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XI r1Pbxff'r If 1 K1 2 1' I ' ' ..:l N1 '1 ' I j U! ,JV A I X 'uf X". 69 pf j KO 7 6' 'Y NV' f' J ' , fl ,,f' L ' 1 WXNNQQ JL I' , jf fi! 9 f Q11 pl ,-M? :ff 5, T,ffVdf5M f f 4 A - 'L' 4 M 3 A K N X ,112 'K Q I Q '15, QW 4 J, ff' 174 'f ff y JV A ,jjf 1 F J 1 If iffy!! ,gy J jk 'XS if 1 X- xx X X J ,bf If 'I lj ' N13 X .: N Q . sn L' ' :llj W 2 I f ,IU J 'I X X L GX ' ' . wh: , N QA ! ,X ff ,J i ' HW' ,A Ya ' E f ' 1 Y Q' j ,fx X V11 dv, fi! 1. , F V M Q, X . D f . , ff ' w -, . X ff ,vw xxx-JL' WN ' f jf f . lim w . , f ' uv Q RgfNQXA l,fQ MOU wfMf1m fwg I l !jl! E5 A515 wma 'N er ' x xl Tim l. I , H , LYAI ,,.x-..-1 . Yi rl X I E x 4, V i 1' kb wvxx wiffwf? 4+L M Q Y 1 - . , A KKXX A J Q S1 , wbbyg x n 'x N Q I J r N 5 ww MV? 5XwXJiX1gX EQN X f T BIQE OF CONTENTS X. x J C511 I AW EQUBS. .... .. mb Q XA? l STSAXSTHLETICS. . . JSAYJFSCHLA SSES. .. 3 K AD VIS ORS EDITORS MRS. LINDA CHAPMAN SI-IARI SMITH MR. GEORGE MEYERS LINDA UNRUH 4 PHOTOGRAPHER DAVE SCHROEDER STAFF Kay Helzer Lana Hill Linda Lebsack Betti Markham Barbara McKellar Karen Mundine Cindy Peterson jini Price Barbi Reefi Linda Shackiey Carol Sims janet Smith Linda Speck Sandy Swanson Sharon Svendson Shirley Tegeler A.H.S. Students utilize modem academic ana' physical jqtncss facz'lz'tics. ,Ja f f Q!!! 'K FUN' Y ff? Science and Mathematics are closely related departments at AHS with five science and six math courses offered. Science explains the physical World and mathematics is used as a tool by the scientist. Biology and advanced biology acquaint the pupil with the major concepts and theories of science. Geology attempts to answer questions about the earth and its history. Physics and chemistry, Which are strongly based upon experi mentation, help students to appreciate and understand sciences. Algebra I stresses the basic operations of algebra While geometry deals with points, lines, planes, and solids and examines their properties by the use of the deduction system. Algebra ll examines more advanced principles and Algebra ll-trigonometry combines the study of thses two courses. Trigonometry deals basically with triangles and ratios with emphasis on analytic features. The most advanced mathematics course at AHS, math analysis, in- cludes trigonometry, logic, structure of numbers, and introduction to calculus. Busi- ness math is designed to familiarize students with practical math situations. , if J' I4 I ff' is W f : IV I X J x 4 f A -.QA A if MJ , ' X ff ' ff X Q g fl --A If 1 AQ gif 1 N sl f Q 9 , Y kt If 'Q 3 A3 A? 1 ., 12.3 A fi- L,: i,Q,' ,g pk ' ,, , , fa J sf A-Q ,fa .ypgirfaffw-wmmq,gwg at W. .A+ . -fx. nf - - H. 52,55 -wk jf r- , - PY-s -1 f 1 m ...f N ., , 1 ,.,..,, k 1 E' f T, l , wM, ,fV a,445, , W it iv' A A ,Q , ,. X 4' V, I In ' Za ig y g if: In 'T --it M va V , iq X v ,Kp 2 1, R ,, , - , A Hxx ru ,gk .W . 1.. 1,1 4 - , ......,..-.- .N . ff L Www.. 3, W ..-1 ' 4 -1 fm . aw -E " , ' V 9 if X' A li . 'Q In , f w 1 5 ,S V M ..w.....p5-.-,-45,5 ,M If 4 f Ng gm? EM' 'Mm -we Q MQ We it M h , Iiifim . K S. lla 1: , , f ffiffliff,-'Q "" W iV3'E5a,.ls 55,3 rg 5 , , v ,Qf1m?1Yx.Qf: i 3 at wb Q5 331+ W. - . , EQ L, My . I-, ..QM M-.Q..,...,...,.M., .L ,R kg Lx ' Kvk ' 1-. L 15115 .gy uw mi .4 QS. ,352-.5 s . "Y '25 V ' ll ll V ,ll mv , I X 1ux M Mk .Q 2 bf? A A lk 1 A if I-if -af in Q " v 1 ' f E,-an if f muh-eu Colorful native costumes illustrate the goals of the language department. French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish students at AHS not only learn how to speak a foreign language but also study the culture and history of the country from which the language originates. At least four years of every language are offered. A laboratory is available to stu- dents Who wish to listen to recordings by native speakers of the various languages. Clubs, which provide social and service projects throughout the year, are organized by each group. 5 I 10 ' '-" Y N ---Mm yffj yy v ,. 3 - mga y , . ii. 1 " , hcl -3 , f "1 L sl I 5, 1 ,. , fl, in . wr V V I , ."- . " Q 1 f 'X' " mf t"'i A 1 , i. 'mv-vl A ' .. r ,F ' E.: V X gi N A ft X, A ttti A A Nine varsity sports in addition to regular gym classes provide for the athletic development of AHS students. Last year's athletic program produced a district champion Wrestling squad and, for the first time, a state champion baseball team in addition to good football and basketball teams. Cross-country, tennis, and track also drew many interested partici pants. Two other sports introduced last year were golf and gymnastics. Physical education is a required course for all sophomores with advanced p.e. and gymnastics offered to upper classmen. Over 30 girls are members of the Girls' Athletic Association. ll Exploring vocational interests, developing co- ordination of hand and mind, and giving practical ex- perience are among the goals of the Industrial Arts and Home Economics Departments. Sewing and foods classes are included in the three years of homemaking offered to girls at AHS. Four years of art are also offered. The principles of elementary drafting, applied mathematics, and technical terms are introduced in Drafting I. Each Drafting II student designs a home and draws a complete set of working plans for it. General metal shop is designed to acquaint pupils with a variety of experiences in the working and fabricating of metal. Woodworking I, II, and Ill are courses in the use of hand tools and wood- working machines with the complexity of projects in- creasing each year. Driver's Education attempts to prepare competent, skillful, responsible, young drivers. 12 E 5 J cr, The Social Studies Department attempts to guide the student through experiences that will help him develop an understanding of the society in which he lives and how it evolved. World history students study culture patterns, progress, and change in all ages and countries, while American history pupils learn of the development and heritage of our own country. American government X world affairs stresses understand ing of the U.S. system of government and its responsibilities to its people and to the world. To help the student become more aware of his role in the economic life of the country and to understand his relationship to the earth on which he lives, especially in the area of occupational activities, are the goals of economics and economic geography 14 Q . t S V 5 lf gs ,gg i vu, , fi it A beautiful new library containing over 8, 500 volumes serves as a coordinator for the English department. journalism, dramatics, stagecrafting, and speech classes are offered in addition to three years of basic English. A college preparatory English course is designed for those students interestedin continuing their education after high school. First-year journalism students are responsible for publication of the school paper, the ARROW, while second year pupils publish a smaller edition, the DART. The fundamentals of acting are taught in dramatics, and all technical work on school productions is supervised by stagecrafting students. Speech class enables students to organize thoughts, develop clear diction, and retain poise when in front of an audience if ASWSZQNTPRLVCUML MR. BOLAND M k W 'S , - , I V4 'NEW COUWSELORS NJ' Pvqu-di MR. DREW MRS. THOMSON MR. ADDISON 16 X jf, tw MISS FRANCES ANDERSON English MR. ROBERT BAS SETT Mathem atics MR. BILL BEAVER Social Studies MRS. LOUISE BERGNER Business Education FA CULT? ,!'4Q -.119 FWD' I I yfh I 'als Sir Y tb .:,, I - " .- I is , I 4 A XhmV,VA,A I hv ,KA w3'Q' ,ia, "3JT' J'-fl" , .Q x , so .. X , rd! MR. IRV BROWN Physical Education MRS. MARJORIE BRUEGGEMAN Business Education MRS. MARIE CAIN Social Studies MR. ANTONY CALABRO Social Studies MRS, LINDA CHAPMAN Business Education MR. DAN CI-IOPYK Foreign Languages MGX' E, --fa 14.5322 46- 45.3 s'4,'fI' fz0',v 55 fififil Jfiwl. MISS JOYCE DAVISSON Physical Education MR. RAFAEL DIAZ Y DIAZ Foreign Languages MISS JOAN DINGMANN Business Education MRS. BILLIE EDMUNSON English MISS SUSAN EMME English MRS. MARY EYLAR Social Studies MR. ROBERT FATZINGER Science MR. ROBERT FREYTAG Science MR. NICHOLAS GANGWISI-I Mathematics MR. CLINTON GREGG Industrial Arts 'DUI Jil ,Q f Z- imf .gf I --qp l av-ffyf A-ww-W 'HSV' 'E 1 MRS. FRANCES I-IELT Library MR. KENNETH HENDERSON Industrial Arts MR. JOEL I-IENDRICKS English MRS. I-IARRIET HINES Business Education MR. HOWARD I-IOCKING Science MR. EUGENE I-IOWA T English SLE 'Wt U, 4' 1' L s. .., MR. WILLIAM LARSON Social Studies MISS CAROLYN LEWIS English MR. EDWARD LEWIS Industrial Arts MR, GEORGE MEYERS Mathematics MRS. ALICE MITCHELL Foreign Languages MR. THOMAS NICHOLS Mathematics MR. ROBERT HURRELL Fine Arts MRS, FAWN JEFFERS Business Education MRS. DORIS JOHNSON Home Economics MR. GARY LARSON Social Studies if 0' MRS. KATHERINE O'DONNELL Physical Education MRS. DOROTHY OEHM Foreign Languages MR, ELBERT PANKRATZ Fine Arts MR. CHARLES PATERA Social Studies FA CULTT S' LV "H 'W 4-fe .W -wang, ef' fi, Rigs A mf, if? -JF' MISS JOYCE PAYTE English MRS. PEARLE PUGH Fine Arts MR, BRUCE RANSOM Mathematics MR. RONALD RAY Mathematics MRS, JUDITI-I ROMAN Business Education MISS GEORGELYNN SCHMIDLER English L. J at Num. '2??',..'1l' -.,....-J ,QQ-M' B ' I Vs ,hfl hgi I J If "' ' I - x -,.V E K 7' MR. JOSEPH WEBER Driver Education MR. WILLIAM WILSON Foreign Languages MR. RICHARD WOODEN English MRS. DOROTHY AUSTIN MRS. LUCILLE PESCE MRS. EULA ZINN MR. DAVID SKELTON Mathematics MR. DAVID SMITH Science MRS. JANET SOHNGEN Home Economics MR. EDWARD TYRRELL English FAC ITTQXH .QQ sf , QQQ, DUNN lx , 'XR - lqb H ml ww- 1 W, ., ,, . muy.. f L-a.,,.,,,.,,l. ,,,,,,,. . ' i ' A qgagfiw X QQ H LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Mull, Ethel Evans, Betty Young, Clara Hale, Kathy Hussman, Rachel johnson, Leota Dietz, Pat Perez, Maxine Berg, Lovice Setelin, Lola Koehler COOK CUSTODIA S LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Manaugh, Karl Freedemann, Henry Barclay, George Drown, Dale McCall, Charles Bemarcl l l e K 'iw 4 j 7 ' f 1 I: ' K I KX!! . 7 I fr K , I .b JV '- , xy ,B 5.2 yy , Aff, 1" ' B, M . .1 3 QW r. L to W I if K y rrra I f Illn I - .,4. ' X fly: j A W BA T V Wt ' f at .ref E 1 B fm-an 1, g, Q 'lil l J U x E. ,X Q g 3 5 E I , A Q Z L If g X '-ffavex i. 357' , 3 E. P I gg, 1 gif fa I mv TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Meyers, Dr. Forbes Bottomly. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Moore, Hal Skel ton, Wayne Van Arsdale, James Ritchie. CH OOL BOARD 24 QQ?- ebgg X-5 YL Missy? VICE-PRESIDENT: Barbara McKellar Barbara McKellar transferred to AHS as a junior from Omaha, Nebraska. Since her arrival at AHS, she has participated in many ac- tivities and won many hon- ors. Among these are the following: IRC, German Club, president, ARROW, editor-in-chief, Quill and Scroll, junior and Senior class plays, One-Act Play Contest, Thespians, secre- tary, Yearbook Copy Editor and Sales Manager, Senior Homecoming Attendant, Student Body vice-president, TACT Councilg Pep Coun- cil, Girls State, and the DAR Citizenship Award. if " ,sti iv -1: t,., . p if PRESIDENT : D ave Carpenter This year's Student Body president, fr Dave Carpenter, is one of the most versatile Students in the Senior class. Among his activities and accomplish- ments are the following: Student Coun- cil, Pep Club King, Homecoming Es- r. cort, and County Student Council. In addition to these activities, Dave plays basketball and baseball. He also serves on the Howell's Dept. Stores Ir. Execu- tive Board and the Sales Committee for the enlargement of the Jeffco Stadium. AC , N, Haha go., , f Q if Q SECRETARY: Sandy Swanson Sandy Swanson, this yearfir Student Body secretary is oi, of the busiest girls in the graduating class. Among her accomplishments are the following: French Club, president, Spanish Club, IRC, Drill Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Thespiansg Senior Class playg FTA, vice-presi- dent, Yearbook Staff, TA CT Council, Student Council, and County Student Coun- cil. In addition she has served as junior class sec- retary, Pep Club attendant, and as a member of the National Honor Society, the R-1 Award Program, and the Educational Tour. STUDENT B ODT OFFICERS 2 Qi ,QQ so STUDE TCOU CIL The Student Council is the representative student government of AHS. Representa- tives elected from each short period study hall and various clubs, along with the class officers, are its members. Student Body president, Dave Carpenter, vice-president, Barbara McKellar, and secretary, Sandy Swanson, and the sponsor Mr. Meyers, see that business is properly carried out. The Council is the main link between the Student Body and the administration. Some of the important problems of the Student Body are brought to the attention of the administration, and the problems of the administration dealing with the Student Body are relayed to the students by the council members. This years activities include working in concession stands, and the decorating of AHS at Christmas. 27 ..., NATIO AL HO OR SUCIETT Scholarship, character, service, and leadership are the qualities necessary for membership in the National Honor Society. In addition to these qualities, a prospective member must be in the upper ten per cent of his class if he is a junior or the upper twenty-five per cent if he is a senior. Each year approximately five per cent of the jun- ior class and ten per cent of the senior class are selected for Honor Society member- ship. Thirty-seven seniors, nineteen juniors, and tvventy-one seniors elected as juniors composed the society this year. These Seventy-Seven Redskins were honored at the awards assembly. .28 R-1 ACADEMIC A CHIE VEME T A WARD A total of sixty-two Redskins received the R-l Academic Award this year. In order to qualify for this honor, a student must be in the upper five per cent of his class schol- astically, according to the grades earned for the two semesters preceding the award. A bronze pin is awarded to those selected for the first year, a silver pin for the second year, and a gold pin for the third year. At the awards assembly, thirty-one bronze pins twenty-two silver pins, and nine gold pins were given to hard -working Redskins . 29 A CLUB This year the AHS lettermens club was under the direction of its president, Steve Bell. Assisting this year were Roger May, vice -president, jim Spears, secretary- treasurer, and Sponsors Mr. jim Dalthorp and Mr. Irv Brown. To be eligible to be- come a member of "A" Club, the boy must have lettered in any one sport and partici- pated in the initiation. The Club sponsored the annual Homecoming activi- ties Which included the bonfire, the dance, and the nominees for queen. The "A" Club also sponsors "A" Night and the annual banquet. ""' ii ,x x Q - 191.1 ' Q sd v M ,1 u Q- ' A s S wry ' if ' ' Ei! K, ' ' ' . E , . - An, , ' I 1 ,Q R f ' , , I F I LW A . .- - z 59 I 'Y . ' ,. Hg, " " wa" f J 1- 4, " V A fur Y . W ' . .vines Q ,, , , ,. V A. A 'SV41 A TQ 'P Q .. ' 1 W Y, ,A 1.9, Y . ' .K -Y gf . .X 1 A 'rm A ' ,V 'ff J F V 2 ' ig mx ' 1 J L A ' 194 RQ- 15,2 . K K5 7i,'.j::gSf'fgf..i,g5,41 iffy ' - ' ' , fi w"g,,:' gif! 5 2 . ' - -... vw .4 W 6 A , .Q L , g ?QQ.,guf Q Q V K I BL X M N My A , 'ff,y.,jf L' , .- pig., -,pm k J' , .'IJfYQf, , . ,,.u..:,, fp I .v-- 'I 1 .3-.fjf , , 4 gg... 31- 4. -QQ -, , ,, f 7, -0- 2751 ' Mx ' , ,el I cm H' ,gfxffgf kg! fa' ' x. , , ' r,w,fQ-'.,,.z gi. ' LJ. 1, , 5,,'.L Ji? 2. 'UZ' " f fy fx-Qdp, Q I' 'fflfw X .yah ,yan 1.,Iff?,A,, . ,X .1 ,2,,'Q3gf'.1g - 1-A 1jv',: J v ' t 1 R, .-, -km' L af, ,QQ ffl? - , Y , P 1 - 1 1 xx' 1 W ff 'VA xxksr- 'Agp .6-x.'K:" if N. "' .ff .4 Q-li 9 vfZn,'fx.f' 1" ,-uv' 'K hiv V. -f Nt 5, ,?f.,,..'.,-if:,x-Affgyx 1: W A '1 Mx' ' ' wfyQy.gai2i1: ,f ff . Q i - mr, 35: ,xQ!'.4ijf5.4 ,fr-4'-A ,Q 1, ,,. ,,p,,r.b.g x " 'x..f .4 -ww--A A ' 3 'Ag f Q 4 - A 'ff N' ,L 'fl if iff is '31 xi h -1 L. Q 1 an-. 5... ' -,f'r5fgi' ..,,a L, ka I' ,ifmf , A 5 4 ,. 1253 F 5 i W' K mum-'fnvk .Q ff 'N "4 CLU l This year the Pep Club was under the direction of Linda Unruh, president, Barbara Reed, vice-president, Michele Germaine, secretary, and sponsors Miss Joyce Daviss on and Mrs. Katherine O'Donnell. The Pep Club whose purpose is to cheer the teams to victory, provides the rous- ing enthusiasm at all Redskin Athletic events. Along with supporting the teams, the Club's activities include making posters to promote spirit and sponsoring the annual Pep Club Dance. 33 The Cheerleaders of '64-'65 were jini Price, senior, head cheerleaderg Carol iorg and Rhoda Zeigler, junior. HEAD CHEERLEADER: jini Price Carol Maronich CHEERLEADERS Ti 1955 Maronich, seniorg Lili Pachello, senior5 Shari Smith, seniorg Cathy Larson, jun- The girls lead the Pep Club and student body in cheers at all the football, basketball and baseball gamesg wrestling rnatcbesg and cross- country and track meets. Ka thy La rson The Cheerleaders are selected each spring by the student body following their tryouts. Their official duties are to lead the student body, and to promote good sportsmanship and soho ol spirit from football season through baseball. I I , Shari Smith 1' l Qx Rhoda Ziegler X Debbie Stark Lili Pacello IoArm Kneifl TWIRLER Becky Visscher The '64-'65 AHS Twirlers were Nancy Schuck- mann, senior, head twirlerg janet Smith, seniorg janet Nichols, juniorg JoAnn Kneifl, juniorg and Becky Visscher, sophomore. Along With the marching band, the girls performed at all home football games, Boulder Band Day, the Canyon City Blossom Festival, and a Denver Bronco half-time show. They also marched at three home basketball games . The twirlers, chosen in the spring tryouts, must take an active part in the instrumental music department and play an instrument. Head Twirler Nancy Schuckm ann Janet Smith janet Nichols fl 3 A14-f 1 J c yf f' Qf :X I , Q74 - ,,L,4,,,, X Q I, V C' ll. ffin T k, . ,, ' L Homecoming week l964 began with jubilant wood gathering and ended October 3 with the traditional dance. A huge bonfire was held Thursday night following a snake dance. The "Shoremen" provided music for a street dance held in front of the school after the bonfire. Carol Marohnich was crowned Homecoming Queen during half- time ceremonies at the game. jini 'Price and Barbara McKellar served as senior attendants, and Barbi Reed and Becky Visscher were junior and sophomore at- tendants. The Redskins went on to win the game, trouncing the Alameda Pirates 18-O. Climaxing the weekend, the homecoming dance was held in the gym Saturday night with music supplied by the Hilltoppers. 1Zl1'1. lllEi Siiil flair: f X f ww. C Q he 'A x, H! Ak r RA- V ' , D 1 S N 'Q X -, 7 ,' , 'T XX ssj. mx., f ai Na,-", 'lfJ'4:, , Q A ' ff 1 '45f,,,K"::.1 . R1 ' if 5 fm W" 'V 25? ' iff2f51iH':W1fillzf f - 2 -- ,, , 1 -- M. , ii? 'L -- : 1 M' ' imfgj ' fig- mi n, 'UQ' ' , 3, H! k , I ,LZ I :?gg.,5,.QNM,Qqn ex.,3fE.- ,ll 39 M " agp 3 2 . aw fx ' ,'4",.iV. Z 5 I it fs Y If '35 H ga 1 Q HOM Senior Attendant Barb ara McKellar Sophomore Attendant Becky Visher Iunior Attendant Barbara R e ed lf Senior Attendant Iini Price 6 5 JA Ill Q 5 ' 949 6 UIQA 'mill Y T X "The Circus Train" was the theme of the annual Redskin Follies, held on October 15 and 16. Bill Martin and jim Drevescraft, portraying an elderly married couple, served as emcees for the show. Circus performances included singing, dancing, baton twirling, acrobatics, pantomine, and even an old -fashioned melodrama. Mr. Pankratz and Miss Payte directed the production T ,nf -1'-4' "L, W FT i - --"- r m ' 0f0 e,5":-55' T' RA. I N 5 e js S 35 5' I 1 3 if 'Q' W7 , JD CW Q2 X A V E SQA? u 44 na CAST james Drevescraft. . . . . . David Schroeder . . Dennis Grenemyer Gary Capron ...... Robert Orr ...... Mike Baker ..... Mike Visscher . . . Sandy Swanson . . . Shirley Tegeler .... Barbara McKellar. Sharon Svendson . . Carol Sue Price. . . Patty Paleyo ...... Debbie Sanderson. . Randy LaBelle .... Doug Gile ....... . . jake Danny . Louie Cactus Lucky . . Pete . Lank . . . Molly . . Tess . Rose . Betty . janet Laura .. Sally . Babs . .Sam Greg Sorrell . . . .... Eaglerock Ron Lippman ........ Lieutenant In Hfsulizifm W 1 ,bv N '5 ks, V. affix ,fs JSP? ' ,KZ "HAR VEST MOON" I Q "Harvest Moon" was the theme of this year's ML Pep Club Dance held Nov- S' ember 21 . The cafeteria 54 was transformed into an autumn scene for the in- X formal all-school dance. Music was provided by the Del-Rays. Jini Price and David Carpenter were elected queen and king by the student body. Other candidates for queen were Cindy Peterson, Sandy Swanson, and Linda Unruh. Marc Lyons, Bob Killip, and Mickey Seller were nominated for king. This year's dance was held in the fall instead of the spring as usual, Decorated card tables through- out the cafeteria provided a new method of serving refreshments. J Z' fn J .. QQQCK 5 ' 26125355 wif ff 1. '- 3gx,sx":fzw,-' ,Q ., "mi-fwrf-xrwfw . wk 1 , gi:f.Mcw? 5 5 . 5w.,.,6.wY-Ezra? 22 irfkfv 1-1 W - -' 4 1 in ! 'V wx ' V ,Sgr ' ,L . . ..x,M5i.1 3. 3335 1 I ' 1 iw H 3 1 1 W 1352 'ws W . - .4 N :v X, WJ , 2 3 QQ gin 'w-,kyfffzsfmvwfeff N x , .Q , -,H W-ij.. , V , 3 Q 5 ? 2 ,,-Q J 2 , .. ,Pg I -- arf' '- f. . , ig, I Y W? QE J f ' W H 25 U 955 in QQ wi-fr-3 I' w E5 2 'UTM qw Q K 'w M Am S2.L,i,,T+ 3-pw R, 2 T1T??1L' W, 111 1 ' 1i1l'li15,, -,L w V1 ,H ,dm i , .A -Q sg . Hzxfx QX E Q M, W f' :Jif- iw?i 523 The evening of October 15 marked the beginning of the 1964 educational tour for thirty-one AHS juniors and seniors. The group, accompanied by Mr. Rafael Diaz and Mrs. Marforie Brueggeman, flew by jet to Kennedy International Airport where they caught their first glimpse of New York City at dawn . The first days of the trip were spent in New York City where the students enjoyed visits to the World's Fair, the United Nations, Radio City Music Hall, a Broadway Musical, and of course, Macy's. On the way to the nation's capital, the group stopped in Philadelphia. Among the sights seen were the Liberty Bell, the first Senate House, and the ivy-covered University of Pennsylvania . The capitol building, Smithsonian Insti- tute, F.B.I. Headquarters, and the monu- ments of the U.S. Presidents were among the many impressive sights seen in Washington, D.C. One day was spent touring Mount Vernon and Arlington Na- tional Cemetery. After nine fun-filled and excitingly busy days, the tour group boarded a jet-liner in Baltimore, Maryland on October 24 and be- gan their trip to Denver. The students brought many wonderful memories and wvo very tired sponsors home. li li? 49 3 CHRISTMAS Christmas decorations this year were more elaborate than ever. Stu- dent Council members Worked long hours setting up the traditional Christmas tree above the entrance of the school and decorating the lobby with a new fireplace and Santa Claus as Well as a tree and Snowflakes The ninth annual Christmas Tea was held December 18. Holiday Cookies and punch were prepared by the home economics classes and served by faculty members . A program was presented by the Advance Chorus and junior-Senior and Sophomore Bands. ---ug fx' 'S if i f 7 , ,wfm-Q ATAH Q , 1 1,2499 4 EY , Q, ,- xlarfr 6 ii 1, 1, Y as Y' - Vi' 'M 'f Y- as it W at -mfg 'iq ' ,.-axifvffiv ' f :adsl 19" it gif 4 V ,fi P-, -sf f H .xi j ,Q X N57 lf' ii ' A v ' what i ' ??iQ?3h??3? V' - x5?f',f't3'f5I-Q, ,i,,gm.ff5. t 1. ffm, , ,gf ,. W .ci 1 , ,y .1 'ffvvtif--'QF in Mel.-A -rMe?l,,5t, Q' 39" -'QQ l'-' ff, "L,fjf?1fL '1fai1'f5r 5 Y , yy A, Akrk f -54 an V ,ty wig 5? 33 3 it feagflifsrt- fa fgfft f 5, 'E 1 :Q l ft f .i .- ,- H-.f J2I1',2', -, 'fy rfiir W lf 5 ' f wsggffgi . use--l 33 . Y ,- 1 4, " 4: r Jr 1 11"-.i Hsm i ffggfzfiiiw . ' K, K 1 , 4 Qii,.- f, 14' ,,.i1,'f J ,b ay ff, at .' "4f'ff-13" ?ft ' Ike '-"Vfsg"if- , 672555 e.-""" .i pf .t.. ,atr , , ,. ,V fm' iff. - f TIL : : Q....fx-- it 5 ' , 53 1 la:- : 3 . x ff' .. t' 'N N. 5 33 f' L .?f"' 4 as ,N N y dig IE .v N54 N ,ff MN 2 ggmwqg wwe PROM A TTEJV DA N TS MISS BARBARA HAYES MISS SANDY SWANSON PMN' is 3 1 4 if 9 JUNIQR-SEN1012 PROM "I-Enghanted Evening" was the theme of the 1965 junior-Senior Prom with the theme song being "Some Enchanted Evening." It was he1d at the University of Den- ver Student Lounge from 8 to 11:30 on April 10. Music for the eve- ning was provided by the DU Dance Band. Miss Barbara McKellar was crowned as the 1965 Prom Queen. Attending her were Miss Sandy Swanson and Miss Barbara Hayes. .git il f it QUILT, SCROLL Nineteen journalists, the largest number ever to be admitted in one year at AI-IS, were selected for 1965-66 membership in Quill and Scroll International Honor Society. The group consisted of sixteen seniors and three 'unior j s . Linda Unruh was chosen for her Work on the yearbook. The other eighteen initiates were members of the ARROW staff. They included seniors Bob Bartlett, Laura Beasley, Terry Bench, Gay Davis Carol Sims, Bobbie Zie l P ' , g er, hyllis Cummings, Linda Fuller- ton Dennis Grenemyer, Cecelia K1 ' , ug, Marc Lyons, Lily Pachello, Cindy Peterson, Carol Sue Pri d ' ' ce, an Shirley Tegeler. juniors selected were Cindy Cox, Patty Miller, and Rosie Schaffer. Members chosen last year were Barbara McKellar, editor-in-chief of the ARROWg David Schroeder, photographer, and Shari Smith, co-editor of the yearbook. In order to become a member of Quill and Scroll, a student must be a junior or sen- ior and be in the upper third of his class . He must show superior Work in journalism and be recommended by his sponsor, either Mr. Meyers or Miss Schmidler. New members are given membership cards and a year's subscription to the society's magazine as Well as being presented with a gold pin at the awards assembly. 54 REDSKI WEEK 65 , , ij Redskin Week this year was eld the week of March 6 through March 12, the week preceding the state tournaments. Festivities began with a dance. Following this special days consisting of "Clash Day", "Western Day", "Mourning Day", "Redskin Day", and "Class Day" were observed. Sophomores were awarded the trophy for displaying the most spirit and participation. 55 ,A in .v vi J Q fl w,,.yfl W J t as S 5 I 13 I ry W, va IV A 92 bij Ei N R E D S 365 gi fii l gre ' .,A:. Q' Lt - .Qs -Q H Q L I z k M h i -'IL H43 '-. ,':wi- 2' ', ' F J 4 A 1' 'gif 'V W Q KP gf "N " -5 ' -" I , ' 1' ' +V W A ' A '. 43' in-Q . . 4 B l A I ' 'Ji' I I ., ,E V 1 ' 'A .ill 'E 'Af 'af' A f Q' 'M' IVF' V- '. 'fi 1' A? :Q A 14? " V ,Zz ' lx I A vr f -Q,-fi 1 f Qi 'HQ' -f,f f Y r my t, X I Q , .lr L, yi f ,fctfx E + 3 jx '1" 'A L, s Y w I ,f 5 My o J 6 .1 f Q., ff m 4 F nXf ,C nfl, C fig, 'Q K 'f ff CZ . R q . , r , XZ " 4 Z, K . K..-Y !,fc,-- . , cf' fa, L' Cr ,, '- X , - r r V - ff-4' V 4 V 1 if Y- , .ff k Q K, K Cf ,,, , if , 9 if , YL? 7 C , 7 RJ X. xfff ' U4 Q-J ' 5 f 1 lf C ' r rr c ' , , CL r- .f C C F 1 u J 1' g C . K - x ff ,, -, - , , I 57 f f ' NAA ef 1 R , K If , K' ,If-f ff- 2.5 ' f L" .. 45 - Q 'Y , f ' 45 " lm? k , 4 Qf . CK 1 6.5-f-f , C v A 1 J L, "" "1 bf' , bf" V .1 .I - 6. ,I in, .-- c ,.' ' h -f' Y, H Q- 28419 ff - . Cf Q 'Y ' 4 - - LXK' ff? , . " K C , ,- , 7 X 1 Ar ' K kgs, C g Q, - 4' V xy ,J 'TZ , Q, 4- ,1 3 K- X 3.5 X, ft I Cb i , K f 1 QA J 3 4,1 C1 Q' A A tsx nm A -., V l S onsor Ads and Sales a533d,,'Q2 TEA RB 034 STA FF The 1965 REDSKIN was pre- pared under the supervision of Mr. Meyers and Mrs. Chapman. Linda Unruh and Shari Smith served as co -editors. Seniors . The chairmen of the various sections included, Kay Helzer and Linda Shackley, Clubs, Lana Hill and Carol Simms, Advertising, Linda Lebsack, Leadersg Barbara McKellar, Copy and Sales, Patty Miller and jini Price, juniors, Karen Maundine, Sophomoresg Cindy Peterson, Faculty, janet Smith, Sports, Lynda Speck, Art, Sandy Swanson, Activities, and Shirley Tegeler, Classes and P David and Mark Schroeder again served as photographers, taking nearly all of the candid o shots in the book. Ads and Sales 3-.4 Copy Editor Senior Section ,4f..a Junior Section , ...--J W Faculty .--1.-.Q-K A ctiviti es Sophomore Section 59 Sports Clubs Leaders s RED KI ARRO W S 1 Eff? . t I f ff- , as pl 1. M 463' if This year's journalism enrollment was larger than ever before and ma de possible the publication of a six-page paper. The three classes under the direction of Miss Schmidler, produced six copies ofthe REDSKIN ARROW. Barbara McKellar held the responsibil- ity of editor-in-chief While various class members took other editorial positions. Six students were enrolled in Journalism ll and were responsible for the publication ofthe DART. The small, senior slanted, feature publica- tion was produced by Mike Bales, Dennis Grenemyer, Barbara McKellar, jim Miller, Shari Smith, and Roberta Ziegler, and Dave Schroeder. X lk gy V me-Asif.: MU ALPHA THETA Mu Alpha TI-Ieta, math honorary, was under the guidance of President Mike Visscher, Vice-president Greg Hoskinson, Secretry-treasurer Marilyn DeMoss, and sponsor Mr. Ranson this year. The club, which is part of a national organization, seeks to stimulate interest in mathemat ics by providing recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting math activities. In order to become a member of the club, an applicant-must be nominated by a current member, approved by the sponsor, and carry a "B" average in all courses. Members of Mu Alpha THeta may participate in a national math contest. ' pa fa '-.r -. V t A .',' 55 A vi . I ,QQ ff' i .3 1 'L Y - Tr'-I r 61 THE PIA National Thespian Troupe l87l is an honorary group Whose affiliates become mem- bers by doing outstanding Work in theater productions . Students earn membership by accumulating ten points through acting and by Working on technical crews such as make-up and scenic design. Thespians pledge themselves to self-discipline and self-improvement and must strive to promote the highest standards of conduct. This year, the troupe, under the guidance of Miss Emme and Miss Payte, took part in a number of activities including field trips, guest speakers, initiation ceremonies, and the annual awards banquet in the spring. Officers for l964-65 included Dennis Grenemyer, president, Carol Sue Price, vice- presidentg Barbara McKellar, secretary, Shirley Tegeler, clerk, Andrea Bank, treasurer, Debbie Sanderson, historian, David Schroeder, senior representative, and Milton Cunningham, junior representative. nga: QE , . , I anno--I W !Hlll mimi CHESS The "Knights of the Square Table" meet Weekly in order to learn about, discuss, and play chess. Members challenge each other to a series of games to determine who is the best or "First Board" player. During the second semester the club accepts and sends challenges to other schools for chess meets. Mr. Wilson sponsors the group with Steve I-lamman serving as president, Dave Allison as vice-president, and Barbara McKellar as secretary-treasurer LA TIN CL UB To increase the knowledge of Roman culture is the goal of the Latin Club under the guidance of Mr. Wilson. The group carried on a number of activities this year including guest speakers, picnics, parties with the other language clubs, and the traditional Latin Club banquets. Leading the group were Bob De Moss, president, Cathy Swanson, vice -president, Sandy Stoltz, secretary, Margo Guild, program chairman, Jud Bradell, treasurer, and Becky Hughes, historian. L 1 H' Qzt. 64 .4 15" ww --" M A ffl 1 A 1- gv ig I YS he . 531 I if "Sf is i I r x My ,,..,-M, 1 ' ,fy 2, 'Q ,sk ,. A -uf , fir' Ki! ,Q i E I g if A-'W -' . Q 1 f , , Q l , E W f Q Q A , V H I GERMAN CLUB X ff' ,.,, l 66 This year's German Club was kept busy with the study of German culture, customs, litera- ture, history and geography. The club members learned about these topics with the aid of films, records, and discussions. They also held various social meetings throughout the year including a pot luck dinner with guest speakers. Mr. Chopyk was the sponsor and officers were Barbara McKellar, president, Mike Visscher, vice-president, and jini Price, secretary-treas- urer. RUSSIAN CLUB The study of Russian culture, customs and fold activities in- cluding singing, dancing and costumes, learning about Russ- ian history, literature and geo- graphy with the help of films and records were the main pro- jects of Russian Club. The group also carried out many of its so- cial functions with the German Club. The club was sponsored by Mr. Chopyk and its officers were Todd Brown, presidentg jini Price vice-presidentg and jim Dreves- craft, secretary-treasurer. SPA I HCLUB Los l-Iidalgoe de Castilla, the Spanish Club, was as active as usual this year. Under the Supervision of Mr. Diaz y Diaz, the club held many of its annual events including the Pinata Party and sponsored other events including an all-school dance with live music. The large club was led by president, Sharon Svendsen. Pam Mueller, vice -president, Phyllis Cummings, secretary, Peggy Gribben, treasurerg and Wayne Hawkins, Ronnie Lebsack, Terrie Bench, and Sandy Swanson, sargeants at arms, assisted Sharon in her duties. 68 ll llilll yfaf,-l1mtfR'1 L .iktk fLwgq!g"f fi? "Zigi F' 2524.3 in iff" X47 . -'5'-nab ff, K AW MX J 5,7 ,if nf 4f"9'?'9 13 Q3 G 1 Q, YNUT FRE CH CLUB To further interest in France, its people, and its culture is the purpose of Le Cercle Francais, the French Club, An initiation meeting, the annual Pot Luck Supper, Christ- mas caroling, a Mardi Gras Party, French films, dinner at a famous French restaurant, and the annual spring picnic were among the many activities planned by the club this year The group is sponsored by Mr. Mitchell with the aid of officers Sandy Swanson, president, Bob Kurtz, vice -presidentg Linda Unruh, secretary, and Greg Hoskinson, treasurer. 70 . W pri' S 'NH . 1 ,wp f-all IRC lnternational Relations Club strives to promote international interest and understanding While developing appreciation and recognition of our own culture. The club was kept busy this year holding one social meeting per month and business meetings every Friday. lt also sent ten delegates to the Denver University Foreign Affairs Conference, sponsored a Winter Dinner, and Won a first prize for its exhibit on Spain at the School of Mines International Day. The sponsors were Mrs. Cain, Miss Lewis, Mr. Calebro, Mr. Patera, and Mrs. Eylar. Officers included Doug Gile, president, Dennis Grene- myer, vice-president, Nancy Schuckmann, secretary, jim Drevescraft, treasurer, and Bob Kurtz, program chair- man. Appointed officers wereg first vice-president, Brian Sitterlyg social chairman, Vickie Diebert, Jeannine Champion, librarian, Peggy Sanders, publicity, jim Miller. Yami Pnukluatflildlv z 1 Wi ,rim 'L ,wiv Q if Q 4 in "., 6? Q A Li' ir L? :A Y LQ 4 35 1 if .J M 2 ww' 1 1 5 , L 1 y jak, , . iks X""'X K 1 , We V Q 4 Q , A ,,:.,L I Lf f Ht' 1555510 A, aiii., ,W , , W. M. ' A: - Y 5V7f7'k5' 'H Tffiiu i U I ,1'h wggmzgq f y H L W,,' my 1' A " -if W M 1 wqnuaninsi Xgwswaammmvaasmnvaamaselxmmmvnfliiiiild Q 2111131 gyglixnklnmnlum .- 'Q 'U"?'f, f 9' M35 . 1 Q Q, f N t EL i ,LVVAVMQ C'ff , ' NK df! f L,", 45 wg- - 'K x5,.,a, A .., ' . ,Q - 4,-f , X 1, :B X Wf, 1'.i'l..' ' Qfzsi M 'W h klr-AMW u:,JNx M :Ef ,.,4A:5A ' FTA The main purpose of the Future Teachers of America is to interest perspective teachers in becoming members of the club so that they may explore the field of teaching. The club began the year by planning the Faculty Tea and by selling AHS pins. Throughout the year speakers were invited to talk to the group about the different aspects of teaching. Visits to the University of Colorado and other colleges were also made in order to explore their teaching programs . The seniors of the club also had the opportunity to perform student teaching at nearby elementary schools. Mr. Addison sponsored the club this year with the aid of Mrs. Hines. Officers included: Carol Hendricks, presidentg Sandy Swanson, vice-presidentg Linda Lautenbaugh, sec- retaryg jini Price, treasurerg and Joyce Finn, Historian. 033 it PEP COU CIL The Pep Council works with the PTA to promote Redskin spirit through- out the community. The group consists of Student Body and junior and Senior Classqoresidents and vice-presidents, Head Cheerleader, Pep Club president, "A" Club president, and Special Representative to the Superintendent , This year's council sponsored a food booth at the Harvest Festival, sold state baseball championship stickers, and bought state baseball championship signs to put beneath "Welcome to Arvada" signs, as well as donating a large project to the school. Members of Pep Council for this year were Steve Bell, David Car- penter, Linda Lebsack, Marc Lyons, Karen Mundine, Barbara McKellar, jini Price, jim Spears, Linda Unruh, and Ron Warner. 75 SPEECH CLUB AHS students interested in learning more about the field of public speaking became members of the Speech Club. This year's club was sponsored by Mr. Wooden and was under the leadership of president, jim Drevescraft. Various members represented our school in the fields of extemporaneous speech, original oratory, interpretations in dramatic literature, and debate at various speech meets. 76 HOME ECO OMICS CLUB This year, the Home Economics Club became part of the national organization, Future Homemakers of America. The group was under the leadership of Mrs. johnson and Mrs. Sohngen. Caroling for the elderly and bedridden at Christmas time, visiting the public service company, hearing a lecture by an expert on hair styling and cosmetics, sponsoring a school Goodwill bag for the "Boys Ranch," and holding international dinner with a speaker from another country are among the activities of the club this year. A special event was FHA week held in April. Officers for 1964-65 were: Nancy Bedell, president, Diana Dorris, vice-president, Judy Springer, secretary, Louise Exel, treasurer, Jane Springer, reporter, Glenna Gillespie, historian, and Bobby Dorris, parliamentarian. S CIE CE CLUB To understand the importance of science, to learn about science careers, to acquaint members with science in research and industry, and to perfect skills in science are the goals of the Science Club at AHS. The club, under the supervision of Mr. Lester Cook and Mr. Carl Freytag had a variety of activities this year including lectures and discussions on science careers by scientists, field trips to industrial and research institutions of the community, science films, and science fair projects. Officers of the Science Club Were: Gary McDonald, presidentg Gregg Pickett, vice-presidentg and Marilyn DeMoss, secretary-treasurer. 78 A UDIO- VI UAL Audio-Visual Club is a service organization whose membership is open to any interested student. The club is sponsored by Mr. Drew and led by Darrell Overman The boys in Audio-Visual Club help in the showing of movies, with the lighting and sound at dances, ball games and Wrestling matches, and with other activitites associated with the school. my HQ! .-rf 79 LIBRA RIA "iz""-f' ,,, 80 Student assistants play an important role in the library program of the school. They are a carefully selected group who wish to serve their fellow stu- dents and to expand their own knowledge of the resources of libraries. Their work provides opportunities to for leadership and co-operation, foster the abilities, to work satisfactorily with others. 15' W tj'-lasiix ' - To promote girls sports and give inter ested girls an oppor- tunity to develop thei skills in various acti ities is the goal of G: Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Davisson. GAA sponsors volley ball, basketball and in- dividual sports, intra- mural tournaments as well as the girls' gym- nastics team. Leaders of the or- ganization include: Sydney Hawbaker, Pres- identg Becky Dash, Vice- A l..L :'-fy - -1 - lm- presidentg Laurel Miller, secretary-treasurerg and Marto Gould, ln- tramural chairman. uf M Q1 -...,4""' , , . li l: . tw . ' Q ' 5 J' A Y , 2 , zv. V - , -sf I-rm A Ti A H 3 t J! it My , , Y 1 , rs GAA 4 DA CE BA D ,The Dance Band is composed of eighteen members chosen from the other three bands who perform for the Redskin Follies and other activities throughout the year The Orchestra is composed of fifteen string players and thirty Wind players selected from the three bands . This group plays for the junior Pops Concert and the Spring Concert. ORCHESTRA K .dj V' 3 tw -q.u.i"'n+l .wry ,N Wf2'ag,.C'f25Hi .. I 'TNQ w W The junior-Senior Band is composed of 58 members. This group, which is part of the Marching Band, in the Pops Concert, the Christmas Tea, the junior Pops Concert. Cfficers are Terry Kroupa, President: janet May Smith, vice-president, and jan Nichols, secretary-treasurer. The 51-member Sophomore Band is part of the Marching Band and plays for the Pops Concert, the Christmas Tea, the junior Pops Concert, and the Spring Concert. Dave Lyell serves as president While Kent Brown and Alice Townsend act as vice- president and secretary -treasurer. S OPH OM ORE BA D 55 Q fl 9 5.1 , A . eg H-f tx V - LITTLE CON GER T BA The Little Concert Band plays at Pep Assemblies and athletic events. The 51 mem bers are also part of the Marching Band and play for concerts at other schools, in the Pops Concert, the Christmas Tea, the Musical and The Spring Concert. Cfficers are President, Paul Teagueg Vice-President, Richard Burtong and Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Gonzales. 1 Richard Burton, Terry Kroupa., Paul Teague, Dennis Grenemeyer, David Tylls, Kent Brown, janet Smith, jan Nichols, Patty Gonzales, and Alice Townsend. 84 M ODER AIRES The Modernaires is a group of sixteen chosen from the Advanced Choir. The members, who were picked after individual auditions, performed in the Spring Musical and for various community groups, and caroled in the halls and classrooms at Christmas time. The group is composed of Gary Gapron, Bob De Moss, Delbert Gay, Dennis Grenemeyer, Greg Hoskinson, Mike Phillips, Dave Schroeder, Mark Schroeder, Susie Adams, Vicki jack, janet Nugent, Anna Ruth Ggan, Patty Pelayo, Vivian Teeter, Heather Wilkie, and Roberta Zeigler. GIRL CHOIR Girls Choir sings in the Spring Concert. The group, which consists of thirty-two members, studies music theory and appreciation for most of the year. s ,Mi 1 eg Qigiig ' 721, 5? 1 f I lk 3 5 Qw- 1 'V" 1 f ff . 1 - ,Q if 1'-M -fylf Wi z. ,f 1 39 ' 'f Q, wg QQ? iwzhfva A -Q 1' im x x., if . Q Q ,K fs wx Az Q Y ,rfggfgg , .V K, , f, '17 W W - I ,-. ' X ,ey 2 . I ' 7 A , xv ji Q ff N , '- IM ' A W T92 'V ' '-9' y ' ' y V X " 8' ' .-X, if Q :jg 7 'f 4 ' 'N' ,Sf 3 in ' V V .,, ,W A .ggi 45 ff 5 ii W mf M ' gpegngpnulvq 5 "l... , 3 I 3 Q - 1 'Q 5 S fixig me K aim Q , .A- -M ' fag , . ff. ' ,sm AV EQ :f e . ,X Qi ,f . STL fa A 5 A , .My M W 35 " z ig 2 ' Q34S2v,iQg6, -s YM? f 4 fqwiilwi' f :QHVJ5 5 ii"1"fE?' Z Q Xzwfxil ' 25 .1 ,, gf gf fi V , nu? ,wuii mn GA I W-5,2 M, Nw, ww, rig! , hm, H5-Q, Ls, U.,,f, L 'YA fi' 'V Y wi f i: 4 K 1 'wig 3 - iff . Q ? f:'3Qf'fg5f app, V . , 5? W, VWT i as ,, -E, A A .1 WW ,?gggZ,, , Wm Y Y ' qv: , if 9222 ' fu: , Q, fi, , 1335, li -if ,iii-1 if A Q, . D . .J Q i 2 ' 1 W5 ,T ., ,, f g E3 , . .,,A ,. I , n emi-E232 5 Q if fpglafgt .K ' fw 5 .- wwf if 1+ 36 ,. 4 Agia gg My if Y S' 4 3 if , A V Q. A 1 . S , I ,, . if Q i 1 a 4 1 K f 'mv i 2 a F! Hllhwiwwm X 'kg "' i f -ss iw OFFICE GIRLS l Office girls are recom- mended by a faculty com- mittee which give consid- eration to academic a- chievement, citizenship, and personal qualities. The group of 28 girls Work in five different offices through the school year get- ting actual office experience ++ S . QR , N? ' 25" 'Tl' mf L' A it K sw, .1 I K 7 A ,Ast ,JW by ' , ' 5 5 ' .4 ' i 1 ' N Hz fx I A J if ' 2 ' .. '41 ,MM - X ,, ,,,, M1 C ' g ' . W k W Q ' iz ' , fjgl t 1 'V 't n 1, 'gviw gl-I3 gk M K no a gf. 5' QI H- Q ff W ii , .zqf wif: 551 ' - W -- 31 e. WLM? , .Q, 'T2fM1f' 5, n My mf jieiitf' fs! W lite fe W .3 fm T' Q 4 " " it fi.. x t e 4. 3 H uh y it 1 .iff A t ff. .7 is " STAN wif' L'-' M n ,J ,,N f M y 'f N . f.-vw - 'V , ,. ,. , ,fe Q " f '? - -. Hwf"'M W ' ' K "" 3 . " ai Z ' WC Q . -' C l e . , C X ff U 1 A 'V S R' yn A1 My " 2,7 Q ,,:' M. 5 - ,,,,. . -y A ' , X ., f w H M ' -, 1 ' flg, Z' ' ' , 75' ' ., . I L t t N . t 1 t 1 1Q.f.,, ' ',-.. ' f f. C '23 it ,, .LF ' 'ffl A Qnfff ' .. V '7 "W C 5-:r""f L ' XQEE f n . ig 1 ff v E' .2 - KW Johnny Mc:Gan vs John Naugle Rod Winter n jim Spears Captain .A ,Q ' H-. Marc Lyons mf ! " ge.. I Jw.. - 5 Q 4, X Y. NWN ' Irv Dave HEAD COA CH Tom Brown Skelton jim Dalthorp Nichols eve Bel on john Kettle Mike Koros All Conference Y ,f VV ., Z . rW"1 f nenn ,e Af., V F U 0 I BA ..t'-', " V f . ,. .,w..,,,,,, at ,V . M1ke Weaver Bob Bartlett C e ' an , . --mm: ggqf- e 1 t , 'fin t Yr, H .C we Q es' Wynn , 1 f W, . .4 .. ,re ' C' gt n .,,, 4 . ,,- Y N . ,M , A ei I C, Yagi! rg ,L , is M 1 ,k,L y R , ,rf! , ml. , n Q- V jf- ug tj V , X' sri -5' we of ly ku! Lf ' A' 'X 4 n t" S ' M I, L V gl N' 5 . .1 ,B I him' " filmtv if t It I Pei ,W 1 ,, ,, rfg "W 1. A ...lm , ., ..,, ,N X W ,k ,Fo , . LDA N N X . If 'W rf, J,-M ,.v., f- in H W - ,l Y V1 A Q1 - ' " K' ' ' 'e""""M 5 1 ' K I yi ,, . f, -1 5.93, 1 .W C M 'L WPT-gzgix.?m. ,,,4.., - V Q., , , L .- ' , - -' C"., ' ?C" - ' , C f f ' L . " Q ,, V ,- A 'W t',C X gl ,.,,, , t Q, t -, V ' - -' za f K' , , ' 1 , K . T Z J .jj iw . X' ' x x fe 3 K QQ, it 'V V A ,.A, t , I F F " L,,' ?,:f.,,jf K 1 , ' " I K S , ' I ,, . QffffE Q1 z- C 1 t , " ' CCCC 9 i ,pf A ,tw M I ... is K :lug 'liz W, xlgkftt - .. in . 5 f to W H V . . ff f 1 -n eeet teet 1 t SST". W image "JW Q: , .JfT"'-an -- ,,,. KDE' f, A ff 1' 1 V S. ' 159513 A 7' J' -' 'EM " 'f"1f::,., 15" ,. , 'pk ', A A ff ".gJji1':? ., ,. ,t tL.., ., 4 JT, ., , ,mlm M K -, M .,v-1 fi f. .. , 1,4 , .. ,f f I , , ,,. .L -A f ff' A Q," 5 , ' e t ..,. .. 1 ff -f " ' f A tet' " . 1' . J, . Wm , 4, W EH..-as-. . . M, W f.,.z..,. ,.5,,,,.. W, , LC, - L +.,,,,,,w .t . --., .,-,,w,u, A 1 --t- A f ,- .4 , 1 if , R . g :H , L eww-f.'3f w V wg ' JQZVY ,- .V V H . K f. . L . li! P. 5 Q7 -' 3 SVS- if 35' W 'ii U A , gm A , , S , K K, na M W: ..A. 3 an My V Jing " gig: Q, B , ,Wei 'EI M" M155 ae f 4 M A'A' is 'J We K 'ffl' V-wh, E, . ,I W--mr. K? ' r.,"""'l fain,-8, ,V H ,V V 'r' !fE'Q,-.., we K' 1 A M B, . . W.. 1 i F M 12 if-' A F - :NN f mn i . , .,,, -5... rr W, 1 mi. NUKUY' , . PM i- 1 fi W it 2 it . - kate., .f ,ff I . 2 , ,, -f fl W'-Y' I kxfy' ,,r,.:easeif We ' i Q fs, A l ,af f .04 , ,ei-, 15. , X ,',' A ,V -1 ,ffl J , ' 'ffg 'l .b-- f . lil - - E W r in I in Lkrr 1 Y H 3 V' I - - .- ,'.x -I Q " "W, ni in -2' ' - F i IKQ'-Giiffflm' A . i2 y f 'jc . is -- fir 'ie 1-1 ' , M ' M ' iff! if Z I V .. N' - it r "limi,-Q ff' L1 46-"f':??"fi5f' 'P X i s P in -1' ., A ' A ,, , S H ,'- j- ' ' e at K i .f,"'r, 5. lf . ,Q ' V . "wen, v",f.g,7 ' " m s - 2.35 f ,. ' il 4 I' WV- : .i zfyf- Mickey Seiler Mike Pomerico Jack Holler E BACK ROW: Manager Mitch Frank, Dennis Steklein, Mike Weaver, Jim Spears, Jack I-lollar, Mike Koros, john Kettle, Bob Fritz, Marc Lyons, Mike Pomarico, Mickey Seiler, John Carr, Phil Schull, john Townsend. SECOND ROW: Reggie Long, Roscoe Abrams, Ken Stauffer, Bill Evens, Steve Bennett, Ronnie Warner, George Kelly, Jim Ray, Ben Pyatt, Bob Mallow, Jack Gregg, Gary Peterson, Greg Hannond, Manager, jerry Ray, Manager, Tim Turner, Tom Schneider, Gary Puckett, John McGann, Bob Bartlett, Steve Bell, Rod Winter, Gary Brooks, Steve Sterns, Dave Lyles. Phil Shull George Kelly Bob Fritz 3 i "wif- Iohn C a rr 4. T., fi A K - V, ,nmrfl " J me an , t 'Sm mem ,A fs - . .fl ' fm- H 5531 sit h : .. . 4 sL1x..'w1f TQ Y .Q-Qi , . f iff V- ' 'E 'an-0 14 ,W We 5, k 1 W if ,Ms is if E, l 6 W ist if , F . Q 55? ,. fi 2 wi M S V wr' it 1-'XZ-M4 it 4 fx xiii' '. f- ,. 7 K ' I S Eg' ..., . X , 5 , I Q 'Q' A 1:5 . K g 5 ,Lg , Ii 'FV .. Yagi i it E 'Ji' , V Lk Z I ,Q fl FI, A ' 1- 7 J, z- -. W . , .f at if M ff M l 2 . 1 -f---P 1 fin - Y . 'Q'?""f A F . K I 1 y l :if if - 1 ,I , , F. in W . t Q . 53,851 ,Q 5, . A . , ii., U Y UQ 5-4' L' ' U ' ' 7 X P . ,Eg R A L ,g fl H t S 3 I 1 if! KW -H if if ' ' 'Wi , 5, .qt x W , 1 ' ,Q 5 , H f ' 3- ww 7 f, i - Lk. B il 2 ' ' Mfr W L T Lakewood 7 O O Arvada 5 1 1 Alamada 5 2 O 'Wheat Ridge 4 2 1 Bear Creek 3 4 O Arvada West 2 5 O Colden 1 6 O , Jefferson O 7 O Second place in league and eleventh in state was achieved by the 1964 Red skin football squad, The Reds were defeated only by !?1 ranked Lakewood and 5953 ranked Aurora Central. Senior Mike Koros was nam ed All-Conference tackle. End Bob Fitz, quarter back Marc Lyons, and tackle Mickey Seiler made the second team, All-Confer ence honorable mention went to guard jack Holler, backs john Kettle and John Naugle and center Mike Pomarico, all seniors. Bob Fritz was elected most valuable player by his teammates and Dennis Stecklein was chosen to be next year's captain, The seniors on the squad have as a total for their high school careersg 21 wins 6 losses, and 3 ties. 4, A N -A 2 4 'Q he .,-rg x X y . 3, Q 2 'r 4 -I W Y? U N ,H W WW ww! We ' WW -.ww , - , my -,wx ...M ,, an 'Q' 1. 5 ' Q k 1' 3.1 Arvada's junior Varsity accumulated a 2-6 -1 record this year. The I-V's overwhelmed Arvada West 28-7 and inched past Bear Creek 14-13. They tied Golden 6-6 and were defeated by Adams City, Aurora Central and the other league teams by generally close margins. The back field was headed by junior Bill Brown, and sophomores Bob Allen, Ken Hanel, Keith Mc- Cloud, Steve Stearns, and Tim Turner. Outstanding linemen included juniors Bob Baerg, Ron Rickard, and Kent Stauffer and sophomores Roscoe Abrams, jack Dignum, Lon Gregg, Ed Kettle, Joe Stafford, and Bill Straight. Other members of the team include Tim Ackles, Bob Bodeman, Bob Byrd, Steve Carpenter, Randy Cooper, Steve Cutberth, Ray Deniro, john Ferguson, Chris Gramm, jim Hunter, Joe Hileman, Mike Keller, Tom Martin, Jim Paul, Dennis Walker, Roland Weaver, and Loyd Winger. wa1vl0H' Ad' ,M SQUAD X 1964 'UF 94 it fp, SA 1 Y Q ., 'V A 1 i t , Y 5 6 3 'Y' 13 1 in ' nl 'Y A , BACK ROW: Don Byrd, Mike Phillips jim I-Iolcolm Mike Visscher Paul Teauge Damo Tunner SECOND ROW: Steve Otsiki, Denny Guilllan, Tim jackson Dale Hancock THIRD ROW Bob Eckblad Larry Fagergvlst Mark Dubois, jim Flora The 1964 Tennis team met with mod- erate success but sent three men to the state meet. Senior netman Mike Phillips cap- tured first place in district singles while Dale Hancock and Don Byrd earned their place in doubles. These three then participated in state competition October 31. Senior lettermen include Don Byrd and Mike Phillips. M an' DW. , 'Engl 11.45, xxx ff' 5 tl . V 'W CROSS COU TRY 1964 was rebuilding season for the Redskin Cross Country team which was com- posed of nearly all underclassmen and one returning letterman. The 16-member squad finished fifth in the league cross-country meet. Seniors Tom Hoffman and Mike Burns lettered this year. 4 4 ffil , li l I n,tn , 'A 1,4 .,- k g-- ,I , 995 li 2, if E53 'i Eg 'MZ vt -m n i ll S S t Hx A' la K 'pdf nr i V A In Msg IU' Mft .r f f 'J A Q, 1, if Ku gf ki W rl 'W' ,,, V, Wise n It 99' X"f'iW R ,W Q 5 it R ' .X -Au XE-xx r The 1964 Track squad met with success and finished in the top ten in all meets in which they participated. The team sent eight members to the State track meet where the Redskins placed seventh. Highlights of the season included the Reds placing second in the Pueblo Relays and bringing home a trophy, and the County Relays where the team took three first places more than any other team in the league. , - , t - Q bf: '-'5 . K V .. 4 Q- H L K in ,A My . . ,N ,X , - ,, - - . ' I 'v' , 1 "K 55, , ,. i .. f V? ' E 7 ' 35, ' " SL D Nw I' ' H It ' if A . XX N ,, .- A I ii wtv ldis -" "" f H Yi fi 1--"SJW 11 - I ,,.:,3we:-3'+:Q ff A 1 fiti, s 1 uh' 1 ' as-"lr w. W. - iv 1 - - is , .gr- . .ata an., , ,N 3 '- A A f V , QW nrqffrirgn. g 3,0 3,05 , ggi 5:1 S A R T" ' 'A ' T .awxxgggi wg W, A36 gf? '- - 4,,..M.A'f " r , wgg iH,'..,,L.. 'L ,zfflpi -v 3: 's"- - Q! 55' 2SHt1,a.'fjQuwiW .. 1. w-N - TQ K QQ f i' 4. jL 'i,,f dh V-" n 1 WL , '..:'..cQf':iv-:', C " - sf i- TRA CK ,ly k,biV li 3 f 97 'W ' e LEAGUE JOHN NAUGLE, JOEL PRUDHOMME, MARC LYONS, JACK OREOO, JIM JORDAN, ik COACH SKELTON 1 , N ,L .uw A 1 , .' O M ,, j OEL Mm JOHN MARC I J cu I 'HIL SHULL, JOI-IN CARR, DAVID CARPENTER, TRENT LANCELOT, JOHN MCGANN, MIKE SI-IOEMAKER PHIL COACH TYRRELL DAVE gm!! MOOSE 99 will LEAGUE STANDINGS Arvada Wheatridge Alam eda Arvada West Lakewood Golden jefferson Bear Creek Number one in the DENVER POST Prep Basketball Poll, league champions, and third in state were among the honors Won by the Redskin cagers this year. The squad, led by Coach Skelton, won the league title with a 17-1 record, los- ing only to Arvada West in two over- times 81-83. The Reds compiled 1, 210 points to their opponents' 1, 046. Dave Carpenter led the team and was second in league in scoring with 334 points and an 18.6 average. Marc Lyons followed With 302 points and a 16.8 average. V"'t"+wwA.., gy Lyons also led in assists While Car- penter headed the rebound and field goal percentage lists, Phil Shull hit the great- est free throw percentage, and john Naugle had the most steals. john "Moose Carr and joel Prudhomrne were also standouts for the Reds . In the state tourney, Arvada Whipped Cortez 72-64 in the first round only to be dropped by Pueblo Central the next night. The Reds went on to defeat Greeley by ten points to gain third place. Carpenter and Lyons were named to the All-Conference five with Carr and Naugle receiving honorable men- tion. Carpenter Was also on the Tourney . I ir. If second team All- bw.. POINTS 59 59 79 86 48 55 57 71 62 66 75 65 65 51 67 87 77 OPPONENT OPP. POINTS East Denver 47 Littleton 51 Westminister 51 Mapleton 76 Arvada 47 Alameda 50 Whe atridge 54 Lakewood 67 jefferson 60 Bear Creek 52 Golden 83 Alameda 62 Wheatridge 62 Lakewood 45 jefferson 59 Bear Creek 66 Golden 60 CC JJ- BACK ROW: Kent Hulbert, Ben Pyatt, Torn Martin, Craig DeSha, Steve Maxwell, Tim Turner, Scott Lancelot, Mitchell Frand. FRONT ROW: Steve Smith, Bob Baerg, Martin Fenske, Ken Hanel, Bert Nunn, Kenny MC- Daniel, Tom Schnider. Arvada's "B"-Squad, like the varsity, played a number of close games in the 1965 season, ending the year with a S-13 record. Of the thirteen games dropped by the team, seven were lost by four points or fewer. The Reds, under the guidance of Coach Tyrell, defeated Westminister 41- 38, Mapleton 56-54, Bear Creek 61-47 and 70-62, and Golden 42-36. The team scored a total of 857 points led by juniors Ben Pyatt with 178 points, Steve Maxwell with 116, Bob Bearg with 96 points, Martin Fenske with 85 points, and sophomore Bob Vine with 85 points. Pyatt also headed the team in free throws, hitting forty out of sixty- four for sixty-four per cent. The outstanding game of the season was against Bear Creek where the Reds make fifty- four per cent of their field goal attempts and Pyatt pumped in twenty seven. Scores averaged 47. 4 points per game for Arvada. juniors Bob Bearg and Steve Maxwell and sopho- more Tim Turner showed the most improvement during the season. 102 OPPONENT East Denver Littleton Westminister Mapleton Arvada West Alameda Wheat Ridge Lakewood jefferson Bear Creek Golden Arvada West Alameda Wheat Ridge Lakewood jefferson Bear Creek Golden AHS SCORE OPP. SCORE 35 53 42 47 41 38 56 54 50 57 37 49 47 48 44 46 40 44 61 47 60 61 46 48 36 47 61 64 46 60 33 40 70 62 42 36 WRE TLIN G 1965 Dana Hal Steve Paul Field McNutt Barnes Sekulich Steve Bob Keith Bell Bartlett Hecht Terry Terry Rod Kroupa Morre Winter Don Mike Dennis Bethurem Koros Grenemyer The 1965 Redskin Wrestling team had a successful season, tak- ing second place in district, third in league, and fifth in the Greeley Tourney. The squad ended the season with a 4-3 league record and a 5-5- 1 overall record, Victories were scored over Wheatridge 24-16, Bear Creek 26-18, Golden 27-16, jefferson 34-14, and Colorado Springs Palmer 35-9. Losses were to Abraham Lincoln 30-16, Lakewood 29-15, Arvada West 22-19, Alameda 24-21, and Colorado Springs Wasson 24-19. The single tie was with Adams City, 23-23. Two district champions, Steve Bell, senior, Keith Hecht, junior I went on to the state tournament. Bell boasted a 15-4-l record, Hecht ended the season with a 7-5-l record. 5 4 if K. Other outshanding Redskin grapplers included Senior Hal McNutt at 103 who placed third in district with an ll-6-l record, senior Terry Kroupa at 120 who went to state after placing se- cond in district with a l0-3-0 record, senior Rod Winter who took third in district at l33Witha 14-3-0 record, and senior Don Beth- urem who also Went to state after placing second in district with a 7-l record. juniors Dana Field, and Steve Barnes and seniors Terry Moore Paul Sekulich, Bob Bartlett, Mike Koros, and Dennis Grenemyer also served as members of the varsity squad. -'C V5!:12,,.ii ' Y 9 ai i is A0 at ?ar pp p p it i f t it f f nlm5 l A Twga -QNUQA7 . i 5 gpggll V ll f' X fA y wmsruug f Q2 it X ps- BJ SQUAD WRESTLING 'T Hurt by lack of depth, the B-squad wrestlers met with an unsuccessful 1965 season. The team won two matches, lost seven, V and tied none. The placed seventh in the B-squad Tournament held February 6. N Bruce Hoffman was outstanding at the tourney, winning first place at 138 pounds. Bary Phillips, who placed third in the tournament at 112 was also a standout for the Reds. 25 1-... N GTM ASTICS -1 Gymnastics was a new sport at AHS last year. The team, coached by Mr. Gary Larson, competed in seven meets. Steve Holler, Chet Haney, Rick Bunger, and Mike Fredricks led the squad through its first season. This year, a larger, more experienced team was developed. A class in gymnastics was offered for the first time. Outstanding gymnasts for 1965 included Bill Bates, Mark Bonan, Rick Bunger, Roy Marceca, Frank Pacello, and Steve Wiles. Other members of the squad were Rick Santopietio, john Siefert, Chris Cram, Bruce Jacobs, Gary Gordon, Steve Page, Brian Winter, Steve Watkins, Bob Wright, Don I-licks, Brad Bunger, Paul Seckulich, Jim Herring, and jim Drevescraft. 9 at N this "1 'Egg BASEBALL TA TE CHAMP State Baseball champions! The 1964 team boasted this title for the first time ever in jefferson County. It was also the first state title gained in any sport by the Reds. The team dominated by underclassmen, came up with a 12-2 league record with both losses coming after the county title had been clinched. In league play, the Reds scored a impressive 87 points to their opponent's 35. Arvada whipped Alameda 14-1 and 3-1g Lakewood 6-3 and 12-113 Jefferson 8-1 and 6-15 Bear Creek 8-0 and 5-05 Wheatridge 4-2 and 10-25 Golden 2-0gand Arvada West 3-2. The two losses were 0-4 to Golden and 6-7 to Arvada West. john Hudspeth pitched a perfect game and a one-hitter to earn Prep of the Week honors. In the first game of the state playoffs, Arvada inched by Littleton 9-8 in ex- tra innings. Fielder john Kettle was named prep of the Week following this game. 108 T 6 -' au: I The Redskins Went on ,bf to defeat the favored Gree- f ley Wildcats 7-6. Greeley had been ranked as number one in the state in the final Denver Post high school baseball poll. The Wild- cats jumped to a 5-l lead at the end of the first inning, but the Reds tied the score at 6-6 in the fifth and Went on to win the game. In the final game Arvada faced the Grand junction Tigers. With the Redskin leading 5-2, john Pacheco came into the game for the final three innings and held the Tigers to one hit and one run to take the championship. Only one error was committed by the Reds in the final two games and this did not affect the scoring. Catcher Steve Bell, second baseman Ron Nolin, pitcher john Pacheco, third baseman LeRoy Smith, and shortstop jim Spears were named to the All-State team . Following the state playoff, seniors john I-ludspeth, Ron Nolin, and john Pacheco were named to the Suburban All- Star team. Co -captains for the year were john Pacheco and Ron Nolin. E X ' Y' A :J , "gy , Q Q lr.. LQ , rif f ,,, 'Q-,'!',,f!j,F 6 ' A 6, ffl ' fg., , ,sw l if 3 1 T -f . ff' - 1 mf T S' X 'C big, , 3' J' ,P ' --1 5 5' 91 y , Vi ak 4 ffif' r fi f V 1' f 'f f. G xv K tl N V X asm , K 5 Mg? Q-lil X fy gli X ' wtaqm, q. fi? H 7,2 i 1 A Xa 1 - f"!fJ fi . l A r . xy gi A I nf ' ,M .mm 7,1 W X K , .gffh ,uv ' ' . jim Miller f' . ' ' l Steve Richards ...l ,.A. g '4' J gf y f ' I . 4 up Q y . i 5 is N Three returning lettermen, f V r 1 M Gary McDonald, jim Mi'ller, and " M V W ' 5835 , Q Steve Richards head the golf team 5 4 this year. q',V Q Gary was medalist for last -' '-, year's team with an 83 average and Ga ry McDonald ei, S fs HI 2 'Q jim played number one. The squad in its first year of competition under the guidance of Mr. Smith, won seven matches and dropped seven. Other 1964 team members included Paul Klosterman and Dick Leubke. Coach Smith 110 www? K gig mil f , MW ,jflmxiwwfiwb ,kjfdvw S417 Xl .' N CLA SS President: Ma rc Lyons V1ce -pres1dent: Lmda Lebsack Secretary: Lynda Speck OF MOTTO: High aims form high character, and great objects bring out great minds. FLOWER: Red Rose COLORS: Red and White EEEIEE 5 W HI Ulf CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Gang- Wish, Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Schmidler, Miss Emme, Mr. Fatzinger, and Mrs. Bergner. 113 'lil' W, Q-121' J fd' SUE S. BACHMAN GAYLE M. BAKER LINDA SUE BAKER 25 , 5 SARA L, ALBERTS Q RONALD ALEXANDER SAND RA ALLEN SENIOR fu' li if ' DAVID ROBERT ALISON aj' FRED KEITH AVERY Q ...:,: x-.:- t ,4 S iz 9 f 1 Y F DONNA J. AXTELL GLENN ROBERT BAASO YQ? Gif' .lf-'UQ 'Si' Q..-v' lv-'bv 1"W,., f' zsiafaiwsif ' -0452 32256 5 ' ,Q-ag' 5 , My fa? TOM GERALD BARRY ROBERT CARL BARTLETT Nu, i, 1-N M'-vp NANCY BEDELL 2, STEVE BELL JAN BENACRIDEZ -sv .--ff" TERRI BENCH CHERYL BERRIA rr 4,,,-at , --:""' LA R RY BE RNA RD DONALD BE THUREM 42" ffl LM? Q-E' 4' " ,F -V57 TOM BETOURNEY MARIAN BLUE CATHY BLUMENTI-LAL 'ittrv' Jimi' wry? in if? -A-dw' was FQ, '-VG' PAUL BOTHWELL KATHY ANNE BRACI-ILE SE IOR PAM BRITT ADRIENNE L. BRooKs CA ROL ONA BROWN PATRICIA K. BRAUN DAVID EUGENE BRIBACH wtf .S-fr ANDREW L. BOEI-IME LATISHA I. BONAR JOE THOMAS BOSCIA yas. duh ,- ' -5496? 47' 'vw-"Y 5 Q .3 RICHARD BUEB -1 gm Q 'ig 'Q B ,Q .Q- V :Al I 5 ' TODD BROWN "W JOHN BROZOVICH Q 14 WILMA BRYANT DONALD BYRD SE IOR -ar' 1 DANA BUNDICK R ...J-' 'fb X 'x , JW f 3? ,aa VAR ty ,. M A RICKY BUNGER WM ,L MIKE BURNS 1 1,51 R-1 ,R 1- RICHARD BURTON iv R X E JAMES BUSBY FRANK CACERES 'wwmfft sf, Sym: f.-, -, - - - DAVID CALLAI-IAN JANIS CAMERON JUDY CAMPBELL W "mf GARY CAPRON DAVID CARPENTER HP' Qwm L 5 M fi , .,A,L ,Magi JOHN CARR DONNA CARTER SANDRA CHARLES DIAN E. CHURCHILL ROBERT CLARK JANICE COLELLA ..-V-if? RAYMOND COOK SANDRA COOKE I PHYLLIS CORBIN SI-IEILA CROWLEY 3 I LA W' PHYLLIS CUMMINGS A - 'A Zig L DEBORAH DECAROLIS H sn- , , :if . fm SE IOR JAMES DREVESCRAFT PATRICK DWYER LELAND EDELMAIER 'QQ SHERRY DOVEL ALLAN DRENNEN Qkvi-IEW CATHE DORN DIANA DORRIS NANCY DECKER MARILYN DEMOSS RALPH DESHA 11' PHILOMENA EDMON S ON 'Sl KEITH EGELHOFF E--nn' KAREN EICHIN ll LOUISE EXEL EDWIN FENTON fini MITCHELL FRANK I 5 BOB FRITZ WAYNE FRITZINGER lik? 9 W' , in Q' f Mlhzxiviv 2 N ' ,F .. 'Q .av ' Ali: E , Q 5 55:5 f y .3- E A . KATHLEEN EMERSON JEAN ERDMAN SE I ORS F LOREN FRYE I LINDA FULLERTON I DAVID FULTON -. ,..-. ff 'Si Tm 3 BEVERLEY GRADALEN GRACE GARDNER f-Oi' ,ff lx rw ' , 4? I I 1 DOUG GILE JOSEPI-LINE GIOVANINI --FF DENNIS GIULLIAN LINDA GLASSCOCK WILLIAM GLIDDEN PAT GONZALES JUDY GOODLETT NICOLE GOODNER DANIEL GORRELL KAREN GOTTIER M if "WT-"':.'iV JANET GRAVES TERRY GRAY UU? 'ff-Q '--or Ili 1143K AYTZF' MARTHA GRAZIBR LAWRENCE GREGG MARGARET GREGG SE IOR STEVE HAMMAN GREG HAMMOND DAVID HAMPLE RONALD HAMILTON SANDRA HAMILTON .-021' JUDY GUSE SANDRA HALL DENNIS GRENEMYER GARY GROTH DONALD GROVE 5 1- ,saggy 'GPA X AA, ,, my CAROL HENDRIC KS MARY ANN HENSLEY REBECCA HIGGINS BENNY I-IELLE KAY HELZER 5'-...-493, BARBARA HAYES FAI I-IEDDEN GARY HANEY JOANN HAWKINS WAYNE I-LAWKINS SE IOR MA? ik 'frfrzv JACQUELYNN HILEMAN LANA HILL LINDA HILL 14' 'sp '9 ina THOMAS HOFFMAN JACK HOLLER WL.,-0 LINDA HORNBECK DORIS HORRISBERGER 20" 'Tl'.'9"f 2' :T "MQ" GREGORY HOSKINSON RITA HOSMER MARY HOUGHTON ia, 43 an 1 .vi NANCY HUDSON DARLENE HURDSTROM KENNETH HUSSMAN Off-f',."' .wffu gf: ' ,fy VIQKIE JACK PAUL JANKE ,.f"' J' , 'f' Jag VIC KIE JENSEN CAROLYN JOHNSON W W A "ww-und' JOYCE JOHNSON SUSAN JOHNSON JOYCE JOINES 'clw J-5 "'--en., 'A'-4.ii9.k hd' 1' own .Nw L. , . 12, v m. - Q SE IOR KARL KISELA CECELIA KLUG JOY KNICKERBOC KER BOB KILLIP SANDRA KIRK m,,,..- GEORGE KELLY JOHN KETTLE AL! JAMES JORDAN STEVE KEATON DAVID KELLER RANDY LaBELLE TOM LACOMB JUDY LAMAR BOB KURTZ BERNICE KYLE TERRY KROUPA CONNIE KROUT JUDITH KNIGHT MIKE KOROS LINDA KREUZER SE I ORS ,v"""' rf? gk 'QR' '35 , .,. I 3 W E 1 fi 25551 5 LYfi. lm 1 STEVE LAUTHEN JACQUELINE LEACI-I LINDA LEBSACK 4 1 I :gg ff I' 1 ., .... ,R,,.,,.v,.,.,.. . TOM LEVERING TOM LEWIS RUSELL LIGHTER RONNIE LIPPMAN '3 ww-if DENNA LOGAN WAYNE LOMAX CHARLES LOVINGER EARL LYON MARC LYONS A CAROL MAROHNICH DEBBIE GLORIA MARSHALL W ---"' l MARQUESS Q MARTIN DONALD MASINANDO A-5 .W-1w. x XX R T 'M M :my ll' ,' ' 'ol-A R--'H' if Lf ? ' LEE MATHER DONALD MCCLELLAND GARY MCDONALD f., ' 'M-fww SE IOR HAL MCNUTT CAROLYN MEIKLEJOHN JERRY MICHELS K JUDY MCLAIN STEVE MCMASTERS fm Q' VN? '3- V giwfyf Yf' fi f.- T114 ' ' ,4"'.J BARBARA Mc KELLAR SHARON MCKIBBIN NANCY MCGAHUEY JOHNNY MCGANN JEAN MCGLOCHLIN 'T' ' H 'xml ,Q 'M Ns!-u W4 Sir'-W, TERRY MOORE JAMES MORRIS PAM MUELLER SI-IEILA MOORE SHIRLEY MOORE .-3 DAVID MOLLENDOR SUSAN MONT GOMERY IOR JIM MILLER RONALD MILLER MIKE MILLS If 19' 985' dui JOHN NAUGLE JUDY NEURAUTER DAVID NOBLE WW , .ni fm r 'W' 5 . .3 DOUG NORDICK KATHY NOVAK swwnq M ,Qv, .Avy JANET NUGENT TAUNYA OCCHIATO YM W ANNA OGAN STEPHEN OLIVER ROBERT ORR DARREL OVERMAN RICHARD PACKARD LILLIAN PACI-IELLO -tb? 1r"Z'7" SHARON PAYTE PA TTY PELAYO -402991 Kylix, M -uw '4':"'f" EDDIE PEPPEL CINDY PETERSON 1 f .,: rw.. A 2 ,K 4::, .A i ww . ' 4-,nik 'Q MIKE PHILLIPS GREGORY PICKETT CYNTHIA PIERCE 'fin- NEAL PRICE BOBBY P RITCI-IA RD H :PN--an--5 --dusk' sq.-05 ,A SE I ORS CAROL PRICE IINI PRICE f'L'Y' PAT PROCHAZKA X Avg--"A ,f wi w-f-v-0 BEVERLY POWELL JANICE POWELL FRED POLLARD MIKE PONLARICO PAULA PORTER ':r""' ,ay ITV -3 CHARLOTTE RETHMEIER STEVE RICHARDS DARLENE RICOTTA Tj 4-'IU' JAMES RAY KAREN REINBURG ' .',.::'.,va:-. QM? , -'Wi Q I lv ,. . 1 '-Wlirgffi? u 'K vf,-:w k , WILLIAM QUINN I-IELEN RAVEN E N.-fu I OR .1 . -5?-aff nf ' 'Q- MARGARET PRUCHA JOEL PRUDHOMME GARY PUCKETT 'QI I W 4253 3 fr JAMES ROBERTS SANDRA LEE ROBERTS SANDRA MAY ROBERTS TE RRY ROBINS ON BOB ROCK A -ar' W 449 CLINTON ROC KWELL '1!ltl TERRY RODGE RS TK' nv!! r,.:n LEON ROSEN ERIC SAINDON TOM SALAZAR , ,Jfwwi Q K E PAUL SANDERS DEBORAH 9, SANDERSON ' .. -Ky MAJOR IE SARGENT 'Ulf "T"L"llP MARY JO SATHRE JANICE SCHMIDT xl M ,f NW, if V, RUTH ANN SCHOFIELD MIKE SCHOMAKER J mfg 53 DAVID SCHROEDER GARNETT SCHROLL NANCY SCI-IUCKMAN aa Y AAI "'1""39 Q-vgh sw-W -dim 'A' SE IOR X W LYNDA SHACKLEY DALE SHANKS SHARON SHOEMAKER JOSEPH SENA DEBBY SEWOLT MICKEY SEILER PAUL SEKULICH DEHLIA SCOTT KEN SEDLMAYR DANIEL SEILER jf 'Saw :WWW My I, SHARI SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH STEVE SMITH , V f'1'fEZ?i2, N . 5599251253 AHDPW 'Law-"""P CHARLES SMITH JANET MAY SMITH xii? if I .Q 'iii - 5 If TINA SINCONIS BRIAN V. SITTERLY EDDIE SHREEVE PHIL SHULL CAROL SIMS SE IDR - IS X Vfj, " avg HWY' ,QS f DANA SOMMERS GREG SORRELL LINDA SOVEREIGN ACL' ki 5...-f JIM SPEARS LYNDA SPECK 'WH' "l':'TI5' 'Z JUDY SPRINGER CARL STAIBLE Swv S-uv' 7'-mv' ,Vw W5 f aptiv- -0' - 6' '2,.,T.ff:15 ROBERT STANBARY RAY STATLER JOHN STEWART SANDRA STINLNLER TERRY STINE JOHN , 3 Ek STITT . ,.,., ,T f f K V .,.L GA RY STOC KI-IOLM SANDRA STOLTZ ,nn EJ ll' SHA RON SVENDSEN SANDRA SWANSON . .SQ .Q s , 15.54 Qi' A s, '73 it .. , SS DA - wma- I si ' ' .3 ff' PAUL TEAGUE SHIRLEY TEGELER VIVIAN TETER 5?S3,'8'Ti: EF' I wifi uv-""' mf' WP? SEN I ORS LINDA UNRUI-I LaDENE VANCE SAM VAN VALKENBURGH DAVID TRUMBO RUSSELL TURNER 'bw' fbi EDWARD TOMLINSON JOHN TOWNSEND -We if 'P 4 or Wg ...ff LOUISE TETZLOFF KAREN THOMPSON TERRY THOMPSON vw' Is 52" TERRY VIGIL MIKE VISSCHER ROY VOGEL ,gyvlf K KATHY WAMBOLD' STEVE WATKINS ROD WATSON GAIL WALLACE CLAUDIA WALLING JUNE WAGNER DONNA WALLACE SENIUR A 31515225 . , iifviff 7937 V ,ilu 'Q- Qin akin-aa? r Tv Hd?" i N,.,,.-uv ng. L " O x at 1 'f - . V." k i Wx A E' ,Q :ffl T y MIKE WEAVER JANETTE WELTON KAREN WHITE ., f pq f I' R W I si x , ANN WI-IITWORTH MARY WI KOFF Krf? 1' :sg if 'FP' ivrfvjf , A JANIS WILC OX KATHY WINDER SANDRA WINDES STEVE WINFREY PAT WINN Y-12' wif W,--" ,M 'W v., PETE JOHN YEAGER RANDY YORK JIM YOUNG IOI-IN YOUNG MARY YOUNKERMAN rf., adv' FT? LESLIE WINTER ROD WINTER ROLAND WONGWAI RITA WOOD LOLA WRIGHT KAY WYCKOFF W"-wi' Ii' -ef -'L' -'UH' ROBERTA ZIEGLER hiv? M559 x 5 WMM Hi SE IOR C J CLA SS F' President: Ron Warner H19 Vice -President: Karen Mundine Class Sponsors: Mrs. Eylar, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Patera, Mr. Tyrrell, Miss Lewis, Mrs. johnson, Mrs. Pugh. 150 OF '66 Secretary: Ben Pyatt Q my E r- f- f mms, M ' 1 I 'ls if :W . . Q,-3: wig. L 1 Y f'.IL . ,L ". - Bobby Baerg Sheryl Bak Steven Barnes Paulette Barrett Betsy Bartlett Donna Bates Barbara Bathurst Linda Baugh Sharon Baumgard Ann Barmgartmer Larry Acker Ronald Adams Susan Adams Sherry Albrecht Richard Aldinger Brian Allen Ronald Amos Aleta Anders Linda Anderson Phillip Anderson Candis Bell Darlene Bender Steve Bennett Cynthia Betz Janice Black Marsha Black Ruth Boehme Salvatore Boscia Roberta Bowen Susan Boyce Gray Brooks William Brown Ianice Bueb Ruth Burkett Janice Brunkhardt Barbara Burton Linda Caldwell Danny Campbell Donna Carter Linda Celentano .s .N-551 533555 1 l 'wi' HJ arf", Charles Cooper Marilyn Corso Michael Couch Cynthia Cox David Craig Milton Cunningham Richard Cutshaw Michael Darland Rebecca Dash Ed Dauenhauer . "Ha , H, 7..- x Kiwis wr? -q-..,, Gary Chamberlin Jeannine Champion Roxanne Chinn Lonnie Ciocchetti Esther Clapper Susan Clark Linda Cockerill Linda Collella Helen Coleman Cheryl Cook W of 2 V ,M I ' - Richard Dixon Michael Donnely Bobby Dorris Karen Doyle Barbara Drone Gary Duff Diana Duncan john Duncan Robert Ekblad Steve El-:mark iD f UNI all A . ATQMR .. QE W QP 5, 1.. N, sf Q K R ..- ' il' . if Qluad Robert Delvloss Raymond Deniro Craig Desha Annette Ditirro Diana Dixon -5, if 'hw' 1- Debra Elhard Mary Elston Bruce Hnderly Diane Engel Michael Erbc john Evans lVilliani Evans Mark Fcnskc Martin Fcnskc Richard Fenton Gail Folsom Iolynne Frank Harold Frazier Robert Freeman Robert Gagnon Kathy Gaines Vierri Gaines Ronald Galloway Sharon Gann Delbert Gay Michele Germaine Ralph Giardino Glenna Gillespie Bruce Gilliland Vincent Glass Wfw,f,A,1,Q1rli,f:s-,gn ,i ,,,f,.,,, A: ,, mfwazmnsf i . . , f W , .,-K -,-W5f.wfmziaLwi2f1iY.' 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W- A me wr' JU 1012 Claudette Konola Cathy Koros Steven Krause Carol Kreider Trent Lancelot 5 ii ' as S it Ne, R, S f nga if-W K 5 up-N... sf Clinton Logan Reginald Long Vicki Lowe Curt Lybzirger Patricia Nrichizi Robert Mallow Elizabeth Marl-chain Linda Martenson Patricia Martin William Martin Patricia McCarthy Mike McClelland James McDaniel Kathleen McDonald Pat McFall 'Q 'T Steven Maxwell Q Roger May !:3':'f5l.'5if-lfll' -'iff -'fn U1 5 VS2ii2i"1f7:, . + A Ls' LW 5i,QQiW ,i , . 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Vicky Moya Richard Mueller Jane Muller Karen Mundine John Neiberger William Nettleblad Jerry Newill Donald Nichols Janet Nichols 'mug -A -1 4,,, Q 159 'Q' K 1 gif., i.,::.,.f--me i, f-k- - .1 f .K .,f"' P Christine Pittenger Debby Powell Marva Prather Michael Puckett Cheryl Nolta Williani Peters Carol Peters Gary Peterson joseph Pfeifer Gary Phillips Ben Pyatt Marlin Pyles Rose Quintana Laura Raths Lyle Reasoner Lee Rectenwall Barbara Reed Iudy Reed William Rees Ronald Rickard 1 Nedra Ryan Kon Rynearson Peggy Sanders David Savage Rosann Schaffer Thom as Schneider Mary Schofield Gregory Schooleg. Mark Schroeder Lin da Schultz Becky Sears Cherry Selke Phillip Shannley Galen Sisto Kathie Skrbina Neva Slater Andrew Smith jack Smith Patricia Smith Robert Smith Ronald Smith Valerie Smith james Soderholm as dig qw E.. Harold Shearer Vincent Sherry Fred Shotkoske Sara Shreeve Cary Shroyer .f E. . fn. has-agsltsie , rf2'f'Qfeg5vkgf9s2s2g5easzsp5s,:s QQ, i Y 1 1 in i A , W Carole Sorrell Shirley jane Springer Gerald Stage Fred Staible Barbara Star Kent Stauffer Donald Stevenson Charles Bob Stilwell Laura Stockholm Wayne Stork Cathie Swanson Jackie Swanson Lynn Swanson Steve Swanson Donna Terry Marlene Terry Carolyn Thomason Sandra Tidwell Sharon Tidwell Iohn Tippet Barry Tobin Timothy Toohey Rosanne Travis Tom Triplet Mary Troxel Mark Trumbo Ruth Turnquist john Turok Richard Urban Linda Urban ,Q gazsezwl 515214212-gig,-f, iffy : . x if -. 'LJ 5 ifngeaslfax ,gg fu-M -- Q-Q - Z Jean Sutherland Pamela Svendsen 92'-'vm 'BV 'Qui Sandra Summers id? .fm 1 . f qkfgr, . .....g h .X 162 ,..--v- Russell Weister Doris West Steve Wiles Aurilla Vlfilke Heather Wilke Nancy Wilson Lloyd Winger Barbara Winn jack Winton Carol Wise Barbara Vidrn ar Gail Walton Pat Ward Diane Warnian Ron Warner Barbara Watson Pamela Way Connie Weaver Diane Webster Larry Weddlun Lynn Wolf Belinda Wolfe Karon W'oolli Lola Wriglit Doris Yantis Stephen Young Rhoda Ziegler Kathy ZOCI1 Sandy Fske Sheryl Vette CLA SS JL I V K A- U President: Stuart Gorman Vice -President: Susie Sorrell Class Sponsors: Mrs. Vrornan, Mr. Larsin, Mr. Henderson, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Sohngen, and Mrs. Chapman. 164 UF '6 7 Secretary: Cindy Speer -.- .Q i 7? QT' w mwqi, K vi, if L .5 vyzl 4 1 i , VM ii sa ! .., G .L QL Roscoe Abrams Tim Ackles Carol Adams Sheila Adams Steve Adcock Rita Ahrens Joyce Albers Judy Albrighten Karlain Anderson Leonard Anderson Wayne Anderson janet Avery Kay Bachman Marvin Bachm an Debbie Backus Terry Baerg Sharren Baker Kreig Balls Randy Bank Madaline Barnes Carolyn Bartlett Diane Bath Mary Baumgartner Linda Bechard Brenda Beck Benny Benedict Dorothea Benkler Marlene Bentino Mary Lou Berglund Linda Berlin Toni Berria Beverly Beston Bob Bodemann Mark Bonan Martin Boratyn Gino Boscia Ied Bradell Doug Bradford Loren Bradley Shirley Bragg Gary Brahan Tim Briggs Richard Briggs Becky Brown Kent Brown Mark Brown Pat Brown john Brownlee Bill Brunkhardt Debbie Bruns Mike Buchanan Brad Bunger Ioan Burkett Wfendy Buonanno Dian Burns Pauline Cady Barbara Calabro Mike Callahan Tom Cameron Steve Carpenter Katy Carr Donna Carter Pat Carter Cherie Case Dan Case Elizabeth Cawthra Larry Chaffin Connie Chittum Mike Christensen Barbara Churchill Bob Clabby Dan Clark Shirley Clark Mary jo Cody Pam Collier Linda Collister Ray Colson Brenda Cone Kathy Conley jerry Cook Karen Cook Randy Cooper Chris Cram Randy Crisler Kenna Crowder Steve Cutbirth Judy Daniels Leon Davis Ralph DeLong Mary Dickerson jack Dignum julie Dionigi Anthony DiRenzo Bernadette DiTirro Ronda Doane Carolyn Dossie E: 1 vt. f' 594 .. f y . K 1 ' Q p ., L, . gui" L ' 'EQ 'Lx . 5? L " I XL "1 -Q, if 'inf . cl A.. B, A f 6 f Barry Dovel Alvin Drennin Mark Dubois Larry Duff Clint Duvall Rodney Eherly Steve Echter Sharon Edmunson Alison Eha Nancy Ekren Ken Erb Sally Eske Larry Fagerquist Mike Farrar Kim Fee Linda Ferdig Penny Feland Ralph Firkins jim Flora Rosalyn Ford Bob Freyta Cindy Fulte Nancy Fulton Lee Gaines Syll Galegos Stan Gann Steve Gardalen Cathy Gardener Elise Gates Kathy Gay John Geddes Jeanette Gertz Jeannie Gessley Denny Gibson Ron Gilbreath Sandy Gile Vicki Gilman Virginia Gilman Charlotte Gleasoi Dave Gleason Linda Goings Ken Goodlett Karleen Goodner Gary Gordon Stuart Gorman Gary Gosil-Q Tomi Gottier Bobbie Graham 1 Ellen Gray Paul Green Ramona Green Lon Gregg Kathy Gustafson Kenny Hanel Vicky Hanover Larry Harris David Harry Donna Hartley Mike Hassels Barbara Head Marlyn Heit John Hell Bill Hendricks Robert Hendry Barbara Hensley Margie Hensley Edward Herring Jim Herring Danene Herrman Al Heyer Don Hicks Shirley Hicks Joe Hileman Georgette Hill Randy Hill Marshia Hofferber Jackie Hogoboom Linda Holly Randy Holmes Doug Hoskinson Liana Howard Fred Howe Patty Huber Ron Huber Becky Hughes Ron Hulbert Linda Hutchings Bruce Jacobs Jim Jamison Marcy Jensen Murry Jensen Claudia Jewell Kathy Johnson Rich Jurgens Gerrie Kanatzar Cheryl Keim - zfsfmws-mi:-1 ' A- ,iwflissslisxiwz w, gf:-.fsikzv f i sim:nik!,w,j:fgi?ie?gi51i 3 C , asf.. s .., 1. it 'Y I' A Q53 KT. 1, . if 1' an-rg 3- 5 in , 'Q A it-3 -..... ,1 ,, k..f,i f , F ,. , my ,,Vr, l fl 5, J V qs, l, - y N . 5:95 7 --Q ' 'sr-' stir VA' V 1 K liirrlfjm- if A L L. 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'iff L 1, by Q5 L 35 "if Q, ms V L L S . rfsfrwaiamers-nrgrga-Q, 5--:Ag 4.2 LLL L. 114' J :X , M Ss Hwy "QE"-'fa MORE Barbara Kerlee Ed Kettle Donna Kidd Bob Kirby Linda Kirby Jean Kleinow Mary-Ellen Klok Diana Knoll Tracy Kobald jim Koenig Dave Kraft Pat Kramer Teresa Kroll Dan Kurtz Scott Lancelot Jim Lanthrip Jeanne Larche Doug Larson Mareanne LaTorra Carolyn Lax Heidi Lehrkind Karen Lehrkind Rich Lighter jim Long Vicky Luby Paul Lucero Larry Ludwick Steve Ludwig Susie Lybarger Dave Lyells Keith MacLeod Cindy Madson Amelia Maes JoAnn Maes Roy Marceca Keni Markham Barbara Martensen Betty Martin Tom Martin Dan Maston Mark Mathivet Margie May Collin Mayhew Penelope Mayhew Dale McCall Sandy McCall Bob McCarty Leslie McCaslin Cheryl McClelland Ken McDaniel Sheryl McDonald Calvin MeGahuey Cindi McCann Rexene MeGwier Linda McLaren Lynn MeI.ean Scott McNeill Teresa McNeill SLeve Medliurst Caroline Meisel Lurrie Melfly Mzireie Merrell Waller Metcalf Patti Meyer Robert Meyers Sandy Mikes Donna Miller Mil-ae Miller Stan Miller Kalliy Milonas juneL Minderler Linda Minister Frank Moliley Linda Mondragon Judy Monglar Lon Montabon Curry Moore Ronda Mortensen Tom Moss Ruby Moya Ron Moyle Francis Mueller Cliarliene Naee Terry Nzi sh Diane Nelson Linda Nelson Janice Niles Judy Noble Burt Nunn Roxine Olson linda O'Mara Sandy Overliultz Leone Owings Charlie Ozziki Frank Pueello Margaret Palmer 'rm . War' 2 ,Q-...W 'SY 'luv' - .iz "' ? M - f 1 '32, 1 . hr V if I Lv! . . x x I 33 L 2, ' ,, ,, i , 4 , ' 1 1: ,- --. y-M 'gm-Q12 K- , .,,, 7-"A 1 re, my 3. ii X, o A Qui be 'w 1 ..,. 5. 4 I -at W may 'K . . if -1.32- 5 . 'fx Fr y Q? , i' -r N 4 -J ' R 1 4, f if AA . X ' L l' In MS 3 Swv M71 R w tif, ,""3fr. Xfq :lf"xt:i , G sf F11 .b V Ay! V ,f M. , A 'MN -- C in Danny Pantano Karla Parker Terri Parker Mike Patton john Paul Roger Pearson Monty Pease Jeri Pechin Gary Pedigo Donna Pedotto Quincy Pent Dan Peterson Patti Peterson Debbie Pine jim Powell Denise Powell Sandy Powers Craig Pratt Dave Purdy Cindy Pry Bev Pyle Gina Quintana jan Radtke Larry Renyer Pat Reynolds jeff Richards Linda Rorak Meredy Roberts Wynn Roberts Marsha Robinson Floyd Robinson Marvin Roemer Cindy Rose Tory Ross Duane Runibaek Bill Rumley Mike Ruptak Chris Ryan Pat Ryan Danny Rynearson Donna Sackett Mike Sands Rick Santopietro Arnold Sathre Verna Saylor Terry Schanibs Kay Schomakcr Dennis Sehwarts Riley Scott Linda Searcy Marilyn Sedlym ayr Jenny Seese Gordon Sette rley Janice Sewolt Torn Sewolt John Shaeffer Tom Shacffer Jim Shook Mike Short Anne Smith Robert Smith Jacque Smith Mark Smith Pat Solomon Joe Sorling Susie Sorrell Ray Speck Cindy Speer Kathy Spence Sharon Spencer Joanne Spero Joe Stafford Chuck Staley Lesslie Stauffer Steve Stearns Richard Stepp Vickic Stevens Dan Stit Bill Straight Linda Stratton Dorothy Strovas Lynn Swanson Skip Swavey Danny Taylor Ted Tegler Penny Thomas Terry Thomas Ray Thompson Terry Thrash Alice Toliver Harold Tolle Patricia Tourlillott Alice Townsend Candi Travis Damon Tumer Jeanie Turner if H 'wf"f'm :Q is s IL. S K J if f if 2 0" A si . 1 Tx i x rr M J , td 1 f iv '15-1' .4 X Us f Q 'S R s h'-'E if 'i ,N 'I .7 L. ,J gi . ,nm 'ainuvf 1 if ly J .. 3 E af A 1, 'W 'hp 9,5 gl K 'E' ,l acne, fi an-or 8 ,Q . Q, We QQV 'F' QR Patty Turner Tirn Turner Mary Tweed Kathy Urnberger Virginia Umberger Lee Unrnh Bob Vine Becky Visscher Chris Wade Dale Walden Leslie Waldo Dennis Walker Melissa Walters Gail WalLon Rorie Warden Dwan Weaver Roland Weaver Delores Webster Dick Webster Linda Weers Marilyn Welton Gary While Larry Wiekes Thelma Widener Leonard Wilkening Pat Will-:ie Jessie Wilkes Doug Williams Robin Williams Bob Wilson Dotty Wilson Rusty Wilson joe Wilson Steve Wilson Brian Winter Gloria Winier Bill Wrighl Bob Wright Steve lNriglil Kevin Yant Janice York Danny Young SE IOR ACTIVITIE ADCOCK, MARK ALBERTS, SARA Girls Glee 25 Girls Chorus 35 Library 25 Redskin Arrow 3. ALEXANDER, RONALD ALLEN, CHARLES Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1. ALLEN, SANDRA Girls Glee 35 Senior Play Comm. 3. ALISON, DAVID Spanish Club 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 1, 2, 35 Mu Alpha Theta 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Adv. Choir 2, 3. ANDERS, DAVID Football 15 Track 1. AVERY, FRED KEITH AXTELL, DONNA J. Home Ec Club 2, 35 Pep Club 2. BAASO. GLENN ROBERT Wrestling 15 Gymnastics 2. BACHMAN, SUSAN Girls Glee 25 Library 25 Girls Chorus 3. BAKER, GAYLE M. Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Home Ec Club 1. BAKER, LINDA SUE Pep Club 1. 25 Mu Alpha Theta 2, 35 Russian Club 1, 25 Thespians 2, 35 Adv. Choir 2, 35 National Honor Society 2, 3. BAKER, MIKE P. Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1. 25 Adv. Choir 2, 35 Dance Band 2, 35 Speech Club 35 Drama Club 35 Thespians 35 Senior Class Play5'Redskin Follies 2. 3. BALES, MIKE VERNON Bowling 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 35 Redskin Arrow 3. BANK, ANDREA R. BARRY. TOM GERALD BARTLETT, ROBERT CARL Football 1. 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 "A" Club 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 35 German Club 35 Redskin Arrow 3. BATASH, ROBERT Band 1, 2, 3. BATES, WILLIAM BATSON. BARBARA G. A. A. 1, 2,35 German Club 1, 2. 3. BEASLEY. LAURA LEE Spanish Club I, 2. 35 Pep Club 15 Redskin Arrow 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Girls Chorus 35 Library 3. BECHARD, JOANN Pep Club 2. BEDELL, NANCY ELAINE Pep Club 15 Home Ec Club 2, 3. President 3. BELL. STEVE Student Council 1. 2, 35 Class President 1, 25 "A" Club 1, 2, 3, President 35 Pep Council 2, 35 Football 35 Wrestling 1, 2. 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Math Club 2. 35 National Honor Society 2, 3. BENACRIDEZ, JANICE Pep Club 1. BENCH. TERESA Pep Club 1,25 FTA 2, 35 Spanish Club 1, 2. 35 Mu Alpha Theta 25 Yearbook Staff 2, 35 Prom Comm. 25 R-1 Award 25 Redskin Arrow 3. BERGEN. GERALD Student Council 2. BERRIA. CHERYL Spanish Club 2, 35 Red Cross I. BERNARD, LARRY Science Club 2, 3. BETHUREM, DONALD BETOURNEY, TOM PATRICK Wrestling 1, 2, 3. BLUE, MARIAN BLUMENTHAL, CATI-l'Y Library 3. BOEHME, ANDREW BONAR, LATISHA Redskin Follies 15 French Club 1, 2, 35 l. R. C. 3. BOSCIA, JOE THOMAS BOTHWELL, PAUL BRACHLE, KATHY ANNE BRAUN. PATRICIA K. Pep Club 1 25 Latin Club 2, 35 FTA 2, 35 Speech Club 35 R-1 Award 1. BRIBACH, DAVID Band 1, 2, 35 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 3. BRITT, PAM BROOKS, ADRIENNE Pep Club 1. BROWN, CAROLE Pep Club 15 IRC 3. BROWN. TODD Wrestling 1, 25 Cross Country 25 Gymnastics 25 Latin Club 1, 2, Pres. 25 Russian Club 2, 3, Pres. 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Student Council 35 Mu Alpha Theta 25 National Honor Society 25 R-1 Award 1.25 Chess Club 1, 2. Treas. 2. BROWN, CRAIG - BROZOVICH, JOHN BRUNTZ, BONNIE ANN Girls Glee 25 Girls Chorus 3. BRYANT, WILMA LOUISE BUEB, RICHARD BUNDICK, DANA LEE GAA 15 French Club 1, 2, 3. BUNGER. RICKY Football 1, 2. 35 Baseball Manager 15 Gymnast- ics 2, 35 "A" Club 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2. BURNS. MIKE LEE Basketball 1, 25 Cross Country 2, 35 Baseball 1, 25 Student Council 35 Latin Club 1, 2. 35 French Club 3. BURTON, RICHARD LEE Band 1. 2, 35 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Band Vice Pres. 35 All -State Band 2. BUSBY, JAMES BYRD, DONALD DEAN Tennis 1, 2. 35 Track 25 "A" Club 35 Intramural Basketball 2. 3. CACERES, FRANK CALLAHAN, DAVID CAMERON, JANIS LYNN CAMPBELL, JUDY Pep Club 1.25 Girls Chorus 3, Home Ec Club 3. CAPRON, GARY JAY Band 1, 2. 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Adv. Choir 1, 2. 3, Pres. 35 Octet 2, 35 Modernaires 2, 35 Sr. Class Play5 One-Act play Contest 2. CARPENTER. DAVID Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 "A" Club 1,2 35 Student Council 1, 35 Cross Country 25 Pep Council 35 Redskin Arrow 35 Student Body Presi- dent 3. 3 E IOR A CTIVITIES CARR, JOHN ALLEN Football 3, Basketball 1. 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, Base- ball 2, "A" Club 1. 2, 3, R-1 Award 2. CARTER. DONNA CHARLES, SANDRA LEE Pep Club 1, FTA 2, Home EC Club 3. CHURCHILL, DIAN CLARK, ROBERT COLELLA, JANICE MARIE Pep Club 2, GAA 1. COOK, RAYMOND ALFRED Chess Club 1, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3. COOKE, SANDRA SUE Pep Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 3, Spanish Club 3. CORBIN, PHYLLIS Girls Glee 2, 3, IRC 3, Home Ec Club 3. CROWE, JOI-EN CROWLEY SHEILA French Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, IRC 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3, Latin Club 3. CUMMINGS, PHYLLIS Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 3, French Club 3, IRC 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Latin Club 3, Educational Tour 3. DAVIS, GAY LYNN . Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Thespians 2,.3, Redskin Arrow 3, Educational Tour 3. DECAROLIS, DEBORAH DECKER, NANCY ROSE DEMOSS, MARILYN Latin Club 1, Pep Club 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Adv. Choir 3, Spanish Club 3, Science Club 3, R-1 Award 2. DESHA, RALPH Band 1, 3, Cross Country 3. DORN, CATHE ANN Home Ec Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. DORRIS, DIANA Home Ec Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3, Spanish Club 3, IRC 3, FTA 3. DOVEL, SHERRY DRENNEN, ALLAN DREVESCRAFT, JAMES DWYER, ROGER PATRICK French Club 1, 2, Redskin Arrow 3, Basketball Manager. J EDELMAIER, LELAND French Club 1, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Science Club 3, R-1 Award 1. EDMONSON, PHILOMENA Pep Club 1, 2, Drill Tea qtin Club 1, Home Ec Club 1, Yearbook St , , Student Council 2 EGELHOFF, KEITH E. EICHIN, KAREN Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 1, IRC 3. EMERSON, KATHLEEN Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, Pep Club 2, FTA 3. ERDMANN, JEAN ANNE GAA 2. EXEL, LOUISE Home EC Club 2, 3. FENTON, EDWIN FRANK, MITCHELL Football 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 3, "A" Club 2, 3, Wrestling 3. FRITZ, BOB AARON Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, Student Council 3. FRITZINGER, WAYNE Chess Club, Inter-Squad Basketball. FROEMKE, LARRY FRYE, LOREN Track 1. FULLERTON, LINDA Pep Club 1, 2, Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 2, Adv Choir 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, Redskin Arrow 3, Educational Tour 3. FULTON, DAVID GRADALEN, BEVERLEY Band 1, 2, 3, IRC 3. GARDNER, GRACE Pep Club 2. GILE, DOUG LEE French Club 1, 2, 3, Speech Club 2, 3, IRC 3, Pres. 3, R-1 Award 2, Jr. S Sr. Class Plays, Golf 2. GIOVANINI, JOSEPHINE GIULLIAN, DENNIS Band 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Basketball Manager 2, Spanish Club 3. cLAsscocK, LINDA sUE ' GLIDDEN, WILLIAM Football, Wrestling, Track, Cross Country, "A" Club, Chess Club. Spanish Club 1, 2, , FTA 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Sec. IRC 3. iuvk max '66oDLETT, ,ppp ep u 1, Latin Club 1, 3, GAA 1, Yearbook Staff 3, Adv. Choir 2, 3. GOODNER, NICOLE Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Home EC. Club 2, 3, IRC 3, Band 1, 2, 3. GORRELL, DANIEL GOTTIER, KAREN SUE GOUDGE, BOBBY GRAHAM, PATRICIA GRAVES. JANET LOU Pep Club I 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, Leader 3, FTA 2, 3, Adv. Choir 2, 3, Accompanist QBeg. Choirj 1, Modernaires 3, Octet 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Educational Tour 3. GRAY, TERRY ANN Pep Club 1, Girls' Chorus 3. GRAZIER, MARTHA ANN GREGG, LAWRENCE GREGG, MARGARET Pep Club I 2, Yearbook Staff 2, Latin Club 1. GRENEMYER, DENNIS Band 1, 2, 3, Student Director 3. V. Pres. 2, Adv. Choir 3, Modemaires 3, Wrestling 1 2, 3, Jr. 8 Sr. Class Play, One -Acts 1, 2, REDSKIN ARROW 2, 3, Speech Club 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3. President 3, IRC 3, V. Pres. 3, Redskin Follies 2, 3. GROTH, GARY ' German Club 3, Audio -Visual Club, Junior Class Play. GROVE, DONALD GUSE, JUDY Pep Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, IRC 3, FTA 3, FAA 1. E IOR ACTIVITIES HALL, SANDRA IRC 3, FTA 3, Pep Club 1, 2, GAA 1. HAMILTON, RONALD HAMILTON, SANDRA Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Russian Club 3, French Club 3, FTA 1, Red Cross 1, Student Council 2, 3. HAMMAN, STEVE Audio -Visual 3, Chess Club 3, Pres. 3, Thespians 3, Science Club 2, 3. HAMMOND, GREG Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. HAMPLE, DAVID Mu Alpha Theta. I-IANEY, GARY Wrestling 1, 2, Man., Redskin Follies 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Musicals 1, 2. HAWKINS, JO ANN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, Home Ec. Club 2, Band 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3. HAWKINS, WAYNE Adv. Chorus 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play 2, Wrestling 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3. HAYES, BARBARA Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, Leader 3, GAA 1, Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3. HAYMOND, F. ELAINE HECHT, DANNY HQEDDEN, FAITH Girls' Chorus 3. I-EELLE, BENNY Football 1, IRC 2. HELZER, KAY Pep Club 1, 2, Drill Team 2, Yearbook Staff 3. HENDRICKS, CAROL FTA 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, French Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, IRC 3, Student Council 3, Educational Tour 3. HENRY. LARRY HENSLEY. MARY ANN HIGGINS, REBECCA LEE HILEMAN, JACQUELYNN HILL, LANA SUE Pep Club 1, Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, Student Coun- cil 3, REDSKIN ARROW 3. HOAGLAND, PAUL Football 1, Baseball 1, Track 2. HOFFMAN, TOM German Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Science Club 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, R-1 Award 1, 2. HOLLER, JACK HORNBECK, LINDA Pep Club 2, 3, Drill Team 3. HORRISBERGER, DORIS Pep Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 2, 3, Home Ec. Club 3, Adv. Choir 1, 2, 3. I-IOSKINSON, GREGORY French Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Science Club 3, Math Club 2, 3, Adv. Choir 3, Modemaires 3, Octet 3, R-1 Award. HOSMER, RITA HOUGHTON, MARY Pep Club 2, 3, FTA 3, Latin Club 1, French Club 3 1 HUBER, KATHY Girls' Chorus 3. HUDSON, NANCY Pep Club 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3, REDSKIN ARROW 3, Student Council 3. HURD, MIKE HURDSTROM, DARLENE Latin Club 2. HUSSMAN, KENNETH JACK, VICKIE JANKE, PAUL Basketball 1, 3, REDSKIN ARROW 3. JEFFERS, PHILLIP JENSEN, VICKIE JOHNSON, CAROLYN JOHNSON, JOYCE JOHNSON, SUSAN Jo1NEs, JOYCE JORDAN, JAMES Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3. JORGENSEN, DAVID Audio-Visual Club 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3. KEATON, STEVE KELLER, DAVID Audio -Visual . KELLY, GEORGE KETTLE, JOHN KILLIP, BOB KIRK, SANDRA Spanish Club 1. KISELA, KARL DOUGLAS KLUG, CECELIA Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, REDSKIN ARROW 3. KNICKERBOCKER, JOY Latin Club 3. KNIGHT, JUDITH KOROS, NIICHAEL KREUZER. LINDA LEE KROUPA, TERRY KROUT, CONNIE KURTZ, ROBERT French Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, IRC 3, Baseball 1, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. KYLE, BERNICE German Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, REDSKIN ARROW 3. LABELLE, RANDY SUE LACOMB, TOM LAMAR, JUDY LAPP, WTLLIAM LAUTHIEN, STEVE Track 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3. LEACH, JACQUELINE Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Band 3, Stage-Crew for Redskin Follies 8 Sr. Class Play 3. LEBSACK, LINDA Latin Club 1, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, Educational Tour 3, Sr. Class V. Pres. 3. LEVERING, RICHARD T. LEWIS, TOM LIGHTER. RUSSELL LIPPMAN, RONNIE SENIOR A CTIVITIE LOGAN, DEENA Band 1, 2, 3, IRC 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Youth for Christ 1, Sr. Play Comm. 3. LOMAX, WAYNE LOVINGER, CHARLES Audio-Visual Club 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3. LUCCI, ANTHONY LYON, EARL LYONS, MARC Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3, Sr. Class President 3. MAROHNICH, CAROL Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbo aff 1, 2, 3, Cheer- leader 2, 3, Homecom oph. Attendant 1, Homecoming Queen 3, tudent Council 1, Adv. Choir 3. MARQUESS, DEBBIE French Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Speech Club 2, IRC 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Educational Tour 3. MARSHALL, GLORIA Girls' Glee 2, Girls' Chorus 3. MARTIN DIANE Latin Club 2, Drama Club 3, Yearbook Staff 3, R-1 Award 2, National Honor Society 2, 3. MASINANDO, DONALD Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3. MATHER LEE MCCLELLAND, DONALD Football 1, Track 2. MCDONALD, GARY French Club 3, Science Club 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, "A" Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, R-1 Award 2, National Honor Society 2. MCFALL, EUGENE MCGAHUEY, NANCY MCGANN, JOHNNY Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2. MCGLOCHLIN, JEAN Pep Club 1, 2, Youth for Christ 1, IRC 2, 3, FTA 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3. MCKELLAR, BARBARA FTA 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Sec. 3, Quill G Scroll 2, 3, REDSKIN ARROW 2, 3, Jr. G Sr. Class Plays, One -Acts 2, Yearbook Staff 3, Copy Editor 3, IRC 3, German Club 3, Pres. 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Student Body V. Pres. 3. MCKIBBIN, SHARON Latin Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2. MCLAIN, JUDITH GAA 1, Pep Club 2, French Club 1, 2, 3. MCMASTERS, STEPHEN MCNUTT, HAL MEIKLEJOHN, CAROLYN Library, Student Council, Girls' Glee 2, 3. MICHELS, JERRY MILLER, JIM MILLER, RONALD MILLS, MIKE MIRCI, EDDIE MOLLENDOR, DAVID Band 1, 2, 3. MONTGOMERY, SUSAN Pep Club 1, 2, GAA 1. MOORE, LINDA Home Ec. 1, Latin Club 1, GAA 1, 2. MOORE, SHEILA Pep Club 1, 2. MOORE, SHIRLEY Girls' Glee 2, Librarian 3. MOORE, TERRY MORRIS, JAMES MUELLER, PAMELA Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Yearbook Staff 3, One-Acts 2, IRC 3. NAUGLE, JOHN Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2. NEURAUTER, JUDY Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, Youth for Christ 1, Adv. Choir 2, 3. NOBLE, DAVID Football. NORDICK, DOUG NOVAK, KATHY Girls' Glee. NUGENT, JANET Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 3, Russian Club 3, Adv. Choir . 2, 3, Modernaires 3. OCCHIATO, TAUNYA FTA 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, Student Council 1. OGAN, ANNA RUTH OLIVER, STEPHEN ORR, ROBERT OVERMAN, DARREL Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Thespians 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 3. PACHELLO, LILLIAN Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, Student Council 3, REDSKIN ARROW 3. PACKARD, RICHARD PAYTE, SHARON Pep Club, Student Council. PELAYO, PATTY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Sec. 3, French Club 2, 3, Drill Team 3, Adv. Choir 2, 3, Modern- aires 2, 3, Octet 3, Redskin Follies 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Drama Club 3. PEPPEL, EDDIE PETERSON, CYNTHIA Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 3. PHILLIPS, MIKE Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, "A" Club 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Russian Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 2, Student Council 3, Adv. Choir 2, 3. PICKETT, GREGORY IRC 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Wrestling 2. PIERCE, CYNTHIA Pep Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, FTA 3, IRC 3. POLLARD, FRED Chess Club 3. POMARICO, MIKE PORTER, PAULA Pep Club 1. POW'ELL, BEVERLY Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, FTA 3. POWELL, JANICE Girls' Glee 2, Girls' Chorus 3. PRICE, CAROL SUE SENIOR A CTIVITIES Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 2, 3, IRC 3, Jr. 8 Sr. Class Play, Thespians 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, "Best Actress" 2, Drama Club 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, R-1 Award 1, National Honor Society 2, 3. PRICE, JINI Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Head Cheer- leader 3, Student Council 1, 3, FTA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3, IRC 3, Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Russian Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 2, V. Pres. 3, German Club 3, Sec. 3, Homecoming Attendant 2, 3, R-1 Award 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3. PRICE, NEAL Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Redskin Follies 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2. PRITCHARD, BOBBY Cross Country 3. PROCHAZKA, PATRICIA Pep Club 2, Spanish Club 1, 3, GAA 1, Yearbook Staff 3. PRUCHA, MARGARET Pep Club 1, FTA 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, IRC 3, Heme Ec. Club 1. PRUDHOMME, JOEL Student Council 1, 3, "A" Club 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, R-1 Award 1, Na- tional Honor Society 2. PUCKETT, GARY Football 1, 2, 3, Track 2, Chess Club 1, 2. QUINN, WILLIAM RAVEN, HELEN Pep Club 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3. RAY, JAMES REINBURG, KAREN RETHMEIER, CHARLOTTE REDSKIN ARROW. RICHARDS, STEPHEN Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, Golf 2. RICOTTA, DARLENE GAA 2, Girls' Glee 2, Girls' Chorus 3. ROBERTS, JAMES Football 1, Cross Country 2, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, Student Council 3, Track 2, 3. ROBERTS, SANDRA MAY Pep Club 1, 2, IRC 3, Home Ec. Club 3. ROBERTS, SANDRA LEE ROBINSON, TERRY ROCK, BOB Stage Crew 1. ROCKWELL, CLINTON RODGERS, TERRY ROSEN, LEON SAINDON, ERIC SALAZAR, TOM Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, Baseball 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3. SANDERS, PAUL Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, Chess Club 3. SANDERSON, DEBORAH FTA 1, French Club 1, Russian Club 1, 2, Thes- pians 1, 2, One-Acts 1, Jr. G Sr. Class Plays. SARGENT, MARJORIE Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2. SATI-LER, THOMAS Football 1. SATHRE, MARY JO Pep Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. SCHLUNDT, BARBARA SCHMIDT, JANICE SCHOFIELD, RUTH ANN SCHOMAKER, MIKE Baseball 1, Football 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3. SCHROEDER, DAVID Adv. Choir 2, 3, Modernaires 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Jr. 8 Sr. Class Plays, Thespians 2, 3, Redskin Follies 3, School Photographer 1, 2, 3. SCHROLL, GARNETT FTA 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, Redskin Follies 2, 3, French Club 3. SCHUCKMAN, NANCY SCOTT, DEI-LLIA Band 1, 2, 3, Redskin Follies 3: SEDLMAYR, KEN Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Track 1. SEILER, DANIEL SEILER, MICKEY Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 2, 3, Student Council 1. SEKULICH, PAUL Wrestling 1, 2, Baseball 2, "A" Club 2, 3. SENA, JOSEPH SEWOLT, DEBORAH SHACKLEY, LYNDA SHANKS, DALE SHOEMAKER, SHARON Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Speech Club 3. SHREEVE, EDDIE Track 3, Jimior Class Play 2. SHULL, PHIL Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Manager 2, "A" Club 3, Educational Tour 3. SIMS, CAROL Pep Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, FTA 1, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, R-1 Award 1, 2, National Honor Society 2. SINCONIS, 'I'INA SITTERLEY, BRIAN Science Club 2, Russian Club 1, 2, 3, IRC 1, 2, 3, SMITH, CHARLES Intramural Basketball 2, 3. SMI H, JANET MAY ' Club 1, Twirler 2, 3, Band 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, 1, Sec. 1. S' TH, JERRY SRNIITI-I, SI-IARI C me ook Staff 3, Sports Editor 3, Home Ec. Club Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, Editor 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, FTA 2, 3, REDSKIN ARROW 2, 3, 'Qxuill E Scroll 2, 3, IRC 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Edu- cational Tour 3, Senior Class Play 3, Tact Council fs? SMITH, SHIRLEY Youth for Christ 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2. SMITH, STEVE Student Council 1, Football 2, Track 1, Basketball Manager 3, Educational Tour 3. SOMMERS, DANA SORRELL, GREG Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Audio-Visual 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play. SOVEHIGN, LINDA X? 'NAU SE IOR ACTIVITES SPEARS, JIM Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, "A" Club 1, 2, 3, junior Class Vice President. SPECK, LYNDA Pep Club 1, 2, Drill Team 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Senior Class Sec., Educational Tour 3. SPRINGER, JUDY Pep Club 1, Home Ec. Club 3. STAIBLE, CARL STANBARY, ROBERT STATLER, RAY STEWART, JOHN STIMNLER, SANDRA STINE, TERRY Stage Crew 3. STITT, JOHN German Club 1, 2, Speech Club 2, Audio -Visual Club 2. STOCKHOLM, GARY STOLTZ, SANDRA Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 2, 3, Math Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Sec. 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Speech Club 3, R-1 Award 2. SVENDSEN, SHARON Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 2, Speech Club 2, FTA 2, 3, IRC 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 3, Thespians 2, 3, Jr. S Sr. Class Plays, Red- skin Follies 2, Latin Club 3, R-1 Award 1, 2, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. SWANSON, SANDRA Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, IRC 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, FTA 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3, Yearbook Staff 2, 3, Activities Editor 3, Senior Class Play, Student Council 2, 3, Student Body Sec. 3, R-1 Award 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres, 2, Pres. 3, Educational Tour 3. TEAGUE, PAUL Band 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Tennis 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, R-1 Award 1, 2, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. TEGELER, SHIRLEY Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, FTA 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, Jr. Editor 2, Classes Editor 3, Thespians 2, 3, Recording Clerk 3, Junior 8 Senior Class Plays, "Best Supporting Actress" 2, REDSKIN ARROW 3, R-1 Award 1, National Honor Society 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 3 Qalt. J, Educational Tour 3, Girls' Choir 3. TETER, VIVIAN Bible Club 1, 2, Modernaires 3, Octet 3. TETZLOFF, LOUISE THOMAS, BRIAN THOMPSON, KAREN THOMPSON, TERRY Baseball 1, 2, 3, Bowling 3. TOMLISON, EDWARD TOWNSEND, JOHN Football 1, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Audio-Visual 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 2, Stage Crew 1,2, 3, V. Pres. 3, Thespians 2, 3. TRUMBO, DAVID TURNER, RUSSELL UNRUH, LINDA Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3, Drill Team 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Treas. 2, Sec. 3, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Editor 3, Educational Tour 3. VANCE, LA DENE VAN VALKENBURGH, SAM VIGIL, TERRY Wrestling 3. VISSCHER, MICHAEL Tennis 1, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, 3, German Club 3, V. Pres. 3, Senior Class Play, Drama Club 3, Redskin Follies 3, R-1 Award 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3. VOGEL, ROY Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1. WAGNER, JUNE Home Ec. Club 2, Yearbook Staff 2. WALKER, DAVID WALLACE, DONNA Pep Club 1, French Club 2, 3, IRC 3, Art Club 2. WALLACE, GAIL Pep Club 1, French Club 1, 2, 3, Thespians 2, 3, One -Acts 2. WALLING, CLAUDIA WAMBOLDT, KATHY Adv. Choir 3. WATKINS, STEVE Wrestling 1. WATSON, RODNEY WEAVER, MIKE Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Student Council 3, "A" Club 3. WELTON, JANET FTA 2. WHITE, KAREN Girls' Glee 1, 2, Girls' Choir 3. WI-IITWORTH, ELIZABETH WIKOFF, MARY LOUISE Pep Club 1, 2, FTA 2, German Club 3, Student Council 2. WILCOX, JANIS WINDER, KATHLEEN WINDES, SANDY Pep Club 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Girls' Choir 3, Home Ec. Club 3, Youth for Christ 1. WINFREY, STEVEN WINN, PAT WINTER, LESLIE Pep Club 1, 2, French Club 1, R-1 Award 1. WINTER, RODNEY Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2. WONGWAI, ROLAND WOOD, RITA WYKOFF, KAY GAA 1, 2, IRC 3. YAEGER, PETER Football 2. YORK, RANDALL Football 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Track 1, 2. YOUNG, JAMES YOUNG, JOHN YOUNKERMAN, MARY Pep Club 1. ZIEG LER, ROBERTA 7612 Grandview jack Porter, Manager We Cater To Parties And Picnics Our food is delivered piping hot in special mobile ovens. Serving: Chicken Delight, Shrimp Delight, Fish Delight, Bar-B-Q Loin Ribs, gl our famous Pizza Delight CHICKEN DELIGHT 5678 Wadsworth 424-443 1 Free Delivery RAY'S HARDWARE 5642 Wadsworth Boulevard Arvada, Colorado C ongratulat ions Senior s CAPITOL FEDERAL SAVINGS West 58th and Independence CITY CLEANERS 81 SHIRT LAUNDRY "We Operate Our Own Plant" 5709 Wadsworth 424-2515 Arvada, Colorado STAN'S DIPPER DAN featuring 40 flavors of SWift's ice cream cones, sundaes, malts, shakes, cokes, root beer, too Arvada Plaza PLAZA FABRICS "Fashion By The Yard" Thelma Nelson and Edna Webb Arvada Plaza Shopping Center 9520 West 58th Avenue Congratulations Class of "65" JOHNSON REAL ESTATE - LOANS INSURANCE 5625 Wadsworth 424- 1565 Best Wishes Class of "65" FlGARO'S CRAIG CHEVROLET PIZZA , W' .sss Q PARLOR 4 Pizza Orders Ready To Go In 15 Minutes 9828 W. 60th 60th and Ralston Rd. 422-6448 Roger Tyrer 5760 Wadsworth "TILLERS" MOVING 8. STORAGE The World Moves. "So Does Tiller's" Local - State - Nation 5580 Wadsworth Avenue Arvada 422-343 l Colorado Say It With Flowers From THE ARVADA FLORIST 7409 Grandview 424-4673 or 424-3021 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Congratulations Class of "65" Jlllilyillyl Wu UNITED NATIONS INSURANCE COMPANY West 80th at Sheridan Denver, Colorado P.O. Box 1527 424-3537 Evans Prescription Pharmacy Now Doing Business As REPUBLIC REXALL DRUG 5701 Wadsworth 422-1421 Television, Stereo Musical Instruments Sales, Service, Rentals Instruction and Accessories ARVADA PLAZA MUSIC 8: TV. INC. Sam and Sylvia Golub 9513 West 53th Ave 422-2651 Colorado's Most Beautiful Billiard Parlor BRlCK'S BILLIARDS You and Your Children Are Always Welcome Open 60th and Ralston Road Phone: 9 a.m. 'til Midnite In Basement of Ralston Center 421-1364 A. G. EAKER CO. "Your Community Department Store" 7519 Grandview 424-2662 Congratulations Class of "65" BIRDlE'S HAIR STYLING Lakeview Professional Bldg. Congratulations To The Class Of "65" 4455 Harlan Street Suite 103 Personnally Guaranteed Satisfaction 422-4474 New York Master Stylish And Owner 9609 West 57th Place 422-2385 WHY all y0Uf Uqlldfems be Com lirnents OS? RANDY? ME-A-TS Congratulations 81 Best Wishes 7602 West 55 Ave. To The Class Of "65" Arvada, Colorado WESTERN Us BOWL NATIOIIALLY FAMOUS BRAND Specializing In Portion Controlled 10, 000 RSUSYOH RO-ad Veal, Pork, Beef, and Fish , f , MW QiA,c,?4Zf1241 Kia 5 Compliments Of RAPP'S GAS Low Price Plus Cash Value Stamps 5700 Independence 5295 Sheridan Arvada Colorado Congratulations Class Of "65" ARVADA BOATS 9041 Oberon Road Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Kelly ALLENDALE BARBERS "The Best For Less" Experienced Barbers 9850 West 59th Place 424-7233 Across From Bernard's Arvada, Colorado 424-4525 6440 W. 56th Place Arvada, Colorado Congratulations Class Of '65" GRACE INC. Arvada Hardware 81 Dime Store Hardware Dime Store Paint "The Place to be When You Need All Three" 5757 Wadsworth 424-6166 Excellent Equipment Fabulous Fashions Friendly Folks SITZ MARK LTD. Arvada Plaza 421-6600 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ARVADA, COLORADO Denver's Oldest Suburban Bank - Continous Banking Service - 1896 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations To The Class of "65" J. W. METZ LUMBER COMPANY 5889 Lamar Street Arvada, Colorado 424-4414 Congratulations Class of "l965' JEFFERSON COUNTY FINANCE 5769 Wadsworth 424-4435 AMERICAN LUMBER Arvada, Colorado 5920 Lamar Street 424-77 16 "Congratulatlon ALLENDALE Prescription Specialists 9800 West 59th Place Arvada, Colorado 422-2397 KORAOS ROOFING AND GUTTERING 6160 West 61st Avenue 424-1292 ww., , X 62' ff 2,3 ,, -549 of .541 wg jc .223 A MF 9126 cb mc 15 Q A A EX V , 41 Wffiw M 1 34 QW x if XJ Q If 1 9 , 92 -4...-f - 'S' klxb ,X N xx Q , NSN SYN-'X 4 K fn X 1 -IHUZ , A 777711 1' J ovifggrf-JU' -iY70ff - 6006, -I-3.,Jf?J1',Av l?+1'73U HI, .- mm H Jig' -1 ., A .i , . lx, Y X '1 , 2 1 O u 4. .J , X, E O Sq ,lo ,QM ,.?, 525029 if w W geisgfiy-Q1 F- EE KOLWE' ,YEA Xi gk V W LQ ,.,, Vycfw' MY ik 'Qzxpqj W , U DQR, V55 if 15ixQWVQmYfkL.OMz x F V xx kvlvx tiZkj?xtjk 211 . f, W I fa N Q WW W 'WW55 Qsyy 0 - I , was Q, . 5 QS My WN XM af vgf W My GP? DESQX' 3a g 220 gf' gi xg x if , 3 3 gi-35 Nj, wi? 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