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VIGNETTE 1969 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOH CLASS ARTS HIGH SCHOOL, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY IDEDICATION PAT A. RESTAINO B.S., M. ED. The Clan of 1969 proudly dedicates thi» bool to Mr. Pat Restaino who, until last June. 1968, served as our Vice-Principal. During the years he spent with us he was a conscientious administrator and a sincero friend who centered his attention on each individual studont. Always ready to help change a schedule or offer personal counsof, he has left us warm memories of friendly chats in his office, between classos, or during lunch periods. Mr. Resteino dedicated each day to doing what he could to preserve and maintain the high standards of our school. We sincerely wish Mr. Restaino overy happiness in his position at Principal of Barringer High School. We shall always be proud of his achievements and shall continue to regard him at a mombor of the Arts High family.ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYHARRY LEWIS. Ph.D. Principal The high academic and cultural standards which have made Arts High a functioning aiampla of a truly fine acadomic institution may bo in part, attributed to the wisdom, oiperience and patient guidance of our principal. Or. Harry Lewis. Ono evidence of his concern for the students at Arts has been his establishment of a quiet study hall available during the lunch periods for the use of conscientious students. Popular books and magazines are also provided so that students may spend leisure time pleasantly and profitably. Dedication, sagacity, and dependability are familiar characteristics of Dr. Lewis. He is available for counseling and discussion at almost anytime and is often seen in classrooms questioning, speaking, or teaching. His warm smile, dignified personality. and friendly interest have won the respect and admiration of every student, faculty member, and visitor with whom he has come in contact. Arts High is proud to claim him as its own. 4THERESA S. DAVID B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal Mils David. the latest addition to our administrative staff. has assumed the duties of Vic a-Principal. Prior to her appointment to this office. Miss David served on our teaching faculty. ....... . A graduate of East Orange High and Montclair State College, she is the ho der of The Margaret Holt Language Award and is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi. Her graduate study beyond masters was done at the University of Menco. additional study at Cornell and Rutgers. For many years she taught Spanish and combined subject matter with an under-standing and warmth that is so characteristic of her. A truly wonderful person, her bubbling personality, her strength of character, and her love of youth have made her one of our finest and most esteemed teachers. We are certain that these same qualities will male her eicel in her administrative career. To Miss David, we, the class of 1969. eitend our congratulations and sincere best wishes for future yeers. 5IN MEMQRIAM SADIE B. YUKER. B.S., M.A. Librarian All Art High itudentt mourn«d the patting of Mitt Sadi Yuker who had baan a dedicated librarian at Art High for many yaart. Patiant. undaritanding. and a tourca of intpiration to all of lit, tha mada a valuable contribution to that indafinabla "tomefhing tpacial" in tha acadamic and cultural atmotphara at Art High School. Mis Sadie Yuker of 23 Van Valsor Place. Newark, died on November 12. ISM at St. Mary's Hospital in Orance. Mist Yuker wat born in Newark and was raised in Pennsylvania and Long Island. She receivod her B.A. degree from New York University and her M.A. from Columbia University. She wat an English teacher at Weequahic High School and a textbook librarian for the Newark Board of Education before becoming a librarian at Arts High School tan years ago. She wat a member of the executive board of the Newark Teachers Union. Miss Yuker also served a a member of several Jewish philanthropic organizations. She had a deep appreciation for the arts and for many rrt belonged to The Newark Museum and The Modern Museum of Art New York. She leaves a brother, Harold Yuker of Long Island and a Sitter, Mrs. Bertha Epstein of Newark.COMMERCIAL 1. SEYMOUR M. LANDSMAN. B.S.. M.A.. Art Chairman 2. JULIUS BENEVENTO. 8.F.A.. Art 3. JAN CARDEN. B.S.. Art 4. LOUIS SPINDLER. B.S.. M.A.. Art 5. ELIZABETH R. STILLER. B.S.. M .. Art 6. JEANNE O. TSO, B.S.. M.A., Art 7. BETTE LAZAR. B.S.. M.A.. Secretarial 8. LILLIAN RITTER. B.C.E.. Secretarial 9. SEYMOUR C. HECK. 8.A.. M.A.. English. Chairman 10. RUTH S. ABOS. B A.. M.A.. English 11. MIRIAM CAHN, B.A., M.A. English and Social Studlei 12. ROBERT P. DURKIN. B.S„ M.A., English 13. DOROTHY NEUSS. B.S.. M.A.. English 14. DELPHINE PERUGINE. 8.A., M.A.. English 9FOREIGN LANGUAGES I 16 1. SONIA FELDMAN. B.A., M.A.. French 2. ANGELA HAMMOND. B.A., French end Spenith 3. KATHERINE P. WING. 8.A.. M.A.. English 4. TINA EUGENE BOHANNON. A B., M.A. Pro Dipl.. Heed Counselor 5. LUCILLE B. HILLER, B.A., Home Economics 6. JEROME MARCUS, B.S., M.A.. Industrlel Arts 8. GLADYS E. FRIEDMAN. B A.. B.L.S.. Ubrerlen 9. GEORGE STEISEL, B A.. M A. Methemetics Coordinetor 10. NEIL BROMBERG. B.S.. Methemetics 11. ALBERT W. CALVIN. A.B, M.A., Methemetics 12. ALFRED GENTILE. 8.S.. Methemetics 13. RUTH MEYERSON. B.A.. M.S.. Methemetics l4- SHIRLEY ZONES. Clerk-Stenogrepher •5- MARIE J. GAGLIARDO. Clerk-Stenogrepher HARLENE ALDEN, B.A.. Spenlsh. ,7- CHARLOTTE YOUNG. A.C.S.W.. B.S.. M.S.S. Psychietrlc Sociel Worker. '8 -RUTH WEISMAN. B.A. French. 1014121. ROCCO RESILE. B.S.M., M.A.. Muiic. Co ordinator 2. ANNETTE BLOCK. Muiic 3. WILLIAM L. PICKEn. B M.. M.M.. Muiic 4. GERTRUDE R. SHAPIRO. B.S.. Muiic 5. REUBEN SINGER. 8.S. M.A.. Muiic 6. GERARD C. TOBIA. Mu . B.. 8.S.. M.A. Doctorate Equivalent, Muiic 7. JOHN LANG, B.S.. M.A.. Phylical Education 8. DON YVONNE DAVIS. B.S. Health and Phy ical Education 9. EVELYN DONOVAN. B.S.. Phylical Education 10. CONSTANCE GREENE. R.N. B.S , Health Education 11. WILLIE JOHNSON. B.S. Health and Phyiice! Education 12. MARIE MEEHAN. R.N.. Nur e 12. ALLAN J. SHAPIRO. B.A.. M.A. Hiitory Co-ordinator 13. LORNA R. FURST. B.A.. M.Ed.. Hiitory 14. PEARL RICH. B.A., Hiitory 15. LEONARD J. YABLICK, B.A.. M.A. Science Co-ordinator 16. MARY A. VENSKUS. A.8., Science 17. WILLIAM CASTELLUCCIO. B.S.. M.A. Chemittry and Phyiici 18 GEORGE SCHWARTZ. B.S. M.A.. Muiic. 13SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR ALFRED GENTILE, B.S., Mathematics We, the Senior Class of 1969 are proud to have as our advisor, Mr. Alfred Gentile. More than just an advisor, he has really jumped the "generation gap". Whether he is at a senior class council meeting, at a blackboard solving equations, or at a dance waltzing across the ballroom floor. Mr. Gentile has always performed well. No one person has dedicated as much unselfish effort to the Class of 1969 as he has this past year. His warmth and friendliness, his perseverance, and his integrity are only a few of his many traits wo have come to respect and admire. We thank him for enduring aggravations, frustrations, small wars, financial crises, "Senioritis," personality probloms, and other maladies so often associated with candidates for graduation. ALFRED GENTILE B.S., Mathematics SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS JEANNE O. TSO. B.S.. M A. Art ALBERT CALVIN. B.S.. M.A. Mathomotic LUCILLE B. HILLER. B.S. Horn Economic DOROTHY B. NEUSS. B.S.. M.A. Enqliih REUBEN SINGER. B.S.. M.A. MuvicSENIOR CLASS DFFICCRS i PRESIDENT STEPHANIE GLOVER Stevie . . . bright, witty and a delight to know . . . dot friend «r Diene Thornton, Petrice Sim . Nilde Cedeno, end Odette Seymore , . . enjoyed erf clette mo»t . . . pet peeve: ignorent people . . . edmiret erti t Kethy Koilivity . . . like macaroni cheete . cetuel clothing end popoler mutic . . . Mi Devid, Mr . Hiller end Mr . Dono-ven tcore high in her book . . . edmiret mother end fether mott for they ere "gold" . . . Senior Clet pretident , . . Twirling Club ceptein . . member of the Modern Dence Club, the Spenith Club, the Student Council, end the Uptilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . Gereld Heirtton it e tpeciel perton . . . hobbies include heir (tyling, modeling, end fethion . . . college bound. VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER MICHAEL C. CATAPANO Kelly" . . . e calm, lively individuel . . , frequent companion ere Scotty Tucker end Sem For-i no . . . among hit many favorite ere the Tempte-Tiont, Oldenberg. Turner, Mr. Gentile. Mr. Bene-’ »ento, soul mutic. Italian and Chinete food . . . usually found at the thore turfing . . . "Wonder-fulnett" . . . baseball, basketball, end Phyticel Ktnet Club . . . Vanity letter . . . ectivitie out-tide of school include the C.Y.O. end tinging in e group . . . edmiret hit mother . . . vice pretident of the Senior Clets . . . plant to attend college . . will major in advertising. HELENA ROMAN Helene . . . sincere, talkative, end friendly . . . finds company of Marie Vitcerronde. Nilde Cedeno. Peggy Hammond, end Annette Rieter pleasurable . . . enjoys tinging, volleyball, dancing, Chinese food. Latin end soul mutic . . . member of the Red Cross, Dramatic Club, the Dick Ricardo Club, and the Symphony Sid Club . . . received a iteno award and an A-Pin . . . secretary of the Senior Clast . . . admires Ruben Rodriquez . . . look forward to attending Berkeley School of Secretarial Training or Ettez County College . . . plant to prepare for a position at a legal secretary. LUCILLE ROSARIA MONDALTO "Lu" ... a kind and considerate girl with a lively personality . . . usually found in the company of dote friends Margaret Letkiw, Judy Clarke. Debbie Jones, and the twins . . . favorites include classical music, mathematics, tennis, the artist Rembrandt. and the author Howard Levi . . . has great admiration for her father and for Miss Meyerton . . . spends plenty of time in school attending Math Club. French Club. Bowling Club. Tennis Club, and Student Council meetings . . . hat received a National Honor Society award, a bowling award, and a tennis award . . . can usually be found reading in the library . . . plant to attend the Virginia Polytechnicel Institute of Technology to prepare for a career as an electrical engineer.JOSEPH ACCARDO GLORIAH PHILLIS ALFORD CARL ACOSTA FERNANDO AMESTI PATRICIA ALEXANDER THOMAS ANNIBALLI 18JOSEPH ACCARDO "Joe" . . . interesting. end conscientious . . . usually seen rooming the h«ll« with Mouse Santiago. Debbie Brody. and Kathy Woloeh . . . enjoys soccer. Italian food. chaw, reading, and listening to music . . . lists Mr. Landsman, and Mr. Graan as h.s favorite taachars . . . member of the Photography Club, the Chess Club, and the Scope . . . p'ans to attend the School of Visual Arts to prepare for a career in advertising. CARL ACOSTA Carl . . . friendly, considerate, intelligent, athletic . . . close friends include Anthony Do Pascale. Chris Bland. David Tucker. Mike Catapano. Joe Aceardo and James Fryer . . . admires friendliness and sincerity in others . . . hobbles include baseball, fishing and hunting ... is especially fond of swimming, art. steak, modern music, Italian sausage and the girls at Arts . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Spindler . . . holds three Varsity letters for swimming . . . feels that the art courses are enjoyable and superior to all others . . . can usually be found at Boyland engaged in a game of cards . . . future plans include college. PATRICIA ALEXANDER "Cookie" ... a warm, friendly, quiet girl . . . among her close friends are Pam, Dorothy and Yvonne . . . Kenneth Hall rates with her . . . favorites include sewing, rock and roll music, skating, American food. art. the book "Menchild in the Promised Land ... admires Mr. Calvin . . . has been an active Chess Club member and a member of the Junior Class Council . . . spends her spare time talking on tho phone, or in the company of the sorority sisters of "Beta Phi Chi", or out having fun . . . hopes she appears charming and friendly towards others ... a career in business or modeling will satisfy her. GLORIAH PHILLIS ALFORD Gloriah . . . friends include Joan Cuffie. Katrina James and Mary O'Neil . . . W lie Lawson rates . . . enjoys spirituals, basketball, health, chicken . . . hobbies include singing and playing the piano . . . has great admiration for her father. Mrs. Green and Mr. Pickett ... is an active member of the Glee Club. Red Cross and girls Volley Ball Team . . . other interests include Junior Achievement . . . likes the friendly relationship between teachers and students at Arts but despises the detention room ... is usually found at home talking to her boyfriend . . . wants to be a more outgoing person . . . plans to attend Esses County College for a career in music. FERNANDO AMESTI Fernando . . . friendly, garrulous, curious, with a great sense of humor . . . depends on Richard Von Ende. Carl Acosta. Tony DePascale, and Eugene Graiiano for stimulating conversations . . . admires Mr. Castelluccio . . . enjoys art. listening to rock and roll and soul music ... a serious chess player in his leisure hours . . . plans to attend college upon graduation. THOMAS ANNIBALLI "Tom" ... a member of the "in crowd" consisting of Tom DiChiara, Joe Giordano, and Carl Acosta ... no "Honey" . . . hobbies include building model ships . . . digs all music, baseball, football, hockey, pinstripe suits and turtle necks, spaghetti and meatballs . . . he's wild about Mr. Pickett and the chorus . . . dislikes people who crack their BRUCE AUSTIN knuckles ... is an active member of the E.Y.P. at church and holds a Varsity letter . . . peculiar habits include crossing his legs and tapping his feet on the floor . . . Big deal . . . considers himself a lazy person but hopes to discover what ho would like to do soon . . . looks forward to a career In the Navy. MICHAEL ANTONICELLO "Mike" . . . creative, and sensitive . . . frequent companion of Jay Denburg and Joe Giordano . . . profited from Mr. Spindler's teaching . . . appreciates the work of De Kooning . . . member of the Du Bois Club . . . received a silver medal in art . . . enjoys Kahil Gibran, steak, and art.. . plans to study art in Rome upon graduation. BRUCE AUSTIN "Brucie" . . . tall, quiet, handsome, smart, a great friend . . . enjoys the companionship of Sharman Braswell. Frank Jordan, Myron Smith, and Eugene Graiiano . . . favor.tes include skating, science, pop. classical and foreign music, football. French, and Chinese food . . . admires Aretha Franklin. Mrs. Rich, and James 8e!dwin ... is a member of the Albert P. Cory Choral Ensemble and the Clear View Choir . . . values National Honor Society membership . . . future plans include a career as a nuclear physicist. RAMON BAEZ "Ray" . . . quiet, shy. and friendly . . . best pals are Phil Rosas. Robert DeNeiza. Dennis DeNcna and CaH Acosta . . . has a keen eye for art . . . favorites are rock and roll, jazz, football, English, reading magazines, and spicy food . . . lists Miss Perugine as his favorite teacher . . . admires Elvis Presley . . . plans to prepare for a career as an artist. MICHAEL ANTONICELLO 19 RAMON BAEZDEBORAH RENEE BATTLE ERIC BERZON PRISCILLA BLACKWELL CHERYL D. BRADLEY CHRISTOPHER M. BLAND SHARMAN BRASWELL BRENDA BROADNAX DEBORAH ANN BRODY BEATRICE BROWNDEBORAH RENEE BATTLE 51111 o-£ « :• . « . u5 o 5 _ o • d a£.9 ? .SS • J £ i - til 5i r .2 j c , e • • S £ £ 2 -o t „ « 3 -2 « Hi S2 » «1 — » •“ . • 5 5 s • 35 § • • 2T e X - $3 3-13 F iV E J "2 ? o ill’ll , •- S “ s i :- °l :1 • o if:°?s itH|; SE2“Tc -J.e-p • • — Mv iH K rim ‘.Tii •" £ Ji-c is-.r • « O « E o . ..{ e • •■£ . £ o • - "x « ? §_•- .s .liJ; :| - - JS ? • s o Z S 2 ° e .£ . c J « 5 8 io-s 02 •_-«..= s iiiifi Silrtiji uj uj eo If S3 .o {'2E Jisi =5 • '’ 3 II -n: 3 « S -l S c 2 51 "i -j.— ° : :a|ii :l g -° 11 . £ § i E S •sjs-i ■: “ .9 » 5 .5 •f .|4 ! ih • : •? s- •1 "•£ s-g'S ? ?Mi I ;r; t-joa 1?]x -il o fc . • a itiUtl x i 2 £ •13 §£.£ ? (J E u£ • 41®! : r? gi 5 5i ; 5 S = •= 3 -• X C C t C — •- uDECOYISE BROWN LINDA BYRNE GREGORY CALLOWAY ■ Alfred Carvalho MARIE CASKEY NILDA CEDENO 72DECOYISE BROWN "Tootsie" . . . chooses the company of Paul Price. Beverly Kincay. Sharman Braswell. Priscilla Blackwell. Frank Jordan, and Myron Smith . . . sincerity. honesty. and loyalty are her virtues . . . most at home in conservative clothes . . . favorite foods are steaks—medium rare, and submarine sandwiches . . . enjoys a good book or a stimulating conversation . . . admires Mr. Gentile . . . plans to become an English teacher . . . active member of the Vignette staff, the Scope, and the Student Council ... a part-time employee at Foodtown . . . will attend Howard University upon graduation. LINDA BYRNE "Alice in Wonderland" . . . close friends include Carol De Lessio. Cindy O'Rourke, and Irene Yachnik ... in her spare time she can be found with Michael, shopping in New York . . . admires her "boss" and George Kontos . . . enjoys Walt Disney and the novel Madame Bovary . . . wears mini clothes . . . active in the Fencing Club, the Band and in church groups . . . considers the '69ers the best class ... pet peeves are phony people and the food at Arts . . . "Yeah! I'm hip!" . . . Linda plans to prepare for a career as a nurse. GREGORY CALLOWAY Cal . . . honest, sincere, and intelligent . . . friends include Marvin Johnson and Charles Maioy . . . very fond of Mary Dungee . . . likes Da Vinci and Edgar Allan Poe . . . hates conceited people . . . enjoys jeu. basketball, football, sou' food. Spanish, painting and girlwatching . . . admires Miss David . . . likes the girls at Arts . . . spends leisure hours at West Side engaged in various sports ... has been active in intramural basketball . . . member of the Physical Fitness Club ... wants to attend Shaw University. ALFRED CARVALHO "Big Al" . . . friendly and cheerful . . . depends on Dennis Covert, Mousie Santiago. George Ries, and Dennis Thomas for fun and games . . . enjoys listening to music . . . likes football, baseball, lasagna. and history . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Singer . . . "You better believe it" . . . admires Tony Imperiale ... a James Baldwin fan . . . active in the Craftsmen's Guild, the Chess Club, the Marching Band and the Orchestra . . . earned a letter for band participation . . . plans to attend college to prepare for a career as an electronics engineer. MARIE CASKEY "Ree" . . . serious, honest, and sincere ... a close friend of Linda Charles. Vmnie Perna. and Janet Wilson ... a reader of Edgar Allen Poe’s works . . . has a special appreciation of paintings by Mr. Spindler . . . favoritos include painting hair styling, dancing, basketball, and Italian food . . . has participated in the Glee Club programs . . . member of the C.Y.O. . . . admires Mr. Benevento . . . looks forward to attending Fashion Institute of Technology and to becoming a fashion designer. LUIS A. CEDENO "Tony'' . . . calm, cool, and friendly . . . usually found in the company of Milton Roman . . . among his many favorites are soul music, football, art. Robert Frost. Rembrandt, and dancing . . . “Don’t give up" . . . admires Mr. Spindler . . . has participated in the Dance Club, and the Spanish Club activities . . . hopes to pursue a career in commercial art. NILDA CEDENO “Nellie" . . . finds company of Marie V.icerrondo. Beatrice Rodrigue , and Eva Gonialei pleasurable . . . dancing, bowling, basketball, sewing, cooking, painting. Latin and jatx music all appeal to her . . . prefers the works of Picasso . . . reads Edna Saint Vincent Millay voraciously . . . admires her parents . . . member of the Volleyball Club and the Dancing Club . . . active in the Daughters of Mary, and the Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . favorite teacher is Mrs. Neuss . . . eipects to attend college where she'll major in data processing. LINDA CHARLES "Charlie Brown" ... an energetic, ambitious, and fun-loving person . . . appreciates the companionship of Marie Caskey. Gloria Clarke. Janis Palmore. Corey White, and Brenda Newby . . . sewing, painting, dancing, history, chicken, classical and popular music are tops . . . "Dum, Dum" . . . lists Mr. Pesile as her favorite teacher . . . has participated in the Glee Club, the Dance Club, and the Junior Class Council . . . also a member of the C.Y.O. . . . looks forward to attending Juilliard and to becoming a professional singer. KIM YOUNG CHIN "Chin" . . . quiet but humorous . . . chooses the company of Dennis Covert and Alfred Carvalho . . . special preferences include Mr. Spindler. painting, chess, table tennis, trig, art and listening to music . . . usually found in New York sight-seeing . . . finds Arts very enjoyable ... a member of the Chess Club ... plans to attend college. LINDA CHARLES KIM YOUNG CHIN 73GLORIA COOPER DENNIS COURT j. M. CUFFIE 24H-f'S'5 § OS I |iij ■- ;2-2 :is :S'i uim ?iiii i t E ». TJ « o » — . »jw j c 5 ! i ; i ?;uj 5 c -c -c • ; p a “ ? — r " lif S _ w o o - ; i--i Q • • oc 2?y ,-e ' ' ihj 3 —j -j ■ o .u. til ‘:|S? ; £ St- • • ; . c 35 ?v! : s «ll ; j- IIs hi] O y w.Ni-;r, « . 3 . } o • £ ♦ J « -t "5 : • ss, sj £: Jt- .j Ss -T • T 1“i e Jl 4 • 2 S .i £ ■5 S 3 1 5? s| H -!i. iiil 1-sMi 6 -2-5 § ■5 c o-g $•? II E??E U OlS SIM’S O « •— o Kfi ■ V I s2 f hili-S !11° - “■ o -o • • c £ 5 "c J 122 5 . s E tj' -?5s ni •» o-c c ssl-Ijl • $.2 •-§ fin. • £ •• 2? «c — « c T co ♦: — :V J-5 Si-2 : V" • • e - •■£ j 4 2 S5 vi oviis t n it — O O' m a »X ‘S 0: • a c -T s" 1 •-2 w si . |P :i32s « o © • So-s •■ . „ w ♦. V a..? S SI o o-21 i; Is if0 ! it i«i EI • it S: UUr. c l3 5 • C - • flizil .5 g. « :o - f i ; v! 2 ? o . • © .5u-t iiS e $ E.DOUGLAS CURRIEDOUGLAS CURRIE Dougla ... carefree. teriout. and en itive ... like true friendthip in hi attociate .... admit Mil David and Mr . Rick ... enjoy Chari Dicken . football. twimmlng, and English ...count Kenny Daniel and Eugene Gratiano among hi clo e friend ... hat enjoyed the friendly atmoipher mott at Art ... hope to purtu a career at a computer operator. ROGER CURRY Roger... content, teriout. and jovial... count Lynn 8rown Dave Tucker. Randy Nabort. and Rodney Aile among clotett friend ... admire Pattor Willcoi... hobbiet include toecer. baiketball. track, chet . and preaching the Gotpel of Chritt... enjoy biology, ham-burger , and chicken... an activ member of Soccer Team, the Conqueror Club, the Open Air Campaigner , and the Go p l Team . . . received Vertity letter in toccer. batketball, and track . .. plant to attend Covenant College ... will be a minitter. CAROLYN D'ALESSIO 'Spooky" ... well-l ked. friendly, and kooky ... utually obterved wearing huge tunglattet... it alwayt found in the company of Irene Yaehnik. Linda Byrne and Jinny Swierat... enjoy ice tkating. reading, shopping and vititing New York City... lilt mutic. football, clam . Englith. catual clothing and ' Scarlet Letter at her favorite ... admire Mr . Ventku . Mr. Petll . Mr. Pickett, and the author. Charle Diekent... trie to avoid arrogant people ...hat been a loyal and devoted Candy Striper... plan to attend Ette« County Technical College to prepare for a career a a laboratory technician. KENNETH DANIELS Kenny ... teriout, tincere, likable ... tometime moody ... Willie Herri and Donald Warran are hi buddiet ... participate in Track. Band. Orchettra. Conqueror , and church choir activitie ... hat received Vartity letter in track and i a member of the National Honor Society... Henry Mancini. Pearl Buck, the Bible, cold milk, and contervative clothing rate with Ken... fond of eating and gardening ... like the tchool tpirit and unity at Art ... plan to go to Ohio State Univertity to tudy agronomy. GLORIA JEANNIE DAVIS "Twinkle" ... thy, contiderate. and underttending ... clot friend include Annette Lennon. LaVern Smith. Verma Fortenberry and Michael Roll ... enjoy dancing, writing, rock and roll. ou! food, and Englith ... admire Mi Abo ... favorite teacher it Mr . T o ... pet peeve; hypocrite ... favorite artitt it Barbara Schwinn... adore Bonnie and Clyde clothe ...hat liked the art program bett at Art ... member of the Dram Club ... can utually be located at home reading, writing poetry or drawing ... plant to attend Northern State College to major in art education. DANTE De FLORIO, JR. "Flowor" ... honett. friendly, and induttriou ... utually teekt the company of hi elote friend Richard Von Ende. Mike Antonieello, and Jay Denberg . . . enjoy popular mutic. art. tport clothe , and dancing ... admire people who are talented ... favorite artist are Monet and Degat... member of the Dance Club and the Art Club... utually found at the Painting Contervation Studio ... the teaching of Mr. Spindler will remain with him alway ... hat liked tho teacher be»t at Art ... look forward to a career at a re»torer of painting . JAY DENBURG Jay... known to elote friend Mike Antonieello. Diane Ford and Dante DeFlorio at "Y j" ...tpendt hi tpare time in the Village... admire mo»t Che Guevera ... it entertained by the cream . . . O" M ce a«d Men . . . art . . . jazi . . . blue . . . enjoy twimming ...onion toup it top ... favorite eiprettion it "Freaky" ... hat been an active member of the Swimming Team, the Track Team, the Vartity Club and the Photography Club... like lunch time bett... didn’t care for gym clattet... warm, tincere perton who ditlike "ttraight" people ... plan to attend San Franotco Inttitut of Art. ROBERT Do NEZZA Bob . . . intpiring . . . pleatant, congenial pertonality . . . find the company of Eileen Wctton. John Swierat, Sharon Clark, and Phil Roiat pleaturable... ipecial interest include toccer. the humanifie . jan, Hemingway. Ferguton, Davit, and Monet . . . lists Mr. Petile. and Mr. Singer at favorite teacher ... ha participated in Band. Soccer Team. Track Team, Fencing Club, Orchettra. and Student Council activitie ... earned Vartity letter in track and toccer... plant to attend Rutger Univertity to further hit education. ANTHONY DE PASCALE Tony . . . calm, friendly, and witty . . . depend on Milton Thomat. Fernando Rodrlguei, Jon Yabliek. Peggy Hammond, and Cynthia Stavrov for tparkling conversation . . . enjoy Ceianne. chest, girl watching, football, art. and latagna . . . member of the Chet Club and C.Y.O. . . . enjoy the congenial atmotphere here . . . look for tincerity and honetty in other . . . plant to purtu hi education at Jersey City State Teacher College to prepare for a career in art. JAY DENBURG ROBERT De NEZZA 27 ANTHONY DE PASCALEFORREST DRENNEN I JINA MARITA DONNELLY MASALY DIAZMAGALY DIAZ "Maggie" ... undemanding And sympathetic ... finds the company of George Kontos. Leni Krawciyk, Jo Napolitano. and Debbie Mulling stimulating... admire Mr. Spindlar and Chuck Corona... spar time pursuits are listening to records, surfing and writing... likes french fries, algebra, and art... "Cool"... an active member of the Photography Club... enjoys the atmosphere at Arts ... will prepare for a career as a commercial artist at Syracuse University. JINA MARITA DONNELLY Jine . . . ambitious and versatile . . . counts Yvonne Onque. Rita Keith and Weegee Livingston among her close friends . . . admires her mother . . . favorites include James Brown, basketball, Picasso, and James Baldwin . . . has been active in the Student Council, the Photography Club, and the Entertainment Committee ... outside activities include the Baptist Youth Fellowship, the Junior Achievement, and the Delta Sigma Tau Sorority . . . plans to attend Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts to prepare for a career at a commercial artist. FORREST DRENNEN His dote friend is Dwight Acey . . . likes St. John. Billy Taylor. Mr. Petile and J. D. Salinger's Catcher in the Ryo . . . also hamburgers, harmony, track and jarx ... a member of the Track Team and the Young People's Holy Association of his church . . . likes individuality in people . . . plans a career in music . . . would like to be a fellow who has the guts to stand up for what he believes. NATHANIEL DUNCAN "Pea-Wee" . . . moody . . . always joking . . . friends include Tyrone Porter and Michael McMillion . . . admires Mar Roach . . . counts history and Mrs. Rich at the greatest . . . jan and basketball are included as entertainment . . . likes the atmosphere best at Arts . . . usually found at the corner of South 13th Street and 8th Avenue . . . plant to attend Ester County College. BRENDA EVERETT Brenda ... energetic, friendly, and good humored ... a close friend of Daryl Ann Person... admires Mr. Shapiro. Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Donovan, and Miss M yerton . . . Gore W th The Wind made a lasting impression . . active in the Tennis Club, the Volleyball Club, the Debating Club, the Student Council, the Bowling Club, the Junior and Senior Class Council. and the Beta Phi Chi Sorority ... hat always enjoyed the friendliness of the majority . . . enjoys history, tennis, and Italian food . . . intends to further her education as a psychology major in college. BELINDA ADELE FERRELL "Pocohontas" . . . usually found in the company of Gloria Cooper. Andrea Roberts. Sharon Smith. Roy Gillenwatert and Marvin Johnson . . . hobbies include art, music, basketball. baseball, dancing, and flirting . . . has great admiration for Mr. Gentile . . . her pet peeve is loud, immature people . . . favorites include the artist Mr. Spindlar. the book Another Courtry. the author James Baldwin . . . loves African and English clothes . . . activities include being a member of the Clinton Press, the Youth Choir, the "Y Girls" . . . a recreation counselor . . . likes the attitude of the people at Arts . . . dislikes narrowminded people . . . usually found at home or at a meeting ... is a very humorous person and wants to stay that way . . . future plans include a career as a medical secretary. DIANE FORD "Gypsy" . . . enjoys the friendship of Maria Viscerrondo. Vicky Sasiak. Ellen Silverman. Nilde Cedeno, Harvey Freeman. Jay Denburg and Michael Antonicello . . . has great admiration for her father . . . loves jan. Latin, soccer, track, basketball, shrimp and veal parmesan . . . has been an active member of the "A A.U. Track Team", the Newark Youth Council, the Arts High Student Council . . . renders assistance whenever she can . . . likes art. history and English best at Arts . . . admires sensitive, warm people ._. . would like to to be a person who is not afraid to be herself and who is aBle to appreciate other people ... plans to attend Pratt Institute for a career as a commercial artist. VERMA FORTENBERRY "Moms" . . . kind, lovable, sweet, and understanding . . . friends include Marjorie Smith. JoAnn Pitts, and Katrina James . . . favorites are rock and roll. jan. English and hot dogs . . . admires Mrs. Laiar and Miss Abos . . . dislikes prejudiced people ... is an active member of the girls Volleyball Team. Girls Glee Club and the Latin Club . . . has received the A-pin and volleyball pin awards . . . peculiar habits include biting her nails and having an extraordinary laugh . . . enjoys the company of people who are friendly and open minded and who have a good sense of humor . . . spends her spare time at home sewing or listening to the radio . . . plans include a career as a secretary or a hair stylist. SAMMY FORTINO Sam . . . ambitious, curious, friendly, and broad-minded . . . counts JoAnn DeVona. Mike Catapano. Dave Tucker, and Arlene Restaino among his closest friends . . . admires Dr. Lewis. Mr. Lang. Miss David, and Mr. Gentile . . . enjoys football, baseball, mathematics, lasagne, and ravioli . . . lists Mr. Cestelluceio and Mrs. Luixi as his favorite teachers . . . member of the Math Club, the Varsity Club, the Baseball Team, and the C.Y.O. . . . received Varsity letters for baseball and the Marching Band . . . "You've got to be kidding" . . . will prepare for a career in electrical engineering at Newark Collego of Engineering. IT SAMMY FORTINO 29JURDIA CHRISTINE GARRETT ROY GILLENWATERS JOSEPH GIORDANO ✓ EVA GONZALEZ 30HARVEY FREEMAN "Bumpiey" . . . calm. cool and collected . . . clote friend include Stephen Fuller end Cheryl Bradley . . . among hi many favorite ere dancing, fraternity meeting . The Temptation . Hemingway. Rock and Roll. Football. Choru . tpaghetti and meatball ... admire Mi Perugine the mo t ... a member of the Soccer Team and I Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity . . . pet peeve it jealou people . . . enjoy the tudent be t at Art . . . undecided about hi future plan . JAMES FRYER Jamet . . . clote friend are Oonald Warren and Mike Catapano . . . favorite are the artitt Renoir, the author Jame Baldwin, bateball, cartooning and pork chop . . . Mr. Lang it hi favorite teacher . . . ha been an active member of the Math Club, the Debating Club, the tchool newtpaper. the vartity and the intramural batketball teamt . . . enjoyed the teacher at Art belt and ditliked the tiny locker . . . detcribet himielf a handiome. imart. intelligent and neat . . . would like to be a concerned, reipomibie. well-rounded individual . . . ha received a Vartity letter in baiketbell ... a member of the National Honor Society . . . the American Legion Jertey Boy State . . . plan to attend college and later purtuo a career a an architect. STEPHEN FULLER Stephen . . . venatile. carefree, and friendly . . . frequent companion are Harvey Free-man. Cheryl Bradley, and Leah Jeck on . . . enjoy choru , thrimp. jan and popular mutic ... an active member of the Student Council, the All State Choru . the Leaguer , and the Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity . . . find pleaiure in n'nging and dancing . . . enthuiiaitic about the work of Dionne Warwick . . . plan to attend Boiton Comervatory of Mu ic .. . plant a career at a mutic teacher. JURDIA CHRISTINE GARRETT "Peachet" . . . friendly, lineere. teriout. cooperative and eontiderate . . . enjoy being in the company of clote friend Wendy McDonald and Mary Von Hook . . . bobbin include tinging, reading, and working with children . . . favorite are jazi. bateball. and the African look . . . tpend tpere time tinging with a rock and roll group . . . hope and dream include tomeday becoming a jan voealitt. ROY GILLENWATERS "Stretch" . . . ambitiou and witty . . . depend on Yvonne Onque. Dorca Clark. Marvin Johnton, and Daryle Perion for itimulating convention . . . among hi many favorite are Jame Baldwin. Mr. Spindler. batketball. track, mathematic , tweet tout mutic, thrimp. and drawing . . . lit! Mr. Mercu . and Mr . Rich a favorite teacher . . . "Say it loud" . . an active member of the Math Club, and the Junior and Senior Clat Council . . . enjoy the atmotphere at Art , and the attitude of the teacher and ttudent . . . look forward to attending Barrington College and to a career at a toeial ptychologltt. JOSEPH GIORDANO “Jo-Jo" . . . eaty going, friendly and tineere . . . clote friend of George Ro ti. Maggie Diax. and Eddie Palmore . . . enjoy art. Miro. Ian Fleming, billiard , and Italian food . . . admire Mr. Landtman very much . . . uiually found in hit cellar playing the guitar . . . favorite eiprettion "Take it oaiy. but take it" . . . ha participated in the Debating Club program . . . onjoyt the ttudent be t at Art . . . plant to attend college in the near future. EVA GONZALEZ "Shorty" . . . friendly, quiet, petite ... if the can't be found with friend Maria, Nilda and Beatrice, the'll be bowling or tewing . . . admire Mr . Rich, Mitt Myerton and Mr. Gentile . . . enjoy dancing. Latin mutic. tout mutic and jan. bowling, math, the book Hawaii and the author Hemingway . . . when atked about Joe Cuba and Braz.l "66" her reply wet "Oh, man!" ... an active member of the Folk Dance Club, the Pretbyterian Youth Organization and her church choir . . . enjoy the friendly atmotphere and the fine teacher at Art the mott and the food in the cafeteria the leatt . . . admire linearity in other . . . would like to be a fine teacher, a good mother and jutt a little bit taller . . . plant include attending Montclair State College for a career at a Spamth teacher. EUGENE GRAZIANO Gene . . . quiet, honett and intelligent . . . number Fernando Salamanca. Leonard Conover. Vinnie Perna and Dwight Acey among hi friend ... hi favorite people aro Wintlow Homer. George Orwell and Mr. Spindler . . . admired Mr. Gommoll the mott . . . enjoy gardening, reading good book , clatiicaf mutic. bowling, and hittory . . . hat been active in the Student Council ... it a member of a church youth fellowihp group ... pet peeve: diihonett people . . . like the Principal and Vice-Principal belt at Art . . . plant to attend Orange County Community College in Middletown, New York. CHARLENE HAIRSTON "Charlie" ... a quiet penon with many mood . . . "I'm an evil perion. but nice when you get to know me" . . . friend are Chanda Shockley, Sherman Bratwell and Denite Hamilton ... oh! and. of eoune. Tom Simmon . . . goe for football. Englith clettet. catual clothing. A Tale of Two Citie and jazz ... it an active member of the Red Croit. the bowling and fencing team , the Marching Band and the Concert Band . . . the warm atmotphere at Art pleated her but the gym ditpleaied her . . . admire a eontiderate. compatible and friendly individual . . . hope to be very happy and tuccettful . . . plant to attend Boiton Univertity to prepare for a career in nurting. EUGENE GRAZIANO 31 CHARLENE HAIRSTONDENISE HAMILTON PEGGY ANN HAMMOND DAVID WILLIAM HAMMOND LEANDER HARRINGTON WILLIE H. HARRIS WANDA GAYNELL HILL 32 RANDALL HODGES LEAH JACKSON IRENE JAMES33 DENISE HAMILTON Oon io . , . friendly end vivicitui . • . Belinda Smith, Leah Jackson and Charlene Hairston always enjoy her company . . . dancing playing the piano, jan history, music appreciation and pastrami are tops . . . lists Mr. Pickett as a favorite teacher ... has participated in tho Glee Club, the Drama Club and the French Club activities . . . served on the Vignette staff and the Junior Class Council . . . pet peeve: a "put on" . . . admires her sister the most... plans to continue her education at Syracuse University. DAVID WILLIAM HAMMOND David . . . our honest, capable, considerate mayor . . . lists Eric Barton as his closest friond . . . "What's new?' . . . active in the French Club, the Student Council, and the Band . . . member of the National Honor Society and the A-pin committee . . . favorites include ice skating, bicycle riding, basketball. Van Gogh. English. French, and history . . . admires his mother the most . . . pet peeve is bigotry . . . has enjoyed the social harmony at Arts ... looks forward to attending the University of Massachusetts. PEGGY ANN HAMMOND "Sissy" . . . cheerful and gay . . . enjoys making people laugh ... her audience includes Terri DiMeo. Cynthia Stavrou and Tony De Paseale . . . horseback riding, painting, and listening to Jose s "Light My Fire" pass the time ... an activo member of the Student Council and the Modern Dance Club . . . pet peeves aro prejudiced people and the lack of elevators in Arts High . . . loves periods si through eight . . . plans to be a free lance painter. LEANDER HARRINGTON Lee . . . congenial, fun-loving, and considerate . . . lists Gregory Calloway. Bruce Austin. Eugene Graiiano, Carl Strand. Fernando Salamanca, and Keith Hardy as his buddies . . . favorites include motorcycle riding, soul music, basketball, gym. and ehieken . . . has enjoyed the students best at Arts . . . favorite teacher is Mrs. Tso ... in the near future. Leander plans to enlist in the U.S. Navy. WILLIE H. HARRIS "Smooth Will" . . . usually found in the company of Sharman Braswell. Donald Warren. Denise Hall and Lynne Jennifer . . . enjoys bluos and tho soul sound, track, mathematics. Chinese and Italian food and sweet girls ... has great admiration for Mr. Pesile and Mr. Gentile ... is an enthusiastic member of the Track Team, the 8eseboll Team and the Poetry Reading Club . . . holds an award for track and a letter for work in the Marching Band . . . Will's a smooth, easy-going guy who wishes that he could be a worker of miracles in ordor to please all people . . . after graduation, he will enter the Air Force and later train for a career as a data processor. WANDA GAYNELL HILL "Duckie" . . . friendly, fun-loving, and talkative . . . counts Joseph Epps, Priscilla Blackwell. Brenda Newby. Jackie Pride, and Sarah Sapp among her closest friends . . . lists Mr. Pesile as her favorite teacher . . ."No maybe's about it" . . . enjoys jazx, rock and roll, and football . . . admires Miss Abos ... an active member of the Cheering Squad, the Red Cross, the Orchestra, and the Epsilon Sigma Chi Sorority . . . looks forward to attending Newark State College ... eipects to become a physical education teacher. RANDALL HODGES "Randy" ... a friendly, helpful, and cheerful individual who is usually found in the company of Phil Rotas and Romero Knight . . . enjoys television, football, rhythm and blues, and "The Temptations" . . . admires Mrs. Spitx. Mr. Singer, and his mother the most . . . activities include being a member of the Band and the Basketball Team . . . likes people with sensible attitudes and great personalities ... if his dreams come true, he will someday become a famous entertainer. LEAH JACKSON "Shrimp" . . . counts Stephen Fuller, Marie Sharp, Denise Hamilton, and Diane Thorton as close friends . . . her favorite toacher is Mrs. Greene . . . also likes sewing, designing, jazx. Black Rage, bowling and Hugh Masekela ... her favorite sport is track . . . sincere, fun-loving. sensitive, considerate, she would like to be "just the way I am" . . . college-bound to prepare for a career as a physical education teacher. IRENE JAMES "Chuckles" . . . always smiling . . . possesses a delightful sense of humor ... is constantly found in the company of Denise Mills. Mattie Moody. Beverly Clemons and Deryle Ann Person . . . favors soul music, basketball. English, "The Temptations", and lasagna . . . pet peeve—people who try to buy their friendships . . . has been a member of the Vignette staff and the Red Cross . . . served as secretary of the Student Council . . . likes the peoplo best and the lockers least at Arts . . . spends her spare time listening to records or watching T.V. . . . cipccts to attend college . . . plans a career as a social worker.ELLEN JERMAN MARVIN JOHNSON BARBARA JONES DEBRA JONES KATRINA JAMES JOYCE JENNINGSKATRINA JAMES "Tracoy" . . . polite, shy. and quiet . . . preferred company includes Verma Fortenberry. Glorinh Alford. Gloria Clarko and David Winningham . . . onjoys roller slating, swimming, bowling. Spanish, Italian food, and concerts . . . appreciates the talents of Leontyne Price. Van Cliburn. and Joan Sutherland . . . lists Mrs. Vonslus as her favorito teacher . . . has participated in tho Red Cross, the 8owling Club, the Glee Club, and the Volleyball Club projocts and programs . . . outside activities include the Junior Achievement and the Church Choir . . . oipects to attend Kingsway College where she'll major in elementary education. JOYCE JENNINGS Joyce . . . witty, friendly, and sincere . . . counts Herman Alston. Cheryl Bradley. Daryle Person. Gloria Kells. Brenda Jones. Oweedia Livingston, and Brenda Everett among her closest friends . . . singing, dancing, bowling, basketball, and listening to rock and roll are her leisure time activities . . . lists Miss Abos as her favorite teacher . . . serves as a member of the Fencing Club, tho Band, tho V.gnetto staff, and tho Bota Phi Chi Sorority . . . looks forward to attending Rutgers University and to becoming an elementary school teacher. ELLEN JERMAN "Dimples" . . . sweet, outgoing sister of the Xi Eta Epsilon Sorority . . . usually found at the Y.M.C.A. . . . enjoys dancing. jar», "Tho Temptations", football, basketball, mini skirts, mathematics, hamburgers and fronch fries . . . admires Mr. Singer, Mr. Gentile, and her parents the most . . . lists Marie Sharp, Chanda Shockley. Tyrone Portor and Bovcrly Gin-yard among her closest friends . . . has liked tho students best and tho girls' gym least at Arts . . . pet peeve—"phonies" ... is an active member of the Math Club, the Tennis Club, the 8and, the Senior Class Council and the Vignetto staff ... a dedicated cheerleader . . . plans to propare for a career in mathematics at Cornell University. MARVIN JOHNSON Marvin . . . sincere, honest, and full of fun , . . usually with Stephanie Glover. Denise Mills. Ircno James. Odessa Seymore, and Roy Gillenwafcrs . . . enjoys writing short stories . . . Pearl S. Buck is ins writer in his opinion . . . looks to his mother and father for guidance . . . likes Mrs. Rich. soul, and the humanities . . . received an A-pin and was inducted into the National Honor Society ... has boon active in the Student Council, tho Forum, the Library Guild, and in Junior Achievement . . . wishes to attend Williams College or Amherst College to study corporate law. BARBARA JONES Barbara . . . always smiling ... as cheerful a girl as can bo found . . . lists Jackie King. Wyndie Williams. Brenda Newby. Dollette McDonald. Sarah Sapp, and Jackie Pride as her personal friends . . . admires Arotha Franklin and Mr. Gentile . . . spends most of the time rehearsing for her ne«t record ... has already begun her career with "Treat Me Right" — intends to continue hor education at Montclair State College. BRENDA JONES "Pokey s' a quiet, friendly person who likes math, kickball. jati. art. and Edgar Allen Poe . . . usually found with Cheryl Bradley, Daryle Person, Gloria Kells. Joyce Jennigns and Brenda Everett . . . when not dancing or dabbling in sports, she's with Miko Estelle . . . very active in the Red Cross, the Library Guild and the Math Club . . . favorite toaehers aro Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Splndlor ... a Volleyball Team member ... the gym and the lunch room aro anathemas to her . . . "I’m easy to got along with." she says , . . likes dynamic personalities . . . will attend Montclair State College as a math major. DEBRA JONES Debbie . . . shy. quiet, and intolligont . . . considers as close friends Odessa Seymoro and Judy Clarke . . . gets pleasure out of reading, cooking, and collecting recipes . . . lists among favorites Michelangelo, Gone With the Wind, physics, chemistry, classical music, hit tunes, soccer, sportswear, and the "D.J." cheeseburger . . . pet peeves are kid brothers and eorney movies ... a member of the Marching Band, the Orchestra, and the National Honor Socioty ... a sister of the Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . "Really?” . . . eats unusual combinations of food such as chicken and ice cream . . . spends spare time ot home either reading or listening to records . . . has great admiration for Mr. Castelluecio . . . admires those who are friendly and honest . . . plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania to prepare for a career in science. STEVEN JONES Stovo . . . ploasant. generous, and considerate . . . always wants to know "what's happening?" . . . onjoys the company of Gordon Jenkins. Lenny Barnes, and Gerry Chappie . . . n lover of sports . . . plays basketball and basoball . . . can't wait until its time for gym . . . a member of a church basketball team . . . holidays and his friends are great . . . not particularly fond of teachers . , . eats cheeseburgers and hot dogs . . . wears gators, parkas and mohair pants. BRENDA JONES STEVEN JONES wRITA DOLORES KEITH FRANK JORDAN JACQUELYN KING BEVERLY KINCEY MARY ANN KOWALSKI HELEN KRAWCZYKFRANK JORDAN "Sunshine" . . . congenial, jovial, sociable, and fun-lov ng . . . admires Albert Cary . . . enjoys hamburgers, dancing, and conservative clothes . . . counts Decoyise Bro »n, Sherman Braswell, Myron Smith, and Priscilla Blackwell among his closes friends . . . looks for sin-cerity and honesty in others ... an active member of tho Track Team and Chorus . . . aspects to attend Juilliard School of Music upon graduation. RITA DOLORES KEITH Rita . . . loya . kind, thoughtful ... has a good sense of humor . . . Redilla Powell. Diane Thorton, Brenda 8roedne« and Dollette McDcne!d are good companions . . . looks for kindness and sincerity in others . . . likes dancing, singing reading, Latin music, jen. footba ’ t'amburgers and mod eothes . . . favorites include Mr. Pesile. Miss Abos and James Baldwin . . . likes the teachers at Arts ... the small gym makes her grumble . . . has participated in the Volleyball Club and Bowling Club activities ... I know what you mean" . . . member of the Delta Sigma Tau Sorority . . . plans to attend IBM Data Processing School. GLORIA KELLS Mommie" ... a sincere person who s usually found with close friends Cheryl B'adley, Deryle Pe»son, Brenda Jones, and Brenda Everett . . . included on her list of favorites are The Temptations", soul and jan music, draping class, basketball, and all kinds of food . . . a member of the Math Club and the Twirl ng Club . . . outside activities include membership in the Christine Temple Choir and the B eck Youth Organno'on . . . has been awarded a typing certificate ... has no immediate plans for the future. BEVERLY KINCEY Diane" . . . enjoys the company of Decoyise Brown, Priscilla 6 ackwell, Sharmen Braswell, and F ank Jordan . . . can't stand Algebra II . . . abhors silly boys . . . loves a good sandwich or a thick shake . . . spends her spare time working in Woolworth's writing to her boyfriend in Viet Nam or reading . . . parties are great . . . "Aw.» know!" . . . would like to be an cieeutive secretary . . . likes conservative colors and long hair . . . appreciates honesty in her friends . . . plans to attend Berkeley School of Secretarial Training. JACQUELYN KING Jackie ... a cons derate, friendly and very understanding person . . . close friends include Wyndie Williams, Sarah Sapp. Dolette McDonald, and 3erbara Jones . . . enjoys being with anyone who possesses a good sense of humor . . . spends most of her time at home entertaining Elliot Wright . . . her favorite teacher is Mr. Pes le . . . d s .kes getting ready for gym ... has great admiration for both her parents ... it a member of the Vignette staff . . . plans a career at a school psychologist. GEORGE KONTOS Jason” . . . cheerful and considerate . . . always with Joseph Napolitano Vincent Perna. Oebbie Mulling, Helen K'awctyk. and Jackie King . . . enjoys painting drawing, soccer, art. mod clothes, and egg rolls . . . favorites include Degas, Doli, Poe, and pop concerts . . . lists Mr. Spindler Mrs. Tso. and Mr. Benevento as his favorite teachers . . . admires Sonny and Cher ... Pet Peeve—"Greasers ... has participated in the Dance Club, the Student Council, the Photography Club and the Oil Paint ng Club ... on the Scopo and Vignette staffs . . . plans to attend Paterson State College . . . will major n art education. MARY ANN KOWALSKI "Texas" . . . shy. understanding and considerate . . . enjoys the company of Kathy Woloch D'ane Ford. Janet Wilson and ' Mousie ' . . . hobbies include archery, tennis, swimming, and horseback riding . . . favorites are Mr. Knobler. Bach. George Orwell, Van Gogh . . . active member of the Math Club . . . loves history, art. lamb, and shrimp . . . .kes truthfulness and kindness in others . . . admires the faculty and the atmosphere at Ar s . . . anticipates a career as a Navy nurse. HELEN KRAWCZYK "Leni" ... a sensitive, fr endly. intelligent, young lady who likes to read Voltaire . . . thinks football, hamburgers. English, folk and iard rock music arc thoroughly enjoyable . . . close friends are George Kontos, Debbie Mulling and Eric Berxon . . . has been an active member of the g.rls' Tennis Team and the Vignette staff . . . especially fond of the people at Arts High . . . eipects to attend Paterson State College majoring n the education of mentally retarded children. MARGARET LESKIW "Ki“ . . . intellectual . . . likes riding, swimming, Dali. Joseph Conrad concertos. Debussy, pork chops, math and reading the Bible . . . friends Include Luc-lle Mondalto. Candace and Denise Williams and Roger Curry . . . usually found at Ocean Grove or at Juilllard having fun . . . pet-peeve—'put-ons . . . Scope, the Debating Club the Math Club, the Band, the Library Guild, the Junior Class Council and the Modern Dance Club occupy her leisure hours . . . member of the National Honor Society . . . admires Mildred Dalland and Mr. Stelsel . .. plans to attend Juilliard to become a professional harpist. MARGARET LESKIW 37OWEEDIA LIVINGSTON DORIS L. LOFTIN GLENDA RAYE MATTOX CHARLES MAXEY 38 DOLLETTE McDONALD CAROLYN McMILLAN LENA McMILLANOWEEDIA LIVINGSTON "Weegee" . . . broad-minded. friendly. and fun-loving . . . countt Al McCoy. Dollette McDonald, Wyndie Williams, Jickit Pride. and 8renda Broadna. among close friends . . . onjoyt football, soul food, and listening to jai» . . . admire her mother . . . momber of tho Vignette Staff and the Orchestra . . . lilt Mr. Pcsile a her favorite teacher . . . "Just be careful" . . . look for sincerity and friendliness in other . . . plant to become a teacher. DORIS L. LOFTIN "Kimberly" . . . friendly, witty, and cheerful . . . find the company of Renee Millard, and Gloria Clark pleasurable . . . hobbies include dancing, reading, and listening to records . . . enjoys James Baldwin. Lou Rawls. Mr. Calvin, volleyball, and Italian food . . . active in the Red Cross, the Math Club, the Photography Club, the Student Council, the Hall Patrol, the Library Guild. and the Delta Chi Lambda Sorority . . . plans to prepare for a future at a librarian at the University of Denver. GLENDA RAYE MATTOX "Holmes" . . . friendly and quiet . . . enjoys the friendships of Jina Donnelly and Michael McMillion . . . favorites include Engith, history, music, fish, and mini skirts . . . admires her brother, Miss Abos, and Mr. Spindler ... a member of the Student Council, tho Library Guild, and the Poncing Club . , . "What's going on here?" ... is a member of tho Delta Sigma Tau Sorority . . . college-bound . . . will attend Smith College or Howard University. CHARLES MAXEY "Chic" . . . dopendt on Ernest Tweedle. Tyrone Porter. Beverly Klncey, and George Troupe for pleasant companionship . . . spends spare time playing batketball or soccer, swimming, watching girls, practicing karato. or listening to jaa . . . "Give it up" . . . active member of tho Soccer Team, the Basketball Team, and the Varsity Club . . . a member of the Omega Phi Epsilon Fraternity . . . admires Mr. Green and Miss David . . . has roceived Varsity letters for soccer, and basketball . . . looks forward to attending Kent State College and to becoming a computer operator. DOLLETTE McDONALD "Dol" . . . witty, talkative, and fun-loving . . . usually found in the company of Weegee Livingston. Jackie King, and Clarence Warren . . . lists Mr. Gentile and Mrs. Tso at her favorite teachers . . . appreciates the works of James 8aldwin . . . enjoys tinging, dancing, tewing, batketball, and jan . . . outside activities include the School of Dancing and Music . . . admires Ron Karenca ... pet peeve: prejudice . . . will attend college to prepare for a career at a model. CAROLYN McMILLAN "Kat" . . . sweet, friendly, and kind . . . countt Evelyn Collins. Beatrice Brown, and Denise Edwards among close friends . . . enjoys reading, rock and roll, listening to the radio, spicy food, history, and conservative clothes . . . admires President Johnson . . . respect the paintings of Van Gogh and the teaching of Mr. Spindler . . . active in tho Student Council and the Library Guild ... hat liked the student-teacher relationship at Arts . . . eipects to attend Esses County College where she'll major in business administration. LENA McMILLAN "Lee" . . . kind, friendly, and understanding . . . values the friendship of Alvin Williams. Alice Mobley, Debbie Battle, and Gloria Clark . . . admires Mr . Rich. Miss David, and Mr. Heck . . . respects the painting of Mr. Spindler and the works of James 8a!dwin . . . hobbies include tewing, watchina television, reading, and cooking . . . enjoys basketball, soccer, baseball, history. Italian food, classical and popular music . . . member of the Art Club, the Drama Club, the Glee Club, and a church choir . . . looks forward to attending Montclair State College ... wants to be a history teacher. MICHAEL McMILLION "Mikie" . . . considers Wayne Pendleton. Ernest Tweedle. Paul Price, and Stephen Fuller as hit close friends . . . Marie Sharp means a little something eitra . . . favorites include boring, tho music of Hugh Matekele. the artist Michelangelo, the author Ian Fleming, and the book Manch d n t-e Promised land ... pet peeve is ignorant people . . . being a member of the Baseball Team at Arts and a part time salesman at Howard Clothes keep him busy ... no immediate future plans . . . his long range goal is to become a wealthy man and to stay a healthy man. RENEE MILLARD "Ray" . . . friendly, easy-going, and lively . . . includes Anthony Hall. Eileen Weston. Sharon Clarke, and Carolyn White in her circle of friends . . . enjoys dancing, art. karate, batketball, and soul music . . . devotes time to the Democratic Political Campaign, the Red Cross, the Dance Club, and the Latin Club . . a fan of Picasso and Edgar Allan Poe . . . lists Mr. Spindler at her favorite teacher . . . hopes to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology to prepare for a career at a fashion designer! michael McMillion 39 RENEE MILLARDBRENDA MILLER LINDA LENELL MILLER MATTIE MOODY 40 DENISE MILLS ALICE MOBLEY DEBORAH MULLING JOSEPH NAPOLITANOBRENDA MILLER "Gidget'" . . . lively. friendly. end witty . . . counti David Riddle. Priscilla Blackwell, Gloria Cooper. Paul Priea, Ernest Tw edle, and Wayne Pendleton among her closest friends . . . enjoys cooling, watching television, jazi. football, liclbell, Engl sh, and potato salad . . . lists Miss Abos and Mrs. Rich as her favorite teaehers . . . admires her mother and brother the most . . . member of the Library Guild, and the Vignette Staff . . . plans to attend college upon graduation . . . wants to be a secretary. LINDA LENELL MILLER Linda . . . aentle. attentive, and witty . . . finds the company of Georgette Washington. Danita Smith. Gloria Cooper. Roy Gillenwaters and Priscilla Blaclwell pleasurable . . . sewing and cooling occupy her leisure hours . . . admires her mother and brother . . . enjoys James 8eldwin. basketball. English, soul food, and rock and roll . . . member ©f the Vignette staff . . . likes the congenial atmosphere at Arts . . . plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career as an elementary teacher. DENISE MILLS Denise . . . fun-loving, honest, sincere, and always smiling . . . friends include Irene James. Mattie Moody, and Beverly Clemons . . . enjoys sports, boys, dancing, food, and meeting people . . . admires Mr. Pesile . . . spends leisure time listening to records . . . hates phony and conceited people ... an avid basketball, football, and tennis fan . . . fond of Mrs. Rich . . . likes the atmosphere at Arts . . . looks for honesty and friendliness in others . . . has been active in the Red Cross and the Orchestra . . . serves on the Vignette Staff, the Junior Class Council, the Hall Patrol, and the Student Council . . . plans to attend Newark State College. ALICE MOBLEY Al . . . candid, sincere, and industrious . . . finds the company of Deborah Battle. Margaret Tyson, and Sharon Clark pleasurable . . . appreciates the works of Gauguin and George Orwell . . . ' That just isn't losher'' . . . enjoys sewing, stamp collecting, rock and roll, basketball, football. English, and meeting people . . . lists Mr. Green as her favorite teacher . . . active member of the Red Cross, the Student Council, the A-pin Committee, the Fencing Club, and the Senior Class Council . . . looks forward to attending Rutgers College of Nursing and to becoming a registered nurse. MATTIE MOODY Mattie ... a good natured girl . . . pleasant, agreeable, sensitive . . . usually found in the company of Irene James. Denise Mills, and Vicki Neals . . . enjoys television, soul music, football, simple clothing, and chicken . . . admires Mr. Pesile. H. Rap Brown, and Aretha Franklin ... is a very active member of the Orchestra, the Pep Committee, the Refreshment Committee, and the Ushering Committee . . . works after school as an operator for Bell Telephone ... has no immediate future plans. DEBORAH MULLING Debbie . . . understanding, talkative, and pleasant . . . Loni Krawciyk. Debby Brody. Anne Marie West, and George Kontos are her constant companions . . . has special interest in tennis, music, parties and tuna fish . . . fascinated by Chopin’s work . . . has been active in the Tennis Club, the Red Cross, and the Scope . . . admires Mr. Pesile . . . outside activities include classical and popular concerts . . . anticipating a career as a doctor. JOSEPH NAPOLITANO "Joe Knapp" . . . lovable, kind, and friendly . . . Heather Watson. George Kontos. and Vinnie Perna rank high on his list of friends . . . Mr. Benevento, Raquel Welch, George Orwell, and Picasso are tops . . . likes football, art. collegiate clothing, folk and rock and roll music . . . activities include the Photography Club, and the Vignette staff . . . admires honesty and loyalty in others . . . will prepare for a career as a commercial artist. VICTORIA NEALS "Vikki" . . . sincere, honest, and friendly . . . preferred company includes Mattie Moody. Beatrice Brown, and Brenda Broadnai . . . admires Bill Cosby . . . enjoys singing, volleyball, chicken, Hall Bennett, and soul music . . . lists Mrs. Donovan as her favorite teacher , . . an active member of the Hall Patrol . . . enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Arts . . . plans to prepare for a caraer as a computer operator. VICTORIA NEALS BRENDA NEWBY BRENDA NEWBY Brenda . . . friendly, unpredictable, and witty . . . values the company of Jackie Pride. Wanda Hill. Barbara Jones, Jackie King, and Wyndie Williams . . . enjoys Aretha Franklin, dancing, football, singing. English, shrimp, and listening to Latin and rock and roll music . . . lists Miss Abos and Mr. Pesile as her favorite teaehers . . . "Is that right?" . . . active member of the Cheering Squad, the Orchestra, and the Vignette staff . . . eipeets to attend Essei County College where she'll major in data processing. 41JAMES NOWELL CARLOS OJEDA CYNTHIA O’ROURKE EDWARD PALMORE RICHARD KENT OSHIN JANIS PALMORE HOLLY PATTON WAYNE PENDLETON VINCENT PERNAJAMES NOWELL James ... a sincere. and lively individual . . . depends on Daryle Parson and Irene James for interesting conversations . . . special preferences include Mr. Pesile. Dickens. soccer, tennis, dancing, and Italian food ... an active member of the Tennis Club and the Orchestra . . . usually found working in theaters in his spare time . . . plans to prepare for a career as an actor. CARLOS OJEDA Carlos . . . humorous, friendly, honorable . . . counts Luis Cedeno as one of his close friends . . . admires his mother and his family ... his favorite teacher is Mr. Landsman . . . usually found at parks, dances or coffee clubs doing almost everything . . . would like to be a well respected person in life . . . aspects to teach or go into the field of commercial art. CYNTHIA O’ROURKE "Sandy" . . . friendly, fun-loving, and talkative . . . frequently seen with Anne West. Elisabeth Wielgus. Eva Gonselex. Linda 8yrne. and Beverly Clemons . . . enjoys dancing, chemistry, bowling, pine, dating, and rock and roll . . . some favorites are Picasso. Pearl $. Buck. Miss David, and Mr. Yablick . . . active in the Bowling Club, the Twirling Club, and the Daneino Club . . . hopes to attend Newark State College to pursue a career as a history teacher. RICHARD KENT OSHIN "Osh" . . . versatile, kind, and friendly . . . finds the company of Annette Reiter. Jon Yablick. and Steve Kish stimulating . . . "Yeah, right" . . . favorites include Broadway plays, tennis, girl watching, record collecting, and conservative clothes . . . admires Mr. Pickett . . . enjoys the works of Steinbeck . . . favorite food is anything odible . . . seeks honesty in others . . . looks forward to attending Manhattan School of Music, majoring in music education. EDWARD PALMORE Eddie . . . kind and fun-loving ... is usually found with close friends Dwight Acey. Forest Drennan, and Joe Giordano . . . enjoys history, conservative clothing a I kinds of food, and the music of Mahalie Jackson . . . favorite artist is Ceianne and favorite author .s Theodore H. White . . . has great admiration for Mr. Steisel. Miss Meyerson. and Mrs. Stiller . . . spends spare time working at the library or on Youth Corp programs . . . plans to further his education . . . hopes to enter into the field of yolitics eventually. JANIS PALMORE A shy. quiet girl ... in her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to an Opera or talking to Margaret Tyson. Dorothy Miller or Linda Charles . . . admires Rev. L. E. Gregory and Dr. Lewis . . . Mrs. Neuss, Mrs. Venskus and Mr. Pickett rate high with her as teachers . . . her favorite artist is Eddie Patmore . . . active in the Glee Club and the Library Guild ... on the Vignette staff . . . proud holder of an A-pin . . . would like to be a missionary so that she can tell about her favorite book, the Bible. HOLLY PATTON Holly . . . funloving, vivacious and witty . . . enjoys reading, jan. swimming, and ice skating . . . Carolyn D'Allessio. Jenny Swierat and Irene Yechnic are among her closest friends . . . Chagall. Agatha Christie. Mr. Otero, and Miss Meyerson are tops . . . pet paeve—unfriendly people . . . active in the Spanish Club, and the Dance Club . . . Cheering Squad captain . . . Chinese food and collegiate clothes . . . teachers at Arts rate highest . . . admires her parents the most . . . plans to become a nurse . . . will specialise in physical therapy. WAYNE PENDLETON "Chink" . . . friendly, outgoing . . . friendly with Don Warren. Mike MeMillon, Dennis Hall. Chris Bland, and Ernest Tweedle . . . lists Michelle as a special friend . . . other interests include Flip Wilson. Chinese food, knits and parkas . . . Mrs. Hiller and Mr. Tobie rank high as favorite teachers . . . would like to be a comedian but will settle for a good position in the computing field . . . plans to attend either Hampton Institute or Morgan State College. VINCENT PERNA Vinnie . . . counts Joe Nepoliteno, Phil Rotas, and George Kontos among close friends . . . enjoys Dali. Edgar Allan Poe. football. Italian food, and soul music . . . activities outside of school are basketball, football, and baseball . . . lists Mr. Benevento as his favorite teacher ... a friendly, lively individual. Vinnie admires honesty in others . . . plans to attend Fairleigh Dickinson University ... wants to be a commercial artist. 43TYRONE PORTER PAUL PRICE JACQUELINE PRIDE JUDY QUAGLIERODARYLE ANN PERSON "Daffy” . . . friendly . . . p«tmm a fantattic tente of humor . . . find the compeny of Brende Everett. Gloria Kell . Cheryl Bradley, and Brenda Jonet p caturable . . . among her many favorite are the Temptation , danoing. oul mu ic. volleyball, tenni . mod clothe , piua. and ce cream . . . |i H Mr . Oonovan a her favorite teacher . . . Okki dakki" . . . enjoy the congenial atmoiphere her . . . member of the Tenni Club, the Fencng Club, the Volleyball Club, the Junior Clot Council, the Scope, and the Beta Phi Chi Sorority . . . ha received a letter for tenni . . . would like to further her education at Montclair State College. WILLIAM PIERSON "Boot'' ... a clote friend of Matt Kirkland . . . find plee ure in reading and collecting unu ual item . . . Ii t Mr. Green a hi favorite teacher ... a member of the Viking Club ... a quiet. »incere, intelligent individual . . . d! like» belligerent, rude people . . . ha liked the friendly atmoiphere at Art , but d.tliked the »mell gym . . . plant to attend college upon graduation. ERWIN PONDER "Itch'' . . . friendly with Merrick Harri . . . enjoyi Da V,nci. admire Martin Luther King . . . football, batketball. hittory. jazz. and tteak are great . . . Ii t Mr. Chimaeoff a h,t favorite teacher . . . "So” . . . utuelly found in the library reading ... a calm. lively individual . . . admire honetty and tincerity in othor . . . track, bateball. and the Latin Club have been on hit e.fraeurrieular ichedulo . . . received Vanity letter in batketball and track ... won a Phytical Fitnet award . . . eipeet to attend Seton Hall Univertify where he'll major in ptychology. TYRONE PORTER Ronnie . . . tweet, handtome, and lovable . . . Charle Ma.ey. Ernett T-eedle. Michael MeMillion. George Troupe and Roger Kennedy are included at hi all-weather friend . . . littent to jazz .n hit tpare time . . . include girl . karate, and mutic at hit favor.te hobbiet . . . admire hi parent and Mr. Lang ... it a member of the toccer and track team , and hat roce.vod a Vanity letter for hit work .n the Marching Band ... a proud member of the Omega Ph. Eptilon Fraternity ... pet peeve: not enough timo to change for gym . . . enjoy the friendly almotphere at Art . . . plant to attend Kent State for a career in I.B.M. Programming. PAUL PRICE "Bay' . . . funloving, w.tty. fr.endly . . . "Greeting , pilgrim !" ... can utuelly be found in the company of McM.llion. Wayne Pendleton, and Catapano . . . favor.te include hemburgen. french fr.e . art. Mr. Lang. Hemingway, and Decoy.te Brown . . like catual clothe and franknett in people . . . tpendt hi tpare at R pley or vititing . . . pretidenf of the Omieron Alpha P . Fretern.ty . . . would like to continue hi education in art after graduation. JACQUELINE PRIDE "Jackie" . . . quiet, reterved. and friendly . . . find the company of Jackie King. Brenda Newby Wyndie William , and Barbara Jonet pleaturable . . . "If a P' can't do it. it can t be done” . . . admire Mr. Petile . . . enjoy jazz, batketball. football, thrimp. p.zze and mod clothe . . . member of the Vignette ttaff. and Orchetfra . . . plant to attend Montclair State where the'll major in pharmacy. JUDY QUAGLIERC "Jud" . . . fun loving. good-time "Charlie" . . . clote friend are Arlene Rettaino and Vicky Satiak . . . favorite include dancing, bowling, and batketball ... The Scarlet Lott«r . . . admire Matitte. Mr. Spindler. and Nalhanie' Hawthorne . . . "Oh. Wow!" . . . an active member of the Spani h Club, the Student Council, and the Senior Clatt Council . . . ha received an honorable mention in art . . . like the ttudent at Art bett and gym the leatt . . . detpdet "catty girl " . . . plant to attend Montclair State College a an art major. MIGUEL ANGEL QUINONES "Mike" . . . creative, quiet, and teriout . . . value the company of Su ana Gonzalez, Milton Roman, and Nilda Cedeno . . . enjoy batketball. art. weight training, and Mening to Latin mutic retpeet the work of Michelangelo and the teaching of Mr. Spmd or . . . member of the Bateball Team and the Phy.ieal Fitnet Club . . . admire all intellectual, articulate people . . . look forward to attending Cooper Union and eventually a career at a commercial ortitt. JOHN REBELO Johnny . . . good humored, witty, and carefree . . . enjoy painting, dancing, rock and roll, football, chemittry. contervativc clothe , and Italian food . . . hit Mr. Singer at hi favorite teacher . . . received a Junior Var ity letter for bateball . . . count Mike Cata-pano. Sam Fortino, and Fernando Rodriguez among hi clote friendt . . . plant a career at a computer operator. MIGUEL ANGEL QUINONES 43 JOHN REBELOANNETTE REITER AVA RECINA RILEY ARLENE RESTAINO ANDREA ROBERTS DEBORAH ROBINSON BEATRICE E. RODRIGUEZ FERNANDO RODRIQUEZANNETTE REITER "Annie" . . . friendly, honest. end sincere . . . includes Richard Oshin. Helen Roman, Jackie King, and Ann Marie West among her closest friends . . . enjoys dancing, tennis, swimming, the piano, end guitar . . . her favorite artist is Renoir . . , admires Mr. Heck and Mrs. Rich . , . pet peeve—hypocritical people . . . member of the National Honor Society . . . active in the Tennis Club and the Red Cross . . . admires friendliness, sincerity and uniqueness in others ... plans to attend the University of Rochester. ARLENE RESTAINO "Shorty" . . . friendly, kind, sincere, and honest . . . enjoys the company ©f James Fryer. Sam Fortino. Judy Quagliero. and Vicki Sasiak . . . likes to paint ... a good tennis player . . . Renoir, Hemingway, and The Sun Also R'ses are among her favorites . . . student-teacher relationship at Arts pleased her . . . looks for punctuality and sincerity in others . . . spends free time in the Guidance Office or in Room 319 working on the Student Council projects . . . "Qu lestima" . . . active in the Red Cross . . . Deputy Mayor of the Student Council . . . received a Varsity letter for tennis . . . proud holder of an A-pin. and membership in the National Honor Society . . . wishes to attend Montclair State College to major in Spanish. AVA RECINA RILEY Ava . . . friendly, lively, witty . . . friends include Sarah Sapp. Jackie King and Barbara Jones . . . hobbies are bowling and playing the piano . . . active in the Bowling Club, the Red Cross and the Girls" Glee Club . . . has received a trophy for bowling prowess . . . community activities include church choir and the C.Y.O. . . . admires Mr. Pesile . . . enjoys jars and rock and roll . . . usually at home babysitting . . . goal is to make something out of herself. ANDREA ROBERTS ""Nuckee" . . . sweet, quiet, ambitious, outgoing . . . friends include Belinda Farrell. Sharon Smith, and Gloria Cooper . . . enjoys sewing, cooking, collecting stamps, coins, pets . . . pet peeve—phony people . . . admires Malcolm X. Mr. Spindler. and Franr Fanon . . . likes dances and classical and soul music . . . comfortable in African attire . . . enjoys Mrs. Tsos and Mr. Yablick's classes . . . loves soccer games . . . pirra and coke is always her standard order . . . likes Arts' teachers and the building's atmosphere . . . dislikes arrogant students . . . has great respect for people who say what they mean and mean what they say . . . spends free hours at home reading, sleeping, or sewing . . . would like to attend Rutgers University . .. hopes to enter the medical profession. DEBORAH ROBINSON Debbie ... a quiet, understanding, and thoughtful student . . . would like to become a more maturo individual who is dedicated to filed ideals . . . reads . . . collects records . . , enjoys soul music, basketball games and casual clothes . . . can usually be found at home playing records, doing homework or talking on the phone . . . plans to attend Trenton State College ... would like to be a speech therapist. BEATRICE E. RODRIGUEZ "Bee' ... a petite and most charming girl who enjoys being with Nilda Cedeno. Missy. Maria Viicorando and Eva Gomalez . . . favorites ineludo classical and Latin music, baseball. mathematics, pumpkin pie. the author Edgar Allan Poe. and the book An American Tragedy . . . admires her parents and her boyfriend Richie most of all ... a member of the Modern Dance Club, and the Folk Dance Club, makes her own clothes ... is recognised as a member of the National Honor Society, a soloist with the New Jersey Ballet Company, and for her role as Anita in the performance of "West Side Story" . . . aspires to membership in a great ballet company. FERNANDO RODRIQUEZ Ferd . . . intelligent, honest, and friendly . . . close friend of Mike Catapano, John Rebolo, Milton Thomas and Sam Fortino . . . finds pleasure in chess and drawing . . . enjoys auto racing, comedy, and The Beatles . . . admires his Mom . . . lists Mr. Spindler. Mr. Bene-vento. and Mr. Landsman as teachers who have impressed him most . . . Arts High is the greatest . . . member of the National Honor Society . . . will enter Newark College of Engineering in the fall. MILTON J. ROMAN PHILIP S. ROXAS MILTON J. ROMAN His friends Miguel Quinones. Louis Cedeno and Virginia Riviera call him "Little Joe" . . . his favorite teacher is Mr. Spindler ... an assistant scoutmaster, he is active in helping retarded children ... the proud owner of an A-pin . . . likes to do wood carving, and painting . . . plays pool, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey ... is undecided about a college but hopes to become an art teacher. PHILIP S. ROXAS Phil . . . close friend of Vinnie Perna, Den DeNena. and Ray Baex . . . enjoys jaa. rock and roll, baseball and Chinese food . . . considers music classes taught by Mr. Pesile both beneficial and enjoyable . . . appreciates the work of Wes Montgomery . . . member of Junior Varsity Baseball Team, the Band, and the Orchestra . . . hat liked the congenial atmosphere while at Arts, but homework makes him grumble . . . plans to join the Air Force upon graduation. 47DAVID MICHAEL RUFF FERNANDO SALAMANCA SARAH A. SAPP VICTORIA SASIAK ODESSA SEYMORE MARIE SHARP DAVID MICHAEL RUFF David . . . friendly, lew-abiding, and funny . , . friends include Vincent Pcrna and Richard Von Ende . . . would like to becomo an F.8.I. man or a city detective . , , wants to spend life-long career in police work . . . hobbies include drawing, painting, and photography . . . hates homework but likes to listen to music . . . This must be the place" . . . enjoys football. hamburgers, art. and casual clothing . . . likes Mr. Bcnovento, the art program and the girls at Arts . . . dislikes some of the teachers . . . frequently observed visiting friends or patrolling playgrounds . . . looks for intelligence, good manners, and respect in others . . . has been active in the Photography Club . . . outside of school, he has been active on the neighborhood volleyball team and in PAL projects. FERNANDO SALAMANCA ‘ Freddy" . . . finds the company of John Carr and Bob Sulli pleasurable . . . tennis, chess, painting, soccer, and girl-watching occupy his leisure hours . . . respects the paintings of Picasso . . . has appreciated the art classes most at Arts . . . has no immediate plans for the future. REINALDO SANTIAGO "Moosie" . . . congenial, intelligent and honest . . . friends include Joe Accardo. Kathy Wolock and Pamela Abdolle . . . enjoys playing the drums, chess, rock and roll. jan. basketball, mathematics and girl-watching . . . favorite artist is Rembrandt . . . member of the Chess Club . . . serves on the Scope staff . . . favorite teachers are Mr. Ccsfelluccio and Mr. Green . . . looks for honesty and sincerity in others . . pet peeve—short hair . . . favorite erpression, ’ Wow!'' . . . plans to attend Kansas University to prepare for a career in aeronautics. SARAH A. SAPP "Sara" . . . quiet, sensitive, and congenial . . . frequent companions include Thomas West. Jackie King, Jackie Pride. Barbara Jones and Brenda Newby . . . admires Mr. Pesile . . . Monch d in The Promised Land . . . appreciates the work of James 8rown. and James Baldwin . . . lists Miss Abos as her favorite teacher . . . enjoys dancing, kiekball. basketball, English, ice skating, and soul food . . . member of the Senior Class Council, the Vignette staff, the Orchestra, and the Red Cross . . . erpects to attend college upon graduation ... will prepare for a teaching career. VICTORIA SASIAK Vicky . . . sincero. honest, and kind . . . occasionally moody . . . usually found with D ane Ford and Arlene Restaino . . . enjoys sewing, painting, jan. tennis, ballet and history . . . likes Paul Klee and Hemingway, spare ribs and loud clothing . . . hates stupidity . . . works and socialites in "The Edge" . . . likes the student-teacher relationships hero . . . admires sincerity and intelligence in others . . . has been active in the French Club, the Student Council, the Tennis Club, the Fencing Club, and the Debating Club . . . proud of her A-pin . . . college bound . . . will major in foreign languages. ODESSA SEYMORE Odessa . . . helpful, ambitious, and sincere . . . counts Marvin Johnson, Debbie Jones. Stephanio Glover. Diane Thornton, and Valencia Rogers among her closest friends . . . admires Mr. Resile . . . hobbies include reading, cooking, and dancing . . . lists Mr. Gentilo as her favorite teachor . . enjoys Picasso. Ernest Hemingway, basketball, math, macaroni, and jau . . . "No kidding" . . . has actively taken part in the Glee Club, the Student Council, the Red Cross, and the Modern Dance Club . . . member of the Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . looks forward to attending Boston University and to becoming a doctor. MARIE SHARP "Rio" . . . usually seen with Patrice Sims. Leah Jackson. Kim Singleton. Diane Thornton, and Stephanie Glover . . . full of laughs but. quite serious about a certain Michael McMillion . . . wants to becomo a successful member of the Fashion World . . . admires her mother and father most ... a member of the Cheering Squad, the Volleyball Club and the Latin Club . . . president of Upsala Sigma Tau Sorority . . . can be found buying shoes or at Mike's house . .. loves to dance . .. would like to go to IBM school. CHANDA SHOCKLEY "Ladie” . . . attentive, ambitious, and garrulous . . . preferred company includes David Anderson. Belinda Smith. Stephanie Glover. Pat Sims, and Ellen Jerman . . . admires her mother and Miss David . . . enjoys football, basketball, chorus. The Temptations, and pastries . . . lists Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Venskus as her favorite teachers ... an active member of the Bowling Club, the Glee Club, the Cheering Squad, and Junior Achievement ... plans to pursue a career in home economies at Rutgers University. ELLEN SILVERMAN Ellen . . . intelligent, unpredictable, and independent . . . usually seen with Mike Antoni-eello and Vicky Sasiak . . . lists Mr. Spindler and Soutine as her favorite artists . . . active in the Modern Dance Workshop, the Folk Dance Club, and the Photography Club , . . appreciates the music of John Fahey . . . enjoys creating modern dance in her spare time .. . plans to attend college upon graduation. CHANDA SHOCKLEY ELLEN SILVERMAN 49 rPATRICE SIMS BELINDA SMITH DANITA SMITH DARNAL McLOVE SMITH MARJORIE SMITH MYRON SMITH SHARON SMITH 50PATRICE SIMS Pat . . . good thing com in small packages . . . love fashion. and hope to ontor tho (.old of art of fashion de gn . . . favocit pastime it reading fash.on magaiines . . . friondt include Dian Thofton. Stephanie Glovor. Mari Sharp and Kim Singleton . . . admirat Mrs. Hill Of. Mr. Spindlor and Mr Singer . . . love french friot. picket. chicken, and tuna fith . . . active in th K. Eta Eptilon Sorority and tha Red Crott . . . Co-Captain of th Cheering Squad KIM SINGLETON "Kimmie" . . . warm, loving, sincere . . . friend are Diane Thornton. Stephanie Glover, Damte Smith end Yvonne Onqu . . . favorite hobbie are bowling, art and sports. especially kickball . . . admire Dick Gregory me t . . . favorite entertainment it dancing . . . enjoy jan . . . favorit eiprettiont are "I do not' and Mind your business . . . loves food of all kinds . . . likes casual clothing ... Mr. Spindler it th greatest . . . active in the Red Cross . . . likes people with pleasing personalities . . . usually found at home . . . likes to watch television ... it a quiet and pleasant person . . . eipects to attend a commercial art school in th fall. BELINDA SMITH Belinda . . . garrulous, fashion-minded, and outspoken . . . preferred company includes Auburn Jackson. Cerol Cooper Denis Hamilton, end Chend Shockley . . . enjoys English, lobster, and Latin music . . . "Wow' . . . active member of th French Club, th Volleyball Club, and th Delta Sigma Sorority . . . usually found at Latin American dances in her spar tim . . . 1st Miss Perugia as her favorite teacher . . . admire Abby Lincoln . . . eipacts to attend Howard University where she'll major in sociology. DANITA SMITH ’’Nita" . . . attentive, friendly, and witty . . . counts Lonnie Person. Brenda Miller. L nda Miller. Diene Thornton. Kim Singleton, end Gloria Cooper among her closest friends . . . hobb s include roller skating, cooking, and listening to th radio . . . "Not hardly" . . . enjoys rock and roll, football, baseball, typing, end soul food . . . lists Mrs. Later as her favorite teacher . . . admires her parents . . . member of th Epsilon Sigma Chi Sorority ... looks forward to attending college and becoming a stenographer. DARNAL McLOVE SMITH "Don Juan" . . . quiet, enthusiastic, and witty , . . depends on Ronald Young. Steven Jones, and Paul Price for sparkling conversations . . . respects the paintings of Da Vinci . . . drawing, painting, and dancing occupy his leisure hours . . . member of th lot Nu Lamba Fraternity . . . will prepare for a career at a computer operator upon graduation. MARJORIE SMITH Marg . . . talkative, fun-loving, and witty . . . variety of activities includes Volleyball Club, th Red Cross, th Latin Club, and the Chorus . . . enjoys football, dancing, and jan . . . "Fin soul" . . . enjoys th atmosphere at Arts . . . spends spar time shopping downtown . . . counts V rma Fortenberry. Daryl Ann Person, and Pat Aleiender among close friends .. . eipects to become a nurse. MYRON SMITH "Moonshine" . . . look for him with Frank Jordan, Bruce Austin. Decoyis 8rown. Sherman Braswell. Priscilla Blackwell, or Beverly Kincey . . . member of th Orchestra . . . tall girls, silly questions, and English ara among his dislikes . . . Octavia Nickerson is special . . . Manchild in tho Promised Lard made an impression . . . Oh Yeah!" ... a baseball player ... a football spectator . . , plans to attend Juilliard . . . would like to become a music teacher, SHARON SMITH "Dimples" . . . garrulous, amiable, and broad-minded, with a fantastic sens of humor . . . admires Diahann Carroll . . . usually seen in the company of Bobby Vaughn. Andrea Roberts. Belinda Ferrell, and Shirley Coleman . . . enjoys Dionn Warwick, bowling, art, hamburgers. and french fries . . . lists Mrs. Tso as her favorite teacher . . . looks for consideration and kindness in others . . . aspects to attend New York School of Interior Design where she'll prepare for a career as an interior decorator. RONALD SPENCER Ron . . . intellectually curious . . . ambitious and industrious . . . tops on his list are Leonardo Da Vinci. E. Smith, Mrs. R-ch. Miss David. Mrs. Venskus. and Mr. Pesil . . . reading, listening to music, volleyball, fencing, table tennis, and chess occupy his leisure hours ... pet peeve: hypocrisy . . . active in the Fencing Club, and the Electronics Club . . . member of th Hi-B-A. th Conquerors, and the Gospel Team . . . would like to enter the ministry. RONALD SPENCER 51HARRIET STALLER CYNTHIA STAVROU GENEVIEVE SWIERAT DENNIS THOMAS MELTON THOMAS LINDA TELESCO 52 DIANE ANITA THORNTON DARRYL TRIMIEW GEORGE TROUPEHARRIET STALLER ''Joyce'' . . . congenial reliable. ambitious. end sociable . . . count $tu Colvin. Kathy Wolock. Sam Fortino. Debra Brody. Debb e Mulling. James Nowell, and Sherry Zone among her elo e friend . . . painting. wimmlng and dancing occupy her lei ure hour . . . enjoy ba eball. Engliih. oul mu»ic. and cheeseburger . . . re pec » the painting of Dali and the teaching of Mr . T o . . . an active member of the Student Council, the Art Club, the Math Club, the Red Cro ». and the Spenith Club . . . Scope Ed.tor . . . Honey, you’ll never believe it!" . . . eipeet to attend Rutger Univer ity . . . will major in English. CYNTHIA STAVROU "Cindi" ... a incere and friendly girl who male a friend wherever the goe . . enjoy the company of Peggy Hammond. Tony DePatcale. George Konto . and V,nny Perna . . . lifted at favorite are toul mutic, footba I. continental clothing, tteak and Italian food, the author Hemingway, the arti t Soultine. and the book Gone W - »-e W "d . . . ha admiration for Mr . Shapiro and Mr. Splndler . . . pet peeve—phoney and Insincere people . . . hobbiet include painting, dancing, and participating in or attending numerout tport event . . . enjoy the ttudent and teacher bett at Art . . . future plan include attending college and then becoming an art teacher. GENEVIEVE SWIERAT "Jinny" . . . the little girl with the big tmile . . . enjoy the company of Carolyn O'Alettio, Irene Yachnik, Holly Patton and Roieann Lynch . . . Ii»t a her favorite , reading, tewing, shopping for clothe and mytterie . . . admire Mr. Gentile and Mr. Pickett . . . her chorut clat i the bett . . . can't ttand carrying her book ... an active member of the Library Guild and the Student Council . . . enjoy the aitemblle at Art mott . . . dislike doing her homework . . . spend spare time with Robert Rieany . . . plan to attend Rutger Univertity to prepare or a career in nurting. LINDA TELESCO "Little Linda" . . . witty. incere. and artitic . . . clote friend are Annette Reiter. Beatrice Rodriguez. Ellen Silverman, and Mike Antonicello . . . guitar playing, creative writing, the theater, clastical and folk mutic. unusual clothe , art and humanitie are tops . . . list Mr. Spindler and Mr . Neutt at her favorite teacher . . . ha partic pared in the Dance Club, and Photography Club program ... i on the Vignette Staff . . . admires Michelangelo. Nureyev, and Duttin Hoffman . . . pet peeve—intineerity ... has liked the wonderful people bett at Art . . . plan to prepare for a career in dancing and art. DENNIS THOMAS Dcnni . . . versatile, and eaty to get along with . . . depend on Vinnie Perna. Jay Den-burg. and Denni Covert for tparkling convertation . . . finds pleasure in flying . . . Ii t» Mr. Singer at hi favorite teacher . . . enjoy rock and roll football, and roast beef . . . ha received a letter for hi work In the Marching Band . , . admire honetty, and (in eerity in other . . . would like to further hi career in mutic at Juilliard School of Music. MELTON THOMAS Milt . . . clote friends include Tony Pascale and Ferdinand Rodriguez . . . find enjoyment in watching T.V., listening to mutic or playing chest . . . continental dresser . . . like diteothequet . . . admire Jame Brown and author Doctor Seut . . . Th© Cat in t-e Hat. of course, it hi favorite book . . . Mr. Singer it the greatest . . . consider lunch the best at Art ... hi activities aside from school are band , band band . . . plant to attend Rutger Univertity. DIANE ANITA THORNTON "Di" . . . loyal, intelligent, understanding . . . close comrade are Stephanie Glover, Patrice Sim . Kim Singleton. Danita Smith. Pat Griffin . . . dancing, tinging, art, history clat . Italian and Chinete food, thrimp. teak. and clothe are favorite . . . "I'm digging it." . . . popular mutic. jazz. Monchild ir t o Promised Land, and Jamet Baldwin are special. The Red Crott. the Vignette staff, the Drawing Club and the Spanish Club occupy her leisure time . . . outside aetivitie include Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority. Y.M.C.A.. and the N.A.A.C.P. ... a Sunday tchool teacher . . . dislike the cafeteria, but love the family atmosphere here. DARRYL TRIMIEW "Darryl" . . . industrious, eontervative. and witty . . . depends on Ronald Spencer. Roger Curry. 8ob DeNczze. and Kenny Daniel for good compenionthip . . . table tennis, tenni . and electronic occupy hi leisure hour . . . respect the painting of Picasso . . . admires Randy Nabort . . . enjoy biology, baseball, and going to the movie . . . "Atk me if I care" . . . member of the Band, and the Junior Varsity 8ateball Team . . . outside ectivi-tie include Conqueror Club and the YMCA . . . plan to pursue a career in conservation ... will attend Rutgert University. GEORGE TROUPE "Mike" . . . friendly toward everyone . . . close pal are Chickie. Tweet. Diane. Lynne, and Decoyis© . . . enjoy playing the trombone and collecting records . . . girls, baseball, basketball, and football are hi major interest . . a member of the Band, the Orchestra, the Junior Varsity Basketball Team and the Varsity Baseball Team . . . enjoy being a Senior . . . admire people with a tense of humor . . . plan to attend Central State College or Howard University at a mutic major. DAVID S. TUCKER "Scotty" . . . everyone' friend . . . spend most of hi time with close friend Mike Cata- rmo. Chrit Bland. and Sam Fortmo . . . enjoy bowling, painting, swimming, gym and story. »teak and strawberry shortcake . . . admire Bill Cosby. Mr. Lang, the artitt Pollack and the author Whitfield ... in school the Swimming Team, the Baseball Team and the Soccer Team keep h m busy ... hi outside aetivitie include being a Y.M.C.A. leader and a member of the Boys' Club football team . . . admit to the peculiar habit of sucking hit teeth and eating toothpicks . . . hope to attend either Penn State or Cornell University to prepare for a career as an electronical engineer. DAVID S. TUCKER 53ERNEST GREGORY TWEEDLE, JR. MARGARET TYSON M. VIZCARRONDO RICHARD VON ENDE DONALD WARREN GEORGETTE N. WASHINGTON 54 ANNE MARIE WESTERNEST GREGORY TWEEDLE. JR. "Tweot" . . . cool, calm, inspiring, and enthusiastic . . . counts Priscilla Blackwell, Tyrone Porter, and Chariot Maiey among hit cloiott friendt . . . enjoyt the Temptations, basketball, bowling, thrimp, jazz and Latin mutic . . . "Do your own thing" . . . admires Mr. Green . . . member of the Band, the Soccer Team, the Basketball Team, the Student Council, the Junior and Senior Clast Councils, and the Omega Phi Epsilon Fraternity . . . received Varsity letters for basketball . . . lists Miss David at his favorite teacher . . . plans to attend Howard University where he'll major in business administration. MARGARET TYSON "Marg" ... a friendly, outgoing girl who has made a host of friends at Arts . . . usually found in the company of Alice Mobley and Deborah Battle . . . included on her list of favorites are the music of Bretil '66. soccer. English. clothes, and gourmet food . . . has great admiration for Mrs. Ncuss ... a member of the Student Council, an editor of the school newspaper, a member of the Junior Class Council, and a member of the Red Cross . . . a recipient of the A-pin award . . . plans to attend the University of Chicago to prepare for a career in art education. M. VIZCARRONDO RICHARD VON ENDE Von . . . intelligent, good humored, and energetic . . . dose friends are Dante DeFloria and Tony DePascale . . . among his favorites are Ceianne. Thorcau. and Mr. Benevento . . . enjoys painting, photography, comedies, soul music, baseball and shrimp . . . What s Happening?" . . . Brave New World . . . member of the Junior Varsity Team, the Varsity Baseball Team, and the Photography Club . . . active in church and recreation programs . . . awards include Varsity letter in Baseball, and North Carolina outward-bound group . . . likes the girls best at Arts . . . plans to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career as an art teacher. DONALD WARREN "Flocko" . . . smart, conservative, athletic. . . . admires Miss David most . . . likes shrimp. Picasso, jazz, Fitzgerald, and the friendly atmosphere at Arts ... is usually seen with Willie Harris. Deeoyise 8rown, Dennis Hall, and Wayne Pendleton . . . can't stand the small gym and girls who chew gum . . . likes a person who is self-reliant and independent . . . active in the Band ... on the Track Team . . . member of the National Honor Society . . . spends his sparo time doing nothing . . . would like to attend Newark College of Engineering or Rutgers University. GEORGETTE N. WASHINGTON "Georgia" ... a friendly girl with a sense of humor . . . always seen with Mario Sharp and Linda Miller . . . hobbies include dancing, eating, end roller skating . . . enjoys television, volleyball, basketball, mathematics, sports wear, and fried chicken . . . favorite artist is Michelangelo and favorite author is Poe ... an active member of the Girls Volleyball Team, the Bowling Team, and the Roller Skating Club . . . found in her spare time at home doing homework or watching television . . . immediate future plans are uncertain. ANNE MARIE WEST Annie . . . friendly, honest, understanding and cooperative . . . usually seeks the company of Cindy O'Rourke. Debbie Mulling and Anthony Guarino . . . has always enjoyed the friendliness of the students and teachers at Arts . . . likes Italian food, chemistry, tennis, fencing, and listening to records . . . admires Mr. Castelluccio and Mr. Pesile . . . pet peeve: "That's Life" . . . has received a letter and charm for tennis . . . member of the Twirling Club and the Fencing Club . . . plans to attend Montclair State College as a physical education major. EILEEN WESTON Eileen can usually be seen with Carol White. Sharon Clark, and Reneo Millard . . lists french fries, art. soccer. Robert DeNezza. painting, designing, and Johnny Mathis as favorites ... a member of the Red Cross, the Fencing Club, the Math Club and the Tennis Club . . . admires friendliness and sincerity in others . . . found the teachers at Arts very interesting . . would like to be a more out-going personality . . . plans to attend college after graduation. MICHAEL WHALEN Michael . . . enjoys reading a good book once in a while . . . admired Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke" ... his favorite artist is Van Gogh . . . wild and soft music suit his taste . . . enjoys all types of foods . . . member of the Baseball Team and the Vignette art staff . . . plans to continue his art education . . . will seek employment in tho art field. A EILEEN WESTON MICHAEL WHALEN 55CAROLYN WHITE CANDACE WILLIAMS DENISE WILLIAMS JANET ARLENE WILSON KATHLEEN WOLOCKCAROLYN WHITE Carol . . . petite, gentle, end sociable . . . utually teen with Sharon Clerk, Eileen We»ton, Renee Millerd. end Gloria Clarke . . . dancing, tewing, and tinging occupy her tpare time . . . enjoyt Deli, rock end roll, betkeiball, Englith, and tteel . . . "How about that?" . . . lists Mr. Yabliek at her favorite teacher . . . member of the Math Club, the Fencing Club, tho Student Council, and tho C.Y.O. . . . will propare for a career at a nurte or an actreti upon graduation. CANDACE WILLIAMS Candy . . . quiet, tweet, embitiout . . . enjoyt tkiing. lobttor, poetry. Englith, honeback riding, tennit. ice iketing, and littening to clattical mutie . . . Chrit Tuttin, Karen Karpo-wifi, and Ki Letkiw are among her clotoit friendt . . . active in the Glee Club, the Drama Club, and the Modern Dance Group . . . admiret her parenlt ... it impretted by the relationthipt between the toachnrt and ttudenti at Artt . . . outtide activities include ting out. Patricia Stevent Finithing School and the Ski Club . . . plant a dual career combining writing and modeling. DENISE WILLIAMS Denite . . . quiet, pleatant, and ambitiout . . . utually found in the company of Chrit Flatten. Karen Kar. and Ki Letkiw . . . hobblet include tkiing. tennit. twimming. honeback riding, and ice tkating . . . admiret her parent! . . . enjoyt clattical mutie. Englith. tailored clothet and lobster . . . member of the Ski Club, and the Patricia Stevent Finishing School . . . liked the ttudent-teacher relationships at Artt . . . admiret honetty and tincerity in others . .. will prepare for a career in journalism at Colorado Univenity. WYNDIE WILLIAMS "Wyndio" ... a friendly person who it eaty to get along with . . . tpendt mot! of her time in tho company of Jackie King, Weegee Livingston, and Dollctte McDonald ... her hobby it littening to all kinds of music . . . favorites arc popular music, basketball. Englith, conservative clothing, shrimp, the author John Gunther, and the book Death Be Not Proud . . . hat great admiration for Sidney Poitier. Mr. Petlle. and Mrt. Tto ... a hard-working member of the Orchettra and the yearbook staff . . . likes the teachert at Artt bett and the gymt the leatt . . . future plant include attending tho Univertity of Chicago to prepare for a career in teaching. JANET ARLENE WILSON Jenot . . . better known at Jan ... a sweet, honest, considerate penon. who likes to find thete tame traits in othert . . . her close friendt include Mary Ann Kowaltki and Holly Patton . . . hobbies are painting, horseback riding, swimming and tennit ... it a member of the Drama Club and the First Presbyterian Church Teenage Organiiation . . . can utually be found driving around in the South Orange Mounteint . . . plant to work in a law office and to get married eventually. KATHLEEN WOLOCK Kathy . . . friendly, ambitiout. and considerate . . . Hitt Mary Ann Kowalski. Dabby Brody. Janet Wilton, Joe Accardo. Diane Ford, and Reinaldo Santiago at special friendt . . . admiret W. F. Buckley. Mr. Landsman and Bart Starr . . . enjoyt football. Englith. fried chicken, folk mutie, the theater, the work of Edward Muneh and photography . . . favorite eiprettion: ‘ Oh Brother" . . . hat earned a letter award in tennit . . . active member of Scope and the Photography Club . . . plant to attend Pratt Institute to become an advertising designer. RONALD YOUNG JON YABLICK Yabby" . . a friendly, considerate individual ... hit list of close friends includes Peggy Hammond, Richard Oshin and Mario Casky . . . Jon's hobbies aro girls, race ears and chest . . . rock mutie and girl-watching are great . . . likes the collegiate look . . . college-bound . . . plant to major in power mechanics . . . would like to become a new car dealer. IRENE YACHNIK 'Chatty Cathy" . . . found with Carolyn D'Alettio. Linda 8yrne, Holly Patton, Jenny Swierat . . . detests phony and loud people . . . lovot hortebaek-riding ... it an avid reader . . . favorites include Mr. Potile, tteek. Mrt. Ventkut. lobtter. fithing and football ... a member of the National Honor Society, the Math Club, the Student Council and the French Club . . . thinkt the teacher-student relationship at Arts it remarkable . . . college bound . . . eipectt to major in mathematics. RONALD YOUNG Ron . . . friendly, witty, enthusiastic . . . enjoyt basketball, pool, and jau . . . ceramics courses here were most profitable and thoroughly enjoyable . . . loves to sleep . . . thinks talk mohairs are great . . . frequent companions are Don Smith and Ron McCreary . . . member of the Y.M.C.A., the Boys' Club, end the Lota Nu Lambda Fraternity . . . plant to enlist in the U.S. Navy after graduation. 57SENIOR S G AK! "69" Now that i a year. Nothing's boon as great since "65" was here And the Class, yes, this huge assembly Of fino men and women has come to the place where they can bo Part of Arts High's tradition and history; But how we did it is still a mysteryl We'd all do fine if only the teachers'd let us alone, Sometimes we did homework—But never at homo. We'd always have headaches, grumblos, and tests. But somehow, we managed to do our best. All work and no play, though, is not sound advice And so we began class activities — How nice! Our Junior Class picnic was good — you could tell By the time we finally disombarked Wo were glad to be anywhere — even Rockland State Park. Maybe our Junior Prom was never begun But our skating parties were always fun. Our Senior year has really been something! And listen to us — we can tell you one thing: Our discotheque dances wore out of sight, The Catskills trip — wow! what a night. Dancing, swimming, eating, sleeping, to everyone's delight. And now, here we are — all 180 of us Each with that little something — that extra plus Which says that we're ready for society And the responsibilities that go with seniority. Yes, we've had frustrations like others before us But we've had Stephanie and Mike to provide some solace. With humor provided by our class favorite, Cheryl B. And the help of our faithful leader, Mr. G. We've struck a notch in Arts history. We now have our prom to look forward to And. finally, when graduation is through We can truthfully say that we really worked hard. If we hadn't, we wouldn't have come this far. When we return on alumni days, We'll remember all the little means and ways That we survived the fateful June 21st To get our diplomas after all the worst. Then we'll all go out and join the proud line 'Cause we're the Class of "69".UNDERCLASSMEN 67HOMEROOM 204 MRS. SONIA FELDMAN Row on©, loft to right: Dennis Hall. Michelle Jones, Cathy Kravarik. Row two: Denise Hillman. Betty Johnson, Katrina Banks. Row three: Sam Burgess. Vickie Collins, Sandy Byers. Row four: Branford Branch, Donald Gray. Row one, left to right: Mercedes Serrano, Earlene Campbell, Deborah Bowers. Row two: Gail Motley, Rosanne Lynch, Lillian Gonzales. Row three: Rocco Labato, Michael Bcrardi. Konneth Hicks. Sam Burgess. Row four: Stovo DiBlosio. HOMEROOM 213 MRS. MIRIAM CAHN Row one, left to right: Francis Ward, Michael Thomas. Row two: Mona Villalobos, Carl Strand, Wanda Rogers. Row three: Yvonne Wise, Issac States, Roxanne Williams, Barry Wilson. Row four: Clarence Williams, Roxanne Tylor. Row one. left to right: Laverne Waters, Candace Shaw, Rogor Tuckor. Row two: Rogina Young, Donise Taylor, Judy Womblo. Row three: Joseph Warren, Robert Stasiak, Mona Villalobos. Yvonne Wise. Row four: Isaac States. Clarence Williams.HOMEROOM 215 MR. NEIL BROMBERG Row one. front to back: Jim Soldo. Richard Stanton. Jacquelyn Ervin. Row two: Riva Robinson. Carolyn Norulalc, Michael Kidd. Atno Smith, Paul Smith. Debra Smitko, Daryl Matthews. Row three: Leonora Reeve . Greg Gramby. Walter Hall. Judith Rehl-ing. Barbara Rice. Row four: Sharon Jones. Keith Hardy. Row one, loft to right: Anthony Atwell. Linda Ervin. Row two: Bcrthenia Banks. Eugene Forte. Row three: Craig Brown, Joe Jones, Marjorie Graham. Row four: Ermelinda Caputo. Grog Gramby. Atno Smith. Row five: Daryl Matthews. Walter Hall. Judy Rehl-ing. Row six: Barbara Rice. Paul Smith. Ralph Coleman. Anthony Catugno. Thomas Dichiara. HOMEROOM 307 MISS HARLENE ALDEN Row ono. loft to right: Elisabeth Harris. Douglas Norris. Row two: Leo Barnes. Denise Day. Rogor Kennedy, Valencia Rogers, Michele Bakor. Row throe: Romero Knight. Row ono, left to right: Denise Day, Neil Bethea. Rogor Konnedy, Paul Knox. Micholc Baker, Douglas Norris, Elisabeth Harris. Row two: Lila Jung. Valencia Rogers. Gcorgo Rossi. Dobra Lowther.HOMEROOM 314 MR. LOUIS SPINDLER Row one: Dorothy Burn . Row two, left to right: Diene Askwyth. John Swidinsky, Michael DeMeo. Row throe: Martin Brazell, Robort Ciccione. Chico Doughtio. Row four: Brenda Brown, Delia Contur o, Sandra Edward , Nyya Lark. Standing: Mr. Spindlcr. Row one: Harry Schwalb. Row two, left to right: Virginia Riviera, April Shower . Row three: James McAdam . Donna Sanders, Carolyn Slate . Row four: Merrill Thoma . Row one: James McAdams. Row two, front to back: Virginia Riviera, Donna Sanders. Row three: Harry Schwab, April Shower , Carolyn Slater. Merrill Thoma . HOMEROOM 315 MRS. LILLIAN RITTER Row one: Toni DoVono. Row two: front to back: Harold Francis, Richard Golden, Lynno Janifor. Row three: Keith Harding. Kathryn Morri . Denise Hillman. Row four: Hazel Monk. Reginald Mack. Juliana Markovich. Row five: Pat Purguy. Row one, front to back: Claudotto Ayers, Lenore Browne, Deborah DeNault, Toni DeVone. Row two: Denise Edwards, Ann Eng, Harold Francos, Norman Hurd. Row threo: Ruth Hardy. Juliana Markavich. Kathy Morris, Denise Hillman.HOMEROOM 208 MR. JULIUS BENEVENTO Row one, left to right: Brian Asarnow, Dennis Caf-frey, Melinda Contreras. Row two: Denise Hiller. Ladon Jackson, Lavcrno Jackson. Row three: Shelley Johnson, Gail Jordan. Row four: Bronda Powoll, Vorna Rozas. Row one: Marilyn Davis. Ronald Fladgcr. Row two: Randolph James. Edith Johnson. Jenny Johnson. Row three: Charlotte McAllister. Jonathan McDonald. Linda Moitzlor, Octavia Nickorson. Row four: Margaret Pleasant. Row one, left to right: Ronald Hadgor, Pamela Gag-liano, Steven Halpern. Row two: Edith Johnson. Jenny Johnson, Pattio Johnson. Row three: Charlotte McAllister, Jonathan McDonald. Linda Meitz-ler, Octavia Nickerson. Row four: Margaret Pleasant. HOMEROOM B8 MRS. RUTH WEISMAN Loft to right: Juno Scalos, Codric Simmons. Glenda Starks. Craig Velardi, Roger Royster. Jacob Simmons. Gloria Scelfo, Juan Torres. Elizabeth Wiclgus. Row one, left to right: Gloria Scelfo, Elizabeth Wiclgus. Sarah Willcox. Row two: Roger Royster, Jacob Simmons. Juan Torres. Cabbar Komek, Eric Wilkorson. Dennis Wilkens. Row threo: Susan Wor-rill, Glenda Starks, Mary Williams. Frances Tate. Linda Williams. Regina Anthony. Last row, left to right: Craig Velardi (hidden), Roger Royster. Around the table, left to right: Sheila Pigford. Linda Williams. Frances Tate (hidden). Susan Worrill. Glenda Starks. Mary Williams, Wanda Slaughter. Aletha Tidwell.HOMEROOM 218 MRS. CONSTANCE GREENE Left to right: William Thompson, Anthony Robinson, Shirley Mills. Della Moses. John Pope. John Hunter. Sybil Moore. Cheryl Pullin, Eunice Moore. Left to right: Sal Scornavacca. Barry Pace. Robert Melillo. Della Moses. Shirley Mills. Pamela Townsend. Row one. left to right: Virdell Jones. Miriam Morales. Orelia Robinson, Linda Pettiford, Linda Laval-lo, Joan Otero. Bertha Newton. Row two: Sharon Suber, William Thompson, Anthony Robinson. HOMEROOM 310 MRS. GERTRUDE SHAPIRO Row ono, loft to right: Pat Bell, Lorilyn Bridgcford, Timothy Byors. Row two: Yvonne McRae, Rcnco Nicholas. Linda Perry, Lynnotte Cooke. Row ono, loft to right: Patricia Bell, Lorilyn Bridge-forth, Timothy Byers. Lynotto Cooke. Row two: Rena Nichols. Linda Perry. Left to right: Cheryl Hicks. Cynthia Kotchkoski. Roscolle Jones, Calop Jackson.HOMEROOM 313 MRS. BETTE LAZAR Row on©, front to back: Walter Hurdlo, Calvin Jono . Phillip Masucci. Row two: Sharon Doughtie. Astrid Ferszt, Barbara Hall. Row throe: Sharon Tel-loy. Elaine Oallas, Robin McCross. Row one, front to back: Dominic Romano, Poter Silvia. Sharon Brazenos. Row two: Denise McPherson. Carlos Perez. Reginald Perry. Row three: Phillip Masucci. Row four: Barbara Hall. HOMEROOM 318 MRS. LORN A FURST Row one. left to right: Elaine Blaine, Debby Brown. Row two: Dobra Davis, Lcnoro Davis, Judith Deas. Row throo: Monica Hand. Terry Sellers Elizaboth Hurdlo. Row one, loft to right: Reginald Burl. Joseph Burnett. Kelvin Clark. Row two: Deborah Pidcock, Ann Frcomon. Row three: Denise Murray. Carolyn Robinson. Lorrie Key. Row one. loft to right: Lorraine Colluci, Michael Crooms. Row two: Eric Jones, Beverly Me Noil. Row three: Michael Mascssa, Maria Portugal, Nun-zie Cupo. 73HOMEROOM 319 MISS YVONNE DAVIS Row one, left to right: Frank Riccio. Chariot Pack. Row two: Anthony Montanelli. Anthony Freda, Michael Bassett, Earl Bullett, William Pleasant. Row one, left to right: Carrie Quattlebaum, Yolanda Hodge, Jacquelyn Keene, Lawrence Hamm. Row two: Bovcrly Johnson, John Jakimas. Row one, left to right: Donna McGregor, Regina Sales, Carrie Quattlebaum. Row two: June Corbin, Beverly Johnson, Desiree Cisco, Sandre Flippen.HOMEROOM B9 MR. WILLIE JOHNSON Standing: Sharon Ginyard, Mr. Johnson. First table, front to back: Maxine Gilchrist, Barbara Slater, Rose Ann Rock. Alida Moscone. Rhonda Van Diver, Lynn Pettiforo. Second table: Deborah Patterson, Robin Archia, Deborah Hodge, Henry Jordan, Herbert McCray. Third tablo: Allyson Fried. Sarah Everly, Sharon Mason, Gloria Dixon. First table, left to right: Allyson Fried. Sarah Everly, Sharon Mason. Second tablo: Henry Jordan. Deborah Hodge, Vicki Wilkcrson, Herbert McCray. Third table: Rhonda Van Diver, Alida Moscone. Rose Ann Rock, Barbara Slater, Maxine Gilchrist, Lynn Pottifore, Mr. Johnson. HOMEROOM 113 MRS. JACQUELINE WING Row one: Kathleen Kapeck. Row two. left to right: Alicia Alfonso. Michael Bcrardi. Lowell Bishop. Row three: Zeneida Sosa, Marta Galarso. Row four: Lavornc Picrty, Glenn Miller. Row five: Loreloi Williams, Marta Villalobos. Robert Douglas, Alfred Davis, Randy Meyors. Row one, loft to right: Chester Jelinski, Linda Lane. Eunice McPherson. Row two: Jill Rucker, Deborah Sloane. Row three: Alfred Davis. Randy Meyers, Ronald Sinklor, Ruth Millor.HOMEROOM 210 MRS. ELIZABETH STILLER Row one, left to right: Brenda Bland. Mrt. Stiller, Donna Harrington. Lawrence Martin. Marty Byors, Marilyn Davit, Joseph Crawloy. Clinton Clarko, Diane Bullock, and Mildred Wilton. Left to right: Susie Green, Laurel Jablonowski, Wan-da Moore. Deborah Sanders, Ellen Nicolas, Debbie West. Diano Bullock, Mildred Wilson, Eddie Eason, William Ford, Glenda Tuckor, Ccrestine Melvin. HOMEROOM 214 MRS. ANNETTE BLOCK Standing: Mark Tucker. Loft to right: Portia Wiggins, Janice Merritt, Rita Martin, Bcvorly Slade, Alvin Patterson, Fausteona Foxworth, Harthula Robinson, Alda Gilliard. Derrick Buchanan, Rocco DiLeo, Bradley Hornick. Row two: Janctt Lettor, Nadine Harrit. Gerald Burney, Daniel Santos.HOMEROOM 304 MISS ANGELA HAMMOND Row one. front to beck: Robort Douglas, John Ad-derson. Denise Greene, Shoila Glover. Row two: Frank D'Arc, James Allen, Lynne Thomas. Valoncia Christion. Gail Cooke. Row throo: Laurence Fuller, Joanne Simpson, Cheryl Bush. Deborah Faust. Kathleen Hoyor. Row one, left to right: Manuel Lusquinos, John Myers. Row two: Natalie Siivarko, Karen Brody. Row throe: Valencia Christion, Joanne Simpson, Beverly Lane. Pamela Jackson. Pamola Rogers, Denise Slaughter, Mera May. Row four: Gail Cooke, Kathleen Heyer, Deborah Faust, Choryl Bush. HOMEROOM 308 MR. JAN CARDEN Row one, left to right: William Sinclair, Robert Means. Row two: Donald Mobley, Betty Smith, Helen Willcox. Row throe: Paul Nickerson. Denise Street, Mary Swiorat. Row four: Cheryl Corprow. Sharon Layton. Luis Raimundo, Douglas Tucker. Row five: Robort Groon, James Rufflin. Row one, front to back: Audrey Alston, Shirley Bor-nart, Gary Brown. Lorraine Byers. Janice Clarko, Robert Green. Row two: Joyce Davis, Barbara Fisher, Gail Jones, Gwendolyn Garrison, Cheryl Corprew.Row one: Andre Roberts. Robert Douglat. Oonna Senders. Belinda Smith. Elisabeth Harris. Roy Gillenwaters. Row two: Miss Hammond. Lawrence Martin. Randy Smith. Carl Strand. Larry Robinson. Gail Motley. Sandra Felton. uiucn mum: i;luh The African Culture Club, undor the direction of Miss Hammond, is one of the newly formed clubs of 1968-69. Its purpose is to explore the culturo of past and present Africa, to discover its contribution to contemporary western civilization, and to establish its relationship as mothor and sister to the culture of 8lack Americans. To tho students who take prido in their hcritago, the club is a means of identity, and reassuranco. Mombers enjoy programs about fine arts, music, dances, litorature, history, geography, present politics, and social structures, as well as films, slides, records, and guest lecturers. In tho future, for tho bonefit of tho starving Biafran children, thoy aro planning an African Culture Show, consisting of plays, dances, singing. poetry reading, and a fashion show. IIWII Parades, concerts, rehearsals, and awards aro but a few of the numerous activities of these musicians. This is ono of tho many groups at Arts in which the members work very hard to achieve organizational success. The trophies, letters, admiration, and outside invitations that tho band has received arc evidence of this unusual toamwork. The greatest aspect of the band is the closeness of the members and its conductor and the respect that each one has for tho other. Behind every excellent band is an equally outstanding conductor, and our conductor, Mr. Singer, has succeeded in bringing out the bost in the band. Without his direction, tho band could not have continued in the Arts tradition of progrossing excellence in music. Kn lir 9. left to right: Jill Ruder. Sandra Byert. Hilda Burnett. Standing: Ellen Nichole . Michelle Suber, Carrie QuaMlebeum. Sharon Talley. Charlene Hairtton. Elaine Dalle , Deborah Sloane, Mitt Davit. miwi.iMi Tho Bowling Club, now under the guidance of Miss Davis, meets each Tuesday from throe to five-thirty at the Bowl-O-Mat. To be eligible to join, a girl must havo the consent of her paronts and must obtain an accidont insurance policy. At tho end of the year, awards are givon to those girls who show the most improvement and those with tho highost scores. 80CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is open to all students, beginners, and pro's desiring to improve their techniques. Chess is a captivating game and each player finds the game challenging as well as intellectually stimulating. Mr. Calvin is the club's advisor. CHOHIS If anything is outstanding at Arts High, it is the chorus. The programs that these members prosent add to the cultural experience of all the students. Made up of one third of the student body, the chorus, under the leadership of Mr. Pickott, rehearses to maintain and perfect their high standard of music. The superb contributions mado by this group at the shows. Spring and Winter concerts, and assembly programs are always eagerly anticipated by Arts High audiences. Standing: Beatrice Rod rig u X, Nilde Cedeno, Linda Teletco, Mr . Tto. Virginia Riviera, Marie Cettey. Eva Gonialex. Yvonne Wi«e. Kneeling, left to right: Rodney Swan, Dante Defloro. Charle Pack, Luit Cedeno, Eric Jonet. DANCE CLUB Dancing comes naturally to nearly everyone. and more and more so to students at Arts High. Under the direction of Mrs. Tso and with the co-operativeness of the selected mombors, the folk dance group has presented delightful performances at various grammar schools in our city. The striking costumes made by the members themselves. tho liveliness, and the desire to per-form engendered spontaneous applause from the student audiences who mako no secrot of their delight. Art's High’s faculty and students look forward every year to seeing this talented group perform. As for undorclassmen, the dance club offers them a marvelous opportunity to join the crowd. "Come dance with us!"rnni:i: dimensional aht club The Three Dimensional Art Club was organiied for the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to work with materials thay don't ordinarily use in regular classos. The Club is a new addition to our club calendar and is directed by Mr. Carden, who joined the Arts High faculty this year. Club membership is open to any interested student. Sculpture, puppets, and pottery are but a few of the pieces created by these artists. Row ore: Shirley Mill . Randi Myer . Marie Denaro. A »rid Terwt. Row two: Delia Mote . Vincerua Terlini, Linda Lovello. Joan Otero. Rocco Dileo. Mr. Carden. Jemet Allen. Michael 8arbarotte. lilHLS lil.CC CLIU Membership in the Gloo Club is open to all girls who enjoy singing and can assume the responsibilities of performing artists. With Mrs. Shapiro as director, they meet twice a week for a lively and melodious rehearsal. The girls receive cyclo marks and thereby earn credits toward graduation. Their repertoire includes American and foreign folk songs, selections from popular Broadway musicals, and many old classical favorites. Tho members perform annually at the Winter Fair, the Spring Concert, and at special assembly programs. FENClUi lil.l II The Fencing Club, re-introduced last year, has boon making wonderful progross under tho expert guidance of Mr. Huoson. Twenty members (boys and girls) practice diligently three afternoons each week. Every session is at least one hour or more. The members have learned the fundamentals and have gained some competitive experience against other high school groups. 12 XocI.lllll IIV lilJII.II The Library Guild consists of students who are willing to check books in and out, cover books, stamp magazines and otherwise help our librarian, Miss Friedman. The students who work before or after school all agree that this type of work is very profitable in that it gives them the responsibility for and appreciation of books. This experience also enables them to gain a knowledge of library services as well as the varied dutios of a professional librarian. Row on , loft to right: Carolyn McMillian, V rgal«n Hill. Row two: Mrs. Friedman, Barnita Brown, Cynthia Robimon, Richard Goldan, Katrina Jam s. Row on , front to back: Margaret l skiw, Oonald l skiw. Row two: Eric Wilk rson. Denis Williams. Frank Jordan. Row thr : Linda T d tco, Candac Williams. Robart Douglas. Standing: Mr. Brombarg. MATH LI.III The Math Club, undor the supervision of Mr. Bromberg is interesting and a great doal of fun. Activities include special reports by members. and solving puzzling questions which cannot be answered fully during class periods. The only requirements for membership is an interest in mathematics. Tho Math Club has increased our knowledge of the importance of math in the world today. 83VVTIIIYIL HU.Mill suum The function of the National Honor So cioty is to honor those students who show consistently oxcollcnce in their scholarship, character, and sorvico. Tho National Honor Society serves the school in various ways. This year's members under the supervision of Mrs. Cahn set up a tutoring program and also supervised the reading room during the lunch periods. The members are elected by the entire faculty on the basis of their scholastic records at Arts High and also on the basis of service to the school, leadership potential, and character. 84 ........II «M ttlTho students at Arts look forward to tho performances put on by tho orchestra oach year. This organization is one in which the music students with ability are given the opportunity to learn new music and at the samo time, prepare to supply entertainment for their friends and families at various functions. Under the supervision of their talented and most respected conductor. Mr. Posile, tho group spends many tedious hours rehears-ing for tho enjoyable programs. During the year the orchestra takes part in the entertainment for the Winter Fair, the Spring and Winter Concerts, assembly programs. and the Kiwanis luncheon. phbtiigbaphy club Tho Photography Club, under the supervision of Mr. Benevento. offers an opportunity for students interested in photography to develop their interests, talents, and abilities. Studonts experiment with various photographic techniques and learn the procedure for developing a picture. Tho club members also play an important role in the publication of the yearbook by designing the cover, providing page layouts, and taking picturos of school activities. hi:ii MUSS CLUB Our Red Cross has long been a tradition at Arts and has proved to be a club of active members who work in a jovial atmosphere. They have displayed great dedication in the performance of a variety of activities and have brought happiness to young and old. Making place mats, Christmas stockings, table center pieces, pants and shirts for burned out families, directing cookie drives, and collecting eye glasses for the needy are but a few of their many contributions to the welfare of the citizens in our city. Mrs. Hiller supervises tho work of these enthusiastic, concerned students. Counter clock-! » a d. left to right- Arlene Rettaino, Stephen! Glover. Alide Motcone. Kathy Riley. Gail Cooke. Sharon Doughti . Vandera Robbing Odeua Seymore. Alice Mobley. Katrina Jam . Deborah Brody. Harriet Steller, Carol Fortney. Karen Brody. Cyn-thia Robinton. Standing: Mr . Hiller, Denite McPh r on. Brigette Walker, Rita Robinton, Vergeline Hill, Patricia Kelley, Claudette Ayer . SCOPE "Scopo", the school newspaper, contains many interesting articles including sports, fashions. chatter, art, and music. This year’s staff, mostly seniors, contributed new ideas to the paper. Our newspaper has a demanding schedule to meet, but wo are grateful to the editors and reporters for their enthusiasm and hard work in publishing a paper which represents tho entire school. Mr. Durkin is the advisor for this group. Sealed, let! lo right: Ellon Nicola . Linda Teletco. Deni Green . Barbara Fithar. Rocco De Leo. Alliton Freid, Deborah Hodge. Natali Slkwarko. Pat Gregory. Standing: Pri cilla Blackwell. Kathy WoloeH. Deborah Mulling, George Konto . Harriet Steller. Barbara Rice. Laurel Jeblonowtki. Decoyit Brown. Mr. Durkin.stage i:m: Arts High Stage Crew boys are always ready when needed. The "men behind the sconos" aro under the direction of Mr. Pickott. Thoir responsibility is to soo that the lighting, arrangement of sconery and sound effects are all in order for the various assemblies. We would like to commend them for having done an excellent job this year. Row on , loft to right: Don lojkiw. Ruttcll K n . Row t-o. left to right: J«m i McAd m», Tom Si r«nt. J«m » Soldo. stiiulm council Arts High's Student Council is the backbone of the student body. This year, under the competent supervision of Mrs. Rich, the Council has been very active in answering the students' questions and satisfying thoir needs. At meetings held every second Wednesday representatives have the oppor-tunity to express their opinions on any subject. This year the Student Council has had many new activities added to the old traditions such as the successful Halloween Party, the Alumni Day. and Forgiveness Day. The members have also sold shakers, bookcovcrs, and Arts High buttons to help raise money for the student body of Arts High. These numerous activities are very profitable because of the enthusiastic support of the entire school population. Row one: Stephenio Glover Cheryl Bradley. Sharon Jonei. Row two: D nit Hill, Lynette Cool, Ina Little, Myra Hubbard. TWIIll.CHS Baton twirling was introduced to Arts High last year by Mrs. Morgan. This year the group has been coached by Miss Abos. Hard work, cooperation, and loyalty have produced a good working unit. Each member is so dedicated that nothing interferes with her practice and her progress. Mastering the choreography of baton twirling routinos requires highly developed skills based on constant training and practice. The group performs in parades and at one or two school club meetings. 86lilHLS’ VUI.LEYBALI. CLUB The Girls Volleyball Club meetings aro held during the winter months directly aftor school. The advisor Is Mrs. Donovan who shows tho girls the techniques and skills necessary to success In playing. She makos her girls feel confident and socurc whenever they participate in a game and constantly stresses tho importance of keeping in practice. Swift, undolayod actions arc a part of the gamo which her girls love. They onjoy playing and therefore play well. Se«t.d Uft to rioht Lind Parry. Denit. Day. Ton! DeVonne. Campbell. Botfly McNeil. Row two Myr Franklin. Regina Sales. Cheryl Pullin. Cheryl Br dley. Rob.n Raf.ner. Leonora Yvonne Johnson. Olive Smart Row three: Lind C ptain. Young. M.r.lyn Gaynor. Row one: left to right: Glori Cooper. Lucille Mond.lto Irene Jam Beverly Clemons, and Denise Mills. Row two: Belinda Miller. Blackwell. Cheryl Bradley. Danita Smith Elirabelh W.elqus. Verma Fortenberry, and Hemilton. Row three: O-eed.a L.v.nqston Harvey Freemen. Miss Abo . Oecoyise Bro-n. James, end Brenda Miller. Standinq. loft to right: Mr. B n v nto. Jos ph Accardo. Daborah Mullinq. Georg Kontos. Maqqi Dies Seated: Helen Krawezyk, Jin Donnelly. Lett to right: Richard Von Ende. Maggie Diet, and Jina Donnelly. The Vignette, our official yearbook here at Arts High, serves as a record of all the past activities and creative efforts of the entire school. Under the skilled leadership of Miss Abos, tho literary staff members gather information, compose tne personal write-ups. club and sports reports, together with other required copy. Mr. Bcncvcnto and his staff of Art students handle tho cover dosign. layouts, and all pictures. Both teachers supervise the distribution and circulation of the book. Bccauso it also serves as a personal memento to the seniors, the Vignette has usually become the treasured keepsake of tho graduates. 87BASEBALL TEAM The 1968 baseball season was sparked by good pitching on the part of Mike Catapano and Bruce Davis and by a strong team effort both on the field and at the plate. Despite a record of six wins and eleven losses the Arts High School Team always played well when the competition was rough. Highlighting the season was the 13-1 romp over Central and a game played against Barringer, another highly rated city league team in which Arts led until the last inning when Barringer scored the tying run. The game ended in a l-l deadlock and was called because of darkness. The average .500 qualified Arts for the state tournament. With the graduation of Oswaldo Mercado. Bruce Davis, and Marvin Byers, last year's outstanding senior players, the 1969 team is expected to be led by Mike Catapano. David Tucker, George Troupe. Jamos Fryer, and Richard Von Ende, junior members of tho squad, and also a sophomore, Mike Berardi. ARTS OPPS. 3 Weequahic 17 7 Blmfld. Tech. 12 13 Central I 1 Barringer 1 9 West Side 13 6 Don Bosco 8 7 Holy Trinity 6 11 Nwk. Tech. | 9 Holy Trinity 8 1 Vailsburg 3 7 Harrison 0 7 Nwk. Tech. 8 5 Edison Tech. 6 1 Pingry 8 2 Edison Tech. 3 6 Irv. Tech. 2 8 Paterson Tech. 10 3 Harrison 9 90Kneeling, left to right: Richard Von Ende. David Tucker. Sam For-tino. Mike Berardi, George Troupe. John Strickland. Standing, left to right: Tom DiChiara. Darrell Trimiew. Carlos Peret. Chico Dough-tie. Joe Minutoli, Bob Stesiak. Dennis Wilckens. Clarence Williams, Mr. Maglione. 91 Sam Fortino arrives on 3rd base.Row on . kneeling. left to right: Ern«»t Tweedl . John Strickland. N il Both . Mich««l Thom ». Rogor Curry. Row two, »fanding: Mr. Arthur $ail y. Greg Gr«mby. Reginald Mack. Daryl Matthew . Paul Smith. Richard Stanton, Don Gray. Clar nc William . Row three: Erwin Ponder. Joteph Minutoli, Calvin Jonet. The basketball team of Arts High has displayed great sportsmanship. Although not as good as last year's team, they played with a go-get 'em spirit. Mr. Salley, our now coach, helped the boys to sharpen their skills, learn new plays and techniques. The players spent long hours on the gym floor trying to perfect their defensive and offensive plays. Assistant Coach Diaco encouraged the boys to achieve a winning combination and was a great morale buildor. This year wo will be losing some of our leading players including Roger Curry (Co-Captain), Erwin Ponder (Co-Captain), Ernest Tweedle, George Troupe, and Miquel Quinones. A.H.S. SCOREBOARD OPPS. 66 Bergen Tech. 56 57 Bloomfield Tech. 42 80 Sacred Heart 68 59 Edison Tech. 56 49 Passaic Tech. 87 61 Irvington Tech. 85 55 Edison Tech. 59 62 Newark Tech. 72 27 Irvington Tech. 84 80 Bloomfield Tech. 67 36 Passaic Tech. 48 47 Newark Tech. 63 42 Holy Trinity 82 71 Bengen Tech. 56 92Action at tha banch. I had it firtt. Go to your room! Hay. I'm on your lido. 93SOCCER TEAM Kneeling, left to right: Sem Burgett, Tyrone Porter. Robert DeNene. Jeffrey Fouthee Roger Curry, Cedric Simmons, Jacob Simmon . Standing: Mr. Nowick. Richard Stanton. Keith Hardy. Paul Smith, Ernest Tweedle. David Tucker. Wilford Lowther, Brian Sarnoff. Charles Matey. This soccer year was the best year for the Arts High Soccer Team. The team ended the season with a record of five wins, five losses, and three ties. The team started the season playing Bloomfield. At half time the score was 2 to 0. Bloomfield's favor but the Arties didn’t givo up. Captain Roger Curry scored 2 goals to tie the game and in the fourth period Jacob Simmons kicked the third goal for Arts, winning the first game of the season! The team this year beat and tied schools that had been too formidable in past years. They tied Central (to whom we've never lost a game), and Weequahic. For the first time in soccer history, Arts beat Irvington Tech. Two scoring rocords were set up by Captain Roger Curry: one, an individual record of four goals in one gamo; the other record, 13 goals for the season. The five wins, five losses, and theree ties is the best record and the first non-losing soason for Arts High's Soccer Team. This may be the start of a new ora for the team. This year was their first nonlosing season, and they look ahead to their first winning seasonl Coach Nowich has reason to be oxtremely proud of his boys. AHS 3 0 I 4. 0 I 1 .... 2 ..... 3 I I... I..... SCOREBOARD Bloomfield Tech. Edison Toch. Newark Tech. West Side Vailsburg .. East Side Barringer Contra! ... South Side Weequahic . Irvington Tech. Don Bosco Tech. Bergen Tech. OPPS. 2 4 0 0 1 7 ....6 2 0 ....I 0 4See ed. left to right Romero Knight. Robert Stotiek. Wilford Lo-ther. Doneld Mobley. Standing: Mark Tucker, trie Berion, David Tucker, Cerl Aco«te, Joe Warren. SWIMMING TEAM Like McNamara's band, although we were tew in number, we were the finest in the land. Four returning lettermen. Dave Tucker. Carl Acosta. Eric Bcrion, and Joe Warren, gave us a sound nucleus. As the season developed they wore ably assisted by Bob Stasiak, Romero Knight, and Wil. ford lowthor. Tho incoming freshman class contributed two future stand outs, Mark Tuckor and Donald Mobley. The season's opener proved to be an indication of a successful season as we sank South Side easily. The next few meets wore disappointing but the team never quit. Consequently, the second half of the season saw our efforts produce a 4-2 record. On Feb. 26. the City Meet was held and we had only 5 entrants. Despite our numerical disadvantages, we came away with seven medals including two for first place. For the lost time. SWIM. DON'T WALK. Some people cen fell eileep no matter where they ere! Look before you leepl w»ve»| AHS 47 31 South Side East Side 38 West Side 34 Vailsburg 46 Wooquhaic 45 South Side 24 East Side 46 Barringer 41 West Sido 37 Barringor OPP 19 55 41 48 34 17 56 35 39 39Row on . ea»«d: M«ri« C«r« . ArUno Reifaino, Roiann William . Anna Mafia Wait. Ann Eng, Maria Pardo. Linda Ervin. Cindy Byrne, Delia Conturio. Sharon Shruba. Judy Rehling, Lila Jung, Brenda Everett. Deborah Brody. Row two: Mi Meyerton, Annette Reiter. Kathleen Woloch. Cynthien CuWie. Robin Retiner. Deborah Mulling, Carolyn Norulek. Luoille Mondallo. Berthenie Bank . Yvonne Johnton. AnneHe Cunningham. Diane Ford. Katrina Bank . Vickie Sattiak. Many of the liveliest and most active girls in Arts aro the members of the Tonnis Club. Under the supervision of Miss Meyerson. their most able instructor, the girls practice twice a week in West Side Park and learn tho rulos and techniques of this fun sport. Even though the girls aron't in com-petition, they are very enthusiastic and have tho advantage of keeping in good physical shape. Not all of the girls will succeed at becoming pro's, but they all will loarn the importance of teamwork.bdys tennis L«ft to right: Co Deed . Roneld Fledger. Jim Soldo. Roger Tucker. Coach Fleherty. Steven Helpern. Atno Smith. The Art High Tenni Team experienced a mediocre season in 1968. Undor the guidance of our new coach. Mr. Flarhety, fhe boys salvaged a 3-3 season, with victories over 8arringor, West Side and Central and losses to East Side, Vailsburg and Wooquahic. The season was brigh+oned by the emergence of freshman Stove Halpern as one of the outstanding players in the City League. Senior Paul Bennett, who captained the team, also played well, as did the first doubles team of Eric Berzon, Junior and James Herbert, Senior. Eric and James were undefeated until the City Championship Tournament. the outlook for next year is bright. With the return of Steve, Eric, and last year's reserves, the team is hoping to jump from last year's tie for third to a City Championship. Coech Fleherty hold a conference with the big four. The pain mu»t bo excruciating! Practice make porfoetl Ever triod getting a size nine foot in « size ii shoe 7TRACK TEAM »«• Sitting on ground. left to right: Noil Bothea, Donald Gray. Row on : Dennis Hall. John Myers, Melvin Crooms, George Jon t. David Tucker. Lawr nc Hamm. Frank D'Arc. Dani l Santot. Paul Stewart. Row two: Reginald Mack. Kenneth Daniels. Calop Jackson. Row thr : Mr. Marcus. Ronald SinkUr, Wayne Pendelton. Darryl Matthews, Erie Bullit, Donald Warren. Bruce Austin, Frank Jordan, Larry Robinson, Richard Stanton. William Sinkler, Isaac States. Robert Diion, Joseph Burnett, Clinton Clarke, Paul Smith. Erwin Ponder, Mr. Johnson. Brian Asernow. TRACK SCOREBOARD ARTS OPPS. 22 W. S. H. 95 63 44 50 76 52 73 73 A 34 A 49y 76 A 42 . 84 55 Central 71 72 36 42 82 46 Bergen Tech. 44 98The Arts High Track Team, though still relatively small compared to other city teams, turned in a record of 4 wins in 1968. a total of 3 more than the previous season. Arts High placed third in the Vocational-Technical Track Meet and accumulated a total of 9 points in the Newark City Meet. Track is an individual sport rather than a cooperative or team sport. Training starts in March which is usually one month bofore tho dual meet season opens. Calisthentics and oxtensive running are part of tho schedule for all team members. This season 2 new records were set: one by Frank Jordan who ran the 440-yard dash in 53.3 seconds; two by Donald Warren who set a new distance for the long (broad) jump at 20 ft. 7 in., and tied the school's high-jump record at 5 ft. 10 in. Other outstanding sportsmen were Kenneth Daniels and Paul Smith. 99EHEEHLEADEHS Row on , loft to right: Hilda Burnott. Holly Patton. Robin McCrou. Row two: Sandy By '1-Brand Nawby. Ellon Jarman. Branda Evaratt. Row threa: Wanda Hill. Elaina Oallai. Lmd Captain. Kathy Morrii. Mary Williamt. Gail Motlay. Row on , front to back: Chanda Shocklay. Row two: Patrioa $im». Mario Sharpe. Row thrao: Linda Parry. Evalyn Collin . Maa Gosiar. Row ona. loft to right: Oti» Chancay. Lawranca Hamm, Dannit Hall, Tony OaPateala. Mika Croomt. Miguel Quinonat. Row two: Mr. Lang. John Popa, Jonathan McDonald. Wayna Pandlaton. Earl Bulatt. Willia Sinklar. 100 Our poppy, bouncy cheerleaders with their eye catching uniforms, marvolous school spirit, and enthusiastic yells always perform beautifully on tho playing floor. They work very hard to gain places on the teams and practice long hours to prepare for their performances at all our basketball games. They are a credit to the school and good morale builders for tho teams. Winning or losing, they display good sportsmanship. Miss Ruth Abos serves as advisor for both the Versify and the Junior Varsity squads. PHY5IE L FITNESS Headed by Mr. Lang, tho Physical Fitness Club members specialize in gymnastics. The Arts High boys who have the highest scores in tho school will participate in a Fitness Meot at Newark State College where they’ll compote against boys from other high schools. The group also presented a special program at an assembly in May. Last year Miguel Quinonos. a junior, achievod the Export classification.SENIOR DIRECTORY Accerdo. Joseph • 74 8rookdale Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07106—371 -4763 Ac y. Dwight • 132 Woodside A.enut. Newark. N. J.—07104—482-0198 or 132 Huntington Terrace. Newark, N. J.—07104—926-2777 Acoita, Carl • 359 South 12th Straat. Newark. N. J.—07103—643-8046 Alexander. Patricia • 174 Hilltida Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07108—242-4265 Alford. Gloriah • 26 Nye Avenue, Newark. N. J.—07112—242 8519 Ameiti. Fernando • 121 Pro»pect Street. Newark. N. J.—07105—624-3386 Anniballi, Thomas • 21 Abbottford Avenue. Newark, N.J.—07106-374-2162 Antonieollo. Michael • II Clover Street. Newark. N.J.—07105—625-5035 Austin, Bruce • 892 8ergen Street, Newark. N. J.—07112—677-1094 Baoi. Ramon • 107 Confer Terrace. Newark. N. J.—07114 Battle. Deborah • 532 South Thirteenth St.. Newark. N. J.—07103—243-7802 Benon. Erie • 309 Clifton Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07104—485-0307 Blackwell. Priscilla Denis • 5 Treeey Ave.. Newark. N. J.—07108—242-7287 Bland. Chrittopher • 89 Sprueo Street. Newark. N. J —07108—824-2880 Bradley. Cheryl D. • 264 Clinton Avenue. Newark. N.J.—07108—824-4607 Bratwell. Sharman Denise • 845 S. 13th St.. Newark. N. J-—07108—371-8673 Brody. Deborah Ann • 641 S. 18th Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—374 8141 Brown. Beatrice • 141 Koer Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07112—923-8120 Brown. Decoyite • 883 South 14th Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—374-281S Byrne. Linda • 64 Hawkins Street. Newark. N. J.—07105—623-6610 Calloway. Gregory • 481 South 16th Street, Newark. N. J —07103—371-9215 Carvalho, Alfred • 171 Polk Street. Newark. N. J.—07105—621-7096 Caskey. Marie • 202 South Eighth Street. Newark. N.J.—07103 Cedeno. Nilda • 693 South 20th Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—399-1985 Cedeno. Luis • 693 South 20th Street. Newark. N. J —07103—399-1985 Charles. Linda • 22 Cortlandt Street. Belleville. N. J.—07109—751-1128 Chin. Young Kim • 102 Market Street. Newark. N. J —07102—642-9527 Clark. Sharon Lee • 84 South Fourteenth Street, Newark. N.J.—07107 Clarke. Gloria • 137 Milford Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07108—824 4385 Clarke. Judy • 198 Prince Stroot-2A. Newark. N.J.—07103 Clemons. Beverly • 54 Boyd Street-5B. Newark. N. J —07103—824-1875 Conover. Leonard • 673 Hunterdon Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—242-4106 Cooper. Carlene • 263 Morris Avenue. Newark. N J.—07103—624-5067 Cooper. Gloria • 256 Norfolk Street. Ne-ark. N. J.—07103—623-3958 Covert. Dennis • 22 Nichols Street, Newark. N. J.—07105—Ml 3-5798 Cuffie. Joan Mari • 8 Belgium Street. Newark. N. J.-O7I03—248 0503 Currie. Douglas • 854 South 19th Street, Newark. N. J —07108—372-2911 Curry. Roger • 318 Dayton Street. Newark. N. J.—07114—243-0525 D'Alessio. Carolyn • 243 Clifton Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07104 Daniels. Kenneth • 118 South Seventh St.. Newark. N. J.—07107—624-9223 Davis. Gloria Jeannie • 837 South Thirteenth Street—07108—643-0336 DeFlorio. Dante • 18 Springdale Avenue. Newark. N.J.—07107—484-6962 Denburg, Jay • 147 Midland Place. Newark. N. J.—07106— 374-6609 DeNciza. Robert • 286 Lyons Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07112—926-4076 DePascale. Anthony • 560 N. Seventh St.. Ne-ark. N. J-—07107—HU 2-8257 Dial. Magaly • 227 Garside Street. Newark. N. J.—07104—484-7261 Donnelly. Jine Marita • 745 S. Tenth St.. Ne-ark. N. J.—07108-243-7841 Drennen. Forrest • 139 Hudson Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—622-0347 Duncan. Nathaniel • 869 South 15 Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—374-8360 Everett. Brenda • 54 Third Street. Nowark. N. J.—07107—483-8121 Perrell. Belinda • 96 Stone Street, Newark. N.J.—07104—484-2541 Ford. Diane • 776 South 12 Slroet. Newark. N. J.—07108—242-0226 Fortenberry, Vorma • 26 Riverview Terrace, Newark. N.J.—07105—623-3716 Fortino. Sammy • 47 Warwick Street. Newark, N. J.—07105—642-7296 Freeman. Harvey • 142 Milford Avenue. Newark. N. J —07108—242-8947 Fryer. James • 400 South II Street. Newark. N. J.—07102—643-5934 Fuller. Stephen • 24 Girard Place. Newark. N. J —07108—374 0472 Garrett. Jurdia • 99 Hedden Terrace. Newark. N.J.—07108 Gillenwetert. Roy • 407 New Street. Ne-ark. N. J.—07103—643-1143 Giordano. Joe • 33 Oakland Terrace. Newark. N. J.—07106—399-1098 Glover. Stephanie • 259 South Siath Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—623-3288 Gonxelex. Eva • 588 South 19 Street. Newark. N.J.—07103 Grexiano, Eugene • 100 Beaumont Place. Newark. N. J.—07104—482-5334 Hairston. Charlene • 157 South 11 th Street. Newark. N. J.—07107—624-7094 Hamilton. Denise Janie • 788 Hunderdon Street. Newark. N.J.—07108 Hammond. W. David • 281 Mt. Prospect Avenue Ne-erk. N.J.—07104—482-4159 Hammond. Peggy Ann • 281 Mt. Prospect Avenue Ne-ark. N. J.—07104—482-4159 Harrington. Leander • 770 Hunterdon St, Ne-ark. N. J-—07108—242-5817 Harris. Willie H. • 56 Ninth Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J—07107—483-6832 Hill. Wanda Gaynell • 94 Rose Terrace. Newark. N. J.—07108—243-8345 Hodges. Randall • 130 Hedden Terrace. Ne-ark. N. J.—07108—248-2145 Jackson. Leah • 862 South 15th Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—375-5122 James. Irene • 274 W. Kinnoy Street, Newark. N. J —07103—248-3607 James. Katrina A. • 403 South 8th Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—242-2476 Jasper. Ronald • 231 South 7th Street, Newark, N. J.—07103—623-3708 Jennings. Joyce • 29 Lincoln Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—624-3094 Jerman. Ellen • 264 South 19th Street. Newark. N. J.—07105—373-6989 Johnson. Marvin T. • 53 Mercer St, Apt. 6A. Newark. N. J.—07103 —643-2542 Jones. Barbara Ann • 158 Ridgewood Avenue. Newark. N.J.—07108 Jones. Brenda • 285 Littleton Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07103—243-6148 Jones. Debra • 326 South 10th Street. Ne-erk. N. J.—07103—623-8156 Jones. Steven • 186 James Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—624-7032 101Rodrigue . Beatrice E. • 627 Eighteenth Avenue. Newark. N. J-—07103 Rodrigue . Fernando • 141 Protpect Street, Newark. N. J.—O7I0S Roman. Helena • 862 Mount Prospect A««s Newark. N. J.—07104—483-8198 Roman. Milton • 24 Highland Avenue. Newark. N.J —07104— HU 5 8045 Ro.e», Philip S. • 56 Weydell Street, Newark. N. J.—07105—643-2147 Ruff. David • 248 Branch Brook Drive. Newark. N.J.—07104 Salamanca. Fernando • 777 Mount Prospect Avonue Newark. N.J.—07104— 81-0324 Santiago. Reinaldo • 136 South Street. Newark. N. J —07114 Sapp. Sarah • 227 We»t Runyon Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—242 6807 Sa»iak. Victoria • 109 Niagara Street. Newark. N. J —07105—643-3094 Seymore. Odeua • 306 South Siith Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—242 6971 Sharp, Marie • 861 South Seventeenth St.. Newark. N. J —07108—375-9147 Shockley, Chanda • 233 South Seventh St.. Newark. N. J.—07103—643-4294 Silverman. Ellen • 49 Mountain Road, Verona, N. J.—07044—239-85S2 Sim . Patrice • 313 South Ninth Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—624-2317 Singleton. Kim • 447 Twenty-Fir,t Street. Irvington. N. J —07111—399-1352 Smith. Belinda • 182 South Street. Newark. N. J —07114-643-7357 Smith. Danita • 248 Norfolk Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—642-6316 Smith. Darnel M. • 76 Sixteenth Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07103—243-1994 Smith. Myron • 55 Nairn Place. Ne-ark. N. J.—07108—371-4467 Smith. Marjorie • 43 Harding Terrace. Newark. N. J.—07112—923-4048 Smith. Sharon • 172 Ridgewood Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07108 Spencer. Ronald • 365 Schley Street. Newark. N. J.—07112—923 9128 Staller. Harriet • 107 Seth Boyden Terrace. Newark. N. J.—07114 Stavroy. Cynthia • 701 De Grew Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07104—485-6727 Swierat. Genevieve • 364 Dayton Street. Newark. N. J.—07114—824-0972 Teletco. Linda • 27 Irving Street. Newark. N. J.—07104—484-1721 Thoma . Denni • 533 Mount Prospect Ave_ Newark. N. J.—07104—482-2495 Thome . Melton • 39 North Thirteenth St.. Newark. N. J-—07107—484-7311 Thornton. Diane A. • 320 South Tenth St, Ne-ark. N. J.—07103—643-3127 Trimiew. Darryl • 879 South Fourteenth St., Newark. N. J —07108—375-8955 Troupe, George • 18 Ha-thorne Lane. Ne-ark. N. J.—07107—482-5310 Tucker. David Scotty • 137 Parker Street. Newark. NJ.—07104—482-3733 Tweedle. Erne»t • 70 Millington Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07108—381-2186 Ty on. Margaret • 22 Shephard Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07112—923 0655 Vixearrondo. Maria E • 689 South Twentieth Street Newark. N. J.—07103—395-1589 VonEnde. Richard • 191 North Seventh St.. Newark. N. J.—07107—482 6352 Warren. Donald • 128 South Thirteenth St.. Newark. N. J.—07107—482-9851 Wa hington. Georgette • 27 Bo ton Street. Ne-ark. N. J.—07103 We t. Anne Marie • 425 So. Sixteenth St.. Newark. N. J.—07103—374-5338 We»ton. Eileen • 53 Ingraham Place. Newark. N. J.—07108—242-5597 Wholen. Michael • 58 North Munn Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07106—372-8319 White. Carolyn • 347 W«,t Market Street. Newark. N.J.—07107 William . Candace • 70 Crawford Street. Newark. N. J.—07102—643-8426 William . Denite • 70 Crawford Street. Newark. N. J.—07102—643 8426 William . Jamieta • 32 Fabyan Place. Newark. N. J —07108—399-1562 Wil»on. Janet • 250 Mount Vernon Place. Newark. NJ.—07108—373-8936 Woloch. Kathleen • 442 North Fifth Street. Newark. N. J.—07107—484-7483 Yeblick. Jon • 12 Rahway Road. Millburn. N. J.—07041—376-3270 Yachnik. Irene • 355 Walnut Street. Newark. N. J.—07105—623-3725 Jordon. Frank • 59 Wilbur Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07112—926-2264 Keith. Rita Doloret • 206 Orange Street, Newark, N. J.—07103—624-4276 Kincey. Beverly • 518 South 19th Street. Newark, N. J.—07103—375 4031 King. Jacquelyn • 95 Ridgewood Avenue. No-ark. N, J.—07108—248-6365 Konto . George • 862 DeGraw Avenue. Newark. N.J.—07104—465-5469 Koweltki. Mary Ann • 374 Grove Street. Newark, N. J.—07103 Krawciyk. Helen • 722 South 19th Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—325 6361 Letkiw, Margaret • 728 Ridge Street. Newark. N. J —07104—485-7119 Loftin. Dori • 33 North 7th Street. Ne-ark. N. J.—07107— 84-7806 Livingtton. Weegee • 65 Chadwick Avenue, Newark. N. J.—07108—248-6810 Mattox. Glenda Raye • 218 South 12th St.. Newark. N. J-—07107—624 6013 Mexey, Cherle • 32 Clinton Place. Newark. N. J —07108—371-5836 McDonald. Dollette • 180 Pomona Avenue. Newark. N. J-—07112—923-7646 McMillan. Lena • 360 South Sixth Street. Newark N J.—07103—242-1914 MeMillian. Carolyn • 114 Newton Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—623 0627 McMillion. Michael • 260 Prince Street. Newark. N. J —07108—824-1239 Millard. Renef • 209 Twelfth Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07107—622-5275 Miller. 8renda • 82 Twelfth Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07103—623-1789 Miller. Linda L. • 82 Twelfth Avenue. Ne-ark. N. J.—07103—623-1789 Mill . Denite • 304 Wett Kinney Street. Newark. N.J.—07103 Mobley. Alice • 180 South Eleventh Street. Newark. N. J.—07107—643-6764 Mondalto. Lucille • 174 Warren Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—624-9043 Moody. Mattie • 445 South Eleventh Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—248-8776 Mulling. Deborah • 286 Smith Street. Newarfl N. J —07106—374-4345 Napolitano. Joteph • 172 Lincoln Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07104—483-7168 Neal . Victoria • 361 Madison Avenue, Newark. N. J.—07108—371-1936 Newby. Brenda • 788 Bergen Street. Newark. N. J.—07108—824-3152 No-ell. James • 16 Birk Place. Newark. N. J.—07112 Ojeda. Carlo • 448 South Tenth Street. Newark. N. J.—071 IS—248 6078 Onque. Yvonne • 175 Jame Street. Newark. N. J —07103—624-4163 O Rourke. Cindy • 415 East Front Street. Plainfield. N. J —07060—754-1923 0 hin. Richard K. • I2 Midland Place. Newark. N. J.—07106—375-5453 Palmore, Edward • 130 Huntington Terrace. Newark. N. J —07114—926-2114 Pelmore. Jani • 130 Huntington Terrace. Ne-ark. N. J.—07114—926-2114 PeHon. Holly • 25 Manor Drive. Ne-ark. N. J.—07106—374-5153 Pendleton. Wayne • 433 So. Sixteenth St, Newark. N. J.—07103—371-2319 Perne. Vincent • 93 Beaumont Place. Newark. N. J.—07104—484-3444 Per»on. Daryle Ann • 277 Wainwright St, Newark. N. J.—07112—923-8795 Pierton, William • 50 Soaring Street. Newark. N. J.—07103 Ponder. Erwin • 344 Dayton Street. Newark. N. J.—07114—248-6742 Porter. Tyrone • 203 Pethine Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07108—243-3490 Price, Paul • 546 North Ninth Street. Newark. N. J.—07107—484-7257 Pride. Jacqueline • 38 South Eleventh St.. Newark. N. J —07103—643-5347 Cuagliero. Judy • 240 Mount Vernon Place. Apt. 6-H Newark. N. J.—07I06—371-7864 Quinone . Miguel • 182 Howard Street, Newark. N.J.—07103 Rebelo. John • 92 Warwick Street. Ne-erk. N. J.—07105—624-6515 Reiter. Annette • 864 Clifton Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07104—482-0656 Rettaino, Arlene • 206 Parker Street. Newark. N. J.—07104—485-3746 Riley. Ava Regina • 736 Bergen Street. Newark. N J.—07108—242-5878 Robert . Andrea • 139 Jame Street. Newark. N. J.—07103—643-0575 Robinson, Deborah • 74' , Ninth Avenue. Newark. N. J.—07107—482-1889 102SENIOR CMDIDS 5 m

Suggestions in the Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

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