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VIGNETTE 1974 Annual Publication of the Senior Class Arts High School Newark, New- Jersey Editor-in-Chi Assistant Edit Ariv or Art Staff ...................Diane Will ........................Vain's s» .............................Mr Jartta Literary Staff N Rochelle Fousheo Michelle Muldrow Vickie Parker Reinaldo Padilla Donna Davis Louis Allen Photography Staff Doifca Davis Louis Allen $efnaldo Padilla Robert Lewis Mrs. Vivian McDuffie Mr. Jan Carden Beverly l a Vernell Ruth Marth irolyn Lowe Ca. Vickie Parker Phyllis Holloman eryl Pomphv ' Che Rene Bynum M 1 Valerie Hooper Heather Lee Donna Lee Margaret F.I Shelly Jac k Patrisha Brunson All verses written by Stevie Wonder. wr v 1 v: — The Class of l‘ 74 renu mbers with sorrow, the sudden death of our fellow classmate', Myron Williams. One thing that came above all was Myron's love for music. He also had a deep liking for all kinds of sports. Quiet and sensitive, Myron will never be forgotten. He left in cjur memories the impression of a love that one should always have for the field he plans to pursue. After the yearbook was completed, the students and faculty of Arts High were greatly saddened by the death of Cheryl Venable, a member of the senior class. We will all miss her generosity and warm smile. . . .All is changed with time, The future none can see . • •. . . the road youleave behind . . .. . . . ahead lies mystery. People hand in hand, Have I lived to see the K8f 1 S • i ■ y - ■ «" v « »... ifc'tfirmilk and honey land? ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTHIITON J. OTERO Principal Socrates said that there was only one good, namely knowledge; and only one evil, namely ignorance. Mr. Otero has tried to implant in us the good, and dismiss the evil. Through his patience, understanding, and dedication to the student body, and his confidence in our abilities, we are progressing toward that ultimate knowledge of what is good and right for us and the world. 10GEORGE STEISEL Vice-Principal Mr. Steisel, a devoted and well regarded man, has spent many long and didicult hours in sincere dedication to the students of Arts High. Our problems have become his problems, our goals and aspirations have become his interests. We thank you Mr. Steisel. ALFREDO GENTILE Teacher to Assist Principal Mr. Gentile will always be remembered as a strong, but fair man. who has the interest and the goals of the students in mind at all times. Much time and effort is needed to make a school such as ours run smoothly. A great deal of the credit for this belongs to Mr. Gentile. nLANGUAGES Mrs. Feldman, Mr. Williams and Miss Baulkman 1?MUSIC Sitting. Mr. Singer, Mr Howard. Standing: Mr. Karpen, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs Block and Mr. Klelis Mr. Calvin. Miss Theisz. Mr. Kurtz, Miss Meyerson and Mr. Piazza MATHEMATICS 13SCIENCE COMMERCIAL Mrs. Kilter and Mr. Palmer uENGLISH Seated: Mrs. Douglin, Mrs. Murray. Standing: Miss Rad. Miss Abos, Miss Capers. Mrv Neuss and Mr. Heck Mrs. Lucas. Mr Ha zard, Mrv Green. Mr lang and Mrs. Jones HEALTH AND PHYS. ED PRACTICAL ARTS Miss Cardella. Clothing, and Mr. Marcus. Industrial Art ISSECRETARIES Mrs. Doughtie Mrs. Zones OFFICE AIDES MM Mrs. Street and Mrs. lozito LIBRARIANS POOL SUBS 16x MINGS Sealed: Mr. Alamo. Mrs. Bohannon. Mrs. Oprysk. Standing: Mr. Landers and Mrs. Barrett GUIDANCE Mrs. tang, Social Worker SECURITY Mr. Rhim, Mrs. Cantrell, Mr. Cocca NURSES Mrs. DeVito Mrs. Powell 17SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS Miss Baulkman 204 Mr. Kurtz 215 Miss Cuyler i14SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR MISS ADRIENNE RAFF We, Ihe senior class of 1974, are very fortunate to have had an advisor like Miss Raff. Being senior class advisor is a difficult and time consuming job. The class trip, prom, class day, graduation and many other activities were supervised by Miss Raff. Her unselfishness and concern for our welfare will always be appreciated. J9Where hate's a dream and love forever stands Or is this a vision in my mind?Robin Dawson SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT ROBIN TERESA DAWSON "terry" "girl, i'm upset!" . . . triendly. positive, and very outgoing . . "terry" K a Ico . . . takes pleasure in sewing, writing, and keeping active . . . she’s seeking a career in journalism and communications. SENIOR CLASS TREASURER DOREEN E. FLETCHER "furu-shce-do" "i'll be doggone" ... a friendly sensitive, and humorous arien . . . enjoys music, the mets. and basketball . . . thinks a lot of dehra, janice, ruby, dean, and sieve . . . plans to pursue a nursing career. Doreen Fletcher Yi William Allen SENIOR Cl ASS VICE-PRESIDENT WILLIAM D. ALLEN, JR. "will" "what it is" . . . understanding pisces . . . associated with linwood, alvin, florine, and denise . . . music, history, and lunch are favorites . . . slock analysis or law are career possibilities. SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY SABRINA SLATER "brinie beanie" "how should i know!" . . . kind, but stubborn; sincere, and sensible . . . taurus, the bull . . , eula, earlena, vivian. pam. sheldon. and carolyn are ususally near . . . plans to become a social worker. Robin. Percy ami SabrinaRobin Abernathy ROBIN ABERNATHY "renee" j true taurus who is easy lo laugh . . . donna d.. mallory. michael k., william a., billy, and I in wood are in close touch . . . mr. slavitt, mrs. venskus, and mrs tso are also favorites . . . plans to go into fashion illustrating. DOUGLAS JOSEPH AUSTIN "doug" a lun-k ving sagittanan who likes indoor and outdoor track, and basketball . . . usually associated with rick, william, le Terrell, pam, and donna . . . has spent several years as the head of the stage crew. Douglas Austin Louis Allen IOUIS ALLEN II "lou" Avow! what can i say?" ... a quiet and moods aquariuv . . . says knowledge- and learning is the key to unity, freedom, and self help . . . louis' main partners arc- mi-chael walton. frank smalhsood. and linda . . . parents have influenced him most . . . psychiatry and music arc- future goals PATRICIA ANNETTE BARNES pal" a forceful taurus who enjoys debating and cooking . . . tasontc teachers include miss abos. mrs. venskus. and mr. howard . . . most admires leonard chislum . . . plans to become a pediatrician. Patricia BarnesDenise- Barron DENISE BARRON "red barron" "randv. slop, lhat tit kies!" . . . gemmi . . . enjoys tennis, swimming, decorating her room and wrestling . . sweet but evil . . . main triends are randy smith, ronnell bey, tinkie, emerson. linwood, jackie and eula. RONNELL BEY "ronnie" "oh, miss thing" ... a friendly, loving and warm loo . . . dislikes phonies who always smile and backstab . . . enjoys singing . . i merson wells is someone very special. Ronnell Bey 24 Vanessa Betts VANESSA BETTS "vanny" "hey now-check it out!" ... a very active piscean who loves to have fun . . . hangs with jackie c.. Cynthia, margaret, pat b.. henry, frank, and debbie c. . . . basketball and partying are among the many things that pass her time. WILLIAM BLOUNT "blount" "what's happening!" ... a cancer . . . enjoys ball playing, mr. hovvard, and mr. slavitt ... a nice person to get along with . . . listening to music ranks high with "blount" . . . aces include cobby, mike, william and leferrell. William BlountRi h NOEL BOURNE 'bum" “what?" . . . quiet, easy going Sagittarius . . . you tan catch "burn" with lefeul. wen-ddl. robert, phyllis and lames . . . likes history. music and gym . hopes to bec ome an accountant in the near luturt . LEFUEL TERRY BROOKINS "md" "kiss me nose" ... a together Sagittarius who thinks cross country and track are number one . pals with leonard a., percell s.. brian h., semell n., valerie h„ and carol I. . . . enjoys music and history . . . wants to be a physician or lawyer. WENDELL BODISON "pee wee" helptul, easygoing "pee wee" can be seen with mark, adrian, karen m , and beverly w . . . mr. slavitt and mr. tobia rank high . . . track and field is his major sports interest. LAVERNE BOYKINS "veme" "well, that's life!" ... a talkative libra who enjoys being around people . . . hobbies are lishing, boating, tennis, cooking and writing poetry . . . associates with defora walker and wanda gallman . . . being an art teacher is her future goal. William and Eli C liming bear Noel Bourne lefuel Brookins Wendell Bodison Renee Brown RENEE OLIVIA BROWN "cenee" "i'm so upset" . . . fnendly aquarius Is a church choir member and assistant sundas school teacher . . . associated with diane. bencilla, aprile, and carlton ... a career as a gynecologist is planned KEITH BUSH "k.b." "what's up?" ... a nice libran who likes to make people happv . . . past-times include basketball, football, girls, reading, and doing handysvork . . . pete, henry, and doug are among his many friends. Keith Bush 36 Pat Brunson PATRISHA ANN BRUNSON "trisha" a generally quiet scorpio . . . likes swimming. karate, mrs. greeno. and mrs. venskus . . . is bothered by "untogether" attitudes about blackness. . . plans to leach elementary school children . . . most often with val hunter, beveriy faust and chciyl pompey. BARBARA BUTTERFIELD "boogie" "know what i mean?" . . . hates loud people and staving home . . . digs listening to the ohio players and Chicago . . . mr. how arc! ranks high with this pisces . . . plans a future in music. Barbara Butterfieldlackie Butterticlri IACQUELINE BUTTERFIELD "bunky" "really a bummer, man!" ... a typical pis-cean, with deep liking for music . . . appreciates mr. hmvard, mrs. greene and music "(ause it's a gonna be my life!" . . . hangs with tommysena, pam, and Helena. TIMOTHY BYNUM "tim" "beats the . . . outa me!" ... a free and harmonious prsces who thinks arts high was an interesting experience . . rraig. barry, and lamont are seen in His company . . . majoring in education are in his plans. Tim Bynum Rene Bynum RENE BYNUM "naenac" "hey girl!" . . . vibrant girl who likes mr. Howard, mrs, lucas, and mrs. russell. . . you can find Her bowling, partying or with Carolyn, Harold, windy or bes- . . . this capricorn admires Her parents and grandmother . . . loves christ. YVETTE CALDWELL "sugar" "dig dat!" ... a tun loving Ico-virgo... piano playing, singing, and modeling occupy Iter spare time . . . friendly with "sugar" are g.c.. d.m., p.j., r.d., a.1., and p.n.. . . desires to pursue a medical career at hovvard. Yvette Caldwell 77 Bencilla Campbell BENCILLA CAMPBELl "missy" Sagittarius . . . friend v and very active . . . wants to be an engineer. . . likes bowling, listening to records, miss abos. and mr slav-itt ... being with ruby, paula, renee, yvonne. demse, and diane is a pleasure. JACQUELINE DENISE CAPERS "snook-um" "check it out!" ... a very stubborn taurus who digs interior decorating, sewing, and listening to mellow, sweet sounding music . . . is seeking a career as an aviation hostess. Jackie Capers 28 Janice Rowe and Alvin little DEBORAH CAMPBELL "little mama" "i'm telling you" . . . energetic Scorpio involved in almost everything . . . has traveled as lar as curope . . . foresees a future in engineering . . friends are mareial, eula. frank, and the rest of the school. GWENDOLYN GERALDINE CARMON "gwen" ". . . and stuff!" ... a talented agreeable virgo who dances, sings, and models . . . seen with yvette. darlene, addie, pat j., r.d., m m., and z.w. . . . miss black teenage n.j. 1972. . . hopes to be a fashion designer and actress. Gwen Carmon|ohn Cherry |OHN CHERRY "mr. star" "y'all need lo stop!”' . . . well co-ordinated and very moody ... a cancer . . . friends are everybody and or anybody . . plays organ in a band . . . first goal is commercial art. second is music. Ell CLIMBINGBEAR eli a sweet, intelligent libran . . enjoys bowling and skating in his spare time . . . can be found mostly with mod. bev, trisha. porkey. mofo, and toni . . . future involves engineering. Leonard Chislum LEONARD CHISLUM "chis" a sagiftarius who enjoys marching in the hand, and building model cars . . . patricia barnes, kevin dean, bill mccov, dave mit-chum. and barrv frasier are among those who rank high . . . plans to become a mechanical engineer. BENIAMIN COLLIER |R. benjamin "oh, my god1" . . . creative benjamin on-|oy painting, drawing, and the classes ol mr. benevento . . . can usually be found in the company of robort, |ohn. and cratg. Robert Woods and Denise Harris 79limvood Hancock and Mb. Ritter WALTER COVINGTON "42" "all praises to 42" . . . basketball, pool. Rirls, c ars and drums take up most ol this s gitta-rian's time . . . linda. mary and mallory are Iriends . . . admires the teachings ot mr spmdler and mrs. neuss. APRILE CURVIN aprile "joy!" ... a quiet, easy-ROinR libra . . . rcnee b.. diane h., born ilia, denise q„ val. pat and addie are her special Iriends . . other favorites are bowling, cooking, and reading . . . wants to be a biochemist. 30 Glenn Croom GLENN BRIAN ( ROOM glenn "you look so god . . . good!" . . . Sagittarius who expresses his deepest emotions through music . . . humorless people irk him . . feels "the workl is a ghetto" . . . songwriting and recording are future plans. DOUGLAS DAVIS "doug” an active gemmi who likes miss abos, miss cuyler and history . . . basketball is his mam enjoyment. . . can lx- seen in the company of keith, will, dean and kovin. Douglas DavisMargaret Davis MARGARET JEAN DAVIS "margo" generally quiet, moody and sensitive . . . taurus . . . enjoys reading, sewing and listening to records . . plans to go to college and major in elementary education, can be seen with cynthia rose, jackie capers and vannessa belts. DAVID DAWKINS "dave" a tunny, easy-going person who likes to sta away trom trouble ... a scorpro . . . enjoys sports, drawing and playing in the band . . . ran be seen with kendall griffin and william gray . . . enjoys english and u.s. history most. Robby Edwards and friends Patricia Davis PATRICIA DAVIS •pat" "i can't find cnola!" . . . aquarius . . . quiet, dependable, sweet, and lovable . . spends time with william gray . . . dance and classes take a lot of her time . . . the sylvers and english are favorites. KEVIN DEAN "deano" a quiet, but friendly virgo . . . bowling, model building and listening to records are among "deano's" hobbies . . . mamie, leonard and barry are usually found nearby . . . plans a career in sociology . Kevin Dean and Mamie Skipper 31WILLIAM DENSON "will" "how you doing?" ... a kind-hearted, but moody capricorn . . . loves dancing and drawing . . . hangs with martin west, jane mosk-y. kenneth tones, and joyce turner . . . will's tuture ux hides becoming a photographer. William Denson ALLEN DODSON "al" "what's happening momma!" ... a smooth, talkative libra who enjoys basketball and girls. . . mr. spindler understands him best . . . mostly admires martha and connie west . . . future- plans include singing, accounting, and tust living. Allen Dodson 3? Denise- Barron friend DEBORAH K. DIMERY "debbie" an out-going taurus who enjoys dancing, sewing, and modeling . . . friend of doreen and tanicc . . . most interesting experience was meeting mkhael walton ... is preparing to pursue a career in business. |ohn Dreher |OHN DREHER "blood" "it's in the bible!" ... a taurus who plans to become a math teacher or architect . . . seen in the company of Ijmont, tun, and richard . . . loves track, football, and boxing.ANDREA DENISE DUNLAP "little bit” a happy, jolly, and talkative Virgo who plans to be an x-ray technician . . . enjoys sewing, cooking, eating, and shopping . . . you can catch "little bit" with mallory mann and beverly. Andrea Dunlap ARLINE EDWARDS "little bit" "strip hawking me!" ... a good-humored scorpio who enjoys horseback nding, boss I-ing, and mode-ling when free . . . favorites are benita, doreen, |«m, mr. howard, and mrs. venskus... a career as an airline stewardess or court stenographer is planned. Arline Edwards Frances Dunlap FRANCES DUNLAP "frannie" this librian has an electric personality, sincere and fun-loving . . . enjoys the teachings of mrs. venskus, mr benevento, mrs. lucas . . . friends include enola worrill, pat davis, robin class son. donna davis and Carolyn lowe ... all tawfeek is someone spe-cial . . . nursing is a definite plan. ROBBY EDWARDS "rob" "dig that!" ... a nice, considerate, and openminded libra . . . mike j., darlene m., and darlene g. top his list of friends . . . mr. benevento, miss raff and miss cuyler arc-most admired teachers . . . future plans include college. Robbs Edwards 33ROCHELLE D. FERRELL "shelly" a nice, understanding libra who enioys reading and traveling . . . zenola. br«‘nda m., frances, mamie, and andrea h. are her clos-est friends . . . "shelly" plans to lx a computer operator or clerical worker. MARGARET EL "red" "i don't know" . . . virgo . . . enjoys sewing, dancing, modeling, and art . . . mostly seen with donna and heather lee and shelly jackson . . . future ambitions are to be an art educator and a housewife. BEVERLY CAMILLE FAUST "bev" a quiet aquarian until around certain good friends such as trisha. mott. Icfuel. and ver-nell . . . favorite subjects are typing, and Spanish . . . mrs. venskus ranks high ... a college career is planned. CHARLES EVANS "chucky" "chucky” is an intelligent and introspective virgo . . enjoys ice skating, playing the piano and the amazing mets . . . plans to become a music teacher upon graduation . . . hangs with dorothy. levaryn. and ann. ludith Smith and Michelle Muldrow Margaret El Beverly Faust Charles EvansDIANE R. FLEMING "smoothie" "oh wow, why you wanna do that?" an understanding and easy going leo . . . loves roller skating, and line young men . . , friends are robin stone, deborah johnson, june bradford, and michole johnson . . . plans to become an airline stewardess. Diane Fleming ROCHELLE FOUSHEE "shelly" "aye like' cm" . . . sincere, capable and a bit crazy ... this gemmi enjoys art, black literature, and music . . . can be seen around michelle m„ val h„ billy r„ and judy s. . . . "shelly" plan to go to college, then med, school. Robbie Edwards and Yvette Caldwell Sandra Forrest SANDRA FORREST "bertha" a tly cancer who thinks ot herselt as being crazy . . . active in chorus, and gossiping . . . friends consist of carolyn I. gloria r„ bannie s. and pam f... her mother is most admired person . . . plans to become a music therapist. BARRY TRASIER "iceberg" "slick" ... a shy. quiet virgo who enjoys soccer and basketball. . . digs the Washington redskins, and the n.y. mets ... the future calls him to be a dentist. . . friends include william mccoy, tim bynum, and craig wise. Barry Frasier 35Martha Frazier MARTHA j. FRAZIER "mott" scorpio . . . moody at time , but an all around nice person . . usually seen with beverly, vernell, patrisha, sheryl, and ruth . . . greatly admires mr. howard. mrs. greene. and mrs. edreira . . . intends to be an accountant or industrial administrator. ROBERT GAITO "gaito" "ya must be in a fog"'. . . this libra is quiet, yet despises phoney people . . . likes auto racing and hockey . . . can be seen with percy, richard, elias. and karen. Barbara O'Neal, Karen Murphy, Karen Murray 36 Pamela Fryer PAMELA FRYER "pam” a taurian who enjoys reading and crocheting history, health and art are her favorite subjects . . . friends are barbara. sandra, and banme . . . "pam s'' future ambition is to become an army nurse. WANDA PATRICIA CALLMAN "pat" "hey, now!" . , . Sagittarius . , . very friendly and understanding . . . loves art and horseback riding . . . favorite people are debra. laverne and mr. benevento . . . intends to be a secretary Diane Holt And Renee BrowttWILLIAM GATLING "william" "don't think about it" . . . photography and traveling are things he digs most . . . quiet when not in familiar surroundings . , . plans to major in accounting. WILLIAM GRAY "billy" "baaammpp" ... is considered by his friends to be witty, cunning, and fun to be with . . . considers pat to be his pride and joy . . . among his friends are doug, lin-wood, and keith. William Cray ROBERT GIOELLA "bob" a friendly gemim who enjoys coin collecting, sports, chess, mr. slavitt, and mr. doundas . . . "bob" is usually found with |ohn stcwarl. ben collier, and merrill main . . . plans to enter the air force. BRUCE GREEN "juice" a kind and truthful taurus . . . would like to become a computer technician . . . likes football and the roller derby . . . usually can be seen with bill mccoy, jimmy smith, and david milchem . . , favorite teachers are mr. slavitt, and mrs. neuss. Bruce Green 37Linda Hamilton LINDA DIANE HAMILTON "lynn" conceited people should stay clear of this friendly, but moody leo . . enjoys baby sitting. sinning, and the roller derby . . . plans to be a pediatrician . . . missy, renee, pat and mr. Howard rank high JANICE HARPER "M" "hey-that ain't even gelling over!" . . . mrs lucas, mr. palmer, and rnr. slavitt are favorites with this arien . . . digs writing and meeting new people . . . usually seen around doreen, deb, denise, rhonda. be-lirida, and kirn . . . plans to be a journalist. Eli, Beverly, Pam, and David 38 linwood Hancock I IN WOOD S. HANCOCK II "flectwood" "square business!" . . . this taurus enjoys sports, art. and women ... he thinks of himself as kind-hearted, even-tempered and fun-loving . . . "fleetwood" feels being bom and being part of florine chance's world a meaningful experience. ANDREA DENISE HARRELL "neece" this peaceful libra spends some of her time skating, and dancing . . . thinks quite a bit of mrs. green and mr. palmer . . . best friends are mamie. paula. cheryl and ro-chelle . . . plans to be a psychological social worker. Andrea HarrellBilly Harris BILLY LEON HARRIS "faraghcon" "what up? . . . "laraghcon” feels arts high is really a miniature world . . . this aquarian likes science, santana, mr. calvin, and lefcr-rel . . . influenced most by father . . . most admires julian bond and martin lulher king. MARSENA HARRIS "moochic" this energetic, talkative libra hales phoniness ... an active member of many activities .. . likes all of her teachers ... is usually found with tinkcy, janice r, doceen f and everyone who isn't an enemy . . . plans to teach retarded children. Marsena Harris Denise Harris DENISE HARRIS "dee dee" "dig that'” ... a taurus-gemini who enjoys animals, music, and young men . . . greg, karen murphy, and vanessa hill are close . . future ambition is to become a personal manager or a model. KIM HAWKINS "kimbcrlv" warm hearted pisses . . enjoys geometry, gvm and english . . . friends include cartons. pam and gwen . . . likes to listen to black ivory, temptations, moments and the sylvers. Richard. Melvin, Alvin and Mr. Alamo 39William Rich and Robin Abernathy CAROL HIGGINS "slick" "sho Hough ' . . . free spirited capricorn . . . miss raff, mrs. green and mrs. (ones are favorite teachers . . . plans for future are undecided . . . associates include john c, robin m, and gwen c. PAMELA R. HOLLAND "spunkv" an amiable libra who loves music, and sewing .. . wants to major in business administration . . . "t-baby". "bunk ', "boogie", and mallory can count themselves as her friends. Karen Hubbard and Reinaldo Padilla 40 Vanessa Hill VANESSA E. HILL "van" a friendly, comical arien . . . takes pleasure in reading, sketching, and learning interesting things , . . closest to van are jo-ann svinfrey, denise harris, "kable" wms., and lena . . . mr. slavitt is a favorite . . . hopes to have a successful career in medicine someday. PHYLLIS YVETTE HOLLOMAN "phil" "child, please mind your business!" . . . clif-ton, singing, and cooking are this sagitla-rians favorite past-times . . . "phil" digs the company of Imda h., and yvette c . . . also thinks highly of mrs. venskus and mr. doundas. Phyllis HollomanDiane Holt DIANE HOLT "diane" "oh really, say whatf" ... a friendly but sometimes evil capricorn . . . reading, handy crafts, african dance, and iota lambda sorority keep her busy . . . this future doctor is tight with renee, missy, and aprile. KAREN HUBBARD "toby" this gcmini finds modeling, sewing, dancing and making new friends enjoyable . . . feels respect is a major role in friendship . . . her pals include vickie and bencilla . . . "toby" hopes to become a fashion designer and model. Karen Hubbard Valerie Hooper VALERIE MARIE HOOPER "val" "let me tell ya!" . . . sensitive, dramatic, talkative and cra y ... a Sagittarius who plans to become a black journalist . . most enjoys english, typing, music and keeping company with yvettc, darlene. shelly, alila and aprile. © DONAID EUGENE HUNTER "dona Id" a quiet, courteous virgo who plans to be a computer programmer . . . says all of his teachers holds a high honor in his life . . . his hobbies consist of astronomy and law . . . also enjoys baseball. . . mr. steisel has been most influential Donald Hunter atKEVIN JOHNSON "kevo" "hoy love" . . . digs percussion, disc jockeying and women . . . basketball is his sport . would like to be a studio musician or a disc jockey. EULA HURDLE "booty" crazy "booty " plans to attend seton hall lor nursing ... a gemini who hates transparent people . . . digs playing the violin, dancing, and cooking . . . likes sabrina. vivian. pam. erlena. mrs. greene and mr. singer. Eula Hurdle PAULA JENKINS "pee-jay" ambitions are to become either a computer programmer or a lawyer .. . . missy, toni. diane. eula and sabrina s. are her Iriends . . the people who have been most influ-ential in her life are her parents. MICHAEL JOHNSON "mikey" "sho nult" . . . scorpio . . . likes everyone except people who think they are better than others . . . digs mets, knicks, dallas, mr. cabin, mr. singer and mr. hazzard . . . music workshop, gym. band and chemistry are favorite subjects. Paula Jenkins Michael lohnson -Michele Johnson MICHELE DENISE JOHNSON "micki" "dig that!" . . . "micki" is a gemini who enjoys dancing, sewing, and partying ... a very together person . . . june b., robin v, debbie j., arline e., are "micki's" main friends . . . plans to go into musk or elementary education. FRANK JONES, |R. "cowboy" a changeable cancer who enjoys sports and socializing . . . plans to enter bio-chemistry . . . some ol his favorites are mr. lang, and "keep your head to the sky." Frank lones Patricia Johnson PATRICIA JOHNSON "pat" a sweet and quiet cancer passes her lime sewing, sketching and partying . . . "pat" enjoys the company ot gwen c.. yvette c., robin d.. and robin m MARVIN JONES "brohnt migmus" " you can make it it you try" says this down to earth capricorn . . . enjoys skating, hiking, cars, partying and plants . . friends m-dude fred, gloria, cynthia, franc is. noel and wilkxcy . . . future plans are to attend a major music conservatory. Marvin jones 43Tula, Earicna, and Sabrina CHARLOTTE KINCEY "charlotte" "hey!!" . . . hobbies are sewing, painting, and tashion illustrating ... a capricorn who likes o make new friends . . . deborah, mallery, and larry are honored associates . . . plans to become an interior decorator and housewife. DONNA LEE donna a Ico who enjoys dancing, cooking, listening to music, and just living . . . plans to become a physical therapist. . . likes mr. slav-itt, mrs. greene, and mrs. venskus as teachers ... associates are margaret el and heather lee. Donna Lee Toni Kirbv TONI C. KIRBY "popeyes" friendly, thoughtful, and crazy . . . virgo . . . wants to be- a civil or industrial engineer . . . favorites are mr. slavitt, history', and english . . . "popeyes" is friends with "almost everybody in arts high." HEATHER DIANE LEE diane "swear!" ... a leo who enjoys singing, modeling, margaret el, and donna Ice . . . friendly, but slightly lazy, she admits . . . intends to be a music teacher in the near future. Heather LeeAddic legcttc ADDIE L. LECETTE "ll" "that ain't even right" . . . enjoys chemistry, glee club, and singing . . . plans to be a biochemist . . . this serious and sensitive Sagittarius favors pat, yvette, mr. hovvard, and mrs. venskus . . , "keep on trucking". CAROLYN LOWE "swivel hips" "hey what about carolyn lowe?" . . . dramatic carol will be a psychiatrist or a teacher . . . she despises studying trig, but enjoys Spanish, and mrs. lucas. Carolyn lowe ALVIN R. LITTLE "rick" "what is ill" . . . "hey that's hip!" . . . was jr. class pres, of "73" . . . future endeavors are fo become a lawyer and to have his own law firm . . . enjoys the sounds of sly A the family stone. CAROL ELIZABETH LUMFORD "lumpy" the fun-loving gemmi digs sewing, girls' track, music, and henry jordan . . . enjoys clothing, gym, and chemistry . . . her deep admiration for miss cardella. mrs. venskus. and mrs. jones supports this . . . seen with naomi stokes, barbara o'neal, and dune williams. Alvin little Carol Lumford 45frank Smallwood MALLORY MANN "mally" "what tan i tell you?" ... a highly competitive taurus who loves to learn . . enjoys the company ol tommysena. brenda, and painela . . . wants to become a women's track coach . . . mr. spmdler is most admired person, DEAN MCCALL "purdie" "what's up?" ... an easy-going taurus who's reasonable and honest. . . ruby Sampson is very close . . . "purdie" has many friends at arts . . . favorite past-times include girls and basketball . . . wants to be an engineer and well known. Art. Tim and lamont Pat and William BRENDA BONITA MCCALI brenda this pistes digs typing, gym, and cnglish. . . "if you plan on making it, try your hardest to attend arts high" . . . likes mrs. ritter and mr. calvin . . . seen hanging with mallory. frances. zenola. and direne. PETER |. MCCLARY III "petie" "well, excuse me!", , , this virgo admires girls, art. and english . . . chairman of the urban league outh ass n, and a model in his spare time . . . hangs with the clique, and also likes mrs. tso. mr tarden, mr. ha ard. and mrs. venskus.Gloria, Sandy. Carol and Mr. Howard WILLIAM MCCOY, JR. "bill" a quiet ambitious aries who loves track, football, and basketball . . . hopes to major in physical education in college . . . pals with barry (rasier, len chislum and dave mitt hell. HENRY C. MCCLOUN JR. "bub" "what boy?" . . . gemini . . . very difficult to understand at times ... has lots of confidence . . . spends time dancing, singing, drawing, and painting . . . has friends throughout the school . . . intends to be something in the field of art. Henry McGloun STEPHANIE MCDANIEL "stevyye" "well, that's beside the point." ... a creative canter who's generally crazy, yet sensitive and quiet. . . favors sewing, dancing, designing, mr. yablick. and mbs abos . . . "stevyye" loves hanging with "kable", "p.j.", "d", amd "gigi" . . . plans to be an agricultural scientist. |AMES MCNAIR "pickels" "break into it!" . . . taurus . . . basketball, and working with those helpless m society are things he enjoys most . . . likes the company of john, valerie, tames, pal, and terry ... his hopes are to become a humanitarian. lames McNair 47Kevin and Stevyye JAMES MERRITT |ames a nk e. friendly, and totally together leo . . . indulges in drawing, tennis, and bowling in his free time . . . fames pals with david m., rob g., william m„ and percy . . . wants to be a commercial artist. KAREN DENISE MITCHELL "candy" "dag!" . . . quiet, easygoing . . , digs people, sewing, creative writing and gymnastics . . . has many friends and admires many teachers . . . plans to further the advancement of kingdom preaching. Karen Mitchell 48 Mrs. Venskus and Louis Allen PATRICIA MILLER "kuroko tachibana" libra . . . actively involved in conqueror's club, church organizations and many others . . . favorites in creative world are siquiros. asimov, and cardin . . . spends much time studying oriental fashions. DAVID MITCHEM "dave" a quiet, smooth virgo . . . fools with photography in spare time . . . tan be found with william mccoy, harry frasier, fames merritt. and art williams . . his tuturc includes majoring in physical education. David Mite hemRobin Morrison ROBIN DARLENE MORRISON •'slick' a un loving, adventuresome virgo . . can lx very unck rsijn ling . . . enjoys the company of yvette, gwen, robin, .ind pal. . . cork ic h holds a warm spol in her life . . . hopes to continue professional modeling and pursue at ling. MICHELLE MULDROW "candy" "just mx it!" . . a talkative libra who loves to have a good time . . . "candy" can usually be seen with shelley, val. yvette. and mic belle w. . . . plans are to work with retarded and emotionally disturbed children. lane Mosley JANE MOSLEY jane quiet, until you gel lo know her . . . enjoys bowling, meeting new people, and the n.y. knrcks , . . admires joyce. glen, mirhael, dale, and rochelle . . , jane is thinking of elementary ed. teaching and modeling as careers. KAREN MURPHY "mousey" "sure, sure!" . . a bright, witty, and friendly libra . . takes in swimming and skating . . . loves talking on the phone tor hours . . . you can catch "mousey" fooling with robert gaito. barbara o'neal. diane williams, denise harris, and karen murray. Karen Murphy 49Karen Murray KAREN LYNNETTE MURRAY "penny" a devoted and loyal, yet quiet virgo . . plans to become a doctor or an architect . . . this despiser of untruthful things can be found listening to music or swimming . . . shelley and barbara are close associates. CARRIE NOON "long legs" "oh. my goodness" . . this gcmim is an active sundav school teacher. . . loves gospel singing and the u.y.c. choir . . . photography is her future career and basketball is well liked . . . smile ms. reed and mr. mon-dalto 'cause you’re tops with carrie. William Allen and Denise Quick 50 Vernell Nelson VERNELL NELSON "porkey” "what? i didn't hear that!" ... a sometimes nutty libra . . . keeps company with martha. beverlv and ruth . . . "porkey" enjoys reading. typing, and health . . . plans to have a nursing career. BARBARA O'NEAL "bobby" "have it your way!" . . . loves watching football and basketball, playing the oboe, singing and dancing ... a Sagittarius who easily understands people . . . most seen with "bobby" are pam, robert, sandra and karen. Kimberley Thompson (below)Vickie Parker ELIAS PADILLA "eli" "hey!?" . . . digs on oil painting and model car collecting . . a virgo . . . goes for all kinds and types of girls . . hopes to become an illustrator or a commercial artist. VICKIE PARKER "big vie" "bring me something back to eat" ... a sensitive anen who's sympathetic to other's needs . . . sometimes evil and moody . . loves sewing and would like to become a fashion designer . . . pals with joann hines, karen hobhard and leon woods. Denise, Reinaldo, Diane Rcinaldo Padilla REINALDO PADILLA -papo" "rome on, man’" . . . this libra-virgo enjoys guitar playing, songwriting and running track . . . wants to be an art teacher or commercial artist . . . buddies are john, elias, marcial. and bill . . vivian price is special. VIVIAN PERRY "baby face" a sincere, friendly and outgoing scorpio . . . hobbies include singing, dancing, sewing, crocheting, and horse back riding ... a. brown, eula, sabnna. lena, pam d., tom enjoy her company . . . wants to become a teacher in the field of learning deficiencies. Vivian PerTy 31CHERYl DENISE POMPEY "neecie" virgo . . . basically quid, but insane with certain people . . enjoys creative svriting, history, and photography . . . plans to become either a photographer, lawyer, or an automobile mechanic . . . favorite faculty members are mr. slavitt and mrs. green. RAMONA PROCTOR "mona" a together libra who's into raising fish . "mona's" favorite people are vanessa |ohn-son, arline walker, and arline odwards . . . adores biology and history . . . also likes mrs. green, mrs. jones, and mr. howard . . . plans to teach. Chery l Pompev Diane. Andrea, and Michele Vivian Price VIVIAN PRICE "par "come on!" . . . "pat" spends most of her time singing, dancing, and playing the piano . . reinaldo plays an important role in this Virgo's life . . . close associates are eula, pam. lena. Vivian, and adrienne. DENISE QUICK "nicey" "oh, joy!" ... a friendly cancer who is sometimes moody . . . "nicey" enjoys math, bowling, singing, and her boylnend . . associates with svilliam, diane, renee, april, and missy . . . plans to major in math and electrical engineering. Denise- Quic kRichard Reed RICHARD REED “reed" "what's happening!" . . . leo the lion . . . favorite pastimes are drawing, playing the trumpet, and making people laugh . . . engineering is a strong possibility . . , john sanders, robert gaito. and bettye are close triends. GLORIA DENISE ROBINSON "elsie" "that's all right!" . . . capricorn . . . nice and considerate, with a magnetic personality . . . really into singing, piano, flute, and drums. . partners include carolyn I, sandra f., rob woods, and bannie s. . . college, marriage and 12 kids are planned. Gloria Robinson William Rich WILLIAM RICH "billy" "huh?" . . . tun loving libra who likes to have good times with good triends . . . "billy" plans a career as a fashion designer . . . triends include shelly f.. robby e., robin a., donna d„ michelle m., and judy s MARCIAL RODRIGUEZ "marshall" "what's happening!" ... a bold, spunky Scorpio who digs music, reading, cars, soccer. and swimming . . . mr. doundas, mr. lang, and mr. ha ard rank high . . . seen with reinaldo padilla. elias padilla, mike Johnson. and john stuart . . . wants to be in law and politics. Vanessa Hill and Andrea Dunlap 53CYNTHIA ROSE "yappy" "well, all right you . . . don't give it to me" . . . easy going type who sings, plays and sews . . . jakie, margret, vanesva and doug keep this aquarian company . . . intends to go to (Hisiness school, then get married. Cynthia Row RUBY SAMPSON ruby "stop dean!" ... if you want to find this libra, just look for dean mccall . . . pleasant . . . cooking, sewing, and singing all find a place in her interests . . . crowned n.j. state queen of 73-74 ... is deciding between being a pediatric ian or nursing. Ruby Sampson 54 lanice Rowe JANICE ROWE "jan" "that's life" ... an easy going, out-spoken virgo . . . enjoys sewing, music, english. history and alvin little ... is usually with tin-key. doreen, sieve, ruby, and renee ... future plan is to become a lawyer. BANNIE M. SANDERS bannie "you better do it!" . . . magnetic, sincere and fun to be with . . . this cancer s favorite friends are craig wise, Carolyn lowe, eric an-derson. sandra for rest, and gloria robinson . . . ambition is to become a music educator. Bannie Sanders|ohn Sanders JOHN SANDERS "junebug" "what's happening!" . . . recording tapes, records, and writing poems keep this quiet libra active , . . usually seen with richard r., naomi, phyllis, john s., james m.. and debbie c. . . . plans to become an architect in the near future. PAM El A SELLERS "ned" "not even" ... a scorpion who enjoys bowling . . . friends include bernita. ear-lena. carol and buodme . . mr. howard. mrs. greene and mrs. jones are favorites . . . triendly . . . "ned's" future plan is to become a teacher Pam Sellers Ruth Schmidt RUTH NAOMI SCHMIDT "ruthy" "nobrains!". . . a nice,congenial libra . . . digs sewing, music, crocheting, and hugo . . . "ruthy" d K sn't say much, but martha. vernell, and cheryl can tell you . . . would like to teach music. MAMIE SKIPPER "mame” "what's happening?" ... a peaceful and friendly lady who's president of y.p.c.l. and the- young people's choir. . . kevm. pat, an-drea, and karen can be found keeping company with this aquarian . . . enjoys reading, sewing, trench and steno. Ronnell, Emerson, and ZenolaDALE L. SMITH "dale" "oh wow!" . . . optimistic, friendly and outgoing l»bra . . . digs mr. slavitt, mr. palnui and mr. karpen, also stenography . . . plans to become a legal secretary . . . seen with jane mosley, joyce turner and glen croom JUDITH SMITH "judy" "solid!'' ... a sensitive sagittarian who's positive about everything she does . . . darning, singing and fashion drawing are judy's ideal ways of spending time . . . digs rochelle, michelle, billy, robin and pat. Rochelle Foushee and judith Smith 56 lames Smith JAMES SMITH "smitty" this sporls fan enjoys playing soccer, base-ball and fencing . . . waiter, elias, james and will are close associates ... a college bound libra . . miss raff, mr. palmer, art and math rank high with him. TOMMYSENA SMITH "t babv" friendly pisces who enjoys being a member of her church choir and an a von representative . . . favorite friends are bunky, spunky, boogie and maNory . . . hopes to have a career in cardiology Tommysena SmithJOHN H. STEWART "’commander" enjoys basketball, soccer, reading and u.s. history . . . this aquarius associates with ben, reinaldo padilla, train and loins . . . mr. spindler. mr. doundas and mr. heck are tops. JOYCE PAULA TURNER "hips" this virgo is serious, friendly and quiet . . . plans to attend college . . . achieves pleasure from musk, Ixmling, history and young men , . . special friends are jane, beverly, shelly, deborah and c arol. Joyce Turner Naomi Stokes NAOMI STOKES "na-na" talkative scorpian who thinks of herself as weird . . . likes all o( her teachers . . . fancies writing and dancing . . . usually found with lumpy, harhara and shelly news broadcasting is the career she is pursuing. LE FERRELL VAN DIVER 'lee" a kind and down to earth leo who likes to fool around . favorites are football, basketball, reading, young ladies and music . . . usually seen with wm„ mike, billy, mal-colm and wm. b. . . . wants to attend college. Bannie Sanders (below) 57Keith Bush and Douglas Davis CHIRYL EILEEN VENABLE "giggles" a generous leo who enjoys bowling and skating . . . "giggles' " favorite subjects are chemistry and history . . . plans to become a pediatrician . . . will always remember her trip to jamaica. EMERSON WELLS "juba” "you know" . . . magnetic virgo who plans to become a fashion artist . . mr. slasilt. mrs. iso and art are favorites . . . likes conservative people and ronnell bey . . . most meaningful experience has been art. Emerson 58 lane Mosley (rear) DEBRA ANNE WALKER "debbie" "all right!" . . . active and understanding . . . a pisces who enjoys skating, basketball, and dancing . . . pals with wanda. laverne, mallory. percy s„ and john s. . . . her future plans are undecided. MARTIN ROMAN WEST "curly" "hey! how you doin!" . . . plans a career in communications . . . this sociable pisces is often seen with neptune and wm. densen . . . especially enjoys art classes . . . favorite teachers are mr. carden, mr. benevento and mrs. lucas. MartinMarvin (ones and Denise Harris ADRIENNE WHITE "little bit" "hussy?" ... a sometimes pleasant scorpion who enjoys sewing and kissing . . . mrs. green, miss abos, and mr. hovvard rank highest . . . seen with pat bames. marnie skipper. ronnell bey. and denisc barron . . . plans to go into interior decoration. CARLTON WILLIAMS carlton "what's happenin'!" ... an aquarian who loves jogging, singing, and tennis . . . amiable and warm . . . hopes to become an entertainer some day ... his tavorite people inc lude mr. Howard, mr. talvin, and his parents. Carlton Arthur ARTHUR WILLIAMS "art" "really?" ... an open minded sagittarian who enjoys living and life itself . . . friends include pat. andrea. will, vanessa. and robby . . . enjoys listening to the tunkadelics and studying art and history. CYRUS D. WILLIAMS cyrus a young man who loves listening to music . . . participates in ice and roller skating, swimming, tennis, and basketball in his spare lime . . . preaches and teaches bibfe truths. Robert, Carolyn, and Banmr 59DIANE WILLIAMS "kable" "well. alright!" ... a totally insane arien-taurus . . . hangs with stevyve. pe-iay. van. mouses and dee-dee . . . loves photography . . . plans to major in either biologv or engineering . . . Chicago is table's favorite group. CRAIG W ISE craig an unpredictable guy . . . tan be found plaving pool or partying ... the knicks get a top rating when it comes to sports . . . this carefree leo enjoys math and mr. howard . . . admires gentlemen of leisure. 60 EARIENA WILLIAMS "lena bente" "no kidding sherlock!" . . . hateful people stay away from this easy-going gemini . . . she enjoys reading, singing, and typing . . . keeps company with eula, sabrma. vivian and shelly enjoys the classes of mr. slas ill and mrs. green . . . admires anthony reliford. Robert Woods ROBERT WOODS "butch" this gemini sings, dances and parties ... is humorous and very understanding . . . friends are sandra forrest. gloria robinson and barbara o'neal . . . mr. howard and miss douglm are considered his best leathers.Zenola Worrill and Mr. Slavitt ZENOLA WORRILL "z" "what you got to eat" . . an enthusiastic aquarian who would like to become an art teacher or illustrator . . . associates with trances, pat d„ carol, and donna . . dislikes those who try too hard to lx cool. MARILYN CHAPMAN marilyn apric orn . . hangs with karen hillman and valeric haves . . . mr. spindler ranks high . enioys art and u.s. history classes most . . plan to attend (i.t. to major m fashion design Yvette Caldwell and C arlton Williams lamont Yancey LAMON7 YANCEY "satan" "what's up'" . . . this gemini plans to become a lawyer . . . takes pleasure in bowling and all sports . . is also into com collet ling, history, trig., and gym . . . buddies are john d„ billy h., tim. trank and |a kie b. FLORINE LORETTA CHANCE “tinkey" "hon« st to god!" . . a very active sell-contented leo . . . collects stufled animals, and thinks up creative ideas tor arts and cralts . . . Imwood. janice, rick, deb, furu-shee-do, and william rate high . , . plans to maior in psychology. florine Chance 61Donna Davis DONNA DAVIS "don" "git outta here!" . . . Sagittarius . . . outgoing. comical and easy going . . . Carolyn, pat d.. robby and robin are close . plans to major in art ed at lincoln . . . admires mrs. venskus, mr. bcncvcnto, mr. carden and mr. palmer. Michael Walton Pam Deane PAMELA SUSETTE DEANE "pam" "good grief!" ... a Ian of many sports . . . this leo plans to go on into journalism and psychology . . reading, writing and cooking are a few of her many interests . . . hangs with eula, sabrma, mallory and earlena. Arthur Heath 6?SHELLEY JACKSON "shell" "i don't feel like being bothered!" . . . a quiet anti unemotional aquarian . . . usually keeps herself busy with sewing and cooking . . . "shell" stays in the company of karen. ensa, eadena. margaret. and naomi . . . aims to become a successful lawyer. Frank Smallwood FRANK SMALLWOOD "frankie-jay" "that's ja y" ... a gemmi whose deepest interest is music . . . warm, considerate and fun loving . . . desires to become a world famous vocalist . . . favorites are: keith hamilton, michael walton, louis alien, ken-dall griffin and miss Cuvier. Percy Scott 63 Vernell. Arline, Ronnell, Eula and CloriaMICHAEL PETTY "tom jones" a shy but quiet "aries" . . . received a medal in martial arts . . . likes mrs. venskus, mr karpen . can be found with kcith, bunky, glenn and jane . mu hael steers toward a dentistry career. Michael Petty Reinaldo Padilla. Diane Williams Gwen Carmen, Robert Gioella, Merrill Mann 6464 Dcxeon Fletcher, Al Dodson681. Vivian Perry 19. Sabrina Slater 2. Henry McGloun 20. Toni Kirby 3. Arline Edwards 21. Cynthia Rose 4 Noel Bourne 22. Charles Evans 5. Anthony Smith 23. William Cray 6. Douglas Davis 24. Pat Davis 7. Carrie Noon 2S. linwood Hancock a Ruth Schmidt 26. Ronnell Bey 9. Rene Bynum 27. David Mitchem 10. Donna Davis 28. Eula Hurdle 11. Vanessa Belts 29. Arthur Williams 1Z Jackie Capers 30. Gloria Robinson 13. lames Merritt 31. Dean McCall 14. Robert Carlo 32. lane Mosely IS. William Denson 33. Deborah Campbell 16. Debra Dimrty 34. Addie Legette 17. William McCoy 35. Emerson Wells ia Pat Bames 36. Karen Murphy 69SENIOR BABY PICTURES 1. Pamela Deane 18 Linda Hamilton 2. Renee Brown 19. Reinaldo Padilla 3. Donna Heather Lee 20. Michelle Muldrow 4. Benjamin Collier 21. Leonard Chislum 5. Bernita Upshaw 22. Barbara Jacqueline Butterlield 6. Diane Holt 23. Rochelle Foushee 7. Martin West 24. Bencilla Campbell 8. Barbara O'Neal 25. Karen Murray 9. Valerie Hooper 26. Yvette Caldwell 10. Robby Edwards 27. Carol E. lumford 11. April Curvin 28. Frances Dunlap 12. Wendell Bodison 13. Phyllis Holloman 14. Denise Quirk 15. Robin Morrison 16. Le Feul Brookins 17. Louis Allen 29. Beverly Faust 30. Diane Fleming 31. Stephanie McDaniel 32. la Verne Boykins 33. Kevin Dean 711. Pam Seller 2. Pam Holland 1. fim Bynum 4. Cheryl Venable 5. Billy Rich 6. Billy Harris 7. Eriena Williams 8. Robin Abernathy 9. Cynthia Rose 10. RcxheHle Ferrell 11. lames Mc Nair 12. Zenola Wcxrill 13. Sh« lly lackson 14. Frank lones « 15. lames Smith 16. Andrea Dunlap 17. Gwen Garmon 18. Alvin little 19. lanke Rowe 2a Florine Chance 21. loyce Turner 22. Demise Barron 24. Michelle lohnson 25. Marsina Harris 26. la nice Harper 27. Robert Woods 28. Riiby Sampson 29. Diane Williams 10. Naomi Steikes 11. Kim Hawkins 12. John Cherry 33. Karen Milche ll 14. Kevin lohnson 73The law was But somehow all men feelnever passedFRESHMAN HOMEROOM 320 Miss Cardella Picture 1 . . . Top Row: Eric Ware, led Wooten. Brian Head. Middle Row: Wayne Harris, |ame Hooper. Rodney Guiles. Front Row: Miss Car della, Debbie Shu lord. Clementine Potts, Nita Cantrell Picture 2 ... Top Row: Ronald Fit . Marie W infield, Reginald Bellamy, Darryl Cox. Harold Shosvers. Middle Ross: Gwen Smith. Sandra Farrell, Carmen, Brown, loannc Morrison Front Row: Diane Chavis. Patricia Byrd. Teresa Bradman. Robin Winbush. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 209 Mrs. McDuffie Sitting: Annette Harrell, Edna Alton, Darryl Robinson, Clarise Terry, Darlene Buchanan. Standing First Row: Randall Thomas, Celeste Hand, ('.ail McCaJI. Faith Stewart. Desiree Bush. Donna Curvin, Charlena Felton, Mrs. McDuffie, Second Row: |ohn Williams. Teresa Wade, Kevin Giles, Leon Byass. Antoine Jennings, Aleva Jordan, Andrea Walker. 120 209 FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 213 Mrs. Hollar-Crcgory Picture I . . . Top: Ronnie Wingo. Top Row: Michell Dancy, Sherry Buford. Tyrone Reid. Joane Mclver. Middle Row: Belinda Smith, Walter Bembry, Robin Hicks. Front Row: Mrs. Hollar-Gregory, David Diaz, Janice Farrow. Cynthia Richardson. Picture 2 ... Top Row: Gregory Battle. Angela Fladger, Calvin Barrmo, Dorothy Giles, Debra Moss. 76 213FRFSHMAN HOMEROOM 207 Mrs. Douglin Picture 1 . . Top Row: Rutus McCall, B. Hodge. Mrs. DoUglin. Second from top: D Wright, P Smith, M. Means, M. Jenkins. Third from top: C. Wiggins, C. Motley. Front Row A. Harris, R. Washington, C. Jackson Picture 2 . . .Teg) Row: I. Mathews, S. Butler, B. Merritt. F. Brown. Middle Row: T. Spigner, L W'atts, S. Brown, I. Velez. Frtont Row: E. Floyd, T. Suber. K. Robinson, T. Farward. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM Mb Mr. Piazza Top Row: Gregory' Parker, Sanform DuBois, Mr. Piazzj, Second from Top: Janet Riley, James Forester, W'llliam Baldwin, Howard Simpson Third from Top: Betty Sit, Neva Alexander, Karen Graves, Sharita Randolph Fourth from Top: Stacy Joseph, Beverly Mann. Marsha Blount, Evelyn Hopkins, Front Row: Cynthia fields, Charlai Cummings, James Howerton, Lowell Thomas. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 20b Mrs. Tso Picture I, Left to Right, Top Row: Robin Johnson. Ruth Mobley, Deborah Wilson. Annette Lumford. Middle Row: Patricia Babbitt. Donna Hall. Cynthia Hardwick. Mrs. Tso. Bottom Row: Kari Jacob. Rosena Chisholm. Trinale Hill, Christine Bristol. Picture 2 ... Top Row: Valane W'illiams, Valerie Davis, Curtis Gilmore. Middle Row: Keith Davis, Laurence Henry , W'iltiam Winckler, lance Jonhson. Front Row: Daird Reeves, Clean y Pinkney, lusto Roman, Keith Harvey. 77SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 214 Mrs. 8l Kk Picture 1 Top Row, left to Right Al Yrnmg Row 2: Valerie Mitchell, Beverly Bradley, Kevin Hatcher. Row 3: Edna Champagne, Valerie Drayton, Gwen Stevenson. Row 4: Shirlev Myers, C heryll foster. Denise lohnson. Picture 2, lop row: Wylfred Meledez, lames Ward, Lawrence Gilyard. Row 2: John Thompson, lames Williams, Karen Green. Row 3: Mrs. Block, Leonard Avcrctt, lames Clark, Sonya Hodges. Bottom Row: Kevin Parker. Robert Gibbs, Sharon Fisher. 210 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 210 Mrs. Lucas Picture 1 . . . Top Row, Left to Right: Tommy Cox, Alvin Brown, Keith Towc. Carl McCoy. Row 2: Armando Delgado. Darry Innings, Michelle Smith. Row 3: Shirley Varela, lynn Wilson, Kim Love, Adrienne Waddy. Bottom row Nelson Torres, C.ina Howard, Olivia Lessane, lesska Nash. Picture 2 . . . lop Row: Mark Dickinson, Charles Hutchins Kevin Slater, Jonathan White. Row 2 k yce Perry, Donna White. Robin Ware, Naydene Briduv Row 1: Pin His Martin, Diane Phillips. Debra Fra ier. Bottom Row: |an Clayton, Mrs. Lucas, Pamela Sweet, Kim Fletcher. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 304 Mr. Mondalto Picture 1 . . . Left to Right, Row 1: Shari Reed. Michael lerman. Row 2: Lynn Morrison, Linda Fisher, Leroy Shivers. Row 3: Joan Green, Valerie Allen, Cyndrell Parrish, Gwen Austin. Row 4: Vera Ford. Vivian Wright, Pam Aiken, Sharon Cunnig-ham. Picture 2 . . . Row 1: Thomas Williams, Bcveriy Wilson, Cynl Jones. Row 2: Remona King, Geraldine Smith, Yolanda Grant. Row 3: Mr. Mondalto, Paul Dennis, Ernest Tucker, Dennis Reopick. Row 4: Stewart Williams. Doug Booker, Malcolm Williams. 78SOPHOMORf HOMf ROOM 308 Mrs. Levinson Picture t . . . Left to Right. Top Row: Derrick Lee, Allen Perry, William Koonce. Row 2: Wilson Aponte. Gary Harrell, Edgar Rosa. Homer Gooden. Row 3: Rita Moss, Brenda Anthony. Cornelia Graham, Karen Brooks Row 4: Ginger Dawson, Rodney Pate, Kathy Jacob. Patricia lewis. Picture 2 ... Top Row: Vaughn Christian, Frederick lewis. Richard Dunn, Douglas Smith. Row 2: Kevin Hill-sman. Sherry Ro! inson. Darryl Lawson, Vtrs. Levinson. Row 3: Kim laRue, Rochelle Morse, Vannessa William, Ervin Pridgen. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM B‘J Mrs. loncs Picture I . . lop Row. Lett to Right: Wayne Williams, Kelvin (ones, Virginia Flaigan, Adrion Johnson. Row 2: Vanessa Fare, Edward Coleman, Trevor Blue, Michael Lamar. Row 3: Betty Brown, Michele Walton, Cynthia lohnson, Harold Williams. Row 4: Anita Arnold. Darlene Garus. Rhonda Crenshaw, Dar leen Gibson. Picture 2 . . . Top row: Jacqueline Thomas, Mrs. Jones, Barbara Miller. Row 2: Jerome Washington, Darryl Sumter, Norman Hayes, Betty Brown, ( arol Moses. Row 3: Virginia Flanigan. Karen McManus, Robin Wiley. 113 JOB B9 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 113 Mr. Williams Picture 1 . . . left to Right, Top Row: Theodore DeCagna, Greg Collier, Edgar Figueroa. Row 2: Pamela Riley, Darlene Johnson, Victoria Mack, Cynthia Jones. Row 3: Stephanie Mann, Pat Charles, Ken Hargrove, Joyce Odom. Row 4: Diedre Davis, Sandra Algarin, Karen Davis, Reinaldo, Alrare . Picture 2 . . . lop row: Anthony Clark. Row 2: Seftan Bass, Ronald Robinson, Keith Morrison, George Downing. Row 3: Mr. Williams, Georgina Spruill, Laurie Austin, Deborah Plant, Vanessa Maurice. Row 4: Arthur Mersier. Harriet Mervin, Dwight Davis. Row S: lackio Porter, Marian Yancey, Cynthia Hampton. 79 iii(IUNIOR HOMIROOM BH Mr. Doundas Top Row, left to Right: Nor birr to Ortiz. Oaryl Brooks. Anthony Lee, letlrey Dunn. Renee Gibson. Row 2: Beverly |one$, Gail Me Clary, Everett Campbell, Roth Riley. Row 3: Mary Reeves, Patricia Clanton. William Fdney, Fernando Delgado. Row 4: Derek Ragin, Valerie McIntosh, lames Ayala, Harry Gray. Bottom Row: Diane Gill, Aleta Griffin, Pamela Richard, Rolanda Tosone. IUNIOR HOMFROOM 318 Mrs. Murray Picture 1.....lop: John Peterson. lop Row Lett to Right: Fernado Diaz, Harold Johnson. Leon Sherman. Middle Row: Valerie Worsley, Diane Spann, Booker Miller, William Thomas. Bottom Row Nanette Mason. Kim Crenshaw. Stephanie Harris, Robin Stone, Dorette Pugh. Picture 2: Top Row: Solomon Jackson, Kevin lack-son, Blaine Dickson, |oel Kelly. Second from Top: Vernon Dunn. Cheryl Weaver. Deborah ( handler. Third from Top: Barbara Hubbard. Rodney Rogers, Mrs. Murray. Bottom Row: Carmen Bonilla, Geraldine Battle, Nancy Carl, luamta Daniels. IUNIOR HOMEROOM 313 Mrs. Kilter Picture 1 ... Top Row. left to Right: Diane Walker. Karen Hillman, Michele Conte, Kevm Pope. Middle Row: Belinda larkins. Karen Baulkman. Roslind Potts. Mrs. Ritter. Bottom Row: Nadine Trimmel, Chiquita Odom, Leon Wright. Picture 2 ... Top Row: Adolpho Nogueras. Michael Simmons, Michael Dicks. Kevin Pope. Middle Row: Allesandra Moseley. Roberta Scales, Suzottc Harvey, Pamela Hudson. Bottom Row: Helena McPherson, Regina Davis, Blondell Taylor, John Bennett. 80JUNIOR HOMEROOM 218 Mrs. Green Pit lure 1 . . .Top Row, left to Right: Clarence Gathright, Oscar McClain, Kenneth [ones. Second from Top: Pamela Roberson, Earl Sessoms, Richard Wilson, Man Jones. Third from top: Mrs. Green. Bridget Bethea, Vera Williams. Bottom Row: Lawrence Jackson, Rhonda Bell, Robert lewis. Picture 2 . . . Top: Harriet Hamlin Top Row: Stephanie Minatee, Deborah Dancy. Yolonda Collier, Va-lene Hayes. Middle Row: Clarence Cathnght, Michael Braswell. Pete Collins. Derrick Agricola. Bottom Ross: Yolanda Gulette. Janiera Warren, Darrell Wade. Reginald Smith. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 208 Mr. Benevento Picture 1 ... Top Row, left to Right: Michelle Williams, Vikki Arnold, Michelle Hargrove, Kim Carter. Second from lop: Stephanie McGregor, Sharon Bright. Elizabeth Rainey. Sandera Stewart, third Irom Top: Charlotte Brown, Ramona Mercado, Omega Randallman. Bottom Row: Bruno lee, Kevin lowthcr, Steven Alston, Picture 2 . . Top Row: Steve Be thea, Ronald Turner, Julian Keene. Ke«th Layton. Middle Row: Melvin Doster, Marc Davis, Michael Selph, Rennard BaskerviHe. Center: Rhea Davis, Mr. Benevento. Bottom Row: Carolyn Hubbard, Michelle McCIcan.Neptune Pringle. Edward Harris. 20H JUNIOR HOMEROOM 319 Mr. Palmer Picture 1 ... Top Row, left to Right: Kenneth Boxley, Scott Wright, Gregory Thompson, Steven Kelly. Middle Row: Eva Gaskins. Mable Knight, Betty Tucker. Bottom Row: Carla Thomas. Deborah lohnson, Geraldine Gilbert. Picture 2 . . . Top Row: Darnell Bradley, Robert Benson. Second From Top: Bradford Brown, Orlando lee, lose Martinez. Third from top: loyce Holt, Gnselda Mitchell, lauren Green, Crystal Harris. Bottom Row: Michael Copeland. Sandra Lawrence, Jcnnell Joyner. 81JUNIOR HOMEROOM 310 Mrs. Shapiro Picture one. Top lo Bottom. Left to Right Row 1: Charles Mayo. Robert Lessane. Ricardo Silontes. Second Row: Vergean Burr, Erancisco Davis, Russell Cames, and Mrs. Shapiro. Third Row; Peter Baerga, Larry Penn, Beatrice Whitney and David Eubanks. Picture Two. Row I: Steven lenkins, Kendall Griffin, Theron Mayes. Terrance Jones. Row 2: Linda Crier, Constance Smith, Deborah Banks. Jackie Hill. Row T: Valerie Austin, Pat 8ooker, Charon Watson, and Mono Battle. 82113 A Mrs. Devito Roxanne Harden, Ellen Warren. Robin Lepraed, Edwin Rodrigue , Sheila Jones. Michael Dicks. Donna Lewis, Mrs. DeVito, Kenneth Ford. King McLendon, and Donald Hunter.Do we have to find our wings andfly away to the visions in our minds?STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization which is run by students who are officially elected. Led by Florine Chance as mavor and Kevin Slater as deputy mayor, the council controls the student government of Arts High School. Its biggest project in the 1973-74 school year has been the Student Council Store which sold stationery and candy to the students at low cost. Meetings are held twice monthly. The advisor is Mr. Alan Slavitt. Pep Squad 66SERVICE COMMITTEE BLACK ASSEMBLY This committee's main function is to raise money for school scholarships. Lead by )oyce Perry and Bridget Bethea and advised by Miss Cardella, the group's prin ciple activity was the Spring production. The participants in this committee render their services to the school whenever it's necessary. They at t as ushers and hosts at all school functions. So far this year they've serviced Parents' Night, Career Day, Winter Concert, and P.T.S.A. meetings. The high point of the year was their very successful Alumni Day presentation. Decorations and refreshments were prepared and serviced by the committee. Any one who is interested in serving their school may join. Deborah Campbell is chairman and Cyn-drell Parrish is co-chairman. The advisors are Mrs. Mary Venskus and Miss Sandra Cardella.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society aids in many worthy endeavors, such as tutoring, and collections tor organizations and causes. The major event of the year is the candlelit induction ceremony held in April. Juniors with Top, let! to right, Diane Moll. Bern ilia Campbell, Vernetl Nelson, Mrs. V Sampson, and Apnle Curvin. Not pictured: Karen Hubbard and Karen a 3.5 average and Seniors with a 3.2 are eligible to join. Bencilla Campbell, president and Diane Holt, vice president agree with all members and the advisor. Mrs. Ven-skus that joining is an honor well worth preparing for. nskus. Bottom: |ohn Sanders, Michele lohnson, Eli Climbing bear. Rubs Murray. I he main function of the Freshman-Sophomore Council is to raise funds for junior and senior expenses. Skating and bowling parties have been planned. Cary Harrell, and lackie Thomas, are President and Vice President respectively. Miss Sandra Cardella acts as advisor. FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE COUNCILJUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL The Junior Class Council plans programs and activities to benefit the junior class. Up until now, they have sold sweatshirts and are tentatively planning a dance, and basketball and volleyball tournaments. Their advisor is Mrs. Green. Beverly Jones, Isaac Dorette, Harriet Hamlin and Deborah Dancy are the student leaders of this active group. This dedicated group of young men and women have Membership is limited to the first fifteen students who been organized to teach the proper use of lab equip- apply. Meetings are held before and after school daily, ment and to aid the teacher in the preparation of labs. LAB ASSISTANTS CLUB 89ART CLUB The art club is composed of art or music students who desire to have extra practice with materials or techniques unavailable in their regular classes. A new activity within the group is for the underclassmen to learn layout and design techniques prior to their senior year, so that they can produce a superior yearbook. Silting Harold Showers. Harold Brito, Mark. Standing: William Winckler. Howard SimpM n. lohn Peterson. James Forester. Alberto Jimenez, Reginald Bellamy. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, headed by Mr. Williams, was formed mainly to strengthen interest in the Spanish language and its varying cultures. It also helps those students who nt ed additional tutoring. The group has visited Spanish restaurants, seen Spanish language movies and visited the U.N. This adventuresome group meets on every other Thursday in room 113 at 2:35. 90Front Row: Mr. Marcus, Ted DoC'agna, Nolion Torres. Ba k Row: Doug Austin. Grog Thompson. Alvin Little. Tho Stage Crew is very essential for the correct preparation of the stage for all kinds of activities. Very busy with their duties, the Crew helps set up the stage for assemblies, clubs and concerts. Under the leadership of Mr. Marcus, the work of these young men is deeply appreciated by us all. STAGE CREW Under the supervision of Mrs. Jeanne Tso, and the hard-driving leadership of Jacqueline Koonce, the African Dance Company is rapidly developing into a semi- professional group. Their performances were enjoyed by large audiences at Montclair State College and at the Teen Arts Festival in Trenton. AFRICAN DANCE COMPANYThe Varsity Club, advised by Mr. Mart us, is open to anyone holding a varsity letter. With William McCoy as president, the Varsity Club performs a service to the school, and recognizes those who have earned varsity letters in various school sports. The highlight of the year is the Sports awards dinner held annually in the Spring. VARSITY CLUB FASHION CLUB The fashion club, a fine new addition to Arts this year, is led by Denise Baron and Debra Dimery. A part of the Black Assembly, the club will be putting on shows throughout the year. Highlight of the year was the Black Assembly Scholarship Program on )an. 25. The high quality of the show was discussed by all who saw it. The models and the advisor, Mrs. Vivian McDuffie should be highly praised for a job well done. 97CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, formed only this year, is open to all students who are interested in studying, and playing the intellectual game of chess. The club has matches with other schools, including West Side and Central. This serious group of students who meet on Tuesdays in room 215 at 2:30 are advised by Mr. Thomas Piazza. PHYSICAL FITNESS The members of the Physical Fitness Club work out, under the direction of Mr. Lang, to help keep themselves in top shape for good health and for greater sue- CLUB cess in competitive sports. This energetic and well built group of athletes meet at 8:00 twice weekly in the boys' gym. 93The halls of Arts High ring with the sound of music, coming from Room 310, the chorus room. The school comes alive when its 297 members assemble on our stage for a performance. Some of the highlights of the year have been "Carmen" by Bizet, "Sing Unto God" by Handel, and the musical "Annie Get Your Gun," by Irving Berlin, which will be the biggest production of the year. This musical will feature the Special Chorus, which is a select group of vocalists at Arts High School. CHORUS The Arts High Gospel Chorus is dedicated to the ideal of making youth see and understand the words of eternal life. They spread joy and happiness through their musical efforts at concerts in our school and elsewhere. The school will miss Carolyn Lowe, director, Bannie Saunders, assistant director, and Dale Smith who are graduating. However, the word will continue to be spread. 94 GOSPEL CHORUSTYPING CLUB The typing club was formed by Mrs. Ritter to give students extra practice in order to develop their typing skills. Many students have taken advantage of this unique opportunity. There is rarely a day when the typing room is not in use. SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club is to explore methods of practical application of scientific knowledge. The principle project this year was collecting bottles and making useful products from them. Anyone interested in science or ecology may join this group. Mrs. Venskus is advisor. The officers are Pamela Hudson, Carla Robinson, Valerie Hooper and Yolanda Collier. 95ORCHESTRA Anyone who really appreciates good music will enjoy the expertise of the Arts High School Orchestra. This dedicated group of music students shows great performing competence. It is a wonderful thing to hear them at the Winter and Spring Concerts. Mr. Karpen, the director, and Neptune Pringle, student director, should be proud of the results of their labor. This group of singers performs at school concerts. They exhibit a high degree of talent. Under the direction of Mrs. Shapiro, they practice twice a week to perfect their knowledge of three-part harmony. The highlight of the year was their fine performance at the Winter Concert. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 96Arts High's Band has excelled greatly in its musical exhibitions this year. Carole King's "Tapestry" and "Procession of the Sarder" by EIvanov, were two of the many compositions performed which showed their fine skill. Another division is the Marching Band which takes part in all parades during the school year. We thank Mr. Reuben Singer for his outstanding leadership. 97 BANDSENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Senior Class functions, such as the Senior Prom, the class trip, social functions, and graduation could not be carried out smoothly without the help of the Senior Class Council. Held once or twice a week, the Senior Class Council meetings offer seniors an opportunity to participate in running the school government and to expand their personal growth. Meetings are led by Robin Dawson, President, and William Allen, Vice President. Miss Adrienne Raff, advisor, endlessly contributes ideas for the stability of the Senior Class. Sabrina Slater, Secretary, and Doreen Fletcher, Treasurer, have also contributed a great deal toward the success of the Senior Class. 98ART Very- few people understand the complex task of producing a quality yearbook. Both the art and literary staffs, guided by Mr. Carden, now understand! For the first time, the majority of the photographs used were taken by the staff, which included Louis Allen, Reinaldo Padilla, Donna Davis and Robert Lewis, a junior. Layouts and photograph cropping were done by Rochelle Foushee and Michelle Muldrow with the help of underclassmen from the Art Club and other yearbook staff members. Diane Williams and Vanessa Hill headed a hardworking group of writers and typists. The dedicated students who saw the yearbook through to completion should be congratulated. LITERARY )an Carden; Advisor Although the yearbook staff was actively involved in the production of the yearbook, there was one person behind the lines who was not only a strong guide and teacher, but also a hard worker. Without him, there would have been no Vignette 1974. VIGNETTE STAFF 99Have we really gone Or is this athis far through space, vision in my mind?CROSS COUNTRY TEAM William McCoy Arts High's Cross Country Team's record in 1973 was 2 wins and 5 losses. The team placed 6th in the city meet and 3rd in the Vo-Tech conference meet. William McCoy, Captain, won the bronze medal for winning first plate in the Vo-Tech Conference meet. Other senior members of the team are David Mite hum, Lefuel Brookins, Marvin Jones, and Wendell Bodison. 102 Front Row, led to Right: Mr Marcus, Brian Head, Percell Smith. LeFucI Brookins, and WcnckHI Bodison. Second Row: David Mitt hem, Leonard Averett and William McCoy.SOCCER TEAM Front Row Knit-ling; Left to Right: H. Briton, (standing), M. lenkins, R Si-fontes. L Veliz. D. Wade. A. Jones. |. Smith, and 0. Lawson. Standing, Lett to Right: J. Craham, D. Jennings. Coach Alamo. G. Harrell, I. White, R. Smith. L. Shivers, R. Turner, A. Alston, M. Braswell, C. Silas, I. Jackson, T. Bynum, J. Stewart, M. Rodriguez. B. Frasier, R. Baskerville. Mr. Alamo and Art’s Soccer Team pulled off their best season by winning 8 games and losing 5. They defeated Barringer, last year's City-League Champs, 4 to 1. They also defeated Irvington Tech., T to 1. John Stewart, the team's captain, led the team with 8 goals. He made All-Vo-Tech Team and Second Team All-City. The strong defense was led by Tim Bynum and Barry Frasier. Other senior members include lames Smith and Marcial Rodriguez. M ir ul Rodriguez, Tim Bynum. M. Alamo. John Stewart, lames Smith, Barry Frasier.SWIMMING TEAM Due to a tragic drowning at one Newark school's practice session, the swimming season was greatly re- High did not fare too well. We wish them the best of duced by official orders. A city meet was held, but Arts luck next season. BOWLING TEAM The Arts High Bowling Team had an extremely successful season, winning the city championship. They defeated several schools with much larger enrollments. Congratulations to the team and to its coach, Mrs. Jones, for a job well done. 104FENCING TEAM The Fencing Team had a good year. They had a season record of 8-7. John Dreher and James Smith have played fine matches. Practice is held every day during the fall season at Broadway Elementary School. It is open to all males who are interested in a highly disciplined and technical sport.CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders should be congratulated for causing great enthusiasm at our games. Under the direction of Miss Phyllis Cuyler, we've gotten the best of cheers for the Jaguars from these lively young women. They give the push forward to go on and win. Bencilla Campbell, Captain, and Paula Jenkins, Co-Captain, give the fine leadership needed to bring out the best of performances. You can also see the cheerleaders perform at the Crispus At-tucks Martin Luther King Day Parade in the spring of each year. Paula Jenkins Diane Moll Arline Edwards 106TWIRLERS Karen Hubbard and Janice Rowe The Arts High Tvvirlers under the direction of Miss Phyllis Cuvier is of great importance to our school. With Karen Hubbard as the captain and Janice Rowe as the co-captain they all work well together, which shows in their performances. They represent us annually in the Crispus At-tucks Martin Luther King Day Parade. 107Kneeling: Kevin lohnson. Richard Wilson, Orlando Lee. Michael Braswell, Al i I illle. Standing: Mr. Alamo, lose Marline . Manager, Rennard Baskerville. Darryl Moore, lames McNair. Robert lessane, Clarence (iathwright, Marc Davis. Scott Wright, Manager. The Basketball Team had a fantastic season in 1974. During the regular season, they attained a record of 13-4 to win the N. J. Vo-Tech Conference. James McNair, co-captain, averaged 19 pts and set a school record of 34 rebounds in a single game. Alvin Little, co-captain, averaged 22 points and scored 44 points in one game! They were selected to participate in the Essex County Tournament and the State Tournament. Congratulations to the team and to Coach Alamo for a great season! In addition, James McNair made first team all Newark and the all county team. Alvin Little made second team all city. Congratulations again! 108GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The 1973-74 school year marks the second year of the Girls' Basketball team. Under Ms. Lucas' direction, the team practices vigorously on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Despite their low record of victories, they have potential and initiative mandatory for future success. Captain and Co-Captain are Gail McClary and Nanette Mason. noKneeling: Nanette Mason, Ms. Lucas, Gail McClary. Second Row: Sharon Fisher, Kari Jacobs, Kathy Jacob. Third Row: Annette Lumford, Bridget Bethea, and Stepanie McGregor. IllThe Girls' Track Team ol 1973, coached by Mrs. Lucas, placed second in the city and this was only their second year! Their season record was a fantastic 6-1. Nanette Mason set a city record in the " 0 yard dash, w ith a record time of 6.1 seconds. GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Silling, Left to Rtghi: Laurie Austin. Geraldine Gilbert, and Beverly k nes. Second Row Kneeling, led to Right: Dianne Golden, Sharon Fisher, Denise |ohn on, Carol lumford. Robin Slone, Harriet Hamlin. and Sandra Lawrence, third Row. Standing. Left to Right: Coach, Mrs. Linas, Rose Miller, Kathy Jacob. Valerie Haves. Nanette Mason, |an Clayton, Mallory Mann, |a |ueline Hill, and Student Manager. Gregory Atkins. 112 Carol lumfordTENNIS TEAM Standing: Coach Benjamin O'Neil, Percy Scott, and Kevin Slater. Kneeling: Cyrus Williams and Irevor Blue. £ i f 1 Cyrus Williams Pam Deane Rochelle Foushee Mr. Beniamin O'Neil coaches the Tennis Team and does a very fine job, as witnessed bv their having a record of ( -5. Last season, the team went as far as the first round finals in doubles competition. Eddie Bright shot at novice singles, but lost in the second round. The Spring 1974 Season promises to be an interesting one for this small hardworking group. Miss Meyerson coached the Tennis Club last year. It was organized for girls to learn basic tennis skills and to develop a lifetime love for the sport. Any female can join. Meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at West Side Park from 3:(X) to 5:30 in the Spring. Donna Davis GIRLS' TENNIS CLUB Kneeling: Cyndrell Parrish, Donna Daws. D Bailey. Stephanie McDaniel, Miss Meyerson. Standing: Lynne Morrison, Denise Quick. Charlotte Brown, Rochelle Foushee, Shirley Myers, Pam Deane. 113TRACK TEAM John Drvher William McCoy Leonard Chislum The Arts High Track Team had a great season in 1973, and hopes to do as well or better in the 1974 season. The team placed 2nd in the Vo-Tech Conference meet and 4th in the City meet. Reinaldo Padilla was outstanding in the low and high hurdles. Leonard Chislum did well in the 440 and as a member of the mile relay team with Tim Bynum, Daryl Wade, and Tyrone Page. Practices for this energetic team are held in school and at Riv-erbank Park every day after 2:30. Tim Bynum Douglas Austin 114Reinaldo Padilla and Mr. Marcus. Wendell Bodtson David Mitchem from row. Led lo Right: Kionone Gaskins. Tommy Cox. Mile Copeland. Keith Towe, Reinaldo Padilla. Gary Harrell, |ohn Dreher, Albert Alston. Second row: Leonard Chislum, Wm. McCoy, Tyrone Page. Steve Kelly. Wendell Bodison. Darryl Brooks, Daryl Sum par, and Wayne Williams. Third row standing: Allred Cunningham. Nathan Robin, Richard Willis. Leonard Averett, Tim Bynum, Douglas Austin. David Mitchum. Daryl Wade. Ru hard Battle. Pete Collins, lohn Simmons, Kevin Hatcher. Dwight Davis. Darry lennings, Alivin Brown, Mr. Marcus.BASEBALL TEAM 116Standing, left to right: Coach tang. William (.ray, Lance Webb, trnest Gooden, John Bovvers, Mike Holmes, and Kevin Dean. Kneeling, left to right: Darrell Law-son, lames Smith, Francisco Davis, Kevin Simmons, Bruce Maxwell, and Jeff Jones. Billy Gray Kevin Dean In the spring of 1973, Arts High's baseball team was made up of many seniors who would graduate that june. The team had a record of 5 wins and 4 losses and tied for second place in the Vo-Tech League. Francisco Davis was outstanding. Coach Lang hopes to rebuild the young team created by the departure of so many seniors. All practices are held at Branch Brook Park.Today's not And all thingsMEMORIES yesterday have an ending.BEST LOOKING POPULARITY POLL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED •204 Anthony Smith 204 Renee Bynum 215 Glenn Croom 215 Judith Smith 220 leferrel Vandiver 220 Rochelle Ferrell 307 Robby Edwards ••307 Yvette Caldwell 314 Reinaldo Padilla 314 Donna Lee 315 John Cherry 315 Deborah Dimery i • 204 Eli Climmgbcar 204 Addie Legette 215 James Merritt 220 leferrel Vandiver 307 Kevin Deane 314 John Stewart 315 John Sanders 215 Deborah Campbell 220 Karen Hubbard ••307 AprileCurvin 314 Diane Holt 315 Ruby Sampson Anthony Smith and Yvette Caldwell Aprile Curvin Eli ClimmRbear Billy Rich and Yvette Caldwell Ruby, Marvin and Carlton BEST MUSICIAN OR SINGER BEST DRESSED 204 Douglas Davis 201 Vickie Parker 21S Dean McCall 215 Judith Smith 220 Billy Rich 220 Dale Smith 307 Michael Walton ••307 Yvette Caldwell 314 Craig Wise 314 Denise Quick 315 Frank Smallwood 315 Michele Johnson 204 Billy Harris 204 Toni Kirby 215 Willocy Christian 215 Ronnell Bey ••220 Marvin Jones 220 Mamie Skipper 307 Michael Walton 307 Barbara Butterfield 314 Wendell Bodison 314 Denise Quick ”315 Carlton Williams ••315 Ruby Sampson 315 Kevin Johnson 315 Florine ChanceMOST SERIOUS POPULARITY POLL 204 Billy Harris 215 David Mitchem 220 Marvin Jones •307 lose Arce 314 Benjamin Collier 315 Elias Padilla • 204 Carrie Noon 215 Jane Mosley 220 Kimberly Thompson 307 Deborah Walker 314 Brenda McCall 315 Karen Mitchell MOST ATHLETIC • 204 William McCoy 204 Arline Edwards 215 William Cray 220 John Dreher 307 Leonard Chislum 314 Reinaldo Padilla 315 Alvin Little 215 Paula Jenkins 220 Karen Hubbard 307 Carol Lumford •314 Mallory Mann 315 Ruby Sampson Mallory Mann and William McCoy Jose Arce Carrie Noon Janice, Elias and Donna Anthony Smith Michele Johnson BEST ARTIST 204 Henry McGloun ••204 Donna Davis 215 Emerson Welh 215 Judith Smith 220 Frank Jones 220 Margaret El 307 Jose Arce 307 Vanessa Hill 314 Reinaldo Padilla 314 Pam Deane ••315 Elias Padilla ••315 Janice Harper BEST DANCERS •204 Anthony Smith 204 Arline Edwards 215 Dean McCall 215 Sabrina Slater 220 Billy Rich 220 Andrea Harrell 307 William Blount 307 Robin Morrison 314 Eric Anderson 314 Bernita Upshaw 315 John Cherry ••315 Michele JohnsonPOPULARITY POLL CLASS FLIRT CLASS COMEDIAN 204 Keith Bush 201 Vanessa Betts 21S William Cray ••215 Carolyn Lowe 220 lames McNair 220 Cynthia Rose 314 Eric Anderson 314 Phyllis Holloman 307 Lefuel Brookins 307 Diane Williams 315 Michael | oh ns on 315 Deborah Dimery lefuel Brookins and Carol Lowe Bonnie Sanders and Carol Lowe CLASS GOSSIP 204 Keith Bush 204 .Martha Frarier •215 Bannie Sanders ••215' Carolyn Lowe 220 lames McNair 220 Pamela Sellers 307 Lefuel Brookins 307 Valerie Hooper 314 Eric Anderson 314 Phyllis Holloman 315 Robert Woods 315 Marsena Harris 204 Anthony Smith 204 Vanessa Betts 215 Glenn Croom 215 Sandra Forrest 220 William Allen 220 Cynthia Rove 307 William Blount 307 Valeria Hooper 314 Eric Anderson 314 Barbara O'Neal 315 Kevin lohnson ••315 Doreen Fletcher Anthony Smith Doreen Fletcher Bencilla Campbell MOST POPULAR GIRL 201 Robin Dawson 215 Carolyn Lowe 220 Rochelle Ferrell M)7 Robin Morrison ■• 314 Bencilla Campbell 315 Ruby Sampson 122MOST QUIET POPULARITY POLL 204 Cyrus Williams 215 David Mitchem 220 Marvin |ones 307 lose Arce 314 William Denson 315 Elias Padilla ’204 Ruth Schmidt 215 ludith Smith 220 Kimberly Thompson 307 Deborah Walker 314 Karen Murray 315 Karen Mitchell MOST TALKATIVE 204 Douglas Davis 204 Pat Barnes ••215 Bannie Sanders 215 Sandra Forrest 220 James McNair 307 Douglas Austin 314 Craig Wise 315 Kevin (ohnson 220 Pamela Sellers 307 Yvette Caldwell 314 Phyllis Holloman 315 Ruby Sampson Marvin Jones Ro,h Schmidl Pat Barnes and Bannie Sanders CaH I on Williams MOST POPULAR BOY 204 Anthony Smith 215 Dean McCall 220 Lin wood Hancock |ohn Dreher and Andrea Harrell 307 314 Robby Edwards William Denson MR. ATLAS AND MISS VENUS • 315 Carlton Williams '204 Douglas Davis 215 William Cray ••220 John Dreher 307 Kevin Deane 314 Reinaldo Padilla 315 Alvin Little 204 Renee Bynum 215 Gloria Robinson ••220 Andrea Harrell 307 Karen Murray 314 Michele Johnson 315 Karen Mitchell 173REMEMBER Truth and Soul? when phyllis's wig came oh and (ell in the manhole? freshman year and the teacher's strike when-. . . Arts High led the other high schools in student revolts? . . . Miss David locked all of us out of the school building and we almost got arrested? sophomore year and busting into an assembly when we were restricted because of lack of space? when the waterpipe busted in 219? (no labs for a month!) when the girls gym smelled like a distillery? getting by on a 10 week spree and finally getting busted by Mr. Rhim? the year we got female security guards and the girls almost had a fit?! the day Ms. Russell took off her wig in class? when Mrs. Neuss asked the question: "frank, are you pregnant?" Robin M. breaking out with her new outfits? or Debbie C. adding a new dimension to the word miniskirt? the day a little mouse ran into 207 and Miss Cuyler jumped on the desk? Junior year when Vanessa H. popped Mr. Otero in the head with her honor certificate? (accident of course!) the time when B.S. changed for the' worse? M.D.'s professional strip-tease at the fashion show? smoochie...... spunky........ vappv......... RJ'to......... na-na......._.. mousey....... boogie....... big vie...... .......... i«f« .......... curiy......... pickets________ brohat mignaus faraghcon...... kxi..._________ furu-shee-do___ mooch ie_______ purdie......... dee-dee....... red barron.... neecie........ fody.......... THE ARTISTS ..............gladys knight and the pips .............funkadelic ....... ....barry white .............alicc cooper .............chi-lites slevens .................Chicago .................manhattans .................mandrill ................ earth, wind and fire .................james brown .................grover Washington jr. ............... aretha franklin .................santana .................miles davis -----------------o'jays birth's --..............—i 5 ....-............sly and the family stone .................temptations .................war 124 Denise QuickMarvin Jones O THE SOUNDS much lo give blood.........................y«. can can l-baby........................ecslacy Kebo..........................back lo Ihe world nod...........................check il out race hips..........................where were you when i needed you? toby..........................gotta lind a way- mickey .......................the bra z"...........................very special part ol me salan.........................hollywood swinging lena..........................higherground stevyye ...........-..........ape is high think about loving you lynn..........................let's get it on cowboy........................keep your head lo the sky you want me lo slay bub...........................i just want to be free fleetwood.....................i wanna know your name gwen..........................just lo satisfy you mr. star......................pain chis..........................evil kabfe.........................can this be real? Frank |onesJUNIOR-SENIOR FOOTBALL GAME 126 Mr. Robert Brandon Miss Jill Curvm Mr and Mrs II Braswell Mrs. Pat C urvm Mel Braxton Mr. Rntserl Curvm BOOSTERS Mrs. 1. Brewer Mrs. Annie Bright Gail and Kerry Bright Mr. William Curvm Lillie Daniels Dorothy I. Dantrle Donald 1 Brock, M.D. Alan Davis Al Abrams Mr. Richard Bronner Ann R. Davis A Friend Mr. Carol Brown Mrs. Bira Davis Mrs. S. Adams Harriet Brown Mr Mrs. Dames Davis Mrs. Phyllis Adkins Mrs. Maxie Brown Elgin A. Davis Patricia Ajello Mrs. Rose Brown Felix Davis Alice and Family Jesse E. Bryant Mrs. Geneva Davis Mrs. Mary Ann Allen Mrs. W.M. Burnett Mrs. Iona Davis Mr H. Allgood C andance Burrell Mr. lake Davis Levi Alston Mrs Annie I. Burns Margaret Davis Doreen Alviggi and loe Cardonc Andrea Bush Mr. Nathaniel Davis )o Ann Amato ( heryl Bush Mr. Curtis Deane Fdna and Aminifu Dawn Bush Vic Delke Stanley Anastasiou. M.I). Desiree Bush Mary loan DeRosa Mr. and Mrs. lunior Anderson Mrs. Marquerite Bush Karen Y. Diaz Pattie Anderson Mr. Ireci Cacoto DeVito Family Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson Viola Calloway Mr. Andre Dishman Mr. Andrews Mr. Albert Calvin District » 1 ( ity ol Nesvark Eleonor Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cannon Mr. Vincent Ditta Mr. Joseph T. Armstrong | hn Capers Mr. Frederick Dixon Thomas Armstrong Martha Capers Albert Alma Dixon Arts High Orchestra Michael Capers Bobu Dixon Mrs. Rose Atkins Miss Sandra-Lee ( ardella Cornel Dixon Mr. John E. Austin Mr. Jan Carden Eva M. Dixon Gradie Baaker Mrs. |jn Carden Keisha Dixon Mrs. 1 ia?ctta Baghv Mrs. Emma Carl Kevin Dixon Mr. Louise Baker Mattie Carlise Patricia Dixon Mrs. D. Ball Mr. James Carmon Mrs. R Dcxighlie Mrs. Phyllis Bambara Mr. James Carter Stuart Dowes Bertha Banks Mrs. Ins Carter Mrs. Annie Duncan Garfield Banks Mrs Martha Carter James Dunlap Mrs. Maude Banks Mrs. Rosa Carmon Mrs 1 Duffy Mr. and Mrs W Barnes G.J. Carton David Dunn Baines Family Leslie aster Mrs. Betty Easton Miss Barbara Barrett Ms. Carol Cathey Mrs. Carol laston Mr. Judith Barrett Rosa Ceasar Mrs Oweda Easton Mrs. Barrette Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapman W. M. Edney William Bass Mrs. Carrie Charles Glen Edwards Mrs. Daisy Barrow Charles Cherry Shiriev and Rhonda Edwards Mrs. Ldna Bynum Holly Chesney Dendon Edwards Mary A. Beckwith Chi Eta Phi Sorority. Inc. Ede Edwards Norman Jesse Bemelt Miss Roas Chiu Mrs. Elbe Branch Douthc |. Benton Mrs. Gladys E. Churchman Mr. M H Elliott, Sr. Mr. Melvin C. Berrv lames E. Churchman. |r. Kathy Ellis Mr. Armando Bess Mr, M. ( inquma Mr. Anthony Ellis Best o( Luck Tyrick Kenneth |. Clark Mrs. Leslie Ellis Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Clark,|r. Phxllis Ellis Nurse's Unit Bethany Baptist Church Rev. Lindsey Clark Mr. Marceflus Elmore Mrs. G Blackwell John E. Clay Mr. Charles G. Evans, Sr. Mr. 1. Blackwell Mrs. Betty Cobb Miss ( vnthia A. Fvans Miss P. Blackwell Mr. Michael P. Cocca, |r. Mr. Mrs. 1. C. Evans Mrs. Mabel Blair Mrs. Anne Cole Edwin Evelyn Mr. Richard Bland Joe C ole Mason Works Ernestine Evelyn Biber-Rosen Bluth Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs James Collier Mr. Fair Wendell Bodison Omerlee Collins Miss Darlene Fairly Mrs Tina E. Bohannon Mrs. W. Cooke Dr. Dcxothv A. Farley FTester Bolden Mr. P. Coons Miss Helen Farmer lanya Bolden Mrs. Carrie Cooper Miss Deborah Faust Mrs. Margaret Booker Mr. Jennie Cooper Mrs Estelle Faust Miss Diane Bonev Mary Copeland Charles Ferguson Mr. led Bonner Carol Coppola Mrs Ida H. Ferrell Mr. and MrsFloyd Bostic John Corbitt Delois Fielder Mrs. Nancy Bowdre lames Wesley Coy Bartxira Fields Duches Elizabeth Boyd James Coyne, M.D. Cynthia Loretta Fields Valeri Boys Mr. S. Crawford Miss Adrianne Fleming Mr. Robert Bowers Mrs. C. Croom Mrs. Doris Fleming loscph E. Bradman Gladys Croom George R. Fleming. |r. R.P. M.B. Bradman Robert and Mary Crute Mr. Leonard Fleming Mae Bradman Tasha Crute Miss Valerie Fleming Thc resa Bradman Mrs. Gloria Cruz Susie Flippin Rev. R Bradford,|r. Mr. Bill Cumbo Mrs. Dorothy Ford Louise Brandon Mr. Fred Cucolo Mr. Ihomas | Fouse, Jr. Rosemary Branch Miss G. Culp Marguerite S. Foushee Mr Bernard Brandon lanet Cumberland Mrs. Beadie Francis Mrs. Mable Brandon Mrs. Ruth Cumbo Wallace Francis Mrs. Marion Brandon and Family Mrs. Barbara C urs m Frank Ola Mr. Walter Brandon Ms. Jewel Curvm Mr. Alonza FrazierMr. Gelet Frazier Mis . Laura loan Frazier Mrs. Mac O. Fra icr Rich freeman Sonia R. Gaffney lament Gardner Helen Frank Garris Eddie Gardner Mr. Mrs. Geogre Garland Mrs. Juanita Gathers Beatrice M. Gednen Beatrice G. Geller Mr. Gentile Miss Gibbons Robert A. Gibbs Mrs. Ruby Gilliam Mrs. Mahaley Gilmore Mr. Lindsey Gilmore Mr. Robert Gilmore Mrs. S. Gilmore Gioella Family Mr. Frank Glenn Grace Glickenhans Mr. Philip Gold Goldie Rose Goodson Ms. lovee Goose Judv Gottlieb Miss Dorothy Gould Swindell Graham, |r. Mr. Claude Grant Mr. Mrs. Arnold Graves Mr. Mrs. Woody Graves Ms. Peggy J. Gray Alicia Debra Greaves Andre Jeffery Greaves Eric Temuljin Greaves Mr. Edward Greely Mr. E. Greely Mr. Bruce Green Mrs. Mimi Green Ronald Green Mr. Greenlaw Evangeline Gregory Kenneth Gregory Kisa Alicia Griffin Mrs. Mary Griffith Michael D. Griffith Andrew Grosso lerome Guess Mrs. Gertrude Guilford Anthony Hall Jahia Halt Joanne Ftampton Desiree L. Hancock linwood S. Hancock Priscilla Hancock Linwood Steven Hancock Mrs. Elizabeth Hankins Mrs. B. Harris Bill Harris M. Dereck Harris Eloise Harris lee Harris Marsena Harris Piare Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Mrs. S. Harris Lome Harling Jacquetta Harrison Rev. Samuel Harvey •Mrs. B. Harveys William Hatcher Helen Hayes Mrs. Samuel A Haynes Jenine Hazzard Patricia A. Hazzard Mrs. Helen Mr. Henny Mrs. Elizabeth Hensley Mr. Mrs. William Henry Florence. Carol.Gena. Monroe Herring Mr. Robert Herron Jo |o Heyner Mrs. Susan Hickson Mr. James C. Hill Mrs. Laura Hill Ms. Majorie Hill Mrs. Virginia L. Hill Hillard Upholstery Shop Mr. Hilton Mrs. Alyce Hobbs Gregory Holder Verconica Holland Paul Hollis Rosa and Kenyatta Holmes Mr, Arthur Hooper Miss Charian Hopper Mr. James Hooper, |r. Mrs. Mary Blanche Hooper Mr. Wilbur Hooper Mrs. Wilbur Hooper Ms. Willie Belle Hooper Mr. James E Hopkins Mrs. M. Hopson Eulious Horne Mr. VV. Horton Mrs. I. Howard Michael Hudson Mrs. Ethel Hunter Valerie Hunter In Memory of Donald C'room In Memory of Howard Harris Mrs. Dorothy Irvin Mrs Inez Jacobs Mr. Samuel Jacobs Mrs. Viola Jacobs Ella Jackson Melvin Jackvin Mrs. Mildred Jackson Mrs. George James Howard James The Jean Mr. Mrs. Joe lefferson Joel lefferson Andre Johnson Anthony Johnson Bernard lohnson Cynthia Johnson Gregory lohnson Leroy lohnson Jessie Johnson Joyce Jhnson Margaret Johnson Mrs. Margie Johnson Sharranda Johnson Ms. Viola G. lohnson Mrs. Willa Johnson Mrs. Alene Jones Mrs. Audrey Jones Boole Jones Ernest Jones Robert Jermaine Jones Gay Nell Jones Thurston Jones Mrs. Vem Jones Gloria Willie Josey Kim Brian losey Mrs. D. Joyner Mrs. Frances Joyner Mr. John Wesley Joyner Ms. Mamie Joyner Mrs. Thorny Joyner Joy Knight Michael Braswell Kamal, Kenneth, and Darry l Mary KarrienT Donald E. Kearney Mr. Mrs. William Keil Mrs. Kenner Oliver Kcnnol Mrs. Dorothy Kettles Kevin Mamie Mrs. Virgie Keys Mrs. Wilma Kiosey Esther Kidd Mrs. Lucy Kin« Mrs. Willia King Mr. Daniel Klement Michael A. Kmetz Patty Knowles Rodney Koonce |r. Ms. Anna Kornegay Mr. Abe Kuchinsky Mr. George landers Ronald F. Larkin Ronald J. Larkin Mr. Nate Larson Mr. Mrs. Johnny Lawrence Clarence Lawrence Willie C. Lawrence Lawrence Addie Mr. Mrs. Johnny C. Lawrence Mrs. Rosa Lawson Mr Howard Lawson Mr. George H. lee Bernice Lee Cheryl Denise Lee Mrs. Juanita Lee William H. lee Ms. Thomassina Lemon Mr. Mrs. J. lewis Ovid Lewis Mrs. Betty Lewis Mrs. lil Rev. L. Liles Rev. Lester Liles Linda "71" Demce E. Lindsay Christine' Lindsey JoAnn Iodise Iona "73" Bubba "77" Mr. Ms. S.M. Lolman Mary Loney Mrs. Mounlray Louis Mrs. Joan Love Mr. John love Irene Lowery Beatrice Lucas Ms. Vivian Mackason Andrew Quovella Maeweathcr Willie J. Malloy Miss Willie Malone George M arable Mr. Jerome Marcus Aretha Marshall Mrs. Elsie Martin Mrs. Mary Frank Massie Mrs. Elverda Matthews Mrs. Maxwell Mrs. Z. May Dorothy May nor Louvcnia Mayo Mrs. Dorothy Me Burrows Theodore R McBynum Miss Angela McCall Mrs. Catherine McCall Cynthia McCall Dean E. McCall Dean McCall Ruby Sampson Gail McCall James McCall Joanne McCall Mr. John McCall Mr. Mrs. lewis McCall Ivacter D. McCray James McClain F. McDaniel Mrs. Pearl McDougall Miss Inez McFadden Mrs. Raymond McGill II Mr. John McGinnity Gaythcn McKenzie Ms. Almetia McKie Mr. Mrs. James Mclucas Florence McNair Eunice McPherson Ethel M. Melvin •Margie MelvinBOOSTERS Ann Mehesy charles I. Meredith Mr. Merton Leslie Me. Millan Mrs. Dorothv Miller Mr. Major Miller Mr. Roy Miller Lurine Milton Mrs. Inez Mockshcld Ray Montgomery Miss Evelyn Moore Gladys X. Moore Mrs. Isabelle Moore Lenord I. Moore Mr. James Morrison Mrs. Juanita Morrison Mrs. Morton Mr. John E. Moses Mrs. Sibyl C Mosses Neil C. Murray Miss Gladys Nassour Mr. Charles |. Neal Mrs. Pauline Neal Mr. Mrs. Robert Nelson Jr Ronald Nelson Mr. A Mrs. Alex Neu Newark Book Center YMWCA leaders Club Helen Newton John Nied inski Mrs. O'Conner Arlington O'Neal Ruby O'Neal Mrs. Annie O'Neal Walter Oprysk Mrs. Christine Overby Family Charlie Mas Outrae Eddie I. Pate Hattie B. Pace Hattie Pace Josephine Pace Thomas Pace Mrs. Sallie Paddy Mr. Aubrey Palmer Bridgette Palmer Mr. Brian Parker Dons Diane Parker Mrs. Ermrl Parker Mr. and Mrs. G. Parker Gordon Parker (deceased) M. Isaiah Parker lueretha Parker Mr. Madison Parker Mr. Richard Parker Shaw ana Parker Frank Parks Mrs. Phylis Peterman Vivian Paterson Mr. James Patterson Mr and Mrs. James Patterson Ms. Maude F. Patterson Mrs. Maxine Patterson Mr and Mrs. Robert Payne Neal Patterson William Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington Bob Perkins Mrs. I. F hinazee Richard S. Piroschak Pistoh Restaurant Charles N. Ponder .Mr. Edward Porter Gkxn Postles lulia Postles Valerie D. Postles Denise Potter Donska Potter Mrs. Della Powell Mr. Ernest Powell Mrs. Hortense W Powell Michele Powell The Proctor Family Mrs. Susan Price Mrs. Carrie Priester Mr Jacob Priester Miss Kendra Priester Mr. Kvle lacob Priester Miss Ralt Mrs. Pearl B. Ragm Rev. |. G. Ragm Johnny Range Rasuli Thomas Reed Terrence P. P. Reid Revelation B. Church Margaret Reynolds Mr. |ohn Ricks' Beatrice Ridley Mrs. Doris Riley Charles f Riley Mr. Donald Riley Mrs. M Riley Rite View T. V. A Radio Mrs. E. Roebuck Ms Mildred Robertson Mr. Herbert Robinson Evangelist M. Robinson Ronald Robinson Ms. Myrtle Louise Robinson Mrs. Sylvia R. Robinson Mr. Mrs. Rodrigue Juan Rodrigue Rodney Rogers Mrs. Adcliah Rogers Kathern Rose Cynthia Rose John D. Rose Mary Rostyak |ohn Rotunda Joy Rowe Mr. and Mrs. E. Rowe and Family Angela Rowe Allison Rowe Viki Rose Robert Royal Manor a Rucker Diane Ryan Tony Sanders Ronald Sargent Mr. |ohn Savage Mrs. Micki Savage Sewell Savage Clarence N. and Beverlee |. Sconiers Cynthia Seburn Mildred Sebum The Sellers Fily Joann and Kish a Sellers Mathan Sellers Ms. Edna Kettles Settle Shades ol Black Ensemble Co. Mrs. Rosalee Sharpe Harold Showers Mr. and Mrs. Silas Salome Silver Mrs. Barbara Simmons Dorothy Simmons Terry Ellen Singer Ms. Emily Singleton Henry Singleton Henry A. Single ton,|r. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Skipper Daisy Skipper Mr. Alan Slavitt Mrs Marion Smiley Annie L Smith Gail Regina Smith lily Smith Mettie Smith Mr. Rodney Smith Rev A Mrs. TFyomas I. Smith Smitty Owl Lounge Mr. Kenneth Snead Evette Spence Leroy Spence Beulah Stable Oscar Slat lord Mr And Mrs. Kenneth Staggers Rose Stanfield T. Stanley Sylvia Stapleton Mr. and Mrs. I. Slates Mr. Charles Staton Mr. George Steisel J W. Stevenson Rev. W. Stewart Nathaniel Stokes Waller Stokes Mrs. Willem e Stokes Pauli nc Stone Mrs. Street and family Mr. loseph Strickland Justine Stru ione Mrs. Well Sumter Ms. Thomas Sumter Su-Kil Glenda Daj hne Swaggerty The Sutton Family Barbara Sweet lucrecia Swindell Maudesteen Talelero Miss Angie Talley Mr. A Mrs. C. Talley A Family Bro. lerome Talley (7x) Mrs Althea lalmadge Mrs. leanette Tarver Tau Chi C hapter Mrs. Blanch Tavlor Mr. levi Taylor Eva Mae Taylor lerrv Taylor Mr. A Mrs. R. Taylor A Family T E Industries Clarice Terry Tiger Mr. Thibault Ann Thompson Charles Thomas Connie Thomas George Thomas Miss Johnnie Thomas Lucian Thompson Mrs. Wilma Thompson Jay C. Thorne laveme Thorne In Memory ol Theodor Kevin Threadarl TFieodora Kandu Treadar Linda Thornton Willie C. Tolbert, |r. Mrs. Matilda Tolvin Grady Townsend. |r. Fay Train Donald N. Treloar lames Trice Warren Troblefield Troutman Floor Waxing Co. David S. Tucker Enoch Tucker Mrs. Enoch Tucker Estelle Tucker Mark A. Tucker Mrs. Robert Tucker Mr. A Mrs. Walter Tucker Family Joe Tyson Luis S. Diaz Valdez Mrs. Mary Venskus Frand Villano, M.D. Dannielle T. Voorhis Dec on Wakefield Mrs. Susie Wakefield Mr. Richard WaldenDianne Walker "75" West Bakery Abbie Worrell Mrs. Ann Walker Rev C C Wicks Albert Worrell Miss Rose I. Walker Wilbert and lean Grace Worrell Doris Wallace "66" Debra Wilkie Susan W'orrell Mr. George Wallace Willard Family Delores Whitehead Mar Walls Frances I. Williams Mrs. I Wright Walter and Cynthia G. Williams Mr larry Wright Mrs. Lillie Walton Gerald Williams levoyn Wright Mr. and Mrs. lames Ware Horace Williams Mrs. Fra Wynn lerri Lynne Ware Larry Williams Marvin Young loseph Warron lonnie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Mrs. Selma Warshawsky Lucille Williams Rossie Baxter M. Washington Marilyn |. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bell Shirley E. Washington Mary M Williams Mr. |im Blue Mrs. V. 8. Washington Miss Myrnalcah Williams Mr and Mrs. Woodrow Chance Elaine Watson Victoria Williams Ernest P. Clark Nora Way Mrs. Grace Wilson The lane Culver Family S. Weaver Robert E. Wilson Mr. Gene Davis Thomas Michael Webb Gloria Winstead Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington Hildred West Mrs. Ann WrxKiard Mrs. Constance Williams lavora Ann West Mr. Leon D. Woods Harry Williams Jr. Ronald West Delores Wolfe Photos on pages Abernathy, Robin 63 Custer Ave. 248-2059 21, 40. 72 Alien, Louis 51 Oifton Ave. 481-4184 21,70 Allen. William 9 Schuyler Ave. 171-4507 22.50 Anderson, tnc 249 Lincoln Ave. 485-4757 Arte, lose Ill Third Ave. 482-82 Ml 121 Austin. Douglas 240 So. 7th St. 621-1975 21.114 Barnes. Patricia 148 Dewey St 921-6416 21.68, 121 Barron. Denise BO Grafton Ave. 481-7921 24. 32. 7) Betts, Vanessa 17 Hobson St. 921-7151 24,68 Bey. Ronnell 32 Chester Ave. 485-1875 24. 55,61.69 Blount. William 144 Penn. Ave. 242-1106 24 Bodison. Wendell 427 lellift Ave. 824-2253 25.70. 115 Bourne. Noel 7 Crittenden St. 484-8040 25,68 Buyktm. LaVerne 49 Magnolia St 241-7176 25.71 Brookins. Leluel 402 So 14th St. 624-0002 25.67. 70. 102 Brown. Renee 62 So. 1 Tth St 482-1971 26.66. 70 Brunson, Patnsha lM 19th Ave. 26 Bush. Keith 87 Tillinglasl St. 171-6419 26,58 Butterfield. Barbara no So. nth St 484-0077 26.71 Butterfield, lacquelme no So. 1 1th St. 484-0077 26,71 Bynum, Rene 264 Kecr Ave. 926-5021 27.68 Bynum. Timothy 188 Howard St. 11-A 622-0188 114 Caldwell. Yvette i77Weequahk Ave. 921-7984 27. 15.61. 71. 120 Campbell, Bent ilia 241 Aldine St 171-6256 28.67.71, 106. 122 Campbell, Deborah 14 Willoughby Si. 921-5466 25, 69 Capers, |acquc4ine 94 Fabyan Plat e 172-1514 26,68 Carmen, Gwendolyn 50 Grumman Ave. 921-1814 28. 64. 72 Chance. Florine M) No. Burnet St. 675-0002 61.71 Cherry, lohn 877 So. 15th St. 175-2165 29.71 Chislum Leonard 76Vassar Ave. 921-2698 29.71. 114 Chnstian, WiHocy 251 So. 19th St. 174-1016 Climmgbear. (Ji 219Schuyler Ave. 921-8451 25. 29. W. 120 Collier. Benjamin 178 F rince St. 241-4‘ K2 29 Covington. Walter 42 Gray St. 484-7554 M) C room, Glenn It Somerset St. 624-4642 Ml Curvin, Apfile 515 Elizabeth Ave 467-1938 10.70. 120 Davis, Donna 18 Beverly St. 172-0179 11.62. 68. 121 Davis. Douglas 424 So. ‘Ah St. 242-5725 10. 58.68 Davis. Margaret TOO Mr Pleasant Ave 481-6917 11 Davis. Patricia 411 So. 15 St. 624-1452 11. 46. 61 Dawkins, David 110 C.txxhvin. Ave. 921-4701 18 Dawson. Robin 14 Smith St. 171-1505 22 Dean, Kevin IHH Goldsmith Ave. 921-8218 11,40.64 Deane. Pamela 65 Shephard Ave. 921-9121 62.70 Denson. William 771 So. 14th St 248-5212 12.68 Dimery, Deborah ‘K) So. 10th St. 481-6147 08 Dreher, John 198 FYince Street 241-7975 12. 114, 121 Dodson. Allen 212 Prince St. 241-7975 12. 51.66 Dunlap. Andrea 190 So. 11th St. 641-1110 11, 52, 51.72 Dunlap. Trances 515 6th Ave. 641-1156 •' 11.71 Echsards. Arlme 121 Hansbury Ave. 921-9149 irhsards. Rnlvtin- 176 Dewey St 921-1947 31. 11. 15.70 II, Margaret 149 Ridgewood Ave 242-1950 14 Ivans. Charles 478 So. 11th St. 241-1815 14. 69 Faust, Beverty 753 So. 14th St. 241-7110 14. 18. 71 Ferrell, Rot hello 48 No. nth St. 481-0115 14.71 Iteming. Diane 619 So. 20th St. Fletcher. Doreen 118 C amden St, 22, 51, 60. 122 Toushce. Rochelle 124 Shephard Ave. 926-0509 0.66. 71 1 raiser. Barry 70 So. 'Ah St. 485-1051 15 fra ier. Martha 51 Dewev St 926-4068 16. 61. fryer. Pamela 400So tlth SI. • 42-8454 16 Forrest. Sandra 29 ) Clinton Ave 42 A 15. 47 Gaito, Robed 485 No. tllhSt. 484-1671 M . OH (.allman. Wanda 861 So. 18th St. 172-4809 W Gatling. W illiam 110 So llthSL 17 C MMella. Robert 2 Nicholas St, 589-8290 17 (iray. William 720 So 15th St. 824-4447 17. 40, 69, 117 Green. Brute 169 Sherman Ave. 48-5471 17 Marnilton, lintla 142 W Kinney Si 241-2021 18. 71 Hantotk. linwtMid 11b N. 11th St 484-9887 24. 10. 18. 69 Harper, Janice 227 So. 11th St. 641-9054 18,71 Harrel, Andrea 25 Huntington leer. 172-5547 Ml. 121 Harris. Billy 61 Beverly St. 171-1079 19. 72 Harris, Denise 1% Littleton Ave. 622- 89 19. St 59 Harris. Marsena 125 Waverty Ave. 8245415 19.71 Hass kins. Kim 17 Parker Ave ‘126- 11IH 19. 71 Heath. Arthur 19 Imcoln St. 12B 622-7116 62 Higgms. arol 166 So. IHthSi 624-5691 40 t till. Vanessa 107 Chute h Tenat e 40. 51 Holland. Pamela 485 Ave. 675-M» 18 72 Holloman. Phyllis 885 Hunterdon St. 242-6416 40, 70 Holt. Diane 55 Mercer St. ID M . 41. 52. 70. 100 Hooper. Valene 148 («oldsmilh 921-2227 29,41.70 Hubbard. Karen 79 W. Kinney St. 621-1712 40. 41 Hunter. Donald 74fi So. 15th St. 242-1809 41 Photos on pages Hurdle, tula 16 Emerson Plate 242-(1% 42. 44. 63.69 lack son. Shelly 82 Rose Terrate 243-497! 63.72 Jenkins, Paula 4 (8 So. 17th Street 374-1533 42. 106 Johnson. Kevn 202 Renner Avenue 923-9620 63, 72 Johnson, Mu had 421 So. 10th Street 248-1528 42 Johnson, Mic helle 191 Vassar Avenue 926-1851 43. 52. 73. 121 Johnson, Patrk ia 7S1 f '2 Broad Street 484-7372 43 Jones. Frank 440 Elizabeth Avenue 242-0688 25. 4 (.72 Jotses, Marvin t6 SnetneNi c)rive 4FH-5455 25. 43. $9. 120 Kmcey, Charlotte 11 Riverview Court 2C 589 3844 44 Kirbv, Toni 540 So. 10th Street 243-149H 25. 44, 69 Lee, Donna 26 East Alpine Street 241-7447 44. 70 lee. Heather 26 East Alpine Street 243-7447 44.70 legette. Addle 590 So. 11th Street 45.69 23 Norwood Place 371-9766 28. (9. 43,73 Lowe, Carolyn 102 Schley Street 926-2932 24, 45, 47. 59. 122 lumlord. Card t. 271 So 18th Street 374-07% 45.71, 106, 112 Mam. Merrill 101 Ludlow Street 248- (086 Mann. Mallory 201 So. Burnett Street 678-75S8 46, 112 McCall, Brenda 12 (.rant Avenue 248-5419 46 McCall, Dean HI Keer Avenue 925-0657 4(..69 Mt Clary, Peter 611 High Street 201 624-2061 46 McCoy. William 40 Shaw Avenue 923-0970 47.68. 102. 114 121 Me Daniels, Stephanie 94 Keer Avenue 923-1755 47. 48. 71 Me Clown. Henry $5 Brag raw Avenue 926-2138 47. 68 McNair. 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Ml. 75 Worriil, enola 27 Hamilton Street 672-7045 55.61. 72 Yancey, lamont •«8 (Quitman Street 624-4664 40 01LORSTAN STUDIOS 856 BROAD STREET NEWARK, N. j. 643-9787 All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time. Special student discounts on wedding pictures. —■ 

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