full time. and 2300 classified employees. last minute crammirig and evH snnrks rnean TEST time lTOh my God!" cried Jdno Co- min os C1 hopelessly undesirdble TesT wds disTribuTed. All of o sud- den, kind ond respeoTed Teoch- ers hdd Turned inTo o moss of vil- loins. "A TesT? l'm going To flunkl" wos heord from Lyndd ThornTon. 'TQuick, l didn'T hove Time To sTudy5 whdT's o germone'?" whis- pered Holly Evons. Debbie Guern- sey sddly procldimed her TesT Ter- ror by soying she goT up oT A in The morning To look oT her noies. An evil smirk disTorTs The Teoch- er's foce os she lisTens one more Time To comploinTs of ul didn'T hdve enough Time To sTudy!" "Or my dog oTe my noTesl" Or The ever populdr, 'TYou didn'T Tell us The TesT wos Toddy!" And Tedch- ers olwdys reply, 'lYou've known obouT iT for d monTh!" Or "Your dog couldn'T hove been THAT hungry!" TesTs: Their bdsic pur- pose ogdin proved To be d con- Troversidl subjecT beTween grum- bling sTudenTs ond Their duThoriTd- Tive Teoohers. For mosT sTudenTs, TesTs seemed endless. For d few forTunoTe seniors, TesT showers would bring June flowersl ...Q-N x" I .Q 9 gg .1 W QW ,hm 'bv NV M562 'X' .rw 1 '1"""s W 1? ISDH ,ff 4? 'Q 5, .5- , ,My , 1 , 4. 'Kgs ..,gf 'vwug J me L.Q..-. 'ff-'.. ...Q ,b ,,., 1' .4 T .iv fag, . ,, , H1 . gifs? 11- 4 x A xiii? JH K " ,Af 1 gg -14,1 i g ' X . . is Q J . . .1 .1 fi , Y ln 9' ., , .. + +- S 5. . , Q x E g x Y' 'nf Q3 A . . ,Sv-gM1..e. " 4' 6 Mia, ' my . i'-FW Q . , , W J, gi.. 3 iw, L . 38' al 'Qi Q 1 S N K .. , .Q ,ff 'Wu . -1 ' ns in Why Is II called homework When It's so rarely done at home We do II aI Ihe Ilbrary Or even on the phone: We do II just before II's due, And In anofher class. We hand II In, hold our breath, And pray that we wlll pass. - Cara Parker "ARVADA WEST WAS A MAJOR MILESTONE IN MY LIFE IT HAS PREPARED ME ACADEMICALLY SO THAT I MAY CONTINUE MY EDUCATION AT COLLEGE THEREFORE PREPARING ME FOR MY CAREER IN LIFE IT ALSO WAS A MEETING PLACE FOR NEW FRIENDS AND OLD AQUAINTANCES Sieve Sachs ADDISON, DAVID APPLEHANS, JERRY BACHELLER, SUSAN BECHTOLD, JIM BLANTON, DAVE - BLUE, ALLISON BOLTON, SCOTT BOROWSKI, BILL - BOSWELL, SHARI OBOSWELL, WINSTON BRACE, MARY BRADDOCK, CHRISTINA BREWER, EADY BROOKE, BETTY BROWN, MIKE 'S BURKE, MARTY BURKHARDT, WALTER CALL, MARK - CARMICHAEL, MELISSA CARMIN, STEVE CHITWOOD, SUE -CINQUANTA, MARC COREY, CHRISTINA COX, MARTHA CUADRADO, DAVE DINO, MARK DRISSELL, JIM '- ECKER, STEVE EVANS, WENDY FELTON, JOHN FLESHER, CHUCK Marching Band FRIBERG, DAVE -FURST, RANDY GABBARD, JULIA GARLAND, MARK GASKIN, DAREN GAWANDA, ROGER GLITTENBERG, PAUL GUYER, JULIE "HANSON, BETH IHATCHER, JIM H I-IAUSCHILD, ANGELA . HILF, AMY . HOLDEN, LORI HUMBERT, THERESA HURRELL, PATTIE HUWA, LESLIE IVEY, STEVE ' JOHNSON, JONI JONES, MIKE 'JORDAN, TANYA KAYLOR, ALAN 1 KERRIGAN, BETH ' KIENLAN, MARIBETH KIENLEN, MELISSA KING, TOM ' KRUEGER, KAY f LARSON, SHARON LAWRENCE, BEVERLY LICKTER, KELLY ' LIPKER, JEFF LONG, DIANNF LUFT, CHRIS LUND, CRAIG LYTLE, TAMI MARTELLI, BRENDA "MARTIN, JULIE MCCURRY, JONA MCGINN, JIM MERGENTHAL, KEVIN MEIGHAN, LINDA ' MERGENTHAL, YVONNE MONRONEY, BRIAN ' MONTOYA, BERT MOORE, ALLISON MYRICK, MARSHALL NATT, DAVE NELSON, RUTH NELSON, BEN NICHOLS, LYNN PEACOCK, DAVE - PECK, LYNAE PEDERSON, ADRIENNE PHILLIPS, KENT POULTER, TAMMY QUINN, KAYTIE RAYNES, MIKE RENNIE, ROBERT RIEMER, ELLEN RITZEL, MAUREEN - RODRIGUEZ, MARGARITA SCHAEFFER, MARY SCHAVER, ED SCHIMDT, BARB SCHULZ, ANDREA SCHUTTLAFFEL, ZINA SENA, TERESA SHEFF, RODGER SHERMAN, JOHN SKUFCA, TAMMY SMOLEN, DEDE STATLER, GRETCHEN STEEVES, LAURIE STOCKARD, DAVE STREMEL, AMY SWENNING, PAM SWENNING, SHELLY TANGY, LINDA ' TERMENTOZZI, TONIA TERNEAS, PAT THERRIEN, TINA TRENARY, RALPH VONDETTER, DEKKI WAGNER, VAL WALKER, BRIAN WALLACE, KIM WHYMAN, JUDY WITHROW, BOB YEISER, JAMES fbi bk IXN QE x I Lcunc Bloir - Heed Cheerleader, Mr. Dowdell - Sponsor Diono Tilsley - Heod Pom Pon E I I 1 . an nv M W W"' 5 , , f ww! 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They ore There To Tolk To in closs, during gomes, or on weekends. They console us dfTer d biTTer loss, They mdke our lvlonddy mornings d liTTle biT brighTer, They offer us d ride home when we're sTuck oT school ofTer prdcTice, ond They even monoge To pull us bock inside The window fThoT They jusT Threw us oqT ofj before The bell rings. Friends ore never disloyol or dishonesT. When iT seems ThdT everyone is dgoinsT us, There's sTiIl ThdT one speciol friend who gives mordl supporT. A friend conTinudlly conTribuTes To o give-ond-Toke reldTionship. All These words combined cdn'T sum up The 'medning of friendship. The feeling iTself is The only True definiTion. 103 ' 'A ' ' 5 .1 , ,, Jian! 1359 M WI ai ABBOTT, RANDY ADAMS ELISABETH ADAMS KIRK ADRA, MOHAMED BALESTRA TONY A I fm ALLMAN MKE ALMQUIST KAREN ' Y, ,T T ANDERSON JILL ANDERSON, VINCE 26, W KK ,x E ,sis AMEN TONIA ANTHONY JIM 7-my ,A 736115 M QM iw MM APPELHANS BARLOW COLLEE uf' mv! 'i BARNES BONNIE ARONSSON BODIL ARTUS DAVID BACHELLER SUSAN BACSO, TIM BARNES, KURT I I A TTT M at , A I, 1 QM , , ff' , ,,,C b af J 4 1 1 's I G ' f I my ,,.V L, , ' M W , I M 6 Q I , f 5 , 1 . I 451. K :age :E ' ' -'I,. I , ,.,, WSI "f fm, G f I Q' ,. "' my I .. 'fy . :YH I-S-L" - " ' wg -51 . . . ., A V if .,x. 1,57 V WL.. v , I 4, ,- 4-5a, ,.: J IU. , f . 'Sa-at "Z ' I . r 1 ' ,V f .fs ., , I f I, 1' 5 2, . I qw ,mf , . , ' , sl W I V QE V , , P ,Lf To . . I , L, , ',V , ,., I V I K fy 4 , I y' I N, ZW., " 4' V, Q ., 1, K I f ., f ' 5 T f-W Ii Mtv". ' it , . , V N5 is ' A ' I , dl W II, x X ' I, Vi . K , w. I ' 'I' I I . A , I , , AMERINE, LORI BARENBERG, KATH I , I I , I 'W' I Q' Mi' f. 4 if - Iv ' , A Vg, ,nga 1 f ' W f ' , 'H g - sf" kg- , ' f , ' " 'I as t, L W , , .,,. K . I wa: 4 , , , A br , , - w f I f f' I, 1 ' Z f ,QM K jffjj, W . if 1 I 3 W Q . ,, ., 'E .eff I T f , I J, 5, I .,, 9 . Wg: ' if M iw q ,, if .t ,JN . . 1 I 4 1, , - gp Q I 1 o 1 .. 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DARLENE IWADE, KELLI I' 9 Sa , , is J 5 M Fr f "f- in I ff . WALLACE, CLIFTON WALTERS, CHERYL WALTERS, MARK WARD, JEFF 2-:if-awake-' ' i ip ' . . ww! ., .. I S wg , k 'Sky' f 2 ff I i ff f I , . , ,- xl A gg- - '4-I fiaxwfi, ,, -, - - WEUST, JERALDINE ' WHITE, JENNIFER A. WHITE JENNIFER D. L , .,,, Q 'M f' by K -- , wwf- V V A, I F2225 f A is , ,. ,fi . "i "-f i' Y , L 1 333: h K -I ' N . . . , , K 3-.Q ' 6-Q 1, -I - g..:,,'g:1,k: 3 K lzrfiiifw - f . ' Efyimzzf ' ' '- ' A 5Ts?A?i1- . . . 31' , ' 1 - 5 Q -.,, - , A ,, , .D 1: -.:,,-,gzfggmj-1 . 1. I . .2 I 1: R ' ' Q if I. Lf. rl' LR 1' Ngpg,rQf. I ., 1 ' .'J'l,"l:' 5. M 'N J., ,ff 1. 5 ' W In f f F -Q N , - - F 5 Q, NTC . 1,299 A 5 1 .. ,, . ff-c lash , r , I A X R I ' +R 'K Nw I - - 4 ' MN Qi, 'Kwai - - ' , , WITTEVERN, GEORGE- WOLT, JONATHON 33. Q .4 I .5 Ai w WICKENKAMP DEBORAH WILSON CARI WINKLER, KRISTINA I bg 1 I I l I IRI I 1 V- jr nik fy WORTMAN, JENNIFER WREN, RICHARD WUNCH, I . 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M M t .: ,,,, l A ,V ,L f 1 7 , C lQ , 4 4 sr,,, ,Q vi f' I , .W sttc Campbell, Edwin Caren, Dennis Carpenter, Scott Centurion, William Baaso, Carrie Christensen, Taylor Beierle, Lori vp-.,,,, Berry, Don Blanco, Lori 1' 'I 1-1 Boschetto, Kimberly Britton, Rod Brubaker, Michael Buttram, Michael Z' Butz, David Cain, John Clifford, Pqtriciq Cwik, Leanne Dause, Cheryl Delaney, Michael Desjardins, David Dewitt, Graham Dick, Theron Dillon, Suzanna Diton, L69 Drummond, Theresa Farrell, Mark Feldmann, Uwe Fawkes, David Friberg, Johanna Gallagher. John H' . Emiiim fr , ,f 04 ' ' V ,,,,, ix r' f, gf vii V V , G 5 ,gg 9, 49-1, I ff 2 5, .1 W SW HE M mi J 29 2 , 'gg 11 , J f M Y Zfff, fi E -,tr uw ,giagg f, 255 Phllllps Michael ProTT Potncno Lori Beard Gregory Bernafls Paul Broefzman Jeff Brooks James Casfo Mike Curifs Sandra Tammy Huff William Hughes Traci Johnson Gordon Knapsfein Pefer Loffer Chnsfina Madrid Laura QBelindaj Marcel 1 Tammy McKenny David Mech Maffhew Meighan Linda Mills Charles NGTIGH SCOTT GITWGUSGD, Kris PGGCO Camera Shy Seniors BC1Tm0flQlidlf Hurley, Michael N059 Johnson, Beard, Gregory Gordon COGYI AVWUVGO Johnson, Nancy Campanella, KQV, pongld PGH' Kirkham, Kafhy Carmody, Mark Knchingsl CIGY' CYVTTNG Michelle Coppola, George Davis, Kenf Dunkhase, Jill Dunning, Ballnda English, Vivian Fisher, Michael Fleharfy, Penny Heafon, Laura - allow John Sylvesfer Rufh Vandoozer Corey Vendegna Richard Webb PGNOY YGTZUOCUSVI Kevin Kraft, James Lanz, William Lorr, Michelle Macklin, Thomas Nagel, Ccrfis Nichols, Bruce Oliver, Dawn Orr, Mark Owen, Sfeven Riddell, Kurf Roof, Chrisfopher Russo, Joseph Schaffer, Debrah Sharpe, Fred Sfringer, Linda Wheaf, Diane Whifeman, Len Williamson, Roberf Wilmerfon, Wallace avls Kenf lus, Donald l ck, Joan is f JI 3 0 XL. , 5 if?-. MOST LIKELY 40'-f N, ff N. Q 84 DARCEE ROTH 3' Aw WW v 1 5 5 .Jw i 84 ROB DYER 4 my 4'5- W my :F ffm ALAN: 31 YLOR MANITA Lsosrgyrbs K if Ig www' 7' f 3' 'V an Z 18XQ ARTIST CLIFF i Rovgmv 11251355 cATHv Mommsom fi wi 5 BEST PERSONALITY - GARY SUNDERMEIER Q Q ' .ff 'A -fl BEST VPERSONALITY5 NATALIE f SANCHEZ 1 - ' -2 , wi JW ww vitamin RJ 'fm PEN ARR -W., J, af 1 E 4 BESMEG5 lj 1 X i xi WE QW BEST HAIR - MARK SWALLOW f, 2 -5-if g VVVV Qxkxlo .,' M . K, ji M? 9 4 ff ii? V, jfg " ' fa' x 4' K , ex O- QM, 33 ye ' ?i gg f 'gk . 535 X' ,z J Z a Hi 5 2 PRESLEY JOHN ASKEW BIRTH: NOVEMBER 23, 1962 DEATH: AUGUST 5, 1979 GREGORY DARRELL MARSH BIRTH: AUGUST 31, 1962 DEATH: OCTOBER 211, 1979 1 1 LINDA RUTH HUTCHINGS BIRTH: NOVEMBER 17, 1961 DEATH: AUGUST 15, 1979 REMEMBER Remember me when I dm gone owdy, Gone for dwoy inTo The silenT Idnd: When you con no more hold me by The hond, Nor I hdlf Turn To go, yeT Turning sTdy. Remember me when no more, doy by ddy, You Tell me of our fuTure ThoT you pldnned: Only remember me: you undersTond I will be loTe To counsel Then or prdy. YeT if you should forQeT me for o while And ofTerwords remember, do noT grieve: For if The dorkness ond corrupTion leove A vesTige of The ThoughTs ThoT once I hdd, BeTTer by for you should forgeT ond smile Thdn ThdT you should remember ond be sod. ChrisTind Georgind RosseTTi 135 - . , - ' . Q v w i- ' . F-'?EQI'!.'EQE!i1-!.bf?aI!P JILMQIEE. .g . wore dresses every M gi o. . , only seniors parked in The fifslgrow of The parking lol . . , There was a mud fighi afler The Tug-o-war . . , movies were only S425 , . . The school roof didn'i leak . . . people jusi held hands in The hall . . . girls had longer hair Than guys did . . . lvlr. Byrd was lurking behind every corner . , . No one knew who Hlvlr, Billnwas . .. guys asked girls our s pi. . . . Taslee Freeze was a . . . No one knew where iran was . . , . a gallon of gas was less than a dollar . , . ihe school heal wasn'T monitored . . . all of The halls were The same, drab color . . . we didn'l ihink we would make il To High School, and now iT's over. H6 QQQ.1.QS C9JQJQll!.iI.'L J Pi.Q'S,, Rabbits, TIUQQS ADDQQE QI! P33993 As sTudenT's minds wandered during lecTures coming from The fronT of The room, imporTanT noTes Turned inTo absTracT shapes and scribbles. 'One day, when my Teacher was Talking To us abouT The book we had jusT finished readng, I sTarTed drawing a IiTTle rabbiT on my noTe paper," said Kim Jacobs, "I also doodle when I am Trying To do my homework aT ,- nighT." "I spenT a good parT of my English class planning ouT adverTisemenT and sales campaign," said Dan BaTT. NoT only were noTe- books drawn on, buT even The baThroom walls showed signs of graffiTi. OfTen Times an on-going conversaTion beTween differenT people, or ob- sceniTies could be found inside The sTall walls, l'One such conversa- Tion read, "I love Chris." Then in a differenT pen color, T'Yeahl He's a real y ,WM bf.. foxl' WriTTen afTer ThaT was, "Hands off! I-le's minel' lvlosT people doodled for The lack of anyThing To do. Some, however, had reasons. "l doodle when l'm nervous, or jusT plain bored," said Jana Comin. 'Il usually doodle when l'm Talking on The phone To someone," said CaThy Rusi. "I used To doodle, puT I kicked The habiT. I figured ouT I couIdn'T draw so l sTopped,' said Cindy QuanTe. Jana Comin JLJELIQ 'TQJQELE QBy AW's Own Home Ec. Teacher Or "How Braces Have Made Me Smile Again." "Now ThaT 9096 of my meTaI hardware is off, I feel greaT abouT braces, buT while They were on and everyTime I wenT in To have Them adjusTed I was inpain. STudenTs would always Tell fThe day afTerj when I had Them TlghTened. My whole mood changed. l suppose I became use To The liTTIe pain visiTs and menTaIIy absorbed The pain and Then Took iT ouT on my sTudenTs. I definiTeIy have sympaThy for kids who have To wear Them. I Think iTs acTuaIIy helped me geT along beTTer wiTh people in The same siTuaTion. My husband never objecTed To me having This done. His only commenT was, "Why didn'T your folks have This done for you?" My daughTer now has a clue as To whaT she will be headed for since she has The same problem I did. She has a small mouTh Too, and noT enough room for all Those whiTe Things. So l'll have To hide The M8cM's, apples, carroTs, and no more popcorn. Poor kid!" Barb Pagano 138 -I-a Gfgfiimg' .TL Grip 0 rm. Yeumsielli Braces Create Scary Feelings For Same "Walking into the orthodontists' office and knowing that I was going to leave with all that metal in my mouth, was one of the scariest things l can remember," said Gina Schalk. "However, entering the same office four years later, knowing that I was going to exit with straight teeth, was one of the best feelings I have ever had," she said. After a week of eating soup and hearing names like "Metal mouth," student got used to all the metal bands around each tooth to correct overbites or crooked teeth. "I wish I had gotten braces earlier. Now I might still have them in college, said Colleen Barlow. Usually after a long period of wearing braces, a retainer came next. A retainer, one wire that crossed the front of the patient's teeth, kept the teeth from moving again after the braces were removed. Some I had to wear a retainer all day, while others only needed to wear them at night. After an average of two years, the trauma and tears of braces and retainers ended with smiles of straight white teeth. A 'QIZRN' s .-.. , ,E --Q. ..,... --A- A W ..., N X .NNT ask! ,, A suhw ,Muff .s -A "' i Xa if ...hys- ' "tKs...... , f ,1 . WX, A a X-....,,,su 1 . ,ff , N M Y.. IX, 5 ...,... ,,,, N mm 'Q 'S-4, Q fl. -1 s 'T-EPQJF 1.QJ"-ala The Top 4096 of The 628 senior sTuclenTs aTTencling Arvada WesT is ascerTainecl by averaging grades from sophomore classes Through The senior year. The following sTuaenTs are aT The Top of The lisT, each sTuclenT mainTaining a 41.0 average: Jane Comin Julie DuToher Kevin Lear Mike lVlcKanna John Shugrue 146 A' ifiiflifi ,r' r Spa A Q' - TW wf. U 4' q Q , ,S 3 S L f 4 , . :gif x is ai: ug.-fx . - X -I E: ,f H . t .. R 3 213,-:f,.z. fa- "xiii ww vw' .L " .. lien, sms. ,, EX - I -- X K . ' ff Y f i V ' ' S+" . A S V f .f - Q .-if K1 X ' Q-2 J' .mv , 4x -.Q .gm QW Q -- f - Wg sg: - SR? Y. J. 4 x kv u K +. FN QQ 'Yx N. 'S gf. E gg ,L x W s 'xx V iii, .. Q 5 fx SNS .- K w NE Q sw h me ' A lf' Q' M sa wwvmx gunman nw e Mmmmmuuxnuanui w-Jwmwumummumfwmm 3 21. . X1 5 f. +-go. 5-.. xx f Q mf 5 wax 'QQ fl' 5 TQ A mf- " . xx Q, , KX ,, h fa I M ,Q... . A ,iixiff-' E gg, ' if - -Q, ' . I 4 'nd ,S e' 45 Q mi Q . Y J, E ,I .S X aN..,'lQQ X N il. T X Q ,, 1 K L , X . ' ' . U V 4 . iw 'f ' . is Mt' L' 3 K V 5 vi E 4 X , ff 'Y , it x D. YH .fi Q i rv, " . ' X Ji .. wav ,,,, .'.c, i,::,,nm S 4 A h .mm MM , sr fx' S,. ' . K? Hx, l 5 it A ' 0 A 4 X vt , P , f- FW , 3. lk Q 'zrffz , ful! 4 --- .: : -:W . .,5,:,5 0 . 'W I Q -.Ki R jj.: -:sal mv gfs- .pier 5 saggy- .. -, 4- 1 U 851:-:,g1..4g,1.:' 3 J ., ' ,g " . ,, y F9 S " riff L g ey' KE' X4 Q " '54 K Y, s s Q S, 4. N 5 i x E Q, by 'sm 35553 is Q. S X ,mv X N , si .-xii 3 5 fi 3 T5"'Nnunv',, F gf 0 Eiivkfz. MM ,H ,U X Q u 5. V , v . ' x .4 .gg if .3 ig If I N 1 ww if W ' x ' X ' ' "' ENN V b k,, fi 5.3329-al if FXR, Q- f 1 3? - . A ii 1 4 K ,V ' , 4 . W, K. V K .K -., 3 j 4 6 J . , lk . , 5- A-f. . A 1 if' a . . Q - - V Abs 'QQ 'V .3 .Yzn S un l if , ii 9 "' " . . ,rw Q5 XX x I ax R k J r is xi' .. x '-. . f' ,gf , , BSK.WZRXE'g+ . 1:w KKKhEi ,Ni ,- N ,, I? I ILJQJLDJ 1. 9119 CjJI:L'3yd-l. Not Ploluredz Lisa Bollig, Waller Burkhardl, Wendy Evans, Michelle Humphrey, Lea Milrelslaeal, Eliza- belh Roberts, Dorrnea Rouse, Sle- ven Ruder, Susan Schweilzer, Ann Sernan, Tammy Snyder, Carl Sleeves. " 144 Sandy Davis, Rose Benavldez, Lisa Rowley Roberl Shepherd, Dave Arlus, Jan- elle Ticlyman J.K. you're perfecT. Love C.C. Dennis, I love you wiTh all my hearf. Lisa Mike, Judy and Bruce remember Head Games. Love Linda Ron iT was a rewarding experience falling in The baThTub wiTh you! Dennis Tracy- I love you! Thanks for being There when I needed you! You're a good friend. Love Brenda To Alan K5 Good Luck wiTh B's 4, 2, and 3, To Dave S. Thanks for The ride. Sue E. Linda T., California waTch ouT! Here we come! RabbiT One reason for ouT difficulTies is ThaT Those who ToughT us so much, acTuaIIy knew so liTTle, Beck, Penny. Diana Jeff Sayers, I Think l'll Take up rolling bums for a hobby. BooBoo Jim Kurz is a honey baby sweeTie cuTiepie. STeve Major, I love you always and forever. Becky MarTin Sis, Hope you have a successful year aT college. Love P.T, To my good pals, M.S., S.S., we'll have To geT TogeTher more ofTen This vacaTion! P.T. L.V. QZombiej Thanks for lisTening! P.T. B.C. - "I do love you .,, sTill." I LOVE YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! L.T. Kim Mary, May The Force be wiTh you. David and Daniel Kim Mary, Life has iTs ups and downs. Hope mosT of yours are up. Doodle 81 Jr. Kim Mary, The STar of our family. Nanny Kim Mary, WhaT a long sTrange Trip iT's been, congraTuIaTions. We are proud of you. Love Joy Lee and TimoThy Paul. Kim Mary, our Super girl. Love Mom 84 Dad Lorie you're The number 4 cuz in The world. Jody DeIPiccolo family. Thanks you for being so ThoughTfuI This year. BP Ulando xx00 from your secreT admirer. Ms. Deering Thank you for helping me Through 4977-80. Brad Dario Thanks for being my besT friend, good luck. Nari L.L,L. sorry I did noT keep our doTe on SaT. nighT. DS when are we going To play poker. JR I hope you geT your haT Sfeve. LB Twice as much inTeIlecT To you. JodQ'?j To The body I never had, Lori. RS Never lend me your pen again CC. PM Mrs. Massey, Thanks for The Three years of Teacher-friendship. G Bambi, BesT Friends are forever. KT Brenda, you're a hearTbreaker, dreammaker. Love-Taker. KT KA 8a DC, remember Lyden, Moon mounToin and The Phillip's. BR 84 KT John B, I'Il love you forever. KT Tom, remember Cow lake, Lyden, pro-nos. M. MT, boskeTboIl parTies, parking spaces. Bambi Lorie you're The only person who can have fun in The baThroom. BR Karla besT forever and good luck in The fuTure. BR Shelley don'T ever worry obouT Them noT finding Them. BR To The STUD SIX, Thanks for The memories. Ms. PerfecT 84 Ms. Priss STeve H., are you ever going To Take off your IeTTer jackef. To The free woman, see you IaTer D.D. parTy hearTy, J.W. Mr. D. I gof anoTher flaT Tire. K.G. Charlie, Duke, Jewel: Never lose The key. Andy Viddie: Me gusTa mucho. Love always. Adrienne Hey Volupfuours, Thanks. Love Always Schneringer: Hope The firsT year was good Love Always, Good Luck Tigger, DimwiT, Adrienne BOOS1'eI'S Linda Manning: I see The warmTh in your blue eyes. Andy Lorie Laughlin: Remember living, laughing, uniaue 84 crazy. Sfay Spazy, Mr. Dowdellz a greaT sponsor 84 friend. Thanks SB Tom Mack: a super Terrific sTud baskeTboll sTar. Bambi: WhaT if you can'T find iT QnoT sTrawsj'? Benny Rowell, You're a Tofal doll, Lov-n- sTuff SB WaTch ouT for The drafT LyTie . , . Theresa Drummond lT's almosT Time To escape, Cindy . . Theresa D Tawny A and Nili. Thanks for jusT being There. MLC To you guys in FAC, keep wearing Those TighT panTs. JM Tommy, I loves ya. Traci Mary Russell PeanuT buTTer spread. T 84 L Dougie Doodoo cared. Thanks GM Good luck To The convenT. Bad Sis Monson. Thanks for The supporf. Julie '69 and "The unspeakable sin". Enjoy iT all, iT's worTh iT. Friend Noe, GianT rabbiTs 8a good Times. Always STubbie l'M THE WORLD'S GREATEST BOOSTER. JOE BECKNER Paul Fabrizio is a fox. Shelly HilTerman we'Il miss ya. IB, Puff Sarah Hilferman we'II parTy forever. Traci Lisa T and Sue W. Do you remember downTown on Friday nighT. Julie L. Thanks suds, spill, schlep and all you wild shnirk-a-dirks from schlepland. Had a greaT year, never forgeT ya. SpoT ' LC TO BP whooo'se sTory is This? SW youre a liTTle cuTie, love ya LC I leave my cigareTT buTTs To GeIroTh. CK KB To DK, did you figure me ouT yeT'? Long live Suds, Spill and Spof. Blair, from behind. Wow Joe, Good luck forever, Love always PaTTi. Go CaTs! Hi Benny, Love X. Wayne, you can'T have Mark! He's mine! P.F, Mark, I love you! From Penny. To KO. Proud of you Spuddin-M.D. STeve, I love you! Love Debbie, STeve, NexT Time don'T geT caughT, Love Pucker. Tim, I'lI love you forever, Shari. l'm in love wiTh T.A. Sparkle, Sparkle, liTTle Twink, Kenny LiTTle is a fink-B.G. Michael, you'll always be my IiTTle boy, Judi. To Mr. Wonderful!-you really are. STP, Thanks for The clear skies. Rose Weenie: Go for iT - All The way, Love, Mom, Dad, S Sc L I love you Brad. Love, Muffin We'll miss you Rob - The Oreo Cookie John, WhaT can your hand be doing There , . Dan. noT There, I'm exfremely Tricklish. Dan 84 John Forever Alan, I'll be your special friend forever. Mary W KITT, Colfax Caper an 82.00 worfh of gas! Murph Dear Amo: Good Luck in '84. Love Dad Dan, Whenever I Look back on now I'Il always remember you. Love Bunny STATE FARM INSURANCE Jim Spencer, AgenT On 80Th near Sheridan A20-6868 L.D. RUSH, M.D. 40249 W. 58th Avenue Arvada, CO 80002 422-4445 RALSTON CREEK TRAVEL INC 44890 RalsTon Road Arvada, CO 800011 DONALD C. RICHARDS, D.D.S. P,C. 44890 RalsTon Road Arvada. CO 800011 AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE Gary HoyT, agenT 42494 RalsTon Road Arvada, CO 80004 A23-58511 DR. RICK A. KUSHNER 42494 RalsTon Road 3202 Arvada, CO 80004 .JWBDG 00D R REALTORS COLORADO NATIONAL HOMES INC Anna Phillips 4994 W. 80Th Ave WESTMINISTER, COLO 80030 'I45 AWTS WEN. l.EEiC:!.C11f3-MISL Ta I en tis ,.a..n ,J..l..n 4.5 Revealed Tdlenfi Everyone hds some kind of TdIenT. BuT whoT obouT Those TolenTs we ore dfroid To Tdlk obouT! Well, This yedr The CLAW sTdff Took o fun-survey To discover The sTudenT's exfrdordindry ToIenTs. Boy! Did we ever come up wiTh some reolly l'weird" ones! KENT MAYO for insTonce, con puT boTh his legs behind his hedd. BARB DYNES con whisTle experTly Through her nose. The obiIiTy To juggle ThirTeen differenT wdys hos been mdsfered by BETTY MASSEY. DIXIE NORDOUIST con sing soprdno ond ploy five differenT pdrTs on The piono oll dT The some Time. PreTTy rore, righT'? Now for d couple exdmples of The reolly sTronge TolenTs. JOLENE KNAPP cdn ride her pink elephonf wiThouT d soddle. However, SUSAN HALL Topped ThdT one wiTh her dbiliTy To do d Broncho busT off her rhinoceros. RAY SCHNERINGER hos d TolenT for moking offers one con'T refuse. RighT? Rich Feeley? Mike Glenn hos Q - D . My W. BECKY MARTIN con Tolk for 211 hours sTroighT. DAN CHEER con blow d gionT bubble. DANNY HERSHBERG-ER con Twirl d boskeTbolI on The Tip of his finger. HOLLY G-ROVES con blow d bubble inside o bubble inside d bubble. SUSAN ESHER con sTond on her heod ond ploy Mdry hod d LiTTle Lomb on The hdrmonicd. NILI NISSIM con wriTe ond speck in Hebrew. MRS. GRAUBERGER cdn Touch her Tongue To her nose. STEVE JOHNS con ride 0 green shork. PENNY MAJOR AND DIANA SANBORN pdrTicipoTed in 0 2 hump cdmel rdce in The middle of downTown Arvddo. SUSAN WOHLHART wriTes IefT hdnded upside- down. SHELLY HILTERMAN con cdTch people sneoking up on her from behind. BELINDA HERRING con hold o kiss for 'IO minuTes DEBBIE LARSEN con moke iT Through pdssing period on her cruTches wiThouT killing herself. PAUL MARTINEZ con ouT kiss onyone dT Arvodo I WesT. BUDDY MONTOYA is The only guy ThoT con hove 40 girls friends ciT once wiThouT ony of Them knowing obouT one dnoTher. BOB FOX is The only one ThoT con Tdke dpdrf his engine ond when he puTs iT bdck Togefher, he hos porTs IefT over. MIKE GLENN hos one To The lorgesf hoT collecTions oT Arvodd WesT. RUTH SYLVESTER cdn do on impression of Elvis Presley. JONA TYSOL con Tolk for five hours sTroighT on The phone. JERRI WEAST is d mdTchmoker. BETH GELROTH hos o hiTchhikers Thumb. DAVE SMITH loses his heod, sorry I IosT my Heddl BETH BASNETT con puT d whole sucker in her mouTh dT once. DONNA NICHOLS con Type bockwords. MR. CHILDS con do o high jump over o desk - well dlmosT. BILL KERSTING con ouT Bul-oney clnyone dT Arvddd WesT. i high jump over G desk. Tongue V ,g f 1 is sf i V gf If Holly G. can if v i F Bril Schocrf Toiks To sophomores x wriie left hondeci and for recognizing reol ,K ,Ale .MQ K I Q. -.mi Wi , - x W... , . fggv e L ga s: . 12 first- :Q , . 'R Don not ny H. con Twirl C1 iooking. while Ro Schnerin er i 3 L.: Y., , Q ? if is Lim '1 lv., K sig! -W--f :E . H ,. 'WW B. hos Q talent anywhere ins eo of his work. ff ,i',s-f wr sf ..... is Mig l TdIenT for energy. AW' ell Hidden Talents QConTinued BILL SCHAAF con keep The sophomores dwdke wiTh his Toll Toles. Porn Pons know how To liven-up The oThieTic dcTivi- Ties wiTh spiriT. MR. DALTON hos d hidden TdienT ThdT he doesn'T wdnT To Tdlk cibouT. MRS. HOSEMAN hos o hidden ToIenT so hidden she hdsn'T found iT ye-T. QWe ore quoTing herj There ore several TdlenTs ThdT The sTudenT body shores. For GXOFTWDIG, 4596 of The sTudenTs con Touch Their Toes wiThouT bending Their knees, while 4396 con wolk or sTond on Their honds. Only 2796 of The sTudenTs ore TolenTed enough To wdlk in The yogd posiTion, AW hos 3996 of iTs popuIoTion Trdined in The drT of blowing bubbles, ond 5696 of our sTudenT body con wriTe bockwords Qwhich in no woy refIecTs on The Things ToughT o AWD. When iT comes To crossing one's eyes, we found ThdT 11496 of The sTudenTs couid see Two woys. Anyone con see ThdT AW sTudenTs n'1usT be some of The rnosT "ToIenTed" people oround. We were surprised ThdT ouT sTudenTs had so many hidden TdIenTs. if you hdve on unusuol TdlenT or wonT To see one - AW is The bloce To be' "!h9-iv, 4 ,, ,.,, ,, Que Psych hd nT for 31.13 5 ,fax ' fy ,A . -f , -egg? .1 , - M , ,. db g - A , ' ,. x V, X x I 1 Fashionably Seen Cn The Scene "l-low did you geT ThdT second hole in your edr'?" "Didn'T you hove enough money To buy The sleeves, Too?" "ls ThoT your ddd's'?" AccusdTlons such os sTedling your dod's neck Tie, buying only d vesT ond noT o whole jdckeT, ond hoving someone dccidenTdlly poke onoTher hole in your heod Ceorj were ofTen hedrd. Mdny people found no need for on exTro hole in Their heod, ond conTinued To Think ThoT mounToln booTs were for The mounTdins, noT The hollwoys. These people sTuck To Their guns ond wore regulor codTs, shoes, ond neckTles wiTh suiTs for only The specidl occdsions. The brover, more foshion-minded individudls venTured ouT on o limb by Tieing ribbons dround Their necks, ond weoring vesT on Their bocks. U Foshions chdnge os quickly ds minds do. Like minds, foshions wouldn'T be inTeresTing or cdTchy if They weren'T new, differenT, chdnging ond very conTroversiol. QS 1 Q. 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K si 'F , 1 O NM 1 Sharon Nichols, Donna - -' 1 SCOH Lorraine . u. .V -,U Lisa Nelson, ATena Neff, Jacauelin Kim ,M lavarro, Ruben .Z ,, , .J .m, V , ,, f,: 1, K , i if-f'i,,g 2 Joland, Joseph lovotny, Steven V P A' 1 --,f1LQ.zf,: A , , i 5' lutt, David , 5 , 44: D'Brien, Steven Phillips, Michael Plese, Michael Polak, Amy it , .,,,, , A ,, . ,,. i .J ,fr f fy 4 f . A 'gown flZ'g,,i, ,,." , ,ffmr '- i fp i ' fx f K 4 i f 1 .1 fi 4 'ii 'ay , A wx 13 '2' v 9 -. w K A 'W ' i Poland, Steve Pohlenz, Ka iff f ' 'R I Us , Qs X i Poulter, Tammy Pound, Alan ,'-,' 1 ' in ' liol , ' ' f'i, W i P P , P 9 A V Powell, Richard Powell, Shawn Powers Lori Proffitt Robert Prostka, James Prucha, Barbara Quante, Cindy Quinton, Jose 175 Rondolph Twylo Redd, Cherri -Al 3 ,Q fp , 5 f an ,,,,' li 1 , kg as K U VX A w E Reeves Koren ff if 1 t , r e 4 1 il Km ' X Reskusnch Cynlhio 1 av f 21 2 f 14 berly III. 55341 , 2 4 ? 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Christine Bocso, Joseph Jennlson, Mark Kaiser, Daniel Bashaw Trovis Beard Gary Berkey, Robert Luft, Christine Bethune, Gary Blakely, Kim Bradley, John Briaas, Lucy Brown, David QE Q , is v. if 1, J Luft, Marty u ,vt Brunski, Rebecca Bush, Heather Campbell, John Chavez. Debra Cook 'Clif' , ,,. ,5,.,sg Q' G, ,, 1 i ' , Te, 2 r 5 Qgf f i A .414 Lytle, Ken Dqyl Teregq Dillon, Arnie Edmonds, Micheal Flight, Jamie Gentry, Edie Maltese, Micheal f McGui Nlurry, ...xf re, Shaun Angela if we TGFTTTTTGTO Smith, Carrnee Smiih, Todd Collen Montoya Bert Morrison Jennifer 1 i Sharon Myer, David Perry, Ted Schiel, Tammy Schneider, She A , Quigley, Alan Quinn, Joseph Richards, Katherine Richey, Pam Rarnano, Daniel Sarconi, Joe 1 1 Schultz, Craig Thiel, JGFTWGS THOTTTDSOU, Troy Townsend, Rodney Xa-' -is L, ,- A wig. I :Sire ,,, so . . S E .,, N 1 l I Trenary, Alon True, Linda Tupper, Terry Viehdorfer, Scott Williamson, Jennifer Wilson, Lynn "The days fall for behlnd us. They seem so long ago. They only serve io remlnd us , Of a Ilfe we use to know." l Lorl Bogan l 183 l if 5 ,gifgfiei B ,415 we 'HQ .W I U K t.iif?,:,y5',,,E Q , , T Pb Q 4 3 ", "'f F , a",g,,J fs krih iz . : 183 . Winchell, Daniel Withrow, Vanette Womack, Michelle Wyatt, Lisa TV J Ps A W Yenter, Rex ZClCl'1OW, TGITTTTTY juniors Not Pictured Bechtold, James Boerner, Richard Bunn, Bradley Buntenbah, Christina Castro, Thomas Cowan, Patrick Cunning, Jeffrey De Laney, Diane Johnson, Elizabeth Kaseru, Alexander Kennedy, Trina Kilbourn, Damian Landry, James Martin, Barry Massaro, Veronica Mc Calip, Lyndol Moore, D. Romberg, Michael Schultz, Meloney Seyfer, Shelly Sloan, Brenda Sullivan, Timothy Ward, Deborah Wolf, Thomas 3 HQ . Wa ff' Q, W.. .'ff"'W - ww .- ,, WMM 4 , ,M J, K! . 3 5 E 5 mv 8 K up ,. Q' 'QF' .V I. we , l 5, Nw mr S 9 Q ar Q I iv vs ,W N as If xi? , 4' as . iwgdig' ,M ,.,. . Z if f H , P f W -If Q N S Q nf A.. -, 1, k 5 52, x ' ,e - 1 . I , Qi: an s 5 5 -1 '-n...-o"" 5 Q ""t'2s -V. 'if . I F . wx. was How con one describe The perils of being o sophomore? The upper- clossmen Teose Them ond biome Them for everyThing ThoT goes bod- ly, especiolly QT homecoming. YeT iT is oil in fun, ond porT of The orienTo- Tion . . . There ore o loT chollenges. New friends To meeT: new Teochers To odjusT To - Mr. Ploce, Mr. Dowdell, Mrs. Chose, Miss Hording, Mr. MiTch- ell, Mrs. Temple, eTc. One more sTep forword. You grow o liTTie, ond moTure o loT. is JM 1 I 54, g,A . ',. ,E A . '59 D ww 5 'L' S Y. iv!-s-v' Q n ,mpf ff gk -XX 1 fx 8 rs I if x 'is ,Q-' 'g -S. 'gg N W4 1 if 2 A MR..f A W N , g i . 1 W vkuf, Q pa- ia S36 Q fn fig!! Wir ffm. in free? EW 254' Pl fr fu-,gm M95 " WM, wzrwxi new , W' vw 4' 'E 'TEA . 4? -I i 2" V-2 B.. 5 " "' if . ' J XIX Y 0' Q 1 4' ff. X ,rim 10 ' ,Sf Q X , A Ntzv Af. 'FAN Q. . 1, , 1 , ' bf f 3' EJ' at 1 W 'S X K 16 A f K 912 W: fu- wmv! 'W '. Mm, " Q '-r ff H 2 242 ' , ,, ,., fs 1 ,'..44,w'V , , 1' ,ww " "' v f f N' .J " . 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B,-ion Flesher, Cheri Flood, Andrew Folsom, Sheryl Forbes, Carla Fothergill, Leig Fowkes, Steven Francavilla, Kath 1-1 h Francis, Jenene Fullerton, Paul Gabbard, Julia V , ki , pw., Vkyr af-.Z -V I K, , r gi f 'iiifal V V 'Q ,, I , 'ff' V: ' A i. l r F rnit llli t rs K f K Daniel Ganskow, Kenneth Garbella, Dante Garbella, Derrick Garland, Dean Gaskin, Karen Gaston, Tessa Gates, Roxanne Gay, Lisa 201 'Nw Gromly Amber Grommer Anneffe Grlgsby Glenn nhou Gross, Kevin 'fir' Hofnowoy Trac: Houscnsld, Angelo n u Heldr Porricio Hendrickson Joe Henkel Derek HesTer Brion Amy mfff 'V fr 'fxff-F ,,r w 'W li M .AV , 5 W 52' aa. X ! i r Q I! "f'- 0 , V mix' 'i I-hlrerrnon Soron H1nderc:1ker,Mcry Hurcock Donald fa, .f,1,tLl,v,,,L, Wirr 2 1 Q , . 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X X v , R L J S' lx X X , 4 w X X429 L ff' N 3 Leonard, Karhalene Leoni, Chris Locklrn Paula Lucero, Mark Lucero, Darren Lunn, Rae Macaskrli, Malcolm Madsen, Malrese, Robin Mangusso Edward Markley Mrcneile Lormand, Amy Lowe, Jeneene uc e Robin Marfelli Brenda 1 1 v1arTin William Marfin 11 xl -' mason, MoTThew Maxheimer, Susan JlcCIeIIan, Jeffrey McConnell, James Myrlhe, Roxanna Nara, Robert Nelson, Gary JY, Nichols, Lynn Nielson, Carolyn Nielson, Laurie 'atv' Nimlz Michelle Novolny Mary Oalman Randy V , Obluda Bernard Oliver, Olson, Orr Klein Snerie , Andreas Oswandel, Kevin PCJCKOFC1, TFC val! arker. A Parkins ,M Elizabeih Keni 411- Ka s Q was s -:Q ' Nw Peacock Snaron Teresa 1'-,....,,-. Poweii, Mary Pyskio, Gail Quarles, David Quarringion, Rad Quinton, Maria Roczko, Ronson, Jam Rool, Mcrk Rose, Jim ,..- I Royl, Lour Richard, Rlefz Reed, B Rlemef rendo TOFTW eeves, Krlsline Reichord, Jim Don l , ,,,, Rose, Roxdnn Rosener, Dove Row Lee Krrstnn "l l Debbne Debbae Rush Mark Rusk Robinson Jon Roe Shown ROGYTIGF, EGWGYC1 ROOT, Lon Rust Holly Sondlnn, Lourd Sondsfrom, Mnchoel ,Schouer, Edward Schell, Beth Schilz, Mory Schleiger, Lloyd Schleiger, Robert 45:2 chmidl, Cynthia chmidl, Yvonne .Dia ,V ,WL wry V150 Schmidl, Janel - Secary, Mike Sekins, Nancy Seidel, John Sellers, Bing 0,145 Sena, Teresa Sewald, Andy - Schrnidl, Kathleen Schmicll Tommie i Sheehan, Jirn Shepherd, Myla l Schultz, Valorie Simonis, Lori Simons, Deann Simpson, BFYOVW Simi JOW1 Skaggs Brenda Skidmore Robe 1 Steadman, Darryl Steeves, Laura Steiner, Janie Stephens, Ju Skinner, Bernandine Dqwd Smetana, Laurie Smith, Arlene Smith, Gregory Smith, Kimberl l Smith, Lawrence Smith, Micheal Smith, Pamela Smith, Robert Stephens, Robert Stevens, Scott Stevenson, Francine Stewart, Scott lie Swearingen, Renee Tangy, Linda Tatge, Scott Termentozzi, Tamn' Tracy, Sandra Trimm, Jon Tubacn, Martin Turman, Patrick Turner, Wendy Turturice, Antnon Y Turturice, Vincent Unruh, Barbara Vandawalker, Scott 29 H K K . 1 fi i 5 -5 it X wr W fi ' HA I 3.45 W V rg Qz ,, A J. 551 3 A :W ,,..5 5 f, T .,, 1 g xi gy V X3 'xx 'I X' Vx R R552 Y- yi!!! 5 Vanhorn, Bruce ,1, . ,. ,. .. .k,: ,Q ' if L A - -' 12' " :r 2. rr 7 ,1 -f Vanlaw, Donald Vecchuo, Donna Isa Waggener, Wendy Wohlharl, Susan Wallace, Kimberly The cold wind burned The face of The sophmore who braved The cold. The disTance was shorT, buT each day he had To make an efforT To carry his Tired body all The way To school. The majoriTy of The sTudenTs weren'T auiTe This energeiic. lv1osT kids bummed rides off Their parenTs or joined in on a car pool. These car pools conTribuTed To lower gas bills, less poluTion, and aches and pains on The individuals who goi siuck under The pile of passengers. Some depended on The school bus. BuT The buses were never quiTe as convenienT as owning your own car. A car was a possession which one was very-proud of when driving pasT a classmaTe who was sTruggling wiTh his Ten-speed on a sTeep hill. lT also became a good friend. Unconsciously one began To address iT poliTely, give iT a name, and even ask iT Things like "Why aren'T you sTarTing for me This morning?" SomeTimes ThaT friend Turned inTo a beasT. Yes, ThaT nice pos- session which you cared dearly for somehow converTed iTself To a Terribly mangled monsTer. New or old, good weoTher or bad, somehow There were always accidenTs which broughT grief To The mind and walleT. TransporTaTion To and from every club, sporT, and school day wasn'T always easy To come by: buT once you goT enough courage To ask for a ride, people wouldn'T mind going a few blocks ouT of The way for a friend. ThaTs whaT makes AW special: WISGT Chefle W"fhf0W Jflmes Even Though we're a large school iT is imporTanT To us To lend a helping hand. Julie 1 Zimmer, James ZinanTi, Brian Zipse, STeve Todd Morlln, Julie Mendoza, PQUI Menzel, Mrchoel Nigh, Kerri Noonon Bron? fx Oakley, Kerry Philbrlck, i ff V ' ,gzsf Tig f- k x Phillips, Dollcrs Stephens N-vii' Slone Gregory Vonce Mory Vernon, Arlyne Whissen, PaTTy Jo SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Bond, Stacy Balderslon, Susan Beeson, Russill Brewer, Kevin Cha, Suk, Bae Colson, .lere Dickey, David Dollar, Lori Doyle, Morgan Eichacker, Chris Ellioli, Ron Ellison, Kenneth Erholm, Chrisiine Fleming, Daryn Flood, Andrew Folks, Annelle Folson, Sheryl Gormley, David Grigsby, Glenn Grimm, Kalhryn Hari, Monica i-lealon, Angela Hendrickson, Abner Hesler, Brian l-leuer, Mary Hiesiand, Carol Lamie, Jeffery Lawyer, Sheri Leach, Thomas Massaro, Roberr Mercer, April Miller, William O'Brien, Deborah Orback, Lori Orr, Roxanne Reinhardi, Marvin Rieiz, Brian Roske, Mark Rowell, Bennie Schmuki, Patricia Shell, Kalhy Soper, Richard Stephens, Bryan Tomsic, Nancy Venner, Doreen Wasikawski, Lloyd Zuppa, Mark Y ann' 'Q 5,452 lj eps ,,....L:: ,.,,,,.w- 5 ww--MW .9-I R-R-RING! lT's 4:30 ond school is ouT for mosT sTuclenTs for on- oTher doy. WILDCATS hurry To geT Their rides home. Home? NoT for some. There's procTice. fooTbolI, volleyball, Tennis, cross counTry, bohcl, music, or-1 chesTro . . , ond work. For mosT sTuclenTs. The world of work hos jusT begun. G-oT To moke Those cor poymenTs, buy gos, buy cloThes, eTc. Q W If :Nl ""f" "f F V ?i""? H ill' Vs i i g X it Q 'um A 45 'gawk ' 5 3 is 'x."' xsjs W 5 w, sH ,3W x 1 ' mn ' it Nl xi ,nw A 1 ' mr" m -, :.:::f!'EN 'Sim wi mf " kwa' Q "'!:3d'4-H 9 Q u , .H 0 A, W. .. , ,- Q -,gg '1 413, w"? 5 A .ark "msn A Q, -1 is of Q, l it nk 'f Qi' , ,L 51 ' , 1,3 , 3 1 3 5 f 3 1 1 1 0 ' 6 I ' x 9 l Z un, 'sal 1 8 6 'I , I S U ., Q. 5 5 I 'V V' , f X , Q ME V v 4 y . A ' Vhyr I ly K ggi., I, ,A .ii is , ik W V.. , Y , 'Hs x ,f,g-,ISM HQ , Q , , fffzkiyf ' 2 4 ,4 'M M w -av Q, Qs 1? Q2 3 if' ar an '3' 3 I 1' C fi J 1 4' f B' a' 4 1 J 1 Q. . . . ,I be an I .w . A 4. W""Wm,,S Q .5 af ,Wg J EW, " ' Amex-' - ' il J L A Q .. Wm IW X : ' ,Q ' 3, ff U 1 ' K ' ' Ns x 4 1 1,1 i?".i ' ' 1. , . f A 'f.k gf. A , 'QA " . 'Q fl..-csv' -"' ,L 1:99 by IV" A f . 11 L 2 m m i 'Q I sv gg .,xK , 5,3 X J A J . Y'-1 'vig ' I Wf zx u , I T' ' K f , ,L,,A, , K fp ,, A ,L,.- V 1, 2. 1' L 1 ' if , w f i ,. i .W X I-ff 1 f- ,V ,,,.- .f f . if -7: QW wr- . '1 A Q - - 493.3-wifszf' , wi. K Qgg,gQff5W,1, ' fist 1 6" ' A 41.4 WW. . . 1 ,rv-...J X .Q,f1gm,gfm,M--XM.1.gfg J xqgy ' - Ki. w' K 4 ri " X mm wif,-fw fl".-fmfx 'M -Y .Lf-A " . '.- ff W .. M , 15' ,fwz-3?iw.a:52f-segzglfw Qa,m,1f.g . 1' 'f N, AA,. , ., f, 4 ' ,N'f,g?:Kgf,fg5Y'S1'Qfl1 M ig' ,Q 'r. :'A f ' .iff I 4 SDJ' f L. q.Jz3'g355b"v2?1Sf Laing. wi'.'5.ififwYS:l '5'7'-qw "Min V f -3E5'i?ff3gIaWrf"L 243- 111- xl ' ' 'QL eh, ,H ,, ...,, vi. -'Wil-5' " K'Lh, ESL vw ' ii" 1 ff! L? Q fir, . iV!rj3'?'P.-.X ' ii., 7 Q' , ,iff 251 1 4,-fd 1 : , 53 ii, , ,,1 X . 1 , ,L ,J gf. in 116625 - - ge. - W". Qu 4 ' ? 1 " fa' xl' K 1 1 .,,4 '- .42 NI fr Q 31 - ' ,ygfff 4344 :a,,f' mffif-ws.: 12.-.f.:f --gi " 'E A 4' nf I ':'g,.1fg??ii1YVi .S ff: ,LQ , ' Nwjlfv' an Ni Q WS. ,I fi! ' :wif -V Vi , ww, ff - - ' v Qi 1 f 4 4:2242 gyf L 1. .-QHQWQQ. .--9 ,A , 132' M + me '-'D' rw? 43? .jx L 'fllwws ' .Lab 1 fe- m1 A ll- if V givin 2 M K 5 2 3 Q.. tm., '5 x Q ' .. -f , H- ' imk K K ' iff: I Lk5i1?71C'f We. Q M , L it Q 2,1 4 N, if , if if 5' - f 'X K -'vi - , A, sg , -aw , L-1 if " X . 5 ffk- sex K.. V. ,J 'ff gk fi if R f I5 5, M.. pf' 2 , My f ,fb L f M 5:4 H, A ' 'i,--, 2 4 I , !,,,,,.,.WQWg gif 5 7 M .. " ' ,M H V Q ' 1 4 V K-4' ,, A I A., , Y ,f N . -he flaf N ' W,-K 'K 1' M 1 -. wgjffj' , . 5 ' ' Q g 52' 1' g if ,Q bv .fb nf xx.. -,-3,u, ,y 4 , 5 Y tp 'Hg Q w,,.. .ny f 1 w ff sy -., -M 'Y -.,.-Q --1,2 V, ., X. , - Z if by :QM M, QQ 1 A I 5. 2 Ji- if 'U s-, A1 ..,......-v K . T 'A' nc' K 16 o I B E ,O J? 5 . 32 . M ' 'J' QA Q 5 3 S' Nl -X A 91 Q, N I V f 2 ,K S aww f :gif - ., QM Q , , 4 ,MJ ,Wy 11 LPA .Y .uf 5 F -. 1-551 A ...x X- 2 .o ' ff' ff-wr-fm, J 5 K., , xl x l A x,3If . I ,, s li 7, J 4 mm n Aw vii? fd' JULJH ILT 07:3 In The firsT acT The auThor genially ouTlines The hisTory of The Town, which is Grover's Corners, N.H., and someThing of The characTer of iTs oiTizens. The second acT concerns The love affair beTween young George Gibbs and liTTle Emily Webb, and Thus cuIminaTes in a moving wedding scene. In The Third acT we are led To The cemeTery on The hill, where many of The Townspeople we have come To know so well are paTienTIy and smilingly awaiTing noT "judQmenT" buT greaTer under- sTanding. lnTo Their midsT is led The bride, a liTTIe Timid aT firsT, a liTTle wishful To go back To life, To live again wiTh her memories. BuT she is shown how impossible, how fuTiIe iT is To reTurn. The pasT cannoT be re- lived. Living people, humans, occupied wiTh Their peTTy occupoTions and small ThaughTs, know liTTe of True joy or happiness. TruTh is To be found only in The fuTure. CasT appearing in "OUR TOWN" byi ThorTon Wilder BRIAN BENNETT . . ..... STAGE MANAGER MARK FINLEY .... .......... M R. WEBB KRIS UHTOFF ...... ....... M RS. WEBB KAREN ALMQUIST . . . .... MRS. GIBB RALPH TRENARY . ,..... MR. GIBB TAMMY SNYDER . . ...... EMILY WEBB STEVE DALEY ..... ...... G EORGE GIBB ANDY HANCOCK .... ..,. H OWIE NEWSOME DAVE BLANTON .... .... C ONSTIPLE WARREN MARK CINOUANTA , . ...,.. SIMON STIMSON MARK CALL ....... ...... J OE CROWELL JOHN BLANTON .,.. . . . WALLY WEBB JUDY HlGGlNS .....,.......... REBECCA GIBB JENNY EAGEN ...,............ MRS. SOAMES DIRECTOR: JUDY THOEMING 4,,' I .-.-Q--MM: f31:!v'ww7z5fz - -' J ' .A ,Q V Z A . 0 'L s W Q gi' "1-w - 4 .QM ---- - H Y " '-,:," iw ., ,, .fu 1, f , ,wr . s 6? uw- A "QF 'F .ma 4? 'int -lf A 5 if xx w, , . M .,x,,,, . Wvgif- Q fw- - -L., F . 1. was T NA 3 QA, A 2 i -A Se Q g 3 'ii' La 45" L 3' H5511-iszrx A ,w Q ii wf 1 ,f.,A-fag. Q . A if 3 B.: gk ., ii. Z 1, . , ,QM A . 3 k v 'M , A 'z :A , ,E 'E X . .if Y. if ' 5 ii, .Li x 'KL 'N ,. . LAN 15:2 'RIA Leos EHQQ-, A 1 Q N v-12:43 .K E VV E A j H Sh Q., ' ..g- ,QA S gg, 'v .Y vb K3 ex 'fa 5 5 iii . 5 I 1 f QE fOCAL SHOWCASE? BAC EVRN LEAR, LIZ TRAVSER, LECOND ROW - COLLEEN JEEJAY SMKTH, DAVID D , Avis, JADHNWGALLAhCjilERVf'AJANET KILBURNA 1'HlRlf5ioAw - KAREN ALMQUIST, LARRY MCKENNA. K1TTY DAYHUFF. ZIER, KENT SMQTH. FRONT ROW - CATHY MORRISON, ALMQUIST, SECRETARVXTREASURER - CATHY MOIQINSGN , , ' A? 1 sf A I ' ' if if if! WM r fu ki , Si ig Sh Q 3. iff WE Sponsor: Ms. Lindo Bellocome Editors: Brion Bennett, Peggy l-ioyes Artists: Andy Corter, Cothy Corby Reporters: Dione Arnold, Theoren Dick, Debbie Eogon, Hope Fisher, Suson Fisher, Jim Groves, Sunhee Juhon, Lynn Kromer, Cheryl Longe, Jim Leis, Brendo Lindsoy, Bruce Longwell, Sondi Lutz, Robert Mor- tinez, Loren Motoyomd, Scott Notion, John Schmidt, Korry Shreeve, Duone Smith, Cliff Stephens, Dennis Trocy, Deb- bie Wickencomp. WESTWIND is o newsmogozine published bi-monthly, entirely ot Arvodo West High School, Arvodo, Colorodo, 80004. Letters to the Editor ore welcome but must be signed with full nome. CNdme withheld upon requestj No molioious or libelous stotements will be published. Let- ters moy be submitted to Ms. Bellocome in Temporory F. Printer: Mrs. Morge Kromer Mm C' Q 1 Our New Westwind Sponsor Lindo Bellocome ifmmms "The Westwind" is the school newspoper which is published monthly. A dedicoted ond hord working stoff seeks out stories from within the depths of the A-West hdlls. This yeor 'tThe Westwind" sought to obtdin d more positive publicotion, through reveoling dcheivments ond occomplishments of the AW students. Edi10rS I il X lJ e-I LE! Geffing sTudenTs To have Their picTures Tak- en and changing yearbook sTaff members every auarfer caused many problems. Due To schedule conflicTs, Rose Benevidez and Jana Cornin dropped Their edlTorship. BuT a few loyal members meT The challenge and 'sTuck wiTh iT' unTil "Pieces of eighT--y" was compleTed. Taking Their ediTorial responsibiliTies serious- ly, are Holly Evans and Lynda ThornTon as ediTors-in-chief, and Helena Richards as assis- TanT edifor. They worked diligenTly even dur- ing Their vacaTion. Befsy Berge, sporTs edifor, almosT single- handeclly compleTed The sporTs secTion. Ka- Tie Kinney assisTed her. G-ina Schalk and Jennifer WorTman were more Than helpful. They made phone calls, Typed worked on The class secTlons, and did whaTever was needed. Debbie Guernsey and Shari Larson worked on The underclass and acTiviTy secTions. Craig HusTon and Paula Robinson were shorT Term asseTs To The sTaff. G-eTTing in on The lasT rninuTe acTion and headaches were Colleen Barlow, Susan Hall, Kim Jacobs, Susan Miller, Jona Tysol, and PeTe Pachen, who capfured our memories on film. OThers who helped briefly were Carole Molloy, Shelly BayeTTe, Yvonne Benevidez, Don Burke, Cheryl Suhanyi, STeve Boef, Jim Anderson, Carrie Schnapp, Michelle McCol- lum, Wayne Moon, and Lennie Mills. 3-Q ii X 2 1' '1TA3x12 'if iQ Q ,- .J gd.: 2 ff 1 M9 f M, f i DECA Clubs The Arvada Wesf chapfer of DisTribuTive Educafion Clubs of America claims 22 members. Some of The club's acTiviTies include visiTing Ridge Home and Training CenTer aT Halloween and Thanksgiving and holding various fund ralsers for DisTricT and STaTe compeTiTion meeTs. SixTeen members will be compeTing in The DisTricT meeT To be held January 27 81 28. The areas of compeTiTion are: adverTising services, apparel 84 accessories, finances 84 crediT, food markeTing, food service, general merchandising and peTroleum markeTing. The Top five winners of DisTricT will conTinue To The STaTe meeT To be held aT The Broadmoor HoTel March 2,3 84 4. Officers for DECA are: MVC ROVTWOS. Leslie Haymes, PFGSTCTGDT Se-CreTQry Maureen Mellecker, Mike Glenn, Vice PresidenT Treasurer Joe Quinones is The coordinafor and sponsor. ff . Q x ackie Whife .HW FBLA FuTure Business Leaders of America is a youTh orienTed club for sTudenTs who plan To make business a career. The members par- Ticipafe in disTricT and naTional compeTiTion in differenf business skills. The club also has money making projecTs To pay for Their em- ployee - employer luncheon, which is held every year. This money is also puT To work To do communiTy and social work. Officer: Track A: Presidenf, CaThy RusT: Vice Presi- denT, Karen FiunTer: SecreTary, BeTh BasneTT: Treasurer, Sharon lVlicaleTTi: l2eporTer, Cindy Langely. Track C: PresidenT, Linda Morgan, Vice PresidenT, Colleen Barlow: Treasurer, Lisa PeTerson: SecreTary, G-ayla Uzelac: Re- porTer, Sally Wickam. Sponsor: Jackie Whife. 'QW S Key Cilluo A KEY CLUB is o High School service Club lT is mode up of The Key young people of The High School wlTh The dlrecT opprovol of The school princlpol lTs pur pose is To give service To The school ond To The communiTy ln oddlTlon The Key Club offords on excellenf Troinlng ground for developing leodership ond cmzenshlp MEMBERS Jocoue Neff PresldenT Llso Hurford Vice PresldenT Moureen RlTzel SecreTory Dove STockerT Treosurer Bo dll Aronsson Susie Bocheller Eddy Brewer Mike Furlong STeve Gogllono CoThy Glb bons Lourle Hdrnmlll Dee Dee Mills Solly Row Lourolne Smifh Sondl STroud Suson Swenson Dennis Trocy FACULTY ADVISORS Alon Wllderrnon Dole Dominic . ,.J. ,l. E' HA. AcTiviTies begon in SepTember wiTh porTici- poTion in The energy Expo sponsored by Fi-lA, Public Service Co, dnd Words. Arvodo WesT sTudenTs worked ds poges QT The exposifion. The disTricT leodershi conference wos held D The flrsT porT of OcTober ond four members oTTended. Second-holf of The yeor plons include d comrnunlTy service projecT, The sToTe conven- Tion oT The Broddrnoor in Colorodo Springs in Morch ond ossisTonce wiTh The heolTh owore- ness doy oT Arvodo WesT. Officers for The yeor ore: PresidenT, KoyTe Quin: Vice-PresidenT, Liso Bollig: SecreTory, Re- gino KreuTzer5 ond Treosurer, KrisTlne Reeves: Sponsor, BeTh Hoys. i ,, 5 9 , S- I' r Y 'F NW'-.. UnbeknownsT To oll buT The mosT ersTlle fonoTics, Arvddo WesT hos o speech Teom ond hos nod one for fourfeen yeors. The Teom, sponsored by lvlr. Lorry l-lovens, provides mony differenT Types of compeTiTive speoking opporTuniTies for inTeresTed sTudenTs. The Three bosic speoking coTegories ore Public Speoking Qwhich includes originol ordTion, ond boys ond girls exTemporoneous speokingy, lnTerpreToTion of LiTeroTure qincluding humor, dromo, ond poefryj, ond DebdTe QCross-ExominoTion ond Lincoln-Douglos sfylep. The speech Teom seoson, which runs from OcTober To April, consisfs of o number of TournomenTs of vorious schools in Colorodo. LosT yedr's schedule included TournomenTs in Triniddd, Colorodo Springs, ForT Collins ond Denver, ds well os numerous oTher evenTs in locol schools like Arvodo, Pomono, ond Golden. The speech Teom offers mony rewords for successful compeTiTors. Trophies ond ribbons ore ofTen oworded dT TournomenTs, ond mosT speech Teom members become eligible for membership in The NoTionol Forensic Leogue, on Honorory socieTy for compeTiTive speokers noTionwide. STudenTs moy olso eorn o school leTTer Through compeTiTion wiTh The speech Teom. While winning is, of course, on imporTonT godl ThoT oil speech Teom members sTrive for, iT is ofTen secondory To The ideo of hoving fun, meeTing new people, ond improving one's communicofion skills. A closs is offered for speech Teom members, coiled Forensics. Anyone on The Teom, or inTeresTed in joining The Teom, con Toke The closs, which provides on opporTuniTy for in-cldss procTice ond compeTiTion. LEAR, MIKE BRUBAKER 'Mr gf -L: H 5 . , . ' ,r . M if ,i ,Rf - in 1 Cfiiiitetgl Amd Wa I BTI-11 Feld! -1 .....l.n.J..a.n .n.J...a GlfTed ond ToIenTed under The guidonce of Triebd LdforTe, ond Lorry O'Donnell is inTo The second yeor os dn exTremely successful piloT progrom developed for sTudenTs ThoT hove demonsTroTed obiliTy To Think obsTrocTly, ond perform oT high- er levels of Thinking. The humoniTies progrdm is o Two hour block offered To soph- omores ThdT will fulfill governmenT, U.S. HisTory, essoy, liTeroTure ond speech requiremenTs in English ond Sociol STudies ored. The junior yeor will cover world hisTory, economics, liTeroTure ond wriTing requiremenTs. Seniors will hove on individuolized sTudy cenTering on sTudenT needs. AT presenT There ore 20 juniors ond 24 sophomores pdrTici- pdTing in The progrom. They ore exposed To philosophy, music, liTeroTure, drT, orchiTecTure ond hisTory which hove been The bdsis for wesTern civilizdTion. 533193 Senior Seminor is on educdTionol progrdm which dllows sTu- denTs ond sToff The opporTuniTy To breok owoy from The Time ond spdce limiTdTions of The clossroom ond To involve The sTudenTs dcTively in The world oround Them. The semindr is broken down inTo four uniTs. These uniTs ore OccupoTionolfVocoTionol, CommuniTy Service, Personol GrowThfAdvenTure, ond CreoTiviTy. The overoll objecTives of The course ore To hove The sTu- denTs develop on improved self imdge, brooden Their owore- ness of The world, ond To give Them The obiIiTy To funcTion in o group. Bob Drew hos sponsored Senior Seminor for eighT yedrs. I I ' l ,ris 3 I w' y ggi ,, T35-IZPiQr,li:Hfvf2 I s .,,. ,. 17 A W I ,Z ggfiiw W wk Ii F' O Shy' NHS Sponsor L-47 Carol Rich, V.P., BeTh GeIroTh, Sec., Ben Nelson, Pres., Karen AImquisT, Treas., Lori Holden, Exec. Member LlfJ'Q.'Hi.OJI.'1l.a.1 EIQLEQIP SOJCIJQQEY' Sponsors: Linda Manning 84 Ben Brauch Officers: Ben Nelson - PresidenT, Carole Rich - Vice PresidenT BeTh G-eIroTh - SecreTary, Karen AlmauisT - Treasurer ExecuTive Council Members: Lori Holden 84 Coleen Shannon This pasT year, The Honor SocieTy has sponsored many ac- TiviTies. They held a dinner dance, sponsored 2 faculTy meeT- ings, faculTy appreciaTion day, The ValenTines Dance and Their firsT annual Scholarship BanaueT which honored sTudenTs re- ceiving scholarships, Top 4096, 4.0 awards and oThers. Our Honor SocieTy deserves This TiTIe for They have done many services for our school. Members 4979-80 KAREN ALMQUIST MELANEE HANSON DARCEE ROTH CHRIS BAKER LORI HOLDEN DOROTHY ROUSE ROSE BENAVIDEZ MIKE HORNE LISA ROWLEY LISA BOLLIG MICHELLE HUMPHERY SUSAN SCHEITZER WALTER BURKHART KAREN HUNTER COLLEEN SHANNON SCOTT CARPENTER PATTIE HURRELL ROY SHEPARD KERI CHRISTIANSEN JUDY JOHANSEN JOHN SHUGRUE JANA COMIN DAREN KING TAMMY SKUFCA MARTHA COX KEVIN LEAR DEEDEE SMOLEN LISA DAURIO ANITA LEDERHOS CARL STEEVES SANDRA DAVIS SUE MACASKILL LYNDA THORNTON DARIO DEI-PICCOLO JELL MARTAIN TONY TYRRELL JULIE DUTCHER MIKE MCKANNA BOB WILLIAMSON ROB DYER LEA MITTELSTUEDT CARI WILSON WENDY EVENS CATHY MORRISON BETH GELROTH BOB FLOERKE BEN NELSON JANELL TIDYMAN MIKEAL GLENN CAROLE RICH SABRINA BUTTRAM RANDY GROVE ELEIN REIMER DEDE SWAN JULI GUYER DAN ROHLF ' Q 3 ry I J I 5.4 4 i' by Wendyhtvl lberry 11 ang I 11. .v 3 , X rs I ff- ff ' .zf A f ' -fn I I M at 4, , F wb ' b 5 Q is ' I ,QIA . A .X ' ,pw 4' t ,..,,. ' . ' 5 f . f .Ks fill X Z it 3 'ws.,,L:"'f W Kwan- 'X '73 qv"- ' STudenT GovernrnenT helped bring The holidoy spiriT To Arvddo WesT. They sponsored o Tree ond door decorofing conTesT. They olso porTicipoTed in The 'Toys for ToTs' progrom ond collecfed over 650 cons of food for Th Jeffco AcTion CenTer. They hove dlso spon- sored ocTiviTies ofTer school such os ddnces, Bronco NighTs ond boking cookies. JdniTor ond Secrefory op- precioTion weeks were olso observed. RefreshmenTs for The quorTerly PdrenTfTeocher Conferences hove been provided by STudenT GovernmenT. They hove dlso supplied dinners for The Tedchers in beTween The sessions. During 3rd QuorTer, STudenT Governmenf sold colendors To roise money. The cdlendor soles broughT in d profiT of over S400 which will be used for school improvernenfs. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: ron ThouTT Ann Semon Rob D er Michelle WhiTe. Sho . , y . Tricio BurTon, Cdrolyn Vonce, Sunhee Juhon. SPONSOR: Doug MiTchell J 4 fry. ' gf 'X- X . , i i .s f K - Cheryl Tiegs, Mickey Mouse, And Pin Ups ForTy-four, click, six, click, TwenTy-Two. This wos o Typicdl Three number combinoTion for o locker. Groy rows line boTh sides of The holls. Hidden inside some of The meTdl boxes were colorful decoroTions, ond messoges. PosTers of Cheryl Tlegs, Forrdh FowceTT, Ziggy cdrToons, colendors, memo-boords, mirrors, ond pornogrdphic moTeriols were whoT mony sTudenTs puT up in Their comporTmenTs. Mony messdges in forms of groffiTi oppedred on numerous lockers. 'THl" ond "lVleeT yo here dfTer school" were jusT d couple of quickly scribbled noTes. Lockers noT only served ds o ploce for sToring books ond cooTs, buT olso provided d goThering ploce for friends. SomeTimes over 8 people clusTered in fronT of o locker, ldughing ond Tolking, ond Then dispersed for cldsses dT The sound of The bell. MosT sTudenTs inTerviewed The crowded condiTions - iT gives Them d chonce To be friendly ond become beTTer dcqudinTed. OTher issued sToTemenTs like: "Doesn'T moTTer l don'T use Them, They ore noT privdTe enough." sToTes Alex MOCLOQOFTT "They ore ugly groy cubicles." .lone Doe sold. UT477 should be dondTed To The LocksmiTh Co." remorked L. H. AT The end of eoch qudrTer during locker cleon- up Time, mony o missing iTem oppeors, ond mony iTems oppedr ThoT should hdve been missing. In The evenT This needs explondTion, see lvlr. Word, Mrs. GilroTh or cusTodidns. Decorations Add To Decor Of Gray Rows Of Lockers THE LOCKER SCENE sELooivr' ' ' " SEEN 249 Wendy was an exhibiTor aT STock Show and is currenTly The Queen of a A-l-l club. SUSAN HALL Susan compeTed aT The STock Show in The youTh equi- TaTion classes. NORMAN CAMPBELL Norman was an exhibiTor aT The STock show where he COFTTDGTGG in The ADDOIOSG CKJSSGS. SCOTT CARPENTER ScoTT compeTed in The STock Show wiTh his rabbiT and received a Trophy. AW' PFELEEQGQBQEQ In Show The 74Th annual NaTional WesTern STock Show was held January 'IO-49 in The Denver Coliseum. IT was a Time of Tun for Those who wenT To waTch and a Time of Tense compeTiTion for Those who parTicipaTed for a chance To win prizes and a purse of money. Some of The classes included rough sTock such as Broncos and Brahma Bulls, while oThers included riding any breed of horse aT a slow gaiT. There were also conTesTs which involved rabbiTs, chickens, guinea pigs, eTc., ThaT were judged on how healThy The owner kepT Them. The NaTional WesTern STock Show is The largesT in The U.S. where people from all over The world compeTe. Some sTudenTs from Arvada WesT who compeTed in The STock Show and did noT geT Their picTure Taken. Cherri Redd Karen BarTleTT CynThia Nigro Leslie Bollig ChrisTina Fabrizio Lisa Bollig AW parficipafes in CLOSE-UP: L-R Back John Yeager, Alan Tafe, Lisa Mosier. Front Carolyn Vance, Sunhee Juhon, Sponsor Rich Feely. NOT Pictured: Laura Williams, Lisa Smith. EW' SEEEGEQELES EIPQVBL 'TQ PuTTing aside Their TexTbooks, AW sTudenTs go To WashingTon for a firsT hand assessmenT of Their govern- menT. Close-Up brings TogeTher indi- viduals represenTing many points of view. SenaTors, RepresenTaTives, lobby- isTs and oTher newsmakers describe whaT They do and where They sTand on criTicai naTional issues. Close-Up means parTicipaTion -- sTudenTs learn how They can be involved in governmenT and are encouraged To follow up wiTh direcT parTicipaTion when They reTurn To Their communi- Ties. Close-Up is mulTi-parTisan. A Typi- cal seminar begins wiTh a shorT inTro- ductory sTaTemenT by The speaker followed by a quesTion and answer session for The sTudenTs. These semi- nars provide a forum for The direcT exchange of informaTion beTween sTudenTs and key figures in The WashingTon poliTical scene. lvlosT sTudenTs pay Their own way, but fellowships and granTs are avail- able. Any sTudenT doing saTisfacTory work may parTicipaTe. "Close Up has emphasized and demonstrated how Important people's concern and Involvement ls. I Ilked meeting people and hearing all the dltterent opinions." - Sunhee Juhon 251 PAULO FRIAS CBRAZILJ Poulo come To Americo To leorn The cusToms, improve his English ond To geT To know The people. He Thinks The mosT inTeresTing Thing obouT Americo is ThdT someThing differenf hoppens every doy. According To Poulo The schools ore much horder in Brozil Thdn in Amer- ico. He soys The school doy sTdrTs dT 7 o.m. ond goes unTiI 42:30. He finds people friendly ond willing To help. BODILL ARONSSON SWEDEN Bodill come To Arnerico To leorn o greoT deol ond To ' grow os o humon being. She soys ThoT There ore rnony woys The school sysfems dif- fer, for insTonce in Sweden The sTudenTs sTorT dT oge seven ond go unfil ninTh grode. Then They hove o choice befween work or fur- Thering Their educofion. She olso soys ThdT school is much horder in Sweden Thdn in Ame-rico. As for os The peo- ple in. Americd, she soys They ore dll willing To help her, buf very few do iT on Their! own occord. JOHANNA FRIBERG SWEDEN Johdnnd come To Americo To see ond leorn obouT USA ond To leorn To speok English like she speoks Swedish. She soys ThdT The school sysfems differ in Thof in Sweden iT is much horder To geT on A. She soys ThdT people here ore friendly buT few help her on Their own iniTioTive. GRAHAM DEWITT CANADA Grohorn come To Americo To see whoT schools ore like ond fol- low-up wiTh d Universi- Ty. He soys schools in Conodo ore more sTricT ond horder. He finds people friendly ond helpful. Foreign There ore eighT Foreign Exchdnge sTudenTs oTTending Arvddo WesT. The Teochers, sTu- denTs ond odrninisTroTion would like To wel- come These sTudenTs ond hope They ledrned o gredT deol ond enjoyed Their sfo y. The yeorbook sToff wds unoble To conTocT Andrew LindsTendT, from Sweden. 1, . l aa.. . 6, UWE FELDMANN GERMANY Uwe become inTeresTed in coming To The U. S. Through Tolking To oTher foreign exchdnge sTudenTs, ond T. V. He wonTed To see The UniT- ed SToTes in reol life. He feels Thof The schools differ very much: They hove o school similor To our elemenTory buT iT is four yeors long. ln Ger- mony sTudenTs don'T hove Their own cors like we do of Arvodo WesT. He finds This very inTer- esfing. He is noT going To confinue his educo- Tion here. TADASU TODA JAPAN MOHAIVIMAD ADRA LEBANON High school in Lebonon is bosed on scho- IosTic yeorg while in omericd iT is bosed on quorTer crediT hours. We hove d choice of subjecfs, ond in Lebonon iT is one sTondord progrom for The whole yeor. PoliTicdl siTuo- Tions is whoT forced Mohdmmod To come To The UniTed SToTes. Mohommod wds sur- prised To find ThoT mdny of The high school sTudenTs ore noT inTeresTed in being well educdfedi insfedd They jusf wonT To gro- duoTe. According To Todosu, high school is noT required buf mosf junior high sTudenTs conTinue inTo high school. He Took o Tesf To geT inTo The exchdnge pro- grom. He finds subjecfs mosT in- TeresTing of Arvddo WesT. .Y .,., -1. 1 1 L. 4 4 s f 5, 1. .16 mci-tes or snow IN neuvsn N erga e 15' 0 , ' Eh? d- U 6 BUF' "1 gi 1 - - ii ii Defdde ,S lop 5I'0f 5 tw, - my gg 61" "" ' 'f, jiij, Q W .-.,. ,,,, .,,. ' --.- - " , 1 1 9 "Ak"' ' ' 9 ' , .....-., Ui- 5 LISTS Defcde S Top Al 0 Stories eluded the energy crisis, inflation, the 5 f' , , , , SALT treaty, events in the Mideast - A Wdere-are the top ltl. stories of the Jonestown in Guyana. 119785 - and Camhomat the Three Mile IS!and of UTS J' ' I . ' - the DC-10. ,f g 1. The Watergate scandal and Presi- ed States. 41971-79y Tho M, Fmmrs and broadcasters 1 limi Richard NXOWS f95'S"3UG'1- S. The Mideast -- The 1973 war and also chose the Watergate crisis as the t tl9,73+7:l g cn ,S Gsm 79, the 1978 settlement between Israel and top :story of the decade, in a separate t L. e ener y si . '- P Egypt. bauntvl . .1 wf4r?'h0 end 0f We WSI' In Vlffmam- 9. The incursion into Cambodia and llere is the order of finish in voting 1 If - 'U 4 v I A th sh t- t K t St t A 197 for the top ten stories of 1979: The F39 F91 0111000 and hosiege e 00 mgs a en fu C 0, 1. The Iranian Revolution and hos- , crisis. 09195 ltl. The nuclear accident at Three tags Crisis 5. The H1lH'C19l'S and H7355 Sllicidi? at iiiland. The abcidcni at the Three IS- 1 " "1 or "" T 'A'-"' "f'fNd'1llii':'LTr""""""'V '-"'-. M" is "" land nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. b 3. The continuing energy crisis, which led to gas lines at American ser- W 6 vice stations f or the first time since the y , 5 Arab oilembergo of 1973. K 3 A 4. The Armvrtcan economy, marker! O Q by the decline of the dollar overseas ' s V Q and an inflation rate that rose 13 per- X O cent over 12 months. A 6 5. The crash of an American Airlines New V Q Q9 DC-10 in rznu-ago that mired 273 andthe v , 0 S subsequent worldwide grounding of ' , Q 5 X Q that wide-bodied plane. M a lL 9 6. Mideast peace, as Israel and ' ' , Q . Egypt signed and put into effect the , 0 Q treaty that had been worked out at S l Camp David. g y 3 7. The visit of Pope John Paul II to iq, the United States and Ireland. . . b 8. Starvation in Cambodia after a I n I n t 2 decade of revolution, counterrevolu- l tion and invasion. ' A i 9. The signing of the second Strate- gic Arms Limitation Treaty - SALT II Eglin F t - and the debate over its ratification. 4- f ' -'-r- 1 10. The challenge to President Jim- A V' .5 uf my Carter hy Sen. Edward M. Kenne- a .aa 7 ' it s X . dy- . 55 2: --" " " " 'S' xx 7 l n t V 6 A use-.rm ummm AYJYRX Sikh! xyi'-""'-"1 0 O i'5 if old price hits 5649. govt ef 519 L69 as spiral continues lb' Vest teacher no Frisbee R 'ea If - he 'S world Che mp art Parks calls pageant firing Q2 X r it bb ' f 0 .ANTIC CITY, N.J. UPI - Bert , said Thursday he fvas surprised G e S G y 0 9 9 iocked to be fired after 25 years as A 0 0 er of ceremonies of the Miss w Q Q gf ica Pageant. 0 9 9 6 A . Q o 0 L Q2 Ising prices pour fuel C5 gs 6 5,0 n fires of U.S. inflation Zuts in oil imports gfig. 9, 9 ought by Carter '23, ' o e , -r Embq: A'?'e"lcan 41 sy In ,fan Q ,951 . C ' 05,8 '73 869098 . . P 91-- Nativity 04-,:s,'co,, Scarmg em away DISpU1'e 0 Q , ,' ,,,, , f ,m,, 5 M, .. U1 ,f V ,.gg '-sxfgfs-i ' , A Q 1, fi, , ,Q Wm. , .5 be ,mm .ff , , , 'V A , ,, ,fi ff . 1, X ,.V, . - - ,v r K, V V- , V ' , ,. "' ' A 1 W, V f"' 'L'L- , A ,, I. 'I 'A " " " " ' I- - 1 AA'. V Q W'A' F? , g ff , - . 1 A -I If V Vt . ' 1 V , , f ' A AA-L F QW H, I 4 , ., in Gin hx, ,, ' Bw? I 'rf ,.,, y 5 , . ff ,V ,W , f", , az 1 , 2 fri" ,M fmnf ' ' ' V. ,M "X ' "Y , wb , , , ,wg ' , ' , ,V , 'X 4' f H W rg ' MAJ. A, my 5 xg V' ,' :' ' " 'IP-iQLL,i, '?Y11f,"' 7' - , , A , . 1, , , .,:1 Q17 , 2 yi :Q'i" f5 ' , . H . ' 4 g.,,yf,,' ,, ,, M, ilyiigi igi f ' ,K ' A . . 2 , I ,M 5, ,,L, Q, -,,, 'Q . Nl . ,J , ,, Jvmzx...-L: SG3I.'LOJ1.a.!?Sl'!.ii.1,9J N.Iv1.S. Finalist: Back Row - Dave Arius, John Shugrue, Mike Brubaker Froni Row - Dan Rolf, Gail Cheney, Kevin Lear G-ir1's Stare represeniaiives Karen Alrnquisi, Val Parks, DeDe Smolen. NOT Picrured: Susan Schweitzer at -W S x ' law VW? was sv . 1, Quee And King ley Wayne Moon Y 3 E: 1 K . S 1 . y M :df k I 5- s 1 Senror Lynda Thomion, Alon Dario Del Piccolo, Keri Koylor Christiansen 4 I i Senior i Rob Dyer, '.J'r-I 'rrl il tl -I-I-I Today was The biggesT day of The year And for weeks and weeks you'd had To waiT To be asked To The Junior-Senior Prom BuT you finally goT a daTe. You decided iT was Time To sTarT geTTing ready Since you were leaving in less Than an hour Your dress fif perfecT, your make-up was greaT BuT your hair goT drenched in The shower, Finally you're ready, you'd done whaf you could And your daTe arrived aT The door OuT came The camera along wiTh The neighbors Did you really wanT To go anymore? He held a box from The flower shop WiTh a corsage jusT for you Anxiously you rip if open To find The flower you're allergic To. Well The evening progresses in The same usual sTyle WiTh dinner aT The mosT eleganT place in Town BuT you ordered chicken insTead of sTeak And wiped your greasy fingers all over your gown. BuT af lasf you made iT To The dance Or aT leasT To The main fronf door BuT when you have To buy your shoes Two sizes Too big ANYONE could've fallen flaT on The floor. You expecfed To dance wiTh digniiy To a band Thaf couldn'T be beaT BuT afTer one song you could easily Tell They were from The junior high across The sTreeT. AT midnighT your daTe was ready To leave For The punch had made him sick His enTire body broke ouT in hives And he wasn'T having much of a kick. You walked To The car for The long ride home And would you believe The car was sfolen? You had To walk in Those dinky shoes And boy were your ankles swollen. Finally home, you looked a wreck You bid him goodnighT wiTh a sob And you said "Thanks a loT Tom, I had a good Time." And you remembered his name was Bob. Suzie Brungard J' ll was fun and enlighl- ening and I learned a lol about people. - DeDe Smolen -J "Time gone by is a lhing of the pasl." - Dave Tolbert The Year Gone By As we look back upon the year, we cry a lear as we remember the limes we share here's lo lhe nexl years' loves, hearlaches and joys By Laura Weber 1 Rs bf 'rJ -.I mx , fwunanq JW, U Ag V, . X. 'gf "W aA,,l 1 f W- Q 23" , ,, 4 m. 'L 7.1" ,,,, , ,, , ,- X f :ww t M I 4' k7""5Z: f'50 f ' K ,ML -f 'i5,:f, ' + CW " ' ,,,, 'f l ' .. L!" " : M -ff , z1f ?- y 5 , H.,:.,,,i , Q, ' ff. v-1- i"' , ' '. , f L ' . ' ' ' , 1 ' ' L 7 5 2 I . Q M A .Z A A ,bqfgz i .. k ,, ,ML K 4 --.Q ,N . I .4 V ,mm 1 A ,an . - x 4 -X . -rr ' ' Y . , .W - ,K 4 ' 1, QA, Y ' 5 ', 0 x , Q f ff f n . A 4 - wi - Y X, ' Vw 1 - . A - 3, W w - ' 1 1' 5: 4 - ' ky- , 9-W' W. ' W 1' - fifggmff-:'+7X ivan Q.. , , A k 5, byvx 4., x si , V 2 V, A AQVM I 5 ' rrif L 1 , in ' V. ' Kb-- ,K A - ' f V L: sq 1 , ' - C. , ' i -K ' N '44 ,R , 'M , ' MJ -1,,,f.K,... . 1 'W 'W rfffw if 21,1 ' ' ' f 'Q J 3. . ' I, k . we-1 v f ' -' A .. . , , ' V 4. - L k 3 . .Q . .4 k f7'1'z' ,, 'fix ' ' , Lina ..L " f-554-lift' 5 1' - i ' M"' N , A H 'V V , h 'q'f7g5?'6"A 'f N .,,.. - 'ss ff yi. , . , , k K ,A V .V . . ,j,W'Ji,l. MQ ' ' f ,. ', . M ,- 1 ' V I--' -N I , In 1 ami' "wg, 42,3 ' M' p .Mg '31 'QQ W, ,M ,Lf L , ' - ' 'L ' Q 'V ff' ' ' M27 ' , " 'A' ' i,Jn711,V""-W? . Q, , " " , . x y . WIV- X ., .. K , .I - 2 ,, , M - ' . I ' ffg 'W5L,49'f'f1i55'59,f1,.,f4,.f N. " f Lff4f544,,,-vg.aL.fzLQ '54 v,W,wvf.: 4' ,lx B Q-L.SJ6QJallF'1.9J3 563.3-EBCSDIE. Team Outlook - Arvada West lost only two starters, Pitcher Mike Sheehan and Catcher Mark Lehl. Greg lsenhart returns at first base. Greg was the leading hitter for the Wildcats last year and also lead the team in stolen bases. Andy Rodriguez re- turnsat second base, and was part of the pivet combination that set the record for double plays.tThe other half of the d ishbinationfis short stop Mike Horne. Mike could challenge Greg lsenhart for the batting title. Third base seems sound with Joe Reagon at that position. lygy Dyle who moved from right field to poSSeSQS The arm in the league and us out a lot. Ddni Batt should be a sound addition to the outfield. The other outfield looks like a battle between Steve Dolan and Johns h. The catching posi- tion will most likely be filled with Joe lsenhart. The pitching, which means the success or failure of at team, will be filled by senior Mike Butcher and junior Rich lsenhart and Dave Snow. lf they continue to improve with the rest of the team, it could be a good season for Arvada West Basebaii. , , xg . ai-, ,, . . ,fl T 1 if 1 W, K .- MW Q f' y QQ, WW - wx. W of .J . . 5, . , 4 .. '-- . ,. V A . 1-if I MSL? W?m'?Ri Q --ld' V , 56 g . 4 . . ,270 V ' V , f 0' lf' , fr 1 Y fy, g., ' M ff' : . J 4 gfffflf I - 'I 'I "'1 W W M J ,yr I ' wiv- K N Af Mfr ,V I J ,Q-5 , " 1 V " 'I sf .4 4? U' ' , 41 ' , 'fan N,EY zu I ,M Aw V ' ."' 1 V f, f 4 ,',. g, 1 v . ,fr .': I 2 H 1 .! gxr X707 ,- half . ,"- - H ,ir ,,..:,.- 1 .J X ,. -J f -,W ,K , , If-'K ,W fn' ,J .M 17, wf s. finished Their 4979 season wifh a 7-A record. The loss of close maTches againsf Arvada, Golden, and Columbine made iscnweirzeri Took 4Th in disTricT T352 4979 Girl's Tennis Team Back Row: Ros Rodriauez, Judi Deforge, Lisa Donnan, Susie Bacheller, Tina ProffifT, Keri ChrisTlansen, Maureen Dooley, Coach Mary Kvamme, Middle Row: Maureen Kerrigan, Sharon Lynn, Lori Sfuck, Julie Kerrigan, Lorri Neilson, Denise Naglich. Fronf Row: Sheryl Vessa, JeaneTTe Langer, Sue SchweiTzer Capfain, Colleen Dooley, Mary Brace, Maureen Krug. , WY, l,,, S The Arvada WesT Girl's Tennis Team The difference between 2nd 5Th place in The league pasT season. Junior ouTsTanding season, iriil ci and only Three mafch loses f1ouT of The Twenfy- six mafches played. Jeaneffelganger Took 3rd in league and 2nd in disTrio353,,i,which qualified for sTaTeiaT1.a23 Susan singles. Maureen Krug and Sheryl Vessa Took 3rd in disTricT aT wifi doubles The MosT Valuable rriii Player as The OuTsTanding Dooley aT JM singlesiiflhei Oufsf ding Junior was Susan Schweifzer aT Tif, 32 singles and Sheryl Vessa was, The Oufslganding Senior aT aiffl doubles v Back Row: Coach Achzieger, Brenda Payfair, Lynn Smith, Laura Bisque, lvlona Fasih, DeeDee Swan, Christine Knight, Debbie Jones, Cheryl Orr, Coach Wiiiebon' l Middle Row: Jody Landriih, Paiii Finken, Sharon Anile, Leslie Haymes, Kim Krefl, Jenny Siogsdill, Kaihy Hinz, Pam Pfoff, Cheryl Harris, Kaihi Bennefi ' Froni Row: Dollie Meyers, Lisa Turner, DeeDee Brun, Karen Barileli, Kathy Macauley, Ginger Quinlan, Rufh Nelson i Q . . .f . , I X , z 5 3 XKA l :aus .H fi... . . . . f--'f?f--- ' -5 iiiflvi? f . s ' My 5 .. .A JY . ,.,,.,, fi 1 , 4 nrlvfg. 'fy wa: ' Haig? ...,,k fm. V., ,SM-.N 'fig 4 . . A-fa.. M Q . ri fi .,..,..' 1'-'Q'-v--T E2 1 I Y T Boys seT by pasT Teams. impressive finishes in Thew A major meeTs sho A d Th T Th' we a is was a very y Boy's Track finished firsT picfcie Inviifafionai, Aurora Reiaysfdfeagiiie The Liberfy Beil inviTaTionai. iiii in 2nd Place aT DisTricT The Team ilaced , . f R+. in The5.sTeiTe meefjgand The 880 yd. - 11ii.i Team. The cojfisisfed A iiss Larghe, Biily Rob Ciibriogiio, and N iir'iii Junior hurdler Rich TofT was The sTaTe 20 yd. High Hurdles. OTher place finishers included e- ' - 1 Largh Discus. TOO yd. dash, Sfeve Kinney 88Q,.3gqi. run, BACK ROW L TO R - J. GANTENBEIN - K. ESBENSON - T. GRIFFITHS - M. ANTHONY - B. KIDNAY - P. WILSON - S. POWELL - L. BECK - S. BEALS - D. BLANTON - K. BENNETT - J. HUNSAKER - L. FORD - G. HUNSAKER - R. BROSSART. 3RD ROW L TO R - HEAD COACH J. ZAJAC - COACH B. MCGREGOR - G. MOORE - D. CAREN - K. PAINTER - M. SWALLOW - G. VELASQUEZ - A. KAYLOR - K. BARNES - S. WYANT - S. SACHS - D. CUARADO - S. HUNT - MGR. T. HODSON - MGR. J. THEIS. 2ND ROW L TO R - COACH L. COURKAMP - D. TOFF - B. MONTOYA - M. YACOVETTA - G. THURSTON - L. VELASQUEZ - R. CAPRIOGLIO - L. CARMICHAEL - D. SIMONTON - M. THOMPSON - P. HOGAN. FRONT ROW L TO R - A. EC-G-ERS - J. VELASQUEZ - D. TEMBY - G, ANDERSON - J. LARGHE - B. SCHUCH - D. TEMBY - J. COATS - D. ANDERSON - E. KEPPLEMANN - J. HARDEN - S. KINNEY. ug 15 f.f'riWBAr.L N fvazgg 4?'f--riff' N'iii?f'?T5' we Footboli Cooches: L - R Bock Row, Jim Zojoc, Ron Klott, Brion McGregor Heod Cooch, Mork LGGFODG, Ed Achziger. Front Row, Rick Byrom, Bob Ammon, John Oyer, Morty Asbury. Not Pictured: Dove Horris. 'U'Q.IPS1.E'y' EUQQJ1? all AYQI-293 3 Siwl gi :mzvi'HAu, Footboli Mdnogers: L-R, Terry Hodson, Boyd Thurstona Mike Anthony, Eat Toylor. Not Pictured: Mork Corroi, Mork Fisher. K S-K5 l .fyv Q A xx' t ge 4' w 9 V fy v' ' ' QT. .HQ ' W. -fl rw 1 fy 4 0 1 vw q , www, xv gm, :Ara da ,,,, .,,f 7, x Q l i gt: 4 5 b.,...vA.s.i..a WILDCAT VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row L-R Coach John Oyer, Coach Jim Zajac, Coach Mark LaGrone, Head Coach Brian McGregor, Coach Marty Asbury, Coach Ed Achziger, Coach Bob Ammon, Coach Ron Klat Coach Rich Byrom. 5th Row Jim Graham, John Schroeder, Manager Pat Taylor, Manager Mike Anthony, Manager Boyd Thurston, Brad Mitchell, Chuck Oliver. Ath Row Scott Beals, Ric Powell, Scott Luthy, Steve Hill, Tim Barenberg, Mike Sheridan, Steve Novotny. 3rd Row Bob Proffitt, Darrell Simonton, Jim Harrell, Mark Yacovetta, Doug Koeltzow, Matt Halverson, Jir Gantenbein. Joe lsenharl. 2nd Row Dan DeJiacomo, Paul Hogan, Greg Svenson, Alan Ranson, Lyle Starr, Leon Miller, Todd Ross, Tim Marshall. 'lst Row Rich Toft, Mitch English, Fred Ernes Alan Kaylor, Steve Wyant, Bob Young, Kirt Adams, Rick Johnson. Front Row Manager Terry Hodson, Wayne Moon, Mike Applegate, Ken Curtis, Mark Dyle, Mark Swallow, Chris Baker, Dc Rohlf, Brian Phillips. Not Pictured: Coach Dave Harris, Bret LaGaurdla, Scott Wells, Manager Mark Carroll 3 ,,,MM ik 272 VARSITY AW 23 MITCHELL AW 44 EVERGREEN AW 44 LAKEWOOD AW 43 cOLuivi3iNE Avv 7 GOLDEN Avv 28 ,JEEEERSON AW 25 WHEATRIDGE 3 AW , 36 ,ARVADA AW '24 TTEQOMONA, g Avv 34 LAKEWOOD Avv 27 KENNEDY , 4 444 AW 3 GRAND,-JBNOTION 43 24 3 24 0 4? JUNIOR VARSITY 6 AW 24 LAKEWOOD 3 7 AW 34 EVERGREEN 0 2, Avv 43 cOLuivi3iNE 42 26 AW 22 GREEN iviOuNTAiN 3 28 AW 3 WHEATRIDGE 4 4 WILDCAT SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM p R w L-R Head Coach Brian McGregor, Coach John Oyer, Head So ho oach Many Asbury, Coach Bob Ammon, Coach Jim Zajac. oth Row Kevin Sheehan, Darren Lucero, E ger Pat Taylor, Manager Mike Anthony, Manager Boyd ThursTon, Scot? Smiih, Sieve Johnson. 51h Row Jim Pilcher, Bill Lohman, Rich Thompson, Bob Nara, Doug Rusk. Oswandel, Joe Coleman, Scotl Shoenberg, 41h Row Pele Kleis, Jim O son, Greg Stone, Bennie Rowell, Jim Terry, Rich Halverson, Kevin Brewer, Todd Magnusso, Pa? Therneus, 3rd J Ranson, Randy Hodges, Adam Brun, Sieve Zipse. Joe Running, Tony Knight, Dave Hoyf, Randy Baker, David Collier. 2nd Row Travis Thompson, Joe Hendrickson, Sieve Ecker, Tim Chad Darby, Ernie Moon, Sieve Harris, Bob Koener. Front Row Manager Terry Hodson, Tom Knight, Jeff VanPeIT, Mike Bor h im, Bing Sellers, Dave Rosener, Mark Rush L y Haas, Ly , Steve Linfon. NOT PICTURED: Coach Dave Harris, Matt Mason, Jim Wirlz, Manager Tom Hoerr, 273 ,. 5.5. ,xi , ,,. . 'sq N -A Z .,, " .HQ 'X X f ah X I , Q' 'R' my x Aw wav -sv .4 dfil' 'f if K iz ,, f-.f...- . 1-T .. 4 - -. ..k,l,W,., 4 .W . 1 5.5. I , .-an . Aff ,,'af..Q I S-11 .SU 4"'z"l 'L ' ' 1. SEASON HIGHLIGHTS The Arvada WesT fooTball Team opened The season wiTh a big vicTory over MiTcheII. The Marauders were ranked 11541 and iT was The WildcaTs 7Th consecuTive vicTory. The WildcaTs conTin- ued To win Topping off The season wiTh The Division and League championships. They had an exciTing sTaTe playoff vicTo- ry againsT Kennedy buT Then ended wiTh a hard foughT game againsT Grand Junc- Tion in The quarTerfinals of The sTaTe play- offs. The WildcaT Sophomore fooTball Team capTured The League championship afTer defeaTing Evergreen. Mark Dyie, Wayne Moon, Mike Apple- gaTe, Alan Kaylor, Jim GanTenbein, Mark Swallow and Bob Young were named To The All-Conference Team. Wayne Moon was also named To The All-MeTro Team. Q N, , ' ' al ' I "Since we all pracTiced TogeTher, I Think ThaT J -I -I :J if W,-. -I 4 explains The TogeTherness and suppaniveness The Team had." - Susan SchweiTzer Nw-In-n-viii QQ T S wr 5 lll,T .fi ir T 1 S T We li '0 'ii - -f f Nair und' ill!-' gli l1vf"M ' fl in z 1979 VarsiTylVolIeybaII Team: L-R Val Wagner, Susan SchweiTzer, Kerri Beauchamp, KaThy AnThony, Brenda Poyfair, Becky STone, Dee Dee Swan, ChrisTine Knight Chris LufT, Shelley Binder, Co-CapT. Kris BeTheI, Co-Capt KaThy Macauley 276 5 ' 5 QiE , J 2 f . , , T ' .Tr v , A K . F W.-MQW. ,,ypi,.,-gf-ily, ,, ,JAM ,,kkk N, A I Q V L gs Lwk- I If S 7' T ,--. .N '.fA f K- - A T un. 'B B left 1 f F Q sss F, w L L T f A , s lT f i , , ., or T T , LLLLL 'th-aanamm va. ,, sm www xt W is at SN M ya sa ,ry sm? ma mv Q- an L si, , K, L. law "' ,Q . S sw swf L we I T' L QQUW N' , s STB , ,M .ig if Ju mg. ss . L F Q Qi ex N K ' M K if W , if 2' L I' , ,L gi 5' . if W K L 1 f ' sow 1 2+ Q is if 1 rx M he . .L -' ,,LW I ..,, -..- -0+ --fk ' Ti f f QQX, T gy as L, W K y my L ,,:1 it T T? 1, O 2 6, X Q. CQ 3' -O- I ND 3 O. -I CD Q 3 2 o O 2 Q KD 2 My wwf Becky Stone -- All-Conference Q i ,Qs tfmx' 'M 4 W L, We B Volleyball Team: Back Row: Coach Chambers, Mary Schilz, Kim Spurgeon, Kathy Anthony, Shelly Binder, Lori McMillan, Paulette Dalpes, Theresa Guida, Cindy Beech, Lisa Thurman, Coach Kvamme. Middle Row: Mgr. Angela Jackson, Laura Rayl, Michelle Baird, Kerri Beauchamp, Becky Stone, Brenda Poyfair, Val Wagner, Amy Lormand, Sue Wohlhart, Mgr. Julie Leece. Front Row: Dee Dee Swan, Co-Capt. Kris Bethel, Co-Capt. Kathy Macauley, Christine Knight, Susan Schweitzer, Chris Luft, Sue Heuer, Debbie Hodson. 277 X27 bww I QM 1 k,....,.....f www' qw mdk UlpH!Q 5 ,... si- xx-vw ,uv wa, .naman . il A,3,,,g,,,,.,. .nod Q S! eogue OLUMBINE OLDEN REEN MOUNTAIN 'OMONA XLAMEDA IEAR CREEK IAKEWOOD XRVADA EVERGREEN 'VI-IEATRIDGE lub-DiSTrIcT RVADA EOLUMBINE TEAR CREEK TEAR CREEK EVERGREEN Jisfricf IZHEYENNE MOUNTAIN Ird: NorTh Area Tourney VARSITY VCDLLEYBALL US 45-42,45-44 45- 4,45-40 45- 5,46-44 45- 2,46-44 45- 6,45- 7 45- O,45- 2 45-43.45-42 45- 3 45- 2,45- 2 45-44,45- 6 45- 6,45- 8 45-44,45- 8 45-44 End: Arvodc WesT Invifcfionol IST: Sub-DisTricT Tourney THEM 45-43,45- 8 45-42,45- 3 45- 5,45, 8 45- 9 45- 9,45-40 45- 7,45-40 . lf.. by . .1 N X' N ,gm A 'P . 5 3, 3 , n f N , 4 w X wfr ,, 455 S ,L 'vlq A U rf ma- Ar ,W , ,, ,N-mn-A,.-. , -f W. .Q Wx nasal 1.-.ill if FH f,f"' gig-" f "I"QVfi?j32-, ,mfg I , f , . , ,-,. , H- , 1 -Aw ' ' iw-diff' f "'1' - , M ' , ' iw, 'K ' " f , , ,, ,,,..,,, ,Z , Z, W Vg mmm sr N f' ' VW ff , M, as mm ,wx ' A. X h va 22- B X wh, ,ggk ' V R1 , .M ,:J, ,.,A - ' " ' i "" P04-W? , - 5 V M.--,.v,.,-N,.,- Qgi, an 5 , Q if ' , fs: I xxlxg . ,K f fs ' 335' 'c Ui Q 4 p aul , .. K X Wax pi. 'VK 5 ,fn g"5'i , H A T W. V MEM ' 1 r ' v :I Q ' .ffi 'H Z ,244 20.53 U1 , r ml 2 V if 2 L V MY' 1979 ARVADA WEST JUNIOR VARSITY: Back Row L-R Scott McHugh, Mike Grosskreuz, Rob Hood, Martin Tubach, Garrett Vendena, Scott Dupuis, Russ Bollig, Kevin Lear, Bob Williamson, Daren King, Rip Smith, Andy Hancock, Herman Lewitz, Todd Bellio, Martin Price, Garth Ferris, Todd lvlagor. Front Row L-R Joe Reagan, Brad Pfenninger, Karry Furst, Bill Mentgen, Jack Llewellyn, Dave Blanton, Rob Schleiger, Tyler Griffiths, Steve Roth, Kurt Esbenson, Chris Clarke, Lindsay Mayby, Jeff Tidyman, Ben Nelson, Kent Smith. NOT PICTURED: Steve Johnson, Scott Tatge, Kevin Brown, Steve Hamilton, Coach Doug Mitchell VARSITY soccsrz soccer?- Season, Record C 49295350 A OPPONENT , ff R T Poms orrqrllsifsfagf POINTS ' c Preseason i ' A oi' ' GOlC56f3?fjQ,gfQiff 'ya A it rrwheqllqtrfdqeil T rsslr Arvada 'lt, A iiee feseessn c l T c Pomona by 6 - Wheat Ridge O Golden 2 Lakewood 4 'l A 3 5 42 Evergreen 3 'l 3 'l 1 O A Columbine so 2 1 Bear Creek y Alameda 'l Arvada A O Jefferson 283 T ' Arvada Wesl - Gymnastics DUAL MEET RECORD 6-3 Sepl. 6 Pomona 13490' 134.00 11 Green Min. 140.50 143.50' 18 Golden 141.25 14390' 22 Lakewood 123.75 143.70" 25 Evergreen 133.80 13720' 29 Arapahoe lnvil 153.15 7lh place Ocl. 2 Alameda 126.65 145.25' 4 Columbine 15525' 149.95 Q Jefferson 134.00' 132.80 16 Arvada 140.00 148.80' 17 Liberly Bell lnvil, 149,45 6lh place 20 Lilllefon Open Division l Suzy While 81h place ll Kim Nash 8lh place Lisa Turner 16lh place Ill Marcia Weslerguard 3rd place Micki Schell 14th place ir. uviiullu xuvv - lxuuni iviuirxo , Lv: i un no iwcwuivl I I, lvllurxl our IUII. ,L :Q : .W M 2' '71 4. . A V ffm u- . , , f . N-wif' , fm' f, R' T? 2 .Az , 9: -F' 5223- " Q ww., J . . .3-1.1,-91, 5 sf., W' , fqff ,vr .,-:4 f. 4 -, 1 5 Q V S If 9 W Q ,, Kim Nash, ate QukqlifierVO"?w Vaults ,, A ' 1 Mg , f.,fsf6,QLf,zi-,Sifyeg! I- K A , ' J 4, , ODI in f 'ILE A fl Affilh f Mlwww f L, ' wsm ,,lj23,fIsfEi,,.:,1, gigs z,.ffj, 55423 -.wg 42x21 .pix .uw .Milf "irq ,,,,, , is H .x T . E 1979-4980 TENNIS TEAM PICTURE: BACK ROW: Randy Grove, Jeff Mariin, Mike Smiih, Mike MacDonneII, Tom Russ, Scoii Harris, Troy Maxson. FRONT ROW: Eric Newman, Terry Russ, Duane Smiih, Coach Ponis, Jim Hachien, Tony Palizzi. E Ji' I R , i-,, iff ,J V , , a f Afier finishing second in league play wiih a 9-2 won-loss recorci, Coach Ponis Wilacai neiiers rallied To win The Disirici Tournameni. 42 Singfes Terry Russ League Record won 6 loss 5 Afh in District 9' o'g 9 Record loss 2 League Disfricf I Q -wa, 1 mm xxx KYSVQQQ, 1 x x 'Q' 5 B 34 4 1 'X' x M, 15 A4412 'fv 1 . . ra ' ji,-V, 'km xgrt . .I'y'.3m, A ' p' -W: ei, 5 :H . 1 ,, -xv 'Ja R W fu K Q,-, -F 4. ff My fl , , ' 'YV1 i ff f Y I fe f VT won 9 toss 2 'lv 'IST in isTricT - ,Jw District Tourney coumv mmsue roummem Bai? ff? FNB QLQQSQYNI bk SJ Jlli ,, VarsiTy Golf The Golf Team had an overall good season. League Tourna- menT scores were: FooThills FourTh place Indian Tree SGCOHG Applewood Second Hyland Hills FOUVTN Ranch Second OTher lnviTaTional TournamenTs They Took parT in were: Colorado Springs FirsT Arvada Second EsTes Park FifTh Greeley SevenTh ForT Collins TenThs AT DisTricT Arvada WesT Tied for Third place. The Junior VarsiTy Took Third in League. ScoTT Johnson, a junior, was All-Conference for The second Time. T. M' rf.,-E A 'F ' 1 K my ar- fx' 1, gi 9.4 iw gi zu ..p Lh J Q T gif 15 fe If- ii F ,M Ki x FQ K 4' 62 f' F F F F M ff f or f ,, A WAEL 5? y . Q S F Q, Q. ' S ,- ' + or-'M Q 5 , - fi- , 1. f .. iq- .f A Golf Team: Left To Righl, Back Row: Jay Feavel, Jim Skrine, Mike Blelcher, Head Coach Mike Barrows. FronT Row: Scoll Johnson, Bill Palowski. Noi Pictured: Brian Goode, Flip Sarconi ll l Varsity Golf Team: Left To Righlz Scoll Johnson, Jay Feavel, Mike Blelcher, Bill Palowski. Noi Pictured: Flip Sarconi ' 291 91 5 S E E l A l Q E ARVADA WEST 4979 GIRL'S SWIM TEAM: 5Th Row - Carlo McCurdy, Gwenn Fedie. ATh Row - Ccrleen Ines, CoThy Froncovillo, MorgoreT Mech, Anne Giicheli. 3rd Row - Coach Amy GriffiTh, DeeDee Moyer, Holly Glosglow, 2nd Row - KrisTen Rowley, Jenno WoTTs, Colleen Dooley, Resci Weinberger. 4sT Row - Susan Jen- nings, Tesso GosTon ARVADA WEST GIRL'S SWIMMING 1979 GirI's swimming senT Two girls To SToTe. Dee Dee Moyer swom The 500 meTer freesTyIe in which she Took Third ond The '100 meTer breosTsTroke in which she Took sevenTh. Gwenn Fedie qualified in The 200 meTer freesTyIe ond The 400 meTer freesTyIe. AT sToTe The Teom Took eigh- TeenTh, scoring nineTeen poinTs. CongroTuloTions, swimmers! , A . ,,.1, , 'S' ' ' s rs,,2 QE?" ,,,, I ff 'A Sita' 'wwf Wm fda 2 1-if M1 We 4 , , , -J, if A, ff. , , 2 . if 'iv :in '22 Ciri.1.Nl.SJy if ' W P, ,Xe K, , ,sa fb +'W 64-A-v"'af du, W ,fV,. W 1 QM? V I - 1 .M I I vw M J ., M ,R,? L ,khy S kkhh Q v ., E in .,:,. X. .SM , as - -- mL1.J, Q YW? i 1-fungal?" 1,:., . -4 .ev A lag with Af mpg 4- my ff fr ' , if ,QA -1. ' il-, ' , !'3,! -,Vg-lg Q.,A5p..: ins-o , -A2,7':.? l... - fm ', 1 Q : V Q ' l'ow.f-. gp . ' -A -uf. Q ,1- I' ' .H ' Lks r ' X 'aff 1: 'fi' tgps ' li I t 5 xg' - " ,' ' 3' ' 31.1" w,.. K g.Q'x' f 1-ff 3 .'.h-.:'- . V ' Q 1 ' ' ' v. A . v.. ' , .VZ-,flzifzf Qi x .?b31l I A3 T4..?:3Z.s Tf'e , r f-, I -' ' I ' , '-Y, -' 'f 'f i' W ' -43' BV- I' ,4 ,j',,3j2??X5:ELrY '..j, 'W'-'ff 5, 1.1.ft:1,ff.fg-5' 3? ,3 - ffaam ,A 1 - 'Q , fx 'C-I, ,w . . '-Aff-Te'We 'iL --C. fftawhfx - ff , 6g?"a!Q,,,,? " PW! ' M V 1 ' Y 4 '? x'?3.,g.'f Ns-9' Q' i'-iff' 'A' u aw 2 g'H",v,,,. V 5 . ' i , - 1 1 fgsgjr, ff 152 ,, -i , ,,, ' f . 993: ,gw 'nr-ei 1 - --f - f :,.,,.:.,:wm'f- f -5,1 . f '-ff-fr " 1 y".-. - j Y A "'i"',m-RP, D nm ' ,jx - ':Psn3'o":4 , V b .li 'ffl , 1 r - 4 D fm -.. ' f"'4, G fL JY' f, ,H ' -V -GQ Q , yi in M Q fl ilu- . rn , ..-- uk ,V , um 7 Q a 2 , ,. J, ??Qi,.e 'ZW' , A - f A , f ' K JI J K -... .,, I ,V 'Y Muff 1: ' Y M' A ' ' fu Q, .. M imi fm ---ff-ff " Y " f ,M My 'Q' 4' ' 3? ll f' Q ff f q . ,gl 'g ' f, f , 'V' TRACK ywnl Zigi? K Q Y Y x QB, 14" y nh 5' 1 I ' fy' f-zfxfacf., 4 ,Q "Q 41- - , ' Q , 25? ' M ' A, 3 'ISM , V f ,Wg W F mt' me , fa, i ,Jn 5,-,..wg3 gg.,, ,:,? ' gif ,f Oi - 'M A A ,fgnffgf , 'N"if" -1 U iwifwf as Kfwf 'V ,. J.,b 1' ' gd: 'X i"9f'w2:iWW3' ww A .. 2,1 4 t ., , ix ,FMA Q f'tgg.fV ' , ' yn-4 Q Qrfzfiwfl N' Jw 1 .M - fr if 53 ,M WC: 2 ,',, ,L.' 'Tiki I, M T ,Lg ? 1 - N ,- waxy- nf V. , i ' M f " 1 ' ,fy , , , N , . ,, ". Q 3' i . 3 ff Q ' ,, 1A ' E ' K V S: rmgauf , Y 1 4 A 'Q A E f jf If?:g, ,1 . q 5 1, l : f 4 ?' T A "w Ra - iv ' M- ' . 1- 7 if J 4' .. , F Q 4 Q , ' y K .,,,,,?.,, Q Q - fx, 1 : '1 z- f V ' ' All V " gp ' 4A , M3 is S1 ' - I ' I 'III4 W K w , 1 ' v ,, Q Q ' , K K 'A ' A A W .5 - , Q A J . , S Q ,Lt .it 3 ,M i x R V, Ji ? gg -16-N , v . '-ar A , Q f' 4 5 Q X ly' rqx 'xv I X 5 X I ! ' 'Q K ' .I I , ' X ,, V' in ffgax A M- -, v , flu X -. 1 'gm ,. .. - gf 35 , ,Y V, rl , I Q ,Q .2113 fig 6 iff Z jg 1 qw? W if wg, , ffwjvr jf, V VV If 4 ' v , x Q, .J I In , ,Q ,V f ,J K Y 5, . I A W fm.. up WQr ,, -.f 1 f- ff 'Q s ' df W 14 , , , ,Eggs , K ,.,.,., 9 J , - ',., E Q , , fm W ,?', " 5 ' ' ' b A' it ij ' ' , R iw an ,Qf 'if , ,YXQJ ' f If , 1 'fgj 4 ff L ' f , 3 A QL , -,,,. Q 0 H I 'Vi K " ' ' 'ami ' H-I5 , f'-ff ,Q 'S f , 'FV , f, WE, H","f' f If - , L M " f :H , 4 ff' :QL-xv ' 1 , l EZ 0 H , ,,L,, ,,,, , My ,- 4, -,"- "" g .A i Q if 'pf 4- 'Rm 51. wg, f.:1,Xx3 K V COACHES IECOGNITION OF JUTSTANDING ATHLETES: WRESTLING Ken Crenshaw- 449 State Qualifier Bob Young- Heavy Weight State Qualifier Bob Michel- 467 State Qualifier FOOTBALL Wayne Moon- All Conference, All Metro, All State, Honorable Mention All American, State Record for Pass Receptions 0335 Bob Young- All Conference Alan Kaylor-All Conference Mark Swallow-All Conference Jim Gantienbein-All Conference Mike Applegate- All Conference BOY'S TRACK' l Rich Toft- 4979 420 yd. I-i.i-I. State Champion BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL: Greg isenhart- Team Captain 4979-80 Doug Kendall- Team Captain 4979-80 TENNIS: JEANETTE LANGER- 33 SINGLES, STATE QUALIFIER GYMNASTICS Suzy White Marcia Westerguard VOLLEYBALL: Kris Bethel-MVP, 4979 Kris Bethel- 4st team, All state Becky Stone- Hon. Ment, All State Kris Bethel, Becky Stone- 4st Team, All CONFERENCE Kathy Macauley, Chris Knight2nd Team, All Conference Susan Schweitzer- Hon, Mention, All Conference Kris Bethel, Kathy Macauley, Chris Knight- All North Area Becky Stone- A.W, INVITATIONAL ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM Team-State Qualifier, 2nd in Subdistrict, 3rd in League, Record 48-9 Kirs Bethel- Outstanding Senior Becky Stone- Outstanding Junior Kathy Anthony- Outstanding Sophomore . BOYS SOCCER Dario DelPiccolo-All-Conference, All-State Qlst Teamj Tony Hadzeriga-All-Conference Q4st Teamj Mike Allman-All-Conference Q4st Teamj Bruce Hanrahan-All-Conference f2nd Teamp Dave Addison-All-Conference Q2nd Teamj Dave Fowkes Honorable Mention GIRL'S BASKETBALL Dee Dee Swan Kathy Macauley Janelle Tidyman Judy Johansen CROSS COUNTRY Steve Sachs Betsy Roberts GIRL'S SWIMMING Dee Dee Mayer Gwen Fedie BOYS TENNI Scott Johnson L1 K Coach Ron Lemmon Coach Lemmon is in his second year aT Arvada WesT. He spenT The previous seven years coaching in UTah where he had Two Regional- Championship Teams and one STaTe Runner Up Team. He wresTled for The UniversiTy of UTah in college where he won The WesTern AThleTic Conference TiTle aT 1415 lbs. in 4969. Mr. Lemmon is married and he and his wife Karleen have 3 boys, Joe, age 8, Sam age A, and Dan age 1. ln addiTion To coaching, Mr. Lemmon Teaches maTh aT AW. He also enjoys disTance running, Traveling and reading. Coach KeiTh Messer Coach Messer is in his elevenih year of Teaching maThemaTics aT Arvada WesT. He has served as assis- TanT coach ai Arvada WesT during Three previous seasons. Prior To coming To Arvada WesT, he was head coach aT Evergreen Junior High for four years. Mr. Messer wresTled aT The U.S. CoasT Guard Acad- emy and placed fifTh aT The New England Confer- ence TournamenT his freshman year aT 467 lbs. His wresTIing was broughT To a close The nexT year due To an injury To his knee. Mr, Messer is married and he and his wife Sandy have a daughTer, Debbie age li. Senior Wrestlers Chris Baker Ken Crenshaw Mik Pekas Bob Michel 1- NJ! WWW- ScoTT Neumann Duqne Smifh "sm .. W5 " W ' , 1, STeve TermenTozzi Bob Young Junior ... A A . Dove Brown i-OFWFW-COX Rusty Cook Bob Cooper JUWOF Junior Junior Doug Peterson Junior ran if' 'V M Ea.. Jim Phillips Gino Sontogelo John Schroeder Mike Sheridon Chris Wflrd Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior fr Wmii ' J ' P H ' 'i' w I J.. - 4 sf-1-2 - E I 4 1 Rondy Boker Russ Bollig RJ Copro Dove Hoycion Tom Knight Sophomore SophOrT1OrG Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore S rrr J, f , Jim Ronson I Bob Koerner Dove Morgon Sophomore Ed Sohouer Morty Winkler Sophomore Sophomore I I Sophomore Sophomore Not Pictured: Jim Dodson MGI' Maids restlers not ctured Dodson vid Sorivner vis Thompso ff Von Pelt -xdw jileen WN W UI UI .9 :- O no lf Q o I I5 C Q 0 LD C o cv Q Q an -9 O CD an -O- C O Q .2 m .QP Q O S- 9 0 Q U 0 .C O E 3 Q an dd Belio, Chris TO WGTTS Team: riffithsg Manager: Jeanna G P- E 4 if o O o O -.- v. CD .C un 3 lk' my '32 ,H L- - X? ' .f " fy I If k rfr 7, 4 . f, Z' X K , 1? i ai f W- I A X Spurs G-rou v w' 1 A sk V ge: A Q Q .,,, Q H , ,,,. ,,,, , .. v his A ,. ff A MX h V kr, 5 1, K 4, K I 4,4 yt 1, A K hy I 5 6 , M' fivflx X as 4 my vv gm if 2 ff, A fgwwgx 4 0 x 3 , f ,f mn. -mf TRS HRBHRT UF THE UIT YI , hp gf n W 4 sr ,.,- ' M N A 1' - -- ...Q ,.., .M 4 S5 b 'ah F.: E Hs' 'W A .5 SOPHOMORE TEAM Back Row L R Mary Drumright Amy Hilf Kathy Anthony Sheri Lawyer, Kristy White, Tessa Gaston, Coach Sheri Colpits Front Row Diane DeLaney Julie Rudiger Cindy Beech Pam Grove Laura Rayi, Sandy Tracy, Kim Spurgeon. HEAD COACH GINI MONSON ..... is from Lake- wood, and attended Brigham Young University. She has been at Arvada West High School for five years with a total record of 415 wins and 49 losses. Her 4977-78 team won the State Championship. She was named Coach of the Year in 4978. ASSISTANT COACH CINDY WITTEBORT ..... is from Evergreen and graduated from Colorado State University. This is her second year at Arvada West High School. She has also taught at Carmady and Creighton Junior High Schools. She had a Junior Varsity record last year of 45 wins and 3 losses. SOPHOMORE COACH SHERl2lE COLPITTS ..... is from Arvada and attended Mesa College and Met- ro State. This is her second year at Arvada West High School. Last year her sophomore team won 441 games and lost 6. . -. V 44. CHR GREG-ER Senior . i r 42 no g if e iff? x T x 4 L , ' Y MACAUL Senior EBBIE HODS Senior ID ,TY JOHA - - Eng nov Senior r w Z ' 6, B NN HAMQ1, Junior Junror r . r n,re if t ,, A.--V fl' - Z' r or M15 BRIN LA ,4swOf, Q I X i i VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY: L-R Back Row: Asst. Coach Cindy Wittebort, Tommie Brink, Julie Lasky, Vai Wagner, Shelly Binder, Chris Luft, Lor Mclviiliian, Brenda Poyfair, Paulette Daipes, Ann Hammer, Kerri Beauchamp, Head Coach Gini Monson. Front Row: Becky Stone, Debbie Hodson, Judy Johansen, Chris G-regersen, Kathy Macauiey, Janelie Tidyman, Chris Knight, Dee Dee Swan , una, M .jf Wm umwnaf 1 ag I W E Y , il A I N1 .. 'ii 5 I , , 4 15, U' A -va.. ,f I , A QQH' ,.,,., , ,,A, ,X ,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,H,.. ,, , ,.-k www.-Min, an 'V 1fW v ' mmm-vvvfd' W ' , .v,.nmw"' Wk -fi, Q Q K v fax ,,W,,.ML,,, X Lf! f, QL 7 Dual Record: Won 7 Lost A AW 44 Evergreen AW 52 Bear Creek AW 19 Pueblo Central Varsity: Front L to R: Mark Fisher Manager, Mike Pekas 105 lbs., Chris Ward 112 lbs., Ken Crenshaw 119 lbs., Jim Phillips 126 lbs., Bob Cooper 126 lbs., Mike Sheridan 132 lbs., Steve Termento 138 lbs., Terry Hodson Manager. Back L to R: Coach Ron Lemmon, Bob Castaneda, Jim Ranson 145 lbs., Rusty Cook 145 lbs., John Schroeder 145 lbs., Lanny Cox 155 lbs., Bob Michel 167 lbs., Chris Baker 185 lbs., Bob Young HW. Coach Keith Messer. Missing Duane Smith 98 lbs. DISTRICT PLACE WINNERS: Mike Bekas 105 lbs. CHAMPION Ken Crenshaw 112 lbs. CHAMPION Mike Sheridan 132 lbs, CHAMPION Bob Michel 167 lbs, CHAMPION AW 49 Wheel Ridge BoBb Young HW CHAMPION AW Q2 Columbine Steve Termentozzi 138 lbs. 2no AW 22 penum Chris Baker 185 lbs. 2nd AW 27 Afveee Jim Phillips 126 lbs Ath AW AO Jefferson Chris Ward 112 lbs. 5th AW 31 Pomona 27 AW 34 Lakewood 15 AW AB Alameda 8 TOURNAMENT RESULTS: oth in Pueblo East B Team Tournament 6th in CU Stronghold Tournament 2nd in AW 14 Team Tournament 2nd in 12 Team District Tournament Oth in STATE JV DISTRICT TEAM CHAMPIONS: Ed Schauer 119 lbs. CHAMPION Bob Cooper 126 lbs. CHAMPION Rusty Cook 138 lbs, CHAMPION Gino Santclngelo HW CHAMPION Russ Ballig 105 lbs. 2nd Dave Morgan 105 lbs. 3rd Tom Knight 132 lbs. 3rd Bob Koerner 155 lbs. Ath MOST FALLS: Ken Crenshaw 13 MOST TAKEDOWNS: Bob Michel 52 BEST RECORDS: Ken Crenshaw Won 29 Lost 3 Bob Young Won 30 Lost A Bob Michel Won 30 Lost 5 OUTSTANDING WRESTLER: Ken Crenshaw REGION PLACE WINNERS: Ken Crenshaw 119 lbs. CHAMPION Bob Young HW CHAMPION Bob Michel 2nd STATE PLACE WINNERS: Ken CFSIWSIWOW 2nd Bob Michel 5th Bob Young 5th JV1 Front Row L-R: Mark Fisher Manager, Dave Morgan 105 lbs., Dave Hayden 112 lbs., DEd Schauer 119 lbs., Doug Peterson 120 lbs.. Terry Hodson Manager. Back L-R: Coach Ron Lemmon, Bob Castraneda, Tom Knight 132 lbs, Bob Koerner 155 lbs., Randy Baker 167 lbs., Gino Santangelo HW, Coach Keith Messer. Missing Russ Bollig 105 lbs. i'2?5ii::s'sfagI. - -:s:'-:.:.,:' -... H101-'f2g.g.g.g. , .I.I.I.I.I. I . - - - -.:.I -.-.g.'.-.".:.g.g.g .III .I II .I . .1-C . I II II "" 'n'n.w' ... ... ..... .....I.I.I I ' ' :.:.I.IJ I .I :I:I:I: I.Ii' If I -I-I-I- I . . . . ' l ' I I 'I :Il :: .g.I . - sf. -.- .I.I. . .II- I 5. ' g.g.'.g.g1:::1'!g. f"I 'Z .Iqlg . I'1:212:21:55:':Z'.gZ:.g"Z: f If BQSLLQTQEQJQL1 'DYIPQ' QU' The Arvada WesT Boy's.BaskeTbaIl Team finished The regular season in fifTh place in whaT mosT people call The ToughesT baskeTbaIl league in The sTaTe. The one poinT overTime loss To WheaT Ridge and The firsT ever win over Bear Creek musT be considered highIighTs of The season. Greg lsenharT finished his 3 yr. varsiTy career averaging 20 pTs. a game and shooTing 5496 from The field, Junior Tom lvlack and Senior Doug Kendall led in The re- bound deparTmenT wiTh Q and 8 respecTively per game. Senior Rod Dyer and Senior Tony Tyrrell Turned in sTeady performances ThroughouT The season and added To The over- all exciTemenT of every game. The bench sTrengTh of '79-80 Team added To The success of The Team. Seniors Ken Penny, Tim Marshall along wifh juniors Chuck LeeT, Rich lsenharf, and Mike Camarillo responded wiTh greaT unselfishness and husTIe. Overall The season was ex- Tremely compeTiTive and filled wiTh enThusiasm boTh on The courT and in The sTands. Si-l'?J!.'9iL:L , Spa nts: LSJBJOJ Spring SporTs include Boy's, C-irl's Track, Girl's Tennis, Girl's Soccer, and Baseball. These Teams do noT reporT for pracTice unTil afTer March 4. The yearbook deadline of March 8 did noT give am- ple Time To picTure These Teams in acTion nor To give any resulTs and sTaTisTlcs. Girl s Track did noT wanT To be represenTed aT This Time. Full cover- age will be given These sporTs in The Spring Re- cap 498O-84 CLAW. . 1' - --121 ...:1:1f-'-. . I2f151:1f1:1f1l-:... :- :1-137 . 4 .-.:.:.:.:.:.:.I,I.I.I.I.I. :-:-:- I I I.:.I.- I .I-I-I-I-I-,I-I-I-I-I-I-It,-,-I-,-,:,:,I,I. . I . I 1.2.1, I.:-I I I . " .-:-:-:-. .k"' 'Wi-' 12-. . -': .-'-" '5::5'-:C3':-".-"25.-'-" . - -' "--:-:-r-:-r' 'MW'-: :. ' 4- . -'-- " ':11"""'f-1" . if 5: ,:-:-: -1E1E5E1E1E1E1E1E-:- -. -:1. . '1. II.-:2fI,j.IE5-'-. -53 '-4222:-: . '51-' " .- --52: ':'.23'- . I I I I I IIIIIIEIIIIIEI 1.'.'f' 1 I- II I ' I -- "-:-:-:-:-:-:gqc-Q5. ' '- '-:::I:I" : -:1:1:-:-:1. - -:1:1:1:1:1:. '1' '-:A. '1'1- - ' I. -i"f1f5E5T '. i"'i3.f?fi?f5f5f5 .. f I'1....,Iff5"iffif1f: IEEE525255522s2s55?52zfz..lf51' C H 'E2:- 1:1: :-:-?-: .." :-E1:'-':- :1:1- ' :2:1" :-:' 11 '. - 1:1:5:1f1f1f1f1:-'-.1f1f1f1:1f1:' 1: 'E1E1:I.-22:2:1:?:':-:1:1:1: " 'gf:Qg: -1-1-- -:1:1:-:-1-35:55:52-:g .- .I: '-:-:5:3:3:5:g: -5 " . . . I-' IIIEI.-I'EjE'fjfj. ' .'.'I:.:.:.:.' I-' ' , . . . : .. -. .- - -' I. . .-.g. . Ig:- .I . .I .II. I..I II I 1 I I I ..I:III.II.III . .I:I I I 5, ::I- - E. fuk- -:.I'I,: 'I. I,-I. .- I I. III ':IIII.: Iii.: I5 III II,I 'III::E:::.- -,II I ::I:'III::III:,:II:, - I -I, I ,','.' ' .I I. I 1 - - I.I . ...I II 1 '... e - I 1 1 . .I. II.I " .' . '.I I: I .I ' II W ng. Q., . I. ,I.. II:fZg.g..2I .. 'I 125231 ' - - .g.g.g.g.'.Ig'. I.I.g.'3".' . ' ' ' II I --W.-.' ' I Ig-3:1 ,II . : -.I.I:I: II. I II IIII II . - I. II .' . : . I. " ".-5: " ..g. ' I: I III I .-II. . I .I II .f II I. - :Is I II ' ' a If I r ' N -' 1. .' W ' if J' 1 -,fl I " s I- 'Ig I I li' .NI - ' lp' ' J' ' Q. . :'- W' F f- -. 5 '. ' ff -. .z - -'II -:.:II ' ' -, E " :FEIS If : II F95 III T ':':1 w .' ' - ,-"-' ' .'C I. . N " ,o::' - 1, ' 'J' ' - .f ' ' ' ' ' . . SS. , f ' . .' ::I. 1. .I.I.I.I.:...II'.I.I.:C I. I3 ,IIE I , ,-Z-,-,-,,:2- lf -. II uglgi: 5- f IGI 5- ' k .r ' . .. .. .-.- -.3.5.3,.-.g.g.,-: -J-: -2- - . .-.-2'5g.g.g.g.g4 -'f- -:1?5f1 1: -:-:- .- :-1-:ff-:-:5-:-zf, :-:-:-'- -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-' :-:-:Ir-:I:I.-:I:,:I:I I 1:5 2-1-1-I-I- -H-I' '- :-:- -: :-:-: 3: --. .-: .5.-.-.g.5.g. ,Ig g.3.g.- .-14----5-1: :-:-: -:I:I.::I:-zz:-:Iz :-: :-:-: 5:5"'1:2:Q:Q:2:2:E:E2-'SrE'''fT2!?T:f:f:f:f51tY:1:1:1:g:- .-: 'Z'Q:2:2',','5,1:f:Q:f '1:5:1:1:3'151i1:I-g: -.fc ,g2:,'EQ:1:" '. 1:fE1:2:1:Q:1:1:1II:1:1:1 2:33:21g1:2:2:I-'-I-I-I-1-1 .1:1 .:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:-'1":1:?1:1:111:1:Y:f:-:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.-.-- . . ...-.-2-I-M-0.-rv ' -"""""""' . H - 1-6 o' . :-' '-:-:-:- :-. ' -:-:- .- 1: ' I . 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I I III ,-1-,,,, ,, ...,......... . I-gr' I ,,,,, ' ' " ' ' ' " -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.g.-.'---:1:1:1:-:4t'1:1:1:9:2:1a1e1c-:-.-,..:.g.g.g-------- . .-:-:-:-:-:-:-. '- -:-:-:-:-:-.g:C.52:E.g.g.,-g. ,-gig-2? :-'-'-f-:-:-4:-cf - :,:,:,:,:,:,:,:.:,:.:,I,:,:,:,:.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I:I:.:I:.:::::::Ia':I'.I.IIII.:.I .I.I I I I u .l,I,l,v,l,l. ,iv I n -I-I.I I .InIu.u:p Qf.I.I.I:I I .I:.::.II:.u.:,: .-.-:5.3.3.I.I.I.I.I.I.5.g.g.g.'.:.-.'.'.':g.g:::::g.g.I.I.I.I.IIII.g'I.I.I.I.III:g:I:g:III:I:I.I.I:,:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:II,:,:,:,:,I,I, I - IIII I I. . .I.Ir,q.,,q,g, . .I.I.I.I.I-g-I., :3:-:-gg:I:I:-:g:-:gz-:g:-:g:-:g5:-Ss'-:'-:E.-:-.g.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-1-1-rgrg:g25g-g-g-g-:-:-13:-sig:-'-' :I:I-.:g:g:g:g:g:g:g:-:-:g:g:2:3.g. .-.g.g.g.I:g.4.I.:.-.-.,. . ,.g.g4.,-,- -.-.I.-.- .-I-5' --,-,-:-:-:-3-g-:-:-:-:-:-'--.- - . -1- .- .'.' .g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.:.g.g.I.I. . . . .I.I.I.I.,-,-,-,-:-'- -'- - - - - -.- g 5" -.g.'.'2'.-. .pg:.'.g.g.g.g.g.g.f.-.j.Q.Q.1:.I. . . .-.-. . . .I.I. . . . .I. 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SQ? by . lfbw Qin s ,, , ,,w1 Rv Y 1. ,M "SQA , .QM - 3 21 J, 1 V 1 l ww J lx 0 l 5' 5, . .,,,,..- . - F-av. :Wd MTR 3 Q , ,k.V Taj. Sk 5 X 5f.X'x,QA wx q14w w : XX 'X xx - Q SM X512 fd Semor anefte Longer ,ll 'Us 12 2 Brace - ' X , K. , 'H' 14 ' 5 WILEY, F ' A' XS alzncbs 'dams 67106955 "fzasxN" df if , M10 pfljnf S A yr' 'fzuv v 1 ,. .. 1 Ax.f X. . Cir: ' 1 3 gf . A X71 l'71ncv-'XS ' 'wi '- 9,1056 .1-A A 'Wzocrbs I 'rms L, X 2 A f M, .hu x 'iraq-r-.sf if 5 1 1 was 5 ' .L 6 ff ffWx l f1 news 1' S :N ,. N N V f 1 ',C9K'qi:'5EjQ?r .-,, Q, i, 2: - " fi :M ziqqivlkxwmii Cooch Brion McGregor begon his oThleTic coreer while growing up in Quebec, Conodo. His inTeresT in oThleTics wos influenced by o sporTs orienTed fomily. His foTher wos well known os o ployer ond cooch in fooTboll, hockey, ond conoe rocing. His moTher ex- celled in Trock ond sofTboll. His broTher ond sisTer, os well os o number of ounTs ond uncles, were olso compeTiTive oThleTes. Cooch McGregor wenT To grode school in o smoll forming ond resorT communi- Ty on Loke Chomploin ond The border of VermonT. LoTer he oTTended o co-educoTionol boording school where he porTicipoTed in fooTboll, hockey, ond Trock. During The summers he wos ocTive in boseboll ond conoe rocing. AfTer groduoTing from high school he conTinued To compeTe in fooTboll, Trock, ond boseboll for Two yeors. During This Time he hod o Mojor Leogue boseboll TryouT wiTh The BosTon Broves: ond he worked in consTrucTion, form- ing, Tobocco horvesTing, borTending ond business. NexT, Cooch McGregor occepTed on oThleTic scholorship To The UniversiTy of Dubuque in Dubuque, lowo, where he wos on The fooTboll ond Trock Teoms for four yeors. ln fooTboll he wos selecTed All Conference, All N.A.l.A. DisTricT, ond LiTTle All Ameri- con. ln Trock he wos o sprinTer, long jumper, Teom copToin for Two yeors, ond Conference Chompion ond record holder in The AAO yord dosh. He wos olso PresidenT of his college LeTTermens' Club ond wos ocTive in STudenT GovernmenT. Upon groduoTion from college, lVlcGregor re- Turned To Conodo os o member of The MonTreol AloueTTes of The Conodion Professionol FooTboll Leogue. He olso ToughT elemenTory Physicol Educo- Tion ond wos employed porT Time by The Y.M.C.A. . l gg Clll g ig 5 s BRIAN Mc:-:nec-:on OF AW 5 1972 COACH OF THE YEAR , 9ao Two years laTer he came To Colorado To visif an old college roommaTe, he was impressed wiTh The sTaTe, and has spenT eighTeen years enjoying iTs benefiTs. Coach began his Colorado sTay by Teaching The firsT year aT NorThlAlan3eda ElemenTary School and coaching aT Lakewood Junior High. He coached and TaughT Two addiTional years aT Lakewood Ju- nior where he assisTed'on Two CounTy Champion- ship Wresiling Teams,,and was The Head Coach of Championship Track andlfoofball Teams. His Cham- pionship foofball Team was undefeaied and uns- cored on in seven games. MCC-regor reeeived his lvl.A. Degree STaTe College in AugusT, 49611 and came? ToiArvada WesT High School ThaT fall, The secondff y lg,0fThe schools exisTance. He sTarTed ouT,Was's ,Track and assisTanT fooTball coach' responsibiliTies in Psychology and ediiktalion. His many duTies aT Arvada WesT have? involved Deparfrmenfl' Chairman in Physical educa-Q T ii'iii Curremily a Counselor, McGregor has been hea fooTball and asslsTanT.,T5ack,gcoach for The 3pasT Some of'TheifooTball he was able To recall were: A reraords f 'li 'IO S 35 losses, and l Tie: a sTaTe chd ionship Team in To back leggue 'U I ' '52-l" -vii -- VV - PSSEJ' 'ifiwfki-litE?f' iii' il"Zl:l:3:iif'f5lf5' 2:iz:l1H, ,wg ' .JM 'sf l f:.:.:,....fq,' . -ll- Ail'Conferg 24 All slll Cf VGC" fooibcll .evefiasmllcolor Silcoqcriin mei NvQ1f1.fw'n. ' Q ,"QlfAii1L'3:':,"1 ' . 7 ' :,'if'L llsi Pre m sTudenT aThleTe y ,Sfrandber g 197315, Coach-T in cz STeinm awar lwinneri i enf aThleTe Tim Qi -p,f. I if .. I .V,i I L. . 11, 4 Qndncving To" lay col-it lege foofballgy Arvadailfiwestsy flrsT STaTe lll Gil ls? Q sssfor wr O . V' ,s,r ' . V. . ' OTher coaching highlighfs included: Being an as-' indlywuoi srafe cncm zmn run-49655 coaching Cyhampionship:.y1Powerf L'fT'Vli?ll.,.T50mSf C1994 for of yfearsggg g-llPregsig enT of a direcfor of The Colorado STaTe,Coaches Associ- sonff , qiQ7sJ25y: beingf Champions: and being presenT when Jane Gibson received her STeinmark-sTudenTfaThleTe award 09785. Brian McGregor and his wife lvlargareT have four children, Terri 22, Tammi 20, Kell 48, and Cindi '14 He menTioned kayaking, skiing, weighT Training, and jogging as his immediaTe hobbies and felT iT was an honor To have been seIecTed as The Arvada WesT Coach of The Year. He aTTrlbuTed his success in coaching aT Arvada WesT To Tremendous supporT from The ToTal school communiTy, hard work, disci- plined aThleTes, excellenT faciliTies, dedicaTed assis- TanT coaches, and an undersTanding family. Coach McGregor commended all five of The Arvada WesT principals, Dr. Ohanian, Dr. WhiTe, Dr. Koselak, lvlr. Phillips and lvlr. Schneringer for having been aware of The imporTance of aThleTics as an inTegral parT of The ToTal educaTional process. He also singled ouT long Time assisTanT fooTball coaches lVlarTy Asbury, Dave Harris, Ron KlaTT, Mark LaGrone, Carl Schiele and Jim Zajac as The main reason for his envious fooTball program and record. Finally Brian lVlcC-regor expressed Thanks To Dr. WhiTe and Jeffco AThleTic direcTor lvlel SchwarTz for giving him The opporTuniTy To be The Head FooTball Coach aT Arvada WesT High School. If "Boosters" David, Good Luck In College: but most of all with life. Love Always Ricky-boo: I'll love you always. Barbie-doo Mr, Place, Your Devils will live on forever. Carl, l'II stay by your side forever, Love Janice. Lisa Matt Pacheco, you are super foxy! Cindy Michelle, when are we gonna see American Gigolo? Cindy Thanks, 1979-B0 cheerleaders, you were great. Laura Friends forever, always together, Alan And Laura Robin Hilferty is G ! Love, S.A., T.A., K.C., CF., B.M., G.P,, MT I Love Yau, Kevin! Von, Friends always and forever. Thanks for your friendship. Cheryl To the best habit I every had Von, I Love You! Todd Congratulations, Rose we're proud of you, love from the family. Cheryl, to my truest friend forever and ever! Y.B. Sweethart, Wanna kiss over rt? Love, Darling Wami, you've been a good friend,-Mawie Rock and Roll is Goodtime Music! DARDANO'S SHOE REPAIR AND CUSTOM LEATHER 9455 Ralston Road 422-2208 Arvada Square A 84 A AUTO PARTS Best Wishes! 6472 Ward Road 423-8010 TALARICO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 9312 West 58th Avenue 424-5990 . . Lisa S, we will be bestis buds forever. Cory Mr. Nelson. and Company West, I Love You. Jan Homer, Earl. Stinker, Loribelle, Myron, Steve, Poul: Thanks! Life's like o movie, Write your own ending: Weasel GuysjDolIs, Damn Yankees, Marching Band, The Best! We'll miss you Uncle Doug, signed your kids. Wh t ld I d 'th t A'm L Cooke E es awou owiouyor.uv ry To my favorite Weasel - I Love You. Thanks, Stinker Jim, Thanks for everything, I love you. Dianne Shelle, long lives friends! I'II miss ya, Mary. SAMBO S RESTAURANT 9543 Ralston Road 422-3652 9316 West 58th Avenue 421-1012 Arvada Plaza GLENN JEWELERS 9339 West 58th Avenue 424-2545 MERLE NORMAN ROBERT YACOVETTA JEWELERS 9415 Ralston Road 422-1383 HANCOCK FABRICS 4115 3914 Wadsworth 420 3540 Wheat Ridge THE SHOWROOMS featuring Curtis Mathes Sales Rentals 422-9458 UNCLE HANK TOYS AND HOBBIES 9304 Ralston Road 421-2228 Arvada Plaza OMAR'S STATIONARY 9306 West 58th Avenue 421-3628 or 422-3767 Arvada Plaza ARVADA SEWING CENTER 9255 Ralston Road 420-3358 STATE FARM INSURANCE CHUCK VIGIL - AGENT 4991 W. 50th Ave. Westminster CO 80030 427-7800 THE MERCHANTILE RESTAURANT Serving i'Country" Style Breakfasts, Lunch, and Dinner 6 dm. To 8 pm. 1122 Washington Avenue Golden 279-3324 f CHEF cur MEATS si DELI ' 11601 Ralston Road Friendly Square Shopping . o 9 Center - WILL SERVE HOT SANDWICHES featuring CURTIS IMTIIES CHEMISTRY STUDENT AWARD FOR 1980 Kevin Lear, Outstanding Chemistry Student by the Colora- do Section of the American Chemical Society I FBLA STATE CONVENTION AWARDS T Karen Hunter, Accounting I, Second Place , Linda Morgan, General Business, Second Place I Collen Barlow, Office Procedures, Fourth Place I Cathy Rust, Extemporaneous Speaking, Fifth Place Principal Ray Schneringer presenting the Public Service Out- - standing Student Recognition Award, and cake to Senior Ben I Nelson. King Sooper's acknowledged Ben's achievement with a I cake. QUALIFIERS FOR SPEECH TOURNAMENT I John Shugrue and Jeff Freburg, 5th in Cross-Ex Debate Dan Rohit, 2nd Lincoln-Douglas Debate Claire Eisold, 9th Humor Karen Parko, Orgininal Oratory Sandi Stroud, 3rd Girl's Extemp Mike Brubaker, 7th, Joe Gallagher, oth, Kevin Lear, 3rd, and John Shugrue, 'lst Boy's Extemp Front row - Dan Rohlf, Pres. Tony Tyrrell, V. Pres. Back Row - Jeff Freburg, Director: Twyla Randolph, Director: Vicki Ash- ton, Secretary: Bill Ashton, sponsor. QELEQEQA. fi! The Arvada West Interact Club is a service organization sponsored by the Arvada Rotary Club, and AW teacher, Bill Ashton, Interact's goals are to provide services for the benefit of the school and community and to promote international understanding. The club was very successful in furthering these goals during 1979-80, interact's second year at AW. Among the activities for the year were assisting the Rotary Club with its tent sale, holding two CPR classes, publicizing AW Health Week, restoration work at the Arvada Mill, assisting the Arvada Alive SPR program with their skate-a-thon, and Christmas corolling at a nursing home. The club also had programs by exchange studnts and contributed to international charities. Interact members, in addition to service, participate in many fun activities such as parties, picnics, and skating. Front- Jeff Freburg, Twyla Randolph, Vicki Ashton, Melanie Hanson, Paulo Frias, Bodil Aronson, Robin Marks. Middle - Keri Christensen, Laura Johnson, Karen Almquist, Pattie Hur- rell. Back - Paula Tidyman, Carolyn Vance, Bev Lawrence, Ann Hamer, Ben Nelson, Uwe Felfman, Tony Tyrrell, Dan Rohlf, Bill Ashton, sponsor. D.E.C.A. State Leadership Conference Shelli Baker, Mike Glenn, Lisa Newman, Scott Wunch, Chris Clarke, Lori La- Brant, and Dee Jay Smith, 321 Recognition Qi Outstanding SEWAQQHES Amd. 591963131 Language Two advanced Spanish sTudenTs, seniors LAURA JOHNSON and SUE MCASKILL, worked wiTh The Ami- gos de las Americas program. AfTer receiving 6 monThs Training in medical Techniques Qgiving shoTs, TooTh care, eTc.j, in Spanish and culTuraI areas, They worked - respecTiveiy in Mexico and GuaTemaIa. The mosT versaTiie language sTudenT: MIKE BRU- BAKER has sTudied Spanish, French, German and LaTin aT Arvada WesT. RANDY BROSSART is waiTing for resuiTs from The STandardized TesT ThaT he Took from The American AssociaTion of Teachers of Ger- man NaTionaI TesT. Six Spanish sTudenTs QJULIE MARTIN, LEA MITTEL- STAEDT, CLIFF STEPHENS, HEATHER BRIGGS, MICHELLE WHITE, AND KARON PARKOQ, along wiTh Three Span- ish-speaking exchange sTudenTs, aTTended EI Pinar, The Spanish language camp, lasT spring and sur- vived The rigors of speaking Spanish for 48 hours. 322 Q1 , TIT I I Musicians PATTIE HURRELL, Head Drum Major KEVIN MERGENAL, Drum Major DAVE BLANTON, Drum Major BEN NELSON, sdTudenT conducTor, ConcerTfPep Band MARK GARLAND, sTudenT conducTor, ConcerT Band MARY BRACE. sTudenT conducTor, concerT Band MISSY KIENLAN, All STaTe Band, FIuTe Il WENDY EVANS, All STaTe Band, TrumpeT II LYNDA THORNTON, All STaTe OrchesTra, Viola TROY GOOGINS, All STaTe OrchesTra, Violin I PATTIE HURRELL, All STaTe OrchesTra, Violin Il Tech Aris Darren King, senior, "A" sTudenT Cari Wilson, senior, ouTsTanding worker Arl WENDY MULBERRY, OuTsTanding arT sTudenT in drawing painTing, and jewelry ANDY CARTER, OuTsTanding arT sTudenT in drawing, painTing, and jewelry: Also did seTTing for "Damn Yankees" ' -'f-'4-fur I , , 'Q 'fx .4--" mi .PHSfirggie-L-,-,:' , , '31, , . 3fsQ'wzf!2YxH!f:-in 1 , i e1zv1Q12a.a:Q-f-f,'-4rg'-qi .. W-as iii-iilf ,.1,:",aia,1i22f-ei-,-f. . 2 .iti-" Q A ' A"' , - 'f 5 72 ' ' fr 7 '54 9 , , si '15, ,A I ,Q . iff, ,1,1,,i...a,, ,, W ,.,. .,,.,,, J NJ, ' ziift--'M1:ti'3iiEZG MN' ' wg , A ..::11-:vw -1 Es- i ,. ,AA, L Q ? 4 W W " 'lil . .1 ff -is .aww ,is '- s A, i 1--:ts ,f-1-4,3 -- r- f .--w ff i 1-ir wie'-'M ' 4 f .ref RV i N avg 'i iff: Journalism Awards 1 968- 1980 Carla Lynch, editor Nancy Young, editor WESTWIND 69-70 CLAW 69-70 Barb Jekowski, editor CI-AW 69-70 Dan Merewether Sports editor CLAW 7A Lisda Bletcher Michele Douglas, editors CLAW 74-75-76 Mike Armstrong, editor WESTWIND 72-73 Kerri Comin Patti Caldon, editor Annette Benevidez, editors QLAW 74 CLAW 77-78-79 Leona Anderson, editor Diane Kayser, editor WESTWIND 68-69 CLAW 77 These students showed leadership, dedication, de- pendability, imagination, devotion and loyalty. They were extremely organized, persistant, and dependable in their journalistic endeavors. 323 -N.T!lii.E1i'.!.sJ EEC3-blip EULNQEEL Jil-Lui Acknowledgements We wish to thank the following people for the help and cooperation given us when we needed it most. The ADMINISTRATORS, especially Ray, Stan, and Herb for being so cooperative. Your efforts were appreci- ated. ---- the TEACHERS, who helped us with names, pictures, facts, times, and places. A special thanks to our good boosters, Beckner, Thompson, Roberts, Pierson, Kvamme, Otto, Havens, and Ponis who gave us extra help when needed. ---- the COACHES for arranging pictures, statistics, and data. " A special thanks to Brian for his years of support and help with sports. You're the GREATest! ---- all CLUB sponsors for helping us arrange pictures, and club infol our BOOKKEEPERS, Fran, for being so cooperative and pleasant. ---- our SECRETARIES in the front offices for many favors, and kindness's: Schedules, phone calls, announce- ments and materials. Donna G. was never too busy to help, a master at P.R., and a special friend: Fran, Shar- on, Barb. Thanks ---- our COUNSELORS who were always willing to give a helping hand. Thanks Ben for the early "figures": Bob with Senior Seminar, Fran and Delacy with student achievements: Joe for all those beautiful sophomore registrations. We salute you. ---- our CUSTODIANS who let us in the building to work nights and weekends to meet deadlines. ---- STUDENT GOVERNMENT and Doug Mitchell for helping with Boosters, etc. ---- Jolene and Karen, junior sponsors, for arranging Prom votes, ---- Stan D., Ron K. for standing by with bent ear and good old fashioned friendship. CBut that's what friends are for.j ---- Not forgetting an old friend, my respects and admira- tion to DR. WILLIAM D. WHITE. me cLAvIf staff, and Betty L. Massey, sponsor The Clow A W Yearbook Staff, 324 And Betty Massey, Sponsor I POHYRAIT '27 0 Aminpacor-0 I last, and FOREMOST, OUR INDEBTEDNESS TO BENHMA STUDIO. Ben, Cindy Benham, and Ed Ryan, Mgr. have always dropped everything Qeven paying customersj to meet our emergen- cies. In the 42 years they haven't failed to MAKE THE SCENE. The yearbooks deepest gratitude: my everlasting love. Betty JACK ECKHART A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to North Denver's best, JACK ECKHART, for his 'I2 years of faithful advice, counsel and guidance as representative of the American Yearbook Company and our year- book production. His word has always been "as good as gold". Not another could take your place, Jack. Our warm thanks and appreciation. I . f K 'wif .5 ii' Ir 4 fi TK 1 AD :FI JDU' 33' Y.J'U -New Students, Faculty, Personnel, Merchants, and Boosters. You are tentfic. You Made The Memories We Captured The Moments i 5 I A ,I .X x J ,f N fav Q ww X it NE O' ii , Ng, M IW WA I 'wtf - 4 ss II. U 1 9 .s , - RY ,I -4 :7g6Qwiy?'6 Y IAINSSZISOV' X 5' ' ' gif Ogtlhgdqkce ,Q-r+3..,-gg,.,-I aB 990 U1 a QUN X BQCSTERS CUSTON BUILDERS 4 "Our Name Says It AII" 422-6389 SCHALK 84 CO., REALTORS 2 42395 WEST 53rd Avenue-Suite 403 ARVADA COLO 80002 422-8080 PAC INTERNATIONAL INC. 3 42395 W. 53rd Ave Suite 200 Arvada Colo 80004 Ken Fisher, STATE FARM INSURANCE 4 Supreme Offices 2 42395 W. 53rd Suite 4206 ARVADA COLO 80004 FARMERS INC GROUP 5 JAMES BUSWELL 42395 W. 53rd Ave. 4206 ARVADA COLO 80004 D 84 G HARDWARE 6 'Good Luck Graduates" Ralston Plaza 420-9946 Shoes For The Ehtire Family At 7 Your Local THOM McAh Store 'iNo One Can Like THOM McAN" SALUTE "AW Is The Greatest! l'Il Miss 'YOU-AII"." WHH BETTY' A PURPLE EUQJN' PRIDE - Massey Retires After 36 Years Receiving a "friendly goodbye" kiss from Principal Ray Schneringer. Mrs. BeTTy Massey says a fond farewell To AW and The Teaching field. "I HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES, AND EXPERIENCES. TEACHING HAS BEEN THE MAJOR PART OF MY LIFE. IT IS WITH HAPPINESS AND REGRET THAT I LEAVE AW," said Mrs. Massey who is now looking for- ward To Traveling, and Taking iT easy. BeTTy is reTiring afTer 36 years of Teach- ing QSO in Jeffcog She was newspaper- yearbook sponsor, business deparTmenT chairman aT WesTminsTer, and WheaT Ridge: she TaughT remedial reading, firsT- second grade, and was media-resource specialisT before coming To AW in '69 AcTive in The field of journalism, Mrs. Massey worked on The sTeering commiT- Tee in The organlzaTion and formaTion of The Colorado High School Press Associ- aTion, and served as secreTary afTer iTs formaTlon. She was guesT lecTurer aT The C.U. High School Press AssociaTion Work- shops, and TaughT a class for advisors in yearbook, and newspaper during The summer sessions aT The UniversiTy of Norfh- ern Colorado. Taking The uTmosT pride in producing The CLAW, AW's yearbook, Mrs. Massey succeeded in making IT one of The finesT in The sTaTe. Under The sponsorship of Mrs. Massey, The WESTWIND, AW's newspaper re- ceived ouTsTanding raTings aT Journalism Days aT ForT Collins, and Boulder. IT main- Tained a raTing of Third in The sTaTe, and firsT division naTionally unTil The paper changed formaT from newspaper sTyle To magazine sTyIe. While advisor for The WESTWIND, her sTaff promoTed a combined adverTising program and raised money To buy an off- seT press, elecTrasTaTic copier, and Two IBM elecTric TypewriTers. The paper Then changed formaT To magazine sTyle and was wriTTen, Typed, headlined, and pub- lished weekly by The sTaff aT no charge To The sTudenT body. Mrs. Massey published The schools firsT LiTerary Magazine, WORDS, and Journalism l's newspaper, The DRAFT, for beginning wriTers. For years she published all The sporTs programs, along wiTh selling The adverTising. One of her favoriTe classes was PubIicaTlons which consisT layouT, design, running The offseT press, and The copier. As a doTing moTher, Mrs. Massey speaks highly of her Two lovely daughTers, Dee and Mona, and her only son, Gary. She is also blessed Three grandchildren: Sherry, Richard, and Shane The YEARBOOK STAFF exfends a warm and loving TribuTe To our advisor and friend. Happy Trails To You ..,.... '79-'80 CLAW STAFF 326 fe 3 X ll 1 i we P l l U I QL 2 2 'Y5,' 'I ' .-1"--1135: fffiii -31' 'ha' . 54 y 1 gr S f T.. ' 4 e .l 55 . , lligeilf. li V f 1--JFS is X ZW ,if f. i "QE r - gf I l , 'Ls'-Q-,1'.g2:."-?:s'.4 l grim. are-54 lllllllls le it l i i 5 lil f it Nlifg-E't?f'fm Qgiilfirv N., Q ' ll l A l 'Q' W?-ff' M lmfiillf Q -S' 'll llglli' L!! ' liifffl 2--i - . liinin-Ml ,-5 I 4 fl . fe' xr-ll'-Q1 ff: lls--6 fl 'Perl 5 iz . l' -U fax A X Pay Rishi?" rl lll' i'E:gT1'f + Il,-l 1 is ., l -1-g y, -:xx XI: fl. 'I K sx .ll l xx. 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Complete Art Services Jean Davis 422-6294 JAFRA SKIN CARE COSMETICS Complimentary Facial Vicki Bautsch 428-5547 KRACKERS TAPES 81 RECORDS 42347 W. 64th Avenue ARVADA DRY WALL 423-6536 J.R.'S PRINTING SERVICES LTD 425-4543 6586 Lee St. Arvada MAKEUP ARTISTS LTD. P.O. Box 473 Jackie Christiansen 424-5596 FIRST COMMERCIAL GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY. INC. Dan Cowen 422-8244 6073 West 44th Avenue FARMERS INSURANCE Neil Richardson 42494 Ralston Rd 4207 420-4544 STATE FARM INSURANCE Robert Sorensen 42494 Ralston Rd. 4205 425-0244 328 A 84 M CONSTRUCTION CO. 5925 Ward Rd. 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Love you for- ever, Natalie Girls b-ball team's worst saying, "On the line"!! Todd. l'm going to miss you Babe, but l'lI always be faithful! Y.B, Amy, lt's great to be friends again, Sue. Hey Aggy! Didn't I tell ya? 33 came. Gerty N.G. its time to give up on P.W, K.Q.. l've found the best. Love Always, S.M. Leepseek, Catch you on the renob, Heethar, Catch you on the renob on the way back!! M.S. your the best-C.S, Thanks for the greatest first year of my life- Carrie to Marty. WORDS WE USED: womp, eatmeat, snirk-a- dirg, auip head. Boo-foo, for sure, super. Bite the big one, it's a major, big Bn bulky. Ralphin', orals, pick up pool, manaj-a-twa. Fritz got blitzed, road trip vegi's, exper- ience new horizons, ana Val Baby. Spot, Spill. Suas, Schlep 81 me. 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A New Experience For AW Students IT was a new expereince for mosT sTudenTs aT AW. Camfel ProducTions gave a muITi-media presenTaTion calleo 'iChampions" in The Gym Wednesday, February 27. In The good old days, This was called an assembly, buT in curren' Times, This was a mandaTory viewing. The procedure was sTill The same. Teachers walked Their sTudenTs To The Gym. ReIucTanT CaTs alsj made Their way in ThaT direcTion, as all doors for escape wer blocked. Some groaned, some giggled nervously: buT mosT felT i aT ease, noT knowing how To reacT. CLAW sTaff inTerviewed sTudenTs afTer The program. CommenTs were posiTive. "liked The music In IT. Good Show." "PreTTy far ouT. LoTs of good Rock 81 Roll." "Great PerfecT, ExcellenT! I ThoughT iT was really good. IT applieo To a IoT of people in I-ligh School. "G-reaT! PreTTy PremoI" 'iPreTTy Good - The music made IT inTeresTing." "AlrighT, I didn'T like The TacT ThaT we were locked in." "I don'T know. I escaped Through The JaniTor's door. I heard IT was preTTy good." 'IIT was good, FirsT assembly l've been To. "I ThoughT iT was Too loud, and we had To waiT an awful long Time for The poInT. EvenTualIy IT was preTTy good." "Probably The besT Thing ThaT was done for The enTire populaTion of The school. They should all be like ThaT." All agreed that AW STUdel'lTS OTC all CHAMPIONS! Jolly Roncher Condies soluTes The ochievemenTs of oil The sTudenTs oTTend- ing Arvoclo WesT High School. Moreover, we wonT To express our sincere groTiTucle To eoch of you for poTronizing Jolly Roncher over The yeors. We wish oll of you good forTune in The yeors oheod. JCJLLH RANCHER Jolly Roncher Condies 5060 Word Rood VVheoTridge, Co W H KKK ,ggi wi , , S F25 WND g x f 1 EN rm 1 f, M f i,x A ,1" V WJ, V , 2 kV-, K W , -J, f ' f ,f - 2'- yrf , ' L ,' ,J A . 'if ff x,f:,f1f 5 k kZ7.l'..11Lw"' 'MYQ' XA P j V ...Mr ' x , 'S K ' K wffilim ,,.,, q' 41 M, :QQ , .-+i.:'f - A - ..Hfgg. 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'iwwmm o.s,fQ,cJo 7 . , UiJL VAQJXL-, M-,CO.i,QfQfQ..J - 3 Jyuj, WI, -PA,Q.,rYw,urwN.bUQA, xJLYk.J., f'YWJs.Jk-Cl"'KQ.A-K-dCi.D,,l..,x we W 13 at My WJ 1 ,JBL J, C3 QP! wmgwqx 0 of AQ X5 5 KLJLJMOQ, - ' JLQVAQXQO QD xiixu Jifcpvii, pdf BQKJL, ' f 7 l . Quads .IQUNX NYUCLQ-L XJf,w1UQ,5vV'vk,Uvx.5L,9 UNL VYXJQUIJLQWO YYXJLQJLJL 'pm Kjfyld JLNLQJQ QA 'QQ xgnilwu QGQ in Q,f1kSuQ5QwfuQ, any 9 :SCM XLQUVL Q1 Ummm mlm, XQAQM 82, f' 5, Vgxoe. is Q wQ1jJ ,YliQ QM-Uqw can JULQJQJL, Q21-LQ Q0,Uz,rYxA.f Q95 YYLKJUQYW JDK 1 dmlodb pop? NSLZBQQY1 QOQJQQQ QLLQL, A vL,LM. Jm.Q,? Y'YUg77U V30 XSL ,,?.Q,, 'I ,lbw SHR 'J iiusd W A UYLQJCJ Q.,L+l,uy,d3 Q41-LJNJ5., xJTL0!1J'YYL,0.1Q5 A ' I QSQQQ L,L1.J-L1Jx.,Q3x. U59 I Wwmluwb QYCLULLLJ Wmiqf , k A 1 OJL 5 HJ qf QPJ XJQUMQDDQALLQMVULXRXLQLJKQKS WMM wwf v'fMM3pjfW' XXWNH VCJYXQJWNLFQJL REQ 'EPM VB, XL JJLU Mg W! JQOQAQQ XML VQLULL LUJVUXJL 55? e5fgg?MO i5 if QA? 2555? A2 QSM? 1555553 A 2223 EQ Silggwxs? 53? 59 g , ii 3 QS M 9 we 5555333363 Eiiiiiiwiii

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