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 I Arts High School Vignette 1987 mf' Annual Publication of the Senior Class Editor-in-chief.................... Manoger................................ Advisor..................... ......... Executlv ralf Wendy Scnmmoger Clmreeyah Brooks Senior Sroff Eileen Loureono Trena Mobley Derris Alexander i,' £ Tony Leoch '90 Jomes Iteddfck '90 HE I fif Contributing Photographers Jorge Morroquin MorbelSoto Jon Cor den Contributing Artists Mlchoel Bolds '86 Edwin Cruz '67 ChoHle Copeland '67 Edword Drummond 87 wens Simpson . Jan Carden Towondo Hecror Nicole Wigfoll Brioa Senders '68Mr. Hilton J. Otero Principal Throughout our years ot Arts High, we all hove chonged. We hove oil grown up able to understood thot sometimes rhere ore more important things in life rhon just laughing, ploying, portying and joking oround You. Mr Otero, hove helped us o great deal in understanding thot. Thonk you. Mr. Alfredo Gentile Vice Principal Mr Gentile, we would like to take this time to express our deepest appreciation for oil you hove done for the senior doss over the course of rhe lost four yeors. Thonk you for your rime ond your very much oppreciored odvice ond counseling 2Department Chairpersons Mr Nicholas Sontofo. Muk Miss Elero Cotdwell An Mrs Judith Oorteft Guidance Mrs Mortoo Bolden Moth ood Science 3To Mrs Abend ond Ms Willioms: Words connor express our feelmgs of rhonks ond grorirude for your coming ond toking us under your wings when no one else would. It is hord 10 believe rhor you've been with us for two years ond pur up wirh our jokes, loughter. ond irrv moruriry. Whor you've done is ro help us develop stronger minds ond chorocrer Thonks for everything We ll miss you o lor. The Class of 1987 Mr Corden; The entire yearbook sroff would like to rhonk you for pushing us to get everything done We olso thonk you for oil of those Soturdoy mornings when we were supposed to be here early bur were lore for the meetings Finolly we would like ro especially thank you for nor giving up on us. We love you Popo The Closs of 1987 Mr Terr once Elmon Ms Mo'y So« ono Mrs Gerokftrve UzxeD Mrs Borrert. Ms Soriono. Mr. Elmon. ond Mrs Uzzell hove seen us grow throughout the post four years They hove ployed o huge role In rhor growth As freshmen we were introduced to our counselors not realizing their enormous value Through the yeors they hove been there for us. od-vising us. sometimes even nagging us. making sure we perform to our fullest potentiol We reolize now whor on asset they hove been to us. ond we ore proud of oil the faithful service ond guidonce we've received 4Senior Closs Homeroom Teachers M s Conwor-ceGreece 2l6 Mrj Horrter Doug 3l ? Mrj Undo loftier — Keoioton. 310 Mrj Chorieoe OaskervN . 316 M j Derry Rutledge. 313Faculty Mrj leonoro CWaz ll • ftofuo Drorrvo K » . £ Mrj Nem ThomOJ. Art Mr Jon Cor den An 6Mrv Thereto PrUginrot Mink Mr Robe S Howord Musk: 7Mn Elizabeth l Aaderion Spotvsh Mrj Mory Aben J Spon.jh 8Mu Perw Shehober Morh Mri Oortxxo OtocKibeor. Mo»h Mr. Robert f tropwo. Moth 10Mr Ovid Menro-c MoihMrs Consionce Gree Mr Alex Cotorrello Phys Ed Mrs loto Jones Phys Ed Mrs orboro Jockson. Phys Ed Faculty Mrs. Phyllis Johnson. Sock Sr odes Mr Andrew Weinsrem Soool SnxJiesm Hert Hichj. Sc rtce 13Mrj Howl Adorn), llbrorton Mn Shirley Zontn Secretory 14Mrs Alice Glodoey. Security Guard M Wilmen MocCumtoer Ploahr Mr Lozorus Wwm. Security Gvord Cofeterio Staff Top. Mr. Barry Jones. Middle row: Mrs Momie Hollis. Mrs. Concepcion Conoso Mrs. Polly Howkins. Mrs. Betty Bottle. Mrs Ollie Moe Jones, ond Mrs Virginia Boiley Borrojn row: Mr. Colvin Bell. Ms. Belindo Sherry. Mrs. Mory Duk), ond Ms. Patricio Marks. Custodial Staff Mrs Mobel Newell. Mr. James Gordon. Mrs Boso Gonnley Mr Anthony Bennett 15V $ « t- r ■7 . + • VA-i '« SEr . S c«£r-; v A V •%. J t'' , fc ? m ■ 4ft ' ,j rji 1«- ■ % Jf V r'»5»Li. 9 » V fljfis - gJcy' • |k ' vyv ■'.. $§»$ :r - • v f " ' , . Jr :'• iJ'Va-. % • ” • ....... y H p|il ?wter N W 16Block Butterfly Morning light, silken dreoms roke flight As the dorkness is owokened to the down You survived, now your moment hos orrlved Now your dreoms hove fmolly been born. Block butterfly, soil ocross the woters Tell your sons ond doughters whot the struggle brings Block butterfly, set the skies on fire Rise up even higher So the ogeless winds of time con cotch your wings While you slept, the promise wos unkepr But your fote wos ossured os the srors Now you're free ond the world hos come to see Just how proud ond beoutiful you ore. Block butterfly, soil ocross the woters Tell your sons ond doughters whot the struggle brings Block butterfly, set the skies on fire Rise up even higher So the ogeless winds of rime con cotch your wings. Let the current into your heorr ond send if sooring Write your timeless messoge cleor ocross the skies So thot oil of us con reod it ond remember when we need it And the dreom conceding truth con never die Block butterfly, soil ocross the woters Tell your sons ond doughters whot the struggle brings Block butterfly, set the skies on fire . Rise up even higher 7. So the ogeless winds of time con cotch your wings. 0y , '■ -c r ( ; "' ! ■ . . . s •. •% ■; my ill ; fc'f ■ %», »• W:; qiwfj ?£j V V V ; - . X . V . V ' •;K. •• •. A ? • js-f-?- A • if S ?A ' +. i 4 " jglf? T ': I •••• ••••••• • :■•••, :f TV !$ You survived . ..21Just how proud and beautiful you ore . . .26Let the current into your heart and send it soaring 1 Yf Write your timeless messageclear across rhe sky . . . 29Rise up even higher 31Kotrino Adams Potrice Bowers Corey Bradley Porricio Bailey Toni Bowens i Potricio Banks Wondo Allen Markendy BenoitPorriCfO Brooddus Mork Chisolm Nicolerre E Drown Hosson Coombs Robin Dione Burley Clinreeyoh BrooksCharlie Copeland Annette Cuevas Rhondo Desmore Diona Dinzey Nothaniel Cromortie Stephen L Daughtery Edward Drummond Edwin Cruz Joey DavisJomes Elliot Faison Terry Edwards Chrishowndo Fisher Simone Onett Epps Alton Fleming Spencer DunnellAlphonzo Jomes Ford Denise Gonr Burnerr Groyson Sonio Fuller Che Gory Mork Green Celesrine Furrell Kieyommo Korriemoh Glover Amy HogansGory Hoirh Myrine Horrmgton Dorrin Howthorne Towondo Hector James Horgrove Jr Jacqueline Yvonne HendricksYolondo Michelle Holley Niki Jefferson Sherundo Johnson Yolondo Denise Johnson Djuno Demse Jones Korhondo Jones Arsenee Johnson Corolyn Jones Eileen Loureono 06Kimberly Lewis Lorio Morfin Joseph Leonord Kenyo Denise Mogee Undo Lynn Anthony McCollomSomontho Jomilloh McClellond Nilso Mercodo D.onne Yvette McCreory Cotreno Evette Mobley Sharon lynnette McIntyre Sheilo Anne Milleroll Donno ftoserto Morrison Lorenzo Antonio MitchellSuong Nguy Leslie Oliver Dornell Murphy Chorondo O'Bryonr Xuon Nguy lino MoyoAlven Oromo Tonyo Pickord Micoh Queen Sondro Porter Morcus Peeves Fredrico Pichordson Shonnon Powls Tonyo Poberts 42Sheilo Robertson Everett Ruth Derto Rodrigues Alniso Sonders Juliso Rodriguez Yolondo Sonford 40Moribel Soro Wendy Scrimmoger Soundro L. A. Simpson Louvenio Spencer Nicole Session Sylvio Singletory Tonyo Lynn SprotrMorgorito Velosquez Jocquelyn Wokefield Jomes White Nicole D Wigfoll Howoh Willioms Cochene Winrow Lossie Elizobeth Whiroker Loresho Wiggins William WinsreodGenervo Write Michoel Wright Eugene Younger Crystol Wise Zorolo Zovolo Andretto Hill 47Hasson Sharif Duone Moore Catrino Smith i Monuel Goncolves Israel SoroV'.WV eTo Yesterdo' JTow do I soy goodbye to whot we hod The good tfme thot mode us lough Outweighed the bod. g I thought we got to see forever Bur forever hos blown owoy It's so hord to soy goodbye 1 • loZ esrerdoy. to yesterdoy I don't know where this.rood Is gonna leod to All I know is where we've been And whet we've been through If ft gets me to tomorrow . hope It's worth oil the pain It s so hord foxjy goodbye To yesterday, to yesterdoy And I'll toke with me These memories to be my sunshine After the roin It s so hord to soy goodbye lo yesterdoy. to yesterdoy.khondo Monique Desmore irwrumenroi Musx-fkxe Anyway excuse me" this very moody com-possonore flirronous ©ton io be o fomous monoge- or one of the wealthiest hotels ond fewoc'onn - Joxtfe b o cheerteoder fosfvon vhow cocoordnoror ond a princJpol s odvisory committee member she i ofwoys found with The Mystique Females Spencer Donnell Vocol Music-Boss Ths Sco-po considers Nmselt hkoble stubborn ond ve y JOtcoMX Kee-Oee ptons to spend his future ploy ng professional bosketboU, foorbal. O' go-ng into bus ness he con be seen with Sonio Joe fee ond fthondo Jocqueline Yvonne Hendricks Vocol Musx-Soprono 1 Excuse me Y this very exciting Leo enjoys modekng done mg ond singing Jock hos pions o become o nurse her Trends ore Rhon-do Yolondo Tonyo Sherundo ond Mas Lorlo Mortln Vocol Musx-Soprooo Oh my gosh' this friendly Virgo pions to major in business odmlnlsirorton lorto's friends ore Djuno Ain Iso. ond Wendy she is o member of J T P A off ce f'omrng she odm res music reochers Mr Howo-d ond Mrs P Leoh Scott Instrumenrol Muuc-Vlolm No no this loughmg Aquonus pions to become o computer programmer she con be seen skating oround the rink with Lorlo. Wendy Almso ond Djuno William Wlnsteod Commerool Art Check t out rh.s shy Ares enjoys footboi ond bosebo w«y-v« pfons to become o commercial orrisr four of his frends ore Dorneii Mork Chorke. ond Damn Dorrin Hawthorne Instrumentol Music — Oorinet I know you ore so whot omP rhe Scorpio desires to become on oc countont or o word processor Nirrod enjoys singing ond chillin out with Anthony Curt ond Mellow C he fovortte teochers ore Chuck ond Mr Howard 50— Jocquelyn Wohefield Dromo He e-e«o this Gemini i very outgoing Jockte Is involved in rhe Oromo Club ond her church she plons to pursue o coreer in ochng Jocke con be seen with Julso $h u Yolondo ond Ely Oonold P. Thomos Jr. Vocol Music Tenor You go nerve'' this oozy Pisces wonts to become o profcss»onol model ond own tvs own business lomoe l ed Mr Howord Mrs Jochson ond Mrs Qednor Tonyo Y. Pickotd Vocol Musk Alto So whotcho soymg Get out of here' To considers herseH on outgoing person who s easy to get okxsg w th wonts to ortend college ond become o nurse Korea P ond Chr showndoF ore her Inends Yolondo Sanford Dromo I don t know this tnendly Aries plons to become o lowyer or o model londo othe coptom of the cheeneoding squod ond o member of the Pnncool s Advisory Ckxyd she s seen wth Jui so. Jocke Shikii Stephen ond Eugene Korea P Porter Vocol MoSK-AhO Thu friendly ond fun Gemim plons to attend o college ond obro n o degree Koren con be seen ch »m- with Tonya, ond Chrishowndo she d o member of the tennis teom Howoh Vlree Williams Oromo "I hote this school Howoh plons to ortend college ond become o word processor Amy. Jocey ond Denise ore o few of her ossocores itvs outspoken Paces a o member of the N J Moss Choir Gospel Chorus ond the Drill Teom English a her fovonte subject James Hargrove Jr. Commercial Art "I need a job this outgoing Pisces future plons include attend ng on on college ond becoming o successful art or with ha own business James con be seen with Wondo A . James S ond John S Amelia Hogans Dromo This Outgoing undersiondvsg V«go is very ochve in both school ond community Amy' a o member of the Teen Health Club ond Project Leod her plans ore to become o photensK scienrot ARTS HIGH SCHOOL LIBRA 536 MARTIN LUTHER KING 51Donno Aosetto Morrison Photogrophy Get Out' Donno plons to become o com puter grophics mojOf O' oo occountonr th s outgoing friendly Toorui ikes to donee bug out w rh friends ton troek ond do foshion shows she chooses to be w th She-io Leslie ond Jomes Shello Robertson Foshon Design Get out o here the witty Leo plons to be o success ond moke a m this hord world Shelo enjoys ploying bosketbofi she con be found With Sondro Nicole. Potrcio ond Oonno Edwin Cruz Fine Am "Trust me' this very moody, yet friendly Leo pksns o future m the A - Force when Edde is not dr Owing his fovotite comic book chorocrer. he is seen w thG'egg Por, Derrls. ond Annette Axel Tottes-Motetro Vocol Music-Boss "I should know. I'm Puerto fbcon" . this hyper ond sorcostic Tourus wonts to of tom o doctotote degree « you look around, you win find Axel with 7oralc Dovid. ond the rest of the doss of 1967 Jorge Morroquin Photogrophy Hey Mr Kl" this frienc y. outgoing Aries enjoys mortsoi ons he isoboo member of the PoKe Athletic Leogue Jorge plons to study photogrophy m college his pois ore Monny lyoel Alven ond Mr K W i If redo MokJonod© Commerdol Art This Aguonus plons ro become on Industrie designer his hobby is ploying foot boll W a o member of the scence ond computer dubs friends m-dude Jomes Ivoel ond Monny Arsenee Johnson Fashion Design Thu tolkotrve Virgo wonts to become nch ond fomous o student count representative who con be seen with Eileen Annette Berto ond Derrs Arsenee is totally shot-out over Ms CokJweli ond Mrs McAimden s class Zorolo Zovolo Vocd Music-Soprano Oh no!" thrstotolly firry , outgoing Virgo pksns to onend college ond mojor i pre-rned Zorolo Is o member of Asp'O ond Future Nurses Club she con b seen with The Mystic Females Stuffy, ond Soundro 52MorVendy Benoit An Whot'" th«s qu er. but fun loving Sco p.o envoys Mi Biochsheor i dou ond ptom to become on electron engneer Dodou' con be seen with Loss-e YcXondo J Rhonda ond Son to Duane Houon Moore Fashion Design Whot s up. Killer ? Tho noacholonr Ares plons to mo»o in pOttcol science Houon s involved n student council, the executive boord ond the tennis teom he con be seen with Joc-ques Joche Stephen ond Terry Alphonzo James Ford Fashion Design You be illin I " this smooth elegant Leo wonts to Oftend F I T ond get o bochekx s degree m fine orts Font con be seen cMirn with Lorenzo Mtcoh. Anthony, ond Elizobeth he is o member of the bosketbo-i teom hufovonteteochers include Mrs Tso Mrs Oednor ond Mr Moore Mlcoh Queen Foshion Design You shouldo dunked this bugged out Aquarius ploas to ottend Trenton State College he enjoys bosket boll ond football Trends ore Lorenzo m ond Alphonzo F Lorenzo Mitchell Foshton Design ■ You be illm'' this Pisces is into basketball ond cyding he ptons to extend FIT he con be seen with Alphonzo Mike, ond Toni Twin Tower i i a on the bosketboll teom ond ottends the Soturdoy Art School Berio Rodtique% Dromo Pleose don f do this to mel" this inteii-gent cor ng W90 plons to 90 on to college ond Mudy psychology Bertie loves being w.rh Annette. M hoei PotfKto Eileen, ond NiIjo her tovorire teocher 1$ Mr P jhe is involved in the Compiler Science Club, ond Sroge Crew Eileen Loureano Fine Am Are you rreonng th j systematic, worm ond 'elioble I Our us wonts to become o veterlnorion m school she is on octive Computer ond Science Club member, ond is olso nvolved with the Yeorbooh Staff Sroge Crew, ond the Art Honor Sooety Lee con be seen with Annette Oerto. Atven. ond Pot Drooddus Annette Cuevos Vocol MuSK-AltO Go lor It!" this witty but stubborn Aries Is o member of the Science Club, ond Stoge Crew Nettie usuolly chins out with Berro. E ieen. Potnoo B . ond Michoel her favorite teochers ore Mr. P ond Mr Howord Alven Otomo Commerool Art This tolenred student has won vorious owords for his posters ond fine ort Alven is o member of the Art Honor Society usuolly hongs with Israel, Wilfredo. ond Monny Israel Soto Photography Chech this out1 ’ this friendly, outgoing Copncorn plans to Offend college ne hongs out with Monny. Alven Edword ond Wilfred his favorite teochers ore Mr Cordon Mr Mentore. ond Mrs Qednor Eugene Venoble Fine Art • Jornm-on lt” this crazy Concer plons fo toke up oviofon m the Ait Force SofcemV interests include P A L. abshetbo'i he con be seem Anthony. tomes F . ond Edword D. Anthony McCollom F ne Atts Whot s up this considerate ond understocking Leo is into sports, drowing. ond stow songs itosson plons to pursue orchitecture ond mtehot design he con be seen with So lee m ond Abdul Edword Gene Drummond Whoi ilk Fine Aits business kYQK,[.COdv ’° 901 'H ,hli extend college ond motor m hobbies ore g.r»s ond D Jmg 54•» Towondo Hector Insrrumentol MylK-VtOlm It o« depends this friendly but very shy Copricorn plons ro ottend Roberrv Volsh Business School for business odmin-strotlon Wondo' con be seen with Keyommo Nicole W . Djuno. Shonnon. ond ott Me»s fons Kieyommo Korrlemoh Glover Insrrumentol Musie-Violo You're bugging! this ombmous. sweet Scorpio plons ro join the Novy ond then go ro college Yomie enjoys photogrophy ond OB sports she cos be found with Sylvia. Crystal. Towondo ond Amy Myrine Horrtngron Dromo Stop the modness' this ombetous easy ro get along with Virgo plons to ottend Rutgers ond mojor in business monogement Gee-G con be seen wirhSomomho Crysto' ondChoroodo Chorondo O Dtyont Oromo This is on A ond 0 conversation, now C your woy out this loud ond outrogeous plons to become o successful television broodcast journofof Charoko con be seen with The Big Mouth Crew ", consisting of Cnssy. N oterre. Myrine Somonrho ond N chole Ctystol Vise Vocol MusK-Soprono I don t know this bugged out libro enjoys done mg ond plans to become o lowyer Cnssy is o member of the Dr Teom ond her friends ore Chorondo Myrine. Somonrho. ond Sh il Desiree Miller Vocol MuSrC-AlfO This does concern you'' this bright and versatile Pisces has ombirioos to become o crimmol psychology ... ‘ Roy-Roy con be seen with Corrino. lossie Yolondo. Axel ond Lonsho Yolondo Denise Johnson Vocol Music This unique, friendly VH90 plons to obtain o degree in physical therapy she contributes her time to the Computer Qub Twiriers. Drill Teom baskerboii ond frock ond field con be seen with Lossie. Treno. ond Desiree Lossie E. Vhitoker Vocol MuSIC-AlfO "You know it''- this frendly. ond bugged out Sogirrorius intends to go to college, ptonang o career os o pedtotridon Lossie con be seen on rhe court with Yolondo. Desiree Amy. Undo ond TrenoPoirlcio Bonks Vocoi Music-Soprono You re bugged out Pot is on intelligent young tody who ospues to ottend co-ege she tovei dotxing ond singing Porricto con be seen with Soundro S , Wendy S . ond Amy Wendy Scrimmoger Vocol Music-AIro Get reol! this outstondmg Scorpio tj on outgoing wild person who con be seen with loro Soundro. ond Pott Wendy ptons to ottend college ond mo-jor in computers ond bus ness Soundio I. A. Simpson Vocal Musk-Sopcooo I'm innocent'" This sweet ond innocent young tody ptons to ottend col- lege she con be seen with Coehene Wendy Pot ond Ginervo ' Boby P" a o pon of the yeorbook sroff computer club ond cbomber chorus Cllnteeyoh Brooks Vocol Music-Soprono Get out' You boggin'" is constontly repeored by ' Cirnmee ths bugged out Coprtcom Is plonmng to ottend college "Cllm-mee ". who con be seen with Annette C Oerrts A Oetro ft ond Porricto 0 a o member of the Gospel Chorus Stoge Crew, Computer Club ond the Inrernottonoi Music Honor Society Oerrls Kimberly Alexonder Vocol Music-Soprono Ger outro here!" rhls friendly ond ombittous T Our us ptons to pursue o coreer os o pediorricton she is octive on the yeorbook stoff. ond pres -dent of both the Student Council ond Future Nurses Club Sweercheeks'' con be seen with Pot. An- nerte. ond Arsenee Porricto Orooddus Vocol Music-Alto fteolly 5 this outgoing Gemin who con be seen with Ar.nerte C . Oerto R Eileen L ond Michoel W hopes to become o doctor Pom's ocriv.ries ore Science Club ond Sroge Crew her fovorite teochers include Mr Howord Mr Mentore ond Mrs P 56of i m 1 !j i iM f! H! S Jz _ g I “ £• 2 5 ill 5 € S ° 5 % s2 if . Ui if, nlOomc I don l know rNJOur Otog « Virgo p»ons to Ottend Spelmon Univers.ty O' Tuskegee through the ROIC Stinky oho wonts to moke her moth in the theotrlcol world this oct ve mtm tf of the O n Teom con be seen with Shown . lowondo Pot Daley ond Jorres H Chrishowndo Fisher Vocol MuK — Aho Who ore you tofkmg to this toikotive leo plons 10 become o writer or o business monoger Shown e is involved in tennis ond Sroge Crew her friends ore Tonyo, Koren ond Shonnon ...-'v iT rA Mork Chisolm fine Arts ' You know the time ' this hutYKxous ond tolkoiivc Tourus enjoys roppin ond chillin' his future ptons ore undec-ded Mellow C hongs with Williom V Oome.i D Oortin M ond C hex be C Dornell Murphy Fashion Design Get Duty Double-0 wonts to get into engineering this ployful person swings with WiHorrt Mork C .MoAG ondChorlie he er oysdrowing ond boseboB Dornell likes Mrs Thompson Mr C . ond Mrs Drown C ho die Copelond fine Arts This strong bold Leo loves to drow in hus spore tme Chuck who con be seen with Mods C V«om W ond Dornell m ptans to become r«h ond fomousDjuno Denise Jones Vocol Music — Alto "Ok. I'm oirghr now I this loud tolkotive Gemm enjoys bowling, and ot-tendng the Soturdoy Acodemy ot Rutgers her Mute ptan tj to become o physklon Dee Dee con be seen with Al-Niso Lotto, Ieoh ond Towondo AI-Nlso Sondets Instrumental Music — Oboe Ptono Get out1 this fly. Virgo wonts to pursue o coree- in business AT con be seen chilling Djuno Lotto, ond Tonyo she olso enjoys potties, doncing ond movies Tonyo Lynn Sptott FosNon Design R gh-’ this shy ond quiet Libro pk ns to pursue o coteer deoiing with computers she con be seen with her two fovotne reochers ore Mrs Tso, ond Mrs Thompson Shoton Lynnette McIntyre Vocol Muuc-Soprano "Good enough for me." .. this s y sensitive Pisces Is Into modeling Sho ' plons to pursue o coreer w journokshc broodcostmg her ocrtvihes include service committee ond computer dub she con be seen with Robin Dionne, ond Cochene Robin Dione Curley Vocol Music — Soprono "Reoily' Robin plons to pursue o coreer n television she Is o member ot the computer, future nurses ond dromo dubs this s y but intelligent Taurus is seen with Shoroa Cochene ond Dionne Dionne McCreary Vocol Music — Soprono Dtorvse. o very sweet ond intelligent young lody serves os secretory for the Nohonoi Music Honor Sooety her friends include Robin Shoton. ond Cochene she plons to ottend college m the fufu e SOKenyo Mogee Dromo "for reoi this ombnous creorive Copncorn ploni ro 90 ■'vto communications Condy' is o student council representative ond dromo dub member buddies ore Sorvo, $ond N Colette ond the entire fl'omo doss of fl7 Son 10 Fuller Dromo Po'don mo this freodly ond forthright Pisces con bo soon with Myrtno. Konyo. Ntcolerte. ond rho dromo doss of 67 she enjoys sieging dicing modeiog ond octtng Son 5 olso foveas Mr Me.nrore moth onddromo Nlcoletre Brown Dromo This llb'o tody is too much soys this ombdious ond inrolligonr porson who warns ro mc or in businoss odminlsrroron y fashion merchandising Nicolorro con bo soon with Chot on do Myrino. Jochio ond Juliso Korhondo Jones Dromo Mind your businoss Korhondo is on outgoing. Outspoken Libto who aspires to join rho Armed Forces she enjoys skoring sk-ng ond pomes Dee ' con bo soon with Sondi Potrlco. ond Howoh Gory Holth Vocol Music — Doss Your mother this unique Loo plons ro become o phyncson he con be soon with Nikki. John ond Cun when he s not on the 'rock room Gory's favorite reochors o'o Mr Weinstein ond Mr Howord Colestino Futrell Vocol Music — Soprono Mind your business this crary but very sotious Aries plons ro become o medKOl secretory she con be seen with Patricio. Yoiondo lossie ond Frednco Celesr ne Is the monoger of rhe girls vorsity boskerboll ond softball rooms her fovorire reochors ore Mr C Mr Howard ond Mr Mentore Nilso Mercodo Phoiogrophy "This reofly irked me rhisextroverred ond fun loving Gemini enjoys church ocrlvsios ond visiting moUs she plons to MM her pot enrol friends ore Motibel. Oerto. Eileen ond Annette 60Joseph Leonard instrumental Mow — Dross D d you see rhe gome i0ji night’ this kind to all SogittorluS. • '"» bosketboli ond 9 )l» he's on the irock ond t eld teom Mocho Mon who plons 'o pursue o coreer in corrv municotions. con be seen with Eugene ond Hasson Hosson Coombs instrumental Music — Oonnef Masson a member of rhe bosketboli reom enjoys various ocriv les both nvde ond outside of the school he con be seen wth Mach Chore Darnell ond members of rhe doss of 67 Jennifer Stolen Instrumental Musk — Percuss-on Kooi — Ad th.» bu jed out Leo enjoys church she plons to become o corporotc towyer Jenny is o member of the Concert Bond iou Bond ond Ochestro her trends o»e Odette Jomes ond An j e Frednco R chordson Vocol MUSK — Soprono Don I even try ■' this quiet Capricorn pions to open her own business she con be seen w th Tonyo iXenee Pofnoo ond Chnshowndo she ts o member of the stoge crew her fovonte teochers ore Mr HowOtd ond Mrs P Jomes Stephens Instrumental Musk — Drums Get out of town ‘ this buggedout Aries participates m church ond youth groups his fovortes ore Jo« Bond. Concert Bond Otchesrto ond rhe bosebo« teom Jotry plons to enter the Air Force his friends ore Jomes H Mork. Darnell ond John $ Clonus Le Sion Tote Instrumental Musk — Drums Chill!" Clod us considers himself on exrremefy comKol ond ftiendfy guy who oiso mokes friends easily ho trends consist of Ydondo. Dove. Hasson ond Margortro this Aries plons to get into the compeer fekJ his fovonte teochers ore Ms Greene ond Ms waoms Morcus Reeves Dromo "Tho» s your business" this misunderstood sensitive ond possionote Tour us enjoys basketball girls ond octmg Soor wonts o comer m mothering con be seen with Turhon Melvin or just ChJfcn olone 61Nor Cromorrie Commerdol Art Ger pod o' gimme mine this hoppy 90 lucky AQwO'iuj plons 10 be successful in his chosen field King wize Is o member of the boseboll i»om nb friends ore Curt. Ko'honoo. and Toni Terrence Devon Toylof Commercol An Get o reoi job-' b often told by thb bizorre on 3 unpredictoble Concer "Toxi ploni ro go ro co'ege to major In film ond communcoron. he con be seen with Wize. Nichole oad Porte he li one of rhe technicoi directors Nicole Oonielle Wigfoll Instrumenrol Muse — Plono Violin Well, onywoy rhii iweer, quer. nor tempered Aquorius enjoys her dosses with Mr Klein Nikk 0 con usuoby be seen with TowonOo. Tom. or Chererre her future ploni ore to go nro business or interior decoroting Simone Onen Eppi Vocol Music — Alto ■'Thor s life this very friendly ond outgoing Hbro plons ro become o registered nurse little Stuff con be seen with the Mystic Eemoles she obo enjoys working with Plonned PorenthooO Denise Gontt Dramo Never rhotl" . this quiet one) shy Gemini pions ro become on Engi sh mojor Necy ' con be seen chAn with Leslie. Sorx P Joey aid Hawaii she odmires the teoching of Ms long Mr Menrore onp Ms Oednor Cachene Wlnrow Vocol Music — Alto Vhot " this qyier. sweet, eosy going Tour us plons ro ortend college Cheoe' is secretory of the student council she con be seen with Shoron Soundro Robin ond Dionne enjoys the dosses of Mr Howard Mr Weinstein ondMr Mentore 62Leslie Olivet Dromo We otrghr' ore the f.'st words spoken by this Aries 'Le is o crazy, mre« geni Mtn4y ond extroverted person who plons to attend Princeton University ond become o corporate towyer she con be seen with Joey Po« Celesrme ond Micoh Joey Dovis Dromo Only whor you do for Christ wa lost Pookie is seen with Nichole Leslie. Duone ond Sheldon this Aquarius plons to mojOf in sociology she is o rr.ember of Onil Teom. Donee Ensemble, ond Drama Club Nichole Renee Session Fashion Design I ain't gonno get into it with you' . this chor.smot ond sometimes moody Tourus plons to study fashion design m New York ond Pons or become o lowyer Renee' the Senior Class V e- President, con be seen with Joey. Cho'ondo Duone. ond Leslie 63(Turner! Curtis Groyson Commerciol Art Ger reoi'" this knd ond eosy ro ger olong with Coprtcorn otofti to po'sue o coreer in computes ' Kooj" con be seen with Note ond Alton Tomes E. Whir Insrromeniol Musk — Ctormet Thot s life" this co' ng friendly ond wild Virgo is o member of rhe Mus Honor Socery ond rhe PrfncpaTs Advisory Council he p ons to ger o degree ir. musk performonce ond theory he con be seen with Undo. Kieyommo Terrence ond Tomes W Elliott Tomes Foison Jt. Fme Arts How ore yo dom’ this wild ond croiy Coprtcorn envoys boseboii ond frock Abdol pk ns ro become o surgeon he con be seen hongmg wHh Soleem Hasson Omor ond Everett Everett Ruth Fme Arts Yo man" rhs outspoken ond confident Coprtcorn pkms to become O writer or successful businessmon CWg E con be seen chain with Omor Soleem Tomes ond Lorry Mork Green Fine Am ' Oe cool this C'Oiy Tourus con be seen with Tomes F , Tomes H Everett, cod Tocke his future ptons ore to otrend college Mork is o member of the boseboii teom Nikki Tefferson Vocal Musk — Tenor ' Whot up home boy rtvs very outstanding but shy Soginortus con be seen with Alioo. isroel ond Gory Nikki plons to Join rhe U S Air Force his favorite outside octivtty is boskerboll 04Morlbel Soto Photogrophy Thor is jo cure' Mo. .» o thoughtful stubborn but vety humorous Pisces h t fifute ptons include opening hot own gtoprx ons compony her fovotue reochers include Mr Menrote a» v Ks ond 0,1 ° the ort Teochers seen with Denns N iso Eileen Oeao ond Atven Michoel Wright Vo ol Mutx — Boss Hoy hoyl" this fr endly ond worm Gemini plons o Mute in mow communtcotlon or politico) sconce Michoel enjoys frock soccer. ond bemg octive on the Student Council ho con be seen with Oerro I no Annette ond Detris Sylvlo Simone Singletary VOCOlMuVC Sytvio is rhe tutufO stor of 57 she plons to moke it b g in the music industry somedoy but fo now she s just kxt bock ond enjoy ng herself w,ih oil of her friends m the doss of 57 L kA Xuon Nguy Fashion Design 'W thb typ ol Getrvm loves base bo tennis ond swmrrwng Xuon plons to enter co»ege his pob ore Hectot George ond Jose Suong Nguy Foshon Design This guiet Aries ospires to attend college he con be seen with Hector ond George he enjoys bosketboii ond voleybol Suong tovots Mrs Tso mi Weinstein. Mr Carden ond Dt White 05Alton Fleming Fash con Design Whor s up ifjjj electrlclon who like to "ch« our" con be seen with Jomes I Miehod ond Work Abdul en-oys bCMtxH foorboll ond Mr Colotrenos gym closs Jomes Thomos Foshion Dos 90 Whot rime is the gome?" ih lotd bock Gemini con be seen with Alton Mark Curt ond Dornell Jomes plons ro orrend college his fovotiie ocriviries ore boseboii boskerboil ond foorboll Corolyn Jones MedKol Lob "Oh God. help mol’ this friendly Libro plonj ro go ro mecftcoJ school m the future Corolyn enjoys the compony of Andretto Morgorito. ond Genervo her fovorite teochers ore Mrs Me Alinden. Miw Koff ond Mis Thompson Morgoriro Velosquez CoedNmslng God help me in school, ond get good grodes" this nice Gemini plons ro go ro colege ro pursue o nursing coreer . ' Morgie" likes to work ond be w th her friends. Corofyn. Genervo Andrerro ond Clocius Geneivo Wrlce Vocol Music — AJto Thor s r-ghr! And you knowi th.s shy. bur sweet Virgo envoys rhe Nework V she spends her time with Andrerro ond Soundro she dso likes heolrh ond Mrs Greene 66Potrfce Dowers Dromo busy «h s OQgccivve po »e ond very morure Aquortus pk ns ro own o work) wide P ol educoron teoch-ng O'90 ioton Police con be iron bo99 " 3 Ou w.rh Somocvho Jockie orx) Jufcso Tool ttowtnj FosNon Desgo Do ' f go- me wooed 1 it mow frequently sold by this seven doy weother chon -sg per tonolity person rhls sensuous Arles con be seen with Noony Alphie Won-Von ond Teddy °no s fovonte reochers eve Mr Men ore ond oil of the on teochets Sheilo Anne Millet All InsrromentoJ Musk — Viofcn Oh my kx). I don r believe this ! this inrelfcgeni bu» qu t Concer plons to ortend musk school ond become o (voteswool muskion Sheilo is involved n the O'Chesrro ond is obo o member Ot Seton Moll Up word Bound Undo Lynn Inwrumentol Musk-flute I love yo onywoy thts oory 00190109 Concer ecyoys swimming ond the qospe chorus she plons to become o successful kjwyer buddies ndude Kimberly I Yotondo J Loss W . ond Rhondo 0 Lotesho Nonerte Wiggins Instrumenroi Musk — Violin You re bogging' this brght ond very omfcxnous Concer plons to work ot on ovtme ond rhen loter become o nurse she con be found with Des-ree ond Keyommo Louvenlo Spencer PhotCXjrophy This friendly but quier Aquonus con be seen with Sheilo R . Tonyo S ond Mor-del .. Oeonie plons to ortend college ond become involved In business her fovor.te ore done-109 ond bike ndtng 676ft1 Djuno Jones 2 Xuon Nguy 3 Dionne McCreory 4 Al-mso Sonders 5 Denise Gonr 6 Shoron McIntyre 7 Rhondo Desmore 6 lorio Mortin 9 Nicole Wigfoll 10 Spencer Donnell 11. Jomes Horgrove 12 Yolondo Sonford 13. Lossie Whitoker 14 Sylvio Smglerory 15 ZoroloZovolo 16 Gory Hoith 17 Chrishowndo Fisher 16 Amy Hogons 19 Eileen Lojreono 70 Class of 19871 Somontho McClellond 2 Korhondo Jones 3 Myrine Horrmgron 4 Nilso Mercodo 5 Tonyo Roberts 6 Jomes White 7. Moribel Soto 6 Yolondo Holley 9 Treno Mobley 10 Edword Drummond Class of 1987 v1. Derris Alexonder 2. NIKI Jefferson 3. Wendy Scrimmoger 4 Micoh Queen 5. Morcus Reeves 6. Nicole Session 7. Chorlie Copelond 6. Crysrol Wise 9 Nicoletre Drown 10 Soundro Simpson 11 Jockie Wokefield 73Abvroo by Eileen loureono Jazz by Edwin Crux 76 Srti Life 2 by Edwin Cruz Original Devgn by Lorenzo MirchelfD»s yi by Alphonio Fcxd Ortgmol Fashions by loreruo MircheU Cteycte Ports by E e n Losxeono V"f 77Of 9 riol Design by A seoee JohnsonSenior Class Derris Alexonder 422 Fourth Ave. 483-6795 pp32,56 Wando Allen 5 Berkley Terr 372-3841 p 32 Potricio Boiley 1003 South Oronge Ave. 372-3343 p32 Potricio Bonks 146 Somerset Sr. 242-7166 pp32,56 Morkendy Denoir 415 Essex St. 375-3378 pp32.53 Toni Bowens 111 Teleford St 372-6572 PP32.67 Potrice Bowers 266 Clinton PI. 926-3975 pp32.67 Corey Bradley 59 Weequahlc Ave. 923-2777 p32 Potricio Brooddus 219 Tremonr Ave. 674-3298 pp33.56 Clinreeyoh Brooks 61 N 9th St. 371 3979 pp33,56 Nicolerre Brown 15 Shephord Ave. 923-9181 pp33,60 Robin Burley 676 Hunterdon Sr. 242-3381 pp33.59 Mark Chisolm 897 S 18th St 371-6818 pp33.58 Hosson Coombs 51 Clifton Ave 484-7584 pp33.61 Chorlie Copekjnd 214 Avon Ave. 824-7621 pp34,58 Norhoniel Cromorrie 217 W.Market Sr. 623-6573 pp34.62 Edwin Cruz 718 N. 8th Sr 481-5307 pp34.52 Annette Cuevos 106 Seth Boyden Terr. 242-0526 pp34.54 Stephen Doughtery 36 Somerset St. 623-3890 PP34.57 Joey Dovis 215 Woinwright Sr. 923-7642 pp34.63 Rhondo Desmore 917 Westminster Ave 289-1750 PP34.50 Edword Drummond 191 Alexonder St. 374-9566 PP34.54 Spencer Dunnell 57 11th Ave. 642-1516 pp35.50 Simone Epps 9 Rivervlew Ct. 465-0804 PP35.62 Jomes Foison 74 Beverly St. 371-9690 pp35,64 Chrishowndo Fisher 17 Custer PI. 926-9755 pp53.58 Alton Fleming 522 Central Ave. 623-0885 pp35.66 Alphonzo Ford 181 Bollontine Pky 675-9921 PP36.53 Sonio Fuller 280 S.6th St. 642-2566 pp36.60 Celesrlne Futrell 41 Ooklond Terr. 373-5670 pp36.60 Denise Gontt 541 18rh Ave 642-6238 pp36,62 Kieyommo Glover 21 Georgio King Villoge 242-2487 pp36.55 Monuel Goncolves 379 N.6th Sr. 482-1623 p48 Burnerr Groyson 282 11th Ave. 375-5132 pp36.64 Mork Green 19 Forley Ave. 621-1970 pp36,64 Amy Hogons 280 Goldsmith Ave. 399-4612 pp36.5l Gory Holfh 418 S. Oronge Ave. 623-1443 pp37.60 Jomes Hargrove 115 Porkvlew Terr 926-1797 pp37.5l Myrine Harrington 22 Grumman Ave 923-2885 pp37.55 Dorrin Howthorne 75 Tremonr Ave. 372-6411 PP37.50 Towondo Hector 452 15th Ave. 824-4402 PP37.55 Jocqueline Hendricks 30 Sr. Jomes PI. 926-2168 PP37.50 Andretto Hill 74 S 12th St. 481-9320 p47 Yolondo Holley 80 St. Paul Ave 375-4518 pp38 57 Niki Jefferson 694 S. 20th Sr 374-3852 pp38 64 Arsenee Johnson 49 N 14th St 677-2350 pp38,52 Sherundo Johnson 245 S. 19th St 373-0850 PP38.57 Yolondo Johnson 209 W. Market St 623-4219 PP38.55 Corolyn Jones 226 W Runyon Sr 824-4919 PP38.66 Djuno Jones 117 Somerset St 242-8489 pp38.59 Korhondo Jones 272 17th Ave. 399-8606 p38.60 Eileen loureono 123 Center Terr 8246419 PP38.54 Joseph Leonard 270 Morris Ave 624-4059 pp39.61 Undo Lynn 71 Goodwin Ave 923-3969 PP39.67 Kenyo Mogee 47 Branch Brook PI. 485-9559 pp39.60 WiHredo Moldonodo 175 Pennington St 344-4946 p52 Jorge Morroquin 686 Porker Sr. P52 Lorio Mortln 685 Mortln Luther King Blvd 624-2998 PP39.50 Anthony McCollom 80 Melrose Ave 374-2827 pp39.54 Somontho McClellond 218 So 17th St. 824-2074 p40 Dionne McCreory 719 Bergen Sr. 824-2297 g PP40.59 Shoron McIntyre 157 Jelllff Ave 242-6140 pp40 59Directory Nllso Mercado Desiree Miller Sheilo Miller-All Lorenzo Mitchell Rodney Mitchell Cotreno Mobley Duone Moore Donno Morrison Tino Moyo Dornell Murphy Suong Nguy Xuon Nguy Chorondo O Oryont Leslie Oliver Alven Oromo Tonyo Plckord Koren Potter Sondro Porter Micoh Queen Shonnon Rowb Morcus Reeves Fredrico Rkhordson Tonyo Roberts Sheilo Robertson Derro Rodrigues Juilso Rodriguez Everett Ruth AI-NIso Sonders Yolondo Sonford Wendy Scrimmoger Nichole Session Hosson Shorif Shlkil Simmons Soundro Simpson Sylvlo Slngletory Cotrino Smith lyoel Soto Moribel Soto Louvenlo Spencer Tonyo Sprott Jennifer Storen Jomes Stephens John Sykes CloousTore Terrence Toylor Donold Thomas Jomes Thomos Axel Torres Morgoriro Velasquez Eugene Venoble Jocquelme Wakefield Lossie Whlroker Jomes White Nicole Wtgfoll Lotesho Wiggins Howoh Williams Cochene Wlnrow William Wlnsteod Crystal Wise Genervo Wrlce Mkhoel Wright Eugene Younger Zorolo Zavolo 41 Courtlond St. 568 S. Eighteenth St 4 Sheffield Dr. 742 Dr M L King Dlvd 69 Fobton PI 19 Stirling Sr. 5 Horatio St. 156 Weequohk Ave 106 South St. 7 Abborspond Ave. 145 Delovon Ave. 145 Delovon Ave 248 Livingston St. 240 Georgia King Vill 41 Nichols St. 185 Johnson Ave 266 Osborne Terr. 305 Obborne Terr. 140 Dot day St. 10 Roosevelt Terr 816 S. 19th St. 860 S. 19th St. . 228 West End Ave 069 Morris Ave 164 Chestnut Sr 90 Asror St. 51 Seymour Ave 45 Field PI. 191 Richelieu Terr 321 Meeker Ave. 1049 Salem St. 107 Alexander Sr. 440 EHzoberh Ave 212 Howard Sr 47 Latio’k Ave. 10 No 2rh St. 742 Dr. M L Kmg Dlvd 42 Myrtle Ave 176 Goodw n Ave 109 S. 9th St. 11 Demoresr St. 15 Morion Ave 454 4th Ave 108 Spruce St 15 Pennington Sr 111 Scheerer Ave 21 Georgia King VW 100 Center Terr. 380 Central Ave. 180 Weequohic Ave 91 Asror St. 12 Hertford St. 888 S. 14th St. 16 Wills PI 221 West End Ave 264 Chodwick Ave 260 Prince St. 261 Goldsmirh Ave. 1 Court St. 141 Lehigh Ave. 02-00 Unity Ave. 200 Irvine Turner Dlvd 240 Clinton Ave 044-5728 070-8991 482-1008 640-6101 074-7911 640-4674 589-0296 920-8046 589-1696 074- 0916 480-0095 480- 0095 824-4066 596-0102 465-1867 824-6600 926-1355 624-8294 621- 7025 372-0226 075- 7181 074-2468 074-5754 620-2026 589-4958 824-4418 242-2990 920-4470 072-2272 920-0279 052-6102 072-0699 242-2949 620-9087 374-0075 481- 0283 622- 4914 481- 9299 926-1451 622-1140 926-2721 099-1598 480-4744 620-0146 620-6194 920-0809 642-0950 620-5006 484-0697 920-0096 824-9268 622-0710 099-2302 k 072-2205 072-7704 242-0520 242-7499 923-1220 824 1864 075-4591 071-9074 242-1797 482- 5162 pp40.60 pp40.55 pp40.67 pp40.53 pp40 pp48.53 pp40.52 p41 pp41.58 pp41,65 pp41.65 pp41.55 pp41.60 pp42.54 pp42.5l pp42.5l pp42.63 pp42.53 pp42.58 pp42.61 pp42.61 pp42.57 pp40,52 pp43,54 pp40.57 pp40.64 pp40 59 pp43,5l pp44.56 pp44.60 p48 pp44.57 pp44.56 pp44.65 p48 pp48.54 pp42.65 pp44.67 pp44 59 pp45 61 pp45 61 pp45 61 pp45 62 pp45.51 pp45.66 p52 pp48 66 p54 pp46,51 pp46.55 pp46.64 pp46.62 pp46.67 pp46.5l pp46.62 pp46.50 PP47.55 p47 pp47.65 pp47.57 pp47.52y ' S V- K. It'itKl, .( J 62khhero Abrobonn N Ablodey Adj09o-Otu Joneime Asbury lydeli Aih IVoy-Anthony B«Word Amondo Berheo Comille Boy MKhoel OokJi Toro Bougbton Mourice Oronch Shono Burnett Do'ren Burton Stonley Corrpbeli Morlo Clnrron Eieonor Colmon VivKjn Coton Kevin Cooper Chontey Copetond Sherr.ce Crowder Sufi Dovid Dove Dovii loro Dovu Wondo Dudley Den-on Evons Down Fergyjon Kenneth Flowers Gtorto Forbei SondroGoiqoe lushondo Generol Sbe rondo Gilei Class of 1988DelyoHo ! Cherte HopWns Cynthka Jocobs Esthete Jeon Donno Jenkins Nk:o e Jenkins Tyrone Jetnigon Eileen Johnson Robert Johnson Rodney Johnson Annette Jones Crystel Long Wondo Lone Omo-oyo LoyenJ Syiero Leonord Zoktyyoh Mohmoud Roque! Motoon Som Motrin Angel Motos Albert McDonlei Dionne Mdver Enko Me Ned Curtis Milton Ntco»e Moore Rkhord Mordes Jermo ne R Morton AITorir Muhommod lereso Nieves Bruce 0»ver Jomoto Oronge Class of 1988 fibGdberto Otii Cofey Ponkey Down Pemberton Gorner Person Lovon Powell OrtoncJo RocMey Porbofie Rom honon Artlhooy Rovenel Orton Powh Tottto fte ih 07Dondi Riley John R»ey Ondgett Rios Quetzy Rivero £» zobet h Robert! Nothonlel Robert! Jeonme Rodriguez Josephine Rodriguez Alicto Rogers Momco Rollins Somuel Romero Poullne Ross Mortbel Ruiz Orton Sonders Jibril Sonders Vijoyo Sounders Lorry Sermons Froncme Sheffield Mark Shermon Wondo Simmons Mchelle Smith Rkbord Solomon Quincy Spicer Cynthia Storen Nlklsho Sr rood Tonyo Sutton leoondro Toykx Anthony Turner Alexonder Tyrell Erko Wode Class of 1988 Grton Allen Keisho Allen Notosho Allen Qu;nttn Andrews Denise Arce Doryl Arrington Julie Arris Kenrro Ashen Voocllle Oorrses Dorion Dellomy Shonito Gest Juliono Okxhburn fcolno Gkxkmon Edward Gtounr Koren GobowsM KesMo Goxron DksneOoone Geo Oowden Motrin Gowers Kevin Grown Tbhown Grown Norhonel Gryonr Dorlene Ou e Persino Comy Terence Christopher Henry Clork Mourice Clork Lokesho Clemons Dor leon Cohen Gory Conwoy Class of 1989 90Vick) Crowfofd Ijooc Cw MKhoel CvrfNfl Yoone Dooghrry Ertco Dovtt Gf+QO'y Doddi Shoteoe Drtnkord Voteftftoe Drydeo JocQueieoe Eji v«2 Seoo Evons KfyMol Foeoo Dtoooe Frojer StOCy Freerrvon MKtveol Frtefioo Loverte Goyte 91Synomin Goison Amorilys Gonzoez Lotonto Green SNsrnre! Green lesi e Gregory Vincem Moll Robert Horgrove Domel Hormon Woyne Horns Mork Hawkins Eusrodc Hoyes Karri no Hmron lonyo Hughes Terri Hyrd Kotrlno Ingolls Edword Johnson Hakeem Johnson Ko hy Ann Jones Cassondro Jordon Soxanne Kone Mosson Keith Ronald Kennedy Jason lomorr Alldo lompley Melvin Lowreono Hyneclo Lewis Roesohn Little leorree Lynn Wondo Motrin Kothy McGrlff Class of 1989 n 93Kenneth Owen Angelo Polmer Owen Porrts Rolphoel Pere fo Pool Perkns Ceiestmo Perex Chorlene Peorson Kyle Pierson Keihlo Poner Mork Qs oerty Dougios Romes Zoboroh Roone EO'Soto Roberson Mortho Roberts Arthur Solomon Sovonoo Smith Jomes Smith Angelo Smith Koyto Simmons Bon Shonf Myron Scott Fredo Rushing Edword Romon Cleon Spencer Keisho Spigner Kevn Tote Down Taylor Etolne Toy lor Torlq Terry Erico Thomas Class of 1989 94Morten Thomas Tommy Thomos Shoron Thompson MkheBe Tfllmon Turhon Wekh Anrhony WUboms lonnerte V«oms Rovi WBhoms Thomos Wilkins Mory Webb Fetoo Woods Penelope Zcmorts Towonno Tucker Khesho Tun Klo Wolker Rosolyn WolkerH hrowefAnetheo Hooges Volerie Hopson Jomil MjM Shooberto Hunter Yvette bom Lynn Jockson Latonyo Jockson Tyrone Jewries Ko'en Jenkns Lk ce J.mene Monlyn Johnson fteneeJones Shoneido Jones Sheteii Jones loro Jones Kiwosho Kety Keisbo Kenney Irovtj Kirksoy She'erte Komegoy Komou Low son Hasson Lee Shorondo Lee Jerei Locke Caroline Mo-tine Ehjob Max on Shirley M lier M nter Vincent Mitchell TonOobui Monrogue Andre Moody Class of 199C Emco Moo'e Moo MOcxc Shoorei Moo»es Tyoooo MoHey SoekJoo Monroe Too Moroy Tomoo McKeniih Dede»o M K oeley ShO'y McNon W oo Kegco f rookie Nixoo looyo Nomoo Mor4yO Ocovo Domoogce Odom iocqoelyo Over SomoO Ooqoe Woodo Orru Schtoodo Poge Moriioi Pooe»o Sr o oodo Pooe Edwin Perez Shorooda PtuHp Kevin Prieyer Julie Pruitt Khokd Rondooh GerO'd Roney Corios Rom rez Ruth Romos Joml Reovos Qmn«se Reese Jorres Reddick Den-ce Richordson Kloton Riley Morlene R'ley EduO'do Rivero Monique Rivero Tyrone Roberts Korhleen Rodriquez Co-los Romon loet o Ross Drvod Sooders Anthony Sontorlo Dorryl Solrers Jermo ne Sheorm Michelle Simmons Knlshoo Sims Enco Smith Domes Smith Srephonie Smith hotosho Solomon Class of 1990 100Ulondo Stoton D’Andre Srevenson lOCOJho Stevenson Dovid Sweeper Felrcio Sweet Kto Thompson Srephonie Thompson Williom locker D-one Vo»enco Ocrovio Vospuez JeKrey Wornet Kimberly Word Do-re Worts Kooreem Whiroker Cynrh o Willioms Mon o Wiiiioms Shonue Willtoms Chorlene Wnsron iomeco Zwnmermon Sowi Zromohsoh 101CP Sail across the watersWinter Fair 1986... A Resounding Success Ar the Winter Fair this yeor. there were performances by the Moss Chorus. Orchestro. Donee Ensemble ond monologues by the Dromo Deportment The Art Deportment exhibited ond sold their fabulous art works The Student Council ond Service Committee sold cokes ond sodos Overoll. it wos o resounding success 105An evening with the Sophomore Drama Srudenrs The Party . on ensemble presenrorion of poems by Paul Lowrence Dunbar ond Langston Hughes. Once Upon o Ployground ... school Kids reose o girl with o funny nose, finding out that despite differences people ore oil the some. 10710SString Orchestra Sophomore Women's Ensemble 100Mass ChorusJazz Band inNational Honor Society The Bernice M. Hamilton Chapter 112 Eileen Loureono, Moribel Soto, ond Desiree Miller.National Art Honor Society The Louis Spindler Chapter Left to right: Xuon Nguy. Philip Sciplo. Vijoyo Sounders. Querzy Rivero. Eileen Loureono. Alphonzo Ford. LeAondro Toylor. Monbel Soto. Lorenzo Mitchell. Donno Morrison. Mlchoel Bolds, ond Suong Nguy (Not pictured Edwin Cruz ond Alven Otomo.) The Tri-M Music Honor Society tomes White-Presidenr Axel Torres-Vice Presidenr.Dlonne McCreory-Secretory. Desiree MiHe'Treasurer Clinreeyoh OroohvHstorion Other members ore os fo owi Demi AlexorxJe'. Toro Broughton Annette Cuevos Stephen Doughrery. Anronyo Felts, Michoel Frleson G»orto Forbes Darrin Hawthorne David Ho«ey Yolondo Holley. Delyo Hoh Che re Hopk-ns Wondo Lone Sheiio Millet Carry M ton. Eteoberh Roberts. Ondget Rios. Jeanne Rodriguez. Aloo Rogers Tonyo Sun on Enco Wode Loss»e Whtoker. Niche e Vbon. Michoel Wright ond Eugene Younger 110Srudenr Council Service Committee Top row. left ro right: Frondne Sheffield. Cochene Wlnrow. Derris Alexonder (President). Drlon Senders. Koren Porter. Tonyo Plckord. Bottom Row. left to right: Cllnteeyoh Brooks. Roino Blockmon. Odette Wilson. Ernestine Hollowoy. Chorlene Person, ond Shlkesho Nulls. Eloino Toylor. Terronce Christopher ond Ur-sulo Roberts 114Principal's Advisory Council Left ro right: Clinreeyoh Brooks. Comille Bey. Derris Alexander. Odette Wilson. Terrence Toylor. and Nichole Session (Not phorogrophed: Desiree Miller. Lossie Whitoker. Eugene Younger. James White. Dionne McCreary. Axel Torres. Jullso Rodriguez. Pauline Ross. Annette Jones. Denton Evans, ond Delyo Holt.) 115Drama Club Srage Crew Dock row, left ro right: Mory Webb. Dominique Odom. Saundra Simpson. Terrence Christopher. Middle row: Rolno Olockmon. Wondo Ortiz. Shonnon Rowls. Michele Tillmon. Sovonno Smith. Front row- Jackie Wokefield, Norosho Allen, ond Ms. Long. 116Arts High Dance Ensemble Front row. left ro right: Michelle Tlllmon. Syieto Leonard Coco Bey. Bock row: Angelo Palmer. Dorren Robinson. Sonio Fuller, Froncine Sheffield. Gloria Forbes. Celestlne Perez, ond Sheretre Kornegoy 117 Renaissance Singers Stonding. left ro right: Kim Gorrett. Elolne Toylor. Eorsolo Roberson. Joneime Asbury. Erlco Wode. Yolondo Wolker. Elizabeth Roberts. Nichele Wilson. Dorlene Duie, Sondro Gosque. Kyle Younger. Anderson Jose. Mrs. Fobbrini. ond Antony Sontorio. Sitting: Felfclo Woods. Cloude Washington. Terronce Christopher. Nwore Durge. Jomes White ond Cherie Hopkins.Biology Club Left to right: Jonieme Asbury. Shurundo Giles. Mr. Stonish, Froncine Sheffield. Orion Sonders. Robert Johnson. Rodney Johnson, ond Eloine Toylor. (Not pictured Elizabeth Roberts.) 119Yearbook Club Lefr to right Christopher Drown. Eugene Robinson. Vincent Front row Ulondo Sroton. Derry Gilmore ond Dovid Sweeper. Dock Mitchell, ond Tony Leoch. row Edwin Perez. Corlos Roman, ond Williom Glover. 120 Computer Club Top. left to right: Chorlene Peorson, Leslie Ol ver. Moribel Soto. Nilso Mercodo Dor-tom. lefr to right: Kevin Edwards, ond Monuel Goncolves. Soundro Simpson. Wendy Scrimmoger. Patrick) Drooddus. Melvin Loureono. Annette Cuevos. ond Derro Rodrigues.Yearbook Staff Derrtj Alexander Toni Oowenj Ntcol Wl Oll Icxearo Mitchell 121 122Set the skies on fire iPQRTS 123Cross Country Team . . . on the fast track Soccer Team . . . kicking harder than ever 125Girls' Basketball ream enters 126 The Girls Boskerboll Teom hod o record of 16 wins and 7 losses rhls post seoson This years ream qualified for rhe srore rournomenr for the 3rd stroighr yeor The squod olso compered in the counry rournomenr for rhe first rime ever. With 4 srorrers rerurnlng nexr seoson. rhe ourlook for rhe furure looks very promising127Arts Basketball Team qualified for State Tournament The Arts High Vorsiry Boskerboll Team hod o very good seoson The teom achieved o 500 record, hod 9 wins ond 9 losses, ond qualified for the store tournomenr. Notable outstanding players were Joseph Leonard. Paul Perkins, ond the Twin Towers: Lorenzo Mitchell ond Alphonzo Ford. The Junior Vorsiry team olso ployed very well They olso hod o 500 record: 5 wins ond 5 losses. 126129Baseball Team Never Gives Up 130Cross Country Team Stondmg. left to right: Mr. Moore (Ass t Coach). Corlos Romirez, Mork Quinerly. Tyonno Motley. Pot Dailey, Shalene Drinkord. Yolondo McNeil. Joseph Hill. Mr. Colorrella (Head Coach). Kneeling, left to right: Wall Allah, Sherette Kornegay. Michelle Simmons. Chontey Copeland, ond Jamil Huff. Soccer Team Srondlng, left to right: Quetzy Rivero. Anna Mercodo. Yvette Isom. Julio Es-quellne, Kevin Edwards. Tier Carter. Jeffrey Volker. Cooch Pietropinto. Kneeling Roy Deckford. Angel Motos. Sawie Dlomohsoh. Richard Solomon, Daniel Harmon. Michael Wright, and Robert HockmonSoftball Team Stonding. left ro right: Celestine Futrell. Por Dailey. Terry Hurd. Mr Cotorrello Kneeling Keisho Spigner. Sholene Drinkord. Shernce Crowder. Dridgetre Rios. Chonrey Copelond ond Querzy Rivero. 130Golf Team Fronkie Boez, Schkero Abrohom. Morvin Adomes. Soiondo Moody. Julio Esquerini. ond Cooch Leslie. (Nor pictured: Gorner Person)Cheerleaders Stonding. left ro right Sonio Fuller (Co — Coproin). Tommy Thomos, ond Keisho Spigner. Kneeling, left ro right: Loronio Green, Schkero Abrohom ond Suzonne Kone (Co — Coptoin) Sirring, left to right: Keisho Boxton. Josie Rodriguez. Annerre Jones. Tushondo Generol (Coproin), Syiero Leonard Shoron Thompson, ond Tier Carter. Standing: Eugene Younger. Joseph Leonard. Alphonzo Ford. Srephen Doughrery. Lorenzo Mitchell. Micoh Queen. Niki Jefferson. Coach Loyton. Kneeling: Paul Perkins. Curt Groyson. and Anthony McCollom. Boys' Basketball Team 105Boys' Track Team Top, Left ro right: Cooch Moore. Collin Coesar. Jomes Poison. Gory Hoirh. Anthony McCollom. and Holim Hoson. Middle: Eugene Venoble. Shomod Hill .Bruce Oliver, and Edword Horsh. Kneeling Curtis Groyson. ond Mork Briner. Girls' Track Team Top left to right Sylvia Singletory. Kiesho Sp.gner. Chiffon Washington. Notosho Allen. Donno Morrison ond Cooch Moore Middle: Celeste Holmes. Tommy Thomos. Bridgette Bios, ond Krystol Fa,son. Kneeling: Suzonne Kone. ond Amy Hogons 136Top row. left ro right: Mr Pietropmro Clinreeyoh Brooks. Desiree Miller. Keisho Porter. Porrido Boiley. Lossie Whitoker, Vongelo Crowe. Celesrine Futrell ond Mr Colorrello Front row: Yoktndo Johnson. Sholene Drinkord. Chonrey Copelond. Lesl e Oliver, ond Jockie Oliver Girls' Basketball Team Top row left ro right: Cooch Pierropinro Morcus Yorborough Dornell Murphy. Dorren Burton. Note Cromorrie. Angel Moros. ond Rodney Johnson Front row: Dovid Willerson. Torik Terry. Curtis Groyson. Robert Johnson Quincy Spicer, ond Mork Green Baseball Team 137VALEDICTORIAN — Desiree Miller 140The Top Ten Dock row Dionne McCreory, Djuno Jones From row: Nichole Session. Derro Rodrigues. Moribel Soro. ond Nilso Mercodo 1 Desiree Miller 2 Eileen Loureono 3 Moribel Soro 4 Dionne McCreory 5 Derro Rodrigues 6 Nichole Session 7. Djuno Jones 8 Sonio Fuller 9 Nilso Mercodo 10 Clinreeyoh DrooksDock row: Donno Morrison. Kenya McGee. Annerte Cuevos. Alven Oromo. Cochene Winrow Fronr row Chorondo O'Dryonr. Yolon-do Sonford. Tonyo Pickord. Al-Niso Sonders. ond Leslie Oliver. The Next Fifteen 11 Norhoniel Oomorrte 12 Sorters 13 Donno Morttoon 14 Joey Dovu 15 Sreven Doughtery 16 Alven Oromo 17 Cochene Winrow 16 Yotonda Sonford IP Tonyo Pickard 20 Undo Lynn 21. led Oliver 22 C ho rondo O'Oryom 23 'J illiom Wmueod 24 Annerte Cuevos 25 Kenyo M09C 142Mr. and Ms. Junior 1986 Ell Younger ond Lossie Whiroker 144Ms Apm— Yo on Jo So fofd Mr April — Eugene Younger 145 Ms Morch — RhorxJo M Desrrxxe Ms Jonuory — Nicole 0 Wlgloll Mr JooyO'y — MKoh Queen Ms Morch — Mortoel 5oro Ms Eebruory — Mow Oh Wttoms Mr Februory — Jomes Horgrov Mi July — SourxJro I Simpson Mj July — Amy Ho-gons 146 Ms June—KenyoMogee Ms Auguw — Treno Mobley Ms Moy — Don no Morrison Mr Moy — Morcus ReevesMs September — My fine Horrlngton Mr September — lorenro Mltche Ms November — Potrlce Oowefs Mr November — Spetxer Durvsell Ms December — Lossie Vhiroker Mr December — Cwrtis Groysoo 147 Ms October — Smone Epps Mt October — Hasson Shorif% Boosters Deliverance Evongelistic Cenrer Andre Freemon Oro ond Sis. Roderick Horper Fredi Hughes Dono Hunr Krege Hunr. Jr. Mr. ond Mrs. Jomes Johnson John Jones Porrido Jones n K -::_j r N'choJ and Sis. R G N.chof Donold Roy Pearson fifty P Bryonr Jackie Rollms Allen Sondford Al-Toquon Sondford Borboro Sondford Deidre Sondford JoAnn Sondford JoEllen Sondford Joseph Sondford Kal Sondford Ketsho Sondford Morie Sondford Terence Sondford Elnoro Shipmon Lenoro Shipmon Elizoberh Simpson Mr. ond Mrs tod O. Simpson, Jr. Posror Herbert Sneed Anronious Thigpen Sis. Thomas Brendo Joyce Wolker Jomes Walker Rolph Wolker Vero White Toni Wlrren wrT' tt- - ■■Km -i 14«Mr. Seymour C. Heck Mr, Seymour C. Heck, who srorred his reoching coreer In 1943 ofrer receiving his degrees from Monrdoir Store College ond New York University, retired this yeor Mr. Heck come to us os the English Deportment Choirmon In 1964 ofrer hovlng rought or such schools os Eost Side ond Ann Street Annex His love of poetry ond oppreciorion for the orts led those oround him to gain o life filled with on obundonce of knowledge We wish Mr Heck o heolthy ond hoppy retirement Mr. Thomas Muir Mr. Thomos Muir, the heod moinrenonce engineer, retired this yeor after having served the school system for some thirty-two yeors We wish Mr Muir the very best ond hope rhor he enjoys his retirement to the fullest 149PMI !A LORSTAN STUDIOS J % J 99 Broad St. rj Newark, New Jersey 642-2110 M All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at anytime.Ronald L.. Rice Councilman - West Ward Newark,New Jersey OCTOBER 21, 1986 City Hall Newark. N .J 07102 733-OS03 TO THE CLAYTON FAMILY: DcMPO WILL RE MISSED BY HIS FAMILY FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORING COMMUNITY HE ALWAYS HAD A KIND SMILE AND FRIENDLY WAY WITH ALWAYS SOMETHING NICE TO SAY THE ALMIGHTY CALLS ON THE VERY YOUNG TO THE VERY OLD TO TAKE WITH HIM AT REST BECAUSE HE LOVES US ALL WITH HIS VERY BEST WITH OUR LOVE AND DEEPEST SYMPATHY MAY THE GOOD LORD COMFORT AND GUIDE YOU IN THIS DARK HOUR. COUNCILMAN RONALD L. RICE STAFF 151Mr. Louis Spindler 1920— 1986 sue rhe oesr educctic or e could reoch hls l" Reotong rhot edu ony student who nee ed help with o fore:gi wirhro pointing. he Spindler wos there rJ educct on hod to offq Eve-yrh ng r-e did os his odopted chiidrd thouoht of him o$ on | We os students os wbdcr forever, rhd treosu'ed We the eld js becouse he cored ond k e •. .vhor wos best guiding us. teoching us ond o jnselmg us os Jopted (other becouse of ever y rhing he did f redoted his wisdom ond his odvke. We v. cotry ond ss to o mon who wos so generous with -f e voluoble of 1987 solute him. Mr. Louis Spindler le thought of us would We too 152

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