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DAVID FRANK 1955 - 1971 David was warm, friendly and calm. He really didn't worry about anything. If you were honored to know him as a friend, you knew he was one in a million. He was there when you needed him. He loved to laugh. As we walk down the aisle on graduation day. we. the class of 1973. will remember that a very important part of us is missing. But the memory of his warm smile and sincere eyes will comfort us. LYNN OST 1955 • 1970 We. the senior class of 1973. will remember with love our classmate and friend. Lynn Ost. whose life was cut short by tragic illness. Lynn was very warm, tender and honest. The first impression she gave was her pleasantness and charm of appearance. In her lifetime Lynn could not tolerate clutter and chaos. She was able to rise above her surroundings when necessary. Lynn shall never be forgotten. 2DEDICATION Peace and brotherhood are the only two factors which have the power to unite and strengthen peoples, nations, and cultures. We, the class of June, 1973, therefore dedicate this, our compilation of memories to the future acquisition of these two ideals. Photographs in this section by Jo Ann Graves. Jan Carden and I orstan Studios. MR. HILTON J. OTERO, B.A., m.a. Principal "Pride is synonymous with the principalship of Arts High School. This continues to be possible because ladies and gentlemen who strive for excellence continue to seek, to receive and to benefit from an Arts High School education. The administration congratulates the class of 1973 with the mixed emotions of happiness for their success and sadness for their departure. Buena Suerte.” 10MR. GEORGE STEISEL, B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal "My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 73. The events of the past year, such as peace in Saigon, and the privilege of voting present your generation with the opportunity of making the world a better place to live in. I am sure that you will meet the challenge successfully." MR. ALFREDO GENTILE. B.S.. M.A. Teacher to Assist Principal If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Franklin "It is this kind of investment that I hope the class of 73 will make in the next few years, producing the foundations necessary for a successful and happy life." 11ART MR JAN CARDEN BS. MRS. MARY ABEND BA Spanish and French MR. SEYMOUR LANDSMAN MR JULIUS BENEVENTO B S . M.A. B F A Chairman MRS ELIZABETH STILLER MRS JEANNE TSO B S.. M.A. B.S.. M A. LANGUAGES MISS SANDRA REED B.A. Spanish 12MRS ANNETTE BLOCK Diploma Curtis Inst Of Music MRS GERTRUDE SHAPIRO B.S., M A. MUSIC MR ROCCO PESILE BS.. M A Acting Chairman MR. GERARD TOBIA BS.. M.A MRS. ROBERT HOWARD B S . M A MR. REUBEN SINGER B.S.. M A MATHEMATICS MISS RUTH MEYERSON B A M A Coordinator MR ALBERT CALVIN BS MA MR CHARLES MONDALTO BS MR SAMUEL KURTZ BA MR B SREENIVASA IYENGAR B.S.. M.Ed 13SCIENCE MRS DAISY RUSSELL MRS MARY VENSKUS B A.. M.A. B A.. M A. SOCIAL MISS MYRTLE WILLIS BA MRS. LILLIAN RITTER B.C. Ed PRAC. ARTS MR ANASTASIOS DOUNDAS BA MR ALAN SLAVITT BS . M A MISS SANDRA-LEE CARDELLA BS Home Economics MR JEROME MARCUS B S M A Industrial Arts COMMERCIAL 14LIBRARY ENGLISH POOL SUBS MRS RUTH WEISMAN BA MR PAUL FLEISCHER B.S. MR CHARLES BRUNNQUELL B.S. Librarian MS MIMI ROSENBAUM Library Assistant MISS RUTH G ABOS B A.. M A MR MITCHELL F KEIL BA.. M Ed MR SEYMOUR HECK BA.MA Chairman MRS LEE MARCHETTI BA MRS DOROTHY NEUSS B.S..MA MISS DONNA PIERRE BA MISS ADRIENNE RAFF BAHEALTH AND PHYS. ED. MR JOHN LANG B S M A Coordinator MR THOMAS BRENNAN B.S. MRS CONSTANCE GREENE R N. B.S. Health MRS LOLA JONES BA MRS SHIRLEY LUCAS BS MISS MARIE MEEHAN RN Nurse MRS. ROSA DOUGHTIE SecretaryGUIDANCE MRS. TINA E. BOHANNON B.S., M.A. Ph D. Head Guidance Counselor MRS NORMA EDREIPA BA. M A MR AUGUST J ALAMO BA..MA MRS. JUDITH S. BARRETT B A.. M A MR GEORGE LANDERS B.A.. M.A MRS CHARLOTTE YOUNG A.C.SW. 8.S.. M S S. AIDES 17 MRS MARIE LOZITO School AideMISS ABOS 213 MISS CARDELLA 320 MR MARCUS 209 SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS MRS. NEUSS 207 MR. SLAVITT 306 MRS. TSO 206 18SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR MRS. JUDITH BARRETT It is difficult to describe the great maturity, open-mindedness and wisdom our advisor. Mrs. Barrett, has demonstrated to our class. Mrs. Barrett has gone beyond the conventional to work with us. both academically and personally, to a degree far in excess of what is required. We want to express our gratitude to her by striving to achieve those goals she has shown us are possible. We wish to extend to her an unrestrained "thank you ". 19SENIOR PRESIDENT MICHAEL L. HOLMES "holm® ” get flown party' a swinging, partying capricorn who enjoys physics, english. basketball, baseball or doing creative dance steps loveable and affectionate to those close to him . digs the company of john, bruce. and alvin the day he met Pamela rogors holds special meaning his mom has been a significant influence .. michael aspires to become a successful businessman and assist in the improvement of below standard black aroas VICE-PRESIDENT CLASS OFFICERS SECRETARY CAROLYN RICKS "rlcky" well honoy. let me toll you. libra sensitive, fun-loving, talkative, and crazy admires rev shorter, mkki giovanm. and her mom .. . remembers with fondness her trip to the united nations ms neuss. mr. marcus. ms venskus. and ms greene rank high with ricky ' . can be serious and direct when need arises ... friends include lynelie Stevenson, denise banks, and janise rowe .. Intends to enter seton hall university specializing in pediatrics. TREASURER LYNELLE STEVENSON "nelh" dig that” ... a true leo who believes in having a good time with ■'together" people captain of the twirlers and an active member of african dance troupe, orchestra entertainment and service committees ... the senior class is ready for the world, but is the world ready for us”'' ... gathers memories of the trip to the laurels from time to time hangs with vai. marie, crunchi. ion. and brenda nelli plans to major in sociology in college and branch out into public relations KEITH HAMILTON • the mad-hatter” a sweet complicated person who strives to keep peace and happiness around for all beautiful things existing on our planet” .. a talented organist and basobali player his parents and francme smith hold special places m his life ... keith considers those who are not his enemies to be his friends ... the mad-hatter” has traveled as far as his mind has taken him ... ' peace and love.” 22GREGORY ATKINS mousey" what's happening?" ... kind, softhearted pisces who enjoys math and art most . . . member of arts high s track, cross country and leaguers track teams ... greatly admires beverly jones. mr. lang. mr mondalto and mr. carden; while ms barrett has boon most influential tyrone page, darryl wade and bill me coy are close fnonds ... "arts high is a nice place to visit." FLORA JEAN BAILEY flora dag!" . . warm, friendly, easy to get along with, but far away when uptight... really involved with the conquerors, the lab assistants and science clubs, the yearbook staff, and the service committee a true cancer who is considered a good shoulder to cry on" by her friends loom, eddie. margaret and kevm .. most meaningful experience was when i got hooked on to jesus" ... admires ms. venskus. ms. abos. ms meyerson. and mr. howard hopes to work as a missionary in a foreign country. DENISE BANKS "michael's baby" if that s what turns you on. get on with it' soft spoken and sincere but gots to the point when aroused. .. phoney, jive, or pushy people just don t get over on this leo . .. really into exchanging thoughts with lynda henry, cathi Campbell and lillian brant ... active on the year book staff, and the senior class trip committee ... most meaningful experience . . "the joining of two hearts... michael hubert s and mine feels the world is a tuff place to be without a little help from your friends " JACQUELINE GAIL BASS RICHARD BATTLE •rlchle" SHARON BEY "bey" "jacqui" a typical Sagittarius .. very friendly ... enjoys swimming and dancing during her free time . . is peeved by people with smiling faces . . is compatible with joyce blaine, angelo colon, sabrina fladger. mr. howard. and micky . . . definitely!" finds geometry, chorus and gym to be throe of the easier subjects ... the pep squad is her principle activity ... plans to become a stewardess after arts high this capricorn considers himself to be a quiet, moody and unpredictable person ... can have his mind soothed with music ... feels admiration for art. mr. lang and mr spmdler.. swimming, cross country and track occupy much of his leisure time ... "richie" keeps in good shape by participating in a physical fitness program .. a military career is a possibility ... the outward bound program rates as one of his greatest experiences "hey listen'" .. . independent, unpredictable and very sensitive ... usually seen cutting the fool with daphne jones. daria Shockley, and demse banks... can really relate to people who have their minds and hearts together the assistant editor of truth and soul and member of the national honor society pisces digs sewing, traveling, and partying ... arts high has really been a trip'". plans to study law and psychology at prmceton and eventually get married 23i m MARGARET A. BLACKWELL peggl "lawd. have mercy digs singing, writing and sewing devoted member ot the yearbook staff, concert choir and the lab assistants' and girls' glee clubs can't relate to unfeeling or uncaring people . .serious, crazy, understanding, and agood listener mr. howard. ms venskus. and ms. Shapiro rank high . her mom has made a lasting impression on her "peggi s" spiritual rebirth is considered a treasured experience . SHARON BOWMAN "d jeckle' hang it up" ... this pisces is a member of the entertainment and trip committees, and an avid participant m the volleyball, cheering, and tennis teams... digs miss abos. but not her homework assignments ... moody, flexible, and sensitive .. considers julora. rickie and gloria close friends... other favorite teachers includo mr. howard. ms. venskus. and mr. marcus .. most admires rev andrews and t dun-son .. sharon's trip to laurels country club was memorable ... has been highly influenced by her mom . .. "the world would be nothing without a bowman." JOYCE BLAINE "kT right on' ... is really disappointed with the school system and people who don't know what to do with themselves or their time . . . captain of the pep squad and member of the executive board of the student council, and tho african dance troupe . . sensitive and honest, "ki" can be short-tempered and blunt when the occasion arises ... digs ms. abos. ms. tso. mr gentile and ms. Shapiro . .. "the world neods to be corrected!" ... aces include jacqui. angelo. sabrina. and miriam. LILLIAN BRANT “mlkl" "what?".. an aries with an aversion to phony people friendly but quiet until around friends ... can be seen laughing with brenda pruitt. cathi Campbell, valerie smithson, lynda henry and sheila porter ... "miki" feels that her mother has influenced her life most... digs art. ms. tso. and mr carden ... favorable memories of her visit to Canada still remain .. . going to college to major in fashion design and illustration is her goal. JOHN MICHAEL BOWERS a temperamental, understanding virgo . .. distrusts people who break promises ... basketball and baseball are time consuming activities . enjoys the teaching personalities of mr howard and mr. slavitt .. "finding lynollo Stevenson" holds the most meaning.. . plans to attend a college but is undecided about which ono at the present time ... seen with mike holmes, bruce maxwell and al collier EDOIE BRIGHT "|une" "gotta keep up." . .. scorpio ... has a strong liking for art. quiet girls, ms car-della. mr. lang. mr. slavitt and mr. spindler ... exuberant, talkative, but occasionally unresponsive... lab assistant, member of drama club, tonnis. swimming and soccer teams ... greatly admires his parents, his undo and pastor willcox.. over-studious people are not for him ... the summer of 72 had special significance ... is seriously considering entering the ministry at barrington college .. often in the company of kevm simmons. flora bailey, val turlington and rand OliverJOANNE BRITT "Jo" a virgo with a "jones" tor partying, a tab" of sweetness, a Kilo" of criticism, but only an "ounce" of evilness ... plans to attend college to become an art teacher.. very much involved in the principal's advisory council, cheerleading squad, yep sorority, and new ark student fed...likes to eat. paint, bowl, and rap.. hangs with debbie. carol, linda. allison. maleather. and miriam ... ms. tso. mr benevento. mkki giovanni. melba moore. and men are the people she digs most... life is what you make it." LESLYN ALLISON BYASS "little bit" "you're so loud!" ... a friendly, curious, and easy person to get along with ... this true blue capricorn really hates getting up in the morning . . . tennis, band, and rollerskating take up most of her leisure time ... ivy Wallace, allison roach, mr. singer, math and music are what she digs most .. .her trip to south america was an experience that won't be forgotten . can be found with diane golden, aisha miah, and demse crawford. BARBARA BRUTON b.b." "you must be jivey ... a scorpio who can't stand hypocrites .. sensitive, quiet, and easy to get along with really gets off when dancing to good soul" music digs ms cardeiia. mr pesiie. and mr keil... plans to attend college and work as a legal secretary .. admires the late dr. martin luther king jr. . mostly found with grace derosa. gwen hunter, and etta sample . .. her parents and sister rank high on her people list feels arts has made a lasting impression upon hor DEBORAH MARIE CARTER "d'nut" friendly, fun loving, but considers herself evil when provoked ... plastic people get her down partying, dancing, art. angola davis and malcolm x are up on her list spends considerable time on the entertainment, play and prom committees. as well as on the undivided truth newspaper and epsilon sigma chi sorority .. knowing zachary harns was memorable .. "slke" .. |oanne. carol, linda. allison and rmchelle make up her group ... • d nut" cannot figure out why we all can't live together in peace SOPHIA ANITA BROWN "bitty" aquarius . talented quiet, nice to know ... member of yearbook and entertainment committees . .. usually occupied with designing, sewing, painting or dancing ... enjoyed the classes of ms neuss and mr. carden . . . most admires her mother and ms. abos . . plans to attend Syracuse university to prepare for a career m fashion design. CATHI CASANDRA CAZZETTE CAMPBELL •bllnkl" "what? "... this pisces digs parties, movies, walking, and listening to records .. .dreamy, passionate, and stubborn . feels "arts has a nice atmosphere, but four yoars is long enough"., ms. neuss and mr keil rank high with her dislikes homework, carrying books, and immature young men., cathi most admires tarry smith, hor paronts. and gloria scott friends include lynda. brenda. lillian. valerie and janet.. future plans include becoming an airline reservation . attending college, and marriageMILDRED CEDENO mildred leo. the lion affectionate, emotional and very hard to understand ... makes the scene with elizabeth rodriquez. manan jimenez. and rose miller ... mr. howard. mr singer and mr doundas score high ... member of the Spanish club ... digs reading, writing, and singing . plans to attend livmgston college for bMingual education and psychology those who try to walk that walk, talk that talk and ain't saying nothing really pluck the nerve. ZENDE CLARK zende capricorn . . an extremely ieaious person zende can be gotten along with if understood properly . . a member of the student council, band, principal s advisory committee and african dance troupe really digs shooting the breeze with karen. vat. carol, donna, and la verne mr. singer, ms neuss. and ms venskus are tops in zendes book feels negatively toward people who pretend to be friends and back stab you elementary education and marriage are future goals ANGELO COLON angelo hugh ".. talented taurus who spends much time designing fashions as well as modeling clothes designed by others . member of entertainment committee . .. most often seen with sabnna fladger. minan jimenez. or |oyce blame . . was member of african dance troupe will remember most fondly the art classes of mrs tso mr benevento and mr carden DENISE ANN CRAWFORD "nese'' que pasa?" ... involved in the student council, vignette staff, senior class council, and the basketball team . . this libran devoted much time as one of the co-ordmators of the black assembly, and as a member of the community involvement committee .. associates include aisha miah. cheryl range and leslyn byass . . . "nese s" realization of God has served as her most educational, inspirational, and phenomenal experience. ' dig if ... libra .. dislikes people who think they are better than others . . . spends most of her time writing friends in the army digs mr howard. ms lucas. ms. greene. ms. barren and her man ... charming, easy going and pleasant to be with... plans to attend college to prepare for a career as a private secretary . . . hangs with patricia fitzpatrick. fiorcnco howard. and yvonne mag wood. ALFRED CUNNINGHAM ••muncher" warm, friendly, but very frank when the situation calls for it... |ust can't dig live people . this gemmi can be seen rapping with tyrone. grog, leonard. and richard ... arts isn't the best school to go to. but i d rather be here than any other school in newark . ,. mr. marcus. mrs. tso. and mr. lang are tho muncher's favorite educators... plans to make law a definite part of his future.ANNE OAVIS "annie" "you're kidding, aren't you9 an intelligent aries who is usually serious, quiet and reserved, but has occasional crazy moods ... is irked by velvet and magic markers . . supports the school spirit in the orchestra, band, service committee and lab assistants club . likes to rap with grace ann de rosa and cathy tyson .. follows the wise guidance of her parents anme s greatest ambition is to become a nurse accepting Christ as her savior was an unforgettable experience. WILHEMINA DAWSON "will ' libra... enjoys jiving, talking and dancing .. happy, basically friendly person ... advises that one should stay away from "immature and supercool people '.. . very wise ... likes math, chorus, ms. greene and ms. jones .. active member of truth and soul, drama club and prom committee associates with janet mitchell, valerie troupe, daria Shockley and pat demmtng .. plans to attend medical school to study gynocology. CAROLYN DAVIS "COU" solid on that' ... outgoing and fun-loving cou relates best to mr. carden. deborah carter, lynda britt. chemistry, art and onglish ... sho can t see why people become phony or why some take advantage of others most of her spare time is spent participating in the pep squad. Spanish club, upsilon sigma rho. cheerleading. and sharing the toys two people can have . plans to attend college to receive a secretarial degree, followed by marriage and a family. PATRICIA DEMMING patti-belle" "dig. you' easy going, but quick tempered whon pressured ... enjoys sewing, playing the piano, and singing . . . mr. howard. and ms. venkus are favorite faculty members .. if people would just be themsolvos and not put-ons. this world would be a better place "... has worked on the school newspaper and service committee . . . junior class trip to the laurel s country club holds mellow memories for patti-belle" . . chums include cathy williams and wilhelmina dawson. KENNETH S. DAVALL "ken" "what can you say?' . . . this leo is a member of the varsity club, trip committee. concert choir, honor guard, and lab assistants club .. very polite, kind, a real gentleman has attained varsity letters in basketball, baseball and cross country . "ken feels man would have peace and equality if there was a greater realization of the power of Jesus friends include Charles, michaei john. bruce. debbie. margaret and jackie . . . hopes to attend trenton state for a doctorate degree in Christian sociology GRACE ANN DE ROSA •grapes' let me ask you one thing?" ... outgoing, fond of being with people .. passes many hours reading and listening to music member of band and orchestra as well as the honor society and the senior class council . . . relates heavily to math . . . mam aces include anne davis. barbara bruton. lucy gregory. and stuart james. . is really peeved by phony people, long assignments, and having her name mispronounced — "it's ann. grace annf"... plans to further her education in the field of special education. 27AURELIO EVARISTO aurelio "puxa vida a laurian who can relate to almost everything .. believes a person should concentrate his energies upon doing one thing at a time presently focusing on the photograpy club likes to spend time with his parents whom ho greatly admires . .. when it comes time to cut-the-fool. he does it best with frank, nek. or ted .. mi. benevento rates high really into art. aurolio plans to attend college, majoring m commercial design CYNTHIA DELORIS GARDNER "cynthi" you re so sickening'.. talented quiet .. .immoral, unsociable, and disrespectful people are rated rather low ... because she concerns herself with people s minds rather than their appearance, "cynthi" is friends with everyone .. cheryl. michelle. mittie. mr carden and ms tso stand high ... "cynthi would like to correct the inaccurate conceptions of the bible through hor knowledge acquired as a jehovah s witness.. an avid believer that "the oarth 23 will soon be transformed mto a paradise." SABRINA FLADGER "brinl" stop ... this leo digs modeling, dancing. and cheerleading not easily disturbed but can do without jealous and agitating individuals her mother, miss abos. mr. pestle, and mr. singer rank highest with her...being first place winner in the 1972 new york miss petite modeling contest was a thrilling experience . .. enjoys the company of angelo colon, miriam jimmez. mark tyson. joyce blame, and jackie bass. MICHELLE GARDNER ••chelle" "if at first you don t succeed, try and try again' ... an aquarian who digs sewing, reading, mr. kurtz. ms. tso. mr. carden. ms. greene. and mr. slavitt ... pleasant and easy to get along with .. being born is considered a significant wondor . . . admires all of jehovah s witnesses.. getting up in the morning for school is something she never could relate to ... "don t bother mo. i won't bother you" .. future plan is to go on to a secretarial school or settle down and just dig on lifo. DENEISE MICHELLE FOGLE ‘apple" cancer . . . phoney people are not appreciated by deneise . generally friendly and easy to get along with, "apple" tends to be moody at times, but finds it hard to hold grudges for long her companions are "crunchie". "pru . "buffy . "haze . and sophia . . . ms. tso. mr. carden. and mr. benevento rank high in esteem ... "life is what you make it' ... greg boone is an important person in her life ... dreams of fashion illustration and marriage await in the future. 1 JACQUELYN D. GATHRIGHT •jackie" "i guess so"... considerate, shy. and occasionally self-conscious.. part of the concert choir, honor society and lab assistants' club ... chummy with mar-garet. sandra. debbie. and just about everyone else in arts... joyful Memories remain of the day Christ became her reality.., enjoys sewing, bowling, laughing, and mr. howard ... member of the service committee, yearbook staff, and principal's advisory committee ... considers herself lucky to have two beautiful parents who care.x '-■HR. NHHKHRRRA SANDRA GOINES "sandy" considerate sincere. Irank and just an all around friendly person . . . this leo accelerates some of her energies by dancing. sewing, and listening to almost all types of music service and drug abuse committees, track and a host of other activities take up her spare time valora howell. janet williams and ms abend are some of the people with whom sandy best relates ... "Iivo these days of today for they hold precious dreams of tomorrow MICHAEL T. GOODWIN ‘cutter'’ "ah. young man!" . . . gemini ... an aesthetic person by nature ... occupied with "truth and soul" while in school and creating hip threads while out .. karate, basketball, and work takes care of all other free time . . highly conscious of the achievements of the japanese and the image created by super fly . . . aces include debbie. tony, and the click of 73 being born was a heavy experience for "cutter" . . . brings back deep memories. DIANE GOLDEN diane "i believe the word is excuse' ... phony people really rub her wrong digs kick-ball. softball, mr howard. ms vonskus. her mother, and her father plans to go into the field of computers or civil service .. this capricorn hangs with aisha. denise. leslyn. |oyce. and marilyn graduating from arts high will be a cherished memory oldest sister, gale, has greatly influenced her life feels the world needs a lot of improvement. JOANN GRAVES joann "dig it!" a generous, kind, understanding. and quiet leo... is usually found on the tennis court, using her 35 mm camera or offering her aid to the house of insight committee for the undivided teachers most admired include mr bono-vento mr. cardon. and mr. keil. is most influenced by the philosophy of the late dr martin luther king. jr. ... really relates to artistic pursuits .. believes that the world is m bad shape ... “it needs somebody s help'" ERNEST DAVID GOODEN •'em'' what s happening mama' this virgo is crazy, understanding and totally together people who ridicule others for their beliefs turn him off member of cross-country, baseball team and band keeps the scene with william knight al Cunningham, lance wobb and michaei hubert. attending memorial services for the late rev dr martin luthor king jr was a memorable experience mr slavitt mr singer and mr keil score high MITTIE GRAYSON “mi" “dumb-nut" ... digs collecting unusual pieces, reading, mr carden, and ms. abos ... an avid participant in lab assistants and science clubs . . this quiet virgo spends most of her time meditating and enjoying the better things of life . . . ‘ the world would be an ideal place to live, without the people" ... enjoys the company of lucy grogory. Cynthia gardner. jane stailer. and sheila porter... finds it hard to relate to meddling individuals ... mit-tie's deep admiration extends toward her 29 true friends.LEMAR GREENE •tiny" digs football, basketball and track this anes lists going to college as a definite plan quiet around people he doesn't know well, cool and moody . . "tiny loves to win at anything he attempts chums include Chris summerfieid and john simmons mr. brennan. mr keil. mr. calvin. english and health are okay . considers his mother and father as being the most influential people m his life believes strongly that arts high and the world both need a lot of improvement," LUCY GREGORY •iou" gemmi ... "im serious” . . introverted, open-minded, and quick-tempered digs being with mittie grayson. cynthia gardner. and sheila porter . has enjoyed learning from mr benevento. ms neuss. and mr keil ... if "Iou" had one wish it would be for everyone to realize that they are all equal june. ms barrett and pat gregory have played important roles m her life .. plans to enter the field of business administration. EVELYN GRIFFIN evelyn really?" . a typical virgo ... is pleasant but tends to be moody .. dislikes getting up in the morning has derived the most pleasure from physics and trig becoming a teacher and musician are future ambitions .. hangs with manlyn harper and rand Oliver ... arts high has been an experience ANTHONY HALL "chunky MALEATHER HALL "peaches' MARILYN JOAN HARPER "joanie" "what's it look like?” ... an ambitious, generous, and friendly arian who's freaked out on math . . mam aces include goodwm. holmes, simmons. and range.. . into the student council, "truth and soul", the hillside spartans football and the n-h-b-c- basketball teams . . . can't appreciate the pottmoss of plastic people . . . his weekend trip to m.i.t. has really given him insight into college life.. digs 30 ms rneyerson, ms russell. and mr. benevento "like. um. you know'., this anes digs dancing and partying ... ms lazar. mr. benevento. and mr. carden are admired... an outgoing, moody, fun to be with kind of person. is member of the entertainment, play, and prom committees can't dig on phony people has great admiration for black writers... is considered a friend to all. most often found with yvonne me pherson. rogsilane smith, janet mitchell. wilhelmma dawson, or her sorority sisters gonna start my diet doay ... talkative, congenial, understanding .. digs painting. sewing, writing, and singing in shows ... student council rep., lab assistant, and member of yearbook, service committee, science and bowling clubs . .. dislikes being with people who aren t understanding and for real... has admiration for her ma. and esse d jones this hbran broke the world s record for tardiness .. is usually found with rand Oliver, and evelyn griffin but is considered a friend to allBRENDA HAYES "haze" really'’ friendly, honest, and moody enjoys dancing, bowling, sewing, and reading . .can t stand people who don't mind their own business virgo .. admires ms. barren grateful for graduating after all these years of suffering! . digs on chemistry, mr howard, ms. tso and mr. calvm michelle howard. brenda pruitt. Ion walls, lynelle Stevenson and valorie white are best friends . things would be better if people accepted life as it is DEBORAH ANN HARRIS -debbl" likeable, understanding, unselhsh . into singing and piano playing scorpio member of the girls track team, senior class play and prom committees |effrey jones is highly regarded digs algebra, geometry, english. music, mr doundas and ms abos intends to study at ber-keley school of business marriage is also a definite goal. SANDRA HILL ••stan" cut it out' .. has a really together" personality . . "stan ” can relate to anyone and overyono .. . likes sewing, cooking, and cleaning . . . hates smoking, jive people and failing tests . . taurus . . . "when Jesus Christ came into my life, thore started in my soul a new evolution " enjoys the physical gymnastics of swimming, basketball, and softball a member of the student council and twirling squad... plans to attond boston university . . associates include pat. ronald. and eddie. THEODORE ROOSEVELT HOLLAND. JR. "fi- shy. polite, and gentle .. a leo on the cusp of virgo ... "ti" can t stand cats or phonies . . can be found passively reading, drawing, playing chess, or indulging enthusiastically in partying, dancing, or drawing .. seeks the company of ford wemberger. leonard ran-dolph. tony hall, and austin mathis a member of the st barnabas basketball team really dug working with the little kids at summor camp...the teaching methods of mr. benevento. and mr. lang have made the strongest impression on him. LYNDA JOYCE HENRY "lindie" be glad when it s time for lunch" a fun-loving lamming person who likes people. smging. lounging, and socializing can be found with denise banks, yvette caidweil. robm dawson. and mark tyson howaro and diana ross have been most impressive the love lynda shares with her fiance, jerry, is a cherished happening .."the world is m a desperate situation, but with the help of the people at a h.s. it II be alright.' FLORENCE B. HOWARD flo" a happy virgo who enjoys the company of pat. carol, heather, olivia, yvonne. and michael .. friendly, sincere, and understanding with a great sense of humor ... flo digs working as a seamstress in an african shop ... seriously influenced by anyone who strives to get ahead and succeeds . . ' dig it'" . . supports arts through the yearbook committee and just plain enthusiasm ... flo particularly looks forward to june 20th. 1973 .. .. plans to become a lawyer and someday settle down to raise a family.MICHELLE LESLIE HOWARD "crunchl" dig that' outgoing and friendly a cancer who is annoyed by those who don t believe wnat she says digs communicating with buffy . ‘ fogie". noil , "pru'. ‘ white and eddie a member of the entertainment service, and student welfare committees as well as an avid participant in the model cities acting group the junior class trip of 72 brings back some pleasant memories "sure do" crunchr will tell anyone that arts high is what s happemn 3 I GWENDOLYN HUNTER •‘gee-gee ' go gwen'!!".. a former twirler who is a member of band, service committee and yearbook stalf...friendly, strong-willed and quiet can't dig immature persons who feel they're always right...close friends include etta sample, sandra walton. deborah smith, and a number of others becoming ono of a iehovah s witnesses was a great moment in her life mr smgor and miss cardella rank high . . . "at arts high both students and teachers can be thomseives VALORA HOWELL "tiger" oh brother a virgo actively involved in the drama and french clubs as well as the modern dance troupe unique, understanding, and ambitious docsn t particularly favor jealous and conceited folk mr. keil. mr. howard. mr. heck, ms venskus. and ms. russell rank highest with her .. enjoys the company of janet williams, sandra gomes and ron lewis .. plans to become a t v journalist or radio broadcaster with a little more love we can achieve peace and harmony in this world DOREEN JACKSON "•uperflea" that ain't e'en cool!", asagitarriuswho hates having mike holmes bother her evory morning .. can be found roaming the halls before homeroom or riding ten speed bikes digs mrs. tso. mr benevento and art . .. likes to laugh and have a good time, but has a hidden temper close assocites are shoo shoo Ion. grace, and kim held in the highest esteem are her mother and uncle billy ”i love the world with its ups and downs." MICHAEL HUBERT "Slink" stop lying this cancer is witty, fun-loving. sentimental and sometimes slick . . . cancer .. member of sr orchestra, marching band, entertainment committee. chairman of trip committee and is a senior class rep digs partying, mr. singer and mr keil ... considers demse banks someone extra special... "all the world needs is love and understanding . . . friends include lyneiie Stevenson, anthony hall, mike holmes, john bowers, and Carolyn ricks... future plan is to enter rutgers as a pharmaceutical major STUART JAMES "stu' dig that' .. a cancer who's quiet, but friendly ... member of senior orchestra band, and honor society, ms abos. and ms venskus score high , can be found in asmall circle of close frionds...people who think they're supercool turn him off...' arts was a together school to attend because of the friendly attitude of the studonts and teachers.MIRIAN JUDITH JIMINEZ "jimmi" you make me sick'" ... a together, active libran.. always smiling especially peeved by phonies serves as chairman of the entertainment committee member of student council, service, prom, and play committees loves modeling, art. and “robbic dixon raps won with miidred. joann. linda. mr keil. and mr car-den...wonders why everybody can t get themselves together instead of worrying about petty trifles. MARIE JOHNSON "ree ree" o wow' nice, quiet pisces who digs on sewing and art . despises phonies mr spmdler ranks highest . on the entertainment committee and the track, volleyball and basketball teams . communicates heavily with many, especially lynelle. valeric, crunchi. greg. and henry jerome jonos has a special influence over her .. in the future marie plans to attend essex county clerical and business college. AURELIA SANDORA JONES "pokuaa" you II get one across the lips' a very calm person who isextremoly easy to get along with digs dancing, singing, sewing, and working with children really dislikes supercools who have flimsey backgrounds and a lot of mouth . . communicates best with dorette pugh gene gibson. Charles bmey. ms. abos. and mr howard after arts pokuaa plans to attend college and major in olementary education or business administration BARBARA PORTER JONES barbara friendly, quiet, but talkative when around familiar people this aquarian enjoys fashion designing, sowing, and dancing...member of the afncan dance troupe and lab assistants club pet peeves include arrogant people and two-faced friends biology, art. ms venskus and ms tso rank highest presently working as a hospital volunteer, she plans to become a professional registered nurse ... wo. the youth, have to get the world together for a better tomorrow DAPHNE MARIA JONES •d.r “you shut up!" ... considers horsolf to be argumentative and headstrong . . . feels you can only givo of yourself when you know yourself communicates well with sharon bey. ms moyerson. and mr. singer. president of the honor society, concert mistress of the senior orchestra, and principal violinist at the newark community center ... d j most enioys partying. sewing, and playing the violin wants to attend princeton university as a possible math major. JEFFREY JONES "poncho" "you're lying to me" ... a dangerous, persuasive and loving virgo . close associates includo eddie armour, john simmons. and rob mckmley . peevod when miss abos closes the homeroom door 3 seconds before the bell is member of soccer, basketball, and varsity clubs future plan it to become a lawyer hi$ mom. mr. keil. mr lang. and ms venskus rank highest with him .. digs on football, boxing, drawing, and music ... has deep admiration for debbi harris arts is a good school with a lot of 33 weirdos "VALERIE JONES "val" this libra is a very friendly person who likes to deal with others...' he s real cute"...ben|amm, clarence, robby mark and vanossa are extremely close, ms ven-Skus. ms greene. mr carden, and ms ednera are and chomistry are the subiects most enjoyed by val plans to become a registered nurse WILLIAM KNIGHT "bill" boy’ taurus amiable and suave . . enjoys music classes the most with mr singer and mr pesile once traveled to spam . member of honor society, dance troupe, band and orchestra . .. chess, mechanics and boating occupy much of his spare time admires jackie koonce can be found with lance webb, ornost gooden. michaol goodwin and anthony hall will always remember his trip to boys state. DEVIS LEON LAWRENCE devis a sweet outgoing Sagittarius who enjoys fishing, fencing, watching t.v. and women ... an active member of the black dance troupe who particularly digs art . . "life is art and art is a reproduction" ... has great admiration for ms tso. mr. spmdler and mr slavitt a future aspiration in life is to become an architect .. "it's all in the mmd can be found in the company of diane solomon. john bowers and 34 vanessa yancey. talented, lazy, friendly and easy-going ... this capricorn digs music two faced people turn him off ... plans to become a musician . . . most influenced by music teacher, mr. singer and his mother ... appreciates the teaching of ms cardella . "1-2-3-4-dumb" ... hangs with kevin simmons. michele howard. etta sample, barbara bruton and lorrie walls BENJAMIN LEON LACEWELL "leekie" get it together!" . a true taurus who is warm and tender hearted gets along with almost everyone .. close friends are janet mitchell. valene jones. and vanessa yancey mr keil, mrs venskus and mr spindler rank high on "leekie's " list, while maria johnson is held in special awe ... really into extra-curricular activities, such as black assembly. Spanish, lab assistants and science clubs plans to become a doctor and work with the mentally retarded INEZ YVONNE LINTON "bunny" "pop that thang!"...born under the sign of loving, moody and very jealous when it comes to that special someone in hor lifo . . ms meyerson. mr. pesile, and ms. cuyler are favorites . .. those who understand "bunny" best are ivy Wallace, debra harns. and lina williams plans to go to college and take a liberal arts program or major in journalism . . . "the world of today needs educated, clear thinking people to help solvo its many problems "MARIAN JEANNETTE MAGUIRE "maggie" hey. did you see that show late nite?' ... a quiot introverted, and compassionate non-conformist anaries. getting up in the morning is not her favorite activity friends include anne. flora, cathy and pat . ms. venskus. and mr spindler have been influential persons in maggie s life working in a hospital was an unforgettable experience becoming a heart surgeon is a future goal . . your heart shall not be quieted till you find respose in thee'1 . . . st. augustine JANET MARTIN "jan" deeply artistic aries who can be found composing, singing or reading, a different. extraordinary person who fondly recollects when she experienced Jesus Christ mr howard. wade, paul and music have all made a heavy impression on her Jan communicates intuitively with janet. daphne, margaret bryon. gwen and sharon thoughts of her trip to California remain with her ■1 BRUCE BRYANT MAXWELL bruce this adventurous aquanus has traveled as far as tokyo. japan in his quieter hours he digs on i v.. chess, sports, and partying can otherwise be found at the city pool as a lifeguard or playing basketball or baseball, quiet, shy. lovable, but wild when in good company often seen with michael holmes alvin collier, and john bowers remembers many a night booking hard on chemistry and history plans to attend college and major in engineering AISHA MIAH "charmins" BELINDA MC CREE "bi bifun loving, understanding, outgoing, and versatile . member of the service committee and concert choir . al. mackyand bill are her most admired peoplo... a typical taurus . bi bi intends to become a professional vocalist and one day settle down and have a big family .. that's atrip . . can be found in tho warm company of valorio troupe, michael walton and louts alien ... will remember her music and english classes and mr howard most fondly Cheerful, sincere, and understanding ... gets along with almost everyone and everything hates tickling. |ealousy. and back stabbers . .. born under the libra scales, "charmms weighs personalities and situations during her periods of contemplation...a hard working member of the conquerors club, community involvement and fund-raising committees...raps best with laverno miilor. denise crawford, leslyn byass. and diane golden studios in earnest for mr. howard. mr keil. and mrs. tso hopes to make a successful career m teaching, as woll as in the more glamorous field of drama ROSE MIGNON MILLER rose "can i get a pound?" moody, but very friendly .. a cancer who likos chemistry, mr slavitt. writing and cooking .. . thinks arts is a together school.. .mikegoodwm. john bowers, doreen jackson are among those she digs ... this cancor's extra time is spent serving on the entertainment committee . to earn a degree m modical technology is her intended goal. 3536 JANET MITCHELL Janet if you can't do great things, do small things m a great way this taurus is editor of the school paper and member of drama club is friendly, serious-mmded. and can accept criticism can't dig changing for gym can be found with wilhelmma dawson diane solomon maicather hall, and gwen hunter . . . mi. spmdler. and mr keil rank highest with her. plans to attend rutgers. now brun-swick majoring in audiology and pathology knowing yourself in life is the key to knowing what you want out of life ‘ BYRON KEITH ONQUE • onquie” JANIE MOORE janie taurus . usually very quiet but can relate to anyone digs tennis, volleyball, kick-ball. and just the simplicity of walking miss raff heads her good list member of the girls' glee dub .. donna hudson and mary whitson are always in close contact is rather peeved by the attitudes of some of the teachers at arts before going to college, janie plans to work for a while to do the things that i have never been able to do before." PHILIP JOHN MOULTRIE "big phil" "all right'' a virgo who can't stand phonies nice and easy to get along with . plans to be a commercial artist likely to bo soon with nchard wilhs. robin nathan. alien williams and theodore holiand favorite teachers include mr carden. ms tso and ms russell digs gym. art and english .. arts is a fine school with a together student body. RAND OLIVER “rodbone” "dig it'" anes . "what the world needs is peace and love" ... ignorance, attention-getters, and phonies can really pluck the nerves .. member of the senior council and the m.m.i, .. shy .. when "redbone gets m the mood for talking. She runs it down best with marityn harper, bevertee wtlson. or rogsilane smith pleasant signs come from the momorios of "living her four years at arts have best prepared this anan tor college "your face is right tight!" . . . anes . . . moody and rather selective about friends .. . member of the theatre of universal images, african and modern dance troupes and indoor track team . .. upon graduation from college, "onquie intends to become a professional singer or conductor admires his mother and brothers most ... digs music and math classes, mr brennan. ms block, ms meyerson. ms. raff and especially mr. howard the world is life TYRONE PAGE “dimples" "hey mr. marcus. mr. marcus" .. . this anes is a member of varsity and physical fitness clubs outgoing, happy, always ready to help others ... believes "life is what you make it." ty admires his father, bob hayes. and mr hams .. meeting jesse Owens and coming in number 2 in the state meet are meaningful past experiences .. digs ms raff. mr. lang. mr. marcus. ms. abos. and ms barren . can be found with al Cunningham nchard willis. greg atkins. and phillip moultrie.ROBIN NATHAN "natc" a taurus with an affinity for photography and track .. though moody and at times quick tempered, nate is easy-going and nice to know . . . hopes for the opportunity to attend the school of naval arts in new york . tyrone page, alien williams, and philhp are cioso associates will reluctantly remember the cafeteria food say what?' "arts is a school where you can achieve your goal, whatever it is CURTIS RANEY •“cocoanut” "dig it ... this arios is lovable until he blows his cool... involved in modern and african dance troupes, special chorus, yearbook committee. Spanish club, honor guard and N.A.A.C.P. and theater of universal images... byron onque. valerie tur-lington. daphne jones. sharon bey. mr. howard. ms. cardella and ms. raff are favorites .. . will always romombcr the nowark boys chorus and going to music and art camp during the summer of 1972 ... plans to become a musician, conductor or a math teacher. SHEILA S. PORTER ’sheila" no'" . .. this moody, sensitive leo gets along with just about everyone except for jives .. . spends hor froo time sowing, cooking, digging on art or going out with rob . communicates best with valeric smithson. lillian brant, mr keil. and ms. tso .. feels the world needs to get itself together quick before conditions get worse LEONARD W. RANDOLPH JR. ‘satan” an intelligent and witty libra who digs music, girls, and sports aspires to become a cartoonist after graduation ... very sports minded satan' is the cocaptain of the swimming and tennis teams . can really relate to the Olympic swimmer mark spitz an admirer of art. mr benevento. ms. tso. ms. stiller and chess . most likely to be found hanging with tony hall, ted holland. mike goodwin. and frank jones believes that "the arts are forever changing and will one day surpass the sciences." hi handsome''.. a sympathetic and lovable Sagittarius . . secretary of student council and involved in the service, entertainment. and community involvement committees as well as the modern and african dance troupes...this future architectural engineer presently works with children as an arts and crafts and dancing instructor .franky. tony, tyrone. and denise are within her circle of friends...firmly believes "one must have strength, power, and the will to make things happen." BRENDA PRUITT "pru” oh. my God ... a good-natured scorpio who thinks she is occasionally evil .. but her sense of humor is much more evident ... "pru" belongs to the service committee as well as undivided truth digs dancing. partying, mr doundas. mr howard. mr gentile and her parents hangs with lori. denise. michelle. lynello and linda ARTS HIGH SCHOOT LIBRARY 550 HIGH STREET NEWARK. NEW JERSEY 07102 CHERYL RANGE "thamani”DANA RICE dana o k." . . . this quiet, friendly sagittarian is eager to get ahead in the world can really dig on reading, drawing, and relaxing to his favorite shows on t v ... mr. slavitt and mr kurtz have been influential persons in dana's life grooves to the soulful sound of the lackson 5 can be found in the company of donald. rayfield. pat. ken flo. Otcll. and yvonne .. . history and chemistry hold his interest plans to further his education after the )une 73 graduation. ETTA ELIZABETH SAMPLE "bow" "really—tell me more! . a taurus who is moody, sincere, and very sensitive ... usually seen with gwen hunter, margaret blackwell. and demse banks... chairman of service committee, member of trip and prom committees, "truth and soul." and vignette staff .. really relates to ms ven-skus. ms. tso. and mr. singer ... bow has a tight hold on mozeil herring she hopes that by '75 arts will see some rebuilding begun .. will attend howard university to major in elementary education "embarrassed!" a member of senior class council, prom and play committees. ..Sagittarius...enjoys ms. lucas. and mr howard sweet and innocent little-bit admires theodore marshall greatly shoots the breeze with |oanne britt. linda bntt. demse crawford. leslyn byass, and evelyn griffin..."arts is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to go there (smile) future goal is to attend newark stato college for elementary education. MARILYN SHEMALY "foxy" -ely" love is never having to say you're sorry" a beautiful taurus with no hypocrisy m her soul . digs the company of rosie carrasquillo. lucilla ponce de leon, mildred cedeno. carmen bonillo and luis camacho enioys living her life as a Christian and helping others to learn the word of the Lord ... tends to follow the directions of ms barrett ms edreira and mr. howard .. can usually be found using her wonderful vocal talent .. relates to music, history. Spanish and english most. OTELL SHEMALY "oh yeah?" .. always smiling virgo ... really nice to know . .. "foxy" has one beef—people who don't keep their promises .. communication is hip when she does it with rand, debra. michelle. mar-garot. or bcvcrly . . . mr. howard. ms. feldman. and ms barren are positives on hor faculty list ... finds the ideas of joe bostic |r and michael thompson very profound ... "life is a beautiful thing." otell "come 'ere woman"...this taurus really digs his remembered by his friendliness toward females, and his liberian accent ..leader of his rock group(o s airborn) physically motivated by the electronic sounds of his stringed instruments...digs all the teachers at a h s ...has deep admiration for his woman..."arts is alright"., plans to further his education at a local university or college.KEVIN SIMMONS "key" this piscean is a member of physical fitness and varsity clubs out of school activities include the conquerors, football, basketball, and baseball ... lazy, full of jokes, an all right kind of guy ... kev has been most influenced by his parents mr lang and mr ooundas rank high with him .. close friends include ed bright, vai turlmgton. gwen spann and clarence lawley his future plan is to attend college as an art major DEBORAH SMITH 'dee-dee" "oh sugar'" ... a considerate pleasant person who enjoys singing and playing the piano extremely active participant •n the concert choir, senior class council, girls glee club, service committee and lab assistants club . . . libra . . . digs the friendships she shares with sandy, jackie. gwen. margaret and Carolyn ... going to hawan holds special significance . .. admires mr. howard. ms. block, and ms Shapiro . "love will solve all problems." ROGSILANE SMITH rogs " "right on'" ... while often quiet. "rogs' expresses herself very loudly through dancing. sewing, and drawing ... this virgo is definitely peeved with gym ... "rogs" is a devoted member of the entertainment committee . . her personal associates include beverly Wilson, mamie skipper, and maleather hall.. her favorite instructors are ms. greene and mr. dourtdas ... rogs ‘ brother tamy has helped to mold her future aims and views on life DARIA SHOCKLEY "bunky" oh wow .. a quiet person, but when in a good mood everyone knows about it... this anan digs history, chemistry, mr Singer, mrs. block and ms. venskus ... a member of the band, truth and soul and the principal's advisory council plans to major in elementary education m college.. .is peeved by dishonest people can be found in the company of wilhelmma dawson. valorie troupe, sharon bey. cathy williams, and daphne jones. JOHN SIMMONS "Simmons" an artistic libra who hates getting up early loves drawing, painting and working with wood a very easy person to get along with . . member of the cross country and track teams admires most the class of 73 really' will always remember running track and taking the city title . diqs mr carden. mr bene-vento. mr, lang and mr found with either robert scott. jeff jones. eddie armour. |oe morns or greg cooper arts high is the only place in this area where you can really learn. VALERIE SMITHSON “war "i don t believe this is happening '.. likes to be by herself to get it together ... a moody capricorn, she finds steady ground with the friendship of joyce. lillian. and cathi.. member of the vignette staff and a preschool teacher ... could really dig on obtaining a doctorate in psychology enjoys the classes of mr. benevento. ms. lucas. and ms. nouss . . . reaction about arts "out of sight because it s small .. you can meet people on a one-to-one basis "DAVID SNEED “dave" ' i need your technical assistance this Scorpio is member of marching band, science club orchestra, and tennis team digs mrs venskus. rnr. singer, mr. lang. and mr keil.. .cool, intelligent and easy going... his parents, arthur ashe. and rev scott are those he admires greatly friendly toward claronco lowrey. karen weddmgton. lance webb. ernest gooden. and inez linton . .. dentistry, medicine, or tennis are various career possibilities. JANE MARIE STALLER |ane you're kidding."...this leo is secrotary of national honor society, member of red cross, art and Spanish clubs , vivacious and friendly digs mr keil. ms venskus. and mr benevento .. most admires her mother... friends includo mittie grayson. lucy gregory. daphne jones. and cynthia gardner... feels public schools would be bettor if the teachers tried harder to please students .. plans to attend newark state 4Q college majoring in elementary education DIANE MICHELLE SOLOMON “winkydlnk" don t get excited ... this leo is business manager of our school paper talkative, friendly and crazy .. hates getting up in the morning and doing homework . digs mr. howard. mr slavitt. mrs. neuss. melba moore. and sensei james fain being m the nation of islam is a meaningful revelation . . . friends include wilhelmma dawson, janet mitcheil. debbie harns. and yolanda mayo . .. “arts is really together, glad i attended here ... diane's future plan is to become a journalist and someday own a newspaper company. RUFUS STOKES "ru" hey look!" ...pisces...dislikes hypocrites and people who don't have faith in themselves.. quiet but at times very outspoken .. mr. pesilo and ms moyerson are favorites ... enjoys math and music everything that has happonod to ru” is considered interesting, including his memorable trip to texas Stuart james. jane mosley. karen murray. and barbara o'neal are close friends plans to become a music teacher. GWENDOLYN DENISE SPANN “nlsey ” be domed if i do that!"... this Sagittarius is a member of the tennis club, glee club, and concert choir . . . opon-mmded. emotional, and very friendly ... doesn’t dig supposedly “superblack " people ... most meaningful experience was her realization the only hope for mankind is God ... admires pastor willcox. and her mom . . willie is someone special . .. really influenced by cynthia robmson . . . favorites include ms. raff, mr howard. ms. moyerson. val turlington. flora bailey and ernest gooden. CHRISTOPHER PHILIP FREDERIC SUMMERFIELD "woody ' what it look like, brother?"... this future corporate lawyer is considered “all right" .. turned on most by women, baskotball. and music ... a partying Sagittarius who enjoys the company of lemar. michael holmesand john .. passing the arts high test is a lasting memory ... a very artistic and athletic brother ... “woody" has participated in the drama and Spanish Clubs along with the varsity track and j.v. basketball teams.GWENDOLYN TETTERTON "gwen" a virgo with a beautiful smile considers horsoif vory loyal to friends... digs music, sewing, and bowling tends to be partial towards mr. howard. mr keil. margaret blackwell. and joyce thomas .. not too cool on phonies .. has never forgotten the day she accepted Jesus as her savior ... a person with few words ... communicates through vocal music VALERIE TURLINGTON ■‘turtle" cancer ... "now let's be real" ... gets along with almost anyone. ms venskus. mr. howard. and ms. green rank high . .. digs music composition, singing and horsemanship.. membor of gospel chorus, conquerors club and girls soft-ball .. .plans to obtain a master's in special education, speech and hearing ... "feels arts and the world are both in bad shape but we can make it better." JOYCE THOMAS joyce well i'll be" ... this gemmi is a member of yearbook committee . . moody, quiet and shy ... digs watching t.v., dancing and trying different foods .. has been highly influenced by evelyn pearson and her father .. really admires ms barren is annoyed by loud, rowdy people Joyce's friends include valerie smithson. diane golden, gwen tetterton. lillian brant and cathi Campbell. "i‘m very lucky and so is everyone else to be whore they are and who they are." CATHERINE TYSON "cathy" VALERIE ADRIONE TROUPE ‘Panky" friendly loud, and super-sensitive . . scorpio .. active on the newspaper, service and yearbook committees and the lab assistants club . cathy. belmda dana. wiihelmma. bryon. louis and michael can be found wrappod in the warmth of val s friendship her parents and michael walton have her full admiration majoring m business administration at boston college is a very tangible goal . "the world would be a better place to live if there was peace "oh well that's life!" ... is very often seen with flora bailey, gwen spann. mittie grdyson. and ben lacewell ... talkative, sensitive, and friendly .. vice-president of the science club, and active member of the service committeo. tennis and lab assistants' venskus. mr. doundas. and ms. shapiro are favorites...fondly remembors tho day she accepted Christ as her personal savior...feels the world would be a better place if everyone accepted Him." MARK ALLEN TYSON mark "chile, let me tell you one thing!!" . . . Sagittarius... reiigiousand outspoken dislikes closed minded individuals . . can bo seen with sabrina fladger. valerie jones. and margaret blackwell plans a career in funeral direction. member of the gospel chorus.. sings and collects mahalia jackson articles and albums .. admires tawatha agee. ms neuss and mr howard ... "four years at arts can be interesting, it s what you make it 41IVY JUDITH WALLACE • » this pisces enjoys the piano, singing, dan-cinq music, and partying . . member of atrican dance company, yearbook staff, drama club, tennis team and all city chorus, m addition to functioning as co-captam of the twiriers . ."so" .. mr. howard and mr keil are among her favorite teachers is most often found with m«z Imton. leslyn byass and janet williams .. music education will be her college major . ."people should think less about themselves and moro about others." LANCE WEBB "fang" what s up?" .. a capricorn firm in his beliefs but very sociable .. hates to be disliked by other people . .. very athletic and versatile . .. can be found swimming, playing baseball, counseling at the "y . or playing his bass clarinet . actively involved in the band, afncan dance troupe student council, and science club . . admires mr. singer, mr. keil. mr. lang, and ms venskus .. after college, lance hopes to live life as freely and comfortably as he possibly can KAREN WEDDINGTON “kay kay" more later than sooner' usually quiet, but extremely active .., can t dig on inconsiderate people . .. pisces spends time participating in the afncan and modern dance troupes . . zende Clark, donna davis. ms. abos. mr keil. enghsh and traveling are favorites hopes to become a prominent physician ... believes people should first take a look at themselves before criticizing others LORI E. WALLS "buffy" "dig you laughs all the time .. this gemmi can t stand phony pcopio ... mr keil. ms barren and ms darden rank high with her...can really communicate with ’’crunchi". "nellie". "haze "pruchns. and gregory.. partying, baby sitting and being a member of the senior class council and drug rehabilitation committee take up most of her time .. "buffy plans to become an executive secretary after graduation SANDRA WALTON "sandy" "you so grown'''. a crazy aquarius who digs reading, cooking, and listening to records . . . favorites include deborah. margaret. and |acquelyn . . not too enthusiastic about phony people what?" .. supports school spirit in service committee, senior class council, and the girls glee club . how can "sandy forget the time when she was two. and nearly fell out of a speeding car?.. plans to attend east Carolina university to become a social worker VALORIE WHITE val ' • shut-up'" .. a quiet cancer who likes to help others long-range dreams include marriage anc a career in teaching history hangs with lynelle. janet. michelle. zendo. and brenda ..her mother has been a positive factor in the forming of her attitudes toward life really digs mr howard. ms abos basketball, and volley ball...can bo so on attondmg the french Club or senior class council meetings val hates to see people "trying to be something they re notALLEN WILLIAMS "•I" well dig dal" .. a considerate, humorous libra . . . robin nathan. phil moultne and ben laceweil are close associates digs mr bonovento. mr. siavitt. ms. ven-skus. and mr lang has deep admiration for true black people in society, trying to lift the wheel of oppression an avid member of cross country, baseball, and photography club ... plans to become a graphic artist ... "arts is a place where people can come together and educate themselves in every way CATHY MARIE WILLIAMS little bit1 "sike1 this capricorn is very easy to get along with once she is understood .. mr. howard. ms venskus and ms lucas are among her favorites ... is a member of the upsilon sigma rho sorority, entertainment. prom and service committees also a lab assistant and senior council representative . . can be found with pat-ncia demmmg, wilhelmma dawson. val-erie troupe, or daria Shockley .. plans to become a secretary and get married . . . bruce maxwell is someone very special REGGIE WILLIAMS “munchkin” "i swear to john!''...this scorpio is a member of the band, the lab assistants club and the tell it like it is singing group.. really digs his mom for her straight come-down about life .. whoro you find alien, robin, clarence, diane or dorette, chances are the "munchkin" is there too ... "if there was unity and love, this world would be a better place ’ JANET WILLIAMS janet '■really’" this honest but quicktempered capricorn feels her day-of-all-days just hasn't occurred yet working with children, reading, and dancing are the pastimes she digs the most rap sessions aren t complete for janet if sandra. vai vaiora and ivy aren t present becoming a child psychologist after college is her goal. RICHARD WILLIS richard scorpio .. commercial art is his kick actively involved in the track and cross country teams, and tho varsity club has only one complaint about arts high . . "it s too small" ... enioys art. gym and the classes of mr. doundas . . most often can be found with tyrone. me coy. phil and ted. TINA WILLIAMS "tlney" no!!!" ... sweet and stubborn, tmey ’ feels arts high has taken her through a lot of positive changes... mombor of the prom committee and undivided truth, she also digs ice skating, sewing and singing ... born under the sign of taurus... mam aces include debbie. mez. lyneile and evelyn 43MARY WHITSON "malia" a Sincorc porson who gets along with almost everyone ... digs on the company of la vcrne boykms. janie moore. barbara porter, valerie joines and kirn hawkins ... gommi . . . mr. moscaticello. shiriey chisolm and beverly johnson are greatly admired by her. . relished the teaching of mr. spmdler. ms jones. ms. lucas and ms. raff during her high school years.. .‘ malia' is glad she chose to attend arts high .. ."right on!" 44 BEVERLY JENICE WILSON "bev" jive time . quiet, lovable and understanding can t stand dishonest people ... born under the sign of libra .. likes to model, party, and attend football games ... active member of the entertainment committee . . can be seen with rogsilane smith, rand Oliver and maleather hall . . berkeley college of business and modeling are included m bev's" future plans. VANNESSA YANCY nessie" “ay1 back-up" .. .a cancer who tries never to misjudge a person .. valerie |ones. devis lawrence and robin morrison are close associates, after business school, she plans to have a career as a secretary ... dislikes a person who doesn't know what he wants .. digs sewing, skating and going out mrs jones. miss willis. mr. slavitt and english score high active member of girls' basketball team ... will cherish the memory of meeting ernest grant, presently the main reality of nossios life. CAROLYN WOODS "curly" lord knows ... Scorpio enchanted by sewing, writing, short-stories, ms. ven-skus. and mr. howard . . . mombcr of future physicians club, and service committee ... starting classes at rutgers has significant meaning for her ... is considered shy. somewhat naive, and quiet has great admiration for ann powell ... the make-up of her social circle includes margaret blackwell, iacqueline gathright and doborah smith ... future plan is to become a physical therapist at east Carolina university.EDINA LAVERNE MILLER i don't understand what you mean' thistaurusdigsart. tennis, music, and var ious forms of dance enjoys the company of aisha. denise. alfred. karen. bryon. and a host of others .. a mature, mysterious. and spirit lifting individual being a good wife,raising a family, and pursuing an art teaching career are mam objectives .. .ms tso. mr spmdler, mr, "b and mr. keil are listed favorites holds deep love and admiration for everett . . "it's not the world that holds one from success." EDDIE ARMOUR "ed” "that mug is a smoker this slick gemini is peoved by backstabbers . . . member of entertainment and prom committees as well as the baseball team mr spmdler and mr brennor score high .. . when it comes to rapping rob. jeff. and kevm are near by . . plans to go into oceanography .. . digs art and gym feels arts is a miniature peyton place PATRICIA ANN FITZPATRICK "dimples" there il is this together libra dislikes hypocrites . . . likes to read and hold interesting telephone conversations loves people m general loud, friendly, sincere, and very warm hearted flor-ence howard. miriam jiminez marilyn harper, etta sample, denise. yvonne. and maggie are companions usually busy with homework or yearbook staff . fond of mr howard. mr yabhek. mr doundas. mrs venskus. and mrs. green everybody has to live together and love one another admires her mother, godfather. grandparents, and mr. barren ... plans to attend college to prepare for a career m business ALVIN COLLIER • ac” this together gemmi enjoys dancing, writing. and photography . .. is member of the swimming and baseball teams, entertainment committee, and truth and soul staff...plastic people are not his idea of companionship...the jammin junior class trip to the laurels country club has sigmgi-cant meaning to aL.his future plans are undecided journalism, english. art. or photography are possible majors. yvonne n. McPherson "vonnie" capricorn sweet and crazy dislikes people who are two-faced member of truth and soul staff, prom, service and entertainment committees . . can oe found m the company of maleather hall minan jiminez. lynelle Stevenson and Carolyn davis digs ice skating, singing bowling and partying admires mr howard. ms lucas and ms venskus ... influenced most by her mother and the lumor class trip experience HENRY L. DARLING "seitu kamau" "all power to the people ' a strange person to decipher, this libnan really digs on the philosophies of maicoim x. h rap brown, and mao tse-tung a member of the black panther party, student council, and senior class council... can't appreciate the u.s. government or its "bootlicking lackeys gregory holland and mane Johnson are seitu kamau s' mam aces ..really into revolutionary art photography and the ideas of george jack-son could relate to a furthering of his education, a visit to communist china and a final liberation of the innocent occupants of the prisons...' right on'" 45UNSCRAMBLE THE NAMES OF ALVERIE MITHSSNO NARMIYL APEHRR ECOYJ STOHAM EYVEBRL ILWNOS NHRASO YEB ADASNR SGNEIO EOACJUYLN GHRITGATH HIMCAEL EHBURT NAOJN VERGSA 46THESE FUTURE GRADUATES! CQUAJELEIN ABSS LEVARIE PUTERO AROFL YEBLAI ULCY YGGORER IRMAE OOJHNSNAMGRRAET BLLLAKWEC TICHA LELPBACM FALERD NCUNGIHMAN NRDBEA YHSEA GANRAECNRDEOSA 48DISENE KSBAN CRAOLNY KRICS CMELILEH ADROWH PHPIIL OUTIREML SAARDN NAWTOL '' LEYLNLE TVENSSENO RKAM SYNOT REACLENC RWLYAE LIACHME MOHLES 49BRARABA REPTOR JSONE ZEIN NTONIL SOHARN NOMWBA AJNNOE TBIRTEISEDN FCORRDAW EKTIH LOTNHIMA EATT PASMLEETOOHEDR DOLLNAH DRLENOA HPODLNRA ODERHAB SHTMI JABENMIN ALELCWEL VLARIEE NTURLGINTO 52 OJNH NIMSMOS ELNAC BWBE LAVERIE OENSJ NEALL MASLWILI NEPHAD SEJNO ATIN SWILLAMI ZALEBTIHE GZUERRDOI TMITEI RYAGNSO OWYNDGNEL NPNAS 53III.,JUNIOR HOMEROOM 204 Miss Rccd Left to Right. Row One Adrienne White. Patricia Barnes. Jacquelyn Capers. Patricia Brunson. Renee Bynum, Robin Dawson, Ramona Proctor. Donna Davis. Margaret Davis. Anthony Smith Row Two Keith Bush, Henry McGloun, William McCoy. Bryon Holt. Percy Scott. Charles Evans. Ruth Schmidt Row Three Bruce Green. Eli Climbingbear. Billy Harris. Douglas Davis. Arlme Edward. Vanessa Betts Richard Reed. Barry Frazier. Vickie Parker. Martha Frasier JUNIOR HOMEROOM 215 Mr. Kurtz Left to Right. Row One Eula Hurdle, Carolyn Lowe. Dean Purdie. Sabrina Slater. Deborah Campbell. Gloria Robinson. Sandra Forrest. Mr. Kurtz. Row Two. Glenn Croom. David Dawkins. Paula Jenkins. Pamela Fryer. Merrill Main. Row Three: Ronnell Bey. James Merritt. David Mitchem. Willocy Christian. Michael Petty. Row Four: Jane Mosely. Patricia Davis. Judith Smith. Denise Harris. William Gray. Kenneth Ellington. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 220 Mr. Mondalto Left to Right. Row One: Zenola Wornll. Leferrell Vandiver. Margaret El Henry. Earlina Williams. Barbara Hubbard. Shelly Jackson. Mr. Mondalto Row Two: Lmdwood Hancock. Tim Bynum. Andrea Harrell. Marvin Jones. Frank Jones. Lamont Yancey. Row three Patricia Miller. Robin Abernathy. Mamie Skipper. Pamoia Sellers. William Allen.Kimberly Thompson. Karen Murphy Row Four Arthur Williams. Cynthia Rose. William Rich. Walter Covington. 56JUNIOR HOMEROOM 307 Miss Raff Left to Right. Row One: Vivian Price Robin Morrison, Frances Dunlap Valerie Hooper. Michelle Muidrow Barbara Butterfield. Miss Raff Row Two Beverly Faust. Vernell Nolson. Stephanie McDaniel Diane Williams Rochelle Foushee. Carol Lumford Row Three Le Fuel Brookins. Michael Walton Pote McClary. Kevin Dean. Robby Edwards. William Blount. Jose Arce. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 314 Miss Cuyler Left to Right Row One Bencilla Campbell. Brenda McCall. Linda Hamilton. Andrea Dunlap. Donna Lee. Phyllis Holloman. Karen Murray. Heather Lee. Pamela Dean. Bernita Upshaw Mallory Mann Row Two Miss Cuyler Renee Brown, Oiane Holt, Denise Quick. Robert Gioiella. Wendell Bodison. Benjamin Collier. William Denson. Bar-baraO Neal. LaverneBoykins. Djuanna Bivins. Row Three Femaldo Padilla. John Stewart. Myron Williams. Eric Anderson. Craig Wise. Ricky Williams. Michael Dailey. Louis Allen. Vito Fogar-razzo. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 315 Mr. Calvin Left to Right. Row One Cheryl Pompey. Karen Mitchell. Janice Rowe Gwendolyn Carmen. Kim Hawkins. Pamela Holland. Ruby Sampson. Tomasena Smith. Michele Johnson. Debra Dimery. Row Two: Michael Johnson. Janice Harper. Naomi Stokes. Florine Chance. Carol Higgins. Joyce Turner. Doreen Fletcher. Denise Barren. Elias Padilla Row Three Arthur Heath. Robert Woods. Frank Smallwood. Alvin Little. John Sanders. Marcial Rodriguez. John Cherry. William Gotlmg. Kevin Johnson. Carlton Williams. Row Four Mr Calvin 57SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM B8 Mr. Doundas Left to Right. Row One: Jeffrey Dunn. Anthony Lee. William Edney Daryl Brooks Row Two Rolanda Tosone Renee Gibson. Derek Ragan. Beverly Jones. Nathan Faulks. Curtis Moore Row Three Valarie McIntosh. Mr. Doundas. Norberto Ortiz Row Four Pat Glanton. James Ayala Stephanie Horton. Jack Fernandez Pam Richards. Everett Campbell. Roth Riley Fernando Delgado SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 208 Mr. Benevento Left to Right. Row One Ramona Mercado. Elizabeth Rainey. Bruno Lee. Keith Layton. Neptune Pringle. James Graham. Michael Street. Edward Harris Row Two Sandra Stewart. Julian Keene. Sharon Bright. Rhea Davis. Rennard Baskerville. Michelle Hargrove. Michello McLean. Melvin Doster. Stephanie McGregor Row Three : Charlotte Brown. Kim Carter. Carolyn Hubbard. Row Four Marc Davis. Mr Benevento. Michelle Williams. Steve Bethea. Kevin Lowther. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 218 Mrs. Greene Left to Right, Row One Kenneth Jones. Lucy Cook. Earl Sessoms. Debbie Stevenson. Robert Lewis. Derrick Agricola. Michael Braswell. Janice Holt. Michelle Weaver Row Two: Janeira Warren. Pamela Robertson. Bridgett Bethea. Valerie Hayes. Wendy Williams. Yolanda Gulette. Yolanda Collier. Hariet Hamlin. Row Three: Stefanie Mmatee. Albert Alston. Reginald Smith. Lawrence Jackson. Claronce Gathright. Darryl Moore. Darryl Wade, Oscar McClain. Richard Wilson. Pete Collins. Alan Jones. 58SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 310 Mrs. Shapiro Lett to Right. Row One Mrs Shapiro, Valerie Austin. Debbie Holland. Dana Barnes. Linda Bailey. Patricia Booker, Debbie Banks. Jacqueline Hall Row Two. Christine Allen. Jolene Battles. Linda Grier. Beatrice Whitney. Frances Fletcher. Vergean Burr. Charon Watson. Constance Smith Row Three Russell Games. Larry Penn. Peter Baergo. Robert Lessane Ricardo Sifontes. Charles Mayo. Ronald Thom-pkins Row Four Isaac Durrette. Kendall Griftm. Steven Jenkins. David Eubanks. Francisco Davis. Stephan Alston, Theron Mayes. Terrence Jones SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 313 Mrs. Ritter Lett to Right. Row One Mrs Ritter. Pamela Hudson. Regina Davis. Suzette Harvey. Diane Walker. Eva Bednarski, Allesandra Moseley. Karen Baulkman. Marva McClendon Row Two Roberta Scales. John Bennett. Blondell Taylor. Belinda Larkin. Adrienne Mmatee. Rosaline Potts. Karen Hillman. Chiquita Odell. Nadine Trimmel. Michelle Conte. Helena McPherson. Row Three Adolfo Nogueras. Michael Simmons. Leon Wright. Steven Kimbrough. Edward Graham. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 318 Miss Pierre Left to Right. Row One: Barbara Hubbard. Carmen Bonilla. Stephanie Harris. Miss Pierre. June Bradford Robin Stone. Deborah Chandler. Juanita Daniels. Nancy Carl. Row Two Harold Johnson. Debra Edwards. Nan-nette Mason. Sheryl Weaver. Kim Crenshaw. Dorette Pugh. Geraldine Battle. Valerie Worsley. Diane Spann. Solomon Jackson. Row Three For-nando Diaz. Booker Miller. Blame Dickinson. Kevin Johnson. William Thomas. John Peterson. Joel Kelly. Clarence White. Leon Sherman. 59SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 319 Mrs. Marchetti Left to Right. Row One Jacqueline Koonce. Carla Robinson. Crystal Harris. Marcella Keene. Joyce Holt. Jenelle Joyner. Sandra Lawrence. Deborah Johnson. Operadeila Williams, Mrs Marchetti Row Two Geraldine Gilbert Lauren Green. Eva Sas-kins Mabel Knight, Steven Kelly. Barry Little. Jose Martinez. Bradford Brown. Michael Copeland Row Three Scott Wright. Robert Benson. Kenneth Boxley. Darnell Bradley. Gregory Thompson. Oren Griffin. Orlando Lee. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM B-9 Mrs. Jones Left to Right, Row One: Adrian Johnson. Carol Moses. Darryl Sumter. Darlene Garris. Curtis Barrett Row Two: Wayne Williams. Michael Lamar. Anita Arnold. Kimberlyn Montford. Alicia Johnson. Michelle Williams. Virginia Flanigan. Edward Coleman Row Three: Darleen Gibson. Mrs Jones. Kelvin Jones Row Four: Vanessa Fovc, Robin Wiley. Donna Vaughan. Michelle Nolton. Marc Myers. Trevor Blue, Norman Haynes. Jerome Washington. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 113 Mr. Kell Left to Right. Row One: Vanessa Morize. Pam Riley. Georgianna Spruill. Vanessa Yancey. Cynthia Jones. Karon Davis. Yolanda Mayo. Harriet Mervin. Row Two- Jackie Porter. Dierda Davis. Cynthia Hampton. Sandra Algrin. Joyce Odoms. Darlene Johnson. Vickie Mack. Stephanie Mann. Deborah Plant. Row Three: George Downing. Dwight Davis. Keith Morrison. George Days. Ted DeCagna. Anthony Clark. Arthur Mersier. Standing. Larry Branch. Edgar Figueroa. Mr. Keil. Greg Collier, Greg Scott. 60FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 210 Mrs. Lucas Left to Right. Row One Jessica Nash. Tawana Patterson. Mishoilc Smith. Shirley Varela. Lynn Wilson. Joyce Perry. Naydene Brickus Row Two Robyn Ware, Pamela Sweet. Kimberly Flctchor. Phyllis Martin. Donna White. Jan Clay. Alexis Dunlap Row Three Mark Dickinson. Charles Hutchins. Darry Jennings. Jonathan White. Kevin Slater. Tommy Cox. Alvin Brown. Nelson Torres. Keith Towe. Carl McCoy. Mrs. Lucas FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 214 Miss Willis Left to Right. Row One: Valene Mitchell. Shirley Myers. Sharon Fisher. Lelease McLaughlin. Sharon White. Sonya Hodges. Sharon James. Edna Champagne. Kevin Hatcher Row Two: Leonard Averett. Michael Rodgers. Aly-son Young, Pamela Roulhac Karen Green. Valerie Drayton. Beverly Bradley Gwen Stevenson. Kevin Parker Row Three. James Ward. James Williams. Lawrence Gilyard. Charles Silas. James Clark. John Maxwell. John Thompson. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 304 Mrs. Abend Left to Right. Row One Veca Ford. Beverly Wilson. Vivian Wright, Cyndrell Parrish. Ernestine Fitts. Linda Fisher. Lynn Morrison. Yolanda Grant. Sharon Cunningham Row Two Ramona King. Alice Brown. Annette Norvall. Marchetto Jones. Michael Jarman. Cyril Jones. Pamela Aiken. Thomas Williams. Samanda Thomas. Geraldine Smith. Row Three: Gwen Austin. Mark Janifor. Paul Dennis. Joan Green. Ernest Tucker. Dennis Reddick. Loroy Shivers. Mrs Abend. Booker Douglas. Stewart Williams. Larry Barnes. Malcolm Williams. Valerie Allen. Leon Purdie. APTS HIGH SCHOOT. UBRSpy 55 TPEFT ciFRESHMAN HOMEROOM 308 Mrs. Stiller Lett to Right. Row One Sherry Robinson. Kim Larue. Vanessa Williams Row Two Rita Moss. Ginger Dawson. Cornelia Graham. Linda Ber-rian. Arda Alston, Karen Brooks Row Three. Gary Harrell. Homer Gooden. Michael Standberry. Mrs Stiller, Derrick Lee Row Four: Frederick Lewis. William Koonce Vaughn Christian. Richard Dunn. Ervin Pridgen. Rodney Pate. Daryl Lawson, Edgar Rosa 62INTERNATIONAL DAY 1973 63FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE COUNCIL JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL First Row. Left to Right Wayne Williams, Robert Lewis. Lawrence JacKson Second Row Sonje Hodges. Rita Moss. Sharon Fisher. Third Row: Mrs. Block Veda Ford. Jackie Thomas. Kevin Slater. Kim LaRue. Gary Harrell. Linda Berrian Under the supervision of Mrs. Annette Block, the Freshman-Sophomore Council is designed to aid incoming students in formulating group activities. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Membership is open to all Freshmen and Sophomores who are willing to offer service to the school. The Council's ' mixer ", which is held after school in the fall, is an eagerly awaited event of the year. The Junior Class Council is a determined and capable group of students who fully represent the Junior Class that elected them. The group is geared toward achieving unity and providing a forum wherein the juniors can make their ideas recognized by the school administration and by Student Council. They have been diligently involved in fund raising to defray some of the great financial obligations necessary for graduation next year. With Alvin Little as President and Deborah Campbell as V.P. and Adrienne Raff as advisor, there is no wonder that the "together” junior class has had so successful a year. Back Row Carol Lowe. Percy Scott Miss Raff. Robbie Edwards. Alvin Little. Middle Row Tom Kirby. Pat Barnes Pat Davis. Janice Rowe Doreen Fletcher Pamela Deane. Deborah Campbell Front Row Deborah Dimery and Diane WilliamsNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Kneeling, Left to Right Wilhemma Dawson. Sharon Bey, Jane Staller. Zende Clark. Sophia Brown. Janet Mitchell. Second Row Mrs. Venskus. Janet Martin. Curtis Raney Grace Ann DeRosa. Jackie Gathright Deborah Smith. Karen Murray. Etta Sample William Knight. Eli Climingbear. Karen Hubbard. Third Row Anne Davis. Dana Shockley. Stuart James. Rufus Stokes. Margaret Blackwell. David Sneed. Richard Willis. Sheila Porter Not Pictured Daphne Jones. Barbara Bruton. Mittie Grayson. Mildred Cedeno Dana Rice. Bencilla Camp-boll. Diane Holt. Michele Johnson Verneil Nelson. Ruby Sampson. John Sanders The M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society has been an important part of our school for many years. The Society pledges service to the school and the community. They assist at all major school functions and tutor students in various subjects Juniors with a 3.5 average and seniors who attain a 3.0 average are permitted to join and participate in induction services held in April. Under the inspired supervision of Mrs. Mary Venskus. the Society meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 8:00. We hope this valuable society continues to prosper and grow. Sitting m front John Peterson First row. left to right Eva Gaskins. Ivy Wallace. Bryon Onque. Inez Linton. Linda Barrian. Michelle Smith Second row. left to right: Jackie Thomas. Vivian Wright. Robert Lewis. Carlton Williams. Darry. Mr Keil. Shirley Myers. Wacomi. Third Row left to right: Kimoni Gaskins. Neptune Pringle Jr The Theater Workshop is open to any student of Arts High to provide an opportunity for training in the fundamentals of acting. Through hard work and talented assistance of Mr. Mitchell Keil. it has proven to be one of the many rewarding organizations the school offers. The participants have found it to be an enriching learning experience. The highlight of the year will be the comedy farce “You Were Born On A Rotten Day which concerns science's battle with the forces of astrology. We thank all involved with workshop for their ability to portray the true meaning of ‘ drama.“ THEATER WORKSHOPKneeling. Lett to Right Martin West. JoAnn Graves Standing Mr Carden, Dianne Walker. William Denson 3-D ART CLUB Modeling, sculpting, collages and plaster casting are but a few of the activities that were enjoyed by the members of the 3-D Art Club. Membership is open to all students of Arts High who desire to experiment with materials and techniques which are impractical to use in the regular classroom. Music students have produced some of the more creative products, with help from the art student members and the advisor. Mr. Carden. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club meets after school and on Saturdays to learn the mechanics of a camera and the techniques of developing the pictures that are taken. Both creativity and precision are encouraged. The fine quality of the work produced is evident when the annual showcase exhibition is viewed by many admirers. Mr. Benevento and his talented group have been helpful to the yearbook staff, by taking many photographs of school activities. Lett to Right Aurelio Evaristo. Allon Williams. LeonarO Randolph. Philip Moultrie. Robin Nathan Mr Benevneto and JoAnn Graves 68 STAGE CREW Sitting Timothy Bynum Standing Alvin Little What we see performed on our stage is often very impressive, but what makes it work so smoothly? A very large portion of the credit should go to the Stage Crew, under the excellent leadership of Mr. Marcus and his student collaborator. Douglas Austin. They have assisted in lighting and the setting of scenery and props for various plays and assemblies. Their efforts are very much appreciated by us.PHYSICAL FITNESS CLUB Front. Loft to Right John Dreher. Wayne Williams. Shelton Williams Middle: Grog Atkins. Richard Battle. Mr Lang. Rear Martin West. Robin Nathan At 8:00 on many mornings throughout the year, most early arrivals notice the tremendous physical activity being undertaken by an energetic group of boys in the gym. The members of the Physical Fitness Club work out. under the guidance of Mr. Lang, to help keep themselves in top shape for good health and for greater success in competitive sports. TYPING CLUB Sitting Left to Right Daria Shockley. Shelly Jackson. Michelle Williams. Vergean Burr. Joyce Odoms Standing Laurie Alston. Diane Gill. Charon Watson. Gwen Hunter. Barry Little. Anthony Lee David Sneed. Lynn Morrison. The Typing Club was formed by Mrs. Ritter, to give students extra practice in order to develop their typing skills. Many students have taken advantage of this unique opportunity. There is rarely a day when the typing room is not in use. TRUTH AND SOUL Clockwise. From Top: Daria Shockley. Jame Ayala. Janet Mitchell. Cyndrell Parrish. Gwen Hunter. Wilhel-mma Dawson. Cathy Williams. Sharon Bey. Valerie Troupe, and Jackie Thomas Completely student governed. “Truth and Soul" strives to inform the school of events of interest in and around the community. Every Tuesday at 2:30 in Room 318. those who are interested in all aspects of journalism collaborate to gather information. current events and items of social interest for the entertainment and enlightenment of Arts High School. Thanks to Janet Mitchell. Editor, and Sharon Bey. Assistant Editor and their hard-working staff for a job well done. 69Under the supervision of Mrs. Abend, the Modern Dance Club is designed to help interested students to develop their abilities in dancing through exercise and discipline. Every Tuesday and Thursday in the Girls' Gym. Andrea and Gary Harrell assist the members in preparing for upcoming assembly programs and other performances. Newly reorganized, hopes are high for a fine future for this group of vigorous young people. MODERN DANCE CLUB Row One. Left to Right: Beverly Faust. Suzzette Harvey. Janie Moore. Linda Hamilton, Geraldine Battle. Pamola Holland. Charon Watson. Ruth Schmidt. Mrs Shapiro. Row Two: Cheryl Pompey. Michelle McLeau. Michelle Hargrove. Lauren Greene. Catherine Tyson. Margaret Blackwell. Martha Frazier. Vernell Nelson. Stefame Mmatee. Pamela Deane. Another portrayal of the fine talent Arts High possesses is the outstanding job done by the multi-talented members of the Girls' Glee Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Gertrude Shapiro, this group exhibits its fine ability twice annually by performing at the Winter and Spring Concerts. Membership in this unique learning experience is open to all females desiring the knowledge and enjoyment that three part harmony offers. The sweet, melodious tones produced are proof of a well-organized musical happening. 70Vigorously rehearsed by Student Director. Jacqueline Koonce, and Advisor. Mrs. Jeanne Tso. the African Dance Company has risen to a semi-professional level. The company was formed to introduce Newark school children and the public to the beauty and excitement of African dance. Interested dancers and drummers are auditioned each September. It is considered by many to be a great honor to become part of this exciting group of performers. AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY CHORUS Mr. Howard rehearsing a small portion of the Chorus. The dynamic sound of the two hundred and ninety member mixed chorus has thrilled the hearts of many people this year. Any music major who is not an instrumentalist is welcome to join. Two major performances of the past school year were the-Spring and Winter Concerts, in which Howard Hanson s "Song of Democracy'' was the highlight. The Concert Choir, a smaller segment of the Chorus, has certainly "done its thing . as displayed by the quality and quantity of concerts in various communities. Members of the Chorus eagerly look forward to becoming members of this select group. They know that what has been accomplished has evolved only under the unique direction of Mr. Robert Howard.The Student Council is continuing to thrive here at Arts High. Led by Henry Darling as Mayor and Florine Chance. Deputy Mayor, the Council put in another busy year. The school beautification program begun lastyear is continuing, plus a greater emphasis on scholarship fund raising for worthy students. The man responsible for coordinating the many committees that make up the Council is Mr. Mitchell Keil. It is a difficult and sometimes impossible job. But when student goals are achieved and life at Arts High is improved, all the work will be worth it. Row One. Left to Right: Juno Bradford. Debra Dimery Row Two Michelle Johnson. Doroen Fletcher. Lynne Wilson. Sandra Lawrence The Pep Squad really pulled through this year in boosting our school spirit and morale. Their performance in the Pep Rally was really something as they took over the show to the sound of Eddie Kendricks "Girl You Need a Change.” The team went on to win the game! Special thanks to the moving cheer of the Pep Squad. PEP SQUAD 72SERVICE COMMITTEE This immense group of students have formed to present an evening of drama, poetry, music and dance in order to raise money for two scholarships to be presented yearly. Ben Lacewell heads the students of this group with many sub-committees and chairmen working diligently behind the scene. Advisors Miss Reed and Mr. Keii back up the students 100 per cent. The Service Committee was formed to aid the school at social and formal functions. The members act as hosts, hostesses and ushers, adding a great deal of warmth to all affairs at which they serve. Orientation Day. College Career Day. Alumni Day and International Day are but a few of the affairs they help to make so successful. The unselfishness of Mrs. Venskus. Advisor, Etta Sample. Chairman, and Deborah Campbell. Co-Chairman. is always evident. The warmth generated by this group will extend well beyond graduation. 73Under the direction o Mr. Karpen. who has taker over for Mr. Pesile. theArti High Orchestra has excelled in its performing abilities. The quality of performance has always been high and it has not lessened this year. We appreciate its participation in the Winter and Spring Concerts, and have great expectations for future performances. Senior orchestra members look forward to the annual program given at the Kiwanis Club. At this performance it is determined who. of the many talented musicians. shall receive Kiwanis Scholarships. ORCHESTRA The Junior Orchestra is composed of new music students who try to increase their ability to perform as a group. After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mr. Tobia diligently prepares them to eventually become important members of the Senior Orchestra. JUNE R ORCHESTRA 74MARCHING BAND BAND Practicing tor the parade on a windy day in Apri Arts High's Band has excelled greatly in its musical exhibitions this year. The vibrant tones created by these talented instrumentalists will long be remembered. Verdi's “Nebucco Overture and Arlen's “Blues in the Night" were two of the compositions performed which showed their fine skill. The rhythmic sounds rendered by the Pit Band before and after assembly programs hold significant meaning.We ll never forget our trumpeter's ' Call to Arms". Another division is the Marching Band which takes part in all parades during the school year. We thank Mr Reuben Singer for his outstanding leadership of this highly skilled organization. Mr. Singer and a few members of the BandGOSPEL CHORUS Seated left to right: Tawana Paterson. Donna Davis. director-Mark Tyson. pianist-Derrick Lee. Janie Moore. Jenncll Joyner Row 2 Sabrina Slater. Veda Ford. Jackie Thomas Kim LaRue. Zenoia Worrill. Carolyn Lowe. Sandra Walton, Linda Hamilton. Deborah Smith. Row 3 Gloria Robinson. Pat Davis. Janiera Warren. Emerson Wells. Pam Sellers. Omega Randleman. Not pictured Yvonne Magwood. Ronnell Bey The newly formed Gospel Chorus under the direction of senior Mark Tyson has been a very much seen and heard group of students. Formed to spread joy through song, this chorus has certainly been successful. as witnessed by the audience response at the Martin Luther King. Jr. Assembly Program. All students who love gospel singing are welcome to join this popular club. Front Row. Left to Right GraceAnn De Rosa. Carla Robinson. Jane Staller. Etta Sample. Catherine Tyson Mrs. Venskus Second Row Valerie Turlington. Flora Bailoy. David Sneed, Kevin Lowther. The prime purpose of the Science Club is to promote the study of science and scientists. Virtually anyone interested in science is eligible to join. Carrying out such scientific projects as the classification of fluorescent minerals, surveying local pollution problems. initiating cleanup campaigns and reporting worldwide natural disasters are among the many interesting obligations of this organization. Mrs. Mary Venskus and her club meet weekly Thursday mornings at 8:00 in room 219. 76LITERARY VIGNETTE STAFF Kneeling, Loll to Right Sharon Bey Curtis Raney Mr Carden. Carol Davis. Sophia Brown Standing Daphne Jones. Joyce Thomas. Denise Banks. Etta Sample Margaret Blackwell. Valerie Smithson. Gwen Hunter. Denise Crawford. Jackie Gathright It takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce a yearbook that is entertaining and meaningful to the seniors it represents. The technical problems of layout and photography are many, but Robin Nathan. JoAnn Graves. Sharon Bowman. Janet Mitchell and advisor. Mr. Carden, spent many long hours solving them. Gathering information and writing it with style, interest and precision is also a monumental job. Thanks to Daphne Jones. Margaret Blackwell. Sharon Bey. Mr. Carden and the others pictured above, it was all accomplished. We hope you will enjoy the results of our labor. 77Sitting. Lott to Right Valerie Turlington. Grace-Ann DeRosa Etta Sample. Valerie Troup. Jackie Gathright Row Two. Sitting Jane Stalier. Janie Moore. Cathy Williams. Sandra Walton Standing Mrs Venskus. Flora Bailey. Deborah Smith, Kevin Simmons. Anne Davis. Gwen Tetterton. Catherine Tyson. Cheryl Range. Margaret Blackwell. Ernest Gooden. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary Venskus. the Lab Assistants' Club is set up to teach mem-bersthe methods of setting up experiments, performing demonstrations, and the proper cleaning of lab equipment. This is primarily a service club held daily before and after school. Student participants have raised their chemistry grades because of this additional training. The extra time put in is highly beneficial academically, as well as a good basis for a fine student-teacher relationship LAB ASSISTANTS’ CLUB GIRLS’ TENNIS CLUB Under the direction of Miss Meyerson. the Girls' Tennis Club is designed to teach basic skills and strengthen one's technique in the sport Any female of Arts High who successfully passes the physical may take the opportunity to join the team. Practices are held at West Side Park every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone looks forward to participating in the tournament held at the end of the season. Three year members receive pins, and four year members are given special awards befitting their long interest and participation in this popular club.VOLLEYBALL Kneeling Left to Right Vergean Burr. Geraldine Battle. Helena McPherson Standing Denise Banks. Deborah Banks. Jacqueline Hill. Mary Whitson. Donna Davis. Under the direction of Mrs. Jones, and student leaders Denise Harris and Janie Moore, the Volleyball Club has been established to provide after-school recreation. It also furthers the development of one s skill in the sport. Following a series of warm-up and practice sessions, the students begin the actual play of the game. Meetings are held every Friday in the girls' gym. Any interested student is eligible to join this extra-curricular activity. The large group that you see pictured here, contains some of the most talented and popular young men and women at Arts High. Membership in this highly esteemed club is open to all students who earn a varsity letter. The aim of the group has been to increase interest in athletics, as well as supporting all school athletics and social functions. The annual sports awards dinner held at the end of the Spring athletic season is the highlight of the year. VARSITY CLUB 79CROSS COUNTRY Kneeling. Left to Right Allred Cunningham, Richard Willis. Darrel Brooks. Pete Collins. James Clark. Kevin Hatcher. Leonard Averett. Michael Copeland Standing Gregory Atkins. Ben Lacewell. John Dreher. Robin Nathan. Ernest Goodon. Richard Battle. Tyrone Page, Cyrus Williams. Leonard Chisiom. Mr Marcus. During the first few months of the school term, an outstanding group of Arts High athletes do some hard but enjoyable work. Every day after school, no matter what the weather may be. they practice at West Side or Branch Brook Park to increase their speed and endurance. Since seven out of eight of their meets were won. the efforts seemed well worth the trouble. They also tied for second in the city meet which is fantastic for a school as small as Arts. Richard Willis and William McCoy were stand-outs of the season. Thanks to Coach Marcus and his team for a job well done! Ben Lacewell Robin Nathan Greg Atkins Richard Willis Richard Battle Ernest Gooden Tyrone Page Al CunninghamThis season's Soccer Team has really socked it to them without a shadow of a doubt! Lupco Koj-lewski kicked a total of ten goals, followed by student Captain John Stewart with six. Jack Fernandez, a sophomore, kicked one goal. Under the inspired coaching of Mr. August Alamo, and as a direct result of vigorous practices in Weequahic Park, the team's record of 6-5-1 was achieved. Their preparation really showed the day that they held the powerful Irvington Tech Team to a 0-0 tie. in double overtime periods! Congratulations to Lupco Kojlew-ski who made all-city and allcounty teams. This has been one of the best records and seasons that Arts High s Soccer Team has ever had. Kneeling. Left to Right John Stewart. James Smith, Kovm Simmons. Darryl Wade. Timothy Bynum. Michael Braswell. Lupco Kojlewski Second Row: Mr. Alamo. Thomas Williams. Albert Alston. Barry Frazier. Billy Gray. William Edney. Russell Games. Leroy Shivers. Jack Fernandez. Third Row Robert Lewis. Jonathan White. Reginald Smith. Eddie Bright. Larry Gilyard Eddie BrightFENCING TEAM The Fencing Team had a great season compiling a record of 11 wins as against only 3 losses. It was extremely exciting wondering when and if the winning streak was going to end! It ended only after a phenomenal ten games in a row were won. Sheldon Myers. John Dreher. Devis Lawrence and Theron Mays all played fine matches in this electronically scored game. Practice is held every day during the Fall season and is open to all who are interested in a highly disciplined sport which can develop coordination. Obviously the skills acquired are many since this was the best winning record that Arts High has ever had in Fencing. It was also the first year that the team was invited to attend the State Tournament. Left to Right: Theron Mays. Shelton Williams. John Dreher. Komone Gaskins. Stuart Williams. James Smith. Darry JenningsThe Swimming Team had a pretty good year, winning 5 meets and losing the same number We defeated Central once and Shabazz twice. Leonard Randolph was the outstanding swimmer of the season with 107 points and captured two silver medals in the city meet. Richard Battle also did well earning 84 points and winning a bronze medal in the 100 yard butterfly. Another senior. Lance Webb, earned 76 points and won a bronze medal in the 200 yard individual medley. Membership is open to both boys and girls. Practices are held at JFK Pool on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30 to 5:00. William Knight Ernest Gooden David Sneed Leonard Randolph SWIMMING TEAM Kneeling. Left to Right Cyrus Williams. Cyril Jones. Anthony Clark. Denck Ragen, Mark Jamfer. Leonard Averrett. Gary Harrell. Standing Mr. Landers. Richard Battle. Leonard Randolph. David Sneed. Keith Morrison. William Knight. Lance Webb. Ernest Gooden Karen Weddmgton-Manager Richard Battle Lance WebbOur Cheerleaders have completed another year of hectic activity with Diane Holt as captain and Ruby Sampson cocaptain. The big events of the season in which the Cheerleaders participated were the Pep Rally. State Tournament Games, and the Crispus Attucks Day Parade. The girls' efforts are much appreciated by the whole school as could be evidenced by the school's reaction to their performance in the pep rally. Fall try-outs are open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The girls meet at 2:30 on Mondays and Thursdays in the Girls' Gym. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling. Left to Right. Adrienne Minatee. Linda Greer. Paula Jenkins. Ruby Sampson. Diane Holt. Omega Randleman. Harriet Hamlin Janice Holt Standing Bencilla Campbell. Carol Mumford. Carolyn Davis.TWIRLERS Kneeling. Left to Right Geraldme Battle Karen Hubbard. Ivy Wallace. Lynelle Stevenson. Beatrice Whitney. Barbara Hubbard Standing Grisolda Mitchell. Janice Rowe. Sandra Hill. Vergean Burr. Patricia Glanton This year, as last year, the girls who twirl the ' silver shafts” will receive varsity recognition for their efforts. Each member of the squad will receive a full-sized varsity band letter. Their hard work showed in their tremendous pep rally performance. They were cheered and loved by the full audience. They also gave spectacular performances at basketball games and in the Crispus Attucks Parade. Ivy Wallace. Sandra Hill. Lynelle StevensonKneeling. Left to Right: Douglas Austin Michael Holmes. Bruce Maxwell. Alvin Little, Kevin Johnson Standing Mr Alamo Kenneth Davall. Douglas Davis. John Bowers. Jeffrey Dunn. James McNair. William Gray Artur Williams. Alvin Dotson BASKETBALL TEAM The Arts High Basketball Team of 1972-73 did exceptionally well this season with Michael Holmes as captain and John Bowers, cocaptain. They had a season of 12 wins and only 5 losses together with the great success of winning second place in the Vo-Tech Conference. The team also defeated Kinnelon High School in the first round of the State Tournament. although they lost to Chatham Borough in the second round. John Bowers and James McNair were the team s top rebounders; Michael Holmes and Alvin Little, best scorers; and Bruce Maxwell superior at all-around defense. Says Coach Alamo. "The team improved on last year's winning record. This was one of the finest seasons the Arts High Basketball Team has ever had."Seniors 89Denise Crawford — Senior A new sport at Arts this year, the Girls Basketball Team is a strong club, practicing rigorously every day of the week except Wednesday during the season. Despite their low record of wins, they have the potential, and initiative mandatory for future success. Captain and Co-Captain were Gail McClary and Cheryl Weaver. Row I. Left to Right DemseCrawford. Tammy Gilbert. Cheryl Weaver. Gail McCloy. Michele Conte Nanette Mason Row II. Left to Right Stephanie McGregor, Stephanie Horton. Bridgette Bethea. Vanessa Betts. Denise Harris. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAMTENNIS TEAM Eddie Bright Mr. Benjamin O'Neill coaches the Tennis Team and does a very fine job as witnessed by last year's winning record of 8-6. Senior players are David Sneed, who was the novice finalist last year; Captain Eddie Bright, a member of the Eastern Lawn Tennis Association, and Leonard Randolph. They will certainly be missed next season. Membership is open to all Arts High students and new participants are wanted The team works out every day during the season at West Side Park. Bradford Brown. Randolph Coach O Neill. Eddie Bright, and Leonard 91 David Snood Leonard Randolph Cyrus WilliamsBASEBALL TEAM Coach John Lang supervises our Baseball Team which practices every day at the Branch Brook Park Extension. Admittance to the team is open. This year's team includes seniors Kevin Simmons. Michael Holmes. John Bowers. Lance Webb. Ernest Gooden. William Knight and Bruce Maxwell. The last three were on the starting string last year. Anthony Hall plays and manages the team as well. Our Team finished the season with a record of 8-3 last year and we're very proud of them. We wish them success during the 1973 season. Lance Webb. Coach Lang and Ernest Gooden 92 Ernest GoodenLance WebbOUTDOOR TRACK The track team, full of the stamina and take-off power that got them last year's outstanding record of 9 wins and three losses, is still running well. They practiced diligently at Riverbank Park and Arts High, but placing third in the Vo-Tech Conference Meet made it all worthwhile. Richard Willis, a senior and the 1972 City Champ in the mile, along with Senior Tyrone Page, outstanding in the 220- Mile Relay and the long jump, certainly proved that practice makes perfect. Tyrone Page. Alfred Cunningham. Richard Willis. Richard Battle. John Simmons and Robin Nathan will be missed by their teammates and by Arts High after graduation. John SimmonsINDOOR TRACK Despite the short season, the team succeeded in displaying its large amount of talent, drive and great potential. The facts speak for themselves. Tyrone Page — 60 large dash. William McCoy — 880. Richard Willis — 880 and Leonard Chislum — 440 were all champs. This winning team has certainly brought credit to Coach Marcus and Arts High.The Girls Track Team is expecting to improve on its record of the 1972 season. Although that was their first season, they learned a lot about the art of competition. Under the supervision of Mrs. Lucas, and the coaching of Greg Atkins, the girls are off to a tremendous start toward a good record for the 1973 season. GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM 96BOWLING TEAM Left to Right: Vanessa Maurice. Eric Anderson. Kevin Lowther. Steven Jenkins. Harriet Mervm Kneeling Darryl Lawson The Bowling Team, a new competitive sport at Arts High, is coached by Mrs. Jones, a member of the Physical Education Department. The group bowled a good season with a high game of 1000. They defeated Weequahic High four games out of four. Kevin Lowther. the team's captain, is among its highest scorers. Lamont Yancey. Steven Jenkins and William Thomas each bowled individual high games ranging in the 200's. Practices are held on Mondays at Lyons Lanes. Anyone who has ability and some experience may join. 97■ Our Song' Am I wrong or am I right The Senior Class is out-a-sight! Chorus Am I blind or can't I see The Senior Class of 73! Chorus Am I mad or am I sad The Senior Class is super-bad! Chorus Am I right or am I wrong The Senior Class is going strong! Chorus Let s go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. Let's go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. Let's go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. Let s go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o. Let's go! Go ! Go. go. go. go. go! Hey!SENIOR MEMORIESPOPULARITY POLL Bruce Maxwell and Lori Walls CLASS KING AND QUEEN (MOST POPULAR) Aisha Miah and Keith Hamilton CLASS LOVERS 206 Alfred Cunningham 207 Kenneth Davall •209 Keith Hamilton 213 Otell Shemaly 306 Devis Lawrence 320 Ernest Gooden "206 Aisha Miah 207 Belinda McCree 209 Lynelle Stevenson 213 Michele Howard 306 Diane Solomon 320 Miriam Jiminez BEST DRESSED 206 Leonard Randolph 207 Angelo Colon '209 Michael Hubert 213 Bruce Maxwell 306 John Bowers 320 Ernest Gooden 206 Etta Sample 207 Rand Oliver 207 Wilholmma Dawson 209 Lynda Henry 213 Lori Walls 306 Valone White 320 Beveriee Wilson 206 Lemar Greene 207 Angelo Colon 209 Michael Hubert 213 Alvin Collier 306 Michael Goodwin 320 Eddie Armour 206 Denise Fogle 207 Valerie Troupe 209 Lynda Henry 213 Michole Howard 306 Valone White ‘320 Rogsilano Smith BEST LOOKING 206 Leonard Randolph 207 Richard Willis 209 Lance Webb 213 Bruce Maxwell 306 Michael Goodwin 320 William Knight 206 Aisha Miah 207 Rand Oliver 209 Lynda Henry ‘213 Sabrina Fladger 306 Gwen Hunter 320 Beveriee Wilson Sabrina Fladger and Bruce Maxwell Alvin Collier and Rogsilane SmithPOPULARITY POLL Bryon Onque Maloather Hall BEST DANCERS 206 Grogory Atkins 209 Michael Holmes 213 Alvin Collier '306 Bryon Onque 320 Curtis Raney 206 Joyce Blame 207 Deborah Carter 213 Maleathor Hall 306 Leslyn Byass 320 Valeric Smithson 209 Doreen Jackson BEST MUSICIAN OR SINGER 206 AlfreO Cunningham 207 Kenneth Davall 209 Keith Hamilton 213 Stuart James 213 Otell Shemaly 3Q6 Bryon Onque 320 Clarence Lowrey 206 Sharon Bey 207 Daria Shockley • 209 Margaret Blackwell 213 Daphne Jones 306 ivy Wallace 320 Elizabeth Rodriguez Tyrone Page Lynelie Stevenson MOST ATHLETIC 206 Gregory Atkins 207 Richard Willis '209 Tyrone Paqe 213 Bruce Maxwell 306 John Bowers 320 Ernest Gooden 206 Denise Crawford 207 Diane Golden ’209 Lynelie Stevenson 213 Carolyn Davis 306 Leslyn Byass 320 Allison Roach BEST ARTIST 206 Gregory Atkins 207 Angelo Colon 209 Anthony Hall 213 Jeffrey Jones 306 Michael Goodwin 320 Philip Moultrie 206 Joann Britt 207 Marilyn Harper ’209 Cynthia Gardner 213 Sophia Brown 306 Gwen Hunter 320 Rogsilane Smith Angelo Colon and Cynthia GardnerPOPULARITY POLL Deborah Carter and John Simmons CLASS COMEDIANS Carolyn Ricks and Otell Shemaly MOST TALKATIVE 206 Gregory Atkins 207 Angelo Colon 209 John Simmons 213 Chris Summerheld 306 Michael Goodwin 320 Eddie Bright 206 Denise Fogle '207 Deborah Carter 209 Carolyn Ricks 213 Lon Walls 306 Diane Solomon 320 Yvonne McPherson 206 Theodore Holland 207 Kenneth Davall 209 Michael Hubert '213 Otell Shemaly 306 Michael Goodwin 320 Eddie Bright 206 Aisha Miah 207 Cathy Williams '209 Carolyn Ricks 213 Lon Walls 320 Yvonne McPherson MOST SERIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 206 Alfred Cunningham 207 Aurelio Evansto 209 Anthony Hall '213 David Sneed 320 Rufus Stokes 206 Denise Banks 207 Mary Whitson '209 Jackie Gathright 213 Daphne Jones 306 Vanessa Yancey 320 Carolyn Woods 206 Alfred Cunningham 207 Kenneth Davall 209 Anthony Hall '213 Stuart James 306 Bryon Onque 320 Rufus Stokos 206 Etta Samplo 207 Dana Shockley 209 Jackie Gathright '213 Daphne Jones 306 Gwen Hunter 320 Barbara Bruton 102 Daphne Jones and Stuart James Jackie Gathright and David SneedALMOST WINNERS Chris Summerfteld Greg Atkins Rufus Stokes Michael Goodwin Rand Oliver Joann Britt Michael Holmes Jeff Jones. Carol Davis and Eddie Armour Vaferre Troupe Cathy Williams and Belinda McCreeWHEN WEMellow Sounds ....................Me and Mrs Jones I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know ............................Love Jones .................. Betcha By Golly Wow .......................... Back Stabbers ....................... Genius I and II .......................Amazing Grace ....... If You Don't Know Me By Now ............................... Superfly .......................... School s Out .......................Inner City Blues .....................................Pam ..............I Think About Loving You ...................... Don't Turn Around ................Tell Me This Is A Dream Get It On ........................I’ll Be Around .......................Toast To The Fool Kilhnq Me Softly Haze .... Bey....... Jacqui — Dee-Dee .. Sleepy ... Coconut .. Ken ..... Jimmie ... Bill..... Jane------ Klew..... D'Nut .... Daphne ... Leckie — Big Phil.. Val...... Patti Belle Cou...... Berme Remember Elvis Presley "Shemaly freshman year Miss Neuss and her pams Miss Abos's warning ( 'You now have 1 and Vt seconds before the bell ) - and the tight face you had when she slammed the door before you made it in when Troupe lost her skirt on the third floor Otero's. "I N-E-E-D you' the day Arts got the new lights - four years too late our bad football team Keith Hamilton and his hats the corny jokes of Goodwin Simmons and Oteil Henry s cane and turban Valora and her wigs the jams that could have been (and those that ended at ten) the Junior Class trip and getting busted Can I get a pound R MMusic Makers Mark......... Sandy ...... Neisey ..... Tiger........ D Jeckle — Bev ........ Wmky Dmk. Satan Cookie ..... Otell ....... Alvin....... Crunchi .... Pokuaa....... Ricky........ Seito Kamau Flora....... Nessie ..... Blmki........ ........................Mahalia Jackson .........................Al Green ...........................Black Ivory ........................Donny Hathaway ............................. Delfomcs .......................Jackson Five ................... Melba Moore ...........................Four Tops ........................ Isaac Hayes ....................... Jimmie Hendrix ...............................Mandrill ................................Chicago ..........................James Brown ...............................Chilites ......................... .Last Poets ........................Roberta Flack ............................Temptations ____Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Cutter Em Nate T . Denise Bill Ree Ree Neisey Grapes Bow Joyce Daphne JO Ann Flo Tiger B B June Bey The Eats cookies and milk blackberry dumplings pancakes pastrami bar b q hamburgers and potato chips b I t sandwiches sweets pi za cake trench fries tried ch'cken and coiiard greens r b roast spaghetti meatball sandwiches pork and mashed potatoes steak potatoes fried chicken and potato salad 109no113SENIOR DIRECTORY Atkins Gregory 176 Chadwick Ave 243 8793 Armour. Eddie 366 South 12th Street 624-1868 Baney. Flora Jean 17 Lyons Avenue 926-3575 Banks, Denise 768 South 12»h Street 242-0592 Bass Jacqueline Gail 603 South 18th Street 373-3803 Battle. Richard 11 Berks Place 375-4521 Bey Sharon 243 Clmton Place 923-4115 Blackwell Margaret A 351 Broad Street No 2106 686-5295 Blame. Joyce 296 15th Avenue 242-0630 Bowers, John M 59 Scheerer Avenue 923-0366 Bowman Sharon 69 16th Avenue 243-2759 Brant Lillian 43 North 7th Street 484-9026 Bright Eddie 82 North 1 ith Street 485 1231 Britt, Joanne 63 North 4th Street 4847418 8rown. Sophia Anita 60 Voorhees Street 373-8009 Bruton. Barbara 15 Cutter Street 484-8609 Byass Lestyn Allison 283 Pomona Avenue 926-0784 Campbell. Cathi C C 378 Badger Avenue 248-5383 Carter Deborah Marie 16 Guard Place 374-7888 Cedeno. Mildred 702 South 20th Street Clark Zende 185 South 7th Street 624 4619 Coiner Alvm 375 Badger Avenue 824-0964 Colon. Angelo 84 7th Avenue 481-3971 Crawford. Denise Ann 218 Howard Street 643-7193 Cummings Olivia 756 Hunterdon Street 243-8332 Cunningham. Allred 182 South 7th Street 643-1565 Darling Henry || 967 Bergen Street Oavail. Kenneth S 102 Dayton Street 824-3589 Oavts. Anne 452 Highland Avenue 483 442 Oavis. Carolyn 39 Fifth Street 484-0504 Dawson Wiihemma 44 North 6th Street 484-7644 Demmmg Pat 78 Wolcott terrace 926-4292 DeRosa Grace Ann 427 3'd Avenue 484-4464 Evartsto. Auretio 101 Chambers Street 344-5770 Fitzpatrick Patricia A 354 South 6th Street 243 3543 Fiadger. Sabrina 440 Ehzaboth Avenue 242-2178 Fogle Deniese 9t Atdlrte Street 923-7341 Gardner. Cynthia Delons tl Hunter Street 248-5414 Gardner. Michelle Elaine 11 Hunter Street 248-5414 Gathnght. Jacquelyn 66 11th Avenue 642-3169 Gomes Sandra 112 Fabyan Place 372-4284 Golden Diane 239 South 11th Street 624-6648 Gooden Ernest David 243 21 st Street 374-5709 Goodwin. Micheal T 223 Wam-Wnght Street 926 1883 Graves. JoAnn 31 Yates Avenue 242-6418 Grayson Mittie 80 South 15th Street 484-3762 Greene Lemar 24 Frelmghuysen Avenue 243-2052 Gregory. Lucy 167 Lincoln Avenue 484-5104 Griffin. Evelyn 747 South 15th Street 373 6452 Hail. Anthony 159 Shephard Avenue 926-3539 Hall. Malcathcr 128 Shepherd Avenue 923 2083 Hamilton, Keith 29 Lincoln 629-2138 Harper Marilyn Joan 382 South 21st Street 375-4342 Harris. Deborah Ann 371 6th Avenue 483-0814 Hayes. Brenda 290 South 11th Street 643-6864 Holland. Gregory 121 Rose Terrace Holland. Tneodore Roosevelt Jr 516 Central Avenue 642-1752 Holmes Michael L 175 Scheerer Avenur 926 4955 Henry Lynda Joyce 25 Johnson Avenue 242 5372 Hill. Sandra 299 Vassar Avenue 923-7133 Howard. Florence B 176 Howard Street 642-0343 Howard. Michelle Leslie 115 Parkview Terrace 923-9781 Howell. Valora 2l’z St Francis Street 344-3543 Hubert Michael 81 Seymoure Avenue 824-1867 Hunter. Gwendolyn 218 Hawthorne Avenue 824-4049 Jackson. Doreen 36 Waverly Avenue 242-1036 James Stuart 60 Grumman Avenue 923 2878 Jimemz. Miriam Judith 245 Mt Prospect Avenue Johnson. Marie 157 North 9th Street 485-4608 Jones Aurelia Sandora 169 Pennsylvania Avenue 242-0059 Jones. Barbara P 85 Leslie Street 374-4325Jon«s. Daphne Maria 326 South 10th Street 623-3673 Jones. Jeffrey 120 South 7th Street 621-7395 Jones Valor ie D 274 West Kmney Street 824 1861 Knight William 15 Hansbury Avenue 926 5411 Laceweil. Ben 274 West Kinney Street 243-4237 Lawrence. Dens Leon 60 Scheerei Avenue 926-5455 Lawrey. Clarence 294 South 7th Street 624-4638 Linton Inez Yvonne 316 Renner Avenur 926-4866 Maguire Marian Jeannette 272 Weequaic Avenue 923-5981 Martin. Janet 555 Elizabeth Avenue 923 3368 Maxwell Bruce Bryant 17 Stengel Avenue 926 1826 McCree Belinda 285 South itth Street 642-5474 McPherson. Yvonne 123 Shephard Avenue 926-5457 Miah. Aisna 26 Beverly Street 372-6822 Miller. Edma Miller. Rose Mignon 463 4th Avenue 402-8692 Mitchell. Janet 30 Magnolia Street 243-1527 Moore. Janie 40 Holland Street 242-0633 Moultrie. Phillip 77 South !4th Street 482 3288 Nathan. Robin 60 Broome Street No 7G 621 8389 Oliver. Rand 440 Elizabeth Avenue 248-2978 Onque. Bryon Keith 175 James Street 624-7257 Page. Tyrone 326 South 7th Street 243-4095 Porter. Sheila S 49 North 13th Street 483-0979 Pruitt. Brenda 87 Aldrno Street 923-4699 Randolph. Leonard W 206 Howard Street 623-0678 Range. Cheryl 45 17th Avenue 243 7629 Raney Curtis 145 Weoquahic Avenue 923-8728 Rice. Dana 22 Evergreen Drive 226 9447 R cks Carofyn 241 South nth Street 624-5039 Roach Allison Jacqueline 296 Sussox Avenue 484-0215 Rodriguez Elizabeth 188 Lincoln Avenue 485-4066 Sample. Etta Elizabeth 371 Badger Avenue 248-6241 Shemafy Marilyn 101 Keer Avenue 926-4527 Shemaly. Otell 101 Keer Avenue 926-4527 Shockley. Daria 18 Fairmount Avenue 622-7119 Simmons. Kevin 175 3rd Street 484-7253 Simmons. John 18 Schley Street 375-0475 Smith. Deborah 62 South 13th Sheet 482-1971 Smith Rogiiano 15 Mulford Place 923-7014 Smithson Valerie 15 Gladstone Avenue 373-5045 Sneed. David 92 Wilsey Street Solomon Oiane Nicheile 231 Wmans Avenue 923-2096 Spann Gwendolyn Denise 249 Hawthorne Avenue 2436371 Staller Jane Mar e 107 Seth Boyden Terrace 248-8705 Stevenson Lynelle 505 Elizabeth Avenue 242-4043 Stokes Rufus 730 High Street 623-3182 Summerfield. Christopher 235 Pomona Avenue 923-7183 Tetterton. Gwendolyn 192 Wecquahtc Avenue 923-4185 Thomas Joyce 251 South 7th Street 643-4036 Troupe, Valerie Adnono 333 Leslie Street 926-3447 Turimgton Valerie 441 Badger Avenue 2485748 Tyson. Catherine 178 Huntington Terrace 923-1147 Tyson Mark Alien 435 Forrest Street 435-8559 Wallace. Ivy 223 Keer Avenue 926-1665 Walls. Lori E 236 Custer Avenue 923-8114 Walton. Sandra 165 South 1 lth Street 623-0797 Webb Lance 1 Lehigh Avenue 923-8733 Weddmgton Karen 51 Clifton Avenue 483-5613 Weinberger. Ford 55 Manor Drive 372-2391 White Vaiorie 194 Hansbury Avenue 923-1903 Whitson Mary 316 South Munn Avenue 643-3426 Williams. Allen 304 Hunterdon Street 824-1485 Williams. Cathy Mane 44 North 6th Street 483-7644 Williams, janot 90 Leslie Street 375-5337 Williams. Reggie 74 Murray Street 248 2394 Williams. Tina 184 Orange Street 624 0677 Willis. Richard 53 North 5th Street 482-7179 Wilson Beverlee J 209 Weequahic Avenue 923-0298 Woods. Carolyn 65 Mercer Sheet 643 6549 Yancy. Vannessa 326 Hunterdon Street 824 1065 115PATRONS (those contributing $3) BOOSTERS (thoso contributing $1) BETTY ANDERSON FAMILY ROBERT C. AUSTIN JR THE JONSYE D AUSTIN FAMILY MR. MRS. FRANK BLAKE RUTH E GRANT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "73 — MR. MRS. JOHN BRITT MRS. MARY BRUTON MR. MRS. JAMES CLARK SALVATORE A. COMMISA MRS. ETHEL CONOVER THE CRESSONS — CUDA. RICK. SAM. SHAWN THERESA S. DAVID RUBY DEAN MRS. MARY L. DEMMING MRS. ELNORA GATHRIGHT LUCY GONZALEZ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "73" — MRS. ANNE R. HOWARD FAMILY MRS. T. HOWARD FAMILY MRS. LILLIE MAE HUDSON IN LOVING MEMORY OF MISS MAHALIA JACKSON GEORGE J. LANDERS RICHARO S. LEAKE ALVIN L. OLIVER MR. MRS. LOUIS ROMERO MR. HOWARD SEELY B.A. SREENIVASAIYENGAR BEULAH JENNINGS STAPLES FRED SUTTON RUTH SUTTON THE FAMILY OF EVELYN THOMAS THE JOE THOMAS GROUP MRS. MIKE THOMAS MONIQUE. JODE. ELISSA. THOMAS MR. VICTOR R TIRAVANTI MR. MRS. ENOCH TUCKER MR. MRS. ROBERT O. TURLINGTON FAMILY REV. A MRS. ALVERT D. TYSON JR. ROB WILKINS MRS. RAYONETTE A. WILLIAMS (CONGRATULATIONS JANET) BOB WILSON MRS. MARY VENSKUS SPONSORS (those contributing $2) Abraham Allen (Bavu) Joseph Anderson The Arts High Gospel Chorus Mr. Mrs. Walter Bond Sr. Miss Cynthia Bruton Robert Bruton Jerry Campbell Mr. Mrs. Jan Carden Gabriel Cintron Rev. A Mrs. Moses Grant Mrs. Willie B. Hooper Mr. Harvey Hunter Laufer's Carpet Co. Miss Laura Llge Chief Joe MacFarlane. U.S. Navy Edward Carl Millward Mr. Mrs. Douglas Mosby Mr. Mrs. Willie J. Moses Percy P. May Betty Parker Clara Portee Mr. A Mrs. A. Roberts Margaret. Robert. Darren Sample Sister Sadie's Beauty Salon Miss Margaret V. L. Tyson Miss Margaret Tyson RUTH G ABOS MR A MRS CEASAR ADAMS SABBY D ASDONIZIO MR BANKS ALDERMAN AND FAMILY MR A MRS JESSIE ALEXANDER ALICE DAVID ALLEN A M E CHURCH EVAN ALLEYNE ALLISON A JACK JOHN ANDERSON BART ATKINS AYESHA A ALISHAX STEPHEN J. BARNES MARIE BAXTER MRS CLARA BECKERMAN PHYLLIS BECKERMAN SENELLA BECKWITH BETTY BELLAMY MRS. LILLIE BELLAMY MR MRS WILLIE BELL MISS ANGRETTE BENNETT MRS. D BENTLEY VANITA BENTLEY JOSEPH M BERKOWITZ MRS. ALBERTA BEY PAGE BOLDEN MR GARY BOND MRS ELLA BOWMAN MRS MARY BOZE MRS NATALIE BRACKIN MRS H. JACQUELYN BRADLEY R08YN L. BRANT TRAYCE R BRANT MRS. EMMA BREWER BROAD MILL END MISS CARMEN BROWN MR MRS. HAROLD BROWN MR A MRS- RAMON BROWN MR. A MRS SAMUEL BROWN MISS SOPHIA BROWN SISTER VIOLA 2X BRUCE MR C. G BRUNNQUELL MR WALTER BRUTON MISS HELEN BRYANT BUDDY DONNA 76" MR ALBERT BURKES OTIS BURKE ALBERT W CALVIN ALBERT W CALVIN SHIRLEY CANTRELL MISS HELEN CARTER MR A MRS FRANK CAUGHMAN A MET MIKALUS CECUR MR REBUEN CLARK CLUB 666 MR MICHAEL COCCA JR MARY COEUZZA MRS. ANNIE COLSON DAVID CONNOVER DAVID CONNOVER MRS. THERESA COOK HENRY FANNIE COOPER MR. L. L. COOPER MRS MARY WILLIAMSON COOPER (SIR KNIGHT) RUFUS CRAWFORD CRESCENT GROCERS MRS TREVA CROOM GROVER C. CURRY JR. (SQUIRE II) CYRIL A DENISE "76" MR A MRS P D ALLESANDRO DORES DARGAN MRS DELORES DAVIS MR A MRS. DONALD DAVIS MRS LOUISE DAVIS FAMILY 116BOOSTERS JOHN P DEANGELO ADELINE DELEON ELISE DE MEO MRS TERRI D EMIDIO CHARLES DE ROSA RAFFAELLA DE ROSA VARLERIE DE ROSE MR 4 MRS C DE VITO MR MRS G DE VITO MRS MARIA DE VITO FLORENCE Dl GRAZlA ARTHUR F. DISTLER DOUGLAS KATHY 73' ROBERT DOUGLAS "72 MRS RUTH DUBOIS LUCILLE DULA MRS TROYCE DUNSON 4 FAMILY BERNARD EDELSON MRS. HELEN EGLESEN EMMA EGOSQUIZA JONATHAN EMIR FRANK ESPOSITO MRS EASTER ESTES LIZZIE MAE FADEN LAINI FATIMA YETTA FINK BERNICE FITZPATRICK MR CHARLES FITZPATRICK ALMA FLAGG WILLIAM P FOLEY JR MRS JANE FORD KAREN 4 DAVID FRANKLIN HERMAN FRIEDENREICH MRS INEZ FRYE ROSARIO M GAJO MR GEORGE SONNY GIORDANI STEPHANIE GLOVER C G C GOSPEL TEAM MRS MARGUERITE GRACE ROLLAND GRAHAM JR MRS CONSTANCE GREENE MR 4 M RS THOMAS GRIFFITHS EDUARELO GUILBERT MARTHA GUTIERYEZ KENNETH B HARGROUE MRS C. HARRISON 4 FAMILY MISS SHIRLEY A HARRIS THOMAS HARRIS MRS EDDIE HAWKINS IDA HENDERSON LUCIUS HENOERSON MOZELL HERRING DOROTHY HEYWARD MISS CAROL HIGGINS THE HIGHSMITHS PAUL HOLLIS MR AND MRS MICHAEL HOWARD MR RUFUS HOWARD LT. STU L HUDGINS PRAITHER HUGHES MRS DORICE N HUNTER I.BE.W. LOCAL 52 JOHN INMAN MRS. MATTIE JACKSON MR JAMES JENERETTE MR LINZO JENKINS THE JOHNSON FAMILY MRS. CATHERINE JOHNSON MRS. IRENE JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON PATRICIA F 4 WAYNE JONES PATRICIA A JOYNER MITCHELL KEIL 4 LYNNE KEIL DWIGHT KEKOEJ JOHN KISKA MR 4 MRS ROOSEVELT KNIGHT ANNIE KOBU EVELYN L KRAL H. KRAVIS MR 4 MRS FRANZ KRUGELSTEIN BENJAMIN 4 EDNA LACEWELL LUCILLE LANGSTON MRS. LUCILLE LAWS HEATHER DIANE LEE LYDIA LEVERETT KENNETH LANCE LEWIS MELBA JIMMY LEWIS JOHN F LILLIS MRS RUTH M LINZ MR 4 MRS JAMES LLOYD MISS JOAN LONGO MRS MARIE LOZITO HARRY LYNCH CHARLES MABRAY MRS SUDIE MAE CAGLE LEE MARCHETTI MR PETE MC CLARY HERBERT PHILLIP MC CRAY DANNA MC KERITH ED MC LUCAS BARBARA MC OUILLER QUEEN E MELTON MRS. NANCY MERCER MIRIA MIRANDA NELDA MIRANDA ANNE MITCHELL MOBILE TELEVISION MR MONDALTO SHERLIANN MOSES MRS LULA MOOTE AL MUNTAQUIN JULIA NAPOLHANO ALONZIO NASH NATES HARDWARE STORE RICKIE NEAL NEW LONDON FURNITURE NOBBY S MEN SHOP ONE HOUR MARTINIZING CLEANERS J OMAR RAHEEM ONYANGOO PASQUALE J PATELLA ONEE PATERSON MRS. EDITH BLAND PHILLIPS MR LINK PITTMAN HESTER POULSON (GOOD LUCK) PRINCE RECORD SHOP MR 4 MRS GEORGE PRINCE MRS MILLIE PURCELL MR 4 MRS. S PURCELL QUITMAN STREET PLAYGROUND LOIS RAMSEY (BEST WISHES) LEONARD RANDOLPH SR RITCHIE C RANDOLPH SHRITA R RANDOLPH REDS BARBER SHOP REE 4 NICK SANDRA L. REED GUSSIE REID ISBELL REILLY LAZARUS RHIM MRS. EVELYN RICHARDSON GLADYS C RICKERT HIPOLITA RIVERA ROBERT 4 DEBORAH ROBIE'S COMMUNITY CHURCH SUPPLIES CAROL A ROBINSON MRS JOANNA ROBINSON MR TALMADGE ROBINSON MR R T. ROCCAYLI WALDY RODRIGUZ 1 HOLLIS BARRY ROGERS ANGELO ROMANO MARY ROSTYAK MRS MARY ROSTYAK MARY ROSTYAK ROXANN 4 EDDIE MR SABLE MRS FRANCES SALLEY SARAH S CLOTHES SHOP MRS BERNICE SATCHELL DENISE D STACHELL TONI HILL 4 DENISE SATCHELL MR MELVIN N SATCHELL SCALIES NEW EXXON LINDA VAN SCHAIK CHARLES SCHULZ ANNA SENTSOHAK MRS 8ARBARA SHIDER MR BERT SCHOKLEY MR 4 MRS LEROY SCHOKLEY MRS ETHEL SHOCKLEY MISS LILLIE SHULER DR. SILVERMAN MR 4 MRS SIMMS MRS SHIRLEY SIMPSON MR KEVIN SLATER MRS. NAOMI SLATER MR ALAN B SLAVITT MRS RUTH SLIGH MR ALVIN SMITH MR CORNELIUS SMITH MRS HENRY SMITH REV. MRS. SMITH WILLIE B SMITH MRS GLADYS SOUTHERS MR MRS ROOSEVELT SPANN MRS THERESA SPANN MRS JAMES SPEARMAN JR MR MRS STARLING FORD FAMILY WILLIE MAE STEELE MRS ROSE STEPHENS THE STREET FAMILY MRS NANCY STROTHERS S4S HOME FURNITURE MRS HELEN STYVANDER EDDIE TEART MRS THELMA THOMPSON MR WILLIE THOMPSON MRS GLORIA TODD MRS. ALICE TOLBERT MR JOHN TORTORELLO MR MRS CHARLES TROUPE JEANNE TSO DAVIS S TUCKER 69 MARK A TUCKER "72 MRS ROSA TURNER MS RUTH V TURNER 4 VEDA jessie Tyre ALBERT WALKER JENNIE WALLS MRS ALTHEA WASHINGTON MR MELVIN WASHINGTON OLA B WHEELER BEULAH WHITE ANDERSON WILLIAMS MRS. ANNE WILLIAMS MRS. CELIA WILLIAMS MR 4 MRS LOUIS WILLIAMS PAMELA WILLIAMS MYRTLE ELAINE WILLIS SUSIE MAE WRIGHT N YEAGER INC ADDIE MAE YOUNG MRS CHARLOTTE YOUNG 117AUTOGRAPHS 118AUTOGRAPHSLORSTAN STUDIOS 856 BROAD STREET NEWARK. NJ. 643-9787 All portraits appearing in this publication will be retained on file and can be duplicated at any time. Special student discounts on wedding pictures.a( ‘kU 1 ? I • i'ijS

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