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Howard Simpson Jan Carden------ Barbara Merritt - Martin Jenkins -• r YEARBOOK STAFF Terry Ande Leslie Bivins Christine Bristol Patricia Byrd Valerie Davis Jerard Dickinson Angel Fladger Karen Graves Annette Harrell Wayne Harris Linda McDaniel Ruth Mobley Evettc Potts Cynthia Richardson % ' Janet Riley Deborah Shuford Teresa Wade Elaine Wallace -Editor-in-Chicf --------Advisor Managing Editor - - Literary Editor CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Darryl Cox Albert Harris Harold Showers Howard Simpson Randall Thomas Luis Velez Lorstan StudiosDONNA LEWIS The Am High School graduating class of 1977 wishes to preserve the memory of Donna Lewis who passed through our lives and who most of us were fortunate enough to have known.i:i Sa= ""In,,.,---------- r.i h;i '-".JiSjj r.i i:n n:n n:n on:ii 11 ' Ml I 11:11»:» iiiii I_1 1 11 : in ........ urrmnr ■:i «: u:u d:i ■aft, •4C.Kd«l THIS IS OUR LIFE We have now reached the crossroads where our aspirations, hopes and self-knowledge determine what accomplishments and contributions we will make to this world. We hope our choices will be the right ones now that we have been given the building blocks necessary for a solid foundation in our lives. During our younger years, we didn't realize that we would soon enter the structured environment of school. We would be educated inside and outside of the school on what is acceptable, what is expected of us and what opportunities are available to us. But now we are in a position to control our own lives. Now we must face forward and look ahead to the challenges, hardships, and pleasures that will now be placed before us. 5— ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY The Arts High faculty, through diligent work, has perfected the ’’thorough and efficient" system of education. The administration and faculty have provided our students with guidance, counseling and knowledge. They have implanted in us all of the guidelines wc will need to become the leaders of tomorrow. The equipment and supplies used may not always be the best, but our school remains a smooth running and worthwhile place for us to grow and mature.MR.' HILTON OTERO PRINCIPAL Mr. Otero has always steadfastly maintained that we strive for excellence and success as we travel along the treadmill of life. The senior class would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Otero - a good man. MR. GEORGE STEISEL VICE-PRINCIPAL We thank Mr. Steisel for making us recognize that there will be authority and order in our lives. The discipline we receive now determines how we react to it later on. The Class of 1977 Is aware of his devotion to us and to our school. We thank him for that also. 8Mrs. Barren, Guidance Mr. Landers, Guidance Miss Cardella, Clothing Mr. Alamo, Guidance Mr. Carden, Art Mrs. Tso. An Mr. Marcus, Industrial An Mrs. Hansen, An Mrs. Levinson, An Mrs. McDuffie, An 0 011 Miss Meyerson. Mathematics Mrs. Loftin, SpanishMrs. Ritter, Commercial Mis. Venskus, Science Mr. Yablick, Science Mr. Brasch, Science Miss Isaac, Commercial Mr. Palestina, English Mrs. Murray, English Miss Abos, English 12Miss Tyson, Phys. Ed. Mr. Hazzard. Phys. Ed. Mr. Howard, Music Mrs. Jones, Phys. Ed. Mrs. Prizgentas, Music Mrs. Greene, Health Mrs. Wilkerson. MusicMrs. Doughiie, Secretary Mrs. Weisman, Pool Sub Mrs. Lang. Social Worker Mr. Brunnquell, Librarian Mrs. Street, Office Aide Mrs. DeVito, Nurse’s Aide Mrs. Adams. Librarian Mrs. Powell, Nurse Mr. Rhim, Security Guard Mrs. Zones, Secretary Mrs. Cantrell. Security Guard uSENIOR CLASS ADVISOR Under the leadership of Mr. Larry Hazzard, the class of 1977 was able to truly enjoy its last year at Arts High. No words exist to adequately express the many thanks we owe him. As class advisor, he never let us settle for second best and took great interest in all our activities. We thank him and shall miss him. 15CLASS OF 1977 During our innocent years, our ideals had not been fully formed, nor did we know how structured the environment of school would be. We would be educated here and elsewhere as to what opportunities are available to us. School is a wave we are placed upon so that we can flow into the American stream of life. But this is OUR life and we must strive to make it better for ourselves and the generations to follow based on the accomplishments and failures of the past and on the efforts and capabilities we now possess. It is necessary to realize not merely where we stand, but in what direction we are going. 17Most Likely to Succeed 1. Martin Jenkins 4. Rosena Chisolm 7. Howard Simpson 2. Michael Wilson 5. Teresa Wade 8. Ronnie Wingo 3. Valerie Edwards 6. Wayne Harris 9. Barry Lee 10. Faye Stewart 11. Keith Davis 12. Nina Lynn 13. Tyree McQueen 14. Trinale Hill 15. Reginald Turner 16. Cassandra Green 17. Beverly Gibson 18. Ralph McNeal 19. Kimberly Brown Best Dressed 18FUTURE GRADUATES The lime has come to look back to the beginning ... a time when the Seniors of 1977 were first set upon this earth ... a time when those future graduates of Arts High did lots of cute things. For instance, did you notice how skillfully Eileen is punching herself, how adorable . . . and look at Gail imitating a can of blackcycd peas . . . and then there's Antoinne who's been laughing ever since he was two weeks old . . . and if you can guess which one is Charles Reed in picture number seven you win the baby. This was a time when no one suspected that they would become the Most Popular or Best Dressed, etc. . . . but now we do know and it's time to recognize them. 1. Gail McCall 2. Ricky Washington 3. Eileen Jackson 4. Ruth Mobley 5. James Howerton 6. Antoinne Jennings 7. Charles Reed 8. James Forester 9. Jessie Smith 19BEST LOOKING 1. Luis Velez 2. Michael Blackwell 3. Anneite Harrell 4. Linda McDaniel 5. Deborah Shuford 6. Christine Bristol 4 13 7. Eric Ware 8. Valerie Williams 9. Janet Riley 10. Sandra Suggs 11. William Harmon 12. Elsie Geschleider 13. Gwendolyn Smith 14. Cynthia W'iggins 15. Cleanzy Pickney 16. Dawn Foster 17. Walter T. Bembry 18. Edwin Rodriguez 19. Anetra Hinton 20. Carmen Brown 201. Juanita Rodriguez 2. Keith Harvey 3. Jerard Dickinson •1. Harold Showers 5. Benjamin Hill 6. Leslie Bivins 7. Robin Lapread 8. Cynthia Fields 9. Connie Motley 10. James Hooper 11. Elaine Wallace 12. Ivy Brown 13. Theresa Blake 14. Norma Charles 15. Annette Lumford 16. Curtis Gilmore 17. Steven Whitaker 18. Diane Chavis 19. Patricia Byrd 20. Linda Watts FRIENDLIFST 21. Alvina Conyers 22. Mark Winfield 23. Theresa Bradman 211. Debra Moss 2. Lois Liggins 3. Debra Wilson 4. Sherry Buford 5. Cynthia Richardson 6. Karen Graves 7. Gregory Battle 8. Dora Harris 9. Desiree Bush 10. Bernadine Wilson 11. Marc Means 12. Evctte Potts 13. Valerie Davis 14. Kevin Giles 15. Rufus McCall 16. Marion Canty 17. Vanessa McDonald 18. Robin Johnson 19. Dorothy Wright 20. Robin Hicks 21. Gary Greenlee 22. Jacqueline Brown 23. Carlton Clark 24. Kenneth Ford 25. Darlene Buchanon 26. Victoria Sherman 27. Cynthia Hardwick 28. Kenneth Robinson 29. Inell Jones 30. Patricia Bobbitt 31. William Winkler 32. James Pearson 33. Celeste Hand 34. Cynthia Moore 35. Kari Jacob 36. Doris Irizzary 37. Donna Curvin 38. Michelle Dancy 22Baby Pictures 23aims IN DISH WINS CHOICE 24The day had finally come, the highlight of our Junior Year. Everyone got up early that day and came to school armed with paper bags and great expectations. All were ready to go on the Junior Class Trip to Hershey Park. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, but rain threatened to put a damper on the day by the time everyone arrived at the park. A few droplets escaped from the sky, but soon they subsided. Nothing could subdue the high-spirits and exhilaration felt by everyone. Teddy bears may not have been won by all, but everyone came back with memories that will not soon be forgotten. 25Cake Sales for Fund Raising 26 SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT ALBERT HARRIS "alby" "can 1 have your attention' . . . thii loud, friendly cancer considers everyone a friend . . . activities Include baseball, swimming and soccer . . . mr. hazzard and mrs. hausen arc rated high . . . voted most popular In 207 . . . plant to become a lawyer. SENIOR CLASS T REASURER TRINALEHILL 'V this Sagittarius was voted best dressed and the friendliest female in 206 . . . enjoys listening to music, sewing, reading and movies . . . friends are eveite. melirsa and pam . . . plans to be a c.p.a. SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT CLEMENTINE EVETTE POTTS "you's a real outbox" ... a talkative, outgoing plsces who dislikes ignorance . . . loves sewing and just acting up . . . chosen most popular of 320 . . . irinale h. kirn b and theresa b are close friends . . . member of honor society. SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY ANNETTE HARRELL "neite" "hi there, howareya?! . . . terrific" ... this sweet and friendly virgo is very active with cheerleading and alby ... Is seen with v. da vis. cristy and sissy . . . was voted meet popular. most athletic and best looking in 209.WILLIAM BALDWIN "badee” "Utcr" . . . this congenial cancer plans to become a commercial artist . . . enjoys keeping sports statistics . . . friends are william winkler, ben hill and eric ware . . . was chosen class comedian, most athletic and most reserved in homeroom 306. GRECORY BATTLE •greg” "what's up?” . . . this "for real" virgo hates to be bothered by people who pester him ... he can be found playing basketball or running track . . . was chosen most athletic and most reserved in homeroom 213. NEVA SHARON ALEXANDER ■'neva ' "well alright I" . . . easygoing and outspoken neva loves singing and traveling . . . spends her time working at the psychiatrist institute of s.m.m.c. . . . hangs with gwen. robert and donna. . . plans to be a gynecologist. CALVIN BARRING ”barbar ino,, "what . . . when . . . where?" . . . this attractive and reasonable taurus loves bowling, karate and girls! . . . friendly with gregory b. lance j and cynthla h . . . mr. hazzard. tar. lang and mr. d head his list of teachers . . . plans to become an artist. 29REGINALD LLEWELLYN BELLAMY "reggie" thU congenial cancerlan plan to become a minuter to spread the word of Cod . . . admire rev. jimmy carter . . . hobble are basketball, fencing and chess . . . mr . johnson, mr. slav-itt and mr. hazzard are among hU favorites. LESLIE BIVINS "lez” “better be glad i'm not violent" . . . this moody capricorn enjoys the company of p. baker, t. curry and b. sit . . . plans a law career . . . mrs. neuss, mr. iz and mrs. ven-skus will not be forgotten. 30 WALTER BEMBRY •’waiter" this easygoing capricorn likes music, an and track . . . "waiter t" plans to become an engineer and part time musician . . . friends Include sieve b. janet r and donna c . . . enjoyed classes of mrs. neuss and mr. gentile. MICHAEL BLACKWELL "mikie" fairly quiet, but friendly "mikie" loves women . . . voted best looking in 30« ... a capricorn who appreciates music and an . . . plans to join the marines . . . panicipating member of the stage crew and band.TERESA BLAKE "rlsa" "well whit can i say?" . . . this generous virgo enjoys skating, music and sporu . . . found being saved her most meaningful experience . . . parents are most admired . . . forsces a career in business or music. SHARON PATRICE BOWDEN ’'sherry' "this old world is a mean old world, people don't treat you like they used to" is this future physician's statement of the world ... a plsccan. sherry's active in gospel chorus . . . admires her mother most. PATRICIA BOBBITT "pai" "for real" . . . this beautiful young sister is a virgo . . . enjoys bowling, pool and skating . . . likes the company of sherTy b. chelle d and rose ns c . . . enjoyed being captain of the pep squad. PAUL BRADFORD "paul" "what you've been into" . . . this sometimes quiet, sometimes loud Virgo's most memorable experience was being in the newark boys' chorus . . . admires his mother, mr. howard and dentils walton . . . eric h.. carlton c. and everyone are friends. 31« THERESA DENISE BRADMAN ”ice" ”yeah right I" . . . this very humble, submissive scorpion was chosen most friendly in 320 ... a career surrounded by children is in the future . . . •,tee ' enjoys singing, bowling and participates on executive board. CARMEN BROWN "carm" ••you caused it!" . . . bom under the sign of scorpio . . . considers herself friendly and easy going . . . coming to arts and meeting eric hill will always be remembered ... Is often seen withdiane. shae. and dot. CHRISTINE D. BRISTOL "chris" this crazy, fun to be with arien is liked by everyone ... is active in twirling and on yearbook staff . . . voted best looking in 206 . . . plans to become a lawyer . . . val. net. and linda bring out the best of her shining personality. EELICIA ANN BROWN "lisa" "i just don't know" ... this quiet virgo writes, acts, and enjoys people who have respect for themselves ... in school she is a twlrler. singer, and dramatic actress . . . "lisa" plans to major in sociology.IVY LYNN BROWN ivy this considerate aries enjoys playing the violin with the school orchestra and the montciair state symphony orchestra . . . mother and grandparents arc most influential . . . ms. holiar-greg-ory and ms. johnson arc favorites . . . plans to be successful. KIMBERLY BROWN "kim ’’solid" . . . kim considers herself to be evil, but cool . . . voted best dressed in 320 . . . would like to become a surgeon . . . her mom and grandmother are most influential . . . often seen with theresa and bev. SHARON BROWN •’shae'’ "yeah i’m down" ... this friendly gemlnf enjoys dancing and baseball, but rainy days can spoil everything . . . friends include carmen b. dlane c, and dorothy . . . plans to become a successful lawyer . . . mom is special.DARLENE BUCHANAN "doll" "get out of here" . . . this taurus enjoys bowling, and shopping . . . "doll" plans to see the world . . . friendly with robin, dawn and cynt-hla . . . quiet, likeable and intelligent . . . admires apostle auturo skinner. DESIREE YVONNE BUSH "desi" "you wouldn't wanna get me started" ... an understanding, active, and easy to get along with capricorn . . . likes people who make something of themselves, especially her mother . . . sissy, annette. and val arc ranked highest. 34 SHERRY BUFORD "sher" "yeah, right” . . . this friendly capricorn dislikes unreal people . . . very sociable, but crazy . . . plans to attend houston university . . . "sher" is on the pep squad and bowling team . . . pat. chelle, and rosena c. top her list of friends. STEVEN BUTLER "sieve" "praise the lord" . . . this friendly, unique, optimistic capricorn enjoys drawing and composing songs . . . influenced most by mother and father. . . can be seen with waiter and gall.LFON BYASS "sc runt" this friendly leo digs photography, panics, baseball, and soccer . . . was voted the best dressed and best anist of 209 .. . mr. hazzard. mrs. hansen. mrs. mcduffic. and mrs. venskus will be missed . . . plans to major in business administration and accounting. MARION CANTY |K "junior" "just shut up" . . . this talkative, energetic cancer admires mr. howard and vivian . . . member of gospel choir and african dance . . . voted most scholarly in 206 .. . plans a singing career. PATRICIA ANN BYRD "pat" "just leave me alone!" . . . this very outgoing lco was voted most athletic female in 320 . . . captain of twirlers and member of the orchestra . . . plans to become a certified public accountant . . . kelth b. and her mother arc very special. NORMA |. CHARLES norma "sure" . . . this talkative Scorpio loves making friends . . . buddies include towana b., robin h.. eric r., and linda w. . . . favorites are gym. typing, mr. klells and mr. hazzard . . . plans to further her education ... was voted class comedian in homeroom 306. 35ROSFNA CHISOLM ”10” "tell me anything" . . . this Intelligent and friendly placet was voted mott likely to succeed and mott scholarly In 206 . . .a member of the orchestra and honor society ... you can find "ro" with sherry b and chelle d. ALVINA PAMELA CONYERS ”pam” "oh yeah," . . . this friendly and ambitious cancer was voted most friendly in 207 . . . enjoys cooking, partying, and the company of re nee C., nlna. and prentricc . . . pep squad captain . . . gospel chorus, and service committee arc activities. DIANE DARCEl CHAVIS "dec” "oh no!" . . .a loveable, crazy aquarian who enjoys an and sports . . . friends include c. brown, d. wrlght. and s. home . . . plans to become an executive secretary ... her parents. mr. dessasau and mrs. tyson are admired. CARITON CLARK ’•dutch” "but man. you know what it is" . . . "dutch" Is known as class comedian in 207 . . . sports vary from basketball to soccer . . . always seen near tyree. louie. alby, sykcs. and Icon.DARRYL COX •'d.c. ' “anyone who graduates from aru high is academically and socially prepared for life” . . . active in cross country and indoor-outdoor track . . . influenced mostly by parents but friends arc important also . . . friends arc pcrccll s.. mark w.. and marc m. DONNA MARIF CURVIN "butchie" "what?” . . . drawing and dancing are this sensitive, quiet and sometimes crazy libran's hobbles . . . enjoys cngllsh. history and being president of zonta explorer's club post 176 . . . janct r., gwen s., and nith m., are always near this future journalist. TRACEY LYNETTE CURRY "t.l.c." "oh well, what can i say?" ... the whole senior class is friendly with t.l.c. . . . being a capricorn, she detests know it alls . . . working with handicapped youngsters is her calling . . . friends include haroid. celeste, and lcslic. MICHELLE YVETTE DANCY "chelle" this warm, friendly aricn feels that in order to survive in a world filled with people of many types, you must respect everyone . . . "chcllc" plans to major in business . . . sherry b.. pat b.. and ronnic w. arc her friends.KEITH DAVIS "k-dee” "beats me!!" . . . considered most popular, best dressed and most athletic male in 206 . . . an amiable aries whose circle of friends include donna m.. carlton and tyree . . . plans to cam a master's degree in accounting and business administration. JERARD DICKINSON ''rod” "that’s kinda all right" . . . this easy going and crazy taunts likes photography . . . manin, harold. and pcrcell are friends . . . voted best artist of 320 . . . plans to go into communications. 38 VALERIE DAVIS "vee-dee" "guess what? . . . sapp!" . . . this outgoing aquarian is an active member of the student council and yearbook staff . . . friends include nette, chris. and the "o" . . . was voted class comedian, most popular, and most athletic In room 206. SELTON ROBERT DOVE |R. " bobby ’ "don't feel it" ... a cancer, music is his message . . . God and parents influence him . . . directs the a.h.s. gospel chorus . . . was chosen most popular, best dressed, and best musician of 306 . . . buddies are d. reeves, c. wigglns, and c. richardson.SANFORD DUBOSE sanford (hit unpredictable vlrgo plans to major in physio . . . was roost happy In the classes of mr. gentile and miss meyerson ... a member of the future physicians and science clubs . . . greatly admires the work of albert cinstein. JAMES FARROW •'farrow ' this introverted vlrgo was voted most scholarly of homeroom 213 .. . enjoys intellectual challenge. music and bowling . . . despises laziness and stupidity . . . says arts high is full of music, full of class, and full of fun. VALERIE EDWARDS "cookie ' "umm" . . . born under the sign of aries . . . a future psychologist and secretary of the national honor society . . . voted most likely to succeed, most reserved, and most scholarly of 320 . . . friends include inell j. cilccn j. and lois 1. CYNTHIA LORETTA FIELDS "cynthy" "um . . . ... cynthia is a quiet but cheerful virgo who dislikes people with no goals in life . . . hobbles include sewing and crocheting .. . plays clarinet in the school band . . . cynthia plans to become an executive secretary.ANGELA FLADGER "angel" "um-huh" . . . this loud places despises 6:30 a.m. . . . enjoys twilling, gospel chorus, and tennis . . . plans a law career . . . friends Include b. merrltt, v. mcdonald. and r. wlngo . . . voted most likely to succeed and best looking of 213. DAWN FOSTER "dawnie" "well you know how it is” . . . this quiet, shy but craxy aquarian hopes to become an architect . . . •'dawnie” Is often seen with karl. darlene, and annettc . . . admires people who are down-to-earth. JAMES FORESTER "tubby" this "well rounded" cancer delights in leather work, art and swimming . . . usually found gabbing with janct r.. j. Howerton, dorls. and elsie . . . plans to become a great lawyer. BEVERLY ANNTWANIQUE GIBSON "Chester" this arien enjoys swimming, horseback riding and just taking things easy . . . voted best dressed, best musician and best looking of 306 . . . friends include dot. carmen and sharita . . . "Chester" plans to become a legal secretary.KEVIN GILES "killer kev" "I'm telling you" . . . this cool pisccs enjoy women, basketball. and music ... he contributes to many school activities, such as basketball. service committee and band . . . friends include everyone . . . future plans arc in business world. JUAN GONZALEZ juan this calm, quiet pisecs was voted most reserved in 206 . . . feels he must strive for perfection in the musical field . . . favorite teachers arc mr. kiclis and mr. Israel . . . enjoys playing in a latin soul band. CURTIS GILMORE "rock" "what's up" . . . this together sagittarian was voted the best musician of 206 . . . can be found with hoop, clink, and gary . . . enjoys aru high's music program . . . active in band and orchestra . . . plans to go into business. KAREN GRAVES ”ka-ka" "i'on't know" . . . this crazy and fun to be with person was voted the most popular and the best artist of 306 . . .she enjoys dancing and spending time with johnny j. . . . can be seen with fayc, deb, and celeste. 41CASSANDRA GREEN ••shine” ”tbe piu" . . . this crazy, considerate sagitta-rlan was voted best dressed in 213 . . . enjoys tennis, dancing, and photography . . . plans to become a fathion designer . . . seen with belinda s.. debbie j. and sharita r. . . . admires her mother and diana ross. RODNEY GUILES "rod” this artistically inclined aquarian enjoyed being taught by mr. splndier . . . digs karate and football ... rod is understanding and likes to have fun . . . hangs with gary g., lance j.. and waync h. . . . plans to become an artist and karate instructor. I GARY GREENLEE "great" "I'm the greatest" . . . this piscean is interested in baseball, football, and basketball . . . plans to play pro football . . . gary loves taking gym and feels jimmy walker has influenced his life. DONNA HALL "nah nah” "you dummy" . . . this fun-loving libran enjoys skating and sewing . . . future plans are to become a general practitioner . . . considers going to am an unforgettable experience . . . friends include everyone.CELESTE HAND "pepper" "you gots to be kiddin!" . . . this undemanding scorpio doesn't like people who don't like her . . . debra. cookie, and karen arc among her favorites . . . plans a career in psychiatry or journalism. WILLIAM HARMON "big bill" "so what it Is" . . . learning how to ski has been most exciting for this sometimes trying aries . . . computer programming, fish breeding. sand designing, and stain glass windows keep him busy . . . friends include everyone. CYNTHIA HARDWICK "cynt" "yeah right" . . . this short-tempered but usually friendly aries is seen with deborah w. . . . enjoys painting, drawing, tennis, and dempscy vaughn . . . favorites are mr. hazzard. mrs. iso. and mrs. hansen . . . forsees a career in fashion Illustration . . . chosen best artist in 206. DORA MICHELLE HARRIS "shelly" "oh well" ... an outgoing llbran who admires her mother and grandmother . . . plans Include majoring in business ... if not home playing records, shelly is out partying and meeting young men ... has traveled as far as africa. r 43WAYNE GERARD HARRIS "moby" this fun to be Around saglttarian plans to become a physician . . . activities Include all-state chorus, future physicians club, tennis and swimming teams . . . voted most likely to succeed, most scholarly, and best musician in 320. BRIAN HEAD 'brian” This aries plans to become a naval officer . . . brian enjoys track, baseball and cross country . . . friends Include percell. jerard and darryl ... his parents are considered the most influential . . . voted best athlete In 320. 44 KFITH HARVEY "peanut" "what's happening!" . . . talkative, sincere and honest is this sagittarian . . . hobbies include painting, playing bass guitar, karate and kung-fu classes . . . commonly seen with w. winklcr and d. reeves . . . plans to go into architectural design. ROBIN HICKS robin "right" ... a crazy and friendly lco who enjoys fun people . . . robin plans to become a professional musician and possibly teach music . . . friends arc valarle w.. shorn' b.. and dar-lene b.BENJAMIN HILL "casper" "easy" . . . this talented, outgoing libran enjoys all sports . . . "casper" admires grover Washington jr. . . . when not playing basketball, he can be found with william and thomas . . . plans are to become an electronic engineer . . . voted best musician in 209. ANETRA KAYE HINTON "netra" "what you say?” ... this kind libran enjoys bowling and skating . . . "netra" dislikes people who feel they're better than others . . . enjoys being with gwen s. and joanne m. . . . plans to further her education In college . . . voted most reserved in 213. ERIC HILL "beev" "you know what It Isl" . . . "beev" Is a confident virgo who feels he will be successful In whatever he does . . . enjoys the company of women . . . admires kareem abdul jabbar . . . "beev" has countless friends. JAMES HOOPER "hoop" "yeh right" . . . this modest, quiet cancer dislikes egotists . . . friendly with sucle Joseph, briar head, and harold showers , . . active on soccer and baseball teams . . . plans an engineering career . . . most enjoyed being a member of the all-city band. 45JAMES CONWAY HOW ERTON "howerton” doing two hour of homework really aggravates this libra ... a participant on the art high magazine staff . . . admires frank lloyd wrlght and plan an architectural career . . . "hower-ton" tec hlmtclf as quiet and thy. EILEEN IACKSON eileen "check it out" . . . this friendly but sometimes moody tcorpio enjoys reading, writing stories and playing violin ... her family has influenced her the most . . . engllth and chemistry arc favorite classes . . . plans a future as a journalist. DORIS EISE IRIZARRY "missery" thl trustworthy scorpio enjoy photography . . . janct and elslc are favorites ... a member of the drama and photography clubs . . . voted best artist in 209 . . . enjoys classes of ms. han-sen. mr. spindlcr and ms. iso . . . plans a photography career. KARI ELLEN JACOB "kay-kay" "well if you want my opinion" . . . this especially active capricorn enjoy guitar playing, writing and composing . . . voted best musician of 206 . . . is usually found with ruth, dawn and beth . . . plans to become a heart surgeon.MARTIN JENKINS "butchie" ••tell me anything' . . . this sometimes reserved, sometimes crazy aries likes soccer, track, and photography . . . was chosen most likely to succeed, most scholarly, and friendliest of 207 . . . plans to become a pediatrician . . . seen with antolnnc. greg. and jerard. DEBORAH JOHNSON "debbie" "don't feci it!" . . . this carefree gemini loves the world of fashion . . . plans a law career . . . admires mr. slavltt and mr. howard . . . seen with bcllnda. cassandra and lumpy. ANTOINNE JENNINGS •’toinne” "right". . . this calm, intelligent virgo is trying to get rich quick . . . hates bothersome people . . . while In school, he can be found playing in the band or orchestra . . . "toinne" plans to become Involved in a business career. ROBIN CHRISTIE JOHNSON •puppy" "i'm telling you” . . . this energetic scorpion is seen with donia. marlon. and herman . . . has her eyes set on becoming a musician . . . gospel chorus, crocheting, and softball occupy her time . . . mr. howard and mn. prizgintas rank high.INEIL MELISA DECARLOS JONES "ncll "you know" . . . this lovable and considerate libra hates embarrassment and nagging . . . plans to become a psychologist . . . friends are valeric. donna, sharon, sandra, and rath. ARTHUR KOONCE "koonce" "I'm telling you" . . . this charming arlcs considers himself sweet and lovable . . . likes basketball. boxing, football and women . . . travels a lot . . . plans to attend college. then law school. . . admires his parents. 48 STACIE JOSEPH "dee” "yea, right" . . . this scorpion who was rated most reserved in 30«. enjoys swimming, dancing and chorus . . . favorites arc gail m.. felJcla b.. and pat b. . . . future plan is to become a professional dancer . . . parents have been a great influence. ROlilN LAPREAD "rob" "hey. oh wow!" . . . this quiet but easy to get along with sagittarian enjoys singing, dancing, sewing and reading . . . plans to become a legal secretary and part time model . . . favorite teachers are mr. dessasau, miss Isaac and mis. jones. ,4 BARRY LEE barry "come on" . . . bom under the sign of arics. barry plant to become a ceramist and have his ovn company ... a unique person, hobbies include an and listening to music . . . voted most likely to succeed in 206. LOIS LIGGINS "Hggy" an introspective scorplo who likes ballet, cooking and sewing . . . violinist in school orchestra . . . plans an elementary education career . . . enjoyed chemistry and engllsh classes . . . friendly with cileen j. and ivy b. NINA DENISE LYNN "shorty" ANNETTE IUMFORD "lumpy" "hey ladyl o.k." . . . this fun loving, thoughtful places plans to become famous in advertising or television . . . "lumpy" enjoys sketching and fashions . . . member of the girls track, softball and basketball teams, and is friendly with everyone. this straight forward aries was voted most scholarly. best artist, and most athletic in 207 . . . Interests Include art. sewing, and tennis . . . associates with alvlna. evette. and trinale . . . plans to become a fashion designer.CAII ROCHELLE Me CALI "punkin” "i don't know" . . . a leo who loves to spend money . . . this co-captain of the twirlers won best musician in 209 . . . when you sec gall, felicia brown, patricla byrd. and debbic shuford are not far behind. linda McDaniel "sissy" sissy is considered friendly by everyone and fun to be with . . . voted best looking and most popular in 207 . . . takes pan In twirling, yearbook, and the service committee ... is found nearby nette. val. and chris. 50 rufus d. McCall iii "jr." "god bless you" . . . this outgoing cancer is always giving advice . . . interests are photography and singing . . . rufus plans to become a professional photographer . . . partners Include most of arts high. VANESSA MCDONALD "nessa" this easy going taurus dislikes hypocrites, but enjoys sewing and crocheting . . . plans to go to junior college and then on to a four year college . . . favorite teachers are mrs. prizgintas and mrs. ncuss.RALPH L.McNEAL JR "poops" this outgoing pisccan was voted class comedian, most popular, best dressed and best looking of 213 .. . member of alpha phi kappa frat . . . associates with trevor p.. davld r. and clcanzy p. . . . plans a dental or newscasting career. MARC MEANS marc "so what else is new-’" ... a cairn aquarian who enjoys chess, music and magazines . . . future plans arc to enter into a career of management . . . involved in physical fitness and the track team. TYREE McQUEEN ••ty "square shot" . . . this unique, compatible leo was chosen best dressed in 207 ... a member of the alpha phi kappa fraternity . . . like bowling and parties . . . can be found with lou. carlton. and val. BARBARA MERRITT "bobbi" "check It out" Is what you hear from this stubborn. expressive and friendly aquarian-pUcean ... a member of the iwirlen and yearbook staff . . . voted most likely to succeed In 207 . . . plans a fashion merchandising career. SICYNTHIA MOOR! "meatball" ••get out of here" . . . this quiet, self-Involved uurus plans to become an accountant . . . very sociable and fun to be with . . . In her leisure time, she enjoys sewing and skating . . . played on softball team . . . main teacher Is mr. haz-zard. KENNETH MOSLEY "moe" "I'm telling you" . . . this sweet and charming scorpio enjoys music and sporu . . . voted best looking In 206 . . . mr. hazzard. mr. slavitt and mr. howard are tops . . . feels that arts high school Is the best school In the city. RUTH VANESSA MOBLEY "vinni" "right, sure, anything you say" . . . this vivacious leo enjoys photography and playing the piano . . . plans a career in computer technology . . . president of the service committee . . . seen with karl. donna and gwen. JOANNE MORRIS "aunt ester" "get out of here" . . . this quiet self-involved uurus plans to become an m.d. and get married ■ • • Is seen with eddle, gwen, cynthla t. and karen . . . enjoys history and chemistry, but hates coed gym.DEBRA MOSS "peaches" "for real’ ger out a here" . . . this friendly but sometimes moody young lady enjoys singing, dancing, and writing poetry . . . other Interests include twirling and service committee . . . voted most popular of 213 . . . plans a career as a pediatrician. ROGER MURRIEL "roger" this virgo enjoys singing, bowling and acting . . . favorite subjects are u.s. history, and theatre workshop . . . roger has traveled to Italy and feels if you have a special talent, use it to the best of your ability. CONNIE MOTLEY "con" "that's tight" . . . this outgoing plsces Is proud of the fact that she can undemand her Inner most feelings . . . connie plans to major In sociology . . . Is seen with antionne. martin, wayne. andrenee. TREVOR PARKER "irevor" "how you feel?” . . . this congenial lco enjoys drawing and athletics . . . feels arts high would have been fun if it "wasn't for the work" . . . feels parents were most Influential . . . plans to become an architect.JAMES PEARSON "pearson" "that's cool” . . . this sensitive, yet unpredictable leo hates co-ed gym classes . . . favorites include commercial arts, typing, mr. hazzard. mr. lang and mrs. meduffie ... was chosen most reserved in homeroom 207 . . . buddies are chunk, cleanzy, carlion and tyree. CAROLYN DENISE PLANT "ncicy” "you're disgusting" . . . becoming a successful and wealthy lawyer Is In the future for this intelligent libran . . . likes camping, golfing, swimming, and singing in gospel chorus . . . kevln. nina. and chrissy arc friends. LUIS PEREZ "demon" "check it out" . . . this vivacious cancer enjoys partying, archery, and horseback riding . . . plans to have a nice life and a good business . . . feels that knowledge is nothing without experience . . . "a.h.s. was a very, very good place.” CLEANZY PINKNEY "clink" "this quiet, fun loving taurus enjoys fencing, bowling and an . . . treasures membership in the alpha phi kappa frat . . . can be found in the company of chunk, rock, and gary . . . plans to major in communication.SHARITA RANDOLPH "pooh-bear" "gel ouu here” . . . with plan to be a physical education teacher, she is a definite plus to the girls' basketball team ... an easygoing and cheerful pisces . . . friendly with sharon h.. carmen and dianc. DAVID REEVES "dave" "whats-sappenin?" . . . this quiet, understanding pisces is usually found with kclth and ralph . . . feels that arts high helped develop his maturity . . . enjoys dancing, cars and listening to the radio. CHARLES REED "tony" "on the money" . . . this straight forward but friendly aquarian enjoys track and field, chorus, reading, and thinking things over . . . plans to attend medical school . . . can be seen laughing with wayne, martin, and gregory. CYNTHIA THERESA RICHARDSON "cyndee" "oh7" . . . this quiet, solitary libran is a member of the yearbook staff and a well liked cheerleader . . . voted best athlete in 213 . . . plans to major in music education . . . most admires her parents.JANET RILEY “jan" "cute" . . . this quiet and easy-going taurus enjoys drawing and reading . . . active on yearbook staff and girl's glee club . . . plans a career in fashion design . . . intends to have an exciting life . . . parents have the greatest Influence. KENNETH ROBINSON "kenny" this musically inclined libran goes for all types of music ... is active in the orchestra. plays the guitar, and plans to become a well known musician . . . says mi. hazzard and mr. palcstina are favorite teachers. 56 DARYL KAY ROBINSON daryl a liberal minded scorplo who hates pests . . . enjoys bowling, and playing in several musical groups . . . seen with sandra s.. teresa w.. and dcanic w. . . . won most scholarly of 209 . . . plans to become a music educator. EDWIN RODRIGUEZ "slow poke” "don't know, don't know" is this always smiling scorpion's favorite expression . . . active in the chess club . . . future plans are to become a physical therapist then get married . . . pamela. robin, and pat are friends.JUANITA RODRIGUEZ "juani" "de jame qulerta" . . . this easy going virgo enjoys meeting new people and diawing . . . "juani" hopes to become a fashion designer . . . always near arc chela, agocj and harold . . . mrs. venskus and mrs. hansen arc tops. JUSTO ROMAN jusio "hey man" . . . this quiet virgo is a member of the aspira club and the stage crew . . . warns to become an architect or a commercial artist . . . voted best artist of 206 . . . friendly with juanita. william and agnes. ERIC ROLLACK •'rick this modest, moody llbran enjoys drawing, fishing and being in the alpha phi kappa fraternity . . . favorites include mr. hazzard. mn. barren and mr. landers . . . plans to attend college. then work. VICTORIA SHERMAN "cookie" "sister, you're kidding" . . . this crazy leo likes sewing, drawing and plans to major in fine arts . . . voted best artist of 213 . . . active on twirling squad and finds drama interesting . . . friends include sherry, rennay and faye. 57ss HAROLD SHOWERS "thunder" "oh yeah . . . mum um!" . . . thU playful but serious arics was voted best looking in 320 . . . enjoys swimming, traveling and young ladies ... the air force and politics arc in the future . . . j. dicklnson. j. hooper, and r. thomas are friends. LOLANDA SIMMONS "landi" "be for real" . . . this future speech pathologist enjoys sewing, cooking, singing and skating ... Is seen near teresa, mr. Howard, mr. lav-Ista. and mrs. grccnc . . . was chosen the friendliest young lady of 209. DEBORAH DENISE SHUFORD "deb" "you look like a cutic" . . . this friendly taunts was voted best looking and best artist of 320 ... a very active twirler who can be found with gall, fcllcia. and pat . . . plans to become a chemical engineer. HOWARD SIMPSON "simp” this unpredictable and energetic gemlnl was voted the most likely to succeed, most scholarly, and best artist in 306 .. . he dislikes people who doubt his ability . . . plans to become a professional in communications and art.BETTY SIT "betty" this sensitive, active Ubran enjoys photography, drawing, and music . . . president of the national honor society . . . friendly with Incll j.. leslie b.. doris i. . . . admires mrs. ven-skus and miss me ye non . . . voted most likely to succeed and most scholarly of 306. GWENDOLYN SMITH "gwen" "oh my goodness" . . . this friendly leo participates in gospel chorus, future physicians club and glee club . . . looks forward to becoming a clinical nurse . . . most admires parents and grandmother . . . seen frequently with dianna, neva, and donna. BELINDA SMITH "coffee bean" "no. no. no. wait" ... a warm and crazy pis-cean who loves panylng and modeling ... an active member of the student council, service committee, and science club . . . enjoys the company of valarie w. and cassandra g. . . . bclinda plans an architectural career. JESSIE SMITH "candle” "i'm telling you" . . . this very straight forward person was bom under the sign of aries . . . her ambition in life has been narrowed down to becoming a singer or model . . . "candle" enjoys almost every sport.PERCEIL SMITH ”mr. p." ihU friendly but sensitive leo is very ictlvc in spons . . . meeting God and finding out that He is good was a great moment in his life . . . voted most athletic in 207 . . . mr. hazzard is favorite teacher. SANDRA SUGGS "san” "hey man!" . . . this witty and pleasant capricorn is usually seen with sharon, waync. and martin . . . plans to become a business administrator . . . enjoys tennis and chess . . . voted most scholarly in 213. FAITH STEWART "faye" "get outta here" . . . faye’s favorite pastime is talking on the phone . . . active on pep squad . . . friends include karen. debra. cookie, and cynthia . . . dislikes imitation people . . . best dressed in 209. JOYCE THOMAS "shorty" "hi!" . . . a leo who likes to dance, sing, and ride her bike . . . "shorty" finds a secretarial career fulfilling . . . friends include gwen. trace y. and Constance ... she was voted the friendliest In 213.RANDALL THOMAS •’ranz" "but anyway" ... an easy to get along with leo who' friendly with everyone . . . voted beat looking and cl as comedian of 209 . . . plana to become an architect . . . enjoy mr. hazzard's. mr . haven's, and mn. mcduffle'i classes. LUIS VELEZ "lou-e" "noooo" . . . this altogether friendly scorpion was picked a beat artist and most handiomc male in 207 . . . dislikes seeing sunrise . . . intends to build a bright future by becoming a rich architect . . . friends include leon. carlton. and syke . REGINALD TURNER "reggie” "all right now!" ... an active, well rounded piscean who enjoys music. basketball and afrlcan dance . . . was chosen most popular and best dressed male in 320 . . . mr. palcstina and mrs. johnson are most admired teachers. TERESA V. WADE "loo-loo" "oh yeah?" ... a moody, deceivingly quiet virgo . . . will never forget the summer of ‘75 . . . voted best musician and most likely to succeed in 209 . . . member of gospel chorus and yearbook staff . . . friendly with lolanda and annette. 616 ELAINE WALLACE "lainey" ANDREA WALKER andrea "hey!" . . • this friendly, unpredictable vlrgo enjoy swimming, baseball, and volleyball can usually be found talking to b. davls. e. green, and d. edwards . . . plans to become a high school guidance counselor. "oh please! . . . cooking, sewing and reading arc most enjoyable to this compassionate aquar-ius-plsces . . . spends her valuable after school time on the service committee and on the yearbook staff . . . plans to become a registered pediatrics nurse. RICKY WASHINGTON ’bro. rick” ERIC GORDON WARE "chunk” "yeah, right . . . this quiet, shy cancer enjoys playing football and baseball . . . considers art high really something else . . . mi. hazzard. mrs. neuss. mrs. barren are most admired . . . future plans Include going into the service. "whoopee-do . . . this outgoing but sometimes impatient pisces enjoys playing basketball and reading . . . mr. hazzard and rnr. lang are favorite teachers . . . usually seen with pam j.. kirn b. and trevor p. ftLINDA WATTS "linda" "be for real" . . . this fun to be with aquarian enjoys playing ihc piano, singing and dancing . . . linda wants to become a special ed. teacher ... Is most likely to be seen with valeric d., Christine b.. and annette h. CYNTHIA MARCELLA WIGGINS "c.c." STLVIN WHITAKER "sieve" this light-hearted, easy-going young man enjoys painting and drawing . . . feels the world is passing, but love that's right remains forever . . . admires the teaching of mr. spindler and mr. gentile. "yeah, right" . . . this is one cancer who gets what she wants . . . plans include pediatrics and marriage . . . teen with lolanda s.. karen g.. and debra m. . . . enjoys writing poetry and modeling . . . was voted best musician of 207. VALERIE WILLIAMS "goldie" "i know" . . . this versatile aquarian enjoys dancing, modeling and acting . . . this responsive young lady with the beautiful smile plans to become an illustrator . . . member of the pep squad . . . friendly with belinda s. and cassan-drag.BERNADINEE. WILSON "deanie" "what ya doin'?" . . . this witty aquarius dislikes loud people . . . while hoping to become a music theorist and performer, she has won the title of best musician in 213 . . . has a multitude of friends. MICHAEL A WILSON "mike” "what's up’” . . . this quiet and easy going scorpio won most likely to succeed and most reserved in 209 . . . plans to become a commercial artist . . . mike is friendly with everyone. 64 DEBORAH WILSON "deb" "get outa my face" . . . this very conservative scorpio enjoys sewing, singing, baseball, and being with jerome . . . favorites are mr. har-zard. mr. doundas, and mr. la vista . . . can be seen with cynthia h. and jessic s. . . . hopes to succeed in nursing. WILLIAM K. WINKLER "wink" "hey tack head” ... an easy-tempered aries who dislikes people who call him hood . . . "wink" plans to become successful as a percussionist and football player . . . likes to be around keith h. and mike b. . . . voted class comedian of 206.MARK WINFIELD "mark” a mild-tempered and quiet virgo . . . painting, drawing, and bowling arc among mark' hobbies . . . sieve, daryl. and wayne are friends . . . enjoys an and chemistry most . . . was voted the friendliest male of 320. DOROTHY WRIGHT "dot" "what is he into?" . . . this easy going aries plans to be a professional secretary . . . "dot" is often seen with bev. carm. and tee . . . was chosen class comedian by 201 classmates. RONNIE WINCO "ron" "what's happening" . . . this fun loving cancer expects to succeed in the Held of commercial art ... ron enjoys painting, tennis, and spending time with family and friends . . . was voted best artist by classmates in 213. FELIX GUZMAN "junior" "sap” . . . this friendly arles enjoyed the classes of mrs. hansen. mr. slavitt and mr. des-sasau . . . plans an architecture or photography career ... is usually seen with penny r.. doris i.. or elsie g. . . . enjoys spectator sports. I 65Elsie Geschleider KENNETH FORD "block" "hey man. you know" . . . this funloving aquarian enjoys chess, bike riding and girls . . . feels the world needs change and strong leadership . . . plans to attend college or work . . . feels mrs. Johnson and mr. slavitt arc tops. 66EVELYN HOPKINS "lyn" "1 forgot! . . . this versatile young lady enjoy both writing and art . . . companion include bev m.. joanne m.. karen h. and mike b. . . . hopes to attend college and obtain a degree in elementary cd . . . mr. palestina and mits a bos arc admired. Ricardo Schivel Lance Johnson 6768Each has his own thought, his own mind: Each one searching, and trying to find the reality of it all. What will the future hold for these beautiful, talented, young and bold men and women? Some will succeed, others may not, but the class of ,,77' are without a doubt themselves! by Felicia Brown 6970 The Senior Fashion Show Extravaganza truly deserved its name. The show itself was beautifully arranged and performed. That night in the fall of 1976 will also be remembered as the night H. S. became famous throughout the school for skillfully tripping over the microphone cord. The seniors and underclassmen who participated displayed outfits of their own creation and stunned everyone. Each scene was unique. The stage was filled with one exciting scene after another, featuring American Tourists, Chinese Pleasure Ladies. Bonnie and Clyde, Dream Girls and Common People. This event was very successful in raising funds for the senior class and in providing a good time for everyone. Fashion show is a huge success 71SONGS THAT MADE IT "vee-dee" -................................. —.spirit "butchie"............—....-...............can’t hide love "sissy”----------------------------------------------gloria "ty"-----------------------------------a love of my own "cym" —-----------------------------------------my song "d.c."-------------------------if i ever lose this heaven "doll"---------------------you’re gonna miss my loving "tee"---------------------------i don’t want to lose you "desi”--------------------------------if i ever do wrong "jr."---------------------------------------get on board GROUPS THAT MADE IT "ranz"---------------------------------sal soul orchestra "nette"------------------------------------------natalie cole "pat"--------------------------------------isley brothers ”e"---------------------------------------------spinners "cleanz", wind, and fire "simp"-------------------------------------------------o jays "deb"----------------------------------.---savannha band "dutch":-----------------------------------melba moore "vinni"-------------------------gladys knight and the pips "regg"---------------------------------kool and the gang 72REMEMBER ... on the way home from Hers hey Park we had to stop the bus for Howard Simpson to use the bathroom. . . . Mrs. Neuss bumping into the pole and saying "excuse me." . . . the walk out we never had. . . . when Robin Johnson's boot broke and she lied it up with a rubber band. ... the "sweet aroma" from the girls' bathroom. . . . our "undefeated" basketball team. . . . when everybody thought they were getting over on Mr. Yablick's test and Mr. Mondalto busied everybody. . . . Mr. Williams getting insulted by a student's father. . . . when Mrs. Neuss' eighth period class walked out and she couldn't find them. . . . Darryl Cox being chased around the building with just his jock on. . . . when Harold got tangled up in the flag during assembly. . . . when Sandra Suggs beat up Reggie Bellamy on the Jr. Class trip. . . . the stuff they served us in the cafeteria. . . . the glove compartment that served as the boys’ gym. . . . when Mrs. Venskus’ class sang "Merry Christmas" to her. 7 3Tockxy Oree • Last Will We. the graduating class of 1977 at Arts High School, in order to form a more perfect school, establish fallacies, insure domestic delinquency, provide for the student body, promote general chaos, secure control for ourselves and having an all around good time, do hereby bequeath as our final benevolent gesture to those who made our lives here one of misfortune and merriment, the following last will and testament: to Mr. Slavitt ... a box of assorted lollipops to suck on instead of ball point pens. to Mrs. Venskus ... a class that doesn't fool around with the acid. to Mr. Heck ... a nose-muff for below zero weather, to Mrs. Johnson ... a prescription for Dr. Brown's energy pills. to Miss Cardella and Mrs. Greene ... a guarantee to grow at least one foot taller. to Mrs. Prizgintas . . . Fred Astaire to Mr. Cushnir ... a physical fitness program. to Mr. Hazzard ... a jamming basketball team. to Mr. Yablick . . . pep pills. to Mrs. Hansen ... ten inch elevator shoes. ACWM.oy IT WA5 i-l TlVLS, bUT VJUO CCUNTS? and Testament THIS OOfcSN'T UOOK L4KE l51 PRIZE, VHERE OO I PLUG IT IN? to Mr. Lang ... a new gym to Mr. Brasch ... a new joke book. to the Class of 1977 . . . the ability to sell candy and boosters. to James Farrow . . .the courage to participate in sports, to the "O" (organization of Arts High) ... a new letter, to Karen Graves . . . somebody who isn't corny, to Keith Davis . . . a fan club, to Rick Washington . . . some coolness, if possible, to Sanford . . . reality, if it isn't too late, to Debbie Shuford ... a movie she hasn't seen yet. to Trinale Hill . . . some No-Doz to Pat Byrd ... a giant mirror to Elsie Geschleidcr . . . free speed-reading lessons, to Luis Velez ... a REAL land of ladies, to Valerie Williams . . . honorary membership as a "Breck girl" for being the only person to change her hair color 21 different times. to Cynthia Fields . . . someone to always smile at. to Randall Thomas . . . first prize for his impersonation of a sane person. to Stacie and James ... we leave them each other. J WHO CARES? fl-L 0E THE TALLEST! I BET I GROW F RST. VHRT CAN A TEACHER. DO?SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY Neva Alexander ------ WIULyn Bald win------ Calvin larrii Gregory Haiti Reginald Bellamy -- Walter fembry------ Leslie Bivins Micb.u : Blackw Tenet a Blake ....... Patrlc.a Bobbitt..... Sharon Bowden -------- Paul Bradlor. ....... Theresa Bradman------ Christine Brittol..... Carmen Brown---------- Felicia Brown—....... Ivy Brown ----------- Jacqueline Brown..... Kimberly Brown------- Sharon Brown Darlene Buchanan foi ctiree Bush Steven Butle Leon Byass - Patricia Btt3...... Nlta Cantrell........ Marion Canty Jr. —-- Norma Charles--------- Diane Chavis---------- Rosens Chisholm------- Carlton Clark........- Alvina Conyers-------- Darryl Cox------- Tracey Curry............ Donna Curvin ------- Michelle Dancy-------- Keith Davis........... Valeric Davis........ Jerard Dickinson------ Selton Dove Jr....... ----315 Park Avenue --356 South 17th Street --85 Tilllngli. ’st Street --- -842 W. 18th Slice — I?1 Melrose ve: 103 Spruce Street ---I South 12th Street-- ---172 Pomona Avenue Renner Avenue - ----131 Faby.rn --445 Avon Avenue --251 Ellis Avenue Kenneth Ford Jaincajorcstcr ------i Sanford Dubose Valerie Edw; Janies Farrow icott Street Cynthia Fields...............377 Scynjfcr Avenue Angel Fladgcr.............. HOjnizaNjtli Avenue -•• rly trqct............. -374-8441 18th Street.............371-lose -672-6321 -321 Hobson Street- • « -190 W'est Runyon St reel - • -..- .....195 1st Street---------------- - -68 C ypress Street —- - -102-4 Schuyler Avc '0 bragaw Avenue 234 Prince Street --------------- 283 Pomona Avenue -882 South 14th Str -725 Elizabeth Avenue ______________ ----62 Beverly Street................399-7M3 -794 South 11th Street.............824-3125 -193 Johnson Avenue................242-0107 -100 Ml. Pleasant Avenue............481-6039 -927 South 17th Street..............399- }91 — 188 South 6th Street..............623-0148 Elsie Gcschlcidcr • -371-3237 Beverly Gibson — Kevin Giles -373-3648 Curtis Gilmore --- -926-1827 Juan Gonzalez — -624-6180 Karen Craves -373-8009 Cassandra Green - -926-3595 Gary Greenlee — • -621-9060 '-9'.2-5922 Felix Guzman — i33-2870 Don . Hall 375-4361 Celeste Hand 926-2308 Roxanne Harden -• -923-1670 Cynthia Hardwick --371-6439 Annette Harrell — ■-926-3396 -37 i m(81 Dora Harris -923-5642 Wayne Harris---- -110_iith A B -68 Broome Street —151 North fith Street — Ill Mapes Avenue ---------------31 Astor ........... — 184 Pomona .............«»• $.!!!. ........---242-2295 ...........923-878® ...........482-31 IT ...........242-6418 15th Street Keith Harvey - Briar lm -•• Robin Hicks --Benjamin Hill ■ -- -439 South »th Street..--------242-7852 f......151 Leslie Street...,- .- 7-923-5633 .....266 South 6th Street...........643-4828 L----848 Summer Avenue —............483-7264 I---110 Center Terrance.............824-2282 -484-742 : -C22-2705 -078-0508 -244-0178 -25 HuntiaPS crrac --399-7603 - 926-3877 ......206 North 9th Street............43- - 7934 -------23»-.!ad«on Avenue-------------27a-so. -t ............195 12th Avenue - ................ .....203 Chancellor Avenue ..........920-4396 -418 Springdale Avenue -99 Wai Street -413 South 8th Street...............824-4378 -440 Washington Street------ — ---C43-8409 --25 Somerset Street................624-6291 ---17 Gladstone Avenue..............399-7374 -117 South 12th Street..............181-3123 - -429 South 9th Street.............242-5725 -21S-2R West Market Street..........622-0297 ----43 Chelsea Avenue...............399-1726 -923-8418 BlJ2 Abinger Place.................371-3637 Eric Hill...............694.fMith 20th Street..............374-3858 Trinalc Hill...........87 Pine grove Terrance..............399-1899 Anetra Hinton --••.........239 Osborne Terrace ----y-----926-3066 James Hooper...........—-148 Goldsmith Avenue--------------923-2227 Evelyn Hopkins----- 21 Long worth Street ................ 621-2589 lames Howerton.......195 South 10th Sttcet.................643-1727 Doris Irizarry..........418 Mt. Prospect Avenue............431-1484 Eileen Jackson ............832 South 16th Street...........J74-5577 Kari Jacob..............74 North Munn Avenue...............372-7099 Martin Jenkins....46S South 18th Street -----..............374-2280 764 r» Antoinnc lomings.—. Deborah Johnson-24 i ’.4 Foster Street.......2428545 Deborah Johnsor T-incc JohiuoJ ,- Robitwohnson - -24 Rlvcrvlcw Terrace 492 Hawthorne Avenue -914-2210 Kenneth Robinson Edwin Rodriguez "-.- -110 f South 12th Street----- 234 Orange Street -....926-1043 --371-9729 Nina Lynn........ Beverly Mann----- c all McCall..... Rufus McCall---- Juan1 Eric Rollack Justo Roman Victoria Sherman Lehigh Avenue North 9th Street ranlta Rodriguez...............368 Dayton Harold Shower ----- Deborah Shuford---- Lolanda Simmons --• ..................., Howard Simpson —.......371-76X8 Robi inch H Pamela Jone - Stacle Joseph...............117 Bergen Sir.-. Arthur Koonce-------------- 231 South 7th Street --- Robin La Pread —--- -S3. Barry Lee.................3-1 Lo ,.UMto. --------------V 806 South 15th - -371-7518 p.,-tty Sill Annette Lumford...............---271 South 18th Street ......374-0790 Belinda Smith 746 South icth Street............. 371-9861 ■ --20 Stengel Avenue..............923-8107 • --341 Keer Avenue ............. 923-0657 --•12 Cram Avenue..................248-4744 1. Ida McDanie l • ---.....59 Tlllinghatt Stree-............074-9072 Vanem McDonald.............- --18 Fim Stece ? --J-- - -624-034 RalphMcNeal Jr.............42 Weequahic Avenue................ 926-4066 ■ -------- -3 -6448 I • - -371-7675 Barbara.Meffl 1 - —-jp- - - - -20 Emcnor. liac ...--.........242-6642 ley...............—850 South ;th Street.......v......374-0262 •'Cynthia Moore .............--186 Shepard Avenue.............o.'6-3090 Jo Anne Monl -----------------200 Falrmonnt Avenue--------- 62'.L52C3 Kenneth Mosley...............8-1 Trcacy Avenue............... Debra Moss................85 Chelsea Avenue..................376 Connie Motley..............134 Sherman Avenue................242-2419 Roger Murrlel................ 1124 Morrt Street.............241-4579 Trevor Parker..............76 Trcacy Avenue.................248-0918 James Pearson..............869 South ll»Ui Sttcet..............374-9086 Lilt Pc re ..............J6C Lincoln Avenue.................482-3009 Clcanzy Pinkney------------134 Chancellor Avenue.............023-9287 Carolyn Plant.....................84 Boyd Street..................... Clemsmine E vtti Pom jharita Street ----61 Hartford Street ---793 Sum mcr Avenue -------- -----740 South 10th Street -------9 Keer Avenue "---•276 Schley Strcct- .......13 Irving Avenue .....295 Pomona Avenue Dayton Street 117 Norwood Street ---263 No. 5th Street -40 Isabella Avenue • ---11 Stirling Street................ 57 Weequahlc Avenue ...........-----923-8386 ..........887 So. lflth Street----------------372-0974 29 Parkview Terrace................ 926-5542 843 South .9thStreet . 65 Tuxedo Parkw QPjjt-- •127 Bragaw Avenue............. 923-6910 ---178-A Wavexly Avenue ---206 Howard Street --- --7 Chelsea Avenue----- David Reeve ..................66 Keer Avenue....... Cynthia Richardson-------------25 Shephard Avenue......-........923-7346 Janet Riley.................107 Somerset Street.................242-0482 Darryl Robinson..............880 South 17th Street.....-.......371-4310 42-5582 623-0678 374-7513 926-3937 Gwendolyn Smith -Jessie Smith-Pcrccll Smith Faith Stewart Sandra Suggs Joyce Thomas - -Lowell Thomas - Randall Thomas............. 111 Schccrcx Avenue Reginald Turner............. 237 Leslie St Lul Velez.....-...........61 Ludlow Street Tama Wade.................. 69 Homestead Park Andrea Walker-- —-......---13: Sherman Avenue--- Elaine Wallace---1..........305 Chadwick Avenue Erie Ware................20 Hansbury Avenue Ricky Washington..........—244 Chadwick Avenue..............242-1321 Linda Wall .................322 Schley Street................926-0858 even Whitaker........... -503 Hawthorne Avenue-------[------373-4213 Cynthia Wiggins........--.....200 So. 6th Street.............624-0030 Valarlc Williams.............IOC Schley Street...............926-1018 Bernadinc Wilson...............9 Farley Avenue...............242-1227 Deborah Wilson...............367 Morris Avenue.............. 248-4569 Michael Wilson.................241 Avon Avenue...............248-1991 William Wlncklcr................64 Shaw Avenue...............926-1'44 Mark Winfield................17 Grant Avenue.................371-7853 Ronnie Wlngo ------------51 North Munn Avenue —-------------373-2090 Dorothy Wright..............147 Schcetcr Avenue------------- 926-1095 77UNDERCLASSMEN Records of our accomplishments and portions of our knowledge shall be left behind to our successors, the underclassmen. The goals reached by one class will linger in the memory of the next to help them reach their own. We wish to inspire in them the desire to aim higher. Now that the time has come for us to leave, we must pass the torch on, as it has always been passed and will be passed. We hope that they will face up to what is to come and be able to go far beyond what is expected of them. 79CLASS OF Almeida, Sharon Alsion, Beverly Alston, Janine Anderson, Terry Andriacco, Anthony Anthony, Delores Archer, Audrey Armstrong, Roderick Ashe, Renee Ates, Daniel Baker, Patricia Barnes, Beverly Barnes, Douglas Baskcrvillc, Constance Bell, Kenneth Berry, Vivian Bey, Osborne Bland, Wanda Blocker, Rhea Booker, Delores Boughton, Donald Breeden, Theodore Brewer, Robert Brooks, Dianne Brooks, Sheila Brooks, Stephanie Brown, Janice Bryant, Michael Bynum, Towana Campbell, Eugene Campbell, Veronica Chisholm, Ellis Christmas, Darrell Collins, Tracey Conyers, Beverly Crawford, Howard Crenshaw, Charles Cruz, Penelope Daniels, Cynthia Dansby, Denise Days, Juliet Dennis. Jennifer Dennis, Lori Dennis. Valice Dixon, Gale Earles, Kinzie Edgerton, Kevin Edwards, Judy Ellis. Dcnca Fitz, Lorraine Foster, Maurice Fricson, Victoria Fryar, James Gavin. Shefronica Gilchrease, Phyllis Granger, Athena Grant, Glynis Green, Allan Green, Tony Hamilton. Darryl Harris, Karen Hazelwood, Eric Henderson, Mark Hodges, Stanley Hogan, Renee Holland, Angela Hopkins, Vicky Home, Sharon Ingram, Selena Jackson. Toni Jackson, Walter Jefferson, Gloria Jenkins, Riccardo Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Theresa Jones, Ernest Jones, Fred Jordan, Janet Kcarsc, Edith Knight. Beatrice Lavant. Yvonne 80JUNE, 1978 Lawrence, Jerry Leake, Ernest Lee. Fryleann Lewis, Cheryl Lighisey, Judith Mack, Tonia McClean, Sharrell McLcmore, Gabrielle Miller, Derrick Mollett. Daisy Moore, Donna Morrison, Brian Morrison, Harold Morton, Stanley Moses, Karen Murray, Neil Orr, David Owens, Kelly Padilla. William Parker, Andrea Pendleton, Charles Perry, Kenneth Perry, Leslie Petty, Oscar Phillips. William Pla, Carolyn Porter, Robert Potts, Albert Price, Beverly Purnell, Tillie Ragin. Sandra Ramos, Benny Ransom, Sandra Rayam, Lenora Reed, Larry Register. Phyllis Reuben, Bonita Reynolds, Gail Rivera. Jose Robinson. Anita Robinson, Marguerite Rodriguez, Lillian Scratch, Barbara Seay, Charles Shiver, Saundra Silas, Ellen Simmons. Judy Simmons, Kathy Simmons, Roosevelt Smith, Dianna Smith, James Smith. Robert Solomon, Valerie Spaights, Lauren Spruill, Patricia Suggs. Evelyn Sweet, Irvin Sykes, Jerome Talmadge, Russell Terry, Clarence Thomas, Evelyn Thomas, Lee Ann Thomas, Patricia Thomas, Reginald Thomas, Wanda Thompson, Sheila Tigner, Rennay Torrain, Darryl Torrctaglc, Cromwell Tukes, Marvin Walker, Andrea Walker, Debra Wallace, Kim Washington, Glenda Watkins, Stephanie Webb, Herman Williams, Darryl Williams, Donna Williams, Marilyn Wilson, Deborah Young, Marian 81Adams. Adeena Alexander. Lisa Allen. Prestine Allen, Tommy Alston, Annette Anderson, Grant Banks, Steve Barber, Angel Bamcs, Darryl Bartley, Tina Battle, Robert Bell, Tyrone Bennett, Janice Beverly, Juanita Bey, Roslyn Bowen, Glenn Brower, Paulette Brown, Geraldine Buie, Leazette Bush. Dawn Byrd, Kathleen Cabezas. Felipe Cacoild, Carlos Campbell. Tammic Carey, Joseph Carpenter. Charlene Canhan, Elaine Chiles, Adrienne Clark, Mark Cooper, Jacquelyn Cooper, Wanda Corpening, Marie Crawford, Carlotte Criado Jr., Julio Crump, Valerie David, Karen Davis, Michael Davis, Tommy Davis, Walter Dawkins. Robert Dawson, James Deane. Robin Depts, Tyrone Edgcrton, Anthony Eubanks, Brian Faulk, Elizabeth Fisher, Josef Flanigan. Samuel Fleming, Vanita Flowers, Tyrone Fort, Sherry Frazier. Helen Freeman, Susan Gallman. Rochelle Games, Kileena Gary, Merle Gibbions, David Gill. Pamela Gilmore, Sharon Glenn, Girard Golphin, Carl Gorham, Frank Graham, Marilyn Green, Deneise Green, Valcna Greene, Ricky Green leaf, Gregory Gross, Gena Hall, George Hall. Vanessa Hargrove. Chris Gramon, Jackie Harris. Anthony Harris. Antoinette Harvey. Elizabeth Head. Sheryl Hedgebcth. Diannah Henry. Anastasia Hickman, Jerry High. Lawrence Hooper, Lisa Hunter. Andrew Ingram, Paula Ingram, Tracy Jackson, Rachel Jackson, Tamara Jackson, Tina Jefferson, Gwen Johnson, Anita Johnson. David Jones, Clarence Jones, Harold. Jones, Zina Jordan, George Jordan, Yvonne Kelly, Byron Langley, Arthur Leake, Ina Lee, Michelle 82JUNE, 1979 Lemay, Larry Lugo, Jorge Lynn, Billy Mason, Milton Mathis. Kimberlyn McDonald, Rodney McLendon. Donia McLeod, Gayle McNeal. Scott McNeil, Annette McQueen, Saundra Medina, Elvin Mendez, George Milton, Paula Minnigan, Ivory Mitchell, Maria Mitchem, Geoffrey Mitnaul, Lcndell Mobley, Rose Monroe, Jaelyn Moore, Tyrone Morris III, Edward Moses, Christopher Motley, Edward Mumford, Tania Odom, Michael Olmo, William Ortiz, Elizabeth Outlaw, Rhoda Parham, Perncll Parker. Melanie Pearson, Anthony Perry, William Peterkin, Toni Peterson, Eugenia Phillips. Gail Pierce, Brenda Powell, Phyllis Pridgen, Dennis Pringle, Thiretha Pruitt, Lomesa Pryor, Sharon Ragin, Donald Ramirez, Judith Ramsey. Jerome Randall. Donnie Randall, Richard Range, Michelle Redding, Linda Reeves. Carla Reid, Clarence Reuben. Tina Reynolds, Cheryl Rivera, Aracelis Rodriguez, Norma Rogers, Sandra Roney, Debra Salter, Robert Sampson, Henrietta Samuel, Dennis Samuel, Michael Santigo, Miguel Santoro, Lori Scott, Martha Scott, Pamela Silas. Ellen Simmons, Caroline Smith, Jean Sowell, Denise Staton. Theresa Stokes, Darryl Sykes, Jeannette Taylor, Roy Terry, Wade Thomas, Andrea Thomas, Brenda Thomas, John Thomas, Patrick Thompson, Kelvin Turner, Zachary Vines, Sandra Wade. Christopher Walker, Faye Wallace, Ethel Washington, Dwight Washington, Vanessa Watson, Darcel Wells, Anita Wells. Marian White, Sandra Whittington, Ralph Williams, Brenda Williams. Carla Williams, Darryl Williams, Renee Winborne, Tanya Woods, Wanda Young. Beverly Zayas, RonaldAlvardo. Gloria Andres. Carlos Anthony. Patricia Armour, Alice Askew. Hosa Averett, Helen Baltic. Terence Bales. Curtis Barden, Janet Bateman. Evelyn Berry. David Berry. Helen Berry, Michelle Blocker. David Blount, Valerie Bludson. Dora Booker. Rochelle Brant, Trayce Braswell. Lisa Bridgeforth. Keith Britt. Deborah Bronner. David Brooks. Delores Brown. Julian Brown. Leona Burden, Andre Burger. Mark Burl. Albert Butler. Natalie Calhoun. Raymond Campbell. Susan Carey. Allison Choice. Dawn Clare. Karen Clark, Charles Cofield. Angela Conyen. Alvin Cowan. Lance Cruz, Richard David. Aquanetta Davis. Clara Davis, Dclacy Davis. Ida Davis, Lisa Davis. Jerome Dinson. Allen Dowdell. Keith Elkerson, Crystal Ellis, Edward Ellis, Martin Evans, Ramon Faulk. Janice Faust. Neal Feliciano. Lenin Fields. Dwan Fisher. Everett Fleming. James Foust. Charles Frazier. Gregory Garcia. Mmitiva Gathright, Kevin Gilchrease. Hester Gilliam. Michael Gordon. Sharon Graham. Ernest Gramby. Bernard Grayc, Renee Greene, Shari Griffin. Janice Grlner. Donna Gurley. Alvin Hallman. Derek Hannahan. Maurice Harris. Andrew Harris. Catherine Harris. Cathy Harris. Edgar Harris. Kevin Hawkins. Eunice Hayes. Mark Hcrran. Dwayne Hightower. Jcanncc Hill. James Hill. Kathy Hill. Maricnne Hobbs. Clarissa Holcomb. James Home. Joseph Hubbard. Maria Hudson. Bobby Jackson, william James. Marsaaln Jennings. Charlcttc Johnson. Dennis Jones. Alnisa Jones. Lluana Jones. Mark Jones. Renee Jones. Shlaina Jones, Tijuana Jordan. Lcainctt Ken. Anthony King. Christopher lumbert. Benighta 84JUNE, 1980 Lapread, Rodney Leon. Rene Lewis. Penny Loyd. Mark Maddox. Wayne Malone. Dcrious Marks. Slella Martin, Wayne Martinez, Steven McQueen, Michael McAdoo. Gina McCall. Michael McCall. Sylvia MeFadden. Arthur Means, Tony Mendez. Manuel Minatce. Steven Minor. Pamela Montague. Colin Montalvo. Edgar Moore. Danny Morgan. Fatlmah Morse. Darin Moses. Winfred Mosley. Angela Nails. Christine Nelson. Icannle Newby. Barry Olrno, Thomas Outlaw. Francis Outlaw. Terry Owens. Diana Palmer. Tracy Parker. Gina Parker. Nina Parkinson. Lisa Perkins. Verna Perry. Bmcc Phillips. Tony Ponton, Wilson Potts. Bernadette Powell. Gail Proenza. Aida Rawls. Andricc Ray. Nanetta Reddick. Susan Reid. Rhonda Reid. Sharon Rein. Danny Richardson. Beverly Richardson. Stephanie Rodriguez. Diane Rogers. Frederic Rowe. Allison Salters. Francine Sainbataro. Joseph Saunders. Yuvette Serrano. Jose Seymore. Gary Sherrod. Jolita Sit. Anne Slappy, Sylvia Sloan. Ronald Smith. Anthony Smith. Kevin Smith. Sylvia Smith. Willie Smith. Yvette Stewart, Gwendolyn Stroud. Verlic Suggs. Sheila Sutherland. Sheryl Taylor. Rickey Taylor. Robin Thomas. Andrea Thomas. David Thomas. Felicia Thomas. Francis Thomas. Mischa Thomas. Pamela Thompson. Clark Thompson. Darryl Thompson. Juanita Tillman. Maurice Towc. Geoffrey Townsend. Sidney Turner. Charles Waiters. Tammy Walker. Clarice Walker. Ernest Walker. Tonya Wallace. Lida Wat Icy. Renne Weathersbe. Patricia Wells. Terrance Whitlock, Michael Williams. Raymond Williams. Richard Williams. Shazaliz Williams. Sheila Wilson. Lisa Wimberley. Karen Winbome. Mark Woods. Michelle Woodward. Wiley 85SPORTS This is our life. There are many ways that we can enjoy it and prosper. Sports competition is a very important part. We are proud of our more than efficient coaching staff and our hardworking athletes. Arts High has become a powerful competitor in the field of athletics. The athletes call upon the sweat of perseverance, the tears of sacrifice, and the spirit of will to spur them onward. The game itself is where everything comes together. Emotion runs high. Winning becomes the primary concern. This is the time when sheer happiness is realized.SENIORS Standing, left to right: Coach Alamo. Ralph McNcal. Walter Bembry. Carlton Clark. Curtis Gilmore. Charles Reed. Tyree McQueen. Antoinne Jennings. Martin Jenkins. James Hooper. Erie HSU. Rufus McCall. Randall Thomas. Kneeling: Leon Byass. Luis Velez Albert Harris. Am High's Soccer Team was proud 10 defeat its "rival," Irvington Tech with a score of 3-0. They shutout Shabazz 5-0 and had a 6-2 victory over Weequahic. Their overall record was 5-8-1. Defense was led by Leon Byass. Alby Harris, Charles Reed and James Hooper. Eric Hill. Cromwell Torretagle and Ralph McNeal headed the offense. We are very proud of the fact that Alby Harris made the All-City team. Congratulations to him, the entire team and Coach Alamo for an exciting season. 88Cross Country Team has 5-5 record This year Arts High's Cross County Team placed 5th in the city varsity meet and 4th in the J. V. meet. Percell Smith, devoted captain, was a prime example of leadership for the team. Darryl Cox, Marc Means, and Jerard Dickinson put forth great effort to make our team successful. Mr. Marcus worked very hard with his spirited group of athletes, who ended the season with a 5-5 record. Kneeling, left to right: Darren Anderson. Tony Means. Judy Lightsey. Christopher King. Lance Coven. Standing: Judy Simmons. Marvin Tukes. Frank Gorham. Anthony Edgcrton. Marc Means. Geoffrey Mh-chem. Percell Smith. Kelvin Thompson. Jerard Dickinson. Christopher Wade. Darryl Cox. Harold Jones. Ernest Leake, Coach Marcus. 89 Jerard Dickinson. Marc Means, Coach Marcus. Percell Smith and Darryl CoxKneeling: Antoinne Jennings. Clean?. Pinkney. Standing; Toni Jackson. Osborne Bey. Ernest Jones. Howard Crawford. Clarence Terry. Tanya Winbome. The fencing team finished this year with a 7-7 record and 3 medals. Co-captain Cleanzy Pinkney was 8th in the city and 5th in the State Sectionals. The J.V. team ranked 2nd in the city. This was one of their best seasons. Coach Liput anticipates next year to be a rebuilding season because of the loss of the senior members. 90 Fencing team has 7-7 record.Swim team captures medals The Swim Team finished a victorious season with a 7-5 record and second place in the Newark High School Council Championship Meet. Individual recognition must be given to Albert Harris (MVP) - High Point Scorer with 126 points, and to Edgar Montalvo as the most improved swimmer. At the City Meet, 2nd place was also pulled in the 200 yd. medley relay. Harold Showers won a silver medal in the 50 yd. freestyle, while Luis Velez received a bronze in the 100 yd. freestyle, Jerard Dickinson received a bronze medal in the 100 yd. breast stroke, and Albert Harris earned 2 silver medals in the 100 yd. butterfly and the -100 yd. freestyle relay. A ns 57 Central Opponent 8 11 Shabazz Forfeit 31 West Side 39 44 Vailsburg 23 18 East Side 58 60 Central 12 59 Shabazz 13 16 West Orange 60 43 West Side 25 60 Vailsburg 15 27 East Side 49 31 Harrison 44 Ut Row. left to right: Edgar Jones, Gabrlcllc Me tc more. Patricia Thomas. Angel Smith. Cromwell Tor-rctaglc. 2nd Row: Brian Morrison. Co-Captain. Albert Harris. Co-Captain. Harold Showers. David Thomas. Luis Velez. 3rd Row: George Hall. Karl Jacob. Coach Cushnir. Jerard Dickinson. Sot Shown-Edgar Montalvo, arid Wayne Harris. 91Basketball team has tough schedule. Greg Battles' jump shot. The team struggled through a very tough schedule and lacked a big man. The Varsity team had a lot of character and worked hard all season. The fellows, led by Captain Keith Davis, participated in the Stale Tournament but lost in the first round to Edison Tech. 92 Kevin GilesCoach Alamo surrounded by team Reggie Turner jumps. (Left) Carlton Clark 93Arts tromps Weequahic Despite a dedicated and hard working team. Ms. Tyson's Girls' Basketball Team finished with a 2-14 season record. Allison Rowe scored 289 points this season and had a game high score of 31 points. One of the team's two wins was a 67-36 romp over rival Weequahic High. 9495Arts High Twirlers with Captain. Patricia Byrd, and Co-Captain. Gail McCall gave a spectacular exhibition at the school’s annual pep rally. The advisor. Miss Cardella gave great encouragement to the twirlers throughout the year.Twirlers do it up!! 97Cheerleaders stir up crowd! The cheerleaders, advised by Miss Isaac, really stirred up the crowd at the 76-77 Basketball Pep Rally. At basketball games they enthusiastically show that they are proud of being Jaguars. Whether winning or losing, they worked hard at keeping the spirits high at the games. Left to right: Adina Adams. Linda Watts. Veda Green. Valerie Davis. Donna Moore. Cynthia Richardson. Annette Harrell. Cynthia Daniels. Clarissa Hobbs. 98Softball team rebuilds First Row, left to right: Carlotta Crawford. Beverly Gibson. Valerie Davis. Rosena Chisholm. Pat Charles. Second Row: Sheila Thompson, Wanda Bland. Annette Lumford. Robin Johnson. Standing: Cynthia Moore. Deborah Wilson. Carolyn Pla. Coach Piazza. 99Track Team dominates Vo-Tech Conference The outdoor track team smashed all of the competition for the New Jersey Vocational Technical Conference. Medals were received by Charles Reed, Percell Smith, and Darryl Cox. The team finished with outstanding record of 11 wins and only 3 defeats. The participants in the field events were the best ever in the All City and Vo-Tech track meets. 100Kneeling, left to right- Christopher King. Robert Smith. Stanley Morton. William Phillips, Larry Reed. Standing: Mr. Marcus. Perccll Smith. Nell Faust. Derious Malone. Ernest Leake, Dolores Booker. William Perry. Vivian Berry. Marc Means. Judy Lightscy. Brian Head. 101From Row, left to right: Ronnie Wingo. William Harmon. James Pearson, Kinzy Earles. Second Row: Jeffrey Brooks. Sandra Suggs, Wayne Harris. Nina Lynn. Lauren Spaights. Coach Detsa-sau. Standing: Grant Anderson, lnell Jones. Tennis Team wins 4 meets Nina Lynn Angel Fladger James Pearson The Tennis Team finished with a rather depressing record of 4-12 this year, but the members are hopeful for an outstanding season next year. Ronnie Wingo is the team's captain. The group took part in the Essex County Coaches Tournament. Anyone with interest and some skill in the game is welcome to try out in West Side Park in the Spring. 102Baseball Team places third SENIORS Front Row. left to right: Leon Byass. Randall Thomas. Alby Harris. Standing: Harold Showers. Eric Hill, Carlton Clark. Luis Velez. Curtis Gilmore. The Arts High Baseball Team under the guidance of Mr. Cushnir really showed learn sportsmanship whether winning or losing. The senior members were outstanding in bringing the team to a third place win in the Vo-Tech League. 103 ACTIVITIES Whether drama, dance, an or music, all of our activities give us a chance to enhance ourselves. Our ability to cooperate with others is revealed. We realize that there is a time to recognize the difference between being an individual and being part of a group. Our activities give us the chance to develop our skills, to admire the skills of others and to share a feeling of contentment when a job is well done. This is what our life is all about, working together, improving ourselves and gaining the maximum benefit from it all. 105Mrs. McDuffie's Service Committee is responsible for supplying hosts and hostesses for school activities. Members usher at concerts, shows and any other program for which they may be needed. Meetings are held after school in room 209 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Their services were most appreciated on International Day when they served ethnic dishes prepared by the students to visiting foreign students. Ruth Mobley is the hard working chairperson and Judy Simmons assists. SERVICE COMMITTEE Under the direction of Cynthia Wiggins and Selion Dove, the Gospel Chorus always succeeds in relating messages to its audiences through song. Smooth, melodic notes are played on the piano by Selton while the chorus displays its special talent. The performance on Alumni Day, December 23, 1976, showed profcssionalsim and power far beyond that expected of a high school group. GOSPEL CHORUS 106STAGE CREW Under the guidance of Mr. Marcus, the Stage Crew is responsible for all auditorium related activities. They provide the special technical expertise needed. Being a member of the crew takes knowledge and skill. They are especially proud of the job done for the Senior Fashion Show Extravaganza. Advised by Mrs. McDuffie, the Arts High Student Council is a forum for student ideas as well as grievances. With Kari Jacob as president, Tracey Collins as Vice-President, Sharon Almeida as Secretary, Leslie Bivins as Treasurer and Harold Showers as Parliamentarian, the Arts High student body is confident that Its ideas, complaints and praises are carried through to the administration. This year the council sponsored a talent show which, while exhibiting some fine talent, was attended by a large, sometimes difficult audience. STUDENT COUNCIL 107HONOR SOCIETY From Row: Marion Canty, Nina Lynn. Wayne Harris. Linda McDaniel. Second Row: Betty Sit. Mr . Venskus. Marc Mean . Evette Pott . Valerie Davis. Trinalc Hill. Valaric Edwards. Ruth Mobley. Neva Alexander. Not Pictured: Rosena Chisholm. Donna Curvln. The Honor Society under the direction of Mrs. Venskus, is comprised of Juniors and Seniors of outstanding academic ability. Some of their duties are tutoring, collection for charities and aiding the service committee. New members are initiated by candlelight in a most memorable ceremony. The Honor Society is a vital pan of Arts High's tradition and will continue to be so in the future. SCIENCE CLUB New members are always invited to join the Science Club headed by Mr. Brasch. The group does scientific experiments, hears lectures by respected scientists and learns of job opportunities in the field of science. The club is also involved in recycling material for ecology. 108VARSITY CLUB The Am High Varsity Club presided over by Percell Smith is an organization of students who have attained a varsity letter in a sport. At the annual awards dinner, letters are presented to those athletes who are most deserving. Meetings are held monthly after school. The Future Physicians Club is the place for you if you're interested in a health career. The members become acquainted with doctors and nurses through lectures and hospital visits. Medical techniques such as finding blood pressure are learned. The club meets at 7:30 a.m. on Friday mornings in room 219. FUTURE PHYSICIANS CLUB 09SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD The Senior Class Executive Board with Mr. Hazzard as advisor and Albert Harris as president plans activities both fun and fund raising for the benefit of the senior class. All members have done a more than competent job of pulling the class together into a capable working unit. LAB ASSISTANTS When you walk into the Chemistry Lab, you know a lab assistant has been there. Lab assistants arc students who want to learn more about chemistry than the average student learns. They set up and clean lab equipment for experiments, and perform experiments that are too difficult, too expensive or too dangerous for the average student to handle. A "B” average must be maintained to be a member. noCHESS CLUB This year. Arts High's Chess Club, under the guidance of Mr. Piazza, is composed of a group of students interested in improving their skills in chess. They even challenge other schools to matches. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Made up of concerned and active juniors, the Junior Class Council prepares itself and its class for the rigors of being seniors. The diversified fund raising endeavors they originated are proof of the leadership ability they are gaining. When we leave, we know the new senior class will be one of great ability to lead. inASPIRA The Aspira group was organized to help students of Hispanic origin to increase self-awareness and pride in their unique culture. Any non-Hispan-ics who are interested in their culture may also join. They have held career conferences and have had group discussions on ways to confront the social, cultural and economic problems of the community. AFRICAN DANCE CLUB The African D3nce Club is under the guidance of Mrs. Tso. The group consists of two Student Co-Directors. Sandra Ragin and Lauren Spaights. The other members are dancers and drummers who were chosen by their ability to dance and perform. The club has been established in order to promote a semi-professional dance company. The rhythm and feeling of their dancing fills their audiences with delight. 112DRAMA CLUB Arts High School's Drama Club, headed by lames Forrester, is involved in a variety of activities. Among them are the presentation of plays and poetry readings. Acting is not their only involvement. They also learn skills connected with the theatre, such as set design and construction, costume design, make-up. lighting, movement and speech. Mrs. Jaqueline Levinson is the advisor. The Physical Fitness Club, under the supervision of Mr. Hazzard, is active in weightlifting, circuit training, and body building. Under the leadership of Captain Brian Head, the club aims to encourage the maintenance of physical fitness, and to bring about the awareness that a sound body complements a sound mind. PHYSICAL FITNESS CLUB 113PEP SQUAD i t i y The Arts High Pep Squad this year was beset with difficulties from the start. There was a conflict over uniforms, music, and routines. The squad, with Captain Alvina Conyers, managed to surmount the difficulties and put on a memorable exhibit of talent and ability at our annual Pep Rally. ART CLUB IM The Art Club, under the guidance of Mr. Carden, has been formed for two purposes. It is comprised of a group of students who spend their lunch times and some after school hours working on art projects they cannot accomplish during regular class time. Music students with art talent can use this time to receive casual art instruction. Its second purpose is to enable underclassmen to learn techniques necessary to produce a successful yearbook during their senior year.YEARBOOK STAFF Aided by Mr. Carden, the yearbook staff is responsible for construction of the yearbook. The staff writes and designs every page down to the last detail. With Howard Simpson as editor, and other student staffers too numerous to mention, the staff was able to complete the many hours of hard work with success. Mr. Carden proved to be a valuable asset to the staff. Without his years of experience from producing other yearbooks, this chronicle of our times would have been very difficult to produce. We, the Vignette Staff of 1977, appreciate his diligence and express our deepest gratitude.BAND Am High’s Band under the leadership of Mr. Israel, puts an extra air of excitement into the assembly programs. They also take an active part in activities such as the Winter Fair, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Kiwanis Club luncheon and other events. Any student who is proficient on a band instrument can join.ORCHESTRA Anyone able to pass Mr. Klclis' audition is eligible for membership in the Arts Orchestra. The Orchestra performs at Winter and Spring concerts playing selections from classical to rock. The purpose of the orchestra is to learn technique in a large ensemble. The Arts Orchestra has learned and adjusted well. 117The Arts High Chorus, the largest group in Arts, is directed by Mr. Robert Howard. The Chorus performed excerpts from Handel's 'Messiah' and ''Domine Adjuvandume" this year as pan of its concen program. Its production of "The King and I" was the highlight of the year for them. Wherever the chorus performs, they are sure to draw a large crowd of supporters. The members had visual appeal beyond comparison this year too. The female members wore lovely peach two piece dresses and the males wore dark suits with complementing ties. H8GOSPEL CHORUS ' IV' Any young lady with good vocal tone quality and an interest in singing is cordially invited to join. The Glee Club has proven capable of singing harmony that is really mellow. The big events of the season are their Winter and Spring Concerts. They hope to perform this year at the Teen Arts Festival in Trenton. GIRL'S GLEE CLUB- — h V f Barry Lee SENIOR ART "Howard Simpson” by Howard Simpson Carmen Brown and her designs. Lance Johnson 121122 Arts High School was chosen by WP1X T.V. -Channel 11 - to be the subject of a TV program called Soul Alive. Cameramen were to come and film school activities. 20 couples were going to be chosen to be on the show. Everyone was struck with excitement from the day of the announcement. When Wednesday. February 23 actually arrived, suddenly people were doing the hustle and filling the auditorium, the basement and the girls gym with a party atmosphere during their lunch periods. The African Dance Company, the Cheerleaders and many other groups and activities were filmed for later broadcast. The 20 couples were chosen on the basis of a one minute dance demonstration. The show was televised on March 19. What a day to remember!Winter Fair — a success The Winter Fair proved to be a success once again. Art students' work was displayed and sold; refreshments were made and brought in by all students to be served, and the musical side of the school entertained everyone. Arts was the place to be that night. 12?BOOSTERS Dylon Abend Ms. Juanita Abrantes Mr. Alfonso Achong Mr. and Mrs. Adkins Mr. Jimmy Alexander Mrs. Mavis E. Alexander Rosalyn Alexander Ms. Ruby Alexander Madiah R. Ali Arthur Allen Leopoldo Allen Trlsh Allen Alpha Phi Kappa Frat Mr. and Mrs. Leon Alridge Geneva Alston Melroy Alston The Amazing Spider-man Frank Anderson Terry Anderson Bernice Andrews Mrs. Rosalie Andrews Ms. Brenda Anthony Aniwoine and Johnny -1977 Phillip Aquino Regina Arthur Mr. John Artis Hasa Keith Askew Bronis L. Avent Jr. Eura Avent Helen P. Averett Dovie Lee Avery Anthony Badger Angel Barber Ronald Barber John Barkley Clarence Barnes Deborah Barnes Fred L. Barnes Mrs. Irene Barnes Mrs. Margret Barris Mrs. Delores Battle Mr. George Battle Freerna Bay J. Beau Keith Beaver Kenneth Becker Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Becton Mr. C. Bell Cynthia Bell Mrs. L. Bell Mrs. Mac Bell Myriam Bell Nan Bell Ronald Bell Mr. B. D. Bellamy Ben and Carol Bellamy Brenda Bellamy Duane Bellamy Jarraia Bellamy Mrs. Rutha Bellamy Edward T. Bernard Mrs. Florence Bernardo Bernie Rev. Wayne Thomas Berry "Betty” Robert Biggs Bill and Margie "Billie” Ms. Davette Bivins Ms. Leslie Bivins Audrey Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Blake Joey Bobbitt Bobby and Emma Sly Boher Starr Boldin Louise Bordin Steven Borden Theresa Bottino Edgar Bovc Ann Boyd Hattie Bradley Mrs. FlorincC. Bradman Mr. Joseph Bradman Mr. Richard 1. Bradman Sr. Richard Bradman Mr. and Mrs. C. Breeden Ms. Barba Brigg James Bright Agnes Briones George W. Brisco Dorian Bristol Hasana Bristol Victoria Bristol Hans Brodie Beth Brodo Stella Brokos Sherman Brooklin Prayer Band Crystal and Larry Brown Harold Brown Mrs. Hazel Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Brown Kyle Douglass Brown Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown Leonna Brown Lisa Ann Brown Lisa Brown William Brown Lamar Broxton Mrs. LaVarne Bryant Mr. Marion Bryant Jr. Tony Bucca Mr. Buggs Leazette Buie Samuel Bundrant Denard Burl John Burwell Jr. Andrea L. Bush Dawn Bush Marguerite Bush Mrs. Butler and Family Rhonda L. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bynes Mrs. Alice Byrd Mr. Charles E. Byrd Miss Debra Byrd Frank Byrd Kathleen Byrd Francelina Calcado Miss Ora Caldwell "Cali” Mr. Calvin Albert W. Calvin Edwin Campbell Tammie Campbell Jean Campion "Candy" Mrs. Alice Cantrell Rev. Boyd B. Cantrell Mrs. Eamcstinc Canty Pvt. Joe E. Canty Marilyn Trcll Canty Mr. Marion Canty Sr. Ms. Persina Canty Ms. S. Cardella Mr. and Mrs. Jan Carden Carey and Arvey Elbert Carter Gayle Carter Nellie Carter Sheila Carter "Carwella" Mrs. Alice Caughtnan Carolyn Chadman Victor V. Chao Mrs. Laura Chancey Eleanor Chavis William Chavis Mr. Walter Cheeks Cha Chi Chicago Jesse Adrienne Chiles "China" Annie L. Chisholm Ed Ciclinsky Mr. and Mrs. E. Clark Jackie Clifton Mrs. Althea Clowe Edger, Lewis and James Gogdell Pamela Colbert Rev. and Mrs. R. G. Coleman Mrs. Rodelia K. Collins Mrs. Willie Collins Johnnie and Peggy Connor Mrs. Ethel Conover Charlotte Cook The Cooper Family Michael Contreras Rev. A. P. Conyers Alvin Conyers Jr. Beverly Renee Conyers Mrs. Celestine Conyers Cynthia D. Conyers Mr. and Mrs. Joe Conyers Mrs. Olga Conyers Mrs. Orca Conyers Thomas Conyers Sr. Bennie Colton James C. Cotton Helene Cornish Carlotte Crawford Charles J. Crenshaw Marian Crewe Aaron Crossley Bonnie Crudop Mrs. Eva Cunningham Gertrude Cunningham Betty Jane Curvin Donna Marie Curvin Mr. Cushnir Paul R. Cymbaluk Sir. Ritchie and Charles D. Mr. Joshua Dancy Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dancy Mr. William Dancy Deborah Daniels Jewel Daniels Lance Darden Melvin Daves "David" Algernon C. Davis Ms. Cynthia Davis Domita Davis Douglas Davis Jr. Douglas Davis III Mr. Francisco M. Davis Geneva Davis Hosca Davis Karen Davis Lisa C. Davis Mildred Davis Mrs. Ora Davis Mr. Sam M. Davis Scheryl Davis Deb and Jerome Craig DeBoise Peter Dellatorre Denedita DeOliviera Evan Dessasau Jr. M. Elizabeth Dickenson Mrs. Lottie Dixon Hollis Donaldson Emma Donnell Donnell and Kim 124BOOSTERS Wilson Donion Monique Monica Frison Albert Harris Jr. Mr. Joel Holt Ms. Mildred Dove Jackie Fritz Barbara Harris Gregor Scott Horton Ms. Brownie Dowdell Mr. Bob Wayne John Fuller Courtney J. Harris Juan Y. Hortencia Mr. Gregory C. Draughn Mrs. Brenda Fuller Dee Dee Harris Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Quinton Duhart Mrs. Martha L. Gant Mr. George Harris Honore "Dukey" Richard Garcia Gerri Harris Cornelia Ann Hought Charles Dupree Ms. Sylvia Gamcn Kelle Harris Mrs. Hattie Howard James Eaddy Kileena Games Leman and Ruth Harris James S. Howerton Ruth A. Edge Alfredo Gentile Mr. and Mrs. N. Harris Mary A. Howerton Betty J. Edmonson C. Giaritta Sonia Harris Arrie Hudson Beverly G. Edwards Mr. Donald Gibbons Tesha Harris Marra Hunt Mr. Fred Edwards Mrs. M. Gibbs Tony (Wassam) Harris Janie Hunter Jo Ann Edwards Raymond Gibson Gloria Harrison Jean lannacone Mrs. Laura Edwards Charles Gilliam Whitfield Harrison Jerry Imperiose Louise Edwards Girl Scouts of Bradley Court William Harrison George L. Irving Sarah Edwards Bob Girnios Mr. and Mrs. Ernes Marty Israel Stucy Edwards Diana Gonzales Hartsfield Mrs. Inez Jacob Teresa D. Edwards Marcia Gordon Elizabeth Harvey Kathy Jacob Valerie C. Edwards Thelma Gordon Arthur Hayes Jesse Jacob Crystal Elkerson Vanessa Gordon Skip Hazelwood (Columbia J G Food Market Gilbert Elliott Elizabeth Grace Records) Jacks Barber Shop James E. Ellis Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glessnor Stephan Hazelwood Esquire Mrs. Josephine Jackson Ms. Sara Eno Graham Mr. Albert Head Phillip Jackson Ernest’s Barber Shop Keir Graham Mrs. Cornelia Head Florence Jackson D. A. Eubanks Bernard Gramby Gary E. Head Jerome Jackson Mr. David Eubanks Mrs. A. Granger Larry C. Head Jerome Karcem Jackson Etta Evans Athena Granger Sandra Head Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Ramon Evans Charles Granger Mrs. Wilcna V. Heard Regina Jackson Mr. F. Ewe Joann Graves Mr. and Mrs. Hearns Mr. Roscoe Jackson Mr. Wilbert Ferrell Josephine Graves Edward C. Hearns Audrey Jacocks Willie Fields Karen Graves Mrs. Hendson Geraldine Jacocks Mrs. Alice Flake Ulysses Graves Mrs. Katherine Hepburn Mrs. Shyroan Jaggassar Dorothy Flanagan Denise Green Mr. Meredith Hepburn Mrs. James Naomi Flanagan Doris Green Herbie and Delores Mr. and Mrs. James Mrs. Ann Flournoy Forrest O. Green Hi Gail Hertzog Frank James Sheri Lynn Ford Rev. Frank Greenaway Ms. Co Coa Hicks Glenn James Shirley R. Ford Constance Greene Mrs. G. Hicks Jesse James Wm. (Class of ’72) Ford Louis Greenfield Mr. Larry Done 11 Hicks Marie James Evelyn Forester Arizona Greenlee Doretha Hill Marshalnett James Mable Forester Blanch Griffin James Hill Mr. Norman James Michelle Forester Jacqueline Greadington Pamela Hill Nelly Jamieson Pat Forester Jesse Greadington Rodney Hill Gwendolyn Jefferson Raymond Forester Grace M. Gross Darren Hillsman Mrs. Marion Jenkins Vickie Forester Ms. Hdvia Guerrera Edward Hines Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ahmed Foster The Guida Family Greg Hines Jenkins Akreba Foster Diane Hale Mrs. Hazel Hines Martin Jenkins Jr. Alnisa Foster Colleen Hall Donald Hinson Michele Jenkins Keith Bryan Foster 11 Mrs. H. Hamlett Frances Hinton Rachel E. Jenkins Kyle Foster Brenda Hand Sarah Hinton Rose V. Jenkins Rena Foster Christine Hand Lenon Hinton Virginia Jenkins Frank and Kathy Monica Hand The Hodge Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Frazier Monte Hand Bobby Hodges Jennings Veronica and Beverly Constance Hansen Ramond A. Hoeck William Jennings Frazier Juanita Hardaway Carla Dionne Hollinger Bobbe Jereald Patricia Frederick Ms. Hargrove Mrs. Joyce Hollinger Roberta Jerome Mr. James Freeman Alcthia Hargroves Mr. and Mrs. Jack John. Brenda and Kelly Sarah Freeman William Harmon Holloway Anita Johnson Sheila Freeman Titus Harney Mr. and Mrs. James April Kennellc Johnson Maybelle Frickclla Frances Harrell Holloway Courtney F. Johnson Victoria Frieson Mr. Antic Harris Mrs. Alfonsa Holt Mrs. Dorothy Johnson 125BOOSTERS Mrs. Ernestine Johnson Fatima K. Johnson Florine Johnson Mr. Kevin Johnson Theresa Johnson Valerie Johnson Willie Johnson Mr. Arthur B. Jones Ms. Carrie Jones Charisse Jones Charlene Elaine Jones Mrs. Clara Jones Mrs. Flossie Jones Mr. Frank Jones Lola Jones Mrs. Incll M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James Jones Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Jones. M.D. Joyce Jones Mr. Keith M. Jones Ms. Leola Jones Leslie L. Jones Jr. Ms. Margaret C. Jones Patricia Jones Renee Jones Robert Jones Toni Jones Vernon Jones Jose Joan Joseph John Joseph Donna Judd Mr. Michael A. Julia Justo and Miriam Ms. Mable Kearny Keith and Pat Charles Kelly Mr. James Kemp Rashidi Zubcri Kenyatte Carlton Keyes Elizabeth Keyes Andrea D. Kinchen Rudy Kinchcn Maria King Mrs. Pansy R. King Lynn Kirby Chuck Klelis Rev. and Mrs. Knight Janine Kornegay Sylvia Kosick Edward Kutiak Cathy Lapread Elveta Lapread Joyce Lapread Michelle Lapread Ophelia Lapread Annette L. Larkins Maggie Larkins Jo-Ann Laurel Ruth Lawrence William Lawrence Mrs. Sheila Y. Lawson Botanica-San-Lazaro David and Keith Leach Mr. and Mrs. Willie Leak Robert Ledbetter Ms. Valrie Lee Penny Lewis George R. Liggins Mr. M. Liggins Marie G. Liggins Mr. James Lightfoot "Ligon” Mr. and Mrs. Adam Little Karol’s Liquors Mrs. Mary Lockett Emma Long Ms. Carolyn Lowe Carol E. Lumford Ms. Evelyn Lynn Mr. Hubert Lynn Jimmy and Joyce Lynn Mrs. Marie Lynn Mr. Preston Lynn Master Rashan and Sharecsc Lynn Velina and Pamela Lynn Mrs. Rose Mager William Mahon Brenda Majors Ann Malone Joan Malone Rose Mandato Barbara Mangum Tony Mann Mr. Marlin Nicholas Mason Irv Matcn Mr. Garland Mathis P.O. Nathan Mathis Mrs. Tommie Mathis Frank Maxwell Rufus McCall Ruth McCall James McClain Cordie McClendon Mrs. G. McConnell Vernell McCoy Jeane and Shawn McCray Mary Ann McCray Mary McDaniel Kenneth McDonald Mrs. Sarah McDonald McDonalds Inc. Elizabeth H. McDonnell Miss Victoria McDonough Mrs. Ernestine McDougal Mr. and Mrs. J. McDougal Vivian McDuffie Ozie McGuire Larry McKinnon Mary Ann McKrec Pamela McMillian Kim McNeil Thomas A. McParland Mary McPherson Ada McQueen Howard McQueen Sandra McQueen Chad Means Dr. Fred E. Means Mrs. Fred E. Means Lemor Means Vincent C. Means Eileen G. Menzie Rita Menzie Art N. Merritt Barbara Merritt Clyde Merritt Janice Deena Merritt ’’Michael” Mille Auto Body Shop James Miller Myrtle Miller Ms. Deborah Minor Elijah Mitchell Karen Mitchell Malikatha Mitchell Penny Mitchell Terry Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. R. Mobley Ms. Rose Mobley Ruth Vanessa Mobley James Moffat Jr. Edgar Montalvo Mr. Montinelli Class of 71 Carrie Moore Donna Moore Leslie Moore Ms. Millie Moore Robbie Moore Synctta Moore Richard Moran Melvin Morgan Mildred Morgan Mrs. Susie Morris Harold Morris Hattie Morrison Mrs. Katie Morrison Mr. Ollie Morrissette Joan Mosca Denise Mosley Referick Mosley Ruby Mosley Akbar Muhammad Tarique Muhammad Barbara Murden Kenneth Murray Victor and Arlene Myers Nathalie and Jackie Shirley Nelson Ernest Newby Harold Newcombe Mrs. Alfred Nicastro Bill Nicholson "Ni Ni” ’’Nonno" Norman, Angie and Antoan Ruth Norvell Fay Nota Rosa Ogburn Mrs. Alma Oliver Olofi Nelson Ortiz Sandra Osborne Michael O’Shea Hilton J. Otero Otto's Deli and Grocery Rhonda Outlaw Terry Outlaw Daisy Owens Robert Pace Jesus Padilla J. Palestina Ache Pati Master Allen Patterson Julie B. Patterson James Pawlowicz Roselle Pelt Benjamin Perez Irene Perez Richie Perez Verna Perkins Bruce Juan Perry Perry’s Funeral Home Charles Pcten Louis Pctrillo Mr. and Mrs. William Petty Mr. Keith Phillips and Family Mr. Kim Phillips Mark W. and Michael W. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Phillips Al Pinchback Elizabeth Pinchback Dolorisc Pinkney Sarah Pinkney Russ Pona Lillian Ponton Mrs. Jessie Porter Shanique's Private Club Albert 'Pcll” Potts Ms. Alberta Potts Audrey Potts Evelyn Potts Rosalind Potts 126BOOSTERS Shirley Potts Mrs. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Powell Marie Powell Mr. Lark Powell Mr. William Powell The Prenslow Family Ms. Theresa Prizgintas Ernestine Pryor Nancy Quinones Sandy Ragin Mr. and Mrs. Raiford Mr. Ritchie C. Randolph Ms. Ida R. Rankin Khalif Latif Rashid Habiah Rauf Robert Redding John Reid Rhonda (Pisces) Reid Karen Reno Alfred M. Renzo Alicia Rhodes Tessie Riccardi Ms. Barbara J. Richardson Mrs. Margaret H. Richardson Nee Takii Kwabeva Richardson Quantis Lamar Richardson Stephanie Richardson Hazel Riley Eloise Richmond Madeline Rivera W'm. Rivera Paul Robinson Ronald Robinson Ms. Sissie Della Marie Robinson Dory Rodriquez Florcncio Rodriguez Joey Rodriguez Marcial Rodriguez Provi Rodriguez Arsenio Roman Ms. Fe Romano Soralda Roman The Romans Debbie Roney "Rosey" Mrs. M3ry Rostyak Rev. Malachi Roundtree Allison Rowe Maria Ruiz E. Rumplasch Rasheedah L. Saahir Zakkiyah Saahir Sam and Sharon Henrietta Sampson A. Sanders Ms. Alice Sanders Gregory Sanders Mrs. Odessa Sanders Shawntez Sanders Sheila Sanders Sandwich-Bar Joey Santiago J. A. Scala Rev. James R. Scott Connie Seymore Aleemah Shakoor Yah Ya Sharieff Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Sharp Mazic Shelton Arrie Shepard Dorothy Sherman Samuel Sherman Victor Sherman Vincent Sherman Shop ’n Bag Meat Center Ava Shorter Evelyn Shorter Rev. John H. Shorter Ms. Ruth Shuford Ms. Oh Gi Sil Joyce Simmons Kathy Simmons Evelyn D. Simpson Mrs. Lillie Mae Simpson Layfette Sledge Mrs. Catherine Smith Dorothy Smith Ms. Dorothy Smith Ms. Florence Smith Geraline Marie Smith Keith Smith Percell Smith Mr. Robert Smith Rose and Bill Smith Rosie L. Smith . Valeria Smith Mrs. Willie Smith Mrs. Willie Mae Smith and Family Maurice Shead Mrs. Mary Soloman Lillian R. Sowell Mrs. Evelyn Spaights Mrs. Speakman Gerry Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Spencer William Starks Gene Steele Mr. and Mrs. J. Stein Faith Stewart Irving Stewart Lloyd Stewart Mark Stewart Mary Stewart Barbara Sturman Ms. Sharon Suber Mr. Damon Suggs Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Suggs Evelyn Suggs Mr. and Mrs. Henry Suggs Ms. Hilda Suggs Ms. Sandra Suggs Sheila Suggs Diane Sutton Jeanette Sykes Sckisha Tamara Mr. William Tate Mr. Edward H. Taylor George E. Taylor Lee Taylor Loren Taylor Miriam M. Taylor Robert Taylor Mr. Timothy Taylor James Terry and Family Ann Thomas Barry Thomas Brenda Thomas George Thomas Ivcleen Thomas James Thomas Pamela Thomas Pat Thomas Reggie Thomas Ms. Ann Thompson Ben Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Willie Thorton Mr. and Mrs. Jake Tolbert Jaworski Dwayne Toliver Mr. Tom Ra Ra Townes Ms. Sharon Trawick Mrs. Edlo Troupe Mrs. Jeanne Tso Edward A. Tucci Ronald Tuff Gwenda L. Turner Kathy Turner "Tu Ti" Otis Tyson Pat Vacchiano Mrs. Julia Vaughn Karen Vaughn P.O. John Valle Mr. Alphonse Venskus Mrs. Mary A. Venskus Roy Venckus ■'Vincent" Elegna Vive Wilbur J. Vogler Edward W. Voros Wr. J. Votta Tammy Waiters Mr. Robert Walden Anderson Walker Eleanor Walker George Walker Alfred M. Waller Jr. Joseph Walters and Family Ida Ward Earl and Louise Ware Rodney Washington Tracey Waters Mr. Walter Wattley Joanne W'atts Mr. Joseph W'atts Mrs. Lucille Watts Stuart Welch Eunice W'est Valerie W'eston Lt. J. Wharton Susie Whigham Irma W'hitaker Fannie White Mr. and Mrs. Kadcll Wiggins Mattie L. W'ilkerson Alonzo Williams Mrs. Annie L. Williams Doris L. Williams Eloise W'illiams Janice W'illiams Marie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Williams Scottie Ray W'illiams Shelton Williams Mrs. Ann W'illis Mr. Willie Willis Kenneth W'ilson Carolyn Wilson Lisa Wilson Mr. Lucious W'ilson Marilyn Wilson Shirly W'inbome Mr. Gilhyon Won Cheryl Wright Clarence W'right Dorothy Wright Mr. and Mrs. L. Wright Mrs. Lessie W'right Stacie Wright Ericka Weilezym W'alterF. Wrobleski Sylvester Young Fabio Zapata 127LORSTAN STUDIOS 599 Broad Sireet Newark. N.J. 624-2110 All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time. Special student discounts on wedding pictures. 128

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