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 - Class of 1980

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VIGNETTE 1980 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS ARTS HIGFJ SCHOOL NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Managing Editor ...... Stacey Wilkins Literary Editor....... Pamela Thomas Literary Co-Editor ... Renae Watley Photography Editor ... Tony Means Layout Editor ........ Ida Davis Yearbook Staff - »arles Catby Han is ds Susan Reddick jams Helen Averin nc | Anne Sit Arthur McFa Gail Powell Adrienne Pic 'Contributing Photogra Hope Reid Woseph Horn Arthur McFadden Jan Carden Stacey Wilkins Lorstanj Stu Tony Means SGsK • M mm, M Cover Design by James Holcomb and Willia JEANS DAY AT 2MILITARY PARK 3WESTERN DAY 197958o ON PACf 183 Norfolk st. 371 MoffU Ave 195 Parker Sr. WS High St. , f 113 Maple Avc. »il 7th Avc. 6 Chadwick Ave McCarter I (wry • 55 Elizabeth Ave 5 19th ave 10 Osborne Terr 729 So. 12th St. 11 Chestnut Si 63 fourth Si. 555 tlizabcth Ave. 89 Cirad PI 10" Ridgewood Ave. 55 Summit Ave 25 Leu PI. 4(1 Springdale Ave. 167 No. Grove St. H chcerer Ave. 288 Pomona Ave. 726 So. 18th St. 685 High St. 117 So. 12th St. 182 Hawthorne Ave. 22 Somerset St. 369 Belmont Ave; Brooks town Alberl Raymond Calf Tyrone Chamj John ChishofH Dawn Choice Karen Clare Angela Cofieli Clara Davis Delat y Davis Esney; Davis Ida Davis Jerome Davis Lisa DavisDIRECTORY NAME PHONE Penny Lewis a Denous Malone . Nathaniel Marlin Wayne Marlin Sylvia McCall Arthur Mcfadden Michael McQucei Anthony Means 1 112 (Goldsmith Ave. 292 So. 11th Si. 21? W. Market St J5 No. Munn Ase P2 Grant Ave. ■466 So. 16th M. 6709 Sussex Afr 540 So. IOth t. 1 112 Chadwick Ave. 450 15th Ave.‘-571 Summer Ave. J56 Schuyler Ave. ' COlirt Montague Edgar Montalvo Darrin Morse Winfred Moses 92 1- 1646 WF 483-564 242-4287 ft 373-019' 484- 9376 399-0057 242- 4863 243- 286 621-6733 482-6906 13 623-2911 375-8615 242-4707 1 371-0048 375-3170 482-5729 926-2515 374 9771 248-4664 373- 4%7 371-7432 824-2357 824-0072 374- 5908 465-1329 624-3414 375-1686 242-5633 485- 5271 248-8544 923-3069 824-3864 Mrt 372-8724 102 SunjF Ave. 410 Roosevelt Ave 8? Cedar Ave. 278 W. Kinney St. 490 fel.ff Ave. a 4? l so. 10th SI. : 67 Delavan Ave J14 Davton St. 71 Plymouth St. 816 so. 19th St. 474 sniriqji-r Ave. ismith Ave ' 14 19th St, ‘ DW13 Ramirez Andrice Rawls Nanoua Ray Sus4h Reddick 6vie Hopc'Reid Rhonda Reid I BesedfR i h.e j.( 1 I Shrr Ru hardson I Stephanie R i hards4 HRCmu «•!!.! Roh.'-iior r Franrine Saltrrw" Jose Santiago Yvette Saunders . Delores Searles Jolita Sherrod Ronald Singletary Anne Sit f Sylvia Slappy w Anthony Smith Barry Smith Sheryl Southerlan Aothqry Spruill U 326 Hunterdon St. , 685 High !. 1 80 Eastern Pi .vy ‘s f 197 Dickersoi St. 720 So 15th f 109 Hillside A Jo. ■ 79 Seymour le 26 Murray St I . 814 So 12th B I 40 Aldme st I f 3- So 1 ith mI jFl 18 Littleton sM k 98 Fabyan PI I 44 Stirling StA V. 36 Coes mar $1. i A 65 So 11th St?; { 348 1 3th Ave., 628 NO 4th St. r 6 Somerset 1wj 43 Willoughby sf .189 No. 11th SL 870 So. 16th St i 26 R.vervie lcrr 460 Hass thmfec Av 102 dllh Av« 138 So. 11th St 240 M: Vdnn:' Pi k 25Xhtton Ave ; 42wcrmdnt . 69pteiy0rl Ave Jam thomas 3avid Thomas elicia Thomas rancis Thomas Thomas Maurice Geoffrey l«sa Wikon Karen Wimberley Mark Winbotne Wiley Woodard Michelle Woods PHOTO ON PAGE 18 40 40 30 30 41 31 21 23 19 k 46 20 22 18 39 47 20 27 26 52 29 42 52 30 27 26 21 41 19 48 21 SO 26 24 42 54 43 24 48 48 43 28 40 49 49 39 53 49 39 54 53 19 38 48 38 25 •55 38 39 33 SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT PENNY DORCIL LEWIS "pen" this talkative, energetic gemini considers herself friendly, easy-going and fun to be with. . . she's usually involved in something going on at arts . . . plans for the future include becoming a successful and wealthy corporate lawyer. SENIOR CLASS SFCRFTARY RHONDA RflD "ron" "leave me alone before I kick you!" . . . this craz 7 y pisces is usually seen with la shawn, penny and the whole class of eighty . . . dislikes dishonesty, thievery and prejudice . . . looks up to her brother keith . . . plans to become a well known fashion designer. SFNIOR Cl ASS VICF PRESIDENT IDA VERNELIUS DAVIS "tut" a congenial and outspoken cancer . . . en|oys sewing and dancing . . . member of band, service committee and yearbook staff . . . plans to become an executive after earning a master's degree in business administration. SENIOR CLASS TREASURER IUANITA GER ALDINE THOMPSON "wanda" "who cares?" . . . this warm-hearted and friendly taurus can be seen with denise t„ nanetta r., susan r and sheila s. . . . likes partying but dislikes those who feel superior toothers. . thanks parents for guiding her ably . . . plans a law career.ADRIENNE FAITH PIERCf "a" "whit do you think? . . . creeps are what this unpredictable and gregarious libra can do without . . . reading, bicycling, and basketball, as well as renae w„ denise t„ trayce b., and Stephanie r., are tops with “a" . . . becoming a clinical or industrial psychologist will make her content DARIN MORSE "darin" this serious, hard working, gregarious gemini enjoys photography, music, and working with the student government darin can be seen with Charles f. albert h , and penny I... to become an electrical engineer is his plan. KIM VVII KINS “star" "tell me about it" ... a Friendly and outspoken libra who plans to become a gynecologist and obstetrician friendly with susan r.. helen a , cookie s and bev r enthusiastic member of both the gospel chorus and the yearbook staff . . dislikes things half done and disorganized ANTHONY ALLEN SMITH "smitty" "got dos pops" . . this unpredictable gemini enjoys pool and reading . . . also spends time playing baseball and basketball . . . friends are mark j., shades t.. and hosa a . . . plans to join the airforce and be successful in life.pj - J ■ . TYRONE CHAMBLISS "model" "catch the shade" . . this affable aquarian enjoys sewing, modeling, and outdoor activities . . . usually seen with tim e., and nate m. . . . future plans are to pursue a career in fashion design and modeling . . miss abos and mrs. tso will be remembered. BFVIRLY RICHARDSON "bev" "don't try it!" . . . singing, sewing and socializing are this capricorn's favorite pastimes . . . bev's closest friends are wayne m, stacey w., andrice r., and tracey palmer . . . future goal is to become a professional singer KYlf RFFVFS "kyle" "i'm scared of you" . . . this out-spoken but quiet aquarian plans to become an architect . . . friends are colin m., ronald s., tanya w , and angela d. . . . hobbies include painting, music, literature and stamp collecting . . . most enjoyed his english, art and trig classes. MARY FRAZIER "mary" "don't even try that" . . . this sensitive virgo enioys sewing, and cooking . . . mary is involved in track and color-guard. . .can be seen with shazahza w.. . . hopes to become a court stenographer.ANNE SIT “yin" "i don't know” . . . this friendly and sensitive arien-taurus dislikes conceited people and cheaters ... is often seen with robin t., gail p., michelle w., and helen a . . . yin plans a career in business management . . . favorite teachers are mr. howard, mrs. venskus and mr. klelis. SHERYL PATRICE SOUTHFRl AND "cherry" "get outta hero". . this moody, unpredictable aquarian enjoys playing basketball . . . can be seen with denise t., albert b., and penny I . . . cherry plans to enter the business world . . . her family has been most influential. CHARLES P FOUST "foust” this talkative and kind sagittarian enjoys singing . . . can be seen most often with |Ose s. and david t. . . . his mother, mr. hovrard and mrs. p. are among his favorites. . .foust plans to become a mechanical engineer. COLIN MONTAGUE "colin" colm, who describes himself as quiet, plans to become a computer programmer ... he enjoys bowling, skating, touch football and baseball . can be seen with tom p., garv t., nate s. and kyle r. 21TIJUANA JONES "ti" "really". . .a pisces who enjoys dancing and brothers. . . dislikes phony people. . ."ti", who can be seen with crystal e., charlette j., and michael me queen, plans to become a court social worker. HOPE OCT AVI A REID "sparkle" "say cheese" . . . this congenial libra wants to make a career of photography . . . sparkle's most memorable experience was being able to photograph "black ivory" . . . has been influenced by her mother, mrs. hansen, and maurice t. . . . admires all people who believe in themselves. 22 JOSEPH HORNE "spider man" "scatter zoom" . . . this crazy scorpio hates hypocrites, but enjoys stunt riding, reading the comics and science fiction . . . "spider man's" future plans are to become a cartoonist and a film maker . . . friends are kevin h., tony m., and tom o. JAMES FLEMING "flemin' jim" "what's up?” asks this cool gemini. . .most often seen with derious m.. pedro d., wayne and mark . . . intends to become a graphic designer or an architect . . . art, math, gym and english were favorite subjects at arts high.ANGELA COFIELD "bonnie" "yeah right!" . . . this interesting capricorn dislikes people who are phony . . . bonnie spends most of her time bowling and playing basketball . . . can be seen with penny, nanettc,ida,andirayce. . . plans to become an x-ray technician. JAMES HILL "jimmy" "glory-y be" . . . this fun and jointy aries enjoys tennis and girls, girls, girls . . . plans to become a mechanical engineer ... is usually with wilbert j. Oliver w. and anthony k . . . a member of the stage crew. EDGAR MONTALVO "eddie" "vaya! what's happening?" . . . this likable virgo dislikes boring people but likes musk and girls. . . eddie can be seen with michacl m., james h. and gary h. . . . soccer and swimming are among his favorite activities . . . plans to get a bachelor's degree in musk education and voice performance. RAMON EVANS "ray" "that's life" . . . this lovable libra enjoys so many things that his hobbies cannot be pinpointed ... ray enjoys the company of terrance b., thomas o., and jamcs . . . plans to enter the marines and later further his education in music. 23SHEILA E. SUCCS "sheila" this warm and friendly capricorn plans to enter the world of business. . . sheila enjoys the classes of ms. abos, ms. kyle and being the captain of the twirlcrs . . . counted among her friends are ida, nanetta, denise and tonya. IOHN CHISHOLM "chiz" this quiet, cheerful and friendly cancer dislikes phony people . . . chiz is a member of the jazz band and orchestra . . . friends include thomaso., Charles f., and mark e.. . . his future ambition is to become a successful electrical engineer. 24 DAVID A. THOMAS "david" "what's up?" . . . this crazy and friendly leo loves swimming, tennis, track, and boxing . . . dislikes two-faced people. . . Charles f., and jose s. are david's best friends ... his future plans are to major in law or business administration. t JEROME PEDRO DAVIS "pistol" "hello-what's up?" . . . this gentle taurus enjoys basketball, football and the opposite sex . . "pistol" can be seen with deriousm., alvin g„ and greg f.. . . his future ambition is to become successful in business administration . . . mr. hazzard is considered most influential.ALICE JUANITA ARMOUR "nita" "what' your malfunction?" . . . this ambivert aquarian enjoy singing, acting, dancing and traveling, but dislike violence and disloyal people . . . nita's future plan is to attend college for business and vocal music ... is friendly with francine s., shirley b., mary f., and jeannie n. ESNEY DAVIS "lady mac" "sec . . . you won't cause it!!" . . . this energetic and understanding scorpio is involved in the student council and manages the cheerleaders. . . can be seen with renee j., sherry r., jerome d., and geoffrey t. . . . plans to become a professional dancer or physical therapist. USA WILSON "lee-lee" "you're wild" . . . lee-lee is a witty, shy and congenial aquarian . . . usually seen with tammy, trayce or valerie . . . plans to become a stenographer. . . hobbies include tennis, volleyball and softball. HELEN BERRY "h.b." "fissssh!". . .a quiet and attentive capricorn . . . president of the band club, member of future physicians and clarinet section leader . . . delores b., leainetta j., jeannie n., and leona b. are the friends of this future nurse. 25WILLIAM JACK SON "bruce" born under ihe sign ol pisces, "bruce" enjoys driving, bicycling, and football . . . dislikes people who try to impress others . . . his statement to the world is "work up to your potential to accomplish whatever your goal may be". STEPHANIE RICHARDSON "steph" "you chooch" . . . this lively aries en|oys dancing, sewing, and working . her associates are jolita s., |amce f., geolfrey t., and debra b . . admires her family and faheem . also has been influenced by her mother . . . steph's plans are to become a fashion merchandiser. 26 VERLIE L. STROUD "rabbit" "due to the fact that" . . . this quiet, independent sagittarian who dislikes liars can be seen with karen. yuvette and dwan . . . she is a member of the modern dance troupe and a color guard . . . plans to become a child psychologist. RONALD G. SINGLETARY "ron" "what's up?" . . . this congenial scorpian enioys playing the trumpet and roller skating . is often seen withanthony s., kyle r.,and mark w.,. . . school activities include being vice president of the science club, a member of the ja ensemble and the orchestra “ron" plans to become an engineer.JOLITA SHERROD "jo" "sassoon . . . o.k." . . . this fun-loving, stubborn aries enjoys sewing, dancing and swimming, but hates phony people and cooked carrots . . . "jo", who can be seen with Stephanie r., dcbbie b., janice f. and les chooches, hopes to become a court stenographer. SHERYL KATHLEEN RICHARDSON "sheri" "oh. george" . . . this aggressive, straight forward leo enjoys ballet, photography and fashions, but dislikes jealousy . . . sheri hopes to become a fashion designer ... is often seen with malinda h., esney d., lisa d., and wayne m. EDWARD ELLIS "ricky" "what's happening!" . . . this shy gemmi dislikes impudent people . . . ricky can be seen with jerome d., david b., angola g. and Charles t. . . . baseball, softball, english and art are his favorites . . . ricky intends to become an artist . . . mr. carden and ms. greene are among his favorite teachers. LARRY JAY PATTERSON "patterson" this likable, good-natured capricorn enjoys drawing, jogging, swimming, weight-lifting, basketball, football and baseball. . . friendly with tyrone c., haskell w., marlon r., and arthur b.. . . plans to become an illustrator. 27DEBORAH BRITT "britt" "i don't care!" . . . this sweet, intelligent leo envoys softball and photography . . . britt is a member of the softball team . . . plans to attend college and become a photographer . . . is friendly with |oliia, janice, Stephanie and esney. GAIl DIANE POWELL "gail" "so there" ... a quiet leo who enjoys photography and chemistry ... a member of the band, orchestra and the yearbook staff . . . friends are michelle w.,annes. and shari g. . . chemistry classes will be remembered . . . plans to become a pharmacist. 28 MARK C. L. EXUM "scoobie" this outgoing leo is a member of the concert choir, soccer team and the swimming team . . . usually seen with dijait b., greg f. and sylvia m . . . admires mr. hazzard and mr. howard . . . plans to become an electronic engineer. DENISE THOMPSON "niecy" "i don't know". . . bike riding, bowling and discomg are what this friendly, outspoken Sagittarius enjoys . . . niecy is likely to be seen with s. Southerland, a pierce, n. ray or b. gramby . . plans to major in communications . also active in basketball and track.USA DAVIS "Ice" "for real?" . . . "lee," a very congenial and understanding capricorn, plans to pursue a career as a private accountant. . . president of the student council and a member of the service committee . . . sylvia m., karen c., sheryl t., and tracy p. are among her many friends. PATRICIA ELAINE FRAZIER "pat" "copastetic" . . . positive, frank, pleasant but crazy are a few ways to describe this vrrgo. . . a future lawyer who is usually seen with sylvia s., yuvettc s., and delores b . . . "pat" enjoys darning, bikeriding, and the classes of mr. cabin and mr. carden. FRANCINE SALTERS "cookie" "don't bug me!" . . . this sagittarian describes herself as nice, kind, considerate and understanding . . . majoring in business administration and music is what cookie sees in her future . . . parents and teachers have all helped to guide her through life. OSBERT BREEDEN "oz" "oh god!" . . . this to the point capricorn is usually found with kyle r., william ralph d., and dwan f , . . though active in fencing, osbert finds time to sky dive and work . . . "oz" has been influenced greatly by his family. . . he can see himself as president of the u.s.a. or as a commercial photographer. 29 IMARK JONES "stacc" "check this out!" . . . this oul going and flamboyant idurian is usually seen with wayne I., greg I., john b., and rodney g . . . enjoys cross r ountry and track . . . plans arc to become a graphic designer and a business manager. SYLVIA MCCALL "bird" "don't even try it" . . . phony people upset this quiet pisces . . enjoys singing and running track . . . "bird" also enjoys the company of lisa d., dora b., jeannie n., and david b . . . her brother has influenced her life . . . plans to become a secretary. JO WAYNE MARTIN "skip” "frcc c up" . . . this magnetic taurus enjoys co-directing the arts high school gospel chorus and running the streets . . . "skip" plans to become a famous singer and a computer programmer . . . friendly with everyone. DELORES MONITA SEARIES "dee" "where are we going " . . . this warm and sincere libra loves playing tennis but hates people who are unreal . . . "dee" can be seen with susan r„ stacey w.. helen a, and cookie s . . . hopes to become a famous pediatrician . enjoyed the classes of miss raff and mrs. douglin.MICHAEL MC QUEEN "kaboobee" “i'll be dll right" . . . d bugged out scorpian who is always in the company of “the family" . . . michael en|oys building models, collecting comic books and his position as captain of the stage crew , . . plans to succeed as a technical engineer. GLORIA ALVARADO "glo" this fun to be with pistes who enjoys tennis, singing and drawing dislikes dishonest people . . . gloria plans to become a social worker upon college graduation . . . can be seen with angela a., mabel r., sharon r., and lackv o. ALVIN GURLEY "al-al" “young man, please" . . . this kind hearted and witty pisccs enjoys baseball and basketball but dislikes people with nasty attitudes . . . “al-al's" friends include pete, mike, tank and lacey . . . has been guided most by his mom and mr. hazard. SUSAN REDDICK "sue" "stick it in your ear". . . this silly, thoughtful and generous leo enjoys yearbook staff, listening to records and much more . .she ran be found with helen a., delores s., and starey w....plans to become a composer 31RENEE CRAY "rashidah" “yeah, j bei!" is what you'll hear this unique gemmi say . . . rashidah like gymnastics, track and swimming, but dislikes gossip . . . is usually seen with shadiqua and shareeta . . . plans to attend secretarial school in the future. IFONA SUF BROWS “sue" "what's up?" . . . “sue", an ambitious and likeable virgo, enjoys drama, music, bicycling and photography ... a talented member of the ja 7 ensemble who plans to become a professional musician . . ms. raff and mrs. green head her list of favorite teachers. 32 CRECORY FRAZIER "fr a " "burrrrr" . . . this generous, wild arics enjoys football, basketball, and singing . . . his friends include mark j., pedro d., derious m.,and mark e......though "fra " socializes a lot. he plans to be on his own. ALBERT DENARD BURL "nardy" "ask me if i care" ... a warm and thoughtful pisces whose friends are james h., darrin m., thomas o„ and john c . . . E and and science club are activities he enjoys . . . plans to attend n.j.i.t or rutgers ... is a member of the tennis and bowling teams.CATHY HARRIS "cat" "don't even try it" . . . this fun loving, friendly Ico enjoys reading, music, and talking on the telephone . . . "cat" can usually be seen with renee w., delores b., ida d.. and shan g...a member of the girls track team . . . plans to become an accountant. MICHELLE Y WOODS "shell" "be for real" . . . this friendly scorpian can be seen with wandy, ricardo. alex, and gail . . . she dislikes conceited, disrespectful people . . plans to become a business woman and accountant . . . "shell" spends her spare time dancing and sewing. ALEX HARRIS "kool-aid" DAVID BRONNER "dave" "come on now!" . . . this humble, kind, sweet and pleasant aquarius enjoys bowling and girls ... he can be seen with david b., tarik and Sylvia m. . . . "dave " plans to become an engineer . . . his mother has been most influential. "i's loves ya" ... a very nice but easily disgusted pisces . . . activities arc color guard captain and concert choir. . .friends are butchie c.. lyrone c., nate m., and tim c., . . . plans to become a music educator when he finishes arts high and college. 33CRYSTAL YVETTE ELKERSON "trissy" "aw-get outa here” . . . with tijuaru j., michacl m., charlotte j. and andneo r. is whore this understanding and sympathetic pisces can be found . . tnssy enjoys singing and dancing hut dislikes phony people and confusion . . . plans to pursue career in criminology. IANICE FAULK "jan" "what's up chooch?”. . . this congenial and fun-loving scorpio who enjoys partying and guy watching, dislikes listless people ... an active member of the softball team, pep squad and band ... (an plans to pursue a career in economics. 34 DWAN L. FIELDS "super jox" "ease up" . . . this sensitive aries dislikes loud and rude people ... a member of the yearbook staff . . . usually accompanied by arthur m.,verlies., william j. and yvettes. . . plans to become a graphic designer. CLARA DOMITA DAVIS "mita" "que pasaf" . . . this loquacious and witty taurus gemini enjoys writing, poetry, modeling, and dancing . . usually seen with fclicia t., rhonda r., rosemary g and los chooches . . . future endeavors are to be a lawyer and a part time model.MARVIN FIIIS "richard" "what’s happening?” . . quirl, shy, but talented describes this gemini best . . . "richard" plans to be a cartoonist is friendly with rodney I., Charles t , jerome d., andsmitty. . . mr. carden, mrs. tso, and mrs. hansen are his favorites teachers Dll ACY DAVIS "sweet malik” this warm, loving and surprising gemim enjoys baseball and music but dislikes shady ladies who play hard to get . . . "sweet malik" is friendly with alvin g., darryl h., raymond c., and mike m . most influential person is mom . . . future plans are uncertain. TIMOTHY STEPHEN EDWARDS "tim" "nothing but a game of cards" . . . this moody sagittarian is usually found with nate m., ale h., tyrone c., and butchie e ... he admires donna s., Stevie w., and mrs. edwards . . although active in drama club, "tim" plans to become a song writer. DAWN ELIZABETH CHOICE "evalccn" "i mean" . this quiet taurus is involved in various activities within and outside the school her c ompanions are cvclyn b., eva s„ harriet m , and kirn I . . . dawn wants to become a pediatrician and a dramatic arts star. 35HELEN AVERFTT "lynn" "anyway" says this quiet, amiable aquarian who dislikes conceited people . . can be seen with susan, cookie, starey and delores . . . enjoys reading and photography ... in the future lynn plans to attend law school. TRAYCE BRANT "tray" “sure, sure" . . . this affable pistes is usually found in the company of penny I., adrienne p„ and angela c . . . enjoys kickball and softball . . . tray is a member of the service committee . . . plans to go into business administration. 36 KEITH BRIDGEEORTH "jordache" "dig it" . . . this likeable pistes is shy and stubborn at times . . . dislikes the company of conceited and phony people . . . enjoys modeling, sculpting, and tennis . . . usually seen with thomas o., domita d., charles f., and esney d . . . plans to become a fashion merchandiser or journalist. DAVID BLOCKER "dijait" "gableshy" . . . this outgoing gemini enjoys poetry, football, and fri Esee. . .can be seen with maurice t., stacey j., mark e., and ray c.. . . . a great admirer of nikki giovanni, "dijait" plans to become a rich and successful writer.DAVID BFRRY "dave" "knock yourself out" . . . this capricorn plans to go into the u.s navy . . .enjoyshike riding, and playing football . . . friends are david, wayne m., cynthia c. and the remainder of the class of 80. EVELYN BATEMAN "actress" "break a leg" . . . this understanding taurus is involved with the principal's advisory committee and enjoys performing with the louinis dance ensemble . . . Sylvia s., dawn c., nathaniel m., and kimberly t. are friends . . . plans to attend the royal academy of dramatic arts in england to study acting. ANGELA DOBSON "angela" this trustworthy libra can be seen with tonya w„ kyle r. and joseph h . . . angela intends to become a psychiatrist and adopt many children. . . she dislikes everlasting grudges . . likes ms abos. . . angela has been to san juan, puerto rico. TERENCE BAINE "terry" "what's the deal?”. . . terry is a straight forward gemini who greatly admires malcolm x and muhummad ali. . . when not seen with r. cvans, r johnson, and g. frazier, he is playing tennis . . . has been influenced by his grandparents . . . terry plans to become a civil engineer. 37ANTHONY WAYNE KERR "di-tank rasjan ali" this sharp, extravagant ami unique young man dislikes geeks and freaks. . .he plans to become a computer system analyst and further his education in the law field. . has been affected by khalif muhammed. MARK KYLE WINBORNE "kyle" "do you love me?" . . . this quiet taurus is the president of the science club and enjoys ja z,chess.and tennis. . . likes the company of hosa, ron, and maria. . . mrs. venskus, mr. brasch, mr. d. and mr. brown are his favorite teachers . . . plans a bio-medical career. 38 SHEILA WILLIAMS "kool-aidc" "ooh, for real?" ... a sensitive and understanding aquarius who dislikes unreal people . . . can be soon with sheila s.. nanetta r., crystal e., and tijuana j . . . "kool-aidc " enjoys sewing, dancing, and reading . . . plans to major in communications. MARY FRANCES WILLIAMS "tiny" "for real?". . . conceited and phony people are disliked by this scorpio . . . enjoys photography, drama, dancing, basketball, and fashion designing . . . "tiny" plans to become successful in whatever she undertakes . . . is seen with nita n., tammy w., and benighta I.SHARON RENEE REID "shareefah" "let's go" . . . this loving, intelligent, outgoing aries enjoys painting, rollerskating. and dancing . . . sharcefah can be seen with squeak, iwak, hips, and rashidah . . . plans to major in sociology and become a successful social worker . . . admires her parents. WILEY MCDARIS WOODARD "doc" "i fail to find the humor in that" . . . this systematic and unpredictable taurus dislikes negative people. . . "doc" desires to be rich and successful ... his friends are lori d.. tuka, chaz. and will. . . most influenced by parents. TAMMY ANGELA WAITERS "tarn" "oh please!!!" ... a congenial leo who makes a hobby out of meeting people, taking pictures, and hunting down foxy guys . . . tarn's friends are lisa w„ mary w., and trayce b . . hopes to become a lawyer. TONYA PANDORIA WALKER "pandoria" this intelligent, aggressive aries engsys art and writing . . she plans to bo the best at whatever she does . . dislikes conceited people . . . you can usually find her in the company of angela d., debra b , sheila s., and david b. 39NATHANIEI MARTIN "rwlc" immature and unreliable people get this sagittanan down . . . ale h , tim e.. and tyrone c. are his close friends . . . nate admires his mother, friends and himself most . . . plans to enter the theatrical field. DERIOUS V1AIONE “ice" "get-the" . . . this sometimes quiet, sometimes loud scorpio can be found playing basketball or running track ... is often seen with pedro, greg, flem, and mark . . . his proposed career goal is to become an accountant. 40 MAURICI Till MAN "reese" "have you seen tracyt” . . . this realistic and understanding cancer participates in tennis, track, and the newspaper staff . . reese enjoys reading and plans to work toward a m.b.a. in computer science ... his friends include tracy p., mark j., di|4it b., and hope r. MARK DEWAYNE HAYES "mark" "come on now" . . . this gemmi is active in basketball, soccer, baseball, honors band, and orchestra ... his favorite classes are gym and english ... a fun loving young man who plans to become a millionaire ... has been most influenced by his mother.BARRY NEWBY "barry" this indescribable pisces thinks the world is his . . . motorcycling, photography and girlwatching are hobbies that he shares with danny r., barry s., mike o and julius e . . . searching for his unknown goal in life should keep barry busy in the future. SYLVIA SLAPPY "slap" "seriously" . . . this very unpredictable libra enjoys singing, modeling, gospel chorus and much more. . . she can be found with david t., evelyn b., and pat f . . . has been influenced most by her mother. . . plans to become a prosperous lawyer. CHARI FTTF FELICE JENNINGS "charlie" "don't you ever! II” . . this congenial and witty aries dislikes gossip but enjoys singing and dancing . . . charlie did a fine job as president of the junior class. . .usually seen with tijuana j. and crystal e . . . plans to major in computer science and business administration. ARTHUR MC FADDEN "orca" "bugged out". . . this weird, funny, exciting and friendly virgo doesn't like noisy people . . orca's friends are bemghta lambert and dwan fields . . . hopes to become a commercial photographer . . . most influenced by mom.THOMAS OIMO "omo" "what's up!" . . . this crazy, good humored libra can be seen with john c., Charles f. and ramon e . . . omo enjoys music and sports . . . plans to continue his study of music . . . his parents are tops on his list. ROBIN I. TAYLOR "li'l rob" a virgo who plans to become a broadcaster in the future . . . enjoys roller skating, painting and karate . . . engltsh is a favorite subject . . . robin is disturbed greatly by incompetence. 42 BENIGHTA LAMBERT "benighta" a friendly, easy going person who can be found with arthur m„ mary w„ and robin t . . . enjoys the classes of ms. calvin and especially mrs. tso . . . plans to pursue a career as a translator of languages JOSE C. SANTIAGO "carlos" "ease up!" . . . this easy to get along with, wild and crazy virgo is a member of the aspira club ... is often seen with Charles f., and david t . . . jose plans to study computer science and become rich and famous . . . most admires mrs. hansen.ANDRICE SHERELIA RAWLS "drice" “check her out!" ... an extraordinary, sweet, wild and moody virgo . . . dislikes phonies and sophisticated seniors . . . “dnee" can be seen with crystal e.. tijuana j., andbeverlyr. . . plans to study business and management . . . parents are held in esteem. THEANDRFA LA SHAWN JENKINS "shawn" "right" ... a friendly and understanding pisces . . . enjoys ice skating and dancing . . . plans to become a fashion model and merchandiser . . . friendly with traey p., rhonda r., and penny . . . member of the service committee and the gospel chorus. DARRIN THOMAS "ralee" "can i give you my company?" . . . this passionate and understanding leo plans to major in fashion design or merchandising . . . "rafee" can be seen with tarik, rasheed and Wilson . . . enjoys drawing and listening to music. PAMELA THOMAS "peaches" "hi-hi" . . . this quiet, sensitive libra who dislikes gossip, laziness and violence can be seen with cabretta r., maurice t., desirec s. and mark e . . . likes the classes of mrs. hansen, mr. palestina and mr. hazzard . . ■ plans to tackle business administration in the future. 43SHARI GRETCHEN GREENE "smiley" "yeah, sure, right!" ... a friendly anes who enjoys sewing and ice skating... a member of the band and the yearbook staff. . . renae w., cathy h., and gail p. are close . . . "smiley" plans to become an executive secretary. KAREN CLARE "karen" "why don't you shut up?" . . . this understanding capricorn enjoys tennis, dancing and sewing when not involved in the future lawyers club. . . can be seen with lisa d., tanya w. and francine s . . . plans to become a business woman. JAMES WESLEY HOLCOMB "tuka" "that's slick" . . . this bright, quiet, thoughtful and friendly gemini enjoys photography, music and electronics. . . mr. spindler and ms. hansen have been influential . . . penny I., albert b., wiley w. and cookie s. are close associates . . . plans to major in visual communications. LLUANA JONES "wandy" "goodgoogly moogs" ... a member of the band, jar band and the drama club . . . her friends are michelle w., patricia m. and alex h . . . this energetic, talented, tactfully outspoken young lady plans to become a business or computer technologist . . . enjovs studying, teaching the bible and actingMALINDA HOYLE "lynn" "nope, so slop askin' me!" . . . this pisces, who dislikes phony people, enjoys karate, modeling, singing and discomg . . . can be seen with erroll, sheryl, chris and andrea . . . concert and gospel choruses take much of her time . . . plans a nursing career. ROBERT JOHNSON "bobby" "what's upf" . . . the future plans of this quiet virgo are to become a computer programmer or a music teacher . . . enjoys arts high with friends tercnce b., rodney I., david b. and Jerome d . . thinks very highly of his parents and brothers. HOSA KEITH ASKEW JR. "ho" "come on now” ... a friendly, but occasionally irrational gemini . . . member of honor's band and orchestra . . .chariest., w ponton, m. jones and m. winborne are friends ... is grateful to his mother, ms. barren, mrs. wilkerson and to arts high for their guidance . . . plans to become a computer programmer. ALNISA JONES "hips" "you won't try it" . . . this very sweet, sophisticated and overwhelmingly likable aquarius enjoys acting, working, art and sewing . . . dislikes people who dislike her . . . usually seen with shareefah. lacy, trae and esney . . . plans to become an actress. 45NANETTA JUANITA KAY "nanny" "as salaam alaikum" . . . this fun loving, gen lie virgo dislikes hypocritical people . an active member of the student council and the service committee plans to enter the field of psychiatry . . her friends include sheila s., renee j„ demse t. and angela c. RODNEY L APR F AD "rod" "what's upt" . . . this well kept capricorn enjoys basketball and girls . . . close friends are francis I. and Charles t. . . his mother has been most influential . . . plans to become an architect and a pro basketball player. 46 JEANNIE (ELEA NELSON "chocolate" "that’s what you say." . . . this virgo enjoys skating, exercising, writing, reading and playing music . . . leanetta. helen b., delores b. and alicc a. are close associates . . . "chocolate" hopes to be successful in the musical world. ANTHONY MEANS "tony" a wild, crazy, talkative and friendly cancer who enjoys photography, track and music . . an energetic member of the yearbook staff . mrs hansen, mr. spindler and mrs. tso are admired . . . plans to own his personal photo studio.TRACY DINISI PALMER "tracquan" "i'm hungry, what you got to eat?" . . . this crazy, congenial and beautiful capricorn is chairperson of the service committee and a member of the gospel c horus and principal's advisory committee . . . plans a career in the allied health field. DANNY REIN "mr. yogurt" a congenial, quiet, compassionate, yet outgoing person . . . enjoyed the art classes of mrs. tso and mr. carden . . .wayne martin and larry patterson are dose friends . . . future plans are as yet unformed. WILSON PONTON "ponton" this nice, mature but funloving aquarian spends much time with his favorite subject, women . . . also enjoys band, english, health and basketball . . . plans to further his education and acquire a fine and successful career. RENEE JONES "squeaky" "hum di allah" . . . this friendly and understanding Scorpio enjoys playing softball . . also is captain of the cheerleaders . . . "squeaky" can be seen with renee g„ tracy p., shariffah r. and esney d plans to study pediatrics. 47FRANCIS THOMAS "fran" "sho-nuff" ... a capricorn with a likable personality. . . friends are rodney I., Charles t. and james h . . . enjoys participating in cross country and bascbali, as well as fishing, biking, and jogging . . plans to become a meteorologist. BARRY SMITH "the fly" "guess what happened " . . this understanding. talented cancer enjoys painting, cars, women and much more . . . can be found in the company of james, william and perry . . . "the fly" plans to marry and become a computer programmer. 48 SHAZAIIZA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS "shaz" "cool out" . . . this jovial capricorn can be found hanging out with leainetta j., mary f. and wiley when not playing basketball or softball . . . member of the jazz ensemble and the science club . . . plans to become a mechanical engineer. FELICIA B THOMAS "fee" "don't try it ophelia!" . . . fee is a loquacious, witty arics who bowls, skates and twirls . . . plans to attend college for computer technology . . . le chooch, renae w., and domita d. are friends . . . member of gospel chorus, concert chorus and service committee.RAYMOND CALHOUN "raheem" a compassionate, wild, bugged out cancer . . . enjoys electronics, sports, dancing and girls, girls, girls . . . tarik, james h., david b. and delacy d. are close friends . . . plans to become a computer electrician and a professional athlete . . . member of all state chorus. ERNEST WALKER "ernie" a frustrated virgo who loves junk food and hates filling out questionnaires . . . ernie's future plan is to make lots of money . , . ms. hansen, mrs. tso, mr wilson and miss raff have been his favorite teachers . . . friends include Joseph h. and lucas g. CHARLES TURNER "charlie o" "buggin in" . . this carefree aries plans to be a success at whatever he undertakes . . . enjoys doing exercises, playing ping pong and listening to good sounds . . . friends include rodney I., francis t. and keith a. CEOffREY TOWE "jarvis" "it was the,worst" ... a nice, kind, gentle, superfluously moody cancer . . . seen with the chooches . . . this talented future illustrator enjoyed the art classes of ms hansen . . . fashion designing and drawing take up much of "jarvisV time. 49JEROME DUTTON "jerome" ibis taurus most admires mjlcolm x jnd lists mr. palestina as his favorite teacher . . . jerome dislikes homework but plans to continue his education nonetheless . . . hobbies include bowling and working with his hands. BERNARD CRAMBY "hasan" "check it out" . . . this scorpio plans to become a computer programmer ... is most often seen with denise t., Charles f., greg f. and pedro d . . . a member of the tiaseball, bowling and swimming teams as well as the concert choir. 50 ANTHONY EDWARD SPRUIII "neck" "what's the deal, fellas?" . . . very active describes this modest gemini . . friendly with mark e.» maurice t„ wilson p , and Charles f . . . "neck's" future plans include becoming a professional saxophonist, studio musician, conductor, composer-arranger, and singer. DORIS MITCHELL "dor is" this congenial Sagittarius enjoys drawing and watercoloring . . . admires mr. otero, miss a bos, mr. carden and her mother . . . plans to attend college to prepare for a life of leisure and luxury . . . will always remember attending arts high.LEAINETTA TATE IORDAN "netta" "play that ofl" . . . this lun to be with libra enjoys playing the flute and piccolo . . . heien b., sha w., jeannie n. and delores s. make up her circle of friends . . . netta sees a future in the field of law. MICHELLE LYNN BERRY "shelly" "cool out". . .this free hear ted, soft spoken and understanding capricorn enjoys drawing, designing, sewing and painting . . . plans to become a fashion designer or merchandiser. . . thinks highly of trayce b., pat f., mary w., tyrone, mrs. hansen and mrs. iso. DELORES LISETTA BROOKS "lo - lo" "truly" ... a cheerful and easy going leo who dislikes the plastic brothers and sisters with whom we sometimes have to deal . . . can usually be found with h berry, j nelson, I. jordan and I. brown , . , plans to major in special education. KEVIN HARRIS "disco duck" “oh well" ... an introverted virgo who is a member of the gospel chorus and the concert choir . . . can usually be seen with j. home, d. rein, t. olmo and b. newby . . . enjoys listening to music and performing on the organ. 51YUVETTE SAUNDERS "vette" "hasta la vista" ... a soil spoken and fun-loving taurus . . . may be seen with patricia f., verlie s., karen w. or dwan f . . . plans to attend an art institute for display and exhibition . . . activities are service committee and science club. CONCETTA ROBERTSON "cetta” "i'm telling you". . . this leo never ceases to make others laugh but don't let phoney people cross her path!. . . cetta is a member of the pep squad, concert choir and modern dance. . . usually seen with p., lorna g., and marshall j . . . plans to become a pediatrician. 52 NEAI P f AUST "faust" "get outta here!” . . . this sincere, understanding and intelligent Sagittarius enjoys playing basketball and cross country he can be seen with Charles t., danny r., and david b . . . faust plans to be an engineer DIANA RAMIREZ "g'gi" this shy, sweet leo enjoys ice skating, the movies, bowling, and jogging . . . "gigi" is fond of margie r., sylvia m., dcbby e., and hope r ... has traveled to puerto rico . . . future plans are to become a teacher and to marry.CLARICE WALKER "clarice" clarice, a very active young lady, indulges in outdoor girls track . . . she enjoys singing in chorus and playing backgammon . . . future plans are to attend college and major in accounting. ERNEST GRAHAM "daddy bumps" this sometimes moody taurus enjoys movies, and puzzles . . . women are most appreciated .. . ernest can be seen with lenin, pister pete, and tony . . . favorite subjects include english,math,music,and typing . . .plansto become a computer designer. MICHAEL BERNARD WHITLOCK "mike" "don't even try it!" . . . this congenial, considerate and honest leo enjoys roller skating and singing ... is usually seen with robert j., james h. and rodney I . . . mike plans to pursue a medical career. I ENIN FELICIANO "que pasaf" . . . lenin is a very respectable and generous scorpian who enjoys photography and billiards ... he plans to enter an art career . . . friends are joey, rene, and eddie. . . enjoyed the classes of ms. hansen, ms. abend, and mrs. johnson 53ANDREA THOMAS "andrea" this sweet and gentle young lady has a kind word for everyone . . . enjoyed attending arts high . . . does not appreciate dishonesty . . . plans to further her education but is unsure of her exact field. Renae Watley56grace and style!Senior Fashion Show A Huge Financial Success 59Art Students And Their Creations Marvin Ellis Penny Lewis Geoffrey Towe and creations Drawing by Ernest Walker Jerome Davis 6061RememberingWhat do you mean run faster? Murry before the cops come! No, I'm not cheating! Please don't make me jump the net. Let's stop. I'm gettin' dizzy!Not hungry, just being polite. matin' off my paper! 65 Get out my way!LAST WILL AND TFSTAMF.NT . To Karen Clare ... A halloween mask ... To Jackie Olmo . . Jose Santiago . To Delores Searles . . A decent evening with Dwan Fields ... To David Thomas ... A pair of human lips ... To David Bronner . V A larger pair of cars To Mr. Klelis . . . The strength to carry on the clarinet section ... To Mr. Piazza ... A wardrobe of yellow shirts . . To Karen Clare . . . Anyone's last piece of Doublemint ... To Arts High . . . A renovated school . . . To Mrs. Murray ... A class of ambitious young males To Ms. Abos ... A book entitled "How to pass your students" ... To Levita ... A new set of senior friends ... To Ms. Abos . . A sot of swingablc tonsils . . . To Mr. Klelis ... A pair of loose fitting wide leg pants ... To Darryl Nicholson ... A pair of tailored pants ... To Yuvette Clyde ... A weekend in the bathroom ... To Ms. Hansen ... A break ... To Dijait ... A glass heart to cherish ... To Charlotte Jennings ... A singing voice ... To Ms. Abos . . . Rhonda Reid ... to Mr. Calvin . . . The Class of 80's hypotenuse legs . ‘‘To Rhonda Tombiling . . A can of roach spray. ... To Sheila Suggs ... A grown up voice . . .To Arts . . . Smitty's lollies ... To Renae Watley . . . Stacey's spare parts . . To Mr. Calvin and Ms. Greene ... A jug of midnight oil. : . . To Susan R., 7? . A pair of dirty sneakers . . To Patricia Frazier ... 3 nonstop full-filled days with Josh I. . . To Rodney Greene ... A hilarious sense of humor . To Mr. Cushnir . . . More control when demonstrating ... To Thomas Olmo . . . Susan Reddick . . To Sheryl Southerland ... A nice smile in the morning . .WTo Maurice Tillman . N. Money to pay his debts . .1. To Helen Averett 7r. A pair of contact lenses . To Stacey Wilkins ... A year's membership at lack La Lanes ... To Livi Davis ... A permanent sun tan . . To Dwan Fields ... A book on "How to Crack" ... To Charles Foust . . . Andrice and Liz Rawls . . ? To Cookie Salters ... A portable potty To Mr. Calvin ... A class that knows where the heck they are LEdward Ellis Francis Thomas Esncy Davis John ChisholmRunning rivers within our world Washing the moment away UNDERCLASSMENJUNIORS 7071JUNIORSSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES 76FRESHMEN 77FRESHMEN 7879 Seniors' financial burdens lessened by executive board Despite hardships, the determined senior class officers have tried to make their senior year a successful and memorable one. Through various activities, financial burdens have been lessened. The executive board includes Penny Lewis, president; Ida Davis, vice president; Rhonda Reid, secretary; Juanita Thompson, treasurer. Mrs. Abend was the advisor. Service Committee assists at school functions. The purpose of the service committee is to serve the school as host hostesses and ushers usherettes; and to aid in any way possible in school functions and affairs. The members serve at such functions as Alumni Day. Under the advisorship of Mrs. Venskus with Tracy Palmer as chairperson, the ladies and gentlemen provide an excellent 82 service to Arts High students, faculty, family and friends.Junior Class Executive Board has outstanding year. The junior class executive board has completed a year of success under the supervision of Mr. Wilson, the advisor. They have had fund raising events, and are well on their way toward easing the heavy financial burden placed on them during their upcoming senior year. Class leaders include Tiora Brooks, president; Phillip Gilmore, vice-president; Saundra Caldwell, secretary; and Tracie Paschall, treasurer. Any students willing to give their time operating lights, setting props, and preparing the stage for all school activities may become members of the stage crew. Captain Michael McQueen keeps his crew-on their toes by constantly testing their stage knowledge. Mrs. Levinson is the crew's advisor. Stage Crew constantly has knowledge tested. 83Science Club Produces Cosmetics Anyone demonstrating an interest in the sciences is welcome to join this club. The members visited companies, institutions and outdoor areas. They planned an exhibition of rocket models at other high schools; microscopic study of bacteria and molds isolated from students and grown in Petrie dishes, and production of cosmetics from basic chemicals. Student Council Organizes Blood Drives The Student Council, under the direction of Miss Isaac and President Lisa Davis has proven to be a very well organized group. It is comprised of a representative from each homeroom. A student may be elected or selected, qualifying with a B average and good leadership qualities. The group has sponsored a walk-a-thon and charitable blood drives for the community. 84Aspira helps Spanish speaking students. Lab Assistants lend aid in demonstration labs The Aspira Club, which is being advised by Mrs. Abend, has an aim to help each other understand who they are, and to find out more about their cultural background. They are also there to try and help other Latinos who have personal and educational problems. They have taken trips for entertainment and for educational purposes. The club is basically formed for Latins, but anyone is welcomed who is interested in hispanic culture. Edgar Montalvo, Hector Santiago and Gloria Alvarado are the student leaders. This group is comprised of students interested in going into science in the future and who may wish to become paid lab assistants in college. Assisting in the maintenance of a running inventory of supplies and equipment is one activity performed. Others are setting up labs and cleaning up afterward; and aiding in demonstration labs that are either too difficult, too dangerous, or too expensive for the average student to handle. This group meets before and after school for extra instruction. 85Varsity Club honored at sports banquet The Varsity Club is comprised of any athletes who have earned a varsity letter. These young athletes, advised by Mr. Larry Hazzard, are honored for their athletic accomplishments annually at a sports banquet. Scope issued once a month Arts High's Scope keeps the students as well as the faculty informed of events and special activities. These journalistic students issue a paper once a month which includes articles, games, comic strips and an editorial. The Scope was re-established by Renae Watley and Pamela Thomas during their freshman year 1976 - 1977. Now seniors, the two journalists turned over their positions as editors and manager to Irving Boykins and Juanita Thomas. 8f Honor Society members must attain 3.2 average Membership in the Honor Society is one of the highest honors a high school can bestow. It recognizes scholastic talents and good study habits. Leadership qualities and good character are essential qualities of its members. Membership is by invitation only. In order to be inducted in your junior year you must have attained an overall average of 3.5 by the end of the third cycle. Seniors must have attained an overall average of 3.2 by the end of the third cycle of their senior year in order to be included. Only Lisa Davis qualified in her junior year. Future Physicians Club visits rehabilitation centers Anyone with an active interest in a medical and or dental career or related profession is welcome to join the Future Physicians Club. They are preparing for careers in these fields. Activities performed are visits to various hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing schools; as well as the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Students give reports on medical issues at meetings and have guest speakers from time to time. 87Drama Club informally learns about the theatre. Members of the drama club informally learn about the art of drama. The activities consist of writing plays and poems, exercises, and going on trips. Many of its members feel that the drama club is whatever you make out of it. It is open to anyone interested, regardless of his her major or experience. Next year, the club hopes to take in a large group of people and be a little more active. as Dance Ensemble hopes to start dance course. The Dance Ensemble has been progressing rapidly with the help of Mrs. Tso, and Janet Hedmann, student leader. Their goal is to eventually start a course in dancing here at Arts High. Anyone, whether an Art, Drama, or Music major may join. All they need is the desire to dance."Cry Havoc" was an exciting theatrical event. Drama students learn all aspects of theatre arts. Acting, speech, movement, publicity, and business requirements are some of these. Technical theatre, such as set design, construction, props, sound and lighting effects are studied also, along with the history and literature of theatre. The three act play "Cry Havoc" was an exciting theatrical event. The second year female students were outstanding in a play reset during the Vietnam War. The photos on this page are from this performance. 8990performs at spring contest Girls' Glee Club sings sweetly 91Instrumental music reaches a new high standard. Arts High's Instrumental Department is one of the most successful areas within the school. The department consists of Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Band Jazz Laboratory, and Jazz Band. The Orchestra is taught by Mr. Klelis. He instructs students how to play in a large ensemble. These persons will then go on to play in main concerts. Jenise Grice is the concert mistress. Mr. Otis Brown heads the Symphonic Wind Fnsemble, the Band Jazz Laboratory, and the Jazz Band. The Symphonic Wind Ensemble is made up of ninth through twelfth graders who perform for the Winter Fair, and winter and spring concerts. This group of talented young people has performed for Kiwanis' annual dinner wherein two of Arts High's music majors received scholarships. The Band Jazz Laboratory consists of freshman, sophomores, and juniors. They are trained in playing and performing techniques in order for them to go on to the Jazz Band, a more advanced group. The Jazz Band gives students formal instruction in jazz techniques, elements of jazz, and history of jazz. The band performs for Mayor Kenneth Gibson's annual twelve mile run and often competes throughout the state. Arts High's Jazz Ensemble was number three in the state last year and plans to be number one this year. 9293Yearbook Staff works many hours The yearbook staff has spent many hours producing the 1980 yearbook. It is a complicated job which requires much dedication and talent. The members hope that their time and effort was appreciated. Mr. Carden was the hard working Advisor. 94Jazz Concert features Gary Henry, Edgar Montalvo and Leona Brown The Gospel Chorus, being led this year by Wayne Martin, Beverly Richardson, Mark Exum and Kevin Harris, has been busy enlightening the hearts and minds of people. They put a special emphasis on young black people. Never failing to move listeners, the Gospel Chorus is always requested to sing at various places. Anyone with talent and an interest in the inspirational phase of vocal music may join. Gospel Chorus enlightens hearts and minds 95Build us a rainbow, shining so bright A wonder rainbow, glowing with light Build us togetherness with wisdom and might Cross Country on the run! 98Soccer Team wins five games. The Soccer Team, coached by Mr. Cushnir with the great help of Jerome Sweet, finished the season with five wins and seven losses. Jerome was voted the most valuable player by his teammates and coach. Highlights of the season included a 4 -1 victory over West Side and a 3-1 win over Weequahic. Senior members were Edgar Montalvo, Mark Exum, Mark Hayes and Alvin Gurley.Kneeling, left to right: Jerome Davis, Tyrone Franklin, Tyrone Aikens, Alvin Gurley and Andre Davis. Standing: Frank Davis, J.V. Coach Layton, Neal Faust, Darryl Holmes, Charles Gatling, Derious Malone, Mark Hayes, Vernon Freeland and Coach Palestina. Not Pictured: Darryl Swinney and Lance Lynn. 100Varsity Basketball Team wins 5 out of last 6 games! Arts Highs' Varsity Basketball Team after three games had a record of 2 - 1, then they lost ten straight games. Despite this, the team's morale remained high. They did not quit, they worked hard and won 5 of their last 6 games, making a season record of 7 - 12, the best since 1975. Arts' record was 1-17 last season. The Varsity Team, for the first time in ten years also defeated a City League Team, West Side High by a score of 42 - 41. Senior and Captain jerome Davis scored 12 points in one game, junior and Co-Captain Darryl Swinney had 14 points. Another senior high scorer was Alvin Gurley with 9 points. Vernon Freeland scored 10 points and should be watched next season along with the most improved players Sophomore Darryl Holmes, who shows tremendous potential and Sophomore Andre Davis. Coach Joe Palestina is justly proud of the accomplishments of his team this past season.Kneeling, left to right: Gwen Allen, Loretta Warren, Rhonda Tombiling, Christina Wheeler, Paulette Hobbs. Standing: Sheryl Southerland, Saundra Watts, Denise Thompson, Adrienne Pierce, Cabretta Randle, Tanya Turner, Beverly Paschell, Hope Reid, Coach Layton. 102Girls' Basketball Team defeats West Side 77 - 27. The Girls' Basketball Team was coached by Larry Layton and led by seniors Sheryl Southerland, captain and center; Hope Reid, forward; Denise Thompson, forward and Adrienne Pierce, guard. They had an extremely tense and exciting duel with Orange High when time was called just as Arts was rallying and closing the scoring gap. They didn’t win but it was a well played game. They defeated West Side with a score of 77 to West Side's 27. 103Cheerleaders want more spectators at game The cheerleaders, who can flip and arouse spirit from us all, would like to see greater support and attendance at games from Arts I ligh students, according to Renee Gray, co-captain of the squad. Along with Renee Jones, captain, and senior Jeannie Nelson, Miss Gray and the other members practice three times a week in the girls' gym. 104The twirlers who practice at Arts High before and after s hool performed up to standard according to Sheila Suggs, the student leader and only senior. Sheila felt that with more practice and effort, the team could become great. The annual pep rally was where they demonstrated their skill to an appreciative audience. 105Pep squad backs up cheerleaders The Pep Squad, advised by Mrs. Greene, backs up the cheerleaders at basketball games. They also perform at the annual Pep Rally at Arts High. Esney Davis, captain, and Lisa Ware, co-captain headed this energetic group of young ladies. The Color Guard returns We are very pleased to have the Color Guard back with us. They have not performed since 1971. This is a highly disciplined activity which takes a great deal of hard work. They represent the school colors and the school's honor. They were very effective at the annual pep rally and also performed at other events. Alex Harris was the captain and Mr. Otis Brown performed the advisor's duties. 106The Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Dessasau and managed by Angela Pollack had its best season yet in 1979. The record of 14 - 2 made the Arts High team eligible for the city tournament. Maurice Tillman, fames Hill and Terence Baine were the most outstanding players and participated in the city tournament. Arthur McFadden, Albert Burl and David Thomas were other outstanding senior players. 107Baseball Team victorious over Irvington Tech The Arts High Baseball Team has definitely made it to the top with the help of Coach Haynes. Alvin Gurley, Raymond Calhoun, Francis Thomas and Delacy Davis, captain of the team, were victorious over Irvington Tech. Coach Haynes reminds us that every young man is welcome to join the team! 108Softball Team on the move! Arts High's Girls' Softball Team is certainly on the move. In the previous season they won only one game. This season (1979) they were victorious six times. Tina Wheeler on third base, Shaz Williams, catcher, and Paulette Hobbs did an outstanding job. Congratulations to the team and Coach Wilson. 109noGirls' Track Team takes 4th place. The Girls' Trac k Team competed in the City and State championships, and took fourth place. Congratulations to an outstanding team headed by Denise Thompson and Benighta Lambert, who had the best records. Thank you Coach Hazzard!Art 1. Miss Caldwell 2. Mr. Carden 3. Mrs. Hansen 4. Mr. Spindler, Chairman 5. Mrs. Levinson, Art and Drama 6. Mrs. Tso 7. Mr. Marcus, Shop 8. Mrs. Felder, Clothing System Success 9. Mrs. Rivers 10. Mrs. Evans 11. Mrs. Street 12. Mrs. Buck, Social Worker ''X6 Business 8. Mrs. Kyle 9. Miss Issac Languages 10. Mrs. Abend 11. Mrs. Loftin 12. Mrs. Feldman Music 1. Mrs. Bostrom, Music and Drama 2. Mr. Brown 3. Mr. Marcopoto, Chairman 4. Mr. Howard 5. Mrs. Prizgintas 6. Mrs. Wilkerson 7. Mr. Klelis 7 115Social Studies 1. Mrs. Johnson 2. Mr. Doundas 3. Mr. Wilson Phys Ed and Health 4. Mr. Cushnir 5. Mrs. Creene 6. Mr. Hazzard 7. Ms. Hewitt 8. Mrs. Jones 9. Mrs. Powell, Nurse 1164 English 1. Miss Abos 2. Mrs. Brickus 3. Mrs. Murray 4. Mr. Heck, Chairman 5. Miss Raff 6. Mrs. Rihacek 7. Mr. Palestina 1178 9 8. Mrs. Adams, Librarian 9. Mr. Brunnquell, Librarian 10. Mrs. DeVito, Nurse's Aide 11. Mr. MacCumber, Accompanist 12. Mr. Rhim, Security 13. Mrs. Rushing, Security 118HILTON J. OTfcRO Principal When we fondly recall the days and years spent at Arts High, it will be impossible to forget Mr. Otero. He has bestowed upon us much inspiration and incentive to strive for excellence. We thank him for his sincere dedication and interest. CLORGE STEISEL Vice Principal Mr. Steisel, a longtime member of the Arts High family, has been a great help in taking an active interest in our ideas and future plans. Without him, the school would never run efficiently. We thank him for his concern and advice. 119120122 PATRONS Linda Brown Myra Burkos Glenda Crawford Mrs. Minnie Hammonds Maxine Hampton Helen Jones Penny Lewis Rufus McCall Quasim A. Muhumm Pauline Palmer Trade Paschall Mrs. Prizgintas Cabretta Randle Evelyn Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Richardson Jr. Norman Richardson Jr. Dollic Sherrod Jerome Sweet A. Taylor Robert Thompson BOOSTERS Malika Abdullah Talibah Amira Abdulla Yasmine Abdullah Ruth C. Abos Jimmy Adams Mary Adams Bertha Allen Bill Allen Elder Joseph Allen Mark L. Allen Orlando Allen Eula Alston Amanea Society Arlene, Aleta, Rudy, Renee and Mary Charlene Armour John Armour Greg Armstrong Arlene, Roland, and Paul Arrington Billy and Scott Arrington Arts High Drill Team Sheila Ashley Aspira Inc. of New Jersey Albert Averett Albert and Liz Averett Jr. Arthur Averett Sr. Arthur V. Averett Jr. Leonard Averett Lynn Averett Melvin and Phyllis Averett Minnie Averett Earl B. Harvey Banks Rhonda Banks Giavonna Barbara Curly Barbara Douglas Barnes Kathy Battle Khalial Malik Bell Stanley Bell Walter T Bembry Delores Bennett Irene Benton 4L5 ' Brenda Berry Demetria Berry Julia Betha Fred Bethea Mr. Willie Beverly Mrs. Willie M. Beverly Da id Bevett Felice Bibbs Mr and Mrs. Thomas Black Dijait Blocker Thelma Blocker Shirley Blount Annie Bolden Janina Marie Bolden Terry Bolden Terry Darnell Bolden Jr. Joshua Bond 1 eronia Bond Mrs. James Booker r-Bob Boone Mr. Bobby Boone Mr. Rob Boone Mr. Robert Boone Robbob Boone Ann Boyd Rev. J. Boykins Mr. Donald Bradley Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradman Harr Ms. Lillian Brant Ms. Robyn Brant Mrs. Ruth Brant x Yvonne Bridgeforth Judy Britt Ms. Florine L. Brooks Mrs. and Mrs. Cedric Brown and Family Ms. Evelyn Brown Mrs. Francis Brown Mr. Frankie Brown Mrs. Ida Brown Jean Brown The Brown's M., S. and C Mr. Otis Brown Mr. and Mrs. Theadore Brown and Family Tonya Dollene Brown Mr.|Victor Brown and Family Carolyn Brummell Mr. Fritx Brummell Mrs. Louise Brummell Kenneth Burgess Ms. Mary Burgess Floreen Burnex Martha Burney Judy Von Bush lamahr Burls Keith H. Butler Jr. Mr. anti Mrs. Patricia Butler The Uyrd Family James Caine t. J. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Homer Caldwell Saundra Caldwell Raymond Calhoun Ceil Callaway Mr. Albert W. Calvin Tanya L. Camacho Eddie Cameron Michael Campbell George Cannon Vicky Cannon Jan Carden Michelle Carpenter Antionette Catighman Mrs. C. L. Caughman Chris Caudle Marcena Chapman Chemistry Department Mr. Willie W Cherry Sue Choice Agntha Chimn "Chipper" Agnes and Marvin Chisholm Annie Chisholm Constance Chisholm Ellis Chisholm Sr. Rosena and Ellis Chisholm Rosanne Ciccone M. Clanton FJallam Clarke Germania Cogman Joycelyn Cogsu Michael Cohen Lawrence Colen Nadia Colon Ms. Dolores Collins Ms. Gwendolyn Collins Dr. Colston Sharon Cone Maria Contardo Franny Conyers Mr. and Mrs. Joe Conyers Tony Conyers Maurice Cooper Hosea Coston Eloise Cotman Curtis Covington Beverly Crawford S.S. Missouri Crawford Debra Crittender Annie M Crosby Ebroley Crosby Daniel Cziraky Shawrda Dailey Louise Dance Samuel Daniel Mr. and Mrs. James Dargan Carl Davis Cassandra Davis Earlton Davis Elaine Davis Emma Davis Evelyn Davis Mr. F. Davis Frank Davis Mr. and Mrs. George and Bessie Davis Gwen Davis Harold Davis Hazel Davis Mrs. I. Davis Ida Davis Jacquett.i Davis Judd E. Davis Norma Davis Paul Davis Pauline Sharon Davis Mr. Roy Davis Surressia Davis Edward Davison Sharon Dawson Vivian Dawson Carolyn Delee Tiffany Deli Sarah Dent Derek, Renee, Gwen and Frank Mr. Chew Din Charlette Divon Cecil Dockery Mrs. Barbara Donaldson R. L. Donaldson Olivia Downey Mrs. Martha L. Drew Marie Dulton Andy Duncan Florence Duncan Larry Eaddy Rajah Ealy Fern Walker Early Jeanette Edge Jackie Edwards Debbie Egel Ms. Idell Eldridge Deirdra fclkerson James Elkerson Robyn Elkerson Kecia Ellington In Memory of Mrs. Anna Ellis Fannie Mae Ellison Evelon Engram Linda Epps Wesley W. Evans Jr. Adlai Exum Mr. Alfred Exum Mrs. Betty Exum Mr. Karl Exum Mr. and Mrs. James E. Faison Sr. James Jr. and Krystal Faison Mr. Arnold Farmer Gwendolyn VannessaFarmers Lynette Farmers Tyrone Farrell Anthony Faulk Charles Faust ZelcJa Felster B. Ferruggia Dwan Fields Tawan Fields Tawana Fields Jenny Fisher Shirley Flagg Mrs. Anne Flournoy Barbara Flournoy Mr. Sidney J. C. Floyd Marie Ford Harold Fort Barbara Foster Frances Foster Gertrude Foster John H. Foster Mr. and Mrs. B. Foye Betty Frazier Charles Rashan Frazier Margret Frazier Patricia Frazier Tyshia Laquan Frazier Hyacinth Freeman Mr. W. P. Freeman "Friends" Gedell Fryar Elenor Fuller Emma Gaines Ron Gallcmore Charles Gatling Etherine Gatling Mrs. Delores N. Gibson James R Gilbert Nlorma Gilchrist Thomas Gill and Family Jesse Gilliam Jimmy Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. Gilyard Michael Glaster Barbara Golden George Golden Mrs. Faithe Gomez Mr. Edward E. Gordon Dorothy Gowdy Eveland Graddy Terry Grahm Carol Grant Estelle Grant Luis Graviz Cheryl Gray Mrs. Easter Gray Juanita Gray Mrs. Rosie Greggs Mean Mean Winter Green Mrs. Christine Greene Constance Greene David Glasone Greene Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Greene Jermaine Gary Greene Rev. P. Gregory Kevin Grice Jean Grill Bill Grimly Melvin Griner James Guevarez Pro. Marvin Guntt Mrs. Gupton Blossie Gurley Carlos M. Gutierrez Gwen, Cary and Ursula Ann Hahn Hahnes Alice I lammond Estelle Hargrove Monic Hargrove Joakene Harnes Ethel M. Harper Mr. and Mrs. David Hargrove Ms. Alice Harris Barbara Harris Francis Harris Mattie B. Harris Reggie Harris Richard Harris William R. Harrison William R Harrison Jr. Cheryl F. Hastic j Frank Hastic Jr. Mr. Charles Hay Clarence Hayes Mrs. Lenms Hayes Kim Hayes Mr. William Hayes Valerie Haynes Hazel and Craig The Hazzard Family Sharon Head Hector and Margie Janet Hedman Doris Henderson Ms. Patricia Henderson Everal Henry Rose Herdon Al-nisa Herran Audrey Herran Javan Hicks Fula High Leisa Higgins Amira Yasmeen Hill Eunice Hill Lafae Hill Tracy Hillsman Frances M. Hinton Shirley Hodges Mrs. Alibeth Holcomb Mr. George Holcomb Sr. Mrs. James Holcomb Sr. Jason Holcomb Mr. John Holcomb Sr. Mrs. Lula Holcomb Mrs. Ruth Holcomb Mrs. Naomi Holland Mr. William Holland Loretha Hollman Lorraine Hollman Vincent Holman Miss Mary Holmes Carl Houston-Bey 1 f; Patricia Day Houston-Bey Estelle Howard Mr. R. Howard Barry FJowell Benjamin Hughes "Chuck-a-Luck” Hughes Anthonyette Hunter Ronald Hunter Mrs. Eva Hutchins Mrs. Tcris Hutson Elsa Ifill Lloyd Ingram Ricardo Ipina j Miss Isaac Anita Jackson Arlene Jackson Ametta Jackson j Clem Jackson Denise Jackson Doreen Jackson Ethel Jackson Harold Jackson James E. Jackson Jean Jackson Kenneth Jackson R bert Ja kson Vincent Jackson Myra Jacobs 1 Jamall and Jamette Mrs. Luceal James Mr. Alan Jefferson David Gregory Jenkins Jacqueline Jenkins Mrs. Theatas Jenkins m Lucille Jennings Ibrshim Abdul Haqq-Jewelry Rev. B. F. Johnson Denise Johnson Diarce Johnson George Johnson Mrs. Gilda Johnson Jamal Johnson Mr. and Mrs. L. Johnson Linda Johnso, Michael Jo Mrs. Juanita Hollingsworth J ihnson Patricia Johnson Roberta Johnson Sandra Johnson Susie Johnson Adricne Jones Catherine J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones Jr. Gwen Jones James H. Jones Lamyra Jones Ms. Lola Jones | i Mildred Jones Nadine Jones Naney Jones Mrs. Nancy Jones Pauli Lewis Jones Ronald and Laronda Jones Sheri Jones Windord A. Jones Ms. Arlean Jordan Gary Jordan Mr. James L. Jordan Vivian Jordon Vivian R. Jordon Susana Jovel Gleshia Joyner Antoinette Judkins Rosalyn Julius Malik Justice Tanya Justice Yvonne Kayes Eddie Kearney Jr. Belinda Kearse Benny Kelly John Kelly Mike Kidd Mrs. Kimble Alicia King Anna King Ms. Clara King Cliffie King Jr. E. KmfcOj .is Klelis V" and Luor Knight Rosa Knight Ruthie Knight Jackie Koonce J. Kozlowski Kathy Kurdes Gen Kurdyla Ms. Lacile H. Kyle Michael Labrioso Willie Land Deborah Lanza Everette H. Laws Annton Lay Celia Lay John H. Lay Tanish Lay Cynthia Lee Dana Lee Marie Lee Mrs. Rosa Lee Sandra L. Lee Rev. W. Lee Marlene Leo Levette and Martin Doris Lewis Durea Lewis Dorothy Lewis Elizabeth Lewis lorri Lewis J. Garfield Lewis John Lewis Leisa Lewis Linda Lewis Mr. Nelson Lewis Vivaion Lew s Larry Lewter Raihawn Lichine Lisa and Angie Arthur Littles jr 123 Ms. Marilyn l ong Millisant Lyons Patrit ia Mack Candice Jovan Malone Mr. and Mrs. James Malone gozi Manuwuike M. Santa Maria "Marie" Deborah Marrow Beatrice Marshall Ronnie Marshall Ms. Bettie Martin Mrs. Dorothy Martin Kim Martin Levett Martin P. Martin Ana Martinez "Mo ha" Ms. Edwina Moe Judie Moe June Moe Ronald Moe Dave Montaque Fred C. Montaque Jel, Ley and Lucille Montaque Junetta L. Montaque Samuel A. AAoiiUque Elaine Moody "Moonlite" Bertha Moore Naomi Moore Altonette Marie Mosely Chris Mosley Lillian Mosley Eli Martinez Laquanda Moultrie Bobby Martucci Carolyn Murray Michelle Mason Clementine Murray Mr. Tommy Mason Josephine Murray Peaches Maxwell Melissa Murray Valerie Mays Winston Murray Joyce Massey Akbar B. Muhammad Pat McBride "Murrel" Gwendolyn Faye McCall MrC Ida Mui Joanne McCall Edna Murphy Necey McCall Bronnie Murray Rasheedah Shakee Muwwakil McCall Mr. Mystique Rufus D. McCall III fc Gamel Nash Mrs. Ruth McCall The Nash Family Silvia E. McCall Aunt Dottie Nelson Wanda McCall "Dawud" Craig Nelson Rev. R. E. McCloud Larry Nesmith Victoria McDonough Rosemary Nesmith Angie McGill Vernell Nichols Marie McGill Jacqueline Nicholson Sylvester McGrady Shirley Nicholson Reginal McFarlin M Nieves LaC hone McKenzie Annelid Nixon Seth McKinnon N.j.l.T. Upward Bound Herbert McNeil Clement Nnodim Loretta McNeil Ike's Notions Rasool McNeil Greg Nowell Crvstal McRae Mrs. Nuesome David McRae Peggy Ogburn John and Polly McRae Preston L. Oliver Susie Mi Rae William Olmo Mr and Mrs. Curtis Bishop Chandler Owens A Means Shirley Owens Llisa Mendheim Mr. Joseph Palestina 0 id Mcntore Tom Palestina Nydia Mercado Evelyn W. Palmer Sammy Mercado Phillip Palmer Valerie Merrit Manny de Para Kimberly Middleton Myron Parham Debbie Miller Sheila Parker Aunt Eileen Mitchell Vanessa Parland Mrs. Brenda- I and Family Brenda Poweli-Mitchell 124 Doris Mttchell Ellen Mitchell Ms. Sara B. Mitchell Tob Mitchell Moses F. Mix Tom and Artis Parrish Paul, Rodney and Eric Gabe Paul Paulette and Vivian Doncella Peppier Janice Perry Kenneth Perry Rodney and Derrell ■r h I’ei i) Vito J. Perugmo Mrs. Elaine Peterson Sharon Phillips Fred Philpot Mr. and Mrs. Billj| Phipps Angie Pickit Ms. Leslie Pierce Mr. W. Pinkard Ms. C. Pinkney • Piper Social Club Anita Pittman Calvin Plummer "Spud" Plummer Vanessa Plumme Angela Pollock Mrs. C. Porter Mr. Porter Mrs. Porter Tammy Porter Debra Powell Gail Powell Flartcnie W. Powell John Powell I ula Powell Ralph Procter Tillie "Diane" Purnell Khalil Abdur Rahman Rev. John G. Ragin Carmen Ramirez W Rosa Ramirez mL Jessie Ray Randall Mattie Mae Randall Mrs. Josephine Ransome Rita Ranucci Kelvin Raven Mrs. Ray Conchetta Jermaine Ray Leroy Ray Nanetta Ray Shakiah Rah Gilbert Reamer Francine Reaves Ella Redd Kathleen Reddicks Marie Reddicks i Simon Reddicks Velvet Marie Reddicks Sharon Redding Isiah Reese James Reese Pamela L Reese 1 Phoebe Reese Mrs. Carrie Reid ™ Inez Reid Retha, David and Sybil Georgette Renee Retha and Teddy Fatimah Reynolds Nadirsh Reynolds _ Rose Reynolds Sharon Reynolds Hattie Richardson Karen Richardson Mrs Kathryn Richardson Lisa Ri hardson Renee Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Richardson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ricks Sr. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ricks Jr. Zorian L. Ricks Derek C. Riley Herman J. Rivera "Roach" Cecilia FT Roberson Patricia Roberson Josephine Roberts Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Roberts Dot Robertson Claudia Robinson Miss Lizzie'Rohinson Rene Robinson Rita Robinson Norma Rodriquez Brenda Rollins Roney's Barbara Shop Mr. Willie Rosemond Marie Rouse Mrs. Ruffin Lisa Rumph Shirley Rushing Sheila Rustin God tat her Tony S. Saint nn School Raheem Malik Samad Salaam Ahdi Rahman Al-Saleem The Salt and Pepper Gang Constance Salters James Henry Salters Jeffrey Salters Jonathan Salters ■■ Maxine Salters Fronie Sanders Jose Santiago Mr. and Mrs. N Sayles Marcia Y. Scott Ms. Manita Seabrook Joseph Kaseem Searcy Delores Monita Searles Mrs. E. E. Searles J. B. Searles Weiman Seid William Seid Sr. William Seid Jr. As-Salaam A Shabazz Anthony P Sh Mahmoud Shahro Mrs. Shanklin Mrs. Mercedes Sherman 1 Bonnie Sherrill Clyde S. Sherrod Jasper Sherrod Mary Sherrod Mrs. Edna Showers Sidney and Tina Carol Simmons Ben and Aleta Simmons Ansiric Simon STUDENT LOAN THE HOWARD See Your Guidance Counselor )r Stop In At Any Howard Qlfjce For More Information Call 1201) 456 3808 the Hdwarel Eddie Hinton Elisha Simon Patrit 1.1 Simon I lelen Simone Desiree Simons Kevin I . Simons Mr. and Mrs. Norm Simpson Edith Sirmons Betty Sit Karen Sit In Memory ot Kin Sit Godmother Skeet Anita Slappy Celia Slappy Lolita Slappy Willie Slappy Clarence Smith Curtis Smith Ms. Dianna Smith Edna Smith Eva Smith Julius Smith Leonard Smith Mary Smith Mattie W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. S. Snead Bruce D. Sneed Burnett Manuel Sneed Ethel Elizabeth Sneed Janice Sneed Karen Sneed Kassandra Sneed Leslie Sneed Fernando Soriano Mary Soriano Cathy Southerland Gail Southerland Fred Southerland Kendall W. Southerland Rayhe Southerland Torra and Terry , Southerland m Mr. Trommel Southerland Mr and Mrs. William Southerland Sam Spade Elaine Spagnolia Special "K" Vannie Speed . Louis Spindler D. Spruill Gloria D. Spruill Raymond Wayne Spruill Katie Starks Mc Kinley Starks Ms. Minnie Starks Ruth Starks Craig Stevens Sr. Angelo J. M. Stewart Mrs. Helen Stone and Family John Stroud Willie B. Stroud Ann Stubbs Barbara Ann Sykes Roxanne Sykes Shante Sykes William Sykes Jr. Janice K. Swain Daryl Sweeny Mr. Irwin Sweet |Ms. Miriam Sweet weet-Shang' Grannie ■Mrs. Bernice Suggs John A. Tailor William Talbert Tina Tarkin Candace Tate John Taylor John A. Taylor Kenneth Taylor Mr. Taylor Ossie Taylor The Tellis Family Ann Thomas Beatrice Thomas Devenia Thomas Eddie J. Thomas Sr. Eddie J. Thomas Jr. Gary Lee Thomas Josephine Thomas Martha P. Thomas Mrs. Annie C. Thompson Creyvri Thompson Deborah Denise Thompson Ennis Thompson Lucian Thompson Sr. Lucian Thompson Jr. Lucian Darnell Thompson Robert E. Thompson and Family Stephon Al-Teriq Thompson William Quwane Thompson Ms. Roach Tombling Jose Torres Rosemary Tortoriello "Trisha" Barbara Tsiliouis Mrs. Annell Turner "Tut" Unique Exstacy Modeling Organiz.iti Nilda Valentin Al Venskus Venskus Suzanne Venskus Judy Wagner Donna Walker Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walker v, Jeannie Walker ® Valeric Walker Willie B Walker Ms. Annie Ware Annie L. Ware Robb Warren Jr. Cathy Washington Levretha Washinton Louiie Washinton Kim Washington Mrs. Brenda Waters James E. Watkins Jr. Brend Watson Mrs. Eloise Watson Tereasa Watson Kathy Watts Saundra Watts Rosalyn Weathers Patricia West Donald Whitaker Jerome Whitaker Cleveland White V Helen White Michelle White Levita Wiggins Mattie L. Wilke 1l Bette A. Wilkins Isaac WilkinsJ Arlene Williams Art Williams Jr. - I r. Arthur V. Williams tenia Williams iryl Williams lire Williams Delle Williams 1 Denise Williams Inez G. Williams JoAn Williams Mrs. Jessie Williams June Williams M.E. Louise Williams Mrs. Lidia Williams Pheyon Williams Renee A. Williams Ruby and Eric Williams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilson Jr. Mrs. Rosa Wilson T. J. Wilson Wm. K. Winckler Mr. and Mrs. Shey Woo Maxine Woods Staneley M. Woods Jr. Rose Woodside Mrs. Woodson Anthony Wooters Charles E. Wright Jr. George Young Robert Young Treva Young TACKLE THE WITH A FROM TUITION TERMITERunning rivers, within our world Washing the moment away Whispering dreams of past and future In tones of a freshening spring Drinking times of laughs gone by Splashing our goals that reach to the sky Swimming the streams within our land Letting our conscious mind expand Until on the ground of a dream we stand. Budding flowers within our world Decorating the plain of space Growing to show off future love With every flowering face Perfuming the stench of sorrows gone by Coloring the sadness of tears, we cry Build us a rainbow, shining so bright A wonder rainbow, glowing with light Build us togetherness with wisdom and might. Shining stars within our world Lighting the skies we see Putting our every hope to life To every dream that there might be Whatever a sight that we may seek Is shining so dim on light so weak By tiny threads of star lit beams A world with its flowers and streams It's our world so full of dreams. by Dijait Blocker, Class of 1980 Mrs. Mary Venskus Mrs. Mary A. Venskus is a chemistry and biology teacher here at Arts High School. She also extends her knowledge as advisor to the National Honor Society, Service Committee, Future Physicians Club, and Lab Assistants Club. Through her years of teaching at Arts, Mrs. Venskus has become very close to the students. We feel that we have been lucky to have such an extra special teacher and we all love her very much. The Class of 1980 appreciates Mrs. Venskus and will always remember her deep within our hearts. Mrs. Mary Abend, the advisor of the Class of 1980, has been working hard to help us achieve our goals. She has stood by us through our toughest times and has often gone beyond normal standards to help us out. W'e would like to thank Mrs. Abend for her much appreciated and valuable assistance. Senior class advisor Mrs. Mary Abend 127 LORSTAN STUDIOS 599 Broad Street Newark, New jersey 642-2110 All portraitsappearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time. Special student discounts on wedding pictures. f 128

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