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Annual Publication of the Senior Class Arts High School. Newark, New JerseyDEDICATION We, the class of June, 1972, dedicate our yearbook to the future graduates of Arts High School. We hope that you will make the best of your years at Arts and use them to build a life of Peace, Health and Wealth. mm MR. HILTON J. OTERO. B.A.. M.A. Principal Mr. Otero, formerly head of the language department at Barringer High School, has proven to be a kind and understanding administrator. His concern and willingness to go more than halfway to meet those who need help has earned him great respect and admiration. We hope that future students and graduates of Arts High School will reach out to gain as much from him as we have. -;K MR. GEORGE STEISEL, B.A., M.A Vice-Principal To be vice-principal of Arts High School is no easy task. Many long hours must be devoted to complete the jobs necessary to keep the school going. A vice-principal must be patient, strong, and sincere. Mr. Steisel possesses these qualities and much more. He is regarded by many as a true friend who is willing to listen and offer advice as needed. We hope that many future graduates have the privilege of knowing Mr. Steisel.ART CARDEN. JAN. 8 S. Art SPINDLER. LOUIS. BS. M.A. Art COMMERCIAL RITTER. LILLIAN (MRS.). B.C. Ed. Secretarial PESILE. ROCCO A.. B.S.M.. M.A. Coordinator. Music Department BLOCK. ANNETTE (MRS) Diploma. Curtis Institute of Music Music MUSIC HOWARD. ROBERT S.. B.S., M.A. Music SHAPIRO. GERTRUDE (MRS). B S. Music SINGER. REUBEN. BS M.A. TOBIA. GERARD C.. B.S.. M.A. 6 Music MusicBOHANNON. TINA E. (MRS). BA.. M.A Head Guidance Counselor GUIDANCE BARRETT. JUDITH (MRS ). LANDERS. GEORGE J.. BA. BA. M.A M.A Guidance Guidance YOUNG. CHARLOTTE W. (MRS.) A.C.S.W.. B.S.. M.S.S. Psychiatric Social Worker HEALTH PHYS. ED. LANG. JOHN. B.S.. M A Coordinator. Health and Physical Education Dept DIACO. ROBERT J.. A.A., B.S.. M A. Physical Education and Health EDMONDS. EVANGELINE (MRS). B.S Physical Education and Health GREENE. CONSTANCE LUCAS. SHIRLEY (MRS). (MRS ). R N„ B.S. B.S. Health Physical Education and Health MEEHAN. MARIE. R.N. Nurse FELDMAN. SONIA (MRS). BA. M.A French. Coordinator of Language Department LANGUAGES ABEND. MARY (MRS ). B.A. Spanish and French EDREIRA. NORMA (MRS.). B.A.. M.A. Spanish 78 MEYERSON. RUTH. B.A.. MS. Coordinator. Mathematics Dept. MATH. Chairman. English Department EAKIN, DAVID. B.A . MEd. KURTZ. SAMUEL. B A Mathematics ENGLISH ABOUNS. JANA (MRS.). B A.. M A Mathematics CALVIN. ALBERT W.. B.S., M A. Mathematics GENTILE. ALFREDO. B.S.. MA Mathematics English RAFF. ADRIENNE. B.A. English and GuidanceLIBRARY FRIEOMAN. GLADYS E.. BA. 8.L.S MARMON. AILEEN (MRS.) Librarian Assistant Librarian MARCUS. JEROME. B.S.. M.A Industrial Art SAWCHAK. CATHERINE N. BA. Home Economics PRAC. ARTS SCIENCE RUSSELL. DAISY C. (MRS.). B A., M.A. Chemistry and Physics VENSKUS. MARY A (MRS.). B A.. M.A. Chemistry YABUCK. LEONARD. B A.. MA Coordinator. Science Department SOCIAL STUDIES DOUNDAS. ANASTASIOS. BA Social Studies CUYLER. PHYLLIS. B.A Social Studies FURST. LORNA R.. BA. M.A. Coordinator. Social Studies DepartmentPOOL SUBS MC DUFFIE. VIVIAN (MRS.). BA. WEISMAN. RUTH (MRS B.A. ). OFFICE DOUGHTIE. ROSA (MRS.) ZONES. SHIRLEY (MRS.) AIDES STREET. GERALDINE (MRS.) School Aide 10MR. ROBERT DIACO B9 MR. ALBERT CALVIN 113 SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS 12 MRS. ANNETTE BLOCK 214 MRS. ELIZABETH STILLER 308SENIOR CLASS ADVISER MR. JAN CARDEN The Senior Class of 1972 has come to an historic first; we are at a loss for words. We can hardly find the ones to express our thanks to a person who has done so much for us. For two years, as our Junior and Senior Class advisor Mr. Carden was always there with guidance, patience, and understanding. Even when things got tough, and we seemed to be getting nowhere, he was always there to pull us together. So Mr. Carden, for your concern, advice, and patience while trying to cope with us and our problems the Senior Class of 72 would like to say a simple, but sincere, "thanks ’. 13PRESIDENT JEFFREY FOUSHEE 'rabbit'' "that's life' ... sweet, crazy, happy, dynamic ... member of track and soccer teams, african and modern dance clubs, varsity club, and principal's advisory board will always remember boy's state and outward bound a typical Scorpio ... mrs venskus and miss perugine rank high ... pet peeve: "jive people" ... plans to attend Cornell university, then medical school to become a surgeon .. Jeffrey can usually be found in the warm surroundings of lydia burks. valmda walden and al davis. SECRETARY RUTH MILLER "rubie" ' i mean, you know benevento. mr. carden. gym and steno are some of this gemini's favorites... people who try to put on a show annoy rubie friends are lynne thomas. gail cooke. pamela jackson. kathy hayes and william sinkler ... attending berkeley and marriage are future plans... thinks arts is a small school with a lot of hard working people. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TREASURER LORRAINE BYASS lorrame popular... keeps a lot of friends ... has traveled to Canada, south america. and the Caribbean ... working with elderly people has meant a lot to her.. future plans are to attend boston university or Cornell, and earn a doctorate in clinical psychology ... often seen with howard broaddus. denise street. Clarice williams, harvetta hunter, cheryl corprew. and gail brown VICE-PRESIDENT PRESTON COOPER preston "that's ridiculous" .. warm, intelligent, proud, and involved . . likes english and mr. carden ... admires esther gray ... conversations that have no facts or common sense annoy him .. preston plans to attend hampton institute to major in business administration his mother and miss beverly berry have most influenced his life ... most meaningful experience? ... having my eyes opened to the meaning of being a black man."LOIS ACCETURO "super sonic shrimp" enjoys mr. singer’s class and english ... can’t stand prejudiced people ... starting a close friendship with ronald lewis really touched her... plans to work with mentally disturbed people ... milford ferguson. ronald lewis, priscilla torres and elizabeth have had the most influence on her life ... feels arts was 'nice while it lasted " VALERIE LOUISE ALLINGTON chocolate" nutty, loud and aggressive ... admires el hazz malik. el shabazz mr howard and chorus ... involved in african dance club intense pressure, school and authority annoy her ... influenced by mother, mr. howard. mrs. onque and friends... Scorpio ... "how about that ” ... hopes to attend boston conservatory to teach music, entertain professionally and do community work ... feels arts is a very good school, but needs better music and art facilities AUDREY FAYE ALSTON "shorty ” "i don't know",... gemmi... choerleading. twirling, volleyball and skating turn her on ... lamont wilkinson is someone “special" ... miss abos. mrs lucas. and mrs. ed-monds rank high with her ., a quiet, warm and friendly person ... can be found with rhonda van diver, linda lane, beverly siade. robme stone and rita martin ... plans to attend howard university to become a psychologist. JAMES ERVIN ALLEN james has a natural personality .. mrs venskus and mrs russell head his list of favorite teachers ... art is very much onjoyed by this gemim ... member of science, chess and photography clubs . hopes to become a research scientist. ALICIA F. ALFONSO "lish" "is it fattening?" ... digs art, english. mrs tso and her brother ... her parents have most influenced her life ... good humored lish plans to attend parsons school of design ... feels arts is a home away from home but the food should be better wants to be a fashion designer and pilot her own plane ... this gemmi can always be found around rocco di leo. michaei bar-barota. pat gregory and mirta gaiarza. JUDY ANDREWS "red" come again" ... this pisces is turned on by singing witty, exciting, and romantic ... isaac hayes. aretha franklin, and miss abos rank high her. but "sonny" is someone special... can't stand getting in a tub of cold water .., plans to attend howard university's school of business ... marriage is also included in her future plansCLEMENTINE BEARD "tine" fun ... easy to get along with ... can't stand lying and conceited people, can usually be found with anita butler, glenda tucker, eilen nicholas. sharon rogers and rita martin ... mrs. tso. malcolm x and Stan are her favorite people ... her most meaningful experience was meeting him" ... libra... hopes to attend college or become an entertainer JONSYE YVONNE AULETTA "jon" easy to get along with ... “live and let live" ... libra ... actively involved in fund raising and student awareness committees ... "well, you know what i mean" ... mr. benovonto ranks high ... plans to attend newark state college .. enjoys being with friends such as howard broaddus, randy smith and glenda tucker. LARRY BELFIORE larry "yeah" ... digs music, writing poetry, and sports . a member of the band, orchestra, and national honor society ... favorite subject is math ... outward bound was most meaningful experience ... received varsity letter in baseball and soccer ... hopes to attend mi.t. ... favorite song on the trumpet for larry is call to colors. ROBBYNE MICHELLE ARCHIA "archie" "oh kribbage" ... mr. howard is archie's favorite teacher and science her favorite subject ... cancer... looks up to el sha-bazz mrs venskus. rev willcox and her parents dislikes people who hurt others ... science club and student council occupy much time ... quiet, but nutty and funloving ... plans to attend boston university or johns hopkins ... "if arts had a more unified student body with better communication, the students could really work to their fullest potential" ... often seen with valerie allington. james rufflin. sharon layton. melkane Campbell, janus me manus and howard broaddus. MICHAEL BARBAROTTA “mike" pisces ... nicest trait: a good sense of humor .. uses spare time wisely by being a member of the 3-D art club, yearbook art staff, and c.y.o . most enjoys art and mrs tso's teaching ... people with "attitudes" are his pet peeve ... plans to attend rca institute to study film and television production ... enjoys the company of alicia aifonso. rocco dileo. paulette halstoad. debbie guarino and jorge piza. BERNADETTE BENNETT "bernie” "what's it spose to mean to me" ... crazy and fun-loving ... mr. carden and candy are a couple of her favorites... pet peeve: school... college is included in her future plans.WADSWORTH LOWELL BISHOP "wadsy” taurus ... easy going ... enjoyed traveling to Ottawa. Canada ... mrs. venskus rates highest with him ... math is his favorite subject ... plans to attend m.i.t. with a major in electrical engineering ... member of photography club and chess club ... assistant basketball manager ... thinks arts is "overcrowded and underdeveloped" HOWARD BROADDUS howard ... ’ pay it no mind ... this capricorn digs mr. keii mrs. venskus. music and english ... howard is easy going and gets to the best side of people can always be found with james rufflm. faustina fox-worth. lorraine byass and donna harrmgton ... plans to major in biology or music education .. feels he has become more aware of what's happening since becoming a senior ... admires anybody who can accom plish something in life. BRENDA BLAND sunshine" ”... and trick' ... friendly, active... likes to have fun ... digs mrs. venskus and art ... admires juhan bond most .. is an active member of the student awareness committee and student council... dislikes people who change like the weather... her parents have been most influential ... plans to attend college to major in psychology or sociology ... "brothers and sisters have got to come together" BERNARD BROOKS "b” "dig here" ... popular member of basketball team ... bernard digs mr. diaco and english... admires his mom.. people that ignore him annoy him greatly ... he plans to attend shaw university .. Irwin chaplin has greatly influenced his life ... among "b's" many friends are mark tucker ronald smkler, marty byers and nadine harris BEVERLY ANN BRADSHAW get outta here" ... involved in people's action group, youth council, senior class fund raising committee ... this leo admires malcolm x .. . counts mrs edmonds. mrs. lucas and gym as favorites... "the clique": ann jones. deborah thompson. judy an-drews and donna harrington ... is annoyed by people who smack on food when eating" ... plans to attend the medical college of georgia to become a medical technologist .. thinks arts is wonderful. KAYE PATRICK BROOKS ' peaches" "kaye brooks is big. bad and beautiful"... mr keil. mrs venskus. and mr. doundas head her list of teachers ... member of chorus, gospel chorus and band ... is friendly, crazy, fun-loving and easy to get along with ... favorite subject english ... usually seen with joann britt. gwen garrison. and denise street ... "arts high is a together school".GAIL PATRICE BROWN gait describes herself in three words: very, very, nosy" ... her pet peeve: school ... can completely destroy something by using her favorite statement, that has no bearing" ... a hard working member of the yearbook staff ... gaii is most likely to be found in the company of theresa ford, susie green, melkane Campbell, and lynne thorn-as ... plans to grace penn state with the honor of her presence. LYDIA BURKS lit" "hey doll" ... admires sonny more than anyone else ... is annoyed by phony people ... a member of the entertainment, service, and prom committees in addition to senior class council.. plans to bocomo a fashion buyer... thinks Claude brown is heavy ... her gang consists of laverne purdie. valmda walden. gayle cooke, alfred davis and Jeffrey foushee GARY D. BROWN ‘ dwaine" "i love everybody ... a friendly easy going, but challenging young man ... doesn't particularly care for sophisticated girls .. member of student council ... plans to attend n.c.e and travel to spread the sound of his music ... would also like to dabble in the photography field DERRICK BUCHANAN derrick yeah' ... enjoys math and music ... involved in science club, gospel team and conquerors club... mentally stimulated by mrs abolins and miss abos... basically not outgoing, but enjoys playing tennis ... plans to attend yale or harvard... has been influenced mostly by his parents and a few teachers... feels that the physical building and facilities of arts are inadequate ... thinks some teachers have been a challenge. ANDREA BUSH "annie" "que pasa?' ... this capricorn digs en-giish. gym and reading ... mrs edmonds. mr. keil and mr. carden rank high with her ... very easygoing and pleasant... plans to attend a t or johnson c smith to become a teacher ... prejudiced phony people turn her off feels her mother, teachers and friends have most influenced her life. CHERYL DENISE BUSH ' Short stuff" aquarius ... member of student council, pep squad, service and entertainment committees ... plans to become an elementary school teacher ... admires mrs. odmonds. mrs lucas. mr carden and mrs. barrett.. thinks her mother is the greatest ... enjoys her black history classes ... friendly with beverty bradshaw, mildred wilson. rhonda van diver, ann jones. and her sister, androa ... hopes by 75 school rebuilding will be complete. 18MARTY BYERS "red" "i'mover" ... this libra digs basketball and soccer... mr heck and english rank high ... plans to attend montclair state college to major in physical education ... influenced most by family ... feels arts is a fine school with good teachers, but poor facilities... can always be found with ber-nard brooks, ron smkler. mark tucker, and william smkler ... conceited girls really turn him off. . . is warm, friendly, bright and intelligent JANICE CHAMBERS • j. C." considerate ... ' why don't you be nice?" english. mr howard and parents rank high with her ... this germni can always be found with cassandra felton, linda ham-monds. ruth miller, danny ford and larry miller .. feels arts high has been her most meaningful experience ... parents have most influenced her life... plans to attend douglass college ... hates to be wrongly accused ... member of her church choir, and sonior class trip committee MELKANE LOUISE CAMPBELL ■'mer easygoing, pleasant .. really" ... mrs. block, miss abos, and mr howard rank high ... reggie burl is someone special... member of service committee, concert choir, gospel chorus, yearbook sports editor. prom and play committees ... influenced most by parents ... plans to attend Westminster choir college ... can always be found with rita martin, fausteena foxworth. gail brown and terry fox ROSIE CARRASOUILLO "shorty" "love the one you're with" ... mr. howard and physics lab are two of rosie's favorites ... admiros nydia morales ... virgo ... hates ignorant people and meaningless talkers usually quiet, easy going ... plans to attend rutgers university arts is all right, facilities leave something to be dcsirod ... elwood pcdro has greatly influenced her life ... is friendly with lowell bishop, lucila ponce de leon. elizabeth rodriquez. mirta galarza and rachel roman. OTIS ORLANDO CHANCEY "o. c." "bump you!" ... the dynamic rapper ... this Sagittarius digs english and mrs. tso ... member of student council and lab assistant ... people who try to become someone they're not, really turn him off.. plans to attend howard or livingston college to prepare for a career in dramatic arts or journalism. JANISE CLARK "tete" "what i do?" ... mrs. edmonds. mrs lucas and mrs. lazar are her favorite teachers enjoys typing ... taiela is the one janise most admires ... a pisces. she characterizes herself as "sweet and charming but evil and stubborn at times" ... a lab assistant. a member of the science club and chairman of the gamma chapter of the alpha psi gamma sorority ... can usually be found with lynn, nadine. michael or paul. 19CLINTON H. CLARKE "Clint” "hey dude" ... favorite subject math ... puts mr spindler on his most admired list ... clmt is active on the track, basketball and football teams ... his pet peeve is ignorance Clinton is easy to get along with, generous, and kind ... plans to major in architecture at Syracuse university ... his mother and father have had the most influence on his life ... arts is a good school for college bound students and it has a certain air of friendship, becuase you know everyone' ... usually found in the company of paul freeman, eddie eason, william ford, glen taylor and victor monet. GAYLE COOKE ' tubbie” "eh... say what?"... favorite teacher: mr. doundas ... member of prom and entertainment committees, naacp and alpha psi epsilon sorority ... a taurus .. gayle is crazy for daryl.. . her future plans include attending fashion institute of technology .. can usually be found with deborah Sanders, lydia burks. valinda walden. joff fouchee. la vern purdie. and nadine harris. WILLIE COLE willie this capricorn really digs art. music, writing. drama and robin dawson . plastics, the non-willing and non-believing really turn him off ... talented, creative, quiet, and friendly ... plans to become a top designer and illustrator ... has been influenced by those who failed in life ... wants to attend parsons, f.i.t. or s.v.a ... history and mrs. venskus rank high with him... close friends include otis chancey robert dixon. frank nelson and robert means CHERYL YVETTE CORPREW ' scottie" no. you just ain't gonna get it” ... mr. benevento is her favorite teacher, fashion design her favorite subject .. involved in alpha psi epsilon sorority hates phony people and loves edgar allan poe... cheryl is friendly, talkative, understanding and crazy ... most influenced by her mother and kim fearrington ... plans to attend seton hall to become a psychoanalyst ... is most often seen with angelo colon, lor-raine byass. gwen carmon and yvette Caldwell GILBERT COLLAZO paul yea. right” ... virgo ... digs art. fixing cars, model building, and designing ... dislikes war and prejudice... plans to join the air force... feels working was his most meaningful experience ... mr. keil ranks highest ... "arts is a good school and should be recognized as one." MARIE COSENZA honey" warm, sensitive, witty and nutty ... virgo ... admires her cousin maria, mss a bos. mrs greeneand mrs. abolins... "oh. that's cute" ... doesn't appreciate ignorance, rudeness and people who refuse to listen ... writing to guys in viet nam has been a real experience ... looks forward to attending seton hall to study psychology ...BRUCE DANSBY "dandelion” a lovable, sneaky, great person ... plans to become a family man and grow old ... gym is at the top of his list of favorite subjects ... mr. lang. the teacher most admired ... a cancer ... thinks it's very meaningful to go to work and earn a living ... hopes to attend montclair state college in the fall. FRANK ANTHONY D'ARC "dutz" a cancer... loves his maior subject, art... is involved in the track team, chess. Spanish. and art clubs ... friends include jorge piza. dan santos ed eason. gil coilazo and bruce dansby ... yeah, i know" .., has been most influenced by his parents and some teachers ... plans to attend the school of visual arts and become an art teacher or go into another art field ALFRED DAVIS 'ai" "what's happening, baby” ... digs girls, sports and band ... mr singer and sports rank high with him "i hate a drag" . al is friendly and out-going ... this gemmi plans to major in music and attend florida a and m college ... can always be found with mark tucker, marty byers. bernard brooks, harry hubbard and joff foushee... arts is all right with him . feels his family and friends have most influenced his life JOYCE DAVIS "joy” miss cutts. mr. odell and mr benevento rank high with her . most admires jesus Christ... virgo ... very quiet in school and noisy at home ... rude people really turn her off ... senior citizens have most influenced her life by doing meaningful things with their lives ... friends include micheile williams, dcbra fray and sharon layton MARILYN L. DAVIS ‘ marijuana ’ "you know" ... friendly ... likes fun and to assist people in any way ... mr. carden is her favorite teacher .. adrmes lawrence hamm the most pet peeve phonies and liars... a cheerleader . favorite subject history ... plans to attend upsala ... influenced most by her family and leonard d. collms ... feels arts has a lot of individuals with high potential who would be "heavy" if only they would get their minds together ... can usually be found with sharon rogers. Steve melvm. cheryl range, frank nelson, and cheryl bush. ROCCO DILEO • rock" "a penny makes a happy person” ... he must believe that, he says it often enough leo ... holds grudges against people who look at only the bad points of life ... admires intelligent people ... plans to attend rutgers newark and teach the younger generation ... is often seen with michael barbarotta. pauiette haistead. alicia aifon-so. carol kurus and rose ann rock. GLORIA DIXON b. d " scorpio... crazy and quiet... hates greasy foods, rice and vegetables .. enjoys mrs green and art ... is active in the theatre workshop .. turning eighteen was her most meaningful experience ... sharon mason is a close friend ... gloria plans to attend parsons school o design to study fashion design. ROBERT S. DIXON JR. "rob'' favorite teacher is mr. benevento ... art is his favonte subject ... a cancer ... involved with the track team, student council, drama and photography clubs .. intensely dislikes phony people ... miriam jiminez is someone special ... working with preschool children last summer was very meaningful ... his family has rendered most influence ... plans to major in psychology then return to his community ... can usually be found with willie coio. otis chancey. rob means or carlton williams. ROBERT DOUGLAS ‘robby" • that's none of your bidness" ... very talented and friendly ... aries ... active in orchestra, chorus and fraternity ... met and shook hands with isaac hayes ... wants to be an arranger for a top music company ... lists randy smith, darryl sponccr. bob dixon. otis chancey and willie cole as close friends ... robby would like to attend manhattan school of music CLINTON JAY DUNBAR “Clint" ah. come on man '... scorpio... mr. lang and gym rate high ... basketball and baseball are two of his activities pet peeves plastic people and cold weather... plans to go to medical school and become a pediatrician ... "I would rather go to arts than any other school in newark. but facilities are lacking” ... Clinton is usually found in the company of paui frooman. victor monet. and Clinton clarke. EDDIE JAME EASON "tiger" admires frederick douglass the most... his personality is described in one word, clown" ... hates racism above all things ... his favorite subject is art and digs mr. keil ... "right-on" ... this capricorn plans to attend college after three years in the navy . his mother has had the most influence on his life ... “arts is all right, i guess" ... eddies favorite friends are frank d are, bruce dansby. “cool" collazo. danny santos and randy myers SARAH L. EVELY "lu" bold, forward comical and talkative ... vice president of iota lambda sorority ... mrs ritter and typing rank high with her ... robert is someone special ... lu plans to become a speech therapist and attend hampton institute ... this virgo can bo found with michollo subor. ounice me pherson. jilt ruckor. preston cooper and aiida mosconeCASSANDRA ELAINE FELTON "sandi" unique ... liars really turn her off ... counts mrs. edmonds and english as favorites .. admires her mother and grandparents most ... a member of honor chorus, truth and soul, student awareness committee and student council executive board ... wilfred benson is someone special ... plans to attend hampton institute to become a sociologist and also a wife. JAMES ANTHONY FITZ "tony" "let me tell you something" ... staff member of n.j. regional drug abuse agency ... admires mr. pesile and miss cuyler ... music ranks high with him ... tony is friendly but quick tempered ... plans to attend montclair state college and study black psychology ... "jive time" silly, sophisticated girls and math turn him off... feels arts was pretty boss in 69" ... hangs with william smkler. jeffrey foushee. al davis. bernard brooks and mark tucker. DERRELL JEANICE FENNELL niece" different, funloving. and pleasant mayor of arts ... involved in, youth conference. student federation, student council, and young adult choir... this libra counts mrs. venskus and art as favorites ... admires naomi Simms touring europe was most meaningful to her... friends include marilyn davis. cynthia holmes, and valerie allington... derrell plans to attend parsons to major in fashion designing .. she also wants to study psychology. RODNEY A FOLEY "fuzzy" what's going down?" ... this Sagittarius is serious in a jovial way ... member of "manic depressions' group... mr. singer. Charlie parker. and tina love of south side rank high with him... plans to attend n c e to become a mechanical engineer rod-ney feels that his immediate family has most influenced his life ... “arts is the place to go if you want to get into a good college.” BARBARA GAIL FISHER ’barb" "oh well" ... very sensitive, emotional and sympathetic .. a real worrier . enjoys english, math ... dislikes having to wait... mr. gentile, miss meyerson. miss a bos and mrs. lazar rank high ... pisces ... most admires gary cooper and gil hodges ... plans to attend rider or dickmson to major in elementary education ... usually found with laurel, marie, yvonne, lu-ann and the rest of the world thinks arts is a great school where the faculty and students share a close relationship. THERESA FORD "terry" "how bout that" ... mrs. greene. mrs. venskus and rev. raymond andrews rank high with her ... member of student awareness club, yearbook staff, national honor society and church choir... a virgo ... serious at timos and joking at other times ... plans to attend smith college to become a clinical psychologist ... liars, phonies and sujsercool people really turn her off ... can always be found with Cassandra felton. brenda bland, cynthia holmes and gail brown.WILLIAM FORD JR. pete "nuthin much' ... shy. quiet, moody ... member of fund-raising committee and chorus inconsiderate people really turn him off ... greatly admires his grandmother. aunt and the writings of james baldwin... plans to continue his education at rutgers university. FAUSTEENA SABRINA FOXWORTH "frosty " "you bugga1 ... this Sagittarius digs history. mrs. venskus. mr. howard and mr$. block... captain of the twirlers... dislikes people who make false statements and let her catch them . kind, sweet, generous and understanding ... plans to attend douglass or northeastern to major in euro-pean history and earn a ph.d ... feels arts has been a worthwhile experience which she wouldn't trade for the world ... can always be found with donna harnngton. Pamela rogers. brenda bland, melkane Campbell, rita martin and howard broad-dus. MIRTA GALARZA 'mouse" "ain't he fine" ... always laughing, sensitive and a jive ... usually around rosie carrasquillo. sherry piercy. luci ponce de loon and clizabcth ... activities include city youth conferences, upsilon sigma rho, ramon aneses civic association ... hates plastic and hypocritical racists . favorites include mr benevento and mr. keil ... plans to marry and teach Spanish. DEBRA FRAY • little bit" easy going, but changeable ... hopes to attend college and travel ... mr. howard and mr. keil head her list of favorite teachers .. a cancer... member of omega p$i epsilon sorority .. dislikes silly people .. "dig it" ... most admires her mother, aunt, and her cousin, regina GWENDOLYN GARRISON 'gwennie" "johnny and gwennie" . enjoys being in mrs lazar's steno class admires sister pat ... dislikes phonies ... president of upsilon sigma rho sorority, co-captain of cheerleaders member of student council and gymnastics club .. "quiet and mature with bits of childhood left" ... plans to become a court stenographer .. most meaningful experience was the study program that she attended overseas .. plans to attend amencan university ... usually seen with kaye brooks, joanne britt. berna-dette ben nett and denise street. PAUL FREEMAN "turk" enjoys taking gym... born under the sign of virgo ... considers himsolf a realist" ... plans to venture into computer programming. phys ed or psychology after graduation . member of baseball, basketball and track teams ... number 2 in javelin throw-record ... earl "the pearl" monroe holds the most influence on him ... friends include victor monet. Clinton clarke and Clinton dunbarMAXINE GILCHRIST maxino pleasant, soft-hearted and friendly ... plans to attend speiman college in alabama to study special education remembers most fondly going to Canada to attend a fashion merchandising show where paris originals wore shown ... enjoys miss abos’ english classes most... hangs with debbie Sanders, sharon thomas. harthula robmson and james litz JOYCE GOLDEN •mouth-' "i don't care" ... favorite people include mrs. greene and herself chorus is her favorite subject .. Sagittarius ... a loud, happy but sensitive disposition ... has been most influenced by her family ... hopes to attend the drake school of business ALDA GILLIARD "nina" yeah, i think so" ... favorite teacher is miss abos favorite subject is english ... a member of the glee club, alda also sings in her church choir... this gemini is sweet, and enjoyable .. her parents have made the greatest impression on her life ... "nina" plans to attend jersey state college and major m special education ... about arts "once you get used to the system with its wavering opinions your personality varies" ... can usually be found with sharon layton. harthula robinson. cassan-dra feiton or susie green SHEILA ANN GLOVER sheila" pleasant... hopes to attend upsaia college in the fall ... digs mr. howard and trigonometry ... her family and close friends have had the greatest influence on her life ... has been a member of the glee club for four years ... thinks arts is "the best school in newark". SUSIE GREEN susie born under the sign of gemmi ... can’t stand phonies or conceited poople .. digs mrs furst and history ... sweet, and fun to be with .. creative in many ways ... plans to go to college and major in journalism or history ... going to California really had an impact on her ... "arts was an experience i will never forget." ROBERT GREEN bobby" "praise the lord" ... favorite toacher is mr. calvm ... favorite subject english ... enjoys reading, putting on programs, and writing plays about "god and his wonderful works ... robert's most meaningful experience was when "Christ entered my life" ... most often found with johnnie myers. glonn miller, and larry goldstein. 25PATRICIA JOAN GREGORY pat sometimes shy. very friendly, interested in people ... a very special guy is james hardy ... active on the yearbook staff, senior class play committee, and theatre workshop . . . dislikes prejudice, homework, and those who try to run other people's lives plans to major in secondary education at livingston or douglass ... there should be more student involvement and a little more togetherness between students and faculty.'’ PAULETTE HALSTEAD ’ paul" "don't let it get you down" ... lists mrs. venskus as her favorite teacher and art as her favorite subject .. she feels jesus Christ should be most admired... a Scorpio ... involved in the science club... dislikes annoying sounds .. meditative, committed and liberal minded ... pauiette can be found with rocco dileo. michaei barbarotta. rose ann rock, or alicia alfonso. DEBORAH GUARINO JACQUELYN EILEEN HALL smiley' is warm, sensitive, bright and alive ... her most meaningful experience was coming to arts high and digging on life ... "i don't know'' ... jermaine jackson is the person she admires most... pet peeve is weekend homework which interrupts her fun ... future plans are to go to smith college and major in elementary education ... arts offers a good mixture of social and academic life " KARYL ADRIANNE HAMILTON katey' has a deep desire for everyone at arts to get together has been influenced by her father, close friends and many teachers ... her eighteenth birthday was memorable... miss abos is a favorite... describes herself as moody, silly and sometimes serious admires robby douglass most ... plans to attend montclair state to major in secondary school english ... some of her many friends are randy smith, cheryl johnson. cerestme melvin and janise Clark. DONNA MARIE HARRINGTON "dizzy'' i don't want to talk about it" ... donna is friendly, outgoing, sensitive, understanding. and a lover of people . served as the co-captain of the twirlers at arts ... her mother, grandmother, mrs greene and miss patncia gilbert have made a lasting impression on her life .. plans to attend seton hall to become a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics ... friends include mildred wilson. debra thompson. ann jones. judy andrews and wanda moore.NAOINE HARRIS "deannie" "na. na” ... understanding, jealous, quick tempered, friendly ... a good listener ... tarry williams is special... "what you say?" ... mr howard. robert harris and lena moss rank high ... july 16, 1970 had special meaning ... alpha psi epsilon sorority, volleyball team and senior class council occupy much of her time ... dislikes those who try to hurt other people's feelings ... can usually be found with pam jackson. kathy hayes. ruth miller, bernard brooks and william sinkler FRANCIS HEALEY frank" says that arts is a good school... favorite teacher is miss abos ... digs engiish ... an out-going person who makes friends easily .. future plans are to attend rutgers university . most admires willis reed ... the saying he uses most is. "if that's the way you want it"... close friends are lowell bishop and gary brown. DEBRA HARRISON debra sometimes moody, but most often pleasant, easy-going and sincere ... was fortunate to have visited Jamaica and other west Indian islands ... debra's future plans are to major in home economics ... dislikes nosey and jealous people .. is usually seen with Sharon layton. joyce golden, donna harrington and theresa ford. KATHLEEN HAYES "little girl" most know her to be quiet, generous and understanding ... when you really need someone to listen to you. she's the one... her mother, father, and calvm have influenced her life the most . kathy's most meaningful experience took place on January 22. 1971. when she learned the meaning of life ... future plans are to complete a secretarial course at berkeley and become a legal secretary ... she also plans to be married by 1974. DEBRA ANN HODGE "hodgie" "no. no" ... cheerful, emotional, and sensitive.. most admires sherry piercy... mrs. edmonds is a favorite ... taurus ... usually found with sherry piercy. randy smith, otis chancey. gail cooke. marta ga-larza. and robby douglass .. member of alpha psi opsilon ... plans to become a good wife and an understanding mother feels arts has been different from what was expected .. enjoyed being here ... plans to attend berkley. CYNTHIA HOLMES chace" well, what can i say’".. digs on chemistry and enghsh ... influenced by parents and calvary gospel church ... taurus ... pet peeves: reactionary people and a jive ... respects malcolm x ... hopes to become a registered nurse with a degree in medical technology ... plans to attend hampton or howard.HARRY JEROME HUBBARD "hubb" "i don't know" ... music, his favorite subject is taught by his favorite teacher, mr. singer . active in r.e.c.a.. basketball team, soccer team, school band and orchestra, and the "sound masters' ... harry is a unique, quiot. and changeable virgo. can usually be found “with the fellas" ... has been influenced by his family, janise dark, arnold franklin, and kevin jackson .. most meaningful experience—"when i became a father" EVA JACKSON "mouthy" “really, you've got to be kidding" ... digs mr. doundas and english ... b. t. is someone special ... people who think they are better than others turn her off .. parents and oldest sister have most influenced her life .. this virgo plans to attend st. benedict college in south Carolina . has enjoyed all four years of arts high and hopes to come back as a visitor. HARVETTA HUNTER "harvey” "leave my snooky alone" ... friendly, sympathetic and intelligent, sometimes shy ... life influenced by older brother, neighbors and boyfriend ... usually around Clarice williams, lorraine byass and gail brown ... admres her mother ... mrs. greene and english are favorites ... involved in orchestra and honor society says arts is a place that has had a strong influence on her as a person .. plans to attend a business college JEROME JACKSON "J i ” what's happening" ... involved in band, orchostra. and basketball ... cancer ... wants to be successful in all that he endeavors .. influenced by his mother .. "i'll ease away your pain" .. digs the moments ... mr singer and music are favorites ... feels arts was nice while it lasted ... plans to attend montclair state ... usually seen with ted ritchwood. james fitz. al davis. ron sinkler and frank nelson. LAUREL JABLONOWSKI “laurie" "hi!!" ... enthusiastic, talkative with a capital t. crazy and determined ... this aquarius digs math, tom seaver. gil hodges and bud harrelson ... mrs. abolins. mr. gentile and mr. pesile rank high ... activities include: student council, principal's advisory committee, treasurer of the national honor society, orchestra, science club and the yearbook staff ... attending student science training program at Stevens institute of technology was memorable . . plans to attend smith college... can always bo found with lu-ann telesco. bar-bara fisher, yvonncgiles. larry belfiore. and derrick buchannan. PAMELA JACKSON "tuffy" "your face is tight" ... mrs edmonds is her favorite teacher, history is her favorite subject... can be found with kathy hayes and denise slaughter .. mother, father and aunt phyllis are the ones who influenced her life the most ... pisces ... pam describes herself as being an easy-going person, always tolling jokes, and very loud " ... plans to attend berkeloy school and someday become a court stenographer.CHERYL LYNN JOHNSON "spanky" "i don't ebon care!” ... plans to attend Cornell university and become a public accountant ... enjoys mrs. venskus's classes ... is jovial, intelligent and crazy ... favorite sports are football and track .. thinks that there is need for curriculum revision at arts high ... school activities include black dance troupe, entertainment committee and service committees ... most meaningful experience was visiting the grand bahamas and observing the lifestyle of other blacks HAROLD JOHNSON harold quiet, pleasant, nice to be around .. mr. lang rates high with him ... enjoys mechanical drawing ... a virgo ... most influenced by his brother... undecided about whether he is going to further his education. ANN JONES ' ayoka" "you don't know me that weir ... describes self as the utmost best .. member of council of south ward, hopewell and st. john choirs ... scorpio .. plans to study social welfare... mrs. edmonds ranks high ... admires jack wiison ... pet peeve: arts high choirs... usually found with deborah thompson. donna harnngton. judy an-drews. beverly bradshaw and pamela jack-son ... thinks arts need rehabilitation ... plans to attend howard university HENRY CLAYTON JORDAN JR. bullit" quiet, thoughtful, and compassionate ... pet peeve is people who are plastic or ultra conservative ... the people who have meant the most to him are his parents and waiter hurdle ... regards outward bound as his most outstanding achievement ... future plans are to attend boston university ... seen with paul freeman, jerome jack-son. randy smith and darryl spencer. CAROL ANN KURUS mississippi queen" a cancer who is warm, friendly, understanding. and fun loving .. favorite teacher is mr. benovonto ... carol most enjoys her art classes . passes many hours crocheting, collecting oldies and cooking ... plans to attend n.s.f.i.a LINDA LANE "I. I." yeah”... mrs. lazar and mr. doundas rank high with her... "randy" is someone special . phony, boring people really turn her off ... her family and boyfriend have had the greatest influence on her life ... digs gym... this gemini is friendly, sweet, and easy to get along with ... plans to attend business college and go into the fields of business or elementary education.JOAN LORRAINE LANGSTON "joansie" "hey man. listen!" ... likes to have fun but knows when to be serious ... a member of special chorus and choir... mr howard is her favorite teacher .. future plans are to attend berkeley college to become a legal secretary .. she is most likely to be found in the company of beverly sanks. sharon thomas and beverly slade. RITA DENISE MARTIN "mse” "you better get yourself together' ... favorite teachers aro miss abos. mrs. greene. mrs. lazar and mr doundas ... involved in fund raising and prom committees and member of vignette staff ... most influenced by parents ... plans to become a legal or private secretary ... understanding, affectionate and easygoing ... found with melkane Campbell, sharon rogers. linda lane, fausteena foxworth and audrey alston. SHARON DENISE LAYTON sharon understanding, moody and friendly ... "i don’t know" ... digs mr. howard. mrs greene and mrs. lucas ... Charles davis is someone special member of the yearbook staff . plans to attend seton hall and earn a degree in nursing .. this virgo can always be found with audrey alston. aida gilhard. debra harrison and joyce golden ... feels arts is all right, but the people can ruin the atmosphere SHARON MASON "fidget" mrs. russell is her favorite teacher and geometry is her favorite subject... pet peeve is fried chicken ... admires robbynne ar-chia the most ... sharon. usually a quiet person, can be found in the presence of alida moscone. gloria dixon. brian onque. robbynne archia and cerestine melvin ... her mother has influenced her life the most ... plans to be a deisgner or home economics teacher... "arts is alright!" LAWRENCE NATHAN MARTIN Tarry" "just a little" ... a sensible, friendly, crazy person ... admires william nathan martin ... mrs. stiller and physics are two of his favorites at arts ... a member of the band and entertainment committee ... his parents and ernest mott have made a lasting impression on his life ... plans to attend howard university to major in urban planning, then return to newark to work with the city ... ted ritchwood is a good friend ... "if gossip were money everyone in the entire school would be rich" ... JANIS LYNNE McMANUS "goody two shoes quiet, but talkative when familiar with people ... enjoys learning ... member of dance club, community involvement and service clubs ... Sagittarius ... most admires martin luther king ... "peace and power" ... parents, family, friends, outstanding politicians and creative artists have been most influential ... plans to attend prmceton. Cornell, or williams to major in history ... plans to teach in a culturally and socially deprived high school and write a bookEunice mcpherson “boobie” quiet, friendly, easygoing... a leo... plans to attend hampton or newark state to become a speech therapist and teach handicapped children ... has traveled to Canada ... member of school band, orchestra and red circle club officer... favorites include mr. singer, mr. pesile and music ... most admires her mother. JANICE MERRITT jamco quiet, introspective... an individualist who hates organized groups .. Scorpio... has been influenced in one way or another by everyone she has met.. annoyed by continuous loud talkers ... "can't wait till school gets out". ROBERT MEANS 'rob" "spiffy" ... this gemmi describes himself as "over indulgent in frivolity" ... lorraine nunnally is someone special... his activities include the varsity club and the track team ... after graduation, rob would like to attend l.i.m school of merchandising and eventually own and manage a retail business ... can usually be found with robed dixon or lorraine nunnally. CERESTINE L. MELVIN Steve" "i don't even care" .. digs ad and chorus ... member of chorus, entedainment committee. and black dance troupe president ... preston cooper is greatly admired ... thinks much can be learned from the newark riots and the attica uprising ... friends include cheryl johnson, gienda tucker, marilyn davis. and jonsye auletta .. future plans include attending fashion institute of technology, marriage and children ... phonies and the Vietnamese war upset her .. .'"we. at arts, are not together yet but we are trying." GLENN EDWARD MILLER •peanut" "hello, how are you doing?" this leo most admires madin luther king .. music ranks high ... quiet and sweet ... he has traveled to atlanta georgia ... plans to attend Westminster choir college to study pcdormance piano ... his friends include johnny myers. nta madm and cheryl bush. JOHN MILLER john describes himself as fun loving and easy to get along with ... this cancer digs all spods. music and malcom x ... influenced by parents, preston cooper and lance webb ... plans to work with deprived youngsters who need friends ... pet peeve "plastic people" ... "ads is easily the best educational institution in the city". 31DONALD ANTHONY MOBLEY ‘ mob" cut it out" ... amusing, sincere, and easy to get along with ... this capricorn hopes to finish college and pursue a career in the field of science... admires wait frazier... miss murphy, math and science rank high with him ... hates stuck-up people ... hurricane island outward bound school will always be remembered by "mob" ... influenced by mr. lang. his family, mrs bo-hannon and mr landers .. feels arts would be all right if it had a football team and a gym ... plans to attend howard university ... usually around lowoll bishop, glen tay-lor. paul nickerson. and nadmc hams. ALIDA ANN BERNADETTE MOSCONE "dee-da" VICTOR MONET "hercules" "that's a lot of bull" ... admires james cagney ... favorite teacher is mr. lang ... favorite subject is lunch ... Scorpio ... can't stand people who are always telling the truth ... future plans include joining the coast guard ... "i think arts high is a very good school." NILDA MORALES "nia" scorpio ... sincere, creative and versatile ... admires the teaching of mrs. abend ... dislikes gym mrs sandra smith and daniela morales have influenced her most ... plans to attend rutgers university to study spamsh ... "arts high is a great school ... whoever comes here ought to be proud of it". 32 "stop messm " ... digs mr howard. health and chorus . admires mayor gibson most ... taurus ... can t stand bigots, hypocrites. or fools . "i’m pretty nice once you get to know me" ... member of the theater workshop, chorus, c.y.o.. tennis club, and concert choir ... computer programming and college are included in her future plans ... taking a trip to Canada had a special meaning ... influenced most by family, teachers and friends . "i feel sad leaving this school but i am relieved that i m through with high school". WANDA MOORE "i don't wanna talk about it" ... admires quincy jones ... can be found with donna and fuzzy ... favorites are miss serra and geometry... pisces... pet peeve: phonies, early morning engagements, misers, homework .. . plans to attend seton hall and become a gynecologist and obstetrician ... shy. sensitive, sincere, compassionate and generous. ... her mother and dr. fouchee have influenced her life the most ... she feels being born was something special ... "arts could be a much better school if it had better equipment, more compassionate teachers and students who are more concerned." JOHNNIE MYERS johnnie "every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weigheth the hearts" ... active m cross country, architect club and his church ... capricorn ... digs mr. spindler and art ... it really disturbs him to see people not doing the will of God is gentle and kind plans to combine art with religion as a career . .. influenced mostly by robed green and sharon mason ... about ads ... "i enjoyed every minute of it."RANDI JO MYERS "hooti" quiet, a loner... beginning to love life and enjoy people ... member of student awareness committee, and sewing club... annoyed by bigots and hypocrites... likes harmony classes and mr keil... most admires angeta davis ... a pisces ... plans to attend montclair state or rutgers to study psychology ... about arts: with all it's shortcomings, it's still my school, and i love it." FRANK NELSON "frank" "so what" ... trigonometry and music are his favorite subjects... capricorn . . can't stand people who aren't for real... going to college and majoring in civil engineering technology is included in his future plans ... activities include band, orchestra, track team, musical groups and politically aware organizations... comment about arts’ ... "it is one school where you can get involved in almost any interest you have. PAUL KEVIN NICKERSON fearless' warm, funloving and sincere .. dedicated to helping people .. . are you mad?” ... most meaningful experience was being named as a semi-finalist in the national merit test and being named to "who's who among amencan students" .. is bothered by people who talk and don't say anything ... member of vignette staff, senior class council, and fitness club .. friendly with donald mobley. glen taylor and jamse dark ... plans to continue his education at princeton ... "arts is a good place to be yourself". ELLEN NICOLAS "give me a break'" ... is actively involved in vignette, senior class play, drama club and orchestra ... favorites are mr pesile. and instrumental music ... plans to attend beaver college and become a psychologist ... dennis wilckens is someone special... zodiac’ libra ... cheerful, lively, skeptical and friendly ... can always be found with pat gregory. debbie west, and lynne thom-as ... her 1971 summer in grecce affected her tremendously and helped her clear up her past LORRAINE NUNNALLY "raini" kind, sensitive, cautious about the motives of others ... a former twirler... is usually with robert means ... a cancer... enjoys her art classes .. plans to attend a college to prepare for a career in business .. "arts is really a nice school, but i'll be glad to graduate". MARGARET ELOIS PHILLIPS margaret what's the matter with you?" ... a member of the gospel ensemble and young people's choir... admires henry lewis the most... mr. howard and mrs Shapiro rank high ... a cancer ... easily excitable and friendly .. influenced by mother and irvin harris hopes to become a music teacher. wife and mother ... found with donna harrington. wanda moore. mark tyson. alda gillard and maxine gilchrist.SHERRY ANN PIERCY "bunch'' "shut up szkwarko" ... a fun loving gal... her mother has had the most influence on her life ... "bunch" dislikes phonies ... she wants very much for her future to include attending rutgers newark and becoming a psychologist... her most meaningful experience was when her boyfriend "tubby" came home from Vietnam ... mr. pesile. sharon rogers. randi myers. robert douglas. and jerome jackson are the people that make her smile JORGE PIZA "pooky bear" mr. keil and trig are two of his favorites ... "you want to make a bet?" ... actively involved in soccer, stage crew and varsity club ... digs painting ... zodiac: scorpio ... pet peeve: war and hate ... karen murphy is someone special.. has traveled to Colombia, south america ... danny santos and frank d are have most influenced his life ... very easy going person who loves beautiful girls .. future plans include attending rutgers university ... thinks that arts high is the best school in newark. LUCILA PONCE DE LEON "luci" describes herself as very moody ... is active in the mixed chorus and service committee ... dislikes answering questionnaires . admires elizabeth rick and mr. howard .. plans to attend caldwell college to major in languages and prepare for a career as an airline hostess for pan ameri-can or braniff airlines. LAVERN PURDIE verny" Sagittarius ... member of the senior class council admires gwendolyn purdie the most ... also digs mr howard and mr. carden ... witty, and outgoing ... "ain't nothin' happenin' "... english is tops on her list of subjects... can usually be found with pam jackson. gayle cooke. lydia burks. and deborah sanders ... plans to attend newark state ... "most of my good times were in arts". PAUL REILLY paui scorpio .. enjoys chorus .. describes himself as real ... admires james rallston and sal mazzone ... linda and wade have also made an impression ... dislikes gym and mondays ... would like to try singing professionally and possibly teach ... would like to attend Colorado university. THEODORE RITCHWOOD "ted" favorite subject is music ... most used expression, "let's be mellow" ... ted admires himself the most ... quiet but lively ... mr. singer is at the top of his list of teachers ... drurrrrer with a band called, "fourth chapter" .. after leaving arts he plans to attend montclair state college. HARTHULA O MERRELL ROBINSON betty-boop" mysterious, sweet, quick-tempered . active in student council, library advisory council and sororities ... pisces ... "oh. my nerve’ ... enjoys history, english. and biology ... admires her parents, mrs. tso. mr. doundas. mrs. venskus. and miss a bos ... dislikes phony people ... meeting her boyfriend made the greatest impact ... plans to major in fashion design at pratt institute . also wants to model and marry. SHARON ANNE ROGERS Sharon oh. you need to stop!" ... mr. carden and mr. bonovento rate high ... art and Spanish are favorite subjects .. holds her parents m high esteem .. can't stand conceited people or hyprocrites ... goodheartcd unselfish and always willing to help others ... plans to enter the business field or do missionary work ... really enjoys the experience of meeting people from different environments... can always be found with rita martin, sherry pierce and marilyn davis. ROSE-ANN PATRICA ROCK rocky" admires Sophia loren the most ... born under the sign of gerrnni... digs chemistry ... most used saying is "Christopher co-lumbus and all his sailing ships" ... mrs. venskus ranks top on her list of teachers ... her mother and teachers have had the most influence ... can be found in the company of gloria dixon. priscilla torres. barbara fisher paulette halstead. and carol kurus... "i received a good education but would have been happier in a more cheerful atmosphere" ... rose-ann plans to attend seton hall and obtain a b.s. in nursing JILL RUCKER jill "i don't know" ... optimistic, understanding. sociable, quiet at times .. a very busy student involved in many school activities including the studont awareness and senior class trip committees ... deborah sloane. michelle suber preston cooper, eumce mcpherson and sarah evely are her close friends at arts. PAMELA MICHELE ROGERS "bunny” sweet, friendly, evil at times and crazy ... captain of the cheerleaders ... hates sometimey people and phonies ... mr. keil and english are favorites ... she admires michael holmes most ... friends include lorelei williams, fausteena foxworth. gwen garrison, and brenda bland ... most meaningful experience was finding a meaningful person ... plans to attend Ohio state university to prepare for a career and a family ... "i feel that arts has been most beneficial towards my education " JAMES RUFFLIN james capricorn ... favorites include mrs. venskus. mr howard. music and chemstry ... his parents have shown him the way ... a church organist, lab assistant and captain of honor guards ... understanding, kind ... plans to attend Westminster choir college ... feels his years at arts have been very worthwhile ... can be found with howard broaddus. robbyne archia. sharon layton and michael simmons 35DEBORAH M. SANDERS "smooch'' ' you's about a crazy one''... admires ben walker .. influenced most by mother and mr. singer ... this capricorn hopes someday to write music for big time singing groups... pet peeve is washing dishes .. most meaningful experience shall be when her diploma is handed to her ... active member of senior class council ... describes herself as lovable and sexy ... usually found with gayle cooke. beverfy bradshaw. ann jones. and demse street .. feels students in arts are highly motivated and know what's going on in the world today ... plans to attend montclair state RONALD SINKLER "ron" plans to attend college and become a pro basketball player or gym teacher ... member of basketball team and varsity club ... friends include mark tucker, marty byers and bernard brooks ... hates the telephone ... ' surely you jest” ... enjoys mr. kail's class and gym ... admires his girlfriend the most... describes himself in one word beautiful'' ... his mother, girlfriend. and aunt have influenced his life the most ... a true gemmi ... "if we had a gymnasium i could it all over again!” BEVERLY SANKS ‘ bev" a changeable virgo.. member of arts high gospel choir, church choir, and a sorority ... mr. howard and music rank high ... most admires her sister ... can't stand people who are always bugging her future plans include going to Westminster choir college or becoming a music therapist ... friends include joan langston, sharon ihomas. julio vcioz. and beverly bradshaw. WILLIAM SINKLER "sinkier" "you know what i moan”... enjoys reading langston hughes ... this cancer is ' sentimental. truthful, kind and modest"... also has a good sense of humor. . often found in the company of jeffrey foushee marty byers, mark tucker and audrey alston ... would like to attend jersey city state or montclair state and major in journalism... thinks of arts as a fine, fine school”. DANIEL A. J. SANTOS geek ' are you talking to me?" ... art and mr. benevento are among his favorites .. admires his grandfather... "i don't like anybody telling me what to do "... future plans include cooper union to become a commercial artist... can always be found with frank d are, jorge piza. jeff foushee. willie cole and ron sinkier ... "very self-centered. hot tempered but understanding person” ... parents, uncle, annette and grandfather have influenced his life the most . enjoyed trip to Spain and Portugal ... a cancer ... saving one of his friends from drowning will remain with him forever. BEVERLY SLADE 'peanut' "oh wow" ... favorite teachers are mr. howard and mr pesile favorite subjects are chorus and english witty and quick tempered .. most meaningful experience was when she was forced to be independent ... plans to attend bennett college... intends to major in elementary education ... real ambition is to become a singer... can usually be found with linda lane, sharon thomas. joan langston. rhonda van diver, or audrey alston.DEBORAH JUANITA SLOANE "debbie" personable... likes the "closeness" of everyone at arts . . activities include bowling. student awareness committee, tennis, and her church choir... this gemmi hates people that are "stuck on themselves” ... her father, grandmother and great-grandmother have most influenced her life ... friends include jill. lynda. rmcheiie. ' turtle" and "onquie" ... counts mr howard. mr. keil. chorus, betty smith, and bowling as favorites .. remembers most her trip to California with mayor gibson and his daughter .. plans to attend douglass college to major in psychology or sociology. RANDY SMITH sugarbear ' get down ... digs mr. spindler and art ... member of principal's advisory board and african dance troupe ... confucius. girls, and tennis rank high with him ... plans to go to college to become a professional artist or bass player... robert dou-glas. mr. spindler and his family have most influenced randy's life ... a cancer ... plans to attend pratt institute ... nagging hyprocrites who try to control his life really turns him off . seen with darryl spencer, john miller, martin west and lance webb. ZENEIDA SOSA "neida" simple and understanding ... admires her friends, rosie carrosquillo and zulina rodri-qucz ... mr. howard and mrs lazar rank high . pet peeve: people who are conceited and show off ... other friends include maria quin ones, marie cosenza and david cedeno ... feels arts "needs to give more attention to facilities that are necessary ... the teachers are pretty good". DARRYL SPENCER 'Spence" lists karen weddmgton as someone special ... member of swimming and tennis teams ... you can make it if you try" ... pet peeves sore losers, and girls who are quiet and keep to themselves... plans to get an rote commission in the armed services and later take up an artistic caroor... friends include henry Jordan, randy smith, sherry piercy. bob douglas and derreil fenneil... plans to attend montclair state college DENISE STREET neicie” plans to attend florida a and m to become a music teacher... also wants to get married ... friends include deborah sanders. lorraine byass. gwon garrison, donna har-nngton and kaye brooks ... can t stand math ... "oh wow' ... enioys mrs ed-monds class and music . self description friendly, understanding, intelligent and together' ... mother and great grandmother have had the most influence on her. MICHELLE G. SUBER "shell" plans to become a teacher in early childhood education .. born under the sign ol capricorn ... can’t stand bossy and conceited people ... "you know" ... admires gary baynes .. favorite subject is typing, favorite teacher i$ mrs. venskus ... plans to attend hampton institute... mother and father have had the most influence on her ... michelle describes herself as being "fun. understanding, and enjoying the company of young men" ... is friendly with sarah evely. eumce mepherson. jill rucker. preston cooper and deborah sloaneLU-ANN TELESCO •lulu” here comes the sun” ... can usually be found on the fourth floor looking for joe .. warm, friendly, sensitive and witty . member of honor society and service committee ... closest friends are dagmar g., priss t.. joe h.. marie c. lucie p . and tarry b.....engiish is her favorite subject ... lu-ann's most meaningful experience was • being born to share this world with all the ones i love . LYNNE B. THOMAS "beckee” now you know” ... friendly, witty, with a sharp sense of humor . chairman of the yearbook staff, senior class council and member of the band .. pet peeve taking gym in a closet and sitting at raggedy desks ... feels she has benefited most from the classes of mrs neuss and mr. singer ... james lambed is also a favorite ... future plans are to attend howard university and travel ... can usually be found with gail brown, ruth miller, ethel gilbed. deborah Clark, and ellen nicholas. SHARON YVONNE THOMAS “puddin excuse me”... this cancer can always be found with beverly slade. joan langston. beverly sanks and maxine gilchrist .. mr. howard. mrs. venskus and engiish rank high .. fools that her mother and brother have most influenced her life ... plans to attend nodhwestern university to become a pediatric psychiatrist, then marry and have four children. NATALIE SZKWARKO "nat” a really crazy kid. full of laughter and love of life ... she really enjoyed her trip to the ukrame and europe ... says that her brothers and sisters have influenced her life most wants to attend montclair state college and major in physical education... friends include ellen nicolas. debbie west, pat gregory, mirta galarza. and sherry piercy .. about arts? ... "it's there." MANUEL TAVARES ' manny” zodiac sign: cancer .., digs mr. spindler. mr. carden. miss raff and mr keii... favorite subject is art ... can be found in the company of jorge piza. frank d are, and danny santos ... a cyo member... has a sense of humor and is adaptable ... "you gots to be kidding" ... hates to see ignorant people ... mr. and mrs. tavares have influenced his life the most ... plans to attend pratt institute. GLEN TAYLOR "glen" this leo digs typing . mrs. venskus ranks high with him ... his parents and mickey coppock have most influenced his life ... learning to swim was most meaningful to glen ... plans to attend morgan state college and become an accountant ... can always be found with donald mobley. loweil bishop, many byers. paul nickerson and eddie eason.DEBORAH DENICE THOMPSON "dede" "you don't know me that well" ... a leo who is always smiling, easy to get along with and understanding ... the person she most admires is her mother ... pet peeves are liars and not having money... favorite teacher is mr. keil ... she is most often seen with ann jones. judy andrews. donna harrington. beverly bradshaw. and several young men ... future plans are to attend kentucky state university. MARK A. TUCKER "markey this gemmi plans to attend newark college of engineering in the fall . lists outward bound as his most meaningful experience .. pet peeve is truth and soul... has collected varsity letters in basketball, baseball, swimming and soccer .. he has traveled as far as alaska ... closest friends are bernard brooks, al davis. marty byers. james fitz and ron sinkler . PRISCILLA TORRES "pris kringle" mr. spindlor is her favorite teacher, lunch her favorite subject.. admires mr. carden "for putting up with me" ... a true capricorn .. describes herself as crazy" ... can't stand prejudices or liars ... "did you see those heads on the fourth floor’" going to rutgers and europe are included in her future plans ... friends include lu-ann t.. debbie guarino. little |oe. shag", marie cosonza and luci ponce de I eon GLENDA D. TUCKER "nick tuck" quiet, sweet, sincere, though sometimes moody .. digs mrs tso and mrs. greene ... dislikes lectures and conceited people ... plans to enter into the field of fashion design and attend f.i.t. ... this Sagittarius feels arts is a good school ... found with Cheryl range. EDUARDO VALCARCEL eduardo quepasa?".. rmss meyerson. math, and george harrison are his favorites ■ serious and friendly .. Sagittarius... most influenced by his parents ... plans to attend pratt or cooper union to study engineering. RHONDA VAN DIVER "ronnie" "i don't know' ... mr. pesile is her favorite teacher... to describe rhonda you'd have to say that she's always full of laughs ... ronnie plans to attend johnston c. smith college to major in either english or physical education ... her friends include au-drey alston. andrea and cheryl bush, jackie hall and robin stoneOERRICK WASHINGTON red-’ moody, practical and totally together ... digs history ... folks with "attitudes'" turn him off ... ' sure, why not?" ... admires his mother, david collins. mrs. torain. imamu baraka and his aunt shirley most... this virgo will always remember saving a friend from taking an overdose of aspirin ... plans to study law ... thinks the teachers at arts could use even more college background. MARTA VILLALOBOS ■ marty" "i just don't listen" ... this leo digs art. . some people really turn her off ... feels holden carrfield has most influenced her life ... plans to go to California ... "what kind of fool am i?" really turns her on. DEBORAH REGINA WEST ' deb" quiet, understanding, practical... her most meaningful experience was meeting mi-chael masessa while square dancing in the gym ... future plans are to attend seton hall university... mr. carden is her favorite teacher and enghsh her best subjoct ... she hates to be interrupted for trivial reasons .. "the students at arts are fantastic, the teachers pleasant and the conditions horrible!". . best friends are pat gregory. ellen nicolas and natalie szkwarko. VALINDA WALDEN valinda quiet, gentle, easygoing ... dislikes suspicious people ... admires gilbert most ... a talented gemmi ... member of senior class council, service and entertainment committees .. enjoys art and mr carden s classes .. hopes to attend drexel to become a practicing artist ... feels her mother and most black people have greatly influenced her... always with lydia burks. Jeffrey foushec. gayle cooke. debra sanders and laverne purdie. JULIO VELEZ julio gemmi ... pet peeve gym ... involved in all kinds of musical activities ... admires marilyn home. mr. howard and music workshop the most ... is unsure of his future career VICKY WILKERSON sly" this sensitive libra admires donna lee ... enjoys onglish ... mr. keil ranks high ... making it to senior year has been most meaningful ... leonard randolph. rmchael durham, donna lee and joyce golden have left an impression ... "students are truly individualists who need to learn that other people exist beside themselves" ... plans to further her education.MILDRED WILSON fuzzy' is warm. kind, swoet. loving but evil if provoked .. favorite sublet is history ... most admires malcoJm x ... pet peeves are phonies and conceited people . her most meaningful experience was participating in a voter registration drive ... future plans are to attend seton hall university and get a degree in clinical psychology ... she is an active member of the epsilon sigma chi sorority and the senior class council. MICHELLE JUDY WILLIAMS judy' plans to go on to business school or travel abroad ... can t stand conceited guys ... digs mr keil and mrs. tso .. most admires her mother and father ... can usually be found with suzy green, joyce davis. alda gilliard, harthula robinson and Sharon rogers ... well ain't you something1 a typical aries ... moody at times, very self conscious, but easy to get along with ... most meaningful experience— when i learned to get along and understand my family" .. her mother, father, and grandmother have had the most influence on her ... feels that arts is all right in certain ways but could be better YVONNE GILES "you've gotta be kidding" ... admires mr. gentile, math, and her family ... a taurus .. part of the student awareness club, trip planning and experimental school planning committees and the sewing club ... a warm, friendly, modest person ., plans to attend Colorado university to major in business administration ... her days at arts ' have been a very rewarding four years" HELEN E. WILLCOX helen describes herself as friendly, rowdy, and weird, although sometimes quiet and thoughtful” ... mrs. rich, mrs abolins and mr. howard are her favorite teachers ... favorite subject?... math ... wayne is the person helen admires most... hates people spelling her last name wrong ... future plans include attending barrmgton college and wayne ... most meaningful expen ence. when i met Christ". LORELEI C. WILLIAMS reese very alive, warm, sensitive and bright leo ... member of yearbook, fund-raising, and entertainment committees ... favorite teachers are mr gentile and rm$S a bos ... history is her top subject . dislikes conceited people ... her parents have had the most influence on her life . can be found in the company of pam rogers. lorraine byass denise street, donna harrmgton. yvonne mepherson. gwen and harvetta hunter .. lorelei plans to attend fisk university to become an elementary school teacher .. "arts is a good school, but lacks needed facilities". DENISE SLAUGHTER niece "that's corny '... an intelligent, humorous active person ... mr gentile and math are a couple of her favorites . waiter hall is someone special dislikes washing dishes ... most remembers the day she onxorfui arts ... plans to attend bloomfield college or school of optics .., feels arts is a very nice place to attend ..: friends include pam jackson. kathy hayes. Sharon thomas. joan langston and jackie hall.ft.1 I Ijj’S'' v % V W 11 m3 y3 IIMJUNIOR HOMEROOM 206 Mrs. Jeanne Tso Row One: Denise Crawford. Denise Banks. Michelle Gardner. Sharon Bey, Etta Sample. Aisha Miah. Valora Howell. Row Two Sheila Porter. Leonard Randolph. Jonathan Jones. Alfred Cunningham, Joanne Britt. Theodore Holland. Mrs. Jeanne Tso Row Three: Gregory Holland. Henry Darling. Lemar Green. JUNIOR HOMEROOM 207 Mrs. Dorothy Neuss Row One Mildred Cedeno. Deborah Carter. Wilhelmina Dawson. Kathy Williams. Belinda McCree. Barbara Porter, Mrs Dorothy Neuss Row Two: Valene Troupe. Cheryl Rango. Denneth Duvall. Daria Shockley. Richard Willis, Aurelio Evoristo. Sam Gonzales JUNIOR HOMEROOM 209 Mr. Jerome Marcus Row One Lynell Stevenson. Gwendonlyn Spann. Janet Mitchell. Marilyn Shemally. Debbie Smith. Jackie Gathright. Lynda Henry Row Two: John Simmons. Everitt Walton. Margaret Blackwell. Donald Hunter. Cathi Campbell. Janet Martin. Keith Hamilton Row Three: Mr Jerome Marcus. Anthony Hall. Cynthia Gardner. Carol Ricks. Michael Holmes. Lillian Brant. Brenda Pruitt. 44JUNIOR HOMEROOM 213 Miss Ruth A bos Row One Sophia Brown. Jane Staller. Flora Bailey. Maggie Maguire. Alvin Collier. Inez Linton, Sandra Goines. Miss Ruth A bos Row Two Oteil Shemaly, Joyce Thomas. Michelle Howard. Carol Davis. Mittie Grayson Stuart James Row Three: Heffrey Jones Jacquelyn Bass. Karen Weddmgton. Aurelia Jones. Lop Walls. Mark Tyson Daphne Jones JUNIOR HOMEROOM 306 Mrs. Edreira First Row: Zenda Clarke. Valorie White. Kevin Simmons. Reginald Williams. Valerie Turlington. Devis Lawrence. Leslie Byass. Second Row. Robin Nathan. Bryon Onque, Ivy Wallace. Diane Solomon, Gwendolyn Hunter. Rose Miller. Mrs. Edreira. Third Row: Richard Battle. Daniel Fordham. Michael Goodwin. Sandra Hill, Allen Williams JUNIOR HOMEROOM 320 Miss Sawchak Row One. Valerie Smithson. Valerie Jones. Patricia Demming. Elizabeth Rodriguez. Rona Geltdzeiler. Carolyn Woods. Sandra Walton. Rufus Stokes. Row Two Miss Cathy Sawchak. Benjamin Lacewell. Rogsilane Smith. Yvonne McPhearson. Beverly Wilson. Edward Gordon. Miriam Jimenez, William Knight. Eddie Bright. 45SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 215 Mr. Kurt Row One: David Dawkins, Marilyn Chapman. Sabrina Slater. Dean Purdie. Sheldon Myers. Paula Jenkins. Deborah Campbell. Row Two: Glenn Croom. Jacquelyn Dougherty. Gloria Robinson. Judy Smith. Denise Harris. Ronnell Bey Willocy Christian. Row Three Merrill Main. David Mitchem. Patricia Davis. Jane Mosoly, Bannie Sanders. William Gray. Kenneth Ellington. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 204 Mrs. Lillian Ritter Row One. Billy Harris. Bryan Edmond. Barry Frasier. William McCoy. Richard Reed. Bruce Green. Douglas Davis. Henry McGloun. Row Two. Noel Bourne. Addio Legette, Martha Frazier. Vickie Parker. Patricia Barnes. Jackie Capers Carrie Noon. Lauren Betts. Percy Scott. Row Three. Anthony Smith. Adrienne White. Toni Kirby. Donna Davis. Arline Edwards. Ramona Proctor. Ruth Schmidfh. Eli Climbingbear. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 220 Mr. Alfred Gentile Row One Zenola Worrill. Leferrell Vandiver. Earlena Williams. Phyllis Glasgow. Shelly Jackson. Dale Smith. Margaret El Henry. Row Two: Marvin Jones. John Dreher. Rochelle Ferrell. Andrea Harrell. Karen Murphy. Karen Hubbard. Cynthia Rose. Row Three: Frank Jones. Pamela Sellers. Robin Abernathy. Mamie Skipper. Walter Covington. Mr. Alfred Gentile. Row Four: Linwood Hancock. William Allen. Arthur William. James McNair, Timothy Bynum.SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 307 Mr. Eakln Row One: Valerie Hooper. Stephanie McDaniels. Yvette Caldwell. Aprile Curvin, Deborah Walker. Josephine Winfrey. Le-fuel Brookings. Row Two Vivian Price. Verneli Nelson. William Brount. Michelle Muldrow. Diane Williams. Frances Dunlap. Row Throe Lupco Kojlevski. Douglas Austin. Jose Arce. Vanessa Hill. Valerie Hunter. Carol Lumford Row Four Peter McClary. Rochelle Foushee. Donna Glover, Beverly Faust. Barbara Butterfield. Jackie Butterfield. Leonard Chis-lum. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 314 Miss Phyllis Cuyler Row One: Brenda McCall. Linda Hamilton. LaVerne Boykins. Djuanna Bivins. Karen Murray. Donna Lee. Row Two; Phyllis Holloman. John Stewart. Benjamin Collier. Robert Gioiella. Reinaldo Padilla. Bencilla Campbell. Miss Phyllis Cuyler. Row Three: Barbara O'Neal, Heather Lee. Diane Holt. Denise Quick. Eric Anderson. Vito Fogarazzo. Craig Wise. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 315 Mr. Stacy Ooundas Row One Carol Higgins. Ruby Sampson Florence Howard. Debbie Oimmery, Gwendolyn Carmon. Michele. Tommy-sena Smith. Row Two Vivan Hinch. Oor-ren Fletcher. Janice Rowe. Michael Johnson. John Cherry. Pamela Holland. Row Three Alfred Abrahms. Arthur Heath, Joyce Turner. Cheryl Pompey. Karen Mitchell. Marcial Rodriquez Row Four Carlton Williams. John Sanders. Alvin Little, Florine Chance. Denise Barron. Marsena Harris, Robert Woods. 47FRESHMAN HOMEROOM B-8 Mr. Mitchell Kell Top Mr. Keil, Jeffery Dunn. Orin Jones Row One Anthony Lee. Everett Campbell. Nathan Faulks. Joaquim Fernandez, Norberto Ortiz. Roth Riley. Mary Reeves. Pamela Richards. Row Two: Stephanie Horton. Patricia Glaton. Daryl Brooks. Brian Grandison. Harry Gray. Valerie McIntosh. Beverly Jones. Rolanda To sone, Renee Gibson. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 208 Mrs. Lucas Row One: Keith Laton. Stephanie McGregor. Judith Santos. Elizabeth Rainey. Ramona Mercade. Neptune Pringle. Thomas Anderson. Edward Harris. Stacey Covington. Mrs. Lucas. Row Two: Michael Selph. Marc Davis. Michael Street. Michelle Hargrove. Kim Carter, Caroline Hubbard, Sharon Bright, Michelle McLean. Rhea Davis. Row Three: Steven Bethea. Kevin Lowther. Martin West. Charlotte Brown. Rennard Baske-ville. Bruno Lee. Ronald Turner. Julian Keene FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 218 Mrs. Constance Greene Row One: Wendy Williams. Valerie Hayes. Deborah Daney. Michelle Weaver. Janice Holt. Yolanda Collier. Alan Jones Row Two Jamera Warren. Reginald Smith. Stephanie Minatee. Deborah Stevenson, Harriet Hamlin. Bridgett Bethea. Mrs. Greene. Row Three Earl Sessoms. Darrell Wade. Oscar McClain, Richard Wilson. Lawronco Jackson. Robert Lewis 48FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 310 Mrs. Shapiro Row One Stephen Alston. Richardo Si-fontes. Kendall GriMln. Linda Grier. David Eubanks. Christine Allen. Patricia Booker. Row Two: Beatrice Whitney. Sharon Watson. Valene Austin. Sharon Thomas. Deborah Holland. Robin Graham. Row Three: Mrs Shapiro. Terrance Jones. Issac Durrett, George Sciafe. Theron Mays. Dana Barnes. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 313 Mrs. Lazak Top Row: John Bennett. Vivian Cook. Blondell Taylor. Keith Jordan. Helena McPherson. Michele Conte. Pamela Hudson Middle Row Michael Simmons. Steven Kimbrough. Eva Bednarski. Adrienne Mmatee. Belinda Larkins. Diane Walker, Mrs. Bette Lazar. Bottom Row Alessan-dra Moseley. Denise Henry. Suzzotte Harvey. Karen Hillman. Marva McLendon. Roberta Scales. Ed Graham FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 318 Mr. Tim Groves Row One: Carmen Bonilla. Juno Bradford. Nancy Carl. Geraldine Battle. Dorette Pugh. Juanita Daniels, Mr. Tim Groves Row Two Booker Miller, Barbara Hubbard. Nannette Mason. Robin Stone. Kim Crenshaw. Stephanie Harris. Leon Sherman. Row Three: John Peterson. Fernando Diaz. Rodney Rogers. Blaine Dickinson. Solomon Jackson. Joel Kelly. Kevin Johnson. 49FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 319 Mrs. E. Edmonds Row One: Laureen Green. Michael Copeland. Scott Wright. Joyce Holt. Sandra Lawrence. Bernita Upshaw. Griselda Mitchell. Tammi Gilbert. Row Two: Carla Robinson. Kenneth 8oxley. Crystal Harris. Jennell Joyner. Eva Gaskins. Row Three: Gregory Thompson. Jose Martinez. Jackie Koonce. Steven Kelly. Robert Benson. Onn Griffin.HOMEROOM 113A Mrs. Maria De Vito Row One- Florence Howard. Maggie Maguire. Andrea Dunlap, Mrs Maria DeVito. Dana Rice. Row Two Debra Fray. Donald Hunter. Seneida Sosa. Maria Rivera. Ray-fietd Judson, Michael Horton.Sitting Russell Gaines. Martin West. Denise Harris. Standing: Reginald Smith. Mr. Carden. The 3-Dimensional Art Club was formed by Mr. Jan Carden for the purpose of providing art and music students with the opportunity to experiment with materials and techniques which cannot be used in the classroom. It also gives students the opportunity to complete works started in their regular classes. Modeling, carving, collages and plaster casting are some of the activities that were enjoyed by this small, but lively group. 3-D ART CLUB Anthony Hall. Robin Nathan. JoAnn Graves. Michael Goodwin. Mr. Benevento. The photography club, which is composed of a small but talented group of students. meets after school and on Saturday mornings. Each student learns the mechanics of a camera and learns to process the pictures he takes. Many different techniques are learned to develop a photograph in creative ways. The students are encouraged to interpret their own environments through the medium of film. The fine quality of the photographs is evident when the annual showcase exhibition is viewed. The group is advised by Mr. Julius Benevento. 54 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBJackie Hall. Jill Rucker. Derrell Fennoll. Thorosa Ford. Laurel Jablonowski. Hoicn Willcox. Lu-Ann Telesco, Cynthia Holmes. Larry Belfiore. Mrs Venskus Not pictured Harvetta Hunter. Gail Brown. The M. Bernice Hamilton chapter of the National Honor Society has been a fine tradition at Arts High School for many years. It is comprised of juniors and seniors who have attained a high academic average, and displayed outstanding character, leadership and service to their school. This year, the Honor Society has been working closely and successfully with the Student Betterment Committee. They have served Arts High in tutoring programs and at various social and educational functions. The society is under the capable supervision of Mrs. Venskus. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be a member of the orchestra is the goal of many Arts High School instrumental students. Two performances. the Winter and Spring Concerts, are given in the school auditorium each year. In addition, there is the usual appearance at the Kiwanis Club, which is done in conjunction with the chorus in order to get scholarships for our students. Over the years. Arts' Orchestra has been acclaimed as delightful and extremely professional sounding. For this we pay tribute to Mr. Rocco Pesile. our conductor, who because of unfortunate circumstances was unable to be with us during the latter part of 1972. ORCHESTRA 55We. at Arts High, can be justly proud of this energetic and superior group of performers. They are gaining more and more acclaim as they perform for schools and organizations throughout New Jersey. The Black Dance Troupe combines originality with ancient dance techniques to create a highly personal. vibrant style. Guided by Mrs. Jeanne Tso and put through their rigorous paces by leaders Cerestine Melvin and Bryon Onque. the dancers express very beautifully what joy there is in being black. BLACK DANCE TROUPE Top Row: Donna Lee. Miss Cuyler. Donna Glover. Middle Row Heather Lee. Margaret El. Denise Harris. Vivian Hinch. Patricia Davis. In Center: Judy Smith The Interpretive Dance Club was started this year by Ms. Cuyler. Its purpose is to create excellent dancers and graceful young ladies. Today s rhythms are expressed in their well-formed movements which enhance the eye and stir the spirit. INTERPRETIVE DANCE CLUBStanding Dorelte Pugh. Kim Cradshaw, Karen Hillman, Patricia Davis. Sandra Forest. Carolyn Lowe Sitting: Margaret El. Shelley Jackson. Noptuno Pringle. Naomi Stokes. Mrs. Abend. The Spanish Club was organized to help students to get acquainted with Spanish history, culture and language in the relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that is present in a club activity. Dancing and listening to music is also enjoyed by this small, but interested group of students. Mrs. Mary Abend and Mrs. Norma Edreira are the advisors. SPANISH CLUB Cynthia Gardner, Valora Howell. Deborah Campbell. Mrs. Feldman. The French Club, supervised by Mrs. Feldman, is organized to acquaint the students with the culture, customs and history of France, so that the students may develop a better understanding of French society and language. Activities include reports, games and field trips. The Club has proved to be very beneficial to those students who are members. FRENCH CLUBStanding: Jeff Foushee. Sitting: Danny Santos. Frank D Arc. Jorge Piza. The stage crew, headed by Jorge Piza. sets up the stage for every occasion for which the auditorium is used. They also give assistance with manual labor and carpentry work, guided by Mr. Marcus, advisor. Other senior members are Frank D Arc and Jeffrey Foushee. Ford Weinberger and Douglass Austin are also members of this hard working and essential group of young men. STAGE CREW Arts High Theatre Workshop is a basic introduction to the arts of acting and directing, with some study of scene construction and design. Students learn performance techniques through improvisation, mime and concentration exercises. Performance and evaluation of short scenes and improvisa-tional skits help the actors and directors to develop their skills. Major productions this year were Homecomm' " by Otis Chancey. and "Do Ya Thang" by Lavern Miller. THEATRE WORKSHOPLAB ASSISTANTS CLUB Donell Oumitchette. James Rutf-lin, Paulette Halstead. Mrs Vens-kus. Howard Broaddus. Rob-bynne Archia. Jobnnie Myers. Derrick Buchanan. Who's in the lab mixing up those mysterious concoctions? They are members of the Science Club, a group formed to help promote interest in the sciences. This club has been active for merely two years, but it has established itself firmly as an important part of Arts High School. The students' biggest accomplishment this year was the creation of a sound box. an instrument when attached to a radio or stereo produces various colored light formations The group plans also to beautify the school by planting flowers and grass. The advisor is Mrs. Venskus. The officers are Lowell Bishop. President. Lorraine Byass. Vice-President and Howard Broaddus. Treasurer. THE SCIENCE CLUB Larry Belfiore. Robbynne Archia. Derrick Buchannan. James Ruff-lin. Howard Broaddus. Alida Mo-scone. Mrs. Mary Venskus. Johnnie Myers. Paulette Halstead. Mark Tucker. Members of the Lab Assist-ants Club help in the preparation and distribution of materials for chemistry labs, and perform classroom demonstrations. They are dedicated chemistry and physics students who receive additional instruction before and after school. They assist students who are in need of help as well as performing housekeeping chores, and collecting homework Mrs. Venskus is the hardworking advisor to this interested group of students. 59Standing Pamela Hudson. Jackie Koonce. Patricia Lanton. Middle: Janice Rowe. Front. Cheryl Johnson. The modern dance club is an organization formed last year for the young men and women who have found that their interest and energies lie in the art of modern dancing. This activity tunes up the body and provides a unique form of entertainment. Chairman Cheryl Johnson and co-chairman Jackie Koonce teach the techniques and routines necessary for success in modern dancing. Mrs. Elizabeth Stiller provides them with experienced supervision. MODERN DANCE CLUB The Girls Tennis Club is open to all girls who attend Arts High. The team presently consists of 34 girls and is supervised by Miss Ruth Meyerson. Practice is held twice a week at West Side Park. The girls are taught many necessary skills and techniques to improve their game. Tournaments are held at the end of the season. Letters are awarded to girls with two years' participation. Three year veterans receive pins. Girls who have participated for four years receive special awards. GIRLS’ TENNIS CLUBInez Linton. Ivy Wallace. Willie Cole. Howard Broaddus Sharon Bey Truth and Soul has had a second successful year at Arts. It is a school newspaper which is completely run by students. There is no faculty advisor. There have been some major changes this year in the types of articles that were written and in the methods of distribution. Among the crowd-pleasing departments are community and inschool news, feature articles and the ever-popular gossip column Co-Editors-in-Chief are Howard Broaddus and Willie Cole. TRUTH AND SOUL The Varsity Club is one of the largest and most enthusiastic clubs in the school. All young men who have received a varsity letter in any sport are eligible to become members. Girls who have obtained a letter for Cheerleading are also invited to become active members of the club. Mr. John Lang is the faculty advisor Under his direction, the aim of the group has been to increase and support all school athletics and social functions. The highlight of the year for the Varsity Club will be its annual sports awards dinner held at the close of the spring athletic season. VARSITY CLUB 61CHORUS The halls of Arts High ring with the sound of music coming from room 310. the chorus room. When its 320 members assemble on our stage, it s an overwhelming sight! Accompanied by Miss Loeb, they have provided music for Homecoming and the Spring and Winter Concerts. In addition, they also put on a Sunday afternoon performance of the Oratorio by George F. Handel entitled "Israel In Egypt". Mr. Howard has worked hard to produce the good quality of sound that is characteristic of our chorus. BAND Arts High's Concert Band has had another very successful year. With a little help from Mr. Singer and a lot of hard work from everybody, piccolo to tuba, the Band has admirably performed selections from "Purlie". "West Side Story", Swing Bolero". "Symphony 5 in E minor". Colonial Rhapsody ". "Theme from Offenbach" and a piano concerto with Derrick Buchanan as soloist. The spirit and rapport between the members of the Band and the conductor was evident to everyone who witnessed their fine concerts. 62 MARCHING BAND GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB Membership in the Girls' Glee Club isopen to all female students of Arts High who enjoy singing and performing. The members meet, under the direction of Mrs. Shapiro, for one period after school, twice a week. It provides an opportunity for the girls to learn the fine subtleties of three part harmony Their performances in the Winter and Spring Concerts have been very enjoyable. 63STUDENT COUNCIL Student government is alive and well at Arts. The Student Council along with the entertainment, student awareness, community involvement, publicity, service, school betterment committees and the pep squad task force have been working hard this year. The council, led by Derrell Fennell, Mayor, and Ernest Gooden. Deputy Mayor, has been responsible for a successful voter registration drive, more active student participation, and a school beautification program. Our governing body, a part of the NewArk Student Federation, hopes to eliminate final exams for students who maintain a B average. Mr. Mitchell Keil expertly acts as advisor. Marilyn Davis. Secretary, and Florine Chance. Treasurer have contributed a good deal toward a most successful year. SERVICE COMMITTEE Kneeling: Cheryl Bush Standing Preston Cooper. Lydia Burks. Cheryl Johnson. Gayle Cooke. Howard Broaddus. Ann Jones. Yvonne McPherson. Valmda Walden. Deborah Sanders ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Kneeling Cheryl Johnson. Standing Deborah Sanders. Gayle Cooke. Carleton Williams. Lydia Burks. Valinda Walden. Ann Jones. Deborah Thompson. 64COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Front Row Bencilla Campbell. Florine Chance. Marilyn Davis. Rob-bynne Archia. Back Row: Linda Hamilton. Doreen Fletcher. Henry Darling. Cheryl Range. Janice Rowe. PEP SQUAD The Pep Squad was put into action to boost school morale and team spirit They havo given an especially fine cheer of support to our basketball team this year Under the direction of student chairman. Joyce Blame, this squad arranged and appeared in our annual pep rally. The team went on to win the game' Thanks to the pep squad for that extra something. STUDENT AWARENESS Bencilla Campbell. Robbynne Archia. Cheryl Range. Jams McManus. Florine Chance. COLOR GUARDS Janis McManus. Ann Jones. Cheryl Johnson. Robbyne Archia. Deborah Thompson.TWIRLERS Standing: Donna Harrington. Lynell Stevenson. Karen Hud-bard. Janice Rowe. Fausteena Foxworth. Kneeling: Barbara Hubbard. Beatrice Whitney. Ivy Wallace This year, for the first time in Arts High history, the girls who twirl the "silver shafts" will receive varsity recognition for their efforts. Each member of the squad will receive a full sized varsity band letter. The twirlers made their 72 debut at the annual basketball pep rally. Accompanied by the "in" sound of Scorpio, they were cheered by students and faculty alike. They also gave noteworthy performances at basketball games and in the annual Crispus Attucks—Martin Luther King Parade. 66VIGNETTE STAFF LITERARY This year's Vignette Staff may have had only a moderate number of regular workers, but the work that was necessary to produce a memorable yearbook was mammoth. Through the tireless efforts of Danny Santos. Frank D Arc. Sharon Rogers and Advisor Mr. Benevento. the layout of the book and the photographs were accomplished. Lynne Thomas. Ellen Nicolas. Gail Brown. Paul Nickerson and others shared with Mr. Carden the many problems of writing and compiling a record of the events and people who helped make the school year 1971-1972 a memorable one. We would like to express our thanks to juniors. Robin Nathan, and Michael Goodwin for their invaluable help in the development of photographs. A R T 67 CHEERLEADERS Diane Holt. Cerestine Melvin. Gwen Garrison. Joanne Britt. Marilyn Davis. Pamela Rogers. Paula Jenkins Carolyn Davis. Bencilla Campbell. This year, as never before, the spirit and enthusiasm of the Arts High student body was very evident at ball games Much of the credit for the increased support must be given to this superior group of cheerleaders. Great perseverance, endurance and patience is necessary to develop the skills needed to perform adequately. These girls possess all of these qualities and more. Under the direction of their faculty advisor. Miss Abos. and their captain. Pamela Rogers, the cheerleaders were a "plus" at every game. 70Ceres tine Melvin 71BASKETBALL TEAM The 1971-72 Arts High Basketball Team had a tremendous season considering the tough competition that these young men had to face In each game they played, they lacked height, but compensated for this with agility and speed. High scorer and captain of the team, Bernard Brooks and his co-captain. Ronald Sinkler kept the team spirit high They went to each game knowing they could win. The team was coached by Mr. August Alamo Kneeling: Alvin Little. William Sinkler. Marty Byers. Bernard Brooks. Ron Sinkler. Michael Holmes. Henry Jordan Standing Coach Alamo. James McNair. Lowell Bishop. Glenn Taylor. John Bowers. Manager Jerome Jackson. 72William Sinkler Ron Sinkler Bernard Brooks Ron Sinkler Coach Alamo Bernard Brooks Lowell Bishop Glen Taylor Henry JordanLast September. October and November, a hardy group of Arts High athletes ran at least five miles every practice session, rain or shine. Just try that! Much to cheer about took place during this, their second season. They won 7 out of 8 meets, and placed second in the city. The top runners went on to compete in the Essex County meet late in the season. Arts placed 13th out of 23 teams. The Cross Country Team also placed 10th in the New Jersey Group One State Sectional meets ... Not a bad season at all. The new J.V. Team placed a very respectable 4th. with Ronald Thompkins and Theron Mays receiving medals. Standing Mr Marcus. Alfred Cunningham. Leonard Ch.sJum,am McCoy R.chard Wilhs. Kenneth Daval Johnny Myers. Tyrone Page. Henry Jordan. Gregory Atkins. Kneeling Theron Mays. Shelton Myers Darryl Wade. Ronald Thompkins. Lamont Yancey. Solomon Jackson. Michael Coplm 74 CROSS COUNTRYKneolmg: Jeffrey Jones. Manuel Tavares. Larry Belfioro. Mark Tucker. Jack Fernandez. Jorge Piza Standing Mr Alamo Alfred Davis. Alvin Little. Glen Taylor. Jeff Foushee. Danny Santos. Timothy Bynum. John Stewart. Robert Lewis This year's soccer team can certainly hold its head high and be satisfied with a job well done. They were aided by the calm guidance of Mr. August Alamo. At every home game, large crowds of Jaguars thrilled to the sight of spectacular plays by goalie Mark Tucker. Halfbacks Jeff Foushee and Marty Byers seemed to be all over the field. Larry Belfiore and Jeff made All-City second team Although this year's team did not enjoy a winning season, they certainly proved to be a dedicated group of athletes. 76 SOCCER TEAMJeff Foushee Glen Taylor Mark Tucker s E N I O R Danny Santos Jorge Piza Marty Byers Larry Belfiore Alfred Davis Manuel Tavares 77SWIMMING TEAM In the water Nathan Faulks. Leonard Randolph. Sitting: Marcol Rodrigues. Barry Frazier. Lance Webb. Richard Battle. Standing: Coach George Landers, Alan Jones. Daniel Fordham. Team Captain Donald Mobley. David Sneed. Manager John Miller and Mark Tucker. The swimming team continued its winning ways this season posting a record o 1 7 wins and 4 losses. The team was led by high scoring senior Mark Tucker and Captain Donald Mobley This is only the third yoar that the swimmers have been coached by Mr. George Landers, yet it is evident that the team has been molded into a whole new image. The highlight of the season came during the city meet The 400 meter relay team, consisting ol Donald Mobley. Lance Webb. Richard Battle and Mark Tucker made a fantastic effort to come from behind and take a second place. Each member of the relay team received a silver medal for his offort. 79FENCING TEAM Theron Mayes. Devis Lawrence. Manager Tony Martin, William McCoy. Lamont Yancey Reinaldo Padilla. Coach Lippitt Kneeling William Allen. John Dreher One of the most fascinating sports at Arts High is the Fencing Team. It is the only sport that is electronically judged. On the tip of the sword is a electronic button. The sword is connected through a network of wires to a machine which flashes red or green when a point is scored. This point is only made when the tip of the sword touches the metallic jacket of the opponent. The team, under the coaching of Mr Lippitt. had a record of six wins and eight losses. John Dreher. Captain, took third in the city on Strip A. which consists of the best players in the league The J V team members all look promising.GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM The Girls' Track Team is something new at Arts. It is a P have long awaited. It was formed this year to broaden fema e and to teach fair play. Under the supervision of Mrs. Lucas an g coaching of senior. Jeffrey Foushee. the girls track team nas cessful first year, with many future track stars to come. Standing Jeffrey Foushee. Nannette Mason. Phyllis Glasgow. Harriet Hamlin. Valerie Hayes. Charlotte Brown. Janice Rowe. Beverly Jones. Audrey Alston. Rhonda VanDiver. Griselda Mitchell. Mrs. Lucas Kneeling: Robin Stone. Janice Holt. Michelle Johnson. Geraldine Gilbert. June BradfordBaseball Seniors: Kneeling: Larry Belfiore. Harold Johnson. Marty Byers. Standing: Mark Tucker. Paul Nickerson, John Miller 82This year's baseball players have a lot going for them. As captain and number one pitcher, Larry Belfiore will lead his team into a season of victories. With him are the powerful hitters. Marty Byers and Mark Tucker. Marty also performs well as catcher and Mark is great at first base. Tightening up the outfield is John Miller. The team consists mostly of juniors, but the above mentioned players are seniors. Coach Lang has high hopes for this year's team, the strategy being to win the Vo-Tech League championship, and to pull out a great year. Bottom: Mark Tucker. Bruce Maxwell. Larry Belfiore. Kevin Simmons. Harold Johnson. William Knight Standing Eddie Armour John Miller. Lance Webb. Jeffrey Jones. Paul Nickerson. Kevin Dean. Marty Byers. COACH- John Lang. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAMTRACK TEAM Kneeling: Theron Mayes. John Simmons. Oscar McClain. John Drehor. Daryl Brecks. Ronald Thompkins. Michael Copeland. Sheldon Myers. Lamont Yancey. Craig Stanley. Marc Davis. 1st row: Mr Marcus. Derrick Washington. Clinton Dunbar. Bruno Lee. Frank Nelson. Reinaldo Padilla. Robin Nathan. Al Cunningham. Tyrone Page. Douglass Austin, Darryl Wade. William McKoy. Martin West. Gregory Atkins, Mr. Grant. Victor Monet. 2nd row Steven Bethea. Richard Willis. Robert Means Robert Dixon. Christopher Summerfield, Lamar Green. Richard Battle. Arthur Williams, Leonard Chislum TRACK The track team, coached by Mr. Marcus and Mr. Grant, expects a really good season. Senior Bob Dixon is running the 100. 220 and mile relay. Victor Monet, a senior, is expected to capture a medal in the javelin throw, following a good showing last season Clinton Dunbar looks promising in the 100 yard dash. Those who have attended any of the meets have been impressed by this team s great will to compete at their very best. 85During the months of March. April and May. 1971. some very fine tennis was being played by the Arts High team. Twice a week at West Side Park the members of the team practiced against each other to improve and refine their game. Their fine techniques were developed with much hard work and guidance by Mr. Ben O'Neal. The team ended the season by taking the Newark City League Title. They had a season of 5 wins and one loss. Some of the teams they defeated were Central. South Side. West Side. East Side and Barringer. Randy Smith. Lowell Bishop. James Allen. Coach Ben O Neal. Carlton Williams. Bradford Brown. James Randolph. Allen. Randy Smith. Lowell Bishop. Eddie Bright Jr.. Leonard TENNIS TEAM87SENIOR CLASS POPULARITY POLL BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED B9 Rhonda VanOiver 113 Clarice Williams 210 Janise Clark 214 Fausteena Foxworth 304 Kathy Hayes 308 Clementine Beard B9 John Miller 113 Preston Cooper 210 Frank Nelson 214 Victor Monet 304 Robert Dixon 308 Clinton Clarke B9 Debra Harrison 113 Judy Andrews 113 Clarice Williams 210 Lorraine Nunnally •214 Ann Jones 304 Gayle Cooke 308 Clementine Beard B9 Randy Smith 113 Preston Cooper 210 Donald Mobldy 214 Mark Tucker 304 Robert Dixon 308 James Fitz MOST SERIOUS B9 Gloria Dixon •113 Janis McManus 210 Joyce Davis 214 Janice Merritt 304 Sheila Glover 308 Paulette Halstead B9 Larry Belfiore 113 Glenn Miller 210 Robert Green 214 Carl Johnson 304 Johnnie Myers 308 Glenn Taylor MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED B9 Rhonda VanDiver •113 Jill Rucker 210 Theresa Ford 214 Rita Martin 304 LuAnn Telesco 308 Laurel Jablonowski •B9 Larry Belfiore 113 Glenn Miller 210 Paul Nickerson 214 Mark Tucker 304 Johnnie Myers 308 Glenn TaylorSENIOR CLASS POPULARITY POLL BEST DANCER B9 Maxine Gilchrist 113 Cheryl Johnson 210 Cheryle Corprew 214 Beverly Bradshaw 304 Gayle Cooke 308 Cerostme Melvin B9 Randy Smith 113 Robert Douglas 210 Bernard Brooks 214 Jeff Fousheo 304 Derrick Washington 308 Marty Byers CLASS COMEDIAN B9 Jerome Davis 113 Alfred Davis 210 William Sinkler 214 Jeff Foushee 304 Julio Velez 308 Marty Byers MOST ATHLETIC B9 Gloria Dixon 113 Ruth Miller 210 Janise Clark 214 Cassandra Felton 304 Pam Jackson 308 Cerestine Melvin B9 Otis Chancey 113 Ron Sinkler 210 Donald MoOley 214 Mark Tucker 304 Harry Hubbard 308 Marty Byers B9 Rhonda VanDiver 113 Judy Andrews 210 Audrey Alston 214 Ann Jones 304 Pam Rogers 308 Ellen NicolasSENIOR CLASS POPULARITY POLL 89 Gloria Dixon •113 Alicia Alfonso 210 Cheryle Corprew 214 Michelle Williams 304 Debbie Guarino 308 Pauletle Halstead BEST ARTIST 89 Darryl Spencer 113 Preston Cooper 210 Manuel Tavares •214 Willie Cole 304 Frank D Arc 308 Eddie Eason MOST TALKATIVE B9 Vicky Wilkerson B9 113 Michelle Suber 3 •210 Janise Clark 210 214 Fausteena Foxworth 214 304 Cheryl Bush 334 308 Donna Harrington 303 Jerome Jackson Alfred Davis William Sinkler Jeff Foushee Robert Dixon William Ford CLASS LOVERS 89 Valmda Walden 113 Cheryl Johnson 210 Nadine Harris 214 Beverly Bradshaw 304 Kaye Brooks 308 Clementine Beard B9 Jerome Jackson •113 Alfred Davis 113 Ronald Sinkler 210 William Sinkler 214 Rocco DiLeo 304 Harry Hubbard 308 James Fitz 92Play It, Just One More Time Gwen...................Walk Right Up To Sun James.................................Shaft Alicia..................................Hey Jude Valerie.............................Scorpio Judy.......................Going in Circles Audrey........I Just Can’t Lose Your Love Clementine.............It’s A Family Affair Lydia.......................Queen Of Hearts Cheryl........Ain’t Understanding Mellow Melkane...................Stay In My Corner Clinton............... Don’t Turn Around Gayle.....................Baby I’m For Real Marie.........................Close To You Bruce............................Cloud Nine Marilyn.....................Here I Go Again Rocco......................1 Got You Babe Fausteena.............Never Can Say Goodbye Donald........Bridge Over Troubled Water Remember......... ... Preston's little curls (they grew up) ... Christa Mehegan (The Meditation) ... twelve cent bus tickets (two for a quarter) ... the Bright Spot (cutting all day) ... being freshman (wild and rowdy) ... the Laurels Hotel Country Club (a jammin' time) ... the teachers strike (protests and paradise) ... your clique ... those ugly gym suits (losing your briefs) .'.. when we were Arties (Jaguars?) ... the T S gossip column (psssst, who is G.B.?) ... us when we were the “Super Bad Juniors" . . . Miss T. S. David (WATCH OUT!) ... assemblies (the trumpet playing Call to the Colors) ... trying to sponge (“Oh! Was that the late bell?" or “Can I get a dish?”) ... crackin' ("Ha. ha, your face is tight!”) ... the good times. ... Arts High.. . . just luvs to grease on . . . Jan«se....................pork chops corn Rosie .... arroz habichuelas papas rellena Otis...............................spaghetti Gilbert.............................pasteles Willie..........................lamb liver Bruce...............................anything eatable Alfred.................................super heroes Joyce Dixon............................... shrimp Derrell..............................pickels Victor..........................rice beans Robert dogs Deborah.............................potatoes Kathy.................................lemons M rta..................................spare ribs •GROOVY GROUPS Larry................................Chicago Gloria...............................Jackson Five Robbie.............................Delfonics Sarah..............................Chi-Lites Jeffrey.................................Jimi Hendrix Barbara..............................Beatles Theresa..............................Santana Susie.....................Kool The Gang Paulette................................Iron Butterfly Nadine..............................Miracles Cynthia.......................Roberta Flack Harry..................................Issac Hayes Eva................................New Birth Pam................................Whatnauts Jerome...............................Moments Henry.............................Funkadelic Joan...........................Sonny Cher Lynne...................The Main Ingredient ? Jungle Fever •we know it's corny, so just stay cool.98 SENIOR DIRECTORY Allington. Valerio Archia. Robbynne . 8eifioro Laurence Broaddus. Howard Bush. Andrea Chancoy. Otis Collazo. Gilbert Dansby, Bruce . . . Dixon. Gloria Evely Sarah Foley. Rodney Gilchrist. Maxine Harrison. Debra Hodge. Deborah Hunter. Harvetta Jackson. Jerome Jordan. Henry Mason, Sharon . . Miller. John Moscone. Alida Piercy. Sherry ... Rock. Rose Ann . Smith. Randy Spencer. Darryl. . . VanDiver. Rhonda Walden. Vaimda Wilkorson. Vicky . . Alfonso. Alicia Andrews. Judy . . Bishop. Lowell Brown. Gail .... Burks. Lydia. . . . Cooper. Preson Cosenza. Mane Davis. Alfred Douglas. Robert Dunbar. Clinton Eldridge. Kathy Fray. Debra.......... Galarza. Mirta Golden. Joyce . . Gregory. Patricia Hall, Jacquelyn Holmes. Cynthia . Jackson, Eva Johnson. Cheryl Lane Linda .... McManus. Jams McPherson. Eunice Miller. Glenn Miller. Ruth Myers. Randi Purdie, Laverne Rucker. Jill. ... Sinkler. Ronald Sloane. Deborah Sosa. Zeneida Suber Michelle Torres. Priscilla Vil'alobas. Marta Williams. Lorelei Alston. Audrey . . Brooks. Bernard Brown. Gary Byass. Lorraine. Chambers. Janice Clark, Janise . Corprew. Cheryle David. Joyce . . Fisher Barbara . Ford. Theresa Freeman. Paul. . Garrison. Gwen. Green. Robert Hamilton. Karyl . Harris. Nadine . Layton. Sharon . Means. Robert Mobley. Donald. Barbarotta. Michael Bradshaw. Beverly Buchanan. Derrick Campbell. Melkane. Buchanan. Derrick Nelson. Frank Nickorson. Paul. . . Nunnally. Lorraine Homeroom B9 ......33 Ogdon St........... ......72 Girard PI.......... 481 N 13th St........ ......84 Lehigh Ave .... 07 Tillinghast St.... ...... 72 2nd St............ 181 Woodside Ave . . .... 07 Holland St ...... 500 Avon Ave..... ......215 Wolcolt Ter. ... . . . . 802 So 14th St .... 77 Newark St. ...... 227 Custer Ave...... . . . . 25 N 11th St......... ...... 84 7th Ave ......... ...... 832 So 16th St ... . 100 Dayton St......... ......19 N 5th St ........... ... 296 So Orange Ave.. . . 143 Richelieu Ter..... 135 Hillside Ave ... 243 Littleton Ave.. . . ......t9 Eckert Ave ......... 3650 Schley St........ . . 10 Goodwin Ave 834 So. 16th St...... 238 Seymour Avo . . . . Homeroom 113 244 Walnut Si ........ . . . 328 So 11th St .... 329 Wamwnght St . . 68 Cypress St......... .... 858 So 15th St..... .710 Springdale Ave E O .... 730 N 6th St....... 329 So 19th St..... .... 34 Eckert Ave..... . . . 200 Howard St...... 380 Avon Ave......... .... 265 Seth Boyden Ter .... 176 1st St........... ... 182 So 6th St........ .... 167 Lincoln Ave .... 9 Baldwin Ave . . .... 69 Poshine Ave...... ... 825 So 10th St........ . . 340 Dayton St . ... 76 8ever!y St.. . . . ... 72 7th Ave ......... ----171 So. 9!h St........ . ... 611 High St......... .... 127 Bragaw Ave . . . .... 18 Edwin PI.......... .... 16 Graftin Ave . . . 246 Vassar Ave .... .... 214 Littleton Ave . . . ... 58 Hillside Avo ______ ... 93 Spruce St.......... . . . . 119 Seymour Ave . . . ... 545 Clifton Ave........ ... 56 Maple Ave......... . . 55 Custer Ave ........ Homeroom 210 ... 60 Chelsea Ave......... ... 94 7th Ave ... 268 Wamwnght St........ 283 Pomona Ave........ 24 White Terr . ... Ill Lincoln St........ 184 Ehzabeth Ave...... 391 Central Ave .... . ... 26 No Magnolia Lane . . . . 244 Chadwick Avo . . . . . 120 Center Ter....... . ... 163 So. 11th St . ... 162 12th Ave......... 21 Girard PI......... • ... 183 Scheerer Ave .... 303 Morns Ave........ . ... 71 Quitman St........ . ... 180 So. 11th St...... Homeroom 214 . ... 17 Sandford PI....... . ... 72 Kent St........... . . . . 58' Vanderpod St... . . . . 378 Badger Ave....... • • . . 587j Vanderpool St.- • - . . ... 419 Washington St . ... 215 Littleton Ave...... . ... 20 Wocquahic Ave..... 481-0385 371-4025 485-0436 923-0397 371- 6439 483- 2708 242- 6576 399 0867 372- 4229 243- 8318 242-2462 484- 0286 485 3531 374-5577 824-2095 485 3423 643-5460 371- 3687 248-0298 248-8780 923-4503 371 2640 372- 6269 242-7476 589-8160 643 5288 926-0109 375-4361 371- 6867 485-6698 374-1174 242-3140 624-5026 242- 5666 243- 5406 483-7544 624-6648 243-7018 243-3839 643-4823 242 2066 372- 0065 485-7895 643 5727 623-5809 923-2283 923-3047 481-0575 923-8903 622-7057 824 3842 248-0971 482 8757 624-8653 248-3134 375 5296 484-9205 923-5139 926-0784 371-2574 642-8178 243-8476 484-7360 483 5520 243-1569 248-6214 642-8550 642-3818 926-1996 243-5693 622-3256 643-6764 371-4573 243-1185 243-2136 248-5383 243-2136 643-2853 624-1342 926 4624SENIOR DIRECTORY Ruffl.n. James ..................412 Leslie Si. . Sanks. Beverly................................82 W Alpines Smkler. William.................... 540 So 16th St Street. Denis© 451 So. 14th St Tavares. Manuel ..............................82 Pulaski Si Willcox. Helen...............................17 Lyons Ave Barbaroita. Michael Bradshaw. Beverly Buchanan. Derrick Campbell. Melkane Carrasouillo. Rosie . . Colo. Willie........... DiLoo. Rocco Felton. Cassandra Foushoc. Jeffrey Foxworth. Fausteena Gilliard. Alda......... Johnson. Carl.......... Johnson, HarokJ Jones. Ann Kurus. Carol .......... Martin. Rita .......... Merritt. Janice Mills, Derrick ........ Monet. Victor Ponce de Leon. Luola Ritchwood. Ted . . Robinson. Harthula Santos. Danny.......... Slade. Beve'ly Tucker. Mark.......... Valcarcd Eduardo Williams. Michelle Homeroom 214 17 Sandford Pi 72 Kent St........... 58 Vanderpool St. 378 Badger Ave . . . 833 Ridge St 293 Leslie St........ 308 Elm St........... 68 22nd St 22 Wayne Ave E O 180 Orange St........ 170 Boyd St.......... 225 So Harrison St E O 53 Mercer St..... 425 Washington Ave 11 Shaw Ave 232 N 11th St ....... 20 Emerson PI........ 80 Renner Ave ...... 326 Woodside Ave. 9 Elliot St. ........ . 51 8akJwin Ave....... . 79 Montgomery St 306 Elm St .......... 103 Grand Ave........ . 310 Parker St Broad St............. . 188 McWhorlu St 923-1642 248 2956 373-8613 375-1334 589 8414 926 3575 371 4573 243-1185 243-2136 248-5383 484-2408 923-3725 624-6474 371 9340 678-3384 624-1252 242 6094 643-2542 623-4796 923-4719 484- 3267 242-6542 923-7752 485- 6908 484-7395 243 8363 824-1123 344-2007 371-8687 482 3733 344-1152 Addison John. . Allen. James .... Brooks. Kaye . . Bush, Cheryl Cooke Gayle D Arc. Frank .... Dixon. Robed Fennell. DerrctI . . . Glover. Sheila.... Guarino. Deborah Hayes, Kathy ... Hubbard. Harry . . . Jackson. Pamela . . Langston. Joan Morales, Nilda Myers. Johnnie Phillips. Margaret Reilly. Paul Rogers. Pamela Rogers. Sharon. . . Srwarko, Natalie Telesco. Lu-Ann . . Thomas. Lynne . . Thomas. Sha on Thompson. Deborah Velez. Julio...... Washington, Derrick Homeroom 304 650 So. 18th St.. . 666 Belmont Ave 94 6th Ave......... 87 Trllmghast St . 116 So 15th St.. . 83 3rd St ........ . 1 Riverview Court 29 Lincoln St...... 487 So 15th St 777 Lake Si........ 53 Cedar Ave....... 167 Ridgewood Ave 357 Grove St....... 148 Seymour Ave 12 Emmet Si 67 Mapes Ave .... 23 Sherman Ave 109 Seth Boy den Ter . 180 James St 121 N Maple Avo. 184 Norman Road . 27 Irving Si. 50 So IHh St....... . 47 Girard PI....... 218 Littleton Ave 198 E Kinney St . 1925 McCarter Hgw . . . 399 2652 . . . 243-7442 484- 9205 371-6439 . . 485-4602 485- 9112 344-6682 . . 643 8729 . . . 242-6997 482-2272 . . . 374-7663 . . . 824-3576 371-7232 . . 248-8102 824-4384 243-1412 . . 243 2166 624-4871 676-0919 . . 374-2623 484- 1721 485- 1944 399-0643 623 4392 481-2715 Acceturo. Lois Auletta. Jonsyo . . . Beard. Clementine Bland. Brenda Byers Marly . . . . Clarke. Clinton . . . Oavis. Marilyn... Eason. Eddie . . . . Ford, William . . . . Homeroom 308 104 Highland Ave. . 55 Morcer St 10A 869 So 15th St.... 603 Elizabeth Ave 4j . 102 Sussex Ave 289 Grove Si. 87 G.rard Pi....... 20 Wmans Ave. . . . 110 nth Ave........ Fitz. William ........ Giles. Yvonne......... Green. Susie Halstead. Paulette . . Harrington. Donna . . . Healey. Francis....... Jablonowski Laurel . Marlin. Lawrence. . . . Melvin. Cerostme Moore. Wanda.......... Nicolas. Ellen........ 533 i3th Ave...... 45 Delavan Ave . 105 W Kmney St. 4B 66 Ann St......... 22 Grumman Ave . 716 Hamilton St . . . 25 Manor Dr. 14J . . 99 Shanley Ave 135 James St. 1A . . . 234 No. 11th St 42 9th Ave........... Piza. Jorge........ Sanders. Deborah Taylor. Glen . . . Tucker. Glonda West. Deborah Wilson. Mildred. . 171 Lincoln Ave. . 262 11th Avo 121 So I3lh Si. . 334 So 6th St 425 So 16th St.. . 29 Hanford St. . . 485 2654 622-0476 399 4999 926-1739 643 3234 783-7167 824-1867 242 0914 624-7328 372-2279 483 4007 . 642-6963 . . 344-0517 923-8932 484- 5269 374-4720 . . 242-4305 .' 482-4997 485- 5297 . 485-1121 399-1721 . 482 9546 242-3249 371-1191 248-2792 99BOOSTERS Mary Abend After Hours News Bob Aiello Al and Denis© Louise Allen Mabel Allen Mr R Allen Wandell Allen Mrs Nell M Alston Miss Phyllis Gail Folicia Alston Altar Guild of Bethany Ann and Ronnio Mr and Mrs Luther D. Archia Mrs. Shirley Archia Liddin Scott Armstrong Mr and Mrs. James Arendt Mr and Mrs Theodore Arondt Mr and Mrs John C Arnold Sr and Family Mrs Annie Arrington Dorothy Arrington Mrs. Alice C Atkinson Rev LeRoy Attles Austin Children Mr. and Mrs. Frank Austin Miss Josephine Austin Mr. W Bacon Felix Badillo Juan Badillo C. Boeder Mr Martin Bagden Mrs Gortrudc Bailey Wilma L Bailey Mrs Janet Baker Mr and Mrs Joe Baker Juanita Baker Michele Iris Baker Mr. Wade Baldwin Maurice Banks Shirley 8anks Mr and Mrs. G. Baptist Barbra Mr and Mrs. A Bardon and Family Mrs Ray Barn Meta C Barnes Stephen Barnes Judith S Barrett Mr. E H Baskerville Vivian Bass Mrs. Beth Bates Mrs. Kay Battle Rev. Lee Battle and Sons Mrs. Olivia W Bausman Woodrow Beachamp Miss Margaret E Beatty Alan Becker Donald Becker Lisa Becker Mrs. Albert ha 8eckles Charles A Bell Narcisa Bonlico Mrs. Lee Bonlin Jennoll Berry Dr. Andre Birotto Mrs 8orn.ce Blackwell Mrs Cozette Blackwell Mrs Mozella Bland Miss Pansy Borders Josephine Bove Mr. and Mrs Necolius Bovio Rev and Mrs Lewis Bowdre Jennie Bowens Nicole Bowie Mr. Horace Bradley Mr. Bornard Bradshaw Gregory Branch and Cookie Brunard Brascomb Mr and Mrs William Brietenbach III Edd.e L Bright Mr. Paul E. Britt Dennis Brooks Mr and Mrs. R. Brooks Mrs. Vera L. Browen Annie Brown Emily C Brown Mr F C Brown Mrs. Mary L. Brown Mrs. Maxie Brown William H Brown Elain and Edwin Burks Lydia Burks Naomi Burks Mr. Richard Burr Andrea and Cheryl Bush Dosiree and Dawn Bush Keith Bush Mrs Marguerite 8ush Mrs Marguerite Bush and Family Mr. Collins Louis Butler Mr. and Mrs L. Byass Mr. and Mrs H Cadogan Tony and Gloria Calcao Mr Albert W Calvin Mr. and Mrs James Camparo Mr. and Mrs E. Campbell Mrs. H. Campbell Elena Campesi Cannon Beauty Lounge Shirley Cantroll Mr. Jan Carden Mrs. Janice Carden Mrs. Robert Carey Mr. Robert Carnegie Mr. and Mrs. R. Carrasquillo Mr and Mrs. Edward Carrdl V. Cascoi la Antonette Carusillo Mrs. Hortenso Chance Chapel Stroot Liquor Store Charade's Hair Fashion Charlie and Dog Christ Memorial Baptist Church Kamilina Chuma Mrs Gladys E. Churchman Mrs Faye Clark Mrs Sheila and Stepham Clark Mr and Mrs. Clinton H, Clorko. Sr Eric E Clarke Miss Grade B Clarke Miss Judy P Clarke Mr and Mrs Alonzo Coble Mr. Michael P Cocca Jr. John Coiarusso Mari© Coiarusso Deborah Cole Jacquelmo Cole Willio J. Cole Sr Mr. Josephus Coleman Mrs Lillie Coley Alvin Collier Charles M Collins Jr Mr. S. A. Commisa Miss Mane Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Frizzoll Cooper Mrs. Louise Coopor Mr Morris Cooper Preston Cooper Jr. Mr Bertram Coppock Mrs Blondell Coppock Daryl Corprew Mrs. Mary Corprew Michael Corprew Mr. and Mrs. J. Cosenza Alberta Cotton Diano Covello Karch Covello Linda Covello Mr and Mrs. Gabrid Crooms Michael Crooms Mr Leon Crosby Mrs. Clara M. Crumbly Alberto Cruz Gloria Cruz Leroy Cummingham Luke Cunmgham Mr and Mrs. Tyrone Currm Phyllis Michelle Cuyler Mr Philip Cuzzi Toni. Dina and Mary Cuzzi Clara Dasher David, my mouse Theresa S David Mr. and Mrs Alvin Davis Mr. and Mrs Ezek.d Davis Phyllis Davis Mrs Ruby Davis Mrs Viola Davis Robin Dawson Mr and Mrs James Dean Annie Mae Dees Elizabeth DoDeaux Mr. Victor DeFilippo Phill DcLaine Mrs Rose DeLame Mr and Mrs. John Elliot Delk Leslie Skip" Devereaux Angelamo DeWitt Miss Claudia Dickson Anthony DiLeo Jasper DiLeo Jennie DiLeo Princess DiLeo Mrs H. Dixon Mr. Robert J Dixon. Sr The Donyrc Family—Lima. Peru Jacqudmo Dougherty Mrs Rosa Doughtie Mr. and Mrs Elijah Douglas Mr. Georgo Douglas Nobby DuBoiS Mr and Mrs Duncan Earl and Sabrina Mrs. Fanmo Ebon Eddie and Al Miss Mildred Edwards Wayne Stephen Christophor Edwards John F Egan Mr and Mrs. Jamos Elkorson Marilyn Elward Celenia Estrella Markos Estrella Mrs Susan Evans Susan and Michael Evans Carol Evely Dwayne Evely James Evely Mrs Maggie Evely Simon Evely. Sr. Thomas Evoly Willie Evely Ollie Ewing Raymond Farrington Laura Fauisette Florie FerreII Dr and Mrs. J. Feuor First Baptist Church of Nutloy Bette and Philip Fisher and the Gang E. Alma Flagg J. Thomas Flagg Mrs. Dorothy Fleming Earline Fleming Francos Fletcher Mr Otto Floyd. Jr Mrs. Bessie Ford Rov Nathaniel Ford Mr. Claude Foushee 100BOOSTERS Mrs Esther Foushee Jeffrey Foushee Mr Joseph Foushee and Family Mr Glenn Foushee Mr end Mrs Fowler Mrs E. Foxworth Mr Edward Foxworth Goldie and Woodrow Fry Mrs Jeanette Frye Mrs Elizabeth Fndy A Friend Myrme Fruster Lorna R. Furst Mr. and Mrs Thomas Gailashaw Mr. Clifford Gardner Mrs Gwen Garretson Dr. E. Wyman Garrett Jimmy Garrison Patricia Elaine Garrison Mr and Mrs Frank Gasser Robert J. Gatewood Mr and Mrs Warren Gathers Mrs. Beatrice G. Geiler Alfredo Gentile Mr and Mrs John Gibbons Mary Gibbs Mrs. Barbara Gibson Marcia L. Gibson Pat Gilbert Wilma L. Giles Sfopbanio A Glover Elyzsette Gomaioz Minerva Gonzalez Edward Goodall Vornon 0. Gooden Mrs Waverfy Gordon Mr and Mrs Benjamin Graham Mr, and Mrs Harry Graham and Dauqhter Mr. Gene Grant Mr. Milton Grant Mr. Walter Grant Lewis Graves Esther Gray Mrs Lillian Gray Mrs Marion Gray Mrs Rosa Lee Gray Allen Green Mr and Mrs. Jerry Green Samuel Green Mrs Constance Greene Mr. and Mrs. William Greenwood Mrs Lucille Grier Mr and Mrs Tom Gruenwald Mr. and Mrs Jerry Guess Frank Haley Mrs Bernice Hall Curtis Hall Mr and Mrs. Walter L. Hall Jimmy Halstead Arthur Harden Mrs Carolyn Harden Mr and Mrs. 8 Hardy Sandra V. Hargrove Bessis Harrington Robert Harrington Mrs. Betty Harris Donald Harris George Harrison James Harvey Hasani William Hatcher Mrs. Emma Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hawkins Berries Hays Mr Hellams Mr. and Mrs. Harry Henderson Claudia Hetrick Bolivar Hidalgo Higher Education Assistance Program Balagoon Somera Hikme F. A Hill George Holder Paul Hollis Mrs Wilnora Holman Thelma Holmes Mr. and Mrs James Hooper Bronda Hoskins Miss Helen Howe Mr. and Mrs Freddie Hubbard Mr. and Mrs Harry Hubbard Kenneth Joromo Hubbard Miss Myra Hubbard Rev and Mrs. Earl Huff Mr and Mrs George Humphrey Bill Hunter Mrs Gwen Ingram In Memory of Grandma Willcox Isaiah 40 31 Mr and Mrs Ben Jablonowski James Jablonowski Linda Jablonowski Laurel Jablonowski Dr. Gertrude E. Jacobs Mrs. Doreen James Edna James Mrs. Florence James Mr. and Mrs George James Mr. Oscar S. James Mr Winston James Johnson Children Johnson Family Mrs Annie Johnson Eva Johnson Taylor Herbert Johnson Mr and Mrs Joe Johnson Mrs Mary Johnson Mrs Mary E Johnson Mr. and Mrs Rick Johnson Mr. Ronnie Johnson Elame F Jones Mr. and Mrs. George Jones Mr. and Mrs Willie Jones Mitchell and Lynne Keil Mrs Frances Kendall Ulysses Kendricks Kent G and Fuzzy Mr and Mrs Aaron L. Keys Marsha S Keys Mr Levon Khachadoarm Mrs Margaret Kiernan Mane E. Knobloch Ivory Kornegay Mrs Betty Krampert Viola R. Krill Mr. Quitman Kyer John Lang Damien Rajon LaRoy Kim and Claudia LaRue Mr. and Mrs. E W. Lawings III Mrs Rozene Lawson Curtis Layton Evelyn Layton Paul Layton Botto Lazar Leo Joann Lenox Charles Levy Rodney Lewis Herbert Lexa Pauline Lexa Walter Lindsey and Ellen Mrs Jules LiSS Mrs. Adeil Lloyd Faye Lockette Mr Juan Fernando Lopez Celia Lopomo Nancy McLoughlm Mr. and Mrs Butler G Lowe Mrs. Marie Lozito Mr. and Mrs Frankie Lucas Frankie Marquol Lucas Mrs. Patricia Lucas Miss Ann Mackey Mrs. Josophme 6. Mackoy Mr. Robert Mackie Maggie Maguire Maria Manuli Juan Managon Mrs. Irma Marrero Carl Buddy ‘ Martin Donald Edward Martin Mrs lla Martin Mr and Mrs. James Martin Jamie Martin Mr and Mrs Willie C Martin Mr and Mrs Vernon Massey Mrs. Marion Mayberry Brenda McCall A McClary Mrs. Barbara McClary and Family Beverly McCloud Mary McDowell Mrs. Debra McKnight Mr John McKnight Mrs. RiHie McPherson Mr Samuel McPherson Aldon McQueen Miss Annie McWhite Mrs David D Meads Mr. and Mrs Dillard Means Del Charles A Meeks Mr. and Mrs Roy Melvin Danny Menza Mercury Mob Ruth Meyerson Mr. and Mrs A Miceh Michele and Jimmy Mr Calvin Miller. Jr. Mr. Calvin P. Miller Mrs. Ethel B Miller Ema D. Mills Missionary Volunteer Society Mr Willie Mobley and Family Mrs. Ethel Molina Anthony Moniz Amanda Moore Mr and Mrs Billie Moore Mrs. Elva Moore Johnny Moore of the Drifters Mr. Paigo Mooro Rataci Morales. Jr. Joseph Morano The Morrison Family Kevin Morrison Mrs. Lou Ethel Mosoly Mr. David Muldrow Mr. Richard Muldrow Hazer Lee Muller Tom Muir Nancy's Income Tax Service Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Nelson Mrs R. Nicholson Mr Matthew Norwood Mrs. Thelma Oatman Mrs. Ruth Odom Mrs. Gladys Oliver Mr. and Mrs. 0 Olivo Mrs Ethel Orr Mr. Daniel Antonio Ortiz Hilton J. Otero Jo-Ann and Danny Owens Mr and Mrs Leroy Owens Mrs Estella Oxendine and Sons Mrs Martha Oxendine and Son Betty PanasBOOSTERS Mr Harold Parker Mrs Lona Parker Mrs Lucy B Parker Mr William Parker and Family Mr and Mrs. Edward Parm Charles Paul Mr Donald M Payne Thomas Perry Christine Peterson Dr Michael A Petti Alexander Pettiford. Jr. Mr and Mrs. John Piegaro Mrs Harriet Pierce Pistol’s Restaurant Mrs Beulah F Pitts Dr Edward I Pfoffor Mrs. Shirloy Plant Nathaniel L. Potts Johnny Porter Mr and Mrs. Loo Pratt and Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Allred Prosutti Elnariss Prewitt Nellie and Robert Pugh Mrs Ruth Pugh Punch ‘ Doniso Quick Miss A Raff Ray. Anne and Emily The F. A. Ramseurs Annette Reed Mrs M Regatlero Mr and Mrs J. Reiman John Reilah Bernice Rendelman Rosemarie Roo Joseph Reuberq Mrs Helen Rhame Lazarus Rhim Alice Rhodos Marshall Rhodes Tessio Riccardi Cleveland Rich Derek Riley Mr Donald Riley Mrs. Dons Riley Mr and Mrs Lucious N Riley Mr. and Mrs Nathan Riley Pamela Riley— 76 Mr Zoilo Rivas Harvoy Rivera and Ely Oscar Rivera Mr. and Mrs Charles Roberson Mr Derrick W Roberts Mr Emery Roberts of Roberts' Expross Lillie Roberts and Family The Very Rev D Robinson Mrs. Joanna Robinson Mrs. Sylvia Robinson Mr. William Rodriguez Zulma Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rogers Mrs. Mabel Rogers Yahnc Dari Rogers Ron-Carr Enterprises Richard W. Roper Rosemond Childron Mr and Mrs Morris Rotman Mr ana Mrs. Irving Rubm Jill Ruckor Mr and Mrs. Paul R Rucker. Jr. Lillian Russell Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Sample Mr and Mrs. J. M. Sanchez Tomas Sanchez William Sanchez Marion M Sanders Marion R. Sanders Mary L. Sanders Mrs A Santos Judy Santos Mrs Mane Santos Undersheriff Patrick J Scanlon Ivy M Scercy Howard I Schnoidor Scooter Billy Scott Sovonth Day Adventist Church Christine Shafer Franky Shafer Gracy Shafor Mrs. C. Sheffield Etroy Sherman W. E. Sherwood Dana Shockley Mr. Adam Shuler Mel Siogol Anthony Silva Miss Christine Simmons Eartha Simmons Mr. Lee Simpkins and Family Clairo Siner Torri Ellen Singer Henry Singloton Eva Mao Slade Mrs. Florence Slade Miss Margaret Slade Miss Mary Slade Smile" At no Smith Mrs. Barbara Smith Mr. and Mrs Bennie Smith Miss Cecelia Smith Mrs. Janie Smith Mrs. Lillian Smith Phyllis Smith Rev. and Mrs Robert Smith Rev and Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr and Mrs. Williams Smith Marian Smyth Mary Stanford Ido Stanger Mrs Carrie Starks Stephen Elizabeth Stillor Mr Stinson Robin Tweetle Stone Sonya. Samantha and Shonda Debbie Spalletta Stafford Family Edward Stafford Mrs. Eleanor Stafford Selvy C. Sternes Mrs Eva Stewart Jerry Stewart Mr and Mrs. William Stewart Mrs. Geraldine Street Neicie Street Mr. and Mrs Henry L Suber and Goorge Miss Michelle Suber Miss Sharon Suber Clyde and Alvenia Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Sullivan Mr. Ronald Sullivan Christopher Summerfieid E. J. Svasta Reginald A. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Willie Tampa Mrs. Lorraine Taylor Mr. Robert Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Domemck Tclesco Linda Telesco Theater of Universal Images Leon Thomas Mane Thomas Mr Robert Thomas William Thomas Thompson Groceries Mrs. Ernestine Thompson Miss Shirley Thompson Mrs. Yvonne Tompson Franklyn Titus Carmen Tomlinson Mr Torres—Studio Decorating A M Tremmel George Trimmings Laura Trimmings Deborah L. Tnston Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Trotter Jeanne Tso David S. Tucker— 69 Mrs. Eloise Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Tucker Kenneth T. Tucker Lieutenant Joseph Tutela Unity Club of Bethany Miss Jean Vaccari Agustin Valenzuela Alma VanZile Mrs. Mary A Vonskus Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva Mr, and Mrs Frank Waiters Mrs Walker Mr. and Mrs McKinley Wallace Buffy Walls Miss Margaret Walsh Forrest Warren Annette Washington Mrs. Gladys Washington Lorcno Washington Mr. Asa DuPuy Watkins Peggy Ann Watson Kim Weaver Lynn M. Weaver Mrs. Sandra Weaver Mr. Westley Weaver Mrs. A. Webb Karen Weddmgton Wells and Smith Beauty Supply Wendell. Wmky and Howard Charles Weston Mrs. Constance B White Mr Donald White Mr and Mrs Elroy White Sheila White Mr. and Mrs. James Whitley Mr. Banjamm L. Wilkinson Lamont Wilkinson Mrs. Carrie Hall Williams Mrs. Clarice R Williams Mrs. Daisy Williams Mr Ed Morrell Williams Miss Florence L. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James Williams Jamos Shabazz Williams Mr. John Williams, Sr. Mr. John J. Williams. Jr. Mrs. Lucille Williams Mrs Marcelyn W. Williams Mrs Mary Williams Reggie Williams—73 Rosalie Williams Sharon A Williams Wilmer V and Robin Mrs Havonna Wilson Mrs. Robert Wilson. Jr. Edward Wingo Elizabeth Wright Margaret Wright Helen Wynn Zaglid Yasin Barrett Young Yough Services Agency Yvonne Zaragoza Mrs Maggie A Ziegler Peter Zoilo Miss Pat ZologaAUTOGRAPHSTHIS IS YOUR PROUDEST HOUR .......Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. A your official photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived • the very thoughts you spread • the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember • Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST 104

Suggestions in the Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

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