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Arundel High School - Panorama Yearbook (Gambrills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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My 1. 4' , y1n,".g Q4h,Q2f-J7'- . J fu? 15,2 , 4 7-i.:::-w' L , Eff 4 if- A .Liu + - 3 . - iq? ' rf'--Vf "Maur-JV,-Q if ,gf 4 'EF 'lvlffff Q wx 1"-- 45 L-PIU? ,, .,:7q,', A -'FZ gl, Y X rg 3' B 'A I :A --'viii' f' 'iv u-3:-1, 'Q 'Q as ',Z2JFM17'A ' T -:fi ,1 1 - , W f W nun- ,vl , . : , T A 1- n 'V-gif L . J . iii. " ' ' gf . J. Q if AS ' Q sis fx X wfsffdf Xfff N0 gxfggfiig ARUNDEL IUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Gamlwrills, Maryland VOLUME VII 1957 - ,I-ff -3 In S Q 'il' X A . I E ..,x,, ..k.,...-.wx --W-I -4- U . in XL D 5 ? K , NVVVL .Wh K 2 Aw. 'n A .Ny wx n X , 'wg 4 -,ff-f Q . m ,,sy,3.g X 291 Wh in , . 1 Y . 1 g J vm.-,... ' ' - , W, ff--ff- A ing -Sgzjwixs -'- HS 24. f He, .V . - ,J -... ..s S ,avwavx J' QS- gmfsx, f - in k'72"W3Euf:3?? ,f " 4.-..,...,g..4....mamEX,,,,, ,mkjwww WM - 5. - Q g-gig 1 W--...Q , 562 -.. W i ,ww DONNA APPEL NANCY CLARK Rnom SANN wwf. , , Erlilor-in-Chirl Edilor Bn.finr.f.f Mamzgrr J w FOREWOR-D There have been several definitions of the word panorama used in the introduction of our yearbooks. According to the Winston dictionary in our senior classes, pano- rama can mean: a picture seen in several views, unrolled before the spectatorsg a coni- prehensive picture of events. Some views are new, some old, some the same, some changed. There are the same troubles and tribulations, fun and hard work. In addition there is no seventh grade, more courses, new rules, and new paint. All of it-casual moments, everyday scenes, and important events, combine to produce the fundamental material for a panorama. We cannot yet look at Arundel from a spectator's standpoint. We can only hope, by using more and more pictures. to give you several views which will blend to form a more comprehensive picture of 1957 at Arundel. . ff' 7 s X J , M T To p 1 Q 'H r 3 . ' , A AM' Z1 EPM 5 Aff' fy , , iv , V . f f f ' MjAy png UIQ X .f W" . A' U L," JQB fl ,Vw if VT, TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY .. SENIOR CLASS . UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR HIGH FEATURES . . . ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS .... ADVERTISEMENTS Page 6 13 35 45 55 ..65 77 91 x -:X Six years ago you were Arundel's second seventh grade. When you came there were many upper classmen who remembered high school days at Old Arundel, there were empty seats in the audi- torium when the student body assembled and everything still had the look of newness upon it. Edgar A. Guest once said, 'LIt takes a heap 0' livin' in a house to make it homefl The same thought may be applied to a new school build- ing. It needs the plaques and cups which are vi- sual reminders of past academic and athletic tri- umphs. It needs the lingering echoes of old songs and cheers. It needs the lingering aromas of chemistry laboratory experiments and foods lab- oratory cooking. As you step from high school into a world of new freedoms and responsibilities. it is our hope that you carry with you the ideals, the knowledge, and the skills which you will need to give and to win your share of service. happiness. and t l -. ir it . f ' fi ' slr,-iiiili .Q -eff success. ik . .?.lew ti e-c.i 1.55 MRS. M,-Xlllil.. ll. PARKER, 1,I'llIIl'ff7tll F C L T S 'Q Qi: as 'W is 5 1 W N i 5 if Q 1'5" . X r . A il k i i Walter Carroll Ruby Collier john E. Martha l., Davis Dolores De Carileyan Phyfimll lfzlllmfiozz l.f!'lill'l-Nfl Moria" A-Ilgpfvm If llillli U .llilfh ai i ..,, . Wg if is p Q D fl '-54 . , M.. K 'ff :ii A Harry I., Deming Iogqili Diamoml Katherine Dinkins Ili-len V. liiaiis loyce lfraedericli ns. 1-l1'1Mn1z'lif.' Ilinloyi' ,'llgl'fVl'il,' lliilfi lfflglilvli lll. ll: I:l'l'lIl'lI l. ll Home Ifmziozvzfuf I'5l'f'h0ff1gl' 6 I would like to add my congratulations to the Arundel graduates of 1957. Now that you have completed your high school career, remember that the diploma you received at graduation is more than recognition of a completed job. Your diploma is a passport to further tasks and suc- cess. Your cducation has not endedg it has only begun. I hope with further training you achieve happiness. satisfaction, and a chance to serve others as you take your place in life. ,gf 1:14 MR, IAMES W. DUT-XGAN. I'12'r-Principal W,,f.' X aff ACULTY NVillinm Geddes Eloise Godfrey Floyd F. Grnlmm JoAnn Grnliuin Gray Marh Cora Srierzrr .Slirzzre Chor11,v,' .llmif Catherine Gregory Robert Hull Maudcnc Keen Ernest Knapp Irene Koshlap Core Carr Hi.v1ory GIlidtIfIL'f Comzxrlm' I'hy.fic'nl Edlmzrion 7 Five minutes of peace. .jjffg MEZZ... than .J . , it 1 f K I A teacher's day at Arundel does not end T '2' with the 3:10 bell, nor does it begin with the 8:40 dismissal from the auditorium. There must be teachers in the auditorium to see that students are seated. They stand outside on bus duty. They stand inside directing traffic. After school, be- sides bus duty and traffic directing, many of them sponsor clubs, direct plays, or coach teams. All teachers burn the mid- night oil over report cards and registra- tion. They come back to school in the evenings for PTA meetings and stay in the afternoons for teachers' meetings. Besides all this, they put in six full hours a day of teaching. "9vu.,,.. Mzirtlizi Mzirsliglll Marvin Mnrtillgi Mary MCKCC flrlr, Cfrlfl SfIUI'fl1L7l1Il',' Typing: Core Office Trainirzg if is 9 ' ' 4, 2 X, -1-0. It:-A y sc... A N fl n ii . S . .se iii if " ff. -I Lffiflfif Ima-pli Pgirlctt Mike Petro lithcl Ritchie Core Carr offit-f Staff Ann O. Drsclinnul Lucy D. Gale Corn' Home Emrlonzinx 8 Elizabeth Miller Carr: Sfvrrrh "WT . RW' .1 Betty Roberts Englixh ll Doris llalmilton Hmm' Evorimrzirx .wa Richard Ohwcilcr Core C UL-J. A Virginia Rubins Englirh ll. l2 LX K.. g r . 1 - ir, -. "NF "' X lIcvr5 D14 JB fx V Qfbblipf Q., fFQQ'fQ'MOm'f' ,ey J cy' fl Q' 'll 'VC f ' ,Pyxyyhghf V! v' K rx W 1 il'i:i9:e,1 Y William H. Shannon Clara S. Simmons Franklin Slnvcn liunicc Smith Betty Stcrnvgu Englixh IU: Prnlvlfmc World Hl',1'I!Il'j',' .-llgrlrrrzf Minh 4: .llafllrnmlirx Srrr1'Ir1ry of Dmzamzfy Unirrd Siam: Ilixfm-y Grmrzrtry W? Durothy M. Stcrncr Katherine Il. Tnrtcr Nntnlcn Thumcl Kjl1LlI'lCSll.XVllllflIl1S Bonlglqrrpiug I: Plzysiml Edllt'tllfOlI SCIICIIIY' V Pliyfiwzl Fdllfllfillll Typing If Bmzlqing Francis A. Iolinsun Alton F. lrnrlu-rbllry Lois M. Lang I11r11r.fIriul.'Ir'l Drirtr Trninifzg Biology: Pflyxifsf il Z1 f fied ol? LocK. Omg, Your guess is as good as mine. EL! ' A Busy hands are happy hands. Wood presents for Christmas this year. IO LASSROO VVe are here to learn . . . to gain knowl- edge. Since this is so important, the PANORAMA wishes to present a picture of some of the phases of everyday school life. Arundel offers varied courses of study which lead to four types of diplomas: Academic, General, Stenographic, and General Business. Three new courses were offered at Arun- del this year. Speech and Dramatics has helped students to know more about plays and the theater, and it has also helped them gain confidence for speaking and improve dramatic talents. As a first step in expanding our science program, Zoology has been added. Review of Math was offered to juniors and seniors as a study of basic mathematical principles and fields. English is taken every year. Aside from learning correct grammar, we write term papers, study and interpret the works of many famous authors, and do creative writing. ln our history classes we cover everything from ancient history to present day problems in the world. These classes are VVorld History, United States History, and Problems of Democracy. A mock presidential election was held last fall by a PUD. Committee. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Zoology are included in the science program. ln our classroom dis- cussions we learn the many principles of science. Laboratory periods enable us to put these principles to practical use. RRIC LA All types ol' business courses are offered to those who wish to make a career in this field. In typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand, students are taught business techniques which will be necessary for their iobs after graduation. Everyone needs exercise. and that is what we get in Physi- cal lfducation. Good sportsmanship is acquired through playing everything from soccer to ping pong. ln our French classes, the students learn not only how to speak and write the language. but also how the French people live. Math at Arundel is organized into three divisions: Business, General. and Academic. The electives olitered the Art, Home licono- mics. Chorus. and Band. These courses give the students an opportunity to enioy the hobbies and activities in which they are interested. In the Iunior High. Core is the main subject. English and History are combined in this class to show the students the tnany connections between the two sub- jects. Math and General Science prepare the students for high school. Home Eco- nomics. Shop. Physical Education. Chorus and Art are taken for short periods throughout the year. By choice the stu- dents may talie French. Algebra l. or Band. Students ot the diania .it work or plat: A954 Future Rockefellers learning early. Rcincnilwr the niud pies wc used to mitlif. I l ,- me, .-3 Y -iii ,..:w. A, . .. -, 4 'W-. U., s Y' 'K +5 To KATHERINE H. TARTER and WALTER E. CARROLL for advice, friendship, and understanding we dedicate the 1957 PANORAMA. I2 E X wx 1 J 41' Lhueli lltlftfltlli, X.l'.: Marx' Rtulvlnns. lrtzis.: Mary litaltt. Sec.: llunalrl Dew. Pres. Do you remeinlwer our first class meeting that day, And the trouble we had gettings boys for "Our Hearts VVere Young and Gayw? Then came senior pictures. some good and some had. Picking cards and announcements, what arguments we hadl Revealing of superlatives hrought pleasant surprises: Measuring caps and gowns we had to get just the right sizes. After school every day for senior play practice: Did we rush for yearbook deadlines, just ask us. Away we all went on our trips, rain or shine. And on usenior day," we all felt so important and fine. As the curtain ol high school hegan to fall Our prom arrived. to he rememhered hy all. Such fun at our lvanquet, we'll never lorget, And graduation praetice, how we struggled with itl llut most important of all. reineinher that night XVhen we marched down the aisle, our diplomas held tight. "' 14 LAS 19 FLOVVER Lily of the Valley . 1-...N COLORS Blue and Silver MOTTO To look To To I To up and not down, look forufard and not back, N55 M look out and not 171-and lend zz hand. I ,W EDWARD EVERIETT I'IALF 'I lu- lug alccision about name cards. 57 Ron' one, lrfl lo nglng XV. fII'll11IN, lf. Klnght. P. Mem-n. R. Kimi, M. Cl1mv.1m'lz. H. XV1ul'iclmI. Cl. 'I'r.1cLtino. IC. Luff. N. CI.1rk Crumnillur. LS. Iinily. I. liimmurc, S. I-uhmfm. IS. Crixpcll. KL-j.'lw11. Il. Appcl. S. IDL-rm. V . . ., ,.- .. ,. . N lwm' mm, lfff fra rzylllf ID. Izdwnrcls. lt. QHIIIIINIHUII. K.. Smith. R. Smith. D. Dfw. I. lxlukvlt. R. Nuzk. In Ilwpklm. l.. K,.lrIc1 IAIQUXY. lf. Heil. C. II.13mwk. S. Mualgvtt. S. Cnnmmn. B. Demon. I. Smith. R. lfluk. IJ. I.ll'I1uL. W. Src. I. Ciitlm. , f . - . . - - . Iwu' Illlrf, lrjl Io right: S. Rmglcr. I.. Lux, R, 5.ll1I1. Ia. Ilunnlmlwn. I. Hunley. Il. lIx1l1gc1'tu1'4I. I.. NIcl,11nm-II. M. Ilurtml llmnuxl. R. Iinluxmls. S, Cunw.15', M. Robbins. Il, Dfw. I, B.1IIn111. M. Cgxllmvgly. M. Rice. I.. Kxrlw. P. KIINICI. N. 'IQLIVHQI Ilmnml. 'lf Durncr. D, Millcr. Row four, lr!! fo Hlgllff I5. Rodman. li. Knut. D. llruwn. C. KV1Ilfm'd. R, Runluttu. l.. Sutcr. S, Littlc. Ii. ll-md. R, Zuknic Ccrslncr. l.. Young. R. Imbbcrt. W. Morris. XV. Wyatt. E. Merchant, A. Good. .-X. Ikfllllllflll. D. Mcrwn. 17. Riff. A. Pctlitl. fffff IOR f iq! 5' R f , i f V X, l A , I f 1, .1 f fl if Ml N Llf L J iq ll Vw! A nf l ll flflf X! 'fl' 'A J lt Xu , J it M jj JI Pill ,NI A jf, lb, Y If l Vu jk Wk O E nf fl P F t if ' , f N l 'Slat Q62 P' f : S A GERTIE MAE ia,-ai.i3Y , N ,' Gwzrral I L ! V . ure Club 'lg Science 2: Stut ' 3 Y , , Nurse 3: Typing X XX ,fl rjj fi ly, n H fllv l flip r FJ - ull 5 W' 7 M W 'tk' j 'l ' VY lx lx? Ill if lf! ffl, , ' t N lv 'U : A pf J ,fl ff! 'Vx I V 7 3' 6 NB l LL f jf 51 A " 8 J x E jd f f lj J A N 1 A t S 'N I I ' NX lf 1 X' 1 J , if .ff-"w. via lx inm..:..t.g. I6 UONNA Il'1.'XNNl'i Al'l'lfl. Grnrral Iournalism l: Pop Club l: GAA l: Dramatic Club l: Cborus l: Stuclcnt Council 2: Monogram Club Soc. 5: PANORAMA litl. 4: Iimcmblc 2. -l: Scnior Chorus 2. 5, 4: All County Chorus 2: llaskvtball Quccn Court 2: Valt-ntinc Quccn 2: School Stort' 2' Clziss Scc. 3: Prom Comm. 3: llockcy 5: I.V. Haskt-tball Co-Capt. 5: Volley- ball 2, 5, -l: National Honor Socivly 5. Treats. 4: Nurcnbcrg. Germany l. 'lil MOTHY FIQRRI l. ARNOLD f1c'1111fn1l'c Ilaskrtbzill l, 2, 4: lhiwlmtlll 5, 4: Soccer -l: Ilomc Room Pros. 2: Boys' Official- ll1g2,3. b lo .bi. IESSIE LOU BAILEY Academic Dancing 1: Study 2, 3: Pep Club -l: PANORAMA -l: Ficltlball 1: Softball l: Basketball 1. 2, 3: Mgr. Hockey 4: Student Council 2: Prom Comm. Ch. 3: Scnior Play 4: Cards and Announce- mcnt Comm. Ch. 4: Home Room Sec. 4. JEAN IIARRIFT BALLAM f1CI111'l'l7ZfC Stucly l: Frcncxh Z: Nursing Svc. 5. Prcs. 4: Nurse -l: Prom Comm. l: Vol- luybull 3, -lg Flowcr anal Color Comm. 4. , 'K 44 fMwMT? Mlfllj f M yvb, ,ff Kyjlzyf X MX Y M.XRCAXRI-.'I' lll'.gX'l0l'Y ffl'7Il'l'lIf t.lwr.1l lznwmlwlc- 2. wg Stmlcnt fluun- ull 2. 5: l'rm-m Comm. 5: Class Sur. 7 -. -lx l'.XYHR.XM.'X Spmtx lfnl. -l: Vul- Ilxlmll Q. W, 'l. ,Xl.lCl". MAY ISRANNL JN C0n1n11'r'u1'ul kln-1-.ll lznwmlwlv l: Stucly Clulu 2. S: ,I. Hung Llulw -l. F lll W F . 7' IOR l-an " . avg, 'ff RlCl l.-XRD IEROXVN ,ya :N X .-Iuzzffnm' llllllli l, 21 llms' Olllicizltilm 2: Xlxut- lmg 'l'cnm -lr Succcr 4. 45 Iinsu-rn lr. x lligll l: Blmwtgmm-ry lllgxir lllglm 7 x 's M1 . .. ' 1 yy P x D! El .1 A QM X wwwff wi ' ROBERT IlURlJIi'l"l4li 5 Q ' t r Grnrral llzlxclmll 2. 3. -l: Sufcvr 3. 4: llxlslivlf ., I lull 4: lilly! Oflili.1l1ng 5: llwuu xl "" 'V' , Ruulli V.ll. 5. Xi Q ix : my 6 5-QL , I IVNRY RICI l.-XRD ISURK 14- .',!'ll1fl'!7Il'l' in-rvncc C.lulv l: llmx fJllflfl.lllI'lQ 2. J: Study Clula -l. l7 Kfl x x X Of. . 5' M.'XIJIil.INlf RUTH C.'XI.l.OXV,'XY flflldflilff County Chorus I: Ulrc Club I. 2: Nlursiug CI11b V,I'. 3. Sur. -I: Nunn' 1.2.3. Al: Iflowvr LIINI Molto Co111111. 4. Sl IlRI.l1Y P.'XTRICIA CANNON . lfmlrlrnlir Study Club I: Chorus 2: Psp Club 2: Cbornl IIJISCINIHIL' 5: Nursing Club -I: SII.-XMROCK 'IL Colors 111111 IfIow1'1 l,o111111. -I: Stmlcnt fliillllfll -I: I'I'.lI1Ii- 7 furt High I: llclxlnzglprrg Iligb -. I nfl .1,7'ljlIlJ I W 1 61' 1 M' fi If 1 if ,fu IDIS IFAN CARTIZR ffl'IIl'I'1Il Bowling Club 2: Chorus 2. 5: Dru- 111:1tics 5: flllflflll IQITSCIIIIUIL' 4: Su11lo1 CI.1w l'I.1y cjllllllll. Ch. -I: Nurcnbcrg C1-r1111111y 2. MARY :XI.ICIf CIlONV:XNIf'I'Z Co 111 NIf'!'L'fII1 Nurw I: IJr1111111ucs I: If1cIcIb11II I Club rl. 1411441-1I111Il I: Study Club 2, 3: Typing l ! X 5 . C , ' J . .-XNCY l.XN K .ARK xlulrfr' IC ' uv Club l: Fr". . Tre: . . V.l'. .q. .mt-mblu 2. Mr. C s 1: Sr. Thorus LZ. 'lx .ll Cot ty Chorus 2: ro Tomm. 5: National llonor Su- cwt' 5. Prrs. Nl: l'.'XNOR.'XM.X Asst. l-ftl. z SIIXMROCK lixchangc Iitl. -l: llomu Room lruas, -l, ROllliR'l' Sl'lfNCl'.R CLARK .-lmdfrlziz' Nlotlcl .Xrrplanc Club 1: Art Club 2: Sxlt'IlCC' Club S: Study Club -l. LURLI Nh I..'XVliRNl:. COX Com nzrrvinl Stutly Club l. 2. 3: Typing Club -ll Ways ancl Mvans Comm. 5: Cartls and .-Xnnouncvmcnts Comm. 4. M.'Xlllfl, CIIJXIUYS CRJXXVFORU C0l?I777f'l'filll Stutly Club l. 3. 4: Arts antl Crafts 2: Stutlcnt Council l. Basketball 2: Cards and Announcements 4. My fWUW1,lll lffl IOR X x J xf l ij' 7, .qi yy- if V xf ff lg X J f -f - X. ,- . J K kb! -, ' I j ' . X ' I , 1 f 3 , J . tx lug' N J K . f RV SUSAN l3l.'XNlf CUNYV.-XY IJ X., .'1C'IIIlf'771iC jx lj' Ky C Cl1ccrluac.ling 1: Y-Tccns 1: Cheer- 'x SVT! f lcaclcr l: Football Court 1: Ilomr 1' Room Ser. lg Ilall Patrol l: Frunch ' Club 2: Nursing Club 5: Stutlt-nt X - Nurse 5. 4: Magazine Rcprt-srnt.1uxt- I f ' 5: Prom. Comm. Sq Ilockcy 5: Mgr. 1 I Softball 3: Caps aml Gowns Comm, rl: ' Senior Play 4: Fort Smith Ir. Iligb I. ' llllgw 19 Q I Cll.XRl.OT'I'E ANN CRFAMITR Amdfmir Clee Club l: Art Club 2: Stutly Club vt P.XNOR.XMiX 4: Volleyball 2: Bux- Letbnll Mgr. 5. 4: Prom Comm. S: Stutlent Council 4: Senior Clam Comm. 4: Hymns Falls Park l. ll.XRl3.XR.X .NNN CRlSPlfl.l, Crnrml Prom Comm. lz Clieerlentling l: Chorus 2. -l: Nursing Club 5, 4: Solit- bull 5. ug, in-..,,,, 1- QUI' -XNINI DTTM Grrlrral B l1.vif1f'.rx Class Pres. l: Student Council Offi- cer l: Cleo Club 1, 21 lJI'ill'll1lflCS 33 PANORAMA Court 3: Senior Play 'll IHXNIOR.-KMA 4g Southern Garrett County Senior High l: ligtatern Higl12, lili'I'TY LEE UIQNTON Con1n1errii1I l.e4tclf,-rsliip Club l: Arts and Craft Club 4: Student Council l. 2, Sec. 5, Pres. 4: SIIAMROCK Reporter 2, llus. Mgr. 3. News litl. 43 School Store 2: Stuclent llllllfllltlllli 5. 4: N41- tional llonor Society 5. Sec. -lg Motto Comm. 4: Ilome Room Sec. 3. l70N.'XI-D YVILSON DEW Gcnrral Visuzil Fcl. l: Stngccrnft Club 2, 35 Class Pres. l. 3. 4: Prom. Comm. 3: Senior Chorus 4: Senior Class Comm. 4. DORIS DFXV Com vzwrlirl Study Club l. 2. 5. 4: Senior Chorus l: Cards :incl Announcements Comm. 4: Prom Comm. 3: Stuclcnt Nurse 3. IQVFLYN ANNA DON.'Xl.DSON Gl'IlFl'1I1 B11.f1':1r.f.f Drrunntics l: Study 2. 5: Typing Club 4: CllCL'l'lCllllll'lg Club 1: Senior fillftfllh Z. 5: Senior Bank 4. MARY 'l4lll1RlTS.'X DURNER Conznzfwiizl Clwrtis l. 2. 3. 4: Boostcr Club I. 2. 5. 4: Stutly Club 2, 5. IUR 1 "Alla Vi s ' I . ll L' ? S I y MARGARET OWEN EVERETTS Academic Spccial Choral 2. 3, 4g Student Coun- cil 2. 4: Prom Comm. 3: Volleyball 5: Senior Class Comm. 4: PANORAMA 4: School Store 4. tim ig 4' 22 , . DOUG LAS BURTON EDXVARDS General F.F.A. l, 2, 3: Rcportcr 2: Visual litl. 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Comm. 4: Home Room Prcs. 1, 4. RACI-IAEL ANN EDWARDS General Nursing l, 2, 3, 43 Horseback Riding lg Softball 1, 2, 4: Basketball 1. 2. 5: Volleyball 2: Nurses 2: Asst. Librarian 25 North Miami High 1, Z. 5. EDWARD IOSIQPH GERSTNER Grnrrnl Bancl l: Boys' Officiating 2. 3. 4: Basketball l. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Soccer 1, 2, 4: Motto Comm. 4: Finance Comm. Ch. 3: Sports Fd. SHAMROCK 4. IEFFREY CHARLES GITLIN .flfallwrzic Reading Club l: Scicncc Club 2: Boys' Officiating 3: Booster Club 4: Track 1, 2, 3. 43 Soccer 5, 4. , ' x Ttlifmwj Ugly S I X pl jf J A W il Ml ia t W X VJ' N0 f ly? L f lf L ' ff . X lv M 7' lv K J Xu ANNA BliAl,l. GOOD C om mcrcial llnskctlxxll l: Study Club 3, 4. VVILLIAM IOSIZPII GRlMM Gcnrrrll Checker and Horseshoe Club 1: Study Club 2. 33 Boys' Officinting 4. 05 km HN' CHARLES EDWARD HAYCOOK .fimdfnzif A Chorus l. 2. 5: Track 1.2. 5. 4:Pl1or-l Club l. 2: I-lomc Room Pres. 2. 3: Class VP. -l: Chcss Club I. 2: Plmtu Club l. 2: Dance Club 2: PANO- RAMA -l: Nurcnbcrg. Germany l. 2. c,xRRoLI. MICH.-XIZI, HE11. Q b S Gm rral .Ns -, T A, L ,px R' R: Av vw Frcnch Club 2. 5: IXXNORAM.-X -l: X :Q ' Wi rsmlff Club 2. 5. 4. C904 gg X: Q, - fixmsf. my 1oI:1N XVILLIAM IIELM " C ' V 4'1!YllfC'l7Il.l' C Baml 1, 2: Study 2: Scicncc Club 3: lg Dcbnting Club 4: Senior Play -l. Q 'gf' Q s "7 Y Q' ' .X ., ws 23 Jud is ii A :lx Lv Gi ,rl J. 1 ' f 1 ' all l i vf NMI W l 1 0 R A ll W . A, JH yy of , GU' NU E , N l 2 ' 'S' -l l W W M gli? Mu Ginn ', 1 v A 'li jf 549 n A 1 A 1aimwiNrfR.wr:isnorm his 1 i Gclzrrill in lin,-5' Ofliciziting 1. 2. ui. 41 sfmimii . Q-""""kl -qi i,U.," l: Succnr Mgr. 4: Si-nirwr Clwrm 5. Q QWN q, K Q FAl'l'll lNl.'XRUARlf'l4 ll0l,KlNS iw Xxx Grrirnil llnmc Rfmm Pri-5. l: Glcc Clulw l: Special Clirmrus l: Girls linscmlili' 2. ,R is l a ,rf Pg ff 'i JW fill, Jil fT'RY E ,.x Eri- c r L 'Lk desi? A ' ANO I iturzlry , ' - if ff A - 21 iii: V 'sxzrzi' . 4 QA!!! ly 'flair nl: glinturnatirr I 1 ,,J f -.ii illmlfiiqi ii" iliififi,f20fffQQ - Y 'I , j' rf in 2. A ' WL 1. 'Mfg ' mi f MMG ff f if' Ui! uf ,lg in wlf,!"'! I 1 67 fj ly! 'A' ff fwbgw ffl MM agp...- 24 t 5. -lg Sr-niur Clim Cmuni. Nl: Suu:-ir l'liix' Lmuiu. 4. E5 LENA ANN HOWARD C om f71l'I'l'fI1l Cheerleading 1: Study Club 2, 3: Typ- ing Club 4: PANORAMA 4. LINDA ANN HOWARD Commrrrial Study Club l. 33 Scicncc Club Soc. and Trans. 2. f tw we ' w ts? QP ffl MARY I I.XRl.liNl3 I Il'Nf SIQRITORD .'lt'1llIl'l71 Ill' 1 lct' lfluli I: I'LIINL'llllllL' 2, 3. -l' Xll OUIIIIIX' Clmriis I: Ifie-ltllmll I . - , - A v ll 1 - ' - ,Z . HIM' L. . Ilqlxlivllnlll 1. 3, Ml: Vullcylixlll Mgr. S l'rt ii lonnit Kli u N 7 w XII Nptiflx licl. 'll Sfltitil' fIl1INN CUHIIN. 'I Kliurux Al: Yuicc of IIt'I1im'l',icy Clin ltkl 'l. XVlI.l,I.'XM ROIIIQRT IIURLIQY fi!'lI!'I'1ll l.l:..X, I. 2. sz Xisugil Aitl I. PA. .Xlitintiiircr 'l: l.ibr:irx' XVurl4t'r 4 ull-nt Ciuiinyil Al: I'.XNUR.XM.X Asst. Ny QI. Mi SARA ANNE IOI INSON Cl7771!71l'I'l'lllll lltimtvr Club 2. 5: Typing Club -I: bu C MX 2. 3: Snutlipurt Iligli S-:litmol 2: Stuttgart lligli Scluml 5. I7.RNI7.ST XVAYNIIC KIQNT Gfwml lily Club 2. 5: Typing -I: Track 3. Ml. IOR -N xt!! WW 4 4. Jilaft-1q!,ZA,e'fi avfywf-54 if 1 L. 'Ali' Q, :law-...VC . M' S Ct ff, -. . . x 01 f IOSFPP DON.-XI.I7 ,- IIOF , Tx. Amrlcnm' lilly! Officiating 2. S: Study Club Soccvr Mgr. 2: Ilniskcllmll Mgr. Pruni Comm. 5: XVrcstling Tczim Senior Play Comm. 4: Scninr Plxy l A I . , ,- ' ls I . illbfv LJRXN f L1 0 TRJWI' 25 t 4? ff.- H "w lx 51. I X lil sill 'I IOR -4 ,Y U.,,.. ,Y 'Jil-lyl ll 'l A ,f Y P F W5 1 U X IiA'I'IfIIiRINE REBECCA KING Can1mc'n'if1l Library l: iii:-I5 Varsity Bnskctbglll 7. ,,.. LIIIHI' 1 .'.' . ,' '. nz lf'IIlII42 xl: Prulu. Ccmuu. 5: S- ll.1x n. Sfmllurll Illfll hglwul I. 2, w w IOYCI2 A NN KIZYTON Cn m mrrcial Stucly Club l: Art Club 2. 51 Typn 'lz Xullcybglll 2. PATSY ANN KINIIIQR fIL'lIIl!'I71iC Sturly Club I: Ifrcnch Club 2: Nu 7 l' IH Club Irvs. 3: Typing 4: Yullvybnll 3 Mmvuu Cmmu. -LDL V WIIW R!" 26 fx I LOUISE KIRIIY Ciwlfwl B11x1'1ln1: I.ibr.1ry XVurlu'r I, 2. 3, 4: Suuly 2. I'I1.m,g1-nphy 3. CII.-XRI.If,S ICRNIQST KNICJIIT CIr'11fml lhmcl I. 2. 5. 4: Plorscsllwc- :mul Ch 7 , , , liglslwtlmll l. 2. 5. -li Snttlmll l. S c-rs -: Buys fjlllfhlllllgl Llulm J. C CA ROL SUE LAC FOXV Grncral PL-p Squad Svc. l: GAA Truas. I. V.I'. 2: ilrrman Amcrican Svc. 2: Choral lima-mhlc 5. 4: Scniur Chorus l. 2: Sluclrnt Council Soc. I1 Prom. Comm. 51 Baskvthall l, 2: Volleyball 2: Scn- iur Class Comrm-nccnicnt 4: Svnior Play. Grand Ixrairic, Texas I: Nurcn- licrg Iligh School, Gcrmany 2. IIIQRNICII MCKIQNZIIQ l.lNCQlfRl5Iflfl'IiR C0l7IN1l'l'liiLII Stuily' Club 4: Cowen High School. XVCSI Val. l. 2. 5. 'Y gf MARY l.XNlf l.0L'XVIQ5l,-KAR .'l4'Il111'l71fc' Choral Iimcmhlc 5. 4: Scnior Play -I. K1lINL'FNl.llIIL'IAI1. Gi-rmany I: Toul Ru- 3L'll'. I-rancc 2: Ilollaml. Mich. S, Rf 5lIl7,R'l' PRIQIHIQRICK I.l.lIIlIFRT . lulzfrnzic Cliorux I: Sciciicc anal Iingincvring 2: Boys' Officiating 3: Prom Comm. 5: X'.1iwity Socfcr 4: Wrestling 'l.l'.lIlI Scnior Play' -ll P.-XNOR,-KMA Asst. Sports lid. -I: Class Room Prcs. -I: Glvn Iiurniu Iligh School I. 2. f-vu Fr la UJOAZ 'VQ' 'Q-gn SI IFRWIN LITTLE IOR Gmcml Study Chili I. 2. 5. -I. I. I. ijif, . 6 Jtiyf fllaf ful rz, K If 41,20 ,4ff,.fl. 'far fl C-I I IJ J Z L 2, 7 i ,ct Lf f bw' if 1 I, p' f 4 I 27 'l A 'M N X M V ll C , h N f l f N M K l 9 A L 'l l x : ' rf , l l L ' K X4 I tw J , ' if X 'I JK X A Iil.l.lTN MARTINA LUFF f l 'ww U 4' T VU FWQQ H Q 'Qvww liIDW.'XRD LAWRENCE MERCHANT Grnrml V.1rsity Club 2: Plmotograph 5: Soccer 3. Nl: li:1st'lmll l. 2. 5. 4: Banskrtlmll l. 2, 4: lfootlmll 2: Nurcnburg. Gcrnmm' l. 2. flcnulrnz fa I-czulcr5hip I: F.'I'.A. Soc. 2. Pres. 3: Frcnclm 2: Debating :mtl Uiscuxsion Clulu 4: All County Chorus l: Prom Comm. 5: Scnior Chorus 2: SIIAM, ROCK Artist 2. 3, licl. -l: llalncllwoolc Illustrator 2: National Honor Society' 5. Torchlucalrcr 4. l.l NDA MCCUNNELL firmlrnzir Drama Clulw 3: SHAMROCK 5: Rt'- portcr 4: Stuclcnt Council Trt-ns, 3. -l: Cnrtl5 :mtl Announcements Comm, -l: Play Comm. 4: PA. Announcer 4: NCXY'SlV2llWk'f litl. 2: Annual Staff 5: Clmccrluulcr 5: Nzxtiorml llonor So- ciety 3. Nl: P,-XNOR.'XM.'X Activitics litl. 4: Tifton Iligh l: Sunclni Amt-ricxm School 2. K . . . , X . DORIS MFRSON .. A ,P I C0mmr1'f'il1l it ww Q 'H if Stucly Clulv 3: Typing Club 4: lim- it 5, kutlull 2. 4: Vollcylmll rl: Nurse l. 2. Nt N -W YQu..,..,,,r P.XUl, YVlTSl,lfY MURSON Grimm! ,. Q 28 Boys' Officiuting 4: Socfcr 4. I - IOR IAMICS liUCliNli Mli'l'ZGlYR ficnrral . - y htuily llall l. 4: F.l'..-X. 2. J. l Jlf.XNN.X l'.X'l4RlCl .-X Mll.l,l1R ffnm n11'2'f'f1lf Kilim- Club l. 2: lhuuua Club 5: PAN OR.'XM.'X -lz Slllllflll Num' l. 2. 3 S4-iiiur Cliurus 2: llmlwtlxill 3: Vol lcyliall w: Lap anal Cuwn Luuuu. 4 S.. X WT' ff Ni? 0 I i if , I S.XR.X M.XRlORllf. MUD! QIQTT ,-irizdrnzir' CDA..-X. l: Study Club 2. 5: National lluimr Such-ty 3, VP. 'lg Pruiu Comm. Sq l'.'XNOR.-XIX1.-X Asst, lfuaturcs' Iiml. 4: Magazine Campaign Mgr. -l: Heidel- ln-rg .Xuicricau lligh l. 2. .'XNNl1'l4Tli llVlfl.YN PFTITT C0 nz nzrrfiill Clin-rlcanliug lg Discusbing and Dv:- lullllig Rcpurlcr 2: liuuslcr Club l, 2: Stusly Club 5: Pmiu Cmum. 3: Nurs- ing l.lub Frcas, 4. Xie- K -H . if NTT W l ' N X Q i it , S QRS M C YVll,Ll.'XM EDGAR MORRIS W ffl'71l'I'I11 F.F.,x. 1. 2. 5. Z 6l!,"j f . f , fill Ill W ffl will 'l i ff gli jfwl Mme f.. 'Du Z9 IOR fw P Jf' D -FV Wx H I. , ,- f Ng ' -M A I , . , TV , I il . x 'T' Il : ,I h :K ' " 'ml .J ,Rl J, .NX ,J .N ix? ' ' 3, .f lf If f ' wa ,, I V I ' I nr I 1.1 I I If x kj nl' A H va l -s l Ml : -I fl! llf 1 2 ll!! ,ff gh, . E1 l ,XX K I I PM K ll fx 'J 'Ill I .Il V' ' ff . V J M, -731' r Rf 'u 'I ' 5 If 5 l M 4 I FITVIA :KNL1:1PF-:u.nruM4xi1, yR. I .' ' I . I IM GfAlIl'I'tl1 1 1 'tlfdlual M111 1. 2. .41 sway Club 4. , f FAH , M A RY I IIil.IiN RICE ,-lmdrnzlnr S-tumly Club 1. 53 IIFCIIKIII Club 2: I- I'.A. 2: Prom Comm. 3: PANO- XM.X 4: Play Comm. 4: Scniur Play -l. 5 30 DORIS ANN RICIZ x I , . Slwzugnlfvhic' Major Glu' Club I: Stucly' Club 3: Scniur Cluzrm 2. 5: I'rnu1 Cunun. 3. SONIJRA ANN RINGLER Sfl'I10g!'1If7hl.L' Major Iicta-Tri-Hi-Y I: Study Club 2. 53 Typing Club -l: S1-niur Chorus 2. 5: Caps ancl Gown Cumm. 4: Iabrary VVcmr'kcrs 4. Mcycrsclalc Iligll Sclluul I. MARY IfS'I'lII.I.Ii ROBBINS 06110111 B11,ff11f'.v,f Ilrxuualius I: Slunly Club 2: Nuraing 3: Clmccrlcgulrr I: SIIAMROCK 2: Scniur Chorus 5: Prum Comm. 3: I'ANORAYvIA Picturc Mgr. 4: PAN- ORAMA Quvun Court 5: Fluwvr aml Mmm Comm. 4: Scniur Bank -l: Play Comm. -lg Home Ruum SCC.-'III'L'll5. l. -l: Student Nurse- I. 2, 4: I-Ivarl Nurse I: Claw 'l're-as, 3, 4, L, l W, I IOR W W Mlfl.B.'X l.qCll, ROGERS Grnrral Sn-nior Clmorus 2. -l: Nursing 3. 4: lflowur gmal Color Comm. 4. RIIODA Llili SANN Srrrlographiz' Major Booster Club l, 2: Student Council lg Prom Comm. l. 5: PANOR.-XMA Bus. Mgr. -l: Srnior Play Comm. 4. ,Xf if ,,,Z4,- , f f f AZ' A ft' W ghd-'Lf' WW' A f 'Gad ' Qiwfnffff YVILLIATVI SEE .-lmdcnzic Photo Clmilw l. 2. 3. Pres. 2g Typing 4. 1 I o 0 5, JQJLWF wal 4-NJ. 01012-- IOSEPHINE SMITH Gear:-al Bzzszlrzcw Ficlcllmll lg Ilaskctlmllg Softball l. 2, 5. -lg Ficlcl Hockey 2. 3, 4. Co-Capt. 4: CllCL'I'lCllllL'l' 2, 3. Capt. -l: Scnior Chorus 2. 3: Student Council Z: Prom Comm. 5: Scnior Class Comm. -l: l'.'XNOR.'XMA Features Ecl. -l. W.XLTliR CI-IRIS SMITH Gfnrral lull.,-X. Rvportcr 1. V.P. 2. 3. 3l X, 7ffjW ifWW W lffli' N ,W S IOR np... WW W Sang M' I-asf vu lun my, hsssj, 5-ff-'P .1-' f IAMES ALFRED TACKIi'l'T, IR. Acadenzic Muclcl Airplane Club lg Boys' Officint- ing 2. 5. 'lx Sluclcm Council l, 2. 3. Trcns. 4: Ilnskctlmll 3, 4g Baseball 43 Ilmnc Ruom V.P. 4. MKWMW' HW. VVll.l.l.XM HLAINIZ SMITH Gcnrrul I7.lf..'X. R1-pm'tc1' l, Trcals. 2, 3, LOUIS IIIZNRY SUTIQR Amdenzif Band l. 2. 5. 4: Boys' Offiuinting 2. 3, 4: lloustcr Club 1, 2, 3: llgixkurlmll Mgr. 2. 3. GLORIA LORRAINE TRAFTTINO C 0 m fn errizzl Science Club 23 SHAMROCK 2: Study Club 3: PANORAMA Asst. Bus. Mgr. 4 NANCY ELAINE TURNER C om merrial Glcc Club l: Debating and Diaclminn Sec. 2: Iinscmhlc 33 Prom. Comm. 3: Student Council 5. 4, V.P. 53 Senior Chorus 3. ' W gwwl X lil ii llfv l f N- xy -" :LA r , W . . SOUX Wir ' 1 S I O sg, X 'J ' C . 'N A J if I i ll' 'U I A:aJa,vx,o-K ' U l l J lx F 6' A . l' 1 A V l ,vw ' M A ' ' .l ,T 'Ti 1 f ' ' Q Q ,, - . J .K Nwi 1 , . X X , lull-11. MM ui WARFI 1iI.IJ X . V -. I 11 Grrirrilf ' 4 L 1 Srullx l: Scicmu V,l'. 2: Slumly 3 X L 5 ., ' .. .veg um Stuzll' Al. K oi ff' S Q 4' m b ... E - lll.XRl.l".S l7R.'XNKl.lN XVlfl,l.l7ORlJ Q Nm .'fl'I1ll'l'7PIf!' Scrxiiu l: lluys' Offiuiquimg 2. S: PAN- OR.-KMA Buys' Sports licl. -la Succvr l S. Al: li.islu'lli.ill l. 2. 5. -l: Sul! lvill lz ,l4I'.lCli 2: limp' Sllllk' 3: lluuiv- 1 num Prix. J. rl. MARK LXRIZT Ifl.."lINli XVOl.l7li Crrirraf ilu-crlvguliiig l: .-Xrl 2, 5: Typing 4 skctlnnll l. -lc Senior Chorus 2. XVAYNIQ l.l2l-f XVYATT Grnrrizl vrwxliuu ck Clicckcrs l: Science 2 lay.: si :.:.uu" . . . EM: fwff 0-MQ -f2Lc,,,g L0 ,dm Ja. fl i lv uifxggnnxjq LLL? lVll.l.l.XM RAY XYll,l.l.'XMS Gcfzrml lilf..-X. l. 2. 3: Visual Aicl 4. 'x r X , lwrv' QV ll 4. . 33 ' i 1fr QM if li Wiwllfl WM 'ww --. ,I bgrsw ik il Q P PY Q fl NN YQ v J l JAX 3 N il if Kilo 3 L N LAWRENCE YOUNG RAYMOND LEROY ZUKNICK General General llnskctlwzlll 1, 2, 35 Football l, 2. 31 Suftlmll l. 2, 3: BCISI Club 2, 3g Danc- ing -lg Barium Springs High School l 2 5 i Viiual Aicl 1: Scicncc 2: Study Club 5: Boys' Officiaiting 4: Athlctic Council 5, V.P. 4: Varsity Soccer 4: Humcrunm Pres. 4. 5 4 Suniors inukc thc four minute locker dash. 34 ' Q2 4 . - , f"N'-mx , 3,516 ww b '13, . .f Q. Q if :Yi 3 X1 mms I3 Ihrm Ix NI. IIixImp I Ilulm I Ii 1 Xml Il X Hmmm I mu v M. Iiurkc C xmpu I X I KI llcus.: Ilutly Stovall. SQL C. Constant P. Durr .ig A C. lihmkc I. Eliadcs D. Iivnns M. Fyvrmnn XV. Fnimll M. Fisher K. Furchcs B. Cn-rtz H. Gottwals G. Griffith C. Ilalcy P. Hanrntty I. II.uu1nn K. Harris CLASS I7. llziwn IJ, I4lill1NC1l'l if ! L. if .. - .2 5 .3 i -.-gp-vw--W kay' II.irrix. C.'1.ul4itIi lhuxiluix. Ibn l' Ir. l'iwfm 4.11.1 Ium In l1I1lll!iI Ikxrlx ll'l lim miik. Ir. Pmm Ch.: XV.lI'l'L'l1 Watts. Shirluy Iniivs. R, Hiukg B. Hill' R. Hmlgcs U. Hucrnig D. Null Ii, 101195 L. Kgirii, I. Kirby' YV. Kiicllrr R. Kmli lkK"'+-'J .rj -. U. lxlfl-isun K. Kmgli .vi A. , iz' 5m M. 1 1 1 Q . A. 1 f f 1 ' iw A A L . Nnhif P, Mimtrlwtt T. Mclicnzic P. NLKV5' L. Mulnny M. Newton II. O'Rrivn . Orcutt zulim. S. I'.ulrlY I, Furry Pilot T. Pukorm'x NV. I'l'ifr' Iumifwrw wlling wkvs nr game for Prom money. l'uvcUv.m1 M. Rfnulvr I.. Rvnlnmm P. Rituhic I.. Sngnn C. Svlwinrh-lr 1. Sclumnmkv T. Scott 'lf Slmiplvy S. Siugn-mmm! ID. Simpwn R. Sinw P. Siwnk B. Slater 5.4 5 ' ff "" Yi Q h P "' ' . Q5 5 ,Q X A ein- Y - , . , , xxx' 'TZ f 'M , . ff S7 fe- ' f 7. QL' K s ':r'sz h V g, t,.,, X fi, ll 14' iff. X RJ ggq. .tt i . l XX . ' ' x - ' 2 C. Smith G. Smith P. Spencer R. Stanlcy' S. Stitzman D. Stovall I. C. Tylrr ll, Vnnn W. Wagner B. Wnltcr V. Watts W. Wnttx B. CLASS ivlwb lrnm ".lltt'l'-Mlwful ulllillu 555 fur llwvm. A. Winn l. Ycnwr I. Yumkcl W. Ywung M. Zimmer kthw. 39 Tipton Wilson OPHO ORE CLASS D. Alluna B. Andcrson .. C, Al'l70I.fZlSf -. ' 5f R. Armstrong i. iucr Q. Q. Q J I J x is l l Q 'I li W .. Q .'- gym I B. Barlwr S. Barber I I. Barkcr is N. liunlmcnr . 'ai .. I. Beatty I L La: I I. Bcll 3 A if I. Burger K, T skfiffl N. Bishop LX B. Blankenship .l, , ii I7 S. I. R L. -. fm. . S? ... A D. I-Icnslcy, Sec y. Blevins Blythe Bollcs Boschcrt Butter Boyer .I . ..MQ A '1 'in ,. Q. C. Brice I. Brmvn G. Busscy I. Busscy C. Cain I. Canu- M. Cecil 40 Dove, Prcs Cluilfant Chuncy Chaney Clmsc Christopher Clark Clark Cunway OPHOMORE CL SS B, Mqyg-rg, V, P, A. Crmluy R. Corcorun , if , " - M if . xii! X R. C.orcl:'r gf . S. Lrang N 'X I. Crawford Rx. . V. Lanham, Trcns. D. Foul M. lfwslvr I.. Fuxwcll R. Frame K. rw-.Wy T. Frvc S. Fulll-1' L. Ilccm H I M Ucvzlll Did:- Crunmillcr M. Curtis A. D2lWMml'1 G. Dnwwn .in . U.. K ...nw .iigwgqg . . . R, , S. Dum 1 A ff P. Dunnam M. IULIIIIQCVM' I. Durlmm T L P. linkin M B, Fmcrson X L C. Finclmm , . .. 7, if, N: I xg wg, ? ffif2l M. Furcluw g X 1 f A g P. GCIIULI ' A U. Gullxhlls 1 . , lx. cm-Lk - . , P. mn quq E li, Harris '-.: ' F' X Q' M. lim.-S 1. Ilrdriulx f A , v !. 41 Y OPHOMORE ASS R. Hendricks N. Hicks M. Hogan N. Hogan P. Hogan Hogan Hood . Inghram Irving E. M B. R. I. 42 Jacobs . Iellick Ierman Ierman lunge T. Krasauskis D. Kirby I. Kostkowski M. Kostkowski E. Knotts E. Lagmay L. Lnnehart D. Lang M. Lang C. Lcem D. Longshore I. Louwcnaar D. Loving L. Manning Marvin Goldnick McMahan McQuay Meade . Mench . Miller I. Ramsey R. Rawlings R. Rcilmzin R. Rcmsnyalcr OPHOMORE CLASS I. Nowich K. O'Dcll P. O'Mallcy C. Orcutl A. Orsic C. Miller H. Miller M. Miller C. Mills M. Miskunic f , I. Moore ' Q L. Mulvany A I f:. R' M. Meyer Q E. Nowakowski X r QV 1'fQ f J, 1 i N x . M. f . .fi to . 1 Y. Q. sn . 5 , I. Parsons D. Pcddicoril I. Phelps Y. Phelps S. Pickwick C. Plllllli ie QQ.. , if r . if ,, Aw , -,kin TP, ix- X ., I 4 1 1 f fn . . .-we ':-J . ,, .W ..x c A. ZW: 4 'E SQ.. , f M. if 5 2. U gf. -':.'. , ' V--flag! fl iv' 3 ..., .. ,, . .sf y s . if if A R. Rogers K ,. . . 7 P. Rust l -'Q fi . I xi ,gy -24 Qi . -I . ..,. i .:.1 B. Sampscll ' ' i I '- El I l'fFi?'- I -I I f' S. Sclincimlcr ' I I, I 5 . 'I I. Schulman N , ' I . A. " ' N YV. Scllinllvlv , . s " . -- rj.. Q i .X S., .-L' E ' fig, f R. Shoemaker 1 L. Sigmnn ' --R. -K R .. ly " , - 'L A . - - Q -A -- D. Smith . sh ,Q 7 , Q 3 Q2 6150, . S ' N-1 ' M- if ' X' 1 I . R milli ESE QW! X I kk! i is Y n QU, 43 I 45 K R. Smith S. Smith OPHOMORE CLASS 5 W Sollcrs Spccdcn Stmwhom Sutcr Swauger Swetzcr - 1, :N -, ' Rs 44 B. Taylor Taylor Thomas Tmvlcr Vaughn Vonskingn Vcrrilli Vrapp Wallace Wusscll J XVz1tson Welsh VVhitchc:1d Willnrnl XVillinms Wines XVoml VVo0LlS Znukus Zichm Zilen Zuck v' I C O ZZIZZOJW' F. Akers I. Aultmzm B. Bailey M. lkilwr XV. Il.lliCl' L. Iii-ll B. Bciiiiutt R. Billmycr I. Iiircliliclrl C. Blnilnn XV. Bliikc R. Bolin R. Bootlic R. Borncll VV. Iloycr X. llrookficlil H. Brown VV. Brounlcc K. Brunner K. Burk I. Burkctl C. Hmm li. Busscy F. Bussuy C. Galloway' D. Cnmpliull C. Cori- D. Corby A I .. -V.- .L.LI I 4 A 6' T A. 3 ' 'S ' ui A ij '4 I ' K X I A A' i . .I Q.. ' -. . . R ' l . . ,LI .., I . .... .gly I ..,, - . X ca B ...- N NTH 5 2 VI-' if "L' I I C' I' S Q . Car r . ii sf-f A f 7 I . ,ary U km L ,f V. ,U . "T-Qs?'f.,Hi"'3 1 I N ii v if L All IRVV I R. Chamber . I' I.. R. Chcwning 6 Q i A. Clark I 5 B. Clark ' Q 'Y'W I L. Clukcy E I R I I H. Coalc D. Coby R. Cocolin D. Cole C. Collins M. Collins R. Connelly F. Corcoran V D. Cox A . ' A. Daly "A h 5' 5 I. Danks if ' - ' C. Danza 1' ' C. Davis C. Davis 1 5-V A A. Denton A .f f P. Denton M J Y :N H. DcRossn V-k,k 'Lf A I, H. Devilbiss A s. iainsnmfc I 'lei 'lfini T '. A M. Dixon 4 -fy, 5.9 , ms- , . 46 C.. I I 1 lf. A. IS. C X ii. C. ID. ll. I. C. B. A. M. N. li. C. H, R. I: if F. lm. i ct. Ii. 1. f YE. . ,Q 5 7 N, ii i i Y ii. GRADE G. Gillwcrt I. Gilson K. Glzinvillc B. Glenn T. Goff F. Grnziiina M. Crccntrcc E. Gruylon I.. Hgulucli T. llqigcn I. Ilnlcy M. Hxinnzitty A. Hnrllcsly XV. XvilI1I'lll5ZwCl D. Hnhtings I. Hiiwrs M. Hcnnlrimlgv D. Iliclu I.. Hicks Hillwingcr L. Huclgu T. Plofliu B. Huffman E. Hula' N. Iioml V. lloml Z. Hopkins I. Hoppn M. Horner itii L. Howell C. Hu" l P. Hgglicx' C. Hungcrfrirrl M. Iolinsun - M. Iohnmn ljclllhli Imiigililw in lbfmli-y llimrl' llrhfl' l Jmvning Ihiwm Dring liulmicl I-Iilcl lfclcnlivlcl liiggvrl lillis lime-y livzins livxins livvrmgiii lfnslivi Fllwin Fulk Filrclius lrlllillllllhll Ciqillinn thilimifkc Gnnnnn Ggirflncr Kin-lwligmlt Gilmin ,Af ,fx wfmwwi f . VM .. W ,xiii 1 W f WESQEWQP 'QP-1' Q 5 5 5 l 5 47 5 in is 8 M 1 ww px .K if K A if Y' .. 3 A 1 f K ' r L M. Innes T. Kali-aiu-s I. Kaine R. Kekgir F. Kemp A. Kem L. Kimniett E. Kisser G. Kofsky A. Kovruch G. Kostkmvslii R. Knskowski C. Lngmaiy L. Lnpiner C. Lawrence V. Lellri H. Linh- F. Long H. Lowe G. Luzier T. Lynch R. Mnclellri L. Marlin C. Mzilsnn F. Mcffmii' A. MeDurmmm E. Mclivny G. Mcliei' 254 ,M N .-'Oy A. 5.-. QA X s x 5 M. 1 X ws QV ' ff' +s si. E 'w Ai N NTH R. McLaughlin C. Menseh C. Menseh P. Merson A. Miller N. Miller C. Mills C. Moore B. Mooreliead R. Morgan I. Moses W. Mullins D. Musick M. Myers S. Nelson V. Nelson L. Nmvogtniek F. Olsen L. Paddy I. Parkcy K. Parrish S. Parsons S. Pizirsons N. Permn M. Phillips S. Dottratz R. Prnutt S Queen L. Raines L. Rezigle D. Rebstock C. Redmond IJ. Reclmuricl I. Reese ki 34.3 f . I . ...Q 1iSmSf55?65YLL ' s,' 'S 9 .. I W 3 I GRADE E. Spcncvr R. Stglnslmrx' R. Stn-rling N. Skull! C. Slum' I. Swartz A. Sulin II. 'I4.1ylfn' C. Tlmmals C. 'lllmnnu M. HIKIIIIIHMIII W. 'I' L. Truitt B. Turm'r L. Turner IL. ,lxlllllgx N. XVLIIIQLT I. XV1u'l'4'l I. XVAIIN R. Wnm I. XVcrnc'r B. Xvrluxillski H. Yvillizuns If. XVilIis M. XVHI I. Wills I7. XVISINCI' G. XVhiIchc'.uI B. YVnmls I. VV.1rlwI I. XVrIw.u S. Ycnwr P. Yuung C. Zuck D. Zuknick . ,Q , .. 4, A I I xixxx li K fx? as f.. . Q A n 4+ of -6 m I A nw! x: .. . M .J - , . p N- Qui, i . ' ff f, 49 V. R. I. M A. P. I. I. I. M I. I. S. II I. XV C. D I.. I. R IS. II M S. ll I. B. Rice Rivcm Rivers Rivers. Rolvi mon RUITIDSHD Rosa' Royc Sasser Snnn Schatz Schincln-Iv Schwnnclt Scmclcr Scrivncr Scrmrwnx SL-rpc Shzluck Simym-n Sinus Skmv Shriwr Smilh Smith Smith Snyder Speedy Spcnucr . . Mi. x 1 I-syih 5 .. I Q 'X ,. . I A - iii ,.,. + . B. Abt-ntl Il. Alclcr L. Anclcrson C. Anclrcws I. Armitage F. Arnoltl V. Arnolil . , ., ..:: q Q? l wk S-iw' qi L .J ri X P. . 'I 'I V Y EICHTH S. Atchison 'A ' L N. Hailey I' gy V L f A. llukcr ,Q L L' ,. I. linllotk ,i R. lhrkcr " , ' N L ia. Bell . . if R. Bcll L ' D' ' 2 ggfv 1 if P. Billington P. Billington -' . . R. mmf LM U Q I .Q , 1. Himfvn - L., m ' . i S. lllync .L ' f L Y 1.- S. Blythe A 'f 1' we-' g.. M. Ilogmlnnowicz 4 l 'X -1 1 . I . A -- I. Blllyllfll Ll L S. Bolynrnl A . A M. llosclicrt . n D. Boyer fy Xkk b K R. Boxer A A-.- il L l P. liolctt 5 f M. Brice mg K , fl!! D l N Brown 5 5 1 L- . ll rs rw n if K H " lll'4u4mlilLiCltl 1. . K K.. , . x . - -A - . .1 .1 . L Y L L Brown . . , 75. X Q I ' llrownc' ....... Y " LL ' Hmmm SL Agyn L L Iluclmnon K L b , Bumlclcnhohn R . : .P + it - llunncll A . Y i: fx Lk A . 'D' Cgmmbvll '71 .5 R.,-xi ' T' K, - Q... ' Cnrcy A 1' LQ. ." ii Cart-y ?f-f.'W' at af" Ve. .Qi xi ' . H m , Cum WA 1 L ' " L LLLL L .L Crmrill f Cnvc' . Clmmlwcrlzlin . ",- - Clmnu' ' K. gig? L N ' . 'tv Q. Sl Z ' -Spf' Lhgincy 5 Lg L M96 - Clgipsnclcllc L' A Clark 'f sv ::-Q r.rh.r. 1 - m cm H Clark L ' . - Clayton P Q N t L A - Clow K f X . K- . H., Collitr ,Q j J '- f QU' K Collins TL' s . V' L Li lil Cox L Crgiwfortl ' ' . Croxvl , L Cummings L' .ff ZP, LLLA L L A lily . V . Curran L9 iii.. ,k.' .' L ' L Dnf f E L A '-.' f L -, . Dzmirls Daugherty lJllLlj.Il1Cl'ly Davis Dal Invcn Dol Icrmiclu Dumb :ski .. C ol if in Fi gs ,I . 'I - H ' . .. Q ' i 3 13 ' 'q' . . ' i X' Q - , U Xa 'A M if li Si x 3 Q Vx' , Pl' S. Fukumitsu I.. Gullion G. Gillvcrt N. Gitlin I. Core P. Grucnway C. Griffith L. Hzilwos II. I'IllI'ClCIll3CI'gl'l B. Hzirdcsty D. Ilzirpcr R. Ilzlrris I. Harvey B. Ilarwood A. Hcuclridgc A. I-Icgcr M. Hcllslrom R. Hclwig C. Ilcndcrson B. II.-ppcrlc Hoffal I. Hogan D. Holm' I. Hood M. Hood M. I loocl R. lloocl B. I umm I A. Ilowaril B. Ilowzml B. Ilowcll N. I-lucy R. llughcs D. Ilull R. Iflummcll T. Ilurlcy R. Ivey S. Inckson T. Iilclison M. lalcolvs S. Ixicolus . G 8 .5 ! 7,1 1 S. 1: D II IS. C F T. C 1. I. D Duff Demon Dcsclinncl DcVnn Dixon Donncl l y Dooley Dorr Drake Drury Duff Dunlwrly W. Ilurncr G. Edwards I. Egger B. Elliott I. Emcrson W. Friirnll I. Fanslcr B. Fcc Ii. Fcgus emi M Fcrclmk M Fields IJ Fisk I, I. Ford 'fl N 'bfi YV, Foslcl' . A I . - I T. lroxwcll T ..- 753311 . . I. Fry 2 ' Q . , W 'ray Q55-i . we 4 fl H . ' Hx ' s R Y X NN x . L Q 0. QQQ x- J, xt W Q., A of , .IX Q-'X l F. Lirlmiiz' C. Icnliinx M. Ioliunning: M. Iwnus XV. Illfllllll V. Iiisticc' M. Kam G. Ketchum li. King C. Kirby P. Kirlvi- M. Kissur C. Knapp l.. Kricllvr R9 - . .. M. Kmlviwslxi R. Kriisniiskis P. lgigiiix' I R. l.:iiiiiii l'. l..iii.ia.i "' ' M. l.4'L' J i, ltr P.'rli . ,. ' Q- L lx gwfjg Magik f K 'fun A R, i,,-mi.-,. 5 M. l.crcli f I.. I.ii'i-li' ' ' lf. l.mi-riiig ' 3- Q X- 4- ' ' 1 lf. l.mviii.iii 5 5 .si S X, Y si if s Tin M. lxncli . ' " ' ' 'M' i C. Mzirwli if wr fqu . r 2- . i V' Q F ' .. .... x -....k W . W i .. . . .... .. is . i r K' i . f i , i is . , , X J I , r .5 , Q g SIX' ...rf ' -.'.fflll'kxi.i:. W glrigg , .E ' 3- A k .A ii .. .- . '. L f i i f A Tx, . ., . .. 5 E fi 4' X . .. . , 6 ' 1 3 i . V 3 5 .,.. . ,., i ' . . K' 'yk' A . - ' Q l .. . 5 . tx W E - V ...Q af A ...i 25, I Q. 5. 'ii' i L. ii 'YS . . I ....3?,.., x Q Y .4 - . W C. I.. C. Y Il. l. 0. I. R. M 1. P. I. T ll. F. C I.. R. C S. I. R. I.. P 1. D. IJ. I. C 5. S. IH. Ci. .? . EIGHTH . Marge Marlow Miirszclck Martin Mgitliicii McCoiim-ll Mul Jiiiriiiuiit Mclilliriiri McGill Mcfiiilclricli Mcfimixin Meade Mcliizzi Mcrrymiin Mikl-aclacn Millcr Milli-r Millci' Milli-r Miller Mills Mills Miiililcrnu Mfsll Miifiiliswii' Morris hfulllflx Musliriish Nzirlx-uk Nicki-ls Nixliii-k.i Ogikvs Ogclcn Ari' Riiyc XV. Rucliiigin I. ll. ,l. l. li. Rccliiiills Rvgixtcr Rcigli' Rei iinlils Rirli N. Rili-i' sg.. ,X ' Q3 I ,I K F X Q fi 4, Sa -E. . x S K i , 5- 6. fi QQ. V 'N tm fs . f' v 1. ' 4- .v .K 5 Vrmr kh-. Q ,V . ff if JJ: , ,vb I ul F X 55535- I. II'wI.xmnvsIxi R. Puml M. Plvsluy' I. III'L'S5ICX' B. I'ricu D. Pu-xltt I. Prunty' V, I7llI'kIIl.lI1l li. I'uxI.xxk F. Pyh-s I., R.m1cy I'. Rawlilxg M, Ruwwn I. Sul!! I. Smugqs II. Slwrrr KI. SIIIIIIILII .X. Slliplny li, SIIIYUI' II, Sigmmv C. Sluglutwll C.. Smrmglvrulm XY. SuIIL'I' I. Spmrkx R. Sgwmu' II. Spurliu 'lf Smith Y. Smith W. Smith IS. Sl.1t't'-ml K. SLIXIIHIVI XY. Str-,IX C. Stnmg If. Smllnx' I. St1.1wl1-+rn I. SIINIUIV R. Slllvl' Ii, Suu--u R. SXIWIHIII M. 'l'.1xI.+r R. I.1x If-1' 5. 'I'.uIm' Q.. 3 fi L by v ' fi -V. I Q. I" Y . . , " 7 ,,, V' 'f . +557 X- .. -' ',.- ,E fi in A If I I LIE I gk .f Q i , 51. fe ,M W N C. Ringlnr II. Rislvy C. Ritillir' I. Riu Ixic I. RrwIn'l'Is D. Rwgrrs R. Ruggrx S. Ross R. Rrmmnn A. Rumplv IJ. SLIIIIIVSCII R. Snnnur R. Sxlswr XV. Sclmvidvr C. Sfhc-Il R. Sclwlrmn G. Hliw-1 M, O'M.1lILy S. Om T. I'g1Im:'r I. Iixrwm P. P.1suI141ll II. I7.1'.'nv I. Plulpx G. Phipps M. Physiux If. IIit7w1gL'l1 P. Pnkmmlx' giW?3fw'fIf ' S , J K I il: A . Q. , K H 1 -'fwsvvfeff ' - f' if . .LA 6 -. 1- ni Q 'Q K? . Q ' 'L If A A , 'lf' 'A Ewa A 5 at ' f' A-2. . EICHTH GR DE Hr 4,5 . 2" ew I D. Thompson, P. Thomas, M. Toohcy, C. Towmhcncl, K. Trent, M. Tschucly. G. Tyler, M. Upton. XV. VVarfcl, R. YVairrcn. C. XV1uscll. V. Waters. G, VV.itkins. R. NV1ills. ll. Welch. I. Whcclancl. P. VVhitc, VV. YVhitc:, R. YVhitchcad, C. VVhitley. H. Wiglcy. E. Wilder, V. Wilkins, C. Williams. ll. Willis, M. Wilwn. W. Wisniuxwki. R. VVuml. R. Wyatt, I. Ynrlmrougli, I. Yarbrough, B. Young. l 54 J B' 4. lf YG if 4.4, ' V... WW-m. , .W f ' . k N Y ..:,gN?2 , V 'fa 'F - ,g,.ja+f 44 Nf iff :Q , y ge? ' . 11- 'V ,fs 35 4 pf? I- 'rf QM , Elf' ' , x4:.V,3.f.x my 5 'g f af' 35 wr vw-is 4 wi swf 95,3 K -! -',f"2,x i 'fix Y .- - JAM, 35 f-g , ' " RT - .. -E ' Us Q 1' 1. -B, if L1 S ,gig ff A + ig wif, ., .. u -sl Q-,gig -0. K nf ' fr ...ff X, f 0 1 ' Mfg- fry W1 V ,. 'u 'W 3' S ,l K. . ...WA I 3.-K lam Rmlm- Ihr O'NI11Ilvy H1lIl7LlI.l NVrm'six1ski Mary Estelle Robbins 'T X . I UNVINH Il "ffl f WMA 1 'C- N' 'I I .. , i r I I Ixt II H1 N1.1rx Znmnur In Smith Mmm' KW Ili! Donna Icfmnc Appel Most Talented: Edwin Hood and Nancy Clark Best Looking: Bill Smith, Mary Robbins and Cris Smith SENIOR Linda McConnell and Richard Burk M oft Popular: Harlenc Hungerford and Donald Dew Betty Denton and Charles Ilnycook SUPERLATIVES Best All Around: Iames Tackcrr and Donna Appel ' SX. 59 Most Dc'pc'f1dab1e.' Best Dresfed: Lois Carter and Carroll Heil Most Athlflliff Charles VVellford and Io Smith SENIGR SUPERLATIVES f -ii '5- .xg , W7 f ,, Q l Q . 'lo NX , X ? i ' 1 , IV1'frif,ff : i Rhoda Sami and XVillinm Grimm 60 I. ffl 5 l Last and tlnmetor pI'.lt'Ilu' on tlirr SE IOR PLAY Last fall we held many class meetings, com- mittee meetings. and more committee meet- ings trying to select a play, getting enough boys for the east, and deciding on the date for the presentation. Last spring we were delighted to see our classmates dressed as the flappers of the roaring twenties for their presentation of t'Our Hearts Were Young and Gayl' by Cornelia Otis Skinner. ,ugh the sunset lionrs. . "Our Ilc't1f'tx Were Young and Gay" Steward Mrs. Skinner Cornelia Otis Skinner Otis Skinner Emily Kimlwrongli Purser Stewartless Dick VVinters .-Xclin i ral llarriet St. Iolin XVinilAretl lllaugli Leo Melflroy Donald Iarlnoe Mary Horton Linda McConnell Ielf Citlin Carol l,agow left Gitlin Faith llopkins Douglas lftlwartls Louis Sitter Mary llelen Rice Sne Conway llolv l.lllll1k'l'l lnspeetor liolm Clark Therese lessie Bailey lNladaine Elise Mary lane l.onwt-naar lXlOIl5lL'lll' cle la Croix Dirk llrown XVinclow Cleaner Bill llelln Pump. Chniiic. Pump! alum Q' g . 4 Lips 'c' Riiky Si-in Riiky lint AROUN in Big Night .,., 'Xt his! .vs 1-2-3 Kick Hold that Noodle! ARUNDEL Trips arc thc most fun. N ,,,,,,,,,,,,,...L.......,. we-nur Vliesfgef' F SW mv d'3"X 1 ll' . A ff if ZZ-sq. Baby pink or Ihlwy blucl Iufi s nt lt ngxun. lulkmg. ILIHQIHQQ. tnlkinxf Q .-. Go Tram, Go! WHA HOOP I 1 6 .P Q I A wld cukc ul hRlHAlillll'. r Rc-mlvrglnclls :lt work q-.. xk S XVlmsc feet. Sur: ,,.-f ,4 S S Oh thwsc lurm papers! v .., , .K 1, ,N H - Al, ,. , . , an 5: . A A f' ' 2' . . r 2,2 "' " L , 1 - QW A4 What do You want: Rcgislcr, or you cnn'L Vote Y 5.1 QQ by yaffgafmfigf IIIQCI muy' C. Crtnrmt-r. P. Ritchie. L. McConnell, M. Robbins, H. H.1ngt-rfortl. Rice. mm! rwfrx' CQ. 'l''ttino. l. llowgirtl. I. Smith. M. llcattty, S. Coiiway. S, Mutlgctt, ID, Appel. l'ftl,: N. Clark. Asst. Ill. limi! :fin : ll, XM-lllortl. R. 5.ll1H. llus. Man.: M. llorton. R. I.ubh.'rt. C.. llt-il. C. llaycock. ll. Gottwals. R. Sann. Iius, Man.: IJ. Appel. lftl.: N. Clark, Asst. Htl. G6 PA ORA "I can hardly wait to see my PANormMAl" Anxious and excited comments were an ever constant inspiration to the busy mem- bers of the yearbook staff. They worked like an efficient machine, trained to pro- duce the very best in its line. Each indi- vidual played an essential role in assemb- ling a yearbook of which to be proud. Under the direction of the literary and business advisers, each section of the year- book was organized and finally compiled into a complete book. Not all went smoothly at firstg many obstacles had to be ova-rt'onie :intl decisions made before the goal was finally reached. v,,..- l'H'.i'f rout' Ii. OAIM-II. S, Innes. If. l.uIt' fIid.j: C. Ilaley Cllux. I5I.lI1.J, Yfwunl I'w14.' S. Smith. Ii, Mt'ConneII. N. CI.irIt, II. 5.lII1IVNt'II. Ii. YciriIIi. II. Ihnton. Miss Rolitrris. K. fiIl.lII.lllI. C. Ilixi I Il xc HA RGCK The eyes and ears of ArundeI, the Simm- l'0l'k, underwent many changes this year. There were two' senior personalities in each issue, and other new features were added. In the middIe of the year. the paper changed to offset type. Two bake saIes were heId in Annapolis and attributed to the Slmmrorlq, in addition to two dances. The staff revised the student handhook for next year. and puhIished the teIephone directory. Irfl lu rzghlf lf, II.iIev. IIIIS. Man.: If.. I.nI'I'. Iii 1 ei N! Ifrnul row: l.. McConnell. S. Cannon. E. Spencer. N. Turner. VV. Schneider. lf. l.agmay. P. Ritchie. P. O'Malley, C. Smith, I. N. lliftllup. Strom! row: D. Ray, ll. Conway, K. Harris. L. Anderson, H. llungei'l'oi'd. P. Matchett. P. Stone. Meade Tlzinl ron! I. XVatts. ll. lidwards. ll. Miller, I. Ilarmon, D. Snyder, M. liyernian, R. Wilson, T. Dove, I. Frey, S. Dicus, T. Zielini, Tackclt. I. Stroup. Iiirs! row: P. Ritchie, Reporter: lic-tty Denton, Pres.: I. Chase. Sec. Sf'c'U7Ilf row: R. VVilsou. l,Lll'll1lll1L'HILlI'lilHQ Iaek llnruiun. V.P.g I. Trcas. The Student Council, which is composed of l two representatives from each homeroom, is in charge of opening all assemblies, manag- ing the Lost and Found, supervising morning dismissals, and organizing clubs. This year the Council sent delegates to the Maryland Association of Student Councils State Con- vention and to all Southern Region meetings. I Q-My Projects included obtaining a plaque for the I I I ip ii 1 - r . g X I Student Council presidents, sending a Care Q I I Ng 3 1 H 1 g s package. identifying pictures and conducting 4 l. . Q Y fm K . pep rallies. os 5 .. ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY s z 62 ? 2 if Nnncsy Clark Sally Mudflfif Pres., Fall V-P-1 F1111 Betty Denton Src., Fall Torrhbearc'r, Spring Donna Appel Trcnx., Fall Sec., Spring NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Studemus chapter of the National Honor Society consists of members from the junior and senior classes who possess the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. One of the most important projects of this organization is its scholarship fund, which helps Worthy students to obtain a college edu- cation. Its members effectively managed the magazine campaign, and sponsored a successful dance during the year. Prer., Spring Ellen Luff Tof'chlu'a:'w', Fall V.P., Spring H' Linclu McConnell 'I'1'r'ax., Spring Donald Evans Shirley Innes luck Harmon 69 n I l 1 Q... ,Q . cCwsf"M S K,f4 I5 ,-ef" First row: I. Cole. M. Suter, K. Harris, M. Chaney. Second row: li. liner. M. Cecil. L. Woods, H. Davis. ffl .Mfg BAND AND MAIORETTES The Green and White Band is an important part of student life, hav- ing been in existence as long as Arundel itself. The band rouses school spirit by playing at basket- ball games, at their own assemblies, helping out at assemblies sponsored by other departments, and playing at graduation. In addition, they per- form for the PTA, at the University of Maryland Band Day, and at other schools. A new idea in the band and majorette program this year was a colorful parade. Ififzff row: A. Cooley, M. Suter, R. VVoods, F. Graziano, A. Pokorncy, C. Gottwals, Long. Scfond 1'o14f.' NV. NV:1tts. G. Smartt, R. Clark, C. Redman, I. Barker, N. Perron, C. Sharkey, R. Miller. L. Foxwell, E. Guyton, D Smith, I.. Sutcr. S. Vaughn. R. Walters. Third row: P. Hogan, I. Iloppa, M. Strawhorn, H. Adams, D. Snyder, Ii. Gcrstncr, I. Burkctte. L. Kimmctt, R. VVilson. 70 CHORUS AND ENSEMBLE The chorus gives the students who have a musical hackgrountl the op- portunity to further their talent. lt sponsors the assemhly program for Christmas anal liaster and performs at other assemhlies as well as out- side events. The choral ensemble encourages musical interest in stu- dents who have accomplished skill in singing. They work on special arrangements for assemblies and PTA meetings. Y ieatty. C. Lagow. li. Stovall. I. lJlIl5r1ll'l't'. ll. llungerfurnl. l. llerrv. Il. :Kyiv Nl. Clark. li. Crea-lt. l5ir'eetur: Mr, Cray. I-'1'r'xr mn" l.. Cliristuplier. ll, llaiher. C. Scott. I. Cole. M. Caiuiwhull. 'lf l7u.'ner. lf. llwpkiiis. M, VVull'e. .Yrmrnf wiv: I. Dinsiuure, ll. liixell. 17, Stmall, D, Appel, N. Clark. D. Zutlt. ll. cfiislitll. M. lame. Tflfrrf mfr: ll, llall. l.. Clark. XV. Conner. R. Taylor. D, Kirlwy. N. ll-wwt-ll. S. I-rhnsnn. ll. llilngerlfvril. Iffmrrlz row: l.. Sagan, I. Fliacles, ll Dew, I. Smith, R. Carlson. If liaer. lf. llm-tl. CI. Smith. ll. llite. ,ws . 7l " 4 PEP CLUB The Pep Club was formed this year to raise the school spirit, to give more pub- licity to games, and to encourage the players. The club learns new cheers and helps teach them to the rest of thc student body. Its members have uniforms and attend all games, giving loud support to the cheering section. Filzrl row: I. Louwenaar. A. Towlcr, K. Frey, I. Kirby. Second row: I. Nowick, M, Sutcr, M. Poole, M. Myers. I. Brown. Third row: B. Chaney, D, Stovall, I. Bailey, S. Sit-gcsmund. ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council. consisting of two representatives from each grade, is the source of athletic funds for the school. The committee assumes financial respon- sibility for uniforms, transportation, awards, fees for officials, and any other expenditures for the good of the athletic program. The group also makes posters calling the students' attention to athletic activities. FI-Ziff Vow: I.. Nowottnick. P. Ritchie. A. liggerl. Srfozzzl row: R. Zuknicli, I. Ilinsmorc. L. Sagan. Mrs. Davis. BOYS' OFFICIATINC CLUB The Boys' Ufficiating Club is provided to better prepare its members for partici- pating in the intramural and junior var- sity sports program. lt familiarizes the members with the rules, regulations, in- terpretations, and various techniques of officiating school athletics. lfirff rouf: F. Hood. XV. XVy'att. R. Zuknick. B. lliclis. C. Chaney. XV, Grimm. F. Bosclit-rt. P. Mcrson. G. Mnlvir. Srfrmzl' rout M. liywiiinn. P. Dorr. Ilctlrick. R. lframt: D. Smith, I. Crawford. D, Lang. K. Clark. 'lf McKenzie, Mr. Carroll, Thin! roux' I. Orcutt. li. Ct-rstner. I.. Sutcr. G. Griffith. R. Koch. ll. .'Xclams. XV. Stone. S. Sflllllilllsliy, NV. Kncllcr. Ff1n1'ff1 row: D. Brown. TYPINC CLUB A new club this year, the typing club is for the benefit of skilled typists who de- sire extra time in which to type. These keyboard fans can he heard every other Wednesday, pounding out someone's Eng- lish theme or writing a business letter. Hrs! role: A. Wines. I.. Cox, P. Spencer. I. Key- ton, R. King. M. Chowanetz. Sammi I'0Il'f P. Day. 5. Ringler. A. Brannon. P. Kinder. S. Rirhy. ll. Merson, l.. lloivarcl. IJ. Rice. G. Bailey. OFFICE TRAINING Office training is exactly what the name implies. It trains students to Work in an office and teaches them office procedure. Typing daily attendance reports. filing papers, and running errands are all a part of the job. Students taking office training have it scheduled as a regular period every day. M. Crawford. I. Smith. I.. Hou'ai'd. lf. Donald- son. M. Rohhins, ll. Merson. Advisers: Mrs. Ritchie. Mrs. Stern. SCHOOL STORE The school store, which is open during the lunch periods. is operated for the con- venience and service of students and teachers. It sells everything from recipe hoxes to gym shorts and gives practical husiness experience to student workers. Ifirzrr rung' C. latgoiv. L. Kaifos. M. Fveretts. Srwmirf ron? Ci. lioyer. V. l.ello. N. Bishop. B. Clark. LT. Constant. R. Purdham. Pi. liurmick. II. Smith. XV. Sermons. l.. Truitt. Third wznx' I. Berger. P. Ritchie. I. llarmon. I.. Eagan. Il. Hire. II. Devilbiss. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, after a yearis absence from Arundel, returned with many new and interesting projects. The members corresponded with French boys and girls, prepared a French meal, saw a French movie, and visited a ship from France. The club is not only for those taking French, but also to stimulate an interest in those 11015 taking the language. Iiirxf row: S. Pickwick, B. Meyers, F, Lagmay. Semzzxf ruuf: XV. Cavey. I.. Cluekey, S. Potratz. Thin! rum: I. llaley. Il. Sollers. I. XVerner. lfnnrlh !'0ll'f M. lillis. S. libel, S. Shoemaker. R. Arm- strong. I-iifllz rule: Ci. Dawson, li. Spencer. C. Chamber, I. Sasser. Sixllz row: M. Strawhorn. P. Hugliey. A. Orsie. M. Reader. N URSINC CLUB A Future Nurses of America chapter was established this year by the Nursing Club, to give luture nurses background and ex- perience in their chosen career. Members of the club work in conjunction with the infirmary and buy needed material for it. For the first time, student nurses were taken only from the club. Ill BOOSTER CLUB The motto of the Booster Club is, HAn empty treasury at the end of the year." This club donates money to any organiza- tion in need of financial aid. It sponsors the annual dance at which the Basketball Queen is chosen. Its members sell tickets and are in charge of the coat check at basketball games. Firfl l'0!t'f lf. Iones. R. Stansbury, B. Fvans. D. Thomas. T. Durner, C. Mareeki. P. Geneva. I.. Nowottnick. P. Pokorney. Srewzzl mfr: C. Drake. I. Cole. K. Harris, II. Davis. I. Meade. I. Schatz. C. l.uzier. Third mzzu' Mr. Deming. D, Miller. R. Devilbiss. I. Dinsniore. D. Iohnson. M. Chaney. P. liakins. P. Slioeniaker, C. Smith. XV. XVatts. S. Dikus. A. Pukorney, M. Miskanic. x a .4-zaggntg-:Hs i. ,Sk 5 5 -- 1 n f. , ew . . e'w9s LIBRARY WORKERS Each student librarian chooses as an elec- tive to work in the library one period a day. They assist in the library by keeping the books in good order, checking over- due books, compiling material for teach- ers, and returning -books to the shelves. There are two different students working each period. I... Kirby, C. Lagow, M. Curtis. S. Ringler. N. Howell. XV. Fairall. I. Nmvick, ll. Hungerford. SST? STAGECRAFT CLUB Stagecraft Club members learn the use and care of stage equipment. They collect stage equipment for the school and for the first time this year, helped with the senior play. From the club are chosen crews who work behind the scenes in assemblies. Experience gained in this club may be useful for a career or a hobby. Ifir,-'f row: G. Whitehead. A. Sulin. C. Gallion. XV. XVliite. R. Pond, R. XVhiteliead. V. Wilkins. NV. Van llassel. Second muf: M. Fisher. I. Mayan- adn, L. VVines, ll. Verrilli. L. Sagan. I. Ilarnion. Third row: G. XVallace, B. Carpenter. G. Lowe, I. Gilson, XV. XVagner. G. Gottxvals. XV. Taylor, KI. XVassel. XV. Scliindele. R. Hendricks. C. Brice. C. Boyner. ggi.. .. ' P. A. ANNOUNCERS The public address system was devised in order to save time, and to present infor- mation to a greater number of people in the building. The four student announc- ers, who work in pairs alternating every other week, are chosen on the basis of the distinctness and clarity of their voices. H. Hungerford. M. llorton. I. Brown, L. Mc- Connell. I'l! take detention hall. And so I said to him Q Mrs. Simmons' famous bullutin board. The lung orange linc. lk "' SA 11. . -N r n in 3 fix I W , is... ' L N xx . -Q f 1 I xv I 76 ...Lv www' ' ,.,.,,.Au--M-""""""k . .., H A""'A A WMM' - --ff-11 N.-, mmf . Wu , W 45, Q-W ,W -1f'M.."f"f5 , ' K 422' P+ , Q Www .0 QM- - y if P' A Wd:-as sg 4 ,u nz.. ' A 41 N is X N i 554-..... ' ' f O ! K 7' f 1 - 4 .R Q If . n A Wd . v fx 4 ,. . ,K ' J' .. 9 lx XQQ Q f 1 x 4 0 A fi is if LA 9950515 l'l'IIl1fl'Ul1'f I. Iledricks. R. Zuknick, VV. Wyatt, R. Burdette, M. Miskanic, R. llaiiglierty. li. Cirillitli. P. Merson. F. Merchant. C XVelll't irtl. Suomi ronf: Coacli Carroll. I, I-fliatles, lb. Brown. lf. ficrstner. F. lioscliert. IJ. Smith. K. Clarlt. S. Sclunansky. F. Bohn. Ii. Iloorl Mgt. Tliml mira' R. Wilson. Ci. Smith. P. Dorr. R. Luhliert, 17. Iarhot-, ll. Dew. Co-captains ll. llurtlctte and C. VVellford 78 In a league strengthened by the addition of Howard County, Arundel finished second with a record ol' four wins, two losses, and two ties. With only one returnee from last year's team, Coaches Steve Car- roll and Charles Vllilliams lmuilt a squad with the accent on youth. The starting line-up had five underclassmen in it. with many of the reserves also Iuniors and Sophomores. The thing which hampered Arundel the most was the injuries to various key men such as goalie Tim Arnold and halfhack liert Piram. As a result of this they bowed to county champion, Glen Burnie on two occa- sions. The co-captains Roh Burdette and Charlie We-llford led the team to a very successful season. as 1 X- lloys at prncticc. ll Arumlcl l i-Xrumlcl 2 .'XRUNlJlil. ll Arundel 2 ARUNDEI, l ARUNDEL l ARUNDFL 0 Arumlcl in the old uniforn nh.. N il un-:rv V 1 A X iwkvkv , X 7 i 'A N '- Y, . P4 I , 1 'w.2!"efiff3'31 77 , - - '. 95,27 Q,Ag'fM,Wf l yr Our View from school. SCOREBOARD Annapolis 0 Brooklyn Park 1 Howard County 0 GLEN BURNIE 2 Annapolis l , Brooklyn Park 0 Howard County 0 GLEN BURNIE 3 1. Paul Mcrmn and Hob Lublivrt in thc nuv un 79 0 Arundel . GLEN BURNIE 3 0 Arundel .Glen Burnie 0 l Arundel , ' Annapolis l l Arundel . . -Annapolis l 1 Arundel ANNAPOLIS 2 Firxf row: 'I. Hagen. I. VV1lt, B. Miller, E. lluppa. l.. Kimmitt, I. Hawes. K. Brunner, R. Bolin. Snvma' row: I. Royu, A. Sulin. P. llood. T. Pokurncy, L. Nowattnick, K. Carter, S. Parsons. Arundel's Iunior Varsity soccer team, coached by Mr. Richard Ohweiler and Mr. Robert Hall, finished with a record of no I V wins, two losses, and three ties. This record is very misleading ' ' because, although the squad didn't succeed in winning any games, it did succeed in that it developed the players' skill and gave them valuable experience. The knowledge they gained from long hours of practice and hard fought games this season surely will be reflected on future Arundel soccer teams. Arundel's Iayvee basketball team, headed by Mr. Richard Ohweiler, had a very good season. Although not always suc- J V cessful in the scoring column, they were always in there fighting ' ' and hustling until the final buzzer. It was a young squad this yearg but its members have gained invaluable experiences which, as they move up into varsity posts, will give the Wild- cats many good teams in the future. Ifirxi mir: M. Miskanic. I.. Rimini-tt. G. Mabic. 1. McKenzie. I.. Nowattnick. Srmmf row: Coach Richard Uliwcilt-r. S, Scliinansky. ID. Musick, M. Fyerman I. l'.irsrms, R. Prnutt, P. lbrurr, . Swartz, Mvr. 1-. 33 Arundel . . Seniors 32 27 Arundel . Bladensburg 73 36 Arundel Howard County 58 34 Arundel . . ...Glen Burnie 42 42 Arundel St. Mary's 31 22 Arundel .... .. Southern '55 24 Arundel . Brooklyn Park 30 38 Arundel .. Oxon Hill 42 l'ilI'.t'f rortx' li. fil'l'5lllt'I'. ll. Stonv. C. NVt'lllo1'tl. lf. Kttlplllt. R. Roth. l- liliatlts. A,-iffffifioft ll, l..1ri.g.Mst'.:,I1.tti.gl1t-rty.l,, l-tiitltttt. fi, ftvilllth. l'. Kltitlmttt. l, l't-lofilitx. xljlll Mr. Williams, fitultfll, BA KETBALL XVcakcnctl hy thc graduation and transferring of most of last ycar's tcam. the Artintlcl five posted one of thc poorest rt-cortls in thc st'hool's history. The new coach, Charlie XVilliams. had only two rctttrnccs from the varsity antl thrct- from the junior varsity to work with. Thc loss of lioh liurtlcttc, lirnic Knight. antl Ftl Merchant in mitl-scason also rctartlctl the tcamls progress. .Nlthottgh losing. thc tt'am showctl the tlctcr- mination anal good sportsmanship that has been an integral part ol' cwry .-Xrttnclcl sqttatl. 'lihc team pro- grcssctl with cach gamc and in thc last half of thc season playctl somt- fine hall. VVith many Itmiors antl Sophomorcs on tht- tcam :Xrttnflcl can look liorwartl to a hcttcr svason next ycar. . - 5 XVelll4ortl fights for the ball. YVilson scores two pninIS. SCOREBOARD Aruntlel Aberdeen 75 Arundel Annapolis 65 Arunilel Lackey 80 Arunclel High Point 45 Aruntlel Alumni 63 Arundel Southern 52 Arundel . , Bladensburg 64 Arunnlel Howaral County 57 Arunclel Glen Burnie 48 Aruntlel Howarcl County 60 Arundel Oxon Hill 82 Aruntlel Brooklyn Park 66 Aruntlel Southern 55 Arundel St. Maryls 58 Aruntlel Brooklyn Park 54 Arundel Oxon Hill 84 Aruntlel Clen Burnie 47 Arundel St. Mary's 61 The team closes in for the rebound. Fd Cerstner Bill Stone Gornlen Griffith Charles Wellfortl Centw' Guard Forward Guard 'IAIIL' t.1p-nfl. rf- M I' ff. . , Dj 1 'FX' J Uhn Iiuruiv Cl'I1Il'I' out iumps c?L'lSll1l'l'. I'.lIN41HN inghrx tm mln mln-mul. Bonny Vnnn Bob XVils0n Inc Parsons Diuk Koch Ccvzfw' F0l'Il'1ll'd l"w'1m1rd fflhlfrf 83 Firxl row: R. Clark. P. Dorr. D. Koch. M. Miskanic. VV. NVyatt, G. Mtthie, D. Dew, C. Chaney. Second row: L. liulin. li. Gerstner. ll. Burdette, G. Griffith. P. Merson, li. Hood. R. Zuknick, D. Inhnson. T. McKenzie. I. fiitlifl. C. l'l2ly'Cr:uk ohnson. M. Iiyerman, T. McKenzie. 3 as 5 ASEB LL Coach Steve Carroll had good rea- son to be optimistic, as such out- standing players as lettermen Gor- den Griffith and Ernie Knight re- turned from last year's squad. Re- serve catcher Dick Koch was back along with many other reserves. The main weaknesses seemed evi- dent at second base and shortstop due to the absences of Tim Arnold and Ed Merchant. The long after- noons in practice paid off hecause . it was a very eventful and exciting season. TR CK Mr Deming, the new track coach, attempted to make track a major sport at Arundel Returnees from last year were Ieff Gitlm, ace sprinter, and Chuck Haycook who took state honors in the mile run With these fellows as the nucleus and other runners like Ricky Eyer men and Danny Iohnson, the team made 1 very good showing in the Annapolis, county, and state meets 'WRE TLI The wrestling team under the di- rection of Captain Slaven is in its first year at Aruntlel, and is still in the process of organization. As the group grows in members and knowledge it will eventually he- come another one of Arunclel's fine teams. I TRAMURAL The intramural program at Arun- tlel is open to all hoys and girls who are not on thc varsity or iunior var- sity teams. They take place during the activity periocl and the various sports inclutlc: basketball, volleyhall, antl solitlvall. The purpose of this program is to teach the stutlents sportsmanship antl emphasize com- petitive spirit. Fir' W . .. M.. le 'tix -5 wr l 6 E i .il f'U!l'f I. Gitlin. D. Brown. P. Merson. 'nuzff rrmx' ID. Iarhoi-. R. litilvlwrt. I. Rf-it t i 'i llll sth ltuiltli 1 tml Smxllm P. Siuxlk. M. Myers. I. Smith. C.1pt,1 IS. Ch2lI1l'y, S. SiCgCSlNL CHEE ' EADER A ' - , . .?kQQ M ll HL... Io Smith , ,I-,E ,lf gg - .Q m g ii? 5 v riw hfxx-rs Helly Clmm-y 86 xml is Illl ,1 -x sq. 25559 1- '..S'ff-.M Z ig : Q ,K Slkhlk f 'S X QQ.. Q.: -.L iwaglfr Y:-iff, 1-:N sh: C 'WW SQ X im M, X Hwy-, X . , f . u 'x x. Q23 " X: f r . ,MM Q52 A X , 4 4 Shuun 911 "L NIIWLIINI Q5 FIELD HOCKEY This year's team was the youngest in Arundel's history of field hockey. Under Coach Tarter's leadership, the girls gained experience and con- fidence, two factors which repeatedly stood out on the scorebooks. The squad fought hard all the way and tied in two games with Arundel's biggest rivals, Annapolis and Glen Burnie. The team's fine play showed that Arundel is fast progressing in this comparatively new sport. r ts. surf, .V ,diss , - 0 '!N'?"Wm-3 , ' m " A lf' - ,Wi . ., . . 4' wf1Q.'fQe:':'L A ' F Av Q M V. Uqsrf.,-gf X 'fwg if A SCOREBOARD I Arundel , . 0 Arundel I Arundel . , 2 ARUNDEL 0 Arundel , 0 Arundel 0 Arundel 1 Arundel IV . , Annapolis can't stop Arundel!! BROOKLYN PARK 2 HOWARD l Glen Burnie 1 Annapolis 0 GLEN BURNIE l Annapolis 0 BROOKLYN PARK 1 Annapolis IV l l"ir.fl row: I. Meade, ll. Conway. S. Shoemaker. M. Lang. Cu-Capt.: Io Smith. Cu-Capt.: S. Ebel, ll. XVieland, M Horton Sewnrf row: I. Bailey, Mgr.: M. Campbell, P. Dunnin. B. Meyers. D. Zuck. ll. Hensley. M. Meyers. I. Broun rn Tarter. M. Duvall. Mgr. 87 lfiriff row: P. llall. B. Meyers. S. Shoemaker, M. Lang. N. Bishop. P. O'Malley, M. Bishop, B. Crispell. Srmfm' four B. Blankenship, H. Hungerford, Capt.g M. Duvall, D. Hensley, I. Berger, P. Shoemaker, Capt.g D. Merson, M. YVolf B. Barher. Thin! row: Coach Tarter. S. Ebel, M. Horton, C. Creamer, Mgr. GIRL 3 BA KETBALL Basketball is a favorite sport at Arundel. This year's team was a very young one since most of the varsity players were Sophomores. Because of the large turnout, varsity and jay- vee teams were organized. Although the scoreboard didn't show a victory everytime, the girls good sportsmanship and determi- nation made the team one of which we can he proud. Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel 88 SCOREBOARD V ,. , . ,, , ..., IV V IV V IV V IV V.., V IV V IV V. IV V IV V V ,.,. Howard County Howard County Southern Southern Glen Burnie Glen Burnie Annapolis Annapolis St. Mary's Glen Burnie Glen Burnie Annapolis Annapolis Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park Southern Southern Brooklyn Park Howard County 2' e' ll Lp and in as Arundel scores heavily in the N4-rrnn liislmp junmps 415 Arumlcl UllIj7l11Y5 St. M first victory of the season. lane Berger Polly Shoemaker, Capt. Muriel Duvall Guard Forzuard Guard Betty Meyers Doris Hensley Norma Bishop Forzufzrd Guard Forzmvrd 89 P. Genova, B. Chaney, B. Blankenship. B. Conway, B. Crispcll, B. Barber, Ballam, M. Bishop. ll. Hungerford, H. Davis, IJ. Appel, M. Cecil, C. Smith, S. Irving, D. Stovall, I. Meade, A. Dawson. Iiirsi l'0l4ff I. Tipton, I.. Christopher. B. VVielantl, P. Hall, N, Bishop, D. Zuek, I Smith. M. Lang, S. Shoemaker. Seermzl row: B. Greek, I.. Deem, P. O'Malley, D. Hensley, I. Berger, P. Shoemaker, M. Duvall, S. Cannon, I.. Clark. B. Meyers. VOLLEYBALL Two varsity lettermen, return- ing from a 1956 second place championship, and the new jun- iors and sophomores developed into one of the best teams in Arundel's history. Their height, organization, and quick action made every game an exciting one, as their opponents soon dis- covered. With these qualities Arundel's girls were out to win and placed in the county. SOFTBALL The old familiar cry of "play ball" resounded across the Arun- del diamond and marked the opening of another softball sea- son. A group of experienced and inexperienced players turned out to face the competition with high hopes of bringing Arundel through on top. SUPREME FURNITURE COMPANY Glen Burnie - Outfit Nationally Advertised Furniture- LOWEST PRICES . . . BI ters of the Home Bedding - Rugs - Appliances GGEST DISCOUNTS Open Weekdays 9:30-5.30 P.M. Open Friday and Saturday 9:30-9:00 P.M. Toys Wheel Toys Bicycles Auto Supplies Sporting Goods WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE AND Western Au 24 Crain Highway 5 Central Avenue GLEN BURNIE, to Annex SO 6 4770 SO 6 4311 MARYLAND CUCCIA OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC CO., INC 1 2051-7 West Street ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Colonial 8-3388 F. W. Carlson - R. D. Roane M. S. Welsh Meredith-ROOMS Oden-ton Insurance Co., Inc. Company LUMBER - MILLWORK BUILDERS' SUPPLIES CAR - FIRE - BONDS, etc. P. O. Box 428 1712 West Street Odenton, Maryland Am10P0'iSf Maryland Phone: okchqfd 2-3791 Telephones: COloniaI 3-9287 - 3-9288 ff D ff 1325 ' 91 it X as it it if Xi is 'lk it it it li If ii XX it int if I is ll 'Kits will at IK at it itat xr was aux at at aut if is ru w aut in is ill aut il M if 'Y it it 41 fu il vu v xv 1 www if is Mk fl tv ii dv if U O Barbara Abend Henry Adams Andy St Ierrie Ann S: Larry Anna 8: Paul Army 5: Ioan Mrs. Mary Bailey Baby Snooks 8: Little Audrey Barbara St Buddy Barbara Bt Leroy Barry 8: Randall Betty Sz Sherry Max Blob Bob St Gloria Mr. St Mrs. O. M. Bonar 64 Nancy Dick Brown Marion Buckles Bucky Sa Sue Mr. St Mrs. H. R. Burk Carol 8 Sandy Bruce Carpenter Charlotte Chambers Elwood Chaney Charlie St Doris Ioe VV. Chovvanetz Mr. S: Mrs. Joseph T. Chowanetz 8: Girls Chuck S: Sally Ruby Collier Mr. Sc Mrs. B. Eugene Collins Common 8: Frenchie Compliments of l0-B Cornelia tit Emily Connie Sz Colleen Mable Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Albert I. Creagh Mr. St Mrs. Melvin Crispell Sr. Jean R. Cronmiller, Sr. Margaret Cronmiller Danny 5t Io Ann Ir. Danser Mrs. Davis Mr. Sz Mrs. Allan Ray Deem Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Deem Richard Deem Capt. St Mrs. Leland E. DeFortl Betty Lee Denton Donald W. Dew Doris Dew Dottie Sz Charles Sam Dicus Didie Dimples lst Blue Eyes Katherine Dinkins Ilans Dirndorfe Marge Dorr Dottie 61 Ann Mr. Bt Mrs. Downs Iames VV. Dunagan Shirley Ed k Marie Grace Edwards Edward. Vanie, Greg, S Missy Ann Eggerl Mr. 8: Mrs. Iohn Eggerl Mary S. Ellis Bob Emerson tit Iimmy Hedrick Mr. 64 Mrs. Earl C. Eutsler Evelyn St johnny BOO TER itil il if Sk il ik ll' XX itil V111 if if if it ,,. :kann ink aut itil lk at :Ht Iliff? lk at at it is iii? if st 49 what -lk M it is 4 it v we as at it if is fl 4 Y -I at 4 4 4 1 J, + an vw :H+ 4 x at a v Mtlvin F. Eyerman II Mildred 8: Kenneth Fletcher Shirley Foxwell St Kenny Brunner Frank Bt Rebecca George 8: Hazel Gertie and 'Tommy Gin 8: Don Gitomer's Pharmacy Eloise R. 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Mr. St Mrs. Elza Redman Mr. Sa Mrs. Donald Rice Barbara Rich Mr. 8: Mrs. Patil Ripley Beverly Ann Ringgold Ethel Ritchie 5: Betty Stern Mary Robbins Mr. Bt Mrs. Walter Robbins Mrs. Xenia Sann Mr. St Mrs. Sauerhoff Mr. St Mrs. Theodore Segner S Linda Severn Elementary School Tom Shipley Polly Shoemaker Sugar S Spice Siegemrh Mr. .Sz Mrs. Otis Skinner Katherine 8: XValter Skopp Mr. tk Mrs, YVillie Smith Steward 8: Inspector Stutlemus Chapter of the National Honor Society Sue St Ron Lou Suter Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert L. Suter Skip Suter Sandra Taylor Theresa VVentlell Thompson Natalea Thumel Tommy Sz Gertie Margaret. Meade 8 the 4 little Turners Nancy Turner Mr. tk Mrs. Nelson Turner Reginald Turner Mr. X Mrs. Russell C. Turner S Family Mr. Es: Mrs. F. C. XVellfortl Bill Verrilli R. L. YValker Rev S Irene Wiant Mr. ts: Mrs. R. L. XVilson Lintla Kay XVoods Yea Navy!!! Frances Young Mr. 6: Mrs. R. N. Zeches tk Fan Mr. 5: Mrs. George Zepp SUPPORT YOUR P. T. A. FOR CHILD WELFARE IN HOME, SCHOOL CHURCH AND STATE OFFICERS l956-l957 President ............ ..., M r. James W. Shipley Vice-President ......... .-c-Mrs. Robert L. Suter Second Vice-President .... e,.,. M rs. Mable H. Parker Recording Secretary ,,...,e M rs. Herman Hilbinger Corresponding Secretary .,... .e,., M rs. Carson C. Fincham Financial Secretary ......A ..... M r. Raymond Johenning Treasurer ..........., ..,.. M r. J. Edward Carpenter Historian ..... ...---Miss Eloise R. Godfrey 93 Compliments of THE MERCHANTS of LAUREL SHOPPING CENTER ik 30 New Ultra Modern Stores To Serve You and to Help You Save ik MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION OF LAUREL SHOPPING CENTER South Side of Laurel We join with the mony olumni ot Arundel Junior-Senior High School who ore in our employ ond extend congrot- ulotions ond good wishes to the groduotes of '57, THE NATIONAL PLASTIC PRODUCTS COMPANY Odenton, Mcirylond Compliments of HEIN'S HARDWARE STORE New Address 5 Baltimore Cr Annapolis Blvd. Phone: SOuthfield 6-2555 JARBOE'S GROCERY General Merchandise Phone: South Shore l80l 3661 Herald Harbor Road Crownsville, Maryland BUD'S USED CARS "Full Purchase Price Financed With Good Credit" THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Millwork - Paint Hardware - Building Supplies 2l4 Crain Hwy. Opp. Acme Market Glen Burnie, M0"YlUnd Glen Burnie Annapolis Phone: SOuthfield 6-5588 Maryland Compliments of DR. A. FRANK SIDLE AND DR. P. R. KROSER DENTISTS 8 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard, N.E. Phone SOuthfieId 6-4650 GLEN BURNIE 9, MARYLAND l onENToN PHARMACY INext to Meade Heights Apartmentsl I I5th and Annapolis Road "Serving Your Community" ORchard 4-3851 GAS OIL LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES Jean Bean Visualizer Service-Washmobile-Auto Repairing BARROW'S SERVICE STATIONS ROAD SERVICE TWO LOCATIONS Annapolis Road East of Bridge I5th Annapolis Road at Meade Heights Phones: ORchard 4-308I, 4-6771, 4-5471 Compliments of DORR'S WASH: SERVICE STATION AND DORR'S DRIVE INN South Shore: 5651 - 42I2 Crownsville, Maryland 96 CHARLES J. RESCH, JR. SlD'S DEPARTMENT STORE OF ODENTON We Clean, Sell and Repair Anything You Wear ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR SOuthfield 6-1300 Oakwood Road Glen Burnie I Hour Dry Cleaning Service Maryland ORcl1ard: 2-2291 Shoe Repairing While U Wait Q GoRooN's ,suns Cleaners and Tailors .nw Annapolis Road and 9th Street Odenton, Maryland Cleaners at Trade Since l880 fb- Open a Convenient Charge Account At ROBlNSON'S of Glen Burnie NATIONALLY FAMOUS BRANDS Wearing Apparel-Home Furnishings Electrical Appliances Open Monday, Friday and Saturday 'til 9 P.M. Glen Burnie, Maryland 97 Compliments of DSMQL GIES SHELL SERVICE BOB'S GARAGE Lubrication -1 Tires - Tubes Service - Repairing -- Overhauling Batteries and Accessories Crain Highway Millersville, Maryland South Shore 4191 Crownsville, Maryland A RMSTRO N G'S TAUBER'S AMOCO SERVICE 342 Main Street Laurel Comp Meade Road Pl10"e5 PA 50200 Linthicum Heights, Maryland Television and Appliances Telephone: Linthicum 273 UNCK USED CARS cooK's LAUREL HARDWARE 50""',5""'e 50" Crownsville, Maryland 437 Main Street PArkway 5-1234 Monday -q Saturday 9 - 6 ERNlE's DRIVE INN ':""""':"e"'S o South Shore 5631 Crownsville, Maryland H E S S I S 98 THE EDDIE LEONARD Congratulations to Class SPORTING GOODS COMPANY O, ,5, 90 Compromise Street from Annapolis, Maryland I g ANNAPOLIS DAIRY QUEEN Outfitters to Arundel High School DOVELL 6' WILLIAMS GARAGE One Stop Service - Care Saves Wear 2l7-223 Crain Highway, N.E. HOHMAN J. POIST Frigidaire - Maytag Washers Emerson and R.C.A. Radio and Television All Makes of Bottled Gas Stoves Distributors of Bottled Gas Glen Burnie I3l - I49 - 50 5-3I32 360 Main Street Laurel, Maryland Glen Burnie 9, Maryland PIIONCZ PA 5'-3232, 5-3233 Telephone 9858 HARL S 8 S RESTAURANT C ES PATTERSON FLORIST l803 West Street Annapolis, Maryland 300 CVUII1 HIQIWUYI 5-W- Serving Complete Dinners Glen Burnie Maryland Proprietors ' Wm. palveros Wm- Bloom Phone: SOuthtieId 6-3960 ALBRECHT'S PHARMACY 4 Crain Highway, S.W. Glen Burnie, Maryland FREDDIE'S HOBBY FAIR For All Your Model Supplies Glen Burnie's Original Hobby Center so 5'l66l I6 Drumpoint Your Prescription Store Glen Burnie SOuthfieId 6-8766 LAUREL JEWELRY SHOP Cvnnvlifnenls Of 302 Mein Sffeef DUBOIS BooTERY Nationally Known Watches 115 Cfaln Highway, NIE. Diamonds and Silverware Glen Burnie, Maryland PA 5-3388 Laurel, Maryland Phone: S0uthlieId 6-8866 C0"""I"'e"'s 0' Eox's CHILDREN APPAREL EAGLE STORES CO., INC. II4-I6 Baltimore cf Annapolis Blvd., N.E. 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I75 Cr Old Odenton Road Odenton, Maryland Road Service OR 4-7882 LINTHICUM ELECTRIC CO., INC. Electrical Contractor City and County Residential - Commercial - Industrial 607 S. Camp Meade Road Linthicum P. O., Maryland Phone: Linth. 406 JERRY'S INFANTS G CHILDRENS APPAREL 5ll Camp Meade Road Linthicum Heights, Maryland Linthicum: I290 FRANK G BILLS Betholine Sinclair Service Station 90l Crain Highway Phone: SO 6-9730 Glen Burnie, Maryland Studio Photographers Glen Burnie, Maryland SOuthfieId 6-6244 THE FARMERS SUPPLY G EQUIPMENT COMPANY 2024 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland Phones: 3-6624, 3-2920 ,-1:51-Y Bring refreshment I N D ' Page Foreword , 4 Contents 5 u Dedication I2 Seniors I4 Juniors 36 Sophomores H40 Freshmen 46 Eighth Grade 50 Z7 Basketball Queen 55 l' V PANORAMA Queen 57 i Senior Superlatives 58 PANORAMA 66 SHAMROCK 67 l' l National Honor Society 68 Student Council 69 fm Band and Majorettes 70 jf Chorus and Ensemble ,7l 5- Athletic Council H72 Boys' Officiating Club --7Z .41 Pep Club 672 Office Training 73 School Store M73 Typing Club Y ,73 - - Nursing Club , ,74 Booster Club , 74 Z l French Club 74 'L' 'ix Library Workers U75 1 . ff , PA Announcers .-75 Stagecraft Club ,, 75 MARK mf,,q,f Soccer W ,78 Mi Q lin J.V. Soccer , ,SO xy J.V. Basketball , 80 Boys' Varsity Basketball , -, .81 Track , Y , M84 Baseball , ,- 84 Intramurals WH85 Wrestling H - -85 f Cheerleaders , , 86 I Field Hockey s--,87 Girls' Basketball ,, ,.., 88 - - Volleyball , , ----9O ' Softball ,,--90 Advertising , ,U -,--9I "Coke" is a registered trade-mlb BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY DY W. G. Brendle, Manager GRlMM GROCERY Annapolis, Maryland General Merchandise . WO 9-2917 Severn, Maryland COIoniaI 3-4663 . ..- .V f---.1 - lv- . .X K w 4 A I 1 104 QV! P3A'1'fQ, QA Q3- ,jrlff l N' 14.00F JJ E E X, W. ,ff N A 'f .,,-QLOJ ff xr. 1 K I Q, A L' ,- 4. "1-LJ-.'i A K X 'V fix.: MI Q4-Q' is Q-F5 ,, 2 E f V '2- i 1 ! 1, Xf1a"3fl'lll' N33 gtg' 13 igifg SR Q. y vw- W QP LX' 7 My R02 We gwfywm QWQ, - W fy W,f N yy .vw dak . 'maj Jie, 'N,Mw My M f YA WfWW7 , fix MQW M1252 jfpllfw. JWJD, , W gl' v MQW W EU YQ www Q5 SN A f M ff' N 5 Q EY Wiwff MW E5 ,K JJ W L QX NSA O gawk I M! My U1 W 9 lf,UyVMVC7Mf Mffjff U

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