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 Arts High School Vignette 1988 Publication Of the Senior Class Executive Staff Editor-in-Chief . . . . Assistant Editor . . . Sports h-dilor .... Senior Section Editor Cherie Hopkins . . Erica Wade Chief Photographer Advisor.......... Staff Memlrers Xenobia Oaks alielh Roberts Kheslia Tull Eric Wlialev Penelope Zemailis rstan Studios Eileen Johnson Kathy Jones Angela King Crystel l-ang Tony Leach puter graphic cover design by Brian Sanders Amanda Bethea Camille Bev (.akesha (’.lemon: I Terri Hurd Monica Jackson Tara Boughton Contributing Photographers Jan Carden Delya HoltIMRCES AND PERCEPTIONS Just Me Mr. Music I here comes a lime When I have lo say I'm looking forward To a brighter day Because now I know I'm on my own In this world lo stand alone . . . Jusl me. I stop to think There has to be Something more Than what they see I need someone to understand W hy I am the way I am . . . Just me. I want I am nd choose to Ik-Something others cannot Ik- . . . Me. To play what I feel. I need moderation. Everything is not real. Just total dedication. It has to lx- understood. For me as well as others. Interpretations, not the same. To understand feelings of another. Hearing what I hear. Sounds are not sounds. Loving what I love. Music is not music. Something unknown. A ms were to discover. My love of music. This I must uncover. by Kyle Younger bv Camille Rev Who Am I I am a fragrant flower out of the distant past. Delicate, subtle and strong. 1 am full of grace and beauty ami love Mev spirit soars like a dove Mv values leach me lo do little wrong. I'm blessed with the abilitv to achieve all I have in mind to do. And become great, then greater W hen I have my success with you W isdom is to know the courage you need Justice is good, temperance is balance All these make mv life so much sweeter. That's the meaning of my name Beauty and grace Who am I? I am Jamala S. Orange. The Life I've Started An environment unknown lo me ol yet matured Never could understand why I remain on a level that's stationary No growth, no thoughts Full of doubts Nevertheless I'll sprout I’ll sprout Into a person of caring Into a person of maturity I am yet a child who needs that push A force to help me grow Into that person who glow . Glows with brilliaiK-e With happiness W ith education There is no definition of what is needed Education was the plant seeded I jfe is completed The thought plain and pure The life I've started And endured. by Slierrire Crowder3 Class of 1988Hi Ahrth Robed . Ov-fio V ijj a S.iurwJrr . Nii- MiLxk-v Adtocji Ru Nicoie Jrnkin . Altllir MuKamriudi. [Ioiiiu Jrukiiu. Natkinwl KubeiU . . . I sec the seasons changing by the color of the trees . . .Atom a Frit KIi jiIm'|Ii llobi'tl . Ktua Wtulr. Uoliipi.- . Uw-nr llop mv M.irilx-1 Km MiM Kui . Jnw| hiiM Ki-lfipi - . Kli abrth Kol rrt Ol.i. Vifaij Saumtri . . . I see yellow, red. orange, then nothing and then finally green . . . from "Image " by Jeanne Rodriguez6Brian RjmLi Janomr Asbur . Ton a Sutton . . . Serious about my future, exploring different roads, destined to reach my goals . . . h Ix'Aoiuira Taylor 7Drlya lloll. Atonya Fdtt 8Member of elasa of 88 Member of the cUu of 88 Coco" Bry. Stanley Campbell ► 3fcVI — - Cilberto Ortiz. Anthony Hammond. Chontey Copeland ChoMey Copeland. Darryl U iley Vivian Colon. Qurtty Hurra. Maria C.inlron • . . . Changing like the seasons, maturing with the years . . . from ’‘Images" by LrAondra Taylor Member of the riana of I ‘ 88 on pajama day aliyyah Mahmoud. Jamal Orange. Michelle Smith 10IIJolm Kilo and Nwarr Buffer Tom I-rat h EusrUo ".Norton'' Colon and Migurl “Ralph" rli7 ... I choose to be different That is who I am I don’t want to be Just a small grain of sand . . . from "Image ” by Queizy Rivera 12IIcloseness openness . . . by ( ’■loriii Forbes ISRenee Beasley Ray-AntKony Bedford Amanda l-annetle Bdhci I MMwt j i joj jjnifi) , I wrap] -|«jfWMjd »aa| t | • Mad oi %)u « jim ,no "°H — iw "r.) nwi «i uoting ipiung jurK rt • »« a a ■‘"•N •t« h vr»joMaria Cintron Vnian Colon CJionln IjiVrmr Copeland Skmin1 Oonder Windi Veronica I halloAmirtlr Jwm pluo to enter I hr field of buwtra ainwmlialion KxiUcmnH (Mia Holl » lortunjfr o hr rinlnl numhrt thirr m out araim Hm and to iiiH tnrrwhrlmrd hrr «hrn Jr «a rlrxlni rlaaa imrtjn Dia p««wt«un ha hrl( rd hr» hate lanr to br • la IrrAMJfrr Met run ha V Jin ».lh Idr n to rM it lAr a |ar " a Mlrr undrndanrim id hr folio rUaunalr Shr Uirr rat h da and lne» a moment In monrM Shanda Hmoraon [Vnlon E. Kvuu Anita Fairtry A ton a MargaritU FHtm lia»n Frrgunon Cloria Forfar Kobm Karl nun Jr. KHI V Hull Anthon) M. Hammond Sandra (iinqiir Tutlunda Onrral Sliuraraia I (lilr« Carmen Kir Conxalrz and M. Con alr Anuria Zai ri)a GreenNirolr Itrniar Jrniim Tyrone Jrrnifcan Kilron Rnw Johnson Rchrrt M. Jotmwn l rtlr Iriurn Motur Pllliff Jackson C.ynlhu Jjwotx Kolhrrr Jean IVxina JrniiKodno Johraon Annrttr l)h«nnr Jooo Amir non Joar TW m mtorr to Mr than j »u ac-tdnar iuk)rrt». rifimily m Qurity Hurra'. Mr. TW friradU and mrf- hall. and and ranl» numhrr fcr •rtf in ihr futurr aa bring a drdtralrdI llir»r lilt- linitHxl imio'' N«M inw li. ar-i ••riling to K lr V«»ijrr Hr n ranlirrl numlirt «t in our irnw U« U hrn not | artH in ; hn ■inlrumrnl. K lr r» iiuulli o riling rraiu He prirrnf linnsi-ll in the lulurr l [rtnf. a wr-rrulul inuuim. Stud? mg. ilr»in(. ml |«ji» |Jnm(i are |wU some nf the Mtiiilin orrup? Sam Romero's limr This intrlligrnl and hwnMon inunf; nun n rnilinl mnnlirr mn n our mni ill» Although undmdrd about has fu lu»r. Nam IS Miir Ihal hr mall rtmlmur to sludi Nirolr Moorr Kirhard Anlhoox Morale Jrrmaanr Ruben Morion Alfalir Muhamrrtarh moliu Anlonu Oak Brurr OlderJ.iiiuU S. Of .infer GiNn-fto Orta llotry Kinky KrriUMirllr M.iuirrn Praraon Dawn Samantha Prmbrrton Carnrl Edniiil Pmon I a ion CjHinb Poor 11 Orlando J. Karklry Partnatir Kam KarranAnlhttin Katrnrl Brian Ikwinrll KamU Talisa Krdioh John A. Rilry HndgrO NaiwIIc Rkm IW KiloQuriiy Alicia Rriera Elizabeth Anne Robert Monica Lynn Rollim Samuel Romero Pauline l.ynette Roa Jeanne Rodrigue JoM-phinr Carmen Rodrigue Alicia R. Roger Nikuha Mullah Strand Tonya lanKaon Sutton li-Amtri Taylor Mari Klimt Sirniun M anila Simmon M imllr Smith Scan South Richard Andrew Solomon Quincy Ikrton Spircr ft Hwalvih K.4»»i» « . ii I—-10 Cbnir ll.yAm. 12 Turn Smmi IS U uHn m 11 M«.. I.h. IS Umu I'oAn I (• 1 AmAi Ti|k IT. T.r.Mw IH Mu War! RnM. I H..-1 , 2» Mk»m lUrnumi. ’ I t mn Uvujlrf 22 P..W Ho . 2.Y IU.1 11 Kim 24. Urrn 2:. Oraruno lain. 2. VuUmla ».Hn 3 IVf.all.4l 5. y«rtr Hnn. 6. K lr v.w Alrundn Twrll Kn a ftadr Yolanda IVniw Walker Oaudr Edvard W a hm ton Erie Whaley Cynthia Mane ftWSu | h nir K ft Jmhi Man u Vt(tKXDU||h Jr. K lc Dorian Youngr-r Darn I Tank ft ilr N Mir ft .U«n tU’lli ft iImmi Drntm Portalalin A poup of arniore on a cold da in Notrmbrr. Ii It hmiRENEE BEASLEY Fashion Design “Hold this"" .. this open-minded Cancer plan to become a psychologist .. . "Her" can be seen with Yijaya. Theresa. Philip, and Yolanda - .. enjoyed classes of Mrs. Dougiin and Ms. (Caldwell TERESA NIEVES Fashion Design "Oh my Codr' ... this jiarticulaf and picky person plans to go into the field of education . . can be teen with Philip. Vijaya. Renee, and l-rAondra . . will remember Ms Caldwell VIJAYA SAUNDERS Fashion Design "Oh my God!" . .. "Java" is a quiet and friendly Aries .. . plan to be a nurse .. . can be seen with Teresa. Renee. leAondra. and Philip ... member of the National Honor Society and National An Honor Society .. enjoyed classes of Ms. Caldwell and Mrs. Tao. BRUCE OLIVER Fine Art "You buggin!" . . . this good looking, domineering. tensitne Leo plan to attend college .. . “Buzy-B" can lie seen with Joe. Sam. Mike and Robert . .. enjoy swimming. jogging, talking to girl and riding his lake . .. enjoys hi art data ROBERT JOHNSON Fine Art "That' messed up' ... this twigged-out. erary Taurus enjoy baseball and football ... an actise member of the science club, biology club and the baseball team .. . plans to study architecture . .. “Kali Guy" can be seen with Bruce. Rodney. Stanley and Corey . .. favorites are Mr. K. and Mr . Caldwell. 34STANLEY CAMPBELL Fine Art “Paa the Jub r“ . . . thw wild. enuy. and friendly Ariea enjoy »wimming. bowling. nd aome e tra rumniUr artiutir 1 home ... future plan are to become a wjrreaafu! photographer , . . '('. rvhman" can be »een with Corey Pankey. C.A.T.S. and the class of '88. COKEY PANKEY Fine Art "Paa the Juber" . . . thia warm, kind Scorpio plan to go into the Armed Force ... “BUaJ" can be teen with Tyrone. Stanley, and Cynthia . . . member of the backet ball team . . . rnjov« ciaaar of Mr . .Abend, and Mr Curtin. TYRONE JERNIGAN Commercial Art “Paa the JubeeT' .. . "Ty" « a fun loving leo with hope of making lot of money ... a few of hia friend are hrntra. .Anthony. Stanley, and Corey . . . member of the baaeball team ... admire M». Caldwell CAMILLE BEY Vocal Muaic — Soprano "Let ! gel co Uupid and take it light!" .. . tin ery moody and attractnc Scorpio enjoy the company of Anrta. Tara. Stanley and Stephanie . .. "Coco” «» a member of the Principal' Adinory Council, dance en-temble and drama Hub .. . enjoy working out. tanging, and dancing. STEPHANIE WILSON Vocal Mtitle — Soprano "No. that not good!" . .. "Stef a a quiet Gemini who plan to attend Howard t'ro-vrnily . . . friend are Coco. Tara. Stanley, and Annette . . . member of drama club and Youth Guapcl Chow . . . enjoy Mr . P. and Mr. Howard' Haaar . TARA DAVIS Vocal Muaie — Alto "Clearly. I'm forced" ... lh« ambitiou . outgoing Tauru enjoy modeling, acting, and partying . .. member of the Principal Aditaon (Council, coordinator of thr nentor Has fashion how. and aemor Ha e»-erutiye board ... "Tara Tia" can be een with Camille. Stephanie. Katherr. and Stanley. 35OMORAYO LA YEN I Vocal Muaic — Soprano "For rral'" . . this kind Arie plan, to major in |» rhology . . . "Omie” enjoys the ionijmm «f Klwalieth. Shuranda. Yolanda, and Gloria . . aclisr on chrerlradmg squad. CHER IE LA TISHA HOPKINS Vocal Minor — Soprano ■'For rralll!” .. . "Rrr-Ric" is an ambitious and raring Capricorn who plans to become a successful lawyer ., she enjoys singing, rrading, and being with Sandra. Elitabeth. and line a . . . secretary of the muw honor society and editor of the yearbook. ELIZABETH ROBERTS Vocal Music — Soprano "Shut lip!” this conceited but lot -able Taurus plans to major in music theory . . . “Prince " can be seen with Sandra. Erica. Yolanda and Omorayo . .. member of filer Club. Music Honor Society and Biology Club. ALICIA ROGERS Instrumental Music — Olio This creative and unique Gemini plaits to become a professional writer .. . enjoys playing the Imm guitar and writ-uig stories . . member of Tn-M Manic Honor Society .. . favorite teachers are Mm. P and Mr Klela. CURTIS MILTON Instrumental Muaie — Violin "Excellence is the lirst way to success!” . .. this industrious string player plans to become a plumber . . , member of Tri-M Music Society . .. lose music. 36f TARA BOUGHTON Vocal Music — Soprano "I wanna go home!" . . . th» intelligent, friendly. outgoing Gemini i usually »een with [Horn -. Eilwn, Kliralirth. and lalik . .. Tara t a nmbrr of the Tn-M Mu x Honor Society . rri(o»» malh and Mr P" % music las . , plan to attend college, majoring in payrhology EILEEN JOHNSON oral Made — Alto "U hat you say?" . . . this quirt ami laJrntrd Taurus [dans to major in computer science and enlist in the Air Force Krwnr .. . ''Munrhir" ran be wn with Tara. I Honor. laTonya. and I r»i . hr‘» involved in the rlvambrr +ioru». and llir Voktw of Inspiration. QUINCY SPICER Fine Art "You only Ine oner, to hair fun!" .. . thi rlnrr and sneaky Ann plan to attend collrgr or join thr Manor ... "Poo" can be am with Maria. Nike. Erika, or Klranor ... member of basketball team ALEXANDER TYRELL Drama “Hey lower ... this fun loving, lovable Onuiu enjoy l a»eball. swimming, and partying . . he ■ a memhrr of the baseball team .. . future plana are to go into the computer field . .. "All-Mu' can be aeen Milh Skip. Muoa. KaJiref, and Todd BRIAN RAWLS Instrumental Muaie — Pereuaaion "If I didn't look good I’d look better" .. . "Macho Man" is an outgoing and venalile Puce . . . plana to major in business administration . .. friends include Denton. Dairen. Quincy. Stanley and Bilal ... member of the jarr ami concert bami . orchestra, and drum line 37ATONY A FELTS Vocal Music — Alio "Cet Krai. O.K.r ... "Ter‘ » a huggrd out and easy going Scorpio who plan to attend college and major in business administration .. . Gloria. Monica. Sandra. Zenobta. and Lir arc just a few of her pal .. sin- i» a member of Tri-M Music Honor Society. Color Guard, and the yearbook staff. SHAN A MARIE BURNETT Instrumental Music — Violin "Shana Mane" is an outgoing Cancer her fnends include Marie. Pam. Klwood. and Mutla . . . Shana dedicate her tune to many outside artmtir such as T.l'.l. and the Community School of The Arts MARK SHERMAN Floe Art An artist walk gifted Cancer who intends to further hi education upon grailuation ... seen with Kirhard. Sean. Jermaine, and Ray .. a quiet and reserved individual who enjoys haskrthall in his s|iarr time. SEAN SMITH Fine Art "Leavr me alone . this modest, but ocrasionaljy brash Aquarius plan to be the hem . . . seen with Mark. Daniel, Kirhard. and Maurice ... enjoy classes of Mr. (.orrirn and Mr. Colatrrlla . . . spend most of hia lime cvrrrisiiig. drawing, and writing RICHARD SOLOMON Fashion Design "What's up? ' . . . this quiet and humble Libra plan to become an architect . .. rati hr seen with Mark. Sean. Fdward. and Ricky . . . member of soever Irani and Steven ' Technical Enrichment ProgramRODNEY JOHNSON Fine Art “Gin we have recess period’" . this cool but nice Virgo plan to pl ) profes-uonal sports and become an aviation mechanic . .. "lee" can be seen with Nware. Marcus and Robert . . . member ol baseball tram. SAM MARTIN Instrumental Music — Violin •‘That's not my style' .. . this Gemini plans to be a successful businessman . . . '"Money" likes to play football, basketball, and baseball . . . can be seen with Joe. Bruce. Hass, and Blooey. JOSEPH HILL Drama "Stop flaken" . . . this friendly, pleasant Aquarius enjoy basketball, football, and music ... he is a member of the drama club, and track team . . . "lament" can be seen with Sam. Bruce. Eric, and Gilberto ... favorite teachers are Mr. C and Ms. Long. MICHAEL A. BOLDS Fine Art. This talented artist plans to be the owner of a prominent black international architectural firm .. . member of the National Art Honor Society . . enjoys dating, and the art classes of Mr. K.. Ms. Tso. Mr. Carden, and Ms. Caldwell. .. Mike's always with his best (nend. Sufi. sun DAVID Instrumental Music — Drum This independent Sagittarius plans to cam a Ph.D. in psychology . .. can be seen with M B.. D.P.. C D., and C.N. member of jmix band .. . enjoys playing drums and the guitar . .. admires Mrs Curtin. 39MAKIBKI. RtlZ Vocal Music — Alio Tho friendly lancer enjoy tennis. swimming. and relating . . ihr h a memlicr of I hr gy mnaslira loam . future plan are lo become an arehitecl "Man" tan be wen with Min, Vivian. Joair, and (,hiet . . . favorite teacher are Ml I low aid and Mr . Dougltn. SYIETA LEONARD Drama "I swear lo Cod' .. . this talented Taurus plan to lie a | r«fr MonaI linger, dancer, act re , anti model . . . can be seen with Michael Bold . I'aulinr Ho . Nathaniel Holier! , anti M aniia Dudley . . . enjoyed the classes of Miaa Raff ami Ms. Long . . . member of liancr entemble. and cheer-leading squad. JOSEPHINE RODRIGUEZ Drama "Do I have to?” . . this outgoing, friendly, and very pid) Cancer enjoys dam i ns ami deeping . . . member of the checrlcading and gymnastic team . . . future plan are to become a dancer o» an actress .. . “Josie" can be een with M.iribel. Vivian. Quetzy, anti Cynthia. ANNETTE JONES Vocal Muale — Alto Thi friendly. M-n itive. and outspoken Pisco enjoy katmg. swimming. and parly-mg ... a member of the principal- advisory council, student council, cheerleader . and baton twirier plans to study political science and law .. . " Vile" can lie seen with Brian. Kicnnor. Melissa, and lienton. TA1.ISA KEDISII Drama "Hey baby! How are you doing?" ... thi weel ami sophisticated Gemini plans to marry Danny . . . can be seen with KJeanor. Cyrnp. Damn. N'iecy ami anyone in the class of 8B .. . member of the drama dub and debating team. NICHELLE WILSON Voeal Muale — Soprano "Get otlHi lie re!” ... Neicy l a fun-loung Sagittarius . . . plans to attend Hampton University . . . can lie seen with Talivi. David. Tanya ami Mill .. . active in the chamber chorus and Tri-.M . . . admire Mr. Howard most U) JANEIME ASM RY Voral Munir — Altai for real" . . . "SiNl" ■ a fund) anal ra» Srorptn vaho plan ta allrnd college and lud rlrrmary medicine arm nilh tcnya. Anita. Shala ar anil Angie ... ihr .bvaic dub. biolog club anal Rrrmiaaancr nger arr a fra of hr« in- liool actnitica. SHALAZAR ZARIIYAH BROOKS Voral Mu«ir — Alto "Yow yaw. mIu! limr it i»" . . . thu. Place deaenbra her rlf a an all fun prraon . . . Manta to jwn liar Ann Rcarrara Krrr che mil aiudy computer |.ii r.immmt . . . enjoy ihr fnrndahip of Janrimr. Anila, Sher-nrr. Jam.ala anal A»k . . . rnrmbri of ihr b olog ami airama dub JERMAINE MORTON I’holography "There n a!" ... a hy. ipurl. and anraky Libra »ho rnjo a football . . . |ilana a futurr a a frrrlanrr Mnlrr ... "Jerry" can hr teen Milh Kylr. Angrl. Kriinrth. and Rodney . . Jermaine' favorite educator ia Mtaa (.aldwrll KENNETH FLOWERS Fine Art Thai' rr funny'." ... ihn funny and mm-talkativr ambairrl plana lo brromr an archilrd . . . frirnd unliele Itondi. I .any. Robert, and Jermaine . . admirr Mm Raff ami Mr Mrntore. VIVIAN COLON Voral Mu ir — Alto "End it" ... I hi active, outgoing and Inervih Sapttarm enjoy dancing and mu-uf ... br » a mrmbrr of ihr aofthalL r-niuMw. and cheerVading irama ... fu- lurr plan are lo aludy child psychology- “Vn" can br arrn nith Manbrl. l urli . Joair. and Myra. JEANNE RODRIGUEZ Voral Muair — Soprano "No problem!" aaya ihia talkative Capricorn ... br plan lo mayor m bio-chrmi»tr ... artivitie include C.OI-A.S.. Pum ipaT Advuory Council, and ihr mum honor o-orly . . . enjoy ihr rlaanra of Mr Thocnp-•on. Mr . Prugmla . and Mr. Slannh QUETZY ALICIA RIVERA C-ommrrrial Art "Bendrto" .. . this grumpy hul friendly Aquariua plana lo brromr an elementary •chool Irachrr and run hrr o n nunrry ... "Vurtr" la »ecrrtary of ihr Art Honor Society and member of ihr National Honor Society ... hr can be ern Mith V nun. Maria. Jrannr. and Ivrttr. 41NIK1SHA STRAND Fashion I-ift Tfcia vweet and rn short Sagittarius plans lo major in computer processing and programming "Nik-Nak" can Ik- seen with A ripe. Maria. Krikti ami Te»h.i»ii . . member of computer club ami chccrlcadmg quad. ERIKA McNEAL Vocal Music — Soprano "lie) — Hooey” - - - "Sunshine" t a cnu ami easy-going Virgo . .. her plan are to become n lawyer . . . Krikii' friends include Niki. Maria, and Beverly Lovi. MARIA CINTRON Photography "lley NkV” I got Ibe Motlv'" lh„ friendly anil silly Gemini enjoy lie truing (o reggae music . future plane are lo be happv and successful . Man can Ik- seen with ikisha St rami. Vivian Colon, Camille Bey. and Andrea II ||k-i ... all of the art teacher will Ik- rr-mc inhered. ANGELA GREEN Inatrumental Muaie — Flute "Do you know any gossip?" . .. this awert and loving Libra plans to own a business . .. “Angie" ean be seen with Steve. Drlya. Tawanna. Tonya and Wanda ... she dedicates her musical talent to the Concert Band and Orchestra . Mr. Kieiis. and Mr. Cleveland are favorites. WANDA SIMMONS Instrumental — Clarinet "Uhaal? My name is Sylvia" . . . this outspoken. but intelligent Aquarius plans to attend college and become a young entrepreneur . .. "Zy-Zee" can Ire seen with Mommy. Angie. Miaay. and Aquil . . she is a member of student council and toneert hand ... her favorite teachers arr Mrs. P and Mr. Howard. 12ENRIQUE JONES FI nr Arte n» iiilcHip-nt and (jtf« iM Ai|iM(iu enjoy |hologr.i|ihy. painting and writing poetry . plan l brramr "port of ihr world” ... Ijitiqur rail lw ren with Brian. Vii and Pauline . . learned moat from Mt. Cald-•ell. Mr. (harden and Mr K Nil ARLADEY ADJOGA-OTU PboloKnphy "Calm down” . . . lint out-going. »elf-motitaled, mil) Crinim it a member of the ha ehall learn. trark Iram. ami science club . . . jtlan . to Ui omr a professional frre-lancr arlitl “little Man" can be M«n with Corey Tailor. Anthony Turner, and IVondi Kiley. I.AVON POWELL Drama “I ain't worried about it” . . tin wild, outgoing and hnmorout Aquarius enjoy basketball. suftliall. and jogging . . . member of the bathrltiall amJ softball Irani , and the drama club ... “Lowy lauar laion" can lie mn with Crvtul. Quincy, and Jaime Dougin . admire 1». long. Dr. Braach. and Mr C. DIONNE MclVER Drama “You need to cut it out'" .. - “Butter « a kind Cemirii who plan to fulfill all her goal .. . can be tern with Eileen, Tara. Anthony, and Tyrone .. . member of the drama club. DELYA HOLT Instrumental Muaie — Violin "Cue what I heard!" .. . "DcelVe" i» an intelligent and outgoing l -o who plant lo lie a leather . . her friendt are Andrea. Crystal. Angie. Kirn, and J.T. ... a member of Ihe orchestra. National Honor Soctety arid the earhook ttaff ... Mr KWit. Mr C.. and Mt. Andenon are favorite CRYSTEL LANG Vocal Muaie — Alio “This i true" ... “Lady l.“ i» a fnendly. talk.line I lira . . plan lo major in psychology ... enjoy» tewing and talking on the phone ... member of the yearbook ttaff. and the executive board .. fnendt include Richard Fontenot. Bern. Eric. Delta, and Darren . . favorite teacher are Mt. Curxtn. and Mr. Weinstein. ANDREA I.ATISHA HARPER Voeal Mu ie — Soprano "That ain’t e — ten right!” ... thtt telf described evil and stubborn Virgo can be teen with Yolanda. ! watne. Tonya and IVIya . .. president of the science club . . . plant to major in early childhood education ___enjoyt the ilawet of Mrt. Bednar. Mr Howard. Mr P . and Mr Weinstein. YOLANDA DENISE WALKER Voeal Mu ie — Alto "Oh yeah, oh yeah!” ... tho Tauru. is tlubborn InjI willing . “Nana” plan to be a nureetaful lawyer . .. member of National Honor Sonett and Renai anee Singer enjoy Hasses of Mr . Bednar, Mr. Hein-stein. Mr Fahbnm. Mr. Howard, and Mr . P . . . can be teen with Andrea. Erica, and Jason.CYM IIIA WHITE Munir — Double Ram "VI' up?" ... the. friendly and outgoing Ai|Ulriui (Jan to enter thr stock nurirt . . "Crtil" rnjtn thr company of Aaionn. Keshan. Boobic and Minin ... mrmbrr of -oflhall tram ami orchestra .. admire- Mr. Klrlia and Mr VI cmsicin BHIDCKTT RIOS ln»lrimirntal Munir — Violin "He l-ooga . . . "Bridge" i» a shy ami sensitive Iro who enjoys hiking. walking, and jogging . . . mniilx-r of llir Tn-M mum-honor society. -.Itlull, ami track tram . . ••an hr seen with Wanda. Kslhrrr. Aloha, ami Qiontry. VI AND A LANE Inotrumental Mu-ir — V iolin 'He .. ■‘Man" it a sweet ami era person with plans to attend coMcgr her fnrmi are f.tnlhia. H[»l(rtl, haliina ami Shannon . . inrtnlwr of orrhrslra. solthill ami Tri-M . admirr Mr. hlrli. and Mr Weinstein 44 DENTON EVANS Instrumental Mu-ir — Prrrusaion "Drnt" u a "fun to have around kind of uy" ... this Cancer plan- to be suc-• rsaful in anything hr dors . . . friends include Darren. Brian, and Kleanor . .. member of Principal's Advisor (loon-ol. and tier president of thr senior class. CLAUDE EDU ARD WASHINGTON III Inalru. Music — Tronittonr. Flute. and Sax. "tlivc him the best down!" . . . “Slick" ■s a pain in the butt. .. ran hr seen with Denton. Darren. Brian. Neil. Kyle, and John . .. plans to attend college for music, astronomy, and computer science . . . favorite subjects are music, and physics. DARREN BURTON Instrumrntal Music — T rombonr "Stay out of pawn people’s business" . . . "Dee" is an outgoing (lancer with plans to major in business management . . . friends are Denton. Brian. Crysid. and Anthony . . . enjoyed the classes of Ms Fabrmni. and Ms Williams. MICHELLE SMITH Drama ’’That's artistic!" . .. this conservative I ihr.i (dans to major in thralricdJ art . . . her friends include akkivyah. Jama La. Ally, ami Nate . . . active in drama dub and senior executive board . . . admires Mrs. Mae. Ms. long. and Ms. Bra rll.ANTHONY HAMMOND Drama "Krty il to imirvlf . . ihi fu loitnjc rtlrotrri mjO)» iHjjCXirtjr out. ami hating fun future plans arr to attend liuainraa l »l , .. "Tony- nan fir seen with Kl-ramv and (.iltirrto.. . fairailr Irjuhrn ate Mrs. tint njr ami M» lj n ;il HKKTO ORTIZ Drama "Hrllo. how are »oo " . . "Dil" o. .1 fun loving. ami raring Virgo who fBJOyt relating . . futurr (dans arr to have a happv life ran fir urn with Klc.tnor. Drama. Bndgrtt. and Anlhonv . . favorite leather arr Mrs firifnar amt M«. I ong. ANDKKSON JOSK Instrumental Mu»le — Trumpet "IVase" . . -A j " „ am| rc. So talilr prison with plans to start his own business . , . ran fir aren with Brian K . Brian S.. Drnton. amt Darion . . . mrtnbrr of thr gfre Hub. rrairrn amt yui hands. BRIAN SANDKKS t ommrrrlal Art This jalol. self-motivated tir« enjovs punting. anil drawing . . . member of the vearbook staff and Biologv Club . .. future plans arr to become an industrial iesigner and own a large firm . . . “Tree" ran fw urn with Anderson. C.laudr. Knrique. and I Kindi Miss Caldwell is most aiimirrsl. TRI.NA CAMPBELL Vocal Nuk — Alio labr.' ... this kind and during ■ plan to be a lawyer ... can («r lit Karima. Jainala. Anita. and l... moil admired n Mm. P. J A M ALA S. OR A NGE Vocal Miulr — .Soprano "Oli tm gonhH"... this fun loving Cancer piano 10 lie a ficilulrirun ... t an lie mto with Zal. Miahif. Trina. anti NtU .. she rnyoy partying al fhc "Latin (garter .'' "Club Scntalion .” and “Thr Hoof Top"... her fatorile teacher arc Mr. Wcinatcin. Mr . K.. ami Mrs. Doifglin, YOLANDA McNElL Vocal Mtioic Alto "You’re buntin' "... "YoYo" w a quiet and ahy Capricorn who love modeling ... her future piam are to become a lop model or a lawyer ... friend include Katherr. Renee. Tara, and Octam ... enjoy the cLmt of Mr. Howard ami Mis. P ESTHEREJEAN Drama --l lunch tune vet?" .. thi senutive. friendly Virgo plant to become a ucce ful newscaster ... she can be seen with Tara. Bridget I. Tushamia anti Yolanda McNeil ... Kulhrrr loyr track, dancing and bring with guy ... enjov the classes of Sherry lx»ng and Miss Raff.NORMAN T. BELL (!»mmrrriil Art "Slrelrr going lo make it to the Super Bowl tin year!" ... a calm ami collected Arir with plant to hr a cartoonist .. . ran hr »ren with Larry. Darryl. Kyle, arid Tara ... ntjoya lunch. DARRYL WILEY Instrumental Mu«ir — PrrrtiMion "Yrah. . . . uh huh" . . . thi intelligent, witty and lun to be with Scorpio plan to hr an accountant ... ■'Straw-Mail" enjoys baseball and girls ... hr can be seen with Chontey. I Viva, Kyle, and Norman ... Darryl' favorite teacher are Mr. Weinstein and Mr. C. DONDI RILEY Commercial Art "Word . . . vo . . . what up?" . . "Don" n a cool an I cairn Scoqwo with plana to become an engineer ... hi friend ore James. Larry, Richard and Ali-Mu . . . will always remember lunch. RICIIAHI) MORALES Photography "She look good!" . . . tin leo plan liecome an electronic engineer . . . "Rick, enjoy being with Dondi. lawry. Kevui. a Yolanda ... also enjoy bike-riding aa photography. NATHANIEL ROBERTS Drama "All The U odd i a Stage" . .. Nate like to quote William Shakrsprarr ... [dan lo major in theatrical art . . . this Sagituriu can he »een with Miivhir. AJfie. Puddin. and SyieU . .. Drama Club. Traci Team, and Student Council are hi favorite actmCm. ALFATIR MI HAMMADI Drama "You'll gel over it’" .. . thi »ly, intellectual Virgo i an active member of the drama club and the rnior cla » executive board ... future plan are lo become a successful entertainer ... "Alfy" ran he seen with Donna. Nate. Michelle, and Zakkiyah. DENNIS PORTALATIN Fine Art "Hey Dude" . . . thi faded out. talented l-eo enjoy Heavy metal inuuc. and play ing the drum in hi Kind . . . future plan are undecided a of now . . . Dram ran be een with Bnan. Knriqur and Soft . . . Mi» Caldwell ha been most influential. CARMEN E. GONZALEZ Vocal Music — Soprano Tin Scorpio i« friendly, sexy and citrc verled . . enjoy being in die company «f Wawla Dudley, Jnnullah. Sandy. CelrUr. and other , . plan to attend collegr and major in early childhood education ... school newspaper staff and A»pira CW keep Carmcncita on the move.KELLY HALL (lommrrriil Art "Hbo uknl you" .. . thin temperamental art major enjoys photography. cheerlead-ing. and toUeybaU . . plana lo become a successful artist . .. “Special K" can be aeon with Tuahanda. Philip, and Yolanda Staton ... all of the art leachera and Ms Raff are her fatorile . TI SHANDA GENERAL Drama “Tuah-Tuah in the liuah' . . . thia outgoing and bright Taurus enjoys dancing. skating. and guy .. . she m the captain of the Arts High cheerleaders . .. plana to no to college to study accounting ... "Tuah“ ran he seen with Esthete. Nici. Special “K‘" and T.N.T. clique. ISA I AS DIAZ Commercial Art that's up for the head?" ... tins cool Virgo plana to get a trade . . can be seen » h “Fresh T." “V.O..” “Droop Japee Jap." and "Duce" ... admire Mias Cald-•HL DONNA JENKINS Drama “lley you. baby" ... this genuine and unique Anew can be seen with Daniel W.. Kim 0.. I.ejuene C. and Nicole . . . “Puddm" is a Barbuon graduate who enjoys reading, dancing, and just hating a good tone ... future plans are geared in the direction of day care management. NICOLE JENKINS Drama “Oh my. you’re bugging out-T ... thsa talkative Pisces enjoys singing, skating, drama class, and eating blimpies ... plans lo become a successful nurse . .. “Nickki'" can be seen with Donna. Tishawn. Drama Class IV. and Senior Coolys ... fasonte teacher is Ms I -wig 47w MARCUS YARBOROUGH VomI Music — Ki» 'You cra y" ... "0.1 I a Rock" i» a cikh»» ami |4a ful leo with plan lo enter the Acid of buameaa management ... hi fncn«l include Nwarr. Da id. Neil snd Claude enjoyed llie W »f Mrs. P. and Mr. Howard. DAVID HOI.I.EY Vocal Muaic — Tenor Dh .. .. rif heard of — hut that's ridiculous!" . . . ihi IniMnl out .ind open minded labra can lie seen with Nwarr. Niche lie. Octavis, .in. I enoiwa .. . "Daw" plan lo attend college and lie a lawyer or pop singer. NWARE RASHAAN HURGE Vocal Music — Tenor "1-1-Y M." I ho crazy I il a plan lo become successful in »hairier hr de-ides lo do ... "Jordan" can hr seen with Steve. Sandra. I a id. and Erica . . . member of liaakethall Irani and Renaissance Singers. ERIC WHALEY Drama "Thai', I heard" .. . this humorous fun losing ami friendly Taurus enjoys drama ... . member of the drama club and the rtrruliir board ... plan, lo become a direciuc . .. Eric ran be seen with Cm Mr I. Bernadette. Zenobia. ami Chontey ... fa- onle teachers are Ms Curvin and Ms. ROBERT HACKMAN Drama "Nerd" ... this Cancer is always up lo something, with his wonderful sense of humor . . ran be seen wilh Shrimp. Cymp. Ric and Major . .. "Wise Guy" «« an active member of the soccer snd baseball learns and drama club.CYNTHIA JACOBS Drama Oh m god" . . . this clary. outgoing. and ■ x d Tauru enjoy drama and sofllull . member of thr tofkball team . future pUm air to become a registered nurw .. . "Cyrop" can be een mth Chontey. Jonir. Erie, and Koliert. CHONTEY COPELAND Drama "You belter calm your nerve " "Shrimp" i« a friendly. and »hv Aquarius who enjoy • ting and sport . . rwrnhrr ol I hr basketball and softball teams . . . fulurr plana arr lo become a jwirtulnl or a tel rvimoii newscaster . . . can be «ccn with Cynthia, and Krir. IVETTE IRIZARRY Photography Thr fnrodly Tauru » undecided about her fulurr plana . . . Ivrttr can be KOI »tth Qurtiy. Sam. Mana. and Jeanne ... her fatontr rlam is Mt. K'« art claaa. SAMUEL ROMERO Vocal Muale — Haaa "Sam" t an Aries mth an outgoing prt-•onality . . |4an» to become an airplane technician . . . fnend include K» hard, lar-ry, Ivrttr. and Kyle .. . enjoy mum , LE AONDRA TAYLOR Fashion Design Thn fnrmlly Capricorn » a member of the Mudent council, aervicc committee and art honor society ... future plan arc to become a »eH-employed fashion merrhandaer ... "Niklu" can be wen with Monica. Philip Yijaya. and Terra .. . At . Caldwell left a lasting impression. MONICA ROLLINS liuitruiiiental Muaie — Olio " Ask me if I rare!" ... "Jaimllah" i» an enthusiastic and bnghi Puce who plana to go into the Air Force K.O.T.C. and attend college ... can be wen with le.Aondra. Alma. Rachel, and Philip . . . enjov the classes of Mr. Klrlis, Ml . P. and Mr. Weinatcin.ERANCINE SHEFFIELD Instrumental Munir — Hulr "No you didn't!" . . . thu Canerr is an P fmg young dancer mIk Mania to liccome a child psychologist . . . Franntc tahr» dance lessons al the New Jersey Ballet ami Nenark Community School. .. some of her in school acini lira include student council, •ccvicc commillrr. ami dance ensemble. ✓ DAVE DAVIS Vocal Mimic _ Ban. “Just coolin' "... this respectable Aries u ihe perfect gentleman .. Dave can be area chillin' with Mebin. Kyle Y.. or Kyle B- mont influenced by Mr HoMard and Mrs. P. •. . future plan in to become a hotel man- ORLANDO RACKLEY Commercial Art "Get out of my face! Yeah Bight'" . . . thin easy to gel along Mith Places plans to become an engineer ... "Qhia" can he seen Mith lx Andrea. Dondi. Odette, and Pauline . . . enjoys classes of Ms. W illiains and Ms. Caldnrll AMANDA BETHEA Photography "(Mi that's a shame! You Mild'” . . . this enuy and outgoing Capricorn plans to Ire-come a psychologist . .. "Toodie" can he seen with Celeste, Fhilita, Vickie ami Orlando .. . member of the yearbook sUff ami n 1 Huh. MELVIN WHITNEY Instrumental Music "It's only the nght'" . .. this cheerful Cap-rworn plana to be a computer programmer . . . "Doctor Far" can lie seen Mith Turban. Marcus. Neil, and Kon . .. admire Mr Campbell and Mrs. Street. OCT A VIS BROOKS Vocal Music — Hsu "No! No! You are going to tell me!" ... this pleasant but selective Sagittarius (Jans to pursue his career as a psychologist . . . Ortavis enjoy being in the company of David. NichcUc. Atoonya. and Jeffery . . . student council and glee club ... hi favorite teacher u Mrs. Johnson BERNADETTE M. PEARSON Vocal Music — Alto “Yo Mother" . .. "Hemic" is a moody , arc outspoken Virgo Mho plans to go into thr service and learn about computer ... t joys Ihe company of Dcyshann. Crala. Robert and Anthony .. . member of th Computer Club ... Mr. Honard and Mo P. are her favorite IcaHier .ODETTE WILSON Instrumental Munir — Clarinet ■'I'm norry!"... thi. awrel. caring. friendly Libra w usually »rrn with Wanda. Pauline. Larmrn. ami Cryatel . . . Odette i» a ratin' brr rf the Jaw Band. Ciartfl Band. r-ilx-.tra ami n Vice-Prr idcnl erf aludrnl pnnnmml . . • plan lo become a doctor. PAULINE LYNNETTE ROSS Drama "Cherrie" i a cra t. fun-loving (lancer who hope to become an artrr and then a theater War her .. . ahr can be seen with K.G.. Gummir. Shoohv. Svieta . . »hr m very actor in various activities. SHLRANDA GILES Vocal Munir — Alio Thin open minded and understanding Pi-MN plan lo lit life lo the fullml . . . nhr can l»r uttn with Paulinr. Kranrinr. Omaiayo. and Liz... “Shooby" i» a nrmor clan rrprmrntatnr ami mrmlirr of Bwlup club . . . enjoyed her hint or cUaa JIBRIL SANDERS Innlrumrntal Munir — Clarinet "Kill that none'" ... thin cool, .month labra plan to get nch and chill .. enjoy parliea. mmm. and the claane of Mr. Curtin. Mr. VleinUnn and Mr». P. . . nern with B-Nice. Dorian, and Aquil ZENOBIA OAKS Vocal Muair-Allo “ll‘ only right!” . .. thin raay gorng Anea plant to become a computer analyst .. . “Min Zee” ran lie seen with Monica. David. Sandra, and Nware ... the enjoy skating, going to the mall and watching mot ir . MONICA JACKSON Vocal Mimic-Soprano “Not good!" . .. "Monnie" is an outgoing and friendly Gemini with plan to attend college .. . can be teen with Zraotwa. San dra. Gloria and Alonya ... member of Service Committee . .enjoy Mv WalnoiT rlaaa SANDRA CASQUE Vocal Munir-Soprano "arune you" •. . this luod and friendly Cancer plant to major in education and bunmews .. . "Smiley' ■' fnend include Nware. Extra. Kir-Kir. Zee and Monnie . .. member of Renai» ance Singer and Charnlirr Chorus. ERICA ELAINE WADE Vocal Muaie-Soprano Thi ambntwxj and outgoing Vwgo enjoy the company of Datid E . Sandra, and Yolanda . . . "Kick' » the president erf the Mush Honor Society. auiUanl editor of the yearbook. ecrrtary of the Honor Society and a member of S.T.E.P. SIThe way we were in the seventies . . . I. Stephanie tt il«on 2. Tui.| ai»da General 3. IKimui Jenkins ♦. Ivette Irizarry 5. Odrllr WiUon 6. Bemarletlr I’mrMii 7. Manlx-I Ruiz 8. Jaiiula Orange 9. Michael Bold 10. Nicole Jenkins 11. Anita Faille 12. Sain Maitin 13. Josephine Rodriguez 14. Denton Fvaiu 15. Bruce Oliver 16. Zukiyvjli Malumiud 17. Samuel Romero 18. Jibril Sander 19. A life la Green 20. Brian Sander 21. Doixfi Rile 22. Pauline Km« 521. T nna Campbell 2. Jermaine Morton 3. Wtndi 1 -aik 4. IXi»e Davi 5. Curii Milton 6. Mark Sherman 7 C.ynthu Jaroha 8. 'nun Colon 9. (Man Brook 10. Orlando Karklo 11. Shamla Fdmondaon 12. Niki»ha Strand 13. Nathaniel Robert 14. ZrnoU. Oak 15. Michelle Smith 16. Nh hello WiUon 17. Darren Burton 18. Andrea Har| rr 19. Sean Smith 20. CrvMel Ian 21. Yolanda W alker 22. Alien Roger 23. Mel in W hitney 24. Franeine Sheffield 25. Tyrone Jermgan 53I. ki-li.i liifralum 2 Riekaril INilomoii 3. H-wpirl Malonn I n l4jM r l;oft.v lu 5- Man Cintion 6. filwm G4 tiuii 7- IVIti lloh 8 , 'iit i Sfnrrr ‘ Norriun Bell 10 Knnqur Jon - I I ShlluM Br.x.U 12. BmlKrtl Hu . 13. Corel P.mln I I Brun K.i»U 15. tt amla Simmon | . Alonij KrlU 17. AleundrrTirrll 18 Mfalir Muhammadi l‘ . Sandra Caqur 20. Erie U K»lei 21. Sum Burnell 22. Janrimr Wmn 23. kvl - Younpr 2 V. Camille Bri 25. I)arr l W.le 20. Erika MoNnJ 27. Skerrire Crawler 5588 in Contro akiyvah Mahmoud. Trina ('.amplirll and Jamals Orange Donna Jenkins ami Nicole Jenkins Brian Rauls and Annette Jones Alfalir Muhammadi and Nate RobertaDawn FevguMwi. Joaie Rodnfpjrz and Eric W hairy Yolanda McNeil. Tuahanda General and Kalherc Jean Camille Be and Ortatn Brooha Michelle Smith 57Zodiac Winners Mr. Taunt . Robert John . Mb Cctmm. Eleanor (Aleman M». Place . Amwtlr Jornu Mm Tauru . Eileen Johiuon Mr Gemini. No AI Ijk) Arijo n-Olu oflMr and M» odUr. Qurti) Kurin and SamuH Romero 596163I knov. not whether you ire beautiful I fear you may be. I fear youi sparkling ilarknnta Dahomey! Dahomry! to in. rescue. Negroe . all of you' let ihe •{■cvtalot brhoftl you. W Zaur 2.10KV What about coffee? Extra S|ircial Arabica 608-627. Ruburfa 327-327. Kuilu 313- Tbr coal of "TV Black " by Jean (Tenet 64if moon — for il ».« ulmrau night — r« w artfully over lnrtdw j|»- inlialnlr-O li i riant . '» t {fount Land. madam . .. “The Blacks” is staged at Arts Irvid av a l.b. ilrilh rutllr livid - tfo folly of a rofon Livid »s jealousy Hail tfo livid. 65Visual and Literary Image by Enrique Jones When they look back at us And they write down their history . What will they say about our generation? We're the ones who knew everything. Still we did nothing. Harvester! everything, planted nothing. We live pretty well in the wake of the goldrush. Floating in comfort on waves of our apathy. Quietly gnawing away at her Imdy. Until we mortgage the future, bury our children. Storehouses full of the fruits we've given. We send of the scrag-ends to suckle the starving. But still we can’t feed this strange hunger inside. Creedy. restless and unsatisfied. I was never much for the "big bang” theory. Going out in a bla e of suicidal glory. Not foolish and brave, these leaders of ours. Just stupid and petty, unworthy of power. Just a little leak here and a small error there. Another square mile poisoned forever. A series of sad and pathetic little fizzles. Out go the lights, never to return. The affair is over, the passion is dead. She stares at us now with ice in her eyes. But we turn away from these bitter reproaches. And take up distractions to forget what we're doing. 1 1 stand on these hills and watch her a night. A thousand square miles, a million orange lights. Wounded and scarred, she lies silent in pain. Raped ami betrayed in the cold acid rain. I wish and I wish we could start over again. Yes. I wish and I wish we could win back her love once again. 66An Image I.iff is like a mystery Even turn has a new story Every day has its own cliff hanger As you go through lift' you feel an emptiness An emptiness that can only lx filler! with knowledge Knowledge can only be given To those who thirst for it A dream hidden in the heart of a man A feeling that no one understands but the seeker. Kolirrt II kiruin Jr Being a Senior Being a senior is like Ix-ing young and old In and out. mature in your immaturity Being a senior is like Ix-ing caught up in a storm Where it rains, sleets, hails and snows all at once But tin- sun shines the brightest when it shines at all In your senior year. by Philip S'lpwi Images The art of disc ipline is taught here. The arts of visual expression, music and drama Are disciplines within themselves. You must Ik trained to look beyond the obvious. To bring out creative ideas. These ideas are the result of the talent at Arts High School. by Vijaya Saundrr 6? Illuvlration by Bruor OliverSenior Art 'Home Girl " li Mark Sherman I hatting h Koherl John win 'Meditation" l Mark Sherman69 Portrait by Sran SmithNairn1 Addreaa Phone No. Nii Ahladey Adjoga-Olu 170 Fahyan PI. 374-5958 Janeime Aahury 28 le Irving Turner Bl d. 824-4983 I.ydell A«h 585 Elizabeth Ave. 926-0257 Renee Beaaley 706 Dr. M.I.. King Jr. Hkd. 242-6191 Kay Anthony Beckford 1 74 North 9th St. 182-6720 Norman Bell 441 Orange Ave 678-0265 Amanda Bethea 54 Boyd St. 733-2167 Camille Bey 15-31 Pennington St. IF MC3-0424 Michael Bold- 51 Clifton Ave. 185-7844 Tara Bnughtnn 307 14th Ave. Apt. I 1 642-25 18 Maurice Branch 876 S.7lh St. 674-5649 Oetftvia Brook- 81 N. 9th St. Shala ar Brook- 198 Prince St. I 1-0 624-0950 N’ware Burge 44 Dewey St. 705-8355 Shaua Burnett 271 LealieSt. 923-3089 Darren Burton 20 Grand Ave. 372-1074 Stanley ('.amplndl 516 Bergen St. 824-2802 I rina Campbell 160 I liigh Ave. 923-2682 Maria Cintron 723 Highland A e. 481-2191 Eleanor Coleman 91 So. 10th St. 481-3657 Vivian Colon 254 Mt. Prospect Ave. 481-6377 Chontey Copelaml 2 1 Fahyan PI. 399-2059 Sherrice Crowder 37 Cedar Ave. 373-6449 Sufi David 55 Janiea St. Dave Davis 232 Prince St. 824-1917 Tara Da via 59 Girard PI. 374-5566 laaiaa Diaz 351 N. 6th St. 184-0486 Wanda Dudley 250 So. 1 1th St. 642-9072 Shanda Fdmundaon 434 Irvine Turner Blvd. 672-8084 Denton Evana 149 Shephard Ave. 926-9869 Anita Fairley 1 7 Stengel Ave. 926-5073 Atonya Felta 685 Dr. M. L. King Blvd. 242-6081 Dawn Ferguaon 104 Center Terr. 824-3641 Kenneth Flowera 317 17th Ave. 375-2310 Cloria Forbea 81 So. 11th St. 181-5537 Sandra Gaaque 43 Tillinghaat St. 242-7047 Tuahanda General 241 Chadwick Ave. 242-1631 Shurauda Gilea 88 19th Ave. 674-4134 Carmen Gonzalez 7 Ferdinand St. 371-2018 Cindy Gonzalez 108 Center Terr. 2-B 212-5169 Angela Green 27 No. 6th St. 483-8633 Robert Hackman 64 Melroae Ave. 374-8070 Kelly Hall 61 Ludlow St. 3-F 621-1953 Anthony Hammond 58 So. 1 4th St. 484-6720 Andrea Harper 121 So. 13th St. 182-4387 Joaeph Hill 291 JelifT Ave. 824-8554 David Holley 80 St. Paul Ave. 375-4518 Delya Holt 4 Lexington St. 3-F 589-1601 Clierie Hopkina 224 Wainwright St. 923-1918 Kiaha Ingraham 73 Keer Ave. 824-8584 Ivette Irizarry 84 lat St. 589-5654 Monica Jackaon 274 Johnaon Ave. 821-7219 Cynthia Jac« ha 79 Pierce St. 242-4625 Eathere Jean 92 Grand Ave. 399-8835 Donna Jenkina 1 7 Schuyler Ave. 374-2851 Nicole Jenkina 27 Ivy St. 373-0575 Tyrone Jernigan 836 So. 18th St. 375-9547 Eileen Joluiaon 314 Dayton St. 1-H 242-9031 Khali Johnaon 103 Church Terr. 242-3325 Robert Johnaon 596 So. 18th St. 372-5611 Rodney Johnaon 380 (Minton Ave. 242-7993 Annette Jonea 41 Grumman Ave. 923-0847 Enrique Jonea 47 Grand Ave. 373-1863 Anderaon Joae 22 Lealie St. 374-3145 Wanda Lane 103 Weal Kinney St. 643-1843 Cryatel l.ang 275 Oaborne Terr. 923-9259 Omarayo l.ayeni 195 FI rat St. Apt. 175 182-4037 Class Photo on |»«g. 16.43 16.41 16 16.34 16 46 16.50 16.35 39 16.37 17.50 17.41 17,48 I 7.38 I 7.44 35 17.45 18.42 18 18,41 18.46 18 18.39 18.50 18.35 46 18 19 19.44 19 19.38 19 41 19 20.51 20.47 20.51 20.46 20 20.46 20.48 20.47 20.45 21.43 21.39 21.48 21.43 21.36 21 22.46 22.51 22.46 22.45 22.47 22.47 22.35 22.37 22,34 23.39 23.40 23.43 23.45 23.44 23,43 24.36of 1988 Name Addreaa Phone No. Photo on page Syiela Leonard 281 Hunterdon St. 6 42-8283 2 4.40 .akkiyah Mahmoud ‘ 2 Summit Ave. 923-7672 24 Biupiel Maloon 65 Tavlor St. 48 4-6153 24 Samuel Marlin 30 (traton St. 48 4-5217 2 4.39 Dionne Mr Iver 636 So. 20th St. 373-54 43 24,43 Erika MrNeal 02 Wetpiahir Ave. 926-3412 24.42 Yolanda McNiel 55 Manor Dr. 399-93 47 2 4.45 Curt la Millon INS. Munn St. 399-07 42 24.36 Kirluml Mora lea B3 Sherman Ave. 2 42-1675 25. 46 Jermaine Morion 25 Clifton Ave. 483-4 408 25.41 Alfatir Miihanimadi 145 7th Ave. 181-331 4 25. 46 Tereaa Nievea 2 10 6th Ave. 181-768 4 34 Zenohia Oaka 855 So. 1 Ith St. 374-6380 23.5 1 Bruce Oliver 3 1 8 Dayton St. 82 4-3276 25.34 Jainala Orange 49 Montroae St. 372-0003 26, 45 Gilberto Ortiz 323 Park Ave. 482-1909 26,45 Corey Pan key 314 Inion Ave. 375-4880 26.35 Bernadette Pearaon 18 4 W, Bunyon St. 6 48-0 7 38 26.50 Dawn Pemberton 143 Huntington Terr. 923-9362 26 Garnet Peraon 1 15 Miller St. 82 4-6714 26 Dennia Portalatin 351 Summer Ave. 481 -2816 32.46 l.a von Powell 670 Irving Turner Blvd. 926-5255 26. 43 Orlando Barkley 715 So. 1 Ith St. 623-3650 26,50 Parhutie Kanirharran 360 Clinton Ave. 26 Anthony Bavenel 72 Weal End Ave. 399-8358 27 Brian Hawla 169 Vermont Ave. 399-7080 27,37 Taleaa Kediah 279 Irvine Turner Blvd. 242-4133 27.40 Dondi Bilev 46 Kmmet St. 242-837 1 27.46 John Biley 24 Dupont PI. 375-00 41 27 Bridget I Biot 569 No. 7th St. 483-7542 27.44 Quetzy Kivera 105 Dr. M.L. king Blvd. 483-0097 28.41 Kli uhrth Holwrla 624 15th Ave. 375-9120 28.46 Nathaniel Boherta 41 Hanford St. 2 42-5975 28.46 Jeanne Bodriguez 247 No. 7th. St. 481 -2 426 28.41 Joaephine Bodriguez 402 Market St. 3 4 4-6123 28.40 Alicia Bogera 5 Pomona Ave. 926-4299 28.36 Monira Bollina 257 So. 8th. St. 596-6336 28,49 Samuel Bomero 329 Park Ave. 482-1838 28. 46 Pauline Boaa 55 Boaehill Pk. 373-9537 28.51 Mariltel Bui 3 41 Summer Ave. 485-9038 28, 40 Brian Sandera 7 1 Pomona Ave. 923-3495 29.45 Jihril Sandera 45 Field PI. 923-4470 29,51 Vijaya Saundera 266 Warren PI. 623-6059 29,34 Philip Seipio 65 Manor Dr. 371-2969 29 Kranrine ShelTield 68 Newton PI. 374-8892 29 Mark Sherman 61 Bidgewood Ave. 242-6475 30,38 Halida Simmona 195 1 at St. 481-7296 30.42 Michelle Smith 173 Birhelieu Terr. 375-3606 30,44 Sean Smith I3A 14th Ave. 642-4437 30.38 Kirhard Solomon 9 Parkview Terr. 399-5134 30.38 Quincy Spicer 43 4 Peahine Ave. 923-6255 30.37 Nikiaha Strand 177 Benner Ave. 926-5455 30.42 Tonya Sutton 62 Chelaea Ave. 372-4924 30 la-Aondra Tavlor 197 Dickeraon St. 483-2 1 51 30,49 Alexander Tyrell 88 Boyd St. 642-3721 31.37 Erica W ade 18 4 Elizabeth Ave. 82 4-5212 31.51 Volandu W alker 86 Stiiweaunt Ave. 351-2 462 31.43 Claude aahingtou 182 Howard St. 622-4662 31.44 Eric Whaley 9 Mapea PI. 926-1964 3 1.48 Cynthia W hite 180 Wainwright St. 923-8123 31.44 Melvin Whitney 258 Goldamith Ave. 923-1895 50 Darryl Wiley 1 1 3 Mead St. 375-1028 32.46 Nirhelle W ilaon 3 41 Schley St. 923-4258 32,40 Odette W ilaon 133 Orange Terr. 375-8596 32.5 1 Stephanie W ilaon 912 So. 16th St. 371-7956 32,35 Marcua Yarborough 232 Wainwright St. 926-1219 32.48 71 Kyle Younger 9 No. 6th St. 481-7460 32IMAGES AND PERCEPTIONS Unity We. who were once so far apart Have now conic closer together We. who once anticipated it to be over Now want it forever We. who onre looked forward to the future Are now reflecting upon the past We. who once throw our lime away Now appreciate each day as if it were our last We. who once suffered Are now filled with hope and |K ssibility VI e. who were once out of touch with one another Have now bonded together in unity. Kric W haley 72Kolirtt JuliriMWI. lllu»l(.llo€ F acuity 73Mr. Ilillon Otero Principal Hirtuiglioul oiii high school years. Mr. Olrrn has Im-cii our pulling inspiration. He has always encouraged us to work up to our full i otcnlial .mil to have sell respect. We thank him. He will never Ik forgotten. Mr. Alfredo Gentile Vice Principal Mr. Gentile has been a great help throughout our four years of high school. He has helfK-d the class of 1988 survive high srliool. Wo thank him. Mr. Juii Carden Yearbook Advisor Mr». Virginia MeAlinden TIm class of 1988 owes (Ik success of our yearbook lo Senior Class Advisor r. Carden, lie has been very patient and dedicated. We Mrs. MeAlinden has been a dedicated and wonderful senior class advisor. Her iow that there have been times when he wanted to give up. encouragement, advise and knowledge will dcfmiteley be an invaluable asset to us in e are glad that he did not. We thank him so very much. the future. Thanks for believing in us when no one else would. Mrs. Judy Barrett llearl Guidance Counsellor Mrs. Harrett would like to extend her congratulations and best wishes the class of 1988. She wishes them to remember that since they are rts High School graduates, they have the talent and intelligence needed make their marks in society. We would like to thank Mrs. Itariett for all her help. Mr. Terry Klinhii Mrs. Geraldine Uzzell Ms. Mary Soriano Guidance Department76Music Mr. Nicholas Santoro Mr». Carol Fahbrim Mr . Theresa Prupnta Mr. Ckartr Kirin Just a few years ago. Mr. Nicholas Santoro came to Arts High as the music department chairperson. He brought with him a burst of energy and new ideas. Mr. Santoro believes that the class of 1988 has creativity and initiative and will be successful in the future. Mr. Robert Howard 77Mr Jan Cardrn Miss Elcta Caldwell. Art High School’s Art Department Chairperson, perceives the class of 1988 as exceptionally gifted students with more discipline than any other senior class in the past. She has a positive feeling about the class of 1988: that if they recognize their goal in life and slick with it, they will definitely succeed. 7‘ Science _________ Mr . Prnni SfirJiailwr 'If. Thniiut IW A Mr. krniwlh Kvnn Mr John Porter Mr. Jo r|ih SumoliMathematics Mrs.Marion Bolden is. Arts High's Mathematics Department Chairperson. Most students consider her to he helpful and supportive. She perceives the class of 1988 to he creative, talented youngsters who will do very well in the future. Mr Manon Holden 81Social Studies Di Robert Wliiir. French Mart Miend. Sfunioh 82Mr. Patricia (lurviii Carohn Mnrano-Krmgno English Mr . Virginia McAHndrn, Art High School hngltsh Chairperson perceive I hr Has of 1988 a haiing brrn a group that wa confronted with challenge pertaining to traditional atudml activKara that had never brrn questioned before in an open forum. Rather than r»k thrir academic futurr. they hair drridrd to dral with the tack at hand, which » to graduate. Many adult in a modem society rould not or would not be able to handle this dilemma. The daw of 1988 ha Irarnrd that life may not be fair, but thia group i» willing to try to do it utmost to atall make it a better world. Mr . MrAlinden dr cnbr» the claaa of 1988 as committed, competent, and persevering. Mi.. Vlfx'imr Raff Mr.. Virginia M. Mindru HAMrs. Iloflnw Powell. School ur e a»Mr . Clona Buck. Social Worker Mr Allan Brerre. i » rholop»l Mr. Wilmcn MacCumber. AccompaniM Mr . Ha rl Vl.imv Mr Kov (jmpN'II. S lrtn Sikxx- (iooriluulor 85Mr , fir r I Ik Kr.inklm. Security M». Tanwm fhiboaf, Smrui) Mr Albert Rrvant. Office Aidr II Mr Riv» Dou cKttr. SecretaryIMRCES RND PERCEPTIONS Personality Me-. Myselfand'I I. Myself and Mr Three dilTeretil purls of speech Three different parts I see lie. loves to make you laugh While h«- hurts inside He would rather make a joke Than to say he cried Myself on the other hand Wants his life to end Hi- tried to kill the three before I think he'll try again I. the warrior Don't get him ii| set He would love to kill someone But hasn't done it yet Me. Myself and I I. Myself ami Me Split in three sections Is my personality. by Stanley Campbell 88B«uii Sander . Illu»itat«f Underclassmen « IViiw Aw Daryl Arrington kriilu Wn Vonrillr Rarnrr W arrrn lUuing.irduef Dorian Brllamy Shamla Brut Juliana Mark hum Riiiu |l|« kmon kdward Mount Cru Bornlni kinlu H. oi.m Kciin Broun Tnhawn Brown Yitluiiwl Hr % .1 Tit Diirlmr Bum Collin Car»ar Dolyrme Camark Prraina Canly Henry Clark Da»id Clark laknlia CJrinon Taw ana C.lyburn Darlran Colirn Alextx (looprr V«la Crawford Isaac Crrrr klirhael Cutliff Erica Dam Srliria Dam Class of 1989 90Vlanda I Va» Gregory Shale nr Drinlmrd alealine Dr den Sean Rvan Patrice Lynn and LoniKOe W illiam tw of Arts High's peal young leaders of tomorrow a Ernestine Holloway. She i the president of the junior claa . Although she » very active and always on the go. "Ernie" still find lime to enjoy life. She perceives the future generation to be independent, determined achievers l ikesha demon and Svnamin Gotten l 91kn»lal K .11 011 IHonne Filter Stacy Firenun Mlrkael Kr»cr on kalew.i Fuller Synainin lidltnn Latonia Ctreii Robert llargrote Daniel Hannon Wavnc llam Marl Hawk in KiMlacia Hair kalnna Hinton Fmnlinr Holloway Tanya Hughe Tern Hurd kalrma lngall Kdward Joknwxi Hakerni Johnson katkv Jour Guaandra Jordan Su anne kane Angela king Alma laim|4r Melvin laiureano Camellia lantrencr Knetohn lottle Nancy Maldonado anda Martin kathy MrCriff Class of 1989 02Jamne McMillon Anna Mwnte Ned Miller Tamika Milton Kainon Moolah® Katrina Ingalls. Erie Thorn . Tanya Hughes and Tishawn Brown. Vida Crawford is the » re president of the junior claaa. This talented actress is outgoing and very friendly. Vida is another young leader preparing for tomorrow's world. 93Salond M«mJ Cmitiiri Mormon Oregon Morrison Kenneth 0»m» Nat.uha Parker Charlene Pcorun Celestine Perez Paul Perkin kyle Pierson IXwcLu k.trul.i Kohervui Marika KohrrU M»ard Homan Miron Scot! Ron Skanf Angels Smith James Smith Satonna South Arthur Solomon kriska Spigner kelun Tale Dawn Taylor Ekme Taylor Tarik Terry Erik Thomas Marlene Thoms Sharon Thompnon Mirhelle Tillman klmha Tull Kim Vtashington Class of 1989 M.imn Adamn Krim« u all Allah John Aim Njuim Amen Mari Arqucro Toniaha Bacon Franriaro Bar Harrington Brown Niquetle Broman Krnlal Bullock IVunin l rlci.1 Kf am (lardoiu Konnrr Came) ManL a I jimnu aLanre ( alter W ilium Child Malik Cooper Vangrla Crowe Michael Cunningham Ormond Hit it. Terrance llar n Kevin Fdward Veronica Flam Julio Faquetim Alfu |u.m I'npiton Phillip Fergu on Sabrina Fulton Kim (iarrrtt Betty Ctlinorr « Abron (ilmfl W ilium Ckn« Jour (-ixi alrr Mantxa Coiuiln Marlin Gonaalw I »luka Graham Boyorly Gmtl) Luckki Croon Kahn-in Grimak) Paulotto Mall Antonia llamillori Koyaha llanlrn Antonio Harn» Toahawya Hradon Gilhorto Hrrawdn Damuui U ilborno. Darrvl Sailor and John Allrn 07' Orlando Hernando Simeon ketviu Hifhto»er Allfthfj Hodge alrrie Hunter Vifllf Isom l-i Tama JirliMm Tern Jarkson Tv rone Jeffrie Karen Jrnliiu W»r Jlinermv Marilyn Jotmwn Shaneida Jone Stieretl Jones Tvwotiu Jones kiM.tdi.i Kelly Malaikn Kendrick KenK.1 Kenny Travis ktrksrv Siretctle kornegav Tons la-arii Sharanda lav Jerri larcie Caroline Martinez IVdera Mrkinelry Slierrv MrVall Vamina Minler Kimberly Miller Vinrent Mitchell Class of 199( 8rimUlHii Monitor Mario Moor - Tumii Motley Shrliloo Munrur Tar» Morrav TKinh V(uv ior» fr.uik r Nunn I-jUo.i Norman Marilyn ((r»» Jaikir Olnrr Sanuxl Omjor k .ox la ( c1i Mariwil I’dllfto SrhlomU I’airt I.ivi Hn)io| . WjikIi Ortil and Domomqur (Mom 99Kuril Parham Shakmda Payne KJ»in Poe Juliette Rallo Carlo Ramirez Ruth Kainoa ticrard Raney hhalwi Ramiolph Toby Rawls Jarni Reave Janm Reddick Quine Reeve Kiaron Rilev Kduardo Rivera. Jr. Ellgm Rohm on Kathleen Rodngrr Carlo Roman 1-oetia Rom Darryl Salter Do ad Sander ■ Anthony Santooo Jermaine Shearin Knutivn Serna Krira Smith Stephanie Smith Natuha Solomon llanda Staton lan onha Stnmon David Sweeper KHieia Swrrt Class of 1990 100Slrjitunlr Th« m|. «.ii U ilium Twin IHnnn alrrui.r (iUtio V«m(urt Kuril«'rk Ward [ .krrrll tt atl Kaarrrm U hiUlrr Eric William Lnnir ilium Slum - W ilium Valanor ( urter. Sheldon Munror and Kevin Adam 101lasetle AfOfrio Kendra Adam Jonaa Albion Robert Aroierioii kaiiedia nthom ha le«ha lit bom Keiaha An lnlvaUl Toma t a Barne Eugenia Ph lli Bland Sluart Boone Antoine Bind iUmori Brarrt Kyle Btadle) ke ha Brriard l)e ter Bright Damon Rnmn Katshon Brown N irbelle (anyMI Nancy Candelaria Al-Jntlm.ih Cannon Grace Caraballo Amanwu Garter Carmen CaaiUa Sir) Giim-ii Char new Cleveland Aainun Coleman IWlio Colon Leticia Colon William Cortez Class of 1991 102Fulr«i. .1 Covm ton John (’.roiruirtw Ilian fo«U -hrn.loplwr llanw-U lltitlon IVumhi l«ur IVi»r r Dadui l ula — Noaa Duncan Fred Durum Tiff am E«am GwrlvtoUl) Flllllk Charttw Franklin Bnhan (iilmorr kmhi Crrcn FiMic 1-riTw Drawmd Da»i». Mir Karl Srdl arxl Fvrrrll Crn 103♦01 udo-| pjVHfr.) «ui«jr| rjii(n"| u°nr| jnouir «of | iur njuiif UUOf VJl)|. UOf uiniuifof uinof ! 0»ul|0f ujtKvf «juirf «JOJTf TOft | Ruir«| cjn rijs; niiipmn |UW«o|( .|r«| «ui t io|| Imf«jvj ♦ui .loU XVUKH "INM ri ui-y.i|| |riu»f «“!ll WX w»«H M|H «J'r|| ruui«r{ «• »»! IH "1 «U || um|p YV MJil'H W.MUOJJ pi || rjKj.ur-| j ld|vpvn-) ipj UH[f ) «ri«) JfRW) UJCJCumiuu I jficr Tamila IxMt Omrg.i Uklhn JoMaiinr Jmio Marlin Lu» Maii.i Km hr la Maior S rirn M(Cbl«r Juliu» McKrhri Drrrk Mi Iran HaMtn Ml M.liar. 'aw.indra Mi uom Trruixp Minor Mrlcsaa M Bo Parrrl Mormon I'Kimrv ('Irvctand ami Winm Cx4cmaii 105Twir Murph Sariiq Murray K.1MJ11 rUou Sury Ottrn Sh k -m.i I'tinkrt Shrnonda P.nrtrl Andrei P.uirr n Takrdni Paul Alrlha Ptrnl Eli Prrw l.ikrtfu Pi-llu ParorU Pidtfl 1 .iWdi.i Pi|ifiin« Lanina Powell IVIla Prall IjIrNT PfKT lluin ali Rahman Ramim Kirulx-Hy Merer Pimm Rum Evelyn Riwra Tanya Rouse Tma Kihim-Mir hall Seoll Jermaine Slum Kendall Sam Ixin Stephen Tonrthia Stoddard Kaththetu Suinter Knlandra Taylor Class of 1991 106Tantraha Uhitiikrr Damian Uilbomr lajhrrn U» Kevin Woodaon DaUmlra DionuJ IV-ftrl T1k»im» (•uXilto Torre Dalulu Troulnian I rtnjhIuvi ii Turman Ijsm-ii - Valentin SHawn arairrixitg Jom- Vqd MirKaH Walker Rebecca 9 alker 107IMRCE5 HND PERCEPTIONS A Note of Hu mi lily When all of our hopes are sown on stony ground And we have yielded to the thought of gain. Long after our last songs have lost their sound. We may come back, we may come back again. When thorns have choked the last green thing we loved And we have said all that there is to say. When love that moved us once leaves us unmoved. Then men like us may come to have a day. For it will be with us, with the bee. With the meager ant. the seagull, the loon. We may come back triumphantly, mournfully for an hour or two. But it will not be soon. by Richard Solomon 108d b KoU-ii Johnson ActivitiesMm ChofU begin |U iH-rformaiirv MOMember o( Conmt Band S tela l eunard dance with .ilummiv Anlhom I Will.Nicbrllc ft Ummi. Erica Wide and Sandra ( TamraKa Whitaker Mrlauui M alios Mi. hnrl Cutliff IISS« -|iK»nir Cardrn and An pc Smith piutc (or rcfrcuhmmt Mr . Cun in wimple hot her d'onnm, 116Winter Ball held at the Hilton. Dj’a at »ori. Mr. (hero and Ealhcrr Jean on the dance floor. ParUtlK' ami friend.118 Vis. Long’s senior class practices dance improvisation. 119Miss Theresa S. David, former Spanish teacher, vice-principal and principal of Arts High School is honored upon her retirement. Dr. E. Aim KUftC apeak. about Mi . David' many acrompluhmento. Ml Kiel (JiUUrll prevent Mi David a portrait of the retire? liellfl Pratt perform monologue. 120Black History Month is celebrated. 121The Louis Spindler Chapter of the National Art Honor Society had a number of interesting activities beginning in the spring of 1987. With the guidance of the advisor. Mr. Jan Carden, some of the members went on a walking and riding lour of Manhattan and decorated windows at Christmas for the United Hospitals of Newark. Art Honor Society OucU Kitrra Vijava Saurxtrr. deroralr kininv ywu . Kikv-n laurrano and Mike on ferr i»a a Saunders. Donna Mormon. MariM So»o. Queti Rirrra. and Kilccn laurrano »ait for the Stalrn Inland ferry 122Yi-M Music Honor Society Left to right: T»r» Boughton. Chrrir Hopkins. I Vita Holt. Erica Wade. Kilern Johnson and Kluabrth RotirrU Mirround the adtuor. Mrs. THrrraa Pruginta Tin- Tri-M Mtistc Honor Society, Chapter 1811. is under the leadership of Mrs. 1‘rizgintas. It is comprised of a group of students who have excelled musically as well as academically. Throughout the year, they promoted the awareness of music at various schools, churches and communities through concerts and recitals. 123Arts High Dance Ensemblt Gospel Chorus Standing: Tushawn Brown. Niehelle ihon. Toby Bawls. Stephanie Wilson Brian Bawls. Oclavis Brooks. David Holley. Tonya Sutton. Vang da Crowe Slireka Smith. Voneillc Barnes. Front: Annette Jones and Trina Campbell 124Renaissance Singers Explorers Club Standing. left lu riglit: Mrs. Geraldine luell. Sharon Thompson. Arthur Solomon. Darlene Buie. Mis. Betty Rutledge. Silting: Nancy Maldonado, and Kosulyn Walker.Left to right: Raina Blackmon. Mr. Slaniah, Karsala KoImtsoii and Terence Christopher. tNot pictured: Francinc Sheffield and Klaine Taylor) Biology Clu 120Irfl to right: Detelynne Camarh, l.ydell Ash. Anderson Jose. Dr. lirasch hhesha Tult. Terry Heard ami Danny Harmon. Chess Club Left to right: Pauline Koss. Krancine Sheffield. Odette Wilson. Octavis Brooks. Ernestine Holloway and Mary Webb. Student Council Service Committee128 Darryl Wiley ork» on layout Yearbook staff puts in many hours to produce a quality book for the class of 1988. Junior members of the Yearbook Club learn principles necessary to produce a yearbook. Editor Ckerie llopkin type on computer Penny Zemaiti and Kheaha TtRegular Honor Roll Cycle One left lo right: Linda Maldonado, Likisha Pippins. Nathaniel Bryant. Katina Wilson. Anethea Hodges. Wanda Ortiz, and Alexis (iooper. ft to right: Kevin Adams. Rayshell Layton. Takesha Pettus. Evelyn I Tra. Tyeshia Hopkins, Suzanne Kane, Lattice Hurd. Kimberly Reese, wha Pippins. Monica Kearney and Tremaine Shaw. Perfect Attendance Cycle One 129130 IMRGES FIND PERCEPTIONS An linage The image I have of myself as a person is one of a child ho is firsl learning to ride a hike. No matter how many times I fall or get hurt. I always rise up and strive to accomplish the goal I am trying to reach. I know this cannot be done alone, therefore I am willing to reach out for assistance, reassurance ami support. Without these three, you will certainly fail, because there will In no one there for you. David L. Holley IVnm» PoruUtin. lllutlrjlor SportsKaleaea Filler Shalenc Drinkard Jarkie Oliver Lii«n PowellHeading for the top Shalt nr Dnnkard SKalrnr Dnnkard Coarh OolatrrlU 133Season Record Art 48 V University 62 Art 38 V Caldwell 49 Art 61 V Science 16 Art 53 V Nut ley 38 Art 5 1 V Belleville 57 Arts 57 V Shaba . . 52 Arl 36 V University 68 Art 12 V We t Orange 26 Art 46 V Bloomfield 53 Art 2 V Vuilshurg 0 Art 44 V St. Patrick 22 Art 75 V Belvidere 64 Art 5 1 V University 65 Arli 78 Arts 62 Art II Art 10 Art 66 Art 61 Aria 13 Art 45 Arl 5 I Art .'18 Art 67 Arts 15 Season Record V Weeipiahie V Irv. Tech V Nut ley V Central V Barringer V Roselle Cutll. V Irv. Tech vs Newark Tech vs Livingston V West Orange V West Side V Glen Ridge The Girls basketball Team fared with an upgraded schedule, nevertheless had its 4th winning season in a row. finishing with a record of 16 wins and 0 losses, as well as lreing ranked among the top ten teams m Kssex County. Over the past I seasons tlie record stands at 65 wins and 28 losses. Senior team members I .a von Powell and Chonley CojK-land help lead this years team to the quarterfinals of both the County ami Stale Tournaments. Next year's team ho|M's to continue this winning tradition. 134Chontey Copeland Every so often a special athlete comes along who a coach selfishly wishes would never graduate. Chontey Copeland exemplifies such an athlete. Her achievement of nine varsity letters speaks for itself. She was a four year starter on the basketball team, serving as captain senior year Four more varsity letters in softball were earned as well as selection to the All-Newark Team in each of her four seasons. Chosen Captain during her junior and senior years. Chontey also found time to letter in Cross Country junior year. But this wonderful young lady meant much more to her coaches and teammates during her stay at Arts. Chontey's high level of maturity, reliability, and the leadership qualities she exhibited set difficult standards for future Arts athletes to attain Chontey is a great example as to why some coaches continue in an otherwise thankless profession Her coaches and teammates at Arts wish Chontey only the good things in life. We will miss her. A. Colatrella (Mr.C). Coach. Teacher. Friend 135Down, but not out Although Arts High's baseball team experienced many defeats lust year, there were a few outstanding players who made the team victorious. They were Darren Burton, who was "the guts" of the infield and the offense: Darryl Wiley, the outstanding defensive outfielder who also tripled home the winning run against Shaba : and freshman Kdwin IVrez. a fine prospect, who became the pitching “ace” of the team. Dam I Wiley IVniu Portalalin till Fightin’ Kyle Piernon and Vincent Mile hell Haaaan McMillan Halim Haaaan This year's learn slayer! together in spile of suffering through a 2 wins and 17 loss season. It was a rebuilding year for ihe leam. in which only-one player hail previous varsity ex|x rieiK-o. Next year, the entire leam will lx returning hopefully for a winning season. Alfred Ban lift 139Standing, left to right: keisha Spigner. Latova Norman. Bridget Bios. Chontcy Copeland. Shamona Grant. Vangola Crowe. Sherrioc Crowder, and Coach Colatrrlla. Kneeling, left to right: Dionne Frazier. Betty Gilmore. Vivian Colon. C.hanlel Morales, and Tammy Blanks. Softball Teat Girls’ Track Team Standing, left to right: Denise Richardson. Marlene Riley, Kcisha Boxton. and Gloria Forbes. Kneeling, left to right: Coach Moore, Sherettc korne-gay. and Coach Jones. 140loys’ Track Team Top row. left lo right: Coach Dickerson. Wayne Harris. Brian Caldwell. Scan Evans. Andre Moody. Coach Melnik and Coach Moore. Bottom row. left to right: Bernard Barr. W all Ali. Carlos Bantire . and Al-Fuquan Ferguson. Tennis Team Standing: Coach Jackson. Ernestine Holloway, and Kevin Edwards. IllGirls Volleyball Team Top row. left lo right: Sherell Jones. Joann Barnes. Monica JohiBoa Lillno- Heard. Front rim. left to right: Simone l.vken. Quct v Rivera and Karen Jenkins. Soccer Team Left to Right: Luis Mattos, Sheldon Monroe, Jeanne Rodrigue . Robtf Hackman. Quel .y Rivera. Gregory Dodds. Edward Rivera. Veronia Roman. Kevin Edwards. Ray Bcckford, Kujebio Colon. and Ivette IsoaStanding, l«»fi lo right: (x arli Pielropinto. Erie Williams. Gregory Morrison. Doiim Portalalin. Darryl T. M iley. Coach Crinmi. kneeling: Darren Burton. Taraj Terry. Nate Bryant, and Edwin Perez. Baseball Team Standing, left to right: Gregory Morrison. Bernard Barr. Eddie Green. Malik Cooper. Derrell Thomas, Carlos Ramirez. M-Kiujuan Ferguson. Pray ton Densen. Jamal Hogan. Stewart Boone. Shawn Evans, Edgar Kamirez. Everett Cray. Divad Sanders. Darrel Morrison. Nate Bryant. Standing: Takeslia Betters. Likesha Peppers. Kesha Brevard. Tiffany Evans. Tina Rouse. Yaliaina James. Quinese Hesse’s. Silling: Fayshan Brown, Gina Bess. I.ehrashawn Turman. kadedra Anthony, and Kadesha Anthony. Indoor Track Team 113Cheerleaders Fell lo right: l.ilond.i Wilkins. Tina Wilson. Syiela I.coii.iiil, I iish.inda General. Su iiniio Kane. Ki isli.i Spigner. kym Garnett. Katrina Ingles, .uni Fatisha Hutchins. Drill Team lo| row. Icll lo right Slianell Jones. I.awana Powell. Kendra Adams. Kneeling: kalandra lax lor. Balhcshcloa Sunler. Silting: Shakcisha Nulls. Nma Sm all, and Charlene Pearson. Cross Country Team Standing, left lo right: Coach Moore. Crcgorx Morrison. Bernard Barr. Everett Cray, Al-Kuquan Ferguson. Kddic Greene. Jamal Hogan. Sean Evans. Malik Cooper. Drayton Densen. Sluarl Boone. Derrell Thomas. Darrel Morrison. Edgar Hamire . Nate Bryant. Coach Dikerson. Kneeling: Tahesha Pollers. l-akcsha Pe| |)ins. Keysha Brevard. Tina Bouse, Quintse Beese. Sitting: Fayahan Brown, Lcbrashawn Turman. Gina Bess, and Tiffany Evans. I ItSanding. lei I lo riglil: Coiu ii Brinies. lav on PohcII. V.nigela (inmc, k leaea Kullei. Jaehie Oliver. Stc | li.ini«- Smith. C.oneli Cnlalrella. kneeing: laitnvu Norman. Slialene Drmkard. (.iiontev Oo|ielaiid. ami lawanna Ovburn. Girls’ Basketball Team Ending, left lo right: Vineenl Mitchell. Alfred Ran lift. Halim llassan. hfitiond l)avis. kneeling: kvlr Riersen. Kenneth Owens, and Warren Baumgardner. Boys" Basketball TeamIMAGES AND PERCEPTIONS An Image Pictures formed in the mind Never wanting to stop Only knowing that you will find A friend at the very top. Hoping, wondering if it will be A friend, a friend who always cares. by Quetzy RiveraAdvertisements 147WE THANK TIIE F«LL«WiH€ PEOPLE F«R THESE FINANCIAL SIPPERT. Patrons Dominique Allen Awilda John Baker Dorothy Baker Peter Bernart Dr. J. Branch A1 Brown Daisy Davis Darlene Davis Otto and Jaekey Floyd Jr. Marcus Franks Austin FJida Guittings Sonny and Flita Glutting The Family of E. Jones II. Robert Hackman Jr. Evelyn Henry Janies Morton Diana Nickerson Carey Jackson of Lynnes Nissan Hunter L. Reid Jr. Lalik Reid Jason Richardson Dawn de Ronde Anita Saunders Fatima Saunders Jim Strickland Samira L. Taylor Darryl T. WilevBOOSTERS Mark Adams Mrs. H. Adams Cassandra Anthony Man. Anthony Veronica Anthony Johnny Arrocho Aida Arroyo Maribel Arroyo Concerned Nurses Assoc. Mrs. V. Bailey Carrie Ayers Barnett William Barnett Cassandra W. Barnette Kva Barreto Catherine Bednar Charles lie'll Barbara Bernard Mike Berube Wanda Berube 141 Bit Jackie Bragg Councilman George Branch Dr. J. Branch Al Brown Tushawn Brown Sliunda Ann Calhoun Bahsaan Cardin Jonah Cari Bolr and lisa Carr Mr. A Mrs. William Cheatham Rodney Clemons Stanley K. Cleveland David Concepcion Chanel Cook Luis Corchado Sandra Corchado Sol Corchado Daisy Davis Darlene Davis Kevin I). Davis Tracey Davis Ms. Sharon Lynn Dodd Mr. Mrs. Doughlin Amelia Drummond Mrs. M. Dula Fudail Dunbar Dorothv Edwards Davey El Anita D. Evans Le’Andre Felts Thelma Felts Marcus Franks Alfreda Fryar Gloria Suerte en el Futur Samuel Gamble Antonio Garcia Iris M. Garcia Gwendolyn Garnett Barltara Gilliam Emilio Gon ale . Israel Con zalez George (Ionian Anthony Hammond Mrs. M. Hammond Solomon Hammond Yvette Hammond Chervonne Davis Harper Aunt Ethel Harper Darrell Davis Harper Dolando L. Harper Jacqueline Davis Harper Jerriff Ornar Harper Kevin Davis Hardier Lorraine Harper Michael Davis llar|ier Shariff I bn Harper Steven D. Harper James Harty Towanda Hector Brunilda Hernande . Ms. E. J. Heyward Nancy Hodges Henrietta Holloway Frank Howard Naomi Huntley Juan Igalua Vian Irving Mrs. B. Jackson Mary Jackson Faith Jacobs I-eroy Johnson Beatrice Yvette Jones Mrs. Earlena Jones l-ola Jones Paulette Jones Robin Jones Kinard C. KlelLs Dominick (.aCapra Nathaniel l-awrence Eugene I . Lawson Aboul llassan A Valerie Lemon Miss Sherry Ixmg Lilia Ixipez Noemi Lopez Mrs. Patricia Ixill Miss Talita Ixrtl Chantee Louis Mrs. J. Loval Malik Melvin Martin Irene Martinez Joseph B. McCaffrey Michael McCaffrey Da-Keesha McDonald Nicole McDonald l.orraino McZorn Lucy Mendez Ovid Mentore Andre Meny weathers Elizabeth Mercado Madeline Mercado Michelle Mercado Donna Miller George E. Miller Sandra A. Miller Kim Minatec Joann Miserendino Mariliza Molinaris Myra Montalvo Wanda Montalvo Angie Moore IxiYona Moore Theresa R. A. Moore Ixmiar Moose Marcos Morales Pedro Morales Jeffrey Morgan Gladys Na ario Zulma Negron Gwendolyn Nelson Donna Newkirk JoAnn Newkirk Kelly Newkirk Teresa Nieves Brunilda Olew Adolfma Orama Alfredo Orama I aura M. Orama Margarita Orama Sergio Orama Miriam Orozco Patrick Parker Mr. A Mrs. Von Pelt Mrs. H. Powell Janelle Qunttlehaum Qubbie Qualllebaum III Jordan Reid Kia Abdus Sabur Gloria E. Santiago Blanca Santos Sylvia Simmons Gcarlma D. Sirmons Amber Shakir Shamar David Shaw Hazel Shaw Carol Sheffield Matthew Sheffield Digna Simon Emily Singleton Norma Smithson Jerome Stith Waveney Stoby Minerva Suerte Mr. A Mrs. Thomas Sutton Agnes Taylor Brenda Tay lor Chris L. Taylor Corey Taylor Debora J. Taylor James (J. T.) Taylor Karon L. Taylor Robin L. Taylor Shari L. Taylor Sharon Tay lor Tim Taylor Wendi Tayor Anthony Thorpe Dway ne Thorpe Kate Tompkins Araceli Valentin Gegora Walker Shirley Walker Mr. A Mrs. Walker Nicole Warden Tiffany Warren Suton The Warrior Lorenzo W'hite Nicole D. W igfall Faith Wiley Harry W illiams Valarie Williams All ZalifTo Cherie Hopkins from the members of Fellowship Baptist Church. We wish you the best of luck in vour endeavors. God bless you. We love you. Rev. It. It. Craves, Pastor Fellowship Baptist Church 745 Chancellor Avc. Irvington. NJ 150 Congratulations to Crystel Lang from the Data Entry Dept, at Channel Home Centers in Whippany, N.J.The Tri-M Music Honor Society Chapter 1811 would like to congratulate the class of 1988. Remember that in order to succeed in life you must WORK. Use your creative talent and intelligence given to you by the heavenly father and you will succeed in the future Best Wishes from WF.ISBROD’S PHARMACY 980 So. Orange Avc. (Corner Stuyvesant Ave.) Newark. N.J. Open every day of the year.LORSTAN STUDIOS 599 Broad St. Newark, New Jersey 642-2110 All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time.kV .

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