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ooooocANNUAL PUBLICATION of the SENIOR CLASS ARTS HIGH SCHOOL, 550 HIGH STREET, NEWARK, NEW JERSEYMR. MILTON KNOBIER The Class of 1968 is proud fo dedicate this Vignette to Mr. Milton Knobler who, until February of this year, served as a member of the Art Department staff. His warm, congenial personality made his classes among the most enjoyable at Arts. Students looked forward to attending his classes to increase their knowledge and to hoar on occasional new joke. Not only was Mr. Knobler an excellent teacher, but he was also avidly interested in all phases of school life. As a swimming coach, a yearbook art advisor, a senior class advisor, and a member of the Advisory Council of the National Honor Society he gave understanding, inspiration, and encouragement to all those with whom he came into contact. His great artistic talent and concern for the welfare of every phase of education at Arts is evident in the many posters, brochures, programs, and stage sets he created for numerous occasions. Although no longer a member of the faculty, ho continued on Saturdays during February and March to devote his time and energy to directing and preparing tho art work for this yearbook and we are most grateful. With sincere admiration and great respect, we wish Mr. Knobler woll in his new position as Director of Art for the Union Township School System.3MR. PAT RESTAINO, B.S., M.Ed. VICE-PRINCIPAL Mr. Restaino is nof only on efficient, competent and hard-working administrator, but also a friendly and patient individual. During our years here, he has given us the understanding, inspiration, and encouragement we so often needed. Wo constantly confide in him, and never hesitate to ask him for help with our problems. His foresight and confidence have helped us to maintain our steady progress towards the successful attainment of our high school diplomas. 4DOCTOR HARRY LEWIS, Ph. D. PRINCIPAL A school is mode up of three main parts: the students, the faculty, and the administration. Someone or something must make all of these parts work as one. We at Arts High School are fortunate in having Dr. Lewis, who has the rare quality of being able to unite students and faculty alike into c cohesive, working unit. A frequent visitor to our classes. Dr. Lewis displays an interest in the well being of every student. His contributions to class discussion are one indication of his vast accumulation of knowledge in many fields. A dynamic personality, he always finds time to chat with students in his office or in the corridors. This year his desire for a warm student-faculty relationship inspired him to organize the Principals Luncheon to better acquaint students with the functions of our school. His insistence on high academic standards, his pride in the student body, and his confidence in the Art and Music Department move him to say "Arts High is a model of what school should be and con be throughout our nation." Dr. Lewis displays deep concern for the welfare of our school. We are truly proud to say Dr. Lewis is OUR principal.IN MEMORIAM His gent It’ face and patient smile. With sadness we recall. He had a kindly word for each. And was well liked by all. He is not forgotten. Nor will he ever he As long as life and memory last For you as well as me. We miss him now. our hearts are sure, As time goes by we miss him more. His friendly smile, his gentle face. No one can ever fill his vacant place. It broke our hearts to lose him. But he did not go alone. For part of us went with him. And so. part of us has gone. No one knows the great heartache. Only those who have lost can tell Of the grief that's home in silence, For him, whom we liked so well. Swiftly the year will he passing But still we won't forget ’Cause deep in our hearts and minds Memories will linger yet. IN MEMORIAM The Senior Class would like to express its deepest feelings about the untimely passing, on May 20, 1968, of Mr. Harry Gommoll, who had been an art teacher at Arts for eleven years. His dedication to his students, to his teaching, and to our school earned for him the admiration of all who camo in contact with him. As athletic advisor, Mr. Gommoll donated long hours to the welfare of the athletes. As head of the Craftsmen's Club he and the members designed and constructed the stained glass windows for the entry way to our school. As on individual, his sincerity and understanding inspired students to do their best in whatever field they selected. 61— SEYMOUR M, LANDSMAN, B.S.. M.A., Art, Choirmon 2— JULIUS BENEVENTO, B E A , Art 3— HARRY J. GOMMOll, B.S., Art 4— MILTON KNOBIER. B.S.. M A., An 5— LOUIS SPINDLER, B.S.. M A., Art 6— ELIZABETH R. STILLER. B.S., M A., Art 7— JEANNE O. TSO, B.S., M.A., Art 8— BETTE LAZAR. B.S., M.A., Sa r«loriol 9— LILLIAN RITTER. B C E., S r toriol ID—SEYMOUR C. HECK, B.A., M.A., Engliih, Chairman 11-RUTH G. ABOS, B.A., M A.. Engliih 12— RICHARD JACOBS, B.S., Engliih 13- DOROTHY NEUSS, B S, M A., Engliih U-DELPHINE PERUGINE, B.A., M.A., Engliih 91 —HILTON J. OTERO, B A., M.A.. Foreign long-ooge Choirmon 2 MAX CHIMACOFF. B.A., M.A.. English, lofin 3— THERESA S. DAVID. B A., Sponiih 4— SONIA FELDMAN. B.A., M A., French 5— JANICE A SPITZ, B A.. Sponish, English 6— TINA EUGENE BOHANNON, A.B., M.A., Pro. Dipl. Hood Counselor 7— LUCILLE B HILLER. B.A., Home Economics 8— JEROME MARCUS, B.S., M.A., Industrial Am 9— SADIE B. YUKER. B.S.. M.A., Librarian TO11• —GEORGE STEISEL. 8.A., M.A., Mothemotici Co ordinotor 2-ALBERT W. CALVIN. A B . M A . Mothemotici 3 ALFRED GENTILE. B S., Mothemotici 4 -DOROTHY LUZZI, BA Mothemotici 5— RUTH MEYERSON, BA.. M.S., Mothemotici 6— ROCCO PESILE, B.S.M., M.A.. Mu Co-ordinotor 7— WILLIAM I. PICKETT, B.M.. M.M., Mu 8— GERTRUDE P. SHAPIRO. 8.S., Mu 9— REUBEN SINGER. B.S.. M.A.. Mu 10— GERARD C. TOBIA, Mui.B . B.S.. M A , Doctorate Equivolont, Mu 11— JEANNE ASHBY, CIcrk-Stcnogropher 12— SHIRLEY ZONES, Clerk-Stenographer 121314 1 —JOHN IANG. B.S., M.A., Physicol Edu-COtion 2— EVELYN DONOVAN, B.S., Physicol Education 3— CONSTANCE GREENE, R.N., B.S., Heolth Education 4— ISABEL ISRAEISON, B.S., Physical Thera-P t 5— MARIE MEEHAN, R.N., Nurse 6— RUBY C. MORGAN, B.S., Physical Education 7— RICHARD WOODS, M.A.. B.A., Physical Education 8— ALLAN J. SHAPIRO, B.A„ M.A., History Co-ordinator 9— LORNA R. FURST, B.A., M.Ed., History 10— PEARL RICH, BA., History 11 —LEONARD J. YABLICK, BA., M.A., Science Coordinator 12— WILLIAM R. CASTELLUCCIO. B.S., M A., Science 13— MARY A. VENSKUS, A.B., Science1617MRS. RUBY MORGAN Homoroom 204 Michocl Boskets, Genevieve Bernot, Beverly Brooch, Earl BuHett. Desiree Cisco, June Corbin, Carlo Dunlap, Anthony Freda, lowrcnce Honim, Yolonda Hodge, Beverly Johnson, Jacquelyn Keene, Wilfard lowther, Ronnie McCloud, Donna McGregor, Anthony Montonelli, Star Elaine Moore, Chariot Pock, William Plcotont. Regina Solet, Debra Schoeph, Daryl Skelton, Paul Stewort, Aletha lidwell, Adrian Wot-kint, Mary Williamt, Sandro Flippen, Corrie Quottlcboum. Homeroom 220 Brian Atornon, Evelyn Bemort, Jote Buceto, Dennit Coffrey, Glodyt Carrera, Melindo Contreras, Marilyn Davit, Gail Di Nicholot, Ronold Artit Flodger, Pomelo Gogliono, Steven Holpern, Denise Hiller, lovorne Jockton, Gail Jordan, Michael Kidd, Ind little, Chorlotte McAllitter, Jonothon Alexander McDonald. Linda Meitller, Octavio Nickerson, Morris Porham, Morgoret Pleotant, Brenda Powell, Quinton Raynor, Verona Roios, Gloria Scelfo, Cedric Simmons, Glenda Storks, Beverly Thompson, Croig Velordi, Soroh Willcox. 18 MR. JULIUS BENEVENTOMRS. GERTRUDE SHAPIRO Homeroom 310 Elizobeth Androde. Jomes An-drews, Patricio Bell, lorilyn Bridgeforth, Timothy Byert, Lynn-et?e Cooke, Robert Daniels, Non-cy Dworok, lindo Fowler, Charlie Moy Gosier, Cheryl Hickt, Catop Jockson, Donald Jonet, Roscelle Jonet, Cynthia Kofchkoski. Shelia Land, James McDonald. Yvonne McRae, Reno Nichols, Linda Perry, JoAnn Pit , Patricia Price, Roger Royster, June Scales, Jacob Simmons, lorry Smith, Herbert VonDunk. Eric Wilker-son. MRS. BETTE LAZAR Homeroom 313 Tawatha Ageen, Lindo Becker, Shoron Brozenos, Hilda Burnett, Priscilla Choppell, Yvonne Coleman, Elaine Dallas, Jomcs Dixon, Astrid Ferszt. Monica Fryer, Douglas Gollott, Suson Hickey, Walter Hurdle, George Jones, Phillip Mosucci, Robin McCross, Denise McPherson, Debra Nobors. Corlos Perez, Robert Pinto, Faye Powell, Domic Romono, Peter Silvia. Olive Smart, Adrience Thomas, Edword Urban, Dennis Wilckens Zumski, Kenneth Colvin Jones, Sharon Talley.MRS. LORNA FURST Homeroom 318 lindo Abbott. Eloine Beatrice Blaine, R 0'n’ old Burl, Kelvin M. Clark, Nunzie Cupo. Ann freeman, Monieo Hond, Elizabeth Hurdle, Eric Jones, lorrie Key, Michael Moscssa, Herbert McCray, Beverly McNeil, Denise Karen Murray, Jeanette Adelle Pok-tor, Corolyn Moria Robinson, Terry Sellers, Wondo Antoinette Slaughter, fronces Tote, Juon Torres, Elizobcth Wiclgus. MR. RICHARD WOODS Homeroom B9 Myra Aubbard, Michele Baker, lee Barnes, Morgoret Bosile. Chris Bemby, Neil Bethea, Alice Beverly, Bernita Brown, louis Bunucci, Marie Ceres, Denise Day. Poul Ganota, Theresa Giordano, Joseph Goodfricnd, John Hunter, Lilo Jung, Roger Kennedy. Romero Knight, Poul Knox, Joseph Minutoli, Douglas Norris, Valencca Rodgers, George Rossi, Candance Show, John Strickland, Lavernc Wotcrs, Frances Word, Joseph Warren, Regina Young. 20MRS. SONIA FELDMAN Homeroom 113 Kotiina Bonks, Michael Berardi. Bradford 8ran«h, Sondro Byers, Isabella Chong, Fvdyn Collins. Stephen De B'oslo. Joseph Duger, Lillian Goniolex, Oanold Gray. Bonnie Herti. Kenneth Hicks. Bettie Johnton, Michelle Jones, Cofhy Kravafik. Rocco Laboto, Rose Ann Lynch, Goil Motley, Siglrido Ojedo, Paul Perkins, Larry Robinson. Mercedes Serrano, Thomas Sierant, lindo Singerline. Robert Sfosiok, Isaac States, Denise Taylor, Charles Thomos, Roxanne Tyler, Yvonne Wise, Sherry Zones. MRS. JANICE SPITZ Homeroom 208 Anthony Ativell, Berthenio Banks, Croig Brown. Erme-linda Copsito, Rolph Coleman, Anthony Cotugno, Thomas Dichioro, linda Ervin, Eugene Forte, Marjorie Groham, Gregory Gromby, Walter Moll, Ieoh Herod, Edward Huff. Joseph Jones, Sharron Jones, Russel Keene, Vivian lo Rosso. Jerry Lofton, Reginald Perry, Robin Rotiner, Leonora Reeves, Barbara Rice, Pool Smith, James Soldo. Rlchord Stanton. Roxonne Williams, Barry Wilson, Judith Womble.Brenda Brown, lonorp Browne. Robert Ciccone. Chariot Dorgit, Dcboroh Dcnoult, Toni Devon . Amy Oretchel. Nothoniel Duncon, Denito Edwordt. Harold Froneik. Richard Golden, Brenda Griffith, Brenda Homiton, Gary Kinchelow. Reginald Mock, Daryl Matthew , Jonel Mirvico, Carolyn Noru-lok, Judy Rehling, Cynlhio Robinton, Ellen Silvermon. Debra Smi»ko, Atno Smith, Carl Strand. Roger Tucker, Diane Wilkeiton, Grocic William . MR. MAX CHIMACOFF Homeroom 308 Romon Boez, Luis Cedono, Carol D'Alettio, Maggie Dior, Verma Fortenberry, John Giordono, Stephonio Glover, Joyce Goff, Charlene Hairston, Demte Homilton, Ieoh Jackton, Katrina Jam . Gloria Kell , Mory Ann Kowoltki, Morgaret Letkiw, Froncine levin . Rene Millard, Lucille Mondolto, Richord Othin, Joni Polmore, Holly Patton, Marie Shorp, Belinda Smith, Genevieve Sweirot, Diane Thornton, Irene Yochnik.MRS. LILLIAN RITTER Homeroom 315 Claudette Aytn, 8rendo Brcodnox, Jerome DiBello, Ann Eng, Wondo Hill, Denivc Hillmon, Timothy Huddleston, Normon Hurd, lynne Jenifer, Alford Johnson, Rifo Keith, Geraldine lok, Juliono Markovich, Hoicl Monk, Kathryn Morris, Kathleen Roily, Wondo Rodgers, Joon Rubinstein, Williom Sinclair, Marjory Smith, Michael Thomas, Koren Thomson, Anita Toler, Bridget Wolker, Howord Willioms. Homeroom 319 Sergio Alvorei, Martin Broxell. Dorothy Burns. Joseph Burton, Potricio Cosey, Darrell Cloth, Delio Conturso, Michael Demeo, Sandra Edword, lovcntrice Farrow, Carol Fortney, Cephus Gunn. Borboro Hall, John Jokimos. Thomos Lopara. Myra lark, Sharon lee, Donold leskiw, Helen Males. James McAdoms, Trent Moroni, Mary O'Neal, Donna Sanders, Horry Schovolb. Merrill Thomos, Clarence Williams, Joonne Young.Patricio Alexander, Deborah Bottle, Alfred Carvolho. Young Kim Chin, Dennit Covert. Brenda Everett, Dionne Ford, Som Fortino, Alvino Jomec, Doryle Perion, Ode no Seymore, Harriet Staller. MRS. JEAN TSO Homeroom 206 Bruce Auttin, Eric Bcrzon, Marie Coilcoy. Linda Chorlet, Gloria Cooper, Belinda Ferrell, Eugene Groxiano, leonder Harrington, Joyce Jenningt, Beverly Kincey, leni Krowczyk. Doll McDonold, Lonoll Miller, Joe Nopolitano, Brendo Newby, Andreo Roberta, Fernando Solamonco, Donito Ann Smith, Sharon Smith, Linda Teletco, Denni Thomot, George Troupe.MRS. DOROTHY NEUSS Homeroom 207 Pritcillo Blackwell, Cheryl Bradley, Shormon Bratwell, De-coyi e Brown, Nildo Cedeno, Carotene Cooper, Jurdia Garrett. Williom Hammond. Rondoll Hodget, Barbara Jone», Frank Jordon. Jocquclyn King, George Kontot, Carolyn McMIllion, Undo Miller, Vincent Perno, Paul Price, Jacqueline Pride, Annette Reiter, A»o Riley, Beotricc Rodriquez, Sarah Sopp, Darnol Smith, Myron Smith, Margaret Tyion, Mario Vizcorronda, Georgette Woihington, Ronald Young. MR. JEROME MARCUS Homeroom 209 Dwight A. Acey, Glorioh Phillii Alford, Robert Altton, Gregory Colloway, Mike C. Cofopono, Joan Morie Cuffie, Anthony De Potcale, Roy Gillenwoterj, Joe Giordono, Wolter W. Hutton, Morvin John»on, Charlet Moxoy, Lena McMillan, Denite Milli, Alice Mobley, Deboroh Mulling, Victoria Nea!», Corlo Ojeda, Yvonne Onque, Edward Pal-more, Erwin Richard Ponder, Tyrone Porter, Fernando Rodriguez, David Rufl, Chanda Shockley, Melton Thomoi, Richard von Ende, Anne Morie We»», Jon Yoblick.Homeroom 214 Dorian Banter, Sharon Clark, Judy Clarke, Beverly Clemons. Roger Curry, Robert De Nerza, Brenda Jones, Doris loftin, Cynthia O'Rourke, Patricia Purguy, Judy Ouagliero, Miquel Quinones, Arlene Restoino, Deborah Robinson, Philip Roxai, Kim Singleton, Ronald Spencer, Darryl Trimiew, David Tucker, Eileen Weston, Michael Whalen, Carol White, Janet Wilson. 26MRS. CONSTANCE GREENE Homeroom 218 Deborah Bowen, Sam Burgett, Cynthia Byrne, Eorleen Campbell, Linda Captain, Cynthia Culfie, Mary Cunningham, Elroy Darden, Mary Davit, Chito Dooghtie, Marilyn Gaynor, Dennis Hall, Keith Hardy. Elitabeth Harrit, Vergaline Hill, Yvonne Johnson, Wayne leswko, Deborah lowthcr, Timothy McDoaold, Maria Pardo, Elaine Pafterton, Rcdillo Powell, Virginia Rivero, Sharon Sehrubo, April Showers, Carolyn Slater, Ramona Villalobot. Vivian Williomt.Homeroom 306 Joseph Accordo, Fernondo Amesh, Michael Anfonicello, Deboroh Brody, lindo Byrne, Gloria Clark, Kenneth Doniels, Dante De-Florio, Jay Denburg, Dennis De Nezzo, James Fryer, Eva Gonzalez, Willie Horfis, Ellen Jcrman, Alon Johnson, John Robclo, Reinoldo Santiago, Victoria Sovok, Patrice Simt, Donald Warren, Kathleen Woloch, Candace Williams, Denise Willioms. ?8MRS. LUCILLE HILLER Homeroom 320 Carl Acosto, Thomos Annibolli, Christopher Blond, Beatrice 8rown, Leonard Conover, Douglos Cgrrie, Jino Donnelly, Forrest Drennen, Stephen Fuller, Irene Jomcs, Ronald Jasper, Steve Jones, Olendo Mottox, Michael McMillon, Dorothy Miller, Mottie Moody, Wayne Pendleton, William Pierson, Milton Romon, Cocilia Roote, Ernest Tweedle. 29CHESS CLUB The game of chess is the oldest of gomes and is the most fascinating and popular of all games. There is no element of chance and players find new and interesting moves with each game. For these reasons the Chess Club is open to all students, experts and beginners alike, interested in improving their techniques, making worthy use of leisure time and in meeting the challenge of intellectual stimulation. Mr. Calvin is the club's sponsor. DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club held its first meeting in the fall of 1966. Debates have covered topics ranging from Vietnam crisis to mini skirts and long hair. In seeking to provide time for group participation, the format of the club has recently been changed from competitive debate to informal discussion. Under the direction of Mrs. Rich, the "Arts High Political Forum" held o discussion on prejudice at its first meeting this year. A film, "The High Wall" introduced the topic for discussion. The primary objective of the club is to link fact and opinion. In this constantly changing world, with so many conflicting ideas, the true facts are too often completely covered. The forum integrated fact and opinion effectively, enabling each member to arrive at intelligent conclusions supported by keen understanding. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club under the capable leadership of Mr. Otero, chairman of the Language department, has had a brief but successful year. The club numbers about fifteen and is made up of those students who have had Spanish I, II, or III. The group led by third year Spanish students, has hold various discussions on the customs and traditions of Spain. The highlight of the club year was a play entitled, Los Adventures de Cristobal Col6n, which commemoroted the discoveries of Christopher Columbus.OIL PAINTING CLUB The Oil Painting Club is an ambitious group of art students who are willing to take advantage of the opportunity for extra instruction in oil pointing and ceramics. They meet once a week on a Thursday in room 210 where a studio atmosphere is provided for them by Mrs. Stiller, their instructor. FENCING CLUB After a long absence the Fencing Club of Arts High has been revived. Our group consists of approximately twenty-five members, boys and girls. There ore no unusual qualifications to join except a desire to leorn how to fence. Although we had only about two months of practice we were very "dedicated", practicing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for about an hour each day. This year our course was simply the fundamentals of fencing. Next year, we would like to go into competition against other high school teams. Mr. William Hueson coaches the team. 33FOLK DANCE CLUB The Folk Donee Club performs under the competent direction of Mrs. Tso. The members meet offer school once a week. Each member is responsible for making his or her costume designed by Mrs. Tso. During the course of the year tho dancers perform at various grammar schools in the city. At a delightful assembly program they charm the faculty and students with folk dances from numerous countries. The students also perform of various musicals presented by the Music Department. This year they are members of the "West Side Story" cast. The students enjoy performing and arc rewarded with invaluable stage experience. THE FRENCH CLUB The French Club has been in existence for two yeors. Headed by Mrs. Feldman, it has offered a rewording learning experience for interested students. She works with two groups—the advanced students and the freshman. The main interest of the advanced students is reading. The freshman students learn about France through reports, games in which vocabulary words are used and field trips. Last year Mrs. Feldman took her students to the Theatre to see a French group, and to the Museum to observe the pointings of the French impressionists. She tries to encourage members to use thoir own ideas to learn about France and the French people. Freshmen meet every other Tuesday and the advanced students meet every other Monday. 34GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Under the direction of Mrs. Donovan, girls' volleyball teams are organized each September after the re opening of school. The season runs through tho month of December. The girls meet weekly for practice, skill improvement and game playing. This yoar four teams were organized, thus affording sufficient opportunity for extended practice and competitive play. The girls displayed varied enthusiasm and fine team spirit. Having found their fifth season most gratifying, they look forward to next year with eagerness and anticipation. GIRLS BOWLING The Bowling Club, sponsored by Mrs. luzzi, is for any girl who has a desire to bowl. Meeting each Monday at the Bowl-o-Mat, the girls compete against each other in teams. Trophies are given out to the "most improved bowler", highest average bowler with the highest team score, and to all members of the winning team. The bowling season ends with a Pizza Party. MODERN DANCE The Modern Dance Club was organized last year under the supervision of Mrs. Donovan. The club consisted of all girls, but this year, even our mole students are taking an active part in the dance sessions. Several members of the Modern Dance Club, participated in the excellent program which was part of the Winter Fair. The girls displayed their lovely interpretive dancing, while the chorus sang. 35LIBRARY GUILD The library Guild members perform many useful services under the direction of Miss Yuker. Their duties include shelving books, typing and filing catolog cords, charging and receiving books, writing for college announcements, processing new books, and helping students find materials. Students may work before, during, or after school. Valuable experience in library work is gained by each member. Parties at holiday time bring the "librarians" together for an afternoon of enjoyment. Each year field trips are organized to enrich the cultural backgrounds of the members. MATH CLUB The Math Club under the direction of Mrs. luzzi, meets bi-monthly for the exploration of mathematical areas not covered in the classroom. The only requirement is an interest in mathematics. The club's program includes guest speakers, mathematics for relaxation, ouzzles, and special reports. The members attend lectures and take field trips to such places as Stevens Institute, and are looking forward to visiting Bel-Labs. The Moth Club adds much to the growth and development of the student's interest in mathematics, and stresses the importance of math in the world today. RED CROSS CLUB Under the competent supervision of Mrs. Hiller, the Arts High Red Cross, a group of willing girls, remember the hospitals, nurseries and homes for the aged at holiday time with place-mats, stuffed animals, homemade cookies and other favors. For those made destitute by fire the girls sew pajamas, ovoralls and skirts. This year a number of talented music students performed at various institutions. Members who have shown potential are sent as delegates to Red Cross Leadership Training and have both o pleasant and profitable experience. For outstanding services rendered to our community the Arts High Red Cross has once again been awarded an Achievement Plaque by Parents Magazine.One of the most cherished traditions at Arts is the M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society. Each spring juniors and seniors who are outstanding in the areas of leadership, scholarship, citizenship and service are chosen to be part of this select group. At an impressive ceremony in the auditorium the students are inducted into the society while proud parents look on. The induction is followed by a reception in the gallery, giving the teachers, students, and parents an opportunity to chat while enjoying delicious refreshments. Each member must uphold the ideals of the chapter and also assume certain responsibilities for programs and projects sponsored by the society any or the school such as the Principal's Open House. Trips and other social activities are in store for the members who are under the competent direction and supervision of Miss David. 37SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, newly formed this year, mokes up in enthusiasm what it lacks in size. A small, but select group meets every Monday and Thursday after school to perform interesting experiments. Among other things they have observed the effects of radiation upon seeds, made and interpreted their own chromoto-graphs, typed their blood, analyzed food samples of various types, and noted the discrimination of the sensory receptors. They were aided considerably in their work by Mr. Tirritilli, the student practice teacher from Montclair State College. Mrs. Mary Venskus is the sponsor of this group. SCOPE The Scope, our school newspaper, is edited by the students under the supervision of Mr. Jacobs. The Scope contains many unusual and interesting articles. Besides school news, there are cartoons, fashion tips, and chatter. Writers, typists, and proof readers cooperate to publish a paper which represents the entire school. Under the supervision of Mr. Marcus, the Arts High Stage Crew sets up and strikes sets for every school assembly or special production. Performing these varied tasks, the members manage to remain virtually unseen. They are the "invisible STAGE CREW actors" who are responsible for bringing the right scenery on stage at the right time, removing unwanted materials, arranging the lighting and providing the sound effects, a public address system or whatever is needed. The boys gain through experience, an intimate knowledge of the workings and the discipline of the theater.STUDENT COUNCIL Arts High's Student Council is the center of activity in the school. Throughout the year, weekly meetings are held to determine new goals and uphold old traditions. Those meetings enable many students to express their opinion in any topic. Each year, the students and faculty look forward to the Foil Festival (Barn Dance) and to International Day when we have an opportunity to talk with foreign exchange students. In addition to these activities, the Council sells sweaters, shakers and bookcovers to help raise money for various purposes. These numerous activities are profitable because of tho support and enthusiasm of the student body. TWIRLERS The Twirlers Club, organized last year, is supervised by Mrs. Morgan. Its members have participated in the Crispus Attucks Parade, performed at a local grammar school and at the Annual Faculty-Varsity game. At each regular meeting the girls, practice marching and twirling to music. While they are having fun they are also exercising and making their contribution to school spirit. This year they have cause to be proud not only of their performance but also of their appearance in their new uniforms. 39 tGIRLS GLEE CLUB The Glee Club gives art students as well as music students a chance to develop their talents. Each year they perform in the Winter and Spring concerts and doing one assembly program under the direction of Mrs. Shapiro. Year after year the Glee Club makes a notable contribution to the development of an appreciation of choral music. 40CHORUS Perfection is the motto of the Arts High chorus under the able leadership of Mr. Pickett. To maintain its high performance standards a great amount of work and co-operation is demanded of both teacher and students. On stage as well as in the classroom the unwritten cheer is "Produce to your greatest ability!" The chorus has shown that perfection is possible in its performance of "Christmas Cantata" by Honeggar, "Alleluio" by Randall Thompson, and "Battle Hymn of The Republic" by Wilhousky, accompanied by the orchestra. The chorus is heard at The Winter Fair, The Winter Concert, The Spring Concert, The Kiwanis Club, assemblies, as well as at graduation exercises.BAND "Intensive practice" ore words known to every member of the Arts High Band. Mr. Reuben Singer, the newest addition to the group, has worked with the Band this year. His patience and his constant struggle to achieve perfection have earned him the respect of every student. He has transformed the Band into a very fine musical organization. The group has ployed for the assemblies, for elementary school programs and for other community activities. The Marching Band makes a valuable contribution to all city parades. 42ORCHESTRA The orchestra provides an excellent and worthwhile opportunity for students to learn to play an instrument and to participate in group activities. Mr. Pesile constantly stresses the importance of every member of the orchestra, however great or small his part. As a result the members take great pride in their accomplishments and strive to make each performance surpass the one before. JR. ORCHESTRA The Junior Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Tobia, is comprised of students who ore not quite ready to participate in the regular Orchestra and the Band. Meetings are held every Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Tho string section meets with Mr. Pesile to receive special instruction once during the week. The aim of the Junior Orchestra is to develop tho musical skills of the members. This year, the Junior Orchestra will participate in tho Annual Spring Concert. 43Arts High's baseball team had a sucessful season last year. Their hitting and base running abilities helped them achieve a record of seven wins and eleven losses which qualified them to play in the state tournament in which they won the opening round but lost in the semi-finals. Coach Lang feels that the loss of three seniors however, will not hinder the team this season with seasoned players like Bruce Davis, Oswoldo Mercardo, and Marvin Byers forming the backbone of the 1968 Varsity Squad. Sorry, I don't hovo a couch availabio, Eddiel ARTS 16 OPP. 2 8 4 7 Don Bosco Tech 10 8 12 9 12 12 8 1 2 1 1 2 5 2 3 8 6 3 Irvington Tech 10 12 16 12 18 11 South Side 7 So you loft your family dofontolottl 46"The glow of fothion ond the mold of form." KNEELING, left to right: Lorry Davit, outfielder; Confetor Veloxquex, outfielder ond infielder; Otwaldo Mercado, cotcher; Som, second botemon; John Swierot. second baseman ond outfielder. STANDING: John tong. Coach; Mike Cotopono, pitcher; Marvin Byers, third baseman; Bruce Dovit, pitcher; Jorry Gimble, outfielder; Dove Tucker, first baseman; Ed Vaughn, outfielder; Malcolm Doval, first baseman Hey Johnl Monico's at home base. 0nd outfielder; Howard Cushnir, outfielder; Gregory Guerin, monager. Confesor walks slowly but reeds a Reody for take off. bigger stickl 47 BASKETBALL TEAM Moment of dctision—two points or not two points. Ngmbtr 31 must try border. Round the rim it goes ond when it drops everybody knows. 'And still they gazed ond still heir wonder grewl" It's minel I hod it first. The play's the thing to trop o member of the opposing teomlArts High's basketball team completed a very successful season with a record of nineteen wins and six losses. This year for the first time in AHS basketball history, Arts High became New Jersey Vocational and Technical School League Champions for 1967-1968. The Arties opened the season against Bergen Tech whipping them 102-58. This was the pattern all season long with a very strong team under the great coaching of Mr. Flaherty. Though the team lacked height, the boys were expert shooters who fought well. Rod Alexander was the first player to break the record of 1,000 points. This year Arts High was selected to play in the Essex Couny Tournament. The Arties entered as the underdog but emerged on top with upset victory (78-77) over heavily favored West Side which ranked with the best in the powerful Newark City League. Rodney Ailes scored the winning basket with one second left. Arts High was defeated by Barringer in the second round 57-53. Graduating this June are some of the team's most valuable players. Senior Co-Captains Rodney Alexander and Bruce Davis, Rodney Ailes and Marvin Byers. Erwin Ponder the other starter will be returning next year as the backbone of the team. Other senior players William Epps, Cephas Battle, Edwin Vaughn and Malcom Davall will be sorely missed but there are junior and sophomore players hoping to take their places. Mr. Flaherty and the boys are looking forward to another successful season next year. KNEELING, let! to right: Morvin Byer». C«pho Bottle, Rodney Alexander (Co Copfoin), Williom £pp , Roger Cwrry, Edwin Voughn. STANDING Vincent Finch ;A»«t. Cooch), Bruce Davis (Captain), Ittoc Stofet, Jomet Fryer. Erwin Ponder. Mike Cotapono. Rodney Aile». Cooch Flaherty. ARTS 102 70 86 65 93 74 . 71 77 60 86 84 78 83 92 87 65 108 88 67 65___ 78 . 53— 78 41 SCORE BOX Bergen Tech Bloomfield Tech Bergen Tech Harrison H.S. Edison Tech Passaic Tech Irvington Tech Edison Tech Newark Irvington Tech Bloomfield Tech Passaic Tech --- Newark Tech Sacred Heart Harrison H.S. ... Newark Academy Newark Academy Pingry CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT Irvington Tech Saint James ESSEX COUNTY TOURNAMENT West Side Barringer STATE TOURNAMENT Kinnelon Glen Ridge OPP. 58 49 .. 43 _ 66 73 51 67 _ 68 74 . 74 47 79 75 42 68 43 65 83 71 38 77 . 57 48 . 59SOCCER SCOREBOARD Arts Opp. 2 ............. Newark Tech ............ 1 1 ........... Bloomfield Tech ........... 2 1 ............ Voilsburg ............... 2 0 ............. East Side ............... 3 2 Central 2 0 ............. South Side .............. 0 0 ............. Weequahic 1 2 ........... West Side ............... 1 0 ............. Barringer ............... 1 3 ...... .... Bergen Tech ............ 2 0 ............. Don Bosco................ 0 0 .... ...... Irvington Tech ........... 4 0 ............. Edison Tech ............. 2 How oboi t o littlt toftihce? "Broc . I'm on your tidof 50 Wotch tli magic boll.FRONT ROW: Marvin Byers, Roger Curry, Tyrone Porter, Robert Denczza. Brian Sukonno, Dennis Dcnezzo, Frank Kulisi, Paul Bennett, Mister Nowick. BACK ROW: Keith Hardy, Harvey Freeman, Ed Vaughn, Richie Stonton, Paul Smith. Chorlie Clark, Bruce Do vis, Earnest Twcedle, Mike Iwonechko, Mokolm Dovoll, Christopher Bland. The best record and team effort in the four years of soccer at Arts was achieved this season. The "bounce" of the ball made the difference in several of the games that the boys lost. For the first time, an Arts soccer player made one of the All-County Teams. Bruce Davis was selected os the All-Essex County third team goal-keeper.KNEELING, left to right: Tom DiChiorro, Romero Knight, Poul Fernandez, Joe Warren. STANDING: Bobby Pinto, Erie Be non, Carl Acosta, Captain Jack Joworski, Don leskiw. Coach Lang. 8ob Fisher and Paul Fernandez in the style. 100 yard free Dove Tucker does the back stroke (in Medley) butterfly, breast, free style. 52Read for free style reloy Dove Tucker, Paul Fernandez, Bob Fiiher, ond Jock Jaworski. (Group won silver medal in City Meet) This swimming season was not a very successful one for Arts. The major problem was a shortage of man power. Despite this handicap, however, Robert Fisher, Dave Tucker, Jack Joworski, and Paul Fernandez received a silver medal in the 106 yard free style relay by placing second. Ja-worksi also received a bronze medal for coming in third in the 40 yard free style. Dave Tucker was awarded a silver individual medal for second place. Next year we hope that we will have a larger group of candidates trying out for the team. The determination and enthusiasm of our boys, together with the moral support of the student body can make a winning team. Dave Tucker, Romero Knight, 8ob Pinto and Don leskcw watch one of the the events in the pool. Bob Fisher and Jock Jaworski count the laps during 200 yard free style race. 53Last year's team was a very good one and did well against the giants of the city team including West Side and Central. These rugged athletes made a startling appearanco in their lily white uniforms. They fought hard and triumphed. They were proud of their foam record. Their only problem was an absence of spectator sportsmen to boost their morale. It is devastating to participate in a doubles match without cheers of loyal fans and heartrending for an Artie, all by himself, to do battle in a singles match. Nevertheless they are a loyal group that make a lot of racquet" and works enthusiastically and diligently for the honor and glory of AHS.55FIRST ROW, left to right: Woltcr Hall, Stephen Barnes, Kenneth Hicks, Forost Drennon, Richard Golden. Dennis Hall, Neil Bethea. SECOND ROW: Merrill Thomas, Roger Tucker, Roger West, Jerome McCoggle, Willie Harris, Murray Bethea, Kenneth Daniels, Howard Roberts. THIRD ROW: Mr. Marks, Joe Burnett, Pool Smith, Wayne Pcndelton, Donald Warren, Donald Groy, Joy Denburg, Edward Crawford, tarry Bethea, Walter Hutton, Edwin Ponder, Mr. MorCus.The Track Team members showed a marked improvement over the previous season by defeating Irvington Tech, one of their toughest rivals. The team lost a few other meets by less than five points which made them even more determined competitors. Highlighting the season was Jay Denburg who set a school record in the discus throw and Ken Daniels who placed second in the junior event of the 880-yard run in the City Meet. Outstanding athletes of the year were Howard Roberts, a senior; Roger West, a junior; Donald Warren, a sophomore; and Dennis Hall and Paul Smith, both freshmen. TRACK AND FIELD SCOREBOARD A.H.S. Opp. 43 Vailsburg 65 57 69 52 . Newark Tech 56 2815 97 Vi 53 Irvington Tech 46 40 85 26 51 56' ft Don Bosco 60 Vj 24 .... 102 51 Paterson 57 9V4 11615 33 Bergen Tech .... 66 itort in the 100-yord doth. Kenneth Donielt movet lo overtake Wccquohic loom member in ihe 880-yard rvn. Aoger Wett employt technique and control in the 100-yord high hurdlet agointt o Weequohic team member.KNEELING, left to right: Arlene Rcitoino. 11 to Forcella, Ro»« Eng, Delio Conturio, Debbie Mulling, Laura Guie, Dcbro Brady. Brenda Everett. STANDING: Min Meyer- on, Lila Jung, Anne Marie Wcit, Sharon Schrubo, M.onito Ferot, Suian Wildroni, Lillian 8riggi, Annette Cunningham, Kothleen Woloch, Annette Reiter, Fron lewitter, and Doniie Taylor. 58Mim Meyorvon begins tennis instrixtions. The Girls' Tennis Team, ably coached by Miss Meyerson, has provided great enjoyment for these energetic, peppy young ladies. Last season brought back many familiar faces but also attracted new members unfamiliar with the sport. The girls practice twice a week for two hours ot West Side Park. They may not be pros but with Miss Meyerson on hand to give a few pointers, the girls soon learn the basic strokes. This season there will undoubtedly be an even greater response in reply to . . . "Tennis, anyone?" 59VARSITY CHEERING SQUAD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Brcndo Jenningt, Borboro Cote iron (Coptoin), Beverly Jonkint. SECOND ROW: Brenda Newby, Virginio le-linho. THIRD ROW; Carolyn McKnight, Linda Coptoin, Lillian Briggt, Pot Garrison (Co-Coptoin), Shelley lea, Dolotct Cendon, Holly Patton. Our athletic teams have been cheered on to victory many limes by the Varsity and JV Cheering Squad members. Alert, happy and enthusiastic, the girls sparkle plenty when they perform on the playing floor. Thoir colorful uniforms and spirit rousing cheers have been a big "plus" at our ba ket-ball games. Miss Ruth Abos is the advisor of both squads. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. FIRST ROW: Gertrude Brewer (Captain). SECOND ROW: Wanda Hill. Potrice Simmt. Sandro Byert. THIRD ROW: Ellen German, Brendo Everett, Marie Sharp.EPIC OF 68 By Linda Franklin Somewhere in »he middle of '64 One hundred-fifty freshmen or more Came bounding into the halls of Arts Head over heels, our hand on our hearts. We looked around, confused and scared Few of us spoke—no one dared! Till gradually, after the first trying day Good fortune and pleasure came bounding our way. Dr. Lewis, our principal, we grew to love And our teachers and classrooms and library above. Even big upperclassmen extended a hand We joined different groups like Red Cross, the Band. We learned of each other and even the names Of so many people, it was all fun and games! Yet the homework began and we started to learn Mathematics, biology—they all came in turn Happy freshmen we were but started to strive Towards becoming the sophomores of September '65. Once again we assembled but this time we knew All the ins and the outs and of scared freshmen too. The barn dance wos merry, the Christmas fair gay HMS Pinafore brightened our day. Assemblies, parades and the fun Talent Show Kept us quite busy yet rewardingly so. There was so much to do and so much to see The time went so fast that Juniors wore we. This was the year of our first step as one We elected four officers—there was work to be done. Our class was so octivo, so willing to move. Just give us the word, we'd be ready to groove. We organized well and got under way Our first Junior dance was smoshingly gay. But more was to come, the plans were all there For a roller-skate party—on exciting new flare. A Junior Class Picnic but our truly great feat Wos the elegant Junior Prom in an Essex House suite. In April that year some learned joyfully That they had been chosen for the Honor Society. But the faint cry of college wos starting to call For all too quickly, we were Seniors that fall. At lost, humble Seniors, how the honors befell! The corsages and boutonnieres adorned us so well. Wo were proud and so happy that at last we could say "We too will bring honor to the dear green and gray." Applications for colleges, in a flurry, began The guidance deportment was one warm helping hand. Soon came the Class trip and fond memories Of the night of the Prom and all last-minute worries. But we actually made it—diploma and cap It all went so fast, yet with each sad good-bye. We will never forgot our four years at Arts High. For there may have been classes, some better, some worse. But the class of '68 will always be first! 67ALFRED GENTILE B.S., Mathematics "Mr. G's" warm smile, dynamic personality and quick wit are among the many reasons for his popularity at Arts. He is a "down to earth" person who has given more than his share of time, talent and energy to the numerous activities sponsored by the Senior Class. Not only has he contributed wholeheartedly to extracurricular activities but has also lent a helping hand to many a despairing algebra or math student. Mr. Gentile motivates and challenges his students so that they develop their abilities to the fullest extent. His understanding, his objectivity, his ready cooperation, and his sincerity have earned for him the respect, admiration and appreciation of the Class of 1968.PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT ROSEMARIE FERNICOLA "RoRo" . . . friendly, helpful, fun-loving . . . enjoys the compony of Kothy Urbon, Corol Oleszczuk, li Sinoto. ond Jack Jowortki . . . lists jotz, Itolion food, swimming, playing the piano, music ond chorus classes as her fovorites . . . octive member of the Twirlers ond the Student Council . . . chairman of the Student Council refreshment committee ... a student ot Pork Beauty School . . - spends spare time in her room listening to Barbra Streisand's records . . . oppreciotes the interest teachers toke in each student . . . detests the gym ond cafeteria . . . looks for sincerity in others .. . college bound. TREASURER SECRETARY JOANNE CARUSO "Mew" . . . friendly and well-liked . . . thinks Anno Canoto. Potty Ng, Jinny lelinho, Fran lewitter, ond Laura Guie ore good compony . . . art, moth. Italian food, collegiate clothes ore examples of her tostes . . . lists Mr. Costelluccio, Mr. Gentile, and Mrs. luxxi os fovorite teachers . . . often heard shouting "Does anyone have closs dues?" . . . octive in library Guild. Moth Club, Red Cross, ond the French Club ... on the Vignette staff . . . citizenship aword . . . treasurer of Junior ond Senior classes . . . "This is too much" . . . plons to attend Montclair State College to prepare for a career in teaching. "Jinks" . . . popular, friendly, understanding, ond fun-loving . . . seen with Barboro Colemon, Shelley lea. Pot Garrison, Jackie Boozer, Lillian Briggs, Pat Culver . . . enjoys music, cheeseburgers ond English . . . admires her parents and Mr. Gentile, ond Mr. Costellucio . . . "You got it right on the nosel" . . . active in Glee Club ... on the Cheering Squad and the Vignette staff . . . belongs to Volleyball Team, French Club. Red Cross, A-Pin Committee, Holl Potrol and the Student Council . . . president of the Junior and the Senior Class . , . Vorsity letter . . . CYO, Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority and church choir member . . . a career ot a social worker is her ultimate goal. ANNA GANOTA "Siom" . . . personality runt from serious to zany . . . friendly ond fun-loving ... in a million placet at once . . . seeks company of Joanne Caruso, Jinny lelinho, Fron lewitter, louro Guie, and Patty Ng . . . active in Red Cross, Moth Club, library Guild . . . serves on the Vign Mt Stoff ond ot church functions . . . Vice-President of the Notional Honor Society. Secretory of the Senior Closs, Color Guard . . . "My" . . . enjoys a goad joke, bowling, piano, pizzo. ond science . . . admires Mr. Costelluccio, Miss David, and Mitt Abos . . . will attend Rutgers University ot a science or math mojor. BEVERLY JENKINSRODNEY AILES RODNEY ALEXANDER ANTHONY AGUANNOANTHONY AGUANNO Colled "Eldorado" by dote friend John Giordoro ond Ermolindo Coputo . . . o lively boy with all-American interett . . . Itolion food. oul mink, football, ond, of court , girl l . . , appreciate the ort work of George Segol ond the myjterie of Ion Fleming , . . ho o preference for ort, the exprettion "hong loote," ond on unutual hobby —- drog racing . . . ditlike homework intentely . . . ho lf-confidence . . . like to tociolize . . . expect to prepare for work in the commerciol ort field. RODNEY AILES Humorou , friendly . . . o»y to get along with . . . utually found with Randy Nobor . Rodney Alexander, Glenda Prott ond Bruce Oovi . . . teacher or the be»t ot Art . . . Mark Twain, Mr. landtman, "Sholl We Overcome?", Engli h, botketboll ond iteok ore lilted o» favorite . . . "Tolk like o fi hl" . . . Voriity Club . . . J.V. letter, Vor ity letter . . . Go pel Team, Conqueror , choir. Hi B A Club, O A C campaigner . . . frequently obterved ploying botketboll . . . would very much like to be o miniiter. RODNEY ALEXANDER "Rod" , , . enjoy the company of Pot Reilly, Allen Nobor . Rodney Aile . . . love the outdoor . , . favorite author it Melville; compoter, Hondel; teocher, Mr . Rich . . . adore chicken, botketboll. ond hi tory ... it very active in the Debating Club . . . when not involved in »tudying, he attend Conqueror meeting , read tho Bible or limply enjoy living . . . eorned three Vortify letter in botketboll . . . hope to attend the Moody Bible Inttitute of Chicago to prepore for the miniitry. ETHEL BAMBERG "Mabel" . . . o tlncere, dedicated, intelligent extrovert . . . utually found helping othor . . . bound for Howard Univenity, ond o coreer in n uro- urgery . . . think chemiitry it foicinoting . . . octivitie include church choir ond Vignette ttoff . . . enjoy the mutic of Herbie Monn, Yuief lotif, Beethoven ond Arthur Prytock ... on avid convortotionoliit . . . o poetry ond eiioy writer . . . admire Mitt Aboi. Mr. Petile, and Mr. Cattelluccio . . . would like to be on example of love ond friendthip to all. HARRY BARTNICK An ort major who hope to offend Cooper Union . . . frequent companion or Dwight Aeey. Ed Schruba ond Greg Guerin . . . reading ond collecting book ond magazine are hii fovoritc leiture octivitie . . . like Vermeer, Dickenj, David Coppcrfiold, fried chicken, ort, tocccr, Victorian ond Edwordion clothe . . . the art clotiet hero are tho greofoit . . . find New York City an exciting place to visit. STEPHEN BARNES An honett, down-to-earth type fellow . . . "The Cowboy," o» hi friend Bill Epp», Bruce Davi ond Roger Weil coll him . . . favorite people ore Mi » Abo . Mr. Gommoll, ond Normon Rockwell . . . like popular mu ic, ort, ond track . . . ho received two J.V. ond two Vor»ity track letter . . . olio participated in Minneioto Outward Bound Program . . . utually found of home reading or drawing . . . hope to continue education for o degree in ort. CEPHAS BATTLE "Bow" . . . lemitive, quiet, ond ihy . . . utually in the company of Poul Smith ond Joan Stuckey . . . chorithet United State hiitory . . . love peppered iteok ond chicken . . . active o» o member of the Swimming Team, the Stage Crew, tho Bateball Teom ond the Red Cron . . . admire Mr. Knobler . . . ho great odmiration for Erneit Hemingway and hi work . . . retpecti people with leoderthip ability, perterverance, a » nic of humor, ond friendlinevt . . . o congenial pertonolity attract him . . . utuolly found ot Weit Side Pork ploying baikctball . . . undecided oboul the future but ho expectation of luccetl in whotever endeavor he undertake . DORIAN BAXTER Quiet . . . very eoty to get along with . . . nome dote friend a Jerome McCoggle, Roger Wc»t, ond Von Byrd . . . enjoy botketboll, tinging, the orti t Albert Dorn , Johnny Mofhi , Jame Boldwin, done with Mr. long, cheeteburgert ond milk thoket, ort. rhythm V blue , jozz, ond loud color or block ond white ... hat been octive in tportt, earning two J.V. letter in baiketball . . . outiidc octivitie include the Omega Phi Epiilon Fraternity ond the Comoro . . . hi only eomploint wo about the tize of our gym . . . ipend loituro hour ot hit girlfriend' houte . . . hope to further hi ort education ot Newark School of fino ond Induttrial Art . . . plan to continuo hi tinging coroer. EDWINA BAXTER "Wino" . . . friendly, undortfonding ond tympothetic . . . favorite are Jame Baldwin. Romiey lew! . Mil Abo , ond Min Meyerion . . . fond of oil kind of food . . . like everything about Art except hiitory . . . admire honetty ond »incerity in other . . . o fun-laving Min whole outtide octivitie include the Iota lambda Sorority . . . will attend Dougloit College or Syrocu»e Univenity . . . would like to become on elocution! !. CEPHAS BATTLE DORIAN BAXTER EDWINA BAXTERPAUL BENNETT CASSIAR BLYDEN JAMES BELL LAURIE BENNETT JACQUETTA BLAND ELIZABETH BENNETT CHERYL BERRY JACQUELYN BOOZER ELLEN CHRISTINE BRANTJAMES BELL "J.B." . . . quiet, considerate ond friendly . . . usuolly seen with his friends Emil Mot . Richy Johnson ond Diono ford . . . enjoys coting stcok ond shrimp cocktail . . . casual dresser . . . favorites include jozz, rock 'n' roll, movies ond drowing . . . lists Mr. Spindler, Mrs. Iso, Mr. Knobler, ond Mr. Gommoll os his favorite teachers . . . admires Ion Fleming . , . attracted by a kind, energetic, ond thoughtful person . . . pet peeve: crowded lockers . . . has participated in the Dance Club ond Track Team activities . . . earned on ort certificate . . . plans to become on architect. ELIZABETH BENNETT "Bennie's" friends include Peggy Hogel, Karen Polenschot. Horry Bartnick. ond George Kontos , . . interested in reading, sewing, drawing, swimming, ond traveling . . , favorite entertainments ore dancing, modern dancing, ond the Debating Club . . . looks for sincerity, frankness, levelheadedness, and punctuality in others . . . admires Allan Burke ond Miss Abos . . . finds the students ond the atmosphere at Arts High very pleasant . . . plans to attend a college of art . . . aims in life include being a good artist, a good mother, ond a well-rounded individual. LAURIE BENNETT Friendly, quiet, ond understanding . . . friends include Valerie Cello, Evelyn Unverzagt, Robin Smith, ond Monico Feret . . . looks for a sense of humor in others . . . likes sewing, dancing, drawing, horseback riding, pop music, mod and casual clothing . . . fovorites include Cynthia Weiss, Miss David, Mr. Knobler, Mr. Spindler, Cexonne, the Rolling Stones, ond the Beatles . . . likes the students and teachers ot Arts . . . the lockers and the food make her grumble . . . intends to further her education with a major in the field of commercial art. PAUL BENNETT Colled "Benny" by Steve Kish, Jim Herbert, ond Mike Iwonecko . . . favorites include Italian food, romantic music, ond planes . . . usually found flying around Teterboro Airport . . . likes friendly people . . . does not like pesty girls . , . hos earned three Vorsity soccer letters and three Varsity tennis letters . . . hopes to accomplish much in his lifetime . . . future plans include studies in aeronautical engineering . .. anticipates earning a commerciol pilot's license. CHERYL BERRY "Sherry” . . . usually found with Debbie Jackson ond Sarah Watkins . . . likes people with a tense of humor . . . o little spoiled, but friendly and fun to be with . . . interested in volleyball, dancing, ond boys . . . member of the Iota lambda Sorority, the Girls' Glee Club, the Twirlert, ond the Volleyball Team . . . likes to eat shrimp and crobs . . . listens to the Temptations and Hrrbie Monn . . . reads James Baldwin . . . fovorite teocher is Miss Abos . . . plans a career in teaching. JACQUETTA BLAND Jackie . . . strong-willed, friendly, energetic . . . would like to be a person with money, popularity, and a decided future . . . hos always enjoyed the friendliness of the majority, the musicol shows, ond Mr. Castelluccio's classes . . . hobbies include listening to records, reoding. dancing, ond skating . . . enjoys Botticelli, Baldwin, Herb Alpert, Ramsey lewis, Mr. Knobler, Mr. Gommoll, Miss Meyerson . . . music, oil types of food, bosketboll . . . "Not really" . . . definitely prefers casual clothes . . . pet peeves ore ignorant people, ond Arts High's food . . . active in Red Cross, Vignette, library Guild, Scope, R.T.A., volleyball. Girls' Fitness Club, Mr. G's Dance Club, and French Club ... hos received tt» A-Pin ond volleyball owards . . . admires ambition ond honesty in others . . . plans to prepore for a teaching career. CASSIAR BLYDEN "Cossie" . . . Ellen Brant, Rosalind Bryant, Carolyn McKnight, and Evelyn Davis ore omong her friends . . . winner of on ort medal . . . usually con be found at home watching T.V. . . . enjoys going to bosketboll games . . . fond of all types of music . . . likes teachers and students ot Arts High . . . dislikes sloppiness ond insincerity . . . singing, dancing, reading poetry and doting are the things she enjoys doing most . . . o quiet but very friendly girl . . . wonts to go to modeling school. JACQUELYN BOOZER "Booze" . . . enjoys reading, drawing, and sewing . . . counts Pot Gorrison, Lillian Briggs, Beverly Jenkins, Barbara Coleman, and Shelley lea omong her closest friends . . . fovorites include Picasso, Jomes Baldwin. Brove New World, art, mood music, cheeseburgers, basketball. New York, dress clothes . . . active in Red Cross . . . member of Tennis Club, Volleyball Teom, Holl Patrol, Student Council. Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority, ond the Methodist Youth Fellowship . . . likes the otmosphere ot Arts . . . spends spare time in N.Y.C. . . . odmires honesty and anyone who'll work for what he wonts . . . plans to attend Porsons where she'll pursue a foshion designing coreer. ELLEN CHRISTINE BRANT Ellen . . . friendly, sincere, understanding . . . o good friend . . . likes the relationship between the teachers ond students best ot Arts . . . active member of the Red Cross, Future Teochers of Americo, Volleyball Teom, Junior ond Senior Council, Vignette, ort ond literary staffs, Mr. Gentile's Dance Club . . . proud of awards in volleyball ond French . . . frequently found in the company of Jerome McCoggle . . . other close friends: Lillian Briggs. William Epps, Rosolyn Johnson, and Vivian Ingrom . . . enjoys roller skating, making clothes, reoding, the Temptations, Aretho Franklin, English with Miss Abos, James Baldwin, casual clothes . . . dislikes self-centered people . . . expects to attend Newark Stole College where she will major in elementary education. 71MARVIN BYERS VAN BYRD ROSALIND BRYANT LEONORA G. BRAZELL LILLIAN BRIGGS GERTRUDE BREWERLEONORA G. BRAZEIL Witty, outgoing, ond rorely serious . . . "lenny" . . . number Audrey Johnson, Hayward Mickens, Brenda Jennings, and Edgar Brummell among her friends . . . fovorites are Miriom Mokebo, football. Chinese food, suits, jewelry ond mothemotics . . . Vignette. Student Council . . . Y.M.-Y.W.C.A , loto lambda Sorority, Leaguers Inc. . . . "But digl" . . . like honesty and broad mindedness in others . . . admires Miss Abo . . . dislikes phonies but "digs" humanities class . . . plans to go to college to ocquire a Ph.D. in mathematics . . . hobbies: pointing, foshion, ond conversation . . . usually found in her bosement meditoting. GERTRUDE BREWER "Trudy" . . . smiling . . . energetic . . , olwoys willing to help . . . usually with linda Jones. Allen Grundy, Marvin Byers, ond Edgar Brummell , . . likes the concerts ond English dosses best . . . among fovorites ore Miss Abos, Mr. Gentile and Roland Washington . . . member of Iota lambda Sorority, church choir, and Junior Achievement . . . captain of J.V. cheerleaders . . . footboll ond bowling ore her favorite sports . . . offer college graduation, she plant to teoeh mentolly retarded children. LILLIAN BRIGGS Beeb . . . a sensitive person who cores deeply obout the feelings of others . . . close friends include Ellen Bront, Jerome McCoggle, Jackie Boozer. Merrill Thomas. Beverly Jenkins ond Roland Washington . . . octive in Student Council, ond the Red Cross . . . serves on Cheering Squad, Bowling Teom, Vignette stoff, and Tennis Team. Favorites include Rembrandt, Jomot Baldwin, potato chips, English, bosketboll, Monchild in the Promised land, and conservative dothes . . . complains obout o lock of ort supplies . . . finds ort dosses best . . . outside activities include the Uptilon Sigma Rho sorority ond the Baptist Youth Fellowship . . . look forword to a career as a medical technologist. EDGAR P. BRUMMELL "Poe" . . . friends include Roland Washington, linda Jones, ond Gertrude Brower ... it o considerate, honest, handsome young man . . . fovorites: Clifford Still, Jomcs Baldwin, Modern Jazz, billiards, shrimp . . . cdmircs Audrey Johnson . . . usually found in New York . . . United Afro Americon Association . . . favorite book it Block Like Me . . . hobby if collecting telephone numbers . . . planning to attend Virginia State College to major in sociology . . . would like to enjoy financial security. ROSALIND BRYANT "little Ed" ... a fun loving person whose frionds include Yolanda Patterson, Valois Younger, Von Byrd, and Evelyn Tillery . . . tpondt most of her spore lime at home listening to records of her fovorite singers ond musicions: Duke Ellington, Herbie Mann, ond Moriom Mokebo . . . "Sorry 'bout thol" ... "I know whot you mean" . . . enjoys ort with Mr. Spindler, English with Mitt Abos, and Health with Mr . Greene ... on avid reader with a penchant for Italian foods ... a James Baldwin fan . . . From Here to Eternity mode o lasting impression ... on active member of the Student Council, the Vignette staff, ond the Xi Kappa Epsilon Sorority . . . will seek employment ot the Prudentiol Insurance Compony. MARVIN BYERS Marvin is quiet, conservative, industrious, friendly . . . dig Hemingwoy ond Miss Abos' English clots . . . sings to himself in homeroom . . . usually found walking around with Bruce Davis ond Malcolm Davall . . . dislikes going to clast after lunch . . . Call of the Wild, lou Rowles and Horry Belofonte, chicken, bosketboll, and history ore omong his favorites . . . hos Varsity letters for bosketboll ond soccer . . . plans to ottend a state college ot a physical education major. VAN BYRD "Poochie" . . . cool, friendly, ond occasionally conceited . . . well-liked by Howard Williams, Rosalind Bryant, and Evelyn Tillery . . . Includes girls along with bosketboll and art as hit hobbies . . . the teachings of Mr. Spindler will remain with him . . . enjoys viewing portraits ond the paintings of Van Gogh . . . hot received certificates of merit for ort from Montclair State College ond City Hall . . . would like to ottend Newark School of fine ond Industrial Arts to prepare for a career ot on artist or draftsman. ANTHONY CASTELLANO "Tony" chooses Donald Policastro, Jimmy Cotugno ond Arlene Restaino ot good companions . . . hos received several art awards ... a fun-loving person . . . enjoys ploying in a bona, eating Itolion food, and doing algebra problems . . . fovorite people include Mr. Calvin. Mr. Coslelluccio. and Mr. Gommoll . . . member of the swimming ond trock teams, the Chess Club, ond Craftsmen's Guild . . . plans to ottend Uptalo Collego or Nework Slate College to major in education. JAMES J. CATUGNO "Monk" . . . con utuolly be found telling o joke to Donald Policastro, Richard Roland, Anthony Costellano. or Bill Sronsky . . . admires girls, but can't stond their questions . . , "Don't bug mcl" . . . fovorites include Von Gogh. John lennon, Mr , luzzi, Mr. Gommoll, Itolion food ond psychedelic music . . . soccer, swimming, and boteball teams ... it offtlroted with o group thot will soon put out o record . . . dislikes cafeterio food but likes our foculty ond students . . . plans to attend Montdoir State College ot on ort mojor. JAMES J. CATUGNO ANTHONY CASTELLANO 73 KENNETH CICERAIE EDITH CHURCHMAN CHARLES CLARKVALERIE JEAN CELLA Vol . . . honctl ond friendly . . . hot o good tente of humor . . . enjoyt dancing, tewing, knitting, drawing ond Itolion food . . . utuolly tpondt her time with lourie Bennett . . . active in librory Guild . . . odmiroi Mr. Spindler, Mitt David, Mr. Knobler ond the Rolling Stonet . . . liket congeniol people ond our ottembliet . . . favorite orfitf it leonordo Do Vincij fovorite outhor it Moureen Doly . . . would like to attend Jertey City Stole College . . . becoming o good elementary tchool teacher it her goal in life. DELORES CENDON "Oee" . . . friendly, fun-loving, ond active . . . utuolly found with Vero Kyrejko, Carmella Motcone, Yolanda Patterson and Diana Chudzey . . . weart catual dothet . . . mott comfortable in a tweof ihirt and o pair of Wrangler! . . . enjoyt littening to recordt by her favorite artittt, Anthony the Imperiolt ... an active member of the Cheering Squad, the Bowling Club ond the Glee Club . . . littt Mitt Abot. Mr. Petile and Mrt. Rich among her favorite teachert . . . would like to attend Jertey City State College. DIANA LYNN CHUDZEY Inquisitive. friendly, olwoyt tmiling . . . utuolly found m Gut't . . . dote to Vero Kyrejko. Deloret Cendon, Carmella Motcone, ond Potty Ng . . . enjoyt dancing, collecting recordt. bowling, pizza ond biology . . . odmiret Mitt Abot . . . fovorite teachert include Mitt David ond Mr. Gommoll . . . "You think I'm kidding?" . . . active in Bowling Club, Dance Club, library Guild ond Debating Club . . . Red Crott Achievement Award . . . Condy Striper . . . attendt Wilfred Beauty Acodemy ... Pet peeve: cofeteria food . . . plont a career at o bcouticion. EDITH CHURCHMAN "Edie" . . . our contcientiout and contiderote Mayor ... a loyol friend to Robin Smith, Helen Kedzierski, Margaret Tyton, Roland Wothington, louro Guie, Joonne Coruto, ond Fran lewitter . . . Renoir, Cottalt, Jomet Mitchner, Mr. Cottelluecio, chemittry, Itolion food ore tpeciol . . . odmiret George Romney . . . enjoyt reading, twimming, tkiing, ice tkoting, tennit . . . can't tolerate ignorant people . . . participant in Red Crott, Student Council, Hall Petrol, A-Pin Committee, and Guard progromt . . . doet volunteer work ... it a member of the Y . . . plont to prepare for a future in medicine of Beaver College. KENNETH CICERALE "Kenny" . . . extremely contervotive . . . friendly ond tincere . . . "You're out of your treel" . . . friendt include Donald Policottro, Rotemorie Fernicolo, Michael Iwonechko, Jock Jowortki and Hoyword Mickent . . , when not in Mr. Petile't room, hc't playing on inttrument or cracking hit knucklet on hit chin . . . active in Student Council, Clou Council, Band ond Orchettra . . . Honor Society, Boyt' Stote, little Symphony of Ncwork ond AIINorth Jertey Bond . . . Fovoritet: Mr. Pet le, clatticol music, lasagne, football, Italian knits, Roman hitfory, ond girlt . . . plont to further hit educotion in music. CHARLES CLARK "Unde Charlie" . . . contiderote, helpful, ond eoty to get olong with . . . littt Bruce Davit and Allen Grundy ot his buddies . . . utuolly found in the bookroom . . . favorites include model cors, and airplanes, pizza, and soccer . . . fovorite teachert arc Mr. Tobia, Mits Abot, ond Mr. Gentile . . . fovorite subject is geometry . . . hot participated in toccer ond boteball garnet . . . member of the Vorsity Club . . . hot received three Vortity letters . . . hot enjoyed the friendly tpirit here . . . uncertain ot to future coreer . . . will join the Air Force upon groduotion. GRACIE B. CLARKE Friendly, serious ond quiet . . . utuolly found with Borbora Wood ond Pot Culver . . . fovoritet include opera, clatticol music, boteball, racing, and television . . . enjoyt hitfory, ond Englith clattet . . . tews, ployt piano or baby titt . . . hot participated in the Glee Club ond in Boll Room Dancing activities . . . member of the All-Stote Chorus . . . odmiret intelligence, honetty ond humor in others . . . would like to further her coreer in mutk os on opera singer or mutic teacher. MAGGIE CLARKE "Sitter" . . . honett ond tincere ... a dote friend of lynda Morrison ond Sheila Parker ... a reader of Willo Cother's workt . . . Exodus . . . hot o tpeciol appreciation for pointings by Van Gogh ond Turner . . . lovet to point . . . ort ond Englith dottet will be remembered ... not particular about the mutic the litfent to . . . findt it hard to make decitiont . . . attracted to people who are "doers" initeod of talkers . . . lookt forward to attending on ort college ond becoming on art teacher. BARBARA COLEMAN Barb . . . liked by everyone . . . con olwoyt be found with Beverly Jenkins, Shelley lea, and Patricio Garrison . . . fovoritet include her family. Mitt Meyerton, Mr. Cottelluecio, parties, food, clothes. New York and Philadelphia . . . hat been active in many clubs ond activities . . . viee-preiident of the Junior Clots, Varsity Captain of Cheering Squod . . . Senior Clast Council, Red Crott, Glee Club, Volleyball Tcom, Ballroom Dance Club, Vignette staff . . . member and secretary of the Uptilon Sigma Rho Sorority, president of the Red Circle, church choir . . . expects to ottend Kent State University where she'll major in accounting. GRACIE B. CLARKE MAGGIE CLARKE BARBARA COLEMANJON COLLINS ANITA CRAWFORD PATRICE CULVER MALCOM DAVALL DONNA DE HART RICHARD DOWLING WILLIAM EPPSJON COLLINS "Big Jon" . . . close friend of Richard Rolond, Werner Fertzf, ond Donald Policattro . . . usually found in iho Court lunch . . . favorite include magic ond comedy . . . enjoy oil type of mutk except opera . . . lilt Mr. Cotlelluccio ot hit fovorite teacher . . . octive in Band and Orchettro . . . member of the Mogiciant Alliance of Eastern Stole , Mecca Magic Club ond Roseville First Aid Squad . like the friendly atmotphere moil ot Art . . . plant to ottend college . . . will major in buiinrt education. ANITA CRAWFORD "Puggy" like the ottemblie be t ot Art . . . lyndo Jenkint and Hayward Micken arc omong her good friend ... or home the it utually found watching televition or littening to jozz . . . tewing it her hobby while Rembrandt it her fovorite artitt . . . admirot Mitt Abot . . . enjoyt reading the work of Edgar Allan Poe . . . member of the Volleyball Toom, Bowling Team and the Red Crott . . . outside school, octive in young people's choir . . . likes sincerity ond pride in others . . . plans to pursue her cducotion ot Jertey City Teachers College or California University to prepare for a coreer as a physical therapist. PATRICE CULVER "Potty" . . . cheerful ond outgoing . . . "Gel on up" . . . usually found in the company of Deborah Webb . . . enjoys reading, science, spaghetti, footboll, ond Salinger ... a member of the loto lambda Sorority, the Bowling Club, the Glee Club, the Volleyball Team . . . Cotcher in I he Rye wot one of her fovorite . . . dislikes gym activities, but loves to ploy bosketball . . . look for sincerity ond honesty in other . . , frequently observed in the lob doing experiments . . . enjoys the congenial atmosphere here . . . would like to use her obilities wisely and maintain the highett possible standards. MALCOM DAVALL Kind, polite, friendly, with o good sente of humor . . . closest friends ore Marvin Byers, Bruce Dovit and Eddie Voughn ... hit favorites ore skating, pointing, Mr. Cattelluccio, Mr. long, comedy programs, classical ond religious music, seafood ond chemistry . . . "What’s happening, cousin?" . . . Varsity Club . . . soccer, baseball, basketball . . . Vorsity letters . . . proud holder of a Typing oward ... to be a person of good choroder is his oim . . . hopes to become o phormacist ofter attending Philadelphia College of Phormocy or Rutgers University. BRUCE ROBERT DAVIS "Cowboy" . . . calm, cool, collected . . . close friends: Morvin Byers, Dorian Baxter, Malcom Davoll ond Roger West . . . omong hit many favorites ore the Temptotiont, classical or jazz music, chomistry, Mr. Steitel, Mr. long, Jomot Fenimore Cooper and Picotto ... pet peeve: the gymnasium . . . "What's happening, eout?" . . . Vignette, baseball captain, basketball, toccer . . . Varsity letters . . . Icaguors . . . Colorodo ond Oregon Outward Bound . . . Royal Rangers . . . Conquerors . . "Beating Arts High's opponents was greotll" . . . plans to ottend Rutgers University to become o psychologist. EVELYN DAVIS "Choquita" . . . goy and cheerful . . . always has a bright smile . . . can utually be found with Elizobeth Bennett. Cheryl Hamilton, ond Rosemary Hardison . . . fovorite include lou Rowls, James Baldwin, and "Manchild in the Promised land" . . . enjoyt basketball ond art . . . lists Miss Abos os her fovorite teocher . . . visiting New York ond Mod clothes ore tops . . . member of the Arts High Debating Team . . . outside of school the it octive in Queen of Angels Church ond the CYO . . . has no immediate plans for future coreer. DONNA DE HART "lee" ... a likoble. friendly, fun-loving person . . . usually found with fudgie Moscone, Ellen Bronf, Edith Churchman . . . odmires Miss Abo and Mrs. lozor . . . her favorites include dancing, the Four Seasons, hamburgers, steno. ond the students at Arts High . . . dislike early hours of school . . . con'l stand people who ridicule other . . . spends leisure hours at the shore . . . would like to ottend o business school . . . seeks a position in the secretarial field. RICHARD DOWLING "Rich" . . . friendly with Rodney Alexander . . . favorites include Arthur Rubenstcin, Mr. Singer. Dr. Zhivogo, imported clothes, chemistry, tennis ond French cuisine . . . stomp and coin collecting arc hi hobbies ... pet peeve: conceited people . . . Tennis Team, Orchestra, Band, Dance 8ond . . . two letters for Marching Band . . . member of little Symphony ... the Music Deportment is tho greotest . . . looks for sincerity in others . . . loves music . . . hopes to attend Boston Contervofory of Music ... a music career is in sight for him. WILLIAM EPPS Frequent companions ore Viv Ingrom, Gladys Fields, Jerome McCoggle, and Ellen Brant . . . enjoyt Rembrondt, Do Vinci, Edgor Allan Poe, jazz, rock 'n' roll, ond oil sports . . . usually found traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood ... his hobbies include sports, korate, judo, ond boxing ... a calm, lively individual. Bill dislikes belligerent, rude people . . . activities outside of school are bosketball and football . . . one year of track and two of bosketball have been on his ogenda here ot Arts . . . liked some of the ort classes . . . olwoys looks forward to the lunch period . . . thinks Mr. Gentile is the greatest . . . hopes to attend Colorado University . . , business and art ore in his future plans.MONICA FERET GLADYS B. FIELD PATRICIA GLENN ROBERT FISHER PAUL FERNANDEZ PATRICIA GARRISON LYNDA FRANKLINMONICA FERET Garrulous . . . lively . . . foshion minded . . . likes people with a good sense ol humor . . . usually doing lost night's homework in homeroom . . . close friends include John Swicrot. Barbara Wood ond Susan Wilckins . . . odmires Mr. Gommoll. Mr. Spindler ond Mrs. Castelluccio . . . enjoys pizzo, Italian hotdogs, swimming, roller skating, fast music, ond playing tennis ... in her spore time, she is usually found at home . . . actively participates in french club activities . . . awarded o tennis letter . . . college bound. PAUL FERNANDEZ Paul plans to attend Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art where he'll prepare for a corcer in commercial art . . . close friends include John Swierat, Anthony Castellano, Robert Denazo ond Greg Guerin . . . Dan Vinci, Ian Fleming . . . girls . . . Mrs. Tso . . . dancing . . . Julius Cocsor . . . art . , . swimming . . . sports clothing . . . Chinese food . . . active in the Dance Club and the Swimming Club ... on the Soccer Team and the Trock Teom . . . won o Vorsity letter for swimming . . . likes friendliness of students ond teachers . . . considers himself happy, friendly, ond generous . . . possesses a good sense of humor. GLADYS B. FIELD "Gigi" ... a young girl with young ideas . . . enjoys the company of Evelyn Evons, Arcelia Hostings, ond Cheryl Hamilton . . . favorites ore horseback riding, bosketboll, sewing . . . The Temptotions ond Miss Abos olwoys get o favorable reaction from her . . . likes art most ond Spanish least . . . active member of Central Jersey Trock Teom . , . quite an athlete . . . member of Delta Sigma Tou Sorority, Y.M.C.A., ond the International Fashion Fair . . . plans to moke use of her talents in art . . . expects to become on art teacher. ROBERT FISHER "Crozy" . . . close friend ©♦ Gary Edwards ond Pot Hogan . . . enjoys doncing, Itolion food, swimming, ond basketball . . . favorite musician is Arthur Rubinstein; favorite teacher is Mr. Pickett . . . has actively participated in soccer, swimming, ond the Donee Club . . . three year Varsity letter . . . outside of school, he is active in the C.Y.O., ond o Drum ond Bugle Corps . . . "You're neot" . . . homework makes his grumble . . . hos enjoyed Broadway productions most ot Arts ... in the near future Robert plons to join the U.S. Navy, LYNDA FRANKLIN Happy-go-lucky . . . friendly . . . sometimes rather serious . . . respects honest ond kind people . . . best friends ore Carol Roch and Howie Cushnir . . . odmires Mrs. Hiller, Mr. Castelluccio, and Mr. Singer . . . Honor Society, Red Cross, Math Club, Band and Orchestra member . . . dislikes loud noises and conceited people . . . loves Rutgers University, snow ball fights, "The Octopus," ond corduroy , . . would like to be o math teacher. PATRICIA GARRISON "Pat" . . . considers Jackie Boozer, Borboro Coleman, Beverly Jenkins, Lillian Briggs, ond Shelley lea her closest friends . . . Dali . . . George Orwell . . . N. Y. 1984 . . . jozz ond popular music . . . stuffed cabbage . . . Dave Brubeck . . . ort . . . bosketboll, football . . . Miss Abos . . . casual clothing . . . member of Student Council, Holl Patrol, library Guild, A-Pin Committee, Vignette Staff, French Club ond Physical Fitness Progrom . . . Cheering Squod co-captain, sister of Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . Church Choir Ballroom Dance Club . . . a worded two Vorsity letters . . Red Cross leadership Troining Center . . . admires mother most . . . enjoys sewing and designing . . . dislikes phony people . . . tries to give everyone a chance to prove his value . . . plons to study low ot Ohio Stote University. PATRICIA GLENN "Patti" . . . vivacious, friendly . . . avid reader of science fiction . . . odmires Mr. Gentile . . . sincere ond level heoded people rote with her . . . favorite pastimes include listening to the jozz of Herbie Mann, or to music by lou Rawls . . . adores cosuol and ofter-five dress . . . appreciates the worm students relationships here . . . con usually be found at home listening to music or wotching TV . . . loves walking in the roin . . . hopes to offend Newark State College or Temple University. JOYCE GOFF "Molindo" . . . though quiet, is very understanding and o friend to everyone . . . enjoys finding new things, traveling, ond people In general . . . also sewing, reading, sketching, jozz and pop musk, sea food, biology, ond doncing . . . prefers the works of leonordo Do Vinci . . . president of 4H Club ond a member of Iota lambda Sorority . . . likes the friendly people and the assemblies here ... is presently engaged to Everett Dawson . . . anticipates marriage, home, ond family as well as a careor in the foshion design field. DENNIS GROSSMAN "Dennis" . . . three time winner ot the South Oronge Art Show . . . olwoys has time for Chinese Food, soccer ond participation in the Now Jersey Youth Symphony . . . seeks the companionship of Peter Brcgmon and lorry Polesherck . . . favorite ortisf in the field of music, art and octing ore Sibelius, Monet, and Sidney Poitier respectively . . . considers ort classes taught by Mr. Spindldr both beneficial and enjoyable . . . plans to ottend Philadelphia College as on art major with the ultimate purpose of becoming on art teocher. JOYCE GOFF DENNIS GROSSMAN 79GREGORY GUERIN LAURA GUIE ALLEN GRUNDY CHERYL HAMILTON MARGARET JANE HAGEL SHEILA HARPER DETA HARRIS ARCELIA HASTINGS MAXINE HAYESALLEN GRUNDY Honeit ond independent . . . Ii»t» Rolond Wothington at hit dotett friend . . . favoritet indude Milet Davit. Edgar Allen Poe, "Monchild in the Promited land," and girlt . . . enjoyt bowling, botketboll, and muMC, etpeciolly jazz . . . Mr. Petite it hit favorite teacher . . . "If ot firtt you don't tucceed, try, try, again" . . . hot been a member of the Modern Dance Club, the Phytieol Fitnett Club, ond the Blue Forett Quortel ... hit immediate plan it to ottend college to purtue a career at a joz mutic ion. GREGORY GUERIN Greg ... it often contidered o "character" by Ed Shruba. Werner Fertxf, ond Jim Herbert . . . hobby it reading . . . Picotto. mutic, the book 1984, toccer, hiitory ond lotagne pirate him . . . hat received a Vartify letter . . . clothing contitti of "anything I con get" . . . hat terved on the Student Council and the Bateball Team . , . liket art, Englith and hittory, but hotel typing . . . peevet are clique! and the clodt . . . humt on the but . . . liket honeity and humor . . . found onywhere, doing anything . . , would love to be o well-rounded intelligent perton. LAURA GUIE One of the "good Guiet" . . . friendly, talkative, reliable . . . honort her friendt with o worm tmile and cheerful "Hi, Girlt" . . . utuolly teen in the lob, the Guidance Office, or downtown . . . dote friendt include Rote Eng, Fron lewittor, ond Joanne Coruto . . . o tennit and tki enthutiott ... it a member of the Red Crott, the library Guild, ond the Chorut . . . earned Tennit letter . . . proud of her A-Pin . . . pet peeve: homework , . . hot enjoyed the friendly otmotphere at Artt . . . plant to further her education ot Newark Stote College. CHERYL HAMILTON Cheryl . . . coniiderate, vivociout. intelligent . . . teekt the compony of Genevo Moore, Gladyt Field, Evelyn Davit, ond Diane Ford . . . enjoyt people with a tente of humor and the ability to undertlond other! . . . will remember Artt' worm ond friendly otmotphere and the art dattet . . . "Spook on it" ... the workt of Dali ond Boldwin capture her attention . . . lookt to Mitt Abot with admiration . . . conitantly wean mod clothing . . . immediate plant include Portont School of Detign where the will purtue tewing at a career with the hope of owning her own thop in the near future. MARGARET JANE HAGEL "Peter Pan" . . . follower! include Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook, ond Pinzooti . . . ettcemt creative people, etpeciolly Doli, Huxley and the Blue Project . . . dctciti long ikirtt, prefers jeont ond tweatihirti . . . punuet many interetti, including dancing, football, toul mutic, children, ond boyt . . . telectt "lord of tho Fliet" ot her favorite book , , , prefort Mrt. Rich ot a teacher . . . plont o career in fothion illuttroting . . . Newark Stote College will welcome her in September. SHEILA HARPER Sheila . . . tincero and ambitioui . . . lookt for trutt ond dedication in her friendt, Sheila Porker, Joan Stuckey, ond Evelyn Tillery ... an active member of the bowling and volleyball dubt . . . hobbiet ore littening to the ploying of the vibet. bowling, ploying the piano or the guitor . . . enjoyt rock 'n' roll, reading, chem lob and ptychedelic dothei . . , utuolly found ot home either tleeping or eating . . . favort Mitt Abot and Mr. Caitelluccio . . . plant to attend Fairleigh Dickinton for a coreer in mutic. DETA HARRIS "Peonie" . . . thy . . . very quiet . . . utuolly found with Edwina Baxter, Joyce Goff, Pot Perry ond Carolyn McKnight . . . lookt for coniideration ond honetty in othert . . . liiti Mr. Spindler, Allen Paton, mutic, etpeciolly jazz, lobtter. ice ikoting, tewing, droping, ond contervolive clothing omong her favoritet . . . enjoyt the worm and friendly itudent-teocher relationthip . . . outtide of tchool the it active in church octivitiet and in the Youth Club . . . plont to ottend Portont School of Fothion Detign. ARCELIA HASTINGS "Nothing to it but to do it" . . . fun loving, cheerful "Ceil" . . . olwoyt with Gladyt Fieldt, Jacqueline Woftt, ond Yolonda Potterion . . . enjoyt the workt of Agotho Chrittie ... an active member of our Cheering Squad, a bowler ond o volleyball player . . . alto in the Glee Club . . . Delto Sigma Tou pretident . . . enjoyt horte-boek riding, mod clothing, chicken, ond lunch hour . . . ditliket homework ond conceited people ... a future nurte who plont to ottend Seton Hall Univertity. MAXINE HAYES "Max" utuolly teekt the company of Sheila Parker, Glenda Pratt, and Pat Watkint . . . enjoyt tinging, writing ond eating . . . admiret the workt of Picotto . . . liket to read Jamet Baldwin's workt . . . payt particular attention to Mr. landtman and hit wordt of wisdom . . . litteni to jozz . . . lovet iteak, botketboll, ort, ond ployt ... it undecided about her future . . . contidert hertelf an amiable, good natured perton . . . plant a moil itimuloting coreer at a lab technician.JAMES HERBERT "Jim" . . . o friendly, olert person ... a science mejor . . . looks forward to a position os a biologist . . . usually found in the company of Greg Guerin, Ed Schruba. Rich Oshin, and Steve Kish . . . enjoys playing the guitar and drums in his spare time . . . has received a Varsity letter in tennis . . . favorites include Paul McCortney, chemistry, the Beatles, music, ond The Spy Who Came In From The Cold." . . . plans to go to Seton Moll University. MELODY HERTZ "Mel" . . . o happy, music-loving student . . . always greets her friends with a song . . . finds the conversation of Mario Niforatos ond Jonke Berger particularly stimulating . . . fond of playing the guitar, singing, swimming, ond ort . . . "Windy" . . . loves new ond unusual things . . . admires James Milton ond Von Gogh . . . on active member of the girls' glee club, the Modern Music Masters Society ond the Arts and Crafts Club . . . has thoroughly enjoyed the music and the friendly otmosphere of Arts . . . wishes to pursue a coreer in musk. GEORGE HITE "Blue" . . . smooth ond sophisticated . . . never can be found when needed . . . enjoys doing a little of everything . . . usually wears knits . . . favorites include track, guitar, and orchoeology . . . ottrocted by sweet, intelligent girls . . . admires Temptations, Miracles, Salvador Doli, and Ion Fleming . . . outside of school he takes an active interest in Theto Koppa Rho Frat, track, bowling, football, ond bosketboll . . . noted for saying "Rap-Sap" ... Pet Peeve: homework . . . plans a career in industrial designing . . . would like to attend Notre Dame University. PATRICIA ANNE HOLLEY "Pat" . . . likes working with people . . . friends include Sandra and Marilyn Davit, Undo Worren, ond Mario Niforatos . . . thoroughly enjoys ort, history, basketball ond Herb Alpert . . . reads anything by Mary Stewart . . . loves the otmosphere ond student-teacher relationships ot Arts . . . ot home, she is involved with Bible studies, T.V., music or movies . . . hopes very much to oftend the Foshion Institute of Technology with great expectations of securing employment in the field of foshion illustration. VIVIAN INGRAM "Viv" usually chats with Ellen Brant, lillian Briggs, Pot Glenn, Marcia Mitchell or Bev Jenkins . . . finds author Cloude Brown, Mist Meyerton, tewing, listening to records, typing, the book, "Monchild in the Promised land," chicken, ond roller skating enjoyablo . . . active member of the Volleyball Team, the Vignette staff, ond Mr. Gentile's Donee Club . . . will enter Hampton Institute in the fall to major in elementary education. MICHAEL IWANECHKO "Mike" . . . mod ond cotuol dresser . . . depends on Jock Jowortki, Rose Fernicola, lit Sinoto. Fron Poeto, Kathy Urban, Carol Olesxccuk, and Ken Cicerale for sparkling conversations . . . Mrs. Tto ond Mrs. Rich roto high os teachers ... a Carl Sandburg ond Michelangelo fon . . . loves pizio ond billiards . . . active in our athletic progrom . . . belongs to the Varsity Club . . . earned a letter in soccer ond bond ... a lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol . . . enjoys Arts High dances . . . will ottend Droke Business College or enlist in the U.S. Navy . . . hopes to become on officer. DEBORAH JACKSON "Debbie" . . . serious, friendly, full of fun and courteous . . . usually seen with her friends, Cheryl Berry, Edwina Baxter ond Sarah Wotkins . . . enjoys dancing, records, movies, basketball, chicken, history ond boys . . . admires Mr Howard Williams and Miss Abos . . . jealous people ond cafeterio food moke her grumble . . . active in Glee Club, lota Lambda Sorority, Y.M.-Y.W.C.A., ond her church chair . . . Speed Typing Award winner ... is usually found ot home . . . plons to attend Jersey City Stote College to prepare for o career in teaching. EDWARD JACOBS "Eddie" . . . cheerful, friendly . . . close friends include Ollie Williams, Roger West, Allen Grundy, ond Gory Bond . . . enjoys Itolion food, football, jot , rock V roll, history ond Chorles Dickens . . . Mss Perugine rotes highly with him . . . noted for saying: "I'll drink to thot" . . . strongly abhors detention . . . spends most of his spare time with hit girl friend or at St. Mortin Drum and Bugle Corps meetings . . . expects to train for a position os on I.B.M. operator . . . will join the Navy in the near future. JACK JAWORSKI "Jock" . . . con best be described os on independent, eosygoing individual ... hit many friends include Mike Iwanechko ond Ken Perting . . . edmiret honesty and friendliness in others . . . omong hit favorites are the Righteous Brothers, cotuol clothes, pool, swimming, football, soccer, populor music, pizxo ond girls . . . likes to work on cars . . . has octively participated in soccer ond swimming programs . . . member of the Varsity Club . . . hot received three Varsity letters ond two medals . . . plans to mojor in oeronoutics ot college . . . may enlist in the Armed Forces. DEBORAH JACKSON EDWARD JACOBS 83 JACK JAWORSKIBRENDA JENNINGS AUDREY JOHNSON LINDA LOUISE JENKINS ROSALYN JOHNSON LINDA V. JONES STEPHEN KISH HELEN KEDZIERSKI WALTER KOLPAKOVLINDA LOUISE JENKINS "Kook" . . . fun-loving ond sympathetic . . . kind ond understonding . . . prefer the compony of Susan McConnell, Adrienne Thomo ond Anito Crowford . . . lo»e» Mr. McCorthy, Peorl Buck. ond Picasso . . . odmire Mr. Pe ile, Mis Abo . Mr. Otero, and the lote Pre idenl Kennedy . . . music. opero ond rock V roll . . . favorite tubject: boy . . . favorite food: hamburger . . . would like to ottend Julliord, Manhattan, or New England Con ervotory to prepare for o COreer o o music feocher Or on opera linger. BRENDA JENNINGS "BJ." . . . friendly ond kookie . . . octree member of the Cheering Squad ond Modern Donee Club . . . pa time ore reading, pointing or littening to Johnny Mothit . . . odmire eon iderotion ond maturity in other . . . utuolly een with Robin Smith, leonora Brorell ond linda Jone , . . member of loto lombdo Sorority . . . like friendly otmo phere here . . . doesn't like standing in line for lunch . . . plont to attend Douglas College or Russell Soge. AUDREY JOHNSON Friendly, sincere, ond always singing . . . closest friends include leonora Broiell, Marcia Mitchell, linda Jones ond Hoyword Mickent . . . Leontyne Price, Puccini, ond Mr. Pickett are topil . . . enjoys tennit, dancing, music appreciation, steok. shrimp, ond the opera . . . hos the peculiar hobit of pulling the hair out of her head . . . active in the Red Cross and the Girls' Glee Club . . . member of the Iota lambda Sorority . . . hopes to attend Boston Contervotory or Oberlin to pursue o career os O professional singer. ROSALYN JOHNSON "Stretch, or Squeeze'' . . . never serious ond olwoys hard to understood . . . close friends include Ellen Bront, Jerome McCoggle, and Yvonne Odom . . . enjoys sewing, music, sociol clubs, ond the drum corps . . . fovorites include James Baldwin, lou Rowlt, and Dionne Warwick . . . favorite teacher; Mis Abo . . . like A-line drestes. droping, tuno with mustord ond applctouce, potato chip and orange juice, and especially meatball sandwiches ... pet peeve: skinny girls wearing mini skirts . . . active on the Volleyboll Team . . . volleyball oword . . . hole chool detention . . . would like to attend Drake Business College. LINDA V. JONES linda . . . constantly concerned about others . . . very jovial . . . enjoys the compony of Roland Washington, Rosemarie Fernicolo, Hoyword Mickent, ond the loto lombdo sitters . . . blessed with a talent to sing . . . hos o preference for bowling, the works of Clifford Still, James Baldwin, Englith, jazz-rock, football, bo ketboll. Mr. Pesile, ond Mr. Heck . . . actively engaged in Student Council, Glee Club, Vignette, Senior Clots Council, Red Crost and Y.M.-Y.W.C.A. program ond projects . . . hope to ottend Springfield College where she will prepore for Y.M. Y.W.C.A. work. HELEN KEDZIERSKI "Helo" ... the short one in the middle . . . utuolly found downtown borgain hunting with Robin Smith, Edith Churchman ond Susan Wilcken . . . wants more people to laugh o little more often . . . active in the Red Cros , the library Guild, and the Tennis Club . . . admires Mr. Costelluccio and Mr. Gommoll . . . withes she could be more sensible . . . still think she' going to be on orchoeologist . . . of present she' trying to convince everybody in Arts that Polish food is the be»f. STEPHEN KISH Steve . . . friendly, talkative . . . enjoys being with others . . . close friends ore James Herbert, Richard Roland, Werner Ferszt, ond Jon Collins . . . greatly admires Mr. Costelluccio . . . o member of the Tennis Team . . . utuolly found ot the Court lunch eating his fovorite dith, a turkey ond whipped cream sandwich . . . like the friendly atmosphere of Art High ond the ttudents, especially the girls . . . often heard whistling "Mu ic to Watch Girls By" . . . plans to train for a career ot on airplane pilot. WALTER KOLPAKOV Wolf . . . mokes friends easily . . . con be found with Stephen Ki»h, Richard Nazorio and Werner Ferszt . . . enjoys (tamp collecting, rock 'n' roll, pizza, ond the ossembly program ot Arts . . . fovorite arfitt is Cezzone . . . likes the literary works of Potternak ond Michner . . . Tchaikovsky music suits him well . . . greatly admires his parish priest . . . one of Mr. Gommoll's fons . . . dislikes wise-guys . . . neatly dressed friendly people ottroct him . . . hot been a member of the library Guild and the Moth Club . . . hopes to major in library science or business administration at Seton Hall University. FRANK KULISZ Fronk . . . o happy, quiet person . . . admire amioble people — especially thote who ore sincere ond know whot they're tolking about . . . dislikes people with short hair . . . life ot Art hos included the Photography Club ond the Dcboting Club . . . fovorite musicians ore the Beatles . . . fovorite entertainment is drog racing . . . hot enjoyed the student and faculty, but dislikes the gym . . . hope to become o commercial artist. FRANK KULISZ 85VERA KYREJKO SHELLEY LEA VIRGINIA LELINHO FRANCES LEWITTER MILTON McCLAIN DAVID LYONS JEROME McGOGGLE susan McConnell Carolyn McknightVERA KYREJKO "$om" . . . lively, cheerful ond fun-loving . . . usually found with her friend . De Cendon. Oione Chudtey, ond Cormelo Moscone . . . favorite include bowling. Wrong-l«r», numerous hobbiet, Itolion food, pool, ond record . . . Ii »» Mi » Abo ond Mr. Pickett o her favorite teochcr . . . active in the Bowling Club. Glee Club, ond Student Council ... a Condy Striper . . . wittinet ond humor ottroct her . . . like the teocher be t ot Art . . . plan to prepare for o career o» a Novy nurte. SHELLEY LEA "Shell" . . . eriout, oc!oble, incere . . . Beverly Jenkins, Marcia Mitchell ond Sandy Jonet ore her all-weather friend . . . favorite : Giotto. Baldwin, Herb Alpert, Mr. Gommoll ond Mr. Co !elluccio . . . enjoy moth, drowing, twimming, football, slack , contemporary mutk, dancing, parties, and food . . . hate to be Ignored . . . detetl jeolout people . . . "you know it, Babyl" . . . active in Student Council. Bowling Club, Red Cro s, Glee Club . . . member of Cheering Squad ond the Senior Clo»» Council . . . A-Pin . . . Uptilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . plon to attend Ohio Stofe University to become a moth teacher. VIRGINIA LELINHO "Jinny" . . . bubbly, talkative, fun to be with . . . utually in the company of Kothy Urbon, Anna Ganota, Joonne Coruto, and Potty Ng . . . favorite include bowling, steak, Bach, Beethoven and Poe . . . admire Mi t Abo . Mr. Petile ond Mr . Hiller . . . "Guess whot happened?" . . . Cheerleader ond Student Council Repretentative ho enjoyed her friondt ot Art most . . . homework moke her grumble . . . Rutger Campus i her favorite hount . . . Roger Hoden rote . . . anticipates o coreer ot an orgonitt and Church Choir director . . . morrioge looms in the near future. FRANCES LEWITTER Fran . . . usually with Richard Noxorio, loura Guie, Joanne Caruto, Anno Gonoto, Don Policostro. Margaret lotkiw, ond Edie Churchman . . , Mr. Cottellucio, Mr. Pesile, the Math Department, John Steinbeck's "The Grape of Wrath," Wranglers and T- hirt». and the bat fiddle arc indication of her personal to te . . . will enter the University of Wisconsin at a math major . . . Honor Socioty treasurer . . . Orchestra member . . . Color Guard . . . Moth Club . . . Vignette ttoff member . . . tho friendly Arts High atmosphere will always be among her fondest memories. DAVID LYONS Dovid . . . interesting, active, ond lively . . . contidert Walter Kolpokov his best friend . . . enjoys drawing, painting, and reading in hit spore time ... is especially fond of rock 'n' roll, pixza, roast beef, basketball and the girl at Art High . . . hit fovorite musician it Mr. Pesile ... he greatly admire Mr. landsmon . . . during hi loy at Art , he ho received the Firtt Aid Award . . . when ot home he con be found in hit living room wotching TV ... in the future hope to work for IBM ot a computer operator. MILTON McCLAIN Milt . . . lovable, ond enjoyable ... a jaxi buff . . . dote friend of Howord Williomt, Debbie Jockton and Sheilo Harper . . . like bosketboll, football, "girls," lurkith knit , mohoir pant ond jaxx drumming . . . admires Sonny Stitt, Herbie Mono and the Temptation . . . prefer reoding a "Potch of Blue" . . . participate in Saint Rote of lima' Drum ond Bugle Corpt . . . hot received award for hit performance in the Marching School Band . . . hot a habit of going with too mony girl ot the tame time . . . plans to enter Virginio Store where he will major in mutk. JEROME McGOGGLE Understanding ond friendly, "Sleep" name clo»e friends a Ellen Brant, Roger Wett, Lillian Briggs, William Eppt, Viv Ingram ond Eddie Jacob . . . enjoys books by Pearl S. Buck . . . music by Herbie Mann .. . fried chicken, pancokes . . . rock 'n' roll and jaxx . . . active member of the Track Team for 4 years ... in the Varsity Club, the Dance Club, the Physkol Fitne Club ond the Bond . . . outside activities include St. Martin's Troubadours and the Comoro . . . usually found on Fabyon Place visiting . . . I.ket personality ond friendliness in others ... Pet Peeve: phony female . . . will enter a state college to prepare for a dual career: teaching and entertaining. susan McConnell "Green Eye " . . . prefer Linda Jenkins, Valerie Cello, Hayward Micken , ond Ethel Bamberg o» friend . . . Puccini ond Selinko musicals oppeal to her . . . operas, pizza ond chorus . . . "Oh nol" . . . Shuns small-minded people . . . octive in Drama and Opera Guilds . . . fashion designing . . . admires Mr. Pickett ond Leontyne Price . . . relaxes of a piano . . . constantly humming or vocalizing . . . friendly ond outgoing . . . seeks understanding, honetty ond truthfulne in others . . . American Academy of Performing Art . . . aspires to a career as a professional finger. Carolyn Mcknight A very broad minded, considerate, honest, ond understanding person . . . look for honesty ond trustworthiness in others . . . has great admiration for her mother . . . her pet peeve is conceited people ... the Modern Dance Club ... a Varsity letter oarned for work on Cheering Squod . . . enjoys soul music, draping, chocolate coke, basketball, sewing . . . drows, dances, and knit . . . active as the president of a young people's association ond young people's choir at her church . . . hot peculiar habit of breaking things . . . likes health daises but dislikes English classes . . . plont to attend Mayer School of Fashion to become o foshion designer. 87AUGUSTUS McOUEEN "Gu " . . . quiet, hy, ond understonding . . . usuolly ! i with Andrew Britbon ond Ricardo Corter . . . favorite include mechanical drawing, jo , turtle neck sweater , ond book by Joseph Rohman . . . enjoy eating all kind of food . . . "Whoop it' , . . utuolly found in any ployground participating in ome kind of tport ... on the boteboll ond bo kctbo!l team . . . received three-year letter in mu ic . . . Thomot Pork i hi pet peeve . . . prefer quietnett in other . . . plan to attend either Newark College of Engineering or The Drofting ond Engineering Institute to plan a career at a droftwnon. OSWALDO MERCADO "Boldy" . . . fontaitic en e of humor, friendly, eo»y to get along with . . . usually teen with Eugene Welljami-Dorof and ConfcMcr Valozquez . . . like oil tport . especially baseball . . . fovorile teacher include Mr. long. Mr. Commoll ond Min Meyerson . . . ho received three Vortify letter in bateboll . . . love the tport ot Art High but dislike studying ... in hi spore time, he it utuolly OUT! HAYWARD MICKENS Versatile, intelligent, corefree, en ilive, ond witty . . . like ttroightforwordnet and true friendship in hit ottoclotet . . . admire Mr. Petite, Mitt Abo . Mr . Rich . . . enjoy Ruttion literature ond chamber mutic . . . delight in going to New York in the charming company of Foye Witcher and spending money for food . . . favorite food it anything edible . . . "Ah, tock ill" ... an ovid convertotionolitf . . . find pleasure in cooking, reoding and sleeping . . . enjoy humorous person . . . would like to be dedicated, retpeefed, ond happy o a concert pianist. ANN MARIE MILANAK Ann . . . attracted by a worm personality ond a good tente of humor . . . usually teen with Carol Oleszczuk, Liz Sinato. Kathy Urban, Rotemarie Fernicola and Fran Poeto . . . list Mit Abo a her favorite teacher . . . admires Doli, Carl Sandburg, ond tho Ramsey lowit Trio . . . favorite indudo Ethon Frotne, dancing, drowing, swimming, ond spaghetti . . . ho contributed to the Deboting Club ond Vignette . . . enjoys the friendly atmosphere here ot Arts . . . plan to become a morticion. MARCIA MITCHELL "Sloopy" . . . friendly, outspoken and studious . . . olway ha o good time with Patti Glenn, Ethel Bamberg, Audrey Johnton, Shelley leo . . . admire Mr. Gentile, Miss Abos . . . leontyne Price . . . Baldwin' "Another Country" . . . jozz, the Temptotions, chocolate cake, moth, football, sweater and slack are omong her favorites ... a member of the Orchestra ... a good volleyball player . . . love the student-teacher relationships . . . despise test and homework . . . can't stand phonie . . . seek honesty in others . . . bound for Howord University to prepare for o career in nursing. LYNDA MORRISON "l and M" . . . active . . . pleasant personality . . . frequently with Sheila Porker, Deborah Bowers, ond Shoila Horper . . . enjoys koting, »wimming, singing, Itolian food, rock 'n' roll, ond the lotest fo hion . . . admire Mi Abo , Mit Dovid, ond Mr. Petile . . . has actively token part in the Modern Dance Club, the Glee Club, ond the Red Crott . . . Shoolin Kung Fu Karate School, Delta loto P i, ond Dotting singing group member . . . pet peovo: conceited boy . . . ho enjoyed the worm atmosphere ot Art . . . will ottond Fairleigh Diekinton ot a psychology major. CARMELA MOSCONE "fudgie" . . . friendly, understanding . . . respects intellectuals but dislikes phony people . . . con be found with Vera Kyrejko, Delores Cendon. Diane Chudzey . . . is wild about sport cars, dancing ond bowling , . . fovorite artist is Mr. Spindler ond fovorite author it Steinbeck . . . likes duck, French food, footboll ond sporttweor . . . has worked on tho Scope ... is o member of the French Club ond the Volleyball Team . . . enjoys both popular ond dossical musk . . . would most likely finith last night's homework in thi morning's homeroom ... it looking forward to oftonding a businets college to become a secretory. ALLEN NABORS "Rondy" . . . tolkotive, serious, ond studious . . . proud of clote friendthip with Rodney Ailet ond Rodney Alexander . . . ho octively participated in the Tennit Club and in church activities . . . Vorsity Tennis Team, Conqueror . Gospel Team . . . treasure hone»fy ond genuine friendiine in other . . . Ii t among hi fovorite the Bible, Van Gogh, hamburger , tennis, art, jeon ond tneokett . . . conttontly tlrivet for self-improvoment . . . would like to attend Biolo College to become a missionary. MICHAEL NADOISKI Mike . . . clote friend ore Frank Kulitz, George Rot e, and Joe Giordano ... in hit spare time he like to paint, visit New York or collect potters ond coin . . . too much homework ond too little lunch moke him grumble . . . favorites: lautrec, John Lennon, Froncoite Hardy, pop music, mod clothing and concert . . . classes In art ond history ore mott rewording . . . Mr. Spindler ond Mr. Gommoll have been hit inspiration . . . would like to attend Chelsea College of Art in London to prepare for a future in commercial art. ALLEN NABORS MICHAEL NADOLSKI 89RICHARD V. NAZARIO Nor" . . . often seeks the companionship of Ki leskiw, Don Policostro, Werner Ferszt. fron lewilter, Jim Herbert and Corol Roch would like to attend Prin efon University . . . displays unusual interest in physics, chemistry, cars, motorcycles, pointing and skateboarding . . . Mr. Spindler, Dove Brubeck, Mrs. Rich. Mr. Castelluccio, underground films, psychedelic and jail music, Joponese food ond tennis . . . dislikes crew cuts . . engages in Tennis Club. Dcboting Club. Honor Society, A-Pin, and Stage Crew activities ... to be his friend one must be honest, friendly, versatile, ond skilled in the art of conversation. PATTY NG Pot . . . adorable, sweet and understanding . . . her bright smile will alwoys be remembered by her closest friends, Fran Poeta, Joanne Coruso, Corol Oleszczuk, Jinny Iclinho, and Anna Gonota . . . actively lakes port in Red Cross, Student Council and Twirling Club . . . favorites ore listed os Dali, Mark Twoin. Mr. Spindler ond Miss Abos . . . spends time painting, drowing, ice skating, or shopping in New York . . . thoroughly appreciates the worm student-teacher relationship ot Arts . . . ospites to a career in fine arts, after obloining a college degree. MARIA T. NIFORATOS Sincere, intelligent, friendly and considerate . . . alwoys with linda Warren, Pot Holley, Jonice Berger . . . loves stuffed peppers. Mork Twoin, Ceconne, Huck Finn, ort, ond tennis ... "I give upl" . . . popular music, suits ond jumpers . . . gardening ond sketching ... a member of the Honor Society, the Vignette staff, the church choir, ond the G.O.Y.A. . . . dislikes sloppiness, and insincerity in others . . . high ospiration is to be spiritually, morally, ond physically strong . . . plans to otfend Upsala College preparatory to o fashion design and illustration career SHEILA PARKER YVETTE ODOM Yvette . . . enjoys playing ond listening to records . . . lists Brenda Broadnox ond Vivian Ingram os good companions . . . busies hertelf with sewing and singing . . . rock 'it' roll, jon, bowling ond soccer . . . the writings of Corl Sandburg suit her . . . has worked as a children's aid . . . involved in the Gerald Perry Fon Club of which she is the president . . . appreciates o good sense of humor . . . modeling ond fashion designing ore included in her future plans. CAROLANN OLESZCZUK "Weasel" . . . friendly, sincere, vivacious . . . "But, woit a minute" . . . prefers Ro Fernicolo, Anno Milanok, Fron Poeta, Ethol Banberg, Kathy Urban, and liz Sinoto as friends . . . relishes Italian food . . . admires Mr. Spindler . . . dancing, doting and jazz . . . octive os o twirler, a dancer, ond a member of the Student Council . . . friendly atmosphere of Arts High will olwoys be omong her fondest memories . . . now attending Pork Beauty School in preparation for o coreer os a beautician. KAREN PALENSCHAT "Tinker" ... a tolented ortist who loves parties, dancing ond anything groovy . . . best friends ore Peggy Hogel. Bennie Bennett, Cecil Roote, ond Diane Prosetti . . . admires Albert Ryder, on ortist, ond Edgar Allan Poe . . . likes punctuality, craziness ond mod dress . . . dislikes public transportation . . . finds the people at Arts very enjoyoble. although she dislikes the restrictions placed on students . . . hopes to be a telephone operator ot the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company. SHEILA PARKER Charming, quiet "Bunnio" . . . companions include Pot Watkins, lyndo Morrison, Ethel Bamberg, Maggie Clark, and Moxino Hoyes . . . rich foods ond football games . . . Bill Cosby's the one . . . outspoken . . . doncing. jazz ond popular music . . . usually found raising guppies, bowling, skating or simply enjoying nature . . . active os o member of the French Club . . . a modern dancer . . . dislikes roam B9 . . . admires Miss Abos ond Mr. Costelluccio . . . would like to be an inspiration to everyone. THOMAS PARKS Tom . . . quiet yet humorous . . . chooses the compony of Edwin Voughn, Malcolm Davall, Augustus McQueen and Johnny Scandrick . . . speciol preferences include Edgar A. Poe, Mrs. Rich, Al Hirt, Bill Cosby, "Tho Egyptian," science, basketball, conservative clothing, shrimp ond french fries . . . received o letter oward for three years in the Marching Band . . . pet peeve is people who hong on when they ore not wanted . . . looks for loyalty ond dependability in others . . . plans to attend Howard University to prepare for a career in science. YOLANDA PATTERSON "lonny" . . . fun-loving, friendly and cheerful best describe this down to earth girl . . . close friends include Jacqueline Watts, Evelyn Tillery, Sheila Harper ond Rosalind Bryont . . . "Hey Ugly I" . . . Morion Mokeba and Jimmy Smith are tops os musicians . . . Delto Sigma Tou Sorority . . . Blues for Mr. Charlie . . . goes for Itolian food. jazz, casual clothes ond chemistry . . . roller skoting. bowling, doncing . . . admires Miss David . . . enjoys the courteous behavior of our students but could have done without the homework . . . plons to attend the N.C.A. School of Technology to become a lab technician. THOMAS PARKS YOLANDA PATTERSONLARRY PERRY PATRICIA PERRY KENNETH PERSING DIANE PROSETTI PATRICIA REILLY JAY RITTERLARRY PERRY lorry enjoy the compony of Jerome Perkin . Roland Washington, ond Alon Grundy . . . spend spore time ploying the trumpet, watching girl , or jutt relaxing . . . appreciates the work of Morio lonzo . . . odmire Mr lull! . . . octive in bond ond orchettro . . . found the mu»i« court of Art High enjoyable ond superior . . . hope to pursue musk at o lifelong coreer . . . seek honesty, loyalty, ond truthfulness in other . . . consider himtelf hond ome, congeniol, ond one who it copoblc ©I getting anything he octuolly wont . PATRICIA PERRY Pot . . . friendly, contiderole ond quiet of time . . . lit! Deto Harris, Edwina Boxter, ond Oeloret Wolle ot friend . . . English, typing, pop ond clotticol music, football ond pool ... a reader of the works of Hans Christian Anderson . . . hold Mr. Gentile ond Mrs. Greene in esteem but is fond of oil of Art's teachers with whom the it ocquointed . . . neotness. o sense of humor, ond politeness ore quolitie the look for in others . . . after attending business school. Pot looks forword to o coreer in the secretarial world. KENNETH PERSING "Then Generol" . . . witty ond friendly with a keen tense of humor . . . usually with hi friend , Jock Jowortki. Sue Wilckens, ond Monico Feret . . . favorite include cor , guns, stereo equipment and music by Dove Brubeck . . . avid reader of Ian Fleming' books . . . studies the paintings of Magritte . . . attracted by sincerity ond versatility in othert ... pet peeve- "tugor-cootcd" people . . . dislike getting up in the morning . . . feel ot home here . . . would like to be more creotive . . . it uncertain at to future plons. FRANCINE POETA "Block Eyes' . . . tony personality . . . friends include Carol Olcszczuk, Kathy Urban, Patty Ng. lit Sinoto, Anne Milanak ond Ro Ro Fernkola . . . likes Michelangelo, swimming, modern jolt, dancing, ond fruit-plate . . . fovorite teachers ore Mr . Rich ond Mrs. Tto . . . pet peeve: 6 00 A.M. . . . homework makes her grumble . . . member of the donee Club, the Deboting Team ond the Twirler . . . participated in Youth Week celebrotions . . . ort award . . . Outside of school, »he it o member of o dancing club ond the Cheeri-Aides . . . plans to attend the American College of Cosmetology. DONALD POLICASTRO Don . . . a good friend to hove ... hi friends include Arlene Reitoino, Anthony Costellano, Jimmy Cotugno, ond Kenny Cicerole . . . likes the friendliness of the student . . . list Mr. Castelluccio o» hi favorite teocher . . . like Michelangelo, Irving Stone. "la»t Horizon," con ervotive clothing, music, especially jazz, pizzo. Moth ond girl . . . ploy o weet trumpet, and o good game of bosketboll . . . member o the Honor Society ond the Orchestra . . . pretident of the Moth Club . . . hot high hope of becoming o phormocitt after graduation from Rutger College of Phormocy. GLENDA PRATT Amiable and hard working . . . usually found ot home on the telephone . . . spends free time with Rodney Ailes, Maxine Hayes ond Rondy Nabors . . . appreciate poetry, bowling ond conservative clothes . . . admires Mr. Spindler ond Mkhelongclo . . . octive irs Red Cross, French Club, ond Bowling Club program . . . serve on the Vignette ttoff . . . belongs to the Conqueror Club, Church Choir, ond the Gospel Team . . . like honesty and a sente of humor in others . . . dislike sarcasm ond homework . . . college bound. DIANE PROSETTI Quiet . . . Diane enjoys the company of Cindy Rcbello, Koren Polenchot, Peggy Hogel . . . her hobbies include dancing ond pointing . . . hot a preference for Michelangelo, Poul McCartney, Mr. Spindler . . . odmiret boss ployers ond drummers . . . selects Mitch Ryder, The Beatles, ond the Rolling Stones os her fovorite entertainment . . . prefers Motown ond psychedelic music ... is o member of the go-go girls for "The Kids Inc." . . . looks for friendliness in othert . . . plans to attend Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Arts ond to pursue o coreer in the commercial ort field. PATRICIA REILLY Pat . . . friendly . . . enjoy the company of others . . . admires people who ore honest ond hove the courage of their convictions . . friends include Corol Roch. Rod Alexander, ond Arlene Rettoin© . . . finds Mork Twain, English, moth, and softball very enjoyable . . . outside of school she is invlved with the Conqueror , o church youth group . . . takes part in Student Council ond Vignette activities . . . does not like to get up in the morning ... is looking forword to college . . . hopes to enter Wheaton or Covenant College. JAY RITTER "Gentry" . . . one of our new students . . . o quiet ond reloxed individual . . . "Dig yourself" . . . like to watch people ... hi fovorite include Von Gogh, Herbie Mann, Plata, Irving Stone's "lust for life," English, English clothing, footboll, soul music ond pizzo . . . pet peeve; phony people ... in hit former schools he hod received Vorsity letters for hit active participation in cross-country, wrestling ond football . . . likes ort ond musk, think tudy periods ore greotl . . . plans to become a droma teocher ond o member of the octing profession. 93 EDWARD ROBINSON JOHNNY SCANDRICK ROBIN SMITHEDWARD ROBINSON Ed . . . smooth, olm and sometimes quiet . . . names (lot friendt ot Robert Alston, Pot Holley, Bernito Brown, ond Condy Show . . . finds pointing, Robert Frotf. littening to e ordt, ice skating, the Supreir t, Col Tjoder and Barbra Streitond most enjoyable . . . tore lotert ore hit p t peeve . . . like honesty ond trulhfulnett in people . . . the art clattet here are purposeful and pleoiuroble . . . life ot a mittionary ond o poiition in the commercial ort field ore hit mojor goolt. CAROL ROCH An intelligent ond fun-loving person . . . moin ambition — to be happy in life . . . it turned on by the excitement of o football gome or on evening in New York . . . enjoyt horseback riding, canoeing, driving, and doncing . . . active in the Nationol Honor Society, Orchestra. Student Council, Math Club, ond Spanish Club . . . likes peanuts, moviet, Clyde, ond snow . . . friendt include Lynda, Oennit, lauro, Werner ond Kenny . . . will enter Antioch College where she intends to mojor in psychology. RICHARD ROLAND Hat o good tense of humor . . . makes friendt eotily . . . con usually be found with Anthony Costellono, Don Policottro, Jim Herbert, Jim Cotugno, Steve Kith, Ed Schrubo, or Greg Guerin . . . enjoyt bowling, Rembrandt, H. G. Wellt, rock V roll, spaghetti, football, chemistry, ond continental clothing . . . hot been in the Croftsmen't Group, the Moth Club, and on the Scope ttoff betidet the Breakfast Club . . . combs hit hoir constantly . . . likes the teachers best ond the food least here . . , would like to enter Horvord University . . . hopes for a coreer in medicine. JOAN STUCKEY JOHNNY SCANDRICK Johnny ... a kind, generous individual with a good tense of humor . . . utuolly teeks the company of Eddie Voughn, Tom Porks, Gut McQueen, ond Malcolm Dovall . . . football, basketball, boseboll, ond Faulkner are favorites . . . received a letter ploying boseboll . . . o Band member . . . likes girls best . . . con usually be found ot the playground ploying basketball . . . expects to ottend Clork College os a physical education mojor. EDWARD SCHRUBA Ed . . . close friend ©f Jim Herbert, Greg Guerin, and Richard Roland . . . finds pleasure in reoding or painting . . . enjoys food, tennis, books ond art . . . lists Mr. Spindler and Mrs. Rich os teachers who impretsed him most . . . fovorit artist is Rembrandt; favorite author, Orwell . . . admires honetty ond sincerity in others . . . people who pretend to know tomething and don't — irritate him . . . likes the teachers most at Arts . . . plans to go into fine art and advertising . , . will ottend Pratt Institute. ELIZABETH SINATO Talkative, self-reliant, fun-loving "Liz" . . . would love to be o friend to all ... a painting, dancing, and cooking enthusiast . . . friendliness ond understanding have won her the friendship of Anne Milonok, Ermilinda Coputo, Kathy Urban, Rote Ferni-colo, Ethel Bamberg, Fran Poeto ond Carol Oletzczuk . . . enjoyt Mr. Spindler't lectures, o good laugh, mocoroni. mod clothes, traveling, and dating . . . Vign«tft stoff member, and Red Cross . . . exquisite taste in clothes . . . louds Stan Getz, Mr. Gentile, Miss Abos. ond Mr. Spindler . . . "What a sinl" . . . bound for o career in ort. ROBIN SMITH "Rob" . . . cheerful ond olwoys laughing . . . friends include Edith Churchman, Brendo Jennings, ond Helen Kcdzierski . . . active in Girls' Glee Club and Student Council . . . Junior and Senior Clots Council . . . favorites include reoding. swimming, tennis, horseback riding, folk music, playing the guitar, Far Eostern Food. Margaret Mitchell . . . "That's wbot I like about you" . . . pet peeve: bores . . . enjoys the friendly atmosphere, the teachers, ond the music programs here . . . plans to ottend Douglott College and in the future hopes to become a medico! doctor. RICHARD WILLIAM SRANSKY "Bill" enjoys the company of Richard Roland ond Jim Cotugno . . . fond of hit ort and drafting clots ... a collector of coins and stamps , . . appreciates the works of Salvador Dali ond Ernest Hemingway . . . lists Young Rascals at his fovorito entertainment . . . weight-lifting keeps him physicolly fit . . . active member of the Photographic Club ond the American Body Building Club . . . dislikes intensely short hoir ond white socks . . . spends extra hours ot home ploying the drums . . . hopes to pursue a coreer in commercial art and drafting. JOAN STUCKEY Full of fun and olwoys smiling . . . close friendt include Cotsior Blyden ond Carol McKnight . . . o few of her mony favorites ore dancing, rock V roll, jokes, seo food, art, and tewing . , . lists Mr. Spindler as her favorite teacher , , . admires Dali ond Edgar Allan Poe . . . ottroctcd to people who ore themselves . . . hot enjoyed the ort and heolth dosses most ot Arts . . . undecided os to her future plans. 95ROLAND WASHINGTON PATRICIA WATKINS SARAH WATKINS KATHY URBAN LINDA WARREN JOHN SWIERAT EDWIN VAUGHN EVELYN VICTORIA TILLERY CONFESOR VELAZQUEZJOHN SWIERAT Johnny . . . Monica Feret and Dennis Oenezxo rote with him . . . spends spore hours working on his car . . . fond of pop music, potato salad. Bonlon shirts, baseball, ond the assembly programs . . . lists Mr Spindler and Mr. landsman os his favorite teachers . . . con'f stand stubborn females . . . homework makes him grumble . . . a fine baseball player . . . earned o Varsity letter . . . lives for today . . . expects to enter the Navy . . . plans to earn a college degree after he returns to civilian life. EVELYN VICTORIA TILLERY Vickie ... a friendly but quick tempered sister of the Delta Sigma Tou Sorority . . . usually found with one of her best friends. Yolonda Patterson, Jackie Watts, Rosalind Bryant, or Van Byrd . . . loves basketball . . . listens to the Temptations ond Smokey Robinson . . . has found her best subjects to be English ond Spanish when taught by Miss Abos ond Miss David . . . hamburgers ond Italian hot dogs are ambrosia . . . plans to attend Morgon State College or Howard University ... a future lowyer. KATHY URBAN ''Somontho’' . . . friendly ond tolkotive . . . odmires o good sense of humor . . . wishes to be a creative person . . . bos uncanny ability in predicting incidents before they hoppen . . . o talented hair stylist . . . offends Pork Beauty School . . . captain of the Twirlers . . . expects to ottend college where she'll be o psychology mojor. EDWIN VAUGHN Eddie . . . kind . . . extremely sensitive . . . loves o good joke . . . pals are Molcolm Duvall, Thomas Porks, Bruce Davis, ond Johnny Scandrick . . . prefers Mr. long. Bill Cosby, boseboll, conservative clothing, ond the girls ot Arts . . . odmires humor ond moral responsibility in others . . . actively engaged in baseball, soccer. Physical Fitness Club, Orchestro, ond Bond . . . college bound . . . loves sports . . . hot received four Vorsity letters . . . engages in activities ot Boys' Club In spare time . . . intends to pursue o career in physical fitness or sociology. CONFESOR VELAZQUEZ "Fess" . . . fun-loving . . . olwayt willing to help out . . . usually found with Eugene Williomt-Dorof, Dolores Cendon, Vera Kyrejko and Ozzie Mercado . . . has been active in baseball. Junior Varsity ond Vorsity basketball . . . enjoys soul music, anything edible, and reading books by Jack London . . . art's hit delight . . . received o Vorsity letter in sophomore year ... he plons to ottend a business college ond major in butincss administration. LINDA WARREN lynn ... a cute girl . . . friendly, sincere, very moody . . . few close friends include Potty Holley, Mario Niforotos. Janice Berger . . . ploying piano, swimming, horseback riding or tennis ore pleasant woys to spend free hours . . . favorites ore Edgar Allan Poe, My Antonio, Henry Mandni, Mr. Tobio, Miss Abos, instrumental practice ond stuffed peppers . . . octive member of the Vignette staff, church choir, Walter leogue . . . dislikes people who put on on act, ond those who ore never satisfied . . . plons o career in theology, ond hopes to become o deaconess . . . hopes to attend Concordia College. ROLAND WASHINGTON Roland . . . occupies his leisure hours arranging ond composing songs . . . favorite author, Moo-Tse Tung; musician, John Coltran . . . Mr. Pesile, English, Joxz, track, Italian knits, a certain girl, ond sincere people with self confidence and o desire for knowledge rate high with him . . . trock captain . . . Band letter . . . plays the soxophone in the Force Quartet and the Eighth Wonders Dance Bond . . . dislikes people who believe in nothing but ore on guard against everything . . . would like to become a professional musician. PATRICIA WATKINS "PJ." . . . kind . . . ambitious . . . considerate . . . friendly with Sheilo Porker, lynda Morrison, ond Maxine Hoyes . . . con be found skating, bowling or dancing . . . Miss Abos and Miss David are special people . . . "love is a Many Splendored Thing" . . . Chinese food, steno and wrestling ore listed os favorites . . . English is the subject she likes least . . . lunch period, though, is the greatest . . . her one peculiar habit is colling friends by different names . . . hopes to be a secretory at lyons Veterans Hospital upon graduation. SARAH WATKINS "Peocbie" . . . friendly, energetic, hoppy. ond kind hearted . . . works ot Food town . . . hobbies: dancing, eoting . . . lists Deborah Jackson, Cheryl Berry, Linda Jones, Audrey Johnson, and Dorian Spinks os special friends . . . odmires Miss Abos, Walter Robertson, Shirley Conover ond Otis Bootwright . . . loves listening to Dionne Warwick or reading James Baldwin's books . . . selects chorus, health, ond English os the dosses she thoroughly enjoys . . . would like to ottend a business school for computer troining.JACQUELINE MAE WATTS DEBORAH WEBB EUGENE WELLJAMS-DOROF ROGERLIN WEST SUSAN WIICKENS DELORES WOLFE BARBARA WOOD RALPH E. WRIGHT ALVIN WYNNJACQUELINE MAE WATTS "Jockie" . . . o friendly, outgoing sitter of the Delfo Sigma Tou Sorority ... is utuolly found floating through the holls . . . enjoys listening to the music of the Temptotions ond to Morion Anderson . . . utuolly selects Yolondo Patterson, Arcelio Hostings, ond Evelyn Tillery for social conversations . . . finds Mr. Pickett's Chorus doss ond Miss Abot' English doss to be tops on her Hit Porode list ... is on octive member of the Glee Club and serves on the Vignette staff . . . tokes great pleasure in reoding, dancing ond eating . . . looks forward to a career os o professional singer. DEBORAH WEBB "Debbie" . . . friendly ond fun to be with . . . Potrice Cuhrer, Brerdo Jennings, ond Corolyn McKnight always enjoy her company . . ., painting, sewing, cosuol clothes, geometry, chemistry, homburgers ond french fries ore tops . . . favorite expression: "Oh, well, you better believe itl" . . . lists Mrs. Green, Mr. Costelloccio, ond Mrs. luzzi os fovorite teachers . . . has participated In Red Cross, bowling, volleyball, and Glee Club activities . . . also o member of the loto Lambda Sorority ond the YM-YWCA . . . plons to continue her education ot Howard University or of a hotpitol nursing school. EUGENE WELLJAMS-DOROF Intelligent ond industrious . . . enjoys o fiery debote . . . considers Oswoldo Mercado orsd Confesor Velosquez "buddies" . . . thrives on steaks ond french fries . . . Mark Twoin and "Gulliver's Travels" rote os "tops" . . . has octively porticipoted in soccer. Moth Club, ond French Club programs ond activities . . . member of the Notionol Honor Society . . . pet peeve: o "put-on" . . . ottrocted by a sincero, fun-loving person . . . likes the English deportment best ot Arts . . . plans to prepare for a coreer in structural engineering at Newark College of Engineering. ROGERLIN WEST Roger's dote friends ore Eddie Jacobs, Allen Grundy and Jerome McCoggle . . . interests indude music, art, sports, Gouguin, Jules Verne, Duke Ellington, Mr. Spindler, jozz, lobster, physics dosses and conservative clothes . . . has been octive in our frock program, member of the Donee Club and the Physicol Fitness Club . . . outside activities include St. Martin's Drum ond Bugle Corps ond the Comoros . . . doesn't soy much unless he's in "one of those moods ' . . . hos liked food best ond work least during his four years here . . . prefers peace and quiet . . . expects to be a night club entertainer os well os o commercial artist in future years. SUSAN WILCKENS "Sue" . . . diligent, intelligent art student . . . prefers the company of Monica Feret . . . appreciates the works of Monet . . . enjoys her fine art doss . . . found Great Expectations very interesting . . . has a taste for Italian food ... is an octive member of the French and tennis clubs . . . received a tennis letter . . . appreciates the teachers ond their interest in each student at Arts . . . finds much to be desired in cafeteria food . . . seeks honesty ond a good sense of humor in others . . . hopes to attend Essex County College. DELORES WOLFE "D.J." . . . close friend of lorry Perry, Doris loftin, and Sam Wheeler . . . dancing, mod clothing, football, history, and writing letters all oppeal to her . . . fovorite ortist: Tamy Smith ... a James Baldwin fan . . . admires Ernest Gary Davis ond the Temptations . . . "Whip it on mel" . . . active in Delta Sigma Pi Sorority and the Royol Hons ... pet peeve: "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou. Romeo" . . . hos enjoyed the friendly atmosphere most at Arts . . . plons to attend Newark State College to prepare for a career in teaching. BARBARA WOOD "Barb" . . . often seen with Monica ond Robin . . . shy, but very friendly . . . would like to be a well-educated person . . . listens to pop and classical musk . . . usually found in the kitchen noting spaghetti ond meatballs . . . dislikes competition . . . prefers works of Degas . . . reads Dickens voraciously . . . wolks around with one shoe (?)... admires poise ond self-confidence in others . . . likes the teachers ond students . . . member of the French Club ond Bowling Team .. . Bowlmg Trophy . . . plons to attend college. RALPH E. WRIGHT "Ralphie" or "Smiley" to his friends Bruce Dovis ond Deborah Crutchfield . . . hobbies include drawing ond making others lough . . . enjoys Da Vinci ond Boldwin . . . admires Deborah Crutchfield . . . T.V., Blues for Mr. Chorlie, popular tunes, veol pormegiono, basketball, and art ... a poir of saeokers ond old sweat clothes please him . . . hos been active in Junior vs. Senior basketball gomes ... is o member of his choir ond coptoin of his church basketball team . . . likes lunch period . . . admires Mr, long ond a sense of humor in others . . . considers himself gay, carefree ond congeniol . . , plans to ottend Montclair Stole College to become a teocher or commercial ortist. ALVIN WYNN Al . . . quiet, considerate, polite . . . numbers Leonard Conover and Dennis Reynolds among his friends ... his fovorite people ore Cezanne, tho Supremos, Steinbeck, Mrs. Tso . . . odmires his fother most . . . likes rock V roll, jozz, troek racing, loud-colored clothing and chicken chow mein , . . prefers art dosses . . . enjoys painting . . . collects old records ... is o membor of the Debating Club . . . bugged by two-faced people . . . plons to ottend the Fashion Institute of Technology or Newark School of Fine Industrial Art to prepare for o coreer os a fashion designer. MICHAEL ZONES Mike . . . quiet, moody, honest . . . appreciates the companionship of Gerry Schuckman, Terry Forer, and Stu Kotz . . . likes sincerity in others . . , odmires Miss Meyerson . . . enjoys Yusef lateef, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, jozz, swimming, weight lifting, playing trumpet, ond English . , . member of the Physical Fitness Club, the Chess Club, the French Club, and the Debating Club . . . finds instrumental practice rewarding . . . plans a career in psychology ot Rutgers University. MICHAEL ZONESAnthony Aguonno • 589 North 11th Str««1—07108—482-8169 Rodney Ailet • 368 Doyfon Street—07114 Rodney Alexonder • 65 East Delovon Avenue—07109—484-9571 Ethel Bomberg • 149 Weequohic Avenue—07112—923-4721 Stephen Barnet • 71 Quitman Street—07103—621 -8363 Harry Bortnick • 49 ludlow Street—07114—242-3299 Cephos Bottle • 532 South 13th Street—07103—243 7802 Dorian Boxter • 30 Huntington Terrace—07112—484-1399 Edwino Boxter • 61 17th Avenue, Apt. 6-C—07103 Jomet Bell • 569 Montgomery Street—07103 Elizabeth Bennett • 2 E. Kearny Stroot—07104—484-4293 lourie Bennett • 30 Fleetwood Ploce—07106—371-6748 Poul Bennett • 51 Hazelwood Avenue—07106—371-7654 Janice Berger • 245 Thirteenth Avenue—07103—642-9779 Cheryl Berry • 414 South 7lh Street—07103—242 2725 Jacquetta Bland • 226 Hillside Avenue—07108—248-4083 Cottier Blyden • 832 Bergen Street—07112—824-1418 Jacquelyn Boozer • 250% South 19th Street—07103—732 7259 Ellen Chrittine Brant • 56 Fobyon Ploce—07108—372 0532 Leonora C. Brozell • 794 South 13th Street—07108—2484044 Gertrude Brewer • 176 Weit Market Street—07103 Lillian Briggt • 274 South 19th Street—07103 Edgar Brummell • 234 Prince Street—07108—243-1577 Rotolind Bryant • 46 3rd Street—07107 Morvin Byert • 102 Suttex Avenue—07103—643 3243 Von Byrd • 71 North 14th Street—07107 Joanne Caruso • 571 Lake Street—07104—483-2384 Anthony Costellono • 376 North 12th Street—07108—4844220 Jomet J. Catugno • 102 Summer Avenue—07104—485-5956 Volerie Jean Cello • 335 North 11th Street—07108—485-8739 Doloret Cendon • 606 South 12th Street—07103—248-5104 Diana Lynn Chudzey • 680 South 19th Street—07103—375 5054 Edith Churchman • 397 Bergen Street—07103—248 3284 Kenneth Cicerale • 113 Itobello Avenue—07106—375-3152 Charles Clark • 48 Bardoy Street—07103—643-2055 Grocie B. Clarke • 198 Prince Street, Apt. 2-A—07103 Maggie Clarke • 198 Prince Street. Apt. A-A—07103 Borboro Coleman • 127 South 13th Street—07107—485-7254 Jon Collim • 47 South 11th Street—07107—484 8217 Amfo Crowford • 192 West Runyon Street—07108—248 4790 Patrice Culver • 113 South 6th Street—07107—643-8034 Maleom Dovoll • 113 Nowton Street—07103 Bruce Robert Davit • 39 North 5th Street—07107—484 0912 Evelyn Davit • 14 Sheffield Drive—07104—483 4547 Donna De Hort • 51 South 7th Street—07107—624-1544 Richard Dowling • 60 loke Street—07104 William Epps • 513 Bergen Street—07108 Monica Ferot • 25 Woodbino Avenue—07106—373 7638 Poul Fernondez • 94 Joekton Street—07105—642-3540 Rotemorie Fernicolo • 264 Elm Street—07105—642-2767 Werner Fenzt • 220 Mt. Vernon Place—07106—374-1641 Gladys Field • 125 Lincoln Avenue—07104 Robert Fisher • 353 Elm Street—07105—643-2844 Lynda Franklin • 701 Mt. Prospect Avenue—07104—483-5565 Anna Ganoto • 51 New Street—07102—642-3532 Patricia Garrison • 163 South 11th Street—07107 Potricio Glenn • 14 Sheffield Drive—07104—483 3983 Joyce Goff • 509 Belmont Avenue—07108—242-2405 Dennis Grossman • 34 East Cedor Street—07102—992-9158 Allen Grundy • 184 Waverly Avenue—07108—248-9015 Gregory Guerin • 3 West Runyon Street—07108—243-0467 Lauro Guie • 135 Washington Street—07102—998 8063 Margaret Jone Hagel • 461 Summer Avenue—07104 Cheryl Hamilton • 94 Orolon Street—07104—484-2088 Sheila Harper • 52 Foirmont Avenue—07107—623-3983 Deto Horris • 32 Bock Avenue—07112-243-2729 Arcelia Hostings • 186 Jomes Street—07103 Moxine Hayes • 743 South 18th Street—07103—375 0764 Jomes Herbert • 319 16th Avenue—07103 100Melody Hertz • 75 Baldwin Ay«xut-07108—243 0642 Karen Polenichot • 644 Mt. Prospect Avenue—07104—483-5865 George Hite • 849 South 12th Street—07108—373 8711 Sheila Porker e 831 South 18th Street—07108—374-1979 Potricio Anne Holley • 49 Ludlow Street—07114—824 2862 Thomot Porki • 77 17th Avenue, Apt. 7-E—07103—243 4132 Yolondo Felice Potterton • 69 South 10th Street—07107—482-1432 Vrvion Ingram • 201 South 11th Street—07107 lorry Perry • 56 3rd Street—07107—482-8135 Michoel Iwanechko • 152 Suniet Avenue—07106—373 0921 Patricia Perry • 7 17lh Avenue. Apt. 9-D—07103—242 6696 Kenneth Parsing • 27 Summer Place—07104—481-1665 Deboroh Jackson • 274 West Kinney Street—07103—248 5010 Francine Poeto • 395 North !3fh Street—07107—483-1896 Edward Jocobs • 90 Orange Street—07102 Donold Policostro • 126 Stone Street—07104—483-2107 Jock Jowortki • 740 South 14th Street—07103 Glendo Prott • 114 Howthorne Avenue—07112—248-5937 Beverly Jenkins • 61 11th Avenue—07107—624 0627 Linda Jenkins • 64 7th Avenue. Apt. 60—07104 -483 3915 Diane Prosetti • 51 Barbara Street—07105-643-4298 Brendo Jennings • 844 South 11th Street—07108—248-4955 Patricia Reilly • 220 Mt. Vernon Ploce—07106 Audrey Johnson • 113 Chadwick Avenue—07108—248-9569 Joy Ritter e 29 Tuzedo Parkwoy—07106—371 8325 Rosolyn Johnion • 259 Fairmont Avenue—07103 Edward Robinson • 32 Hinsdole Ploce—07104—482-1802 Linda V. Jones • 186 James Street—07103—624-7032 Carol Roch • 159 Heller Parkway—07104—4826387 Helen Kedzierski • 703 South 18th Street—07103 Richord Roland • 50 11th Avenue—07107—624-9109 Stephen Kish • 37 Lyons Avenue—07112—926-5108 Johnny Scandrick • 30 Richmond Stree—107103-624-8198 Wolter Kolpokov • 72 Sondford Place—07106—374 4991 Edword Schruba • 11 Richelieu Ploce—07106—372-4590 Fronk Kulisz • 748 South 19th Street—07103—372 2867 El.zoboth Sinoto • 50 Halsteod Street—07106—372-1698 Vera Kyrejko • 674 South 18th Street—07103—373-4191 Robin Smith • 187 Lehigh Avenue—07112—926 4162 Richord W. Sransky • 35 Prospect Street. Palisades Pork, N. J.—944-3622 Shelley Leo • 135 Hedden Terrace—07108—248 2314 Joan Stuckey • 165 Milford Avenue—07104—248-8122 Virginia lelinho • 62 Napoleon Street—07105—6426410 Fron lewitter • 120 Shephard A venue—07102—9236810 John Swierot • 364 Doyton Street—07114—824-0972 David lyont • 45 17th Avenue, Apt. 11-F—07103—243-1639 Evelyn Victoria Tillery • 63 Mercer Street, Apt. 2-C—07103—643-2821 Milton McClain • 280 Woverly Avenue—07108—243-3778 Jerome McCoggle e 12 Treocy Avenue—0710B—248 5029 Kathy Urban • 68 Morne Street—07105—624-3255 Suton McConnell • 76 Bonk Street-07102 Edwin J. Vaughn e 396 South 9th Street—07103 Carolyn McKnight • 348 Seymour Avenue-07112—2426288 Augustus McQueen e 280 Prince Street. Apt. 2-D—07103—243 7942 Confetor Velazquez • 545 South 10th Street—07103—248-8054 Oswoldo Mercado • 40 Vincent Street—07105—624-2939 Linda Warren • 547 Highland Avenue—07104—485 5370 Hoyword Mickent • 333 South 19th Street—07103—375-3342 Roland Washington • 135 James Street—07103—643 6956 Anne Marie Milonok • 733 South 14th Street—07103—248-3283 Patricio Wotkins • 371 18th Avenue—07108—243 0454 Mordo Mitchell • 204 Fairmount Avenue—07103 Sarah Wotkins • 181 South 7th Street—07103—643 2076 Lynda Morrison • 40 Stengel Avenue—07112 Carmela Moscone • 87 19th Avenue—07103—371-3687 Jacqueline Mae Watts • 48 Badger Avenue-07108—243-4266 Deborah Webb • 520 South 14th Street—07103—243-7472 Eugene Welljoms-Derof • 81 North 6th Street—07107—483-1756 Allen Nobors • 382 Dayton Street—07114—243 8150 Rogcrlin West • 15 Cottage Street—07102—643 0795 Michael Nodolski • 539 lothrop Avenue, Boonton, N. J.—334 3223 Susan Wikkeni • 197 South 10th Street—07107 Richord Nazorio • 483 South 18th Street—07103—3740271 Delores Wolfe • 328 Belmont Avenue—07108—824-3577 Potty Ng • 199 Mulberry Street—07102 Barbara Wood e 169 Emmett Street-07114—248-9053 Maria Niforotos • 217 Montclair Avenue—07104—485-5796 Ralph E. Wright • 307 Chodwkk Avenue—07112—824-3771 Yvette Odom • 14 Riverview Court—07105—624-2294 Alvin Wynn • 19 Seabury Street—07104—481-0695 Corolann Oleszczuk • 599 South 17th Street—07103—374-7582 Michael Zones • 244 Keer Avenue—07112—926-5154 101VIGNETTE One of the most treasured keepsakes of the students is the Arts High yearbook, the Vignette. Production of the yearbook, which colls for skills in art, literary composition, photography, typing, bookkeeping, and material layout, is handled almost exclusively by the students. The activity of producing the yearbook covers most of the year. Although o major portion of the publication is devoted to the deporting Seniors, every phase of the student life at Arts High is covered. 102MISS RUTH ABOS—Literary advisor MR. MILTON KNOBLER-Art advisor MR. ALLEN SHAPIRO—Business advisor MISS PATRICIA HOLLEY Editor-in-chief WRITERS Ethel Bamberg Lenora Brazcll Lillian Briggs Joanne Caruso Linda Franklin Anna Ganota Patricia Holley Francis Lewitter Maria Niforatos Carol Roch Jacqueline Watts TYPISTS AND CLERICAL ASSISTANTS Edwina Baxter Gertrude Brewer Laura Guie Vivian Ingram Brenda Jennings Walter Kolpakov Hayward Mickens Glenda Pratt Linda Warren ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Richard Nazario Frank Kulisz William Sransky (cover design) VignetteFOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EASI littwfnoNd by PUBLISHING CO.. INC 2 2 Gfo»« Cfdir Grove, N.). 104

Suggestions in the Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Arts High School - Vignette Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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