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VIGNETTE 75 Annual Publication of the Senior Class Arts High School Newark, New Jersey Editor-in-Chief..... Advisor............. YEARBOOK STAFF Jolene Battles Rhonda Bell Bridget Bethea Charlotte Brown Vergean Burr Yolonda Collier Kim Crenshaw Eva Gaskins Lauren Greene Harriet Hamlin Michelle Hargrove Valerie G. Hayes Karen Hillman Kenneth Jones Robert Lewis Kevin J. Lowther Stefanie Minatee Carla Robinson Sandra Stewart Blondell Taylor Diane Walker Janiera Warren CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Yolonda Collier Robert Lewis Kenneth Jones Eva Gaskins James Clark Solomon Jackson Ramona Mercado Jan Carden Paul Foeldvari Lorstan Studios ...Charon Watson .......Jan CardenLUCY TAMAR COOK 1957-1973 I e k D V QlkJ S ' . A f 'af The class of 1975 remembers with sorrow the sudden death of Lucy Cook. Lucy's warm, considerate and resourceful personality will never be forgotten. As long as we live, Lucy lives. She will always hold a place in tire hearts of us all. M ■ KEEP YOUR HEAD TO THE SKY Keep your head to the sky Believe, follow, and know Don't ever falter or look down But face upward, forward, and Forget not your brother. Keep your head to the sky Be like the sun and richly shine Generate a light of hope over all the Living things you encounter And, like the sun, be there even in The gloomy cloudiness of life. Keep your head to the sky Be like the rain and touch everything Nourish your life and the lives of others Let all the love and knowledge within you Flow forth freely and unselfishly. Keep your head to the sky Be like the moon and the stars Which alone shed light in The darkest of nights Illuminate dark lives, young and old. Lauren Greene Class of 75Keep your head to the sky Believe, follow and know ... NFace upward, forward and Forget not your brother ... Don't ever falter or look down.Be like the sun and richly shine.HILTON J. OTERO Principal We have lei the years go by without commending our principal, Mr. Otero. The Senior Class would like to do so now. Mr. Otero has inspired us to strive for our highest goals and to seek excellence in all we do. We thank him for his dedication to our well-being and for his warm friendship. 10GEORGE STEISEL Vice-Principal Mr. George Steisel, a member of Arts High's faculty for many years, has been known to us only as our vice-principal. On many occasions he has exhibited to us a great sincerity and interest in our endeavors. We thank him for making our future success and our personal welfare a concern of his. ALFREDO GENTILE Teacher to Assist the Principal Mr. Gentile is known to all Arts High students for his strength and for his great fairness. During the four years that we have known him, he has shown interest in our academic studies, our goals and aspirations, and in us, as people. We appreciate the beautiful job that Mr. Gentile has done and will always be grateful to him. 11Silting: Miss Meyerson. Standing: Mr. Calvin, Mr. Dcsuuu, Mr. Kurt , Mr. Piazza MATHEMATICS LANGUAGES Mrs, Stevenson, Miss Baulkman, Mrs. Feldman 12MUSIC Front: Mrs. Block, Mr. bravl, Mr. Stanton; Back: Mr. Klelb, Mr. Howard, and Mr. Rosenbaum ART Mrs. Tso, Mr. Foddvari. Mr. Spindler, Mr. Carden, Mrs. Levinson and Mrs Me Out tie 13HEALTH AND PHYS. ED. PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Carddla. Clothing »id Mr. Marcus, Shop and Mechanical Drawing Miss Raff. Miss Abos. Mrs. Hollar-Gregory. Mrs. Murray. Mrs. Douglin. Mrs. Neuss and Mr. Heck ENGLISH 14Mr. Cushnir, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Ha zard. Mrs. Lucas and Mr. LanR Mr. Yablick, Mrs. Venskus and Mr. Brasch SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Slavitt, Mr. Doundas, and Mrs. Johnson Mr. Palmer and Mrs. Ritter COMMERCIAL 15GUIDANCE Silting, left to right: Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Bohannon, Mrs. Ednera. Standing: Mr. Alamo, Mrs. Rostyak, Secretary and Mr. landers.SECURITY Mr. Cocca, Mrv Cantrell, Mr. Rhim NURSES Mrs. Do Vito. Aide, and Mrs. Powell Mrs. DnuRhtie and Mrs. Zones SECRETARIES AIDESSENIOR CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Cushnir 218 Miss Raff 310 Mrs. Murray 318 Mr. Doundas B-8 Mr. Foeldvari 208 18SENIOR CLASS GUIDANCE COUNSELOR MR. AUGUST ALAMO Senior Guidance Counselor Mr. Alamo, our guidance counselor, has gone beyond the call of duty to meet our needs and wants. His guiding hand has steered us in the right direction toward obtaining our goals. We the class of nineteen hundred and seventy-five thank him for his help and guidance. He will always be remembered. MRS. CONSTANCE GREENE Under the leadership of Mrs. Greene, the class of 1975's final years at Arts proved to be most enjoyable and full of accomplishment. As our advisor, Mrs. Greene has gone far beyond the conventional by serving us both personally and academically. She has in her own way en- riched our lives by giving us a high measure of understanding, determination and maturity. To show our deepest appreciation to her, we wish to strive our best to attain the goals she so ably demonstrated to us. SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR 19Let the love and knowledge within you Flow forth freely and unselfishly.SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT BEVERLY RHUNETTE JONES "byrdee" "... you know" ... a sweet, talkative aries who loves to party ... usually seen with be-atrice, michelle w, belinda and mable ... enjoys twirling and trac k ... admires her mother ... enjoyed being president ot jr. and sr. class SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY HARRIET HAMLIN "pinkie" "hey girl!" ... this friendly, honest and considerate leo is active and outgoing ... despises people who always complain and criticize ... likes sewing, dancing and helping others ... everybody is her friend ... plans to major in the medical field. 22 SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT DEBORAH ALISA DANCY "biscuit" "what it is!" ... a sensitive libra who believes in telling it like it is ... biscuit is vice-president of the senior class ... best friends are harriet. kym. Imda and micheie d. ... seeks a career in psychology and physical therapy. SENIOR CLASS TREASURER DEBORAH JOHNSON "deb" "lord, have mercy!" ... modeling, dancing, and singing are greatly enjoyed by this scorpio ... friends inc lude robin s, renee, bruno I, and mable k ... hopes to continue her education at montclair state, maioring in sociology.CHRISTINA ALLEN "baby boom boom" this moody, but fun loving cancer enjoy swimming, tennis and singing ... ramona, jenell, and diane are always close by ... her mother and uncle are greatly admired. VICTORIA E. ARNOLD "vikki" "oh yeah!"... vikki is best described as understanding and reasonable ... very much annoyed by people who put on airs ... pam. kojac, pudge and Steve are favorites ... plans an early marriage and a secretarial career. ALBERT ALSTON "al" "oh, nothing!" ... an athletic scorpion who loves knowing ihat he tan create beauts in art that pleases people ... increasing hrs artistic abilities at arts was the turning point in his life ... plans to be an illustrator. VALERIE AUSTIN "val" even tempered val detests tests and ram ... enjoys reading and music ... a libra who feels arts was "an experience" ... looking forward to college ... pals with charlotte and mary r. 23PETER BAERGA "pedro" "watchd got" ... this lovable Scorpio plans to further his education in music ... he takes great pride in his band "latin soul" ... pedro has been most influenced by teachers and fellow musicians. DANA BARNES dana a real friendly leo who hates phony people ... mom and dad come first, followed by george, 102. and dorette ... loses reading, art. and the classes of mr. slavitt and miss raff ... a secretanal career is anticipated. 24 DEBORAH LYNN BANKS "debbie" "whew!" ... phony people stay dear of this quiet but friendly cancer ... fascinated with an and the volleyball dub ... likes to be around jackie, ginger, mr. slavitt, and mr. gentile ... being a housewife is an essential future plan. RENNARD BASKERVILLE "bernie" "that's your business" ... this capricorn is easy to befriend... an ac tise member of the basketball, soccer and track teams ... mrs. venskus. miss a bos, mr. marc us and mr. lang are admired ... plans to achieve a b.a. degree in artI GERALDINE BATTLE "dean it ” "its your fault, val!" ... this sagittarian is a great asset to the twirling team .. n ost enjoys skating and bike riding .. becoming engaged to butch is most meaningful ... closest friend is valeric. KAREN BAULKMAN "little bit" "what you want to do?" .. .cooking, sewing, and talking are favorite activities of this friendly and fun-loving pieces ... joan, michele c, karen h, and rosalind p are close pals ... plans for the future include nursing and social work. IOLENE BATTLES "jdene-a-bird" "i'm not playin' ... this quiet, but friendly libra can be? seen with dawn, sharon b, be-linda I. and others ... dislikes being yelled at but enjoys music ... grandparents have been most influential ... a nursing career is her chosen profession. RHONDA KAREN BELL "slim" "really!" ... an outgoing s irgo w ho loves to be herself ... an active member of the band, orchestra, and yearbook staff ... enjoys the company of harles h., stef, eva g., deirdra d. and vergean b. ... slim plans a dental career.ROBERT BENSON “rob" a quiet, but harmonious leo ... friends include most people from classes over past four years at arts ... mr. spindler ranks high ... enjoys an and u.s. history ... plans to attend college and teach. CARMEN BONILLA carmen a sensitive libnan who tinds being a twirler an interesting experience . .. believes greatly in friendships of juanita. michelle c., karen and cindy ... plans a career in the- airline field. 26 STEVE BETHEA "motion'' "be for real!" ... a for real and down to earth aquanan who loves reading and girls ... enjoys basketball, track and helping out in his community ... usually found with tony lee ... Ik hopes to be successful in the world of science. PATRICIA ANN BOOKER "pat" a very lovable pisccs ... two faced and unfriendly people turn her off... loves chemistry and thinks highly of mr. singer ... enjoys the company of derek r., blondell t., and kim c___becoming an orchestra leader is her ambition.jUNE S. BRADFORD "moonie" an active cancer who exc els in african dancing • • ■ .roller derby and managing money are her pastimes... friend include jenniter, sandra c, michelle and deborah ... feels people must get together in order to build together. DARYL BROOKS "sticks" "what's the story here' ... fun loving Sagittarius w!k» enjoys working with model cars ... can be seen with michael c., leonard a., darvl c., and percell s ... an avid sports fan who plans to become a physical ed. teacher. SHARON BRIGHT "big mouth" "well!" ... this loud and crazy young lady loves music ... gets along with mona. diane. and val ... most admired people are mom and rochelle gilyard ... a college education is a definite goal. ALICE CAROLA BROWN "al" "turkey" ... an active member of the service committee, this quiet pisces enjoys cooking, sewing, and history ... european travels and accelerating to the twelfth grade are her most memorable accomplishments ... pamela r., pamela h., michelle w, and leon w., are her closest associates. 27CHARLOTTE BROWN "slim" moody scorpion who enjoys art. playing the guitar, sewing and reading ... member of the photography dub ... friends with val-ene a., and joycc h., slim's favorite teachers are mr. carden, mrs. tso, and mr. heck_ looking forward to college. NANCY CARL nancy "ya bahi'y'l-abha!" ... this quiet serious anes will forever remember her discovery of the Baha'i faith... enjoyed the art classes of mr. carden and mr. spindler ... nancy’s list of friends include arthur d. and joseph q. VERGEAN BURR "co-co-knutt" "yall talking 'bout me?" ... a crazy fun-loving gemini who enjoys skating, twirling, and listening to records ... family has had a great influence over "co-co-knutt" ... is usually spotted with |an, crunchi. and blon-dell ... future plans include attending college to become a registered nurse. BRADFORD BROWN "brad'' an aquarian who enjoys painting and sports ... a member of the varsity club, basketball, tennis and soccer teams ... fnends include sieve k., barry I., and deborah j... plans to teach art.KYM MICHELLE CARTER "kym-a-lym" "really!!" ... conceited and half-stepping people stay clear ol this lun-loving cancer ... friends include lawrcncc g. adricnne m., harriet h., and carl . ... kym-a-lym plans a career in nursing. YOLANDA ROBIN COLLIER "yo-yo" Sagittarius is her sign ... an active member of the science and photography clubs ... because of her great interest in art, yo-yo plans a career in fashion design ... friends include liz r., and chelle h. DEBRA CHANDLER "deb" "i can't stand that" ... a friendly scorpio who's liked by everyone ... a member of the new iersey state federation of colored women ... debra plans to continue her education towards a degree in business accounting. PETER COLLINS "petie" this scorpio enjoys music, track, and cars... friends include mike copeland and linda grier... quiet pete says basketball and football are his main sports ... future plans are college and broadcast engineering. 29MICHELE DENISE CONTE "shclIey" "i ain't worried about it" ... a passionate and understanding virgo wt»o can be seen with carmen b., karen h, john p„ and russell g---Her enjoyment of typinx and stenogra- phy complements her plans to become a court reporter. KIM LA SALLE CRENSHAW "crunchi" "watchu say?" ... a soft spoken, sensitive aquarian who likes to have a good time with good people ... enjoys being with co-co-knutt, jan, and blond ... friends and family have made- an impression on her life ... plans a career in medicine. 30 MICHAEL COPELAND "krip" "sure thing!" ... this female loving pisces is a member of the track and cross country teams ... plans to further his education by attending college ... most often seen with darryl w., scott, and mike s. JUANITA DANIELS "nee nee" "for real?" ... crazy, sensitive arian who digs acting and singing ... participates in theatrical groups and the chorus ... plans to pursue a career in acting . . enjoys swimming, badminton and volleyball.MARK DAVIS "butch" "no kidding" ... this easy going libran can do without cold weather. . future plans include managing his own business .. . enjoys Ikisketball and track ... digs rapping with m. brasweH, r. baskervilie and m. doster ... parents arc tops. RHEA ELIZABETH DAVIS "devil" "i'll have to ask my mother first" ... a crazy, unpredictable libran with no time tor humorless people ... enjoys swimming and the conquerors club the most... friends are diane, valeric, sharon, and dawn ... plans a future in nursing. REGINA DAVIS "gynger" "i don't have to take that" ... a humorous leo who takes mcxieling, dancing, and acting seriously ... planning a career in law ... thanks the faculty for making her stay at arts high memorable. FERNANDO DIAZ fernando "whats happening?" ... a together virgo who likes getting along with everyone and everybody ... enjoys art and playing the t onga drums ... norberto o., Wilfred m., tose m., and peter b. are close friends ... plans to enter the field of engineering or commercial art. 31BLAINE DICKINSON “dick" "what's up'" ... capncnm ... changeable but easy to get along with ... admires mu-hammari all ... is seen with diaries m.. joel k., Kevin, and nanette ... likes an. english and gym . mrs. tso and mr. dessasau rank highest on his list ol leathers. MELVIN NELSON DOSTER "mei" “come on down" ... this gemini definitely doesn't like to be pushed around ... mel's main clique includes marc d.. haroid |., ken-neth J., and robert I. ... his admiration of doctors has influenced mel to pursue a medical career. 32 MICHAEL DICKS "crip" "what's up?" ... this friendly leo enjoys singing, basketball, bowling and playing records ... the classes of mr. howard and mr. slavitt will be remembered ... looking forward to graduating and getting a good job. JEFFREY DUNN "geronimo" "wolfman" ... a cancer who can be moody at times ... enjoys basketball ami rapping with everybody ... plans to enter college ... mr. lang, mr. cushncr and ray top his list of favorites.VERNON DUNN "vet dee" "how ya' dom!" ... a serious cancer who spends much time with art, music, basketball, football and young ladies ... closest friends include harold j., william t., kevin j., and keith I ... feds life is one continuous, meaningful experience. FRANCES BELINDA FLETCHER "bee" a pleasant, but moody gemini ... friendly with beverty j., beatrice w., michelle w. and mablc k ... admires the knicks, mr. howard, mrv I IK as and mr. and mrs. hill ... plans to attend college, pursue a career and to be married. ISAAC DURRETTE "ike" "that's nice!" ... an aries politician who keeps busy by collecting stamps and reading ... deputy mayor of arts ... pals are john p., julian k., dana b. and george s. ... future hope is to hold the office of superintendent of schools in newark. RUSSELL CARNES "teddy-bear" this fun-lovin, friendly virgo loses clothes ... hypocritical people and materialism really bother him .. careers in fashion design or computer technology are being considered ... pam h„ bruno I., michelle c., and reginald s. can always party down with him. nEVA GASKINS cva "right!" -.. a quiet and considerate scorpio with a powerful sting toward inconsiderate lolks ... sewing, photography, and singing are favorites ... rhondj b., connie s., sharon b. and valarie me., are close friends ... plans a career in economics or criminology GERALDINE TAMMY Gil BERT "tammy" "for real?" ... a very friendly virgo who enjoys partying, listening to records, playing basketball and hanging with rositand. evette. gail, and pat... college and real success are tammy's established goals. U RENEE GIBSON "lady ne" "dig it!" ... this humorous, friendly cancer likes modeling, dancing, and singing ... plans to become a psychologist or stewardess ... often seen with robin, shirley. bruno, and june ... most enjoys choms, health and gym. L. DIANE GILL "ducky" "ay, ay you know what?" ... non-talkers should stay clear of this cra y and talkative aries... spare time is spent camping, hiking, and dancing ... considers everyone a friend ... plans a career as a social worker.PATRICIA CLANTON "pal" "you think i didn't" ... this lovable gemini enjoys bowling and partying ... friends include tammy, gail, michael ami everybody ... a member of the service committee and a twirler ... admires her mother and father ... plans to major in sociology. HARRY CRAY "harry hippie" "hey. love!" ... a debonaire, together libra who enjoys the classes of mr. spindler and mr. carden ... his gang includes michael c.. darrell w., reginald s. and clarence g., .. a career in ptM tography is in the making. JAMES DARRELL GRAHAM "dj." "rigghhtt!" ... a sagittarian who loves sports, parlies, and history ... found most often with ron, jacob, and mike ... wants to major in political science ... d.|. enjoyed a pleasant trip to san bemadmo, calif. LAUREN RENEE GREENE "ren" "i really don't know, it all depends" ... plans to become a "people's doctor" ... loves music, reading and sewing ... hangs with mkhelle. crystal and pamela ... this gemini will make it! 35LINDA GRIER "lin" "that ain't even cool!" ... people who are "unreal" sometime irritate this out-going, witty leo ... active in african dance, girls' track, cheerleading, and student council ... lin pals around with mable, harriet. debbie d., and janke h. ... pursuing a college career. KENDALL GRIFFIN 'k.b.g.'' "what's happening" ... this easy to get along with capricorn has been most influenced by the honorable elijah mu ham-mad ... kendall plans to go to a two year college alter graduation. ALETA GRIFFIN "leda" this quiet caphcom loves to bowi in her spare time ... plans to become an executive in the business world ... favorite people indude debra c.. regma d., gnselda m. and mr. howard. OREN GRIFFIN oren "my mission upon this earth is to win souls for Christ" ... a very religious pisces who devotes much time to his belief in Christ... enjoys bible school, music, and turtles ... plans to follow Cod's path.YOLANDA DIANE GULLETTE "yo-yo" "that ain't gonna work" ... this aries is easy going and likes to be around people ... friends are vera w„ harriet h., and kim c- plans to go into the navy ... admires mrs. barren, mrs. greene and her mother. CRYSTAL HARRIS "criss" "that's cute!" ... a witty talkative Sagittarius ... enjoys dancing, fashion shows, and young men ... plans to become a fashion designer ... seen with pam. micky, mich-elle, and ren ... admires her parents and fashion model, beverly johnson. MICHELLE HARGROVE "cheUe" "i'm going to punch you in the head" ... a leo-virgo .. . usually seen with micheRe m„ lauren g., and crystal h. ... enjoys the art classes of mr. carden and mrs. tso ... plans to attend parsons and become a fashion designer. EDDIE A. HARRIS "george" "brother ed is on the go, and he tan move" ... a sensitive leo who enjoys playing the trumpet... friends include debocah d., dar-ryl w., bruno I., and valerie d. ... plans to enter the business or music world.SUZETTE LINDA HARVEY "suzic q" "i'm serious" ... this musically orientated aries enjoys traveling ... plans to pursue a nursing career in the armed forces ... friends include val, gwen, faye, denise, and stef. IACQUELINE HILL "jackie" a friendly gemini until inconsiderate people expose- her evil side .. admires her family and good friends dana, debbie, roberta, and ginger ... arts is memorable because it's where jackie "grew up". STEPHANIE HARRIS "fanny" a sensitive aquarian who loves the dance ... french and english are also favorites ... friends include dorrette p., Wilfred m., and george s ... a career as a dance therapist is "fanny's" choice. VALERIE C. HAYES "val" "oh!, i didn't know!" ... this quiet considerate aquarian plans a future as a journalist ... right now she enjoys track, tennis, drawing, and of course her friends michelle c.. karen h., charen t., and carmen b. KAREN HILLMAN "kay-kay" "lei you tell it" ... this friendly leo enjoys all kinds of people except bossy ones ... she can always be found with michelle, carmen, charen, and valeric ... she plans a future as a physician. JOYCE CYNTHIA HOLT "joy-cee" a qu»et and friendly pisces who enjoys bowling, sewing and music ... can adjust to any situation that comes her way ... associates include jennell j., janet r., regma s. and pat b. ... hopes to attain a degree in nursing. IANICE LORRAINE HOLT "jan" "i think!" ... a friendly and outgoing sagitta-nan who can't stay in one place too long ... enjoys linda, harriet and clarence ... jan plans to go to college, continue her art education, and travel. BARBARA ANN HUBBARD "barbie" this very sweet gemini enjoys twirling and the classes of mrs. murray, mr. spindlcr and mr. slavitt ... future desire is to become an art teacher... can be found "gabbing" with carmen b. and crystal h. ... family is tops. J9CAROLYN ELLEN HUBBARD "carol" "as-salaam-alaikum'" ... Islam is the only sign of this friendly, easy-going sister... enjoys sewing and dealing with reality ... admires and respects all her friends 'cause they're all beautiful... urban administration is seen as her future career. LAWRENCE TIMOTHY JACKSON ' big I." "i'm innocent!" ... drawing, music and photography appeal to this understanding gem-ini... member of soccer team, science club and service committee ... kim I., mike b., and suzette h. rank high ... plans to marry and become a lawyer or an engineer. PAMELA HUDSON "pamic" "ah man ... dig that!!'' ... this pleasant, warm but cautious capricorn enjoys skating and bike-riding ... really admires her understanding parents ... plans to major in education ... seen with adrienne, russell g., c. gathnght and j. ben nett. w y ft A 1l3 SOLOMON JACKSON "sol" "lets get it on!" ... a pisccs who's serious about photography and would like to pursue a career in commercial art ... influenc'd by mr. spindler. mr. alamo and mr. landers. ... "sol" bowls and plays chess in his spiretime.STEVEN JENKINS “sticks" to excell in drumming is his main goal ... feds at ease around steven a., billy t., rick s. and ronald t--admires parents and buddy rich ... "sticks" thinks the people jt arts really care! KEVIN JOHNSON "moose'' "what it is!" ... a quiet pise can with a "streak of rowdiness" who loves roller skating and basketball ... favorite teams are knicks and chiefs ... enjoys the company of daryl m., haroid and thoresa b. ... hopes to enter montclair state college. HAROLD EUGENE JOHNSON "rock" "what is it?" ... this talented gemini has sung with the nevsark boys chorus and has traveled as far as italy ... mr. howard, mel-vm, butch and michael arc highly thought ot ... because of his interest in musk, haroid plans to pursue a singing career. ALAN JONES "johnny" "hol-dig-er-dee-dog!" ... this good-natured aquarian delights in swimming, fencing and soccer ... a school lab assistant ... member of baseball team ... looks forward to a career in that sport. 41KENNETH JONES "kenny" "what's the beef?"... most interesting thing that has happened to this virgo is love ... yearbook staff and service committee take up most of his lime ... can be found with melvm, william, and robed ... ambition is medicine. JENNELL JOYNER W "dig you!" ... this taurus is rather shy, but will immediately announce her dislike for false people ... enjoys sewing, skating and tennis ... friends include joyce, jolene, Christina and be I in da .. hopes to become a music teacher. 42 TERRANCE JONES "terry" "what's happening man?" ... phony people should stand back from this usually kind and understanding pieces ... hobbies include skating, biking and auto mechanics ... jo-k ne b. is special ... success m the business world is seen as "t'"s goal. JULIAN KEENE "jue" "yeah!" ... a quick-tempered and fun-lov-mg anan who digs art. music and girls ... plans to attend a police academy ... finding the reality of God was a meaningful experience ... pals with isaac d.. valeric, george s„ aid diane s.MARCELIA KEENE "peaches1' conceit nettles this quiet gemini ... art. english and moth are favorites in school, along with onta m„ joycc m., ros ilyn and vanessa me ... peaches hopes to go into the navy to study graphic arts. JACQUELINE LYNNICE LEANNEA KOONCE "koonce" "you pervert!" ... this virgo despises liars ... loves dancing, singing and being comically entertained ... very sensitive and caring ... favorites are ms. abos. mr. slavitt and mr. howard ... plans to become a dietician and a dancer. JOEL KELLY l°el "all praises due to Allah" .,. this humble aquarius enjoys boxing, basketball and horsebac k riding ... has won honors in photography ... admires mr. steisel. mr. otero and mrs. tso ... hangs with blame, earl s. and rob I. BELINDA LARKINS giggles" "oh brother" ... hates conceited males ... likes skiing and biking ... this virgo has an easy going, unique personality ... has traveled to Switzerland ... plans to pursue a career in speech therapy. 43ANTHONY K. LEE "tony" this capricorn considers himself fo be reasonable ... enjoys making friends and performing on sfage ... an adept musician, tony composes music in his free time ... plans inc lude college and a performing musical career. 44 KEITH A. LAYTON "moe" "sure, tell me anything" ... a very understanding leo who enjoys both basketball and panic's ... feels cafeteria lunches can stand improvement ... friends include butch, mike v, harold j.. and mcl... aspirations are set on architecture. BRUNO LEE "tuno" "dig that" ... a talkative and friendly aries wbo enjoys music, modeling and track ... michde c.. russel g.. Steve a., and darrell w. rank high ... plans to attend college and also become a model for ebony fair.ROBERT ANTHONY LEWIS "rob" "lei me tell you this"... anything is possible with this libra ... easy going, calm, moody and serious, when not acting like a fool ... enjoys math and science ... plans to be a brain surgeon or pediatrician. KEVIN J. LOWTHER "big kev" "what you feel!" ... an intelligent and fascinating aquarian who strongly dislikes mishandling of electronic equipment ... participates in a.h.s.'s hand, science club, and service committee ... buddies are dave e, pam h„ sieve j., and dawn s ... aspires to become a computer scientist. BARRY LITTLE "little cobra" "what's goin' on?" ... this leo's most meaningful experience was finding exit who Ik- is and where he wants to go ... wants to lx- a martial anist ... when not practicing, he's found with robed, derrick and nadine. JOSE MARTINEZ JR. "joe" "oh yeah!" ... charming, but modest pisces who really digs the company of peter, fern-ando, norberto and janice .. also thinks that he couldn't have picked a better place to go to school ... active in atrican dance. 45NANETTE MASON "nan” "is you crazy?" ... a diverting leo who's active in various athletic sports ... miss hicas and mr. lang have proven most influential ... her gang includes adrienne m, omega, clarence r, and harriet h. ... pediatrics i-"nan's" chosen profession. LARRY MAYS "goldie" "later” ... this modest capricorn has his horns set for rowdy Rids ... admires his family most ... has an overwhelming interest in aviation and plans to be a pilot ... hangs with william w., karen p„ and philip p. 4f CHARLES MAYO "buddy" this exciting aries is involved in track and chess ... wait frazier and julius irving rank high on his list ol admired people ... his future plans are to attend college and major in psychology. GAIL MC CLARY gail this fun-loving pisces loves to party ... friends include rosalind p.. tammy g.. and pat g... her understanding ways enable her to be captain of the girls' basketball team... gail intends lo travel and enjoy college life.STEPHANIE MC CRECOR "stef” "why don't you just mind your business'" ... sensitive and sometimes moody, this leo is very athletic and musical ... pals around with carla, rhea, dianne s., and kcvin I. ... elementary education is her career choice. MARVA MC LENDON "marva-lous” this quiet, intelligent taurus spends most of her lime bowling, and working with math ... alessandra. Helena, miss douglin and mr. slavitt rank high ... her mother influences l»er a great deal ... marva plans to become a computer programmer VALERIE MC INTOSH "val" this quiet Scorpio's ambition is to become a fashion merchandiser ... braggers should beware ... observant val is always aware of other people's feelings ... her mother and arts high were extremely influential and special. HELENA MC PHERSON Helena a friendly leo who enjoys sewing and playing the violin . .. quiet until around associates ... dislikes people who are jealous of other's success ... seen with crystal, jan and bfondell... plans an airline or music career. 47CURTIS MOORE curtis "i couldn't care less" ... a dynamite sanitarian who enjoys writing and playing music ... enjoys the company of Constance s. ... mr. slavitl and miss raff rank high ... plans to continue his education and change the world. BOOKER MILLER booker intellectual and always in thought, this aquarian seeks to make his mark in science and math ... spends his leisure time building working models of machinery ... a member of the science club and a lab assistant. RAMONA MERCADO "squirrel" "wanna make a bet" ... ramona sees a career in music as a must ... the acceptance of Christ was most meaningful... friends include sharon b„ derek, r. carla r., and kevin I ... enjoys the classes of mrs. lucas, mr. howard. and mr. slavitt. ADRIENNE MINATEE "ad»ay" "girl, let me tell you!" ... a warm, friendly and outgoing Ico ... enjoys swimming, bowling and cheering ... dislikes parasitic people ... pam, steve, nan and debbie arc usually close by ... intends to become a pediatncivDARYL J. MOORE "d" "what's up?" ... this congenial Sagittarius is quiet until he feels like getting loud ... arts high has been meaningful ... this active member of the basketball team plans to play college basketball... also plans to continue his art studies. ALESSANDRA RAE MOSLEY "ale " "how ya doin' "... an intelligent sagittarian who loves to collect books ... arts high has given "alex" something to look forward to ... peer group includes marva, chns, eva. and valene ... plans an accounting career. CHERYL MOSES "slow-poke" "leave me alone!" ... needle-work, crocheting and knitting keep this quiet scorpion active ... usually seen with ulima, roxanne, toni, robin and dawn ... plans to attend college and major in medicine ... deep admiration for Jesus Christ. CHIQUITA ODOM “chi-chi" "i don't think so!?" ... an understanding and fun-loving aquarian who enjoys bike riding, hiking and helping people ... friends include- karen h„ michelc c., carmen b., cha-ren L ai»d others ... is thinking of nursing and singing careers.NORBERTO ORTIZ norberto this quiet gemini is a ulented trombone player in arts’ band... all are his friends, but mr spindler and mr singer .we favorites ... he hopes to become a professional trombonist because music really turns him on. JOHN PETERSON "ir hilarious and fun to be with .. this srorpio lives to see people happy .. is alwa s willing to give a helping hand ... finds drama and science to be stimulating hobbies. 50 CARY )OHN PATTI "ironside” an outgoing and vibrant aquarian who loves basketball and playing ping-pong ... this member of the national honor society enjoys model building ... friends are charon w., renaldo a., rhea d., and francisco d. KEVIN JAY POPE "pope dope " a musically inclined leo who enjoys being a member of arts' band ... being exposed to islam and vanessa dean is what's happening ... nek, kendall. rosalmd, and dehbie are friends ... getting married and raising a family are important goals.DORETTE PUGH "don" "i don't know!" ... this beautiful aquarian spends most of her time swimming, darning and ice skating ... don is friendly with everyone ... plans a psychiatric career after completing college. ELIZABETH RAINEY "liz" "you got a problem?" ... this quick tempered virgo despises phony people ... an active member of the photography club ... associates with yoyo, charon and pam ... plans a nursing career. ROSALIND POTTS "ros" "how you feel?" ... an outgoing friendly aries whose hobbies are sewing and reading ... member of yearbook staff and honor society ... gail, tammy arui karcn rank high ... plans to teach mathematics or art. DEREK LEE RACIN "d-boy" "yes sir" ... bothersome people are a drag to this gcmini ... being a member of the nowark boy's chorus was his most memorable experience ... garv. odando, miss abos and miss meyerson are highly regarded ... plans to teach mus« someday.OMEGIA LYNETTE RANDLEMAN "ncttc" “well ... an outstanding canter who enjoys sowing, skating. and singing ... a member of the c heerieaders, track team, and gospel chorus ... friendly with wanda. michele, clarence, and jetf ... future plans include music and acting. PAMELA RICHARD "pee-jay" “moving nght along" ... loves guitar and sewing ... a beautiful person when you get to know her ... always seen with harold, sieyvye, kable, and charon ... "jay" plans to major in engineering in college. 52 MARY ELISA REEVES "lisa" "where's aleta " ... this cancer is very at -live in (he student council and n.a.a.c.p. ... friends include aleta g., debbie c., and re-gina d ... plans to attend howard university to become a social worker. PAMELA ROBERSON "pam" a quiet, but lovable scorpio ... digs sewing, drawing, typing, and history ... friends include crystal h., michelle m, and lauren g. .. has high I topes of becoming a fashion designer ... favorite teachers are ms. iso and mr. slavitt.CARLA JEAN ROBINSON "jeanne" "oh slop!" ... introverted, pensive, vet witty carla is seen with cynthia. shirley, and rhonda ... relating to Christ on a personal basis has become an important part ot her life ... plans a law career GEORGE SCAIFE "pet! wee" a blunt person who gives it to you straight ... his friends include dana barnes and isaat dorelte ... "pee wee" feels his parents have influenced him the most. ZULIMA RODRIGUEZ "zully" "hi. crazy!'' • ■ ■ this versatile and friendly gemini considers anyone who smiles and says "hi" a friend ... personable ully anticipates college to seek a meaningful career. ROBERTA SCALES "berta" "that's what they all say" ... a camera buff and swimmer, this quiet gemini is usually seen with debbie b.. valcrie h„ Jackie h.. and geraldine b. ... mr. Carden's art class was enjoyable ... "berta" forsees a career in pediatrics. 53DONALD WESLEY SEABURN donald an industrious, serious-minded pisces whose interests are geared toward the future ... donald enjoys history, i hemistry, and baseball ... svill always remember his introduc tion to islam ... plans to continue his education. RICARDO SIFONTES "ricky" "oh yeah!" ... this moody cancer's mam sport is soccer ... ricky is usually seen with ronald, kended, terry , and grog ... his admiration is highest lor his sister and brothers ... plans to study law. 54 MICHAEL SELPH "mike" "yea, sure i know!" ... anes ... dislikes people who don't know what they're talking about... has been influenced by mr. Calvin, mr. spender, and mr. lang ... mostly seen with butch, michael c.. and harold j. ... plans to attend college. MICHAEL SCOTT SIMMONS "terry" "tall on out" ... a fabulous libra who plans to become a special education teacher someday ... louie g„ pat g., mr. howard, and miss abos rank high ... an active lifeguard who says junior class day was most memorable.REGINALD SMITH "reg" "what it is!" ... a libra who can lake the good with the bad ... dislikes braggjrt . ... member of the varsity and photography clubs ... seen with harry, russell and wade ... likes being part of art's family. SANDRA STEWART "dawn" "you're so sick" ... any dumb question is likely to get a "deafening roar" from this cheerful and sincere leo ... friends are rhea, jolene, dune s., and sharon b....feels meeting Christ was most meaningful ... aspires to become a pediatrician DIANE PATRICIA SPANN "duck" "really?" ... this scorpio will remember forever her meeting Cod ... loves getting to know people ... feels quite at home around rhea, valeric, and dawn ... cedric is special. ROBIN STONE "tweelie" "i said that'" ... a sensitive, cra y prsces who enjoys a variety of activities, especially acting and singing ... "if people could learn to love, understand and help each other, it would be beautiful." 55BLONDELL TAYLOR "blondie" "let me tell you" ... a smile can always he found on this scorpian's face ... likes to laugh and have fun but can get serious too ... enjoys music and plays ptano ... plans to attend Hampton institute. WILLIAM THOMAS "will" quiet cancer ... you tan sometimes find him at the bowling alley with sieve j. and kevin I. ... favorite teachers are mrs. block, and mr. Howard ... plans to attend moot-c lair state after graduation. % CHAREN LYNETTE THOMAS "tiny" "who asked you?." ... this friendly, playful virgo hates conceited people ... plans to get a degree in nursing ... enjoys w.s. football team and being with k. hillman, v. Hayes, c. mcknight, and w rhodes ... digs her mother and aunt the most. GREGORY ALLEN THOMPSON "bean" "oh yeah" ... friendly, talented gemmi who enjoys musk, and drawing ... friendly with terry, rick, kendall, and ron ... considers arts high "one of the best!" ... future plans include college and to someday be a disc jockey.ROLANDA ANTOINETTE TOSONE "lomasinc" "gangstercd down" ... the world of fashion holds interest for this quiet, but explosive sagittarian ... plans to pursue a career as a stewardess and j fashion model... considers robin s., adrienne m., deborah, and rente g. close friends. BETTYE JEAN TUCKER bettye confusion, disorder, and pure chaos are certainly no favorites ot this patient and easy going scorpian ... enjoys modeling, girls' glee club and reading of all sorts ... immediate plans include graduation, college, physical therapy or nursing. NADINE ANDREA TRIMMEl "na na" "if you got it, flaunt it!"... a talkative capricorn who enjoys english and musk immensely ... her company includes barry I., kevin s., adneanne w., and darryl j. ... 'na na” hopes to become a proprietor of her own store. RONALD TURNER "big ron" a pleasant but moody aquarian who dislikes silly people ... admires mom the most, followed closely by mrs. lucas, mr lang and mrs. murray ... enjoys the company of ricky s.. stese a. and terrace j_plans a career as a governmental service worker. 57IANIERA WARREN "|an" "oh no. dear!" . . this very outspoken, changeable young lady lalls under the sign ol cancer... her clique includes blondcll t. vergean b. and kim c. ... jan participates in various musical activities and is destined to succeed in music. MICHELLE RENEE WEAVER "c belle" a down to earth leo who enjoys dancing and meeting mce brothers ... plans to get into medical technology and become a devoted wife ... friends are belinda, joy, beverly, beat rice, and terry. DIANNE PATRICIA WALKER "di" "ooh' where is it?" ... this anen is usually quiet unless among dose friends like blon-dell and pat... mother has been most influential in her life ... "di" plans to pursue a career in law. CHARON WATSON "mickey" "that's a trip" ... a leo who like to keep to herself ... eli abeth r.. pamela r., mrs. feld-man and mr. carden rank highest ... an active member of the science club, national honor society and a lab assistant .. plans a career in law.BEATRICE WHITNEY "donna" “boy" ... is there evil in this cancer? ... beverly j. terry j., bclinda lv and mable k., don't think so ... twirling, sewing and hall games are favorite activities ... most influential person is her mother. OPERADELLA WILLIAMS "od" this silent, moody, observant sagittarian enjoys singing in her church choir and arl classes ... d. walker, b. tavlor. mr. tocldvari. her mother and brother impress her most. MICHELLE WILLIAMS "micki" "dig dat!" ... a warm and affectionate virgo ... outspoken around vicki, michelle and pat... animosity is the word for her feelings toward phonies ... plans to attend tashior designing school upon graduation. VERA YOLANDA WILLIAMS ''lonnie' "why do they do me that wav?" ... an easy going, sentimental person who loves sewing, bowling, gym, and driver's education. ... fnends include volanda g.. crystal h., Helena m„ and dcborah h. ... looking forward to a typing lerical career 59RICHARD WILSON "rico" "today is my birthday" ... a reliable, de-manding taurus who, once his mind is made up, rarely changes .. his gang includes clarence g., mike b., Iinda g., and jcff d... plans to pursue a business major in college. SCOTT EDWARD WRIGHT "shorty" "what's up?" ... this smiling, lively cancer plans to teach phys ed ... member o! stage crew and manager of the basketball team ... kevin g., cvereti p.. ron t. and beverly j. are friends. VALERIE DENISE WORSLEV "horse" a moody geniini ... skating, swimming and ty ping are most enjoyed... accepting Christ will always be remembered ... friends are diane, jolene, rhea and dawn .. secretarial work is her chosen profession. DERRICK H. AGRICOLA derrick loud mouths should avoid this usuallv quiet anan ... track and occasional weight lifting are favorite past-times ... dearest friends are his mother, al a. and earl s ... plans to attend college and study the martial arts. 60STEPHEN ALSTON “steve man" "yea, let you tell it" .. a friendly libra scorpio ... enjoys making people laugh ... basketball, football and class of 75 are his favorites in arts... to major in business is his ambition. BRIDGET ALICIABEEBE BETHEA "bee be” "that ain't even cool" ... this pi sees enjoys chemistry and all kinds of sports ... loves working closely with nan, pinkey, and deb-bie d ... mrs. lucas rates high ... hopes to become the first woman coach. JOHN BENNETT john "hap-nin" ... this easy going leo plans a technical career... enjoys being a member of the african dance troupe ... always willing to rule out loud, unruly women ... therein and pam h. are close friends. MICHAEL BRASWELL "sapphire" "let's get fired up!" ... an active pistes who's generally introspective, yet outgoing and warm ... favors all sports, parties and girls ... buddies are clarence, pett, ric hard and the rest of the school. 61FRANCISCO DAVIS "chimby" "you know" ... a nice and fnendlv leo ... loves women and sports ... usually seen with michael b.. jacob h., and albert a-a member of the baseball team and varsity club .. plans to become a protcssional baseball player. DAVID EUBANKS "dave" virgo ... a serious, likable young man who is interested in music and sports ... relates to mr. singer, mrs. venskus, kevin I., Steve k., pete and sieve j.... plans to become a musician or a psychologist. 62 FERNANDO DELGADO "ferdi" "you know what i mean" ... this taurus is basically quiet ... enjoys the company of barry I., peter b., and rhea d-likes paint- ing. drawing, and playing the piano ... plans to go to college and further his education. JACOB HUNTER "june" "yo!" ... talented leo ... enjoys baseball and pool ... has played in a band backing joe batan in a show with james brown and black ivory in manhattan central... "i try to cope with everyone and overlook ignorance."STEVEN KELLY “slew" "what's happening " ... this Scorpio admires those who are extremely intelligent ... digs music, art, and teaching music ... he is very involved in track-and-field ... loves basketball and considers everybody to be his friend. ROBERT LESSANE “rob" "yes sir!" ... this stable, neat aries enjoys bowling, baseball and basketball ... earl monroe, wait fra ier and dr. j. are very much admired as are his mother and father ,.. plans to attend college. MABLE KNIGHT "jo " "hey ya'll" ... a congenial scorpian who can't dig selfish people .. enjoys swimming and dancing ... mr. palmer and mother are highly rated ... hangs with linda g.. deborah j., and kendall g. .. plans to major in special education. TONI LOTT tom "oh, just forget it!" ... taurus ... enjoys cooking, oil painting, and archery ... tight with cheryl m., and ulima r_admires her parents and the faculty at arts ... plans to become a social worker. 63MICHELLE MCLEAN "mkky mouse" "i can't tolerate boisterous people" ... talkative and crazy aries ... member of the principal's advisory council and senior class council ... feds ads high was enjoyable ... can always be found with michelle h., lauren g., and crystal h. STEFANIE RENEE MINATEE "stef" "i don't really care" ... this funny aries is usually found with rhonda, kim, vergean, or helena ... despises people with no sense of humor ... her mother, grandmother, and denise are most influential ... stef plans to extend her career in music. 64 VALERIE MCINTOSH "val" this quiet scorpian's ambition is to become a fashion merchandiser ... braggers should beware ... observant val is always aware of other's feelings ... her mother and arts high were extremely influential and special CRISELDA ELISE MITCHELL "sponge" "hey, i don't even care!" ... a moody gem-ini who hates to be humiliated ... enjoys being with ray and likes twirling ... friends are deborah, regina. aleta, and karen ... plans to become a medical technician.ADOLFO NOGUERAS "junior" "hey, what happening?"... this sometimes quiet Sagittarius likes dancing and listening to latin music ... justo r. is his best friend... also friendly with sandra, freddy and juanita ... lie plans to pursue a career in music. CONSTANCE ANNETTE SMITH "connie" "oh shut up" ... this friendly and outspoken capricorn hates inconsiderate people ... eva g, phyllis m., and most of all curtis m. are tops on her list... connie plans a career in auditory therapy. RODNEY RODGERS "bulldog" "check it out" ... easy going capricorn ... rodney boxes, dances, and he sings in the special chorus ... profitted most from singing in the newark boys c horus ... wants to go into computer programming and music. SHERYL WEAVER "sha" "ain't that nothing" ... bowling, dancing, and skating are most enjoyed by this fun loving scorpio ... dislikes plastic people ... close frienoh are juanita, pam r., deborah j., and renee g. ... plans a career as an airline stewardess. 6SIAMES PATRIC AYALA "jimmie" capricorn ... cartoon drawing, martial arts, travel, women and driving occupy his spare time ... would like to pursue the field ot cartooning ... most preferred his Ireshman year at arts. ORLANDO LEE “lee" "keep your head together!" . . . this uniquely talented aquarian finds basketball an enjoyable past-time ... lee is usually found in the company of harriet h., robed I., and harold j. ... plans to become a musician. CLARENCE GATHRIGHT "june" "all right!" ... unfriendly, irrational people irritate this warm, vibrant gemmi ... first loves are basketball. sewmg(!?), bowling, and fishing ... his gang includes rico, mike b.. pam. and Imda ... anticipates a business major in college. THERON MAYS “jeronamo" "solid" ... this hbnan hates trouble ... his personality can be described as friendly, warm, loving and cra y ... finds terrance j.. john b.. robin and kendall g. to be good company ... theron's future career plan is in law. 66EARL HARDY SESSOMS, )R. "earl” "what is it?" ... kathy j., jocl k. and kelvin j. are usually seen with this sincere aquarian ... keeps active by swimming, running track and playing basketball ... wants to study electronics. DARRYL WADE "pretty boy" "i don't know" ... easy-going but just as easily disturbed ... can't sympathise with people who constantly complain ... digs running, exercising, taping music and talking ... an aerospace engineering major is in this scorpran's luturc. NEPTUNE PRINGLE V "neppy" "that's your business" ... adjusting to any situation is certainly no problem for this together sagittanan ... digs both sports and music ... robert I., Steve a., and harold j., are close friends .. plans future as an orchestra conductor. LEON SHERMAN "leon" a reserved scorpio ... can be strong when necessary ... grooves with painting and model building ... can be found with chuck and glen ... interested in a career in electronics. 67DEBRA SMITH "debt" ” hey slink, that's cute" ... this friendly libra tilts her scales of favoritism toward sports, modeling and warm folks ... wherever debi is mable k., Imda g.. and harriet h. are never tar away ... plans a future in preschool education.1. Roland) Tosone 2. Cheryl Moses 3. Crystal Harris 4. Renee Gibson 5. Diane Gill 6. Steven Kelly 7. Zulima Rodrigue 8. Rodney Rodgers 9. Harry Gray 10. Diane Spann 11. Geraldine Gilbert 12. Eva Gaskins 13. Darnell Bradley 14. Stephanie Harris 15. Fernando Delgado 16. Dorette Pugh 17. lennell Joyner18. Grisdda Mitchell 19. Blame Dickinson 20. Valerie McIntosh 21. Stephanie McGregor 22. Solomon Jackson 23. Opcraddla Williams 24. Carla Robinson 25. Carmen Bonilla 2b. Vernon Dunn 27. |une Bradford 28. Nanette Mason 29. John Peterson 30. Oren Griffin 31. Valerie WorsJcy 32. Deborah Johnson 33. Harold Johnson 34. Lauren Greene SENIOR CLASS BABY PICTURESSENIOR BABY PICTURES 1. Sharon Bright 2. Eddie Harris 3. Kevin Lowthor 4. Elizabeth Rainey 5. Steve Bethea 6. Sandra Stewart 7. James Graham a Michelle Williams 9. Ramona Mercado 10. Kym Carter 11. Charlotte Brown 12. Carolyn Hubbard 13. Steve Alston 14. Michelle Mclean 15. Vikki Arnold 16. Omegia Randleman 17. Bruno Lee ia Rhea Davis 19. Karen Hillman 20. Dianne Walker 21. Nadine Trimmel 22. Roberta Scales 23. Adolfo Nogueras 24. Karen Baulk man 25. Helena McPherson 26. Blondell Taylor 27. Ales Sandra Mosley 2a Belinda Larkins 29. Rosalind Potts 10. Regina Davis 31. Chiquita Odom 32. Michele Conte 33. Adrienne Minatee 34. Suzette Harvey 35. Pam HudsonSENIOR CLASS BABY PICTURES 1. Rhonda Bell 2. Bridget Bethea 3. Reggie Smith 4. Lawrence Jackson 5. YoJonda Collier 6. Robert Lewis 7. Janice Holt 8. Vera Williams 9. Janiera Warren 10. Darrell Wade 11. Deborah Dancy 12. Clarence C.athright 13. Valerie Hayes 14. Pamela Roberson 15. Yolanda Gullette lb. lari Sessoms 17. Stelanie Minatee 18. Harriet Hamlin 19. Michelle Weaver 20. Christina Allen 21. Beatnce Whitney 22. Kim Crenshaw 23. George Scaife 24. Therdn M fo 25. Dana Barneys 26. Robert Lessane 27. Valerie Austin 28. Charon Watson 29. Constance Smith 30. Derrick Agricola 31. Donald Sebum 32. Deborah Banks 33. Vergean Burr 34. Linda Grier 35. David Eubanks 36. Pat Booker 37. Geraldine Battle 38. Jackie Hill 39. Russell Games 40. Jolene Battles '.fe hi 7475Generate a light of hope over all the living things you encounter. - %x. • M ' » VJUNIOR HOMEROOM 210 Mrs. Lucas Front row, left to right: Nelson Torres, Keith Towe, Robyn Ware, Dianne Phillips, Pamela Sweet, Deborah Frazier, Kimberly Fletcher, Adrienne Waddy. Second row: Alexis Dunlap. Kim Love, Donna White, Tawana Patterson, Olivia Lessane, Gina Howard, Joyce Perry, Michelle Smith, Phyllis Marlin, Mrs. Lucas. Third row: Kevin Slater, Hubert Range, Armando Delgardo, Lynn Wilson. Fourth row: Jonathan While, Derrick Sum-mertield, Mark Dickerson, Alvin Brown. Naydene Brirkus, Darcy Jennings. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 108 Mrs. Levinson Front row, left to right: Allan Perry, Richard Dunn, Kevin Hillsman. Second row: Kim laRue, Kathy Jacob, Rita Mose. Third row: Fredrick lewis, Vanessa Williams, Sherry Robinson, Arda Allston, Rodney Pate, Ginger Dawson. Fourth row: Edgar Rosa, Homer Gooden, William Kooncc, Mrs. Levinson, Derick law-son. Gary Harrell, Donald Jordan. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 214 Mrs. Bloc! Front row, left to right: Gwendolyn Steven son, Valerie Drayton, Sharon Fisher, Pameli Roulhac, Denise Johnson, Edna Champagne, Sharon White. Second row: Vanessa Mori e, Charies Silas. Beverly Bracfley, Cheryl Foster, Shiricy Meyers. Karen Green, Aly-son Young. Third row: Kevin Parker, Robert Gbbs, Leonard Averett, James Clark, Lawrence Gilyard, Kevin Hatcher, lames Ward. 78JUNIOR HOMEROOM B-9 Mrs Jones Front row, left to right: Kim Munford, Carol Moses, Anita Arnold. Alicia Johnson, Karen McManus, Wayne Williams. Second row: Jerome Washington, Rhonda Crenshaw, Michele Nolton, Darlene Gibson, Ed Coleman, Darryl Sumter. Third row: Mrs. Jones, Adrian Johnson, Robin Wiley, Darlene Garris, Cynthia Johnson, Vanessa Fore, Virginia Flanigan, Michael Lamar, Mark Myers, Norman Haynes. Fourth row: Harold Williams, Betty Brown, Michelle Williams. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 104 Miss Cardella Front row, left to right: Miss Cardella, Mark Janifer, Leroy Shivers, Yolanda Grant, Ramona King, Marquita Jones. Second row: Michael Jerman, Cyndrell Parrish, Beverly Wilson, Valerie Allen, Gwen Austin, Malcolm Williams. Third row: Paul Dennis. Stewart Williams, Lynne Morrison. Geraldine Smith, Linda Fisher, Kevin Thompson. Fourth row: Thomas Williams, Ernest Tucker, Larry Barnes. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 113 Mrs. Stevenson Front row, left to right: Stephanie Mann, Karen Davis, Sandra AJgarm, Dcirdra Davis, Joyce Odums, Darlene Johnson. Second row: Vanessa Morize, Marian Yancey, Jackie Porter, Pat Charles, Harriet Mcrvin, Cynthia Jones, Cynthia Johnson. Third row: Edgar Figueroa, Pam Riley, Deborah Plant, Laurie Austin, Anthony Clark, Arthur Mersier, Kenneth Hargrove. Keith Morrison. Fourth row: Sefton Bass, Dwight Davis, George Downing, Gregory Collier, Reinaldo Alvarez, Ronald Robinson, Theodore Delagna, King McClendon. 79SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 20b Mrs. Tso First row, left to right: Lance Johnson, Kenneth Mosley, Charles Reed, Valerie Davis, Cynthia Hardwick, Christine Bristol, Mrs. Tso. Second row: Cary Greenlee, Eileen Jackson, Patricia Bobbitt. Rosena Chisholm. Kan Jacob, Ruth Mobley, Keith Harvey. Third row: Cleanzy Pinkney, Arthur Koonce, .Marion Canty, Lawrence Henry, Juan Gonzalez, Curtis Gilmore, David Reeves, Keith Davis. Back row: Steven Whitaker, Justo Romm, Robin Johnson, Randy Finley, lessie Smith. William Winckler. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 309 Mrs. McDuffie Front row, left to right: Teresa Wade, Annette Harrell, Randall Thomas, Oarise Terry, Ciail McCall, Desiree Bush. Second row: Aleasia Jordan, Celeste Hand, Faith Stewart, Cynthia Moore, Sharon Bowden, Darlene Buchanan. Third row: Leon Byass, Antione Jennings, Eric Rollack, Kevin Giles, Harold Brito, Michael Wilson. Fourth row: Darryl Robinson, Andrea Walker, Doris Irizarry, Benjamin Hill, Eric Hill. Mrs. McDuffie. John Williams, Donna Curvin. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 213 Ms. Hollar-Gregory Front row, left to right: Ms. Hollar- Gregory, Cynthia Richardson, Jacqueline Brown, Pamela loncs. Second row: Belinda Smith, Victoria Sherman. Cassandra Green, Anetra Hinton, Sandra Suggs, David Diaz. Third row: Gregory Battle, Ralph Me Neal, Sherry Buford. Michele Dancy, Ivy Brown, Juanita Rodriguez, Joyce Thomas, Trevor Parker, Fourth row: Tracy Curry, Bernadine Wilson, Calvin Barnno, Leslie Bivins, Angela Fladger. Top row: Ronnie Wmgo, lames Farrow, Walter Bembry, Roger Murriel.SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 207 Mrs. Douglin Bottom row: Mark Means, Felicia Brown, Tyree McQueen, Luis Velez, Eugene Floyd. Ricky Washington. Second row: Inell Brown. Kenneth Robinson, lerrance Spig-ner, Martin Jenkins. Rufus McCall. Nina Lynn, Cynthia Wiggins, Mrs. Douglm. Third row: James Pearson. Carlton Clark, Alvinia Conyers. Beverly Hordge, Sharon Brown, Barbara Merritt, Connie Motley, Linda McDaniel. Top row: Theodore Suber, Steven Butler, Percell Smith, William Harmon, Albert Harris. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 0b Mr. Piazza Front row. left to right: Evelyn Hopkins. Char-lia Cummings, Norma Charles, Cynthia Fields, Teresa Blake, Lois Liggins Second row: Janet Riley, Sharita Randolph. Karen Graves. Betty Sit, Carolyn Plant. Neva Alexander, Stacy Joseph. Third row: Conway Howerton, Lowell Thomas, Howard Simpson. William Baldwin, Sanford DuBois. Michael Blackwell, Sclton Dove. Top row: James Forester, Beverly Gibson, Mr. Piazza. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 20 Mr. Dessasau Front row. left to right: Valerie Edwards, Reginald Bellamy, Deborah Shuford, Kimberly Brown, Carmen Brown. Clementine Potts, Joanne Morris. Second row: Mark Winfield, Eric Ware, Nita Cantrell. Wayne Harris, Rodney Guiles, Darryl Cox. Gwen Smith. Top row: Mr. Evan Dessasau Jr., Brian Head. Jerard Dickinson, Harold Showers, Reginald Turner, Ted Wooten, James Hooper. 81FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 21S Mr. Rosenbaum Front row, left to right: Lori Dennis. Teresa Johnson, Yvonne LaVant, Ricky Nelson, |u-cfcth lightsey, Dianne Brooks. Second row: James Smith, Kevin Johnson, ( lemon ( utliff. Mark Henderson, Gail Reynolds, Michael Rivera. Third row: Kevin Tolan, Sandra Ransom. Sharon Almeida, Anita Robinson, Stephanie Watson. Back row: David Orr, Maurice logan, Michael Bryant, Maurice Foster. FRESHMAN HOME ROOM 220 Mr. Slavitt Front row, left to right: Tracy Collins, Glenda Washington Second row: lenora Rayam, Sheila Thompson, Daisy Mollett, Tawana Bynum, Athena Granger, Lorraine Frit , Marian Young, Valerie Solomon, Beverly Price. Third row: Mr. Alan Slavitt, Tony Green, Brian Morrison, Darryl Williams, Cynthia Coggins, Lynette lamberl, Renee Tig-neb. Sherry Lee, Gail Dixon, Audrey Archer. Back row: Robert Smith, lames Fryer, Cynthia Daniels, Darryl Christmas, Anthony Conyers, Theodore Breeden ... Standing: Roosevelt Simmons. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 307 Mr. Ha ard Front row, left to right: Eula Jakson, Wanda Thomas, laninc Alston, Cromwell Torre tagle, Kim Wallace. Second row: Delores Booker, Bonita Reuben, Dianna Smith. Wayne Harris, Douglas Barnes. Darry l Hamilton, Russell Talmadge. Third row: Evelyn Thomas, Phyllis Register, Constance Basker-ville, Renee Ashe, Shafranica Gavin, Neil Murray, Shades Seav, Eugene Campbell. Back row Ramiro Barrueco, William Phillips, Earnest Jones. HOME ROOM 113A Mrs. DeVito Front row, left to right: Dawn Bowers, Juliet Days, Fred lones, Toni Lott, Gary Patti. Second row: Mrs. DeVito. William Padillo, 7u-lima Rodngue . Roxanne Harden. Cheryl .Moses, James Scagliossi, Luis Perez, Anthony Andriacco, Deborah Wilson. H2FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 315 Mr. Calvin front row, left to right: Cheryl lewis, Gloria Jefferson, Valice Dennis, Janet Jordan. Lauren Spaights, Keven Millett, Alon o Koon. Second row: Mr. Calvin, Vicky Hopkins, Edith Kearse, Darlene Ferrell, Barbara Scratch, Pat Thomas, Jill Scott, Gabrielle McLemore. Philip Risera. Third row: Kenneth Bell, Robert Porter, Eric Hazelwood, Osborne Bey. Billy Wright, Kenneth Perry. Back row: Robert Brewer, Wanda Bland, Ellis Chislum. Mark Harris. LUNCHROOM Period 5 Arts High students enjoying their lunch! FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 204 Miss Baulkman Front row, left to right: Judy Simmons, Marilyn Williams, Sharon Home, Veronica Wilson, Renee Hogan. Andrea Parker. Second row: Roderic k Armstrong, Sherell McClean, Glynis Grant, Beatrice Knight, Beverly Austin, Miss Baulkman. Third row: Oscar Petty, Donald Williams, Fred Ingers, Bernie Moore. Barry Robinson. Charles Crenshaw, Iiernvin Webb, Vivian Berry. Back row: Clarence Terry, Irving Sweet, Garnett Tolan, Marvin Tukes, Donald Boughton, Tyrone Hampton FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 314Mrs. Johnson Front row, left to right: Beverly Conyers. Larry Reed, Kathy Simmons, Veronica Campbell. Second row: Mrs. Johnson, Donna Moore, Victoria Frieson. Evelyn Suggs, Beverly Barnes, Jennifer Johnson. Raechelle Smith. Third row: Marquerita Robinson. Kelly Owens. Rhea Blocker, Karen Moses, Ellen Silas, Sandra Ragin. Back: Leslie Perry, Derrick Miller. Dolores Anthony. Donald James, Stephanie Brooks, Harold Morrison, lose Rivera, Walter lack-son, Dennis Porter.Be there Even in the gloomy cloudiness of life.•9 ACTIVITIESNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society consists of seniors and juniors who have high academic records, and who possess leadership abilities. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Venskus, this group has devised a tutoring service which has proven to be very beneficial to the students at Arts. The group also aids the Service Committee at school events. Carla Robinson, president of this distinguished society, and all of the members will be greatly missed after their graduation. This has been one of the most successful years for Student Council. Student leaders Kevin Slater (President) and Isac Durrette (Vice President), with the aid of many others, did a superb job in urging the Board of Education to extend and repair Arts High in the very near future. The duties of Student Council go even far- ther. The committee for Black Assembly, the scholarship fund, school store, entertainment committee and the service committee fall under the authority of Student Council. Ms. Hollar-Gregory is the very dedicated advisor who has caused Student Council to be as serious in their endeavors as they have been this year. STUDENT COUNCILBLACK ASSEMBLY The main objective of this interested group of students is fund raising for scholarships which will be awarded to graduating seniors. The recipients must have submitted an essay and must have maintained at least average academic records. They will be picked by a group consisting of students and teachers. Basketball games and other competitive sports are exciting and fun to watch. Thanks to the energetic spirit of these young ladies, the games are even more full of life. Along with the Cheerleaders and the spectators, the teams are given that final boost needed to go ahead and win! PEP SQUAD » 87SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL The Senior Class Council is a group of determined students geared to the purpose of carrying out senior class functions. Without the efforts of this group, events such as the Senior Prom, class trip, and graduation would not run so smoothly. Senior Class Council meetings give the students a chance to voice their opinion and participate in the government of the Senior Class. The Council consists of small groups each governed by its own chairman and co-chairmen. Led by Beverly Jones, president, the Senior Class Council has contributed a great deal toward the success of the senior class. Members of this hard working committee aid the school at social and formal functions whenever necessary. Acting as hosts and ushers, they add a great deal of warmth to the affairs at which they serve. Their unselfishness has made such affairs as Alumnae Day, Career Day, Winter Fair and The PTSA Card Party successful. Mrs. Venskus acts as advisor with the help of Chairman, Cyndrell Parrish and Co-chairman, Char-lai Cummings. HB SERVICE COMMITTEEJUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL This group of energetic juniors dedicate themselves to the welfare of the junior class and to reducing some of the financial obligations necessary for their graduation and prom. They have mainly been involved with various fund raising events, such as the selling of jack- ets and pennants and are soon to have a fashion and beauty pageant. Miss Cardella is the advisor. |oyce Perry, Harold Williams, Robin Wiley and Deborah Frazier are the student leaders of this active group. This group of students advised by Mr. Brasch was formed to study and discuss all aspects of science. They also offer predictions of future developments in the sciences which could help mankind. They have already studied and discussed such topics as tobacco and its relationship to lung cancer, the effect of soda on teeth, and the building of terraria. Pam Hudson and Karen McManus were student leaders this year. m SCIENCE CLUBSTAGE CREW The Stage Crew, led by Mr. Marcus, performs functions which are essential. The auditorium could never be used and performances never accomplished without the aid of this knowledgable group of young men. Mrs. jeanne Tso and Jacqueline Koonce have put a great deal of time and effort into developing this group into a semi-professional company of high quality. They are in demand for performances in many surrounding communities and in our city, in colleges, secondary and elementary schools and community organizations. The beauty of African culture and the talent and energy of the company are in evidence at all performances. AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY 90ART CLUB The Art Club is organized for two purposes. One is to give art students the opportunity to work in areas of special interest to them. The other is to learn commercial art techniques necessary to produce a Junior yearbook. Membership is open to all students, art or music, who show a special interest or talent for these activities. This club is sponsored by Mr. Carden. Under the direction of Derrick Lee and Bobby Dove, the Gospel Chorus never fails to thrill their audiences with melodious sounds of today. The unique and interperative style of Lance Darden on piano, sends sweet vibrations throughout each song, and brings to life each lyrical phrase. The Gcispel Chorus is a group of talented, hardworking young people, each dedicated to the purpose of spreading happiness through song. GOSPEL CHORUS 91This year Arts High's Chess Club entered the Essex County High School Chess League. The top live players competed against Barringer, St. Benedicts and Central. Due to circumstances beyond our control matches with Irvington. Seton Hall Prep, and West Side had to be canceled. The members became much more serious CHESS CLUB about their games due to experience and the guidance of Mr. Thomas Piazza, Advisor and Kevin Lowther, captain. The club is open to all students who want to learn, but the better players are asked to compete with other schools. This group of young ladies meets and trains for the dance in much the same way as the boys keep physically fit in the gym. They are led by a strong yet kind leader, Alexis Dunlap. All of the young ladies have created dances. The group would like to call themselves "Dimensions of the Mind" since all of the dances created dealt with that theme. Their performance at the pageant was much appreciated. CHOREOGRAPHY CLUBFUTURE PHYSICIANS CLUB The Future Physicians Club formed only this year is open to all students interested in the field of medicine or a closely related career. Members attend lectures by doctors, visit hospitals and military medical facilities to get an overall view of this most intriguing profession. With Lauren Greene as president and Mrs. Venskus, advisor, the future for this active group looks bright. Under the inspired supervision of Mrs. Venskus, the participants of this club learn the proper preparation and distribution methods of materials for chemistry labs. The valuable work experience obtained as a member of this dub has proven highly beneficial in obtaining employment while in college, and upon graduation. Science students who maintain an average of "B" in their work and who have a deep interest in science are welcome to join. LAB ASSISTANTS CLUB 93The purpose of the club is to expose interested students to the exciting world of photography. Students are taught how to use different cameras, take better pictures and to develop and print them. Mr. Foeldvari, the advisor, is always there to assist anyone who needs his help and to teach anything you want to learn in this fascinating field PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Typing Club was formed to give students extra practice in order to develop their typing skills. The advisor, Mrs. Ritter, has also been helpful by assisting students in filling out forms and applications needed for further education and career opportunities. Any student with at least one year of typing is eligible to join. TYPING CLUBPHYSICAL FITNESS CLUB The Physical Fitness Club was formed for young men with a desire to develop and maintain physical fitness and health. Bradford Brown and Albert Alston are in charge of the squad. They practice circuit training, weight training, and body building. Brad and Al, with the advice of Mr. Larry Haz-zard, are preparing these young men for the Marine Physical Fitness Competition which is held at Roosevelt Stadium in April. The Varsity Club, advised by Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Jones, is an organization comprised of male and female students who have earned varsity letters in all sports. The goals of the club, led by president Michael Bras- well, have been to perform academic and athletic services to the school. The highlights of the year include the annual Sports Award Dinner, and a very enjoyable trip. VARSITY CLUBCHORUS Patience and perseverance are qualities which Arts High's Chorus director Robert Howard has instilled in this more than WO member group. He has dedicated himselt to achieving high standards of performance from this large group and a smaller group of 70 within the chorus called the Concert Chorus. The reputation of this group has caused them to constantly be invited to sing at schools and organizations in our community and in surrounding areas. Highlights of the school year were the operetta, "Trial by Jury", and the Winter and Spring Concerts. BAND The Arts High Band showed its brilliance and talents in the Winter and Spring Concerts. The adaptability of this group proved to be amazing. They performed such works as Handel's "Water Music Suite", "Overture in Pop-style" by Holcombe and "Variations" by Jager. Despite the loss of a fine conductor, Mr. Reuben Singer (promoted to supervisor), the band was able to continue its high level of performance under the new direction of Mr. Marty Israel. %Exceptional talent and dedication shine through in the performances of Arts High's orchestra. The music played by the students covers a wide spectrum of styles from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or Brahm's Academic Festive Overture to contemporary sounds by Roberta Flack or excerpts from popular music scores. Mr. Kielis, conductor and Neptune Pringle, student conductor, diligently spend their time teaching the students the correct art of orchestral playing. Assemblies, concerts and special performances make up their impressive schedule, highlighted by Winter and Spring Concerts. ORCHESTRANEWSPAPER STAFF The Newspaper Staff, headed by advisor, Mrs. Harriet Douglin, and editor, Homer Gooden, is open to all students who have the interest, the talent and the necessary time to devote to this difficult and time consuming activity. Favorite feature is the school information section. The drama club is comprised of students who are interested in the fundamentals of acting, make-up, and lighting. The members meet twice weekly to practice public reading, performing, and self-expression. Long-range plans for the club include a major production. Neptune Pringle serves as the club's president and Mrs. Levinson as the advisor. se DRAMA CLUBVIGNETTE STAFF The Vignette staff is fteaded by Charon Watson, Editor and Jan Carden, Advisor. The staff is comprised of a hard-working group of seniors who produced what it is hoped will be a memorable record of the people and events that have been part of their life at Arts. The amount of work and time needed to produce this book was monumental. We think it was worth it. MR. JAN CARDEN Words cannot describe the help and guidance Mr. Carden has given us during the production of our yearbook. It takes a lot of time to produce a yearbook and Mr. Carden gave a lot of his time and knowledge to the staff in pursuit of a good yearbook. The Vignette staff of 1975 would like to thank him for everything. 99"Daydreaming" lanico Holt and "Dynamic Fruit" Steve Bethea Senior Fashion Drawings"National Brotherhood Week" Deborah Banks Artist Bradford Brown and model Sister Rulanda "Simple Elegance" Charon Watson 101Be like the rain and touch everything Nourish your life and the lives of others.Arts High's Cross Country Team, third place in the Vo-Tech conference, is headed by coach Mr. Marcus and Michael Copeland, captain. Despite a season record of 1 and 8, the team competes well and is comprised of highly competitive members such as seniors Daryl Brooks and Bradford Brown. Any male or female of the student body who is athletically motivated may participate on this team. Stephanie Mann Brad Brown Vanessa McDonald Darryl Brooks Mike Copeland Fronl Row: Vanessa Me Donald, Jerard Dickinson, Daryl Cox, Doug Barnes, Mark Means, and Allen Perry. Back Row: Stephanie Mann, Brad Brown, Mike Copeland, Ricky Washington, Darryl Brooks, Lennie Averett, Peccell Smith. Brian Head, and Mr. Marcus. V, CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 104SOCCER TEAM Darrell Wade Ricardo Sifontes Rennard Baskerville lames Graham Reggie Smith The Soccer Team, coached by Mr. Alamo with the great help from Darrell Wade and Albert Alston, finished the season, with a record of 5 wins, 6 losses and 2 ties. Though defeated 2-1 by East Side, last year's Champs, our team still dominated Newark Tech, West Side, Weequahic and Central. Lawrence JacksonThe Swimming Team, coached by Mr. George Landers, won nine meets and lost only three this season. They finished second in the city finals. This was a fantastic accomplishment since Arts has the smallest team. They obviously are a hard working group. Keith Morrison, Anthony Clark, Jerard Dickinson, Harold Showers, Albert and Wayne Harris and the rest of the team should be congratulated.— BBsTT FENCING TEAM The Fencing Team is looking forward lo next year, after completing a rebuilding season. The team coached by Mr. Liput finished with a record of 2 and 12. Practices are held at Broadway Elementary School, and are open to any student who shows interest and ability. Dairy Jennings is the captain of this team. 107BOWLING TEAM The Bowling Team under the direction of Mrs. Lola )ones had a great season. They held first place all season until they were defeated by Weequahic on the last two days of the season. Steven Jenkins won a trophy for high series in Croup I. Harriet Mervin won in Group II. Kevin Lowther, Mark Janifer and William Thomas each had at least one game of 200 or more. The students demonstrated a tremendous drive to win during the season. They and Coach Jones are to be congratulated for their outstanding achievement. William Thomas Kevin lowther Kennelh Jones Stefanie Minalee 108 Sieve JenkinsCHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders under the guidance of Mrs. Johnson have really added to the excitement at the events they attended. They were a big hit with their gymnastic skills at the Annual Basketball Pep Rally. They also added a great deal of spirit to the team at the Basketball games. The team's fantastic record is an indication of their effect. The school will surely miss the seniors who will be graduating. Best of luck to them. 109Garence Cathright leff Dunn J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM Front row. left to right: Charles Seay, Ralph McNeal, Douglas Bames. Curtis Gilmore, Kenneth Mosley. Standing, left to right: Eri Rollark, Gregory Battle, Charles Crenshaw, Maurice Logan, Reginald Turner, Carlton Clark, Keith Davis, Stewart Williams and Karen Hillman, managers.SCOREBOARD ARTS OPPONENT ‘JO. . . 52 71 45 59 55 52 60 at. 51 72 J5 to Irvington Tech 67 59 53 75 53 91 57 71 35 67 82 91 88 65 58 85 West Side 84 i.l St. Benedicts 58 71 92 61 Oran ire” h9 Daryl Moore The Arts High Basketball Team, led by Marc Davis and Clarence Gathright had an extraordinarily good season. Davis, Gathright, Richard Wilson, Jeffrey Dunn and Sophomore Kevin Giles were the "starting five" who made the victories over West Side, Newark Tech and St. Benedicts as exciting as they were. The many Arts students who attended the home games at Broadway Jr. High helped cheer the team to victories. Coach Alamo and his great team should be confront row. left to right: Kevin Giles, Ronald Robinson, Richard WHon, Reinaldo Alrarez, Clar- gratulated for winning 13 out of 18 ecve Gathright. Sedan Bass. Standing, left to right: Marc Davis, Rennard Baskerville, Alan Perry, . leffrey Dunn. Darrell Moore, Derrick Summertield. Scott Wright, manager and Mr. Alamo, ft3"11 • Coach. lit VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAMGIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 1st row: T.mim Gilbert. Cathy Simmons, Gail McClary. Gwen Austin, Kathy Jacobs. 2nd row: Sharon Fisher, Wanda Bland, Sheri la Randolph, Bonita Ruben, Top row: Ms. Lucas, Kym Carter. Annette Lumford, Bridget Bethea, Stephanie McGregor. 112 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Bridget Bethea Gail McClary Stephanie McGregor Tammy Gilbert Kym CarterTENNIS TEAM Kevin Slater, Ronnie Wingo, Stephanie McGregor. Coach O'Neill, Bradford Brown, Rodney Pate. With the enthusiastic guidance of a new coach. Mi. Dessasau, the Tennis Team of 1973-74 had a very respectable season having a total of 10 wins and 8 losses. Luckily, there will be several outstanding players who will be remaining to play during other seasons. 114Valerie Hayes Nanette Mason Linda Crier Under the skillful coaching of Mrs. Shirley Lucas, the Girls' Track Team has grown to become one of the finest in the city. Last season's record was an out-a-sight 6-1! Seniors Nanette Mason and Beverly Jones earned gold and bronze medals respectively in the 50 yard dash. Valerie Hayes won a bronze medal for high jump. Other outstanding performances helped this group to place 3rd in the city meet. Keep up the good work! Beverly Jones Harriet Hamlin GIRLS' TRACKFirst row. left to right: Sharon Fisher, Patricia Byrd, Cail McCall, I inda Me Daniels, Rhonda C renshaw, Geraldine Battle. Second row: Beverly |oncs, Barbara Hubbard. Third row: Ian Warren, - ngel Fladger, Car-mt n Bonilla, Cheryl Morse, Pat Clanton. Top row Kim Crenshaw, Blondell laylor. Vcrgcan Burr. Beatrice Whitney. Griselda Mitchell. Blondell Taylor Ian Warren ('.nselda Mitchell Gc raldine Battle The Arts High Twirlers, a squad of nineteen girls, under the direction of Miss Sandra Cardella, pul forth a lot of effort this year. With Vergean Burr as captain, and Carmen Bonilla as co-captain, they really got together and came up with some stimulating performances. They performed at the Basketball Pep Rally and also at the Crispus Attucks-Martin L. King Day Parade which has become an annual tradition. TWIRLERS 116Barbara Hubbard Beatrice Whitney VerRean Burr Kim Crenshaw Beverly Jones Carmen Bonilla 117Kneeling, loft to right: Reggie Smith. linwood Hancock, Michael Selph, Francisco Davis. Kevin Dean, AJan Jones. Standing: Mr. Lang, Billy Cray, Darrell Lawson, Ray Alvarez, James Graham. A Reggie Smith Ray Alvarez The Arts High Baseball Team had a very disappointing season in 1974. Many of the outstanding players had graduated. In the rebuilding process, there grew a great togetherness which can only be a good thing. The team is anticipating a much better season in 75. Best of luck to them. BASEBALL TEAMKneeling, left to right: Percell Smith, Mike Copeland, Darryl Sumter, Brian Head, Keith To we, demon ( utlitf. Dwight Davis Standing: Mr. Marius, Gary Harrell, Darrell Wade, Donald Iordan, Darrell Cox. Tommy Cox, Leonard Averett, Hershel Phillips and Mark Means. Mike Copeland TRACK TEAM Arts High's Outdoor Track Team, under the leadership of Mr. Marcus, concluded the 1974 season with a 4-4-1 record. This year's outstanding participants; Steve Kelly, Darrell Wade, Darryl Brooks, Ren-nard Baskerville, Steve Bethea and Mike Copeland were a real help in leading the team to a third place spot in the city and Vo-Tech meets. The Indoor Track Team had a less successful season. They were a hard working and sincere group. Pete Cotlins Darryl WadeIlluminate dark lives, young and old.POPULARITY MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sitting, left to right: Harriet Hamlin 218, Rosalyn Potts 313, John Bennett 313, Nancy Cart 31IL Standing, left to right: Solomon Jackson 318, Larry Mays 310, Booker Miller 318, Charon Watson 310, Kenneth Jones 218, Michelle Me lean 208, Kevin lowther 206, Carla Robinson 319, Oren Griffin 319. Not pictured: Valerie McIntosh B-8, Derek Ra-gin B-8. Sitting, left to right: Harriet Hamlin 218, Karen Baulkman 313, Beverly Jones B-8, Jacqueline Kooncc 319. Standing, left to right: Omegia Ran-dleman 208, Jeffrey Dunn B-8, Belinda Fletcher 310, Isaac Durette 310, Kevin Pope 313, June Bradford 318. Not pictured: Gregory Thompson 319, Jacob Hunter 318, Stephen Alston 208, Michael Braswell 218. BEST LOOKING Sitting, left to right. Deborah Johnson 319, Kendall Griffin 310. Standing, left to right. Belinda Fletcher 310, Vernon Dunn 318, Carmen Bonilla 318, Gail Mcdary B-8, Orlando lee 319, Vicki Arnold 208, Daryl Moore 218, Pamela Hudson 313, Kevin Pope 313, Hariel Hamlin 218. Not pictured: Rennard Basker-ville 208, Noberto Ortiz B-8. 122POLL WINNERS MOST SERIOUS Sitting, left to right: Patricia Booker 310, Pamela Roberson 218, Nancy Carl 318. Standing, left to right: Su ette Harvey 313, Fernando Delgado B-8, Booker Miller 318, Peter Collins 218, Larry Mays 310. Not lectured: Valerie McIntosh B-8, Carla Robinson 319, Charlotte Brown MR. MS. CONGENIALITY 208, Aldolfo Nogucras 313, Bruno Lee 208. Sitting, lefl to right: Omegia Rancfleman 206, Karen Baulkman 313, Jo-lene Battles 310, June Bradford 318, Harry Gray B-8. Standing, left to right: Eva Gaskins 319, k hn Peterson 318, Mary Reeves B-8, Isaac Du-rette 310, John Bennett 313, Terrence Jones 310, Harriet Hamlin 218, Robert Lewis 218. Not pictured: Gregory Thompson 319. BEST DRESSED Sitting, left to right: Kevin Pope 313, Geraldine Gilbert 319, Bruno Lee 208, Gail Mcdary B-8. Standing, left to right: Michelle McLean 208, Carmen Bonilla 318, Vernon Dunn 318 Michelle Conte 313, Charon Watson 310, Kenneth Jones 218, Michelle Weaver 218, Kendall Griffin 310, Harry Gray B-8. Not pictured: Michael Copeland 319. 123POPULARITY MOST ATHLETIC BEST ARTIST Front, left to right: Solomon Jackson 318, Crystal Harris 319, Barbara Hubbard 318, Beverly Jones B-8, Rosalyn Potts 313. Back, left to right: Debbie Banks 310, Michelle McLean 208, Rennard Baskerville 208, Francisco Davis 310, Albert Alston 218, Bradford Brown 319. Not pictured: Yolonda Collier 218, James Ayalla B-8, Leon Wright 313. Sitting, left to right: Linda Crier 310, Gail McClary B-8, Karen Hillman 313, Bradford Brown 319. Standing, left to right: Tammy Gilbert B-8, Stephanie McGregor '208, left Dunn B-8, Nanette Mason 318, Francisco Davis 310. Not pictured: John Bennett 313, Michael Braswell 21a MOST TALKATIVE Front left to right: juanita Daniels 318, Karen Baulkman 313, George Scaife 310. Back, left to right: Jeff Dunn B-8, Diane Gill B-8, John Peterson 31 Not pictured: Michelle Weaver 218, Tammy Gilbert 319, Steve Alston 218, Rhea Davis 208, Michael Simmons 313, Mable Knight 319, Julian Keene 208. 124POLL WINNERS CLASS COMEDIANS Sitting, left to right: Sharon Thomas 310, Karen Raulkman 313, George Scaife 310, Kym Carter 206. Standing, left to right: luanita Daniels 318, Jeff Dunn B-8. Diane Gill B-8. John Peterson 318. Not picutred: Michelle Weaver 218, Tammy Gilbert B-8, Steve Alston 20ft BEST MUSICIAN AND VOCALIST At piano: Stefanie Minatec. Left to right: Jackie Koonce 319, Steve Kelly 319, lulian Keene 208, Omega Randlcman 208, Adrienne Min- alee 313, |une Bradford 318, Pamela Richard B-8. Not pictured: Christina Allen 310, Harold Johnson 318, Darrell Wade 218, Steve lenkins 31ft OTHER WINNERS Sitting, left to right: Derek Ragin (best musician, B-8) Michael Coplin (best dressed, 319) Scott Wright (class comedian and most talkative, 319) lose Martinez (best artist, 318) Standing, left to right: Bridget Bethea (most talkative, 218) Clarence Gathwnght (most talkative and class comedian, 218) Sharon Thomas (most talkative, 310) Kevin Johnson (most athletic. 318) Carla Robinson (best musician, 319). 12STHE SOUNDS THAT MADE IT nan.........................boogie on raggae woman giggles.........-...................bennie and the jets toni.................................three ring circus eva g.........................hang on in there baby redbone...........................standin' on the verge sol...........................let's put it all together it til you're satisfied d...................................ebony princess kay-kay.............................let's make love teddy bear.................................south african man and i got to be the one george....................................side show terry....................just don't want to be lonely jan........................................stop to start chi-chi.........................i feel like making love thing that happened to me mel..........................heaven must be like this al..................................................jive turkey takes a fool reg...................................loving you is easy THE GROUPS THAT DID IT moose........................gladys knight the pips sticks..................................... black byrd j.b..........................graham central station, wind fire qupie...........................................bohannon sha.............................................mandrill jolene-a-bird.....................................Stevie wonder crip................................................ohio players co-co birth stef................................................b.t. express escorts..........................................escorts bean............................................creative source beebe..............................................isley brothers berta.........................................stylistics di...............................................roberta flack moonie..........................................spinners ad jay..-.-........................................rufus magic 126REMEMBER............. ........when harold j. told ms. abos, "i ain't got good english." ........when kevin I's clarinet fell apart in the parade ........the jr. class trip...oooohhhh. ........the arts parties that were better if you stayed home. ........the play "annie get your gun" the night the props started falling. ........the new addition to the school........well. howard quitting every year. ........the walkout we never had. karpen's comrows and jeans. ........robert lewis in african dance. ........the couples who shouldn't have been. Remember how fast the years flew by........remember ....................................... 127Angelina Acocclla David R Adams Mr. Fredrick Adams Antonia Alaces Ki hard Alexander Mr. Will Alexander |r. Christopher AHano Sharon Alston Orlando Alvarado Mr. Arthur Andrews Mrs. Augusta Andrews Mrs. Julia Andrews Vivian C. Andrews Yvonne Andrews Miss Mary Antonucci Mr. Beryl Armm Jerry Armstrong Mrs. Mabel Armstrong Mr. Mrs. John C. Arnold Sr. Family Mrs. Patru ia Arrington Courtney Austin Miss Debra Austin Master lugan little lara Austin Mr. Jonnye D. Austin Mr. Robert C Austin Sr. Robert C. Austin |r. Miss Sheila Austin Michelle Badger West Bakery Gloria Ballard Bertheoia Banks Celeste Banks Dons Banks Katrina Banks Kathie Barciff .Mary Barnes Mrs. Judith Barrett Ms. Vivian L. Bass Mrs. Batten Mr. Mrs. R. Battle Rrmben Battle |r. Ru hard A Battle Robert L. Battle Mrs. luanita Battles Glover Keith Battles Ms. Betty Baurum Carrie Beamon Sandra Bennett Mr. C oga Bertet Maragaret Berkeley Michael Bernard Mrs. A. Berry Mrs. Joan Bethea Rosemary Bethea loyce Beverly Ric k and Beverly Bivens Leslie Bivens Mr. 4 Mrs. John Black Kandv BUkhtj Jean Bohlen Mr Arthur Bolds Jr. Carolyn Bolds Loretta Bond Ins Bonilla Mrs. lydia Bonilla Mrs. Phyllis Booker Shelia Kim Booker Noel Bourne John C. Bowers Mrs. Nancy Smith Bowdre Jerome Bowser Albert Boyd Jeriene Boyd Teresa Branch lacqudinc Braswell lillian Braswell Evelyn X Arthur Bridgetorth Catherine Bndgewaters leRoy Brikus Charles Britt Family Soyed Brollesy Mrs. Bronson Angela I. Brown Mr. Brown Charles Brown Clyde Brown Mrs. Isthcr Brown Family Freddie Brown Hattie Brown Mr. Herbert Brown Mrs. Ida Brown Ms. Ivy Brown Kim Brown Lauretta Brown Mrs. Lena Brown Miss Paulette Brown Mr. R Brown Venessa Brown Ms. Velma Brown Danielle Burhanan Godfrey Burke Ms. Ayanna Efae Burr Mr. Cecil Burr Sr. Mr. Cecil Burr |r. Mr. Eugene Burr Mrs. Joyce K. Burr Mrs. lessie M. Burr Ms. Shaneen Jatvvan Burr Mrs. Ernestine Burton Jacqueline Burton Joanne Burton Family Harold Busch Edward Caffce Mr. Albert W. Calvin Patricia Campbell Thomas I. Campbell Al Caradino Roberto ( arboncll Miss Sandra Cardella Darnell Carey June C aldwell Tony Robert Carlisle Mildred and Cados Mr. Mrs. VI. Catlucci Ms. Denise Michelle Carr Mrs. Denora C arr Ms. Sabrina Roshelle Carr C'harlie Carter Mrs. Dora C arter Lawrence Carter family Osborne Carter Phillip Carter Mrs. Sara Carter Wanda C arter Mr. Ernest ( lumbers Florine Chance Diane Chavis Chemistry Penod 4 Chemistry Period 5 Chemistry Period 7 Mrs. Venskus Wanda Cheo Deon Cheryl Kim ( houpaci I isa Christable Mrs. Ginnie Cisco Mr. Carlton Clark letta M. Clark lewis C lark Mr. V Mrs. Clinton H. Clarke Sr. Mr. A Mrs. Clinton H. Clarke Jr. Evelyn CJarke Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Clarke Mrs Jean Cleveland Michael P. Ccxca Jr. Mrs. Geraldine Cody Mr. John Cody Mr. Geo Cole Ruby I. Collier Chavonne Collins Davorine Collins Delores Collins Gwendolyn Collins Mane Collins Stephanie Collins Mr. Loretta Conliffe Mrs. Marie Conte Mrs. Cook luggie and Cookie Mrs. Helen Codack Alliert Cooper Fred Cooper Mrs. Delores Coppock Miss Dorothea Coppoc k Mrs. Hattie I. Coppock Mr. John M. Coppoc k Sr. Mr. John M. Coppock |r. Norman Cosley Mrs Robin Coxson Bessie Craig Rhonda Crenshaw Dr. Mrs. Asa H. Crews Donna P. Crews Mr. Henry Crews Mr A Mrs. John A. Crews Mr. Allan Crump Mrs. Wynell Crump l emse C'rute Mrs. Mary Crute Mrs. Cunningham Mary Cunningham Muriel Curry Bernard ( ulhberl Kenneth Cuthbort Mrs. Addie Daniels Hanford Daniels Marjorie Daniels Mrs. Bura Davis Clifton Davis Ethan Hellie Davis Glenn Davis lorry Davis Mr. Oscar Davis Mrs. Shirley Davis Wayne Davis L. Dawson Ora Dawson The IX laney Family Mrs. Madilinc DelCeurico James Derncottc Mr. Desseseau Mr. Thelma Deterville Claire Paul DeVore Pat Dihiase Douglas Dickerson Sonny Dix Brenda Dixon Helen Dolan Richard A Dolan Ms. Barbara Doleman Mary Dotch Cathy Downey Josejjhine Drayton Valerie M. Drayton Donna and Drew BOOSTERSMrs. Irene Drennen The Duncan Family Mr. Albert Eaddv Daniel Faddy lizzie Eaddy Daisy laddie Splora lady Mr. Clarence Edmundson Thomas Edna Norma Edreira Phillis J fllam Greg EIIK loe Ellis Audrey Flivti Virginia Epps H. Esposito Mr. A Mrs. Philip Estrada Miss Elisa Evans Floyd Evans Jr. Ted Evanski Fabric aloe Monir Fahmy. M.D. Mrs. Della farmer Mr. William I armer Louis Fattorusso Michelle Featherstone Mrs. |. Ferguson lulian Fernandes Sylvia Fields Carlos Figueroa Joyce A. Findley Dr. Allred E. Finn Mrs. Levina Fishley D.M.S. Foods Miss laryn Ford Elfie Freeman Elizabeth Freeman Kathryn C.adson Mr. Willie Gainnr Eugene C Gale Bill Ganizer Alice Cans!or Mrs. (hc ryl Ciardn« r Mr. Clifford Gardner Catherine Carnes Mrs. Mable Gary Mr. Frank Gass Mrs. E. Gibson Cynthia, Diane, Pamela GUI JoyceFyn T. Gill I bonus Q. Gill Clanton Charlie Clanton Cyrenthia Renee Clanton Elise Clanton Isreal Clanton Patricia Clanton Troy A Rico Clanton Mrs. Ruth Colden Den Gnlaman lose Gonzalez Ann E. Gooden Mtss Ciordon Johnnie Gordon Valerie Z. Corgynskl Cherry Crahain Dons C.ranl ,Mr. William Grant Winston Grant Mr. Robert Gray Mr. A Mrs. Charles Green Miss Joan Denise Green Mr. Mrs. John Green Mrs. Angel ine Greene Mr. A Mrs Wallace Green Jr. Jerome Greenhouse Mrs. Ounce Gregory Rev. LE. Gregory Tamar Gresham Sandy Greshen Mrs. Lucille Grier Robert Grier Robert Grier Jr. Stella Grier Mr. Griffin Bennorr« s Griffin Corded I. Griffin Martha Griffin Herman Grundy Mike Guglidmiuo Charles Guilt-tie Mr. Hose Guiette Simmie Guilette Bernice Guv B. Hago Z.-pora Hall Mrs. Charlotte Halloway Ernestine Hamlin Mrs. Hammonds Mr. Andrew Hand Mr. Junrous Hand Mrs. Lillian Hand Mr. Gus Hankerson Mary A Curtis Haper Timothy Hardwith Mrs. Nathlie Harford Mr. Thomas Harford Mrs. Annie Hargrave WaMcy Harkeem Margaret Harper Mrs. Olivea Harper Mrv G Harrington William Harrington Hilly Harris Frank Harris Mr. George W. Harris Mr. A Mrs. John Harris I atasha Shuron Harris Mr. A Mrs. Richard Harris Rose Harris Mrs. Sarah Hams Tina Hams Ann Harrison John Hastie Beverly Haustor Mrs. Betty Hawkins Sarah Hawkins Norman Mayes Mr. A Mrs. Louis Henderson Al Heriot Mrs. Jacqueline Hicks Carol Higgins Mrs. I. Higgins Annie Doris Hill Marine Hill Mary A Susan Ffmlon Sonje Hodges Mrs. Elvira Holder Pamelea Holland Mrs. Rinda Holland Mr. Antione Holloway EsIeMe Holmes Mrs. Alice Holt Mr. Jessie I. Holt Sr. Mr. lessie I. Holt Jr. Mrs. Yvette C. Holt Mary Hooper Mrs. Horward Roger Hoskins Rosalyn Hoskins Wayne Hoskins Peter |. Van Houten Mrs. Lillian Howard •Mrs. V. Howard Jimmie Howell Mr. James Howerton Mr. A Mrv David Hudson Sr. Miss I aurrtta Hudson Mr. Leo Hudson Miss Marta Hudson Miss Pamela A. Hudson Miss Rita Hudson Mrs. Calvin C Hughes Chnstopher Ida Sancka, Sherrie, A I.M.S. lewis Ireland Mr. Israel Mr. Arzie Jackson Deloe. Jackson James Jac kson Kathryn A Tina Jackson Mrs. M. Jackson Mr. R. Jackson Mr. A Mrs. Harry James Olga Jam« s Hillside Jaycees Eric Jinsbey Charles lenkins Herk lenkins lillette Jenkins Mr. Darry Jennings Mr. Aldrian Johnson Mrs. Bernice Johnson Mrs. Clara Johnson Claire Johnson •Mrs. D. Johnson Mr. Darryl Glen Johnson [X nise Johnson Mrs. (.erakfme lohnson ■Mr. A Mrs. Henry lohnson Miss Jennifer Johnson Mr. John A. Johnson Sr. Mr. |ohn A. Johnson Jr. Juanita Johnson Mr. L.J. | 4mson Jr. Mary A. Johnson Pete Johnson Mr. Reginald D. Johnson Miss Anna E. Jones Ms. Annie J. Jones Audrey |. Jones Bertha Jones Clarence Jones Djuna lonos Eddie I. Jones Mrv Emily Jones Mrs. Exia Jones Mr. A Mrv Joseph Jones Mr. Jubious Jones Mr. Kenneth Jones Miss Mamie |ones Marjorie Jones Melvenia Jones Mr. A Mrv Melvin Jones A Family Ms. Natasha Lashawn Jones Phyllis lones Mr. Reggie D. Jones Terrence Jones Ak-asij Jordan Martha Iordan Toni Jordan Vernon Joyner Edith Judd Laura Kearney Evelyn Keith BOOSTERSYolanda Keith lames h.Ry Mi. A AW . C K.lian L«jra King ' . King Mr. 0 arlckl|K4e(''' Rev. klcnu-a|r Mr A Mrvw Knight . Paul and Bonut.i Knox Laura Kuehy Mr A Mrs. Jerry lacosto . Bob.lament FmHk r Umpey Rev D lane . tavsrinre lang "% Tom Sr Rocra Undid LA s if. ‘ Nfcfc x la r y (JFW tail uni v.r Umn Lsli lla I ear) fifu.l Iff •Mrs. Helen lemon Miss Ihomadna Lemon Sara Leon Ferrell Lester Mrv Louise leverett Mr. |. Lillis Nant A Ilien lindsev Marva Logan Bern A Lome Mrs. Muriel Lovell Mr. Alex I owe Estelle Lowery Mr. A Mrs. Avant lowther Sr. Mr. A Mrs. Avanl lowther Jr. Barry lowther Miss Deborah lowther WHford Lowther Shirley Lucca ■Mary Lwser Mr. Ldward Mace Mrs. Melissa Mace Essie Mack V. Mark Dour VV. Ma key Helen Mackey Melvma Madden t ekial Madison Mrs. Frances Major Mr. John Major Mrs. Louise Major ZakJa Maldonado Martha Maninbing Mrs. William Mangum tr. Robert Manlaquc Mr. Emanuel Mar us Mrs. Louise Mjrbm .Mabel Marrison Alice Martin Cinny Martucci Michael Massey Minnie Mafara zo Minnie Matara o Mrs. Hester Me Bee Elliott Me Hendon Ron McCloud Miss Shirley McCloud Miss Tom McCloud Ronald McCoy Giselle McCray Miss Josertr McCuJIers Mr. Lamofta McCullers I louise M Daniel lui ieda McEat hin Mrs J. Metachin Mr Willie McElrov Robert lee McEadden II Donna McGregor William A Iva Mr Gregor Lillian McIntosh Mrs. Donna McKutna Ian Me Nealy Rodney McNr'l Uk Mr A Mrs. Wlbur Mctftil Mrs. Billie McPherson Eunice McPherson Mrs. RMlie McPherson Mr Samuel Me I Melil.s George Merritt Arthur Mersier Valerie Mu hell Mr. Andrew Miles Reginald Vtiles Beyariv Miller Theodore Miller Jr. N. Mills A Family Shirley Milton Nicky Molar Mr. Mondalto C. la Momid Miss Kimberlyn Montford Atom's Candy ( orner Carrie Moore Donna Moore K1K1 Moore |r. Mr. Norman Moore Mr. Mrs. Robert Moore Rose Mora no Mrs Mel zinc Morgan Torn A Fred Morris Bernice Moss Marie Minatee Pearl Minatee Stacey Minatee Steven f Minatee Steven K. Minatee F. Min.w Douglas Mimbo Adrian Zan Mitchell (arolyn Mitchell Grace Murrell r % Anthony A Rose Christopher Patti Dennis A Linda Pa Mr Mrs Joseph Richard Pearson Mr Roller! lee Pear Mr A Mrs Joseph Pe Peoples Pi Perez •len Perry Tvie Par Mary Pershay., Mr ken Peterson Phylis Peterman Alex Pettiford Betty Philipps Miss Carolyn Phillips EthH Philips Sheila Phillips Sheria Phillips Cadene W. Piece e Patricia Pilgrim Ms Gertrude Pittman Mrs. Mary E. Pitts .Mrs Shirley Plant Miss Margaret D. Pleasant Sal, Nwk. Mounted Police Carl Porrino Lvcttc Polls Mrs loan Powell _ i h.k l PoweH Mrv Willard Pringle Kojack A Pudge Denise Quarles Aida and Raheent Ellis G Rainey Ellw M Ramey Elba Ramize Geo Rand H. Rasbf Anne Raybon Hdaine Raybon George Reddick Miss Waltermae Rcddt k Pudding Reeves Mr. Matthew Redmond Miss Monica Redmond Mrv Rosalyn Kecknond Gerald Murry Alex Nare Arnold Nash |r. Mary Natali Miss Rhonda Yvette NebWetl George Niear Mr. A Mrs. C Nixon Mr. Edward Noil M. Nuvenski Miss Mildred Nunn Mr. William Ochs Mrs Kjreiha Oldham Mrs. Arlene O'neal Evelyn Ordh Joe Omx’ Mr. A Mrs. I Oppenlteim Sweet Pam tarry A Pam S. ID Parks Mr. A Mrs. Ihornas Parks Mrs. Williams Parks Mrs. G Page Kathryn John Palmaroz O Delores Palmisano Nettie A Rolx rt Panic Oscar I Pate lx.1.1 Patillo Revelation Baptist Church Pelar Reyes Ann Reynolds Eva Rirhardella Miss Denise C. Richardson Mr. Ejneagg Richardson leuveisc Richardson Miss Rose C. Richardson Pamela Riley EdcMKivers Mrs. A. Roberson Anthony Roberson Joel Roberson Mr. John Roberson limothv Roberson Mr. Mrs. Roberts Mr. Alpheus Robinson Sr. Miss Deborah Robinson Mr. A Mrv John Robinson Jr. Marla A. Kenneth Robinson Louise Robinson Marty R( button Mrs Oil. Rottoon Rosita Robinson lose Roche Pedro Roche Pauline Rodgers i BOOSTERS Melissa Doreen Rodngtm Ijohn K«im;uei Kuthte M. Ro Renee I Miss uHH kin.- Roger Wj'( Roljitda I Anna Ro S U s loetiJ M. Ros$ I nw Ross fcftyie Kuwe Vinuo Roy al Mr. Mrs. M O Ryan Dr. Allxft S .lies Albert S« ales Jr.. Mr. Jefir.-y Scales Mrs. loan Scales Mr. Adams Schuler HJWa Schwaru ' Mr. Donne. Scoff fey C Sedman Mildred Segarr foxy O. SerpjJ Rev Mr Granville Seward Ernestine M. Shaba Hal Shapiro Mr A, Mrs sheppard John shore |r. Mr. n Mrs Edgar Shorter Rosemary siders I'll I Silverman Christine Simmons Deborah Srmmons Don :hy Simmons Mr, Rev. Simmons Mr. Enia Srmon Sandra Srnkler Blanc he Skinner Miss Thomasma Sipper Kevin M. Slater Mrs. Bessie Small Berth Smith Candy Smith Charlene Smilh E. Smith Gregory Smith Mr. Mrs. H. Smith Mrv Henrietta I Smith lames Smith Jessie Smith (Candv) Julia smith loretta Smith Mrs. Patsy Smith Rev. A Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. A Mrs. Z. Smith Smittv Mr. Mrs. Louis Snead l nie snowder Mr. Mrs. S Evelyn Lauren Horea Spearman Ira Speeder Louis Spindler Sputhik Mr. Mrs. Ernest St.mb Thelma Stapli Mrs. States Maudx R. Shnton BOOSTERS Mr.Richard State n ijpNl If iW uui ison ■pi Hill Stiles Jr James Stokes v Jr Jennifer strothet Ethel Strickland Sy Josephus Mruggler . . JL A — Mrs. Julia SttBfMKfc y V C C. Rising Sun ' Nancy Suggs■+•+ Carl Swanson Mmi Connie TaUuci Miss Pauline Talucci Stephen E. Tarver III the fate family Carol V Taylor Mr. George R. Taylor CJen layl«»r Mrs Uxraine Taylor Mark Taylor yY Robert Taylor Scdj laylor Wiliam Taylor Mr. JBuwn Nasia I HI air Mrs Elsie W. Terry Mr. Mrs Donald Thomas Hattie Thomas Mary Ihornas Stanley Thomas ,4 • Mrs. Hattie Thompson » |KiV Ronmc Thompson j ™ Shirley Thompson Mr. Mrs. lennuat I. TiBet Ralph Marvin loma rint ioma tone ! v , Mr. Edgar S. Trinimel'Sr. Mrs. E.S. Irunmef Mrs. Ida Trussder Mr. Carl Nathan Tucker Counulrnan Donald Tuck r Donald Tucker-Council Hattie Tucker Henry Tucker Lillian Tucker Miss Patricia Ann Tucker Mr. Woody Tucker Mr. A Mrs. Tuncll 8. |.( Turner Mr. A Mrs. R. Turner Mrs. Salke Turner Mr. Mrs. William Turner Mrs. Turpin Mrs. Pearl Types Grace Tyrrell Ms. f. Underwood Vailshurg H.S. Wanda V Vanny Miss Donna Marie Vaughan Miguel Angel Veligques .Margarita Virvet Adeline VMeNo D. Wack- tou is Wade Jr. Al Walker DeWitt Walker Jimmie Walker Mr. Reggie Walter Mrs. Delons Wall I Jf w Martin Walt Arthur I. Warren Cedric Warren Donokf Evelyn Warren Ms. Gwendolyn A Warren Verna Warren Joseph T Washington Mr. Napaleon Washington Curtis Watkins Deborah Watson Mrs. Fannie Watson Mr. k Mrs I Watson lorrame Watson Shirley Watson Mr. A Mrv J. Wafts. Mr. Ernest Weaver Jean Webster Rodger Well Martin W.-st Mr. A Mrv Haro'd Wharton Mr m Wheaton V Mf'- R- Wheaton Ijjeanne A. White D« lores Whitehead Mr. Mrs. I Whitney Stella Wi. ker Evelyn Wilcox Deloros William Jf Joe William W Almamous, Dawn; RuUi Wifcrns f Mrs. Anna Williams Mrs Brenda William Brian Williams W I Eddie Williams ' George Williams J.B. Williams %] Mi John Williams H Karen L. Williams Mary Wilfiams Ms Mary Williams Mickey Williams 7S' Pat Arthur Williams Ri hard Williams II Stewart Williams Mrs. Vera Williams Cynthia A Rasheed Willis Elena Wilson Mr. Mossard Wilson Renee WAbon Mr. Ronald Wilson Vanessa Wihon Vida Wilson Esther Wine kler Mrs. Wintrey Judy Wingfield A Ira A Pat Wiss Joan Woo Agnus Wood William Wooten |r. Master I nsjyne F Worslc-s Mr. Mrv Grant Wonlt-y Roy V. VWight Rev. Mrs. Grady Yeargm Jr. v. I loyd Young Mr. 7algski W Mr. Sdward tiering There} A loc ito Hittdflr 1 • ilones, Beverly Dancy, Deborah Hamlin, Harriet Johnson, Deborah Agricola. Derrick Allen, Cristina Alston, Albert Ah ton. Slept ten Arnold, Victoria Austin, Valerie Ayla, lames Baerga, Peter Banks, Dr borah Barnes, Dana Baskervillc, Rennard Battle. Geraldine Battles, Jolene Baulkman, Karen Bell, Rhonda Bennett, John Benson, Robert Bethea, Bridget Bethea. Steve Bonilla. Carmen Booker. Patricia Bradford, lune Bradley, Darnell Braswell, Michael Bright, Sharon Brooks. Daryl Brown, Alice Brown, Bradford Brown, Charlotte Burr, Vergean Campbell, Everett Carl. Nancy Carter. Kim Chandler, Deborah Collier, Yolanda Collins, Pete Conte, Michelle Copeland, Michael Crenshaw, Kim Daniels. Juanita Davis, Francisco Davis, Mark Davis, Regina Davis. Rhea 17f 2 South 17th St. 1171-0263 Delgado, Fernando 215 Montclair Ave. 482-8711 17 Gladstone Ave. 399-7174 Diaz, Fernando 28-A Vanwagenen St. 481-0082 407 South 14th St. 621-8427 Dickenson, Blaine 117 Goldsmith Ave 921-7254 654 South 15th St. 248-2%2 Dicks. Michael 214 Prince St 241-3641 266 Osbourne Terrace 242-S740 Doster, Melvin 51 Mercer St. 624-3119 122 Osbourne Terrace 241-8479 Dunn. Jeffrey 9 North Hawthorne lane 92 7th Ave. 12-A 481-5149 Dunn, Vernon 149 So. 8th St. 624-5192 44 Ludlow St. 824-4697 Durrette, Isaac 1516 Compton Terr. 923-0589 255 South 18th St. 174-7025 Eubanks, David J76 Leslie St. 923-9565 162 North 6th SL 482-9209 Fletcher, 1 ranees 118 Camdt-n St. 622-6511 97 Ludlow St. = 2-E . Carnes, Russell 254 Prince St 824-1665 511 Clinton Ave. »41 243 8013 Gaskins, Eva 613 So. 20th SI. 375-2766 76B South 12th St. 242-0592 Cathnghl. C larence 6611th Ave. 642-1169 71 Quitman St. 621-8363 Gibson. Renee 224 W cequahic Ave. - 11 Vincent Court . Gilbert, Geraldine 10 Baldwin Ave. 242-4846 11 Burks Place 373-3735 Gill. Diane 357 15th Ave. 248-5942 181 Seymour Ave. 242-0747 Clanton, Patricia 186 Lehigh Ave. 92J-1976 158 Sherman Ave. 242-2906 Graham, |ames 212 Fairmount Ave. 622-0321 460 Leslie St 923-5507 Gray, Harry 1720 So. 15th St. 824-4447 1129 Bergen Si 926-5109 Greene. Lauren 22 Vassar Ave. 926-1746 115 Norfolk St. . Grier. 1 inda 180 James Si. »2-C 621-1689 222 Chancellor Ave 923-1550 Griffin, Aleta 555 Elizabeth Ave. 926-5572 11 Isebclia Ave. 199-922 ) Griftm. Kendall 151 Mapes Ave. 923-1697 5S Chelsia Ave - Griffin, Oren 21 1 2 St. Frances St. 144-1541 149 Lyons Ave. 173-3144 GuHette, Yolanda 48 University Ave. 624-9087 251 Ellis Ave. - 7 Hargrove, Michelle 440 Elizabeth Ave. =22-B 248-3760 501 15th Ave. 242-3418 Harris, Crystal 72 Lanark Ave. 374-1491 547 15th Ave. 242-2951 Harris, Edward 61 Beverly St. 371-1079 82 North 11th St. - Harris, Stephanie lit Mi Pleasant Ave. 485-9129 440 Elizabeth Ave. =6-D 242-5778 Harvey, Suzzctto 331 11th Ave. 621-9628 207 Broad St. 484-9781 Hayes, Valerie 88 Van Ness Place 242-4018 281-So. 10th St. 643-6587 Hill, Jacqueline 10 Cypress Street 399-2937 297 Chadwick Ave. 824-2091 Hillman, Karen 171 Ridgewood Ave 243-1901 440 Elizabeth Ave. 21-A 242-1946 Holt, lanice 76 Gralton Ave. 485-7161 178 Badger Ave 248-5181 Holt, Joyce 62 Clinton PI. 371-0213 53 Halsted St 373-0191 HuMurd, Rarbara 79 West Kinney St. 621-1732 ft2 No. Munn Ave. 171-8736 Hubbard, Carolyn 19 Lincoln St. 12-A 621-9118 244 Chadwick Ave. 243-0712 Hudson, Pamela 140 Coldsmilh Ave. 921-2029 178.Prince St 243-5216 Hunter. Jacob 229 Bruce St. 242-3525 15 Hinsdale Place 483-3179 lackson, Lawrence 87 Aldine St 923-5207 202 i9th Ave. 399-4963 Jackson, Solomon 411 So. 15th St. 641-2533 51 Mulford Ave. 243-6696 lenkins, Steven 819 So. 19th St. 126 So. 1 Jth S«. 481-1155 lohmon, Harold 65 Mercer St. 642-5329 51 No. 7th St. 485-4569 Johnson, Ke in 170 Mapes Ave 926-2614 440 Washington St -21-K 677-4520 Jones, Allen 206 Howard St. 222 North 5th St. 484-0504 lones, Kenneth 107 Spruce St. «1-B 177 Norwood St. 399-2815 Jones, lerrence 282 Dayton Si. 824-2429 452 Highland Ave. 481-6442 Joyner, Jencll 179 Summer Ave. 481-4575Keene, Julian 99 Hansbury Ave. 923-0905 Keene, Marcoiia 202 So. 10th St. . Kelly, Joel 12 Sheffield Dr. 482-2571 Kelly. Sleven 204 Hansbury Ave. 926-4309 Knight, Mabk 15 Hansbury Ave. 926-3683 Koonce, Jackie 231 So. 7th St. 643-2176 Larkin ;, Belinda 87 So. I4«h St. 485-6338 Lawrence, Sandra 169 Clinton PI. 923-7730 I ayton, Keith 303 Morris Ave. 243-569} Lee, Anthony 773 So. 12th SI. 372-900 ) Lee, Bruno 84 Barclay St. 242-4793 Lee, Orlando 11 1 ongworth St. . lessane, Robert 118 Barc lay SL 243-2881 lewis, Robert 63 Jacob St. 242-1296 little, Barry 309 Chadwick Ave. 242-0960 toll, Toni 30 No. 4th St. 484-5801 Lowther, Kevin 74 So. 10th St. 483-1747 Martinez, Jose 53 Mercer St. . Mason, Nanette 371 Voochees St. 371-7162 Mayo, Charles 44 Eckert Ave. 824-4754 Mays, Larry 99 Court St. 643-0897 Mays, Theron 260 Ellis Ave. 399-0107 McClain, Oscar 677 So. 17th St. 375-1121 Me Clary, Gail 611 High St. 20-1 624-2061 McGregor, Stephanie 673 So. 11th St. 242-1601 McIntosh, Valerie 357 So. 9th St. 643-4811 McLean, Michelle 365 Schley St 923-4256 McLendon, Marva 712 Clinton Ave. 271-3614 McPherson, Helena 171 So. 9th St. 64 3-5727 Mercado. Ramona 1380 Doromus PI. 923-1915 Miller, Booker 588 So. 18th St. 373-8991 Minatee, Adrienne 58 No. Munn Ave. 375-6839 Minatee, Stefanic 14 Edwin Place 923-0359 Mitchell, C.risclda 121 Mapes Ave. 92 3-3 341 Moore-, Curtis 114 Hawthorne Ave. 242-3976 Moore, Daryl 17 Weequahic Ave. . Moses, Cheryl 3 Ferdinand Si. 374-6711 Mosley, Alessandra 190 Johnson Ave. 242-1752 Nogueras, Adolfo 9 Horatio Court . Odom. Chiquita 94 W. Alpine St. 243-0629 Ortiz, Norberto 83 Winthrop St. 483-3052 Patti, Gary 25 Dover St. 374-5807 Peterson, John 46 Nye Ave. 242-1358 Pope, Kevin 920 So. 20th St. 375-1816 Polls, Rosalind 178 Waverly Ave. 242-5582 Pringle, Neptune 364 Dayton St. 248-9061 Pugh, Dorette 298-A North 5th St. . Ragin, Derrick 26 Cypress St. 399-05 27 Rainey. Elizabeth 59 t incoln St. 622-7561 Randle man. Omega 392 Fairmount Ave. 242-3735 Reeves Mary 66 Keer Ave. 926-3937 Richard, Pamela 121 Spruce St. 248-0138 Robinson, Carla 74 1 2 9th Ave. 482-1889 Rodgers, Rodney 207 Fairmount Ave. 622-7821 Rodriguez, Zulima 39 Oxford St. -F-1 589-6347 Scaife, George 63 Tellinghast St. 374-7750 Scales. Roberta 78 Farley Ave. 242-8838 Sebum, Donald 740 So. 8th St. 372-4307 Sdph, Michael 1 West Alpine St 242-7249 Sessoms, Earl 204 Orange St. 621-8332 Sherman, Leon 88 Avon Ave. 242-8346 Sifontes, Ricardo 87 Grand Ave. - Simmons, Michael 808 So. 12th St. 242-7006 Smith, Constance 61 Hillside Ave. 248-0714 Smith, Reginald 66 Stockton Place 675-4910 Spann, Diane 6 Tichernor PI. 746-1637 Stcwarl, Sandra 10 Schuyler Ave. J71-338B Stone, Robin 22 Columbia Ave. 673-5610 Taylor, Blondell 121 So. 13th St. 482-9546 Thomas, Charcn 222 No. 5th St. 484-0501 Thomas, William 121 Spruce St. 2484217 Thompson, Gregory 179 Ellis Ave. 399-8647 Tosone, Rolanda 311 Goldsmith Ave. - Trimmel, Nadine 76 Stone St. 483-5157 Tucker, Bcttye 91 Somerset »C 6 243-4071 Turner, Ronald 15 Gladstone Ave. 375-6393 Wade. Darrell 59 Homestead PK. 371-44 4 Walker. Dianne 159 Pennsylvania Ave. 248-3178 Warren, Janiera 128 So. 13th St. 484-7573 Watson, Charon 71 Quitman St. 621-7115 Weaver, Michelle 21B1 Jansbury Ave. 923-0063 Weaver, Shery l 122 Fabyan PI. Whitney, Beatrice 48 3rd St. 483-3779 Williams, Michelle 715 High St. 624-4342 Williams. Operadella % Eaton Place 675-6680 Williams, Vera 28 College PI. 624-6417 Wilson, Richard 229 So. 10th St. 643-1209 Worskry, Valerie 9 Schuyler Ave. 374-6616 Wnght, Leon 300 So. 7th Si. 923-9252 Wright, Scott 280 Prince St. 248-1584 Senior Class DirectoryLORSTAN STUDIOS 856 BROAD STREET NEWARK, N.J. 643-9787 All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time. Special student discounts on wedding pictures.

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Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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