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VIGNETTE 76 Annual Publication of the Senior Class Arts High School Newark, New Jersey Editorin-Chief................................................ Assistant Editor.............................................. Literary Editor............................................... Art Editor.................................................... YEARBOOK STAFF Ginger Dawson Annette Norvell ... Sharon White .... feel DeCagna Valerie Allen Naydene Brickus Betty Brown Rhonda Crenshaw I inda Fisher Deborah Frazier Sonje Hodges Kathy Jacobs March eta Jones Kim LaRue Kim Love Victoria Mack Karen McManus Kimberlyn Montford Karen Moses lessica Nash Diane Phillips Pamela Riley Jerome Washington Harold Williams Michele Williams CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Jan Carden Anthony Clark lames Clark Ted DeCagna Homer Gooden Keith Morrison Rita Moss Lorstan Studios Cover Design by Ted DeCagna Advisor Jan CardenW ' DEDICATION SAMUEL KURTZ 1946-1975 Mr. Kurtz touched the lives of many students with his understanding and trust. He always conveyed the knowledge of his subject with a firm yet considerate hand. His sudden death saddened us all. We will never forget this warm and dedicated human being.  DEVOTION In the midst of turmoil And constant changing times We search for simple joys For love and peace of mind A light that shines eternal A dream that never fades The hope and inspiration of good men strong and brave. In the midst of sorrow Where pain is commonplace Where children stand And men have lost their faith A smile of reassurance The touching of a hand ‘ love of life and beauty s gift to all free men. otion is the river .. stretches far and wide The bridge to our salvation It touches all our lives Devotion is the seedling That sprouts into a tree Its roots firmly embedded In the souls of humanity. by Ginger Dawson Class of 76 ... Devotion is the river that stretches far and wide the bridge to our salvation, it touches all our lives ...(from "Devotion" by Ginger Dawson)... Through devotion a man may find peace. The wonders of the earth and the heavens are within our reach ... (from "Devotion" by lames Clark) fK ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYMR. HILTON J. OTERO PRINCIPAL As we prepare to leave Arts High and embark on our waiting careers, we take time now to sincerely thank the man who has helped make this moment possible. Mr. Otero has given us the deep-rooted desire to strive for excellence and the highest of quality in all our endeavors. He has been a warm and caring human being. The Senior Class shall remember and forever uphold the ideals he has shown us. MR. GEORGE STEISEL VICE-PRINCIPAL A long time member of the Arts High faculty, Mr. Steisel has been vice-principal for as long as we have known him. He has been a great help in taking an active interest in our ideas and future plans. We thank him for his concern and advice. 89Mr. Larry Ha«ard. Phys td Mrs. Sonia Feldman. Languages Mrs. Vivian McDuffie. Art Mrs lacqueline Levinson. Art 10 Mr Robert Howard, Music Miss Ruth Meyerson, Math Miss Betty Isaac. Commercial Mrs. Michelle Hollar-Gregory EnglishFACULTY Mr. Stacy Doundas. Soc Studies Miss Ruth Abos, English Mrs. Phyllis Johnson. Soc Studies Miss Patricia lones. Pool Sub Mrs. Constance Hansen. Art Mr. Evan Dessasau. Math 11I. Mr Alan Slavilt. Soc Studies 2 Mrs. Patricia Baranauska . Pool Sub i Mrs Annette Block. Music A Mrs. Mary Venskus. Science 5 Mrs. Lola lones. Phys Ed f . Mr Albert Calvin. Math 7. Mr Martin Israel. Music 8 Mr ludith Barrett. Guidance 9. Mrs. Lillian Ritter. Commercial 10 Mrs. Gertrude Shapiro. Music 11 Mr f Isayed Aboyoussel. Pool Sub 12 Miss Adrienne Rati, English 1213. Mrs Dorothy Neuss, English 14 Mr. Charles Klelis, Music 15. Mrs Elizabeth lot tin, S| anish 16 Mr Thomas Piazza. Math 17. Mrs. Jeanne Tso. Art 18 Mrs. Shirley Lucas. Phys Ed 19 Mrs Helen Lang. Soc Worker 20. Mr. Jerome Marcus, Ind Arts 21 Mrs August Alamo. Guidance 22 Mrs. Constance Greene, Health 23. Mr Leonard Yablick. Science 24 Mr. Jay Brasch. Science 25 Mrs Ruth Weisman I iMrs. Geraldine Street - Aide Mrs. Shirley Cantrell - Security Mr la urus Rhun - Security 14 Mrs. Hortense Powell - NurseSENIOR CLASS GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. Norma Edreira The Senior Class of 1976 shall be forever indebted to the dedication and service of our guidance counselor, Mrs. Norma Edreira. During our years at Arts, she has proven to be an indispensible asset to us in both professional and personal matters. She has inspired us to reach for the stars in all our endeavors. We shall always remember her with fondness. SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR Miss Sandra Cardella Words cannot express the deep and sincere thanks the Class of 1976 owes to .Miss Cardella. As class advisor, she backed us in many fund raising endeavors and gave us much needed advice when we needed it most. She took active interests in all our ideas and instilled within us a desire to never settle for anything but the best. We, the Graduating Class of 1976, shall strive to reach that goal in remembrance of her. 15... Devotion. Understanding, caring, loving ThlS and more, devotion . . . (from "Devolion" by Homer Gooden) I f fCLASS OF 1976NAME Algarin. Sandra ... Al'en. Valerie Alston Arda. Uva ez Reinaldo iy. Brenda, ntc Wilson.. ArrD'd Anita Austin Gwen. Austin Laurie... Merelt, Leonard. Barnes, Larry Bass. Sefton ... Bernan. Linda Blue, Trevor Booker. Poug'3 ADDRESS 350 Ml Prospect Av .666 Belmont Ave 146 Hobson St... .653 Ml Prospect 601 Clinton Ave .20 Newark St... 255 So 18tbSt 6 Somerset St 193 Oak wood Pi. 195 Parker St C.... 457 So 12th St 440 Washington St. 120 Fairmont Ave . 70 Munn Ave »HO E PHOTO ON PAGE | West K Bradley 8e erlV . — 118 Sun -1 Brick us. Nayoene Brooks. Karen Brown, Alvin...... Brown. Bett Callier. Gregory „» Champagne Edna Charles, Patricia Christian, Vaughn Clark, Anthony. Pa- , lames |32 Yest Kmnev St Ave....- 183 Littleton Ave ... . 440 EHiabeth Ave ■ ftne A e 4517th AveB 23 Sterimu 794 So 1- 109 So th|__ 442 14th Ave] 5 So ?t h St M85-4409 21 ■43 7442 46 1 60 ,482-7239 ... . 40 B42-3417 — 35 S3 .374-6813 47 47 67flj|9 ..... 54 481-2132 26 ,621 8237 60, 32 I 17 1 4935 23 242-1956 36 34 TINT’S .40 J40 484-2330 47 ".49 .-..61 242-5533? .- ::r:i 241-625 [24-1125 622-2295 '3-0183. 624- 19 923-9072 48 37 40 34 SB Coleman, fc: ward Cox, Tpmm —... Crenshaw Rhonda... 1638 So 19th St ?».—«•• 302 Sussex A. e. 126 6o Bth St 3'2-6255 485-8901 485 6781 _... - 49 -..48 30 Cunningham. Sharon 147’; Pennsylvania A.e .248-0603 22 Darden.Lance 100 Herlden Terrace 39 P21 2412 50 Davis, Dwight . 1492 Highland Ave 926-3356 - -..36 . 8 So 9th ft 242-5725 ... 23 Dawson Ginger 259 Pestone Ave J 243-7394 43 88 Boyd St .243-3813 42 DeCagna Ted 160 Summer Ave .. 404-0364 W. ..... 23 De’gardo Armando ..16 Beaumont PI.. ... 482-8733 --.j 58 Dennis ; au! ...... So. 18th St ..371-2597 .... 38 DickiAson Mark 117 Goldsmith Ave . 92 3-7254 . 43 Drayton. V alerie 474 So. 15th St ...243-3607 . 56 Dunlap, Alexis . 63 Scheeier Ave ...926-1589,. .... 60 Dunn. Richard 320 Renner Ave 926 350B 61 Figueroa Edgar 39 Lincoln St 624-1814 . ... 61 Figueroa Sandra 30 Pennington St - ..643 3938 . .... .... 39 59 Fisher, Sharon 611 High St 642-1932 32 Flanigan Virginia 64 Summit Ave .926-3224 . 18 Fletcher. Kimberly .... 803 So 13th St - .... 24 Fore. Vanessa 30 Nairn PI 623-3856 38 Foster, Cheryl 1600 Bayview Ave .. 923-0195 .. 48 Frazier. Deborah 40 Waverly Ave ;.... .248-0630 20 Garris, Darlene 100 Davton St 242-1707 39 Gaskins. Kimoni 14 So 9th St 483 4679 43 643-2455 Gibson. Darlene. . 202 Dewey . . oji-4008 . 49 Gilyard, Lawrence 178 So. 11th St ..642-2707 34 Gooden. Homer - .319 Wamwnght St 923-0150 ... 51 NAME Graham, Cornelia Grant, Yolanda...... Green, loan......... Creen. Karen........ Hampton, Cynthia Harden, Allen....... Hargrove. Kenneih Harrell, Gary ..... Hatcher. Kevin Havnes, Norman Hi Oman, Kevin — Hinton. Diana ...... Hodges. Sonie Howard. Gina ...»___ lacob, Kathy........ lames. Sharon ".’.'.Til.. lamfer, Mark ....... lennmgs, Darry lerman. Michac’..... I nson, Adrian r...i.«| lohnson. Darlene . lohnson, Denise . tones, Cynthia...... tones, Cyril... ?... tones. Kelvin tones, Marcheta .... Iordan Donald ------ Kmg. Ramona Koonce. William. lamar. Michael ..... LaRue, Jeanay .. ... . Lee. Dernck........ Lessane Olivia ..... lewis. Fred ....... love, Kim Mack. Victoria Mann Stephanie Martin, Phyllis..... Matthews. Larry McCoy. Carl ........ McLendon. King McManus. Karen...... Melendez, Wilfred .. Mersier. Arthur Mervn. Harriet.... Miller. Barbara .... Mitchell. Va'ene Mont ford, Kimbertyn Morize. Vanessa .... Morrison. Keith Morrison Ivnne...... Mo- se, Cheryl ,...- Moses. Caro’ ....... Moses. Karen ------- Moss. Rita Myers, Marc Myers Shirley ADDRESS .14 Vermont Ave ..... .132 Central Ave 94 West Kinnev St 156 Chesnut St 206 Howard St. 20 Brenner St .... 156 Brookdale Ave—j .25 Huntington . 16B So 8th St .RH . 552 McCnesnav St. .97 Court St ... .... 216 Peshine Ave 254 Pn nee St....... . 331 So. 11th St. ... 74 No Munn Ave 39 Oxford St 208 Parker St 14 Foster St... ..264 So. 19th St 203 Mulberry St. --- 232 Prince St 31 Manes Ave I-. 53 Mercer St . 26 Pnnce $t-g—erfjgl .. 212 Howard St .... 440 U ashington St - 234 Orange St ...... 275 Meeker Ave 59 Wilbur Ave 82 7th Ave ..„...— .. 231 So. 7th St. 4?1 Hawthorne Ave 347 Sevmour Ave ..SILvonsAve..... 118 Bi-siaySt. 611 So 9th St 408 So. 6th St ... 350 Central Ave. ... 20 Stengel Ave .... 153 Hansbury Ave 259 No 6th St 6 Somerset St ... 182 Howard St...... _72 Seventh Ave ..... 793 Mt. Prospect Ave 184 Bergen St 64 Shaw Ave. ..T--588 So 18th St. 27 Schuyler Ave ... •■ . 130 Chancellor Ave ... ..206 Custer Ave. ij 235 So Bth St ...... .235 So 8»h S( ...... 165 Schuyler Ave 94 Shanley Ave...... .94 Shanley Ave ..... 8 Hayward St 18 Edwin PI________ 25 Tremont Ter ---- i PHy o os ........1.....:• .. 622 0650...! .. 4$ SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY HI i 344 283 06 643-4475 ... 32 248-’682 44 ..373-62 9 ... 42 ..399-7606 .£.. 33 .624-52% 54 .. 678 5880 41 624-8218 . ... 45 .243-4297 .lli 22 824-3700 38 674-7267 . 44 374-2743 . 4? ... 44 482-3761 242-6215 J 57 . 373-6989 .430873 38 824-2436 % 51 923-5131 .44 643-4522 ... 55 243-8450 37 622 4442 . 27 622-1565 52 643-7882 28 242-0741 ... .,25 926-2264 33 . 482-1772. .. 58 643-2176 il 373-5903 60 . 242-6986 ... 34 . 923 2805 31 243-2881 .. ... 55 399-2622 -JL 243-6316 41 e 678-7467 20 23-3300 15 .923-2059 27 481-3854 . .25 ..621-7158 ?.. .. 57 624-6259 482 3137 46 481-0751 . . 55 .. 248-3317 ... 56 923 8026 ... 22 .. 373-8991 28 .. 374-9336.... ... 54 926 4061 28 923-9667 ... 36 623-0533.... .. 14 . 623-0533 .. 58 923-3646 ... 20 . 824-1129 28 .. 824-1129 ... 56 30 .923-3047 375-489' 33 SAME ADDRjSS sash lessica .......29 Oraton St Bolton, Mic PtiOSE 482-5970 .. ... -tte ..... Odums, lovce....... Parker Brians---- fWj, Cyndrell Pate. Rodney-. Patterson Tawana „ Perry. AMen.... Perry. Joyce .... Phillips, Diane Pla. Olivia .... Plant. Deborah .... Porter, lacqOe ne Pridgen. Ervin .. Range Hubert ...... Reddick Dennis Reed. Shan —■... Riley, Pamela L Robinson. Ronald Robinson. Sherry Rosa, Edgar ....... Roulhac. Pdme'a':;.':.. Scagliozzi. lames Shivers. lero, Slater. Kevin... Smith. Geralme .... Smith, Michelle . Spruill Georgina Stevenson, Gwen... Summerfield, Derricl Sumter, Darryl Sweet. Pame'a Thomas. Jacqueline Thomas. Samanda Thompson Kevin.... Torres. Selson Towe. Keith Tucker Ernest ... ... Waddv Adrienne Ward. James Ware. Robyn ........ Warren E 'en ....... Washington, lerome White. Donna White, lonathan White. Sharon ...... Wiles Robin ? Wilnams. Harold.... Williams, Malcolm . Williams, Michelle wMSns, Stewart Williams. Vanessa W illiams, Wayne Wilson, Beverly.... Wilson, Ivnn........ Yancey . Marion ... Young. Alyson 1'6 fourth St 38 Winans St ....101 Ludlow St.... 121 Seymour Ave .... 121 Weequahic Ave. . 60 Snaw Ave ... 1 LehigmAve 52-s So 17th St .... ... ...,m Hillside Ave. .107 Cut'er .... 103 Lyons Ave 809 So Hh St.... 52918th Ave J.. ,4517th Ave____ 6 Pomona Ave 675-6269 243-7457 248-0918 926-5571 923-7642 923-3171 ... 371-4859 ... 824-4207... 482-8414 926-3520 926-5734 48-9617 r42-0246 43-6030 923-2881 ... PHOTO OS PAGE .....43 .....30 L....52 [____49 .....29 v _____52 31| 24" 32 20 33 56 24 23 59 50 67 Atdine St .... 923-9003 P 85li Uth Ave . 622-5782 41 . .555 Elizabeth Ave 926-3068 . 39 82 4th Ave. 66 No 5th St 483-8108 55 673-5790 . 52 134 Montgomery Ave 287 So 11th St 375-6927 37 643-6994 21 53 926-4534 25 117 Rose ct 242-7327 .. 57 439 So. 15th St 242-7345. . 27 ... .923-7183 41 63 Bailey Ave. ...926-2317 33 248-5609 .. 25 29 Parkview Ter 926-3542 ... . 57 266 So 6th St 643-1626 53 828 So 16th St 374-6458 50 17 Sunset Ave 372-7677 54 .96 Fabyan PI 371-4827 21 243-4033 ... 51 18 Harding Ter ... 926-3850 ... . 26 206 Howard St 642-3704 35 7y7 So 10th St.. ...248-1606 42 .. 615 So 20th St. 375-7906 ...... n 46 242-2152 856 So 11th St 824-4338 53 . 203 Seymour Ave 243-7675 26 280 Highland Ave . 675-6822 .... ... 59 926-5144 46 184-6260 59 650 So 18th St 373-233? 30 754 So 10th St ...242-2498 .. .. . 29 146 So 21« St. 371-1384 45 752 So. 20th St T 199 '484 29 27 1057 Hunterdon St .... ... 14 Yates Ave 923-1"28 51 „„ 243-2039 2T- 22 Brenner St. .... 824-280' 24 188 Howard Sr .... 621-8917 ..... 61SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT IOYCE PERRY "joy-cee" "frankly my dear" .. . this amiable virgo hangs close to sharon w . adrienne w and harold sv ... considers arts high "a lily in the middle of a cess pool" .. a law career •s in the future digs mr slavitt and miss cardella SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY DEBORAH FRAZIER "defsbie" "think it ain't" this moody leo considers herself a good listener likes sewing, bike riding, and hanging with vickie m., sonje h, and diane p. . . "debbie" plans to marry and raise a family alter furthering her education. 20 SENIOR CLASS VICE PRESIDENT CHERYL ANNETTE MORSE "moe" "don't ask me" this friendly, but occasionally stubborn taurus enjoys sewing, entertaining and having fun with friends darleen g . |oan g , and denise j plans to ma|or in accounting or computer fHogramming SENIOR CLASS TREASURER VICTORIA | MACK "vicky" this stubborn, talkative always smiling capricorn plans to become a certified public accountant active in national association of girls clubs, and member of the national honor society ... pals are deborah . deborah r., and aleta gKEVIN MICHAEL SLATFR "slater" this pisces-aries enjoys tennis, fencing and music considers everyone at arts high a friend mr slavitt, mrs murray, and mrs. venskus are favorites plans to studv economics and lasv KEITH TOWE “drac" a friendly, understanding capricorn who enjoys running track plans to pursue his own career in the medical field enioys the company of c.c, sweet, and carl most enjoyed his english, history, and physics classes. LYNN WILSON "Imny-pm" "didn't if" a very active taurus who wishes to become a fashion designer ... can be seen with jatkie p, Shirley m . and nelson t ... mr slavitt. mrs douglm and miss ratt are "linny-pm’s" favorite teachers SANDRA ALGARIN "candy" "hey" . this taurus dislikes hypocrites is involved in the service committee and concert choir . . can be seen with deirdra. kathy, and nelson "candy" considers arts a second home 21SHARON VERNEIL CUNNINGHAM "snoopie" HARRIET MERVIN "harri" "arc you serious?" a sensitive, moody cancer who dislikes nosey people . . likes studying people, playing basketball, and tennis this friend of bruce w.. rabbit and debbie | plans to become an executive secretary. this talkative sagittanan is usually with |an c . vanessa m . and kevin t ... being on the bowling team and track team along with directing afncan dance takes up much of her time . . "harri" hopes to become a lab technician DIANA HINTON "dee-dee" PAMELA RILEY "pam" "it's the pits" ... a humorous libra who enjoys dancing is usually spotted with cyril, derrick, and sharon parents have influenced "pam" ... favorites are mr howard. mrs lucas, and mrs. jones ... plans to enter the field of marketingTHEODORE I DE CAGNA "led" "take if easy'" this highly ambitious aquarius en|oys photography, art. and tennis .. hopes to become a commercial artist teds art teachers will be remembered lor all that they taught him. JACQUELYN PORTER “slim" “oh yeah’ this cra v scorpian loves art, music, swimming, and sewing forsees career in fashion design or fashion retailing can be seen laughing with lynn. beverly. and marian . . influenced by mr landsman and mrs tso TREVOR BLUE "trev" "what s with youf" ... “trev" is a mature, sincere and intelligent scorpio .. this school band member likes music, english. chemistry, tennis and logging planning a career in communications KAREN DAVIS "kay" "Stop'” this quiet, understanding scorpio enioys being with sandra. deirdra. and joyce future plans include early marriage ... considers arts high a good school mrs lucas. miss cardella. and mrs tso are highly regardedMARIAN YANCEY "dragon fly" "so like um yeah y'know” a vibrant, easy going capricorn hobbies are brute, music, poetry and wearing jeans gets along with darlene, joyie and rhonda . most admired person is mom plans to become a writer DEBORAH DENISE PLANT "dee" "check this out" a friendly, easy going sagittanan who's turned off by phonies enjoys the company of kim. darlene, cheryl, mr howard. and mrs lucas plans a career in helping others. » 24 TAW AN A PATTERSON "tc" "you think it ain t a scorpian who takes pleasure in singing, drawing and acting is usually quiet until with jessie. olivia. or kim plans to become an interior decorator mrs lucas is a favorite teacher. KIMBERLY FLETCHER "kaykay" "word is bond" ... this changeable libra spends a lot of time running track and bowling ... enioys being with debra, laurie, and diane . "kay-kay's" future plans include college and marriage mrs. lucas and mr. howard are favoritesMARCHE T A RACHEL IE IONES "keta" "check-it" ... a friendly canter who loves sewing and dancing she's most influenced bv her aunt and brother mrs. shapiro. mr. singer and history are favorites her ambition is to become a lawyer PAMELA LYNETIE SWEET "sweet" "get tough!" an understanding taurus who dislikes show-offs plans to finish her education and to praise her God spends her time with ronairc. amta. and teddy ... mrs. lucas and mr. palmer are favorites. MICHELLE SMITH "mikki" "i don't knosv'" . a quiet, but active aries adrienne w., joyce p., and robin w are considered best friends plans to become an architect . the classes of the late mr kurt and mrs. mcduffie will alwavs Ik treasured LARRY MAI THEWS larrv "you bet!" . an easily irritated aquarian who loves french, swimming and dancing considers everyone a friend larry’s life goal is to become a probation officer. 25ADRIENNE ELIZABETH WADDY "waddles'" •'check il out" . an outgoing scorpio who dislikes people who are not understanding active in church and operation p u s h enjoys being with robyn w.. harold sv.. and phyllis m. ... is interested in college mrs lucas and mr vablick are favorites LEONARD MAURICE AVERETT "reese" this aquarian is president of the varsity dub .. he's active in cross country and indoor and outdoor track .. tommy, mark and darry are among his closest friends understanding "reese'- enioys history and english. KAREN MARCIA GREEN "buzz bunny" this quiet and occasionally silly libra enjoys sewing, modeling, music, and meeting nice young men gina. kim I. and gail are close friends, mr. klelis and mrs greene are considered tops on the faculty ... karen plans to go into the medical field. IONATHAN WHITE "john" "tell me something good" ... a quiet and moody taurus who finds pleasure writing poetry in his spare time .. considers arts high a great big family ... mrs. doughlin and miss raff are among his favorite peoplePHYLLIS ANN MARTIN phyllis "yeah. i know i want to know- ... homework take a lot of this capricorn's time, but she finds time to sesv and play softball . . friends include elizabeth, robin and kirn phyllis' future plans include work and college CYNTHIA ELAINl JONES "cyndi" "i'm serious" ... this warmhearted aquanus plans to be a fashion designer or an illustrator best friends include al s.. edna c. and Cynthia | .. mr. doundas, mry locas. history and english are counted as favorites WAYNE PRESTON WILLIAMS "skeet" this sagittanus is optimistic and active "skeet" enjoys track, chess and gymnastics his associates include alvm. carl, and ed plans to become an airplane pilot GWENDOLYN STEVENSON "gwen" "that's fantastic’" ... this talkative and aggressive aries enjoys sewing, reading, and gospel chorus ... pals include karen m , valerie d. and kevin s ... mr calvin. mr howard and mrs. venskus are most admired faculty members ... plans marriage and attending med schoolKELVIN JONES “bub" "non ya business" .. this aquanus is pleasant, lull of finesse, and sociable, especially with the opposite sex favorites are mr hazard and mr howard plans to try studio engineering KIMBERLYN MONFORD “kim" •go on stuff' . . this cheerful and gregarious libra enjoys reading and playing the piano and organ .. friendly with michele. robin, and geraiine .. mr. klelis, miss cardella an l mr slavitt rank high ... plans to be a concert organist 28 BARBARA IEAN MILLER barbara this introvert dislikes people who brag and disregard the feelings of others participates in the honor society, future physicians club, glee club, ami science club gvven, karen, and |ackie are close will always remernlier accepting Christ CAROL ANN MOSES "c c“ "you know what?" carol can best be described as a talkative taurus .. enjoys playing the violin and public speaking ... friends are dierdra. vanessa. and "k-k" . mr klelis and mrs block are highly regarded ... “c-c" plans a medical career. VANESSA WIUIAMS "peanut" "cool enough!" ... vanessa is a kind and understanding laurus enjoys skating ami dating friends are fred. cheryl. and linda mr howard. mrs |ohnson and mrs loftin are highly regartled plans to liwomp a secretary and marry LLLLN WARREN "el" have it your way" a friendly, talkative pisces who likes to read ami lx with close friends a member of the future physicians club "el" found accepting Christ most meaningful considers everyone a friend. MIL MILL ANNETTE WILLIAMS "mikki" "that's life” a sincere ami sensitive pisces activities include gospel chorus and yearbook mrs neuss. mr. howard. kirn, robyn. and beverlv are highly regarded ... plans to lx successful in whatever she does a virgo whose hobbies are flow ling and going to parties .. most influenced by his mother ami father Charlie, kevin and trevor make up his circle of friends mr doundas is tops plans to attend rutgers or howard BRIAN PARKER bnan MALCOLM WILLIAMS "tweet" "your mother" - this capricorn feels everyone's his friend . being born was most meaningful to him future plans are to rule the world and make it a better place to live an active athlete RITA LyNN MOSS "Sis" "right, sure" .. . dancing and singing are favorites of this sometimes quiet and crazy leo plans a career in pediatrics ... mom and dad rank highest, followed by kathy, mona, and others . . feels her stay at arts was most enjoyable MICHELLE NOLTON "freshy" "uhun. uhun, let you tell it" ... 3 friendly, honest and crazy capricorn most influential and admired person is mother ... becoming a jehovah's witness was a great moment in her life RHONDA IYNN CRENSHAW "ronnie" "oh no hon" a sometimes quiet but crazy virgo enjoys listening to music, yoga, and bowling friends are marion, joyco. and darlene enjoyed the classes of mr dessasau, mrs. shapiro. and mrs. lohnson plans a nursing careerDERRICK LEE "moogie" "i can't stand it" ... a musically inclined libran who likes to compose and play piano music . . singing and directing gospel chorus come naturally . "moogie" usually hangs with pam. cyril, and sherry. RODNEY PATE "rod" "oh yeah" ... this ambitious sagittanan digs the arts, work, and parties . . enioys the classes of mr. foeldvan, mrs tso, and mrs. hanson ... wilhemina d . armando d . and william w are friends ... becoming a commercial artist is his goal. FREDERICK LEWIS "the kid" cool and calm is this virgo ... freds hobbies are drawing. basketball, and football usually seen svith vanessa. ervm. and svally he fasors art with mr spindler . college and marriage are future plans WILLIAM H KOONCE |R "bubby" this sagittarian likes boxing chess, skiing history, and the art classes of mr spmdlei gang includes alan. reggie. and derrick ... admires his father, mr hazard and muhammad all has traveled to CanadaCYNTHIA HAMPTON "I.C." "dig il “ (Minting, singing and dancing are this lively cancer s hobbies ... Cynthia's extra-curricular activities include choreography club and singing with a band cynthia tones, cynthia tohnson and all ot her teachers are admired SHARON FISHER "fish" "check that out" ... almost always cheerful ... talkative libra who entoys twirling, basketball, singing and skating ... plans to become a nurse can be found with denise j.. joan g and darleen |. i2 Slf ION DOUGLAS BASS. |R "longhead" "it bees that way sometimes" ... humorous, witty anes ... loathes overly inquisitive people .. likes music and basketball future plans include college and an accounting career ... seen with alien p . ronald r, and many others ALIEN PERRY "weed-hopper" "get out of here’" a fun loving Virgo who has no time for plastic people "weed-hopper" enjoys basketball, track and soccer ... can be seen with sefton, ronald and donna . . plans to become an accountant,DARRYL SUMTER "sump" "what's up?" quiet and moody describes this cancer "sump's" crowd includes norman h. his girlfriend kathy. and tommy c. . likes guitar playing and running track ... darryl is planning a medical career. SHIRLEY MYERS "sher-shee" ■ bravo''' ... snobby people are no-nos with this quiet cancer when collecting stamps or coins, she hangs with lynn w . tackie p. and jackie I. ... is currently active in drama and dance plans a future as a dental assistant DIANE PHILLIPS "pee-wee" an understanding and sensitive pisces this active sportswoman can be found around kathy, deborah. robvn and kim . . mr slavitt. mr howard and mrs lucas are favorites plans to marry and have a medical career. GARY HARRELL gdfv "right, yeah" this quiet aquanan dislikes phony people enioys running track and playing soccer ... plans to attend college with friends homer, tames and alien ... wants to become an electrical engineer. » 33KEITH MORRISON keith •'drop dead" .. this outspoken scorpio played an important part on the yearbook staff ... when not looking for vancssa f., anthony c.. or arthur m., keith can be found swimming or on a baseball field admires mr. carden and mr calvm I AMES £ CLARK "sugar bear" an outgoing gemini who enjoys photography, track, working on the yearbook staff and his trig classes ... plans to further his education in the engineering field ... homer g. gary h and sefton arc-considered good friends LAWRENCE FRANCE GILYARl) "goochie" "ladies" ... a sociable Sagittarius who looks forward to liying and graduating .. plans to continue his education in the medical field ... participates in the photography club ... friends are al y., tyrone c and keith h en|oys music and singing JENAY KIM LARUE "kim" "oh gosh" this usually jovial taurus loves typing and playing instruments ... hates dishonesty parents have been most influential seen with lawrencc. karen, and kathy "kim's" future plans include becoming a part time secretary and a music teacher STfFANIE MANN "steff" a modest, but friendly taurus who enjoys track is seen with karen b., cynthia j., and beverly ... plans to go to college to seek a psychology degree . favorite teachers include miss raff, mr lang. and mr marcus I AMES QUIN TIN WARD "quincy" "take it light" . this versatile taurus enioys singing, dancing, and playing basketball . mr haz ard and mr lang are favorites ... friends include darlene, denise and karen . plans to become a computer programmer CORNELIA GRAHAM "connie" this pensive, sweet cancer enjoys sewing and mrs tso's art class her favorite teachers include miss raff and mrs. levinson . "Connie's" career plans are a little indefinite, but marriage is certain BRENDA ANTHONY brenda this determined Sagittarius dislikes false accusations brenda enioys being in the gospel chorus and honor society • c n be seen with neva a , gwen s., dianna s . . . plans to become a physician specializing in surgeryBEVERLY ANN BRADLEY "bev" “aw shut up” ... a sweet, kind, and considerate taurean loves sewing and singing shari. valene and michele arc close friends admires her mother and Sister .. plans to continue her education and have a professional career DWIGHT DAVIS "koogle" “get out of my face" ... this mature cancenan is ready for life's obstacles spends much time running track or bowling . plans to become a track star or tennis pro "Koogle's" friends include gary. darryl. and tommy 3f VANESSA MORIZE “banana" "oh yeah that's right" ... a friendly, romantic capricorn who loves live concerts, partying and sewing is prom chairman can be seen with harnct m cvnl | and rheryl m plans to enter the field of radio and t v communications DONALD IORDAN "d.j." “oh trick" ... an active member of cross country, this friendly, crazy pisces likes to run .. friends include karen h„ darry. and sherry . . future plans are in the making mother and father have shown him the way. LINDA DIANA BERRIAN "lena" "lesus saves" an easy to get along with leo whose friends are Steve, waiter, and gail a member of the orchestra, girls' glee dub and the drama dub "lena" plans to become a teacher of music LEROY SHIVERS. |R "shiv" "anytime, anyplace" . this vigorous, carefree pistes is active in baseball, soccer, and likes camping aces are |ohn w and paul d ... dislikes super-cool people seeks a career as an air force pilot DENISE DERYL IOHNSON "neicy" "girl, let me tell you!" this warmhearted aquarian enjoys bowling, skating and partying active member of the cheerleading team and varsity club among many friends are darlene, sharon and cheryl . plans a social work or nursing career. PATRICIA LYNN CHARLES "pat" "excuse me!" this witty leo's plans includes accounting playing the guitar and modern dance are favorite pastimes "pat" is frequently seen around ginger d. sandra r. and dwight. mr slavitt and mr klehs are favorites 37ADRIAN JOHNSON "superb" to become a "bad' musician is Ihe aim of this sccwpio . swimming and football are favorites considers everyone a friend ... mrs. shapiro, mr doundas and mr Israel are among those he will remember PAUL A DENNIS "pablo" "funny person". "pablo"s" a quiet libra who despises conceit .. this drama club and band member enjoys rocket building and sports he's found with leroy s.. earnest t and darry j ... paul wants to play pro sports SONIl TERESS HODGES sonje "lust shut up" . a warm hearted and sensitive sagittarian whose closest friends are deborah, victoria and diane enjoys sewing and listening to records hopes to become jn asset to her community and follow the way shown by her parents. VANESSA FORE "peanut" "you got that right honey" ... this highly unusual cancer seems to be active in the occult when not seen with jan c.. kathy j., and lames c .. enjoys trig with mr calvm ... plans a career in science.LANCE R DARDEN "frog” "hey baby" - - a warm, friendly leo who hales phone calls that wake him up "frog" is an active gospel pianist friends include harold w , debbie p . and denise i favorite teachers are mrs block, miss abos and mr hazard DARLENE GARRIS “dar" "oh gee" . a moody pistes who enioys reading and tennis active on newspaper and yearbook staffs plans to become an anchorwoman or reporter , aces are rhonda. marian and joyce . .. english classes have been most appreciated. SANDRA FIGUEROA "wilma" "got a headache" .. this serious yet happy librian simply can't stand people who talk too much likes participating m puerto ncan shows and dancing "wilma" plans a nursing career nelson and norma top her list SHERRY ROBINSON sherry being cool at other people's expense turns this moody cancer off enjoys modeling, singing and being active on student council list of friends includes alexis. arda and bolmda sherry hopes to make it big singing on stageNAYDENE BRICKUS "deenie" "pililul!" a quiet virgo who always has a smile ready . . has lound being on the girls' softball team an experience ... finds pleasure being with beverlee w.. adrienne w. and |oyce p mr klelis. mrs lucas and mrs hollar-gregory rank high. KAREN LYNN BROOKS "pepper" "why me, why me?" . . a sometimes moody and evil taurus who tries to get along with others .. love- dancing, art and being with friends tony, salt and steff ... thinks highly of mom and mr carden. 40 ANTHONY CLARK "tony" quick tempered is this libran's middle name tony's main interest is women ... usually seen with keith and arthur his love for animals has inspired mr dark to become a veterinarian member of the swimming team and the yearbook staff. REINALDO ALVAREZ "alvarez" ‘‘still living'-' a determined, competitive capricorn who enjoys all sports remaldo's ambition is to become an engineer ... mr doundas, miss meyerson and mrs venskus are highly-regarded hangs with wilson, justo and normanKIM LOVE "kimmte" "oooo'" a shy and modest gemini who enjoys the friendship of jcssie. tasvana and libby conceited people should steer clear of this art loving, acting buff becoming a well known artist is "kimmie's" ambition RONALD ROBINSON "ron" "what’s up?" friendly gemini who digs basketball and music . can be seen with sefton b ami kevin h enjoyed being a member of the newark boys’ chorus and travelling to rome plans to further his education DERRICK KISCHARUE SUMMERFIELD "summer" "if the shoe fits, wear it” this together libran doesn’t like being with phony people found being on the basketball team rewarding will always remember homeroon 210 . . plans to major in physical education NORMAN HAYNES norman possessor of an outgoing all around personality . he's involved in track and field, likes drasving and is planning a career in medical science hypocrites are his pet peeves gsven a . darryl s. and dwight d. make up his circle of friends. m»rst MM VMM ft 41ROBYN CHERYL WARE "co-co" •'bo for real1" an even-tempered, fun-loving aquarian .. . enjoys being with diane, cookie and phvllis mrs (ones, mrs lucas and mr Howard’s classes shall l e remembered ... a medical career is anticipated GEORGE DAYS "junior" "lesus Christ is coming soon" . "junior" enjoys art and singing mr palmer and mrs levinson are favorite teachers at arts likes the company of valerie d and gvven s. KATHY ELIZABETH JACOB "kittykat" "did you hear the one about?" shy, crazy and talkative best describes this aquarian dislikes airy people .. friends are diane, kim and boyfriend darryl "kitty-kat" plans to become a famous fashion designer KENNETH BERNARD HARGROVE "ken" "what’s happening?" .. this quiet Sagittarius enjoys parties and music plans to become a businessman ... friends include dwight, anthony and |ames . . baseball and iootball are favorite sports ken also enjoys english and math.GINGER DAWSON “the trekkie" “star trek lives!' teasing this sensitive pistes about “star trek” could cost you a triend hobbies include music, reading, "star trek" and being with close friends jackie h . debbie b and pat c ginger plans a career in civil engineering KIMONI GASKINS kimoni this pleasant, versatile leo plans a career in medicine active member of the drama and future physicians clubs fishing and bowling are favorite pastimes will forever remember first seeing manan JESSICA J. NASH "jessie" “honey don't you know?" ... selfish, conceited people are not favorites of this sensitive taurus . . t.c.. kitty-kal. and libby are close friends ... plans a fashion designing career mrs tso and miss raff are favorites mom has influenced her the most. MARK DICKINSON "dick" "oh yeah!" . taurus enjoys socialising with donna, jan and robyn future plan is to become a psychologist will always remember mrs. lucas and mr. howardALLAN HARDEN allan "Allah is the Cod” going to the temple and pushing bihalian news are important activities ol this talented muslim william k. derrick s. and reggie t are close friends allan's plans include going into business tor himselt CINA PATRICE HOWARD "stuff" "what it is” . this ambisert pisces. is a member of the student council, and the instrumentalist club ... digs being with karen g, kim I, and belty b ... plans to iom the u s a f 44 SHAREN 2iX IAMES sharen this determined aries finds sewing a restful hobby dress designing is her goal ... usually seen with betty b unity with the nation of islam is most meaningful to her CYNTHIA IOHNSON "cynth" this libra likes to associate with people and have fun ... enjoys basketball ... favorite teacher is miss raff plans a career in the theatre or in the commercial art field.SrfWART R WIlllAMS "stan" "life goes on" an easy to get along with gemmi . partners arc kevin h. kevm t, and fail) ... stan plans a career in aviation enjoys hand and basketball KEVIN I HIUSMAN "chevy" " fseek it out" .. this virgo en|oys seeing people smile .. jctive m baseball. bowling, and basketball .. friends are chucky. darren, and vernon plans to become an architect IOAN GRtlS "nisey" "svhat you say?" ... very outgoing best describes this on the move scorpian likes getting involved, swimming and playing around with karen. milch, and gsven . fashion design is a proposed goal YOLANDA GRANT "yo-yo" "a smile" this quiet pisces' ambition is to maior in special ed phoney people beware mr howard and mr slavitl rank high with her favorite friends include gerri S. val m. and ginger d 45IIKOMI WASHINGTON ■jerry" "what the heck" . this capricorn is warm, friendly and understanding active in baseball, soccer and yearbook staff friends are skeet. keith and adrian plans to become an architect KARIN PATRICIA MC MANUS karen this pleasant capricorn is moody at times friends are deirdra. gwen, valeric and barbara enjoys listening to music and reading favorites are mr klelis. mr slavitt and miss raff . plans a nursing career ROBIN DEEDEE WILEY "robby" "really?" this changeable, but likable Scorpio's interests include singing and sam an active member of the student council and gospel chorus hangs with adrienne. norman and kim . "robby" plans a career in working with emotionally disturbed children. VALERIE ANN ALIEN "val" this concerned and peaceful aquarian enjoys the alpha khi gamma sorority and skating favorites are michele. bcv. and nta future plan is to continue her education successfully . parents have been a great influenceALVIN BROWN alvin 'whatever makes you happy" a genuine, pleasant and humorous capricorn who digs all sports plans a college career can be seen with dave. aaron and skip ... most admires mrs. lucas. mr. lang and mr. ha aard R08ERT AARON GIBBS "buck; "what's upf ” capricorn . "bucky" hates nosiness .. plans to make it big in the music world tumbling and biking are high on his list seen with ronald r., kevin h and kelvin. ANITA ARNOLD "pudge" "yeah right" ... this Sagittarius is serious, long-suffering and understanding phony people and liars are disliked associates with pam s , pam r., kathy j. and Cynthia h plans to be married GWEN AUSTIN "rabbit" "i don’t play that" quiet sensitive and crazy is this leo inquisitive people irritate her crowd includes alien p., setton. and norman h "rabbit" hopes to have poems published or become an actress.TOMMYG COX "cox-o" "yeah, really1" . this soft-spoken taurus enjoys track, and electronics . tommy plans to attend college finds enjoyment being with deirdra, lenny and keith his lather has shown him a great deal mrs. lucas and mrs hollar gregory are considered tops. CHERYl FOSTER "tiaesha" "frankly i don't care” ... aquanus enjoys music, art. traveling and |ust having fun . wants to attend college, then work for a short time can be caught with her family and others 4H VIRGINIA FLANIGAN "ginger" this pisces is active in the band . "ginger" associates with everyone . treasures growing up and being able to handle situations well . . enjoys sjsending time listening to records EDNA CHAMPAGNE "ed" virgo this outgoing, sociable young lady loves to dance shari, bev. and cynthia jones are her crowd ... plans to marry and have a family . most enjoved being taught bv mrs lucas, mrs jones and mr. doundas■ ED COLEMAN "easy'’ an easy going though aggressive gemmi enpys basketball, boxing. (Minting and music ed is friendly with carl, derrick and mark plans a future in electronics or architecture has been most affected by his mother and mr ha ard JOYCE ODUMS "grape" "you got that right" ... this talkative Sagittarius despises squash plans to become a psychologist will always remember mr kurtz darlene g„ rhonda. and marian are close friends BETTY BROWN "slim" this unassuming capricorn enjoys art. sewing, and tennis sharon and valerie make up her circle of friends enjoyed the classes of mr. slavitt. mr calvm. mrs tso and mr heck plans a medical career DARIEEN MICHELLE GIBSON "mifch" "anybody seen moe?" . an outstanding and pleasant Sagittarius cnioys listening to music and playing pool closest with Cheryl, demse, and joan favorites are mrs. tones, mrs block, and mr howard . plans to become a pediatricianDENNIS REDDICK "red" "what is it?" an easy going taurus who can be found dancmg. drawing, or skating ... doesn't like deceptive people ... friends are mark d . kelvin j. and kevin h ... becoming an x-ray technician is "red s" goal. SHARI REED "shorty" this petite and verbal ptsccs loves sewing in her spare time a beautiful sister who plans to go on to college and enioy life ... favorite people include bev b., edna and michael j. KEVIN I). THOMPSON "killer kev" "on time to the max" ... a quick tempered gemini ... enjoys baseball, african dance, and bowling dislikes school .. buddies include ed, Stewart, and malcolm . . mrs bohannon and mrs. edreira have been influential plans to enter the air force DEIRDRA IOANN DAVIS "dee-dee" "so what" ... this shy sagittanan enjoys playing the clarinet and macrame ... seen with tommy cox and sandra algann ... mr. singer and mrs. lucas are favorites ... "dee-dee" plans to become a ph sical therapist.HOMER GOODEN "holmes" "ught, iure" a cheerful person is this cancer usually seen with gary h . james C.. and ginger d .. en|oys being a member of the school newspaper, student government and chess club ... "holmes" plans to enter the field of civil engineering BEVERLY MARSHELLE WILSON "bevmar" "is you . warm but moody, this pisces hopes include fashion designing, and children service committee meetings are important hangs with naydene b. kimberlyn m , and michele w ALICIA ANN IOHNSON "lesh" "what?" . . this capricorn is kind, warmhearted, and friendly associates with demse j. darlene g.. and cheryl m favorite texhers are mrs. lucas. mrs. neuss. mrs. greene, and mr dessasau ... plans a career in nursing EARNEST TUCKER "tuck" "what It look like?" a virgo who dislikes too cool people "tuck" can usually lie found v. th armando d , rodney p and frank | this comedian plans to play major league baseball and enjoys photography pastime is making friends. CYRIL CION IONES "boo-boo" "calm clown" this outstanding and considerate Virgo loses photography and fashion designing ... he hates being underestimated ... enjoys company of pam, arda and derrick member of yearbook staff ... plans a career in contemporary art CYNDREll A PARRISH "cyndy" "i'm |usl doing my job" . .. this constantly busy cancer is active in afncan dance . cheryl, ellen. annette and mrs tso are favorites ... sensitive "cyndy" plans to earn a ph.d. in spec lal education 52 ANNETTE YVONNE NORVELL "nett" "you look spiffy" ... "nett's" a friendly. |okmg. though moody aquarius ... an honor society member, she plans to go into mathematics loves sewing and being a mu slim her closest friends are sis pamela.. sis. evetle p . and sis sharon | I AMES SCAGUOZZI "slick" "devious" .. this easy to get along with aquarius enjoys the citi en band radio operation and girlwatchmg friends are kenneth h, ellen w.. and jcssica n., .. mother has been most influential .. plans a career m special educationDONNA WHITE "donna" SAMANDA LAMERRA THOMAS ''mandee'' "the bigger the better” .. a moodv, sensitive libra ... "mandee” can be found with lynne, and |oanne m miss raff, miss abos and mrs. (ohnson are favorite teachers . she plans to become a fashion designer, a teacher, or a mortician GERALINE MARIE SMITH "gerri" "a big smile" ... two faced people stay assay from this aquarius ... playing the clarinet and stamp collecting are favorite pastimes ... usually in the company of yolanda g , kimberlyn m, and valerie m. plans to become a pediatrician this typical aquarian considers falseness a sm canoeing and ballet are favorite hobbies ... pam r., sharon w., and deborah f., are at the top of her list donna plans a career in physical therapy WILSON APONTE "|ulk " this friendly gemim dislikes people telling him what to do ... enjoys basketball, football and baseball ... mrs. johnson, mr howard and mr ha ard rank high with him ... loves music and plans to be a musician NELSON TORRES "tito" "ah man!" ... a libnan whose favorite pastime is music listening likes football, bjscball and hanging with friends michelle. lynn and armando... "hlo" plans an adventurous career in the armed forces VALERIE ANITA MITCHELL "bub-belle" "well, i tried” ... this capricorn's favorite subjects are math and science .. closest friends are deanie, gern and bev ... favorites are mrs. greene. mr howard and mrs. venskus ... "bub-belle" plans to become a doctor. LAURIE CORETTA AUSTIN "mouse" "really" this cancer stays very- active in the field of track .. she can usually be seen with kirn, pam and sharon . . laurie plans to further her education and eventually marry. KEVIN BERNARD HATCHER "kev" "what's up?" . . a well-rounded aquarian ... "kev" is active in boxing, swimming, the martial arts and concert choir ... kelvm j, derrick s. and carl m. are only a few of his friends plans a career in the military field. -DARLENE LYNN JOHNSON "dee" "oh boy" ... a quiet and generous gemini who is active as co-raptain of the pep squad . enjoys the kmcks, football, and the friendship of denise j, Imda f and diane c mother has been extremely influential ... "dee" plans a career in accounting. PAMELA DENISE ROULHAC "peachez" "get out of here, you little bugger this pleasant gemini loves to sing, sew and play tennis ... her favorites include glcnn, cheryl. jeanette, mrs. grocne and mrs. lucas ... "peachez" hopes to become a legal secretary. WILFRED MELENDEZ "Fred" "what’s happening?" ... this sagiltanan is an avid sports fan bed’s foes arc people who don't mind their business ... has a great deal of admiration for mr singer ... he hopes to become an electrical engineer. OLIVIA LESSANE "libbie" "hey what’s up?" ... a pisces-aquarian with a warm personality . dislikes conceited people ... photography, singing and dancing are favorite pastimes friends include cynthia. jessica and kirn .. "Iibbie's" ambition is to become a model.KAREN IOUISE MOSES "kay-kay" a quiet taurus whose favorite school activities include track and the future physicians club . "kaykay" plans to become a physical therapist . can be seen with c-c. Stephanie sharon and pam favorite teachers are mr. carden and mr. martin OLIVIA PLA olivia this young lady stays busy in the field of singing where mel c . debra I and pam I are. olivia can be found ... her future plans include college % ARTHUR MERSIER "artie" "• don't know" ... this friendly scorpian finds playing baseball a real challenge ... enjoys the classes of mrs. hollar-gregory . . . plans a future in business management. VALERIE DRAYTON "val" "so pitiful" ... an aquarian of complicated and changeable moods ... two faced people are definite dislikes ... the friendship of gwen, barbara and karen is highly valued ... active in band, science and future physicians clubs "val" plans a nursing careerIACQUEIINE THOMAS "lackie" “i'm busy at the moment" ... this quiet and very sensitive gemim enjoys sewing, watching t v. and reading . . active in glee club, service committee, and tuture physicians club ... "jackie's" favorite subject is history. DARRY LEWIS IENNINGS "2" "if i'm not mistaken" this mody leo enjoys being captain of the fencing team and running the school store ... a lover of music, "z" enjoys classes of mr dessasau ... closest friends are donald j. and s. me fadden. CARL McCOY "calamity" "whyf . you writing a book'" this taurus despises falseness in people ... he enjoys bowling basketball, and baseball seen with derrick, keith, and mark ambition is architecture ... loves english .is influenced by parents. GEORGINA DIANE SPRUILL “george "check it out” ... a quiet Scorpio who enjoys going to the movies usually seen with ruth, valerie. and bettv feels something should be done about our crime rate plans to become a lawyer 57ARMANDO DELGADO "mano" "oh my God" this quiet cancer is talkative when around ernest. lynn and rodney mrs tso and mr. slavitt are favorites . arts high will always be in his memories ... family and mrs edreira are highly admired REMONA TERESA KING "mona" "i'm serious" . a sensitive liExa. mona is a member of the concert choir and modem dance . among her favorites are miss abos and mr howard future plans include a career in nursing LYNNE MORRISON “cissy" "that ain't even kosher" this quiet and at times shy sagittarian is a member of the track team clique includes samanda t.. Ioann m and marian v environmental scientist is desired goal roller skating and tennis are hobbies. IAN RENEE CLAYTON ian this unpredictable and demanding gemini feels arts high and the world are a masquerade, where everyone wears another face, trying to hide what they really are plans to become a chemical engineer hangs with harriet m.. pam j. and annette n.LINDA FISHER "lin" 'yeah, right"' an undemanding aquarian who dislikes agitators . being captain of pep squad and on student council keeps her busy dobra w. darlene j. and kim t are good friends “lin" plans a nursing career HAROLD Wll LIAMS kage" ''logical' this understanding, critical, and pensive virgo enioys psychology . . active in student council, and principal's advisory council . . friends are lance, joyce. and sharon plans a criminal law career favorites are miss abos, mr slavitt, and miss meverson. v mm mm W • - : iWf ♦Wff1 w mm ► ! : Vm: i : ?f' I HUBERT LEE RANGE "hubey” "hey good lookm!" this fun-lovin' aquarian enjoys money and girls best friends are michael and anthorty mr carden anri miss abos win his "favorite teacher" awards ... "hubey"s’’ parents were most influential in his derision to enter the navy. SHARON L WHITE sharon "’that's not funny" ... dry people had better stay clear of this humorous pisces enjoys english. history, mrs neuss and mr slavitt always with pam r„ harold w.. or joycee ... loves arts high's basketball games hopes to attend smith college.Larry Barney ARDA SHARIF AH ALSTON "goldie locks' "ahh!" . this crazy introspective aquarian likes bikeriding and music .. dislikes getting up in the morning .. usually spotted with alexis. Cassandra and valerie . plans a career in commercial art 60 Michael LamarALYSOS YOLNG "«r "what's up from that counts” women beware of this quick - tempered cancer . hobbies include basketball, football and volleyball al's goal is to become an art teacher kevin h, denms r and kevm | are good friends. Gregory Callier 61MMAN AFFECTIONATE LOOK AT OUR FACULTYSENIOR CLASS BABY PICTURES I. ( 111.1 I low .mi 2 Tr« vof BIim I l)wighl Davis •I Kelvin tones r» |oy« «• Perry • C.'ynl (ones 7. Darlene Gil son H Mm hello Nollon •• Marts laniler in Ird DcCagna 11, (iwon Stevenson 12 Marian Yarney 11 Annette Notvell 14 Lynn Wilson’ 15 K« vin Slalii 16. |oy e C Vlimis 17 Brian Parker IB Karon (.ni-n l‘ Carol Moses20. Kevin Mali her 21 Sharon While 22 Gwen Awl in 21. lerorm’ Washington 24 Alyson Young 2S. Gary Harrell 21 Shan Reed 27. Sonjc Hodges 2K Karen Moses 20 (anger Dawson U» Wayne Williams 11 Horner (hxxIi'ii 12 Wilfred Melcnrlc II Sharon lisher 14 KimIih'V I’ale 15 Paul Dennis v |an Clayton 17 Amla Arnold IK Alan Perry t » Virginia I lanigan 40 Karen llrooksSENIOR BABY PICTURES 1. Adrienne Wd ldy 2. Kim Love J. Deborah Plant 4. Valerie Allen 5 Rohm Wiley h. Arthur Mersier 7 Armando Delgado 8 Beverly Wilson 9. Kim LaRue 10. Harriet Mervm 11. Tommy Cox 12. Rhonda Crenshaw 13. Kevin Thompson 14. Deborah Frasier 15. Anthony Clark 16. Karen McManus 17. Barbara Miller 18. Cyndrcll Parrish 19. Cynthia Johnson 20. Marchcta Jones 21 Victoria Mack 22. Arda Alston 23. Vanessa Fore 24 Valerie Drayton 25. Cheryl Morse 26. Deirdra Davis 27. lackie Porter 28 Rita Moss 29. Cynthia Hampton 30. Gregory Callier 31. Richard Dunn 32. Norman Haynes 33. Diane Phillips 34 Robert Gibbs 35. Pamela Sweet 36 Darryl Sumter I. Fred Lewis 2 Varressa Williams I. Kemona King 4. Olivid lessane S Iwdlld Pdttelsnn b. King M« tendon 7 Donna While H Dairy lennings 9. Malcolm Williams 10 Lawrenre (iilyard 11. Shirley Myers 12 lamest lu ker I i Yolanda Grant 14, Jessica Nash IS Brenda Anthony lit I liana llinlon 17 I )arleiH (.arris IK I mda I isherSENIOR BABY PICTURES 1 2 7 10 II 14 1 l «t C harles 2 Denise lohnson I Nayilene Hii« kus 4. Pam Rili-y 5. Belly Blown b. Gcralme Smilh 7 Phyllis Mailin H Set ion Bass . Leroy Shivers 10 Mi« hele Williams II Samira Al aim 12. Kiin Monllonl 11. Iil ai I i oema 14 ynlhia |nnes IS. Pam KiHilhar Ih Kmulil Kolxnson 17. Cheryl Morse IB. Karen I avis PI Iauiie Austin. Devotion An inspiration to us all To help a friend when he is weak. To stand up, straight and tall ... (from "Devotion" by Betty Brown)CLASS OF Alexander. Neva Baldwin. William Barnno. Calvin Batlle. Gregory Bellamy. Reginald Bembry, Walter Bivins. Leslie Blackwell. Michael Blake. Teresa Bobbitt, Patricia Bowden. Sharon Bradford. Paul Bradmen. Theresa Bristol. Christine Brito. Harold Brown. Carmen Brown, Felicia Brown, Ivy Brown, Jacqueline Brown, Kimberly Brown. Sharon Buchanan. Darlene Buford. Sherry Bush, Desiree Butler. Steven Byass. Leon Byrd. Patricia Cantrell, Nita Camty. Marion Charles, Norma Chavis. Diane Chisholm, Rosena Clark. Carlton Conyers. Alvina Cox, Darryl Curry, Tracey Curvin. Donna Dancy, Michele Davis, Keith Davis. Valerie Diaz. David Dickinson, Jerard Dove, Selton Dubois, Sandford Edwards. Valerie Farrow. James Fields, Cynthia Fitz. Ronald Fladger, Angela Ford. Kenneth Forester. James Foster. Dawn Ceschleider. Elsie Gibson. Beverly Giles, Kevin Gilmore. Curtis Gonzalez. Juan Graves, Karen Green. Cassandra Greenlee. Gary Guiles. Rodney Guzman, Felix Hall. Donna Hand. Celeste Harden, Roxanne Hardwick, Cynthia Harmon, William Harrell. Annette Harris, Albert Harris, Wayne Harvey. Keith Head. Brian Henry. Lawrence Hicks. Robin Hill, Benjamin Hill, Eric Hill. Trinale Hinton. Anatra Hooper, lames Hopkins, Evelyn Howerton. James Irizarry. Dons Jackson. Eileen Jacob. Kan Jenkins, Martin 74IUNE 1977 Jennings, Antoine lohnson. Deborah Johnson, lance Johnson. Robin Jones, Inell Jones. Pamela Jordon, Aleasia Joseph, Stacie Koonce. Arthur lee. Barry liggins, lois lumford. Annette lynn, Nina McCall. Gail McCall, Rufus McDaniel, Linda McDonald. Vanessa McNeal. Ralph McQueen, Tyree Mann. Beverly Means. Marc Merritt, Barbara Mobley. Ruth Moore. Cynthia Morns, JoAnne Mosley. Kenneth Moss, Debra Motley, Connie Murnal. Roger Parker, Trevor Pearson. James Perez, Luis Pinkney, Cleanzy Pla. Albortha Plant, Carolyn Potts, Clemmtine Randolph. Shanta Reed. Charles Reeves. David Reid. Tyrone Richardson. Cynthia Riley, Janet Robinson. Daryl Robinson. Kenneth Rodriguez. Edwin Rodriguez, Juanita Rollack, Eric Roman, luslo Schival. Ricardo Sherman, Victoria Showers, Harold Shuford. Deborah Simmons, lelanda Simpson. Howard Sit. Betty Smith. Belinda Smith, Gwen Smith. Jessie Smith. Percell Stewart. Faith Suber. Theodore Siggs. Sandra Thomas, loyce Thomas, Lowell Thomas, Randall Thomason. Terri Turner Reginald Velez. Luis Wade, Teresa Walker. Andrea Wallace, Elaine Ware. Eric Washington. Ricky Watts, Linda Whitaker, Steven Wiggins, Cynthia Williams. John Williams, Valane Wilson, Bernadme Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Michail Winckler, William Winfield. Mark Wmgo. Ronnie Wright, Dorothy 75CLASS OF Almeida. Sharon Alston Beverly Alston lamne Anderson. Terry Andnacco, Anthony Anthony, Oelores Archer. Audrey Armstrong. Roderick Ashe. Renee Ales, Daniel Bam, Janet Baker. Patricia Barnes. Beverly Barnes, Douglas Baskerville, Constance Bell, Kenneth Berry. Vivian Bey. Osborne Bland. Wanda Blocker. Rhea Booker, Delores Boughton, Donald Breeden, Theodore Brewer. Robert Brooks. Dianne Brooks. Sheila Brooks, Stephanie Brown. Janice Bryant. Michael Bynum, Twana Campbell, Eugene Campbell, Veronica Chisholm. Ellis Christmas. Darrell Coggins, Cynthia Collins, Tracey Conyers, Anthony Conyers, Beverly Crawford. Howard Crenshaw. Charles Cruz. Penelope Daniels, Cynthia Dansby. Denise Days, luliet Dennis, lenmfer Dennis. Lori Dennis. Valice Dixon. Gale Earles, Km ie Edgerton. Kevin Edwarot. iudy Ellis, Dcnea Engers. Fred Fitz, Lorraine Foster. Edwma Foster, Maurice Frieson. Victoria Fryar. James Gavin. Shefronica Gilchrease. Phyllis Goodwyn. Percell Granger, Athena Grant. Glynis Green. Allan Green. Tony Hamilton, Darryl Harris. Karen Ftarris. Mark Hazelwood. Eric Henderson, Mark Hodges. Stanley Hogan, Renee Holland. Angela Hopkins, Vicky Horne, Sharon Ingram. Selena Jackson, Toni lackvon. Walter lefterson, Gloria Jenkins, Riccardo Johnson, lenmfer lohnson, Robin Johnson, Theresa Jones. Ernest Jones. Fred Iordan, Janet Kearse. Fdith Knight. Beatrice Koon, Alonzo 7bJUNE 1978 Lambert, Lynelte Lavant, Yvonne Lawrence, lerry Leake. Ernest lee. Sharyle lewis, Cheryl lightsey, Judith Mack. Toma McClean. Sharrell Mclemore. Gabrieli Mellette. Kevin Miller. Derrick Mollett. Daisy Moore. Donna Morrison. Brian Morrison. Harold Morton, Stanley Moses. Karen Murray, Neil Orr. David Ovsen. Kelly Padilla. William Parker. Andrea Pendleton. Charles Perry, Kenneth Perry. Leslie Petty. Oscar Phillips. William Pla, Carolyn Porter. Robert Potts. Albert Puce, Beverly Kagm. Sandra Ramos, Benny Ransom. Sandra Rayam. lenora Reed. Larry Register. Phyllis Reuben Bonita Reynolds. Cail Rivera, Jose Rivera. Michael Rivera, Phillip Robmson. Anita Robinson. Marguerite Rodriguez, lilliam Salter. Malcolm Scratch. Barbara Seay. Charles Shiver. Saundra Silas. Ellen Simmons, Judy Simmons. Kathy Simmons. Roosevelt Smith. Dianna Smith. James Smith. Robert Solomon, Valerie Spaights. Lauren Spruill. Patricia Suggs. Evelvn Sweet. Irvin Svkes, Jerome Talmadge. Russell Terry. Clarence Thomas. Evelyn Thomas, I ee Ann Thomas. Patricia Thomas. Reginald Thomas. Wanda Thompson, Sheila Tigner. Rennay Torrain. Darryl Torretagle, Cromwell Tukes. Marvin Walker. Andrea Walker, Debra Wallace. Kim Washington. Glenda Watkins, Stephanie Webb. Herman Williams. Darryl Williams. Donald Williams. Haywood Williams. Marilyn Wilson, Deborah Wilson. Veronica Wright, Billy Young. Marian 77Adams. Adreena Alexander. Lisa Allen. Preston Allen. Tommy Alston, Annette Anderson, Darren Anderson. Grant Andrews. Chervl Banks. Steve Barber. Angel Barnes. Darryl Barone. Kenneth Bartley. Tina Battle. Robert Bell. Tyrone Benett, lanice Beverly, luamta Bey. Roslyn Bogar. Davey Bowen. Glenn Brooks, Jeffrey Brower. Paulette Brown. Geraldine Buie. Leazette Bush. Dawn Byrd Kathleen Cacoilo. Carlos Cannady, Nathaniel Carey, loseph Carthan. Elaine Chiles. Adrienne Clark. Mark Cooper, lacquelyn Cooper. Wanda Corpenmg Marie Crawford. Carlotte Crump, Valerie David, Karen Davis, Michael Davis, Tommy Dawkins, Robert Dawson, lames Deane. Robin Depts. Tyrone Edgerton, Anthony Eubanks. Brian Faulk. Elizabeth Feliciano. Jose Ferrell. Darlene Fisher. Josef Flanigan. Samuel Fleming. Vamta Flowers, Tyrone Fort. Sherry Freeman. Susan Carnes, Kileena Gary, Merle Gibbons, David Gill, Pamela Gilmore. Sharon Glenn, Girard Golphin. Carl Gorham, Grank Graham. Marilyn Green. Deneise Green, Valena Greenleaf. Gregory Gross, Gena Hall. George Hall, Vanessa CLASS OF Hardwick, Chris Harris, Anthony Harris, Antoinette Harvey. Elizabeth Head. Sheryl Hedgebeth, Diannah Henry. Anastasia High, lawrence Hobbs. Clarissa Hunter. Andrew Ingram. Paula Jackson, Rachel Jackson, Tamara lackson, T ma James. Lenward Jasikowski. Joakim lefferson. Gwendolyn Johnson. Anita Johnson. David Jones, Harold Jordan, Darryl Jordan, Yvonne Kelly. Byron Kirkland. Osborne Langley. Arthur Leake, Ina Lee, Michelle Lemay, Larry Lugo. Jorge Mathis. Kimberly 78JUNE 1979 McDonald. Rodney McKinney, Keith McLendon. Dama McLeod. Gayle McNeal, Scott McNeil. Annette McNeil. Herman McQueen. Sandra Medina. Elvin Mendez. George Milton. Paula Minmgan. Ivory Mitchell. Maria Mitchem. Geoffrey Mitnaul, lendell Mobley. Rose Monroe, laelyn Moore. Tyrone Morales. Lisandro Morrell, lanice Morris. Edward Moses, Christopher Motley. Edward Mumford. Tama Odom. Michael Olmo. William Ortiz. Elizabeth Outlaw. Rhonda Parham. Pernell Parker, Melanie Perry. William Peterkin. Tom Peterson. Eugenia Phillips. Gail Pierce. Brenda Powell. Phyllis Pridgen. Dennis Pruitt, Lomesa Pryor. Sharon Ramirez. Judy Ramsey, leroma Randall. Donnie Randall. Richard Range. Michelle Redding. Linda Reeves. Carla Reid. Clarence . Reuben. Tina Reynolds. Cheryl Rivera. Aracelis Robinson. Lamont Robison. Tuawana Rodriguez. Norma Rogers, Sandra Roney. Debra Salter. Robert Sampson. Hennett Samuel. Michael Santiago. Agnes Santiago. Miguel Santoro, Lori Scott. Andre Scott. John Scott, lindall Scott. Martha Scott. Pamela Simmons. Caroline Smith. Jean Sowell. Denise Stanton, Theresa Stokes. Darryl Sykes. Jeanette Sykes, loyce Taylor. Roy Telfair, Jeroma Thomas. Andrea Thomas. Brenda Thomas, lohn Thomas, Patrick Thompson. Kelvin Vines, Sandra Wade. Christopher Wadley. Terry Walker, Faye Wallace. Ethel Washington. Dwight Washington, Vanessa Wells, Amta White, Sandra Whittington. Ralph Williams. Brenda Williams. Carla Williams, Darryl Williams. Renee Wilson. Viola Wmborne, Tanya Woods. Wanda Wright. Toya Young. Beverly Zayas. Ronald 79... A shadow hurries by, growing with time shaping and forming right before your eyes. A life is born while another is gone but still the clock ... is ticking on. (from "Devotion" by Gwendolyn Stevenson) ACTIVITIESThis group is the backbone of our senior class. It consists of Miss Sandra Cardella, Advisor and officers Joyce Perry, Cheryl Morse, Deborah Frazier and Vickie Mack. In addition, there are representatives from each senior class. This council came up with fund raising ideas such as the "Mister Magic" contest, cake sales and fashion shows which helped tremendously to reduce the cost of the trip, yearbook and prom. The senior class cannot thank them enough for their hard work and devotion. The Student Council continued to serve the student body by maintaining leadership qualities and representing the students at all times Ms. Hol-lar-Gregory is the advisor and student leaders are Kevin Slater, Mayor and Cyndrell Parrish, Vice-President. A big highlight of the year was a 1950's day, when students dressed in '50's styles. A hop was held where the best dancer was chosen from among the many "teeny-boppers". SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL 82HONOR SOCIETY First row: Mrs. Venskus, Barbara Miller, Kim La Rue. Karen McManus, Geralme Smith Second row Sharon Fisher. Homer Gooden Cary Harrell. Brenda Anthony and Ginger Dawson The Honor Society is made up of Juniors who have achieved a 3.5 average and Seniors who have achieved a 3.2 average. This organization, under the supervision of Mrs. Venskus, is in charge of the tutoring program at Arts, maintaining study hall facilities during lunch periods and collecting for charitable enterprises. Induction is held each May at very memorable and solemn candlelit ceremonies. It is a high honor to be a member of this fine organization. Congratulations to the members. Under the guidance of Mr. Marcus, the Stage Crew is responsible for all auditorium related activities. The crew controls lighting, opens and closes curtains, and sets up the stage for musical and dramatic rehearsals and performances. Without the aid of this group, there would be no auditorium programs. STAGE CREW 83With Mr Hazzard as advisor, the lumor Class Council has the task of trying to reduce some of the cost of the prom, graduation and the Senior Class Trip. This group has had various fund raising activities, such as a bake sale and a Mr. and Miss Arts High Contest. Student leaders of this group are Albert Harris, Clementine Potts, and Kari Jacob. JR. CLASS COUNCIL The Service Committee is a very necessary organization which helps out whenever necessary at school social functions. The members act as hosts and ushers, bringing an added warmth to the affairs. Alumnae Day, the P.T.A. Card Party, and the Winter and Spring Concerts are just some of the functions at which they give their unselfish assistance. Cyn-drell Parrish is Chairman, Ruth Mobley is Co-Chairman, and Mrs. Venskus is Advisor. 84 SERVICE COMMITTEEPEP SQUAD Thanks lo the energetic spirit of these young ladies, the basketball games and other competitive sports are even more full of life. They help the Cheerleaders and spectators give the teams that extra boost needed to win. Under the leadership of Mr. Brasch and senior, Barbara Miller, the Science Club's purpose is to study all aspects of the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Their meetings include performing experiments in order to create useful objects and to learn more about being scientists. They are a very dedicated group. SCIENCE CLUBLAB CLUB ASSISTANTS The lab assistants gain expertise in the handling and cleaning of chemical equipment through practical experience. They help to set up experiments, and clean up when completed. They perform experiments which are too dangerous, expensive or beyond the capability of the average student. This group also helps to maintain a running inventory of chemicals and equipment. This is a valuable learning experience and prepares the assistants for college and career. First row Mrs. Venskus, Karen Moses. Kim la Rue. Barbara Miller, lacqueline Thomas. Valerie Drayton, Carol Moses and Geralme Smith Second row Mark lanifer. Tommy Cox, Deirdra Davis, Ginger Dawson, lessica Nash and Valerie Mitchell. Headed by Derrick Lee, the Gospel Chorus inspires everyone who has the pleasure of hearing them perform. This vibrant group works to spiritually uplift the people in their presence. They have sung in many places during the year. The student body and faculty have had the opportunity to hear them at our annual Spring and Winter Concerts. The members of the chorus work very hard to make their group a success, and successful they have become! GOSPEL CHORUS 86The African Dance Company, under the guidance of Mrs. Tso and led by Harriet Mervin, has become well known and in demand throughout the city of Newark and in New Jersey. They have been placed in the category of semi-professionals, but exhibit the qualities and talents of professionals when they perform. This talented group of individuals shows the great beauty of African culture and heritage. AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY The Art Club is organized for two purposes. One is to give art students the opportunity to work in areas of special interest to them. The other is to learn commercial art techniques necessary to produce a top quality yearbook during their senior year Membership is open to all students, art or music, who show a special interest or talent for these activities This club is sponsored by Mr. Carden. Front row, left to right Ruth Mobley. Felicia Brown, Yvonne Jordan. Kmzy Earles Back row Leslie Bivins. Donald Williams. Marie Corpenmg. Howard Simpson. Sandra Rogers, Cheryl lewis 87 ART CLUBVARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club is made up of male and female students who have earned a varsity letter in their sport. Advised by Mr. Cushnir and led by president, Lennie Avarett, the group's function is to perform athletic services to the school. The highlights of the year include the annual Sports Awards Dinner and a very enjoyable trip. MAGAZINE STAFF The Magazine Staff, headed by Mrs. Hansen of the art department was formed this year for the purpose of publishing a quality literary magazine. Many people have contributed short stores, poems and other articles for the magazine. I here was a hardworking core of people who put it together We hope that this becomes a regular organization in our school. mPHYSICAL FITNESS CLUB The Physical Fitness Club helps those young men who want to maintain and achieve physical fitness. Headed by Mr. Hazzard, these men practice weight lifting, circuit training, and other body building necessities. The main event of the year is the Marine Physical Fitness Competition which is held in April The Future Physicians Club is composed of students interested in medical careers. The club, headed by Karen McManus, has been associated with several medical facilities and is presently connected with St. Michael's Hospital. The students who are in the club visit various medical establishments. Mrs. Venskus, the advisor of this group says that anyone interested in a medical career, either in the capacity of doctor, dentist, veterinarian or any other related field is welcome to join FUTURE PHYSICIANS CLUB 89DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club should be commended for its fine work and dedication. Advisor Mrs. Jacqueline Levinson, Purcell Smith, President, and Vice-President Leslie Bivins, work with this large group to put on plays and puppet shows. These increasingly skilled actors also do their own sets, props and lighting, learning all phases of the theatre This has been one of the most successful dramatic groups the school has ever seen.CHESS CLUB This year Arts High's Chess Club, under the guidance of Mr. Piazza, is composed of a group of students interested in improving their game of chess. CHOREOGRAPHY CLUB This group of young ladies, under the leadership of Alexis Dunlap, meet and train for creative dancing. Their performance at the Winter Fair was greatly appreciated. Congratulations to “Dimensions of the Mind”, the name by which these ladies wish to be remembered. 91BAND The Arts High Band continued its fine performance quality in the Winter and Spring Concerts. Under the direction of Mr. Marty Israel, they performed such works as "Variations on a Theme" by Haydn, and a fabulous rendition of "An Ellington Portrait" by Ellington and Werle for which they received a standing ovation. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club, headed by Mrs. Shapiro, prepares songs in three part harmony to be presented at our annual Winter and Spring Concerts. The young ladies performed such selections as "Let Us Break Bread Together", "Andalucia" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Any female with a good singing voice who is able to read music may join this club. 92ORCHESTRA Under the direction of Mr. Charles Klelis, the Orchestra has continued its musical growth. Whether playing a piece by Vivaldi or Handel or a piece of contempory music, the Orchestra never waivers in its performance. We look forward to hearing them in assemblies and in our annual concerts. CHORUS The Arts High Chorus has continued to show its excellence and high quality in performances. Under the able leadership of Mr. Robert Howard, the attributes of perseverance and diligence have been instilled. Out of the more than 300 members of the Chorus, 80 members are chosen for the Concert Choir. They were selected to represent the state at the Bicentennial Celebration in Washington. Our pride in their accomplishment is beyond words. 93VIGNETTE STAFF The Vignette Staff is headed by Ginger Dawson, Editor and Mr. Jan Carden, Advisor. The staff is composed of a group of seniors w-ho worked very hard to produce a quality yearbook that reflects the mood of the people at Arts, particularly that of the seniors. If awards were given to individuals for outstanding help and guidance, Mr. Carden would certainly receive one. His diligence and enthusiastic efforts helped us to produce a yearbook of quality and excellence. We, the members of the Vignette Staff, offer our humble thanks. 94The school year 1975-76 was filled with exciting activities. There was the annual Winter Fair, where student-made pieces of art were displayed and sold. The seniors sponsored the most successful fund raising event in the school's history. It was a fashion show excellently directed by Pamela Riley and Derrick Lee The poise and skill displayed by the models was extraordinary. A second show was scheduled. Underclassmen also were honored with awards from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Ernest Jones, Juanita Rodriguez and Valarie Davis won awards in their poster contest. The Student Council sponsored 50's day was memorable event. 95SENIOR ART Print by Armando Delgado . • i » » » ■ a • I Armando Delgado ga es at "City Cynthia Johnson, Commercial Art Senior Fashion Design•' Impressions" by Rodney Pale Sculpture bv Ted DeCagna Kathy lacob. fashion Design 97 Still Life by Fred lewisDevotion ... Like sky that never ceases .(from 'Devotion" by Armando Delgado) Kneeling, left to right Clarence Reid. Mark Means, lerard Dickinson. Christopher Wade. Douglas Barnes. Ernest Leek. Lawrence High Standing Mr Marcus, Leonard Averctt. Maurice Foster, Tyrone Moore. Gregory Battles. Darrell Cox, Donald Iordan. Mark Harris. Kelvin Thompson, Percell Smith. Dwight Davis. Brian Head Arts High's Cross Country Team made a good comeback this year placing 2nd in the Vo-Tech League and 5th in the City League. During the season they had a record of 4 wins and 6 losses. They were led by captain Leonard Averett. and leaders Percell Smith, Donald Iordan and Dwight Davis. Coach Marcus was also a driving force. The J.V. Team did especially well this year. The team practices and competes in Branch Brook Park during the months of September, October and November. Dwight Davis Leonard Averett Donald Iordan CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 100SOCCER TEAM Kneeling, left to right Erie Hill. Martin tonkins. Curtis Gilmore. Charles Reed, Ray Alvarez, Scott McNeil, Luis Velez, Miguel Santiago, Darry lenmngs Standing: Allen Perry, Rufus .McCall. Antoine lenmngs Paul Dennis, Carlton Clarke. Albert Harris. Earnest Tucker, Jerome Washington, larrv Gilyard, Homer Gooden, Gary Harrell, Cleanzy Pinckney, Coach Alamo The Arts High Soccer Team finished the season with an overall record of 6-7-1 and finished third in the City League with a 5-2 record. Outstanding participants were goalie. Ray Alvarez and halfback Eric Hill. Arts was the only team in the city lo score on East Side, the city champs They defeated Barringer, and West Side and played Clifford Scott to a 2-2 tie. All told, it was a good season considering the strong schedule. ■v Darry lennmgs Ray Alvarez "'IKneeling Diane Phillips. Patricia Byrd. Christine Bristol. Lmda McDaniel. Rhonda Crenshaw, Second row Sharon Fisher. Teresa Wade. Stacy loseph, Deborah Moss. Karen Craves, Ange' Fladger Sharon Almeida. Evelyn Suggs. Deborah Shuford. Barbara Meritt and Robyn Ware TWIRLERS Sharon Fisher Robyn Ware The Arts High Twirlers, under the leadership of Sharon Fisher, captain, Robyn Ware, co-captain, and Miss Sandra Cardella, advisor, put forth a lot of effort this year. The highlights for the twirlers were the Pep Rally and the Crispus Attucks-Martin Luther King Day Parade, in which they marched as representatives of Arts High. Diane Phillips 102CHEERLEADERS Donna White loan Green Denise lohnson Left to right: Victoria Freiaon, Donna Moore. Cynthia Richardson, Linda Watts, loan Green, Annette Harrell, Valane Davis, Ian Clayton. Cynthia Daniels. Front: Denise lohnson. Donna White This year, the cheerleaders were among the finest in the school's history. Under the guidance of Ms. Issac, Captain Denise lohnson and Co-Captain Donna White, the squad helped to raise the school spirit to one of its highest levels ever. They first exhibited their skills at the annual Pep Rally held before the first basketball game. These young ladies worked very hard and helped to raise the morale of both players and spectators. 103Kevin Hatcher Standing. Left to right Mr Alamo. Sefton Bass Derrick Summerficld. Allen Perry, Carlton Clark Kevin Giles. Gregors' Battles. Ralph McNiel Kneeling Keith Davis. Ronald Robinson. Kevin Hatcher. Rematdo Alvarez. Reggie Turner. Charles Seay. Coach Alamo 104 Derrick SummerfieldBASKETBALL TEAM Allen Perry Reinaldo Alvarei Sefton 8iss Ronald Robinson Arts High's Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Alamo, had a disappointing season this year with a record of 6-12. It was difficult to follow the Art's teams from the previous two years, when our teams each won fourteen games. Leaders, Allen Perry and Derrick Summerfield, led their team with great spirit, especially when defeating St. Benedicts and Bloomfield Tech. 105FENCING TEAM i a A fi Dairy Jennings Standing, left to fight Antoine Jennings. Cleansev Pinckney. Kevin Slater. Darry Jennings. Coach Liput Kneeling, left to fight: Howard Crawford, Kimom Gaskins, William Harmon, Scott McNeil and Martin Jenkins GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Deborah Frazier Kim Fletcher 106Under the supervision of the coach, Mr. Liput. and Captain Darry Jennings, the Fencing Team finished the season with a 5 and 10 record. They took 5th place in the city. Any male or female student may try out for the team. It is felt that next year's members will push themselves to the limit because this was a young and aggressive group Anthony Gark Keith Morrison BATHING The Swimming Team had a fantastic season, finishing third in the city! Under the supervision of Mr. Landers, they had a record of five wins and three losses. Anthony Clark was second in the city in the 100 yard backstroke. The medley relay team also finished second with Harold Showers, Jerard Dickinson, Anthony Clark and Albert Harris participating. The Swimming Team is truly to the congratulated for the fine work they did. SWIMMING TEAM front: Pal Thomas Second row Albert Harris, Anthony Clark, Keith Morrison, Gabrielle McLemore Rear: Wayne Harris, Harold Showers, Brian Morrison, Luis Velez, lerard Dickinson, Coach landers, and Maurice Foster 107tamest Tucker Spring 1975 was a disappointing season for the Arts High Baseball Team despite the best efforts of ace players Kay Alvarez and Mark Janifer. Despite the disappointments, Arts was able to take fourth place in the Vo-Tech League. Coach Cushnir, backed by all of Arts, anticipates a strong comeback in 1976. Kevin Thompson BASEBALL TEAM 108Sitting left to right Vanessa Fore. Kathy lacob. Gwen Austin and Beverly Gib son Second row Phyllis Martin. Diane Phillips and Robin lohnson Standing Coach Mr Cushnii. Kan Jacob Rose-na Chislom and Valerie Allen Not pictured Ginger Dawson and Naydene Brick us. Vanessa Fore Gwen Austin Diane Phillips Valerie Allen This was the first season for the newly developed Arts High Girls' Soft-ball Team and they were great! Thanks to near-perfect pitching by Phyllis Mar tin, crazy catches by first baseman Vanessa Fore, brillant back-up work by second baseman Gwen Austin and great team work from the other girls. Arts High was able to defeat the previously undefeated West Side with the score 11-7. Coach Cushnir is very proud and anticipates an even better season next year. Ginger Dawson Kathy Jacob GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM 109Silting, left to right |erard Dickinson, Mark Henderson, Charles Reid, Oemon Cut lift Michael Braswell. Jerome Sykes, Dwight Davis Second row Percell Smith, Maurice Foster, Darryl Christmas. Keith Towe, Cary Harrell, Darryl Sumter, Herscel Phillips. Top row; Assistant Coach Grant, Michael Copeland, Donald Iordan, Tommy Cox, Steve Bethea, Leonard Averett, Gregory Battles. Anthony Lee Darryl Cox, Mark Davis, Coach Marcus TRACK TEAM Arts High's Outdoor Track Team, under the coaching of Mr. Marcus, finished the 1975 Season with a record of 5-4. The speedy Jaguars were led by Team Captain Gary Harrell, who along with fellow hurdler Dwight Davis did an outstanding job. Keith Towe, Darryl Sumter, Tommy Cox and Homer Gooden handled the sprints and the distance runs were controlled by Don Jordan and Lenny Averett. Arts finished 5th in the Vo-Tech League. 110 Gary HarrellINDOOR TRACK TEAM Sitting, left to right Arthur Langley. Keith Towe. Brian Head. Donald Iordan. Stephanie Mann Kneeling: Kelvin Thompson. Darryl Sumter. Dwight Davis. Charles Reid, Leonard Averett. Herschel Phillips. Standing: Tommy Cox. Cary Harrell. Darryl Cox. Norman Haynes, Mark Winfield, lerome Washington, and Coach Marcus. Donald Jordan Norman Haynes Keith Towe Tommy Cox Darryl Sumter Leonard Averett Under the supervision of student leaders Gary Harrell. Donald Jordan, Dwight Davis, and Coach lerome Marcus, the Arts High Indoor Track Team had a very successful year. Outstanding participants were Gary Harrell and Dwight Davis in the 60 High Hurdles; Tommy Cox, Homer Gooden, and Norman Haynes in the 60 Yard Dash; Norman Haynes in the 440. and Donald Jordan in the 880. The Track Team is very determined and hard working. IllTENNIS TEAM During the spring season of 1975, the Tennis Team members were not as successful in their matches as they would have liked to be. They had a season record of 2-14. This record can be improved if more talented tennis players would try out for the team We wish them the best of luck next season. Mr. Dessasau is the coach. Trevor Blue The Bowling Team is a very dedicated and hard working team. Mark lanifer and Harriet Mervin are to be congratulated for their tremendous records. They participated in the State Tournament at Bell Clair Lanes in Montclair where they encountered some of the best bowlers in the state. Practices are held at Lyons Lanes and every student may try out. Mr. Cushnir is the hardworking coach. Harriet Mervin Mark lanifer Carl McCoy Kevin Hillsman BOWLING TEAM 112113 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM... Joyous in our spirit Tickled by our wit Patient in our longing ...(from "Devotion” by Joyce Perry)most likely to succeed 113 Kenneth Hargrove 210 Kevin Slater 214 lames Clark 304 Mark lanifer • 308 Homer Gooden 30 3 Harold Williams 113 Victoria Mack 210 Michelle Smith 214 Gwen Stevenson 304 Geraline Smith 308 Ginger Dawson • 303 Barbara Miller Barbara Miller and Homer Gooden Malcolm Williams and Adrienne Waddv Malcolm Williams and Carol Moses MOST POPULAR 113 Ronald Robinson 113 Vanessa Morize 210 Derrick Summerfield • 210 Adrienne Waddy 214 Alyson Young 214 Denise lohnson 304 Malcolm Williams 304 Shari Reed 300 Allen Perry 308 Cheryl Morse 309 Ed Coleman 309 Darlene Gibson MOST TALKATIVE 113 Anthony Clark 113 Pamela Riley 210 Derrick Summerfield 210 Adrienne Waddy 214 Lawrence Gilyard 214 Edna Champagne 304 Malcolm Williams 304 Shan Reed 308 Richard Dunn 308 Vanessa Williams 309 Ed Coleman 309 Carol Moses 116POPULARITY POLL WINNERS BEST ARTISTS 113 Ted DeCagna 113 Karen Davis 210 Carl McCoy 210 Kim Love 214 Alyson Young 214 Sharon White 304 Michael lerman 301 Gwen Austin 108 Rodney Pate • 306 Ginger Dawson 109 Wayne Williams 309 Betty Brown Rodney Pate and Ginger Dawson BEST LOOKING 113 Sefton Bass 113 Darlene lohnson 210 Keith Towe 210 Donna White 214 Wilfred Melendez 214 Beverly Bradley 304 Stewart Williams 301 loan Green 308 Gary Harrell 306 Kathy Jacob 309 Darryl Sumter • 309 Anita Arnold Anita Arnold and Sefton Bass BEST MUSICIAN OR VOCALIST 113 Ronald Robinson 113 Deirdra Daws 210 Kevin Slater 210 Adrienne Waddy 214 Robert Gibbs 214 Sharon Fisher 304 Mark Janifer 304 Geralme Smith 308 Derrick Lee 306 Kim LaRue • 309 Lance Darden 309 Carol Moses 309 Karen McManus 117BEST DRESSED 210 Carl McCoy 214 Kevin Matcher 308 Fred Lewis 309 Kelvin lones • 304 Cyril lones 113 Cynthia Hampton 210 Donna White 214 Beverly Bradley 308 Arda Alston • 309 Robin Wiley 301 Cyndrell Parrish Robin Wiley and Cyril lones Michelle Nolton and Malcolm Williams Pamela Sweet and Sefton Bass CLASS COMEDIANS NICEST SMILE 113 Anthony Clark 210 Derrick Summerfield 214 Alyson Young 308 Allen Perry 309 Ed Coleman 304 Malcolm Williams 113 Pamela Riley 210 Adrienne Waddy 214 Edna Champagne 306 Karen Brooks • 309 Michelle Nolton 304 Gwen Austin •113 Sefton Bass 210 Mark Dickinson 214 Wilfred Melendez 304 Stewart Williams 308 Kevin Hillsman 309 Trevor Blue 113 Victoria Mack 210 Pamela Sweet 214 Karen Green 304 Geraline Smith JOB Kathy Jacob 309 Virginia Flanigan 118POPULARITY POLL WINNERS most serious 113 George Days 113 Karen Davis 210 Armando Delgado 210 Michelle Smith 214 Leonard Averett 214 Cheryl Foster 304 Larry Barnes 304 Yolanda Grant 308 Edgar Rosa 306 Brenda Anthony 309 lerome Washington 309 Barbara Miller Yolanda Grant BEST ATHLETES 113 Ray Alvarez • 113 Stephanie Mann 210 Derrick Summerfield 210 Kim Fletcher 214 Leonard Averett 214 Denise Johnson 304 Mark Janifer 304 Joan Green 308 Ervin Pridgen 306 Kathy Jacob 309 Darryl Sumter 309 Vanessa Fore Derrick Summerfield and Stephanie Mann Sefton Bass and Geralme Smith MOST CONGENIAL 113 Sefton Bass 113 Pamela Riley 210 Keith Towe 210 Diane Phillips 214 Leonard Averett 214 Sonje Hodges 304 Kevin Thompson • 30 Geraline Smith 308 Rodney Pate 306 Kathy Jacob 309 Jerome Washington 309 Vanessa Fore 119groups that did it "banana''.............................................isley brothers "hari".....................................Stevie wonder "kage".............................................spinners "boo-boo" birth "lesh".................................................mfsb "moe" wind and fire "alvarez"........................................commodores "joy-cee".................harold melvm and the blue notes "kim"...............................................labelle "derrick", wind and fire sounds that made it robyn.................................."w-ake up everybody" gwen s......................................."i can't say no" karen m........................................."inseparable" 'kim'......................"where have all the flowers gone" sharon w................"hope that we can be together soon" ginger............................................."fight the power" bub-belle......................................."moonstrings" "lesh"............................"you make me feel so good" "bev-mar"........................................"wildflower" "nett"........................."that's the way of the world" 120remember derrick summerfield's party ... crunched! ... remember in Washington, when mr. howard was racing rufus and fell ... remember, joyce wearing easy-walk-ers and a gown to the king and queen pagent ... remember singing at graystone ... remember malcolm reading everyone ... remember when g. s. saw the light remember when deborah plant's heel was found on Springfield avenue ... remember when malcolm bashed cyril's head into a locker... remember kevin being color guard ... very pitsy ... remember marble mouth ... remember mr. rhim ... remember when c.£. fell on high street and grabbed pam's leg ... remember sefton and donna ... oh well!... remember malcolm breaking van-essa's mirror... remember the junior class trip ... 121FACULTY - SENIOR VOLLEYBALL GAMEBOOSTERS Congratulations to Homeroom 210 for making the most money from their cake sale and for selling the most boosters! Mus Abflr Elsayed Aboyousset . Alfonso Abrams Charlie Abrams Mr and Mrs. lames Abrams Keshla A.IeS Lillian Ailes To-hia Ailes Al Lawrence Alexander Mrs Renell Alexander lisa Alexandria Mr. a idAArs Algarin Sandra Algartn arok n Allen Carrie Mien lames Allen Mat tie Allen Prestine Allen Willie Ailen Frank Alston Madetyn Alston Mrs Alston Clara Anderson Delphine Anderson Landon La Mond Anders Mrs Wilhemenia Anderson Mr William Earl Anderson Cheryl Andrews Mr. George Anglin Ann ' Jt - - Helen Anthony lohn Anthony Loma Anthony Patricia Anthony Regina Anthony Roger Anthony Leroy vchie Mrs M Armstrong Miss A Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Family Malcom Amy Arts High Twirlers Mrs Mary Ashby Sara Ashcraft Dr. Ruth K Assarsson Mr, George Atkinson Mrs Mary Atkinson Audrey Austin Aunt Van Douglas Austin Frank Austin Russ Austin Ann Autorino Mr Albert Avert?tt Mr Arthur V. Averett Helen Averett Mrs Minnie Averett Bunnie Avery Elder Thomas Baton Mrs. Ruth Bailey Mr. Baker Mrs Baker Mrs. Alice Banks Annie Banks Charlie Banks Pamela Banks Ahmid Baqqi Idris Baqqi Maryam Kaqqi Yasinah Baqqi Miss Man. Barcus Ms Barbra Barley Gloria Barr Mrs ludith Barrett loseph Baskets ille Miss | Bates Gloria Battle Greg Battle BontJIa onillia nrdAfi V The Battles Family Karen Baulkman Beale's Candy Store Mrs. Eunice Beasley Mrs Mae H Bell Reggie Bellamy Mrs E Cecil Belle Beverly Belvm Robert C. Benson Bro Edgar Bergman Mr Leslie Berry Mrs. Berry Patricia Berry Mr. and Mrs. Best Beverly and Merle Mary V Bey Jennie Birch Leslie Bivins Jesse Black Michael Blarkwell Ms Wanda Blano Mr. Nathaniel Blandmg Marge-Blast Annette Block Mrs. Evelyn Bloomberg Wendell Bodlson Miss I Bohlen Cenola Boldin Keith Boldin Devin Boldin Robert Boldm L. Bond Gioconda Carmen Bonillia Pansv L. Borders Theresa Bottin© Ms Stephanie Bowen Earl Boyd Kenneth C Bradberry Paul Bradford Cassandra Yvette Branch David Marcus Branch Mr. Martha Branch and Family Mrs Beulah B Brantley Mrs. Helen Breeland Lo belia P. Brice Brenda R Briggs Mrs. loele Brock Mr and Mrs. Jack Brooks • Mar . Brooks Paulette Brower Ann Brow n Carnita Brown Debra Brown Felicia Brown Glenn Brown Helen Brown and Family Mrs. Irene M. Brown Mrs Brown Pastor Brown Rosa Brown Shae Brown Sharon Brown Dorian Bryant lames Brvant R Bryant - Talent Search Tracey Bryant Mr. Arthur Bryson Alette Burl Reginald D Burl Hilda Burnett Mrs Bessie Burns Robert Burrell Linda Burton Ruth Burton Elder Ida Butler Rev. E. T Mr Isaac ‘ Mrs. AMr Calvin Johnny Campbell Mr. Johnny let Campbell Candy Shirley Canrell Mrs. S. Cantrell Gregory Cap Captain and Co-Captain Twirlers Sandra lee Cardella Mr Jan Carden Paulette Carpenter Cisco A Carter Gloria Carter Kym Carter Mary Carter Mrs Maxine Carter lames Casa lino Mrs fllen Chambliss Mrs Doreen Chapman Adrienne Chiles Edith C. Churchman J. Cictone Mr and Mrs. Cioffi Josephine Clare Carlton Clark Emily Clark Mr James Clark June Clark Katie Oark Icon a Oark Sadie Clark. Jr. "Class of 69" Claud's Cleaners Ms Myra Clayton Mr Marcus Clement Robert Cobb Wanda Cobb Betty I Collier Greg Collmgwood Gwendolyn Collins Mary Colston Otis Coney Goldie Cook Cook Cook Cookie Drucilla H Cooper Wanda Cooper Mr. and Mrs Coppock Carmen I Corbacho Alban Cordasco Margaret Ornish Mrs. Alberta Corum James Costen Ricky Covington Ernestine Co Mrs. Ethel Co Ms. Tanja Cox Mr Tommy Cox Carlotte Crawford Allison M. Crooms Mrs Ann Crowley Steven Crumton Billy MacCumber Angela Curcione Donna Marie Curvin Mr Howard Cushmr Mr and Mrs Lev i Dailey Mrs Mary Dailey Annie Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Hanford Daniels leona Dant ler Lois Darden Mr. and Mrs D Davis Douglas Davis Ernest Davis Harriet Davis Scheryl Davis Valerie Davis flora Dawson Mrs Carrie Lee Days Mr Joseph Days Mr Mario De Areo Sarah IX ( agna Ted De Cagna Tony De ( agna Irema Delgado Lorraine IVnnura Mr Derrick Mr A Mrs E Dcssasau |r Mrs. Evan Dessasau Jr Mr Ronald De Vaughn Devotion of ?6 Kandice Dickinson Duane Dinkins Manon E Denson Miss Pal Dixon Pattrven Dixon Kubil Dixon Mediam Dominquez Rafael Dominquez Vicki Donnevstag E Donnicam Dons Eddie Theodore Douglas Mrs Douglm Anastasios Doundas Chester Dowling Cordell Dowling Gregory Doyslmg Gretchen Dowling lloyd Dowling Miss m Dayle James Durant Nitro Dutton Ms. S fason ChailesA Lorraine Eastering Norma Edrnra Dr ()rlando Edreira Mr . Elnore Edwards Janice Edwards Selma R Edwards Ruth Ellington Marilyn Edward Ms lane Enoch Julia Evans Mr A Mrs Exano lur ie Farella Mo ell Farrington Ann ■ arrow Arena Feacher Mar .a Feliciano William Feliciano Mrs. A Fernell Mrs. Antonetle Fernell Mr Percy Fernell G. Fennell Mrs Mar Ferguson Lionel Figueroa Al Figuoella Mrs Betty Fisher Flora fisher Kevin Fishei Lisa fisher Mrs Parthenu Fisher Sharon f isher Alice Flanigan Robert Flanigan Shirlev flamgan Virginia Flanigan Fleetwood Ltd Mrs Rosa Fleming Belinda Fletcher Doreen Fletcher Minister I C Flower Dea I I) Flmvers Charles Floyd Leslie Food Mr and Mrs Joseph Fonseca Katherine Ford Rose Ford Gerald fore Taft Fore Sherry fort Joyce Fortson Maurice Foster Mrs. Meatrice Foster 4 plus 1 "Fox and Rabbit" Andre Clyde Frazier Mr A Mrs (, Frazier Rosa N. Frazier F. Fredericks Veronica French William Oran French |r Bonnie Fuller Harold W Fullilove Mr Mrs Harold W. Fullilove The Rev. W M. Galec Alma Gallimore Richard Canet Winnie Gantt Lee l»apac Debbie Gardner Uretta Gardner Leila T Gardner Mr Mis Robert Gardner Kileena Gaines Russel Gaines Mrs Mary Garretl Ahmed Rasheem Gaskins Eva Gaskins Kimoni Gaskins Palm ia Gaskms Percy Gaskins Ruhv Gaskins Mrs L. D Gav Miss Hester Gcthers V. I Gramo Robert CiWs Rolseit Ciorella Mr. Mrs B Glenn V. Glickman Ms lanet Gloru- Cod s Gilt to Woman Robert Golden Rachel Golrem Faithe Gomez Mrs Henre e Goode '? Tony Gorden Esther Graham Eddie Granatclla lean Granger Gilbert Grant Ms. Glynis Grant Mr. Jessie Grant Mrs. Pearl Grant Ms. Yolanda Grant Thomas Charles and Es lon Gray Allan Green Mr and Mrs. George Green |r lulia Green I Green berg |im la Cm-v a I Greggs Virginia Greggs Mrs Ha el Gresham Clara Gross Elame Cnarino Gutter Blossie Gurley Evon Hall Glenn Hall Mr and Mrs C Hampton Delores Hampton Edna P HamptonSteve Hancock Mrs. Dorothy Hanks Mr. lames Hanks Alice Hannah Samuel Hannah Yvonne Hanntford Mrs lames Hansey Abbre Harden Hard to sav good-bye Barbara Hardwick Anthony Hargrove Denneth Hargrove Lucille Hjrgrove Richard Hargrove Wendell Hargrove Miss B. Harper lameile Harper lanice Harper A Denise Harrell Mr Albert Harris C harles Harris Clift Harris Rosa B Harris Mr. G. Harris Miss Karen Harris Laura Harris Robert Harris Sheldon Harris Shoan Harris Toni Harris Ms Debra Harrison and lessie Harrison Mr. Shelton ) Harrison Mr. Mrs. William Hatcher Carrie Haynes Mrs Patricia Haizard Mis Doris Heard Mrs. V. Henderson |oe Henry Alice But I aloe Ms. Brenda f. Hicks Stephen Hicks Michell Hills Ms. Robin Hmnant Willie Mae Hinton Linda Holsappte lanice Holt Cracie 8 Hooiss Dec. Hopson Florence Horton lames H. Horton Sonja Housand D Howard lame' Howard Mr. loseph Howard Ms Howard Okie Howard Phillip F. Howard Ljommie Hosserton Mr Charles Huggins Mr Mrs Calvin Hughes Marvin Hurt Irene Ingram House of Insight Doris Iri arry Moral Isaac l Carrie lackyon Mrs Donald lack son Donald lack son l on lackson soloman lackson Ruana Jackson Inez lacob Kan lacob . Kathv t lacob Sharp lames Josephine B laniter Mark lanifer {Eva lefferson Reverend D. I Jenkins Dwight lenkins Rosie lenkins Mr. Mrs Arthur lennings Vermeil lennings JoAnn Rev. A lohnson Westly B lohnson Bertha Johnson Dec lohnson flisha lohnson Evelyn C. lohnson Geraldine Johnson Katrina Johnson Mrs. M lohnson Mrs. H. | Johnson Pat lohnson Robin lohnson Theresa Johnson Thomas lohnson Mrs. Arnetia I ones Audrey I ones Mrs B loncs (laud I ones Claud Jones III Mr. Eugene lones Fred lones |udy lones Mrs. L. lones Mrs Mary lones Modestine lones Mr. lones Mrs. lones Sis Pamela IBx Jones Patricia A. Jones Ravford Jones Mrs Ruby lones Tobylones Tommie lones Allen Iordan It Mrs Boykin Jordan Mr Clayton Jordan Darrvl Iordan Mrs Delores Iordan Donald Iordan Miss Emma Iordan Frances Iordan Mrs Ha el Iordan Mr Miller Jordan Mrs. Naomi Iordan Robert Jordan Tina Iordan |ohn Joseph Mr Mrs lames ludge Beatrice Kahraa Inez Kates Nadine Keith Thomas Keith Ke ke Ketlv and Ellen Mrs jams Kennedy Jimmy Kenner Kevin-n-Denise Mr. Mary Kilpatrick Betty | King Daniel King Erankland King |r. _ ■ loan I King loan S King Sadie King Vanessa King Victoria King ackary King Mr and Mrs Jesse Kinney fohver Kinney Mr. Klelis Rev and Mrs Daniel Klement Mrs. Olivia Knox William Knox Diane Kondracki Frank Kaplar Mary Kopriva Al Ko oday Ms. Patricia A Lacey Mr. Stephen Lahr Greg lalor Vincent and Gertrude Lalor Myron Lambert Mr. and Mrs G. Landers Mrs Helen D Lang Mr. A Larkins Ms. Belinda Larkins Mrs Lash Gary Laster Louise laster William Laster Mr and Mrs Eugene Lawton A Lazur Elizabeth Leaca Mrs Adel I lee General lee Mr. and Mrs George Lee Mr. Westly Lee Westley Lee |r Mr. lames lerman Rob lessane Maurice lewis Mrs lewis Dr Bertram levmgstone Ms. Levinson Mr. and Mrs George Liggms and family Frank Little Rev and Sis. Little Sr. Roliert Llinas Mrs Annie long Tommy Lome Mr arxl Mrs. William Loev Kevin lowther Mrs Wilma Lunsford Mrs Jeanette lustig Florence Magnatta Nick Magnatta Philip Magnatta Doretha Mallet lohn Mailing Essie Mangum Manor Cleaners Mana Manison Jeanette Marshall Winifred Marshall Douglas Martin Helen Martin Mis Louise Martin Mi. Michael Martin Ms. PhyTlis Martin Mr. Charles Mason Kev in Massenburg Mrs Mary Massenburg Ms Mary Mathis Harold R Maullair Ezekiel Maxey Barbara May bank Rosemary Maye Ms Barbara McBride Rulus McCall Gloria McCathem Roderick McCathem Patty McClam Fannie McClinton Mrs. Geneva McConnell A Scott McCoy Margaret McCoy Vernell I McCoy Patricia McFadden Mr Frank McKenzie Bea McKinnonlames McKinnon Mrs. Grace McKnight Mr and Mrs. Walton Mcliod Larry McMannen Alexandra McManus Mrs. Effie B. McManus lanis Lynne McManus Karen McManus Cleo A. McMillan Mr. and Mrs Grady McMillon Mrs. Georgia Minatee lendcll. Denise and Stephen Miloaul Mr Fred McNeal Oara McNeil Mr. Frank McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Harding McNeil Mr. Howard McNeil Ralph McNeil lune F McQueen Sandra McQueen Mrs lanice McSoon David Meads Melon Family Mr. lames O Melton Arthur Mersier Mrs. lanet Mersier Kim Mersier Leonard Mersier Minnie Mervin Mrs Faye C Miller Lillian Miller Miller's Miller's Place Claude Milteer Jr Maria Mitchell Mary Mitchell Ms. M. Miterko Mrs Ora S. Mitunal and Family Mrs. Christine Mizele Mom and Dad Margie Moncneffe Mrs. Eleanor S. Monford lohn Wesley Montgomery Sarah Montgomery Cynthia Moore Ms. Dorothea Moore Mrs. Florence Moore Mary Ann Moore Mrs. Moore Shanae Moore Mrs Morehouse Mr and Mrs John Morgan Mr and Mrs Walter Morize Mrs. Lillian Morlez Irene Morrison Keith Morrison Lynne Morrison Mr Monroe Morrow Harold Morse Mr and Mrs. ). Morse Ms. Earline Moses lames E Moses Mrs. Maire B Moses Mrs. Sybil C. Moses Mosley Michael Mosley Debra Moss Lena Moss Robert Moss lames Mosselle Merle Molten Donna Motley Muffy Sylvia Murdock Mrs Gene Murphy Mrs Cheryl Murray Music Room Mr Adolphus Mvers Mr Claude Myers Ms. Shirley Myers Mrs Sylvia Myers Champ Myles lessie Nash Ms Kim Nash Matilda Njsh Neeken School of Sewing Daisy M Nelson Celestine Nervell Frederick C Neuhaus R R Nichols Jr., M.D. jtfl Mrs. Ann Nicholson Ali | Nollon Ammand I Nolton Cornelius M Nolton Demetrius T. Nollon Ms. luz Noriega Annette Norvell Gladys Norvell On the Road Cleaners Cynthia Onukogu James O Donnell Miss H Outen Mr. Kenneth Outen Miss I Outen Mrs. Shirlev Outen Mildred Outlaw James Owens Warren and Deborah Oxner Joyce Page Mrs. Marion Palmer Josephine Paolercio Kathenne Parker Dr. Mrs. James Benson Parks D ana Parson Mrs Catherine Pate Mr. Eugene Pate Mr loay Pate Miss Lisa Pate Mr. Rodney Pate Mrs Yone C Patterson Shirley Paul Robert Payne Ellyotte Pearmon Holly Prete Lester Peel.- II Carmen C. Parez Christine Perkins Jo ce A Perkins Mrs. Perkins David Perrin |r Mr. Mrs Paul Perry Lenora Perrv Mabel B Perry Ms Diane Phillips Mrs. Dorothy Phillips Mr Emmett Phillips Kevin W Philips Puggie Phillips Edmund W Piatkowski Bill Pierce Mrs. Marie Pinckeny Mr. Marion Pinckney Linda Cliffton Pittman Warren Mamie Pitts Kevin Pope Angela K. Portia Mr and Mrs. Eddie Porter Mrs. Irma Porter Jacquelyn Porter Mrs Hortense Powell Ophelia Powell Mrs Alice Pressley and daughters Mr. T Pretlow Mrs V Pretlow Mrs Olivia Pride Katie Priester Pat Priester Mr. Edward Pritchett Quinn Narcotic Reformation Program Mrs. Mary Pruitt Mr. William Pruitt Glenn Pryor Lucille Pugh Theodore Pugh Evan Jimmy Purkett Mrs E Qualtlebaum "Rabbit" Rev. |. (j Ragin Judy Ramirez Rosetta Ramsey Michelle Range Ms. Mattie Rascoe Mrs. Ruth E Ray Mary Reancs Lula Redmond Pepito and Carmen Reira Bessie Richards Newton Richards Doris Richardson Mr and Mrs Richburg Richey T and Nora R. Derek Riley Doris Riley Anabel Rivera Roberto Rivera Mrs Margaret Roberts C Robinson Donna Robinson Eddie Robinson Rev Eugene I Robinson Freddie Robinson lame Robinson Mrs Johnnie M Robinson Mrs Joyce Robinson Mr Marcellus Robinson Mrs. Mattie Robinson Mr and Mrs. Oliver Robinson Mrs. Ruth Robinson Sarah M Robinson Tariwana Robinson Trustee Robinson Mrs Mar Robinson [d Rodr.gue Juamta Rodriguez Mr and Mrs Michael Rodgers Mr I. Rolane Ms Dolores Ross Mr and Mrs. Georged Ross Mrs. Margaret Ross Dommic-Rotonda Dorothy Roulha. Paula Roulhac Mr and Mrs Roundtree Alice Ro si M1 f s XI Thomasina B Fritz-Roy Robert Rushing Mr James Russel! Mrs Russell _|5x Sager Mr Lathan Salley Mr and Mrs. Charles Salter |ohn D Sampson Mrs. Ella Sanders Ms Sheila Sanders Sandra and Lionel Lori Sdntoro Johnny Santos I Saleh Mr . Franklin Saunders Lee Saunders f Sawyer I M Score i Patricia Scott Rev Walter L Scott Ray Scanlon Barbara Lynette Scratch Senior of 76 vjm Fannie Sewell Joseph P Shaplauski Ca andra Sharpless Mr. and Mrs D Sheard Mrs Su«e Sheffield Eddie Shelby j .Mrs Haitie Shepard I Sherman Richadene and Lora She'man .Mrs Rebecca Shiver Loretta Renee Shivers Saundra Shivers 5hortslop and Rabbi ft Mr Harold L Show ers. Sr Deborah D Shu ford sir and Mfli Melvin Shu Ms l i en Sillas Mr Charles Simmons Delores Simmons Mr. Kort Simmons Mamie Simmons Alice Simpson Ms Beffy Simpson Mr Martin Sindsl Swdrj Sinkier Sixth Period Lunch Mrs Rose smalls Dale Smith u Debbie Smith Mrs Dorn Smith Mrs Gene Smith Mrs Cctilme $m th Huldjh Snath Jessie Smith Mrs Lois Smith Ms. Mae Smith Maty Solomon Steve Sorrick frank spagnuolo Mrs Evelyn C Spaighti lauren Spaighfs l RooMamt Spann Mr Bruce Sjx Ms Phyflss spencc Ms Rufhie sfience Mr. Spindler Charles Spralley Donna m Spratley Mrs V Spruill Mr and Mrs, E Stapleton Cathey ne Stevenson Marcus Stevenson Sharon Stewart • Emma Stocks lohn Stroud Sussex laundrymat Md ell Swan Kia Sweeney Mr. and Mrs Qwselv Sw f "i Irvin Sweel Mrs BSnce Swyer Dnnftii T iiwv Ni »cv Tank Tabourn Mr and Mrs Stephen Tarver Steve and Vikki Tarver Elizabeth Tate George Taylor Phyllis Taylor Mrs. J. Ted Diana Tennant Gwendolyn Tetlerton T Thiel Mrs. Adline Thomas Ms Ann Thomas Mrs. Esther Thomas Hattie Thomas Mr and Mrs lerome Thomas Mrs Thomas Pat nek Thomas Mr Rubin Thomas Willie Thomas Sr. lames Thompkin Mrs Ruby Thomkin Mr C W. Thompson Mrs Mildred Thompson 304 and 309 Calixto Torres lida Torres Sherry Torres Leslie lortorella lenoca Towo Carrie L Tucker DavidS Tucker Earnest Tucker Mr Enoch Tucker Mark A. Tucker Mrs Rose M Tucker Willie L Tucker Hclfta Turnage Mrs Mattie Turpin Bruce Underwood United Custodial Service Mr. and Mrs Valezquez Mrs Winifred Waldon Deborah Walker Mrs Dorothy Walker George Walker Mrs. Margaree Walker Margaret Walker Stella Walker Tanya Walker Kym Myra Wallace Penny Wallace Mr. |ohn Walter Miss G E Ward Wanda Efram Mrs. Arlene Ware Robyn Ware Bro Herman 4x Warren Jewel Warren Sis Linda 16x Warren Ms. Esther Washington Mr. terry W ashington Ioann Washington tavern Washington Anita Watson Billy Watson Mr Derrick Boe Webb Ms Elizabeth Webb Ms. Michelle M Webb Mrs Romella Webb Mr and Mrs Martin Wemburg May West West Bakery i Anabell Wheeler Mr. Wheeler Mr. Donald M. Whitaker Anges N While Angelina While Cleveland while Constance B yVhile Cornelius While Mr Donald While Marqus While Mary and Clifford While Nellie B While Mr. and Mrs W' While Mr. and Mrs. Walter While Luther lames Whitehead Quav and Kendal Whitlock Mrs lose Whitson Mrs Marion Weiner Mr. H. Maurice Wiley Mary Wilke Mr and Mrs Alfred Williams Afino Williams Mr. and Mrs. C Williams. Jr. Mr. and Mrs C W illiams. Sr. Carla Williams Calawi Williams Charles Williams Ms Christine Williams Hattie L. Williams Haywood Williams Mr Jake Williams Mr. Kevin Williams Mae Williams Marilyn Williams Mrs Mary Williams Mrs Williams Patricia Williams Rose Williams Mrs Rudmo Williams Sarah L Williams Beverli Wtson Mr Glenn Wilson Miss Jacquelyn Wilson Mr. and lunc W ilson lent Wilson Lynn Wilson Mildred Wilson Moease V Wilson Maggie Wilson Cherrie |. Wilson Timothy Wilson Wilson's Delt William Winckler Willie Winckler Mrs. Serita Wise lames Wisniewski Mr. Harvey Wood Missionary lonme Mae Woodward Lucy Woolen Mrs Grace Wot nil Charles Wright Mrs Dorothy Wright James W right Lula W right Mrs. Wrtght Rose Wright Mr Samuel Wright Martha Wyne Veronica Yabrahim Phyllis Yancey Richard Yancey Curtis Young Mrs. Erica M. Young Frances Young Gail Young Lucy Young .McKinley Young Patterson Young

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