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Arundel High School - Panorama Yearbook (Gambrills, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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' gf , , if ,g,,mffffwwQ, - www' Q 3 . 'X N 4 s URXYXB CQ .,' Q SS N dx 'SFS Q1 M N 33 W J X xx X X N -4 QL' 4 x x n , N x x X kc N . ,.. x . Y , . .,,f--W" 't NK Q - N x ff3Z.'l:5:x4.m4:" ' i .,-.:g,:::F-5-v'S.g:: N rf 1:.o,..-'g-,-3" ,,..-- w,,,......---ff X mf' .. W xx .K K , ,-x 12' Q 5 Q J I 3 I I 4 x,. xv 2, if My VN YV P55 f if MV wa W N Af f , ggijfw if X Lg X w h lx Q A , 2 I 'X GJ AX XJ . A x"iZ:?'5'5,.i X fi fxbf f l, I X ,, 4 vi X Y Y wb ' 4 1 , 1 f V . is wh W i,.J 4f' M4 V5 i 0 j, .M J wwf X A . ' I 4 fx W M' ff VJ, V NX X D gx Axim' 12,6 w,r,,1 pyj- fl .4 E x' . " b L' C ft 'M in Q Nxxjbkr Y .I In HJ, 4,,,!tYf j, , Inn H911 r IN y UQ ,fi X, ,,A.,. r,.,f,1.c,Jfw Jiinnci li ,agupjik llhlxzjgzy V' gif ,f fi: 45? f W 4442 MK 1 5 r 1 4? Af- ww M Q7 ,I N "'1, ,.1' XX Q an yk? it XX Bjjglx 0,6 f V BM MMM X' '-AX -R N V . u . ,g .3 gig, - W!!! ifgfx fx , 0 , N, E15 1 jk' ,X , kflgh .rx V Ry X31 f-35553 Jw! , my vs Q1 Milk Ly Dan ,N QQ 6530? SUXKLQM KM? ilfxff , THE 19 5 5 PANORAMA ARUNDEL JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GAMBRILLS, MARYLAND DEDICATION MRS CLARA SIMMONS We the PANORAMA staff proudly dedlcate the results of many hours of work to one of the most loved and well thought of teachers at Arundel Hugh School Mrs Clara Savage Simmons A natlve Texan Mrs Simmons was born on the Savage Ranch at Hubbard As a pupll In school she dlsllked hlstory but with the help of a teacher probably much luke herself she began to outgrow thus dlsllke and later malored In the subject Mrs Simmons attended Baylor Unlverslty at Waco Texas where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree She recelved her Master of Arts degree at Columbla Unlverslty and later attended George Washington Umverslty and the Unlverslty of Maryland In her lovely l8th Century home at Faerle Farms Mrs Simmons enjoys her hobbies of gardening collectlng antiques and mterlor decorating Mrs Simmons IS known throughout the school for her efforts In helpmg everyone who asks her advlce whether or not he IS a student nn her classes She wlll always be remembered for her frlendshlp loyalty and co operation by those who have dlllgently worked to produce this annual F UU I I I l ll 1 . . n a I 0 ' I. I . u a I I l J I l . . ' : , l I I I I Q l 1 1 a . O I . .0 u I I I I O., myself in n 'ACLJ , ,. ' " Q-me f ww f 'Vl'l.JVV',4J 2 I'Il Always Remember FOREWORD As the years go by, we, the staff of the PANORAMA, hope that in recalling your past school days, you will refer to this annual as a means of bringing to your mind a more vivid picture of the teachers, friends, and activities that have played so great a part in your high school life. We firmly believe they are worthy of your recollection. Let us glance through the pages of this book - one of many that will in later years represent an account of the incidents and people that have aided you in the course of your education and mental growth. This is our way of recording in tangible form just a few of those memorable episodes that have taken place during the past year. Surely you will remember .... TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication ...... 9 Juniors . . . . . 29 Foreword .... . . 3 Sophomores . . . 35 Administration .... 4 Junior High . . . . 39 Faculty ..... . . 5 Activities . . . . 51 Seniors . .... 9 Sports .... . . 67 Patrons ....... 77 . OUR VICE-PRINCIPAL Born in Kentucky, Mr. Jesse L. Clayton attended Georgetown College, Kentucky, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree and later attended the University of Michigan where he received his Master of Arts degree upon graduation. Sixteen of his thirty years as a teacher in high school and college have been devoted primarily to school administration. His teach- ing career began in a little red schoolhouse in his home state, later, he taught at Georgia Tech, the Naval Academy, and served as the principal of old Arundel for many years before assuming his present position. Mr. Clayton has also served as a Sunday School Superintendent and leader of church youth groups for more than twenty years. His former hobby, for which he no longer finds time, was fishing. P I 4 4 ,,A,,,,, , . .OUR PRINCIPAL Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Mrs. Mabel H. Parker attended State Teachers' College at Towson and later the University of Mary- land where she received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees. Mrs. Parker formerly taught in the ele- mentary schools of Severn, Millersville and Odenton, in addition, she was principal of Odenton Junior High School at Fort Meade. This record is proof that her main concern is dedicating her life to the education of the children of Anne Arundel County. Mrs. Parker is sponsor of the Epsilon Chap- ter of the honorary educators sorority, Delta Kappa Gamma. For her relaxation, our principal enjoys reading and gardening, although during most of her leisure time, she is found supporting school dances, plays and games. OUR FACULTY Q X 3 . -s-22s ' -. . X A its . , :rf . v-fs: : ...rf - 7.5.-5 '1 .ss-1 ttffl' 4, .rj - '..g.xf-. S igifte-". - ' , ., .fs 5135, MISS HELEN M. COLE Chilhowie, Vo. Emory C1 Henry College, EA. lth Grade Care, Art, Nature Club. MISS RUBY COLLIER Greenbelt, Md. Gcncseo State, BS., B.L.S: Llbrary, Lrbrary Club. MR. HOWARD E. CONRAD Annapolis, Md. Vrrginla Polytechnic Institute, North Carolina State, BS.: Math, lndustrral Arts, Airplane Club. MR. JAMES W. DUNAGAN Glen Burnie, Md. Eastern State College, llllnols Normal Unlverslty, BS Ed. 9th Grade Core, Student Councll, Stamp G Conn Club, Varslty Basketball. MRS. HELEN V. EVANS Glen Burnie, Md. - l-llram College BA. French, Engllsh, French Club MRS. ROBERTA G. FORNEY Crownsville, Md. Towson State Teachers College, B.S. Ed., Core, Math, Sclence, Co-sponsor Dance Club. r MR. BASIL M. BURTON Severna Park, Md. University of Maryland, BS., MEd. Shop, Radio Club, Visual Ed Club, Co-sponsor Junior Class MR. JEAN F. CARLTON Harwood, Md. Unlyersrty of Maryland, M S' Vocational Agrrculturr-, Future Farmers of America. M. WALTER E. CARROLL Gambrills, Md. East Stroudsburg, BS Health C1 Physical Educatron, Offrclatlng Club. MR. JOHN E. COX Glen Burnie, Md. Temple University, Ithaca College, MS. Muslc, Sr Band, Dance Band, MRS. MARTHA L. DAVIS Fort George G. Meade, Md. Susquehanna Unlverslty, A.B, Mathc-matlcs. MISS KATHERINE DINKINS Chilhowie, Va. Emory IJ Hcnry, AB English, Psychology, Guldance l 'O' MRS. LUCY D. GALE Annapolis, Md. Hood College, B S Home Economics, General Sclence MR. WILBUR J. GLENN Severn, Md. Universrty of Maryland, AB. Core MISS ELOISE R. GODFREY Sevem, Md. Rutgers University, BS, Unrverslty of New Hamp- shfre, MA., University of Pennsylvania, Colurnbla University, Unlversity of Maryland Core, Science, Scholarship. .OUR FACULTY MRS. JENETTE I. GOLDS Laurel, Md. University of California, B.A.: 7th Grade Core, 8th Grade Math, Co-sponsor Dance Club. MR. FLOYD F. GRAHAM Glen Burnie, Md. Glenville State College, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, University ot Pittsburgh, University of Mary- land, Shippensburg State Teachers College, A.B., M.Ed.: 7th Grade Core, Art, Jr. High Visual Ed. MRS. DORIS D. HAMILTON Odenton, Md. Berea College, B.S.: Home Economics, Future Teach- ers of America. MR. ALTON LEATHERBURY Galesville, Md. Western Maryland, University of Maryland: Driver Education. MISS LOIS M. LONG Annapolis, Md. Susquehanna University, A.B., University ot Michi- gan, M.A.: Biology, Physics, Science Club, Senior Class Advisor. MRS. MARTHA A. MARSHALL Severna Park, Md. Meredith College, Raleigh, A.B.: Art, Arts and Crafts Club. S 1. MR. DAVID K. McVEY Bladensburg, Md. Pennsylvania State Teachers College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A,: industrial Arts, Study Club. MISS BETTY JANE MITCHELL Annapolis, Md. William and Mary, Pennsylvania State, B.A.: 8th Grade Core, Student Council, Nature Club. MRS. PHYLLIS ORR Annapolis, Md. Marshall College, University of Maryland, A.B.: Physical Education, Rhythm Band and Jump Rope Club. MRS. HELEN HILL Severn, Md. North Texas State College, B.S.: Office Training, Typing, Stenography, PANORAMA Business Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. MR. ERNEST O. KNAPP Severn, Md. Grove City College, B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed.: Guidance. MR. CHARLES C. KOPP Glen Burnie, Md. Potomac State College, West Virginia University, B,A., M.A.: English, PANORAMA Literary Advisor. ,JT ,' r 4 r Ly . , . 1 - .f f- - .1 1.1, - fff- -f . A 5, ....,,J . i, fi i' 1 MISS DOROTHY McADO0 West Alexander, Penn. California State Teachers College, B.S. Ed.: 7th Grade Core, Math, Sth Grade Science, Infirmary. MISS DONNA MCCORD Brownsville, Penn. Fairmont State College, A.B. Ed.: Home Economics, Cheerleading and Pep Club, Cheerleaders. MR. JAMES P. McMAl-ION Blodensburg, Md. Catholic University, A.B.: Care, Math, Book Club. e- 6 is 4 1 A-es . .OUR FACULTY MR. WILLIAM H. SHANNON Jessup, Md. William and Mary, University of Maryland, B.A., M.A. P.O.D., World History, Senior Class Play Di- rector. MRS. CLARA S. SIMMONS Gambrills, Md. Baylor University, AB., Columbia University, MA., University of Maryland, George Washington Univer- sity: World History, United States History, Senior High Book Room, National Honor Society. MR. HOWARD M. SORRELL Hyottsvllle, Md. Wilson Teachers College, B.S.: Core, J.V. Basketball, Jr. High Glee Club. :nl MRS. NATLEA P. THUMEL Millersville, Md. Western Maryland College, B.A.: 9th Grade General Scicnce, Dance Club. MRS. CORDELIA P. TURK Annapolis, Md. Western Maryland College, BA.: Music, Sr. and Jr. Chorus. MR. CHARLES H. WILLIAMS Baltimore, Md. Springfield College, B.S.: Health C1 Physical Educa- tion, Jr. Hugh Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Club. Service 1' MR. JOSEPH M. PARLETT Gornbrills, Md. Loyola, Ph.B.: 9th Grade Core, Stagecraft Club, Booster Club. MR. CLARENCE E. RUDY Glen Burnle, Md. Pennsylvania State University, BA.: Business Arith- metic, Algebra, School Store. MRS. BARBARA B. RUSSELL Glen Burnie, Md. Bridgewater College, BA.: 7th Grade Core, Mathe- matics, Journalism, SHAMROCK. MRS. BETTY STERN Glen Burnie, Md. Secretary MISS DOROTHY M. STERNER Annapolis, Md. Beaver College, B.S.: Bookkeeping, Typing, Treasurer of School. Z H fL MISS KATHERINE H. TARTER f Wytheville, Va. Richmond Professional Institute, B.S.: Physical Edu- cation, Monogram Club. va, 5? j. fx! MRS. BEVERLY W. WOOD Odenton, Md. Sec ret a ry. MISS HELEN L. YARBROUGH Hyattsville, Md. Tennessee State College, B.S.: Mathematics. MRS. MADGE G. YOUNG Annapolis, Md. Radford College, Columbia University, B.S., Core, Science, Study Club. M.A.: l, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty . . . " 2. Coaches' Powwow. 3. Did he spend too much, Mrs. Hill? 4. Coach's Pep Talk! 5. Smile pretty. 6. Roll call. 7. Now hit itl 8. Mr. Kelly, yearbook representative. 9. When are you going to pay for your ring? lO. Missingaone class. ll. Arundel branch of the First National Bank. l2. Now settle down, tolksl l3. Practice makes perfect. lfl. Don't blush, Mr. Shannon. l5. Quit shovin'l . . ' 4 8 i 1 f 251552: .W , ws, , X N. K. ' .QNX I , " sf A Wis- . . . CLASS OFFICERS President ...... Raymond Tackett Vice President---Daniel Joworski Secretory .....,, Dorothy Wilburn Treasurer ........... Joan Gertz . . . CLASS COLORS Royol Blue and White . . CLASS FLOWER Red Rose . . . CLASS MOTTO "Ye shall know the truth ond the truth sholl make you free." V I e e e , 1 A BECKY DAWN AKERS "BECK" Fart Meade - General Transferred from Virginia in senior year, PANORAMA 12. Ll KES-Dancing DISLIKES--Homework FUTURE PLANS-college WALTER WOODROW ASBURY "WALTER" Odentan - General Business Arts 6' Crafts 10: Study 115 Boys' Officiafing 125 Chorus 9, 10. LIKES-Arundel DISLI KES-His grades FUTURE PLANS-College ALAN JAMES BANNISTER "ALAN" y Fort Meade - General Transferred from Kentucky in junior year, Art 115 Boys' Officiating 12. LIKES-Sports DISLIKES-Work FUTURE PLANS-U. S. Navy ARTHUR EDWARDS DENNANZAR, JR. IIOTTSI Hanover - General Dance Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council 95 Study 11. LIKES-Dancing Dl SL l KES-Work FUTURE PLANS-Peabody Conservatory n SENIORS WALTER OTTO BAASE "WALTER" Severn - General Clean Up 95 President, Debating Cv Discussion 105 Bays' Officiating 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Soccer 11, 12, Track 11, 125 Na- tional Honor Society 11, 125 Torchbearer, Na- tional Honor Society 12. LIKES-Food DISLIKES-Knee high socks FUTURE PLANS-Not definite BEI IY ANN BALDWIN "BALDY" Crownsville - Commercial chorus 9, io, ii, l2g PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Eddie Fisher DISLIKES-Rain FUTURE PLANS-Secretarial wark,,ff1 .I lrjc""Ll l MQ, i will I ' 'Q I f 1 jirjfr 'Y I 54,1 If - 1? wi-if ni Mflf..-1 , .'.'.' fi 11 r I f I 1 i ff 1 Jay. WILLIAM SPEAR BIGGS "SPEAR" Jessuf - General Visual Ed, 9, 10, 115 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12 PANORAMA 12. Ll KES-Cadillacs DISLIKES-Hillbilly Music FUTURE PLANS--College DOROTHY MAE BIRD "DOTTlE" Gambrills - Commercial Chorus 9, 105 G.A.A. 1O5 Study 115 PAN- 'ORAMA 12. LIKES--Skating DISLIKES-Oysters FUTURE PLANS-Comptometer Operator .ff USENIORS BEVERLY MARIE BENTON HBH.. Severn - Academic Glee Club 95 SHAMROCK 9, 10, 11, 125 Girls' Sports Editor, SHAMROCK 125 Booster Club 11, 125 Treasurer, Booster Club 125 PANO- RAMA 125 Manager, Girls' Volleyball 11, 125 Manager, Field Hockey 125 Manager, Girls' Basketball 12. LIKES-Sports DISLIKES-Pink elephants FUTURE PLANS-State Teachers College BEATRICE LORETTA BETZ "BEA" Odenfon - General Arts C1 Crafts 105 Dancing 115 Volleyball 11. LIKES-Dancing D1SLlKES-Homework FUTURE PLANS-Marriage CHARLES MITCHELL BOOKER HBOOKH Severn - General Dramatics 9, 115 Debating C1 Discussion 105 Chairman, Car Parking Committee 1O, 11, 125 Soccer 9, 10, li, 125 Basketball 9, IO, il, 12' Baseball 11, 12. LIKES-Dancing DISLIKES-"Crazy" music FUTURE PLANS--Electrical repair 1 NORMAN EDGAR BO1'I'S "Bo'r'rsiE" Odenfon - General Business Dance Bond 9, 10, 11, 125 Senior Band 9, 10, ii, 125 Study il, 12. LIKES-Trombone playing DlSLlKES-Insincere people FUTURE PLANS-Professional musician WILLIAM GORDON CALVERT HBILLH Fort Meade -- Academic Transferred from Glen Burnie in junior year5 Library ll5 Boys' Officiating l2. LIKES-Cars DISLIKES-Flat tires FUTURE PLANS-U. S. Army SHIRLEY ANN CAMPBELL "Sl-llRL" Gambrills - Commercial Library 95 F.T.A. lO5 G.A.A. ll5 Study l2. LIKES-Dancing DISLI KES-Gossips 5 FUTURE PLANS-Typist f if I JL Y, 1 GLORIA ANN CONSTANT UG'-ORN Severn - Commercial ss-IAMROCK 9, io, 115 PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Popular music DISLIKES-Hillbilly music F 5RE PLANS-Secretarial work QJJX UEISFH KAY CONWAY A 'I ujubyn L 4 fbrl Meade - Academic llfaxgerred from Arkansas in senior year5 NJ RAMA 12. LIKES-Reading DISLIKES-Baby silting FUTURE PLANS-Nursing l 1 SENIORS CAROLYN ANN CARTER "CAROLYN" Herald Harbor - General Business Dramatics 95 G.A.A. IO5 Assistant Business Manager, PANORAMA l25 Student Council IO5 Ways G Means Committee ll5 Basketball 5 Fieldball 95 Softball l0, ll. LIKES-Freckles DISLIKES-Oddities FUTURE PLANS-Marriage THRESSA JUANITA COLE "NlTA" Gambrills - General Cheerleading 95 Basketball 95 Arts C1 Crafts lO, ll5 PANORAMA l2. LIKE9-Cooking DISLIKES-Homework FUTURE PLANS--Farm Bureau work I3 ROBERT LAWRENCE DORSEY "ROBBIE" Dorsey - Academic Model Airplane 95 Science 1O, 115 Booster Club ll, 125 SHAMROCK 125 PANORAMA 1 . LIKES-Money DISLIKES-Cigarettes FUTURE PLANS-Construction work PEGGY ELEANOR DOWNS MPEG., Gambrills - General Business Glee Club 95 Sciencc 1O5 Dancing 115 PANO- RAMA 125 Cheerleading 1O, 115 Chorus 105 Fieldball 115 Prom Committee 11. LIKES-Dancing DISLIKES-Floshy clothes FUTURE PLANS-Commercial work .SENIORS MILLIE JANE COX "MILLlE" Gambrills - General Cheerleading 95 Debating G Discussion 105 Study 115 PANORAMA Club Editor 125 Field- ball 9, IO5 Softball 95 Basketball 95 Field Hockey 12. LIKES-To eat out DISLIKES-Being short lS'2"1 FUTURE PLANS-Secretary BETTY JEAN DONALDSON HBETSII Odenton -- Commercial Glee Club 95 Nursing IO, 115 President, Nurs- ing Club ll5 Booster Club IO, 11, 125 Student Council 115 PANORAMA 12. LlKES-Liberate DISLIKES-"Drapes" FUTURE PLANS-Nurse or secretory LORRAINE ANTOINETTE DRAKE "RAINY" Hanover - Academic Dramatics 95 SHAMROCK 9, 10, 11, 125 Girls' Sports Editor, SHAMROCK 115 Editor, SHAM- ROCK 125 PANORAMA ll, 125 Co-Editor PANORAMA 125 School Store 12. LIKES-Basketball DISLIKES-Cots FUTURE PLANS-Journalistic work 1 EILEEN MAY DUNKERLY "Dunk" Dorsey -- General Glee Club 95 Nursing 10, 115 Chorus 9, 10 ll, 12. LIKES--Tuna fish salad DISLIKES-kHomework FUTURE PLANS-Marriage if -N I ,y A' . tl 1 SANDRA JOAN EUTSLER "SANDY" Gamhrllls - General Buslness Dramatic 9, 105 Nursing 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Student Council 10, ll, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Treasurer, National Honor Society 12. LIKES-Music DISLIKES-Bushy eyebrows FUTURE PLANS-Vocal teacher ESTHER JOAN GERTZ "GERTlE" Crownsville - General Business Cheerleading 95 G.A.A. 10, 115 Monogram 125 Fieldball 9, 11, Field Hockey ll, 125 Bas- ketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Softball 9, 10, ll, 125 Chorus 115 Treasurer, Jr. Class 115 Treasurer, Sr. Class 12. LIKES-Food DISLIKES-School FUTURE PLANS-Secretary GRACE DEANNA HICKS "DEANNA" Odenton - Commercial Arts Cr Cratts 9, 105 Dancing 115 SHAMROCK 95 Field Hockey 12, PANORAMA 12. LIKES--Dancing DISLIKES-Square hamburgers FUTURE PLANS-Secretary WILMA LEE HURLEY "WILMA" Severn - Academic Cheerleading 95 G.A.A. 10, 115 Monogram 125 Volleyball 10, 11. LIKES-Typing DISLIKES-Noodle Soup FUTURE PLANS-Commercial artist SENIORS HALFORD ROBERT GREEN LEE HHALH Fort Meade - Academic Transferred from Egypt in senior year, Radio Club 125 Dance Band 12. LIKES-Radio work DISLIKES-Interference with his radio work FUTURE PLANS-Electrical engineering ELLEN ELIZABETH GRIFFITH "GRlFF" Harmans - General Arts C1 Crafts 9, 105 Study 115 PANORAMA 125 Field Hockey 11. LIKES-"Crazy" people DISLIKES-Television FUTURE PLANS-Hair Stylist if 15, 1 SEN GRS DONALD EDWARD IHRIG "lCKIE" Odenton - Vocational Agriculture Ecgyi Hoine Ec. 95 F.F.A. IO, ll, l25 Sentinel, LI KES-Farm life DISLIKES-Reading FUTURE PLANS-Farmer DANIEL HENRY JAWORSKI "BIG DAN" Severn - General Business Boys' Officiating 9, 'IO5 Dancing II5 Senior Band 9, IO, ll5 Dance Band ll, l25 Student ELIZABETH ELEANOR KELBAUGH "LIBBY" Harman - General Dramatics 95 SHAMROCK 9, IO, ll, 125 Study ll5 Feature Editor, SHAMROCK 105 Photogra- phe r, PANORAMA l2. LIKES-North Carolina DISLIKES-Party-line telephones FUTURE PLANS-Marriage -I - -,, lf, I Hs,-'5'fTf'.1' 1 5 ALTON ROBERT KINDER M i f ucusn i JET- ' comb.-ills - General Yisual Ed. 9, 105 Study ll5 Soccer 9, IO, ll I25 Softball 95 Basketball II. LIKES-Cars DISLIKES-To play football FUTURE PLANS-Work at Westinghouse Council l25 Vice-President, Jr. Class ll5 Vice- President, Sr. Class 125 Soccer IO, II5 Bas- ketball l25 Track 125 PANORAMA 125 School Store Il, I2. LIKES-To talk DISLIKES-Too much work FUTURE PLANS-Maryland State Troopers f , .. i i I -A CAROLYN ANN KIRBY "KIRB" Gambrllls - Commercial Cheerleading 95 G.A.A. IO, ll5 Booster Club ll, l25 PANORAMA 125 Fieldball 9, 105 Softball IO. LIKES-Kay Starr DISLIKES-Knee-high socks FUTURE PLANS-Stenographer DONNA JANET KIRCHNER nJANn Fort Meade - Academic Transferred from Pennsylvania in senior year5 French Club 12. LIKES-Horseback riding DISLIKES-Week-end homework FUTURE PLANS-College Cv nursing school 16 L ., .1 MARY JOSEPHINE KOSTKOWSKI "MARINYA" Millersville - Commercial Study 9, 125 F.T.A. 105 Dancing 11. LIKES--Skating DISLIKES-Getting penicillin FUTURE PLANS-Secretary MICHAEL EDDY LA DUE "MIKE" Fort Meade - General Transferred from California in junior year5 Arts Cr Crqfts 115 Visual Ed. 125 SHAMROCK LIKES-Guns DISLIKES-Lord Byron FUTURE PLANS-College r .5 1 ,l NORMAN LUZIEE 51 ,Severn General i' Dance Band- 9, 10, 111, 125 Visual Ed. 11,1125 Senior Band. 9, -105 11, 125 Booster Club 10, ii, 125 Treasurer, Booster Club ii, pmo- RAMA 12. 1 ' Lixssernunrlngl 5, ' . I DISLISS-f+CoId weather?"- FUTU PLANS-United States Navy KATHERINE DOROTHEA MALECKI Hsu? Severn - General Business G.A.A, 115 Debating Cr Discussion 125 Field- ball 11, 125 Basketball 11, 125 Softball 11, 12. LIKES-Movies DISLIKES-Dancing FUTURE PLANS-Secretary 3: s SENIORS MARY LEE AUDREY LEIGHT "MARY LEE" Severn - General Business Cheerleading 95 Debating Cr Discussion 105 G.A.A. 115 Fieldboll 9, 105 Field Hockey 11, 125 Softball 115 Manager, Girls' Basketball ll' Basketball 125 Volleyball 12. LIKES-Sports DISLIKES-Housework FUTURE PLANS-WAVES ooizcAs ELAINE LUCAS' "DORC" Fort Meade - General SHAMROCK 10, 125 Study 115 PANORAMA 125 Cheerleader 11, 125 Captain, Cheerlead- ers 125 Fieldball 10, 115 Softball 11, 12, LIKES-Southern fried chicken DISLIKES-Conceited people FUTURE PLANS-Nursing . 55-1 17 , in U, 1,5 f ,. ,V he ,. r I l 7 1 l' 1 M pupuuu-1 Il , . " ,J . . ,,f" y' y- W .limit NL, .gw X S E N I 0 R S X , i A ii JJJJVC ii Q 5 I ,fv 1 ti .- I :I V ' IVY CONNIE ELAINE MARTIN i- -I "CONNIE" I ' I Severn - General ' 7 Dramatics 9, SHAMROCK 9, F.T.A, IO, G.A.A. ll, Assistant Editor, PANORAMA l2, Field- ball 9, IO, II, Field Hockey II, I2, Basket- ball 9, IO, ll, I2, Softball 9, IO, ll, l2. LIKES-Sports DISLIKES-Hillbillies FUTURE PLANS-College VICTOR IVAN MATSON "OLLlE" Fart Meade - Academic Transferred from Germany in iunior year, Study II, Basketball Il, I2, Soccer l2, Sports Editor, SHAMROCK I2, Business Manager, PANORAMA I2. " I time . , bead JOHN LAWRENCE MEISEL "JOHN" I Fort Meade - General l Study II, Basketball lI,. IZ, Soccer I2, Base ball I2, Boys' Sports Editor, PANORAMA I2 , LIKES-Dancing 5 DISLIKES-Week-end homework 4 FUTURE PLANS-College WILLIAM CALVIN MILLER "WlLLOUGI-IBY" Gambrills - Academic Arts L3 Crafts 9, IO, Boys' Ofticiating ll Booster Club 9, IO, II, I2, Baseball IO, II IZ, Soccer I2, Basketball IZ, Manager, Boysl Soccer 6 Basketball ll, LIKES-Food DISLIKES-Writing letters FUTURE PLANS-College f . . fr ,I J' 1 ,II- T. l ,f I ,J , l l, i'l,' f. fbi 4- MARIE FRANCES MILWICZ "MONJIA" Severn - General Dramatics 9, Dancing IO, Study ll, PAN- ORAMA I2. LIKES-Foot-long hot dogs DISLIKES-Chocolate milk shakes FUTURE PLANS-Work MARGARET FINDLEY MORRIS "PEGGY" Fort Meade - General Arts G Crafts II, PANORAMA IZ. LIKES-Submarine sandwiches DISLIKES-Pink elephants FUTURE PLANS-Marriage .a., . Cb i 18 Qu- AO' i '12 Tir, an-Q-"'T"'r' cf. , is equi. , pq , A Qyfgofy MARGARET AN N PARSONS "PEGGY" Severn - Commercial Glee Club 95 G.A.A. 10, 115 PANORAMA 12, Basketball 9, Il, 125 Fieldball 95 Softball I2 LIKES-Sports DISLI KES-Cotty girls FUTURE PLANS-Secretory BARBARA MARIE PIPER "BARB" Fort Meade - Academic Library 115 Chorus 115 Choral Club 12. LIKES-Celebrities DISLIKES--Practicing the piano ' FUTURE PLANS-Oberlin Conservatory 5 . Q ,L ,xy V tw, iw W J . -' I1 ',',.-, All -' F 'r Q" A sENioRs.Q?'f,.,5'-V 'J NANCY LEE PUMPHREY "PUMP" Severn - General Business G.A.A. 9, 105 Study 115 PANORAMA 125 Booster Club ll5 Chorus 11. LIKES-Summer DISLIKES--Pizza FUTURE PLANS-Secretary ELSIE ELENDER PURYEAR "ELSIE" Fart Meade - Commercial Nursing 105 G.A.A. 115 PANORAMA 125 Prom Committee 115 Fieldball 115 Volleyball 115 Field Hockey 125 Basketball 125 Softball 125 Basketball Queen 12. Ll KES-Basketball DISLIKES-Conceited people FUTURE PLANS-Secretary ALEXANDER INGRAM PRINCE HAL.. Pasadena - Vocational Agriculture Transferred from Howard County in senior year: F.F.A. 12. LIKES-Dancing DISLIKES-Stuck-up girls FUTURE PLANS-U. S. 'Air Force PATRICIA ROSALIE PRUETT UPA-rn Fort Meade - General Business Returned from Baltimore in junior year5 SHAMROCK 95 Cheerleading 95 Arts G Crafts 1l5 Literary Editor, PANORAMA 125 Mpn- ager, School Store 12. LIKES-Bill Haley's Comets DISLIKES-Speed demons FUTURE PLANS-Government work '!"'w. Q 19 X ' , I " , 4 xy , , J If ' EJ I ' CHARLOTTE ANN REIGLE "SHOTZ" Harrnans -- Commercial Glee Club 95 Arts C1 Crafts IO5 G.A.A. 11 PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Cooking DISLIKES-Dogs FUTURE PLANS-Secretary WILLIAM CHARLES RICE "BILL" Millersville - Academic Boys' Officiating 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 95 Soccer 95 Student Council 10, 115 Class Treas- urer 9. LIKES-Math DISLIKES-Talkative girls FUTURE PLANS-Civil Engineering Y , , -. , 1 ,A f 1 S E N I 0 R S li Q . VI fy BARBA Abkucs Resnick efuaoasln o Meade - Academic Dancin 5, 115 Chorus 10, 115 Prom Com- mitte X4 PANORAMA 125 Cheerleader 12. Ll CES-Latin dances D SLIKES-Boring conversation FUTURE PLANS-College ANN PHYLLIS REID "DUTCH" Fort Meade - General Business Dancing 115 SHAMROCK ll, 125 Chorus 125 PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Fried chicken DISLIKES-Hillbilly music ' FUTURE PLANS--Secretary Jil-fvfj cj. ,fu,z:AL 1 711-'fflfu 'JITTFN "J 1 f L 1 if..-'A ,Lives .--...zsij I Q if C1111 l ILA' LEWIS PAUL RIPLEY ul-Ewi. Crownsville - Academic Dancing 95 Visual Ed. 10, 115 Boys' Officiat- ing 125 Softball 95 Soccer 10, 11, 12. LIKES-Cadillocs DISLIKES-School work FUTURE PLANS-Mechanical engineering ,JEAN ALTHEA RODGERS 5 5 "JEANIE" Aevern - General Business S Matfl 9, 105 Study 115 Debating C1 Dis- n SLI ES-Homework cmlo ' LI E Parties N TUIRE PLANS-Secretary iw lg X, I 20 ' ' f xl I A X 1 .l' L ' I' i I I 1 'E Milky" W , L LY Lfifff' vfbzpn, 2 , .1 I X , 1 4 . I , X JOSEPH THOMAS RYON HJOEU Gambrills - Academic Debating G' Discussion 9, Dance Band 9, IO, II, l2, Study ll, Senior Band 9, IO, Booster Club 9, IO, ll, 125 Activities Editor, PANO- RAMA IZ, Vice-President, Booster Club I2, Business Manager, Dance Band I2. LIKES-7-Up with lemon DISLIKES-Flashy clothes FUTURE PLANS-Chemical engineering DOROTHY MARY JANE SCOTT "MARY JANE" Hanover - Academic Reading 95 SHAMROCK 9, IO, II, I2g Study II, Co-Editor, PANORAMA I2, Reporter, Student Council llg Secretary, Jr. Class ll, National Honor Society Il, I2g Vice-President, National Honor Society I2g News Editor, SHAMROCK IZ, School Store IZ. LIKES-Roller skating DISLIKES-Cowboy movies FUTURE PLANS-Nursing school and college W SENIQRS 7 l fl., I, I I " .fs -, ,I . f. ., ff , , '74 Sf:.fgs...l:' V f ,, tant, '-xr, i N39 'sff'g?' x NIT F so .5 .XM F E i 5 CHARLES GOODMAN SILLAMAN "CHARLES" Gambrills - General Business Dancing 95 Study. IO, II, Visual Ed. I2, Soft- ball 9g Soccer IO, II, Baseball IO, II, I2. LIKES-Fishing and hunting DISLIKES-Any work FUTURE PLANS-Military service GWENDOLYN MARIE SINES "GWEN" Harmans - General Business Glee Club 95 G.A.A. IO, ll, PANORAMA l2g Softball lO,- Field Hockey Il, Basketball ll, F.F.A. Sweetheart 9, IO, II, IZ, Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council IO, Prom Committee Il, Basketball Queen Il. LIKES-Happy people DISLIKES-Noisy school busses FUTURE PLANS-Housewife .uf RAYMOND ROY SEARS HRAY.. Gambrills - Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9, IO, II, IZ, Softball 9, Soccer 9, IO Il, IZ, Basketball 9, Baseball IO, II, Reporter, F.F.A. ll, Vice-President, F.F.A. LIKES--Baseball DISLIKES-Redheads FUTURE PLANS-Farming CECELIA ELEANOR SHAI "CELIA" Garnbrllls -- General Buslnasl Study 9, ll, l2j F.T.A. IO. LIKES-Bowling DISLIKES-Knee-high socks FUTURE PLANS-Typist 1' if . . 1 2I I2, I2 SENIORS NANCY LOUISE SINGLETON "NANCY" Jessups - General Business Dancing 95 Study ll, 12. LIKE?-Blue convertibles DISLIKES-Getting up early FUTURE PLANS-Working WILMA ANN SMITH "SMITTlE" Crownsville - General Business Arts 6- Crafts 9, IO, ll5 PANORAMA l25 Basketball 95 Student Council lO. L, Ll KES-Housework DISLIKES-Stuck-up people FUTURE PLANS--Typist ,4 ,.., 1 -1,11--l.4,.x, 'ffl In fp fl n I "yg,4.fJ : f Qi WALTER PAGE STANLEY "PAGE" Fort Meade - General Returned from Glen Burnie in junior year5 Horseshoes 6' Checkers 95Science ll5 Radio l2. LIKES-Radio, TV, electronics DISLIKES-Sleep FUTURE PLANS-Electronic engineering GEORGE ROBERT STERLING "GEORGE" Garnhrills - Vocational Agriculture Arts Cv Crafts 95 F,F,A, lO, ll, l2. LIKES-Hillbilly music DISLIKES-Air Force uniforms FUTURE PLANS-Farming PETER FRANK STONIS "PETE" Jessups - General Transferred from Philadelphia in senior year Debcting G' Discussion 12. LIKES-Dancing DISLI KES--Garlic FUTURE PLANS-Priesthood MARTHA CLYDE STOVALL "NIARTY" Fort Meade - General Transferred from New Jersey in senior year Study 12, LIKES--Bowling DISLIKES-Gum poppers FUTURE PLANS-Business school 22 1 f-3 1 fi-ell ,Q T 1 ', A 1 ,X l ' X 1 1 - ALICE DAY SULIN "lMPY" Sevcm - Academic Dramatics 95 SHAMROCK 9, 105 Dancing 115 Booster Club 125 PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Horses DI SLI KES-Show-offs FUTURE PLANS-College RAYMOND NOAH TACKETT IIRAYII Dorsey - Academic Visual Ed. 9, 10, 11, 125 Booster Club 10, ll, 12: PANORAMA 125 President, Jr. Class 115 President, Sr. Class 125 President, Booster Club 125 Basketball ll, 125 Soccer 125 Base- ball l2. LIKES-Harness racing DISLIKES-Dirty saddle shoes FUTURE PLANS-Study law CHARLES WESLEY TIPTON "TIP" f Dorsey - General Senior Band 9, 10, ll, 125 Dance Band 9, l0,lll, l25 Visual Ed. 10, 115 PANORAMA 125 Soccer 12. LIKES-Horseback riding DISLIKES-The name "Charles" FUTURE PLANS-Work for Gas G' Electric JOSEPH CARL TISCHER IIJOEII Severn - General Dancing 105 Boys' Officiating 115 Basketball 10, 115 Chorus 10, 115 SHAMROCK 115 Track 115 Baseball 115 Chairman, Ways Cr Means Committee 115 President, Student Council 12. LI KES-Dancing DISLIKES-Hard losers FUTURE PLANS-College j' 1 . , , V K .SENIGRS SYLVIA JEANETTE TAYLOR "SOAPY" Severn - Commercial Glee Club 95 G.A.A. 10, 115 Student Council 9, IO, 115 Booster Club 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 President, National Honor So- ciety 125 Girls' Sports Editor, PANORAMA 125 Fieldball 95 Softball 11, 125 Basketball 11, 12. LIKES-Sports DISLIKES--Nosy people FUTURE PLANS-Secretary WENDELL KEENE THOMPSON "WENDELL" Gambrllls - Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 9, IO, ll, 125 Soccer 9, IO, ll, l25 Basketball 95 Softball 95 Baseball 10 11, 125 Vice-President, F.F.A. 115 President, E.F.A. 125 LIKES-Everything DISLIKES-Nothing FUTURE PLANS-Farming 1 JOHN HAMILTON WARNER HREDSH Gambrills - General Checker C1 Horseshoe 95 Boys' Officiating 10 Visual Ed. 115 Study 125 Baseball 10. LIKES-Hillbilly music DISLIKES-Spaghetti FUTURE PLANS-Naval Reserves DIANA LORENE WATTS HDEEH Severn - Commercial Dramatics 9, 105 Study 115 Debating C1 Dis cussion 125 Senior Band 9, 10, 11, 12. LIKES-Classical music DISLIKES-Jazz FUTURE PLANS-Stenographer SENIORS JEAN MARION WALDRON IIJEANII Laurel - Commercial Transferred from Pennsylvania in sophomore year5 Study 10, 11, 12. LIKES-Traveling DISLIKES-Snow FUTURE PLANS-Secretary GARNETT DEAN WALKUP "DEAN" Crownsvllle - General Transferred from West Virginia in sophomore year5 Dramatic 105 Dancing 115 Study 12. 'LIKES-Dancing DISLIKES-Rare cheeseburgers FUTURE PLANS-Secretary FRANKLIN DELANO WHEAT "FRANKlE" Severn - General Clean Up 95 F.F.A. 105 Boys' Officiating 115 PANORAMA 125 Vice-President, Student Council 115 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, io, ii, 12, S0fTbOll 9, Baseball io, ii, 12, School Store 12. LIKES-Hot rods DISLIKES-Homework FUTURE PLANS-Jet pilot I NEILA RAE WIERSEMA "BUTCH" Fort Meade - Academic Transferred from California in senior year5 SHAMROCK 125 PANORAMA 12. LIKES-Art DISLIKES-Green peppers FUTURE PLANS--College 24 DOROTHY GRACE WILBURN uno-ru Gambrllls - Commercial Cheerleading 95 G.A.A. lO, ll5 SHAMROCK 95 Booster Club 9, IO, ll, l25 Secretary, Booster Club ll, l25 Advertising Manager, PANORAMA l25 Prom Committee ll5 Secre- tary, Sr. Class l25 Basketball 95 Softball 9, IO, ll, l25 Fieldball l0. LIKES-Mario Lanza DlSLlKES-Roller coasters FUTURE PLANS-Not definite BETTYE JANE WISMAN "BETTYE JANE" Hanover - Commercial Glee-Club 95 Dramatics l05 Study ll5 Chorus IO, l25 National Honor Society ll, l25 Sec- retary, National Honor Society l2. LIKES-Spaghetti DISLIKES-Washing dishes FUTURE PLANS-Secretary ll 5 fl ,ll ff HSENIORS f U5 ff A EDWARD JOSIEEDII WRZESINSKI Severn - General Business Visual Ed. 95 Dancing l05 Boys' Officiating ll5 Student Council IO, ll l25 Basketball io, l25 Soccer 11, l25 Traclc 11, l25 School Store l2. LIKES-Money DISLIKES-Work FUTURE PLANS-College ARNOLD EUGENE HOUGHTON IIGENEII Fort Meade - Post Graduare Dancing Club ll, l25 Senior Chorus ll, l2, P. G.5 Basketball ll, l25 Baseball ll, l25 Boys' Officiating P. G. I LIKES-Sports DISLIKES-Dirtballs FUTURE PLANS-College L SAK. 'N ' I W fp E"'1f 'l 1 'W no at 1 1 1 1 ' 'Z Ag X A lg ig F95 is 5, 3 I 'lik e fa 1 if , A , 25 SUPERLATIVES MOST TALENTED Barbara Piper MOST ATHLETIC Norman Botts Connie Mortin Frankie Wheat 5 in BEST LOOKING Gwen Sines MOST FLIRTATIOUS John Meisel Dottie Bird Joe Tischer 26 ' 2 WITTIEST BEST ALL AROUND Bev Benton Loofaurgi Drake Bill Calvert 'C Om' MOST STUDIOUS Sylvia Taylor MOST POPULAR Walter Baase Elsie Puryear Raymond Tockett 27 is if l, ". . . and she told me . . ." 2. ". , . flop eared pup!" 3. Going somewhere? 4. Tripping the light fantastic. 5. Chiefs at Panorama tribe. 6. Bill's seal act. 7. Ain't I cute? 8. Akers? Here. Baldwin? 9. Arthur the Turkey. IO. Hey, Peg's not that talll ll. Charlotte and Billy. l2. Future Rembrandts. l3, Minnehaha. l4. Budding journalists. 15. May l borrow your pencil? l6. All tired out. 'l7. Don't look now, l8. Senior class president caught napping. l9. The line-up. 28 YHQ0 Nv- .IU IO ff? . . . CLASS OFFICERS President .......... Wesley Wilson Vice President- Donald Ahmuty Secretary .......... Patsy Williams - Treosurer..Warren Vi I laescusa . . . PROM COMMITTEES' Refreshments .... Loretta Shortt Clean-up .,,......... Dorothy Higgs Invitations ..,s Betty Sue Warren Favors .........,.,.. Linda O'Malley Decorations .... Elaine Warfield Tuxedo ............ Justin Williams Music .........,.... Douglas Salyers Reception .,..,..... Phyllis Snyder F?F Anne Chard Richard Chilcoat Joseph Chowanetz Leroy Clark XIX Rodger Crawford N' Jo Cross l Qc , . A gf Kenneth Cunin X. 373 Carole Donner Q Gerald Day f Donald Debrick Buddy Donaldson - Q? Marie Downin CQ ' lx Sharon Downing Joan Dunivan John Durner John Eggerl Katherine Eggerl James Fee Donald Ahmuty Patricia Allen Sheridan Arnold Mary Ball Leroy Bailey Mary Lee Bell Lee Bird Ann Breeden Lorraine Bladen Katherine Boschert Lewis Boswell Mary Ann Bowie Deanne Brown Bertha Buddenbohn Jean Burgess Barbara Campbell Patricia Chambers Beatrice Chaney 1 iiwltw -X ,,,. ,+V 1 George Garrity Judy Gray Bonnie Hedrick Carroll Heil Dorothy Higgs Betty Hake Abbott Holmes Betty Hood Eleanor Hopkins Pauline Jackson Allen Justice Robert Kaufman James Kimmett Karina Licherie Barbara Lines Sylvia Lowman Paula Malecki Betty Martin 0, s W , t BN t :ti "' 'il' s it 5'-mv pt' eq-mg-QNX Carolyn Martin Alan Maynard Rosalie Miller Lillian Mollman Virginia Montcastle Katherine Mooney Jackie Moreland Mary Ann Morris Francis Murphy William Myers Mary Alice Nowattnick Linda O'Malley Donald Phelps Alvenio Pruett mia' -hd , , H V. Louise Wagner Charles Walkup Nancy Ward Elaine Warfield Mary Warner Betty Sue Warren Betty Weeks Lydia White Warren Willner James Wilson Wesley Wilson Patsy Williams Justin Williams Louise Wolfe JUNIORS Eileen Redmiles Joe Reese Theodore Rieve Francis Robb Mark Robin Robert Saiia Douglas Salyers Pat Sann Wendell Sann Sue Schafer Loretta Shortt Gene Skow Harry Smith Phyllis Snyder Sanford Stephens Katherine Stevens Shirley Todd Warren Villaescusa 33 ' l. Shall we dance? 2, Homeward bound. 3. What has six legs? 4, Congratulations. 5. One Arundel notebook, please. 6. Benchwarmers. 7. Beat, beat, beat Glen Burnie? 8. Made your hair stand on end, huh, Ed? 9. Music class. lO. Ready, aim . . , ll. Where's that book? l2. Late bus arrivals. l3. Did you take my hammer? l4, Naturalized Indians, l5. Can you sew a straight seam? l6. Warming up. l7. Watch the birdie. 34 V 3 -AIN I f iglilff N, . NX SOPHOMORES 1 , . . SOPHOMCDRES D. Appel T. Arnold G. Bailey J. L. Bailey J. Ballam P. Barker M. Beatty J. Beplat J. Bivens D. Bolles F. Boschert A. Brannon B. Brown R. Burdette K. Burgamy R. Burk M Calloway E. Campbell C. Chaney M. Chaney M. A. Chowanetz N. Clark R. Clark S. Clayton S. Cole S. Conway B. Cox J. Cox J. Cox L. Cox M. Crawford C. Creamer B. Crispell M. Cronmiller B. Denton M. DeVan D. Dew D. Dew J. Dinsmore E. Donaldson T. Durner D. Edwards N. Falcon M. Fisher K. Fitzgerald SOPHOMORES C. Ford K. Foreman B. Foster K. Frederick P. Gall E .Gerstner M. Gilbert J. Gitlin A. Good A. Greene M. Gregor B. Grimes W. Grimm W. Helm E. Hood F. Hopkins L. Howard L. Howard J. Howell Hungerford B. Hurley M. Jackson D. Jarboe C. Jones B. Jordan G. Kane Kelbaugh E. Kent J. Keyton P. Kinder E. Kirby M. Knight E. Knight . Lindsey S. Little E. Luff cCuIlough . Mensch D. Merson P Merson Metzger D. Miller W. Morris B. Music M. Norris l .J x .q ,. Elf' if 'i an se: 1 i gr Ns 3.1. we JV. ' w'lJ,Q'wA . L . P w A 5. . Q 4 ...J Hi We my .el I . il gk 2. J.: 5, . " -2- 1. - A- x - . R . V' S ,Q . J 1 ' is J 53' A . . . X 1' , ly . l A ...xg xg gl S? 51 ... R 1 . 5 . W an A aw . 5 'PQ . 'P 'Cl i ff ' ' I . W. - J . eff Q w . . , if KX :L-if . 'WK' 1 . YW.. , . .K 1 X W. Wyatt R. Zuknick 11 ' 1' K Q... dk 38 . . . SCDPHOMORES D. Pearce M. Peddicord A. Pettit L. Phipps B. Poole R. Pryor R. Pruser B. Redman E. Redman D. Rice M. H. Rice S. Ringler M. Robbins M. Rogers R. Sann M, Sharkey J. Shesko C. Smith J. Smith R. Smith W. Smith T. Stansbury W. Stevens W. Stone L. Suter J. Tackett K. Taylor G. Troettino N. Turner S. Walker H. Warfield N. Weeks -', C. Welford M. J. Wilhelm R. Williams E. Willis J. Wilson S. Wisnieski M. Wolfe P. Wooden NOT PICTURED A. Boswell S. Mudgett J. Watson 9244433 J '2 so -4911 X X 'K , ' X 1 V 1 I N N Q .31 x S -If 5' W-,, I, nun... , Y 5 , f--K Q Us--4 fwx we f 44 ., -1 T I. i III ,. . ,Q A Y ,ij I 3 .few g 5,4 Q 7 1. X. . F., A. ,Q 414' T3 -32 - wp. Lay., l iz- Q' ..f"f'fhf W '5f?s,?+'Ts1 - 4- OR HI E+ VL M, Q .sw y V, 'V W K' 1 1- FRESHMEN TOP ROW: J. Akers, W. Alder, A. Allen, P. Allen, R. Bagley, B. J. Barber, S. Barber, D. Barker,tT. Bennanzar, B Bermick. ROW TWO: T, Betz, M. Bishop, N. Bobbitt, G. Boschert, R. Boschert, D. Boswell, A. M. Bowie, G. Boyer, D Braun, R. Braun. ROW THREE: C. Breeden, J. Bruce, J. Buckmaster, M. Burke, M. Burnezky, R. Bussy, C. Coin M, J. Campbell, R. Campbell, R. Carder. ROW FOUR: C. Chambers, C, Chaney, B. Chiles, G. Clark, K. Clark, C Cole, J. Cole, R. Collins, C. Constant, L. Corcoran. ROW FIVE: E. Cox, J.f-Coyne, F. Cummings, W. Curtin, B. Dough erty, D. Davis, H. Davis, J. Day, M, Denton, R. Denton. ROW SIX: R. Devilbliss, J. DeVoter, R. Dickerson, R. Dillon P. Dorr, P. Dorsey, M. Duvall, L. Edwards, C. Ehmke, J. Eliades. ROW SEVEN: E. Elliott, D. Evans, W. Fairall, H. Fig gins, D. Fox, K, Furches, D. Gannon, R. Gertz, F. Gibis, R. Gilbert. - 40 if J' a- . . . FRESHMEN TOP ROW: W. Godwin, H. Gottwals, A. Greene, W. Greer, B. Gregory, G. Griffith, J. Grimes, M. Hogan, N. Hagan W, Hagan. ROW TWO: P. Hanratty, J. Harman, K. Harrris, G. Haynes, M. Hendershot, R. Hicks, B. Hite, R Hodges, B. Hoernig, A. Hoke. ROW THREE: C. Hood, R.Hood, A. J. Howard, N. Howard, D. Hull, H. Hutchinson D. Ingle, H. Issac, B. Jackson, R. Jackson. ROW FOUR: G. Jacobs, B. Jevens, E. Jones, E. Kaifos, A. Kirby, J. Kirby S. Kirby, W. Kneller, K. Kuhns, S. Kunzig. ROW FIVE: D. Lang, J, Lee, G. Leedy, L. Leuders, R. Lind, R. Living stone, J. Marchak, P. Matchett, J. Mayonado, D. McConnell. ROW SIX: J. McConnell, D. McQuoid, I. Milligan, C Mills, S. Miser, A. Mixon, P. Moreland, J. Morris, C. Murphy, M. L. Newton. ROW SEVEN: M. Norfolk, A. Orsie N. Osborne, C. Ozalins, S. Poddy, A. Parsons, l. Perry, M. Pobletts, A. Pokorney, W. Price. 41 Y Y' fr -r -gum- . 1 -e , Q, 1' ai -v ee: f ff R 'T' . . FRESHMEN TOP ROW: R. Purdham, J. Quirk, J, Ramsey, M. Reader, L. Redman, T. Reeder, B. Robbins,'C. Rodgers, L. Sagan, J. Schetron. ROW TWO: L. Schetron, C. Schindele, S. Schmansky, C, Scott, T. Shipley, P. Shoemaker, W. Shortt, S. Siegesmund, B. Sigley, D. Simpson. ROW THREE: R. Sines, P. Siwak, B. Slater, C. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith, S. Sowell, P. Spencer, R, Stanley, R. Stansbury. ROW FOUR: C. Stickell, S. Stitzman, J. Stivers, D. Taylor, M. Taylor, A. Terry, J. Tipton, A. Trapp, P. Trent, D. Tucker. ROW FIVE: C. Turner, G. Tyler, B. Vann, D. Vogan, R. Vogan, G. Wagner, W. Wagner, R. Walters, V. Watts, W. Watts. ROW SIX: J. Weber, B. Wilder, R. Wilson, L. Wines, J. Yenser, J. Yockel, W. Young, S, Zebron. NOT PICTURED: F. Bolin, L. Bolin, R. Brown, S. Campbell, W. Elliott, H. Hackson, B. Hogan, D. Kerhns, J. May- snider, M. Reuder, C. Seale, B, Vogan, M. Wagner. 42 1-ri! so A R' ii ' ' A E . Q I . . . EIGHTH GRADERS TOP ROW: S. Amos, P. Asbury, R. Austin, B. Barber, S. Barber, J. Barker, N. Bealmear, J. Beatty, G. Bedford, J Berger. ROW TWO: J. Birmingham, N. Bishop, B. Blankenship, S. Bolles, D. Boschert, C. Boyer, W. Boyer, G. Brewer, C. Price, J. Brown. ROW THREE: C. Burgamy, P. Burnezky, R. Bursey, G. Bussey, J. Bussey, R. Butler, B. Carpenter J. Carpenter, A. Causey, M. Cecil. ROW FOUR: K. Chalfont, B. J. Chaney, M. L. Chaney, J. Chase, L. Christopher A. Clark, L. Clark, R. Clark, D. Coale, D. Cole. ROW FIVE: A. Collins, H. Compton, T. Compton, B. Conway, E. Cori coran, R. Corcoran, J. Crawford, J. Cronmiller, D. Cummins, J. Cumpston. ROW SIX: J. Dacre, M. Davies, A. Davis C. Davis, A. Davison, J. DeVan, M. Deinlein, B. L. Denton, M. Dicus, S. Dicus. ROW SEVEN: R. Dixon, A. Dorr, T Dover, M. Dunkerly, P. Dunnan, J. Durham, P. Eakin, S. Ebel, B. Edwards, R. Emerson. ROW EIGHT: D. Emrick, R Engler, E. Font, C. Fincham, D. Ford, M. Fosler, J. Foster, L. Foxwell, R. Frame, V. Franklin. 43 I l. 1 . . . EIGHTH GRADERS TOP ROW: T. Fry, J. Fuller, M. J. Furches, W. Goedeke, G. Gottwalls, B. Greek, J. Haddick, V. Hagan, P. Hall, M Hawes. ROW TWO: M. Headridge, J. Hedrick, D. Hensley, R. Hensley, N. Herrman, Hester, N. Hicks, B. Hood B. Hood, F. Hood. ROW THREE: L. Hood, J. Hoppa, D. Howard, N. Howell, P. Hughes, F. Ingle, S. Irving, E. Jacobs A. Jennings, B. Jerman. ROW FOUR: R. Jerman, C. Johnson, D. Jones, J. Kemp, J. Kemp, S. Keyton, D. Kirby, J Kostkowski, M. Kostkowski. ROW FIVE: T. Krasauskas, P. Landreth, L. Lanehart, M. Lang, V. Lanham, A. Litton D. Longshore, D. Loving, R. Lueders, C. Mayberry. ROW SIX: J. Mayberry, S. McDaniel, B. McGoldwick, P. McMahon K. McQuoy, J. Meade, C. Mensch, N. Metzger, B. Meyers, C. Miller. ROW SEVEN: D. Miller, M. L. Miller, R. Miller M. Miskanic, C. Moore, J. Moore, J. Morris. F. Mountcastle, M. Myers. ROW EIGHT: D. Neary, S. Norris, E. Nowa- kowski, K. O'DeII, P. O'MaIIey, C. Paddy, B. Parrish, N. L. Parrish, J. Parsons, R. A. Pavelka. 44 1 1 1 1 . . . EIGHTH GRADERS TOP ROW: D. Peddicord, J. Phelps, Y. Phelps, K. Philbrick, M. Phipps, R. Pond, M. Poole, L, Pryor, S. Puryear, R Rawlings. ROW TWO: P. Raymond, R. Redman, C. Redmond, D. Revie, C. Rieve, C. Ripley, A. Robinson, R. Rodgers M. Sann, B. Sampsell. ROW THREE: W. Schindele, S. Schneider, M. Schroers, R, Scriba, P, Sealock, T. Sharkey, S Shoemaker, L, Sigmon, D. Smith, J. Smith. ROW FOUR: R. Smith, S. Smith, H. Sollers, A. Speinden, P. Stansbury R. Stickell, E. Stivers, S. Stivers, P. Stone, M. L. Strawhorn. ROW FIVE: M. Suter, R. Switzer, B. Taylor, E. Taylor W. Taylor, D. Thomas, J. Thomas, E. Turner, G. Turner, N. Umholtz. ROW SIX: C. Van Skiver, S. Vaughn, K. Vogel G. Wallace, C. Ward, R. Watson, R. Whitehead, L. Whitney, B. Wieland, R. Wilkins. ROW SEVEN: G. Williams, L. Williamson, M. Wilt, J. Yenser, C. Young, M. Zaukus, T. Ziehn, C. Ziler, D. Zuck. NOT PICTURED: C. Blanks, D. Blevins, J. Brown, J. Madzelan, E. Newberry, N. Proud, R. Reichard, C. Reimsnyder G. Wassell. 45 1 1 1 . . SEVENTH GRADERS TOP ROW: E, Atfeldt, D. Agnes, F. Akers, H. Alder, C. Amos, J. Anderson, J. Andrews, M. Andrews, J. Arms, G Asbury. ROW TWO: D. Baer, B. Bailey, B. Baker, M. Barker, H. Barthalow, M. Bateman, P. Beckman, L. Bell, E Billmyer, R. Billmyer, ROW THREE: J. Birchfield, J. Birmingham, C. Bladen, R. Bolin, C. Boyer, D. Boyer, M. Boyer W. Boyer, R. Bragg, R. Bridgers. ROW FOUR: A. Brookfield, C. Browne, K. Brunner, N. Buck, E. Buckmaster, S Burgamy, K. Burk, J. Burkett, E. Burnezky, R. Burns. ROW FIVE: B. Bussey, F. Bussey, B. Caldwell, C. Caldway C. Care, D. Carey, M. Carpenter, W. Carr, K. Carter, A. Cary. ROW SIX: W. Cavey, R. Chambers, R. Chaney, R Chewning, A. Clark, B. Clark, G. Clayton, H. Coale, D. Coby, R. Cocolin. ROW SEVEN: C. Collins, M. Collins, J Collinsworth, R. Connelly, F. Corcoran, D. Cox, R. Craft, J. Crowl, L. Cutter, R. Daft. ROW EIGHT: C. Dalke, A Daly, C. Danza, F, Daughtery, R. Davidson, C. Davis, J. Davis, A. Denton, B. L. Denton, P. Denton, 46 i l l i l i i . . . SEVENTH GRADERS TOP ROW: H. DeRossett, H. Devilbiss, S. Dinsmore, A. Donaldson, B. Dooley, C. Dorr, J. Dorr, C. Donning, D. Downs J. Dubiel. ROW TWO: L. Duncan, D. Dunrnyer, R. Duprey, A. Eggerl, E. Elbin, C. Emrick, N. Ensey, R. Enfsminger B. Evans, C. Evans. ROW THREE: P. Falcon, R. Ferron, R. Fisher, L. Folk, F. Furches, C. Gallion, G. Gilbert, L. Gilbert J. Gilson, N. Gitlin. ROW FOUR: K. Glanville, B. Glenn, B. Goedeke, F. Graziano, M. Greentree, P. Greenway, E Guyfon, M. Haduck, J. Hogan, L. Hagan. ROW FIVE: W. Hall, A. Hardesty, D, Hastings, J. Hanes, L. Henzl, L Hicks, E. Hilbinger, L. Hodges, T, Hoffa, E. Hake. ROW SIX: W. Holter, M. Hood, N. Hood, N. Hood, P. Hood, L Hopkins, J, l-loppa, M. Horner, P. l-lughey, R. Humrnell. ROW SEVEN: C. Hungerford, T. Hurley, H. Jackson, M Jacobs, V. Jefferson, J. Kane, S. Keeney, R. Kekar, S. Kelbaugh, E. Kemp. ROW EIGHT: A. Kent, L. Kimmett, C King, E. Kisser, J. Kisser, W. Kneval, C. Knoll, G. Kofsky, A. Korback, G. Kostkowski. 47 1 1 . . . SEVENTH GRADERS TOP ROW: D. Kostkowski, C. Landon, W. Langston, O. Lee, V. Lello, W. Licherie, H. Little, J. Litton, E. Long, G Luzier. ROW TWO: C. Matson, A. McDorman, J. McFarland, L. McWilliams, C. Mench, C. Mench, P. Merson, A. Miller, N. Miller, A. Milligan. ROW THREE: C. Mills, V. Mills, B. Moorhead, B. Morgan, D. Musick, F. Myers, M Myers, G. Norfolk, L. Nowattnick, O. Oerter. ROW FOUR: L. Paddy, J. Parkey, K. Parrish, S. Parsons, S. Parsons, R. Patterson, J. Pavelka, N. Perron, R. Proutt, S. Queen. ROW FIVE: L. Raines, L. Reagle, D. Rebstock, D. Redmond, J. Reese, V. Rice, W. Riley, B. Risley, P. Robinson, J. Rose. ROW SIX: R. Rossman, H. Ryals, H. Saia, J. Schindele, J. Schatz, J. Scrivnor, D. Seale, W. Sermons, L. Simpson, B. Shriver. ROW SEVEN: J. Sines, D. Singleton, E. Single- ton, R. Skow, H. Smith, M. Smith, S. Smith, D. Snyder, B. Spencer, K. Stanley. ROW EIGHT: R. Stansbury, W. Starr R. Sterling, G. Stone, N, Stultz, A. Sulin, C. Suponcic, J. Swartz, B. Tasker, H. Taylor. 48 1 t R tsl I . , x I mills N I . . . SEVENTH GRADERS TOP ROW: L. Taylor, C. Thomas, C. Thomas, K. Trent, M. Triplett, L. Truett, B. Turner, E. Tydings, W. Van Hassell J. Vogan, ROW TWO: J. Warfel, R. Warren, J. Watts, N. Welker, G. Whitehead, H. Williams, E. Willis, J. Wilt W. Wisniewski, R. Wood. ROW THREE: J. Wrbas, B. Wrzesinski, J. Yarbrough, S. Yenser, P. Young, C. Zuck, D Zuknick. NOT PICTURED: J. Burch, R. Dorr, B. Dring, G. DuVall, B. L. Fields, K. Hammond, M. Hanrotty, D. Melman, G Moses, S. Moyer, S. Nelson, V. Nelson, R. Patterson, S. Piper, J, Pressley, V. Reeley, B. Shriver, M. L. Thompson, L Turner, G. West, K. Wines, L. Woods. JUNIOR HIGH DANCING CLUB Two members of the Dancing Club prepare to demonstrate new jitterbug steps to other members. The club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Jenette Golds, has approximately l0O members. l JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS This club, under the direction of Mrs. Cordelia Turk, attempts to train students for future participa- tion in the Senior Chorus. There are approximately l0O students in this organization. 49 Senior . .JUNIOR HIGH SCENES High Cheerleaders in the Making Stamp and Coin Club Rhythm Band and J Artists at work wx-.W . -, w.-.., ump Rope Club Schola rship Improvement Service Club 50 C 415' Library Club Aiitifnm Q l AX . - M. FIRST ROW: L. K lbaugh, D. Jaworski, M. Cox, G. Constant, J. Ryon, B. Miller, P. Pruett, Mr. Kopp, L. Drakeri J. Scott, Mrs, Hill,eV. Matson, C. Carter, D. Wilburn, J. Meisel, R. Tackett, B. Benton, S. Taylor.. SECONDRRQYI. Wheat, D. Salyers, C. Tipton, M. L. Leight, A. Smith, K. Malecki, J. Cole, Pumphrey, M. MIlWICZ, Cp DGIQ 9, J- Regnier D Lucas E Puryear, P. Parsons, D. Bird. THIRD ROW: B. A. Baldwin1IB. Akegrs,BlNl.SWE:.rSErSieyl. N.0VINlfG2ier1 Conway, Ei Griffifh,iG. Sines, A. Sulin, A. Reid, C. Kirby, B. Donaldson, P. Wi iOmS, - 'QQ 1 PANORAMA STAFF The PANORAMA Staff consists of fifty-two members. The large number within this club indicates the interest of the students in the preparation of their yearbook. Due to the co-operation within the staff and the Senior Class, it sold a larger number of yearbooks than in previous years. Among the many activities in which the staff participated was a Booster Drive which provided fun along with work. The staff also sponsored two successful dances-one, a Junior High Snowball Dance, and the other, a Senior High Valentine Dance. The whole yearbook staff met once every two weeks in order to discuss the progress of the yearbook and to solve any problems that must be faced concerning its production. The results of the hard work on the PANORAMA proved successful. The staff, with the help of advisors, pro- duced a fine yearbook which will be remembered and enjoyed for many years. Left to right: Lorraine Drake and Mary Jane Left to right: Dorothy Wilburn, Advertising Man- Scott, Co-Editors, Mr. Charles Kopp, Literary ager, Mrs. Helen Hill, Business Advisor, Vic Advisor, Patricia Pruett, Literary Editor, Connie Matson, Business Manager, Carolyn Carter, Martin, Assistant Editor. Assistant Business Manager. FIRST ROW-lLefl' to rightl: B. Wilson, G. Griffith, R. Chewning, S. Barber, P. Matchett, L. Paddy, C. Care, W. Wilson, Mr. Dunagan, J.sTischer, Miss Mitchell, J. Burgess, M, Downin, J. Eggerl, E. Bauer, E. Warfield, E, Wrzesin- ski, D. Jaworski. SECOND ROW: P. Stanbury, Z. Blickenstaff, B. Stone, M. Jackson, B. Denton, M. J. Campbell, M. Bishop, J. Bailey, S. McDaniel, J. Fuller, B. Shriver, L. Truitt, M. Foster, D. Kirby, J. Smith, D. J. Appel, S. Walker. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is in charge of a number of activities, They open assemblies, take charge of morning announcements, operate the lost ond found, supervise the morning and evening dismissals, take care of seating in the cafeteria, and have started an exchange program with Glen Burnie. The Student Council has grown to the point where it can no longer take on the many activities in the school without the aid of some other organization. As most people know, it is a non-profit organization which operates for the development of the school. lt has drawn up a budget by which it will get financial assistance from the principal of the school. This yeor's Student Council was televised at Glendale Elementary School. The program consisted of a regular meeting in which current school problems were discussed. The program was a success, and the Council was congrat- ulated for a wonderful performance. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-lSeated, left to rightl' P. Stansbury, J. Tischer, D. Jaworski, S. Walker, COUNCIL OFFICERS-lLeft to rightl: M. Down M. Jackson, E. Warfield, lStonding, left to rightl: in, Reporter, W. Wilson, Treasurer, J. Burgess G. Brewer, J. Burgess, W. Wilson, J. Eggerl, E, Vice-president, J. Tischer, President, A. Chard Wrzesinski, B. Wilson, J. Bailey, Secretary. lSeated, left' to rightiz N. Wiersema, E. Luft, M. J. Scott, L, Drake, Mrs. Russell, V. Matson, D. Lucas, L. Mollman lstandmg, left to rightiz L, Kelbaugh, A. Reid, G. Traettino, R. Dorsey, D. Brown, C. Jones, J. Bivens, E. Hopkins M. Downin, B. Denton, M. Robbins, S. Cole, D. Bolles, B, Benton, and M. Suter. SHAMROCK The school newspaper, Shamrock, has varied purposes. One purpose of the Shamrock is to provide a back- ground for the students interested in journalism. lt creates an opportunity for students, not only to grasp the tun- damentals of journalism, but to put them into practice. The sccond purpose of the Shamrock is to provide the school with news concerning the various activities and organizations at school, lt strives to spread equal interest among the many activities to all the students. The third purpose of the Shamrock is to create school spirit, which is extremely important in any school. It strives to back organizations and activities in such a way os to make the school proud of the organizations and the newspaper, in addition the Shamrock gives the students an opportunity to become better acquainted with each other, For tive years the Shamrock has been an important part of Arundel Jr. and Sr. High School, just as it will be in the future. lLeft to righti: Mrs. Russell, E. Luft, L, Drake, B. Benton, M. J. Scott, A. Chard, V. Matson. ' i 4 ILeft to righti: Mrs. Clara Simmons, B. J. Wisman, Secretary, S. Taylor, President, S. Eutsler, Treasurer, W. Wilson, W. Baase, Torchbearerg D. Salyers, A. Chard, M. J. Scott, Vice-President, P. Williams, K. Licherie. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Studemus Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in l95l. The purpose of this society is to hold up its four objectives before the entire school as goals toward which all should strive. The society seeks nothing for itself. The aim of the society is to hold before the school such motives that shall induce others in aspiring to scho- larly habits, enlisting in worthy service, and leading forward in all things that will advance the welfare of the school. On the emblem of this society, the letters S, C, L, and S appear, The first "S" signifies scholarship, "C" indi- cates character which displays a life of high moral standards, "L" symbolizes leadership. A good leaders will always consider the welfare of others instead of self-recognition. The last "S" stands for the service that an honor student must give to his school, his teacher, and fellow-classmates. Newly Pledged Members Stage Setting for Initiation Ceremony 57 223 2 5 5 is QR? Lis' 1 za. f A 3, W L3 SA v v f v X ,xg N L Q,2A:m ,L W 2 9' i: KQLKL V v 7 x nv. v5e'Ui' 8 'giant' faf, '. W 1 3 . :Q .QQ 1 5' , '35 , gg 'f 'H S Q? S ' Y 'S igikikl-Seiiiiai f v- f ff vw m M , u I s Q . f, 4 Xgfxw . 4- " 'f x 0 1 1 Nik jing ' 1 ,,. ' v- L W, . Q, as 6 , - 6, 'Q 555 I k S 1: ' f i ' f 555 5 Xi 5 Q2 ,L V ,.X 555. X., Sfkjfji ag ,V UFQW M mNM..q -Q K ,. ' 3 rf-. L. 5 . 1 f SEATED-lleff lo rightl: R. Kekar, G, Luzier, E. Corcoran, S. Dickus, T. Bennanzar, B. Benton, R Tackett, Mr Parlett, J. Ryan, D. Wilburn, A. Petit, A. Lindsey, T. Durner. SECOND ROW: R. Stansbury, E. Willis, D. Snyder, B. Wrzcsinski, R. Boshert, D. Thomas, J. Morris, J. Cole, P. Burnesky, B. Taylor, D. Rawlings, J. Barker, M. Parrish, S. Taylor, F. Robb, M. Nowattnick, L. O'Malley, B. Donaldson. THIRD ROW: B. Miller, D. Salyers, J. Daker, B, Don- aldson, W. Villaescusa, L. Suter. BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club is an organization that helps to boost activities and proiects of other clubs. lt also carries on its own activities, such as its annual Basketball Queen contest. The sale of boosters for the PANORAMA was a new project for the club this year. At the basketball games, they conduct the sale of tickets and cokes. They have been operating a coat check room, however, this year's proceeds from this project were turned over to the PANORAMA. The money from Booster Club activities is usually donated to other clubs or organizations. The members ot the organization are chosen by appointees from the teachers and are then voted upon in the meetings of the Booster Club, There is at least one representative from each homeroom. After a member is once appointed and then elected, he is a member until he graduates. This organization has done much for Arundel in the few years that it has been operating. COMMITTEE CHAIRM EN FIRST ROW lleft to rightl: Mrs. Turk, N. Turner, F. Hopkins, K. Fredericks, T. Durner, E. Dunkerly, E. Luff, M. Beatty, N. Clark, J. Smith, A. Lindsey, S. Eutsler, B. J. Wisman. SECOND ROW: A. Reid, E. Griffith, E, Redmiles, D. Miller, S. Ringler, M. A. Bowie, E. Willis, P. Gaul, M. Sharkie, B. Redman, C. Carter, L. Kelbaugh, M. Chaney. THIRD ROW: D. J. Appel, E. Donaldson, S. Clayton, S. Biggs, D. Ahumty, B. Meyer, G. Houghton, S. Mensch, C. Booker, L. Boswell, J. Dinsmore, D. Rice, D. Dew. SENIOR CHORUS The Senior Chorus is a class for students who are interested in harmony and who like to sing. lt teaches the student to read notes and to follow directions in expression. The Chorus greatly aids in training and improving a student's voice. The Chorus provides a certain amount of entertainment for the school. It participated in the Christmas program, in various assemblies, and on March ll, put on an assembly at Glen Burnie High School. The Chorus was one among many of the choruses in Anne Arundel County to participate in the All County Chorus this spring. This is a very important event since only those students who meet certain standards are chosen. Out of the Chorus we have two groups, a girls' ensemble and a boys' ensemble. These groups consist of boys and girls who learn quickly and who can perform for special occasions. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 58 Q , , Q 'f , .. 5 3, r-1 f- 5 1' , 35 f s rx X ' .YA if f 2- ' , WN ,. XX I 1' X ' f fb f 1 f 4 f' ' 1 s ' ,A 1 -mf. X n . li X 1 x s R4 Q' A- ii 3-f ,-. -5 1 e 9' X L f ', , , ' f Ef :mi f f "ff ,Ab I ...-: 3' r T 'M N 1 ff f- . flex 1 ' ' . f sq, Q , ak I A' f Q X A i" J 1 M, .W,. f I i ! ,,..ff"A u : i' Q A. ' x f , 3 I 'T f iv 4 3.- Q - sl' Q i . N J ,N 5 - ' www... 4' -fx :War .gs N 5 .4 1 1 .2 3 1 - sn A 4 . ay Q A A , , . V A A f , " , FX ge, ,f::.j. w'XlxriEi afM??' S -P-g VV at A Q , .. Q 'W Q' Q 1 A ' ' .. 'W' 261 ' wif in-1 f E755 M Q . I I 5-3 A 4 M Bi -Q, Debating and Discussion Club The members of the Debating and Dis- cussion Club have participated in many de- bates and have had many interesting dis- cussions on various topics of current interest to students and to the world. The members are: lseated, left to rightl: N. Turner, F. Robb, Mr. Shannon, B. Hood, A. Petit. lStanding, left to rightl: M. J. Wilhelm, M. L. Leight, J. Rodgers, D. Brown, S. Warren, K. Lichirie, and P. Stonis. Arts and Crafts The purpose of this club is to give the members a chance to undertake such pro- iects as weaving, ceramics, painting and drawing. Members are: lFirst Row, left to rightl: M. Gilbert, M. Wolfe, B. Befz, B. Jordan, M. Crawford, J. Wilson. lSecond Rowl: K. Foreman, Mrs. Marshall, J. Shes- ko, E. Hopkins, B. Grimes, C. Jones, J. Keyton, R. Burdette, P. Kelbaugh, P. Sny- der, S. Stephens, C. Walkup. Boys' Officiating Club The members of the Boys' Officiating Club learn the basic rules of various sports. They are: lTop Row, left to rightl: L. Suter, R. Kinder, A. Maynard, D. Jarboe, W. Vil- laescusa. lSecond Rowl: E. Gerstner, D. Pearce, B. Calvert, C. Wellford, R. Pryor, K. Taylor, E. Knight. lTllird Rowl: E. Hood, D. Phelps, G. Day, B. Donaldson, D. Chil- coat, L. Ripley, G. Houghton, C. Booker, Mr. Carroll. lFourtl1 Rowl: R. Burk, F. Bos- chert, W. Asbury, D. Ahmuty, W. Rice, L. Boswell, J. Kimmett, W. Baase. lAbsentl: C. Sillaman, A. Bannister, F. Murphy, R. Kaufman. Science Club The Science Club, under the supervision of Miss Lois Long, is a very interesting club which is growing in popularity every year. lt meets every other week to carry on its activities. Members are: lLeft to ri tl: K. Cunin, M. La Due, R. Smith, B, B n, J. Gitlin, R. Zucknick, T. Arnold,' . Wyatt, M. DeVan, L. Ho rd, G. Tr ttino, M. Cron- miller, G. Bdil , . arfipld. wifi AW? f Monogram Club This club has taken the place of the Girls' Officiating Club. Only those girls who have earned a sports letter are eligible for membership. The members ofticiate at Junior High games and assist the Booster Club, they are the following lleft to riglltl: Miss Tarter, J. Gertz, K. Stevens, W. Hur- ley, P. Allen, B. Campbell. French Club ln the French Club students learn to know the people, customs, and culture of France, Students perfect their accents, learn to write journalistic French, and to express their dramatic talents in the language. Members are: lseated, left to rightl: S. Conway, N. Falcon, M. Rice, J. Kirchner, C. Martin, E, Luft. lStanding, left to rightl: L. Shortt, Mrs. Evans, C. Creamer, P. Kin- der, J. Chowanetz, L. Phipps, J. Beplatt, J. Ballarn, J. Williams, L. O'Malley, C. Heil, W. Willner. lAbsentl: S. Brown. Future Teachers of America These teachers of tomorrow are already getting into practice, frequently they have substituted at their local elementary schools. The purpose of the club is to give prospective teachers a chance to find out what actually constitutes the requirements for a successful teacher. The members are: lseated, left to right: N. Clark, E. Luff, T. Stansbury, L. Moll- man. lstancling, left to rightl: J. Bailey M. Rice, Mrs. Hamilton, B. Foster, A. Bos- well. f Radio Club The Radio Club is composed of boys in- terested in amateur radio or general elec- tronics. At the meetings the members dis- cuss projects and future plans of this organ- ization. This Club is fortunate to have two licensed amateurs, and a proficient service- man. Members are the followingi lLeft to rightl: Mr. Burton, H. Greenlee, J. Had- dick, B. t-lite, B. Carpenter, P. Stanley. Stage Craft Club The Stage Craft Club is designed to help organizations present plays, entertainment, and other stage activities more effectively. This is the club's second year. Members are as follows: lleft to rightl: R, Purser, C. Chaney, D. Miller, B. Poole K, Burgamy, M, Fisher, S. Mensch, D. Dew, Mr. Parlette. f School Store The School Store of Arundel is a very important place. lt is a place to renew one's supplies and to purchase articles such as shirts, shoes, iackets, and many other things. lts members, who are supervised by Mr. Rudy, ore: FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Warfield, M. J. Scott, M. Bowie, S, Todd, F. Hopkins, P. Pruett, M. Chaney. SECOND ROW: B. Denton, D. Appel, D. Jaworski, L. Drake, E. Wrzesinski, F. Wheat, and E. Gerstner. Library Workers The Library Workers spend a period each day working in the library with Miss Collier. This efficient group of students check books in and out, card books, and take care of over-due books. The members are: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Dunivan, W. Fairall, V. Mount- castle, M. Ball, M. Morris, K. Eggerl, C. Shai. SECOND ROW: Miss Collier, A. Sulin, L. Bailey. Cafeteria Staff Everyone is familiar with the people whose job it is to prepare and serve the food to satisfy members of the student body and faculty. They are the following: lleft to rightl: Anna Renauldo, head of the staff, Gladys Sillaman and Jessie Musick, bakers, Louise Denton, Zelma Speller, Sarah Har- vey, and Edith Greene, the general helpers. Car Parking Committee The chief aim of the Parking Committee is to facilitate the fastest and most efficient parking systems possible, and to provide a check on the cars parked on the lot during a school event. Members under the direction of Mr. Mc- Mahon are: iLeft to rightl: C. Booker, D. Dew, E. Campbell, E. Corcoran, l.. Corcoran, J. Sharkey, K. McQuay. lAbsentl: R. Ferron and M. Sann. Visual Education Club The Visual Education Club trains its members to operate movie equipment skill- fully and successfully. Members include: FIRST ROW, Qleft to rightl: J. Dorr, D. Cummins, D. Blevins, R. Lind, J. Moore. SECOND ROW: Mr. Burton, M. Triplett, D. Coby, B. Lichirie, A. Robinson, W. Riley. THIRD ROW: C. Chaney, S. Dicus, C. Mensch, B. Gertz, G. Gottwals, E. Redman, R. Smith. FOURTH ROW: J. Scrivnor, J. Gilson, R. Dorsey, S. Biggs, R. Tackett, C. Schindele, G. Lowe, B. Brown, H. Devilbiss and Mr. Graham. RECORDING CWPM AND ERRORS THE BASIC SEVEN MMU '41' K I ,J 4, 'x I 4 as Q22 BASKETBALL coum B,.,,jf,,e?,,ggi 2 ,iffy 'E' 1 B Pat O'Malley, Jean Anderson, Bobbie Ann Stonsbury J K Elsie Puryear lQueenJ, Donna Jean Appel, Patsy Williams. SNOW BALL COURT . J.f.f.- , W l VALENTINE QUEEN FEBRUARY LB, 1955 - Donna Appel lQueenJ. Court members: Becky Akers, Millie Cox, Deanna Hicks, Ellen Griffith, Pat Chambers, Rosalie Miller, Mary Alice Nowattnick, Beverly McCullough, Karen Foreman and Anne Lindsey. 65 JANUARY 2l, l955 - Pat Stansbury lQueenJ, Diane Boschert, Ada Mae Bowie, Gail Haynes, Judith Litton, Christine Dorr. Lj'i'ff! Lt', we B? , -J M2 I K, nj. Wm fu ' eit, L ' 'EMM 7' -v ii SPECIAL EVENTS Two groups of students visited the United Nations headquarters in New York this year. The first trip was token in the fall, and the second in the spring. The groups included: SEATED-lLefl' to rightl: J. Cross, S. Warren, C. Dan- ner, A. Chard, L. Shortt, R. Miller, L. O'Malley, Miss Collier, Mrs. Simmons Cescortsl. STANDING: J. Williams, D. Saia, G, Day, D. Chilcoat, K. Cunin, J. Chowanetz, D. Solyers, W. Villaescusa, G. Garrity. LEFT: Senior High Cheerleaders presented a pep rally before the big game with Annapolis. BELOW: The Army Field Band, under the direction of Capt. Birely, presented an assembly for the entire student body. 66 Q 2 i BACK ROW-lLeft to rightl: E. Wrzesinski, R. Pryor, R. Tackett, D. Jarboe, R. Kinder, Coach Carroll, R. Musick, C. Tipton, L. Ripley, F. Wheat. FRONT ROW: J. Meisel, W. Wyatt, C. Booker, V. Matson, J. Kimmett, D. Ahmuty, L. Boswell, F. Murphy, B. Miller, B. Donaldson, W. Baase. VARSITY SOCCER Headed by Coach Walter Carroll, the varsity soccer team, not being a strong offensive team was not, however, an easy push-over for any of Arundel's opponents. Only a total of seven goals in six games were scored against the home team, Although Arundel maintained possession of the ball the majority of the time, the extra punch to drive the ball into the goal was lacking throughout the season. With the majority of the squad returning next year, Arundel should make a fine showing in the county loop. For the greater part of his life, Coach Carroll has been associated with sports. While in college, he participated in football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. After college he was the property of the Boston Red Sox for whom he played minor league baseball. At Arundel he has coached soccer, basketball, and baseball, and we hope to have him here for many years. SEASON'S RESULTS Arundel 0 ...... ..... G len Burnie 2 Arundel 'I .... ..... A nnopolis 2 Arundel 2 ...... ..... B rooklyn Park 0 Arundel 'I .... ..... G len Burnie 2 Arundel 0 ...... ..... A nnapolis 'l Arundel 0 ...... ..... B rooklyn Pork 0 Couch Carroll 68 JUNIOR HIGH SOCCER TEAM WINS COUNTY TITLE SEASON'S RESULTS Arundel 4 ...... ...... G eorge Fox 'I Arundel 2 ...... ...... B rooklyn Park 'I Arundel 2 ....,, ...... G Ien Burnie 0 Arundel 'I ...... ...... A nnapolis 2 Coach Charles Williams Coming to the close of the i954-55 soccer season, the Junior High booters were on top with a fine record of three wins and one defeat. Under the excellent coaching of Mr. Williams and Gene Houghton, the team was able to clinch the county championship for Arundel. This was accomplished through the strong efforts and undying spirit showed by members of the team. Because of this fine record, it was possible to bring the trophy home to Arundel. Next year's team will have to work hard to match the record set Coach Gene Houghton by this Ye0"5 SCIU0d- BACK ROW-tLeft to rightl: J. Marchak, J. Ramsey, R. Carder, D. Smith, D. Boswell, G. Griffith, T. Vann, R. Vogan, A. Hoke. SECOND ROW: D. Cole, J. Coyne, T. Pokorny, J. Dacre, J. Grimes, Coach Williams, J. Buckmaster, D. Tucker, H. Issac, P. Darr. FRONT ROW: R. Daugherty, T. Green, C. Chaney, R. Bagley, D. Orsie, E. Bauer, M. Miskanic, J. Dorr, D. Musick, P. Hood. ix Coach Dunagan Coach Dunagan came to Arundel in l952 and assisted Mr. Carroll in managing the Varsity team. In l953 he coached the Junior Varsity to a very successful season, and, during the i954 season, he took on the task of coaching the Varsity team. Dur- ing the past season, he has worked hard in trying to impart his knowledge of basketball to the mem- bers of the squad. Af mat. 1 1 -Q- X : 2. x. . .1 sr rw' s a is 1 s x ,fm ew, ,, ,... i g .tif-ff l VARSITY SQUAD FIGHTS HARD Although the squad was plagued throughout the season with injuries and bad luck, it did not lack in fighting spirit. At the beginning of the season, it was believed that Arundel would be one of the toughest teams in the league, however, with Joe Tischer and John Durner's being ineli- gible, and with Vic Matson's being sidelined with an injured ankle, Arundel was unable to put on the floor a starting team with the experience which is necessary to win consistently. It must also be recognized that Arundel's schedule was com- posed almost entirely of Class "A" high schools, Aberdeen and Lackey were the only schools which were in the same class. We believe that our home game with Glen Burnie was our best. Team members worked very well with one another and the boys kept piling up the score. That night just seemed to be Arundel's. Next year, with experience in guard and center positions, and with help from this year's Jayvees, Arundel hopes to be tough competition. Charles WQBGQM Q53 , 'Y tufts Vie Mahon sw ...t .. -1. 5 . ,Q if . isfi- by , ..t. , 2755.1 'sl' pr. Fig.: ls -2' asf . t "-..2,.:w.s'f-' Aus J, gig.. 1 f NY. ' - it X-. . gt: , Q. ,K .. fin - swf- it ' ws s we ' .Q -, Frankie when M y K . s c X s, .g ss 134 1 W. . ,as :ttf - Q-S. . lil Millar lucky Murphy . . so . , . . ' .. ffffi . ,V . ,rw siflnli I -.:, g V L I gl :V any . . . .s.,k.- ,F -- ,s N - . -.43 f - . , ,..,f Z. .3 ,,, ..- xg 11 'r 4 ' K t es,-L-WM' ' K . M51 .Q f ' + fee. 'K - K .t: s..awi. -sk f- - THROUGH SEASON OF '55 Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel SEASON'S RESULTS 35 .....,..,,, High Point 43 35 ....... .,..... A berdeen 47 39 .....,. ....... B ladensburg 55 30 ....... ....... N orthwestern 43 61 ....,., ,,,.... A lumni 39 39 .....,, .,.,... H oward County 45 2' 7 53 ....... ,...... G len Burnie 42 33 ....,.. ....... A nnapolis 39 58 ..7.V,w ....... H igh Point 37 44 ,...... ...,,.. S outhern 29 37 ....... ....... G len Burnie 38 36 ....,.. .AA..., H oward County 37 40 .A..,.. eY,.,.. A nncpolis 50 39 .....V, ,.,.,.. S f. Anl'llony's 44 36 .....4. .,..,.. B lodensburg 44 41 .,..... ....... S t. Mory's 49 34 ....... ...... N orthwestern 48 36 .,.,,,, ,,V.... L ockey 44 54 ,e,.,ee .e,e,,. A berdeen 33 4 Duck Clulcoot Walter Boose John Maisel , Rolpll Pryor Louns Boswell JUNIOR VARSITY MAKES GOOD SHOWING IN '55 The Junior Varsity team under the coaching of Mr. Howard Sorrell enjoyed a very successful season by piling up a record of I4 wins and 5 losses-the best that Arundel's Jayvees have ever enjoyed. During the season, the team lost three first string players-one to the varsity and two because of injuries. Even though this weakened the team considerably, ev- eryone endeavored to give all that he had from the start to the finish in every game. This was the first year that the ninth grade boys were allowed to join the Junior Varsity squad. This should strengthen the varsity squad in the years to come. Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Arundel Left to right: Mr. Sorrell, A. Greene, J, Eliades, High Point 29 Aberdeen 20 Bladensburg 36 North Western 23 Howard County 16 Brooklyn Park 'IB Glen Burnie 36 .......Southern 14 Annapolis 23 High Point 'IB Glen Burnie 47 Howard County 24 Annapolis 32 St. Anthony's 'I3 Bladensburg 'I9 North Western 35 .......BrookIyn Park 34 Lackey 22 Aberdeen 33 W. Wilson, C. Booker, J. Morris, J. Chowanetz, D. Pearce, E. Gerstner, D .Ahmuty, R. Tackett D. Tucker J. Kimmett. FIRST ROW-lLeft to rightl: K. Fokman, E. Puryear, M. Cox, J. Gertz, C. Martin, P. Williams, J. Burgess, L. Shortt. SECOND ROW: B. Benton, J. Gray, J. Smith, C. Martin, P. Allen, C. Creamer, J. Howell, M. Chaney, B. Campbell, T. Stansbury. ARUNDEL SECOND IN COUNTY FIELD HOCKEY The fact that the girls' Field Hockey Team took second place in the county standing proves that Field Hockey was a successful replacement for field ball at Arundel. Throughout the season the girls displayed fine leadership and good sportsmanship by their endless efforts to win every game. The season started off with a brilliant defeat over Glen Burnie by a score of 3-0. The girls went on to tie Annapolis in both games. The only county defeat came when the Arundel girls dropped their second game to Glen Burnie by a score of l-O. Four members of the team were seniors, therefore, there is a bright outlook for the future Field Hockey Teams of Arundel. SEASON'S RESULTS Arundel Opponent September 23 September 30 October 5 October 13 October 'I9 October 21 Glen Burnie 0 Annapolis 0 Howard Co. 2 Glen Burnie 'I Howard Co. 0 Annapolis 0 Miss Kay Tarter has worked hard to develop the girls' team, and the girls consider her one of the best coaches in the county. 73 KNEELING-lLeft to righti: J. Gertz, G. Sines, C. Martin, E. Warfield, C. Martin, S. Taylor, P. Parsons, P. Allen, J. Burgess, S. Warren. SECOND ROW: T. Stansbury, B. Benton, M. Cox, A, Lindsey, B. Akers, N. Ward, D. Merson, J. Smith, P. Shoemaker, K. Stevens, S. Walker, N. Wiersema, B. Bermick, B. Campbell, Miss Tarter. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Behause of a large turnout for basketball, the favorite sport at Arundel, varsity and junior varsity teams were organized. The spirit and determination of the girls have marked them as one of the finest teams Arundel has put on the floor. They have had some very close games, and some bad breaks, but, they never gave up trying. The girls found that the spirit with which they played was a very important factor in each game. Arundel's forwards have broken some scoring records set by previous teams at Arundel, and Arundel's guards have learned the importance of teamwork. Next year the team will be striving for a more successful season and an eventual championship. SEASON'S RESULTS Rus aAsKsriaAii TEAM MANAGERS Arundel opponent Tlifww ' ' ' 'l""" December 'I6 l6 V Alumni 21 January 6 I9 V Glen Burnie 35 9 JV 'Glen Burnie 39 January ll 25 V Howard Co. 3'l 'l7 JV Howard Co. 22 January 'I4 38 V Southern 34 January 'l9 24 V Annapolis 33 58 JV Annapolis 32 January 28 34 JV Brooklyn 24 February 'I 26 V Glen Burnie 35 'l7 JV Glen Burnie 32 February 9 33 V Howard Co. 39 32 JV Howard Co. 29 February 'l5 28 V Annapolis 29 27 JV Annapolis 23 February 23 39 JV Brooklyn 38 I JUNIOR HIGH GIR SEASON'S RESULTS October 8 October 'I 2 October I 9 November 4 Arundel 0 2 4 0 Opponent George Fox Glen Burnie 8 2 Brooklyn Pk. 2 Annapolis 3 LS' FIELD BALL This team did not receive any high honors, nor did it make any big head- lines, but throughout the seoson, it showed good sportsmanship and some fine material with which to work in the future. The season opened with a bitter de- feat handed to them by George Fox by a score of 8-O. However, they did tie their biggest rival, Glen Burnie, by a score of 2-2. With the coming of next year's season the girls are looking for- ward to a better and more victorious season. KNEELING--lLeft to rightl: M. Foster, M. Lang, P. Stansbury, S. Parkey, N. Turner, D. Downs, S. Vaughn. SECOND ROW: B. Bermick, C, Ward, S. Puryear, C. Scott, R. Stonsbury, M. Suter, B. Meyers. THIRD ROW: M. L. Miller S Irving, D. Hensley, J. Smith, M. Cecil, M. Duvall, P. Dandreth. ABSENT: L. Edwards, B. Denton, J. Hebden. My K Snug.:- CHEERLEADERS Yea Greenl Yea White! That's the Cheer that you have heard many times at Arundel. The cheers during the i954-55 season were led by one of the best cheerleading squads in the county. The cheerleaders are under the supervision of Miss Donna McCord, who has aided the girls greatly in all they have done this year. The girls seem to have plenty of pep and energy at all the games. They did wonders for the morale of the boys, even when the score did not tum out in our favor. It has been said that the '54f55 Cheerleaders are the best in the entire history of Arundel. They introduced several new cheers that they had written. lLeH to rightl: Jo Smith, Dorcas Lucas CCoptain7, Alvenia Pruett, Beverly McCullough, Bobbi Regnier, Loretta Sham. 76 Q,-...-.-W ,. V Q QQf w-uv-.M 4. ...if aww in Nh, A,,.a L fr N' ..,, Q, '-ef' YN .5 K 'P .x - Q. . ,, Y f 5v if' Qf Sm 'wJ I I fn., .. . M., S c w..,.,. Vw, .. .W A-Q -f,m......h .. -...... -my-nm' - -M .V TRONS je WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE "Everything For The Automobile' Radios - Sport Goods - Paints Telephone: CO lonial 3-4323 140 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland 1 W. H. MILLER AND SON MEATS-GROCERIES-VEGETABLES Gambrills, Maryland Phone: South Shore 2063 LAUREL HARDWARE CO. 437 Main Street Parkway 5-1234 Laurel, Maryland BONNIE MAR SHOP Women's Wearing Apparel 7 Baltimore - Annapolis Blvd. N. W. Glen Burnie: 1580 Glen Burnie, Maryland 1 THE FARMERS SUPPLY 6' EQUIPMENT CO. 2024 West Street Annapolis, Md. Phones: 3-6624, 3-2920 INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATORS-FREEZERS-DISSTON SAWS-REO MOWERS Sterling Silver by STIEFF - GORHAM - TOWLE - KIRK - WALLACE INTERNATIONAL - LUNT - REED 8x BARTON - HEIRLOOM HAMILTON, ELGIN, and BULOVA WATCHES TILGHMAN coMPANY 44 STATE CIRCLE - - - ANNAPOLIS A. D. RIDEN ESI COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Paints - Hardware - Cement - Lime - Plaster - Wall Board Asphalt Shingles and Roll Roofing OFFICE AND YARD: PATUXENT STATION, P.R.R. C. 81 P. Phone: Central 8-4721 P. O. Odenton, Maryland C' 79 .S7Ul0l00l't your p 3 .A FOR CHILD WELFARE IN HOME, SCHOOL, CHURCH and STATE ' Ofhcm 1954- 1955 President ........... Vice President ....... 2nd Vice President ...,....... ------------Mr. John Evans - - -Mr. Walter Snyder -Mrs. Mabel H. Parker Recording Secretary .............. Mrs. Robert Suter Corresponding Secreta ry- - - - Financial Secretary- - - Treasurer--- Historian ----Mr. Wilbur Glenn -Mrs. Edwin Carpenter ----Mrs. Joseph Ryon Miss Eloise R. Godfrey THE ANNAPOLIS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Richer Milk in Space Saver Bottles Telephone: CO lonial 3-2345 Annapolis, Maryland TOYS WHEEL TOYS BICYCLES AUTO SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE and WESTERN AUTO ANNEX 24 Crain Hwy. Phone: Glen Burnie 1770 5 Central Ave. Glen Burnie, Maryland Everything for the Automobile HOHMAN J. POIST Frigidzgrizbgiaytag Wasszegsl- Emerson CHAMPION GENERAL STORE an . . . R di an eev'sion AlLMakgs of Eogtlgd C5113 gdves hmm' Maryhnd istri utors o att e as H. T. T 'tt' p , 360 Main Streoielephone aotaurel, Maryland GROCERIES rm Top ME-ATS C 0 I- I- I N S ARUNDEL RUG CLEANERS, INC. LAUNDROMAT Annapolis, Maryland CNII' Hi9I'WCY GMI 59" AYUIIUG Phone: COlonial 3-9135 Glen Burnie 343 See us before buying New Rugs N L I p M A N I 5 KITCHIN DRUGS, INC. Women's Wearing Apparel and Shoes Phone: Colonial 8'2211 172-174 Main St. Annapolis, Maryland 60 wut Suu' A""'P"i'f Mawhnd The Henry B. Myers Company, Inc. S7 J Phone: COlonial 3-2655 afa lllal' 5 Phone: COlonial 8-1882 APPAREL SHOP . 1714 W S . 49 lx ind Home Supplies Since I 164-166 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Bl Compliments Of Hein's Hardware Store New Address - 5 Baltimore 8. Annapolis Boulevard Thomas W. Singleton Richard V. Singleton SINGLETON FUNERAL HOME Glen Burnie, Maryland Phone: Glen Burnie 199 Phone ELK 537 Full Line of BUILDING MATERIAL JACOB'S GENERAL STORE QUALITY MERCHANDISE GROCERIES, MEATS, HARDWARE AND FEEDS Paints, Gas, Oil, Tires and Tubes Route 1, Box 15, Ridge Rd., Hanover, Md. WELL RINGS Only DODGE Builds "Job-Rated" TRUCKS EWELL MOTORS, INC. 22 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Glen Burnie, Maryland Wm. L. Ewell, President Bus: Glen Burnie 256 si Gfgww Res.: Severna Park 532 POLAN'S 50 TO 51.00 STORE, INC. "STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" Glen Burnie, Maryland Gambrills Tractor 8. Equipment Co. Route U. S. 301, Gambrills, Maryland Telephone: South Shore 3024 Sales and Service George J. Boschert Telephone: CO1onial 3-4678 RUTH SPECIALTY SHOP COATS - DRESSES - ACCESSORIES 161 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland FABRIC MART 232 Main St. Annapolis, Maryland Annapolis 8111 BOB'S GARAGE Crownsville, Maryland South Shore 4191 BERT SPRIGGS MOTOR SALES, INC. LINCOLN - MERCURY Annapolis, Maryland THE HECHT COMPANY 1127 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Phone: C0 lonial 3-2404 W. R. CHANCE AND SON Certified Watchmakers and Jewelers W. R. CHANCE 110 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Open a convenient cnarge account at R O B I N S O N ' S Nationally Famous Brands WEARING APPAREL - HOME FURNISHINGS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Open Monday, Friday and Saturday 'til 9 P. M. Glen Burnie, Maryland Strange 5' White, Inc. Headquarters for Young Men's Apparel Student Slacks - Sport Shirts - College Sweaters -- Corduroy Sport Coats 'I55-'I57 MAIN STREET Annapolis, Maryland Phone: Colonial 3-2821 F. W. Carlson R. D. Roane M. S. Welch Meredith-Roane Co., Inc. LUMBER - MILLWORK - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES P. O. Box 428 1712 West Street Annapolis, Md. Telephones: CO lonial 3-9287 -- CO lonial 3-9288 WILBURN'S SERVICE STATION Millersville, Maryland Your Sinclair Dealer Batteries Charged While You Wait Tires Batteries Tubes Good Year Phone South Shore 3025 INVEST YOUR SAVINGS IN BOWIE BUILDING ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED BOWIE, MARYLAND Interest-4M Annually Established 'I926 Frank A. Riden, Pres. Jessie W. Joyner, Sec. SOUTHERN STATES SERVICE CARR'S FARM SU PPLY Three-Mile Oak Annapolis, Maryland Attend Our Farm Demonstration Meetings and Free Farm Picture Shows Telephone: CO lonial 3-6604 l NX-S44 Feeds Farm Hardware Seeds Paints Fertilizer Roofing Your Problems Are Our Problems - So Call On Us CHARLES PA'rrERsoN FLORIST H A M I L T 0 N ' S 300 Crain Highway, S.W. St07'6 for Men Glell Burnie, MGFYIUINI 120 Baltimore In Annapolis Blvd. Phlmel Glen Burnie 96 Phone: Glen Burnie 1103 Phone: Glen Burnie 174-1402 Dial 981 G'E5 SHELL SERWCE NASH wzuamo co., mc. Complete Lubrication - Tires - Tubes Contractvrs of Boiler W0Tk and Batteries and Accessories Chastrgcuzgl Ste? h S. - UC 3. Cfllih l'li9llW6Y Millefwiller MUYYICIN Old Annapolis Road Glensiurnie, Md. HAPPY MOTORING starts at BEN JERMAN GULF SERVICE 1 Route No. 301 -- Garnbrills, Maryland may S Phone: South Shore 5776-Bus. rl ESSO SERVICENTER Phone: south Shore 5273-Home J J-J-'i wen sr. at Lnfnyene in colonial Annapolis, Ma. 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C" Expm Hai' Cutting BENl:ATh'llflJsF6'C,Il:I'ANEY BARBER sl-lop Insurance 0f'Au Kinds ' 5 926 Annapolis Road c?A'mnQl'fl.'g"r4a'iz'll.'ANo rim.: Calonlal a-ssss MEADE HEIGHTS INCGRPORATED ' MEADE HEIGHTS Fort George G. Meade, Maryland State Wide Mechanical Service HALLMARK HEATING CO. Sales and Service Furnaces - Oil or Gas Typevvyiteys .- Cash Registers DllCt WOI'k -- gl Gas Burners Adding Machines - Check Protectors Water Heaters Arbutus 1853 1239 Vogt Ave. Plume Elkridge 1242 - 109-51 Arbutus 27, Md. 5600 Main St. Elkridge, Md. GLEN BURNIE WEE-WASH-IT 218 Crain Highway, N.W. Leave Your Wash-We Do It Pick It Up Later Phone: Glen Burnie 1407-J Glen Burnie, Md. Open 7 A.M. CHARLES A. WHITTLE General Merchandise Odentan, Maryland Phone: Orchard 4-5131 Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat A P O N T I A C MARBERT MOTORS, INC. 261 West St., Annapolis, Md. Colonial 3-2335 DOVELL 8. WILLIAMS GARAGE One Stop Service-Care Saves Wear 217-223 Crain Highway, N.E. Glen Burnie 181 - 149 Glen Burnie 9, Md. DAVID'S CREDIT J EWELERS Teleizision - Appliances - Diamonds Watches - Silverware 355 Main Street Parkway 0733 FREDDlE'S HOBBY FAIR For All Your Model Supplies Glen Burnie's Original Hobby Center 16 Drumpoint Glen Burnie Glen Burnie 872 ALAN E. BARTON Gravel Building Sand Bituminous and Ready Mixed Concrete Supplies COLD SPRING LANE AND WESTERN MARYLAND RAILWAY Baltimore 15, Maryland Yard: Plant: Patuxent, Maryland Cold Spring Lane 8. W. M. R. R. Phone: Central 8-2506 Phone: LI berty 2-6210 LIGHT HOUSE Odenton, Maryland Compliments of: CHAN EY'S TRUCK CENTER TAUBER'S AMOCO SERVICE Camp Meade Road Linthicum Heights, Md. Telephone: Linthicum 273 CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF LAUREL Laurel, Maryland Compliments of WRIGHT CONTRACTING CO. Stevenson's Hi-Way Flower Shop 410 Gov. Ritchie Hwy. Phone: Glen Burnie 1780 Glen Burnie, Maryland Quality - Artistry - Dependability Compliments of NEPTUNE RESTAURANT 1400 Annapolis Rd. JOHN L. REIMSNIDER General Merchandise Phone Elkridge 336-R Dorsey, Maryland FOX'S CHILDREN APPAREL "From Heaven to Seven to Fourteen" 108 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. Phone: Glen Burnie B2721 HENRY I. DODGE Groceries and Refreshments Herald Harbor Md STlEGLER'S Flower and Gift Shop Flowers and Gifts For All Occasions Phone Elkridge 227R Margie E. Stiegler Jessup, Maryland Compliments of H E N K E L ' S Annapolis Junction, Maryland POLAN'S Sc to 51.00 STORE, INC. "Store of Friendly Service" Laurel, Maryland POLAN-BREWER Furniture Co., lnc 26 West Street Annapolis, Maryland 3 Entrances Your Neighborhood Drugstore ODENTON PHARMACY 1 LONG'S GROCERY Gamlnills, Maryland South Shore 4121 RIDGEHAVEN DINER Wash. Blvd. at Meadowridge Rd. Strictly Home Cooking Surprise Us and Drop In!! Elluidge 28lM Prop. Wm. I. Widerman For Yo ur Stationery and Gift JENKINS, INC. 185 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland Dial 2200 Needs 90 GAS OIL LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES General Auto Repairing BARROW'S SERVICE STATIONS ROAD SERVICE Two Locations: Annapolis Road East of Bridge 15th Annapolis Road at Meade Heights Phone: Odenton 3081, 6771, 5471 Compliments of THE HOPKINS FURNITURE COMPANY One of the Largest Displays of Furniture, Floor Covering and Bedding in Maryland Telephone Service: Colonial I23-25-27 Main Street - 4511 or 7961 Annapolis, Maryland GIFTLAND JEWELERS 122 Crain Highway, N.W. Glen Burnie, Md. STIEFF - GORHAM - INTERNATIONAL WALLACE and HEIRLOOM STERLING Maytag - R.C.A. - Servcl - Kclvinator Westinghouse GLEN JEWELRY 8. APPLIANCE CO. 20 CRAIN -HIGHWAY E. W. Bratcher, Prop. Glen Burnie 615 FAMILY SHOE STORES "Featuring a Complete Line of Shoes For Everyone . . . " "BOB SMART" Shoes for Men- UFASHIONED-FIT" Shoes for Women- "RED GOOSE" SHOES for Children- "KEDS" 8: "P.F.'s" for All the Family- Watches - Rings - Luggage - Silverware Clocks - Wallets THE COLUMBIA JEWELRY CO. Watch Repairing - Jewelry Repairing Phone: C0 3-351 Optical Department 138 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland I SEARS ESSO STATION Bi GARAGE Tires - Batteries - Accessories General Repair Work Expertly Done Q Lubrication Telephone: Orchard 4-4161 Odenton, Maryland I JOE SASS SHELL STATION AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS Dorsey and Ridge Roads Hanover, Maryland Telephone Elkridge 458-W4, 930-W GOOD LUCK - '55 FAMILY SHOE STORES I Annapolis and Glen Burnie, Md. 5 Phone: South Shore 3081 ARUNDEL AUTO SERVICE J. G. DEINLEIN 8: SONS GAS - OIL - ACCESSORIES Points - Condensers - Brushes - Coils Crain In General Hwys. Millersville, Md. 9l Compliments of DR. A. FRANK SIDLE and DR. P. R. KROSER DEN TISTS 8 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard, N.E. Phone: Glen Burnie 151 Glen Burnie 9, Maryland Phone Annapolis South Shore 4000 RETAIL TAYLORED TU RKEYS PRESLEY TAYLOR, JR. GAMBRILLS, MARYLAND LAUREL FABRIC SHOP Dress and Decorator Fabrics By The Yard DRAPERIES - SLIPCOVERS 15 C Street Parkway 5-2380 DORR'S CORNER Millersville, Maryland SOUTH SHORE 5691 ARUNDEL LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS West Street and SPA Road Annapolis, Maryland Telephone: COlonial 3-2343 MEADE SELF-SERVICE MARKET Near Fire House Odenton, Maryland A. M. Lanowitz, Prop. Compliments of POST TV ODENTON LOAN COMPANY Odenton, Maryland H. M. PROUTT Gas and Oil Distributor Gambrills, Maryland Phone: Colonial 3-9408 DIVISION CLEANING 8- TAILORING 1500 Annapolis Rd. Odenton, Md. SERVICE CHARACTER The Studemgls Chapter o THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP 92 SEVERN MARYLAND 24 Hour Towing Service LEEDY BROTHERS Minor to Major Repairing GAS - LUBRICATION - WELDING DUMP TRUCKS - Contract - Hire Day - CRAIN 833-J-'I Nite - CRAIN 559-J-5 QQ, Sales Service ODENTON T.V. 8. RADIO TELEVISION AND RADIO Annapolis Road and 5th St. Phone Orchard 2-2351 Nights Sz Holidays Crain 788-W2 --....,.- .,, K GORDON'S Cleaners and Tailors Annapolis Road and 9th Street Odenton, Maryland 93 Compliments of DORR'S SERVICE STATION and DORR'S DRIVE IN South Shore: 5651 - 4212 Crownsville, Maryland THE J. F. JOHNSON LUMBER CO. Lumber - Millwork - Paint Hardware - Building Supplies - Appliances Glen Burnie, Md. Annapolis, Md. Brookwood Drive Inn Restaurant 24 HOUR SERVICE BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER SERVED Millersville, Md. South Shore 3080 SUPREME FURNITURE COMPANY Glen Burnie Nationally Advertised Furniture - Bedding - Rugs - Appliances WHERE YOU PAY LESS FOR THE BEST Biggest Discounts . . . Lowest Prices Open Friday and Saturday 'til 9 P.M. Open Daily 9:30 to 5:30 P.M. FREE DELIVERY Glen Burnie 2177 VANCE'S SHELL SERVICE X 308 OLD ANNAPOLIS ROAD Glen Burnie, Maryland 1 Support JESSUP P. T. A. HELP YOUR CHILD BRANDENBURG'S STORE Compliments of Groceries - Meats Gas - 01' and Feed Mun: PHARMACY Gambrill's, Maryland WHITMORE'S RESTAURANT For Fine Foods and Good Service Odenton, Maryland Odenton 6811 Sai MID-CITY CHEVROLET SALES, INC. 501-503 WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Chevrolet Sales - Service - Parts LAUREL, MARYLAN D Parkway 5-2700 95 GROCERIES - MEATS - DRY GOODS GAS - DR UGS DRAKE3 CLOVER FARM Stony Run C7 Ridge Rood Hanover, Md. Phone: Elkridge 188 STORE Esso Esso Oil Burners BROS., Heating P. O. Box 37 GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND COAL, FUEL OIL and BURNER SERVICE SALES and SERVICE Phone: G.B. b L L J gg 5 Nxg-ht 1200-1-2 ' ' G.B. 1204 un wk me 1, 5 Famous Automatic Reading Coal Anbhracite Sff0k6rS "Doubling Our Efforts to Please" 96 BGOSTERS Alice and Ruby CWO Cr Mrs. R. N. Allen Ana and Charles Col. G' Mrs. R. S. Anderson Carole Andrews Ann and Gene Anna and Susan Anne Arundel Star Newspaper Donna Appel Arlene and Louise Judy Arms Arundel Library Augusta Beauty Salon Mr. 6' Mrs. Baily Mr. Cr Mrs. Baldwin Donnie Ball Betty Jeon and Beverly Ann Barber Robert A. Basil Mrs. R. S. Beaver Arthur Bennanzar Beverly Benton Donald Benton Mr. and Mrs. Francis Beatty Mary Beatty Miss Marie Biggs Billy and Betty Billy and Bob Billy and Charlotte Bill and Dottie Bill and lmp Lee Bird Mrs. Violet Bird Bob and Linda Mr. and Mrs. James H. Botts, Jr. Norman Botts Mr. Cr Mrs. Herbert Boyer N. B. Brobey Deanna Brown Deanna Brown Deanna Brown Mr. Cr Mrs. John Brown Judy Bruce Bucky and Sue Mr. Bucky Bus Driver Emit Buettner Bug and Soapie Mr. Cr Mrs. Frank Burgess, Jr. MfSgt. fr Mrs. A. M. Burnickas Mr. 6' Mrs. Basil Burton Butch and Cherry Mr. fr Mrs. Grover Bussey Harry and Carl Mr. J. F. Carlton Carol and Pete Bruce Carpenter Mr. G Mrs. W. E. Carroll Kenneth Carter Mr. Cr Mrs. V. B. Carter Belle Cassady Mrs. Mildred R. Celia Mr. fr Mrs. G. C. Chance Anne Chard Chester and Libby Bob Chiles Mr. 6' Mrs. Elbert Clark Mr. Cr Mrs. J. L. Clayton Baby Pam Cline SXFC Cv Mrs. Teddy Cline Miss Cole Compliments of 7-A Compliments of 9-B Compliments of l0-A Connie and Johnny Carol Constant F. Cortina Charles Wade Cox Mr. 6' Mrs. John E. Cox Millie Jane Cox Mr. Relva Cox Mrs. Charles Creamer Charlotte Creamer Mr. 6' Mrs. Danza Connie J. Danza Ronald Daury Chief Davey Mrs. Davis Mr. Joseph Day Mrs. K. Dell Carol and Judy Dennis Ruby Denton Dick's Confectionery Miss Dinkins Dorothy and Donald Estelle Donaldson Larry Donaldson Mr. G Mrs. Loren Donaldson and Judy Audrey Dorr Joseph Dorr Marjorie Dorr Paul Dorr, Jr. Theresa Dorr Mr. J. A. Dorsey BOCDSTE James Dunagan Mrs. Viola Durner Mr. 6' Mrs. Charles Eckman Mr. Cr Mrs. J. Eggerl Mr. fr Mrs. R. C. Eliff Englehart Mrs. Virgie Sandra Eutsler Carol Evans Mr. Cr Mrs. Evans Evergreen Restaurant Winifred Fairall Fay and Jean Fink Funeral Home Roberta G. Forney Dolores Franklin Mr. fr Mrs. T. D. Franklin Gambrills Athletic Club Auxiliary George Garrity Ed Gerstner Gertie and Jean Joan Gertz and Linny Sherbert Gibbons' Texaco Mr. 6' Mrs. Walter G. Gies Nancy Gitlin Glen Burnie Stationers Mr. Glenn Glenny and Mr. Cr Mrs. John Goedeke Mr. Cr Mrs. L. Golden Mr. C1 Mrs. F.F. Graham Frank Graziano Al Greene Mr. Cr Mrs. A. G. Griffith Jean Griffith Sara Griffith Mr. G Mrs. John J. Grimm Mr. 6' Mrs. L. Rodger Harman Hauswald Bread May Headridge William N. Heck CWO 8 Mrs. Heid Mr. Cr Mrs. Carrol Heil Mr. Cr Mrs. Joseph Heine Maynard Hendershot Mr. fr Mrs. Paul Hill Mrs. Ann Hobbs Dorothy N. Hull Donald lhrig Meg Jackson Donald Jarboe Jim and Helen Jeffrey Norman 98 RS Mr. Er Mrs. R. M. Jerman Jimmy and Ellen Joe, Rob, Fudd, and Joe Mr. C1 Mrs. Harvey Johnson Betty Sue Jordan Miss Rose Kadan Maj. Samuel B. Kaplan Miss Mary Kasda Mr. Joseph Kasda Kathy and Jim Mrs. Olga B. Kelbaugh Jan Kirchner William and Mrs. Kiritz Mrs. Harold Lane :iMr. Alton Leatherbury Eleanor and Dee Leight Mr. fr Mrs. Leight Linda and Edith Adrien Litton Judy Litton Mr. Cr Mrs. Lockert Lorraine and Jerry CWO Cr Mrs. A. C. Lucas, Mr. 6' Mrs. George Luzier Lydia and Bruce P. D. Manlin Marthook Virginia Martin Mary Lee and Jimmy Mazzie and Ronnie Mr. 6 Mrs. J. E. McEalhern James Mclntosh Mr. McMahon Me and Me Too, '54 and '55 Col. fr Mrs. J. A. Meisel Jr. Lt. Mr. Henry Melling Mr. C1 Mrs. Norman Melling Mr. fr Mrs. Joseph Melman Billy Meyer Mr. G Mrs. Schubert R. Meyer Pat Milkavitch Millie and Kenny Catherine Miller Deanna Miller Mr. G' Mrs. Julius Miller Rosalie Miller Mr. fr Mrs. Joseph Milwicz Mr. C1 Mrs. Joseph Milwicz, Jr Mrs. Thomas Mixon George Murphy Jessie Musick . BCDOSTERS Nancy and Diane Norman and Eileen Mr. 8 Mrs. Jimmy Ogden Ohlson Studios Mr. Cr Mrs. Burnice Owens Pat and Buddy Peg and Art The Perrons Pete and Carol Phelps Cleaners and Dyers Podsie and Mary Mr. 6' Mrs. A. Pokorny Tony Pokorny C and L Press Willie and Mazie Pumphrey Ray and Sharon MfSgt. 6' Mrs. Robert Reid Mrs. Anna Renaudo Anne Renaudo W. C. Rice Sandy Ringler Catherine Ripley Mr. 8 Mrs. F. A. Robb Sally Robb L. E. Roby Mr. Rodger Billy Rose J. Edward Rose Ronnie and Carolyn Rudisill Brothers Rusty and Dottie Eleanor, Elbin and Hope Ryals Mr. Er Mrs. James Salyers A. F. Sanner, Jr. Maj. fr Mrs. A. Scarpitta Miss Janet Schatz Mrs. J. H. Schnell Dr. Robert Schwartz Mary Jane Scott Mrs. Theresa Scott Mr. Cr Mrs. Martin Sears Raymond Sears Sharon and Bobby The Smart Shoppe Charles Sillaman Mr. 6' Mrs. Charles Sillaman Mr. C1 Mrs. Blaine Sines C. B. Sines Mr. G Mrs. Donald Sines Mr. fr Mrs. Ralph Sines Mr. G' Mrs. Silas Sines, Jr. Virginia and Ernie Sines Anne Smith Charles Smith Mr. G Mrs. Willie Smith Smitty and Sharon Sonny and Shirley Howard M. Sorrell Mr. George Sterling Mrs. Betty Stern Mary and Lewis Stiller Mary Lee Strahorn Puday Sulin Mr. 6' Mrs. Victor Sulin Mary Stuer Mr. Cr Mrs. Robert L. Suter Mr. Cr Mrs. James Tackett, Sr James Tackett Raymond Tackett Sylvia Tackett Miss Tarter Norma Jane Taylor Taylored Turkeys Mr. Cr Mrs. Thompson Mr. fr Mrs. Joseph Thompson Wendell Thompson Tip Top Bread Nancy Turner Mr. Cr Mrs. Frank Twardowski Perry Vanscoy Mr. Cr Mrs. F. A. Villaescuso Warren Villaescuso Fran and Julie Westervelt Mr. fr Mrs. Emory Wilburn Mr. 6' Mrs. C. Williams Jean Williams Mrs. Mary Williams Pat Williams Sherry Ella Williams Warren E. Willner Judith Wilson John Wilt Mr. Cr Mrs. Edward Wrzesinski Miss HelenWrzesinski Mr. E1 Mrs. Leonard Wrzesinski Mr. Cr Mrs. Clyde Wynne Jerry Yarbrough Madge Gardner Young Lt. Col. G Mrs. R. A. Young, Jr David Zuknick 1 'Q Q. I - . X 5 . fig .-I F YA: gas? I F131 .R Q 9? v x .v Q i abil M . QQ im Au1oGRAPHs xv, 1 f Qflffuwk 3535 ff W Q A My ' 52 wwS5UM :gg 0 M! Jw 6 K W N My in W M tl, , 1!i,i7,7K Nav 'W ND ,, J " ,fx 1 mn in 4 'LAP Vip 3-FA: Tm - X 'Q N xx x T . ya NH xx NX M W11J ' , W7 3 VX ' MMM W 1 if 1,'T'?x ' Nj, CM X fi X is AW MM f 4 li Q-.-A-TQ, L, I A ffl WYZMJW WW fx? M5231 TX if ogfxf A X 13 A Mlligww si ftp' i ,gn 2 A ' W x 'R Ji JJX3 WQZRN J ' 'X w V . - ,JW V ' ff Qi gf Qwwwffp W Q yv3'Xj"52'X' if fic t I ,,Q5'1' fSy 159' ' A-YN Q, - 'fav fy Pi?-M" Mig? g 4 ' ' -f X, pz,,.,4y-af' - 'K icky, fo - ,JD Q74 QM W Mffd mjy , r if , ' . to ITN if vw 5 1 N' AVP V un ,, , 1 in ' Lyn! 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Suggestions in the Arundel High School - Panorama Yearbook (Gambrills, MD) collection:

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