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43' Jwgffeyfj S 12732 Ax ,7?,jWfW5ifffv IN X , 2, M QF '1:.,. fb F-.Q WZ N ep ' D NY Y fc if y 'QM C4 M WW My H awww My Nia WW W f .. ,Sy jf XX' fwfpfgioq W G5 .WM Quik 4gw9'Q , 4 MMQAZX W wig? f nw fi fl. dixwwwfw Jw ,fXw ---W v .---uv--Y ,, V. Ywvw- ------v --.-----W'-, raw- v-- -V if .T Y -.-,W-..,,, W W-vm, Y,,,, ,,,,.. , Y--F , Q W wan, vi' fy Q . ,IW 6 I, ,Na ?5-Esx ffxs f J' WH X , Wwivnifwwwf- NPN ,YN 1 JM, mf is Q yy, is J 5 1 if L, E? ,af S232 Bmw Mir E1 'wwf W A,,W' MMT? My ,ig 'v A -.J BNURA Y 4 1952 ARUNDEL ,I ior-Senior High Sch G b ll M yl -l l 3 1 '02 GC! 'W 'nw DEDICATION Mrs. Helen Hill ---if -" ,! ff ' i' .V ""-if?" Z . fi nffi-"L24..-,tf-vt, ,,,. fl jiyi.---' X 'C ki "" A ff To express our sincere appreci- ation ano adnfiiration for their patient assistance in the pub- lication of this annual, we, the "Class of 1952" dedicate PAN- ORAMA to: Mrs. Jo Foster Mrs. Helen Hill Their willingness, friendship, loyalty, and cooperation will long be remembered by our class. 2 I'S. 1- o , 5 Qi? 'T 50? 4. Jo Foster f I 5-L 55---Cl 'Xa IN MEMORIAM 4'-'fs wr v f ci - " M . if . A Q . F 1 HARRY FEITZ In appreciation and memory of a swell friend. X His laughing manner and grand person- ality made him a friend to all who knew him. We know he will long be remember- ed by his classmates at Arundel High School. Life is real! Life is earnest And the grave is not its goal, Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of timeg Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again. Let us, then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate , Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. From A Psalm of Life By Henry W. Longfellow 3 FOREWKHH We, the PANORAMA Staff, have work- ed diligently for an entire year, to capture the memories of your high school life. Our greatest hope is that this book will be symbolic of your high school days. Look back through these pages when you have "gone and been forgotten with the rest," and may you feel that: "When time, who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures, too, The mem'ry of the past will stay, And half our joys renew." Thomas Moore CONTENTS Faculty . . . . 5 Activities . . . . . Seniors ..9 Sports....... Other Classes . . . . . 35 Advertisements 4 FACULTY "' 'K LR I I ii ' In . Q LA F is I Q 'Q F, 4... M L fr I 'f ' . I , ,. . .P 3. sy ,f li, fr rr! N- , KF If: ' 2 MISS P. ARMSTRONG MISS B. BARNHART MR. F. BONNOTTE MR. W. CARROLL MISS R. COLLIER MR. I. DUNNAGAN Home Exconomics Core Math Physical Education Library Core X . S 3 Q wh 3 ,Q NN S.. A ., mb. I MRS. J. FOSTER MRS. R. FORNEY MR. I. GIFFORD MRS. E. GODFREY MR. F. GRAHAM MRS. D. HAMILTON English Core Industrial Arts Core Core H Home Economics . ,dill he r I U N - , 4 3, .ay is in I M . ,Q-QW? I fr 2 ., QQ , -Q' . 2 "Ulf 'A 5 L . as . 1 W ' f ki B 1' MR. R. HIGGINS MRS. H. HILL MR. C. JUBB JR. MR. D. KENNEDY U MR. E. KNAPP MISS L. LONG Music Commercial Vocational Agriculture Core Guidance Counselor Science MRS. MABEL H. PARKER Principal fr' gg 42 ' MRS. B. WOOD Secretary 'ilfi r 7 74' ' U MRS. M. MARSHALL MRS. C. MARTIN Art Music ' -VN 1 .,,, MR. E. NORTON MRS. P. ORR Driving Physical Education - 'f' " 'Vs .of '- fgg, gl, f Nu- x l.. K MISS D. STERNER MISS K. TARTAR Commercial Physical Education Q- MR, L. JOHNSON Plant Engineer FACULTY v ia I+ A E AI r JJ? J ,! , MRS, F, MIDDLETON Home Economics K MR. R, MEYER MR, E, MICHEL Physical Education Industrial Arts aw . . ,en gg- A I-' I 5 fi Q. 'Calf' 5 V MR. J. PARLETT JR. MR. C, RUDY MR. W, SHANNON Core Math History 3 F 5 55 an 49 467. I A 5 l- MRS. N. THUMEL MRS. S. WANNER MR. C. WILLIAMS Science English Core . E A ,.,.. v, Miss B. MITCHELL Core I? rg --A Tv ,af 4 , MRS. C. SIMMONS History 5 1-4 ' if wild MR. L. ZA ENGLE Core ac. MR, JESSE L. CLAYTON Vice-Principal 7 1952 MA AN A STAFF rf. .1 . ,V 2,2 FIRST ROW: Left to Right: A. Eckman,A. Ahmuty,J. Miller, B.Ringgo1d, T. Sills-Sports Editor, L. Dove- Editor, J. Rice-Business Manager, F. Jones-Literary Editor, H. Wrzesinski, S. Shine, I. Wheat, L. Shipley. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Hill-Sponsor, B. A1len,C. Hessinger, S. Burkins, B. Thompson, E. Warner, E. Donaldson P. Pumphrey, S. Danza, A. Hicks. THIRD ROW: K. Fields, I. Martin, J. Latvanas, Mrs. Foster-Sponsor 8 so ,M . as L 2,36 ,, K Ngg' Y ,gr as A . 'QI' . 1 i gg Rr ' 5112 I f A sg ,I 2 .QQ 'Ph' xv ' , 1 vi s-.Q 5 gig 2 Y F- "f , ffm .L,. v, , ki? 4. A :,., lim M. 1 ,, .. xg?-533 V534 "Aiki- my JEAN Jeanie ANDERSON Gambrills A V S o H,R. 35 V1 A I 1, fl I 4-4' "-'lf N 7'- A l - -' 'Q' if ' X l U 4 . ll 7 5 f fri. ALICE AHMUTY Odenton Academic "PANORAMA" 45 N,l-LS. 3,45 Head Nurse 45 Shamrock 35 Fieldball3,45 Basketball 3,4 :TR ' 'EE' F f SUSAN "Sue" BIRMINGHAM Jessup Commercial "PANORAMA" 45 N,H.S. 3,45 Student Council 35 Pres. of l-LR, 35 Sports Club 3,45 Fieldball 3,45 Basketball 45 Volley Ball 4 lO BETTY ANNE ALLEN Crownsville HPANORAMA 4 Dancing 3 74-J I gui' ,JJ ",,-5" 7f'ff 3 'V' L? DONALD "Don" BLACKWELL Hanover General B.A.A. 3g Basketball 3,4g Baseball 3,4 SUE CAROL BURKINS Harmans Academic "PANORAMA" 4g N,H,S. 3,4g Sec. of l-I. R. 43 Sec. of Jr. Class 3g Shamrock 3,4 0-lv ,nan s9"" as W" f"'4""!' ball 3 MAURICE "Moe" COALE Crownsville General F,F,A. 3,45 Visual Aid 3g Checkers and Horse Shoes 4 o 3 Q Qi! -:"' I sd , 'K ' s DOROTHY "Dot" CHANEY Gambrills Commercial Nursing 49 Art 33 Volleyball 3g Basket- 3 F K. A 5 L 'A L X V . M . . 4 W f li ol me it f ei SHIRLEY "Shir1" DANZA Severn Commercial "PANORAMA" 4: Shamrock 3 CHARLES WM. COLE Gambrills Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 3,4g B.A.A. 35 Boys Officiating Club 45 Soccer 3,4g Baseball 3,4 -114 LEONARD CRAWFORD Odenton General Visual Aids 3,4g Glee Club 4 DORIS "Dot" DAY Jessup Commercial "PANORAMA" 4g Glee Club Sec. 3,43 Dramatics V.P. 4 I2 'vgi' LEWIS DOVE Gambrills ' Academic "PANORAMA" EDITOR 45 Sec. 3g N.H. S. 3,4: Band 3,4 ESTELLE DONALDSON Crownsville Commercial "PANORAMA" 4g Square Dancing 3 A '-Sf f'i:"F' Av... far" 1-vs ,1 R. aff, IDA JANE DICKERSON Hanover Commercial Home Ec. 45 Dancing 3 DONALD D'ELIA Fort Meade Academic Band 45 Glee Club 4g Transferred from Dickinson, NJ. 13 RICHARD FORNEY Cro Vocational Agriculture F.F,A. 3,4 ROBERT "Bob" DOWNS Gambrills Vocational Agriculture F,F.A. 3,4g Baseball 4 . ,, ga PM. A wnsville f WILLIAM "Bill" GERTZ Crownsville Vocational Agriculture F.F,A, 3,4 I4 KENNETH "Kenny" FIELDS Jessup Academic "PANORAMA" 4g Glee Club 4g off. of H.R.g B.A.A. 3g Soccer 4 'mf' kg 3 K Q' "J pw lv EILEEN "Lee" GIES Herald Harbor General Glee Club 3: Dramatics 4 Q K. ,fr MARGARET "Elaine" GRIFFITH Severn Commercial -ii 7 Square Dancing 3g Sports 45 Softball 45 ' Basketball 3.4 , ...D ,vi 1 0,0 -ui' 'ng , SARA "Sally" GRIFFITH Harmans Commercial Art 4g G,A,A. 3 MILDRED HARRIS Fort Meade Academic Dramaticsflg Transferred from Woodrow Wilson High School 15 '1 P CONSTANCE HESSINGER Severn Academic "PANORAMA" 45 Shamrock 3,45 Field- ball 3 is ALICE HIC KS Odenton Commercial "PANORAMA"4g Sec. of I-LR. 33 Sham- rock 3 HENRY HOLLINGSWORTH Jessup ' 417+ Commercial if Glee Club 4: Dancing 3 ,vm in 3 iw I P HARVEY "Cowboy" IHRIG Odenton Vocational A griculture F.F.A. 3,4 16 A w A . ' K1 .. .,,1 ,K u J fo -L 51,31 i l FRANCES "Franny" JONES Severn Commercial "PANORAMA" 45N,H,S, Pres. 3,45 Glee Club 35 Treas, of Jr, Class 35 Student Council Sec. 45 Booster Club Sec. 3,45 Basketball 35 Softball 35 Fieldball 3 DENNIS JUDY Crownsville General Art 45 Phys, Ed, 35 V,P, of Jr, Class 35 Pres. of Sr, Class 45 Pres. of l-LR, 3,4 'R LQ! ,gulf .,,4,-v ' -4 irfj' ,I ""'l f 1 s w 1' 2 A - . tw? JEANETTE LATVANAS Jessup "P" Commercial "PANORAMA" 45 Glee Club 3,45 Art 4- -,vw Treas. of I-LR, 35 Basketball 3 ' JAMES "Marty " MARTIN Severn Academic "PANORAMA" 45 Shamrock 35 B,A,A, 35 Sec, of Sr, Class45 Soccer 3,45 Basket- ball 45 Baseball 3,4 I7 x Y l' 1 PETER "Pete" MCNAMARA Crownsville Academic Shamrock 35 Dramatics 4 JANE "Boots" MILLER Severn Commercial PANORAMA 44 Pres. of H.R. 4g Majorettes 35 Fieldball 45 Softball 3,4g Basketball 3,4 'ki NANCY "Ray" MOONEY Hanover Commercial Glee Club 33 Dramatics Sec. 4 BERNARDINE "Dean" NEHRING Millersville General G.A.A. 3,4g Shamrock 4g Volleyball 3,45 Basketball 3,49 Fieldball 3,4 CHARLES 'Tut O HARA Gambrllls .A.3 FA4VPOfSrCbi , SHIRLEY Sklzz OLESEN Fort Meade Home Ec 4 Baakethall 4 Transferred from ,gr vis I JAMES Danny PI-IIPPm Qamhrxlls "Wir 4 fx 1,- WILLIAM B111 PHIPPS Gambrllls ,Q Vogatlonal Agrlculture 'O 'V' Band3 FFA Treas 34 4, ,f Qs I , Q.-an if PEGGY "Peg" PUMPHREY I-larmans Commercial "PANORAMA" 4g N,H,S, 3,4 Sec., v,P, of l-l,R. 45 Art 4, G,A,A, ,zz- '-'ir JOHN "Peter Wheat" RICE Millersville A., Academic "' 3 "PANORAMA"4g N,H,S. 3,41 Booster N Club Pres. 3,43 Baseball 3,4g Soccer 3, ' 4: Basketball 3,45 B.A.A. 3 "N -f DALE RENSHAW Fort Meade Academic Home Ec, 4, Transferred from Turkey BEVERLY "Bev" RINGGOLD Severn Academic "PANORAMA" 4: N,l-LS, 3,43 Booster Club Sec. 3 Treas. 45 Glee Club 3, Student Council 3,4 'Cv'- ERNEST "Ernie" SINES Harrnans K 5' Vocational Agriculture F,F,A. 3,4 E VERA "Woo Woo" SLATER Odenton Commercial Photography 33 Nursing 4 RS 'VN for -fx ,qw MARILYN "Joby" SNYDER Fort Meade Academic Dramatics 4: Baseball 45 Basketball 4: Transferred from Columbus, Ohio 4 HELENE "Susie" SOMMER Gambrills General Shamrock 45 Glee Club 3g G,A,A, 4g Fieldball 45 Softball 3,4 L , SUVAN "Sue" SHINE Fort Meade 'Q' 'WK Academic PANORAMA 4g Booster Club V.P. 3,45 Cheer- leader 3,45 Shamrock 4 LOIS "Lulu" SHIPLEY Hanover Commercial PANORAMA 45 Booster Club 3,4g Art Club 33 Fieldball 35 Basketball 3 4:4 .15 . fb GRAHAM SHOEMAKER Odenton Academic """"'l'Qr Student Council 3,4 Pres.g V.P. H.R.g B.A.A. 3,4g Soccer 4g Basketball 43 Baseball 4 'Q' TOMMY "Tom" SILLS Fort Meade Academrc Q PANORAMA 4: Booster Club 3,4g B.A.A. 3, V Shamrock 45 H.R. Off. 45 Basketball 3, 4g ,me Baseball 3 4 ,4 . I aw I , :ji 4 -ah 9 . V if A ,R ilfi-r',1'ii:5" 3 rx fu -" . -again.: .. X I iff V 22 A vs' A ' 3,3 A .. . Ai 1 A o ,.,. A L - , 07 . - .46-3' I I 3 JOHN STEWART Fort Meade 1 General Glee Club 4g Dramatics 4: Baseball 4 5 ,, ,, ARTHUR "Curley" STUBBE Gambrills "K ' Vocational Agriculture Q 4 F. F. A. 3,4 ' U '- Yi Qu A COLVERDE "Sonny" TESTER Gambrills Vocational Agriculture savanna? " ball 4 BETTY JUNE "Lefty" THOMPSON Gambrills General PANORAMA 45 G,A,A, 3,41 Shamrock 45 Fieldball 3,4g Basketball 3,45 Softball 3,4 23 PANORAMA 4:F.F.A. 3,4g Soccer 4: Basket- W 1 ww 'ff' General .t,,,-"' 3 B 4 SQ QM ELIZABETH "Liz" WARNER Gambrills THELMA "Toots " THOMPSON Gambrills Shamrock 45 G,A,A, 4g Glee Club 3: Fieldball 45 Softball 35 Basketball 4 ROBERT "Bob" WARD Millersville Vocational Agriculture F.F.A. 3.4 Commercial "PANORAMA" 45 Dancing 3 GERTRUDE "Ann" WASSELL Severn General G,A,A, 4gG1ee Club 3 24 'T 40 "5 :qv Nd' JANEY WHEAT Severn Commercial "PANORAMA" 4: N,H,S, 3,43 Glee Club 35 Fieldball 33 Basketball 35 Softball 3 JAMES "Whiz" WHISMAN Severn Commercial Dancing 33 Dramatics 4 xx inf ZR nw, Y' - .7 wb"-wiv i .v v 5. is hm w s':i"v'i.?'f' LARRY "Birdie" WHITT Fort Meade General Transferred from St, Petersburg, Florida SAM "Butch" WOLFORD Odenton General - Q' Visual Aids 3,4 li xx 1 1 HELEN WRZESINSKI Severn Commercial PANORAMA 4: N.H.S. 3,45 Glee Club 3,4: Treas. of Sr. Class 4, Pres. of Jr. Class 33 Student Council 4, Softball 3 CLASS HISTORY And it came to pass in the year of 1950, that two monstrous events took place -- the invasion of South Korea in June and the entrance of the Class of '52 into the portals of Arundel Jr. Sr. High School. It must be admitted that much less publicity was given the latter event, but even so it was a great occasion. For our class was entering the newly erected Arundel High School and we, as Juniors, were to be the second graduating class from that school. It took quite a while to get things under way in our new school and it was not until January 19 that we Juniors had our first class meeting. Under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Sterner, Class advisor, we began to make plans for the rest of the year. As officers we selected Helen Wrzesinski as President, Dennis Judy, Vice-President, Sue Burkins, Secretary, and Frances Jones, Treasurer. School rings were purchased by many of the Juniors, the ring having a red, blue or black stone in the center with the entrance of the school on one side and the Maryland seal on the other. In January the Booster Club sponsored a Basketball Queen contest and Suvan Shine from homeroom 11A was chosen to represent the Juniors. At our second class meeting, February 14, we voted in favor of giving a. Prom in the spring and inviting the Seniors as our guests. In order to raise money for this gala affair, we sponsored a bake sale at one of the P,T,A, meetings, sold candy at basketball games, and sponsored a movie which was shown to the entire student body at the admission price of twenty cents per student. Also we had a Tea Dance for Juniors and Seniors, which was held in the cafeteria on April 10 during the fifth and sixth periods. Even with all our working, getting ready for the Prom, we still took time out to select our class colors, motto, and flower. As our class colors we selected blue and gold and our flower is the white rose. Our class motto reads, "Let us be seen by our deeds." The first part of May, Glen Burnie High School inducted members into our newly organized National Honor Society, and of these, ten were Juniors. They included Beverly Ringgold, Frances Jones, Susan Birmingham, Lewis Dove, J aney Wheat, Sue Burkins, Jackie Rice, Alice Ahmuty, Peggy Pump- hrey, and Helen Wrzesinski. 26 With the Prom such a short distance away, we had lots of work to do. Various committees were selected to see that all arrangements for the big event went smoothly. The date was set for Saturday, May 26, and the night before the decorating committee transformed the cafeteria into a beautiful garden with a small picket fence and two gateways, entwined with flowers, surrounding the dance floor. Small tables were arranged around the dance floor and on one side there was a fish pond with a fountain in the center. Refreshments were served buffet style and the table was beautifully arranged with the punch bowl in the center banked by flowers and the other refreshrnents on either side. The Juniors and Seniors danced to the music of the Top-Hatters from 8:30 P.M. until after midnight. Many favorable comments we re received about the Prom and everyone who attended seemed to have a wonderful time. On the last day of school, athletic "A's" were awarded to students for their participation in sports and several Junior boys and girls received letters. After our summer vacation, which was too short for many, we re- turned to Arundel for our last and Qwe hopej most pleasant year. Some of our classmates of the past year were gone, but there were new faces to take their place. We were determined to have an even better senior class than that of the Class of '51, Again we had to select officers to lead the class. On October 26 we had a class meeting and chose Dennis Judy as class President, Charles O'Hara, Vice-President, James Martin, Secretary, and Helen Wrzesinski, Treasurer. Also we chose acommittee to select a play which the Seniors could present near the end of the school year. Another important event was getting the Yearbook Staff organized and starting the subscription campaign. In December we voted on an- nouncement cards for graduation. Soon after the Christmas holidays, we Seniors ordered our announcements and name cards and those who had not received class rings in their Junior year bought them. Even though it was only January there was much talk of that all -important time --- Graduation. Again, in January the Booster Club's Basketball Queen Contest was held and Dale Renshaw, from homeroom lZA, was selected queen for the Seniors. As in the past year, we sold candy at the basketball games to meet expenses of the Seniors. Our basketball team played very well that year and we are quite proud of them. The Booster Club sponsored a dance on February 2.9 and since it was Leap Year the girls had to invite the boys, which was difficult for many of them. Many Seniors participated in the All County Music Festival held in May which was one of the last big events of the year. We are looking forward to attending the Prom that the Juniors are giving for us, but uppermost in the minds of all is, June 10, Graduation Day. That will be a big week for all of us Seniors with Sermon to the Graduates on Sunday and Graduation on Tuesday, plus all of our other class activities we have been arranging. I am sure we will all look back on our school days with pleasant mem- ories in the years to come. 27 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To Whom It May Concern: We, the Senior Class of 52, after twelve years Q or thirteen, in some casesl of hard study, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. Part I. The 1952 graduating class bequeaths the following in its entirety. Article I. We, the Senior Class of 1952, leave our worldly experience to the Juniors. Article II. We, the Senior Class, leave to the silly sophomores some of our sophistication, knowing they can certainly use it. Article III. We, the Senior Class, leave our tactics in obtaining fame, fun, and fortune to the Freshman. Part 2. The following bequests are made by the individual seniors for the benefit of next year's seniors. I, Alice Ahmuty, leave my ability to do Chemistry problems to Larry Smith. I, Betty Anne Allen, leave my crush on a sophomore boy to some future senior who's just as nutty. I, Jean Anderson, leave my job of filing absent slips in the office to Helen Georg. I, Susan Birmingham, leave my flirtatious ways to Sylvia Tackett. I, Donald Blackwell, leave my athletic ability to Lee Hamilton. I, Sue Burkins, leave taking Don Blackwell with me. I, Dorothy Chaney, leave my cell to other prisoners. I, Maurice Coale, leave my ability to get by in school to Donald Judy. I, Vent Cole, leave to the senior high teachers the book on "Ways to Be Mean." I, Leonard Crawford, leave my bass voice to Bill Jones who can't sing either. I, Shirley Danza, leave taking Charles O'Hara with me QI Hopel. I, Doris Day, leave my job of student accompanist to anyone who wants it. I, Donald D'Elia, leave my debauchery to Dave Harris and Jack Murphy. I, Ida Jane Dickerson, leave my love for Phys. Ed. to Carolyn Davenport. I, Estelle Donaldson, leave my Short Hand "speed" to Josephine Escagave. I, Lewis Dove, leave my old cardboard box to next years editor and my old clarinet reeds to Alberta Tawney. I, Robert Downs, leave a certain Junior girl, Hands Off! ! I, Kenneth Fields, leave my white bucks and the saying "You know it" to Donald Tankersly. I, Richard Forney, leave all my book reports to future seniors. I, Billy Gertz, leave my cruising speed of 90 miles an hour to Johnny Abend. I, Eileen Gies, leave my ability to tell Shakespearean stories in English class to Lois Pumphrey. I, Elaine Griffith, leave Mrs. Wood's office work to be done by herself. I, Sara Griffith, leave the school in general, I, Connie Hessinger, leave my love for Chemistry class in Science room one. I, Alice Hicks, leave the egg-whites I poured down the sink in Home Ec. to any future senior who is madly in love. I, Henry Hollingsworth, leave my 3 minute smokes to Mr. Bonnotte. I, Harvey Ihrig, leave my title of "Cowboy" to Allan Sines. I, Mildred Harris, leave my brain to Nancy Donaldson. I, Larry Whitt, leave my school spirit to St. Petersburg High School. 28 Suvan Shine, leave a cake of soap and a towel to anyone who likes Q 'H taking whole showers after Phys. Ed. Lois Shipley, leave my artistic talent to Ana Eckman. Graham Shoemaker, leave my daily walk of getting the mail to Russell Engler. Tommy Sills, leave number 10 basketball uniform to Lee Hamilton. Ernest Sines, leave my U,S, History notebook to my twin brother Allan. Vera Slater, leave my fuschia flourescent jacket to anyone it will fit. Marilynn Snyder, leave after just getting here. Helene Sommer, leave my title of F,F.A. Sweetheart to some other lucky girl. John Stewart, leave my school books to the school. Arthur Stubbe, leave all my affection to all the women all over the place. Sonny Tester, leave a new bottle of chlorox to Mrs. Simmons. Betty June Thompson, leave my uniform to anyone who enjoys playing as much as I do. Thelma Thompson, leave my green shorts to Miss Tartar to wear next year if they fit her. Robert Ward. "leave" mv office of F.F.A. President. Elizabeth Warne r, leave my memory work in Macbeth to Mildred Donald- son. Ann Wassell, leave my one-arm shots to Janet DeForest. Janey Wheat, leave Mr. Norton's shattered nerves to next year's Driver Training Class. James Whisman, leave my ability to understand English to Mahlon Care. Sam Wolford, leave my chewing gurn duty to some poor soul who likes um. Hglen Wrzesinski, leave my fancy name to Bill Jones who got off to easy. Frances Jones, leave my position as Literary Editor to Shirley Snyder. Dennis Judy, leave my tardy slips to all the Juniors. Jeanette Latvanas, leave my seat in the auditorium to Theresa Wolfe. James Martin, leave my maroon corduroy jacket to the F,F.A, boys so they won't have to wear their F.F.A. jackets all the time. Peter McNamara, leave my athletic ability to Red Boehly who needs it to make the varsity team next year. Jane Miller, leave a carton of my favorite chewing gum to Miss Long. Nancy Mooney, leave my literature book to Alice Mae Wilson. Bernardine Nehring, leave my position of right wing on the Field Ball team to anyone who can score goals. Charles O'Hara, leave through a hole in the ceiling after discovering a new explosive in Chemistry Class. Shirley Olesen, leave my dangling earrings to Bernice Poole. Daniel Phipps, leave my ability to drive a tractor-trailer to David Nehring. Billy Phipps, leave nothing I'm taking everything with me. Peggy Pumphrey, leave my position of National Honor Society secretary -to someone worthy of it. Dale Renshaw, leave the problem of Junior and Senior Englishtoa Junior who gets in the same mess. John Rice, leave my old typewriter in typing class to my cousin Lois Pumphrev. Beverly Ringgold, leave my typewriter to someone who will make fewer errors. 29 CLASS PROPHECY U.S. Census Bureau Gambrills Branch Office Recorders: I.M. Nosey and Lem E. Askum June 10, 1962 After a brief ten year vacation, we started our first assignment. With our pencils neatly sharpened and our pointed heads to match, we started tracking down the sad remains of Arundel's 1953 graduating class. As we walked to our car we saw a policeman placing a ticket on it. As we went closer we saw that he was none other than "Billy Gertz." Considering that we were old classmates he just gave us a warning. We then hopped into our jet-propelled roadster and cruised off at a slow 90 m,p.h. We made our first stop at WAHS T,V. station. We were ushered into the office of "James Martin" by "Nancy Mooney," his secre- tary. Marty told us that he had just been talking to "Helen Wrzesinski" and she has her own show called "Dizzy Fingers." He also informed us that his newest comedy show starred none other than "Danny Phipps" and "Joby Snyder." We left the station and since it was such a nice day we decided to walk down Fifth Avenue. Suddenly, we saw someone with beautiful red hair coming toward us and discovered it to be "Beverly Ringgold." Bev told us she was now designing a new line of bathing suits called, "She Can't Get Wet." Beverly told us that "Jeanette Latvanas" was now the-highest paid model in the United States. We continued walking down Fifth Avenue. As we were window shopping, we noticed in a store a very well-dressed man trying on bow ties. We walked inside and saw "Jackie Rice," Governor of Maryland. His Honor, told us that Mr. and Mrs. "Charles O'Hara" Q"Shir1ey Danza"j visited him the other day. Charles is now one of Maryland's Senators. Outside a crowd gathered around a store window. Pushing through, we saw a huge bed upon which slept, famous "Mattress Tester," a former classmate known to us as "Sonny." Yawning, we turned away and continued walking down the avenue. It was beginning to rain. We stepped into a nearby doorway and discovered it was the entrance to an exquisite dress shop. We were greeted by the co-owners, "Peggy Pumphrey" and "Sally Griffith." These famous bach- elor girls have their own penthouse apartment in the hotel on Fifth Avenue. They told us their hotel, the Forney Plaza, was owned by "Richard Forney" and "Janey Wheat" was now his secretary. With this piece of information written in our census book we decided to have lunch at the new Chinese Restaurnat. We discovered "Dona1d D'Elia" was the owner. Seeing a sign "Eat at your own risk," we began to wonder whether we were hungry or not. After eating we went to pay the cashier and found she was "Alice Ahmuty." She told us she was working her way through medical school and "Lewis Dove" and "Peter McNamara" have just returned from Mars in a space ship they designed themselves. The thing that amazed us most was they were greeted by "Bobby Downs." They still don't know how he got there. We stepped out of the restaurant, and saw "Jane Miller" coming to- ward us. Jane married a Navy man, and he is now in charge of the Naval Academy. She also told us that "Alice Hicks" husband is a wheel at the Academy. "Suvan Shine's" interests lie at West Point, since her husband is now a five-star General. Above the noise of the traffic we heard a crash. Rushing to the corner we saw "Dennis Judy" and "Moe Coale" being untangled from what was left of an Old's 88'. They are now in the hospital recovering from shock after 30 1 hitting a double-decker bus. In the same hospital is "James Whisman," also suffering from an unfortunate accident. He got his nose caught in the latest model pencil sharpener. On the way to their ward we met "Ann Wassell," head nurse on that floor. She stopped only long enough to tell us that "Mildred Harris" and "Kenneth Fields" were on the hospital staff. Since our pencils were now quite worn down we looked for a pencil sharpener. Seeing a modern building we stepped inside to find ourselves in the Travel Agency Bureau, where "Arthur Stubbe" was informing honey- moon couples how to get lost. We noticed a sign in the window: See the wrestling match of the year Slugger "Sam Wolford" Versus "Anyone that will take him on" The annual secretary's convention had just let out, and who should we see but "Este1le Donaldson," "Dorothy Chaney," "Vera Slater," "Thelma Thompson," "Elizabeth Warner" and "Shirley Olesen." They were arguing with "Leonard Crawford" about the poor salaries of secretaries. Trying to avoid the argument, we quickly darted into a building where there was a meeting of the "Heart-broken Housewives of America." President, "Bernardine Nehring" was beating her fists on the speaker's table, while "Elaine Griffith" and "Susan Birmingham" were deciding which had been married the longest. Over in the corner sat "Bi1ly Phipps,"who was the subject for discus sion at the meeting. Outside we were again attracted by a sign posted in a conspicuous place. Printed in large letter we saw, "Take a trip on the New Sky Theatre. The hostess of this revolutionary airplane is, "Eileen Gies" who now had the lead in a play. "John Stewart," the pilot is her co-star. We were defeated, financially, that is, and turning off Fifth Avenue we met a group of school children racing from school. Behind them we saw none other than "Betty Anne A1len" standing in the doorway. She explained that this was the way each school day ended. She informed us the "Jean Anderson" was teaching Macbeth to high school seniors, and "Susie Sommer" and "Betty June Thompson" were the Phys.Ed. teachers at Arundel. Wishing to get away from our former "Home of Education" we bid Betty Anne adieu and retreated back to Fifth Avenue. Seeing a newstand nearby, we spent a few cents on a paper. Turning to pay for the paper we saw "Vent Co1e" collecting money and stuffing it in both pockets. Our attention was caught by the cover of one of the latest fashion mag- azines, why of course, "Dale Renshaw." We found a place to sit down and rest our weary feet, Qand brains?j. In the magazine, we saw a list of the ten best dressed men and women in the U.S. and right near the top were "Frances Jones" and "Graham Shoemaker." The background scenery for the picture was designed by "Lois Shipley." In the newspaper we saw that some of our classmates had been found to be news worthy. "Bobby Ward, "Harvey Ihrig," and"Ernest Sines" tied for first place in the Nation-Wide Tobacco judging contest. On the top floor we saw "Henry Hollingsworth," Photography Editor of Life Magazine. "Tommy Sil1s" has a daily column on the sports page in which he praises "Larry Whitt," that famous ball player. We also saw a picture of "Doris Day" who is now a concert pianist. Glancing away from the paper we saw "Ida Jane Dickerson," a Wave, coming toward us. She gave a salute and went on. Thus we end our survey of the Class of '52 with a note about ourselves. I, "Sue Burkins," shall sit on the sidelines and watch "Don Blackwell," my husband, play basketball. I, "Connie Hessinger," own my own ice skating rink where I can skate until my heart's content. And now the men in the white jackets are coming after us so we will have to leave you and disappear behind the padded doors. 31 G , .. X' f 3 K 2 Q 1 E ,S if? ' iii- ifi ' f -L2 . 3' ' risk 1,1 , g. 1. fu. 1 f' fs? :eil K S if B B Most Popular Helen Wrzesinski and Billy Phipps Best Dressed Graham Shoemaker and Frances Jones 5 Q Best Looking Dennis Judy and Dale Renshaw M Most Intellectual Mildred Harris and Lewis Dove MOST ATHLETIC Helene Sommer and Donald Blackwell WITTIEST Sam Wolford and Marllynn Snyder an nn' un. W SENIOR CANDIDS 'F Ns ., x rigs 'W 'I4 ' 6 H K 1 W' 111 t M i ' x yn , X CA ,Is I L,"-'xr-"Zi - in 3 1 g',1+. , . B i, 2, 5 Q A',..5H Mr. Amerrca Big Wheels t R Smile Pretty A y f A penny for your thoughts Caught in the act. ' x.. .ws ff jf Tough Guy! Tangent LG :X!1O0 ual- -A-M K 4 i A .ss W a . l It I If A Y W graze! Suvan and Kenny Yes, --- they belong to Arundel BA N wr aww -Q51 S. E SX P., 315, ..,. fP:?w1'J:. f . -w' mf ' .. g - '.1 K af S. fi ' -X , Q K , . , 1 Q Axgk, in H 'Qfffl .2 . - A fx, , Y K my 1I.e, Qgfmi., s , K '.. Mia '11 -Q-2 , K A lx H X .x f-.Xgi Q.+.ugHML e.q:g5ggQgX - Q if M Q 'N i wx ,- in 9 ,. . . Q. gi, i m Xi. f' ixgigl --L". ' we :PX ' c K 3. ,QQ gang, is-Q.,-f.x L55 Q -. o 'Q' 76 3 ? Ax if 1 a .W Q- , , QW fQ.s'n " ' n . A . , ,s ,wi-'!'4 'ffklf 9 .- - 1, ' gagvp sys "X, M? 'i fffz' l, - , W... 1xf,KLA"..?,?..'V , . . V1.1 Gp, , 6 .fl , - ' .. 5syfv . , , 4 --. . ' Junior Class 0fficersA.f -A "P , 6 A b .V .. ,Q H .inf 53' I u,bs,-,-Hn 3 0 ' ' 4 ' 5 'Y ew ,L S -. ., av - f l,k" A4351 Q Q . Qf.,- ., 1 1:-. JUNIORS Ll A J. Abend B. Adams J. Ahmuty F. Auldridgc F, Boehly V, Boyd M, Boyer D. Burns M. A. Burns M, E, Burns B A. Cardcr M. Care L B. Campbell R. Cheicis R, Clark J. Cole R. Cook C, Davenport M, Day I. DeForest K. Dick R, Disney T, Dixon M. Donaldson N, Donaldson uv-- 41' I P. Donaldson A. Eckman H. Elswick R, Engler J, Escavage F, Fields L .1 ' X N if ' E. Fowler N, Gukanovich D, Hamilton E. Hamilton J, Harbaugh J, Hicks H. llollar R. Howard I. Hutchins B. Ihrig R, Jones D. Judy' 36 ,IUNIURS K 4 S, Kinder W. Luff D, Malone B, Mclntire W. MCKL-rcher R. Mcliercher S, Merson D, Nehring N, Petitt C. Phelps R, Poole D, Prchal Qt' D. PFCSIOII L, Pmnphrey S, Pumphrev G, Ray M, Reigle D, Reimsnyder E, Robb L, Rodgers J, Scruggs J, Sermons H, Shepherd A. Sines L, Smith L, Smith S, Snvder S. Tackett D, Tankersly A, Tawncv N, Tester 6 4 5 E- .gt W x Q A, Vogel L, Wade R, Waters J, Watson M, Weber N. Weber G, Weeks C, White R, Whitehead H. Williams A. M, Wilson T, Wolfe R7 Where's your lunch McAuliffe? Classroom behavior! HOMEROOM IOA FIRST ROW: M. Crouse, T. Whitehouse, L. Davison, C. Clark, D. Franklin, J. Gray, C. Chaney, P.Dunivin, M. Jordan, B. Todd, S. Knight. SECOND ROW: B. Jones, V. Higgs, M. Jones, S. Lang, N. Matchett, B.O'Hara, H. Georg, D. Simp- son, J. Skipper, S. Merriman, I. Falkler, Mrs, C. Simmons. THIRD ROW: R. Davis, E. Delacerda,F. McLeaY- I. Mur- phy, G. Kaifos, J. Woods, T. McAuliffe, C. Dunn, T. Trip- lett, I. Hayes, B, Williams. ABSENT: I. Stup, F. Lane, H. Korboch,F.Horwath,I.Collins, B, Gertz, M. Mitchell. HOMEROOM 108 FIRST ROW: M. Redmiles, F. Burgess, E. Austin, G. Cox, S. Fink,J.Martin, B. Williams, R. McHarney, B. Bennett, I. Red- man, W. McDaniel, A. Trapp. SECOND ROW: J. Dunn, D. Malone,C.Conover, J. Santen, N.Snyder,A.Howard,P.Kealy, J. McGarvey, A. Hickman, S. Rice, Miss Walder. THIRD ROW: F. Arnold, R. Boschert, D.Ball, R. Drake, J. Kelbaugh, R. Deahne, G. Shoemaker, E. Engler, R. Boyer, L. McQuoid. HOMEROOM IOC FIRST ROW: C. Milliken, B. Kofsky, J. Justice, I. Wallace, B. Bery, D, Akers, P. Miller, R. Lueders, B. Cox, J. Holdy- korn,S. Buckingham, B. Poole, D.Hoenig. SECOND ROW: C. Boswell, K. Wieland, D. Brook- field, R, Hines, L. Thomas, K. Purdam,R. Young, E. Sweeney, I. Peters, B. Wolfe, K. Camp- bell. THIRD ROW: D. Harris, G. Chaney, A. Walker, H. Bowie, R. Parsons, T. Boschert, I. Chalfaut, W. Bushman, W. Sann, C. Sjoding, D. Musick, H. King. HOMEROOM 9A FIRST ROW: N. Pumphrey, B. AIIen,M.BaiIey, S. Campbell, I. Rodgers, N. Singleton, L. Yokel, S. Sears, P. Pruett, C. Kirby. SECOND ROW: D.Low- man,R. Dawson, B. Donaldson, P.Downs,B. Gregory, S. Weed B. Baldwin, A. Bennanzar, T. Smith,N.Luzier. THIRD ROW: B.Iones,D.Jaworski, W. Baase C.Denton,C. Booker, R. Dring, I. Taylor, Mr. Rudy. HOMEROOM 9B FIRST ROW: P. McGowen, M. Scott, C. Carter, J, Martin, M. Anderson, C. Shai, D, Watts, C. Simonson, S. Eutsler, W. Hurley, G. Constant. SECOND ROW, J. Buckmaster, N. Mes- ser, E.Carder, D. Beall, P. Sann, D, Kraus, M, Englehaupt, E. Griffith, E. Dunkerly, N. Botts, Mr. Bonnotte. THIRD ROW: B. Miller,J. Lawson, C. Tipton, D. Hasler, R. Tackett, R. Dor- sey, T. Gealta, I. Ryan, S, Biggs, P. Paseralla. HOMEROOM 9C FIRST ROW: J. Schaick, C. Koscielniak,C.Martin,B. Ben- ton, I. Crosby, L. Drake, D Bird, M. Cook. J. Millard, M, Heatherly. SECOND ROW: B. Rice, M. Cooper, M. Cox, D. Wilburn, A. Sulin, B. Godwin, V. Moore, L. Kelbaugh, C. Scott, P.Stanley. THIRD ROW: C. Collins, T. Johnson, E, Wrzesinski,A. Holmes, L. Rip- ley,E.Reichard,G. Hood. AB- SENT: Z. Porta. HOMEROOM 9D FIRST ROW: P. Barker, N. Whitehead, A. Reigle, C. Reigle, C. Malecki, K. Bos- chert, I. Nehring, V. Ingle, M. Taylor, B. Whisman, M. Bran- nan, L.Cole. SECOND ROW: T.Franklin, D. Ihrig, B. Fields, B. Birmingham, G, Sines, A, Denton, E. Gott, S. Taylor, V. Bailey, L. Donaldson, T. Hart- ney, Mrs. N. Thumel. THIRD ROW: J. Lowman, W. Thomp- son,R,Crane, R. Scars, S. Lan- ham, F. Wheat, L. Nichols, H. Lowman,R. Kinder, R. Musick, C,Sil1aman. ABSENT: I. Lif- fler, A. Sufsczynski. Cig- safe-.ffl its 'Aga CT' 5 rs . . K 1 8th GRADE Q A C' 3, fn.. -4. x A I-IOMEROOM 9E First Row: B. Chaney, R. Grooms, P. Meyers, M. Kostkowske, D, Hicks, B. Lewin, A. Smith, M. Milwicz, E. Warfield, M. Parsons. Second Row: V. Lane- hart, D. Jones, E. Zellner, J. Cole, I. Gertz, B. Shortt, M, L Leight, O. Merson, S. Spicer, W. Wilt, L. Newberger. Third Row: J. Dick, H. Martin, W. Grimes, E. Zuknick, G. Sterling, C. Phelps, R. Knight, F.Bell, E. Willis, Mr. Dunagan. HOMEROOM 8A First Row: B. Delacerda, R, Denton, B. Lines, M. L. Knight, K. Rawley, L.Smith, M, Downin, L. Shortt, J, Fink, S. Bailey, M. Franz, Second Row: Miss Mitchell, A,Lanehart, L. Bladen, P. Barker, J. Reese, J, Sines, R. Good, A. Davis, J. Grimes, S, Downing, E, Redmiles,S. Arnold. Third Row: L, O'Dell, E, Ment- zell, C, Purvis, W. Huffman, C, Wines, R, Weed,S. Stephens, P. Kinnison, R, Hensley, L, Bailey, HOMEROOM 8B First Row: D. Brown, P. Malecki M. Duvall, A, Gribbel, V, Hood A. Breeden, B. Hedrick, V. Reed, B. Bragg, W, Cash, I. Simpson, D, Higgs. Second Row: B. Kilpatrick, A, Justice, S. Todd J. King, P. Euick, E. Morrey S, Huntzinger, M, Warner, D: Salyers, T. Rieve, R. Kaufman Mrs, Martin, Third Row: F Schmansky, G. Braun, H. Smith, R, Taylor,R, Ingle,J. Choman- etz, J. Randolph, R. Crawford C, Cogley. Absent: B. Parrish: HOMEROOM 8C First Row: E. Willis, S. Spark, P Williams, M. J. Foster, N Cousins, B. Buddenboh Martin, L. Mollman, R, Miller P. Snyder, P, Jackson, K, Eggerl Second Row: M. McGowcn A, Passarella, C, Simms, M: Hensley, C. Lowman, L, O'Malley, C. Hoke, V, Bragg M. A. Bowie, D. Dimoia, Lf Donaldson, F, Murphy, Mr. Higgins, K. Honor. Third Row: J. Williams, B, Jackson, ll. Osborne, L. Clark, R. Boschert, 1. Kimmett, D, McVicker, A, Maynard, J. Braun. Absent: J. Eggerl, D, Delrick, .Cf HO M EROO M 8 D First Row: B. I. Martin, E. Warfield, J. Burgess, B. llood S, Metzler, S. Lowman, J. Gray W, Golway, E, Randolph, A: Greenley, E, R. Watson. Sec- ond Row: F, Chewning, R, Saiia G, Day, J. Leedy, P. Korback M, L, Miskauic, K, Mooney, B, Mueller, I. Hood, B. Wines. Third Row: Mrs. Marshall, T. Prchal, D, Worfel, B, Hahn, R, Kelsey, J, White, L. Boswell, R, Rodes, L, Kilpatrick, Absent: M, llodgkius, R, Dawson, E, McDermott, H , Gertz. HOMEROOM RE First Row: B. Weeks, L. Wagner, B, Cronmiller, P, Allen, J, Lind, F. Robb, L, White, M. A, Morris, B. Campbell, B. Etheridge, M, Alper. Second Row: Mr, Parlett, W. Cash, A, Ash, B. Williams, N, Cox, J, Lee, M, Corcoran, I, Moreland, E, Zuknick, J, Ward, Donald Phelps. Third Row: M. Famin, H, Purdhaui, G, Davis, D, Ahmuty, B, Lemasters, W, Paddy, J, Fee, C, Cole, G, Miller. Absent, B, Sentz, D. Maxwell. HOMEROOM BF First Row: S. Nixon, M, Ball, P, Riesc, ll, Cronmiller, B. Dunnan, S, Shackelford, I, Howell, J. Duniviu, H, Foster, C, M, Landon, L. Wolfe. Second Row: L,Bird,I, Cole,R, Fox, O, Daff, I. Lee, C. Danner, M, A, Nowattnick, A, Pruett, M, Norris, J, Kaifos, I. Thomas, Third Row: D. Catnpbell, M. Pyles, B. Meyer, M. King, B. Mitchell, G, Spangler, M, Wines, A. Kemp, J, Jones, R, Watts, Teacher: Mr. Kennedy. HOMEROOM 7A First Row: M. Wolfe, B. Crispell, M, H, Rice, M, Denton, B. Gritnes, V, Woods, B. McCul- lough, N. Clark, N. Lauve, M. Randolph, E. Albers, D. Merson, A. Brannon, M. Crawford, M. A. Chowanetz, Second Row: C. Schindele, I. Lee, W, Wyatt, M. Gregor, D. Hayes, E. Luff, C. Jones, J. Bailey, W. Davis, J, Cox, A. lloke, D. Boswell, W. Hurley, T. Arnold, Third Row: B. Pyles, T. Goss, W. Harris, T. O'Keefe, D, Edwards, A, Kirby, T, Bevlin, J. Gibbons, J. Duvall F, Boschert, P, Moreland, ll, Jackson, J. Weber, Teacher: Miss B. Baruhart. Absent: J, Quirk, B, Stone, HOMEROOM 'IB FIRST ROW: I. Dinsmore, N. Turner, S. Walker, J. Gillette, M. Free, B. Kneavel, D. Rice, E. Berzins, M. Rogers. SECOND ROW: M. Poletti, H. Warfield, P.Kinder, S. Pedigo, I. Welch, B. Denton, M. Cronmiller, M. Gilbert,E. Kent,J. Durange, K. Golway. THIRD ROW: I. Wilt, A. McCormick, R. Reichard, W.Godwin,I.Reigle, L. Vogel, A.Davis,I. Watson, W. Curtin, B. Cox, G. Smith. Teacher: Mr. L. Zaengle. ABSENT: A. Ambrose,T.Denton,M. Fisher, E.Heatherly,V.Norris,N. Wie- land, B. Boyer, P. Lockner, A. Petitt, N. Vassey. HOMEROOM 'YC FIRST ROW: M. Hagan, P. Shoemaker, J. Fitzpatrick, A. Boswell, D. Bolles, H. Fowler, Z. Pyles, L. Cox, B. Music, T. Durner,T. Stansbury,G. Bailey, D. Jones. SECOND ROW: D. Iarboe, C. Cline, F. Metzler, I. Tayman, W. Stevens, L. Landon,D. Workman, C. Ston- er, S. Walker, L. Franklin, B. Gregory,B.Brown, Mrs. R. For- ney. THIRD ROW: I. Cox, C. Turner,J. Tackett, E. Gerstner, E. Hood, A. Perkins, L. Purper, R.Hahn,K. Campbell, D. Dor- sey,T.Cunningham, B. Morris C. Smith. ABSENT: L. Kirby, I. Collins, R. McDaniel, R. Zuknick. HOMEROOM 7D FIRST ROW: B. Smoot, A. Knight,M, Martin, S. Cole, D.' Crosby, M. Peddicord, D. Mil- ler, S. Clayton, L. Howard, C. Ford, P, Alton, J. Davis, R. Wagner. SECOND ROW: L. Suter, C. Snyder, P. Kelbaugh, R. Sann, S.Cottrill, M. Chaney, P. Wooden, A. Good, C. Jones, E. Campbell, G. Lee, K. Tay- lor, Mr. F. Graham. THIRD ROW: D. Dew, E. Morris, C. Chaney, D. Nixon, W. Smith, D,Taylor,C. Hood, P. Merson, J.Foster,G,Kane,W.Wiseman, E. Knight, L. Corcoran. AB- SENT: F. Connor, R. Hensley, F. Lind, E. Redman, I. Keyton. HOMEROOM 7E FIRST ROW: C.Sann,C. Clay- ton, I. Smith, A. Busbee, L. Howard, V. Foster, E. Hopkins, M. Robbins, K. Messer, M. Barker,N. Weeks, B. Jordan, B. Chiecis, I. Crouse. SECOND ROW: M. Norfolk, E. Donald- son,D. Daff, W. Helm, R. Bur- ke, S. Little, C. DeVan, R. Johnson,C. Wellford, R. Spang- ler, A. Greene, F. Hopkins, B. Redman. Teacher: Mr, Wil- liams. THIRD ROW: E.Cor- coran, B. Foster, S. Mensch, R. Clark, W. Stone, W. Hatch, I. Albers, H. McGolderick, D. Anthony, G. Smith, I. Stone, M. Bragg. ABSENT: N. Par- rish, M. Kerrick, D. Winters. 'D 4 'Q I i 9' 5? 5 9 I D Z I I ACTIVITIES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Beverly Rmggold Y Pump NSY Pegie Ct et agy AHCC Ahmuw Tteasu Fr ances Jo PI-esld es efll' Helen WFZESIHSR1 'ff Janey Wheat Susan Bnmmgham Sue Carol Burkin. 44 sw -4 if Le W1s Do T Ve orch Be mer IX First Row: Alice Wilson, Shirley Snyder, Graham Shoemaker, Frances Jones, Counselor: Mr. KHJPP. Second Row: Lavertie Cox, Ellen Luff, Patricia Myers, Joe Day, Larry Donaldson,Shirley Kinder, Betty Campbell, Kitty Campbell, Natalie Gukanovich, Diana Maxwell, Carol Koscielmck, Kay Rawlings, Helen Wrzesinski, Beverly Ringgold, Nancy Snyder, Sue Walker, Third Row: Donald Tanltersley, Arthur Bennanzer, Raymond Watts, Tomtny Gealta, Harold Shepherd. Fourth Row: Donald Dew, Francis Murphy, Charles Wellford, Gerald Day. Absent: Douglas Sallyers Lorraine Drake, Pat Myers, Jack Murphy, Richard Preston. is ...J First Row: Margaret Martin, Marlene Free, Alice Ahmuty, Shirley Snyder, Lois Pumphrey, Pearl Donaldson, Janet DeForest, Dorothy Higgs, Agnes Vogel. Second Row: Barbara Gregory, Pat Allen, Cynthia Sann, Betty Jane Todd, Cynthia Clayton, Zelda Pyles, Dorothy Crouse, Loretta Shorit, Thelma Thompson, Betty Ann Chiesis, llelene Sommer, Joanne Hicks, Nancy Petit, Theresa Stansbnry,Rosalie Miller, Libby Kelbaugh, Phyllis Snyder, Barbara Hollar, Dolores Burns, Marie Weber, Mildred Taylor, Katherine Boschert, Doris Lee Merson, Third Row: Lillie Thomas, Mary Lee Lieght, Betty Campbell,Faith llopltins, jackie Crouse, Betty Jordan, Judy Gillette. -Ili S 71W D E N U T S T U D E N fl! 1.1, 'Um FUTURE FARMERS , - is AM: OF AMERICA "i'?f,M gf m' 404 ' E . Zsxffil 7 :J ,X 77: Z ' Z' s 5 1 4133 Q GBT ON 0 QJQKFAQVJ -'Q :E--5 D c oi, 'X147' .. uv' r g, ' U J ,. . 1 f .....- M, FIRST ROW: Sonny Tester,Danny Phipps, Harold Shepherd, Bobby Ward, Helene Sommer, Bobby Downs, Billy Phipps, John Abend. SECOND ROW: David Nehring, Frank Fields, Mr. Jubb, Dick Preston, Lawrence Taylor. At the end of school in 1950, we the boys of Arundel F.F.A. were busy moving into the new high school. This is what we had been looking forward to for a long time. After spending many long hours and days hauling equip- ment and setting up the shop, school finally opened. The first big job was to set up the shop in the best way possible. Although this was not permanent we started our second big job. This was to build the foundation for the quonset huts which had been given to us by the Board of Education. We were very thankful to them for giving the huts to us. The weather became too cold for us to work outside so we returned to the shop. Every year we have raised a batch of baby chicks. This takes a bit of work on everyone's part, but each boy does his share. When the chickens have been raised successfully, they are killed for the annual Father and Son Banquet. Some of the chickens are saved and sold. 46 I 1 X ' nxsi is . f , i-1.1! , , . New 'P J YL, xg X xx Vs. M U ' .1 t A L - f ' 4 V Pure Corn! F.F.A. Sweetheart? Making Mountains Out of Molehtlls Biolggy --- F.F,A, Style Parking Problems? When the first signs of spring came, the grounds were cleared. The boys started working hard at their crops. The crops which were ripening near the end of school were taken care of by the Chapter members during the summer. When school started again in the fall, the tools were picked up and put to work again. The crops were harvested and some were taken to the Marl- boro Fair. This was a success and many came home with honors. The boys were very proud of their entries and enjoyedthe competition they found there. In November our own fair was held. The fair went over fairly well but next year we hope to make it much better. Again this year we are raising chickens and when spring comes we will start planting. We hope to be as successful in the doming years as we have been in the past. 47 First Row L McQuo1d L Dove A Bennanzer J Ryon D Malone D DElia D Watts Sec ond Row P Williams R Preston K Honor D Debrick L Smith S Sears A Howard J Eggtrl M Day L Donaldson N Botts Third Row J Hutchins L Clark R, Adams C Tipton F Murphy T Gealta J Braun A Maynard D Jaworski N Luzier J Watson Fourth Row J Williams N Snyder P Snyder J Kimmett C Simmonson F Fields Leader Mr D Higgins Absent A Tawney S Spark R llake S ll II C1 fl . I, I3 A FN - IJ 0 ffyvz N r First Row: Fay Burgess, Lou Juan Davison, Lois Wade, Sharon Lang, Virginia Higgs, Marion Jones, Doris Day, Lois Pumphrey, Naomi Tester, Janet DeForest, Alice Mae Wilson, Carolyn Conover. St-cond Row: Tommy Dixon, Ronnie Davis, Jimmy Scruggs, Fred McLeay, Gordon Ray, Donald D'Elia, Larry Whitt, Kenneth Fields, Leonard Bevlin, Robert Bryer, Ronnie Mcliercher, Third Row: Mrs, Martin, Billy Mcliercher, Helen Georg, Helen Wrzesinski, Mildred Harris, Darlene Prchal, Jack Stewart, Russel Engler, Bill Jones, George Shoemaker, James Whisman, Henry Hollingsworth, Elaine Dawson, Mary Reiglc, Jeanette Latvanas, Jane Grey, Glenna Cox, Sandra Gilui. 118 .E CI QS, SHAMEOC N y X ,fl FIRST ROW: James Martin,Larry Smith,Jack Kelbaugh,Jack Murphy,Sue Burkins, Tommy Sills Helene Sommer Connie Hessinger, Betty Jane Todd, Trudy Whitehouse. SECOND ROW: Bernardine Nehring,lv1ary Ann Crouse: Betty June Thompson,The1ma Thompson,Nancy Matchett,Charlotte Clark. ABSENT: Spencer Rice, Rudy Sagan, Betty Cox, Charlotte Chaney, Phyllis Dunivin. A9 nr L Q1 WCP' Gal- :J -4 -,... ln ht .. . AA .- Q -W FIRST ROW: Marion Jones, Virginia Higgs, Sharon Lang, Jane Grey, Phyllis Dunni- ' van, Mary Ruth Jordon, Betty Cox, Sandra Giles, Ruth Coak, Viola Boyd, Bernice Poole,Rosie Hines, Eileen Gies. SECOND ROW: Betty Kofsky, Irene Wallace, Tru- . dy Whitehouse, Carole Conover, Katherine Purdham, Dolores Burns, Elaine Dawson, , Nancy Mooney, Mildred Harris, Doris Day, Marilyn Snyder. THIRD ROW: Larry Smith, John Stewart, Tommy McAuliffe, Franz Boehly, Peter McNamara, Graham Shoemaker. ABSENT: Naomi Tester, Thomas Triplett, Spencer Rice, Glenna Cox, Carolyn Milliken. -3? Q5 fr' 1: J' 'rp f , r grfwttslirsfii ., , if 1? TABLE 42: Celene Boswell, Kathryn Wieland, Dawn Brookfield, Peggy Pumphrey, Mrs. Marshall, Sara Griffith, Pat Kealy. TABLE 4144: Margaret Redmiles, Gordon Ray Jeanette Latvanas, Isabel DeForest, Beatrice Betz, Rose Marie Young, Betty Wolfe. ABSENT: Richard Dehne, George Shoemaker, Hilda Elswick, Donald Judy, Stanley Merriman. R 1 I L O'i 50 ,I rf Nam -K vw----,.,..-,5-, t ., -f gf?-qwsfv-fy yQ,f,5-vwfsxqkyr,7,sMil,z3sgy,,R.emwggg5.w I , V K. x, X K. .Y :yt .N A,,.3,.,...k,,. ,A FIRST ROW: Pat Passarella, Lois Pumphrey, Shirley Snyder, Beverly Ringgold, Mr. Bonnotte, Lee Hamilton, Frances Jones, Marion Jones, Alice Mae Wilson, Joanne Fitzpatrick, Marlene Free. SECOND ROW: Billy Miller, Louis Suter, Lois Shipley, Norene Messer, Linda O'Mal1ey, Natalie Gukanovich, Avis Greenley, Nancy Donaldson, Elizabeth Robb, Dorothy Wilburn, Lois Wade, Alice Howard, Daniel Winters, Carole Conover, Alvlna Pruitt, Trudy Whitehouse, Nancy Snyder, Justin Williams. THIRD ROW: Jackie Rice, Bobby Williams, Tommy Sills, Franz Boehly, Hugh Williams, Thomas McAuliffe, Joe Ryan. ABSENT: Jack Murphy. 301 FIRST ROW: Robert Whltehead,Jesse Hayes, Rudy Sagon, Sam Wolford, Barbara Bennett, Ronald Clark, Mike Malone, Ezra DeLacerda, Kenneth Dick. SECOND ROW: Mahlon Care, Lester Rodgers, Jerry Harbaugh. ABSENT: James Dunn, Ruth Mcl-Iarney, Leonard Crawford, Julia Justice. 51 THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT OFFERS A VARIED PROGRAM Seniors Study Home Management The Senior Girls' of 52 decided theywould like to take a course in Home Management to help them with their problems in later life. We found that we wouldn't stay in one room for the whole year. Our first course was in the cooking room, where we planned and served a meal, cooked breads, cakes, and pies, some success- ful, some not. Then came 'a change of scenery into the bright pink room for a course in home and family relations, entertaining, home nursing, and child growth and development. It was moving day again, and in the sewing room, we learned to recognize and handle fabrics , and learned new and better ways of sewing. We hope to round out our year by having a Spring Fashion Show. "We are looking forward to making some man or mouse, a good wife." Juniors Study Food Preservation We began our school year with a study of Food Preservation. Here we made jellies, jams, and pickles. We extended our knowledge of foods and learned much about the digestive sys- tem. We had laboratories on meat, fish, and poultry. 5, pf, . is -,e if., HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ii Qu. IZ". FIRST ROW: Mildred Donaldson, Irene Redman, Darlene Prchal, Dale Renshaw. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Armstrong, Josephine Escavage, Shirley Olesen, Ida Jane Dickerson. ABSENT: Marie Boyer,Doris Reimsnyder, Anna Stonis, Theresa Wolfe. What in the world would girls be doing with nails, cords, screw drivers, hammers, and oil cans? The girls are learning to do odd jobs in everyday life, such as fixing electric irons, cleaning silverware, and stretching curtains We also learned all about good grooming. We ended the year in the sewing laboratory. We learned not only how to make a garment, but how to select a pattern to fit your size and style. We hope to be better homemakers when this course is ended. Sophomores Study Home Canning The first task that we undertook in the cooking field, was canning, We prepared and canned peaches, tomatoes, peas, and other vegetables. This is one of the few classes where our "book learning" is put to actual work. Next on our menu of study came a preview of good conduct, some pointers on dat- ing,discussions of a child's social life, care of the sick, and a close study of fabrics. Spring came and with it, sewing les- sons for the girls. The school received a good idea of our sewing abilities in the Spring Fashion Show. 53 FIRST ROW: George Chaney,James Falkner,Jack Kelbaugh, Bobby Williams,Earl Engler, Ronnie Parsons. SECOND ROW: Gus Kaifos,Fred Arnold,Fred McLeay,Russell Engler, Bill Jones, Ronnie McKercher. THIRD ROW: Richard Jones,Ronnie Davis,Billy McKercher,jimmy Scruggs,Tommy Dixon, Lee Hamilton. ABSENT1 Richard Boyer,Doyle Musick,Dave l-Iarris,Albert Triplett, Vent Cole, Allen Hickman, Jack Murphy. 1. wwf' n 1 'N W in FIRST ROW: Helene Sommer,Thelma Thompson,Betty June Thompson,Betty Lee Gertz, Nancy Marchett. SECOND ROW: Lou Juan Davison, Charlotte Chaney, Shirley Knight, Pat Miller, Betty O'Hara. THIRD ROW: Elaine Griffith, Ann Wassell, Susan Birmingham, Bernadine Neh- ring. ABSENT: Dolores Franklin, Jane Sermons. 54 L. ,- 1 -1- Y , . ' ,Q F E ,fi S.: I X .,' SML, 1-+I' Jean Anderson, Alice Mae Wilson, Shirley Snyder, Donald Tankersley. D ' 'SJ v 'I x"" T Q:-Q s FIRST ROW: Shirley Kinder,Naomi Tester, Agnes Vogel, Betty Campbell, Alice Mae Wilson, Betty Ihrig.June Cole,Ana Eckman,Sylvia Tackett, Mrs. Tewell. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Renaudo, Beatrice Betz, Alice Ahmuty, Jeanette Latvanas, Mrs. King, Mrs. Kutaiar, Mrs. Kemp, Miss Edith Lewis. Y- + 4:1 1 FIRST ROW: Kitty Campbell,Helen Georg, Margaret Keith, Ruth Poole, Mary Ann Crouse. SECOND ROW: Doris Simpson, Ioan Peters, Esther Sweeney, John Woods, Natalie Gukanovich, Janet DeForest, Lois Wade. 55 1 1 E . , . ' 'Wav 'if' ,, L,LL ls- it-1 an-3.1 if n I FIRST ROW: Ray Disney, Charles Dunn, Tom Boschert, Richard Boschert, Leonard Bevlin, Larry Whitt, Harry King. SECOND ROW: James Chalfant, Henry Hollingsworth, James Whisman, Jean Ahmuty, Dennis Judy, Shirley Kinder, Donald Ball, Maurice Coale, Richard Cheicis. I FIRST ROW: Janet Skipper,Jean Holdgkom, Betty Williams, Anna Trapp, Diane Akers, Elizabeth Robb, Eleanor Hamilton, Pearl Donaldson, Barbara Hollar, Mae Weber, Sylvia Tackett, Carolyn White, Sara Pumphrey,Betty Jane Todd, Shirley Merson. SECOND ROW: Nancy Donaldson, Mary Mitchell, Gloria Weeks. THIRD ROW: Doris Hoernig, Shirley Fink, Nancy Pettit, Mary Reigle. ABSENT: Betty Carder, Billie Mclntire, Charlotte Clark. 56 JUNIOR HIGH CLUBS What's all the noise in the lower hall? Oh yes, it's Thursday, Jun- ior High Club day. Let's look in and see what each club is doing. First, we stopped in Miss Mitchell' s room and found in one corner a .Q group reading books and maga- zines , another group was dis- cussing the good points of read- ing and what constitutes a good book. This is the "Reading Club". In the Home Ec. Room under Miss Armstrong's guidance we found the "Boy's Home Ec.Club". The boys told us they had discussed buying clothes and that they are now making aprons and if they have time they are going to make chef's hats. Then they are going to cook -- simple things. The "Visual Education Club" with Mr. Michel's help and teaching is learning how to splice and care for the films. They show pictures for various teachers during school and also see some in their club period. Miss Barnhart told us that the "Newspaper Club" distributes news- papers in homeroom and brings in news from the homeroom for the paper. They distribute and collect in the homeroom. In Mrs. Marshall's room the "Plastic Club" which is made up of about thirty Junior High students. They are making earrings, bird-pins, lan- yards, bracelets, and some are learning different kinds of weaving with plastic. At Christmas they made Christmas Tree Ornaments. They plan to make flower corsages with liquid plastic. In the gym Mrs. Orr's "Cheerleaders Club" were practicing some cheers and the motions. They divide into groups and practice in that order. They cheer at the Junior High games. There is about thirty-or thirty-five in the club. This is their first year and we think they are doing fine. Do I hear music? Yes! It's none other than the "Junior High Band" directed by Mr. Higgins, practicing for their Parent-Teacher-Association recital in May. There are twenty-two in the band and if the students suc- cessfully complete one year they are eligible to join the advanced band as regular members. The "Glee Club" under Mrs. Martin's direction is working on Q how to sing together and learning s- chiir three-part harmony. There are one hundred and thirty-eight and this is the first year that they have had boys. There are twenty-two boys . We hope next year there will 3 be an equal number of boys and girls. mms 'Vi . O9 Q 8 'Hs In the cafeteria the "Dramatics Club" was having a White Elephant Sale to raise money for equipment for the stage -- lights and scenery. They expect to have a dance. They discuss plays and acting procedure. Mrs. Forney and Mrs. Thurnel's "Dancing Club" are learning to polka, waltz, two-step, and the fox-trot. There are sixty-five in the club and they also jitterbug with different people. Mr. Williams "Clean-Up Club" takes care of the maintenances of school property, ground, and build- ing. They take care of the athletic field and the roads, and they generally clean-up around the school. The "Nature Club" along with Mr. Graham collects specimens of all kinds of insects and small animals. ln class they have lectures and show pictures of animals that students bring in. When it gets warmer they will take field tours. The "Checkers and Horshoes Club" does just what the name says. Some members play checkers and others throw horseshoes. Miss Collier's "Library Club" sorts material for the pamphlets file and makes a collection of pictures and clippings for the file. They also try to make a collection for the bulletin board displays and they alphabetize and file catalog cards. Golly, look at all the airplanes, it's Mr. Zaengles and Mr. Cfiffords "Model Airplane Club". The Club consists of sixty members, three of which are girls. The Club is divided into beginners and advanced. The beginners are learning the basic requirments of a plane. They use these specifications in building a glider. This glider has been designed by Mr. Gifford and has proved very successful. The advanced club is studying the gasoline engine and its relationship to the plane. There are a number of gas models now under construction. Two have been completed success- fully. Curtis Cline to date has been most successful with a Zelch powered by Ohlsson 33. The club is very enthusiastically awaiting mild weather to test the models now under construction. These compile the various activities in the Junior High and thus ends their Club Day. 5 1 s 1 f 3 E 2 3 1 ...- 0 5 K Q A me mqggsxxs-'N .X XNNMNN .. ..., . ,,.. ig, W Q ""-M c' .K 4,- 44 w I gil! i R N. ,R 4 f SX A, J SPORTS CAN DIDS -meew.. -r:'!Mn What have we here? E-ny- -meeny - -miny--m Lost Interest? It's dis-a way Teacher's Pet?? Faculty Fashions The Band??? Peek-a -boo 60 Q' Cin, 'zfii-l1Nf,3' SOCCER TEAM haf-W . R - Q 3 l 6 ha Q . . ' '- k 5E as r , -Q 5 . . ii 5 .gb X 5 3.1, sg , ' .Z Q 4 vtwm., 3, gr , -may K H vm s 5-5 ag--S 1 A V t -1 mf! "1 -hr' -. ' fire Q X -n k ,..'fr' if N t ,fy v Q if .' K ' is 0: sl " 'Q "' ff A . ' ' i I . X kk , 1 1 igv 'f lil if if l ' - , Q' F ' rr, : if - ' Q-if F - 4-as een ' . . R I , S ' U J 'F 15 4 f -- M A .nissan lm. X 1 me FIRST ROW: Billy McKercher, Jackie Rice, Vent Cole, James Martin, Earl Engler, Ronnie Davis. SEC- OND ROW: Tommy Dixon, Danny Phipps, Ronnie McKercher, Franz Boehly, Spencer Rice, Billy Jones, Bobby Williams. THIRD ROW: Fred McLeay, Dick Preston, Thomas McAuliffe, Graham Shoemaker, Carlisle Sjoding. 6 I .f""", SCOREBOARD ANNAPUUS 2 2 GLEN BURNW 1 SOJTHERN T . 4 ANNAPOLIS 2 I .. 1 GLENBURNIE 1 AIM D ., SOUTHERN 0 SENIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL IN fx' fig? N NSNQ if K ffffel, SY 5"27y,, A X 'ff 'f 77' rx t - f , ff ff,, X M fig A . 'Y " S f '+7 EDXSON 26 49 MARLBOR0 41 55 EIKRWGE 31 43 CALVERT CO. 31 Tl Z7 ANNAPOUS 53 BERDEEN 32. 45 G 24 C 55 A LW 0 23 HKRIDGE 31 Al 30 A A NNAPOUS 45 MEN BURME 'IZ LVERT CO. ZZ LUMN! 37 LAWAQSBURG I FIRST ROW: Tommy Dixon,Tommy Sills,Donald Blackwell, Earl Engler, Lee Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Coach: Mr. Carrol, Bill Jones, Jimmy Scruggs, Ronald Parsons, Fred Mcl,eay, Ronnie Davis, Jackie Rice, Manager: Mr. Dunigan. THIRD ROW: Graham Shoemaker, Franz Boehly, Tommy McAuliffe, Russell Engler, Robert Pryer. 64 SENIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM FIRIJNDE QRUNDE CIRIJNDE HRIJNDE PIRUNDEL FIRIJNDE ELKRIDGE ELLLCOTT CITY ELKRIDGE ANNAPOLIS GLEN BURNIE ANNAPOLIS Q. rj First Row: Betty O'l-lara, Alice Howard, Lou Juan Davison, Betty June Thomp- son, Sharon Lang, Virginia Higgs, Jane Grey, Glenna Cox. Second Row: Pearl Donaldson,Sara Pumphrey,Marilyn Snyder, Shirley Merson, Pat Miller, Marion Jones, Doris I-loernig. Coach: Miss Katherine Tarter. Third Row: Natalie Gukanovich, Janet DeForest, Ruth McHarney, Jane Miller, Charlotte Chaney. The Senior High Girls are very energetic and deeply interested in sports. A huge crowd came out for the basketball team, and really showed a lot of vigor. A great part of the team is composed of tenth graders, and these girls are really an asset to the team. Marion Jones, a forward on the team is a tiny player, but brimming over with big plays. I am sure that her next two years at Arundel will put us on the map as a team that is hard to beat. Sara Pumphrey, an eleventh grader on the team, is a south-paw but can really fill up the scoreboard with her one-handed shots. She is a wonderful person and also possesses all the qualities of an outstanding player. Betty June Thompson, high scorer for the season is also an excellent player. She has played Varsity Basketball for a number of years and has certainly mastered the game. Good sportsmanship is a trait that Coach Tarter wants all of her players to possess. A failure is always followed by a sincere determination to win the next game. Even though they didn't win the championship, they showed out- standing ability. We wish all the best of luck to the future teams of Arundel High School. Come on Girls -- we know you can do it. 66 SENIOR HIGH GIRLS FIELDBALI TEAM uwt. , . ill , A - ' uujlll T9 All X T tg 5:33 - 'MII X ,ww Q vhlllrx ' ' in ml ."-"' 'lax ff?-:ffm Q W , will l plum M .,I s lull, , l ' Nil 2 I I 'r iff r lr"! 1' :JI L, ,X L r 11,41 T V i K f v! il.: y 2 .wr .wild ft M U I " by ltlxxl N X N Q -TM' Q. 4 ' 'T ls, , I k WEN I I I I film - I. 'll I W M- 'B ff mm 5 5 9.14. fd 'J 5534 at ff .LL f of ' '-2, -E 5 -un. 4? , rl - L. First Row: Margaret Redmiles Betty Campbell Betty June Thompson Thelma Thompson Helene Som mers June Cole Glenna Cox Sharon Lang. Second Row: Alice Ahmuty Bernadine Nehring Susan Birm ingham Betty Williams Joyce Martin Alice Howard Jane Miller. Third Row: Virginia Higgs Marion Jones Naomi Tester Lou Juan Davison. 67 JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' SPORTS BASKETBALL 'Q ow au. First Row: Francis Murphy, Milton McGowen, Billy Rice, Walter Basse, Charles Collins, Wendell Thompson, Bobby Knight, Shirl Spicer. Coach: Mr. Meyer. Second Row: Charles Booker, Louis Boswell, Arthur Bonnanzar, Harvey Martin, Robert Kinder, Raymond Sears, Frankie Wheat, Billy Miller, Clarence Phelps. Absent: Frank Bell, William Grimes. SOCCER V sa First Row: Jerry Buchmaster, William Grimes, Clarence Phelps, Owen Merson, James Dick. Coach: Mr. Meyer. Second Row: John Randolph, Shirl Spicer, Frankie Wheat, Raymond Sears, Wendell Thompson, Robert Kinder. Third Row: Richard Music,Harvey Lowman, Arthur Bonnanzar, Charles Barker , Billy Lemasters Walter Basse, Harvey Martin. 68 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS SPORTS BASKETBALL U' a 4 Q t -5 First Row: Jean Anderson, Dorothy Bird, Mara Belle Clark, Norene Messer Joyce Martin, Connie Martin, Mildred Taylor. Second Row: Juanita Cole, Beverly Benton, Wilma Hurley, Catherine Stevens, Joan Gertz, Millie Cox, Jean Burgess,Kay Rawley,Lindel Smith. Third Row: Carolyn Carter, Marsha l-leatherly, Pat McGowen, Ruth Grooms, Carolyn Kirby, Dorothy Wilburn, Peggy Parsons, Ann Smith. FIELDBALL V5 1 First Row: Ruth Grooms, Peggy Parsons, Mildred Taylor, Norene Messer, Carolyn Carter, Mary Lee Leight. Second Row: Pat McGowen, Betty Lewin, Peggy Downs, Judy Crosby, Dorothy Wilburn, Millie Cox, Connie Martin. Third Row: Dorothy Bird,Jean Burgess,Joan Gertz,Katherine Stevens,Barbara Gregory, Carolyn Kirby. 69 'Q Clyde 8: Janey Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Wheat Frank Stewart Phil 8: Cornelia Mr. 8: Mrs. W. A. Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Guy R. Allen Virginia Lee 8: Vernon Mr. 8: Mrs. I. E. Shipley Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Wrzesinski Mr. 8: Mrs. Clyde Wynne Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Wrzesinski Mr. 8: Mrs. John Warner Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Tackett Mr. 8: Mrs. Isaac Knisley Alice 8: Hugh Col. 8: Mrs. J. A. Hamilton Col. W. S. Renshaw Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Wilson Capt. 8: Mrs. James B. Foster Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Lee Williams Shirl 8: Russ Mrs. Esther Leffet Mr. 8: Mrs. C. W. Day Rev. 8: Mrs. Wm. Greynolds Miss Alma Lee Chaney Mr. 8: Mrs. Warren Ahmuty Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Ahmuty Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Kellaugh Rev. 8: Mrs. H. Carroll Burkins Ed Duval Waterbury Service Station Vertie Clark Mrs. Olwin Clark Rev. Louis Foxwell - Janet 8: Tootie Miss Clara Westerman Earl Marks Debbie Pumphrey Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Lumpkin Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy Shipley Mrs. Joseph Milwicz Marie Milwicz Mr. James Bussey Mrs. Latvanas Ruby Collier Elizabeth Warner Eva V. Smith Mary Anne Crouse Jimmy Scruggs Charles Oursler Sgt. 8: Mrs. Elmer Sikes Mildred Donaldson Col. J. O. Woods Col. 8: Mrs. G. F. Peer Frances Middleton Col. G. E. Leone Sara Griffith Harriet Lehner Mrs. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Grover Bussey Peggy Pumphrey Melvin Pumphrey Johnny Warner STAR BOOSTERS Johnny Poore I. W. Hamilton Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Naylor "The Clarks" Mrs. Emma Boose Firestone Tire Co. Mrs. Jessie M. Rice Dr. 8: Mrs. T. E. McGoury Ida's Dress Shop The Hitching Post Albrights' Mr. 8: Mrs. Sam Carder Mr. 8: Mrs. Malcolm G. Moses Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert S. Boyd Anthony Liberatto W. O. 8: Mrs. George Sabato Major 8: Mrs. Chester E. Whiting Mr. 8: Mrs. Keith Rembold Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul W. Day 8: Son Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Smith Mrs. Maggie Phelps Mr. 8: Mrs. C. H. Knight Grimms Grocery Sgt. 8: Mrs. Isaac Thomas H. M. Walters Mr. 8: Mrs. J. L. Clayton Forrest Simmons Mr. 8: Mrs. John Grimm Mr. 8: Mrs. M. R. Malone Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert L. Griffith Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Wade BOOSTERS Clara Boose Betty Ann White Miss Alice Ahmuty Mr. 8: Mrs. Harvey Janet 8: Alice Warren Williams Mrs. Lillian Dirksen Marshall Katz Sharon Lang Leonard Crawford A Friend Chaplin 8: Mrs. A. L. Simonson Mr. 8: Mrs. Melvin Dunkerly Mrs. Leslie Reimsnider Mr. Knapp Ida Jane Dickerson Joyce Martin Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Ross Marshall Pee Wee-Shorty Miss Marie Biggs Shirl 8: Phyllis Eva Clark Lloyd W. Snawdeal Mrs. Nelson Clark Theodore Snyder Bobby 8: Charlotte Robert S. Suter L. R. Harman Ana Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Wrzesinski 70 H. D. Preston C. Duckworth Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Kenny Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Twardowski Mrs. T. Scott Jackie Rice The Mart-Glen Burnie Estelle Donaldson Sgt. 8: Mrs. A . F. Richards F. F. Graham 8: Shirley Cole Chas. H. Williams Hal Mayer Mrs. Nellie Davis Mrs. Frances Drake M!Sgt. 8: Mrs. James A. Pruett R. M. Eggleston Co. Margaret Lockerman Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Hill Pfc. Terry Skerritt Co. 8: Mrs. Earl M. Shine Bill 8: Pat Mr. 8: Mrs. Bejamin Ravorvski Mrs. Eleanor Dunn Paul 8: Ev Hugh 8: Justin Williams Mrs. Mabel H. Parker Mrs. Beverly Wood Mr. Ellsworth Michel Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Redmiles Franny 8: Jimmy Crain Laundry, Dry 8: Rug Cleaners Ashby 8: Harrison Mr. Stanley Wrzesinski Miss Theresa Wrzesinski Jean 8: Juanita Walter 8: Anna Bill Phelps Mrs. M. K. Childers Florence G. Taylor Theresa Hoernig Betty O'Hara Norman 8: Audrey E. Roberta Goenner Tom 8: Nance Bejamin F. Chaney H. M. Puentt Dorothy Clayton Mr. William Helm Ronnie 8: Doris James 8: Barbara Mrs. Helen Beckman Mary Clark Lewis Dove Tommy Sills Helen Wrzesinski '7D Thelma Thompson Jane Miller Kermit Thompson Lois Shipley Mr. 8: Mrs. Wade Dickerson Shirley Olesen , 4, D' S 1 4' O l 17 T 1 ! 1' 'A O Q 6"q' UN L 49 . ,I Lubrication Gas Oil Minor repairs Radio service Farm Machinery Repairs Welding SEVERN SERVICE STATION Severn, Maryland 24 hour road service A.A.A. Phone Night phone Glen' Burnie 1703 Crain 559-J5 Leedy Bros. O CARR'S FARM SUPPLY Three-mile Oak Annapolis, Maryland Southern States Service Attend our Farm Demonstration Meetings and Free Farm Picture Shows, Your Problems are Our Problems So call on Us Feeds - Seeds - Fertilizer - Farm Hardware - Paints - Roofing Telephone Annapolis 6604 WHITMORE'S RESTAURANT For Fine Foods and Good Service Odenton, Maryland A Odenton 6811 73 'self' Compliments of ODENTON DRIVE INN A p l Road Odenton, Maryla d The only Curb Service Place ln Odenfon Come in to see us Phone Laurel 77 - 78 MID CITY CHEVROLET SALES, INC Direct Facfory Dealers Ch olef Olds bil Sales and Service 501 - 503 Washington Blvd. Laurel, Maryland 74 BROWN'S QUALITY BAKERY Pies Cakes Pastries Compliments of Baked Fresh Daily SlDLE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 9 Central Ave. Glen Burnie, M0fYlGl'1d . iopposite the Fire Housei Glen Bl-'rmer Ma"YlUnd Glen Burnie 1165 FAMILY SHOES "Shoes for the Entire Family" Featuring Red Goose Shoes for Children 9 Balto-Annapolis Blvd. Glen Burnie, Maryland Phone Glen Bumie 1477 Glen Burnie 181 - 149 DOVELL AND WILLIAMS GARAGE One stop service Care Saves Wear 217 - 223 Crain Highway N. E. Glen Burnie 9, Maryland ESSO RUPP ERT'S AMOCO Service Station Route 301 Conway, Md. W. H. MILLER AND SON Meats Groceries Vegetables Gambrills, Maryland Phone South Shore 2063 HOHMAN J. POIST Maytag Washers Frigidaire Emerson 8. R. C. A. Radio a All Makes of Bottled Gas Stoves Distributors of Bottled Gas nd Television Telephone 309 360 Main Street Annopol i s, Maryland AAA ESSO 24 Hour Towing Service ANDERSON'S CORNER Mlllersvllle, Maryland on U.S. 301 Phone South Shore i801 4001 Best Wishes To The Graduatlng Class of 1952 Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. Mantz Ringgold 8. Bev Compliments of DUBOIS BOOTERY 115 Crain Highway N. E. Glen Burnie, Maryland Compliments of POST EXCHANGE PHOTO SHOP WOLLMAN'S SHOES Home ofAdvertised Brands Chisholm 8. 5th Street Phone: 2309 127 - 131 Main Street Fort George G. Meade, Maryland Annapolis, Maryland Dial 3372 Compliments of SUNBRITE ROLLER INN Lwndry and Cleaners Compliments of EAGLE'S STORES CO. INC. 54 to 51.00 Skating Every Nite 7:30 - 11:00 P.M. Matinee Saturday and Sunday 2:00 - 5:00 Special Skating Parties Fountain Grill Try one of our Famous Bar-B-Q's Call Annapolis 9628 f"' be ilil HENRY I. DODGE Groceries and Re freshments Herald Harbor, M yl d Cf GFI ARUNDEL LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Spa R Annapolis, Maryland d d West Street Phone 2343 l.-.lj Compliments of KIRSONS INC. EMPLUYMENT PROMOTION Save time, save money, and begin a career earlier by attending STRAYER. 30 West Street Annapolis 2772 An ideal success formula is --Strayer training plus Strayer Employment Service. Evidence that you are qualified: The B.C.S. or M.C.S. degree from Strayer Congratulations College oi Accountancy, or the ap- , proved Secretarial diplcma from 0 Strayer College oi Secretarial Train- The Class of 1952 ing' Write for catalog or call m person for iniormation, guidance, or registration. of STRAYER COLLEGE l3th and F Streets, N.W., Washington 5, D. C. NAtional 17108 The Farmers National Bank Annapolis, Maryland THE EDDIE LEONARD SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 169 Conduit Street Annapolis, Maryland Outfitters to Arundel High School ANNAPOLIS FURNITURE COMPANY B dd' E"'Q"in9gO"'1' HOMR sruoio PHOTOGRAPHERS Stoll? cgsrgjvenngcroslizges Annapolis Blvd. Glen Bumie, Maryland Convenient Terms Arranged pl"lOI1e 112 West Street Annapolis 2140 BOAT SUPPLIES 100 Compromise Street Best Wishes H A I. M I d NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY nnapo rs, ary an STUDEMUS CHAPTER Phone Annapolis 4640 77 Compliments of LIPMAN'S Women's Wearing Apparel and Shoes 172 - 174 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland POLAN'S Sd to S1.00 Store Complimems of Glen Burnie Annapolis Laurel Drugs The Store of Friendly Service Annapolis, Maryland ARUNDEL AUTO SERVICE Gas Accessories Oil ARUNDEL SANDWICH SHOPPE Hamburgers Bar-B-Q's Thick Shakes Hote Crain 8- General Highways U.S. 301 8m I78 Phone South Shore 5692 FRED E. VOGES Real Estate Insurance 221 Main Street I Maryland Building Annapolis, Maryland P ho ne 4477 SEVERN FARM'S MILK BAR Crain Highway and New Good Thick Milk Shakes Good Hamburgers All Welcome Cut Road All Kinds of Sandwiches Crain 814-.I .IOHNNIE'S ESSO STATION LaFayette Ave. and West St. Annapolis, Maryland Phone 2521 Compliments of COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Annapolis, Maryland 78 C I f h ARUNDEL HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A 1951-1952 The Joyce Insurance Agency Successor To The First Agent of The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of GAMBRILLS Montgomery County, Maryland 8: Co. Established 1848 FERGUSON TRACTORS 8 IMPLEMENTS J. L. Gambrills, Maryland The Home of Crain Highway INTERNATIONAL FARM MACHINERY George J. Boschert Trucks, Tractors, Parts and Service Sales 8' Service Soulh Shore 3024 Hardware, Paints, Oils, Tires Ph e Bowie 3354 Mltchellville, Md. RELIABLE CONTRACTING COMPANY, INC. Road Building - Excavating Equipment for Hire Millersville, Maryland South Shore 5160 CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIOR CLASS OF '52 FROM THE "PANORAMA" STAFF 80 HEIN BRGEIFT 2-u DMN BUNIIUN B HEIN BROS. INC 1 :mam 403 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. N.W. Glen Burnie 8, Maryland xo Retail Coal Fuel Oil Burner Service Automatic Delivery in Degree Day Sysiem Famous Reading Anfhrocife Cool "When if's Red if's Reading" Phone Glen Burnie 1200-'I-2-3-4 NEW USED FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD. Glen Burnie, Md. Phone G.B.-1233 J. Ed Thompson, Prop. 81 Painting Decorating Paperhanging JOHN T. ANDREWS and SON Estimates Cheerfully Given Floor Sanding Gaithersburg 582 J3 Clarksburg, Maryland Pontiac Soles Service MARBERT MOTORS INC. 261 West Street Annapolis 2335 Annapolis, Md. Compliments HOPPING FUNERAL HOME l7O-172 West St. Phones Annapolis 3872 2596 Annapolis, Md. Compliments of SEALTEST ICE CREAM Dial 2688 Annapolis, Md. Southern Dairies, lnc. 82 Compliments of THE HOPKINS FURNITURE C0. One of the Largest Displays of Furniture, Floor Covering and Bedding in Maryland 123-25-27 Main St. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of THE ANNAPOLIS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Telephone 2345 Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of ANDREW KRAUSE CHEVROLET Sales Service 24 hour towing service Phone Day 2650 Night 7144 Annapolis, Maryland Gas - Oil Lubrication Accessories General Auto Repairing BARROW'S SERVICE STATION Road Service Annapolis Road, East of Bridge Oclenton, Maryland Phone Odenton 3081 6771 83 HIGHWAY SUPPLY CORP. Highway Material Jessup, Maryland Manufacturers Atlas Expansion Joint Assembly Erectors and Distributors Bethlehem Highway Guard Rail Expansion Material Elkridge 740 Distributors Wire Mesh Reinforced Steel Drainage Material Joint Seal Hamilton Elgin Bulova TILGHMAN COMPANY Steiff Towle Gorham International Sterling Watch and Jewelry Repair Shop On The Premises Registered Jewelers American Gem Society 44 State Circle Annapolis, Maryland "SARAN" "For the best Auto Seat Covers and Rustproof Window Screening. Best regards THE NATIONAL PLASTICS PRODUCTS COMPANY Compliments of Dr. A. Frank Sidle And Dr. P. R. Kroser Dentists Phone Glen Burnie l5l 8 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. Glen Burnie 9, Maryland N.E. 84 WHITEHALL FARMS FROZEN FOOD SERVICE G b lls, Maryland Compliments of DORR'S SERVICE STATION AND DORR'S DRIVE IN Crownsville, Md. th Shore 5651 4212 Compliments of Mac Rappaport FABRIC MART 232 M S J p M ryl d A pl M yi ci Open 24 Hours Compliments of Restaurant Bar Cafeteria CHAMPION GENERAL STORE COLEMANIS DRIVE IN, INC. lacross from National Plastic Factoryl Jessup, Maryland Soda Fountain H T T t P p Rooms Apartments Phone Odenton 6821 5841 Grocerie M t 85 Diamonds Watches Silverware BERT SPRIGGS Distributors for Omega Watches Motor Sales, lnc. STEARNS COLONIAL JEWELERS 47 Maryland Ave, Lincoln Mercury Annapolis, Maryland Phone 6933 Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing Annapolis, Maryland For Every Gift Occasion WALSH'S SERVICE STATION ARMBRUSTE RS Gifts of Distinction Dorsey and Ridge Road 82 Maryland Ave. Phone E""id9e 3364 Annapolis Lubrication General Repair Compliments Washing Wofk coRnoN's CLEANERS CLAUDE'S BETHOLINE-SINCLAIR AND SERWCE CITY STORE Gas - Oil Accessories Tires - Tubes Call Annapolis 387l for Road Service rgzlzolzzihlns 5.IETri:,l?,::::: Claude J' Marslon Endicott Johnson Shoes 927 West St. Annapolis, Maryland BARATTlNl'S BARRON and HOBBS, REALTOR Self-Service Food Market "For the Better Homes" Af YOUI' Service Open Daily from 9 A.M. - l0:30 P.M. Restaurant Tavern Phone Glen Burniel88l 7 Central Ave. Glen Burnie, Maryland Professional Bldg. Light Housekeeping Rooms Phone Odenton 6751 86 THE HENRY B. MYERS co. A""'P"i,jZ',gj: C""P""Y 45-49 West St. 1714 West St. Soles Service Dial 2655 Dial 81882 I75 wesf sffeef Telephone 6600 AUNGPOIISI MUVYIUMI Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of S 8 S BAR-B-0 HAHN's RESTAURANT 1803 West Street Annapolis, Maryland operated by Phone 9858 John and Catherine Zangla Odenton, Maryland Werner C. Rieve GENERAL MERCHANDISE Gas and Oil Phone Odenton 4212 THE PARSON'S COMPANY Department Store 220-222 Main Street Phone 4566 Annapolis, Maryland Arthur White G ENERAL CONTRACTOR Odenton S161 Compliments of J. J. Miller ESSO SERVICE STATION Jessup, Maryland W. L. Gardiner 8. Son GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 216 W-2 Jessup, Maryland Paints, Television, Hardware, B. F. Goodrich ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY CO. INC. Phone 9222 25-27 West Street Hot Point Appliances, Tires, Batteries Plumbing Supplies Annapolis, Maryland ANNAPOLIS UTILITIES INC. 89 West Street Annapolis, Maryland Phone 9244 Sara Edwards APPAREL SHOP Annapolis, Maryland JOSEPH D. LAZENBY Insurance and Real Estate 215 Main Street Telephone 2684 "ln Annapolis Since 1880" Compliments of YEAGERH5 MUSIC STORE 3300 Eastem Ave. Baltimore, Maryland Orleans 2795 Where you can Learn to Play any Instrument you Desire by Renting it for 5.00 per month Compliments of SEVERN ESSO Severn, Maryland SEVERN FOOD MARKET Your Neighborhood General Store Phone Crain 193-J-'I Sevem, Maryland Compliments of l'lElNS HARDWARE STORE Glen Burnie, Maryland Phone Glen Burnie 172 Dodge Plymouth GARDINER MOTORS Sales 'ervice Dodge "Job Rated Trucks" Glen Bumie, Maryland Phone 256 Compliments of BRANDENBURGS STORE Gambrills, Maryland Ford Dealer ACADEMY GARAGE, mc. 123-27 Washington Blvd. Laurel, Maryland Phone Laurel 109 Compliments of DORR 'S CORNER MEREDITH ROANE CO. INC. Lumber - Millwork - Builders Supplies Phone 9287 - 9288 1712 West Street Millersville, Maryland South Shore 5691 Annapolis HALETHORPE MOTORS . Compliments General Auto Repairing of Washington Boulevard Phone Arbutus 1166 PALMER'S GARAGE GREENGOLDS Men's and Boys' Fumishings 46-48-50 West Street Annapolis, Md 0 "The Store for the Lad and His Dad" CHARLES A. WHITTLE General Merchandise Odenton, Maryland Phone Odenton 5131 LONG'S GROCERY GAMBRILLS, MARYLAND South Shore 4121 KINDERS RESTAURANT and SODA FOUNTAIN Defense Highway and Davidsonville Road Annapolis 9790 Dodge iab rated Trucks wash Lubricanon Dodge Passenger Cars Plymouth Passenger Cars , JONES INCORPORATED S Soles Service 1799 West ST. Annapolis 9667 Z. Garner Jones 1833 West St. Pres. Annapolis, Maryland Oil Accesso 'e Branch Office Call 8. Delivery 201 Main St. Service Counesy of 'he RAINBOW CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Repairing WADE FAMILY Phone 2292 Main Office 1801 West St. Congratulations to the graduates of 1952 HUTZLER BROTHERS CO. Baltimore 'I Maryland Compliments of CARLSON'S BAKERY I.. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Fraternity Badges Fraternity Jewelry Novelties Favors Stationery Class Rings Pins Medals Cups Trophies Club Pins Buttons Convention Badges 204 International Building 'l3l9 F. Street N.W. Washington D. C. Telephone NAtional i044 Toys Wheel Toys Bicycles Auto Supplies Appliances Sporting Goods WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home owned and operated by Dan Sossoman Crain Highway Phone Glen Burnie 1770 Glen Burnie, Maryland JESS RADIO 8. ELECTRIC Compliments of Radio ond Television Appli qnce THE R. R. SMITH PHARMACY soles ond Service Established 1899 Francis at Main si. Annapolis, Maryland 108 Mein si. Phone Annapolis 4301 COLUMBIA JEWELERS ROBERTSON RADIO Opncui Dept Admiral Radio Television S ' II lc Eyes Examined Daily ervlce on G mu es 194 W S . Ph 4812 138 Main St. Annapolis, Morylancl Phone 3351 est I Anndpolisi MGYYIUMI one FARM BUREAU Good Luck - "52,, Mutual Auto Insurance Co. Muiual Fire Insurance Co. Life Insurance Co. Home Office Columbus, Ohio Annapolis, Maryland FYGHCOS E- SPI-Iffief Harmans, Maryland Phone Glen Burnie 7W-1 THE FARMERS SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CO. , 2024 WEST STREET ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND PHONES: 6624 - 2920 INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATORS FREEZERS DISSTON SAWS REO MOWERS 90 WlLBURN'S SERVICE STATION Millersville, Maryland Your Sinclair Dealer L. P. Musterman Batteries Charged While You Wait "HAT SHOPH Tires Batteries Tubes 'Good Year Phone Somh Shore 3025 'I97 Maln St. Annapolis, Maryland RW' ESM" l"s"""'c' Slip Covers Draperies Upholstering CHARLES F. LEE 8. CU. INC. ANNAPOLIS DECORATORS Established I908 Church Circle Phone 2461 Phone 3113 Annapolis, Maryland I64 West St. Annapolis, Maryland Compliments of DORR'S SERVICE STATION and DORR'S DRIVE IN , South Shore 5651 - 42'l2 Crownsville, Maryland For Your Stationery and Gift Needs 185 Main sf. JENKINS, INC. Dial 2200 Annapolis, Maryland STRANGE 81 WHITE, INC. Outfitters ofthe Home Headquarters for Young Men's Apparel N"'io"c'HY Advertised Furniture and Appliances gmiem Slgcki C t C H Spcgt Shtms The Best for Less Glen Bumie, Maryland or uro or oa s o e e wea ers Y P u Ph 9 T SUPREME FURNITURE co. '55'57 Mom Sf' one 2821 Next to Polan's Se-51.00 Store Annapolis, Maryland Open Friday 8 Saturday Nites Till 9 P.M. 91 FAREWELL QBNZKE fl!!---xx x W A if ig' 5 Swim-V I - Ifsiil M" li'r5l' 0' '-"'-1 . .,. iiitilainill 4 E' E ::',x E A :::::::::::::::::::::- Q Q , S , .f . K Q y :e::::::::::::::::::::::::-- 5 X 65 Q 11 I xy ,ll ff ' K I Ns fi S555-cf ! FROM "THE CLASS OF '52" fi x 4 f " 'T f " . . 1' L 'g ,xxx ". ., LV I 'X L Mix, 2 all O 'E 4, LA:-f S, Q2 m'c'g"n,f f . Uiqx f J lg! - ig Z1 , . Luo I 1 ' di, uf-ft 9 ' N g,iff', Q- Y I X5 Ek - if . , 4 'J x gbvvdbf 3 T5 L N X Y 5 C - y m Qxq 'Q ' 'e N V N .3 5 ,lj . if S355 51 N Q1 LCN fx ' Wm V ' JJ X x 'CHX - -AL I ' ' -,X vb 5 mx x 43 h A RF l, Q- 1 34 5,2 E ' B l'-Fx ,,, 1 f NN x ' 2 .JY X - 32 Q ,Q J -Q Le T' V, QE ,JWQQMW 6 4WQf QM, Vwwwj WMM J ,77f'x4b7 33N-QM AM E Hb E ,A f Y X 23 Q - . ff MM ? 1:-12aaeza2s53ess:m. WHffW"" '-' 'H "'W WY 6231,-3, Www ik NM., OMSMJP JW JW f W W ' M5704 Hffjyiif M T1 , K Giiigffo JW 4122 ff W WU ' QWQWS W wwW'Qk Q WW N QQ fm X gif' f l' Q?? f"72 l Mis 1 A- -44 F, x fe 'L S' 1 BER Jw , QV iff E? 'ya f E l ' EWEPO? if J' Q gffkwwwji vWj JW2WWfWW M22 wwf MMM

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