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DEDICATION BEATRICE GELLER B.A., M.A. Director of Guidance City of Newark The Class of 1965 is proud to dedicate this year’s Vignette to Mrs. Beatrice Geller, our former Vice-Principal. Mrs. Geller is not only an efficient, competent, hard-working administrator, but also a friendly, patient, and gracious person. Over the years, she has given us understanding, inspiration and encouragement. Although no longer a member of the staff here at Arts High, she still is not only avidly interested in us, but also genuinely concerned about our welfare. With deep respect and admiration, we extend to Mrs. Geller sincere wishes that she will find her new position as Director of Guidance for the Newark schools a satisfying and rewarding experience.JADMINISTRATION“DECISIONS” BY DR. HARRY LEWIS Ph.D. PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATION “NEW STARS" BY PAT A. RESTAINO B.S., M.ED. VICE PRINCIPAL The passage of time makes inevitable the creation of judgments. In the period of our years we must unequivocably reach certain junctions where it is necessary to pause and reexamine the road maps. Whether we commit ourselves consciously to a course of action or prefer the less arduous way of committing ourselves by failure to act is relatively unimportant—for in either event we have destined ourselves to a path of movement. Thus, the simple task of deciding whether or not to apply for scholarship is all too often made by permitting the application deadline date to slip slowly but. nevertheless, irrevocably by. Perhaps it is well, though, that there exists this pleasant alternative to conscious decision-making, for life might be unbearable without it. It would seem to me that in the time chart of our lives, the past few years and the next few to come play a role that much outweighs in importance any other equal period. We are called upon to formulate a guide that will affect our movement for the next sixty years . . . Yes. insurance companies are making their bets and placing odds in favor of our reaching what now appears to be the unlikely age of seventy-five. And. yet. the choice of selecting among alternatives—a smorgasbord of destinies—is left to a fifteen year old (!) ... a novitiate in judgment-making—less than knowledgeable in foreseeing the consequences of his actions. But we must! Though we seek advice from our parents, our friends, our counselors, our teachers. . . . and even occasionally . . ., our principal—ultimately the decision we reach must be our own. We can. however console ourselves in the knowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of others like us facing this problem . . . and that the passage of time and the accumulation of experiences may enable us to reevaluate our judgments. Your graduation from Arts High School is not an ending. It is a beginning!! And. even though reminiscing about these past four years may be a pleasant pastime, it seems to me that planning and preparation, hoping and dreaming, are more in order. Now, more than ever, you cannot be satisfied with what you have done and with what you are. Not completely, that is. There is so much more for each of you to do. so much to learn, so many places to see and people to hear, so many more experiences to be met and felt. We live in a world which is dissatisfied with stagnation and hungry for conquests. We live in an age when man’s merciless adversaries. Hunger and Disease, Ignorance and Fear. Want and Frustration are being challenged at every turn. This is an exciting time! But, will it continue? And. will you contribute? How far we progress, how more perfect becomes our society and our world, will depend primarily on the energy, resources, and accomplishments of individuals. Therefore, the richer you make yourself in mind and spirit in the days ahead, the more prepared you become for the demands of tomorrow, the more reason each of us will have to be optimistic. 7ENGLISH DEPARTMENT SEYMOUR C. HECK RUTH ABOS MARILYN K. ASKIN B.A., M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.S. Ch iirmtn THERESA S. DAVID B.A., M.A. SANDRA HANN B.A. JOSEPH V. REUTER B.A. HISTORY DEPARTMENT 10ART DEPARTMENT LOUIS SPINOLER B.S.. M.A. ELIZABETH R. STILLER B.S.. M.A. JEANNE O. TSO B.S., M.A. DOROTHY B. NEUSS BETH H. STERNLICHT B.S.. M.A. B.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT HILTON OTERO B.A.. M.A. Chairman LORNA R. FURST B.A.. M. ED. ALLAN J. SHAPIRO B.A.. M.A. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT GEORGE STEISEL BA. M.A. Co-Ordinator 11GERARD TOBIA JOHN LANG EVELYN D. DONOVAN CONSTANCE GREEN Mu». B.. B.S., M.A. B.S.. M.A. B.S. R N - BS- PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT LUCILLE B. HILLER B.S. BETTE LAZAR LILLIAN RITTER TINA EUGENE BOHANNON B.S.. M.A. B.C.E. B.S., M.A.. Prof. Dipl. PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT SECRETARIAL DEPARTMENT GUIDANCEDEPARTMENT ROCCO PESILE WILLIAM L. PICKETT GERTRUDE P. SHAPIRO M.A. B.M., M.M. B.S. Co-Ordinator ETHEL MINTZ Pianist SCIENCE DEPARTMENT LEONARD J. YABLICK B.A., M.A. Coordinator VICTOR THOMAS B.S., M.A. SAIDE YUKER B.S., M.A. MARIE MEEHAN R.N. SHIRLEY ZONES Cltrk-Stenooraphor MARIE J. FORTUNATO C Icrk-Stenographor 13 LIBRARIAN NURSE OFFICE STAFFTony Cerruto and Linda Feinerman in a duet from Brigadoon. BRIGADOON Debbie Rollins and John Caprio enjoy a humorous interlude in Brigadoon. U A delightful view of the singers and dancers from the mythical town.The marriage dance featuring Marion Tarr and Michael Szwkarko. The famous Scottish sword dance. ’•Brigadoon" is the talc of a mythical Scottish town that appears only once each hundred years. The legend goes if all the inhabitants have remained faithful to the town, it becomes a bustling city. But if, during this twenty-four hour period of life, anyone leaves the town, it will never again live. Tommy Albright, an American tourist, falls in love with a local girl, Pheona. When the town has disappeared and he has returned home he is magnetically drawn back to the spot where the town first appeared. The love between the two is so strong that the spell is broken for a few minutes, the town returns, and Tommy is allowed to become a permanent member of the community. The show was a great success, largely because of enthusiastic students who worked hard under Mr. Pesilo and Mr. Pickett with the assistance of Mrs. Shapiro and Mr. Tobia, all of the Music Department. When it was all over, there were a few more gray hairs; but those who participated agreed that it was fun and well worth it. Charles Dcmorat tells the fantastic story of the village of Brigadoon to Tony Cerruto. John Caprio, and Linda Fcinerman. 15HOME ROOM 206 MRS. RENSHAW First R w, left to right: Mrs. Renshaw, Carolyn McKnight. Diane Kominck. Allen Nabors. Sheila Harper. Maria Pascale. Arlene James, Paul Bennett. Valerie Celia. Second Row: Olga Kolomiez, Francinc Pocta. Rosemarie Fernicola. Dennis Manvel. Robert Lomack, Edward Schurba. Ellen Brant. Lynda Burghardt. Deborah Webb, Judith Whaley. Third Row: Walter Wynarciuk. Lionel Cuffic. Barbara Dean, Kenneth Cicerale, Danny Johnson, Linda Jones, Susan Taylor, Cephas Battle. Not Pictured: Anthony Kelly, Judith Kravit, Martin Kwesko, Carol Ann Smartt. Harvey Searcy. HOME ROOM 307 MR. ALFRED GENTILE First Row, left to right: Jeremy Wcmgast. Carolann Oleszazuk. Werner Ferszt, Donald Policastro, Mildred DeCosta, Phyllis Bernstein. Christina Jankowski, Ronald Cantalupo. Second Row: Yolanda Patterson. Patrice Culver. Gertrude Brewer, Augustus McQueen, Dolores Cendon. James Houser. Margarctt Harris. Susan Wilckens. Jane Karwacki. Gracic Clarke. Casimir Tokarski. Third Row: James Simpson, Robert Sheppard. Joyce Goff. Dorian Baxter. Jack Jaworski, Vera Kyrejko, Billy Sransky, Edward Robinson, Brenda Hurt. Not Pictured: Robert Martin, Cynthia Maultsby, Sen Wong. 18HOME ROOM 309 MISS SANDRA L. HANN First Row. left to right: Miss Hann. Anthony Castellano. Diana Chudzey. Stephen Barnes Thomas Parks John Swelrat. Paul Per-nandez. Rosalind Bryant. David Lyons. Second Row: Laura Guie. Carmclla Mosconc. Roland Washington. Roger West Anita Crawford Patricia Garrison. Connie P.zzolato. Diane Prosetti. Ralph Wr jht. Edd.c Jacobs. Carl Schegcl. Thud Row: Laurie Bennett. Julian Jones. Jacquelyn Boozer. Phillip McKinney. Walter Kolpakov. Gwendolyn Solomon. John Pinkney. Patricia Holley. Not Pictured: James Clark. Clcifus Hargrove. Joseph Pacheco.HOME ROOM 314 MISS RUTH MEYERSON First Row. left to right: Miss Meyerson. Victor Weingast, Helen Kedzuraki. Ana Zagarolo, William Epps, Carol Roch, Arcelia Hastings, John Smith. Edith Churchman. Second Row: Joanne Stravelakis, Jacquetta Bland, Allan Grundy. Norma Williams, Lillian Briggs, Jerome McCoggle. Barbara Coleman, Beverly Jenkins, Vivian Ingram, Elizabeth Sinate, Richard Nazario. Sandra Daniels. Third Row: Helen Bartruff, Maduria Simmons. Rodney Ailes, Gen Wong. Kathy Urban, Henry Peck. Francis Lewittcr, Michael Zones, Robert Fisher. HOME ROOM 319 MISS BETH STERNLICHT First Row. left to right: Richard Roland. Rosalyn Johnson. Monica Feret, Cassandra Caldwell. Anna Ganata, Joan Stuckey. Virginia Lelinko, Barbara Wood. Donald Smart. Stephen Kish. Second Row; James Herbert. Susan McConnell, John Stanikowski, Jon Collins, Bruce Davis. Confessor Velazque, Alfredo Montero. Yvonne Odom. Third Row. Cessiar Blyden, Michael Iqanechko. James Bell, Gregory Batcavagc, Charles Clark, Eugene Welljams-Dorof. Gregory Guerin, Larry Perry. Not Pictured: John Nye, Edgar Brummell, Robert Pidcock. John Zackcry. 20HOME ROOM 113 MR. JOSEPH REUTER First Row, left fo right. Romero Coston, Joseph Guarino, Cleint Asford. Don Jackson, Valerie Mitchell. Second Row: Louis De Maguzzo, Frances Register, Judyth Simmons. Priscilla Oliver, Portia Bradley. Mary Ann Banks. Beverly Perkins, Franki Bivins. Donald Syarto, Julia Damiano. Third Row: Ronald Kidd. Deta Harris. Judith Pyatt, Sandra Thomas. Christine Shipman, Karen Clarde, Valerie Leanza, Thomas Vigil. Not Pictured: Celia Albritton, Mary Julian, Margaret 22 Slade. Paula Dc Vita. Stanley Johnson, Marion Sroka.HOME ROOM 208 MR- MILTON KNOBLER First Row, left to right: Mr. Knobler, Lorraine Brown. Elizabeth Forcella. Undo Zuber, Maria Rey, Constance Arace. Jean Gallagher. Regina Bailey. Joe Di Bella. Second Row: Nathaniel Hutson. Nisos Paul. Jerry Gimblc. Robin Graff, Sylvia Gioiclla. Lesley Mitchell. Wayne Simon Peter Fagcnc. Tom Norulak. Brunhilda Colon. Third Row: Madeline James, Cheryl Day. Tina Holley. James Zablocki. Alan Baum Deborah Conway. Barbara Dral, Lee Farbcr, Howard Cushnir. Not Pictured: Richard Hayes.HOME ROOM 210 MRS. ELIZABETH STILLER First Row, left to right: Mrs. Stiller, Ronald Nonemachcr. Nelson Rivera. Frann Viola, Earl Flagg. Jacqueline Sanders. Howard Roberts. Second Row: Paula Bishop. Bruce Bradley. William McKnight, Jeffrey Maltz, Arnold Siegendorf, Roger Barnes. Anthony Cassara. Third Row: Kenneth Holst, Charles Boston, Michael McGurty, Lorraine Porter. Norman Perry, Valeric Mclver. class HOME ROOM BIO MRS. GERTRUDE SHAPIRO First Row, left to right: Mrs. Shapiro. Lois Vega. Shcryll 8ranf, Theresa Godynick. Joseph Epps. Carla Bcrzon, Joan McRae, Yvonne Mills. Second Row: Doris Maxwell, Patricia Fredrick. Barbara Pullium, Manesseh Boyer, Loumar Grant, Carol Fcrrar, Harriet Wyatt. James Carlucci. Nancy Campbell. Third Row: Linda Jordan, Charles Donnelly, Ronald De Roxtra, Sandra Davis. Ralph Brown, Nickolay Makarow, Alva Jackson. Robert Gelorminc. Not Pictured: Charles Clark, Thomas Giasullo, Patricia Hospodar. Rosemarie Marconi. Iris Wilson.HOME ROOM 313 MRS. BETTE LAZAR First Row, left to right: Mrs Lazar, Josephine Kus, Amarilis Verdes. Cheryl Alas. Donna Engel. Rosemarie Lepore, Bossie Jackson. Elaine Orefice. Second Row: Jeffrey Baunhuber. Linda Roman. Ann Marie Martino. Robert Millard, Mafalda White, Margaret Res-chetnikow. Felicia Wright. Julia Belles. Ronald Brown. Third Row: James Hill. Patricia Devlin, Calvin Moore. Regina Massey. Carmine Martinez. Jerome Perkins. Johnnie Rivera. Sabina Gibkl. Not P turcd: Charles Guilford, Joseph Murrm, Phillip Rice, Henry Schneider, Victoria Armenante.HOME ROOM 320 MRS. LUCILLE HILLER First Row. loft to right: Ellen Nann, Rosemary Zintel, Dolores Goresh, Margo Perkins, Constance Allington. Meldon Jenkins, Josephine Novak, Virginia Pardo, Nita Siegendorf, Colleen Kclloher, Maria Santos. Second Row: Mrs. Hiller. Richard Vitale. Laraine Daniels, Ronald Guie, Helen Prytula. Anthony Guarinc. George Richardson. Jere Baunhuber. William Russo, Sybillc Schel-lack, Linda Bchler, John San Giovanni, Jennifer Blackledge. Third Row: Phyfis Everett, Joseph Russoniello, George Parliman, Edward Pajak, Dennis Schiefelbein, David Finkel. Sandra Reed, Jcannic Homiacck.HOME ROOM 315 MRS. RITTER First Row. loft to right: Mrs. Ritter. Sheila Reilly. Jeanette Jamts. Sheila Bland. Marilyn Barthrop Rosemary S.erchio. Gwendolyn Nelson Second Row: Doris Cohens. Ronald Bush. Raymond Ward. Rudolph DeFalco. Patricia Doto. Larry Davis. Deborah Hrdison. Patricia Lang. Faith Singleton. Pat Soriano, Third Row: Karen Wiliams. Eugene Dubicki. Craig Peterkin. Van Johnson. Edward Crawford. Robert Mohr. Walter Tanks, Earl Allen.HOME ROOM B8 MRS. JEANNE TSO First Row, left to right: Susan Adams. Lillie Hill, Francine Henry, Charles Stewart, Yvonne Daniley. Sylvia Shearin, Dorothy Nagengast. Laurel Gaines. Christine Taylor. Angela La Rocca. Second Row: Mrs. Tso, Jacquclynn McClendon. Willie Brown. John Milanak, Rosalyn Jones. Robert Gwynn. Betty Ann Keller. Vanzetta McPhee, Marva Ridd ck, Madeline Oliver. John Wood. Hcrmitt Ward, Wendy Stewart. William Bland Third Row: Rocco Andiloro, Michael Lacey, Harold Johnson. Eugene Lane, Marvin Reid. Kenneth Lutz. John Phillips. James Ryan. HOME ROOM 204 MR. GEORGE VOLLER First Row. left to right: Pat Forte. Faye Wichter. Ed Miktus, Charles Curdera. Maria Bcnites. Ken Verdcrese, George Bradley. Salvador Di Bella. Deborah Carlucci. Second Row: Montess Beverly, Cynthia Barrie, Josephine Riley, Lucille Bethea. Danny Silva. Joyce James, Crystal Jones. Ronald Cadmus. Goorgianna Ciaston, John Iwancchko, Betty Brown, Frank Barbosa James Elam. Third Row: Mr. Voller, Alfred Ragins, James Starkey. Howard Weiancr, Robert Corrado, Robert Cabot. James Dc Hart, Bart Alazio. 28HOME ROOM 207 MRS. DOROTHY NEUSS First Row. left to right: Linda Schaad. Judy Alles. Nancy K.rchmayr. Judy Brown Mary Solley. Sharren Mow Tonilca Pullum. Crystlc May. Mrs. Neuss. Second Row: Doric Garcia. Lurene White. Anthony Cerruto. Antony Mer- cado Jack Cantagallo. Geraldine Jenkins. Victor Velazquez. John Furia. William Carey. Anthony Hojnacki. Stanley Terrell Elaine Siciliano. Maria Johnson. Phyllis Vitale. Third Row: Brenda Hofler. Charles Mondalto Clarence Jones Elward Ellis. Gregory DcFilipo Gregory Williams. Hollaco Howell. Frank Fernicola. Not Pictured: Darrow Igus. Ross Coxen. Michael Green. HOME ROOM 213 MISS RUTH ABOS First Row. left to right: Diane Bush. Elizabeth Argiro. Rosemary Figcl. Ann Marie Poeta. Joanne Briggs. Doris Wallace. Mary Ann Rossi. Beverly De Maio. Jeannette Washington. Second Row: Carl Lewis. Florence Dennis. William Drennen. George Schwarz. Gerard Sheehan. Eileen Stickle. Rita Mazzuca. Joseph Picgari. Nick Bancer. Julia Walker. Victor Marrero. Deborah Richardson. Leslie Bennett. Deborah Rollins. Miss Abos. Third Row: Linda Trella. Robert Przychodniecz, Charles Smith. Edward Tittel. William Cambouris. Robert Bartkowiak, Alan Struck. Geneva Williams. Valerie Mason. HOME ROOM 215 MR. ALBERT CALVIN First Row. left to right: Larry Smith. Linda Stewart. Kathleen Schweitzer. Maxine James, Kathleen Fazzari, Erica Mohrlang. Beverly Williams. Gale Vararo. Robert Cavallo. Leonard Donofrio. Second Row: Mr. Calvin, Carrie White, Gladys Perez. Carolyn Cook, Lilloan Pchura. Johnnie Mae Nesbit, Hazel Rifger, Esther Willcox. Stephanie Prytula, Julia Parks. Kathleen Griswold. Third Row: Carmine Tortorello, Gennaro Russo, Alexander Riddick, Charles Corrado, Linwood Arrington, Leon Melnyczok, Robert Spiotto, Mar-celle Moscone, Chester Lee. Not Pictured: Nancy Hclminski.The Three Kings bringing gifts AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS The production of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" by the Music Department assisted by the Art Department was enthusiastically received by the capacity audience. The presence of many of our alumni added to the warmth and festive spirit of the entire fair. The peasant dance from "Amahl and the Night Visitors.” 32m A-PIN The award of the A-Pin is made by the Student Council during the latter part of each semester to deserving students. To earn this pin a student must have given consistent and outstanding service to the school in activities or clubs which give no other award. Every student at Arts is eligible to earn the A-Pin. By accumulating credits beginning with the freshman year a student is awarded the pin in either his junior or senior year if by that time, he has acquired the required number of points. THE ACTORS’ WORKSHOP One of the newest clubs at Arts High, organized only in the fall of 1964 by Philip Gelormine. is directed by Mrs. Stiller, who has had much experience in the field of the dramatic arts. Its purpose is to develop the dramatic talents of its members. Both short dramatic sketches written by the students themselves, and plays by professional playwrights are used. Membership is open to everyone at Arts High, from freshmen to seniors. The Workshop, which meets every Wednesday, plans to give a play at one of the school assembly programs in the fall of 1965. Left to right: Richard Thomas. Tommy Burylo, Frederick Byrd. 36 Sitting, loft to right: Mrs. Stiller, Patricia Devlin, Deborah Stapleton. Joyce James. Standing: Philip Gelormine, Faye Wichtcr, Brenda Hofler, Richard Hayes.BAND Our Band participates in a wide range of activities from parades and assembly programs to the Winter and Spring Concerts. Many members of the Band, which is directed by Mr. Tobia. have been selected to play in the All-State Band. Some members of the Band have continued their careers further professionally or in bands at colleges. First Row. loft to right: Victor Weingast. Phyllis Bernstein, Constance Aracc. Wendy Stewart. Mr. Tobia. Carla Bcrzon, Karen Clarke. Paul Bennett. Second Row Edward Jacobs. Donald Policastro, Edna Green Bey. Jerome McCogglc. Edmond De Noia, Joseph Murrin, Joseph Epps, Ronald Kidd. Third Row: Bruce Persing. Michael Lieberman, Diane Davis, John San Giovanni, Larry Parks, Roland Washington. Hcrmitt Ward, Sally Fricdlander, Gerard Sheehan, Augustus McQueen. Fourth Row: Michael Iwanechko, Michael Zones, Rayford Young. John Iwanechko, Larry Perry, Robert Johnson, Phillip McKinney. William Drcnnen. Fifth Row: Lynn Handsome, Patricia White. Larry Pyatt, George Meyer. Edward Crawford. Clarence Jones, Alfred Ragins. John Zachcry, Carmine Tortorello, Richard Grossman. Sixth Row: Lee Farber, Charles Mondalto, Robert Cabot. John Philips, John Nye, Kenneth Lutz, Michael Szkwar-ko, Robert Mohr, Kenneth Ciccerale, Charles Clark. First Row, loft to right: Anthony Guarino, John Smith, Richard Nagano, Hermitt Ward, Richard Shaw, Karl Schlcgel. Second Row: Stephen Kish, John Phillips, Lee Farber. Third Row: Mr. Calvin, John Vigil, Anthony Castellano, Richard Rollen, Michael Goy, Anthony Hojnacki. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, organized in February 1965, has an ambitious and challenging purpose—to train a championship team! Under the supervision of Mr. Calvin, captains Tony Cerruto and Larry Smith as well as co-captain Robert Bartkoviak plan to initiate the twenty-five club members into the intricate strategies of tournament chess. Next year, a program teaching the fundamentals of chess to beginners will be added to the club’s program. 37CHORUS One hundred and eighty students belong to one of the musical organizations at Arts, the Chorus. The Chorus meets daily in class sessions to rehearse the songs for the numerous and varied programs it gives both at Arts and at other schools. Mr. Pickett has sole responsibility to teach the music for these programs. Throughout the year, a constantly changing and constantly challenging schedule of performances is met by the Chorus. These range from the Thanksgiving Assembly, the Christmas Fair, and the Winter Concert to the most brilliant production of the year—the musical or opera. Also the Chorus takes part in the Spring Concert, the Easter Assembly, and the Kiwanis Club program. The Chorus helps to give a musical conclusion to the school year when its members sing at graduation. First Row, loft to right: Anita Brown, Phyllis Cuylcr, Deborah Rollins, Maria Johnson. Arlene Mangino, Doris Garcia. Paula Do Vita, Christine Shipman, Francinc Henry, Gertrudo Brewer, Charles Stewart, Anthony Liotti, John Stanikowski, John Vigil, Jeremy Weingast. Sheila Harper, Edwina Baxter, Joan McRae, Crystal May, Lurene White. Second Row: Madeline Jones, Maxine James, Jackie McClendon. Gwen Nelson, Christine Taylor, Yolanda Patterson. Lionel Culfie, Peter Fagono, James Herbert, Tonilea Pulliam, Carmela Moscone, Judy Ailcs. Virginia Pardo, Mildred Da Costa. Third Row: Faye Wichter, Gracie Clark, Laurel Gaines, Carrie White, Edith Churchman, Elva Johnson, Patricia Frederick, Carolyn Cook, James Starkey, William Brown. Debra Hickson, Susan McConnell. Doris Maxwell, Frances Leweter, Arlene James. Fourth Row: Deborah Stapleton, Barbara Sapp, Vivian Ingram. Kathy Urban, Josephine Reilly, Iris Wilson, Madeline James, Beverly Jenkins, Barbara Coleman, Darrow Igus. Richard Thomas, Anna Gnota. Delores Cenden, Doris Cohen, Frances Register, Lynn Handsome, Linda Jordan, Laura Guie, Valerie Mason. Fifth Row: Willettc Lowther, Julia Walker, Cheryl Day, Linda Jones, Gwen Soloman, Deborah Richardson, Helen Prytula, Brenda Hoeffler. Sandra Davis, John Zachery. Gregory Di Fillippo, Lorraine Daniels, Joyce James, Linda Burkhart, Rosemarie Fcrnicola, Patricia White, Geneva Williams, Geraldine Jenkins. CORRIDOR PATROL A new but very useful activity, the Corridor Patrol, was introduced during the current year of 1964-65. The students, all of whom volunteered for the Patrol, receive credits toward an A-Pin for their efforts. The Patrol members are on duty during the fifth and sixth lunch periods every school day; stationed on the first floor they accomplish their purpose of keeping the stairways to the second and the third floors clear and the upper floors quiet for the classes there in session. First Row. left to right: Deborah Stapleton, Theresa Godynick. Patricia Devlin. Second Row: Howard Cushnir. Hollacc Howell. Ronald Cadmus.THE CRAFTSMEN S GROUP A unique organization, the Craftsmen's Group, composed of both art and music students has for its chief purpose, the development of appreciating hand craftsmanship and the creation of products made from the original designs of the members. With no officers or regular meetings, but an active membership of fifteen students, the group does work in stained glass, silver, copper, enameling, and woodwork. They make car-rings, pins, rings, and other beautiful and useful objects, some of which are sold at our annual Christmas Fair. The popular and attractive Valentine hearts for the Senior Dance were made by the Craftsmen. The series of trips to museums and art galleries in New York City made by the group each year are especially popular. First Row. left to right: Ellen Brant. Valeric Mason. Betty Broogos. Loretta DcMasJ. Francine Henry, Jacctta Bland. Virginia Pardo Second Row. Cheryl Day. Maxine James. Elizabeth Argiro, Eric Mohrlang, Yvonne Mills, Barbara Pullium Julia Parks, Marilyn Nemcrowitz. Third Row: Vanzctta McPhee. Brenda Hoc'fler, Geneva Williams. Ins Wilson. Willette Lowther. Helen Prytula. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is a club organized for the benefit of those students who would like to become members of the teaching profession. Mr. Voller, a capable teacher, acts as adviser of the club. The members make field trips to colleges offering teacher training courses. During regular meetings they discuss the difficulties, problems, and the opportunities of a teacher today. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. First Row, eft to right: Anita Siegendorf, Sylvia Gioiclla. Second Row: Richard Nagario, Stephen Kish Third Row; Alan Struck. Edward Tittle, Anthony Liotti, George Schwartz, Joseph Guarino, Michael Martino. 39First Row, left to right: Mary Solley, Anita Crawford. Manessah Boyer, Erica Mohrlang, Josephine Kus, Paula DcVita, Shelia Bland, Sheila Harper. Second Row: Carolyn McKnight, Paula Bishop, Arcelia Hastings, Frankie Bivins. Julia Walker, Geraldine Jenkins, Meldon Jenkins. GIRLS’ BOWLING CLUB The Girls’ Bowling Club, sponsored by the Board of Education, is an enjoyable activity. Sponsored by its adviser. Mrs. Donovan, the club meets each Wednesday from 3 to 5:30 p.m. at the Bowl-O-Mat. To join, a girl must have the consent of her parents and also must have accident insurance. Before a girl may bowl with the club, she must show real interest in the game and attend all meetings. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB This enthusiastic group of girls consists of art as well as of music students. The girls entertain with their delightful harmony at the Winter and the Spring concerts as well as conducting an annual assembly program. The club meets twice a week on Tuesday and Friday under the leadership of Mrs. Shapiro. Any girl interested in developing her ability in vocal music may join. First Rcrw. left to right: Christine Taylor, Patrice Culver, Francine Henry, Gertrude Brewer. Arlene Mangino, Faye Witcher, Maria Johnson. Maxine James. Betty Broogos, Janet Cioffi, Lurine White. Gracic Clarke. Second Row: Gwendolyn Nelson, Barbara Pulliam, Doris Cohen, Valerie Mitchell, Constance Allington, Laurel Gaines. Jacqueline McClendon. Tonilia Pullum, Doris Maxwell, Susan McConnell. Deborah Webb, Arcelia Hastings. Third Row: Alva Jackson, Carrie White, Debbie Stapleton, Shelley Lea. Frances Register, Lorraine Daniels, Iris Wilson, Patricia Frederick, Crystal May. Celia Albretton. Valerie Mason. Fourth Row: Barbara Coleman, Beverly Jenkins. Linda Jones, Gwen Salomon. Vanxctta McPhee, Geneva Williams. Vera Kyrejko, Joyce James, Julia Parks. Linda Jordan. 40GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Mrs. Donovan, who is the faculty adviser for the Girls' Volleyball and the students who play in the volleyball games, are all enthusiastic about this sport. They all feel that this is one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile extra-curricular activities offered here at Arts High School. In the future, everyone feels that this game has a very bright opportunity of becoming one of the most popular sports in our school. First Row. left to right: Rosalyn Johnson. Carmcla Moscone. Phyllis Bern-stein, Pat Culver, Deborah Webb. Maria Benitez, Marilyn Verdes. Marilyn Nemerowicz. Second Row: Vivian Ingram. Sheila Harper, Frankie Bivins. Arcelia Hastings, Jacquetta Bland. Phyllis Cuylcr. Jackie Boozer, Judythe Simmons. Patricia White. THE LIBRARY GUILD The Library Guild, one of Arts High's many extra-curricular activities, performs many services for the school under the direction of our librarian. Miss Yuker. Members who may range from freshmen to seniors. must have at least a "C" average to join. Under the guidance of Miss Yuker. our student "Librarians” mend books and magazines, type catalog cards, shelve books and do some filing. Field trips each year are an enjoyable feature of the guild. A-Pin credit and valuable experience in library work arc gained by the guild members. First Row. left to right: Laura Guie. Anna Ganoba. Nancy Kirchmayr. Angela La Rocca. Deborah Conway. Miss Yuker. Second Row: Georgianna Cieston, Donna Engel, Walter Kalpa-kov, Richard Nazario, Stephen Kish. John Sfamkowski. Nick Makarov. Madeline James. Margaret Rcschot-nikow. 41First Row, loft to right: Virginia Cardo. Hcllcn Prytula, Josephine Nowck. Sybille Schellack, Patricia Lang, Sheila Bland, Carol Roch, Frances Lewitter. Yvonne Mills. Second Row: Vanzctta McPhce, Barbara Pullium, Geneva Williams, Brenda Hoflcr, Christine Taylor, Maria Rcy, Arlene Mangino, secretary; Victor Marrero, president; Olga Doroshenko, vice-president; Cheryl Alas, Meldon Jenkins. Phyllis Bernstein, Sylvia Gioiolla, Patricia White, Miss Meyerson. Third Row: Frank Fernicola, Eugene Welljams-Dorof, William Carey, Jeremy Weingast, Victor Weingast, Joseph DiBclla, Bossic Jackson, David Finkcl, Richard Vitale, Joe Russoniello, James Hill. MATH CLUB The Math Club meets every other Wednesday under the competent supervision of Miss Meyerson. The only requirement for membership is a half year of high school math and an interest in mathematics. At the meetings, activities include puzzles, mathematics for relaxation, guest speakers and frequently special reports given by the members. Often the group attends lectures and takes field trips to offices and museums to stress the importance of math today. The achievements of the club add much to the growth and development of Arts High. ORCHESTRA Our Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Pesile. has played in the All-City and the All-State Orchestras. It also has presented many enjoyable programs in the form of assemblies, concerts, and the annual opera with a wide musical selection ranging from Brigadoon and Carousel to Mozart and Beethoven. Several students, especially soloists, have won honors in music while here at Arts and later have continued their musical training at such schools as Juilliard. 42 First Row, left to right: Carla Bcrzon, Mary Ann Banks. Judythc Simmons, Martha Cybyk, Gerard Sheehan. Valine Mitchell, Yvonne Mills. Beverly Marcel. Werner Furszt. Second Row: Van Johnson. Edna Green Bey, George Jankowski. Julia Parks, Sally Friodlander, Dianne Davis, Barbara Pu.lium. Bruce Pcrsmg, Micnael Licbcrman. Third Row: Esther Wilcox. Antonette Uschak. Stephanie Prytula, John Funa. Howard Kcrschnir. William Drennan. Carmine Tortorello, Edmond DcNoia. Lynn Handsome. Fourth Row: Rayford Young, Charles Mondalto, Richard Grossman. Alfred Ragans, Larry Pyatt, Frank Fernicola. Lee Farbcr, Philip McKinney. Fifth Row: Edward Crawford, Michael Coppola, Alex Mancini, Kenneth Lutz, Mr. Pcscile, Terrence Glynn. Robert Mohr, Charles Smith. Kenneth Ctceralc. Not Pictured: Crystal Jones, Richard Korn, Jacqueline Sanders. Allen Struck, Beverly Dunn, Charles Murrin, Jack Rcbertello. Loumar Gray. Carol Roch. Rose Mane Shcrchio.THE PHYSICAL FITNESS CLUB The Physical Fitness Club, organized two years ago, is made up of a group of the most enthusiastic boys in the sports program here at Arts. We are very proud to have such an organization in our school, partly because it helps carry out the President's “Physical Fitness Program and also because it develops skill and enthusiasm for sports. The program of the group includes wrestling, gymnastics, and weightlifting. Mr. Gentile sponsors the group, which meets Friday of each week in the fall and winter seasons. Standing: Leo Brovin, Alfredo Montero. and John Iwanechko. Sitting: Paul Fernandez. John Nyc. Michael Iwanechko, Jerome McCogglc, Charles Smith. RED CROSS “We Serve" is the motto of the High School Red Cross. That Arts Red Cross is dedicated to service is seen in the two thousand hours of “Volunteer" service given last year to Newark hospitals, nurseries, and homes for the aged. These same organizations are remembered at holiday time with favors, presents, and tray covers. Each year “Operation Cookie" is responsible for sending dozens of homemade cookies to the Veterans Hospital in East Orange. Nightgowns, pajamas, and overalls are sewn for those made destitute by fire in Newark. Both in 1962 and 1964 the Arts High School Red Cross was given an Achievement Award by Parents’ Magazine in recognition of this outstanding service rendered to our community. First Row. left to right: Mrs. Hiller. Karen Clarke. Beverly DcMak). Madeline Oliver, Kathleen Griswold. Virginia Pardo, Francine Henry. Jaquetta Bland. Diane Bush. Second Row: Meldon Jenkins. Joanne Briggs, Faith Singleton, Sandra Reed. Phyllis Evertt, Portia Bradley. Anita Crawford. Yvonne Mills. Cheryl Day. Brenda Hofler. Third Row: Barbara Pulliam, Joyce Davis. Vanzctta McPheo. Lorraine Porter, Marilyn Ncmerowicz. Geneva Williams. Linda Trella, Mary Ellen Salley, Helen Prytula, Linda Jordan “SCOPE” Our school newspaper staff is made up of a group of hard working students. This year’s SCOPE ovses its success to the capability of the editors who work under the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Spindler. The SCOPE, the only complete record of all our school activities, is published approximately every month. The newspaper highlights every aspect of life at Arts from school news, sports, dances, clubs, editorials on student problems, and features on art and music to fads, fashion, and elections; anything and everything to inform and entertain the Arts High “family". First Row, left to right: Mr. Spindler. Marion Tarr. Werner Ferszt. Ellen Nann, Joe D Bella, Rosemary Zintel. Second Row: Jean Gallagher, Maria Rcy. Laura Guie, Theresa Godanyk. Anita Scigcndorf. Third Row: Sylvia Gioiella. Tamara Burylo. Michael Licgerman. Lee Farber, Lesley Mitchell. Fourth Row: Olga Doroshenko, Charles Smith. Richard Thomas, Fred Byrd. Elwood Ellis. Howard Wcidner.SPANISH CLUB A touch of Spain and Latin America is given to Arts High by the Spanish Club, recently organized by Mr. Otero. The members sing Spanish songs, speak Spanish at their meetings, and learn different steps in a variety of Spanish dances. An assembly program will be given by our "Spaniards'' even though the club is relatively new. Enrollment in a Spanish course is not necessary in order to join; any student may become a member. First Row, left to right: Doris Garcia, Maria .Johnson, Theresa Godynick, Patricia Lang. Linda Zuber, Maria Benitez. Mr. Otero. Second Row: Laurinc White. Rosemary Zintel, Sheila Bland, Ellen Nann, Victor Velasquez, Virginia Pardo, Carrie White, Brunhilda Colon, Sandra Reed, Francine Lewittcr. Third Row: Sheila Harper, Yolanda Patterson, Rosalyn Jones, Etwood Ellis. Charles Stewart, Victor Weingast, Richard Vitale. Vivian Ingram, Amarilis Verdes. Portia Bradley, Deborah Conway. THE STAGE CREW The Stage Crew is a small group of boys under the direction of Mr. Gommoll and Mr. Marcus. The members are responsible for the sound equipment and the staging of all assembly programs and special events. Two of their most complicated and interesting assignments are the production of the annual operas, such as Brigadoon (1964) and Carousel (1965) and of the Christmas pageants and plays such as 1964's Amahl and the Night Visitors. First Row, left to right: Arthur Corb-Icy, John Hill, Casmir Takarski, Anthony Liotti. Second Row: Edward Tittle, James DeHart. James Starkey. Mr. Marcus. STUDENT COUNCIL The legislature of Arts, the Student Council, is made up of two representatives from each homeroom and one representative from each club. They meet each Thursday after school. Some of their responsibilities are arranging for programs such as International Day and the Freshmen Orientation Program, selecting A-Pin candidates, and planning school dances. But above all, they try to meet the wishes of the school. One of the unusual and especially valuable services of the Student Council is to sponsor and to help financially a little South Korean girl. First Row, left to ryht: Mrs. Bohannon. Maxine James. Francine Henry. Mary Bromberg. Mari-lyn Cheryl Day, Vera Kjreyko Second Row: Mr. Gommoll. Kathy Patackn. Tammy Burylo. Liz Age ho. Debbie Stapleton, Maria Rey. Gerry Jenkins. Barbara Sapp. Carolyn Miele, Loretta, Gertrude Brewer. Third Row: Elwood Ellis. Alan Struck. Bossic Jackson. Fay 44 Witcher. Maria Johnson. Sandra Reed, Jackie McClendon. Mike Lacey. Clarence Jones, Clarence Warren, Van Johnson, Ronald Cadmus.First Row, left to right: Mrs. Gcller, Diana Cherlok, Bruce Persing, Iris Pcskin. Charles Stuart, Elizabeth Argio, Fay Witcher, Marion Tarr, Jacqueline Turner, Michael Lieberman. Arlene Mangino, Mr. Restaino. Second Row: Miss David, Tammy Burylo. Stanley Chraminski. Gerard Sheehan, Martha Cybyk, Erica Mohrlang, Leslie Ben net. Antonette Uschak, Mary Bromberg. Janet Cidffi, Linda Fienerman, Ann Marie Pocta. Third' Row: Dr. Lewis. Joyce Davis, Curtis Holochuk, Geraldine Jenkins, Alan Struck, Esther Willcox, Fred Byrd. Richard Thomas. Marilyn Nemcrowitz, Patricia White, Elva Johnson, Charles Smith, Olga Dorosherko. HONOR S 0 C I E T Y "The traditional ceremony welcoming new members of the National Honor Society." NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One of the greatest honors an Arts High student may earn is to be chosen for membership in the National Honor Society. Selection of new members is based on the high ideals of character, citizenship, leadership, and scholarship. Members who are selected by a faculty committee are inducted into the society at a most impressive candlelight ceremony that is one of the treasured traditions of our school. A reception for the new members and their parents follows in the gallery after the assembly.BASEBALL Better give me back my ball, you mcanic. SCOREBOARD ARTS OPP. ARTS OPP 8 12 .. 12 17 5 3 0 10 16 5 Newark Tech 7 8 3 9 4 1 4 3 5 8 14 0 Newark Tech 3 4 One, Two. . . . Cha-cha-cha. A little bit more to the left. 48Hail! Hail! The gang' all here . . . (and the coach too) Kneeling, left to right: Larry Pyatt, Jack Cantagallo, Kenny Gary, Stanley Chraminski. Joe Kozak. John Marchuka. Standing: Mike Martino, Ralph Mortellito. Danny Cirminicllo. John Milton. Robert Wilkins. Joe Evans. Ken Brown, Mr. Lang. The 1964 team was a high-spirited, hard-working group. The boys tried to have a successful year. The team's major drawback was in the pitching, principally because of the inability of the pitcher to get the ball across the plate. The result, of course, was a good deal of “legal walking" by the team's opponents. Coach Lang describes the team as hard-working and enthusiastic. He is looking forward to the 1965 season as a succcessful one since the team will by that time have gamed valuable experience. "Either you let him play, or—stand in the comer!" 49First Row, left to right: Milton Battle, Verone Jenkins, Gonnaro Russo, Alvin Fudge (co-captain), Jack Cantagallo, Rayford Young, Second Row Winston Jones (manager), Tyrone Butler, Darrel Igus, Edward Tittle, Eugene Lane (co-captain), John Worth, Mr. Voller (Coach), Mr. Lana (J.V. Coach). Arts High's basketball team enjoyed its most successful basketball season this year compiling a 16-7 slate. For the second consecutive year the team shared the championship of the New Jersey Vocational and Technical School Conference. Irvington Technical was the co-champion. Arts’ most thrilling game was a come-from-behind victory in overtime with a score of 55-51 against Kennelon High in the State Tournament. School spirit was engendered through a pep rally: good attendance was very evident during the State Tournament games, Alvin Fudge. Gene Lane, and Tyrone Butler were the bulwarks of Arts' offense. SCOREBOARD ARTS OPP. 28 St. Patrick's 64 51 Bloomfield Tech 31 50 Oratory . 22 50 Harrison .. 52 59 Pingry 39 54 Edison Tech 31 68 Paterson Tech ... 43 44 Irvington Tech . . 47 56 Edison Tech 42 61 Newark Tech 31 57 Irvington Tech .... 47 57 Bloomfield Tech 48 70 Paterson Tech 51 60 Newark Tech 44 58 Sacred Heart 36 25 80 62 46 57 Oratory 42 65 Holy Trinity 80 44 St. Patrick's 48 73 Harrison ... 57 STATE TOURNAMENT 55 Kinnclon - 51 44 Glen Ridge 55 50 FACULTY GAME "Ah . . . food!" You can depend upon the Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game and Dance for real entertainment each year. The varsity players were dazzled by the fancy footwork and superb ball-handling displayed by the faculty squad members. With Mighty Mr. Tobia conducting and "Twinkle Toes Voller" counseling the veteran strategists, our inexperienced varsity players never had an opportunity to score. The game was filled with excitement even to the final moments when the faculty triumphed again over the varsity players. After the game there was some artful maneuvering on the dance floor, also. 52 Calling Doctor Gentile! '. . . huh?!?'"Smite, you're on Candid Camera.” "Hey. hey. what d'ya say? Get that ball the other way!" Left to right: Mr. Lang. Mr. Vollcr, Mr. Vofo. Mr. Tobia, Mr. Damato. Mr. Thomas. Mr. Marx. Mr. Gentile. “Hey! Who put gum on the ball?' SCOREBOARD ARTS OPP. 0 St. Cecilia ............ 6 1 West Side 2 0 Weequahic ............. 3 1 Newark Tech 0 0 South Side 1 2 Vailsburg_________________3 0 South Side ............. 1 SOCCER The soccer team in 1964 had a record of three wins and nine losses; however the spirit of the team was excellent. In fact, the outstanding feature of this team was the hard work and the enthusiastic cooperation of the boys, despite the bad breaks that prevented more victories. Our two strongest opponents were West Side and Vailsburg. The State Group Three Championship was won by Vailsburg. With any luck and continued enthusiasm we should have an excellent record this coming season. Another reason for optimism for 1965 is that the nucleus of next year’s team indicates that we may have a better team. First Row. left to right: Ihor Wynarczuk. Joseph Kozak. Joe Epps. Walter Wynarczuk. Anthony Guarino, Howard Cushner, Jeffrey Baunhuber, Stanley Chraminski. Arthur Soares, John Iwa-ncchko. Robert Millard. Second Row: Mr Nowick, Leroy Beaty. Edmond Crawford. Michael Szkwarko. Leon Melnyczok, Charles Smith, Alvin Fudge, Edward Tittle, Michael Jaworski, Milton Battle, Jack Jaworski, Romero Costen, Andrew Jagodzinski, Walter Tanks, Robert Prychadniecz.ARTS 54 West Side . 23 Vailsburg _ 49 Barringer 65 South Side 55 Central 44 East Side — 58 West Side 59 Central 28 Wccquahic 39 East Side — 33 Vailsburg - 44 8arrtngcr — 68 South SideThis is a swimming team, fellows! This is not a prayer meeting. Ihor! Why so glum, fellows? We only lost by 40 points! SWIMMING TEAM This year the swimming team had a very successful season finishing with a record of 9 wins and 4 losses, and fourth place in the city meet. Much of the credit for this record must be given to the team's five senior members; co-captains Terrance Glynn and Vernon Edwards, Ihor Wynarczuk. Larry Pyatt, and Mike Jaworski. Their graduation will leave a tremendous gap in the team’s roster which will be filled in part by some promising underclassmen. Coach Knobler must now start on a major rebuilding program looking to the future for new talent to bring the team again to winning capability. 57First Row, loft to right: Martin Cirkscy, Marvin Harris, Vincent Holmes. Belton Brevard, Spencer Robertson. John McLean, Robert Fuller. Second Row: Tommy Norlak. Alvin Fudge, William Griffin, Leonard Westley, Winston Jones. Howard Roberts. Clarence Drayton. Gregory Williams. James Dr Hart Third Row: Mr. Coles, Ronald Nonncmachcr. William Bland. Karl Kovach. Charles Smith, Douglas Randolph, Edward Pijack, Tyrone Howell, Joshua Dancy, Mr. Thomas. TRACK Our track team had a successful season with a record of 6 wins and 7 losses in dual meets. The team finished in the State Technical School League. One of the high spots of past season was our one mile relay team which captured four silver medals in the city meet. The medal winners were Winston Jones. Bob Fuller. Spencer Robinson. Martin Cirk-sey. Graduation took many top performers from our '64 team. Among these graduates were Vinnie Holme, our captain and half miler. Douglas Randolph and Tyrone Howell, both hurdlers and high jumpers. Gary Seaman, our record breaking pole-vaulter. Bob Fuller, our dash man. and Spencer Robinson. our broad jumper and dash man were other graduates. The 1965 team will be bolstered by a nucleus of returning lettermen including Richard Caldwell (co-captain), dash man. Belton Brevard (co-cap-tain), a half miler, Martin Cirksey. last year's leading scorer. John McLean, a half miler. Alvin Fudge, miler, Winston Jones, dash man. John Iwanechko. pole vaulter. Clarence Drayton, broad jumper, and William Griffin, hurdler. Other promising bovs include Robert Johnson. Bill Bland. Howard Roberts. Mike Martino, and Edward Tittle. "Almost there! If my shoe holds!”J.V. CHEERLEADERS Front: Deborah Rollins (captain). Second Row, left to right: Willcttc Lowrhcr. Beverly Williams, Joanne Briggs. Crystal May. Third Roy.' Julia Walker, Mcldon Jenkins, Geraldine Jenkins, Cheryl Day. Throughout the years, the cheerleaders have shown great pep and readiness under the guidance of Miss Abos. their coach. These girls must maintain good marks and be willing to spend long hours of work and practice. They must be ready and prepared to attend each school basketball game. The cheerleaders not only represent Arts at the basketball games, but also have the privilege of marching in the various parades in the spring. There are two squads, the Varsity and the Junior Varsity. Both are chosen by Miss Abos and a panel of teachers each spring. Once cheerleaders, they meet many new friends and enjoy all the games they attend. At the end of their second season, they receive a Varsity letter for their work. varsity cheerleaders Front: Jackie Turner (captain). Left to right: Fay Witcher. Joyce Davis. Anna Marie Pocta, Anita Brown, Joanne Armstead. Diane Bush.First Row. left to right: Charles Cuidera. Robert Fisher. Joseph Kozak. Jack Cantagallo Second Row Richard Caldwell. Robert Johnson. Stanley Chraminski. John McLean. Rayford Young. Jeff Baunhuber Third Row: Howard Cushnir. Robert Przychodniecz. Ronald De Roxtra. Belton Brevard. Anthony Canady. Larry Pyatt, Ralph Mortel.tto Fourth Row: Jack Jaworski. Charles Smith. Karl Kovach. Michael Martino. Vernon Edwards. Daniel C.rminiello Fifth Row Martin Cirksey Alvin Fudge. Paul Kennedy. Robert Mohr. Terry Glynn. John Worth Tyrone Butler. Sixth Row Robert Wilchens. Robert Cabot. Edward Tittle. Milton Battle. Clarence Drayton. Winston Jones. 61HOMEROOM TEACHERS CLASS ADVISER LEONARD MORRIS B.A.. M.A. History Mr. Morris, an agile and thought-provoking person, has taught history for twenty years. He is a graduate of Montclair State College and has done graduate work at N.Y.U., Rutgers University and Cornell University Of the seventeen years Mr. Morris has taught at Arts High School, he has capably served three times as the Senior Class Adviser. His major interests include teaching and working with young people. The latter interest is one in which he finds pleasure and is most active. HARRY J. GOMMOLL B.S.. Art Mr. Gommoll. a rugged individualist, although considered strict is a friend Of all when noeded for counseling or giving advice. Possessing a thorough knowledge of his subject and being a disciplinarian, he is satisfied only when students work to their capacity. His interests in the Arts have icd him to travel practically around the world. He is greatly interested in architecture and history, especially in the preservation of carty American homes and public build ngs. Mr. Gommoll a ho sponsors the Craftsmen Group, advises the Student Council, and helps coordinate music programs. CONSTANCE GREENE R.N., B.S., Health Mrs. Greene is very well-liked by the seniors. although she has had her senior homeroom only one ycjr. Within this year she has helped guide us along the road to success. Her sincere smile, encouragement, and her advice have wen her the respect and admiration of her pupils and tho members of the faculty. .Mrs, Greene possesses an extraordinary knowledge of her subject and is able to impart good health habits to her students. Those of us who knew her as Miss Muldrow were very happy to sec her return to Arts and wnh her all happiness. JEROME MARCUS B.S.. M.A.. Industrial Arts Mr. Marcus' warm, sincere smile can only be matched by his grand sense oI humor and understanding. As a teacher. Mr. Marcus shows a deep interest in his students and is never too busy to lend a helping hand. Although generally easy-going, he maintains discipline in all h.s classes and is extremely well-liked. Besides serving as the Stage Crew adviser, he is Director of Recreation outside of school. His homeroom members fully appreciate him and will long remember th s warm-hearted man. LAURETTE McNIEL B.A., M.A.. Biology Mrs. McNiel is always willing to lend a helping hand to those students who want to learn. She has a pleasing personality and a reedy smile. Besides having a senior homeroom, she has worked diligently m the Guidanco Program. Her classes appreciate her great energy end her sense of humor. She is always encouraging her classes to seek a better education. DELPHINE PERUGINE B.A.. M.A.. English Miss Pcruginc's warm personality and charm have won her the respect of both the students and the faculty. She Is well-liked and radiates a warmth and understanding to all who know her. Her honest oflort to encourage and students has made her respected and admired Mils Pcruginc's good humor, serious ness of purpose. and willingness to help have made her a popular teacher. We will always appreciate her patience and will never forget the wonderful times spent in her fabulous homeroom. 64RICHARD THOMAS RICHARD THOMAS Richard i a very serious intellectual per ten a good sente of humor. In school, he is president of the Senior Class; he is a member of the Junior ano Senior Councils; and an editor of Scope He belongs to the National Honor Society and he is an A-pin holder also His friends include Mike Lieberman. Richard Korn. Tammy Buryio. Esther Wilcox, and Lmda PWnamt n Richard plans to attend Wheaton Colloge; afterwards to a seminary to prepare for the ministry. antonette ushak ANTONITTC USHAK "Toni" has always enjoyed the pleasant atmos-ohere offered by Arts. Her activities Include SeJnQ a member of the National tffnor Society. Junior and Senior Class Treasurer, OrchMtr . and High School Red Cross Tcvtl l kes being with her friends Mary Bromberg. litrt Mjr Vil zA. Linda Fc ncfn an, ana M ch 'c Sic ei. OuHkJ of school. Toni onjoy% tennis. Inside school. Mr. Morris is her Jevonte teacher. After graduation Antonette plans to attend either Seton Hall or Montclair State to become a math teacher. JACQUELINE TURNER 0 JACQUELINE TURNER Jackie is a friendly, outgoing girl who pUni to attend Montclair State College eftw i orv Sho has been active in her church choir and In tKe YWCA She has belonged to the Girls Glee Club and has been Captain of the Chee'ng Squad She also has been a member of thiT0Student Council and the Some of her friends arc O anne Day is. Beverly Rnnolds. Jovce Devis. and Elaine Patncco. LINDA FEINERMAN CLASS OFFICERS Q LINDA FEINERMAN ••Felnnie" whose personality runs from sometimes serious to sometimes iany is usually found with Maria Valenia. Mary Bromberg. Dan Cirminietlo. and John Caorio. She • , member of the Opera Club. pUys tho gudar. belongs fo a folk singing group, and is a mem-t£r°$ the Y.W.H A Her pet peeve - oranco yodi pUm to foter i pre-n ed. colkO . titncf Smith or the University of Pennsylvawe. 65DORIAN ADAMS PASQUALE ARACE LEROY BEATY BELTON BREVARD JO ANN ARMSTEAD MILTON BATTLE MARY BROMBERGC DORIAN ADAMS Dorian likes people and l.fe in general But hw b«t '"codi are Jess.o Coleman. Dianne Davis. Janice West, and Claude Wallaco She kkcs roller skating, most types ot music, going to the movies, and casual clothes. Her favorite teacher Is Mrs Hiller. After graduation from Arts she plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. PASQUALE ARACC Pat is a member of the Scope staff, has been in the Opera and the Chor-us. and has been on the Baseball Team. Pat always finds time to play chess, the piano, to practice karate, and to hold an intelligent conversation on anything. Charlie Murnn, Charlie Ditta. and Bill zablocki are his closest friends while Dave Brubcck. Italian knits. Mr. Pickett, and Mr. Gentile arc his favorites. After graduation Pasquale plans to attend college and to study psychology. V JO ANN ARMSTEAD "Joe" is a pert, active girl whose best friends include Joanne Briggs. Diane Bush. Marilyn and Elva Johnson In her spate tiny. Joe enjoys rock n roll, drawing, and attending football and basketball games. While at Arts she has been a member of the High School Rod Cross, tne Cheering Squad, and the Vignette staff. Mrs. Hiller is tops on her list Of favorite teachers. After graduation Jo Ann plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. V RICHARD ASCOLI Richie is a quiet fellow who likes to laugh at a good joke. Usually the joke is told by his favorite teacher. Mr. Landsman. Rich.e can be usually found with his friends. Thomas Coles. Rocco Andolkxa Eddie C'appse. and Jack Cantagallo. One of his favorite subjects is English. His favorite time ot day is when eighth period is over. Upon graduation Richie plans to enter a barber college. C RICHARD BAILEY Richard In his years at Arts has belonged to the Math Club and has workod on tho Stage Crew. His friends arc Richard Thomas. Bill Zabloclu. and Charlie Murnn. His favorite Subicct is United States History; his favorite teacher is Mr. Gentile. His favorite author is William Faulkner; his favorite artist is Renoir. After graduation Richard plans to join the U. S. Army. W MILTON BATTLE Milton, a real ■•jivetimer." plans to attend Howard University. His friends include Alvm Fudge. Barbara Sapp. Paul Kennedy, and Ty Butler. Ho is a member of the Varsity, the Soccer Team, and the Basketball Team. He is usually found playing basketball or talking to friends. His favorites are painting, jazz, rock ’n roll. Mr. Voller, and Mr. Lang. Q LEROY BEATY Leroy has many interests both here at school and outside of school. His favorite subicct is history. He cnioys reading and popular music a great deal He intends to go to college after graduation from Arts. C BELTON BREVARD •'B.B.' plans to attend Cooper Union after graduation. While at Arts, he has been on the Track Team. His friends include Ray Young. Leo Brown Paul Kennedy, and Kee. Ho enjoys iazz. conservative clothes, and listening to records or playing basketball. His favonto teacher is Mr. Calvin. Me has enjoyed the dances here at Arts, his friends, and track. MARY BROMBERG • Brom-’ Is a friendly and well known senior. While at Arts she has participated m the Chorus, the Opera Club, the High School Red Cross and presently she holds the position of Deputy-Major. Mary likes to do almost anything which involves fun. She is usually found laughing with her friends Antoocttc Ushak. Linda Fcincrman. Maria Valcrua. and Joshua Nadel. After High School Mary plans to attend Rutgers as a Science Major. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Marcus and Mr. Landsman.BETTY BROOGOS G BITTY BROOGOS 8etty want to become an elementary school teacher. After graduation from Arts the plant to attend Newark State Colleoe. Betty is usually with Loretta Dc Masi. Carolvn Miclc. Ann Ulmer, and Janet Go«fi She has belonged to the Girls’ Glee Club, the Student Council, the French Club, the Future Teacher of America, and the Vignette tfaff. Betty’s favorite singer are the Boat let; her favorite author are Daphne du Maurier and Margaret Mitchell. ANITA BROWN Anita, often called Carol by her friends, plans to attend either Howard University or Newark State College. Carol likes to lauah and to have fun; she is often found with Phyllis Cuytcr. Beverly Mareelle. Willette Lowther. Paul Kennedy. Mary Wilson. Ray Young, and Anita Ethe' dge Carol’s extracurricular activities Include the Varsity Cheering Squad, the Girls’ Glee Club, the Sewing Club, and the Typing Club. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Pes le. Mrs. Shapiro, Mr. Pickett, and Mrs. Neuss. 0 LEO BROWN Leo is a friendtv. quiet fellow who usually seeks the company of Belton Brevard. Paul Kennedy. Milton Battle. Alvin Fudge, John Worth, and Rayford Young. His interests outside of school Include carpentry, listening to popular records, lounging, eating steak, playing baskotball, or enjoying art. His favorite teachers a-e Mr Voller and Mr. Lang. After graduation. Leo plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. G TAMARA BURYLO ’Tammy’’ can be best deter bed as a quiet intellectual Her favorites include Mr. Morris and anything to do with math. "Tammy" is an A-p n holder, and a member of the Scope staff, the Library Guild. the French Club, the Student Council, and the National Honor Society. Marion Tarr, Mike Sxkwarko. Mike Lieberman. and Richard Thomas are some of her friends Although a talented art major. "Tammy” plans to enter Rutgers University. Newark, and major in math. QTYRONE BUTLER • Rennie” is known to his closest friends. Marvin Reid. Milton 8attle. Clarence Jones. Winston Jones, and Clarence Drayton as a "regular guy.” He has played on the Basketball Team while at Arts and outside of school, and is a member of a singing group. He likes school in general and thinks very highly of the art of Mr Gommoll and Mr. Spindlcr. After graduation. Tyrone plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. FREDERICK W. BYRD Fred is an extremely ambitious and active person. Editor of Scope, a member of-the Student Council and the Library Guild he still maintains the sixth position scholastically in the graduating class. Ho holds an A-pin. a National Honor Society membership, and was at tho 1964 New Jersey Boys’ State. His favorite memories of Arts will include Mike Liebcrman, Tammy Burylo. Richard Thomas. Olga Ooroshenko. Mr. Landsman. and Mr. Rickenbacher. Fred will go to Dartmouth College to becomo a journalist or lawyer. LOUISE CA8ANA Louise has enjoyed her years here at Arts. She has found many friends. She likes fo listen to music. One of her favorite subjects Is history. She intend to go on to college after graduation. W RICHARD CALDWELL Richard is a qu ef athlete who can be frequently seen with his friends. Winston Jones. Milton Battle. Martin Cirksey. Clarence Drayton. John McLean. Eddie Crappse. Patrick Triano. Leo Brown, and Peter Crux While at Arts he joined the Track Team, the Varsity Club, the Japanese Club and the Physical Fitness CliA. H« favorites include Mrs McNel. Mr. Lang, art. and scientific experiments. After graduation Richard plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. G ANTHONY CANADY Better known at Tony, he plans to go into the Air Force or the Navy . •f graduation. He is a quiet, pleasant fellow who has no particular dislikes. His favorite teachers are .Mr. Lang. Mr. Gommoll. and Mr. Marcus. K,1 • o f the Swimming Team, and is interested also in baskot- ball, football, and baseball.ANITA BROWN TAMARA BURYLO LEO BROWN FREDERICK W. BYRD TYRONE BUTLER LOUISE CABANA RICHARD CALDWELL ANTHONY CANADYJOHN CAPRIO PAULA CATENA STANLEY CHRAMINSKI DIANA CHERTOK 70 JANET CIOFFI MARTIN CIRKSEY DAN CIRMINIELLO JOHN CAPRIO "Capristien," one of the carefree people at Art , it imially found with Dan Cirminiello, Linda Feinerman. and Marie Valcnza. Mrs. Shapiro. Mr. Pickett, and Mr. Pes'lO are John's favorite teacher . At Arts, he ha belonged to the Student Council, the Opera Club, the Student Orientation Committee, and the Senior Class Council. Outside of school, he belong to his church jryj is jo assistant church oroanist. John plans to attond Guilmjot Organ School m Now York jftor graduation. PAULA CATENA Paula i a friendly, quiet person who i» easy to get along with and it lots of fun. Her close friends are Louise Cabana. Eileen Tarf. Dianne Reed. Linda ._De Mas.. Although homework and tests _____ .. her. Paula's fondest remembrances c Art will be the laughs she has had m Mr. Morns' classes. Some of her favorites include typing, bowling, swimming, casual clothes, and popular music. After graduation. Paula plans to get married. Torrcgrosso. and Loretta don't appeal to I O DIANA CHIRTOK Friendly and affable arc the word used by Mike Coppola. Richard Gross-man. Carrie White, and Sally Friedman in describing "Di. Mr. tops her list at her favorite teacher. Her pet subject is Spanish, her favorite sport is football. "Di" is usually found the piano, reading, listening fo Mario Lanza recordings, or talking with one of her friend . While at Arts she has been active in the Girls' Glee Clt4 and the Student Council. Upon graduation. "DI" plan to attend a state teachers college. CANDACE CLERICO 0 STANLEY CHRAMINSKI "Stas " as he is called by his friends. Richard Korn, Mike Lieberman. Dan Cirminiello. and Josh Nadel is a jolly, talkative person. He is on the Student Council, belongs to the French Club, the Varsity Baseball Team, and tho Soccer Team. He also enjoys reading and listening to the radio. CAROL ANN CELLA friendly, congenial and fun-loving girl. Carol has found many frleryls Her greatest joy are the Arts High assembly programs, popu ar .1. __ ■_______________________ U.. I .. ».»« M nr A at Arts, nm U‘cmir i |VI» »V ■-m------. ■..___ music, and casual clothes Leonardo da Vino is her favorite artist. Her favorite teacher i Mrs. Lazar. Carol Ann plans to attend Upsala College after graduation to become an elementary school teacher. a JANET CIOFFI Janet is a very friendly person both toward her friends end teachers. She plan to major in Early Childhood Education at Newark State. Her close associates arc Martha Cybyfc. Loretta De Mesi. Carolyn M.elc. and Ann Ulmer. She participates in the F.T.A. and the Student Council. She likes piano and bowling. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Morris. Mr. Shapiro, and Mrs. Hiller. Her pet peeves are tests and final exams. 0 MARTIN CIRKSIY "Marty" is a quiet, shy fellow. Among hi best friends are Richard Caldwell, and Belton Brevard: his favorite teacher is Mr. Lang. While at Arts Martin has received honors in track, a sport in which he has participated for over two years. Although he likes to draw and play basketball, he also belongs to the Church Usher Board and the Conquerors Club. After graduation Martin plans to attend Union Junior College or to enter tho Air Force. O DAN CIRMINIELLO Dan. a friendly person, has danced in the shows Brigadoon and Carousel. He belongs to the Varsity Baseball Team and the Junior Varsity Basketball Team at Arts. His friends include John Caprio. Linda Feincrman. Maria Valcnza and M o Lieberman His reading is especially m the sciences. His future plan lead to attending Pennsylvania Military Colloge. majoring in Bio-Chemistry. 0 CANOACE CLERICO Candy is charming and pleasant. After high school, she intends to become a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Most likely to be seen with Candy are Michele Smkcz. Carolyn DaSilva, and Marilyn Radico. She has been active on the Scope and the Vignette staff . Her favorite teacher is Mrs. McNIel. Candy likes dancing, swimming, ice skating, and Italian food. Her years at Arts have been filled with fun and great experiences.C FRED CODY Fred intend) to oo to work after graduation He interest himself In sports juch as basehail and basketball. He I ke popular music, listening to T.V. and to records. He has likod It here at Arts. £ JISSIO COLEMAN •'Peaches' likes books by James Baldwin and the art of Salvador Oall. Jessio has many friend at Arts; some of whom arc D anne Dav, , Lillian Melvin, and Beverly Reynolds. Jessio has been a member of the Hioh School Red Cross, the Glee Club, the Scope staff, and the Student Council Outside of school, she is a member of her church choir. Algebra, football, basketball, and reading are her favor.te interests. Among her favorite teacher are Miss David and Mr. Spindfer. G THOMAS COLES 1 Tom" is known to his friends Richard Ascoll. Rocco Andaltora. Sen Wong, and Elaine Orifice as an all-right guy. Although homework assionments do not appeal to him. he does enjoy being in Mr. Morris’ and Mr. Thomas’ classes Tom en,oys biology, girls, rock W roll, girls, sweaters, and more girls. He has enjoyed mostly all the friends he has made in Arts during the three years he has been here. After graduation Tom plans to join the Air Force. FRED CODY MICHAEL COPPOLA ’’Mike.’’ one of the most humorous personalities hero at Arts, is usually found with Kathy Schwodzcr. Richie Grossman, and D ana Chertok. He is the first violinist in the Orchestra. Mike’s favorites are music and Mr. Pesile. He plans to attend Jersey City State College to become a music teacher. 6 ARTHUR CORBLEY Arthur i usually found with Charles Demorat, Jce Kozak, and Edward Crappse His main interest are ceramics and working on oW automobiles. He is also a member of the stage crew and an A-pin holder. Although he Is unaware of his future intentions, ho might plan to go to college. £ EOWARO CRAPPSE Edward has enjoyed the friendliness of Arts. His friends are Arthur Corblcy. Lorraine Rafancllo. Chuck Demorat. and Richie Ascoli. His favorite entertainment outside of school Is watching T.V. comedians. After graduation he is interested n attend ng a theatrical school or m going to work. C PETER CRUZ Pete, whose friends include Richard Ascoli, Ralph Mortellito, and Marilyn Rad ce. is friendly and enjoys the school. One of hi favorite authors Is Norman Maler. Me has taken part in the program of the Christmas Fair Pageant twice and is on the Basketball Team. Hi favorite teachers are Mr. Marcus. Mr. Voller. and Mis. Furst After graduation, he plans to continue in the art field, training especially at a school for pattern making. PHYLLIS CUYLER Phyllis Is a friendly, and easygoing individual. She is an active member of the Club, the Typing Club, the Student Council, and tho Scope staff. Her friendly personality has won her many friends. Some of them are Amta 8rown. Anita Etheridge. W.lletfe Lowther. and .Mary Wilson. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, sewing, listening to jazz P "® in urch. Upon graduation she plan to Attend th Florida A. and M. University. Q MARTHA CYBYK Martha it a talented musician who plan to attend either the Juilliard School of Music or Montclair State College. This year she gave a piano recital. Her extracurricular actrvlty has been the Orchestra. In school she has enjoyed most the friendly atmosphere Outside of school, she belongs to a Ukra n an Youth Organization, reads, embroiders, and collects stamps. Her favorite artist i$ Walter Gieseking. Her favorite teachers are Mr. resile ana Mr. Morris.J ESS IO COLEMAN THOMAS COLES MICHAEL COPPOLA ARTHUR CORBLEY EDWARD CRAPPSE PETER CRUZ PHYLLIS CUYLER MARTHA CYBYK 73PATRICIA DENNIS EDMUND DE NOIA DIANNE DAVIS LORETTA DE MASI JOYCE ANITA DAVIS CHARLES DEMORATC CAROLYN DaSILVA "Kca Kca." a friendly happy-go-lucky person, can usually be found with her many friends of whom some arc Candy Clerieo. Michele Sinkcz. Carol Polistina. and Evelyn Sheldon. Her favorite teachers include Mrs. Furst and Mr Shapiro During her years at Arts she has been a member of the Student Council, and the French Club. She has also taken part in International Day. Carolyn’s future plans include attendance at the Fashion Institute of Technology for a career as a fashion illustrator. DIANNE DAVIS A person who likes and is liked by everyone is Dianne, often called • Dec-Dee." Dressed casually in a sweater and skirt, she passes her time with Beverly Reynolds, Jackie Turner. Beverly Williams, and Jessio Coleman. Dianne is a member of the band, orchestra, the chorus, the Student Council, the G rl Scouts, and the Methodist Youth Fellowship. She will ettend Montclair or Glassboro State in order to become a secondary-school music teacher. G JOYCE ANITA DAVIS Joyce can be characterized as an amiable person with a low-pitched voice. While at Arts, she has enjoyed the small friendly student body and the warmness of the faculty. She has taken part In such school actrvitios as the Junior Red Cross. Student Council. Sewing Club, the Cheering Squad, and s a member of the National Honor Society. Among her favorites are ham sandwiches, bowling, casual clothing, basketball and football, and the Mexican artist, Orozco. After graduation she plans to attend college and major in art education. 0 LORETTA DE MASI Loretta enjoys talking to her friends. Carolyn Miele. Janet CloffI. Betty Broogos. and Ann Ulmer. She belongs to the French Club, the Sewing Club, the Future Teachers Club and the Student Council and has worked on tho Scope and the Vignette staffs. Outside of school she belongs to a church sodality. She plans to become a teacher and intends to go to Newark State College. C CHARLES DEMORAT Chuck in school has played on the Soccer Team and performed in the Arts High Opera. Outside of school he plays a guitar and sings in a five piece band. His pet peeve is to have to waif around for his friends. After graduation he pleos to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art G PATRICIA DENNIS Pat is usually found in homeroom 218 with Lorraine Rafancllo. Betty Kirschenman, iris Peskin and Margaret Mitchell. Upon graduation she plans to go to work. The activities which she has enjoyed most are the Typing Club, swimming, tennis, roller skatng, and ice skating. She hes found the school a friendly, pleasant place. EDMUND DE NOIA Eddie's fun-loving personality has gained him many friends, some of whom are Greg Guenther. Josephine Kus. and Larry Pyatt. He has belonged to the Band, tho Orchestra, the Dance Band, the All State Band, and the J.V. Baseball Team. He also likes to dance or play the sax. Eddie will always remember Mr. Pesile’s Harmony class and the Orchestra rehearsals. After graduation Eddie plans to attend either Montclair State College or JuiUiard to prepare tor a career as a music teacher. G BOBBY DIXON Bobby plans to enter the Chicago Institution of Art on graduation from Arts. Afterward he will enlist in the Air Force. In his spare time he enjoys playmg the piano He is usually found in homeroom 214 with 8eiton Brevard. Barbara Sapp. Jessio Coleman. Al Fudge. Leo 8rown. and Jo Ann Armstead. His favonto game is basketball; his favorite teacher is Mr. Voller. BOBBY DIXON 75C OLGA DOROSHENKO lbeC'1. an, fJtand.rva student at Arts; sho is a member of the u ,hS Nat.onal Honor Society. She i very interested in best friend are Martha Cybyk and Arlene Manglno. Aftor graduation from Art hc will attend college. v CLARENCI DRAYTON $2!?? p,r'.»°JV.0f.,en r.®fe" c,J,0Ia "■,unl0'" by hi friend plan to attend Pratt Institute after graduation. • Junior" has been a member ot J'Fk TCMp and the Varj.ty Club. Hi favorite sport, however, in which he specializes ■ basketball. Hi many friend include Clarence W£,f?',uW,,I ,on _j0Oel- Belton Brevard, and Bobby Dixon. Outside of ichooJ ie plays the guitar, sings in a church choir, and plays in a rock WZ BEVERLY DUNN Bov's friendly personality ha made her many friends. Among them arc JL nn Handsome. M,kc Ingrassia. Marilyn Nemercwicz. and Barbara Sapp. Bcv has been an active member of the Band. Orchestra, the Cheering Squad, and the concerts while at Art . In her spare time he plays tennis, enjoys listening to Johnny Mathis, and reading James J, .60? 8e'-effy’ Potf-flraduation plans include attending a nursing school and majoring in occcming a surgical nurse. W LYNETTI EDDY !'L®£‘ ! known for her warm personality and her cheerful "Good morning. Usually she can be found with Marion Tart. Ir.s Pcskm. or Olga Ooroshenko While at Arts. Lee has been an active member of the Library Guild. Aside from school activities, she attend Saturday Art School. Some of Lees favorite Include Mr. Morris, rearing, ice skating the Bronte sister and Claude Monet. Lynette's posf-craduation plans in-elude attending the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. W VERNON EDWARDS Vernon plans to attend Bloomfield College where he will prepare for a degree in religion. He is very sincere and hat mado many friends such as Mary Ann Bank . Terry Glynn, and Leroy Beaty. Hi extracurricular activ-it.c consist of the Sw.mmmg Team, the Y.M.C.A. and chu ch work. ANITA LOUISE ETHERIDGE Nita plan to attend the Newark State College after graduation. Although she is popular and very talkative with her friends, she despises conceded people. Nita ha been on the Cheer,no Squad, the High School Red Cross. the Sewing Club, the Student Council, and the Japanev Club. Her favorite include jazz, sewing, vx a I work, dancing. Mr. Landsman, and Miss Abos. N.ta is al o dolighted witht James Baldwin’s books. V CORA FENNY Cora Is a pleasant, quiet girl whose interests Include bowling, cocking, and art. Usually she is found In the auditorium talkina with her many f7i md . In her spare time sho like to read or watch television. Cora has been active member of the Math Club and the Fashion Design Club She hold a deep admiration for both Mitt Howard and Miss Kcchner. Cora's post-graduation plan include tho Post Fashion Des-gning School in New O SALLY FRICOLANDER Sally Is Interested in living in Israel for a year after graduation; then going on to cdlcgc either at Newark State or Rutgers. She has played h® _0fc lc'ua ■ wvi B4''n ,■ She enjoy the friendly people at Arts. Outsido of school, ih© I president of tho Young Judean Club. Sho bl fbyA X MI?riemU , :' d'lne'n , flnd ,hc a,t of M ° Lavigne and the C ALVIN FUDGE Fudgle" i one of Art ' quiet athlctc-artl ! . whose interesf vary from 8 8®T‘i 0f basketball »° »»ckling hi homework. Hi many friend are John McLean. Eugeno Lane. M,lton Battle, and John Worth. Ho ha earned two track, soccer, and ba»ketball letters; he h a member of ?° 9'ub and the Basketball. Soccer, and Track Team . Alvin plan to major in bujmeis administration after graduation or to Join the Marines. 76 OLGA DOROSHENKOCORA FENNY SALLY FRIEOLANDER ALVIN FUDGEWILLIAM GRIFFIN. JR. TERRANCE GLYNN EDNA GREEN BEY RICHARD GROSSMAN MARGARET GREEN GREGORY GUENTHER NORMA GREEN PHILIP GELORMINEC PHILIP GELORMINE Phil has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at Arts and hat made many here. Two of hit fricndt are Steve Skorak and Nicholas Mencor. H to further hit education after graduation. friendt c plant LS TERRANCE GLYNN Terry, at he is better known to hit friendt. Either Willcox. Art Waismer. George Jankowski. Debbie Richardson. Richard Thomas, and Bruce Parting, hat a personality that is both congenial and conscientious. Hit many activities at Art have included membership on the Swimnvng Team, the Chorus, the Orchestra, the Scope staff, and the Craftsman's Club. Terrance's post-graduation plans include continuing his education at college. G MARGARET GREEN Mamie plans to attend the School of Vitual Arts in New York City after graduation. Her friends at Arts have been Marilyn Radice. Vivian Netchel, Pat White, Georoe Mayer. Ray Rubio, and Evelyn Sheldon. Outside of school, the belongs to the YWCA Her favorite tubjcct it Englith; her favorite toachcrs are Mist David and Mr. Landsman. G NORMA GREEN "L'Z” wants to attend Parsons School of Design after graduation from Art . At school she has belonged to the French Club, the Japanese Club, and the Fashion Illustration Club. Outside of school, she enioys playing the guitar, listening to the radio, watching television, sewing, and dancing. She is usually found with her friends. Janice West. Jessio Coleman. Dorian Adams. Joyce James, and Juanita Howard. EDNA GREEN BEY Eddie »s a girl with a great many personalities. Her best friend is Dottle Jacobson. In her spart time Eddie writes to her boyfriend and her favorite artist. Harry Webber Her extracurricular activities include the Orchestra, the Band, the Vignette. Scope, and the Math Club. Comedy shows, Johnny Mathis, and jazz recordings are her favorites. After graduation Eddie plans to attend Howard University. £ WILLIAM GRIFFIN. JR. William, who belongs »o the Varsity Club, the Basketball Team, the Track Team and the Physical Fitness Club in Artt it alto a member of a basket-ball team outside of school. The college he plans on attending is Morgan State College. He is alto interested in enlisting in either the An Force or the Marines sometime in .the future Some of h i best friends are Andy Jagodzinski, Tyrone 8ut!e». Richard Caldwell, and Marl.n Cirksey. Li RICHARD GROSSMAN Richard is usually found wilh Sally Friedlander. and Jcrty Wichinsky. Mr. Thomas Is his favorite teacher. Ho is a member of the Orchostra, 8and and the Chorus. He plans to attend Gtassboro State College to become a music teacher. Li GREGORY GUENTHER "Greg." who is a pretty good guy. can usually be found with Eddy De Kois or Alex Mancini. Even though Greg has maintained a job after school, he was able to participate in the Varsity. He was on the baseball team. Greg has no bad habits and can be found at a movie in his spare time His favorites are pizza, geometry and Mr. Voller. After graduation ho plans to enter Newark State College. Li LYNN HANDSOME ''Puddin ' is a music major who considers everyone her friend; she likes people, especially people with a tense of hsanor. Jemct Baldwin, Gloria Lynn. Sammy Davit Jr., Mitt Abos, Mrt. Ncuts. Mr. Pcsilc. conservative clothes, jazz, and Italian food are some of her likes. Her extracurricular activities included the Math Club, the Girls' Volleyball Team, the Vignette, and the Orchestra. After graduation, Lynn plans »o attend either Howard University, Montclair State, or the University of Pittsbwgh. LYNN HANDSOME 79C JOHN HILL John it a friendly person. who H always playing jokes on his friends who include William Smith. Stove Skorak, Richard Shaw, and Bill Cambouris. After graduation John will toin the Navy Baseball and football are his favorite sports John has been a member of the St.»gc Crew and the Baseball Team Mr. Marcus and Mr. Knobler have made a big Impression on John. He will remember his years at Arts because of the enjoyment they have brought him. C JUANITA HOWARD "China'' is the name she is called by her friends. Michael Ingrassio. Beverly Reynolds, and Stanley Kidd. She plans to attend Parsons School of Design, where she will further her education in fashon designing. Juanita's favorites arc Sammy Davis Jr.. Nat Cole, and History. £ MICHAEL INGRASSIA Mike, who is friendly, hardworking and always helpful is also hopeful of becoming a teacher. He intends to go to Newark State College in order to train to become a teacher of Art and of Interior Decoration. Some of his friends are Brian Madden. Howard Weiner. Marilyn Nemcrowkz. Dianne Reed and Carol Ann Celia. His favorite artist is Picasso; his favorite teachers are Mrs. Tso and Mr. Voller; his favorite subjects arc Ceramics and Art. Q JOHN IWANECHKO John enjoys track, soccer and the gymnasium classes here at Arts. Outside of school he enjoys music, dancing and singing. Two of his friends are Larry Pyatt and Michael Szkwarko. After graduation, ho intends to enter the University of Houston. 0 DOROTHY JACOBSON Dottie plans to attend Northwestern University and hopes to become a Doctor of Medicine in the future Dottie is a very quiet, open minded, eager, and pleasant person. She is always found with Edna Green Bey, who is her closest trend. Her favorites include Mrs. Furst. two-week school vacations, and Mustangs. Other likes include rock 'n' roll. El Greco, and casual clothes. V JANET JAGENTOWICZ Jan is a pleasant Qiil who came to Arts as a freshman. She can usually be found with her triends Phyllis Wood. Judy Michaltki. Carol Ann Celia. Iris Peskin. and Margaret Mitchell. While in Arts Jan has participated in the Student Council, the French Club, tho Typing Club, and the Junior Dance Committee She has also belonged to the Conquerors Club outside of school. Her particular Interests include reading, watching television, listening to the radio, and classical music. G ANDREW JAGODZINSKI Andrew, better known as "Joy" or "Uncle Andy.” is usually found with his friends, who include Mike Jaworski. Ihor Wynarczuk. and Jack Nadel. After graduation. Andy plans to pursue a career in engineering. His extracurricular activities include the Soccer, tho Track and Swimming Teams. His favorite pastimes arc swimming, soccer and talking. Miss Kechner is a favorite teacher of Andy’s. Somerset Maugham and John Steinbeck are the authors he onjoys most. George Baguo is his favorite artist. 0 MICHAEL JAWORSKI An easygoing fellow. Mike's friends include Josh Nadel. Ihor Wynarczuk. Andy Jagodzinski and Rosemarie Marconi. He admits that he likes all his teachers. His extracurricular activities Include the Secccr Team and the Swimming Team from which he has earned five letters. After graduation he plans to attend the Newark College of Engineering or RCA Institute. VERONC JENKINS Upon graduation Vprone plans to enlist in the Marines. His favorites are history. Mr. Lang, Mr. Pesile, and Mr. Pickett. He is a member of tho Varsity Club and plays on the Basketball and Baseball teams. Vcronc has several friends, among them are Anita Brown. Pat White, Ray Young, Paul Kennedy, and Jackie Turner. 80 JOHN HILLJUANITA HOWARD DOROTHY JACOBSON MICHAEL INGRASSIA JANET JAGENTOWICZ MICHAEL JAWORSKI ANDREW JAGODZINSKI VERONE JENKINSSTANLEY JAFFE CARMELLA JOHNSON ELVA JOHNSON LUCILLE JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON WINSTON JONES 82 PATRICIA KAPINUS LUCIUS KEEG STANLEY JAFEE Stan i a quiet. happy, individualist who chief aim in life is to be sucecss-ful. His close friends a'e Karl Kovach. Nicholas Mencor. and Philip Getornvne. His leisure time is spent reading Pearl Buck's books and his activities include ice skating, and bicycling. Merc at Arts, he has enjoyed our friendly atmosphere, his art classes, and Miss Kcehncr was his favorite teacher. After graduation. Stan plans to further his education but is undecided as to what profession he will enter. G CARMEUA JOHNSON Cormclla has all the qualities of a very kind and fun-loving person. Among her best triehds are Janet West and Norma Green She enjoys her classmates. listening to Jazz, reading good books, and sketching. Her favorite teachers are Miss Abos and Mrs. Neuss; her favorite artists are Leonardo da V«nci and Michelangelo. After graduation from Arts High, Carmella plans to enter a school of professional nursing. £ ELVA JOHNSON Elva's nickname is “Ginnle." In her spare time she likes to design clothes, sew, read, and skate. She belongs to the High School Red Cross, the Vignette staff, the French Club, tho Scope staff, and the National Honor Society. After graduation she plans to attend tho Parsons School of Design to become a fashion designer and illustrator. G LUCILLE JOHNSON Usually found with Lillian Melvin. Juanita Howard. Marilyn Nemerowicz. and Amta EtherxJge. "Butch" is the kind of person who likes to get along with everyone. Sewing, dabbling in art. and gospel singing are her favorite pastimes. Outside of school she belongs to a missionary circle in her church. Mystery novels and Rembrandt aie two of her other favorites. Lucille's post-graduation plans include attending the Berkeley School of Secretarial Training in East Orange. ROBERT JOHNSON Bob is usually found wandering the corridors with Peter Cruz. Winston Jones. Rayford Young, John Worth, and John Iwanechko. His extracurricular activities include the Soccer Team, the Scope staff. Japanese Club, and outside of school he is a member of tho Marine Fitness Club and the Civil Air Patrol. Mr. Spindlcr and Pcto Cruz arc his favorite artists After graduation. Robert plans to attend either Montclair State College or enter the United States Air Force. G WINSTON JONES •'Ippie" is a conservative who withes to become more aggressive. His extracurricular activities include the Track Team, the Japanese Club, the Physical Fitness Club and the Varsity Club. After graduation Winston plans to further his art career at the N.S.F.I A. or enlist in the Air Force. "Ippie" can usually be found with Clarence Drayton, Dorian Adams. Charles Taylor. Lucius Kce, Tyrone Butler, and Lillian Melvin. He enjoys good parties, jazz. James Baldwin and barbecued food. G PATRICIA KAPINUS Patricia, better known as "Shaggie," plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. Then she plans to travel in the United States and Europe. Her friends arc Betty Kirschcnman. Elaine Patricco, and Chris Jetz, Her varied interests Include horseback rtd-ng., sketching, and reading. C LUCIUS KEI Luke plans to become a commercial artist at N.SF.I.A. He is usually found with Leo Brown. Belton Brevard. Anthony Canady. Winston Jones, and Bobby D.xon. He is a member of the Basketball Team. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Tso, and his favorito artist is Picasso. G PAUL KENNEDY Paul, an easygoing person, plans to attend Howard University after graduation. Beverly Reynolds. Claudo Wallace. Jackie Turner, and Rayford Young, among others, find him a very easy person to get along with. Paul has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at Arts and has found time to play basketball. He is a member of tho Varsity Club and in h-s spare moments he does art work Among his favorites arc h.story and Mr. Morris, rock 'n' roll, and jazz, conservative clothing. Pearl S. Buck, and Von Gogh. I PAUL KENNEDY STANLEY KIDD W STANLEY KIDD •’Bobo" is. usually found with Richio Riddick, Beverly Marcello. Elaine wtlL'fS.0, «Cw’af ,K°,f’ and ,Dcbb'e Rollins He plans to attend ttw ,k. Jfh00' °f P eL and. Industrial Art or the Fashion Institute of YS-k: extracurricular activities Included the Jap- an«c Club and tho High Schoo. Red Cross. In his spare time "Bobo" T'X. ' ,i ,en ,f I ” or operas, and is interested in football. Mr. Spmdler is h.s teacher and Michelangelo his favorite artist. BETTY KIRSCHENMAN Betty plans to attend a school where she will prepare herself for a career as a medical secretary after graduation from Arts She can usually r ref Mitchell. at Dennis. Iris Peskm and Belify I W.tes are bowing. horseback riding. Mr. Morris. Mr. Spmdler. Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. © RICHARD KORN Richard intends going to college after graduation from Arts, He is an •nteiligent boy with a good sense of humor who t.kes to discuss current » !• on® 0 ,he members of two Assembly Programs last fall that featured discussion panels. He has worked on Scope, played m the Barv) and the Orchestra, has been a member of the J.V. Baseball Team, the Swimming Team, and the Student Council. m KARL KOVACH Karl is usually found with one or more of his close friends: Mike Martino. Arnold S.egendorf Vernon Edwards, and Stan Jaffe. Being a commuter from West .Mcfuchen docsn t nterfere with the "athletic go" Karl main-tains part .pating on the Track Team, the Swimming Yearn, and the Hc ’ kes pleasure in being a member of the Craft Club. His favorite teachers aro Mr. Gommoll. Mr. Thomas and Mr. Calvin. Other favorites include Italian foods, popular music, and girls. JOSEPH KOZAK Joe plans to seek employment or enlist in tho armed forces after graduation. His friends are Chuck Dcmorat, Arthur Corbley. and Ed Crepose Ho is a member of the baseball and soccer teams. He is usually found In room 308. His favorite teacher is Mr. Vollcr. His favorite artist is Ai capp. © MICHAEL LIEBERMAN is an intelligent boy. with a good sense of humor. His friends include Bruce Dan Cirminiello. Linda Foiro-man. Tammy Burylo. Marian Tarr and Jerry Sheehan. While at Arts Mike has been a member of the Scope statt where he has earned a position as one of its editors. He is an A-pm holder and a member of the National Honor Socloty. Mike intends to attend Dartmouth College for a career as a Mathematics teacher. © LINDA LOIHLE Linda is usually found with George Myers. Michele Sinkcz, and Larry © WILLETTE LOWTHER Willette likes the friendly and informal atmosphere of the school. While tak®rl ,h t Opera: has been on the Cheering Squad, the Gifts Glee Club, the Sewing Hub. the High School Red Cross, the Future Teachers of America, tho Student Council and the Library Guild. An interesting hobby of Willcttc's is the designing and making of her °rad.u8,,c?- »«• p an 0 go to Cheney State College to tram to become a kindergarten teacher. V BRIAN MADDEN "Hobb" Is an honest person whose friends include Phil Gclormine. Steve Skorak. Leroy Beaty and Lynette Eddy. Hobb relaxes in his spare time and can usually be found on his front porch. He is a member of the Actors Workshop. After graduation Hobb plans to attend N.SF.IA.BETTY KIRSCHENMAN RICHARD KORN KARL KOVACH MICHAEL LIEBERMAN JOSEPH KOZAK WILLETTE LOWTHER BRIAN MADDEN LINDA LOIHLFARLENE MANGINO 86 LILLIAN MELVIN MICHAEL MARTINO NICHOLAS MENCOR ALEX MANCINI GEORGE MEYERC ALEX MANCINI Tall. dark, and handsome. arc adjectives that describe Alex. He I a conscientious music student, and a member of the All State Orchestra. Alex is often found with Ralph Mortelllto, Eckl e Oe Noia. Gregory Guenther, or Jack Robc'tollo. His favorites are Mr Pcs le. girls, music, records, and pool. After graduation Alex plans to attend Montclair State College as a music education major. ARLENE MANGINO Arlene is a friendly, studious, conscientious girl whose best friends are Martha Cybyk and Olga Doroshcnko. She belongs to the Glee Club, the Math Club, the Student Council, and the National Honor Society for which she is a tutor in Spanish. Outside of school. Arlene takes piano lessens, plays m recitals, sews, does puzzles, and listens to classical music. She especially enjoys the friendliness of the teachers and the students at Arts. 9 MICHAEL MARTINO Mike's friends are many. Some of them are Mike Jaworski. Karl Kovach and Vernon Edwards He enjoys track and basketball. He has admired the murals on the wall of Arts High's lobby and our musicals such as "Brlgadoon." After graduation he hopes to go to a college spec alizing in engineering. G JOHN McLEAN Johnny has been an active member of the Track and the Basketball Teams smee his freshman year. Outsde of school. John Is an active member of the Y.M.C.A.. and is a graduate of the American Legion Boys' State. His close friends oclude Richard Caldwell. Fred Youno. and Alvin Fudge: his favorite teachers include Mr. Marcus and Mr. Spindlcr. After graduation, John plans to attend college and then Join the Marines. 0 LILLIAN MELVIN Lillian's nickname is "Peaches": her favorite friends are Jessio Coleman. Jack Turner. Dorian Adams. Madeline Oliver an Laurene White. She belongs to the High School Red Cross, the Glee Club, and the Student Council. She has enjoyed most homeroom, the Concocts, and tho Opera. Some of her interests are listening to records at home or at the Museum, taking pictures or painting, making clothes, and reacting. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Spindlcr. Her future plans include attendance at the Parsons School of Design. 9 NICHOLAS MENCOR "Nicky." a good naturod young man. Is frequently seen with Steve Skorafc. Philip Gdorminc. Carol Ann Celia. Elaine Patricco, or Margaret Green. Italian food, sweaters, the art periods, and Miss Howord are his favorites After high school. "Nicky" plans to continue his art education in fashion cither at the Fashion Institute of Technology or tho Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art. CAROLYN ANNE MIELE GEORGE MEYER George Is e jovial individual whose outside interests include playing in a small dance band. George has cn.oycd most of the music productions put on by the school. His favorifo teachers are Miss Abes. Miss Meyer sen. and Mr. Morris. His pet peeve is "people who arc narrow-minded and pessimistic." George has enjoyed h» years at Arts. He plans to enter professional entertammenf after graduation. 0 JUDY MICHALSKI Jody came to Arts in her Sophomore year. She has many friends, some of whom are Joyce Tomasko. Carol Ann Celia. Janet Jagentowiez. and Richard Thomas, as well as Nicky Mencor and Phyllis Wood. She has a friendly personality. She likes popular music, Chinese food. Ceramics, and English. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Ncuss and Mrs. Tso. She is looking forward to training at the Clara Maass Hospital School of Nursing after graduation. G CAROLYN ANNE MIELE Carolyn is a likable person who enjoys being with Loretta Dc Mail. Betty Broogos. Ann Ulmer, and Janet Cioffi. She enjoys the friendly relationship between students and teachers at Arts and IJces Mr. Morns and the Beatles She has participated in Scope. Student Council, the French Club, and the Vignette. Outside of school sho likes to read, listen to records, or participate in a church sodality. After graduation Carolyn plans to major in pre-med at Fairlcigh Dickinson University.G MARGARET MITCHELL Margaret has the bluest eye In the Senior Claw Her best friend Is Iris Peskuv She hat enjoyed the friendliness of our school, the faculty and the students. She is a quiet, very pleasant girl with many interests such as reading, panting, listening to records and to T.V. After graduation she plans to enter business. £ KATHY MORRIS •'Norton" is a fun-loving girl. Often she can be found with Lorraine Rafanello. Candy Clerico. Carol DaSilva and uvno her expression. Oh no! not that." Her teacher is Mr. She has her sights set on Union Junior College. RALPH MORTELLITO Ralph's calm disposition has won him many friends, some of whom are Peter Crux. Larry Pyatt. and Jack Robertcllo. He has been on the baseball basketball teams and his interests outside of school include the C.Y.O. He will always remember his baseball practices and Mr. Voller. His dislikes include people who don't give you a chance to explain yourself. He l.kes macaroni, mohair suits, and the music of Frank Sinatra. Aftor graduation Ralph plans to attend college to prepare for a career In MARGARET MITCHELL CHARLES MURRIN Charles has earned a gold medal for track plus a Varsity letter. He participates on the staff of Scope, the Student Council, the Band, and the Orchestra Although he is not sure of whet he wants to be he will attend college upon graduation. His pet peeve is 80 degree classrooms. He can be found with Par Arace. Henry Ditta. Bill Zablocki. Josh Nadcl. His favorite teachers are Mr. Voller and Mr. Pcsllc. CT JOSHUA NADEL ■John" is an easygoing individual whose friends include Andy Jagodzinski, Mike Jaworski, Ihor Wynarczuk, and Charlie Murrin. Since arriving at Arts in his Junior year, he has been a member of the Swimming and Soccer teams, the Craftsman's Club, and the Student Council. In his spare time. Josh plays baseball on the Dunellon Team or football in North Plainfield. H.s wide variety of interests includes sailing, folk music, cars, theatre, and Matisse. After graduation. Josh plans to attend college and major •n art. W MARILYN NEMEROWICZ ? h krv wr% o ber friends Jo Ann Armstead. Pat White, and Michael Ingrastia. has served as Mayor of Arts for the past year. Her favorites include Miss Howard, painting and membership in a church youth group. She has been active in the High School Red Cross, the Future Teachers of America the Jun.or Class Council, the Vignette, and the jKftSTS ? • S,ud "l Council. .Marilyn plans to attend Montclair State College to become a teacher of fine arts. KATHY MORRIS £ VIVIAN NETCHEL Vivian would like to continue with Art and become an Art teacher. She admires confident people and Is. herself, an individualist. Her favorites are math, swimming chocolate fudge. Miss Howard. Herbie Mann and Sanchez. She has belonged to the literary staff of the Vignette this year. W RONALD NORVELL Ronald, who plans on joining the Navy after graduation h a particular person. He can usually be found in homeroom 304 or in the auditorium. h?Jket ,0 ,c ' ,h,nk' »'«ep. while his b«cb l rnc a|f caters. Alfred Hitchcock and Salvador Dali. Ronald s friends include Rayford Young and Paul Kennedy. « ROSEMARIE OLSON ft”™ V ' • ,0 1‘Sten to music. She has fr.,onf,ly sphere Of the school. She would like to go on with education at college.RALPH MORTELLITO CHARLES MURRIN MARILYN NEMEROWICZ RONALD NORVELL JOSHUA NADEL VIVIAN NETCHEL ROSEMARIE OLSONELAINE PATRICCO IRIS PESKIN BRUCE PERSING CAROL ANN POLISTINA 90 LARRY PYATT MARILYN RADICE LORRAINE ROSEMARIE RAFANELLOC ELAINE PATRICCO Elaino plan to become a fashion designer at the Fashion Institute of Technology Her friend are Michele Sinkez. George Mayer. Nick Mencor. Evelyn Sholdon. and Charles Dcmorat. She it a member of the Cheering Squad. Senior Class Council, the Sewing Club and Vignette staff. Her favorite foods are hot dogs and Chinese dishes. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Lazar and Miss Howard. Her pet peeve is a dull and narrow minded person. C IRIS PESKIN "8eatle." who Is first serious and then suddenly giddy, likes to listen to Beetle records and eat meatball sandwiches. Her closest friends are Margaret Mitchell, Pat Dennis. Betty Kirschenmon. and Janet Jaoentowicz. Her favorite teachers include Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Furst. She has been an active member of the Typing Club, the french Club, and the Student Council. Iris's post-graduation plans include taking up interior design. BRUCE PERSING Bruce can be usually seen with Richard Thomas. Mike Licberman, Grover and Esther Wilcox. Jerry Sheehan. William Carey, or Art Wassmor. While at Arts. Bruce has been a member of the Band, the Orchestra, the school dance band, and the Scope. Two of his favorite hobbies arc playing the oboe and work ng with experiments in electronics. After high school, Bruce plans to attend college in Queens, New York, and work tor a Liberal Art Degree. CAROL ANN POLISTINA Usually found In the company of Marilyn Radice, Vivian Nctchcl. Cathy Morris. Lorraine Rafandlo. and Candy Clenco. Carol • against fraternities. She plans to attend the Barbizon School of Modeling, after graduation. Carol ha enjoyed most while at Arts the student teachers. Her favorites include night clubs, rock 'n‘ roll musk, socializing, cocktail dresses, Mr . McNiel. and Mr. Vollcr. Carol has enjoyed least while at Arts homework, although her favorite artist is Michelangelo who was a very industrious person in his day. LARRY PYATT Larry can be found in the auditorium with Ralph Mortellito or Michelo Sinkez. He has partic paled In the Band, the Orchestra, and In the Varsity, on the 8aseball Team and the Swimming Squad. In his spare time he likes to bodybuild or play the trumpet. After leaving Arts he expects to go to cither Montclair State College or Jersey City State College. His favorite are steak, math. Frank Sinatra and Mr. Voller. £ MARILYN RADICE "Mickey" is a Quiet and friendly girl who plans to get married after graduation. Some of her friends are Evelyn Sheldon. Carol Polistina. Kathy Morris, Vivian Netchel, and Candy Clenco She has belonged to the Fashion Illustration Club and the Junior Class Council. Her pet peeve is a conceited person. Her favorites include art. basketball, meatballs, and all kinds of clothing. Her favorite artist is Michelangelo; her favorite author is Charlotte Bronte. C LORRAINE ROSEMARIE RAFANELLO Happy and fun-loving. Lorraine usually roams the halls with a cheerful. "What's up?". Somehow, she manages to be with Pat Dennis. Kathy Morris. Gail Varano. Carol Polistina, or Betty Kirschenman. Her interests include the Student Council, the Cheering Squad. Gary Venturi, the High School Red Cross. Rubens. Senior Class Council, and Mr. Morris' history classes Lorraine plans elementary school teaching as a career and will attend Newark State College. £ DIANNE REEO "Dee" intend to go to college after graduation, probably Newark State College. She on joys swimming, dancing, sewing, painting, end art. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Voller. Two of her best friends are Eileen Tart and Linda Torrcgrosso. She is a friendly person who has enjoyed her years at Arts. 0 JUAN REMUS Juan's first love I sport . While at Arts he has participated in the Physical Fitness Club and on the Basketball Team Some of his friends are Marian Tarr, Marilyn Ncmerowicz, Richard Aseoli. and Paf Whito. In his spare time, Juan design cars. After hgh school Juan plans to attend the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art.■ JACK ROBERTELLO ROSE ANN ROMANO BEVERLY JOYCE REYNOLDS BARBARA SAPP NICOLETTE SARAPPA CHARLES RANDOLPH SCOTT RICHARD SHAW BEVERLY JOYCE REYNOLDS Bov. a known by her many friend . Raul Kennedy. Rayford Young. Jackie Turner, and Claude Wallace i a sincere,, and warm person, liked by all. She bat been a member of the Glee Club, the Japanese Club, and the Choru a well as of the Operetta Bev enjoy jazz, hamburger , basketball, and football. Mr . Greene. James Baldwin, and Mr . Simone. She plans to enter Hampton Institute or Central State College upon graduation. JACK ROBERTELLO Jack Plans to attend Jersey City State College for mutic. Hi many friend Include Ralph Mortellifo. Mike Rudi . Pete Cruz, and Ritchie Velardo. While at Art . Jack ha participated in the Orchestra and the Band. His favorites incorporate jazz, Italian knit , striptease, and Mr. Peseile. Marching in the school band is Jack’ pet peeve, and he has enjoyed detention least while at Art . Besides the musical activities ioined in school. Jack also belongs to a band and a tinging group outside of school. ROSE ANN ROMANO "Cleo" is a sweet, fun-loving girl whose close friends Include Charles Mondalto. Carol Celia, and Jackie Turner. While at Arts. Rose has participated in the Operas. Concerts, and the Christmas fairs. Music, baseball, singing, dancing, pizza, Mr. Pesile, and Mr. Pickett rate hiah on her list of favorites. After graduation. Rose Ann plans to attend the Wilfred Professional School of Beauty and study fo become a beautician £ BARBARA SAPP Barbara, quiet and easy to get along with, hat many friends; some of whom are Julia Walker. DebO'ah Stapleton, and Linda White. She has been on the Student Council in school and the Young Women's Association of her church Her favorite teacher is Mr. Morns. NICOLETTE SARAPPA “Nicky" is a quiet, sympathetic, and friendly girl who plans to attend Clara Maas or Seton Hall foe a career in nursing. While at Arts she has participated in the Girls’ Glee CliA . the Student Council, and the High School Red Cross. "Nicky" ha omoyod the concert , the operas, and the Christmas Fair , and rate Mr. Morris and Miss David as her favorite teacher Althouoh her best friend is V.vian Netchcl. everybody else likes her too. and she likes everyone. C CHARLES RANDOLPH SCOTT "Scottie" is a calm. cool, personable fellow. Usually he can be found with his friend Beverly Reynolds. Margie Green. Alex Riddick, and Stanley Kidd. Charles has been a member of the Japanese Club, the Library Guild, and tho Junior and Senior Class Council while at Arts. He enjoys listening to popular jazz and is a conservative dresser. Miss David. Mr. Morris, and Miss Abo are his favorite teachers. After high school. Charles plans to become a social worker. EVELYN JOAN SHELDON C RICHARD SHAW Rick Is known to be found with friends Phil Gclormlne. Donald Smart, or Lester Wilson. He is interested m electronics and psychology. He has belonged to the Drama Club and has worked on the Scope. Richard's favorites are Broadway shows, writing comedy skits and the lab. His pet peeve is the "long climb up William Street.” After graduation. Richard may go into the Army. £ EVELYN JOAN SHELDON Nicknamed "Shellbag.” Evelyn is usually found with Marilyn Radke, Elaine Patricco, Vivian Netchel. and Carol Polistina In her spare time she dates and skates; roltor skating 1 her favorite sport. Evelyn’s extracurricular activities are French Club, the Lib’ary Guild, the Student Council. and the Junior Class Council. Art is "Shellbag’ ' favorite subject. Her other favorites are casual etothe and all kinds of music. Evelyn plans to attend the Barbizon School of Modeling. Q MICHELE SINKEZ ’’Mish’ Is a fun-loving, active girl who has many friends at Arts. Some of them arc .Mary Brombe g. Ela ne Patricco. Greg Guenther. Maria Valcnza. Candy Clcrico. Antonette Ushak. and Nick Mcncor. She has been a member of the Student Council, and Art Editor of Scope. Her favorite sport is swimming; she belongs to the Nereid Synchronized Swim Team and to the Aquatic Club. She represented New Jersey in the Miss Synchronized Swim Contest. After graduation she plans to attend Springfield College in MassachuscttvC STEVEN SKORAK Steven plant to attend Montclair State College. He it found among hit friendt. Nick Mencor. Pete Cruz. John Hill. Bill Smith, and 8r-an Madden Steven .t a quiet, friendly, conservative person who would rather bo rich! h P; ?9tarnt motf of all. He it found fithing. p aying billiard , or taking trip In hit spare t me. Steven' pleaturot are ,ood an0 ,00 P 6 11- Steven- favorite arc Mr. Gommoll and Shakespeare t Macbeth. €T WILLIAM SMITH William it a quiet, friendly, and alert porton. who plan to loin the Navy. UtuaMy found In the company of John Hill. Steve Skcrak. Robert Shaw. ar d Philip G«iOffhtnc. William Also find time to participate In sports Me hat enjoytd motf While at Arts the many teacher and friendt whom he hat made Mott of hit tparo time it taken up playmg football, batcball. and reading book with plenty of action. MICHAEL SZKWARKO After gradation Michael plan to go into the ministry. He ha been a member of the Soccer Team, the All State Chorut, and Scope. In hit spare time he practice hi mutic. reads, and ting . He enjoys teeing operas and play . Hi favorite tubject it hitfory and he like all the teacher at Art . MARIAN TARR Marian came to Arts in her jophomore year. Since then the ha made many friendt; Tammy Burylo. Stan Chrarmnski. Richard Thoma . and Pat White are a few of thorn. Her extracurricular activitie con i t of the Scope, the Hioh School Red Cross, the Library Guild, the French Club, and the Newark Ballet Academy. Her favorite are danc ng. clattical musk, dungaree , and Mr. Morris. Marian’s favorite artist is her father, George Tarr. G EILEEN TART Eileen plan to become a fathion designer after graduation. Her friend are Dianne Reed. Louise Cabana, Linda Torrogrotto. Paula Catena, and Joyce Tamatko. She it a member of the Vignette staff. She believe in having fun. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Morris and Mr. Voller. G CHARLES TAYLOR "Charles" hope to enlist in the Air Force after graduation. Hi friend arc Linwood Arrington. Winston Jonct, and Leo Brown, He enjoys record , tinging group , basketball, track, and swimming. 9 GWENOOLYN THOMAS Gwen, a friendly girl, came to Art a a freshman Her friendt Include Mary Wilton. Joyce Davit, and Jackie Turner. Whilo at Art she hat enjoyed her friends, art classes, and gym. She enjoys reading. Latin-American musk. jazz, sports clothe , and swimming. Her favorite teacher arc Mis Howard and Mr. Landsman. After graduation Gwen plan to attend college. 6 JOYCE TAMASKO "Joky” plan to attend an Art Collego aftor graduation. Friend arc Liz Argiro. Carol Ann Celia. Rose Ann Romano. Eileen Tart, and Henry Ditta She ha participated in the card sales and cn the Vignette. You may catch her on the phone or watching T.V. Her favorito teachers are Mr. Spindler, Mr. Gommoll, and Mr. Shapiro. JOYCE TAMASKOLINDA TORREGROSSO G LINDA TORREGROSSO "Talkativo" Is usually In the company of Louise Cabana. Dianne Reed. Eileen Taft, and Paula Catena L-nda works in her spare time but also finds time to play football. Her favorites includo Italian food, dating, sport clothes, and rock n' roll music. While Algebra is her favorite subiOCt, Mrs. Shapiro and Mr. Reuter found their way into her heart. Linda's pet peeve is doing homework. After graduation, Linda plans to become a dental assistant. PATRICK TRIANO Pat is carefree, friendly and very sociable. He has been on the J.V. Basketball Team and the J.V. Baseball Team. He Is president of his church s C.Y.O. Pat envoys listening to records, oomg to basketball games, listening to rock 'n' roll on tho radio. His favorite toochers oro Mrs. McNiel and Mrs. Neuss. He hopes to attend Union Junior College. Bloomfield College, or Seton Hall. 0 ANN CAROL ULMER Ann's friendly personality has won her many friends and they Include Betty Broooos. Loretta De Masl. Carolyn Micle. and Janet Ctoffi. She has participated in Vignette. Future Teachers of America, and the Math Club. She is often kept busy with her job. but enjoys reading, horseback riding, and bowling. She feels life would be more pleasant without homework. Ann places Steinbeck. Mr. Morris, and Miss Meyerson high on her list of favorites. Ann's post-graduation p ans include Newark State College and a career as a teacher. £ MARIA VALENZA he very attractive business manager of the Scope and the Vignette staffs, has been a Cheerleader for three years. She plans to enter Jorsoy City College after graduation. Her future purpose is to teach mentally retarded children She can usually be found with her friends. Mary Brorn-berg, Anfonctfe Ushafc, John Caprio, Dan Cirminicllo. and Linda Feinerman. Her favorites include Blues. Biology. Chemistry, and Mr. Yablick. "Mia's" pet peeve is exams. CLAUDE LEON WALLACE Warmth and friendliness are Claude's outstanding characteristics. When not at home, he can usually be found with Jackie Turner. Paul Kennedy. Rayford Young or Beverly Reynolds. While at Arts. Claude has enjoyed the friendly atmosphere most of all and the cafeteria least. In his sparo time he plays records, but bowling and swimming also hold his Among his favorites arc jazz. sweaters, basketball. Mr. Pickett, ana Mrs. wccoc. O CLARENCE WARREN Clarence plans to continue his education at a business college and hopes to become a successful businessman. The adjectives sincere, quiet, and calm best describe Clarence His outside activities include bowling, dancing. " ‘ ‘ '............................ lyllft and -.— playing the organ at his church. Clarence's friends include Phylli Cuylcr. Valerie Mclvcr. Harriet Wyatt, and Clarence Drayton. He en.oycd the annual Barn Dances and his favorito entertainment s television and classical music. Basketball and track arc his favorite sports. Q JANICE WEST wt'1? ' « ••• »£ the Rhode Island School of Design, is often Norma Gccn. Juanita Howard. Lynn Handsome. ho»c taI "candy- shfpe 100' nd nf’ ny ° h f ' 0ur id of school she b a O PAT WHITE NVmcrow0fri Holla c Howel1- Marilyn 1 ., Jo jrvson Shes a fun-loving person who sometimes cx’r curricular Activities Include the National awns 'tsxrxz'T Unlverilty Vft g ftaT1 ' nd " kX i"« ,0,w fd to »» " ROBERT WILCKENS pl?n ,0 college or join the Marines. His friends arc Bart Alazio and Vernon Edwards. Robert b enthusiastic about sports- he is MrVC£? 'LXu h ®ni®y° f the friendly atmosphere of Arts. Mr. Lang, Mr. Morns, and Mr. Voller are his favorite teachers.PATRICK TRIANO CLARENCE WARREN98 IHOR WYNARCZUK RAYFORD YOUNG WILLIAM ZABLOCKI GROVER WILCOX Grover it usually found with Phylli Wood. Arthur Wanner, and Terry Glynn. He enjoy skiing, making leather articles, playing his flute, and orchestra rehearsals. His favorite teacher is Mr. Pesile. After graduation he plans to take up a career in music. MARY WILSON Mary Wilson ■ a quiet person until she knows you. She numbers among her friends Phylli Cuyler. Anita Brown, and Willctte Lowthcr. While at Arts she has enjoyed our school operas. She has been in the High School Red Cross, the Sewing Club, the Glee Club, the Japanese Club, and on the Vignette staff. James Baldwin is her favorite author. Mahalia Jackson is her favorite singer. Mary plans to work after graduation. 6 PHYLLIS MARIE WOOD "Phyl" is usually found in tho presence of Grover Wilcox. Esther Wilcox. Dcbbio Richardson. Janet Jagcntowicz. Judy M chalski. Betty 8roogos. and Richard Thomas. Her favorite entertainment is television, flute music, and her delight is Italian food Phyl's favorite teachers are Mrs. Neuss. Mr Spmdlcr, Mrs. Lazar. Mr. Voller, and Mr. Shapiro. Upon graduation Phyllis plans to attend the Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. JOHN WORTH John is a friendly person who loves good discussions and can be found dressed conservahvely. His friends include Robert Johnson, Alvin Fudoe. and Eugene Lane He is one of the outstanding members of the Basketball Team on which he has played for four years. After graduation he plans to furthor his education by attending college. IHOR WYNARCZUK Almost always Ihor is found among his friends who include Mike Jaworski. Andy Jagodzmski, and Josh Nadcl. He has participated on the Swimming Team, the Track Team, the Soccer Team, and as a dancer in the school opera. His activities outside of school include his being a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Jazz and pop music are some of his delights. Ihor ha intentions of attending college after high school to continue his education. RAYFORD YOUNG "Ray" is a person that is easy to get along with and full of laughs. He can usually be found with Paul Kennedy and Claude Wallace. Basketball and baseball are his favorite sports Ray is a member of the Y.M.C.A., he played the trumpet in the Band and the Orchestra, and has been a member of the Basketball Team for three year . After graduation Ray will either attend collcgo or enter the Air Force. £ WILLIAM ZABLOCKI Bill wants to train to become an electrician. In school he has been a member of the Stage Crew and the J.V. Basketball Team. He enjoys basketball and baseball. Some of his friends arc Henry Ditta. Richard Bailey. Gregory Guenther. Charles Murrin. and Pat Aracc.SENIOR Adams. Dorian 27 Baldwin Avenue 242-7530 Arace. Pasquale 243-4678 Armstead. Jo Ann „800 South 12th Street TA 4-1452 Ascoli, Richard 28 Sunset Avenue 373-5521 Bailey. Richard . 652 South 15th Street 248-8761 Battle, Milton 242-1892 Beaty. Leroy 102 Vi 9th Avenue HU 2-3206 Brevard. Belton 409 Vi Bergen Street 242-6243 Bromberg, Mary 375-0777 Broogos. Betty 482 North 13th Street HU 4-3337 Brown, Anita 272 South 1 1th Street Ml 3-1886 Brown. Leo 32 West Runyon Street 374-2459 Burylo. Tamara WA 3-8163 Butler, Tyrone 59 1st Avenue HU 5-7195 Byrd, Frederick 95 Maybaum Avenue 372-3653 Cabana, Louise 626 15th Avenue 371-5814 Caldwell, Richard 55 Somerset Street Canady. Anthony 63 Mercer Street 643-6590 Catena, Paula 354 16th Avenue 374-0218 Celia, Carol Ann 355 North Avenue HU 5-8739 Chertok, Diana 57 Demarest Street 926-0616 Chraminski, Stanley.... 567 South 17th Street 371-7435 Cioffi, Janet 84 Cedar Street 371-0351 248-5568 Cirminiello, Daniel —355 Camden Court, Union 687-5278 Clcrico. Car»dice_ 316 2nd Avenue 484-2217 Cody. Fred 169 North 4th Street HU 2-9276 Coleman, Jessio 179 Camden Street Ml 3-2627 Coles. Thomas... HU 4-3993 Coppola, Michael —80 Tillinghast Street 374-3428 Corbley, Arthur 66 Oakland Terrace 374-0103 Crappse, Edward 31 Rowland Avenue HU 4-0427 Cruz. Peter 48 Ferry Street Ml 3-8179 Cuylcr, Phyllis 482-6861 Cybyk, Martha 628 South 20th Street 373-2272 Da Silva, Carolyn — 29 Vincent Street 624-1354 Davis. D.annc ........... 277 Ridgewood Avenue 824-2704 Davis. Joyce 418 South 7th Street 242-3961 De Masi. Loretta_______—388 South 10th Street 624-1939 Demorat. Charles....—----------1201 Br0ad S,reet 824-1751 Dennis. Patricia_______________14 Sheffield Drive 484-9877 De Noia. Edmond________-____________94 Elm Road Ml 3’8454 Dixon, Bobby______________195 McCarter Highway HU 5-0715 Doroshcnko. Olga.................578 Hunterdon Street Drayton. Clarence . - 474 South 15th Street 242-4951 Dunn. Beverly________-—-...................—58 Hcdden Terrace Eddy. Lynettc....................10 North 12th Street HU 4-0379 Edwards. Vernon_________________. 37 North 6th Street HU 4-1131 Etheridge. Anita ______________97 Ludlow Street 242-6115 Foinerman. Linda____466 So. Centre Street. Orange 675-8323 Penney. Cora________—-------------60 Bergen Street 622-8997 Friedlander. Sally . -...... 11 Demarest Street WA 6-1405 Fudge. Alvin_____________1971 McCarter Highway HU 2-3734 Glynn. Terrance——......———18 Kearny Street HU 5-0814 Green, Margaret .______________ 2 Nicholas Street MA 4-0304 Green, Norma___________________-—-137 Osborne Terrace Griffin. William___________________27 Dcy Street 623-9065 Grossman. Richard-----------------72 Goodwin Avenue 643-9457 Guenther. Gregory .......... 233 5th Avenue HU 3-4420 Handsome, Lynn..................—733 Hunterdon Street 234-5934 Hill. John_____ 607 South 19th Street 375-6839 Howard. Juanita ........... 804 South 14th Street 243-0679 Ingrassia, Michael ................ 92 Oak Street ES 4-721 I Jacobson. Dorothy--------------38 Custer Avenue 242-5373 Jagodzinskl. Andrew------------101 9th Avenue HU 3-1134 Jaworski, Michael.................748 South 19th Street Jenkins. Verone ............... 161 Camden Street 642-6781 Joffe, Stanley ........902 Walnut Street. Linden WA 5-2326 Johnson. Carmclla----------------403 South 7th Street 248-5728 Johnson. Elva----------------------73 North 14th Street Johnson, Lucille--------------------69 Madison Avenue 242-6989 Johnson. Robert ....... —174 Peshine Avenue 242-0241 100DIRECTORY Jones, Winston 642-5874 Kapinus. Patricia 124 North 12th Street Kcc, Lucius Ml 3-1981 Kennedy. Paul ... ..... 80 Tracy Avenue 248-5436 Kidd. Stanley 839 South 12th Street 374-3086 Kirschcnman, Betty 478 North 4th Street 484-0703 Kom. Richard - _827 Lyons Avenue 375-0182 Kovach. Karl 30 Frost Avenue, West 219-6533 Liebcrman, Michael - 603 Broadway 484-1351 Loihle, Linda 145 Court Street 642-8159 Lowther, Willette 74 South 10th Street HU 3-1747 Madden, Brian ... 176 North 9th Street 484-3338 Mancini, Alex 242 Garsidc Street 483-6178 Mangino, Arlene ... 52 Peck Avenue 482-4693 Marcell, Beverly 14 Chester Avenue 484-8242 Martino, Michael 132 Fairmount Avenue 622-4235 642-1053 Melvin, Lillian 214 Norfolk Street Mencor, Nicholas — 150 1st Street Meyer, George 914 Franklm Terrace. Roselle CH 5-9252 Michalski, Judy ...710 Springfield Avenue 751-3279 Mitchell. Margaret 49 Ludlow Street 242-2367 Morris, Kathleen 125 South Munn Avenue 643-9159 Murrin, Charles 85 Kossuth Street MA 7-2171 Nadel, Joshua 59 Fairview Ave., North Plainfield PL 5-1783 Ncmerowicz. Marilyn 808 South 15th Street 248-4570 Nctchcl, Vivian 68 Chester Avenue HU 5-7533 Norvell, Ronald ... —261 South 8th Street MA 4-8598 Olsen. Rosemarie 700 South 12th Street Patricco, Elaine ... 85 Pacific Street MA 4-1932 Peskin, Iris 49 Ludlow Street 248-4564 ES 4-7211 Pyatt, Lawrence __ 821 South 14th Street Bl 8-3523 Radice, Marilyn 524 South 20th Street ES 3-7596 Rafanello, Lorraine 648 South 18th Street ES 4-9554 Reed. Diane .336 Woodside Avenue Reynolds, Beverly 266 Leslie Street Rcbcrtcllo. Jack 93 Mountain View Place Romano. RoseAnn 172 Warren Street 188 Howard Street Sarappa. Nicolette 26 Van Wagner Street Scott. Charles 428 South 15th Street Shaw. Richard...... 58 Ludlow Street Sheldon, Evelyn 101 Ludlow Street 118 Polk Street Tart. Eileen 846 Summer Avenue Taylor. Charles 509 South 17th Street Thomas, Gwendolyn................. 92 9th Avenue Thomas. Richard............589 South 19th Avenue Tomasko. Joyce..............273 Grafton Avenue Triano. Patrick.............- 137 South Street Turner. Jacqueline..........50 North 13th Street Ulmer. Ann_________________566 South 18th Street Uschak, Antonette _________682 South 20th Street Valenza. Marie____________ 293 North 11th Street Wallace. Claude_____________123 South 7th Street Warren. Clarence_______________23 Nesbitt Street West. Janice_______________179 Chadwick Avenue White, Patricia.............75 South 6th Avenue Wilckens. Robert___________197 South 10th Street Wilcox. Grover_________________17 Lyons Avenue Wilson, Mary________________14 Sheffield Avenue Wood, Phyllis.......... 500 South Orange Avenue Worth. John....................51 South Pine Lane Wynarczuk. Ihor........... 615 South 20th Street Young, Rayford ____________136 South 14th Street Zablocki, William______________ 55 Oxford Street 624-2517 923-8732 ES 4-5876 MA 2-8871 624-1950 HU 3-0461 642- 2580 Bl 2-9095 TA 4-4074 Ml 3-3092 HU 3-3306 ES 4-5935 371-3864 482- 9020 374- 3717 483- 5086 375- 3266 484- 2118 485- 5693 373- 7890 374- 7898 484-3346 624-1439 624-9279 242-0541 643- 4563 926-3575 484- 6247 371- 5828 483-7661 372- 4865 485- 1688 642-3018 101Lc t to right: Linda ScKaad, Anthony Cerruto, Mr. Shapiro, Angela La Rocca, Nancy Kirchmayr. VIGNETTE STAFF First Row left to right: Dianne Bush. Christine Taylor. Joanne Brigos Ja-Quetta Bland, Brenda Hoffler. Second Row: Marilyn Nemerowitz. Patricia White. Joyce Dav.s Ann Ulmer. Carol Ann Celia. Charles Stu»rt. Geneva ®arbcara PVllium- Mr Furst. Third Row: Elwood Ellis. Stanley Kidd. Charles Scott. Loretta DeMasi. Carolyn Miele. Elva Johnson 102Upper Left: BUSINESS STAFF Lower Left: LITERARY STAFF Upper Right: PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Lower Right: ART AND MAKE-UP STAFF Photo Staff—Left to right: Tina Holley, Mr. Knobler, Elizabeth Forcella. The Arts High yearbook. Vignette, under the direction of Mr. Knobler, Mr. Shapiro, and Mrs. Furst, is produced by the students of the Vignette s financial, art. photography, literary, and typing staffs. Working on the yearbook gives valuable journalistic experience complete with reporting assignments, re-writes, and the meeting of successive deadlines throughout much of the school year. The art work and layout of the yearbook are handled by the senior commercial art majors giving experiences that will be valuable to those who choose commercial art as a career. The business staff of the yearbook takes care of the financing of the Vignette. This is an all year activity and gives the students involved an insight into business and the importance of record keeping. Art and Makeup Staff—First Row. left to right: Winston Jones. Vernon Edwards. Second Row: Charles Demorat, Clarence Drayton. William Zablocki.........Culminating a period in your life you will always want to remember. As your official photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread • the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. THIS IS YOUR PROUDEST HOUR The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember • Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. LORSTiiN TIIOMitS STUDIOS FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST 

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