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•■ 1 Arts High School Vignette 1986 Annual Publication of The Senior Class Editor-in-chief..................................... Denise Best Advisor............................................. Jan Carden ■r r 1 7986 Yearbook Staff Michelle Baldwin Kevin Jackson Patricia Kane Melissa Walls Enrique Jones Tony Hagans Linda Sheard Sharon Saunders Gwendolyn Hardwick Denise Best Jan Carden Photographers Tony Hagans Travita Evins Cover Design Tony Hagans and The 1986 Yearbook Staff Principal Mr. Hilton J. Otero We, the Senior Class of 1986, would like to thank you for the educational virtues you have instilled in us. It is indeed rare to find a principal who isas involved with our education as you. You are a credit to the educational system and for that we will always remember you. Senior Class of 1986 Vice -Principal Alfredo Gentile The Senior Class of 1986 would like to express our gratitude to a very fine person. You've guided us, helped usand most of all disciplined us. For that we are better people. You've showed us that you care. 2Department Chairpersons Mrs. Judith Barrett, Guidance Ms. Marion A. Bolden, Math and Science Mr. Louis Spindler, Art Mr. Nicholas Santoro, Music Mr. Seymour C. Heck, English and DramaYearbook Advisor The Senior Class of 1986 would like to express our deepest gratitude for the guidance and dedication you have shown us. Your assistance has made our senior year well worth remembering. We will always remember you and be in your deepest debt. Thank-You, From the Senior Class of 1986. Mr. Ian Carden Senior Class Advisor We the senior class of 1986 will forever appreciate the love, gratitude and sincere dedication you have given us. The senior year of high school is the most difficult to get through. But you have made ours joyful and most of all, happy. For that and more vve shall always be grateful. Thank-You, From the Senior Class of 1986. Mrs. Virginia McAlinden Guidance Counselors Mr. Terry Elman, Uzzel! Miss Mary Soriano, and Mrs. Oraldinc 4 Dr. Robert White Senior Homeroom Teachers Mr. Murray Saeedy Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson 5 Ms. Barbara Blackshear Mr. Thomas PiazzaMiss Eleta Caldwell, Art Faculty Ms. Adrienne R. Raff, English Mrs. Elizabeth L. Anderson, Spanish 6 Ms. Sherry Long, Drama Mrs. Virginia McAlinden, English Mr. Daniel Moore, Phy. Ed. Mr. Walerij Kyrejko, ArtFaculty Mrs. Carol Fabbrini, Music Mrs. Constance Greene, Health Mr. Thomas Piazza, Math 8 Mr. Jay Brasch, Science Mrs. Linda Lanier-Keosaian, MusicMr. Robert White, French Mrs. Betty Rutledge, Commercial Mr. Robert Pictropinto, Math V Mrs. Theresa Prizgintas, Music Mrs. Barbara Jackson, Phys. Ed. Mr. Charles Klelis, Music 9Mr. Andrew Weinstein, Soc. Studies Mr. Murray Saeedy, Math Mrs. Phyllis Johnson, Soc. Studies Mr. Jerome Marcus, Ind. Arts Mr. Ovid Mentore, Math 10Ms. Barbara Black shear. Math Mrs. Mary Abend, Spanish 12 M • Mrs. Catherine Bednar, English Ms. Rose J. Newkirk, System Success Mr. Alex Colatrella, Phys. Ed.Faculty w u-oum Miss Ethel Heyward; Business Education Ms. Patricia Thompson, English Mrs. Hazel Adams, Librarian Ms. Barri Jacobs, Drama Ms. Charlene Baskerville, Mr. Joseph Stanish, Biology 13Staff Mis. Shirley 7ones, Secretary Mrs. Sandra Manshel, Social Worker Mrs. Alberta Bryant. Office Aide Mr Thomas Muir, Mead Custodian Mrs. Rosa Doughtie, Clerk Mrs. Geraldine Street, Teacher Aide Mrs. Maria DeVito, Nurse's Aide Cafeteria Staff Mr. la arus Rhim, Security Mrs. Shirley Rushing, Security I JIM •THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR And we never thought we'd feel this way And as far as we're concerned. We're glad we got the chance to say. That we love you. And after we've gone away, Close your eyes and try To feel the way And if vou car - ,...... Keep smiling, keep smiling, Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for. For good times and bad times We'll be on your side forevermore. That's what friends are for. Well you came and opened me And now there's so much more I see And so by the way I thank you And then for the times when we're apart. And then Close your eyes and know, The words , are coming from our hearts, we can remember. friends are for. 1921Knowing youcan always count on meAnd if you can remember ...That's what friends are for 26.. . and try to feel the way we did that day31Simone Alexander - Daniel Mark Atkinson Rhonda Barnes David Vincent Alston Jacqueline Carol Bailey Daniel Bergery Marne C. Arnold Michelle Devone Baldwin Denise L. Best 32Monica Boyd Jeffery Brown Rachel Brown Angelia Leonia Blair Dionne Blue Mandy Loraine Bohler 33Wanda A. Brunson Everette Juanita Christian Monica D. Burton Marvin Chisholm Tia F. Christian Tisha Michelle Campbell Fairlynn Chisolm Sharnett M. Clark 34Haven Louis Claybornc Tonya Renee Collier Teril Clifton Djuna Lasha Crawford Lena Renee Coakley Coretta Curtis 35Timeka Lachette Dingle Desiree Daniels Maria Ellison Jose A. Danoys Jr. Audra Celaena Durio Travita Maxine Evins Alan B. Davis Karen Ann Ealy Dwight Ewell 36Richard Ford Benjamin J. Foster Keith Gerald Foster Tammy Denise Fillmore Raymond Flores II Adrean Fitzpatrick 37Jacques Antoine Foushee Bruce Edward Catling Sabrina Giles Adrianne Gillis Tony Hagans Lisa Melinda Hammie Bernadette Hanks Kear Denise Givens Corey Grubbs 38 Gwendolyn Hardrick Lawrence E. Hawkins Carmella Renee Herald Janette Hernandez Alecia Hill Shamod Hill 39Harrison R. Hogue Doreen Johnson Cheryl Jenkins Farl Jackson Kevin Landau Jackson Patricia Delise Kane Michael Kates Monica Kennedy 40Lisa Lane Christina Marie Littlejohn Carresa Chantel Lynn Dwayne Kersey Shirley King 41Edward Maldonado Sherry McGhee Karen Renee Minnigan Lance E. Martin Gregory McElroy Larry McMillan Pamela A. McLellan lames Henry Morton III Tasha Maria O'Bryant 42Lavinid Pdrrott Mdrtd Mdbel Perez Sedn Reno Pennington Richard Chatman Peak Janel Maria Peterson Stephanie Porter 43Tijuana Yvette Porter Lasonya Yvette Redish L Marcus Robinson Carmen Shimanne Rawls Melissa D. Reed Shyron G. Robinson Simon Reddick James Arthur Rhodes IV Sahirah Zakia Salaam 44Sharon A. Saunders Linda Gail Shcard Jerome Shearin Karen Smith Timothy Smith Carla Solomon 45Juanita Vega Melissa Anjanette Walls Robin Leslie Swain Elizabeth Villanueva Lakeim Welc h Sherri D. Thomas Latonya Denise White 46Kenneth Williams Miguel Rosario Penny Dieasha Elam 4748All at once We finally took a moment And when realizing that we're not coming back And it finally hit us All at once. All at once We started counting teardrops And at least a million fell Our eyes began to swell And all our hearts were si ;tered All at once. Ever since we came here. You're the only home we've known And we won't forget you Though we must face life on our own All at once We 're walking on our own, you see Wishing things were like they used to And that's all that matters now. All at once We're walking on our own, you see Holding on to memories And it hurts us more than you know So much more than it shows All at once. All at once We looked around And found that you showed us how much you love With your embracing arms And all our hearts were shattered All at once All at once The smile that used to greet us Brightens someone else's way The smile we saw each day But we'll still have our memories All at once.Class Simone Alexander 371-2961 David Alston 373-8015 Mamie Arnold 399-3247 Mark Atkinson 642-4725 Jacqueline Bailey 623-0819 Michelle Baldwin 482-2570 Rhondaiee Barnes 923-6294 Dan-el Bergery 481-6658 Denise Best 923-5371 Angelia Blair 926-0868 Dionne Blue 642-0720 Mandy Bohler 465-7473 Monica Boyd 374-4814 Jeffery Brown 621-6542 Rachel Brown 673-1042 Wanda Brunson 926-4574 Monica Burton 824-8207 Tisha Campbell 675-1675 Ana Castro 482-0573 Marvin Chisholm 481-6039 Fairlynn Chisolm 242-5365 Everette Christian 926-5071 Tia Christian 926-3555 Craig Clark 623-0978 Sharnette Clark 623-1526 Haven Clayborne 926-4739 Tenl Clifton 643-4245 Lena Coakiey 485-6661 Tonya Collier 923-1975 Djuna Crawford 678-5168 Coretta Curtis 372-2592 Desiree Daniels 242-9031 Jose Danoys 484-6680 Alan Davis 622-0761 Timeka Dingle 621-8452 Audra Durio 371-4329 Karen Ealy 673-0536 Penny Elam 373-3547 Maria Ellison 643-3228 Travita Evms 643-1794 Dwight Ewell 485-9362 Tammy Fillmore 242-8335 Adrean Fitzpatrick 375-6714 Raymond Fiores 485-6498 Richard Ford 624-8330 Benjamin Foster 673-1295 Keith Foster 374-2827 Jacques Foushee 677-0160 Bruce Gatling 824-4733 Sabnna Giles 374-7774 Adrianne Gillis 824-9042 Kear Givens 484 4818 Corey Grubbs 242-1834 Bobby Guions 9234735 Tony Hagans 373-6849 Lisa Hammie 926-4401 Bemie Hanks 375 2802 Gwen Hardrick 623-5478 Eric Hawkins 923-4687 Terry Headen •181-9546 Carmeila Herald 465-3919 Janette Hernandez 824-8982 Shaniod Hill 824-2866 74 Valley St. 187 Vermont Ave. 255 So. 18th St. 232 Prince St. 80 11th Ave. 73 No. 13th St. 379 Chadwick Ave. 132 Elmwood Ave. 15 Lehigh Ave. 243 Renner Ave. 750 So. 11th St. 15 Riverview Ct. 103 Mt. Vernon Ave. 611 King Blvd 329 Park Ave 357 Wainwrfght St. 754 Bergen St. 115 No. 17th St. 418 Third Ave W 40 Springdale Ave. 37 Seymour Ave. 14 Scheerer Ave. 367 Leslie St. 55 St. 7th St. 342 W. Kinney St. 118 Wcequahic Ave. 178 Prmce St. 175 First St. 285 Osborne Terr. 19 Hillcrest Terr. 82 Beverly St. 159 Norfolk St. 265 No 5th St. 189 Sherman Ave. 208 Bruce Str. 259 So. 18th St. 318 St. 19th St. 391 So. 18th St. 120 Seth Boyden Terr 47 Oawford St. 175 First St. 113 Seth Boyden Terr 19 Schley St. 680 Fifth.St. 154 So 9th St. 471 So. 15th St 80 Melrose Ave 97 Prince St 235 Rose St 131 Columbia Ave 235 Chadwick Ave. 187 Woodside Ave 147 James St. 50 Scheerer St 146 Fabyan PI 107 Mapes Ave 90 W. End Ave 303 Morris Ave. 33 Irving Ave. 60 4th St. 14 Riverview Ct. 114 Seth Boyden Terr 753 So. 11th St. pg- 61 pg. 54 pg. 59 pg. 63 pg. 54 pg. 65 pg. 54 pg. 62 pg. 54 pg. 57 pg. 52 pg 53 pg. 65 pg- 66 pg 64 pg. 60 pg. 59 pg. 57 pg 65 pg. 53 pg. 63 pg. 55 pg. 67 pg. 62 pg. 68 pg. 68 pg. 64 pg. 66 pg 54 pg. 69 pg. 63 pg. 62 pg. 52 pg. 68 pg. 66 pg. 55 pg- 66 pg. 56 pg. 62 pg- 67 pg. 60 pg 61 pg. 69 pg 60 pg 62 pg. 55 pg 64 pg 62 pg 63 3 52 pg 61 pg. 56 pg 66 pg 52 pg 58 pg. 53 pg 53 pg. 63 pg. 61 50of 1986 Harnson Hogue Earl Jackson Kevin Jackson Julius James Cheryl Jenkins Doreen Johnson Patricia Kane Michael Kates Monica Kennedy Dwayne Kersey Shirley King Angie Kmson Lisa Lane Tina Littlejohn Caressa Lynn Edward Maldonado Lance Martin Mark Mason Gregory McElroy Sherry McGhee Pamela McLelian Lany McMillan Hector Mendez Karen Minmgan James Morton Tasha O'Bryant Lavinia Parrott Richard Peak Sean Pennington Marta Perez Janel Peterson Stephanie Porter Tijuana Porter Carmen Rawls Simon Reddick Lasonya Redish Meliissa Reed James Rhodes Marcus Robinson Shyron Robinson Miguel Rosario Sahirah Salaam Sharon Saunders Linda Sheard Jerome Shearm Diann Sims Karen Smith Timothy Smith Carla Solomon Robin Swam James Tabron Sherri Thomas Luis Torres Juanita Vega Liz Villanueva Monica Vines Melissa Walls Lakeim Welch LaTonya White Rymelle White Carlton Wlggms Kendeli Wiggins Kenneth Williams 372- 3735 483 6982 373- 1218 674-9332 372- 0110 242-7667 622- 0577 373- 8483 373-7404 373-9854 623- 3632 399-2967 923-4991 824-4027 371- 5524 344-4946 372- 3187 824-3369 824-7532 723-8720 372-6766 399 8656 484 0246 372- 2304 371-1634 824-3289 373- 0439 371 0421 623 6935 558-1484 824-5843 621-2351 824-1892 824-0919 375-8571 242-4133 623-1329 371- 1633 923-6762 373-5604 482-2961 482-7503 373-0784 623-7763 623- 4546 372- 8318 621-6872 372- 5794 373- 5742 643-3497 926-6424 375-3118 624- 2056 485-7749 824-6278 371-9185 624-5225 242-0892 623-8117 642-6135 242-0998 482-8051 371-1633 34 Dassmg Ave pg 64 82 Roseville Ave. pg 58 302 V So. 20th St. pg 65 392 No. Maple Ave. pg.68 66 No. Munn Ave. pg 63 329 Hawthorne Ave pg 53 121 So. 7th St. pg 60 624 15th Ave. 78 No. Munn Ave pg 66 424 So. 17th St 684 So. 11th St pg 58 11 Fessenden Pi. pg 60 33 Shepard Ave. pg. 64 76 Vj Hanford St. pg. 55 109 Columbia Ave pg. 55 175 Pennington St. 58 No. Munn Ave. pg 57 244 Chadwick Ave. pg . 53 15 Evergreen PI. pg 55 715 King. Blvd. pg 64 731 So. 19th St. pg 65 48 Fuller St. pg 52 44 Mt. Pleasant Ave. 21 Vernon Ave. pg 69 246 Nye Ave. pg 52 248 Livingston St. pg 62 72 Boylan St. pg 63 847 So. 17th St. pg 56 250 G. K. V. pg. 56 254 Mt Prospect Ave. pg 59 92 Somerset St pg 53 419 Avon Ave pg 52 809 So 13th St. pg. 56 171 Seymour Ave. pg 65 71 Plymouth St. pg 59 293 Irvine T. Blvd. pg. 68 7A Bedford St. pg 52 37 Lock St. pg 6i 1155 Bergen St. ?g. 65 639 Sandford Ave. pg. 60 583 Fifth St. 46 9th Ave. pg. 54 50 Chelsea Ave. pg 63 1 Court St pg- 63 16 Seymour Ave pg 6i 2 Barkely Terr. pg 67 90 Tremont Ave pg 67 679 So. 17th St. pg 59 579 So. 18th St. pg 55 101 Court St. pg 55 946 So. 20th St. pg. 56 14 Marshall St. pg 58 26 Eagle St pg 58 147 No. 9th St pg 53 877 Broadway pg 69 107 Mapes Ave pg 68 41 Crawford St pg 58 72 Chadwick Ave. pg 64 183 Norfolk St pg 67 84 Boyd Str. pg- 7 250 Irvme T. Blvd pg. 59 67 No. 11th St. pg 57 769 So. 20th St. pg. 54 51Gwendolyn Hardrick Fine Art "Oh no" ... this generous Taurus plans to have a career in art ... her friends include Tasha, Timeka, Shirley, and Melissa ... she loves to bowl and roller skate. Monica Boyd Vocal Music- Soprano "What up gus" ... this bugged out Virgo plans to pursue a career in T V production ... her friends include Christina, Desiree, Michelle, and Robin ... she's also involved in the Color Guard and Service Committee. Melissa D. Reed Drama "I'm going to learn" says this Sagittarius who enjoys singing and softball... member of the drama club ... her future plan is to study business administration. lames Henry Morton III Fine Art "It's my time" .. Morton is a quiet but humorous Leo .. his future plan is to pursue a career in art... his favorite teachers are Mr. K., Mr. Carden, Mrs. Mac, and Miss Caldwell ... he can be seen with Corey, Stuffy, Marnfc, and Ahmed. Stephanie Porter Music This fun loving female loves bugging out... she can be seen with Karen Ealy and many others ... plans to attend college. Karen Ealy Vocal Music - Alto. "Special K" is a Capricorn who is shy but outgoing ... she enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with Stephanie, Tonya, and Geneka .. her future plan is to attend The American Business Institute for accounting. Bobby Bruce Guions Art "Fresh!" ... Bobby is a kind, sensitive, and serious Cancer who enjoys dancing, partying, and doing anything that's natural or necessary ... plans to go to college. Larry McMillan Art "Live and let live" ... this suave Aquarius loves bike riding, swimming and walking ... he would like to attend college and become a well known artist... Mrs. McAlinden, Mr. Carden and Mr. K are most influential ... he's usually seen with Juanita, Sabrina, Bobby, and Lance. 52Terry Header) Fashion Design "Don'i get mad. get even" ... the "T-Ster" is a Capricorn who loves football and making people laugh ... he can be seen with Mark, Travita. Jeffery, and Timeka ... his future plan is to become an air traffic controller. Jeffery Brown Fashion Design What's up?! ... this friendly and bugged out person enjoys drawing and having fun . . he can be seen with Mark, Terry, and Michael. Mark Anthony Mason Fashion Design "Get out of my way!" AB is a quiet Sagittarius who enjoys going to Sensations and surviving his future plan is to go into the Navy luanita Vega Drama Hey. What's Up? this shy, sensitive, and lively Libra enjoys acting, dancing, and having fun ... Juanita can be seen with fverette, Maribel, Anna, and Marta she plans to become an actress or E nglish scholar. Fverette Christian Drama This outgoing, kind, and bugged out female enjoys acting and listening to music ... Fverette can be seen with luanita and many other members of the class of "86". Carmella Herald Instrumental Music-Violin This Aries loves playing her violin and talking with Cheryl, Doreen, and Janel... her future plan is to become a stenographer. Janel Maria Peterson Fashion Design "My thoughts are coming" ... "Tim Cell Organelle" is a crazy and witty Scorpio who enjoys dancing, singing, and just having fun ... in her future she plans to pursue fashion designing, music, and attend business school ... her companions are Doreen, Lena, and Carmella. Doreen Johnson Vocal Music- Alto "Zero minus zero".. ."Porbella" is a Scorpio who is funny but sane her friends include land. Carmella, Desi, and Maria ... to attend college and major in speech pathology or nursing is her plan. 53Demsc Best Instrumental Music-Violin "Shut up!!'' ... this fun loving Capricorn loves sewing, music, and bugging out ... "Niece" can be seen with Chelle, Lisa, and other members of the class of '86 ... her future plans are to major in Aviation in the United States Marines Corp. Michelle Baldwin Vocal Music-Soprano "Ooooh Buddy!!" .. this crazy, sarcastic Taurus enjoys dancing, modeling, and bugging out ... "Chelle" can be seen with Denise, Sahirah, and the rest of the class of '86 . . plans to attend N.C.S.U. and major in business. Sahirah Salaam Vocal Music-Soprano Huh??? ... This carefree, crazy. Cancer enjoys singing, fashion designing, and sewing ... Sahirah holds the office of Senior Class Secretary and Secretary of the Music Honor Society ... can be seen with Tisha, Michelle, and Patti ... future plan is to become a professional singer. Dionne Blue Instrumental Music-Violin "We won’t have any of that!!" ... this free-spirited, ambitious Aries is a member of the Young Arrangers Band, Future Nurses' Club, and The Allied Health Club ... Dee-Dee can be seen with Ken, Monica, Jacques, and Everette ... future plan is to attend college and major in music. Kenneth Williams Instrumental Music-Trumpet "Co for it!!" ... this straight forward, fun-loving Cancer enjoys music, football, swimming, and traveling ... Lief can be seen with Dionne, Simon, Mark Flap future plan is to develop his talent to the fullest. David Alston Vocal Music "A man needs his woman and a woman needs her man." .., this shy, available Aries loves singing, and bodybuilding... David can be seen with Jos . Marn , Anna, and Earl ... future plan is to invest in commodities. Jose Danoys Art "Women, you can't live with them and you can't live without them" ... this loving Libra enjoys dancing and photography ... Jose can be seen with Lance, Kendell, Raymond, and Kenneth ... plans to keep dancing and taking pictures. 54Caressa Chantel lynn Instrumental Music- Violin "What did you say t" ... this loud violinist would like to major in computer science and business management ... Bunny is manager of the cheerleaders ... her friends include Adrian, Sharon, Linda, and latonya. Sabrina Giles Vocal Music- Soprano "okay" ... this sensitive and crazy soprano would like to major in electrical engineering ... her friends include Lance, Lena, Christina, and Haven ... Bree is active in the National Honor Society . .. her favorite teachers are Mr. C. and Mr. Howard. Carla Monique Solomon Vocal Music- Alto "if at first you don't succeed, keep trying until you do" ... this funny and outgoing Gemini would like to attend college ... can be seen with Sharnette, Chandra, Anjanclte and Dwayne.. .shc'sactive in the Pep Squad and Allied Career Club. Sharnett M. Clark Vocal Music- Alto "you're bugging out" ... this flashy and versatile libra can be seen with Carla, Glenn, and C. Clark Sha-Sha loves music sleeping and having fun ... active in Gospel Chorus ... she would like to major in computer science. Gregory Me Elroy Vocal Music Bass "what up!" ... this tall Sagittarius would like to major in electrical engineering ... he's active on the basketball team ... can be seen with Eric, Earl, and James ... his favorite teacher is Mr. Howard. Travita Evins Art "Stopppp" ... this crazy Cancer enjoys fashion designing, music and shopping ... she can be seen with Robin, Tina, Tammy, or Coretta ... future plan is to become a commercial photographer. Christina Littlejohn Vocal Music Alto This understanding Aries enjoys singing, piano playing, and skating ... Tina can be seen with Travita, Monica. Desiree, and Robin.. plans to become a recording producer and engineer. Robin Swam Vocal Music- Soprano "get off the 38C"... energetic, lovable Pisces enjoys singing, dancing, and music ... "Mix mistress Ice" can be seen with Travita, Tammy, and Coretta ... plans to become one of the top engineer producers of tomorrow. 55Tammy Fillmore Voc .il Mink - Alto "Kill dal noise!!" ... this ambitious Aries enjoys modeling running track, and cheering . Tammy ran be found with Coretta. Tijuana. Travita and Robin ... future plan is to become a professional pediatric nurse. Tijuana Porter Vocal Music-Alto "I can't wait to go home" . this outgoing Gemini loves c heerleading and having fun ... "Ollic Kas" can be found with Djuna. Penny, Tammy, or Tonya . her future plan is to become a nurse Sean Pennington Vocal Music- Bass This outgoing, humorous Leo enjoys singing and bugging out ... "Seanie Bean" can be found with Julius, Monica, Lisa, and Bernadette ... his future plan is to become a prestigious obstetrician. Lisa llammie Vocal Music- Alto "Immature!" ... this cra y but friendly Aquarius enjoys singing, spending, and bugging out ... "Fly Girl" can be seen with any of thr Other fly people from the class of '86 .. . her future plan is to become a successful business person. lames Tabron Art "what's up" ... this pleasing Pisces loves running track and running after females . . Tab can be seen with Harrison, Lakeim, Corey, and Marvin .,. plans to become an electrical engineer Richard Peak Drama "Hey where's Lena?" .. . this diverse Capricorn is quite humorous .. . plans to become an accountant .., involved in multiple outside activities and likes tnglish and trigonometry. 56Kcndoll T. Wiggins Vocal Music - Bass "It's not my fault" ... "Extraordinary" is an intelligent Sagittarius who wants to become a top notch business executive... he can be seen with Sharon, Kevin, Sherry, and Adriannc ... loves all sports ... his favorite subjects are music, English, and gym. Lance E. Martin Vocal Music • Bass-tenor "Kill it" ... this friendly, crazy Taurus is a joy to be around... Mrs. Williams and Mr. Howard are his favorite teachers ... "Teddy Bear's" future plan is to marry August Smith ... he can be seen with Sharon, Kevin, Kendell, and Karen. Marvin Chisolm Art This cra y, friendly guy enjoys playing basketball, drawing, and bugging out... Marvin can be seen with Hector, Raymond and many others ... president of the Art Honor Society. Rymelle Faye White Instrumental Musk - Clarinet "Work" ... this talented clarinetist would like to enter the business world ... "Ramel" is active in the Computer Club, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Honor's Band and Yearbook Staff . her friends include Carlotta, Mandy, Kendell and the class of '86 MamJy I. Bohler Instrumental Music "look at those buns" ... this friendly violinist would like to become a lawyer ... she's active in the Alert Task Force, Computer Club. Orchestra, Softball Team and Yearbook Staff... can be seen with Lisa, Kendell, Lena and Carmella 57Sherry Thomas Vocal Music - Soprano "Bye-bye girlfriend" ... this sassy Scorpio loves to sing in choirs or whenever the spirit hits her ... "Madonna" can he found with Shirley, Timeka, Kcndell or Kevin her future plan is to become a doctor Shirley King Art "Get out" ... this gentle Gemini enjoys shopping for men and clothes ... Shirl can be found with Sherry. Timeka. or Gwen ... her future plan is a career in advertising. Melissa Walls Art "that's wild" ... that crazy Sagitanus loves going to the movies, running, and hanging out ... "Me-me" can be seen with Linda. Christina, Moncia, or Marne . .. plans to be a lab technician. Eric Hawkins Vocal Music-Bass This flirtatious young man can be seen with Earl and Tia ... Eric enjoys singing and having fun ... his future plan is to further his education. Earl David Jackson Vocal Musk - Tenor 'What is if li jrd" ... this outrageous, low down snake in the grass virgo loves singing, rapping, and women ... "Ever So Present Easy, the Earl" plans to become a rich real estate property owner ... he can be seen with Eric, Monica, Maria, and Stuffy. Luis Torres Art This nice, friendly young man can be seen with Edward, Mark, and many others... Luis enjoys drawing and having fun ... future plan is to further his education. 58Maria Pi-re? Art "Hay Dio mfo!" ... this nice and friendly Pisces would like to attend a four year college and become an art teacher .. her friends mcludc Tina, Manbel, Alven and Ivette... art teachers are an influence upon her as well as Mrs. McAlinden and Mr. Piazza. Ana Carolina Castro Art This talented fine artist would like to attend a traveling school or become a veterinary technician ... "Caro" enjoys dancing and listening to music .. her friends include Janette, Manbel, Juanita and Axel ... she's the secy, of the Art Honor Soc_____Mr Carden is her favorite teacher. Timothy Smith Art "Hey baby, wanna hear a joke" ... this modest, humorous, handsome Scorpio loves girls and tennis ... his favorite teacher is Mr Carden ... he is involved in the computer club, and Art Honor Society ... he can be seen with Timcka, Raymond, Marvm, and Corey ... plans to attend an art school. Marne Arnold Art "Que pasall!" ... Marne is our very active-fashion show coordinator . . as Ciare Chon-delle she desires to live forever on a paradise-earth . she can be found with Andrea, Swiss Miss, Scan, and Fudge ... plans to travel around the world Carlton Wiggins Vocal Music- Tenor "Shat up wit that" ... this witty and fun-loving virgo's future plan includes joining the Army .. Tariq’s friends are Simon, Ely, Rear and the class of '86. Simon Reddick Vocal Music- Bass "Ain't no e xcuse for you!"... this fun loving, shy and intelligent libra would like to major in computer science and programming ... Simey-Sime is the bassist and assistant organist in the church choir, active in security and Gospel Chorus ... can be seen with Carlton, Ely and Stephen.Shy r on Rob in von Vocal Music-Alto "You buggin' out" .. . this witty Virgo loves ingmg with the group "New Life" . . Shorty can be seen with Karen. Patti, Angeliqtic. or Sahirah her future plan is to work in a travel agency. Patricia Delise Kane Vocal Music - Soprano "No. stop that, get a grip" .. . this polite and humorous Pisces loves music, reading, and lust chilling with the crew .. Patti can he found with Shyron, Sahirah, and the rest of the class of '8b . she is active as Captain of the Twirlcrs ... plans to attend a four year college. Angelique Kmson Vocal Music - Soprano "Slap, slap," . . . this ambitious Aries loves singing and bugging out ... Angie can be seen with Karen. Shyron, Janette, or Lisa ... future plan is to keep singing. lacques Antoine foushee Instrumental Music "Stop the madness" ... "fou" plays the trumpet and french horn ... this congenial Sagittarius plans to attend Morehouse University and maiot in law ... his friends include Dionne. Marne, Jerome, and liz a. Richard B. Ford III Vocal Music - Bass "That's most interesting, dearheart" ... "Doc" Ford is an intellectual but unpredictable Pisces ... director of gospel chorus ... he can be seen w ith Sycita, Spenc er, Patti and a good piano .. plans to become a concert singer and composer.. his favorite teachers are Dr. Howard and Dr Pri gintas. Tisha Campbell Vocal Music-Soprano This talented Libra enjoys singing, acting, and being crazy with her friends .. Tisha can be seen with Sahirah, Michelle, Patty, and the class of 86 .. . plans to become a prominent actrcss smger. 60Shamod Hill Art This gentle Gemini loves photography and is a very active member of the track team ... Shamod can be seen with any member of the class of '86 ... he plans to become a professional photographer. Benjamin Foster Art "Man. I'm grown" ... this crazy Capricorn enjoys the company of Michael. Miguel, Simon, and Shamod "Nutter Butter" plans to pursue a career in advertising. Tony Hagans Photography This talented, intelligent, emotional young man plans to further his art training or join the military ... is always seen with Simone or Dusty admires Mr. K.. Miss Caldwell and Mr. Carden. Simone Alexander-Damel Drama This quiet, hard-working and independent drama major would like to attend college and major in computer science ... Si-Si can be seen with Audraand Tony... she en|oys ballet, soccer and track .. favorite teachers are Mr. C. and Mr. Mentore. lames Rhodes Instrumental Music- Saxophone "I don't give a damn"... this gregarious Libra loves playing his sax ... Dusty can be found with Dwight, Sadat, Khalief and Mark ... future plan is to become a prominent musician. Jerome Shearin Instrumental Music "you buggin out" ... this Virgo loves basketball. baseball, and bugging out..." Al-Sadat" can be seen with Dusty, Lief, Jacques and Mark ... plans to become a business manager. 61Adrean Fitzpatrick Drama "Do you know me?" ... this sassy Scorpio love d img and coordinating fashion shows ... holds the office of Drama Club Vice-President and Co-captain of the Cheerleaders .. can be seen with Wanda, Kear, Tasha, ami Penny . . future plan is to attend college. Tasha O'Bryant Drama "Get out!" ... this talented Taurus loves acting and dancing ... she holds the offices of Senior Class Vic e-President and Captain of the Cheerleaders ... friends include Kear, Adrean, Tia, and Sahirah , .. future plan is to become a multi-talented entertainer Kear Denise Givens Drama "The twinkle in her eye makes her the one we idolize." .. this serious Scorpio loves acting and cheerleadmg ... friends include Tasha. Adrean, and Bernadette ... "Kear-Bear's" future plan is to manage a travel agency. Bruce Edward Gatling "Where's the beef?" .. this intelligent, kind Aries hopes to attend Seton Halland major in computer science... he also wants to become a meterologist ... friends include Kear. Juanita and Hector ... influential teachers are Mr. C. and Mrs. Loftm. Tenl Clifton Art "Well you see. it's like this" this wacky Aries would like to become an electronic engineer .. most influential is Mr. K ... he's active in the Boy Scout I xplorers .. Terry's friends include shamed, Nate, Alton, and Edward. Angclia Blair Drama "Get outta here" . this outgoing and aggressive Virgo would like to gain eternal life, success, and spread peace around the world ... Angie loves to sing and recite Editor of the school newspaper ... her friends include Audra, LaSonya. Travita and Desi Audra Celaena Duno Drama "I miss Sal" this outgoing and understanding Gemini loves bowling, spending time with her boyfriend, and just having fun . "Oreo's involved m the Drama Club and various clubs at church ... plans to be a computer engineer and to marry Sal. her favorite teac hers are Mrs. Mac., Mrs. Green, Mr. Hicks, and Mr. Mentore. 62Jacqueline Carol Bailey Vocal Music-Alto "You buggin" ... this talkative Pisces is involved in her church choir... she's been a iwirler for 2 years ... her future plans include motherhood and management ... favorite teachers are Mrs. P and Mr. Howard ... can be seen with Robin, Desi, and Patti. Lavinia Parrott Vocal Music Soprano This sensitive Sagittarius loves basketball, track, and dancing... Emily can be seen with Karen, Timeka, and Simone ... plans to dance in the Garden State Ballet School. Janette Hernandez Art "You duck" .. this sarcastic Anuanus loves to be helpful and an advisor for people's problems ... she's the treasurer of the Art Honor Soc lety and the Captain of the softball team ... "Shantac" can be seen with Ana, Axel, liquey, and Linda ... her special interest is accounting Linda Sheard Art "Get out" ... this curious but cautious Cancer enjoys laughing ... Doc" can be seen with various people ... her future plan is to become a prominent doctor. Sluron Saunders Vocal Music - Soprano "Do!" .. this easy going, sarcastic Gemini enjoysL-A-U-G-H-l-N-G.. ."Tweet"canbe found with Cheryl, Kendell, Kevin and Linda. Cheryl Jenkins Vocal Music Soprano "Don't try it"... this sweet Sagittarius enjoys the company of Sharon, Carmella and Kevin ... her future plan is to become a nurse. Tia Christian Drama "You bugged out"... this adorable Aquarius loves acting, modeling and bugging out ... can be seen with Timeka, Kear, Adrean and Wanda ... future plans are to be a reserva-tionist at a travel agency. Corey Grubbs Art "Oooh no" ... this sexy Scorpio loves basketball and women ... he can be seen with Timeka, James, and the rest of the class of '86 ... future plan is to major in business administration. Timeka Dingle Art "Oh, snap" ... this caring Cancer loves to "Party All the Time” ... can be seen with Corey, Tia, Gwen, and Terry .. future plan is in fashion merchandising. 63Harmon Hogue Pino Art "Cellin' paid real well." ... this comical Aquarius loves partying, girls. and money .. . Raheom can be found with Lakeim ... future plan is to be a lawyer. Monica Burton Art "Never that!" ... this outgoing libra enjoys computer programming and rapping ... "Precious P. Love" can be seen with the Class of '86. Rock Jazzy Crew or Aisha Deo fuiure plan is to be successful in the business world. lakeim Welch An "What is it lizard, il ain't nothing gizard" ... sneaky Sagittarius loves graffiti art and the art of love ... lakeim Shahazz can be seen with lari, Harrison, Monica, and Wanda ,.. plans to become a professional photographer Lisa lane Instrumental Music "No problem, no problem at all" .. this gentle Gemini enjovs playing basketball and softball ... lisa can be seen with Adrianne, Kencfell, Denise, or Mandy . . future plan is to become a T.V anchoi person. Adrianne Gillis Instrumental Music "Hold it, but let me tell you something" ... this pleasant Pisces loves singing and playing her flute ... "Tiny" can be seen with lisa, Monica, Caressa. or Michelle ... future plan is to be an executive. Coretta Curtis Vocal Music ■ Alto "Calm your ac lions" ... C.C. enjoys singing and running track .., she also dedicates time to the New Jersey Mass Choir and their many functions ... this friendly, taring Cancer cjn be found with Sherry, Lisa, or Sean ... she plans to become a success. Sherry McGhee Vocal Music - Alto "You buggm' out!" ... this very talented Libra enjoys singing and making videos with New Jersey Mass Choir... Sherry can be seen with Coretta. lisa, Frika, and Shyron ... future plan is to become a renowned singer. 64Marcus Robinson Art "... Mary lane Girls" ... this nice Aries would like to own a large business his friends include Margarita. Todd, larry and Shelia . active in the f xploiers, newspaper and photography clubs ... most influential teachers are Mrs. McAlinden, Mr Carden. Mr Doundas and Mr. Weinstein. Kevin landau Jackson Vocal Music - Bass "I don't know" "Rcvin Kevin" is a responsible Cancer who plans to go to college and major in business administration ... he can be seen with Sharon, Kendell. Lance, and Michelle... he is a member of the yearbook staff and Gospel Chorus. Rhondalee Barnes Music This captivating Capricorn would like to attend four years of college, marry and live successfully ... she's active in fashion shows, the glee club and orchestra ... "Sunshine" loves playing the piano and violin ... friends include Kimberly Hawthorne, Allen, and Rachel. Rachel Brown Instrumental Music - Violin This tall, slim music major enjoys music, and movies... can always be found with Rhonda and Caressa ... future plan is to further her music education. Carmen Rawls Vocal Music - Soprano "Hey you guys!!" ... this talented Taurus loves singing, directing the gospel chorus, and modeling ... Connie can always be found with Pamela and Fairlynn ... her future plans are to pursue a career in fashion and interior design. Pamela McClellan Vocal Music - Soprano "I know that's right" ... this ambitious Aries loves singing, skating, and movies ... Pamela can always be found with Carmen and Fairlynn ... her future plan is to become an executive secretary. Fairlynn Chisolm Vocal Music - Alto "Oh boy" ... this generous Gemini enjoys volleyball and skating ... Lynn can be found with Carmen and Pamela .. her future plan is to become an executive secretary. 65Monica Kennedy Fine Arts "Ooh no, you don't try it" .. this popular, mature, headstrong Leo enjoys socializing with people ... "Monte" plans to attend St. Peter's College and major m computer sciencc... her associatesare Tim, Mercedes, Dwight, and Mom. Dwight Ewell Drama This outlandish young man enjoys acting and having fun ... "Dooper" can be seen with Monica and Jacques. Desiree Daniels Vocal Music - Soprano This generous Gemini enjoys singing, acting crazy, flirting and l-A-U-G-H-l-N-G... "Dizzy" can be seen with Maria, lackie, Robin, and the class of '86 ... future plan is to continue her education. Wanda Brunson Drama "You bugged out" ... this versatile Virgo loves relaxing and having fun ... W'andie can be seen with Tia and the class of '86 ... plans to attend business school. Maria Ann Ellison Vocal Music • Soprano "You buggin out" ... this sweet soprano would like to receive a bachelor's degree in music ... "Baby Face" enjoys singing in her church choir and is the secretary of our school’s Gospel Chorus her favorite tear hers are Mr. Howard and Mrs. P .. friends include Desiree, Robin, and Jackie Bernadette Ffanks Drama "You bugged out" ... this Virgo loves bowling, skating and dancing ... "Bernie love" can be seen with Wanda and the class of '86... she plans to study computer science. 66Karen Smith Fashion Design "Biscuit head" ... this friendly Libra enjoys designing, English, chemistry, and playing tennis. .. "Kay Kay" can be seen with lavinia. Rachel, Everette, and Lena . . she plans to be a successful designer and adopt many homeless children. Raymond Flores Instrumental Music - Horn This gorgeous hunk of man enjoys modeling and having fun.. Raymond can be seen with Marvin. Jacques, Monica, and Dwight ... future plan is to continue his education. Haven Clayborne Instrumental Music - Elute This shy and considerate person enjoys playing his flute, singing, and reading .. Haven can be seen with Alan, LaTonya and many others. LaTonya Denise White Drama "Mind your business!!" ... "Spanky" is an aggressive, outgoing, and intelligent Virgo who enjovs skating, drama and gossiping with Diann, Lena, Everette, and Audra... her favorite teachers are Mrs. Mac., and Mr. Hicks ... plans to be a psychologist and to marry the man of her dreams. Diann Simms Drama "What!!"... this shy Scorpio enjoys reading, relaxing, and having fun .. can be seen with LaTonya. Lena. Timeka, and Everette ... plans to become a nurse.Djuna Crawford Vocal Music - Alto "Guess what ya’II" .. this sexy Sagittarius enjoys cheerleading and bugging out . . Djuna can be found chillin’ with Penny, Tijuana.or Adrean .. her future plans are to go to college and be the best she can be. Penny Elam Vocal Music - Soprano "Hot off the press" .. this pleasant Pisces loves leading Arts High School cheers and playing kickball... "Redbone" can lie found chilling with Djuna. Tijuana, Adrean or Wanda ... her future plans is to major in business administration. Julius James Vocal Music - Bass "This is true" ... t his ambitious Aquarius enjoys shopping and working ... ")u" can be seen with Sean, lisa, Monica, or Bernadette ... his future plan is to become an attorney. Tonya Collier Vocal Music - Soprano "And you know that!!” ... this exhiliraling Aries loves playing the organ, singing, and being in love with "Ooops'" T C. ran l e found with Tijuana. Djuana or laSonya ... her future plan is to become an executive secretary. LaSonya Redish Drama "Well! Do you know me?" ... this extremely talented actress enjoys acting, and bugging out . . holds the office of President of the Drama Club ... can be found with anyone in the class in ’86. Monica Vines Vocal Music - Alto "That’s my style" ... this gentle Gemini enjoys shopping, partying, singing, and working ... Candy can be found with any member of the Fly Crew of '86 ... her future plansare to become a T.V anchoriaerson and later branch out into film directing. 68Karen Renee Minnigan Vocal Music - Alto This alluring Gemini plans to go to college and become an executive secretary ... “Shorty" enjoys bike riding, skating and being active in the church choir ... her friends include Shyron, Angeliquc, Carlton, and Ken . . favorite teachers are Mr. Hicks, Mr. Howard and Mrs. P. Keith Foster "Say what, what's up" ... “Zakec" is an Aquarius who is nice and loves dll fly ladies ... football and dancing in the an abar are his favorite outside activities ... he plans to go to Winston Salem College and major in communications ... his friends include Has-san M.C., Liz, Tasha, and Dwight. Alan Brent Davis Instrumental Music - Clarinet "Get down" ... this clarinet and piano player is wild and crazy ... Al-Davis would like to become a recording engineer and entertainer ... he enjoys skating and singing... active in Jazz Band and Orchestra ... favorite teacher is Mr. Phipps ... can be seen with Monte, Dusty. Penny, and Tim. Flizabeth Villanueva Instrumental Music - Clarinet "Hey, I don't know" ... Liz is a crazy, loud, and beautiful Aquarius who plays basketball, and softball ... enjoys being involved in the gospel chorus, and jazz band ... she wants to continue her education ... Haas, Jacques, Dusty, and Chuck are a few of her friends. 691 Djuana Crawford 2 Shirley King 3 Melissa Walls 4 Usa Lane 5 Terry Headen 6 Monica Vines 7 Dionne Blue 8 Angelique Kinson 9 LaTonya White 10 Cheryl Jenkins 11 Lakeim Welch 12 Rhonda Barnes 13 Sean Pennington 14 Adrianne Gillis 15 Kevin Jackson 16 Christine Littlejohn 17 Gregory McElroy 18 Penny Flam 19 Daniel Bergery 70Class of 1986 1 Richard Peak 2 Juanita Vega 3 Marne Arnold 4 Julius James 5 Desiree Daniels 6 Karen Minnigan 7 Mandy Bohler 8 Bruce Gatlin 9 Jancl Peterson 10 Edward Maldonado 11 Timeka Dingle 12 David Alston 13 Harrison Hogue 14 Elizabeth Villenueva 15 Everette Christian 16 Shamod Hill 17 Janette Hernandez 71Class of 1986 1 Tony Hagans 2 Simone Alexander 3 Travita Evins 4 Simon Reddick 5 Carmen Rawls 6 Fairlyn Chisolm 7 Kenneth Williams 8 Carmela Herold 9 Carla Solomon 10 Rymelle White 11 Jose Danoys 12 Wanda Brunson 13 Denise Best 14 Lance Martin 15 Pamela Mclellan 721 Ana Castro 2 Lavima Parrott 3 Adrean Fitzpatrick 4 Jacqueline Bailey 5 Tasha O'Bryant 6 Iguana Porter 7 Alan Davis 8 Shvron Robinson 9 Michelle Baldwin 10 Carrossa Lynn 11 Sahirah Salaam 12 Doreen Johnson 13 Tonya Collier 14 Raymond Flores 15 Sherri Thomas 16 Audrea Durio 17 Sharon Saunders 18 Gwendolyn Hardrick 19 Sherry McGhee 20 Rear Givens 21 Sharnett Clark 22 Tia Christian 7374Winter, 1986Senior Citizen's Day77 ■"Red Car No. 1" by Luis Torres "Self-Portrait" by Marta Perez Designed by Marne Arnold Pointillism" by Janette Hernandez Senior Art 7879 Drawing by Timothy SmithSeniors Featured in Spring Production of "Tartuffe" 8183 I Dcrris Alexander Patricia Hailey Patricia Banks Toni Bowens Corey Bradley Patricia Broaddus Clinteeyah Brooks Nicolellc Brown Robin Burley Mark Chisolm Hassan Coombs Charlie Copeland Nathaniel Cromartie Edwin Cruz Annette Cuevas Stephen Dauxhtery Jacy Davis Rhonda Desmore Nicole Dozier Edward Drummond Spencer Dunnell Camille Durant Terry Fdwards lames Faison Chrishawnda Fisher Alton Fleming Alphonzo Ford Sonia Fuller Celestine Futrell Che Cary Class of 1987 84Kieyamma Glover Manuel Goncalves Burnell Grayson Amy Hagans Gary Hailh lames Hargrove Mvrine Harrington Darrin Hawthorne Towanda Hector Jacqueline HendricksAndrclta Hill Yolanda Holley Niki Jefferson Arsenee Johnson Sherunda Johnson Yolanda Johnson Carolyn Jones Djuna Jones Karhonda Jones Eileen Laureano Joseph Leonard Kimberly Lewis Linda Lynn Kenya Magee VVilfredo Maldonado Jorge Marroquin Loria Martin Anthony McCallan Samantha McClelland Dionne McCreary Sharon McIntyre Desire Miller Sheila Millcrall Lorenzo Mitchell Rodney Mitchell Catrena Mobley Duane Moore Donna Morrison Tina Moya Darnell Murphy Class of 1987 86Suong Nguy Xuan Nguy Chaionda O'Bryant Leslie Oliver Alven Orama Tanya Pickard Karen Porter Sandra Porter Micah Queen Shannon Rawls Marcus Reeves Tonya Roberts Shelia Robertson Berta Rodrigues Everett Ruth Almsa Sanders Leah Scott Nicole Session Shikil Simmons Saundra Simpson Sylvia Singletary Catrina Smith Israel Soto Maribel Soto Louvenia Spencer Tanya Sprott Jennifer Staten James Stephens Terrence Taylor James Thomas Margarita Velasquez Eugene Venable Lossie Whitaker James W'hite Class of 1987 88latesha Wiggins Andrea Wilkins Mawah Williams Cachene Winrow William Winstead Ciysial Wise Gonerva Wrice Michael Wright Eugene Younger Zarala Zavala 89Schkera Abraham Niiabladcy Adjoga Olu Janeine Asbury Lydcll Ash Cregory Barnum Renee Beasley Ray Beckford Amanda Bethea Camille Bey Edward Boone Tara Boughton Maurice Branch Anthony Brockctt Octavis Brooks Frederick Brown Nware Bruge Shana Burnett Darren Burton Stanley Campbell Trina Campbell Maria Cintron Eleanor Coleman Vivian Colon Kevin Cooper Chontey Copeland Alicia Dargan Tara Davis Isaias Diaz Jesse Dubose Wanda Dudley Class of 1988 90Shanda Edmonson Denton Evans Anita Fairley Atonya Felts Dawn Ferguson Kenneth Flowers Javier Garcia Tushanda General Shuranda Giles Carmen Gonzalez Jacob Graham Michael Grant Angela Green Lasahin Griffin Robert Hackman Kelly Hall Ellada Haris Andrea Harper Simone FJenderson Joseph HillJohn Holiday Delya Moll Cherie Hopkins Deyshawn Howjrd Helena Hundley Kisha Ingraham Ivcttc Irizarry Cynthia Jacobs Esthere Jean Donna Jenkins Metrius Jenkins Nicole Jenkins Tyrone Jcrnigan Eileen Johnson Khali Johnson Robert Johnson Annette Jones Enrique Jones Anderson Jose Byron Kearney Tanesa Lane Wanda Lane Philip Laurel Omorayo Layeni Syieta Leonard Zakiyyah Mahmoud Samuel Martin Sean Me Clelland Albert McDaniel Dionne Mclver Class of 1988 92Yolanda Mc Neil Jose Melendez Curtis Milton Nicole Moore Steven Moore Richard Morales Sandra Murtiz Dawn Myles Teresa Nieves Zenobia Oaks Bruce Oliver Cilberto Ortiz Juan Pagan Corey Pankey Bernadette Pearson Dawn Pemberton Carnet Person Dennis Portalatin Lavon Powell Kimberly Quarterman 93Orlando Rackley Par bat ie Ramcharran Anthony Ravencl Brian Rawls Talisa Rodish |ohn Riley Bridget! Rios Quetzy Rivera Elizabeth Roberts Nathaniel Roberts Icanne Rodriquez Josephine Rodriquez Alicia Rogers Monica Rollins Samuel Romero Pauline Ross Brian Sanders Vi Jay a Saunders Francine Sheffield Mark Sherman Wanda Simmons Michelle Smith Sean Smith Richard Solomon Cynthia Staton Jerome Stith Tonya Sutton Leaondra Taylor Marc Toler Jannette Torres Class of 1988 94Brian Allen Keisha Allen Natasha Allen Qmntin Andrews Denise Arce Darvl Arrington Kentra Askew Leatricc Banks Allred Barelilt Rjndell Barkley Troy Barnes Vontile Barnes Benn Barron Rajmatee Beedoo Shanita Best Juliana Blackburn Raina Blackmon Darryl Blaine Geia Bowden Milton Brewster Juanique Brown Kevin Brown Tishawn Brown Nathaniel Bryant Darlene Buie Collin Caesar Persina Canty Terence Christopher David Clark Henry Clark Class 96Trevor Clark I akesha Clemons Oar lean Cohen Gary Conway Andrew Cotton Regina Covington Takiyah Covington Fernando Cruz Michael Cutliff Malcolm Dacunha tanganyika Daniels Yvonne Daughtry Erica Davis Wanda Deas Gregory Dodds Shalene Drinkard Valentine Dryden Cynthia Dunlap Demetrius Igerton Romni Ellis Sean Evans Krystal Faison Willie Fitch Dionne Fraser Stacy Freeman Michael Frierson Kalisia Fuller Ciayle Lovette Synamin Golson Amarilys Gonzalez of 1989 97latoma Green Shaintoel Green David Greene Dora Gregorio Leslie Gregory Vincent Hall Robert Hargrove Daniel Harmon Cory Harris Wayne Harris Halim Hasan Mark Hawkins Lustaeia Hayes Katrina Hinton Ernestine Holloway Celeste Holmes Edward Holmes Tonya Hughes Terri Hurd Bernard Hyman Katrina Ingalls Marnell Jester Fdward Johnson Hakeem Johnson Cathy Jones Kayra Jones Cassandra Jordan Suzanne Kane Anthony Keesee Keith Hassan Class 98Ronald Kennedy Angela King Matthew Kirkland Jason Lamarr Alicia Lamplcy Melvin Laurcano Eric Law John I egier Hynecia Lewis Rocshon Lillie Connie Logan Tamika Lynch leelrice Lynn Nancy Maldonado Wanda Marlin Kalhy MtCriff Scon McKenzie lanine McMillon Jamie McCrae Ann Mercado Neil Miller Tamika Milton Uorian Minrey Ramon Montalvo Salonda Moody Courtney Morrison Esther Navedo Shakeisha Nulls Yesenia Nunez Kenneth Owens of 1989 99Angel Palmer Charlene Pearson Ralphael Pereira Kyle Pierson Keshia Porter Mark Quinerly Douglas Raines Jaime Rios Catherine Rivera Roberto Rivera Zaborah Roane Earsala Roberson Martha Roberts Cherete Robinson Edward Roman Ryan Saunde.s Myron Stott Bari Shari! Darnell Sherrer Kayto Simmons Kmcole Sims Angela Smith lames Smith Savonna Smith Arthur Solomon Cleon Spencer Keisha Spigner Kevin Tate Annette Taylor Tarik Terry Class 100Erika Thomas lames Thomas Marlene Thomas Tammy Thomas Sharon Thompson Michelle Tillman Waleska Torres Twanna Tucker Darrell Turnage Khesha Tutl Dawn Walker Kia Walker Rosalyn Walker Chiffon Washington Kim Washington Mary Webb Troy Weeks Turhan Welch Anthony Wilkins Thomas Wilkins David Willerson Anthony Williams Lonnettc Williams Marjorie Williams Ravi Williams Jose Wilson Beaunora Woods Felicia Woods Penelope Zemaitis Karen Zobowski of 1989 101The words are coming from our heartsActivities 103Halloween 1985 107National Music Honor Society Richard ford, Mark Atkinson - President, Patricia Kane, Haven Claybornc, Sahirah Salaam. Mr Marcopoto and Mrs Pn gintas Advisor Induction Ceremony New Inductees: Denise Best, Dionne Blue, Kenneth Williams, Karen Minnigan, Shyron Robinson, Kendell Wiggins, Kevin lackson, Maria Ellison, Desiree Daniels, An-gelique Kinson, Simon Reddick, Michelle Baldwin, Tisha Campbell, lames White, Axel Torres, Dionne McCreary, Clinteeyah Brooks, and Desiree Miller. 108National Art HonorSociety Original Members Induction Ceremony Original Members, left to right: Timothy Smith, Shamod Hill, Janette Hernandez, Marvin Chisholm - President, Gwendolyn Hardrick, Travita Evins, and Ana Castro. New Inductees: Alven Orama, Marne Arnold, Maribel Soto, (Jan Carden - Advisor), Marta Perez and Eileen Laureano. 109ARTS HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC DEPARTMENT PRfcSfcNTS WINTER CONCERT II FRIDAY. JANUARY 31. 1986-7:30 P M ARTS HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 111The Drama Department presents "The Family" 112.National Honor Society Gwendolyn Hardrick Sharon Saunders Sabrina Giles (Not shown, Carressa Lynn) Student Council 115Service Committee Yearbook Staff 116Biology Club Future Nurses' Club Double Dutch Group 117Sports The Girls Basketball Team had an outstanding season this year. They ended the season with a record of 20 to 4. This was the best record ever recorded at Arts High School.124126Arts High never stops Baseball TeamCross Country Team Standing, Left to right: Coach Mr. Alex Colatrella, Philip laurel, Fverett Ruth, lames Tabron, loseph Hill. Kneeling: Lavinia Parrott, Sabrina Giles, Sckera Abraham and Jerome Stith. Softball Team Top, Left to right: Coach Mr. Alex Colatrella, Yvette Solomon, Michele Howell, Son|a McKenzie, Yolanda Penn, Crystal Norwood, Simone Alexander. Bottom: Mandy Bohler, Evelyn Gonzales, Chontey Copeland, Janette Hernandez, Delores West, Melissa Reed and Catrena Mobley. 128Baseball Team Top, Left to right: Kendell Wiggins, Coach Mr. Pietropinto, and Eric Hawkins. Middle: Darren Burton, Robert Johnson. Nathaniel Cromartie, and Rodney Johnson. Bottom: Alexander Tyrell. Niki Jefferson, and Quincy Spicer. Standing, left to right: Michael Wright, Richard Solomon, Sharonda Dunbar. Ana Mercado, Mark Atkinson, Marcus Reeves, Jose Danoys, Simone Alexander, and Tony Hagans. Kneeling: Arsenee Johnson, lavima Spencer, Derris Alexander, Robert Hackman. Ruel y Rivera, Jeannie Rodrigue , and Ray Beckford. Soccer Team 129Girls' Track Team Standing, loft to right Yolanda Johnson, Leslie Oliver, Coach Larry Markowitz, Lossie Whittaker, tavinia Parrott, and Amy Hagans Girls' Basketball Team Standing, Left to right: Coach Mr. Alex ( olatrella, I i Villanueva, Lossie Whittaker, Desiree Miller, Pat Bailey and Keisha Porter. Kneeling Sharlene Dnnkard, Chontey Copeland. Leslie Oliver, and lavinia Parrott. Boys' Basketball Team Standing, left to right: Assistant Coach Mr. S. Layton, Rodney Mitchell, Marvin Chisholm, Gregory McElroy, Alfonso Ford. Lorenzo Mitchell, Joseph Leonard, Nii Adjoga, and Coach Mr Herbert flicks. Kneeling: John Quartcrman, Corey Panky Corey Grubbs, Anthony McCallan, Stephen Daughtcrv, and Paul Perkins. 130Tennis Team Standing, Left to right Tanya Pickard. Jacques Foushee, Karen Porter, and Gwendolyn Hardrick. Junior Varsity Baseball Team Standing, left to right: Assistant C oarh Mr O'Grymms Robert Mac kman, Angel Matose. Enrique Jones. Gregory Barnum. Marcus Yarborough. Rodney Johnson, and Coach Mr. Pictropinto. Kneeling Quine v Spicer, Alexander Tvrell. and Albert McDaniel. ■ 131Twirlers Standing, left to right: Co-Captain Katrina Mobley. Captain Patric ia Kane, and Annette Jones. Kneeling. La tony a Green. Sitting Zaborah Roane, and LaKesha C lemons. Not Shown: Tamika Milton, and Yolanda Johnson Cheerleaders First row. Top to bottom: Tushanda General. Tiawanna Porter, and Co-Captain Bernadette Hanks. Second row. Wanda Brunson, Captain Tasha O'Bryant, Su anne Kane, and latonya White. Middle, left to right: Sonya Fuller, Keisha Boxton, and Kear Givens. Third row. Top to bottom: Shekera Abraham, Co-Captain Yalonda Sand-ford, and Co-Captain Adroan Fitzpatrick. 132Drumline Standing, Left to fight: Steven Arnold, Brian Rawls and lames Stephens. Drill Team Standing, Left to right: Tanya Suttle, lacy Davis, Patricia Banks, Ernestine Halloway, Andrea Wilkins. Anita Fairley, and Catrina Smith. Middle: Denise Cants. Kneeling: Nicole Session, Captain Desiree Miller, Captain Charonda O'Bryant, and Celeste Holmes. 133Superlatives Most Likely ro Succeed Gwen Hardrick 204 Denise Best 215 •Sharon Saunders 220 Mandy Bohler 307 Simone Alexander 314 Michelle Baldwin 315 Larry McMillan 204 Teril Clifton 215 Haven Clayborne 220 Kendell Wiggins 307 Jacques Fousnee 314 •Richard Peak 315 Most Quiet Cheryl Jenkins 204 Ana Castro 215 Sabrina Giles 220 •Marta Perez 307 Diane Sims 314 Sherry McGhee 315 Larry McMillan 204 Raymond Flores 215 •Haven Clayborne 220 Alan Davis 307 Michael Kates 314 Dwayne Kersey 315 Most Talkative Most Athletic •Tammy Fillmore 204 Gregory McElroy Keith Foster 204 Tasha O'Bryant 204 Shamod Hill 204 Monica Burton 215 215 •Elizabeth Lakeim Welch 215 Caressa Lynn 220 Lance Martin 220 Villanueva 215 Jose Danoy 220 Penny Elam 307 Eric Hawkins 307 LaTonya White 220 Kendall Wiggins 307 Desiree Daniels 314 Terry Headen 314 Janette Flernandez 307 James Tabron 314 Djuana Crawford 315 •Sean Pennington 315 Lavina Parrott 314 •Marvin Chisholm 315 Adrean Fitzpatrick 315 136Superlatives Best Artist Gwen Hardrick 204 Ben Foster 204 Best Instrumental Rymelle White Musician 204 Mark Atkinson 204 Monica Burton 215 •James Morton 215 •Denise Best 215 Raymond Flores 215 Linda Sheard 220 Harrison Hogue 220 Caressa Lynn 220 •Haven Clayborne 220 Janette Hernandez 307 No Contestant 307 Carmella Herald 307 Jerome Shearin 307 •Marne Arnold 314 Timothy Smith 314 No Contestant 314 Jacques Foushee 314 Travita Evins 315 Tony Hagans 315 No Contestant 315 lames Rhodes 315 Best Vocal Musician Best Actor Actress Sahirah Salaam 204 Carlton Wiggins 204 Juanita Vega 204 No Contestant 204 Coretta Curtis 215 No Contestant 215 No Contestant 215 No Contestant 215 Karen Minnigan 220 David Alston 220 Angela Blair 220 No Contestant 220 •Carmen Rawls 307 Lari Jackson 307 Lena Coakley 307 No Contestant 307 Desiree Daniels 314 No Contestant 314 •LaSonya Redish 314 Terry Headen 314 Sherry McGhee 315 ♦Simon Reddick 315 Adrean Fitzpatrick 315 •Dwight Ewell 315 137Best Looking Kear Givens 204 Corey Grubbs 204 Elizabeth •Raymond Flores 215 Villanueva 215 Harrison Hogue 220 Angel Kinson 220 Eric Hawkins 307 Carmen Rawls 307 Jacques Foushee 314 Marne Arnold 314 Simon Reddick 315 Wanda Brunson 315 Best Dressed Kear Givens 204 Gregory McElroy 204 No Contestant 215 James Morton 215 Sharnett Clark 220 Harrison Hogue 220 Carmen Rawls 307 Eric Hawkins 307 Marne Arnold 314 Jacques Foushee 314 Tia Christian 315 •Julius James 315 Superlatives Nicest Smile Kear Givens 204 Carlton Wiggins 204 Denise Best 215 Raymond Flores 215 LaTonya White 220 Jose Danoys 220 Carmen Rawls 307 Eric Hawkins 307 Marne Arnold 314 •Jacques Foushee 314 Tia Christian 315 Julius James 315 Most Humorous Lisa Hammie 204 Ben Foster 204 Monica Burton 215 Lakeim Welch 215 Sharon Saunders 220 Lance Martin 220 Lena Coakley 307 Eric Hawkins 307 •LaSonya Redish 314 Terry Headen 314 Adrean Fitzpatrick 315 •James Rhodes 315 138Superlatives Most Considerate 9 Tasha O'Bryant 204 9Bruce Gatling i Tijuana Porter 215 Teril Clifton 2 Karen Minnigan 220 Haven Clay borne I Pamella McClellan 307 Kendell Wiggins 31 Class Flirt Desiree Daniels 314 Mark Mason 31 Eric Hawkins 307 Adrcan Fitzpatrick 315 Michelle Baldwin 315 Kevin Jackson 31! ’04 215 220 307 314 315 Most Popular Female Tasha O'Bryant Elizabeth Villanueva Sharnett Clark Monica Kennedy •LaSonya Redish Adrcan Fitzpatrick 204 215 220 307 314 315 Most Popular Male Carlton Wiggins Keith Foster Harrison Hogue •Far Jackson Jacques Foushee Sean Pennington 139MISS JANUARY - Timeka Dingle MISS FEBRUARY - Elizabeth Villaneuva MR. JANUARY - Harrison Hogue MISS MARCH • Robin Swain MR MARCH - James Tabron MISS APRIL - Tasha O'Bryant 140MR SEPTEMBER - Marvin Chisholm MR. NOVEMBER - Jacques Foushee 142Arlene Agard Al-Kareem Ali Helen Andrews Charissa Anthony Regina Arrington Rosario T. Balagat Amanda Baldwin James Baldwin Michelle Bladwin Darren Best James Best Michelle Best Mr. Mrs. James Best Edward Bloodsaw Alberta Bodison Cassie Bodison Darlene Bodison Deborah Bodison Jamil Ski Bodison Joyce Bodison Natcesha Bodison Pamela Bodison Peggy Bodison Cynthia Boykin Betty Bright Ozona Brisbon Ms. Katrina Brown Mr. Jan Carden Jacy Davis Hope S. Cordon Floyd Graham Mr. T. Graham Yatasha Graham Curtis Greggs Cheryis Grisson Kathy Gteberger Ariel Hackett Ms. Hanson family Lionel Harris Cindi Hardrick Eddie Hardrick Grover Hardrick BOOSTERS Jeanette Hardrick Melba Hardrick Haywook Ray Hernandez Ronnie Hinton Mrs. J. Hill Mrs. Jean Hil! Doris Jackson John Jackson Kevin Jackson Doris Jacob Essie Jefferson Roy Jennings Charrotte Jhonson Brian Johnson Darwin Johnson James Johnson Mr. Irving Johnson Sandra Johnson Susie Johnson Wendy Johnson Ms. Jones Stephanie Key Mr. Charles Klelis Dr. Mrs. John LaConti Wendy Layton Rose Lemons Eula B. Lewis U.S. Marine Corps. Mildred Maulsby Gwen McCallam Evelyn Mullin Edna Nath Sadie Nicholson Toya Owens Karen Parsons James Parsons LaTisha Parsons Robert L. Picdon Beverly Porter Cynthia Porter Donna Porter Marquis Porter Mr. Micheal Porter Alice Porter family Oscar Porter Samaad Porter Mrs. Marie Reddick Mr. Simon Reddick Jr. Susan Reddick Velvet Reddick Michael Roberts Niecy Rogers Quayyan Samad Rogers Ron (Malik) Andra Rose Barbara Roundtree Margaret Sample Phyllis Scudder Shaft Sharonda (Al-Nisa) Shelton D. Wilhelmena Simmons Mattie Singletary Gwen Smith Sidney Smith Nikisha Strand Fred Sutton Terrence Taylor Bruce Varela Kenneth Venable Melissa Walls Mrs. Richardine Walls S. Gregory Walls Lloyd Wafts Mary Washington Carlton Wiggins .Ayeishia Wiley Brenda Wiley Maurice Wiley Wanda Wilkerson family Evelyn Williams George W'ilson Generva Wrice 144Katrina-Dakotah Brown FOR EXTRAVAGANT HAIR CORNROWING BRAIDS Featuring: HAIR WEAVING Congratulations to Monica Burton May you succeed in your Future endeavors. 235 S. HARRISON ST. E. ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 07018 201-673-0336 From Skhee and Tamil of the Rock Jazzie Crew Congratulations Maria We love you Grandma and Roosevelt Best Wishes in the future to Tasha Congratulations! from Millie Edwards Maria Ellison Congratulations to our daughter Michelle, We wish you the best of luck in the future. Love, from Mom and Dad 145Best wishes to Sean, Lisa, Sherry, Coretta and especially Monica Love, Congratulations to the Class of 1986 especially Julius James Julius James "I love you my loving son. from Mom To a lovely, sweet, wonderful daughter Congratulations Monica Burton from Girard W. Lee 516 Clinton Avenue Newark, NJ 07108 Monica Vines "Strive for the best!" I love you. from Mommy To Sherry and Coretta Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors. God bless you. Love, Your family 146Mary M. Rice Ronald C. Rise send love and congratulation to Sean Pennington, hoping that he will find "Perfect Peace" as he embarks upon his adult life. "If I Perish, Let me Perish. I’m going to meet the Lord." Those words have exemplified your way of life. May God keep you and bless you. We love you dearly. RTD Management Corporation 141 South Harrison Street East Orange, N.J. 07018 Richard T. Druid, President Mary M. Rice, Exec. Vice President Salutes and congratulates Sean Pennington, a Christian, a gentleman and a scholar. Good luck as you begin the rest of your educational life. "He's worthy to be praised." 147H BULLETINS LORSTAN STUDIOS 599 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey 642-2110 All portraitsappearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at anytime.mWALS WORTH PUBLISHING COM PA N Y

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