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EX LIBRISAnnual Publication of the Senior Class ARTS HIGH SCHOOL 550 High Street Newark, New Jersey 07102NATURE, WILD AND FREE Nature, be as the wind. Free and with not a care to hold thee. For man is on the hunt for control of thee. He has dammed your rivers, moved your mountains. Destroyed your forests and your land, Mis-used your water, killed your people In the name of civilization. Called them killers, wild and untamed. When he, the man, is the killer .. . the wild one .. . The untamed one. Now he seeks to save what is left Of your Domain. He seeks to control your sky, your storm, your rain. Be Wild and Free, Nature, for man shall never learn The secret of your power. Yours is the power of the rain, the storm, the wind. Yours is the power of the hottest day and the coldest night. Yours is the power of the blizzard and the hurricane. Yours the power that rules all man; Power that rules all earth. I say to thee: Man shall never control you. Only the angels above Can question Thee ... Be as the Wind nature. Be Wild and Free. Murray BetheaAdMiN‘StRaTiO 4 The quiet dignity and patience of Dr. Lewis is indicative of his dedication to and interest in all phases of our school life. His willingness to advise and counsel students has won him the admiration and confidence of the entire student body. The seniors, especially, appreciate his understanding and wisdom. An extraordinary mathematician, Dr. Lewis has occasionally displayed his skill as a HARRY LEWIS, Ph D. Principal teacher by conducting a few of our geometry classes. Because of his pride in the music and art departments, he has endeavored to make the people of Newark cognizant of our accomplishments at Arts. He firmly believes in the ability of the students and is especially proud when an honor is bestowed upon any one of us. Truly a remarkable individual, we are honored to have him as our principal.Mr. Restaino entertains one main objective: to continue to maintain the reputation of Arts High as an outstanding school known for its high academic standards and its warm, congenial atmosphere. He conducts all his tasks with an adroit and capable head, giving special attention to each student and his schedule so that everyone has as rich a learning experience as possible, suited to his abilities and interests. He has our admiration, our sincere appreciation, and a lasting place in our memories. pat a. restaino B.S., M.Ed. Vice-Principal AdM,N'StRaT,On 5ART DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW, Uh to right: JAMES F. LYNCH, 8.S.. Art. JEANNE O. TSO, 84.. M A . Art; ELIZABETH R. STILLER, B.S., M A., Art; LOUIS SPINDIER, 8.S., M.A.. Art. 6ACK ROW; HARRY J. GOMMOll. 8.S.. Art; MILTON KNOBIER, 8.S., M.A.. Art; SEYMOUR M. LANDSMAN, B.S.. M.A.. Art, Chairman. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT BETTE LAZAR, 8.S., M.A., Sttrtlorial; LILLIAN RITTER. 8.C.E., Satratanol. FaCuLtYFaCuLtY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW Wh to right DOROTHY NIUSS. »S. M.A.. Engli . DELRHINE FERUGINE. • A M A Engl. RUTH C ABOS. BA., M.A., RACK ROW SEYMOUR C. HECK. ».A.. M A. Englith, Choirmor.; IOWARO J GREEN. • A., tnglhh. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW, |«ft to right RONNIE S. GOIDSTEIN. B.A., Sponi and Engl,th, MAX CHfMACOFF, B A. o«rf Grorfvot Work, Latin and Englith. BACK ROW; HILTON J. OTERO. B.S.. M.A., foreign languoga. Chairman; THERESA S. DAVID, B.A., MA., Spanith; SONIA FELDMAN, 8 A.. M.A.. languoga. 7GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT IEFT TO RIGHT; ALLAN J. SHAPIRO. B.A., M.A., History Coordinator; LAURETTE McNIEl. B.A., MA.. English and Guidonce; TINA EUGENE BOHANON, A A , M.A.. Prof. Dipl., Htad Counselor; LEONARD J. YA8LICK, B.A, A1A., Science Co-Ordinator. HOME ECONOMICS LUCILLE B. HILLER. B.S., Home Economies. LIBRARY SADIE B. YUKER, 8M.A., librarian. 8MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: RUTH MEYERSON. 8.A., M S., Molhtmohct; GEORGE SEISEl, 8.A, M A., Mathomohti Coordinator; ALFRED GENTILE. 8.$.. Mofh.mofk,; DOROTHY OSEFCHEN, Moth.maUt. MUSIC DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW. left lo right: GERTRUDE R. SHAPIRO, B.S., Mu.k; STEPHEN KAPEUER. B.A.. GroduoN Work, Munc BACK ROW: WILLIAM I. PICKEn, B.M., AIM.; JOHN R. FORBES. B.A.. Mouc and Bond D.rottor; ROCCO A. PESIIE, B.SM., M.A., Mwiic, Co-Ordinotoe. 9OFFICE STAFF SHIRLEY ZONES. CtorEStonogrophor. MARIE GAGLIARDO Cltili. Stenographer PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FRONT ROW, toft to right: EVELYN DONOVAN, B.S., Physical education: CONSTANCE GREENE, R.N., B.S., Heohh education; ETHEL MINTZ, Pionitt. BACK ROW: JOHN LANG, B.S., MA.. Phytical Education, CoOrdinotof; MARIE MEEHAN, R.N., Nurte, JACK GIODANO. BJk., M.A., Phyucai education. 10 FaCuLtYSCIENCE DEPARTMENT TITLE I COORDINATOR ADA THOMASON, T,tl I. $tono-Ctorfc; GERARD C. TOBIA. Mvi.8.. 8.8., M.A.. TitU I Proj t Co-Ordinotor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS JEROME MARCUS, 8 M.A. Induitriol Arfi SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT IORNA R. FURST. B.A., MED., Hidory; AUAN J. SHAPIRO. B.A.. MA„ Hidoty Co-Ordinotor■ PEARL RICH, 8.A., History. 11Moonbeams: Imaginary rays of opaque light that descend And rest upon my dreams. Giving them lustre And strength; Molding them into a brilliant Ball that whirls and spins Into Infinity And out again; Replacing doubt With Silver faith and hope; Adding specks of blinding light Where sullen Darkness reigned; Striking Earth and Constellations in their Haste to reach this human goal. A shattering of stars and moonbeams— To make true my dreams of the Future. 12 Maria Reyft MR. JACK GIORDANO Homeroom B9 ROW ONE, left to right: Marie Ceres, Neil Bethea, Margaret Ba-sile, Louis Bunnucci. ROW TWO: Walter Stepowyj, LaVern Waters, Lee Barnes, John Hunter, Roger Kennedy, Valencia Rodgers. ROW THREE: Romero Knight, Lila Jung, Olga Turner, Alice Boverly, Douglas Norris, Bernita Brown, Cand-ance Shaw, John Stricklano. ROW FOUR: Joseph Warren, Paul Knox, Joseph Burnett, Christopher Bem-bry, Joe Minutoli, Paul Ganata, Regina Young, George Rossi, Joseph Goodfriend, Calvin Jones, Frank Ward. FrEsHmEnMRS. SONYA FELDMAN Homeroom 113 ROW ONE, left to right: Leslie Phillips, Sandro Byers, Rose Ann Lynch, Kenneth Hicks, Wayne Herbert, Mercedes Serrano, Mrs. Feldman. ROW TWO: Linda Singerline, Sigfrido Ojeda, Gail Mottey, Sherry Zones, Michael Berardi, Larry Robinson. ROW THREE: Robert Stasiak, Joseph Dugger, Thomas Sierant, Michelle Jones, Evelyn Collins, Bradford Branch, Paul Perkins. ROW FOUR: Katrina Banks, Yvonne Wise, Denise Taylor, Rocco Labato, Donald Gray, Isaac States, Dennis Stawarski, Cynthia Rebello, Roxanne Tyler, Cathy Kravarik. F EsHMEn MRS. RONNIE GOLDSTEIN Homeroom 204 ROW ONE, left to right: Roxanne Williams, Tom Dichiara, Leah Herod, Walter Hall, James Soldo. ROW TWO: Judith Womble, Erme-linda Caputo, Reginald Perry, Eddie Huff, Rose Eng, Mrs. R. Goldstein. ROW THREE: Anthony Atwell, Sharron Jones, Daisy Mati-ner, Robin Ratiner, Eugene Forte, Mary Davis, Linda Ervin. ROW FOUR: Barbara Rice, Karen Pajak, Vivien LaRossa, Barry Wilson, Marie Bass, Paul Smith, Joseph Jones, Berthenia Banks, Leonora Reeves, Russell Keene. 15MR. STEPHEN KAPELLER Homeroom 304 ROW ONE, left to right: Harold Francis, Brenda Hampton, Janet Mirvica, Deborah DeNault, Amy Drechseh, Richard Golden. ROW TWO: Toni DeVone, Cynthia Robinson, Carolyn Norulak, Sondra Massey, Judy Rehling, Delia Mas, Ceely Radden, Mr. Kapeller. ROW THREE: Daryl Matthews, Reginald Mack, Denise Edwards, Dorian Gilmer, Debra Smisko, Priscilla Chappell, Dianne Wickerson, Roger Tucker. ROW FOUR: Carl Strand, Brenda Brown, Patricia Beachtle, Nathanial Duncan, Thomas Anni-bacci, Ellen Silverman, Charles Dargis, Atno Smith, Maureen Colbert, Beverly Branch. 16 Z PLl X MRS. CONSTANCE GREENE Homeroom 308 ROW ONE, left to right: April Showers, Cynthia Byrne, Maria Pardo. ROW TWO: Anthony Henry, Vergaline Hill, Denise Day, Gloria Atkins, Harold Arrington, Redilla Powell. ROW THREE: Carolyn Slater, Earlene Campbell, Linda Captain, Virginia Rivera, Sharon Schruba, Betsy Nagengast, Deborah lowther. ROW FOUR: Dennis Hall, Deborah Sciortine, Deborah Bowers, Wayne Leshko, Timothy McDonald, Yvonne Johnson, Mary Cunningham, Ramona Villalobos.MRS. PEARL RICH Homeroom 319 ROW ONE, left to right: Delores Wolf, Thomos Westerficld, Michael DeMeo, Donald Jones, Mrs. Rich. ROW TWO: Helen Males, Delia Conturso, Jacqueline Townsend, Elaine Star Moore, Dorothy Burns. ROW THREE: Darrell Clark, Donna Sanders, Martin Brazell, Barbara Hall, Carol Fortney, Reginald Rhodes. ROW FOUR: Henry Schwalb, Thomas La Para, Nyya Lark, Lovcntrice Farrow, Cephas Gunn, Sharon Lee, Sergio Alvarez. ROW FIVE: Joanne Young, John Jakimas, Clarence Williams, Deborah Randolph, MaryLinda O'Neal, Patricia Casey, Michel Kidd, Merrill Thomas, Trent Morant, James McAdams.MR. JAMES LYNCH Homeroom B8 ROW ONE, loft to right: Denise Deuer, Chin Young, Brenda Everett, Daryle Person, Karen Berger, Mr. Lynch. ROW TWO: Brenda Wheeler, Harriet Stoller, Debbie Battle, James Nowell, Odessa Seymour, Sam Fortino, Mary Santos. ROW THREE: Rosemary Hardison, Patricia Alexander, Dennis Covert, William Sransky, Debra Jones, Alfred Cavalho, Marjorie Smith, Jo Ann Stravelakis. 18 MRS. JEAN TSO Homeroom 206 ROW ONE, left to right: Linda Te-lesco, Marie Caskey, Brenda Miller, Joseph Napolitano, Danita Smith. ROW TWO: Beverly Kincey, Mil-ton Meding, Belinda Ferrell, Joyce Jennings, John Carr, Linda Charles, Mrs. Tso. ROW THREE: Earl Miller, Gloria Cooper, Stephanie Yarborough, Brenda Newby, Dollette McDonald, Wyndie Williams, Helen Krawczyk, Shirley Brown. ROW FOUR: Eric Berzon, Dennis Thomas, Oweedig Livingston, Leander Harrington, Sharon Smith, Eugene Graziono, Bruce Austin, George Troupe, Fernando Salamanca.MRS. DOROTHY NEUSS Homeroom 207 ROW ONE, left to right: Barbaro Ann Jones, Wanda Gayrell Hill, Beatrice Rodriguez, Beverly Mc-Lourin, Paul Price, Jurdia Garrett. ROW TWO: Carolyn McMillion, Barry Valente, Margaret Tyson, Carotene Copper, Cheryl Bradley, Linda Miller, Mrs. Neuss. ROW THREE: Ava Riley, Dccoquise Atten Brown, Marie Eleana Vizcarrondo, Myron Smith, Annette Reiter, Sharman Braswell, Priscilla Black-well, Georgette Washington. ROW FOUR: Jacquelyn King, Linda Scalamoni, Oscar Perez, Vincent Perna, Frank Jordan, W. David Hammond, Randell Hodges, Ronald L. Young, George Kontos, Sarah Sapp, Jacqueline Pride. S°PhOmOrEs MR. JEROME MARCUS Homeroom 209 ROW ONE, left to right: Chanda Shockley, Lena McMillon, Anthony DePascale, Tyrone Porter. ROW TWO: Joan Marie Cuffie, Yvonne Onque, Deborah Mulling, Jon Yablick, Anna Marie West, Denise Mills, Mr. Marcus. ROW THREE: David Ruff, Charles Maxey, Gregory Calloway, Carlos Ojedo, Fernando Rodriquez, Robert Alston, Edward Palmore. ROW FOUR. Dwight Acey, Gloriah Alford, Marvin Johnson, Thomas Melton, Walter Hutton, Roy Gillcnwoters, Erwin Ponder, Victoria Neals, Mike Cafapono, Richard Von Ende, Alice Mobley. 1?MISS DELPHINE PERUGINE Homeroom 214 ROW ONE, left to right: Deborah Robinson, Janet Wilson, Arlene Restaino, Miss Peruginc. ROW TWO: Bonita Eddy, Eileen Weston, Pamela Taylor, Patty Purguy. ROW THREE: Darryl Trimiew, Kim Singleton, Rita Keith, Roger Curry, Sharon Clark, Doris Loftin. ROW FOUR: Adolphur Wright, Cynthia O'Rourke, Brenda Jones, Dave Tucker, Ronald Spencer, Beverly Clemons, Mike Whalen, Miguel Quinones, Judy Clarke, Brenda Broodnax. MR. MAX CHIMACOFF Homeroom 218 FIRST ROW, left to right: Genevieve Swieraf, Irene Yachnik, Belinda Smith, Diane Thornton. SECOND ROW: Holly Patton, Carolyn D'Alessio, Denise Hamilton, Renne Millard, Leah Jackson. THIRD ROW: Verma Fortenberry, Jam’s Palmoro, Gloria Kells, Charlene Hairston, Luis Cedeno, Margaret Leskiw, Stophanie Glover. FOURTH ROW; Lucille Mondalto, Johnny Scandrick, Richard Oshin, Thomas Parks, Mark Bacchtle, Katrina James, Mary Ann Kowalski. S°PhOmOrEsMRS. LAURETTE McNIEL Homeroom 220 ROW ONE, left to right: Irene James, Glenda Mattox, William Pierson, Forrest Drcnncn, Mattie Moody, Jina Donnelly, Douglas Curry. ROW TWO: Ronald Jasper, Dorothy Miller, Michael McMillion, Corl Acosta, Leonard Conover, Harvey Freeman, Beatrice Brown. ROW THREE: Stephen Fuller, Diane Ford, Steve Jones, Wayne Pendleton, Ernest Tweedle, Cecilia Roote, Gregory Dudak, Christopher Bland. MR. EDWARD GREEN Homeroom 306 ROW ONE, left to right: Patrice Sims, Nadia Prokofiew, Debra Brody, Diane Broogos, Peter Zan-gari, Joseph Accardo, Eva Gonzales, Cecelia Smith, Mr. Green. ROW TWO: Kathleen Woloch, Gloria Clarke, Carol Ann Doyle, Willie Harris, Dante DeFlorio, Kenneth Daniels, Linda Byrne, Michael Antonicello. ROW THREE: Alan Johnson, Vicky Sasiak, Donald Warren, Jay Denburg, Reinaldo Santiago, James Fryer, Charles Clark, John Rebelo, Ellen Jerman.GO cC 3 MRS. ELIZABETH STILLER Homeroom 210 ROW ONE, left to right: Shelia Harper, Valerie Jean Celia, Carolyn McKnight, Francine Poeta. ROW TWO: Monica Feret, Deborah Webb, Paul Bennett, ■Rosemarie Fernicola, Deta Harris, Mrs. Stiller. ROW THREE: Allen Nabors, Ellen Brant, Cassiar Blydon, Wendell Laws, James Herbert, Cephas Battle, Anna Ganota. ROW FOUR: Bruce Davis, Edward Schruba, James Bell, Kenneth Persing, Kenneth Cicerale, Jon Collins, Danny Johnson, Michael Iwanechko, Linda Jones, Gregory Guerin. ]uN OrS MISS RUTH ABOS Homeroom 213 ROW ONE, left to right: Linda Jenkins, Pat Reilly, Brenda Jennings, Diana Chudzcy, Patty Ng, Patricio Garrison. ROW TWO: Maggie Clarke, Karen Palenschat, Paulino Fernandez, Harry Bart-nick, Milton McClain, AnnMarie Milanek, Miss Abos. ROW THREE: Maria Niforotos, Patricia Watkins, Linda Morrison, Cheryl Berry, Anita Crawford, Elizabeth Bennett, Deborah Jackson, Sheila Parker. ROW FOUR: Audrey Johnson, John Giordano, Frank Kulisz, George Hite, Rodney Alexander, Haywood Mickens, Leonora Brazell, Marvin Byers, Michael Nadolski, Marcia Mitchell. 23MISS DOROTHY OSEFCHEN Homeroom 215 ROW ONE, left to right: Richard Dowling, Lynda Franklin, Linda Warren, Donna DeHart, Virginia Lelinho, Miss Osefchen. ROW TWO: Evelyn Evans, Yvonne Odom, Sarah Watkins, Gladys Field, James Cotugno, Rosalyn Johnson, Evelyn Tillery, Larry Perry. ROW THREE: Pat Glenn, Jackie Watts, Ethel Bamberg, Edwin Vaughn, Malcolm Davall, Alvin Wynn, Robin Smith, Evelyn Davis, Maxine Hayes. MR. ALFRED GENTILE Homeroom 307 ROW ONE, left to right: Christina Jankowski, Barbara Wood, Patrice Culver, Gertrude Brewer, Gracie Clarke, Carolann Oleszczuk, Mr. Gentile. ROW TWO: Jeremy Wein-gast, Yolanda Patterson, Joan Stuckey, Patricia Perry, Donald Policastro, Anthony Castellano. ROW THREE: Dolores Cendon, Cheryl Hamilton, Stephen Barnes, Confessor Velazquez, Laurie Bennett, Susan Wilckens, Carmello Moscone. ROW FOUR: Augustus McQueen, Edward Robinson, Eugene Welljams-Dorof. ROW FOUR: Vera Kyrejko, Jack Jaworski, Joyce Goff, Jacquelyn Boozer, James Simpsoi ..JuN'OrS MISS RUTH MEYERSON Homeroom 314 ROW ONE, left to right: Laura Guie, Jacquetta Bland, Carol Roch, Ana Zagarola, Victor Weingast, Edwina Baxter. ROW TWO: Joanne Caruso, Glenda Pratt, Edith Churchman, Roger West, John Swierat, Diane Prosetti, David Lyons, Miss Meyerson. ROW THREE: Arcelia Hastings, Vivian Ingram, Lillian Briggs, Shelley Lea, Patricia Holley, William Epps, Barbara Coleman, Beverly Jenkins. ROW FOUR: Elizabeth Sinato, Roland Washington, Oswaldo Mercado, Jerome McCoggle, Richard Ma-zario, Ralph Wright, Walter Kol-pakov, Robert Fisher, Frances Le-witter, Kathy Urban, Allen Grundy. 25PRINCE STREET Thomas Norulak They're tearing down all the houses on Prince Street in that part of Newark where it wasn't any good for anyone's business unless he was a junk dealer or was just trying to make an honest buck off the people that he told his friends he didn't have anything against but I never hung around on Prince Street all I can remember of that was what my grandfather tells us about the good old days when a dollar bought more than it does now and you may ask how I know all this well you would too if you took the same bus as I do every morning along with the businessmen who wear striped ties button-down white shirts comb their hair to the left side parted on the right and the hat oh yes we musn't forget the hat most of them are bald come to think of it and they're tearing down the Rutledge Hotel on High Street which is the street that all the rich people used to live on but now they're all in Maplewood, or Millburn or some other suburban place where their children can grow up in a decent environment. Mommy, is this our floor? Not yet, only twelve more flights. Daddy, what does that sign say? Why, it says "Here once stood the mansion of Gottfried Krueger!" Yeah—Here once stood the mansion of so and so but all I can say is I'll be dammed if I have to live in one of those fourteen story apartments.SCOREBOARD Arts Opp 2 .. Bloomfield Tech ... 5 4 ... Barringer ... 8 1 ... Don Bosco 8 6 ... . Irvington Tech .. ... 2 3 ... Holy Trinity .... .. 11 5 ... Pingry .. 4 6 ... Newark Tech .... .. 0 0 ... Holy Trinity .. 6 5 ... .... Harrison .. 7 5 Vailsburg 6 9 Newark Tech .... 0 4 Irvington Tech .. .. 8 0 ... Bergen Tech .... 6 2 Pingry 4 1 .. 17 4 Bergen Tech . 3 2 .... Paterson Tech ... .. 1 2 Harrison 7 BaSeBaLl TeAM Last season the Baseball Team experienced a rather unprecedented losing streak. This can be attributed in part to the fact that a majority of the players were unexperienced sophomores at the time. Coach Lang, however, looking on the bright side, saw much natural talent in these boys' performances. This ability will be developed and for the next two years they will form the hard core of the group. Some of the outstanding players were: sophomores, Bruce Davis, Oswaldo Mercado, and Marvin Myers; juniors, Jerry Gimble, Ronald Brown and Howard Cushnir and senior, William Drennen.FIRST ROW, l«ft to right: Jock Contogollo, Williom Drannan. Morvin OND ROW: Cooch long, loui Morcodo, Jotaph Ptogori, Ronold Brown, Byari, Ganr.oro Rut»o, Bruce Do»i», Roger Bornot, Otwoldo Mercodo. SEC- Nick Mokorow, Williom Combourit, Jorry Gimbto, lorry Oowit. 29Arts High's basketball team completed a winning and very surprising season ending with a record of eleven wins and seven losses. Arts opened the season against Bloomfield Tech and was defeated, but on the second meeting Arts breezed past the Bloomfield quintet 75-64. This was the story all season long. Arts, under the great coaching of Mr. Flaherty, won every game the second time around except two, one against Paterson Tech and the other against Irvington Tech. Irvington later went on to take the New Jersey Vo-Tech Championship. The most exciting game of the season was a thrilling upset victory over the Arts ROW ONE, l ft to right; Bruce Davit, Larry Davit, Clifford Moddox, Rodnoy Alexander, Rodney Ailet. ROW TWO; Coach Flaherty, Joteph Epps. Marvin Byert. Edward Crawford. Dorian Baiter, Daniel Johnson, Ronald Brown, Otwoldo Mercodo, Malcolm Da vail. Forfeit. highly favored Newark Tech. Going into the third quarter our boys were down by seventeen points, but the team wanted this one badly and they took it in a last second driving lay-up by Larry Davis and a steadily high-scoring game by Rodney Alexander. This gave Arts a sweet though hard-won 72-71 victory. Graduating this June are some of the team's most valuable members. Senior Co-Captains Larry Davis and Cliff Maddox, Joe Epps, Ed Pajok, Ed Crawford, and Ronald Brown will be sorely missed. But there are Junior stars all ready to take their places and the basketball team can look forward to another bigger and better season. Opp. .... Bloomfield Tech ................ 72 .. Montclair Academy ................ 47 Bergen Tech ................... 42 Harrison .................... 70 Edison Tech .................. 61 ..... Passaic Tech .................. 74 Irvington Tech 73 Edison Tech 69 ..... Newark Tech ................... 63 — Irvington Tech 83 Bloomfield Tech 64 Passaic Tech 86 Newark Tech ................... 71 ..... Sacred Heart .................. 2 ....... Harrison .................... 65 .... Newark Academy ................. 42 ..... Holy Trinity .................. 65 ..... Bergen Tech ................... 2 Record—J1 Win, 7 LossesThe onnual Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game and Dance, sponsored by the Varsity Club, was held in Broadway Junior High's gym. The teachers' sha-nannigans and their outlandish costumes were as hilarious as usual and provided just the right opening for the comedy that followed. Pitted against the Varsity Club, the faculty was obviously the potential loser, but with the help of an impartial referee and a few well chosen suggestions made to the boys themselves, the faculty team triumphed over seemingly insurmountable odds. However nobody was so shocked by this upset that he couldn't enjoy the dance that followed. The Shalimars provided the music for the gay festivity.FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Nowick, Fronk Kulicz, Christopher Bland, Anthony Guorino. Joseph Epps. Roger Curry, Chariot Maxi , Jomet Cotugno, Pou! Bennett, Robert Denezzo, Dennis Denezza, Tyrone Porter. SECOND ROW: Ed Crawford. Chorlet Clorke, Walter Tanks, Jeff Bounhuber, Mike Iwanechko, Howord Cushnir, Ernest Tweedle, Edwin Vaughn, Bob fisher, Charles Stanton, Romerro Coston, Mr. Gommoll.Our Soccer Team this year seemed haunted by bad luck as they lost game after game by a margin of one or two points. Many of the seniors have been playing under Coach Noweck since the sport's inception at Arts three years ago and they formed the backbone of the team. Graduating members of this hard-fighting group are co-captains Howie Cushnir and Jeff Baunhuber, as well as teammates, Ed Crawford, Joe Epps, Romerra Cos-ton, Tony Guarino, and Walter Tanks. Soccer is an up and coming sport at Arts High School, and with the expert coaching provided by Mr. Noweck, will soon become a very popular and successful sport. STANDING, left to right: Edward Crawford, Walter Took . Jeff ftaunhgber, Romero Cotton, Howard Cothnlr, Anthony Goarino, Joteph Epp». 35FIRST ROW, loft to right: Joieph Worren, Donald Joieph, Horry Schwolb, Jeremy Weingoit, Jamei McAdami, Victor Weingoit, Mr. Knobler. SECOND ROW; Paul Fernondei, Tom DiChioro, Joy Denberg, Dovid Tucker, Robert Fiiher. THIRD ROW: Notion Rivero, Woyne Simon, Howord Cuihnir, Robert Mohr, Captain; Jerry Gim-ble. Captain. SwImM[Ng TeAm AHS 63 SWIM TEAM SCORES Opp. 13 53 30 38 East Side 48 33 52 42 42 61 23 24 57 73 7 53 30 37 48 45 41 41 West Side 36 36Our Swimming Team, skillfully coached by Mr. Knobler, completed a successful session by placing fifth in the City Wide Meet on March 2. The team's dual meet record was a surprisingly good one. They won seven, lost five, and tied one. Because the team was composed mainly of underclassmen at the start of the season, Mr. Knobler was not optimistic. The boys worked hard, however, and improved steadily. For the first time in recent years. Arts captured a gold medal by taking first place in the 160-yard freestyle relay. On the winning team were Jack Joworski, Howie Cushnir, Bob Mohr, and Dave Tucker. The team will lose through graduation only five seniors: co-captains Bob Mohr and Jerry Gimble, Wayne Simon, Howie Cushnir, and Nelson Rivera.KNEELING: Jomes Herbert, Harry Schwolb. Paul Bennett, Eric Berion. STANDING: Richard Noxorio, Robert Mohr, Wayne Simon, Frank Kuliii. TeNNIs TeAm The recently organized Boys' Tennis Team came up with a highly satisfying record last spring, their second year together as a team. Under their able coach Mr. Feldman they have made remarkable progress. The boys have stiff sessions of practice at West Side Park and play each of the other Newark schools at least once a season. Charles Smith served as captain and first singles man last year, with Robert Mohr and Wayne Simon second and third singles, respectively. Doubles players were Charles Cui-dcra, Paul Bennett, Robert Cabot, Bob Przychodniecz, Bill Russo, Tony Liotti, Lee Farber, and Randy Nabors. The team looks forward eagerly to the next season and is sure that it will be even more successful than the last. 38Graduating seniors. Wayno Simon (abova) and Captain Bob Mohr (right) who will be lore y mitted nexf year.1966 TRACK TEAM Although the track team didn't have a very successful season, all the boys agreed that it was a most enjoyable one. The performances of some boys brightened the future hopes for the team under the new coach, Mr. Marcus assisted by Mr. Marx. The team lacked enough boys to participate in all the events,- therefore, a majority of the boys participated not only in their own special events but also in others as requested by the coaches. Mr. Marcus was pleased that each boy took the added burden in good spirits. The team was composed mostly of underclassmen who will form the nucleus of the track team for the next few years. Some of the outstanding boys were Captain Ed Tittel, senior; Ed Crawford, junior; Kenneth Daniels, freshman; and Donald Warren, freshman. In the City Meet, Captain Ed Tittel tied for second place in high hurdles in the senior division; Roger West took second place in high hurdles in the junior division; and Donald Warren took second place in high jumps in the junior division. The team finished seventh in the City Meet. Track TeAm FIRST ROW, left to fight: Coach Marco , Robert DeNerzo. Kenneth Daniel . Morroy Bethea, Roger We t SECOND ROW: Donold Worren, Rody De-Folco, Jerome McCoggle, Romero Cotton, Ed Crawford41FIRST ROW, l ft to right: Holly Patton, Barbara Coleman, Harriet Wyotf. Cohen . THIRD ROW: France Regitter, Pomelo Toylor, Nancy Campbell, SECOND ROW: Mofolda White, Potricio Gorriion, Shelley lea, Dori Beverly Jenkint, Brenda Jenning . ChEeRlEaDeRs The pep and vigor of the Arts High cheerleaders is contagious. The two squads. Varsity and Junior Varsity, not only represent Arts High at basketball games but also in several parades, and occasionally at soccer games. Each spring a new crop of girls try out and arc chosen by a panel of teachers for the two squads. Despite strenuous and time consuming practices, the girls must maintain high scholastic averages. In the fall, under the supervision of Miss Abos, the girls review old cheers, and learn new ones. After a two-year span of hard work accented by fun each girl receives a Varsity letter. FIRST ROW: Corolyn McKnight. SECOND ROW, Uft to right: Arcclia Hatting , Alvo Jockion. THIRD ROW: Conttonce Allington, Judythe Simmon , Dolor Condon. 42 ROW ONE, left to right: Arlcn Rnioino, Fl©» n D«nni», I to Forc«tla, Nito Siegvndorf. Chfittim Ship-man, Fronki Biviiu, Helen Kediiertki, Beverly DeMaio. Brendo Everett, lauro Guie. ROW TWO: Mil Meyerion, Maria Rey, Deborah Brody, Monica Feret, Suton Wilcken, Mcldon Jenkint, Lesley Mitchell, Sylvio Gioiella, Sybille Schellock, Arcille Mondolto, Fran lewitter, Vicky Sotiak, Debra Jones. G'RlS TeNnIs TeAm Since it was begun in 1965, the Girls' Tennis Club has provided a great enjoyment to those girls who have had the enthusiasm and energy to participate. These "pros" practice for two hours twice a week at West Side Park. The first year was rother like a comedy but soon the players learned the basic strokes and real ploying was possible. The beginning of the second season brought response from many more girls, and the coach. Miss Mcyerson, was on hand to give the new recruits a few pointers. No one of them may be a Poncho Gonzalez, but this year the girls will be able to say with pride, 'Tennis anyone?"A high school should keep its windows open. The time honored methods of education must be used as guide lines rather than boundaries. Schools should use every means at their disposal to broaden their curriculum. Fortunately, the faculty of Arts High enables students to take part in an interchange between the classroom and the outside world. This past year imaginative teachers arranged for a variety of trips and assembly programs designed to supplement the existing curriculum. The summer of 1966 found fifty students attending the New Port Festival. The entire Music Department was able to enjoy a performance of the London Philharmonic and a trip to Lincoln Center. Assemblies, including a production of Madame Butterfly, and a guest guitarist, filled out the winter schedule. Art students journeyed to the galleries in New York, gaining invaluable knowledge from first-hand experience. These activities lent added enjoyment to learning and prompted career interests. While an enriched program remains an axiom to an art and music course, it is also essential to academic studies. Trips to Washington, D. C, and the New York Stock Exchange served as illustrations to printed material in the classroom. Speakers from the New York Times, and movies on "Hamlet" provided an impetus to further study. The availability of thought-provoking paperbacks and wide use of the rapidly expanding library encouraged exploration of problems presented in textbooks. Supplementation of the curriculum was extended to include a wide variety of after-school activities. Students who enjoyed writing were able to prepare issues of the SCOPE and the VIGNETTE. Debate society provided a challenge to those interested in world affairs, while the scientific minded enjoyed math and chess clubs. Participation in the activities at Arts High gave students a chance to increase their skills as well as display them. The dance groups—social, modern, and folk, and the Girls' Glee Club functioned in this manner. The Oil Painting Club offered students additional instruction in the arts. Learning can be an exciting process. It should not be deadened by an overload of isolated facts. Arts High has opened its windows, allowing fresh sources of information to be utilized by the faculty and students. The result has been a rewarding educational experience.H'liA'loV FIRST ROW. left to right) Poul Bennett, Pomelo Toylor, Roger Kennedy, lee hornet. SECOND ROW: Howord Cushnir, John Scondrith. Som For-lino, Kenneth Doniels, George Troop. Rondolph Hodges THIRD ROW: John Rebelo. Ed Voughn, Dennis Thomos, Chorle Clorke. Dennis Covert, lorry Perry, Allen Grundy. BAND GO The Bond has undergone several changes this year. Mr. Tobia conducted the Winter Concert but then assumed new duties with the Title I program. Mr. Forbes, new to Arts High this year, replaced Mr. Tobia as Band Director and conducted the Spring Concert. Selections from "The Sound of Music," Man of La Mancha," and "The Tijuana Brass" were performed. FIRST ROW, loft lo right: James Herbert, Tom loPoro, Milton McClain, Louis Bunucci. SECOND ROW: Margaret leskiw. Nothoniol Duncan, Ed Crowford, Josoph Minotoli, Donald Groy, Jon Collins. Maryann Banks. 46 FIRST ROW, left to right: Corlo Burton, Sharon Clork, Richard Dowling, Romero Knight, lindo Worren, Constance Aroce. Judith Womblo. Kenneth Hicks. Victor Weingost. SECOND ROW) Mr. Forbes. Koren Clorke, Darryl Trimien, Eric Berzon. Ellen German. Charles Matey. Vermo Fortenberry, Charlene Hairston, John Strickland, Alfred Corvolho. lindo Fronklin, Jon Yablick, Phyllis Bernstein. THIRD ROW: Joe Epps. Rolond Woshington, Michael Iwonechko, Ronald Gray. Debra Jones. Ken Cicerole, Robert Mohr, Paul Smith, Donald Worren, Willie Horrit. John Stanton. Gloria Clark.BOWLING CLUB The Bowling Club, now under the guidonce of Miss Osefchen, blooms in the spring. Meeting each Monday at the Bowl-O-Mat, the girls operate with ten teams of three girls each. At the end of the school year, among awards given are those for girls with the higest scores, and those for members who show the most improvement. To be eligible to join, a girl must hove the consent of her parents, and must obtain an accident insurance policy. FIRST ROW, loft to right: Sandy Byers, Chondo Schockloy, Brendo Everett, Mi»» Osefchen. SECOND ROW: Ana Riley. Yvonne Onqve. Diono Chudxey, Veto Kyrejko THIRD ROW: Lucille Mondalto. Koran Pojak, Frankio Bivins. CHESS CLUB Under the capable instruction of Mr. Lynch, and with the aid of Carl Schlegel's official Rudy Lopez handbook, the Chess Club has achieved new intellectual advancements this year. They even engaged in competition against other schools. However, we will not mention their minor defeat in the Arls High-Vailsburg Folly game. Five students made the varsity team, and five, the junior varsity. Then came members who knew how to play. Seriously though, many new people have joined the ranks and if you provide the challenger, they provide the competition. FIRST ROW, left to right: France Register. Gwen Nelson. JocqueEne McClendon. Sheila Blond, Pot Soriano. Harvey Freeman. Pot Frederick, Belinda Smith. Undo Charles, Joon McRay, lindo Jenkins, Edwino Baxter. SECOND ROW: Alva Jockson, Jeanette James. Potricio long, Donna Potrick, lindo Jones. Rodney Alexander, Jeremy Weingost, Marvin Byers, lindo Jordon. Deboroh Hickson. Maria Rey, Corol Ferrara, Sandy Reed. THIRD ROW. Arcelio Hostings, Moryonn Banks, Rosemary Fernicolo. Cheryl Doy, Yolondo Patterson, Mortin Brotell, Milton Thomas. Charles A no bale, Katrina James. Milo De Costa, Constance Allington. FOURTH ROW: Robin Smith, Sylvio Gioella, Hayward Mkkens, Clement Ashford, Miquel Del Toro. Richard Oskin, Ethel Bamberg, Cecilia Roote. Cormello Mo scone. ROW ONE, left to right: Sherry Zones. Morio Ceres. Leah Herod, Harold Francis. SECOND ROW: Mr. lynch. Barry Volente. Nyyo lark, Debra Smitko. THIRD ROW: Roger Tucker, Brodford Branch, lee Forber, Douglas Norris. CHORUS Arts High's Chorus has always been considered an outstanding one. A love of music and singing inspires the members to give performances which will never be forgotten. Rehearsals are held daily in class sessions under the direction of Mr. Pickett. Annual programs include the Thanksgiving Assembly, the Winter and Spring Concerts, and the Kiwanis Club Concert, as well as the Commencement Program. Many talented singers have also sung in the All-City and All-State Choruse . 47DANCE CLUB Under the direction of Mrs. Tso the Dance Club started in 1965. Members work enthusiastically on a program of dances to be presented both in and out of school. This year the group performed in various elementary schools to encourage the students to attend Arts High in the Fall. The Dance Club also performed for the Bell Telephone Company. The members of the group are proud of the fact that they have made their own costumes. FIRST ROW, left fo right: Sheila Reilly, Patricio Hotpodor, Jennifer Blockledge. Mario Santo., Dante Deflorio, Dolores Gore.h, Beatrice Rodriquez, Mrs. Tso. SECOND ROW: Josephine Nowak, Cynthia O'Rourke, Helen Prytulo, Sabina Gibki, Michael Iwonechko, Anthony Gvorino, Robert Fisher, Froncine Poeto. DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club was the newest addition to our extracurricular program. Supervised by Mrs. Rich, the club became immensely popular with the student body. Each meeting included both formal debate and a period of open discussion. Topics which were discussed ranged from the establishment of a dress code, to the admission of Red China into the United Nations and the existence of unidentified flying objects. A ponel of judges was selected from the audience during each meeting, and many benefited from the stimulating discussions of contemporary issues. ROW ONE, left to right: George Ron , Evelyn Dovi», Elizabeth Bennett, Margaret letkiw, Mr». Rich. ROW TWO: Sherry Zone., Froncine Poeto, Diane Chudzey, Brenda Everett, Keren Berger. ROW THREE. Edward Palmore, Joieph Di Bella, Jame. Hopkin., Phylli. Everett. ROW FOUR: Alvin Wynn, Joteph Giordano, Richard Nozario. 46FRENCH CLUB The French Club, under the direction of Mrs. Sonia Feldman, offers students the opportunity of gaining an understanding of France and its people. Each meeting consists of a lecture given by one of the students and a lively discussion of the materials presented. Field trips taken by the club add greater insight to the students' comprehension of France's cultural life. A knowledge of the French language is not needed to benefit from the club's various activities. FIRST ROW, left to right: Su»on Wilcken . Meldon Jenkin . Mr . Feldman. SECOND ROW, Dorit Wot on. Brenda Everett, Joon Cuffie. THIRD ROW: lucill Mondolto. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club makes two appearances yearly. These girls, under the direction of Mrs. Shapiro, rehearse twice weekly, and are graded accordingly. Vocal selections for the Winter Concert included "Granada," "My Heart Ever Faithful," and "Waltz of the Flowers." Works of Mendelssohn, Ravel, and Strauss were presented at the Spring Concert. Mrs. Shapiro's fine direction and the many hours of hard work put in by the girls, produce a performance of the most superb quality, and provides a truly rewarding experience for all. FIRST ROW, left to right: Yvonne Onque, Roxanne William , Undo Jenkint, Undo Chari , Gra i Clork , Mori Kotkey, Edwirva Boxt r. SECOND ROW; Mr . Shapiro, 0 ni Doy, Iri Wilton, Barbara Pulliom, Beatrice Brown, Mory O'Neol, Undo Ervin, D«boroh lowther, Nadia Prokofiew, Patrice Culver, Cheryl B rry. THIRD ROW: Sandro Thornoi. Janie Palmor . Avo Riley, Kotrino Jomet, Ethel Bamberg, Cecilia Root , Audrey Johnion, Celia Albritton, Deborah Hkkton, Deboroh Webb, Joon Cuffie, Deborah Jackton. 49JUNIOR ORCHESTRA The Junior Orchestra is something new to Arts High this year. Membership, approximately forty in number, includes most players not in other performing groups, as well as students recommended by their music teachers. It was started and is directed by Mr. Kapeller to help improve the sight-reading and performance abilities of its members. The group rehearses every Wednesday and Thursday, usually in Room 304. Its first performance, the 1967 Spring Concert, includes such numbers as "A Bach Chorale," and "Grccnslecvcs." LATIN CLUB Recently initiated into Arts High's parade of extra curricular activities is the Latin Club. Advised by Mr. Chimacoff, our newly acquired Latin teacher, the club meets every other Monday. The membership is not large but those who do attend are very enthusiastic. The object of the organization is to help improve the marks of the students who attend and Mr. Chimacoff feels the members are achieving their goal. At the meetings, the students discuss words of Latin origin thot are in everyday use. To enrich the club's program, the art students do drawings and paintings depicting Roman art and life. The Library Guild provides on-the-job training for those students who ore interested in preparing for future work as librarians in schools, or in public or special libraries. The members do everything from receiving, charging, and shelving books, to writing for college catalogues, processing new books, preparing magazines for circulation, and helping students find books. Although the formal meetings are scheduled for every other week, work is done each day both during and after school. This year their one social event was a field trip to the new Whitney Museum. LIBRARY GUILD ROW ONE, left to right: Marjorie Smith. Mr. Chimocoff. ROW TWO: Evelyn Collin , Deboroh lowther, Vermo Fortenberry. ROW ONE, left to right: louro Guie, Dorit loftift, Marvin Johniton. ROW TWO: Mil Yvker, Joanne Caru o, Morgoret leikiw. ROW THREE: leiley Mitchell. Anno Gonoto. Mory O’Neal.MATH CLUB Tho Moth Club, undor Miss Osef-chen's supervision, is comprised of students who wish to brooden their knowledge in mothemotics. Professional men and women give interesting talks on the great need for mathematicians in the various and exciting caroers of today. The new methods of solving very complex problems by means of a computer are presented and discussed. In addition to these special programs, the students still find time to discuss puzzling questions which cannot be answered fully during class periods. ROW ONE, Ml to fight; Jeremy Weingott, Morgorel letkiw, Irene Yochnik, Joanne Caruso. Mitt Otefchen. ROW TWO: Sherry Zone , Carolyn Norulak, Anno Go no to, Frances lewitter, Robert Mohr. ROW THREE: Joseph DiBello, Edward Polmore, R.chord Nazorio, locille Mondalto. MODERN DANCE CLUB The Modern Dance Club was organized in the early part of this school year by one of our students, Ellen Silverman, under the guidance of Mrs. Donovan. Ellen feels that the creative person should not direct all of her energy in her field of major interest, but should branch out and explore other art forms that are not so familiar which can be beneficial to her as a person and os an artist. She has been taking modern dance since she was a small child and felt that she was proficient enough to teach an amateur class. She has proved herself. Every Tuesday after school, the girls go through a half hour of rigorous exercises, and work on translating some of their ideas into the language of the dance. Every individual leaves the class spiritually and physically refreshed. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CLUB For the third enjoyable season the Girls' Volleyball Club has been a worthwhile, healthy endeavor to the girls participating. Two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, during the months of September, October, and November, the girls, under the able instruction of Mrs. Donovan, learn the rules and techniques for playing good volleyball. The girls receive their first lessons in the gym until they develop their skills then, when the weather permits, for greater stimulation the games ore played out-of-doors in our playground. ROW ONE. left to right. Mr . Donovan, Nildo Cede no, Sandro Byers, Deborah Hickson, Jody Rehling, Brenda Jones. ROW TWO: Deborah lowther, Maria Vizcorrondo. Bretvdo Everett. Frankie Bivins, Joanne Young. ROW THREE: Ellen Brant, Robin Rotiner, Marjorie Smith, Morilyn Goynor, Verma Fortenberry. ROW FOUR: Regina Young, Marcia Mitchell, Patricia Glenn. 91 ROW ONE, left to right: Mrt. E. Donovan, Beatrice Rodriguez, Barbara Jonet. Peggy Hammond, laVern Water , Amy Drechtel. ROW TWO: Moggie Clarke, Stephanie Glover, Margaret letkiw, Sharon Jonet. Michoel Bell. ROW THREE; Evelyn Evans, Ellen Jerman, Odessa Seymore, Judy Clarke, Potty Purguy. ROW FOUR: Brenda Jennings. Sharon Smith, Cynthia Cuffie, Cynthio Robinson, Ellen Silvermon, Denise Toylor.The M. Bernice Hamilton Chapter of the National Honor Society is an old and respected tradition here at Arts High. According to the rules of the national organization, the members are chosen each spring from the ranks of the junior and senior classes, and must qualify in each of four areas: leadership, scholarship, citizenship and service. The new members, ofter their induction in an impressive ceremony in the auditorium, begin to assume certain responsibilities for programs and projects sponsored by the society and or the school. Each year the group offers a tutoring service which is open to any student needing assistance in any subject. Also part of the year's activities is the Annual Principal's Open House, of which the alumni are welcomed back to our Winter Concert and are entertained at a reception following the program. This year the group saw “Man of La Mancha" and were able to spend a three-day weekend at Cornell University under the auspices of Title I. Miss Therese David supervises the activities of this group. N«w members are welcomed by old. Mario Itoy and hot parents or congratulated by Dr. lewis, ot Meldon Jenkins it welcomed by older membert. Charles Smith presides ot the induction ceremony. The new inductees take the Honor Society pledge.OIL PAINTING CLUB The Art Club enables the students to gain more studio experience and the help of a teacher after the dose of the school day. The student's individual projects, which range from sketching to oil painting and ceramics, are supervised by Mrs. Stiller. At a typical meeting one student will be working on a ceramic, another will be completing on oil, several will be sketching or perhaps setting up a still life or doing a portrait of other students. Membership is open to all students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fronk Kuliiz, Edward Polmor . Ellon Silvormon, Dant. Oi Florio and Mrs. Stiller. ROW ONE, left to right: Irving Scaloi. Doryl Trimion, Lee Bornet. John Stricklond. ROW TWO: Vivion la Rosa, Yvonne Weln, Kathy Krovorik. Barboro Rite, Carolyn Norulok, Deborah lowther ROW THREE: Trent Moriont, George Roui. Edwin Vaughn, Christopher Bembry, Pool Smith. Alvino Jomes, Kotrina Banks. Phyllis Bernstein. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Dowling, Judythe Simmons, Morsha Mitchell, Milton McCloin, Victor Weingast, Louis Bunucci, Linda Fronk-lin, Jacqueline Sanders, Denise Mills, Lucille Mondolto, Irene Yochnik. Yvonne Mills. SECOND ROW: Mr. Pestle, Howard Cushnlr, Corla Berion. Doris Cohens, Eric Berzon. Thomas LaParo, Paul Bennett, Corol Roth, Phyllis Bernstein, Avo Riley, Mottie Moody. Fran Lewilter. Mary-onn Banks, Jon Yablick, Alfred Carvolho, Borbora Pulliom. THIRD ROW: Dennis Covert, Ed Voughn, lorry Perry, Von Johnson. Ken Cicerole, Ed Crawford, Robert Mohr, Donald Groy, Jon Collins, Dennis Thomas, Allen Grundy, Kenneth Daniels. Perfection and the Arts High Orchestra go hand-in-hand. Under the able leadership of Mr. Pesile, members strive to make each performance the best yet. Mr. Pesile, a firm believer in being prepared, has rehearsals as often as possible. Students will frequently be found sitting in th© auditorium listening to prevues of the next concert with "great expectations." The orchestra not only plays for concerts and shows, but has also entertained the Kiwonis Club, and many elementary school groups. 53ROW ONE. loft to right: Dione Thornton, Mario Pardo, Meldon Jonkins, ChoHon Hairston. Undo Fronklin, Choryl Day, Undo Jordon, Mrs. HilUr. ROW TWO: Stophonio Glovor. Carol Roch, Doris loFtin, Sharon Schrubac, Anno Gonoto, Kim Singleton, Jennifer Blacklodoe. ROW THREE Odesso Seymore, Virginia Pardo, Nyyo Lark, Alite Mobley, Brendo Jones, Joan Cuffio. ROW 4: Diane Wilkerson, Laura Guie, loroine Daniels, Katrina James, Debro Jones. RED CROSS For outstanding services to the community, our Red Cross Club has been awarded four achievement plaques by Parents Magazine. Under the able leadership of Mrs. Hiller, tray covers, homemade cookies, favors, bookmarks, pajamas and other clothing ore made and distributed to hospitals, nurseries, and homes for the aged. One of the goals of the club is to bring some happiness into the lives of others. Members are sent as delegates to Red Cross Leadership Confers in New Jersey and Connecticut where they learn new skills and often make many new friends. SCOPE "Scope," the school newspaper is edited by the students under the supervision of Mr. Green. Reporters are assigned to write different articles by the staff editors. After the articles are finished they are proofread and typed. The variety of subjects covered includes sports, fashions, chatter, student portroits and top news. "Scope" tries to carry news to interest the whole student body. ROW ONE, loft to right: Nothaniol Hutson, Corolyn Whit , Jos«ph Nopoli-tono, Valencia Rodgers, Glenda Mattox, Maria Pardo. Roger Kennedy, Joseph Di Bello, Mrs. Bohannon. ROW TWO: Margaret Slade. Nodia Prokofien, Cheryl Doy, Carol Fortney, Toni De V©ne. Brendo Everett. Deborah Hickson, Celia Albritton, Meldon Jenkins, Harriet Staller. ROW THREE: Phyllis Everett, Mafaldo White, Barbara Pulliom, Potricio Devlin, Judith Simmont. Frankie Bivins, Foith Singleton, Frances Register, Sondro Thomas. ROW FOUR- Robin Smith, Lesley Mitchell, Lillian Briggs. Evelyn Collins, Cheryl Berry, Cheryl Hamilton, Cynfhio Cuffie. Alice Mobley, Michael Berardi. ROW FIVE: Trent Moriant, Barry Wilson, Eugene Graziono, David Hommond, Woyne Simon, Robert Mohr, Kenneth Daniels, Edward Polmore, Stephonie Glover. ROW ONE, left to right: Dolores Goresh. Sylvia Gioiella, Mario Rey, Harriet Staller, Joseph Epps, Joseph DiBello, Mr. Green. ROW TWO: Irene Yochnik, lisa Forcella, Nito Siegendorf, Judy Clorke, Joseph Accardo, Darrell Clorke. ROW THREE. Karen Pajak, larainc Daniels. Denise Day, Kathleen Woloch, Delia Contorso, Sherry Zones. ROW FOUR: Dennis Schiefelbein, James Fryer, Woyne Simon, Jerry Gimble, Robert Mohr. STUDENT COUNCIL Two representatives from each homeroom and one from each club are elected to serve for a term on the Student Council. Presided over by the mayor, the meetings are held every Thursday after school. Each year, a very successful International Day program is sponsored by the Council under the guidance of Mrs. Bohannon. Another popular activity is the Annual Born Dance. One of the unusual functions of the Student Council is the support of our Korean orphan, Lee Sook Ja. 54IEFT TO RIGHT: Ronold D« Roxfro. Rudy 0 Foko, MicKo ! McCurty. STAGE CREW VARSITY CLUB ROW ONE, l ff »o right: Mr. KnobUr, Jeremy Weln-gott, Pool Bennett, Victor Weingost, Erie Bcnon, Chorlet Moxey, Mr. Morcut. ROW TWO: Mr. Steiiel, Morvin Byurt, Malcolm Dovoll, Bruce Dovit, John Son Giovanni, Joteph Eppv Mr. long. ROW THREE: How-ord Cuthnir, W yne Simon, David Tucker, Rodney Ailet. Jerry Gimble. ROW FOUR: Rudy De Folco. Ed Crawford. Romero Cotton, Chorlet Clark, Robert Mohr. ROW FIVE: Roger Welt, Clifford Moddo . Ronald Brown, lorry Dovit. The Stage Crew, under the direction of Mr. Pickett, is responsible for the setting up of each assembly and any special productions, or programs. This group of dedicated, conscientious, enthusiastic students build, paint, and arrange scenery on the stage and provide lighting and sound effects for all auditorium programs. While they are working, they also learn valuable skills which will help them in later life. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. long, Mr. Morcut, Mr. Knoblor. The Varsity Club includes approximately fifty members, boys, who have won letters in Varsity sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, and track. As a group, the boys do things of mutual interest, such as their Title I excursion to West Point this Spring. They are also responsible for two of our most important annual social events, the Faculty-Varsity Volleyball Game, and the Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game. Both these games, one held in the Fall and the other later in the year, are followed by dances. These events are traditional favorites of the student body, and are always well-attended. The proceeds go towards the purchase of new gym equipment for the boys.. Capitol Building . . . SENiOR CLAsS Trip . .. Konnudy Gror» Sit . . . Long after lesser affairs are forgotten, memories of the Senior Class trip will add a smile and a touch of warmth to days of preoccupied adulthood. On this October eleventh, we obtained a valuable knowledge and understanding of the aims and actions of men who helped to establish the fundamental ideals upon which our government is based. We shared a deep respect for everything connected with our country and the amount of interest we felt grew in geometric progression as we visited one historic site after another. Our expressions reflected the sorrow we felt at.. . Nationol Gallery of Art . . . . Lincoln Memorial . ., our late President's grave and also our intense excitement upon first seeing the gleaming Capitol building. On the steps of the Capitol, admiring friends took countless photographs of prospective presidents; and Lincoln and Jefferson, from their respected pedestals, stared in frozen awe at these attentive, exuberant representatives of America's wildly responsible younger generation. The trip provided an opportunity for the senior artist to visit our National Gallery of Art, where they promptly became absorbed and, but for the five extra minutes the bus waited, almost an integral, permanent part of the Washington scene. On this day we formed basic concepts and lasting opinions concerning the workings of our government, and most of us returned with the sincere desire to satisfy our growing curiosity about our country's politics and history. Many made definite, happy plans to return to Washington even before we regretfully boarded the Newark-bound bus. ... Jefforton Memorial . . Lincoln MemorialIf I am asked what my favorite book is, I can answer without hesitation— Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse. The book follows the imaginary life of an East Indian who is looking for Truth. Siddhartha's life is filled with adventures, varying from the rugged life with the Samanas to the luxurious life with the beautiful Kamala. The book was especially meaningful to me because of the time period in which I read it. I was wrapped up in myself. I was only aware of my immediate life and the problems it contained. I was filled with a feeling of urgency. I had to figure out life instantly. Siddhartha made me realize that finding one's Truth is a life time of work. If one tries flying instead of walking to his destiny, the end to his search will pass him by. Siddhartha found his Truth in the simplicity of life. This simplicity was before him throughout his searching, but he was too wrapped up in outward manifestations to see it. I have partially learned this lesson. I must take life and its experiences as they come, and allow them to be valuable to me but I must not try to find the end of a life time search too soon. I must learn to wait. Michael Ann Bell 38SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR SENIOR HOMEROOM TEACHERS MILTON KNCftLER, B.S., M.A.. Aii. Mr. Knoblcr's guidance has been appreciated by many students at Arts, but the Senior class is especially indebted to him. As class advisor, homeroom teacher, and art teacher, he shows a continuously remarkable sensitivity in the personal relationships with his students. Because he is convinced that the emotional well-being of an individual is os important as academic success, his classes have become an enriching mixture of art, history, design, psychology, philosophy, and some practical graphics experience. Mr. Knobler teaches his classes always to ask why—to accept nothing blindly that it is within one's power to question. This is one of the secrets of his own complete success as an individual, for each of his strong opinions is the result of many hours of consideration. Necessarily, he deems complete self-honesty an attribute that the successful person must possess. But the man is on artist, too, or maybe “This is the kind of artist he is" would more correctly summarize all the aforementioned qualities since these elements are so mixed and all so necessary in him. It is as artist and man that he rebels against injustice to his fellows by making the world just a little more beautiful to live in. This sense of aesthetics is carried consistently info everything he creates, whether it be a painting or a commercial work, or the smallest sign. The senior class will always remember and be grateful for his warmth and understanding. GERTRUDE P. SHAPIRO B.S. Music BETTE LAZAR B.S., M.A. S ('»loriol LORNA R. FURST B.A., MID. History LILLIAN M. RITTER B.C.f. Socrotonof LUCILLE ft HILLER B.S. Hom« EconomicsClass OFFICERS JOHN SAN GIOVANNI 137 Ellery Avenue "Bo" . . . plea sent personality, ambitious, musical . . . usuolly with Joseph Guorino, Jerry Vernotico, Howie Cuthnir . . . like the administration ond the faculty . . . among favorite ore Mr. Cattelluccio, Jo-teph Conrad. Jimmy Smith . . . enjoy piz- o. hockey, ond record . . . pend many happy hour in New York City at Kopp Recording Studio . . . ploy boteball and boiketboll . . . Vor»ity letter in boteball . . elected protident of junior ond tenior dotte , alto pretidenf of Vortity Club . . . plant to attend Montclair State ... future inttrumental mu»ic teocher. CHERYL DAY 170 Bergen Street Sometime quiet, tometime talkative, ond alwayt tmiling . . . active in the Red Crow, Student Council, Cheering Squad, Girl ' Glee Club, and on VIGNETTE Stoff . . . pottime ore bowling ond reading, ond totalizing , . . member of Uptilon Sigma Rho Sorority . . . admire honetty and the ability to "ttond up to one' conviction " . . . pet peeve: egotitm , , . usually teen with Undo Jordan, Paula Bishop ond Margaret Slade . . . ofter college graduation the plant o career of feoching mentally retard ed children. JEAN GALLAGHER 340 Dayton Street Energetic, unpredictable, extrovert . . . appropriately nicknamed "Hygiene" . . . friend ore Mario Rey, Lesley Mitchell, Jerald Vernotico, Ellen Nann ond Barbara Drol . . . "A" Pin . . . veteran of Brigo-doon and Carouiel . . . modern and popular dancing are great favorite . . . terved a the head typitf of SCOPE ond a Student Council repre»entotive . . . olto enjoy jazz, Al Hirt, Ion Fleming, Cezanne, ond roller skating . . . treasure a en»e of humor In friend . . . will enter the field of fashion illustration. THOMAS J. NORULAK 742 South Nineteenth Street Intelligent, humorous, on individualist . . . usually found with Joe Di Bello, Jeon Gallagher, Sandy Reed, Maria Rey, Sybille Schellok, or li a Forceila . . . hat a keen eye for art . . . exom . , . favorite are record , stamp collecting, Matiste, Bob Dylan, tennis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, medium rore steak, ond Mr. Spindler . , . "When you got nothing, you got nothing to losel" . . , National Honor Society, Moth Club, ond SCOPE , . , manager of the track team . . . dreamt of attending Cooper Union . . . live for ort, art, art. 61CHERYL M. ALAS CELIA L. ALBRITTON EARL ALLEN CONSTANCE ALLINGTON CONSTANCE ARACE CLEMENT ASHFORD REGINA BAILEY MARYANN BANKSCHERYL M. ALAS 547 South Nineteenth Street Intelligent, sweet, understonding, sympothetic... clot friend of Elaine Orefice. Michael Bell, Sobino Gibki, Maria Rey and Mario Marino.. . love pointing, eating, the Villoge, collegiate clothing and Engli»h ond folk fe»tivol .. • either lose or forget things .. Notional Honor Society, Student Council, SCOPE, F.T.A., Math Club ond C.Y.O.... fovorite people: Joan Miro, J. D. Salinger, Carlo Montoya ond Mr , loior ... especially admire her parent ... her goal it New York University for ptychology ...would like to become a happy, ucce tful individual. CELIA L. ALBRITTON 185 Norfolk Street bubbly ... tolkative ... "Cecil" ... I known by her vivaciou »mile ... ho been on octive participant in Red Cro ond Girl ' Glee Club . . member of Volleyball Team ...u uolly found with Clement Athford, Gwen Neiton, Debbie Hiek on, or Faith Singleton ... enjoy tewing, dancing, tkoting, ond Itolion food .. . dislike conceited girl . . "That oin't hardly rightl" ... admire Jomet Baldwin, Mr . William , Leonard Bernstein ... will prepare for a career in sociology EARL ALLEN 342 West Kinney Street "Red" .. the kind of person that leave you smiling... like quiet, sensitive, good humored people .. friend include Roger Barnes. Stephen Barnet, and William Epps ...enjoy model planes, joxx. motion picture , television ..Norman Rockwell, Dove Brubeck, and S.LA. Marshall are among favorite .. member of Trock Team and Newark Colts Footboll Team . . . achieved a junior Varsity letter . . . nothing ot Art ditpleoiet him ... plant to attend a state university ... o future sport illustrator. CONSTANCE ALLINGTON 302 South Nineteenth Street Genial... well liked ... "Connie" ... a friend to almost oil the seniors, especially loroine Daniels and Jennifer Blockledge . . . goes for hip buggers, dancing, ond cook, ing ... "I do declare" . . . Cheering Squod, Donee Club, Girls' Glee Club . . . spare time occupied by choir, professional dancing, drawing . . . fovorite ore popular musk, "Gone With the Wind", history ond basketball . .. utuolly found in her basement practicing dancing . .intends to continue her studies ot Howard University to become o teacher. CONSTANCE ARACE 447 South Eleventh Street "Tino" or Connie... friendly ... intense ... frequently seen with Maryann Banks, Cor-la Berxon. and Sandra Rood ■.. listens to French records ... eats good food ... plays the dorirtef . . like o good time .. . bond, French Club president, drum mojoretle . .. All-City Orchestra, Varsity letter . . . admires Mis Hann . . . loves to go browsing in good paperback book store ... would like to become o French teacher ... plan to spend her future summer working as a nurse. CLEMENT ASHFORD 376 Avon Avenue "Clem" ... easy going ... friendly ... admire honesty ... likes to hove a good time ...a singer ... dote friends ore Croig Peferkin, Romerra Cotton, and Celia Albritton ...fovorite subjects include English and Musk ... member of Trock Team ... Ramsey Lewis Trio... conservative dresser ... sports fon ... portying on the weekends is a must... Junior Achievement ond Joxx Art Society... plans to attend University of North Carolina to prepore for coreer in journalism. REGINA BAILEY 109 Elizabeth Avenue "Oino" ... finds company of Regina Massey, Deboroh Conway ond Chondo Shockley pleoturoble... an independent but very helpful individual ... Mr. Spindler, James Baldwin and Ahmod Jomol rote in the arts .. hot served os a member of the Japanese Club ond the Future Teachers of America ... on intense interest in the Arabic language ...joxx, reading and dancing are other pastimes . . . drown to reliable and friendly persons ... will ottend Fisk University .. . plans to moke the teaching of moth o coreer. MARYANN BANKS 630 North Fourth Street "Merrin" ... pal are Wendy Stewart, Undo Jordon, Corlo Berxon and Tino Aroce ... on extrovert, but eon be serious and it o deep-thinker... energetic... VIGNETTE, Band, and Orchestra member . .. Vice-President of the Nationol Honor Society ... find church work very totisfying ... a Sundoy school teacher and a comp counselor good music, classic and Broadway shows ... her smile reminds many people of Roberta Peters ... preporing for attendance ot Wooster College to major in English. ROGER BARNES 71 Quitman Street Intelligent ... ombifious ... "Rog" ... enjoys pointing, drawing, basketball, football, English, ond conservative clothe .. . close friends include Dmitri Wright, Bruce Davis, and Jo Epps .. . some favorites or Norman Rockwell, Brohmt, John Hertey, ond Mrs. Stiller... like the foculty and student body her ot Art .. Vorsity Basketball Team, Student Council, ond Senior Clou Council or a few of hi octivitie ... has received numerous art awards ... blue print for the future: college and an art career. 63 ROGER BARNESJERE BAUNHUBER LINDA BEHLER JEFF BAUNHUBER MICHAEL BELL CARLA BERZONJEFF BAUNHUBER 13 South Pine lone "Volentine" . fun loving ond friendly ... o sportsmon .. . o collector of coin and stomps ..admires the work of Matisse ond Poo ... finds rock ‘n roll, pizza, lunch period), soccer. and baseball mo»t enjoyable . . blows bubbles in das ■.. frequent companions ore Mike Bell, Cheryl Alas and Tony Guarino — Varsity letter holder... Swimming Team, Police Athletic league member ... Soccer Team co-captain ... Vorsity Club... after graduation plans to continue studies ot a business school. JERE BAUNHUBER 13 South Pine Lone "The Bomb", .friendly, considerate, though moody ... a dromotic eountenonce ... Tony Guarino and Michael Ann Bell are listed os friends... occupies himself with reading, painting, playing football or baseball and staring ot girls ... in creative fields admires Willo Cother, Herb Alpert ond Joseph Turner...o ployer on our baseball team . likes to find wormlh ond neatness in others... immediate plans arc for attending Drake's College of Business, for o later career in accounting. LINDA BEHLER 29 Cedar Avenue "lynn" ... happy-go-lucky ... fun loving, always laughing ... among her friends ore Sandy Reed, Billy Russo ond Joe Di Vicarro ... admires Jacqueline Kennedy ... likes parties, chow mein, history and block cocktoil dresses... spends most of her time on the phone ... enjoys Dali, James Baldwin ond Mrs. lozor... delights in quiet relaxation ... participated in Red Cross, Senior Class Council ond Chrisfmos Fair activities ... plans future os on airline hostess. MICHAEL BELL Country Lane, Mcndham, New Jersey "Mike" ... a worm, friendly personality ... usually seen with Cheryl Alas ... anticipates life-long coreer in pointing ... admires Allon Ginsberg, Nina Simone, Miss A bos, Jock lee, and the works of Van Gogh ... dislikes cofeteria food ... avidly interested in jazz ond folk music... hos troveled extensively and possesses o brood outlook on life ..seeks sincerity in others... spends much time reading or participating in discussion groups ... college bound. CARLA BERZON 309 Clifton Avenue Quiet, friendly, talented .. an avid odmirer of Julie Andrews... member of the Band ond the Orchestro ... enjoys playing the flute or bassoon ... is most comfort-oblo in sweaters, skirts, or wrangler jeans... a fan of Leonard Bernstein ond Pearl S. Buck . . . spends a lot of time in room 305 ... loved "Gone With the Wind" ... close friends ore Connie Arocc, Moryann Banks, Phyllis Bernstein, and Howord Cush-nir.. hopes to become a social worker. LARRY BETHEA 369 Dayton Street "Hondsome, witty, intelligent"... cross country ond frock runner os well os an assistant scout mostor . . likes clothing with on individual floir ond soul music with beat and rhythm ... attends jam sessions .... close companions ore Bailie Jackson, Eorl Flagg, Charles Clork, Bruce Bradley, Miguel del Toro... collects records by the Contours ond Olympics... enjoys classes with Mr. Long, ort by Dick Ayers, books by Horriet Beecher Stcwe ... expects to enlist in th United Stote Air Force. MURRAY BETHEA 260 Prince Street Murray ... friendly toword all and well-liked ... interesting person to know ... described os "the Clork Kent type" ... friends include Steven Barnes, Celia Albritton, Frankie Bivins, and Portia Brodly.. .member of Junior Usher Board, Junior Deacons, Explorer Post 5 ond the Boys' Club... usually found home doing homework... active member of the Trock Team ... likes eating ond reading science fiction ... will enter field of otomic energy offer attendance ot Nework College of Engineering. PAULA BISHOP 329 Wainwright Street "P.B." ... intelligent ond soft spoken ... enjoys Lou RowU, English, steok ond solod, a good book, Greenwich Village ... likes to bowl, listen to joxx ... "Sopl" ... member of Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority ... favorite teacher, Mrs. Furst... companions ore Loroine Daniels, Cheryl Doy, Linda Jordon, Note Hutson ... Red Cross, Student Council, F.T.A., Bowling Club, NA A C.P-aspires to o coreer ot o sodol worker ... while ot Arts she enjoyed the congeniol atmosphere... fond of both students ond teachers. FRANKIE BIVINS 498 Belmont Avenue "Butch" ... quiet, even-tempered, considerate, friendly ... sports occupy most of her time ... received owards in trock, bowling, tennis, ond volley boll... enjoys gym... prefers listening to Thelonious Monk... finds pleasure in books by James Baldwin . . . likes lunch periods . . . dislikes the food . . . admires Mrs. Donovan . . . usually found in the park ... friends indudo Donna Patrick, Judy Simmons, Foith Singleton ... looks forward to o career os a physical educotion teacher. 63 ■■PORTIA BRADLEY SHERYLL BRANT RALPH BROWN BRUCE BRADLEY JENNIFER BLACKLEDGE SHEILA BLANDJENNIFER BLACKIEDGE 485 Eighteenth Avenue "Cuti Pie" ... i«Ht, quiet . .. soft spoken .. . would like ♦© b odmired ond respected . .. dose friends or Loroine Doniels, Connie Allmgton, Mono So r tot. Mofaldo Whit , Margo Perkins... favorites include Pi o»»o, Groce Metolious, Mi». Williams, moth, basketball, fried chicken. sport doth .. . hobbles or dancing, sewing, bowling, (ithmg .,. participates in Red Crott, Done Club. Junior Clou Council . .. lov t foculty and ttud n»t ot Artt... will attend Potcrton Stot College to prepor for a teaching car r. SHEILA BLAND 355 Bergen Street "Angel" ... attractive, good-humored, sophisticated . .. olwayt on th go .. t o h t blind children .. models in her free time ... mutic mojor .. odmiret Mr. Pickett, Mr. Petile, ond Mrt. loior. . favorite postimes include tinging, bowling, ond partying ...enjoyt eoting Italian food ond reading J. D. Salinger... intellectuals moke her grumble ... is drawn to those with o sense of humor ... business college in future . .. plans a career in secretarial work and spiritual tinging. BRUCE BRADLEY 97 Ludlow Street "Everett" ... always himself ... close friend of Eorl Flogg, lorry fietheo ond Chorles Clark .. likes golf, fishing, art, and constructing model planes ... odmiret Michoel-angelo, Robert Frost, and Mr. lynch ... dislikes interference when studying ... ploys bats in o group called the "borons" ... it utuolly working, studying or sleeping... stag shows, rock n roll, jozz, ham, turkey and sports jockett are tom favorites... hopes to attend Cooper Union ond later, become o commercial ortisf. PORTIA BRADLEY 81 Murray Street bright, friendly, lively... "Don't do onything I wouldn't do."... is utuolly found practicing judo, tinging, painting, or doncing .. . a member of th Red Cross, the Spanish Club, th Inquisitors, th Pi Eta Sigma Sorority ond the church choir... close friends Include Karen Clork. Korea Williams, ond Foith Singleton... favorites or Michaelangelo, Conrad Richter, Ramsey lewis, Mozart... admires Miss A bos .. loves parties, modern jozz, and lunch periods . .. dislikes braggarts . .. plans to become a medical technologist. SHERYLL BRANT 56 Fabyan Place "Sibelius" ... kind ... happy ... on avid reader .. clot friend of Nancy Campbell, loroine Daniels, Paulo Bishop. Joan McRae, and Connie Allington ... knits, bowls, tingt... loves toop operas, hamburgers, small children, sportswear ... folks "too much" ... "Exodus" ... admires Leon Uris, Mrs. Hiller, ond Linus ... most enjoyed her Arts High music courses... likes to be with friendly, considerot people ... plant to attend Drake College of Business after graduation. RALPH BROWN 194 North Eleventh Street A great voice ... dedicated ond versatile ... on individual... Mike McGurfy his closest friend.. Mr. Spindler tops ot both an artist ond a teacher ... a French horn player and chorus member ... jozz is th best in music .. enthusiastic about th work of Von Gogh and Maynard Ferguson ... frock it th sport... contends that the voting age should be lowered ... will probably become o fine artist... California th sit of further art education. RONALD BROWN 254 Prince Street Ambitious, athletic, considerot , ond cheerful ... dose friends or lorry Davit, Clifford Moddox, Jerome Perkins ond Cheryl Day... likes Mu. Lazar, th girls, th informal atmosphere ot Arts ond English ... participates in basketball, baseball, SCOPE., finds time to listen to records, play ball, read and drow ... admires athletic ability ond consideration in others ... turns up ot odd ploces ... Boys Club ond church groups... would like to prepare for o career in art Or law. RONALD BUSH 215 South Seventh Street Ronnie ... quiet... an individual ... abhors ignorance ... finds painting, rhythm, and bluet, spaghetti ond meatballs, football, ond English enjoyable... "Gone With th Wind" .. a conservative dresser... admires Picotso, The Temptations, Agatha Christie and Mrs. McNeil... like confident, intelligent, motur people ... or I dosses top his list. enjoys listening to music ond painting during his spare time ... plans to attend Howard University offer graduation .. a commercial art career foremost in his mind. NANCY CAMPBELL 257 Rose Street "Boogie" ... lots of fun . . . tolkotive and friendly . .. admires Charlie Brown ond broad-minded people who think before they oct... "Ya fruityl" ... likes dancing, sewing, reading, football, ond Chorles Schultz ... favorite teachers or Mr Gentile. Miss A bos, Mr. Pesile, and Mrs Furst... cheerleader. Junior Class Council, F.T.A. ond holl patrol .. N.C.CJ. Brotherhood Youth Institute, Epsilon Jeuneese Sorority ... dislikes ignoront people... plans to teach dancing offer offending Mills College of Educotion. 67 RONALD BROWN RONALD BUSH NANCY CAMPBELLJAMES CARLUCCI KAREN CLARKE DORIS COHENS ROMERRA COSTON EDWARD CRAWFORD DEBORAH CONWAY 68 HOWARD CUSHNIR JULIA DAMIANO LARAINE DANIELSJAMES CARLUCCI 285 Park Avenue "J.C."... art student, with o tent of humor... olwoys willing to lend o helping hand ... hobbies: swimming and turfing .. chums o»e Ron Do Rostra and Maureen O'Shea ... hot mony special preferences including Italian foods, donclng to popular music and Picosso ... recipient of o fitness owo'd . . . out to hove a good time ... favorite teacher is Mr. Commoll ... angered by nagging girls ... intends to be a professional hair stylist. KAREN CLARKE 443 Hawthorne Avenue Bright student, serious composer . .. spends time writing and reading .. . worthwhile member of the Bond os she ploys the elorinet and has earned her letter ... often observed having fun with Beverly Perkens, Portio Bradley, Christine Shipman ... likes to go to parties . .. listens to dossicol music .. eats fried chicken .. plays volleyball ...thoroughly enjoys French Club programs and projects ... likes music by Beethoven ond books by George Orwell . .. odmires Mr. Tobio ... plons to be o teocher. DORIS COHENS 882 South Nineteenth Street "Dot" .. . talkative, friendly, icny at times, .bobs down the halls ... "Loter for you."... finds sewing, dancing, going to parties, running trock, gym, ond "The Temptations" enjoyable... member of Girls' Glee Club, the Chorus, the Orchestra, and the Cheering Squod ... outside activities Include Central Jersey Track Team, church choir, and service as o Candy Striper .. . usually in the company of Frankie Bivins, Poulette Mopson, and Deborah Hickson .. hopes to become a physical education teocher. DEBORAH CONWAY 90 Ninth Avenue "Debbie" ... found in the company of Regino Boiley. Tina Holley and Madeline Jomes ...pleasant and unselfish.. George Braque, a fovorte in ort... holds Mrs. Furst in high esteem ... reading, dancing, ond conversation ore postimes ... "Not hardly" ... delights in fried chicken, history, sweaters, and any good book ... a contributor to the Future Teochers of Americo, Library Guild, Sponish Club and the Vignette ... will become on elementary school teacher offer study of Newark Stote College. ROMERRA COSTON 54 Reeves Place Friendly ... enjoys ort, jo it. painting, karate, sports wear. Ion Fleming, skating, frock ... has been oworded two Varsity lotters ond one Junior Vorsity letter . .. loves friendliness in others ... close friends ore Clement Ashford, Doris Walloce, Edward Crowford, ond Volerie MeIver ... member of the Soccer Team .. odm.res the teochers at Arts ...Inquisitors sociol club... dislikes music ot school donees... would like to be a commercial ortist.. . will further education ot Prott Institute. EDWARD CRAWFORD 192 West Runyon Street "Rover" ... humorous, pessimistic, athletic, octive... enjoys jail, football, soccer, food, cosuol clothes, music, books . .. frequent companions ore Romerro Coston, Dwight Zeigler, and Joe Epps... likes all teochers at Arts ... odmires musician Roy Brown ... member of Vorsity Club, soccer, bosketboll, boseboll, and trock teoms ... holds Varsity letters... participates in outside drum and bugle corps. Explorers, ond Baptist Youth Fellowship ... plans to offend Morgan Stote College ... music and teaching in hit future. HOWARD CUSHNIR 35 Manor Drive "Howie" ... friendly, pleasant personality ... close friends ore John San Giovanni, , Jerry Gimble. Mario Rey, Sylvia Gioiella ond Corto Berxon ... extracurricular octivi-ties include soccer, swimming, boseboll, SCOPE, and Senior Clots Council... plays the trumpet in the band ond the orchestra ... member of the Notronol Honor Society... selected for Boys' Stote in his junior year... works in an auto store in his spare time ...admires Mr. Castelluccio ond the late John F. Kennedy ... plans to go to college ... will mojor in science or medicine. JULIA DAMIANO 799 South Fourteenth Street "Jul" ... usually doing last night's homework in homeroom ... enjoys dancing, swimming, ond singing... hot expensive taste in clothes... constantly accompanied by Kothy Urban, Shelia Reilly, Corol Olesxciuk. Judy Pyatt... admires Mr. Green and people who oct like themselves organist... reads comics, eats Italian food, ond practices the organ... Alfred Hitchcock. John Sebostion. and Nick Boncer are among favorites ... plons to become an organ instructor ond housewife. LARAINE DANIELS 118 South Seventh Street "Stringbeon" ... enjoys sewing, picnics, ond reoding . .. Mr. Pesile, Tchoikowsky, the Temptations, ond the Righteous Brothers ore tops os musicians... talkative, friendly, ond particular ... eots in vain ... admires Mrs. Furst... belongs to the Red Cross, Girls' Glee Club, ond Bowling Club ... member of the YMCA...M r. Gentile ond Mr. Costelluccio ore favorite teachers ... a close friend of Connie Allington, Fron Register, and Dolores Goresh ..would enjoy offending Lincoln University for a coreer in nursing.LARRY DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS RUDOLPH DE FALCO MILDRED DE COSTA 70 LOUIS DELLAGUZZOLARRY DAVIS 233 Peshin© Avenue "lo Do" .. hoppy-go-lucky, sociable, ond sincere ... oppreciotes the works of Kipling, Von Gogh, and Rembrandt. ."The Old Mon and the S«a" ... Mr. Long ond Mri. McNeil or favorit teachers... leHermon mtmbrr of bosketboll ond bot boll teams . . keeps up wilh the foshion trends .. enjoys the jozz piano of Romsey lewis, discotheque dan«ing ond Chinos food ... admires confident people with open minds ... plans college ond hopes to mojor in creative writing. SANDRA DAVIS 344 Dayton Street "Sondy"... quiet, friendly, sincere ..finds pleosure in dancing, jozz, rock V roll, bosketboll. trock, ond good food .. . casual clothes ... Willa Cottier, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Mr. Resile ore fovorites .. . a participant in F.T.A., Sook Jo Committee ... enjoys the music ond friendliness at Arts... odmires people with worm ond sincere personalities . .. octiv in church affoirs ... close friends are Tina Holley, Rot Holley, Barbara Pulliam, and Nancy Campbell... hopes to ottend business school. MILDRED DE COSTA 101 Church Terrace 'Buttermilk'' .. plans to ottend Juiliord School of Music or study in Europe ... mojor in music... enjoys boywotching, singing, Sammy Dovis Jr., reoding, swimming, and the opera ... prefers books by Ion Fleming or Ernest Hemingway ... has performed in operas in and out of school ... moy be found with Dolores Goresh, Pot Devlin. Judy Ryatt, Lawrence Susson, ond Bobby Buttons.. Head Start ond Civil Defense activities ... desires to live Nf to the fullest RUDOLPH DE FALCO 57 Warwick Street "Rudy" ... close friend of John San Giovonni, Joseph Guorino, ond Ron De Rostra ... would like to enter commercial or industrial art field ... a motorcycle fiend ... likes riding, rocing, drawing, pointing and girls... admires Salvador Doli, Jock London, Mr. Castelluccio. ond Mr. Gommoll... dislikes bothersome people... J.V. Baseball, Varsity Bosketball, Trock Team, Stage Crew... art, chemistry, jazz and "The Coll of the Wild" .. hopes to become a successful individual who appreciates the good things in life. KATHY DEKENS 555 Clifton Avenue "Kitten" ... chic ... foshion minded ... enjoys dates, swimming, ond music ... odmires Jeon Shrimpton... close friends aro Arlene Sheppard ond Barbara Droll... Mr. Spindler, Mr. Knobler, Du Maurier, and Monet ore omong favorites .. . participates in Student Council .. - activities ore modeling in spore time.. considers art curriculum here superior .. likes people who ore sincere ond have o sense of humor ... will attend Parsons to prepare for o career os o foshion designer or model. LOUIS DELLAGUZZO 157 Verona Avenue "Luigi Bosco" ... extremely reticent... o complex personality ... Mory Julian, Judy Ryatt, Butchie Cloyton, and Dolores Goresh or his fovorit companions... Von Gogh, Mrs. Stiller, clotticol music, egg nog ond sports clothes all rot ... spends time cruising around New York City ... is drawn to kind people but is easily irritated by conceited individuals... will attend Prott Institute to further art education ... eventually anticipates working os a free-lance writer or a fine ortist. MIGUEL DEL TORO 469 Elizabeth Avenue "Mike" ... an all oround mon...olwoys smiling ... likes all types of food, music ond sports... found most often on a basketball court with friends like Willy Nieves, lorry Bethea, Eddie Nomos ond Earl Flagg ... on admirer of Ernest Hemingway ond Billy Graham ,.. enjoyed reading "Foil Sofe' ond "For Whom the Bell Tolls" ... participates in his church youth group ... rates Mr. Restaino os his favorit educotor ... plans a future in the ministry. RONALD DE ROXTRA 322 Park Avenue "Ronnie Rock" ... will begin his rood to success ot Rutgers or the University of Wisconsin ... seeks a career in law ... earned his Vorsily letter on the Swimming Team ... fun to be with . .. drown to conservative clothes, surfing, jazz, dancing . . . admires Thomas Jefferson. John Kennedy, Al Hirt, Charles Schultz, ond Dali ... octiv Student Council member ... contributes to Arts High musical productions, church youth groups ond political clubs... a conscientious stage crew member. PATRICIA DEVLIN 202 Stuyvesant Avenue Warm ... friendly ... popular ... active in Actors Workshop, librory Guild, French Club, SCOPE, ond Student Council... "A" Pin .. outside interests include C.Y.O.. Discoteen, skating ... mod clothes... warm ond friendly people make her happy... Mr. Spindler, Mrs. Lazar, Shakespeare, ond English ... friends ore Rose Mori Lepore, Josephine Kus, Fran Poeto ond Milo D Costa ... steak and french fries ... Romeo ond Juliet... would like to pursue a career as an airline stewardess. 71 MIGUEL DEL TORO RONALD DE ROXTRA PATRICIA DEVLIN72 DONNA ENGEL JOSEPH CAESAR EPPS CHARLES THOMAS DONNELLY PATRICIA DOTO JOSEPH Dl BELLA BARBARA ORAL EUGENE DUBICKI PHYLLIS EVERETTJOSEPH Dl BELLA 687 South Nineteenth Street Intelligent, serious, yet loves to joke.. . mothemotics and science student... a man's best friend is his slide-rule"... close friends include Tom Norulak, Maria Rey, and Nate Hutson ..admires Von Gogh. Roy Bradbury, Robert McNamara, and Mr. Green ...enjoys movies, pop music, bonona cream pie, ond touch football ... features editor of SCOPE ond Deputy Mayor... Moth Club, National Honor Society ... plons to prepare ot Amherst or Horvard for a career in aerospace research. CHARLES THOMAS DONNELLY 315 Walnut Street "Chuck", quiet, easy-going ... friends include Stretch Annunzioto, Carl Caravela, Ron De Roxtro, and Nelson Rivero . .. likes ice skoting, bowling, surfing, archery ... steak, go-go music, art, cosual clothing, and girls... member of the Saints ... admires Mr. Gommoll ond Leonardo Do Vinci ... on Alfred Hitchcock fan ... dislikes silk screening . .. fond of people with pleasant personalities ... usually dates attractive girls ...considers himself a "very nico guy" ... will major in art ot Newark State. PATRICIA DOTO 417 North Sixth Street "Potty" ... an excellent typist, stenographer, and bowler ... has won owards for oil three., easy to get along with ... a Four Seasons fan ... appreciates literature by O. Henry and ort by Michaclangelo ... spends much time conversing with Mrs. Lazar ... likes people with a good sense of humor . . admires the way Miss Abos teaches English classes... is found with Elaine Orefice, Josephine Kus, ond Mario Morino . .. plans to attend college to be a teacher of business subjects. BARBARA ORAL 4 Eastern Parkway "Barb" .. calm ... taciturn ... companionable ... counts Ellen Nonn, Jerry Vernotico, Jean Gallagher, Pat Reilly ond Jean Horniacck among friends ... loves the sound of Herb Alpert ond Ston Getz... Claude Monet ond Dophno DuMourier indicate her artistic preferences ... Future Teachers of America, library Guild ond Jerscymen ore extracurricular activities... respects Mr. Spindler ... visits New York City frequently ...expects to spend a year in a business college before seeking a position as a private secretary. EUGENE DUBICKI 783 South Eighteenth Street A worm sincere personality . . . headed for Arizona State University ... a future architect... ploys piano ... likes electronics and archery ... favorite subject is geometry ...close to John Vigel, Dave Finkel ond Jock Joworski .. . good swimmer ... wears conservative clothes... fovorites ore Michaclongeto, Dave Brubeck, Edgar Allon Poe, and Mr. Gentile . .. member of Polish Falcons of America and the Explorers Club ... frequently on the Super Honor Roll ... may be quiet or enthusiastic, but is olwoys sensible. DONNA ENGEL 85 Manor Drive Garrulous, congcniol, and self-confident... constant companions are Sen Wong and Sabina k 'n roll ond tho Four Seasons ore great... interested in ort, sewing, mysteries, various sports, and good food . .. served on the Student Council and on the library Guild ... enjoys ice skating and doting in spare time ... irritated by peoplo who vie for tho attention of others... delights in quiet interesting characters .. after graduation, marriage looms In the near future. JOSEPH CAESAR EPPS 513 Bergen Street "Joe" ... friendly, outgoing, co-operative ... usually found with chums Cliff Maddox, Roger Barnet, and Ronald Brown ... Varsity Club, Fitness Club, Bond ... sports editor of SCOPE ... member of Basketball and Soccer Teams ... Mr. Lang a favorite teocher ...finds pleasure in reading, dancing, ploying basketball. Dove Brubeck, and James Baldwin ... Outward Bound .. outside activities include the Luther league, Y.M.C.A., All-City Band, and Boys' Club ... plons o career as a computer technician. PHYLLIS EVERETT 29 Lincoln Street Phyllis ... quiet, studious, ond determined ... friends include Portia Bradley, Karen Williams ond Meldon Jenkins... strong dislike for hypocrites ... enjoys painting, sculpting ond listening to classical music... reading also occupies her spare time .. favorite author: Remarque. .. active in Junior Achievement, Red Cross, ond the SEER Program ... is fovorobly impressed by the teachers ot Arts High, especially Mr. Landsman and Mr. Gentile... final oxams make her grumble... plons o future in elementary education. LEE FARBER 12 Beaumont Place Interesting, intelligent, ond hard working ... on often surprising sense of humor ... some friends include Richard Vitale, Robin Graff, Howie Cushnir, ond Jerry Gimble ... college for engineering degree looms in future . .. Honor Society . .. enjoys classical music, oysters, tennis, religious topics, Al Capp, ond chess ... "How about thot" ... hos been involved in VIGNETTE, SCOPE, Tennis Team and the Chest Club... a good conversationalist and thinker .. plays trombone and piano ond ospiret to "perfection". LEE FARBERELIZABETH FORCELLA SABINA GIBKI 74 PATRICIA FREDERICK ROBERT GELORMINECAROL FERRARA 81 Bloomfield Avenue "Carrie" .. quiet ond gentle, but stroightforword ond high -principled ,.. olwoys with Fron Voitolo. Pot Frederick, toil Vego, ond Ooris Maxwell... music is her lint love ... ploys piano ond ting ... listens most to Von Cliburn ond to selection by Chopin or Geofge Genhwin ... found "Desiree" del.ghtful ... recipient of a typing award ...fond of telling people whot the thinks of theen ... plant to become o secretory after graduation. DAVID FINKEL 14 Spencer Street "Oovid" ... conscientious ond sincere ... possesses exceptional ability in mathematics ... wide range of hobbies includes piano, pointing, stomps, and coins . . . fovors classical music and jazz ... enjoys reading, especially science fiction novels by Jules Verne ...Mr. Castdluccio I "right arm" ... active in Moth Club... member of Notional Honor Society . .. recipient of industrial orts oword ... includes lee Forber, Eugene Dubicki, and Wayne Simon among his friends . .. considering o career as a medical technician or an accountant. EARL FLAGG 364 Dayton Street Quiet... reserved .. intelligent... a loner ... dote companions ore lorry Bethea, Charles Clork, and Bottie Jockton .. . usually found by himself in the pork, thinking, musing, meditoting .. on outdoor enthusiost... enjoys fishing, comping, swimming, ond hiking ... octive participant in Boy Scouts ... favors war movies, footboll, the art teachers, ond music, particularly the Grand Canyon Suite... one of Mr. Gommoll't fans ... admires the ostronoutt... plons a lifetime career in the Marines. JERRY GIMBLE ELIZABETH FORCELLA 489 Fifteenth Avenue "liso" ... trustworthy, friendly, kooky, and candid ... "For Pete’s Soke''... friends include Morio Rey, Lesley Mitchell, Tom Norulak, Jeon Gollagher, and Sylvia Gioiella ...dislikes irresponsibility and ignoronce . .. odmiret F. Scott Fitzgerold, Ernest Hemingway, Chopin, Verdi, ond the teachers at Art ... octive member of VIGNETTE, Photography Stoff, ond Notionol Honor Society ... tennis letter ... enjoys painting, operot, swimming ond reading ... will attend Ohio State or Oberlin to prepare for o career at a novelist. PATRICIA FREDERICK 95 Fairmount Avenue "Pat" ... favorites include Mr. Pickett, pizza and Hemingway ... ploys piano and orgon ... All-State Chorus ... "well I declare" .. . Student Council, Girls' Glee Club, Red Cross, F.T.A. are some activities ... friends with Ahro Jackson, Harriet Wuott.. . admires leonord Bernttein... enjoys eating sweets, prefers ottroctive clothes and talking on the phone... dislikes homework intensely... loves honesty in others... stubborn at time ... beautiful voice ... Manhattan School of Music in her future. ROBERT GELORMINE 100 North Seventh Street "Bob"... a quiet, rational individual, ond on "oil-right guy"... looks forword to all hit art classes ... odmiret Picasso, Dostoevsky, and Mr, Gommoll ... an amateur photographer ... extremely interested in the guitar ... a record fiend . .. intensely dislikes filling out questionnaires ... enjoys movies, folk ond popular music, sky diving and bowfing . .. usually found ot home sleeping ... is teen with lee Forber and Dennis Schiefelbein ... would like to ottend either Newark State or Harvard. SABINA GIBKI 736 South Twentieth Street "Sobbie" . .. close friends ore Donno Engel, Cheryl Alas ond Rose Marie lepore ... quiet, with a good sense of humor ... loves to be with people hoving a good time ...dotes, donees, water skis ond swims in spare time ... odmiret Mark Twain, Von Eyck, ond Mrs. lazor... "You don't soy" ... participates in Dance Club ond a Polish Youth Group.. listens to classical music ond sings... enjoys her art dosses ... plans to become a secretary. JERRY GIMBLE 35 Manor Drive A future biologist... athletic, intelligent, ond quick ... well liked .. dose friends ore Woyne Simon, Joe Russoniello, ond Howie Cushnir ... "Jer" .. . member of the Soccer Team, Swimming Team, Baseball Team ... o bowling ond football fan ... lettermon in swimming ond baseball ... enjoys painting ond reading in hit spore time... loved "Exodus" ... admires Mr. Spindler, Jock London, ond Poul Cezonne .. ■ hket the reol student-teacher relationships here... values honesty ond straightforwardness in others. SYLVIA GIOIELLA 74 Pacific Street "Syt" . .. intelligent, sympathetic, ond well liked ... chums ore Maria Rey, Joe Di Bello, lisa Forcella, Howie Cushnir, Lesley Mitchell, ond Joe Russoniello ... Notional Honor Society, Moth Club, Tennis Club ond VIGNETTE... SCOPE news editor... favors mysteries by Agotha Christie ... delights in all kinds of music ... on enthusiastic baseball fan... seeks wormth in others ... odmiret Mr. Costellucoo. Miss Meyer-ton, Mr. Green .. . plan eventually to teach mothemohes ... will enroll ot Montclair State College. 75 SYLVIA GIOIELLATHERESA GODYNICK DOLORES GORESH ROBIN LEE GRAFF JOSEPH GUARINO ANTHONY GUARINO RONALD GUIE 76 CLEIFFUS HARGROVE RICHARD HAYES DEBORAH HICKSONTHERESA GODYNICK 206 Third Street "Tino" ... on extrovert... likes loud fun... enjoyt being with Pot Hotpodar, Denite Durr, Rosemary lepore . .. mott admires her mother ... fond ot dortcing to oil kind of mutic, studying Spanish, and toying, "Oh, gothl" ... read and re-read "Tot of Two Cities" .. . menbtr of Holl Patrol, Sponith Club, SCOPE, ond tho Student Council ...Newark Youth Council... Catholic Youth Orgonirotion ... fovorite famoui people ore Michaelange'o, the Beotles, Chariot Dickent, and Mr. Cotlelluccio... plant to enter the field of art. DOLORES GORESH 83 Lang Street "Dee" ... well liked by everyone ... bowling ond fennit ore omong her hobbiet . .. porticpatet in the Red Crott, Tennit Club, F.T.A , Bowling league, and library Guild . .. hat been a Candy Striper ond Sunday School Instructor ... good friendt include Judie Pyott, Mildred De Cotta, lindo Behler, Sandro Reed, ond laroine Donielt. .. admires great hitforiont, ond Mr. Gommoll ... enjoyt rock 'n roll, tteok, ond Michael-angelo... plant to attend Foirleigh Dkkinton Univertity ond major in Butinett Adminittration. ROBIN LEE GRAFF 62a Springfield Avenue Quiet. . reterved ... well-informed ... enjoyt tinging, playing the guitar, traveling, French, Broadwoy muticalt, ort, ond mod clothe! .. D. H Lawrence, Renoir.. . friendt include Josefine Nowok ond Billy Rutto . .. oclire in Glee Club, Future Teochert of Americo, Student Council, ond Notionol Honor Society ... member of VIGNETTE itaff ...odmiret Mrt. Tto. .. utuolly found wondering in New York City with o good friend ... will ottend New York Univertity .. . plant a career in the field of journalitm. ANTHONY GUARINO 777 Lake Street "Tony" ... polt ore Jere ond Jeff Baunhuber, George Porlimon, ond Ronold Guie ... archery, hunting, pointing and girlt occupy hit leiture hourt.. . retpeett the pointing! of Dali and the teoching of Mr. Spindler ... Trock and Soccer teomt. Donee Club, and Chett Club member ... Vortity Letter winner... Treoturer of the C.Y.O ond vice-pretident of the Acolytet. . . dream it to become a commercial artist ofter majoring in ort at Montclair State College. JOSEPH GUARINO 149 Garside Street "Joe Bock" .. . best polt ore John Son Giovanni and Jerry Vernotico ... accordion player ond teacher... member of Notional Honor Society, Crafttmen't Club, Junior Clou Council, Boteball Team and Bond ... A-pin recipient ond Student Council treoi-urer ... holdt in esteem the late John Kennedy ... enjoyed "The Crucible" ... on "oil around type" ... works hord ot o challenge ond it determined to become ovtttonding in all undertakingt... it anticipating a career in pharmacy after college. RONALD GUIE 135 Washington Street "Ronnie" ... ambitious ... utuolly found with George Porlimon or Anthony Guarino ... liket Mitt Meyerton and Michoelongelo ■ .. favors loud mutic, good food, billiordt, mathematics, happy expressions ond continental clothing ... fovorite entertainment it Go-Go Girlt... hobbies are weight-lifting, ond riflery ... dislikes geniuses and going to dosses, but liket lunch periods ... peculiar hobit of weoring tun glottet ot night ... plans to attend Newark College of Engineering .. hopes someday to own his own butinett. CLEIFFUS HARGROVE 65 Avon Place 'Clete" ... easy going ... knock for moking friendt .. enjoyt jots, especially Duke Ellington ... expresses hit feelings with a point brush on canvas ... fovorite entertain-ment it partying ... leant toward people with strong personalities ... hot found enjoyment in reading "Bluet for Mr. Charley" ... fovorite teacher it Mr. long .. . spends free time in playing billiards ond attending football games ... plant a career in social work ofter service in the United States Air Force. RICHARD HAYES 33 Holland Street "Dickie" .. friendly, condid, on individualist... frequently teen in the company of Diane Van Doren, Danny Whitner, and William Henry ... a great love of the theotre .. a member of the Actor's Workshop... enjoyt the workt of Jomet Boldwin and 8orbra Streisand ... reads, sketches, ploys tennis, designs at pastimes . .. president of C.Y.O.... retpeett Mist Abot... admires all intellectual, articulote people... will prepare for a career in designing ot Fashion Institute of Technology. DEBORAH HICKSON 325 South Twelfth Street "Debbie" . . always smiling .. friendly ... understanding ... variety of activities Includes Volleyball, dee Club, Student Council and Junior Clast Council . . . likes popular mutic, dancing, boys, tewing, Spanish, and Mr. Otero ... Hemingway ... The Temptations . . enjoyt the atmosphere at Arts, and the attitude of the teachers and students ... spends tpare time reading or doing research in the library ... counts Jeanette James, Doris Cohent, ond Donna Potrick among close friendt... expects to become on elementary school teacher.JAMES HILL TINA HOLLEY KENNETH HOLST JAMES HOPKINS JEANNIE HORNIACEK PATRICIA HOSPODAR 78JAMES HILL 772 South Eighteenth Street "J.C." ... intellectuolly curious... on extrovert... Mofoldo White ond Deboroh Hkk-son ronk high among friends ... top on hit lit! or Mr, Gommoll, Mi lei Davit. Sophia loren and Cexanne ... liket football, ort, ond conservative clothing ... particularly enjoyt "Wolden's Pond ' and joi ... activities include Moth Club, French Club, Future Teochert of Americo ond the Soccer Team . . tpendt tpore time tightteeing in New York... hat hope! of becoming a profettionol ortitt or on ort teacher. TINA HOLLEY 49 Ludlow Street Colm, contiderate, quiet ond well-liked ... enjoyt painting ond tewing ... member of National Honor Society ... Mr. Knobler, Mitt Abot. ond Mr. Otero ore favorites... liket the compony of Sandra Davit, Colleen Kelleher ond lee Forber ... VIONETTE Photography Editor ... conducts Bible daises in her tpore time ... particularly enjoyt Sponith clones ... basketball fon ... admires the work of Mary Cattot... a good friend to hove ... will prepare for career at a mittionory. KENNETH HOLST 225 North Sixth Street "Kenny" ... littt Rolph Brown ond Mike McGurty at hit "buddies" ... modetf ... usually a thinker ... hat a pattion for cart... wears Italian knit shirts ... involved in pointing .. enjoyt dancing to either rock 'n roll or joxx . . reodt the dictionary ... a fon of Salvador Dali and Alfred Hitchcock sports enthusiast with special interest in baseball and football... Mr. Spindler, Mr. Gommoll ond Mr. Vollet hove earned hit respect ond odmirotion ... odmiret intelligence ond loyolty in othert... looking for "the good life." NATHANIEL HUTSON JAMES HOPKINS 382 Belmont Avenue Quiet, polite, and friendly ... frequent componiont ore Glenn Shipley ond Gwen Nelson. . values understanding qualities in people ... art on important aspect of hit life ... especially enjoyt Rembrandts wo kt... hot been active in Junior Achievement, a teenoge club and the Deboting Club ... catert to the beof of the Ramsey lewis Trio ...delights in reading Poe ... ice skates ond roller skates ... interested in Hampton Institute for the furtherance of his ort education ... plant to teach. JEANNIE HORNIACEK 85 Mount Vernon Place "Floth" ... quiet, shy ... good sense of humor ... circle of friends includes Barbaro Drol ond Ellen Nonn... favorites: Checkov, Michoelongelo. Franx lisxt, and Mr. Spindler .. topt on Jeannie't list ore English, Chinese food, joxx, and cosual clothet ...spate time filled with piano lestons... participates in French club. Red Cross, Jerteymens, Ubrory Guild and C.Y.O----friendly otmosphere at Arts pleaset her prefers friendliness and ambition os troits in othert... undecided about her future. PATRICIA HOSPODAR 243 Littleton Avenue "Pot" . . . easy-going . . . self-confident . . . friendly . . includes Theresa Godynick, Carol Ferrara, and Rose Morie lepote in her circle of friends... enjoys twimming, good food, ond all kinds of musk ... tports dothes are great... admires Cexanne, The Four Seotons, ond Willio Cather ... devotes time to the Spanish Club, the Dance Club, ond the Red Cross... ditlikes our small, inadequate gym ... plons a nursing career ... hopes to become a successful, useful, hoppy person. NATHANIEL HUTSON 58 Ingraham Place "Note" our mayor ... everyone's friend ... levelheaded, inspiring, ond congeniol... Spanish Club, Junior Clast Council, Student Council, Band .. enjoys tporkling conversations, porties, bowling . .. especially likes books by Richard Wright... pals are Margaret Siode, Noncy Campbell, Cheryl Doy, ond lorry Davis .. . Omega Pi Delta president... admires Mr. Otero ... hoppy eating cheeseburger and coke at ony time ...tings... appreciates classical musk ... looks forward to attending Rutgers University ... expects to become o certified public occountont. ALVA JACKSON 375 Bergen Street "Chipmunk" ... a future nurse ... close friend of Noncy Campbell, Harriett Wyott, ond Pot Frederick ... enjoyt the creations of Jomes Baldwin, Herbie Mann and Picasso ...on active member of our cheerleading squad, glee dub ond Red Cross... Epsilon Jeunette Sorority ... reads, oats, sews, ond sings in a group ... admires people who con gel along with others .. will prepare for thot nursing career ot Seton Hall or Chicago School of Nursing. BOSSIE JACKSON 83 Waverly Avenue "Cow" ... cautious ... quiet... includes Ronald Kelly, Boogie Jockson and Leslie Jones in hit drcle of friends... octive on Soccer ond Trock Teams os well at in Math Club and Photography Club... represented Arts at Princeton University... enjoys fishing, twimming, tennis, bowling and girls... Poe, Bernstein, Mr. Gommoll ond Mr. Spindler ronk high., joxx, shrimps, English, trock, and sports clothes ore special... always thinks he's in love .. . science in his future. 79 ALVA JACKSON BOSSIE JACKSONDON JACKSON JEANETTE JAMES LINDA JORDON VAN JOHNSON MADELINE JAMES MELDON DELORIS JENKINSDON JACKSON 180 South Ninth Street Eoty going ... sensitive ... intelligent... dote friends include Rom err a Co» on. Dmitri Wright ond Clement Ashford ... enjoy the work of Von Gogh ond Willo Cottier .. it wild obout Itolion food ... Nework Youth Council, Koppo Phi Delta Fraternity, dancing, acting, ond tenni occupy much of hi tpare time . . ha donated time ond effort to muticol production , Dance Club program and the Trock Team ... admire Sammy Dari Jr. and Mi » Meyer»on ... will continue education ot Rutger Univer ity. JEANETTE JAMES 274 West Kenney Street "Nettie" . . . friendly, contiderote, reliable, determined . , . good conversationalist among friend . . . dig Ramtey Lewi ond joxx ... I©»et trawberry thortcoke ... on admirer of Picasso ond Ernest Hemingway .. . other favorite ore Mr. Otero ond Span-ith... Deborah Hickton, Sandra Thomo ond Chriitine Shipman ore among her clo e t friend ... utually found ot home tewing, reading or dancing ... portiopote in the Observers Club ond the Student Council progrom ... plant to attend a butinet college to prepare for a career at o tecretary. MADELINE JAMES 204 South Tenth Street "Mod" ... fun-laving, trutt worthy, contiderote... tpend time reading, knitting or painting . . . like papular mutic, badminton, basketball, English and history . . . active in F T.A., Library Guild, and Sponith Club ... church activities ... enjoy family-like atmosphere ot Art ... great admiration for Art High' faculty ... wotchet television or attend movie ... Itolion food ... Swingle Singer .. Dori Moxwell it her constant companion ... plant to attend Rutger University ... goal it to be a social worker. MARY JULIAN MELDON DELORIS JENKINS 40V North Seventh Street "Mel", .friendly, warm, sincere... Red Cross. Bowling Team, Tennis Club, Cheering Squad, Notional Honor Society ... collect post cards and ttomp ... it partial to Charles Dickens ... love to dance ond litten to joxx ond rock 'n roll... especially like Moth, Physics ond French ... "How about thatl" ... enjoy the friendly otmosphere and teachers ot Art ... usuolly teen with Lesley Mitchell and Phyllit Everett... hopes to attend Mount Holyoke College to become a physicist. VAN JOHNSON 220 Chadwick Avenue Van ... wakes the school up with hit whistle ... wear Italian kniti and mohoir slack ...enjoys people with whom he share a common interest such ot Gladys Evans, Ronald Roger and George Green ... weight-lifting, fencing, karate, poetry ond mu ic occupy his time out of school .. . "Letter from Peking" it one of hi fovorite book ... ploy viola and violin in orchestra ... admire Mr. Pesile ... plont to attend Montclair State College at a music major. LINDA JORDON 868 South Fourteenth Street "LJ." ... friendly, fun-loving, outspoken .. nice to have around ... participates actively in the Red Cross, Student Council, Senior Class Council, VIGNETTE Stoff, ond Girl ' Glee Club... served a Deputy Mayor in her junior year...A-pin holder. Notional Honor Society... enjoy Art Totum's mutic, English, singing, sewing, football, ond jaxi ...Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority.. Cheryl Day, Lesley Mitchell, Maryann Bonk , and Morgoret Slade are her good friend ... Cedar Crest College it her immediate goal. COLLEEN KELLEHER MARY JULIAN 100 High Street Friendly, tweet, polite, and curious . .. loves art ond listening to clossical music ... dote friend ore Rosemarie lopore ond Lorraine Brown ... draw , points, »wimt, ond read . .. odmire Rembrandt, Thomo B. Costoin, ond Mr. Knobler .. . member of library Guild ond Math Club ... like ttuffed cobboge ... sport clothes ... "Proctice who! you preoch "... plont to ottend Montclair State or Nework State to become on art teocher ... would like to become o well educated individual. COLLEEN KELLEHER 190 Orange Street "Doc"... a real humanitarian; likes everyone... special friend include Jennifer Blacklcdge, Billy Russo, Maria Santos and Joe Rutsoniello ... leisure pursuit ore painting, homework ond playing card ... active outside of school ot one of the Jehovoh' Witnette , ond plan foreign missionary work in the future ... portiol to modern joxx. Von Gogh, bosketboll, meatball , English, and Mitt Abo .. . loved "Animal Farm" and enjoy the teacher here... would like to became a tactful and well-odjusted person. RONALD KIDD 385 Sooth Twelfth Street "Ronnie" ... mild mannered ... extremely quiet... a good discussion totitfiet him... Larry Bethea and Earl Flagg are comrade ... listen to Ramsey Lewis... reads Mork Twain ... enjoys harmony dosses ... involved in Bord ond Y.M.C.A.... an animal lover... as o hobby, breeds new species of birds ond fish ... on admirer of Mrs. McNeil ..."Monl Oh manl" .. does not appreciate detention ... Shaw University... future pet-shop owner or manager. 81 RONALD KIDDJOSEPHINE ANGELA KUS PATRICIA LANG CLIFFORD MADDOX NICK MAKAROW MARIA MARINO ROSE MARIE LEPORE 82 REGINA MASSEY JOSEPHINE ANGELA KUS 518 North Ninth Street "Jo" ... o lovely componion with o delightful sense of humor . . partial to jou, dancing, pizza, and sports clothe ... athletically inclined, o woterskier, fisherwomon, ond equestrienne ... in the oris pick Dali, Poe, and Ahmad Toviol ... received a Girlt' Bowling Club award ... C.Y.O. member ... the Jersey ihore is her lovorite haunt... counts os pals Elaine Orefice, Pot Doto, and Fred Vitielli ... keeps in view art school and a career as a professional artist. PATRICIA LANG 65 Seventeenth Avenue Bright.. . attentive . .. curious ... "Moofy" ... hos token part in activities of the Moth Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, and the Junior Clots Council ... odmires Mr. Spindler and Mitt David ... likes Johnny Mathis and Pearl S. Buck ... favorites include eating mustard sandwiches, listening to records, watching t.v., and studying Spanish ...dislikes short skirts and short boys.. . dose companions include Sheila Bland and Brenda Hopper ... looks forward to a co’ccr in teaching. ROSE MARIE LEPORE 250 Fourth Street "Roe" ... likes ort, boys, ond food .. . dislikes inquisitive people ... can be seen rooming the halls with lorroine Brown, Mary Julian or Sen Wong . .. delights in reading books by Pearl S. Buck ... admires Mrs. lozar ... enjoys ice skating ond listening to the rodio ... searches for honesty in others ... favorite expression: "Remarkablel" ... thinks herself too guillible... offer graduation plans to attend college to prepare for o career os or. art teocher. DORIS MAXWELL CLIFFORD MADDOX 338 West Kinney Street "Tippy" ... good humored, energetic, easy to get along with ... close friends ore Ronotd Brown, lorry Davis, Darrow Igus... among favorites ore Da Vinci, James Baldwin, Mr. Green ... admires his mother most... likes girls, rock 'n roll, basketball, watermelon, conservative ond continental clothing ... prefers English classes ... "lord of the Flies" ... enjoys pointing .. . octive as coptain of the Botkefboll Team, on editor for the SCOPE ... Vorsity letter winner .. . undecided about future. NICK MAKAROW 691 South Eighteenth Street "Nicky" ... friendly and kind .. . posses time listening to records, or reoding o good book ..odmires Mr. Pesile ond Mr. Shopiro... preferences include banlons, H. G. Wells, Strauss, the Four Seasons, Italian food ond Chorus dosses... participates in library Guild activities, basketball and baseball team member ... poll are Joe Guari no, John San Giovanni, and Jerry Vernotico ... "Wor and Peace'... preparing for admission to Montclair Stole College os o history major... teaching ultimate goal. MARIA MARINO U East Sylvan Avenue "Mer" ... quiet ond moody, but suddenly goy ... friends ore Josephine Kus. Pat Doto, Elaine Orefice, ond Cheryl Alos .. . likes Salvo dor Dali, J. D Salinger, ond Mr. Spindler ... "groovy" ... her favorites include jou, Itolion, Chinese, ond Mexican foods, bowling, ort, ond clothes mode of suede or leather... "Cotcher in the Rye" ... plons to attend the Foshion Institute of Technology to prepore for career os o fashion designer. REGINA MASSEY 69 James Street "Gina" ... witty ... fun-loving . . enjoys singing, dress designing, sewing, dancing ... o James Baldwin fan ... active Red Cross member ... listens to pop music ond jo z ... values the friendship of Mofoldo White, Regina Bailey, ond Romerra Cotton .. "Bluet for Mr. Chorlie" ... Mrs. lazor ond Mitt Honn ore great teachers ... odmires sincerity in others ... volunteers ol Soint Michael Hospital os o Candy Striper ... will attend college to prepore for o career os medical doctor. DORIS MAXWELL 95 Winans Avenue "Dot" ... always willing to help o friend . .. usually found with Madeline Jomes, Pat Frederick, and Carol Ferrora ... appreciated the guidance office services ... admires Miss Abos ... music occupies much of her time ... pianist in church .. . enjoys opera ond etudes by Chopin... very fond of Mrs. Shopiro... octive in Glee Club ond Future Teachers of Americo ... reoding ond sewing fill some of her leisure hours ... plons to pursue a career in musrc education. MICHAEL McCURTY 32 Willoughby Street "Mike" . . motorcycling, reoding, good books, artwork ... likes Italian food, bell bottomed pants, Mr. Gommoll ... enjoys music by Al Hirt, ort work by Norman Rockwell ...usually found with Kenneth Holst or Rolph Brown ... listens to classical as well os popular music... fovorite sport is football ... likes the ort program best at Arts ...odmires Jeon Gollogher ... dresses in cosuol attire ... Army ... plans to become a commercial ortist or a comeromon. 83 MICHAEL McCURTYVALERIE MclVER YVONNE MILLS LESLEY JEANNE MITCHELL VALERIE ELAINA MITCHELL 84VALERIE MclVER 10 Sheffield Drive "Vol" ... very understanding ond olwoyt smiling ... usually found ot Court lunch ... dote friend include Horriet Wyotf, Noney Campbell, fronkie Bivins, Jome Wallace, and Judy Simmon .. . member of Cheering Squad ... enjoy bowling, wimming, hone-bock riding, and tinging ... a Truman Copole fan ... hoppie ! in Chorut clou... favorite include Mod »uit», Chinete food, Bach, Mr. Petite, and Mr . Neuts .. cafeteria food it her pet avertion . .. plan to attend Rutger Univertity ... will prepare for a career in mutic. WILLIAM HAYWOOD McKNIGHT 348 Seymour Avenue "Jit" ... creative ... original... enjoy a good time ... designing ond tinging are hit area of concentration ... collect record ... o church choir member ... James Baldwin' book , especially "Another Country", are great . . . personality count in selecting friend ... tnobt and homework bug him ... enjoy Mr . Stiller' teaching ... wont tuccett in attaining hit goal ... Fashion Institute of Technology will be the scene of preparation for work o a fashion designer. JOAN McRAE 101 Ludlow Street Sweet, friendly, and outgoing ... enjoys baseball, rock 'n roll, ond chocolate ... fond of the history course , chorut clones, ond Mr. Pickett... Red Crott Octet ond All-City Chorus... on octive church member ... take a foncy to the work of lean Uri», especially "Milo 18"... found ot home watching television in spare time... her many friend include loraine Doniels, Margo Perkin , and Yvonne Mil It... undecided obout future career, but would like to attend Howord Univertity. YVONNE MILLS 304 West Kinney Street Pleasant, considerate ond quiet. .. Barbara Pulliam, Mofolda White and Iri Wilton are »ome dose companion ... tervet a member of the Red Cross, F.T.A., Math Club and the Orche tro... a Red Crot volunteer outside of tchool ... enjoy moth ond history classes but dislikes her homework assignments ... "Crime ond Punishment' a greot book ... respects Mr. Petite, on Edgar Allan Poe fan ... will attend Montclair State College ... anticipates a career at a moth career. LESLEY JEANNE MITCHELL 240 Mount Vernon Place "let" ... independent, candid, ond sensitive ... consider Linda Jordon, Connie Aroce, Maria Rey, Sylvia Gioiello, and Joe Oi Bella closest friends... occupied by music, reading, pointing or dancing ... especially enjoys hearing Nat King Cole and George Shearing ond reading Mark Twoin or Aldous Huxley... Mr. Knobler, her favorite teacher . . . repulsed by unthinking people . . . Notional Honor Society, SCOPE, VIGNETTE, and Tennis Club ... admires geniute ... intends to major in ort ot Chicago University ... will perhaps teach. VALERIE ELAINA MITCHELL 128 Seymour Avenue "Vol" ... amiable, ombitious, ond willing to learn ... prefer the company of Frankie Bivin ond Doris Cohens ... hobbies include sewing, karate, running, track ond ploying the violin ... found Jome Baldwin's "Another Country" most fascinating reoding ... orchestra member . . . jozz and clasticol music . . . irritated by conceited people . . . "That's all right" ... Red Crott, Glee Club, Donee Club, SCOPE and the library Guild ore major extracurricular activities ... hopes to become a medical doctor ofter study at Boston Univertity. ROBERT MOHR 77 Forest Hill Parkway "Bob", .considerate ond completely crozy ... likes anything with action ... collegiate clothing ... science ... retpeett Mitt Meyerton, Mr. Castelluccio, and Mrs. Hiller . .. admires all the girls, including lindo, Carla, Mario, Carol, ond Mary ... Junior ond Senior Clast Councils, Student Council, Bond ... Boys' Stole ... Vorsity letter in both swimming ond tennis ... always contradicts people ... hat an unforgetoble grin ... will study ot either Syracuse University or Buffalo State to prepore for a career in medicine. ELLEN NANN 432 Orange Street Congenial and contented ... enjoys a good laugh ... repelled by conceited people ...voluet the friendship of Jean Gallagher, Irene Yochnik, Barbara Oral ond Jerry Vernotico ... pleasures the works of Mr. Spindler ond Pearl Buck ... octive in the Spanish Club ... proud of the relationship of the teachers ond tfudenfs here ... Gut's a favorite rendezvous... listens to rock 'n roll music... a career in the business world is in the offing. GWENDOLYN NELSON 30 Hinsdale Place "Gwen"... a bubbling personality ... always reody for a good time... popular with everyone ... possesses a marvelous tense of humor ... con be found with Celia Albritton, Clement Ashford, or William McKnight... "The Good Earth", Mist A bos, ond basketball are omong her special favorites ... o member of Red Cross, the Girls' Glee Club, ond the Observers' Club . .. loathes final exams . received on All-City Chorut oward ... music lover ... outside activities include leaguers ... Gwen plant to attend college to study dramatic arts. 83 ROBERT MOHR ELLEN NANN GWENDOLYN NELSONRONALD NONNEMACHER JOSEFINE NOWAK ELAINE OREFICE MAUREEN O'SHEA EDWARD PAJAK PAUL PALUZZI 86 VIRGINIA PARDO DONNA PATRICK NISOS PAULRONALD NONNEMACHER 93 Norwood Street Ron . . proton pop mutic, sports, and comedy ... fovorite outhor it Hemingwoy . .. like basketball, footboll, ond gymnostics .. hot the Kobil of not tpeoking up... ditliket the flirlt of Artt... spends hit tporo time in North Nowork ... friendt include Bob Pidcock. Pot Soriono. ond Marty Kwotko .. . hot o good tonto of humor ... likot truthful, humorout people ... ambition it to become on electrical engineer ... plant to enter Newark College of Engineering in the foil. JOSEFINE NOWAK 625 Eighteenth Avenue "Joey "... liket the people of Artt High ... includet Helen Prytula, Sobrino Gibki, Virginio Pardo among her friendt.. . enjoyt doncing especially the tongo ond the polka .. ort it her hobby ... utet her free time for sleeping or reading ... her fovor-ite author it Poorl S. Buck ... admiret Mr. Cotteiluccio... it on ottet to the tchool ... active in SCOPE, french Club, Tennit Club, Moth Club, Dance Club and the Student Council... believet in honesty ... will study psychology in college. ELAINE OREFICE 654 North Fifth Street "E" ... talkotive ... friendly ond lively ... enjoy horseback riding, dancing, twins-ming, ice skating, ond listening to joxx ... Josephine Kut, Pot Ooto, ond louit Scon, xillo ore omong her closest friendt.. . Michoelongelo, Edgar Allan Poe, Mrs. loxor ... Student Council representative.. Pet peeve: freshmen ... outside activities include Cotholic Youth Orgonixotion ond Girl Scout ... English, rovioli, sporty clothes .. teochers ot Artt rote highett. .. plant to enter a bot nets college to achieve her highest goal, a good tecretoriol portion. MAUREEN O'SHEA 98 Garrison Street "Rene" .. . lovet to twins, dance, or point... odmiret the workt of Monet, the writings of Edgor Allan Poe, ond the teaching of Mrt. loxor ... hot o potsion for Italian food, it octive in CYO ... wear stylish clothing ... doe volunteer hospital work ... enjoys the company ©f Jimmy Carlucci, Ann Marie Malonik, Nancy Campbell... ditliket tteno homework ond annoying, nagging people... will seek employment ot an office worker in the immediate future. EDWARD PAJAK 399 South Sixth Street "Big Eddie" ... usually with Ron DeRoxtro, Billy Rusto, Tony Guarino, John Son Gi» ronni or Jotefine Nowak... liket Mr. Spindler, Mr. Gommoll, Mrt. Green ... Dali, Picasso, Rembrandt are favorite artisft... prefect mutic by tho Animalt ond Rolling Stonet.. . basketball and turfing top hit sportt list . . . hobbies ore art, cart, and girlt ...proud possessor of o baseball Varsity letter ... admires those whove mode art a career ... love o good time ... plan to ottend college os an art major. PAUL PALUZZI 55 North Sixth Street Congeniol, untelfith, good sente of humor . .. usually found taking port in anything that it uteful or important... worked on SCOPE ... enjoyt J. D. Salinger, Mr. Cotteiluccio' classes ond ort with Mr. Spindler ... Hittory ... lovet to oil paint... bett friend ore John Witeoni ond Karl Schlegel .. . Michoelongelo favorite artist. . . seo-food ... values education received at Art ... watches footboll, baseball... plant to attend Boston University or Newark College of Engineering... a future lowyer or engineer. VIRGINIA PARDO 66 Nineteenth Avenue Enjoys teacher here, especially M'. Cotteiluccio ... grumble about homework assignment ... spends tpore time ploying piano ond reading ... prefers book by Ernest Hemingway ... captured Red Crott Honor . .. alto octive in moth club ond Library Guild... avid mutic lover, both classical and rock 'n roll ... favor Chinese food... usually in the company of Sandy Rood, Helen Prytula, or Josephine Nowak ... plant to pursue a teaching career. DONNA PATRICK 190 Orange Street "Dino" ... "check yourself" ... versatile personality ... occupies herself in spore time with tinging, dancing, or listening to joxx ... wishet to be a teocher or buyer of women' opporel ... counts Faith Singleton, Beverly Ferguson, Deborah Hickson and Jeanette James omong friends ... may be found at YM-YWCA ... favorites ore Thornton Wilder, Miss Perugine, Dove Brubeck, basketball, her vocal group, ond steak ... would like to know something about everything and everything about English. NISOS PAUL 54 North Essex Avenue, Orange, New Jersey "Nicky" . . . partial to Tom Norulak, Joe Di Bella, Sylvia Gioella ond Elisabeth Forcella ... admire Leonardo Do Vinci, Connie Francis, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Miss Meyerson ... favors the world with daily words of wisdom ... octive member of Chets and Math Clubs and the Greek Orthodox Youth Association ... hot a passion for popular records and odd stamps... a comic with an understanding heart... plans to attend the University of Illinois os a liberal arts mojor. 87BEVERLY PERKINS MARGO DELORES PERKINS 88 ROBERT PIDCOCK JEROME PERKINS CRAIG PETERKIN LORRAINE PORTER HELEN PRYTULABEVERLY PERKINS 795 South Twelfth Street "liso" ... amiable, pert, a good IIIM of humor ... Portia Bradley, Karen Clarke, Christine Shipman, and Clement Ashford are her conttont companions ... dances, sings, reodi avidly ... on actress ... admires those who achieve their "impossible dreams-' ... Sponish and French Club member ... Nancy Wilson, Leslie Uggams, jo«, ond "Sentimental" ore favorites in music . .. Dromo Club ond Leaguers participant... admires honesty but dislikes hypocrisy in people... will become on entertainer or a psychologist. JEROME PERKINS 286 New Street Well groomed, coaservotive ... "Jerry" ... active in a drum ond bugle corps ... enjoys second period English doss with Mr. Green ... likes sports wear, casual clothes ... becoming a Karate expert... among his friends oro Reggio Percell, Craig Peterkin, Larry Perry, Donna Patrick, ond Margo Perkins ... Edgar Allan Poe, Mrs Larar, baseball, basketball, and the females at Arts are his fovorites ... pet peeve is strict discipline ... writer for SCOPE ... ambition is to become o mechanic. MARGO DELORES PERKINS 113 Plane Street "Mickey" ... friendly nofure ... likes to hove her own way ... favorite pastimes— singing, dancing, talking on the phone ... James Baldwin ... enjoys history classes with Mrs. Furst... Y.W.C.A. member ... admires intelligence and the conversational ability . . fond of Mrs. Hiller ... listens to classical ond populor music ... dislikes English ... a basketball fan... plans to attend the International Business Machine school after graduation. BARBARA PULLIAM CRAIG PETERKIN 430 South Fifteenth Street "Mickoy" ... a faithful friend ... full of fun ... has a passion for fashion designing ... is known as a great reader, football player, and girt watcher ... double trouble ... numbers Clement Ashford, Dorian Spinks, Jerry Perkins, and Lorry Davis omong his dose friends ... firm believer in the three "R's": Rodio, Records, ond Rock 'n Roll ...favorites: ortist—Doli; musicians—Temptations; outhor—Harper lee; teacher—Mr. Vollor; subject—history ... headed for an ort school. ROBERT PIDCOCK 216 North Ninth Street "Bob" ... likes people in general .. . easy to get olong with—if you see things his way ...close friends are Richard Mctullo, John Fata, Pete Rossi... allergic to detention, football, cars and art are omong his interests... admires the Righteous Brothers .. Mr. Spindler, Michoelangefo, Charles Dickens, Duke Ellington ... appreciates punctuality and o sense of humor in others . . . expects to enter the United States Navy ofter graduation . .. will travel. LORRAINE PORTER 236 North Fourth Street Friends, art, volunteer work keep her busy ... active in the Red Cross, the Student Council, and the Tennis Club ... likes to socialite, dance, listen to records... likes Italian food ... hobbies are sewing and directing church activities ... friends: Diane Ford, Doris Loftin, Pat Fredrick, Meldon Jenkins... favorite personalities: Mr. GOmni oil and Mrs. Tso ... admires Cetonne, Edgor Allan Poe, Roy Charles ... plans to ottend Pratt Institute or Fashion Institute of Technology for foshion designing. JUDIE PYATT HELEN PRYTULA 65 Eastern Parkway Goy, friendly, considerate of others . . . constant companions ore Virginia Pordo, Sandy Reed, Josefine Nowak . . . favorite amusements include playing ping pong, swimming, watching television, dancing, and embroidering .. . active in Dancing Club, Red Cross, Moth Club, Christmas Fair projects, ond library Guild .. member of Ukronian Americon Youth Association ... admires Pearl S. Buck, Wagner, Mr. Costel-leccio ... she is impressed by the Arts High teaching staff . . . rock 'n roll, Ukronian food, sharks, sweotshirts ... Dougloss College.. hopes to become a psychologist. BARBARA PULLIAM 325 Hunterdon Street "Bobby".. intelligent, jovial... spends free time with Yvonne Mills, Iris Wilson, Mafoldo White and Sandra Davis... history, ploying records, doncing and coin collecting ore speciol enjoyments ... serves in Red Cross, Glee Club, Student Council, Band, and Future Teachers of America ... "Tale of Two Cities', a great book . . delights In listening to Johnny Mathis... in free time enjoys church activities ond work in dance group ... after graduation will attend college ond subsequently hopes to teach. JUDIE PYATT 821 South Fourteenth Street "Judie Bug" .. . broad-minded, admires those who oren't ofroid to be original ... favorite company includes Hoxel Ritger, Sheila Reilly, Julie Damiono, ond Dolores Goresh ... "cool it"... Mr. Lynch's ceromics doss is great... employed os a waitress in the Villoge ... will make doncing her life's work .. portiol to folk-rock music, mod clothes, skiing, manicotti ond Mickey Spillane ... Bowling Club... immediate goal is enrollment In a liberal orfs course at Hofstra University. 89SANDRA REED 30 Eckert Avenue "Sandy"... contribute greatly to our Christmas Foir, International Day, Student Council and Red Cross Club... hard-working, sweet os a peach ... usually found on the phone or playing tennis ... "Oh forget it" ... favorites ore Shokespeare, Picosso, Mr. Oentile, and Mrs. Pesile .. . fond of boseboll, evening clothes, parties . .. list Undo Behler, Virginia Pordo, Joe Russioniello, Billy Russo omong her friends... anticipates o career os a Spanish teacher ... plans to enter Douglos College. FRANCES REGISTER 279 South Eleventh Street 'Reggie"., fun loving with a joke for every occasion ... "1984" and George Orwell ... member of Cheering Squad, Student Council, Junior Class Council and Glee Club ... loves sea food and jazz .. . Mis Abos. Mr. Pesile . .. honesty and Individualism ... vice president of the Junior Class... member of the Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority and the Central Jersey Track Team... Jimmy Smith, dancing parties, and sewing are fovorites ... plons Benedict College ... aspires to o teaching coreer. SHELIA REILLY 865 South Sixteenth Street "little Bit" ... sweet, quiet, short... usually found with Ann Martino, Sen Wong and Fran Viola ... hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, dancing, and reading ... favorites are Wolf Whitmon, Michoefongelo, Beethoven, Mr. GommoJI, ravioli, "Tom Jones", Stenography, modern jazz . .. odmires Mrs. Lozar . . . active member of Dance Club .. . the Music Deportment at Art is very special... dislikes being disturbed while reading a good book ... wears cosual clothes well... plon secretarial work at a lifelong career. HOWARD ROBERTS MARIA ISABEL REY 302 Lafayette Street Friendly, intellectual, serious... likes tennis, reading, operot, museums, and Albert Camus. . friends Include Sylvia Gioiello, Cheryl Alot, Lesley Mitchell, Joe Di Bello, lisa Forcella, Howard Cuthnir... usually found in SCOPE office ... A-pin, Honor Society president... Editor-in-chief of SCOPE ... active in Tennis Club, Math Club, and VIGNETTE ... admires Mr. Knobler, Mr Castelluccio, Mr. Green, and her fother . . . plons to attend Mount Holyoke College or Cornell University at a moth or science major. THELMA RILEY 736 Bergen Street "Hollie" ... funny, talkative, witty . .. love baseball, reading, working out of doors, music with a beat... Herb Alperf... oefive in church activities ... has many friends at Arts choosing them according to their personalities, monners. ond speech ... enjoys working with the teachers ot Arts ... odmires Mr . Gogliordo ... spends much of her time talking on the phone... noted for saying "Tell me another one" -.. hot no immediate plans for the future. JOHN RIVERA 254 Ferry Sfreef "Johnny" ... friendly, honest ond sincere . .. enjoys pop music, hamburgers, dancing, ond girls.. . swimming, baseball, ond basketball occupy hit time . . member of the boseboll ond the botketboll teams... the playground spoce ot Arts High School makes him grumble ... favorite teacher is Mr. long ... tome close friends include Oswaldo Mercodo and Nelson Rivera ... member of the Boys' Club ... plans to enter the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art upon graduation. NELSON RIVERA 15 Riverview Court Quiet, amiable, and understanding ... swimming, jazz, Sponith. geometry ond ort ore special Interests... a lettermon on the Swimming Team ... likes the girls best at Arts ...Oliver Wendell Holme? ond Picosso ore preferences in the fields of literature ond art... enjoys the company of Chorles Donnelly and Johnny Rivero ... active in Iron-bound Red Shield Boys' Club... watches people.. admires troit of honesty and humor in others ... would like to become a fine ortist. HOWARD ROBERTS 88 Chapel Street "Melancholy" ... enthusiastic jou fon... often describes music by Noncy Wilson ond Fronk Sinatra by saying "It is very moody" ... studies the techniques of Karate .. active in the United Community Corporation, Newark Youth Council ... fascinated by Cezonne's ort... conscientious, helpful, very nice . .. odmires Mr. Restoino ond Mr. Voller ... good friends: Jerry Perkins. Margaret Slade... won letter for track... enjoy the mysteries of Edgor Alton Poe., goals ore to be a person who understands people well and a good dentist. WILLIAM RUSSO 54 North Munn Avenue Member of Moth Club, the SCOPE, ond the Student Council.. appreciate art by Miro, books by Edgor Allan Poe. music by the Supreme ... won letters playing on the tennis team .. paints... enjoy lemon ice ot Gruning's ond English with Miss Abos... friendly atmosphere ot Arts suits him ... Christmas Fair Committee. C.Y.O. ...favor.te dish-macaroni... Joe Russoniello, Undo Behler, Colleen Kelleher, Syb.lle Schellock, Woyne Simon, are hit fovorite people ... often listen to Motown records . bound. 91 WILLIAM RUSSOJACQUELINE SANDERS MARIE SANTOS SYBILLE SCHELLACK DENNIS SCHIEFELBEIN KARL G. SCHLEGEL HARRY SCHNEIDER JOSEPH GERARD RUSSONIELLOJOSEPH GERARD RUSSONIELLO 213 Lake Street Jo .. won! to bo o credit to hi foroily ond country ... friend include Jerry Gimble, billy Rutto, Sylvia Gioiello, Colleen Kelleher ... intelligent, ambitious .. admire Mr. R» taino... Ii t» Mr. Cattrllucio, Mr. lond roan, Mr , loxor and Mr. Gentile at fovorite teacher . . hope to ottend college in Colorado or Californio .. . "Macbeth" . .. like mu»ic by the Supreme and the Four Seaton ... favorite ortitt i Solved or Dali ... Japan Club, Future Teacher of America, VIGNETTE, Moth Club ... future moth teacher. JACQUELINE SANDERS 430 Central Avenue "Grandma" ... gay ond happy ... dote to Regina Mo»»ey ond Barbara Pulliom ... enjoy the excellent teacher ond friendly atmotphere here ... hobbie ore pointing, twimming, rowing, ond littening to jozz... prefer non-fiction book ... Mr. Peiile and Min Fortunoto are tpecial ... active in Future Teacher of America and a church choir ... bothered by deadbeat and tophitticole ... like a well groomed per on ... will continue her tchooling in order to become o medical technician. MARIE SANTOS 78 Ann Street "little Marie" ... find the company of Sybill Schellock, Jennifer Blockledge, ond Colleen Kelleher ttimulating . . . keep an aquarium, paint or donee in tpare time ... "Schnitzy" ... erve in French Club and Dance Club .. . Mali ' work delight her .. . a CTO Sunday School teacher ... enjoy finding humor ond frankne in other people . . usually listen to record when working at home . .. college bound . .. social work will be her life' work. SYBILLE SCHELLACK 220 Mount Vernon Place "Syb" ... enjoy the company of Mario Santo , Billy Russo, Jo efine Nowak, Sandra Reed ... ho special interest in tennis, twimming, reading, jar and Itolion food .. fascinated by Dali's work ... hat been active in Tennis Club, Moth Club, and Student Council committee ... admire Dave Brubeck, Ernett Hemingway, Mr. Gommoll, Mr . Hiller ond Mr. Knobler ... enthusiottic over new ideot... plan to attend Columbia Univertity School of Pharmacy. DENNIS SCHIEFELBEIN 483 Roseville Avenue "Den" . talkotive ... cheerful ... tometime inert... prefers to be olon ... odmiret Hemingwoy, Dole, Bob Dylan, ond Mr. Spindler .. enjoy art work, good novel , playing the guitar and watching color TV ... ditlike chronic borrower .. . friend of Bob Gelormine, Rolph Brown and Chorle Donnelly... favorite include folk mu ic, rock 'n roll, boteboll, tea food, cotuol clothing, and archery . .. liked the gym clotte at Art ... future plan include a college education at Rutger Univertity. KARL G. SCHLEGEL 11 Lenox Avenue, Irvington, New Jersey Sincere ... talkative ... avidly interested in politics ... friend include Niso Paul, John Witconi , ond Paul Poluzzi... mostly admire John Steinbeck and Mr. landtman ... usually found bowling or playing pool . . . like jazz, boteboll, history, and the Art High student ond foculty ... member of the Student Council and the Chet Club ... a Teenage Republican Club member ... "When in doubt—woitl" ... like to be with well-informed people .. plots to ottend Princeton ... will major in politico) science. HARRY SCHNEIDER 613 Eighteenth Avenue Quiet... subdued ... content... becomes discouraged ot the very thought of deten-lion . .. admire all hit teachers of Art .. . enjoyed reading "Macbeth" ... favorite subject ore history ond English ... like to listen to rock 'n roll or jazz ... doesn't mind T.V. dinners... listens to the radio whenever he ho ony free time ... extremely interested in pro football... like the friendly ofmotphere xi ting ot Art . .. plan to enter the business world after hit graduation. CHRISTINE SHIPMAN 211 Thirteenth Avenue "Chrl»" ... serious, enthusiastic ... admire Mr. Gentile ... love the tenni courts... member of the Centrol Jer ey Trock Team ... a pianist... favorites ore Mozort ond George Orwell ... good rou ie and book produce a lovely evening ... likes people with o tense of humor ... Ray Word, Karen Clorke ond Sondro Thomo ... octive In the Observer ond the Tenni Club ... plon to attend Wheoton College to prepare for a career as a mathematics teacher. NITA RAE SIEGENDORF 220 Mount Vernon Place Bright, mischievous ... "Cookie" ... Billy Rutto, Colleen Kelleher, Carla Berzon, Barbara Sheridan and Lesley Mitchell are among her dose friends ... ho deep admira-lion for Mitt Abot, Mr. Thomot, Mr. Gommoll, ond Monet... fovorite include woter sports, oil pointing, listening to record , and science... actively participate in the Red Cross, Craftsmen's Group, SCOPE, Student Council ond Junior Achievement project ... will always remember the annual musical production ot Arts ... is undecided as to her future plon . 93 CHRISTINE SHIPMAN NITA RAE SIEGENDORFROSEMARY SIERCHIO JUDYTHE SIMMONS WAYNE SIMON FAITH SINGLETON PAT SORIANO MARGARET SLADE 94 DORIAN SPINKS SARA STEISEL WALTER TANKSROSEMARY SIERCHIO 339 Clifton Avenue "Rose" . . . quiet . . . small . . . pleasant . . . friend of Carlo Berxon, and Constance Arace ... likes music, bingo, swimming, ond sewing ... odmires Do Vinci, Mozart, Nathaniel Howlhorne, ond Mr. Resile ... member of the Bowling Club, ond the Orchestra... ploys the accordion .. loves listening to jozz or watching TV .. . boby sits in sporo time ... ossembly programs arc a fovorite port of her school life ... likes good-humored, responsible people... plans to become o secretary ofter attending the Berkeley School. JUDYTHE SIMMONS 92 Somerset Street "Judy" ... sociable, reliable, witty .. . o good conversationalist.. . admires Bill Cosby ... fovorites include Peyton Plocc, "Wuthcring Heights", rock 'n roll, footboll, geometry and pants suits ... Mr. Castelluecio ... "ow w, stop it" ... ploys cello, active in Rod Cross... orchostra ond cheering squad momber... finds time to participate in activities ot YM-YWCA ond the Rodarians, o social club ... enjoyed Arts High barn dances ... plans career os sociol worker... Fisk University. WAYNE SIMON 155 Midland Place Smart and humble ... athletic-minded ... on elusive personality ... contributed to the Moth Oub and the baseball, basketball ond tennis teams hero...J. D. Salinger ond "The Catcher in fho Rye" — hos great admiration for Willie Mays and Helen Keller ...prefers Cezanne, ping popg, the guitar, ond the latest styles in clothing ... aspiration is to become on honorable, well-respected individual ... wonts to bo a medical illustrator after graduation from Syracuse University. FAITH SINGLETON 228 Orange Street "Fay" ... kind, responsible, ond popular... enjoys dancing, track, swimming, sewing, modeling.. likes the people ot Arts. . active in the Student Council and the Red Cross... friends include Donna Patrick, Deboroh Hickson, Jconetto James, Jerome Perkins, Doris Cohens... James Baldwin, Mr. Gommoll, Jimmy Smith ore omong fovorites... admires Mrs. Tso's talent in art.. . participates in church choir and the YM-YWCA . . . plans to attend college to prepare for a career in the field of fashion designing. MARGARET SLADE 214 Leslie Street Kind, quiet, and impish... a pointer... loves Picasso's works ... will teach art... closest friends are linda Jordan, Cheryl Day, Beverly Jenkins, Fran Register ond Judy Simmons ... spare-time pursuits ore swimming, horsebock riding, painting, thinking, and dancing ... Upsilon Sigma Rho Sorority .. . Miss Abos ond Robert Burns rate ... enjoys the smallness of Arts and just being herself... looks forward to mojoring in art ot Pratt or ot the Newark School of Fine ond Industrial Art. PAT SORIANO 294 North Seventh Street "Mr. Moonlight" .. omiable ... musically talented ... collects guns .. . likes jazz ... wears mod clothing ... listens to rock 'n roll... eating roost beef.. . books of Ray Bradbury ore great... The Animals ... Mo reel le Moscone ... Mr. Voller ... a good hunter .. . member of the Notional Rifle Association ... likes the girls ot Arts .. . collects red rubber balls... set of friends include Bob Pidcock ond Ron Nonnemocher ... intends to ploy rock 'n roll professionally upon graduation. DORIAN SPINKS 342 West Kinney Street Eosy-going, fun-loving, popular... usually seen roaming the holls with Jerome Perkins, Clement Ashford, or Craig Petcrkin ... enjoys music by the Temptations, books by Ernest Hemingway, the works of Salvatore Dali, and English classes conducted by Mr. Green ... a conservative dresser ... likes the girls of Arts ... searches for honesty in others ... pet peeve—concerted girls... an avid basketball fan... plans to attend an art school or enlist in one of the Armed Forces. SARA STEISEL 23 Wilder Street Concerned, unaffected . . . creative . . . enjoys people . . . music a favorite . . . ploys the Zither, listens to jazz or folk musk by Ravi Shonkor and Richard Farino ... finds history fascinating, especially when taught by Mrs, Rich ... a VIGNETTE staff member ... reads ond rereads "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran ... New York, its concerts ond museums, ore her usual haunts ... devotes leisure hours to working with handicapped and retorded children ... intends to become a sociologist after earning her degree ot Boston University. WALTER TANKS 128 Scheerer Avenue "Butch" .. . quiet ot first meeting ... friendly, serious ... likes to tease ... counts as friends Robert Gelormine, Tom Norulak and Ed Pilconis... admires Solvodor Dali, Arthur C. Clark, and Mr. Spindler . .. The Beach Boys, rock 'n roll, slot cor racing, basketball, ping pong, soccer ... A.H.S. soccer team . .. belongs to Y.M.C.A. . .. singing group member .. likes congeniol individuals .. . enjoys friendly teocher relationships ot Arts . .. Navy .. . Newark College of Engineering. 95GERALD VERNOTICASANDRA THOMAS 342 West Kinney Street "Sondy" . . . lively, fun-loving, with a terrific sense of humor . . . usuolly having o boll with Debbie Hickson, Jeonetto James, France Register, Christine Shipman, Julia Domi-ono, ond Clement Ashford . .. o xony cook — sometimes a serious composer— like Broadway ploys ... "Yes, I Can" .. Michaelangelo, Leonard Bernstein, Pearl Buck, Mortin Luther King . . . will olwoys remember Mr. Pickett and chorus dost . . . Cleo Club, Student Council... church choir ... Temple University ... plans to become a sociol worker. LOIS VEGA 1891 McCarter Highway "Cookie" ... tweet, quiet, ond congenial ... benefit from the classes of Mr. Shapiro ond Miss Perugine ... "The Good Earth" mode a lasting impression ... operas, jaw, English and boseboll intrigue her.. . considers Sheryll Brant, Carol Ferraro, Nancy Campbell ond Thelma Riley her closest friends ... "Don't do thatl" ... desire to be well-liked by others ... will continue her education with o career as o private secretory in sight. AMARILIS VERDES 137 New York Avenue "Marilyn" ... quiet and unobtrusive ... values the company of Gladys Perez, Sen Wong, ond Pedro Rios ... pointing is a favorite hobby, Doli's work it most appreciated ... profited from Mr. Gommoll't teaching and the books of Edgar Allon Poe... serves at a member of the Spanish Club and the Volley Ball Team... irritated by homework ... expects to become a beautician and to this end plan attendance ot Wilfred Academy. MAFALDA WHITE GERALD VERNOTICA 349 North Twelfth Street "Jerry" ... good humored ... carefree_enjoys rock 'n roll, boseboll, music, "The Pearl", and oil types of people ... thinks Arts faculty and students are tops ... admires Mr. Tobia ond John Steinbeck ... member of the Band ond the Craftsmen's Club... plays in the group "The Mognatones" ... usually found practicing his cordovox or resting ot home ... Joe Guorino, Tom La Dora, Ellen Nonn, and Barbara Dral are his friends ... plans a career os on elementory school teacher. JOHN VIGIL 878 South Nineteenth Street Quiet, considerate, friendly, kind .. . loves o good time ... enjoys being in the company of Eugene Dubicki, Roy Word and Dovid Finkel... stomp collecting, chess, bowling, music are leisure time activities ... hot peculiar habit of not singing in chorus.... favorites include Italian foods, the Tijuana Brass Band, Mr. Del Rey (author), Mr. Pickett, basketball, ond chemistry... admires sincerity ond friendliness in others... plans to enter the United States Coast Guard ... career at a musk teacher is olso a possibility. RICHARD VITALE 117 Third Street "Rick" ... conscientious and sincere ... enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Arts ... unusual hobbies include weather forecasting and butterfly collecting . . . olso plays the guitar ... admires Mr. Cotteiluccio . .. favors Picasso, Segovia, and H. G. Wells ... active in the Math Club, the Spanish Club, the Student Council, and the Junior Red Cross., drown to people with a sente of humor . ..dose friends ore lee Forber, John San Giovanni, Billy Russo, Ronold Guie, and Anthony Castellano... plans a career in meteorology. RAYMOND WARD 66 Madison Avenue "Roy" ... congeniol, understanding ... hot a good tense of humor ... loves all foods ... favorites include the Supreme , Mr. Costelluecio and physics ... usually tinkers with electronic equipment in free moments ... enjoys ploying the piano or the orgon ... is o whiz ot tennis ... chemistry class and orchestra provide happy hour for him ...Christine Shipman, Karen Clarke and Jome Hopkins are port of hit group... plans to attend the Radio Corporation of America Institute or enlist in the Air Force. MAFALDA WHITE 53 Quitman Street Friendly, quiet, sensitive ... usually seen with Yvonne Mills, James Hill, Barbara Pulliam, ond Jennifer Blackledge... collect paperback novels ... likes stage plays, bosketboll, history, casual clothing ... cheerleader. Library Guild, Student Council, Junior Clots Council ... National Honor Society ... Young Adult Advisory Council of the Public library ... admires Cezanne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mrs. Tso, ond Miss Abo ... pet peeve is loud freshmen ... plans to go to college to prepare for a career at a doctor. KAREN WILLIAMS 255 Waverly Avenue "Sue" ... sincere, intelligent... has firm convictions ... welcome a good discussion on any subject... hypocrites annoy her ... Geroldine Williams and Edwina Baxter are her good friends .. . enthusiastic about th jozz of Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilton ond Lou Rawls... Jomes Baldwins' "The Fire Next Time" ... painting, reading, music ond movie occupy spare time... expectation ore to ottend either Cooper Union or Howoii University... plant ultimately to enter the field of industrial design. 97 KAREN WILLIAMSIRIS WILSON JOHN ROBERT WITCONIS GEN WONG 98 SEN WONG MARIS WILLIAMSMARIS WILLIAMS 574 Roosevelt Boulevard "Mor" ... quirt, pleasant, attentive ... bobbin or pointing, horseback r d ng, classical music. ontiqun ond book ore fovorites, loo ... admire pointing teacher, Arthur Moynard ... usually found in on ort clou or in o tobl . .. don pointing of hone being around friendly, mature people ... "Huck Finn" ond pirxo ore lovely together ... will attend Newark State College of Fine ond Industrial Art to complete her plan for a coreer in pointing, portroiture, ond related oreo . IRIS WILSON 446 South Eleventh Street Content .. friendly ... quiet... get olong well with other ... enjoy viewing ploy , reading mysteries, ond wearing fashionable clothe ... o spectator iport fon ... admire perseverence in others ... fond of Mr. Shopiro and Agatha Christie ... loves Mr. Pickett's dynamic personality ... spend »pore time singing, dancing, or cooking .. . Barbara Pulliam, Yvonne Mills are her closest friends .. participate in church youth groups. Red Cross, ond Girl ' Glee Club ... plant a coreer in nursing. JOHN ROBERT WITCONIS 81 Ferguson Street Ambitious ... an ideolist... friendly, talkotive ond ogressive people rote well... hot participated in the Senior and Junior Achievement program .. . admire Albert Ein-stein, Herman Wouk and the Association ... fascinated by astrology ... "The Caine Mutiny" ... Ivy League clothing ... "oh boyl" ... enjoys fost mu ic ployed loud ond eating pirxo or lamb chops... favorite teacher it Mi»s Oovid ... friend include Paul Paluixi, Elaine Orfice, and Dwight Ziegler . .. plan a career in chemistry. DMITRI WRIGHT GEN WONG 47 Roseville Avenue Promising ortist...o quick thinker, especially in his moth classes... interested In cor and on occasional drag roce .. hold o world record for tardiness... veteran fisherman, .loves to do the thing he's most interested in ... odmires Mr. Spindler ond Michoelongele ... friend of Kenny Holst, Ronald Guie ond lee Forber ... plans to join the Novy in the near future and then on to on art coreer. SEN WONG 47 Roseville Avenue "Susie" . .. orniable, but determined ... a hard worker . . . Ro»e lepore, Morilyn Verdes, ond Donna Engal ore constont companions ... enjoyed "My Antonia ' ... Ion Fleming's books .. . dancing to the Four Season's rock 'n roll or bowling entertains her ..."Oh, nol" ... bugged by homework .. never on time ... friends must be personality—plus .. • work after school .. . high fashion in hoic-styling her field of concentration ... will soon attend Wilfred Academy in Newark. DMITRI WRIGHT 125 Rose Street "Dee" ... quiet ond conservative ... "Oh monl" ... Ronald Brown, tarry Davis, and Cliff Maddox are frequent companions ... diversified interests include model-building, sports and ort work ... an ort and crofts teacher, church. Basketball Tcom member ...Dvorak, Turner, Dostoevsky, ond Mr. Gommoll rote high... "Crime ond Punishment" ... doe potter work ... resent folse occusotion .. enjoys the relaxed atmosphere here .. . anticipating a coreer a a commercial ortist after study at Prott Institute. HARRIET WYATT 196 Orange Street Relaxed, pleasant... like all kind of people ... associate are dependable and trustworthy ... preferred compony include Nancy Campbell, Doris Cohens, ond Pat Frederick ... sew and tings ... enjoys history .. oppreciotes the work of Johann Sebastian Bach . . . "That's life" . . . Red Cross, Dance Club, Future Teachers of Americo, ond Cheerleoding ... owarded a Varsity letter ... Epsilon Jcunesse sister... unfriendliness bothers her ... hopes to earn her degree and subsequently become a teacher of moll children. DWIGHT ZEIGLER 73 Seventh Avenue "Zig" ... helpful, self-confident and kind ... Clem Ashford, Joe Epps, ond Cliff Maddox ... member of the Basketball Team ... on enthusiastic fencer, bowler, and ikoter ...a trombone player... drum and bugle corps ond joxx band member ... Herbie Mann and Art Blakeley rate ... jovial people please him . .. plan for future include attendance of Lyon Institute of Medical Technology ... goal it a coreer os o medical technician. 99 DWIGHT ZEIGLERSENIOR D'ReCtOrY Alot, Cheryl • 547 S. Nineteenth St.. Nework. N. J. 07T03 Albritton, Celio • 185 Norfolk St.. Nework, N. J„ 07103—624 5695 Allen, Eorl • 342 W. Kinney St., Nework, N. J. 07103-242-5011 Allington, Constonce • 302 S. Nineteenth St., Newark, N. J. 07103— 621-8672 Aroce, Condone© o 447 S. Eleventh St., Nework, N. J. 07103—242 9005 Ashford. Clement • 376 Avon Av©„ Nework, N. J. 07108—824 4636 Boiley, Regina • 109 Elizabeth Ave., Nework, N. J. 07108—242-7567 Banks, Maryann • 630 N. Fourth St., Newark. N. J. 07107—482-2451 Barnet, Roger • 71 Quitman St.. Newark. N J 07103-621-8363 Bounhuber, Jeff • 13 South Pine lone, Nework, N. J., 07107—484 8766 Baunhuber, Jere • 13 South Pine lone, Nework. N. J. 07107—484-8766 Behler. lindo • 29 Cedor Ave., Newark. N. J. 07106—347-6918 Bell, Michael • Country lone, Mendhom, N J. 543-7654 Berzon, Corlo • 309 Clifton Ave., Nework. N J. 07104—485-0307 Bethea, lorry • 369 Dayton St., Nework, N. J. 07114—242-7425 Bethea, Murroy • 260 Prince St„ Newark. N. J. 07108—242-5971 Bithop, Paula • 329 Woinwright St., Newark. N. J. 07112—9260109 Bivint, Frankie • 498 Belmont Ave.. Nework, N. J. 07108—248-1268 Block ledge, Jennifer • 485 Eighteenth Ave., No work, N. J. 07103 Bland, Shelia • 355 Bergen St„ Nework, N. J. 07103—242-0157 Bradley, Bruce • 97 Ludlow St., Newark, N. J. 07114—248 8682 Bradley, Portia • 81 Murray Sl„ Newark, N, J. 07114—824-4607 Bront, Sheryll • 56 Fobyan PI., Nework. N. J. 07108—372-0532 Brown, Ralph • 194 N. Eleventh St., Newark, N. J. 07109—485-8920 Brown, Ronald • 254 Prince St., Nework, N. J. 07108—248-5356 Buth, Ronold • 215 S. Seventh St„ Newark, N. J. 07103 Campbell, Noncy • 257 Rote St.. Newark, N. J. 07108—233-3529 Corlucci, Jimmy • 285 Park Ave., Nework, N. J. 07107—483 2370 Clarke, Karen • 433 Hawthorne Ave., Nework, N. J. 07112—371-4314 Cohent, Dorit • 882 S. Nineteenth St., Nework, N. J. 07107 Conway, Deborah • 90 Ninth Ave., Nework, N. J. 07107—485-0451 Cotton, Romerro • 54 Rcevet PI.,Nework, N. J. 07108 Crawford, Edward • 192 W. Runyon St., Nework, N. J. 07108—248 4790 Cuthnir, Howard 35 Me nor Dr., Newark, N. J. 07106—374-8161 Damiono, Julia • 799 S. Fourteenth St., Newark, N. J. 07108—233-1074 Donielt, laroine • 118 S. Seventh St., Nework, N. J. 07107—624-9223 Davit, lorry • 223 Pethine Ave., Nework, N. J. 07108—233 0927 Davit, Sandra • 344 Dayton St., Newark. N. J. 07114-824-2412 Day, Cheryl • 170 Bergen St., Newark, N. J. 07103—624-0096 De Cotto. Mildred • 101 Church Ter., Newark, N. J. 07114—824-2980 De Fako, Rudolph • 57 Warwick St., Nework, N. J. 07105—622-2567 Dekent, Kathy • 555 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. 07104—484 2771 Del Toro, Miguel • 469 Elizabeth Ave., Newark, N. J. 07112 Dellaguzzo, louit • 157 Verono Ave.. Nework, N. J. 07104-485-5871 De Roxtro, Ronald • 322 Pork Ave., Newark, N. J. 07107—484-4793 Devlin, Patricio • 202 Sluyvetonl Ave., Nework, N. J. 07106-371-4614 Di Bello. Joseph • 689 S. N.neteenth St„ Newark. N J. 07103-375-3232 Donnelly, Chorles 315 Walnut St.. Newark. N. J. 07105—624 7820 Dofo, Potricio • 417 N. Sixth St.. Newark, N J. 07107—482 8440 Oral, Barboro • 4 Eastern Pkwy., Nework. N. J. 07106—375 2111 Dubkki, Eugene • 783 S. Eighteenth St.. Nework. N. J. 07103-374-1863 Engel, Donno • 85 Monor Dr., Nework. N. J. 07106-371-5398 Eppt, Joseph 513 Bergen St., Nework. N. J. 07108 Everett. Phyllit • 29 Lincoln St., Nework. N J. 07103-623-7915 Forber. lee • 12 Beoumont PI.. Newark. N. J. 07104—483 8360 Ferroro, Carol • 81 Bloomfield Ave., Nework. N. J. 07104-484-7562 Finkel, David • 14 Spencer St.. Newark. N. J. 07106-375-1124 Flagg, Earl • 364 Dayton St., Nework, N. J. 07114 Forcello, Elizabeth • 94 Sunset Ave., Nework, N. J. 07103—371 9034 Frederick, Potricio • 95 Foirmont Ave., Nework, N. J. 07107-622-1928 Gollogher, Jean • 340 Dayton St„ Nework, N. J. 07114—242-3715 Celormine, Robert • 100 N. Seventh St.. Nework. N. J. 07109-482-9222 Gibki, Sabina • 736 S. Twentieth St.. Newark, N J. 07103 Gimble, Jerry • 35 Monor Dr.. Nework, N. J. 07106—375 9691 Gioiello, Sylvia • 74 Pocific St.. Newark, N. J. 07105—623 8260 Godynick, Thereto • 206 Third St., Newark, N. J. 07107—484 0746 Goresh. Dolores • 83 long St., Nework, N. J. 07105—624-7195 Groff, Robin • 628 Springfield Ave., Newark, N. J. 07103—3734573 Guarino, Anthony • 777 Lake St., Nowork, N. J. 07104—482-2272 Guorino, Joseph • 149 Gorside St., Newark, N. J. 07104—484-3663 Guie, Ronald • 135 Wothington St.. Newark, N. J. 07102-622-6730 Hargrove, Cleiffut • 65 Avon PI., Nework, N. J. 07108—2481546 Hoyes. Richard • 33 Holland St., Nework. N. J. 07103 Hiektcn, Deborah • 325 S. Twelfth St„ Newark, N. J. 07107—623 8189 Hill, Jomet • 772 S. Eighteenth St., Newark, N. J. 07103 Holley, Tino • 49 ludlow St., Nework, N. J. 07114—824 2862 Holtt, Kenneth • 225 N. Sixth St., Nework, N. J. Hopkint, James • 382 Belmont Ave.. Newark. N. J. 07108 Horniocek, Jeonie • 85 Mount Vernon PI., Nework, N. J. 07106—372 4367 Hotpodar, Potricio • 243 littleton Ave., Nework, N. J. 07103—643 3590 Hutson, Nothaniel • 58 Ingraham PI., Nowork, N. J. 07108—242-0579 Jockson, Alva • 375 Bergen St.. Nework, N. J. 07103—2487895 Jockson. Bostie • 83 Woverly Ave., Nework, N. J. 07108-824-0983 Jockson, Don • 160 S. Ninth St., Newark, N. J. 07107 James, Jeanette • 274 W. Kinney St., Nework, N. J. 07103—248 3607 Jomet, Modoline • 204 S. Tenth St.. Nework. N. J. 07107—6244535 Jenkines, Meldon • 40K N. Seventh St., Nework, N. J. 07109—485 0426 Johnson, Von • 220 Chadwick Ave.. Nework, N. J. 07108—248-1154 Jordon, lindo • 868 S. Fourteenth St., Nework. N. J. 07108—374 6100 100Julian, Mary • 100 High St.. Newark. N. J. 07104—376 8927 Kelleher. Colleen • 190 Orange St., Newark. N. J. 07103 Kidd, Ronald • 839 S. Twelfth St.. Newark. N. J. 07103—374-3086 Kvt, Josephine • 518 N. Ninth St., Nework. N. J. 07107—483 7934 Lang, Patricia • 65 Seventeenth Ave.. Nework. N. J. 07103—243 8043 lepore. Rote • 250 Fourth St., Nework, N J. 07107-484-0593 Maddox, Clifford • 338 W Kinney St. Nework, N J. 07103-242-1673 Mokorow. Nick • 691 S. Eighteenth St., Nework, N. J. 07103—375 0o05 Morino, Morio •ME. Sylvon Ave., Nowork, N. J. 07104—485 7745 Martino, Ann • 132 Foirmount Ave.. Nework. N. J 07112—622 4235 Mattey, Regina • 69 Jomet St., Nework, N J. 07102—622-6759 Maxwell, Don't • 95 Winoni Ave., Nework, N. J. 07108—248-7156 McGurty, Michael • 32 Willoughby St., Nework. N. J. 07112—923 4578 Mclver, Volerie • 10 Sheffield Dr., Nework, N. J. 07104 McKnight, William • 348 Seymour Ave., Nework. N. J. 07112—242-6288 McRae, Joon • 101 Ludlow St., Newark, N. J. 07114—824-4969 Mill!, Yvonno • 304 W. Kinnoy St., Newark, N. J. 07103 Mitchell, letlcy • 240 Mount Vernon PI., Newark, N. J. 07106-371-1623 Mitchell, Volerie • 128 Seymour Ave., Nework. N. J. 07108—242-8281 Mohr, Robert • 77 Forett Hill Pkwy., Newark, N. J. 07104—482-4934 Nann, Elten • 24 Stuyvcsant Ave , Newark, N. J. 07106—371-7347 Nelton, Gwendolyn • 30 Hintdole PI.. Nework. N. J. 07104-481-1693 Nonnemachor, Ron • 93 Norwood St., Nework, N. J. 07106—374-1654 Norulak, Thomot • 742 S. Nineteenth St., Newark, N. J. 07103—374-0781 Nowok, Jotefine • 625 Eighteenth Avo., Newark, N. J. 07103—373 6613 Orefice, Eloine • 654 N. Fifth St., Nework, N. J. 07107—485 1315 O'Sheo, Maureen • 98 Garriton St.. Nework. N. J. 07105-643-8974 Poluxii, Paul • 55 N. Sixth St.. Newark. N. J. 07107—743-U88 Pojak, Edword • 399 S. Sixth St., Newark, N. J. 07103-248-9136 Pardo, Virginio • 66 Nineteenth Ave., Nework, N. J. 07103—375 5464 Patrick, Donna • 190 Orange St.. Newark, N. J. 07103—624 5329 Paul, Nitot • 54 N. Ettcx Ave., Orange. N. J. 07050-672-2179 Perkint. Beverly • 795 S. Twelfth St., Nework, N. J. 07108—824 5250 Perkint, Jerome • 287 New St., Newark, N. J. 07103 Perkint, Morgo • 113 Plone St., Nework, N. J. 07102 Pidcock, Robert • 216 N. Ninth St., Newark, N. J. 07107 Porter, Lorraine • 236 N. Fourth St., Newark. N. J. 07107—485-8453 Peterkin, Craig • 430 S. Fifteenth St., Nework, N. J. 07103—624-7345 Prytulo, Helen • 65 Eottern Pkwy., Newark, N. J. 07103—824 4919 Pulliam, Barbara • 326 Hunterdon St.. Newark. N. J. 07103—824 4919 Pyatf, Judie 821 S. Fourteenth St., Newark. N. J. 07108-248-3626 Reed, Naomi • 1981 McCorter Highway, Newark. N. J. 07104 Reed, Sandro • 30 Eckert Ave., Nework, N. J. 07112—248-8260 Register, Froncet • 279 S. Eleventh St., Nework, N. J. 07103—6246784 Reilly, Shelia • 865 S. Sixteenth St., Newark, N. J. 07108-375-2730 Rey, Morio • 302 Lafayette St., Nework, N. J. 07105—643-0140 Riley, Thelma • 736 Bergen St.. Nework. N J. 07108-242-0780 Rivero, Johnny • 254 Ferry St., Newark, N. J. 07105—64 3 3349 Rivero, Nelton • 15 Riverview Ct., Newark, N. J. 07105-643-3349 Robert , Howard • 88 Chopel St., Newark, N. J. 07105—622-3265 Rutto, William • 64 N. Munn Ave., Newark, N. J. 07106—371-4084 Ruttoniello, Jotcph • 213 lake St„ Nework, N. J. 07104—484 0184 Son Giovanni, John • 137 Ellery Ave., Newark, N. J. 07106-372-0673 Sondert, Jacqueline • 430 Central Ave., Nework, N. J. 07107 Santo . Marie • 78 Ann St„ Newark, N. J. 07105—622-0864 Schellock, Sybil e • 220 Mount Vernon PI., Newark, N. J. 07106—374 9130 Schlegel, Karl • 11 Lenox Ave., Irvington, N. J. 07106—375-5104 Schneider, Horry • 613 Eighteenth Ave., Nework, N. J. 07103 Scheifelbein, Dennis • 483 Roteville Ave., Nework, N. J. 07107—486-3541 Shipman, Christine • 211 Thirteenth Ave., Newark, N. J. 07103—642-2241 Siegendorf, Nila • 220 Mount Vernon PI., Nework, N. J. 07106 -375-2733 Sierchio, Rosemory • 339 Clifton Ave., Newark, N. J. 07108—484-4384 Simmons, Judythe • 92 Somerset St., Nework, N. J. 07108—242 1822 Simon, Wayne • 155 Midland PI.. Newark. N. J. 07106—374 7905 Singleton, Faith • 228 Orange St., Newark, N. J. 07103—624-4887 Slade, Margaret • 214 Leslie St.. Nework. N. J. 07112—923 2864 Soriono, Pot • 294 N. Seventh St., Newark, N. J. 07109-484-0380 Spinks. Dorian • 342 W. Kinney St., Nework. N. J. 07103—243 6735 Steisel, Sara- —231 Wilder St.. Hilltide. N. J. 355 2397 Tanks, Walter • 128 Scheerer Ave.. Nework, N. J. 07112 Thomas, Sandra • 342 West Kinney St., Nework, N. J. 07103—242-0851 Vega, Lois—1891 McCarter Highway. Nework, N. J. 07104—481-1048 Verdes, Amorilit • 137 New York Ave., Newark, N. J. 07105—6436412 Vernotico, Gerald • 349 N. Twelfth St.. Nework. N. J. 485-8210 Vigil, John • 878 S. Nineteenth St.. Newark. N. J. 07108—374-0670 Vitale, Richord • 117 Third St., Nework, N. J. 07107—482 8930 Word, Raymond • 66 Madison Ave., Nework, N. J. 07108—242 5790 White. Mofoldo • 53 Quitmon St.. Nework, N. J. 07108—642 0496 Williams, Karen • 255 Waverly Ave., Newark, N. J. 07108—242-7611 Willioms, Mario • 574 Roosevelt Blvd., Poramus, N J. 445-5784 Wilson, Iris • 446 S. Eleventh St., Nework, N. J. 07103 Witconi . John • 81 Ferguson St., Newark, N. J. 07105—624 7395 Wong, Gen • 47 Roseville Ave., Newark. N. J. 07107-483-2501 Wong. Sen • 47 Roseville Ave., Newark. N. J. 07107—483-2501 Wright, Dmitri • 125 Rose St., Nework, N. J. 07108 Wyatt, Horriet • 196 Orange St., Nework, N. J. 07103—624 3564 Zeigler, Dwight • 73 Seventeenth Ave., Newark, N. J. 07104—248 5731 101VIGNETTE STAFF IEFT TO RIGHTi Holley, Mr. Knobler. Elitobeth Forcello. For many years the Vignette, the official yearbook of the Arts High graduating class, has served as both a memento to the seniors and a permanent record of the successes and defeats of the whole school in the field of sports, extracurricular activities, and creative efforts. It is more than a memory book and record-keeping device, though, for each publication is totally designed to be beautiful aesthetically as well as to serve more utilitarian purposes. Mr. Knobler is in charge of the art work and his staff of six senior art students design the cover, the inside motif, the page layout, the section sequence and direct the official school photogropher. This year Miss Abos has been adviser to the literary staff, which consists mostly of seniors who serve as writers, informotion-gleaners, proofreaders, and typists. They are responsible for the individual senior write-ups, the sports and club descriptions and all other written material. The VIGNETTE is supported completely by student endeavors such as candy, magazine, and card sales. No advertisements are solicited. Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Spindler, with a few faithful helpers handle the fund raising activities, a major responsibility in a project of this kind. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sybil! Sch llock, Potricio Horpodor, Mory Julion, Mr. Knobler. 102LEFT TO RIGHT: Potricio Do»o, Mr. Shopiro ond Corol Forroro. ROW ONE, left to right: Chrittin Shipmon, Moryonn Bonlct, l tl y Mitch ll, Mil Abo». ROW TWO: Mofoldo Whit , C lio Albritton, Ch ryl Doy. ROW THREE: Tino HolUy, I Forb r........Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. As your official photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST Lithographed bf PUBLISHING CO.. INC 2 2 Grove Avenue Cedar Grove, N. J.

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