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VIGNETTE 1978 ASM AL PUBLICATION OF I III SENIOR CLASS ARTS HICiH SCHOOL NEWARK. N J. Editor-In-Chief Assistant Editor Art Editor Managing Editor Advisor Selena Ingram . Lori Dennis Terry Anderson .......Sheila Thompson Jan C arden Yearbook Staff Beverly Alston Audiey Archer Patricia Baker Constance Baskervillc Albert Bergland Vivian Berry Delores Booker Charles Crenshaw Tyrone Depts Cheryl Lewis Daisv Mollctl Donna Moore Harold Morrison Carolyn Pin Albert Potts Gail Reynolds Marguerite Robinson Dianna Smith Lauren Spaights Patricia Spruill Wanda Thomas Sheila Thompson Rerfhav I igner Contributing Photographers Ted Breeden Jan Carden Tyrone Depts Janet Jordan Albert Potts I rone Moore Brian Morrison Clarence Terry Sheila Thompson Lorstan Studios Dedication MR ALAN SLAVITT At the beginning of our senior car we were all taken by surprise by the sudden illness of one of our favorite teachers. Mr. Slavitt. During his absence, we realized what a great teacher he really was. Mr. Slaviit's back now and in order to show our appreciation, we. the class of 78 arc dedicating our. yearbook to him. 2Dedication MR ROB! RT HOWARD Mr. Robert Howard inspired the lives of many with his warmth and dedication. His love for music made chorus class a worthw hile lesson and a memorable experience. Mr. Howard's decision to take a sabbatical for further study our senior year saddened us all. but we’ll never forget the kindness of this talented and inspiring teacher.FiVERYI IIING Ml SI ( II WGf Wrom our parents we wfiU rise To become men and Woncii in their eyes ■y crcatcan individiiljk j hajjWiil dctcrminiyftur i ls Uiward which ill strive Bv choosine the rieht rod B choosing the right r td 've mfehl stumble and ffWU- But we possess a pride That will push us through it all From our childhood we will rise To become men and women in our evesAdministration and FacultyMR. HII TON O l I RO RRINClPAl We have lei ihe years go b without commending our principal. Mr. Otero. As we prepare to leave rts High and embark on our future endeavors, we take time now to thank him. Mr. Otero has given us the incentive to strive for excellence and the highest quality possible. We thank him for his dedication to our well being and for his friendship. MR. GEORGE STLISEL VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. Steisel has been a great help to us in taking an active interest in our ideas and plans. The class of 1978 is aware of his devotion to us and to our school. We will always remember and appreciate him. 8Mr Marcopoto. Chairman of Music Mr Ling. Chairman of Phyv lid and Health (I eftl Mr. Heck. Chairman of F.ngli'h OSGCO Mr. Shnx'co. Director of Guidance Mr. Spindler. Chairman of ArtMr. ( alvin. Math Mrs Roth. Math Mr. Dcvsasau. Math Miss Cardclla. Clothing Mrs. IXiuglin. I.nglish 10 Minn Ahov I ngliNh Mr Palcstina. F.nglishMiss Tyson. Mr. thuard Phvs. lid. Phys. F.d. Mrs. Greene. Health Mrs Vcnskus. Science Mr Yablick. Science Miss Isaac. Typing Mrs. Ritter. Commercial Mr. Brasch. Science 11Mr. Carden. An Mrs. Levinson. An Mr. Klclis. Music Mrs. Bndpers. Art Mrs. Pnzgcnlas. Music Mrs. Hansen. Art Mrs. Tso. Art Mrs. Wilkerson. Music Mr Harris.Chorus Mr. Israel. Music 12Mr. Elman. Guidance Mies Soriano. Guidance Mrs. Moore. Soc. Studies Mrs. Johnson. See. Studies Mrs. Abend. Spanish Mrs. tang. Social Worker Mrs. taftin. Spanish Mrs. Feldman. Languages 13Mrs. I.o ito. Aide Mrs Zones. Secretary Mrs. Doughtic. Secretary Mrs. Rostyak. Secretary Mrs DeVito. Nurse's Aide Mrs. Adams. Librarian Mrs. Powell. Nurse Mr. Brunnquell. Librarian Mr. MacCumbcr. Accompanist USenior Class Advisor MISS ADRIENNE RAFF Through the two years that Miss Raff has served as our advisor, we became aware of her unique sense of humor and her efforts to assist our class to reach our highest goals. Our appreciation cannot be put into words. We will strive, however, to make accomplishments in our lives based on our appreciation for this dedicated advisor. Mrs, River . System Success Mis. Street. Aide Mrs Cantrell. Security Mrs. Evans. Secretary Mrs. Horton. Physical Ihcrapist Mr. Rhim. Security 15Class of 1978SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT MAI RICE FOSTER moc" when this sagittarian isn't watching the ladies, he's out swimming or running track . . . wants to continue studying music and law ... as long as mom is behind him. moe will do it . . . friendly w ith Charles scay and daryl cox. SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY SHARON ALMEIDA “shan" "git oulta here!" ... an emotional, hut under standing aries who associates with gale d.. sandra r.. dianne b. and kevin e.. . . feels competing in pageants and talent shows have been memorable . . . future endeavor is to become a registered nurse. SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT KATHY YVETTE SIMMONS Lathy "don't even try it" . . . this intelligent pisces plans to join the judicial system as a court reporter . . . enjoyed being jr. and sr. v.p. . . . loves mom . . . crowd includes alien, kelly, manly n and stef. SEN IOR CL ASS T R EASE R E R DONNA ROSE MOORE "poo" “you dog!" . . . this moody but considerate virgo enjoys the company of kelly o.. punk in s.. cynthia d.. and kathy s.. . . enjoys being cheerleader co-captain . . . family is tops with her . . . plans include becoming well known in the business world. 18BEVERLY DENISE ALSTON "the bev" “praise the Lord!" . . . this pleasant, but occasionally domineering leo can be seen with janinc a., gail r.. lina b. and wanda w.. . . will always remember the day Jesus Christ became her savior . . . plans to become a successful accountant or lawyer. TERRY ANDERSON “cherry" "i don’t know" . . . this talkative and rebellious vigittanus enjoys working on yearbook staff and drama club . . . looks up to her father. . . member of seton hall's upward bound program . . . plans to become an accountant. JANINE M ALSTON “neen” a quiet scorpio who enjoys crocheting, cooking and the company of sincere and truthful people . . . plans an accounting career spends free time with beverly. gale, tina and wanda . . . will always remember when she was saved. ANTHONY ANDRIACCIO “anthony" a quiet, but fun-loving leo who enjoys watching football and other sports on l.v.. . . also enjoys reading mysteries and viewing drama and comedy. especially "all in the family" . . . enjoyed arts high. 19DF.LORES D. ANTHONY "dec” "you’re kidding" . . . this hardworking, fun-loving. occasionally shy leo is active with the science. future physician's and glee clubs and the track team . . . close to robert S- hershey p.. andrea. cdic and mrv p. . . . plans to become a surgeon. DANIHL LEE ATES darnel "oh yeah?" . . . this aware sagnianan enjoys photography and astronomy . . . ted. robert. ellis and osborne arc constant companions . . . darnel plans a career in architecture. 20 AUDREY VANESSA ARCHER audrey “ahh" ... a friendly and sensitive capricorn who strongly dislikes people who go out of their way to make others uncomfortable . . . plans to become a nurse or dentist . . . mother is most influential and admired . . . friends include kin-zeye. shefromca g. and vivian b. PATRICIA FRANCES BAKER -pat" “strive for perfection” . . . this warm and sensitive virgo is involved with singing, flute playing, the student council, service committee and other school organizations . . . friendly with glynis, evelyn. bcatrice. oscar and janet . . . plans to become a music therapist.BEVERLY ANITA BARNES bev" "yeah well . . . (his pensive person plans to seek a law career . . . gum popping during a test aggravates this intelligent libra . . . bev's par-ents. sister and Stewart gilbert arc the people she most admires. CONSTANCE MOOR1NE BASKERVILLE "cookie" "uh"... a sagittanan whose hobbies arc acting. singing and just plain having fun ... a firm believer in women's lib . . . cookie’s pals are sheila, wanda. ricky. demse and cheryl . . . plans to attend med school. DOUGLAS R. BARNES "doug" "ill get over, you watch!" ... an easy going libra who enjoys singing, basketball and the company of tony c- kenneth p. and tony g . . . doug plans a career in fashion merchandising and buying. KENNETH BELL "bell" a cool and understanding scorpian . . . when not playing basketball or football, he can be found with ted b.. or cugenc c. . . . plans army career . . . will always remember having to go into a basketball game at the last minute. 21RHEA ADAIR BLOC KER “ree" this crazy, fun-loving libra is active in special chorus, afnean dance, and hallct. . . "rcc" hates dishonest and conceited people . . . most influenced by her father, grandmother, and mrs. hoi-lar-gregory "recY ambition is to major in special education. DELORES BOOKER "dclorcs" phony people and back slabbers beware of this aries . . pals with bev. Jennifer, vivian. eugene. and debra . . . enjoys the sounds of the commodores. black birds, and ralph mcdonald . . . plans a career in medicine. OSBORNE B. BEY "ozzic" “say what?" . . . this nice, considerate and kind-hearted aquarian likes playing tennis and fencing . . . when not seen around clarence t.. bnan m.. or russell t.. ozzie is thinking about entering the field of mechanical engineering. "yeah, if you say so" . . . liars upset the balance of this quiet libra, so beware ... pat comes out of her shell w hen she is with Jennifer, dclorcs and judith . . . most admires her parents and mrs p. . . . plans a pediatric career.DONALDBOUGHTON "don" "alright now” . . victoria bring out the best in this quiet but forceful pisccs . . hobbies include basketball and spending time with mike and kareem . . . don plans a career in gynecology most influenced by liman W. D. and Muhammad. ROBERTC. BREWER. JR. “rob" “hey . . that's cool". . this quiet and conservative capricorn plans to go into business management . . . always seen with neil m . cllis c.. and william p. . . . sports, listening to music and hanging out arc activities which take up most of his time. TED BREEDEN "ted" "right" is this quiet and modest libra’s favorite quote . . . member of yearbook staff and drum-line . . . hobbies include basketball and Saturdays with eve . . . friendly with neil and brew . . . becoming a chemical engineer is a future plan. DIANNE BROOKS “di" this taurus is always laughing and enjoys being with happy people . . . marian y.. lorraine f.. kin-re y e.. and victoria f. are some of her friends . . . plans to become an executive secretary. 23STEPHANIE BROOKS "JtcT ••ooo ' . . . this determined, outgoing leo trusts her own judgment. . . enjoys singing and modeling. but dislikes people who pretend to be what they're not . . . an active member of the band and enjoys playing flute . . . plans to get the best out of life. TOW ANNA GAIL BYNUM “wana" "oh no" . . . this down to earth, humorous aquarius despises conceited people . . . can be seen with penclope c.. rhea b.. and eve . . . plans to strive for great success ... her grandmother, mr. doundas. and miss tyson rate high. 2a MICHAEL BRYANT "salaam" a soft spoken anes who enjoys all kinds of sport , both as a spectator and as a participant. . . don-ald b. and waiter j. share a lot of his time . . . hopes to be successful at whatever he underukes. EUGENE CAMPBELL "gino" "don't mean nothin'" . . this temperamental gcmmi loves basketball, table tennis, and women . . jealousy is his enemy . . . marvin t. can be found in his company enjoyed the classes of mr. ha zard. mrs. loftin and miss cardella.ELLIS CHISHOLM “chiz” “what's up?" . . . this quiet aries likes being involved in stage band, african dance, drumltne and honor society . . . chiz doesn't like conceited people . . . plans are to become an electrician and musician. ANTHONY CONYERS "conyers" •'come on man" ... a sweet, lovable member of the varsity club . . . tony's other activities include a little bit of everything . . . basketball and mr. haz ard are on the money and art is his favorite form of expression. VERONICA CAMPBELL “ronnie" "right" ... a sincere aquarian who's at her best with cynthia. kim. eve. and towanna. . . ronnic's hobbies include sewing, tennis and photography . . . future plans include a career in fashion mer chandising. . . greatly admires mr. howard. TRACY A. COLLINS "shorty" “how you doin'?" . . . thus gregarious capncorn with a beautiful mind pals with joyce t.. Charles m.. and pat b. . . . most meaningful experience was learning to have confidence in herself and others. . . plans include college.BEVERLY RENEE CONYERS “nae-nae" “right" . . . this sweet and quiet humanitarian dislikes misers and phony people ... to major in journalism and urban communications is what this leo has in mind . . . her family is most admired. CHARLES JOSEPH CRENSHAW “joe" this related, hut occasionally negative taurus enjoys basketball, soccer and driving . . . pretentious people annoy him . . . plans to continue learning in school and out. . . neil. j. sykes and al potts are always nearby. 26 HOWARD CRAWFORD “crawford" “alright" . . . this scorpio plays the saxophone and football . . . ambition in life is to become a famous arranger and composer . . . can be seen with tom. ernie and neil . . . favorite teachers include mr. Israel and mr. klelit. PENELOPE CRUZ "penny" “who?” . . . this loving, but senous-minded libra keeps busy as co-captain of pep squad . . . seen with fonda. hessic and lavern . . . sews, paints and draws in her spare time . . . plans to become an interior designer.CYNTHIA D DANII.US "cynt" "alright” . . . this charming, interesting and friendly Scorpio not only spends time with ronmc c.. donna m . kelly o.. and tony g.. hut enjoys listening to music and playing tennis . . . future plans include attending college and becoming a commercial artist. JULIET DAYS “ju” ‘Vm idlin’ you" . . . this friendly sagittarian hopes to become a court reporter or a legal secretary . . . favorite people include d. wilson. I pur-nell and miss ritter . . . ••ju” thinks hei parents are the greatest. DENISE DANSBY "neicy” "what’s up?" ... a considerate aries who thinks jealousy is a way to termination . . . collecting albums is a hobby she shares with cowboy, evil, vandra and betty . . . fulfilling her goals as a medical technologist should keep hei busy for a long time JENNIFER DENNIS "goldie" "alright" ... the terms nice and sweet best describe this aquarian . . . enjoys singing and having fun . . . friendly with bcatrice k . andrea p. and debra w.. . . goldie plans a career in nursing. 17LORI DF.NISF. DENNIS “lor" “you seen selcna?" . . . this beautiful and serious minded Ieo virgo can he seen with selcna. ren-nay. fell, erk h„ and jen . . . enjoys acting and playwriting . . . plans include a career in journalism . . . lor’s parents are most influential upon her. GALE DIXON gale “what’s up ’” . . . this beautiful and understanding capricorn dislikes people with attitudes when not involved with her music, gale can be found near sandra r.. sharon a., and kirn m. . . . to be successful is her goal. ✓ t VALICE KAREN DENNIS valicc “you're wild” . . . this genuinely nice ancs enjoys cooking, singing and drawing . . plans to work at the newark airport . . . “peanut” can he seen enjoying the company of glona j.. cheryl. gwen. and monic . . . her mother has had the most influence upon her life. KINZEY CAYNELLE EARLES “ki " “get outta here” . . . “kiz" is a well rounded individual who can do her thing with all . . with a career in architecture ahead of her. “kiz" will rely on friends and her mother to back her up. 28KEVIN F.DGF.RTON "edge" (his fair, cool-tempered libran enjoys bowling and tennis. . . can be spotted with clervoux. Caroline. russell and clarence . . . enjoyed visiting patti la belle's house . . . Icevin plans to become a s cial worker. DENEA ELLIS "na nac" denea thinks arts high is a good place to learn . . . warm and sincere . . . hopes to pursue a career in the field of computer science . . . enjoys reading, bike riding and basketball. JUDY L. EDWARDS “hoop" "leave me alone” . . .with her brothers and sisters most influential upon her. boop is involved in numerous activities. . . this sweet capricorn's most interesting experience was traveling to que-bcc. LORRAINE FITZ "buggy" "word is" . . . this future commercial artist feels arts high is just what she needed . . . conceited people turn this sagittarian off . . . dianne. marian. kinzey and vicky are the ones she needs to get going again. 29VICTORIA FRIESON “vicky” a beautiful, friendly. talkative cancer . . . cheer-leading. service and entertainment committees take up Vicky's time when she is not in the corn-pans of gail. yvonne and gloria ... a career in secretarial work or mathematics is her aim. SHEKROMC'A GAVIN “fronnie” "really?". . . an unpredictable person, “fronnie" -pends her time playing the piano and bowling . . future plans include becoming a secretary . . . can be seen with delores. audrey. karen and phyllis. 30 JAMES DARREN ERYAR james “don't do that" . . . playing the organ and writing musical compositions occupy this cancer's time . . when not in the company of fnends. james is striving lowards his goal of being a music teacher. PHYl.LISGILCMREASE phyllis this friendly sagittarian can be found with demse. kelly, kathy and vikki ... her hobbies include swimming, bowling and tennis . . . phyllis fasonte teachers are ms. hollar-gregory. mr. ha -zard. mr. slavitt and mrs. iso.ATHENA MARIE GRANGER "then ’ “oooh slop" . . . this aquanan is usually seen with kelly Owens, beverly barnes. and gabe mcle-more. . . a crazy comedian, thena plans to bean actress and fashion designer . . . enjoyed the classes of mr. slavitt. mr, desasau. and ms. iso. GLYNIS OLIVIA GRANT “glyn" “oh really, what homework" . . . this active libra doesn’t like insensitive, crass people . . member of senior class executive board, honor society and a lab assistant ... can he seen with p. baker, j. Jordan and b knight. . . plans a law career DARRYL HAMILTON “fro doctor" ANTHONY GREEN “tony” “what's up" . . . cornballs and gossips should stav away from tony . . . brian. ted. stan. and tony c. are admired bv this easy-going yet emotional virgo . . . enjoys playing baseball . . . plans to study computer technology. "buzzard face" . . . this talkative capricorn plans to further his education in architecture . . . greatly admires his family and friends darryl most enjoys the company of jerry, russell. and rcggie k t 4 4 31KAREN HARRIS “k.k." "don'l try it!” . . . this venous min«lcd. but talkative libra expends a tremendous amount of energy as directrevv of the gospel chorus . . . plans a social work career . . . chris c.. elt abcth h. and wanda w, are close fnends. MARK C. HENDERSON “mr. easy stride” "learn to control your mind and body" . . . this mature young man plans to become a successful businessman ... a member of the track team, this anes plans to go to the Olympics . . . enjoys participating in karate, kung fu and art. 32 ERIC HAZELWOOD "hazelwood" “so!"... a congenial and very popular aquarian who enjoys the pleasures of life, basketball, football. tennis and discos . . "hazelwood” is an accomplished trombonist and can be seen with selena. Ion and ellis. RENEE HOGAN renee this quiet gcmim enjoys the company of d. holla nd. v. hopkins. I. anderson and k. moves . . . the art classes of ms. tso and mr cardcn arc fondly remembered . . . plans to become a successful veterinarian.ANGELA HOLLAND “twig" this quiet and friendly leo enjoys playing cards . . . she most admires her mother and her best friend, rcncc . . . "twig” plans to further her education and pursue a career as an executive secretary. SELENA TANYA INGRAM "cie" "you seen Ion?" . . . this loveable, beautiful libra can be seen in the company of Ion. rennay. and jen . . . her mother is most admired ... to become a corporate lawyer and raise a family are two of her goals. SHARON DENISE HORNE “shan" "hey-y! what's up?" . . . this cancer dislikes uncivilized and deceitful people . . . plans to become an advertiser . . . thinks arts high is a challenging cxpenence . . . fnends arc kelly o.. donna m.. athena g. and sharita r. TONI JACKSON “t6n“ tom describes herself as a quiet storm ... her favorite hobby is smiling even though she feels she doesn't indulge in it enough . future plans include a career in engineenng and just taking life as it comes. 33WALTER JACKSON "basim" "avsalaam-alaikum" ... to become a success in whatever he undertakes is is hat this intellectual and kind taurus plans to accomplish . . . friends are gail d . vicky f.. and donald b. . . . involved with the drama club. RICARDO JENKINS "rick" this leo likes to party and disco . . . plans to become a business administrator . . . enjoyed being on tv show "soul alive" . . . would like to return to florida influenced by punkin silas and mr. slavilt . . . meaningful experience was the day he met c. silas. 34 GLORIA L. JEFFERSON "gjo" “i don't believe you" . . . this congenial, concerned gcmini has been active on the pep squad and the service committee . . . vicky h. and val-ice d are close . . parents and mr. sptndler arc most admired . plans a military or art career. JENNIFER ANITA JOHNSON “jahfa" "dat's legit" . . . when you're ready to party you can always count on jahfa being there ... her family influences her most but cic. Ion. and ren-nay are close associates of this witty gemini . . . plans to be a child psychologistTHERESA ANN JOHNSON •tee" thiv generous and understanding pistes is active on the basketball team, yearbook staff and senior class council . . . "ice's" friends can't be pinpointed because she has so many . . . most admires her mother and her musk teacher, mr. toward. FRED JONES fred a friendly, compassionate, kind .tries who enjoys watching football games and constructing model cars . . . friendly with davey bogar . . . will always remember running into a wall while racing in j new w heel chair. ERNEST JONES “erme" “shut up" ... a quiet, intelligent person who is always looking for fun . . . member of the national honor society, varsity club, p.t.s.a.. and student council. . enjoys the company of howard. rennay. neil. and sclena JANET PATRICE JORDAN “jj" “you're wild" . . . this unpredictable leo enjoys painting, photography and the drama club . . . piit. glynis. beat nee and barbara are close associate of jan's . . plans include a career in art therapy. ___EDITH ANNETTE KEARSE "eydie” this moody gcmmi enjoys history, music, and science classes . . . barbara scratch and delores anthony are counted as her best friends . . . becoming a pediatrician is her goal. YVONNELAVANT “shang” this calm pisces likes to make the disco scene. . . plans to become a psychiatrist ... can be seen with v.f.. c.r.. and g.b. . . . most admires her mother and father. . . enjoyed the classes of mr. slavitt. miss tyson and mr. harvard. 36 BEATRICE LENORA KNIGHT "bea” a polite, sincere laurean . . . enjoys clarinet playing. running and photography . . . member of national honor society and band . . . likes history and band along with mr. klelis. mrs. venskus and mrs. hollar-gregory . . . plans a career in commercial art and business administration. JERRY LAWRENCE “cocky" “you geek" ... a capricorn who enjoys ping pong, swimming and basketball ... as a member of the track team, jerry's friends include dar-ryl. william, robert and russell . . jerry's future plans include a career in medicine.CHERYL MARIE LEWIS “cher" ihe world would be a better place if everyone were as considerate as this friendly, easy going leo . . . loves traveling . . . seen with connie. diane. val. and kinzey . . . plans to become an occupational therapist. TONIA MACK tonia ’’ooohr ... an active anes who considers herself to be friendly, generous, playful and occasionally shy . . . participates in many civic and community organizations . . . seen with judy s.. gab. and pat. ERNEST LEAKE JR. ■'Icakc" “dig it” . . . this easy to get along with taurus digs art. chess, and track . . mark, hetman, and pat will be missed when he leaves arts . . . plans to major in electronics. JUDITH LIGHTSEY “judy" this quid and sincere sagittanan is a superstar when it comes to running track . . . friends include andrea. vivian and beatrice . . . judy plans to become either a physician or an engineer . . . member of future physicians and science clubs.SHARRELLL. McCLEAN “reir “rude" . . . this easy going pisces' activities include softball and bike riding . . . favorite teacher is ms. hollar-gregory . . . seen with elar-ita. irvm. and bev . . . rell’s mother was a great influence upon her. . . plans to teach. DAISY ARTELLA MOLLETT “sugar" “gee-e" . . . this sensitive sagittarian is active in softball, kickball. school band and the yearbook staff. . . dislikes phony people and going to the dentist . . friends with c. wade. c. crawford. r. blocker, and e. chisholm . . . plans to become a secretary. 38 GABRIELLE LYNN McLEMORE "gab“ "that’s some junk" . . . this moody, crazy virgo indulges herself in swimming, art and horseback riding . . . hangs out with pat t.. judy s„ and tonia m. . . . dislikes conceited girls and corny boys . . . favorite teachers include mr. p.. ms. t.. and mr. c. BRIAN C. MORRISON “cecil" a pleasant virgo who enjoys photography . . . oz and clarence are Cecil’s partners . . when they get together you can believe they have good times . . . influenced most by his mother . . . plans to attend college.HAROLD EDWARD MORRISON “moose" “umph!" ... an occasionally quiet gemim who plans to become a doctor . . . you can always find moose with vicky. bev. robert and hershey . . . most admires his sister betty. mr. street and mr. rtum. KAREN MOSES karen "howyadorn ? ... an occasionally talkative Ico who enjoys reading, writing, sewing and her eng-lish and chorus classes . . . also likes Chinese food . . . member of gospel chorus and the girls ensemble . . . plans to become a medical technologist. STANLEY MORTON “sun" “what’s on your mind?” . . . this calm. cool, and collected libra can be seen getting his thing off in outdoor and indoor track and the varsity club . . plans to join the air force or attend college NEIL CHRISTOPHER MURRAY “weez" “check" . . . sweet, shrewd and charming neil's plans are to become a business engineer . . . enjoys listening to roy ayers. memphis horns, and playing the sax . . . robert brewer, jerome sykes. ted breedan. and Charles crenshaw are his hangout crowd. 39DAVID ORR david this strong willed leo likes to play football, soccer. and run track . . . plans to attend college and become an architect or engineer ... can usually he seen with larry r.. herman m.. and derrick ... gym. geometry and physics arc favorite subjects. WILLIAM PADILLA "pills” "sit on it” . . . this cancer enjoys playing football. baseball, and basketball . . . mrs. abend, mr spmdlcr. miss cardella and mr doundas are tops to him . . . plans to work as soon as possible. 40 KELLY OWENS "kel” “i'm telling you” . . this pleasant, crazy cancer dislikes people who don’t get along with others . . . swimming, traveling and tennis arc kcl’s hobbies . . . plans to be successful. . . seen with donna m.. athena g . kathy s. and marilyn w. ANDREA LYNN PARKER “rca” “that's life” . . . judy I., dee dee. Jennifer d. and beatrice are around when rea is not enjoying ballet classes ... a sincere and honest scorpio who plans to study to increase her linguistic skills . . . member of gospel chorus.CHARLES PENDLETON "chuckle” “what’s up?" . . . this quiet capricorn plans to become a professional artist . . . enjoys drawing and music . . . "chuckle" spends time with libby. alien, michael and am . . . most admired persons are mother and uncle feels arts high is great with nice people. OSCAR PETTY JR. "junior" “what's happening?" ... a conservative aries who enjo s making reeds . . . oscar plans to become a well known instrumentalist . . . most admires his parents . pat baker and beatnee knight arc closest associates. KENNETH RICHARD PERRY "breezm" “take it light" advises this easy going, unconcerned capricorn . . . women, chess, art. and music arc his favorites ... an active member of soccer and track teams and chess club . . doug b. and tony c. are close . . . plans to become a lawyer or a newscaster. WILLIAM HERSCHEL PHILLIPS JR. "hershey” “get a grip!!” . this aquarian athlete is active in track and field, football and basketball . . . associated with neil. russell. rcggie and robert . . . digs heavy sounds. atCAROLYN LANAY PLA “iunay" “don't try it' . . . “nanay" is quiet and friendly, especially when near karcn and lammie . . . plans a career in medicine hut may become an actress . . . carolyn was born under the sign of pieces. ALBER I POTTS “fell” “what's up" " . this intellectual, outgoing leo finds photography an enjoyable hobby and hopes to pursue it as a career . . with his mother and sisters on his most admired list. nay. Charles, xlcna and Ion bring out the laughter in him 42 ROBERT PORTER “rob” rob is unusual and friendly, yet a loner... he is proud of being captain of the bowling team and he shares his joy with sheila, wanda and con-stance. BEVERLY JEAN PRICE “bev" “what's happening?" conceited young men should stay away from this lady-like virgo . . . pat. diane. bc b. and angela are closest associates of bev's . . . plans a career in medicine and marriage.BIENVENIDO RAMOS JR "benny” ”aay what’s up?” . . . this well balanced virgo enjoys weight-lifting and most admires his father and jimmy roman . . . plans a career in trucking . . benny recommends arts high to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career. LILLIE PURNELI don't give me that” . . . this stubborn, but very friendly taurus digs watching t.v. and men . . , til's crowd consists of It , o.. pat b. and juliet d. . . ms. tyson. mrs. moorc. miss raff and mrs. venskus rank high . . . thinks arts is the best. LARRY D REED -Ur” this serious and sincere cancer enjoys drama, drawing, photography and traveling . . captain of indoor and outdoor track, president of national honor society, and parliamentarian for student council . . . plans to major in commercial arts and business administration. SANDRA RANSOM ”san” this sweet hut crazy scorpio most admires her grandmother . . . theresa. gale. kirn, and sharon arc san's closest friends . . . mr slavitt is a favorite .. . enjoyed english classes the most.PHYLLIS REGISTER "phil" "these people kill me" ... a crazy libran who strives for the best and usually succeeds ... a member of both the gospel and concert choruses . . . plans to become a professional organist and part time model. GAIL REYNOLDS "flame" "praise the Lord" . . . this friendly, very religious person can be seen with beverly. jamne. and wanda . . . dislikes hypocrites and hackstabbcrs . . the most meaningful experience in gall's life was when she received the holy ghost. BONITA DENISE REUBEN “rutabegger" i m serious" . . . this friendly anes has participated actively in gospel chorus, band, orchestra and the woodwind ensemble . . . wishes to become a lawyer and part-time professional bowler... can be seen with alltson r.. lauren s.. irvmg s.. and beverly b. ANITA ROBINSON "mta" "how y all doin?” . . . this moody, sensitive libran enjoys sewing and dancing member of the yearbook staff, varsity club, student council, and service committee . . . nna's favorite teachers are ms. raff. mr. klelis. ms. cardclla and ms. abox. . . plans to become a physical therapist.MARGUERITE ROBINSON “jellybean" •‘believe in yourself and you'll make H.". . . feels that the world can be a lonely place if you don't live your life to the fullest ... an outgoing, friendly person, who digs basketball, baseball and football MICHAEL SAMUELS “salaam" “this is the joint" . . . this aries enjoys track, and drawing . . . plans future in fashion design . . . active in jogging, swimming and basketball... a quiet, enterprising young man. LILLIAN RODRIGUEZ “lily" “don't worry about it" ... an outgoing libra who loves going out and having fun . . . buddies include norma, debbic and julie . . . lily plans to become a hair stylist. . . favorites arc mr. dessa-sau and mrs. venskus BARBARA LYNETTESCRATCH “barbie" this fun-loving launan thinks arts has been a meaningful experience . . . when not among friends, barbie thinks of going to college and becoming a psychiatrist . . . most admires mr. howard. 45ELLEN ZAUNITA SILAS "punkin" “stop” . . . this intelligent libra ranks r. jenkins and miss abos high on her list of admirations. . . dancing and enjoying herself arc “punkinV pastimes when not with k. simmons. s. brooks, c. darnels and i. sweet. RAECHELE LABELLE SMITH “rae” “get outta here” . . .an outgoing aquarian with a positive attitude toward life ... rae enjoys piano placing, singing and just having a good time . . . she is really at her best with bev. slef and pat. . . plans a medical career. 46 JUDY LYNN SIMMONS " “say what?’ ... an extremely active leo who is involved with the service committee, track and more . . . gabe. tonia and pat t. are close friends . . . plans a sociology career . . her mother and greg thomas head her list of admired people. ROBERT SMITH “slick" “hang in there” . . . this shy and sometimes crazy libra plans a future in computer science . . . involved with track, soccer, and basketball . . . rob's favontc pastime is building electronic instruments . . . seen with neva a- delores a., and dianna s.’ fiftr »c m LAUREN RENEESPAIGHTS “spaights" “i’m not getting into it!" . . this moody but fun-loving capricorn dislikes dishonest people . . . plans to become a veterinarian . . . “spaights" friends include all because she gets along with everyone . . . most admires her mother, cousin janice and mr. Israel. EVELYN JOYCE SUGGS "eve" "get outta here” . . . this friendly aquanus plans to make the advertising world a part of her life . . . along with ted h., this aquarian enjoys being the captain of the twirlers . . rhea, kym and wanda are counted among her friends. DOROTHY PATRICIA SPRUILL “tnsha" "yea. you know?" . . . this quiet aquanus hates noisy people . . . enjoys skating . . . favors the company of tracey c.. pluny and andrew . . . will remember meeting duanc . . . mother is most influential. . . plans include college and becoming a professional photographer. IRVIN SWEET “sweet" “flabbergasting" . . . “sweet" feels that arts is a memorable place . . . when not at work, he likes to sing, bowl and skate . . . believes that conceited people should face reality . . . sweet is most influenced by his parents . . . future plans include schooling and travel. A7JEROME SYKES "kookie" “it's a bet" . . . this off-beat, but nice aquarian feels arts high was an experience . . . “kookie" can be found with stan. ncil. ivy and joe . . . enjoys baseball, singing and good food. CLARENCE ANGELOTERRY “brother" this warm, friendly sagitianan cryoys roller skating and disco dancing . . . active on fencing, baseball and soccer teams . . . “brother" can be found in the company of andrece. ozzic b.. and brian m. . . . favorite subjects include art and 48 RUSSELL TALMADGF. JR. “chip" this quiet, affable scorptan is at his best in the company of regg. d. hamilton. brian and osborne . . . hobbies include basketball and artistic expression . . . chip’s plans include a career in the exciting world of electronics. EVELYN JOYCE THOMAS "ev" this talkative and friendly aquarian can be seen with p. haker. b scratch, e. keur e. and g grant . . her most meaningful experience was being student director for “the king and i" . . . "ev" plans a career in music therapy.PAMELA THOMAS "pam" “all praises arc due to allah” . . . this nice and very undcr-Manding cancer finds swimming, dancing, singing and acting to he tops on her list of activities ... to go to college and get her doctorate is her goal. REGINALD THOMAS "regs” "alright . . . what's upT . . . self-awareness is this sagittarians best attribute . . . "regg” can be found with russ. darryl. chris and tony . . . loves partying and charming ladies . . , "regg” plans a career in aviation. PATRIC IA ELIZABETH THOMAS “p.t” "go me’” . . . this very energetic and athletic-aquarian is always seen cheering others up . . . being captain of the swimming team and active on many school activities keep her moving . . . always seen with gab m.. toma m.. ernest I., and judy s. WANDA RENF.F. THOMAS "wanda” "huh ... i can't” . . . this introspective libra Mays active as a twirlcr and in Saturday art school . . . sheila i.. robert p.. conmc b.. mr. carden and ms tso are favorites . . . plans to major in law . . . enjoyed her stay at arts.MARVIN TUKES karccm ahdul salaam a capricorn who appreciates the opposite sex . . . ran cross country and played golf . . . most admires chief w.d. muhammed . . plans to become an auto mechanic or a career military enlisted man. SHEILA REGINA THOMPSON “skillet” this quiet, hut lively aquanan can be seen with wanda t.. conmc b. and robert p. . . . feels arts high is a school for people who take the world for all it's worth plans to be a photographer or psychologist . . . feels parents have been most influential. CROMWELLTORRETAGLE II “crom the ecuador kid" “hi love, looking good" . . . this affable ancs enjoys soccer, soccer, soccer . . “crom" plans to major in environmental studies and fashion photography . . . enjoys the company of brian and benny. “i don't know, i don't know!!! '... a beautiful but changeable virgo who plans to pursue a career in law . . . can be seen with fell. Ion. sclena and jenn . . anything dealing with the pleasures of life is what she enjoys most RI NNAY JANELTICNER "«ig" DEBORAH WALKER "sexy" easy 10 get along with, hm stubborn at times . . . the future plan of this aquarian is to become a successful model . . . softball, tennis and kick-ball are the sports she enjoys . . . while not listening to "earth, wind, and fire.” she can be seen with kym w.. nita r. or Clarissa h. STEPHANIE WATKINS "stef“ "let's get it together' . . this well put together aquarian loves singing, but dislikes phony people . . "stef enjoyed being junior class secretary . . . a working young woman, stef hopes to reach her highest goals. KYM MYRA WALLACE "hollywood kym" “ooh for realT . . . co-captain of the twirlers . kym can be found with eve ronme c.. rhea b.. or towana b. . . . jealous women and chocolate 3re her dislikes . . . mrs. green, mr. ho ward, and mr. slavitt are favorites . . . plans to pursue a career in communications. HERMAN WEBB herman this easy going libran's activities include bowling, boxing and driving ... art and soccer appeal to herman , . . mother and father are most influential upon him . . . plans to join the marines SIDARRYL L. WILLIAMS “pluny" “check dat out" ... a considerate and sometimes fickle person who plans a future in music education . . . father is most looked up to . . . fnends include rhea b.. pat s., and jerome s.. . . enjoys music, reading and being sociable. MARILYN J. WILLIAMS martlyn “for real” ... an understanding gcmim who enjoys horseback riding and dancing . . . man-lyn has traveled as far as pans, france . . . Stephanie w.. kelly o. and lisa h. are closest fnends but parents have been most influential. 52 DONALD WILLIAMS “skip" “what’s up?" . . . this calm and alert libran dislikes noisy people . . . likes football, baseball, history, and art. . . teen with m. riley. I. mungin. d. stokes, and g. wnght . . . skip's future plan is to become a sports illustrator. DEBORAH ANNE WILSON “squeaky" “ask me if i care" . . . this fun-loving aquariuv pisces enjoys mcn-watching. . . Iillian r., Juliette d. and tillie p. are close fnends . . . plans a career in art education . . . enjoyed art and (he classes of mr. slavitt and ms. raff.EUGENECURRY “t.c." MARIAN D. YOUNG "netcc" “check it!" . . this temperamental bui fun-loving gemim-cancer enjoys photography, the classes of ms. hansen and mr. carden and the yearbook staff . . . intends to pursue an art or business related career . . . close to diane. kin-rey. buggy and vicky. DIANNA SMITH “diane” "oh my goodness" . . . this outspoken libra enjoys the company of tracy. hev. phyllis, and chcryl ... an active member of gospel chorus . . . dislikes those who arc not for real. . . plans a career in pediatrics. this taurus enjoys playing football and the classes of mr. slavitt and mr heck . . . plans a future in security work . . . thinks arts high school is great . . . likes to watch miami dolphins and Oakland raiders. RONALD STANCIL "ace" "that’s the joint" . . this introspective, serious- minded capricorn plans to attend juilliard and become a vocalist and percussionist in a professional band . . . anthony s.. john a. and wilson arc always in "ace's" company . . . feels arts high has many gifted students 53SANDRA L. RAGIN “sand” “no you don’t!" . . . this friendly, versatile and talented cancer has travelled as far as germany . . . mr. slavitt. mr. klelis and miss raff are at the top of her list. . . dose friends include carlotta and jahfa.Senior class baby pictures 1. Anna Robinson 2. Terry Anderson 3. Glym Cirani 4 Beatrice Knighi 5. Cromwell lorretuglc 6. Tillie Purnell 1 Barhara Scratch 2 Beverly Conyers 3.1.eJtih K carve 4 William Phillips Robert Smith 6 Phyllis Register 7 rheoclore BrcecJen 8 Kelly Owens lt Selena Ingram 10 Bonita Reuben 11 Darryl Hamilton 12 Robert Brewer 571 Kathy Simmons 2 Beverly Price 3. Juliet Days 4 Sharon Home 5. Ellen Sila 6 Marion Youne 7. Kaechcle Smith h Delores Booker V. Denise Dunshy 10. Brian Morrison 11 Howard Crawford 12 Dam Mollctt 58I Lori Dennis 2 Audrey Archer 3. Judv Ld wards 4 Kenneth Hell 5. Sharon Aimed.i 6. Gab McLemorc 7. Daniel Ales 8. Walter Jackson 9. Larry Reed 10. Jerry Lawrence 11 Stephanie Watkins 12. Stanley Morton 6 9 Senior class baby pictures 59I. Penelope C'ruz 2. Pal Spruill 3. Sheila Thompson 4. Evelyn Suggs 5. Lorraine Fitz 6. Janet Jordan 7. Rhea Blocker 8. Carolyn Pla 9. Eric Hazelwood 10. Chery l Lewis 10 60 Senior class baby picturesI. l-aurcn Spaights 2 Ronald Stancil 3. Neil Murray 4. Vabcc Dennis 5. Beverly Barnes 6. Oscar Petty 7. Gale Dixon 8. Donald Williams 9. Tony Green 10. Kin e Earles 11. Pal Baker 12. Reggie Thomas 13. Ellis Chisholm 61Class DayJune 1977Popularity poll MOST CONGENI AL Lorraine Fitz 220. Delores Booker 307. Sandra Ransom 215. Reggie Thomas 307. Glynis Grant 204. Darryl Williams 220. Sot Pictured: Oscar Petty 204. Stanley Morton 215. Rhea Blocker 314. Benny Ramos 314. Gloria Jefferson 315. Osborne Bey 315. BEST ARTIST Marian Young 220. Beverly Conyers 314. Judy Simmons 204. Charles Pendleton 204. Janine Alston 307. Toni Jackson 215. Sot Pictured: Michael Bryant 215. Darrell Christmas 220. Russell Talmadge 307. Derrick Miller 314. Valiee Dennis 315. Robert Porter 315. 64BEST DRESSED Marvin Tukes 204. Kathy Simmons 314. Kym Wallace 307. Kevin Edger-ton 215. Kenneth Perry 315, Theresa Johnson 215. Rennay Tigner 220. Gabrielle McLemore 315. Doug Barnes 307. Walter Jackson 314. Not Pictured: Sharon Home 204. Ted Breeden 220. MOST ATHLETIC Judy Simmons 204, Judy Lightsey 215. Ernest Leake 315. Tony Conyers 220. Rennay Tigner 220. Pat Thomas 315. Doug Barnes 307. Not Pictured: Charles Crenshaw 204. Jerome Sykes 215. Bonita Reuben 307. Jennifer Johnson 314. Derrick Miller 314. Popularity Poll 65BEST MUSICIAN OR SINGER Darryl Williams 220. Veronica Campbell 314. Ellis Chisholm 315. I urcn Spaights 315, Howard Crawford 307. Beverly Alston 204. Not Pictured: Oscar Petty 204. Stephanie Watkins 215. Jerome Sykes 215, Daisy Mollett 220, Bonita Reuben 307. BEST LOOKING Kneeling: Walter Jackson 314, Doug Barnes 307. Tony Green 220. Sitting: Kelly Owens 314. Kym Wallace 307. Stan Morton 215. Lori Dennis 215. Marilyn Williams 204. Gab Mcl.cmorc 315. Standing: Gail Dixon 220. Eric Hazelwood 315. Irvin Sweet 204. 66MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Darryl Williams 220. Glynis Grant 204. Tracy Collins 220. Ernest Jones 307. Lauren Spaights 315. Eric Hazelwood 315. Judy Lightsey 215, David Orr 215. Not Pictured: Bonita Reuben 307. Derrick Miller 314. 67GROUPS THAT MADE IT Vivian . . . George Benson Terry . . . Heatwave Cheryl. . . Earth. Wind and Fire Cie . . . Peter Brown and Co. Nay Nay. . .Trevor Spaights . . . Roy Ayers Ubiquity Resa . . . Chic Lor. . . Rolls Royce Dec. . . Black Byrds Bcv . . . Walter Hawkins Derrick . . . Stanley Turrentine Toni. . . Bootsie's Rubber Band SONGS THAT MADE IT Lon . . . “Closer I Get to You” Selena . . . “Sho ’Nuf Must be Love" Rennay. . . “If We Had Love” Pluney . . . “Flashlight" Darrell. . . “Be Ever So Wonderful" Bonita . . . “Lovely Day” Beatrice ... "I Write A Song For You" Pal. . . "Am I Losing You” Larry . . . “Stay Until Tomorrow" Brian . . . “Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk" Delores . . . “Galaxy" Bev . . . “Does Your Mama Know About Me?" Glynis . . . “Fantasy" Ernie. . .“Take Five" Resa. . .“Dance. Dance. Dance" Jafa . . . “Shout It Out” 68THE TOP TEN 1. Judith Lightscy 2. Darryl Williams 3. Glynis Grant 4. Karen Moses 5. Selena Ingram 5. Ernest Jones 7. Larry Reed 8. Ellis Chisholm 9. Beatrice Knight 10. Edith Kcarse 6973UnderclassmenJuniors 77sjoiunf81 SophomoresSophomores85FreshmenActi Activities and ClubsJr. Class Executive Board This group consists of dedicated juniors who arc concerned with the spiritual and financial unification of the Junior Class. They arc usually kept busy with fund raising activities such as a fashion show and a class trip. The advisor is Mrs. Theresa Prizgintas. Lisa Alexander. Penny Wallace. Debra Roney, and Angel Barber are the officers. .W.V.SWV.WV.V.VASV Pep Squad The Pep Squad was again beset with difficulties at the annual pep rally. The sound system was nearly inoperable. The tension really mounted as it was determined whether or not they would perform. Beverly Conyers. Penelope Cruz and the rest of the squad managed to perform extremely well when the difficulties were corrected. 90Honor Society Dam I Williams. Selena Ingram. I.irry Reed. Judy I.ightMry. F.rnoi Junes Beatrice Knight. GlvimGrant and Mrs. Venvkus (behind Glynis). Drama Club The Honor Society consists of anyone who has maintained a 3.5 average and exhibits fine character and leadership. This year they helped raise money for non-profit organizations. Members not photographed include: Karen Moses. Ellis Chisolm, and Cynthia Daniels. The Drama Club, under the faculty leadership of Mrs. Levinson, improved their acting, set designing, improvisational. dance, makeup, lighting and directing skills through studying and "doing." They presented a poetry reading for the English classes and performed "Newark and Its Multiple Images" on May 25th and 26th with great success. Janet Jordan. Lluana Jones and Tyrone Moore were student leaders. 91Student Council The Student Council under the direction of Mrs. Bridgcrs has proven to be a well organized and important asset to Arts High. With Wanda Cooper as President. Pat Baker as Vice-President. Sherry Fort as Secretary. Charlotte Jennings as Treasurer and Larry Reed as Parliamentarian, the Council was able to create an atmosphere of unity throughout the school. The purpose of the Service Committee is to aid t school in social functions. Members of the committee serve as ushers and prepare refreshments for such activities as Alumni Day. Winter Fair, and College Career Day. Under the advisorship of Mrs. B. Bridges with Judy Simmons as Chairman and Rose Mobley as Assistant Chairman, the members of this committee provide a very valuable service. Service Committee 92Senior Class Executive Board The Senior Class Executive Board is comprised of a group of determined students dedicated to the purpose of carrying out senior class functions. Without this group, events such as the Senior Prom, class trip and graduation would not run so smoothly. The board is advised by Ms. Adrienne Raff. New members are always invited to join the Science Club headed by Mr. Brasch. The members expand their scientific knowledge by going on trips. Meetings arc held on Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. in room 219. Ernest Jones was the president. Judy Light-scy was the secretary and Beatrice Knight served as treasurer. Science Club 93The Varsity Club, advised by Mr. Cushnir. is comprised of Arts High students who have earned a varsity letter. They have an annual awards banquet held in June to honor team members of all sports. The banquet consists of highlights of the year's athletic accomplishments, hast year Hollis Copeland, player, and Mr. J. Baker, assistant coach of Rutgers University Basketball Team were the guest speakers. Varsity Club If you want to receive more information concerning medicine or the health field, the Future Physicians Club is the place for you. The members become acquainted with doctors and nurses through lectures and hospital visits. The club meets at 7:30 A.M. on Friday mornings in room 219. 94 Future Physicians ClubAspira Aspira was organized to help students of Hispanic origin increase self awareness and pnde in the uniqueness of their culture. Career conferences and group discussions have been held. Mrs. Abend is the advisor. Future Lawyers Club Any student interested in aspects of law would find membership in the Future Lawyers Club a pleasure and a help toward future goals. Beverly Barnes was president, and Brian Morrison was selected vice-president. Mrs. Abend also advises this group. 95Arts High Dance Ensemble The vigorous performers in the Arts High Dance Ensemble really dance up a storm! Under the supervision of Ms. Tso and the student leadership of Lauren Spaights and Rcnnay Tigner, the ensemble performs both African and modern dance. The talented drummers and dancers performed during the Teen Arts Festival in March. Eager individuals interested in the field of chemistry arc the type of students who become lab assistants. When you walk into the chemistry lab. you can be sure that an assistant has been there, setting a constructive atmosphere for another day of chemistry experiments and study. Lab Assistants 96Yearbook Staff Terry Anderson. Art Editor Selena Ingram. Edilor-in-Chief Underclassman Yearbook Staff The Senior Staff and the Underclassman Staff spent many long hours producing this book. It is a complicated job which needs dedicated and talented editors and staff members. It is hoped that it was worth the effort. Mr. Carden was the hardworking advisor. 97Star Wars Theme performed by Concert Band Mr. Marty Israel is the director of two hands. You probably have passed 306 and heard the faint sound of "Princess l.eia's Theme" from "Star Wars." That was the Concert Band. An even more advanced group under the Student leadership of Beatrice Knight and Bonita Reuben is the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.Orchestra plays classical and rock selections Anyone able to pass Mr. Klclis' audition is eligible for membership in the Arts Orchestra. The Orchestra performs at winter and spring concerts playing selections from classical to rock. The purpose of the orchestra is to learn technique in a large ensemble and to further a student's ability with his instrument. Girls' Choral Ensemble makes Arts proud The Girls’ Choral Ensemble under the direction of Mrs. Wilkerson welcomes any young lady who is interested and who has a voice with the quality and pitch to succeed in group singing. The highlights of the year were the Winter and Spring Concerts. Our pride in them shows as they continue to grow and expand. 99Jazz Ensemble performs in Chicago The highlight of a spectacular season for the Jazz Ensemble was its performance at the Music Educators National Conference in Chicago. They also performed in the Teen Arts Festival and the N.J. Jazz Festival. The sounds of Maynard Ferguson. Charlie Parker and Count Basie live on. 100 Gospel Chorus relates spiritual messages The Arts High Gospel Chorus, under the direction of Karen Harris. Crystal Llker-son. assistant directress, and Gary Henry, accompanist, have related spiritual messages to its audiences through song. This year the group has been very active performing at schools, and church affairs. Their songs have touched the hearts of many. 101Concert Choir establishes an excellent reputation Led by Mr. Harris, the Arts High Concert Choir has established an excellent reputation which rests chiefly on the proficiency of its members. The opportunities for performance of choral music, on a professional level are unparalleled. Students have ample opportunity to acquire a strong foundation and knowledge of choral literature. 102Senior fashion show is a great financial success Stage Crew Left to right: Charles Crenshaw. Anthony Conyers. Albert Potts. Under the guidance of Mr. Marcus, the Stage Crew is responsible for all auditorium related activities. They provide the special technical expertise needed. Being a member of the crew takes knowledge and skill. They are especially proud of the job done for the senior fashion show extravaganza. 103Judy Lightsey and Larry Reed outstanding in Cross Country and Indoor Track The Cross Country and Indoor Track Teams were nearly identical in their membership. Judy Lightsey. and Mark Henderson were members of both teams. Larr Reed and Maurice Tillman were most successful on the Indoor Track Team. Judy Lightsey led the Cross Country team which ended the season with a 2-7 record. Judy Lightsey Larry Reed Cromwell Tiwretagle Dasid Orr Clarence Terry 106Herman Webb Soccer team has a 2-14 record The Arts High Soccer Team had a rather disappointing season in the fall of 1977. Much of the team consisted of underclassmen. Edgar Montalvo and Patrick Thomas showed great potential and should lead the team to future victories. Goalie Robert Smith saved 256 goals, allowing only 67. He was named most valuable team player. Cromwell Torretagle scored 5 goals and assisted in two. In addition to Cromwell. Scott McNeil. Clarence Terry and Robert Smith were appointed to the All Vo-Tech Team. Kn«tmg. Jose Abrantcs. Ralph Velez. Daniel Robles. Jerome Sweet. Cromwell Torretagle. Tommy Davis. Phil Gilmore. Girard Edwards. Clarence Terry. Standing Coach Visconti. Patrick Thomas. Ronnie Marshall. Herman Webb. Scot! McNeil. Robert Smith. David Orr. tlosea Askew. Tracy Ingram. Edgar Montalvo. 107Maurice Foster sets new record Maurice Foster, a senior on the Swimming Team, set a new school record of 1:0I.6 in the 100yd. free style in the Elizabeth Tournament. Edgar Montalvo also set a school record w ith a time of 1:18.7 in the 100 yd. breast stroke. Cromwell Torretagle. Team Captain. Pat Thomas and Brian Morrison were the other senior members. Mr. Cushnir was the coach. Maurice Poster. Pal Thomas and Brian Morrison Cromwell Torretagle Edgar Montalvo SCORIBOARI) Opponent Arts Bayonne 64 16 W'cequahic 24 45 East Side 48 27 Ferns NO 46 W’cequahic 23 49 Dickinson 63 19 Jewish Ed. Center 32_ 46 Lincoln 0 II Irvington 48 28 Harrison 53 28 West Orange 57 19 East Side 32 43 W'cequahic 19 50 Snyder 35 41 Irvington 47 29 last Side 38 37 108The Arts High Fencing Team, headed by Mr. Lipit. ended the season with a 5-9 record. The coach and team members hope for a far better season next year. The team certainly needs rebuilding since all of the members are seniors. 109Kneeling Hope Reed. Adrienne Pierce. Denise Thompson. Carlotte Crawford. Maria Hubbard. Theresa Johnson Standing Ms Tyson. Sheryl Southerland. Allison Rowe. Daisy Mollett. Vuvette Saunders. Bernadette Potts. Marvin Tukes. Manager. Despite a dedicated and hardworking team. Ms. Tyson’s Girls’ Basketball Team finished with a 8-9 season record. Allison Rowe scored 429 points this season and had a game high score of 36 points.Bowling Team does well The Bowling Team, under the student leadership of Robert Porter and Phillip Gilmore, has done well this season defeating I ast Side and West Side. Practices are held at Junior l.anes on Lyons Avenue. Anyone with an average of 140 or better may join. Coached b 1r. Evan IX ssasau. the students demonstrated a tremendous drive to win and are lo be congratulated for their outstanding achievements inKneeling: Darryl Swinncy. Tommy Davis. Carl dolphin. Tony Conyers. Doug Barnes. Kelvin Thompson. Standing: J.V. Coach Larry Layton. Kenneth Bell. Darren Anderson. Steven Banks. Derrick Vlillcr. trie Hazelwood. Russell ialmadgc. Robert Rattle. Coach Arthur Coles.Arts High’s Basketball learn struggled through a difficult schedule, but lacked a big man. The varsity team had a lot of character and worked hard all season. I he fellows participated in the state tournament but lost in the first round to Irvington Tech. Basketball Team struggles through a difficult schedule. 1(3Kneeling; Sheila Suggs. Wanda Thomas. Evelyn Suggs. Kathleen Byrd. Clara Davis. Standing: Marshanctte James. Gina Gross. Sherri Frod. Penny Wallace. Sot Pictured Kim Wallace. Wanda Thomas Kym Wallace Arts High Twirlers with Captain Evelyn Suggs and Co-Captain Kym Wallace gave a spectacular exhibition at the school’s annual pep rally. The advisor Miss Cardella gave great encouragement to the twirlers throughout the year. Twirlers give spectacular exhibition Evelyn Suggs 114Front Victoria Fricson. Rcncc Joncv Donnn Moore. UnidU- Penn) Lewis Adina Adams. Yvonne Jordan. Rear Twana Jones. Darryl Sank . Clarissa Hobbs Cheerleaders get male member This year our cheerleaders brought about a new tradition in Arts High School. Under the guidance of Ms. Cardella and the management of Harold Morrison, we received our first male cheerleader. With the help of Captain Victoria Fricson and cocaptain Donna Moore, the cheerleaders showed great g mnaslic skills at the pep rally and many basketball games. 115Softball Team wins 4 games Silling: Shaz Williams. Veda Green. Carlotta Crawford. Sheila Thompson. Karen David. Standing Mr. Piazza. Adina Adams. Robin Johnson. Diane Chavis. Daisy Mollctt. Annette Lumford. Cromwell Torretagle. Sheila Thompson Daisy Mollett SCOREBOARD Opponent Arts WEST SIDE 34 2 VAILSBLRG 16 15 BARRINGER 12 7 M X. SHABAZZ II 7 WEEQUAHIC 14 6 BARRINGER S 9 WEST SIDE 14 5 EAST SIDE 6 17 EDISON TECH 0 7 EAST SIDE 16 20 CLIFFORD SCO I I 12 8 Deborah Walker 116Track team has a 4-8 season. Kenneth Pern. Mark Henderson 1-arrv Reed Ernest I.cake Jerome Sykes Stanley Morton Kneeling Ernest l.eake. Ken Perry. Mark Hen derson. Larry Reed. Robert Smith. Jerry Law rente. Standing Clarence Jones. Geoffrey Mit them. Sam Flanigan. Chris King. Billy Lynn Mark Jones. Michael Odom. Neil Faust. Stanles Morton. Jerome Sykes. Mr Marcus. 117The Arts High Tennis Team, under the expert guidance of Mr. Dcssasau. had a season record of 4 wins and 12 losses. Maurice Tillman was runner-up in the city in the novice tournament. The team also entered the Essex County Tournament. Seniors Lauren Spaightsand Osborne Bey will leave behind a team which needs rebuilding. Mr. Dcssasau Left to Right: Lauren Spaights. Eric Hazelwood. Osborne Bey. Mr. Dessasau. Osborne Bev 1 auren Spaights Tennis team member enters notive tournament. 118SCOREBOARD The Arts High Varsity Baseball Team won 6 games and had 2 ties. Clarence Terry , who is not pictured on this page, will be missed m the outfield and Tony Green, inficldcr. will need to be replaced after his graduation. The victory over C lifford Scott in the final game was the highlight of the season. VALLEY Arts 0 Opponent 15 ST. CECELIA 9 7 CLIFFORD SCOTT 5 6 SHABAZZ 4 7 VAILSBURG 4 6 LINCOLN 9 4 IRVINGTON TECH 8 10 ORANGE 8 6 EDISON TECH 7 7 ST PATRICK 0 6 NEWARK TECH 3 2 ST. CECEI.IA 5 0 IRVINGTON TECH 5 5 EDISON TECH 1 3 BLOOMFIELD TECH 0 5 NEWARK 1 ECU 3 8 WEST SIDE 4 5 ST MARY 6 8 BLOOMFIELD TECH 2 7 CLIFFORD SCOT! 9 4 Mr. Cushnir Arts High Baseball Team victorious over Clifford Scott! 3t Baker Scon McNeil. Jorftc Mendez. Kelvin ThompsonGolf Team has 6-7-1 season. The Golf Team, coached by Mr. Tom Murray, had a respectable season. Senior members led the team to six victories. Howard Crawford. Tom Jack-son. Ernest Jones and Terry Anderson will be greatly missed. Terry Anderson. Ernest Jones, Mr. Murray. Tom Jackson. Howard Crawford. Ernest Jones Tom Jackson 120 (toward Crawford Terry Anderson Girls Track Team shows great potential. - •• Rennay Tigner Sitting: Judith Lightscy. Tanya Mumford. Knee -ing: Denise Green. Christine Nails. Sandra Ragin. Beatrice Knight. Rennay Tigner. Standing: Mr. Haz ard. Penny Lewis. Allison Rowe. Phyllis Register. Clarice Walker. Sharon Gilmore. Sheryl Southerland. Vivian Berry. The Arts High Girls’ Track learn had many outstanding participants. The 440 yard relay team consisting of Christine Nails. Rennay Tigner. Sandra Ragin and Allison Rowe competed in the state finals. Judy Lightscy also competed and was an outstanding participant in the mile run. Clarice Walker was excellent in the shot put and Allison Rowe expertly ran the low hurdles. Allison RoweBro. Daniel Akmir Doris M Allen Kaisha Mien Quadir Mien James Mn enia Kashana Almeida Shirks Mmeida John lston Casey Amici son Ruth Anderson Vicky Andrade Mr.and Mrs Ci. Appling Juanita Arenas Helen F. Arcrclet Auk and Andre Mr and Mrs Armstrong Ms C harlene Ashe Kelli Serena Ashe Martha Aslan Kay ran Sue Atkinson Michelle M Axon Hakoo A i Connie Bailey and Family Maurice Bailey R sa Bailey Catherine Baker Ms. lX»nna Kelicia Baker Joseph R Baker Mrs. Lucy Baker Mr Larry Baldwin I isj Banks Angel Bather Cornelia B. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. H. Barnes James Barnes Joseph I), Barnes Lester Barnes Gregory Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Barron Mark Bashir II Mr. Victor Basiic F.vclyn Bateman Mrs. Delores Battle Mr. George Battle Catherine Bell Julia Bell Kenneth B I s rone Be Ms. Doris Anthons Delrnon Berrsl I Mr. Henry C. Berr ■ Mr. James Berry liss Marie Berr ■lisia Berr Airs is i.m Berrs Airs Bethea Hart Bethea f Nelson Be | 1rs Rosa Hart lies Ms [ )a ette His ins ■ Ms | eshe Bums Airs Baihara Black Mis. Belts Blacke ' Mr and Mis R Blair Joyce Blaneling David Blocker Sr. Dijait Blocker l.ousisc S. Blocker Rhea A. Blocker Mr. Burley Booker Mrs. Jane Booker Kirkland M Booker Sharon Boone M F. Borden Moniqu Bostick Theresa Boltino Clearance Bowen Donald Bowman Karen Boyd Samara Bradley Ha el Braithwailc Beamce Branei Duayne Breeden Helen Brcslin Keith Bridge IV Mrs B. Budgers I rank Bugantino Mr. and Mrs A Brody David Bronner ■'Brother" Albert Brown Gerne Brown Jefferson Brown Lorinc Brown and Fanuls Mary Brow n James Brunson Mrs, I helma Bryant I i ette Buie H.i cl Bunn Anthony Buonomo A Van Buren Mrs. lielts Burke Albert Burl Allelic Burl Reeeie Burl Mi David Burtor I ss n Hush lac kie Hush M: and Mis BsTom Sarah ' Saildla ( aldsscll John ( alhoun J Ras m.uui ( alhoun Mr ( als in Nora ( ameron I .miimc 'ampbell Mice M ( .interII | Mrs I .11 ne' I in c aij M : Marion antis | Mr and Mrs Jan ( .irden | Stephanie. C hris and David C arden Carmine Cardino Das id and ( armen Darnell Cares Caroline Mr. W. Carrington Mr. Carter Willie Carter tit FJaine Car than David asey Antonieta Castillo Sharon Chapman Lily Cerstner Ms. Dorothy Chappie Mr. and Mrs. Cherlak Cynthia Childs Fat and Lcn Chislam Angie C heros Mr. and Mrs. A. Clark Mr. James Clayton Sharonda Michelle Cleveland Mr. Anderson Cohen Mr. Donald Cohen Ms. Lynn Cohen Cora A. Coleman Gwendolyn Collins and Family Re A. P. Conyers Mr Alvin Conyers. Jr. Miss Alvina Conyers Miss Alvonda Conyers Miss Cynthia Conyers Mrs Nettie(Ywycrs W :ml.i l.vnneCooper h I )• 'rothea F. Coppock Mrs. I latiie I.. Coppock Mr. and Mrs. John M. Coppock Jr Mr I inasay Coppock EFned.e Cort 170 ( .is lotta ( rawford Della Crass lord ,Georgi.mna ( r.iw ford Ifowaru Crassfs rd Mrs. Lillie Crawford RoIhu i Crawford Sr. Mrs. Rose Crawford Ma linda Crew-s bra Crittenden Mr. Oliver Cunningham Winona Cunningham Marie I). Cuozzo Ruben Curry H Curtis Ruth D'Ago Margaret Dale George 11 Dan e nnctte Davi Mi Benny Davis Mr. Charles Davis IXuina Das is Mrs. Lloise Das is Gene-.i Davis Mt. Isia I ras Keith Dasisfl Charles Days Mr. and Mis DcBose E. J.. Byron. Flmile • Dennis r and Mis George Dennis Mr and Mrs ( icorge Dennis 111 WMi leorge C Dennis Haul and Rodney Denies I stone DepisiMr. Dessasau James DeSantis Susie DcGiacomo Cicely Adele Disniuke Gale Dixon Mac Dolcman Margaret Dolcman Nanny Doleman Judy-79-Donia Clifford Douglin Mr. A. Doundas Steve Downs Alice Drew Ron Dunkan Johnathan Dutton Cecelia Edwards May EIcnn s« ( I', | Ik Cl S' ' Hosea and Dor tin Elliott Mrs. Doroth I.Ili Walter Ml.s “ Claudia Epps Nemita Esoy Mrs. Hunt Evans Betty A. Evans Ramond Evans Eugene Everett V. Feliciano James Fennell A. Fernandez Adaand Kandy Finch Inez Fitz I'ony and Phylis Fitz Belinda Flanigan Mamie l;l« H nna Forte Robert Forte Charles Foust Denise L. Franklin Mr. Irvin B. Franklin Willie Franklin Gregory F ranklin Mr. Larry Frazier Mary Fra .ier Carol Gaeta Chuck Gaeta Marian Garris Herbert Gatewood Jessie Gavin Terrance Gavin Mr. Robert Aaron Gibbs Rose (iibson Mr (iillian Dorothv Gilliens Mr. and Mrs. Troy Gilmore Jr. Felicia Gordon Deborah Gorham Dorothy Grant Pearl Grant Yolanda Grant Mrs. Albert Breen Ernestine Green Deneise Green Gregory Green Mean Joe Green Robert Green Tony Green Valena Green Miss Greenes Wanda Grimes Dewey Hall Mrs. Mae Ham Mrs. Audrey Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Hansen Margaret Hardy Mrs. Frances H HarH Rev. I thel I larris an Irvin I larris John Franklin Harris Cormine Harrison Al-Baarcc Hasan rRatnsy)| Mrs. Bernice I latcherB Aijce 1 laves Alvin I l.t esv M | Annette Hayes Mrs. Bessie Hayes and Son Ponchetta Hayes and Son Mr. Jack Hazelwood Odell liazzard Jcnine Larry Jr. and Barron liazzard Charles liazzard Janet lledmann Dorothy L. Henix Leon J. Henir Gary' Henry- High Street Barber Shop Mr. Jimmy Hodges Shirley Holmes Mr. Arthur Hooper Mr. Frankie Hooper Junior W. Hopson Mr. Sam Horne Sharon Denise Horne Brian Keith Horne James W. Holcomb Jr. Janice W. HoTt Jesse L. Holt Jr. Jesse L. Holt Sr. Mrs. Yvette C. Holt MissC. Hoskins Ann Howard Ferris E. Hudson Clarence Hunter Ercell Hunter James Hunter Karl Hunter Vanessa Hunter W'ayne Hunter Adell The Jackson Family Mrs. Diana JacksofMj John Jackson Patricella Jackson Mr. and Mrs. G. James Jr. Sharon James Mr. and Mrs. Walter J Charles Jefferson George and Louise Jeffe Queen O Jenkins Mattie Bell Jerigan and Sons William Jinks Doreen Jivens John and Annette ish.t Johnson M: lien Johnson M ss rleen Johnson Mr and Mrs. Arthur Johnson Blanche Johnson Dottie John son Mr. Gary Johnson Geraldine Johnson . Harold E. Johnson Thomas L. Johnson Tina Johnson Almsa Jones m [Cookie Johes ■Jones Jois Jones latthcw Jones ene Jones Hosemary Jones Betty Jordan Emma Jordan Rev. James Jordan David M. Karnoski Miss Denise Kates Emma Karp Carolyn Kelley Kerri and Margo Ola Kidd Mr. Lonnie Killingworth Mrs. Delores King Marvin King9x Jackie Kirnon Mrs. Lila Knight l uren La Berth Mrs. H. Lang Beth Lapow Latonya, Qco and MauriceH Al-Aleen Lc Doux I lenrv Suv.iniK- I ee 11eIen I cm I !:i Mr. ( oineltns I I .h abeth I cw is Penny I ewis (Ilona I iihIscn Mrs Alberta I Mrs I I oftm | Nicholaus (. I oflin W am l oyal Mr. Be erl Lynn Im Mr. Curtis Malone Leitha Mangum George Marablc Jeanette Marable Jeanne Marable Marcus Garvey Recreation Bro. Mark 2x Mr. and Mrs. A. R Marsh B O O S T E R • 23124 Levctt Martin Mrs. Sarah Martin Eugene Massey Mrs. R. N. Matthew Catherine L. Maupins Mr. and Mrs. Williams May and Son Barbara Mayfield Geri Mayo Ms. Marlene Mayo Ms. Betty McClendas James McCollum Gladys McCross Mrs. E. L. McLean Mack McLean Thelma McLean Chester McNeil Chester McNeil. Sr. Earlene McNeill Lerthcl McNeill $ Mr. Louis McWhorter Robert Mealina Mildred Medley Charles Mervin Eva Micheladis Jacques I Milford Cynthia Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Miller James Mitchell Mr and Mrs Billie Mollctt C hristina Mollctt Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Mollett Daisy Mollett Deborah Mollett Denise Mollett Dora Mollett Doretha Mollett Tanners Mollett George Moore Glen Moore Grady Moore Mr. John Moore. Jr. Joyce P. Moore Nellie Moore Jennie Moore Jcraldme Moore Mrs, Juliet Moore Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and Sons Mr ()lie Morrissette Dorotln Morton Selena Morton Mr. and Mrs. John Mosley Kenneth Mosley Abdullah Wadood Walt Muhammad Elijah All Muhammad Sis. Shirley Muhammad Angela Mungin Frederick M. Murphy Sylvia Murphy Mr and Mrs. Thomas Murray Mr. William Nelson rhe Mad Nicky Newarkcr Barry Newby Mrs Constance Nesvton Darrel Nicholson Peter G. Nicolas Michelle Nolton Cassandra Norman Elizabeth and Tom Norman Mrs. 1 Norman Maria Nuaes Henry Oldham Karetha Oldham Isabel Oliveira Beverly Oliver Roy W. Oliver, Sr. Rhonda Outlaw Terry' Outlaw "P" Mr. and Mrs. Pace Arthur Page Joeann Page Karen Page Gina Parker Bernice Parks George Paschell Miss T. Paschell Evelyn Paul Mark Paul. Jr Mr. and Mis. M. Paul Sarah C. Paul K Perry | R Perry I homas Perry 'A illiam Perry I om Pcierskin Vves Sony Pie re Mr. Pinckney Barbara Pinkard Michaci Pinkard Shirl ollai !ney Pollard Brenda Porter J Poncho Mrs. Alberta Potts Albert Potts Bcrnadella Potts Ms. Evclte Potts Mr. and Mrs. Powell Artencia Powell Arthur Powell Mr. and Mrs. Chester Powell H. Powell One Powell Penny Powell Ella Mac Pr.ce Mrs. Prizgentas Mary' Purnell John R. Esther Ray RDT “Music Master" 78 Ella M. Rea vis Jerome Redd Mr. Reed Clarence Reed Clarinet Rccd I Donna Reed Mr. E. Reed Mrs. Earnestino Reed Mr. Louis Reed Miss Shan Reed Ms. Vcrlie Reed nda Reid Sharon Reid Mr. and Mrs. RcubcnlB Mr' Rh‘m d Beverly Richardson Mrs. ( athleen Richardson Robert Richardson Mrs. E. Rick Deoch C. Riley Audrey Roberts Frierson Roberts Anita Robinson Barry Robinson Donna Robinson Mrs. Emma Robinson Mrs. Katie Robinson Kurt Robinson Mr and Mrs. M. Robinson Marcel I us Robinson Richard Robinson Ronald Robinson Mr. W ashington Robinson Fred Roche Jr. Thomas Roche M. Roman Manuel Rosa Mr James R.«scoe Mrs Mattie Roscoe Mr. Phillip Rosenstein Robin Rosenate Mr. and Mrs. Ross Anne Rossmell Carmelh M Rouse Charlene Rowe I Xivid Rowe Douglas Rowe John Royal Stella Royal Mr. and Mrs. Ro John Ruela Mr. Joseph Russell. Jr. Rasheedah I.atecfah Saahir Joseph Sabatini Michelle Sahh Bro. Sabir ini Muhammad Evera Sa les , g " Hie Sales Sample Henrietta Sampson Joann Samuels The Best Class in Arts-sand Darryl Sanks Pamela Scott M. Sea brooks Saundra Seales Delores Scarlcs Saul Sellers Iabitha Sellers Mr. Earl H. Scssoms. Jr Gwendolyn L. Sharpe Sharccfah and Malikah Mr. and Mrs. Flmer Shaw Andrea Simp son Bettye Simpson Simpson Howard Simpson Kevin Simpson Carnullc Simmons Cassandra Simmons Michelle Simmons Shrif Simmons Nannettc Simons Karen Sit Mrs. Skelton Skylark Barber Lo Sylvia Slappy Bertha Smith Craig Smith Ethel Smith Eullyn K. Smith Gloria Smith Gwendolyn Sn James Smith Purcell Smith Ruth Smith Tommie Mac Mr. Wallace Smith. Jr. Kym and Smitty Mrs. Rudy Snips Artelia Soloman Mrs. Evelyn Spaights Mr. Bruce Spence Mrs. Ruthic Spence Ms. Sharone Spence Gloria D. Spruill Genevieve Stephens Melvin Stephens Larry Stephenson Wavcrly Stephenson Sharon Stevens Maurice "Jamil” Stewart Pearl Stewart Everctte Stokes Mr. Lee Stokes Robert St Sister U.SfvIes cia Sumpter Barbara Sweet Ms. Eunice Sweet Ms Pamela Sweet Natalie L. Szkwarko Paul T. Melba J. Tapp Carol Ann Taylor Mr. George R. Taylor Linden Taylor 40 PI C James Taylor. Jr. ®iMrs. S. Taylor The Tellis Family Alvarata Thomas Mr Benjamin Thomas Danny Thomas I Dorothy Thomas Rev. J. Thomas James Thomas Jr. James Thomas Sr. Juanita A. Thomas Mr. L. Thomas Lorre Thomas Mary Thomas Mr. Robert Thomas Kelvin Thompson Robert E. Thompson Stacy and Denise Thompson Vaborcc Thompson Franklin Tibbs Lucille Tibbs Ruth nllerie Tony-n-Penny "78" Geoffrey Towes Gerry Trawick Deborah Tucker Roland Fuddles Mr. Reggie Turner Gwendolyn Tyson Ms. Tyson Mr. Alphonse J. Venskus Mrs. Mary Venskus Jerome Vick Helena Walker Carol Wallace Kitty Ward Blanche Warren Martha Washington Sharon L. Waters Darcell Denise Watson Bclita Watson Mrs. Barbara J. Weaver Cheryl Webb Mr. and Mrs. Herman Webb Sr. Jamal Sharif Webb Mr. Moses Webb Sandra Webb , Miss Vernon Weeks 1 Miss Donna West I Mr. Donald West fk I Mr. Orlando Wes Mr and Mrs. Alvin West Anthony Wheels Mr. Charles White Mrs. Sheila White Lynn Whitley Michael Whitlock David Whipple Ralph Whittington Christine Williams Ella Williams Gladys Williams Gordon ViTnams Johnnie H Williams rv Williams Laiisha Williams Lonnie Williams Phyllis R. Williams Sheila Williams Sylvia W'llhams Mrs. Bell Wilson John T. Wilson Marcia Wilson Willie Mac Wilson Miss Pat Wing Robert Winston Rose Woods Wanda Woods Jeff Woods, n Dolores Worswick The Senior Class of Arts High School would like to thank all of the people who have supported us financially. We give special thanks to Junior Gardner of Junior’s Lancs for his generous donation. t 125maumc Deloresuiiif mi Met Kenneth Be Li f la Tn . beme Jft.lK Delores Booker rx i led without Lvc? asketbj instead of Dianne without Ukraine neurb ? Michael Bryant without three piece miik'J Iowan" Bynum not saving hello? lugcneCampbellOwin’ in iirmneit? Chi not knowing now hjvld a drumstick? Dnfrcll Christmas with J| les? 1 rafeyCollins being 5’m° ileverly Conyers burm mall ini dresses? l kdWMtllOUl Ills sJ H jJoe" Cie shuw without dimples? Cynthia Daniels being unpopular?! Jennifer Dennis without an ace ent? Lorn withoutfa lat Lice? Kinft forks the height of Carols n Pla? I?6 - - -  I orramc not acting crazy? Maurice not asking us for Eric Hazel' Mark Henderson b-einglhy’’ Selena w fth straight let I oni Jackson ma aiqt lick without Pi _ . Jahf.rnot doing the fret . Ernie being dumb? A- Jcrr Lawrence without £ roll of film? jTonia Mack winning an attendance award? rricit Miller being an extrovert? in find Osborne enclitics? being afrai 1 - -•' il not listemi . -s-.i jpsathN being fat? KSn kes being corny? T . . Russell tfith brow n eyes? . . Sheila Without her "morning goodies'3 Pal Balter noticing accepted to a music school? Is’ I rack [f.mi without Renna figner? 127

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