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VIGNETTE 1979 Annual Publication of the Senior Class Arts High School Newark, New Editor-in-C Lcndcll L. Mitnffl LITERARY STAFF Vinessa Hall, editor Adrienne Chiles Eunice Hawkins Ina Leake Gayle McLeod Thiretha Pringle Linda Redding Sandra WhiteDedication Mr. John Lang Mr. Lang was a highly devoted and concerned individual. He had a tremendous concern for the education of all of our students. Mr Lang is responsible for causing Arts High School to have more varsity athletics than any other school of performing arts in the United States. We will never forget the love and dedication that he held for all. The Class of 1979 will always treasure his inspiration.Dedication LOMESA PRUITT The Class of 79 will always remember her warm and friendly smile. Her witty personality will always remain in our hearts and minds. Arts High just isn’t the same without Lomesa. JOSE FELICIANO We. the Class of 1979. wish to express our sadness that Jose Feliciano did not remain to graduate with us. A talented musician and artist, we arc sorry he did not have the time to reach his greatest potential. 3 In MemoriamTime is never ending It passes and goes on. Traveling to forever Our times will soon be gone. No. time will not be stopped Delays it will not allow But the Class of Seventy-Nine Will hold on to time somehow. Though it moves forever forward Making it so easy to forget. We’ll rely on memory And. of course, on old Vignette. So whether times were happy Or they were sad. Whether they were good Or they were bad. They are ours to reflect on And to wish that we still had. Time cannot defeat us Because we’ve found the way. To look back on our tomorrows Till forever and another day. Though time is continuously melting. That is clock • wise. We’ll be able to recapture The times of our lives. 45. . . Our times willsoon be gone . . .8. . . Time is never ending It passes and goes on . . .Avenue ■tfCSlrrct SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY PHOTO NAME ADDRESS PHONE ON PAGE Adams. AHerna Alexander. List Allen. Prestme Allen. Tommy Alston. Annette Alston. John Anderson. Darren Anderson. Grnnt Andrade. Juan Banks. Steve Barber, Angel Barron Craig Bartley. Tina Bell. Tyrone Bennett. Janice Beverly. Juanita Bogur, Davey Brook . Faye Brower. Piiulette Brown. Geraldine Buie, i-eozette Bush. Dawn Byrd.' Kathleen Cacailo. Carlos Campbell. Tammie Carthnn. Elaine Chile . Adrienne “ Clark. Mark Cooper. Jacqueline Cooper. Wanda .121 Grove Street SO Quitman Street 6 6 Bel morn Avenue 4H6 Belmont Avenue 77 West End Avenue 213 North Stl. Street $20 South 16th Street 660 Hunterdon Street ?S Clifton Avenue 18 Keen Avenue lib Maple Avenue 157 James Street 15 Mercer Street 35 North 11th Street 201 Kcr« Avenue 209 Grumman Avenue 674-8138 824-1353 243-7442 248-6368 399-1847 483-0885 [tchnel James f Anthon V- f Fort, Sherry % Frazier. Helen Freeman Su»o at. C.,1 . Frame Graham M.ihlyn reeo Drnesie fcGreeti. Valeria® • I ■P Rickey gGrrcmcaf Grcopy . (proas. Gina Hall. George Zincs sa Christopher WU% AnHv nyr Hatwrv Eliza bet to , " »• kniccM Her. Anast ntnmc. r.W. 2 Sheffield Avenue ’ 305 South 18th Street 51 Schurer Avenue 381 Broad Street 87 TitlinghaM Street 882 South 14th Street 29 Pacific Street 160 Lehigh Avenue 47 Wainwright Si reel hi Leslie Street 86 Wainwright Street 606 South 12th Street 115 Spruce Street f 381 4th Avenue | 59 Clinton Place 8 . C 685 Higa St Apt RJ • . 29 Crescent Avenue 429 South 9th Street «I43 North 9th Street aa. kl 59 Seymour Avenue 1 L wtpn Street E.O ly Street Street Avenue t Avenue 9th Sir Vasvar South 14th Street 339 Leslie Street 70 Brook tide Avenue 76 Goodwin Avenue l5tb Street 184 63 Smlfc • 323 South Nth f 385 Leslie Str • 111 4th AWnue 0k ?4?. 3448 482 8912 923-3123 23-6423 622-2683 fgs-2070 481-0960 484-9205 374-4617 923-6942 r 483-9-J73 371 -0439 374-6881 ■ 89.2780 23-2682 92 4.087? ‘K.3-17 75 926- 4325 242 6937 243-1966 482-8268 926-2196 643-1253 923-7732 621-6523 482-6807 242-3132 674 04 59 243-5592 24K-7988 374-6602 926-3224 642-1072 9234)275 399-1535 923-0849 371-6457 926-4883 248- 5942 923-5671 92.34)955 399.4826 371-8015 923-7547 r m: 47 31 40 23 37 M533 I % ► w 5424470 923-95 Hopkintf. Komm M Hunter, Ar.dr m Ingram T.racy Jackson. Rachel TiimM Jackson Tin i Jefferson. GwmmIo Johnson. Anita Ju®. Clarence Jones. Haro 232 Prince Stree 350 15th Avo£iu 72 Howell P acc 8 926-1132 374-25 371-86-8 """ s 92.3-7571 ■84-0641 s •. soSENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY PHOTO NAME Jones, Zina Jordan. Yvonne Kelly. Byron Leake, Inn Lee, Michelle Lenity. Larry Lynn. Billy Mason. Milton Mathis. Kimberly McDonald. Rodney McLendon. Doom McLeod, Gayle McNcal. Scott Ddmon McQn'r i. Saundra Mendez. George Milton. Paula H mgarwlvor ADDRESS PHONE ON PAGE BIT1 oir Mary i, Geoffrey [r. Lendel'. Mitchell Mu ithchem. itnaul. Jr., blrv. Rose Marie |yn A l '» 901 South 17th Street ?! Wolcott Terrace 88 Raymond Avenue 918 South 20th Street 107 Columbia Avenue ■ 80 Kenmore Avenue 32 Vernon Avenue 40 Bryant Street 36 South Munn Ave. EO 174 Springdale Ave. EO ’ow.i«l Sti. et 58 H .me te..d Park 42 Wrequnhk Avenue 11 North Munn Avenue 132 3rd Avenue 388 Seymour Avenue 21 Vernon Avenue 218 South 11th Street 351 South 11th Street 267 Osborne Terrace 850 Soffch Hth Street-46 South 12th Street l'-Wecquahk Avenue 207 RicheHru Terrace “treet 1 I Ortiz. EllZilirrth 6 Outlaw, Karen Outlaw. Rhonda Parhem. Perncll Parker. Melanie Pearson. Anthony Perry. William Loren o Phillips. Gail Pringle. Thiretha Pryor. Sharon Ramsey. Jerome Randall, Donnie Randall. Richard Redding. Linda Celeste Reeves. Carla Reuben. Tina Reynolds. Cheryl Rodriguez. Norma Roger . Sandra Roney. Debra Salter. Robert Samuel. Dennis Samuels. Michael Santiago. Agnes Santiago. Miquel Santoro. Lori Scott. Martha Simmons. Caroline Smith, Jean Sowell, Denise Stokes. Darryl Sykes. Jeanette Taylor. Roy TerTy. Wade V mas. Brenda Tt .nas. John ThoiflSj Patrick Thompson, Kelvin V Tarntr; Zachery Wade. Christopher Wallace. F.ttirl Pennv Washington. Vaucss . Wat •.oftoareHl Wells. Marion White. Sandra F. Wiuttington. Ralph Williams. Brenda Williams. Carla • 23T imghaatS • 457 Pe,il W.r Avenue 410 Roaeville Avenue 68 Hawkins. Street 15 Yates Ave fiue 193 North 11 Ui Street 25 Johns n Avenue 321 South 19th Street 869 Sout: 15th Street 100 16th Avenue 100-02 Oliver Street 364 Dayton St Apt SC 204 Hansbury A enue 118 Hedden Terrace 238 Avon Avenue 238 Avon Avenue 32 Tillinghast Street 66 Kcer Avenue 21 Harding Terrace 266 Leslie Street 93 Astor Street 161 Clinton Place 1222 Cambridge Avenue 22 Hinsdale Place 150 Goldsmith. Avenue 217 North 5th Street 116 Seth Boyrten To me 88 North Munn Aver ue 116 Park 372-4629 399-2026 753-9843 371-6797 1993)169 3720351 374-7568 483- 6635 672- 7946 , 676-5838 624-1259 3753)170 926-4193 673- 4275 485-T166 926-S798 374-1883 672-4937 6243)013 926-0585 374- 0262 485-4125 923-7081 375- 4138 242-8714 926-2925 484- 9376 38 24 23 25 50 27 35 27 31 44 It I 35 20 24“ 21 22 242 1981 481-3647 242 3173 399-2047 374-9086 824-5083 589 6619 248 061 926-6316 824-4884 243-7887 % 243-7887. 399.8646’" HjL 926-3037 ■ 9 5-9Jlfj 923-873? Ail 442 South l?th Str c 21 Irving Avenue n 185 Scheerer Avenue 147 Newark Street 151 Grumman Avenue 228 Hillside Avenue 16 Nassau PI EO 158 Spruce Street 139 Faby.»n Place-29 Parkview Terrace 2th S' A 24,2 2080 f 923 0031 725-8753 484-0586 ■J42-137 4 372 594 :■ . • 26 34 , 34 40 17 46 49 32 . 26 16 37 Mi 39 • 50 - .16 4» 39 20 47 41 45 ■34 40 44 32 . 34 48 « - 41 33 % . 814 South 12th’ Street 637 South 13th Street 511 Avon Avenue 59 Homestead Park 3 Leslie St."Him _ .16 Vernont AfPfcnuc la 4 i6 m 374-4V49 926-3024 L 17j 6 = 04 Williams, Darryl William . Renee Winbqrne. Tonya I Woods. Wand Youiqf Bcverl dn Avenue i Wsinwriffll SttecJ f08 Spruce St. Apt 3A • 70 Crawford A cm.e' « Tv Icrracc ;5 Clifton Ave Apt 701 a Mercer Street 879 South'19th Street mi. j f 624-4599 643-0439 • : Wm r mt 963-6S49 r 399-74 th a mm12 . . . look back on our tomorrows till forever and another day . . .13SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT LISA ALEXANDER "li“ "ri-i-ight'” . this witty, impatient and slightly crazy co-captain of the pep squad’s hobbies are modeling, dancing and sewing . . . ”li' coordinator of the unlimited models, dislikes those who don't try . . sandra m . angel b . debra r.. and sherry f arc her favorites. SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY DARCELL DENISE WATSON "dee-dee’ "all seriousness aside, let's get down to joking" . . this lovable, understanding, and outgoing gemini is aiming to become a psychoanalyst . . loves afrkran. modern, and jazz dance . . chums are tina r„ michcllc I , melanie p. and anthony h. SENIOR CLASS VICE PRESIDENT CHRISTOPHER WADE "wade" "like h—” . . . this bold and to the point taurus is active in the jazz band, concert band, and the principal's advisory council daisy m.. mark c.. marie c.. and jackic c are among his friends aspires to become a urologist SENIOR CLASS TREASURER TANIA OPAL MUMFORD "fred" "what did you say?" . . fashion merchandising is what the future may hold for this fun loving taurus . . . although active in the jazz band and the leaguers, "fred" finds plenty of time for "the gung . 16EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LENDELL L MITNAUL JR "len" "oh crudskics'" . . . "len" is a friendly vegetarian who hates cruelty to animals and hangs out with "the gang" community symphony orchestras, senior council, yearbook, and science club occupy most of his time . . plans to become a successful concert violinist. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR TYRONE DEPTS "tie" "forget it" . . this kind libra can do without curt people . . . captain of the fencing team . . . plans to become a professional photographer or graphic artist . . . mrs. hunsen and mr Carden are "tie's" favorites LITERARY EDITOR VINESSA HALL "vincssa" "where’s ina ’ . . this serious, fun loving clarinetist loves everyone . . . enjoys speaking, writing, and listening to music . .band, honor society, and ina 1 have occupied most of her time hopes to see a future of happiness LAYOUT EDITOR TAMARA MARIE JACKSON "tammy" "o.k.. what ever you say" . . this serious and humorous scorpio enjoys swimming and singing in the girls' glee club often seen around brendo w . norma r. melanie p . and adriennec.. plans to become an ecologist. 17AGNES SANTIAGO "aggy" "oh my god!" ... a friendly aquarian who can be seen with lori . and kathleen b . . enjoy gymnastics, dancing, orchestra, and aspira plans a career in pediatrics . . mom and dad have been very influential. ANTHONY C HARRIS "tconte" "that’s all right" . . this happy, quiet aries enjoys music and baseball . . spends time with harold j.. david g.. darcell w„ and roy t. . . "teonte” participates in gospel chorus, orchestra and the band . . . wants to become a musical engineer. 18 ROY TAYLOR "Hollywood" "what's up" . . . this friendly, outgoing aries likes auto racing and concert chorus . . . this future army enlistee's friends include tommy d.. anthony h.. and george h. . . . enjoyed the courses of mr Calvin and mi palestina. CHRISTOPHER HARGROVE "chris" "yeah, check this out" . . . this leo enjoys sports, partying, and listening to music . . . billy I., sylvia m.. clarissa h.. and david b ore among his friends . . . future endeavors include being an actor, businessman, lawyer, and carpenter.ADEENA ADAMS "decn" “don't be sorry, just be careful" . . . this wild and witty virgo dislikes sisters who try to be cute . . . "decn" digs bowling and looking at men's legs . . determined to become an x-ray technician . . will always admire her grandmother and mr. klelis. BRIAN L EUBANKS "brian” "if like this" . . . this libra enjoys fun ond kidding but when it's time to become serious, he’s just that friends include mark c.. darryl s.. darryl w.. and edward m.. . . future ambition is to become a recording engineer. JEAN A SMITH "stuff" "i don't know" ... a very outgoing and conscientious libra . . . involved with the modern dance ensemble and gospel chorus . . . this active lady can often be seen with Caroline s.. renee h.. jaelyn m.. and pamela g. . . . medicine is "stuff's" career goal DONIA J MC LENDON “donnie" "you just ought to stop". . . she's understanding. patient, frank and charming . . . enjoys singing writing poetry and modern dancing . . close friends arc judy r.. martini s . gail p . and michelle I. . . . aircraft technology will be her future career. 19TINA BARTLEY "tee-tee" "don't even try that" . . . one may find this humble pisecs swimming, singing, or playing volleyball . . . tina desires to md people in all walk of life . . . billy I., james k.. and jackic r. are among her admired friends. TYRONE BELL "mr bell" SCOTT DAMON MC NEAL "scotty" "what's up?" . . . this charming and aggressive aries enjoys sports and parties . . . tracy darryl s.. and kelvin t arc his friends . has traveled to europe . . . business administration is his future plan. "what eha know about it?” . . . this athletic leo enjoys tennis, football and basketball ... his decision to attend college was most meaningful . . . michacl s.. larry 1.. tyrone f.. and darren a. are tops in his crowd. ANTHONY PEARSON "tony" "we know about you people" . . . this humorous yet terious Scorpio's plans include acting and writing . . . can be seen in the friendly company of Christopher w., gayle m.. mark c.. and vinessa h.. . . most admires mary teasley and migucl SantiagoETHEL PENNY WALLACE •penny" '"seriously?" . . . this qu:et leo is the co-captain of the twirlers and member of the student council ... has strong weakness for cookies . . . plans a career in communications . . . notes parents as being influential. GEORGE LOUIS MENDEZ "gcorge” "what’s up?” . . . when not involved with the girls, george can probably be seen with ronald Steve b.. darryl s„ awl samuel f. . . . will never forget playing on arts high's baseball team . . . george’s future plans are to become a draftsman or architect. KATHLEEN BYRD "byrd" "what's up?" . . . this understanding and easy going leo admires miguel Santiago . . . conceited people arc off limits with this twirling captain often hangs with elaine c.. jackie c.. or agnes s. . . future plans are to become a registered nurse LIZETTE BUIE "buie" a crazy Sagittarius who's fun to be with . . . deneise g.. maria m . karen d.. and jacqueline c will back up that statement . . . lizette hopes to become either a nurse or a doctor thanks to her mother's influence. 21ADRIENNE JEANETTE CHILES «r "dag''. . this ambitious and excitable libra is an active member of the yearbook staff, honor society, and Steven's institute of technology . . . career in chemical engineering will not interfere with eating junk food and thoughts of tamara j.. mclanie p.. marie c.. and paulette b BRENDA LAURAINNE WILLIAMS "starr" "explain it to me again" . . . mimicking is a no-no with this sensitive and friendly capricorn . . . "stair” plans to become a successful business manager and fashion merchandiser . . . chums are tamara j. and norma r. . . . enjoys dance, track, and modeling 27 SANDRA FRANCINE WHITE "tan" "don't applaud, just throw money” . . . this profound and satirical gemini loves reading, cartoons, and sleeping . . member of seton hall upward bound, senior council, and glee club . . . wants to major in physical therapy or speech pathology . . friends include “the gang " PAULA ANGELENE MILTON "angie" "seriously" . . this sensitive young lady loves biking, drawing, and cooking . . becoming a baptized Christian was a very thrilling experience . . . among her comrades arc valeric m . eunice h . the d . and ina 1. . . plan a secretarial career.BYRON A KELLY "byron" this mild tempered aquarian is fond of chess ond music . . . active member of the yearbook staff, track, chess teams, and drama club . . . friends include prestine a., edward m.. tyrone d.. and anthony h. . . . endeavors to own a photography studio. ELIZABETH CLARITA FAULK "rita" "what's up?” . . . this friendly taurus loves attending discos and meeting new people . . . dislikes phonies, pork and playing games with people . . . "rita" aspires to go into business . . . her friends include clizabeth h.. mustafa s . pamela g . and gwendolyn j. WANDA LYNNE HARRISON COOPER "ms. cooper" "really" . . . dishonest people are off-limits with this honest scorpio . . . african dance, principal's advisory committee, vice president of p.t.s a., and president of the student council are just a few of "ms. cooper's" activities . . plans to become an architectural engineer MICHAEL EUGENE DAVIS "khalif latief muhammad" "as-salaam alaikum" . . an outgoing and sensitive young sagittarian . . spends time modeling . . . enjoys basketball and football . . . intends to "enjoy life completely" as a business executive or as a member of the united states air force. 23TRACY SCOTT INGRAM ‘tray" "that's corny” . this friendly virgo not only spends his time with darryl s.. scott m.. kelvin t . and tina j.. but also enjoys singing, music, and sports . future plans are to become a professional singer or music educator. SAUNDRA MARIF. MC QUEEN "sandy" "i'm telling you'" . . . this sensitive and friendly capricorn enjoys sewing, modeling, tennis, and being co-captain of the pep squad . . . lisa a., angel b.. and ralph w. have been close associates "sandy" has chosen to pursue a future in pediatrics. 24 CLARISSA HOBBS "tootie” "truly?" ... a very congenial capricorn who enjoy gospel singing, ice skating, sewing, and partying . . anastasia h . karen o.. elame C.. and toni g arc close associates . . computer programming is the field she plans to pursue YVONNE JORDAN "legs" "hey rice', what's wrong with you?" . . . the misuse of people ond wasted talent arc among the dislikes of this argumentivc. yet friendly Sagittarius . . . friends include michacl d . tarik. baaree. and sou.I . . . aspires to become a child psychologist.LISA S- HOOPER "dee" lisa is a pleasant leo who can be very evil at times . . . likes dancing and swimming but dislikes phony people . soul, khalif. trick, and melanic p. ore favored people . . . "dee" plans to go into the field of dentistry TINA LOUISE JACKSON "tine" "you wild sister, you wild!" . . . can best be described as cool, calm and collected pleasant "tine" enjoys photography, horse back riding and martial arts . . . friends include geraldine b . cheryl r.. and of course vanessa w. . . . plans to become a radiologist INA LEAKE "ina" "nessietadas" . . . this kind, sensitive and loving clarinetist enjoys representing the honor society, band club, and yearbook staff . . . sweet teddyrcsas. bonita I., and vinessa h have been influential . . ina hopes to get the best out of life. SUSAN NICOLE FREEMAN "sue” "how you know?" . . . this impatient yet friendly Sagittarius plans to become an elementary school teacher or study computer science . . . likes being with anthony h.. lina j.. sharon g.. and manlyn g. 25EDWARD ALLEN MORRIS 111 "ed" “i mean really' . . . this calm taurus plant to attend college lor pre-roed . . when not in jazz ensemble or bike riding, "ed" can be seen with mark w.. vinessa h.. prestine a., or lendell m. JOHN ALSTON 'jay "stop babbling" . . . lunloving and courteous, "jay" has been to rome and plant a career in teaching music and performance . . . good friends include anthony s.. tracy i.. geraldine b.. and michelle I. . . . mrt. p. mr howard. and mrs. douglin are highly regarded 26 VALENA V GREEN "veda" "veda" can only be described as talkative and lovable . . . member of the softball team, basketball team, and gospel chorus . . . hangs with adeena a . anita j.. s.ou.l.. michael d.. and jolita s. . . . plans computer technology or aviation engineering as a career. SHERYL LYNETTE HEAD "duckie head" "ya know what i mean slick" . . this average, cool libra enjoys sewing and art . . . plans a career as a legal secretary . . . can be seen with carla w.. gena g.. and juanita b . . arts high it an experience she'll never forgetLARRY DONNELL LEMAY "mu" "i’m serious" . - • this unpredictable place enjoys karate, singing, and mechanical work ... he digs the company of michcllc I., michacl ».. sandra m . and lisa a.. . . medicine seems to be a future endeavor . . enjoyed the courses of mrs. douglin and miss cardella. MILTON MASON JR. "uncle milty" "tell me about it" . . . this very friendly and likable lco enjoys music, baseball, fencing, and bowling ... an active member of the band and admires mrs p. . clarence j.. wade t . samuel f.. and kelvin h are close friends. JACQUELYNE COOPER "mouse" 'sap'' . . this moody leo is usually accompanied by kathlecn b . and claine c.. . . pities conceited people . . enjoys music and hope to become an airline stewardess upon leaving arts high enjoyed the classes of mr dessasau and mr carden ANGEL DARCEL BARBER "ang" "i dislike people who can't accept me as i am" . . . this dependable capricorn's activities include pep squad, student council, and modeling . . plans to attend maryland college to study business . . . admires robert carter. 27PAULETTE FERRELLA BROWER "pour "i don't know” . . . this worldly cancer ha been to Switzerland, germany. and england . . her many activities include the girls' glee club, service committee, and medical explorers club . . . her sisters were most influential DAVID GIBBIONS •'chris” "what 'choo mean?”. . . this leo enjoys reading and traveling and can be found in the company of anthony h.. Joseph, david. and kelvin t.. . . plans to become on electrical engineer . . . enjoys science club and chorus. 28 CARL VINSON GOLPHIN ••slick" "all right ’ ... an understanding and easygoing capricorn who enjoys basketball and fashion shows . . friendly with amta j.. wanda f.. ralph w.. and rodney m . . plans to enter college and go into a professional field. A SAMUEL GREGG FLANIGAN "sam flan" "go 'head with it" . . . michacl o.. harold j.. anthony e.. and geoffrey m are tops with this humorous aries . . "sam" enjoys fishing, collecting records, and making posters . . . plans to become a successful dermatologist.MERLE STEVEN GARY •'stevie" “i'm telling you" this realistic, fun loving Ico enjoys tennis, singing, bowling, and jogging . . . active member of the yearbook staff, tennis team, and “the gang . . . "stevie" wants to become an airplane pilot GENA CATHERINE GROSS "hina” "you can't stop me now'' . . . this career minded scorpio is a member of the alpha-khi-gamma sorority, senior council, student council and twirlers . . . "hina's" pals include tanya w„ anastasia h.. sheryl h . and juanita b. ANASTASIA ANJANETTE HENRY "anna" "say that" . . drawing, dancing, singing, and acting are just a few activities of this very crazy, talkative and loving nut. . . "anna”, pep squad captain, enjoys the friendship of denise s. tanya w.. Clarissa h.. and elizabeth f. . . . plans to major in the fashion field. WANDA JEAN WOODS "vanda voods" "get out of here?" . . . this congenial virgo participates in the concert chorus, girls' glee club and gospel chorus . . friends are elizabeth h . rachelj.. sandra w.. and tinar.. . . enjoys volleyball and tennis . . . plans to become a medical technician 29HF.l.EN D FRAZIER "Helen" this reserved gemini spends her time with andrea t.. esney d . mane s.. and vem b. . . . enjoys painting . . plans are to attend u.c.ljt. and receive a master's degree in sociology. 30 GRANT ANDERSON "grant" "what's up'” . grant enjoys tennis, bowling and football . . generous and pleasant, grant enjoys the company of vinessa h.. ina !.. and anthony p. . . . plans to attend college . . parents have been very influential. STEVE BANKS “steve" "what's up?" . . . suave and cool. Steve likes playing sports, dancing, and music . . . born under a virgo-libra cusp . . . favorite sports are baseball and basketball . . . can be seen with scott m.. kelvin t.. tracy i.. and saundrn w.M P PRESTINE ALLEN "prtx" "that's wild" . . . this shy aries is an active member of the gospel chorus, jan band, honors band, and orchestra . . . miss wing. mr. slavitt. mrs johnson. and mr. brown arc his favorite teachers . . . plans to become a contemporary composer FRANZ COUNCIL "franr" "what's up?” . . . this quiet libra enjoys football, baseball, and cycling . . active in the concert band . . admires anyone rich . . . franz's partners are John t.. harold j.. and pernell p . . . plans to become a computer technologist. JANICE TERESA BENNETT "tweetie bird" "truly, lies all lies" . . . this aries is very outgoing and outspoken . . . janice's hobby is singing and she's very interested in drama, dance and gymnastics . . plans to become a child psychologist. KIMBERLY N MATHIS "rice" "whatchu know about that von?" ... a positive, fun-loving leo who is a member of the basketball team and student eouneil. . . donia m.. william p.. ms hansen. mr hozzard. and mrs. grccnc arc admired . . . plans a law or modeling career.RICHARD RANDALL "junior" "ask me if i core" . . . congenial and loving trombonist is currently in the jaxz ensemble, orchestra and symphonic band likes "the gang" . . a future lawyer who admires his mother and reverend nichol. TYRONE MOORE “ty" “you sparz" ... a friendly and talkative cancer who is very active in the drama club and dance ensemble . . . friends include michclle w.. deneise g.. olabisi 1.. and karl a.plans to attend the fashion institute of technology NORMA RODRIGUEZ "nely" "hey. man" this sensitive sagittarian loves baseball, tennis, and bike riding . . . when not involved in her artwork, "nely" can usually be seen with gloria a . brenda w . and tamara j. . hopes to become a successful medical secretary. DEBRA JEAN RONEY "debbie" "i’m telling you" ... a quick-tempered, but fun-loving scorpio who plans to become a court stenographer. . likes photography, dancing, and attention from the opposite sex . . . parents, ronald r.. and mrs lorraine w.. have influenced her lifeSANDRA H ROGERS •'boot" “what's your malfunction?" ... a warmhearted person who wants to become a registered nurse . . enjoys writing, acting and reading poems . . . Attends seton hall upward bound . . . most influential persons are lewis roland. leroy wilson. and her parents. TANYA WINBORNE “poochie” “really?" ... a very kind, friendly pisces . . dislikes homework and unnecessary noise but enjoys fencing and photography . . . denise s.. anna h.. carla w . and jaelyn m. are close associates . . . "poochie" hopes to become a professional photographer CAROL RENE SIMMONS "lee" “now it's not that bad. is it?” . . . this fun loving libra spends her day sewing, writing, and singing . . . cruelty will never reach her turf . . . “lee“ is very fond of rene w.. michael b.. mary w.. and jean s. DARREN ANDERSON "darren" “what's up?" . . an active gemini who enjoys basketball, jogging and discos a member of the cross country team . . darren's future plans include computer programming . . . friendly with tyrone b.. carl g.. rodney m . and kelvin t 33KELVIN E THOMPSON “ed" this congenial young man. born under the sign of aries. enjoy bowling, pool, basketball and baseball . . . kelvin runs cross country and wishes to become a mathematician . . friends include steve b.. darryl s.. scott m.. and tracy i. SHARON L PRYOR “sha" •'wha-a-at?" . . . this charming pisces loves tennis, dancing, swimming, and bowling . . attains much satisfaction out of being a cheerleader . sherry f . sandra m . lisa a . and angel b. enjoy her company . . . “sha" desires all the comforts of life. 34 LINDA CELESTE REDDING "lin" "bug off!” ... an intelligent Sagittarius who wants to become a corporate lawyer . . . time is occupied with “the gang” . . member of the yearbook staff and senior class council MARIA MITCHELL ”ria" "man'” ... a loving, fickle, and protective virgo who enjoys karate and drawing . . . associates are leazette b.. deneise g.. marie c . and lisa h.. . . active future physician, science club and service committee member . . plans a future with her man. kim.ELIZABETH C HARVEY "bethy" "be for real" ... a straight forward virgo who cores little for dishonest persons . . . obviously why her friends include rachel j.. sandra w . elizabeth (.. and merle g enjoys concert choir and being color guard captain . . . plans to become a registered nurse. GAYLE TERESA MC LEOD "terri” "that's wild" . . . this lovable, outgoing libra leaves no room for negative feelings . . plans to become an administrator and merchandiser . . . reading, writing, singing, dancing, and hanging with "the gang" occupy the majority of her time. MARK CORNELIUS CLARK "old clarky boy" "oil stimulation" . this serious virgo can usually be seen with miguel s.. Christopher w„ and darryl s. . . . member of the future physician's club and brass ensemble . . . will never forget the trip to Chicago plans to become an anesthesiologist BILLY LYNN JR ' hulk" "you wild" . . this future dermatologist, who is quite congenial, befriends chris h . clarence j.. brian c . and tyronc m actively involved in jazz band, drama club and truck team billy wishes arts high the greatest success in all things. 35FRANK C GORHAM "frankie g" “huh?" ... a very easy going libra who enjoys fishing and hunting . active in track and cross country . . . plans to become a computer operator friends include clarence j.. denms samuel f.. and david g RHONDA LAKEISHA OUTLAW “outlaw" “shoot'”. . this friendly leo dislikes conceited people very active in the pep squad and gospel chorus . . aspires to go into music or business administration . . . among “outlaw's" favorite teachers arc mr howard. mr. hazzard. mrs. green and mr . ' p". 36 JUANITA BEVERLY “sybil" “woo babe" . . . this serious minded taurus enjoys gymnastics and art . . . can often be found in the company of gena g . sheryl h.. anna h.. and tanya w ... plan to become a successful architect. GEORGE DYROL HALL "gangster hall" "i tell ya" . . . a leo who dislikes phoney people and cheaters . . . enjoys doing "a little bit of everything" . . . bowling, swimming, and baseball are among his favorite sports . . . gerald g.. merle g.. and pernell p are friendsTINA L REUBEN "dcuben" "i'm not talking to you'' ... a nice, out-going Scorpio who hates prejudice and conceited people ... a future lawyer who is actively immersed in bowling, skating, and singing . . likes wanda w.. darcel w.. jean s.. and bcverly y- CLARENCE JONES "shrimp” " kiss off . . . this virgo dislikes Til spoiled kids" and loves music . . with the influence and help of mr. brown, mechclle j.. and edward m.. he will undoubtedly go far in the music world MICHAEL ODOM "sir nose d void" "stop lying" a very delightful taurus enjoys reading, designing posters and playing football. . . enjoys the company of gcoffrey input t . tommy d, and samuel f . .futureplans are to become a writer. 1 TOMMY LEE DAVIS "hawk" "what s up?” . . . this easygoing and understanding scorpio loves fishing, swimming, baseball and the dallas cowboys . heandhis friends scott m . kelvin t . tyrone f.. and andrew h enjoy dancing . . . plans to go into law or accounting 37MARIAN VERNETTA WELLS "pretty hair" "well god'" . . an independent, versatile and strong ilied scorpio . . loves dancing and bike ruling . . . can be seen with ronnie j.. faye b.. and esney d. . . plans a military or business career ... her relatives have been most influential 38 ZINA J JONES •dr r "bull!". . . this soft spoken pisces spends most of her time sewing, listening to the radio and "playing chauffeur" . . plans a future in the medical field . . admires paul winfield. diana ross and lcvar burton. SHERRY MARIE FORT "sherry" "don't try it matilda" . . violence irks this nice, warm and understanding cancer . . . often seen with lisa a., suundra m . angel b.. or sharon p . . plans to receive a ph.d in special education . . . spends her time modeling, crocheting and knitting.vvvt ELIZABETH ORTIZ "liz" 'get outa here” . . . this quiet but zany virgo like baking and sewing . . often seen with brenda t.. norma r.. and kathleen b. . . . favorite teachers arc mr. howard. mits cardella and mr abend „ . . plan to go to vocational training school. MELANIE GAYLE PARKER '■me!" ' shut up!” . . - thi quiet tcorpio is certainly upward bound . . . member of the honor society, future physicians' club and science club . . . will undoubtedly see success as a doctor or engineer . . . adrienne c.. annette a . tamara j.. and hadiya h are top BRENDA JOYCE THOMAS ''peaches” "look at you. you cludd" says this sometime moody cancer . . . mostly seen with clizabeth o.. geraldine b . kathleen b . and sherri m. . . dislikes insincere people enjoy chess, baking and bowling . plans to become a secretary. WILLIAM OLMO "william” "no kidding” . . . this kind hearted and sometimes funny leo enjoys drawing and inking comics, people, and objects . . . mr. carden. ms. hansen. ms. tso. and mrs. lcvmson have all been inspiring . . . william hopes to become a cartoonist 39:uF. rrrm fi TAMMIE CAMPBELL "tammie" “what you feelin'?" . . this friendly, congenial pisccs enjoys singing . . dislikes dishonest, conceited people friendly with sherry f.. debra r.. lisa a., and angel b. . plans to become a court reporter or famous actress or singer. GEOFFREY MITCHEM “mitch" people who “show off" annoy this friendly and sometimes quiet leo . favorite sports are soccer, track and tennis friends are anthony e . tommy d.. michael ©.. and kelvin t . . •'mitch" plans a career in physical education. KAREN MARIA DAVID "candy" "not really" . . . candy is a warm and sensitive scorpio who enjoys sewing, bowling and singing . . . best friends are leazette b.. and rachcl j. . . miss a bos. mrs. feldman. and miss tyson are her favorites. RONALD ZAYAS “zayos" “check it out” . . . girls and model building occupy lots of this cool pisces' time "zayas" can be seen with tavio p.. george m . norma r . and diana c. when not busy with the aspira club future plans are to become an architect.GAIL C PHILLIPS "gailee pooh" ‘hc juit oughta" • friendly, considerate, gemimcancer who models, sews, sings, and dances . . is actively involved in fashion shows, u.c.c. and the girls' basketball team . . this future optometrist likes jazz. blues and rock music . . pals include andrta w . Calvin in., twain b. and demse g TYRONE FLOWERS "tyrone" "whist' up?” . . bike riding, bowling, and baseball are some of the activities this arses enjoys . . . friends ore undrew h . girard g.. kelvin t.. and tommy d. . . . plans a career in business administration MARTHA SCOTT boom-boom" "ain't lying" . . this outgoing, friendly aquunus sews, sings, and enjoys typing . . is currently the gospel chorus manager and a pep squad member . . a future computer technician who spends her time with doma m . gad p. tommy a., and michelle I. ANTHONY EDGERTON "edge” this active scoepio participates on the track team, tennis team, and science club . . spends his free time collecting comic books and working with small scientific experiments can be found with geoffrey m.. tommy d.. and kelvin t.LORI SANTORO "lori" "oh my god" this friendly virgo is very active in tennis, ice hockey and racket ball friends include ugnes s.. lisa a. and sherry f. . . plans a career in fashion designing . . enjoyed the classes of mrs tso. mrs levinson. and mr dessasau DARRYL MARKETTE STOKES "pudge" this bold, outgoing cancer enjoys photography, sports, traveling and girls. con be seen with tracy i.. brian e . kelvin t.. and mark c. . . . plans to attend college for journalism and intercollegiate football. 42 FAYE A BROOKS "cookie” "such a geek" . . . friendly, fun-loving and active describe "cookie" . . . pep squad, dance ensemble, and gospel chorus are just a few of her activities . . . friendly with michelte m . manon w.. elaine h . and ehzabeth f. JOHN WESLEY THOMAS "wes" jogging, bowling, fishing, and the explorer's club fill the schedule of this quiet Sagittarius . . partners are harokl j.. franz c.. pernell p.. and andrew h.. . . parents are most influential to him . . plans a future in engineering.PERNELL PARHAM •pp." "what' up?” . . . thi indescribable lco's hobbies include kung fu and model building . . . john t.. franz c.. and harold j. are his favorite buddies . . . plans to become a commercial artist . . . parents have been very influential MARILYN DEE GRAHAM "marilyn" "get outta here" . . thi quiet, sensitive, and serious minded pisces enjoys writing, sewing, collecting magazines, and roller skating . . plans to become a registered nurse . . . friends are sharon g.. susan f . brenda w.. and rose m EUNICE COZETTE HAWKINS "nece” "git outta here'" ... a very understanding and congenial person who's an active member of the yearbook staff, honor society, and service committee . . . paula m.. phyllis p . ina I. and vinessa h are close friends DENE1SE JACQUELINE GREEN "neisy" "i'm tollin' you" ... a quiet but crazy gemmi who loves singing, dancing, photography, and art plans a future in advertising design or business . . . leazette b.. maria in., and Jacqueline c. are close friends 43SHARON A GILMORE "gilmore" “be for real" . . this talkative capricorn enjoys dancing, bowling, swimming, and track , . an active member of the senior class council, yearbook staff and mixed chorus "gilmorc" wants to major in psychology. RODNEY MC DONALD "rodney" this quiet, congenial pisces likes basketball, tennis, trail biking, and swimming goal is to become a medical doctor friends include carl g.. ralph w . elaine c.. and sandra m 44 DONNIE RANDALL "don" ' what's happening" . . . "don" is a virgo who loves jazz and hanging out with "the gang". . . hopes to become a computer programmer and excel with his musical talents . miss a bos. mr. klelis. mr brown and mrs. "p" are his favorites. ANNETTE ALSTON "annette" "ahh. shut up" ... a lovable scorpio . . . enjoys gospel chorus and playing piano plans to become a journalist or music composer . . . miss abos and mrs. "p" ore her favorite teachers.THIRETHA PRINGLE ••chip’ "i hear you'" band, orchestra, and jari band occupy this "gang" member's time enjoys skating, sewing, and reading . . . sister emmii and miss a bos are most admired. MICHAEL SAMUEL "hakim salaam muhammad" "what do you know about that?" . . . this knowledgeable ories spends his time with football, basketball, and boxing ... his four first place trophies in track speak for themselves . . . michael plans a fashion or medical career. PAMELA GILL "pain" "what's up?" ... a very outgoing virgo who enjoys bike riding . often seen with elizabeth f.. rhonda o.. jaelyn m. and jean s. . . . "pam" plans a career as u registered nurse . . most influential persons have been her parents CHERYL ALICIA REYNOLDS "chert" "kinda w-i-hd!" . . . gymnastics, working, and discos take up most of "chere’s" time . can always be seen with geraidme b.. Una j.. vanessa w.. or michelle 1. . . plans to further her education in the best way possible. 45JEROME RAMSEY "al-baaree havin'' “to each hi own' . . . motivation and independence constitute this Scorpio's personality dislikes con artists and over active people activities include reading, doing homework, and listening to music. DARRYL WILLIAMS "woodstock" “hey la' hey la!” . . . this down to earth disc jockey enjoys dancing, bowling and skating . . . plans to become a recording engineer or broadcaster . . . friends include brian e.. helen (.. and dave b. ■ MARK I PRE-XMA 9 . FRII DECEMBE 46 ROSE MARIE MOBLEY "bush" “i'm tellin' you" . . this concerned gemini is chairman of the service committee and treasurer of the future physicians' club . . hopes to become a lab technician or teacher of the deaf. PATRICK THOMAS "pat" a sports minded Virgo who enjoys soccer, baseball, and fishing . . . dennis s.. tommy d.. michacl o.. and gcorge m can always be found with this future college rote officer . . . "pot's'' father has been most influentialRENEE ANTOINETTE WILLIAMS "toni" "be for real” . this quiet virgo enjoy photography, listening to music and the outdoors . . enjoys the company of Caroline s . jean s.. wanda c.. and kathlccn b. . . . this future computer science operator digs art and steno classes WILLIAM LORENZO PERRY "renric" "it ain't nothin' but a party" . . . this satisfied and friendly science and band club member enjoys bike riding and cooling out . . future plans include college study in communications. MARIE B CORPENING "re-re" "don't get hysterical" . . . moodiness, criticisms, and kindness paint the total picture of this Sagittarius . . jeanette b . Charles w.. and michael b. are highly admired . . . "re-re" will never forget being embarrassed by miss abos ANTOINE HILL "toine" "what's happenin'?" . . a witty, non-violent taurus who love boxing, wrestling, and karate . . . art and science are important to him as "tome" plans to become a successful artist . . hi mother has been very influential. 47WADE TERRY "wade'' "oh my gosh'" . . . this sensitive and loving jazz band member can usually be seen with milton m.. clarence j.. or brian e . . . being musically inclined, wade hopes to attend oberlin conservatory of music. CARLA REEVES ■'•eana” "for real?" ... a very lovable scorpio who digs basketball and football . . dancing, sewing, and conversing on the phone take up much of her time . enjoys the company of michael s. anna h . shcryl h.. and jaelyn m. . . "jeana" plans to go into the business field. CRAIG RONALD BARRON "craig” "what’s happening?” - . . dislikes boring people and loves baseball . ■ . craig can often be found with darryl s.. and tony b . . . plans to attend college and major in music. ANITA ANN JOHNSON ••little bit” ••don’t even try that one” . . outgoing and nice describes’’little bit” . . . good pals include adeena a., veda g - rhonda t.. and carl g . . hobbies are singing, dancing, flipping, and eating . . . career choice is to be a singer or nurseJAELYN MONROE "jac" "think i won't" . . . this responsible and considerate Sagittarius participates in gospel chorus . . . enjoys reading and script writing . . . "jac" hopes to become a pediatrician. DENNIS SAMUEL “dennis" this shy. cool, and delightful sagittarian enjoys track, basketball, and jogging . . . although very active in athletics, dennis' plans are to join the air force . . . friends include frank g.. pernell p.. harold j.. and anthony h RACHEL JACKSON "rackul" "oh really?” . . . rar. howard. mrs. douglin and mr. slavitt are favorites with this warm pisees . . . friends include paulette b.. elisabeth h . jamce b.. and wanda w. . . . her plans are to embark upon a career as a social worker. DAWN IVETTE BUSH "bush" "kiss your toes" . . . this outgoing Virgo dislikes conceited people ... she does like s.o u.l.. khalif d.. and gina d. ... an active member of the chorus and service committee . . . plans a future in sociology and business ROSIA ELAINE HOPKINS "pumpkin" "don't even try it!" . . . a crazy libra who's very easy to get along with . . . active in the drama club, gospel chorus, dance ensemble, and the Klee club her future interests are social work and fashion consultation. MICHELLE YVONNE LEE "migucl-le" "come on now. level with me" this friendly and sensitive cancer's hobbies include singing, composing, and playing piano . . friends arc vanessa w . john a., anthony .. and darcell w . school activities include being concert chorus president and gospel chorus assistant director. 50 KAREN ANITA OUTLAW "kay-kay" this witty and sincere capricorn likes dancing, singing, talking and meeting people. . . friends are Jennifer h.. yolnndn c., nlfred j.. and codrcc t.. . plans to become successful. . .considers cnglish her favorite subject HAROLD JONES "puche" cross country, karate, and girls play important roles in this Scorpio's life . . "rock's" friends include pcrnell p.. john t.. franz c.. and anthony h future plan is to enlist into the marines geraldine brown has been most influential. I DAVEY BOGAR "davcy" a pleasant, hard working student who is currently on home study enjoyed reading, sketching and all of his classes when he attended arts full time JEANETTE SYKES "jeannie" modeling, traveling, and concert chorus arc important to this strong willed gemini lisa a., saundra m.. angel b.. and debra r. can often be found in her company . . . plans to attend college to become a certifier! public accountant GIRARD GLENN 'Yard'' “don’t even try it” . . . this open and friendly Ico enjoys chess, checkers, baseball and football . . . "rard" can be found with andrew h . tyronc {.. darcell w . and tommy d plans a career in data processing . . . enjoyed the classes of mr. hazzard the most. ROBERT SALTER "robert” a concerned and caring vocal music student who is friendly with everyone . . . involved in concert chorus and church choir . . . future plans uncertain 51 • A • • MIGUEL SANTIAGO "mike" "practice" . . . this friendly trumpet player admires kathlccn byrd and dislikes conceited people . . . member of the jazz band and orchestra . . . enjoys playing for conjunto caramclo . . . vice president of the symphonic wind ensemble. ANDREW HUNTER "quadir" "that's all right" . . . this sensitive and loyal taurus' associates are tyrone f. girard g . pat % . and john t . . . likes football amd swimming . . . plans to be an electrical engineer in the united states air force hobbies include bowling, chess and fishing. 52 ELAINE CARTHAN "pcpsi" “i don't know" . . . this aquarius dislikes people who think they're too good . . . describes her personality as being kind and thoughtful . . . favorite teachers are mr howard and mrs wilkcrson . admired people are her parents, jackie cooper and kathleen byrd. TOMMY ALLEN "tommy" an art major who enjoys dancing and checking out females . . friendly with just about everyone . . . this brother plans to continue his education and be successful.Mils Raff Miss Meyerson Mr Alamo Mr Slavitt Mrs. Loftin Mrs Neuss Mrs. McDuffie Mrs. Hollar-Gregory Mrs. Lang Mr Israel Mr Harris We remember faculty members who have left Arts. S3 Mr. Gentile Mrs. Murrayss56Juniors in basic black, glitter, gold and beautiful street wear.As seniors, we satin and 60displayed black lace, casual wear. 61Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Teresa Prizgintas Homeroom 310 If ever there was one deserving of eternal gratitude and thanks, that one is Mrs. Prizgintas. To fully describe all of the admirable qualities that she possesses would be impossible. She is a woman of great energy, patience, devotion, and love. The class of 1979 thanks Mrs. “P," for her leadership. Mr. Jan Carden Mr Carden is an advisor who has displayed much endurance. The task of putting together a yearbook is anything but an easy one. It requires much time and effort. Mr. Carden's skill and experience coupled with his wonderful personality make him the excellent advisor that he is The yearbook staff, as well as the entire class of 1979. thanks Mr. Carden. 62 Yearbook AdvisorBEST ARTIST BEST LOOKING •Tyrone Depts 208 •Tanya Winborne William Olmo 218 Tina Jackson Harold Jones 310 Ethel Wallace Darren Anderson 313 Lori Santoro Samuel Flanigan 318 Sheryl Head Zachary Turner 319 Gina Gross Kathleen Byrd 208 Tyrone Moore Geraldine Biown 218 Carl Golphin •Elaine Carthan 310 Ralph Whittington Agnes Santiago 313 •Mark Clark Norma Rodriguez 318 Tommy Davis Valena Green 319 Juan Andrade BEST DRESSED MOST TALKATIVE Richard Randall 208 Sharon Gilmore Donut McLendon 208 Carl Golphin 218 Gayle McLeod Tina Bartley 218 Ralph Whittington 310 Angel Barber •Martha Scott 313 Gregory Greenleaf 313 •Lori Santoro Maria Mitchell 318 Michael Samuels 318 Sandra McQueen Anastasia Henry 319 •Tyrone Bell 319 Valena Green Tommy Allen •Darryl Stoke Scott McNeil Wade Terry Zachery Turner MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dennis Samuel 208 Melanie Parker Ronald Zayas 218 Gayle McLeod Donnie Randall 310 Rose Mobley •Lendell Mitnaul 313 •Ina Leake Samuel Flanigan 318 Adrienne Chiles Miguel Santigao 319 Wanda Cooper BEST DANCER Adecna Adams 208 •William Perry Clurrisa Hobbs 218 Tommy Allen No Candidate 310 Ivory Minnigan •Agnes Santiago 313 Gregory Greenleaf Maria Mitchell 318 Larry Lemay Anastasia Henry 319 Michael DavisNICEST SMILE BEST MUSICIAN Kimberlyn Mathis 208 William Perry Cheryl Reynold 218 Christopher Wade Elaine Carthan 310 Harold Jones Lori Santoro 313 Billy Lynn Darcell Watson 318 Craig Barron Tania Mumford 319 •Edward Morris Anthony Harris 208 Wanda Woods Christopher Wade 218 Don ui McLendon Prestine Allen 310 Rose Mobley •Lcndell Mitnaul 313 Thiretha Pringle Wade Terry 318 •Michelle Lee Miguel Santiago 319 Tania Mumford MOST POPULAR Adccna Adams 208 Richard Randall Anita Johnson 218 Carl Golphin Angel Barber 310 'Tracy Ingram No Candidate 313 Scott McNeil Michelle Lee 318 Larry Lernay ’Anastasia Henry 319 Michael Davis MOST SERIOUS Dennis Samuel 208 Zina Jones •John Thomas 310 Marilyn Graham Billy Lynn 313 •Inn Leake Craig Barron 318 Carla Reeves Juan Andrade 319 Lisa Alexander MOST CONGENIAL Eunice Hawkins 208 Anthony Harris Anita Johnson 218 George Mendez Elaine Carthan 310 Tracy Ingram Lori Santoro 313 •Billy Lynn Darcell Watson 318 Samuel Flanigan Renee Williams 319 Miguel Santiago WILDEST SENIOR Anthony Harris 208 Vanessa Washington Tommy Allen 218 Anita Johnson ’Harold Jones 310 No Candidate Scott McNeil 313 Martha Scott Clarence Jones 318 Michelle Lee Zachery Turner 319 Anastasia Henry 65Unscramble The Names RELNEIGDA NOWRB RAACL SILAMILW ZTETEAEL EBUI NAGE SOSGR MULASE NIAAGLFN MAAELP L1LG BDARE EYONR 66CYRAT MRAGIN Of These Future Graduates DAEV GEREN NAKER N1AMRA EAGYL EMLDCO : 1 REENE SAILMILW EORGGE LALH ANATI MFRUDOM NIAZ NOSEJ WDAN HSUB V ARAATM OAKCSNJ NREENIAD SEILHC MAARTH TOC ST ILADN DIGREND 67ACTIVITIESJunior Class Executive Board The junior class has been very fortunate in that the selected class leaders have proven to be worthy officers Charlcttc Jennings, president; Mita Davis, vice-president: Rhonda Reid, secretary: and Juanita Thompson, treasurer have been wise in their decision making They all should be commended, as well as their advisor. Mrs. Abend. Service Committee The Service Committee is made up of those willing to extend their services in school activities. With the help of the advisors. Ms. Bridgers and Mrs. Vcnskus. they arc able to assist at Career Day. Alumni Day. Winter Fair. Entrance Exams, and Graduation. Outstanding seniors arc: Rose Marie Mobley, chairman. Paulette Brower. Dawn Bush. Marilyn Graham, and Lcndcll Mitnaul. 72Senior Class Executive Board Under the supervision of Mrs. Teresa Prizgintas. this year's Senior Class Executive Board has been very successful in handling the affairs of the senior class. President. Lisa Alexander: vice-president. Christopher Wade: secretary. Darccll W'atson; and treasurer. Tania Mumford have worked together in making the necessary decisions determining whether or not this would be a successful year. Though there were some hard times, which arc to be expected, the executive board should be congratulated for a job well done. The National Honor Society is comprised of juniors and seniors who display the qualities of service, leadership, citizenship and scholarship. Under the rigid charter of Arts High's Honor Society, juniors must maintain a 3.5 average and seniors a 3.2 average to be eligible. This year with Vinessa Hall as president: Adrienne Chiles, vice president: Ina Leake, secretary; and Melanie Parker, treasurer, the Honor Society has been active in tutoring, raising funds for worthy causes, and encouraging all to strive for those qualities needed to be a member. National Honor Society 73Science Club Students interested in any branch of science may join the Science Club. They work on scientific experiments and projects, some of which arc: making face creams, flying aircrafts, building model aircraft flyers, and forecasting the weather. Each year the club invites guest speakers, chemists and college professors to enlighten not only the club, but also any student with an interest in science. Lab Assistants Any science student interested in more information in chemistry or physics may become a Lab Assistant, provided a "B" average is maintained. They help in keeping the laboratory in order and materials in their proper places as well as working on experiments that arc too difficult for the average student. Stage Crew Mrs. Levinson advises the Stage Crew, which consists of those willing to assist in preparing the stage for all of the school’s activities. They are taught how to work the lights. draw the curtains and set up props. They arrange the stage for concerts, plays and other events held on Arts High's stage. 74Aspira Aspira is an organization designed to improve the knowledge of Hispanic culture for any interested students Under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Abend, the members of Aspira constantly strive to aid students of Hispanic origin to have a great sense of self-respect and pride in the intellectual and refined Spanish culture. Edgar Montalvo, president and Maria Mitchell, vice-president, have been very productive in carrying out their goal. The Arts High Student Council is a very well organized group. Each homeroom has a chosen representative to keep them abreast of all activities. The Student Council has sponsored entertainment for its student body and charitable drives for the community. It also took an active part in trying to help resolve the layoff crisis. The Student Council has had another successful year under the leadership of Wanda Cooper, president, and Miss Isaac, advisor. 75Dance Ensemble The Dance Ensemble was formed with the hope of traveling and performing in schools throughout the city to spark interest in the world of dancing. Their goal is to eventually start a course in dancing here at Arts High. With the help of Mrs. Tso and choreographer Kyne Franks of the Garden State Ballet, this group is progressing rapidly. Gospel Chorus The Gospel Chorus is comprised of students with the outstanding ability to sing well and convey their feelings to their audiences. Because they never fail to move their listeners, the Gospel Chorus is always requested to sing at churches, charitable affairs and women’s organizations, just to name a few places. The supervision of Ms. Ruth King and Donia McLendon, director, has been most valuable. 76Future Physicians The purpose of this club, which is to inform students interested in medicine of the opportunities available in the many different branches of medicine, has certainly been fulfilled. The Future Physicians have been very active this year. Of this year’s events, their trip to Beth Israel Hospital to witness open heart surgery was their most memorable. The Varsity Club consists of students who participate in any athletic activity. Mr. Larry Hazzard advises this group of young athletes. There is much hard work involved, but under the capable direction of Mr. Hazzard. the students are successful. Each year a sports banquet is given at which time the outstanding achievements of the athletic members are acknowledged. Varsity Club 77Scope Arts High's students are always kept informed of what's happening in the community by the capable journalists on "Scope's" staff. This year they worked very hard to put out several issues of "Scope" under the advisership of Miss Soriano and Mr. Elman. Drama Class This year marked the beginning of an addition to the regular majors available to students entering Arts High, namely drama. It offers training to those with talent in the Theatrical arts. Mrs. Levinson planned, designed, and taught this course to thirty students. Now. in every aspect of the word, this is "Arts” High. The Drama Club members are students who arc willing to give much of their time and energy. They have been working very hard the past year to perform for the students of Arts High as well as outsiders. This year, two East African plays and a musical have been their major projects. Drama Club 78Girls’ Glee Club The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Mattie Wilkerson. gives any female with a good sounding voice an opportunity to participate in a choral ensemble. The Girls' Glee Club explores a variety of music arranged for female voices and performs often in the Newark area. The outstanding event of the year was the excellent performance with the Orchestra at the Winter Concert Orchestra The performances of the Orchestra have been very enjoyable and have had much success. Mr. Charles Klclis and his assistant Lendell Mitnaul conduct this musical ensemble which is open to anyone able to pass the audition. The purpose of the Orchestra is to bring about one musical idea. The highlight of the season was the outstanding performance with the Girls' Glee Club. 79Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Band And Jazz Band Symphonic Wind Ensemble Mayor Gibson and Mr. Brown Concert Band Mr Brown Jazx Band The Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Concert Band and Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr. Otis Brown. Jr. have had a very productive and successful year. The Jazz Band has been quite successful in competitions and festivals. The Concert Band consists mainly of underclassmen working to improve their technical facilities to become members of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. The members of the bands are kept informed of all musical events by the Band Club. Vincssa Hall. Miguel Santiago. Ina Leake, and Gayle McLeod are officers. 80The Concert Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Robert Howard and the Mass Chorus, under the direction of Ms. Ruth King have both done an excellent job in maintaining the high quality of choral music at Arts High. The Concert Chorus is open to members of the Mass Chorus who show exceptional talent. 81Maria Mitchell and Jackie Cooper 82Soccer Team has triumphant season! This was a triumphant season for our Soccer Team With a record of 8-9 it was the best soccer squad Arts High ever produced. A needed victory over Barringer 4-1 enabled the team to advance and to participate in the State Tournament. Outstanding participants include: Co-captain. Scott McNeal and Patrick Thomas. Sophomore. Jerome Sweet was the most improved player. Coach Visconti envisions a great season for next year, with his squad of mainly sophomore and juniors. Geoffrey Mitchem Micheal Odom Patrick Thorn Tommy Davis Scott McNeal Sitting. Left to right: L Garcia. S Jordan. J Sweet. M Purdic. A Davis Kneeling M Odom. P Thomas. A Wade. G Mitchem. P Gilmore Standing Managers R Reid and P Lewi . T Davis. R Marshall. L. Lynn. S McNeal, V. Freeland. E Montalvo. Score-keeper J Edwards. Coach Visconti. Ht.Cross Country Team gains needed experience! Although its record was 1-10. the Cross Country Team gained much needed experience for future seasons. Coach Jerome Marcus and Student Leaders Kelvin Thompson and Kevin Smith are to be congratulated. Kneeling. left to right Mr Marcus. David Lawson. Laray Young. Dennis Samuel, and Bernard Grumby Standing, left to right Le Derrick Peny. Francis Thomas. Kevin Smith. Anthony Edgerton. and Kelvin Thompson 87Swimming Team Is Victorious The Swimming team is one of the most victorious athletic teams in Arts High. They have participated in many events that made their season successful. Mr. Landers, coach, has done an excellent job with the members of this exciting sport.Arts Fencing Team goes to District Final Under the coaching of Mr. Liput. Arts High's great team went to the city meet, the District Finals. At the finals. Tyrone Depts won a silver medal and Scott McNeil made the top ten. Senior members who also contributed to the team s winning season were Milton Mason and Tanya Winborne.One of the highlights of the season was the tromping of Vailsburg. Arts defeated Vailsburg by a score of 38 to 12. Sheryl Southerland scored a high of thirteen points in this thrilling victory. Mr Larry Layton, coach, guided the girls in their goal to have a productive season.Pep Squad cheers for J.V. Basketball Team Under the guidance of Mrs. Greene, the Pep Squad has the job of cheering for the J.V. Basketball Team. Keeping the team's spirits up is hard work, but the Pep Squad is always on duty. Captain. Anastasia Henry, and co captain. Lisa Alexander, always make sure of that. 91Carl Golphin The Christmas Tournament against Kenilworth sparkled the 78-79 season. Carl Golphin. captain and Ivory Minnigan. co-captain, were outstanding participants in their efforts to have a productive season. 92J.V Team 93The Cheerleaders began the 78-79 school year with great efforts to boost the team's morale. Miss Cardclla helped the cheerleaders to coordinate the cheers and steps so that their goal of encouraging the team members could be realized. Cheerleaders boost team’s morale.Sherry F«»rt The students of Arts High were elated by the inspirational performance displayed by this year's twirlers. Kathleen Byrd, captain, and Penny Wallace, co-captain, were responsible for the successful exhibition. Miss Sandy Cordelia, the advisor, played an important part in their sensational 78-79 year 95One must never forget the efforts of Arts High’s Track team. They went through a very difficult training program to gain victory. Despite their hard work, they failed to come up victorious. Mr. Marcus feels that their training will be beneficial in the coming season. Track team works hard Anthony Edgerton Patrick Thoma 96Tennis Team is successful Students who join the Tennis Team are expected to be acquainted with Tennis to avoid having to spend much time in training beginners. The members practice hard, on an average of three days a week in hope of having that longed for great team. Mr. Dessassau was the hard working coach.Bowling team victorious Adccna Adams Mr De sassau. coach The Bowling team had a sensational season this year. They competed in many tournaments and came up victorious. Mr. Evan Dessassau. the adviser, gave the team much inspiration and encouragement. The team finished third in the standings. 98Varsity triumphs with a no hitter Coach Cushnir is looking forward to an improved season after a 4-12-2 year. The Varsity Baseball Team had many returning seniors led by center fielder. Kelvin Thompson and pitchers Scott McNeal and George Mendez. George opened the season with a no hitter against Clifford Scott. The upcoming J.V. squad had a fine season. We're looking forward to an even better one in 79. Sitting: Kelvin Thompson. Tommy Davis. Brian Eubanks. Michael Odom. Kneeling: Andrew Hunter. Darryl Stokes. Tracey Ingram. Tyrone Flowers. Patrick Thomas. George Mendez. Standing: William Olmo. Steve Banks. Scott McNeal. Milton Mason. Coach Howard Cushnir.Sitting left to right: P Weathersby. V Grcrn. and P Edmond Knrrling T Jackton. C Newton. D Mollett. C Crawford Standing: K David. J. Faulk. A Chisolm. A Rowe and Ms Cardella. Softball Team Defeats First Place Shabazz! The highlight of the 1978 season was the defeat of the first place Shabazz team by a score of 13 to 8' The outstanding players of this great season were Veda Green. Carlotta Crawford. Pat Weathersby and Allison Rowe. This victory was only accomplished with the help of seniors. Karen David, Elizabeth Faulk. Zina Jones and Tamara Jackson. Even with this fantastic victory. Coach Cardella expects a better season for the coming year. 100Hazzard’s “Sure Shots” Place Third Arts High's Girls' Track Team under the leadership of Coach L. Hazzard placed 3rd in the City Championship Meet. The 440 relay team won the N.J. State Group I Section II Championship. Sharon Gilmore and Brenda Williams were senior members. Lisa Higgins. Denise Thompson. Cabretta Randle. Glinda Crawford. Clarice Walker, and Mary Frazier all contributed greatly to the success of the team. This young squad consisting mainly of sophomores has a promising future. They're real “Sure Shots" Brenda William and Sharon Gilmore.UNDERCLASSMENJuniors $ 106107Sophomores110Ill Freshmen112FACULTYMr. Jan Carden. Art Mrs. Barbara Bridgets. Art Mrs. Jeanne Tso. Art Mrs. Hazel Adams. Librarian Mrs. Jacqueline Levinson. Art Ms. Constance Hansen. Art Mr. Otis Brown. Music Mr Robert Howard. Music Mr Charles Brunquell. Librarian Mrs Teresa Prizgintas. Music 116 Mrs. Mattie Wilkerson. Music Miss Ruth King. Music Mr Charles Klelis. MusicMr . Harriet Douglin. English Mrs. Mary Abend. Spanish Chauncey Rihacek Mrs. Sonia Feldman. French Mr Joseph Palcstina. English Mrs Glen Marie Brick us. English Mrs Elena Leon. Spanish 117Mis Judith Barrett. Mr Terrence Elman. Mr. Jay Brasch. Guidance Guidance Science Miu Mary Soriano. Guidance Mrs. Mary Venskus. Science Mr. Leonard Yablick. Science Mr Evan Mathematics Mr Thomas Pia«a Mathematics Mr Albert Colvin. Mathematics Mr Kenneth Treitler. Mathematics Mr Leon Thomas. MathematicsMr Howard Cushnir. Mrs. Lola Jones. Mr. Larry Hazzara. Phys. Ed Phys. Ed Phys. Ed Miss Sandra Lee Curdclla. Home Economics Mr. Jerome Marcus. Practical Art Miss Betty Issac. Commercial 119 Mrs Phyllis Johnson. Social Studies Mr. Stocy Doundas. Social Studies Miss Daria Krawec. Social Studies Mrs. Lillian Ritter. CommercialMrs Rostyak. Secretary Mrs Hauler. Teacher of the Deaf Mrs Street. Aide Mrs Cantrell. Security Mrs Rivers. System Success Mr Evans. Secretary 120 Mrs Pfeifer. L D Specialist and Dr Stewart. Psychologist Mrs Buck. Social WorkerMrs Shirty Zones Secretary Mrs Marie Lozito. Aide 121 Cafeteria StaffHILTON J. OTERO Principal When we begin to recall the years spent at Arts High we suddenly realize Mr. Otero has inspired us to strive for our highest goals. The class of 1979 will always treasure his inspiration and guidance. GEORGE STEISEL Vice Principal Mr. Steisel is known to all Arts High students for his interest in our academic studies, goals and aspirations. We appreciate Mr. Steiscl's assistance and thank him for making our future success a concern of his. 122Boosters Mis K.uhara Adams Mis M.i t-’ Adam Kccshii Davcnc Adams M Adeitnan Pc-arlit Agent AHS Viola Section ’78-7D A!. Daw and I.en 1 Betty A: bano Robert A'« xundcrw Sokdad Alston ’ Warren Alston Mr Mrs I B. Alton Mr. fir. M: :. t Alton Sr. Andak Ms Dei : Mr. Dougi James Andi ■'• n Florence Am Antoinette fir Toni Mrs. Inez Api ng Linwood B Ai . ttc Arlene Arrington Billy Arrington1 Paul Arrington Roland Airingt Scott Arrington Hosh Askew Ruth K Assaissi Emily Aucfriiullcr John Aun Tarr.ii.-f Bainefl Catherine Baker | Vcrnell Barker j Mrs. Ruby Barlj Ms Betty Bar Michael Bar Mr Willie Bar Gibranni Baro: Michael Barrino Michelle Barron Mary Bartley Thomas Bar tic; Mrs. Ruth Bat Cheryl Bedford Mrs. Helyn Bell Edith Bennett Ms Terry Ben Shirley Bennett J Mr. Donnell Be® Viola Bernard David Berry Eva M Bess Casey Best Al Bethea Lillie Betton Mr Willie E. Betton Henry Skelton Bey A. Bias Carmen A. Bia Sarah Bivins Suiuh Bivins Mary L. Blacksliear Major Bladwin 1 Frank Blake Raymond Blanchard Hazel Blizzard Herman Blizzar Dijait Blocker Miss Inez Bobbi Pat- E M:ke jg® . iphia Bole Mr. Mrs. F Mrs. Bcrni Mi Not! St. Ann B Quentin Mr fir. Mrs. Clarence ®dshaw Clsirlotte Brady Effie Branch Mrs. Louise Brandon Vella K! Braluun Tracy K. Branham Kimberly Braxton Joeann Brevard Doris Brewer0 G. M. Brickus LcRoy E Brickus Mrs. Bridges Bristo) |»s David BrflRner nnie Brooks HVrooks Mrs C Vssic Brower Blic Brower ton H. Brower rrell H. Brower rrcll H. Brower Jr. rancinc V. Brower illian Brower Lou Ella Brower ac Brower Rosa L. Brower oy V. Brower rown Family 'Nai Brown Brown 'avid Brown I rothy Brown 1r. Edward Brown hcl Brown Eunice Brown ic Brown Harriet Brown ette Brown in A. Brown Marie Brown is Brown Jr. Ramon Brown r. fit Mrs. Robert Brown icila M Brown olanda Brown 'oretha Brownlww ones Bruton iichclle Buchanan lloria H. Buck al Buffa Ucx Buie ,enora Buie ?osie Burgess dbert Dcnard Burl urn 74 rs. Burnett fit Family idrea Lynn Bush eryl Bush irce Bush rite Bus Ms. Carolyn Butlei Connie Butler Johnnie Butler Selena Butler Thomas Butts Ms. Alice Byrd Bcssye Byrd Mr. Charles E. Byrd Ms. Debra Byrd Ms. Kim St Alicia Byrd Linda Byrd Ms. Patricia Byrd Mr. William Byrd Mr. Calvin Lila Calcva Equillar Campbell Mcl Kane CamphgU Beatrice Canady Shirley Cantrell Gloria Canty Sandra Cardella Camilla Carden Mr. Jan Carden Brenda Carr Gillbert Carrillo C. R Carrington Rocia Carrion Winston Carter Betty Carthan Dewitt Carthan _ Sandra Carthan Agnes Casao Mr D. Cason Mrs. Celestin Ruth Chaiklin Tyrone Chambers Tyrone CharnbliimJ Chapter ! Inc Charanga CnsnnJB Dori Charris Sylvester Cheves Adrienne Chiles Angelou Chiles Helen Chiles Nicholas Chiles Walter Chiles Dolores China Rashan Ali-Chris Clarinet Section Charlie Clark Rev fit Mrs. L. C Mrs. M. Clark Michael fir. Anth Mr. St Mrs. Will, Willie E. Clark Rafiah Clemons 1 Mr. Eugene Clouti Clucky Mr. St Mrs Coacli lark Clark in 8t Family® Mr John ILCockrjill Naomi C ® Bei Mice U®® Ein i Colenij ic Collins Maggie H. Colye E. Consohr Rev Keith Cook ■oopc Mr. Mrs. I. ICoopcr Margarette Clbpn S Cooper': Bjr others Trv ®B® Terry Cooper Eve bn Copclas NTT Renee Coi Clifton Corbet-Lorna Corperii. Gerald Cousin . Ruby Cowart, O. Cravefc Carlottc G ’ "CC avis vis illie Davis Crosswinds Moiscs Crus Carlos Mr. fit Mrs. Bbvrt Cunningham . Bi Mr. ’ Mrs. V Anna Davis Carlos Davis Ji Delores Harold E Mr. fit Mrs Paulette Pauline Ms. Thclm Mr. 8s Mrs Lois Dawkins Aline Dawson Joan Dawson Julie Dawson Guy DeAnfc Kevin James Orrin Decker Deluxe Cl Noi man Ms. Patric Mr. Dcssasau Mrs DcVit Leon DcVos Priscilla Die! Lillian Divorkin | Dorsan Bloom (Upward Bound i I Mr . Harriet I •' Sri mkDodgin Gooden Mrs. Doris Ur. ki Mr. William Calvert Drummnd Donna Drzymkowski Duey’ Lunch W.ig.m Ken Duke Marry Dula Salick fir ShcJi. I i- n Sr rson Taishia Dunbar Kenneth Dyer Janies Eaddy Jamise Eaddy Joe Earl Henri ft Lula Eason Gloria East t Jaiyce Easter Mr. Mrs. Moses B. Easter Emma Easterling7 Jtk Eastern Airlines East Orange JBugtAr Alarm Ms Eavens Erkiic ft Als Wt;plesalc . . Mi s Sylvi i Edgtil Vernier Edwards' "■ Mrs. SuSyn Eley Deborah Edison Tenry Elman Lois J Ennis Mr. ft Mrs George Enoch Mrs. Irene Epps Martin L. Erwin Flora Evans Robert Evans Ray A. Evans Ingram Ezcllc Ms. Lvn.ia Bvrd Faison| Peres I. F.iis Edward Kasjj ' Tommy (Mrs Mary Kcltorv' Tommy Felton Belinda i Pocohontas Perrcll ‘69 Luberta Fiel .is r Bruce Fitzgcr Hi Kenneth Fitzgcra E. Alma Flagg 7 John Flakes I Alice Flanigan Mrs. Shirley Flanigan Roosevelt Flowers Grody ft Jackie Ford .Jacqueline M. Foster « Mr. ft Mrs. William Francis Kathy Frank Frazic Alcxinj| Hyacinth Frc. man Richard Freeman |Sharbn Freeman i Snsan Freeman yDavid Fn MM0r Mh. Friday g Jcannic Frfnay ft’friends Mr William Friday Robert Frye Bob Fuller Mr. Mrs Jess Mrs. Bonnie F Sherrie Furr Alma Futrel Vann Gaddic James Gadskin Barbara Guntz Fuller Marcia Garcia Hattie Gardner Mr. Mrs. Fred Garner Dennis Garretson Joyce Gary Lamont Gary Meric Gary Ruth Gary Tina Gatling •Gerry Geor ■ James Giboions Mrs. Mattie L. Gibbions Mrs. Rose Gibson Jason D. Giles Adrian Gill Miss Constance Gill Mrs Joycclyn T Gi Kimberly Gillenwnters Savoya Gillenwatcrs Denis Gilliam Joseph Gittcns V. : ■ :s Glickman Joines Glover Jr. Miss Juanita Glover Mr. fir. Mrs William Gloves George Golden Carmen Gom M:- Faithc Emma Gon ale Good Luck Lm Good Luck Lin Bobby Got Bobby E G C. J Gotfstier Aaron Grange r Valet it Granger Diane Gr Glynis 01 Ben G Gail Gray Laura Gr Rudolpls Antoni, tte 1 ray Dorothy‘Gray H ■attic K Gray Ir. A1 Green |irny E. Green I Barbara Green Catherine Green Miss Florence Green Mary Green Mildred Green Mrs. Pamela Green Rondev Green Veda Green Victor Green Willa Green Grace Greene Harvey Greene Jerome Green house! Eda Ori mleafB Albeit,. VI. -motf |ner Griggs Ethel Grirrtn Almo.Grissctt Miss Brenda Grooms Isabel M Guerre Alvin Ann Mary Rut' A llj Anti Harold Bronson i iwaync Jos Eleanor Bryant Hall Mr . Ester ■i. reansTl Hr Harold Hall ™ —lHarold Roddy Hall Helen Hall ' Pi pper Hog Hall gt Sharon Hell raise Ha!- ord Ronea Hines liss Hodges ttic Holnnd fason W Holcomb James W Holcomb William Holden Wiliie Mae Holden Mi ft Mrs Bcrncllt Hfldland Stephanie Holland .vard Holtey ft Par fen. Holloway™ tnc ft Anthony Holloway Hollywood Kings’?9oc:al Club Mrs. Wilnora Mr.G Holmes Joe Holmes Linda Holmes Scott Holt Aurthur Hr Al rant •livi; i Gfcmt imond rj Nfrs.PSnmue! Ha J Daisy Hargraves - I ■ Hargrove Annette Hargrove Elizabeth Hargrove a Alex Harris Mr Atlas Harris B.nbara Harris Cr Harris Karen Harris Hwayne Harris E Mary Harris Chclcc Harvard Darnell Harvcll Bettic Harvey Suzcttc Harvey William H Harvey II William H Harvey III Antoinette Hatcher Mother Gladys HawJ The Hawk Carrie Havnc Walter Havw Mr ft MrsH Sarah I- Hazel Mrs. Ruth Effl Larrv ft Pal Larry Jr.. Baron, ft. Jcninc Hazzard Albert Head Jr. Cornelia Head Larjy Head lend Head rbara ft Ph Keith Hcf Shawn Hcnningsi Mother Mildred He Tila Herrera Betty High Cynthia High Anna Hill Dclcencr Hill Shirley Hill Timothy A Hill | lwood Hazzarc Hedges pet h Hooj Hoo opson Virginia Horace John Hornstra Brad Howard Frank Howard Jr. Rev James E. Howard "mies E. Howard . R Hudson ‘son Mr Paul S Hudson E. Hudson ft Mrs Calvin Hughes ittie Humphrey Mr Joseph Hunchak ______ Inez. Hunt Willie Hutchins ______j»e Ingram Marie Ingram Frederick Jacko Deborah Jackson Ella Jackson George Jackson Ms. Geraldine Jackson Mr. La we re nee Jacksm Linwood E Jackson Sr. Linwood E. JacklonTli Mrs. MarganeJF Jackson s Marion F Jackson el Jacksor ugh Jackson M' WalU. j..c sor Mrs. Yvonne JackEon Dr. Gertnude E. Jacobs Geneva Jef rson Kim Jcffrics j Charlctte Jenmfl B ' Johnnie Mac's BE|Hy Salon Mrs Johnson Al T. Johnson Davis Johnson Evelyn Johnson Mrs Georgia Johnson R. v 1 mu s Johnson Juanita Johnson Kamo Johnson Leroy Johnson Mamie L. Johnson Ethan Gortez Jon Anna Lois Jones Bessie L Jones Bruce Jones Cheryl Jones Mr. Coyt L Jones Mr. 8t Mrs. Edward Jones Mrs. Ida Jones Lluana Jones Mrs. Lola Jones Ms. Regina G Jones Ruby Jones Shelly Jones Vclmers Jones Virginia D. Jones William Jones Leon F Jordan Shelton Jordan fit Family Rudy Jose Harry W. Joseph Esther Joyner James Joyner Pat Joyner Mila Kasala Earl Keith C Dei lick Keitt Thelma Kelly Mr Richard Kendall Mr fit Mrs. A Kilgore fir. Family sw Betty King Charley King Ruth King r Mrs. T King Lisa Kirby Miss Toni Kirby Bertha Kligman | Leslie Koons T. Kramer Miss Daria Krawec S Kuharich Joanne Kunzucilcr Juan Kuilan Gene Lach Ms Willa L. Ladson Ms. C. Landrum Joyce fit Paul Lane P. ill fit Wednesday Lane En: :que Lanzot Patricia Lflttimorc Mi fit Mrs. James Lawhorn Brian Kevin Lawernce David Lawson W •.!] am Lawton cezexj Boni Cnee Leal Tiny Leak Mary Lomai Lcndell fit Lois Jodi M Leonard J Leonowicz Pauline Levandoski Emma Lewis Maggie H. Lewis Penny Lewis Kearn Lillian Gladys Little Larry Little Josephine Livingston Deborah Livingstone Ms. Geneva Livingstone Cherylyn Logan Elanor Longus A. Loria Robert Lovcnguth Ernest L. Lowery Marie Lozito Emma Lucas William G. Lucas Danta V. Luistro Noel C. Lumley The Lyerly Family Mr. fit Mrs. Lloyd Lynk Jr. Annie fit Billy Lynn Ms. Blanche Lyons Naoini Mack Linda Mackey Helen Maddox Branda Majors Malcolm X Tonya Mallettc Karen Mancuso Tina Maney Mr fir. Mrs. Larry Manuel Sr Mark Family Mr. Harold Martin Ms. Elsa Martinez Maria Martinez Marty fit Ann Irene Masco Mr D Mason Rev. James E M Mammie Mason Willie Mason O'Connel Matthew Charles A Matthews Richard Matthews Lena Mavo Sylvia McCall Betty McCargo " aMqfl McCullourh Transpi Elizabeth NJ G. McKnight Neicy fit Deb McLaughlin Nora McLean Daniel McLeod Ms. G. McLeod Mattie McLeod Richard McLeod Rosalind McLeod Erika Marie McNcn Ralph L MrNeal Ralph L McNcal. Jr Scott Damon McNeal , Shirley J McNeal Catherine McNeil Lori McNerney Susie McPhatter Charley MclCamero Ethel Melvin Mrs Ellenstein Messer Michael fit Toni Kelly Mickens Ossie Mickens Patricia M Mr. Robert Mickens Mrs Sylvctta Mickens Trac y Mickens Troy Mickens Brenda Miller Chris Miller Corine Miller Mrs. Deloris Miller Ben fit Ray Milton Clyde D. Mitchell Doris Mitchell John Mitchell Nathan Mitchell Carry Mitchelle Lendell L. Mitnaul Lcndell L. Mitnaul Jr. Ora S Mitnaul Stephen fit Denise Mitnaul Mrs. Delma B. Mobley Mrs. Dorothy Mobley Mr. Richard Mobley Ms. Vinessa Ruth Mobley Sheila Monelus Hector Montes Bill Moore Gladys Moore, alumni Mrs. Priscilla Moore Wille Moore George Moreno Jose Fina Moreno Dorothy Morris Edward Morris III Kim Morris Michael Morris Tracy Morris Eric Mor Darin Morse Mr fir. Mrs Lynn Morse Winfred Moses Eknu Mosley Uson Lillian Mosley Betty Motley Mi Ras Muhammad Muhammad Rasheed A. Muhammad Mumfords House of Beauty Bernice D. Mmnford Collette Mum ford Mrs. Betty MurfWey Karen E. lnurphy B Helen Murray Deborah Neal Leonard Lemar Neal Jr. Shirley fit Neenee Wilbert Nelson Ike Nesbitt Ernest Newby Mark Newman Sheila D. Newsome Sheryl Denise Newsome Deana Nick croon S. P. NicJaus Aida N eves Ed A Nimiera James Nixon Nobbys Men's Shop Thelma Norwood Mr. fit. Mrs. A Odom Elvira Odom Jeanette Oliver Omega Phi Phi - Tina Oquart Jose Ortiz Lucy M Ortiz Yvette Ortiz Mrs. Emma Outlaw Mr fit. Mrs. James Outlaw Ms. Judy L. Outlaw Lawernce Outlaw Mrs. Mildred Outlaw Terry Outlaw Mr fit Mrs. L. Paige Jr. Elanore Palmer Tania Parasino Morris Parker Miss Jada Payne Carl Payno Anthony Pearson Mr. William L. Pearson III Mr. fit Mrs. Pendleton Antonio Perez Mrs. Carmen Perez Jose Perez Romona Perez Perry • Alver L. Perry Bertha Perry Juanita Petcn Oscar Petty, oboe Ms. Pfeifer Mr. 8t Mrs. E A Phardean Phillips and Flanigan Auto'Body Alphus Phillips rshey Phillips rd R. Phillips r ffc Mrs. Thurman Phillips Lucille Gina Marie Pinkney Dorothy Pinnix 8t Family Flossie Porter Mrs H. Powell Jessie Powell j Willie Mae Pressley Willie Preston Thomas Price Allean Pringle Neptune Pringle Jr. Tillie Purnell Queen of Ai; ;cl Evenly Qunas Ruby A S Qu Abdunl Rahai L Sains arcof Ramei |l-ois Ramsey Ida R. Ranklin Herman Ransom Sallie Rotchforr? Francis Ratchiffe inica E. Ray »y’s Superette •rbert Reaves Evelyn Carroll Redding The Reed Family Barbara Reed Bcrnicc Reader Mother Elizabeth Reeves Florence E. Reese Beattie Reid Lucille D Reid Rhonda Reid Danny Rein Rita Rcina jj Renee Matilorc Rcnovalez A j. D. Rcsta Cullen Reuben Mr. fit Mrs. Dan Reuben David F. Reuben Edward Reuben Tina L. Reuben Lee Reynolds Marion RheaMrs. Bertha Smith Ms. Comclus Smith nson oncsifer I te Stot: off St rami -Alberta Richard Beverly Richardson Cynthia T. Richardson 77 M. Richardson Charlie Ricks Mr. fit Mrs. Jessie Lee Ridctick Jr. Carol Rietrovich Miss Roxanne L. R« Delores RiieV Robe i ' S obei ts Julio Rivera Ms. Rivers Alfred Robots Angela fir Shell Cheryl Renee F Lois Roberts Mr. fit Mrs Ro Mr. Theodora S Deidre Ro. in Mr fit Mrs Rodngu Jose Rodriguez Ji" | Julia Carmen Rodriguez ! Julie Rodriguez ’ Julisa Rodriguez Mabel Rixlrigucz Magtali Rodriguez Margie Rodtjfcuez Ncly Rodriguez Normu Rodriguez Ray Rodriguez Raymond Rodriguez Richard Rody Melida Rogers Rogers Willie C Rogers Rvrsf - H - fit Mrs. C. Simmons Clifford Simmons Joyce Simmons Mrs. Bertha Simon I Nanny Simons Josephfne Simpson Ezekiel Singletary Jes ie SiUeton James Skeleton tfryl A. Skipper t Slaughter ra. L. Smith — Mr. Joe Thopias Mr. Leon TruJmas n Smjth mii Smith Mrs. Sh Mr fit M Yvonn Luts A • R . R omcro Philip Romono | Franco Rossi Mrs. Mary Rostyak William R Spuse Bertha L Royal 1 Eliot Ruff fit Mark Russ sell Ruth Sabir Brenda Kelvin May fit Tauhecda S- I. Wahcedah Ben Salley Lathan E. Salle Mr Ike Salsbury Margaret Sample Beverly Sampson Henrietta Sampson C. Roslyn Samuels Grilcy Sanders Luisa Santana Prince A. Sapp Jr. Mr fir. Mrs. James S Mr. Cor:. hi-. Mr H S.mtiJ Mrs C. fir. H Dorothy S::J Misfit K ii Smith . Smith Mr. James Smith Jean A. Smith Mrs. Juanita Smith Margaret Smith Mary Smith Ms Michelle Smit Miss Raechele Mr fit Mrs Miss Sylvia Smith Willie Smith Winfred Smith Lillian Snead Elizabeth Sneed Mary Soriano nky Sprice L. Spindlcr Anthony "Neck” Spnnll |St James Young Adults Mr fit Mrs. Donnie M inley S..bring Stanley Mi fir- Mrs. Steel. James A. Stephens Jimmy fit Billy Stephens Jessie Stephens Willi Stephens B C StewajH Lai i St Tyron St Robert.. S Mis Amid D l»»i s. Street arold Boopy Strickland Sheila E Suggs S , v Res;. Russell Talmadgc Leslie Thotaa's . Mildred Thomas Mr. fit Mrs Reginald Sakinah Thomas Bessie L. Thompson Mr. fit- Mrs. M. Tiller Mr. T J Ruth Tomlinson Delores Tomlison y ▼ Mack Tomlinson W g jmP Topping Willie A. West Wad Wwoton Doris Whitaker fin Whitn John' Whitaker® whue Mrs Callie White! r Denise White fit Mrs. Donald White Torres ishstonc Cynthia TousiJ r Ez. Vince, fit Zack Townsend Ms. Norater Trent Ms EdloTr ipe Jeanne Tso Mr. Anthony Tucker Denisj Harrel Mr. Enocli TV Mark A Tlicke anette T Rost ucker eric Sells’Twym Id n T. nie an Vasq uez B. Tyni Gloria Tyson t Var. burg Deli ; Vails 'urg Window Valanto Kayo Valenti™ Jcssika V.zque Ms. Yvonn Ms Richadcan V; Mrs. Mary Vensk Vignette M Jolena White Lurene White Thomas White Clinton J. Whitfield Janie B Whitfield Janie B Widgeon Edith Wilder M. Wilk. son Stacey Kim Wilkins Mr. 8t Mit. Arthur Williams Dorothy Williams Mrs Elizabeth Williams Erie fit, Ruby Williams Fiance Williams Gerald ne Williams Mr. fit Mrs. Greg Williams fir- Fam Jean W hams John Williams Lever: Williams Mat W hams Ms M.jy Williams Mary Williams atti Ellerbe Williams Williams ildre Sheila Williams k rre Williams 'alter B. Williams |uo lrow Williams L lily Carrie Vines W And rue Wad Anthony W...U Jr Carol Walker ___ Wj Gcraidm Herb A-1 Wi teaynTndl Irving Win 0c Mild K •ran Ison :an Witaker Delores Morita Searlts H. L. Sclle Mabel Selph Connie Seymore Ms. Myrtle Seymour" Glen Shakarian Raheem Sharif Mr. Lucky Shaw Marilyn Shaw" Tony E. Shaw Jr. Craig Shears Bronzilla Shepard John Shoulars jg Alcta. Ben fit Rodne ” Sm alkcr alkcr ira Wallace y Wallace Wallace ,tc Walsh ’ard V Wfard Washington Shefittta Waterman Alfred Wl Barry David ffatkms _JEs' Vickie Watts Wrequahic Cleaners Jean Wclchcr Ellanore Wells Mrs. Susie M Wells Jeremiah Wiesl Lula' Mimic Wood"" M- Carolvn Woods Eide; J antes Woods Mrs Mary Woods Mickr’Tc Woods Wanda J Woods P. • .ce L. Wooten - Gract W .i'll I Susan Worrill '71 Eujcra Wright Pamela Wright Willie B Wright Yearbook Advisor. Jan CaJ Yearbook EditorMJeH Mitiuul. Jr Etidic Young | Mrs. Juanita Young" Lloyd Young Francine Ziplcl Mrs! M. Teasley Randy Tcc The Tellis Family Mr Terrence Angelo L Tibaldo We. the class of June 1979. thank all of the persons listed above for their generous support We especially wish acknowledge the extraMorfations fdven by those persons with Carol Tissot m asterisks after their .names as t IT Annies Thomas _____________________ IV5 % Vv j. toT$i i cur 77 5 A LORSTAN STUDIOS 4 u k, Ne 642-2110 599 Broed Street " Newark. New Jersey Ail portraits appearing in this publication will be retainedpn file and car. be duplicated at any tune. Special student discounts on wedding pictures. Trapped by the Tuition Termite? It's easy to get a Student Loan from us! the Howard WIUMIU IOC OiMOvn Mums Passaic. Union Monmouth. Camdon and Burlington Counties 128 11:1 - ;r-'

Suggestions in the Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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